Jerry's hot mothers

Although Americans appear to the rest of the world as frank and open people, the truth is often the opposite when it comes to relating on a personal basis. This is particularly true regarding sexual matters.

The fact is, Americans are only now beginning to learn to discuss sex and sexuality with and or and usually that is within the limits of marital sex.

While no one is advocating sex as the main topic of conversation, and while sexual privacy is very important to most people, many adults harbor fears about themselves and their sexual behavior that could be erased if they were more aware of other people's behavior. Most of us have been brought up to be at least slightly ashamed of anything sexual, and it is frequently reassuring to discover that we are not different, naughty, or even perverted in our sex practices. In discussing sex with others, people find out how truly normal they are.

JERRY'S HOT MOTHERS -- a frank story of one young woman's approach to sexual honesty. A story with a lesson for us all.


Every time Susan came to pick up Jerry for his weekend visit, Marcy still couldn't believe how young she looked.

"Are you certain you're twenty-one, Susan?" Marcy asked as she looked at the slender blonde woman.

Susan nodded, smiling. "I know, I look sixteen," Susan said. "Everyone tells me that. But really, I'm twenty-one."

If Marcy didn't know better, she would think Susan was lying. Not only was her face that fresh-scrubbed, unblemished golden color of a sixteen-year-old girl, but her body seemed that way, too.

Every time she was near Susan, Marcy felt old. Old at thirty, she thought with a frown. Susan was her ex-husband's new wife, and Marcy felt somewhat jealous. Not that he had remarried, but because of Susan's youthful looks. And Susan was usually dressed the part of a sixteen-year-old. Today she wore very tight shorts, stark white, with a pale pink blouse. It was obvious Susan was naked under her blouse those two rigid nipples bored against the thin material as if they were fully exposed.

Susan had a beautiful body, and was not the least bit ashamed of it. Her hair, the color of rich honey, shined in waving glory below her shoulders, and she had huge, sparkling blue eyes, a wide, full mouth, and a delicious habit of crinkling her nose when she laughed, which was often. Her skin looked silky smooth with the golden tan. Her waist was quite small, and her hips rounded out in a way that Marcy knew made men drool. The tight shorts Susan had on seemed to be made for her rounded, swelling, exquisitely tight ass. And those legs, so long and perfectly shaped.

Marcy lowered her dyes and saw the slight bulge of Susan's cunt against the tight crotch. She looked for a panty line, but there was none, making her believe Susan was naked under her shorts, too.

Although Marcy was just as beautiful, just as slender, just as rounded and unblemished as Susan, she was hardly aware of it. In fact, Marcy was seldom aware of her body or her face. She had never been concerned with them they were presentable, and that was all she cared about. Her hair was a rich, dark brown, but like Susan, her eyes were blue. She, too, had a wide, full mouth and a straight nose. Her own tits were slightly fuller, bigger, but not by much. Whereas Susan's tits seemed pointed, Marcy's were rounded, but they were just as firm. Her own hips and legs would not take a back seat to Susan, either. Nor would her ass. But Marcy was unaware of this.

"I can well see why Brad married you," Marcy said without envy. "He always did seem to like his women younger than me."

"It's not all roses, Marcy," Susan said. "In fact, he seems bored with me all the time, now."

"But you've only been married a year," Marcy said.

"I know," Susan replied. "It was a mistake, I suppose. He was fine at first, but he seems to have other... interests, lately."

"Oh, he does? How young are these interests?" Marcy couldn't help asking.

"You know, don't you?" Susan said.

"I've known a long time," Marcy replied. "He's into high school girls now, and I mean into them, literally."

Marcy thought back to her marriage to Brad. He had complained almost from day one about her lack of enthusiasm when it came to his cock, Marcy knew she had not been adventurous, daring. She knew of her shyness, how embarrassed it made her when he wanted to put her into different positions to fuck her, or the times he pleaded to have his cock sucked. She thought of his attempts to arouse her into wild ecstasy by licking her cunt. There had been a few times, a very few times, when she had come close to orgasm during those times his tongue had been inside her pussy, but then her shyness would take over and the feeling would go away.

Brad wanted more from a woman than Marcy could give him, and it ruined the marriage.

"I thought everything was great with you two," Marcy said as she turned to look at Susan. Susan sat on the opposite end of the couch, her long legs crossed. She looked down, a little sad. Marcy felt for the lovely young woman, understanding their mutual problem concerning Brad. "I don't suppose I should tell you, but when you married him, he used to call me up and gloat, brag about how good you were in bed, that you gave him what he always wanted and how I was so cold and everything."

"I've heard about you, too," Susan said. "I found it very hard to believe the things he said. I can't imagine any woman being so icy, Marcy."

Marcy felt a warm flush on her face. She had never been comfortable talking about sex, especially with a man. She could discuss it with a woman only a little better.

"It isn't that I'm so cold," Marcy heard herself saying. "It was... I don't know. He wanted things from me that I couldn't do."

"I know," Susan answered in her breathless voice that seemed so good to hear.

"You do those things for him, he told me," Marcy went on. "He would call and brag, giving me all the details. Why, I don't know."

"I know why," Susan said. "I was in bed with him most of the times he called you. I heard."

"Didn't it embarrass you, listening to him say those things about you?"

"Oh, no," Susan smiled warmly. "I'm not easily embarrassed, as you probably know. In fact, if you want the truth, listening to him sort of made me more excited."

Marcy wasn't sure she liked the turn in the conversation. She wasn't sure she should talk this way with her ex-husband's wife. Yet, to her surprise, she felt an odd little tingling sensation in the pit of her stomach, a feeling like going over the top hump in a roller coaster. The last time she had felt such a thrill had really been on a roller coaster when she was thirteen.

Susan was looking at her in a strange way, and Marcy found she couldn't keep eye contact. Still, she glanced up to see Susan's eyes, then looked quickly again to her lap. She was in a skirt and summer sweater, despite the heat. She seldom wore shorts, especially the revealing type Susan wore.

"Marcy, can I be honest with you?" Susan asked.

Marcy wasn't certain she wanted this, but she nodded her head.

"He's driving me crazy, Marcy," Susan said in a half-whisper. "I'm not getting any, if you know what I mean. He's always either out with one of his high school girls, or he's telling me about them. He loves to talk to me about them, being really graphic."

"I know, I've been there," Marcy said, feeling the thrill in the pit of her stomach increase.

"We would be in bed, and he would want to call you," Susan went on, "and I'd be between his legs, with my face there, or straddling him, and he would talk to you that way and I'd get so excited... so very excited, listening."

Marcy flushed, watching Susan rock her foot. Something was making her listen, drawing her to Susan. Marcy didn't know what it was, didn't understand it, but she was almost breathless as she listened. The only other person in her life she had heard talk this way was Brad, and all that had done was chill her. Yet, hearing this exquisite blonde girl talking that way was doing something to her emotions.

It was some time before Marcy realized that Susan was becoming very explicit.

"I'd have his cock in my pussy, bouncing up and down, really loving it, and listening to him tell you the positions I'd get into for him, and I would come so hard! You wouldn't believe how fantastic I would come!"

"I... Susan, are you sure you should be talking about this to me?" Marcy blushed. "I mean, a man and his wife should you know, keep those things secret."

"But I don't mind, Marcy," Susan replied, smiling and rocking her foot faster. "It's easy to talk to you, and I've wanted to talk to someone for so long."

"But about this..."

Suddenly, Susan covered her lovely face with both hands, and burst into sobs. Marcy cried out, and scooted across the couch toward the sobbing woman. She pulled Susan against her body, holding her, feeling the sobs rack her lovely body. She patted and caressed a bare arm, resting her cheek on the top of Susan's shimmering blonde hair. She felt Susan's face resting on her tit, felt the tears soaking through her lightweight sweater. She tried to comfort the crying girl, but Marcy was at a loss of what to say, what to do. She found it strange trying to comfort her ex-husband's wife, yet she didn't know what else to do.

"I'm sorry," Susan sniffed. "I couldn't help it. But, Marcy, I'm so unhappy with him now. It was wonderful at first, but now he wants nothing to do with me. He wants to fuck all those young girls!"

Marcy didn't understand that. Susan was so young herself, looking like the type of girl Brad wanted. None of it made sense, but it wasn't any of her business. The only thing she wanted with her ex-husband was to share their son, Jerry. She wanted Jerry to visit his father as often as possible, but even that was stopping. Jerry was supposed to visit his father every weekend, but Brad was busy so much on the weekends lately. Marcy knew it was because of his interest in high school girls.

"He loved it when I sucked him off!" Susan was sobbing again.

"I'm sorry, I didn't hear you," Marcy said.

"When we were first married, he wanted me to suck him off all the time. I didn't mind, not at all. I loved to suck his cock. I've always loved to suck cock. But after a while, Brad didn't even want that. At least not from me. I guess he's getting his blow-jobs from cheerleaders and other tight-assed little girls."

Marcy felt her face burn as she listened, running her hand up and down Susan's bare, warm arm. The flutter of her thrill was still there, still exciting in her stomach. To her embarrassment, she found her pussy was wet, her clit knotting. It had been so long since she felt that, she was startled as well as embarrassed. She had never heard a girl talk so bluntly. Yet hearing Susan say those words was doing strange things to her, making her cunt wet and her tits harden.

She wanted to tell Susan to shut up, to stop saying those things, but her voice seemed frozen. She twisted her rounded ass into the cushions of the couch, trying hard not to let Susan become aware of her feelings.

But Susan was still talking.

"His cock would get so hard in my mouth, and when he came, it was a real gush!" she said softly, sniffing now and then. "I didn't mind at all. It tasted so good to me. I didn't know about his girlfriends for a long time. Then, one night when he came home, I was in the mood, and I jerked his pants down as soon as he closed the door, and started sucking his cock. At first I didn't notice anything, then I realized his cock had a different taste on it. When I realized was the same taste after he fucked me, I knew then he had been out there fucking one of those tight-assed little cunts of his."

Marcy shuddered, thinking what a shock it must have been to Susan to taste another girl's cunt on his cock. She, herself, had no idea what it would taste like, but she could understand Susan's shock.

"I can imagine how sick that made you," Marcy whispered at the top of the honey-blonde hair.

"Oh, no!" Susan blubbered. "It didn't make me sick. It made me very mad at first, but then... oh, God, Marcy! I got so excited, knowing I was tasting another girl's cunt on his cock, I almost swallowed his prick completely! I started to come and didn't stop until he shot his big load of fuck-juice down my throat!"

The sound that came out of Marcy was more a squeal than a gasp.

"Something about tasting a pussy on his cock excited me," Susan said, running her hot palm along Marcy's thigh, from her knee to halfway up. Her movement was dragging the hem of Marcy's skirt past her knee, and Marcy stared at her hand, her eyes turning glassy. "I don't know why, but tasting that little cunt's juices on his cock sent me into orbit, Marcy!"

Marcy shivered as Susan's hand came up her thigh. She didn't know what she would do if Susan accidentally touched her cunt. She could feel her panties, very wet now, becoming tighter on her cunt. She felt an urgent desire to pull the crotch away from her pussy, relieve the pressure of it cutting into her oddly swollen clit. Marcy had felt only a few orgasms in her life, and it felt as if she were going to come now.

"That was about four months ago," Susan said softly, sliding her palm up and down Marcy's thigh. "I've thought about it ever since. But the strange thing is, Brad never seems to want me to suck him off anymore. I've got to admit, Marcy, that I hope to taste pussy on his cock again!"

Marcy trembled. Susan's hand was on her knee now, and it was warm and exciting and she didn't know what to do. She had never known how to handle situations like this very well. One pan of her wanted Susan to remove her hand, but another part, a stronger part, didn't want the hand to move away at all.

As if knowing this, Susan slipped her hand along Marcy's thigh, moving it very slowly along the silky flesh with her fingers under the hem. Marcy stared at her skirt being shoved up her leg as if in a dream.

"I've never thought about a girl that way before," Susan was saying in her whispery voice, but now it was deep and throaty. "Tasting pussy on his cock did something to me, Marcy. I don't know what, but it was so exciting..."

Her hand slipped halfway up Marcy's thigh, along the inside. She was stroking Marcy's flesh lightly, almost like a feather. A shiver rippled about Marcy's flesh, and she realized she was holding her breath.

"I don't know what to do anymore!" Susan sobbed, lifting her exquisite face to look at Marcy. "I'm going crazy because I want it, need it, so much, and he's giving it to those tight-assed little girls!"

As if in a wild, erotic dream, Marcy ran her tongue over her lips, her face lowering slowly. When she felt Susan's soft, hot mouth against her own, she breathed deeply. As Susan returned her kiss, the tip of her moist tongue licked across Marcy's lips, and her hand moved higher up her thigh.

"Mmmmm, sweet, Marcy!" Susan purred. "You taste so sweet, like honey?"

Marcy wondered what in the world she was doing, kissing, her ex-husband's wife this way. She had never kissed a girl before, yet she could not deny the softness, the sweetness, of Susan's lips, the exciting taste of her pink tongue. Before she could try to understand, she pressed her mouth onto Susan's once more. Susan moaned, writhing her lips against Marcy's. When her tongue moved slowly past her teeth, Marcy made a mewling sound and gently probed it with her own tongue.

And Susan's hand was now resting on her wet panties, pressuring against her cunt. Marcy began to shake, still kissing at Susan's mouth, and as her tongue probed deeper, Marcy sucked it, returning the pressure of Susan's hand by lifting her crotch to it.

Then Susan's fingers moved.

They slipped up and down, moving between Marcy's thighs. For a very brief moment, Marcy resisted by squeezing her thighs together. But Susan was insistent, Marcy's thighs relaxed, and Susan dragged her palm up and down Marcy's cunt. Marcy moaned into Susan's mouth, her hips twisting as the heat steamed inside her panties.

"Ohhhhhh!" Marcy groaned, pulling her mouth away from Susan's tongue.

Her eyes half closed as she leaned her head on the back of the couch, her cunt rippling as she came.

"Ooooh, Marcy!" Susan purred, rubbing at Marcy's juicy cunt with firmer pressure. "You're coming! Oh, God... wonderful, Marcy!"

Marcy twisted her hips, her knees parting, as she strained her convulsing own into Susan's hot hand. Her skin was high on her slim thighs now, almost at her hips. She shot her hand down and placed it on the back of Susan's and pushed hard, very hard. Her clit throbbed in a way she could hardly remember, and the fuck-juices soaked her panties and Susan's palm.

"I'm ready to..."

Marcy gasped, jerking at Susan's hand and shoving her skirt down swiftly. Her face was on fire with embarrassment as she tried to smooth her skirt.

Susan, also gasping, jerked her hand away from Marcy's cunt.

Jerry stood in the hall entrance, staring at them with big eyes, his overnight bag in his hand. He had seen his mother's legs wide open, seen them kissing, and seen Susan's hand pushing against his mother's cunt.

"Oh, God!" Marcy sobbed, burying her face into her hands, shame flooding her from head to toe.

"You're ready to go?" Susan asked him, her voice shaking.

"I guess so," Jerry said in a nervous voice.

Marcy pulled herself together, her hands folded in her lap. Maybe her son had not seen what they had been doing, she told herself. But she could tell by her son's eyes that he had.

"Kiss me, honey," she said, her voice quivering. "And go with your stepmother. Have a good weekend, and don't come back too late Sunday."


She sat on the couch and watched her son leave with Susan.

Marcy's mind was spinning, and her confusion only made it worse.

Marcy found her son watching her often, his eyes strangely hot.

When he returned late Sunday, she couldn't find the courage to stay up and listen to his weekend activities. All she heard this time was that his father was seldom home while he was there.

The next day, and the following one, Jerry didn't want to go out and play, and Marcy wondered if he was getting ill, or if something had happened over the weekend. She wanted to question him, about Susan, but didn't know how to go about it.

And, Marcy felt as if her son was looking right through her clothing, seeing her naked, stripped bare. Usually, after her bath at night, she would wrap herself in a robe before going to bed, but now she bathed and jumped into bed without seeing her son.

She was in bed now, and Jerry came to her door. He stood there looking in at her. Marcy was propped up in bed, a book open. She enjoyed reading herself to sleep at night. She looked up at her son, and Jerry shuffled his feet, apparently not knowing how to approach her. Marcy had always tucked him into bed before, kissing his forehead before she retired. But for the past two nights, she had not.

"Mother, why don't you fuck me in anymore?" Jerry asked, looking as if he was about to cry.

Affection for her son filled her, and she closed her book. Patting the side of her bed, she said softly, "I'm sorry, baby. I guess I've got a lot on my mind lately. Come in and sit down for a while, okay?"

Jerry came over and sat on the edge of her bed. His hair was still damp from his shower. He wore his robe, belted at the waist, but it opened over his young, muscular thighs. Marcy found herself fighting to keep from looking at them. There was a quivering in her stomach similar to the thrill she had felt, with Susan.

"Want to tell me about your weekend?" she urged softly.

Jerry was turning to face her, his eyes falling on his mother's titties. At first Marcy didn't know why, and then she discovered the sheet had slipped down, and although she wore a gown, the brown pucker of her stiff nipple showed through the lace. With a flush on her face, she pulled the sheet to her chin.

"I don't wanna visit with Dad anymore," he said.

"But why not, honey?"

"He's never home, and he breaks his promises with me."

"But I'm sure Susan is home with you," Marcy said.

"She is," Jerry replied. "Susan is awfully nice, Mother. If I have to have a stepmother, I'm glad it's Susan."

"I guess you and she..." Marcy's mind drew up erotic pictures. "I mean, she takes you places when your father isn't there, don't she?"

"Oh, yes," Jerry said. "We went to the zoo and next weekend she's gonna take me to the amusement park."

"That will be fun, I'm sure," Marcy said.

"Go with us, Mother," Jerry said suddenly. "It would be more fun if you went with us. Come on, please! Dad won't be there. He's already said he had to go out of town. Came to the amusement park with me and Susan, Mother, please!"

"I'll think about it, honey," she said. "We have to see what Susan thinks about that. Remember, she's your stepmother, and may not want me with you."

"She will," Jerry said in a rising voice. "She talked about you all weekend. Susan likes you, Mother! I know she likes you."

Marcy thought she could feel Susan's hand between her legs again, pushing at her cunt the way it had a few days ago. She had thought about that all weekend. She had never in her entire life reacted to such stimulation with so much heat and hunger.

"I like your stepmother, too, baby," she said softly, and pulled her son against her tits, hugging him. "I'm glad you like her, and I'm very glad she loves you as much as I do!"

Jerry twisted and squirmed until he was lying on her bed, pressing his young body tightly to her. He wrapped his arm about his mother's waist, resting his head on her shoulder as she held him. Marcy caressed him, running her hand into the neck of his robe to stroke his smooth back. It felt good to be held by her son this way, felt good to feel him lying close to her. She purred in delight when he squeezed her waist. And then her eyes widened.

