Back door wives

Although Americans appear to the rest of the world as frank and open people, the truth is often the opposite when it comes to relating on a personal basis. This is particularly true regarding sexual matters.

The fact is, Americans are only now beginning to learn to discuss sex and sexuality with candor and usually that is within the limits of marital sex.

While no one is advocating sex as the main topic of conversation, and while sexual privacy is very important to most people, many adults harbor fears about themselves and their sexual behavior that could be erased if they were more aware of other people's behavior. Most of us have been brought up to be at least slightly ashamed of anything sexual, and it is frequently reassuring to discover that we are not different, naughty, or even perverted in our sex practices. In discussing sex with others, people find out how truly normal they are.

THE BACK DOOR WIVES -- a frank story of one approach to sexual honesty. A story with a lesson for us all.


"I don't believe this," Tricia Miller said. "All you can say is 'so what'??? I tell you that my husband has announced, totally out of the blue, that he wants to stick his prong up my asshole, and you sit there with that Mona Lisa smile saying 'So what?' Doesn't it shock you just a little, Kate? It certainly shocked the hell out of me!"

Kate shrugged. "It's no big deal," she replied. "I've done it a few times. Jesus, I thought everybody had!"

"You?" Tricia said. "Oh, I don't believe that! I can't see you holding still for anything so -- weird. You honestly mean to tell me that you and Roger -- no!"

"I didn't say it was with Roger," Kate purred, "but yes, we do it once in a while. Actually, it's kinda fun, if you get into it with the right attitude."

Tricia shook her head. She thought she knew Kate Parker, but she was starting to realize that there were some things about her friend that could still surprise her. And she'd just heard one of them. Tricia took another sip of her drink and thought about what had happened in her bedroom, last night, and then this morning...


"Yes, oh God, oh Jesus, yes, fuck me," Tricia moaned, writhing, her sweating body slipping and sliding beneath her husband. Ken was in her cunt deeply, his big cock reaming out the horny tightness of her snug pussy, and she moaned again each time he rammed it hard and fast, banging the bottom of her hot box.

She lifted her knees higher, allowing him to sink even further into her juiced-up, sexed-up cunt, and she whined in delight as his cock hairs scraped like wet sandpaper against the splayed flaps of her pussy. Her clit throbbed, and her juices oozed from the hole, greasing the entry and re-entry of his hard, hot cock.

He was sucking on her tits as he fucked her. She wasn't sure which she liked best, his cock in her pussy or her nipples all stiff and throbbing inside his mouth. His fingers and his teeth sank into the doughy softness of her tits.

He buried his face between them, squishing the salty-tasting mounds onto his face, and then he sucked his way up one peak, then the other, clamping his lips possessively onto her hard red beads of arousal.

He nibbled them, he chewed them, he pulled them with his lips and teeth till they were an inch long and she felt as if she were even squirting milk into his mouth. And his cock continued to ram her snatch, banging ferociously into her cum-thirsty hole.

He rolled onto his side, pulling Tricia with him. They banged together, face to face. Her hot wet mouth covered his, her tongue exploring as deep into his mouth as his cock worked into her wiggling, fuck-starved pussy.

She held him with the athletic grip of her legs, the sucking pressure of her contracting pussy sheath gobbling his cock as he fucked her. His swollen knob probed deeper and deeper inside her, touching off new sparks of arousal within Tricia.

"Want to fuck you dog-style," he gasped, and she just nodded, licking the sweat off her lips.

Tricia loved it from the back, his hands active on her ass while he filled her cunt with ripe hard meat. She fought her cunt off the prick it was eating so voraciously, and she got up onto her knees, her ass jutting up an invitation to her husband.

"Put it right here," she growled, rubbing the wet, itchy labes of her pussy. Her clit tingled with each stroke, and she soaked her fingers in the juicy discharge that was leaking from her hole.

For a moment she let her fingers go deeply into her pussy, and she worked them in and out, reaming her cunt, making it ready for the re-insertion of Ken's big hard cock. But, mmmmm, her fingers could never compare with the big tool that was waiting to stuff itself inside her hole once again!

She pulled her fingers out and, while the hole was still dilated, he rammed his dick inside her once more. The big hard shaft sank into Tricia's cunt, spreading the tight pink labes, exerting a luscious brain-boggling pull on the taut-stretched flesh at the base of her hard clit.

"Oh, Jeeeeesus," Tricia whined, jerking forward as he stabbed her from the rear. She worked her ass up and down, and her pussy swallowed Ken's cock again and again, taking it to places, she was sure, he'd never fucked her yet. But each time with him felt like a brand new experience!

Just like losing her cherry all over again, but mmmm, now she knew what was coming and she wasn't scared at all, unlike that first time.

He slapped the jiggling cheeks of her ass while he filled her and refilled her with his cock. She winced and whimpered, but she really enjoyed his playful slaps. Her ass stung, but it also quivered and jerked and it seemed to pull more and more of his cock into her hungry cunt.

She reached down, intending to frig and stroke her clitoral area, but his fingers beat her to the hot spot, and she let her hand drop away. Ken was doing just fine and needed no help from Tricia, when it came to frigging her hot horny clit.

"Yesssss..." she moaned, the fires of orgasm boiling in her blood. "Oh, fuck me, honey, make me fuckin' commmmme!!!"

"Make both of us come," he husked, shoving her with his prick. Tricia jerked forward again, but her ass returned and as it did, her cunt swallowed him whole.

She felt his balls and his groin against her snatch-slice, and he seemed to rotate his dick inside her without even moving. Her cunt was doing the whole job and she didn't feel overworked one little bit.

She felt like a cork being invaded by the corkscrew, only she was gonna let go of something even better than Chateau Lafite-Rothschild 1939!

Her cunt was gonna cover his cock in sweet sticky honeygoo!

He felt bigger than normal, inside her, but he was fucking hard and hot for a good reason. Tomorrow morning he was going to leave on a business trip, all the way to the west coast. He'd be gone for at least a week, maybe a little longer, and this fuck would have to keep both of them humming till he got back home.

His rigid, fuck-maddened prick throbbed with the urgency of his lust, and the swelling of the rod buried inside Tricia made her body hum in shared response, mutual need.

"More, harder," she whined, "oh, you know how to do it!!!"

Did he ever! His hand on her clit, his dick in her cunt, she could not restrain herself from gushing into orgasm -- in fact, she had no idea why she should even want to keep from coming, unless it might be to prolong to unendurable lengths the delicious excitement of this moment.

But as the orgasm rushed through her pussy, she surrendered and she knew that it was the best thing to do.

"I'm cummmming!!!" she moaned, "oh, God, you fucked me and made me come all over that yummy cock of yours!!!"

He kept on slapping her ass, but the strokes grew lighter, only lovepats now, and she hardly noticed them, in the exploding delight of her ecstasy. "Yes, yes," she whined over and over, "oh, God, yesssss!!!"

His cock probed deeper and harder, pushing her orgasm into an almost volcanic explosion of hot lust. She moaned and sobbed with the force of her climax, her pussy sucking voraciously around the thrusting shaft of Ken's hard cock.

The tip of her womb was almost raw from the frenzy of his fucking, and she knew her entire body would ache in the morning, but who the Goddamn fuck cared, when it made you feel this good right now???

Her ass lifted and fell, slithering wetly and stickily around the inserted meat of his big hard dick. Jesus, she loved it when he fucked her from the rear, just like this! Her cunt drooled and climaxed around his cock and she worked her ass backwards, eating more and more of him.

His hands pawing her hot body while he reamed her tight but hungry cunt. His body banging hard against hers each time he filled her anew with the thrusting lust of his cock. The ticklish feel of his cockhairs scraping against the prick-splayed flanges of her pussy was as maddening as it was arousing, and oh God, was it ever arousing!

His hand brushed again along the risen tip of her tumultuous clit and the sweat rolled in hot beads down her trembling body. She arched her back, rising toward the oncoming thrust of his cock and she bit her lower lip, sweat oozing from every pore of her body.

He was still inside her, fucking for dear life, his cock as big as a fencepost and as hard as steel. Just the feel of him deep in her twat made Tricia's clit twitch and shiver. Her pussy muscles sucked along the length of Ken's tool and urged him to squirt his hot cock-milk straight into her uterus.

Sexually, she was a late bloomer. She had been pretty ugly in high school and never had a date. By college she'd lost forty pounds of unneeded weight and her body had taken on its present eye-catching curves and contours. She'd learned about hair and makeup and clothes. Guys who wouldn't have given her the time of day in high school began to line up around Tricia.

But she knew they didn't care a fuck about her as a person; they only wanted her body. She had been able to look at them objectively, thanks to her years as an ugly duckling.

Tricia waited till she was twenty to lose her cherry, and she had had only a little experience at sex by the time she met Ken two years later. She'd gone without for so long that it just didn't seem that important to her. Until she met Ken.

God, was he sexy! Everything she'd always wanted in a man -- great-looking, intelligent, not rich but comfortable. They just seemed to click from their first meeting, and she found herself spreading her legs for him on their very first date.

Yes, and she'd been spreading ever since, too! A year and a half into their marriage, sex with him was still a wild, crazy adventure, and she couldn't believe how hotly she responded to his body and his cock.

"Come inside me," she panted, rolling her hips and milking hard on his thrusting cock. "I wanna feel your hot wad blasting into my pussy!" Her ass wiggled, and her muscles yanked on the shaft of his prick, urging the gushing response she craved from his rod.

But instead he eased his cock out of the clench of her cuntal grip and she gasped, reaching back between her legs to recapture him, to bring him right fucking back where he Goddamn belonged!

"No," she gasped, her arm rubbing the drooling lips of her pussy slice as she fumbled to catch hold of his dick, "no, I want you in me..." She felt suddenly the wet kiss of his cunt-soaked tool, brushing up and down the twitchy crack of her ass. "Put it in, Goddamn it," she commanded, "oh, why are you teasing me???"

Then her back arched and she flopped over onto her side, drawing her knees protectively toward her tits. "What are you doing???" she asked. "What are you trying to do to me, Ken Miller?"

Her anus still throbbed from the surprise attack of his lust-fattened cock, and her eyes were wide in shocked surprise.

"Something new," he said in a shaky voice, hovering above her with his cock full of lust and hotblooded excitement. He looked enormous. "Let me put it in your asshole," he said.

Tricia shrieked. "Put it in my what??? Ken Miller, you've gotta be kidding!" Instinctively, she reached down and covered her tiny pink rear opening with the flat of her hand. Her palm was moist and shivery, and the touch on her asshole was tingly-exciting as she squeezed down. But his cock, in that minuscule place? Jesus, no!

He took her thighs and opened them, leaning down so he could rub his cheek up and down the tingly interior of her legs. His breath brushed across the raw, fuck-savaged slice of her pussy. She lay panting, still high from her orgasm.

"We've never tried it," he said. "It's about the only thing we've never done, and I feel this crazy irresistible urge to put my cock straight up your tiny pink asshole. Right now."

The sexual urge began to dissipate almost immediately inside Tricia. Put his cock in her -- her asshole? Oh, God, what a disgusting idea! Her anal sphincter clenched defensively at the very thought of it.

"That's sick," she whispered. "Normal people don't do things like that. Oh, Ken, how could you even ask me to consider it? I thought you loved me!"

Ken sighed. "Maybe it is a little abrupt. But honey, I really want to do it to you. And I think you'd enjoy it just as much as I would. C'mon, Tricia -- can't we at least try?"

"Absolutely fucking not!" she snapped. "And you must think I'm some kind of slut or you wouldn't even ask me to consider that!"

"Well, we have to do something about this," Ken pointed out, indicating his rigid, pussy-coated cock. He looked down at Tricia.

She sat up, smiling. As long as he'd given up that filthy idea! She pulled his face down to hers and she kissed him lovingly, to let him know he was forgiven, and then she worked her mouth down his body. He'd given her such a sweet hot come with his cock, the least she could do now was to pay him back in the juiciest way she knew how.

Her tongue loved its way down his belly, through his body hairs, into the nest of dark fur that ringed the base of his rigid cock. As she licked around and around the base of his tool, her randy fingers were busy playing with the velvet-smooth, heat-throbbing tip of Ken's prick, squeezing it, feeling the bubbly ooze of pre-cum and jism that leaked from his wet slit.

She began to salivate for the taste of him, and she stopped teasing. Her tongue licked onto the root of his cock, down to adore the bag of nuts that were loaded with hot cum. She held his prick upright while she sucked his balls, and she heard him groan from deep in his belly as her suckling got hotter and nastier, the sensitive stones bouncing around inside their protective sac.

She followed the big cum-vein up the underside of his tool, licking, nibbling delicately. His prick was hot with arousal, tasting of his own meaty masculinity and the musky juices it had fucked out of her ripe hot pussy.

Tricia loved to lick her juices off his dick. Her cum was so delicious, it was no wonder he seemed to spend half his at-home hours with his face buried between her legs, his tongue worshiping her juicy cunt.

She licked every inch of him, saving the big swollen red knob for last, because it was the sweetest and most delicious, and she loved to tantalize herself as much as she did Ken. She'd never enjoyed sucking cocks before she got her mouth around his for the first time. Now that she was an old hand, she could eat him for hours, and she loved the excitement of feeling his first squirting gush of cum splatter her tongue.

"I love you," she whispered, as she always did, just before she slipped her round mouth over the end of his prick. She took him in and out, sliding her mouth across his excited tool, licking as she sucked. The friction of her lips on his knob was exciting -- as much to Tricia as it was to Ken.

She took him deeper, gasping as the hugeness of his aroused cock slipped into her middle mouth. He always told her that his dick hadn't been nearly as big before he met her, that she was responsible for the size his meat reached when it hit full erection. She'd never been with a bigger prick, but she hadn't been with very many before his.

No matter. Ken's rod was literally all she could handle, and then some. She sucked in some breath, filling her lungs before she moved her face even further downward on his clublike prong.

The knob entered her throat, and she sucked hard, her orality totally full of her man's prick. Her eyes were closed, and she was moaning and humming around the meat that clogged her mouth, the way she always did when she sucked him off.

She felt his hands on her pussy, a finger entering her gash, and she wiggled about, pushing her cunt at the invading finger while she continued to give her man oral pleasure.

He worked in and out of her wetness, and she found herself almost as excited as she'd been with his cock ramming up her snatch. He had educated fingers, and her cunt was a straight-A student.

Ken tickled her clit while he fingerfucked in and out, and she squirmed, oozing pussy juice down his probing finger. Her mouth worked up and down the length of his rod, sucking feverishly.

She wasn't sure whether she liked it best in her mouth or in her cunt, to tell the truth. The act of sucking his cock sent shivers of excitement up and down her spine and made the sweat bead and bubble in her armpits and between her legs. She squeezed her thighs together, trapping his hand just where it enjoyed being, and she used her pussy muscles on his finger as excitedly as she used her mouth and throat on his cock.

"Yeah, baby," she heard him say, "you've almost got me there... keep on sucking, Trish... oh, fucking shit, baby, that tongue, that hot nasty tongue..." She was eating him solely with her mouth. No hands in play at all. She liked it best that way. And so did he. Her mouth worked up and down the length of his rod, swallowing him in deeper and faster suckles, that took him almost impossibly deep into her throat.

Her muscles ached at the size of him, fucking down her gullet, but she was thirsty for his sperm and she didn't care. The oozing balsam of his cum would soothe away the minor aches and pains.

Do it, she urged him with her lashing tongue, shoot your cum right into me! Her face lifted, till only the knob itself was caught between her lips, and she looked up at him with a mischievous grin as she worried and sucked and siphoned his cum-flower, her tongue licking madly as she nursed him with her mouth.

"Aaaahhhh..." His groan was deep, baritone, and she had heard it often enough to know exactly what it meant. She gave a whimpering little cry around his cock, and suddenly her mouth was full of his hot squirting jizz.

Tricia drained him, gulping down his offering, and she licked him clean with her tongue before she raised her head from his cock.

"Wasn't that better than sticking it up my asshole?" she asked smugly, rubbing a stray drop of sperm from her chin. She raised her eyebrows, awaiting his reply, and she licked her finger as clean as she'd licked his prick.

He came into her arms, kissing her mouth while his hands explored her body, and even as their bodies rubbed comfortingly together, Tricia found herself drifting into a sweet, satiated sleep.


She dreamed lush sexy dreams. She almost always did, after a hot session with Ken. It was like something out of one of those hot romance novels, but even as she reveled in the dream she knew it wasn't nearly as good as the real thing. She'd have matched her life, second for second, against anything in the Candlelight Ecstasy line.

The dream got more and more intense. He was kissing her all over, moving his face down into her crotch. He opened her cunt and licked into the hot pink wetness of the hole, then up to the clit, which was already hard and excited with anticipation. "Yes," she heard herself whispering, "oh, yes, eat my juicy pussy!"

He came back up her body, sharing the taste of her cunt with Tricia's lips. She lapped her juices off his mouth, sucked them from his tongue. He went down again, to the pink tabs of her hard-nippled tits, and she moaned gleefully as he sucked them even harder.

His hand was between her legs, keeping her cunt ever stimulated, ever wet, ever hungry. A finger slithered like a snake into Tricia's pussy, hitting the spots within that always made her juices ooze, and she writhed eagerly on the bed, feeding him a tit, opening her cunt to his possessive fingerfucking.

His mouth moved ever southward, down toward the pussy. She had her legs flung open widely, and she was holding the labes apart. "Your tongue in me," she said. "I want your Goddamn tongue in me!"

He turned her over, and her ass lifted into the air, just as if he were about to fuck her dog-style. Instead of his cock, though, he used his face on Tricia's cunt. He licked up her legs, onto the pussy bun, while she stretched the labes and fingered herself in anticipation. His tongue and her fingers worked in and out simultaneously, and it was a tossup which of them was doing more for Tricia's arousal.

Ken teased her cunt marvelously. God, what a delicious dream! While he was on the west coast, she'd frig herself mercilessly, reliving every moment of this! It was strange how her mind could be so aware during a dream, though. Next time she saw Carl Jung she'd have to ask him about that.

His tongue flicked again and again over the itchy, twitchy gash of Tricia's cunt. She squirmed and moaned with each lick, her own fingers busy deep inside. He took the fingers out of her hole and sucked the juices from them, then re-inserted them for her, and his wrist guided Tricia's as she masturbated furiously.

"Yes, yes," she moaned, "oh, God, fucking yes!"

He moved his mouth upward, spending a tantalizing eternity on her perineum. The tiny strip of border flesh between her anus and her cunt was almost raw from the intensity with which he licked her. He knew that his tongue there always drove her crazy, and Tricia's fingers thrust deeper and harder and faster, in and out of her creamy cunt.

His tongue moved a half-inch north and she made a whooshing sound. He cupped her buttocks and spread them, baring the tiny pink tightness of her clenched asshole.

"I love you here, too," she heard him whisper, and his tongue began to rim and tickle the little rosebud.

No one had ever done that to Tricia Miller before. She almost swooned as his tongue grew more aggressive, as his fingers pried gently but determinedly at the resistance of her sphincter.

