Cousin in bondage

Who can judge a person's reactions during stress situations? The prisoner of war who gives in to his captors' demands, the kidnapped heiress who joins forces with her abductors -- both must act without past experience to guide them. The end result can be either a very negative or a positive experience.

In COUSIN IN BONDAGE, Amy Wells finds herself in just such a situation. Held captive, then degraded and forced to perform abnormal sexual acts, she nonetheless finds within herself hidden resources, a strength of character she never realized she had.

Although she suffers through an unspeakable horrible experience, she comes through with her sensibilities intact, knowing she is more of a woman.


Amy Wells decided that things had definitely gotten out of hand. She'd come here in a slinky black dress, fiery red stockings and garters to tease her cousin just one last time before she got married. Throughout their adolescence Amy had teased Glen, flaunting her hot, sexy body in front of him in the most revealing clothes she could find, driving him insane with fuck lust.

Amy had never liked men very much, but she'd known, from the time she was very young, that she could use her sexy body to get what she wanted from them. And she had tried most of her tricks out on her cousin Glen before she'd put them to use on the men in her life. Tomorrow, she was going to marry a rich little wimp she'd completely enchanted with her beautiful face and sleek, slender body. And the little tricks she'd used to snare the jerk she'd learned as a child teasing her cousin.

So tonight she had come to see her good looking cousin one last time. She'd put, on a slinky black silk dress and bright red garters. The fabric was sexy to the touch and clung to her sexy, slender body like a second skin. It outlined her nipples, made her tits look bigger, made her legs look longer. She had wanted to look good for the last time she'd tease Glen.

After she got married, she wouldn't permit herself this kind if unladylike behavior, but she couldn't resist driving her handsome cousin out of his mind with lust this one last time. She'd always gotten such a thrill at the brush of his huge hard on, the thought of him jerking off after she was through with him. She hated the idea of fucking with a man, but she loved the thought of all those gallons of jism Glen had spurted beating off after her visits over the years.

So she'd wanted tonight to be special. She'd even brought up the wrestling matches they used to when they were kids. Maybe that had been her mistake, because after that things seemed to have progressed on their own. The next thing she'd known, she was challenging Glen to a wrestling match, and he had a strange look in his eyes when he accepted. Two minutes later she was flat on her back, her silky dress biked up and pulled down to reveal far too much heaving tit and heated thigh. Glen had both her hands pinned effortlessly together above her head. Now, Amy realized with a touch of shock, he was tying them to something. With a brazen, lusting grin, he grabbed her waist.

Amy was certainly worth grabbing at. She was a tall girl, close to six feet, with a creamy, olive complexion. She had big brown eyes and aristocratic features. Her neck was long and delicately thin. Her jet black hair flowed down almost to her ass.

Her tits were large and round and pointy. Her waist was small enough for Glen to completely encircle it with his fingers and her hips were slim, curving out gently to lead to long, shapely legs that seemed to go on forever.

"Let me up," Amy ordered coldly fixing her cousin with a stony stare.

Her breath caught when she felt something huge and hot pulsing against her satin covered thigh. She'd forgotten how huge Glen's cock was.

"This has gone too far. I am your cousin, and I'm about to be married. This doesn't look right."

"You're a fucking cock teaser," Glen replied. His free hand slipped beneath her to squeeze the hard cheeks of her ass. "And I've had a hard on almost a decade waiting for you. Cousin, before you get to that limp fuck of a husband you're marrying, you're going to be mine for a while."

"We're cousins, Glen!"

Glen leaned forward and clamped his mouth tightly over hers. She squirmed beneath him, but she had the feeling that this was one wrestling match with her cousin that she was going to lose.

"Don't fight me," Glen whispered to her. "You've been teasing me since we were kids, rubbing your hot little body against me. Every time you could manage it, you rubbed those pointy tits and that sexy ass against me. Now you're getting married, so this is my last chance to fuck you. And you want it too, bitch. You don't shake your ass for cock for ten years unless you want it."

Amy stared up into Glen's lusting brown eyes and found she couldn't refuse him. She nodded her head as if in a trance and Glen pulled her silky dress up to her waist.

"This is it, Amy," he whispered. "You've got a beautiful fucking cunt. I've never seen a sweeter looking pussy than yours."

Glen pulled Amy's tight, pink pussy lips tenderly apart, revealing the pinker, wetter flesh inside. Her pussy hair was the same lustrous black as the hair on her head, every bit as smooth and silky. He lowered his mouth on that thick, silky cunt mound. His tongue began to wash her shiny black pussy hair.

"Oooooh!" Amy moaned at the first touch of his lips and fingers.

She couldn't believe how good his mouth felt. She was humiliated at responding to him this way, but she wondered how wrong it would really be if her cousin fucked her just this once. After that she'd never let him touch her again, of course. After all, he'd tied her up. This was almost rape.

Glen pulled Amy's tight cunt slit open, peeling back the outer lips of her cunt and revealing the dancing bud of her clit. Amy's cunt squirmed at his touch, and she clenched her ass tightly against the unbidden wave of pleasure.

"Oh hell damn shit piss crap," Amy stuttered as Glen's lips settled over her pussy. "Don't do that, oh, you're not going to do that... you bastard, you can't suck my... oh, suck my cunt!"

Glen was already doing that. His lips smooched aver her cunt's outer lips, his teeth munched playfully across the more tender flesh inside. And his tongue was doing a rapid dance over her clit, driving her wild. Amy clamped her stocking sheathed thighs tight around his head and surged her hips up off the floor, trying to jam more of her heated cunt flesh into his mouth. Glen rode with her violent jerking, burying his face deeper into her juicing cunt, sinking his nose into her wet, pink pussy silt.

"Oh shit," Amy moaned. "I've never felt anything like this. Oh shit, what are you doing? How do you do that? Oh shit, what are you doing to me?"

Glen was snorting into her pussy, blowing air through his nose against her cunt. His tongue was lapping deep inside her, covering every inch of her cunt with his spit. Her pussy was getting sloppy now, pouring thick juice as her excitement grew. Glen was sucking off most of the excess cunt juice, but enough was escaping him to make the juncture of her thighs glisten.

"Oh you're making me cum! You're making me cum, you dirty bastard." It was so fucking good. Amy had never felt anything like this in her life. "I want you! I've always wanted you, you mother fucker!"

Glen didn't answer. He just kept slobbering all over her pussy. Without warning, he drilled a finger up the tiny bud of her asshole. A moment later he slipped two fingers up her slippery cunt. Now he was really making a mess of her, fingering and licking and biting and kissing her all at once. It was more than she could take.

Amy squealed, thrashing her head from side to side, batting at Glen's head with her quivering thighs. Her pussy juice rolled out over her cunt lips and wet the floor beneath her. Her hips gyrated inches above the ground. She was cumming hard.

At the very height of her excitement, Glen slipped a second finger up her asshole and twisted his fingers in her cunt to pinch her clit. Amy went out of her mind. Her climax seemed to go on forever, and when it finally did end, she sank to the floor in a sweating, quivering, exhausted mass.

"Oh, Glen, that was just great!" Amy moaned weakly, brushing his head with her heated thighs, twisting her hands against the ropes he'd tied them with. "You know, I could almost forgive you for what you did. Almost, but not quite."

Glen kept working on her sloppy, tenderized cunt. His tongue was running up and down the outer lips of her cunt with blinding speed.

He started three fingers in and out of her gaping pussy while he skewered two more up her ass. Amy had never been treated to such a variety of pleasures all at once before in her life.

"Oh... Glen... I've cum already... oh... Glen, stop! Don't... oh... don't you want to fuck?"

Glen still kept his mouth and her pussy, using his teeth to worry her oozing pink pussy flesh while he pistoned fingers into her pussy and asshole. Her pussy was still fluttering from her last orgasm. As Glen continued nuzzling her sopping cunt, Amy felt new spasms begin to dance through her.

"Don't you want to fuck me?" she cajoled, her lithe body quaking with reawakened lust. He was about to make her cum again. "Come on, Glen, you must be so hard. Don't you want to cum, too?"

And still he didn't answer, and Amy's hips began twitching as he lathered her pussy, a fresh sweat glistening on her body as he finger fucked her cunt and asshole.

She had never cum twice in a row before in her life. Not that she'd had that many orgasms at all. She felt as if she were on some kind of drug, the feelings flashing through her body were so intense.

"Okay, then, do it!" she whispered. Her hips bumped against his face again, her lips wrapped completely around his head. "Suck my cunt, keep on sucking it until I drown you! Keep sucking, oh, keep sucking me!"

Glen did just that, corkscrewing his fingers into her asshole and pussy, catching her cunt between his teeth and shaking his head until Amy was vibrating with sexual frenzy.

While Glen's mouth laid waste to her swampy cunt, Amy's sex crazed mind tried to sort out what was happening. She'd lost control with a man for the first time in her life. Amy felt a sudden wave of fear mixed with the lust that was washing over her. She realized that, as much as she hated what was happening, she wouldn't have stopped Glen's mouth and fingers for anything in the world.

"Do me, do me!" she screeched, spit flying from her panting mouth and juice drooling from her wildly clamping cunt. "Go ahead. Get me off again, you bastard! Get me off again!"

Amy shimmied wildly beneath her cousin, her cunt peeled wide open and colored bright red with excitement. Her thighs were wrapped tightly around his face and her juices drenched his burrowing face. Her second orgasm in moments crashed over her like a collapsing wall.

Her whole body shook with its impact.

She yanked at the ropes that bound her hands and banged her head against the floor with almost as much force as she banged her dripping cunt against Glen's mouth.

"Shiiit!" she screamed, completely immersed in consuming lust.

Amy came down from this orgasm slowly, her hips still squirming as her tight ass fell back to the juice sodden carpet. Her perfect ass was smeared with her cunt juice and the rug made a wet, squelching noise as she settled back against it.

Glen kept his face buried in her sloppy cunt gash, still tonguing her cunt.

Amy tried to catch her breath and take control of the situation. Her pussy was so tender that the pleasure was starting to feel like pain.

"Stop, please! Glen, honey, please stop so we can fuck. Please?"

Glen didn't stop yet, though. He kept eating her pussy for several more minutes, and Amy could feel the first ravaging convulsions of yet another burgeoning climax starting to rip through her.

He finally raised his head from her dripping cunt gash. His face was drenched with her pussy juices as he stared up at her and he kept his fingers fucking her cunt and asshole, reducing her to a quivering mass of meat.

She begged him to stop, to fuck her. She couldn't believe the words that were spilling from her mouth. But she had to get him to stop. His mouth was driving her crazy.

"I'll suck your cock for you," Amy said. She'd never agreed to do that for any man, and there had been men who'd offered her anything for the touch of her lips on their hard cocks. "I'll give you the best blow job you've ever had."

It was the pain that was doing it. Now that the second wave of ecstasy had battered through her body, her pussy had become so inflamed that it was sore. Pain and pleasure were starting to feel too much alike. She had never had any idea that sex could be like this, had never gotten the slightest hint from the few sexual experiences she'd had.

Glen was actually making her feel too much pleasure.

"Fuck me!" she howled, drumming her feet against the carpet, throwing her head back and forth. Her dark, firm tits jiggled wildly with each shudder that passed through her lean frame. "Let me suck your cum, let me fuck your cock, let me do anything!"

"You want me to fuck you?" he taunted, pulling his fingers from her fluttering holes and wiping them clean on her smooth, trembling flesh.

"Yes!" she wailed, her long legs thrashing about wildly, her eyes glazed with passion. "Fuck me! Fuck me! Please fuck me, Glen!"

"You're begging me to fuck you?" Glen asked.

He opened his pants and pulled out the longest, hardest cock that Amy had ever seen.

"I'm begging you!" she shrieked, tears of frustration tracking across her cheeks and her hair trailing in every direction. "Stick your prick in my pussy and fuck me until I can't stand up. Fuck me, Glen, please! It's the only thing I want."

"Deal." Glen laughed and slapped his big cock down on top of her velvety mound of jet black cunt hair. "You'd really rather fuck me now than wait and save it for your hubby tomorrow, though?"

"Fuck him!" Amy snarled as Glen rubbed the fat head of his cock up and down over the pouting, heavy lips of her juicy cunt. "He's a cock less baby. I need you."

"Then you're going to get fucked, bitch. Like you never even imagined."

He tore her expensive, silky dress off her rippling body with one savage rip. Then he grabbed his cock by the root and pushed it against her pussy. Amy screeched in pain and lust as his thick cockhead brutally stretched the tight mouth of her cunt. Only the flood of cunt juice that coursed through the tight, seldom used channel allowed him penetration at all. She felt her tiny stomach bulge as he forged his big fucker inside her.

"You like this?" Glen hissed, bringing his hands up to her tits for his first feel of the tight, hot mounds of flesh. "You like getting a man sized prick shoved up that tight little stuck up hole?"

"You're so big!" she whispered, her hands pawing the air where they were tied, her legs thrashing and kicking.

Amy had never imagined this, either. His prick was so big. It felt like he was filling her whole body up with cock.

"Oh, you slut!" Glen vowed, plowing another three inches of his giant cock into her clogged pussy. "You're so fucking tight it's unbelievable. Shit, bitch, haven't you ever been fucked before?"

"Never... never like this!" Amy gasped. "Please don't go any deeper. You're driving me crazy."

She was barely able to draw a breath, she felt so stuffed with the cock that was bludgeoning its way inside her. She tightened her long, lean legs against his hips, grasping his ass to her the way she had his head. His already deeply spearing cock fucked even deeper into her stretched cunt.

"Don't do what?" Glen asked with a scornful laugh, fucking in another two inches. "Don't go where, you dumb cunt?"

"How much more?" she gasped, raising her head to look down the length of her writhing body. There must be a foot of cock inside her already, she thought blearily. How much more could he have?

"Just a couple more inches," he taunted. "Your tight little stuck up cunt can take that much, can't it? Just a couple more inches and then we can get down to business."

Glen forced the last couple of inches inside her pussy while Amy squirmed in ecstasy and pain beneath him. He kissed her deeply, spearing his tongue into her mouth as he speared his cock into her pussy.

Amy tasted her own cunt juice on his lips. His hands crushed her tits until she groaned with pain. Still, her hips bucked against his huge cock and her cunt spasmed with arousal.

"Now you're getting into it," he whispered, "time to fuck, bitch. I'm going to fuck your ass off, cousin!"

"Do it!" Amy sobbed, twisting her hips against him. "Stick me on your big prick."

Glen started pulling his cock back until only the cock head was inside her clasping cunt, then plunging back in fully. By the time he bottomed out he had straightened out every fold in her cunt, touched her in places she'd never been touched before.

Amy suddenly realized she'd never been really fucked before she fell into the hands of her cousin.

"How's that feel, Amy?" he asked, fucking his cock into her from different angles, pushing her cunt in a different way with every plunge. "Squirming yet, cousin? Your little clit buzzing good?"

"Yes!" Amy screamed. "I'm cumming! How are you doing this to me? You bastard, you fucking bastard! Fuck me harder, you animal!"

"Right!" Glen shouted back.

His ass, still held tightly by her quivering thighs, became a blur. He pummeled her with his cock, fucked her so fast and hard that her body bounced against the floor. She felt like a sledge hammer was pounding into her.

Amy was cumming again. Each time Glen smashed his cock back inside her, the impact made wet, squelching sounds. Her sopping cunt had drenched his cock with her juices. More dripped from her pussy to pool on the floor beneath her. Her hips were banging upward as fast and hard as his were smashing down. Her tight ass cheeks quivered with each body shaking collision.

"You bitch!" Glen muttered. "You sexy bitch. I'm going to fill you up with cum."

Amy began licking his face wildly, flicking her tongue to lap the sweat from his face. Glen caught her nipples between his fingers and pinched them, pulling her tits as far as he could into the air as he plowed his cock into her pussy relentlessly. Amy's feet beat a tattoo against his hammering ass cheeks. Her body left the floor to meet his fuck thrusts.

"Now, bitch!" Glen shouted. He fucked his cock into her fully and started shooting his cumload. "Now I'm filling your slutty cunt up!"

Amy screamed, and Glen struck like a snake, catching her long, delicate throat with his teeth and biting down hard. His jism hosed up into her already dripping cunt. Her pussy boiled with heat, wringing itself against the pulsing cock and the burning, squirting jism. Amy was nearly out of her mind. She had never cum at the same time as the man fucking her in her life.

"Oh, shit!" Amy cried. "Oh, shit! You bastard! You've got me acting like some animal."

Amy's movements became less erratic now, less frenzied, and she dropped her head back against the floor. She was tired now, more exhausted than she could ever remember being.

She had to admit that she'd enjoyed herself more than she ever had before, but she'd let a man gain control over her too, and she'd let her own cousin fuck her. She supposed he'd deserved the fuck, but that didn't alter a fact that she'd lost control to a man. She promised herself that she'd never let anything like this happen again.

Glen was still fucking his cum into her poaching, sloppy cunt, but his cock was standing to soften. His jism wasn't spurting out of his cock now, just dribbling out. He could sense the lust draining out of his sexy, raven tressed cousin.

As he trailed his hands down from her tits over her long, narrow waist, the girl fell into an exhausted, contented sleep. By the time he pulled his half limp cock from her swampy cunt hole, she was completely out of it.

"Turn it off," Glen said, moving up over his sleeping cousins body to wipe his cummy cock clean in her shiny black hair.

"You got it, Glen," a man's voice called back distantly. "It came out perfect. She's a sexy bitch, all right, and we've got every squirm on videotape."

"Good." Glen smiled thinly. "Bring down the tape and set up the monitor. We've got to show our hot assed bitch what we've got on her. Then she's got some debts to pay back to me. Eight long years of them."

"Be right there," the other guy called. "Get your cock ready for action," Glen suggested. "Because it's going to be getting a lot of it soon." He stared down at the sleeping girl. "Yeah, bitch, you're going to be keeping a lot of people real busy for a while."


Amy awoke in pain. It took her a long time to even understand where all the different pains were coming from. By slow degrees, she remembered coming to Glen's house, playing with him, and then being sucked and fucked by him until she'd shamed herself by cumming time after time. She must have fallen asleep after he'd finished, she thought, though that still didn't explain where she was now.