She felt her son pushing his hips against her. She was covered only by the thin sheet, and she felt his hardness on her hip. She couldn't believe her son had a hard-on close to her this way, but there it was, throbbing away as he pressed against her. Marcy's first thought was to push her son away, make him go to bed. But then she felt that thrill in her stomach again, and her resolve to shove him away faded. She didn't know why she was reacting this way to her son, or the way she had reacted to the gentle touch of Susan's hand on her cunt, but she was, and it felt good.

She gasped when she felt her son's small hand slide up her body, his fingertips barely touching the curve of her tit. She found her breath caught in her throat when her son moved his finger against her tit, and at the same time pressed more firmly at her hip. She could feel his cock throbbing through the sheet and her gown.

"Jer..." she whispered throatily.

He didn't answer, sneaking his fingers up over the curve of her tit and rubbing very slowly at her hip with his cock.

"Jer... darling," she tried again.

A low moan came from her son, and his palm cupped her tit.

Marcy froze, not daring to breathe.

This couldn't be happening, she told herself. But her son was holding her tit. He wasn't squeezing or moving his hand, just holding it cupped about the firm roundness. And his cock, so hard, was pushing at her hip. The only thing between them was the thin sheet and her gown. She was certain his robe was open, his cock showing.

She could hear Jerry's breathing, feel it hot on her flesh. He was almost panting as he very carefully pushed his throbbing hard-on against her, and she felt a very slight squeeze on her tit. Marcy lay still, fighting the shivers running about her flesh. The light was on, and her eyes were open, but she saw nothing. Moisture seeped from her cunt and into the crotch of her panties, her clit swelling quickly. She felt a burning lurch between her legs, and bunched the cheeks of her ass tightly, a very low moan bubbling from her throat.

She was cutely aware of her son's cock, of the hardness of it, the heat burning through the sheet, and the crazy thought flitted through her mind that his cock could blister her flesh because it felt so hot. She squeezed her thighs tightly, yet trying to be as still as she could, not wanting her son to know the effect he was having on her. She was just as surprised at her own reactions as she was by his. Marcy had never been that erotic, yet there were changes, sudden changes, coming over her mind and body.

She trembled, the movement obvious to her son.

"Mother..." she heard Jerry's voice, oddly husky, a tone she had never heard from him before. She recognized it as the sound her ex-husband used to make when he wanted some pussy.

Marcy knew she should stop him, move his hand from her tit, push him away so she wouldn't feel his cock against her. Yet she couldn't. All she could do was lie stiffly, shaking. Jerry didn't say anything more.

But he was pressing harder against her hip, and the rubbing of his cock was more pronounced. She felt his small hand squeeze tentatively at her tit. When she didn't say anything or brush his hand away, Jerry became bolder. He squeezed her tit tightly, her nipple bulging into his palm. Marcy held her breath, feeling the rippling excitement in her body, an excitement that was totally new to her. She had never really enjoyed having her tits fondled or felt, yet there was no way she could deny this sudden, unexpected pleasure she now felt.

She felt her son's lips on her neck, kissing her lightly, and his hand was moving on her tit. He felt it, then slowly slipped his hand to the other tit. Marcy was holding her breath until her lungs were ready to burst, afraid to move or speak.

She was shaking violently now, one hand wrapped about her son's shoulders, the other at her side, fist clenched. Her cunt seemed on fire, as if a match had been pressed against it, but not a burning pain -- it was a fantastically erotic burning. Just as it had done when Susan, Jerry's stepmother, had stroked her, Marcy's cunt was turning very juicy, tingling, until she wanted to scream with the sensational feelings. She knew that by not resisting, not protesting, she was giving her son consent to fondle her titties. She knew that Jerry knew, too. On one hand she wanted desperately to stop him now, but on the other hand she wanted him to keep doing it. He was rubbing his cock up and down against her now, not trying to conceal his desires. He was humping at her hip as if fucking her, and Marcy found she was starting to squirm, to writhe and keep the contact of his cock against her.

It was a moment before she understood Jerry was no longer fondling her tits. Her eyes had closed as the steamy pleasure came over her, and she had been panting softly. She felt her son's fingers sneaking into her gown, and again she was holding her breath. She felt his finger carefully touching her bare tit, scraping over her nipple.

The orgasm was fast, before she knew it was going to happen. Suddenly as her son touched her naked nipple, Marcy came. It happened so fast she gushed, unable to stop the sound, and her hips jerked. She turned her head away from him, toward the wall, purring. Her arm tightened about his shoulders. Jerry apparently took the reflexive squeeze of her arm as permission.

He pulled her gown away from her tit and placed his mouth on her nipple, and started sucking at it, pushing his throbbing cock against her hip without trying to be subtle about it now. He was fucking at her body, sucking on her nipple with his hot, wet mouth, his tongue flicking eagerly. She heard her son making moaning sounds of hot pleasure, and her arm squeezed him down onto her tit. She felt she should say something, anything, but her voice refused to work. She gurgled softly, but no words came out. Her fist opened, and she began to shove the sheet down her body. When it was at her hips, she lifted her gown and moved her hand through the silky curls of her cunt. The sheet hid her pussy as she moved a finger to her clit. She couldn't believe how hard it was, how sensitive, how tingling it had become.

Jerry, making wet sounds as he sucked at his mother's tit, scooted his hand down to her stomach, resting it there. Marcy began to shake and slowly rub the edges of her distended clit, thinking how crazy this was to lie here and let her son fuck his cock at her hip while he sucked her tit and she fingered her cunt. The heat of his palm burned her stomach through the nylon of her gown, and suddenly Marcy gasped again.

Her son had pushed his hand down, found hers there, felt her feeling of her own cunt. The suction on her tit increased until Jerry was sucking vigorously. She didn't stop him when he pushed his hand under hers, palming her cunt. She pressed her hand at his, moaning softly as the pressure of her son's palm burned through the crotch of her panties.

As if in a wild, erotic dream, Marcy used her feet to pull the sheet lower, then spread her legs. Jerry sucked hungrily at her tit now, rubbing up and down the crotch of her panties, feeling her cunt boldly. The only sound in her bedroom was their heavy breathing, and the occasional sound of the bed moving. Marcy knew she was urging her son on top of her, but she felt so dreamy, so much in a trance, it wasn't really happening. She pulled him until he was on top of her, between her thighs, his lips never leaving her swollen tit. She felt his cock pushing at her panties, pressing at her cunt. She could feel his swollen cock-head trying to slice through her panties, trying to get into her cunt. Her legs opened without any real conscious thought from her, and Jerry was humping his ass up and down, sucking noisily at her tit. She moaned when the swollen head of his cock pushed forward, almost shoving her panties into her cunt.

"Wait," Marcy finally whispered in a low, throaty voice. "Wait, Jerry."

His response was to stop pushing his cock, but he kept sucking hungrily on her tit. Marcy couldn't believe she was doing this, yet her hand was sliding between them, hooking into the crotch of her panties, pulling it open, out of the way.

"Now!" she whispered.

Jerry moved forward, the head of his cock sliding into his mother's exposed cunt. Marcy gasped as she felt her son's stuffing prick, the way her cunt opened and stretched for it. Slowly, as if expecting her to stop him at any time, Jerry fucked his cock up his mother's cunt. Marcy felt it go deep into her cunt, then she felt his balls resting on her ass. She was afraid to move again, but her cunt was pulling at his cock of its own volition, sucking gently.

She could feel his cock throb inside her pussy, and his suckling was hot and greedy on her tit. She lay still for whet seemed a long time, feeling her son's cock in her cunt but not moving.

She held her legs open and spread her arms over her head, stretched out, the feel of her son's cock causing her mind to spin, her eyes closed and lips parted slightly.

Marcy's hips moved.

From side to side, not up and down.

That was all it took to start Jerry moving. She felt his cock pull back, sliding from her wet cunt. When she thought he was going to take his cock out, she placed her hands on his robe-covered ass, holding him so he couldn't lift up. Then she pulled down on his ass, lifting her hips slightly, taking his cock back into her cunt.

Jerry grunted around her tit.

Marcy gave a soft sob.

Her hips pumped.

Jerry held his body up with his knees and elbows, still sucking at her tit. Marcy couldn't believe she was fucking her son, riding very slowly up and down his cock with her cunt. But she was... she was fucking Jerry!

Her hands curled around the checks of his ass, the robe still there, and moved her ass up and down, feeling his cock sliding between the gripping, fiery, hair-lined lips of her pussy. Her cunt scraped the shaft of her son's hard cock, something she didn't remember feeling when her ex-husband fucked her.

She pulled at her son's ass, and soon Jerry was pushing his cock down as she lifted her cunt, drawing up as she lowered her ass. They were fucking each other, and Marcy was afraid and elated and ashamed and trembling with increasing ecstasy. She was feeling things she had never felt when she had gotten fucked before. Things that were strange and delightful and good and delicious.

She began to make purring sound deep in her throat. She moved her hands, shifting her son's robe, sliding her hands under it to cup the cheeks of his naked ass. Her own ass pumped with his stabbing cock, slowly and not in a frenzy, his balls touching her ass as she came up, his cock going so deliciously deep.

She wanted to say things to him, whisper hot words in his ear, but although she was feeling an intense rapture, she could only moan and cry out softly as his cock thrust in and out of her cunt.

She closed her thighs against his, scissoring them open and closed, her hands holding each cheek of her son's pumping ass, her fingers resting at the split, almost between them.

"Ooooooh..." she purred.

"Mmmmm!" Jerry gurgled.

His cook came up and down slowly, fucking in and out of his mother's cunt completely, from swollen head to base. He never pulled his cock all the way out of her pussy, but just before the cock-head came free, he pushed back into it, so slow Marcy wondered if she would go out of her mind. The powerful urge to slam her cunt up and down hard and fast on his cock was very hard to resist. She wanted to fuck him frantically, increase the friction of his throbbing hard-on against the fiery tight walls and lips of her juicy cunt.

"Ahhhh!" Marcy moaned.

"Oooommm!" her son responded.

Marcy fought the urge to ram her cunt onto his cock, fought the urge to grip his ass tightly, fought the urge to push his young hands down under her ass, fought the urge to scream out this unknown ecstasy. She couldn't believe the feelings rumbling through her, couldn't believe she had her son's cock in her cunt, that she was fucking him. It had to be a dream, she tried to tell herself, but the sensations were so real. And if it was a dream, it was unlike any she had ever had. She never had erotic dreams -- never.

The slow fucking was driving her crazy, yet she did nothing to increase the pace. She was afraid to, afraid of her own responses, afraid that her son would accuse her, afraid he would think badly of her. But the feeling in her cunt -- in her complete body -- was about to send her screaming mindlessly with the wildest ecstasy she had ever experienced. Her clit felt as if it was tight, ready to burst like a ripe grape. Still, she could feel the throb of her son's cock sliding in and out of her cunt.

She was getting very wet now, and she could feel her pussy-juices seeping around his cock, drenching his hot balls and the insides of her thighs.

Her ass humped up and down, matching his slow penetration. She began to stroke his ass and moan, her head turned to one side, eyes closed, lips open as she panted. She caressed her son's ass under his robe, slid her hands up to the small of his back, then down again, stretching her fingers to tickle the backs of his thighs, then cupping the firm, tight cheeks of his ass again.

She wanted to lift her legs, wrap them hotly about her son's humping ass, and beat his body with her heels. She wanted to scream and cry and urge her son to fuck her, to fuck her fast and hard and deep, to bruise the tender lips of her cunt, smash her inflamed clit.

But she couldn't.

She didn't know what Jerry was doing with his hands, but she wanted them on her body, holding her ass, squeezing her shapely asscheeks as he fucked into her cunt with powerful violence. She began to gasp hotly as her stomach rippled, her cunt grabbing at her son's cock. She humped a bit faster, grinding in almost slow motion on his banging prick. She felt an orgasm glowing inside her body, and she fought to stop it. The harder she tried to keep from coming off, the better the sensation felt. She cried out softly, and her son made a whimpering sound.

She knew he was about to come, too. She knew her son was trying to keep from coming inside her cunt.

But there was nothing either of them could do.

Marcy bit hard into her bottom lip to strangle a threatening scream, her cunt clasping hotly and wetly around her son's cock. The spasms that exploded in her cunt were strong, stronger than any orgasm she had ever had. Her pussy pulled at his cock, the satiny walls rippling along his cock-shaft. His balls churned at her ass when Jerry thrust inward, his ass tightening as his body became stiff.

He shuddered, almost biting her nipple.

"Ohhh!" Marcy sobbed, feeling her son's cock gushing his fiery come-juice into her cunt.

He was squirting hard, and she felt it all, despite the power of her convulsing cunt. She was coming in wave after wave of ecstasy, her finger at last digging hard into his naked ass, holding him deeply in her pussy. The contractions went on and on, and she wondered if her son would ever stop squirting that thick, boiling fuck-juice into her pussy.

All too soon it was over.

Jerry slumped on her body, gasping for air, shaking.

Marcy relaxed her grip on his ass, her legs falling wide. She drew in air deeply, and she felt embarrassment flood her. She could feel the heat on her beautiful face, and a couple of tears dripped from her closed eyes. She wasn't sure why she had tears in her eyes. It could be out of her embarrassment, but then it could be due to her orgasm. She had never felt such power before, such ecstasy.

After a moment Jerry lifted his cock from his mother's cunt, sliding off her bed. Marcy peeked, catching a glimpse of her son's cock before he closed his robe around it. It was wet, soft, with a few strands of curly hair. His balls seemed to hang very low, much lower than she would have thought on a young boy. His cock was wet with her cunt-juices, and she felt a catch in her throat as she saw it.

Jerry said nothing, turning his back to her and walking out of her room, not rushing, as if he expected her to call him back.

After he was gone, Marcy curled up in a ball, her knees drawn to her tits, feeling his come-juice seeping from her pussy, and began to cry softly.


Marcy tried to avoid her son for the next few days, but that was impossible.

Jerry didn't leave the house, and almost everywhere she was, so was he, looking at her. When she would turn, she would catch his eyes on her body before he turned his head away.

Filled with embarrassment, Marcy tried to analyze what had happened, trying to understand why she had allowed her son to fuck her, why Jerry had even wanted to fuck her, his mother. She found no answers. Her response to him had surprised her as much as letting him fuck her.

Marcy dressed in ways that concealed her body, not wanting to tempt her son into a hard-on. But it did no good. She noticed his cock bulging almost constantly. She wondered if he was jerking it off, thinking about how it had felt inside her cunt, fucking her. For the first time in her life, Marcy was thinking about sex almost day and night. It was new to her, all these thoughts of hard cock and her wet cunt, how it had felt with her son's cock in her cunt. And, to her horror, she was thinking in just those terms... cock, cunt, pussy, fuck and prick.

If being embarrassed about fucking her son wasn't enough to torment her, Susan had started calling her often. Susan never used to call her at all, except to say when she would pick up Jerry for his weekend visits.

"I don't know what's got into me," Susan had said during her last call a few moments ago. "I know I shouldn't use you as a sounding board, seeing as how we're what might be veiled wives-in-law."

"Don't worry about it, Susan," Marcy had said. "I understand very well what you're going through with Brad. I was married to him for a number of years, remember. None of this is new to me."

"Marcy, about Saturday."

"Forget it!" Marcy said quickly feeling her face turn warm. She glanced at Jerry, who was sitting on the couch. Turning her back to her so she said softly into the phone. "It was done and over with, Susan. It was one of those things. I've forgotten about it. It won't happen again."

"It was lovely," Susan replied. "I mean, touching you that way. I suppose I should feel ashamed of myself, but I don't."

"Well, I am," Marcy said.

"It's just that, well, I need it, Marcy," Susan said. "I need it more than I'm getting now, which is zilch. He keeps fucking his damned high school cunts and I don't get anything. I mean, not even to suck his fucking cock. And, Marcy I have to confess, I love to suck a big hard cock."

"Susan, I'd rather not discuss this on the..."

"I can come over," Susan said quickly, cutting in.

"No!" Marcy said, a bit too loudly. "I mean, I'm busy today."

But Susan was purring softly. "I'd love to feel you up again, Marcy. I really liked feeling your cunt. It's so soft and moist. I bet your pussy has a real sweet taste to it. That's it, Marcy," Susan breathed. "I'll try it. Although I've never kissed a cunt in my life, I'm so fucking horny now I'd suck your pussy good!"

"Susan, we should not be talking like this." Marcy wanted to slam the phone down, but she pressed it to her ear, listening closely, feeling excitement starting in her body. With her back to her son, she bunched the cheeks of her ass, unaware that Jerry could see the movement in her dress.

"You wouldn't have to do anything to me, Marcy," Susan was saying. "I'd kiss you on your juicy cunt and use my own fingers to bring myself off. You could touch me if you wanted to; I wouldn't mind. I'd like for you to fingerfuck me while I sucked on your soft, wet cunt!"

Marcy couldn't understand any of this. Yet, there was a certain thrill to having her ex-husband's wife wanting to do this with her. It would serve the bastard right, she felt. But she knew she would never do what Susan asked. She had done enough with her son, and she was determined it would never happen again, with Susan or Jerry.

Yet, after listening to the wanton suggestions Susan kept making over the phone, her cunt was drenched by the time she hung up. She looked shyly at her son as if he could see through her dress and panties, see that her pussy was wet. She saw his cock bulging in his tight jeans, and with a flush, she hurried from the room to the laundry room. She sorted laundry and filled the machine, trying to think of anything but what Susan had said and how hard her son's cock was, what it had felt like fucking her only a few nights before. It was obvious Jerry wanted to fuck her again.

As she turned on the washing machine, she heard her son shuffling behind her. She became very still, still holding the dial on the machine, then she felt her body start to shake. She wanted to turn and look at her son, but she was afraid of what she would see. She had heard the soft snick of a zipper sliding, and just knew her son had his cock out of his pants.

Jerry had been watching his mother since he had caught his stepmother's hand under her dress, and when he fucked his mother, it was the best thing to happen to him. He knew his mother was embarrassed about it, and he didn't want her to feel that way.

Now, standing behind her, his cock out of his pants, his eyes gazing at the shape and swell of her rounded ass under her skirt, he could wait no longer. With his youthful innocence he figured if he could fuck his mother once, he had the right to fuck her again. He knew nothing about emotions, about his mother's distaste with his father, of her sense of embarrassment. All he knew we his cock was hard, that his mother's face and body made his cock hard, and he had fucked her once and he wanted to fuck her again. What his mother wanted never entered his mind.

Marcy trembled as she leaned against the washing machine. She knew Jerry was behind her, knew he had his cock out. She could hear his breathing clearly. She felt the desire to flee, to rush from the laundry room and lock herself in her room, stay away from her son, or at least his cock.

But she knew she wouldn't run from him.

She would stand there, her back to him, and listen to him jack his cock, his excited breathing, her cunt bubbling with fiery wetness, her tits swollen and her clit knotted.


"Hush, baby," she whispered without turning around.

"Mother, I need..."

"I know what you need," she replied. "But, Jerry, it's not."

