A ball with the kids

Most of us lead two lives -- real and fantasy. The housewife imagines herself leading a life of luxury, surrounded by jewels and furs. The businessman imagines himself away from the rat race, painting or fishing by a quiet lake. The schoolboy dreams of becoming a famous athlete. And then there are sexual fantasies -- wild dreams that we seldom expect to come true.

Is it best to suppress our desires and fantasies, or to bring them out in the open and act on them? Does their repression lead to sickness, or does their fulfillment bring shame? No one has yet been able to answer these questions satisfactorily.

In this story the characters have decided not to repress their sexual desires and fantasies -- and for some of them they must suffer the consequences, while others find ultimate happiness.

A BALL WITH THE KIDS -- a story that deals with a sexual dilemma that confronts us all in one form or another. We cannot pass judgement on the solutions of others. We can only look at them with an open mind, seeing how some members of our society face the problem.


Poke sat on the dock looking down at the tanned girl. He loved the way her tits jostled in her bikini top. Her tits were big and bouncy and her bikini was tiny. There seemed to be a pretty good chance of her tits tumbling right out, especially with the way she kept bending down to pick up the loose ropes that lay all over the deck of the sailboat.

Every time she bent down, Poke's heart would skip a beat. The chance of seeing one of her tits spill out, and the total effect of this gorgeous creature thrilled the young boy.

The girl had long, straight blond hair which swept down as she bent. Her round ass stuck out, showing the crescent moons of her asscheeks below her bikini bottom and the top of her asscrack above it.

Her tummy was flat, and her legs were long and slender. Her pretty little feet padded about on the teakwood deck. She was coiling the ropes and hanging them neatly on cleats and winches.

Poke knew about boats from the books he'd read. But he'd never been on a boat in his life except for the rowboats in Lake Floyd and the ferryboat ride he took once as a kid. Now that his parents had rented a house in Dappled Harbor, Poke was ready to go sailing... as soon as someone invited him.

When the girl had all the ropes coiled and hung up, she stood and grabbed the top of her bikini. Tugging up on it, she gave her body a wiggle, settling her tits deeper into the black bikini.

Then she noticed the boy above her. She looked up, her blue eyes flashing as they met Poke's greedy eyes. Poke froze with embarrassment as he looked down at the girls pretty face. Her tanned face broke into a smile. Poke smiled back. Then the girl hopped down into the cockpit of the yacht and began wiping the varnished seats and railing.

The few seconds they had looked into each other's eyes left Poke gasping. Now that she had smiled at him, he knew he should say something to her. She was friendly enough, and if he talked to her she might invite him to go sailing. There was going to be a race with these beautiful old boats this afternoon, and she might need another crew member.

But Poke was shy. Besides, he had never sailed a boat. Reading a few books had taught him the difference between port and starboard, and between a jib sail and a halyard rope. But it would be obvious right away that he was a lubber. He was willing to admit that he didn't know about sailing, but he was eager to learn. And even if she didn't invite him to crew for her, at least he could ask the girl her name.

As Poke agonized with his shyness, he kept watching the gorgeous girl. She was on her hands and knees in the cockpit seat, wiping the brass jib sheet winch. Her big tits, supported by her bikini, shook with heavy motion.

Suddenly, the girl let out a little yelp. She waved her hand at her ass as she twisted around. Poke saw a big horsefly hovering near her ass. Those flies could bite, Poke knew. Though not very painful, they were a nasty surprise.

As the girl twitched around to chase away the fly, a miracle happened. One of her tits flopped right out of her bikini!

Poke found himself staring at a big, beautiful tit. In contrast to the girl's tanned skin, her tit was snowy white. At its blunt tip was a large, pink nipple.

The girl jumped to her feet and grabbed her tit with one hand. With the other she pulled at the empty side of her bikini top, and she stuffed her tit back into place. Then she casually began polishing the winch again.

Poke was stunned. He was a horny kid, and the sight of a naked tit was enough to unhinge him. His prick had stiffened and he was gasping.

Now that the girl had this accident right in front of him, she wasn't going to invite him to go sailing, he figured. Not that she was likely to invite him anyhow. But now there seemed to be no hope at all. There was no point in hanging around any longer, Poke thought. So he ambled away.

Poke and his parents had only been in Dappled Harbor for three days. So far, he spent most of his time hanging around the harbor in the afternoons and wandering down the streets at night. All his parents wanted to do was sit in the sun or watch television. They could have stayed in Boston to do that. Then Poke would still have Joyce, his girlfriend, to neck with.

Heading home, Poke walked through the parking lot at the public landing. It was getting more crowded every day.

Poke felt low. He knew that he was going to jerk off when he got home. But it seemed awfully depressing to travel all the way to Dappled Harbor, where gorgeous girls raced their boats all day and fucked all night, and spend his time jerking off.

As Poke squeezed between a van and a tourist bus, he noticed something in the van. It had tinted windows but, with the bright sunlight shining through them, Poke could make out a dim silhouette. It was a woman, and she was naked. Her tits showed clearly. Poke could even make out the dark spots of her nipples. The naked woman was sitting, leaning forward. Her tits hung slightly. Then two hands came into view from below and grabbed her tits.

Poke gasped with lust as he watched this strange scene. When the woman began rocking back and forth, Poke thought his heart was going to stop. The chick was getting fucked! She was sitting on a guy, his prick reaching up into her cunt. And this secret ritual was going on less than ten feet away from him.

Poke tried to see more. His eyes followed the woman's body down to where her cunt would be, but it remained hidden in darkness. When he looked back up at her tits, he found that the man had let them go and they were swinging with the rhythm of the woman's rocking.

Poke was in agony and ecstasy. He desperately longed to have a woman sitting on his own prick, rocking back and forth, and swinging her tits above his chest. But he was thrilled at the sight of a beautiful pair of tits swinging like pendulums while their owner rocked and bounced in quickening rhythm.

Hands rose again from beneath the swinging tits, taking them into a tight embrace. This was exciting for Poke to watch, too. He imagined holding a pair of heavy tits in his hands. He remembered the tits he'd held and the sight of the pretty girl on the boat whose tit he had just seen.

Poke's prick throbbed as he watched the fucking in the van. The man's hands disappeared again, leaving the woman's tits to swing freely once more. Then faint, high sounds came to Poke's ears.

"Ohhhhhh!" the woman was crying in passion.

As Poke moved his fist back and forth on his twitching cock, the woman he watched began bouncing wildly. The boy was amazed at the energy and speed of her fucking, and he was equally amazed at the way her tits shook.

"Ohhhhhhh!" she cried, loud enough for Poke to hear the ecstasy in her voice.

He pumped his prick with the rhythm of the woman's fucking, trying to imagine that her cunt was sliding on his prick. But it was impossible for him to imagine how her cunt would feel wrapped around his prick, for he had no experience to draw upon. He was a virgin.

It didn't take long for Poke to come. He grabbed his handkerchief just in time to catch the flooding stream of jism that spurted from his prick. Though his body was racked with a fit of sexual bliss, his eyes remained on the woman as she kept her tits swinging.

As the last drops of Poke's cream oozed from his cock, the woman slowed, then stopped her rocking. She sat up straight, lifting her tits. They were shaped differently now and looked like scoops of ice cream crowned with cherries.

Then the woman leaned forward again, lowering herself until she faded into the darkness below the window. So Poke was left with a sticky prick as she imagined how it would feel to have a chick lay her tits on his chest after a good fuck.

Poke hurried home. He was lucky no one had seen him jerking off. He was losing his grip, he knew. But what was he supposed to do? After seeing that girl's tit he was out of his mind with lust!


"How about going fishing tomorrow?" his father asked Poke at dinner.

"People don't fish around here," Poke said gloomily.

"What do they do?" his father asked. "They go sailing," Poke said. "Well, I don't know how to sail. But maybe we could rent a rowboat and..."

"Forget it," Poke said. He could picture his father and him rowing around the harbor, while beautiful sailboats, full of beautiful chicks, glided past. The thought made him shiver.

That evening, Poke headed for town. As he hit the main drag, Overlook Street, he saw the girl whose tit had slipped out that afternoon. She was coming toward him. They were going to pass each other in a few seconds! As Poke tried to think of something to say to her, she disappeared into a doorway. When Poke saw it was a bar, his heart sank.

"I saw you down at the harbor this afternoon, didn't I?"

"Yeah, I saw you too."

"I hope you weren't looking when my tit slipped out of my bathing suit," she said. "That always happens whenever I went around like that in my suit. And those damn flies!"

Poke was surprised and excited at the way she mentioned her tit being exposed that afternoon.

"Hey, Muffy, let's dance," a boy nearby said to Muffy.

"See you later," she said as she wandered off to dance.

Poke went to the bar and got a beer. Then, sipping the beer, he cruised around the place, sizing up the situation.

He drained the beer and got another one. Then he headed toward the dance floor to watch Muffy.

She was a good dancer, with perfect rhythm. But Poke was mostly interested in the way her tits bounced and her ass shook. His prick inflated at the sight.

There were a lot of people dancing, and a lot of the girls were sexy foxes. But Muffy was the best looking and most stacked. In fact, she looked so good Poke almost decided to forget about her. He'd found that the better looking a chick was, the more difficult it was to get anything from her. But the beer gave him courage.

Muffy and her partner moved toward the bar. Poke sidled over to them.

"Is that your boat I saw you on today?" he asked.

"Yeah," Muffy said. "It belonged to our family for years, but when my father bought a new boat last year he gave me Flame... that's her name."

Standing next to the girl, Poke saw that she was even more beautiful than he'd thought. Her tits almost touched his chest, and her nipples seemed to reach for him.

They introduced themselves. Muffy said her family came to Dappled Harbor every summer. They had a house on the outer harbor. Poke told her this was his first summer and that he loved sailing but hadn't done any in Dappled Harbor so far.

"You can race with us tomorrow if you want," Muffy said.

"Okay," Poke said, trying not to sound too excited. "That sounds like fun."

Poke went to get them each another beer. As they sipped them, Poke kept taking sidelong glances at Muffy's tits. The thought of getting somewhere with this girl sent a thrill through him.

Then Poke asked Muffy to dance. She accepted. Before beginning Poke drank his beer to the bottom. The stuff was already going to his head but, besides making him dizzy, it gave him the courage he needed to pursue Muffy.

As they danced, Poke tried not to stare at Muffy's leaping tits. It was impossible. Her heavy tit globes moved up and down on her chest, and the bumps of her nipples slid around on the front of her jersey.

Poke knew it would be better if he didn't appear too horny. If he was cool, his chances would be better.

They danced until they were sweaty and breathless.

"Should I get a few more beers?" Poke asked. Muffy nodded, and Poke went to the bar for more beer.

"Can you handle a spinnaker?" Muffy asked.

Poke knew that a spinnaker was the big, ballooning sail, used to sail downwind, but he had no idea how to use one. What should he say? He didn't want Muffy to change her mind about taking him sailing.

"Well, we never used a spinnaker much," he said, watching her carefully.

"I'll do it then," she said. "You take the helm on the downwind leg. Taffy can tend the mainsheet."

Poke began to feel that he'd gotten in over his head. But he refused to back out now.

They spent the rest of the evening drinking beer and dancing. When they left, Poke was reeling and seeing double. But his drunkenness didn't lessen his lust for Muffy.

"Let's go over to your boat," Poke said. "I'd like to look it aver."

"Okay," Muffy agreed. "It's nice out there at night."

They went to the yacht club where Muffy kept her dinghy. She happed into the little boat, and Poke followed, moving carefully as the dinghy moved about under him.

"Untie us," Muffy said.

"Oh yeah!" Poke said as he turned and reached for the line that held the dinghy to the dock.

As soon as it was untied, Muffy began to row silently and smoothly toward the boats moored in the moonlight. As she pulled on the oars, her jersey tightened over her tits, showing them off in all their splendor.

Muffy kept glancing over her shoulder to see where she was going. When they reached Flame, she pulled on one oar, turning the dinghy and sliding it right up to the side of the yacht.

"You climb aboard first," Muffy said.

He stood up and stepped toward the bigger boat. But the dinghy tilted, spilling Poke toward Flame. He lunged for the lifeline that surrounded Flame's deck, grabbing it for dear life. But his feet were still hooked in the edge of the dinghy and his body was stretched over five feet of water that now separated the two boats.

"Poke! You're sinking us!" Muffy yelled. Poke tried to drag the dinghy under him again by bending his legs. But that forced the gunwale of the dinghy under the water. Suddenly, Muffy screamed. There was a splash. The dinghy disappeared from beneath Poke's ankles. He hung up to his waist in the cold water, holding onto the lifeline over Flame's deck.

Muffy appeared beside him. She put her hands on the deck and hoisted herself aboard. Poke climbed aboard too.

"What's the matter with you?" Muffy asked. "Haven't you ever been in a boat before? You never step out like that!"

"Gee, I'm sorry," Poke said as he climbed to his feet, water running out of his pants and shoes.

"Well, now we're stranded," Muffy said. "I'm not going to swim for the dinghy. Let it fetch up in the cove. We'll get it tomorrow."

Poke saw the swamped boat drifting away. He was going to spend the whole night with Muffy!

Muffy went down into the cabin, and Poke followed. She lit a kerosene lamp, then she lit a small stove on a shelf.

"We'd better get out of these wet things before we catch cold," she said as she unfastened her belt. "Well, turn around!"

Poke turned his back to the girl, although he had to use all his willpower to keep his gaze from her.

The cold water had begun to sober him, and being alone in the tiny cabin with Muffy had finished the job. Now Poke was completely sober and very horny.

"I don't know how many dry clothes there are aboard," Muffy said. "I'll hang our wet things near the stove. They'll be dry by morning. Take your clothes off."

Poke stripped off his wet clothing, dropping them to the cabin floor. Now that he was naked, his back turned to the girl, and his prick hard and throbbing, he wondered what was going to happen next. Anticipation made him shiver excitedly.

"Here," Muffy said. "Put this around you."

Poke turned, swinging his fat cock toward the girl. He saw her wrapped in a blanket and holding another blanket toward him. But then her eyes dropped to the prickmeat sticking out from Poke's crotch.

"Oh!" she gasped.

He took the blanket and wrapped it around his shoulders. Even wrapped in the blanket, however, Poke was a hot sight for, the young girl. His prick held the front of the blanket away from him, pointing like a tent top and twitching steadily.

Muffy's eyes remained lowered to the bulge beneath the blanket.

"Give me your clothes," Muffy said. "I'll hang them up."

Poke picked up the soaking pile of clothing and held it out toward the girl. As she lifted her arm to take it, the blanket slipped from her shoulder, exposing the same tit Poke had glimpsed that afternoon.

"Damn!" Muffy exclaimed as she pulled the blanket over her tit again. "Hang them up yourself."

Poke draped his clothing from hooks near the stove. As he did, he let the blanket slip a few times, revealing his hard prick.

By the time Poke had his clothing hung up, both kids were panting with lust. Muffy was sitting on a bunk, huddled in her blanket and watching Poke with wide eyes. Her pretty mouth was open slightly, and her tits heaved as she breathed deeply.

Poke took a deep breath and went to Muffy, sitting beside her. Her face turned toward his and moved closer. With a pounding heart, Poke kissed Muffy's soft mouth.

Immediately, her lips parted. Then her tongue appeared, meeting Poke's tongue.

A prisoner in the heavy blanket, Poke struggled to free his arms. Then he pulled at Muffy's blanket until he reached her naked body.

As his hands touched her tender skin, she pressed herself to Poke, crushing her firm tits on his chest. He felt her hard nipples on him. Now Poke wrapped his arms around Muffy. One hand reached for her ass.

Poke gasped when Muffy put her hand on his thigh. A tickle ran from her fingertips to Poke's balls.

"This is pretty cozy," Muffy said. "I'm glad we fell in the water."

"Yeah, me too!" Poke said.

Muffy had leaned back. Poke looked down at her body. Her snowy tits swelled in the most beautiful, round form Poke could imagine. Her pink nipples were puckered, forming gumdrops that made Poke's mouth water.

Then he noticed that his prick was visible. And Muffy was staring down at it. Like a tower, Poke's cock rose from his jungle of pubic hair and wagged its bloated prickhead high over his lap.

Having Muffy's eyes on his prick was exciting. He hated to block her view, but he wanted to suck her tits. So he dropped his face to the softness of one big tit, and took her nipple into his mouth.

"Ohhhhh Poke!" Muffy moaned.

Poke had fondled tits, but he had never sucked on one before. Now he thrilled to this wonderful experience. His nose pressed into the warm softness of her tit. He held her stiff nipple between his teeth and licked it.

"Ohhhhh!" Muffy moaned again as she wrapped her arms around his head and pulled his mouth tighter over her nipple.

Poke opened wide and took more titflesh into his mouth. He knew, by the way Muffy hugged his head and moaned, that the harder he sucked the more she liked it. So he stuffed his mouth with as much of her tit as he could. He bit down hard on it.

As he gobbled one tit, he filled his hand with the other. With his fingers spread, his hand barely contained her huge tit. And when he put his hand lower and cradled it, he was amazed at its weight.

Poke moved his mouth from tit to tit and buried his face in the warm valley between them. When her tits and his face were soaked with his saliva, he kissed his way up Muffy's neck to her mouth.

Now they thrust their tongues into each other's mouth hungrily as Poke continued fondling Muffy's tits.

Muffy's hand rested on Poke's thigh again. Then it began moving toward his cock. Finally, her fingers gently probed his balls. Poke squirmed with passion. When Muffy's fingers began climbing his fuckshaft, Poke's prick began tar twitch crazily. She grabbed his cock, feeling its mighty throbs.

No hand but his own had ever held his cock. Poke was out of his mind with pleasure. He longed for the greater thrill of plunging his prick into her cunt. And he was sure she was going to let him fuck her.

Poke thrust his hand at Muffy's cunt. His fingers found her curly pussy hair, then they slid between her firm thighs. As they did, she spread her legs, leaving her cunt open to the boy's galloping fingers.

Poke's exploring fingers went into her wet fuckslot. But once they were dipped into her swampy cunt, he had to search about like a blind man. This was the first time he had touched a pussy, and he liked what he found. Poke never expected a cunt to be so wet and hot.

"Mmmmmmm!" Muffy moaned into his mouth.

Muffy slumped down on the bunk and spread her legs farther. Now her cunt tunnel entrance yawned, inviting Poke's finger to enter.