There was a television in front of her and something was wrong with her arms. Those were the first things she knew for sure. The television was the first thing she saw and the pain in her arms had been what woke her up in the first place. Now she noticed a nagging pain in her legs, too, and when she tried to move them, she realized her ankles were tied.

"Glen!" she shouted, struggling against her bonds. "Glen, what the hell do you think you're doing? Glen, I'm getting mad!"

Amy realized dully that her legs were tied at her ankles and just above her knees, the two ropes knotted together to keep her in a kneeling position. And her arms were tied behind her back, both at wrist and elbow. Her elbows were tied so tightly that they were pinned against each other, forcing her bouncy tits out provocatively.

"Glen!" Amy bellowed. "Let me loose this instant, you bastard. This has gone far enough!"

"Up don't think it's gone anywhere yet, you loud mouthed slut," a man's gruff voice said from behind her, and the voice wasn't Glen's.

"What's going on?" Amy asked. She felt her stomach churn with sudden fear and tried to turn far enough to see who stood behind her. The tight ropes kept her from moving more than an inch, and pain flared through her naked body. "Who is it?"

"Turn the set on, Barry," Glen said, also from behind her.

The picture on the screen was of her, and she was screaming and panting with pain and passion, first under the touch of Glen's fingers and tongue, then under the hard thrusting of his cock. Amy's face turned red as she watched the terrible pictures. She looked so slutty, so hungry for cock. She'd never felt so humiliated in her life.

"You're a smart girl, Amy," Glen said, and she heard him walking up behind her. "I think you can imagine what it would do to that poor limp fuck of a fiance you've got if we showed him this. Up think even a cock teasing slut like you could figure out what he'd do if he saw this."

"I hate you!" Amy whimpered, tears running dawn her face as she realized just how much she was under Glen's control. "You raped me! Wasn't that enough? Now you've got to blackmail me, too?"

"Raped you?" Barry, who Amy had yet to see, laughed loudly. "Honey, you practically raped him."

"This is how it goes," Glen said, stepping around in front of Amy. He nudged the satiny flesh of her stomach with the toe of his shoe. "We're going to keep you here for a little while. Just a little while, Amy, because we know how much you want to marry your rich little fuck off husband. But if you disobey me, or my friends, or even think about getting us in trouble for what we're doing well there's a lot of folks who'd love to see that tape. No more rich husband, dig?"

Amy looked up at him with hate in her eyes. Somehow, she was going to make him pay for the terrible things he was doing to her.

"Well?" Glen asked, stripping his clothes from his body.

His fat prick hung down just inches away from Amy's red painted lips, not quite erect.

"Do I get the tape back?" she asked, cursing herself for the quaver in her voice, feeling ready to burst fully into tears any moment.

"Bitch, you're not making the rules," Glen growled softly. He waved his big cock back and forth in front of her fact. "You make me happy, and I won't show it around. But you're never getting it back."

"You fucker!" Amy whispered. Now the tears started to come.

"You bet," Glen answered happily. "Amy, you ought to be able to see your tits the way they look with your arms tied like this. They just bulge right out, bigger than life. And those fucking hard, brown nipples."

"Almost like three D." Barry touched the soft curve of her ass with the tip of his shoe.

Amy lurched forward, almost losing her balance. "What are you going to make me do?" she asked.

Tears were running down her cheeks freely now, and she stared up at her cousin with imploring eyes. All she saw in his face was the lust and hatred built up over ten years of her teasing him. She knew that he was going to try to completely degrade her, and she wondered if he might not succeed.

"For starters," Glen said, taking a step down to her and touching the head of his big cock to Amy's lips, "you can wrap those cock hungry lips of yours around my prick."

Humiliation and revulsion burned through Amy at her cousin's hateful words. All she could smell was the heavy scent of Glen's cock and balls, and she didn't even want to imagine what his cock would taste like. And it was all a thousand times worse because of the other man who was standing behind her, watching it all.

Still, Amy opened her mouth and let Glen slide his terrible, nasty cock forward, into her mouth.

His fucker stretched her lips until there was barely room for Amy to suck in breath. Now she was staring down the thick, long barrel of the same terrible prick that had almost ripped her pussy wide open. She grunted helplessly as Glen began to push forward, and then Barry stepped in behind her, grabbing her shoulders to keep her from tipping over as Glen pushed his cock in.

"How much you going to give her?" Barry asked. He leaned in close to get a good view of the mouth stretching action that Glen was forcing on the girl. One of his hands slipped down from her shoulder and he squeezed the nipple of one of Amy's proud, pointy tits.

"Every fucking inch," Glen answered, sucking relentlessly into the girl's overstuffed mouth.

Amy shut her eyes and tried to open her throat as wide as she could, but it was no use. Glen's cock was battering past her gullet, hurting her more with every fresh inch fucked into her tight throat.

"Oh shit!" Glen groaned, squirming his ass as he fed her more cock. "Her throat's as tight and wet as her pussy."

"Look at the way her little cheeks bulge." Barry took his hand away from Amy's throbbing tit for an instant. Then Amy felt the sticky, heated rub of his naked cock against her back. "I bet the little prick tease never even dreamed she'd get that much cock shoved down her pretty throat."

"She's going to get a lot of things she never dreamed about," Glen said ominously. His face glowed with angry lust as he forced her nose into the crinkly bush of hair at the base of his cock. "Look at her take this. She's got every last inch of it down her cock sucking throat."

Amy was unable to suck, unable to lick, unable to scream or breathe as the monster cock throbbed all the way down her throat. She gagged violently but all that did was make her throat squeeze tighter around Glen's cock, giving him even more pleasure.

"Fucking unbelievable," Barry said with a laugh, moving his cock in broad circles over the shuddering butterfly of Amy's shoulder blades. "She's taking the whole fucking thing down her throat."

"She's a sword swallower, all right," Glen agreed, holding his cock buried all the way inside Amy's throat. He squirmed his hips, rubbing her pretty face in his bristly cock hair, reaming her throat with his giant cock. "My cousin's got all kinds of untapped talents. We're going to tap them all before we're done, though. Right, slut?"

Amy burned with humiliation as Glen pulled his cock back out of her throat. She gasped for breath, thankful he hadn't held it down there longer. Somehow she was going to make them pay, she thought. They were treating her like some kind of lowly cock sucker they could just tie up and dump full of cum.

Glen fucked his prick back down her throat. This time, Amy took it a little bit more easily. Glen wrapped her hair in his hands now, yanking her head forward to meet his punishing cock thrust. Barry was wrapping more of her sleek black hair around his cock, beating himself off against the silky strands.

Amy realized that she was bringing two men off at once now, that her face and body were driving them to a fever pitch, and a tiny thrill raced through her bound body. Immediately she felt shame at the thought, but that didn't stop the heat from building inside her.

"Suck that cock, you dirty slut!" Glen released her hair to stroke her bulging cheeks.

He pulled his cock back and sat the fat cock head on her tongue. "Lick me down, tramp. Make me cum, you useless whore."

Amy put her tongue to work, immediately. She thought that as long as she kept him happy with her mouth, he wouldn't slam his cock the rest of the way down her throat. She'd do anything to keep from having the terrible choking length of that prick buried down her throat again.

She flicked her tongue across the top of his cock head and then played along the crevice of his piss slit. Her mouth was too full of cock for her to get much suction, and her hands were bound behind her so she couldn't beat him off, but she did the best she could. She lathered the length of his heated cock with her tongue and slid her painted, slimy lips up and down over his cock stalk as quickly as she could.

"She's going to make me cum," Glen groaned, staring over her head at his friend. "The cock teaser really knows how to use her mouth. I'm going to shoot right down her fucking throat!"

Amy had to swallow constantly now because of the steady dripping of Glen's salty fuck lube. The taste made her sick, but she was excited at the thought of finishing him off, even if it meant swallowing mouthfuls of the sickening fuck slime. If she could just make her cousin cum, maybe they'd let her go.

She lapped along the length of his cock until her spit dripped off it, wetting her chin. Glen's whole monster cock glistened with Amy's spit, and now, with no forcing, Amy drove her face all the way down the giant, throbbing prick shaft.

"You cock hungry slut!" Glen gasped as his cock fired a fat wad of jism straight down the black haired girl's throat. "You cock sucking whore! I'm blowing my load, you filthy slut!"

Glen drew back quickly, spewing fuck slime inside Amy's mouth while she choked on the first load she'd fired down her throat. She tried hopelessly to swallow down the torrent of cum that flooded her mouth, but soon it spilled over her red lips. A frothy mixture of jism and spit poured out over her chin and cheeks, flew back into Glen's crotch hair, splattered down onto her bouncing tits. His thick jism was soon spewing from her gasping mouth as fast as he was blasting it in, "Too much!" she gurgled.

But she felt her cunt tighten suddenly as Glen pulled his still fountaining cock from her lips and soaked her face with more of his gooey cock cream.

She was cumming, and though it wasn't as powerful as the orgasms she'd suffered through earlier, it was still worlds beyond anything she'd felt before today. Her tanned, willowy body shuddered as Glen's slimy jism coated her pretty face. Her cunt spasmed wildly as he rubbed his dribbling cockhead over her eyelids and nose.

Both Barry and Glen knew she was cumming, too, and they laughed at her.

"Swallow that cum down." Glen batted his prick against the side of her head as he wiped his cock over her cheeks and across her fluttering eyelids.

Amy gulped down the sticky cum that was still in her mouth, trying hard not to throw up. She hoped that he was done now, that she'd made him happy.

And then he hit her again. "Lick me clean, you stupid slut! Lick that jizz off my cock and swallow it, you dumb whore."

Amy was horrified. This was sick. Sucking his cock was one thing, even swallowing his filthy, nasty jism when he shit it out, but now he wanted her to lick up cum like she loved it. She clamped her lips tightly shut and shook her head.

"You bitch!" Glen exploded, and he began to rain blows against the pretty dark haired girl's head. "You better start licking me clean, you dirty cunt, or I'll rip out your fucking tongue and do it myself!"

He scooped up a fingerful of cooling, congealing cum from Amy's cheek and forced his finger past her lips and teeth. Amy almost retched at the taste of the gelatinous fuck slime, but she realized that she'd better do what he said.

Amy leaned forward, flicking her tongue out shyly over the slick head of Glen's prick. Tears ran down her cum stained cheeks as she licked the cum off the head of his cock and lapped clean the long, thick cock stalk. Her tongue was aching by the time she'd cleaned his whole cock, and all she could taste or smell was his jism.

"You stupid, tight assed cunt!" Glen shouted, and he grabbed one of her firm, silky tits and twisted it until Amy yelped with pain. "You're the one who spit the fucking cum all over me, you worthless piece of shit. You ought to fucking know where it is."

Amy saw the beaded jism in the dark forest of Glen's cock hair, and with a little whimper of dismay she leaned forward to lick him clean. She had to suck every bit of jism out of his cock hair before he let loose of her tortured tit. By that time, her mouth felt numb and her tongue was covered with the coarse black hair of his groin. He slapped her across the face a half dozen times with his reviving cock and then held it out for her to kiss.

"You're going to learn to swallow cum, cousin," Glen said, using his finger to wipe the rest of his jism off Amy's face, then wiping his finger clean on her tongue. "The better you do, the less it'll hurt. That's a new lesson for you, isn't it, you stuck up bitch? Well, you'll have to learn it good before you're, ready to meet our friends."

"Friends?" Amy asked quietly, a new terror filling her heart but her fear of Glen keeping her from asking the question loud enough for him to hear.

"I'm ready for the little slut now," Barry said, stepping around in front of her for the first time. "I think I'll get a quick blow job too, to take the edge off before I fuck that scummy little cunt."

Barry was a stocky, dark haired man with a powerful barrel chest and a cock tat was almost the equal of Glen's.

He touched his prick to her cheek and it almost burned her flesh. A drop of clear fuck lube dripped dawn her cheek like a tear.

"Good," Glen said with a laugh, moving behind her where Barry had been. "Because I've been thinking that no slut could have as tight an ass as little Amy here, if she'd ever had a cock plow up it. I'm going to see if I can't do something for my slutty cousin's asshole and her attitude all at the same time."

Amy's whole body went cold at her cousin's words. Not only was she going to have to suck her second mammoth fuck in a matter of minutes but now she was going to be fucked up her tiny, defenseless asshole for the very first time in her life.


Barry lay down on the floor in front of Amy and pointed his hard, dripping cock directly at her. Glen untied her legs, and Amy sighed with relief as her blood began to circulate through them once more. Her sigh changed to a cry, though, when Glen shoved her roughly from behind and toppled her helplessly forward.

"Timber!" Barry called as Amy, her arms bound tightly behind her back, fell forward. Her face struck the slimy head of Barry's leaking prick, and a trail of almost white pre cum painted itself across her cheek. "I'll bet this sleazy cock teaser never dreamed about anything like this."

"Oh, she's dreamed about it, all right," Glen growled. He dug his strong fingers into her silky thighs and spread her legs until her knees pressed the floor almost three feet apart. "She just never dreamed she'd be actually doing it."

Amy was crying openly now, blubbering at the thought of the horrible things the two of them were going to do to her. It was bad enough to be bound and dressed only in garters and stockings, forced to suck their dirty, smelly cocks. But now Glen was planning to shove his monstrous prick up her tiny, defenseless asshole. She'd never have willingly let a man stick his awful, ugly cock in her little shitter, but Glen wasn't giving her any say in the matter.

"Okay, cum bag," Barry said as he smeared his big cock aver her nose and cheeks. "I want some tongue and lip action now. And you'd better do it fucking good, or I might just get mean."

Amy went to work immediately, licking over the blossoming head of his prick and smooching down his throbbing cock shaft with her cum stained lips. She could remember the agony Glen had inflicted on her tits when she'd failed to please him and she could tell from the look on Barry's face that he was capable of equal horrors.

She flapped her tongue wildly along his hot, hard cock. She nuzzled at his cock's hairy, sweaty base and then drew her tongue back up the veins that traced the length of his prick. She was determined to make Barry happy.

"You weren't shitting," Barry moaned to Glen. He pulled Amy's thick black hair up away from her face so he could watch her tongue flap along the throbbing length of his cock. "She really knows how to gobble prick."

"Up both ends," Glen added as he began to scoop the thick juice of Amy's cunt up over the tensed cheeks of her perfect ass. He rubbed the pussy juice over her ass until the silky flesh glistened, then wedged his fingers into the resisting crack of her ass. "Wait until you get into her swampy little pussy."

"Nooooo!" Amy moaned hopelessly, her lips still nursing on Barry's cock.

"Shut up, bitch," Glen spat, pinching Amy hard at the tender spots where her thighs merged into her rounded ass cheeks. "Cram her fucking mouth shut, Barry. I don't want to listen to this cunt whining."

"Sure thing, buddy." Barry twisted Amy's silky black hair and forced her face down past his cock until her full lips were pressed tight against the wrinkled sac of his balls. "Open up and suck those balls in, cum sucker. I want you to wash them off for me. Get them nice and wet."

"Shit," Glen said, pinching Amy all along the backs of her tender thighs, making her yip with pain. "She'll never get that whole big bag in her mouth. Amy, you get that whole bag in your slutty mouth, and I'll just fuck your cunt and leave your little asshole alone."

With that, Glen fucked his huge cock up inside Amy's open cunt. He fucked in to the hilt in one solid, jarring cock lunge. Amy grunted in pain as her cunt stretched painfully, but the whole length of his cock had rasped over her clit and the pain clashed with the pleasure until Amy wasn't sure just what she was feeling anymore.

"Ohhhh... yesss!" she hissed, and she opened her mouth and began groveling at Barry's leathery brown balls.

These men were degrading her, turning her into some kind of domesticated slut animal. But she couldn't refuse them, not so long as they could hurt her so much if she did and give her so much pleasure when she obeyed.

Amy slurped one of Barry's balls into her mouth, lathering it with her tongue and hollowing her cheeks to suck on it. The one ball filled her whole mouth. She couldn't see any way that she was going to manage to swallow the other one along with it, especially with her arms tied behind her back. She whimpered with frustration and fear and tried to make her lips crawl farther along the hairy bag. Not only was she terrified of what Glen would do to her when she failed her task. Now the thought of holding Barry's huge cum filled balls in her mouth seemed quite desirable.

"Oh shit," Barry groaned, his hips bucking as she suckled on the ball in her mouth. "This stuck up slut's a real natural. I've never felt a tongue and lips work that good together."

"Of course not," Glen said with a laugh, reaching under Amy's body to scoop her lush, dangling tits into his hands. "No girl could shake her ass as much as Amy has all these years and not have a fire in her cunt to cause it."

Amy blushed red at Glen's words. She thought she was beginning to understand why Glen was doing all of this to her. He was making her pay for all the years she had teased him, for all the times she'd driven him almost insane with passion only to draw back at the last second.

It had always seemed like a game to her, but now Amy wondered for the first time how Glen must have felt, his balls swollen with jism and his cock so hard it hurt. Amy felt ashamed of what she'd done to him, and a tiny doubt began to creep into her mind. Did she deserve what he was doing to her now?

Not that what was happening to her now was so bad. Except for the steady ache in her arms from the cruel way they were bound, most of what Amy was feeling was pleasure. Her hips were beginning to wiggle wildly beneath the hard fuck that Glen was giving her. Her cunt was dripping slippery juice with every wet slam of his cock inside her. And she had managed to capture almost all of Barry's ball sac in her mouth. Her cheeks were bulging out on both sides, and her lips were crawling the last few inches over Barry's huge balls.

"She's doing it," Barry muttered, squirming on the floor beneath her. His hands twisted tightly in her hair. "The little slut's got my whole bag of balls in her cock sucking mouth."

"Is that so, Amy?" Glen asked as he leaned over her. He dug his fingers cruelly into her satiny tits, smashing them up against her body. "Such a pretty little whore. You don't want to tease anybody anymore, do you, slut? Just fuck them and suck them and eat all that delicious cum, right?"

Amy shuddered through a shattering climax, her body undulating against Glen's as he speeded up the tempo of his brutal fucking. Spit poured from her mouth to drench Barry's balls and ass. Her face was smeared with her spittle. When Barry pulled his balls free of her gasping mouth, a wash of spit slid out between her lips to coat her chin.