She gasped loudly when she felt her son's hand on her ass, squeezing it through her dress and panties.

"It's very nice, Mother!" Jerry moaned behind her.

Marcy stopped breathing, her son running his hand over her ass, feeling it. His other hand came up and around her waist, then he was cupping one firm tit, still holding her ass with the other hand Marcy made a low a moaning sound her ass pushing back despite her effort to hold perfectly still.

When she felt her son lifting the back of her dress, she whimpered and leaned forward, eyes closed as a feverish shudder went through her. Jerry was going to fuck her again, and she couldn't stop him. She felt her dress lifted to her waist, and she lowered her head, blushing hotly, holding herself up with her elbows on the washing machine.

Jerry gazed at his mother's ass. Her panties were pink, cupping her shapely ass-checks sweetly. He stared at her long thighs, his cock jerking up and down, dripping from his pisshole. He ran his hand over his mother's ass, feeling it. Marcy cried out softly, her ass writhing despite her effort to be still. When he slipped his hand between her thighs, Marcy gave a strangled whimper. Jerry rubbed at her pantied cunt, breathing hard. She felt his cock rubbing at her upper thigh, leaving a trail of hot wetness on her flesh.

"Jerry... please. Jerry!" she cried.

She wasn't sure she was pleading with him to stop or to hurry and shove his cock up her cunt.

"Mother, it feels so good!!" she heard him say behind her. "You feel awfully wet and hot. I like to touch it, Mother!"

"Oh, God!" Marcy sobbed, her cunt responding to his small hand. She felt her clit become painfully hard, and the hairy lips of her cunt seemed to swell like never before.

"Jerry!" she moaned, feeling him starting to slide her panties down. "Jer... please, baby!"

Jerry said nothing. He pulled his mother's panties over her hips and down to her thighs, then he stood staring in awe at her naked ass. His cock jerked up and down, making him moan with hunger.

"It's pretty, Mother!" he groaned, sliding his palm about her naked ass. "It so pretty and smooth!"

Marcy sobbed as her cunt sucked inward. She rested her head on her folded arms across the washing machine, her ass jutting out nakedly to her son. Both his hands fondled her ass, cupping her ass-cheeks, squeezing them, even sliding the edge of his hand up and down the hot split between them. One of his hands moved between her thighs, and Marcy found herself spreading her feet on the floor, shoving her ass to him.

She was very close to orgasm just from the way her son felt about her naked ass, and cunt. Her embarrassment was deep, yet it seemed to enhance her boiling excitement. It made Marcy wonder if being sexually embarrassed was the key to her responses.

"I wanna put it in, Mother!" Jerry moaned in a pleading voice behind her, working his fingers into her cunt. "Ooooh, I wanna put my cock in you so much, Mother!" His fingers slipped in and out of her pussy, and Marcy's ass refused to be still. She wiggled it, twisting and moaning, keeping her flushed face hidden from him.

Before she could stop, words came tearing from her mouth.

"Do it! Do it, damn it!"

"Huh?" Jerry asked, surprised to hear what she said.

"God, do it if you have to!" Marcy hissed. "Put it in me and hurry up!"

She heard her son grunt with pleasure as he pulled his fingers from her pussy. She felt the head of his cock working toward her cunt, slipping up her thigh. She arched her ass to him, crying softly, but with a steaming hunger that made her mind spin.

The head of his cock touched the slit of her cunt, and Marcy almost came. Jerry pushed, and his cock slipped into her cunt from behind with ease. She was so wet and slippery, his cock slithered into her cunt all the way with his single plunge. A soft yelp came from her as she pushed her ass back at him. She uncrossed her hands on the washing machine and gripped the edge of it, her cheek resting on the cool, metal surface, her son's cock buried deep inside her cunt.

Jerry gripped his mother's hips, keeping her dress around her waist, and began to fuck her.

He fucked his cock in and out fast now, fucking her with groaning sounds, the sliding of his throbbing prick pumping fast and hard. Marcy grunted from the pounding he was giving her ass, gripping the washing machine tightly to keep from banging her head on the dials.

"Oooo! Uhhh... ohhhhuuuuhhhh!" she moaned.

Jerry, gasping, as he watched his cock fucking in and out of his mother's cunt, clawed at her hips, pulling her ass back as he drove forward. Marcy began moving, shaking her ass, twisting it and lunging it back to meet the stab of his prick. She squeezed her eyes tightly, making whimpering sounds of that strange ecstasy she had felt that first time flooded her.

This time, she was cooperating fully. She didn't want her son to fuck her like she was some fragile piece of china. She wanted him to fuck into her cunt hard, hard as he could, ram his cock up to her throat. She twisted her naked ass wantonly, the rapture covering up her embarrassment in and out his cock went, his rough jeans scratching the backs of her thighs and exposed ass. But Marcy didn't feel the rough material, all she felt was the hard, throbbing cock fucking into her fiery cunt deep and, fast.

"Hurry!" she moaned, not sure what the meant. "Hurry... oh, God! Jerry, hurry, hurry, hurry!"

"Oh Mother!" Jerry cried out behind her. "It's so good, Mother! You feel so good! I wanna do it all the time, Mother! I wanna do it to you all the time!"

"Push it, push it!" she responded, swinging her naked ass lewdly. "Ohhh, baby, do it hard!"

"I am, Mother!"

"God, yes!" she cried out, thrusting her ass to him. "You are! Ohhh, baby, you sure are!"

Marcy's swollen tits were smashed on top of the washer. She lifted her head, eyes open now, bulging out. She couldn't see, nor did she want to see. The ecstasy seared her, the friction of her son's cock sliding into her cunt thrilled her. She spread her feet wider yet on the floor and strained her cunt to him, striving to get his cock as deep as she possibly could. Her right hand slipped from the edge of the washing machine and between her thighs. She grabbed her son's wildly swinging balls, clutching them eagerly, something she had never done with her ex-husband. There was something about fucking her son that was bringing out the erotic fever Marcy had been unaware of possessing.

"Ohhh, yes, yes!" she screamed now. "Jerry, baby... oh God! Do it hard and fast!"

Jerry gripped his mother's grinding hips, the tip of his tongue between his lips, staring at the wanton grinding of her ass. He could see the crinkle of his mother's asshole as he pulled his cock back, then slammed into her again.

He was knocking Marcy with his eager fuck thrusts, and she cried with the ecstasy. Her cunt was on fire and so wet, grabbing at his cock every time he pulled back, as if afraid it would come out, and she didn't want it to come out. She was close to coming, and she strained for him instead of fighting it.

"Ooooh, Jerry, Jerry!" she cried out. "I'm going to... oh, baby, you're going to make Mother... ooohhhh, God!"

The pulsations erupted, the orgasm rippling through her cunt as tight and hot as it had that first time, if not more. This time Marcy lifted her head and let the scream of ecstasy go.

"Mother!" Jerry growled, digging hard at her hips and running his cock as deep as he could up her cunt. "Mooothhherrrr!"

Marcy squeezed her son's balls, not knowing what she was doing. She felt them become very tight in her hand, then his cock was sending hot, searing gushes of come-juice up her cunt. She felt each squirt, each eruption of fuck-juice as it splashed along the silky walls of her greedy cunt. Each time her son squirted come-juice into her cunt, she gasped and screamed. Her pussy was gripping and squeezing as he came and when her first orgasm began to fade, she went into another, stronger and more powerful than the first.

Her mind blanked out, her legs shaking. If she had not been leaning over the washing machine she would have fallen on her ass.

She could hardly believe how much her son came. He filled her cunt more than the first time, if that was possible. She felt it oozing from the tight, hairy lips of her aunt, around his softening cock, down he inner thighs. Her ex-husband had never come this much.

After the trembling stopped, Marcy couldn't stand up. She had to lean on the washing machine while her legs shook. Her son rested across her back, his cock still up her pussy, slowly deflating. He had his hands on her shoulders now, and when he moved them along her sides, trying to feel her smashed tits, Marcy lifted enough to let him curl his fingers around them.

"It was good, Mother," she heard her son whisper between pants. "It was better than the other night!"

"Jerry, you've got to let me up!" she cried softly.

"I wanna stay here, in you, Mother," he said, squeezing her tits. "I might get hard again and if I do, I wanna do it again to you!"

Marcy felt tremors flood her body, and her cunt clutched, squeezing his now-soft cock out. Jerry moaned a protest.


Now with the heat of passion over, Marcy felt her embarrassment returning. She was surprised at her lack of shame -- she was only embarrassed. She wanted to shove her dress over her ass, pull her panties up so her son couldn't keep looking at her. When she felt him move back, she shoved her dress down, and turned to face him slowly. Her panties dangled halfway down her thighs, but at least they were hidden. Her cunt kept quivering and dripping, the insides of her thighs slippery with his fuck-juices almost to her knees.

For the first time she stared at her son's cock. This was no brief glimpse like the other night. Jerry stood there with a pleased expression on his face, his cock dangling from his open jeans. It glistened wetly in the light from the small window in the laundry room. Crazily, Marcy thought her son's cock looked very cute hanging out that way.

Then she did something that had been alien to her before.

She cupped her son's cock in her hand.

Although there was a burning heat on her beautiful face, she looked her son in the eye as she squeezed his cock.

"I guess we've done it again, haven't we, Jerry?" she said softly, petting his cock.

"I sure like to do it with you, Mother," he giggled as she petted his prick. "I wanna do it to you all the time!"

"So you said," she answered, wishing she would stop blushing like a high school virgin. "Honey... I'm going to take a bath."

Turning him loose and going to her room, she wondered why she had told him she was going to bathe.

She was acting strangely, but Marcy liked the feeling.

She was in her tub, surrounded with scented water, feeling it soothe her flesh and muscles. She had not closed the door to her bedroom, nor to the bathroom.

She was trying again to understand what had happened, and still found no answers. For the first time in her life, she had enjoyed being fucked, really fucked. She had enjoyed it before but it was nothing like getting fucked by her son. She certainly never would have allowed her ex-husband to fuck her while she clung to the washing machine, and certainly never from behind. It was such an open, vulnerable position. But she had allowed her son to fuck her that way, and she had cooperated with him more than she ever had with her ex-husband.

She heard the phone ringing, then the muffled voice of her son as he answered it. The conversation was quick, and then Jerry was calling out from her bedroom door.

"That was Susan again, Mother," he said. "She wants you to call her back later."

"Okay, baby!" Marcy replied.

"I'm gonna take a shower now, Mother!"

"Wait!" Marcy said quickly. "I mean..."

Jerry was at the door, looking in on her. She desperately covered her exposed tits. The tub was open, without doors since there was an adjoining shower stall, and she was exposed to her son's eyes.

"I gotta take a shower, Mother," he said, his eyes glowing as he saw the fan-shape of his mother's pussy-hair under the surface of the water.

"No," Marcy said. "I mean... oh, I don't know what I mean!"

Jerry grinned at her. He had shoved his cock back into his pants and zipped them up, she noticed. "Mother, show me your titties!"

"Show you my... Jerry, shame on you!"

"But we did it, Mother!" he reminded her. "If we do it, I should be able to see your tits, shouldn't I? You saw my cock."

"Jerry!" she gasped at his words.

She was blushing hotly, then with a sudden determination, she knew her son was right. She slowly allowed her arms to slide to her sides, and her tits rose up in lovely roundness, her nipples puckered with hardness. Jerry giggled as he stared at his mother's titties.

"They're beautiful!" he said softly.

Marcy fought against her embarrassment, determined to overcome it. After fucking her son, it was silly to be embarrassed any longer. There didn't seem much she could do about her constantly flushing face, though. Marcy wasn't aware that her blush increased her desirability, her attractiveness.

She lay back in the tub, her head resting on the rim, fully exposed to her son's glazing eyes. It was the first time he had actually seen her naked. Marcy felt the now-familiar sensation of excitement starting to bubble inside her again. It was fun to reveal her naked body to her son, she realized.

She had already finished bathing when Jerry came in, and she had been letting the hot water soothe her flesh and muscles. Now, determined to stop acting so embarrassed, she sat up, then stood. The water dripped from her body, and Jerry stared eagerly at his mother. Marcy remained standing in the tub and let him look, her hands at her sides, her face hot and pink.

Jerry began to loosen his pants, his eyes fixed upon his mother's triangle, silky pussy-hair and tits. He opened the waist of his pants, then while they hung on his hips, stripped his t-shirt off. Marcy listened to his panting as he shoved his pants down, stepping from them. Her eyes went hungrily to his cock and balls. For some time neither moved. They gazed at each other's naked body, both of them knowing the relationship was forever changed between them.

Jerry started toward her.

"No," she murmured throatily, stepping from the tub. "Not here, darling."

She stood before her son, and Jerry ran his hands about her body, feeling her tits, her waist, hips and thighs. He ran a hand behind his mother and stroked her creamy ass, the other hand toying with the soft hair of her cunt. Marcy took hold of her son's cock and felt it hardening. She pumped it slowly, pushing her hand hard to his cock-base, then puffing back on it. What Susan had told her a few days ago burned into her mind. Marcy breathed fast and deep, looking down at his cock in her hand. Her tongue moved over her lips slowly, her eyes starting to glaze.

"My bed," Marcy whispered. "Let's go to Mother's bed, baby."

Releasing her son, still dripping water, Marcy entered her bedroom, knowing her son was gazing at her. She could feel his eyes on her naked ass, burning with eagerness. For the first time in her life she wanted to twitch and sway her ass invitingly. Marcy turned and sat on the edge of the bed, her eyes lifting to her son. Jerry was still in the doorway of the bathroom, watching her, his cock pushing upward with full hardness.

Although her face was hot with blushing, Marcy leaned back on her hands, her rounded tits lifting, her nipples as hard as her son's cock. Slowly, she opened her legs. The wider she opened them, the hotter her cunt tingled. She felt so lewd, so fucking wanton. Her behavior was alien to her normal personality, but Marcy found it intensely exciting. She held her knees wide apart, very wide apart, the cheeks of her ass perched on the edge of the bed, leaning back, a position of willingly offering her son her body, her cunt.

Jerry gasped and stared. The pink wetness of his mother's cunt was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. Framed by her silky dark cunt-hair, her cunt-lips were swollen with desire, and her clit bulged up like a tiny hard-on.

Marcy smiled with embarrassment, her eyes half closing and taking on a steamy, smoldering expression. She writhed her naked ass invitingly, her legs spread as open as possible.

Jerry gave a soft cry, and almost ran toward his mother. Before she was aware of his intentions, Jerry was on his knees between her legs, his hands sliding up her silky flesh. He stared at his mother's cunt for a hot moment, then his face darted forward.

"Jerry!" Marcy gasped, her legs clamping quickly. She caught her son's head between them, his mouth on her cunt.

The heat on Marcy's face deepened when she felt her son kissing at her cunt, his hands digging into her hips. She shuddered. This was something she had never allowed her ex-husband to do. She felt her son's tongue move about her straining clit, sending a jolting series of shocks through her naked body.

As quickly as she had clamped her thighs about his head, she flung them wide apart again, her right hand darting to the back of his head, and pushing her cunt into his mouth hard.

"Ooooh, baby!" she gasped, staring down at his face, almost buried into the soft hair of her cunt.

Jerry licked hotly at his mother's clit, his lips open about her cunt. He closed his mouth over her clit and sucked on it, his tongue flicking the sensitive tip. Marcy moaned and twisted her ass, pressing the back of his head inward as she pushed her cunt to his mouth. She couldn't believe how good this felt. His tongue whipped about her clit, making her hips jerk.

"Oh, my God, Jerry!" Marcy cried out. "Ooooh, baby! Ahhhhh, that's nice, darling! That's very nice!"

Marcy was not innocent. She simply had never enjoyed such things, much too embarrassed to have something like this happen to her. Seldom had she been responsive to a man, but she was going out of her mind now while her son sucked at her clit.

"Oooh, lick it, Jerry!" she sobbed with ecstasy. "Ohhh, my, yes! Lick Mother right there, darling!"

Her flush was gone, replaced by the heat of passion as she lifted her ass to push her cunt as tight as she could into her son's face. Jerry clutched his mother's hips, lowering his mouth to suck at her cunt and dip his tongue into it. His breathing was hot, fanning the soft hair of her cunt and burning her flesh.

Marcy wanted his mouth tighter and closer to her pussy. With her legs as wide apart as she could get them, she strained her clit at his sucking mouth. His tongue slithered in and out of the wetness, and Marcy was sure his tongue went as deep as his cock had. Jerry twisted his tongue in her taint, sending delicious waves of rapture through her. The wet noises her son made with his tongue and sucking lips intensified her pleasure.

"Ohhh, Jerry, Jerry!" she whimpered, arching her cunt tight into his face. "Oh, God, baby! That's wonderful! That's so very good! Ahhhh, lick Mother right there, darling! Oh, yes push your tongue inside me!"

Water droplets clung to her smooth flesh, but the heat inside her was drying them faster than a towel could have. She arched and twisted with wanton movement, her tits swollen hard and aching.

Jerry pulled his face back an inch or so, looking up into his mother's eyes. He kissed the inside of her smooth thigh, licking at her flesh and pushing his mouth again into her cunt. His right hand left her hip and moved past her shaking stomach. When he cupped one of her tits, squeezing it as he plunged his tongue in and out of her juicy cunt, Marcy let out a low, throaty scream of delight.

"You'll make me come!" she gasped. "Oh, baby... are you trying to make Mother come this way?"

A muffled reply came from Jerry, his tongue sliding in and out of her cunt wickedly. He squeezed and cupped and stroked her tits, moving his right hand from one to the other, his left still gripping her trembling hip.

As thrilling as it had been when her son fucked her, Marcy realized there were many more thrills he could give her, wilder, hotter, and in ways she had considered perverse.

"Harder!" she urged, straining her cunt to his sucking mouth. "Oh, God, baby, suck harder! You're going to have me coming... ahhh, this is very good, baby? Suck me... suck my pussy... oh, God, yes! Suck my cunt!"

The word startled her as it came from her mouth, but not for long.

"Eat it, darling!" she shouted, her words adding to her excitement. "Eat my cunt! Ohhh, my cunt, cunt, cunt! Lick Mother's cunt! Mother's hot, hot, wet, wet, hairy, hairy cunt! Cunt... oh, my yes! Cunt, cunt, cunt!"

Jerry fucked his tongue as far into his mother's fiery cunt as he could, wiggling it about, drawing her fuck-juices into his mouth and swallowing them eagerly. He lapped along each puffy cunt-lip, swirling his tongue through her soft cunt-hair, then about her swollen clit, only to fuck it back into her cunt again.

Marcy was out of her mind with ecstasy. She swung her ass about, holding her crotch up with her feet on the floor and her left arm behind her. She pushed at the back of her son's head as hard as she could, trying to stuff his face into her pussy. The dam was broken now -- Marcy no longer thought of what her son was doing to her as perverse. Anything that could feel this good couldn't be perverse. How could any kind of pleasure be perverse?

