Incestuous neighbors

Although Americans appear to the rest of the world as frank and open people, the truth is often the opposite when it comes to relating on a personal basis. This is particularly true regarding sexual matters.

The fact is, Americans are only now beginning to learn to discuss sex and sexuality with candor and usually that is within the limits of marital sex.

While no one is advocating sex as the main topic of conversation, and while sexual privacy is very important to most people, many adults harbor fears about themselves and their sexual behavior that could be craned if they were more aware of other people's behavior. Most of us have been brought up to be at least slightly ashamed of anything sexual, and it is frequently reassuring to discover that we are not different, naughty, or even perverted in our sex practices. In discussing sex with others, people find out how truly normal they are.

INCESTUOUS NEIGHBORS -- a frank story of one young girl's approach to sexual honesty. A story with a lesson for us all.

Ginger knew her brother was dying to use the bathroom, that's why she couldn't resist the urge to lay in the tub longer than she needed to.

"Will you please hurry up!" she heard Tom say.

The touch of panic in her brother's voice brought a mischievous smile to Ginger's lusty, sensual mouth. She couldn't resist teasing Tom, though she really didn't know why.

There was another knock on the door.

"Please, Ginger, I've got to go bad!"

Ginger's grin broadened and her green eyes took on a twinkle that was pure teenage excitement.

"Oh, all right," she said, sounding angry with her brother, though she really wasn't. "But you've got to promise not to look."

"I promise! I promise!"

Ginger slipped out of the bathtub, her slender, shapely body dripping warm water and thick fluffs of suds. She unlocked the door and the moment the tumblers clicked open, Tom burst into the bathroom, nearly knocking Ginger over.

"Tom! You promised!" Ginger hissed, placing one hand over her delicately rounded tits and covering her small bush of cunt hair with the other.

Ginger was shocked beyond words when she watched her brother step up to the toilet and whip out his cock. He was hung like a horse! His cock, even though it wasn't hard, was the biggest one Ginger had ever seen in her life -- and she'd seen plenty!

As her brother started to relieve himself, Ginger averted her eyes. She slipped back into the bathtub and artfully pushed the bubbles away from her tits, though she wasn't exactly sure why she did it.

The sound of Tom pissing died away, and he sighed happily. When she no longer heard the sound of the water splashing, Ginger again looked at her brother.

The teenager's green eyes misted over. She never dreamed her brother could be hung so handsomely. He was tall and slender and his cock was long and pleasantly thick. It wasn't the thickest cock Ginger had ever seen, but it was definitely the longest.

"Are you happy now?" Ginger asked, trying to sound annoyed with Tom.

"I'm sorry," Tom said, keeping his eyes turned away from his naked sister in the tub. "I just couldn't wait any longer. You were in here so long. What else could I do?"

A strange sensation crept through Ginger's veins. It was something different than anything she had ever felt before when she was near Tom.

I'm horny, the young girl thought. I can't believe it! I've gotten horny because I've seen Tom's cock and discovered how big it is!

The reality of it all did not disturb Ginger, though she did find it a little strange. She had never before thought of her brother in a sexual context. Now, as he stood nervously in the bathroom with her, he seemed entirely different than anything Ginger could ever remember him being.

"Wait a minute," Ginger whispered. "You can't leave just yet. I think I heard Mom come home."

Tom's eyes burst open wide and he looked into Ginger's eyes, then down at her luscious, sweetly curved, firm tit. The perfect pink circles of her areolas made his cock jerk inside his slacks. Her nipples were hard, erect, nubby buds that crowned her tits.

Ginger felt a flush come to her cheeks when she noticed Tom's hot gaze go down to her naked tits. She made no move to cover herself.

It was only then that Ginger realized she was actively seducing her handsome brother. She hadn't heard her mother return home. It was just something she said so that Tom wouldn't leave.

Tom pulled his eyes away from his sister's body with no small amount of difficulty. From the moment he first laid eyes on Ginger's tits, his cock had started to grow. And even though he wasn't looking at her sweet, creamy titties now, his strong, young prick was showing absolutely no sign of stopping its swelling.

Ginger leaned back in the tub. Her tits burst through the layer of suds. Her knees were raised and she wished the soap wasn't piled so high between her legs so Tom could perhaps get a look at her pussy.

"Look at me, Tom," Ginger said, her arms at her sides beneath the water as she pretended to put on a serious face for her brother. "You can't leave here now. What would Mom think if she saw you leave?"

Tom couldn't keep his eyes on his sister's face. No matter how hard he tried, her tits kept drawing his lusty gaze. He looked at her milky, slender, strong thighs and groaned softly.

"Oh, no!" Ginger hissed. Tom's half-hard cock was stretching down the leg of his Levi's. "You're getting a hard-on!"

Tom immediately crossed his hands over his crotch, hiding the throbbing, impressive length of his prick, which still hadn't reached its full majesty. When his cock had grown to its full size, it would be ten inches long.

"I'm sorry," the boy whispered, though he really wasn't sorry at all that his cock was getting hard. "I just couldn't help myself. Not with you in there... like that."

Ginger suppressed the purr of contentment that threatened to come from her throat. It was time to act out what she had been teasing earlier.

"Well, won't it go down?"

"Not... not until I..."

"Cum?" Ginger asked, supplying the word her brother obviously didn't want to say.

Tom nodded his head and Ginger realized this was her perfect opportunity to have his cock all to herself while maintaining some semblance of aloofness to what she was doing.

"You have got to do something about that," Ginger said, shifting in the tub until she got her knees settled beneath her. Her knees were spread wide apart and the warmth in Ginger's cunt had nothing to do with the hot water she was sitting in. She shifted more until she was facing the side of the bathtub. Bubbles streamed down her body, gliding smoothly over her wet flesh, trickling between her tits.

"Come here," Ginger said, keeping her voice in a whisper even though she knew she was alone in the house with her brother. "I might as well help you with this. But you've got to promise to never tell anyone what happens in here. Deal?"

Tom couldn't believe his ears. What was she asking of him? Without fully comprehending what exactly was happening, Tom nodded his head and stepped closer to Ginger until he was well within arm's reach.

Ginger's heart was pounding in her chest. Her nipples were burning with excitement, needing a hand to caress them, a mouth to suck on the elongated, sensitive tips. Between her legs, her clit was throbbing hotly. Ginger could feel her pussy burning with the need to be fucked by a long, thick cock. Her own brother's cock? It was a tantalizing notion.

Looking up at Tom, Ginger could see the raging lust that was doing battle in his soul. She could tell that he was dying to jerk his cock out and fuck it into her mouth until he squirted his thick wad of cum down her throat. Ginger could tell that those kinds of thoughts were going through her brother's mind, but at least for present he wasn't going to be quite that forceful.

"Don't worry, brother, I'll give you a helping hand!"

Ginger giggled briefly at her own play on words. It was a nervous laugh, one that tried to break the incredible tension in the bathroom. She looked at her brother's cock.

Inhaling deeply, swelling her luscious tits out, Ginger forced herself to follow through with her seduction.

"Don't ever tell anyone about this!" Ginger said.

She raised her wet hands and placed the right one gently over the thick bulge of Tom's cock. With her left hand she slipped the palm lightly up his thigh until she cupped his big, young, cum-churning balls. The heat of Tom's prick seemed to burst through the fabric of his slacks and go straight to her palm.

"Ohhhhh!" Tom sighed as his lovely teenaged sister began stroking his cock and squeezing his balls softly. He still couldn't believe that she was doing this to him.

It wasn't until Ginger had worked Tom's prick into an erection that was threatening to burst his zipper that she finally unsnapped his slacks and began working the tab of the zipper down slowly. When Ginger tugged Tom's jeans down to his thighs, his cock was freed somewhat, pushing furiously against his shorn.

"My word!" Ginger hissed.

Through Tom's white shorts, Ginger could see the clear outline of his cock-head. Leaning forward, she planted a light kiss on the pulsing shaft of Tom's prick, smacking her lips against the cotton shorts.

"I won't suck you," she said, "but I guess there's nothing wrong with doing that!"

Tom tried to talk but he couldn't get his voice to work. He just stood there, every muscle in his body flexed and taut, his cock fighting to be released from his underwear, his eyes bugged out as he watched what his beautiful sister was doing to him.

She slipped her fingertips inside the elastic waistband of Tom's shorts and began peeling them slowly down. First his cock-hair was exposed, then the base of Tom's beautiful cockshaft. Pulling the shorts lower still, Ginger purred softly as his huge cock was finally set free.

"Amazing! You're absolutely amazing!" Ginger cooed sultrily. His cock was standing almost straight out from Tom's slender body. As Ginger spoke, her warm breath was a caress against his taut, large prick-tip. "Your cock excites me. Just looking at it makes me horny!"

With trembling hands, Ginger wrapped her fingers around the meaty shaft of her brother's cock. She felt his hard cock-meat jerk slightly when she touched it. Moving to the side, she looked at his balls and was shocked at how far below his crotch his balls hung in their hairy sack.

Ginger twisted her hand around the shaft of his cock at the same time she began moving her tiny fist back and forth over it. She squeezed tightly on his cock, testing its hardness.

Sighing softly, she leaned closer to Tom's prick. She wanted to kiss the massive, mushroom-shaped head of his cock, to lick it and suck it deep into her mouth, maybe even take Tom's delicious cock as deep into her throat as she was able. But something inside her prevented Ginger from going quite that far. She just couldn't suck her own brother's cock... but that didn't mean she couldn't taste him, or satisfy his raging sexual needs.

Very carefully Ginger pushed one of Tom's balls between her lips. She swirled her tongue around his ball, licking it, basting it in warm saliva.

That gasped loudly when he felt his sister suck his ball into the hot, moist recesses of her mouth. Her lips tightened around his ball sac her tongue curled around his ball. The sensation was exhilarating, shocking, making tire boy's entire body twitch and quiver with building sexual tension.

"Mmmmmm!" Ginger moaned, nibbling tenderly on her brother's balls, sucking one cum-churning ball into her mouth, then the other.

Mouthing Tom's balls was really getting to Ginger. Her cunt was seething with pussy-juice, getting hotter and more tingly with each passing second. As she sucked passionately on Tom's balls, her right hand moved slowly to and fro over the bone-hard length of his enormously long cock.

"That's it! Ohhhhh! Nobody's ever sucked my balls like that!" Tom managed to say through gritted teeth, urging his beautiful sister on as she tantalized his cock and balls.

Opening her mouth as wide as possible, Ginger very carefully tucked both of her brother's balls between her lips. She tightened her lips and groaned with pleasure, feeling the heat of her brother's hard cock against her bulging cheek.

"Ohhhhh! Yessss! That's it! That's it!" Tom managed to hiss.

Ginger's right hand rolled back and forth over his cock. She held her brother's prick-tip in her palm, squeezing it softly, pleased with the way the bulbous tip of his cock throbbed in her hand. She ran the flat part of her thumb over the slitted end of his cock-head and felt a sticky drop of pre-cum ooze out.

"Mmmmmmm!" she cooed lovingly, smoothing the pre-cum around the head of Tom's fiery prick.

Ginger's jaws began to ache from being forced to remain open so wide for so long, but she wasn't going to free her brother's balls. Not yet, anyway. Not until she could feel them jerking about between her lips as his spurting jets of cum detonated from them.

Gritting his teeth, Tom looked down. The beautiful, erotic sight that waited for him was breathtaking. His sister, with all that gorgeous blonde hair, had her face turned sideways, pressed against his crotch. Her shimmering eyes were glazed with lust. Ginger's right hand moved slowly back and forth over his cock as her tongue slithered around his hairy, large balls.

"This is such a turn-on," Tom said softly, his eyes squinting as he struggled to hold the cum in his balls.

Ginger moaned as she sucked on her brother's balls. Her right hand continued to move back and forth over his enormous prick. As she stroked Tom's cock, Ginger could feel the hot throbs coming from it get stronger, more powerful. She knew he couldn't take much more of the pleasure she was providing without blowing his wad of cum out in a torrent.

Tom worked his hips to and fro. He was losing control of himself, losing the grip he held over his emotion. His sister's hot, wet mouth and pistoning hand were quickly driving him wild.

"Ohhhh! Oh, noooo!" Tom hissed, the sound ripping from his constricted throat.

Ginger could smell Tom's body as she jerked his cock and wantonly mouthed his balls. Her face was pressed between his legs and his cock was hot and hard against her cheek when he started cumming. His thick, white, salty jets of cum raced through his cock and gushed into the air.

"Awwwwww!" Tom growled as his burning spurts of cum splattered against the far wall of the bath, behind Ginger.

"Mmmmmm!" Ginger purred, sucking a little more lightly on Tom's balls as she felt them jumping around inside her mouth.

Ginger ran her hand toward the head of her brother's cock. She squeezed his prick-tip lightly in her fist and felt several rich, gooey blasts of cum gush against her fingers. White, sticky cum trickled between her fingers and down her palm and wrist as she gently nibbled on the boy's balls and jerked his cock until his balls were completely dry.

Not until she was certain that Tom had completely spent himself did Ginger allow his balls to slip out of her mouth. She sighed contentedly and looked at the cum sticking to her fingers and running in rivers down her wrist.

"My, my, my," Ginger chuckled, finding it embarrassing to look at her brother. "You certainly did have a cum-load, didn't you?"

There were several blasts of cum on the tile bathroom wall behind Ginger. She giggled in a child-like manner when she saw them. Very quickly she splashed water onto the wall and washed it clean, then pulled the drain on the tub and stepped out.

"You can leave now," Ginger said, still refusing to look at her brother. She was afraid to look into his eyes for fear of what she might find there. "I don't think Mom's round."

"No, I don't think I can leave," Tom said, his voice apologetic.

"Why not?"

Ginger turned slowly and her jaw dropped open when she saw that Tom's cock was just as big and hard as it ever had been. It was standing out strong and hard, pointing toward Ginger, making her feel all queasy inside.

A soft, half-frightened purr came from Ginger's throat as she realized with a mixture of happiness and displeasure that she was a long way from being finished with her brother's lust.

"You're not... not finished yet?" Ginger asked, her eyes dancing up and down from her brother's elongated prick to his face, then back down to his rigid cock. "Tom, you're absolutely amazing!"

Chuckling softly, Tom walked slowly toward his sister, his cock leading the way. He reached out and very lightly placed his hands on Ginger's slender, naked shoulders. He looked into her green eyes. They stood motionless for a minute, then his hands traveled down her body until he cupped her sweet, young, firm tits. His fingers toyed with her excited tit-flesh, playing with her nipples.

"Ohhhhh!" Ginger moaned, closing her eyes as she felt a new warmth started in her nipples, moving through her body to make her tingle all over. "That feels so nice when you touch me that way!"

His hands continued to roam over Ginger's tits. She shivered softly, making no move to push her brother's hands from her naked body. When Tom slipped a hand down from her tit, his fingertips following the line of her ribs, Ginger unconsciously spread her legs just a couple inches wider apart.

"Tom... we've gone too far already," Ginger whispered.

There was no conviction in her tone and both of them could tell. At the first touch of Tom's fingers to the moist lips of Ginger's tight pussy, she flinched as though she had been jolted.

"Damn it, Tom! This has gone too far already! Stop it now!"

But Ginger didn't want her brother to stop. That was the last thing in the world she wanted. She could not deny to herself, nor to Tom, that she needed to get fucked. Even more than that, she wanted to feel her own brother's cock fucking deep into her body, spreading her cunt-lips wide apart, driving into her hot, juicy pussy until she was satisfied.

"Fuck me, Tom! Damn you, fuck me now!" The words came out of Ginger's mouth in a rush. She hadn't even thought she'd spoken the words -- merely thought them -- until Tom pushed her so that her back was against the bathroom door. With strong hands, he pushed her thighs apart and leaned closer to Ginger. As the young man thrust his middle finger into Ginger's tight cunt, the throbbing head of his cock pressed against her stomach.