And then Barry pushed her face even lower between his legs and she screamed with horror.

"Now I want your tongue in my asshole, you tight assed slut," Barry wheezed. He jammed her pretty face against his dank, dark ass crack and rubbed his ass up and down over her trapped lips and nose. "Dig that tongue way up my asshole and turn me on real good."

She tried to shake her head, but she was firmly trapped between the flexing cheeks of Barry's ass.


Glen pulled his cock out of Amy's dripping, squirming cunt and slid it along the tight crack of her ass. Then he released her tits and spread her helplessly resisting ass cheeks so far apart that she felt sure she would tear them apart. As Barry ground her face in his ass crack, Glen poked his cock playfully at the tight, tiny bud of her asshole. Amy's heart skipped with fear.

"Don't go back to being a tease, Amy." Glen leaned on his cock with just enough pressure to make Amy whine. "Barry wants you to do something. You got him all hot, and he wants you to chew on his ass a little. You don't want to be a tease, do you? Because cock teases get their stuck up asses fucked."

There was no choice. Slowly, unwillingly, Amy parted her lush lips and let her pink tongue steal out to fuck against the stinking bud of Barry's asshole. The smell had almost made her throw up.

She fought her gag reflexes with every ounce of her will, knowing that she'd be punished terribly. If she threw up on Barry. Slowly, her mind whirling with this ultimate debasement she ran her tongue over his dirty ass.

"She's doing it!" Barry crowed happily as Amy's tongue lathered his ass crack. "The scum sucker's licking out my ass!"

"Great!" Glen said, pulling his cock from Amy's ass crack and smearing it over her shivering ass cheeks. Then he wormed his finger into her asshole. "That's where my slutty cousin's face belongs stuck up a mans ass."

Amy nearly passed out, nearly threw up, at the taste and smell of Barry's asshole. She was driving her tongue up it now, knowing that she had to do whatever they wanted to keep that terrible cock of Glen's out of her own asshole. She squirmed her face farther between Barry's flexing ass cheeks. She could feel the damp filth of his ass crack rubbing onto her cheeks and nose and lips.

Behind her Glen had now thrust two fingers up her tightly clenching asshole, and her hips twitched with discomfort. Why was he still playing around with her ass if he wasn't going to fuck her there?

"Your cousin's got her face halfway up my ass, man," Barry groaned with pleasure. "Shit! Bitch, put your lips around my asshole and suck on it, too. Suck as hard as you can."

Amy followed his directions, her mind on fire with her degradation. She fastened her red smeared lips on the tight circle of his asshole and suctioned at it with all of the air in her lungs. She felt Barry wrapping strands of her long black hair around his cock, and she wondered if she was bringing him off with just the touch of her mouth against his asshole.

"Man, that's fucking wild!" Glen said with a sigh, screwing his fingers around in Amy's ass.

"You'd almost think she'd learned her lesson. I think she still needs an ass fuck though, just to make sure she remembers."

Amy tried to jerk her mouth off Barry's asshole, but he held her face firmly in place. She felt the awful touch of Glen's cock against her tiny asshole, and she knew she was going to die.

As soon as the head of his cock touched Amy's asshole, Glen drove forward. Amy felt sick at the sudden pressure against her asshole. She tried to jerk away but Glen wrapped his strong hands around her tiny waist and held her still. She felt the painful, reaming pressure of his cock against her tiny ass pucker and knew there was no escape.

"You'll kill me!" Amy whined, managing to pull her tongue free of Barry's ass for an instant before he plunged her face back down. "Please, Glen, you're going to rip me open!"

"Fuck, yes!" Glen agreed with a laugh. Just the head of his cock had managed to bore its way into Amy's pain drenched asshole. "That's just what we're going to do, you stuck up slut. Fuck and suck you so hard that you stay fucked and sucked for the rest of your life."

With that, Glen drilled forward with all his strength. Amy moaned with the sudden agony, a cold sweat breaking out on her twisting, tortured body. The head of his cock had wedged its way fully into her helplessly resisting asshole, and she knew that now he could drive his awful cock the rest of the way home. He was going to fill her tiny little asshole full of that hard, thick cock.

"Bet you've never shitted out anything quite this big, bitch," Glen rasped, leaning over her body again so that he could bat at her tits while he drove his cock the rest of the way inside her. "Bet your poor little asshole is just busting at the seams taking all this hard, fat cock. Bet it hurts real bad."

Glen was right. Amy squirmed helplessly as he impaled her on his horrible cock. She felt stuffed. She could feel every inch of his savaging prick as it fucked up her asshole, could feel the muscles of her asshole try to resist the cock's awful advance, only to be worn down and then stretched beyond their endurance. She didn't think her asshole would ever be the same.

"Hey, you worthless slut!" Barry hit her on the top of the head and yanked on her hair until she thought he was going to pull it out. "Don't slack on the job just because you're getting reamed a little bit. Get that tongue back to work."

On his command, Amy almost reflexively went back to nuzzling his shitty asshole. As she ran her tongue over the ring of his shitter and then drove it up inside where the terrible taste was fresher, she wondered what was happening to her. She was having her ass torn open by one man while she had her mouth glued to the asshole of another, and she was accepting it like a meek, housebroken slave.

"Now start moving, you ass licking slut!"

Glen said, pinching her nipples until spirals of agony shot through Amy's trapped body. "I want some hip action, bitch."

Amy followed that order, too, even though every shove back against Glen's bludgeoning prick sent fresh spasms of pain through her body. She could feel the coarse brush of Glen's crotch hair against her trembling ass cheeks and knew she was taking every inch of his monstrous cock. She felt so crammed by the thick stalk of cock meat that she could hardly breathe. The pain was even worse than the disgust of licking Barry's shitty asshole. And the most hellish part of all was that she'd helped Glen shove in the last few inches by following his orders to fuck back against him.

"Out of my asshole, you dirty whore!" Barry slapped Amy on the side of her head and then lifted her face from his asshole by her silky black hair. "What kind of gutter whore are you, licking a man's dirty asshole? You're supposed to be here to suck my cock."

"Give her a break," Glen said, laughing.

Amy felt the touch of leather against her back, and her heart went cold with tenor.

"Besides, she's going to need something to shut her up when you start whipping her."

"Me?" Barry asked. He grinned with evil amusement at the brown stain that covered her face and ringed even more darkly around her lush lips.

"I'm too busy fucking her asshole," Glen explained, and he handed the strap to his friend. "You'll just be laying back getting a slut's special blow job."

"Well, if you insist," Barry said, fitting Amy's mouth over his hard, dripping cock and holding the strap. It was obvious from the sound of his voice that he was happy to be the one who'd get to do the shipping. "Anyway, the dirty little bitch needs a whipping for letting her face get all dirty."

Both of them laughed at her, and Amy wished she were dead. She swore that they'd pay for doing this horrid thing to her. They were shoving cock into her from both ends, and they still wanted to do worse to her. Her asshole felt like it was being split open, and now Barry was choking her with his giant cock.

"Beat that ass," Glen said, pulling his cock almost free of her ass and then fucking it back in, shoving Amy forward so that almost all of Barry's cock slid down her unprepared throat. "Stripe her pretty back and humble the ass licker."

Amy felt humbled enough with two men filling her with cock and pain. With her arms bound behind her, she was completely helpless not that she could have defended herself against the two big men even if she'd been free. Glen was fucking her asshole with sure, hard strokes now, tenderizing her clasping shitter with his monster cock. Amy rotated her hips back against him in the small, painful circles she knew he wanted. At the same time, she sucked on Barry's cock, fucking her aching tongue around its root while the bulbous cock head was buried deep in her throat.

Barry picked the whip up and sliced it through the air against the floor.

"I'm going to warm you up real good."

Amy's helpless body tensed as she heard the air whistle with Barry's first blow. Then her body exploded with agony as the strap lashed against her lower back. Waves of ice cold agony knifed through her supple body.

Barry surged his cock forward at the same moment, and Amy's face was forced so tightly against his hairy groin that she couldn't even scream. Barry brought the whip down again and again as he fucked his cock into her helpless mouth. He striped her ass cheeks and lower back first, then went to work on her upper back and shoulders.

Amy finally did manage to scream, pleading with him to stop every time he pulled his cock far enough back for her to snatch a breath of air. Her pleading only made them laugh. Glen even went back to digging his fingernails into her tender, silky thighs while he battered her asshole with his cock.

"Look at her go!" Barry said. Now that her back and ass were covered with angry red stripes, he switched to hitting her tightly bound arms. The sting of the strap against her slender arms hurt Amy even worse than the rest of the beating. "I've never seen a bitch fuck and suck so fast in my life."

Barry was right. Amy was suckling desperately at the cock that plowed her mouth, and her hips bounded back and forth on Glen's ass ravaging prick. Amy was on the verge of insanity from the pain and choking of the two fucks and the burn of the whip. Her body was writhing out of control now. She couldn't have stopped her frenzied thrashing if she'd wanted to.

"You fucking cunt!" Barry groaned at last. He looked across her red striped back at Glen. "I'm going to blow my cum right down her cock sucking throat!"

"I'm cumming, too!" Glen gasped, squirming his cock around inside her ass to bring himself more pleasure and the bound, beaten girl more pain. "Hit her extra hard for that. Make the ass licking slut pay!"

Amy was nearly unconscious now. Her eyes were drooping closed and her lips went lax around the thrusting shaft of Barry's cock. Even her hips slowed down against the constant battering of Glen's ass fucking cock.

Barry switched the target of his lashing to bring her back round.

Amy's eyes snapped open and she screamed around her mouthful of hard prick. Barry was whipping her tender, sensitive sides now, scouring her flanks from her humping hips and her tensed flesh under her arms. It was the most terrible pain Amy had ever felt. She was sure he was ripping the skin from her body.

"She's going fucking nuts!" Barry shouted, leaving another angry red stripe on her shapely, twitching hip. "We've got ourselves one crazy ass licking whore here!"

"She's a worthless slut," Glen grumbled, but he plowed her asshole faster yet and yanked her ass back against him with all the strength he had. "But we're going to educate the little cock tease. We're going to teach the whore."

The pain was so terrible now that Amy was becoming delirious. She squirmed insanely, her head flying up and don over the mammoth length of Barry's cock and her ass driving back wildly on Glen's plunging cock. She whipped her sweet ass in wide, grating circles as if she wanted to wring the jism right out of him.

"Beat me!" she screeched, her black hair flying about her face, her dark eyes wide and glassy. Something was snapping inside her. "Hurt me! I deserve it. I'm a dirty, prick teasing whore. Hurt me bad!" Her cunt spasmed suddenly and Amy was in the throes of another hellish climax. She hated both of the men who were fucking her helpless body, who had tied her arms behind her back and beaten her and made her get on her knees to take their double fucking like some kind of worthless slave.

But something strange was happening, and a cock in her ass felt as good as one in her cunt and cum splashing in her mouth was as sweet as cum splashing in her pussy. And the pain was making her cum.

"Oh, fuck!" Barry groaned, hitting her again, fucking her throat like a cunt. "You dirty, filthy slut! I'm cumming!"

His cock began to spurt jism and he pulled back so that he could fill her mouth with it. He wanted her to taste every ounce of his sizzling cum.

Amy tried to keep up with the sudden geyser in her mouth, but it was hopeless. And soon Barry's cum was forcing itself out through her tightly sealed lips in a thin, greasy wave that coursed down over her chin. He kept shooting more cum, and he never stopped lashing her.

"Dirty, sleazy cunt!" Glen rasped, his voice hoarse with lust. "Horny little slut!"

He began to spurt too, his cum blasting deep up inside Amy's asshole. She squirmed even more wildly at the feel of the liquid heat he was pouring up her ass. She was being filled with fuck juice a both ends now. Even the lash of the whip against her straining, sweat soaked body felt like heaven.

She was cumming, one wild climax following the last. Her body was jerking out of control and her cunt was wriggling like a dying fish. But Amy felt more degraded than ever. She was being enslaved by the two men who were even now dirtying her body with their filthy cum.

Glen filled her ass with so much cum that it began to slide back out. Jism streamed down over his still hard, still thrusting cock and rolled in slimy waves down the backs of her trembling thighs. Barry's cock was still going strong, too, pouring cum into her already full mouth.

"Cock sucker," Barry whispered, his cock running out of jism. He put down the whip at her side. "Dirty stinking, cock sucker."

He pulled his dripping cock from her mouth and rubbed it over Amy's pretty face. Her tongue shot out of her mouth, trying to get another taste of his prick, but he pulled it out of her reach and then laughed at her pitiful attempts to get it back.

Finally Glen was finished too, leaving her asshole feeling loose and numb and clogged with gooey jism. He wiped his cock clean in her shining black hair. Then he reached down to pull her garter as far away from her wetted thigh as he could. When he let it snap back against Amy's heated flesh, it almost triggered another explosion in her cunt.

Both of them got up then, letting Amy's face bang against the carpet. They stood above her and made fun of her. Amy squirmed at their feet, out of control, her body jerking and jiggling spastically. She was truly debased now, a housebroken plaything they could do with as they wished. She was nothing but a groveling animal the orgasm she'd gone through at the end of their inhuman abuse proved that.

Glen leaned forward and spit on her. His spit hit her right below one eye and leaked, over her cheek and nose. A moment later Barry split too, and his spittle caught her right at the edge of her mouth and then drooled over her lips.

Amy cried pitifully and they laughed at her shame.

Barry kicked her in the stomach a few times and watched her writhe in helpless anguish. Within a minute or two, his cock was rock hard once more.

"I want her pussy this time," he said at last. He aimed a brutal kick at the lush, vulnerable flesh of her right tit.

"Turn her over on her back, then," Glen said, his eyes twinkling with cruel amusement. "Because this time I get to do the whipping, and I'm going to strip the skin right off those pretty tits."

Amy wished she could pass out, wished she could die. Instead, she watched sickly as her cousin and his friend came for her again.


Amy never in her life felt pain the equal of that she experienced when Glen strapped her tender tits and belly. She had cum twice while Barry fucked his hard cock into her swampy cunt. Now she was lying on her side, trying to recover from her ordeal. Both guys had cunt twice now surely they would be finished with her. Surely they were going to let her go now.

At least, they were giving her a moment of peace. After Barry had shot his steaming cum up into her soggy pussy, he'd make her lick his cock and balls clean. Then be and Glen had both left the room. She had thought of calling out to them, begging them to untie her. But Glen had still been holding the strap that had marked her body, and she was afraid of attracting the attention of that awful length of leather.

So now she was lying on her side with her arms still bound cruelly behind her back. Her cunt and asshole and mouth were all filmed with the filthy jim her cousin and his friend had spilled. Her lips and thighs and ass and checks were all stained with the overflow of their bubbling cum. Her arms were almost numb from the pain now, but her shoulders ached terribly from the harsh way they were pinned back. Every time she tried to shift her position to take some of the pressure off them, the wounds of her terrible lashing sent waves of pain snaking through her.

Amy cried bitterly. Her whole world was filled with pain and degradation. She'd been tied and beaten and fucked, forced to suck a man's ass and fucked up her own ass. And she had cum she'd been betrayed by her own body.

And she would be Glen's slave forever. As long as he had those videotapes, he could make her do anything her wanted. Even after she was married, he could make her submit to terrible fuck sessions like this. Those tapes made hers into his plaything, his sexual toy. Those tapes made Glen her master, and she his slave.

Amy was still crying when Glen and Barry came back into the room. Each of them carried a small bag.

"Are you going to let me go now?" she managed to ask at last. She turned her tear stained face up toward her cousin, hardly able to meet his mocking, superior gaze. "You've both fucked me, hurt me, and you know I can't tell on you."

"Let you go?" Glen waved his long, limp cock at her face. "Does the stuck up, ass sucking whore think it's time we let her go?"

"Why not?" Amy cried, shutting her eyes tightly. Her body quaked with fear and tension as she realized her ordeal was just beginning. "Oh please, why not?"

Glen leaned down and began to untie her arms. The first ropes he unfastened were at Amy's elbows, and when he first unknotted them Amy's arms stayed together. Her body was so cramped that she couldn't even pull her elbows apart. When he untied her wrists, it took her almost a minute to bring her arms back in front of her, they were so numbed. She knew that she'd be in agony when feeling began to return to her arms, and she could tell by the amused looks on Glen's and Barry's faces that they knew it, too. It was just another pan of the cruel game they were playing with her.

"Why not?" Glen echoed, rolling Amy over onto her back. He started running his hand over the silky black haired mound of her cunt. "Because you gave me shit from the time we were kids, strutting your hot little body around me in the slinkiest outfits you could find, always rubbing yourself against me and showing me your legs and ass and tits when no one was looking. Because all you ever talked to me about was sex, and because you used to stick your hand in my pants pocket to get money and rub my cock for a minute before you pulled any out. You tortured me for years, bitch, when I was too dumb to keep you from getting away with it. This is just your payback."

"No, you've got it all wrong, Glen!" Amy cried desperately. "I only dressed and acted that way because I thought you wouldn't like me if I didn't."

"Well, prick tease, you got your wish." Glen grinned, his cock growing longer and harder with each passing instant. "I like you a lot. I like you so fucking much that I might just decide to keep you around for good. We've got a lot of years of fucking and stuff to catch up on."

Glen pulled a metal bar from his bag, a curious device that had cuffs on either end before Amy could protest, he shut the cuffs tightly around her thighs just above her knees. Then he pulled out a half dozen of her cunt hairs and laughed while she screamed in anguish. Amy's body came back to life as he snatched her cunt hair out, her hips jerking wildly and her tits heaving with each thrash of her body. Then Glen quit his torture and Amy grew quiet once more, gasping for air and watching both men with wide, frightened eyes.

Both Glen and Barry pulled the same thing from their bags this time, and Amy wanted cry for mercy, wanted to die immediately and be spared what she knew was coming.

Both guys pulled out small electric prods, the kind police used. Amy understood clearly that they were going to use them on her.

"Nooooo!" she screamed as the two men circled her prone body and switched on their terrible weapons. "Please, Glen! I'll do anything you want, forever. I'll be your slave. I'll be good. Oh please, Glen! Nooooooo!"