"Ahhhh, darling, suck Mother's cunt!" she cried out with her newly discovered passions. "Suck Mother's cunt! Lick Mother's pussy, Mother's cunt, Mother's snatch, Mother's cunt! Ahhh, baby, tongue Mother's cunt and make me come! Ohhh, you're fucking my pussy with your tongue, Jerry! You're fucking Mother in the hot cunt with your tongue, and baby. Mother loves it!"

"Shut up, for crying out loud!" Jerry snarled, his mouth full of pussy-juice. "I'm trying to concentrate."

"Hold my ass!" Marcy shouted. "Oh, God... hold Mother's ass tight! Grab Mother's naked ass and suck Mother's wet cunt!"

Taking her words literally, Jerry pulled his hand from her swollen tit and shoved them both underneath her ass. Cupping her firm, round ass-cheeks, he dove into her cunt and sucked frantically, his tongue everywhere, inside her, outside her, on her cunt and almost on her steamy asshole.

Squealing with rapture, Marcy fell back onto the bed, humping her cunt into her son's face in a frenzy. She clawed at her tits, pulling at them almost painfully. Her face twisted from side to side as she squealed and shrieked in ecstasy.

"I'm about to come! Oh, Jerry you're going to make Mother come! Fuck my cunt harder and faster and deeper and... ohhh, God! Suck my cunt and lick my cunt and eat my cunt and... oooohhhh!"

The convulsions struck suddenly.

The spasms of her hairy, juicy cunt grabbed for her son's tongue, the rippling action of her pussy sucking at it. Marcy screamed loudly, smashing her legs about her son's head, capturing his willing mouth into her cunt. She dug brutally into her tits as she came, her ass bucking up and down, smashing into Jerry's hungry mouth wetly. The force of her orgasm threatened to blow Marcy apart, but it went on and on with contractions until it started to hurt.

"No more?" she pleaded, trying to push his face out of her crotch. "Please, darling, no more! Stop, baby! Ohhh, please don't lick my pussy anymore!"

Jerry pulled his face out of his mother's crotch, grinning up at her. His lower face glistened wetly, and he looked very proud of what he had done. Marcy cupped her pussy with one hand, very gently, feeling it pulsate. Her fuck-juices had dripped along the crack of her ass, making her ass-cheeks and her inner thighs slippery. Jerry was still cupping the cheeks of her ass, and he slowly pulled his hands away.

As he rested his chin on her bushy cunt-hair and looked up at his mother, his eyes shone.

"You said cunt, Mother," he said. "You were yelling at me to suck your cunt and to lick your cunt and... oh, Mother! You were sure excited!"

"I guess I was," she breathed, smiling down at him.

She felt a flush start to develop over her face, and fought it off. She was determined never again to feel embarrassment. How she had lived so long without knowing how much fun this could be, she didn't know. Why, there wasn't anything wrong with using your mouth at all, she thought. It was fantastic the way her son had sucked her cunt, making her come so strongly. How she could have thought using a mouth was distasteful, Marcy just didn't know.

Again she remembered what Susan had said a few days ago: "Something about tasting a pussy on his cock excited me."

Those were Susan's exact words, she recalled. And Jerry had fucked her before she bathed, and he had not showered yet, she remembered. The scent and taste of her cunt would still be on his cock.

Marcy pulled her legs to the bed, lying on her side, her mind reeling with what she was thinking about. Other girls did it, she told herself. Other girls seemed to enjoy it. At least Susan enjoyed it. That was what Susan told her tasting a pussy on a cock was exciting.

"Jerry," she whispered. "Stand up for Mother."

Jerry stood, his cock jutting out with raging hardness, his cock-head swollen smooth. She watched a bead of fuck-juice form on his little slit of a piss-hole. She looked at her son's balls, seeing how full they looked. The scanty fuzz at the base of his cock seemed to her very exciting. Her ex-husband had beep very, very hairy, almost concealing his big balls. She had not liked so much hair.

Jerry stood up proudly, showing his hard-on to his mother as if it was his most precious treasure. And it was, Marcy felt. While her son stood looking down at her, Marcy moved her face closer to his cock. For a moment she almost blacked out. Then she caught the scent of him. She breathed in deeply, the odor of his cock and her cunt sending a wanton shiver about her naked flesh.

"Are you gonna put it in your mouth, Mother?" Jerry asked, shifting from foot to foot with eagerness.

Marcy cupped his young balls, feeling how hard they were, the heat of them. She nodded her head, her eyes glittering as she ran her tongue over her lips.

"I want to taste you, too, darling," she whispered softly.

"I want to see what you... your cock, tastes like! Oh, yes, your beautiful cock, baby! You're so hard, your beautiful cock!"

She squeezed his prick, watching his cockhead bulge bigger. His piss-hole opened, fuck-juices seeping from it. She was still on her side at the edge of the bed, and feeling lewd again. She lifted one leg, bending it at the knee and revealing her cunt to her son, knowing now how much visual stimulation could excite him. Jerry looked down at his mother's exposed cunt, leaning over slightly and running his hand along her fiery, hairy cunt-lips.

"Mmmnmm!" Marcy purred and twisted her ass while she stroked his cock a few times. She moved her face closer to him, and inhaled the scent, thinking Susan had been finding the smell of cunt on a cock was exciting.

Jerry pushed his fingers into his mother's cunt, and Marcy made a low gurgling sound deep in her throat, squeezing his cock hard at the base.

Jerry gasped.

Boiling come-juice gushed from his prick, splashing into Marcy's face.

She sucked in her breath, jerking back in surprise.

"Ohhh, baby!" she moaned. "So fast, darling!"

"I can't help it, Mother!"

"I know!" Marcy whimpered, and began to jack her son's cock fast, making the spewing come-juice squirt rapidly. She moved her face closer and let her son spray into it. The wet heat of his come-juice splattering her face sent tremors of excitement through her. When he started coming, Jerry pushed his fingers deep into his mother's cunt, and Marcy almost came again.

Come-juice dripped on her face.

She clutched her son's cock tightly, feeling it pulsate. Jerry's hips pumped back and forth as he came, groaning softly. His come-juice splashed on her forehead, the tip of her nose, one cheek. Marcy made soft gasping sounds as she jacked him off, her eyes glazed with passion, watching his piss-hole spurt.

When her face was drenched, he stopped coming. Marcy was disappointed. She wanted her son to come and come and keep coming. Feeling him come into her face was exciting, and she found nothing perverse about that, either. She wasn't even embarrassed, which delighted her.

The head of his cock was slippery with fuck-juices, and she pulled it to her tit, smearing his piss-hole on her rigid nipple. She rubbed her son's cock about the silky flesh of her tit until it gleamed wetly. Then she lifted it upward, shoving the tip of her tongue from her lips. She placed her tongue on the underside of her son's cock, tasting his come-juice. She slowly dragged her tongue up to his piss-hole, wiggling it there, her dark eyes flashing up at his delighted face.

"I came too fast, Mother," he panted. "I didn't mean to do it in your face. I'm sorry."

"I'm not," Marcy purred. "It was fun, baby. I've never had a cock come off in my face before, but you can do it any time you want, I suppose I'm a mess, with your come-juice dripping off my cheeks, but I don't give a... a big fuck!"

Jerry giggled. "I don't if you don't, Mother. I mean, give a big fuck!"

Marcy laughed softly, wrapping her arm about her son's naked hip and clutching his ass, burying her face into his cock and balls, nuzzling there and mewling softly. The feel of a cock and balls in her face wasn't anywhere as bad as she thought it would be. On the contrary, it was good, felt very good to have them in her face.


The telephone was ringing again, and Jerry started to pickup the extension at her bedside.

"Fuck it," Marcy said, stopping him. "Let the fucking thing ring!"

Jerry drew his hand back. "Right! Let the fucking thing ring!"

They began to laugh as Jerry fell over his mother's naked body. Clutching each other, delighted in themselves, they rolled and wrestled playfully about the bed, messing the sheets and not caring. They grabbed at each other, Jerry for his mother's tits, her creamy ass, her bushy cunt. Marcy for her son's ass, his cock and balls. They hugged and kissed like two eager, hot-assed teenager's discovering a cunt and cock for the first time. The telephone soon stopped ringing, and Marcy, on her back, flung her arms and legs wide open, looking up at her son between her thighs.

"I'm yours," she said. "Do what you want with me."

Her eyes twinkled happily.

"Really, Mother?" Jerry asked, grinning down. "I can really do what I wanna do with you?"

"Anything," Marcy whispered.

"But I thought..." Jerry stopped, turning his eyes away.

"What did you think?" she asked, feeling suspicious.

"I heard things, Mother," he said, obviously not wanting to go on.

"Tell me what things, and where you heard them," Marcy insisted.

"Aw, Mother," Jerry said, rolling off her and lying at her side. "I don't wanna get anyone in trouble."

"You've been listening to your father, haven't you?" Marcy said. "He's been saying things about me, hasn't he?"

"I guess so," Jerry replied. "I don't believe the things he says, Mother."

"What has he said?" Marcy insisted. "Tell me, Jerry."

"Just that you weren't a very good wife, that's all."

"It was more than that, honey," Marcy said. "I know your father very well."

"You won't let him know I told you?"

"Of course not," she promised.

"He said you were a cold person," Jerry said. "He said you didn't know how to make a man happy."

"That was all?"

Jerry nodded. "But Susan told him to shut up, Mother. She won't listen to him when he talks bad about you."

Marcy thought back to the other day and what Susan had told her. It was very unusual for a stepmother to stand up for a boy's real mother, she knew. But what Susan had told her, what Susan had almost done to her, in fact did do to her made her come by touching the crotch of her panties, made Marcy realize Susan wasn't the stereotype stepmother after all.

"What does your stepmother think about me?" Marcy asked, knowing she was putting her son on the spot.

"She thinks you're nice, Mother," Jerry said. "She told me you're the nicest woman she's ever known. She really likes you. Are you gonna go to the amusement park with us next weekend, Mother? Please, come with us!"

"Your father wouldn't like me there."

"He won't be with us," Jerry reminded her. "It will be just you and me and Susan."

The idea of spending the weekend with her son and Susan appealed to Marcy. The only thing wrong with it that she could see was the distance they would have to drive. They would have to stay overnight, and being so close to her son without touching him, playing with his cock, getting fucked by him, would be hard on her, but at least she would be with him and not alone.

"I'll have to discuss it with Susan," she said finally.

Jerry hugged her tightly, kissing her tit. "Are you gonna wash your face, Mother?"

"No, I don't think so. Not yet, anyway," Marcy said, running her tongue over her lips. "I like to feel your come-juice on my face."

Her hand moved to his cock, and when she held it, he began to turn hard again.

"Do you always get hard so fast?" she asked, squeezing his cock. "I like that!"

In her mind she was thinking about what his father had told him. She was not that way at all, she said to herself. She was not cold and she had just proved it to her son. She could make a man happy. She had made her son happy. Her determination increased and she wanted Jerry to know his father was telling him lies. There was only one way she knew how to prove it to Jerry.

"Sit on my stomach, baby!" she said, her voice going husky. She pulled at his cock. "Sit on Mother's stomach and let me play with your cock and balls. I bet I can have you coming again real soon!"

"I like to come, Mother!" He giggled, straddling her stomach, his knees in her armpits.

Marcy felt his hot ass on her flesh. His balls touched her ribs and his cock pointed toward her face. She pressed his cock against her skin, and Jerry twisted his ass. She felt the heat of his young ass on her body, and she wrapped one hand around him, urging him to scoot upward toward her face.

"Lift up a minute," she whispered.

Jerry lifted, and Marcy adjusted one of her nipples.

"Sit down on Mother's titty," she mewled. She felt her son's hot asshole on her nipple as he sat, almost flattening her tit. His cock was half hard, and she lowered her chin to her neck. She found she could kiss the head of his cock as he sat on her tit. She kissed it, then ran her tongue out to lick at his little piss-hole. Jerry watched her, his eyes taking on a gleam of delight. Lifting her head, Marcy closed her hot lips around the head of her son's cock, sucking it.

The taste was strange, but she found it exciting. His smooth cock-head between her lips and her tongue sent a shiver through her.

She had not tasted a cock before, and she wondered what had taken her so long to do it. She tasted his come-juice lingering on his piss-hole, and wrapped her arms about his hips, drawing him up. She slipped her lips along the shaft of her son's cock, feeling them tingle and stretch. Her tongue pushed his cock to the roof of her mouth, and then his cock-head brushed at her throat. Her lips pressed against the base, and her eyes rolled in wanton dreaminess.

She began to make soft purring sounds as she sucked up and down, sliding her lips on her son's cock. She tasted the juices dripping from his piss-hole again, and to her delight, she liked the taste.

"Mmmmm, delicious?" she purred as she pulled her mouth off his cock. "You really taste good, baby! Your cock has a very good taste, hot and hard and you're dripping. See how you drip?"

She licked a bead of fuck-juice off his piss-hole with her tongue, giggling lewdly.

Jerry lifted his hips, urging his mother to suck his cock. But Marcy was in a playful mood, pleased with herself. She lapped at the throbbing shaft of his cock, tickling his hairless balls with the tip of her tongue. When Jerry tried to push his cock into her mouth, she turned her head to one side, giggling wickedly as it slipped along her cheek and to her ear. Before he pulled back, she grabbed at his balls with her mouth, and sucked, them in.

"Ohhh, Mother!"

"Mmmmm!" she mewled, looking up at his twisting face as she sucked his balls, his cock throbbing so hotly on her cheek. She licked and sucked hard, her lips burning. The taste of his balls in her mouth sent a rippling sweetness through her cunt. She pressed her thighs together, then spread them open again, then pressed them together again. She cupped her son's ass with both hands, pulling his crotch into her face. Jerry slipped his knees along her head, and Marcy let his balls go.

Her tongue flicked past them and wiggled at the crack of his ass. Jerry's eyes went wide, his breath catching in his throat.

"I'm so horrible!" Marcy murmured with her face in his crotch. "But I love it!"

His balls were on her nose, his cock on her forehead. Instinctively, with her cunt on fire again, Marcy probed her son's asshole with her tongue, licking at his ass-ring, circling it, pressing the tip of her tongue at the pucker. She pulled his ass-cheeks open, and closed her open lips around his asshole, and began to suck it.

"Mother!" Jerry gasped.

Marcy couldn't believe she was doing this. A few days ago she would not have put her mouth on any cock, and here she was sucking on her son's asshole! Maybe she couldn't believe it, but she knew how much excitement she was feeling!

Jerry began to twist his ass in her face, staring down at her. All he could see was the top of his mother's head, but he could feel what her tongue was doing to his asshole. His cock throbbed with a tight hardness, and it was dripping in her hair. He pushed at his cock with a hand, smashing it onto her nose and forehead. Marcy moaned in pleasure and with a muffled squeal, suddenly fucked her tongue into her son's whole. Jerry gave a yelp, twisting his ass into her face.

"Mother! What are you doing to me? Ooooh, that's nice, Mother!"

Marcy ran her tongue up her son's tight asshole, fucking it as deep as she could, her lips burning about the crinkle. She pushed up on his ass, pulling her tongue out. "I'm sucking your fucking hot asshole, that's what I'm doing, baby!"

And she began to tongue-fuck her son up his hot asshole swiftly again, moaning and twisting her mouth into the crack of his ass.

"You'll make me come again?" he warned. Marcy ignored his words and stabbed her tongue up and down, lifting her head from the bed to put her mouth tighter into his ass. She loved the way his little asshole clung to her tongue. She mouthed him wetly, making low sobs of ecstasy in her throat, writhing her naked ass on the mussed-up sheets of the bed.

"Mother, suck me!" Jerry howled.

Enraptured by what she was doing to her son, Marcy fucked her tongue in and out of his crinkling, fiery asshole, feeling his balls become hotter on her nose, his cock throbbing deliciously on her forehead. She knew her son would be getting ready to come, yet she didn't want to take her tongue out of his asshole. The way his asshole clung to her tongue, the way it puckered and gripped, amazed Marcy. The very idea that she had her tongue up an asshole, her son's asshole, was enough to drive her wild. Her cunt never felt so hot, so wet!

Moaning in a mindless way, she ran her tongue as deep as she could, sucking feverishly about the pucker of his asshole. Jerry was twisting his ass into his mother's face, gasping and groaning as his cock jerked about, still dripping into her hair. Marcy arched her hips into the air, the cheeks of her creamy ass bunched tightly, her legs open. Her clit was pulsating painfully. The swelling feel of an orgasm was boiling inside her cunt.

Then, Marcy was coming. She moaned loudly into her son's asshole as her cunt convulsed, her hips jerking, her ass beating up and down on the bed. She came very strongly, yet her tongue fucked in and out of her son's whole swiftly, stabbing, sucking. It was hard for her to believe she was coming this way. No one was touching her cunt -- she was coming because she was sucking her son's asshole!

The strength of her orgasm grew until Marcy could hardly stand it. She smashed her thighs together, crossing her legs, crying out with her lips hard upon Jerry's asshole. A sigh came from her as the spasms slowed, and although her cunt was still pulsating, it felt very good and not as painful.

"You came, Mother!" Jerry groaned. "You really came, didn't you?"

Marcy's tongue slipped from her son's asshole, and she tilted her head, dragging it over his fiery, young balls. Her eyes smoldered wetly as his cock pulled from them, leaving a trail of fuck-juice on her forehead.

"God, I sure did come!" she breathed, grinning widely up at her squatting son. "You'd never believe how hard I came, darling!"

"You gotta suck me now?" Jerry panted, his cock rubbing along her nose. "You just gotta suck me off now, Mother!"

"Mmmmm, I know!" she purred happily as his cock dragged downward. She kissed his hard cock-shaft as it slipped along her lips, the tip of her tongue flicking at it. "Give your cock to me. Mother will suck it off now!"

Jerry lifted slightly, and Marcy opened her mouth. Looking up at his expectant face, she moved a hand over his thigh and pushed down on his cock. His cock-head burned between her lips as she pulled it in. Jerry, looking down at her mouth, moaned in delight, his eyes glazed slightly. Marcy purred around her son's cock as she tasted herself on it. She understood, now, what Susan had meant. Sucking Jerry's cock while the scent and taste of her cunt lingered on it was delicious!

Jerry was almost sitting on her tits again, and Marcy had to hold her head up to suck him, gliding her lips back and forth. It was an awkward position far her, and it made her neck tired in a short time. But Jerry leaned over her, his hands on the bed above her head, lifting to his knees, watching between them. Marcy gave a soft whimper and wrapped her arms about his hips, cupping the tightness of his young ass. When Jerry pushed his cock down, Marcy swallowed it joyfully.

On his hands and knees above her face, Marcy now bobbed her mouth up and down on her son's cock, gripping his ass. The feel of his cock was hot and hard on her tingling lips. The pleasure she felt by having his cock in her mouth was strange, but Marcy knew she loved it there.

"Ahhhh, that's good, Mother!" Jerry gasped, humping his ass with her mouth. "Your mouth is hot and wet and... ohhh, what you can do with your tongue!"

