Hot sis, hotter mom

It was Henry David Thoreau, in Walden, who remarked, "The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation." This statement appears to be just as true today as it was then. Perhaps it is even more valid today considering the pressures and frequent monotony of today's world.

The majority of today's men and women live in boring circumstances, and then the opportunity for change arises, they are often quick to seize the chance. For the characters in this story, the opportunity is one which many would consider perverse and deranged, for it is one of incest. But it provides a release and a need. All morals and scruples are cast aside in a moment of madness -- a chance to grab pleasure before it is taken away.

HOT SIS, HOTTER MOM is a novel about the quiet desperation in so many of us and the extremes to which it may drive us.


Joann Wilkins felt there was something going on between her son and daughter.

She didn't know for certain, but her feeling was very strong.

She saw her suspicions confirmed in their looks, their reactions to each other, the sly glances, the twinkles in their young eyes. A brother and sister simply did not, overnight, stop arguing and fighting, and begin getting along with each other like two young lovers, Joann knew.

The change had came over them shortly after her divorce, she realized. Perhaps it was because their father was no longer with them, their method of rebelling against the divorce. But somehow Joann didn't think so. Their, father had been a harsh man, difficult to please. He was fierce in his punishment of them. Maybe it was a reaction to being without fear of the man.

Dave was just learning to drive the pickup his mother had gotten as part of the settlement. Joann was pleased for her son Dave was crazy about cars and, in particular, the pickup.

Judy had been sprouting swiftly, her small tits taking on a beautiful shape, and her hips were swelling. She had lost the skinniness in her thighs, and they were becoming long and shapely. Her little ass was a taunting delight to see.

Judy ran around in tight shorts so tight that half her fine little ass showed. Joann wouldn't have had the nerve to wear something like that when she was a girl; she didn't have the nerve to wear anything like that now. Joann was embarrassed to wear anything that drew attention to her body. She dressed well, but all her clothing was designed to conceal her lush curves, her round and firm tits, the attractive swell, of her ass, her slender thighs and small waist.

Joann had always been shy around people. She wasn't withdrawn, but cautious. She was cautious because she was afraid of what they might see. Joann feared they would see something she had hidden deep inside herself for many years.

When she had been her daughter's age, Joann discovered something about herself that both frightened and appealed to her. She had found erotic pleasure.

All her life Joann had been told how nasty erotic pleasure was, and now she felt ashamed when secret desires bubbled within her. It was these desires she was afraid others would see in her. In the world Joann had grown up in, erotic desires were considered the most shameful desires of all. She had never been able to truly enjoy herself with a man, afraid to let herself go, afraid of being called those horrible names usually associated with loose women.

Now, in her mid-thirties, divorced, with two children, alone for the first time in her life, Joann found it was becoming difficult to cope with the feelings inside her. At night, especially, those desires would surface, tormenting her for hours. She resisted touching herself, feeling the hairy wetness between her legs. She would clench her fists at her hips, tears of frustration streaming from her eyes, calling herself all those horrible names in her mind.

"Slut," she would whisper to the darkness. "Slut, bitch, whore."

She didn't understand how she could be fuck crazy, since she had never fucked anyone except her husband. But her cunt, that wet, hairy slit between her thighs, was always hot and wet, her succulent nipples stiff in desire. Her cunt tortured her nightly, her clitoris so painful she could hardly stand it. But she wouldn't touch her pussy, even knowing the relief it would bring. She suffered, thinking she was simply a bad person, a shameful person.

Joann was truly beautiful, with her chestnut hair and sparkling green eyes. Her skin was the dream of most women: smooth, creamy, unblemished, a perfect complexion. Her body was flawless in shape behind the clothing she wore to conceal it.

Feeling that something was going on between her son and daughter created a deeper shame within her. She was ashamed because, if something was going on, she had no way of stopping it. She didn't have the courage to talk to them about something like that. She would be much too shy to talk about pleasures of the flesh. She would make a fool of herself, she felt.

Although Joann successfully concealed the raging heat of her desires, Judy and Dave made no pretense of what they wanted. Young and desirable, healthy and tanned by the summer sun, the brother and sister had, apparently, inherited their mother's erotic hungers. But unlike her, they took delight in it.

At the moment they were sitting in the pickup. It was parked inside the garage, facing the huge door. The door was up, and bright light streamed into the garage. The pickup meant more to Dave than his mother suspected. It was a place he and his younger sister could be alone.

Judy was now pressing against her brother, a small tit smashing into his upper arm. Her hot little hand was rubbing up and down his thigh, caressing. Her breaths were hot as she breathed with growing excitement. Her hot blue eyes gazed at the bulging of his cock inside his jeans. Dave's open palm rested on his sister's thigh, gently squeezing the sweetness of her flesh.

A soft gasp came from Judy as she moved her hand slowly up her brother's thigh, her fingertips just touching the bulging place where the head of his cock swelled. As she placed her hand on top of Dave's cock, there was an excited catch in her breath. She felt his prick throbbing against her palm, and she exerted a gentle pressure, bringing a moan from him. His fingers squeezed harder at her thigh.

"Can I take it out again, Davy?" she asked in a low, young voice. "Is it okay if I take it out of your pants again?"

"It's okay, Judy," Dave replied, his voice husky.

Her fingers fumbled with the zipper of his pants. Judy was holding her breath as she opened them, her blue eyes glazed with eagerness. Dave wasn't wearing shorts, and she saw the shaft of his cock through the opening. Her hand shook as she ran a fingertip along his prick. Sliding her hand into his pants, she gripped his cock and lifted it free.

"Ohhh," she squealed softly, closing her hot hand about his prick. Dave's cock was long and thick, and her fingers almost couldn't circle his prick. "It's so pretty, Davy?" she asked softly, yet with a throaty quality in her voice. "Want me to make it squirt again?"

"Yeah, Judy," Dave groaned, scooting his ass forward and leaning back. "Make me come again."

When she had first held her brother's cock a few weeks ago, and he had taught her how to jack him off, she had been surprised to see him come. Her fine little cunt had never done anything like that. She had felt such pleasure at seeing his cock gush, her small hand pumping, feeling the powerful throbbing, that she had experienced an orgasm, too. She was fascinated by her brother's cock, by the way his prick grew so hard and long when she played. She took delight in making him come, was excited to see the creamy thickness of his white come juice shooting into the air. She liked the feel and the smell of her brother's spunk.

"I like it better when it's so hard, Davy," Judy whispered, watching her hand pump up and down. "It feels so hot. I like the way the tip gets so smooth and wet." She squeezed his cock hard, watching the liquid seep from his piss hole. She looked up at his face, her own slightly flushed with excitement. "Davy, can I see your balls again, too?"

"Sure, Sis," he agreed. "Look at anything you want. Play with anything you want."

With a soft gurgle, Judy fished her brother's balls from his pants, holding them in her hand. They looked huge to her, with dark hair on them. They just filled her little hand, feeling as hot as his cock did. She wanted to squeeze them hard, but was afraid of hurting her brother.

She held his balls in her right hand, closing the fingers of her left about his hard cock. She held his prick tightly as she jacked up and down. Purring sounds of pleasure came from her. Dave dug his fingers into his sister's inner thigh, feeling the smooth flesh. The edge of his hand barely touched the crotch of her shorts, and he could feel the heat her young cunt generated through the tight cloth.

Judy cupped the head of her brother's cock with her palm, feeling the wet heat. She twisted her palm, her fingers holding his prick. Dave groaned with delight and moved his, hand between his sister's thighs. Judy opened her legs without thought, and her brother cupped her cunt, feeling her pussy through her tight shorts. Judy gasped when he applied pressure against her clit.

Inside the house, Joann felt, as with a sixth sense, that her son and daughter were up to something at this very moment. The feeling was very strong. She stood in the kitchen, her hands clasped, eyes squeezed tightly shut. She knew they were doing something erotic to each other. She just knew it.

She had her hand on the door knob before she could restrain herself. The door opened into the attached garage, where she knew Judy and Dave were. They were in the garage often, spending hours at a time. A brother and sister just didn't spend so much time with each other unless they were up to something, Joann felt.

Clutching the door knob, trying to make up her mind, she felt wetness soaking the crotch of her panties. Her nipples seemed harder than they had ever before been, so sensitive she could hardly stand the touch of her bra on them. In fact, her bra suddenly felt much too small to contain her tits. Either her bra had shrunk, or her tits had suddenly swelled another size. She felt the cheeks of her shapely ass clench tight, and there was a burning sensation between her thighs.

Although Joann had suppressed her orgasms, seldom coming when her husband fucked her, she knew what an orgasm felt like. She thought she was about to come now.

She clung to the door knob, her legs feeling weak. She was almost afraid of what she would see if she opened the door, afraid she would lose control. If her son and daughter were up to something erotic, Joann wasn't sure what her reaction would be. There was no way she could walk up to them, confront them. She had to be a sneak, slip up on them. Maybe that way they wouldn't know she had spied on them.

Sucking in a deep breath, she opened the door slowly, making sure it didn't creak. She peered into the garage. She saw her son's head through the rear window of the pickup, and next to it was Judy's.

Stepping softly into the garage, Joann waked as quietly as she could along the side of the pickup. She paused for a while before looking into the door window. She stood on the passenger side, her body starting to tremble.

She peeked into the window just as Dave cupped his sister's cunt.

Joann pressed the knuckles of her right hand into her mouth, effectively stopping the sudden gasp that had grew inside her throat.

She saw her daughter jacking on Dave's cock, the huge head swollen, wet at the tip. She saw her son's hand cupped between Judy's thighs. She stared with unexpected fascination at her daughter's small hand sliding up and down Dave's cock. There was a tingling feeling in the pit of her stomach, and her panties suddenly became drenched as her cunt throbbed.

Joann felt an excitement she had never experienced before. She felt it was wrong to spy on them this way, wrong to feel such steaming pleasure from watching her daughter jacking her son's cock, holding his balls. Yet there was no denying the sudden ecstasy that was searing the lips of her hairy cunt, making her pussy drip with hot fuck juices. She could feel the juices of her cunt running slowly along the insides of her thighs, and she wanted to smash a fist into her cunt, rub her pussy brutally, bring that swelling orgasm to the surface, and come as she stood watching them.

Joann's voyeuristic pleasure was a surprise to her. Watching someone jacking a hard cock seemed to excite her senses maddeningly. She began to understand what thrills a peeper felt. She had to lean against the pickup, her legs were shaking so much. Her eyes became glazed as she stared at her daughter's fist beating up and down Dave's hard cock. The sounds they made intensified her excitement.

"You're getting harder, Davy!" Joann heard Judy squealing. "That means you're gonna come, don't it?"

"Yeah!" Dave grunted in reply.

"I wanna see it squirt real high!" Judy moaned, pumping her small fist faster and faster. "I wanna see it go way up!"

Joann bit into her bottom lip to hold back gasping sounds. Her eyes fixed upon the head of her son's cock, wanting to watch his come, too. Her cunt was boiling, the puffy lips feeling blistered. Her clit strained against he tightness of her panties.

Joann didn't see the way Judy squirmed her ass against the seat of the pickup. She didn't see, really, the way her son was pressing his hand into Judy's cunt. All she saw was his cock, so hard and swollen, and Judy's fist pumping excitedly.

"Ooooo, come, Davy!" Judy squealed, her head resting on her brother's chest now, watching his cock with her huge eyes, with her lips parted. She was breathing deeply, causing her sweet little tits to rise and fall inside her sleeveless blouse. "Let it come! Ooooo, make your cock squirt for me, Davy!"

Joann almost allowed her stifled gasp to escape when she heard her daughter using that word. Her cunt seemed to suck inward with a hot tightness. The word burned inside her mind as she stared through the window of the pickup truck.

Joann was not aware that her hand was pressing at her dress, shoving between her thighs. She rubbed through the dress and panties at her cunt, but Joann wasn't really aware of what she was doing. Her hips moved, jerking back and forth as she watched her daughter jacking on her son's cock. She was fucking at her hand but not realizing it.

"Jack me faster!" Dave grunted, arching his hips upward. "Faster, Judy! Ohhhh, I'm getting close!"

Judy began squealing with soft cries of pleasure. Her fist raced up and down his cock, her other hand still holding his balls. She held her fingers around his prick tightly, the seeping fuck juices from the pin hole making it easy to slide up and down the throbbing hardness.

Joann couldn't take her eyes from her son's cock. The image of his prick would, ask was now, be forever branded in her mind. She rubbed her fingers harder between her thighs, her hips fucking back and forth. She knew she was going to come, and she realized she was now rubbing her cunt. She couldn't stop... she didn't try to stop. She wanted to rub her cunt to orgasm.

"Ooooo, come, Davy!" Judy was gurgling. She pressed her hot cunt hard against his hand, rubbing up and down, making fucking movements as her unseen mother was doing. "I wanna see it come out! Ooooo, make your cock squirt for me, Davy!"

"I will!" Dave grunted. "I'll come, Judy! Jack me faster! That's it! Fast and hard! Hold my cock real tight!"

His balls writhed in her palm, and Judy began to squeeze them in her excitement. The squeezing of his balls sent a wild shudder of pleasure through Dave, his cock pressing into his sister's fist.

"Now, Judy!" he howled. "I'm going to come now!"

"Ohhh, yes!" Judy squealed.

A huge gush of thick, white come juice shot from Dave's cock, leaving his piss hole with force. The spunk gushed a good foot into the air, then fell back, coating Judy's jerking fist. Judy squealed again, her brother gushing his come juice time and again. She clung to his balls while jacking excitedly at his spurting prick. The heat of his come juice on her hand sent a ripple of hot excitement down her body, and her succulent cunt contracted against his pressing hand.

"Oooo, Davy!" Judy sobbed. "I'm coming, too! Oooo, it feels so good, Davy! Press hard... squeeze my pussy, Davy!" Joann couldn't breathe.

She watched her son coming with unfocused eyes, her own pussy convulsing against her hand. Her legs shook and, if she had not been leaning against the truck, she would have fallen on her ass. The sight of her son's cock spurting into the air sent her emotions roaring through her like a freight train, her orgasm becoming intense.

After her brother came off, Judy kept holding his cock, feeling his prick deflate in her hand. Her hand was coated with his come juice, glistening wetly. Dave still cupped his sister's cunt, but she had let her little ass relax now.

Judy giggled naughtily, picking up a cloth from the floor of the pickup and wiping her hand. Joann managed to stay there and watch Judy use the cloth on her brother's cock and balls. She watched as Judy stuffed her brother's prick back into his jeans. Joann found herself disappointed.

Sneaking back into the house, Joann leaned against the door, tears in her eyes. She couldn't feel shame for her son and daughter, only for herself. She felt only envy for Judy and Dave, envy because they felt no shame and enjoyed their young hungers.


Now that her feelings had been proven correct, Joann no longer wondered what they had been doing.

She had seen her daughter jacking off her son, watched his come juice spurt into the air. She had seen her son's thick cock, his young balls... and the image of them remained in her mind.

She was puzzled by her pleasure at watching them. She knew about the desires of some people, people who loved to watch others fucking. She had not known she possessed such a desire, yet she had come while watching Judy jacking off Dave's cock.

She wondered if she was one of those people, a woman who found her greatest pleasure in watching such erotic actions instead of joining in on the fun. Her reaction, as she stood watching, seemed to indicate she was. Perhaps her excitement was caused mostly because it was her son and daughter, not another boy and girl. The sheer perversity of it excited her, she knew. Was she one of those people who enjoyed such perverse things?

Joann was confused. There were so many erotic thoughts in her mind she could hardly sort them out.

Hearing the pickup's doors open and close, she pushed from the door and tried to busy herself at the sink when Judy and Dave came in, she couldn't look at them. There was a guilty flush on her lovely face, her eyes strained with tears of frustration.

She felt them pass her and go into the living room. She peeked at their backs, seeing the lower cheeks of her daughter's ass showing. A glance at her son's ass made her shiver, and her cunt began to throb again.

She heard the television come on, and the sounds of afternoon cartoons came to her. The absurdity of her son and daughter watching cartoons after what they had done in the garage struck her. How could anyone be interested in silly cartoons after being jacked off by his sister's hot little hand? But they were young, she told herself. They were very young, and Judy had just recently given up her dolls and stuffed animals.

Leaving the sink, she entered the living room. Judy was sprawled on the floor, her chin cupped in her hands, watching the antics of the cartoon characters. Dave was on the couch, stretched out with his head on the arm, legs crossed. But he wasn't watching the cartoons he was watching his sister, his eyes on her cute, saucy little ass. He glanced up when his mother came in and shifted his eyes to the television, but they turned back to Judy's ass almost immediately.

Joann wondered how long he had been looking at Judy this way with her not realizing it. Dave didn't seem to care that she was watching him, didn't care that she knew he was showing an open interest in his sisters creamy, tight ass. What Joann didn't know was he had seen his mother peeking at them through the window of the truck.

Since his mother had not said anything then, and had kept quiet when he and Judy had come into the house, Dave felt he could stare at his sister's half-exposed ass all he wanted, openly.

He had seen the expression in his mother's eyes, realized her fascinated excitement as she had watched Judy jack him off. Dave was young, but he was very perceptive. He had seen in his mother's face, in her expression, in her green eyes, what Joann had kept hidden all these years.

He was not a bashful boy. Hot fuck juices had been running wild in his balls for a couple of years, and, unlike his mother, he enjoyed the feelings. He wasn't ashamed of them, and when he had one day accidentally come upon his sister running her hand between her thighs, they had come to an agreement. He found that his sister had a hot, strong hunger to see and play with a cock, and he had offered her his. Judy, with the same lack of shame, had readily agreed. Today had been the fifth time she had jacked him off, but Dave as yet had not touched his sister's cunt except through her shorts and panties. He had not even seen her pussy.

He had hesitated about going any further with his sister because, she was so young. Besides, Judy seemed content to jack him off and let him feel her cunt through her shorts. But, really, Judy wasn't content; she wanted more than to just jack her brother off. She wanted him to fuck her, but like him, she was still cautious about approaching that.

Joann watched her son stare openly at his sister's ass. She felt she should say something, but didn't know what to say. Her eyes glanced at the front of his pants, despite her efforts to keep them averted. She could see the way his jeans cupped his cock and balls, but there was no outline.

Dave looked up at his mother and caught her gazing at the front of his pants. He suddenly grinned at her and lifted his crotch slightly, twisting his ass.

Joann gasped, her hand going to her throat, but her eyes didn't leave his crotch. Dave ran his hand down there and cupped his balls, watching his mother's reaction. Joann's reaction was to swallow hard, her eyes turning fiery as she gazed at his hand there. Dave then ran his eyes up and down his mother's body. He couldn't see much through the shapeless dress, but he could imagine her naked. He grinned at his mother, a wicked grin.

Joann's cunt swelled and began to throb. She leaned against the door jamb, her eyes smoky with heavy desire, unable to hide it from her son.

Again Dave turned his gaze to his sister's ass. He ran his tongue over his lips suggestively, knowing his mother was watching. He squeezed his balls, then withdrew his hand. Now there was a growing outline of his cock along the left side of his crotch. When he looked at his mother again, Joann was looking there, her own tongue moving about her lips as she stared at his swelling hard-on.

Dave shoved his feet off the couch, standing up. His cock thrust out against his pants, fully hard. Joann stared at his prick's bulge, feeling herself shaking, her cunt turning wet and fiercely hot again. Her tits swelled, and now she was sure her nipples could be seen pressing at her bra and dress. The cartoons were over, and Judy finally turned her attention to her brother. She saw his cock straining out, and giggled. She had not seen her mother yet. She turned onto her side, her small hand reaching for her brother's cock.

