Two horny moms

Two young boys without a release for their raging sexual drive, and their mothers, all driven to the extremes of lust, are the subjects of this novel. Under the circumstances, we can understand how these individuals are driven into each other's arms. Our society forbids sexual union between a mother and son, but sometimes it seems to be the most likely way for both to find satisfaction.

As you read this account of passions unleashed, try to put yourself into the characters' roles and then see if you can find fault. Although they sink deeper and deeper into wanton behavior, they, at least, get a taste of all those pleasures that so many of us miss.

So, what is normal? What are the rules we should live by? Is conformity to the average the goal, or should we seek our pleasure in extremes?

In reading TWO HORNY MOMS each reader must decide for himself what is the right path. So, take a trip into the nether world of sexuality, and find out what goes on behind the drawn shutters of our neighbors' lives.


Jill Mellon stood in the kitchen of the sprawling suburban home that her ex-husband had left her, preparing breakfast for her teenager Bill. Expertly her hands moved across the stove, flipping the eggs with a flick of one wrist, turning over the bacon with the other.

Jill smiled, brushing the short blonde hair out of her eyes. Twenty years of marriage could make any woman an accomplished chef.

But even as she cooked, Jill was painfully aware of the wet need burning deep inside her hairy cunt.

She was so horny, she thought miserably. So fucking hot.

All she had on was a sheer nightie that hugged the curves of her slim, naked body. Jill was perfectly preserved at age thirty-nine, with the supple flesh and sumptuous figure of a teenager. Now she hotly pressed her pussy mound against the stove, thinking of how badly she needed a long, fat cock spearing up her cunt.

That was the only trouble with being divorced, she thought wryly. Randall had been a bum in a lot other respects, but he'd always been a fantastic fucker. Jill's pussy creamed as she remembered his huge, cum-spitting prick, the way it had felt going up her always-horny pussy tunnel.

Oh Christ, I need some cock, Jill thought hornily, wondering how long it had been since her last lay. I need some stiff fucking prick.

Sighing to herself, the horny mother turned off the stove and hurriedly arranged eggs, bacon and toast on a plate. Then she looked toward the kitchen door, expecting Bill.

It was already eight o'clock, and he was still asleep. That wasn't like him. Of course, Bill was a growing teen, and Jill's heart warmed as she thought of her only child, a shy, handsome teen with a tall, rangy figure and an unkept shock of thick brown hair.

And as she thought of him, a throbbing heat coursed through her pussy. Jill blushed as she left the kitchen and walked softly up the stairs to his room.

It was horrible to admit it to herself, but she knew she wanted to fuck her own son. She'd been having constant sex fantasies ever since the divorce had left her alone in the house with Bill. God, he was built for his age. Every day Jill found herself wondering about the size of his cock. Did Bill have a nice big one? She'd heard that teenaged bays had incredible endurance, that they could keep it stiff all day long.

Jill stopped before her son's bedroom door, absent-mindedly wondering if her son had any juicy fuck fantasies about her. She knew she had a stacked body; men were always whistling at her when she went shopping. Her C-cup tits weren't overly large, but they stood out nicely on her slim frame.

Jill ran her hands down her body, patting her rounded ass cheeks, gliding her fingers down her, long, tapering legs. Her pussy was tight and juicy, too, able to suck the cum out of any man's cock.

Sighing, Jill lifted her hand to knock on the door, but decided against it. She was sure Bill was fast asleep.

Oh fuck, Bill thought. Did Mrs. Watson ever have a big pair of tits!

Mike was Mrs. Watson's son and he was also Bill's best friend. The Watsons lived next door, and the other day Bill and Mike had been eating a snack in the living room when Mike's mom came out in her bikini to do some sunbathing.

Now Bill was on his back in bed with the sheets pushed down to the bottom and his huge cock quivering stiffly over his stomach. Bill's prick was so big that he hardly knew what to do with it. It had started to grow tremendously when he reached puberty, and now it was enormous, like a third leg hanging between his slender thighs. It felt so good when he touched it. Bill loved to beat his meat all the time.

He wrapped his hand around the trunk of his throbbing cock and thought of Mrs. Watson, remembering how she'd looked in the bikini. Jesus, what a pair of tits! Bill fantasized about Mrs. Watson's huge tits, remembering how they'd jiggled and shook in her bikini bra. He'd seen her nipples sticking through the fabric. Boy, would he love to suck her huge tits!

Bill started jacking off. His fist pumped wildly on his aching hard-on, making his puffy cock-knob expand and pre-cum drool from the tip. Bill rubbed his palm on the crown, lubricating his hand. He beat his meat faster, his ass lifting off the bed.

Then his fantasies changed. Bill, found himself thinking about his mother's juicy cunt. It embarrassed him, but he couldn't help himself. More and more when he jacked off, he'd found himself thinking of his mom's beautiful face and stacked body.

"Oh, fuck," Bill whispered, pumping his prick. "Oh, fuck, oh fuck..."

The bedroom door opened. Bill's face went crimson. He'd just been caught with his hand on his big prick.

"Oh, Bill! My Lord!"

Jill didn't know what to think or feel or say. Her hands fell limp at her sides, her mouth dropped open; all she could do was stand there and stare at her son's huge cock. Never in her wildest imaginings had she dreamed that her teenager would have a cock like this!

A deep throbbing penetrated the folds of her pussy as she ran her eyes up his prick shaft, seeing the fat, bloated vein seaming the underside, studying the glistening, shiny-skinned cock-knob. Jill's pussy burned and itched and throbbed. All her maternal inhibitions seemed to pass from her body. As she crossed the room, she knew she'd already made the decision to get it on with her own son.

"Well, Bill," she said humorously. "Is this how you like to spend your mornings?"

"I'm... I'm sorry, Mom," Bill stammered.

Blushing fiercely, Bill reached down and started to pull up the sheets.

But Jill stood next to the bed and gently grabbed his wrist. She couldn't let him do that. She couldn't let him cover that huge cock!

"No, Bill, don't do that. Masturbation is very natural. I'm glad. I just caught you playing with yourself. Here, let's have a little talk about your body."

Hesitantly, Bill let his head drop back to the pillows, embarrassed that his prick was exposed. His hard-on didn't go down. If anything, his cock got even longer and thicker under his mother's gaze, pulsing obscenely over is stomach.

Jill sat by his hip on the mattress and stared at his twitching cock. Her whole body was shaking. Never had she seen such a magnificent prick.

"I knew you were doing this, you know," she said huskily. "All guys do it. Tell me, Bill. How often do you beat your meat?"

"All... a lot." Bill muttered, staring wide-eyed at his mother.

"Hmmm, that's what I thought. What do you think about when you jack off?" Unable to restrain herself, Jill glided her delicate fingers up his thigh.

Bill gasped as his mother cupped his balls. Jill sighed as she felt the weight of his cum congested balls. Delicately Jill folded her fingers around the steely root of his prick.

"I... I think about girls," Bill stammered. "About them, you know, making out with me, and... and fucking and stuff."

"It shouldn't be hard to find a girl to make out with you, Bill. You've got an extremely large cock. Just enormous... tell me, do you jack off like this?"

Jill wrapped her hand tightly around her son's cock, moaning as she felt its meaty thickness pulse wildly in her palm. She pushed up her fist, dragging up the loose flesh. Then she fell into a steady, pumping rhythm, lewdly jacking her son's huge hard-on.

"Unh! Oh, Mom!" Bill was wide-eyed with disbelief. He started to rock his ass off the bed, pumping his prick through the oval of his mother's fingers. "That feels good, Mom! Do it harder!"

Jill squeezed her son's prick hard, making fresh droplets of sticky pre-cum drool out of the piss hole. Catching it on her palm, she smeared it all over the shaft of his cock. Then she jacked his cock much harder. The big trunk of his prick was nice and wet now. Her hand made a slapping sound as she beat his meat.

"Unh! Mom, Mom, oh fuck!"

"That feels good, Bill, doesn't it? Your cock is getting really big now. God, it's simply enormous. What else do you think about when you play with yourself?"

"Sometimes... sometimes I think about you, Mom!" Bill blurted suddenly, blushing. "Oh please, do it harder! My cock's so stiff! I need to cum!"

"Oh, you think about me, do you? Well, well, well. I guess I'll just have to give you more to think about from now on, won't I?"

Gritting her teeth, Jill started to jack her son's cock as hard as she could. Her hand whipped frantically up and down his drooling, swollen prick, her arm moving in a blur.

Soon her wrist ached with the feverish energy of the hand job, but that didn't stop her. Jill thought of nothing but the throbbing, steely stiffness of her son's magnificent cock. She was determined to make him cream.

"Unh, Mom!" Bill grimaced and rocked his head back and forth, unable to contain his incestuous passion. "I'm going, to cum, Mom!"

"Are you, Bill? Are you really going to spurt?" Jill leaned close, whispered the words as her hand pounded up and down on his prick. "Go ahead, darling. I'd love to see it gush out of your big, hairy balls! Mothers love to see the white juice spurting out, you know. That's what makes wonderful baby sons like you in the first place. So go ahead, darling! Cum, cum!"

"Unh!" Bill's face reddened, and he trembled all over. "Oh, Mom!"

He lurched his ass off the bed, thrusting his cock through her tightly gripping fingers. A huge stream of milky white cock juice erupted from his cock head, spurting all the way up his chest. The initial blast was followed by long spurts of viscous cum.

"Yes, Bill! You're cumming!" Jill jacked off her son's big prick faster, licking her lips as she watched the sappy cum squirt out. "Cum, darling! Cum for your mother! Cum, Bill, cram!"

Bill writhed beneath her, unable to stand the overwhelming passion. Cum squirted all over his chest, covering his lean young flesh with jism. Then it drooled in a heavy flow from the tip of his prick, covering her fingers and his cock shaft. It was the biggest load Jill had ever jacked out of a man in her life. When it was over, her hand and Bill's cock were dripping cum.

"Oh, Mom..." Bill continued to tremble on the bed, overwhelmed with pleasure. His massive prick stayed as hard as bone, throbbing stiffly. "That was so good."

"I'll bet it was, Bill. Did you enjoy your cum? You really popped your rocks, didn't you?" Smiling, Jill lifted her hand and shamefully licked her son's jism off her fingers. "Mmmmm, your cum tastes good, Bill! Will you think about me more often now when you jack off?"

Bill gulped and nodded his head.

The throbbing wetness in Jill's pussy felt like it had penetrated her whole body. Slowly, she rose from the bed and untied the sash of her nightie. She knew she had to get her creamy pussy sucked.

"Well. I'd better give you some more to think about, then."

Jill let the nightie fall to the floor, stepping out of it, exposing her nakedness.

Bill's eyes widened at the sight of her sleek, stacked body. Hungrily he ogled her large tits, studying his mother's pink, rubbery-stiff nipples. His eyes went down to her slender waist, then up her long, shapely legs. Finally his gaze riveted on her very hairy pussy, studying the glistening pink slit her cunt fur fringed.

"Is this better, Bill? Will this help you jack off from now on? Do you like looking at my naked body?"

Bill responded with his cock, gaping at her as the enormous trunk bobbed and twitched luridly over his stomach, still oozing cum from the swollen shaft. Jill crawled onto the bed. She leaned forward and dangled her rounded C-cup tits over his face.

"See how stiff my nipples are, Bill? That's cause Mom wants you to suck them. That's right, darling. Suck Mom's hot tits."

Opening his mouth, Bill hurriedly guided one spongy globe to his lips. Hungrily he tugged in a fat, rosy stiff nipple and started sucking it, puckering his cheek around his mother's tit.

"Unh! That's good, darling!" Jill shut her eyes and moaned as the wetness spread through her cunthole, making her pussy throb with incestuous desire. "Just like when you were a little baby. You used to love to nurse my titties, didn't you, Son?"

Bill nodded his head, keeping the swollen nipple bud in his mouth. Jill couldn't stand it anymore. Pushing him away, she crawled up the bed and straddled his face, planting her knees on the bed to either side of his ears.

"All right, lover, now you get the real treat," she hissed. "Mom's pussy's all hot and creamy. Make me cum, darling! Suck Mom's hot cunt!"

A long strand of cock juice leaked from Bill's blood-gorged cock head as he inhaled the musky, pungent aroma of his mother's fuck oil. Hungrily he stared at her hair-fringed pussy, directly over his face. Her pussy looked delicious. Never had he seen a more cock stiffening sight than his mother's creamy cunt.

He slid his hands up her sleek thighs, cupping his fingers firmly around the cheeks of his mother's ass. Then he lifted his chin and directed his mouth to her gushing pussyhole.

His tongue pushed between the flowering folds of her pussy, making Jill gasp as she savored the first contact of his mouth on her cunt. Squeezing and milking her ass cheeks, Bill awkwardly but enthusiastically started eating her pussy, sliding his tongue rapidly up and down her burning pussy silt.

"Yes, Bill! Yes, oh fuck, yes yes yes!"

Jill lifted her head and shuddered violently as she realized what was happening to her. Her son was eating her pussy. Her own son, sucking her hot cunt!

"Lick faster, Bill!" Needfully she pushed her fingers through his hair, holding the back of his head. Dropping her ass, she ground her aching cunt onto his mouth. Jill whispered as his tongue pushed deep into the glistening wet pinkness of her pussyhole.

"Ahhhhh God, that's so good, darling! You're making Mom cum!"

The smell of her fuck juice filled the bedroom. Bill felt wonderfully overwhelmed by the musky, fishy smell of his mom's delicious cunt. His tongue moved in a blur up and down the foaming pink pussy. He paused to teasingly nip the short, fleecy curls fringing her sopping wet cunt.

"See... ah... see the little bump at the top?" Jill gasped impatiently. "That's unh... my clit! Oh, please suck it for me, Bill! It needs to be sucked!"

Bill moved his tongue up her juicy pussy, tentatively touching her swollen clit with his tongue. Jill grunted, bucking as if she'd been shot, and immediately started humping her cunt wildly all over his face.

"That's right, Bill, suck it for me! Make Mom cream!"

Bill continued to lick his mother's clit for another minute, fascinated by the way the slightest touch to her little organ could make her whole body shiver and buck. Finally he wrapped his lips around it, folding them over his teeth. Bill sucked his mother's clot gently but firmly, drawing it out with his lips.

"Awwnngghh! Yes, Bill! Suck it, suuuuck!"

Jill could barely restrain the frantic bucking motions of her hips, though she wanted to keep her swollen clit centered on her son's tongue. Instead she released her craving by clawing his neck so hard she almost drew blood.

"Suck me, Bill, keep your sucking!" she squealed. "Unh unh unh, Mom's cumming! Lick my pussy, darling, suck my clit! Oh fuck, oh shit, cuuummmiiinnnggg!"

The hot fuck juice bubbled up in the depths of her pussy tunnel, drooling out of the throbbing pink slit into her son's mouth. Bill kept his lips glued to her spasming clit, feeling it pulse rhythmically in his mouth. Finally, as the cum continued to pump through his mother's body, he returned his lips to her pussyhole and eagerly sucked up the juices foaming from the depths of her hairy cunt.

"Oh, fuck, Bill, oh, fuck!" Jill gritted her teeth and mindlessly rocked her ass, fucking her cumming pussy onto her sop's mouth. "Suck, darling, keep sucking. Suck your mother!"

The cum finally faded, but her pussy remained incredibly hot. Impulsively, Jill turned on her son's face, swinging her legs around so she could face Bill's throbbing cock. His mouth stayed glued to her foaming cunt as she turned into the sixty-nine position, but now his nose nearly touched her pink little asshole as he continued to suck her off.

"Oh, Bill! Your cock is huge!"

It was harder than ever, hopelessly aroused by sucking off her juicing cunt. The massive prick loomed straight out of his cock hairs, so swollen with blood that the shaft and knob looked ready to explode. Hot, milky pre-cum drooled from the open piss hole, forming a little puddle just over his navel.

"Keep sucking me, Bill! Let me take care of this big, beautiful cock!"

For a moment Jill almost yielded to the temptation of sucking her son's magnificent cock. She'd always loved to give blow-jobs, and the thought of wrapping her lips around Bill's magnificent prick made fresh fuck juice bubble out of her cunt.

But that would be going too far, she told herself. Jill squirmed on her son's face as she leaned forward and wrapped her hand around his swollen prick. Again she began to beat his meat, violently milking and tugging the rock-hard trunk of his prick.

"Unh, Mom!" Bill muttered, his words muffled by her matted pussy. Responding to the hand-job, he glued his lips to her cunt and continued to suck.

"You're gonna cum, aren't you, Bill? You're gonna cum!"

His mouth felt wonderful on her pussy, but Jill hardly paid any attention. She was too wrapped up in his huge prick. Violently she jacked and stroked and beat his meat, whipping her little fist in a blur on the shaft as she stared intently at the rosy crown.

It didn't take long. Bill's big prick leapt in her hand, then started spraying more cum. The load boiled out of his knob, spraying his chest and her wrist with endless spurts of milky white jism.

Her mouth open in awe, Jill continued to jack her son's cock as it exploded. Slowly the full realization of the incestuous act she'd perpetrated with her son came to her.


After Bill finally left for school -- with a written excuse for missing his first class -- Jill spent the rest of the day in a miserable heat of fuck-lust. As soon as he was out the door she went to bed and finger-fucked herself to several hard cums, remembering the taste of his juice and the magnificent size of his cock.

Afterwards she tried to tell herself how wrong mother-son incest was, and how she had to promise never to do it again. But the words seemed to mean nothing to her. The more she considered the act's sinfulness, the hornier she got.

At three that afternoon, Jill was hornier than a bitch in heat. Naked, she lay on her mattress with her legs spread wide and her tits jiggling as she pounded two fingers in and out of her cunt.

By now her clit and pussylips were raw from so much jacking off, but it made to difference. Jill couldn't stop herself. She whimpered as she humped her ass on the bed, pounding her fingers into her pussy, dreaming about her son's huge prick.

Then she heard the front door open and slam shut. Bill was home from school!

She stopped finger-fucking herself and lay still, her heart pounding as she wondered what her son would do. There was a long silence, as if Bill hesitated in the hallway, then she heard footsteps on the stairs. A few minutes later the rushing hum of the water pipes could be heard through the wall. Bill was taking a shower.

The naked mother lay still, listening to her pounding heart beat, feeling the fuck juice drool from her creamy cunt. What did the shower mean? Was Bill scared to come see her? Did he want to get nice and clean for more sex? How did he feel about what they'd done that morning?

He had to be incredibly confused about it. Telling herself that she was only going to have a talk with him, Jill rolled off the bed and walked up the stairs to the bathroom. It never occurred to her to put on any clothes.

Just a little talk, she repeated to herself. She wasn't going to get it on with him again. She had to ask Bill how he felt about making it with his horny mother.

Jill pushed open the bathroom door as softly as she could. Steam already filled the bathroom, but she could easily see her son's form through the translucent shower stall.

Bill stood under the spray, soaking himself. A huge, stiff hard-on stood out of his belly. Jill's cunt creamed. Her son's cock was huge!

Without hesitating a moment longer. Jill crossed the bathroom and slid open the shower door. Bill gasped and looked at her with wide, innocent eyes. Jill glanced at his face before hungrily lowering her eyes to his straining cock.

"Hello, darling. You don't mind if I take a shower with you, do you?"

Bill gulped and shook his head. His face was flushed with embarrassment. Her pussy tingling, Jill climbed into the stall. She faced her son as the shower spray cascaded over them. A strange smile curled her lips as she stared hungrily at his big prick.

"You've got another hard-on, Bill. What do you think about what we did this morning?"

"I... uh..."

Jill stepped close, stopping her son's stammering as she wrapped her hand firmly around the bloated trunk of his prick. Bill shuddered as she started to jack on his cock all over again, lasciviously pumping and milking his rock-hard prick.

"God, you're stiff. Did you get all horny at school today thinking about Mom's body? Mmmmm?"

"Yesss," Bill hissed, relieved that his mother knew what he'd been thinking. "Oh Christ, Mom, I couldn't help it. I flunked a quiz, I was so horny. All I could think about was you. My cock felt like it was going to explode!"

"Well, we can't have you doing poorly in school, can we? Mom will just have to give you some relief."

Smiling shamelessly, Jill tightened her hand around his cock and beat his meat fast and hard. Moaning, Bill worked his ass to pump his prick through her ovaled fingers. But Jill knew as soon as she started that she couldn't be satisfied with just this.

Again the urge to give him a blow-job entered her mind, and again she struggled to fight it down. But this time she knew she couldn't help herself. As much as she'd once loved going down on her husband, nothing would compare with the pleasure of taking Bill's huge prick deep into her buttery throat.

"Let's get out of the shower, Bill," Jill said abruptly. She stepped away and turned off the water. "It's time to give you a special treat."

