Mom's horny new family

Today's middle class Americans maintain a stable outlook which in reality masks the turmoil existing behind drawn blinds.

There is alcoholism, promiscuous sex, for the adult and teenager alike, and, for some the breakup of marital relationships as a result of mate-swapping. The children observe their parents' so-called "mature" lifestyles. The mark is made and the effect lasts a lifetime.

This is the story of a family in which the relationships follow an unusual course of development in the course of the years. What happens to the children is a startling revelation of how events can alter personalities, how fate plays with all.

MOM'S HORNY NEW FAMILY -- a novel with a lesson for those unaware of what is really happening behind the closed doors of America.


Valerie Sutton giggled and cuddled closer to her husband on the bed.

"I just can't get used to making love with a houseful of kids," she whispered.

Her husband of two weeks dangled his fingers over her tits. "Well, you better get used to it," he said, his eyes glued to the television screen. "Look at the knockers on her!"

Valerie shifted around so one boob rested on Richard's arm. She was still excited about being married again. After being divorced for years and bringing up two teenage boys alone, it felt wonderful to have someone taking care of her for a change.

"And you're sure the walls are thick?" she said. She slipped her hand under the blanket and stroked his thigh.

He grinned and turned to her, relief flooding his face. "I was beginning to wonder if you'd ever make the first move." He moved her hand to his crotch and she closed her fingers around his dick.

"I'm so happy, Richard," she said. His cock was rapidly stiffening and juice flooded her pussy in response. "But I worry about Teddy and Gloria. Are you sure they like me?"

"They love you, hon."

"But how do you know?" she said. "Teddy's almost a man. And Gloria's mature for her age. Sometimes I think she hates me."

"Give it some time," he said. "Girls are always competitive with step-mothers. She'll love you when she realizes how happy you make me." He pulled her closer to him, as always, amazed at his luck at finding a gorgeous sexy woman like Valerie. Especially since he had two motherless kids who'd been running wild for years.

He reached over and cupped one firm tit while he watched the actress on the screen. Valerie could put them all to shame. He remembered the first time he'd seen her. She'd worked in an office as a secretary and he'd come in to see her boss. It had been love at first sight for both of them and they'd gotten married a month later. It wasn't until she moved in with her two brats that he realized there might be trouble between the two families. But he loved her and was determined to work things out even if it killed him.

Now he gazed at her tits. She wore a filmy nightgown, sheer enough to slow the outline of her nipples. Her soft, wavy, dark hair spilled over her shoulders and her huge eyes were rimmed with long lashes.

"Let's turn that off," he said, tonguing her ear.

"Let's keep it on." "Why?"

"So the kids won't hear anything."

"Are you still worried about that?" His breathing was deepening and he was becoming annoyed with her.

She squeezed his cockshaft under the blanket and, as usual, tiny tingles of excitement coursed through her. "I can't help it," she said.

He squeezed her tits lightly through her nightgown and felt her nipples stiffen in response. His cock lurched in her hand. Of all the women he'd fucked in his life, Valerie was the most responsive and the sexiest.

He slid his hand inside her nightgown and felt her warm flesh. He took one tit in his hand and rubbed his palm over her nipple. She purred like a kitten and tweaked his cockhead.

Simultaneously, they turned to each other and kissed. Valerie's lips trembled as Richard crushed her against him. This marriage had to work. It just had to! She wouldn't let his damn brats get in the way of her happiness.

Now she pushed her tongue between his teeth and on into the wonderful warmth of his mouth. She fluttered it over the roof of his mouth and his gums, and he bit down on the tip. The hot desire she'd been submerging all evening broke loose and flames of lust raged through her body.

"Oh, honey, I'm crazy about you," she said.

He squeezed her tits, pinching one pink nipple between his fingers. He pushed her nightgown down and freed her quivering jugs.

"I'm crazy about you too." He gazed at her naked boobs, and his mouth watered with desire.

"And you're sure your kids like me?" she said.

"I'm sure." He wished she would shut up and stop talking about the kids. The family type conversation was turning him off.

The light from the flickering television screen reflected on her big globes. He loved big tits and Valerie's were the biggest he'd ever seen. Even though they were huge, they were firm and didn't hang down to her waist like some on women he'd seen.

Now he lowered his mouth to the soft warmth of her boobs and fastened his lips to one puckered nipple. Valerie sighed and held his head in her hands as he rolled the stiffened bud around her mouth.

"Oh, darling, you're making me so hot." She squeezed her thighs together.

It was so wonderful to have a man to fuck her regularly, whenever she felt like it, after all the years of being alone with only her two boys for male companionship.

Richard passionately licked her lust stiffened tit, and she thought about the old days when she'd worked downtown. God, she'd hated it! She'd liked Richard immediately and they'd gone to bed on their first date. But even if she hadn't liked him, she would have let him fuck her. She let almost anyone fuck her in the years between her two marriages.

She wasn't a woman who managed well alone. She needed a man and sex. Lots of sex. Regularly too. Not once a week, but two or three times a day. That was asking a lot of any man, but Richard had been enthusiastic at first. Lately he told her he couldn't spend all his time in bed, but then they were married now and the honeymoon was over.

Bolts of pleasure rocked her senses as he tongued the underside, of her boobs. She moaned and tangled her fingers in his hair as she drew his mouth more firmly against her flesh.