"Ooo, it's hard again, Davy!" she squealed in delight.

With his eyes directly on his mother, Dave arched his hips to his sister's hand. Joann couldn't breathe as she watched her daughter caress Dave's cock through his pants. There was a heat in her green eyes that caused them to focus only upon Judy's hand as the fingers rubbed the length of that hard-on.

"Squeeze it, Judy," Dave said, still staring at his mother. "Squeeze it hard!"

Judy did.

"Let's go to your room, Judy," Dave said, gazing baldly at his mother. "Let's go to your room and you can jack my prick off again."

Joann's cunt lurched inside her panties, and she almost came. She couldn't move as she watched her daughter stand up, taking Dave's hand.

"Oh, I wanna play with your cock again, Davy!" Judy giggled. Then she turned and saw her mother there, watching, a strange expression on her face. "Oh!"

She jerked her hand from her brother's cock startled, confused.

But Dave took his sister's hand and placed it back on his cock.

Judy gasped, daring to shoot a frightened look at her mother.

"Come on, Judy," Dave said. "You can jack my cock off again."

Judy, with fearful glances at her mother, followed her brother, clinging to his hand, not sure what was going on. She dragged her feet, still watching her mother over her shoulder. Joann stood where she was until they disappeared down the hall, then she followed.

As she approached the open door of Judy's bedroom, she heard her daughter.

"But, Davy! We can't now! Mother saw what I done. She saw me grab your cock. We're gonna get in trouble now for sure."

"I don't think so, Judy," he said softly, watching the doorway. When he saw his mother's face, he said: "I don't think Mom cares if you jack me off, Judy."

Joann didn't make a sound.

Dave opened his pants, dragging his cock out. Joann's eyes went wide as she stared at his prick. Dave closed his fist about his cock and slowly jerked, looking directly at his mother. Then he placed his sister's hand on his cock, holding her small wrist. Judy clutched his prick and began to pump.

For the first time ever, Dave opened his sister's blouse. When the garment was, on the floor, Judy's back still to the door and not knowing her mother was watching, he removed her tiny bra.

"You sure have some pretty titties, Judy," Dave said, cupping his sister's hard little tits. "Why don't we do something different now?"

"What do you wanna do, Davy?" Judy asked.

"Get naked," Dave said, shooting a look at his mother. "Take everything off. I want to see your little pussy."

"Oooo, I'd like that, Davy!" Judy gurgled, peeled her tight shorts off. Her small panties followed, and Joann found herself looking at her daughter's naked body, at that succulent and very tight ass.

Dave, his attention still on his mother, his eyes bold, removed his pants. His cock strained out, jerking in hardness. His balls hung low and heavy, and Joann couldn't take her eyes from them. Dave pulled his sister against his body, sliding his hands down her back to the cheeks of her sweet little ass. He cupped her ass cheeks, squeezing gently, watching his mother.

Very slowly, Dave turned his sister around. When Judy saw her mother standing there, she gasped and tried to crouch, an arm over her perky tits and a hand trying to cover her cunt.

But Dave pulled her arms away, forcing his sister to stand upright. His cock pressed at the cheeks of her ass as they stood and looked at their mother.

Slowly Judy began to realize they weren't in trouble. She read the expression in her mother's eyes, and grinned nervously. Joann didn't respond to the grin. She was frozen against the door by the sudden excitement that bubbled through her body, by the power of her pulsating cunt. She gazed at her daughter's naked tits, seeing how hard and small they were, seeing the candy-pink nipples bursting with hardness. She saw the small waist, the flat stomach, the swelling thighs, and then she saw the sugary slit of Judy's cunt. A tuft of silky hair was at the top, but, otherwise, Judy's cunt was hairless.

Dave pressed his cock between his sister's thighs, the head sliding into view. Judy felt her brother's cock pressing and throbbing at the slit of her young pussy and glanced down to see what her mother was staring at. The swollen head of Dave's cock seemed to split the tightness of her pussy, and his prickhead was dripping.

Giggling nervously, Judy cupped her brother's cock with her small hand.

"I want to fuck you, Judy," Dave said, still looking at his mother. "Jacking off is kid stuff. I want to put my cock in your cunt and fuck you."

Joann gasped.

Judy, after a moment's hesitation, wiggled her naked ass against her brother and nodded her head. She squeezed his cock with her thighs, and the heat of her young cunt burned the prick shaft.

"Mom won't mind," Dave said, cupping his sister's tits and squeezing them. Judy's tits just fit his hands. "Mom won't mind if we fuck. Mom wants to see us fuck, Judy. Mom wants to watch my cock go in your cunt."

Joann's knees almost buckled.

"Don't you, Mom?" Dave asked his mother. "You want to see me fuck Judy, don't you?"

Joann couldn't stop the nodding of her head, giving them her answer. She had her fists balled at her hips, pressed tightly.

"Really, Mother?" Judy asked, hardly believing. "You wanna see me and Davy do it?"

Again Joann's head jerked up and down.

Judy giggled, twisting in her brother's arms. She felt the excitement of his cock against her stomach, and she wiggled against him. "Okay, let's do it, Davy!"

Judy pulled from him and jumped onto her bed, her cute ass flashing saucily. Her lewd giggles seemed directed toward her mother. Her blue eyes flashed with wanton hunger as she lay back, spreading her legs wide. Her succulent cunt seemed to glisten pinkly, eager for her brother's cock. Dave was turning his interest to his sister's naked body now, seeing her sweet cunt for the first time. But Judy was watching her mother, still unsure of what they were doing. She felt almost shy with her mother standing there, yet she was so hot and hungry to feel her brother's cock sliding into her cunt that she didn't care if her mother watched.

Dave climbed onto the bed, kneeling between his sister's long, slim thighs. He didn't have to look at his mother to know her hot eyes were following his straining cock. He grasped the base of his cock in one hand.

"Lift your ass a little, Judy," he asked.

Judy lifted, her legs spread very wide. She kept looking at her mother, expecting a scream or something at any time.

Joann was panting heavily, her tits lifting and falling inside her bra and dress. It felt as if her bra strap would break from the swelling of her tits. She stared at her son's cock, gasping as she saw him rubbing the prickhead up and down the sugary slit of Judy's little cunt.

"Ooooo, Davy!" Judy whimpered as she felt his cock.

He placed the swollen head of his cock at the entrance of his sister's cunt, and began to push slowly.

"Ooo, that feels real good, Davy!" Judy squealed, no longer staring at her mother. She gripped her brother's shoulders, wiggling her little ass as he slipped his cock past the tight lips of her steamy little cunt. Feeling a cock stretching her cunt for the first time, Judy was holding her breath. She didn't feel any pain, that had been taken care of by her fingers months ago. What she did feel was a filling sensation that was more exciting than her fingers had ever created.

Dave braced himself with his hands on each side of his sister's body, sliding his cock slowly into her cunt. Joann watched his prick with blazing eyes, seeing her son's cock disappearing into her daughter's young cunt. Her own pussy was pulsing with a heat that she had not felt before.

Judy, with her brother's cock half inside her tight cunt, suddenly threw her legs into the air, giving a screech of ecstasy. She wrapped her legs about his waist, and her small ass began to churn up and down. Her aggressiveness surprised and delighted Dave, who fucked his cock all the way into his sister's cunt.

"Oooo, fuck me, Davy!" Judy screamed, no longer paying any attention to her mother.

The immediate ecstasy Judy felt when her brother's cock moved into her cunt removed everything else from her mind, and her sweet, deliciously naked body took control of her actions. She thrashed her ass up and down, gyrating in tight circles, grinding her cunt powerfully at the base of his cock. His heavy balls were slapping the cheeks of her squirming ass. Judy yelped and began to sob with delirious rapture. Her young cunt felt stuffed to capacity by her brother's thick cock, which was driving deeper than she thought anything could go into her cunt.

"Fuck me! Fuck me!" Judy sobbed over and over, her small body shaking and thrashing, her little ass dancing erotically up and down, her cunt riding her brother's cock. "Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh, Davy... fuck me! My pussy... my pussy is so full of cock! Full of your hard cock! Fuck me, Davy!"

Joann, her legs turning to liquid, leaned against the wall now, watching her daughter and son fucking. With Judy's legs twisted about his waist, Joann could see his cock fucking in and out of her tightly gripping cunt, see his balls beating at the round cheeks of her daughter's ass. Her cunt was burning, almost flaming with heat. Joann's seemed larger and tighter than ever before, and her tits hurt with the swelling.

"Oh, God!" she hissed, the first time she had said a word since following them down the hall. "Oh, my God! Ooooo, God!"

Her knees buckled, and she slid down the wall. Her hands grabbed at her swollen tits, her eyes blazing on her son's cock fucking into her daughter's cunt. His prick glistened with the wetness of Judy's pussy, and the moist slapping sounds caused her cunt to clench, almost in a convulsion of orgasm. As Joann's ass hit the floor, her knees bent, the crotch of her wet panties became exposed.

Dave had his head turned toward his mother. His eyes burned at the back of his mother's thighs, at the puffiness of her panties where her cunt swelled. He saw his mother squeezing her own tits, her expression an indication of the ecstasy she was feeling. He knew his mother was enjoying this, knew she was intensely excited to see them fucking. He banged his cock up and down, his naked ass bouncing as he plunged his cock into his sister's tight, wet cunt, gazing at his mother's thighs and panties.

"Ahhh, tight pussy!" he grunted, ramming his cock hard into his sister's cunt. "Judy, your cunt is so fucking tight!"

"Fuck me! Fuck me!" Judy was screaming, clutching her brother's shoulders. Knowing their mother was watching seemed to make her even more excited. She didn't understand it yet, but Judy found a greater thrill in being watched as she fucked her brother. She didn't even know what exhibitionism was, but she knew she loved being seen with a cock inside her cunt. "Fuck my pussy, Davy! Ooooo, yes, Davy! Fuck my cunt!"

Joann was breathing hard, her fingers digging into her tits. She couldn't take her eyes off her son's cock as he penetrated Judy's sugary cunt. She knew her son could see her crotch, yet she didn't care, not now. What she was seeing was too intense, too exciting, to worry about him seeing her panties. Her pussy was on fire now, throbbing with a sweet, almost painful, ache. The hairy lips were swollen, and her clit felt ready to burst.

"Fuck her," Joann whispered, startling herself.

She rubbed and pulled at her tits, wanting to get her hands inside her dress and bra, to feel the firm tits without anything between them. But she was almost afraid to move now. Her ass was writhing on the floor, and Joann felt if she so much as pushed a finger into her dress, she would come.

Dave was grunting hotly, breathing faster, his cock ramming in and out of his sister's cunt swiftly. His balls were getting tighter, and he was swiftly getting ready to come. So was Judy.

"Ohhhh, fuck me faster, Davy!" Judy sobbed loudly. "Oooo, my pussy... my cunt! I think I'm gonna come, Davy!"

Joann, hearing every word, felt her own cunt rippling, swelling, like an enormous balloon filling in the pit of her stomach.

"Come, Judy!" Dave grunted. "Let me feel your cunt squeeze my cock! Come on, Judy... come! Squeeze the juice out of my balls with your cunt!"

"Oh, yes!" Judy cried, straining her hairless cunt around her brother's cock. "I will, Davy! I'll squeeze the juice out of your balls! My pussy... OOO, my cunt will squeeze the come juice out of your cock!"

Joann's eyes filled with tears, tears of voyeuristic, perverse rapture. She was leaning forward, still digging at her tits, her knees and crotch showing. A soft, tight groan came from her.

Dave's naked body became stiff, his head thrown back, face contorted with the sweetest of all agony.

Judy felt her brother's cock, swell. Then his prick was jerking inside her cunt. A scream boiled out of her young throat as she came. Her young cunt clasped his cock wetly, and an orgasm rumbled through her. Her pussy clutched and released his cock, the inner muscles pulling and drawing. Her orgasm transmitted the ecstasy to Dave, and, with a shudder, his cock spewed.

A drawn-out groan came from Dave, his cock gushing thick come juice far up his sister's greedy cunt. The trigger quickness of his squirting cock sent Judy into a second orgasm, her naked young body trembling wildly. She arched her head back on the bed, eyes tight, neck taut. She screamed her ecstasy in a loud voice, her cunt straining up hard against her brother's spurting cock. She felt his come juice filling her cunt, burning the velvet walls. The sensation of having his cock come inside her cunt sent shivers of deliciousness up and down her creamy skin.

Joann groaned as she saw them strain together, and her cunt suddenly gripped, and she was clutched by a tight, boiling orgasm herself. Her knees opened and closed, her inner thighs squeezing the lips of her cunt, intensifying her orgasm. She opened her knees wide, then closed them again, almost doubling over with the force of her orgasm.

Dave became weak, slumping on top of his sister. His cock went soft, but was still held tightly by Judy's hairless cunt. Judy's thighs fell open, her cunt twitching. She began to giggle with a lewd sound, and turned her face toward her mother.

She saw her mother's knees open, saw the wetness of her panties, saw the glowing expression on her face. Young as she was, Judy understood her mother's voyueristic excitement, and she understood, too, that her mother had come, her cunt had contracted with orgasm as she watched her fucking her brother.

Her giggles became very lewd as her brother began to pull his cock from her cunt.


Joann remained where she was on the floor, watching her son roll off her daughter. His cock, limp now, still looked exciting to her. His prick was glistening with fuck juices, and, when her daughter sat up, leaning at the headboard of her bed, she turned her eyes to those spreading legs, seeing her daughter's almost hairless cunt seeping creamy come juice. She saw Judy's tiny clitoris, the tip poking from the sugary folds.

Slowly, feeling weak, Joann stood. Her legs trembled, and she was no longer clutching her tits. Dave sprawled nakedly on his sister's bed, his cock and balls exposed without shame.

Joann tried to smile, but it was a nervous smile.

She left them, confused with whirling emotions.

"I don't believe it," Judy giggled.

"Well, I do," Dave said.

"Mother actually watched us fucking, and didn't say a word," Judy whispered, almost awed by what had happened. "She watched us fuck, Davy! And you know what? I think she liked it!"

"Did you see how she sat there on the floor? She was holding her fucking tits, Judy! Mom was squeezing her fucking tits and watching us, and she had had her legs up and open and I saw her panties. I've never seen Mom that way before. You know how she is. Mom would never let me look under her dress... unless she enjoyed watching us fuck. She got hot, Judy! Mom's cunt was hot!"

But Judy still wasn't convinced. "I don't know, Davy!" she said, hugging her knees to her small tits. "You can never can tell for sure."

Dave grinned at his sister, his eyes seeing her pink cunt pooching past her uplifted thighs. "You know, this is the first time we've seen each other naked. It's the first time we fucked, too. I think you're real cute, naked, Judy."

He then told her about seeing their mother peeking at them in the pickup.

"Why didn't you tell me, Davy!" Judy squealed, a faint flush on her pretty face. "That's embarrassing!"

"Sure, just like fucking me was embarrassing, huh?" he teased. "Embarrassing like Mom sitting there with a hot pussy, watching us, huh?"

Judy giggled.

"Maybe she won't get mad," she said.

"She won't," Dave promised. "If she was, she sure wouldn't have watched us, flashing her panties at me that way. I think Mom needs some hard cock, too, Judy."

"Mother? Not Mother," Judy said. "She wouldn't fuck, you know that!"

"Want to bet?" Dave said.

"No, I don't think so," Judy replied. She looked at his cock and balls. "That was fantastic, Davy," she whispered. "Your cock was so big in me, and felt so good! Why have we waited until now to fuck?"

He stood up. "I got to take a piss," he announced, and, leaving his clothing on the floor, he started from the room.

"Davy!" Judy hissed. "You can't go out there naked! Mother will see you!"

"Mom has already seen me," he said, and stepped into the hall.

His mother was in the living room, sitting on the couch. The couch faced the hallway, and she saw her son as he walked nonchalantly along, his cock swinging. Dave stared right at his mother until he entered the bathroom. He didn't bother to close the door, and began to piss into the toilet.

Joann listened, hearing the tinkling sound. She sat up straight on the couch, shoulders back, her tits arching out. Her hands were folded in her lap, her skirt over her knees.

Judy pulled on a dress, then a fresh pair of panties. She wasn't going to go out there naked until she was sure there wouldn't be any trouble. She peeked into the bathroom as she passed, just in time to see her brother shaking his cock. She giggled and walked into the living room. She watched her mother warily, sitting at the other end of the couch. She sat primly, like her mother.

That was the way Dave saw them as he came into the living room, still naked. He stood a moment, grinning. Joann stared at his cock and balls, already feeling her cunt throb again. She ran her tongue across her lips when he started toward them. Judy divided her peeks between her brother and mother. She couldn't believe her mother was just sitting there, letting Dave walk about naked, his cock and balls swinging.

Dave sat on the couch between them, stretching her legs out and placing his feet on the coffee table. His cock was half hard now, and Joann gazed at his prick holly. The tension between them was great, and Joann couldn't do anything about it. The wild hunger she had suppressed for so long was surfacing. She had learned something about herself in the past hour, and, try as she might, she was no longer able to hide that secret hunger.

Dave took his sister's hand and placed it on his cock and balls. Judy tried, at first, to pull her hand away, looking at her mother. Then she closed her fingers about her brother's balls, feeling his cock swell against her wrist.

Holding his sister's hand on his balls, Dave, suddenly and without warning, grabbed one of his mother's tits.

Joann gasped.

Judy squeaked.

Dave closed his fingers into his mother's tits, feeling her bra, but, best of all, also feeling the spongy hardness in his hand. He squeezed again, and Joann's body shivered, her eyes turning dreamy. She made no attempt to take his hand off her tit. Dave's cock became very hard, and Judy slipped her fist about his prick shaft. Joann's eyes blazed as she watched her daughter slowly jerking up and down. Dave was feeling her tit, going from one to the other, and all she could do was sit there, watching her daughter stroking his hard cock. She squeezed her hands together in her lap, feeling her cunt starting to swell and burn again. The way her son was feeling her tits sent a sharp, delicious feeling from her nipples to her pussy.

Judy was no longer nervous. If her mother allowed Dave to play with her tits this way, watching as she jacked his cock, that was all she needed to know there wouldn't be any problems.

"Fuck her," Joann heard herself whisper.

"What was that, Mom?" Dave asked.

Joann didn't reply immediately. Her mind was whirling insanely as she watched Judy jacking Dave's cock. The delicious way her son was fondling her tits created a storm of wet heat in her cunt. She wanted to watch them fuck again, and, although the words had slipped from her before she knew what she was saying, she had trouble saying them again.

"Ohhhh, damn, damn!" Joann groaned.

"Come on, Mom," Dave urged. "Don't worry about it. Enjoy yourself. Do you like it, the way I play with your tits?"

Judy gasped, darting a look at her mother.

Joann swallowed, gulping noisily.

Dave pinched her nipple through her dress and bra.

"Ooooo, God!" Joann whimpered, pulling her clenched hands tight into her lap, pressing at her cunt. "Oh, God!"

Dave dropped his hand from his mother's tits. He gripped her wrist, puffing her hands apart. He began top his mother's hand toward his lap, toward his cock. Joann watched, her eyes glazed. But Dave wouldn't let her go. With his other hand, he scooted his sister's hand to his balls, and Judy curled her fingers around them. Joann couldn't breathe as her son wrapped her fingers about his cock. She felt his prick throb in her fist, felt the burning heat. She gasped, gave his cock a quick squeeze, then jerked her hand away.

That one quick feel of her son's hard cock opened the gates of her pent-up frustrations. All her wild, erotic hungers flooded through.