"Oh, yessss!" Ginger gasped.

She curled her fingers once again around the broad shaft of Tom's prick. His finger driving into her cunt made her pussy-juice flow more freely to her cunt-lips. Ginger shivered, spreading her feet wider apart, making her pussy ready and available for Tom, no matter how he wanted to fuck her.

"Tom, you turn me on so much! Damn you, I'm helpless?" Ginger gasped breathlessly, pumping on her brother's rigid prick as he finger-fucked her.

Ginger sighed when Tom's chest pressed against her cheek, he was much taller than her, and for the first time she realized how much her brother had grown up in the past few years.

Kissing his chest briefly, Ginger flicked her tongue out, loving the taste of his skin. Tom's cock-head, rubbing against her stomach, felt like it was superheated, burning her flesh, blinding her to everything but the need to feel that same pole of cock-meat fucking her cunt.

"Fuck me now!" Ginger whispered, wrapping her left arm around Tom's neck. She leaned into him, pressing her delicate, tingling tits against his body, shivering as his rigid, manly cock bucked and pulsed demandingly in her fist. "I want to feel your cock inside me!"

Their lips fucked together. Ginger parted her lips invitingly and Tom's tongue pushed into her mouth. Their tongues darted together and apart. The heat and moisture in Ginger's cunt pushed her on. Each time Tom rubbed her clit, more fuck-juice oozed to her cunt-lips.

Pushing himself back a little, Tom had to bend his knees to get down low enough, and at the right angle, to fuck his fiery cock into his sister's blonde-fringed pussy. Ginger, leaning back with her shoulders against the bathroom door, sighed softly, raising one knee, sliding her thigh against Tom's hip as he brought the inflamed head of his huge prick to the opening of her pussy.

"Shove it in me!" Ginger said, shocked at her own lewd language. "Ram your cock in in..."

The words were silenced when his cock-head forced Ginger's cunt-lips to spread apart. The long, rigid, unyielding pole of Tom's cock lanced into Ginger's cunt, filling her tingling pussy, gliding against her red-hot, erect clit.

"Ohhhhh! You're so hot inside!" Tom said, fucking almost all of his prick into Ginger's pussy on the first lunge. He felt his sister's cuntlips tighten around the shaft of his prick and paused, not wanting to hurt her, knowing from experience that some girls found it difficult to take the full length of his oversized, pulsating cock into their pussies.

Ginger balanced precariously on one foot. To feel her own brother's cock spreading her tingling cunt-lips far apart, moving to and fro in her pussy, was more exhilarating that anything she had anticipated. She laced her fingers together at the back of Tom's neck, waiting for the fuck-thrusts that she knew would drive her to the heights of ecstasy. To cum around her own brother's cock seemed so utterly erotic!

Tom pulled back, withdrawing his cock from Ginger's cunt, taking his prick from her until even the rubbery rim of his cock-head slipped out from between her cuntlips. He spread his feet a little wider apart, then fucked his sister's pussy once again. This time, as Tom fucked his rigid, red-hot cock into her, he didn't stop until her cunt-lips were tightly encircling the very root of his prick.

"Awwwww!" Ginger gasped. She felt her hipbones pound against the hard wooden door, but the pain of that was nothing compared to the thrill she felt at taking the entire length of her brother's prick into her pussy.

Ginger kicked Tom's naked ass with the heel of her foot, urging him to sink his cock even deeper into her pussy even though she knew that he had already given her all the cock he had to give. She had never been fucked by a cock so long and hard before. Tom's cock was filling her up, bucking and pulsating inside her pussy, making her feel like her insides were melting from the heat of her excitement.

The lusty blonde pulled her brother's face down to her own. She pressed her lips demandingly against his and thrust her tongue into his mouth. The taste of Tom's mouth was a turn-on for Ginger, as was the feel of his tongue slithering against her own.

Tom sucked his sister's tongue deep into his mouth as he filled her sweet pussy with his prick. His hands explored her ass, and for a moment he wondered what it would be like to sink his cock up her ass. It was magnificent to ram his huge cock up Ginger's tight cunt, and Tom was certain that fucking her ass would be even tighter and more erotic.

Ginger felt her orgasm approaching with all the force of a tidal wave. She kicked her brother's pumping ass with the heel of her one raised foot, urging him to sink his cock into her pussy harder. Each time he fucked her seething cunt with his prick, the thick, smooth upper surface of his cock rubbed against Ginger's clit, spreading the flames of her passion, pushing her relentlessly closer to the climax she had waited so long for.

"Kissssss! Kiss me!" Ginger hissed.

She pulled Tom's face down to her own as he fucked his prick boldly into her pussy. Tom's cock-head fucked deep into Ginger's slender body, filling her cunt more than it ever had before. Shivering with lust, Ginger pressed her lips hungrily against her brother's. She crammed her tongue into his mouth, wantonly French kissing.

And that's exactly the way it worked for Ginger. She had Tom's tongue swirling around in her mouth, her lips pressing furiously against his, as her slick, clear girl-cum began streaming out of her overheated pussy. Ginger made high-pitched, squealing sounds as her cum trickled out between her cunt-lips and Tom's powerful, driving cock.

Ginger's cuntlips squeezed tightly around the shaft of her brother's driving cock as pussy-juice moistened his swinging, cum-filled balls.

Tom fucked his cock hard and fast into Ginger's pussy, slamming her hard against the door, driving his cock into her with relentless fury. He could feel her cunt squeezing his cock as she came, and the added stimulation was more than he could take.

Fucking Ginger one last time, Tom's balls exploded and he squirted a thick, salty stream of cum deep up her cunt.

"Uh! Uh! Uh!" Tom grunted, pistoning his lean hips to allow Ginger's cunt-lips to work erotically against the shaft of his prick. He fucked his cock into her pussy and punctuated each fuck thrust with a spewing jet of cum.

Ginger held tightly onto her brother, her arms around his neck as he fucked her hard and fast. She could barely breathe as he continued to pound her against the door. The ecstasy and pleasure that she felt at being fucked by her own brother was overpowering all other emotions and sensations.

When the last of his cum had been squirted into Ginger's cunt, Tom sighed and leaned against his sister, keeping her back against the door. She slipped her foot down from his waist, placing both feet on the floor now. Tom tenderly kissed the top of Ginger's head, inhaling the sweet fragrance of her silky blonde hair. His cock slipped out of Ginger's pussy.

"Oh, Tom, I can't believe what we've just done," Ginger said, wrapping her arms around her brother's slender waist. The sensation of having her own nipples rubbing against his warm body was exhilarating. There were thousands of little tingles exploding all over Ginger's skin from the orgasm that had just ripped through her body. "You've got to leave now. This instant, Tom. And you've got to keep what happened here today a secret."

When Tom left, Ginger slipped back into the tub and let the warm water soothe the dull throbbing of her hipbones. Tom had fucked her pretty hard, but Ginger had loved every minute of it.

It was late afternoon by the time Ginger got around to getting dressed and thinking about enjoying the beautiful weather. Looking out her window, she saw her neighbor, Misty's father. Paul, she decided, was a rather good-looking man. On previous occasions when she stayed overnight with Misty she had noticed Paul looking at her with interest. Though he had tried to hide it, Ginger was fairly certain that Paul had the hots for her.

"Hmmmmmmm," the girl murmured, watching him as he puttered around the yard, cleaning up twigs and things.

Ginger decided she should see what Misty was doing. Misty was Ginger's best friend, even though they didn't have much in common. Misty was dating Tom, Ginger knew, but she doubted if the two of them had ever fucked. Several weeks earlier Misty had confided that she was still a virgin. Misty also confessed that she was more than just a little afraid of sex, even though she was dying to have her sweet young pussy filled with Tom's cock.

Ginger suspected that Misty was a little on the frigid side. Misty said she enjoyed making out with Tom and letting him feel her tits, but something inside her just refused to let him touch her pussy. She had flatly refused Tom when he tried to put her hand between his legs. The thought of touching Tom's cock, Misty had said on that quiet evening she was alone with Ginger, was not one she found sexy or exciting at all.

Ginger turned away from the window. Her mind was spinning as she pondered the fate of her best friend and her brother. It didn't make sense to Ginger that Misty should deny herself. And knowing how sexual Tom was, Ginger was certain that Tom was going out of his mind with lust. That was probably why he couldn't get his cock to go down even after she had sucked on his balls and jerked him off. He needed to fuck Ginger, his own sister, because Misty wasn't doing anything for him.

"I wonder what I can do to get Misty to loosen up same," Ginger muttered to her se if as she stepped into a pair of white bikini panties. "There's got to be something I can do for her... other than fucking Tom for her, that is," she said, giggling softly as the memory of taking her brother's incredibly long cock into her pussy came back to her.

From her chest of drawers Ginger took out a pair of silk jogging shorts that showed off her fine legs and shapely ass, and a light pullover shirt that was tight enough to show off the luscious swells of her tits, with their nubby, always-erect nipples. Lastly she stepped into a pair of open-toed, high-heeled sandals and felt ready to start her day.


Paul watched Ginger walking toward him. The tingling in his balls told him he was getting turned on by her, just as he did every time she was around him. Sometimes he cursed himself and his daughter, Misty, for ever getting anywhere near Ginger. When she stayed overnight with Misty, Paul was always tempted to sneak into Misty's bedroom in the dead of night, spread Ginger's slender thighs as she slept, and fuck his cock hard and fast into her young cunt.

"Good morning," Ginger said, smiling brightly as she stepped up to Paul.

"Good morning, Ginger," Paul replied, trying not to notice how lovely the teenager looked. "How are you today?"

"Just fine, sir." Ginger put her hands on her hips and flashed Paul a dazzling, toothy smile. She knew the impact she was having on him. "And yourself? How do you feel on this sunny day?"

Is she teasing me? Paul wondered. He tried to keep his eyes from straying down to Ginger's tits, but failed. The nipples that capped Ginger's tits were making dents in the sheer fabric of her blouse, and Paul felt his cock give a little jump when he noticed she wasn't wearing a bra. There was nothing unusual in that, though. Ginger, Paul had noticed, very rarely wore a bra.

Ginger waited for Paul to say something. She could feel the heat of his gaze on her tits and it excited her. Her nipples tingled with anticipation. The whole notion of fucking her own brother, and then fucking her best friend's father, all on the same day seemed utterly and terribly, blissfully, tantalizingly erotic.

"Well, I've come to see what Misty's doing. Is she inside?" Ginger finally asked.

"Yeah. Just go on in. You'll find her somewhere."

As Ginger walked toward the house, she could again feel the burning heat of Paul's stare as he devoured her ass with his eyes. She wished she had the courage to come right out and ask Paul if he wanted to fuck her, but she didn't have that kind of courage. Nevertheless, as Ginger walked slowly toward the house, taking her time so Paul could have a good, long look at her body, she was already plotting ways of seducing him.

Ginger found Misty in her room. Misty was on her back on the bed, her eyes closed, taking an afternoon nap. Ginger smiled. She'd never known anyone who could sleep as much as Misty.

Standing at the side of the bed, Ginger looked at her friend. Misty's rather oval-shaped face was cute, passive, innocent. Ginger wondered what it would be like to touch her lips to Misty's, to taste her friend's mouth and caress her silken flesh. The thoughts that filtered through Ginger's mind made her cunt and clit tingle a little, and she could feel pussy-juice moistening the lips of her cunt.

She stepped around the bed and moved to the window. Paul was still in the yard, making sure that his lawn looked the best in the entire block. He seemed to take great pride in the upkeep of his house and lawn, though Ginger couldn't understand why.

When Paul noticed Ginger standing at the window, a flutter of excitement zipped up the girl's spine. Paul wanted her and Ginger knew it... and that made her want him. She smiled at Paul, her supple, sensual lips red with lip gloss, her eyelashes darkened by mascara, her eyes highlighted with pale green shadow that enhanced the beauty of her jade eyes.

For the longest time the two of them stood facing each other, looking at each other, knowing how horny they both were yet unwilling or unable to do anything about their feelings. Then, at last, it was Ginger who broke the walls between them. She allowed the tip of her tongue to play very slowly, very erotically around her mouth. She licked her lips, making them glisten and shine.

Hot damn! Paul thought, his eyes wide with shock as he watched the teenager's lewd, enticing conduct. She wants to suck me! The little tramp wants to give me a blow-job!

The thought that Ginger might just be a little teaser, a teenager who tantalizes men then doesn't follow through with her hints, came to Paul. He hoped like hell Ginger wasn't a cock-teaser.

Taking slow, deliberate steps, Paul walked to the open window where Ginger stood. He glanced into the room and saw that his daughter was sleeping.

"Not in the house," Paul whispered, his eyes burning into Ginger's. "I don't want Misty to wakeup and catch us."

"Then where?" Ginger asked. The sound of her own voice was shocking to her.

To know she was actually seducing her best friend's father was frightening. "What are we going to do?"

Paul gave Ginger a wolf's grin. "In the backyard, near the trees by the garage. And what you're going to do is exactly what I tell you to do. Understand that, little girl? You're not messing with a little boy this time. You're with me, and you'll do what I tell you to do."

Ginger nodded her head slowly. Her mind was spinning. She never thought he would treat her that way. The tone of command in his voice was exhilarating, thoroughly exciting. Ginger sensed that she wanted to be commanded by him, to follow his orders and do whatever he thought was best. Even if he was selfish with her, wanting only to please himself and not caring how much pleasure she received, Ginger was certain she would find the whole encounter incredibly exciting.

Ginger crept quietly out of the bedroom, making sun that she didn't wake Misty up. Paul was waiting for her in the backyard. He kept himself hidden from nosy neighbors by staying in the shadows and keeping himself between the small cluster of trees and the garage.

Walking on the lawn, Ginger felt the heels of her sandals sinking into the grass. She walked slowly. Between her cunt-lips, Ginger's tiny, throbbing clit was getting hotter with each passing second. Her small, perfectly shaped, extremely sensitive tits were itching with anticipation. Ginger's nipples were itching for a hand or mouth to fondle and caress them.

"Get in here!" Paul hissed, taking Ginger's hand and pulling her into the shadows with him.

Ginger gasped when Paul jerked her against his body. His arms wound around her, crushing her to him. Her tits flattened against his body and hot, tingling sensations came from her nipples.

He kissed her brutally, bruisingly, forcing his tongue between her lips. Ginger melted in Paul's arms. When his hands moved from the small of her back down to her ass, she moaned. He pulled her hips toward himself, forcing Ginger's pussy to press against his thigh, sending the inferno of lust burning out of control in Ginger's passion-hungry body.

"Get down, damn you!" Paul hissed through clenched teeth, his eyes burning into Ginger's.

He pushed on and through the satiny hair at the nape of Ginger's neck and bunched the tresses in his fist. He jerked on the hair, snapping Ginger's head back, forcing her mouth to open. "Get down on your knees and you'd damn well better give me the best blow-job of my life or you're in big trouble, girl!"

The shocking behavior turned Ginger on. She played the situation like an actress, moaning softly, pretending that he was hurting her more than he really was. He forced her to her knees and Ginger pretended to be struggling against him, though the truth was Ginger could hardly wait to take her best friend's fathers cock deep into her hot, juicy mouth.

"Please don't be so mean," Ginger whispered, purring as she felt the cool grass against her bare knees.

The bulge in the front of Paul's pants was thick, manly, exciting to look at Paul kept his fingers twisted into Ginger's hair and she enjoyed the pleasure pain that it caused.

"Take my cock out," Paul said, his voice a low growl that said he wouldn't allow Ginger to deny him anything.

"Yes, sir," Ginger replied obediently.