He pulled the tiny hole open and his tongue moved into the dilated opening, flicking, stabbing, making shallow but undeniable penetration of her. She jerked at each touch, as if he'd slapped her with a paddle rather than flicked her with his tongue. Her ass grew hotter and hotter, and her fingers became almost maniacal inside her pussy.

"Christ," she panted, "oh, Christ..." He covered her shitter with his mouth and sucked. The part of her mind that remained conscious during the dream was thinking, God, how gross! He's sucking my asshole! But the vibrant, vital Tricia responded on a gut level, and her body began to shake and quiver in excitement, reacting to the caress of his hot, hungry mouth.

She found that by reaching back she could take hold of his prick, and God, was he hard! Her fist fitted around him and she thought, what a vivid, lifelike dream!

She was totally conscious of the pulsation beating rapidly through his hard cock, and her fingers moistened themselves in the little river of precum that was oozing from his slit. Normally her dreams weren't quite so detailed. She tightened her fist and took his pulse rate -- 100 and climbing -- from the throb of his aroused prick.

His tongue wormed into her rectum. "You're so filthy," she told him in a choked voice, "but you're making me so hot, too... Jesus, Ken, I'm glad this is only a dream..." He licked up the crack of her ass, then back down, returning to her backdoor for more of the same hot turn-on he'd been giving her.

I'd never do anything like this in real life, Tricia told herself, but considering that I'm asleep and dreaming it all, it really is sort of exciting. It must, she supposed, have been planted in her subconscious by the weird turn that their last night's fuck had taken. She'd never even fantasized about asslicking before.

Her hand caressed his cock lovingly. She liked his size, his hardness, the eagerness his prick always showed to get inside her. As marriages went, they seemed to be perfectly matched. It was all she could do to get her fist around his rod when he was truly turned-on, and oh, fuck, was he ever turned-on right now! And so was she!

And while she played with his prick, his tongue continued to stimulate the maddened tautness of her asshole.

She couldn't believe the way it made her feel, but obviously his suggestion earlier in the night had planted the whole idea in her head, and you did the weirdest things in dreams anyway, because your subconscious was in control.

Tricia couldn't imagine having her asshole licked in real life, but in the dream it felt pretty damn good.

"Let's do it now," she heard him say. Do what? He kissed his way up her body, licking her spine, her shoulderblades. He pushed her long dark hair aside and his mouth found hers.

It felt weird to be kissing him, after he'd had his tongue up her ass, but it was only a dream, after all. She opened her mouth and his lips merged hotly, wetly, with hers, tongues working back and forth from one to the other.

Ken rolled her onto her back, and she fell eagerly to the bed, her arms and legs open for him. He came down upon her, kissing, sucking her tits once more. The nipples throbbed against his tongue.

His finger found her open pussy, opened it a little more. She reached down, grabbed his cock, squeezed it lusciously.

"Oh, yes, let's fuck right now," she told him. "Even if this is just a dream, I want you so bad I can taste it."

He leaned across Tricia's prone, hot body, opening the top left drawer of the small nightstand by the bed. "You don't need the jelly," she giggled. "Can't you feel how wet and hot and ready my cunt is, just for you and that big fat dick?"

"Grease me anyway," he said, winking. "I wanna slip and slide in that tight yummy pussy, like slick tires on an icy road."

She squeezed a gob of jelly into her palm and sat up. "Oh, what a cock," she sighed. "I could make it wet enough just by sucking on it, but if you insist..." She rubbed her oily hand up and down his arching, jutting length, feeling again the throb and surge of power that pulsated through her husband's cock. Tricia looked up at him, her eyes full of love and lust. "I'm gonna come all over this dick," she whispered in her sultriest voice.

Tricia lay back, her knees up, her cunt glistening all wet and pink and ready. She cupped a tit with one hand, spread her flaps with the fingers of the other.

The dark hairs eased aside, and the juicy gleam of her cuntal interior came into full glorious view. She couldn't see it herself but she could see the reflection of her pussy in her man's face, and she knew that it looked just as good as it felt.

He came into her spread, crawling on his knees, his cock protruding nine inches ahead of the rest of him. The bulb on the end was as red as a whorehouse lantern, and the early morning light made reflections on the greasy substance she'd rubbed onto his hard flesh.

He brought the tip of his tool down to her wet open gash. "Yes," she said, "tickle my clit with that big hard thing!"

He rubbed her vigorously, but she didn't need any extra stimulation. God, what a dream! she told herself. She'd have to remember this one! She couldn't believe how Goddamn vivid it all was, as if it was really happening.

The bulb of his rod nosed into the opening of her snatch and she pushed her pussy at him, lips snapping, ready to eat him in one hot hungry gulp.

"Yes, there," she gasped as he rammed his way into her, the kind of forceful penetration she had learned to love. He could fuck sweetly, but sometimes she loved it hard and nasty, and this was certainly one of those times.

He went into her hard and deep, testing her response, and she was more than ready. She put the backs of her legs on his shoulders and lifted her cunt to meet the thrust of his aroused cock.

"Deeper, faster," she panted, "you can't fuck me too hard this time, baby..." Greased for the fuck, he ravaged her hot wet pussy. She moaned and bucked, the bed rocking beneath her. His hands were on her ass, keeping her lifted high, and his stiff prick thrust repeatedly into her hole. He hit bottom on every stroke, jarring Tricia almost unbearably. But even more unbearable was the need for release that she felt simmering inside her body.

"Make me come," she gasped, "oh, make me come!!!"

His cock slipped out of her hole. "Goddamn it!" she wailed, reaching down to recapture him, to put that fucker where it belonged.

He did a twist of the hips, and his prick eluded her hand. He lifted her ass a little higher, and she felt the knob of his rod between her buttocks. "Oh, wait a minute," she said crossly, but his hands pulled on the firm round cheeks, and they opened, and the tip of Ken's tool nudged insistently at the tiny petal of her asshole.

What was happening, Goddamn it? The dream had taken a wrong turn somewhere, for sure!

But she rationalized that asshole fucking was obviously on her mind, thanks to Ken's bringing it up earlier, in real life, and her subconscious was just playing a jazzlike improvisation. It was okay.

He guided the tip of his dick to her anus. He was still slick and greasy from the jelly she'd smeared onto his rigid tool, and the knob did a slip-slide on her flesh. God, it felt so real!

"Open up, baby," she heard him say. She closed her eyes and smiled. It was only a dream, after all. Maybe in a dream it wouldn't be so dirty.

Anyway, she was due to wake up any minute now. Her dreams always seemed to concentrate on hot ripe foreplay, fading out when the really good stuff got underway. That was nice, because it made her wake up horny, and there was nothing like a fierce early-morning fuck with Ken to get her eyes open and her motor running for the day. It beat coffee.

Her eyes popped open as the knob of Ken's dick struggled with her anus, and she said, "Wait a minute, hon, this is only a dream, for Christ's sake..." He pushed, and the greasy bulb began to open her anal gap. The muscles strained -- they felt as if they were ripping! She was intensely aware of the swollen bulk of him, entering her tight forbidden backdoor. No dream of Tricia's had ever been as realistic as this!

Tricia opened her mouth, and a choked wailing cry came out. It made her throat ache, and she blinked twice, and that's when she realized that she was awake and that Ken was, in fact, attempting to stick his Goddamn cock straight up her asshole while she was asleep!

"You bastard!" she said, jerking loose from him. She drew back to the upper end of the bed, her back braced against the headboard, her knees pulled up to protect her body.

There was a redhot pain between her buttocks, where the huge blunt snout of Ken's cock had momentarily broken her privacy, and when she touched herself, she could feel the jelly that had rubbed off his prick and onto her anal crack.

Ken knelt at the foot of the bed, his cock sticking out massively, erect and enormously swollen. His face was even redder than his knob, and his knob was the color of thick hot blood.

"You cocksucker," she told him, "you lousy cocksucker! You were trying to fuck me in the ass while I was asleep! Did you think I wouldn't be aware of it???"

"I'm sorry," he said. "I thought maybe if you weren't completely awake, you might be a little more agreeable to the idea."

"More agreeable?" Her face was livid. "I told you already, I don't want to do that! It's filthy and disgusting! Sticking your cock in my ass! God, Ken, I use that hole to shit with! And you want to fuck it? Why don't you lick it, too?"

Suddenly her face went even redder as she realized that he probably had, that she had not dreamed that portion either. "That was so sneaky," she added in a small voice.

He crawled up to her, his cock preceding him. She turned away when he tried to put his arms around her. "Don't touch me," she said.

"Oh, for shit's sake, Tricia!" he blurted. "What the hell is wrong with you? You like to fuck. This is just fucking -- only it's a little different kind of fucking! Why not give it a try?"

"Because it's filthy," she snapped back. "And it hurts! I couldn't take that thing of yours up my asshole if I even wanted to -- which I most certainly fucking do not want to do, Ken Miller! And I think you're a rotten son of a bitch for trying to sneak it into me when I already told you I wouldn't do it. Now just leave me alone, will you?"

He pointed to his cock. "What shall we do about this?" he asked, in the kind of soothing, coaxing voice that normally had Tricia's crotch dripping with lust. But now he sounded as oily as the jelly she'd rubbed onto his prick during the dream that had not been a dream at all.

"Why don't you stick it up your ass?" she suggested. "You seem to be pretty interested in that. Maybe you should find out how it feels for yourself?"

He didn't say anything, just stared at her. Then he glanced at the clock. It was seven a.m. "Oh, fuck," he growled. "I have to be at the airport in ninety minutes. Tricia -- will you for Chrissake do something for me???"

She didn't even turn her head. She wasn't sure she'd ever forgive him for what he'd just tried to do to her. And under the circumstances, a blowjob really was out of the question.

"Okay, damn it," he growled. "But you remember -- when I get back from LA, we're gonna return to this topic. Bet your ass on it."


"And so you needed someone to talk to, and you picked dear old Auntie Kate, huh? Oh, get real, Tricia! That cute husband of yours wants to pork your hot little ass and you're afraid it's gonna hurt? Baby, this is 1987, not the Middle Ages. It won't hurt -- not really -- and it won't make hair grow on your tits or anything like that, either. Like, I don't have any hair on my tits, you better believe it!"

Tricia blushed furiously. "It just seems so dirty. Maybe my toilet training as a child was too thorough. But the idea of letting him -- yuccch!" She hugged herself, shivering.

Kate shook her head. "It's no big deal, Trish."

It was odd in a way that she and Tricia were friends. They'd known each other, slightly, for years -- ever since junior high. But Kate had always been the pretty one, popular and sexy, and they'd hardly spoken outside of class, back then.

She was the last person in the world Tricia had ever expected to become friendly with in later years. But Kate had come back to town last summer, with her new husband Roger, and she and Tricia had met by chance and found themselves drawn to each other. Today, when she had really needed someone to talk to, Kate was the obvious first choice.

But she'd counted on a little more sympathy and understanding. "It really is a big deal," Tricia insisted. "If you've never dreamed of doing anything like that, I mean -- and to have it sprung on you out of the blue..." "Out of the blue and into the brown, huh?" Kate giggled. "Look, hon, I know you got a late start -- you were a real dog when we were all brash young virgins -- but I can't believe, in this day and age, that you've never even tried cornholing. That's another name for it, you know -- or maybe you don't know."

Tricia felt very awkward and wished that she had kept it all to herself. And she felt terrible about the unspoken bad vibes that had passed between her and Ken before his departure for the airport. She wouldn't see him for almost a week, and it was too long to let the tension drag out.

But hadn't he insisted that they would return to that disgusting topic as soon as he got back from California? And she was sure he meant it. He rarely said things he didn't mean.

"Actually," Kate said, lighting a cigarette, "I suppose it may be partly my fault -- mine and Roger's, I mean. Roger and Ken have been playing a lot of racquetball lately, and you know how men are in the locker room. Almost as bad as girls! I wouldn't be surprised to find out that my husband is the one who planted the seed in your Ken's mind in the first place. The only thing Rog likes more than talking about sex is doing it, thank God."

She took a few puffs, then stubbed out the Virginia Slim. "So what are we going to do about your problem, then, Tricia? I suppose you could use some expert advice." Kate smiled beatifically. "And since I'm both an expert and your friend, who am I to refuse?"


Tricia felt awkward as hell. She hadn't been in the presence of another naked woman since high school gym class, and she wasn't at all sure why Kate had insisted on getting undressed while Tricia watched. But she had to admit that Kate's body was fantastic, even better than it had been in high school.

She wished that she were a little taller, though no one had ever complained about her five-five frame. Kate topped her by a few inches, willowy, and perhaps a bit smaller in the tits than Tricia, though they looked just fine perched high and pert-nippled on Kate's chest.

Kate was tanned all over, with just a strip of white flesh at the crotch -- all that a string bikini bottom would cover, and not an inch more -- a souvenir of the midwinter vacation she and Roger had taken in the Caribbean. Tricia imagined her friend stretched out almost nude on the white sand of a tropical beach, under a glorious blazing sun, and she gave a little sigh.

Kate stood by the bed, proud of her naked perfection, showing it in the gleam of her green eyes. She tossed back her sun-streaked hair and smiled at Tricia.

"Not bad for twenty-five, mmm?" she asked, running her palms over the stiffened brown tips of her boobs, sliding them down her perfectly flat tummy, onto her prominent hipbones.

Tricia couldn't help noticing that Kate had shaved most of the hair from her pussy, leaving herself with just a narrow stubby hedge of fur up and down the crack of her slice. The lips were plainly visible, turned slightly outward like a pouting mouth amid the pussywhiskers.

Kate turned, offering a profile that emphasized the pointy thrust of her tits and the high rounded curve of her saucy ass, and she patted herself on the buttock. "Right here, baby," she smirked, "this is where it's at."

Tricia felt very ill at ease. She tried not to look at Kate, but she couldn't keep from doing it. Kate had been a knockout back in high school, and she was even more so today, seven years later. The bitch probably didn't even have to count calories. Who said life was fair?

"Listen," Kate said, turning back toward Tricia, "I don't think it's entirely fair that I'm the only one on display. Why don't you strip down, too? Oh, come on, Trish, humor me! A sex therapist would have you starkers by now, and I'm not even charging $100 an hour for what I'm gonna teach you! Anyway, I'd like to see how much is left of that pudgy little dumpling I remember from high school."

She planted her hands on her hipbones and gave Tricia a mock-intense glowering look. "I'm going to the john, and when I come back, I want your alabaster body out here where I can see it. Got me, lady?"

Tricia was feeling really weirded out now, but at least Kate wasn't there to watch and appraise while she undressed. She hurried out of her blouse and cords, then removed her underwear. She felt extremely naked, especially when she caught a glimpse of herself in one of the wall mirrors.

God, there were a lot of mirrors in Kate's bedroom! And the big bed was fully visible from all of them. She blushed as she realized that her friend must enjoy watching herself in action. But Kate had never made any bones about the fact that she dug sex.

Trish turned to one of the mirrors and studied herself, knowing that she looked pretty damn good too.

She wasn't quite as tall or as modelly thin as Kate, but she had bigger tits -- full without being saggy, capped in pinnacle-like pink nipples, and her late winter skin was pale but not pallid.

The blonde hair was almost natural -- the darker patch between her legs gave it away -- but Ken didn't mind, and Tricia was pretty pleased with the results. She still found it hard to believe that she'd once weighed 150 pounds and had a face like a pizza.

Kate re-entered the room. Tricia stood by the bed, totally naked, feeling very awkward and foolish. She thought of covering herself with her hands, but it was already too late for that. Instead, she took a deep breath and stood up straight, waiting for Kate's evaluation.

"Not bad," she said, nodding. "You've turned into a real knockout since the old days, honey. God, if you'd looked like that in high school, you wouldn't have kept your ripe little cherry past lunch period!"

She moved toward Tricia, walking like a cat on the balls of her feet, as if she were still wearing the spike heels she'd already removed. Tricia took a step backward but her legs bumped the edge of the bed. Kate came closer.

"Don't be scared," she said in a smoothly silky voice. "This is going to be an educational experience."

Tricia still didn't understand what was about to happen, but as Kate's hand came to rest on her arm she began to get unsettling ideas. Kate's face came in closer and closer.

She's going to kiss me! Tricia thought in alarm, and then the soft warm mouth of her friend was, indeed, pressing firmly, moistly, against Tricia's lips, and she felt the touch of Kate's stiff rubbery nipples brushing ever so lightly against the tingly flesh of her own tits, as if they too were planting hot little kisses on Tricia's skin.

Kate's arms encircled her friend, and she opened her mouth, allowing her tongue to lick at Tricia's still closed lips. The touch was unbearably ticklish.

Tricia tried to murmur a protest, but she only succeeded in opening her mouth enough to allow Kate's tongue entry. The brush of the limber wet organ was like a live jolt of electricity applied directly to Tricia's mouth, and she gave a squeal of surprise.

Kate's hands came down to cup Tricia's buttocks. She was used to feeling Ken's hands on her ass, but Kate's fingers were smaller, friskier. They handled the firm flesh as if they already knew it by heart, rubbing and squeezing the cheeks like a masseuse with nasty ideas.

Kate's thigh eased into the slightly parted gap of Tricia's legs, and the firm tanned flesh came to rest squarely against Tricia's cuntal gash. Kate pushed with her leg, and Tricia felt her balance starting to desert her. She toppled backward, and fortunately the bed was there to break her fall.

Kate came down with her, still atop Tricia, and her lithe, firm body began to squirm and writhe above the other woman's. She had both legs between Tricia's now, and she pressed her pussy into Tricia's cunt.

Wetly, with ticklish brushes of pussyfur, their flesh merged. Kate's tongue worked in and out of Tricia's mouth, and she held the face rock-steady for her nonstop kisses.

Her lips slid free of Tricia's, with a smacking sound, and she looked down, her eyelashes almost touching Tricia's. "I bet this is something you never did before either," she said in a throaty voice.

Tricia, her blue eyes enormous with shock, could only shake her head. It was true. She'd never done anything remotely like this, unless you counted making out with guys. But to feel the sexual heat of another woman pressing so insistently against herself -- no, God, never before!!!

"Just part of your education, then," Kate sighed. She looked down at Tricia's hard pink nipples. "Oh, they look edible," she whispered, and she leaned down to lick each of them in turn.

Her eyes remained focused on Tricia's face, studying the reaction as her tongue worked around the nipple rims in studied circular patterns, shifting from clockwise to counterclockwise and back again, at totally unpredictable intervals. Her hands firmed up the already firm tits, pushing the nipples upward and making them sweet hot targets for the attention of Kate's exploring tongue.

"You like it, don't you?" she said between caresses. "It turns you on to have another woman lick your tits, doesn't it, Tricia?"

"It feels wild," Tricia confessed. "You seem to know exactly where to put your tongue and make my skin crawl with excitement."

"I can suck too," Kate informed her, and she lowered her face, mouth already round-open. She eased it down over the pink peak of a tit and she hollowed in her cheeks, sucking warmly, wetly, on Tricia's nipple.

Kate's mouth was gentle but determined. Tricia's head tossed from side to side, hair swishing across her face in little showers of red, sometimes catching in the corners of her mouth. "Stop it," she said, not even believing the words herself. Her hands were wrapped around Kate's head and she was urging her tit upward into her friend's hot wet mouth.