"Fuck her!" she hissed. Her eyes blazed with a wanton fire that had been long hidden. "Fuck her, Dave! Fuck Judy... let me watch you fuck her again! Stick your cock up her tight little cunt and fuck the hot piss out of it! Oh, darling, stuff your lovely hard cock up your sister's cunt and fuck her again! Let me watch you fuck Judy!"

Judy giggled, holding her brother's balls.

Dave knew this wasn't the time to tease or taunt his mother. He lifted his hand and held one of her tits again.

"You want to watch us fuck, Mom?" he asked, his voice low and understanding. "You want to see me fuck Judy?"

With her face flaming, Joann nodded her head, a very low whisper coming from her.

Dave turned to his sister. "You ready for it again, Judy?" he asked. "Want to let Mom watch us fuck?"

Judy giggled, covering her mouth with her hand. Her blue eyes were bright as she nodded her head.

She stood up with Dave, her small body shaking with anticipation. For no other reason except nervousness, she said "put panties on."

"That's no problem," Dave said, placing her on the floor so that she was on her hands and knees.

He lifted his sisters dress over her ass. The panties were tight, and he saw their mother's eyes turn hot as she watched. His cock stood up, almost slapping his stomach. He drew his sister's panties down to her thighs, exposing her rounded, tight ass. Judy wiggled her ass, giggling as he looked up at her mother.

"You really wanna watch, Mother?" she asked.

"Yes," came the thick whisper from Joann. Dave guided his cock to Judy's pussy, rubbing it up and down. He was the bolder of them, but he understood his mother's feelings better than his younger sister. Judy was willing to let their mother watch, and he knew Judy was excited to be watched.

He pressed the swollen head of his cock to the tight lips of his sister's bubbling cunt. Judy squealed as he pressed, her naked ass twisting. The head of his cock slipped into Judy's cunt, and Joann, seeing the action clearly, began to pant with excitement. She leaned forward, her hands clasped together in her lap, pressing into her lower stomach. Her green eyes were bright, sparkling moistly, her lips parted. She saw her daughter's hairless cunt stretching about the thick shaft of her son's cock. Joann began making hissing sounds as her cunt bubbled between her tight legs.

"Fuck her little cunt!" Joann hissed. "Fuck your sister's tight little cunt, Dave! Oooo, fill her pussy with your cock, your big, hard cock!"

She was leaning far over, her face hovering near her son's.

Dave deliberately smashed his mouth against his lips. Joann gurgled, and began to kiss her son hungrily, the tip of her tongue lashing into his mouth. One of her hands shot out and gripped the cheek of her daughter's ass, her fingers digging harshly into the flesh.

Judy yelped and began to twist her upturned ass, fucking on her brother's cock before he began to thrust into her. She hissed and squealed.

Dave sucked his mother's tongue into his mouth, reaching for one of her tits again. This time he shoved his hand into her dress, but couldn't get past her tight bra. Pulling his face from her mouth, he rammed his cock into his sister's dancing cunt.

"Open your dress, Mom!" he grunted.

Joann froze.

"Come on, Mom!" Dave insisted. "If you want to watch me fuck Judy, you have to show me some tit!"

Joann trembled, staring at her son.

"I don't... I don't think I can, Dave," she sobbed. "I've not... I can't let you see me that way."

"Why the fuck not, Mom?"

"Because... oh, I don't know!" Joann sobbed. "Please, just let me watch! Don't ask anything of me, just let me watch you fuck Judy! Please, Dave, please!"

Dave pulled his hand from his mother's tit, gripping his sister's swinging ass with both hands. He fucked his cock in and out of Judy's cunt, making wet sounds. His balls swung back and forth, striking Judy's swollen clitoris, bringing squeals of pleasure from her. He looked at his mother with disappointment, but he sensed she had something to get over before he could see her tits, see her body.

Joann's eyes blazed, seeing her son's cock stabbing into the tight wetness of Judy's cunt.

Those pink lips seemed to suck at his prick, clutching. She mewled softly, feeling her pussy swelling inside her panties.

"Oooo, shove it to her!" Joann whimpered, clutching at her own tits again. "Shove your cock up her tight little cunt, darling! That's beautiful, watching you two fucking! It's so exciting, so fucking exciting! Fuck her hard and deep, Dave! Oh, Judy, does his cock feel good? Does your brother's cock really feel nice and hard inside your cunt?"

"Yes, Mother!" Judy whimpered. "Ooooo, it feels so good to me! I love it, Mother! I love Davy's cock fucking me!"

"Oh, yes, honey!" Joann moaned. "Fuck his cock, baby! Ride your brother's hard cock! Make him come in your pussy, Judy! Ohhh, it looks so beautiful, going in and out of your pussy! Make him come off inside your sweet cunt, honey!"

The scent of their fucking filled her nostrils, and Joann dug into her tit hard, shoving her other hand to her lap and fingers between her legs. She pressed her dress into her cunt, groaning softly.

"Show me your cunt, Mom!" Dave yelled, fucking frantically into his sister's cunt. "Let me see your cunt!"

"No! Oh, no, Dave!" Joann protested. "Don't ask to see my pussy! Just let me watch you two fuck, please! I can't let you see my tits or my cunt or anything!"

"You showed it to me in the bedroom, Mom," Dave said. "You can show it to me again."

"That was my panties," Joann protested. "You saw my panties, baby, not my cunt."

"Then show me your panties again, damn it!"

"Ooooo, I shouldn't!" Joann moaned. "Come on, Mother!" Judy urged. "You see Davy fucking me, don't you? You see his cock, see my cunt! Show us, Mother!"

"Please!" Joann cried.

Dave lifted his mother's leg, placing her foot on the cushion of the couch, parting it. The tight crotch of her panties showed.

"Ohhhh, I feel wicked!" Joann said, her voice tight.

"Feels good, don't it, Mom?"

"I... oh, it does!" she groaned. "It feels very good!"

"Pull your dress up, Mother," Judy said, shaking her naked ass lewdly as her brother fucked his cock in and out of her curt. "Pull your dress up so we can see better."

"I can't!" But as she said it, she was drawing her dress up, her long, exciting thighs showing. "That's enough," Joann gasped. "No more, please."

"Open your legs, Mom," Dave said.

Joann's legs opened, and she scooted her ass to the edge of the couch. The band of her panties was stretched, wet from the dripping juices of her boiling cunt. Stands of dark cunt hair swirled from the stretched crotch.

"Ah, that's nice, Mom," Dave said, staring at his mother's panties. "That's real nice!"

But Judy wasn't satisfied. "Play with it, Mother!" she hissed, swinging her uplifted ass about erotically. "Play with yourself, Mother! Watch Davy fuck me and play with your cunt! Go on... touch it, feel your cunt and watch us fuck!"

With her face flaming with embarrassment, Joann's hand moved to her crotch. She rubbed her fingers up and down the drenched panties, wiggling her ass on the cushions. Her eyes strained with wet heat as she watched her son's cock fucking in and out of her daughter's greedy young cunt. She swirled her palm about her pantied cunt, sobbing with rapture. Playing with her hairy cunt and watching her son and daughter fucking seemed so perversely exciting, she was on the verge of coming already.

"In your panties, Mom!" Dave said, his eyes wild with erotic hunger. He held his sister's dancing hips, fucking his cock in and out of her fiery cunt rapidly, his balls swinging back and forth. "Shove your hand inside your panties and finger fuck that hot cunt, Mom!"

"Yes, I will!" Joann groaned, jerking her hand to the elastic waist of her panties. She shoved her hand into them, sliding her fingers through the thick mat of hair. She rubbed at her distended clitoris almost brutally, watching Dave's wet, glistening cock fuck into Judy's cunt.

Her hand moved inside her panties as she rubbed at her inflamed clitoris, then began to fuck a finger in and out. The finger made wet, juicy sounds.

"Fuck that cunt, Mom!" Dave grunted, watching between her thighs. "Finger fuck your wet cunt! Ohhhh, shit, Judy! Your pussy is so fucking tight and hot on my cock! I don't know if I can hold out much longer! I think I might come!"

Joann fucked her finger into her cunt with violence, her legs wide apart, eyes straining with moist heat. There was the growing build up of an orgasm inside her. When her son began to stroke the inside after thigh, she didn't protest. His hand felt wonderful there, caressing, coming very close to her crotch. The urge to grab his hand and smash it into her cunt was very strong, and only her long-standing feeling of shame prevented her from doing that. She was rubbing harshly at her clitoris again as she watched her son rushing his cock in and put of Judy's gripping cunt. She wanted to grip his swinging balls, to twist and pull on them, to feel them as he sprayed his come juice into his sister's cunt.

The sudden explosion of Joann's cunt sent her shoulders forward, a groan ripping from her constricted throat.

"Ooooo," Judy whimpered. "I'm gonna come, Davy! I'm gonna come! Fuck harder! Ohhhhh, go in deeper! I'm gonna come!"

A scream boiled from Judy as her cunt clawed at her brother's buried cock. The contractions of her hairless pussy pulled his prick. The squeezing of his sister's tight cunt was more than Dave could take.

"I'm coming!" he yelled, digging his fingers into his mother's soft, inner thigh, near her crotch. "I'm coming, Judy!"

"Show me!" Joann shrieked. "Let me see you come, Dave!"

Dave yanked his cock free of his sister's sucking hot cunt, sliding the head and shaft of his prick along the crack of her hot ass, his piss hole spurting white come juice across Judy's back and the cheeks of her ass.

"Ohhhh, yes!" Joann hissed, her eyes dreamy. Her cunt contracted with a second orgasm as she watched her son's come juice spray the flesh of his sister's naked ass, messing up her dress. "That's beautiful, Dave! Ooo, come all over Judy's pretty little ass! Come on her fucking ass, baby!"

Squirt afer squirt of hot come juice splashed about Judy's shivering ass. Judy's cunt twisted with powerful orgasms, her head and shoulders dropping to the floor. She was moaning with the hot ecstasy that seared her body. Her shapely little ass arched into the air, with her brother's cock throbbing in her ass crack. She could feel the pulsations of his prick against her asshole.

With her creamy ass covered with glistening come juice, Judy slowly lowered herself to the floor. Dave sat back on his heels, gasping for air.

Joann pulled her hand out of her panties, and again felt shame overcome her now that she had come. She closed her legs, tugging her skirt to her knees.

Dave frowned. "Mom, it's too late to act that way."

"I can't help it," Joann said softly. "It embarrasses me, Dave. I shouldn't have lifted my dress that way. I shouldn't have played with my cunt myself. Not in front of you and Judy."

Dave laughed. "Why the fuck not, Mom? If Judy and I can fuck in front of you, and you know you like watching us, then you can damn well finger fuck yourself while you watch us."

"Please, don't, Dave," she whispered. "Don't make me feel bad, please."


Joann was truly embarrassed.

That night, alone in her bed, she cried. She cried out of misery, of self-pity, of shame, yet she wanted the very thing her son and daughter enjoyed. Even in the darkness, her face burned as she relived the afternoon. There was no denying what she had felt while watching her son fucking her daughter. It had been beautiful, erotic.

With a sob, she recalled her sudden outburst, those words pouring from her mouth like a torrent. That had been very much unlike her, saying those things -- urging them to fuck, saying cock and cunt and those other wonderful, exciting words.

It had been a restless night for Joann.

But not for Judy and Dave.

They had bathed and gone to their respective rooms, but it was not long before Judy had crept into Dave's bed. She lay with his arm about her shoulders, her face against him. Her small hand crept under the sheets to his crotch, cupping his cock and balls, feeling them through his jockey shorts.

"Why is Mother so embarrassed about fucking, Davy?" she whispered.

"I don't know," Dave replied.

"She likes to watch us, don't she?"

"You saw her, Judy. You know as much about her as I do."

A soft giggle came from Judy as she rubbed and caressed her brother's cock into hardness. "She's pretty," her soft voice said as she rubbed her fingers on his hard-on. "Mother could have any man she wanted, if she would dress differently and fix herself up."

"I think Mom has one hot ass," Dave said, imagining what his mother's tits would look like naked, how her pussy would look with her panties off, her legs wide open. "With a little time, I have a hunch Mom would fuck herself silly."

"You're getting hard," she giggled into his armpit.

"Why shouldn't I?" he chuckled. "The way you're playing with my cock, I don't have much choice, Judy."

Judy stretched her hand to his night lamp, clicking it on. Then she sat up, throwing the sheet from her brother. His cock strained against the white fabric of his shorts. She gazed down at him, sitting with her legs crossed. Sliding her hand between her brother's thighs, she cupped his balls, squeezing them gently.

"I like how your balls feel," she whispered. Her tiny gown was bunched in her lap, the sugary pinkness of her cunt showing. The small nipples of her tits pressed at the thin top, making inviting points. She lowered her head, and kissed her brother's thigh.

"What made you do that, Judy?" he asked. "I just wanted to," she said, simply, her blue eyes smoldering as she gazed at the lump his cock and balls made.

Dave moved his hand along his sister's thigh, feeling the smooth texture of her skin. When he reached her cunt, he felt the heat coming from it. He tickled his finger in the small tuft of hair, then probed at the tip of her small clit. Judy squealed softly, leaning back with her hands behind her. She draped a leg over his stomach, another across his thighs. She closed her eyes while her brother rubbed the tip of his finger up and down the succulent slit of her pussy. Her small ass wriggled, on the bed as she gurgled in pleasure.

Dave pulled her thigh upward, scooting downward. He looked between his sister's slim legs, gazing at her fine, slightly puffy pussy slit. His cock throbbed inside his shorts, the prickhead almost peeking above the elastic waist. Moving his face closer to her cunt, Judy watched with moist eyes. When Dave's face was a few inches from her pussy, she lifted herself slightly. The scent coming from his sister's fresh cunt sent a shiver about Dave's flesh.

Judy gasped when her brother shoved his mouth to her lap and kissed her pussy.


"Like it?" he asked.

"Oh, Davy! Yes!"

Dave put his face into his sister's crotch again. The soft wetness of her cunt felt good on his mouth. He parted his lips and sucked gently, the tip of his tongue flicking like a feather against her swelling clitoris. Judy cooed softly. Her ass lifted off the bed, twisting slowly. She looked down at his face between her thighs, her eyes glazed as she gasped and panted.

"Ooooo, I like that, Davy!" she groaned. "It feels good! Kiss it, Davy! Oh, kiss my cunt for me!"

Davy slipped a hand beneath her ass, cupping her ass cheeks, feeling her wiggle. He opened his lips when Judy began to hump her cunt back and forth against his mouth. The wetness of her pussy tasted good, and he shoved his tongue out. When Judy pumped at his mouth again, his tongue slipped into the delicious wetness.

"Ooooo, Davy!"

Judy leaned back on the bed, spreading her slender thighs wide, the expanse of her cunt vulnerable to his lips and tongue. Turning onto his stomach, Davy cupped his sister's ass in both hands, holding the fine, lovely, tight asscheeks. He buried his mouth into her sugary cunt, licking and kissing. Judy whimpered and pressed her pussy into his mouth, grinding with soft squeal of pleasure. She jerked her short gown to her neck, her small tits swollen in hardness, the pink nipples rigid. Dave looked up her body at them, his tongue sliding up and down the slit of her cunt, twirling about her knotted clitoris, then dipping into the honey-tasting cunt deeply.

"Ooooo, kiss it, Davy!" Judy sobbed, her hands moving down her stomach. She pulled at the hairless lips of her cunt, opening her pussy for him, smashing her crotch into his mouth. Dave's tongue delved deep into the wet heat.

"Oh, that's nice, Davy! Golly, I like the way you kiss my pussy! Your tongue is in me, Davy! Your tongue is up my cunt! Ahhh, wiggle your tongue inside my pussy! That's so nice!"

Dave wiggled, lapping at the softness of his sister's cunt, tasting the satiny smoothness of the inner walls. His cock throbbed against the mattress, and he pressed down hard.

Judy, sobbing with pleasure, drew her knees up and back, lifting her ass high. Dave kept his mouth pressed into her pussy, running his hands about the creamy surface of her ass cheeks, over the backs of her thighs. He made slurping sounds as he ran his tongue up and down her pussy slit. Judy's cunt felt hot against his mouth, scalding and searing.

"Ooooo, Davy, Davy!" Judy whined, twisting her crotch into his face. "This is so good! Your tongue feels almost like your cock in me! Not as big, but just as good! Make me come this way, Davy! Kiss my cunt and make me come!"

Dave lifted his face, feeling the moisture on his mouth and cheeks. He flicked his tongue at his sister's quivering stomach, running through the tuft of silky hair.

"You like to have your cunt sucked, don't you, Judy?" he asked in a husky voice. "Want me to tongue fuck you? Fuck your hot little pussy with my tongue, Judy?"

"Ohhhh, yes, Davy! Fuck me with your tongue!" she urged, twisting her ass, her cunt searching for his mouth. "Make me come with your tongue, Davy! Ooooo, that would be so good, coming with your tongue up my cunt!"

"What do I get out of it?" he teased, lowering his face and thrusting his tongue into her pussy, then taking his tongue out again. "What do I get out of this?"

"Don't you like it, too?"

"Sure, you taste good, Judy," he replied. "But it sure don't do my cock much good."

Judy humped her crotch up and down, her small hands clasped behind her knees. She held her head up and peered down at her brother, her eyes blazing with passion.

"Eat it for me, Davy!" she pleaded. "Suck it and kiss it and eat it, please! Make me come with your mouth! Come on, Davy, don't tease! Tongue fuck my pussy!"

"What are you going to do for me?" He dragged the tip of his finger along the crack of his sister's ass, pausing to touch the inside of her puckered asshole for a moment.

Judy's body jerked at the touch, a groan escaping her throat.

"Whatever you want!" she almost shrieked. "Anything you want, Davy! I promise, anything!"

"Will you kiss my cock?"

"Oh, Davy!" Judy gasped. "You know I've never, done anything like that!"

"Hell, neither have I, Sis," Dave laughed softly, his hot breaths burning over his sister's exposed cunt. "This is the first time I've tasted a cunt, too."

"I'll do it!" Judy groaned, wiggling her uplifted ass, her cunt bubbling with juicy heat. "I'll kiss your cock, Davy! Suck me, suck my cunt off, and I'll kiss your big hard cock! I'll do anything... if you'll suck my pussy off!"

"Don't forget," he said.

"I won't! Come on, Davy, suck my cunt!" Palming his sister's lovely tight ass, Dave lowered his face into her cunt again. He opened his mouth and placed his lips around the sweetness of her pussy, sucking. His tongue scraped up and down the tight cunt slit, swirling about her clit, then down again. The sweet juices seeped into his mouth, and he swallowed. His tongue moved up and down again. On an impulse, he flicked the tip against his sister's asshole.

Judy's hips jerked as she squealed in delight. But his tongue didn't stay there. He wiggled the tip a moment against her burning asshole, then plunged as deep as he could into her cunt. Fucking his tongue in and out, he began to moan as his balls swelled and tightened inside his shorts. His cock was hard, very hard, dripping and making a wet spot where his piss hole pressed. The wet sounds of his tongue in her cunt seemed loud to them, but they didn't care about the noise. It no longer mattered if their mother heard. On the contrary, they wanted her to hear, to come watch them.

Judy squirmed her ass in tight circles as her brother fucked his tongue in and out of her boiling pussy. She held her knees back as tight as she could on her tits. Sometimes she held her head up, watching him with glazed eyes, and sometimes she had to stretch her neck back as his tongue struck some sensitive area of her cunt. She cried out softly, rocking her ass up and down, smashing her pussy into his face, grinding there. She liked it particularly when he licked at the inside softness of her cunt lips, teasing her clitoris.

"Ohhhh, Davy! Lick me hard!" she cooed. "Suck my pussy... eat my cunt! Golly, shove your tongue real deep up my cunt, Davy! Ahhhh, you'll make me come so hard this way!"