She squirmed her ass on the mattress. Her nightgown slipped up to her crotch and Richard's prick jerked in her hand. She felt the juice at the tip of his cock wet her hand and, she rubbed it into his spongy cockhead.

"You suck me so good, Richard," she said, caressing his hair.

He moved one hand between the softness of her parted thighs. He touched the wetness of her pussy, and her thighs opened wider to accommodate his hand.

Her nightgown bunched up around her waist and he sucked hungrily on her tits while he stroked her always-hungry twat. He held his hand over her cunt-mound for a moment without moving. Then he rubbed one finger over her clit, and she thrust her tits forcefully against his face.

"Oh, Richard, that's so good, honey," she said. "I could come right now." She shuddered at the warmth of his mouth on her tits and his fingers on her snatch. She forgot about the children being in the house and everything but the wonderful feeling raging through her.

She pushed the blanket back and watched his strong fingers manipulate her cuntlips. She loved having his fingers on her hot little pussy. Stick your finger inside me, Richard, she thought. Please, stick your finger inside me! He didn't stick a finger inside her, but he rubbed her clit at intervals and the overheated young wife and mother sighed.

"Keep rubbing my clit," she said. "I love it when you touch me like that." She moaned helplessly when he swirled his tongue over her tit.

His fingers made squishing sounds in her juice-soaked pussy. They slipped around and she was embarrassed at how wet, she was. She couldn't help lubricating a lot. And men usually liked it. No one ever had a problem getting inside Valerie. Her cunt was usually so wet and hot that a prick slipped right in.

Richard continued sucking and licking her cherry-tipped boobs. He tangled his fingers in her thick muff and extended his thumb into her ass-crack. He rubbed his thumb over her bung, and she trembled and tried to push his hand away.

His cock throbbed in her hand, lurching with excitement when he found her shitter again. She let him play with her butt when she realized how exciting he found it.

She was torn between wanting to fuck and enjoying the erotic foreplay. Each caress of his hand and each touch of his lips and tongue on her tits added to her excitement. His fuck pole felt hot and hard in her hand and she wanted it surging inside her and, filling her snatch.

She squeezed his cockshaft and it throbbed in response. It felt big. Thick and long. She remembered how awed she'd been the first time she'd seen it. She loved big cocks. The bigger the better. And Richard's was seven inches of pure heaven.

She stroked his cockskin up and down his pale. It hardly moved, it was stretched so tautly over his rod. Still, she coaxed it up and down because she knew Richard liked it. Then she squeezed his cock-root and enjoyed his grunt of passion.

"Play with my balls," he muttered, sucking her tit back into his mouth.

She jiggled his nuts and squeezed the hardness of his shaft. Fuck me now, Richard, she thought. Now, Richard!

She knew some women would be happy to have all the foreplay, but she was impatient to get down to the main action. She liked foreplay, and loved to be touched and kissed and masturbated. But now she needed his prick inside her and she tugged at it impatiently.

"That's so good, baby," she whispered. "I'd sure love to have your big cock inside me."

The excited husband thrust his index finger inside her gash. "Soon, Val, soon." He wormed a second finger into her mushy folds and she frantically stroked his meat.

Her cunt gripped his finger, and she yanked at his prick. She twisted and squirmed her ass and pushed her tits against his chest. She spread her legs lewdly, hoping to excite him to the point of fucking her.

"Tight cunt," he said, and it was true. Even after two kids, her cunt was as tight as a virgin's. That was one of the things he'd been attracted to. After their first fuck, he was booked. If there was anything Richard liked it was a pussy that hugged his dick like, a leather glove.

The moisture from her pussy soaked his hand. Her legs trembled and she clamped her thighs around his fingers. The soft velvety skin of her legs sent sparks flying in his groin and she sighed with abandon.

"Oh, Richard, that feels so damn good!" she hissed. Her voice became husky when she was excited and now it was low and hoarse and terribly sexy. She nipped at his earlobe and flicked her tongue into his ear.

He rubbed his face up and down her cleavage, sending shivers of excitement through her body. Together they pulled her nightgown over her head and she sat back against the pillows in all her naked loveliness.

She crooned when he pulled her down flat on her back. He crawled on top of her curvaceous body and rested his prick on her belly. Shoving her thighs apart even farther, he cupped her ass and poked his cock against her beaver.

A tiny drop of thick fuck-fluid escaped the hole at the tip of his prick and wet her curly muff. She reached out and grabbed his dick and tried to push it into her twat.

She guided his cockhead inside the warm moistness inside her hairy cuntlips. Her greedy little cunt-mouth nibbled his prick lovingly.

He pushed her hand away. "I'll do it," he said, and, with one thrust of his hips, his prick plunged inside her hotly grasping cunthole.

As usual, at the moment of penetration Valerie almost fainted with lust. Her cunt muscles gripped his dick and almost sucked it inside her body.

Richard was a man who'd been around and he liked a nice slow fuck. He took charge entirely, fucking her with slow but deep strokes and forcing her to lean back and let him do the thrusting.