Reaching into her flowing pussy, Poke imagined how it might feel to stick his cock in there. The tender lining, the cuntjuice, the tight fit were custom-made to hold a hard prick.

Poke began climbing on top of the girl. She lay back on the bunk. Their bodies flowed together. Poke's prick dove to Muffy's gasping pussy. Searing flesh engulfed his cock as he drove his hips forward.

"Aaaah!" Poke cried as the joy of sinking his prick in a hot cunt filled him.

Poke pressed his prick as high up Muffy's cunt as he could. When their pubic hair intertwined, his prickhead was shoved against the end of her cunt.

The sensation flooded Poke's brain. All he felt was the hot, tight lining of Muffy's pussy gripping his throbbing prick. There was no softer, snugger haven for a hard cock. With his big prick lodged high in the girl's cunt, Poke was in heaven!

He began sliding his prick back and forth in her cunt, fucking. Her pussy lining stroked every bit of his prick, sending tingles of ecstasy through each nerve.

"Oooooh!" Muffy cried.

On the backstroke, the ridge around Poke's cockhead raked the lining of Muffy's cunt. On the fore stroke, her cunt stretched again as Poke's fat cock passed through it.

Poke was rushing toward a blinding orgasm. But this orgasm was nothing like the self-induced ones he was used to. This one was a thousand times more pleasurable!

By the tenth stroke of his prick, jism was running through it and powerful jolts of pure ecstasy were flashing through Poke's body.

"Aaaaah!" he groaned wildly.

His orgasm raged as he pumped his prick with all his might. Then, as his ecstasy began to diminish, Poke became aware of more than just his prick inside Muffy's pussy and his own joy. Now he felt the quivering of Muffy's tits under his chest, and he heard the desperate moaning of Muffy's pleasure.

Lifting his head, Poke looked down at the girl's face. What a beautiful sight! Her face was a mask of lust. She looked up at him desperately, and her tanned brow wrinkled with ecstasy.

Poke realized that Muffy's hips were still churning and bucking as fiercely as ever. He kept his prick sliding in her cunt, even though the tickling was driving him crazy.

Poke knew that she was coming, but he was amazed at the intensity and length of her orgasm. It made his own bliss scent pussy by comparison.

"Oh fuck me!" Muffy wailed.

Poke kept driving his prick in and out of the depths of her cunt. He lifted his body higher to get more leverage. In that position, he looked down at Muffy's body writhing below him. Her tits rolled like tidal waves. Their bellies slapped loudly together. And Muffy kept looking up at Poke with an expression of wild lust.

"Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhhh!" she sang wantonly.

Then her body heaved explosively. She lifted and dropped her head and shoulders from the bunk several times. Then Muffy lay still. She felt Poke drop his body down on hers, cushioning his chest on her tits. As she clutched him, her body twitched occasionally. Her thighs held his hips as his prick lay in her cunt and his balls hung on her asscheeks.

"Oh, Poke!" Muffy cooed. "That was so nice."

"Yeah!" he sighed.


Poke awakened the next morning with Muffy sleeping in his arms. He had slept like a dead man. The beer, the dunking and, most of all, the fucking exhausted him.

But now he was renewed. And, with a naked girl in his arms, his prick jerked eagerly. Lifting the blanket that covered them, Poke looked down at Muffy's tits. The sight filled him with new lust.

Their fucking seemed like a dream now. If he hadn't awakened with Muffy in his arms, he wouldn't have believed it happened. But it had, and Poke had been initiated into the world of sex. Now he had to keep his membership in good standing by fucking often.

He wanted to wake Muffy and fuck her again. Her warm body and the sweet smell of her cuntjuice drove Poke into a frenzy. So he shook the girl gently. She stirred slightly, but continued to sleep, breathing slowly and deeply.

He covered one of her tits with his hand and squeezed it. A smile turned up the corners of Muffy's mouth, but she slept on. Turning onto his side, Poke pressed his hot prick to her hip. She snuggled closer, but didn't awaken.

Then a bump and knock on the hull of the boat made the girl open her eyes.

"What's that?" she asked, suddenly alert.

"I don't know," Poke said. "Probably nothing."

He put his mouth on Muffy's and kissed her. But then voices drifted down the companionway to them. The boat tilted, rocked, and tilted again. Footsteps sounded on the deck above them.

"Billy and Taffy are here," Muffy said. "What time is it?"

Poke was crushed. He was all ready to fuck, and now was going to be denied the pleasure. Out of his mind with lust, he found he was hornier now than he'd ever been as a virgin.

"Hi," Muffy called. "We'll be with you in a minute."

She climbed over Poke and stood up. He looked longingly at her gorgeous, naked body as she pulled their clothing down from in front of the stove. She tossed his things to him, then got into her own clothes.

A girl's face appeared at the companionway as Poke stood to dress. He hid his nakedness by holding his shirt in front of his crotch.

"Oh, excuse me!" the girl said as she pulled her face out of sight. "Hey, Muffy. What are you doing aboard? Where's your dinghy?"

Muffy went up on deck and explained about the events of the night before, learning out Poke's responsibility for dunking them and losing the dinghy. She also left out their fucking.

When Poke was dressed, he climbed out of the cabin and was introduced to Billy and Taffy.

"Here's the course for the race," Billy said, handing a paper to Muffy. "Same as yesterday's."

Muffy went down below again, and she came back with a few oranges and crackers for Poke's and her breakfast. While the others ate, Billy and Taffy took the stops off the mainsail and hanked on the jib. Billy hauled the mainsail up, and it flapped and shook in the fresh breeze. Then Taffy raised the jib.

"Cast off," Billy called to Taffy.

Taffy unfastened the rope from the mooring, tossed it overboard, and hurried aft. Billy, with his leg thrown over the tiller, pulled the mainsheet. Taffy pulled the jib sheet. The sails stopped fluttering. The boat began to tip over.

Dropping his orange, Poke grabbed the cockpit railing, his eyes wide with fright.

But the boat didn't tip over. It merely leaned at a jaunty angle and silently slid through the water. Suddenly, the three sailors looked at Poke as though he were a strange creature.

He knew that boats heeled over when sailing into the wind and that a boat with a ballast keel couldn't tip over. But the sudden leaning of the yacht made him forget all he had read. Now he was humbled with shame.

"How much sailing have you done?" Muffy asked him, as she calmly crunched a cracker.

"Uh, well, none," Poke admitted. "But I've been reading all about it."

Poke was glad to admit his ignorance. He'd been worried about being found out. He knew Muffy wasn't going to throw him overboard.

"I'm a fast learner, really," he said.

"Well, it's a good thing Taffy showed up or we would have been short-handed," Muffy said. "Try not to get in the way, okay?"

Poke felt like a fifth wheel. But at least he was going sailing. Getting fucked and going sailing were the things he longed for, and now he had done them.

The race was fun. At the start, all the boats sailed back and forth behind the starting line, just missing each other as they maneuvered for position. Then, when the gun went off, they sailed across the line, heading for the first mark, a buoy five miles out into the bay.

When they reached the buoy, there were three other boats very close to them. But their boat had the right of way, and they passed two of the boats as they swung around the buoy, missing it by about a foot.

Poke was having a lot of fun. He thought this was as good as fucking... almost.

The race ended in mid-afternoon. They brought Flame in third, which was good among a fleet of twelve boats. Poke helped furl the sails. Then they went looking for the dinghy that had floated away the night before. They found it, and Poke insisted on rowing Muffy back to the yacht club. His rowing was awkward at first, but by the time they got to the yacht club he was doing well, hardly splashing Muffy at all.

Muffy invited Poke to have lunch at the yacht club with her. He was starved and accepted gratefully. But he was more concerned with his other hunger... the hunger for Muffy's body.

"Let's go back out to your boat," he said to her after lunch.

Muffy smiled at him, her eyes twinkling. "Wouldn't it be more comfortable at my house?"

"Yeah, but I want to be alone with you," Poke said.

"No one's home," Muffy said.

Her house was huge, with vast lawns sloping down to the harbor. They went straight up to Muffy's room, which had a view of the lighthouse and the bay beyond. But even that view couldn't distract Poke from the view of Muffy's body as she pulled off her jersey.

Her tits tumbled out. Again, Poke was astounded at the sight of her perfect, round titglobes. It was funny how he couldn't hold their image accurately in his memory.

With the sight of Muffy's tits in his eyes, Poke stripped quickly. He was naked by the time Muffy had her jeans opened. So he helped her, pulling off her jeans as she sat at the edge of her bed. Muffy grabbed her panties, lifting her ass, and slipped them off.

Sitting naked on the edge of her bed, Muffy was a perfect picture of erotic beauty. Her big, white tits looked even bigger because the rest of her body was so tanned. And her pink nipples seemed to shine.

But Poke was more interested in the lower regions. Another white bit of flesh stretched across the girl's belly, below her belly button. It framed her patch of pussy hair, making the reddish hair look like fire. Between her tan thighs, deep in her cunt, Poke saw a bit of pink flesh. Then he looked up at the girl's face. He saw that she was staring at his hard and bobbing prick.

Poke was so stunned at the beauty of Muffy's naked body he forgot that his cock was exposed. But now that he saw how intently the girl looked at his prick, Poke felt a different sort of excitement. He was proud of his big cock, and he loved having Muffy admire it.

As much as he loved staring at Muffy's body while showing off his own, Poke threw himself down beside the girl. There were greater treats awaiting him.

Leaning beside the naked girl, Poke reached across her with both arms and kissed her.

"Mmmmmmm!" she hummed as Poke covered one of her tits with his hand.

They fell back, lying down, with their legs hanging over the edge of the bed. Poke felt how Muffy's tit changed shape as she lay back. It lost its roundness, but not its firmness, as it spread out on her chest.

He turned toward the girl, bringing his throbbing cock into contact with her hip. The touch of her warm skin on his prick and balls, made him breathe as though he'd just run a marathon! He let his prick rest against her.

Both of them were thrusting their tongues, circling them around in each other's mouth.

As Poke kneaded Muffy's tit, his appetite for her erect nipples became too much to refuse. So he lifted his face from hers, looked down at her body, then brought his face down on her tit.

"Ohhhhhh!" Muffy sighed.

Poke sucked her nipple wildly, eagerly. As he did, his face rolled around on her soft titmound. He enjoyed the smooth warmth against his cheeks.

Sucking her tit made Poke buzz with excitement. He slid his hand down her long body to her cunt. His fingers combed through her pussy hair and wrapped around her plump cuntmound.

Her pussy lips were loose and damp. As Poke ran his fingers up and down her tender folds of flesh, hot cuntjuice seeped out. His fingers became wet as they slid right into the envelope of her pussy.

"Ohhhhhh, Poke!" Muffy moaned. Beneath Poke's sucking mouth and probing fingers, Muffy writhed like a demented snake. Her desperate motion excited Poke, making him suck her tits harder and reach higher into her pussy.

Muffy had her legs spread. Her cunt was gaping. Poke slid his middle finger into the snug chamber of her cunt. Her cuntmound was spread and pressed into his palm.

After thoroughly exploring the deep cavern of her pussy, Poke pulled out his finger and began examining the shallower regions. He felt her cuntlips, making them wiggle between his fingers. Then he reached behind her pussy and stroked her round asscheeks. It was very exciting to reach her ass that way.

From her ass, Poke slid his fingers back through the lips of her cunt to the front of them. Muffy twitched suddenly. Poke knew he was having a great effect on her by feeling the spot where her cunt lips came together. So he kept playing with that little blossom of flesh. And Muffy began to go wild!

"Aaaaaaa!" she cried.

She shook desperately as Poke wiggled her clit. Her tit, in his sucking mouth, began to quiver. The more Muffy moaned and shook, the more Poke diddled her clit.

"Aaaaaaa!" she cried louder and at a higher pitch.

And her body began bucking, lifting Poke's head as he sucked her tit. Then she exploded. Poke was startled. He'd never imagined anything like this. Even the last time he brought Muffy to a climax she hadn't gone so completely out of her mind. Poke couldn't suck her tits any longer. Me lifted his head from her spasming body as he kept massaging her clit.

Looking down at her again, Poke was shocked.

The girl shook so violently that Poke thought something more than an orgasm might be happening to her. But he didn't stop rubbing her clit.

Her tits leaped and rolled, and her stomach muscles rippled. As her head thrashed back and forth, Muffy kept her mouth wide open and wailed.

The girl finally lay still. She was covered with sweat. Her long blonde hair clung to her wet face and neck. Her mammoth tits heaved as she gasped for breath.

Poke lay down, snuggling against her. He began covering her face with kisses, reminding her that he was still in need.

"God, I never came like that before!" she exclaimed. "You really know what to do with a girl's cunt!"

"You really went wild," Poke said. "It was beautiful!"

"Let's see how wild I can make you," Muffy said.

She pushed Poke down on his back. The boy trembled with anticipation. His prick vibrated and stretched up over his stomach.

He watched the girl as she sat up. She reached for his prick and stroked it as though she were petting a puppy. Her fingers gently slid over his tense cockhead. Then she ran her fingertips down his prickshaft and over his balls. Cupping his balls, she lifted them and squeezed firmly.

Poke watched her handling his prick and balls, and he thrilled to the touch of her skillful fingers. He trembled as he imagined all the things she might do.

Poke even dared she would suck his prick. He tried not to get his hopes up too high because he knew it wasn't very likely that she would actually suck him. That was something that boys dreamed of but rarely experienced, Poke thought.

Muffy leaned forward, setting her heavy tits down on his thigh. Now she grabbed his prick with her other hand, holding his cock like a baseball bat.

As Poke watched with lust and awe, Muffy pulled the loose skin of his prick up over its bloated head, then pulled it down again. This was the same exercise he did when he jerked off. Muffy did it slowly and, although his cock jerked madly, there was no danger of his coming. Then she leaned farther forward. Her mouth opened as her face neared Poke's swollen cockhead.

Holding his prick like an ice cream cone, Muffy stuck out her tongue and gave his cockhead a hot lick.

"Ahhhhh!" Poke gasped at the touch of her soft tongue on his prick.

Again and again Muffy licked his cock. She put her tongue on his fuckshaft, then dragged it slowly up over the taut skin of his prick knob. By the time his prick was glistening with her saliva, Poke was shaking with passion. A powerful orgasm was gathering in him, threatening to explode.

Muffy stopped licking his prick. She opened her mouth and took his cockhead into it. Then she wrapped her mouth tightly around it.

Poke gasped.

His mind reeled. The grip of Muffy's mouth on his cock shook him. Not only was the sensation of her hot mouth on his prickhead fabulous, but the sight of her pretty face, with his cock thrust into her mouth, was staggering!

Still holding his fuckshaft with both hands, Muffy began to suck him. Her tongue, wiggled beneath his prickhead as her mouth moved back and forth. The insides of Muffy's cheeks slid along the wide crown of the boy's cock, and her sharp teeth scraped the under skin of his prickhead.

With Muffy's saliva surging around his cock and her tongue tickling it, his orgasm was triggered.

"Ahhhhh!" he cried out as jism rushed from his cock into the girl's mouth.

She kept sucking. In his ecstasy, Poke realized that she was swallowing his come. And she continued sucking him!

Writhing, Poke threw his arms to the sides as his orgasm crashed through him. This was even better than fucking, he thought.

Muffy bobbed her head, sucking his prick as it shot the last bullets of jism. Then she stopped sliding his prick, but she kept her mouth fastened on it. As Poke lay back, recovering from his rapture, Muffy sucked every bit of his cream from his prick. And when she lifted her head, his cock was clean and pink. Slowly, as Poke's prick deflated, his fuckshaft toppled and slapped down on Poke's belly.

"Well, that seemed to have done you in," Muffy said with a smile.

"Where did you learn to do that?" Poke asked. "Oh, I've had a lot of practice!"

Poke pictured Muffy sucking guys as she sailed the bay with them. He imagined her on her knees in the cockpit of a boat, sucking a boy's prick, as he steered across the finish line of a race. Now he was going to be that boy!


"What time did you get home last night?" Poke's father asked him when he arrived for dinner.

"Late," he said. "I don't know what time it was."

"And you must have left early this morning," his mother added. "I haven't seen you since dinner yesterday."

Poke was glad he hadn't been missed. He thought his parents would be worried that he was drowned or something. He told his parents that he had gone on a sailboat race, and that he met a nice girl. But he didn't tell them how nice.

After dinner, Poke headed back to the harbor. Muffy had told him she was going to be busy with her parents that evening. So Poke decided to see how the town looked from his new vantage point as a conquering hero.

Dappled Harbor did look different to him. He strolled to the boat yard across the harbor. There were fewer boats now. So many had been launched. Most of the boats still in the yards were old wooden ones that needed a lot of work before being put into the water.

The sun was setting, and people were putting away their tools and paint. There weren't as many boats as there had been only a few days before. Soon there would only be the decaying hulks at the back of the yard.

Poke loved to look at the bottoms of the boats, imagining them sliding through the water, forcing it around their beautiful curves.

Then he spotted the van that he had peeked into the day before, parked near a big wooden sloop with a bow sprit and long keel. It was one of Poke's favorite boats. He recognized its classic lines and true character, even with the planks missing from her bottom and her paint scraped off.

He remembered with shame how he had peeked into the van and jerked off. Of course, that was in his horny days, when he was a desperate virgin. And even though that was only slightly over one day ago, it seemed like a lifetime. So much had happened to him since!

By the time Poke headed back, it was dark and the yard was quiet. Again, he stayed far away from the boat and van belonging to the people he had spied on. But as he glanced back he noticed that light was pouring from the hull where planks were missing. And smoke was rising from the tin chimney that rose from the cabin top. It looked like the people were living aboard right there in the boat yard.

Poke wandered along, climbing the hill. He tried to ignore the feeling that was gnawing at him. After all, he was an experienced man now. But it was no good. His prick swelled and his head was filled with images of naked women.

He wanted to stroll through the boat yard again and take a quick look through the hull of that old sloop. After all, he had seen those people fucking once, and it had been a sight to remember.

With his heart pounding and his prick inflated, Poke went back down the hill. He saw that light still shined from the old sloop. This time, as he strolled through the boat yard, he went close to the old boat. Through the long opening in her hull he could see right into it. He saw that someone was moving around, but they were either dressed or they had blue skin.

Then Poke casually turned around, surveying the scene. When he saw that no one was near, he took a step closer to the boat. Now he had a good view into her hull. He saw the woman he'd seen in the van. She was dressed, moving about as though putting things away. Then he noticed a pair of denimed knees sticking into view. That must be the man, Poke thought.