His eyes flashed up her body, his open mouth sucking hard at her juicy cunt. His tongue thrust and withdrew, swirling up and licking in a frenzy at her swollen clit. When he pulled his sister's clit between his teeth, nibbling as his tongue agitated the highly sensitive tip, Judy screamed softly with the ecstasy. It was a different sort of feeling to have her cunt sucked than fucked. It was strange, and ever so delicious.

"I'm gonna come!" she shrieked.

Dave fucked his tongue into her cunt, feeling the increase of wet heat.

"Ohhh, I'm gonna come, Davy! MY cunt is so fucking hot! Ooooo, I'm gonna come so hard!"

Again she screamed softly.

Dave felt his sister's cunt convulse. He felt the sugary pussy lips clutch his tongue, then a tightening sensation. The rippling waves of wet heat seemed to be trying to suck his tongue into her stomach, the contractions squeezing as she began to grind powerfully into his face.

"Ooo, harder!" Judy gurgled, hissing with rapture. "Suck my cunt harder! I'm coming, Davy! Golly, I'm coming so hard, so fucking hard! Tongue fuck my cunt... suck it hard!"


Dave fucked his tongue into her gripping pussy, tasting the increase in the flow of fuck juices. He swallowed as his mouth filled, finding that his sister's cunt tasted very good indeed, and the hotter and wetter her pussy was, the better he enjoyed it. His chin smashed against her asshole, and he felt her as shale working, puckering, flexing.

Judy released her knees, but kept them pulled up tight. She grabbed the back of her brother's head, holding his mouth against her spasming cunt, sobbing and crying with the intensity of her orgasm. Dave licked and sucked until his sister's convulsions stopped. Then, as she released his head, he kissed her twitching cunt.

Grinning wickedly, Judy sat up.

"That was really good, Davy," she said, still slightly breathless. "My cunt is still tingling."

She pulled the gown off her head, flinging it to the floor. Her saucy tits were small, but tight with suckable nipples. Her eyes moved to his cock, watching his prick shaft strain inside his shorts.

"You're so hard now," she said, half whispering. "Sucking my cunt really made your cock hard, Davy."

"Remember your promise," he said.

"I remember," Judy replied, tracing her fingertip up and down the outline of her brother's cock.

She pulled the elastic band downward, exposing the swollen prickhead. She touched her finger to the piss hole, feeling the slippery wetness. She stared at his cock as if she had not seen it before.

Dave leaned back, stretching his legs around his sister's hips.

Judy stared at the wetness on her fingertip. She had jacked him off a number of times, and her hand had become drenched with the hot juices of his balls. She liked the way spunk felt on her hand, but now she had promised to kiss his prick. She would be tasting that wetness, and she didn't know what to expect.

"Kiss it, Judy," her brother urged.

"I will, Davy," she said, her voice low and slightly fearful of the unknown. "Let me take my time."

Curious about the taste, she ran her fingertip across his seeping piss hole, then brought it to her face. She touched the tip of her tongue to it. It wasn't bad, she decided. But tasting his fuck juices on her finger wasn't the same as feeling spunk spurt down her throat. He always came so hard, sending geysers high into the air.

She pulled the front of his shorts down until half his cock protruded, resting against his stomach. She leaned down, sucking in a lungful of air nervously. She kissed the rounded bead of his cock. The flesh was smooth and hot on her lips, and felt quite good. Her lips tingled slightly, a very nice feeling.

Dave leaned back, then stretched out on his bed. Judy, with her legs crossed, was at his hip, leaning over, her face hovering a few inches above his half-exposed cock. She kissed the hard shaft of his prick just below the smooth cockhead. Her hand rested an his stomach, and Judy knew she was going to have to do more than just kiss her brother's cock. She had to take his prick inside her mouth, between her lips, and suck. She had to suck his cock the way he had sucked her cunt. It was only fair, she felt.

Slowly, she opened her mouth.

The heat of his sister's mouth closing about the head of his cock sent a wild tremble up and down body. His eyes began to glaze in pleasure.

Judy kit the swollen head in her mouth, her lips stretched about. Her tongue was shoved to one side to make room for the swollen cockhead. For a breathless moment, Judy just held the head of his cock in her mouth. She closed her eyes, and began to suck. Her wet lips twisted as her cheeks sank inward. Then she moved her tongue, licking the head. Her fingers dug into the flesh of her brother's stomach, her other hand sliding up his thigh slowly. Cupping her hand about his concealed balls, Judy pushed her mouth down onto his cock, taking more between her lips. The hot throbbing of his cock burned at her lips, and her mouth was filling.

Pausing to breathe, Judy found her brother's cock tasting quite good. She enjoyed the smooth heat, the hard cock against her lips. Forgetting about his discharge, she began sucking up and down, slowly, becoming accustomed to a hard cock in her mouth. She kept her lips tight, her tongue sliding along the prick shaft. It was quite enjoyable to feel his cock on the roof of her mouth, but when she felt his prick probe at her throat, she almost choked.

It didn't take Judy long to learn how to suck his cock, how to keep from choking. She was an eager pupil, willing to experiment with anything. Young, but intensely erotic, Judy was more than eager to try whatever she and her brother could think of.

She sucked up from his cock, her blue eyes flashing at him as she giggled, a naughty, little girl sound. She squeezed his balls, twisting them inside his shorts.

"You taste kinda good," she said. "Hard and hot, and I love the feel of it in my mouth. Am I sucking it right, Davy?"

"I guess," he said. "It sure feels good. Come on, suck it again, Judy."

Judy made an excited cry as she filled her mouth with his cock again. This time she didn't suck slowly. She pulled over half his cock into her mouth, and bobbed her lovely young face up and down swiftly, fucking him with her mouth, and still sucking at the same time. Her surprising enjoyment of sucking cock sent all thoughts of his coming from her mind. She didn't think about that now.

She began to groan and whimper as her mouth moved up and down. Her sweet little cunt started pulsating again, and she twisted against the mattress as she leaned over him. She clung to his balls through his shorts, her other hand resting on his lower stomach. She sucked his cock gleefully, her mouth becoming wetter and hotter. Her, eyes opened and closed, rolling dreamily in the sockets. Her tongue flicked and swirled about the cockhead, and she sucked up the seeping fuck juices from his piss hole. When her mouth watered too much, she swab lowed, learning to swallow with her mouth filled with hard cock.

"Ohhhhh, Judy!" Dave grunted, watching her stretching lips sucking hungrily. "You're sucking real good! Your mouth is so hot and wet! Lick it, Judy... suck it!"

With hot, throaty squeals, Judy sucked her brother's cock as hard and fast as she could, her hair fanning her shoulders. She tried to pull the full length of his cock into her mouth, but couldn't get the swollen head past her throat. She was hungry to suck him, devouring his prick with mindless cock-sucking rapture.

Dave was surprised at the fury of her sucking. Delighted, but surprised. His sister sucked with a greed he had not expected, as if that was all she knew to do, or wanted to do, with a hard cock.

Judy whimpered and moaned about her brother's cock, squeezing at his covered balls. Her little cunt was starting to boil with her enjoyment. She was dripping so much that a wet spot formed on Dave's sheets as she squirmed and twisted. She experimented by sucking his cock slowly, then fast, hurriedly, loving the friction between her lips, the stuffing of her mouth. She bobbed her mouth fast, the head of his cock beating at her throat, but she didn't care.

Dave began to groan, arching his hips up abruptly, without warning, Dave came.

The hot creamy come juice burst into Judy's mouth before she knew he was coming. At first she thought, crazily, that he was pissing in her mouth. Then she realized the juice was very thick. A wet squeal came from her, but she didn't jerk away. She closed her lips tightly about the head of her brother's cock, feeling the scalding come juice splashing into her mouth, over her tongue. Her eyes became huge as she tasted him.

Judy felt the come juice seeping from her tight lips, and began to swallow, the come juice burned down her throat, and Dave's cock kept gushing, filling her mouth. Spunk dripped down the shaft of his cock. He came so much and so fast, Judy couldn't swallow it all. But she clung to the head of his cock, taking what she could into her mouth, her eyes wide open, glassy with the erotic taste of his come juice.

"Swallow it, Judy!" Dave groaned, lifting his ass, trying to force his cock into his sister's throat. "Swallow my come juice! Suck it up, Judy! Suck the come juice out of my fucking balls!"

Judy squealed loudly as creamy come juice shot down her throat, and her eyes bugged when her cunt convulsed into a scalding, tight orgasm.

She held his prick inside her mouth until he finished coming, then ran her tongue across his piss hole, finding the taste exciting. With a final suck, she lifted her face. Her eyes were gleaming with pride, her lips glistening wetly. Come juice was on her chin and one side of her lips. Her pink tongue flicked it away.

Seeing his cock softening, come juice on the shaft, she slipped her tongue out and licked it away. Swallowing, she made a soft purring sound of pleasure.

"I guess I better go back to my room now, huh?" she said, not really wanting to leave him.

"Why? You can sleep here with me," Dave offered, scooting to the side of his bed to make room for her.

"But what about Mother?"

"You don't think she cares, do you? Come on, snuggle up and go to sleep."


That was the way Joann found them the next morning.

Judy and Dave slept late, and she had gone to wake them for breakfast. She stood and looked at them. They were wrapped about each other. Dave was on his back, and Judy on her side. One slim arm was over Dave's chest, a lovely thigh crossed just below his balls. Dave's arm was around his sister's shoulders, one hand cupping a small tit.

Joann looked at the rounded tightness of her daughter's naked ass, seeing the lovable ass cheeks, the inviting split between them. She could see, barely, the succulent slit of her daughter's hairless cunt. Dave's cock stood hard inside his shorts, and Joann knew her son had what her ex-husband called a piss hard-on.

Piss hard-on or not, his prick was beautiful to her. Joann was still wearing her nightgown. It hung to her knees, her tits straining against the top. The tiny panties beneath them showed more than Joann was accustomed to, but it was something her husband had bought her, and she wore it still. There was a throbbing ache between her cunt, an ache that had been there since the day before. She felt herself getting wet, and she turned from them, angry, at her stupid embarrassment.

She wanted to be like her son and daughter, free and erotic and without shame. If only she could get over that silly feeling of embarrassment, she might be able to enjoy the erotic thoughts in her mind. It was terrible, she thought, to have such lonely thoughts and be unable to enjoy the real thing, while her son and daughter, so young, seemed shameless and wanton.

She sat at the table sipping her second cup of coffee. She had wanted to approach Dave's bed, to feel that beautiful hardness of his cock.

She had wanted to fondle her daughter's lovely little ass, feel the heat of her hairless cunt on her palm, around her penetrating finger. Joann made a soft sob of torment.

She returned to her room and dressed, putting on another one of her loose house dresses. Her bra felt confining, restricting her hill tits. Her panties, tight about her swelling, shapely ass, seemed alien now. She walked back to Dave's room, hating herself for not having the courage to touch them.

She knocked on the open door. "It's time to get up," she said.

Dave opened his eyes and grinned at his mother. He shook his sister's shoulder, who came awake sleepily.

"Mom says we have to get up," Dave said. Judy turned and saw her mother. She grinned and, with the youthful energy that filled her, jumped out of bed. Joann watched her naked daughter, filled with envy.

"Breakfast is ready," Joann said, watching as Dave swung his legs over the bed. Her eyes were fixed upon his bulging cock.

Dave stood, posturing to make his cock stand out for his mother. But Joann turned and left them.

Judy used the hall bathroom for her morning shower, and, while she dried herself, Dave came in. He pulled the side of his shorts to one side, his cock and balls dropping out. He leaned over the toilet and pissed. Judy watched him and, with a giggle, shot her hand into the steam.

"You like that, Judy?" Dave asked.

"It feels hot and nice," Judy giggled.

She held her hand in the stream of his golden plus until he finished, then shoved his hand from his cock. She shook his prick for him. She washed her hand at the sink as Dave slipped his shorts off. He climbed into the shower, soaping himself and watching his sister squat over the toilet, a leg on each side. She was almost standing up.

"I can piss standing, too," she said. "Watch me, Davy."

The golden pin spurted from her hairless cunt, tinkling into the water. Judy pulled the lips of her pussy apart, and Dave saw where the piss was coming from. Judy giggled as the golden stream came from her cunt strongly, aimed perfectly into the toilet.

"Where did you learn that little trick?" Dave asked.

"I've been practicing," Judy giggled, finally stopping the flow of pins. She sent a final squirt into the toilet, then picked up her towel and dried her cunt. She tossed the towel to her brother, who caught it and brought the part she had wiped her cunt with to his face, washing his mouth.

Judy laughed. "That's silly, but I'm glad you done it, Davy," she said.

He flicked the towel at her as she skipped from the bathroom, her lovely young ass flashing lewdly.

Joining her mother at the small dining table in the kitchen, Judy drank down her milk in one gulp. "I can piss standing up, Mother," she announced.

A lurching movement shook Joann.

"Can you?" Judy asked.

"I... I've never tried it, baby," Joann said, fighting to keep the tremor from her voice.

"You should," Judy replied, looking very innocent. "It's fun."

Joann stared at her daughter, who was still naked from the shower. She looked up when her son came in. She felt a pang of disappointment because he had put on a fresh pair of jockey shorts. But she liked the bulge his cock and balls made in them.

Breakfast over, Joann busied herself cleaning the kitchen. She was nervous, yet aroused, pleased that her son and daughter walked about nakedly. She found it easier to look at them than she had the day before. She wasn't so embarrassed. But looking at them was much less than what she truly wanted. Her cunt burned and throbbed, the ache becoming almost unbearable. The crotch of her panties were uncomfortably wet, and her pussy was seeping so much the inner flesh of her thighs were slippery. Dave went out of his way to show his mother his cock and balls, and Judy was absolutely [missing text]. By the time Joann finished in the kitchen, she came upon them in the living room. Judy was sprawled on the couch, her ripe little ass hanging over the edge, her legs wide apart. She was toying with a pink nipple, watching the early cartoons on television. The pink lips of her pretty cunt gleamed invitingly with wetness. Joann swallowed as she gazed at her daughter's almost-hairless cunt.

At the other end of the couch Dave sat. He had pulled the crotch of his shorts to one side, and his balls and cock were exposed. Joann's cunt lurched in hot desire as she stared, her palms itching to take hold of them. Dave glanced at his mother, then began to unashamedly jack on his cock.

Judy saw him, and stretched her hand for his prick.

Joann was whimpering, her eyes tearing up as she watched her daughter doing to Dave's cock what she desperately wanted to do.

"Judy, why don't we go in the garage?" Dave said. "Mother's getting all hot watching us. It isn't nice to tease her this way."

"Don't!" Joann said before she could stop herself.

"You want to watch, Mom?" Dave asked.

Joann gulped, nodding her head.

"You like watching us fuck, Mother?" Judy asked.

"Oh, yes!" Joann breathed.

"But you won't show us your cunt," Dave said. "Mom, if we put on a show for you, it's only right you let us see what you have between your legs."

Joann blushed furiously. "I know," she whispered. "I know, Dave. It isn't fair at all, but I... please, can't you two just let me watch?"

"Come on, Judy," Dave said, getting to his feet. "Let's go fuck in the pickup."

"Please," Joann whined. "Stay here."

"Only if you show us your cunt, Mom," Dave said, taking his sister's hand. "Show us jour cunt and we'll let you watch us fuck, won't we, Judy?"

Judy nodded her head, her eyes bright as she watched her mother. She clung to Dave's throbbing hard-on with a tight hand, making the prickhead bulge out, wetness beading the piss hole.

Joann had to do it, if she wanted to watch her son's cock fucking into her daughter's cunt. She didn't know if they would go into the garage and fuck or not, but she couldn't take the chance. She had to watch them fucking, she just had to.

"Okay," she gulped. "I will."

"Will what, Mom?" Dave prompted. "You have to say it. You have to say those words. You can't be bashful all your life, Mom. Come on, tell us what you're going to show us."

Joann felt tears in her eyes. She closed them so she wouldn't have to see their faces. "I'll show you my... my cu... cunt!"

Her face burned.

She stood, shaking, her fists tight at her hips. She knew her son and daughter were waiting.

She inched her house dress up slowly, her hands shaking. She felt her knees trembling and she was holding her breath. She kept her eyes closed tightly. The crotch of her panties showed, and Joann paused.

"Higher, Mother," Judy urged. "To your waist."

Joann pulled her dress to her waist, her face burning hotly.

"Take your panties down," Dave said, his voice thick with emotion as he stared at his mother. Judy was squeezing his cock very hard, and he felt his sister's excitement by the way she gripped.

Joann couldn't breathe. She felt as if she were strangling as her fingers began shoving her panties downward. She held her dress with one hand, using the other to push at her tight panties. Tears dripped along her cheeks, tears of embarrassment. The curls of her cunt showed, and again she paused.

"All the fucking way, Mom!" Dave said huskily. "Show us all of your cunt!"

Joann shoved her panties to her thighs. The fan shape of her cunt hair was thick and glossy. The hint of her pink cunt lips could be seen through the strands. Her inner thighs were wet, slippery. She felt their eyes on her cunt, and her clit almost burst. Though embarrassed to have them staring at her cunt, Joann also felt a relief. It felt good to have them see her pussy, and she sucked in a deep breath, her tits swelling outward.

"That's beautiful, Mother!" she heard her daughter gasp.

"A pretty cunt, Mom," her son said.

Joann slitted her eyes, looking at them. She felt so good to be standing there, her dress at her waist, her panties halfway down her thighs, her bushy cunt revealed to those young eyes. A soft moan came from her, and she wondered if she was going to come while standing there.

Judy was jerking on her brother's cock swiftly as she gazed at her mother's pussy. Dave's cock was throbbing, and he couldn't wait any longer. He didn't want his sister to jack him off, make him come all over the floor. He wanted his cock in a nice, tight, hot, wet cunt.

He placed his sister back on the couch, parting her legs wide.

"Sit on the arm of the couch, Mom," he said. "You can watch me fuck Judy better that way."

With her heart pounding with shameful passion, Joann pulled her panties up, but kept her skirt at her waist as she walked to the couch. She perched her ass on it, one foot on the cushions, the other on the floor. Her long, dreamy thighs were enticing to Dave as he rubbed the swollen head of his cock up and down his sister's fiery young cunt.

Joann's eyes flashed with voyeuristic pleasure as she saw the swollen head of his cock pressing into the sugary slit of her daughter's cunt. She threw her knee wide, showing the tight band of her panties, cunt hair curling from each side. She was moving one hand along the inner surface of her thigh, high up where it was most sensitive.

"Stick it in her, Dave!" she gasped, eyes smoldering. "Stick it to your sister!"

Judy sucked in air as she felt her brother's cock stretching the lips of her pussy, entering slowly. She wanted Dave to fuck deep and hard, fuck into her fast. But she knew he was moving in slow for the benefit of their mother. Her small ass wiggled as Dave's cock began to fill her pussy, soft whimpers of delight bubbling from her throat.

Joann jerked when she felt her daughter's arm beneath her thigh, and watched the small fingers dig into the soft flesh a few inches from her crotch. The touch of her daughter's hand there sent a rippling tingle through her cunt.

Dave's cock was buried into his sister's cunt now, his balls smashed against the hot cheeks of her ass. He watched Judy squeezing their mother's thigh. He pulled his cock back, and Joann gasped in pleasure as she saw the wetness of the prick shaft.

"Show us your tits, Mom," Dave said, fucking his cock in and out of his sister's cunt. "Let us see how pretty your titties are."

"Dave, I already showed you my... cunt," Joann protested. "Isn't that enough?"