Still, she tossed herself at him, arching her back and pushing her ass off the bed in orgiastic fervor. Most of the women he'd known who were as passionate as his wife were hookers. But Valerie was a good woman who loved to fuck. He hoped he'd be able to satisfy her over the long haul. He worried about it sometimes. Satisfying a woman like Val was a full-time job. She liked to be fucked two or three times a day and he didn't always have the energy after a day at the office.

Beneath him, Valerie thrashed her legs in the air and jiggled her tits. Her nipples were dark pink and stiff and she used them to further excite him. He remembered the first time he'd seen her tits. Shit, what a mouthful! And there never was a woman who liked her tits sucked more than Val.

Her powerful thighs clamped around him and she locked her legs around his back. Her wildly clutching cunt pulled on his dick, threatening to vacuum the come out of his balls.

Richard wanted to make it last, but the way Val was tossing her gorgeous, body around made it difficult. He stopped thrusting, leaving only his cockhead inside her and squeezing his asscheeks together.

He clenched his teeth and closed his eyes as he worked to control his climax. When he had himself under control, he counted to ten before he began stroking again.

But Val was too much, for him. She wanted his load and she wanted it now. Furthermore, she knew how to get it. She used her strong and experienced cunt-muscles to milk his prick. She sucked madly at his thrusting fuckstick and he strained to control himself.

"Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" she cried, writhing around and straining to achieve her own blessed release.

He stopped thrusting again, and gazed at his wife. Valerie was rolling her head from side to side like a bitch in heat. Her long dark hair framed her pretty face, curlier than usual from the moisture of perspiration. Her lipstick was smeared and her face was flushed, and she looked more beautiful than he'd ever seen her. She was a woman any man would be proud to possess, and she was all his.

He leaned over and kissed her on the mouth and their tongues dueled. "I love you, honey," she gasped.

"I love you too."

She covered his face with moist hot kisses and bit his lips and tongue. She sucked on his tongue and whipped her own over his teeth and lips.

"I'm going to suck the jism out of your balls!" she hissed.

"I know you are."

She panted for breath and flicked her tongue into his mouth. "Oh, Richard, I'm so happy!"

"Me too, hon."

The intensity of her response was overwhelming and Richard felt himself begin to explode. A growl escaped his throat, and she clung to him, her legs locked around his back.

"Give it to me!" she cried, no longer aware that there were children in the house. "Give me your load! Fuck me!"

Richard felt his balls churn. He clutched her fleshy asscheeks and slammed his spewing dick into her depths. Val came with him, her pussy exploding with ecstasy when his jism poured inside her.

When he was through, he left his still-hard dick inside her, and she felt the pulsating head of his cock high up in her pussy. His spunk filled her body cavity and he plastered his lips over one of her tits and sucked vigorously.

She felt his spunk sloshing around inside her as they rolled around on the bed. It was then she heard the voice of Gloria in the hall, outside their door. The teenage girl was giggling and she said something Valerie couldn't hear.

"What did she say?" Val said to Richard.

"I didn't hear." But he did. He heard his daughter say that Valerie was a bitch.

Val stopped moving and listening. A door slammed and it was apparent that whoever Gloria had been talking to was no longer outside their door. But the fucking was ruined. Valerie didn't believe that Richard hadn't heard his daughter's words. He seemed depressed and rolled onto his belly to go to sleep. Val wanted more lovemaking, but Gloria had ruined it.

"Richard," she said, yanking his arm.


"Talk to me."

"Hey, go to sleep. I've got to go to work tomorrow and you've got a houseful of kids to take care of."

Valerie bristled. "They're grown up. They don't need taking care of."

"They're still kids, Val. Go to sleep."

She fumed for a while and then masturbated until she was tired enough to sleep.


As the weeks passed, Valerie became convinced that Gloria hated her. But she placed that problem in limbo for the moment. Her own son, Danny, was giving her trouble.

The boy had been quiet ever since she and Richard had married. In the past she'd given him a lot of attention. But now that she was married and had a new husband and two new children, she had less time for the boy. And she didn't notice the change at first. When she finally became aware of it, she tried to talk to Richard about it, but he shrugged and told her to work it out by herself.

She was disappointed in him, but knew he was probably right. Danny was her son, not Richard's. And she'd have to take care of his emotional needs.

He started malingering. He'd wake up in the morning and pretend to be sick so he could stay home from school. Then he'd lay in bed all day, watching television in his room and asking Valerie to bring him his meals.

She did whatever he wanted the first few times. Then she began worrying that coddling him wasn't the answer.

One day the boy awakened, complaining of a sore throat. She felt his head. It was warm. "You stay here in bed, darling," she said. "I'll bring you some breakfast." The blanket was pushed back and one of the boy's legs stuck out. It was covered with hair. She'd never noticed that before. He was growing up. Was that his cock throbbing under the covers?

She suddenly felt warm and her heart beat faster. She went down to the kitchen and fixed him breakfast on a tray. She tried not to think about the bulge under the blanket. The mass between his legs. It was unnatural to think about her own son that way. Then she smiled and picked up the tray. Her lusty, practical nature returned and she stopped worrying about it. He's my boy, but he's still a male and he's got a cock and balls like all other males. And I have an ongoing love affair with male genitals.

When she returned to his room with the tray, he was watching an old, movie on television, but his eyes narrowed when she bent over. He stared at her cleavage and Valerie let him have a good look before straightening up.