She unbuckled his belt, then unsnapped his pants and pulled his zipper out. With a trembling hand she reached inside his underwear and curled her fingers around the thick, semi-hard shaft of Paul's prick. The heat of it burned through her veins, and fresh pussy-juice made the blonde teenager's pussy even more ready to be split by a hard cock.

Keeping her right hand squeezed tightly around Paul's cock, Ginger used her left hand to lower his pants and shorts just enough to get his hairy balls out.

"Tell me you love my cock," Paul said, enjoying this game he was playing with the neighbor girl. "Tell me you love my cock and will do anything for me."

Ginger kissed the tip of Paul's cock-head. "Yes, I love your cock," she whispered, feeling helpless against the wild lust that flowed in her veins. "I love your cock and I'll do anything you want me to do. Just let me suck your cock. Please? Please let me suck your big cock!"

Ginger looked at Paul's cock. It wasn't as long as her brother's enormous prick, but then Ginger doubted there was another cock in the whole world as long as Tom's. But Paul's cock was of considerable length, and it was straight and hard and exciting to look at and feel.

When Paul pulled Ginger's face to his cockhead again, she made soft sounds as though she did not like what he was doing to her. The moment her soft, glimmering lips touched Paul's prick-tip, Ginger flicked her tongue out and licked his piss-hole.

"Awwwww!" Paul gasped, shocked at how erotic it felt to have this young teenager's slick tongue playing over his cock-head.

Ginger kept her hand around the base of Paul's prick as she worked her tongue around his cock-head. She licked his piss-hole, and played her tongue in circles against the underside of his bulbous cock-head. Once the blonde beauty had the entire head of Paul's cock glistening with saliva, she allowed him to fuck his prick between her lips, filling her mouth with his swollen, lusty cock.

"Mmmmmm!" Ginger moaned as the shaft of his prick rolled between her lips. His cockhead rubbed against the roof of her mouth, filling her mouth until she couldn't take another bite of the cock without deep-throating him.

Looking down, Paul was stunned beyond words to see Ginger's beautiful face at his waist with his cock buried deep in her mouth. He groaned softly, keeping his hold on her hair, shivering with lust as he felt the teenager's tongue gliding down the underside of his fiery prick.

"Suck me," Paul hissed through clenched teeth. "Suck my cock, baby!"

Ginger allowed her neighbor to push and pull her head, forcing her to suck his prick at the tempo he dictated. She nibbled softly on the slick, hard shaft of his cock, swirling her tongue around his cock at the same time. Each time Paul pulled her toward his body, Ginger was forced to take his prick into her mouth until her lips were pressing tightly against the edge of her fist, which was still wrapped around the root of his cock.

"Mmmmmmmm!" Ginger slurped, chewing erotically oh the thickly veined shaft of Paul's cock.

As she sucked cock, allowing herself to be face-fucked, Ginger's tits jiggled inside her shimmering blouse. Her nipples were burning buds of raw flesh, hungry and ready for Paul to fondle them. As she moved to and fro on her knees, Ginger could feel pussy-juice making her panties stick wetly to the tingling lips of her cunt.

Paul finally released his grip on Ginger's hair. There was really no reason to be cruel to her, since it was glaringly obvious that Ginger loved giving Paul the blow-job as much as he loved getting it.

When Ginger felt the pressure against her scalp lessen, then end entirely, she knew that Paul's initial excitement had abated somewhat. She raised her left hand and tenderly cupped his hairy balls in her palm. Paul had very large balls, larger even than Tom's, and Ginger was certain that he would cum a real gusher when she had finally sucked him into that state of excitement.

"Mmmmmmm!" Ginger purred, making sure she did it loudly enough so that Paul would hear her and know how turned-on she was getting at sucking his prick.

Ginger was like a sucking machine as her slender body pitched back and forth. She worked her right hand around the root of the cock while using her lips, teeth and tongue on the end of his prick. She continuously squeezed and caressed Paul's throbbing balls, sometimes pushing them up so they rubbed against his own body, other times just squeezing them to add to the other sensations that she was providing for him.

The teenager pulled back, dragging her lips over the ridge of Paul's cock-head, until she held just the tip of his prick between her lips. Ginger flicked her tongue from side to side across his piss-hole. Paul's whole body flinched when she did this, letting Ginger know that he really enjoyed what she was doing and how she was doing it.

Paul placed his hands on his hips, trying to remain at least reasonably calm while this beautiful, sensual young girl lewdly mouthed his prick. To watch Ginger's beautiful face moving back and forth, to see his own cock sliding between her lips to fill his mouth, was the most stimulating thing Paul had ever seen in his life.

"Damn it, girl, you're incredible!" Paul whispered. "I've wanted to be with you like this for so long!"

If Ginger hadn't had Paul's cock stuffing her mouth, she would have smiled. Though he had been cruel and commanding with her to begin with, the tone of his voice and the way he was treating her now was entirely different. He spoke to her as though she was the most special girl in the whole world, and Ginger loved him for it.

"Mmmmmm!" Ginger cooed softly, turning her face to the side to allow Paul's throbbing cock-head to nib against the inside of her cheek. When she did this, the side of her face swelled out massively, lewdly, and she turned enough so that Paul could see as well as feel what she was doing with his cock.

Ginger released Paul's balls. She brought her hand between her legs and touched her pussy. Through her silk jogging shorts and her panties, the heat of her pussy was readily apparent.

Tightening her lips around the shaft of her neighbor's prick, Ginger moaned loudly and filled her mouth with his cock. She nibbled down his turgid shaft of cock-meat until her lips touched the edge of her fist. Holding his cock in her mouth, Ginger could feel his prick-tip throbbing hotly against her slithering tongue.

As she gave the blow-job, slowly and erotically bringing her lips to and fro over Paul's fiery prick, Ginger rubbed her pussy-lips and clit.

Though she wasn't touching herself directly, having to rub her pussy through her jogging shorts and panties, touching herself was considerably more exciting with Paul's cock filling her mouth and making her senses spin.

Tilting her head back on her shoulders, Ginger looked up into Paul's face. To see his passion, to see the excitement he felt showing in his eyes, was all that Ginger really wanted. She curled her tongue around his cock-head and licked off a salty drop of pre-cum from his pisshole. The taste of his pre-cum tingled on Ginger's tongue, turning her on, adding to all the other heavenly sensations that were already going through her.

"Mmmmmmm!" Ginger moaned.

As she gave the blow-job Ginger wondered if she could ever tell Misty about this encounter. Ginger wondered how Misty would react to the knowledge that her best friend had given a blow-job to her father.

Deciding that Misty wasn't liberal-minded enough to accept such a reality, Ginger dismissed all thoughts from her mind except how much she loved giving Paul a blow-job.

"Ohhhhh! Take it deeper, baby!" Paul urged, beginning to pump his hips to fuck his cock into the teenager's mouth. "Take more of my cock into your mouth if you can!"

Ginger flicked her tongue against Paul's pisshole and licked off another drop of pre-cum. Taking her right hand from the base of his prick, she cooed softly, glad that she was about to show Paul what she was really capable of.

Taking his cock from her mouth, Ginger smacked her lips against his prick-tip a couple of times, then looked up into Paul's eyes.

"Am I doing well so far?"

"Yes! Hell, yes! You're doing great, baby!"

"Does that mean you'll cum for me? Will you cum in my mouth and make me swallow your cum?"

Ginger saw the reaction her words drew from Paul. He liked it when she talked that way to him. His prick raised up slightly, his cock-head becoming momentarily larger.

"I want to suck you off," Ginger purred, her warm breath passing over Paul's cock-head. "That's what I want more than anything else in the world."

Ginger placed her hands on either side of his cock, holding the very base of Paul's prick in the crook of her thumbs. She stuck her tongue far out of her mouth and licked the slitted tip of Paul's cock, cooing softly as she tasted the salty flavor of pre-cum.

"Ohhhhh! Damn you, Ginger! Don't tease me like this! Suck me, damn it!"

Paul was going out of his mind with lust as he watched and felt the lusty young girl licking the head of his swollen, throbbing prick. When Ginger opened her lips wide and prepared to take him into her mouth again, Paul groaned and closed his eyes. He couldn't watch the erotic things she was doing to him a moment longer without cumming, and he didn't want to do that just yet. To prolong the pleasure she was giving him was his most ardent wish, even though he couldn't wait for the sweet ecstasy of shooting his wad of cum straight dawn the lovely teenager's throat.

Ginger squeezed her lips around the shaft of Paul's prick, holding just his cock-head in her mouth. As she consciously relaxed the muscles in her mouth, she rolled her tongue in a circular motion against the sensitive underside of Paul's cock-head.

"Mmmmmmm!" Ginger moaned, nibbling slowly down the throbbing, pulsating shaft of her neighbor's prick.

His cock-head literally vibrated against Ginger's tongue as she nibbled and gnawed erotically on his cock-shaft. She could feel Paul's prick-tip rubbing against the roof of her mouth, flattening her slithering tongue down as more and more of his hard cock filled her mouth.

When Paul's cock-head was rubbing against Ginger's tonsils, nearly driving down her throat she knew she could take all of him. Ginger could not swallow all of her brother's enormous cock, but she could deep-throat Paul's prick.

Very slowly, feeling the rubbery head of Paul's cock stretching her throat, Ginger took the prick deeper into her mouth. Her neck swelled out as his cock pushed past the back of her mouth and entered her tight, squeezing throat.

"Awwwwwww!" Paul groaned, his eyes squeezed tightly shut as he felt his prick sinking down the teenager's experienced throat.

Ginger chewed with her lips on the shaft of Paul's cock as his prick-tip slipped down her throat. When her lips encircled the very root of his cock and she could feel all of Paul's prick throbbing and jerking in her throat, she cooed with a sense of triumph.

"Damn! Hot damn! I never thought you could do it!" Paul said, afraid to look down. To see Ginger deep-throating him would likely push him over the edge of ecstasy, and Paul was still struggling to contain his excitement.

Ginger's neck was bulging out with the circumference of her neighbor's prick filling her throat. Her nose pressed into the curly thatch of hair that sprouted above his prick, and she could feel his balls against her chin. She groaned softly, the sound grumbling out of her chest as she held his cock in her mouth and throat.

It wasn't until Ginger had to breathe that she finally pulled back, allowing his cock to slide out of her neck a fraction of an inch at a time. When she held just his cock-head in her mouth again, she licked at the end of his prick and tasted yet another drop of pre-cum. It was very salty, and Ginger could tell that Paul was moving rapidly toward the point of no return, to such ecstasy that he couldn't prevent himself from shooting spurts of cum straight down her throat.

"Mmmmmm!" Ginger moaned happily, revolving her face around the end of Paul's prick, fucking it with her tongue.

"Baby... oh, baby, you're really getting to me!" Paul said, his throat feeling incredibly tight from the sexual tension. "Damn it, baby! You're making me feel like a king!"

If Ginger hadn't had her mouth full of his cock, she once again would have chuckled. It seemed odd to her that Paul, who only a few minutes earlier had talked so tough and acted so cruel, could now be completely and totally helpless against her and the charms she could share with him or deny him, depending on how she felt. Ginger realized that she was the one controlling the situation.

Ginger practically threw her face at Paul's body. When his prick-tip pounded against the back of her mouth, her forward progress was halted for only a moment before it bore straight down her throat once again. As her neck bulged out with the big cock stuffing it, Ginger cooed her contentment.

Though he had tried to keep himself from doing it, Paul started pumping his hips once again, pushing his prick at Ginger as she moved toward him. Each time his big cockhead struck the back of her mouth, then fucked her tight throat, hot tingles passed through his body. His balls were throbbing with pent-up cum, swinging freely between his tensed, knotted thighs.

Ginger was doing her best to take the throat-searing invasions of Paul's cock-meat. Then, suddenly, her shoulders heaved and her throat protested the brutal invasion. She threw her head back, uncorking his bone-hard cock from her throat. At that very instant, the moment her lips left Paul's cock-head, a creamy geyser of cum jetted from his piss-hole.

"Uh!" Ginger gasped in surprise when his gooey white fuck-cream splashed against her neck.

Without a moment's hesitation, Ginger wrapped the trembling fingers of her right hand around the shaft of Paul's cock and started pounding furiously on it. She sat on the backs of her heels and watched with total fascination as spewing squirts of cum gushed from the man's balls, then sailed through the air and landed on her blouse.

"Awwwwww!" Paul groaned, his entire body jerking and twitching as Ginger jerked him off.

His eyes were wide as saucers as he watched his cum spewing through the air and striking the front of Ginger's body.

Several strong eruptions of cum hit Ginger's shirt. She could feel the heat of the cum through the sheer blouse. When his bullets of fuck-cream slowed down, the cum just rolled out of Paul's piss-hole. The white blabs of cum trickled down Ginger's wrist as she nursed the last couple droplets of cum from Paul's aching balls.

"Damn... oh, damn it girl, you're really something!" Paul hissed with exhaustion, gently taking Ginger's hand away from his prick.

Looking down, Ginger giggled as she saw the white streams of cum that were clinging to the fabric of her shirt.

"Look at the mess you've made of my blouse!" she complained. "If you hadn't been so rough with me I would have sucked you off. Look at what you've done to me!"

Paul groaned softly as he tucked his cock and balls back into his shorts, then readjusted his slacks.

"Listen, take your blouse off and I'll run in the house and wash it real quick. Just stay here and don't let anyone see you."

The idea didn't quite seem right to Ginger, but she pulled the blouse over her head and handed it to Paul anyway. As the warm afternoon breeze played over her naked tits, she smiled. It felt good being practically naked outside in the middle of the afternoon. Ginger suddenly realized she was much more of an exhibitionist than she ever thought she was.

Ginger crossed her arms over her tits, cupping one of her firm, femininely curved tit mounds in each hand to hide them. Though she tried to keep in the shadows, she was aware that she was visible to the neighboring homes.

"How did I get myself in a mess like this?" she wondered aloud.

Paul had been gone just a couple minutes, and already Ginger was convinced that she'd made a big mistake by letting him take her blouse into the house to wash it, leaving her standing outside in just her skimpy, shiny jogging shorts.

A thousand questions went through her mind. What would her parents do if they found out she was outside in public without her blouse? How could she ever explain it? And what if someone had watched her giving Paul a blowjob? There wasn't a way in the world she could ever explain why she had done that without admitting that she was a cock-hungry wench!

Ginger got down on her knees again to make herself less visible, keeping her hands over her sensitive tits. The memory of what it had been like to take her best friend's father's cock deep in her mouth and down her throat came to Ginger, making her smile, making her pussy tingle and become warm and moist.

No matter what happened now, even if she got in trouble, nothing would ever take away the excitement she had felt and the fond memory she now savored of giving Paul the blow-job. To suck on his cock, to swirl her tongue around his prick's meaty length, was something that she would have for the rest of her life.


Paul had Ginger's blouse wadded up in his hand. He was headed for the laundry room when he heard Misty approaching. His heart raced in his chest. He had to get rid of Ginger's incriminating blouse instantly!

Without giving it a second thought, Paul opened a cupboard door and threw Ginger's blouse inside. He was just closing the door when his lovely daughter walked into the kitchen.

"Hi, Daddy!" Misty said, flashing her father a smile. "Did you want to go out for lunch now? I had a wonderful nap, but I'm famished now."

Paul was trapped. He had promised to take Misty out for lunch if he refused, she might get suspicious. He wasn't used to having to hide things from her. Giving her a weak, forced smile, Paul nodded his head.

You're on your own now, Ginger! he thought as he exited out the front door of his home with Misty, leaving behind the half-naked teenager in the back yard near his garage.


Ginger was trying to be rational about the whole thing. She figured it wduld take twenty or thirty minutes to wash her blouse, and then another thirty or forty minutes to dry the garment. It could not possibly take more than an hour and fifteen minutes, or so, to clean the cum off her blouse.