"You know, cousin, there is one thing that might keep us from wasting your tight whore's ass with these suckers," Glen growled. He stood over Amy, straddling her belly, and held the buzzing stick inches from her rounded tits. "And that's if you can get away from us. Five minutes, slut. Just like tag. You run. When we catch you, you get tagged. We'll give you five minute's head start."

Amy shook her head, refusing to believe this. To be fucked, even up the ass by a cock as big as Glen's, was one thing. This was simply inhuman, killing torture.

"You looking at your watch?" Glen asked Barry. "Yep," Barry replied, grinning broadly.

"Then start counting five minutes now and back up clear across the room," Glen told him, and then he bent down over Amy. "Rules are that you don't try to leave this room, baby, and that you try the best you can to keep away from us. Good luck, Amy. I'm going to give you a little taste of this now, just so you'll know what you're dealing with. Give you a reason to try hard, you know?"

"Please, nooo!" Amy screamed as Glen dipped the electric prod down onto the slope of her right tit. This was the end. Amy didn't believe that her control over men had vanished so completely that now she'd become to slave, to be fucked and abused and tortured so terribly. "You'll kill me!"

The first thing she felt was a burning in her until it was as though someone had dumped liquid fire onto her tit. But before she had the moment she needed to try to squirm away from the source of her pain, her whole body began to jolt with the terrible wave of electricity. It was as though someone was pulling every muscle in her body at once. Each different part of her was being shaken individually, jerked in different directions. Amy felt her body being ripped to shreds. She was certain she was going to die. She wished she would.

And then it was gone. Amy's body quaked a few more times, then she slumped weakly against the carpet. There was still a buzz of pain coursing through her, and her tit still burned where he had touched her with the electric prod, but she was alive.

Glen leaned over her and kissed her gently, levering her lips open with his tongue and then rubbing his lips tenderly against hers.

"Hurt you bad?" he asked when he straightened again, a smile tracing his lips.

Amy whimpered. "Please stop now. I'll be a good girl. I'll let you fuck me anyway you want to."

"We can do that already," Barry said, swishing his cock through the air like a sword. "We want to hurt your slutty ass a little too, to spice things up."

"You better start trying to get away," Glen said menacingly. "You're going to get that hot, tight ass tagged enough as it is. And if you don't start moving, you might get fried for real."

Amy pulled herself painfully to her feet. It was hard to do with her legs hobbled and her arms still weak from the time they'd been in bandage. Glen and Barry backed up to the other side of the room, their electric prods buzzing, their cocks getting bigger and harder with each passing moment. Amy wondered if there might not be a way far her to escape this terror. If she could make it past them through the living room and dining room then maybe, just maybe, the back door in the kitchen would be her ticket out of this horror.

All she'd have to do then would be circle around to her car and drive home. Amy didn't think Glen would risk a scene out in front of his house.

"Well, cock tease," Glen husked, looking over his cousin's naked, beautiful body. "Don't just stand there dripping jism. Get your ass in gear before you get it burnt off."

It was now or never. Glen and Barry began to stalk casually toward her. There was a clear space between them and the dining room. If she could only move fast enough with her legs hobbled and her balance so uncertain. She jumped and ran with short, mincing steps past the two men.

"Look at the cock sucker run," Barry said. Amy heard the steps behind her and she tried to move faster.

"That bar between her legs makes her ass shake like hell. I didn't think she had the life left in her."

Amy reached the doorway to the dining room with Glen and Barry still well behind her. They weren't taking this chase seriously, and for the first time Amy felt a real flash of hope that she could escape them. She was going to make it, she thought, and even if someone saw her outside, naked and with a bar cuffing her legs together, so what. Getting away was all that mattered.

"Dumb bitch thinks she going to get out the back way!" Glen shouted suddenly. "Amy, you stupid fucking whore!"

Amy could feel them bearing down on her now, as she reached the table in the middle of the dining room. The bar between her legs was making her go much too slow. She could only take tiny steps, and it was so hard to keep her balance. She tried to put on an extra burst of speed, ignoring the pain that flared from her exhausted, abused body, but she realized with a sick feeling that she wasn't going to make it.

"Got her!" Glen shouted in joy as he slammed the tip of his electric prod against the check of Amy's quivering ass. "Tagged the scummy bitch!"

"Nooooo!" Amy screamed, her voice quavering in pain and tenor. Her right leg went numb as the prod buzzed against her ass, her body shaking as electricity buzzed through her nervous system. "Stop! Oh stop, oh stop, oh please!"

She twisted around as her right leg went dead beneath her, throwing out her arms to try to grab a nearby chair for support. As her hands gripped the back of the chair, Barry reached her and drove his electric prod home.

This time, the prod touched her right shoulder, and the pain that flared through Amy caused her to fall, her arms flailing. The chair she had grabbed toppled over on top of her. Pain exploded through her left leg this time as she landed hard on the floor.

"Ohhhhhhh!" she whimpered, trying to wriggle on her back away from Barry. She felt dazed, barely conscious. Were Glen and Barry planning on killing her like this, shocking her to death while she squirmed helplessly and pleaded for mercy? "Fuuuuck meee! Please fuck me!"

"We will," Barry answered, grinning evilly. "With these."

Amy kicked out at him weakly with her left foot, the kick impotent because of the metal hobble and the numbness of her leg. Barry stepped out of its path easily, then brought his shock stick down against the sole of her foot. Amy's slim, sexy body began to jerk spastically, a cold sweat breaking out on her olive skin. Barry pushed the prod harder against her foot, driving waves of agony through her tortured frame.

"Look at her jiggle!" Barry exclaimed. "That sexy little body's really dancing now!"

Barry finally pulled the shock stick away from Amy's foot. Her left leg hit the floor with a thud, so much dead weight. She stared up at the two men with glazed, glassy eyes, barely able to make them out. Her body was still quivering with the after effects of the last shock, but she wasn't even aware of the sexy squirming her body was doing against the hard floor.

"Aren't you going to run anymore?" Glen asked. He reached down with his free hand and twisted the metal band between her thighs. The pole of metal lengthened as he did, spreading Amy's legs wider apart. "You know, this isn't much fun if you just lay there like the sorry cunt you are. You're not hurt that bad, bitch not yet, anyway."

"Please!" Amy sniveled, finding it hard to form words. Even her mouth felt numb. "No more, no more! Whip me, please! Whip me, please!"

"I'm going to fuck you with this," Glen said simply, holding the sizzling prod inches away from Amy's sweat streaked face. "Unless you start moving your ass right now."

Slowly, painfully, Amy turned over onto her stomach and tried to pull herself to her feet. She cried out in fear and frustration when her arms weakened and she fell back on her face. Her legs just wouldn't work. All she had left to pull herself with were her arms, and they still hurt so bad from the way they'd been pulled behind her back. Still, she tried to squirm forward across the floor, away from her cousin and his friend.

They didn't follow her at first, but Amy knew that they could catch her anytime they wanted now. They were only holding back because they wanted to see her wriggling along the floor like come kind of helpless, injured animal. She was grimy with sweat, and every inch that she scrabbled forward felt like the last she'd ever move. Amy almost wished they'd move in and finish her.

"Hey, I think the mangy cunt's leaking again," Barry said, leaning down to get a better look at Amy's ass. "I think she's getting off on this."

"Well, you know how these prick teasing whores are," Glen said, sending a kick into Amy's rounded ass cheeks that crumpled her into a gasping, crying heap. "When you start giving it to them, they have to go the whole trip."

"No!" Amy cried. With a sudden act of will she'd never have believed she possessed, she forced herself to her feet. Pain flared through her from a million different directions. "I don't deserve this and I don't want it! I don't!"

But Barry was right her cunt was juicing again. As Amy ran limping back toward the living room, she felt her cunt tighten with excitement. Her cousin and his friend were torturing her to death, she thought miserably, and she was about to have an orgasm.

Amy hobbled forward, finding it even harder now that the bar between her legs had been lengthened. She didn't fool herself this time with thoughts of escape. They were going to catch her, and when they did they were going to abuse her with the shock sticks again.

She reached the front door, sensing someone right behind her, and grabbed hold of the doorknob. If she could throw the door open and scream, someone might see her and come to her aid. Amy didn't care anymore if the whole world found out what had happened, if her marriage was ruined. She just wanted to escape from the agony and bondage her cousin was forcing on her, and from the depraved pleasure that somehow came with it.

Glen was right behind her, but instead of pouncing on her he went down to his knees, and Amy wondered what he was trying to do. When she saw what he had in mind she tried to scream, but she didn't have time before the worst pain she'd felt in her young life tore through her aching, exhausted body.

"Bang, bitch!" Glen shouted. "You're dead!"

He drove his electric prod straight up between Amy's outspread, quivering legs and planted the tip firmly against the lips of her cunt.

Amy screamed loud and long, her body going into violent spasms as electricity coursed through her. She quaked uncontrollably, unable to pull her hands off the metal doorknob.

Amy danced wildly as Glen drove the electric prod higher and higher into her, new sweat gleaming like oil on her lithe, shuddering body. Her pussy was ablaze. The burning agony was almost enough to make Amy pass out. The high charge of electricity caused her to do a wild, spastic dance of agony. She felt her pussy lips clamp tightly about the tip of the prod.

"Now she's getting it," Glen said tensely. He was sweating too, his cock standing out from his body like a spear. He'd never been this turned on in his life. "Now the scummy little bitch is getting just what she deserves."

Amy heard her cousin's words, but she couldn't react to them. Her eyes were rolling back into her head, her long black hair splashing back to drape over the man who was causing her this agony. Her mouth hung limply open and drool was sliding out of it to wet her cheeks and chin. Her teeth clicked together constantly with the continuous shocks. She'd already bitten her tongue several times.

"Fuck the slut with it!" Barry whispered. "Fuck her stinking cunt to pieces with it."

"She'll just get off," Glen replied, driving another agonizing inch of the shock stick into her twitching pussy. "She's already creaming all over the fucker. She'll probably short it out."

The electric prod was even bigger around than Glen's cock. It was causing her pussy lips to stretch wide and her flat tummy to bulge as he rammed it farther inside her. Amy had thought that her cunt would go numb from so much pain, but instead the agony was growing worse with each passing second. Glen was driving the killing electricity into new, more sensitive areas of her pussy, spots deeper and deeper inside her cunt.

"Here, bitch," Barry said, bringing his shock stick up toward her face. "Do a double on these babies."

Barry pressed his electric prod right against Amy's lips, and she screamed again as new pain flared through her. Her head began to pound. Her whole body was vibrating now, shimmying like an overworked engine. Amy's mind went blank as the white flare of electricity smashed through her body from another direction. And then the prod in her pussy touched her clit and Amy went completely insane.

"Shit!" Barry said, forcing a couple of inches of his shock stick into Amy's limply open mouth. "Look at the bitch wiggle! Look at the scummy little bitch get into it!"

"Skuzzy cunt," Glen replied, working the awful prod in circles inside Amy's spasming cunt. "That's the way she should always be moving. Shaking those tits and that all like this."

Amy was having a fit under the torture the two men were giving her. Her body was convulsing completely out of control. Her mouth was drooling spit and her pussy was spilling fuck juice, but she was beyond orgasms now. The electric prods had pushed her past that, had completely unhinged both her mind and body.

"Oh she's blasting, she really is!" Barry pulled his prod from her mouth and jabbed it into her firm bouncing tits. "She's fucking cumming like she never came before."

Glen jerked his stick from her wringing pussy, and Amy's hands fell from the doorknob. She fell back over the top of her cousin, still in a paroxysm of agony and lust. She dropped head first on the floor, her thighs still spread wide by the bar that bound her legs.

Barry and Glen watched Amy, laughed at her, as she squirmed on the carpet before them. Her long, black hair was standing out on end. Every inch of her slender, satiny body was jerking out of control.

Amy heard their laughter, heard the names they called her, but it was as if from a million miles away. Driven past the limit of what any woman could endure, the tortured girl passed out.


Amy's eyes had barely flickered shut when Glen and Barry pulled her roughly to her feet for the next phase of her torment.

She groaned weakly as the two men pulled her along the floor by her arms, into the center of the big living room.

After they had dragged her into the center of the room, Glen walked off. Barry stayed with Amy, using his strong fingers to twist and pull at her sore nipples. Amy knew that he was getting something else to torture her with. She didn't think there could be anything worse than what they'd just done to her, but she was frightened anyway. Was it possible for her to sink any lower than she had when they'd been torturing her with the shock sticks? She'd had a fit in front of them, her body twisting and bucking, her cunt leaking more pussy juice then she would have imagined possible.

"Here we go," Glen said as he walked back into the room.

The sawhorse he brought in was small, but sturdy looking, equipped with a metal base so that it wouldn't tip over. It stood just over a foot tall and was about two feet long.

What stuck up above the top of its crossbar was what horrified Amy, and looking at it, she surrendered herself completely to hysterics.

There were two of the dildoes. Amy had never seen dildoes that were so rigid, that could stand straight up in the air and not waver an inch to either side. And their size was far more horrifying than their firmness. The taller of the two stood over a foot above the sawhorse, the shorter at least nine inches. Amy knew by the way they were positioned that one was meant to penetrate her cunt while the other speared her asshole.

Amy fought Glen and Barry as they wrestled her toward the sawhorse, but Glen grabbed both her tits at once and squeezed them so tightly that Amy nearly passed out. Barry unfastened the spreader from around her knees and then locked her feet into cuffs on either side of the sawhorse. Glen held her up by her tits, mashing them with his strong fingers and holding her body erect by his grip.

"Hurry up and get the cunt's knees," Glen barked, dropping his arms a little and then jerking them back up so that Amy's pointy tits were yanked viciously. "Silly bitch is getting heavy, and if her tits ripped off, she wouldn't be much fun to fuck with."

Amy shivered in shame at the crude things Glen said about her. She felt as if there was something tearing inside her tender tits. As Barry wrapped bands of steel around her knees she tried to regain her balance enough to stand on her own. She knew that soon she would need all the strength she could muster to keep herself from sinking on the twin stakes sitting beneath her. She guessed that soon the hands that were yanking up on her tits might be yanking down to help that horrid descent.

"Done," Barry announced, standing up.

Now that she was locked into place, Glen released her throbbing tits. Amy stood unsurely on her own.

Standing up as fully as her spread legs would allow, about three inches of the taller dildo speared up into Amy's spread cunt. The head of the ass fucking dildo sunk an inch between her silky ass cheeks, its head resting on the pucker of her asshole. Amy stared up at her two tormentors, breathing hard. She swore to herself that nothing the two of them could do would force her to go down, any farther on the twin probes than she was right now.

"Up and down, Amy," Glen said mildly to his cousin. "Start now, fuck yourself on those pussy pleasers."

"You go to hell!" Amy answered, tears in her eyes, her voice trembling. She knew he was go big to do something awful to her for her disobedience, but after the terror and humiliation of the shock sticks, she felt she had to draw the line somewhere. "I won't do it. You can fuck me if you want. I'll give, you blow jobs. You can even fuck my ass. But I won't do this. I won't do this!"

"Sounds determined to me." Barry grinned and reached back to grab his jacket off a chair. He pulled a small packet from inside it. "I think we're really going to have to go some to change her mind."

"You watch out, with those," Glen, said as Barry opened his packet. "Not too deep. I don't want her messed up before anybody sees her. I'll go get the weights."

The blood froze in Amy's veins as she heard Glen speak. He'd told Barry not to hurt her too badly yet and that meant that a time would come when he could. And he'd said something about other people seeing her. Amy didn't think she could bear the shame of having other people see her like this. And now Glen was going after some new implement of torture, leaving her alone with a man she now realized was really dangerous.

"Go on," Barry said, trying to sound reasonable. His cock bobbed up and down, so hard that Amy was sure a single touch would make it explode. "Last chance or ouch."

The way Barry grinned as he gave her the warning told Amy there was going to be an "ouch" not matter what she did. She just shook her head and stood quietly, watching while he unfolded the small package he held.

Inside were about a dozen long, sharp steel pins, and Amy moaned in sorrow and pain. No wonder Glen had warned Barry about hurting her too badly. He could kill her with those things.

"Please don't!" she begged as he stuck most of the pins between his teeth. He kept two in his hands. "I'll lick your asshole for you again. I'll fuck you better than before."

"I can get any bitch to lick my ass," Barry hissed through his clenched teeth. "And I know you'll be fucking me again. You'd better shake your ass good, too. But how often do you think I get a chance to hear a beautiful, haughty bitch like you scream really loud?"

Amy thought forlornly that he'd already heard her scream enough times today, but she knew that there would be no stopping him. She wasn't going to sit down on the two huge prods that jutted up under her, especially since she knew he was going to stick her with his horrid pins anyway.

"This is going to really hurt, you stupid fucking bitch," Barry whispered in her ear. He walked behind her, trailing the tip of one of the sharp pins over the soft curve of Amy's hip and the softer curve of her ass. He pressed down hard, always keeping the pin moving, leaving a trail of pain behind it. "Maybe after the party Glen will let me pierce your fat, hard nipples. Wouldn't that be nice?"

With that, he stuck the pin into Amy's ass cheek, bringing a scream from her lips and sending a ripple of agony coursing through her body. He pulled it out just as quickly, leaving Amy shuddering with pain and fear. She didn't think she was bleeding, but the sudden strike of that sharp pin was almost as painful as the strikes of the electric prods she'd suffered earlier.

Barry circled her, standing at her side before he sent the next pin slicing deep into her flesh. This time he stuck it deep into her other clenched ass cheek. And instead of puffing it out, he turned it in a slow, painful circle inside her skin and left it hanging from her flesh. Amy screamed, feeling the pin hanging from her ass cheek. Even after the pain in her ass had faded to a dull ache, the idea of the gleaming metal hanging from her pretty ass made Amy sick.

"How's that feel, ass fucker?" Barry ran a new pin over her upper thigh. He plunged it into her skin, and Amy jerked with the agony of the new pin as he left it in her, too. "Rather have me slit in your face or stick you with these pins?"

"Shit in my face," Amy pleaded. Her flesh was covered in goose bumps and she shivered uncontrollably. Even her voice shivered as she begged. "Shit on my face, on my body, anywhere you want."