His comments delighted her. Marcy wasn't sure how to suck a cock that would best please him. She was gliding her lips up and down by instinct, knowing that that had to be the way to suck cock. Her tongue moved and flicked and tasted because she wanted it that way, not because she knew that was how to suck a cock.

As her son's plunging movements grew, she found it more relaxing to let her head rest on the bed, and allowed her son to fuck up and down. The image flitted through her mind that she was being fucked in her mouth, fucked as if her mouth was her cunt. The sliding heat of his hard cock on her lips and tongue made her shiver, and she gripped his bouncing, naked ass tighter, urging him to fuck into her mouth. She mewled, liking the feel of his cock in her mouth.

She had to swallow often, mostly because his cock dripped a lot, but her mouth kept watering up, too. That made her think about when her son came. What would it be like, she wondered, feeling his cock squirt into her mouth? How would it taste? Would she enjoy his cock gushing into her mouth? Could she swallow that hot, thick load of his come-juice?

"Ooooh, Mother, I love this!" Jerry whined, pumping his cock in and out of her mouth, fucking her... "This feels so good, Mother! Ahhh, my cock is so hard!"

The wet sounds of his cock throbbing up and down between her lips created renewed heat in Marcy's cunt. The insides of her long thighs were drenched with her fuck-juices, slippery. She felt her fuck-juices on the curves of her ass, even in her ass-crack. Jerry's cock smashed down, her lips at the base. She wondered if her mouth would be bruised, and realized she didn't mind if they were.

Crazily, Susan kept flashing in and out of her mind. She kept feeling Susan's hand on her thigh, on her cunt outside her panties. She could almost feel Susan's fingers sliding along the fiery, fuzzy slit of her cunt, agitating her clit. The stronger the mental image became, the more greedily she sucked on her son's, cock. She clutched at Jerry's bobbing ass, holding his asscheeks in her palms and pulling him down, the head of his cock brushing into her throat. She didn't choke when that happened, much to her surprise. The dripping juices of his prick ran past her tongue and to her throat, creating a slight, but very delicious, burning feeling.

"Ohhhh, Mother, Mother!" Jerry groaned, humping faster. "It's almost like fucking your cunt! I love getting sucked, Mother! Ooooh, I bet you suck better than any mother in the whole fucking world!"

Marcy made a throaty sound and started lifting her head as her son came down, smashing her lips at the base, and pulling back when he lifted. His cock-head almost came out of her mouth a couple of times, but she was fast with her lips. She no longer wondered what would happen when her son came -- her excitement was such that she wasn't going to let him go when he came, no matter what. Maybe she would choke and gag on his hot come-juices, but she was not going to let his cock out of her mouth until it happened.

Jerry was groaning loudly now, humping up and down, his cock stabbing with fury swiftly into her mouth. Marcy felt his cock grow harder yet, the throbs more powerful. There was an increase in the dripping, and her mouth seemed to fill with fuck-juices until she wondered if he was coming. She gulped his fuck-fluids down, darting her mouth up and down to the beating of his cock, her fingers clawing at his naked ass. His balls banged upon her chin as he rammed inward. Jerry was using her mouth as if it were her cunt, and Marcy was greedily taking it.

"Mother! Ohhhh, Mother!" Jerry wailed. "I'm about to come! Ohhh, I think I'm gonna come so fucking hard! Suck, mother, suck!"

Marcy sucked. She sucked as if her life depended on his cock. Jerry was thrusting into her mouth frantically, the head of his cock almost sliding down her throat. She clung to his ass, determined to hold his cock in her mouth as he came, no matter what. She had refused to suck her ex-husband's cock, but she was devouring her son's, sucking at him mindlessly, ravenously. She sucked on her son's cock as if her very life depended on it, depended on what his hot balls had to offer her.

Jerry cried out, running his cock deep into his mother's mouth. She felt his ass tighten in her hands.

Then her mouth was filling.

Squirt after squirt of his boiling come-juice splashed and burned into her throat. Marcy's eyes opened with surprise, then closed again.

She dug hard into his asscheeks, holding him down, his cock spurting into her mouth. Marcy swallowed, at first to keep from choking. But as the hot taste of his come-juice flooded her mouth, she began to suck him feverishly because she loved it. Her throat worked swiftly to swallow, but he came too much. His creamy fuck-juice seeped past her lips and around the corners of them, running over her cheeks. She struggled to swallow it all, but he came too much and too fast for her inexperienced mouth and throat.


The phone was ringing again, but the sound seemed to come from a long ways off.

Jerry lifted his cock from his mother's mouth, sprawling alongside her head, gasping for air. Marcy lay on her back, her mouth dripping come juice, her eyes open wonderingly. She was very pleased with herself, just as her son had been when he sucked and licked on her pussy. She ran her tongue about her lips slowly, finding them slightly bruised. She tasted his come-juice and licked it from her lips to swallow it. Her mouth had an unexpected pleasant taste. She wiped at her cheeks with her fingers, then licked them.

"Mmmmm," she mewled softly, turning her head and kissing at her son's cock tenderly. "You're nice, baby. You tasted very good!"

"That fucking phone!" Jerry said, trying out his words. "That fucking phone is about to ring off the fucking table, Mother."

"I suppose we better answer the fucking thing!" She grinned up at him. "We can't have the fucking thing ring off the fucking table, can we?"

She flipped over with her back to her son and pulled the phone to her.

As she spoke into it, she felt her son rubbing his limp cock up and down the crack of her naked ass. Shoving her ass to him, she heard Susan's voice on the phone.

"I've been trying to talk to you, Marcy," Susan said. "Didn't Jerry say I called?"

"He told me," Marcy replied, "but I got busy and forgot to call you back."

"It isn't important," Susan said. "Did Jerry mention this coming weekend?"

"Well? Would you like to go with us?" Susan said. "You know Brad won't be with us. It would be just you and I and Jerry. I'm sure our son, would love to spend the day with the two of us."

"It's such a long trip, Susan," Marcy answered. "We'd have to stay overnight."

"What's wrong with that? We could cut our expenses by sharing a room."

That was exactly what Marcy didn't want. Sharing a room with Susan would prevent her from fucking Jerry, and she wasn't sure she could spend the whole weekend so close to him without getting her hands on his lovely young cock.

"Well, how about it, Marcy?" Susan asked. "I'll have to think about it," Marcy said, feeling her son placing his cock into the crack of her ass.

She bunched her ass-cheeks, squeezing the head his cock. His cock-head rested upon the pucker of her asshole, feeling strange there. She pushed back at him, shoving a hand over her lips to his and drawing him close. Jerry pushed at her ass, reaching around to cup one of her tits. Marcy moaned softly, unable to stop the sound.

"Something wrong?" Susan asked.

"No, no!" Marcy said quickly.

Jerry had pulled his cock away and was kissing down her smooth back, his tongue exciting her. Marcy was having difficulty keeping her voice level. She swatted at her son but missed. Jerry giggled and pushed his face down until he was kissing at the swells of her ass. Marcy twisted her ass when she felt his hot, wet tongue licking her silky ass-cheeks.

"I'm sure Jerry would love to be with both of us for the weekend," Susan said. "It would be so much more fun if you went with us. You know, when we have him, his father is seldom around anymore. All his time is spent with his teenage cunts. It's just me and Jerry. I think of him as our son, you know. I really love that little guy!"

Marcy wanted to ask if she loved him the way she did, with her cunt and mouth, but she knew she could never ask Susan such a question. Jerry was turning her, positioning her, and she kept talking as coherently as she could to Susan. Jerry turned her onto her stomach, then lifted her ass into the air. Marcy pulled her knees up, trying to carry on her conversation with Jerry's stepmother. She moaned again when she felt her son's tongue probe against her cunt back there. She spread her knees on the bed and shoved her pussy to him. Susan was talking, but Marcy could hardly understand the words. Jerry was fucking his tongue into her cunt, licking around her hairy cunt-lips.

"Oohhh!" Marcy gasped.

Jerry had run his tongue over her asshole.

"What's wrong, Marcy?"

"I... uh, I almost dropped the phone," Marcy said, her voice shaky now.

Jerry was lapping at her asshole like it was his favorite dessert, and his tongue was so wet and hot!

"Susan, I think I have to go now," Marcy said, unable to keep the breathless sound out of her voice. "I've got to... I think I hear someone at the door... the back door..."

Jerry giggled when he heard what his mother said, and he licked his tongue up her asshole.

"Ahhhhh!" Marcy whined.

"Marcy," Susan said, giving a lewd laugh, "if I didn't know any better, I'd swear you had a cock up your cunt. You're making sounds like a woman being fucked!"

"You're wrong," Marcy hissed. "I am not being... what you said."

"You sure you don't have a secret lover stashed there?" Susan teased.

"No, I don't," Marcy groaned. Jerry's tongue was deep inside her asshole, fucking in and out, his breath hot on her flesh. Fighting back a groan of ecstasy, Marcy pushed her ass into her son's face, his chin almost slipping into her cunt as his tongue buried deeper into her asshole. She couldn't hear a word Susan was saying now. Marcy's eyes were closed as she gripped the phone to her ear, her knuckles white.

Jerry pulled his tongue from his mother's asshole, fucking it into her cunt. Marcy almost fainted with ecstasy. While he pumped his tongue in and out of her cunt, his nose seemed to be trying to slide up her asshole. She strained her ass back, wiggling it lewdly.

"Jerry!" she gasped, his tongue now licking from her inflamed tit, into the hairy slit of her wet cunt, and then about her asshole, finally plunging into it. He poked his tongue up his mother's asshole, then back to her cunt, then up again. He was taking turns probing Marcy's asshole and cunt, and Marcy was about to drop the phone. "Jerry... Jerry!"

"What's that kid doing?" Susan asked over the phone.

"N-nothing," Marcy whispered. "Susan, I have to go. I'll go you back, I promise!"

"You didn't return my call," Susan reminded Marcy, and started talking about the weekend trip, wanting to convince Marcy to go.

Jerry pulled his tongue and face out of his mother's uplifted ass and Marcy felt his cock sliding about her cunt. She pooched her pussy between her thighs, and her son fucked his prick into it. Marcy swallowed a gasp of shivery pleasure, pushing to him.

But Jerry fucked only a few times into his mother's cunt, then pulled his cock out. Marcy's eyes opened wide when she felt him dragging his cock upward.

She swatted her hand back at him when she felt the head of his cock pushing at her puckered asshole. She wigged, trying to make him move, but Jerry was giggling softly as he rubbed the head of his cock about her asshole.

She felt him increasing the pressure, and she was afraid she would make some tell-tale sound that Susan would understand clearly. She couldn't hang up while Susan was talking; Marcy was not rude. But she couldn't let her son shove his cock into her asshole. The pressure increased in her ass, and she tried to pull from him. But Jerry held her hips, pushing inward. He was giggling softly, and Marcy couldn't make him stop. She closed her eyes, holding her breath, knowing that if he fucked his cock up her asshole, she would scream.

She felt the head of her son's cock sliding forward, felt the ring of her asshole opening, stretching. She swatted at Jerry again, but all he did was giggle and fuck his cock harder.

"I've... Susan, I've... got to ohhhhh!"

The head of her son's cock penetrated her asshole. Marcy choked, swallowing the scream just in time. She felt her asshole holding the head of her son's cock, felt a slight, tearing kind of pain, but it wasn't really hurting her.

"Susan, I've got to go!" Marcy almost shouted, then slammed the phone onto the hook.

She tried to pull her asshole from his cock, but Jerry jerked her hips back, and his prick slithered all the way inside her ass.

"Ohhhh, Jerry!" Marcy squealed, digging her fingers into the sheets of her bed.

She rested her head and shoulders on the bed, her ass held very high. With the full length of her son's cock up her asshole, that tearing sensation had receded. Her ass felt stuffed, very full, and she could feel his cock throbbing so hotly. His balls pushed upon her cunt, and Marcy closed her eyes as this new sensation filled her. It wasn't as bad as she had thought it would be. On the contrary, the very lewdness of taking her son's cock up her ass excited her.

"God, Jerry!" she cried softly. "Oh, my God! What are you doing to me? OOOHHHH, baby, what are you making me turn into?"

"I'm just having fun, Mother," Jerry gasped as he felt his mother's asshole grip his cock. "It sure feels good, Mother! You seem so tight and hot this way!"

"Are you going to fuck me there?"

"I wanna," he said, his fingers gripping at her hips.

"God, do it!" she hissed, swaying her upturned ass. "Do it to me that way, baby! Ohhhhh, yes, fuck me there! Fuck me in my ass! My ass is so hot, so fucking hot?"

Marcy felt so wanton, so lewd, and taking her son's cock up her asshole seemed to be the ultimate surrender to him. He made her want to do everything, no matter how wicked. In just a few short days, she was becoming insatiable for cock, her son's cock.

"Ohhhh, God, baby fuck me?" she sobbed. "Ram it up Mother's ass! Fuck Mother in the ass! Fuck Mother's asshole!"

"Oh, yeah, Mother!" Jerry groaned, then began to fuck his cock back and forth, staring at the way her asshole clutched it. He pulled until his cock-head almost came out, but Marcy thrust her ass back quickly, moaning. She shook her naked ass wildly as her son pumped into it.

With her hands above her head, clawing at the sheets, she listened to the slapping of his body against her ass, his balls beating upon her hairy, juicy cunt, his cock driving so deep. The way her asshole stretched thrilled her as much as that first time her son had fucked her. She whimpered and cried out with passion, urging her son to fuck hard.

"Ram it to me, Jerry! Ohhhh, baby, ram your sweet cock up Mother's ass! Fuck that hot asshole, baby! Ohhh, yes, yes, it's so fucking wonderful! Come up Mother's ass... fill Mother's asshole with sweet, hot come-juice!"

Marcy was babbling lewdly, exciting herself and her son with her words.

Her tits were being scraped on the sheet, her nipples on fire, her cum dripping down the insides of her long thighs. Her asshole squeezed hard around her son's cock, and her clit was straining again. Things were happening to Marcy, things she had never dreamed would happen to her. Her son was setting her body and mind on fire, making her emotions whirl with erotic sensations she didn't know she possessed.

"Shove it to me! Give Mother your wonderful cock, baby?" she cried out. "I love it, Jerry! Ohhhh, your sweet, hard, young cock! Fuck me, darling! Fuck Mother up the ass... up the hot asshole! Ahhhh, this is so good, so fucking good! I had no idea it would feel so good... a hard cock up my asshole!"

"You sure make my balls hot, Mother!" Jerry gasped as he fucked his cock back and forth. "You make my cock hard and my balls hot! I love to fuck you... fuck your cunt, fuck you in the mouth, fuck you in the asshole!"

"Yes, yes!" Marcy sobbed. "You're making your mother feel like a fucking whore! You're turning me into your whore, darling! But, oh God... I love it! Make me your whore, Jerry! Make Mother your hot cunt, cock-sucking whore!"

The intensity of her passion was unlimited. Her asshole was burning the way her cunt did, and her son's cock was ramming so deliciously, the friction on her tight ass-ring sending tremors of wicked rapture about her creamy skin. Marcy spread her knees farther on the bed, arching her crotch high, as lewd as she could, feeling his balls bang against her cunt as his cock moved deeply into her asshole.

"Ohhhhh, you're about to Mother come again!" Marcy squealed. "Your cock... up my ass, is about to make my cunt... ohhhh, I am coming!"

As her cunt convulsed in rippling waves of orgasm, she slammed her ass tightly onto her son's cock. The contractions sent a wild, steamy, squeezing motion to her asshole, and Jerry felt his cock being sucked powerfully. He tried to pull back, but his mother's asshole held it at the base much too strongly.

"Mother, you're gonna make me come!"

Marcy heard her son's grunting words, but she was squealing and shaking her naked ass while her cunt came with wet orgasms. She felt her son strain into her asshole since he couldn't pull back, his fingers digging hard into her hips. She heard him moan, and then his cock spurted, sending steaming squirts rapidly up her asshole.

Marcy lifted her head from the bed and screamed.

Every inch of her naked body shuddered, the ecstasy intense.

"Oh, my God. Oh, my God!"

Jerry slumped across his mother's ass, his hands clutching at her tits now, his cock softening, still caught by the clamping ring of her asshole...

Marcy had agreed to spend the weekend with her son and Susan at the amusement park. She had agreed reluctantly because she was aware of how difficult it would be for them to keep their hands off each other. But at least she would be with him, about to hug or kiss him instead of spending a lonely weekend at home.

Jerry was excited about the coming weekend. In his youth, he never thought he would be unable to fuck his mother. As far as he was concerned, they could always manage to fuck, somehow.

"I'll be with both my mothers," he laughed happily. "I gotta be the luckiest guy in the world, Mother!"

Marcy rumbled his hair, hugging him. She didn't feel jealous because he liked Susan. It was good that he did. Susan was not the stereotypical stepmother by any means. Marcy felt Susan truly loved and cared for Jerry, and the proof was in the way she tried to entertain him on the weekends.


The night before they were scheduled to go on the trip, Marcy fucked her son exhaustively, sucking on his cock continuously. They spent all Friday fucking wildly, and by that time they were so tired, Marcy's cunt and asshole throbbed with soreness, and her jaws ached. What amazed her was how Jerry kept up with her, his cock responding with hardness and his balls unloading thick, creamy come-juice every time.

Saturday morning, all her muscles were aching. She woke up first, and lay in bed watching her son as he slept. In sleep, he looked even younger, so handsome to her. His body was warm against hers, and she wondered if she would ever become sated with touching him. Her eyes moved down, and to her surprise, his cock was making a tent beneath the sheet. After fucking her raw, he still had a hard-on! She felt an urge to pump it, to pump it through the sheet, to see if she could make him come. It would be exciting to watch his come-juice ooze through the thin sheet, but then it wouldn't be as exciting as seeing it squirt way out of his piss-hole.

Sighing, she swung her legs over the bed and stood, swaying slightly. After glancing at his hard cock once more, she slipped into her bathroom and bathed, being as quiet as she could. She had worn the poor boy out, and he had a big weekend coming up -- he needed his rest very much.

She dried her body and stepped nakedly into her room. She searched through her closet, trying to decide what would be best for the weekend. It was warm, and shorts would be... appropriate, but Marcy had seldom worn shorts in public. She admired those women and girls who did, but it always embarrassed her to be outside in shorts. She hated pants, and very seldom wore them. Besides, it would be too hot for pants, she felt. Selecting a couple of dresses, a skirt and blouse or two, she decided on her wardrobe.

Sliding into a pair of panties she strapped a garter belt on and hooked it to her sheer nylons. She felt bold, and decided to go without a bra. Sliding into a pleated skirt, a lovely nylon blouse, she was at her dresser putting on makeup when Jerry woke up. He sat up in bed, smiling at her in the mirror.

"I guess I overslept," he said, tossing the sheet from his body. Marcy saw his cock reflected in the mirror as he jumped out of bed, full of energy. He came up behind her, sliding his hands over her shoulders and cupping her tits, kissing the top of her head. "Mmmm, you smell good, Mother!"