And if that was the case, why, by her estimate, had she been kneeling in the shadows for over two hours?

"That rotten bastard," Ginger whispered venomously, deciding that either Paul had found it a hell of a joke to leave her outside without a blouse, or had somehow gotten sidetracked. "I'll get even with him for this!"

It was about four o'clock, Ginger guessed. The sun was still high in the sky. Her home wasn't that far away, but it was still too far away to just make a dash for it. Someone in the neighborhood would undoubtedly see her. Eventually, the word would get back to her parents and then Ginger would be in the proverbial doghouse. She had gotten "grounded" before for misbehaving, and being stuck home -- all alone -- meant she hadn't been able to see her numerous boyfriends and have her pussy filled with the hard cock that she craved every day. It nearly drove her mad to go without sex!

"I can't wait here all damn day!" the teenager said. It pleased her to speak her anger aloud. Somehow it lessened the rage she felt inside. "Slow and easy, that's how I'll do it. I'll take it slow and easy and sneak back home."

Ginger decided it would be best if she returned home by following the alleys to her house. Though it would be a longer trip that way, it would also be safer because there would be far fewer chances that she would be seen by someone.

Or so she thought.

Ginger's high-heeled sandals clicked softly against the concrete alley as she headed toward her home. She kept her hands crossed over her tits to hide them. Her long, slender, shapely legs propelled her, her creamy thighs scissoring sensually. Her breathing was fast and shallow as a combination of fear and excitement went through her.

Her confidence was just beginning to build when a garage door to her right opened and Eric Matthews, a neighbor and friend of Ginger's father, saw her.

He just stood staring with an open mouth.

"Ginger, my word! What in hell do you think you're doing?" he demanded, his eyes roaming freely up and down Ginger's flawless, nearly naked body.

Ginger didn't know what to say or do. She just looked at Eric, her big, green eyes wide and frightened. She had her hands crossed over her chest, hiding her luscious titties.

"I... I got... something happened and..." Ginger stammered, not knowing what to say.

Eric cleared his throat. He'd never seen the neighbor girl looking so delectable in his life. For some time Eric had been aware that Ginger was a foxy teenager that he would love to fuck. But now, seeing her so scantily clad, the pressure he felt building in his balls was painful.

"You'd better come in here," Eric said, trying to keep his voice calm. "You can't stand out there. Someone might see you and... well... you can imagine what might happen if some young buck should come across you!"

Ginger wasn't sure what Eric had in mind. There was a definite look in his eyes that said he was interested in her. But it could also be true that he was only concerned with her wellbeing. She didn't want to offend him by refusing his gracious offer. Also, to refuse him might draw even greater suspicion as to what she was doing outside in the middle of the afternoon without a blouse on. She certainly didn't need the neighbor man telling her father about her current state of undress.

"Thank you," Ginger replied, her voice rather meek as she slipped past Eric into his garage. "Thank you for being so kind to me!"

Eric smiled wolfishly as he closed the garage door. "The pleasure," be said slowly, "is all mine."

This time Ginger had no doubts about what her neighbor had in mind. His tone was undeniably lusty.

The garage was dimly lighted and surprisingly clean, it was a two-car garage, and there was only Eric's small convertible sports car parked inside it. She took several steps away, putting some distance between herself and Eric before turning to face him.

"Now why don't you tell me how this came about?" Eric asked.

Ginger's green eyes turned toward the concrete floor of the garage. She didn't know what to say or do. Her mind was spinning as she tried to think of some excuse that would be believable. Nothing came to mind readily, and the harder Ginger thought about an excuse -- a lie, really -- the more her mind worked in futile circles.

Eric moved closer to Ginger. Looking up and down the length of the young blonde standing in front of him caused his prick to begin swelling inside his slacks. His cock was coming to life, taking notice of the stunning young blonde girl. Eric finally had Ginger right where he wanted her, and almost exactly the way he wanted her.

"You're a very lovely young girl," Eric said in a soft voice. "And it's fairly obvious that you've gotten yourself in a spot of trouble. I can help you out of that trouble, Ginger. But in order for me to trust you and help you, you've got tote willing to trust me. You've got to tell me the truth. The whole truth. Once I know that, then I can help you."

Was he being sincere? the frightened teenager asked herself. Was Eric trying to be kind, or did he want all the sordid little details of how she had willingly and wantonly sank to her knees and sucked Paul's big, hard, throbbing cock down her throat?

His heart was thumping in his chest. Eric tried to calm himself, but with such a devastatingly beautiful teenager standing in front of him dressed as she was, it was an impossible task. The shiny jogging shorts showed off the trim hips of the young girl. Ginger's stomach was flat, and Eric thought it strangely erotic to see her navel, even though he had seen her in a string bikini that barely covered up her cuntbush, ass-cheeks and sexy little tits.

When he looked at Ginger, with her shimmering blonde hair cascading over her narrow shoulders and that frightened look on her face, he knew that he had to have her. He had to spread her thighs and drive his pulsating cock to the hilt into her magnificent body.

"You might just as well tell me the truth now," Eric said, moving closer. The lump of his cock as it grew was getting so noticeable that he was certain Ginger couldn't fail to see it. "One way or the other, I'm going to find out what you've been up to."

Ginger knew her situation was hopeless. Very slowly, choosing her words very carefully, she told Eric what she had done, explaining why she did not have a blouse on. She kept her eyes turned down. The more details she gave to Eric, the longer and harder his cock got. By the time she had finished telling him everything, Ginger's pussy was hot and wet and she was ready to fuck again.

"That's everything," Ginger concluded. "He jammed his cock down my throat too hard. When I took his cock out of my mouth, he shot his wad all over my blouse. I couldn't help it, and neither could he."

Eric cleared his throat. His cock was aching to be released from the confines of his trousers.

"Move your hands," he said, his voice a low growl that rumbled out of his chest. "I'm, going to look at you."

Ginger did as she was told. Her nipples were hard and erect, small, excited nubs that stood up proudly. Her pink areolas were flushed. She let her hands hang limply at her sides. She raised her face, but there was no challenge in her eyes when she met Eric's gaze.

"Take me," she purred sultrily. "I know you want to. I know I can't stop you. So take me. Take me now, then help me get home without anyone seeing me!"

Eric did not respond with words. Instead, he took Ginger by the shoulders and almost savagely twisted her around. She gasped in surprise. Before she had a chance to defend herself, she was bent over the door of the small sports car. She grabbed onto the top of the backrest with her left hand, her right hand was flush against the leather seat cushion.

"What are you..."

Ginger didn't even finish the question. There was no need for it. Her jogging shorts and panties were ripped down her trim legs, pulled down to her ankles. She knew full well what Eric was doing to her, and what he intended to do next.

"This is what you need!" Eric hissed as he opened up his slacks and pulled out his fiery prick. His cock was already bone-hard and ready for action. He put a hand at the small of Ginger's back to keep her bent over, leaning into the sports car as he stood behind her. "This is exactly what you need, Ginger!"

Ginger had thought that he was going to drive his cock between her cuntlips, to fuck her with long, hard fuck-strokes. But that wasn't the way it worked out. It wasn't what Eric had in mind for the hot-blooded, beautiful blonde teenager with the scrumptious body.

"Oh, no!" Ginger hissed when she felt the blunt, spongy, flaring head of Eric's cock push against the opening of her ass.

"Yes! Yes, my sweet!" Eric chuckled, leaning into Ginger, feeling her ass tighten against fir impending invasion of his cock.

Ginger had never, been ass-fucked before. Though she had thought about it several times, she had never actually allowed any of her stud boyfriends to fuck her there. Curiosity had never gotten the better of her fear, for she was convinced that it would be as painful as it was pleasurable to take a big cock between her ass-cheeks.

"Wait!" Ginger cried out, trying to squirm away from Eric. Her jogging shorts and panties were around her ankles, preventing her from stepping away. Eric had his hand on her back, forcing her to remain bent over the door of his sports car. "Please! Wait just a mo..."

The words could no longer form in the teenager's throat when the pressure against her asshole became greater. Then, despite her resistance to it, she felt herself opening up and accepting -- unwillingly -- her neighbor's driving, skewering pole of cockmeat.

"Awwwww!" Eric groaned as he felt the young girl's ass squeezing tightly around the shaft of his cock, just behind the rim of his prick-tip.

The force that Ginger exerted was a reflection of the pain she felt at taking a big, hard cock into her ass for the very first time. But the pain she felt was only equal to the pain that she gave to Eric.

His face set in a determined grimace, Eric pushed down against Ginger's back, forcing her to bend so far forward and down that only the tips of her toes were still touching the concrete floor of the garage. He battled with the pain he felt and leaned into the young girl, powering another couple inches of his turgid prick into her asshole.

Ginger couldn't breathe. Blinding lights flashed in her brain as she writhed her slender, naked body. The cock pumped back and forth between her ass-cheeks, pushing a little deeper into her virgin orifice with each fuck-stroke.

"Stop! Please! Stop!" Ginger gasped as his red-hot cock slipped a little deeper into her burning asshole.

It was not an entirely enjoyable experience for Eric, either. His face was a mask of pleasure and pain as he worked his prick back and forth in the tight cleavage of the teenager's ass-cheeks.

In his lust-fogged brain something clicked and Eric suddenly uncorked his bone-hard but aching cock from Ginger's ass.

"Ohhhhhh! Th-thank... you," Ginger said wearily, the fire in her ass still burning painfully.

She wondered what was going to happen next. Ginger, wrapped over the side of the car with the door biting into the tender flesh of her stomach, did not move or try to get away from Eric.

When she felt his cock-head sliding up and down over her still-moist cunt-lips, she realized why she hadn't moved or tried in any way to get away from the horny neighbor. She still wanted him to fuck her! The reality of it was shocking to Ginger. She never thought that after undergoing something as painful as having her virgin asshole plundered by a hard cock, she could still be horny to have her cunt lips spread by a skewering prick. But she was horny!

"Fuck me!" Ginger whispered. "That's where I want your cock! Right in my pussy! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

The words burned in Ginger's mouth. She had never spoken so bluntly before. At least she could never remember talking that way, though there were times when, under sexual tension, she had said some pretty crazy things.

Keeping one hand on the small of Ginger's back, Eric spread his feet a little wider apart, straddling the girl's legs with his own. Then, placing his cock-head -- which was now slick with Ginger's pussy-juice -- against the entrance to her cunt, he fucked his prick into her in one long, cunt-stretching, breathtaking plunge.

His cock fucked into Ginger, spreading her cunt-lips, filling her with the power, strength and virility of the man. She tossed her head up, fanning her silky blonde hair over her back and shoulders.

"Yessss!" Ginger said in a breathy hiss, twitching her hips slightly as Eric's crotch rubbed against her smooth, quivering ass-cheeks. "Fuck me! Fuck me with your big cock!"

Ginger could not tell how big Eric's cock really was, even though she had the entire length of his prick buried in her cunt. She was so excited about fucking him that everything seemed distorted way out of proportion.

With his hands on the teenager's hips, Eric started fucking his cock in and out of her pussy. He groaned softly, unable to believe how erotic it was to have Ginger bending over as he fucked her from behind.

Pulling back, he watched the shaft of his prick sliding between the girl's cunt-lips. Then, when he saw the thick ridge that separated his cockhead from his cock-shaft slide out from between her cunt-lips, he fucked into her again, fucking his cock to the hilt into the tight, warm, wet embrace of her pussy.

This was exactly the way Ginger needed to get fucked. Hard and fast. A thick, throbbing cock pumping back and forth in her pussy, rubbing against her clit to send her senses spinning and her lust soaring.

She gripped the headrest of the sports car tightly, wishing the top of the door wasn't digging into the flesh of her stomach so much but not finding the pain anywhere near as uncomfortable as she found the cock driving into her pussy pleasurable.

"Give it to me!" Ginger whispered, closing her eyes to concentrate only on the shaft of Eric's cock as it rubbed against her fiery clit. "Fuck me! Yeah! You really know how to do it!"

Eric couldn't believe his own ears. If he had known that Ginger was this horny, he would have figured out some way to be alone with her long before this. Huffing and puffing with exertion, he tossed his hips at her, fucking his big cock into his pussy with all his might, slamming her against the car.

"Ohhhhhh!" Eric sighed, feeling the young blonde girl's pussy tightening around his fucking prick. Between his tensed thighs, his balls were swinging to and fro, tingling as he felt the impending orgasm creeping up on him.

Ginger tried to singe out the different sensations she felt. She could feel her neighbor's hands roaming freely over her ass-cheeks, and over her back as he caressed her velvety flesh. She could feel his hips striking against her ass cheeks each time he fucked all of his cock into her cunt. And, mast of all, she could feel his strong, hard prick rubbing against her clit, spreading the walls of her pussy, tugging against her cunt-lips as it worked back and forth.

Ginger caught her lower lip between her teeth. She didn't want to say any more. She had already voiced her lusty nature too much all ready.

The sound of Eric's hips striking her asscheeks came to her ears and she smiled. Ginger loved everything about fucking. The sight of it, the sounds and smells and tastes. She loved it all!

I love fucking, the girl thought. Damn! How I love fucking!

Ginger tried to push herself back a little, just enough so that she wouldn't get slammed against the car's door each time Eric's cock fucked deep into her pussy. But she couldn't get any distance between herself and the car at all because of the bent-over position she was in, and because Eric was fucking her faster and faster.

"Cum!" Ginger whispered, her voice suddenly sounding surprisingly calm. "I want you to cum inside me!"

Eric thrust his cock into Ginger, leaning back from the waist up at the same time. He saw how the girl's ass-cheeks were spread apart slightly from the thickness of his cock, and once again the urge to fuck her asshole became overpowering. He put his thumb to her ass and rubbed her there, trying to judge what was going through Ginger's mind as he fondled her ass.

Almost as though she could read his thoughts, Ginger knew instinctively what Eric wanted the most.

I might as well do it now, thought the young, adventurous girl as the tip of Eric's thumb probing just a little ways inside her ass.

"Fuck my ass!" Ginger whispered. "I want you to fuck my ass!"

"But it will hurt you!"

"I don't care!" Ginger shot back. "Fuck my ass, Goddamn it, or I'll find someone who will!"

A soft, tremulous sigh came from Ginger when she felt his cock slowly get withdrawn from her pussy. She tried to get her feet out of her panties and jogging shorts, but the garments had gotten rather tightly wrapped around her ankles and she failed.

"Damn it!" Ginger hissed angrily, wanting to spread her feet. "I wish I could just -- awwwwww!"

This time Eric's hard prick was slick and wet with Ginger's pussy-juice. Ginger gasped as his cock-head forced her ass to open up for him. Then, as his prick-tip pushed deeper and deeper into her ass, she felt herself loosening up to more easily accept him. The thick shaft of Eric's cock wedged Ginger's ass-cheeks apart, pushing his prick-tip deeper and deeper into her succulent body.

"Ohhh! Oh, yessss! Give me all you've got!" Eric fucked the lusty teenager with nearly the full length of his prick. He pulled back a couple of inches, watching the shaft of his prick stretching her tight asshole, then pushed into her again. This time, however, he didn't stop until he had driven the full length of his lust-swollen, fiery prick into her asshole.

"You're so tight!" the man hissed through clenched teeth.

With all of his cock buried inside Ginger's asshole, Eric's balls were resting against the warm, wet lips of her cunt. He could feel the heat of her pussy, and knowing that he had just fucked her there and was now fucking her asshole was a powerful aphrodisiac.

For Ginger, she felt like her body was burning big up. His cock fucking slowly into her asshole was no longer a source of pain. Rather, it was a strangely exciting experience for her. She tried to tell Eric that it was incredibly exciting to finally have found the courage to have her asshole fucked. But Ginger couldn't make her throat formulate the words.