"I'll do that later," Barry told her, scratching her firm little tummy with another pin. "Slit right down your slutty mouth. Right now I want to stick you with pins."

Barry plunged another sharp metal pin into Amy's navel, and she screeched and leaned back away from him, almost losing her balance and fucking herself on the fake cocks beneath her. Her entire body was alive with fiery pain now.

"Shit," Glen said from behind her. "If those things leave marks, I'll kill you. And you missed one ass cheek."

"Don't disturb a master at work," Barry answered, running the sharp tip of a pin over the tight, sensitive flesh of Amy's tits. "I'll get to it later. And I wouldn't use them if they left marks. Who wants to ruin a body like this? Won't even draw much blood. But they hurt like hell."

With that, Barry lodged a pin in the soft flesh of Amy's tit, on the tender underside beneath the nipple. Amy wailed in pain and humiliation and brought up her hand to pull the terrible pin out of her flesh. Glen sprang forward and grabbed both her hands. He twisted them behind her back and tied them as they had been tied before, elbows and wrists pinned tightly together. Then he pulled her head painfully back by her hair.

"We've got to let him have his fun," Glen told her. "He's my friend, and you have to be nice to all my friends. Got that, slut?"

While Glen held her head, Barry sank pin after pin into the tender flesh of Amy's tits. When she looked down again her tits looked like in cushions and as she stared on in wordless terror Barry sank a pin right into the nipple of her right tit.

"Noooooo!" Amy threw her head from side to side, jerking her body wildly, trying anything that might dislodge the hated pin from her poor tit. "Take it out, take it out, take it out!"

"Fuck you, cock sucker!" Barry laughed, and he plunged the pin into her other nipple, too.

Amy was out of control now, throwing herself round wildly. It took a sharp blow on the top of her head from Glen to stop her wild thrashing.

"You want to sit down like a nice little whore?" he asked her when she'd calmed down, and when she shook her head he nodded grimly. "Okay, then."

Amy didn't know exactly what was happening when Glen fitted the first of the weights down over her head. Barry was playing one of the pins over fat lips of her pussy, and that, along with the pain in her tortured tits took most of the girl's attention. But when she felt the heavy weight of the thing bearing down on her shoulders, Amy took a moment to see what it was.

The weights had to have been tailor made for something like this, because they fitted down perfectly over her shoulders. On either side, sticking out well away from her body, were twenty five pound weights. Fifty pounds in all, and Glen was already getting ready to put another one on her shoulders. Amy realized that sooner or later, no matter how hard she tried to stand, she was going to sink down on the two huge prods beneath her.

"How about this, cunt?" Barry cackled. At the same moment, he plunged a pin into one of her cunt lips. "You like this, bitch?"

Amy screamed again, but this time her wail was weaker, filled more with despair and defeat than pain and anger. She was beginning to realize what she was, and the realization shamed her worse than anything that had gone before. She was a squalid, slovenly whore, and she was never going to be able to resist the evil desires of her cousin and his friend. They had everything on their side the tape, these horrible sex gadgets, even her own wanton, slut's body. Her body most of all, boiling with lust with each new horror they visited on her.

Barry sent a pin through her other cunt lip but Amy had known he would and hardly squirmed at all as he twisted it inside her to bring her more pain. Her feet ached and her legs wobbled she managed to remain standing under the fifty pounds. The twin dildoes didn't look so bad now, though, more inviting than threatening.

"Number two. Amy," Glen said mildly. Think you can stand up with a hundred pounds on your slutty shoulders?

Amy didn't know, but she was going to try. Barry slipped a pin into the skin of her other hip now, and Amy twisted with pain but didn't give him the benefit of a scream. She knew they could see the pain in her face, but she hoped they couldn't see the lust she was feeling, as well. Her cunt grasped desperately around the three inches of rubber cock inside it, craving more.

"She's getting off." Barry said a moment later. "She's juicing up real good."

"Knew she would," Glen said, settling the second weight down over her shoulders.

Amy almost toppled under the weight. Her shoulders began to ache terribly, but she kept herself from falling onto the two dildoes. She did sink an inch or two, though, her legs starting to buckle. The cunt probe was in a good five inches now, the ass fucker forcing open the outer ring of her ass hole.

"Shit, she's a strong little shit licker. She's taking a hundred pounds!"

"You're both so hard," Amy sniveled desperately how many terrible things could they do her? "You have to want to fuck me. Won't you just fuck me now?"

"All she ever does anymore is beg for cock," Barry said, feeling around the dildo that was impaling her cunt, running his fingers over the twisting bud of her clit.

He had one pin left, and Amy suspected, with a sick, hollow feeling, where he meant that one to go.

"I think we've cured her of being a prick tease anyway."

"You have to keep applying the medicine," Glen answered, readying a third set of weights. There were still two more to go after that. "Amy's the kind of cum sucker who could have a relapse so fast your prick would spin."

"No!" she blubbered, her cunt squirming under Barry's exploring fingers. "I won't! I promise I'll never be a prick tease again."

"If you weren't, you'd sit down," Glen said mockingly. "How do you think those two pricks feel? They might be fake, but they're still hard as rock, and all you do is dance your ass around on top of them."

"But..." Amy's voice trailed off helplessly. It was no use talking. She was their slave, and they'd keep using her, in any way they wanted, for as long as they pleased.

"Got it!" Barry shouted, and he drove the last of his terrible pins into her tender, dancing clit.


Amy tossed her head wildly, screaming and frothing at the mouth as the pain shot through every pore of her body. This was too much, too much, too much. It was like someone had poured acid into her pussy, like someone had set a fire in her cunt. It was worse than the electricity, worse than anything.

"Pull it out! Pull it out, you stinking, fucking bastards!"

Amy came. She came once, and then, before she could even catch her breath, she came again. Her pussy drooled juice all over the dildo that stuck inside it. More cunt juice rolled down her quivering thighs in thick, sticky waves. Her pin stuck tits bounced up and down and her thighs tensed until they looked hard as marble.

"What a fucking sleazy cunt," Glen breathed. He slammed the third weight down over his cousin's shoulders.

Amy went down fast and hard. The dildo in her pussy slid over the pin that pierced her clit, and the agonizing friction triggering another climax. The dildo that was aimed up her asshole bulled home too, fucking five inches up her asshole. Amy was just barely able to keep herself from falling fully on the twin probes.

Forcing her legs to straighten once more was the hardest thing she'd ever done. Going back up, she had another small climax, and by the time she stood up fully her lean, dark body sparkled with a fresh sheen of sweat. She was breathing hard.

"Just let me fuck you," she begged for what seemed like the millionth time. She didn't want to go all the way down on the monster fake cocks. They would kill her, she knew they would. "Let me fuck you and suck you. You can do anything to me. I mean it, anything, and I won't even cry."

"This is part of everything," Glen said, and he slapped another weight down on top of her.

Amy went down like a shot, all the weight atop her too much to stand. She had two hundred pounds pressing down on her shoulders now, far too much for the girl to withstand, far more than she weighed, herself. She sank down ten inches on the cock in her cunt and six inches on the one stuck up her ass. Another orgasm ripped through her, her body jerking, sweat rolling over her, her muscles screaming for relief. But then, miraculously, she stopped her fall, holding herself tensed inches from the bases of the dildoes.

"Well I'll be fucked!" Barry said. He reached up to twist the pins that were buried in her tensed, straining thighs, trying to weaken her resolve with more pain. "Two hundred pounds. That's fucking crazy!"

"Little Amy's a willful bitch," Glen growled. He slapped her face as hard as he could. "But there's no way she can take two fifty, and that's the next one up."

Amy tensed herself, agony already slicing through her back and shoulders and straining legs. To sink down on that foot and a half dildo would be the end. There wasn't a muscle in her body that didn't scream with pain, but she clenched her eyes tightly shut and bit her lips.

"You just keep surprising me." Glen laughed at the bound, tortured girl. "But this one's going to break you, Amy. This one's going to drop you hard, cousin."

He dropped the last weight down over Amy's shoulders. A wave of pain and submission that seemed to come from the very depths of her soul, Amy slid down the terrible pair of dildoes. Both Glen and Barry bent down to watch every inch of her descent.

"Look at her pussy gobble!" Barry whispered. "I bet she takes it all without a bitch. What a sweet fucking little cock sucker."

Amy's head dropped to the side as far as the weight harness would permit as she slid down the terrible fuck poles. The pain of the pussy jamming pole rasping over the pin that Barry had left in her twitching clit was terrible. And there was no end to the hideous fake cock. It thrust farther and farther inside her cunt, deeper inside her than anything had ever touched before.

Amy's cunt stretched like elastic to accept the monster dildo. The weight on her shoulders bore her down unmercifully. Amy knew that the huge cock was going to rip through her cunt, tear on up through her body and push its way out her throat. She'd be stuffed from end to the other by one terrible cock lance.

"Like that, Amy?" Glen asked, leaning down beside her and licking her heated cheek. He slobbered his way across her pretty face, then began to bite at her playfully. "Two big cocks at once, slut! You're going to really love it later, you tight assed slut."

Amy didn't pay much attention to what Glen said, because she knew there wasn't going to be a later. She was going to die now, impaled on the two awful fuck poles that were burying themselves deep inside her body. She couldn't even squirm to avoid the pain, she was bound so tightly.

"Stop!" she whimpered. "Just stop, please!"

"Finally," Barry said. "Dumb cunt made it to mouth level." He moved in, his hard, dripping cock in hand. "Open wide and suck me off, you shitty slut. I want to shoot off all over your pretty little whore's face."

Amy let her mouth fall limply open and let Barry slide his cock in. She didn't try to move away when Glen began to rub his leaking cock over her cheek on the other side. There was no use trying to deny them anything she knew that now. Even if they wanted to stick pins in her and fuck her with monster dildoes and weight her down with huge weights and get blow jobs all at once, trying to stop them was impossible.

Her descent on the double fuck poles had slowed as she reached the bottom. Twelve inches of fat fake cock was stuffed in her pussy and nine in her ass, and she'd been stretched to her limits. The next three inches on both poles were going to be pure hell. Amy's entire body struggled against this last part of its impalement. Even two hundred and fifty pounds of weight was unable to push her down them quickly.

Amy was dripping with sweat. Every muscle in her body was quivering with pain and fatigue.

Glen pulled her mouth off Barry's spit covered cock and put it over his. She sucked him dully while Barry slimed her face with spit and precum by rubbing his drenched cock over her cheeks and eyes and nose. She slipped down another inch on the fake cocks, and she felt something deep inside her giving beneath the assault. With two hundred and fifty pounds on her shoulders and the two steel hard cocks fucking into her from below, there was no way that she could win. Her body was the weak link in the chain. It was the one that had to break.

"Look at the whore," Barry said, slopping his fuck lube all over her gasping, sucking face. "She loves this. What a slut! This is the best she's wagged that scummy little tongue yet."

Amy's pussy twitched at his words. Her heart broke as she realized that she was having a climax even now, in the midst of all this pain and torture. It was the end, the final blow to her tattered self respect. She was the lewd, sordid little tramp that Barry was calling her, a piggish little slut who got off on anything.

Her cut began to buzz wildly as she slipped down another inch on the fuck poles. Her whole body arched, even beneath the ropes and clamps and weights that held her.

Her battered cunt clamped tightly around the killer dildo within it. Her asshole contracted so sharply around the fake cock in it that she nearly swooned with pain. The pain blurred strangely into pleasure in her confused mind.

Amy knew she was cumming now. Her mouth went into high gear, switching at will from Glen's cock to Barry's. Her tongue flicked wildly and her cheeks hollowed as she applied powerful suction on them. She wanted their cum, she wanted it rolling down her throat and covering her tongue and soiling her face.

As she slipped down the last inch on the dildoes, she felt the whole world give way beneath her. Darkness began to crowd into her mind. She knew this was it, the last mind blowing cum, the one that was going to drive her over the edge. No woman could survive all of this.

"Oh shit!" Barry groaned, rubbing his prick head over Amy's hollowed, sucking cheeks. "I'm going to cum! I'm going to cum all over her fucking face!"

"Fuck, yes!" Glen shouted, puffing his cock from Amy's suctioning mouth just as he began to spurt. "Take this, cousin! Take a fucking cum shower, you high class whore!"

Amy squirmed in frustrated frenzy as the two men spilled their thick, pasty cum all over her upturned face. She kept her mouth open, her tongue wagging to catch all the jism she could, but most of their cum missed her mouth and slimed her delicate features, instead. Gum glued her eyes shut and clogged her nostrils, it frosted her black hair and coated her cheeks. Cum plopped down off her chin to puddle in the hollow of her throat and run down the velvety valley between her tits. Her lush, red lips were painted silver with cock cream.

And while the men were blasting, her face, Amy was cumming, too.

She was straining through the most terrible, humiliating climax of her young life. Pain so incredible knifed through her body that she could scarcely believe it, but her mind translated it somehow to pleasure. Her pussy clasped tightly against the colossal dildo that plowed it. Her asshole fluttered wildly against the goring length of the fake cock that stretched it open. She could hear her cunt juice plop heavily and wetly against the floor, and shame mixed with her pain and pleasure to make her climax even stronger.

"What a bitch!" Barry said with a giggle, smearing his cock over her cummy face, painting her pretty features with an even coat of sticky white fuck slime. "What a slimy, cock hungry cunt. Look at this sorry bitch. Just look at her!"

"Ohhhhhh..." Amy moaned weakly.

What was the use? She hadn't even gotten the satisfaction of slipping into death with this final, debasing orgasm. She was still alive, and now that some of her passion was fading, all she was left with was the hellish, unbearable pain and the degrading knowledge that she had aided the two men in her own degradation. There was no lower point she could reach.

"What now?" she asked. She didn't even try to hide her cum painted face from them now.

"What now?" Barry asked, as if he were actually considering her question. "Well, I guess we better get you down from there before we rip you in half, and then we'll see."

"No, leave her," Glen said. "I want her like this for a while."

"What for?" Barry asked.

And at that moment, there was a knock at the door that froze Amy's heart in her chest.

"Shit. It's too early for those guys to be over."

"It's not them," Glen said, walking to the door. He smiled at the horror that showed on Amy's cum encrusted face. "It's the second part of my surprise for tonight."

And with that he opened the door, and when Amy saw who stood outside, she moaned pitifully.

She realized now that there were still depths of painful degradation that she had yet to reach. Glen was bringing another of their female cousins into the room. Amy had hated that bitch her whole life.

"Why, Amy!" Candy, a big titted, green eyed blonde who'd been Amy's bitter rival all of their lives, smiled. "You look wonderful! Finally found a style that agrees with you, huh?"

Amy lost control, crying and squealing and shaking her head. The most terrible thing about being in hell, she thought, was that it could keep getting worse forever.


Amy continued to howl out her anguish as Candy stripped off her clothes. Amy and Candy were the two best looking girls in the family and there had always been a rivalry between them, each one trying to outdo the other. Now Amy was tied up, spitted on two dildoes, with her face covered in jism. And Candy was somehow involved in what had happened to her. Amy felt as if the world was ending.

Amy couldn't believe what Candy was wearing beneath her clothes, though she guessed sadly that nothing should really surprise her anymore. Candy had on a black leather bra that left her nipples and the upper slopes of her huge tits revealed. The bra made her tits stand out high and straight, like twin warheads, and they looked so sexy that Amy's cunt began to twitch anew. She thought of her own tits, blotched with jism and bristling with pins. She felt humiliated and ugly in the presence of this blonde Goddess.

Candy had on a leather bottom, too, a tight black bikini equipped with a slit that ran the length of her cunt and ass crack. It was far more lewd than being naked, Amy thought, and she wondered if perhaps Candy hadn't once been put through what was happening to her now. Amy couldn't think of anything else that would create the kind of woman who would brazenly expose herself in such a bizarre, sexy outfit.

Candy wore black nylons which made her long legs seem even longer. While Amy watched, Candy kicked off her shoes and slipped on a pair of black leather ones that sported six inch spike heels. She brushed her short, layered blonde hair back and smiled menacingly at Amy. When she fitted two fingerless black leather gloves over her hands, Amy felt a chill of fear pass through her that was as frightening as anything she'd suffered through this whole hellish day.

She had the feeling that Candy was going to be very, very mean.

"Have you got some white garters for her to wear?" Candy asked, walking toward the bound, raven haired beauty. She made a face and flicked a long nailed finger over Amy's quivering haunch. "These red ones look like some stupid little high school cunt's idea of what ought to look sexy."

"Yeah, she wore them here," Glen admitted. "We'll change them before anyone else gets here."

"Good." Candy reached down, her green eyes flashing hatred and lust, and began plucking the pins out of Amy's tits. "You do this, Barry? And then you wonder why I never let you tie me up? It does look sexy on her, though."

"Ooooohhhh," Amy moaned helplessly. This was all so insane, so impossible, but here it was happening, and there was nothing she could do to stop it. "You're a woman, Candy. Won't you help me? Take me out of here, please."

"Take you out?" Candy laughed, plucking the last of the pins out of Amy's tits. She ran her hands over the abused mounds of tit flesh, squeezing them so hard that blood rushed to Amy's head, making her dizzy. "You're my ticket into a club I really want in, cousin. And I am helping you. I mean, I'm taking these nasty pins out of your titties, aren't I?"

Candy pulled the pins out of Amy's ass and thighs, running her hands over Amy's long, shapely legs and squeezing her tight ass cheeks as she did. Amy hated the feel of the woman's hands on her body but she was smart enough not to protest. She even breathed a grateful sigh of relief when the green eyed blonde began to pull the heavy weights from her shoulders.

"You guys really did a number on her," Candy said, a little, pout forming on her lush, red lips. "You better not have beaten all the fight out of cousin Amy before I even get a chance to play with her."

"We just softened her up," Glen said with a grin, moving in beside Candy to help her pull the weights off Amy's exhausted, slack body. "Besides, it's only an hour before the others get here, and she had to be tamed first."

"What others?" Amy asked, cringing even as she spoke the words but knowing that she'd go out of her mind if she didn't find out what it was they had in store for her.