Poke knew this was never going to pay off. The couple would probably hang around all evening, then turn off the light, and get undressed. So even if he stayed there all night he wouldn't see anything interesting. Besides, the whole idea was crazy. He was going to meet Muffy down at the yacht club tomorrow and they would probably spend the day fucking. He didn't need to hang around, hoping for a glimpse of a naked chick.

Just then, Poke saw a woman in the boat grab the hem of her jersey and pull it over her head. Her tits, which he had watched bouncing the day before, were unveiled.

Standing on the ground looking up into the boat gave Poke a new perspective. Looking up at the chick's tits was exciting. They sagged a bit, but they had a beautiful curve along the tops and bottoms.

Panting with lust, Poke moved closer. The woman unfastened her jeans and pulled them down. Her tits hung from her chest now, swinging through the air. As she pulled her feet from her jeans, her tits wobbled and swayed. Poke, had never seen anything like this!

Suddenly, she stood up. Her tits were pulled up to their wobbling position on her chest again. Now the woman slipped her fingers into the waistband of her panties, slid them down her thin hips, and bent over again. As she pulled down her panties, her tits repeated their hanging and swinging routine.

When the woman stood up again, her naked cunt competed with her tits for Poke's attention. He gazed at her nest of curly, brown cunt hair. And from his vantage point he could see the cleft that parted her thighs. Her body was different from Muffy's: thinner, less voluptuous. Nevertheless, it was gorgeous!

Poke ran his eyes up and down the woman's body, taking in the sight while he could. After all, she wasn't going to stand there all evening.

Then Poke saw a pair of feet appear. They had been lifted into view. They belonged to the man sitting out of sight.

The woman bent again, letting her tits droop and swing as she pulled off the man's shoes. Then she grabbed his pants legs and pulled them. Now his feet were nude. Then the woman moved toward the man and out of Poke's sight.

The boy was left gasping. But he refused to give up. After all, the second act was about to begin. So he went as casually as he could, to the other side of the boat. There were a few planks missing there too, but Poke could only see a water tank through the hull. Still, there was hope.

Behind the boat there was a steep hill. If Poke got up there he could look down into the boat. So he began climbing the hill. The bushes and high grass helped hide him from those in the boat if they should look up.

Before long, Poke saw that the companionway was open. If he climbed higher he was sure he would have a view into the boat. Sure enough, soon he was perched beneath a small tree, looking down into the boat's cabin. There, on a bunk, lay the man and woman.

The woman was on her back and the man was beside her. The woman's body was in full view, except for one tit which was hidden by the man's grasping hand.

Poke was only about thirty feet from them. The boat was well-lighted. If he fell from his perch, Poke could almost land right in their bunk with them.

He saw the man's hand moving as it gripped and rubbed the woman's tit. The woman was wiggling her hips slightly, grinding her cunt between her thighs. They kissed hungrily.

Having been in the same position with Muffy so recently, Poke knew exactly the pleasure this man was feeling. And remembering his own pleasure made Poke desperately horny. Already, he was fishing his prick from his pants.

The woman grabbed the man's prick just as Poke grabbed his own. He remembered how Muffy had handled his prick, and he tried to imagine it was Muffy's hand on his cock now, rather than his own.

Suddenly, the man moved down the woman's body and began sucking her tits. First one tit, then the other. He gobbled, his head nodding.

As the man sucked the woman's tits, she reached down to her cunt and stuck a finger into her pussy. Poke was amazed. Why was she doing this when the man was probably going to stick a finger in her cunt at any second?

She wiggled her finger vigorously at the front of her fuckslot. Poke knew she was directly attacking her clit. And she did it without moving her shoulders or body, so Poke decided she didn't want the man to know what she was doing. With his face buried in her tits, the man couldn't see a thing.

As the woman tickled her clit, her face showed her pleasure. With one hand on the man's head at her tit and her other hand at her cunt, she was in ecstasy. And her ecstasy was shared by Poke as he looked down at the scene. Poke had his hand wrapped firmly around his prick now and was tugging slowly at it.

As the man sucked the woman's tits, he moved his hand to her cunt. As his hands approached, the woman moved her hand away. The man grabbed her cunt, his fingers reaching down below her clit.

Poke saw the woman spread her thighs. The man's hand moved down even lower in her crotch. Then his hand made a motion that Poke recognized as the insertion of his finger up the chick's cunt.

"Ohhhhhh!" the woman gasped, her quavering voice rising from the snug cabin to Poke's ears.

The man's hand moved back and forth and around as he gave her cunt, wrapped around his finger, a massage. Meanwhile, he continued sucking the woman's tits.

Snuggled under the tree above the boat, Poke watched with rising passion. His own experiences with Muffy came back to him so vividly he could almost feel her cunt gripping his finger as he watched the man in the boat finger-fucking that chick. And he thought he smelled the fragrance of hot cuntjuice.

Poke kept sliding the skin of his prick back and forth, but forcing himself to do it slowly so he wouldn't come before the final act.

After the man fingered the woman's cunt for a while, she reached for his prick. The man turned his hips, bringing his monstrous prick up where the woman could reach it easily. Her fingers traveled the length of his cock, then tripped its fat head. Poke imitated her technique on his own throbbing prick.

The man lifted his face from her tits. Then the woman began sliding down the man's body. His hand left her pussy and he lay on his back. The woman kept slithering down the bunk until her face was level with the man's prick. She dragged her tits over his thigh and kissed his prick knob. His cock disappeared into her face. She moved her head up and down, sliding the guy's prick in and out of her mouth. As her head bobbed, her tits remained spread on the man's thighs even though the woman's chest moved up and down.

Poke was fascinated with the way her tits stretched and were compressed by her motion while leaving their nipples in contact with the man's leg.

As she sucked the man, the woman reached for her own cunt again. And, again, she seemed to do it slyly so the man wouldn't notice. She still held the base of the man's prick with one hand as she sucked him. But her other hand crept down her side, and between her thighs. Poke saw her wrist tent in front of her pussy, moving rhythmically.

It was a kinky sight to see a chick tickling her own cunt, especially under these circumstances. The effect on Poke was profound. It was difficult for him to keep his hand moving slowly on his prick. So he forced himself to let go of his twitching prick until he cooled down a bit. He knew that if he came he wouldn't enjoy this display nearly so much.

"Do you want to get on top again?" the man asked.

"Umm," the woman answered by humming on the cock in her mouth.

She lifted her face from the man's prick. Then she pulled her hand from her cunt. Crawling up from beside the man on the narrow bunk, she threw one leg over him and sat over his prick. She reached below her cunt, grabbed the guy's cock, held it at the right spot, and lowered herself slowly.

Poke watched her spread ass descend until it rested on the man's thighs.

"Ohhhhh!" the woman sighed as the man's prick slipped inside her cunt.

This was the same position they were in when Poke saw them fucking in their van. And, just like that time, the man lifted his hands to cradle the chick's hanging tits.

With the view of the woman's back and ass, Poke couldn't see her tits. But he didn't have to. Just watching the man's arms moving as he held her tits was exciting. Poke had a great view of her ass as it moved up and down over the man's thighs. Her asscheeks were separated by her spread pussy in her straddling position.

But the way her ass moved thrilled Poke more than anything else! As her body moved up and down, Poke imagined his own cock sliding in her cunt. Her movements were slow, up and down, with a wiggle.

Poke grabbed his cock again and stroked it with the same speed and rhythm of the woman's ass movements.

"Aaaaah!" she began groaning.

The chick began moving up and down faster. Her asscheeks wobbled, then fluttered like a flag. She supported herself by putting her hands on the man's chest and leaning on them as her hips bounced and swiveled.

"Uh! Uh!" the man grunted as he thrust his hips up and down below the woman's cunt, driving his prick even faster.

Now Poke was jerking his prick as fast as he could. Again, he joined the man and woman in their ecstasy by watching and jerking off.

All three, fuckers and voyeur, began to slow down, then halted their exertions. The woman lowered herself onto the man's chest. Poke saw her tits bulging from between them.

Poke wiped his prick with a leaf and slipped his cock back into his pants. But now he had to worry about sneaking away without getting caught. Suddenly, it seemed so quiet that any sound he made would be heard by the fuckers in the boat. The night was clear, warm, and still. And Poke felt like a treed squirrel.

As the couple in the boat snuggled together, Poke sat on his perch, not daring to climb either up or down.

Finally, the woman stood up. When Poke got another good view of her naked body, his lust returned slightly. But the woman reached for the lamp and the light went out. The cabin was blank with darkness. Poke shrank back into the tall grass and sat still. Now that the light in the boat was out, there was more chance the couple would see him.

As Poke wondered what to do, he felt the ground beneath him giving way. The steep hill was covered with pebbled soil, and his feet were beginning to slide.

Poke was going to come down right beside the boat. Reaching desperately above him, he grabbed for the trunk of the little tree he was huddled beneath. Instead, he grabbed a fallen branch that lay on the hillside. Then he and the long branch came down in an avalanche.

Dragging the branch behind him, Poke slid with increasing speed, until he was sitting on the ground below the cockpit of the boat. The gravel and dust he had loosened rained down for several seconds.

Poke wanted to run. But first he had to climb to his feet. Before he managed that, there was a voice calling down to him.

"What's going on?" the man from the boat asked.

Poke looked up and saw the man peering down at him from high overhead.

"I slipped," Poke said. "I was at the top of the bill looking at the water and suddenly..."

The man laughed. "Are you all right? That was quite a slide."

Poke got to his feet, trembling with fear and embarrassment.

"Yeah, I'm okay," he said as he brushed the dust from his pants.

"Better watch where you're standing," the man said. "I know the water is hypnotizing, but don't stand too near a drop-off when you let yourself get hypnotized by it."

"Yeah," Poke agreed, trying to sound amused. He headed for the path up the hill, shaking from the scene he'd witnessed as much as from the spill he'd taken.


The next morning Poke headed down to the yacht club to meet Muffy. But she wasn't there and her dinghy was gone. Looking out over the harbor, he spotted Flame. There were three people on her deck. Then Flame's mainsail was hoisted, followed by her jib. The boat sailed away from her mooring with the bobbing dinghy tied to it.

Poke looked at his watch. It was five to nine. He was on time, but Muffy hadn't waited for him. He didn't know what to think, but he was angry and disappointed.

At times like these, Poke liked to drown his sorrow with a piece of pie and a Coke. So he went to Captain Jack's, the coffee shop above the boat yard. He sat at the counter and looked at the assortment of pies in the cabinet on the wall.

"Fall down any hills this morning?" the man next to him asked.

Poke looked at the man. It was the guy he peeked at the night before. And next to him was the woman.

Poke felt his face flush. After peeking at these people fucking, he felt awkward sitting next to them like this. But the man seemed friendly, and the woman was smiling at him.

"No," Poke said. "Not this morning."

"That's good," the man said. "That could be a bad habit."

Poke laughed. Then the man made small talk, telling Poke how he and his girl friend, Sue, were hurrying to get their boat in the water. Poke said he thought their boat was the nicest in Dappled Harbor.

After finishing theft breakfast, the man introduced himself. His name was John. He invited Poke to come down to their boat for a visit sometime. Poke said he would.

And he did. That very afternoon, with nothing else to do, Poke went down to the boat yard. He found John cutting pieces of wood to fit the spaces in the hull. He talked to Poke as he continued working, and Poke saw that John knew exactly what he was doing. He took a few shavings off a plank, held it up to the hole in the hull, took a few more shavings off it, held it up again, and it fit perfectly.

Sue had been sanding the other side of the bull. She came around the boat and said hello.

Poke felt a powerful longing as he looked at Sue. After seeing her naked and in action, confronting her face to face was exciting.

"Let's take a break," she said to John who was already screwing the plank into place. "Would you like a beer, Poke?"

He said he would. Sue climbed the ladder up to the boat's deck. Then John and Poke followed. They sat in the cockpit sipping cold beers.

Poke couldn't keep his eyes off Sue. Even in her clothes, she looked sexy. Her black hair was pulled back and tied in a knot. She wore a red blouse that showed how her tits sagged a bit, but those drooping tits thrilled Poke. He had seen how they would swing and quiver as she fucked. Sue's faded jeans were a tight fit and showed off her lovely ass.

As he watched her, Poke thought she was looking back at him. He thought she might know that he had peeked at her and John fucking. Still, he couldn't keep his eyes from the beautiful, swollen curves of her tits.

"I need some more sandpaper," Sue said to John when they finished their beers. "Why don't you get me some on your way to the lumber yard."

"Okay," John said. "I'll go now. I might as well get some paint while I'm at the store."

John climbed down from the boat, got into the van, and drove off. Poke was alone with Sue. He kept his gaze averted from her. He was too horny to look at her now that they were alone. Although Sue was closer to his mother's age than to his, he couldn't help thinking about fucking her.

"I think I'll just relax while John's gone," she said. "I'm tired of sanding anyhow. This old boat is so much work I sometimes feel like trading it in for an aluminum canoe."

She lifted her feet to the seat opposite, leaned back against the railing, and tuned her face up to the sun. In that posture, her tits rose and pressed against the tight wrapping of her blouse. Her nipples were erect, Poke noticed.

"What were you doing when you fell down the hill last night?" she asked suddenly.

Poke tensed and blushed. His prick, hardened by the beauty of Sue's body, began to shrink.

"I was, uh, just looking out over the harbor," he said. "I got too close to the edge, I guess."

"Did you see John and me fucking?" she asked. "We were fucking just before you fell, and the hatch was open. I just wondered if you could see us from up there. Maybe we should keep the batch closed when we fuck."

Sue opened her yes, which had been closed against the sun, and looked at Poke. He knew that the answer to her question was written on his face.

"I thought so," she said. "I hope seeing us fucking didn't make you fall."

Poke was silent. Why was she saying this to him?

"Did it make you horny?" she asked.

Somehow, Sue's words were exciting Poke as much as watching her fuck had. His prick was hard again, even though he was confused and embarrassed. He felt like jumping on Sue and showing her how he felt.

"John won't be back for a while," she said. "Want to fuck me?"

Poke's mouth dropped open. Sue was staring right at him and she smiled warmly.

"But..." Poke said, not knowing what else to say.

"Don't worry about John," Sue said. "I can keep a secret. Besides, he makes it with other chicks once in a while. I don't even think he'd mind."

Without saying a word, Poke slid over to Sue's side. When he smelled the sweet odor of her hair, he lost control. Throwing an arm around her, he pushed his face at hers.

"Wait a minute now," she said. "Let's go down below before someone sees us. You never can tell who might be watching."

She stood and went down the companionway. Poke followed eagerly. Sue slid the hatch cover closed. The cabin was dim and cool.

Sue sat back on the bunk. Poke sat beside her. For a moment they looked into each other's eyes. Poke noticed the fine lines at the corners of Sue's eyes and how her skin had the dry quality of an older woman's complexion. But the differences in their ages only made him hornier.

Then they threw their arms around each other. They kissed hard and hungrily. Sue's fingers dug into Poke's back.

After their tongues had gotten acquainted, Poke lifted his hand to one of Sue's big tits. He closed his fingers around its massive shape. Now he realized the difference between her tits and Muffy's. Muffy's tits were perky, firm, almost rigid. But Sue's were loose and pliant. As he filled his hand with one, its shape changed, flowing into his grasp and spreading over his fingers.

Poke loved the way Sue's tits felt. Massaging them was a completely different experience than massaging Muffy's.

"Get undressed!" Sue whispered as she pulled away from Poke and stripped off her blouse.

Poke saw her tits tumble out of her blouse as she lifted it. They settled on her chest. Then, when she lifted her ass from the bunk to slip out of her jeans, her tits quivered. As she hopped up once more to pull off her panties, her tits again shook. Then Sue lay back, her legs spread and her cunt gaping.

Poke had pulled off her jersey. Now he struggled with his pants as she watched Sue's cunt. Her pink slice glistened with the cunt juice that seeped from her pussy. Her cuntlips protruded slightly, spread like a flower.

Dragging his pants off his feet as quickly as he could, Poke gasped and muttered. His sneakers were still on, and one was caught in his pants leg. But he finally managed to get himself stripped without taking his eyes from Sue's cunt.

Now, though, he looked up at her tits. Sue was lying back, and her tits had slipped to the sides of her chest. Her nipples were hard and pink.

Poke threw himself down beside Sue. As he did, his hand landed on one of her reclining tits. He pulled it up onto her chest from where it lay off to the side, and he squeezed it tightly. He felt her hard nipple poking the palm of his hand.

Thrusting his face into Sue's, he covered her mouth with his. Sue kissed back joyfully, sucking on the boy's tongue.

They were lying on the same bunk that Poke had seen Sue and John fuck on. He remembered how Sue had tickled her own clit. Would she do that now? It would be exciting to be with a woman who was jerking off. But he would rather work on Sue's cunt than let her do it herself.

So Poke let go of her tit and reached for her pussy. He didn't know if she had begun rubbing her clit yet. But her pussy was a soaking gash of hot cunt juice already.

Dipping his finger into the front of Sue's fuck slot, Poke found the arrowhead of flesh that guarded her clit.

"Mmmmmm!" Sue moaned softly as Poke's finger settled on her clit.

He moved her tender organ in circles, his finger stirring slowly but firmly. Sue immediately began wiggling her hips. Then, when Poke moved his finger back and forth, Sue moved her hips back and forth beneath his finger, increasing the friction on her clit.

"Ooooo!" she gasped as her head fell back, her mouth opening in a wide circle.

Poke looked at Sue's impassioned face. She was beautiful!

"I love to have my clit tickled!" she gasped.

Poke pressed down harder on Sue's clit as he rubbed it. Then he slipped his thumb on it, letting his finger explore lower in her cunt.

By now, Sue was lifting her ass and shaking her hips, grinding her cunt on Poke's hand. He kept working on her cunt. His thumb was wagging, rubbing her slippery clit beneath it. He slipped his middle finger into her liquid pussy.

Every now and then, Poke's thumb would lose Sue's clit because of her wild shaking. Then she would slow her hips until the boy was rubbing her clit again. And, all the while, his finger wiggled around in her deep pussy cavern.

"Aaaaah!" Sue cried. "Aaaaaaaaah!"

Poke felt her cunt chamber contracting, squeezing his fucking finger. He loved the way her cunt spasmed, gripping his finger like that. How would that feel on his prick? He was going to find out. But first he was going to show Sue how he could make her come and come.