"All right, darling," she said, kissing his forehead. "You're feeling better, aren't you. You're head's not so warm any more. How's your throat?"

"It's okay." His eyes looked over her tits to her thighs. She pulled the belt of her robe around her. "I like being home with you, Mom," he said.

She sank down on the bed next to him and took him into her arms. "I like having you home, sweetie, but you can't do this a lot. You've got to go to school. I know it hasn't been easy for you, what with all the changes around her. But it'll work out, you'll see."

She cradled him in her arms and suddenly became aware that his lips were pressed against her cleavage. She let him stay that way for another minute, partly to comfort him and partly because it felt good.

"I've got work to do, young man," she said after a while, as she rose up. "Call me if you want anything."

"Okay, Mom," he said, a sweet but sad smile on his face.

She felt guilty as she got into the shower. Guilty because she'd left him alone and because of the feelings in her own body. She stood under the hot spray and luxuriated in the warmth of it. She loved water. It was not only cleansing, but she felt she was back in a nice safe place.

She thought about Danny as she lathered her body. She concentrated on the furry patch between her legs. As she washed the petal-like folds of her cunt, she wondered how much sexual experience the boy had. If any.

At the thought of her older son, Valerie smiled to herself. As sensitive as Danny was, that was how outgoing and uncomplicated Buddy was. It was hard to believe they were brothers, they were so different.

She absently dipped her hand back and forth over her lathered pussy, stroking herself as her thoughts strayed back to Danny. How could she prove to the boy that she still loved him even though she was married again. There must be a way. And whatever it was, she'd do it. It would be worth it. Anything would. She just didn't want an unhappy, neurotic son on her hands.

She thought about Richard and the lovely fuck they'd had the night before. She closed her eyes and sighed at the memory of his thick cock imbedded deep inside her hot gash. She could almost feel it inside her now rubbing against her turgid little clit and throbbing against her cunt-walls.

Now she touched her love-button and shivered at its stiffness. She hadn't realized how excited she'd become. She knew it wasn't just thinking about Richard that had turned her on. It was being near Danny and feeling his lips on her cleavage.

She decided to bring herself off so she could face the day without the additional problem of horniness. She slowly masturbated, but Danny's face, and especially the bulge between his legs, kept distracting her.

She fantasized that he was in the shower with her, pointing his cock in her direction and begging her to suck it. She imagined that she sank to her knees, the hot water still splashing over her as she took his prick in her hand and directed the tip over her moist lower lip.

She would look up at the boy and tell him everything was okay, that he was still her favorite man. He would grin down at her, and she would heft his balls in one hand and stroke his dick until it was hard.

She rubbed her cunt in a frenzy as she imagined how it would feel to stroke her thumb over his cockhead and smear his come fluid over the swollen knob. She could almost feel herself licking up the next drop, then pursing her lips and taking his dick-head into her mouth.

She worked her fingers over her pussy, breathing rapidly as her excitement mounted. She no longer avoided thinking about Danny. She actively fantasized about all the wild things she wanted to do with the boy as she worked her fingers over her snatch.

She'd take his prick all the way into her throat. She was good at that, taking a cock into her throat and swallowing hard to put pressure on the head. At the same time she'd play with his balls, stroking the hairy eggs and caressing them with her own saliva.

She wondered if anyone had ever given Danny a blow-job. He had some girlfriends at school who appeared rather horny. Still, no one could give him the blow-job his own mother could. And why not? He was her son, after all. She'd given him life. His tiny body had wriggled out of her cunt at birth. Wasn't it fair that he wriggle back in?

"Oh, Jesus!" she whispered out loud as she pinched her clit between her fingers. "Back off, Val!"

She sat down on the floor of the bathtub and leaned back as she thrust two fingers into her twat. She threw her head back and let the water cascade over her as she imagined Danny's jism squirting into her mouth. At the last moment she'd spit his prick out and force him to stick his cock into her cunt. She'd squeeze her pussy around his dick and he'd groan as he dumped the rest of his load into her snatch.


She heard the voice through the bathroom door.

She rinsed off quickly and stepped out of the shower. She grabbed a towel and wrapped it around herself as she left the steamy room and went to see what the boy wanted.

"What is it?" she said. She stood in the doorway to his room, out of breath and overwrought. She'd been about to pop off when Danny had called out.

He didn't answer at first, but his eyes widened as she gazed at her. She looked down. The towel she'd grabbed barely covered her tits and ass.

She giggled. "This is terrible," she said. "I'm practically naked."

"Gee, Mom, you're beautiful."

She knew she ought to go to her room and slip into a robe, but she didn't. Instead she walked over to the bed and sat down next to her son.

"Tell mother what's the matter," she cooed, taking him into her arms.

"I feel better when you're here," he said.

"Would you like me to slip into bed with you, baby?"

His eyes glittered. "Yeah."

The towel slipped away from her boobs as she climbed onto the bed. The boy's face rested against her naked cleavage and she hummed a little song as she cradled him.

"I've got a secret," she said as they rocked together.

"What?" he said in a whisper.

"I've been wondering if you're a virgin," she said.

"Yeah?" His face flushed and his eyes shone.

"Well, are you, darling?" she giggled.


"I thought so," she said. She held him tighter against her. "Would you like mother to show you about life?"