And through it all, Kate's pussy kept bumping forcefully into Tricia's, their crotches coming together in a mimicry of the act of fucking. As her cunt continued to slide against her friend's, Tricia could feel her crotch dampening, her pussy starting to leak hot juices, and she didn't really miss the feel of nine inches of hard meat stabbing up her aroused pussyhole.

Her clit was as big as a peachpit by now, and each time she felt Kate slide sexily into her, she could swear that her clit got just a little bit bigger, a little bit hotter. Was that even possible?

"Do me too," Kate urged. Tricia didn't understand what she was talking about. "Like this, silly!" Kate laughed. She moved one of her legs, and suddenly she was riding Tricia's thigh while her own thigh slid erotically through Tricia's cuntal gap.

Tricia gasped as she felt the response of Kate's hot pussy to the caress of her leg, and she blushed to realize how good it made her feel while she was doing it -- almost as good as the feel of Kate's leg stroking her own snatch.

Well, if she needed anything to get her mind off Ken's sudden insistence on fucking her in the ass, this was certainly the ticket. In Kate's hot lesbian embrace she was finding responses within herself that she had never even guessed were there.

Kate went back to tit-eating, but Tricia was hungry for kisses and she pulled her friend's face up so she could take the initiative. "You bitch," she whispered. "What have you done to me???"

She held Kate's cheeks and she pried the lips open with her tongue, sticking it into Kate's mouth almost as expertly as Kate had done to Tricia. As she did it she giggled at her brashness. She felt like a schoolgirl who had just learned what her clit was for.

"I wanna eat you," Kate whispered into Tricia's mouth. "Do you think you'd like that?"

"I think I would," Tricia confessed, holding tight to the woman who lay atop her. "But," she added, "I still don't understand how this is supposed to help me with my problem."

Kate fought herself free of Tricia's possessive embrace. "You just need to loosen up a little," she said. "But not too loose, of course! Just lie back and trust me, honey."

Tricia had been eaten before, of course, but never by another woman. There was a magical difference in the sensation as soon as Kate's tongue began to work on her cuntal trench.

It was obviously not the first time Kate had ever eaten a cunt. She grinned up at Trish as she spread the pink puffy lips and moved her nose up and down the exposed coral furrow.

She sniffed as she stroked, and the little puffs of air made goosebumps rise all over Tricia's body. She clutched her tits, squeezing them till the nipples stood up almost an inch long between her pinching fingers. "Oh, God," she murmured. "Oh, God!"

Kate giggled like a schoolgirl and stuck her tongue into Tricia's cunt. It was like a snake slithering into the spread-open mouth of the pussy, and it went deep, straight for the heart of Tricia's arousal.

Trish gasped and bucked, humping herself into Kate's questing face. Kate took hold of Tricia's buttocks and squeezed them insistently. Heat radiated from her fingertips. Tricia began to squirm and writhe uncontrollably.

"Eat me," she whispered, "oh, eat my hot wet pussy!!!"

Kate's tongue moved up to the clit, whipping it pugnaciously. It throbbed in response. Her hands were all over Tricia's pussy, caressing it, spreading the labes wide then squeezing them tightly together, milking little bubbles of cuntal juice out of the sliced gash. She manipulated the flaps until they began to tingle and burn, her fingers slipping between them and tickling the pussy mouth she'd already teased with her tongue.

A finger eased into Tricia's cunt. She moaned to feel it entering her. "Don't you ever fuck?" Kate asked, looking up with a leer in her green eyes. "You're as tight as a virgin! Mmmm, I bet Ken loves to ram his big hard dick into this sweet snug pussy! Men go wild over a tight fit and a wet pocket..." She worked her finger in and out, fucking without much subtlety while she continued to nibble and kiss the pointy tip of Tricia's clitoris. The walls throbbed around her inserted finger, milking it, bathing it in the sticky juices that were already swamping the snug tunnel. The bed rocked as Tricia began to writhe and twist in response. She squeezed more tightly at her tits. They were throbbing, too, the nipples hard and erect.

Kate licked upward, to Tricia's navel. "Oh, Jesus, there's nothing like eating pussy!" she grinned, wiping her lips with a finger and then sucking it clean. "Especially a juicy one like yours, Trish!"

Her finger punched in and out of the cunt, soaking itself in Tricia's pussy fluids. She smiled like a madonna with each thrust. Her tongue rimmed the interior of the small dented navel. It felt a lot like Ken's tongue had this morning, exploring his wife's reluctant asshole.

Kate took her finger out and waved it under Tricia's nose. The blonde woman could smell her cunt honey clinging to that finger. She liked to lick it off Ken's mouth after he'd sucked her snatch. Would Kate think she was a pervert if she took that finger into her mouth and sipped it now?

Christ! Kate was the fucking pervert! If she owned a dog, she'd probably be sucking it off, too! Tricia decided to loosen up. She stuck out her tongue, waving it at the finger. Kate smirked and eased it into Tricia's mouth.

"Does taste good, doesn't it?" she whispered, lying on her side and pressing herself against Tricia's flank.

Trish could feel the pointiness of Kate's nipples. "Touch me now," Kate suggested, taking Tricia's hands and planting them atop her conical, hard-fleshed tits.

They were impossibly firm. If Tricia hadn't showered with Kate, after gym, all through high school, she'd have sworn there was a silicone core inside the mounds, but as her fingers began to explore, she knew she was touching live, vibrant flesh.

"Lick them, too," Kate added, her fingers moving through Tricia's hair. Tricia pondered it for a moment, but only for a moment, then leaned down and frisked her tongue across the brown point of the nearest nipple. She licked it, her eyes enlarging with surprise. It tasted good!

It was also wiggly against her tongue, as she prodded and jabbed it around, and slightly pungent with sweat. She drew it into her mouth and sucked, feeling a contentment not at all like what she got, holding Ken's dick in her mouth, but a contentment that was very very nice to experience.

"Oh, that's nice," she heard Kate sigh, and the hands upon her head were comforting and stimulating at the same time. Tricia turned, pushing her larger tits against Kate's belly while she kept on slurping and nursing at the nipple she had captured.

Instinctively she moved, at last, to the other tit, and she gave it the same treatment. Kate held the tit with one hand, feeding it to Trish like a mother feeding a baby. Her other hand moved down, caught Tricia's wrist, brought the blonde's hand into Kate's crotch.

"Why don't you play with my pussy too?" she asked. "I bet you know how, Trish..." Tricia let her fingers slide up and down the curving bun of Kate's cunt. The labes were rubbery, dripping with pussydew. It got all over her fingers, warm and sticky juices whose funky fragrance she could already smell. Just like her own.

She kissed Kate firmly, passionately, at the same time slipping a finger into the green-eyed brunette's hot, ready snatch. Tricia couldn't suppress a gasp of pleasure as her fingers sank into Kate's twat.

Kate was gasping and sighing too, obviously delighted. She twisted and stretched, sliding her hot cunt up and down the length of Tricia's inserted finger.

Trish was doubly aroused. For one thing, it was such a thrill to know that her skinny little finger was bringing such undisguised excitement to Kate's cunt. And the pussy which surrounded her finger felt a lot like her own, though it wasn't as tight.

As she moved her finger in tempo to the swaying ripples of Kate's body she could almost feel it happening inside herself at the same time. Tricia squeezed her thighs together and she could tell that her own cunt was dribbling out juice. Her dark pussypatch was sopping wet, the fur matted with lovegoo. "Oh, God," she said in a low reverent voice.

Now it was Kate who was taking the lead again. She filled her fists with Tricia's asscheeks and manipulated them aggressively, humping her tits and belly against her friend's body. Her cunt was gobbling the finger inside it, and her teeth chattered in the telltale onset of a come.

"Yes, yes," Tricia heard her groan, "oh, let's do it!!!"

She got her thigh in between Tricia's and she worked it back and forth, rubbing a hot and vigorous stimulation into a pussy that was already pretty well stimulated, thank you. Tricia clenched her legs around Kate's thigh and pumped it back stroke for stroke.

Her finger was shoved all the way up Kate's pussy and she could feel the ripples starting to quiver down the tube. Excited beyond her own imagination, she fucked faster, harder, slamming her finger again and again into Kate's depths.

"Now you eat me," Kate purred, wiggling her cuntal muscles around Tricia's finger. "Oh, don't look so shocked! You knew as soon as I stuck my tongue in your cunt that you'd be doing it to me before we stopped. C'mon, Trish -- if you wanna loosen up, this is the best way to begin..."

And the worst of it, thought Tricia, was that she found Kate's words convincing as hell. She looked into her friend's face and she felt the tug of horny, excited pussyflesh around her finger, and she found herself wondering how it would taste to slide her tongue into Kate's gash and lick up the juices that were bubbling from inside her girlfriend's womb.

"Okay," she said, easing her finger out, "but I don't want you to get the wrong ideas about me. I'm really not this kind of woman."

"You will be when I finish with you," Kate promised. "Now get your face into my crotch and eat my motherfucking pussy!!!"


Tricia rose to her knees, tense with excitement but more than a little hesitant, too. "Look at you," she told Kate. "You've got lipstick everywhere."

She turned and saw herself in one of the mirrors. She was lipstick-spotted as well. Holding her tits in cupping hands, she looked at the bold red smears that surrounded her stiffened nipples.

"You know where I want lipstick prints of yours," Kate smirked, stretching out and spreading her thighs. The mouth of her cunt winked open, glistening wet and horny. "Get on me," she added. "I know you've 69ed with Ken. The only thing different is that you're not gonna get a cock in your mouth this time."

It was much too late to be thinking about it. Tricia climbed atop her friend and settled down, just as she would have done if it were Ken beneath her.

From below, Kate began to stroke Tricia's asscheeks, her mouth already moving back into the dark-furred pussypatch. She kissed the gash, then licked it wetly, sandpaperishly, up and down, her hands plying Tricia's buttflesh.

"Well?" she called. "What are you waiting for?"

Tricia leaned forward, into the cunty-smelling crotch. Kate's pussy had a strong scent when it was aroused, a musky, slightly fishy flavor, and Tricia's lips were almost numb as she drew closer and closer.

She pressed her mouth against the pussy, wetting her lips in the juices that leaked from Kate's hole. Her hands came in, and she pushed delicately at the labes, opening them to show off the slippery-looking, scarlet-fleshed interior.

She had never seen a cunt at such close range before, and she stared a long moment at the pussymouth itself, the way it seemed to gulp and quiver and vibrate in anticipation of her tongue's caress. In for a penny, in for a pound, she thought, and she opened her mouth, tongue emerging to lap tentatively at Kate's crack.

Her eyes enlarged as she got her first taste of pussy. Not her first taste. She loved to lick her own juices off Ken's cock, his fingers, his lips after he'd finished eating her to orgasm. So of course she knew what pussy tasted like, even though at secondhand.

But it was something different to wiggle her tongue inside the oozing crack of another woman, to eat the funk of a strange cunt. She worked her tongue back and forth, coating it in Kate's fluids, savoring the hot cunty taste as it filled her nostrils, made her tonguetip quiver in excitement.

"Oh, yes, baby," she heard Kate whine, in between loving hungry sucks at Tricia's own snatch. Tricia wiggled her ass, smearing her wet cunt all over Kate's face, spreading herself wide to the forays of that thirsty tongue and mouth, and she bent forward, barrelling into Kate with an eagerness that she could no longer deny or rationalize.

She was furious in her attack now, splaying the cunt with her fingers until she felt Kate shiver and stretch beneath her. She worked her face into the opening -- licking, kissing, sucking.

She seemed to know exactly what to do. That was the most delightful, most alarming part of it all. Once she started sucking cunt, she acted as if she'd been doing it all of her twenty-five years, as if she lived for nothing but the taste of pussy, the feel of a hard wiggly clit shivering beneath her lapping tongue!

And she seemed to know that it was time to suck hard at that tingly clit while she stuffed Kate's pussy full of her driving fingers. Yes! The moan of response told her she was doing it exactly right!

She forced her fingers deeper while her lips and teeth and tongue kissed and gnawed and licked hotly, demonically, at the stiffened pink button of Kate's aroused clitoris. It swelled like a tiny cock between Tricia's lips and she sucked it as ravenously as she'd ever fed on Ken's rampant, swollen prick.

All they'd done previously was just foreplay. Now they were fucking! Tricia played it totally by ear and tongue, eating everything that got in her way, and she could feel -- Christ, she could taste! -- Kate's sudden rushing orgasm, filling her mouth with the honey of a hot, excited cunt.

She covered the upper end of the cunt with her mouth, still using her fingers in the hole, and she sucked harder, drawing yet another come out of Kate. She was going to die if she didn't climax herself, but as Kate continued to gobble her pussy, she knew she was going to come too.

Kate got a finger into Tricia's pussy, screwing it in and out. Tricia's eyes rolled over in their sockets when she felt her friend's tongue slither up to attack the bud of her virgin asshole.

Well, not 100% virgin. After all, Ken had done a little licking there this morning, and he'd come within an ace of sticking his big hard cock up the tender tiny hole. But for all that counted, Tricia's asshole was on its first outing.

Kate's tongue worked into the deep hollow, twisting and turning as it rimmed Tricia's rectum. Tricia squirmed and panted and moaned, so full of her own feelings she couldn't be bothered with anything as mundane as continuing to lick Kate's pussy.

She kept her fingers busy inside the hole, but she was off on her own trip now, moaning and writhing as she took a finger deep inside her snatch and a tongue created fires just inside the opening of her shitter.

"Oh, I'm comingggg..." she gasped, and it was true. Her pussy gushed juices and Kate drank them greedily, her mouth hurrying down to catch the flowing release from Tricia's cunt. She licked the quivery gash until a second come followed the first, and she pushed her tongue almost as deep into Tricia as she'd had her finger.

"Fuck me, fuck me," Tricia groaned, her body dripping sweat from every pore as she rocked and rolled atop Kate. She humped her cunt back into Kate's face, drowning her friend in the pussy gusher.

Even as the fires started to die down a little, Kate was changing her attack, intent on showing Tricia that this wasn't nearly all there was. She pinched the asscheeks nastily, making Tricia yelp in sudden pain, and then she pulled hard on the doughy mounds, spreading them wide and baring the rear opening to her full attention.

She licked up and in, and the rimjob she'd given Tricia earlier was only a shadow of what came now. She screwed her tongue into the anus, darting in and out like a hummingbird sucking pollen from a flower.

She puckered her lips and pressed a hot wet kiss onto the rectal mouth, and Tricia thought, one more place I'm gonna have lipstick prints... All over my naughty asshole!

Her lips pulled away, and Tricia felt the prodding of a fingertip. "No," she said, "don't finger-fuck me back there too..."

But she could only close her eyes and whimper as the finger screwed its way into her asshole. The penetration was slow, almost gentle, but with an insistence that could not be denied.

Tricia stiffened, feeling her ass-ring respond to its violation. The muscles were tight, but they were too aroused by Kate's tongue not to be just a little curious too, and they relaxed slightly as the finger eased its way inside.

It feels like a suppository, only a lot longer, Tricia thought as the finger buried itself inside her butt. She found her anal muscles clenching of their own will, tightening around the intruder. It was as if she was trying to shit the finger out of her, but she realized after another moment that she didn't want it to come out! No!

"This is soooo filthy..." she whispered, glowing internally.

"It's gonna get dirtier," Kate promised, jabbing her finger deep and hard until Tricia straightened out atop her, stiff as a board from head to toes, her body pulsating as the fingertip dug into the very pit of her.

Kate's mouth was all over Tricia's ass, biting, kissing, licking. Tricia glanced at one of the mirrors, saw that she did indeed have those telltale red lipstick prints spread across her squirming butt. Kate's mouth was like liquid fire upon her, and the finger kept on reaming her shitter with a driving, burning impetuosity.

Trish felt her friend's tits beneath her, the nipples throbbing with Kate's own arousal. She didn't feel so much like a pervert, knowing that Kate was also in heat. But Christ, this was too good to be perverted!

The finger continued to ream her. She was tight, but she was greasy inside, and she found herself growing more and more willing the longer she received the digital attack.

There was a kinky satisfaction to the feel of a foreign object jammed up her shithole that she had not at all expected. She still regarded the act as extremely dirty, but she couldn't deny that it was totally stimulating at the same time.

"Oh, oh, ohhhhh..." she groaned, rocking atop Kate, in complete surrender to the deviate act being performed upon her. She lifted her butt up and down, and now her muscles were pulling the finger in and pushing it back out in fucklike rhythmic gulps.

She felt Kate's limber tongue slither down to make a fresh raid upon the labes of her pussy but, oh, fuck, she didn't need any additional help right now! She was gonna come again! An anal orgasm? Holy Christ, could there even be such a thing?

Even as it began to pulsate through her, Tricia somehow knew that she wasn't really coming out her ass. The explosion was in her clit, her cunt, as always. But the worship of Kate's tongue, the stringent fucking of her horny finger, directed at Tricia's shithole, had caused it.

"Yessssssss!!!" she screamed, her anus clenching tight on the finger and her cunt drooling a fresh river of honeycum into Kate's hungry mouth. "Oh, yes... yesyesssss!!!"


They were sharing the spacious tub, washing the lipstick and the cum from each other's bodies, trading kisses and tit-sucks and naughty caresses in special places. A half-drunk bottle of wine teetered on the rim of the tub, and the girls themselves were likewise close to half-drunk.

"Is this a private party?" a voice asked, and Tricia jerked back in surprise, a long trail of drool connecting her mouth to the lips she had just been sucking.

Roger, Kate's husband, slouched in the doorway, leaning against the frame, smiling as he watched the two women in the tub.

Tricia still regarded herself as pretty shy and demure, and it was embarrassing as hell to be caught naked by her friend's husband, especially with her face freshly smeared with lipstick and her big, pointy-nippled tits cuddled in Kate's possessive hands.

Kate, on the other hand, didn't seem at all fazed, and somehow Trish wasn't exactly surprised. "What are you doing home?" she asked. "I thought you worked for a living."

"I had to come out this way for an appointment," Roger said nonchalantly, stepping into the bathroom, "and I thought I'd stop by and knock off a quick one to get me through the rest of the day. But it looks like that's what you just finished doing." He sat down on the john. "So, Tricia," he added, "I didn't know you were into pussy."

Trish blushed scarlet. She couldn't think of anything to say. At least Roger wasn't outraged at what he'd found.

"Darling," Kate said, "we need to know something. Have you been filling Ken's head with ideas about nasties like asshole fucking? He seems to have had some distinctly anal urges recently that poor Trish didn't feel up to handling, and of course she had to come talk it over with Auntie Kate. I told her you're the prime suspect for planting the idea. True?"

Roger just smiled and shrugged, loosening his tie. "It's possible," he said. "Hell, I'm a salesman, and I'm good at it. I could sell central heating in hell. If I talked to Ken about the pleasures of fucking a tight juicy asshole, the odds are he probably stopped at the drugstore for a tube of K-Y on the way home. Yes, I think we did talk about it a time or two." He was reaching for his belt.

Tricia sat up in astonishment, the water splashing around her in the tub. Her tits floated atop the bubbly surface but she didn't even notice. She was watching Roger unzip his fly.