Obediently, Bill stepped out of the shower, reaching automatically for a towel. But Jill was much, too horny to wait for him to dry himself. The naked son and mother dripped water all over the tiled floor as Jill pushed him towards the toilet.

"Sit there, Bill," she murmured, as her mouth filled with saliva in expectation of the incestuous cock-sucking. "I'm going to kneel between your legs."

Bill at on the toilet, spreading his thighs on the porcelain seat to let his enormous hard-on bob up toward his stomach. Jill pushed over the throw rug so she'd have something to kneel on. Then she fell to her knees and realized delightedly that she was in the perfect position, her head directly over the shiny-skinned knob of the son's prick.

"Now, Bill, I'm going to show you something that feels a lot better than jacking off!"

She pushed her hand between her son's legs, wrapping her fingers firmly around the base of his prick. Then she dropped her head and extended her tongue. Bill gasped as his mother started licking his swollen cock head, lapping it like a horny kitten, sliding her tongue wetly all over and around the juicing knob.

"Unh, Mom!" Bill said as he eagerly started to rock his ass lightly off the toilet. "That feels so good!"

Her son's cock tasted delicious! Kneeling before the toilet, the horny mother rubbed her slim thighs together in a desperate attempt to stop the wetness pulsing through her pussy. Hungrily she licked all over her son's cock, swiping her tongue onto his piss hole to catch the drooling, pearly droplets of his oozing cum.

Then she pressed her lips directly to the tip of his prick, kissing her son's cock. Her nostrils flared as she savored his manly aroma.

"Unh, Mom!" Bill's eyes were as wide as saucers. He couldn't believe his gorgeous mother was giving him head. "That feels fantastic! Unngghhh!"

Pressing her lips on the crown of his hard-on. Jill gradually opened her mouth. Slowly she slid his fat cock head between her lips, welcoming it into her mouth with her slippery tongue. Lower and lower she pushed her head, gurgling obscenely as she took the heartshaped crown of his prick down her buttery throat.

Then she stopped, with a full third of his huge prick stabbed into her mouth. Bill stared at the obscene spectacle of his mother's lips stretched wide around his swollen cock, her whole face flushed with the lurid energy of giving him head.

Jill milked her little hand around the root of his cock, squeezing hard. Her lips formed a tight, sucking circle around the center of his cock. She caved in her cheeks and started sucking her son's prick, rolling her tongue wetly all over the juicing knob.

"Unh! Mom!" Bill stared excitedly at his mother's face, wincing as he felt the suctioning, liquid pressure around his cock. Immediately his prick grew much stiffer, stretching her lips wide.

"It feels good, Mom!" He thrust his hands behind her head, curling his fingers in her hair. "Harder!" Hornily he bucked his ass off the toilet seat, fucking his cock down her throat. "Unh, Christ, suck my prick!"

Jill teasingly withdrew her mouth from his cock, giggling at his eagerness. "You like that, don't you, lover?" Lewdly she continued to jack on his prick as she looked invitingly into his eyes. "Do you like it when Mom puts your big cock in her mouth?"

"Yes, oh God!" Bill cried.

"Well, Mom loves it too. I'm a very, very good cock-sucker, darling. Your father always loved it when I gave him head, and so did all the men I had before him! But your big prick is the best Mom's ever sucked!"

Smiling, Jill dropped her head and popped the bulbous knob of his cock back into her mouth. She gurgled as she stuffed even more of it in, letting the knob push past her tonsils, boring down her throat.

It nearly made her choke to take in so much of her son's prick, but Jill fought back, the reflex. She flared her nostrils for air, panting and puffing lewdly around the steely thickness of his cock.

Then she started sucking his prick much harder, feeling her whole face go red as she devoted all her energy to the oral pleasuring of her son's massive cock. Up and down her head bobbed, fucking her face with his delicious prick. Slurping, smacking, gurgling sounds of a good cock-sucking filled the bathroom.

"Ahhh! Mom... ahhhhh!"

Bill shuddered and sat back on the toilet, staring wide-eyed at his mother's closed eyes and cock-stuffed mouth. The ecstasy of getting his prick sucked was so intense he could barely stand it. Her lips clamped around his shaft, the swirling tongue, darting into his piss hole... the non-stop sucking, sucking, sucking...

"Harder!" Bill rocked his ass again, watching his glistening, veined cock shaft pump in and out of her sucking mouth. "My balls are so full! Oh Mom, I'm gonna cum!"

Jill felt his cock stiffening inside her buttery throat, and her pussy creamed as she awaited the full explosion of his thick, teenaged juice. Her left hand slid up his thighs to his ball bag. Gently she cupped and fondled the congested globes, rolling them in their wrinkled, hairy sac. At the same time her right fist started pimping quickly up and down his swollen shaft, beating his meat as she feverishly sucked the knob.

"Ahhh, Mom! I'm cumming!"

Bill bucked off the toilet seat, stabbing his cock even farther down her throat. Just as Jill was going to choke, the hot jism started gushing between her lips.

She knew immediately what a big load it was, that Bill's cock and balls had recovered completely during the long day at school. Thick, sappy ribbons of spunk erupted from his bloated knob, shooting violently down her clinging throat.

Jill gurgled and nearly came on the spot as she tasted her son's salty cum, spraying up his prick shaft, out of his balls, and spurting down her throat to her hungry stomach. Jacking his cock, squeezing his balls, Jill hornily worked her throat muscles. Frantically she gulped and swallowed, refusing to release her son's massive cock until she'd sucked out all of his cum.

"Oh, Mom!"

Bill sat back when she finally lifted her head, staring at his cock. The meaty shaft was still as hard as stone, dripping with an obscene mixture of cock juice and his mother's saliva. As she ogled his huge cock, Jill felt her pussy getting hotter than ever before. All thoughts of moral restraint were behind her. She had to feel that big prick stabbing into her cunt!

"Wait a minute, Bill," she murmured huskily. "I'm going to give you another treat."

Jill pushed the throw rug back to the center of the bathroom floor. She lay on it on her back, wiggling her ass into position on the small carpet. Slowly, teasing her son, she spread her long legs wide to reveal the matted fissure of her hairy cunt.

"Would you like to fuck me now, Bill?" she hissed. "Mom's cunt is all wet for you. Would you like to fuck Mom's tight pussy?"

Bill's mouth sagged open as he stared in a trance at the flowering folds of his mother's lust-glistening cunt hole. Even after shooting off so much jism, his over-sized cock swelled immediately, shortly becoming just as long and fat and stiff as it had been before his mother sucked him off.

Bill crawled off the toilet, with his stiff prick quivering straight before him. He knelt between his mother's nakedly splayed legs and stared hypnotically at her throbbing cunt. He started to move his head toward her pussy, intending to suck the petal-like lips, but Jill pushed him impatiently away.

"No, darling. Mom doesn't need any more foreplay right now. Mom wants to get fucked." Jill squirmed her hot ass eagerly on the bathroom rug. "Get on top of me, lover! I'll take your cock and show you how to put it in Mom's body!"

Awkwardly, eagerly, Bill crawled into position between her spread-eagled legs, supporting the weight of his torso on his outstretched arms and staring down at her tits as his nakedness loomed over his mother's body.

Jill could see his hugely swollen cock pulsating madly over her pussy triangle. Pushing her hand between their bodies, she took hold of his cock and forced the stiff shaft down until, the bulbous knob touched her gushing cunt slit.

"Okay, Bill!" she cried. "You're in me now! Push, darling! Work your ass, fuck my cunt!"

Bill squirmed over her, feeling the way her tight pussyhole nipped around the tip of his cock. Slowly he contracted his ass cheeks, pushing down. Then his face glazed over as the meaty inches of his hard-on bored into his mother's slippery cunt.

"Yes, Bill, you're fucking me! You're fucking Mom's pussy!" Jill had to restrain herself from humping her ass like a bitch in heat, knowing that the sudden bucking motions might make her inexperienced son unseat his prick from her snatch. "Keep pushing it in, darling! Doesn't my cunt feel good around your cock?"

"Unh... oh, Mom! Unggghhh."

It did feel good, incredibly good. Bill kept pushing, gasping loudly as he buried first a third, then a half, then two thirds of his straining prick into her pussy.

With every impaling thrust he felt her cunt muscles working around his cock, welcoming it into her belly. Her pussy was so tight and wet, it seemed to suck around every inch of his dock at once. Bill couldn't believe how good it felt. It was even better than getting his prick sucked.

"You're almost all the way in, darling! Keep pushing, keep pushing!"

With a heavy groan, Bill stabbed his hips forward and buried the meaty root of his hard-on into his mother's pulsing pussy. For a long time then he just lay on top of her, shaking as his big prick soaked in the buttery wetness of her well-oiled cunt.

"Okay, Bill!" Furiously excited, the naked mother threw up her long legs and clasped them securely around his waist. "Now I'm going to show you all about fucking!"

Jill started humping, working her blushing ass cheeks rhythmically off the carpet, thrusting her wet, clasping, hairy cunt onto her son's prick. "Move your ass, Bill!" she commanded, her voice rising. "Feel how I'm thrusting! Hump your cock into my pussy!"

Jill made herself hump slow and steady, so her son could catch onto her rhythm. Fortunately, Bill was a fast learner. Experimentally he pulled out of her clutching pussy, then rammed his cock back in just as she was lifting her ass for more prick.

"Unh, Mom!" he gasped. "That feels incredible!"

"I know it does! And it's going to feel even better when your prick starts spurting inside me! Now fuck me, lover!" Jill wrapped her slender arms around his shoulders and started pistoning her ass faster. "Fuck Mom's horny pussy!"

Bill kept thrusting slowly, greasily stabbing his cum-laden prick in and out of her clinging cunt. Then he seemed to catch onto his mother's humping rhythm. His fuck strokes quickened as he expertly met the pumping thrusts of her ass.

"Harder, Bill!" Jill danced her hips off the bathroom floor, unable to restrain her incestuous passion. "My pussy's burning! You're making Mom cum!"

Harder and harder Bill fucked her, grimacing as he concentrated, his huge cock growing longer and fatter in the bathing wetness of her velvety pussy. Within a minute he was reaming out her cunt tunnel as if he'd been doing it all his life.

His rock-hard prick pistoned rhythmically in and out of her pussy, stabbing deeper with every fuck thrust. Gasping, Jill worked her ass to meet his strokes, whipping her ass feverishly off the floor.

"You're doing it now, darling! Harder, harder! Fuck me as hard as you can!"

Bill panted as he began to fuck her like a machine, wildly stabbed his bloated, cum drooling prick into her clasping cunt. He gasped as the jism swelled in his heavy ball bag, slapping luridly against the crack of her ass.

"I'm cumming, Mom! Uhhh..."

The hot jism gushed out of his cock head, squirting deep inside his mother's burning pussy. Jill felt her cunt throb violently as the milky spunk splattered the innermost walls of her cunt. Then she was cumming too, with her pussy throbbing spasmodically around Bill's stabbing prick.

"Yes, darling, I'm making it!" she panted. "Fuck me, fuck Mom harder! Unnggghhh! I love you, Bill! Awww, love your big fucking cock! I'm cumming, Bill! Unngggghhhh! Mom's cuuummmiiinnngggg!"

Her cunt spasmed, milking exquisitely around Bill's pumping cock. Bill kept fucking her furiously through the duration of their cums. Wild thoughts flooded through Jill's mind. She'd done it now, fucked her own son. She knew it felt too good to ever consider stopping.


"Okay, Bill, now I'll quiz you on chapter six," Jill said, wetting her thumb to turn the page. "All right. What was Eisenhower's attitude on increases in defense spending? Oh, Bill, don't do that to me now!"

They sat side by side on the living room couch, the history book open across Jill's legs. Jill shook her head in exasperation as she watched her horny son unbutton her blouse and push in his hand to fondle a bare, full tit.

"Bill, we can do that later. Right now you still have to bone up for your test tomorrow."

"I'll do okay," Bill muttered distractedly. He sighed as he squeezed and molded his mother's big, stiff-nippled tit, his cock swelling rapidly in his pants. "God, Mom, you've got really nice tits."

Jill sighed and lifted her head in submission, making no protest as her horny teenager unbuttoned her blouse completely and leaned forward to pop the fat, rosy nipple into his mouth. That was the one drawback with incest, she thought humorously. It made it difficult to keep up her other responsibilities as a mother.

Two days had passed since her son's first fuck in the bathroom, and mother and son had been after each other like a pair of horny dogs ever since. They'd fucked everywhere, in the car after a shopping expedition, on the kitchen floor, in every room of the house.

Jill was still just as horny for Bill's cock as he was for her pussy, probably even hornier. But her son had been neglecting his high school homework, and she knew she couldn't allow that to happen. But how could she concentrate on the tutoring session when her son made her horny by playing with her tits?

"Bill, please don't do that to me now," she sighed. "I really don't want you to flunk out of high school."

"I won't," Bill muttered, withdrawing his lips momentarily from her nipple. "Christ, your tit tastes good!"

He popped it back into his mouth and puckered his cheeks, sucking his mother's rounded, C-cup tit harder than ever. Jill shuddered as the wet desire blossomed in her hairy cunt. Her nipple was very stiff, goose-bumped and crinkled, with the rubbery tip as hard as a little pebble in her son's mouth.

"Oh, Bill! You're making me lose control over myself!"

Sucking avidly on her nipple, Bill slid his hand up his mother's sleek leg and pushed up the hem of her short summer dress. Beneath it she wore no panties, and her curly haired pussy still bore traces of his jism from the torrid fuck session they'd had after dinner.

Shamefully aiding him, Jill spread her legs on the couch. Bill put a finger into her pouting pussy and started to finger-fuck her cunt as he sucked her tit, stabbing his finger in to the knuckle with every stroke.

Within a half-minute, Jill's pussy burned and throbbed and juiced. She pushed the history book to the floor.

"All right, Bill," she gasped. "You win. Take off your clothes, darling! It's time to give me another good fucking!"

Jill rose from the couch, kicked off her sandals and stripped off her summer dress, leaving herself naked. She fell to her hands and knees on the living room carpet, looking eagerly at her son over her shoulder.

Bill could see the puffy slit of her hairy pussy under her ass cheeks, and that made his cock get stiffer than ever. Frantically he stripped, throwing his clothes around the living room in every direction.

Then he was naked, too, his huge cock standing up like an iron poker. Jill felt her pussy creaming in anticipation. Her husband had been a deeply horny man, but no one but a teenager could be so constantly ready for hot sex.

"Fuck me, Bill!" Jill spread her knees wide on the carpet, then dropped her shoulders to the rug. That lifted her ass cheeks, putting her dripping cunt in the perfect position to be stabbed full of her son's cock. "I'm very horny now! Fuck Mom's pussy!"

Bill mounted her, crawling into position behind her. Lifting his swollen prick in his fist, he fit the spongy knob between the flowering folds of his mother's cunt. Then he pushed it into her, inch by inch, packing her dripping pussy with the meaty stiffness of his cock.

"Unnggghhh!" Jill dug her fingernails into the carpet, grimacing as her tight pussy tunnel spread exquisitely to admit his massive prick. "Oh fuck, darling, you've got such a big cock! Fuck me with it, Son! Fuck me, fuck hard!"

In two days of incest, Bill had become an expert at fucking. His hands slid up his mother's slim waist, cupping her pendulous, stiff-nippled tits. Then he eased the rest of his cock into her tight, syrupy pussy, packing her cunt completely with the throbbing hardness of his cock.

"Unh! Fuck me, Bill, fuck me!" Jill started humping, making her ass cheeks jiggle obscenely as she pounded her pussy onto her son's cock. "Fuck me, my cunt's so wet! Fuck me, make me cum!"

Bill pulled out slowly, withdrawing until only the bulbous crown of his prick parted his mother's pussy slit. He squeezed her tits as he pumped his cock back in again, wiggling his ass to sink his prick to the very root in her clinging, juicy cunt.

"Ungghh! Fuck me, Bill! Fuck Mom!" Clawing the carpet, Jill humped like a bitch in heat, pounding her curly haired slit onto her son's big cock. "My pussy's burning! Please, Bill! Fuck the shit out of my horny cunt!"

Bill slowly eased his rigid hard-on into her gurgling cunt, teasing her with the easy rhythm of his strokes. Jill both hated and loved it when he teased her like that. Her cunt was already throbbing uncontrollably, in spite of all the fucking they'd done that day. She grimaced as the slippery walls suctioned madly around her son's fat prick.

"Fuck me, Bill! Fuck meeeee!"

Bill leaned farther over her nakedness, changing the angle at which his swollen cock speared into her pussy slit. Then he started fucking in earnest, slamming his prick rhythmically through the buttery wetness of his mother's cunt.

"You're so tight, Mom!" Harder and faster he fucked her, bucking the lean cheeks of his ass. "Shit, your pussy's so juicy! It's gonna suck out my cum!"

"Keep fucking me, Bill! I'm cumming too!" Jill dropped her shoulders flat on the floor, grunting as her cunt tunnel squeezed spasmodically around her son's prick. "Unngghhh! Harder, Bill! Unnggghhh! I'm getting so wet! I'm cuuummmiiinngggg!"

The spasms pumped suddenly through her loins, burning through her belly, making her whole body shiver with mad, incestuous passion. Jill bit her lip hard as her cunt contracted, sucking hard on her son's massive cock. She came again and again, crying out as her clit burned, chafed continually by the pistoning length of Bill's big prick.

"T-t-take it out!" she gasped. "I can't take anymore, Bill! I'm too sensitive!"

Obediently, if reluctantly, Bill withdrew his smoking hard-on from his mother's creamy cunt, staring at the hairy slit that was foaming with fuck oil. He hadn't cum yet, and his prick was still as hard as iron.

"Lie down, Bill! Let me suck out your juice!"

Bill lay happily on his back on the floor, his huge hard-on quivering stiffly over his stomach. Hurriedly Jill turned onto her hands and knees, crouching beside him. For a moment she ogled his over-sized cock, seeing the way the fuck juices glistened on the fat, blue veined shaft. Then she hungrily dropped her head and took the spongy knob deep down her throat.

Wantonly she let her head drop, stuffing the big prick between her lips until she nearly choked. But Jill fought back the gagging reflex and instead clamped her lips in a tight circle around the center of his cock.

She was an avid cock-sucker, starved for the taste of her son's jism. Jill hollowed her cheeks and feverishly started sucking, wrapping her fingers around the base of his cock to hold it in position. Lewdly she bobbed her head as she began the blow-job, fucking her face with her son's magnificent prick.

Bill's face clouded over with lust as he watched his horny mother give him head. "Oh shit, Mom!" He lifted his hands, curling his fingers gently into her hair. "Suck my cock, suck harder!" Hungrily he rocked his ass off the carpet, thrusting his prick through the wet oval of her full lips.

Jill swirled her tongue around his shiny skinned cock head, wetly lapping up the hot pre-cum that oozed up from his bloated nuts. There was a lot of the juice coming out now, and she knew it wouldn't be long before her horny teenager had to cum.

Jill was dying to slurp down his cock cream. Tightening her fist around his fat, swollen cock root, she started jacking as she sucked, milking and tugging the turgid flesh of her son's prick. Her cheeks caved in farther until golf balls could have fit in the indentations.

Jill sucked her son's prick loud and wet, shamelessly enjoying the slurping sounds of her own cock-sucking as they filled the living room.

"I'm cumming, Mom!" Bill winced and drove his ass off the floor, stabbing his stone-hard prick deep down her throat. "I can't hold it, oh fuck, I'm cumming!"

His cock leapt between her lips, making the heart-shaped knob slap the top of her mouth. Then the big prick exploded. Jill swallowed convulsively as at least a half-pint of thick, milky jism gushed out of his balls, shooting torrentially from the tip of his prick.

"Ummmmmm," the horny mother gurgled. She jacked and sucked her son's cock harder than ever, feeling her pussy juice as she relished the taste of his cum nectar. Her cheeks bellowed as she held the gushing wad in her mouth, savoring the taste of his cum. Then she swallowed as his prick kept on spurting, draining his hairy balls of their heavy load.

Finally she took his big, wet prick out of her mouth. By this time Jill wasn't surprised when her son's cock remained rock-hard, quivering with the same eager stiffness. Her cunt throbbed as she looked at it, running her eyes from the thick shaft to the bulbous crown. Na matter how much cock juice he shot off, Bill was always ready for more fucking.

But this time Jill felt the throbbing in another hole, too. A shameless smile curled her lips. She remembered the combined pain and pleasure of when her husband had fucked her between her ass cheeks. It was time to teach Bill about the back road to sex.

"Oh, Mom!" Bill smiled happily, covered with sweat from the force of his cum. "Was that ever good! You really drained me that time!"