"Jesus, Mom, yeah!"

She trembled as the fire in her gash raged. "You can start by licking my tits." And the boy buried his face against her boobs and began licking.

As the teenager licked, the fire in her pussy raged. In a few moments she would tell him to lower his mouth to her thighs and lick the insides. There was cuntjuice on her thighs and he could lick it up and taste her.

She tangled her fingers in his hair and cooed, reassuring him that he was doing a lovely job of sucking her tits. Just as he lunged over to her other boob, the horny mother buried her fingers in the folds of her succulent snatch.

She writhed her ass against the mattress. Danny's nervous but eager lips slobbered over her boobs while she rubbed the palm of her hand over her gash. She spread her cuntlips and used her thumb to stroke her clit.

"Suck mother's cunt, darling," she whispered, pushing his head down closer to her downy slit.

"Here, Mom?" he said in a high-pitched voice as his tongue slipped over one hairy cuntlip.

She felt his warm breath against her and loosened her grip on his head. "Yes, there, baby."

He crouched awkwardly between her legs and tentatively flicked the tip of his tongue over her snatch. She took his hands and placed them on her boobs.

The towel had slipped away and she was totally naked now. "Lick harder," she said, and the teenager licked wildly on her pussy.

His tongue worked quickly over the gaping folds of her cunt. His upper lip grazed her clit and he squeezed her sweating tits.

Valerie was a strong woman and when she was turned-on she became even stronger. Danny was a still-developing boy, and she easily pulled him up over her body until his prick rested on her twat.

"Fuck mother, darling," she sighed. "Put your cock in my pussy and fuck, me."

The boy gazed at her, his eyes expressing both fear and excitement. "Jesus, Mom, how do I get it in?"

"I'll help you." she said, reached for his dick.

She tilted it back and thrust it into her cunt. The boy's eyes widened when he realized he was actually fucking his mother.

"Now move it in and out, darling," Valerie said.

The teenager awkwardly and timidly thrust his prick in and out of her clutching cunt. He grunted and stared at her jiggling tits. The hot assed mother grabbed his ass and pulled him a her, burying his dick in her depths.

"Don't rush it, baby," she said, pulling his chest against her tits. "We don't want you to come too fast. You masturbate, don't you?"

"Yeah," he said.

"And you know how when you pump your cock too fast you come right away?" She assumed this and had once even spied on the boy while he masturbated in the bathtub.

He grinned and his prick slipped out of her cunt. "Yeah, Mom."

"See," she murmured, hugging him against her. She thrust two fingers into her twat and wiggled them around. "A woman can help so a man doesn't get excited too fast."

She sat up and made him lean back against the pillow.

"Let mother look at you, darling," she breathed, bending over him, her tits wobbling slightly as she stroked his tiny brown nipples.

Her hand moved from his chest to his smooth flat belly. She trembled as she wet her finger and traced the tip around his belly button. There was a sprinkling of hair just below his navel and she wet her finger again and stroked the curly bristles.

The boy stared at her with hot eyes. His prick was so hard, it tilted back and nudged his belly. It had shrunk slightly when he'd fucked her. Valerie knew it was because he was nervous. Not only had he lost his cheery, but he'd lived every boy's fantasy. He'd fucked his mother.

Her fingers trembled when she moved her hand from his belly to his crotch. She dragged her fingertips down to his fuck pole, and he stared at her open-mouthed as she curled her fingers around it.

Her lips twitched and his face, turned crimson as she tugged on his dick. She bent down and lowered her lips to his cockhead, flicking her tongue over the tip.

The boy grunted when she kneaded his balls and closed her moist lips over his prick-knob. His eyes bulged when she fluttered her tongue up and down his fuck-stick and over his nuts.

"Oh, darling, you have such a lovely, cock!" she murmured. She was ravenous for his prick. She wanted to suck the juice out of his balls and take his cock all the way into her throat and milk it dry.

Holding his balls with one hand, she slid the ring of her lips halfway down his pole. The teenager's face was contorted and he looked almost frightened. Perspiration erupted on his forehead and his breathing quickened.

"Oh, darling," Valerie sighed, squeezing the base of his prick and tonguing the underside of his shaft directly under his cockhead.

"Jesus, Mom, you're sucking my cock!"

"Yes, baby, I am," she whispered, sucking the spongy head of his dick into her mouth and releasing it. Saliva dripped out of the corners of her mouth and coated his throbbing shaft.

She released his trick for a moment and the turgid organ snapped back against his groin. A steady stream of pre-orgasm fluid oozed out of the tip and she quickly licked it up with one swipe of her tongue.

"You taste delicious," she smiled, flicking her tongue again and again over his piss-slit.

"Jesus, Mom, I think I'm gonna shoot off!"

"Not, yet, darling," she said, quickly squeezing the tip of his cock to cool him down.

It worked. He groaned and she nuzzled his balls with her nose and cheeks and lips. When she was certain he wasn't about to blast off, she tasted the saltiness of his spunk and licked up and down his throbbing stalk.

The excited mother's cunt blazed with sexual arousal. Her ass stuck up in the air and her pussy was wet with fuck-dew. Her clit throbbed with need and she moved one hand between her legs to stroke it while she sucked her son's dick. Closing her eyes, she worked her fingers over her love-button.