Kate rose out of the water and leaned over toward her husband. She reached into his undone pants and pulled his cock out into the light.

"Isn't it gorgeous?" she said, turning to Tricia. "Even soft, it's a champion. Soft???" she went on, her voice raising half an octave. "You're in the nude, glowing presence of the two ripest pieces you could ever want to knock off, and you've got a soft-on? Roger Parker, do you have an explanation for yourself???"

She was right on most counts. His cock was a champion. It was also soft, but even soft, it was almost eight inches long. God, Tricia thought, that dick belongs on a horse, not a man! What must it look like when it got hard? And had Kate actually managed to take that prick up her own asshole, as she'd claimed? Oh, shit! I don't believe it!

Kate's hand moved up and down, sliding the outer shell of flesh around the central core of Roger's prick. She kept looking back at Trish, to make sure she was still watching.

Jesus, there was no way she could have looked away from this! She'd been completely and utterly faithful to Ken from the moment they got serious about each other, but today, all bets were temporarily off. Trish had never expected to be in a situation like this, watching Kate jerk off Roger's tool, and she had not the slightest idea what might happen next, under the circumstances.

Roger stood up, his prick beginning to fill out, to lengthen and take shape. Tricia's eyes bulged in tempo with the bloating of his cock. It was jutting from his unzipped pants now, a little longer than it had been but not appreciably thicker. But it was rock hard, and there was an arch to its shape which made the big bulbous knob tilt upward like a society matron's nose.

Kate winked at Tricia. "Some hot dick, mmm, baby?" she smirked, her hand stroking it possessively. She took the bottle of wine from the rim of the tub and held it above Roger's prick.

Pouring some of the wine onto him, she began immediately to lick up and down the length of his cock, lapping the purple-red fluid almost as fast as it dribbled from the bottle's neck. She smacked her lips as she licked him.

"Well, I'm not queer," Kate said at last, as if she felt she needed to give Tricia an explanation. "I mean, I like pussy, but I love cock..." And, sliding the tip of Roger's cock between her lips, she proceeded to demonstrate just how much she loved the prick.

Tricia had never seen anyone else suck a cock, and she watched with a sudden fascination that went far beyond the weird situation into which she had fallen. She stared at Kate as the woman nursed and licked the end of Roger's tool, easing it in and out of the moist warm grip of her lips. Tricia had felt those lips around her tits, her clitoris, even on her asshole, and she knew fucking well how warm and moist they could be!

Kate sucked slowly, with a calm, almost studied precision. Not only did she take him into her mouth for some shallow, wet slurps. She also moved her lips, once they were dripping with drool, up and down the exposed length of Roger's cock. Jesus, was the thing getting even longer?

Smacking her lips, pointing at him with her pink wet tongue, she took the dick into her mouth again, and this time she sucked him a little deeper, a little more aggressively. Her cheeks hollowed in and she held the base of the long stiff prick in her hands, just feeding it in.

She hummed softly as she suckled him, and Tricia watched in total absorption, noting that with each extra gulp, just a trifle more of Roger eased into Kate's mouth. Trish gulped too, almost able to feel the long stiff ramrod pushing into her own orality.

So concentrated on Kate and Roger was her attention that she was unaware she was holding her tits, pinching softly at the nipples, caressing her flesh the same way she had when she opened her legs to the attack of Kate's lips and tongue. Emotions began to throb inside her tits, and she sighed like a dove.

Kate kept on eating her husband's dick, taking him deeply and passionately. The head slipped out of her mouth, sloppy with her drool, a big wad of it still dangling from her tongue. She slurped it onto him and got him wetter still, bathing his cock like a mother cat tending its kitten.

Roger's hands were on her head, guiding her, but she didn't need any instruction. She had the whole thing well in hand, and she would soon have it well in mouth, too.

Something touched Tricia's face. She looked up, surprised. It was Roger's hand. His fingers stroked her forehead, moved through her lightly-dyed blonde hair. His knuckles scraped lightly across her cheek. She stared up at his face and she knew what he wanted.

"Oh, I couldn't..." she demurred, but she had done enough and seen enough to suspect that she really could, if she was of a mind to.

He took her hand and she stood up, water running down her body. While his wife continued to fellate his long hard prick, Roger leaned toward Tricia. His hand slid down into the small of her back, onto the curve of her ass. She leaned in his direction and his mouth crushed hers. He took a possessive grip on her asscheeks. She stepped out of the tub with one leg so she could get closer.

His tongue was in her mouth. His breath was hot, slightly flavored of onions, oozing into her mouth. She liked the taste of onions on a man's breath, on his tongue. She sucked warmly at his tongue, pushing her hard-nippled tits against him so he could feel how excited she was, too.

His hand was all over her ass, and she ground her tits into his chest, squirming and purring and murmuring softly as the eagerness grew to uncontrollable levels within her. She'd never done anything like this before, but she could not stop herself, not now.

She opened his shirt, let her tits caress his bare chest. He had more hair than Ken. She wasn't used to the feel but she was pretty sure she liked it, and she giggled as the body fur tickled her nipples almost to distraction.

Kissing him, rubbing his body with her own, she could hear Kate, sucking with gaspy pants and moans. Her hand moved downward, and she let her fingers walk lightly along the stiff length of his cock. Ooooh, the flesh was burning with lust! Or was it just her own heat she was feeling?

She leaned back, and he stooped to take her tit-nipples in his mouth. Mmmm, he liked a tit almost as much as his wife loved cock! She fed him her dry but suckable boobs, and he kept on fondling her ass, her upper thigh. His hand came around and cupped her bath-wet pussy, holding the mound in a frank, admiring grip.

"That's some ripe pussy, Trish," she heard and felt him whisper into her mouth. "What do you say about letting me fuck it?"


His finger entered her cunt as he spoke. She bit her lip in surprise, her blue eyes as big as teacups. "Oh!" Tricia gasped, her belly undulating while his finger moved in shallow but exciting passes. She was moving up and down on the balls of her feet, and alternate cold and hot flashes swept through her body.

He kept on kissing her, still fucking her with his finger, and she became aware that Kate's mouth, too, was getting into the kiss. Her head was turned, and her girlfriend's wet lips, still tasting heatedly of cock, pressed against Tricia's.

"Why not fuck him?" Kate whispered into Tricia's mouth. "You're as hot as can be, and he's a dynamite lay. C'mon, honey -- you said Kenny wanted you to loosen up a little. What better way to do just that???"

"I could never..." Trish husked, her cunt still pronged by Roger's exploring finger. The juices ran like piss down her pussy tunnel, leaking down the insides of her thighs.

She could hear the squish as his finger pushed gently but determinedly into the wetness of her snatch, and she gasped again with each thrust. His hand cupped her cunt, and there was a constant pressure against the swollen node of her clitoris. It throbbed responsively. All of Tricia Miller was throbbing right now.

"I couldn't," she repeated, almost believing her own words.


On the bed, she glanced to left and right, saw the mirrored image of what was happening. Her own body seemed to glow. Roger was feeding upon one tit, Kate upon the other. She had Roger's dick in one clutching fist, the other hand working between Kate's thighs, massaging the rubbery, excited pussy lips, the swollen clitoris. They bore her down backwards and they fell upon her like vultures in a feeding mood.

She twisted to one side and took Roger's long hard prick in both hands, staring for a moment at the big red knob. Down below, Kate was sliding into position between Tricia's legs, rubbing her cheeks along the tingly thigh interiors, blowing warmly through the ruffled pussyhairs.

"Are you sure this is gonna help my marriage?" she asked tensely, squeezing Roger's cock. A big bubble of pre-cum emerged from the slit and hung like a glass bead.

"I'm positive," Kate promised. "Have I ever lied to you, honey?"

The tip of her tongue flicked against Tricia's clit, and the blonde wife squirmed, her body filling with heat, her eyes full of the big hard prick she was holding in both hands. She gulped, then leaned toward Roger and let her tongue scoop up that dangling bubble of pre-cum.

There! She'd done it! She'd licked another man's dick, and the sky had not fallen upon her!

She pressed her mouth against his hardened rod and kissed passionately at his bulbous tip, feeling the excitement that surged within his steely flesh. Her lips parted wetly and his prick slid into Tricia's mouth. Saliva flowed like a river and she felt herself begin to suck responsively at Roger's cock.

Kate was eating pussy with a vengeance now, showing her own arousal with every lick into the heated slice of Tricia's cunt. Her eyes closed, Trish sucked warmly at the tip of Roger's cock, drawing it across her tongue in short lapping gulps. Cum was already dripping from the slitted opening, and it fell in little hot bubbles onto her tongue.

She opened her mouth a bit wider, and the barrel of his cock entered her lips. He wasn't as thickly-dicked as Ken, she realized as soon as she got him inside her mouth, but he was at least a couple of inches longer. She didn't think she could swallow him but she was damn sure going to try.

It felt strange to be sucking the cock of another woman's husband, but the fact that Kate was eating her pussy like a wolf left Tricia feeling a lot less self-conscious about it all.

Wouldn't Ken shit if he could see her now! Would he still be telling her to loosen up? Tricia giggled around the long hard cock that filled her mouth so plentifully and she sucked harder, pulling him deeper and deeper, until the tip of his prick thrust against the back of her throat and she gagged in sudden surprise.

"Ahhhhh..." she groaned, but it was a groan of pleasure, and her hot drool bathed his cock as it pulsated inside her mouth.

She was sucking in earnest now, her desires stoked to almost unbearable intensity. She hadn't intended to do this. God, no! All she'd wanted to do was talk to Kate about her newfound problems. But now that it was actually happening, she would not, could not make it stop.

Kate fucked fingers and tongue simultaneously into Tricia's cunt. There was an animalistic savagery to the way Kate Parker ate a pussy. Tricia had never felt anything quite like this from a man's mouth.

Maybe it was true. Maybe women did eat women better than men ever could. Tricia moaned throatily around the cock that filled her mouth, a tremulous little orgasm ripping through her snatch and into Kate's face.

Trish locked her teeth behind the edges of Roger's swollen cock knob and she tongued and sucked him voraciously with both her fists wrapped around his length, stroking him up and down.

She pumped the cock eagerly, tasting driblets of his cum, squirting out of his bulb when the prick found itself too full to hold all the stuff inside. It was hot juicy cum, a little saltier than Ken's, but God, did it taste good on her tongue!

Her pussy got wetter -- much wetter -- and stickier, too. From the corner of her eye she saw that Kate was pouring wine from the bottle onto Trish's twat, licking it up as fast as she spilled it out.

"Give me that thing," Tricia mumbled, her mouth so full of cock she could hardly speak. Kate got the message and handed the bottle up with a giggle.

Tricia upended it, slopping the stuff onto Roger's cock. It splattered the sheets, but Trish didn't give a shit. They weren't her sheets, were they? And wine was surely the most innocent thing that had ever stained these bedsheets...

The last gulp of the wine she poured into her mouth, swigging it down and feeling the warmth go straight to her belly, then directly to her brain.

"I'm drunk," she announced. "That must be why I'm doing this." She tossed the empty bottle aside and returned to Roger's prick.

"Sure, honey," Kate assured her, sounding a million miles away while Tricia began to suck Roger's cock once more.

The bed began to rock hard beneath the threesome. Trish heard Kate's moans and groans, and, without missing a slurp on the prick in her mouth, she glanced downward again. What a slut! Kate had retrieved the wine bottle and she was using one hand to guide its long skinny neck into her wet-lipped cunt even as she continued to lick and suck and fingerfuck Trish's throbbing pussy!

She fucked herself hard, showing no more mercy to her snatch than her mouth was giving to Tricia's pussy. Trish sighed, thinking of the hours that she and Kate had wasted in discussing clothes, recipes, the people they had known in high school. If only she'd known that Kate was such a provocative whore, they could have been having some fun all these many months!!!

Trish kept on gulping at Roger's dick, smacking her lips as the thing worked in and out of her mouth. She was taking him deeper now, straining a little, but she knew she was going to swallow the whole thing any second now... any second now...

Jesus!!! He thrust, and suddenly her throat was full of his pulsating cock. She didn't know whether to shit, wind her watch, or strangle. She settled for sucking.

Now that he'd plumbed the depth of her throat, he began to fuck Trish's face, shoving hard with his cock. He was still dribbling out spurtles of jizz, a hot milky splatter of fuck snot.

She savored the taste and wolfed him for more of it. If he didn't waste all his load in these little bubbly squirts, she was due to get herself a fucking mouthful!

Kate howled as the bottle penetrated her again and again. She'd stopped playing with Tricia's cunt and was devoting all her attention to herself.

"Oh, fuck," she growled, "I need it sooo bad..."

Tricia was down on Roger's balls now, licking them while she used her hand on his cock, making sure that big sweet fucker stayed big and long and hard. His meat pulsated inside her fist, excitement beating through his cum-vein, transmitting itself straight into Tricia Miller.

"Lemme have some too," Kate said, edging her way in. Trish moved aside and Kate began to devour her husband's erection. She fed it all the way into her gullet, sucking loudly as she gobbled him. Her drool ran down the shaft as she bobbed on his prick.

Tricia crawled up and offered her tits to Roger. He took them greedily, squeezing, sucking, pinching the erected nipples until Tricia's eyes watered and she made little whiny cries that said "Nooo..." but meant "Yessss..." He pulled her to him and tried to swallow the nearest of her matching 38-Cs, his mouth straining widely to make room for tit.

"Fuck us, Roger," Kate demanded, sitting up.

"Christ," Roger sighed, "I really don't have time. I'm gonna be late for my appointment..." "Your cock, my asshole," Kate replied. "Do those concepts mean anything to you? Oh, come on, Rog, you've gotten me and Trish too hot and bothered to stop. If you don't fuck us, we're gonna have to get out the dildoes. All this talk about ass-fucking, all this cunting around has got me crawling out of my clit!"

Trish squirmed, her tit still jammed into Roger's mouth. She wasn't sure she was ready for anything as close to real adultery as fucking her best friend's husband. But, she rationalized, Kate was her best friend, wasn't she? And she'd demanded that Roger fuck us. And us includes me! Tricia thought.

Roger came up, his cock preceding the rest of his body by a good nine inches. The sight of his long skinny prick in full erection excited Tricia, almost as much as seeing her own husband with a ripe hot bone-on for her. Well, she thought, Ken had demanded that she loosen up, hadn't he? She just hoped this was what he meant by it.

"Get the K-Y," Roger said.

"Fuck the K-Y," Kate replied. "If you can't put it in me dry, don't put it in me at all. Mmmm, baby, I'm fucking ready!!!"

Trish moved out of the way while Kate went onto her knees, her gorgeous ass sticking up high and inviting. Roger went down on it first, nuzzling her cunt with his face and lips, licking her little backdoor bud as well.

He tested it with his finger, and he said, "It feels a little looser than usual. Has somebody been sticking things in you already, hon?"

Tricia giggled. "It was me," she confessed, but by that time she'd found the wine bottle Kate had discarded. She studied it curiously.

She'd never masturbated with objects before, but the neck of the bottle was long and suggestively shaped, and it gleamed with Kate's pussy juices. She tested it with her tongue to confirm that it was pussygoo indeed which made the bottle shimmer and glisten, and the taste of Kate's cunt made her hotter than ever.

As Roger moved into position behind Kate, Trish was already stroking her cuntal gash with the tip of the bottle. It should have felt cold, but Kate had warmed it up a great deal inside her twat. It was very hard, and she felt as if she were bruising her pussy lips with it, but she didn't stop stroking herself. Her wet, slippery labes parted.

Trish bit her lip as she began to insert the bottle. This is so fucking nutty, she told herself, blushing that she could do something like this even in front of friends.

Of course, Kate and Roger weren't paying much attention to what Tricia was doing. Tricia wasn't even aware that Roger had slipped his cock into his wife's anus until she heard the croaking gasp from Kate and she looked up, in time to see the long skinny barrel of that prick sliding into Kate's tight backdoor hole.

Trish winced at the sight, but Kate wasn't complaining. "Ooohhh, my asshole," she panted, "fuck my motherfucking asshole!!!"

He began to pound his cock into her. She jerked with each thrust but she took it deep and came back for more. "Yes, yesssss!!!" she shrieked. "Oh, fucking yessssss!!!"

Tricia moaned too, matching Roger's cock thrusts with the drive of the wine bottle up her own snatch. The cylindrical object banged deeply into her pussy, until the swell of the body made it impossible to push the bottle any deeper. She ground it against her cunt, the end rotating deep inside her, and she flogged her throbbing clit with the fingers of her other hand while she fucked herself.

"This is how you do it, baby," Kate was groaning as she took her husband's backdoor reaming with a smile and a scream. "One big hard cock, one hot asshole... made for each other!"

Tricia was fucking herself harder, giving the bottle a full, stabbing plunge each time, and she had synchronized her wrist action with the drillbit thrust of Roger's cock into Kate's asshole, so that each time her friend got it, Trish got it too, and their chorused moaning cries rose into the air, growing more and more abandoned and horny.

Roger was riding Kate hard, his hands busy on her tits, her cunt. He was fingerfucking her while he speared her ass, and from the squirming she did beneath him, Trish knew it was only a matter of seconds until her friend exploded in orgasm. Shit, Trish was about to come her guts out, too!

"Now, Goddamn it, now!!!" Kate screamed, collapsing beneath Roger. He fell heavily upon her, his cock ramming in and out of her tight booty, and she jerked and writhed beneath him.

The tip of his cock burrowed deep into her guts while his fingers pinched the fuck out of her hot hard clit, and almost at the same moment Kate whimpered into her orgasm beneath Roger, Trish gurgled into a come of her own, her pussy walls clenching spastically around the inserted length of the stiff bottle neck.

Her cunt clenched and contracted, and the bottle seemed to spit straight out of Trish. She covered her pussy with her hands, rubbing it harder and harder, making that Goddamn orgasm last and last and last!

"Oh, Jesus," she said, stretching out her long legs, "oh fucking Jesus..." Roger Parker turned to her, his cock sticking straight out, its length rubbed raw and red by its session inside his wife's tight anus. "I guess it's your turn now, right, Trish?" he said, reaching for her hand.


She wanted to say "No, I can't, I couldn't," but she knew it would be a lie.

Roger's long skinny cock jutted from his patch of dickhair. The big knob was red and raw-looking. She had already sucked it, felt and tasted the slow dribbly drool of its jizz load onto her tongue, taken it deep into her throat, gagging and gurgling as she fed on the entire length of that cock. What harm could there be to fuck it, too?

He tugged on her hand and she rose to her knees on the bed, stealing a glance toward the mirror. Jesus! The expression on her face startled Tricia. Her hair was bed-tossed, her tits heaved in sexual agitation, and she had the look of a wild, sex-crazed slut!

Kate was still on her belly, fingering her anus. The hole gaped, not yet returned to its normal tiny size after being rammed repeatedly with the stiffness of Roger's prick. She stuffed two or three fingers up her hot butt, reaming herself with them.

"Oh, yes," Trish heard her friend moan, "oh, I think I need more..."

Kate's hand fumbled about, and she found the wine bottle. By now, Trish was backed up against Roger. His cock protruded along one hip, and she had her fist on it, sliding up and down the rigid length of him. His hands were all over her sweaty, jiggling tits and his mouth assaulted her neck, her earlobes. His fingers dug into the soft meat of her tits, and she stroked harder at his cock.