"I'm sure, darling," Jill said distractedly. "Bill, I want you to do a favor for me. Go to my bathroom and look in the medicine cabinet. I want you to bring me the jar of Vaseline!"

Bill looked at her curiously. "What for?"

"Just do it, darling! I'll show you why in a minute!"

Bill shrugged, got up and went to the bathroom. Hurriedly Jill pulled a cushion off the couch and sprawled on it, wiggling it under her belly. That would lift her asshole into the perfect position to be invaded by her son's steel-hard prick.

Bill returned with the Vaseline, his massive cock quivering straight out before him. Giggling, the shameless mother grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them wide apart. Bill gasped at the sight of her pink, puckered asshole.

"You're going to fuck my asshole now, darling! Smear the jelly all over your cock and my ass!"

Bill's cock swelled stiffer as he stared at his mother's asshole, seeing the tightly muscled ring pulse and contract obscenely in her incestuous heat. Unscrewing the jar, he smeared the goo liberally all over his cock, taking special care to grease the mushroom tip.

Then he knelt on the floor between her splayed legs. Jill shuddered and wiggled her pussy on the cushion as she felt his fingers touch her burning asshole. Carefully he pasted the jelly all over her little asshole, extending his finger and pushing it into her ass to coat the inside of her ass tunnel.

"All right, darling! That's enough! Now fuck my asshole! Fuck your mother's horny asshole with your big, hard cock!"

Bill dropped the Vaseline on the floor. He mounted his gorgeous, naked mother, holding his cock in his fist and centering the rosy knob onto the slicked-down circle of her asshole. Then he hunched his ass, driving the first inch of his big prick into her rubbery ass tunnel.

"Unnggghhh!" Jill's jaw sagged open as she felt her asshole being invaded, the powerful little muscles stretching to admit her son's mammoth cock. "Oh Bill, Bill..." She started humping lightly, eager to be impaled by all of his cock.

Bill adjusted his position, making his swollen cock spear directly into the center of her asshole. Then he started thrusting lightly, pumping another inch of his fat cock into her burning ass with every stroke.

Grimacing, Jill pushed out her asshole to help her son stuff his cock between her ass cheeks. There was sharp pain as he invaded her ass, but it was quickly overwhelmed by pleasure. She couldn't remember the last time she'd had her asshole fucked.

Hot, throbbing waves of pleasure pumped through her nakedness, spreading from her asshole to her pussy as the big, straining cock pushed into her second fuck tunnel. Shuddering, Jill nearly came on the spot as her asshole stretched to admit a full half of his big prick. Then she started pounding her pussy wildly off the cushion, groaning and gasping as she thrust her throbbing asshole onto her son's stabbing prick.

"Fuck me, Bill! Fuck Mom's asshole!" Eagerly she reached behind her and pulled her ass cheeks apart again, encouraging her son to bury his cock all the way into her burning asshole. "It doesn't hurt, darling. Ungggh, need all of your cock! Fuck my horny ass!"

Bill had tried to be gentle, but his mother's squealed obscenities urged him on. Rearing back, he thrust brutally into her asshole, ramming all of his cock in with one stroke.

Jill nearly blacked out as her asshole was packed by the second half of her son's cock. Now all of its hugeness was embedded between her peach-shaped cheeks, pulsing and drooling jism deep inside her bowels.

"Oh, Mom," Bill moaned as he lay flat on top of her, feeling the rubbery pressure of her asshole muscles convulsively milking his cock. "You're so tight! You've got such a tight, fucking ass!"

"Fuck me, darling! Start fucking me!"

Jill grunted and squealed as she began to hump, thrusting her horny asshole onto her son's cock. Again the waves of delirious pleasure flowed through her, this time more intensely than before. Her asshole and pussy throbbed in rhythmic unison and already she felt close to cumming.

"Fuck me, Bill! Fuck my asshole!"

Bill pulled out slowly, feeling the tight stricture of her asshole drag exquisitely around his cock. Slowly he pumped his Vaseline slicked prick back into her burning asshole, wiggling his hips to sink it all the way back up her ass hole.

Then he fell into a fuck rhythm. He heaved over his horny mother, pounding his cock steadily in and out of her churning asshole. As gently as he fucked her, Jill felt completely overwhelmed by the pulsing hardness of his long, fat cock.

"Yes, Bill! Fuck me, fuck Mom's asshole!" Jill humped like a bitch in heat, bouncing her pussy off the couch cushion, ramming her asshole onto her son's cock. "Unnggghhh! Harder, darling! You're making me cum!"

Bill's cock had grown stiffer inside her asshole, milked continually by the hot walls of her ass tunnel. Groaning, the horny teenager started to ream out her asshole as hard as he could. In and out his bloated cock sawed, stabbing deeper into his mother's bowels with every stroke. His balls ached, slapping her creamy pussy crack with every jackhammering thrust.

"Unghhh! Bill, fuck me, fuck meeee! I'm cumming, Son! Fuck my asshole, I'm cuuummmiiinnnggg!"

The spasms rippled through her asshole, simultaneously thrilling her drenched pussy as her asshole clasped around her son's driving cock. Moaning, Bill slammed his big prick to the hilt in his mother's asshole. The second load of jism gushed out of his balls, splattering deeply into her throbbing ass.

Jill flexed her ass muscles wantonly, groaning obscenely as her ass milked out her son's salty cum. A lewd delight thrilled her as she realized that Bill's cock was still stiff, that he would soon be ready for even more fucking. Oh, well, they'd just have to worry about his homework some other time.


"Jesus," Bill murmured reverently. "Does your mom ever have a big pair of tits!"

"I know," Mike replied, rubbing his swollen cock through his shorts.

Mike was Bill's age, a short, muscular, tow-headed blond with a face full of freckles and an infectious grin. They'd been best friends ever since the Watson family -- Mike and his mother Beth -- had moved in next door years ago. But Bill hadn't been able to keep up their friendship much since he'd started fucking his mother.

But Jill had reserved this Saturday afternoon for a shopping trip, and Bill had been able to pay Mike a long-overdue visit. Now he thought it a little funny that he was again thinking about nothing but fucking.

The two horny teenagers knelt on the living room rug, staring out through the patio window at the pool. Mrs. Watson was sunbathing beside it, dressed in a skimpy flower-print bikini. A pair of sunglasses concealed her wide brown eyes and strands of her short, brown hair fell about her temples. Her enormous tits stretched the bikini top as she lay on her back, with huge, fat nipples visible through the fabric from ten feet away.

"Goddamn," Bill murmured. "What a fantastic-fucking pair of tits!"

Beth Watson's huge tits were her most outstanding feature, but she was delectably formed from head to toe. At thirty-eight, she was two years older than Jill, and her reason for living alone with her son was different from Jill's too -- Mr. Watson had died shortly after Mike was born.

Bill had ogled Mrs. Watson's deep cleavage for years, but it was only since he'd begun his incestuous affair with his mother that he'd begun thinking seriously that he could fuck her. And it shocked him a little that Mike seemed to be thinking the same thing.

Mike didn't mind the things Bill said about his mother's tits, slim waist, lush thighs and full, mouth-watering ass. If anything, he seemed eager to hear them so he could respond with an obscene compliment of his own.

It was Mike who had suggested peeping through the window so they could watch his mother sunbathe. And it was Mike who was now rubbing a straining hard-on through his pants. Bill was a little shocked to see that his best friend obviously had a cock just as big as his own.

"Does she ever do any fucking?" Bill asked suddenly.

"Naw," Mike replied. "I don't know the last time she got laid. Guys call her all the time. Sometimes she'll take me out shopping and stuff, and when I come back from the john the clerk or somebody else will already be hitting on her."

"Do you ever think about fucking her yourself?"

Mike hesitated a moment before answering, in a soft, deliberate voice. "Yeah. Yeah, I think about it a lot."

At that moment Mrs. Watson rolled onto her stomach, unknowingly displaying her full ass cheeks and sleek back to the two horny teenaged voyeurs. Reaching behind her, she undid the strap of the bikini bra. The thin strands fell to either side and the guys could now see the bare sides of her spongy melons, flattened on the terrycloth towel.

"Oh, Jesus!" Mike muttered.

"Uh, I gotta go home," Bill said suddenly. "Hey, I'll see you later!"

Mike didn't look up as Bill hurriedly rose to his feet and left the house, walking quickly back to his home. His cock was throbbing painfully from looking at Mrs. Watson, and it started drooling jism as he saw, gratefully, that his mother's car was again parked in the drive.

Thank God she was home! Bill hurried to his front door, thinking of how he'd fuck the holy shit out of Jill's pussy, all the while thinking of Mrs. Watson's big tits and hairy cunt.

The sun beat on her back, warming her smooth, unblemished, milk-white flesh. Beth Watson sighed and turned her head, staring through the tinted glasses at the rippling water of the swimming pool. Her huge tits ached as they pressed the towel. A throbbing heat burned through her curly haired pussy.

For so many years she'd denied herself male companionship, out of respect for her late husband. But recently her fuck urges had gotten nearly out of her control. She was constantly horny these days, constantly starved for cock meat. All she ever thought about was big, cum-spurting pricks!

Staring at the pool, Beth felt her cheeks reddening with shame. It wasn't just that she thought about getting laid, that was normal enough. It was the males she thought about fucking with.

Like Bill, her son's best friend! He'd grown into such a handsome young man with a lean, hard body and a bulge in his pants that promised a huge cock. The other night Beth had had a wet dream about him, waking to thoughts of his massive cock stabbing into her hungry pussy. It had made her feel horribly ashamed of herself, but there was no denying the desire.

Suddenly Beth felt herself overwhelmed with lust. Rising from the towel, she picked it up and walked hurriedly back to the couch. Her blush deepened as she felt her creamy pussy squishing between her full, shapely thighs. She had to finger-fuck herself!

Sliding open the patio door, she was a little surprised to see her son Mike standing in the dining room. There was a sheepish expression on his face and Beth wondered vaguely what she'd caught him doing.

"Did Bill leave already?"

"Yes," Mike muttered. "He said he had something to take care of. Don't ask me what."

Mike's eyes darted down, looking at her bikini-clad body. Beth suppressed a gasp as she realized that her own son was ogling her huge tits! Then she glanced at his crotch and her mouth opened as she saw the huge hard-on straining his shorts.

"Uh, I gotta do my homework," Mike said.

Turning, he ran up the stairs to his bedroom. Beth walked into her bedroom as if in a trance. Shutting and locking the door, she stripped off her bikini and admired herself in the mirror. Her nipples were still pink at age thirty-eight, not brown like the nipples of most women her age, and the tips were fat and rubbery and easily made stiff. Beth cupped her huge tits and let them fall, reeling their meaty weight bounce on her ribs, watching the oversized melons bounce in the mirror. Still firm, she thought proudly, in spite of their size.

Moving closer to the mirror, the horny mother slid her hand down her girlishly rounded belly bulge, then shuddered as she sank two fingers into her curly haired cunt. The lips were damp and swollen.

"So horny," she whispered. "So fucking hot. I need some cock!"

Beth spread her feet on the floor and started to pump her fingers into her creaming pussy. For a moment she watched herself jack off in the mirror. Then she stepped buck to the big double bed and collapsed on it. Immediately she wiggled her horny ass on the sheets and splayed her milk-white thighs as far apart as they'd go.

"Oh fuck, I need some fucking. I need some fat, stiff cock!"

She grimaced as she whipped her fingers in and out of her throbbing cunt, stabbing them in to the knuckles with each hard stroke. Expertly she caught her clit under her thumb, quivering as she titillated the most sensitive spot on her body.

First she thought of Bill, pleasuring herself with the forbidden fantasy of fucking her son's best friend. Hotly she imagined the look of surprise that would appear on his face as she showed him her tits, the steely stiffness of the big cock she would pull out of his pants.

Then Beth's cheeks flushed with shame and her horniness intensified as she started thinking about her own son.

She tried to suppress the incestuous fantasy, but she couldn't help herself. All at once she saw her son kneeling between her legs, hunching over her as he greasily stabbed his meaty cock trunk into her gooey, churning cunt.

Moaning, Beth Watson started fingerfucking herself as hard as she could. "Fuck me, Mike," she whispered, humping her ass furiously off the bed. "Fuck me, Son!"


"Bill! Good Lord, restrain yourself! Can't you see I'm cooking? You can fuck me after dinner!"

She'd just gotten back from her shopping trip, and the first thing Jill had done after depositing her packages was to change into a breezy cotton dress that hugged her braless tits and showed off her bare thighs.

It was hard to believe that the sight of her without her underwear would make her son so horny. After all, Bill had seen so much of her nakedness since they'd started fucking. One way or the other, something had really gotten into him. He'd started pawing at her the second he'd walked through the door.

"Bill! Get told of yourself! I'm trying to cook! Why don't you go over and visit with Mike a little longer? I thought you were telling me how much you wanted to see him?"

"Already did," Bill grunted. "Jesus, my prick's so fucking stiff!"

Jill stood at the stove, stirring the spaghetti sauce she had simmering on the burner. It would only take a half hour to fix dinner and to eat it, but Bill seemed incapable of waiting that long. Her horny son stood behind her with his rock-hard prick pressing between her ass cheeks as his hands roamed hungrily all over her lush body.

"Bill, wait a minute!" Jill slapped his hand away, giggling as she realized this was the first time she'd played hard to get. "I'm making this sauce just for you! It's a special recipe! You'll make me ruin it!"

"I don't care about the Goddamn sauce!" Bill muttered. "I just wanna suck your sweet fucking cunt!"

His hands tore at her blouse buttons and Jill gasped as her son thrust in his fingers and lewdly molded her fat, stiff-nippled tits. Then he started dry-humping her, thrusting his aching prick on the crack of her ass. Jill moaned as the wet lust spread through her pussy. Something certainly had gotten into him! His cock was incredibly hard!

"Please, Bill. Just wait until after dinner. The sauce is almost ready."

Bill reached around and flicked off the burner. Jill turned to face him, trying to look stern. The next thing she knew, her horny son had picked her up and deposited her ass on the kitchen counter!

"Bill! Didn't you hear a word I said?"

"I want to fuck you! I want to suck your cunt!"

He pulled her ass to the edge of the counter, then hiked her dress up to her waist. Bill moaned at the sight of his mother's sleek, magnificently formed thighs and the hairy bush of her cunt hair concealing her pink, moistening pussy.

"Oh, Mom!"

Jill sighed as he parted her legs, then burrowed his head between her milk-white thighs. She leaned back, slumping her shoulders on the wall. The sauce wouldn't taste nearly as good when re-heated, but there was no use thinking about that when her horny son was so determined to suck her cunt.

"You pussy tastes so good!"

He rubbed his face on her pussy, inhaling the rich, musky aroma of her fragrant fuck juices, the same mysteriously tantalizing pussy smell that had made men helplessly horny since the dawn of time. Bill sighed as he covered his cheeks with her running cunt cream. Jill shuddered and bit her lip. She cared less about dinner by the moment.

"Oh, Mom!"

Bill thrust his hands under her lithe hips, cupping her ass cheeks, lifting them slightly so he could press his mouth directly on her juicing cunt slit. Then he did just that. Bill puckered up and sucked hard on her gooey cunt hole. At the same time he thrust his tongue deep into her pink pussy, sucking the foaming cunt liquid from the depths of his mother's pussy.

Jill wiggled her ass cheeks in her son's hands, unconsciously spreading her thighs wider apart. "Oh, oh Bill!" Her face became dreamy with lust as her son's tongue pleasured her pussy, expertly sucking her off.

Bill pressed his swollen crotch against the counter, slurping noisily away at his mother's delicious cunt. He ate her out like a wild man, as if he'd been dreaming all day long about the taste of her pussy.

"Ungghhh!" Jill twisted her head from side to side, grimacing as she savored the pleasure churning deep inside her buttery cunt. "Oh fuck, Bill!" She gasped and started humping her ass in his hands, grinding and thrusting her furry pussy slit onto his mouth. "I... I can't stand it! You make me feel so good! Suck my pussy, darling! Make Mom's cunt cum!"

Bill lapped his tongue quickly up and down her drooling cunt, cleaning up the juices as they oozed out of the depths of her pussy tube.

His tongue curled skillfully around her swollen clit bud, making the horny mother buck and hump in his hands.

"Yes, Bill! Suck my clit!" Beside herself with pleasure, Jill held the back of Bill's head and started to work her ass in earnest, fucking her throbbing pussy all over her teenaged son's face. "Suck me, suck Mom! Mom's going to cum!"

Bill wrapped his lips around her straining clit. He sucked it gently but forcefully, flicking his tongue rapidly on the twitching tip.

By this time his mother was humping much too quickly to be held in position. Withdrawing his hands, Bill thrust two fingers into her cunt slit, sighing on her hot pussy as he felt the slippery muscles of her velvety cunt clasp needfully around them.

"I'm gonna cum!" Jill grunted obscenely, shuddering and quivering from head to toe as the familiar, exquisite heat burned through the depths of her creamy, pussy. "Eat me out, Bill! Suck me good! Unngghh, oh fuck, oh Christ! Unnggghhh!"

Her ass moved in a blur, but Bill managed to work the fingers of his left hand between her ass cheeks. Jill groaned as his finger touched her throbbing asshole, pushing into the puckered ring. Then he was feverishly jacking off her pussy and shit tunnel at the same time.

"Cumming, Bill! Suck me, suck Mom's cunt! Play with my asshole! Awww, I'm burning! Mom's cuuummmiiinnugggg!"

It was as hard a cum as she'd had for days. Her pussy spumed uncontrollably, the swollen lips throbbing on her son's lips and fingers as the fuck juice flowed profusely from the depths of her clit. Gasping, the wanton mother pulled her son's hair and tirelessly humped his face, grinding her churning asshole onto his fingers at the same time.

Finally the cum heat subsided. Bill lifted his head from his mother's pussy, his cheeks glistening with her fuck oil. He stepped back from the counter and dropped his pants, leaving himself naked from the waist down except for his tennis shoes.

Jill gasped at the sight of his naked cock. It looked even larger than usual, totally swollen and stiff with blood and cum. The meaty shaft bobbed and twitched and pulsed and Jill wondered what on earth had given her beloved son such a painfully stiff cock.

"Let's go in the living room, Mom," he whispered. "I'm gonna fuck you on the couch."

It wasn't a request as much as it was a demand, and Jill realized that her son was horny enough to force his cock up her pussy if she didn't comply. Submissively, the horny mother slid off the counter top and walked into the living room, her horny pussy squishing between her thighs.

Bill had become so manly and demanding since they'd started fucking, she thought. Now he just told her whenever he wanted to ball.

Two big beach towels were spread out on the couch and Jill blushed as she remembered that she hadn't removed, them from her last fuck session. With Bill panting behind her, she crawled onto the couch and lay on her back on the cushions.

"All right, darling." Spreading her legs wide, she draped one ankle over the back of the couch and let the other foot touch the floor. "If you're so horny, I guess we'll just have to take care of that hard cock of yours. I can't let my son walk around with a hard-on like that."

Wiggling her ass on the couch, Jill lifted her pelvis to display her creamy pussy to her well hung son. "Go ahead, Bill. Fuck my pussy as hard as you want!"

With his battering ram prick jerking and oozing jism before him, Bill got on the couch and crawled between his mother's thighs. He held his cock and fit the bulbous, spongy knob onto her wet pussy opening. Then he immediately started pushing it into her, sighing as the slippery cunt tunnel wetly enveloped his throbbing cock.

Jill eagerly wiggled her ass, helping her son's hard-on bore into her greasy pussy. "Yes! Oh yes, Bill, I want it now! Fuck Mom's cunt!"

Bill panted as he hunched over her, supporting the weight of his torso on his outstretched arms, hands planted on the cushions to either side of her head. Furiously he worked his ass, driving his cock into her belly until his balls touched her ass crack, and the very root of his prick soaked in the buttery slit of her cunt hole.

Automatically Jill threw up her long legs, scissoring them tightly around her teenager's waist. "Your cock's so hard, Bill!" Eagerly she started humping, grinding and thrusting her pussy onto the satisfying stiffness of his prick. "Fuck me now, darling! Fuck your horny mother!"

Bill pulled out slowly, savoring the moment, gasping as his mother's clasping pussy tunnel dragged around his bloated prick. Heavily he slammed the prick home again.

Then he fell into a steady, horny fuck rhythm, pistoning his aching cock into her hairy cunt. Jill gasped as her pussy thrilled to the strokes of his prick, clasping spasmodically around the swollen, pistoning length. She humped harder, wrapping her thighs more tightly around his waist, flinging her arms around his shoulders.

"Fuck harder, Bill!" Her pussy was already spasming again, preparing for another cum. "Unggghhh! Now I'm just as horny as you are! Oh Bill, fuck Mom hard! I need to cum!"