Danny lay back with his eyes closed and an expression of abandon on his sweet young face. His blood-engorged dick hit Valerie in the eye when she momentarily released it, and she took the tip into her mouth and licked furiously on the flared rim.

She frantically pinched her clit as she came. Turned on by her orgasm, she mounted the boy and stuffed his prick into her twat. She rode him like a bronco, her body swinging back and forth as she took his dick into her pussy and then released it.

Her tits flew around and the boy humped his ass and fucked back at her gyrating cunt. When he came, the hot cream bursting against her insides brought her off too and mother and son rocked on the bed in orgiastic abandon.


"Hey, don't use all the hot water," Teddy said as he swung the shower door open and joined his sister.

The sexy blonde teenage girl grinned. "Who invited you?" she said.

He pushed her aside and stood directly under the hot spray. "I invited myself," he said. He closed his eyes and let the hot water splash his face.

Gloria picked up the soap and automatically began lathering her pussy. She loved showering with Teddy. They'd been doing it for years. At least when Richard wasn't around. And now that he was married to that hot cunted slut, there was always someone at home. Except for today.

The teenage girl ran her soapy hands over her older brother's flat belly. "Do you want to fuck?" she said.

"I guess so." He opened one eye and saw her fingering her clit. The water ran down her body and her big tits jutted out. His cock stirred slightly.

"Well, don't bother if it's that much trouble," Gloria pouted. "And get out of the way. I want some water too."

She rinsed off and climbed out of the shower. She held her tits to keep them from wobbling as she grabbed a towel and dried herself off. She knew Teddy could see her through the glass door and she deliberately stroked her nipples to get them hard.

Teddy loved her tits and he especially liked to suck her nipples. Sometimes he sucked them for hours at a time. At least he used to love it. Since their father had married that slut Valerie, everything was changed. Not only were her two bratty kids around, but Teddy wasn't paying as much attention to her.

She'd been masturbating when Teddy had walked into the bathroom and her pussy was on fire. If he wouldn't fuck her, she'd have to use her fingers and she needed more than that today. Thinking about her stepmother made her hornier. For some reason her animosity for the woman turned her on.

Teddy was whistling and lathering up his chest and shoulders. She sat down on the toilet and peed. She was still naked and she felt her face grow flushed as she watched her brother through the shower door.

"Do you or don't you?" she called out.

He glanced down at his prick which was erected to the point where it stood up in the air. "I'll fuck you," he said.

When she was through peeing, she climbed back into the shower and took the soap from Teddy's hands. "I'll do that, brother dear," she said sweetly. She pressed up against him, loving the feel of his stiffening dick on her wet pussy.

Her hands shook with excitement and she dropped the soap. As she bent down to pick it up, her cheek brushed against his prick. His cock bobbed and weaved in front of her lips and she swiped the tip of her tongue over his knob.

She crouched in front of him and smiled, at the boy. "Should I wash your thingie?"

"My what?" he smirked.

"Your thingie." Ever since they were small, when she wanted to make him laugh she called his cock a thingie.

She lathered up her hands and stroked his thighs, barely grazing his balls with her fingertips.

"Don't you think it's time we stopped acting like kids," Teddy said.

"Well, pardon me, old man!"

"Yeah, well..." He opened his mouth as if to continue and then stopped. "Oh, shit!"

Gloria closed her fist around his cockshaft and squeezed.

"Did you say something?" Gloria said sweetly. Her pussy ached with frustration and she slid her hand up and down his soapy fuck pole.

"Don't do that so fast, you're making it numb."

She stopped pumping and concentrated on the blunt tip of his dick. He'd never criticized her hand-jobs before. It was only since that damn Valerie moved in. Nothing was the same anymore.

She decided to play it cool. "What do you think of Valerie?"

"We're supposed to call her Mom."

"Not me!"

"It's not so hard." His face was flushed and he averted his eyes.

"Your face is getting red. It got red when I mentioned Valerie. Do you have a crush on her or something?" Her voice was accusatory and her heart pounded wildly. If her brother became an ally of Val's, she'd be all alone in the family.

"Fuck you, I don't have a crush on anyone!" But he had a strained expression on his face, and Gloria's heart sank.

She stopped stroking his prick and rose unsteadily to her feet. She stood with him under the spray and rinsed the soap from his cock and balls.

She closed her fingers tightly around his prick and he grunted. "Easy," he said.

She slid her hand gently up and down his rod from his cockhead to his root. He closed his eyes and grunted again and when he opened his eyes they looked moist.

"Jerk me off," he said.

"What about me?"

"I'll bring you off afterward."

"No, I want to fuck."

"Oh, Jesus!"

His cock twitched and throbbed in her hand. That damn Valerie! Before she got here, Teddy was always after her. Now she could hardly get him turned-on. Damn Valerie and damn dad for marrying her!

Teddy moved his hips and swayed, pumping his prick in and out of her fingers. He grabbed her ass and pulled her against him. His cockhead stabbed her cunt mound and she opened her legs and let it inside.

They stood perfectly still. He held her ass with both hands and she reached underneath and caressed his balls. A drone-like sound escaped his throat and she sighed when he snaked a finger into her asscrack and searched for her bung.

"Are you going to fuck me in here?" she said.