Trish was full of herself and her own reactions, but even so, she could not hold back a shriek of disbelief when she saw what Kate intended to do with the wine bottle.

Her brunette friend guided the bottle through her crotch, using it to frig the musk-dripping lips of her cunt. She squirmed in abandon, her thighs clenching around the bottle, squeezing it into close contact with her pussy. And then she loosened her legs, spread them widely, and moved the bottle's neck to her shithole.

It had started to tighten up again, finally empty of cock, but the moment the bottle neck touched her asshole, Kate split wide open once more, and the green bottle disappeared inside her rectum.

She looked back over her shoulder, face flushed, glowing with arousal, her eyes brown and wicked. "Once you start," she told Trish, "you fucking never get enough of this..." And she moaned again, hand guiding the bottle in and out of her already-dicked asshole.

"That's what I want," Trish whispered to Roger. "That's exactly what I want!"

"You may have to fight her for the bottle," Roger said softly. "Looks like she's really attached to it."

"No, shithead!" Tricia giggled, turning around to face him. She took his prick in both hands and rubbed its big, cum-oozing knob against her belly, stroked it through the soft wet hairs of her cunt. "I'll settle for this thing!"

Two minutes later she was rubbing K-Y onto his cock with both hands, greasing him thickly. As she lubed him, he was sliding fingers through her crack, working the jel into her flesh, too. She went stiff as his finger penetrated her asshole in a sudden, shallow stab.

"Oh!" she said. His finger was a lot bigger than the one Kate had shoved up her butt. She squeezed his prick. It was a lot bigger than his finger. She started to get a little nervous about the whole thing, but it was perhaps a bit late for cold feet.

His finger moved a little deeper, crooking inside Tricia. She twisted, her head back, her eyes closed. Within her hand, his cock pulsated with a rapid, excited beat that she couldn't remain immune to.

Her own heart was thumping hotly behind the soft cushions of her 38-Cs, and she pressed them against Roger's chest, kissing him with her hard sweat-dripping nipples. He straightened out his finger inside her shithole and she winced, but she knew she had to have it.

Kate was still assreaming herself with the wine bottle. Christ, what a slut! But a real friend, too. Hadn't she made her own husband available to Trish?

"I think you're ready," Roger said, taking his finger out. Tricia's asshole felt suddenly empty and deprived. But her fist held something that would soon fill that void.

She lay down on her side, knees drawn up to her tits. With one hand she opened her buttocks, exposing the never-fucked pink spot. K-Y oozed from her shitter, greased the crack of her ass. Roger lay down behind her, guiding his prick to its hot virginal target.

He stroked her with the bulbous knob of his tool first, sliding it all around. "Last chance to change your mind," he said.

"Fuck me," Tricia replied. There was nothing else to say.

He wormed the tip of his cock into the hollow of her asshole and he gave it a tentative thrust. The lubed hole yielded before the pressure of his prick, and Trish felt his cock slowly but surely penetrating her.

She closed her eyes, feeling the burn as her muscles stretched. Even with the K-Y, it was going to be a hell of a tight fit. And Roger's cock was a lot thinner than Ken's. Part of her was happy that she had awakened in time to keep herself from being ass-busted in bed this morning, but as the slickened dickhead moved a little deeper into her turned-on butt, she felt just the slightest trace of sadness, too -- sadness that she had made Ken stop!

"Fuck me," she repeated. "Don't just fuck around."

"You got it," Roger said, his voice getting a little tight around the edges. He gripped her buttocks and pushed, driving three or four inches of hard-on straight up Trish's shitchute.

"Owwwwwww!!!!" she squealed, not quite prepared for what she had gotten herself into -- or into herself. "Stoppppppitttttttt!!!"

But he didn't stop! He thrust again, and the rest of his cock entered her asshole. His belly slapped hard against the round swell of her candy ass, and she felt the ticklish scrape of his dickhairs on her flesh. He rocked against her, stirring her shit with his cock, and there was no doubt about it -- Tricia Miller had taken nine inches straight up the ass!

He began to drill her, his long thin cock slicking in and out of her jellied butthole. She wailed with each thrust, but the cries which at first signaled her pain soon took on a sharper, keener note of delight. The warbled "Nooooo" drifted gradually into a whiny "Ohhhhh" and she was shocked to hear herself gasping, at last, "Yes, oh, yes yes yes!!!"

Something touched her face. She opened her eyes to see Kate's face an inch away, the pink tongue lapping at her skin. Trish pulled the face closer and kissed it in gratitude. "Oh, you cunt," she said, "how did you know I needed this???"

Kate just smiled coyly and started down Trish's body. She got to the tits and feasted greedily on them, while Trish absorbed the deep, belly-quivering thrusts from Roger's dick.

Kate's face moved lower. Now she was nose deep in Tricia's light brown pussy hair. She found the wet hole -- it would have been easier to miss Cleveland -- and she slipped her tongue into the gash, slicking it up the hole for some deep cunt stimulation that went perfectly with the asshole-fucking that Roger was dishing out.

Tricia got Kate's legs in hand and pulled them closer, repaying the suckoff with a voracious attack on Kate's lightly-haired twat. Jesus Christ! The fucking bottle was still sticking out of Kate's asshole! Trish grabbed it by the gut and began to jam it up and down the anal passage while she fed on her friend's clit and cuntlips. Honey juices filled her mouth, and she drank greedily, sucking and licking to get more of the sweet stuff.

She was pissing her own jizz into Kate's mouth, and through it all, Roger continued to bulldog her ass. God, she'd been such a fool to refuse Ken the privilege of cornholing her! Now that she'd finally tasted a cock in her shitter, she knew she would do it again.

Oh, Jesus, why did Ken have to go away on business? She ached to be with him, to open her butt to his cock, the way she had opened it to the cock of her best friend's husband.

But Ken would get it, as soon as he returned home. Mmmm, was he ever gonna get it!

She recognized the taste and feel of orgasm in Kate's cunt, and she spread the pussy wide, moving her face into the big wet pink gash. Her tongue wiggled up the hole, so deep she thought she could feel Kate's tonsils just ahead, and she gave the wine bottle one last deep plunge up her friend's asshole, putting the icing to Kate's cum-cake. The brunette woman's legs clamped around Trish's face and she thought she might smother in the musky wetness of the climaxing cunt at which she fed.

Roger's cock rammed harder, deeper. His strokes grew faster and faster as well, his rod moving so quickly she could hardly feel the friction -- just the slam-bang as he hit the bottom of her shitchute, again and again.

She rocked her ass backwards, meeting him thrust for thrust, and each time she came forward again, she wiped Kate's hungry face with the wetness of her twat.

It was the fucking, not the sucking, that brought her to orgasm. She knew that as well as she knew that her name was Tricia. She felt the buildup in her guts, and then her ovaries erupted. Roger kept on feeding her asshole with his long hard cock, and she screamed into Kate's pussy, biting at the flesh on which she sucked.

Into her he thrust, hard, deep, and each stab made her body convulse afresh. Kate's mouth was glued to Tricia's clit, and the girlcum flowed from the raw hot gash. Still hard, Roger continued to fuck, and Tricia's orgasm intensified.

He came out of her asshole, finally, his cock still rigid, and he grabbed the two cunt-sucking women. "Something for you, girls," he said in a raw and hoarse voice. He sat them up, side by side, and he shoved his long red prick into their faces.

"Finish me now," he commanded.

Without a second thought, Tricia fed his cock into her mouth. She gulped him hungrily, taking it all the way into her throat and washing him with her tongue as he moved in and out.

Kate was there for her share, and she stole the cock away from Trish, guzzling it down her own gullet. She smiled and beamed as she sucked on her husband, and Tricia was sure she had never seen Kate looking so beautiful and sexy.

Glancing at the mirror, she realized that she wasn't looking so bad herself. Her body was glossy with sweat, and her hair was a mess, but the animal glow of sex absolutely radiated from her. She stared a long moment at herself, liking what she saw.

Kate's mouth was sliding up and down the length of Roger's cock. Trish moved down to capture his nuts, eating them while Kate sucked the shaft, but she found herself thirsting for the salty, meaty flavor of the real thing and she said, "Give me some of that or I'll rip your tits off!" Kate laughed and surrendered the cock. Trish drank it down her throat again, moaning as it penetrated her, sighing as she savored it.

She monopolized the dick, sucking it, kissing it, licking it, her tongue slithering up and down the barrel. Kate was licking the nuts, but Tricia wanted them too, and she took them. Then she went back up to the big knob, licking the droplets of jizz that bubbled from the slit, feeding the glans into her mouth so she could suck it hard and horny, her lips frictioning it, teasing it, coaxing it to give up the useless struggle.

"I want your cum," she told Roger, looking up at him with intent, dead-serious blue eyes, her lips fluttering against the red, wet point of his erected tool.

"Take it, then," he said, and his prick suddenly erupted in her face.

The spray of sperm drenched Trish. She gasped and squealed as the hot thick flow gushed onto her face. She licked the white stuff that ran down the shaft. She squeezed him in her eager fist, milking squirt after squirt from him.

It splattered her, and she could feel the hot viscous fluid oozing down her cheeks. She licked it from her chin, her upper lip. She ovaled her lips and fed the tip into them, jerking on the shaft to tease still more of the juice from his balls.

Kate was kissing Tricia, eating the sprayed cum off her skin, wangling the cock free so she could get another lick, another suck, a little swallow of fresh spurting goo for herself. As the cock began to go dry and limp, the two women crushed their mouths together and shared the salty slime they had sucked out of Roger.

I think, Tricia told herself with a smug satisfaction, that I am doing one hell of a job of loosening up!


Roger showered and dressed, running late for his appointment. He wasn't bitching about it. He'd gotten far too good a fucking.

"We should do this again," Trish said conspiratorially, lying on the bed with Kate. "I can use all the practice I can get, before Ken gets home. Oh, he's going to be so surprised and so excited when he finds out that I'm ready for him!"

"I think you were born ready," Kate replied, playing with a tit. "You just needed to find out about it."

"I'm not busy tonight," Trish suggested. "Maybe we could all have dinner at my place and then...?"

"No," Kate said, "Rog has a date tonight."

"You mean a business appointment?"

"I mean a date," Kate giggled. "He's been fucking that little receptionist at the office. She's a typical bleach-blonde airhead -- oh, no offense, Trish! But she has no morals and Rog loves to get his dick in her. Don't look so shocked. I let him go out from time to time. You might have guessed that Rog and I have a very open marriage. Your well fucked asshole should be proof of that, baby doll. Mmm, and I think you have one of my pussy hairs on your chin."

She slid a little closer, pressing her pointy-nippled tits against Trish. "On the other hand," she went on, "why should Rog have all the fun? You and I should do something tonight, too. A, we could drink a six-pack of wine cooler and then fuck ourselves with the empties while we watch porn tapes on the tube, or B, we could look for some adventure. What do you say?"

"Just what do you mean by adventure?" Tricia replied.


Tricia felt like a complete and total slut. It wasn't a bad feeling, to tell the truth, but it was a weird feeling. And she was definitely out of place here.

She and Kate were sitting at the bar in a redneck tavern a few miles out of town. Country music blared from the jukebox, the air was heavy with smoke, and Trish asked herself for the thousandth time how in the fuck she had ever let Kate talk her into anything like this.

She was wearing some clothes of Kate's -- spike heels so high she could hardly stand up in them, a tinselly blue wig, and a sheathlike dress that fit her like a glove.

It wasn't made to hold in tits as big as Tricia's, and that was for damn sure. The bodice clung tightly, and because there wasn't nearly enough room inside for them, her hooters were pushed up, protruding out of the lowcut neckline.

The skirt was about an inch and a half on the safe side of legal, and under it Trish wore -- as Kate had demanded -- nothing but garters and patterned stockings, with butterflies sewn into the sheer black nylon.

She looked like a cheap whore, especially with the makeup Kate had applied to her face, and she knew that every guy in the place was staring at her and Kate. And Kate, if anything, looked even trashier than Tricia.

She was wearing a platinum blonde wig, down to her shoulders. Her tank top was so thin the pigment of her brown nipples showed through plain as day, and to cap it, she had on skintight shorts and black stilettos. In a downtown bar, they might have looked almost at home, though they might also have gotten busted as hookers. Out here, in the country, they looked as much at home as Michael Jackson would have.

Still, being stared at and being obviously lusted after was a real thrill, one that Tricia wasn't overly familiar with. She sipped at her drink and pretended to be very casual. Kate had promised her adventure. What kind of adventure would it be, she wondered.

"There aren't even any other women here," Tricia whispered, looking round the dingy joint. "Just the two of us."

"So much better," Kate assured her. "Your only competition is me. And you don't think every guy in this dive is staring at us? Mmm, I think adventure may already be putting on its rubber. C'mon, Trish, cross your legs and give everybody a thrill!"

"You're crazy," Trish whispered back, pushing her knees together. This was not a good idea, she was starting to believe with all her heart, and she searched her mind for clever stratagems she could use to get herself and Kate outta here!

Alabama was blasting from the jukebox and banging balls clattered on the pool table. The bartender brought the girls refills. Kate clinked her glass against Trish's and said, "Don't look now, baby, but I think adventure is coming your way."

Tricia turned, just as a hand touched her knee. Most of her legs were bare, due to the short skirt, and she still felt very self-conscious about having no panties underneath. The hand squeezed and she looked up into the eyes of a big man. There was something oddly familiar about him, but in the rather dim light she couldn't decide what it was.

He said, "Hiya, baby. How about letting me buy you a drink, and then you can tell me if the hair on your pussy is the same color as the hair on your head." He smiled in a confident way, and his hand slid upward on Tricia's thigh, almost to the top of her stocking.

Tricia reacted totally from instinct. She tossed her daiquiri, ice and all, straight into his face and said, "One thing's for sure -- I guess the drinks are on you, mister."

He drew back, frowning, and turned without a word. "I don't believe this!" Kate said, grabbing Trish's shoulder. "Adventure sat in your lap with a hard-on and you threw a drink in its face? You dumb cunt! Don't you know who that was?"

Trish shook her head. Kate sighed heavily. "Remember Kyle Newberry? From high school? You gonna tell me that when you were fifteen you weren't frigging your hot little virgin clit and wondering what it would be like to have Mr All-State Running Back's big hard dick shoved up your hole?"

Tricia's eyes became enormous. She blushed under her makeup. "God, I thought he looked familiar! But I haven't seen him in ten years..."

"It's not too late," her friend said, pointing. "There he goes into the men's room to wipe off your daiquiri. Go apologize. See if he remembers you, hmmm?"

"Aren't you coming?" Tricia asked, sliding off the bar stool.

Kate shook her head. "Nah," she smirked. "By the time I was fifteen I already knew what Mr All-State Running Back's big hard dick felt like. And tasted like. This is your adventure, sweetcakes. Go for it."

A couple of days ago, Tricia would never have dreamed of doing anything like this. But she had changed -- a lot -- and she had the feeling she was in for still more changes. She took a deep breath and started toward the hallway where Kyle had gone a few moments earlier.

She wasn't strutting on purpose. It was the only way she could walk in these damn spikes! But she was conscious of the roll of her ass, the stride of her legs, the eyes that watched her as she moved through the barroom and toward the door that was marked COWBOYS.

Think "adventure" she told herself, pushing the door inward.

The men's room was fairly small. There were two stalls and a couple of urinals on opposite sides. Both urinals were occupied, and Trish hesitated a moment, staring at the backs of two men taking noisy leaks.

Kyle Newberry was at the sink, wiping himself with a paper towel. His t-shirt was off, lying across the top of the sink. He saw her in the mirror and he turned.

"Well, Goddamn," he said, grinning. He'd put on some weight since high school. He was beefier now, and his chest was hairier than Trish had remembered from the days when she used to watch him and his friends playing shirts and skins basketball during lunch hour. A bit of roll hung over the belt of his pants but he didn't look fat or sloppy -- just big.

"I just wanted to say I'm sorry," she told him. The two men who were pissing heard the sound of her voice. One of them turned, splashing a puddle of yellow onto the floor.

The real Trish wouldn't have dreamed of invading a men's room, but the real Trish was on vacation for the night. This was a blue-haired slut in a skintight sheath dress, with no underwear and four-inch spikes. She strutted toward him, her ass swaying. Something told her she was ready for anything.

He put his hands on her waist and pulled her close. He was six-three and he towered over Tricia. She could smell the rum on his chest from the drink she'd tossed at him, and it mixed with the smell of his sweat, of his natural male funk. She laid her cheek against him and rubbed it through the fur.

It wasn't the sexiest place in the world, this COWBOYS room. There was a piss-and-disinfectant smell, and she thought, This is soooo grubby -- but it was exciting in a rather nasty way, too.

He put his hand on one of the tits that overfilled the front of her dress and he began to manipulate the mound. Her nipple hardened against his palm and she was breathing hard, her body pushing forcefully, insistently, against his.

The other two men had stopped pissing now, but they were still in the room. She could see them in the mirror, over Kyle's shoulder. They were lighting up cigarettes and they were watching. Watching her.

She straightened up, and she put Kyle's hands on her back. They went immediately to the zipper of her dress. She took a deep breath as he pulled the zipper downward, then took her by the shoulders and eased the dress down.

A bulge had already begun to show in the front of his pants. The sight of her tits made the bulge grow larger.

Tricia's boobs spilled outward as the dress came down, and her pink nipples were fat and full, capped in aroused pinnacles. She turned, flashing her tits at the two men who were watching, and she backed her ass up against Kyle Newberry's crotch, stroking his growing hard with the round curve of her butt.

He cupped her tits, squeezing firmly, his fingers sinking into the soft, aroused flesh. She stared boldly at the two voyeurs, as if to say, "Don't you wish it was you?"

Her ass wiggled against his pants and she felt his cock, grown hard and fat and thick -- bigger, if possible, than it had been in her fantasies when she was just a pudgy, skanky virgin trying to dream impossible dreams.

The kinkiest part of it was the two guys who stood watching by the piss-tanks. Tricia couldn't bear to look into their faces. Her eyes remained slightly downcast, and she could see that both of them were using their hands to stroke their own crotches. She heard them whispering and she had a good idea what they were whispering about, but she didn't care.

She wriggled loose from Kyle and turned, flouncing, her tits doing an eye-catching bounce. She touched her tinsel-looking blue wig, then slid her fingers across her pointy-nippled tits. Kyle straightened up, leaning against the sink, his pants full of hard cock and his eyes full of lust.

Trish lifted her skirt slowly, pulling it up to her stocking tops, then a little higher. She teased him for a few moments, promising the sight of her pussy and withholding it at the last minute. She was sure she could see his bulge growing. Saliva bubbled on his lips and his chest showed that he was breathing harder, too.

She pulled up her skirt, at last, flashing her cunt at him. "Oh, shit," he said, "I thought sure you were a natural bluehead. Kind of a disappointment to see that it's just brown hair on your snatch. Hell, I could get that from my old lady."

"Then get it from her," Trish purred, dropping her skirt. She reached for the fallen top of her dress, started to pull it back up into place.