Bill rammed his cock into her pussy, feeling the drooling fuck oil foam up around his stabbing prick. Jill winced with a momentary stab of pain. But shortly it turned into pleasure, as her erected clit was chafed by the hammering shaft of his cock.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me..."

She pushed her ankles high up his muscular back, lifting her ass, opening her cunt tunnel completely for the furious thrusts of his cock. Jill clawed his shoulders and whipped up her ass as high as she could. Obscenely the couch cushions creaked beneath her. Then the whole couch began to skitter on the floor with the driven fury of their incestuous fucking.

"So tight, Mom," Bill moaned. "Tight fucking pussy!"

He fucked his mother with all the strength he could muster, brutally pounding his rock-hard prick into her clinging, clasping pussy. Jill didn't know what had made him so horny, but she no longer cared. She panted and sweated as she thrust her hips to meet every stroke of her stiff-cocked son.

"Cumming, Mom!" Bill moaned. "Ungghh! Oh fuck, I'm popping my rocks! Ahhhh..."

He scissored between her thighs, burying his cock to the root in her syrupy pussy slit. Jill shuddered as the milky juice flooded into her pussy, splattering the pink walls with the viscous spurts of her son's hot cum.

Again and again it burst into her pussy, making his cock shaft tremble and throb violently as the white jism blew out of his balls. Jill loved feeling her teenager shoot off inside her pussy, and this time it put her over the edge.

"I'm cuming, Bill!" Crying and whimpering, the horny mother pounded her pussy furiously on his erupting cock. "Fuck me, fuck me good! Unngghhh! Oh fuck, oh fuck it! Nnnnggg cuuummmiiiinnnngggg."

Her cunt spasmed, sucking down hard around Bill's pistoning cock. Jill's ass danced uncontrollably off the couch as her second cum gushed through her body, making her nipples tingle and her asshole pulse as she orgasmed all aver her son's racing cock.

Bill fucked her fast and hard through her cum, guiding her through the peak. Then he pulled his smoking cock out of her pussy. Jill gasped as she saw that his cock was still as hard as stone, having lost none of its stiffness after dumping a big wad in his mother's cunt.

"Why, Bill!" she said admiringly. "You really are horny today!"

Bill climbed off the couch, his dripping wet cock throbbing and jerking before him. Knowing what he wanted, Beth sat up on the couch. Her son stood before her, his massive hard-on drooling jism directly in front of her face.

"I need to cum some more, Mom!"

Lifting her hand, Jill wrapped ha fingers tightly around the base of his cock. She pulled him close with it, touching the knob to her lips. "Mmmmm, of course you do, darling!"

Extending her tongue, the horny mother licked all over the crown and shaft of her sons big cock. She could taste, her own cunt cream on his cock, and the combined scent of prick juice and pussy oil made her even hornier.

Jill kissed the tip of Bill's cock. Then she opened her mouth and gurgled contentedly as her horny teen pushed his stiff prick slowly down her throat, stopping when nearly half of his throbbing prick was in his mother's hot mouth.

Jill gurgled and quickly wrapped her lips around his veined cock shaft, forming a tightly clasping circle. Then she hollowed her, cheeks and started giving a blow-job to her horny son, already looking forward to the second explosion of his cum.

"Yes, Mom!" Bill held the back of her head and rocked his hips, watching her face contort with the lewd energy of the cocksucking, seeing the way her lips clung to his burning prick. "Suck it, Mom! I need to cum!"

Jill bobbed her head in time with his hips thrusts, fucking her face with her son's magnificent cock. She swirled her tongue sloppily around the juicing knob, lapping up the prick cream as it oozed up from his balls.

Her ass was squirming hornily on the couch as she looked forward to the rich gushers of her son's cum. Nearly choking, Jill forced another inch of Bill's big hard-on into her mouth. She tightened her fist around the meaty base and feverishly jacked his prick as she sucked on the knob.

"Unngghhh! I'm cumming, Mom!" Bill moaned and lunged forwards. "Cuuummmiiinnnggg..."

His cock creamed, spurting long ribbons of sappy cum down her throat. Jill pumped his prick furiously as the delicious cock milk splattered on the roof of her mouth, rushing across her tongue. It was amazing how much jism he still had in his balls, she thought, even as she swallowed. Repeatedly the spunk gushed out of his cock head and Jill sucked it all down, finally lapping the last burning droplets from the tip of his prick.

Bill moaned and sat beside her on the couch, his suck and fuck-wilted cock finally going soft and rubbery between his thighs. Jill licked the jism off her lips and looked at him happily. She knew her horny son would have another hard-on by the time they finished dinner.


Beth Watson was finger-fucking herself when the doorbell rang. She felt ashamed of herself for playing with her pussy so early in the afternoon, but she was too horny to help herself. It was a hot, sunny day, and that kind of weather always seemed to get her cunt juices flowing.

For the past two hours she'd lain naked on her bed, her huge tits jiggling as she hopped her ass on the mattress and pounded her fingers into her sopping wets cunt. When the doorbell rang her pussy had been right on the verge of another delicious cum.

"Fuck!" Beth whispered.

Cursing under her breath, the horny mother rolled off the bed and hurriedly put on a pullover, V-neck blouse and a pair of stretch shorts. She could feel the weight of her enormous tits jiggling as she walked to the front door, but it wasn't worth the effort to put on a bra.

It was probably just a salesman, she guessed. She'd get rid of him and hurry back to bed while her pussy was still nice and hot.

But she was in for a surprise as she opened the door. Standing on the front step was her son's best friend, Bill.

"Hi, Mrs. Watson," he said, smiling politely. "Is Mike home?"

"Why B-Bill, what a surprise this is," Beth said self-consciously. "No, Mike isn't home yet. It's only two in the afternoon. I thought you'd both be in school."

"Oh, our last class got cancelled. Mike and me were just going to play some baseball. I'll bet he'll be home pretty soon. Do you mind if I come in and wait for him?"

"No, of course not." Beth held open the door. "Come on in. Here, I'll make you a snack in the kitchen."

Beth walked ahead of him, flushing slightly as she realized how lewdly her big tits were jiggling under the blouse. Her cunt was still very wet, and she wondered if her son's friend could smell her musky pussy juices. Worse still, just being alone in the house with him was turning her on.

She wouldn't have been nearly so nervous if she'd known what Bill was thinking. Unbeknownst to her, Jill's horny son practically drooled over Beth Watson's ass cheeks, watching the full globes shake provocatively under her shorts.

The last class, of course, had not been cancelled at all, and Mike wouldn't be home for several hours. But by that time Bill planned to have Mrs. Watson so enslaved by his cock that she'd let him sneak out through her bedroom window.

The night before, while slamming his stiff cock into his mother's pussy, he'd made up his mind to seduce her. Mrs. Watson was such a hot piece of ass! She had such a big, beautiful pair of tits and something in her face told him how horny she was.

Bill didn't have any doubts that he'd be able to seduce her. His experiences with his mom had made him completely confident of himself sexually. His mother would always be his favorite fuck, but he had enough cock juice for both her and Mrs. Watson, and he was dying to see what she looked like in the raw.

"Is orange juice all right, Bill?" Beth asked, looking at him questioningly as she opened the refrigerator. "I can get you a Coke instead, if you want."

"No, orange juice is fine." Bill grinned as he took a seat at the kitchen table. "I'll eat anything."

Beth took out the pitcher, stood on her tiptoes to get a glass from the cupboard and put it on the table in front of her son's friend. Then she leaned over to pour.

"It's not fresh-squeezed. I hope you like it. Mike always says he likes the concentrate better."

Bill wasn't paying any attention to the orange juice. A lewd grin spread across his face as he looked down the front of Beth's blouse. It had gaped open as she bent over, and her huge bra-less tits jostled spongily against each other, forming the deepest cleavage Bill had ever seen.

"There you go, Bill."

"Jesus, Mrs. Watson. You've got the biggest tits I've ever seen."

"What... what did you say to me, Bill?"

"I said you've got a beautiful fucking pair of tits!"

Just as her knees went rubbery, Beth managed to put the pitcher down on the table. Her cheeks colored brightly. Disbelievingly she stared at the bold, grinning teenager as he pushed his chair away from the table and rose to stand in front of her. There was an enormous hard-on sticking out of his pants and as she saw it Beth's cunt began dripping with lust.

"Why Bill, what a... what a disgusting thing to say to me! You ought to be ashamed of yourself."

"I don't feel ashamed, Mrs. Watson," Bill smiled, moving closer. "You're really stacked, that's all. I've been looking at your titties ever since I was a little kid."

His hands shot out and before Beth knew what was happening, his fingers closed around her tits, sending wanton thrills, through her body as he hungrily kneaded and massaged the D-cup melons.

"Bill! Take your hands off of me!" Batting his hands away, Beth backed nervously toward the kitchen counter. "Don't you touch my bosom like that! You're young enough to be my son!"

"Shit, that just makes it an even bigger turn-on, Mrs. Watson!"

He stood directly in front of her, blocking her path. Then he suddenly pulled up her blouse, exposing her naked, enormous tits. His eyes widened at the sight of her fat, rosy, silver-dollar-sized nipples!

"Bill! Bill, how dare you!"

Ignoring her pleas and pressing closer, Bill held up one over-sized tit and brought the cherry cap to his lips. Hungrily he sucked it in, chewing his teeth lightly on the goose-bumped areola, sucking hard on the rubbery tip.

Beth squealed and tried to wrestle away from him, but the strong teen effortlessly held her against the counter. Gasping, she tried to push his hand away as he unzipped her shorts. But he got his hand in her pants anyhow, and a second later she felt his fingers pushing through the curly muff over her pussy.

"No, Bill! Awwwww! I'm going to scream! Don't you touch me there! No, I'll unnggghhh!"

She shuddered convulsively as the tit sucking teenager invaded her hot, wet pussy with his fingers, stabbing them deep inside her buttery cunt. Beth stiffened and felt her hips pushing forward, thrusting her pussy onto his hand. She knew she could scream, but the throbbing lust had made her weak. Her pussy was like jelly, sucking Bill's fingers.

She wanted him to do it. Her resistance was just a sham. He was making her so hot!

"Unh, fuck," Bill groaned obscenely.

Rapidly he pistoned his fingers in and out of her pussy, feeling the fuck juices gushing around his hand. Her clit was swollen and her whale body jerked as he rubbed it softly. Avidly, hungrily, he sucked her tit, making the nipple as stiff as a little eraser tip.

"Unh... stop it..." But there was more groaning mixed in with her protests and Beth's whole face was clouded over with lust. "Can't do it to me... no, no, nuuunnggghhh, stop, unngghhhhh."

Moving with complete confidence, Bill stripped the horny mother rapidly, tossing her shorts and blouse on the kitchen floor. He stood back and admired her voluptuous nakedness as she daintily tried to cover her pussy triangle with her hands.

Then he stripped too. Beth made no move to escape as he kicked off his tennis shoes and pulled off his shirt. Then he stripped off his pants and Beth gasped at the sight of his huge, rock-hard prick.

Then he was all over her again, pawing her tits and fingering her pussy, jamming his swollen, drooling cock head onto her, rounded belly. Beth squealed as she felt herself being dragged to the floor. Then she was on her back on the cool linoleum, with the horny teenaged stud crawling between her thighs.

"No, no, Bill!" she gasped. "You can't fuck me! Stop, stop, noooo."

Bill pushed her milk-white legs wide apart, opening her creamy pussy fat the invasion of his cock. Holding his throbbing prick in his fist, he rubbed the juicing knob up and down her pussy furrow.

Then he centered the tip in her aching, tight cunt. Beth quivered convulsively as she felt his stiff cock boring into her, spreading the walls of her slippery pussy around the pounding thickness of his cock.

"No, nuuuunnngghhh..." She just lay there and took it, her eyes tightly shut as inch after inch of his big hard-on stabbed into her cunt slit. "Can't fuck me, no, Bill, nunhhh unh fuck, noooooo..."

"Goddamn, Mrs. Watson! You've got a really juicy cunt!"

Bill wiggled his ass, helping his cock to slide into the churning, silky wetness of her tight pussy hole. Beth whimpered as the irresistible fuck heat spread through her naked body. Her pussy walls were spreading apart, wetly clinging to Bill's thrusting hard-on. It was such a big, fat cock, she thought deliriously. What a wonder that he could have a hard prick like this!

"Do you like it, Mrs. Watson?" Bill rammed his hips between her spread thighs, making her huge tits jiggle as he rammed every inch of his cock into her cunt slit. "Don't you like my big prick? Doesn't it feel good up your hot pussy?"

Beth bit her lip and turned her head rapidly back and forth on the floor, trying to fight down the passion that burned through her loins. She didn't want to give in to Bill like this, didn't want to simply let him fuck her brains out on the kitchen floor.

But she couldn't seem to help herself. Rapidly she felt herself succumbing, her pussy creaming and throbbing rhythmically around his stiff cock. It felt so good to be fucked again, to have a big prick inside her! And there was something especially obscene in the knowledge that Bill was so young.

"Don't you dig it?" Bill pulled out, teasing her by keeping only the knob of his cock inside her hairy cunthole. Then he rammed it in again, burying it to the balls in her burning, sucking cunt. "Come on, Mrs. Watson. Don't you love getting fucked?"

Bill started fucking her, working his ass cheeks, stroking his stone-hard prick steadily through the foaming wetness of her cunt tunnel. Unconsciously, Beth rocked her rounded ass cheeks off the floor, lightly grinding and thrusting her pussy mound onto his cock.

"You're humping your ass, Mrs. Watson," Bill sighed. "Shit, your pussy feels good! It's so Goddamn tight! Now don't you just love getting your cunt fucked?"

His obscenities rained down on her ears, urging her on with the driving thrusts of his cock. Beth's big tits felt incredibly swollen, the nipples stiff and tingling with desire. Her pussy seemed to have a mind of its own, clasping and juicing profusely around the teen's jack-hammering cock.

Grunting, Bill dropped his torso, flattening her big tits under his muscular chest. He dug his fingers into her sides and started fucking her pussy as hard as he could, slamming his pulsing hard-on into her cunt.

"Unnggghhh! Oh, oh Bill! Yes, yesssss, unnghhh!"

"Do you like it? Do you, do you?"

"Fuck me," Beth whimpered abruptly. Flushing brightly with shame at her own submission, the horny mother threw up her legs and wrapped them tightly around Bill's waist. Then she started humping her ass like a machine, crying and squealing as she furiously thrust her hairy pussy onto Bill's cock.

"Fuck me, Bill!" she gasped. "Unh unh, making me cum! Fuck my ass off, fuck my horny cunt!"

Grinning triumphantly, the teenaged stud started fucking her even faster. His massively swollen cock rammed into her gushing pussy, seeming to pack her cunt deeper with every stroke. Beth humped openly beneath him now, feeling the beads of sweat drip off her huge, shaking tits as she struggled to meet his rhythm.

"Harder, Bill! Fuck me, fuck the shit out of me!" She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and moaned as she clawed his back with her long nails. "Unh unh unh, it feels so good! My pussy's throbbing, Bill! Fuck me harder, I need to cummm!"

Bill fucked her like a machine, slamming his cum-swollen cock feverishly through the velvety sheath of her hot pussy. Beth felt his spongy prick head pushing all the way inside her, seeming to spear into her belly with every stroke.

Her cunt started spasming, squeezing deliciously around his iron-hard cock. The delicious heat of lust spread completely through her loins, warming her belly, making her nipples ache and her asshole throb as her pussy prepared to explode around his driving cock.

"I'm cumming, Bill!" Whipping her ass in a blur off the kitchen floor, the naked mother clawed his ass cheeks as the spasms tore through her body. "Fuck me, fuck my brains out! Unnngggghhhh! Yes, Bill, what a big fucking cock! Fuck me with it! Haaaarder, unnggghhh yes, oh shit, oh fuck, cuuummmmiiinnnnggggg!"

Bill fucked her savagely through her orgasm, guiding her, through peak after peak of cumming pleasure. The he pulled his rock-hard prick out of her dripping cunthole. Beth was surprised that her son's friend hadn't cum inside her -- until Bill climbed to his feet and stood over her, with his massive cock throbbing over her body.

"Okay, Mrs. Watson," he said softly. "I want you to give me a blow-job now! I want you to suck my prick and suck out my cum!"

Beth looked up, seeing the thick vein running up the belly of his cock as the bloated trunk quivered over her face. Her cheeks were flushed with shame and desire. She felt completely helpless now, like a slave to Bill's obscene desires.

Obediently, the big-titted mother crawled to her knees before him, his cock quivering in front of her face. Hungrily she stared at it, again marveling that he could have such an over-sized prick.

The shaft was as hard as bone, laced with blue veins, throbbing and jerking obscenely up and down with its engorgement of blood. The knob was very fat and a deep rose in color, freely dripping, juice from the piss slit in the tip.

"Suck it, Mrs. Watson! Suck off my big cock!"

Moaning shamefully, Beth slid her hand up and wrapped her fingers tightly around the swollen base of his prick. She milked it hard, making the cock cream ooze from the tip. Before the viscous strand could drip to the floor, the naked mother bent her head and pressed her tongue to the knob, lapping up his pre-cum.

It tasted delicious, salty and hot. Beth pressed her lips to the head of his hard-on and kissed it lasciviously, breathing in, inhaling the tantalizing aroma of prick meat. Then she opened her mouth wide and gurgled obscenely as she took the throbbing inches of his cock deep down her throat.

"Thaaaaat's right," Bill sighed. He held the back of her head and happily watched as her face contorted around the steely thickness of his cock. "Shit, yeah!" She was an eager cock-sucker, he saw, by the way her lips stretched hungrily to engulf his cock. "That's a good girl! Suck it, Mrs. Watson! Suck off my prick!"

Beth bobbed her head, nearly choking as she stuffed his hard-on down her throat. Her pussy was throbbing nearly as hard as it had while he'd fucked her and she knew shamefully that the taste of his cock turned her on incredibly.

Gurgling, the stacked mother wrapped her lips in a tight, clasping circle around the center of his straining prick. She puckered her cheeks sharply and sucked his cock extremely hard, feeling her face flush with the wanton intensity of the blow-job.

Bill, curled his fingers in her hair and rocked his ass, fucking his big prick lightly between her lips. "Play with my balls, Mrs. Watson! They're full of cum! And that's just what I want you to swallow!"

Beth was in heaven now, her eyes shut and her cheeks alternately puckered and bellowing. She was thinking of nothing but the hot, throbbing cock shaft stretching her lips. Her tongue swirled around the bulbous knob, pushing into his piss hole. She smacked and kissed and slurped as she lapped up the oozing cum drooling up from his nuts.

"I said play with my balls!"

Obediently, Beth slid her free hand up his thighs. His balls rested in their big, hairy sac, bloated painfully with his load of jism. Tenderly she fondled them, delighting in the feel of the delicate globes as she rolled them on her fingers.

"Ah, fuck yes!" Bill bucked his ass harder, brutally fucking her face. "Now jack me off!"

Beth tightened her face around the aching stiffness of his cock root. Rhythmically she started pumping it, slurping and slobbering on his prick head as she milked the fat trunk deeper into her mouth.

"I'm gonna cum, Mrs. Watson! Suck it hard now, as hard as you can!"

Beth felt his big prick quiver and pulse violently down her throat, preparing to shoot off its load of cream. Panting for air through her nose, she sucked and jacked his big cock as hard as she could. Bill thrust forward, jamming his cock down her throat. His cock started spurting and long, sappy ribbons of jism gushed from the crown, squirting torrentially into her mouth, pouring down her throat.

Beth gurgled and nearly came on the spot as she tasted the jism of her son's friend, the milky, salty juice pumping steadily out of his balls.

It was an incredibly big load, much bigger than the ones her husband had once given her when she'd sucked him off. Repeatedly the gushers of spunk blasted out of Bill's cock head as Beth worked her throat muscles and sucked noisily, gulping all of his cum down.

Then she took his satiated prick out of her mouth and stroked it wantonly, shamelessly hoping that he'd keep his hard-on for another fuck. Beth knew she'd regret this as soon as Bill left, but she didn't want to think of that now. Her pussy had never felt so wet and she didn't care about anything except the teen's stiff cock and getting fucked.


"Fuck me, Bill!" Jill gasped. "That's good... pack it in... fuck your horny mother! Oooh, your prick feels so big tonight! Harder, Bill! Make Mom cum!"

It was after midnight and Jill lay spread eagled on her back on her bed, her ass humping wildly off the mattress and her legs wrapped tightly around Bill's waist. Bill was feeding the meat to her pussy and Jill shuddered with every stabbing stroke into her cunt.