"You're going to wrinkle my blouse, honey!" she said.

"No bra, Mother?" His eyes glittered in the mirror as he thumbed her nipples.

"I thought you might like me this way!" She giggled like a high school girl.

"Why not shorts?"

"Because I..." Marcy yelped.

Jerry had pinched her nipples. Before she could slap his hands away, he drew back and grasped his cock, shaking it at her reflection.

"You better stop teasing me," she said, her voice low. "We may not be ready by the time Susan picks us up!"

Arching his hips forward, Jerry stroked his cock a few times, grinning at her. "Want some, Mother?"

"Get your hot little ass in the fucking shower!" she snapped, pursing her lips and blowing him a kiss. "I'd think your cock would be raw after all day yesterday, not to mention last night!"

He turned and shook his ass at her. Marcy slapped him on his naked ass playfully.

"Go shower before I lose control of myself!" She finished with her makeup while Jerry showered, and by the time he finished, so was she. Susan would be picking them up in about half an hour by the time her son was dressed. The plan was to stop and have breakfast on the way, so Marcy brewed coffee for herself and hot chocolate for her son.

"What am I gonna do with this, Mother?" Jerry asked, a rim of chocolate on his upper lip. He stood up and showed her his cock pressing at the front of his jeans.

"Don't you ever get enough pussy?" she asked, her eyes filming over with desire. She ran her hand over his cock, feeling it throb through his pants. "Not that I mind," she said quickly. "I love it as much as you do, probably more, but I'd think your sweet balls had enough for a day or so by now."

"Not me," he said proudly, opening his pants and taking his cock out.

"Oh, baby," Marcy moaned, seeing his cock jut out so sweetly, his cock-head swollen and wet on the piss-slit. "Your stepmother will be here soon. We can't right now."

"Then she'll just have to look at it, I guess," Jerry said. "Or, I'll have to jack it off real fast!"

He began to pound his fist on his cock, jacking off quickly.

"What a waste," Marcy murmured. "Oh, come here! But I have to be fast!"

She pulled her son toward her, spreading her knees so she could get him close. She dipped her face, and swirled her tongue about the hot, smooth head of her son's cock. Jerry moaned and placed his hands on her shoulders, looking down. Marcy closed her lips about her son's cock and pulled it deeply into her mouth.

Gripping the checks of his ass through his jeans, Marcy sucked, bobbing her face up and down. She would never get tired of tasting his beautiful cock in her mouth, she felt. She made soft, wet sounds of murmuring pleasure, squeezing his ass while she sucked on his throbbing hard-on. Jerry danced on his feet, humping his cock in and out of her mouth.

"Ooooh, you suck so fucking good, Mother!" he moaned. "Your mouth is so fucking hot and fucking wet and you suck so hard on my cock!"

Breathing excitedly, Marcy pressed her lips to the fly of his pants, the head of his cock almost sliding into her throat. She writhed her lips at the base, her tongue pushing his prick to the roof of her mouth. She sucked hard, very hard, making her son gasp with ecstasy.

She dug her fingers into one cheek of his ass, pushing his jeans into the crack. She pulled her other hand around and cupped his balls, wishing they were hanging out of his pants, too. Her cunt was responding to the pleasure of her mouth, bubbling and seeping fuck-juices.

Puffing her lips up his cock, she drew her mouth from him and looked up at his contorting face. Her eyes smoldered. "Ohhhh, God, baby! You make Mother's cunt so fucking wet and hot! I wish we had time to get it in me, fuck me!"

"We have time, Mother," Jerry moaned. "We can make time!"

"No, we can't!"

"Then suck me off fast, Mother!"

"Oh, baby, yes! I will! I'll suck your hard cock off so fast!"

She dived onto his cock again, slurping up and down with short, quick bobs of her lovely, face. The heat of her son's cock burned her lips, making them tingle sweetly. She felt the beat of his precious balls sear her palm through his jeans. Digging her other hand hard into his tight ass, she gobbled in a frenzy, twisting her ass on the seat of her chair.

Jerry fucked his cock with her mouth, pushing in when she came down and drawing back as she came up. Once she lost his cock, and frantically grabbed it again with her lips. His piss hole was dripping on her tongue and coating it, causing Marcy's cunt to vibrate hotly. She squeezed her legs against his, making loud groans as she sucked wildly. Jerry was clutching her shoulders, his fingers digging into her flesh. His stabbing cock seemed to increase with speed, and he was moaning loudly. His cock throbbed with delicious hardness between her lips.

"Ooooh, I'm getting close, Mother!" Jerry gasped.

"Mmmmm," she moaned, sucking faster.

The sound of the doorbell clattered, startling Marcy. She jerked her mouth off her son's cock.

"Ohhh, shit, shit!" she cried out. "Susan is here already!"

"Don't stop now, Mother! Please, suck me! I'm just about to come!"

"Oh, God!" Marcy sobbed, and swallowed her son's cock swiftly.

She sucked as fast and hard as she could, the doorbell clanging loudly in her ears. She bobbed her though as swiftly as she could, taking short sucks. She dug into her son's ass, her fingers feeling the heat of his asshole through the seam of his jeans. She squeezed at his balls, urging him to unload into her mouth fast. The doorbell was insistent.

"Oooooh, almost, Mother!" Jerry groaned, fucking her in the mouth as fast as he could.

"I'm almost ready! Ohhb, I'm gonna come so fucking hard!"

Marcy squeezed, at his balls, pressing her fingers hard into the seam of his jeans on his asshole. She squeezed at his ass-cheek, gobbling and groaning as she strained to make him come. His cock seemed twice its normal size, stretching her lips and filling her mouth. Jerry darted his right hand into the front of her blouse, cupping one of her naked tits as hard as he could.

Marcy gasped.

"Now, Mother! Ohhhh, I'm gonna come now!"

His hot came-juice gushed over her tongue, flooding her mouth with the rapid squirts, burning it as it splashed into her throat. Marcy gulped at his come-juice, struggling to swallow it so none would seep from her mouth. She gulped hungrily, his cock throbbing powerfully with the spurts. Jerry was almost sobbing with the intensity of his discharge. He fucked his cock into his mother's mouth, his cock-head pushing at her throat, Marcy choked daintily, drawing her lips up. She caught his gushing come-juice over her tongue, her mouth filling before she could swallow. She made wet sounds, and her cunt tingled. She was gulping at her son's come-juice when she, too, came. Marcy pressed her ass hard into the chair, her cunt snapping almost with orgasms "Ohhhh, Mother, Mother!" Jerry moaned. The doorbell was still clattering insanely, and now there was pounding on the door.

Marcy sucked off her son's cock.

"God!" she cried softly, running her tongue over her lips. "She's going to walk right in on us!"

Jerry stuffed his cock swiftly into his pants, his face flushed. Marcy jumped to her feet, the crotch of her panties wet. She rushed to a mirror to check her hair and face. Her lips glistened and looked puffy, but there was nothing she could do about it now.

When she opened the door, Susan stood there.

"I thought you overslept!" the beautiful blonde woman said.

"We... I'm sorry, but..." Marcy stammered for an explanation, finding none.

"Hi, Susan," Jerry said, coming up behind his mother. Marcy glanced at the front of her son's pants quickly. "You're early."

"I know, honey," Susan said. "I thought we'd get started early. Your father didn't come home last night, and he's still gone."

Marcy noticed how lovely Susan looked. She was in a tight tank top and had on white, tight shorts. Her long, tanned thighs were perfect. Marcy envied Susan her body, not realizing her own was just as beautiful.

Jerry lifted the two small bags Marcy had packed the night before, between bouts of almost marathon fucking.

Watching him load the bags into the trunk of the car, Susan murmured, "That boy gets more handsome every day. You're very lucky to have him, Marcy. I hope to have a son just like him someday."

Marcy surprised herself by answering, "He's our son, Susan."

"Yes, he is," Susan whispered, watching Jerry lean against the trunk of the car.

Putting on a show, Jerry opened the driver's door, making a bow for his stepmother. Susan laughed with delight and slid under the wheel. Jerry then ran around and opened the passenger door, repeating his act. As Marcy slipped into the car, her pleated skirt rode past her knees. With her head turned away from Susan, she saw her son try to peek up between her thighs. She stuck her tongue out at him, sliding her legs into the car and smoothing, her skirt down.

Jerry managed to squeeze behind Marcy's seat and settled himself on into the rear. As Susan pulled away, Marcy was acutely aware of her wet panties. She had not had the opportunity to change them. She just knew her cuntlips were bruised, and that Susan could tell she had been sucking Jerry's cock. A slight flush moved over her face and she stared straight ahead, hands folded in her lap.

They drove in silence for some distance.

"Why is everyone so quiet?" Susan asked. "This is a fun time. Come you two, perk up!"

Susan began to sing, and she had a good voice. Soon Jerry was singing along with her, and Marcy began to feel more comfortable.

"Anyone ready for breakfast?" Susan asked about an hour later. "There's a good place just ahead!"

Jerry devoured his breakfast. Susan and Marcy ate lightly, and Marcy found herself very comfortable with the lovely girl who was her son's stepmother. Susan, she noticed, was careful with her language while Jerry was with them, but when Jerry went to the restroom, Susan leaned very close to Marcy and whispered, "That boy is going to break a lot of hearts when he's older."

Marcy smiled mysteriously.

They finished eating and climbed back into the car. The day had become hotter, and Susan flipped on the air conditioner. They began singing again, and Marcy heard Susan's songs getting a bit suggestive. Jerry giggled with pleasure at one of them, and Marcy felt herself blush. As she sang, Susan slapped her hand up and down on her thigh, keeping time.

"Come on, Marcy, sing with us!" Susan said, darting her hand to Marcy's thigh and squeezing it quickly. Jerry was leaning over between his mother and stepmother, and his hands rested on their shoulders, singing at the top of his voice.

Four hours later, they arrived at the sprawling amusement park.

"Let's get checked into that motel first," Susan suggested. "That way we can spend hours inside the park and not worry about a vacancy later."

Marcy was willing -- her panties were uncomfortable by now.

Using credit cards, they checked into a single room, with Susan explaining: "We've got to watch our expenses, you know."

When Marcy opened the door while Susan helped Jerry unload their luggage, she saw two full-sized beds.

"You and I can share one bed," Susan said coming in with her suitcase. "We can let that kid have the other bed."

Marcy noticed Susan take a swat at Jerry's ass when he came in, and Jerry skipped out of reach, giggling with excitement.

The amusement park was crowded.

Jerry, laughing excitedly, wanted to ride everything in sight. When he was rushing about, he was holding his mother's hand, walking between Marcy and Susan.

Within half an hour, Marcy noticed that Susan was holding her son's other hand. She smiled to herself, pleased and happy. She noticed that Susan drew looks from men, but failed to notice that she drew just as many. But then, those white shorts held Susan's compact ass deliciously, and Marcy could see Susan's tits bounce tightly with movement.

Jerry talked them into riding a few of the things with him. Marcy was afraid of some of the rides, but she went on them to make Jerry happy. One ride, something that went up and down and around, frightened her more than any of the others. The swinging ride sent her skirt high, and Jerry was sitting between her and Susan. No matter how hard Marcy tried to keep her skirt down, it was about her waist more than any other place. She was clinging to hand-holds and was afraid to turn loose to push her skirt down. Her panties were exposed, all the way.

But when the ride was over, she was delighted. They laughed and cut up as they came off the ride.

"That sure blew your dress up, Mother," Jerry laughed. "I bet everyone here saw plenty!"

"Jerry!" Marcy gasped, her face turning pink.

"Don't worry about it, Marcy," Susan laughed. "Let's just have a ball!"

Marcy did.

For the first time in her life, she really enjoyed herself. She stopped trying to hold her skirt down on the more thrilling rides, and let it go, knowing her son and Susan and anyone else looking her way could see her long, luscious thighs and panties. She didn't care... it was so much fun.

About ten that evening, they stopped to have sandwiches. Jerry's eyes glittered happily as he chattered to them about everything. He sat between them on benches, food and drinks on the table. Then, he became very quiet. It was a while before Marcy noticed how quiet he became.

"Something wrong with you, darling?" she asked. "You haven't said a word for two minutes!"

He shook his head, but drew her hand under the table and placed it on his cock. Marcy jerked her hand away, glancing past him at Susan, but she had felt his hard-on.

After eating, both Marcy and Susan were ready to go, but Jerry wanted one more ride. He chose a water ride, and neither Marcy nor Susan had the heart to refuse him. Susan climbed into the front, straddling the narrow seat. Jerry sat behind her, and Marcy behind her son. Marcy wrapped her arms about her son's waist, and Jerry swiftly pushed her right hand to his crotch. Marcy started to pull away, but his cock felt so good in her hand. Jerry clung to his stepmother's waist and when the ride started up the long hill, Marcy suddenly did something that surprised her.

She opened her son's pants and pushed her hand in, holding his cock. Jerry twisted his head around and grinned at her, and Marcy quickly kissed his lips, stroking his cock. She could feel, slightly, Susan's ass with the back of her hand. Hoping Susan would know what she was doing, she pulled her son tighter between her thighs. Her skirt was past her thighs but she didn't care. Jerry hugged one of his mother's thighs with his hand, his other arm around his stepmother's waist. As they crested, Marcy pulled her son's cock out of his pants, and began to stroke her fist up and down. Jerry pressed his ass tightly into her crotch.

"Jack me off, Mother?" he whispered as they started the descent.

"Shhhhh!" Marcy warned, and began to pump on her son's exposed cock.

Susan was screaming with delight, her blonde hair flying back around Jerry's face. Marcy pumped fast on her son's cock, the ride twisting violently as it dipped and rose. Jerry was laughing, squeezing his mother's thigh with his hand. The nylon felt good, to him, and he pushed his hand higher, feeling Marcy's garter.

"Good, huh?" Marcy said just loud enough for him to hear.

She squeezed his cock hard, laughing as the ride twisted and turned with violence. She couldn't believe she was sitting on this thing, with Susan in front of him, and here she was jacking her off. There was no danger of being seen, it was dark, and the imitation logs were far enough apart to prevent anyone from seeing where her hand was. Once, when Susan shifted her body, Marcy felt the beautiful young woman's ass push at her fist, and she stopped jacking on Jerry's cock, holding her breath in fear Susan would know what she was doing.

Jerry, very excited, shoved his hand behind his back and between his mother's thighs. Marcy mewled softly as he pushed at her cunt and managed to lift slightly. Jerry shoved his hand against his mother's pantied cunt and held it as they went over the next to last hump. Marcy pumped frantically on her son's cock, hurrying to make him come before the ride ended. His cock throbbed powerfully in her fist, and her other hand cupped his cock-head, not wanting any of his come-juice to splatter on the back of Susan's white shorts.


The log went almost straight down, taking Marcy's breath away. Jerry howled with glee, pressing hard at his mother's cunt. As the ride leveled and prepared for the last climb, Marcy pounded on Jerry's cock in a frenzy. She hissed into his ear, "Come, Jerry!"

The log crested, and as it began to descend with the steepest, most breathtaking rush, Marcy jerked even more frantically on Jerry's cock.

Jerry came halfway down.

The hot spurt of his come-juice filled her palm, dripping wetly. Marcy pumped until he stopped gushing, then both laughed with Susan as water sloshed over the sides and drenched them.

As the ride slowed, Marcy stuffed her son's cock into his pants and trailed her, hand over the side, wishing she could have licked his comejuice from her palm instead. As they climbed from the ride, she noticed the front of her son's pants was damp, but it blended with the water that splashed them. She hugged his hand tightly as they returned to the midway, giggling with him like two naughty teenagers.

Susan grasped Jerry's other hand as they wandered around slowly. Jerry didn't want to leave yet, despite the late hour.

"Another half hour, and then we go to the motel," Marcy insisted. "You're already worn out, honey."

"Not me, Mother!" He grinned and raced toward a dart game booth, "He's beautiful," Susan smiled as they watched him toss darts. "So beautiful it hurts!"

Marcy agreed with Susan. "You're very good to him, Susan. Since he has to have a stepmother, I'm very happy it's you."

Susan impulsively hugged Marcy. "You know, you should have worn something besides that dress today. You were flashing pussy all over the place, you know."

"I was not!" Marcy gasped, reddening.

"Well, panties at least," Susan giggled at Marcy's embarrassment. "I hope Jerr... I mean I hope he didn't think anything about that."

"Why should he?" Marcy asked, glancing at Susan quickly, wondering what Susan knew.

"Boys, you know," Susan smiled. "Boys notice girls, especially if their dress is over their head."

"My dress was not over my head!" Marcy stammering slightly.

"Almost," Susan grinned. "I bet you caused a few hard-on!"

Marcy felt embarrassed. She thought she had gotten over that, but her face was pink now. Susan was gazing at Jerry.

"I wonder if Jerry is getting any," she said softly.

"He's too young, Susan," Marcy answered, turning away so Susan couldn't see her eyes.

"They're never too young, Marcy." Susan said. "Once they discover they can do something besides piss with those little cocks, they aren't too young at all."

Marcy didn't care for the way the conversation was going. It was too close to the truth.

She didn't want to spend the whole night and next, day without fucking her son, but she couldn't see how they could do it. Susan was with them all the time, and there was no way she could sneak into Jerry's adjoining bed in the motel room. Susan might hear them, wake up, see what they were doing. Marcy would die with embarrassment if that happened, she felt.

"That was fun, but I didn't win anything," Jerry said as he came back to them. "One more ride, Mother?"

"Jerry, it's very late," Marcy said.

"Oh, let him ride one more!" Susan said, running her hand through Jerry's hair. "It won't hurt. Besides, we're here to have fun. Let him knock himself out!"

Marcy and Susan sat and waited while he rode one more ride. Marcy wanted her son's cock so bad, she could feel her cunt twitching. When Susan leaned back on the bench and draped her arm over her shoulder, Marcy shivered. Even this lovely young woman's touch sent a wild heat to her cunt. She was so aroused by the time Jerry came back to them, she was sure it showed somehow. She wasn't looking forward to a restless night of frustration, sleeping in the same bed with Susan, while her son lay within reaching distance from her.

When Jerry pleaded to stay longer, Marcy was almost snappish with him. She didn't think she could remain in the park, not with her cunt throbbing and dripping into the crotch of her panties. Her legs were weak already, and she was saw her excitement could be seen by the way her braless tits strained at her thin blouse. Jerry pouted on the way back to the motel, the first time he had acted spoiled in a long time.

But as they reached the motel, he told his mother he was sorry for his behavior, and she hugged him as Susan opened the door to the room. When her son ran his hand over her curvy ass, she trembled. Jerry got in one quick squeeze of his mother's ass before Susan stepped into the room and turned on the light. Then he pulled away quickly, darting into the room and to the bathroom.

They could hear Jerry pissing -- he had not closed the door completely.