Kyle grabbed her wrists and jerked her to him. Her body slammed into his, and she felt the searing stiffness of the cock that lurked inside his faded jeans. It throbbed and pulsated behind the layer of denim, and she could feel it as plainly as if it lay bare against her body.

She leaned back and let him kiss her, while his hands once more attacked her full, fleshy tits. His tongue fucked her mouth and she sucked it in response, squirming her body against him, her legs wrapping lithely around his. She got her crotch flush against his prick and she did a little stationary dance there, exciting her cunt lips with the promise of his cock.

Wetness coated the interior of her pussy and it was beginning to ooze from her sliced opening. She was horrified to realize how excited she was right now, how much she wanted to fuck this stranger in a public toilet. The idea seemed even filthier than being fucked in the asshole, and her clitoris pulsated in a shockingly responsive way.

"Let me see if you're ready," she whispered. "Mmm, Kyle, I think that cock of yours is definitely ready!"

"How do you know my name?" he asked in surprise as she slid down his front, onto her knees before him.

Trish looked up. "Don't I look even slightly familiar?" He shook his head.

Well, the last time he'd seen her, she weighed 150 and greatly resembled a fresh dumpling.

She just gave him an enigmatic smile that would keep him wondering for the rest of his life who was that fine bitch he'd lucked onto in the men's room, and she reached for his zipper.

She took his cock out of his pants, then undid the pants and eased them down his hips, baring his groin and balls, too. She held his meat in her hand while she kissed his belly, rimmed his belly button. Her tongue moved down into his dickhairs. "Baby..." she heard him sigh.

His cock was pretty damn big -- not as big as she'd fantasized, back in high school, but big enough. She caressed it with her fingers. She blew softly up and down the length of it, her lips poised a quarter of an inch from the surface of his prick, touching him only with her breath. For now.

The room was so silent you could have heard a pin drop. She could feel the burning eyes of the two guys over by the urinals, and Kyle's hands were on her head, stroking, petting, coaxing.

"Lick it, baby," he was saying. "Go ahead and lick it. You ever see one that big before?"

She had. Ken's was longer and thicker and harder in its glory. But Ken's cock was in California, and Kyle Newberry's rod was in her hand. She'd make do with what she had.

Smiling, she pressed her lips against him, touching his cockflesh with her mouth for the first time. Her lips were moist and soft, and his cock was hot and hard. She kissed him warmly, felt his heat flow through her lips and into her body.

Her mouth slightly open, she moved it down and then up the shaft of his cock, lipping him like a guppy. She gave him a lick or two as well, sliding the wet flat of her tongue over his hard rod, bringing it up to but not quite touching the supersensitive spot just below the big swollen knob.

His cock was unclipped, but the foreskin had retracted to show off a really impressive peckerbulb. It looked like a giant grape. Gallo could ferment all year on a grape that size.

She stroked him with her fingers, holding his cock delicately. She slid the loose outer skin up and down, milking his prick while her mouth drifted down to his balls and the base of the shaft. She nuzzled into the hair, jiggling his nuts with her tongue. His bag tasted sweaty.

"Will you for Chrissakes suck it???" he hissed in a desperate sounding voice. Trish looked up at him with a beaming smile. She slid her tongue back up the underside of his rod, and this time she went straight to the spot below the knob that always made Ken's prick drool wetly.

She butterflied him there, tongue working swiftly and to the point, and his pre-cum began to ooze from his tip. She brought her tongue up and licked it away, and the meaty heat of his knobflesh made her thirst for the taste of his cock in her mouth.

Her tongue dripped saliva onto the point of his cock. She looked up at him, her mouth puckered momentarily as if for a kiss, and then she opened her lips wide and sucked the end of Kyle's dick inside, gulping as she swallowed him.

Blood pounded in her temples. Jesus Christ, she was excited! Her tits heaved massively, and she felt his fingers seize her erected, pointing nipples, pinching at them in delighted response to the feverishly hot quality of her mad sucking.

She pistoned her head back and forth, his cock ramming in and out of her throat, and she made gurgling noises around the huge hard chunk of prime male gristle. It would never have tasted this good back in high school, she decided, mouthing him possessively, twisting her head as she fed on his rampant love monster.

"Holy shit," she heard him sigh as she gobbled his cock. It was a compliment, and she knew it. Trish felt positively inspired, dishing out this blowjob, and the fact that the two pissers were still standing over there watching only made her that much crazier. She could feel their eyes burning as they stared, and she knew she was giving them a show they'd never forget if they lived as long as Ronald Reagan.

She took the cock out of her mouth and lipped up and down, from knob to nuts. She sucked the balls into her mouth again, giggling as the dickhairs tickled her nose. She worked a finger up into the crack of Kyle's ass and tickled his shithole while she yummied his stones.

He swayed and trembled, his body moving up and down, his rod thrusting in the soft possessive grip of her hand. She stroked him with luscious precision and then she angled his dickhead back toward her face, her tongue emerging to meet its big swollen knob top.

She lapped his prick, slipping him in and out of her mouth in fishlike swallows. No deepthroating this time. She'd almost ruptured her tonsils in the lustful fury of her last attack. This time it was for fun and for stimulation. And she knew she was giving him plenty.

Her lips fitted loosely around the prick as it moved in and out, and her tongue worked in magical little forays, tickling and caressing and teasing with a wicked furtiveness.

She was holding him by the root of his long hard tool, and she was giving him fitful little jerks with her hand that seemed almost casual but had a secret rhythm and tempo all their own. A wild pulsation rippled through the big bloated cum tube, and the blue veins stood out vividly on the surface of Kyle's prick.

"Gonna cum in your mouth, baby," she heard him pant. "You better stop right now and let me fuck you..."

"A real man could cum in my mouth and fuck me too," she purred, smirking up at him.

"Oh, you slut," he grinned, his face flushed with excitement.

He put one hand on the top of her head and took control of his dick with the other. He slipped the point into Tricia's mouth and he began to stroke himself rapidly, fist flying up and down the length of his tool. She held his cock with her lips, tongue-flipping him, sucking at him with an insistent horny pressure, waiting for the spurt of his goodies.

"Now!" he groaned, and with that, his cock unloaded into Tricia's mouth. She opened her throat to the squirting spray.

It came from him, hot and thick and sticky, gushing down her gullet, and she felt the hot excitement of his cum-milk all the way to her tummmy. She pushed his fist aside and got him in her own paw, and she squeezed and stroked and masturbated until his cock shivered and trembled and made one dry thrust after another across her lapping tongue.

She drew back, unmouthing him, and her fist moved up to his point. She squeezed hard, just under the big bulging knob, and one last bubble of jizz emerged from his slit. She held his cock upward and let the droplet fall onto her tongue.

"Does that make up for splashing a drink in your face?" she asked. "Turnabout is fair play, right? And you splashed me pretty good, big stuff..." Still on her knees, she looked over her shoulder. The two guys who'd been pissing when she came in were still standing at the far wall, and they were goggle-eyed with astonishment.

It must have been like a fantasy come true for them, something straight out of one of those porno videotapes. Gorgeous slutty woman blows big stud dude in a sleazy, smelly men's room. And she still had a mustache of cum around her lips to prove it had really happened.

Both of them were rock hard inside their pants. The bulges of their aroused cocks stuck out, undisguised. One of them was stroking his erection, as if unaware that anyone could see him. But Trish could, and Trish knew exactly what was running through his mind.

"You guys got lucky," she said, cupping her tits. "Why don't you come over here and find out just how lucky???"


They came toward her slowly, their eyes wary, as if they didn't believe what was on the verge of happening to them. Face it. How many times in real life do you walk into a situation like this? A lushly built, totally slutted-out woman with blue hair and 38-Cs offering a no-strings blowjob in the crapper of a lowlife hillbilly bar?

"I mean it," she said, flashing her blue eyes at them, squeezing down on the plush mounds of her tits. "I really mean it."

"I don't fucking believe it," she heard Kyle Newberry say from behind her. There was a note of awe in his voice. She knew, even without turning, that he was stroking the cock she had just sucked off, and that his cock was full of hard throbbing bone.

The two men came within reach. She didn't look up at their faces. She didn't give a shit who they were, what they looked like. Her eyes were fixed on their crotches. All she wanted was what lurked behind the front of their pants. And she was going to get it.

"Take your cocks out," she said. "Do you want me to do all the work?"

They unzipped, fumbled inside for their hard pricks. Trish caught her breath as the first one flashed out into the open. It was a real monster, long and hard and as thick as a baby's wrist.

She held out one hand, palm turned upward, and the man placed his prick atop it. Trish squeezed, feeling the surge of erotic excitement shoot through his limb of flesh, and she leaned toward it, her mouth already watering for the taste of his dick on her tongue.

"Oh, yes," she said, staring his cock eye to eye. She squeezed again, and a watery drop of precum oozed from the tip. Her tongue flicked it away.

She could taste the piss on his tool, but she was beyond caring about such things as that. She peeled down the foreskin and she licked him, lapping ravenously at the swollen knob.

Her ovaled mouth took him inward, and she sucked at his meaty cock, relishing the flavor. Who said guys all tasted alike? She really hadn't sucked a lot of cocks in her life -- counting this one, maybe six, tops -- but she could have identified any of them in the dark, using nothing but her tongue as a guide.

I think I'm going to like loosening up, she thought with a shiver of excitement, sucking the stranger's cock in and out. She only hoped that Ken would be ready for the new Tricia.

The other man was standing beside her, his pants lowered and his own dick sticking out. He took her other hand, put it on his peter. She fisted him, feeling the surging energy in this new, strange rod, and she stroked him in a warm, lustful rhythm as she kept on sucking the first prick.

"I guess you must be one of those punk rockers," Kyle was saying from behind her. "The hair, the clothes, the way you eat a dick... I'd heard about that kind of stuff, but I didn't know there were really people like that."

"Believe it," Trish whispered, in between slurps at the cock that filled her hungry mouth.

"Suck mine, too," she heard someone say. It was the man whose prick she was fondling. With a shrug, Trish surrendered the first cock and turned to the second.

It wasn't as big as Kyle's or the other one, but it was surmounted by the biggest dickknob she had ever seen, and oozy precum glistened on the big bulging glans.

She milked it with her hand, saw a bubble of jizz dribble from its slit. Her tongue caught it before it wasted itself on the floor, and it tasted so fucking good she had to have a little more.

She lipped the bulbous knob and sucked another little spraying squirt from it. The warm salty fluid coated her tongue and she closed her eyes dreamily, savoring.

Trish had never been exactly crazy about eating dick before she met Ken. She'd done it, but it had always seemed so yucchy. Ken had taught her that oral sex was an essential part of any relationship, and she had come to love the feel and taste of his throbbing rod buried in her mouth.

Sucking off strangers was hardly a relationship, but the thrill of eating cock was no less pronounced. A day with Kate Parker had turned Trish into a total, unmitigated slut.

She felt a little guilty for enjoying it so much, but as the cock surged and pulsated in her mouth, she felt passion bubbling through the lips of her pussy, juices matting her cunthair and oozing down her quivery thighs.

Her blowjob grew more vigorous. Her head worked back and forth, and the knob pushed to the back of her mouth. It wasn't quite long enough to fuck into her throat, but that was okay. She could breathe while she blew. Her jaws clenched, and her mouth tightened. She was thirsty for cum now, and she would have another load or she would suck this cock to death!

Tricia heard the men's room door open. Was someone leaving or coming in? "Jesus!" a voice said. A new arrival. She kept on sucking.

The cock suddenly spurted, filling her mouth with hot thick sperm. She gulped, eating it all. Her lips coaxed and pleaded, urging the cock to give her just another squirt, just a little more, pleeeeeeeez????

But it went dry, and she spat it out, swallowing the hot thick load of cum. The first man's prick was still clutched in her hand, and she turned to it, her eyes bright, her lips wet with desire.

"Are you gonna feed me too?" she asked the cock.

Her lips brushed it with sensuous kisses, her tongue licked delicately, arousingly, at the hard swollen flesh that still wore bubbles of her drool from the previous round of sucking. She ovaled her mouth and fed it inside, gulping it into the upper end of her throat and sucking like a wolf at a marrow bone.

Hands caressed her from behind. They fondled her tits, slid down to cup the bulging lustful bun of her cunt. She squirmed, concentrating on the cock in her mouth, but she made her body available.

It felt like Kyle's big strong hands attacking her tits, but she wasn't sure. She didn't think she cared. Fingers tweaked her swollen, pointy nipples, and she moaned around the tool that filled her mouth.

A second squirting load splattered her tongue. She closed her eyes and sucked it down her throat, relishing every drop of the semen that poured into her. Yes, yes, her mind screamed. Give me all your fucking cum!!!

She felt, behind her, the hard aroused prodding of a stiff cock. She was sure that it was Kyle Newberry now that she could feel his dick touching her from the rear.

She wiggled her ass, stimulating herself as much as she stimulated him. The tool angled down, riding in the crack of her ass. It stroked up and down, and her cunt slobbered wetly upon it.

The hands continued to manipulate her tits, and she pushed her 38s into the palms, the nipples hot and hard with lustful desires. Jesus, it was too bad Kate wasn't in here watching! She'd be so fucking proud of her protege! If, that is, she wasn't on her knees trying to take this sweet fat boner away from Tricia!

She worked the cock with both hands, swishing it in and out of her mouth, sucking fiercely, passionately. She had already forgotten the face of the man whose tool she was eating, and that was how she wanted it to be. His identity didn't mean shit. His prick was all that counted.

Kyle's hands worked downward. He spread her pussy lips and inserted a finger into the simmering stewpot. She moaned, feeling him tickle her clit, spearfuck her cunt.

Juice was leaking from her hole and his finger got wetter, moved deeper. She whimpered around the cock that filled her mouth, and she milked his finger with her cuntal muscles, body easing up and down in short, delighted heaves.

A hand captured one of her wrists. "If you're in the mood, baby, why don't you get in the mood for me?" she heard a voice say.

She had no idea in hell who it might be that was speaking. The fingers of that hand surrendered their deathgrip on the cock she was eating, and she let her hand be guided.

It found another dick, equally stiff, equally big, equally awesome, and she stroked it with her fingers while she continued to gobble the prick that fed her horny mouth.

Kyle Newberry persisted in his manual and pecker caress of her heated body and Tricia Miller felt, at the same time, supremely aroused and supremely whorish. And there was such a soul consuming satisfaction to the feeling!

She whipped her tongue around the cock that fucked her mouth. Its thrusts became more agitated, more excited. That cock wasn't the only one who was excited, for fucking sure!

She gulped it, throat convulsing around the stabs, and her hand worked up and down the hardened shaft of the prick that she held so tightly. Kyle's hands grew more possessive on her body. His own dick lay along the gash of Trish's cunt, and her clit pulsated in response to its caressing pressure.

He pumped back and forth through her crotch. She squirmed, but not uncomfortably. Her thighs gripped him, holding his tool flush against her cuntal crack, and she bathed it in the exudations from her aroused twat. Her clitoris was like a wart that his prick rubbed raw.

Adventure, Kate had called it. Sitting in her lap with a hard-on. Mmm, Jesus, she knew what her friend had meant, now! And she had as much hard-on adventure as she could handle.

The cock in her mouth exploded, hot cum splashing her tongue. It was a big sloppy release, and her cheeks puffed out as the jizz erupted. It had a thick, tangy taste -- she wasn't sure she liked it, but that didn't keep Trish from guzzling down the slimy nectar, and her throat twitched spasmodically, her thighs still gripping hotly at Kyle's prick.

As the prick finished squirting its juicy cargo into her mouth, she let it slip from her cum-slimed lips. Sperm was oozing from them, running down her chin. She must have drunk down half a quart by now.

Behind her, Kyle Newberry stood up. He turned her face around and shoved his cock back into her mouth. She gasped at the fattened, lust-gorged size of him, and she gagged as he took hold of her ears and simply fucked her face with his re-aroused boner.

He was as big, as stiff, as ferocious as before. If anything, his cock was even bigger this time! She whimpered but she didn't stop sucking. She couldn't stop sucking.

Inside her hand, another strange cock throbbed with the mysteries of sexual arousal. She worked her fist up and down the shaft, feeling every inch of the long boney tool, and she ached to know its taste in her mouth as well.

There were voices. It was too late to hear them. She sucked. Trish was aware that her right hand was being attached to still another cock. Another?!?! Oh, God!!! As soon as she touched it, she knew that it was one she had not met before, but her fist got acquainted fast, and as she sucked on Kyle, she masturbated this new arrival.

She had a cock in her mouth and one in each fist. There was a sudden whoosh of air and she knew that someone else had come into the men's room. She knew equally well that she would soon be introduced to still another prick, and excitement throbbed behind the soft cushions of her tits.

Tricia was a woman possessed, now. There was no stopping, no turning back, no saying "It was a mistake... I didn't mean to do this..." She hadn't meant to do it, but she was by God doing it, and she could not stop until she was finished!

She gulped hard, drawing the cock she sucked almost into her lungs. Big, powerful pricks throbbed inside her squeezing, shucking fists. She found herself wondering if they tasted as good as they felt.

Maybe there was something to be said for being a slut. She thought she had never felt so alive as she did right now, on her knees in a grubby men's room, sucking and masturbating the anonymous cocks of Christ knew how many strange men!

A searing blast of cum filled her mouth. "Suck it, bitch!!!" she heard Kyle gasp, and his pulsating cock plunged again and again into her throat, squirting spray after spray of hot scalding jizz down her gullet.

She moaned as she drank it, and then she spat the prick free and her head jerked immediately toward the nearer of the two cocks she was beating off.

As she began to suck, she noticed that there were at least six or seven men in the room now. Kyle was on her from behind again, massaging her hot cunt with his enlarged dick.

Christ! He'd just filled her mouth with sperm, and he was still stiff as a board! She was sorry as hell she'd not gotten to fuck him in high school, when he must have been truly in his prime!

She held one cock in her fist and another in her mouth. She had no idea whose cocks, how many cocks, she had sucked already, and she could only guess at how many more there were to come.

But there were still other torsos and crotches visible, behind the men she was taking on, and they didn't look like the first two guys she had blown after finishing Kyle.

Jesus, was she drawing a crowd??? Trish began to blush under her thick coat of makeup, but it was much too late to stop now. Much too late.

She siphoned still another squirting scalding load across her tongue. She was getting numb in the mouth. She could hardly taste the flavor of the cream, but she could not mistake the scummy oiliness of it as it rolled across her tongue in bubbles like mercury.

She hollowed her cheeks and sucked back and forth, hard, almost viciously, emptying the cock that filled her mouth. She sucked down every drop of cum that it could give her and then she abandoned it without a glance back.

The prick that her hand caressed was the smallest one she'd encountered, but it was really sorta cute when you looked at it in the right way. Trish smiled and planted a wet, cum-smeared kiss upon its red knob. Then she gulped it inside and wolfed it home.

The five or six-inch length of the prick was ideal for her mouth. She could swallow it all and rub her lips against his groin, kissing his nuts while she mouthed the entire cock. Her hands clutched at the man's bare ass -- he'd dropped his jeans and shorts straight to the floor and he was holding his shirttail up out of the way.