"Unghh, God, you're fucking me! I love the way you fuck!" Her hairy, tender-lipped pussy was overflowing with musky cunt oil, squishing luridly around the pistoning length of her son's cock. "Higher up... that's right, right at the top of my pussy! Oh fuck, Bill, you're riding right on my clit!"

Bill rode high in the saddle, pistoning his hips furiously between his mother's creamy thighs and slamming his rock-hard cock into the churning depths of her cunt. Every thrust of his prick sent hot thrills of pleasure burning through her clit and pussy and Jill knew that soon her son would make her cum.

"Harder, Bill, fuck harder!" Jill raked her fingernails down his muscular back and whipped up her ass in a frenzy of lust, pounding her pussy mound onto her son's raging hard-on. "Ungghhh! My cunt's burning! Fuck the shit out of my pussy, Son! Oh fuck, love your big Goddamn prick!"

Bill fucked his mother as hard as he could, making the mattress creak obscenely with the driven energy of their humping. Locking her thighs around his waist, Jill lifted her ass nearly a foot off the bed, surprising Bill with her strength as she ground her throbbing, juicing pussy on the very root of his cock.

"I'm cumming, Bill! I'm cuuummmiiinnnggg!"

The delicious fuck spasms swept through her, ravishing her pussy with pleasure as the slippery pussy tunnel sucked and clasped her son's driving cock. Bill gave several short, savage thrusts into her cumming cunt. Then he was shooting off, too.

Jill cried out lustily as the hot, sappy jism squirted deep inside her, instantly filling her pussy with hot cock cream. Endlessly the spunk gushed up from his balls, making his whole prick shaft jerk as it emptied its load into Jill's clinging cunt.

A lewd smile curled the horny mother's lips as she slowly let her hot ass fall back to the bed. It was so nice when Bill came inside her, filling her up with all of that hot, teenaged juice. No man would ever satisfy her as much as her always-eager son!

"Take it out, darling," she murmured, licking his ear. "Let Mom suck your cock and make it nice and stiff again."

Bill pulled his fuck-wilted cock out of her pussy, but surprised her by sliding slowly down between her legs. "Unh unh, Mom. Tonight it's my turn to suck you!"

Jill immediately spread her slim legs even wider apart, wriggling her ass on the mattress as she looked forward to her son's avid pussy sucking. Sighing, Bill buried his head between her legs. He cupped her, ass cheeks and thrust his tongue deeply into her curly haired pussyslit, tonguing up the viscous drops of his own cum.

"Oh yes, Bill, oh yes!" Automatically Jill grabbed the back of his head, pulling his face onto her steaming cunt. Immediately she felt fresh fuck oil flowing into her gooey pussy.

"Suck it, darling. Make me cum again!"

Bill slipped his tongue rapidly up and down her hairy pussy, cleaning all the cream from the swollen folds of his mother's cunt. Then his tongue moved around her clit, teasing it, pushing it back and forth.

Jill bucked as if she'd been shot, grimacing wantonly as she pleasure built dramatically in her loins. She clawed the back of his head and worked her ass frantically, fucking her cunt all over his face. "Yes, darling, lick Mom's pussy! Unh, unh, suck my fucking clit!"

Bill wrapped his lips directly around the ultra-sensitive bud. He sucked it hard, flicking his tongue rapidly on the tip. His hand probed between her legs and Jill stiffened as she felt two fingers boring into her greasy, sucking cunt.

"I'm cumming again, Bill!" she cried. "Ah, ah fuck! Suck haaarder, cuuummmiiinnngggg!"

She came like a rupturing dam, groaning and crying as the heavy load of cunt juice flowed out of her pussy. Bill moaned with pleasure as he tasted his mother's delicious cunt oil. Squeezing her ass cheeks and fingerfucking her pussy, he sucked it all up with his squirming tongue.

"Oh, Bill, that was so good!" A dreamy, relaxed smile curled Jill's lips. Her whole body seemed to throb with the delicious tingling sensations that always followed a good cum. "Love you, darling. Don't ever stop fucking me..."

She felt so peaceful and reined that she shut her eyes. They'd been fucking and sucking all night long. Now she could rest a little while before they went at it again.

But a few minutes later she was fast asleep, pussy nectar still oozing from the pouting lips of her hot cunt. Bill looked at his mother for a long time, making sure that she was fast asleep. Then he climbed off the bed and slipped into the denim cut-offs he'd left on the floor.

By the time he slipped out of the house a few seconds later, Bill's prick was already as hard as iron again, turning the crotch of his shorts into a tent. He grinned secretively to himself as he climbed the little fence separating his lawn from the Watsons'.

He didn't know if Beth Watson was asleep at this hour, but he was sure she wouldn't be for long. A day had passed since their afternoon fuck session, and he'd been unable to stop thinking about her big tits and tight pussy. What his horny mother didn't know wouldn't hurt her, he decided. Bill's big prick throbbed as he prepared to sneak into Beth's house and give her the fucking of her life.

She'd drunk nearly a half-pint of gin after seeing Mike to bed, but it hadn't helped at all. Beth lay on her back on top of the sheets, her hands behind her head, staring up at the night shadows on the ceiling. She wore her skimpiest, most provocative negligee, a crotch length, transparent thing that showed all of her hairy pussy triangle and huge, cherry capped tits. There was no way of denying to herself the reason she'd worn it. Desperately she hoped that Bill would come to her and give her another furious fucking.

The past two days had been one of the most bewildering, miserably frustrating periods in Beth's life. As soon as Bill had left her the afternoon before, she'd sworn to herself that she could never again yield to her fuck urges with him. He was young enough to be her son and that was all there was to it. She couldn't spread her legs for a baby!

But her attempts at repression did nothing to quell the burning heat in her pussy. Constantly she thought of his huge prick, remembering how it had felt deep inside her cunt, or shooting loads of jism down her buttery throat. Even her husband had never turned her on like this.

She couldn't rest now because she was too horny to sleep. Beth squirmed miserably on the mattress, feeling the weight of her enormous tits jiggling under the negligee. Her pussy had been constantly dripping, throbbing wet for the past twenty-four hours. She was desperate for another fuck with the teenaged stud.

At that moment, just as the horny mother was going to succumb to the urge to fingerfuck herself again, a shadow appeared at her bedroom window. Beth's breath caught in her throat. Silently she watched as a male silhouette pushed open the unlocked window and climbed into her room.

"Hi there, Mrs. Watson," Bill said softly. "Did I wake you up?"

She didn't move, her heart pounding wildly as Bill climbed onto the bed. Even in the darkness she saw the shape of the enormous hard-on sticking out of his shorts. Bill slid his hands up her waist, cupping her huge tits through the negligee.

"Bill," Beth hissed sternly. "What do you think you're doing in my house? Get out of here immediately!"

"I don't think you really want me to go, Mrs. Watson. Do you always go to sleep in a negligee like this?" Bill rolled her mammoth tits under his hands, feeling the stiff, rubbery nipples poking his palms. "Your nipples are all swollen. You must be awfully hot."

Beth shuddered and said nothing as the horny teenager pushed a hand between her legs. Hotly she flushed with embarrassment as he felt the dripping wet slit of her hairy cunt.

"No, Bill." Her voice was weaker as he began to finger-fuck her throbbing cunt. "Don't do that to me. You can't just come into my room like this. Nooo!"

"Spread those sweet legs of yours, Mrs. Watson. I think it's time for you to get fucked."

Bill moved between her milk-white legs, meeting no resistance as he spread her thighs apart. Beth looked up at him without moving as he mounted her, deftly slipping out of his cut-offs to reveal the swollen trunk of his naked prick. A second later he was holding it in his fist, fitting the bulbous knob into her puffy pussy slit.

"Tell me if you want me to leave now, Mrs. Watson."

Beth only shut her eyes, shuddering with pleasure as she felt her cunt invaded by the big, stiff hard-on she so desperately needed. Bill leaned over her voluptuous body, supporting the weight of his torso on outstretched arms so he could stare at her face and tits as he fed her his prick.

"Ahh shit, Mrs. Watson! Your pussy feels so fucking good!"

His ass cheeks contracted and he humped rhythmically between her thighs, steadily driving the meaty inches of his prick up her throbbing pussy passage. Beth grimaced as she felt her cunt slit stretching, opening to admit the swollen thickness of his cock.

"Unh! Bill, unngghhh!" Grimacing, she started shaking her head back and forth, unable to bear the pleasure as her cunt enveloped her son's friend's prick. "Oh, oh Bill. You're fucking me... fucking my pussy! Unh... I can't... hold it back, lover. Oh, oh Christ, fuck me, Bill! I'm so horny. Fuck my hot cunt!"

Something seemed to snap in Beth's mind as she gave in utterly to her obscene cravings. Throwing her legs wide apart, she scissored her thighs tightly around the humping teen's waist. Then her ass cheeks bucked off the bed, making her huge tits shake spongily as she pounded her dripping cunt onto his cock.

Bill lay motionless between her tender thighs, letting his swollen prick soak all the way inside her slippery cunt. Slowly he pulled out, teasing her as only the crown of his cock soaked in her squirmy pussy slit. Then he fell into a steady fuck rhythm, smiling down at her as he jack-hammered his bloated cock into her drooling cunt.

"Is that how you like it, Mrs. Watson? Shit, your pussy's really sucking me. You've got a real snapper! Do you still want me to leave?"

"No, oh Bill, fuck me harder!" Beth eagerly tightened her pussy muscles, making the pink tunnel clasp spasmodically around Bill's pounding cock. "Yes, yes, it feels so good. I'm going to cum, lover! Keep fucking!"

Bill's balls slapped the crack of her humping ass as he continued fucking the big titted mother. He felt the load churning inside them and knew it wouldn't be long before he had to spurt.

Panting for air, the horny teenager started fucking her wet pussy as hard as he could. The bed creaked loudly beneath them as the two sweating lovers humped, their bellies slapping together with every thrust of Bill's cock into her throbbing cunt.

"I'm making it, Bill!" Beth cried. Her voice was loud, but she was too horny to restrain herself. "Oh God, fuck me, fuck my ass off! Unngggghhh. I'm cumming, Bill! Fuck me haaaaard, I'm cuuummmiiinnggg!"

Her pussy exploded, contracting tightly around Bill's pounding prick and sucking it deep inside her belly. Beth came for nearly a minute straight, groaning and shrieking as the indescribable sensations washed through her stacked, naked body. She raked Bill's back with her fingernails and bucked in a fury of fuck lust, tirelessly pleasuring her pussy on his long, fat cock.

"Okay, Mrs. Watson," Bill moaned hoarsely. "Now you get the whole wad!"

He collapsed between her thighs, slamming his cock to the balls in her sucking, cumming pussy. Beth squealed as she felt the teen's hot jism gush into her cunt. Profusely Bill's thick, milky cum erupted from his balls, splattering the inner walls of Beth's pussy in shot after shot of creamy cum.

"Oh, Bill!" Locking her thighs around his waist, the naked mother continued to hump, pounding her wet pussy on his still-hard prick. All thoughts of morality were behind her now. All she wanted was Bill's fat cock!

"Keep fucking me, darling! Don't ever stop fucking!"


"I know you fucked her. Don't try to bullshit me!" Mike stood in front of his friend, blocking his path on the sidewalk. Bill just looked at him, surprised by the way Mike had way layed him after school.

"I heard you humping her last night," Mike went on. His face was flushed and his fists were clenched at his sides. "Shit! My own mother! I oughta beat your fucking face in."

"Jesus, take it easy!" Bill retorted. "Why are you blaming me just 'cause I got lucky? You know you want to fuck her yourself!"

Mike started to speak, but then fell silent as he realized the truth of his friend's words. Cautiously Bill studied his friend's furious expression. It was obvious that Mike was just jealous, and the best way to make it up to him was obvious too.

"Hey, tell me something," Bill said abruptly. "You've never been fucked, have you?"

"What the fuck does that have to do with anything?" Mike shouted.

"Yeah, you've never got your cherry popped yet," Bill chided. "Well, that's okay. Don't get upset about it. But listen, how'd you like to get fucked right away? I mean, like this afternoon?"

"What the hell are you talking about?"

Bill put his arm around Mike's shoulder and grinned as he led him up the sidewalk. "I'll just take you over to my house, man. We got just the pussy you're looking for there."


Then Bill told him the whole story of how he'd fucked his mother. At first Mike was shocked and a little disgusted by the reality of incest. But as Bill went on about how Jill loved to suck his prick and take it up the ass, Mike became increasingly turned on. By the time they walked up the path to the Mellon home, Mike's fat cock was throbbing obscenely in his pants.

As she stood at the kitchen counter and prepared Bill's afternoon snack, Jill was in a state of burning fuck heat. Her son was only slightly late in getting home from school, but already she was terribly impatient. A morning's worth of finger-fucking hadn't helped. She needed his stiff cock inside her pussy immediately.

Hot weather like this always made her horny and Jill sighed as she laid out the snack on the plate. All she had on was a light blouse that molded her full tits, and a transparent pair of bikini panties. Her pussy mound and rounded ass cheeks were completely visible through it. She hoped her well-hung son would want to fuck her brains out as soon as he came through the door.

The front door opened and slammed shut again. Eagerly Jill turned to await her son's arrival. She was deeply disappointed to see he was accompanied by Mike.

"Hi ya, Mom," Bill said casually. "I brought my buddy here over. You don't mind, do you?"

"N-no, of course not," Jill said, making herself smile. "Come on in, Mike. It's good to see you again."

Mike shot a quick glance at her face, then homed in on her crotch. A deep blush shot through Jill's cheeks as she remembered her skimpy outfit. Nervously she backed towards the counter.

"Unh, have a seat, guys. I was just making a snack. It won't take more than a minute to fix one for Mike too."

"Goddamn, Mom! Look at those panties you've got on! You look really sexy today!"

Jill's mouth opened in shock. Grinning brazenly, Bill crossed the kitchen and stood close as she leaned against the counter top. Wrapping his arms around her slim shoulders, he gave her a long, tongue-sucking kiss. Jill squealed in surprise as one hand came down to fondle her ass cheeks, and the other rubbed her pussy lewdly through the sheer panty crotch.

"Bill! Stop that!" Feebly she tried to push him away, then lowered her voice to a whisper. "For God's sake, not with him here! Why did you bring him over anyhow? You know I'm dying to fuck you!"

"Aw, come on, Mom," Bill said loudly. "I told him all about us. Mike knows everything. Look at his pants, Mom. Doesn't he have a big hard-on? Mike really wants to fuck you too."

Automatically Jill glanced over Bill's shoulder at his friend's crotch. The cock bulge stretching his jeans was very large, swollen painfully with cum and blood. Immediately the heat in her pussy worsened. Jill's clit tingled as she thought for the first time of fucking both guys at once.

"Take your cock out, Mike. Show her what you've got!"

Mike was blushing too, but he was also obviously eager to begin. Kicking off his shoes, he hurriedly skinned off his jeans and stepped out of them, leaving him naked from the waist down.

Jill gasped. He was shorter than her son, but his prick was every bit as large. The massive, veined shaft stood straight out of his cock fur, pulsing and throbbing obscenely up and down. The cock head was big too, puffy and bulbous, and hot pre-cum glistened on the piss hole, dripping luridly to the floor.

"Go ahead, Mom," Bill said, stepping aside. "Mike's never even been fucked yet. I just told him you're the best cock-sucker in the world. Go ahead and suck his prick!"

Mike just stood there, his big prick twitching and drooling before him. Suddenly Jill as overwhelmed by the cunt-thrilling obscenity of the moment. Not only was she fucking her own son, she was going to give another teenager blow-job at Bill's request.

Even as she blushed, Jill's lips curled into a vixenish smile. She crossed the kitchen, swinging her hips to make her ass cheeks wiggle provocatively. Then she smiled at Mike and took hold of his huge, straining cock.

"Oh, fuck," Mike whispered.

"Hello, Mike. You've got an awfully big cock. It's very stiff, too. Would you like me to give it a good sucking, like Bill says?"

"Oh Christ, that's right," Bill moaned, rubbing his own crotch as he looked on.

Mike gulped and nodded. Feeling incredibly wanton, Jill fell to her knees and faced the pulsing shaft of his cock. Sliding her hand up his thigh, she wrapped her fingers firmly around the bloated trunk of his hard-on. Then she started jacking on it, watching intently as the milky cock cream leaked out of the tip.

"Ohhh, fuck," Mike gasped.

"Your cock is oozing, Mike. You must be awfully hot. Would you like me to give your big prick a blow-job now, lover?"

"Y-y-yess," Mike stammered.

Jill pushed her fist to the root of his cock, holding his meat in position. She extended her tongue and licked all around his shiny-skinned knob, lapping up the salty juices that drooled up from his nuts.

Mike shuddered as his cock pulsed in her fist. Jill pressed her lips to his cock, kissing the very tip of his prick. Then she gurgled as she slowly opened her mouth and dropped her head, pushing his big prick between her lips.

"How's it feel, Mike?" Bill asked. "How's it feel with your cock in her mouth?"

Mike groaned and stared down, seeing the way her face contorted as she stretched her lips around his cock meat. Jill fought back the choking reflex as his swollen knob pushed past her tonsils, boring down her wet throat. She wrapped her lips tightly around the center of his prick.

"Unh! Oh, fuck!" Mike thrust his hands behind her head, holding her in position. "Suck it, Mrs. Mellon! That feels so Goddamn good! Suck my fucking prick!"

Jill milked his swollen hard-on with her fist, gently tugging and stroking his meat. Her lips formed a tight, wet oval around his shaft. She puckered her cheeks and hungrily started sucking his prick, sliding her tongue all over the bulbous crown.

"Unh! Oh, fuck!" Mike rocked his ass, fucking her face lightly with his rock-hard prick. "You're giving me a blow-job! Oh shit, it feels good!"

Jill's pussy was, creaming through her panties, making her inner thighs damp with the flow of her fuck juice. She slurped and sucked and smacked around the guy's delicious hard-on, pushing her tongue hard into the piss slit. Then she bobbed her head too, fucking her face with his cock as he hornily jerked his hips.

"Suck it, Mom!" By now Bill had stripped naked so he could lightly stroke his hard-on as he watched his mother giving his friend head. "Come on, you can go deeper than that! Take more of his cock down your throat!"

Jill wantonly obeyed her son's command, gurgling obscenely as she stuffed another inch of Mike's cock between her lips. Her sucking became very wet and obscene as the sound of the blow-job filled the kitchen. Her hand began to pump the base of his steely prick, jacking his cock between her lips.

"Ahhh, fuck!" Mike pulled her hair and bucked his ass hard, stroking his cock deeper down her throat. "Suck it, Mrs. Mellon! Feels so fucking good! Unh, shit! Gonna cum!"

"Okay, that's enough," Bill said. "Now show him how to fuck!"

Jill quickly took her wet mouth from his throbbing prick, pinching the tip between her thumb and forefinger to stern back the tide of jism. She giggled as she snapped her fingers, directing Mike to the floor.

"All right, darling," she puffed huskily. "Lie on your back now. The first fuck will be a lot easier if I get on top!"

With his cock pulsing harder than ever before in his life, Mike lay on his back on the kitchen floor. Jill's hands trembled with lust as he hurriedly stripped off her soaked panties, exposing her bare ass and silky-haired cunt. Then she mounted her son's friend, planting her knees on the linoleum to either side of his hips, with her pussy juicing directly over his cock.

"Now don't move right away, Mike," she hissed. "Let me put your cock in!"

She lifted his throbbing cock shaft, delighting in how heavy it felt. Jill whimpered as she rubbed the knob up and down her hairy pussy slit, teasing her clit with the tip of his prick.

Mike's expression was glazed with desire as he awaited his first fuck. Jill wiggled her ass, shuddering as she fit the spongy cock head into her pussy opening. Then she bucked down, taking the first several inches of his prick into her sopping wet cunt.

"Unhhh! It feels good, it feels good!" Mike groaned. He stared at her pussy mound, seeing the way his swollen cock seemed to disappear into her bush. "More! Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum!"

Jill leaned forward, letting her tits swing and jiggle over Mike's chest as she held his shoulders for support. Lewdly she started humping, grunting as she gradually impaled herself on Mike's straining cock.

Now that she had it inside her, she knew for certain that he was as well-endowed as her son. Deliciously the mammoth cock stretched her pussy, filling her with inch after inch of his hardened meat.

"Nunh unh unh unh..." Jill grunted repeatedly as she forced her hips down, wiggling her ass to help his cock go all the way up her pussy hole. Then she stopped when their thighs pressed together, and every inch of his hard-on was impaled in her clinging, juicy pussy.

"Well, lover, you're in me now," she panted. "How does it feel?"

"Oh, fuck!" Mike groaned with pleasure, feeling the sucking pressure of her pussy muscles around his burning cock. "Fuck me... oh, Christ, I'm gonna shoot any second! Fuck me, Mrs. Mellon!"