Dave shook his head, his hips moving back and forth, his cock stretching his sister's gripping cunt. "Never enough, Mom. Come on, show us your pretty titties."

Flushed, feeling bashful, Joann found the buttons in back, and opened them. She pulled her dress off her shoulders. Her creamy, flawless tits swelled over the cups of her bra.

"Now the bra," Dave said, pumping his cock faster into his sister's cunt.

Judy, her eyes bright with pleasure, stared up as her mother unhooked her bra. Joann held the cups aver her tits for a long moment, her eyes staring at Dave's cock going in and out of Judy's cunt.

The bra dropped.

"Beautiful," Dave breathed, seeing his mother's creamy tits. They were wide-spaced, perfectly formed, with lovely light-brown nipples standing tail. There was no sign of sag whatsoever.

Dave began to drive his cock faster into his sister's cunt, making liquidy sounds. His balls banged at her squirming ass, and Judy was thrusting her crotch into him with each plunge of his prick. Her hand clung to her mother's inner thigh, and soft sobs of her rapture began to bubble from her throat.

"Your cunt, Mom!" Dave gasped, holding his sister's grinding ass lightly. "Let me see your fucking cunt!"

"Ooooo, Dave!" Joann cried. "You see my tits! Isn't that enough?"

"Come on, Mother," her daughter urged, humping her cunt up and down on Dave's cock energetically. She dug her fingers into her mother's soft thigh. "We wanna see your fucking cunt! Show it to us!"

Sitting on the warm of the couch, her legs spread wide, naked from the waist up, Joann sobbed. Excitement filled her more than before. Her fingers moved up her thigh, toying with the crotch of her panties. She made a gasp, and jerked the crotch to one side so hard they almost ripped.

"Ahhhh!" Dave moaned as he stared at his mother's pussy. With her legs parted, the hairy lips showed pink and wet. He saw the throbbing tip of her clitoris, watched it visibly move. Fuck juices seeped from the lips, moving to the crack of Joann's ass. Her face flamed, but Joann felt as if she was about to come. Exposing her cunt to Judy and Dave as they fucked made her shake with erotic emotions.

"So hairy," Judy mewled. "Mother, you have such a hairy cunt! It looks so hot and wet."

Judy's crotch churned to meet her brother's cock, twisting and bouncing as he fucked in and out. She slipped her hand closer to her mother's cunt, but Joann said nothing.

Dave gazed between his mother's thighs, fucking his cock faster into his sister's gripping, hungry cunt. He lifted his eyes and stared at her lovely tits, then back at her bushy pussy. When he placed a hand on her knee, Joann's body shook, but she didn't say a word. Her eyes were bright with passion as she stared at his cock fucking in and out of Judy's cunt. The wet slapping sounds they made intensified her own excitement.

"Ooooo, fuck me fast, Davy!" Judy whimpered, sliding her cunt wildly back and forth on his prick. "Fuck my hot cunt fast! See Davy's cock fucking me, Mother! Watch his hard cock fuck my wet cunt! Ooooo, it's so good! I love the feel of his cock in my cunt filling it, fucking it, coming off in it!"

"Beautiful," Joann hissed. Her cunt was bubbling with such heat, she could hardly stand it. She wanted to claw at the hot lips, rub her clit harshly, make herself come. "That's so beautiful! Oh, Dave, fuck your sister! Give her your hard cock! Come in her hot cunt! Fill your sister's pussy with hot come juice!"

"That's it, Mom!" Dave groaned. "Say it! Let it all hang out!"

"Ooooo, yes, yes!" Joann sobbed. She twisted her ass on the arm of the couch. "It's making my cunt so hot and wet! I love to see you two fuck! My pussy is so fucking hot! I think I'm going to come!"

Before Joann realized it, Dave had shot his hand up and gripped one of her naked tits. She gasped, her cunt starting to contract as he squeezed her tit. She was moving her hand up her thigh to her cunt, but Judy beat her to it.

Again she gasped.

Judy had thrust a finger into her pussy, and was fucking it in and out, finger fucking her wildly.

Joann screamed as her orgasm struck.

Her hairy cunt closed about her daughter's buried, fucking finger with wet tightness, flexing with orgasm. The hand she had been moving toward her cunt flew up and pressed her son's palm hard into her tit. She was crying as she came, her ass wiggling harshly on the arm of the chair. Her other hand pulled at the hairy top of her cunt, puffing her clit upward as she came. Judy thrashed her hips up and down, squealing when her cunt began to contract with orgasm about her brother's cock.

Dave, digging his hand into his mother's tit, was watching his sister fuck their mother's cunt with her finger, and, with a loud grunt, he discharged hotly into Judy's pussy.

Judy squealed as she felt her brother's come juice splashing the walls of her young cunt, and she fucked her finger as fast as she could into her mother's cunt. Her knuckles were slippery with fuck juices from the hairy pussy.

Just as he was sending a final gush of come juice into his sister's cunt, Dave yanked his prick out, and the white come, juice splashed against Judy's belly button.

Joann sobbed, pulling her son's hand from her tit, then removing Judy's finger from her cunt. She closed her thighs, slipping to the floor, crying. But she was crying because she had come so strongly, so overwhelmingly. Her skirt swirled about her hips, her long thighs exposed. Her ass shook as both Judy and Dave watched her, grinning at each other in triumph.


Joann stayed in the tub for a long time.

She couldn't believe what she had done. With the hot, scented water soothing her, it still seemed like a dream. She had actually exposed herself to Judy and Dave while watching them fuck. She had been so embarrassed, yet she had never felt anything so good, so exciting. Dave had touched her tit, and Judy had finger fucked her!

She had perched shamelessly on the arm of the couch, watching, her son fucking her daughter. And she had come! She had come off stronger than at any other time in her life.

It was impossible, she told herself. She would never have done anything so shameful, not her.

But she had.

Her cunt tingled beneath the water, the hairy pussy-lips seeming to contract still. She felt as if her son's fingers had been imprinted on her skin. A shiver moved through her flesh. Joann giggled, a lewd sound, and she hugged herself tightly.

She knew Judy and Dave were still messing around in the living room. They had begun touching each other as she struggled to her feet after falling from the couch. Joann had stood up, dazed, her dress caught above her ass, and walked slowly to the hallway, not believing what she had done. Judy and Dave had watched her, still smiling in triumph. They had gazed at her long, teasing thighs, the tight fit of her panties on her rounded, shapely ass until she had disappeared from sight.

Dave sat on the floor, with his sister still on the couch Judy had draped her legs over his shoulders, squeezing his head with her creamy thighs. Dave leaned at the couch, his back to his sister. Judy pressed her still hot, still bubbling cunt against the back of his neck, rubbing slowly and running her fingers through his hair.

Dave kissed the smooth flesh of his sister's thigh.

"I'm going to fuck Mom," he said.

"She won't let you," Judy answered.

"You're going to help me, Judy."

"Me? How am I gonna help you?"

"Hold her down, if you have to," Dave said, licking his tongue at the exciting flesh of his sister's thigh.

"You're gonna rape Mother?"

"It won't be rape."

"Yes, it will," Judy said. "If I hold her down so you can fuck her, that's rape, Davy."

"Mother wants it," he said. "Mom wants my cock. She's hot for my cock, Judy. You watched her, you saw how hot her cunt was."

"I'm not gonna hold Mother down," Judy said. "If you wanna fuck her, then she's gotta let you do it. But I'm not gonna hold her for."

"Maybe you're right, Judy," Dave said, turning completely around between his sister's legs. "I don't want to hurt Mom, just fuck her. I like the looks of her hairy cunt, and I bet it's hot and wet. It looks hot and wet."

He kissed his sister's cunt, licking lightly at the smooth, hairless lips. He moved his tongue up and down the slit, then swirled into the expanse of her crotch, tasting the sweetness.

"Mother's pussy squeezed my finger," Judy said, her voice whispery. "Her cunt just grabbed my finger and squeezed so hard when she came."

Dave dipped his tongue downward, flicking it between the crack of his sister's small ass.

"That's my asshole, silly!" Judy squealed, giggling at him. "Don't you know cunt from ass by now, Davy?"

"Mmmm, who cares?" he moaned, his nose in her pussy as his tongue tickled the, hot ring of her asshole. "It's all good."

He swirled his tongue about the inner surfaces of his sister's ass cheeks, tasting and feeling the smoothness, the heat. Judy closed her thighs about his neck, her heels locked at his back. She lifted her hips, swinging them, grinding into his face. His nose caught the wet scent of her fresh cunt, his tongue tasting the ring of her asshole. He liked it when Judy's asshole drew inward, then seemed to beckon his tongue.

Dave lifted his mouth, kissing the moistness of her cunt.

"You ever take it up the ass, Judy?"

"Davy, you know I've never done anything except with you," she said, her voice hotter. "You're the only guy that's ever fucked me."

"Well, would you like to try it up the ass?"

"I don't know," she said. "You wouldn't hurt me, would you?"

"Never," Dave said, running his tongue up and down the slit of his sister's pussy, then pulling her clit between his lips, sucking tenderly. "I wouldn't ever hurt you, Judy."

Judy made a soft whimper as he sucked her clitoris. She lifted her hips, smashing her cunt at his mouth. She squeezed his head with her thighs, her blue eyes sparkling down at him. Judy saw her mother move into the room.

Joann, finished with her bath, had gained some of her strength back. She had pulled a dress on after drying her body, but that was all she wore. She had thought long and hard in the tub, and decided she was being foolish, very foolish. She could not let her feeling of embarrassment rule her life. There were those deep, demanding urges coming to the surface, crowding out everything else. She would not stop feeling ashamed or embarrassed completely for some time, she knew, but, now, part of her enjoyment came from feeling ashamed. Even being naked beneath her dress made her feel shame, and excitement.

She saw her son with his face buried into her daughter's cunt, and a warmth crept over her. She wanted to be like them. She wanted to let herself go, become wildly, fantastically, utterly shameless with erotic sensations. She wanted to indulge in all those wicked things with them.

She wanted all her suppressed longings satisfied, totally and completely.

She tried a tentative smile at her daughter. Dave twisted around between his sister's thighs to look at his mother. His lips and chin glistened with the juices of his sister's cunt. Joann's breath caught in her throat as she saw the wetness on his face.

"Did you have a good time, Mom?" he asked.

Joann couldn't reply.

"Come on, Mom," he urged. "Did you like coming off? You came pretty hard, I know."

Joann bit at her bottom lip, nodding her head.

"Show us your cunt again, Mom."

"Dave..." Joann managed to whisper. Her eyes lowered to his cock. His prick was standing up in beautiful hardness, his cockhead swollen and smooth. His balls dangled between his lifted knees. Her palms itched and her cunt seemed to swell.

Dave cupped his balls, twisting his ass on the floor. Judy dangled her legs over his shoulders, and Dave moved her small foot to the head of his cock. He rubbed his sister's sole across the head of his prick, smearing her foot with the seeping fluids of his pin hole.

Dave didn't have to ask his mother to expose herself again.

After a brief hesitation, Joann lifted her skin, bringing it to her waist.

"Oh, that's pretty, Mom," her son said. "Your cunt looks so much prettier without panties. Nice and hairy. I like it, Mom. I really like your pussy."

Joann tried to grin, but the expression came out distorted. She was so nervous, yet it felt good to show her naked cunt to them. She felt the heat between her thighs, felt her cunt responding to the way they looked at her. Her clitoris knotted, the pink tip protruding from the moist folds and curly hair. Her tits strained at the top of her dress, nipples outlined. She trembled, but it was more with anticipation than shame now.

Without being asked, Joann lowered the top of her dress, revealing the succulent tits. They were creamy and round, spaced wide with her light-brown nipples staining upward. They were beautiful tits, firm and spongy. They were flawless in shape, almost three times the size of her daughter's titties.

Although her face was bright pink with embarrassment, Joann felt wonderful about being looked at so hotly, so wantonly by her son and daughter. It felt good to expose herself to them. She was pleased to see her son's cock jerk as he gazed at her.

Dave slipped his sister's thighs off his shoulders, and, on his knees, he moved toward his mother. His eyes remained on her tits for a long time, then, as he came closer, lowered to her hairy cunt. Joann stared hungrily at his cock, watching his prick bob from side to side, standing almost straight up.

Dave stopped a foot from his mother, his face level with her cunt. Joann looked down at him, shaking with nervous anticipation. Judy, still on the couch, watched with fiery eyes, her legs opening and closing, her sugary cunt flashing, then biding only to flash again. She was holding her small tits, cupping them in her palms as she watched what her brother was about to do with their mother.

"No..." Joann whispered as her son lifted his hands toward her hips. "No, please, Dave."

There was no force in her words. They came out as soft pleadings, but she made no move to step away from him. When his hand touched her thighs, Joann sobbed softly.

Dave caressed his mother's creamy thighs, feeling the smooth, exciting texture of her skin. He ran his hands from her knees to her hips, then down again. He held her hips next. Joann murmured another protest as he moved them around her hips to her ass. The cheeks of hex ass tightened as he cupped them. Dave pulled his mother's hips slowly toward his face.

"Don't kiss it," Joann whispered. "Please, Dave, don't kiss me there."

Dave buried his face into the thick hair of his mother's cunt, his eyes turned up, looking into her face. Joann gasped as he twisted his face against her cunt. His hands held her ass tightly as he pressed his face harder. Joann was crying, tears streaming from her eyes, down her cheeks. But she was crying not because she felt humiliated that her son was kissing at the mat of her cunt hair. She was crying because it felt so good. Her cunt twitched and the pussy lips swelled, her clit protruding more than before, hard and pulsing with need.

Dave's tongue darted and flicked at the tip of his mother's cunt. Joann whimpered, her hips shaking.

"Oh, Dave!" she sobbed, running one hand through his hair as she gazed down at him. "Ohhh, baby!"

She pressed her cunt into his face, her thighs parting, and grabbed the back of Dave's head, puffing his face between her thighs, his lips on her fiery cunt. Joann twisted and squirmed, her thighs parting farther. Dave sat on the floor, clinging to his mother's flexing ass, feeling the hot cheeks. He opened his mouth and started sucking at his mother's cunt.

"Ohhhh, Dave! Oh, baby! Oh, yes!"

Dave began leaning back, his head turned up to keep his mouth in his mother's cunt. She was so juicy and hot with the exciting liquids seeping past his lips into his mouth. Joann followed her son as he leaned back, her knees bending. When Dave was lying on the floor, she was squatting above his face, twisting her hairy, juicy cunt at his mouth.

Dave licked at his mother's cunt, his tongue dipping into it, then swirling about her clit with wet heat. He cupped her ass, his palms making a sort of seat for her. Joann sat up straight, her shoulders back, but she was looking down at her son. She could see only his bright eyes, the rest of his face covered by the thick cunt hair. She made hissing sounds as he sucked her cunt, delved his tongue deeply, sucking her clitoris. She twisted her crotch into his face, her hands lifting to hold her swollen tits.

Judy, still on the couch, watched with young, fiery eyes, her knees parted. Joann saw the wetness of her daughter's sugary cunt, and wished she was close enough to feel Judy.

Dave tongue fucked his mother's cunt swiftly, feeling her asshole clenching at his chin. The scent of her pussy excited him, made his cock jerk. His balls were tight. He wanted his sister to do something with his cock and balls, but he knew Judy wouldn't do anything until she was certain their mother really wanted, this.

"Oooo! Ohhhh, Dave!" Joann was gurgling, squirming her crotch into his face now. She pressed her steaming cunt hard at his open mouth, grinding shamelessly. The sensations her son's mouth and tongue created in her cunt was the best she had ever felt. Her pussy became drenched with wetness, her clitoris throbbing in a painful hardness. Ripples of ecstasy shot up and down her body. "Abhhh, baby, baby! That feels so good!"

The erotic nature of Joann was coming to the surface again. She wanted to let it out, wanted to enjoy it.

"Oh, eat my cunt!" she shouted. "Eat my fucking cunt, Dave! Suck Mother's pussy... tongue fuck me up my hot, wet cunt!"

Judy giggled, delighted that her mother was boiling with desire.

"Suck my tit, baby!" Joann sobbed. "Suck Mother's hot, wet, hairy cunt! Oh, stick your tongue deep! Lick my clit... suck my snatch! Eat me, Dave, eat me! Suck it... suck it up! Suck my cunt juice!" Joann was almost shrieking with erotic ecstasy. "Drink my juice, baby! Drink Mother's cunt juice!"

Dave sucked at the hairy cunt hard and with greed. His mother's pussy was fiery, scalding his mouth. The slippery fuck juices seemed to seep from her cunt in a never ending stream. He sucked the fuck juices from her cunt, his throat working as he swallowed them. The taste was driving him wild with desire. His face was so slippery now that his mother's cunt slid around his mouth, smearing his nose, his chin, his cheeks. His cock felt ready to erupt in volcanic spurts at any second.

"I'm about to come!" Joann screeched, digging into her tits harshly, her fingers tight. "Ooo, Dave, you're going to make me come! Fuck me, darling! Tongue fuck Mother's cunt! Ohhh, I'm going to come!"

Her cunt pound violently at his mouth. Dave had trouble breathing, but he held his mother's ass, keeping her from smothering him. She twisted her cunt into his face with a fierce heat. He felt her pussy clutching at his tongue as he fucked in and out, gripping and flexing. There was an increase in the flow of her sweet cunt juices, and Dave had difficulty swallowing them.

With a screech that shattered her senses, Joann came.

Her cunt throbbed and suddenly erupted. The orgasm caused hot waves of rippling rapture to burn throughout her body. Her shapely ass writhed as she ground her cunt into her son's face. Dave thrust his tongue as fast and deep as he could, excited to feel his mother's cunt gripping it as she came in those powerful waves. Her clit, mashed at his upper lip, seemed to be very, very hard, pulsating in orgasm.

Joann began screaming in ecstasy, her body shaking with the violence of her orgasm. As the first orgasm faded, she screamed her way into a second, then a third.

With a howl of ecstasy, Joann fell forward, sprawling on her tits across the carpet, her legs spread around her son's shoulders. Dave turned, lying between his mother's legs. He watched her naked, sweet ass shivering, and began to lick and kiss at the creamy cheeks, his mother groaning as her cunt went through a series of fiery, mindless contractions of rapture.


Judy and Dave were silent as their mother shuddered on the floor.

Joann's tits were smashed flat on the carpet, her dress about her waist. Her ass arched and swelled beautifully, the asscheeks trembling. Her legs remained wide apart, and the hairy cunt showed, glistening wetly.

Dave's cock throbbed with a painful hardness, his prickhead intensely swollen. He was dripping more than Judy had seen him drip before. His balls were tight, aching gently. She opened her legs, offering her cunt to him.

"Fuck me, Davy," she whispered, her voice low and filled with eagerness. "Stick that hard cock up my cunt and fuck me!"

Dave grasped his prick, squeezing as he looked at his sister's hairless, hungry cunt. Then he looked down at his mother's pussy. His need was great, but it was his mother's cunt he wanted to fuck. He didn't know what his mother's reaction would be if he shoved his cock up her pussy. She might get angry, scream at him. His sister wanted him to fuck her, but he wanted to feel his mother's hairy cunt wrapped about his cock.

Just because she had squatted into his face, had let him suck her cunt to orgasm, didn't mean she was going to let him fuck her, he thought. Yet the appeal of fucking his mother was strong, much too strong for him to resist.

"Come on, Davy!" Judy urged, rubbing at her cunt. "You're so hard, and my cunt is so hot! Give it to me, Davy!"