She purred as she feasted on him. He tasted young, but she wasn't interested enough to look up and check out his face. She closed her eyes and she blew him.

Her hands stroked his buttocks, and he began to sway tremulously, like a slender willow in a breeze, his peter pumping into Tricia's mouth, his hands busy on her tinsel-looking blue wig.

She gave a whimpering moan as Kyle Newberry, still busy from behind her, slipped his finger up her wet drooling pussy and speared it high into her sexual arousal. Her body worked up and down, pussy muscles drawing his finger in and out of Trish.

"Do they party like this every fucking night at the Green Parrot?" a voice wondered somewhere in the distance. "Shit, man, I gotta start coming here more often!"

Another round of jizz poured into her mouth, the biggest load yet spilling from the tip of the smallest cock she'd sampled so far. Trish guzzled it down, gnawing with teeth and lips to make sure that this prick gave her everything it had.

Her throat was clogged with the jizz she'd already swallowed, and it began to back up her tunnel. As she sucked and whined and nibbled, creamy sheetings of sperm leaked from her lips, down her chin, spilling onto the pink hard nipples of her heaving tits.

She let the cock go and her head moved back. The tool she'd just eaten belonged to a fresh-faced kid who didn't look much over seventeen, though he must have been at least twenty-one to be in this bar in the first place. He looked down at Trish with eyes that said "Thank you" and a smile that made her feel even warmer than the cum she'd eaten from his dick.

She cupped her tits and dribbled cum onto them from her lips, then massaged the goo into her flesh with her fingertips.

"To make them grow bigger," she said with a teasing smirk. Then she lifted the cum-smeared nipples toward her lips and let her tongue caress the pink points.

When she looked up again, two more cocks were staring her eye to eye. Kyle's finger was working in and out of her cunt, and she was wetter than she had believed possible -- she thought maybe she was pissing herself as she squatted on the floor. No one seemed to mind, if that was the case, and she shrugged, reaching for the new arrivals.

"Stand closer, you guys," she suggested. "I don't know which one of you I want first, so I'm gonna suck on both at the same time."

They faced each other, and she rubbed the tips of their tools together, precum from one cock merging with the lust saliva from the other. Her tongue anointed them as their points went nose-to-nose, and she fitted her open mouth over the two rods, sliding back and forth along their combined lengths, from one set of dickhairs to the other.

One tool was long and skinny, the other shorter but fatter. She had a mouthful to anticipate, no matter which way she turned her eyes.

She twisted the pricks, and somehow she managed to get both knobs into her mouth at the same time. She couldn't take either of them very deeply, but she kept her hands busy, stroking the shafts, while her tongue lapped and licked at the bulging knobs themselves.

Kyle's finger continued to ream her twat, but he'd added a new wrinkle to it. His thumb was even now gouging insistently at the puckered pink mouth of her asshole.

She gasped around her mouthful as he thumb-fucked her shitter. He used his hand monstrously, working thumb and finger at the same time, as if he meant to snap his finger inside her. She squirmed and writhed and moaned, feeling more sexually aroused than seemed possible. She only wished that she had more hands, an extra mouth, another pussy, another ass -- she didn't want it to stop!

Again, the sound of the bathroom door opening, but she was far too busy to care.

"Trish, you Goddamn whore!!!" a lilting voice called out. "I heard them saying some bitch was sucking everyone off in the john, but I didn't think it was you they were talking about!"

It was Kate, and she was lying, of course. She knew exactly who they were talking about, but the oversexed cunt just had to see for herself.

Trish felt a feminine hand touch her head, and then Kate was on her knees beside her, rubbing her excited tits against Trish's shoulder. The nipples were pebble-hard through the t-shirt she wore, and the mounds quivered ecstatically.

Kate cupped the bags of the two men Tricia was blowing and she said, "Cream her good, guys. She really wants your cum in her slutty hot mouth." And of course it was true.

"Give me a kiss, stud," Kate told Kyle, leaning across Tricia's back so she could rub her mouth against his. "Ooohh, you're doing the double nasties to my friend! Feel that tight ass on your thumb! Play your cards right, she might let you stick your big cock up that hole, too."

Trish was still mouthing both prick knobs simultaneously, toying with the shafts and urging them to give her what she wanted. The cock on the right fired off, salvos squirting across her tongue, and then she got a second helping from the dick on her left.

Both pricks fired their jizz into her mouth and she gulped it down her throat, stroking them rapidly to empty the shafts.

"I love it," she gurgled, leaning back as she released the two spent dicks. "Oh, fucking God, I love it!!!"

"I taught her everything she knows," Kate said smugly, and it wasn't true -- not at all -- but she had taught Trish a hell of a lot, all the same, so who wanted to quibble over semantics?

Kate sniffed. "God, it smells like a pisshouse in here! And there's not enough room to swing a cat. C'mon, Trish, let's take this party someplace we can stretch it out. And breathe."

She took Tricia's hand and pulled her to her feet. Kyle rose with her, his digits still imbedded in Trish's drooling holes, his big hard tool flopping against the small of Tricia's back.

"We'll make some history," Kate went on. "Any of you guys who still want to party, meet us at the pool table."


Outside, the front of the joint was darkened, and the bartender was just hanging a CLOSED sign on the door. There were maybe twelve or fourteen men standing around, and the jukebox continued to blare loud country music.

Trish wasn't sure if any of the men had already fucked her mouth, but she was pretty sure at least some of them had. She'd long since lost count of how many cocks her mouth had wrapped itself around. Cum oozed from her lips and her body trembled.

She was obscenely exposed, her dress pushed down to show her tits, skirt lifted to expose her brown-furred cunt. She leaned back against Kyle Newberry, who was still fingerfucking her anus and pussy, and she looked around the room.

"Last call for alcohol," the bartender said.

Kate was stripping off. There were whistles at the sight of her lean, mean, tanned body, and she drank up the appreciation, strutting around like a stripper in her stilettos.

She walked up to a tall, heavy-bellied man who looked like a construction worker and she put her arms around his neck, shoving her face up so she could kiss him. Her mouth was wet and horny, and her body wriggled against his.

"I think you're ready," she laughed, drawing back and rubbing his cock bulge with the back of her hand. "This thing damn sure is!"

She unzipped him, her brown eyes staring fixedly into his face, and she fisted his cock up and down as they stood there. Another man came around behind her and cupped her tits from the rear, grinding his crotch into her highset, round ass. Kate preened, the center of their attention, and she soaked up their caresses.

Kyle took his fingers out of Trish. She seized his wrist and brought the fingers to her mouth, sucking them the way she'd sucked all those dicks in the men's room.

"I wanna fuck you," he said. Funny. He'd never told her that in high school. But it was no time to hold old grudges.

"You can fuck me," she replied smoothly. "But first you have to kiss me." It was time to bring this stud down just a peg or two. She wanted what he had, as much as he wanted to fuck her, but it would be on Tricia's terms. She was making the rules.

Somebody laughed. "Go ahead and kiss her cummy mouth, Newberry! You were a big football hero, and they're all fags anyway, aren't they?"

"Fuck you," Kyle growled. "C'mere, bitch!"

He pulled Trish to him, stared at her for a moment from two inches away, then slammed his mouth open and hot against her jizz-smeared lips. He bore her backward as he kissed her, down onto the pool table.

Someone had thrown a plastic cover over it, and it felt slick and slimy beneath Tricia's back. It would get slicker, slimier, before this all stopped.

He was naked -- most of the guys at least had their pants off, and some were totally naked, walking around with bulging hard-ons. As Kyle's mouth worked on Trish, other hands touched her. It was as if they wanted to make sure she was real, living flesh, here to seek pleasure with no holds barred and no questions asked. Her tender tits drew pinch after pinch.

She sat up, her legs dangling over the edge of the table. Off in a booth, along the nearer wall, she could see Kate, and it confirmed all of the suspicions she'd started to hold about her friend.

Kate was sitting on the table top, bouncing on a giant cock that filled her pussy to overflowing, while another man stood on the cushioned seat, holding her by the head as he fucked his long spear of a dick into her gulping mouth. Her body glowed with arousal and she made thrilled sounds of passion. She looked more slutty than Trish could have ever imagined, and she looked gorgeous too.

Kyle climbed onto the pool table, his rampant cock sticking up like a flagpole. All it needed was a big red banner hanging from the point.

Ten years ago, back in high school, Tricia would have sold her soul to be in this position with Kyle Newberry. It didn't seem quite so important to her now, but as she stretched out on the plastic sheeting, her body twisting and twining, her tits jiggling majestically with every motion, she had to admit that it was an exciting place to be.

As he propped himself above her, Tricia took his prick in both hands. It really had lived up to her high school fantasies. She was just sorry that he didn't recognize her now. But maybe it was better that way. The anonymity made it all sooo much more thrilling.

She stroked him in her moist hot palms, teasing her cunt with the massively swollen knob of his dong. Her clit was breathtakingly erect, and it was raw and aching with lust as she rubbed the tip of Kyle's dick back and forth, over the pink pinnacle of excitement.

She eased the knob down lower, wetting it in the oozing swamp of juices that comprised her pussy slash. Her eyes rolled over in their sockets as she slipped him into the antechamber of her cunt, holding him there for just a moment, the hungry mouth of her snatch sucking at the tip of his rod, her juices bubbling out to coat him in moisture.

She considered the swollen size of him. His cock was nearly as big as Ken's. She considered the circumstances under which she had gotten herself into this situation, and she found herself wondering if she could take anything as big as Kyle Newberry's rod up her anus.

Sure, she'd fucked her ass with the cock of Kate's husband Roger, but Roger's long slim tool was a fleabite next to the thick throbbing giant that Kyle sported. But it was assfucking that had started it all, and she thought it only proper that assfucking should have its place in this wild thrilling night's fun.

"My God," she said suddenly, "I'm a married woman. I couldn't let you put your prick in my cunt. I'd never be able to look my husband in the face again. Oh, but I know what we can do, Kyle! Why don't you stick it up my ass, instead?"

His jaw hit the tabletop. There were audible gasps and a couple of rebel yells from the men who surrounded the pool table, watching it all. Tricia lay back, a slutty smirk beaming from her flushed face.

"Think you could handle that, stud?" she asked, yanking a little on his cock to emphasize her words.

"Bet your ass I can," he said in a low, excited tone. He cuffed her briskly on one hip and she rolled over, presenting her bottom to him. He fondled her sweaty, glowing buttocks, and the tip of his cock continued to flap against the wet arousal of her crotch. He was still big, still hard, still horny. Maybe his prime had lasted beyond high school. God, she hoped so!

"Somebody get me a beer," he yelled, and Trish saw a cold bottle being passed to him. She squealed as he poured half the contents onto her rectal area. Talk about cold! But her ass was so hot that the beer seemed to turn immediately into steam.

She looked back and saw him dump the rest of the liquid onto his stiff jutting cock. "I don't want to rip you apart, bitch," he smiled. "And when I go into your shitter, you're gonna feel every inch of my dick!"

He pushed his knob up against her anus and gave it a shove. He was bigger, knocking at her backdoor, than Trish had quite counted on. She closed her eyes, wondering if she could go through with it after all. But she had to know if she could take it. Ken was expecting a piece of her ass when he got home from California, and if she could engulf Kyle's rod, she knew that she would be able to take on her husband's rather larger tool as well.

"I thought you were gonna fuck my asshole," she taunted. "Feels like you're just playing with it."

"Yeah?" he growled. "Play with this, baby!"

And with that, he rammed, and his knob spread her assring with a vicious searing insistence. Trish's eyes bulged out of their sockets, as if her body was already so full of cock there was no room left for anything else. She clawed at the plastic sheet that covered the pool table and she said "Oh, you fucker! Oh, you nasty nasty fucker!"

His dick ripped deeper into Tricia, and she screamed, half in pain, half in pleasure. Taking Roger's tool up her shitter had been nothing compared to the ramrodding of this bigger, stiffer, meaner weapon.

When it came to fucking, she knew, Kyle Newberry was still the same macho, arrogant stud he'd always seemed back in high school. He had a cock, and she had a hole, and he was going to fuck that hole with his cock, no matter what!

She could hear Kate moaning in orgasm, and the sound sent chills along her spine. Kyle was driving a little deeper now, getting more of his prick into her rectum. If that was all she'd give him, he'd fuck the living shit out of it.

Tricia cupped her pussy, massaging it feverishly while she endured the hard, demanding thrust of his cockstrokes up her ass. She slipped fingers into her cunt, spreading it vigorously, digits reaming in and out of her wet snug hole.

As she fingered herself, she could feel his prick thrusting hard and deep, on the other side of the muscle wall that divided her anus from her cunt. The pulsation of his cock was palpable to her fingers, and it inspired her to even more frantic masturbation efforts. She wanted to come in the worst way, but there was no question that she would come. It was only a matter of how soon.

Her head was hanging over the side of the table. Two or three stiff cocks were in plain sight. She ignored the faces of the owners, just husked out, "Bring me a prick! My mouth is hungry, too!"

A dick rammed into her mouth. She gagged as it fucked deeply into her throat, but she didn't miss a suck on the stabbing sausage. Her mouth clung to it, worshiping the gristly male flesh, and her tongue and teeth urged it to squirt her full of yet another scalding spray of cum.

The cock tasted familiar. She was sure she'd sucked it off once already, in the bathroom. A satisfied customer, back for seconds! She hoped he had seconds to give her, too, Goddamn it!

Her asshole was in agony. Kyle only knew one way to fuck -- fast and hard and deep, and it didn't matter to him that her shitter was very nearly virginal. He had his tool inside it, and that was enough for him. He pumped her faster, banging his groin against the swell of her ass, his cockhead stirring the shit deep inside Tricia Miller's rectum, and he kept pounding back into her for fresh stroke after fresh stroke until her very teeth seemed to be growing loose inside her jaw.

But through it all she kept on sucking the dick that filled her mouth, and in faster time than she had expected she was gratified with the hot squirt of a fresh load of jizz, splattering her frisky tongue. She gargled on the cock, the cum, then let the prick slide stickily from her lips and she said, "Who's next???"

She'd hardly spoken when her mouth filled with another hard bare prick. This was a new one, somebody who'd missed out on the COWBOYS room suckoff marathon. She relished the fresh, excitingly new taste of this strange prick, and she sucked it wolfishly.

Never in her wildest dreams had Trish imagined that she might someday be taking cock at both ends of her body, from two different men. But -- just for tonight -- she wasn't really Trish at all, was she? She was a blue-haired slut and anything went! Absolutely anything!

She pinched at her aroused clit, whining because it hurt so fucking gooood! Her snatch gushed juices, and her body convulsed. The knob of Kyle's tool was deep in her guts now, ramming hard, and she felt her ass tunnel tighten like a steeljawed trap around his prick.

He howled, as if it hurt him a little bit too, but he didn't miss a stroke into Trish's shitter, his cock moving in short, almost desperate lunges now. She was coming like a bitch, her cunt pissing out its hot joy juices, her asshole milking his cock for dear life, and she made wild moaning sounds of ecstasy around the prick that was still fucking her mouth.

Her oral grip loosened, and the cock fell from her lips. It slapped her in the face, bobbing around in its own kind of frenzy, the shaft soaking wet from the drool in which she'd bathed it.

"Yes, yes, oh, shit, yes..." she gasped over and over, rubbing her face up and down the length of the forward cock. She was too far gone to suck it now, but the touch of it against her face drove her mad.

The owner of the cock began to stroke it, bopping her in the nose, the mouth, with the bobbing, lunging point. Cum was already frothing in little escaped bubbles from his slit. She lapped them with her tongue, licked the tingly tangy stuff off him. She knew she had not blown this cock previously tonight, and the rich taste of his cum hitting her tongue confirmed it.

She heard him groan and sigh, a faraway sound filtered through the luscious internal music of her own climax. Through dreamy, half-slitted eyes she watched him aim his prick at her face, and she watched the gushing spurt of his cum, blasting into her face, drenching her with the hot ferocity of his sexual release. She purred, licking the jizz that caught on her lips and chin, bathing her face in the remainder of it.

Kyle Newberry's assfucking had become demonic by this time. She found herself screaming with each fresh thrust. "Oh, you fucker! You fucker!" she wailed over and over. "Do it again! Cream my asshole with your big mean dick!!!"

That was clearly what he had in mind too. He fucked into Tricia, and she felt as if her asshole had been permanently stretched to the size of a fencepost. Her innards were greasy with lust, and he pumped her without much difficulty though the friction drove her half wild and the deep ramming thrust of his cock, into her innermost being, kept her orgasm humming and throbbing and dripping out the crack of her cunt.

Another cock was attempting to fuck her mouth but she shook her head, unable to concentrate. She had four fingers up her cunt, using them like a fat horny cock, but her snatch was almost raw now, almost unable to continue another minute at the game.

"Watch this, guys!" she heard Kyle gasp, and suddenly his cock came lurching out of her shithole. The feel of emptiness back there, after being stuffed full of his thick hard meat for what had seemed, felt, an eternity, was amazing, and Trish moaned in deprivation.

He held his cock knob perhaps six inches from the gaping spread of her well-fucked shitter, and he fisted it two, three times. "Ah!" he coughed, and a white spray of semen gushed from his knob, straight into Tricia's widely-dilated anal opening. The voyeurs who could see what he was doing broke into spontaneous cheers, and again Trish heard the eerie rebel yell.

Kyle squirted her four, five times, then thrust his cock straight up her cum-slimed butt and pumped her until his meat went suddenly soft inside Tricia's rectum. He ground against her anyway, stirring his dick around in her jizz-filled tunnel, but it came slipping out, skidding like bald tires on an icy road. She flopped onto her belly, panting like a dog, his slime leaking out of her cock-reamed shithole.

She could hear the alluring moans and whimpers that told her Kate Parker was in the grip of a dynamite sexual encounter too, but she was too dogged out to lift her head and scout the room in search of Kate.

"As long as you're giving away your asshole," a voice said behind her, and she turned half around. A man was on the table with her. His pants were down to his ankles, and his rod stuck up big and hard, and it was obvious that he had fucking on his mind.

"No!" Tricia squealed, flailing at him with her hands, but he was in no mood to be dissuaded so easily. He pulled her ass up against him, lifted her legs high, and spread her. She braced her shoulders on the tabletop as he eased the head of his cock into the hole that Kyle had already reamed out -- and creamed up -- and he began to fuck Trish without waiting for her approval.

His tool wasn't as big as Kyle's, but it was long and God, did it go deeply into her! She thought she could taste it fucking up her throat from beneath!

Her asshole groaned under the renewed assault, but as he pronged her, he was dipping his fingers into the splayed wet pink of her pussy. He coated them in her internal moisture and he smeared the sticky stuff onto her clit, and Trish began to whine and shiver and respond.

She kept her eyes from his face. He was fucking her like Superman but she didn't want to know who he was, didn't want him to see the lust that boiled behind her blue eyes. There were some things too personal to share with strangers at a gang bang.

Oh, God, that's what it was, too! A gang fuck! And she was the centerpiece! She had no idea how many men she had sucked off. Some of them, she knew, had come back for seconds.

Kyle's ramming orgasm in her asshole had been his third blastoff of the evening. He slouched at the far end of the pool table now, his tool limp and useless, a smile spread across his face that even death would have a hard time removing.