Holding his shoulders, Jill lifted her ass, feeling the thickness of his cock tube drag out of her pussy until only the knob parted her swollen cunt lips. Wiggling her hips, she dropped her ass and took his hard-on back into her buttery cunt.

Then she started humping him. Up and down her luscious ass heaved, pounding her pussy full of his stabbing cock meat. "Fuck me, Mike!" she gasped, as her cunt tunnel churned around his big prick. "My pussy's so horny! Unh, God, fuck the shit out of me!"

Mike slid his hands down her sides, cupping her jiggling ass cheeks. His ass started to move off the floor. At first his fuck strokes were awkward, as he struggled to learn the rhythm of her movements. But within a few strokes he was fucking her pussy as if he'd been doing it all his life.

"Yes, lover, yes! Fuck me harder!" Jill's hot pussy violently burned and juiced, wetly sucking the turgid hardness of Mike's stroking prick. "Ungghh! Oh fuck, I love it like that!" Pushing her fingers through her pussy curls, she caught her clit under her thumb. "Fuck my cunt! Fuck me while I jack off! Fuck me!"

Her ass moved like a driven machine, pounding her cunt steadily onto his long, thick hard-on. Mike bucked furiously to meet her strokes, gasping with the pleasure of fucking as he sawed his bloated hard-on into the horny mother's gurgling cunt.

"I'm cumming, Mike!" The obscenity of the act overwhelmed her, sending thrilling waves of ecstasy coursing from her ravished cunt throughout her naked body. "F-f-fuck meeeee!" she hissed. "Unggghhh! Oh Mike, I love your big cock! Fuck, fuck, cuuummmiinnngggg!"

The spasms erupted deep inside her pussy hole, making the creamy tunnel clasp spasmodically around Mike's hammering cock. Mike fucked her furiously through the hot contractions of her orgasm, somehow keeping the wad inside his hairy balls. He was still fucking her as hard as he could when she came down from the peak of cumming.

"Oh, fuck..." Jill writhed deliriously on top of him, her pussy flooding with fuck oil. "I can't stand it... oh fuck, oh fuuuck!"

"I can't wait anymore, Mom. NOW it's my turn!"

Bill pushed his mother down, making her flatten her its on Mike's chest. The next thing Jill knew, her ass cheeks were being spread as her horny teenager smeared some wet goo on the puckered ring of her asshole.

Squealing, Jill looked at him over her shoulder. Bill grinned as he held an open container of Crisco. He'd gotten it from the cabinet while she'd been busy cumming on Mike's cock. Now he intended to sandwich her asshole while she continued to fuck his friend.

"Oh, be gentle, Bill," she squealed. "Your cock's awfully big for my ass!"

Bill chuckled and coated his huge, rock-hard prick from knob to base with the white goo. Then he dropped the can of Crisco on the floor. He mounted his mother's ass, holding his prick in his fist as he fit the beating knob to the tightly muscled ass sphincter.

"Nuuunhh!" Jill groaned and automatically pushed her pussy down onto Mike's straining cock, as she felt her son's cock head invading her asshole. "Go easy, Bill! You got such a big fucking prick!"

The Crisco lubricated her asshole completely so that his big cock bored up her ass like a knife cleaving butter. Lewdly Bill wiggled his hips, forcing his cock deep into his mother's throbbing asshole.

Then it was buried to the balls inside her ass tunnel. Jill shuddered convulsively, almost unable to stand the pleasure of being fucked by two stiff teenaged pricks at once.

Mike's hard-on was huge in her pussy, pulsing steadily as the eager teen fought to hold back his load of cum. The membrane separating her pussy and asshole was stretched thin. She could feel the young studs' cocks rubbing together, packed to the root in her writhing, horny body.

"Fu-fu-fuck meeee," Jill gurgled. Feverishly she started humping beneath her son, pushing her throbbing cunthole onto Mike's cock. "Fuuuck me, fuck me haaard! It feels gooood, oh fuuuuck!"

Her pleading, guttural moans made both teens very hot. Bill started thrusting, stroking his cock through the rubbery grip of his mother's asshole. Mike responded by hammering his aching prick into her clinging cunt. Soon they were both fucking her in rhythmic unison, simultaneously slamming her their swollen pricks into her body.

"Unnggghh! Oh God, oh fucking God!" Jill shivered and writhed between them, desperately trying to get both cocks all the way inside her at once. "I can't staaand it! Fuck me! Fuck my ass off! Do it haaaard!"

"Come on, Mike, fuck the slit out of her!" Bill gasped. "Mom's asshole's really sucking on my cock! She's gonna cum!"

Panting and sweating, both naked teenagers started fucking her ravished nakedness as hard as they could. Jill humped madly between them, groaning and shrieking as her body began to ache in expectation of cumming.

Her lubed-up asshole throbbed violently, sucking tightly around her son's prick as he pounded her ass furiously. Her cunt was dripping wet with fuck oil, swimming in the hot cunt cream that drooled out of her pussy around Mike's pistoning cock.

"Fuuuck meeee!" she panted. "Fuck me, fuck harder! Fuck my pussy, Mike! Awww Son, fuck the shit out of my asshole! I'm cumming, cumming, cuuummmiiinnngggg!"

Her whole body exploded. Jill's jaw sagged open and her face flushed crimson as the spasms of cumming swept through her loins. She thought she would black out as her pussy and asshole sucked simultaneously around the twin-pronged cock.

"Oh, fuck, I can't hold it!" Mike winced as her throbbing, juicing, cumming cunt milked his pistoning cock. "Ahhhhh..."

The white cream gushed up from his balls, fountaining deeply into the horny mother's slippery cunt. At the same time Jill felt her son's cock shaft exploding jism into her asshole.

Wildly she rocked between them, feeling her holes contract automatically to suck out their wads of jism. Mike's cock shot off for a long time, spraying the inner walls of her pussy with his squirting spunk. Bill's heavy load filled her asshole, burbling obscenely out of the puckered ring around his hammering cock.


At ten the next Saturday morning, Beth Watson stood in her kitchen in her bikini, hurriedly fixing breakfast for her son. She wanted to feed Mike and get him out of the house so she could do some sunbathing. Then, with the sweat dripping from her flesh, she knew she'd retreat to the bedroom for a long, frustrating afternoon of finger-fucking.

For some reason Mike hadn't been spending much time at home for the past few days, preferring to renew his old acquaintance with Bill. Beth was glad to see her son's social life improve, but not at the expense of her hot, horny pussy.

Bill wasn't coming over to fuck her anymore. Beth's conscience told her that this was for the test, that she'd had no business fucking a teenager, regardless of how good a hump he'd been.

But her creamy pussy paid no attention to her conscience at all. On one hand Beth knew that she couldn't call Bill over and ask him to fuck her. On the other, she felt that she'd go mad if she didn't get his big prick stroking inside her again.

As she fixed Mike's breakfast, the big-titted mother rubbed her thighs together in a desperate attempt to stop the wetness seething through her fuck channel. I need to fuck, she thought, over and over again. The nipples of her huge tits stiffened through the bikini top with the shameless intensity of the thought.

Need to fuck, need to fuck...

"Mike!" she cried abruptly, putting the plate on the kitchen table beside the orange juice she'd already laid out. "Your breakfast is ready!"

Mike entered the kitchen a minute later. Beth was surprised to see that he wore only his jockey shorts, and a flush of embarrassment coursed through her face as she found herself staring intently at his crotch. Her breath caught in her throat -- her son had an exceptionally large prick.

"Uh, have a seat, darling," she said distractedly. "You don't want your breakfast to get cold, to you?"

Mike took his seat at the table. But before he did he cast a long look over her voluptuous body, running his eyes up her bare thighs to her slim waist, ogling the deep cleavage of her enormous tits.

The blush in Beth's cheeks deepened. Mike had never looked at her body so brazenly before. Several times she'd caught him admiring her abundant tits, but never like this.

"Could I have some milk too, Mom?" Mike said, pushing his chair close to the table.

"'Course," Beth replied distractedly. Opening the refrigerator, she took out the carton and leaned across the table, practically dangling her huge tits over the bacon and eggs as she deposited it in front of her only child. "You might as well finish it. I have to go to the store and..."

Then she stopped speaking as she felt a hot hand slide up her back, moving to the knot holding her D-cup bikini bra together. Beth gasped as her son boldly undid it with a flick of his fingers. Before she could catch the bra it had fluttered to the floor, exposing her huge, naked tits to her son.

"Michael!" Beth cried, stepping back and covering her fat, rosy nipples with her hands. "What on earth do you think you're doing?"

"Just having some fun, Mom!"

Mike pushed the plate away and stood up, grinning as he reached for his mother. Never before had Beth seen him with such a bold, lewd expression. She moaned softly as she shot a quick glance at his crotch, and saw the size of the now rock-hard cock throbbing through his jockey shorts.

"Fun? Is that your idea of fun?" she shot back indignantly. "Mike, you are never again to do anything like that to me! Ever! Do you understand me?"

Doing her best to cover her jiggling tits with her forearm, the stacked mother leaned over to retrieve her bikini bra. Then she gasped again as her horny son pushed her hand out of the way. Cupping both her tits, he squeezed them hungrily before she pulled away.

"Michael! My God, what has come over you?"

"I'm just horny, Mom," Mike whispered. "Shit, you've got nice tits! You turn me on so fucking much when you wear your bikini!"

He pushed close to her, backing her against the kitchen wall as Beth again struggled to hold her hands over her spongy, milk-white tit melons. But Mike pushed her hands away and dropped his head to her cleavage. Squealing, Beth flailed her fists on his shoulders as her horny son glued his mouth to one rubbery-stiff nipple.

"Good God! Michael, you stop that!" In horror she looked down at him, seeing his lips puckering around the swollen red tit cap.

"Stop sucking my breast immediately! You can't do this with your mother!"

Mike paid no attention to her. Beth stiffened as his hand pushed between their bodies. The next thing she knew, he'd untied the knots holding her bikini bottom together, leaving her stark naked!

"Michael!" Now Beth tried to cover her quivering tits with one hand while holding the other over her pussy triangle. "Stop it, stop this instant! Oh God, what do you think you're doing to me?"

"I'm gonna lick your pussy, Mom," Mike moaned. "I'm going to lick your sweet cunt and make you cum!"

His cock was as hard as a poker and Beth saw that the quivering shaft had deposited cock drippings all over the front of his shorts. All at once she realized how wet her pussy was, how her son's forceful behavior and the sight of his stiff prick had filled her loins with lust.

She was amazed by her lack of resistance as he wrestled her to the floor, crawling quickly between her legs to hold her thighs apart. Beth looked up and shuddered as she saw her teenager bury his head between her legs, gluing his lips to the curly haired folds of her hot pussy.

"Oh Mom, your cunt's already so nice and wet!"

Holding her thighs apart, he thrust his tongue deep inside her buttery cunt, lapping up the fuck oil that foamed around the pouting pussylips. Beth quivered violently on the kitchen floor, feeling the weight of her D-cup tits jiggle spongily on her chest. The heat flowered through her pussy, swelling her cunt lips with desire.

She wanted him to do it now, she realized. Beth felt horribly ashamed even as her cunt began to juice and throb. It had been bad enough to fuck her son's teenaged friend, but having sex with her own child was the most obscene thing she could imagine.

"Your pussy tastes so good, Mom!" Seeing that her resistance had lessened, the horny young stud thrust his hand under her hips to cup the rounded cheeks of her bare ass. "Oh Mom, I love the taste of your cunt!"

He ground his face on her pussy triangle, smearing his cheeks with the hot juice flowing from the depths of her cunt channel. Then he began to eat out his mother in earnest, fucking his tongue rapidly up and down the buttery slit of her pussy.

Oh God, where had he learned to suck cunt like that? Beth wondered dazedly. All at once she stopped struggling, lying stiffly with her legs spread as her son eagerly sucked out her hot pussy.

Then she felt herself responding, becoming more and more aroused by the feel of her son's tongue in her cunt. Unconsciously, the horny mother spread her legs a little farther apart, thrusting her musky-scented cunthole onto her son's mouth. "Oh Mike, Michael." She bit her lip and began to toss her head wildly back and forth, unable to stand the wanton pleasure of the incestuous cunt-sucking. "Stop it... don't do that to me! Nooo, Michael... unnngghhhh! Oh, fuck, unnnggghhh..."

Her ass was humping lightly on the floor now, making her mammoth tits dance as she fucked her pussy onto his mouth. Mike knew he had his big-titted mother completely in his power. Sliding his tongue up her pussyhole, he wrapped it skillfully around the protruding bud of her swollen clit.

Immediately Beth bucked as if she'd been shot, gasping as her son titillated the most sensitive spot in her body. "Unngghhh, Mike, don't lick me there! Unh! Oh, fuck it! Unnggghhh!"

Mike wrapped his lips around his mother's swollen clit. Beth grimaced as he sucked it hard, rubbing his tongue hard on the tip. Then she was fucking her ass furiously off the floor, giving in completely to the lewd incestuous passion, grinding her steaming, burning cunt slit onto her son's mouth.

"Suck it, Mike!" she squealed. "Unh unh, can't stand it anymore! Suck me, suck Mom's cunt. Mom's gonna cum!" Her ass was bucking much too hard now to be held in position. Slurping up her cunt cream, Mike pulled his hand away from the humping cheeks and guided it between her creamy-white legs. Beth made a gurgling sound deep in her throat as he pushed his fingers into her slippery cunt tunnel, filling her pussy until his knuckles touched the puffy, swollen outer lips of her cunt.

"I'm cumming, Mike! Suck my clit, jack me off!" Grabbing his head, Beth humped uncontrollably off the floor, panting and moaning as she fucked her throbbing cunt all over his face. "Suck my puss-eee! Unngghhh! Jack me off! Ungghh unh, I'm gonna cum!"

Mike twirled his fingers inside her pussy then started to pump them in and out. Furiously he jacked off her cumming cunt hole, sucking hard on her clit. Beth cried out and arched her ass off the floor, grinding her juicing, aching pussy onto his mouth.

"I'm cumming, I'm cuuummmiiinnnggg!"

The spasms swept exquisitely through her nakedness, making her tits swell and her pussy pump out a heavy flow of fuck juice into her son's mouth. Avidly Mike continued to suck her cunt and jack her off, expertly guiding his mother through the full force of her orgasm. Then, as she slowly let her burning ass drop back to the floor, he moved up between her thighs.

"Okay, Mom. I made you cum! Now you get a taste of my big, hard cock!"

Grinning down at her, he slipped off his shorts, leaving himself naked. Beth moaned deliriously at the sight of his bare cock. It was enormous, a throbbing battering ram of flesh sticking out of his prick fur and huge, hairy balls. Cum dripped freely from the bulbous knob. She realized that she could hardly wait to feel the big cock stabbing inside her tight cunt.

"No, Mike," she moaned softly, making a desperate effort to cover her soaked pussy with her hand. "Please, let's... let's stop while we still have time."

"Bullshit, Mom!"

Roughly he pushed her hand away from her pussy, then fit the drooling tip of his hard-on quickly between the flowering petals of her cunt. Beth grimaced as he bucked convulsively between her legs. Immediately she felt the meaty inches of his cock boring up her pussy, stretching the slippery walls of her cunt tunnel around the invading thickness of his cock.

"No, Mike! No, no, nuuunhhhh..."

The words of protest turned into a moan as he heaved between her splayed thighs, ramming his cock to the hilt in her churning pussy. Beth just lay there and shuddered, tossing her head back and forth as her tight cunt sucked around every inch of her son's prick.

"Do you like it, Mom?" Mike lay on top of her, crushing her huge tits under his chest as her pussy muscles nippled exquisitely around his throbbing prick. "God, your cunt feels good! Don't you like getting fucked?"

"Unnggghhh!" Beth started humping up in spite of herself, grinding her ass off the floor and thrusting her creamy pussy into her son's straining cock. "Oh, Mike, oh fuck! Uggghh! Unnggghhh!"

Mike pulled out slowly, then rammed his prick back in again. He sighed as he felt the way his mother's pink cunt slit clung to his cock. Then he fell into a steadily driving fuck rhythm, pounding his big, cum-oozing hard-on through the velvety sheath of her pussy.

"Beg for it, Mom! Beg for my prick in your pussy!"

"Fu-fu-fuck meeee," Beth gurgled. Giving into the forbidden sensations, the shameful mother threw up her legs and wrapped them tightly around her son's heaving waist. "Fuck my cunt, Mike!" She started humping in earnest, grunting as she slammed her hairy pussy slit onto his big, fat, swollen prick. "I'm so Goddamn horny! Fuck my ass off! Make me cum all over your cock!"

Encouraged by his mother's obscenities, Mike started fucking her fast and hard. His bloated prick slammed furiously into her pussy, darting into her hot, clasping cunt. Again Beth wondered where her teenaged son had learned so much about fucking, even as her drenched pussy responded to the thrusts of his pulsing cock.

"You're making me cum, Mike!" She wrapped her arms around his shoulders, clawing his back in a frenzy as her pussy channel pulsed spasmodically around his jack-hammering cock. "Unggghh! Fuck me harder, fuck your mother! Nnnnggg! I'm gonna cum!"

Mike fucked his mother as hard as he could, ramming his stone-hard prick violently into the burning heat of her pussy. Their hairy mounds ground together, and their bellies slapped sweatily as they fucked. Beth panted and moaned as she struggled to meet his eager rhythm, pumping her ass off the floor in a fever of incestuous lust.

"Fuck me, keep fucking me!" Gritting her teeth, she slapped his ass to make him fuck faster, as if she were spurring on a horse. "My cunt's throbbing! Unngghh! Oh Jesus, my pussy's tingling! Unngghhh! I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum!"

"Ah, Mom, I can't hold it!" Mike groaned. "Your pussy's too fucking tight! Ahh, shit! Ahhh!"

He fucked her even faster, whipping his drooling, cum-swollen hard-on through the slippery sheath of her pussy. Beth felt like her whole body was burning now, as her belly knotted in expectation of orgasm.

Mike slammed his cock into her cunt as he started cumming. The white geyser of jism erupted from the tip of his prick, spurting heavily up her throbbing pussy. Beth screamed as the milky cum bathed the inner walls of her cunt.

Still her son kept cumming, as if he'd been holding his wad in his nuts for a year. His sappy cream completely over-flowed her hairy pussy passage, running out of her cunt onto the floor.

"I'm cumming, Mike! Fuck meeee, I'm cuuummmiinnggg!"

She came uncontrollably, heaving and bucking her ass as her pussy spasmed around her son's big prick. It was one of the most tremendous cums she'd ever had in her life. For what felt like whole minutes the horny mother bucked and thrust, grinding her sopping pussyhole onto the root of Mike's prick as the cum pleasured her naked body.

Mike pulled his fuck-wilted cock out of his mother's drooling pussy. "You eat the breakfast, Mom," he said, giving her a long, tongue-sucking kiss. "I don't feel so hungry anymore."

Then he walked out of the kitchen, leaving his cum-stained underwear crumpled on the floor. Beth made no effort to rise. Instead she just lay there, sweating and naked, the guilty thoughts only beginning to run through her mind.

How was she going to deal with this?

Meanwhile, Mike smiled contentedly as he mounted the stairs to his room. He was glad Bill and Jill had shown him all about fucking.


"Ahhhh ahhhh shit!" Beth grimaced, rubbing her clit hard. "Oh, fuck me! I'm so horny! Fuck, fuck, fuck, ahhhh!"

The naked mother sat on the toilet, humping her ass off the toilet seat as she rubbed her clit with her thumb and pounded her fingers into her sopping wet pussy. She'd come to the bathroom to piss before going to sleep, but after wiping herself Beth had felt how wet her cunt still was with cunt cream.

All day long she'd avoided her son since the fuck session that morning, leaving him to fix his own dinner as she locked herself in her bedroom. Now her lust was almost out of control. Her enormous tits danced and shook as she slipped her fingers into her pussy, feeling her stomach muscles tighten as she approached a good cum.

She tried to fantasize about anything, even Bill, to take her mind off her son's fucking. But it was impossible. The cock throbbing in her mind's eye definitely belonged to her only child... stiff and throbbing, spurting pints of jism up her buttery, horny cunt.

"Oh, oh, fuck it!" Beth hissed loudly as she felt her pussy slit pulse violently around her fingers. "I'm cummiing! Nuunngghhh! Fuck, fuck, hhhh..."

Madly she jerked up her ass, nearly shaking the seat off its hinges as her pussy creamed on her fingers. Beth rolled her clit feverishly, shuddering as the fuck spasms drenched her cunt with lust. The hot pussy juice foamed out of her hairy slit, dripping obscenely into the toilet.