As long as the woman bucked and shook her hips, Poke kept rubbing her clit and fingered her spasming pussy. And he watched her, too. Sweat broke out on her face. Her loose tits were whipping about on her chest as she writhed.

Eventually, Sue slowed down.

"Okay, okay," she gasped, grabbed Poke's hand, and stopping his merciless massage. "God, that was pure heaven!"

Laying his hard cock on Sue's hips, Poke let his prickhead rest on her pussy curls. Her wiry hairs tickled his cockhead, making him hotter and hotter.

Still breathing hard, Sue kissed Poke. Lightly, she moved her fingers up and down his prick. Then she grabbed his cock and pulled it toward her cunt. Poke followed.

As Sue dragged his prick to her pussy, Poke lifted himself and crawled over one of Sue's spread legs. Then he planted his knees on the bunk and his elbows beside Sue's tits.

The woman guided his prick to her cunt. As he kept his tongue in her mouth, Poke concentrated on his prickhead. He felt his cock meet Sue's hot cuntlips. A jolt of joy made Poke quiver. But rather than let him slide his cock up her pussy, Sue held his fuck shaft and moved his fat prick-knob back and forth between her pussy lips.

The sensation of her wet cunt sliding over his cockhead made Poke crazy with lust. He felt Sue's clit wiggling on his cock as she tickled herself, using his prick just as she'd used her own finger.

"Ohhhhhhh!" Sue moaned, just as she had when Poke tickled her clit with his finger. "Fuck me!"

She pushed his prick to the gaping entrance of her cunt. Poke thrust his hips forward.

"Uhhhh!" he gasped as the hot sleeve of Sue's cunt devoured his twitching cock.

With his pubic hairs intertwined with Sue's, Poke's prick reached deep into her steaming cunt.

He began pumping. Instant ecstasy rushed through him. Sue's cunt sliding over his tender cock rocked Poke's brain with pleasure. The hot, wet lining of her pussy, spasming and wiggling, treated Poke's prick to the most intense sensations he'd ever known!

"Ohhhhhhhh God!" Sue cried.

Poke was rising to an orgasm. He pumped faster, his pubic bone crashing into Sue's, quaking her body and making her tits shimmy.

Poke came. He felt his jism bursting through his ramming cock. Beside that, all he felt was pure bliss. Like lightning, powerful flashes of high energy pleasure coursed through the boy. From his cock to his brain, a current of joy ran. Sexual rapture filled his whole being.

"Uhh! Uhhhh! Uhhhhh!" Poke grunted.

Beneath him, Sue writhed wantonly. Her legs were raised over Poke's ass, her feet kicking. Her fingers were spread like claws on the boy's back.

As Poke's prick emptied, he opened his eyes. The sight of Sue in mid-climax below him made the last few spurts of his orgasm extra exciting.

Poke slowed his prick thrusts. But when he did, Sue cried out desperately.

"Fuck meeeeee!"

So Poke resumed full speed. But his prick was too worn and spent. It slipped from her cunt. Together, they grabbed it and stuffed it back in. Poke was gasping and sweating. Sue knew he was straining.

But she knew what to do. Grabbing the boy, she pulled him down onto the bunk. Then she mounted him, straddling his hips like she'd straddled John when Poke peeked at them.

Now, as Sue rode him like a rodeo star, Poke enjoyed the view from below. He was still dazed from his orgasm. But not too dazed to remember how he felt when he watched John and Sue fucking. The first time he peeked at them, he remembered from his virgin days, he had thought of faking as a dream. Now he raised his hands and grabbed Sue's hanging tits just as he had seen John grab them.

Being on the bottom was wonderful, especially after coming. All he had to do was lie there. He loved the way Sue's cunt felt, rocking back and forth on his prick. He looked down and saw her cuntlips wrapped around his shaft and sliding up and down. And he felt her tits hopping in his hands.

"Ohhhhhhhhh." Sue moaned desperately.

She seemed to be stuck in a perpetual orgasm, Poke thought. Would she ever stop?

She did, but not until she was exhausted. Sweat made her body shine. She let herself fall forward, her tits hitting Poke's chest with a slap. Then she lay there gasping for breath. His prick softened, but remained in Sue's pussy.

"That was the best fuck I've had in months," Sue whispered. "What's your secret?"

"I don't know," Poke said. "But it was dynamite for me too!"

"I start coming, and I can't stop," Sue said. "It's glorious!"

Poke thought it had something to do with the vigorous treatment her clit received, but he didn't say so.

"We'd better get ready to greet John when he gets back," Sue said.

She got off Poke, dropping his shrunken cock from her cunt. She pulled a tissue out of its box, squatted down, and let Poke's jism drool from her cunt. Poke watched with amazement. Living in the confines of a boat made people casual about things like that, Poke thought.

They dressed and climbed out of the cabin. Then they went down the ladder to the ground.

"I'd better get to work," Sue said. "That way, when John gets back, it won't seem strange that I'm sweating like this."

She grabbed a piece of sandpaper and began sanding the side of the boat vigorously. Her tits wobbled in her blouse, and the sight made Poke horny. Wasn't there any cure from chronic horniness? Didn't fucking cure it? Poke learned that it didn't.

Not wanting to face John, Poke said goodbye to Sue.

"Come back soon," she said.

"Don't worry about that," Poke said with a smile.


The next morning Poke went to the yacht club again. This time Muffy's dinghy was there, but there was no sign, of her. The dinghy bobbed at its mooring with no one aboard. After hanging around for a while, Poke went to see Sue and John.

They were working on their boat. As he approached them, Poke worried that John had found out about his fucking Sue.

But when John saw Poke, he called out cheerfully.

Poke relaxed.

All the missing planks were replaced.

"It looks like you'll be sailing pretty soon," Poke said.

"Yep, just a few coats of paint and we'll be putting her in," John said.

"I'll help you," Poke said. "I'm a good painter."

"Grab a brush," John said.

Poke liked painting the sexy curves of the old boat. But when Sue showed up and said hello, he had to admit that he preferred her lines. His prick twitched at the sight of the woman he fucked the day before.

"With your help we'll be sailing in a few days," Sue said as she grabbed a paintbrush and began painting.

Later, Poke and John carried the heavy mast and boom from the shed and set them on saw horses beside the boat. Then Poke went back to his paintbrush. Two days later the boat was ready to launch. There were a few small things to be done, but John decided they could be done after launching.

Watching the big vessel being lifted was exciting. The boat was taken to the dock and lowered into the water. Then, as the old sloop floated, her mast was lowered into her. John and Poke stood on deck and guided the huge stick through the hole on deck. Sue was below, guiding the heel of the mast into the maststep.

They were towed to a mooring, where they finished the rigging. But when Poke hopped down into the cockpit and looked down into the cabin he saw several geysers shooting up through the planks.

"It's leaking!" Poke yelled.

John and Sue laughed at Poke's panic. They explained that wooden boats normally leak until water makes the planks swell.

The rest of the day was spent rigging and taking care of a hundred details. When they were finished, John invited Poke to have dinner with them.

They rowed to the landing and went to Captain Jack's for a big dinner. Poke sat opposite Sue and John. As Poke munched his dinner, he felt something on his ankle. Looking up, he saw Sue staring at him, the corners of her mouth turned up in a smile as she chewed her food. She had slipped her shoes off and was playing footsy with him!

At first, Poke was nervous. But John couldn't know what was going on beneath the table, so Poke relaxed and enjoyed himself.

"Come down to the landing tomorrow at about ten," John told Poke after dinner. "Give a yell and we'll pick you up in the dinghy. Then we'll go sailing."

"Great!" Poke said.

"See you tomorrow, then," Sue said to him with a wink.

Poke watched his new friends row back to the boat. He wished it was he, rather than John, who would spent the night with Sue. Ever since fucking her, Poke thought she was the sexiest chick in the world. He hoped he would get another chance.

After a hard day of work, Poke decided to go home and spend the evening with his parents. They'd been giving him a hard time about being out so much. So an evening with them would be a good idea. Besides, he was too tired to look for chicks.

But on his way home, he ran into Muffy. She was alone, bouncing down the street. She called to him.

Poke wasn't going to talk to her because she hadn't waited for him the morning after the race as she said she would. But when he heard her sweet voice calling his name, he stopped. And when he saw her pretty smile and bulging tits, he got horny.

"Hi," she said. "Where are you going?"

"Home," Poke said tersely.

"What's the matter? You mad at me?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact, I am," he said. "You were supposed to meet me at the yacht club the other clay, but when I got there you were already gone. I could see you on your boat."

"Oh, sorry," she said. "Where're you going?"

"What do you mean, 'Oh, sorry?'" Poke said. "How am I supposed to feel about being ditched?"

"Gee, Poke, don't be angry," she said as she grabbed his arm and leaned her tits against it.

Poke was still sore at the girl. But his nuts was rising, drowning his anger. Now that he smelled her clean hair and felt her warm tits on his arm, he was hooked. He wanted to fuck her again!

"I'm not angry," he said. "Can we go out to your boat now? It's a beautiful night for hanging around on a boat."

"Well, I was going to the bar," Muffy said sensuously. "But..."

She pressed herself more firmly against Poke. He put an arm around her and moved them down the street toward the yacht club.

"I was supposed to meet Taffy," Muffy said. "She'll be awfully angry if I stand her up."

"She can take care of herself," Poke said. "I took care of myself when you stood me up the other day."

"It is a nice night for being on a boat," Muffy said.

Poke was limping slightly from the hard lump in his pants which hurt when he stepped forward with his left leg. But be bravely marched on.

When they got to the yacht club and into Muffy's dinghy, Poke was very careful. He didn't want to dunk them both again. And when they reached Flame, Poke climbed aboard with grace.

"Here," Muffy said, handing him the painter. "Tie it off the stern."

Poke led the dinghy to the stern and made the painter cast to a cleat with a knot he'd practiced at home. Muffy sat on a pillow in the cockpit. Poke wanted to go below, but he sat next to Muffy.

"You can see the Milky Way," she said with her head tilted back.

Poke looked up at the galaxy. It was beautiful, but right now he thought Muffy was even more beautiful. He looked at her long neck, her throat stretched as she gazed at the sky. Then he snuggled up to her and kissed her neck. From her shoulder to her ear, he nibbled and kissed.

"Mmmmmmm!" Muffy said. "That feels so nice!"

With Muffy's little ear lobe between his teeth, Poke lifted a hand to her chest. Moving his hand lightly over her firm tits, he began his journey to sexual ecstasy.

His lingers brushing over Muffy's tits gradually made her nipples hard. Poke gave each one a gentle pinch. Then he cupped his hand over one big tit and squeezed.

Now Muffy's tits seemed more exciting than Sue's. It was funny how whoever's tit he held was his favorite at that moment.

Muffy remained leaning back with her head sky ward as Poke played with her tit and licked her ear. She moaned softly to tell Poke she enjoyed his attention.

When Poke slipped his hand into her jersey, though, she turned her face to him. They kissed.

Now, with his hand caressing Muffy's warm tits without the barrier of her jersey to dull the sensation, Poke's body trembled with passion.

The kids kissed with hunger, tasting each other's tongue. Muffy's strong tongue reached deep into Poke's mouth, thrilling him. He bit down on it, but not hard enough to hurt.

"Ohhhhhh!" Muffy sighed.

As they sat in the cockpit, feeling and kissing each other, the boat rocked and the soft evening breeze cooled them. The sounds of halyards clanking on masts all around were like chimes serenading them.

After a thorough massage of Muffy's tits, Poke let his hand slide down her belly to the top of her jeans. He dipped a finger into her belly button, then unsnapped her jeans.

Feeling her pants open gave Poke a delicious thrill. The way to heaven was open for him!

Sliding his hand into her panties forced her zipper down. Poke's fingers reached her pussy hair and passed through it. But he wasn't going to be able to reach her hot fuck slot until he got her pants off.

Muffy had no patience for this coy groping. She grabbed her jeans, lifted her ass, and pulled them down along with her panties. After kicking her feet free, she slumped down where she sat and spread her legs.

Poke's fingers had stayed at her cunt while she stripped off her pants. He felt her thighs open, leaving her pussy vulnerable to his fingers.

Still sucking Muffy's tongue, Poke lay his middle finger along her spread pussy lips. Her delicate lips felt like silk dipped in hot oil. He moved his fingertip over her delicate folds of pussy flesh.

"Ummmmm!" she whimpered.

Poke curled his finger, sending its tip through her cuntlips. He found her pussy tunnel and, after examining the opening, reached into it.

Muffy gasped.

With his hand pressed firmly on her hairy cunt mound, Poke wiggled his finger around in the tight pit of her pussy.

Muffy dropped her head back, her face tilted upwards again. But this time her eyes were closed with ecstasy. She writhed just enough to make her tits shake.

The sight of her big, white tits made Poke lower his face to them. He moved his face over the soft hills before taking one hard nipple into his mouth.

"Ohhhhhh! That's sooo nice!" Muffy whispered into the breeze.

Poke sucked and fingered the girl with eager, gentle sexual greed. His prick was still locked away in his pants. But now he knew how much better it was to be out of his mind with lust before burying his cock in a pussy.

"Poke," Muffy whispered, putting her mouth near his ear and breathing hotly into it. "Will you do something special for me?"

"Uh-huh," he mumbled on her tit.

"Eat me!" she whispered with a sharp hiss.

Her words made Poke's eyes open as though cold water had been thrown on him. His mouth went slack on the girl's nipple.

Could she mean he should stick his tongue into her cunt? Poke felt a cold wave of excitement slither down his spine. He wasn't sure he could lick her cunt.

"I love to have my pussy sucked!" Muffy whispered. "It's my favorite thing in the world!"

Poke held her nipple in his mouth as he considered eating her. He knew her cunt juice would get into his mouth and all over his face. How would it taste?

He found that thinking about cunt lapping was giving him an appetite to try it! His heart was pounding.

Muffy slid forward, bringing her cunt over the edge of the seat. Poke slid to the cockpit floor.

Kneeling between her knees, he stared into her pussy.

Lifting her legs and setting her feet on the seat opposite, Muffy surrounded Poke's head with her thighs. Then she put her fingers at the edge of her pussy and spread her cuntlips farther, massaging her mound.

Staring at her cunt, Poke turned his face and rested his cheek on one of the girl's thighs. Then he kissed the soft flesh a few inches below her pussy. When he felt her thigh shiver, Poke moved his mouth closer to her soaking fuck slot.

The odor of steaming cunt cream filled his nostrils. Poke had sniffed this weird aroma before, but never right from the hot pussy it flowed from. The smell made his mouth water.

Swiveling his head, Poke brought his mouth and nose to Muffy's cunt. He stuck out his tongue.

"Ahhhhhh," Muffy cried softly at the first touch of his tongue.

Poke liked this new sport so far. So he began moving his tongue up and down, following her wet cuntlips in her spread pussy.

As her juice mingled with his saliva, Poke's mouth filled with the flavor of a hot cunt. It was good! He stuck his tongue out farther and licked her fuck slot eagerly.

"Ohhhhh!" Muffy moaned with each wipe of the boy's tongue over her spread pussy.

Using the pointed tip of his tongue, Poke tickled Muffy's clit. That made her writhe wildly. So he moved his tongue back down to her wiggling cuntlips. He didn't want to make her come right away. He was enjoying this kinky game too much to end it quickly.

Looking up from Muffy's pussy, Poke saw her tits above her head. They were quavering with the girl's writhing. The sight increased Poke's lust, driving him nearly mad.

His increased lust made him lick Muffy's cunt harder and faster. Using the flat surface of his tongue, Poke pressed and wiped Muffy's cunt.

Then he tried sticking his tongue up her pussy tunnel. With his teeth pressed into her plump cunt lips, he wagged his tongue in her pussy meat. Muffy loved that. Poke could tell by the way her moaning rose in pitch.

Now the girl was shaking wildly. He could see that she had grabbed her tits as she quaked.

"Ahhhh!" she screamed, before biting down on her hand to muffle the sound.

Poke wrapped his arms around her thighs. She was coming, he knew. To give her an orgasm she would remember, he put his tongue on her clit and wiggled it as hard as he could.

"Nnnnn!" Muffy cried in a strangled voice, as she tried to keep the sounds of her passion from filling the whole harbor and town.

She had slid even farther down in her seat. Her cunt shoved Poke's head halfway across the cockpit. But he held his ground and kept wagging his tongue on her clit.

Muffy was practically off her seat and on top of Poke's head as she shook with extreme ecstasy. Poke was sitting down with his back against the opposite seat, but he kept licking her clit.

"God! Ohhhh!" Muffy gasped desperately.

She had grabbed handfuls of Poke's hair and was holding his face tightly to her cunt as she continued writhing in bliss.

Then her cries diminished. Collapsing in a heap, she became limp and silent.

Poke lifted his face in triumph. Seeing the girl reduced to a limp hulk made Poke proud of his first cunt-lapping effort.

"Oh, Poke!" Muffy said, looking up at him. "Oh, your tongue is even better than your fingers at making me come!"

As Muffy got up, Poke pulled off his clothes. Then he sat down where Muffy had sat, and she knelt where he had knelt.

Muffy put her hands on Poke's thighs, then slid them to his crotch. She grabbed his prick, running her fingers over it.

"Look at how it's twitching!" she said. "It looks like it's trying to get away from me!"

"It isn't," Poke said. "It wants to get into your mouth!"

Muffy smiled up at Poke. Then she lowered her face and took his prick into her mouth.

"Ah." Poke cried when he felt her hot mouth grab his cockhead.

After the excitement of eating Muffy's cunt, this was his reward. Just as she had the last time, in her bedroom, Muffy sucked him skillfully and eagerly.

As her head moved back and forth, pumping his prick in her mouth and throat, she ran her hands all over his stomach and thighs.

Poke was rushing headlong toward a climax. But he didn't want to come in Muffy's mouth this time. He longed for the sensation of her tight cunt sliding on his prick.

"Let me fuck you!" he whispered hoarsely.

Muffy nodded, with his prick still in her mouth. Then she lifted her head and turned away. She stayed down on her knees but lowered her body, resting her head and shoulders on the floor.

Poke dropped down behind her. He reached below her ass, found her cunt, and brought his throbbing cock to it. After the lapping he'd given her pussy, her cunt lips were loose and sloppy. His fat prick sailed up into her cunt.

Fucking in this position was great, Poke found. He loved the way Muffy's ass felt against his stomach. And he could drive his prick deeply into her pussy merely by rocking his hips.

"Uhhhh!" he groaned with intense joy as his prick ran in and out of the girl's slippery pussy.