"Shut up, cum face!" Candy said, catching one of Amy's nipples between her fingernails and sawing at it viciously. "You were right, the little stuck up bitch isn't completely washed out yet. That's good. I want to hear her squeal a little bit."

"What's going on?" Barry asked. "I get the feeling that there's some plan going on here that I don't know about."

"Nothing much." Glen pulled the last weight off Amy's shoulders and watched as the raven haired girl slumped weakly forward across the sawhorse. "Candy just wanted to see if she could be the first female member of our group. And then I had that bet with Barry that I was going to put on a wilder show than he did with that high school cheerleader. It takes a lot to beat a girl stuffing her baton up her ass, but I think this'll do it."

"You're a fucking genius!" Barry agreed, looking Candy aver lustfully. "I think they'll go for it. A female member. That'd be so wild!"

Barry unfastened the leg braces that held Amy in place, and then Glen and Candy had to lift the girl off the two huge dildoes because she was too weak to get off them herself. They dropped her to the floor like an old bag of trash, then Candy grabbed her by her hair and forced her back up to her knees.

"That's a fucking disgusting mess you made of that sawhorse," she screamed, pointing at the two juice covered dildoes. "Now you clean that shit up this instant, or I'm going to make you wish you were never born."

Amy thought wearily that she already wished that, but she bent to the task that Candy had set for her. She worked her sore tongue over the heated plastic and splintery wood until she'd cleaned off every drop of her pussy juice. She even licked off the dildo that had been stuck up her ass. It was damp and wet and tasted of her shit. Amy tried not to think about the fact that she was licking up her own cunt juice, her own shit. It made her want to throw up, but she knew she had to control the urge.

Amy looked up at Candy just in time to see the first punch come toward her face. She reeled backward from the unexpected blow, falling on her cruelly bound arms, and before she knew what was happening, Candy was sitting on her face and mashing her hairy blonde cunt into her mouth.

"Now you eat me out, Amy, or I'll rip your slutty little tongue out of your head and use it on myself."

Amy went right to work on the pooching, leather circled cunt that smashed down against her face. This was a new shame, a new degradation. After everything else that had happened to her, though, sucking her cousin's cunt didn't seem that repulsive.

In fact, Candy's cunt was beautiful, pink lipped and gold furred, and the taste was almost sweet. Amy sent her tongue delving deeper inside her cousin's pretty pussy and wondered how pussy juice and jism would taste mixed together. The unbidden thought made Amy wonder what was happening to her mind.

"Ooohhhh!" Candy yipped, grinding her hips down on the bound, beaten girl. "You guys trained her good."

Amy blushed deeply as she realized that Candy was going to be reporting all the action to the two men who were watching. She still kept her tongue thrusting deep into Candy's humid cunt, though, and kept running her lips and teeth around the outer lips of her pussy. She knew that there would be pain if she didn't do her job well.

Candy was facing down over Amy's body. As her sleek, bronzed cousin lapped at her pussy, she leaned down over her body, planting her elbows firmly into the girl's stomach and bearing down cruelly. Then she pulled the pins from Amy's cunt lips, scolding Barry when she found the one embedded in Amy's cunt. She finally pulled that one out, too, and Amy lapped at Candy's cunt with even more energy in silent thanks to her cousin for relieving that pain. Perhaps Candy would protect her in some ways. She was cruel, certainly, but being a woman, maybe she wouldn't hurt her as badly as the men.

"She's got such beautiful, silky cunt hair," Candy whispered to Glen and Barry. "But she's got such long, lean legs, don't you think it'd look better if we shaved her cunt?"

Amy's heart froze when she heard Candy's words but her tongue continued its work inside the blonde's pussy. She thought about, how humiliating it would be to be bald down there like some little girl. And what would her fiance say when he saw her like that? He was such an innocent fellow. No, they couldn't do that.

"Sounds great!" Glen said. "And we could do that long silky hair in pigtails. Fucking fantastic, Candy! You belong in this group."

Amy felt worthless, just a thing to fuck and hurt. Even what was happening now proved that. Her cunt had been tortured and abused. They'd done a dozen things to hurt it. But she was worshipping Candy's curd, licking and sucking and nuzzling it like it was the most wonderful thing in the world.

"Get that tongue deep." Candy rocked back, bearing down on Amy's head while she grabbed handfuls of Amy's cunt hair. Suddenly she ripped it out. "I'm almost there, bitch, you better not stop wagging that slutty tongue now."

Amy screamed right up Candy's cunt from the sudden, awful pain that the blonde was causing her. Her screaming brought a string of explosive orgasms from the big titted blonde who was riding her face. She flooded Amy's already drenched face in more heavy juices, submerging her features under a flood of hot cunt ooze. Amy thought she was going to drown and she swallowed as quickly as she could. She had thought Candy was planning on shaving her cunt hair, not snatching it out patch by agonizing patch.

"Damn!" Amy heard Glen saying. "That looks like it hurts real good!"

"I just wanted to have the dumb cunt scream up my pussy," Candy groaned. "It feels so good when a bitch does that. Besides, I hate this bitch. I want to hurt her."

She ripped two more patches of Amy's cunt hair out. Amy screamed with each new attack, her lithe, bound body jerking hopelessly.

Then Candy took the shaving tools Glen was holding out to her. Amy screamed again as Candy moved her swampy pussy gash off her mouth. A moment later she'd silenced the girl by settling the pink, round bud of her asshole tightly against her lips.

"You know what to do," Candy rasped as she began to clip what was left of Amy's cunt hair away. She rubbed her ass back and forth along Amy's face, grinding it down on top of the captive girl. "Get your tongue up inside my ass and make me feel real good."

Amy forced her tongue up into the tightly clamping recess of Candy's asshole, feeling the slick coolness of the girl's leather panties on her cheeks. There was something exciting about the feel of leather against her skin. Amy felt her own cunt start to flex and juice as she fastened her lips onto the bud of Candy's ass and started sucking.

"Oooooh!" Candy shuddered, having to pause for an instant in her shaving of Amy's pussy. "Stuck up little slut does know how to use her tongue. You know, all these years I always wondered if little Amy was really the whore she acted like."

"Fuck," Glen said. "If she wasn't before, she is now."

Amy cringed, hearing them talk about her like some kind of animal. She still kept her tongue fucking up into Candy's tacky asshole and her lips smooching at the damp, smelly entrance of her ass ring. Candy's cunt juice plopped down over her throat, so Amy knew she was exciting her cousin with the way her mouth was working over her asshole. Amy's cunt was getting hot, too, as Candy slipped her fingers over what was left of Amy's cunt bush, clipping wisps of hair that grew right around her cunt lips and plucking a few that she'd missed.

"Oh look at that bald little cunt," Barry shouted. Amy felt his fingers playing roughly over the lips of her cunt. "That's so fucking sexy. It makes her cunt lips look bigger."

"And it's so white, so innocent." Candy slid her fingers up into Amy's pussy alongside Barry's. "It's like she's a little girl who's never been fucked before. You know, Amy honey, before I'm through with you tonight, you'll feel like you were never fucked at all before I got hold of you."

It was a weird sensation having fingers from two different hands sliding up into her cunt at the same time. Candy and Barry were fingerfucking her with different rhythms and it seemed as though one was always withdrawing while the other was sliding home. Amy writhed beneath their ministrations, her mouth plastered to Candy's asshole, her long, shapely legs flailing helplessly as Candy and Barry brought her easily to another orgasm.

"Hot little cunt," Candy mocked. She was cumming herself, covering Amy's chin and throat with her sloppy cunt juices.

Barry pulled his fingers from Amy's spasming cunt and wiped them off on her soft, quivering thigh. He dug his fingers into the flesh of her inner thigh, bringing a scream from Amy that was muffled by the asshole she was servicing. Candy kicked Amy's hips when she screamed, and Candy went into another orgasm.

"Mmmmm, thanks Barry," Candy moaned. She took her hand out of Amy's bald cunt and held her dripping fingers over the dark haired girl's stomach. "Having her scream up my ass felt almost as good as her screaming up my pussy."

"You're welcome," Barry replied, staring fixedly down at Amy's hairless pussy. "I can't wait to hurt that pussy. Look at the way those fucking pussy lips are peeled back look at all that cunt cream."

"I know." Candy pulled reluctantly off Amy's face and smiled when she saw how filthy with her cunt juice Amy's face and throat were. "You can see things so much better without all that nasty hair. Now, honey, take a taste."

Candy rubbed her hand over Amy's face, wiggling her fingers in between Amy's weakly resisting lips and teeth. Amy tasted her own thick cunt cream from her evil blonde cousin's fingers. She sucked dutifully when Candy wiggled her fingers in her mouth. Amy blushed at the knowing, superior smile on Candy's face. The blonde girl's green eyes flashed with hatred and lust and Amy knew suddenly that Candy was going to be more cruel, to her than either Glen or Barry.

"You better hurry if you're going to get her ready," Glen said. He glanced toward the window. "The others are going to be here soon."

"Okay." Candy plunged her fingers deep into Amy's throat, making the sleek beauty choke, then pulled them out and wiped Amy's spit off on her face. "Come on, bitch, you're giving me a ride to the bedroom."

She kicked Amy over onto her stomach and untied the ropes that tied her arms behind her. When she ordered Amy onto her hands and knees Amy could barely get her hands beneath her, and Candy kicked her brutally in her ass and sides when Amy fell on her face. When the feeling finally started to come back to her injured arms, Amy did as Candy asked. She crouched like a dog in front of the sexy blonde.

"Now carry me into the bedroom, horsey," Candy ordered, plopping herself down on Amy's back, squirming her ass cheeks around until Amy thought her back would break. Before Amy knew what was happening, Candy had wedged one of the ropes that had bound Amy's arms between the tormented girl's teeth and pulled on them like reins. "Come on, horsey, move your worthless slut's ass before you piss me off."

Amy tensed for an instant, almost fighting against this newest, most terrible humiliation. Then she thought about how cruel Candy could be, how much stronger and fresher the big titted girl was. She thought too of Glen and Barry, who were even now laughing at her, crowding around to kick her in the ass to start her moving.

Tormented, debased, feeling like the animal that Candy and Glen and Barry were into, Amy crawled face down and with her reins and hair being yanked cruelly by Candy toward the bedroom.


After everything that had already happened to her, Amy was surprised to find that she could still feel ashamed. Standing in front of the ten or eleven strange men who had joined Glen and Barry in the house, she felt completely humiliated, like some kind of lewd whore who'd take on a dozen men if the price was right. In her case, she thought sadly, they didn't even have to pay.

"A woman as a member?" one of the other men said, watching Candy as she brought the bound brunette into the room. "I don't know, Glen we play pretty rough."

"No rougher than I do," Candy said, giving Amy's leash a hard tug. "But the best way for you to believe that is to watch me handle the sorry bitch behind me."

Candy was still dressed in her leather bikini and high heels. Now she'd drawn her blonde hair up under a leather chauffeur's cap and added a studded black leather choker around her thin white throat.

She'd dressed Amy in white garters and stockings, five inch white pumps and very little else. Amy's hair was drawn back and tied in two long, rope like pigtails, and they'd been used to tie her hands tightly together. There was a plain white collar around her throat with a leash attached to it. That was what Candy was using to pull her forward.

"Look at that naked cunt," one of the men whispered. "Shit, I want in there right now."

"Hold on," Glen said. "This is Candy's show, and we're going to give her a chance to show us what she can do. After she's finished, you can do anything you want to slutty little Amy. Not one minute sooner."

"Thank you," Candy said with an evil smile. She yanked Amy's leash, again, forcing the girl into the center of the big living room. "Okay, cousin cunt, get over here and dig in."

Candy spread her legs, and there was no mistaking what she meant. Amy waited an instant for Candy to tug on her leash and force her to her cunt, but Candy didn't. Amy couldn't understand why not. Instead, the sexy blonde spread her legs wider and smiled dreamily at Amy. She held the leash limply in one hand, stroking her fat lipped cunt with the other. The fresh pink flesh of her cunt glistened with sex juice as she scratched her fingernails along her outer pussy lips. Amy couldn't look away from the girl's spread pussy.

The men in the room, even Glen and Barry, seemed as surprised as Amy over the way Candy was acting. Candy seemed completely confident, though. The tension inside the house couldn't have been higher. Amy shivered involuntarily, her cunt beginning to squirm. She was getting wet, getting hot, and she didn't understand it.

"Come on, you stinking little slut," Candy taunted, a smile on her lips and her green eyes sparkling. "Crawl over on your little slut knees and bury your whore face in my wet pussy. I've got a new way to hurt your pretty, baby titties, but before I do it you've got to suck some cunt juice."

Amy's legs rubbed together involuntarily. She buckled to one side at Candy's words. She was getting hot and soon everyone in the room would know it. She couldn't stand that, couldn't stand everyone knowing what kind of slut she was. She had so little control over herself that she was cumming just from having another girl talk dirty to her. Amy moaned like a lost, soul and started toward on her aching knees.

Candy laughed when Amy got close. Amy didn't take her eyes off the sparkles of cunt cream on the fur of Candy's leather framed pussy. "Do you want to suck my pussy now?"

Amy didn't answer. She was totally debased, completely humiliated in the face of her overpowering lust. But just before she stuck her face into Candy's cunt, her cruel blonde cousin jerked her leash and pulled her up short.

"I asked you a question, you dirty little asslicker," Candy repeated, holding Amy's face just an inch away from her golden pussy. "Do you want to suck my pretty pussy now, you worthless little reeking cock sucker?"

Amy cringed at Candy's words but her taint convulsed with a sudden wave of lust. She felt the first flow of fresh cunt juice down her inner thigh. She clamped her quivering legs tightly together and hoped that no one else saw the froth of her excitement bubbling from her cunt.

"I'll do it if you want," Amy quavered, her wide brown eyes meeting Candy's sharp green ones. She began to cry as she realized that Candy wouldn't be satisfied until she begged.

"I want to suck your pussy, Candy! You know I want to. And hurt me, Candy. Hurt my tits. I want to suck you so bad!"

Amy lunged her face forward toward Candy's cunt, completely broken now, reduced to begging for her torment in front of an audience of lusting, evil men. She'd known that Candy would continue tormenting her until she begged. Candy didn't want her to be able to think of herself as a victim in all this, wanted her to know that she needed to be hurt far more than Candy or the men wanted to hurt her.

"Hey, tiny titties! Get your dirty little mouth off my pussy." Candy jerked back on the leash, laughing at Amy's hopeless struggles and the tiny mewling sounds she made. "If you want to put your scummy little mouth on my pretty pink pussy, you've got to earn the honor. You don't get to suck me just because you've got pointy tits and a little girl pussy."

"What?" Amy whined. Her cunt was turning into a blast furnace now, getting hotter with each moment that Candy degraded her in front of the laughing men. "Please Candy, tell me what to do."

"Glen," Candy called. Right on a cue a closed plastic bag sailed through the air toward her. She caught it deftly in one hand, then dropped it on the floor in front of Amy. "There's some things for you in that bag, cousin cunt. You play with them for me, without anybody forcing you, and then I'll let you touch my pussy."

Amy whimpered in shame and lust as Candy got up and stepped behind her. She fell on the package at once, knowing that what was inside couldn't be the equal to the electric prods or the pins that Barry and Glen had used on her earlier. She needed Candy's painful attentions so badly that she would have been willing to do almost anything to get them.

"Debauched little slut, isn't she?" Candy flashed a smile to the watching men and ran a hand over Amy's long hair. "Look at all this hair. Doesn't it turn you on?"

"Her tits turn me on more," one of the men answered with a laugh.

Amy tore open the package. Her heart beat fast when she saw what it contained. It was filled with clothespins. Amy clenched her eyes tightly shut for an instant at the sight of them. She knew what Candy wanted her to do with these. Amy felt herself sinking deeper into the mire of enslavement. Now she was going to have to hurt herself, in front of an audience, just to get the abuse of another person.

"Oh Candy," Amy whimpered, staring at the evil, multi colored pins. She reached a shaking hand out to pick one up. "Can't you put them on for me? Please Candy, won't you put them on for me?"

"Start with your tits," Candy answered. She positioned the long black heel of one of her shoes against the bud of Amy's asshole and pushed forward. "Cover your whole skinny little body with them, you housebroken cunt."

Amy was crying, but everyone else was laughing. She took hold of one pointy tit, holding it up as she brought the first of the terrible clamps in to put on her nipple. She sucked in her breath and tried to ease it on as gently as possible, but as the thick wood jaws closed tight a burst of pain shot through her tit that buckled her over.

"These are tighter than most." Candy drove five inches of stiletto heel deep up Amy's asshole. "Kind of strong springs, only to be used on scummy cunts."

Crying bitterly, Amy clamped the jaws of the second pin onto her other nipple. Her cunt was dripping steadily, even though her asshole felt like it was being scoured with sandpaper and her tits felt like someone had set them on fire. She felt terrible, like something less than human, but she reached for more of the harsh wooden clamps.

"Look at the bitch go," one of the men shouted.

Most of them had their cocks out now, long and dripping and waiting for Amy to service. She looked up at them with wild hunger in her eyes, her brain on fire with lust and cracking under the terrible knowledge that she was just a cowering little plaything for every one of these men.

She put the pins all over her tits, pinching tiny pieces of her flesh between the evil wooden jaws. Soon her tits were bulging strangely in a hundred different directions and were festooned with red and blue and yellow clamps. Candy continued to fuck Amy's ass with the sharp heel of her shoe while Amy moved down her own body, clipping flesh on her satiny sides and the silky hollow of her stomach. She put one on the lip of her navel and the burst of pain that washed through her almost made her pass out.

"Oh, yes!" Amy rasped, her legs kicking out slowly under Candy's assault on her asshole. "Oh, what are you doing to me? Candy, what are you doing to me?"

"Showing you what you are." Candy kicked her foot extra hard, driving the sharp heel viciously into Amy's defenseless shitter. "Showing you that you're nothing but a dirty slut, while I'm good enough to be with these guys. Tell them you're a dirty slut, cousin."

There was no resisting now. Maybe there never had been. While she put the terrible wooden clamps on her quivering thighs, working from the outside around the front and toward her spasming cunt, Amy began to whine.

"I'm a dirty slut! Oh, no... please... I... I'm a filthy slut!"