"Ahhh, ahhhhhh..."

She relaxed then, leaning on the back of the toilet, smiling giddily as the tingling sensations of the aftermath of a good cum coursed through her body. But just as she was preparing to get up and head for the bedroom, the bathroom door opened. Beth shrieked at the sight of her son.

"Hi, Mom," Mike said carelessly. "Jesus, it's after midnight! What're you doing in here?"

"I was... I was using the bathroom!" Beth stammered. "Mike, would you please get out of here until I'm done? Haven't you ever heard of knocking?"

Mike grinned, kicked the door shut behind himself and brazenly crossed the tiled bathroom floor to stand in front of his naked mother. Again he wore only a pair of jockey shorts, and Beth saw that his cock was already as hard as stone through the sheer cotton.

She tried to look away, but the sight was so wonderfully obscene she could hardly bear to take her eyes off of it. Mike really did have a big cock. The meaty trunk stood stiffly through the crotch of his underwear, the cotton so stretched and wet that she could see the shape and color of his prick knob through it. Shamefully Beth admitted to herself that her teenaged son had the most magnificent prick she'd ever seen.

"Mike, please leave me alone," she said wearily, not trying to rise. "Don't start up with me again. You're my son. It's wrong to have sex with me."

"I'm not going to start anything, Mom," Mike said, smiling lewdly at her lush nakedness. "I just came in here to take a piss. Wanna watch?"

He opened the front of his shorts, letting out his massively swollen hard-on. Then he just stood there with it dangling out of his underwear, making no move to do anything else.

The bulbous, shiny-skinned cock head bobbed mere inches from her face. Beth groaned as she looked at it, seeing the size of his fat, hairy balls, the blue veins lacing up the massive shaft of his prick.

"Jesus, Mom, I don't think I can piss." Chuckling, Mike stepped still closer and closer to the toilet until his cum-drooling cock head was right in front of her mouth. "My prick's too hard to piss through. I guess I better wait for it to go down some, huh?"

"Oh, fuck!" Beth unconsciously licked her lips, feeling her mouth fill with saliva as she stared hungrily at the cream oozing from her son's hard-on. "Oh Mike, you bastard! Don't tease me like this!"

"I'm not teasing you..."

"You little son of a bitch!"

Beth moaned with lust as her pussy throbbed violently. Vaguely she wondered if her son had read her mind. There was nothing like a big, stiff prick right in front of her to drive her mad with passion.

So much had happened already, so many of her defenses had broken down. Abruptly, Beth stopped trying to fight the incestuous urges. Her cheeks colored with shame as she slid her hand up her son's thighs, squeezing his cum-laden balls through his underwear.

"Oh, Mom!" Mike grinned and arched forward, smearing the wet tip of his prick on her cheek. "I guess you're starting up with me this time, aren't you?"

"You little fucker!"

Whimpering, the big-titted mother wrapped her hand tightly around the root of Mike's cock. A spasm of desire warmed her pussy as she jacked her son's cock slow and hard, milking it, making the juice dribble obscenely from the tip.

"Unh!" Mike dropped his hands to his mother's heavy tits, hefting the spongy melons, tweaking the stiff nipples. "That feels so good, Mom! Stroke me off harder!"

"You like that, don't you?" Beth hissed. Her wrist moved in a blur as she beat her son's meat as hard as she could, frantically tugging the steely length of his hard-on. "Would you like me to suck it for you, Mike? Hmmmm? Is that what you want? Do you want Mom to put your cock in her mouth and give it a nice, hard sucking?"

Mike moaned and nodded his head. Beth opened her mouth wide. She made a shameless gurgling sound as she pushed her head down to his loins, stuffing her buttery throat with the mammoth hardness of his cock.

It stretched her lips wide, forcing her mouth into a tightly compressing oval around the center of his prick. Beth fought back the choking reflex, panting through her nose as she caved in her cheeks. All thoughts of morality and inhibition were behind her. She'd succumbed completely to the wanton craving to give her son head.

Clasping her lips around the meaty trunk of his cock, Beth puckered her cheeks sharply as she began to suck. Quickly the wet smacking, slurping sounds of a good blow-job filled the bathroom. Swiggling his cock head on the roof of her mouth, Beth started to jack his prick again as she rolled her tongue around the tip.

"Ungghh! Oh, Mom!" Mike moaned and started to hump his ass, fucking his mother's face with his stone-hard cock. "Suck it, Mom. That's right, suck my cock good, make it cum!"

Beth wriggled her ass hornily on the toilet seat, feeling her puffy, swollen pussylips itching and burning with desire. A warm, contented feeling washed through her as she relished the taste of the big prick clogging her throat. Her son's cock tasted even better than Bill's, the best prick she'd ever sucked.

The musky cock juices were dribbling more quickly from his shiny-skinned knob now, and his balls had become tight and swollen as they built up their load of juice. Eagerly Beth slid her tongue around his cock head, darting it into his piss hole like a slippery sexual eel. She whimpered around the mouth-filling cock as she savored the taste of Mike's oozing cum.

"Ohhhh, fuck!" Mike held the back of his mother's head, furiously bucking his lean ass as the cum built deep inside his balls. "Play with my nuts, Mom. They're so fucking full of juice!"

Eagerly, Beth pushed her free hand between his legs. She tenderly cupped his bloated balls as she continued to suck and jack his cock. Opening her mouth wide, she forced her lips to accept another half-inch of his swollen prick. Then she bucked her head in a fury, wildly fucking her face, anticipating the white explosion of Mike's hot cum.

"Awww, Mom." Mike thrust forward, ramming his cock down her throat. "I'm cumming, Mom. Suck it, suck it... ahhh!"

His cock exploded, shooting long bursts of cum cream between his mother's lips. Gurgling, Beth hungrily swallowed it, working her throat muscles in a frantic effort to gulp down his shooting spunk.

But there was more of her son's hot jism than she could ever swallow. Sucking and jacking his prick, the horny mother felt the white goo foaming out of her lips around his cock, dripping down her chin into the cleavage of her enormous tits.

"Oh, Mom," Mike groaned. "That was so fucking good!"

Beth looked dazedly at the big cock looming in front of her face. It was still as hard as a rock, and as the seconds passed she realized that it would lose none of its stiffness. The shaft and knob were slick and dripping with a richly scented mixture of her saliva and his own oozing jism.

His cock looked beautiful. Whimpering, the horny mother bent her head to capture it again between her lips, to give it another sucking.

"No, Mom," Mike muttered. "Now I get to go down on you!"

He fell to his knees in front of the toilet, staring at the foaming slit of his mother's hairy cunt. Moaning eagerly, Beth pushed her ass to the edge of the seat. Mike buried his head between her legs. He glued his lips to her steaming pussy and thrust his tongue into the aching hole, sucking it, sliding his tongue quickly up and down her itching cunt furrow.

Beth wiggled her ass on the edge of the seat, the nipples of her huge melons popping out as the pleasure flowered through her pussy channel. "Yes, darling!" She put her hand on the back of his head and shuddered as she felt his tongue squirming between the pouting folds of her cunt. "Suck me, lover, suck out my honey! Mom's all horny! Mom needs to cum!"

Mike's cock got even stiffer, poking against the base of the toilet as he lapped up the rich juices burbling from his mother's slick pussy. His hands roamed hungrily over her naked body, massaging her big tits, patting her tender thighs. He moved his tongue up her pussyhole, touching it to her swollen clit.

"Nunh!" Beth shivered violently, pushing her cunt onto her son's mouth. "That's right, Mike! Suck me there, right there!"

Mike wrapped his lips around his mother's protruding clit. Tenderly he sucked it, writhing his tongue on its tip. He extended two fingers and put them into her cunt tunnel, feeling the walls of her pussy close needfully around them. Then he jacked her off as he sucked, sending waves of desire shooting through her voluptuous body.

"Unh unh fuck, oh fuck, oh yessss!" Beth hissed. "I'm cumming, darling! Suck me, suck Mom's pussy! Nnnggg fuck, oh fuck! I'm cuuummiiinnnggg!"

She came hard, frantically humping her peach-shaped ass cheeks off the toilet seat, as her clit tingled in her son's mouth and her pussy creamed with fuck oil. Again and again the spasms pumped through her. Even her little asshole throbbed as she came on her son's sucking tongue.

Mike eagerly ate her out as she came, relishing the profusion of her musky fuck juices. Then he lifted his head and looked at her meaningfully. A swift downward glance showed Beth that his cock was again pulsing obscenely up and down, ready to be stabbed deep inside her churning cunt tunnel.

"All right, Mike," she sighed.

Beth slid off the toilet and moved to the throw rug on the center of the bathroom floor. She got on it on her hands and knees, letting her enormous tits jiggle over the rug as she lifted her ass for the invasion of his prick.

"Fuck me doggy-style, darling! Your cock will go in deeper that way!"

With his hugely swollen cock throbbing straight before him, Mike mounted his mother, hunching over her back and holding onto her pendulous tits for support. Beth gasped as the bobbing cock head found her pussyhole, pushing between the juice-laden lips of her cunt.

"Yes, Son! Fuck me now! Fuck your mother!" Impatiently Beth started humping, thrusting her hairy pussy slit up to meet the stroking cock. "Fuck me all the way in, Mike! Unh unh, Mom needs your big fat prick!"

Mauling and squeezing her fat nippled tits, Mike worked his ass, ramming his hard-on deeper and deeper into the sucking wetness of her pussy. Beth grimaced as the walls of her cunt spread around the invading prick. Her son's cock felt incredibly large tonight. It was as if she were being fucked by a big horse.

"Unhhh!" She dropped her shoulders, flattening her tits on the floor, resting her cheek on the rug. "Fuck me, Mike!" Her ass was higher and she spread her knees so he could get more of his prick inside her. "Fuck me deep, fuck me all the way! My pussy's so horny! Fuck Mom's cunt!"

Mike cork-screwed his ass, helping his cock to slide all the way up her throbbing, juicing cunt slit. Then it was all the way inside his mother's pussy, buried to the balls in her wetly gripping cunt.

Mike lay motionless on top of her for nearly half a minute, moaning as he felt the velvety pressure of her hot cunt encase his cock. Then he started fucking her. At first his strokes were slow and tentative, but they intensified rapidly in speed and fury. Soon he was fucking her hard and fast, packing her cunt completely with every driving stroke of his swollen cock.

"Yes, Mike! Do it to me! Fuck your mother!" Beth was beside herself with obscene fuck lust. The knowledge that she was eagerly making it with her own child now made her even hotter than before. "Unh! My pussy's creaming, darling! It's sucking your prick! Fuck me, fuck the shit out of me! I want to cum!"

Mike hunched higher over her nakedness, changing the angle at which his big prick speared into her sodden pussy. Holding her hips, he fucked her pussy as hard as he could. His cock pistoned furiously through, the velvety grip of her pussy, making her stomach muscles knot with every stroke into her body.

"Unh unh, Michael, unh unh unh."

Beth clawed the strands of the little rug, grunting like a bitch in heat as her son's big prick pleasured her cunt hole. "I'm cumming, lover! Fuck me fast, harder, harder, ahhhh fuck, I'm cuuummmiiinnnggg!"

Her pussy spasmed uncontrollably, milking the steely stiffness of Mike's huge cock. Again and again she came, moaning loudly as her pussy oozed fuck oil around her son's hammering cock. As hard as she'd cum when he'd sucked her off on the toilet, this one was even more satisfying. When the spasms finally subsided, her pussy cream had oozed out of her hairy slit and run down her milk-white thighs.

Mike continued to fuck her savagely through her cum explosion, ramming his hard-on all the way into her pussy with every thrust. Then he pulled his cock out of her itching pussy. His big cock quivered straight before him as he stood up and went to the medicine cabinet over the sink.

"What... what are you doing, darling?" Beth murmured, looking up at him dazedly. "You still haven't cum yet. God, your prick is so fucking stiff! Come back and fuck me some more!"

"I'm gonna, Mom," Mike whispered. "Don't worry!"

Opening the medicine cabinet, he took out a jar of Vaseline. Then he unscrewed it and smeared the jelly all over his straining hard-on, slicking it down completely from knob to root.

Beth wondered vaguely what he was doing. Her pussy was more than wet enough for a second fuck from his huge prick. Then her little puckered asshole started tingling as she realized where her horny son intended to stuff his stiff prick next.

"Oh Mike, I don't know if we can do it that way. Your cock is too big for my little ass to take."

Mike only grinned and held the Vaseline as he again fell to his knees between his mother's legs. Spreading her ass cheeks with one hand, he took out a thick dab of the jelly and smeared it all over herpink asshole. Beth whimpered with fresh lust as she felt his Vaseline-coated finger bore into her rubbery ass.

"Oh! Oh, Mike! That feels good!" Hornily Beth started humping, pushing her tight asshole onto his probing hand. "Yes, Mike! I want it now! My asshole's wet enough! Put your big cock up my horny ass!"

Chuckling, Mike pulled his finger out of his mother's asshole and kicked the jar of Vaseline aside. He mounted her, rubbing his swollen cock head up her pussy slit as he aimed it at her puckering asshole.

Then he centered it on the little asshole and started to ease his prick in. Beth shuddered and immediately fell flat on the floor. She moaned loudly with pleasure as her son's huge cock pushed into her second fuck tunnel, spreading the rubbery walls of her asshole around the stabbing hugeness of his cock.

"Yes, yes Mike!" Her face grimaced as she started humping, bouncing her pussy off the rug, thrusting up her asshole for more of his stiff cock. "I love it, darling! It doesn't hurt at all! Unnggghhh! Fuck me, fuck me up the ass!"

Mike pushed down hard, feeling the pressure of her shit muscles enveloping his stone-hard prick. He held her hips and worked his ass like a machine, not stopping until he had every inch of his mammoth prick embedded in the burning heat of his mother's asshole.

"Uggghhh!" Beth thought she would pass out for a moment, as her asshole was completely overwhelmed by taking all of Mike's cock at once. "Oh God, oh fuck!" She lay flat on her belly, with her huge tits flattened on the floor, whimpering as her asshole throbbed convulsively around her son's enormous prick.

"It's so big, Mike! So fucking big!"

Mike rested on top of her, letting his cock soak in the shit juices bubbling up in her asshole. His mother's ass tunnel felt much tighter than her pussy, but it was very wet too, thanks to all the Vaseline he'd used.

Slowly he pulled out, withdrawing until only the crown of his hard-on parted her asshole ring. Then he rammed his cock back between her cheeks, packing her asshole full of his throbbing prick.

"Fuck me, Mike!" Beth thrust her hand under her belly, pushing her fingers through her drenched pussy curls. She groaned loudly as she sank two fingers into her slippery cunt. "Fuck me, fuck my Goddamn asshole. Fuck the shit out of my horny ass!"

Mike moaned as her rubbery slit muscles flexed around his blood-gorged cock. Panting, he fell into a driving fuck rhythm, hammering his stiffened prick deep into his mother's bowels with every stroke.

"Harder, Mike! Fuck your mother, fuck my ass!" Frantically Beth humped to meet his strokes, pushing out her asshole ring to help his cock bore deeper into her ass. "I'm gonna cum, darling! Fuuuuuck meeee, I'm gonna cum!"

Mike winced, feeling the jism swelling in his freely swinging ball bag. He knew he couldn't hold back the juice much longer. Digging his fingernails into her sides, the horny son started to ream out her asshole as hard as he could, completely burying his cock in her puckered ass ring with every stroke.

"I'm cumming, you little fucker!" Beth shrieked. "Unhhhh! Oh shit, oh fuck!" She rolled her clit harder, squealing as she buried her fingers in her throbbing pussy. "Fuck me deep, Mike! My asshole's cumming, it's cuuummmiiinnnggg!"

Her asshole and pussy spasmed together, sending a hot gush of pleasure shooting through her naked body. For whole minutes Beth bucked and writhed on the floor in a helpless fever as her cumming asshole sucked spasmodically around her son's pistoning cock.

"Unh," Mike grunted. "Oh, Mom... ahh, shit!"

He collapsed on top of her, spearing his prick to the balls in the burning heat of her itchy asshole. The hot spunk gushed up from his balls, spurting out of his cock head in long ribbons of cum.

Beth gasped as she felt her asshole being deluged with the milky nectar of her son's cum. Shamelessly she flexed her burning asshole around his erupting prick, draining all of the sappy cum out of the orbs of his bloated balls.


The next afternoon found Beth anxiously awaiting her son's return from school. She wore only a t-shirt and a pair of cut-offs as she walked around the house, pausing occasionally to rub her hot pussy through the crotch. The t-shirt, which she usually wore only when doing some heavy cleaning, had big holes in it, revealing the milky whiteness of her enormous, braless tits. The cut-offs rode so high that nearly half of her ass cheeks were visible.

Beth was so incredibly horny, so fucking hot! All thoughts of shame and maternal responsibility were completely forgotten, drowned by the ceaseless heat throbbing through her pussy channel. She lived to suck and fuck with her son's mammoth prick.

But Mike came home from school an hour late, and when he entered the living room he already looked tired. Excitedly he looked at his mother's stacked body, seeing the edge of one rosy areola through one of the holes in her shirt. But there was a glaze over his eyes. He didn't seem nearly as horny as she wanted him to be.

"Hello, darling," she murmured, approaching her son with a lascivious swing of her hips. "I hope you brought home a nice treat for Mom!"

With that she fell to her knees in the hall way, immediately reaching for the zipper of his jeans. Deftly she pulled down his pants and underwear at the same time, letting him step out of them, leaving him naked from the waist down except for his sneakers.

But just as she was about to pop his half-swollen cock between her lips, something made her pause. Beth inspected her son's prick, lifting it. It was wet! She sniffed. Her son's cock was damp with pussy juice! He'd been making it with someone else!

"Mike!" She twisted his cock and looked up at him severely. "Who did you just finish fucking? That's why you're late from school, isn't it?"

Mike looked down at her for several seconds before answering. There was a strange light in his eyes, as if he didn't know whether to be excited or frightened by the confession he was about to make.

"Mrs. Mellon," he said softly. "I just got through fucking her. I was going to come right over, but Bill made me go with him first."

Beth's mouth sagged open. "Bill? What on earth are you talking about..."

"That's right," Mike sighed. "I fucked her with Bill, and he fucked her up the ass. Shit, they're the ones who taught me about fucking in the first place!"

Then he told his mother the whole story: of how he'd heard his mother being humped one night, of how he'd confronted Bill the next day, only to be invited to share the pleasures of Bill's mother's pussy. As he spoke, Mike was relieved to observe that his mother didn't seem distressed by the story at all.

If anything, it relieved her and made her horny. For a long time Beth had worried what would happen if Mike discovered that Bill had fucked her. Now she could put that concern behind her, along with the rest of the guilty psychological baggage. And the knowledge that her next-door neighbor was also in the habit of fucking her horny son... that made Beth's whole pussy cream with lust!

"So, you like fucking Mrs. Mellon, do you?" Beth looked up at her son intently as she began to jerk on her son's big prick. She groaned as the meaty trunk began to swell and throb in her fist. "Well, tell me the truth. Do you like fucking her better than me?"

"No," Mike grinned. "Bill thinks his mom is best, but he's got his head up his ass. You're the most fantastic fuck around, Mom. Shit, Mrs. Mellon is never going to grow a huge pair of tits like yours!"

Beth blushed as her horny son reached down to lift her mammoth tits, rolling and massaging the twin ivory globes and pinching the fat, stiffening nipples. Creaming to his touch, she started to jack on his cock as hard as she could, moving her fist in a blur. Soon her son's cock was as bug and fat and stiff as it could get, throbbing obscenely.

"Well, let's just see if I can suck a cock as well as our next-door neighbor can," Beth murmured.

Sliding her fist to the base of her son's prick, the wanton mother bent her head and lapped the pearly drops of pre-cum from the crown of her son's cock. Mike groaned and thrust his prick forward, pressing the knob to her cheek.

Squeezing and milking his straining cock, Beth lapped lasciviously all around the shaft and knob. Then she opened her mouth wide and let the bulbous cock head slide between her lips.

"Oh, Mom!" Eagerly Mike thrust his hands behind her head, needfully curling his fingers in her hair. "Suck it, Mom! Suck the cum out of my prick!"

Beth wrapped her lips in a tight, wet circle around the center of his veined cock shaft, panting through her nose, savoring the cunt thrilling taste of her son's cock. Then she caved in her cheeks and feverishly started sucking, determining to out-do Mrs. Mellon in her wild pleasuring of her son's magnificent cock.

Her tongue swirled around the angry red knob, lapping at his piss hole, licking down the milky juices dribbling up from his balls. Beth made a gurgling sound as she forced her head downward, impaling her face on the steely stiffness of her son's prick.