Faster and faster, he pumped. His hips slapped against her ass, making her asscheeks quiver.

"Ohhhhh!" Poke cried as his orgasm exploded. He pumped Muffy full of thick jism. His pleasure was sending him into a fit of spasms, each one a profound experience!

When he came down to earth, he leaned forward and rested his head on Muffy's back. His prick remained parked in her cunt.

When they climbed back up to the seat, they both looked up at the sky. Sitting naked in the boat, watching the Milky Way stretch across the sky, was the perfect dessert after their feast of fucking.

The row back to the yacht club seemed to last forever, but they weren't in a hurry so it didn't matter. Poke said goodbye to Muffy and headed home. He looked forward to sailing with Sue and John the next day, but he also looked back on the fun he'd had with Muffy. The summer seemed to be working out pretty well after all.


The next morning, at ten, Poke was down at the landing. He saw Sue and John on their boat. John was lifting buckets of water from the harbor and splashing it over the deck. Sue was in the dinghy at the stern of the boat, painting.

Cupping his hands around his mouth, Poke called out.

Sue and John looked up from their work and waved. Then Sue untied the dinghy and rowed over to get him.

"Good morning," she said as Poke climbed into the dinghy.

Poke said good morning and tried not to stare at Sue's tits.

"Should we throw John over board so we can fuck?" she asked. "We'll toss him a life jacket, then pick him up after we've fucked ourselves silly."

"I feel bad enough about fucking you already," Poke said.

"Don't be silly," Sue said. "What he doesn't know won't hurt him."

Poke smiled, although he did feel bad about John, who'd been so nice to him.

When they got to the boat, Poke noticed that Sue had been painting the name Loon on the transom. Sue told him the name came from the sounds she made when John fucked her aboard the boat.

"Now don't be giving away all our secrets," John said as Poke climbed aboard.

When he lifted his foot from the dinghy, he felt Sue's hand grab his ankle. But she let go before John noticed.

"We'll cast off as soon as Sue finishes," John said.

"I'm all done," she said and climbed aboard. "Should we take the dinghy with us?"

"Sue," John said. "We can row ashore on Bird Island and have lunch on the beach. Besides, if the bottom falls out of Loon, we'll have the dinghy to get back in."

John made himself comfortable in the cockpit with the tiller across his thighs. Sue sat on the cabin top, leaning against the massive mast. Poke stood near the bow, watching the water rush beneath the hull. His gaze occasionally drifted to Sue, whose sheer blouse gave him a nice view of her tits.

To keep Sue from distracting him, Poke went to the cockpit and sat on the railing.

"Want to take the helm?" John offered.

Poke accepted. He changed places with John and held the tiller. But the boat began to stand upright and the sails began flapping.

"Down, down, point her down," John said. "No, the other way. Oh, you've got us into irons."

The boat was bobbing like a cork now, not moving forward at all. The sails flapped loudly and boom swung back and forth over Poke's head. John reached over and grabbed the tiller. He shoved it toward the side of the boat, and the sails began to fill. Then John brought the tiller back amidship, and Loon began driving forward again.

"That's Bird Island," John said, pointing to a pine-covered, hilly island with a rocky shore. "There's a beach around the north end and a good anchorage. We'll go ashore and have a picnic."

Poke sailed past the point at the end of the island. Then John took the helm.

"Sue, show Poke how to drop the hook," John called to Sue who was still sitting by the mast, basking in the warm sun.

Site showed Poke how to take the anchor out of its chocks and throw it overboard. When the anchor was holding, they loaded the dinghy with a picnic basket and a blanket, and rowed ashore.

They laid the blanket down on the beach and spread a huge lunch out on it. There were several sorts of salad, sandwiches, beer and wine. From the beach, they had a view of Loon at anchor and the hills around Dappled Harbor beyond. Poke had never had so much fun.

After stuffing themselves, they relaxed. Poke tried not catching Sue's eye. He didn't want his lust interfering with his fun. After all, he wasn't going to fuck Sue this afternoon.

As Sue lay on her stomach, John snuggled up to her and put his hand on her ass. Poke could see he wasn't needed at the moment, and he thought it would be a good time to take a walk.

"I think I'll do some exploring," he said.

"Take your time," John said. "It's a run back to Dappled Harbor if this breeze lasts. Won't take more than an hour, so we've got plenty of time."

Poke wandered down the beach. When it disappeared, he climbed the rocks that overtook the coastline. He looked back once and saw John and Sue heading the other way.

Poke had noticed a few houses on the island. They probably belonged to lobster trappers, he thought. But there wasn't much chance of running into anyone since it was a big island with only a few houses. Poke loved wandering alone like this and he hoped he didn't see a soul.

He stopped and looked at some tide pools. He sat down to watch gulls swoop and glide as they cried out. Then he continued walking.

Suddenly he came to a small cove. It was invisible until he got to it, but now he realized he'd stumbled practically into someone's back yard. There was a small house set in the trees. A few more steps brought Poke to the end of the rocky shore. He noticed someone among the trees nearby. No, there were two people. They were bent over, digging clams in the muddy crescent of the small cove.

Poke turned and headed back. He decided to go into the woods, around the house and cove, then continue along the shoreline. But before he took a step, one of the diggers called out.

"Youuu whooooo!" a short figure called, waving a clamming rake.

Now the other clam digger looked up.

Poke waved, then started back along the rocks. But now both diggers began calling, hooting and waving frantically.

"Hey!" one yelled.

"Don't go!" the other yelled.

Poke could tell from their voices that they were female. But they were too far away to get a good look at. In their high boots and plaid jackets, they looked like elves.

They were both beckoning for Poke to join them. He hated to disappoint them. Besides, it would be interesting to see what these island people were like. So Poke walked toward the mudflat. The clam diggers slogged ashore, their boots making sucking sounds in the mud.

"Hello, nice of you to drop over," one said, the taller one with frizzy brown hair flying in the breeze.

Now Poke could see that they were women. The taller one was his mother's age, the shorter one his own age. He guessed they were mother and daughter.

"Come on over to the house and we'll fix you some coffee," the older one said. "I have a loaf of fresh bread and blueberry muffins."

The younger one, a pretty girl with freckles and a round face, smiled but was silent.

Poke had thought the island people were reclusive, staying away from the summer people. But these two were friendly enough.

"We don't get too many visitors," the older woman said as she kicked off her boots at the house.

The young girl kicked off her boots, too. Then, inside, she took off her jacket. In her blouse and jeans, her solid body was shown off. The older woman was slim and attractive.

"Here, here, sit down," the older woman said, pulling a chair out from the table. "My name's Sara, and this here is my daughter, Liza."

Poke introduced himself, and he sat down at the table.

As Sara went to the stove and began making coffee, Liza sat at the table, opposite Poke. She still hadn't said a word or stopped smiling. Now she leaned forward, listing the front of her blouse fall away from her tits. The freckled tops of her big, round tits were visible.

"Liza, go get a new jar of raspberry jam from the cellar," Sara said.

Still smiling at Poke, the young girl slipped out of the room.

"She's a good girl," the older woman said. "Misses her father, though."

Suddenly, Sara was beside Poke. She put a hand on his shoulder and massaged it.

"Well, you're a nice, strong one," she said. "Almost forgot what a strong man feels like. We're alone now, Liza and me."

As she spoke, the woman had wrapped her arm around Poke's head and pulled his face to the softness of her tits. Her cotton blouse couldn't hide the fact that her tits were big and warm. Poke's cock began inflating.

But at the sound of Liza climbing the cellar stairs, the woman let go of Poke's head.

Liza set down the jar of jam and resumed smiling at Poke. He let his gaze wander over the girl's blouse. Although Liza was round and almost plump, and the older woman was slim and almost gaunt, they both had nice, big tits.

"You make your own jam?" Poke asked, trying to make conversation.

"Lord, yes! We've got a basement full," Sara said.

"I'll show you," Liza said as she jumped up and ran around the table to Poke.

"Leave the boy alone," the older woman said. "The coffee's almost ready."

"Won't take a minute," Liza said, grabbing Poke's hand and dragging him down to the cellar.

Site led him through the low-ceilinged cellar to a shelf full of jars marked blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, or blackberry.

"See?" Liza said, still holding Poke's hand.

"Yeah, nice," Poke said as he looked down at the open top of the girl's blouse.

She turned to face him, bringing her massive tits to his chest. Her round face tilted up at him, and she crushed her tits over his chest by leaning against him.

Poke lowered his face and raised his hands. He recognized a horny chick when he saw one. Besides, the older woman had kindled his lust by squeezing his face to her tits.

Poke's lips touched Liza's. His fingers touched her swollen tits. His prick, stiff and bulging in his jeans, leaned against her stomach.

"Coffee's ready," Sara's voice boomed down the cellar stairs.

But Liza was holding onto Poke, squeezing her tits on his chest. It wasn't until the older woman's voice boomed again, louder, that the girl let him go.

Shifting his prick to a more comfortable position in his jeans, Poke followed Liza's wide ass back to the kitchen.

Poke drank the strong coffee and ate bread and jam. They were delicious. But he kept shifting his eyes from Sara's tits to Liza's. And he saw they were both watching him carefully.

"Digging clams makes my back hurt," Liza said as she threw her shoulders back and thrust her tits forward.

Poke watched her big titglobes stretch her blouse. Her erect nipples showed as gumdrop-sized bumps. Between the buttons of her blouse, gaps opened, letting Poke see the deep valley between her tits.

"Yeah, I know what you mean," Sara said, imitating Liza's posture.

The older woman's tits were put on display too. Although lower on her chest than her daughter's tits, Sara's were still beautifully round. Her blue blouse was so faded, Poke saw the big, dark disks of her nipples right through it.

He had stumbled into a house of horny women, Poke realized. But how could he get anywhere with either of them if they both fought for him?

"Why don't you bring in the clams?" Sara said to Liza. "I'd better put them in the fridge before they spoil. Go on now!"

Reluctantly, Liza got up and went out. And as soon as she did, Sara stood up and went to Poke's side. She wrapped her arm around his head again.

"Yes sir, I always said it's nice to have a man about the place," she said. "Come on out back. I'll show you my garden."

Poke went with her, led by the hand like a little boy. As they strode out of the house, Poke glanced at the way Sara's tits jostled on her chest with her long strides.

It looked like the older woman was going to win the prize, Poke thought. He would have chosen Liza, if he'd had a choice. But Sara, although even older than Sue, was a sexy woman. And just by the way she gripped Poke's hand, he could tell she was going to be exciting to fuck.

The garden was not behind the house, but beyond some trees and down a hill. They would be out of sight of the house, Poke noticed with increasing passion.

"Look at these!" Sara said as she plucked a cucumber from the garden. "Big, huh?"

She caressed the cucumber with both hands and held it to her cheek. It was easy to see that she liked holding big, blunt objects.

Sara's eyes dropped from Poke's face to the lump in his pants.

"It looks like this cucumber has nothing more'n you," Sara said as she stepped forward and grabbed Poke.

They kissed. For an older woman, Sara was a tigress. She kissed him with all the youthful passion that Muffy had ever shown.

Poke filled his hand with one of Sara's tits. Like Sue's tits, hers were sagging and loose, conforming to the shape of Poke's grasping hand.

"Oooooh!" Sara yelped. "I almost forgot how good it feels to have a man squeeze my tits!"

They kissed again, deeper, hotter. Then they let their legs fold and they collapsed to the soft grass beside the garden.

Sara pulled Poke's jersey up from his jeans and ran her hands inside it, over Poke's back. He did the same to her, then brought his hand around to her naked tits. He ran his fingertips over her erect nipples, then filled his hand again with her titflesh. After kissing a while, Sara seemed to have crossed a point of self-control. She suddenly pulled her hands from Poke's back and began unbuttoning her blouse. Poke lifted himself off her and helped. When he saw how her hands shook as she struggled with her buttons, he knew this was going to be a wild fuck.

"Kiss my tits!" Sara breathed hoarsely as she threw open her blouse.

Her tits lay spread on her chest. Her big, round nipples looked like the jam Poke had spread on his bread a few minutes before.

Sara grabbed his head and pulled it down hard on one of her tits. Poke landed with his open mouth surrounding her nipple. He sucked it into his mouth.

"Ohhhhhh yessssss!" Sara hissed as she grabbed him by the hair.

As Poke sucked her tits, she quickly unfastened her pants and began pulling them down. Poke tried to help, but it wasn't easy with Sara holding his face tightly to her tit. Finally, she had to let him go long enough to get her pants and panties down her long, trim legs. As she stripped, Poke sat back and watched. He saw that Sara's body was really very beautiful, even if her tits did hang heavily.

"Don't just sit there," she scolded. "Get undressed!"

Poke came to life. He pulled off his jersey, and Sara attacked his belt buckle with greedy fingers.

Then she pulled down his pants as if she were shucking an ear of corn.

Lying on his back, Poke looked up at Sara while she wrenched his pants from his feet. Her tits swung like wrecking balls.

"God, look at that!" she cried, her eyes growing big and round.

She was looking at Poke's stiff prick. Then she dropped down and impaled her face on his cock. She sucked him as though her life depended on it.

"Ma!" Liza's voice screamed from the direction of the house. "Ma, Goddamn it. Ma!"

The girl sounded angry. But Sara paid no attention. She sucked Poke's prick, her tits draped over his thigh.

Lifting himself up onto his elbows, Poke looked toward the house. Then he looked down at Sara's head bobbing over his prick. Her hot mouth was lifting Poke to ecstatic excitement, and he hoped Liza would stay away until Sara brought him off.

There was the sound of footsteps tramping towards them. Liza's round face appeared over a bush, followed by her big tits.

"Aw, Ma!" the girl cried in anguish. "You always get them."

"Sucking cock's a hard habit to break," Sara said. "Leave us be now."

"I will not!" Liza said as she began undressing. Sara resumed sucking Poke's prick. Meanwhile, he watched Liza pulling her clothes off. She had her blouse off, her big tits bared. Poke had never seen such round tits. They were big, yet melon firm. Then Liza pulled down her jeans. Her hips were wide, her thighs like hams. She was the opposite of her mother's shape.

The big girl hurried over to where Poke lay beneath Sara's sucking head. As she ran to him, every part of Liza's body shook with its own rhythm.

She threw herself down beside Poke and grabbed him as though her mother was nowhere in sight, rather than right there at Poke's prick.

"Oh Poke!" Liza sighed before her mouth covered Poke's.

Poke's elbows slipped out from under him as Liza lay the weight of her tits on him. He fell back into the grass, Liza on top of him. As the girl kissed him, she rolled around on her tits which flattened on the boy's chest.

Now, with mother and daughter working on him, Poke gave himself to wanton joy. This was the last thing he'd expected as he strolled down the beach. It seemed his life was charmed lately!

Liza kissed Poke's mouth with hunger, while Sara sucked his cock. Poke lifted his hands to stroke the part of Liza's tits that bulged out.

Although his brain was a storm of lust, Poke tried to sort through the various pleasures he felt. His prick was swimming in Sara's mouth, but she was merely running her tongue around his cockhead. His balls lay in her hand. On his thighs, her tits were spread, warming him.

Above his waist, Liza was giving him more pleasures. Her big tits completely covered his chest and her hard nipples poked him. Her tongue excited him as it wiggled inside his mouth.

Then Liza took her mouth away, replacing it with her tits. Shaking her body, she slapped Poke's face with those solid pillows. But Poke caught one between his hands, held her nipple at his mouth and sucked it.

"Ummmmm. Harder. Bite me!" Liza moaned.

He stuffed her nipple into his mouth along with some of the surrounding flesh, and sunk his teeth into it.

"Ohhhhh yeahhh!" Liza cheered.

After Poke had gnawed on both of Liza's tits, she pulled them away from him. She kissed her way down his stomach until she lay beside his legs, across from her mother who was still sucking his prick.

"Lemme suck him a bit," Liza said as she shoved her face at Poke's cock.

Looking down at the two faces at his prick, Poke gasped. He'd never dreamed of anything like this!

Liza dipped her face below her mother's, stuck out her tongue, and licked Poke's balls. Having her tongue sliding over his balls with Sara's mouth munching on his prickhead was spectacular.

"Come on, Ma," Liza whined. "Gimme a chance."

Liza used her head to dislodge Sara's mouth from Poke's prick. The cool breeze felt nice on his wet cock now that Sara's hot mouth was gone. But before his prick dried, Liza dropped her face on it. She began sucking with more friction and greed than Sara had used.

"Don't you make him come, now," Sara said sternly. "We got to keep him hard if he's going to fuck us both. You'll fuck us both, won't you, you big, strong boy!"

"I'll try my best," Poke gasped.

Now Sara slid up to kiss Poke. Then she brought her tits to his face. Poke had to grab one and lift it to his mouth so he could suck it. In his position, he was pinned to the ground by Liza's cocksucking.

"Oh, I do love the way you suck my tits!" Sara cooed. "Don't he suck tits just like your father used to, bless his soul."

"Ummmm-hmmmm!" Liza hummed on Poke's prick.

As Poke held and sucked one of Sara's tits, he watched her holding the other one. She let it rest on her palm while tickling her own nipple with her fingertips. Then, to Poke's delight and amazement, she lifted her tit higher, lowered her face, and began sucking it. Now both Poke and Sara sucked one of the old gal's tits.

Poke watched how Sara stuck out her tongue and circled her nipple. He did likewise to her other nipple. Then the woman bit her nipple, and Poke bit her other one.

As Poke took a tit-sucking lesson from Sara, he reached for her cunt. She spread her thin thighs. Her pussy was wet with slipped liquid as Poke pressed his fingers into it.

"Mmmmm!" Sara moaned as Poke fingered her, her moan muffled on her own tit as she sucked it.

Meanwhile, Liza was taking her mother's advice, sucking Poke's cock gently so he wouldn't come before satisfying these lustful women. Her mouth was full of hot saliva which she bathed Poke's prick in. Her tongue wiggled beneath his cock knob, too. And as she sucked, she held Poke's balls in a tight grasp.

Sara suddenly pulled her tit from Poke's mouth with a sucking sound. She threw a leg over him and straddled his chest. Looking up, Poke saw her holding her tits in her hands. Her ass sat on his chest, her cunt hovered over his neck. Lifting his face, Poke looked into her cunt. Her pussy lips were spread, showing her inner lips. Behind her cunt, her round asscheeks were in view.

Poke stared at her pussy with his eyes bulging. Not even the sight of Sara massaging her own tits could pull Poke's gaze from her cunt!