Joann, her ass trembling, heard her daughter. What Judy was saying excited her. Talking about fucking was almost as exciting as actually fucking, she thought. Talking about fucking made her pussy wetter and hotter. Despite the overwhelming orgasms she had just experienced, her cunt was bubbling with hunger for more. She twitched her ass, knowing her son was looking between her thighs. She wanted to tell him he could fuck her, but she couldn't make herself say the words. She wiggled her ass, thinking her son would get the hint and plunge his cock up her pussy.

But Dave seemed undecided.

Joann knew her son wanted to fuck her. She knew without a doubt. If he would just ram his cock up her cunt and fuck her, that would be great, but she couldn't ask him to. Not now. Maybe later she would have the courage, but at the moment she just couldn't do it.

She squirmed her ass, arching her ass up off the floor in lewd offering to her son, hoping desperately he would understand. With her ass a few inches off the floor, Joann wiggled it, her legs apart.

Dave watched his mother's ass. He ran his hands over the smooth asscheeks, the backs of her thighs. When he felt between her legs, felt her cunt, Joann moaned with readiness.

Judy understood her brother's desire to fuck their mother, and, although her cunt was boiling for his cock, she felt she had to wait. This was Dave's opportunity to fuck their mother, she knew, to fuck her while she was so hot she wouldn't mind.

Judy used both her hands on her cunt, pulling the hairless pussy lips open, squeezing them together. Dave looked at his sister, then at his mother. Their cunts were just alike, yet different. The hair of his mother's cunt excited him, but so did the hairless pussy of his sister. He felt his mother's ass, sitting on his heels between her thighs. He slipped a hand between her parted legs, cupping her cunt, feeling the wet heat. Joann whimpered, her ass lifting higher. Dave slowly shoved a finger into his mother's cunt, and Joann made a soft, sobbing gasp. For a moment or two, Dave finger fucked his mother, watching the hairy lips of her cunt clasp his finger.

"I want to fuck you, Mom," he grunted.

Joann gasped again.

"I want to stick my cock in your cunt and fuck you," he said in a husky voice, fucking his finger in and out of her cunt. "I want to feel your pussy on my prick, Mom. I want to come in your cunt."

Joann wiggled her ass, but said nothing.

Dave pulled his finger out of her cunt, and moved his hands to her hips. Joann felt the wetness of her pussy smeared on her flesh. When her son began to gently lift her hips, she pulled her legs up and under. When her naked ass was in the air, her knees parted, Joann felt a blush of shame creep across her cheeks. It was terribly erotic to her, her ass up in the air, naked, exposed to her son's burning eyes. Her asshole puckered, drawing inward, her cunt pulsing with wet heat.

"I'm going to fuck you, Mom," Dave said.

"Oh, Dave, please..." Joann sobbed.

Dave didn't know if his mother wanted his cock in her cunt or not, but her ass was in the air, and she was holding there. He moved his cock closer, rubbing the dripping prickhead up and down the back of her thigh. Joann felt it, a shiver of anticipation causing her ass to tremble.

She felt his cock moving closer to her cunt. She was holding her breath, unable to breathe, unable to speak.

Then she gasped.

Dave had rubbed the head of his cock up and down the silt of her fiery pussy. The touch of his cock on her cunt almost sent Joann into another orgasm. The lips of her cunt drew inward, then pooched out. She felt the piss hole of his cock smashing at her swollen clitoris, and her ass shook. Just her ass; the rest of her body was frozen with erotic anticipation.

Her son was going to fuck her, her mind screamed. Her son was really going to shove his cock into her cunt and fuck her, his mother! Dave was going to fuck her, and it didn't matter that she was his mother. He wanted a hot cunt wrapped about his hard cock, and he was going to fuck her no matter what she said. Joann wasn't going to say anything. She couldn't. She wanted her son to fuck her. She wanted to scream at him to ram his cock into her pussy fast and hard, to fuck the piss out of her but she couldn't say it, not yet.

She was breathless when she felt her son's cock probing at the fiery lips of her cunt. She felt the swollen head starting to penetrate, her pussy lips stretching. The head of his cock moved with agonizing slowness into her cunt. As the head moved into her, Joann gasped soft ly. Her ass shook, and then with a wild sob, she rammed her ass back, her cunt sinking to the base of her son's cock.

"Ohhh, Mom!" Dave grunted as the wet heat devoured his cock. "Oh, Mom!"

He gripped his mother's hips and, without another word, began to fuck her. His balls swung back and forth, smacking at her inflamed cunt. Joann squealed as his throbbing hardness stretched and burned at the lips of her hungry cunt. Each time her son lunged into her cunt, it drove the air from her lungs. Her ass, of its own accord, shook and twisted lewdly in the air, her asshole sucking inward as his cock stuffed into her greedy pussy.

Judy watched, her blue eyes shining with excitement. She had not realized how much pleasure she could feel, seeing her brother fuck someone else. But watching him fucking their mother was so erotic, so deliciously exciting, her young cunt boiled as she began to cup and squeeze. She dug her hand into her hairless cunt, feeling a tingle of pain, a delicious pain. She pinched her clitoris, twisting almost brutally as she watched her brother's cock fucking in and out of their mother's pussy. She saw her mother's hairy cunt lips clasping his cock, saw them nibbling at Dave's prick. She had not known a cunt could do that, and wondered if her pussy reacted in the same way.

Judy began to fuck herself with a finger, gazing with glazed eyes at her mother and brother fucking. The liquid sounds of her finger caused Joann to turn her head and watch. Seeing her daughter finger fucking so unashamedly and wildly sent heat through her cunt, making her pussy grip her son's cock with tight waves. She shook her ass eagerly for him.

Now that her son was fucking her, her lust surfaced again.

"Ohhh, Dave, Dave!" ste sobbed, staring between her daughter's thighs. "Oh, give it to me, baby! Ahhhh, you're so hard! Your cock is so hard, Dave! My cunt is burning, baby! Your cock is making Mother's cunt burn! Fuck me, baby! Ooooo, fuck Mother... fuck my hot cunt!"

Dave squeezed his mother's hips, ramming his cock fast and hard into her pussy, making wet slapping sounds. His balls banged at her distended clitoris, sending shudders of ecstasy through her almost-naked body.

"You're so wet and hot, Mom!" he groaned. "Your cunt is so fucking hot! Tight, wet, hot and hairy! I'm going to fuck your cunt good, Mom! I'm going to fuck your hot cunt until it's raw! I'm going to come in your pussy fill your hot cunt up with come juice!"

"Yes!" Joann groaned, straining her uplifted ass back at him. "Do it, Dave! Fuck me and come in me!"

Judy was thrashing her little ass up and down, fucking her hairless cunt onto her finger. Her small tits were hard, her nipples very stiff. Her eyes blazed with erotic, voyeuristic delight, seeing her brother's cock sliding in and out of their mother's hairy cunt.

Joann sobbed, at first softly, then louder. She twisted her upraised ass wickedly, grinding onto her son's pounding cock with a frenzy of passion. The friction of Dave's cock almost set her hairy cunt on fire, almost making it burst into flame. She could feel every throb of her son's cock, every hard ridge of it. He pulled his cock back, until just the prickhead was inside her pussy, then rammed deep, making a slapping sound as his lower stomach struck the cheeks of her spreading ass.

"I want it, Dave!" Joann hissed. "I want your cock, baby! Mother wants your hard cock fucking her cunt! Ooo, fuck the piss out of mother's hungry pussy! Fuck my twat, my snatch, my pussy, my cunt! Your cock is so hard, and I love it! It feels so good, fucking me!"

Judy was panting as she violently fucked herself with a stiff finger, her other hand smashing and squeezing at her pink, inflamed cunt. Her eyes were glassy, but she could still see her brother's cock fucking in and out of their mother's hairy cunt. There was a thick, white froth building up at the base of his cock, covering his swinging balls. Her small ass churned and thrashed, her cunt almost exploding.

Joann, although her own eyes were glazed, watched her daughter's finger, seeing the tight pussy suck away. Her own pussy was swiftly approaching orgasm. She grunted as her tits crushed at the carpet, her ass twisting in the air.

"Dave! Oh, Dave!" Joann howled. "You're about to make me come! You're going to make me come, Dave! Harder! Please, fuck me harder!"

Dave, his balls swollen and full, fucked fast and hard into his mother's cunt. He was about to gush. His come juice was boiling inside his balls like water in a steaming kettle.

With a scream of mindless ecstasy, Joann came.

Her cunt clutched her son's cock, gripping with fiery waves as the contractions struck. She screamed loudly, her orgasm shooting through every nerve of her body. It was a powerful orgasm, stronger than any of the others. Her hairy cunt seemed to be sucking her son's cock, drawing with wet heat.

"I'm coming!" Joann yelled. "Ohhh, I'm coming! My cunt is on fire, baby! My pussy is coming! Ooooo, so fucking good! Give it tome, Dave! Give me your come juice! Shoot it up my hot cunt! Drown Mother's cunt with your come juice! Come... come in me, Dave! Come in my fucking cunt!"

With a grunt, Dave fucked his throbbing cock as deep as he could into his mother's gripping, flexing cunt. His balls were crushed against her throbbing, spasming clitoris.

He came.

The jetting of his come juice splattered the walls of his mother's thirsty cunt. Joann screamed in rapture as she felt her pussy filling with the thick juices from her son's balls. Her orgasm increased in tightness, the lips of her pussy squeezing the base of his cock, drawing the creamy juices out of his writhing balls.

Time and again Dave's cock squirted. Each gush of his come juice sent his mother into gasping ecstasy. He came so much, she could feel spunk seeping past the gripping lips of her cunt, running along the insides of her thighs, coating his balls. Joann screamed loudly, then began to sob softly as she felt his cock deflating in her cunt.

"No," she whimpered. "I want more, Dave."

She wiggled her ass, her pussy trying to clamp hard on his softening cock.

"Please, do it again, baby! Fuck me again, darling! I want it... need it! Give me some more, Dave."

But his cock slowly slipped from her cunt, being assisted by the squeezing motions her hairy pussy lips made.

His cock dropped from his mother's cunt, and Dave sat back, then sprawled on the floor, his chest heaving up and down, drained of energy, his balls loose as they rested on his thighs.

Joann held her ass in the air, twisting as she sobbed with erotic hunger. Her cunt seemed to bubble with fuck juices. She ran a hand between her thighs and rubbed the puffy, slightly aching cunt lips.

Judy had taken her finger out of her cunt now, and was wiping about her nipples, her eyes still blazing. She stared at her brother's cock, seeing it gleaming with the wetness of their mother's cunt, and the juice of his balls. She panted as she stared.

With a squeal, she jumped up and moved quickly to her brother. She dropped to her knees, and leaned over his cock and balls. Joann turned, watching with surprise.

Judy began smearing her face into her brother's crotch, rubbing her mouth, her chin and cheeks, into the wetness of his balls and cock. Joann's eyes bulged as she turned and watched her daughter.

Judy's pink little tongue darted from her mouth and licked along her brother's balls, tasting the still-hot juices. Joann gasped when she saw her daughter open her mouth, and suck her brother's cock into it.

"Go at it, Judy," Dave said in softness, still breathing hard. "Suck it off, Judy."

Joann stared.

"Judy, do you suck cock, too?"

As soon as she said it, Joann clamped her hand over her mouth, feeling herself blush.

Judy lifted her mouth off her brother's cock, grinning wickedly at her mother. "I love to suck cock, Mother," she said, and dove onto Dave's cock again, taking it all between her lips. Joann watched her daughter suck up on Dave's cock.

"That looks good," Joann whispered. "That looks so very good, Judy."

Leaning closer, Joann watched her daughter sucking Dave's cock. His prick was swelling again and Judy's lips began to stretch. Soon, Judy couldn't contain the full length of her brother's cock in her mouth. Understanding that her daughter's mouth was too small, Joann moved her hand to the base of her son's prick. She squeezed it in her fingers, feeling her daughter's lips brushing them.

"Does it taste good, Judy?" Joann whispered.

"Mmmmm," Judy murmured, not taking her mouth off Dave's cock.

"Does it taste hot and hard, honey?"

Now Judy sucked off her brother's cock. Her eyes were hot as she looked at her mother. "Taste his cock, Mother," she said. "Take it in your mouth; you'll see why I love to suck it."

Joann gazed at her son's cock. It was very hard again, and his balls were still glistening with the juices of her cunt. Judy cupped Dave's balls, squeezing them gently.

"Go on, Mother," she urged. "You'll like it, I promise. His cock fills your mouth and it throbs on your tongue and it's so hot and hard. It makes my lips tingle. Go on, Mother, suck it!"

Joann lowered her face, breathing deeply. There was a nice scent coming from her son's cock, a scent of hotness, of cunt there. She hovered her lips above his prickhead, and stuck her tongue out. She touched the head of her son's cock with the tip.

Joann almost came.

With a cry, she wrapped her tongue about the smooth head of her son's cock, her excitement boiling with the feel, the taste. She licked wickedly, then kissed his piss hole. When she lifted her face, her eyes were glazed with erotic pleasure.

"See, Mother?" Judy giggled. "I told you, didn't I?"

Joann nodded, clinging to her son's cock with a tight fist, making the prickhead bulge, his piss hole flare open. Something unexpected was happening to her. Never had she tasted a cock before, but there was a heat inside her that caused her to shake with erotic feelings.

Experimentally, Joann lowered her face to his balls. Judy held them in her palm, and Joann flicked her tongue at them. She tasted the juices of her cunt, and something in her mind seemed to explode.

With a cry, Joann jerked her face up, and gobbled at her son's cock with a fury. She raced her tight, hot lips up and down, sucking with frantic hunger. She whimpered and moaned as she sucked, her lips going to the base, the wiry hair there tickling her sensitive lips. She felt the swollen head of his cock at her throat and mindlessly tried to swallow his prick.

Judy giggled. "Good, Mother?"

"Mmmmmm!" Judy pressed her head between her brother's thighs, staring at her mother sucking so hungrily on his cock. She shoved her mouth to his balls, her fiery wet tongue licking them. Her mother's cheek brushed her forehead as her face bobbed up and down.

"Suck my balls, Judy!" Dave panted. "Suck my fucking balls! Oh, Mom... fuck my cock with your mouth! Suck it off, Mom! Suck me off... suck my hard cock off!"

Judy eagerly pulled her brother's balls into her mouth, sucking and licking greedily, her young eyes smoldering as she watched her mother suck his hard cock.

Joann sucked with a frenzy, her cunt fiery and hot, dripping again. The taste of her son's cock seemed to transmit such intense ecstasy from her stretching lips to her cunt, she knew she would come again, come powerfully, just by sucking her son's cock off.

She sucked with wet sounds, growling deep in her throat. She tasted the seeping wetness that bubbled from his piss hole, and it drove her insane with cock sucking pleasure. Her lips raced up and down the hardness, burning and tingling, her cunt starting to flex, to contract, her clitoris intense and tight. She didn't see her daughter sucking Dave's balls; her eyes were squeezed shut as she savored her first taste of hot, hard cock.

"Mom, you're going to get a mouthful!" Dave yelped. "I'm going to come in your fucking mouth, Mom! I'm going to choke you with come juice! Suck me, suck my cock! I'm about to come, Mom!"

Joann heard her son, but she didn't mind. She wanted to taste his creamy come juice. She wanted to know what it was like to have his cock gushing into her mouth, coating her tongue. Her cunt flared, and she was about to come, too.

Dave, with a grunt, went stiff.

His cock exploded, right into his mother's mouth.

Joann whimpered as her mouth filled with the boiling, creamy juices of his young balls. She swallowed hungrily, feeling his come juice burn down her throat.

Then her cunt went wild, contracting with tight orgasm after orgasm. She made wet sounds as she swallowed the spurting come juice, her lips sucking with greedy ecstasy. She drew up on his spewing cock, holding the head between her lips, her tongue licking at his piss hole as he spurted. Then she sucked his cock deep into her mouth, feeling him come in the back of her throat.

When her son finished, she was reluctant to take her mouth off. She held him, feeling his cock softening in her mouth. When his prick was fully soft, she turned loose.

"Ohhh, that was so good!" she whispered, awed by what she had done, what she had tasted.


Joann felt good.

She lay on the floor, her dress bunched at her waist. Her creamy tits were exposed, and she had her long, enticing legs wide apart. She stretched luxuriously, smiling with flashing eyes at her son and daughter.

She didn't feel ashamed or embarrassed.

There was no need to.

Dave had fucked her, fucked her beautifully, and her cunt still felt tingly. She had sucked his cock off, tasted his come juice in her mouth, burning down her throat. She had loved it, and wanted more.

This was what she had wanted all her life. It was what her inner being had demanded for years. She knew, without any doubts now, that she could not live without such erotic activity. Never again would she try to suppress those delicious, wicked, erotic urges.

Her son and daughter would help her, help her become accustomed to this new person she really was.

She writhed her naked ass against the floor, squeezing her tits without shame. Her nipples bulged between her fingers as Dave and Judy watched. Their eyes were bright, shining with pleasure, grinning at her. She shoved a hand down her body, over her bunched dress, and rubbed the tip along the side of her clitoris. A shiver rippled through her creamy, smooth flesh.

"Am I really that beautiful?" she asked. "You really think I'm pretty?"

"Mom, you're the most beautiful woman in ton," Dave said, meaning it.

"You are, Mother," Judy echoed.

"And I'm hot?" Joann asked.

"The hottest," Dave grinned.

"I'm a good fuck, aren't I, Dave? I mean, I am a real good piece of ass, right?"

"As good as Judy," he said, not wanting to anger his sister. "You both are fantastic, Mom."

"And you'll fuck me again and again?"

"Anytime," he agreed.

"And let rue suck you off?"

His grin spread wider. "That's what I like best of all, Mom. A nice, hot blow job."

Joann looked at her daughter, seeing the fine, sugary silt of her hairless cunt. She licked her lips.

"Will you two... help me?" she asked softly. "I don't know what to do, not exactly. I've never acted this way before."

"We'll help, Mother," Judy said, spreading her legs wider so her mother could see her cunt better. "All you have to do, really, is whatever you can think of, anything you want to do."

"With you, both of you?" Joann asked, pleased that she didn't blush.

Dave and Judy nodded at the same time.

"But, I want everything!" Joann mewled, probing her cunt with a finger. "I want to do everything!"

Judy's eyes brightened. "Dave wants to fuck me in my ass, Mother," she said.

Joann's eyes widened. "Up your ass? You mean, stick his cock up your asshole?"

"Why the fuck not?" Dave asked, his prick starting to stir again. "I'd like to try a tight asshole, Mom."

Joann gazed at her son's cock.

"But, darling, it's so big! Won't it hurt your sister?"

"I don't know," Dave said honestly. "Judy is the only girl I've ever fucked, and we haven't done that -- yet."

"It won't hurt," Judy said quickly. "I wanna try it even if it does hurt. I can do it, I know I can."

Joann's eyes glittered with a wicked expression, her smile wide. "If you can do it, Judy, I know I can, too."

Judy squealed and twisted her body sensuously. Dave looked pleased. His cock was starting to stand again. He cupped his balls and squeezed them, anxious to feel his cock inside his sister's asshole.

"Mom, you sure you want to try it, too?"

"I said I want to try everything, didn't I?" Joann replied. "And I do! Oh, I want it all!"

Joann stood up, almost tearing her dress from her body. She stood in naked beauty, exciting Judy and Dave. Seeing their mother naked for the first time, seeing every inch of her creamy, slender, but excitingly curvy body sent Dave's cock into full hardness. The hills and valleys of Joann's body were lush, enticing, making Dave's mouth water. Judy swallowed with excitement as she looked at her mother. They weren't seeing anything they had not seen before, but they were seeing it all without the wrappings.