"Uh! Uh! Uh!" Eric grunted, punctuating each fuck-thrust of his cock as he reamed out Ginger's ass with his red-hot prick. "Tight fuckin' ass!"

Ginger rocked back and forth, occasionally trying to push herself away from the car door. Her insides felt mushy. Being fucked in the ass for the very first time made her feel daring and adventurous. But the excitement of it, the sensations that having a cock in her asshole produced, were so powerful that she could hardly breathe. And even though it was amazingly stimulating to have a man's cock driving to and fro from between her ass-cheeks, filling her up with hard cock-meat, Ginger doubted that she would actually reach an orgasm from fucking this way.

"Finger... finger my... finger my pussy!"

It took all of the girl's will to speak the single sentence. But once she did, she realized right away that it was worth the effort. The moment Eric reached around her hip and rubbed his fingertip against her clit, the hot, jagged bolts of raw passion that blasted through her veins let Ginger know that she would have a bonejarring, mind-boggling orgasm.

Eric uncorked his prick so that only the very tip of his cock was still fucking into her again. When he did, his hand got trapped between Ginger's hip and the car.

"Ouch!" Eric gasped, pulling his hand away, taking his fingertip out of Ginger's pussy.

Ginger wanted Eric to continue finger-fucking her, but she had felt what had happened to him so she understood why he had quit playing with her turgid clit. Still, her body ached for the release that only pumping out her girl-cum could give her.

"Cum! Damn it, cum in me!" the teenager whimpered softly.

Each fuck-thrust of Eric's cock into her asshole slammed Ginger against the car harder. As he fucked her, Ginger could actually feel the man's cock getting larger with each ass-stretching fuck-thrust.

There was a fire in Eric's balls as they jerked crazily back and forth between his legs. His jaw was set as he baffled with his senses to keep from cumming. Then, feeling Ginger's ass tightening even more securely around his prick's pistoning shaft, he tumbled headlong into a climax that left him screaming with pleasure.

"Awwwww!" Eric growled as the hot, spurting jets of cum raced from his balls and blasted from his cock-head. He fucked his cock brutally hard into Ginger's asshole, fucking his cock into her with the relentless fury of a man who had been driven crazy by lust.

Ginger felt like she was being bludgeoned by Eric's cock, stabbed by it. The throbbing pain in her ass had returned, though the overriding sensation that she felt was the thrill of having a good-looking man like Eric so turned-on by her that, he couldn't control himself.

"Cum in my ass! Fuck me in the ass! Fuck me! Fuck meeee!" Ginger screamed.

It wasn't until Eric's balls had been completely drained that he slumped over Ginger's back, his heaving chest touching her naked flesh, his cock still buried between her ass-cheeks.

"You are the sexiest young lady I've ever known in my entire life," Eric whispered truthfully. "I can't remember when it ever felt like that!"

Ginger enjoyed hearing Eric's words, but there was something bothering her. She had gotten extremely turned on by having her ass-cherry taken away, but she hadn't cum the way she wanted to. Though her body tingled all over and even smarted a little from taking a hard cock into her ass for the very first time, she was still terribly horny.

"I've got to go now," Ginger whispered when her breathing finally returned to normal. Eric moved away from her, uncorking his cock from her tight ass. "You've got to help me get back home."

Just as Eric was about to reply, the sound of his wife's shrill voice came from the house.

"Honey, are you in the garage? What on earth are you doing in there with the door closed?"

For an instant Ginger's eyes locked with Eric's.

"Oh no," Eric said. "She's coming in here!"

Ginger huddled in fear near the front of the tiny sports car. Eric was talking with his wife near the door of the garage.

I'll die if I get caught, the teenager thought the concrete was harsh against her bare knees as she waited and hoped that somehow Eric would be able to get his wife to leave the garage and stop asking so many questions. Ginger had her jogging shorts and panties around her ankles. In her haste to hide, she had to hobble to the front of the car with the garments still wrapped tightly around her ankles, not even taking the time to pull them up.

The conversation between Eric and his wife seemed to last an eternity. Ginger was barely breathing, afraid that somehow Eric's wife would be able to hear her.

The girl waited and waited, her heart pounding in her chest. When, at last, Eric practically pushed his wife out of the garage and quickly followed her, Ginger could finally breathe with some small amount of comfort.

At least I haven't been caught yet, thought Ginger as she stood quickly and pulled up her tight-fitting bikini panties. Next the jogging shorts came up her slender legs. With her pussy finally covered, she felt better, though she still had nothing to hide her sweet, pink-nippled tits.


Ginger waited until it was dark before she thought it was safe to leave the garage. The evening was warm, playing a breeze over the teenager's luscious, creamy-textured body.

As her blonde hair fluffed around her cheeks, Ginger stretched her arms skyward. Now that it was dark, she wasn't feeling as paranoid as she had earlier. Instead, Ginger was feeling more daring, more inclined to push the adventure a little further. She didn't just want the evening to end by sneaking home without being seen.

The situation was absolutely ripe for an adventure... and Ginger was determined to make one happen!

Ginger had pulled the garage door open just enough to slide out beneath it. For a moment she got down near the garage on one knee, her bright green eyes shining with excitement as she scanned the shadows, looking for someone who might reveal her identity and location.

Finally certain that nobody had seen her, she stepped into the alley, keeping her gorgeous, nearly-naked body in the shadows as much as possible.

Ginger made her way slowly back to Misty's home. She saw her friend's bedroom light was on. Sneaking up to the window, she peered inside. Misty was alone, sitting cross-legged on her bed, reading a book.

Knocking softly on the window, Ginger got her friend's attention. Misty smiled and slipped off the bed, moving over to the window. When she was close to the window and could look down, her eyes widened when she saw Ginger's naked, firm tits.

"What are you doing?" Misty exclaimed in a whisper. "Ginger, have you lost your mind?"

"No, I've only lost my blouse." Ginger tried to keep the impish grin off her face but couldn't. She was finding this whole experience very, very exciting. "Are you going to help me in or not?"

With Misty's assistance, Ginger crawled through the window and into the bedroom. The moment Ginger was inside, she slipped, off her high-heeled sandals so they wouldn't make any noise when she walked.

She leaned close to Misty -- so close her tits were nearly touching her friend's body -- and whispered in her ear, "I can't explain what happened right now, but I need to borrow a blouse from you to get home. Is that okay with you?"

Misty nodded her head. The confusion she felt was evident in her deep brown eyes as she looked at Ginger. She quickly found a cotton shirt and gave it to the devilish young blonde.

"Thanks," Ginger said, holding the shirt in her hand. She did not move immediately to put the shirt on, as she had originally planned. "Damn, Misty you wouldn't believe the crazy things that have happened to me today!"

The bedroom door was closed. Ginger took Misty by the shoulders and pushed her so that she was further from the door, almost touching the wall. Ginger leaned closer to her friend -- closer than she actually had to.

"I had the most incredible experience," Ginger whispered. There was a strange tingling in her cunt, and Ginger remembered that she hadn't cum when Eric brutally but blissfully fucked her ass. "I did something I've never done before."

Ginger's fingertips gently kneaded Misty's shoulders. There was a look of confusion in Misty's eyes that pleased Ginger.

"And since this is a day for new experiences..." Ginger purred, leaving the sentence teasingly unfinished for the moment. She leaned closer. Her nipples lightly touched the front of Misty's blouse. The contact of tits against tits was electrifying for the lusty blonde girl.

"... I'm going to continue to do new things." Misty hands hung limply at her sides. There was apprehension in her dark brown eyes and she was trembling softly. Ginger had never behaved like this before. Ginger, Misty knew, was a wild, free-spirited girl, but she had never before acted quite this way.

Ginger was frightened that her friend would reject her, but the desire for new experiences, the need to feel young, tender, feminine flesh against her own pushed her on.

"I know you like my brother a great deal." As Ginger spoke, her fingertips caressed Misty's cheeks. Her lips nearly touched Misty's. "And I know that you've been denying yourself the pleasure that you should share with him. But we're going to change that. We're best friends, and we're going to share something very special with each other."

Ginger kissed Misty's narrow mouth very softly. Misty tried to back away, but the wall stopped her from moving very far. She raised her hands to push Ginger away, and when she did she inadvertently placed her hands over Ginger's tits.

"Oh, yesss!" Ginger cooed sultrily, quickly placing her hands immediately over Misty's to keep them on her fiery tits. "I want to feel your hands on me!"

Ginger forced Misty's fingers to press more deeply into her tits. The burning sensation coming from her throbbing nipples was very strong, much stronger than Ginger ever imagined it would be.

"What are you doing?" Misty asked.

Misty's voice trembled as she spoke. She could feel the heat and firmness of Ginger's tits against her palms. The nipples were hard and Misty could tell that her friend was really turned-on. Misty wanted to pull her hands away from Ginger's tits, but she couldn't force her hands to do what her mind commanded.

"I'm going to fuck with you," Ginger replied softly.

Sensing that she did not have much time, thinking that if she ever allowed Misty to ponder what was happening she would try to stop it, Ginger pressed on. When she kissed Misty's luscious, sensual mouth a second time, there was fire in the kiss. Ginger nibbled wildly on Misty's lips, then forced her tongue between her lips and into Misty's mouth.

"Mmmmm!" Ginger moaned, holding Misty's face in her hands as she kissed her hungrily.

Ginger's tongue pushed deep into the teenager's mouth. Their tongues darted together, dancing with one another, tasting and touching, turning each other on.

Misty turned her face away from Ginger. "Stop it," the teenager whispered breathlessly. "Please, Ginger, this isn't the type of friends that we are!"

Ginger was undaunted. She was too lusty, too ready for a new experience to allow Misty hesitation put her off. Her hands slipped down from Misty's face until she tenderly curled her fingers around the luscious swell of her friend's tits. Ginger rubbed her palms against Misty's nipples, and even through her friend's blouse and bra, she could feel her tit-tips were hard and swollen with excitement.

"Don't," Misty whispered. "Please don't!" Ginger kissed the smooth arch of Misty's neck, letting the tip of her tongue play out briefly to taste the silky skin. The taste of Misty inflamed her senses. Baring her teeth, she lightly nipped the skin, making Misty squirm with building passion despite her hesitation.

"Don't fight me on this," Ginger cooed softly, her hands roaming freely over Misty's tits. "You need relief. You need satisfaction. You're no different than I am, Misty, no matter how hard you try to convince yourself otherwise."

Ginger pushed one hand up Misty's blouse. When she touched a tit through the sheer bra, Misty gasped loudly and her body flinched. Ginger placed her mouth over her friend's, kissing her deeply as her fingers played around and over her firm mounds of tit-flesh.

"I never thought I'd ever be able to touch you like this," Ginger purred.

She pinched Misty's nipple through her bra and the brunette's body jerked again at the exciting sensations that jolted her. Ginger slipped her left arm around Misty's neck, forcing her tingling tits to press against Misty's. Ginger kissed Misty's mouth demandingly. At the same time, her right hand went down from the firm tit that warmed her palm to the pleasantly rounded swell of her ass-cheek.

"I want to lick your pussy," Ginger whispered, squeezing her friend's ass. "And I'm going to do that whether you want me to or not!"

With her hands on Misty's shoulders, Ginger sank down to her knees on the bedroom floor, pulling Misty with her. When they were facing the other, both on their knees, Ginger gently but insistently pushed Misty back. Ginger followed her friend's movement and in seconds her body was pressing down upon Misty.

"I've got to taste you," Misty whispered. "I've got to taste every single part of you!"

Ginger pushed Misty's blouse above her tits, then unhooked the clasp of her friend's bra. Very slowly she peeled the bra's cups away from the round, hard-nippled tits. When she saw them, Ginger purred with excitement.

"Lovely," Ginger cooed, then wrapped her lips around Misty's left nipple.

Ginger sucked hungrily on her friend's tits, leaving a moist trail of saliva from one nipple to the other. She enjoyed the fact that Misty's tits were larger than her own, and that her areolas were larger and a darker shade of brown.

As she sucked on the hard, tingling nipples. Ginger's hands were busy unsnapping Misty's jeans and pulling the zipper down. When she had opened the pants sufficiently, she slipped to the side of Misty's body and stuffed her hand inside her tight-fitting jeans.

The heat of Misty's pussy and the moisture of it were evidence of her lust. Feeling that her friend's cunt was hot and wet made Ginger's mind soar with excitement. She worked her fingers inside the elastic waistband of the panties Misty had on, her fingertips pushing through the curly thatch of hair that surrounded her friend's pussy.

"I knew you needed this," Ginger whispered triumphantly, squirming atop Misty's body. "I've got to do this... and Misty, I've never done it before."

Ginger kissed her friend's stomach. She traced the outline of her ribs with the tip of her tongue, then licked inside Misty's navel. When she did this, Misty sucked her stomach in.

"I've got to taste you," Ginger repeated.

Moving down Misty's body, Ginger grabbed the girl's jeans and started tugging them past the swell of her hips. Ginger was surprised when Misty raised her hips slightly to assist in the process. It was the first sign that Misty wasn't entirely angry about what was happening.

After pulling Misty's jeans and panties down her legs, Ginger cast the garments across the room, as though they were somehow distasteful to her now. Then, sitting on the backs other toils, she took a moment to look down at Misty's succulent, erotic body.

"You're very beautiful," Ginger whispered. "I can see why my brother wants to fuck you so much. You're probably killing him by refusing to fuck him!"

"It's not that I don't want to," Misty said, her eyes closed as she lay on her back. "It's just that I'm afraid to. I don't know what to do, what he expects of me."

"Then I'll teach you everything you need to know."

Ginger stretched her slender body out over Misty's again. Their naked tits pressed together, and the heat of satiny skin against skin was thoroughly electrifying for the girls.

They kissed with open mouths, tongues darting and probing, flashing back and forth as Ginger's hands explored her friend's body. Misty, for her pert, returned Ginger's passionate kisses but did not touch her with her hands, even though the contact of their tits pressing firmly against each others was as erotic as anything Misty had ever felt.

"Your body turns me on so much!" Ginger whispered, working her way slowly down the front of Misty's body once again, pausing to lick and tease the aroused flesh with her tongue, lips and teeth. "Everything about you is exciting!"

Ginger pushed Misty's legs apart. She stretched out on the floor, her tits scraping against the carpet to send tingles through her body. Squirming a little, she wrapped her arms around Misty's thighs, raising the girl's knees and spreading them to avail the pink-lipped pussy to her mouth's attention.

Pausing a moment, Ginger took the time to took at Misty's pussy. She saw, there at the top of her pussy between the delicate folds of her cunt-lips, her clit. To see Misty's tiny clit pulsing was extremely exciting for Ginger.

A low, almost animalistic purr came from Ginger. She brought her mouth to Misty's pussy and without any formality at all stuffed her tongue between the teenager's tight cunt-lips.

"Awwwww!" Misty gasped.

Misty had played with her own pussy before, occasionally even finger-fucking herself, but Misty had never before had a tongue delving into her pussy!

She arched her back, unconsciously forcing her pussy to mash more severely to her friend's mouth. Misty's narrow, sensual mouth opened wide but she remained silent as the most erotic feelings she had ever thought possible began bursting inside her. And all she could think about was the fact that her devilishly beautiful friend was licking her pussy and tongue-fucking her!

Ginger moaned, her head pushed far back on her shoulders by Misty's feverish, frantic movements. Sticking her tongue as deeply into Misty's cunt fae as she could, Ginger felt her own cunt flexing, pulsing, contracting, getting hotter and more hungry for passion.

The smell of Misty's pussy was like an aphrodisiac for Ginger. She dragged her tongue through Misty's cunt-lips, sucking lovingly on the feathery petals of her pussy, wanting to drink up every single drop of pussy-juice that oozed out.