Then it seemed as though her cunt were about to slide down over Poke's face, engulfing him. At first, he thought this was an illusion, a figment of his fevered imagination. But he soon saw that it was really happening!

Sara was creeping forward, bringing her cunt over his face. Poke remembered when he had his tonsils taken out. He had watched the doctor bring a mask over his face which made him sleep. This was a similar experience, except now Poke was out of his mind with passion!

"I'll bet you love to suck cunts, don't you!" Sara said, as she smiled down at the boy and brought her pussy to his face.

The funky aroma of simmering cuntjuice rose in Poke's nose. Then he felt Sara's pussy hairs tickle his nose. Her spread cuntlips kissed his mouth.

Poke stuck out his tongue, sending it right into Sara's cunt.

"Ohhhhh!" the woman gasped.

Sara began rocking, dragging her cunt over Poke's erect tongue. He didn't have to do anything but keep his tongue sticking up. Sara moved her pussy over it, stimulating first her drooling cunt, then her clit.

As the woman rode Poke's tongue, he looked up and watched her. From his position beneath her upright body, he watched her tits shimmying in her hands. Between and above her tits, he saw her face had a look of extreme lust.

There was something about being flat on his back, with both these women working on him, that was very exciting. With a cunt wiggling on his tongue, and his prick in the grip of a hot mouth, Poke was a slave to these Amazons.

"Ohhhhhh!" Sara cried. "Uhhhh!"

Her body was trembling wildly now. Her clit rubbed on Poke's nose as she lowered her cunt cave on his tongue. Her pussy hair spread over his wet cheeks and her ass fluttered on his chest.

Her thick cuntjuice, flowing into his mouth and down his face, made this weird action even more exciting for the cunt-lapping boy.

"Ooooooh!" Sara's voice rose like a wolf in heat.

She was coming, Poke knew. Even if he hadn't been looking up at her as she went into fits of orgasmic lust, he would have known she was coming by the way she ground her cunt on his face. Now, her pussy didn't distinguish between his tongue and his nose or chin. She merely rubbed the spread lips of her cunt all over the boy's face, bearing down with almost all her weight.

Having his face scrubbed like this was thrilling for Poke, who had only known cunts for about a week. Before that the idea of merely getting his finger into one sent him into a horny rage.

Even with the excitement of Sara's pussy spasming on his face, Poke was aware of Liza's mouth on his prick. She took her mouth away suddenly, leaving his cock cooling in the breeze again.

But then he felt Liza's heavy thighs surrounding his. She grabbed his prick in a tight grip. Her hot cunt met his cockhead and slipped down over his prick.

"Uh!" Poke gasped, letting Sara's pussy juice run into his throat and making him gag.

With his prick reaching into Liza's cunt, Poke knew this was it. His jism was going to flow!

"Ahhhh!" Liza cried as she bounced up and down on Poke's throbbing cock.

"Ohhhhhh!" Sara moaned as she dropped her tits from her hands and leaned forward over his face.

Sara's pussy was slowing down its wiggling on his face. Poke saw how her tits hung from her chest now, and how her face was relaxed. But her pussy was still spread over Poke's face, and he couldn't breathe. That didn't diminish the pleasure of having Liza's cunt sliding over his prick.

Finally, Sara dismounted from Poke's face. She sprawled on the grass beside him, opening the view of Liza straddling Poke's hips and fucking him eagerly.

Poke lifted his soaking face to watch the girl's wild ride. Her big tits hopped frantically on her chest. Her belly quivered slightly. She held her head back and her arms out to the sides like a rodeo cowboy.

Between Poke's and Liza's pubic patches, his cock appeared and disappeared every time the girl lifted and dropped her cunt.

"Eeeeee!" Liza wailed as she bounced. "Ahhh!" Poke cried as his orgasm struck. The boy threw his hands out and dug his fingers into the soil as though he were afraid of falling off the earth. With his ecstasy raging, it seemed like his body had turned into pure sexual energy!

"Oh, my!" Sara sighed as she watched the two kids hit their pinnacle of lust. "My, my, my!"

As he writhed with joy, Poke kept his eyes on Liza. The sight of her body rising and falling on his spewing prick made his pleasure more intense. Her tight cunt was milking him, keeping his cream pumping out with pangs of blinding pleasure.

Poke didn't know how long Liza kept her pussy churning on his prick. It seemed like hours. When she finally stopped, she fell forward and brought her massive tits down on the boy's chest.

Gravity took over again, Poke could tell by the weight of Liza's tits on him. He panted, amazed at what had happened and the pleasure it had given him. Let's prick, still in Liza's cunt, tingled with the effects of their fucking.

Sara moved closer to the kids, bringing her tits to rest on Poke's arm.

"I knew you were a nice strong boy," Sara said as she stroked his head. "That strong coffee gives you strength. And put a lot of honey in my jam. Lots of honey is good for you."

As she spoke, Poke's prick began to stiffen again. Since it was still up Liza's cunt, she was the first to know. She lifted her body as if the cock in her was forcing her upward. But it was the hope of more fucking that made her rise.

Sara knew what was happening in her daughter's cunt, though. And she made her claim.

"My turn, honey," she said as she roughly shoved Liza off Poke.

The sunlight didn't have a chance to touch Poke's cock before Sara hopped on him and brought her pussy to his prickhead. She slid down his cock with a yelp of joy.

Since he'd just come, Poke's prick was very sensitive. But he could last longer than he had before. With that in mind, Sara didn't hold back.

Rather, she began lifting and lowering her cunt on Poke's towering cock with all her energy.

Poke watched her fucking him. She was leaning back, with her hands behind her on Poke's thighs.

That gave the boy a great view of her cunt sliding up and down his fuck shaft!

Poke found he had another fascinating view.

Liza was sitting on the grass, watching. Her legs were spread and her hands were in front of her cunt. Then Poke noticed something green in hands. With a jolt, he realized it was the cucumber Sara had shown him! She was sticking it up her cunt!

Remembering how fat that vegetable was, Poke got a thrill from seeing the girl shove it into her pussy. When it was lodged deep in her cunt, she held it by its very end and quickly moved it in and out of her pussy.

Poke looked back up at Sara. Her tits were leaping on her chest with her wild fucking. Then he looked back at Liza. She was ramming the cucumber in and out of her cunt with all her might.

All three of them were soon howling with sexual rapture. Then they lay sprawled in the grass, exhausted.

"How about some more coffee?" Sara asked as she dragged herself over to Poke again. "And some nice homemade bread, with lots of jam?"

But Poke remembered John and Sue. He didn't want to be stranded on this island. Not that being stranded wouldn't have its rewards. But these horny ladies might prove too much. After all, how much good would coffee and jam do after a few days of this action?

So Poke made his apologies, saying he had to meet some friends at their boat.

"What a shame!" Sara said with genuine sorrow.

But the girls helped him dress, then walked him back to the cove.

"Promise you'll come back," Sara said, still clinging to Poke's arm.

"I will, I promise," Poke said as he walked away.

He kept looking back at the two naked women who were waving to him with their hands and tits. He would be back.

"Ey, skipper," John said as Poke walked up to him and Sue on the beach. "Find anything interesting?"

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you," Poke said.


A few days later, John and Sue invited Poke to go cruising. They were going to sail to Eagle Rock Island, stopping at Longneck and sailing through Longneck thoroughfare. The trip would take four or five days. Poke could be a big help, taking the helm during long passages and helping with the anchoring, John said.

Poke was excited. This is what he dreamed of all winter. He told John and Sue he would ask his parents, and he ran right home to talk to them.

After explaining how good a sailor John was and that the boat was seaworthy, he got permission to go.

Poke ran back to tell John and Sue. Sue seemed especially pleased, and Poke knew why. But Poke had decided not to fuck Sue anymore. It wasn't very nice to fuck John's girlfriend when John was so good to him.

John told Poke to pack a bag that could be easily stowed. He told him to bring some warm clothes and sunglasses. They would leave the next morning with the fair tide. For the rest of that day, Poke helped row bags of groceries and ice out to Loon, where Sue was stowing it.

Thc next morning Poke was at the landing at eight, even though the tide wouldn't turn until eleven. He met John and Sue rowing in to get breakfast, and he joined them.

"Radio says sou'wester blowing fifteen knots today," John said. "Perfect weather!"

Poke was so excited he could barely sit still. By the time they were aboard Loon, he felt like Columbus and they hadn't even cast off yet.

Then Poke was busy hoisting sails, making sure the dinghy was tied fast to the stem, and casting off. They sailed out the channel and trimmed sails for a broad reach.

Finally, they all settled down. John was at the helm and Sue and Poke were on the foredeck, watching the blue ocean rolling under the boat. The sky was clear, and the breeze balmy. Dolphins leaped near the starboard bow for a while, racing the sloop across the bay.

Poke forgot everything in the world but the boat, the ocean, and the wind. He'd never felt so free, so sure of what he was doing. But then, in the corner of his eye, he noticed Sue unbuttoning her blouse.

Suddenly, everything changed. Poke was no longer the carefree voyager. He was a horny teenager again. But when Sue stripped off her blouse there was a bikini top beneath it.

"Did I get you going?" she asked quietly, so John wouldn't hear. "Sorry. You'll have to wait. John always falls asleep early, especially when we're cruising."

Sue spread herself out on deck in the sun. Poke calmed down, but he knew now that if Sue wanted to fuck him, he didn't have the strength to resist. He promised himself he would be careful, though, and not let John even suspect what was going on.

Later, Sue went below to make lunch. Poke took the helm, keeping a course of eighteen degrees, as John had shown him. Then John went below to help Sue. When they came back, they were carrying a big pile of sandwiches. Poke realized he was starved.

With the fair tide and breeze, they made Longneck harbor in mid-afternoon. After dropping the anchor in a quiet cove, they rowed the clink into town and strolled around. Then they had dinner. By the time they got back aboard Loon the sun was setting, spreading vivid orange across the western horizon.

Poke felt terrific. Sailing had made him just tired enough to be thoroughly relaxed. Bringing Loon to Longneck gave him deep satisfaction. He'd steered a good part of the way and he'd kept Loon right on course, mostly. Now the beauty of the sunset beyond the bay wrapped up a perfect day.

"Time for some grog," John said.

He went below, and he came back with a bottle of ruin and some Cokes. John even had a lime. He cut it up with the rigging knife that he always wore.

When they had finished a few drinks each, and the sky was dark, John and Sue went below to bed. Poke went forward and climbed down the hatch to his berth in the forepeak. He had his own little nook, separated from the main cabin. He lay on his triangular bunk with his head beneath the hatch, which he had left open. The black velvet sky was strewn with stars, and he watched the mast sweep across them as Loon gently rocked.

Fucking Sue would be perfect after such a day. But if she didn't come to him he wouldn't mind. Besides, after a long day, and those rum and Cokes, Poke was more in the mood for sleep than fucking. Before long, his eyelids closed and he was dreaming.

"Poke, Poke," the ocean whispered, the words carried by the gently breeze.

The breeze became almost solid, caressing him. This breeze even had a hand with fingers that crept into his sleeping bag.

"Huh?" he asked suddenly as the breeze said something he didn't catch.

"Shhh. John's asleep," Sue said as she climbed into his sleeping bag with Poke.

This was better than a dream. But it would turn into a nightmare if John awoke, Sue assured Poke they were safe.

"I left the door open so we can hear him snore," she explained. "If he stops snoring, I'll climb out the hatch and take a pee overboard as a reason for being gone. But he never wakes up anyhow."

Poke heard John's slow, steady snoring. It seemed safe enough. Even if it weren't, now that Sue had slipped into his sleeping bag and had her body pressed against his, Poke was helpless.

They kissed. Sue wore only a light shirt, which was soon gathered around her chest and over her tits. They groped at each other in the tight space of the sleeping bag.

With his prick twitching in Sue's hand, his cockhead throbbing on her belly, Poke rose through the levels of excitement to outrageous lust.

He was massaging one of Sue's tits. She had her thighs wrapped around his, wetting his thigh with hot cuntjuice. Their tongues slipped back and forth visiting each other's mouth.

Poke let Sue's tit slip from his hand. Then he moved his hand around her back, and slid it down to her ass. Squeezing her asscheeks, he found them supple and loose. They were wonderful to grab and squeeze. The more he played with them, the deeper his fingers crept into her asscrack.

"Nnnnnn!" Sue moaned with a tone Poke hadn't heard before.

As the boy kept exploring her ass, he realized his middle finger was right on her asshole. Poke moved his hand before Sue thought he was weird. Then he moved his hand toward her cunt by reaching down below her ass and between her thighs.

Finding her soaking pussy, Poke ran his fingertips along it and spread her cuntlips. Then, keeping her fuckslot spread, he reached into it with his middle finger.

"Ohhhhh!" Sue whimpered with pleasure.

Reaching farther forward from behind Sue's cunt, Poke found her clit pressed to his thigh. It figured that Sue would get her clit into the action right away! But now that Poke's finger was probing for her clit, Sue took her cunt from the boy's thigh and let him reach her clit with his linger.

Sue lifted her leg over Poke's hip as they lay on their sides facing each other. Poke had a good grip on her cunt. And her wide open pussy had a good grip on his finger as he let it swim up her cunt canal. They kissed desperately as Poke explored Sue's pussy. Sue's tits were still mashed on his chest.

Sue managed to grab Poke's prick. She shoved it down between her thighs. When Poke felt his prick throbbing at the back of his fingers, he moved his hand out of the way and let his cock find her simmering fuckslot.

Together, they pushed his prick against Sue's pussy. His cock rested along her pussy, with her cuntlips spread over it. His cockhead stuck out from her thighs, below her asshole.

With his cock now occupying her cuntlips, Poke's hand retreated. He grabbed her ass again. And again he found his finger accidentally touching her asshole.

Sue began moaning with that strange tone again. Poke, wandered if his finger on her asshole had anything to do with that quivering note. To find out, he pressed his finger more firmly on her asshole.

Sue's body quaked. And her weird moaning grew louder.

Now Poke was experiencing a new sensation himself... asshole lust! Why was that tight opening thrilling him? Was it because Sue seemed to like having his finger on it, or was there something sexy about an asshole?

Poke didn't know all he knew was he was suddenly interested in the rear door to Sue's body!

He pressed his finger harder. Her asshole began to give way, opening under his fingertip.

"Hhhhh!" Sue gasped wantonly. "Oh, Poke!"

The boy stuck his finger into her hot ass up to his first knuckle. But this hole was dry, and he couldn't get his finger any farther.

"Wet your finger in my pussy," Sue said. "Then stick it up my ass."

Her words made Poke's prick twitch and his heart skip a beat. He moved his cock out of the way, and he stuck his finger into cunt. Stirring his finger for a few seconds coated it with slippery pussy juice. Then he pulled it out, and he put it back on her asshole.

Now, as he pressed his finger against her puckered asshole, his fingertip slipped in easily. He plunged it in up to his second knuckle this time.

Sue began wiggling and squirming. She rubbed her clit on Poke's pubic bone and her cuntlips kissed the top of his fuckshaft.

"Huhhhhhh!" Sue cried as she writhed. "Oh, I love the way that feels!"

Poke loved it too! Having her tight asshole wrapped around his finger was wild. He began to wonder if his prick would fit into her narrow ass chamber, as he slipped another finger between Sue's cunt and his prick, and sent it up her cunt. His fingers fucked her cunt and ass, with only a thin wall separating them.

Sue was going crazy with the two fingers in her body. Besides that kinky stimulation, her clit was pressed to Poke's pubic bone right over the base of his prick. His coarse pubic hair tickled her clit and cuntlips, giving her an added thrill.

Sue had her arms around Poke's body, holding her tits tightly against his chest. Though her mouth was near his ear, gasping and panting into it, Poke was only aware of the two tunnels he was piercing with his fingers. They were so different. Her cunt was wet and juicy, and her ass was dry. Her cunt was loose and supple, but her asshole was tight and firm.

"Oh, Poke! Sweetheart, lover!" Sue babbled.

She was coming, Poke realized. She was grinding her clit on his pubic moustache. Her tits wobbled on his chest, her asscheeks flailed Poke's wrist. All he had to do was lie still, holding his fingers rigid in her cunt and ass. Sue did the rest. Gyrating madly, she stimulated her twin holes by wringing them on Poke's fingers.

He tried to shove his shoulder over Sue's moaning mouth to quiet her. She let him muffle her cries of joy, but she kept wiggling and thrashing against the boy.

Poke's prick was between her thighs, beneath his own hand. As Sue writhed, her thighs rubbed and squeezed his cock. He wouldn't come. He was getting wild with lust, eager to bury his cock in her. But in which of her tunnels would she welcome him? Poke hoped it would be in her ass!

"Oh, God!" Sue gasped. "I love having my ass stuffed while I come!"

"Can I fuck you in the ass?" he asked quietly. "Sure, I like that!" Sue said. "But stick your cock in my cunt first, to get it nice and slippery."

Overflowing with excitement, Poke pulled back his hips, bringing his cockhead to Sue's drooling cuntlips. Then he shoved his prick up her cunt.

"Ohhhh!" she moaned.

With his prick buried in her pussy, Poke was in heaven! It wasn't going to be easy, taking his prick out before coming. But the thought of trying out her asshole gave him the willpower to pull his prick from her snug and tender cunt.

When he withdrew his wet prick, Sue rolled over onto her stomach. Having her ass rising in the air and waiting for him made Poke shiver. He got between her legs and brought his prick to the crack of her ass. She reached behind and spread her asscheeks, then she guided the bay's prick to her asshole.

"Wait. A little lower," she whispered. "Yeah, there. Ohhhh!"

Poke pushed his prick at the spot where Sue held his cockhead. Her ass began opening, and his cock began sinking. As he lowered his hips, the tight tube of her ass engulfed his cock. Not only did it feel great to have her ass hold his prick, but the kinkiness of this weird act filled Poke with passion.

"Ow, okay, okay!" Sue gasped. "That's deep enough!"

Poke's hips weren't resting on her asscheeks. He would have to sink a few more inches for that. But he didn't want to hurt her. So he stopped sinking his prick and let it pause where it was. And that was far enough to make Poke's head spin. He'd never had his prick in such a tight grip before.

Then he began pumping. His cock slid in the tight chamber of her ass lubricated only by the coating of cunt juice he had brought to her ass on his prick. The friction heated his cock quickly.