Joann's tits strained out, her light-brown nipples very hard, standing up in two tips. Her stomach was flat, with just an exciting hint of roundness. The bush of her cunt was fluffy, thick, erotic. Her legs were long, very long, and slim. Her ass rounded sweetly, and Dave's cock jerked with anticipation to probe between the inviting crack.

With her erotic freedom, Joann parted her legs, bending her knees slightly. She framed her cunt with both hands. "Is it pretty?" she asked, her voice whispery. "Is Mother's cunt pretty?"

Both Judy and Dave replied in unison, almost gasping an affirmative reply. Joann spread the pink lips of her cunt, her clitoris standing out. She ran a fingertip along the side of it wantonly, her hips swaying. Her clitoris bulged at the light touch.

"Mmmmm, I like to touch my cunt," she murmured. "I like to feel my pussy."

Dave and Judy were on the couch, sitting close to each other. As they watched their mother display her long-suppressed erotic tendencies, Judy gripped her brother's cock. Joann gazed at the head, bulging up, his piss hole opening wide. She rubbed two fingers along the sides of her clitoris. Joann was being absolutely shameless in front of her son and daughter, and it felt good.

Joann worked a finger into her cunt, moving it in and out slowly, staring at them. Judy began to pump on her brother's cock, breathing faster, her small, sweet tits lifting and falling. Judy parted her legs, still gripping her brother's cock.

"Feel mine, Mother," she said in a low voice. "Feel my cunt, too."

Joann sucked in a hot breath, gazing at her daughter's sugary cunt, seeing those fine, hairless lips, the tip of her small clitoris. She was hesitating.

"But... you're a girl, honey," Joann said, but it was a weak reply.

"You said everything, Mom," Dave reminded her. He was anxious to see them together, having heard about such things at school. "You said you wanted to try it all."

Joann moved toward them, dropping to her knees as she came close. She cupped her tits, rubbing her nipples on the knee of her son and daughter, her eyes glazed with increased desire. Judy spread her legs very wide, releasing her brother's cock. Joann didn't try to stop her daughter as Judy drew her hand to Dave's prick. The hard feel of her son's cock in her fist encouraged Joann. When Judy caught her other hand, pulling it between her thighs, Joann made no resistance.

The soft wetness of her daughter's cunt was delicious contrast to the hardness of her son's cock. She made a hissing sound as her hand jacked on her son's cock, the other feeling of Judy's fiery young cunt. She rubbed the puffy pussy lips, prodded the swollen clit. Judy wiggled her ass, scooting to the edge of the couch. She was holding her brother's balls tightly, watching her mother with smoldering eyes.

"Finger fuck my pussy, Mother!" she gasped. "Stick your finger up my cunt!"

Joann held her breath as she felt another cunt for the first time in her life. Judy's pussy was so soft, yet so hot and wet. She moved her finger into her daughter's pussy slowly, feeling the tightness. She slowly fucked her finger in and out, bringing squeals of delight from Judy.

"I know something better than my finger," Joann said, huskily and without blushing.

She pulled her finger out, and moved between her daughter's thighs. She released her son's cock, and used both hands to mold one of her spongy tits. Her light-brown nipple protruded almost an inch. Leaning forward, Joann rubbed her nipple up and down the slit of her daughter's cunt.

Dave watched, his eyes blazing with excitement.

Judy whimpered as she felt her mother's nipple rubbing up and down the slit, smashing at her clitoris. "Ooooo, Mother! That feels very good! Make me come with your tit, Mother!"

Joann pressed her nipple past the steamy wet lips of Judy's pussy, trying to stuff it inside. Her tit was smeared with the sweet juices that seeped from her daughter's cunt. She rocked her shoulders, stabbing her nipple into Judy's pussy, fucking her with it. Her nipple burned and tingled with the sensation. She mewled, gazing at her nipple entering the heat of Judy's pussy.

Dave rested one hand on his sister's small tit, his other hand trying to pull Judy's cunt open for his mother's nipple. His cock jerked, sending wetness over his thigh. He leaned down and licked at Judy's pink nipple, finally pulling her nip into his mouth. While he sucked his sister's tit, he kept his eyes turned downward, watching his mother.

"Suck her cunt, Mom," he said, the words slightly muffled because he had his sister's nipple in his mouth.

"What?" Joann's body jerked. "Suck her cunt? But, Dave, I can't do that!"

"Yes you can," Dave said, lifting his mouth. "You said you wanted to do everything, Mom. Go on, lick Judy's cunt. It's so sweet, and you'll like it."

Joann stared at Judy's pussy, her nipple out now. Her nipple and half the creamy tit was glistening with pussy juices. Dave shoved his face toward it and licked. He circled his mother's nipple, tasting his sister's fuck juices on her smooth tit. Then he pulled the nipple into his mouth, sucking it. Joann moaned with the feeling.

"Mmmm, sweet," Dave said as he pulled back.

Joann stared at her daughter's cunt, her eyes almost unfocused. She ran her tongue over her lips as she considered putting her mouth on that delicious-looking pussy.

"Oh, I will!" she said suddenly. "I want to. I really want to taste it!"

She lowered her head, and kissed the sweetness of her daughter's inner thigh, and then began licking her tongue up the flesh.

Joann breathed deeply. She moved her face very close, and felt the moist beat radiating from the succulent cunt. With a soft, low sob of eagerness, Joann shoved her mouth into her daughter's crotch.

Judy squealed, arching her hips upward, smashing her pussy into her mother's mouth. "Ohhh, suck it, Mother! Suck my cunt! Oooo, kiss my pussy and lick it and suck it!"

Joann's mind was whirling. She shoved her hands under her daughter's twisting ass, cupping the tight asscheeks. They fit in her palms perfectly. She held her daughter's ass tightly, and began to suck with her lips, drawing hot, slippery fuck juices from Judy's cunt into her mouth. She whimpered into the young pussy, and snapped her tongue out. Judy gurgled and Joann whimpered as her tongue was squeezed by the fiery cunt lips. She probed her daughter's cunt, darting her tongue back and forth, tasting the hot wetness, excited by the squeezing sensations Judy's cunt made on her tongue. She felt Judy's small clit throbbing on her upper lip, and moved her mouth to it. She sucked hard at the inflamed clitoris, causing Judy's ass to jerk.

"Oooo, Mother! Suck it! Suck me, Mother! Eat my cunt... ahhh, stick your tongue in and taste me! Fuck me with your tongue, Mother! Oh, yes! Tongue fuck me!"

Joann returned her tongue to her daughter's juicy, hairless cunt, stabbing swiftly. She gripped Judy's small, twisting asscheeks hard, burying her mouth tightly at the wet heat. Her tongue thrust like a cock, fucking in and out. She sobbed as she sucked and licked her daughter's pussy, her mind reeling with perverse ecstasy she had not experienced before. She swallowed often, loving the hot taste of cunt juice. Her own pussy was boiling between her thighs, but she could wait. Tasting her daughter's cunt was more important to her at the moment. Judy's cunt reminded Joann of honey, the wonderful sweetness of honey.

Hardly knowing what she was doing, her hand left her daughter's squirming ass, clutching her son's cock. She held his prick tight, moving her fist up and down, jacking him as she tongue fucked her daughter. Every nerve of Joann's body was alive, tingling with erotic ecstasy.

Dave watched closely, his cock throbbing in his mother's hand, his balls tightening. He urged his mother to suck Judy's cunt, to bring her off, make his sister come. He gasped with the eagerness as their mother sucked Judy's pussy.

"Suck off, Mom!" he groaned. "Suck her cunt off! Taste her fucking cunt juices I fuck her hot little pussy, Mom!"

Judy was grinding her hips, smashing her cunt into her mother's face, her blue eyes glowing as she watched. She dug her hands into her own small tits brutally, twisting her cunt with violent movements at her mother's face.

"Oooo, your tongue feels like a cock, Mother!" Judy hissed. "It feels like a cock fucking me. Oh, you're gonna make me come, Mother! Fuck me hard! Suck my cunt hard! Ohhhh, I'm about to come, Mother!"

Judy's hips bucked, thrashing, as she drew her knees back. The wide expanse of her crotch was available to her mother's hot mouth. The small cheeks of her tight, young ass stretched apart. Joann felt her chin pressing at Judy's tight asshole and, with a sob, dipped her face down. She shoved her mouth against Judy's asshole, sucking frantically, her tongue lapping at the tight ass-ring. Judy squealed and churned her ass into her mother's face. The wet of her mother's tongue licking furiously at her sensitive ass, the way those suddenly greedy lips sucked had Judy on the very brink of coming.

Joann sucked her daughter's asshole in a frenzy, her nose rammed into the heat of Judy's cunt. She couldn't breathe, but she didn't care. Her tongue shot past the resisting ring of Judy's asshole.

"Ohhhh!" Judy yelped as she felt her mother's tongue enter. "That's my ass, Mother! That's my fucking asshole you're sucking!"

Dave moved his hand down to rub at his sister's tit, watching his mother. It was erotic, seeing her face pressed into his sister's asshole. His cock grew harder inside his mother's fist. Joann wasn't pumping now, but holding as tight as she could. She ran her tongue as deep as possible up her daughter's asshole, sobbing with rapture.

Judy's cunt exploded. The contractions sent her asshole into spasm, squeezing and sucking at her mother's tongue. Joann cried out with pleasure, with the knowledge she was making her daughter come, giving her so much pleasure. Judy arched her ass higher yet, and Joann's tongue slithered back and forth, in and out of the gripping heat of her asshole.

Joann kept plunging her tongue up her daughter's asshole as the convulsions rippled through the young body. She didn't pull out until she felt the spasms weakening. Then she lifted her face, grinning with proudness at them. Her face was wet with cunt juices, and her lips were slightly puffy.

"You're delicious, baby," Joann whispered. "Your cunt is so fucking delicious! I love to suck and lick it."

Dave, his cock painful, pulled his mother's face toward his prick. "Suck me off, Mom," he urged in a thick voice. "I'm so fucking hard, and my balls hurt! Suck me off!"

"Oh, yes!" Joann whimpered, turning to his cock. But instead of taking his prick into her mouth, she shoved his knees to his chest, and smashed her mouth into his asshole.

"Ohhhh, suck it, Mom!" Dave grunted, feeling his mother's hot lips drawing on his asshole. "Suck my fucking ass... eat my asshole! Fuck me in the asshole. Suck my fucking ass... eat my asshole! Fuck me in the ass with your tongue, Mom!"

Judy grabbed her brother's cock, her blue eyes shining as she watched her mother tonguing him in his ass. She pumped at his prick swiftly, squealing. Leaning down, she wiped, her tongue about his piss hole, licking away the oozing fluids. With her eyes on fire, watching her mother sucking his asshole, Judy closed her lips around the bulging cockhead, sucking hard.

Dave groaned at the double ecstasy he felt. His mother's lips and tongue swirled and burned at his asshole, and his sister sucked greedily at the head of his cock. His naked body shook and shivered.

"Suck me, Judy! Suck my hard cock!" he groaned. "Oh, Mom, eat my asshole! Suck my cock and eat my asshole! Oh, this is great! Two hot mouths, sucking my cock and asshole. I'm going to come so fucking hard!"

Judy made wet, sucking sounds on her brother's cock, her tongue whirling about his piss hole, licking up the increasing tongue whirling about his piss hole, licking up the increasing flow of fuck juices, her slim throat working to swallow. She could see past Dave's balls, see her mother's tongue licking and penetrating his asshole. Her own tiny asshole clenched with anticipation.

"I'm about to come!" Dave yelled. "I'm going to come! Oh, suck me, Judy! Eat my asshole, Mom! My cock is going to shoot. Shoot hard!"

The tremor sent him into tightness, his cock suddenly gushing a thick spurt of come juice into his sister's mouth.

Joann felt her son's asshole grip her tongue, then saw her daughter's eyes turn dreamy. She felt her son's balls writhe on her nose, and, with a cry of hunger, she jerked her tongue out of his asshole, licking swiftly up his balls and the shaft of his cock. She pushed her daughter's mouth off and swallowed his prick before the second spurt of come juice erupted. She cried out as his come juice burned her throat. Her cunt exploded, and her orgasms shattered her mind. She gulped at the spurting juices of her son's cock, sucking hard, draining him.

Judy, resting her head on her brother's thigh, watched her mother sucking up the gushing come juice, her tongue still tasting that first spurt. Her blue eyes seemed to shimmer with passion, her small hand sliding to her brother's balls, holding them as their mother sucked his shooting cock deep into her mouth.

Joann, her cunt still in convulsions, clung to her son's cock. As his prick became soft, she licked slowly, lovingly, mewling like a kitten. She caressed her hands about his ass while her cunt slowly calmed down. When she did release his prick, she turned and found Judy's mouth smashing against her lips. Judy's tongue probed past her mother's lips and teeth, licking, tasting her brother's come juice inside her mother's mouth. A small hand fondled Joann's tit, and she moaned into her daughter's mouth, her hands sliding past Judy's hips and clutching her hard, little ass.

Dave breathed hard, still feeling the ecstasy flow through his balls. He sat upright and began to feel his mother's ass while watching them kissing.

"I still want my cock up someone's tight asshole," he said.


The rest of the day was spent in erotic play. Joann and Judy teased Dave, something that delighted him. He didn't mind the teasing because he knew his mother and sister would deliver anytime he was ready.

Joann, now that her erotic passions had been released, decided it was time she dressed accordingly. Early in the evening, they cleaned up and, using the pickup, went shopping. Joann took delight in choosing certain items she felt were erotic. For the first time in her life, she selected nylons to wear instead of panty hose. She found a lovely garter belt that excited her son, and purchased that along with a pair of shiny black heels.

She also selected a new blouse and skin. The skirt fit her tightly, cupping her ass, with a slit along the left thigh. There were small buttons going all the way to the waist.

When her son urged her to change into the new items before leaving the store, Joann felt some of her previous embarrassment return. But she swallowed and changed in the dressing room. Judy was with her, and she blushed slightly when her daughter opened the side buttons until most of her nyloned thigh was exposed. Judy had wanted the slit in the skirt to be open to her garter belt, but Joann convinced her daughter she was not ready to go that far, yet.

Dave showed his appreciation for his mother's erotic appearance by a low whistle. She loved his reaction.

In the pickup, Dave sat between his sister and mother. Joann didn't mind when her son parted her skirt to see her nyloned thighs. She enjoyed driving with her legs showing. The creamy whiteness of her flesh was beautiful above the nylons. She found it exciting to be naked beneath the skirt and blouse, in public, even if the light was starting to fade.

Arriving home, she drove directly into the garage. Judy climbed out and turned the overhead light on, sending a bright glare through the garage. Dave and his mother remained sitting in the pickup, and Joann's hands pulled his cock from his pants.

"This is where it started," she said, grasping his cock. "This is where I saw Judy jacking you off. And this is where I want it, too."

Judy returned, standing at the open door of the pickup, watching them. She began to undress as she stood there, and, when she was in her panties, Joann suggested it would be nice if she shut the garage door.

"We don't want any nosy neighbors seeing us, do we?" Joann said. "They might want some ass, too. For the time being, I'm satisfied with you two."

Judy closed the overhead door and returned to the pickup. Dave had shoved his hand between his mother's legs, feeling the silky nylons while she stroked his cock.

"I'm gonna suck it for a minute," Joann said, leaning down and taking the swollen head of his cock into her mouth. Judy skipped around the pickup and opened the driver's door. She shoved her small hand under her mother's skirt, and Joann twisted on the seat until she was on her knees, leaning over and sucking at her son's cock.

Dave shoved his pants past his knees, removing his shirt while his mother sucked his cock. He watched his sister shove their mother's new skirt over her ass to her waist. He loved the way his mother looked in the garter belt and nylons. Joann wiggled her uplifted ass, and moved her mouth to his balls. She licked at his balls, then pulled them into her mouth, sucking them as she pressed his throbbing hard-on against her cheek. Dave had slipped a hand into his mother's blouse, and caressed, fondled, and squeezed her shapely tit.

Judy, standing in the open door of the pickup, gazed at her mother's uplifted ass. The garter belt and nylons were erotic to her, too. She ran her small hands about her mother's thighs, feeling the nylons, the smooth flesh above them. She stroked her mother's naked ass, staring at the tight pucker of her brownish asshole, the hairy cunt that puffed outward. Joann's cunt was wet with juices, clinging to her dark cunt hair like a morning dew. The pink lips of her pussy were enticing, succulent, almost begging to be kissed and licked.

"You have a beautiful ass, Mother," Judy said in a low, whispery voice, stroking the spreading ass cheeks, then running the edge of her hand up and down the parted ass crack. "Your ass is so fucking pretty, Mother, and so hot to feel."

Joann replied with a murmur of muffled delight. She had her son's balls stuffed into her mouth, licking and sucking hungrily, feeling his cock throb at her cheek.

Judy kissed her mother's ass. Joann waggled her ass invitingly, and Judy swiped her tongue along the backs of her mother's thighs, near the tops of her nylons. Joann sobbed with delight, dropping her son's balls and licking at the shaft of his hard cock.

"Mmmmm, Judy," she mewled. "Lick me, baby! Lick my pussy! I'm so fucking hot now! Eat Mother's cunt, darling! Fuck me up my cunt with your tongue... the way I did you! Oooo, suck my hot, wet cunt, Judy!"

"Oh, Mother!" Judy squealed, her breath scalding the naked cheeks of her mother's ass. "Your cunt is so fucking hairy! I wish I had a hairy cunt like this!"

"Eat me, Judy!" Joann sobbed as she gulped her son's cock into her mouth. With her lips tight, she bobbed up and down, fucking her son with her mouth. She waggled her uplifted ass, urging her daughter to suck her pussy.

Judy lapped at the creamy cheeks of her mother's ass, leaning into the pickup. She placed her hands on her mother's hips, and darted her tongue along the hot inner surface of her mother's spread ass cheeks. She swirled, her tongue about the tightly puckered asshole, and suddenly licked up and down at it. She squealed as she tasted her mother's asshole, her tongue flicking wetly. She pressed her lips against the pucker and sucked, sucked as hard as she could.

Joann sobbed with perverse ecstasy as her daughter licked hungrily about her asshole. She gripped her son's hard cock as tight as she could with her lips, sucking very hard. She cupped his balls in one hand, sliding her other beneath his ass. She squeezed her fingers into Dave's ass, lifting him toward her mouth as she went down.

For a while, Judy licked at her mother's asshole, then lowered her face and licked the juices along the puffy cunt. Her nose pressed at Joann's asshole as she fucked her tongue into the juicy heat. Joann cried with rapture as her daughter started tongue-fucking her, and she devoured her son's cock with greed.

Judy stood there in her panties, sucking and eating her mother's hairy cunt. She liked the way the cunt hair tickled her cheeks and chin, her tongue darting, then swirling about her mother's inflamed clit. She inhaled the arousing odor of her mother's asshole and cunt, her own little pussy feeling tight and hot.

"Suck Mom's cunt, Judy," Dave groaned, a hand on the back of his mother's head. "Lick her hot pussy! Make Mom come in your fucking mouth, Judy!"

Joann twisted her uplifted ass into her daughter's face eagerly, arching her pussy backwards, gobbling in a frenzy at her son's throbbing hard-on. She was experiencing almost total ecstasy again, her tit swelling into Dave's hand.

"Ooooo, Mom, Mom! Suck me! Fuck my cock with your mouth? Your mouth feels so hot and wet on my prick, Mom! Suck me good, suck me hard, suck inc fast? My balls are full, Mom! My balls have a big, hot load for your cock sucking mouth!"

Joann lifted her mouth, looking at him with tear-stained eyes of erotic passion. She squeezed his balls.