"Oh! Oh, yessss! Ohhh! Awwww!" Misty moaned and gasped, her skin feeling like she was being shocked with electricity. Ginger's probing tongue was turning her on, making her feel more alive than she had ever felt before.

Ginger pushed down on Misty's hips, forcing her friend to lay flat on the floor once again. She pushed her right hand up Misty's silky body until she felt the swell of one beautiful tit. Then, very softly, she began pinching and twisting the nipple, sometimes scraping her fingernails over the excited bud.

"Mmmmmm!" Ginger moaned, slurping at Misty's pussy.

Ginger could feel pussy-juice on her lips and checks and nose. It surprised her how much she enjoyed licking pussy, how much it turned her on to be making it with another girl. And since that other girl was her best friend Misty, that made the entire encounter that much more erotic for the slender blonde.

Pressing her mouth against the lips of Misty's pussy, Ginger stuffed her tongue into her tight cunt. She felt Misty's cunt throbbing hotly against her nose. Almost giggling with childlike joy, Ginger shook her head a little, spreading her pussy-lips farther apart with her tongue, wanting to taste and feel Misty spewing out her girl-cum.

For Misty, it was like someone had taken all the air out of the room. She found it almost impossible to breathe. Everything that Ginger did to her -- from pinching and squeezing her tits to licking her pussy -- was the most exhilarating thing she had ever felt in her life. Nothing had ever been quite like this before. Not kissing and making out with Tom in his parents' car, not kissing any other boy. Misty had burned with unknown desire, and now she was finally feeling the things she had dreamed of.

But what Misty had never counted on was experiencing these sweet, lusty sensations with her friend Ginger.

"Ahhhhh. I... I feel so..."

"Shhhh!" Ginger hushed, taking her mouth away from Misty's pussy for a moment. "You've got to be quiet or someone will hear us!"

Misty could hear the words that Ginger had said, but it was like her friend was in another room. Nothing but the things that her body felt really registered solidly in her mind. When Ginger played her tongue over her clit again, Misty's body flinched and she again arched her back, washing her burning, wet cunt-lips against Ginger's mouth, wanting Ginger's skewering tongue to fuck deeper into her passion-hungry pussy.

Ginger slipped her hands around to Misty's ass-cheeks, then pushed them up the backs of her thighs until she reached her knees. Then, very forcefully, Ginger peaked Misty's knees up, apart, then down, spreading her legs, opening her friend up so that she could attack her wet, slick cunt-lips and clit.

"Mmmmm!" Ginger moaned. She did not take her mouth away from Misty's pussy as she spoke. "Your pussy tastes so wonderful. Ohhhh! Why did we wait so long to do this?"

Ginger dragged her tongue from the top to the bottom of Misty's tight cunt, enjoying the erotic flavor of pussy-juice. She circled her throbbing clit with the tip of her tongue teasingly, coming close to licking it but never quite doing it. Then, when she had decided that she'd teased Misty long enough, she lapped thirstily at Misty's cunt dragging her tongue over her clit. Both teenagers were so wrapped up in what they were doing that neither one of them heard the bedroom door quietly open. Neither heard the door close again, or the soft footsteps approach.

Paul was speechless as he stood in the dark bedroom, looking down at his daughter and the young girl who had earlier in the day wantonly sank to her knees outside and sucked his prick. Ginger, she's a hot one all right! he thought as he looked down at the girl.

He couldn't see Ginger's face, but he could imagine the expression in her eyes as she stuffed her tongue into his daughter's cunt. He had to believe that Ginger was the one responsible far what was happening in Misty's bedroom. Paul knew his daughter pretty well, and he just couldn't imagine her getting her cunt licked by another girl unless that other girl was Ginger.

He watched Misty playing with her own tits. Misty, on her back, had her eyes closed so she didn't see her father looking down at her. She didn't see the folds of his bathrobe opening up as his thick cock became hard. Misty didn't see the lust in her father's eyes as he looked at her naked body.

"Mmmmm!" Ginger purred lustily, keeping her hands at the backs of Misty's knees, not allowing her friend to close her legs. Ginger wasn't going to let Misty move until she had the chance to taste a cunt cumming for the first time in her life.

Ginger pulled her knees under her so that she had more mobility. Sitting on the backs of her heels, she wished that she'd taken the time to strip off her panties and jogging shorts before forcing Misty to the floor. Ginger wanted to finger-fuck her own pussy as she licked Misty's hot cunt.

"I can't... breathe," Misty whispered, the words coming out choked with tension as she felt herself being licked and tongued. When Ginger sucked the tingling bud of her clit into her mouth, Misty's trembling young body jerked powerfully. She couldn't control herself, her emotions, or her body when Ginger did such erotic things to her.

Paul tried to swallow and couldn't. He stood motionless, his eyes roaming over the young girls on the floor at his feet. He had, of course, seen his own daughter's naked body several times -- usually catching an accidental glimpse of her when she was in the shower, or something like that -- but to watch her squeezing her own tits and pinching her nipples had a stronger impact on Paul's senses than he thought was possible.

"Mmmm!" Ginger moaned as she crammed her tongue between Misty's cunt-lips to lick up the slick, clear girl-cum that oozed out.

Paul smiled, fighting against the blinding urges that were going through him. His cock was standing straight out from his body, his big balls tingling with anticipation. When he heard Misty gasping and Ginger slurping, he knew that he wouldn't be able to leave the... until he had satisfied his raging lust with their young, nubile bodies.

Ginger brought her left hand from the back of Misty's knee to her pussy. Without any preliminaries, she slipped a finger into Misty's cunt until her knuckles were pushing against Misty's pussy-lips. Then Ginger fucked her tongue back and forth over Misty's small but erect clit.

"Awwwww!" Misty gasped.

Misty found it impossible to breathe. She mauled her own tits, digging her fingers into her full tit-mounds, pinching and tugging on her brown, lust-throbbing nipples. Arching her back, raising her hips off the floor to mash her cunt-lips against Ginger's mouth, Misty exploded with passion.

The spurting girl-cum gushed out of Misty's pussy, washing into Ginger's mouth. Misty's curvaceous body shook. She was bent back, her back twisted like a taut bow, only her feet and shoulders on the floor as her pussy-juice exploded from her overheated cunt.

Ginger felt the girl-cum splashed against her lips and tongue, trickling down her chin and neck. She had tried to keep her friend from twisting and jerking around too much, but the force of Misty's orgasm had given the young brunette greater strength. Now, deciding that she should just try to suck up as much of the erotic, delicious pussy-juice as possible, Ginger held tightly onto Misty's thighs, keeping her tongue stuffed between the erupting pink lips of her friend's pussy.

"Mmmmm!" Ginger purred, sucking and slurping up pussy-juice as quickly as she possibly could.

Ginger had never tongue-fucked a girl before, and it was strange for her now to lick up Misty's cum. She skimmed her tongue up and down the full length of Misty's cunt, occasionally whipping the clit with her tongue.

Ginger's fingers kneaded and squeezed Misty's ass-cheeks as she continued to suck hungrily, afraid to lose any more of the brunette's precious girl-cum. So into the tongue-fucking that she was giving Misty, Ginger never noticed Paul getting down on his knees behind her, his throbbing cock sticking out between the folds of his robe threateningly, ominously.

It wasn't until Misty had finally stopped cumming that Ginger allowed her to recline on the bedroom floor once again. With Misty's body stretched out on the floor, Ginger continued to lick the rosy petals of her cunt tenderly. Her checks glistened with pussy-juice, as she skimmed the tip of her tongue very lightly over Misty's pussy and clit.

"That was so... so..." Misty whispered breathlessly. She rested her forearm over her eyes, breathing deeply, her tits rising and falling with the deep gulps of air she took. Misty's nubby brown nipples were still hard and distended as she tried to regain her composure.

Ginger felt hands on her hips and fear exploded in her mind like a stick of dynamite. She pulled her mouth away from Misty's pussy and looked over her shoulder and up into Paul's face. He just smiled at her and put a finger to his lips to silence her.

The smile on Paul's handsome face told Misty almost as much as his big cock pointing at her did. He was horny, and he was going to fuck her. And as far as Ginger was concerned, that was perfectly fine.

Raising her trim hips, Ginger slipped her hands to the backs of Misty's knees again, forcing the brunette's thighs to spread wide. Ginger cooed softly with pleasure when she saw the pink lips of Misty's pussy open ever so slightly now that her legs were spread so wide.

"I'm not finished with you yet," Ginger whispered, looking up Misty's naked body. "You're going to cum again before I'm done."

"I don't think... I can," Misty replied, keeping her forehead over her eyes as she spoke quietly.

"You can, my lovely friend. You can, you will... and I'm going to be the one to make you cum again."

Ginger pulled her tongue through the lips of Misty's cunt, dragging her tongue up and down from the girl's clit to the bottom of her cunt. Lapping up the residual girl-cum that still was warm and moist on Misty's cunt-lips, Ginger cooed with contentment as she felt her jogging shorts and bikini panties being pulled past her slender hips and down her thighs. She rocked to assist Paul as he took the garments past her knees, then removed them completely.

What could be better? thought Ginger as she slipped her tongue a little deeper into Misty's delicious pussy. I'm fucking my best friend's father for the first time while I lick my best friend's pussy!

Paul looked at his daughter's tits. He wanted to reach out and touch them, to suck on them, to feel her naked, voluptuous body squirming with passion against his as he drove his rock-hard prick to the hilt into her hot cunt. What kept him from acting on his impulses was the fear that she wouldn't go for his passion.

Instead, knowing what kind of lusty wench that Ginger was, he would satisfy his passion by fucking his cock hard and fast into the blonde's tight cunt. The way she had lustily given him a blow-job out of doors had cast aside any doubts Paul might have had about Ginger's horniness.

Taking his prick by the shaft, he rubbed the fiery knob of his cock up and down against Ginger's cunt-lips. Her pussy was wet, juicy hot. He watched the way her cunt-lips parted a little as he rubbed his piss-hole against the furrowed slit of her pussy.

Paul placed both hands on her ass-cheeks, then used his thumbs to pry her ass-cheeks apart a little more. Fighting to control the almost overpowering urge to fuck the horny young girl harshly with his cock, Paul gently eased his prick into Ginger, watching his prick-tip forcing her cunt-lips to spread around the shaft of his cock.

"Mmmmmm!" Ginger moaned, fucking her tongue into Misty's pussy as far as she could get it, rubbing the girl's clit with her nose.

It was ecstasy for Ginger. The throbbing, broad shaft of Paul's cock rubbed against her fiery clit. As she got her passion-hungry pussy filled with Paul's cock, Ginger was busy licking Misty's sweet pussy.

Misty rolled her head from side to side on the floor. She couldn't believe how Ginger was treating her. After cumming on Ginger's mouth, she had thought that Ginger would leave her alone. But it wasn't to be that way. Ginger didn't leave her alone. She just kept on tonguefucking her pussy, sending her body into a maddening state of arousal once again.

"Ahhhhh!" Misty sighed with unabashed delightedly. "Eat me, Ginger! Goddamn it, I love the way you lick my pussy!"

Never before had Misty used such coarse words. But never before had she felt anything that could compare to the things that she felt now with Ginger's devilishly tantalizing tongue pushing into her pussy, spreading her cunt-lips and gently massaging her red-hot clit.

Misty noticed that there was another sound in the room. A sound that didn't seem to have any connection with Ginger tongue-fucking her seething pussy. She took her forearm away from her eyes and looked straight into her father's face.

"Oh, no!" Misty gasped.

"Don't worry," Paul said quickly, fucking his cock to the hilt into Ginger's cunt as he spoke to Misty. "It's all right. Everything is all right."

Misty was dumbfounded. She just stared at her father, knowing that his cock was fucking slowly back and forth between Ginger's cuntlips. Misty had known that Ginger was really horny, but that did not prepare her far her own father pumping his hips slowly to fuck his rigid cock into Ginger's pussy.

Whatever pleasure Misty felt at having her cunt tantalized by Ginger's probing, searching tongue dissipated quickly. It just wasn't right for her to be having her cunt licked by a girl while her own father was there in the room watching her.

Misty covered her tits with her hands. This time she didn't fondle and caress her burning nipples. It was embarrassing and nothing more. She lay there, her knees spread far apart, her cunt getting stuffed with Ginger's tongue, watching the lust playing across her father's handsome features.

With her hips raised high up and her cuntlips getting tugged at by the thickly veined shaft of Paul's cock, Ginger cooed lustily as she sucked her tongue into Misty's pussy. Whenever Paul slipped all of his cock into her wet pussy, she could feel his balls slapping against the inside of one thigh or the other. The sound of Paul's balls striking her thighs and his body smacking softly against her firm ass-checks pleased Ginger.

"Mmmmm!" Ginger murmured, giving her hips a little wiggle to add to the pleasure she felt at taking Paul's hard cock deep into her cunt. She curled her tongue inside Misty's pussy and cooed softly at the taste that was unusual yet erotic to her.

Paul held tightly onto Ginger's hips as he fucked his prick in and out of her cunt. The velvety smoothness of Ginger's flesh was an assault on Paul's senses that was so powerful it shocked Paul. He fucked his cock to the base of his shaft into her cunt.

"Baby, I can't believe you're so hot!" Paul whispered, pounding his body against the teenager's ass-checks, fucking his red-hot cock into her pussy with greater force.

Misty closed her eyes, wishing her clit wasn't steadily getting hotter and more sensitive with each passing second. Her hands, as though they had a will of their own, moved up her body slowly, playing along the line of her ribs until she once again held her own tits in her hands. She scraped her long, painted thumbnails over the nubs of her nipples and purred softly when the pleasure sizzled through her veins.

"Ohhhhh!" Misty sighed, unable to deny the lascivious things she felt. "Ohhhhh!"

Ginger put the tip of her first two fingers against Misty's cunt-lips and pushed. Her fingers easily spread her pink cunt-lips. She watched as the slick lips of Misty's pussy tightened securely around her fingers. Then, when she had two fingers moving smoothly to and fro into the girl's cunt, Ginger put her tongue and lips to work on Misty's fiery, tingling clit.

"Mmmmm!" she moaned, lapping at her cunt, flicking her tongue against the clit to make Misty squirm.

Paul knew that he wouldn't be able to hold his cum back for much longer. He fucked his cock into Ginger's hot pussy, pounding his body against her ass-cheeks until he forced her mouth to push hard against his daughter's cunt. When he fucked his cock deep into the blonde's cunt, he could feel her cunt-muscles tighten around the invading length of his rigid cock, squeezing and kneading his inflamed flesh, turning him on, making him lose the control he struggled without success to maintain.

"So sexy," Paul whispered, the tension he felt at trying to hold his cum back showing in the expression on his face. "You two are so very, very sexy."

Misty looked at her father. She was still uncomfortable getting her cunt lusciously tongue-fucked by Ginger while he was there watching her, but the intensity of her embarrassment had lessened greatly. She played with her nipples, rubbing the nub, squeezing and twisting them as Ginger worked on her cunt.

It made no sense to deny that she was getting so aroused. Misty knew that she couldn't deny to herself or to her father the blissful, erotic things that she was feeling. And though she did not fully understand why she felt this way, thee was a strange, eerie sense of eroticism associated with having her pussy tongue-fucked by another girl while her father was there watching her.

"I'm going to cum, Daddy!" Misty whispered. The sound of her own words shocked her. She hadn't intended on speaking the words aloud.

Paul gave a strained smile to his daughter. He placed his hands on Ginger's hips holding her tightly, pulling her back to meet his hard thrust of cunt-stretching cock-meat. His balls were on fire with passion, cum simmering inside.