The way her asshole squeezed his fuckshaft reminded Poke of his own fingers holding his prick. But beyond her asshole, the cave of her ass stroked his prick like nothing else ever had. Her ass channel was a satiny sheath, sliding over his prick. It was heaven!

As he ass-fucked her, Poke lay his chest on her back and buried his face in her hair. This reminded him that Sue was on her stomach, and made the perversion more vivid. He pictured them in his mind's eye.

"Ahhhhh. Ahhhhhh!" Sue moaned every time Poke's cock rammed high up her ass.

Poke loved how her ass gripped his cock as he pulled it back. He loved the way it felt when he drove it deep again too, as her ass stretched over his prick.

Suddenly Poke realized that his hips were now slapping against Sue's asscheeks with every lunge. He was giving her his entire length!

Her asshole quickly started his jism gushing and his body jerking. As he filled her ass with hot jism, his prick was lubricated more and more. The friction decreased, and he was able to keep his cock sliding longer than he thought. When he finally stopped, he was numb.

Poke lay on Sue's back, dazed and drained. But she was moving beneath him, her ass wiggling and shaking him.

Sue had slipped her arm beneath her, reaching for her erect clit. And now, with his prick still in her ass, she rubbed herself into ecstasy. He went along for the ride. Poke liked the way it felt. His prick was being hugged by Sue's asshole as he was bounced.

"Ahhhhhh!" Sue cried as she gave herself another orgasm.

When she came, her ass spasmed, giving Poke's cock vigorous squeezes. His prick had begun to soften, but this treatment stiffened it again. By the time Sue's orgasm died, Poke was geared up for another. So he began pumping his cock in her ass again.

This time he fucked her slowly. He moved his fat cock in and out of the depths of her ass. Gradually, he reached a second orgasm, a more explosive one than before.

As he lay on Sue, gasping and sweating, he was glad she was not rubbing her clit again. Otherwise, this could go on all night.

Poke, exhausted and spent, fell into sleep while still on Sue's back, plugged into her ass. Once more, the breeze caressed him. Loon's rocking on the dark ocean, in Poke's dreams, was the sloop's powerful driving through the waves. By the time sunlight poured through the hatch, waking him, he had sailed over the world's great oceans.


Poke lay in his bunk, looking up at the blue sky and enjoying the boat's gentle motion. In the main cabin, voices mingled with the sound of frying bacon. And when the smell of breakfast reached him. Poke climbed out if his sleeping bag.

The head was between his cabin and the main cabin, so he slipped into it. The tiny basin was just the right height for washing his prick.

His morning toilet completed, Poke joined Sue and John at the table for breakfast. He was glad John had slept through Sue's and his perversions. But when he looked at Sue, his conscience, as well as his prick, stirred.

"I don't like that northerly wind," John said. "Could mean bad weather."

John turned on the radio, and he tuned in the marine forecast. "Small craft warnings, northwest winds twenty-five to thirty knots, gusting to thirty-five, seas five to eight feet, visibility five miles," the announcer said.

"At least we'll be able to see where we go down," John said.

"Should we sail?" Sue asked. "We could wait here 'til tomorrow."

"Yeah," John said. "But the winds won't be so bad here, with Marshall and Gull Islands to the north. The seas in the bay are never too bad. And Loon was built for heavy weather. But it's up to you both. What do you think, Poke?"

"I'd like to sail. That is, it you do," Poke said, although the weather report made his heart pound.

"We can slip into Deep Harbor if it's too rough, can't we?" Sue asked.

"Sure. So we sail?" John asked.

Sue and Poke nodded.

John made more coffee. He filled a big thermos, since it was going to be too rough to make coffee later. By the time they went on deck, the wind was already freshening.

Poke watched John raise the mainsail only until the first set of reef points were along the boom. They tied the reef points around the boom so only three-quarters of the sail would be used. Even so, the wind made the sail crack like rifle fire. Then they hanked on the smaller jib and hoisted it.

When they cast off, Poke's heart was in his mouth. But with shortened sail, Loon ignored the stiff breeze. Poke relaxed.

But as soon as they left the harbor, Poke found that a reefed sail didn't make the weather go away. In the protection of the harbor the wind had been blocked by the hills and the seas spent their energy on the point of land that jutted across the harbor's mouth. Now they felt the full force of wind and waves.

They were headed due north, a close reach from Longneck. So they trimmed the sail and headed into the weather. Loon plowed forward but, every now and again, water was tossed over her deck as a wave hit Loon's bow. And, in the fierce wind, moving about and talking was difficult.

Sue went below and passed foul-weather outfits to John and Poke. With the yellow rubber jackets and pants on, the spray that hit them no longer mattered. But the wind entering Poke's hood sounded unfriendly. It whistled in the rigging nearby.

Poke made himself comfortable in a corner of the cockpit, out of the wind and spray. John, at the helm, had no protection, but he didn't seem to mind.

Poke was no longer afraid, Loon had proved equal to the weather. But when the sun disappeared and the water looked like molten lead, Poke felt uneasy. Then the wind got stronger, heeling Loon until her leeward rail was underwater.

Looking over to John, Poke saw that he was smiling, enjoying the ride. Loon was bucking and leaning over, but making headway and leaving a long wave curving behind as the wind blew the surface of the water to the east.

"Better tie in another reef," John called. "Poke, take the helm."

Poke moved to the tiller and took it from John. The boat swerved until Poke got used to the way the tiller pulled, trying to let the boat head into the wind.

Sue came out on deck to help. John hauled in the jib and let out the main until it was snapping and shaking angrily. Then he and Sue lowered the sail until the next row of reef points came down to the boom. Now only about half the mainsail was catching wind. When Sue and John trimmed the sail, Poke was glad to see that Loon sailed without dipping its rail in the water. The spray wasn't so bad now either.

Sue went back down below to fix some sandwiches, and John took the helm again.

"You can go below if you want," John yelled to Poke.

"No, I'm all right," Poke said as he curled up again against the cabin and cockpit railing.

With the double reef in the sail, Loon was well behaved. Poke was glad to be getting this taste of rough weather, but he would be happier when it was over.

Sue passed sandwiches and coffee to John and Poke. With a full stomach, the boy felt better.

Before long, Loon's leeward sail was underwater again. The sky was darker, and the waves were steeper and closer together. When the boat dipped into the trough, the waves all around were high above Poke's head. And when they rode up on a crest, the view of the ocean reminded Poke of a watery mountain range. It was an awesome sight fair him.

Up and down Loon plunged. Crashing sounds came from below as pots and dishes slipped from their places. Poke saw Sue struggling to remain on her feet as the boat swayed violently around her. She was trying to secure anything that might get broken. As Poke watched her now, even with her tits swaying and ass switching, he felt no lust. In that ocean, his lust was put away for better weather.

"This is ridiculous!" Sue yelled to John as she came to the companionway and clutched at the sill. "Let's head for Deep Harbor."

"Okay," John yelled back. "But the tide's out and the entrance to Deep Harbor is shallow. Get the chart."

Sue disappeared, then returned with the chart. She wedged herself in the companionway, with her back and feet to its sides, so she could read the chart.

"Thirteen feet mean low water right in the middle. Rocks on both sides," she called.

"Is that deep enough?" Poke asked.

"Sure. Loon only draws eight feet," John said. "As long as we don't hit a rock?"

They changed course and trimmed the sails, heading for the safety of Deep Harbor. Poke couldn't see anything but the rocky coast of Marshall Island, and then only when Loon rose to the crest of a wave. But on one trip to the top of a wave, Poke saw the entrance to the harbor. It was narrow, with rocks sticking out of the water all around the waves crashing in, explosions of white water. Beyond the rocks, the harbor looked like a quiet millpond.

"Looks like we're not the only one," John said. When Loon rose again, Poke saw another sailboat heading for the narrow entrance to the harbor. It was well ahead of them, and wouldn't be in their way.

As they neared the entrance, Poke saw the look of concentration on John's face. He was scowling, his forehead wrinkled, his eyes burning as he gazed ahead up at the sails, and all around. If they hit a rock Loon would be holed, and probably smashed to matchsticks, Poke knew. Also they would most likely be drowned.

"No!" John screamed suddenly, so loud that Poke's flesh went cold. "No! The other side!"

Poke looked in the direction of John's horrified gaze. John was watching the other boat, which was taking a different channel into the harbor.

"They're going onto the rocks!" John yelled. "There's no water there! Don't they have a chart?"

Sue stuck her head up from the cabin. Poke watched in horror. There was nothing they could do. With the wind howling and the waves hiding them every few seconds, the people on the other boat wouldn't hear them. John waved frantically every time a wave lifted them into view of the other boat.

Meanwhile, John had to steer carefully to keep Loon off the rocks.

"Go forward!" John screamed over the howl of the wind. "Get the anchor ready. Hold onto the lifelines with one hand. Don't let go of the lifelines!"

Poke climbed up on deck, clutching the lifelines with both hands as he moved slowly forward. The deck dropped from beneath him every few seconds as Loon slid down a wave. The wind made it difficult to keep his balance. Besides those problems, Poke was watching the other boat sail to its doom.

As they entered the harbor, Poke had the anchor ready to go. It had taken an amazing amount of work since the boat was wild beneath his feet and he had to hold on with one hand.

Now Poke saw the other boat hit the rocks. It came to a sudden, jolting stop. With each wave, it lifted gracefully, then came down with a sickeningly abrupt crash. And every time it hit, it leaned farther over.

Loon was in the harbor now and the waves disappeared. The water was smooth. The sea stopped throwing the boat crazily and let it sail smoothly forward. Wind still whistled in the rigging, but that was a minor annoyance.

"Let it go!" John yelled to Poke, who tossed the anchor over.

John waved, indicating to Poke to let the anchor warp play out. With a slashing motion that John had shown Poke before, he signaled to cleat the warp.

John opened a locker under a cockpit seat and pulled out a coil of heavy rope and a coil of light rope. He pulled the dingy up to Loon's stern and threw the ropes into it.

Poke hurried back to join John. They climbed into the dinghy and rowed for shore, while Sue came out to lower the sails.

"I don't know if we can do much for them," John said as he and Poke pulled the dinghy up on shore and ran to the rocks near where the other boat had gone aground. They saw the boat lying on its side, still rising with the waves and crashing down. But she wasn't hitting so hard now, since it had been washed to deeper water.

As they neared the grounded boat, they saw two people clinging to the high side of the tilted cockpit.

Getting as close as they could, about thirty feet away, John dropped the ropes. One had a monkey's fist, a heavy ball woven in the rope, at one end. He tied that light rope to the heavier one, swung the monkey's fist around, and let it fly. As the people on the boat caught it, Poke recognized them. It was Muffy and Taffy on Flame!

"Pull!" John yelled.

The girls pulled until they had the heavier rope. Taffy almost fell overboard into the rocks, but she caught herself. Then Muffy took the rope forward and made it fast.

Now, every time a wave lifted the boat, Poke and John hauled. They managed to pull the boat ten feet forward each time. Soon, the boat was free of the rocks and in deep water.

"We're sinking!" Muffy yelled.

One side of Flame looked as though it had taken a few cannonballs. No wonder she was sinking.

Flame was already low in the water. Poke and John pulled the boat until it was aground on the sandy shore. The boat leaned over, but there were no waves here to smash it down again and again. Now Flame merely lay down like a tired dog.

Muffy and Taffy jumped into the waist-deep water and slogged ashore. They were both crying with panic as they collapsed on the sand.

"You'll be all right now," John said to them. "We'll keep hauling your boat in until the tide his high, then she'll be safely on the beach. Meanwhile, come with us. We'll get you some dry clothes."

Muffy and Taffy finally recognized Poke when they calmed down. But they were still crying and shaking as Poke and John helped them to the clink and rowed them out to Loon.

"I thought we were going to die!" Muffy kept saying.

When the girls were dry and snug in Loon's cabin, though, Muffy began worrying about Flame. Then Poke knew she was all right.

They went back to the beached boat several times, hauling it higher onto the sand as the tide rose. At high tide they secured it with several lines tied to trees, then left her safe until the next high tide.

Back aboard Loon, the five of them had a big dinner and a few drinks. By dark, they were all ready for bed. Muffy and Taffy chose to sleep with Poke in the forepeak, much to Poke's delight. Of course, the only other choice would have been to camp out in the cockpit. And after what the girls had been through they wanted to stay out of the howling wind.

In the forepeak, Poke opened his sleeping bag and spread it out over the three of them. He was in the middle, saying his prayers.

"I can't sleep," Muffy said. "I'm still too excited."

"Me too," Taffy said.

Poke's prayers might be answered, he thought.

"Oh, Poke, when I saw it was you who saved us, I couldn't believe it!" Muffy said. "You saved our lives!"

"Really, you did you know," Taffy said. "We would have drowned if you hadn't pulled Flame off the rocks."

"Well, it was John who knew what to do," Poke said. "I did pull harder when I saw it was you, though."

"How can we ever thank you?" Muffy said as she put her arms around the boy.

"Just having you safe and here is thanks enough," Poke said as he returned her embrace.

Taffy snuggled up to Poke's other side. Suddenly he was aground on the shoals of the girls' tits.

Poke kissed Muffy and filled his hand with one of her prize tits. After a quick kiss and feel, he turned to Taffy. He gave her the same treatment. Then Poke lay on his back and let the chicks thank him for saving their lives.

They both moved close to him, thrusting their tits on his chest and kissing his face. He wrapped an arm around each of them.

But just as the girl began reaching for Poke's prick, the door to the forepeak opened. Dim light flooded in, just bright enough to illuminate the two girls laying their tits on Poke.

"Is everything okay in here?" John asked as he stuck his head through the door. "Well! Looks like I either interrupted or showed up just in time."

"Just in time," Muffy said. "We're thanking Poke for saving us. And we owe you a thank-you, too."

"Be right with you," John said as he stripped off his clothes.

John climbed onto the bunk and grabbed Taffy. Poke had wanted, to fuck her, since he never had. But being left with Muffy was a nice consolation prize.

Muffy and Poke hugged. Her firm, round tits were on his chest again, reminding him of when he got the first fuck of his life with Muffy. Poke's prick was as stiff and hot as it was that night aboard Flame.

With Muffy in his arms again, Poke realized how much he had learned since the first time he fucked her. Now he kissed her gently, letting his lust grow gradually. His hand moved over the curve of her hip. He enjoyed her smooth, naked flesh, rather than clutching at her tits right away.

Slowly Poke's hand migrated from Muffy's hips to her ass. But he still played it cool, letting his hand lightly pass over the soft and firm mounds of her asscheeks.

As they kissed, sounds of heavy breathing and gasping filled the forepeak. Opening his eyes and looking past Muffy's head, Poke saw John's face hovering over Taffy's tits as he kissed and sucked them.

That sight gave Poke the urge to do likewise. So he moved down until his face was buried in Muffy's tits. Still holding onto her ass, he began sucking her hard nipples.

There was just enough light coming down through the hatch in the deck to let Poke see the creamy tit globes he was sucking. He wagged his tongue over one pink nipple and enjoyed the sight of Muffy's tit heaving in his face.

The light suddenly dimmed, though. Was a cloud passing over the moon? Poke didn't think so. Looking up at the hatch, he saw the silhouette of Sue's head framed in the hatch. She saw him, too, Poke knew, because she wiggled her fingers at him in a friendly wave. But she didn't climb down to join them. She must be enjoying the show.

Poke thought it was funny that he had twice peeked at Sue and John fucking, and now he was being watched by Sue while he and John made it with these two chicks. So as Poke sucked Muffy's tits, he had the added satisfaction of showing off for Sue. Poke hoped that Sue wouldn't begin fighting with John. That would spoil everything. Somehow, he knew she wouldn't. And he wasn't surprised when he saw Sue lowering herself through the hatch.

It was getting crowded. But that meant it would be more cozy and they wouldn't have to reach so far to grab something interesting.

Sue squeezed between the two couples. Poke kept sucking Muffy's tits, but he lifted his hand from her ass and reached for Sue. He felt his way to her tits, grabbing one tightly.

"I wondered where everyone disappeared to," Sue said as she reached around Muffy and stroked Poke's face as he sucked Muffy's tits.

Poke felt Muffy moving back toward Sue. It excited him to find that Muffy wanted to snuggle against Sue's body. Then he felt Sue's hand slide from his face and onto Muffy's tit. Even as he sucked Muffy's nipple, Sue's fingers surrounded it and squeezed.

"Mmmmmm!" Muffy moaned with the joy of Sue's fingers and Poke's mouth working on her tits.

Then Sue's hand left Muffy's tit and moved down her body. Poke felt Sue's hand between him and Muffy. In tit-sucking position, Poke's stomach was opposite Muffy's cunt, and that's where Sue's hand stopped.

Still, Muffy moaned in joyful disregard of the fact that the hand on her pussy belonged to another chick. Poke felt Muffy's thighs spread. She put one knee over Poke's hips, opening her cuntlips to Sue's fingers.

Poke let go of Sue's tit and slid his hand down Muffy's back. He reached into Muffy's cunt from beneath her ass and found Sue's fingers already deep in Muffy's pussy. He added his own fingers. Sharing Muffy's cunt with Sue was a perverted thrill!

Sue rose up and leaned over Muffy. She dropped her tits over Muffy's firmer ones. Since Poke was still nibbling at Muffy's tits, it was easy to move his mouth on Sue's tits. He kissed each of her nipples and nuzzled his face in her soft flesh. He sucked Muffy's tits again, then his tongue wandered back to Sue's.

Muffy lifted her hands to her own and Sue's tits. Caressing all four tits, Muffy ran her hands around Poke's sucking face.

"Ohhh!" Sue cried suddenly.

Poke, at that moment, was biting Muffy's nipple. He wondered what made Sue cry out. But he'd forgotten about John and Taffy. No doubt they were expanding their groping to Sue.

As Poke's mouth switched from Muffy's firm tits to the softer tits that drooped down from Sue's chest, Muffy lay back and Sue rose farther over the young girl. Then Poke heard their mouths come together in a wet kiss. He looked up from their piled tits and saw the bottoms of their jaws working as they sucked each other's tongue.

Meanwhile, Poke's fingers were still swimming in Muffy's cunt. So were Sue's fingers. It was crowded. And since Sue had stuck her fingers into Muffy's pussy before Poke had a chance to, he decided to reach for Sue's cunt instead.

He took his hand from Muffy's pussy, swiveled his wrist, and found Sue's cunt right there. But when he slipped his hand between her thighs, be found that her cunt was occupied. He pulled his hand back instinctively. It must have been John's hand, Poke thought. But it hadn't felt like John's hairy, strong hand. Could it be Taffy's?