"Fuck her, man," he was saying. "How do you like sloppy seconds?"

"Shit, Kyle, there's places in this asshole your dick never touched!" the assfucker replied, probing Trish with yet another inch or two of his longhandled dong. "Once you get past the used part, it's pretty Goddamn good, too..." He was right. It was pretty Goddamn good! Trish moaned and jerked and thrust her anus back to meet the downstrokes of his driving cock, and his fingers' activity inside her cunt promised that she would climax again, and soon, oh, shit, soon!

From the sounds of squealing and moaning it was obvious that Kate was coming again, too. Kate wasn't exactly a wallflower at this fuckfest, but Trish had definitely turned out to be the belle of the balls, and she basked in her stardom, knowing that all eyes were turned to her and what she was doing, and that every man in the room wanted to be the next cock that fucked this wild, punked-out beauty.

She took a hefty cum shot up the ass, and her shitter convulsed again, squeezing tight around the cock that fucked it, milking every last drop of sperm from the backdoor-banging tool. It came out of her wilted, still dripping cum. She worked it in her fist, teasing another drop or two out. They fell onto her spread pussy and she felt the burning heat of the semen touching her flesh.

"Next!" she giggled.

The bartender was the last man to get her. By that time her asshole was so full of spilled jizz that the stuff squirted out of Trish when he slid his cock in. She was on her hands and knees now, banging her butt back to meet him, and if he cared about the sloppy condition of her anus, he didn't fuck as if it mattered much to him.

She had another climax with him -- the tenth, the twentieth, the thousandth -- who could tell? Who even gave a shit?!?! She took him as willingly as she'd taken all the others, and she sucked at an anonymous cock while her asshole was prick-plugged one more thrilling time.

He fucked wildly into her hole, but his cock slipped out just as he began to climax, and his spraying jizz squirted into her open, finger-spread cunt, up the smooth flatness of her tummy. Her cunthairs dripped sperm and honeycum and she knew that she could not take another cock in any of her holes.

"That's it," she said, flopping down on her side, knees drawn up protectively to her tits. But everyone on the other side of the pool table could easily see the wet, raw-lipped gash of her cunt, the cock-reamed dilation of her asshole.

"No," she insisted, as a hand reached for a tit, "I mean it. Party's over."

She and Kate struggled into their clothing, what there was of it, and Trish felt just as bare as when she'd been stark naked except for heels and stockings. She looked around the sea of faces that surrounded her and she thought, I'll never ever do anything like this again, but oh, sweet God, I'm glad I did it this one time! Sooooo glad!!!

"Y'all come back real soon, y'hear?" the bartender called as the two women went bowlegged out the front door. "We'll be looking for you."


In the car, Kate breathed heavily. "God, you look like shit!" she said, touching the blue wig that had fallen askew long ago, letting Tricia's semi-natural blonde hair show beneath. "But well-fucked shit," she added.

"So, Trish," she went on, turning the key in the ignition, "what do you feel like doing tomorrow night?"


Ken Miller took a taxi home from the airport. He was a day or two earlier than he'd expected, getting home, and he was a little sheepish about facing Trish. In the back of the cab he rehearsed scenario after scenario, drumming fingers on his attache case until the driver asked him to knock it off for Chrissake, buddy!

He couldn't believe the scene he'd made with Tricia the morning of his departure. But the evening before, he'd just had this tremendous yen to stick his cock up her gorgeous tight little asshole. He definitely had to quit listening to Roger Parker's stories at the gym.

Anyway, no one in his right mind would believe a third of the stuff that Rog said Kate went crazy over. The guy was some kind of salesman, though. He made assfucking sound like a Mercedes. Once you knew it was there, you wanted it for yourself. Yeah, he thought, that sounds pretty good. Maybe it would save his ass with Trish.

She'd been sooo ticked off when he brought up that stuff. And then he'd threatened her with an assfuck as soon as he got back from LA.

He knew that he should've been more easygoing, more persuasive, a little less physical. She'd almost warmed up to it in bed that morning, when he started on her while she was asleep. He'd come within a cunthair of getting his cock up her shitter.

Until she woke up. Fuck, he thought, I should've licked her a bit longer! Rog always said that if you fucked it right with your tongue, to get things started, women would beg you to fuck it with your big hard cock.

Ken leaned back in the seat, sighing deeply, wondering if it felt as good to stick your prick into a hot tight wiggly asshole as Roger Parker claimed. He hoped he lived long enough to find out. With his second or third wife, probably, though. Not with Trish. Never with Trish.


He unlocked the front door. "Trish!" he called, in a conciliatory voice, hoping she didn't remember their final conversation of a few days ago. He had flowers for her, and some doodads he'd picked up on Rodeo Drive. "Honey, I'm home..."

"I'm in the bathroom," she replied. She didn't sound pissed off. He took that as a good sign. Peeping through the half-open door, his eyes bugged out and his tongue bounced off the floor.

Tricia stood on the rug before the mirror, checking her makeup. She looked fantastic. Normally she looked good, but right now she looked fantastic. Like something out of a really hot porno movie. Like Hard-On City. She turned slowly. "Hello, and welcome home," she exhaled.

She was wearing a flimsy lavender teddy, semi-sheer and eager to hug and model the full, lush curves of her body. He loved garter belts and sexy stockings. Normally Trish wore pantyhose. Today she was in garters and pale violet stockings that caressed her legs all the way down to her gleaming red Fuck-Me shoes. She hardly ever wore the kind of tapering, elegant spikes that always caught his eye on other women's feet, but she was wearing them today. They made her legs look longer, her ass higher and rounder. She came to him, pushing her tits up against his chest and planting a big wet kiss on his mouth. It started on his mouth and took in the whole lower half of his face before it was done. He felt her heat with his body, with his hands, shimmering through the wispy lavender veil of her teddy, and he began to get very, very excited.

She turned him around, pushing his ass up against the cabinet, wrapping her body around his. She wove her legs round his and humped herself sinuously up and down.

A strap fell off one shoulder, and the teddy's top dipped low, baring a full, perky-nippled tit. The nip was a little redder than usual. Trish fed it to his curious lips and Ken found the taste of body lotion. Strawberry. His favorite flavor. He sucked her nipple in, eating the sweet fruity taste from it.

"Let's go in the bedroom," Trish said in a breathy whisper. She climbed down from him, took his hand, and almost galloped away in her haste to get there. What the hell had gotten into her? She dug sex, but she seemed burning for it now!

"I have some presents for you," he said, indicating the flowers, the giftwrapped boxes.

She smiled at the flowers, waved the others aside with a purry "Later, darling. I have a present for you." She handed him a bag. From the drugstore at the shopping plaza. What the fuck? Ken reached inside and came out with a tube.

"K-Y?" he said, and then his face got red.

"Just in case," Trish leered. The erotic glow in her eyes overwhelmed him like a flood and she threw herself upon Ken.


They rolled in a blissful 69, feasting upon each other's organs. Ken's long fat prick slicked wetly in and out of Trish's mouth, while his tongue whipped her clit to a roaring frenzy. She pushed her wet excited snatch into his face and smothered him with the musky exudations of arousal. She masturbated his rod with trembling hands while she yummied his balls and teased her frisky tongue back into the crack of his ass.

His soulful "Ahhhhs" and the twitching of his stiffened body told her that she was doing a good job. But then, she already knew about most of this stuff! What she had in store for him was the surprise treat he had demanded.

He mouthed her to a moaning climax. His cunt-eating was always sweet, juicy, delicious to receive, but his mouth seemed driven by wild and crazy desires today. Or was she just too too excited?

Trish came again, with screams and wails, her legs kicking high into the air, clad in their silk violet wrappings. One of her shoes flew off and shattered the glass of the far-wall window. "Eat me," she moaned, "oh, fucking eat me!!!"

She sat up slowly, Ken rising with her. She kissed her pussyjuice off his lips, tongue working into his mouth to taste her flavors again. She had a delicious cunt. She knew it. Kate had assured her it was true, and so had Roger, but she didn't have to be told. As she kissed him, she used both hands on his tool, stroking it, marveling at the stiffened power, the lustful energy pulsating from within him.

He really was big, and hard, and thick. Cradling his dick in her squeezing hands, she couldn't help wondering if it would be possible to get this thing up her shitter. Funny. Ken hadn't even mentioned their major topic of conversation from last time. Had he forgotten?

"Fuck me," she whispered into his mouth. "You made me come with your mouth. Now do it with your big sweet cock."

She spread for him, with her legs wide and her cunt split to show off the coral pink delights within. He mounted her and she reached down to guide his cock into her hole.

Trish was juiced and lubed and ready, thanks to the soulful pussy eating he had already given her. "Jesus!!!" she warbled as his cock stabbed into her hot moist heat.

She writhed a long moment, pinned beneath him, and then she began to fuck her body up to meet Ken's, swallowing and milking his tool inside her dripping-wet snatch.

It was a sweet, hot, athletic fuck. First he rode her, driving cock down deep into her cunt, and then she shimmied onto the top, bouncing hard and fast as she engulfed his prick between velvety-smooth, slippery-slick cuntal walls. The more he fucked her, the tighter her cunt seemed to grow, melting around his cock like fresh taffy.

There was a sudden rattling sound. "What's that?" Ken asked thickly from beneath Trish. She shook her head.

"Dunno," she replied, slithering her snatch down over the length of his shaft and grinding herself nastily, wetly, sexily against his groin until their crotchhairs were almost knotted together. Trish glanced at the walk-in wardrobe and shook her head again. Not fucking yet! she radioed with her mindwaves. Not fucking yet, you whore!!!

She came again, ecstatically, riding his cock. This was her second climax of the session, and either of them meant more to Tricia than any and all of the wild crazy comes she'd had at the Green Parrot the other night. But that had been a part and parcel of her education. She didn't regret an instant of it.

"Oh, it's so gooood," she moaned, slumping down atop Ken. "But don't you remember what you said before you left? What you were going to do to me when you got home?"

He blushed. "Maybe I was a little carried away," he said.

She handed him the K-Y. "Get me ready," she purred.

He rubbed the oil onto her anal opening. Very delicately he pushed a glob of it into the puckered pit of her shithole. "Are you sure about this?" he asked for the hundredth time. "Are you really sure?"

"I'm sure," she replied for the hundredth time. "Now will you grease up my Goddamn asshole and then fuck the living shit outta me?"


She was provocatively placed, naked on her tits and knees, her fine firm ass sticking up. Her legs were spraddled so that her cunt showed open and her puckered asshole winked insouciantly at him while he navigated behind her. His cock was so hard it hurt, and it shone with a coating of Tricia's drool and the K-Y she had smeared onto his length.

It was really going to happen! And she was the one demanding it now, not him! Ken looked up and thought, Thanks, God!

Trish moaned as his prick began to make entry. She wasn't exactly a novice at assfucking now, but Ken's big cock was still special and it was about to penetrate her butt for the very first time.

She held her breath as he poked into her assring. The muscles stretched -- not without a little whimper and murmur of their own -- and his knob moved inside her, millimeter by millimeter.

"I heard that noise again," Ken said. "Maybe we should call the exterminators. Jesus, I hope we don't have mice or anything..." "Shut up and fuck me," Tricia countered.

He was the biggest she'd ever had up her backdoor, and he hurt just a little going in, but it was a delicious kind of hurt and one that she could get used to, very very easily! All it required was a lot of practise, and she intended to give him plenty of that!

He got half his tool into her, and her anus seemed to lock shut around him. "Ahhhh..." Trish groaned, eager to have him but somehow unable to take it. "Bust me open," she added in a husky growl. "Oh, Ken, fuck meeee!!!"

He drew back and slipped her the meat again, and this time he went a little deeper. He looked down in awe at the sight of his rod buried inside Tricia's tight shitter. The feeling of being inside her was totally indescribable. Nothing in Roger's locker room yarns had prepared him for the greasy heat that enfolded his tool.

He stroked her tense pale buttocks, then slid his hands beneath to caress the dripping gash of Tricia's cunt. He found her clit swollen and slippery, as big as a peanut, and he worked it with his fingers until her body seemed to open and the rest of his hard cock plunged into her forbidden hiney.

"Oh, God, it's in me!" she whispered, covering his hand with her own. "Now fuck me, Ken! Mmmm, yes, fuck me!!!"

He began to pound in and out of her. He knew he was being a little too rough, but he couldn't help himself. The sweetness of her ass was like a drug. His cock was so hard it would probably never go soft again, and his balls groaned under the load of the cum cargo they were producing for this fuck. God, she was hot, for her first time up the ass!

"What the hell is that noise?" he muttered. "It sounds like a Goddamn rat in the woodwork."

The closet door pushed open. Ken almost lost his hard-on when Kate Parker emerged, her face glowing, her body bare except for her midwinter tan. "Not exactly a rat," she said, coming to the bed and sitting down. "Well?" she added, laying her hand on Tricia's shoulder, "I thought this lady told you to fuck her!"

Tricia blushed. "Kate helped me get ready for this," she explained. "And I thought the least I could do was let her watch."

"Jesus, this is embarrassing!" Ken said, his cock still buried deep inside Tricia's rectum. "I mean, I knew you guys were friends, but this seems a little much..." "We're not guys," Kate said, taking one of Ken's hands and putting it on her nearest tit. "See? Guys don't have these..." Tricia felt very excited as she watched Ken's hand test the shape and firmness of Kate's boob. The nipple hardened under his fingers and Kate closed her eyes, sighing and purring as Ken pulled the brown tab longer, stiffer still.

She and Kate had talked about it, and of course she'd agreed that when the time came, sharing was only natural and only fair. Hadn't Kate shared Roger with Trish? Turnabout and all that shit...

Kate came closer, and she slinked an arm around Ken's waist. Her tits brushed his body and her mouth found his. As he kissed Kate, Ken started to fuck and pound his cock into his wife's asshole. Trish shrieked but she wasn't at all unhappy, not even when Ken went down on Kate's titties and made loud sucking noises as he fed on the firm tanned mounds. The more he sucked, the harder he fucked!

"Are you sure you haven't done this before?" Ken asked, starting to get a little suspicious about the ease with which his rod slid deep into his wife's shitter.

"Kate helped me," Trish explained. She didn't see the need to go any further into the details for now. Later she'd tell Ken some of it. Maybe not the part about the Green Parrot, of course...

The three of them tangled into a heap of flesh. Ken's rod was shoving in and out of Trish's aroused shithole. Kate was down on her side, feeding pussy to Tricia and getting her own licks in at Tricia's cunt and asshole. She nipped Ken's balls while he fucked Trish, her tongue tracing filigrees of lacy arousal up and down the thrusting length of his shaft.

The cock bit deep into Tricia. "Oh, you fucker, you're gonna make me come!!!" she moaned, the words half muffled by the pussy that dominated her face and mouth. Kate's tongue expanded on Tricia's clit, and the fires of lust exploded within the blonde's double-teamed body.

She screamed as orgasm blasted through her. Ken pumped cock into her anus till she couldn't stand another stroke and she begged him to take the fucker out, to let her rest for a moment, please, God, please...

"In me," Kate said, grabbing the dick as soon as it emerged from Tricia's rectum. She was chin-rested on Tricia's cunt, and she fed the cock straight into her mouth, sucking it like a leech.

Ken fucked her mouth for eight or ten strokes, while she drooled and gasped along the length of his meat. He looked down at Trish, who was panting as she watched her husband get blown by her best friend.

"Fuck her," Tricia commanded. "Let me see you fuck her."

Kate's eyes lit up sensuously, and she demouthed Ken's prick. She went onto her back, knees lifted, and she took him atop her, her hands guiding his tool into her waiting wet slice.

"Yesssss!!!" she howled as he bit her with his pussy-poker, his long meat fully buried inside her, his knob tapping at her womb's mouth.

Trish grabbed her cunt with both hands, massaging it lewdly as she watched her husband fucking Kate. It was such a hot, horny thrill! Now she knew how Kate must have felt, watching Trish get it from Roger. Mmmm, there were endless possibilities ahead!

She wondered if Ken would get as excited watching his pretty wife doing it with Kate's husband. She wondered if Ken would consider doing a double on her with Roger. The thought of having both those cocks in her at the same time made Trish's pussy slobber and drool, and she rubbed the juice onto her hard hot clit.

Ken kept looking at her, as if he still wasn't sure she approved. She nodded eagerly, sliding her fingers in and out of her aroused cunt. "Yes, fuck her," she said throatily. "Fuck her hard and fast and deep! Mmm, Ken, why don't you try it in her ass? She likes it there as much as I do..."

Thirty seconds later, Kate proved it beyond cavil. She lowered herself onto Ken's lap and his prick slid without a hitch into the eager lustfulness of her anus. She rocked up and down atop him, ass-eating his dick stroke after stroke.

Trish was behind her, massaging Kate's titties, demanding kiss after kiss from both Kate and Ken. She fed a tit to each of them and allowed them to suck her, and she even burrowed down into the cockpit to get her mouth on Kate's swollen clitoris.

When Kate climaxed, so did Tricia. It was a spontaneous reaction, almost kinetic in its energy. Kate slid backward, her ass disengaging from Ken's cock, and the two women fell upon the stiff aching tool with their hands and mouths.

They fed it back and forth, Trish sucking it, then Kate, then Trish again. It didn't matter to them that this prick had fucked both their assholes, that it was slimy with their shit and funky with the juices of their hot cunts, too. They weren't lapping anything they hadn't already tasted. Their mouths met above the tip of the cock, and they kissed in a wet, tonguey, showoff style, swapping spit like dykes.

"You sluts," Ken moaned, "you gorgeous sexy sluts!" He pushed his prick up into their kiss and they turned from each other's lips to the pulsating point of his erection. Still, he wasn't sure he wanted to kiss either of them any time soon!

When he exploded, they took it full in their faces and open mouths. They milked him with their hands, their lips, and they sucked the squirted-out cum from each other's faces and tongues. And when they had drained him, they stretched out beside him on the bed, one on either side of Ken, their excited nipples rubbing teases onto his body, their wet pussies caressing his thighs.

"Well," Trish said, her hand cradling the soft, cum-sticky gristle of his cock. "You wanted me to loosen up. How do you think I'm doing so far?"

"Is there more than this?" Ken asked in awe, unable to believe what his simple request for some ass had led to so far.

Trish giggled, and so did Kate. "Yes," said Tricia, "I think there is going to be more. A lot more. Now how about getting this thing hard and giving me a real assfucking, Ken? I've got a few tricks that are gonna make your balls cry like a baby..." "I can hardly wait!" he told her. That made two of them. Counting Kate, three. Tricia undulated her hot ass and bent down to take Ken's cock into her mouth for some resurrection sucking. Her ass ached to feel the majestic thrust of that prick, banging once again into her.

He rose imperiously inside her mouth and she sighed around the erected length of his tool. She glanced at Kate, her smile enhanced by the bloated cock that punctuated it.

Good show, Tricia! Kate signaled with her eyes.

Bet your ass! Trish thought, and then it was time to put her own ass on the line once more. No better place for it to be! As far as she was concerned, what had begun as a shitty situation had turned to gold. And it would only get better -- for all of them.


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