"Oh, baby, give me a big load!" she said. "Give me a real big load! I want to taste your thick come juice splashing in my cock sucking throat! Oh, honey, your balls feel so full and heavy! Squirt it down mother's cock sucking throat!"

Dave thrust his cock up, fucking into his mother's hungry mouth, cutting off anything else she was going to say. Joann sobbed with the quick stuffing of her mouth, sucking wildly, shaking her ass into her daughter's tongue fucking face.

Dave was straining and grunting. Joann felt his cock rowing thicker, felt the deep, wonderful pulsations of it burn at her stretched lips. She sucked with greed, knowing he was close to giving her what she wanted. Her cunt began to quiver as she felt an orgasm swelling inside her stomach. She arched her ass and smashed her cunt into her daughter's face.

"I'm going to come, Mom!" Dave shouted.

Joann dived down, her lips pressing into the wiry hair at the cock's base. She pulled at his balls, and groaned wetly as come juice boiled into her mouth. She swallowed quickly, sucking as hard as she could. Her cunt convulsed, squeezing at her daughter's tongue as the orgasm shattered her being.

Joann gulped wetly as her son spurted time and again into her mouth. Her mind reeled as she came, her cunt spasming in hot waves of multiple orgasms. The orgasms were intense, yet not so intense she lost her sense of taste. The scalding juices of her son's balls shooting across her tongue sent her cunt into orgasm after orgasm.

Judy was drawing her mother's pussy juices out and swallowing as fast as she could. Her small mouth was wide open, pressed about the hairy lips of her mother's pussy. Her tongue darted into the gripping spasms, trying to reach deep. Her nose blew hot air upon the sensitive ring of Joann's asshole.

As the last drop of her son's come juice dripped into her mouth, Joann slumped, her body weak. When Judy pulled her wet face away from her mother's cunt, she watched the hairy cunt lips twitching, the tight ring of Joann's asshole puckering and flexing. She rubbed her mother's asshole lightly with the tip of her finger, then darted her tongue against it. She pressed, and her tongue fucked in.

"Oooo, shit!" Joann cried out. "Oh, baby!"

And she came again.

Joann rested her head in her son's lap, gasping heavily. She felt drowsy and weak and didn't want to move. The feel of her son's cock and balls against her face was beautiful. Her ass was still high in the air, her knees on the seat of the pickup. Judy stood close to her mother's ass, leaning on it, caressing her hips and thighs.

At first, Judy didn't know what the wetness could be, then she realized her mother was pissing. She felt the hot piss soak her blouse and drench her small tits. With a squeal, she leaned back, peering at her mother's uplifted ass.

A golden stream of hot piss was gushing from Joann's hairy cunt.

"Mother, you're pissing!" Judy yelped. "You're pissing on me!"

Joann, feeling humiliated, couldn't stop. She tried, but her efforts only caused the golden piss to squirt in rapid spurts, splashing upon her daughter's body.

"I can't stop!" she wailed, shame flooding her face. "I'm sorry, Judy."

"Oooo, don't be!" Judy gurgled, cupping her tits and twisting her shoulders, watching the hot piss spray her tits. Her nipples tingled as the piss struck the tips. "Piss all you want, Mother! Ohhh, it feels so good on me! Piss on my tits... piss all over me if you want, Mother!"

Joann lifted her head, her cheeks burning with shame, but she couldn't stop pissing. She didn't know why, didn't understand bow she could piss without knowing it, but that was what happened. She tried to cut the flow off, but it only made her piss all the more. She couldn't move. She seemed frozen on her hands and knees, her ass in the air, pissing a stream of hot piss across her daughter's tits behind her.

Dave was laughing, a low lewd sound.

He held the base of his cock, with his mother's face a few inches above it. Joann's eyes were closed with shame as she kept trying to stop pissing.

Joann yelped when she felt the scalding wetness splash into her face. She slitted her eyes, almost afraid to see what she suspected her son was doing.

Her face was soaked in her son's piss.

He was holding his cock up, pissing into her face, and Joann had been startled almost as much as when she had unexpectedly pissed.

She tried to jerk her face away, but Dave grabbed her head, holding her face in the stream of his piss. Instantly, Joann stopped trying to get away. She sobbed. She liked what was happening.

She liked her son pissing into her face.

She moved her face, feeling his hot piss splash at her neck, not caring that her blouse was soaked. She lowered her face and took the force of his piss into it. She liked the hot wetness of his piss on her lips, her nose. She was reminded of a bubbling drinking fountain, and she parted her lips.

"Mmmmm," she whined, his piss splashing past her teeth and into her mouth.

She opened her lips wide, her tongue sticking out. The hot piss splashed at her throat.

"Oooo, yes!" she said, lifting her face so his piss struck her neck. "Piss in my face, baby! Piss in my fucking mouth! Oooo, I'm pissing, too! I love it! I love to piss... love to have you pissing in my face, Dave!"

Again she moved her face until she could take her son's hot stream of piss into her mouth. The taste surprised her; it was good, and she began lapping at the golden stream, swallowing his piss.

Behind her, Judy was washing her small tits in her mother's piss, squealing with pleasure. Hot piss ran down her stomach, soaking her panties.

"Piss on me, Mother!" he squealed. "Ohhh, piss on my tits! I'm taking a shower in your hot piss, Mother!"

Joann didn't answer; she was sucking up the hot piss squirting from her son's cock. She lowered her face, closing her lips about the head of his cock, drinking wildly. The force was strong, and she couldn't swallow fast enough. Piss dribbled from her lips, but she swallowed as much as she could.

When her son's piss slowed and stopped, she sucked hard at the head of his cock, her tongue licking at his piss hole. A final squirt sprayed the back of her throat, and she sobbed with this newfound delight.

Her cunt finally stopped pissing too, and Judy was gurgling as she ran her small hands up and down her piss-wet body. Joann now turned and sat on the seat, her face and blouse drenched in her son's piss. She opened her blouse, exposing her tits. She watched her daughter rubbing her hands about her small body.

"Piss for me, Judy! Let me see you piss, baby!"

Judy giggled. She stepped back, spreading her legs, arching her hips. Piss sprayed through her tight panties. Judy pulled the crotch to one side and held the hairless lips of her cunt open, hot, golden piss streaming from her cunt.

Joann, her eyes smoldering, rammed her fingers into her cunt and fucked herself almost brutally as she watched her daughter pissing.

"Oooo, I'm going to come!" she groaned, and her body shuddered as her cunt convulsed with a powerful orgasm.


After cleaning up, Joann had put on a fresh pair of nylons. She had washed and dried her garter belt, and with that around her hips, her feet in the shiny black heels, she walked about in an erotic tease for her son and daughter.

The pissing episode had awakened an even more erotic hunger in her. With that happening, Joann knew she had more erotic desires than she had suspected.

"You two are wonderful," she said, posing before them. "I knew I was a hot one, but you're showing me just how hot I am, or can be. I love it; I feel so much better. I'm doing things I've wanted to do all my life, and I have to thank you two."

"We didn't do anything, Mother," Judy said. "Oh, but you did, honey. You were jacking your brother off in the pickup."

"That isn't anything," Dave said. "It's better to fuck. I like a warm, wet hole for my cock any day, Mom."

"I don't care, that was what woke me," Joann insisted. "And that's all that matters. I want to be so fucking erotic, to fuck and suck and do everything possible with you two. I'll eat that sweet little cunt, suck your cock. I'll suck you both in the asshole. Anything, I want to do it."

"Even piss on each other, Mother?" Judy giggled.

"Oh, yes!" Joann whispered, running her hands from her tits to her hairy cunt. Her pussy looked so beautiful, her body dressed in nothing but the garter belt and nylons. The high heels emphasized the length and smoothness of her exciting thighs. "Especially pissing! That was wonderful, and I want both of you to piss on me, piss all over me. I want you both to piss in my cock sucking mouth! Ohhh, that would make me come, drinking piss from your lovely little cunt, Judy, and your cock, Dave! At the same time, of course!"

Judy was fondling her brother's cock, and it was standing up in throbbing hardness.

Joann watched Judy's small fist move up and down. She leaned over and kissed her son's prick, swiping her tongue across the smoothly swollen cockhead.

"When you have to piss, Dave," she said, pointing to her mouth, "this is your toilet. Or use my cunt if you want. I'd love to have you piss in my fucking pussy!"

"I want it in my ass," Judy said.

Joann giggled, moving a hand to her ass cheek, working a finger into the ass crack. "You want Dave to piss in your ass?"

"Well, I'd like to try that, Mother," Judy said, her eyes bright. "But I was talking about getting fucked in my ass."

"That's right," Joann said. "You do want his cock in your asshole."

Judy released her brother's cock, dropping to her hands and knees, shoving her cute ass into the air. She placed her head and shoulders on the floor, her hands gripping the cheeks of her ass, parting them widely. The pink tightness of her asshole beckoned.

"Do it now, Dave," she grunted, exposing her asshole, "fuck my ass now! I wanna feel your cock in my ass!"

Her sugary cunt seemed to wink just below her asshole. Dave looked at his mother. Joann was gazing down at her daughter, cupping her bushy cunt. Her tongue was moving across her lips with wet hunger.

"I guess I better hurry," he said, getting to his knees behind his sister's ass. "Mom looks like she's ready to eat the shit out of your ass, Judy."

Joann groaned, moving to her daughter's side, anxious to see her son's thick cock fuck into that small asshole.

"I just might do that," she whispered, leaning over and holding her daughter's ass apart. "I just might suck the shit out of her asshole."

Dave saw the hot glow of his mother's eyes, and suspected she would surely attempt that. The gates of his mother's erotic hungers were open, letting out some very strange desires.

"Up her ass, Dave!" Joann hissed. "Ram your cock up your sister's asshole! Fuck her hot little ass, Dave!"

Judy gasped when she felt the swollen head of her brother's cock press at the ring of her asshole. The pressure felt good to her, but she began to grit her teeth as he pressed harder. She didn't know what to expect, but she felt there would be some pain. Despite that, Judy wanted his cock inside her ass very much. She wanted to feel his cock in every opening of her body, and her asshole was the only one left.

"Hurry!" she grunted. "I want it, Davy! Hurry and shove your cock in my asshole! I don't care if you hurt me. I want that cock up my hot asshole!"

"You heard, baby," Joann breathed, her eyes wide as she watched her son pressing his cock at the tight ass ring. "Ram it up her fucking asshole! Fuck the shit out of your sister's hot little ass! Fuck her ass... fuck her ass!"

Judy pressed her ass back against her brother's cock. She gritted her teeth hard, tears in her eyes as the pressure increased on her ass. She wondered if she could take it. Her brother's cock was big, long and thick. But she was determined.

Joann was as determined as her daughter.

"Ram it up her fucking ass, Dave!" Joann urged. Her cunt was bubbling as she watched her daughter's small asshole giving way to the pressure of her son's cock. "It might hurt at first, but Judy wants it! Ran it in fast! Stretch her tight little asshole! Fuck her little ass, baby!"

The head of his cock popped past the ass ring.

Judy screamed.

There was a searing pain that sliced through her. It felt as if her brother's cock had split her from cunt to asshole, but she didn't pull off.

"It's in!" Joann shouted with pleasure.

"Your cock is up her fucking little ass! Fuck her now, Dave! Fuck your sister in her hot little asshole!"

Dave felt the hot ring of his sister's asshole grip his cock, and hesitated. He didn't want to hurt his sister. But Judy was moving her ass now. She moved it slowly, the pain fading.

"It feels better, Davy," she whimpered. "It doesn't hurt anymore. Try and fuck me now."

Dave fucked more of his hard cock into his sister's asshole, and Judy sobbed. The more he put in her, the better it felt. Even the stretching of her asshole thrilled her. Joann leaned down, her face inches from her daughter's ass, eyes blazing as she watched Dave's cock disappearing.

"Beautiful!" Joann hissed. "That's beautiful, seeing your cock in your sister's asshole! Fuck her, Dave! Fuck Judy up her asshole! Oooo, I want it in my asshole next!"

While his mother clasped the cheeks of his sister's ass, keeping them parted widely, Dave began to fuck his cock in and out. With each movement, Judy whimpered. The more he fucked her, the better it felt. Soon she accepted his cock with comfort, and the feeling, so strange, excited her. She tried to close her asshole around his cock, make it very tight for him, but his prick filled her so much, she had no control over it.

Joann was hissing as she watched. The tip of her tongue, licked the creamy surface of her daughter's ass, twirling at the base of her spine. She loved the exciting scent that came from them. Dave slowly fucked his sister, probing far up her ass, then pulling back, but never removing the swollen head of his cock. Joann watched the ring of her daughter's asshole pucker and sink, then clasp his cock as he pulled back.

"Let me taste!" Joann hissed, sliding her tongue downward to her daughter's asshole. "I want a taste!"

With the head of his cock inside his sister's asshole, Dave felt his mother's tongue swirl about the shaft of his prick. Judy felt it, too. She felt her mother's tongue lick the stretched ass ring, and it increased her rapture.

"Fuck me, Davy!" she yelped.

Joann lifted her face, watching her son plunge his cock into Judy's asshole. "Oooo, it tasted so fucking good! Fuck her ass, baby! Fuck that little asshole, and let me suck your cock when you're finished! Oooo, I'd love to have your cock come in my mouth after fucking Judy's ass!"

Dave could hardly control himself. His sister's asshole squeezed his cock tighter than her young cunt ever had. It felt as if he tad plunged his cock into a boiling caldron, a vat of steaming heat that held his cock so tight? He moved his prick faster, his lower stomach brushing his mother's face. Joann shoved a hand to her own cunt, rubbing herself frantically. Her other hand moved to her son's balls, and each time he fucked his cock into Judy's asshole, she smashed them at her daughter's cunt.

"Oooo, fuck her, fuck her, fuck her!" Joann chanted. "Stretch her hot little asshole! Oh, my cunt is burning up! I want that cock up my ass, too!"

She shoved her hand past her hairy pussy, her middle finger rubbing harshly against her own asshole. With a squeal, Joann rammed her finger up her own ass and began to finger-fuck it vigorously.

"I'm fucking my ass with my finger!" she cried. "Ohhh, you should see my finger up my asshole! It feels so good, I bet I could come finger-fucking myself in the ass!"

Although Dave was experiencing beautiful feelings in his cock and balls, he looked at his mother, wondering if she was out of her mind. But his sister's asshole clutched his cock much too tightly and made it difficult for him to pay much attention to Joann at the moment.

With some quick movements, Joann twisted and shoved her ass into the air, her head close to her daughter's. Dave saw his mother driving her finger viciously in and out of her asshole.

"See!" Joann shouted. "See me fuck myself in the ass! I love it! Oh, I love it so much!" Dave shot his hand to his mother's ass.

Immediately Joann jerked her finger free and plunged it into her hairy cunt. "You do it for me, Dave! Fuck my ass with your finger, and fuck your sister's ass with your cock!"

While his mother finger-fucked her cunt with energetic movements, Dave ran his finger up her asshole. Joann wailed with wanton ecstasy, shaking her ass lewdly.

Then, without warning, Dave jerked his hard cock from his sister's asshole, and at the same time pulled his finger from his mother's ass. He fucked his cock into his mother's asshole with suddenness.

"Ohhhhh, yes!" Joann screamed. "My ass, my ass! Fuck Mother in the ass! Ohhh, baby, what a cock! Pound my fucking asshole, Dave! Ram it to me... good, good! Fuck my hot asshole raw, baby!"

Dave gripped his mother's swinging hips, fucking his cock hard into the gripping ass ring, making slaps against his mother's ass.

Judy, with a sob, twisted her body about, shoving her head underneath her mother, past her knees. She buried her face into the hairy cunt slit, sucking at her mother's cunt wildly. Her brother's balls tubbed across her face. She moved her hips below her mother's face and spread her legs.

"Oh, let me suck that cunt!" Joann wailed, and she began to lick and suck at her daughter's hairless cunt with mindless passion.

Dave plunged his cock swiftly into his mother's asshole, feeling his balls in his sister's face. He could hear the wet sounds they made as they sucked at each other's cunt. The sounds inflamed him, and he fucked his cock faster and faster into his mother's ass.

Joann twisted her ass frantically, her cunt ready to explode. She cupped her daughter's ass, drawing the wet, hot, hairless cunt upward, her tongue licking at the juicy pussy slit, then diving down to lick the inside of Judy's asshole. She, too, was about to come. Judy, with her tongue fucking in and out of her mother's hairy cunt, her brother's balls in her face, stretched her arms behind his thighs and cupped his ass. She thrust her crotch into her mother's face, her little cunt and asshole being sucked and licked greedily by her mother.

"I'm gonna come in your fucking ass, Mom!" Dave shouted. "I'm gonna flood your fucking hot asshole!"

The hot gush of his come juice splashed the walls of her ass, and Joann screamed into her daughter's crotch. She was trying to suck the little cunt and asshole together, her mind reeling with ecstasy. Her cunt convulsed about Judy's deeply buried tongue, and the spasms of her orgasm caused her asshole to suck and grip at her son's cock.

Judy slammed her crotch hard into her mother's face, squealing into the hairy wetness of her mother's pussy, coming with overwhelming rapture.

Dave pressed his come-gushing cock as deep into his mother's ass as he could. Joann's ecstasy soared as she felt his boiling come juice fill her asshole. She held her face still, mouth open, tongue out, and let her daughter smash her cunt up and down against it.

When Dave pulled his cock from her asshole, Joann was crying with beautiful feelings. She lifted off her daughter and sat down gingerly on her ass, her eyes shining, her lovely face glowing radiantly.

"My ass is so fucking full of come juice," she whispered, as if surprised to find it so. "You came so much, Dave! I could feel it squirting deep inside my ass! That was great, and I want you to fuck my ass over and over!"

Judy sat up, pouting. "I wanted him to come in my ass, Mother," she said. "He was fucking me in the ass first."

Dave leaned against the coffee table, his cock soft and limp, his balls empty.

"I'm sorry, honey," Joann said, not looking as if she were sorry at all. "You can get it next time. I couldn't help it; I was so damned hot for it."

After a while, Joann struggled to her feet. She still looked good to Dave and Judy, despite the power of their orgasms. She wagged her naked ass at them, then pranced into the kitchen. She came back carrying a tray with tall glasses of iced tea. They sat and drank, calming down a little.

Joann watched her son and daughter, feeling so free and wonderful. Her asshole seemed to keep twitching, and she was sure her son's come juice was seeping out. That was when the idea came to her. She didn't say anything to them, but Joann was grinning with wicked lust as she thought how sweet it would feel to have her son's cock fill Judy's tight little asshole with come juice, and then she could suck it out. Why she didn't think to suck his come juice from her hairless cunt, she didn't know. Somehow it seemed more exciting to suck it from the girl's tight little asshole.

It was something she wanted to do, but later. Finished with the iced tea, Joann spread out on the floor, opening her legs. The pink wetness of her cunt glistened.

"Piss on me," she said, her voice almost calm. "Both of you, piss on Mother! Piss on my tits and my cunt and in my mouth!"

Judy giggled, and Dave laughed.

"You really meant it when you said you loved piss, didn't you, Mom?"

"Do it!" Joann hissed. "Please, piss all over me! I want both of you to piss on my fucking cunt, in my fucking cunt! I want to taste the hot piss from cunt and cock!"

"Whatever you want," Dave said, standing up and aiming his cock at his mother's hairy cunt. "Judy, piss in her cock sucking mouth."

"Oooo, yes, yes!" Joann hissed, squirming her ass, her hands pulling her cunt open for her son's piss.

Judy squatted over her mother's face, and they began to piss at the same time. Feeling her son's hot piss splashing into her open cunt, Joann opened her mouth and began to swallow the steaming piss from her daughter's sugary pussy.

She began to come instantly.


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