Poke reached back into Sue's crotch. Yes, the hand, there was soft and feminine... it was Taffy's! Poke could share Sue's cunt with Taffy or share Muffy's cunt with Sue. His mind was spinning.

Sue's and Muffy's tits shook at Poke's face as the chicks kissed. Muffy's hands were still holding Sue's tits. But as exciting as the four quivering tits were to kiss and suck, Poke was ready for more. His hard cock was twitching against Muffy's thighs, and she knew he could put it to better use.

Poke lifted his face from the tits he had soaked with saliva. Now that he could see the view, he was thrilled. In the dimness, the jumble of bodies, faces and grasping hands was a beautiful sight. And the panting and kissing noises filled the tiny cabin with an aura of passion.

It wasn't easy for Poke to crawl around, getting his face down to Muffy's cunt and his prick near Sue's and Muffy's kissing faces. But he managed. Poke pushed his face beside Sue's wrist at Muffy's cunt. Reaching his tongue out as far as he could, the bay felt Muffy's wet cuntlips where Sue's fingers were buried.

Not wanting to hog Muffy's cunt, Sue released it to Poke's tongue. Sliding his head between Muffy's thighs, Poke licked her fuckslot eagerly as she wiggled her hips.

Sue's hand went right to Poke's prick. Poke felt flesh bump his cockhead. But he didn't realize that it was the girls' faces meeting around his cock until he felt their tongues sliding over it.

Tongues lashed as his prick! Teeth clamped on his balls, then a mouth held them in a wet grip. His prick was surrounded by another mouth, then passed over it as his prickhead went down a tight throat.

Poke paid back this treat by sticking his tongue high into Muffy's cunt.

Now Poke reached for Sue's cunt again which was beyond Muffy's ass. Taffy's hand was still there. But it slipped away as his fingers approached. So Poke had his fingers in Sue's cunt and his tongue in Muffy's!

Then John's hand crept into Sue's crotch, so Poke pulled his hand away. He reached over Sue's hips to Taffy. Finding her cunt, he slipped a finger in Taffy's pussy was new territory for him. That excited him, even with all the other things going on. Before he enjoyed Taffy's cunt for long though, a hairy thigh pressed to his wrist. Poke pulled his hand from the girl's cunt just before John's cock entered it.

Being deprived of Taffy's pussy was a minor loss since Poke had two chicks sucking his prick and balls. Sue and Muffy were taking turns swallowing Poke's cock. One girl would nibble on his balls or kiss his thighs when the other was sucking his cock. Poke reached for Sue's cunt again. Now that John was fucking Taffy, he must have taken his hand from Sue's pussy, Poke figured. And he knew how much Sue loved to have her clit diddled. Her cunt was still occupied, though. But, this time, a feminine hand was there again. By following the arm leading to it, Poke found that it belonged to Sue.

Sue was rubbing her own clit again, just as she had when Poke peeked at her and John.

Poke took over the clit-rubbing job. Sue kept her hand on Poke's, making sure he rubbed vigorously enough.

"Ohhhhhh!" a shrill voice cried out.

That sexy wail must be coming from Taffy, Poke realized, since the other two chicks were sucking his prick.

The mouths that took turns sucking Poke were bringing him close to an orgasm. He wondered if they realized he was going to come. He would warn them, but Muffy's cunt was still spread over his face.

Poke tried to keep his tongue wiggling between Muffy's cuntlips as he came.

"Uhhhhh!" he groaned into Muffy's cunt as his jism spurted.

"Ohhhh!" one of the chicks gagged as he filled her mouth with cream.

Poke guessed it was Sue's mouth he was pumping full of jism because he felt her body jerk and her cunt twitch as he continued rubbing her clit.

Now there was a flurry of activity at his erupting prick. It felt as though both chicks were trying to drink his cream! Tongues and teeth and lips swarmed over his prick.

"Fuck me!" Muffy gasped as she pulled her cunt from Poke's face.

The girl struggled around to face Poke. She kissed him, wetting his face with his own jism which was smeared around her mouth. In return, Poke gave her a taste of her own cuntjuice which soaked his face.

Muffy grabbed his prick and brought it to her cunt. Then he felt his prick sliding into the hot depths of her pussy.

Having just come, Poke gasped at the fabulous grip of her cunt on his tooth-marked cock. His prick hadn't even had a chance to completely stop draining its pearly cream.

Muffy bucked her hips wildly. Poke's tongue had brought her to the verge of sexual madness, and his prick finished the job!

"Eeeeeee!" Muffy screamed.

While fucking Muffy, Poke was neglecting Sue's clit. His finger remained on it, but he'd stopped rubbing. So Sue took his hand in hers and used his finger as a dildo. Poke liked having Sue's cunt crushed under his hand while he fucked Muffy.

With Muffy writhing in ecstasy beneath him, Poke's passion began to rise again. He wouldn't come again so soon. But his prick was hard, and pleasure filial his head.

"Ahhhhh! Ohhhhh!" Muffy moaned in climactic bliss.

When Muffy stopped bucking and moaning, Poke lay on top of her in dazed confusion. His prick twitched in her cunt, and his chest rolled on her tits, having come a few minutes before, but not having reached a second orgasm, he was suspended in lust but too confused to do anything about it.

With all the horny women crammed into that tiny cabin, though, he didn't have to do a thing. Someone rolled him off Muffy's body and mounted his hips. A hand gripped his prick and a pussy swallowed it. He was fucking again. His prick was sliding furiously in the hot cavern of a cunt, and he didn't even know whose. But that didn't matter. Poke reached up, groping for some tits to grab. When he found them, they were firm and pointy. So it was Taffy riding his cock!

"Ooooooo," Taffy howled as she was consumed with ecstasy.

Now Poke was nearing an orgasm, too. After the first one, this one was slow to blossom. Before Poke's climax was triggered, Taffy stopped fucking him. He began jerking his hips, trying to bring his jism to the boiling point. But Taffy was stricken with post-orgasmic paralysis, and she lay on the boy like a rag doll. Though he thrust his hips, he couldn't get his prick, pumping in her cunt. He merely bounced her up and down.

So Poke pushed Taffy off him. Lying on his back, with his prick throbbing in the aft, he wondered what to do next. He was on the verge of shooting. It would be a shame to jerk himself off with three chicks around.

"Fuck me, someone!" he pleaded.

To Poke's profound joy, a cunt found his prick. As her pussy moved up and down on his prick, Poke felt Sue's hanging tits slapping his chest.

As he came, he left the real world for unknown realms. He didn't know what was happening to him. But, later as he thought about it, he remembered that the chicks were truly amazing, as they kept mounting his cock in turn.


When Poke opened his eyes the next morning, he found himself still entangled with Sue, Muffy, Taffy, and John. The others awoke one at a time. Then they climbed out the hatch and jumped overboard for a wake-up swim. After that, and the night of fucking, the big breakfast they ate was fantastic.

Then they checked on Flame. It was still lying on the beach, high and dry now that the tide was out.

Muffy went to call someone who could drag Flame up the beach with a tractor where it could be repaired.

Then they left Deep Harbor, sailing in perfect weather. They dropped off Muffy and Taffy at Stoneyborough, where they could catch the ferry.

The rest of the cruise was just as planned. But there was no more sex for Poke. Even Sue seemed fucked out after the orgy with the other chicks.

When they got back to Dappled Harbor, Poke was glad to rest for a few days. He stayed home, reading comic books.

John showed up at his house one morning.

"How are you with a saw and plane?" John asked him.

"Well, I made a nice breadboard in woodworking class at school."

"I called Muffy's old man and offered to patch up Flame," John said. "If you want, you can help. I'll pay you five bucks an hour and you can stay aboard Loon with me and Sue."

Poke agreed. After watching John replacing the planks in Loon's hull, he wanted to learn to do that too.

Poke got permission from his parents, then he sailed back to Deep Harbor with Sue and John. They carried a load of lumber and all John's tools.

Anchored in Deep Harbor again, they set to work. The first thing they had to do was set Flame upright on its keel and brace it. Poke was amazed how John moved the big boat, with long poles as levers, and propped it until it was upright. Then they built a steam box to bend frames. It took a few days of hard work before they even began fixing the damage on Flame's hull.

Usually, by the end of the day, Poke was so tired he hardly noticed his growing horniness. But as the days wore on, Sue was looking like a sex Goddess. As they rested in the cockpit after a big dinner, Poke stared at her tits. He remembered how they felt, hopping up and down on his chest when they'd fucked.

She caught Poke staring. But Poke was no longer embarrassed. Why should he be? Now that Sue had fucked him several times, Poke felt he had a claim to her cunt.

The next morning, as John and Poke replaced the last of Flame's broken frames, Sue rowed over in the dinghy.

"I brought you some lemonade," she said, as she strolled toward them with her tits swinging.

They sat down and sipped their cold lemonade. The day was already hot and it wasn't noon yet. All morning, John and Poke had worked over the steam box, handling hot oak and climbing in and out of Flame.

"Well, we can't start replacing planks until tomorrow," John said. "Let's take the rest of the day off."

Poke was glad to have a break. And when Sue suggested they go for a swim, he seconded the motion. Sue jumped to her feet and stripped. Then, naked, she ran into the water.

Poke watched her ass wagging until it disappeared into the water. John and Poke jumped up, pulled their clothes off, and tore into the water after Sue.

Off at the side of the rocky entrance to the harbor, they had the privacy they needed to swim naked. And the beach was always abandoned. So Poke couldn't help hoping for more than a swim. After all, John and he had shared Sue when the other girls were with them. Why not now?

John and Poke caught Sue in the water. They dunked her, but she dove, then surfaced behind Poke, and dunked him. After playing around, they floated on their backs.

"Is that your mast?" Sue asked Poke. "You should run a sail up it."

Poke looked down at his crotch. He saw his stiff prick rising from the water. Embarrassed, he let his hips sink and treaded water. He hadn't even noticed that his cock was hard.

"The poor kid hasn't exercised his prick since we've been here," John said. "Why don't you help him out?"

"He hasn't asked me," Sue said. "Maybe he thinks I'm too old for him."

Poke didn't know why they were teasing him. But he wished they wouldn't.

Sue swam over to him. Under the water, she grabbed his prick.

"Let's go ashore," she said. "Come on."

"But..." Poke said, wondering what was going to happen.

"Don't worry," she said. "John really wants you to fuck me. He gets off watching me fuck other guys. That's why I wasn't worried about him catching us together. I figured he knew and that he would want to watch sooner or later."

Poke was flabbergasted. John was still floating on his back, not paying attention to them, or pretending not to.

Sue was tugging Poke's prick, towing him toward shore. With her hand on his throbbing cock, he knew he would let her do anything she wanted to him, including fucking him with John watching.

They reached shore and gingerly hopped over the sharp pebbles to the sand. They went all the way up the beach, to where the grass began and where Flame would shield them from view of the houses far up the harbor.

Poke's cock was still stiff and bobbing. Sue stepped up to Poke, her stomach meeting his prickhead and shoving it up against his stomach. Then she kissed him hungrily.

"Mmmmm!" she hummed with passion.

Poke didn't know if John was still floating in the harbor or whether he had followed them ashore. And with Sue in his arms, it didn't matter.

They lay down on the sand, still holding their open mouths together. Poke filled a hand with one of her tits, and Sue reached around to his ass.

They rolled around on the warm sand. It stuck to their wet bodies, then fell away as it dried them. The sand made their caresses slightly gritty, adding a strange new sensation to their groping and feeling.

When Poke reached for Sue's cunt, he wiped his fingers in her pubic hair to make sure all the sand was off them. He knew sand on her clit would hurt. He put his finger on her clit, wiggling it, and she gave a yelp. Thinking he was grinding sand into her cunt, he tried to pull his hand away, but Sue held it to her pussy. Her yelp had only indicated pleasure. Poke felt her little kernel of clit flesh squirming under his finger as he vigorously massaged it. Sue went wild. She reached for Poke's prick. Her fingers explored his bloated cockhead and thick fuckshaft. Letting go of his cock, she ran both her hands over Poke's head, and whispered in his ear.

"Eat me!" she breathed hotly, making Poke shiver.

As he slid down her body, he thought about John again. It was a weird feeling to eat a chick while her husband watched. It made eating her twice as exciting. Poke didn't look to see if John were around. He slipped between Sue's legs and brought his face to her cunt.

Sue spread her legs, lifting her knees and opening her pussy. In the bright daylight, Poke had a better view of her gaping cunt than he ever had. He was fascinated by Sue's wing-like inner lips which guarded her pussy entrance. He saw her clit, a fold of flesh that triggered her ecstasy. All that was contained in a valley of pink flesh between her plump and hairy cuntmound.

Below her pussy, her asshole peeked out at him. He remembered sticking his cock into her tight ass, and how exciting it as.

His visual examination brought him to a shaking level of lust. He dove into Sue's cunt, with his tongue outstretched.

"Ooooooh!" Sue cried.

Pressing his face to her pussy, Poke lashed his tongue. He licked her fuckslot from side to side, then tried more. First, he poked at her clit with the tip of his tongue. Sue's thighs shook beside his nodding head as he lapped her clit. Then he moved his tongue around her inner lips before zeroing in on her flowing cunt tunnel.

"Ohhhh! That feels soooo gooood!" Sue moaned.

Sticking his tongue as high up her pussy as he could, Poke pressed his nose in her clit. Sue writhed, rubbing her clit on it.

As he drank her juicy pussy, Poke reached up to her tits. Holding his hands lightly over them, he felt how they rolled heavily about with Sue's gyrations.

"Suck my clit again!" she commanded through clenched teeth.

Poke obeyed. Sue bucked savagely now, crashing her cunt into his mouth as he tried to keep his tongue wiggling on her clit.

"Ohhhhh!" she cried.

Poke knew that anguished sound meant she was nearing an orgasm. He was right. A few seconds later, she screamed in rapture and her body quaked spasmodically. He only got an occasional lick on her clit now that she was bucking her hips. It was hard to lick a moving target. His face was being thrashed by her cunt. Sue held him firmly by his hair as she washed his face with her spread cunt.

"Ohhhhh!" she moaned.

When Sue was still, Poke lifted his wet face. Sue was spread-eagled, her chest heaving, and her mouth wide open. Her body shined with sweat.

Now Poke saw John. He was sitting near Flame, cross-legged on the sand.

Poke was on his knees between Sue's spread thighs. His prick was stretched out and twitching.

As he wiped his face with the backs of his hands, Sue held out her hands, reaching for his cock. She lifted her body just enough to grab his prick. She pulled it to her cunt, bringing Poke down on top of her.

"Get inside me!" she breathed.

Poke lifted his ass so his cockhead was poised at her open cunt. He thrust his ass forward, sliding his prick home.

"Ahhhhh!" Sue gasped. "I love to have a cock in me after being brought off by a tongue!"

After eating her, Poke was nearly crazy with passion. And now, with his prick up her cunt, he pumped his hips eagerly.

"Can I get into this action?" John said, suddenly beside them.

Poke looked up and saw John's hairy legs beside him. It gave him a weird feeling to have John right there as he fucked Sue. And how could John join in?

"Come on," Sue said. "Poke, let me up." Reluctantly, Poke pulled his throbbing cock from Sue's pussy. Her cuntjuice made his prick glitter in the sun.

Sue got up on her knees and assumed the doggie position. John knelt behind her. As Poke watched with dismay, John stuck his cock into her and began slowly fucking.

Sue's face was near Poke's prick. She grabbed it and pulled him closer. Then she began licking her own juice from his prick with her soft tongue.

Poke kept his eyes down, watching Sue's tongue lick his prick. He avoided looking at John, who was fucking Sue's opposite end.

Something was happening between John and Sue, and Poke soon understood what. John had stopped pumping his prick. Now he was still, looking down at his cock and Sue's ass.

"Ohhh!" Sue gasped suddenly, as John's hips moved forward.

John had his prick up Sue's ass, Poke guessed. Sue stopped licking Poke's prick and began pulling herself into an upright position by dragging herself up Poke's body. When she was upright, she pulled Poke to her.

"Come on, fuck me!" she said, pulling Poke's cock to her cunt.

The boy moved forward, bringing his prick, to her pussy. With her help, he got his prick back into her hot cunt. It was tighter now, because John's prick up her ass was filling her crotch with its massive bulk.

Poke began fucking her, feeling John's prick moving in the next chamber. The boy didn't know what to think of this bizarre act. It was too weird to think about. Besides, he was insane with lust after being interrupted while fucking Sue, then watching John stick his prick up her ass.

Now, with both men fucking her fore and aft, Sue bounced between their thrusting bodies. Her ass slapped John's stomach, then Poke's belly smacked against hers. Her tits did a dance on her chest as she was knocked about between the two fucking men. Both John and Poke grabbed her hips. But sometimes they were both pulling in opposite directions at once.

Their pricks moved at different speeds. They would both ram into Sue in rhythm for a while, the get out of sync. One would slide in while the other was withdrawing.

Poke came. The delay while John joined them had let Poke fuck longer than normal. But he came sooner than John. It was an intense orgasm.

When his jism was spent, Poke fell back on the sand. From there, he looked up at Sue, who was writhing with John's prick still pistoning in her asshole. She had never looked more lovely and sexy. Her tits were hopping, her hips thrusting, and her face wore a mask of pure pleasure.

John came. Then he fell on the sand behind Sue. Finally, Sue toppled too.

"Thanks, Poke," John said. "I hope you don't think all this is too weird. But maybe when you've been fucking for a while you'll understand."

"I understand already," Poke said. "I loved it!"

Just then, the stillness was cracked by the sound of a motor. They had heard it approaching, but hadn't paid any attention. Now it was clear a boat was nearing them.

An old mahogany runabout skimmed around the rocks, made a tight turn, and stopped. A bikini clad girl tossed an anchor off the bow. At first, the three spent fuckers resented the intrusion on their privacy. Then they saw the girl on the bow was Taffy, and Muffy was at the wheel.

"Hi," Muffy yelled as she waved.

Taffy waved too. Both girls jumped into the water and swam toward the beach. Sitting naked on the sand, Poke felt his prick stir. Could he still be horny after what had happened? Sure enough his prick was soon standing proudly. He ran into the water to meet the girls. After all, he didn't want them to find him sitting on the sand with a hard-on, merely waiting to be serviced.

John and Sue followed. By the time they were on the beach again, Taffy and Muffy were as naked as the others. And the day was still young.


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