With her mouth and the knuckles of her right hand pressed against Misty's cunt-lips, Ginger sucked on her clit as she worked her fingers around inside the young brunette's wet, flaming pussy. She lashed at Misty's turgid clit with her tougue, whipping the red bud, thirsty to receive Misty's pussy-juice for a second time. Her cheeks were wet with pussy-juice. So was Ginger's chin. Pussy-juice oozed from Misty's cunt, making Ginger's hand wet and slick as she finger-fucked her friend.

"Uh! Uh! Uh!" Paul grunted as he pistoned his hips with machine-like fury, fucking his prick as furiously into the blonde teenager's cunt as he possibly could.

In one orgasmic movement of carnal joy, Misty, Paul and Ginger came. Less than five seconds apart Misty and Ginger spewed out their rich girl-cum as Paul splattered his thick, creamy wad of cum deep inside Ginger's pussy.

"Awwwwww!" Paul groaned, holding so tightly onto Ginger's grim hips that his knuckles were turning white. He fucked his overheated cock to the hilt into Ginger's cunt and released a creamy eruption of cum that washed against the smooth inner walls of Ginger's pussy.

Ginger rocked back and forth, trying to finger-fuck and tongue-fuck Misty while her own girl-cum sluiced from her cunt. She sucked on Misty's clit, fighting against the harsh pounding Paul was giving her, trying to satisfy her friend's lust while enjoying her own supreme moment of ecstasy.

"Awwwww! Ummmm," Ginger gasped, sucking at the lips of Misty's pussy, cramming her tongue and fingers between the puffy cuntlips to slurp up the fuck-juices that flowed out.

Misty's deep, rich brown eyes were wide and unseeing as she was fingered and tongued into another orgasm. She shivered, her body going through a series of short, hard twitches as her girl-cum splattered against Ginger's probing tongue.

When she could no longer find the strength to maintain her hands-and-knees position, after she and the others had stopped cumming, Ginger pushed Misty's legs down, then lay partially atop her friend. She placed her cheek lightly on Misty's lower abdomen, just above the triangular patch of curly cunt-hair. She felt Paul's weight pressing down upon her, his warm body pleasing to the touch.

"You two are wonderful," Ginger whispered very softly, feeling her body beginning to cool. She liked being somewhat sandwiched between Misty and Paul. It gave her a sense of being loved by two very special people. "I love making it with both of you. There's nothing else like it in the whole, wide world!"

Morning sunlight streamed through the window, waking Ginger. She stirred softly and stretched her arms toward the ceiling.

Next to her in bed, Misty was sleeping soundly, her head resting gently on the pillow.

Memories of the previous evening came flooding back is Ginger's consciousness, making her smile lasciviously. The only thing that Ginger mildly regretted about her sexual encounter with the beautiful brunette was that Misty hadn't licked her pussy in return. Ginger wondered if she would ever be able to look down her body and find Misty's lovely face between her thighs.

What would it be like to have Misty's tongue in my pussy? wondered Ginger with a smile.

She slipped soundlessly off the bed, careful not to wake Misty. There on the floor were her jogging shorts and bikini panties. Ginger stepped into the garments, then put on the blouse that Misty had given her, slipping the light cotton shirt over her head.

Ginger walked around the bed to Misty's side, then sat gently on the edge of the bed. "Come on, sleepy head, it's time to wake up." She shook Misty lightly. "The day's wasting away and we've got a lot to do!"

Misty blinked her eyes sleepily.

"What? What are you... talking about," Misty said through a couple yawns. "Can't I sleep just a little while longer? Please?"

Ginger grinned lewdly. "No, Misty. Today you're going to show Tom the kind of pleasure he deserves. And trust me, love, it won't hurt you one bit, either!"

Misty's eyes were clear and bright as she looked up at Ginger. She wasn't entirely certain what the devilish blonde was talking about, and she didn't know if she wanted to know.


"Tom, will you please just sit there a moment?"

Tom looked at Ginger, wondering what scheme she had dancing around in her mind. There was a strange look in Ginger's eyes that he couldn't read with certainty. After a moment of hesitation, he nodded his head and sat in the straight-backed chair near the desk in his bedroom.

"What are you..."

"Shhhh!" Ginger shushed, cutting Tom off. "You can't ask questions, dear brother of mine. I want you to sit there very quietly and do everything I tell you."

Tom was obviously skeptical of his sister's request, but remembering how she had sucked on his balls and jerked him off, and then later fucked him, made the lusty teenager comply with her demands. He wasn't going to jeopardize his chances of fucking his enormous cock into her cunt again.

Ginger was enjoying herself immensely. She had prepared Misty for this encounter slowly, carefully, making sure that all the ingredients for a truly erotic situation were present, wanting to make the deflowering of Misty's virgin pussy thoroughly stimulating for everyone present.

"Take your clothes off," Ginger said, standing several feet away from her brother. "I want you buck-ass naked!"

Tom complied quickly. When he was about to walk across the room to his sister, Ginger stopped him with a fierce look.

"No you don't! Sit down, Tom. Sit down or I'm leaving right now!"

Tom sat quickly. Ginger was really enjoying herself and the influence she held over her brother.

Looking at his enormous prick made her pussy tingle and feel itchy. She battled with herself to keep from playing with the excitable lips of her constantly hungry, horny cunt.

Ginger went to the bedroom door and opened it. Misty was standing in the hallway, looking pretty in the pale yellow sun dress that Ginger had picked out for her. Her makeup had been done by Ginger with an artist's touch and sense of color and detail.

"He's ready for you now," Ginger whispered, keeping her voice down so that Tom wouldn't hear. "Now do everything just like we planned!"

"I'm scared. What if I do something wrong?"

Ginger gave her friend a comforting smile. "Don't worry about a thing. I'll be there the whole time and I won't let anything happen that you won't like. Besides, you can always count on your instincts. They won't let you down."

"I'm not so sure," Misty said in a soft, tremulous voice.

"You don't have to be sure. I've got enough confidence for the two of us!"

Ginger took Misty's hand lightly in her own and gently tugged her into the bedroom. Once both girls were in the room, Ginger closed the door.

"Wow!" Tom exclaimed, his eyes getting large and round as he looked at Misty. She had a look about her that was much different than what he had grown accustomed to. "Misty, you're gorgeous! I never knew you could be that gorgeous!"

Then, seeing that Misty was looking at his half-hard cock, which hung promisingly between his legs, he placed his hands over his crotch and began to blush.

Misty, too, was blushing. She had never seen Tom naked before, though in her mind's eye she had a thousand times envisioned what his body would be like. When she took in the size of his cock, Misty gasped in shock. She hadn't prepared herself for the possibility of her boyfriend having an extraordinarily long cock. Her experience, of course, was limited to the wanton stories Ginger had told her. Still, Misty was quite certain Tom's prick was considerably larger than most.

"I..." Misty said. The word "can't" had been caught in her throat and couldn't be spoken. The frightened virgin teenager was unprepared to fuck Tom with Ginger there in the room watching everything that happened.

"Isn't his cock just gorgeous?" Ginger asked. She eyed her brother's long, twitching, pale cock lasciviously. Just looking at it made her extremely horny. The sight of it made her cunt dewy with passion. "I know you will have the best time with his cock!"

"How do you know?"

Ginger figured it was best to change the subject quickly. She wasn't ready to admit to fucking Tom just yet. Ginger had no idea how Misty would react to the knowledge that she, Ginger, had fucked Misty's boyfriend, or what Misty's opinion would be if she knew that Ginger had spread her legs and fucked her own brother.

"I can tell," Ginger whispered, moving so that she stood directly behind Misty. "Just trust me on this one. I can tell. I've got more experience than you, remember?"

Tom ran the tip of his tongue around his mouth, moistening his dry lips. He didn't know exactly what was happening, but he had a strong hunch that if his sister was involved in it, he was going to enjoy himself in the most lusty and sensual of ways.

Ginger, peering over Misty's shoulder, looked at her brother's naked body. He was really quite thin, she noted, but that didn't bother her. The most spectacular thing about his body was his enormous cock, and that carried the most influence in Ginger's judgment.

"Tom, you and I both know that you've been having something of a fling with Misty. And we both know that you haven't been able to score with her yet. Well... I've done some negotiating on your behalf and I believe we've come up with a compromise that will suit both of you."

"Compromise?" Tom asked suspiciously.

"Right. You've got to understand that Misty is a virgin. She's never fucked anyone, and she's never given a blow-job."

Ginger thought she should add that she's never had her cunt licked by a boy, but that might implicitly point out that Ginger had already tongue-fucked Misty, and Ginger didn't want a jealous flaring up.

"The compromise, horny brother of mine, is that you and Misty are going to fuck. But you've got to promise to be extremely gentle and caring with her. And just to make sure that everything has the nice, soft, feminine touch that every woman wants, I'm going to stay right here the whole time." Ginger felt a shiver of anticipation go up her spine. "What do you think of that, Tom? Do you think you can control your lusty urges enough to make sure that Misty here has a good time? Do you think you can remember that she's more than just a cunt for you to get your rocks off in?"

Tom nodded his head vigorously and the giggle that came from Ginger's throat spoke of her joy and her horniness. From behind she put her hands on Misty's shoulders and began gently but insistently pushing her friend closer to Tom.

"C'mon now," Ginger purred into Misty's ear. "Exactly like I told you. You'll do just fine."

Misty's nipples were hard nubs of excited flesh. Even through her bra and blouse their hardness was visible. She walked slowly toward Tom, unable to look into his eyes, finding it difficult to keep from staring at his big cock.

When Misty was standing directly in front of Tom, she leaned forward from the waist, placing her hands on his naked shoulders, giving him a good view of the mouthwatering, creamy cleavage. She had succulent, lovely-sized tits, and she knew it. And since all she had really allowed Tom to do was feel her tits, she knew he found them very erotic to look at and caress.

"I'm going to be the lover you always wished I was," Misty said. "And when I'm done with you, you'll never want to look at another girl because you'll know how wonderful it is to fuck me."

Misty kissed Tom's mouth, her lips very lightly brushing against his briefly. But then, in a flash, the passion exploded between them. Tom grabbed Misty by the upper part of her arms and pulled her closer. Their lips fused together, mouths opening, tongues probing and tasting.

Crooning with mounting lust, Misty opened her mouth wider and accepted Tom's slithering tongue in deep. She shivered, her tits throbbing with passion, waiting for the caresses that she knew Tom could deliver with erotic precision.

Just as Misty was about to sit on Tom's lap, she felt Ginger pulling on her arm. With a sigh of disapproval, Misty disengaged herself from Tom's loving embrace and took a couple steps away from him.

"What the hell is this?" Tom asked angrily. "Another cock-teasing game from you?"

Misty shook her head. "Not this time. This time you're not going away dissatisfied."

The small voice behind Misty whispered, "Now strip for him. And do it just like I told you to. It'll drive him absolutely fucking crazy!"

Misty slowly unbuttoned the front of her dress. When she had finished with the buttons, she pushed the garment off her shoulders and down to the curve of her hips. Tom's deep intake of breath let her know he was pleased with what he saw.

"Ginger picked these out for me," Misty said in a sultry purr. She rubbed and squeezed her tits through the lacy bra. Her tits were squeezed together, succulent tit-flesh pressing out over the top see-through edges of the cups. The bra appeared a size or two too small. "Do you like?"

Tom once again nodded his head vigorously. His cock, now long and hard and ready for action, wagged between his thighs, pointing somewhat upward, his cock-head flexing and pulsing with life.

Misty hooked her thumbs into her dress and pushed it below her hips. Once the dress had slipped past her hips, it slithered down her shapely legs to her ankles. She stepped out of it and Tom groaned. He was clearly having a very difficult time remaining seated.

Ginger, standing beside Misty, smiled at her brother. Her fingertips gently caressed the garter belt that encircled Misty's waist, holding up the matching silk stockings.

"I thought you would like these," Ginger said to Tom. "Knowing what kind of horny dog you are, I thought these would really trip your trigger!"

Tom tried to swallow and couldn't. His eyes roamed up and down Misty's exquisite body as she played with her own tits. She had tits that were larger, more round than Ginger's. He ached to slide his big cock between them.

"Ohhhhh!" Misty sighed, caressing her fiery nipples through the bra. She slipped her right hand between her thighs and lightly touched the rosy, moist petals of her hot cunt. "This is going to be beautiful for us!"

Misty pulled her hand away from her pussy. Her fingertips were moist with fluid from her cunt. She raised her hands and caught the bra between the cups, slowly unfastening the clasp.

"Want to see them?" the brunette taunted. The moment Misty unhooked the bra and pulled the lace cups away from her tits, Tom started squirming in his chair. It was taking all his will to do as his sister had commanded.

Misty, decked out in high-heeled shoes, yellow stockings and matching gaiter belt, started moving her hips from side to side in a sensual, swaying motion.

"I'm going to suck your cock!" Misty purred. Tom couldn't believe what he was hearing. Misty had never even wanted to touch his cock and now she was openly telling him she would suck him. He leaned back in the chair, kicking his feet out in front of himself.

Misty licked her lips. She had on pink lipstick, courtesy of Ginger. Looking straight into Tom's eyes, she sank slowly to her knees between his legs, sitting on the backs of her heels. She placed her hands lightly on his thighs, scratching his sensitive flesh with her fingernails.

"Now suck on it easy at first," Ginger instructed, moving to the side so that she could watch what her friend was doing. "Take his cock as deep into your mouth as you can, but don't choke yourself on it. He's got a huge cock, Misty. I tried to..."

Ginger caught herself before she admitted trying to deep-throat her own brother.

Misty looked at Tom's cock-head, fighting with herself to find the courage to go through with what her lust was telling her to do. Finally, her heart thumping in her chest, she brought her face to the tip of his cock and inhaled. The smell of Tom's crotch pleased her.

"Do it," Tom urged, unable to remain silent as he looked at his girlfriend's face so tantalizingly close to the head of his prick.

Sighing, Misty closed her eyes and leaned closer to Tom. When she felt, the head of his prick against her mouth, she kissed his fleshy cock-knob. His cock jerked a little, reacting to the touch of her lips. Misty cooed softly and planted several more light kisses on his cockhead before letting her tongue snake out between her lips.

At the first taste of her boyfriend's cock, Misty knew that she could go through with the blow-job. She pushed her face down, allowing his cock-head to force her mouth open. When her lips slipped over the ridge of Tom's cockhead, Misty squeezed her pink, lips tightly around the throbbing shaft of his prick.

"Awwwww!" Tom groaned, feeling his cockhead being engulfed.

Misty swirled her tongue around his cock-head. She shifted positions, pulling her knees a little deeper beneath her. The manly taste of Tom's prick turned her out, and feeling it now made throbbing between her lips and against her tongue was as erotic to her as Ginger had promised it would be.

"Now go up and down," Ginger whispered watching Misty tenderly sucking on Tom's cock-head.

Following Ginger's experienced instructions, Misty nibbled on the shaft of Tom's cock, letting his prick-tip rub the roof of her mouth. She took another inch of his cock into her mouth, until his prick-tip was pressing against the opening of her throat, then began twisting her lovely face around his bone-hard column of cock-meat.

"Mmmmm!" Misty crooned.

The teenager's cheeks caved in as she drew a firmer suction on the cock. She bobbed slowly up and down, paying attention to how his cock reacted to her loving oral caresses, working her tongue along the underside of his rigid cockshaft. Flicking her tongue against his piss-hole, Misty tasted her first drop of pre-cum.

His pre-cum was salty and sticky, just like Ginger had promised it would be. Misty swirled her tongue against his piss-hole some more, hoping to receive more of his precious fuck-fluid. When she did not immediately get a second drop, she was at first afraid that she was doing something wrong. Then she remembered the words that Ginger had said and confidence again coursed through her veins.

"Up and down now, honey," Ginger instructed. She pushed a lock of silky, dark hair away from Misty's cheek so that she could see her friend's pink lips surrounding Tom's hard cock. "Up and down, up and down."