As if awakened from a dream, he shook his head and gazed down at her. "We've got to be careful."

Her tits bobbed against his chest and he eyed them hungrily. "Do you want to nurse for a while?" she whispered.

She moved out of his arms and spread her cuntlips open. She swayed her hips and boobs, watching his face to see his reaction. Wild sparks of excitement raged through her, and she gyrated her hips faster as he lowered his face to her tits.

"Oh, Teddy!" she cried when he fastened his lips to one puckered nipple.

She shoved her knee against his crotch and rubbed his balls. She took his prick in her hand and held it there, loving the feel of the heat and stiffness coming from his pole.

As he sucked her tits, he squeezed and kneaded her butt, and, at one point, he ran the flat of his hand up and down her ass crease.

After a few minutes of sucking, he spit her boob out and straightened up. His cock thumped against her thigh.

She tried unsuccessfully to stuff it into her twat.

"Rub the tip over your clit," he said.

"Sure!" She tilted his prick back and rubbed it against her tiny little passion button.

But it was all too much for the teenage boy. He grabbed his prick from her hand and tried to stick it into her gash. It slipped out each time he thrust it in and he began to jerk himself off in a frenzy.

"No, let me!" she cried, but turned away and continued jerking off.

"Let me do it!" she said, sinking to the floor of the shower and grabbing his dick. "Let me bring you off!"

Her fingers streaked over his slippery cockshaft. His prick swelled up even bigger. Bluish veins stood out all along the length and it seemed to the teenage girl that his cock had never been larger.

When he came, she closed her lips over his knob and took the bitter-sweet frothy fuck cream into her mouth. "Get up!" he hissed as she devoured him. "Get up and let's get into bed!"

But when she continued sucking him dry, he groaned and leaned against the wall of the shower, his fingers clutching her hair.

Gloria almost came as she sucked him. She loved the taste and feel of his maleness. His jism was delicious and his cock felt so wonderful in her mouth.

She swooped down again and again on his half-limp prick and lapped furiously on his shaft. He swayed back and forth and fucked her mouth with slow thrusts of his lips.

"Did you mean what you said about getting into bed?" she said.

"Yeah, I'm getting hard again. Feel it?"

She felt it. He was getting hard again. Teddy could do that sometimes. Right after he blasted off, while he was still half stiff, he could get hard as new and fuck her for hours and hours.

She hungrily licked his cock and balls and inner thighs. He groaned and tangled his fingers in her hair. He clamped his hands around her head so tightly she felt pain, bat she didn't care.

Finally he made her stand up. "Turn that water off and let's get out of here before you turn into a prune."

Once they were out of the shower, he made her sit on the toilet seat and he sucked her pussy.

"Ooooooh, Teddy, stick your tongue in there!" she said. "Your tongue feels so good inside me. It feels like a cock."

Her knees felt like jelly and she leaned back against the back of the toilet and felt the sensations of an orgasm course through her. He licked her clit as she came and rammed two fingers into her cunthole. The overheated teenage blonde shivered and blacked out as the ecstasy engulfed her.

She bucked her hips and slammed her cunt against his slobbering mouth. Her legs and arms went limp and he held his lips against her twat and kissed her.

When he rose up to his feet, he wiped his lips and took her hand. "Come on. Let's get into bed and fuck."

But once they were in her room, Teddy sprawled out on the bed and spread his legs. "Get it up for me," he said with a yawn, and his sister knelt between his legs and took his prick in her hand.

Her long blonde hair fall over one shoulder and tickled his thighs. She let it stay there. She knew how sexy she looked and how he liked looking at her tits when they hung down.

She took his entire prick into her mouth. She used her tongue on the flared rim under his knob and licked the sensitive tip. He squirmed when she forced her tongue-tip against his piss-slit.

"You'd just love to get your tongue in there, wouldn't you?" he snickered.

She nodded her head and winked. She alternated between sucking his cockhead and licking up and down the length of his shaft. She squeezed and fondled his balls and felt them swell up under her touch.

She teased him by releasing his prick and hovering over him, toying with the hairs on his chest. "I'm getting tired, Teddy," she whined. "I don't think I can suck anymore." He pushed her down and her hair flew over her shoulders as she opened her moist lips and took his palpitating cockhead inside them.

She sucked hungrily, lapping her tongue over his pisser as if it were an ice cream cone. She bobbed her head, sliding the ring of her lips halfway down his shaft.

Teddy groaned and threw his head back against the pillow. He folded his hands over his chest and stared at the ceiling. "I think I'm gonna come again," he said.

The teenage girl spit his cock out and climbed on top of him. "Oh, no, you don't," she said. She stared down at him, her huge blue eyes sparkling with lust. "You're going to fuck me now. You promised."

"Yeah, I guess I did."

She rolled onto her back and spread her legs. "Well, come on," she said. "Fuck me."

He smirked. "You're such a typical girl." "What did you expect? A polar bear?"

"You know what I mean."

She leaned on one elbow and toyed with his nipples. "I guess you think maybe Valerie would be a better lay."

"Maybe she would."

"What's she got that I don't have?"

"Plenty," he snickered.

"Huh? Have you seen her naked?" "Maybe."

She sat up. "You better tell me!" "Aw, shit, Gloria, get lost."