"Ahhhh, that's music to my ears!" Susan chuckled, lying on one of the beds, her long, tanned thighs parted, her hands resting on her stomach.

"What is music?"

"Listening to Jerry take a piss," Susan giggled, writhing her tightly clad ass suggestively. "He never shuts the door all the way. Must be a habit."

Marcy had not noticed her son leaving the door open at home, and she wondered about his visits to Susan and his father's home on the weekends. Was it possible Susan was fucking Jerry?

"How about some cold drinks?" Marcy asked as Jerry came from the bathroom, zipping his pains. "There's a machine at the end of the hall. I'm kind of thirsty."

"Not for me," Susan said. "I'm for the shower."

"Want to come with me, Jerry?" Marcy asked. Her eyes lingered on the front of his pants.

"Sure, Mother," he agreed.

"I'll leave the door open," Susan said. "I don't think anyone will come to watch me shower!" She winked.

Marcy pulled her son from the room, afraid Susan would say something that would embarrass her again.

"I really don't want anything to drink, Jerry," Marcy said, looking around. "What I want is your cock, baby. I won't be able to sleep tonight if we don't get in one fuck!"

Jerry giggled and wrapped his arms about his mother's hips, cupping her ass through her skirt.

"That was fun when you jacked me off on that ride, Mother!"

Marcy giggled with him, reaching for his cock. There was a dark corner at the side of the ice machine. She pulled him toward it. "We have to hurry before someone comes out of a room, but I need it, darling!"

She opened his pants and pulled his cock out. With a few strokes, she had it very hard. Glancing around carefully, she squatted in front of him and pulled his cock into her mouth. Jerry moaned and held the back of his mother's head, humping his hips to fuck his cock back and forth. Marcy purred as she cupped his tight ass, pulling him forward to get his cock deep into her mouth.

The closing of a door made her freeze, his cock between her lips. She glanced from the corner of her eyes, but saw no one. Squeezing her son's ass inside his pants, she began to suck on his cock vigorously, twisting her lips and gurgling with pleasure.

But it wasn't in her mouth that she wanted his cock right now. She wanted it inside her bubbling, juicy cunt. She gave her son a few strong sucks, then lifted her head.

"I want it in my cunt, baby!" she whimpered, stroking his prick with a tight fist, nuzzling it with her cheek. "I want you to fuck me, Jerry! Fuck me now! I won't be able to sleep if you don't!"

She stood up, lifting her skirt to her waist. She jerked the crotch of her panties to one side, her bushy cunt exposed. Leaning back against the wall, she lifted one knee, holding it wide apart, her weight on one foot. "Now, baby. Hurry and fuck me!"

Jerry arched his hips, and his cock slithered into his mother's cunt easily. He only had to bend his knees slightly to get his cock inside her, and Marcy gasped with the penetration. She clutched her son's shoulder with one hand, trying to hold her knee up with the other. She was off balance, and her foot lifted high, bracing on her son's shoulder. Jerry shoved his hands to his mother's ass, and began to fuck fast and hard.

"Ooooh, yes, baby!" she moaned softly. "Ram it to me hard! Ahhh, fuck my hot cunt, darling! Oooohh, fuck Mother! God, does your cock feel good in my pussy!"

She was so wet, his cock made liquid sounds as he fucked up and down. She clawed at his shoulder, her other hand on the outside of her thigh and holding his hip. His cock slid in and out vigorously, the friction almost setting her cunt on fire. She humped her ass with him as best she could. The only thing holding her upright was her shoulders against the wall, her son's hands cupping her grinding ass.

"Oh, it's so good, Mother!" Jerry groaned. "You're so hot and wet for me, Mother! Ooooh, your cunt is tight! I can feel your cunt squeezing my cock, Mother!"

"Yes, baby! Mother's cunt is sucking your hard cock. Mother has a cock-sucking cunt just like her fucking, cock-sucking mouth! Ahhhh, ram it to me! Fuck me, Jerry! Ohhh, my baby, my baby... fuck that hairy, hot cunt!"

Marcy could feel her son's cock throb with the sensitive lips of her cunt. His cock seemed to fill her pussy so full, stretch her cunt lips, scrape her inflamed clit.

"God, this is crazy! Fucking against a wall and it's crazy and I love it and ohhhh, baby!"

She thrust her hips hard, grinding as her son fucked time and again. The roughness of his pants against her thighs didn't bother her. She didn't feel the scratching on her tender thighs. All she felt was his hard, hard cock throbbing as it slammed in and out of her overheated cunt.

Sliding her hand farther on her son's pumping hip, she gabbed his ass.

"Ohhh, hold me, baby!" she groaned, swallowing a scream. "Hold Mother's ass! God, I'm about to come, Jerry! Squeeze Mother's hot ass hard, and ram that cock up my fucking hot cunt! Oooohh I'm getting so close! I'm about to come so fucking hard, Jerry!"

"Me, too, Mother!" he groaned, burying his face into her covered tits. "Ohhh, I gotta let go my balls... oh, Mother, my balls!"

"Come, Jerry!" she hissed hotly. "Ohhh, baby, is so fucking thirsty for that come-juice! Give it to me, darling! Spurt it to Mother's cunt! Mother's cunt. Ohhh, God... I'm coming! Hold my ass! I'm coming!"

Jerry rammed his cock deeply, his mother's cunt gripping hg in those powerful waves of orgasm. He grunted loudly against her tits, his hands digging into her panties ass almost painfully.

With a grunt, he sent spurt after spurt of hot come-juice into his mother's greedy cunt. The spurting increased the rippling orgasm, and Marcy was shaking badly as they came. Slowly, her foot slipped off his shoulder and she leaned against the wall, gasping heavily, her legs trembling and threatening to collapse. Jerry hung his head on her shoulder, his cock dangling from his pants. Marcy felt his come-juice seeping from her cunt, running slowly along her thighs.

"Ohhh, that was wonderful!" she breathed, slipping her hand under her skirt and adjusting the crotch of her panties over her cunt so she wouldn't seep down to her knees. "Now I'll be able to sleep!"

Holding hands, they returned to the room. Marcy felt just a little bit guilty, but it didn't bother her at all.

Susan was under the sheets when they entered, still awake, fresh from her shower.

"You two must have drunk that machine dry," she said as Marcy and Jerry came in.

A slight flush crept over Marcy's cheeks as she hurried to the bathroom. It was only once she was there that she realized her suitcase was still in the room. She had forgotten to bring a nightgown. Sitting on the toilet, wondering how she could possibly spend the night next to Susan naked, or even with panties on, she found embarrassment returning to her.

"Mother, I gotta change into my pajamas," she heard her son call. "You gonna be much longer in there?"

Marcy took a deep breath, then opened the door and walked out. As soon as she was out of the bathroom, Jerry slipped in, closing the door.

"You're not getting ready for bed?" Susan asked.

"I forgot to bring a nightgown," Marcy said, her face pink.

"So what?" Susan laughed softly. "There's no one here but us girls."

"And Jerry," Marcy reminded Susan.

"Then undress fast and climb in before he comes out," Susan suggested.

"But... in my panties?"

"That's all I have on," Susan said, folding down the sheet on the side of the bed for Marcy. Her pink, pointed tits stood up nakedly. Susan was not at all embarrassed to expose her tits. Marcy glanced at them, then turned away quickly. With her back to Susan, she stripped her blouse and skirt off swiftly, then squealed and dove for the bed as the bathroom door opened. She jerked the sheet to her chin and peered at her son as he came out and climbed into his own bed.

"Turn out the light, baby," Susan said.

Marcy felt the creamy heat of Susan's naked thigh against her own, and she drew away. They both watched as Jerry got back out of his bed and walked to the door.

"Oh, my God!" Marcy gasped.

Susan giggled softly.

The fly of Jerry's pajama bottoms gaped, and his cock showed clearly. He didn't seem aware of it as he crossed the room again and climbed back into his bed. The room was dark. Shadows were clearly defined. Marcy could look across the few feet to her son's bed and see him. She lay as still as she could, as far from Susan's body as possible.


Jerry tossed and turned, restlessly. Marcy lay on her right side, one leg straight with the other drawn upward, her back to Susan. She realized she could reach her son's bed. Jerry faced her, his hand under his check. They lay for a long time, the only sound in the room was breathing, Marcy felt apprehension, but she didn't know why. She was nervous, and wanted to squirm and twist, but was afraid to disturb Susan. It sounded like Susan was asleep -- her breathing was deep and even.

Unable to keep from it, Marcy stretched her arm toward her son's bed, and his hand grabbed hers gently, shoving it toward his cock. Marcy slipped her hand under the sheet and pulled his cock and balls from the fly of his pajamas, holding them in her palm. She gently played with theme hoping it would soothe her son so he could go to sleep. She didn't know how long she lay there holding his cock and balls, but it seemed a long time. Jerry was sleeping now, but she was reluctant to turn him loose. Holding his cock or balls as they fell asleep was nice, something she had been doing since the last weekend. It gave her as much comfort as it did him.

She felt Susan shift in her sleep, and a warm thigh rested on top of hers. Marcy wanted to push it off, but was afraid Susan would wake up. She lay there trembling slightly, not knowing what to do. Then Susan shifted again, curling up against Marcy's back, spoon fashion, one arm over her waist. Very carefully, Marcy pulled her hand from her son's cock and balls, acutely aware of the heat coming from Susan's body. She could feel Susan's tits pressing against her bare back, her warm, golden thigh on top of hers, and the way Susan's crotch seemed to push against her pantied ass. Her hand flittered back, and she felt naked skin. Her breath caught in her throat. Susan was not wearing panties as she had said. She was naked, pushed up close to Marcy.

Susan moaned in sleep, and her hand lifted up. Marcy didn't dare breathe when she felt the soft hand curl about one of her naked tits. It felt strange to have a girl holding her tit.

In a few moments, Marcy realized that Susan was fondling her tit, caressing and squeezing ever so gently. She held as still as she could, but there was nothing she could about the sudden hardening of her nipple. She felt Susan's fingers toy with her nipple, puffing it lightly. Then the hand slipped very slowly and carefully down. Marcy was almost in panic by the time Susan's hand was on her panties, then along her thigh, and back up again. Hoping it would make Susan stop, Marcy sighed as if sound asleep and rolled onto her back, and that had been a mistake.

Susan's hand was on the front of her panties now, resting on the bulge of cunt-hair. Marcy didn't believe her cunt was responding, but ft was. Her cunt-lips became swollen and her clitoris started to throb. She was hardly breathing while Susan's soft fingers moved very lightly along the slit of her cunt outside the panties. Her fingers moved very slowly, feeling up Marcy. Marcy was afraid to shift positions again. She knew now that Susan was awake, and was feeling her up deliberately. She tried to keep from trembling when Susan's hand moved to the waist of her panties, very carefully sliding inside them. Her fingers moved through her soft cunt-hair, then were touching Marcy's inflamed clit. She couldn't believe that Susan was feeling her up, rubbing in feathery touches on her clit. Her fingers slipped lower, and dragged along the wet slit of Marcy's cunt.

Now Susan was sliding down in bed, under the sheet. Marcy felt her hot, wet lips kiss at her hip. She tried hard to breathe normally as she felt Susan's fingers carefully puffing away the crotch of her panties.

She felt Susan's hot breath before she felt her lips press very lightly upon her cunt. Susan was being very careful, and Marcy was struggling to pretend sleep. But Susan was eager, and her hands held the crotch of Marcy's panties to one side, and her tongue was now licking at Marcy's clit. Marcy's hips trembled as she felt Susan's hands holding them. The pressure of Susan's lips became stronger, and now Marcy felt Susan's wicked tongue swirling slowly on her clit.

Marcy couldn't stop herself.

She pressed her cunt into Susan's mouth.

For a moment, Susan stopped licking.

Marcy hips writhed.

"Mmmmm!" Marcy moaned softly, spreading her legs.

"Oh, Marcy!" Susan whispered from beneath the sheet, and sucked hard on Marcy's distended clit. She shoved the sheet from her head, and Marcy looked down at her blonde hair, seeing Susan's face pressing between her thighs.

There was no way Marcy could stop Susan now, nor herself. Her tongue was everywhere on her cunt, licking up and down her cunt-slit, swirling on her cunt, sucking it. Marcy's thighs parted, and Susan's hands slipped under her hips, cupping the creamy cheeks of Marcy's ass, lifting her cunt to her sucking mouth. Marcy gurgled softly and placed her hands on top of Susan's silky blonde hair, smashing her cunt into Susan's sucking mouth.

Susan fucked her tongue up Marcy's cunt, licking at it, fucking in and out swiftly, hotly, hungrily. Marcy twisted and pressed her cunt at Susan's sucking mouth. She couldn't believe this. Susan was her ex-husband's wife, her son's stepmother, and she was letting her suck her cunt! But, it felt so good! Her tongue fucked so deep, and those soft lips sucked so sweetly on her cunt. She wanted to hiss to Susan to suck hard and fast, but her son might wake up. Instead, she wrapped her long legs about Susan's head, squeezing it between her hot thighs, bucking up and down now, moaning softly.

"Oh, Marcy," Susan whispered throatily. "You're wonderful! You taste so good, Marcy! I want to suck your cunt, Marcy! I want to tongue-fuck your sweet, juicy cunt! Let me make you come, Marcy!"

Marcy didn't resist when Susan began to strip her panties down. She lifted her ass, helping. "Be quiet," she breathed. "Jerry... ohhh, I want it, too, Susan! I... oh, yes, suck me!" With her panties gone, Marcy flung her long legs wide open, urging Susan to lick and suck. She grabbed the blonde hair in both hands, and began beating her cunt up and down as Susan once more thrust her tongue into her cunt. She thrashed her legs about while Susan's fingers dug into her creamy ass, lifting Marcy's cunt to her mouth. Susan's tongue went much deeper than her son's, and she swished and swirled it in a way Jerry had not yet learned to do. The wet sounds seemed very loud to Marcy, but the sensations Susan was producing in her cunt made them add to her pleasure. She slammed her pussy up and down, beating it into Susan's sucking mouth swiftly, her stomach rippling with an impending orgasm.

"Ooooh, yes!" Marcy moaned, suddenly twisting as her cunt convulsed.

Susan made a whimpering sound as Marcy's hairy pussy clutched her tongue, sucking at it.

The tip of her middle finger moved into the crack of Marcy's ass, and Marcy yelped in delight when Susan stabbed it into her asshole, ramming it in and out while her tongue kept her coming and coming.

As Marcy lay trembling, Susan climbed up beside her, fondling Marcy's tits, her lips and tongue toying with her rigid nipples. When Susan lifted her face, Marcy didn't hesitate. She kissed her pussy-wet lips tenderly, and pushed her tongue past Susan's lips. Susan purred softly as she sucked Marcy's tongue, pressing her softly haired cunt against Marcy's hip, rubbing there. "Why, Susan?" Marcy asked softly, glancing over to make sure her son was still sleeping.

"I was hot, Marcy. I had to do something. It's been so long since I've been fucked. That son of a bitch I married is too busy with his high school girls, and I'm the kind of girl that needs it so much. I'm so glad you let me suck you!"

"But why me?"

"You're here, Marcy," Susan said softly, glancing to see if Jerry was still asleep, too. "When I felt you so close to me, so silky smooth, I had to touch you."

"But we're... we're both women."

"I know that," Susan said. She lifted up, holding her head on one hand and looking dawn at Marcy in the dim light, cupping a tit. "Marcy, I don't have any idea what cunt tastes like. This is the first time I've sucked a pussy. But I do know, what a cock tastes like. If I didn't know any better, I'd say your cunt tastes like cock. You didn't get fucked at the park somehow, did you?"

"I don't know what you're talking about," Marcy said, feeling a warm flush on her face. "I tasted come-juice in your cunt, honey!"

Susan purred softly: "That was come-juice from a cock."

"I don't know what you're talking about, but I certainly didn't get..."

"Don't worry about it now," Susan said, sliding her cunt along Marcy's hips. "Do you mind if I rub my cunt on you? I can come that way."

For a moment Marcy was still.

"Oh, Susan!" she said suddenly, twisting onto her side and throwing her arms about the blonde beauty, hugging her tightly. "You don't have to rub on me. Let me do it for you. It's only fair."

"With your lips and tongue?"

For a moment Marcy hesitated. She felt Susan pressing her blonde pussy against hers, and Susan was holding the cheeks of her ass as they strained together.

"Okay," Marcy murmured. "I'll do it that way!"

"Together!" Susan mewled. "I want to suck you again."

They twisted about on the bed, uncovered. Susan climbed on top of Marcy, her face between Marcy's open thighs. Marcy ran her hands up Susan's thighs to the compact ass, closing her palms about her ass-cheeks. She inhaled the clean scent of Susan's cunt, lifting her face. Susan spread her knees over Marcy's face, and lowered her cunt.

The soft wetness of Susan's cunt was strange, but delightful, Marcy felt when it pushed into her face. When Susan started licking at her cunt once more, Marcy ran her tongue up and down the slit of the juicy cunt above her face. To her surprise, she found it very pleasant. She tasted fuck-juices as she opened her mouth, placing her lips around Susan's bubbling pussy. She moved her tongue inside it, her silky cunt-flesh exciting her. Her nose pushed at Susan's puckered ass hole as her tongue fucked deep into her cunt.

With her arms wrapped about Marcy's naked ass, Susan was sucking greedily once again, and Marcy was returning it. She sucked and licked at Susan's fuzzy cunt as hungrily as she had her son's cock. She didn't mind at all when Susan slammed her cunt hard against her mouth, grinding frantically. She clung to her creamy naked ass with tight hands, sliding her tongue about Susan's inflamed clit sucking on it as Susan sucked hers. They made wet sounds, purring and mewling with increasing passion. Marcy sucked and kissed at the silky insides of Susan's thighs, then buried her face again into her steamy wetness, slurping with her tongue. She pulled at Susan's ass, spreading her asscheeks wide, rubbing at the crinkle of her tight asshole. She groaned as she felt Susan's finger sliding back up her asshole, then gasped with rapture when Susan started finger-fucking her in the ass.

Marcy fucked her tongue greedily into Susan's soft, wet pussy, licking and swirling, her cunt-juices drenching her mouth, making her lips and chin very slippery. Between her own thighs, Susan was hungrily sucking, sometimes on the hairy lips of her cunt, sometimes at her swollen cunt, and many times fucking her tongue deeply. Susan's fingers sliding in and out of her asshole sent ecstasy flowing through her naked body. Marcy thrust her crotch up, grinding frantically into Susan's mouth, her thighs squeezing the blonde woman's head, then flinging wide open, only to close them again.

Susan strained her open cunt into Marcy's sucking mouth. She beat up and down, slapping her pussy upon Marcy's open lips and taking the wicked tongue past her fiery, tight cunt openings. Both women sucked and slurped noisily, so involved in their ecstasy, they paid no attention to the sounds they made.