"Tell them you like cum," Candy said. She pulled her heel from Amy's fluttering, agonized asshole and shoved the other one in. "Tell them where you love it."

Amy was covering her rounded, violated ass with clothes pins now, pulling her hair until tears sprang to her eyes.

"I love cum!" she cried, her hips wriggling and her head thrashing from side to side. "I love cum clogging my cunt!"

"Your smelly cunt," Candy corrected, driving this heel in deep, too, bringing an agonized squeal from her helpless cousin. "And were else?"

Amy reached far behind her to put clips on her calves and behind her knees. She felt her hair puffing out of her head as she reached for her calves. Her body arched wildly to try to relieve the pressure from her scalp. Then she lined her thin arms with the pins, putting them even in the hollows beneath her shoulders. Her cunt was pouring juice on the carpet and Glen shoved an ashtray under her to catch it. The men all laughed as her cunt juice plopped into the glass tray, mixing with the ashes and cigarette butts.

"My smelly cunt!" Amy cried. Her body leaped and jumped with the terrible pain. "And I love it all the way up my asshole! And in my mouth! I love to eat cum!"

"Your cock sucking, ass licking face," Candy corrected. "And put some pins there. I want to see them hanging off your fucking cow's face. And tell the men what you'll do for them, you fucking pig! Tell them that you'll lick their assholes and drink their piss. Tell them that you'll eat their shit, that you'll bite off your own little titties."

Amy put clothespins on her cheeks and along the firm line of her jaw. She put some on the flawless, sensitive skin of her throat. She hung them from the ripe fullness of her lips. There were still so many left.

Amy knew, with a sick dread, that the time had come to put them on her cunt.

"I'm a dirty whore!" she wailed. Sweat glistened from her darkly tanned body. Her eyes shone with lust crazed madness. "I'll drink your cum and your piss. I'll eat your assholes. I'll hurt myself for you. Just fuck me! Piss in my face, but just please fuck me!"

She spread her cunt lips and eased the first wooden clip gently into place. She knew what the pain would be like. She hoped it made her cum.

"You're a fucking pig!" Candy giggled, high on her domination of her hated, helpless cousin. She slammed her heel into Amy's ass with all the force she could muster. "Tell them you're a dirty filthy pig! No, oink like a pig, Amy. Oink like the groveling bitch pig you are!"

Pain was flaring like white hot fire with every pin that Amy clamped on her pussy. She had lined her cunt lips with them. Now the inner walls of her cunt bristled with a dozen of them, their ends sticking out like fingers emerging from her cunt.

There were three pins left, but there was only room for one more in her pussy, and Amy knew where that one had to go. She guessed she'd known from the moment she'd opened up the terrible bag. Maybe that was the reason her thick pussy cream was slopping over the top of the dirty ashtray with every fresh drop her cunt leaked out.

She reached inside her cunt and found the nub of her dancing cunt. Then she let the clothespin snap shut around it.

"Oh, no!" Amy jerked wildly, her legs tensing until the pins that were clamped on them, and stood straight out in the air. "I am a pig! Oh shit, I'm just a dirty stupid pig!"

Glen pulled the ashtray out from under her cunt and put it beneath her face. Candy grabbed hold of the pigtails that bound Amy's hands and jerked down on them, taking her heel out of Amy's pained, stretched asshole.

Amy began making pitiful oinking sounds as Candy forced her face down toward the ashtray full of wet ashes and her own sticky cunt juices. Candy picked up the two remaining clothespins but Amy barely noticed, oinking like the pig she knew she was and watching with frightened eyes as the dirty, sooty ashtray came closer and closer to her face.

"Don't you stop oinking," Candy warned her. "Drink this down, but you keep right on oinking."

Then she pushed Amy's head down into the big ashtray. Amy drank down her own pussy juices, wanting to throw up but knowing that Candy would only punish her more if she did. She continued oinking for them, debasing herself for their amusement, and the creamy juice bubbled with the air she blew into it. Pain flared through her face as the glass of the ashtray banged the pins that were clamped on her face. Her checks and nose and chin were being painted with her slick, ash stained cunt juice.

Still, Amy did as she was told, not pausing in her work until she'd drunk out all the juice and licked the ashtray's slimy bottom clean. She even gulped down the cigarette butts that floated in the slimy muck. She knew that Candy and the others wouldn't be satisfied until she'd cleaned it completely.

And she never stopped oinking for the terrible blonde bitch who owned her.

"And now, you slutty bitch, let's see your asshole chomp on these." Candy pulled open the tight little cheeks of Amy's ass and clipped the two remaining pins on the sensitive flesh of her asshole. "On your back, you stinking pig."

Candy kicked Amy over onto her back just as Amy's body began to convulse with agony. Amy was half oinking and half screaming now, her eyes rolling back in her head. Her cunt was drenched, wringing itself wildly. Her hips were jerking a foot above the floor and she was drooling a stream of cunt juice that soaked her clenching ass cheeks and splattered to the floor. Her body jerked wildly, up and down and from side to side. The men were clapping wildly now. Candy turned and took a sexy little bow for them. She was in the club for sure now, and Glen had probably already won his bet.

"Suck this." She turned back to her tortured cousin and thrust the full six inch length of her heel into her mouth. "Shit on my shoes, will you, you scummy pig? Well then, you can just lick it right off!"

Amy's tongue had been scored by the sharp tip of the heel as it gouged its way into her throat, but she still clamped her mouth tightly around it and began sucking as hard as she could. She tasted her own shit on it, but that was nothing new anymore. Even though she felt bile rise in her throat, she did nothing to try to stop her cousin. She deserved to lick shit.

Amy snaked her hands down to her cunt. She began to tug at her cunt lips, pulling them wide apart and then crushing them together. Her lust grew more intense with each passing instant. After a moment she plunged three fingers from her right hand into her wet, pink pussy. Her left hand came up to crush her tits, her fingers squeezing her soft flesh so brutally that her fingernails cut into her skin.

Candy pulled her heel out of Amy's mouth and shifted her feet so she could bring the other one up over the helplessly writhing girl.

"Let's see your tongue in action this time. Lick this shitty shoe clean."

Amy followed her blonde cousin's orders, fucking her tongue out to lick up the length of Candy's shit encrusted heel. The taste seemed sharper this way, and any almost threw up. She was cumming steadily on her thrusting fingers now, though, and even the taste of the shit was beginning to turn her on. Everything was beginning to turn her on, she thought miserably, but that didn't stop her from catching her buzzing, slippery clit between the nails of her thumb and first fingers and inching it so hard that she screeched with agony.

She came so hard that pussy cream geysered from her cunt in spurts. Everyone laughed at her, and that turned her on now, too.

"Oh, shit!" Candy groaned. Her leather gloved hand came down to stroke her cunt while Amy's tongue worked tirelessly on her shoe. "I've got to let this little pig eat my pussy. I've just got to!"

Candy pulled her heel away from Amy's laboring tongue. She laughed when she saw how her cousins head rose up to follow it, her flapping tongue trying to collect more of her body's own filth. Then Candy straddled Amy and dropped down on the dark haired girl's face, grinning with satisfaction when Amy's head bounced hard against the floor. She ground her already wet cunt all over the girl's pretty face.

She was thinking of a perfect way to end her show with her stuck up, cock sucking cousin.

She'd always hated the skinny little bitch.

"Eat me out, you sorry cunt!" Candy screamed, grabbing Amy's braids and pulling them until she felt Amy's hair puffing out at the root. "If you being such a dead luck little cunt keeps me from getting into this club, I'm going to sew your tits together and make you wear a one cup bra."

Candy grinned at her own joke while the men laughed and some of them promised that Candy was already in the club. One man even suggested she be the new president.

Then Amy recovered enough that she was able to start sucking Candy's cunt, and the blonde girl's evil look was replaced by one of dreamy pleasure.

"You're so fucking good!" Candy crooned. She rocked forward down Amy's body. "You're such a good little slave pig. I'll take care of your pussy, little bitch, just like you're taking care of mine."

Amy's tongue flicked back and forth over Candy's clit, driving the girl into a humping frenzy that smashed Amy's head into the floor. Amy brought her hair bound hands to her tits and began to pluck at her hard, spiky nipples. Soon she was leaving deep red scratches on her creamy bronzed skin.

"I wasn't hurting the bitch half that much and she was screaming bloody murder," Barry complained good naturedly. "Candy's got the cock tease really going now."

Amy heard his words and she slipped her hips up hard against Candy's hands. One of the clothespins popped off her cuntlips and flipped straight up in the air. Candy caught it neatly and plunged it back inside the hot, clasping sheath of Amy's pussy. The men applauded as she clamped it tight on the inner wall of the enslaved girl's cunt.

"Now, cousin cunt," Candy rasped as she rolled her hips on Amy's mouth and pulled Amy's cunt wide open. "Let's see just how far your pig cunt stretches. You want to see that, Amy pig?"

Amy heard her cousin's threatening words, but there was nothing she could do to respond to them with her whole face entrapped within Candy's fat lipped, juicy cunt.

"First, let's get these fuckers out of the way." Candy began yanking off the pins that were clamped along the lips of Amy's cunt, not bothering to open them up, just yanking them as hard as she could until they pulled off her cousin's agonized flesh. "I don't want to hurt my hands fucking around with these."

Each time Candy ripped one of the pins from her cunt lips, Amy felt as though she were losing her mind. And she knew there were more inside her cunt to be removed. The worst of all would be the one that was still crushing her clit.

Amy thrashed wildly as Candy tore the first of the pins out from inside Amy's cunt, but she didn't stop lashing her tongue inside her big titted cousin's cunt. She knew that if she stopped pleasuring Candy, her mistress would do something even more terrible to her. Even through the haze of fiery pain that surrounded her, Amy kept her tongue moving and her lips in motion on the leather bordered cunt that covered her face. Her hair bound hands pawed helplessly at the air, trying to come down to stop what Candy was doing, but they were stopped before she even reached her navel by the length of her braids.

"Fuck, she must really be hurting!" one of the men said. "Where'd you find that crazy slut?"

"She's my cousin," Glen answered, watching as Candy pulled the last of the clips from Amy's grasping cunt. "She's always been an oversexed little pig, so I figured I might as well put it to some good use."

"And what about the blonde?" another of the men asked. "She's fucking fantastic!"

"She's his cousin, too," Barry said with a laugh. "I wish I was in that fucking family."

Candy ripped away the clamp that had been crushing Amy's clit. The slender, sexy girl screamed so loudly that the men could hear her cries of anguish clearly even through the muffle of Candy's steamy cunt. Amy's clit had pulled far outside her cunt as Candy had yanked the pin off.

"Oh, yes!" Candy was going wild atop the girl, gyrating her hips like a dancer gone out of control. She buried her fist into the quivering hollow of Amy's silky stomach, driving the air from the girl's lungs and crushing clothespins deep into her injured flesh. "Scream up into my pussy again, you sorry whore. Scream into my pussy, you pig. Do it, slave!"

Amy screamed, wildly, desperately, as her big blonde cousin beat her. She felt clothespins lose their grip on her as Candy landed blow after blow against her stomach and tits. Her entire body was screaming with pain. Her face, where Candy's powerful, clenching thighs were pulling hard on the clamps, burned like fire. Amy screamed with all the strength she had, again and again, hoping that she would satiate her cousin's terrible lust and the gill would stop this awful beating.

"Oh, shit!" Candy sighed at last, her jolting hips beginning to slow and her blows to Amy's helplessly squirming body lessening in intensity.

"That was so fucking great! Shit! Scream again, you piggy little slut."

Amy screamed up into Candy's swampy cunt. She would have done anything to bring this beating to a close.

"Now, bitch," Candy whispered venomously, brushing away some of the pins that her beating head dislodged, "start licking again. I've got something special for you."

Almost mechanically, Amy began to tongue out her cousin's pussy once more. Candy's hands were on Amy's cunt again. Amy felt her body beginning to respond to them as they touched her, her hips starting to wiggle once more. She hoped that she might get just a little pleasure now, just a little something to make up for all the pain she'd suffered.

"Now watch this, guys." Candy grinned up at the watching, wildly excited men, stroking the first finger of each hand deep inside Amy's puffy, peeled back pussy. "This is where the show really fucking starts."

Amy couldn't understand what Candy was talking about, but she wiggled her hips when Candy added a second finger from each hand into Amy's tightly clasping pussy. They were a tight fit, but with every inward thrust Candy was stroking Amy's bruised clit, and the friction was turning Amy on. Maybe Candy was going to do something to hurt her again, but Amy didn't care anymore, not as long as she got this kind of excitement, too.

"Fuck my fingers, Amy pig," Candy ordered.

She added a third finger from each hand into Amy's stuffed, straining cunt. Amy squealed in pain as the rings fingers smashed in. Her cunt lips were pulled so far apart that she was sure they must be tearing. Her legs began to kick out slowly, painfully, on the carpeted floor. Her cunt felt overstuffed in a way that Amy had never thought it could.

"I've got an idea," Candy said with a sudden, evil smile. She scratched her long, red fingernails over the tender flesh of Amy's cunt. "Let's see if the little piggie can swallow all my fingers."

"No!" Amy screamed.

She jerked wildly beneath her sexy, leatherclad cousin. Her hands came up to scratch at Candy's lush thighs and Barry and Glen had to step in and loop her wrists more tightly in her hair to keep her from trying to hurt the sexy blonde. In a moment her hands were bound so tightly in her hair that she couldn't pull them more than an inch away from her head.

"That's going to cost you, you slutty bitch pig!" Candy screamed.

She banged her hips down brutally on Amy's head and skewered her six fingers relentlessly in Amy's bulging cunt. She lifted her quivering ass high off Amy's bruised, slimy face and dropped straight back down, smashing Amy's head again and again. She gouged the straining, tortured girl with her fingernails. She was going to really hurt the girl for trying to scratch her.

"I was fucking going easy on you before," she hissed, slamming her cunt against Amy's helpless face, almost smothering her cousin with her lush ass. "I thought you were learning to be a good little pig slave. No silly whore tries to scratch me, though? Now you're going to pay, you lowly little gutter slut!"

Amy almost passed out when Candy put her little fingers tight against the others and drove them all relentlessly forward, fucking then fully in Amy's wildly stretched cunt. Amy had never felt anything like this before. Her mind began to swim as Candy fucked her with both hands. Amy was sure her cunt was going to be ripped open.

"Shit!" one of the men said, his eyes wide as he watched what Candy was doing to Amy. "She's going to kill her with that shit!"

Amy was certain the man was right as her pussy was jarred beneath the merciless onslaught of Candy's cunt goring fingers. Amy's feet drummed against the floor and her legs shuddered with the pain of her brutal impalement, but there was nothing she could do to stop this latest monstrous violation.

She was just a slave slut now, a piece of property, and she belonged most of all to Glen and Candy. They were the real owners of her slut's mind and body, and if one of them decided it was time to fuck their little whore to death, Amy knew she had no choice in the matter.

"Now take this, you sorry bitch!" Candy screamed, and she cupped her thumbs in under her fingers and drove forward with all the strength of her athletic body. "Suck on this with that dirty, stuck up cunt."

Amy's legs stopped shaking. They flew out, straight and tense as Candy buried both of her hands in Amy's bald pussy. Now her stomach bulged almost as if she were pregnant.

All the men gathered close to get a look at something they had never even imagined before now.

Amy's cunt lips fluttered wildly around the strong stalks of Candy's wrists as her body accepted an invasion far greater than any it had been designed for. Candy's arms penetrated Amy's stretched cunt far past the bones of her wrists. Amy thought she was going to die now, with her hated cousin's fists planted all the way up inside her body. She was a filthy, debauched slut, and she was going to die in just the way she deserved.

"Tell me you love it!" Candy lifted her smothering, dripping cunt off Amy's red, bruised face. "Tell us all how much you love me fucking my fists into your scummy little cunt!"

"I love it!" Amy admitted. She felt something tearing deep inside her, but she was still juicing and her clit, smashed far up inside her, was still buzzing. She was about to cum again. "I love it! Stick your whole arm up inside my dirty cunt! Crawl up inside and rip me up! Oh please, Candy, rip me up!"

Candy laughed and punched her fists deeper inside Amy's cunt, bringing scream after scream from the tortured girl's lips and a steady pulse of thick pussy cream from her cunt. Candy watched Amy's flat little tummy bulge up wildly every time she slammed her fists home, and she came at the thought that it was her fists making that bulge. Her driving arms were giving Amy the most mind blowing fuck of her life.

Amy couldn't stop screaming. Her face was soaked with Candy's pussy juice and bruised from where the clothespins had been clamped. Candy's frantic humping of her face had knocked most of those away by now, but there was still one hanging off her lower lip, and it jerked with every mewling cry that Candy's fucking fists ripped from her throat.

"Rip me up!" she wailed hopelessly.

"Piss on you," Candy sneered. "Piss on you, you smelly, ass licking bitch."

And with that, her fists still drilling deep inside Amy's pulverized pussy, Candy began to piss on her cousin. A golden stream of hot, wet piss arched out of Candy's tacky, wet cunt, hitting Amy all over her pretty face. Amy was blinking her eyes, trying to see what was happening. When she saw, a heart rending groan escaped her throat.

This was as low as she could sink. She was getting a piss shower from her cousin. The only things people pissed on were worthless things, dirty things, things they hated.

Amy's mouth opened wide, letting hot, burning piss jet down her throat. Her face was already covered in it. A puddle of the stinking yellow piss pooled in the hollow of her delicate throat. Her eyes burned with the stinking piss that splattered over her face. Piss squirted up into her nose and trickled down to fill her ears. Amy stuck out her tongue and let the salty piss collect there, too.

And she had the most explosive climax of her life. Her pussy clamped like a pair of gloves over the terrible battering ram of Candy's doubled fists.

"Don't stop!" she whispered. Even thought was beyond her now. All that was left was sex, and the two wonderful cousins who hurt her so much. "Fuck me forever! I love it so much!"


They fucked her for hours. Each of the men took her, one after another, then came back at her to take her in twos and threes and sometimes fours. Amy took cocks up her ass and cunt at the same time. She sucked cocks while being fucked. Men slid their cocks between her tits and blasted their jism over her shoulders and throat. One man had made her jerk him off in her ear.