Misty bobbed over his cock. She pulled up until only his piss-hole was still between her lips, then lewdly sucked his cock into her mouth until his fiery cock-knob was pressing against her tonsils.

The lusty young girl ran her hands up and down Tom's thighs. She used her fingernails on his thighs, then brought both hands between his legs. Very lightly she scratched his hairy ball sac and when Tom moaned, Misty knew that Ginger's advice had been right on the mark.

"Suck me!" Tom groaned. "Oh, Misty! I never dreamed I'd ever feel you sucking on my cock."

The boy put his hand lightly atop Misty's head. He caressed her silky hair, running his fingers through it, following her up and down movements as she gave him his blow-job. He did not try to hinder the way she was sucking him, or influence her in any way. Tom was determined to make good his promise to be gentle. Still, he was dying to fuck all of his enormous cock down her throat.

Misty nodded her head up and down, dragging her soft lips over the tip of his cock, using her tongue constantly on his lusty cock-meat. She chewed with her lips on the shaft of his cock on her way down, wishing she could fit his cockhead into her throat but sensing that she couldn't do it.

"Oh! Oh, no!" Tom hissed, feeling the fire in his balls turn instantly into a raging inferno that he could not control.

Misty did not have the experience at giving blow-jobs to know what was happening. She was so into what she was doing -- sucking cock for the very first time, hearing the passionate sounds of lust coming from her boyfriend that she did not know Tom was about to cum.

"Awwww!" Tom growled, his body convulsing as the spasms of a powerful orgasm ripped through him.

A superheated blast of cum gushed against the roof of Misty's mouth, splattering against her tonsils. She was caught totally unprepared for the milky, creamy eruption and choked on the incredible volume of cum that jetted from her lover's piss-hole.

The young girl tossed her head up, taking his long, fiery cock out of her mouth. She swallowed, trying to regain her composure quickly. In a dim corner of her mind she understood that she had turned her boyfriend on so much that he could not help but blast out his thick wad of cum.

The cum was pungent on Misty's tongue. The taste of his creamy fuck-fluid was strange, and she wasn't entirely certain she enjoyed it.

Ginger, kneeling beside Misty, was quick to react. Seeing that Misty had completely abandoned her brother's cock now that he had started cumming, she grabbed the long, meaty shaft of her brother's prick and began pounding on it furiously, jerking her fist up and down.

"Yesssss!" Tom hissed, pushing his cock toward Misty's face as his sister's hand flew to and fro over his red-hot prick. Misty was stunned when she watched his cock-head expand. The crown of Tom's prick seemed to stretch so much she was quite certain his cock-skin would split. Then the milk-white gusher of cum jetted from his piss-hole, spraying cum across her face from one cheek to the other.

"Don't!" Misty gasped, turning her face away from his geysering cock-head. She did not, however, try to move away from Tom's cock.

A second blast of cum spit on Misty's lovely face, biting her on the cheek and splashing into her dark hair. Misty felt his cum sticking to her hair, white against the dark, silky strands.

Ginger almost laughed aloud as she pounded harder and faster on her brother's erupting prick. She was overjoyed to watched Tom's molten masts of cum gushing onto Misty's face. When a milky wad of cum hit Misty in the face, leaving a white line across her lips, Ginger was tempted to kiss her friend so they could share in the taste of Tom's gooey jism.

The torrent slowly turned into a trickle. Ginger watched as cum oozed from Tom's pisshole, running dawn the shaft of his cock to roll over her slowly pistoning hand.

Pushing herself away from Tom, Misty looked at her boyfriend, her face splattered and dotted with white drops and streams of his cum.

She had no idea what he thought of her now that she had so lustily sucked his cock, then took his cum on her face.

"Ohhhhh! Baby, I can't believe you can be this way!" Tom said. "I never dreamed anyone could make me as horny as you do."

Misty wanted to scream of her happiness. Tom was happy with her and everything she had done to him!

With Ginger's assistance, Misty cleaned herself while Tom reclined on his bed, his hands folded beneath his head, a smug smile playing with his sensual mouth.

Once her makeup had been redone by Ginger, Misty turned toward the bed. She stood erect, her feet spread a little wider apart than normal. Touching her cunt, she carefully slipped the tip of her middle finger between her pussy-lips.

"Now I want you to fuck me, Tom," Misty whispered, her voice trembling with tension and anticipation. "And... and I want you to eat my pussy. Will you do that?"

Tom chuckled.

"Will I eat your pussy? Are you kidding me? I've been fucking dying to eat your pussy!" Tom said, reaching for his lovely brunette girlfriend.

Standing at the side of the bed, Ginger watched with pride as Misty melted into Tom's arms. Tom began devouring Misty's narrow, full-lipped mouth. After pulling Misty onto the bed and rolling on top of her, he began kissing her neck, working his way down to her luscious, firm, hard-nippled tits.

"Ahhhhh!" Misty moaned lovingly, squirming on the bed, giving herself over totally to the wild thrills that she felt.

When Tom sucked Misty's nipple into his mouth and scraped his teeth over the hard bud before whipping it with his tongue, Misty thought she would cum. Her clit was burning with tension. She scratched Tom's naked back with her fingernails, spreading her silk-clad thighs.

Tom could not long content himself just with Misty's tits. After sucking furiously on both of Misty's tits, he worked down her flat stomach until his nose was buried in the curly bush of her cunt-hair.

"I've wanted to taste your pussy for so Goddamn long!" he said, then fucked his tongue as deeply into Misty's pussy as he could get it.

As Misty twisted and turned her shapely young body on the bed, wriggling under the onslaught of the blissful sensations that Tom's lips, tongue and fingers provided, Ginger stripped quickly out of her clothes until she was naked from head to foot. As she took off her clothes, standing at the foot of the bed, she never took her eyes off Misty's face. Misty had kept her eyes closed, and Ginger was happy that her friend hadn't noticed what she had done.

"Mmmmm!" Tom moaned. The sound came out muffled as he dragged his slithering tongue through the tight juncture of the brunette's cuntlips. He fucked a finger into Misty's pussy and began finger-fucking her slowly as he lapped at her throbbing clit. "Your pussy! I love your pussy!"

Misty felt the bed moving, but her lust-fogged mind could not define what had caused the change. And she wasn't really concerned between the finger sliding back and forth into her pussy and Tom's sensual lips and probing tongue.

"Here you go," Misty heard Ginger say. "It's time you returned the favor."

Misty opened her eyes just in time to see the light brown patch of cunt-hair and the pink pussy-lips descending upon her. A strange thought flashed through her mind that Ginger's pussy-hair was darker than the hair on her head and then the moist lips of her friend's hot cunt was pressing against her mouth.

Oh his stomach on the bed, his cock rigid, Tom looked up his girlfriend's naked body and sat Ginger squatting on her face. To see Misty's face and his sister's pussy together was extremely erotic for the boy. He quickly grabbed Misty by the ankles and raised and spread her legs, getting up so that he had his legs folded beneath him and the enormous length of his cock was standing out from his crotch.

Misty was completely baffled by what was going on. She tried to talk, but Ginger's cuntlips were against her mouth. She could smell pussy-juice and taste it on her lips. Struggling to make her mind work in a logical fashion, Misty tried to push Ginger away from her.

And then the thing that Misty had fantasized about, for so long started happening, and she lost whatever self-control she had regained.

The throbbing head of Tom's enormous cock was pushing against her wet cunt-lips, forcing her cunt-lips to spread. Misty felt her pussy opening up against the greater force of her lover's hard cock. The prick began pushing into her cunt, and Misty was prepared to feel the pain of losing her virginity.

But that never happened!

Misty's hot, seething pussy was so wet and juicy, and she was so ready to get fucked that all of Tom's bone-hard cock slipped easily into the tight cavern of her cunt.

"Awwwww!" Tom groaned, holding tightly onto Misty's ankles, fucking his prick to the root of his cock-shaft into her hot cunt.

Ginger had her eyes closed as she felt her friend struggling. Though Misty wasn't really licking her cunt, it still felt heavenly to be able to rub her cunt-lips and clit against the girl's face. Hearing her brother's moaning behind her, Ginger suspected that Tom was finally fucking Misty. Ginger wanted to watch Tom's beautiful cock fucking between Misty's cunt-lips, but she wasn't as concerned about that as she was of convincing Misty to lick her pussy.

To feel the motion inside her body, the heat and warmth and hardness of Tom's cock gliding smoothly deep into her virgin pussy and rubbing against her clit, was more stimulating than anything Misty's youthful imagination had come up with. Deciding whatever happened would be erotic and pleasing, she began slurping at Ginger's cunt, licking at her pussy-lips, passionately lapping up the pussy-juice that oozed through the crevice of her cunt-lips.

"Mmmmmmm," Misty purred passionately, wrapping her arms around Ginger's slender thighs as the blonde continued to sit on her face.

Misty felt trapped, but that didn't bother in the least. She had Ginger's knees on either side of her face, and between her own wide-spread thighs, Tom was sliding back and forth as he worked the erotic length of his turgid cock into her pussy. Everything that Ginger had told her -- how wonderful it would feel to have a cock in her pussy, how erotic it was to feel the strength and manliness of a lover fucking his cock deep into her -- was more true than Misty had hoped possible.

It was all so strange and beautiful and exciting for Misty. She was licking a pussy for the rust time in her life, fucking her tongue deep into Ginger's hot cunt. And she was also taking Tom's cock to the depths of her pussy. Each time he reamed out her cunt with his cock, Misty could feel his low-hanging, heavy balls rest lightly and warmly in the cleavage of her tingling ass-cheeks.

"Mmmmmm!" Misty moaned happily, sucking one of Ginger's cunt-lips into her mouth. "I love this! I love you both! Ohhhh, I love you both!"

Ginger worked her hips around in a circular motion, forcing her cunt-lips to rub against Misty's mouth, nose, cheeks and chin. The young blonde's clit was burning up with passion. It had been extremely exciting to watch her own brother's cock fucking between Misty's lips. And then to see his hot, white, milky blasts of cum spurt into the air and land occasionally on Misty's face had been erotic. But now, hearing the sounds of passion, all around her and smelling that smell, of sex that permeated the entire bedroom...

"Lick my cunt!" Ginger hissed through gritted teeth. "You're doing just wonderfully, Misty! Keep it up! Keep tongue-fucking me and I'm going to cum all over your face! All over your fucking face!"

Misty wanted it. She had already taken Tom's cum on her face. The taste of Tom's salty cum still tingled on Misty's tongue, even though she was currently enjoying the pungent flavor of Ginger's hot fuck-juices. She wanted to feel Tom fucking his cock into her with maniac fury, fucking his cock between her cunt-lips until he blasted his wad of cum deep into her pussy, burning her up with the intensity of his raging desire.

"Give it to me!" Misty gasped, her entire face moist with Ginger's pussy-juice. "I want it! I want your cum! I want it in me! I want it on me!"

Tom rolled his hips back and forth, his face twisted with the tension he felt at holding his cum back. He was pleased that there wasn't any pain for Misty when she took his cock into her cunt for the first time. He didn't want to cause her any pain at all, and he knew he had to be especially careful with her because of the enormity of his prick.

"You're so sexy," Tom whispered, placing Misty's legs on his shoulders as he fucked his cock into her cunt. "Damn you, Misty, why have we waited this long to do what we should have been doing all along?"

Running his hands up and down Misty's silkclad legs Tom let his senses run wild. The cool feel of the silk against his cheeks was stimulating. When he pushed his hands over Misty's thighs and past the tops of her stockings, he found her flesh was moist and warm. His cock vibrated with lust.

He tossed his hips at Misty, fucking his cock into her pussy with ever increasing might. His balls slapped loudly against her ass-cheeks as he reamed her tight, massaging cunt. Whenever he pulled back, he watched the long, heavily veined shaft of his prick slide out from between her pink cunt-lips. When he fucked her with his cock, it was thrilling to watch his prick rubbing against Misty's throbbing clit.

"I'm going to cum in you!" Tom whispered. He could feel his orgasm approaching. "Misty, I'm fucking you and you're going to make me cum. Why did we wait so long? Why did you deny us this pleasure for so long?"

Misty did not have an answer for her lover. And, in truth, she could hardly hear him. Ginger's pussy-juice was oozing from her cunt faster now, and it took all of Misty's concentration to lick her pussy. She tried to keep up with Ginger's crazy, jerky movements, but that was impossible. Nevertheless, as Misty was the object of so much pleasure, she was aware that she must do more than simply lay back on the bed and receive without giving in return.

She sucked on Ginger's clit, flicking her tongue from side to side. Misty tried to hold Ginger as still as possible, preventing her slender friend from jerking her hips around too much. Above Misty, Ginger was gasping and moaning, pinching and twisting her own nipples. The hot-blooded brunette licked and sucked on her cunt-lips and clit.

Tom was throwing his hips back and forth, fucking his formidable prick deep into his girlfriend's sweet pussy. His balls were burning with desire, the pressure in them becoming stronger with each cunt-stretching thrust.

"Awwwww!" Tom growled.

Fucking his rigid cock into Misty's pussy, slamming himself against her body to embed all of his prick into the tight, wet sheath of her cunt, he started cumming. Hot, milky blasts of cum exploded from his balls. The cum raced through his cock and jetted from his prick-tip, flooding Misty's pussy.

Misty shivered as she felt the superheated eruption of his cum loose her in her cunt. Each time Tom bludgeoned her cunt-lips with his body, his cock completely engulfed in the warm, wet, tight cavern of her pussy, his cock-head expanded and a fresh jet of cum detonated from his balls.

Muffled sounds of approval came from Misty. She writhed on the bed, her face wet with Ginger's pussy-juice as she tongue-fucked the beautiful blonde teenager. She lapped up the girl-cum.

Tom was still working his prick furiously into Misty's cunt, the shaft of his cock seesawing between the teenager's pussy-lips, when Ginger's green eyes burst open and a silent scream of pleasure was trapped in her throat.

The clear, hot girl-cum rained down upon Misty's face and into her mouth. She struggled to drink up all of her friend's pussy-juice. Sucking on Ginger's pink cunt-lips, Misty could feel girl-cum trickling down her cheeks.

"Mmmmm!" Misty moaned lustily, her body rocking from the impact of Tom's hips as he fucked her with hard, powerful strokes.

Ginger let her head drop down, her chin nearly touching her chest as she breathed deeply. Ginger sighed, her body slowly cooling down as she descended from the heights of her ecstasy. Looking down, all she could see of Misty was from the nose up. She shivered softly as Misty's tongue continued to play around inside her cunt.

"You were wonderful," Ginger whispered. "Oh, my darling friend, I never dreamed that you could lick my pussy like that. It was heavenly!"

Misty smiled with her eyes up at Ginger. She whirled her tongue around Ginger's clit for a moment, then pushed her friend to the side. Ginger groaned and raised herself, puffing her cunt away from Misty's mouth and pussyjuices slickened face.

"That... was... incredible!" Misty whispered, her arms stretched out on either side. She looked at Tom. His cock, getting soft now, was still in her pussy. "Come here," Misty said to him. "I want to kiss you. I want you to taste your own sister's pussy-juice on my lips!"

They did kiss, and to Misty's shock, Tom once again began moving his hips up and down. Without a couple seconds his cock started responded, getting harder and longer, rubbing against her clit and cunt-lips as he fucked her. "I can't believe this!" Ginger giggled happily, watching her brother and friend kissing with open mouths. She leaned over and kissed Tom's ass-cheeks, playing her hands over his back and thighs as he fucked his cock deeply into Misty's pussy. "Hey, what about me? Aren't you going to fuck me, too?"

Ginger was stunned beyond words when Misty replied, "Wait your turn! I'm still trying to make up for all the fucking I missed out on by being such a prude!"


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