Marcy, with her lips pressed around Susan's soft, blonde-haired cunt, fingered Susan's tightly puckered asshole. She rubbed and tickled it, feverishly caressing her spreading, creamy ass-cheeks. She could feel Susan's hard tits against her stomach, and those of her own pushing just as tightly at Susan's stomach. Susan humped her cunt up and down, making fucking motions into Marcy's face.

"Ohhhh!" Susan moaned, lifting her face out of Marcy's cunt. "Marcy, you're wonderful! God, suck my cunt, Marcy!" Susan fucked her finger hard up Marcy's asshole, making Marcy whimper into her wet pussy. "Do this to me, too! Raw your finger up my asshole, too, Marcy!"

Marcy pushed the tip of her middle finger upon Susan's crinkled asshole. Susan pushed against it. Marcy's tongue was deep inside her juicy cunt when her finger penetrated. Susan groaned loudly, then rushed her mouth back to Marcy's hairy cunt.

Marcy sucked hungrily at Susan's dripping pussy, now ramming her finger in and out of Susan's asshole. Susan cried out with ecstasy and swirled her tongue deeply, pounding into Marcy's asshole swiftly. Marcy arched her hips up, straining her legs very wide, striving to get all of Susan's face into her cunt, to take her stabbing finger deeper into her asshole. At the same time, clutching one sweet ass-cheek, she pulled Susan's cunt as tight as she could into her own mouth, and began to finger-fuck Susan up the asshole just as fast.

Marcy sobbed into Susan's pussy, grinding her cunt up and down, sideways, then up and down again. Her cunt was on fire and her asshole was gripping, squeezing. With a muffled sob, she smashed her cunt up into Susan's sucking mouth, her orgasm rippling hotly through her body. As her coat gripped and pulled on Susan's tongue, she shoved her own into Susan's velvety, succulent cunt as far as she could, ramming her finger up Susan's squeezing asshole to her knuckles. Susan responded with a loud, wet whine of pleasure. Marcy felt Susan's coat grab at her tongue, and then the convulsions against her mouth told her Susan was coming, too. She felt Susan's asshole squeezing her boded finger, the blonde-haired sweetness of her satiny cunt pressed hard into her mouth.

Both women strained at each other, moaning with rapture, both coming in hot, wet, strong waves of ecstatic orgasm. Tremors moved through them for a long time.

As Susan started to lift from Marcy's face, Marcy moaned and clutched her lovely ass, holding Susan above her face. She slipped her finger out of Susan's asshole, and lifted her head. The tip of her tongue scraped up and wiggled against the heat of Susan's asshole.

"Ooooh, Marcy!" Susan gasped. "I've always wanted to feel a tongue on my asshole? Ohhh, that's very nice, Marcy!"

Marcy lowered her head slightly, her lips close to Susan's asshole. "Want me to stick my tongue up your ass, Susan?"

"Ahhhh, would you, Marcy?" Susan panted. "I want to feel it in my asshole! I've only had a finger in my ass before! Do it, stick your tongue in my asshole!"

With a wicked giggle, Marcy lifted her face, pressing her lips around the pucker of Susan's asshole, then flicked her tongue into it.

"Ahhhhh, that's wonderful!" Susan gasped. The room was flooded with bright Marcy's eyes popped open.

Her head was toward the door, with Susan's naked ass in her face. For a moment she couldn't react. Her tongue was inside Susan's asshole, her chin pushing at the wet softness of her cunt.

She saw her son, Jerry, standing at the door, his hand still on the light switch. First, she saw his big eyes, shining, then a huge grin on his face, and last, his cock sticking out of his open pajamas, standing in throbbing hardness, almost pointing toward the ceiling.

"What the..." Susan stammered.

Marcy finally reacted. She pulled her tongue out of Susan's asshole, her face turning pink. She looked at her son for what seemed a long time, then turning her blushing face to one side, a gesture of hiding her embarrassment.

"Jerry!" Susan gasped, turning her head and seeing her stepson standing there with a hard-on.

She jumped, trying to lift her legs away from Marcy's face, one hand trying desperately to find the sheet to cover her naked ass with. But even in her embarrassment, Marcy was gripping both checks of Susan's ass tightly.

Jerry was grinning, staring at his stepmother's creamy, beautiful ass, her crinkling pink asshole, and her wet cunt lined with fluffy blonde curb. He wrapped his fist about his cock and stroked.

"I wanna do it, too," he said. "I've got a fucking hard-on from listening to you two, and I wanna fuck, too!"

"You've... been listening?" Susan gasped. "You've been awake all this time, Jerry?"

Marcy peeked at her son, her chin brushing the wetness of Susan's cunt.

Jerry nodded, grinning. He squeezed his cock, making his smooth cock-head bulge, and his mother saw a bead of his fuck-juice form on his piss-hole.

Now Susan was trying to hide her flushed face, but the only place she could bury it was between Marcy's thighs.

"Are you gonna lick my mother's cunt again, Susan?" Jerry asked, leaving the wall and coming forward, still gripping his cock.

"Oh, God!" Susan cried out, drawing Marcy's smooth thighs tightly around her head. "Marcy, he's seen us!"

Hearing Susan's words, Marcy suddenly giggled, no longer embarrassed.

"I guess he has," she said, and took a long lick at Susan's cunt still about her face. "What are we going to do about it, Susan?"

Susan squirmed, her naked ass twisting. "I don't know. He's your son!"

"I thought you said he was our son?" Marcy reminded Susan. "After all, you are his stepmother."

"And you're his mother," Susan exclaimed. "It's up to you what we do about it, I'd say."

Jerry stood at the foot of the bed, stroking his cock, watching his mother's upside-down face, his stepmother's cunt, wet and glistening, and the puckering of her pink, tight-looking asshole.

A squeal came from Susan, and she lifted her head. "Marcy! It was Jerry!"

"It was Jerry what?" Marcy asked.

"You fucked him! It was him!" Susan said. "I told you I tasted come-juice in your pussy! It was Jerry... you fucked Jerry!"

Marcy giggled, not in the least embarrassed now.

"Honey," she said to her son, "it looks like your stepmother caught us. What are we going to do about it?"

"I wanna fuck Susan!" Jerry panted, stretching his hand out and cupping a cheek of his stepmother's lovely naked ass. "I wanna fuck Susan where you had your tongue, Mother!"

"But, baby," Marcy said softly, delighted with the absence of her embarrassment, "my tongue was everywhere!"

Susan shivered as she listened, her cunt puffy again, her clit straining with tingling hardness. After her initial surprise of Jerry catching them, she wanted his cock very much.

Marcy caressed Susan's naked ass while her son felt about the slit of her blonde-haired cunt. Susan gasped with pleasure.

"Marcy!" Susan whispered breathlessly. "Let's take care of him!"

Marcy laughed, a low, throaty sound. She swiped her tongue across Susan's inflamed clit. "You mean it, Susan?"

"Ohhhh, do I!" Susan moaned with heat. "I've told you that son of a bitch we married is no good! I need a hard cock. Tongue is good, if there's no cock around, but I want to be fucked!"

Jerry was using both hands now, feeling his stepmother's lifted ass and cunt, her thighs. Marcy kissed Susan's pussy as she lifted a hand and grasped her son's cock. She stroked it a few times, her eyes hot as she stared at him. She pulled her son's cock forward.

"Then he's going to fuck us, Susan," she purred. "My son -- our son -- will fuck us both!"

Susan squealed eagerly, arching her naked ass.

"I wanna fuck you in the asshole, Susan!" Jerry said.

"But I've never... oh, yes, baby!" Susan whimpered. "You can fuck me in the ass but... oh, you have to fuck my cunt, too, and my mouth and my fists and fill me full of cuntjuice! You have to fuck me everywhere!"

"He will, Susan," Marcy said, spreading the beautiful, tight cheeks of Susan's ass open, making her puckered asshole more available.

"Jerry will fuck your asshole, your cunt, and your mouth! Come on, Jerry, ram that big, hard cock up your stepmother's hot asshole!"

Jerry climbed onto the bed, his knees straddling his mother's head. Marcy guided his cock to Susan's asshole, watching with smoldering eyes as his cock-head pushed upon her pink ass crinkle. His precious balls dangled above her face, and she tilted her head, taking a look at them. Jerry gripped his stepmother's hips, and pushed his cock forward. Susan moaned as she felt the pressure against her asshole, and Jerry backed off.

"Do it!" Susan whimpered. "God, Jerry, fuck your cock up my asshole! I want you to fuck me in my ass, baby! Don't stop now, for God's sake!"

Marcy licked her son's hot balls as he pushed forward. The head of his cock slithered into the tight heat of his stepmother's asshole. Susan groaned, pushing her ass back. She felt the throbbing hardness spread her asshole tightly, stretching it.

"Is it all up my ass?" she whispered throatily. "Do you have all of your cock in my asshole now, Jerry?"

"He sure does!" Marcy answered. "Ohhh, Susan, you should see how your asshole stretched about our son's cock! You're going to love fucking Jerry this way!"

"I already do!" Susan gasped, wiggling her lifted ass.

Jerry, holding his stepmother's hips, began to slide his cock back and forth, his balls rubbing into his mother's face. Marcy licked them with her tongue, flicking her tongue at his cock as he drew back, feeling the stretched ring of Susan's asshole with his cock-tip.

Marcy's naked body flooded with wild excitement, and she began to suck at Susan's cunt again, her tongue dipping deeply, her son's balls rubbing along her face. With squealing ecstasy, Susan buried her face into Marcy's cunnt again, lapping hungrily, her finger sliding once more into Marcy's burning asshole. Marcy cried out and lifted her cunt, grinding it at Susan's sucking mouth as eagerly as she had earlier.

"Ohhh, this is a tight asshole!" Jerry groaned, fucking his cock faster and deeper up his stepmother's ass. "Ohhh, Mother, Susan's asshole is as tight as yours! Ohhh, I'm fucking both my mothers! I'm gonna fuck both of you in the ass, then in the cunt, then in the mouth!"

Marcy gurgled a soft, wet reply that didn't make sense -- her tongue was lapping at Susan's blonde pussy again. Susan lifted her mouth from Marcy's cunt turning her head over her shoulder.

"You better fuck us, darling!" she yelped as he fucked deeply up her ass. "God, you better fuck us with that beautiful, hard cock!"

She rammed her face back into Marcy's cunt. Marcy clawed Susan's ass open as much as she could, her tongue dragging along Susan's cunt-slit to her son's balls, then the base of his cock as he pulled back, her tongue back to his balls when he lunged inward. Her own cunt was boiling, enhanced by watching his cock sliding in and out of Susan's gripping, eager asshole. The very idea that her son was fucking Susan sent tremors through her body. She felt it was getting back at her ex-husband for the years of considering her frigid, for what he was doing to Susan now with his little high school girls. She knew it would drive him wild if he knew she, his ex-wife, and his son, were fucking and sucking on Susan's eager, beautiful body.

But he would never know.

It would be their secret and the three of them could enjoy each other while he ran around with his little girlfriends. Jerry would never say anything to his father, and Marcy really had no reason to tell him. It could interrupt her own enjoyment, and she didn't think Susan would say anything either.


She lapped at her son's hot balls, then fucked her tongue up into the velvety sweetness of Susan's blonde cunt, flicking her tongue in rhythm with her son's cock. Susan was squealing as she sucked hotly at Marcy's cunt, licking up her seeping fuck-juices thirstily, waggling her naked ass as best she could. His thick cock fucking in and out of her asshole, the hot friction, made her own cunt drip into Marcy's hungry mouth.

"Ooooh, I gotta come!" Jerry cried out. "It's too much! My balls hurt and I've gotta come!"

Marcy fucked her mouth into Susan's tongue fucking her in a frenzy now.

Her son's balls burned across her, eyes and nose.

"Now! I'm gonna come up your hot ass, Susan!" Jerry yelled.

Susan strained her ass to him, moaning tightly into Marcy's cunt, her hands clutching the rounded cheeks of Marcy's ass, urging Marcy to come against her mouth. With a loud groan, Jerry's young body went stiff, his cock buried up his stepmother's asshole. As the burning squirts of his come-juice splashed into her asshole, Susan cried out, but sucked at Marcy's cunt even more. With each rapid gush of Jerry's come-juice up her asshole, her ass-ring seemed to suck him. Her cunt quivered, and then she was coming again against Marcy's hot lips. Marcy, feeling Susan's cunt squeeze about her mouth, slammed her pussy hard into Susan's face, and groaned as her own orgasm exploded.

Jerry fucked his spraying cock back and forth, fucking into his stepmother's asshole while he came, grunting and moaning loudly. With the final spurt of his cock, he slumped forward, lying over his stepmother's creamy back.

Marcy, her orgasm fading, let her naked ass slump to the bed, and Susan sobbed with satisfaction as Marcy sucked tenderly at the insides her thighs.

"Oh, my God!" Susan whimpered. "That was really wonderful! I think I like taking it up the ass!"

Jerry lifted from his stepmother's back, and his cock came free of her tight asshole, drooping down. Marcy fucked his piss-hole with the tip of her tongue.

"She drained your hot balls, didn't she, Jerry?" Marcy said, a hot little laugh coming from her. "Usually, after you come, I can suck at least one more drop out of your cock!"

Jerry, breathing hard, settled his ass onto his heels, his cock and balls resting in his mother's hair. He stared down at his stepmother's ass and cunt, his mother's radiant face. Then he giggled.

Susan twisted from Marcy's body, rolling onto her back and looking at him. "What's funny?"

"Nothing is funny," he said. "I just fucked you, that's all. I never thought I'd get to fuck you, Susan. Now I've fucked both my mothers, and I love it!"

"Why don't you get rid of those fucking pajamas," Marcy said to him. "It's much more fun when we're all naked!"

"Yes, Jerry," Susan said, spreading her legs to show off her blonde pussy. "Take those fucking things off, and let's have fun!"

Jerry ripped his pajamas off, giggling in pleasure. Marcy ran her hand up Susan's creamy thigh and fondled her cunt, toying with her blonde cunt-hairs. Jerry stood at the foot of the bed, watching. Susan slipped her hand between. Marcy's thighs, and Marcy spread her long legs.

"Are you two gonna finger-fuck each other?" he asked.

"Only if we can't find a cock to play with," Marcy teased her son as she moved her finger into Susan's cunt. "Susan, do you know where we could find a cock to play with?"

"Right here is a cock!" Jerry laughed, shaking his cock and balls at them. "I've got enough cock for both of you!"

"Listen to that kid brag," Susan said, fucking her finger into Marcy's cunt. "What are we ever going to do with him, Marcy?"

"Make him jack off?" Marcy suggested. "Hey, I'm not gonna jack off when there's so much hot cunt around!" Jerry said.

"Just teasing, baby," Marcy laughed softly. Susan was staring at Jerry's cock. "I've love to suck on it," she whispered. "I've told you, Marcy, how much I love to suck cock!"

"You can suck me off!" Jerry said, climbing onto the bed. "I like to be sucked!"

"He's right -- he loves getting blow-jobs," Marcy said.

"And I love giving blow-jobs," Susan mewled. "And then... God, I want that lovely cock in my cunt, too. I'll suck you off now and you can have my cunt next?"

Marcy didn't mind. She was looking forward to seeing her son fuck Susan, seeing her with his cock in her mouth, her blonde, juicy cunt. She would not be left out, she knew.

"Let me see you suck him off, Susan!" she said softly.

Jerry, on his knees, moved past his mother's stomach, over her tits. His cock lifted as his balls dangled to her face. "You wanna suck on my balls, Mother?"

"Let's both suck him!" Susan squealed, sitting up at Marcy's side.

For an answer, Marcy lifted her head and pulled her son's balls into her mouth.

"Beautiful, Marcy!" Susan breathed, lowering her mouth to the swollen head of Jerry's cock. As her hot lips closed about his prick, she cupped his ass tightly.

"Oooooh, so fucking good!" Jerry whimpered, feeling his stepmother's hot mouth sink onto his cock, his mother's mouth around his balls. "Oooooh, suck me, Susan! Suck my cock... Make me come in your mouth!"

Susan bobbed her hips up and down his cock, then lifted up. "I will if you promise to give me a big, hot come-load, darling. Will you give my mouth a delicious, hot load of come-juice?"

"The biggest!" Jerry moaned, pushing at her blonde head, urging her mouth back around his cock. "Suck my cock and I'll come so much for you, Susan!"

Marcy, her mouth tilled with her son's balls, could see Susan's lips stretch about his cock, taking his full cock-length into her hot mouth. Susan's lips brushed at Marcy's as they came down. Marcy and Susan moaned softly as they both sucked on Jerry.

Marcy slipped her hand to her son's ass, squeezing an ass-cheek. She felt Susan's hand on her other ass-cheek, and pulling hungrily on his balls, she wiggled a finger into the crack of his ass. Susan, feeling what Marcy was doing, spread Jerry's ass open. She lifted her mouth, looking hotly down into Marcy's glowing eyes.

"Does Jerry like a finger up his ass, too?"

"Mmmmm," Marcy moaned, not wanting to turn her son's hot balls loose to reply.

"Yeah!" Jerry gasped, feeling his mother's finger slip into his asshole.

"Wonderful!" Susan squealed. "Then I can tongue fuck you in your little ass, too?"

"I wanna blow-job now!" Jerry yelped. "You can stick your tongue up my asshole later, Susan. Come on, sick my cock now!"

Susan made a soft sound of pleasure as she closed her lips about his cock again, her lovely blonde head bobbing up and down. She watched Marcy sucking his balls, and Marcy watched her sucking his cock. Marcy pushed her finger deep into her son's asshole, twisting her naked ass on the bed, Susan sucked hotly, her lips tight, her tongue fucking.

Jerry had one hand on the top of his stepmother's head, the other behind his ass and squeezing at his mother's naked tit. His balls were full again, and his mother sucked them very hard.

"This won't last long!" Jerry moaned. "Ohhhh, suck me, both of you!"

The words boiled out of Jerry's tight throat. The discharge of his cock suddenly spurted into his stepmother's mouth.

Susan made wet, gulping sounds, but creamy fuck-juice seeped from her tight lips, running down the shaft of his cock to his balls. With a squeal, Marcy pulled her mouth off his balls and began to lick up the come-juice escaping Susan's gulping mouth.

"Ohhhh, shit, shit!" Jerry cried out, coming hard, spraying down his stepmother's throat.

Susan swallowed all she could...

Marcy licked up what dripped away...

And then Jerry slumped back, breathing very hard, his face glowing as he grinned at them.

"This is the best trip I've ever had!" he said. "If I wasn't so fucking hot to have you fuck my cunt," Susan said, "I'd say we should get some rest. Remember the amusement park?"

"Fuck the amusement park!" Jerry shouted. "Oh, no, baby!" his mother giggled. "Fuck me and your stepmother, instead!"

Both Marcy and Susan pulled Jerry down between them, kissing at him hotly, their hands all over his crotch and ass.

"Fuck us, fuck us sore!" Susan said.

"He will!" Marcy laughed. "Oh, yes, our son will fuck us sore!"

And Jerry tried...


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