After the first few hours they'd begun to get inventive. Candy let a man fuck her and then held his jism inside her, making Amy pull the slimy cum out with her tongue. The men liked the show, and Candy loved the feeling so much that they did it all over again. By the time they were finished, Amy's tongue felt thick and numb. Then the men stood in a line with their backs to her and Candy forced Amy to walk on her knees behind them, sucking and kissing each of their asses until they were satisfied.

They untied her hair at some point during her ordeal, and several of the men made her jerk them off while their cocks were wrapped in her silky black tresses. Now her beautiful hair was stained silver and hung in sticky clumps. After several hours, the men fucked her in even more peculiar ways.

One man fucked his cock against the satiny skin of her throat, and Amy was sure he was going to break her neck before he spilled his cum all over her neck. Several men made her jack them off with her toes. A man had made her hold her thighs tightly together around his cock until he shot jism down her long legs. One man even rubbed his cock between her shoulderblades until he spurted his jism. No part of Amy's body escaped unfucked by the men in her cousin's terrible club.

Through it all, through every horrible second of it, Amy had cum. Not much of anything mattered to her now except cocks and cunt and pain. Sometime during the constant fucking Glen had accepted his money from the men who'd made the bet with him.

At some other point all the men had voted to let Candy join their club. They all talked about going out and finding other female members.

Finally Amy lay on the carpet alone. Her body was covered with cum in a hundred places and dotted with bruises. Jism bubbled in a steady stream from her cunt and ass. Her face was a mask of silver from the cum that had spilled and dried during her gang bang. The valley between her tits was gooey with half dried fuck slime. Her hands and wrists were streaked with dried cum and fuck lube. She was a slutty, filthy mess. And she wanted more. She wondered vaguely what they were going to do with her now.

"Pig!" Glen walked toward her.

Throughout the terrible gang bang, Glen had never touched her. Now Amy quivered as he approached her. "What's your name, you dirty cum bag?"

"Pig," Amy groaned. Her mouth felt so strange, coated by the cum of all the men. "I'm a dirty, stinking pig."

"No, cunt!" Glen snarled. His cock looked as long as a baseball bat and hard as a steel bar. It swayed high above Amy's face, spritzing her with long strands of fuck lube. "What's your real name? Tell everybody your real name."

Amy's fingers trailed over her sticky, ravaged cunt. She scratched her long nails over her inflamed pussy as she tried to reason her way through his question. Candy had called her a pig, but Glen had called her a cunt. And, there was another name, one she'd had before today. It was so hard to remember through all the sex and the pain she'd felt.

"I don't know," she finally quavered, dosing her eyes tightly.

"Tell me your name," Glen screamed. He kicked her hard in the cunt, smashing her clit strumming fingers.

Then he yanked her bruised hands away from her cunt and tied them tightly together with his belt. Amy screamed, while she came.

"Tell me your name, cousin, or I'm going to kick your smelly, worthless cunt to pieces!"

Glen was smiling, and Candy stepped up beside him, both smiling down at Amy, both mockingly superior. They owned her and they knew it. Amy shivered just looking at the two of them. She wondered how she could have ever dreamed of teasing Glen, of offering him sex and then holding back. And how could she have ever imagined that she was better than Candy? Candy was so powerful, so beautiful. Amy was just a cowering little piggish slut.

"Amy?" The word was more a question than an answer. She stared up at her two wonderful cousins with wide, frightened eyes.

Her bound hands came back down to her cunt. She began fingering herself again, dipping her fingers deep inside her cunt to gather up the ropy strands of jism that still clogged it. She brought handfuls of cooling cum up to her lips and sucked down the mix of a dozen men's fuck cream.

"Good," Glen said with a smile. "And what are you, Amy? What are you, cousin?"

Candy took Glen's giant cock in her hands and wrapped one of her long, lush legs around his ass. Amy burned with jealousy when she realized that Candy and Glen were going to fuck each other. She wasn't sure which one of them she was the most jealous of. She wanted them both so bad.

"I'm a whore!" she moaned.

The other men, their lust spent, were watching silently now. The room was charged with tension. Amy wondered what was happening.

"I'm a cunt! I'm a pig!"

Amy babbled her words out wildly, debasing herself completely in front of the men who had just used her. Her hands were plucking madly at her cunt now. Her body was arching up off the floor.

Covered in dried cum, her body violated countless times and forced through dozens of terrible, racking climaxes, she was about to cum again.

Glen slid his cock deep inside Candy's cunt. The blonde wrapped her muscular legs tight around her cousin's back. They were going to fuck each other standing up. Amy came watching the first tip to root penetration. She moaned incoherently, her body twisting on the soiled floor. She came with every beat of Glen's cock into his statuesque blond cousin's cunt.

"Fuck, this is wild!" Barry said. He had not fucked Amy during the gang bang. Now he stepped forward with a cock that was almost as big and juicy as Glen's. "I think I'm going to fuck you, whore. You want me to do that?"

"Yes!" Amy squealed wildly. Her fingers tore at the red, wet lips of her cunt. She spread her legs as wide as she could, then pointed her toes to make her long, lean legs look even longer. "I want you to fuck me right now. Please fuck me, Barry! Please, please fuck me hard!"

"Can I piss on you after I finish?" Barry asked. "Ask me to piss on you after I finish."

"Please piss on me after you fuck me!" Amy cried. She spread her cunt lips as wide as she could for Barry. "I'll drink your piss if you want me to. I want you to piss on me, Barry. Please fuck me and piss on me, too!"

She was staring at Candy and Glen. They were ignoring her now, fucking each other wildly. Candy was clinging to Glen with her arms and legs, her head thrown back. Her face was flushed with passion and her long blonde hair trailed down over her shoulders.

Glen's face was buried in Candy's fat tits. He was washing her hard pink nipples with his tongue, nibbling them with his teeth. He could only move his hips a little but Candy was thrashing so wildly that he didn't have to move much.

Amy decided that she didn't care what anyone did to her so long as she could get fucked like that.

"Will you be my slutty little slave forever?" Barry asked. "Just fuck me and suck me for the rest of your life?"

"Yes!" Amy howled. She bucked her hips a foot off the floor and yanked her slippery pussy lips even farther apart. Her cunt was blood red and creamy white with excitement. "Just fuck this cunt! Fuck it! Fuck it! Fuck it!"

"Right." Barry fell between her legs and stuffed his giant cock all the way into her with one balls deep lunge. "Going to fuck you to death, slut! I'm going to blow your slutty head right off your shoulders!"

Amy took his whole cock inside her pussy without so much as a cry of protest. Her body tensed with excitement as his thick cock meat plowed in. She came instantly. Another climax began to build before the first one subsided. Her long legs lifted and wrapped tight around his hard thrusting ass. She lifted her bound hands far above her head so that Barry could grab her hard, swollen tits. His brutally thrusting cock had taken her straight to paradise.

"You filthy little cock tease!" Barry hissed. Amy began to grind wildly against him. She was a rutting animal, completely out of control. Spittle ran from her mouth and her body jerked in a spastic fit.

"We really turned you on, didn't we, bitch? We really fucking turned you on!"

He fucked her savagely, drawing out until only the tip of his cock was inside her and then driving back in with every ounce of strength he had. He was beating her with his cock and body. He drove her into the floor like some kind of limp rag doll. Still, Amy clung to him stubbornly. Even when he jolted her whole body with his wild fuck thrusts, she tried to drive her frail body up to meet his shattering lunges.

"Oh, shit!" Glen groaned as he looked down at the battered girl. "Look at that Candy! Just look at that little bitch!"

Candy, still wildly fucking herself on his long, hard cock, twisted to look down. "Oh, yeah! I wish we could keep her forever, Glen I wish we could just make her our little pet."

"The bitch is making me cum!" Barry shouted suddenly.

He slapped Amy's face, knocking her head from side to side. He hit her every time, he fucked his cock inside her, battering her face and cunt together. After a few blows, Amy lost her grip on him, but even as he beat her and fucked her like he wanted to kill her, she still bucked up against him.

"You stupid little whore! You cock sucking, piss drinking cunt!" Barry shouted. He hit her harder and harder. His cock was jerking inside her cunt as his cum began to boil out. "You dirty little ass licker. You filthy, tight assed whore. I'm cumming!"

He pulled his cock out at the last instant, and his cum began to fountain over her twisting body. Amy lay limp beneath him, her body shuddering through a helpless, pain filled orgasm. Barry splashed his cum into the cup of her navel, the already scummy valley between her tits, across her collarbones and onto her throat. He lowered his aim and pumped his thick jism right into the mouth of her puffy pussy, watching as his cam struck her cunt lips and drooled slowly down her crotch.

Through it all, Amy lay limp beneath him, climaxes rattling through her body. She was still cumming. She wondered now if she'd ever stop, but it was exhaustion that ruled her now. She was tired and hurt and humiliated more completely than she guessed anyone had ever been before.

She was never going to be able to forget what had happened here today, never going to be the same woman who'd walked through the door so many hours ago. The idea of a safe marriage to a rich man she could easily dominate seemed strange to her now. Had she ever wanted that? She realized that she could no longer live without more of this brutal, painful sex.

"Oh, you sweet bitch!" Barry groaned. He sat his softening cock on the pouting lips of Amy's soiled pussy. "I fucking wish we could make her our pet, too. Hell, Glen, then maybe you and me could be roomies full time."

"Hurry up and piss on her," Glen answered, his voice throaty with lust. He ground his spasming cock deep in Candy's tight, clutching cunt. "I'm almost ready to shoot."

"Just consider it," Barry persisted, then he turned back to Amy. "Okay, bitch. Time to show you what you're good for."

He began to piss, but this time Amy knew it was coming. His piss arched up high over her body. At first it reached all the way to her mouth and chin. She tasted his piss and noted that somehow it was saltier than Candy's had been. Her body began to move again, shaking with humiliation and writhing with excitement at this new defilement.

Barry sprayed her whole body with his piss, aiming high so that it cascaded down over the whole length of her slender, satiny body. Her tits, her flat little stomach, her arms, and finally, as his piss stream weakened, even her pussy were drenched. By the time he shook the last drops of piss off on her thigh, Amy was soaked in piss.

"Oh, fuck!" Candy groaned, humping against Glen's body even more frantically now, staring down at the fouled mess of Amy's slim body. "Cum, lover. Give me some cock juice to fuck on."

"Fuck, yes!" Glen groaned. He was staring at Amy, too. "Take it, Candy suck every drop up that hot fucking cunt."

Amy stared back at them, her legs thrashing slowly across the sodden carpet. Her hands moved back down to her hot, leaking cunt as Glen spilled his jism into Candy's twitching pussy. She wanted Glen's cock so much. She wanted Candy's cunt so much. She came twice before her cousins parted. Then she came again as Candy slid away from Glen's straining body and turned toward her.

"What about it, teeny tits? You want to eat me out now?" Candy asked. She pointed to her soggy, cum filled cunt. "You want to vacuum all this hot, yummy cum right out of me?"

"Please?" Amy cried, burning with shame. "Please let me!"

"In a second," Glen growled. He stood over her supine form, placing one foot on either side of her head. "I've got something for cousin Amy first."

At first, Amy thought he was going to piss on her, too, but instead he began jacking off, running his hand up and down the huge, wet length of his cock until it stiffened and grew to its full, giant length. He stared down at her with a strange smile on his face. Amy squirmed, knowing that he was going to do something terrible to her.

"Get out right now, you fucking cock tease," he said at last, painting his big cock right down at her pretty face. "Get out of here and go home to your wimp fiance. Nobody's going to stop you you've got my word on that. Now get your stinking ass up and get the fuck out of here, you dead fuck bitch!"

Amy looked up at her cousin with wide, wild eyes. He couldn't mean what he said. There was some trick, some plan he had that would hurt her even more. She didn't think she could take any more pain, any more torture. What was he planning? Hadn't he hurt her enough already? They'd done everything imaginable to humiliate and degrade her. She felt lower than a slave, lower than a whore. Now he had some pin to hurt her even more. Well, she wasn't going to let him. She wasn't going to get up. She wasn't going to try to escape.

"Well, you fucking cock tease, don't you want to go home?" Glen screamed. He aimed his hard cock at her face, dripping his sticky fuck lube down on her parted lips. "Don't you want to get away from us?"

Amy nodded her head, not trusting herself to speak. This was all so strange. Glen was holding his big, sexy prick up over her head, stroking it. Candy was clenching her lush thighs tightly shut so as not to lose a drop of the hot cum that was pooled inside her. All the other men were so quiet, just watching. Something strange was going on. Amy was frightened.

"Then get off your tight ass and get out the fucking door," Glen said. He crouched slightly so that his big prick swayed just inches above her head. Amy's mouth watered and her cunt clenched tight as a fist. "I'll do all my fucking in Candy's sweet pussy from now on."

"Fuck me again right now!" Candy rasped. She rubbed the toe of her high heeled shoe along the lips of Amy's drooling cunt. "Get her the fuck out of here, and then fuck me right up the ass. Then I'll give you the hottest blow job you've ever had."

"Sounds great," Glen said with a sigh, rubbing the palm of his hand over the fat head of his cock. "Go on, bitch, get the fuck out of here!"

"No!" Amy shrieked. Candy had forced half her foot inside Amy's cunt now. The smell of Glen's hot cock and the feel of the cool leather in her hot, creamy pussy was driving her out of her mind. "No, I don't want to go! I don't want the fucking tape. I want your cock, Glen. I want all your fucking cocks, and I want her pussy. Fuck me, please fuck me! Hurt me, fuck me, hurt me, please!"

"Stay now, pig, and you stay for good," Candy snapped, driving her foot all the way back to her six inch heel in Candy's clasping cunt. "Stay now and you break your engagement and become our little pussy piece of shit whore. Stay now and you're our fucking pig for as long as we decide we want you."

"Yes!" Amy wailed, her mind coming unglued. It would be terrible, a living hell, but she knew it was the only thing for her. "I want to be your little pig, I want to be your whore. Fuck me! Oh, please fuck me and hurt me and make me cum!"

"Right!" Candy screamed, and she crammed her whole foot up inside Amy's stretching, agonized cunt, heel and all.

Amy arched up off the floor, her body frozen by the sudden terrible pain.

Barry began to whip Amy across her stomach with the leather strap. He sliced her flesh with the whistling leather, leaving angry red stripes across her flat, satiny stomach. Amy screamed in agony. She floundered helplessly under the sea of pain they had suddenly immersed her in. And then Glen started cumming, splatting her face with his thick, heavy cock cream. She went right over the edge.

"More!" she screamed. "More!"

Her body gyrated in wild, spastic circles. Her face, pelted by Glen's heavy, sloppy jism, whipped from side to side. Her long hair splayed out around her body and spit ran freely from her mouth. Her eyes were glazed. Ropes of cum covered her panting face, looped over the bridge of her nose, slanted across her parted lips, slid down her checks.

Candy slammed her foot deep inside Amy's torn pussy and twisted it inside her. Barry was flaying her alive. He beat her heaving tits and downy stomach raw with the vicious strap. Amy's body vibrated with the awful pain. She felt as though she was about to explode. No body could take all of this, at once.

"More!" she screeched, choking on some of Glen's cum that slid into her mouth. "More!"

"More?" Glen asked, laughing at her. "Okay, you stupid slut. We'll give you some more."

Glen turned, squatting, and for an instant Amy thought he wanted her to lick his asshole. She raised her head, opening her mouth and sticking out her tongue to do her job. Only then did she see his ass pucker and something dark brown begin to push through.

"Chew on this, Amy, you stuck up bitch!" he growled. "You say you want more, cousin? Well, we can think of things more that'll drive you right out of your slutty little mind!"

Amy felt like she was out of her mind already when Glen's first turd plopped on her pretty face. It was wet and heavy and it stuck to her right cheek over her full lips and along her long, straight nose. Amy had to fight to keep from throwing up, but she came, too, her cunt clamping so tightly that it almost stopped the brutal kicking of Candy's foot in her pussy.

The second soft brown turd landed on her forehead. Amy could feel its stickiness matting down her eyebrows. He was covering her face in his shit, Amy thought wildly, and this was the life she had pleaded to have. She came again at the shame of what was happening. And then the third turd dropped, and this one fell right on top of her nose and covered one eye. All she could smell was the thick musk of his shit.

"One more, cousin," Glen groaned. One last thick clump of shit slapped down over her tightly shut mouth. "How you like that, cousin? It's just the start, you know. We haven't done anything to you yet."

Amy shuddered and came at his words. Candy pulled her foot from Amy's bald, sloppy cunt and Barry stopped flailing her tender body.

"Now, bitch," Glen said with a laugh, "get ready for some mud pies!"

He pulled his long, limp prick up and began pissing in her face. His hot piss turned the shit wet, made it stick harder to Amy's fouled face. Amy had to shut her other eye. She began to twist and jerk on the floor as Glen's piss turned her face into a swampy mire of slime. Her cunt was burning hot.

"Take it, cunt!" Candy said with a giggle. She kicked Amy viciously in her ribs. "You fucking sludge whore! You slag cunt!"

Amy couldn't breathe with the mixture of pissy shit covering her face. It washed up into her nose and leaked down into her mouth. She was certain she was going to suffocate. She didn't even care if she died anymore. Both Candy and Barry were kicking her now, driving their feet against her stomach and tits and ass and thighs. And she was cumming, her tortured body squirming with lust and pain and humiliation.

Finally, Glen stopped pissing and Candy and Barry stopped kicking her. They left Amy alone, her face a musky mess of shit and piss and cum.

"Okay, Amy," Glen said. His voice seemed to come from a very long way away. "Now lick yourself clean. Get every bit of it off you, and swallow every drop."

"And do it quick, cousin," Candy commanded. "I'm getting tired of holding all this jizz up inside me."

"And some of the guys are getting horny again," Barry said. "And to tell the truth, I've got to take a wicked shit, myself."

Amy knew she was theirs now. She belonged to them, body and soul, and she would for as long as they wanted her.

Thinking of all the suffering and fucking still ahead of her for the night, Amy slipped her tongue from her mouth and began to lick her shitty face clean.


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