Mike stared down at his mother's face, seeing the flush in her cheeks and the way her lips stretched to bursting around the pulsating hardness of his cock shaft.

"Oh fuck, suck on it, Mom!" He pulled her hair and humped excitedly, jamming his prick through the clinging sheath of her throat. "My cock's getting so stiff! You give such good head! Eat my meat!"

Beth's hand clung to the root of her son's hard-on, tenderly milking it as she noisily swoggled and lapped and sucked. Soon the smacking, gurgling sounds of an eager blowjob filled the living room. She fought back the choking reflex as she crammed even more of her son's magnificent cock trunk between her lips.

"Unh! Ahh!" Mike winced as his big prick started to throb violently on her tongue, pulsing on the roof of her mouth. "Keep sucking, Mom! I'm gonna blow my wad any second!"

Beth began pumping her fist up and down his steely prick, milking and tugging its turgid length with her fingers. Her pussy creamed as she felt its hot pulsations, and her tongue lapped down the profusion of oozing jism flowing from his piss slit.

"Ahhhh, Mom, play with my balls! I'm cumming, I'm cumming!"

Beth immediately cupped her left hand around her son's hairy, wrinkled ball bag. Tenderly she kneaded the twin, cum-congested globes, warming them with the flat of her hand. Mike's rock-hard cock twitched and jerked between her lips. Then the big dick exploded.

"Ahhh, Mom!"

A long, sappy ribbon of cum erupted from his puffy cock head, shooting torrentially down the sucking mother's throat. It was followed by spurt after spurt of milky cum.

If Mike had just come with Mrs. Mellon, she'd certainly left a lot of jism in his balls. Endlessly the sappy spunk poured out of his throbbing prick, filling Beth's mouth with the heavy liquid of his cum cream. She tried desperately to swallow it all, but some of the load escaped her lips around his squirting prick, running obscenely down her chin.

Beth kept sucking his cock tenderly after the cum was over, nursing the tip of his prick to get out the last burning drops. Then she took his cock out of her mouth and continued to jack on its hardened length, looking up at her beloved teenager with lust-shining eyes.

"Can you keep your big prick for me, lover?" she whispered huskily. "Or do you want to suck my pussy first?"

"Yeah, Mom," Mike groaned, nodding enthusiastically. "Let me suck your juicy cunt!"

Beth stripped off her skimpy t-shirt, shrugging her shoulders to make her enormous, fat nippled tits jiggle and sway on her chest. Stretching out on her back on the hallway floor, she wiggled out of her cut-offs, showing her son the fleecy triangle of her pussy.

"Then lick it, darling!" Beth spread her legs wide, opening the curly haired slit of her dripping cunt. "Can't you see how wet my horny pussy is? It needs your tongue inside it!"

Mike fell to his knees between his mother's milk-white thighs, thrusting his hands under her hips to lift the rounded cheeks of her ass. Then he glued his mouth to her delicious cunt, sighing as he tasted the musky wetness of her fuck oil.

Avidly Mike began to eat out his mother, whipping his tongue rapidly between the flowering, swollen cuntlips.

Beth moaned in delight as her cunthole started to pulse and throb. Hunching up her ass, she thrust her hand behind her son's head, curling her fingers in his hair. Then she started to buck and hump her hips, grinding her dripping pussy all over his face.

"Suck it, Mike!" she pleaded. "Mom's cunt is all wet and hot! Suck my horny pussy!"

Mike stabbed his tongue deeply into her cunt, lapping at the bright pinkness of her inner cunt. He pulled his hands from her madly humping ass and put two fingers into the clinging sheath of her cunt. Slowly he pushed them into her body, burying them to the knuckles in her aching pussy. Then he started to jack off his mother as he sucked, moving his tongue closer to her protruding clit.

"Nunh!" Beth squealed as she clawed the back of his neck, thrusting her pussy hard onto his fingers. "Yes, lover! Play with Mom's cunt! Unh! Suck me, Mike! Suck my clit!"

Mike wrapped his lips tightly around her swollen clit bud. He sucked it hard, flicking his tongue quickly on the glistening tip. Beth bucked and heaved and shook, squealing as the cum spasms rocketed through her stacked, naked body.

"Suck me, Mike! Unh unh unh, suck Mom's cunt! I'm cumming now! Suck meeee, cuuummmiiinnnggg!"

Her pussy exploded, gushing out fuck cream as the lips throbbed around her son's stroking fingers. Mike sucked her clit tenderly as the little nub pulsed in his mouth, tingling almost painfully as the orgasm racked Beth's body.

"Oh, God!" Panting and sweating, Beth let her burning ass drift slowly back to the rug. Her whole body tingled with the aftermath sensations of cumming. "Oh Mike, that was wonderful," she whispered. "You sucked me so beautifully. You're such a magnificent pussy-sucker!"

Then she looked up to see that her son had mounted between her thighs, looking down at her eagerly as his big prick pulsed over her stomach. Hungrily Beth stared at the bloated trunk, seeing more cock juice bubbling out of the tip. Fresh cream gushed into her pussy as she imagined her son's giant hard-on stabbing into her cunt.

"Oh, darling," she murmured. "You're already ready to fuck me?"

Mike quickly nodded his head. Giggling, Beth felt her huge tits jiggle as she reached up to grasp his straining cock. Whimpering, she pulled the spongy crown to the sopping wet lips of her pussy.

"Then go ahead and push it in, Mike," she whispered. "Fuck your horny mother!"

Mike slipped the head of his cock into her gooey pussy slit, securely embedding it in her tight, clinging cunt. He leaned over her, supporting the weight of his body on outstretched arms so he could watch her face and tits as he fed her his cock.

"Fuck me, Mike!" Beth hunched up her ass and spread her legs wider, opening her hairy pussy passage completely for her son's cock. "Fuck me, fuck me!"

Mike bucked his ass, slipping inch after inch of his hard-on into the enveloping tightness of her cunt. He groaned as he felt her clasping pussy sheath welcome him into her body, sucking and reflexively kneading the iron-hard stiffness of his cock.

"Ahhh, fuck!" Lifting her head. Beth watched his cock stab into her, the meaty trunk disappearing into the matted bush fringing her cunthole. "Do it, do it!" Excitedly she worked her ass, grinding and thrusting her steaming pussy onto his prick. "Fuck, fuck, fuck..."

Mike pushed down hard, stuffing every inch of his cock into the silky wetness of his mother's cunt. For a long time he lay on top of her without moving, savoring the wet pressure of her pussy around his prick.

Slowly he pulled out, withdrawing until only the knob of his hard-on was encased in her pussy mouth. A little more quickly he sawed his swollen pole back in again.

"Fuck me, Mike!" Convulsively Beth threw her legs around his waist, scissoring them at the ankles. "Fuck my pussy!" She started humping rhythmically beneath him, grinding and thrusting her wet cunthole onto his cock: "Unh unh unh, I'm so horny! Fuck your mother!"

Mike started fucking her, reaming out her pussy with long, driving strokes of his blood swollen prick. With every thrust her cunt seemed to grow wetter and tighter, luridly nursing the steely hardness of his cock. Mike gasped as his jism-laden balls slapped the crack of her driving ass. He started fucking much faster, making her enormous tits sway with the wild energy of his incestuous fucking.

A wanton flush spread through the naked mother's cheeks as her pussy creamed around her son's hammering cock. "Harder, Mike!" She clawed his shoulders with her long fingernails, then grabbed his ass in a desperate effort to get more hard dick inside her. "Fuuuuuck meeee! Unh! Gonna cum, you're making me cream!"

Mike pushed up her right tit with his hand until the turgid nipple nearly touched her chin. Dropping down, he sought the cherry cap with his lips. Hungrily he sucked her rubbery nipple into his mouth and began to nurse on it, chewing lightly on the silver-dollar-sized tit cap as he pounded his rock-hard cock into her syrupy cunt.

"Unngghhh! Yes, Mike! Unnggghh!" The combined, sensations in her tits and cock stuffed pussy put Beth over the edge into ecstasy. "Aww, fuck me, Mike! Suck my tits!" Holding the back of his head to her bosom, she grimaced obscenely as she whipped her ass feverishly off the floor. "Fuck my cunt! Fuck my horny cunt! Unh! Unngghh cumming ahhh cuuummmiiinnnggg!"

Her pussy contracted sharply, milking wetly around her son's pumping cock. Mike eagerly sucked her stiff, taut nipple as she came beneath him, holding his rigid prick deep inside her buttery cunt. Again and again the spasms contracted her pussy, but he forced the jism to remain in his aching balls.

"You... you didn't cum," Beth panted, when the spasms finally subsided. "Do you want me to give you a blow-job now? I'll do anything you want!"

Mike grinned down at her as he slipped his stone-hard cock out of her pussy. "No, Mom! What I want to do is go next door and watch Bill give Mrs. Mellon a good fuck!"

Beth took a deep breath before answering. She knew she'd fucked both the teens, and she knew that Mrs. Mellon might already know of her incestuous activities with Mike. But it seemed like an awful risk to actually bring it all into the open.

"Come on, Mom!" Mike said, standing up. "Let's do it!"

Smiling impulsively, Beth rose to her feet. What the fuck! A lewd wetness stirred her body as she reached for her t-shirt and shorts. None of the risks mattered anymore. She couldn't wait to see her friend Jill getting fucked!


"Oooh, fuck! Unh! Unh!" Jill squealed as her pussy throbbed, stroked into tingling ecstasy by her son's expert tongue. "That's right, Bill! Suck it! Suck my cunt and make it cum!"

She lay naked on her back on the living room floor, her ass bucking frantically off the carpet as her son burrowed his head between her legs. Bill was naked too. His huge cock pressed between his stomach and the floor as I he lay between his horny mother's thighs, tonguing up the fuck juices as they drooled out of her curly haired cunt.

"Nunh! Oh Bill, oh God!" Eagerly Jill reached down to spread her puffy cunt folds with her fingers, making her lust-swollen clit pop out of its fleshy hood. "Suck me there, darling! Suck off my clit!"

Moving his sucking mouth up her throbbing pussy, Bill enveloped his mother's straining clit between his lips. He sucked it gently, twirling his tongue round its minute shape, flicking it on the tip.

"Ahhhhh!" she shuddered convulsively as the pleasure flowered through her naked body. "Ahhh God, oh fuck, oh, so goooood!"

It was only three or four in the afternoon, and already she'd completely lost track of the number of times he'd made her cum. Jill had come to expect a horny fuck and suck session as soon as her son got home from school everyday.

She was so glad that she'd caught him jacking off that one morning, and that their incestuous affair had finally begun. Jill knew she had the face and body to get any man she wanted, but none could compare with her always-horny son.

"Ungghh! You're making me cum, Bill!" Jill grabbed the back of his head and whipped her ass frantically off the floor, fucking her pussy all over his face. "Unh! Oh shit, oh fucking yes! Cuuummmiiinnnggg!"

Her pussy spasmed, the aching little clit bud twitching in her son's mouth. Jill squealed and lifted her ass completely off the floor, grinding her hairy cunt mound onto her son's face as the contractions ravished her nakedness. The thick fuck oil gushed from her pussy, leaving her pussy and inner thighs wet and slick with the juice from her cunt depths.

"Ahhhhh!" Jill's tongue lolled obscenely out of her mouth as she slowly let her horny ass fall back to the floor. "Oh, Bill! You get better at sucking cunt every Goddamn day!"

Bill looked anxiously up at his naked mother, licking a stray cunt hair from his lips. "I'm gonna fuck you now, Mom," he whispered. "My cock is so Goddamn stiff. I'm gonna fuck your ass right through the fucking floor!"

He moved up her torso and Jill saw the huge, stiffened length of his hard-on bobbing over her stomach. It was enormously hard, gorged to the bursting point with a heavy load of cum and blood. The knob was the color of a ripe apple and nearly as large, dripping viscous pre-cum from the little slit in the tip.

"Oooh, Bill!" Reaching down, Jill grasped his throbbing cock and directed it to her gooey cunt. "Yes, lover! Fuck me! Fuck Mom's pussy!"

Bill slipped his hard-on into her creaming cunt, sighing as he felt the flowering pussy folds spread to admit his stiff cock. Quickly he started humping, thrusting inch after inch of his big prick into her fuck channel. Jill moaned and squealed as the slippery walls of her pussy spread to admit his hammering prick.

"Unnggghhh!" She threw her long legs up high, tossing them around her son's driving back. "Fuuuuuck meeee! Fuck my cunt!" Feverishly she started humping, grinding her sopping wet pussy slit onto the satisfying stiffness of her son's prick. "Fuck me, fuck the slit out of me! Mom needs to cum!"

Impaling his cock to the balls in her clasping pussy, Bill began to fuck his naked mother hard and fast. But Jill was very horny now and she needed more. Throwing her arms around him, she suddenly rolled over. The next thing Bill knew, he was on his back with his mother on top of him.

"Now I'm going to show you how to really fuck me!" Jill cried.

She leaned forward, letting her full tits jiggle over his chest as she held his shoulders for support. Then Jill started to work her ass like a hurricane, grunting and sighing as she pistoned her wet pussy up and down his fat cock.

"Oh, Mom!" Dazedly Bill watched her work out on his massive cock, seeing the speed with which his big prick darted in and out of her matted pussy bush. "Do it Mom! Fuck yourself!"

Jill clawed his shoulders, wincing and gasping as her pussy spasmed around his cock. She worked her ass like a machine, bouncing her legs off his hairy thighs with every cunt-filling stroke. Already she could feel her pussy tightening, flexing spasmodically around his cock. Then she knew she was cumming.

"I'm doing it again, Bill!" she shouted. "Unh! Fuck me! Fuck me with your cock! Aww yes, I'm making it! Cumming, cuummiinngg, ahhhhh!"

Her cunt spasmed uncontrollably, wetly milking around her son's impaling cock. Bill just lay beneath her, sighing as her pussy came all over his cock. Jill humped her cunt frantically on his prick for a minute straight, blowing off her aching fuck slit completely on his long, fat cock.

Then, just as she finished cumming, she saw a strange, worried look come into her son's face. Automatically Jill glanced over her shoulder in the direction of his gaze. Then her breath caught in her throat, and she stopped moving on his hard-on. They had an audience!

"Congratulations, Mrs. Mellon," Beth said softly. "That was quite a performance."

It was her next-door neighbors! Mike stood to one side of his mother, smiling at Jill sheepishly, with his cock already protruding visibly through his pants. Beth Watson wore one of the most obscene outfits Jill had seen, an incredibly short pair of cut-offs and a t-shirt with big holes revealing her enormous, braless tits.

A deep fear passed automatically through Jill's body. A horrible scenario went through her mind, of being tried and convicted for fucking her teenaged son.

Then she saw the lewd expression on Beth's face, and the fear was quickly replaced by lust.

Seeing them fucking had obviously made Beth very, very hot. And the suspicion was confirmed when Beth reached over to boldly fondle her own son's cock through his pants.

"Why don't you join them, Mike?" she whispered. "I think Jill needs another stiff prick for another cum!"

Eagerly Mike stripped naked, showing the long, fat hard-on that Jill had come to love almost as much as her son's enormous prick. Bill's cock was still as hard as a rock inside her pussy. Anticipating Mike's needs, Jill leaned forward, crushing her tits against her son's chest. Then she reached behind her and spread apart the rounded cheeks of her ass.

"Oh, look," Beth said, taking off her t-shirt. "Mrs. Mellon wants her asshole fucked!"

Jill realized she was turned on by the sight of Beth's enormous, rose-capped tits -- later she'd have to ask to go down on her! But right now her attention was devoted to Mike's throbbing prick, watching it quiver stiffly before him as he crossed the living room toward her naked body.

"Go ahead, Mike!" Jill hissed. "See my asshole throbbing? It's all hot and horny for your cock!"

Mike mounted her, kneeling on the floor behind her upturned ass. He held his aching prick in his fist and pushed the bloated knob onto her pink, asshole ring. Then it was going into her shit chute, stretching the thin membrane that separated his invading cock from the one already buried in her cunt.

"Unnggghhh!" Jill bit her lip and writhed with pleasure, squirming her juicing pussy on Bill's big prick. "Yes, Mike, fuck my asshole! I'm so Goddamn horny! Fuck the shit out of my horny ass!"

"Oh, fuck," Beth whispered. Stripping naked, she sat on the floor and started to finger-whip her pussy as she watched her son in action. "Go ahead, Mike! Fuck her, fuck her ass!"

Mike cork-screwed his ass, forcing his prick into the guttural depths of her asshole. For a long time he lay motionless on top of her, letting her shit tunnel stretch around the meaty thickness of his cock.

"Do it, Mike!" Bill cried, starting to hump. "Let's really fuck the shit out of her!"

His cock stabbed into her pussy, spearing rhythmically in and out of her hairy cunt. Mike quickly caught on to his friend's rhythm. Furiously he started stroking his swollen prick into Jill's clinging asshole, packing her shitter more and more deeply with the driving hardness of his cock.

"Unhhh!" A wanton flush spread through Jill's cheeks as she felt her pussy and asshole churning around the two-pronged cock. "Oh, yes! Oh fuck, oh shit!" Madly she humped between them, desperately trying to get both big cocks inside her at once.

"Fuck me, Mike! Fuck my asshole! Unnggghh! Oh, Son, fuck my horny pussy! You're making me cum!"

Holding his mother's hips, Bill hammered his stone-hard prick into her throbbing pussy as hard as he could. Madly Mike stabbed his cock into her burning asshole, stretching the ravished sphincter around the invading shaft of his cock.

"I'm cumming!" Jill shrieked. "Unngghhh! I'm burning up, it feels so goooood! Harder, fuck my pussy, fuck my asshole! Nnnngggg, nnnngggg, cuuummmiiinnnggg!"

Her pussy and asshole spasmed in rhythmic unison, clasping tightly around the enormous cocks stroking her to the peak of lust. Jill humped uncontrollably between them, whimpering as the fuck juice drooled out of her pussy onto her son's hips.

"Oh, Mrs. Mellon, I can't hold it," Mike gasped. He collapsed on top of her, ramming his violently pulsing cock to the root in her hot asshole. "I'm cumming! Ahhh..."

His prick tossed off, gushing long spurts of jism into the rubbery depths of her shit tunnel. Even as his big cock squirted, Jill felt her son's prick swell as hard as stone deep inside her pussy.

"Ahhh, Mom!" Bill moaned.

His prick jerked in her pussy as his balls vented their load of cum. Hornily Jill continued to hump between the two cumming youths, squealing as her son's massive hard-on squirted long ribbons of spunk into her buttery cunt. Finally they rolled off of her, leaving her naked and panting, oozing fuck juice on the floor.

"All right," Jill heard Beth whisper. "Now it's my turn!"

Jill lifted her head in time to watch dazedly as Mike and her son walked to the kneeling, big-titted mother. Opening her mouth wide, Beth sucked in her son's cock. Feverishly she gave him a blow-job, not releasing his prick until it had swelled back to full stiffness in her mouth.

"Now it's time for your cock, Bill!"

Bill's cock was covered with Jill's pussy juices, but Beth didn't seem to care. Popping it into her mouth, she sucked his prick hungrily, puckering her cheeks to increase the suction around his prick. Jill watched Beth raise her hand, fold it around the root of Bill's cock, and jack it fast and hard. Within a minute she triumphantly pulled back her head, seeing how stiffly Bill's cock now stood out from his loins.

"Okay, darlings! Now fuck me just like you fucked Jill!"

Mike lay on the floor this time, his big prick quivering over his stomach. Mounting him, Beth gasped with pleasure as the meaty shaft slid deep inside her aching cunt. Then she leaned forward, flattening her tits on her son's chest as she looked eagerly at Bill over her shoulder.

"Fuck my asshole," she said softly.

Bill mounted her, pushing the crown of his hard-on onto the pink circle of her ass. He pushed in and Jill saw Beth grunt as her asshole was stuffed with the steely hardness of Bill's cock.

"Oh, fuck me!" Beth immediately started humping, writhing between the two teenaged studs. "Fuck me, fuck me hard!"

Mike worked his ass off the floor, pounding his cock into the clasping wetness of his mother's cunt. Impaling his cock in her asshole, Bill started stroking it in and out. Then they were all fucking in rhythmic unison, forgetting everything as they concentrated on their impending cums.

Watching, Jill spread her slim legs on the floor and slipped two fingers into her gushing pussy. She could see her son's ass humping, packing his big cock into Beth's asshole. The sight made her incredibly horny!

"Unhhh!" Jill started finger-fucking herself, humping her ass off the floor and rolling her clit under her thumb. "Fuck her!" she whispered.

A deep feeling of satisfaction flowed through Jill. It was so wonderful to be good friends with her next-door neighbor -- and to have two horny sons to fuck.


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