"What's she got that I don't have and when did you see her naked?"

"I was just kidding." "No, you weren't."

"Okay, I saw her and Dad fucking one morning."

"You didn't!"

"Yeah, I did."

"Tell me about it!"

"There's nothing to tell, but she lets him fuck her from behind like a dog."

"Like a dog?"

"Yeah, she gets on her hands and knees and he fucked her from behind."

"I can do that."

"Yeah, well, why don't you?"

"I will. See? Here, I can do it." She climbed onto her hands and knees and stuck her ass out at him. She craned her neck and gazed into his eyes. He stared at her cunt, totally visible below her asshole.

The half-moons at her butt shimmered and he climbed to his knees behind her and ran his hands up and down her hips. "Not bad, Sis," he said.

He guided his prick-knob inside her asscrack and the teenage girl squealed.

"What are you doing?"

"Don't worry, I won't stick it in your butt."

"You better not."

He rammed his hand inside her cuntlips. "Shit, you're wet."

"Oh, Teddy, I want you to fuck me so bad!"

Her pussy was hot and horny and the discussion about her step-mother had depressed her. Her cuntlips flared open and Teddy ran one fingertip along the hairy edges.

She wiggled her ass and lay her cheek on her arm. "Does Valerie let Dad fuck her in the asshole?"

"I don't know. I think so."

"Did they do it when you saw them?" "No, I only watched for a minute. Dad shut the door."

She fell forward when be guided his cockhead into the socket of her pussy. "Oh, Teddy, this is incredible!"

When he pushed in, she pushed back and they met. His prick slipped all the way inside her overheated twat and they began fucking. Because of the position, Teddy, was able to get his prick all the way into her cunt. Much deeper than usual. And the deep fuck felt incredible on his horny dick.

He whipped his prick in and out of her gulch. She fell forward on the bed with every thrust. She had never felt Teddy's cock so high up in her twat and the new sensations took her breath away.

"Oh, Teddy, this is great!" she cried.

He held her hips in his fingers. His fingernails dug brutally into her flesh as he stroked in and out of her pussy-hole with long deep thrusts.

The teenage girl's mouth hung open and her eyes rolled back in her head. Teddy watched his prick as it plunged in and disappeared inside her gash.

"Jesus, Sis, your cunt's grabbing my cock! You oughta see it?"

Gloria hardly heard him. She was in a sexual fog and all that mattered was the feel of his prick streaking into her pussy. Her entire body throbbed with excitement. She banged her head on the mattress and whimpered.

His belly slammed against her with every stroke and when she came she took him with her. Her cunt sucked on his prick and his balls emptied, drowning the girl's cunt with her brother's dick-cream.


Buddy knew his brother was keeping a secret and it wasn't long before he forced the boy to tell him what it was. When he found out the boy had fucked his mother, he became excited. All his life he'd had the hots for Valerie. And now that he was older and she was remarried, he was hornier for her than ever.

He knew that Danny had been a virgin, but he wasn't. He'd show his sexy mother what a real fuck was like. He'd give her a better dicking than Richard gave her. The idea of her fucking Richard! He was walking into their home and taking over the family.

He puffed hard on a cigarette, inhaling deeply before blowing it out. Even the cigarette had become an issue. Richard told him it would take years off his life and forbade him to smoke. It wasn't any of his damn business, and Buddy smoked whenever he was alone in his room.

He lay back on his bed and listened to the morning sounds. He'd decided to stay home from school. Fucking school. A guy never learned a damn thing anyway. He could learn more balling some chick than in a fucking classroom.

He heard the front door slain a few times and decided everyone had left. Except for his mother, of course. She stayed home now that she was married and took care of the house. He stroked his prick. Every time he thought about his mother, he got a hard-on. Had she really let Danny fuck her?

Now he rose up and swung his legs off the bed. He wore only a pair of bikini shorts one of his girlfriends had bought him. He strutted down the hall to the bathroom. He felt less bravado than he showed. If Richard was still in the house, he'd kill him for walking around almost naked.

When he reached the bathroom, he paused. He heard water running in the sink and was half inclined to barge right in. He put his hand on the knob and then changed his mind. He went downstairs to the second bathroom and peed.

Upstairs in the big bathroom, Valerie hummed to herself as she brushed her teeth and washed. She wondered who was still home. She'd just awakened. Normally she got up with Richard and prepared breakfast. But today she slept in. She and Richard had enjoyed a vigorous fuck around six in the morning, and she'd relished the time in bed thinking about it.

When she was through in the bathroom, she went back to her bedroom and lay down. She reached into the drawer of her night table and picked up her vibrator. She hardly used it anymore, but sometimes she was so turned on from fucking, she gave herself a few more orgasms with the dildo.

She flicked the switch and lay the vibrator against her cunt. She slid it up and down her slit and moaned with excitement. The first contact was always the best. But an orgasm was an orgasm.

"You in there, Mom?" Buddy said, out in the hall.

"Yes, Son, what're you doing home?"

"I think I'm sick."

Valerie knew she ought to stop masturbating, and she turned off the vibrator and sat up on the bed. "Come in, honey," she called out, pulling the blanket up to her chin to cover herself.

"I heard something funny," he said. He stood in the doorway, still wearing only his bikini shorts.

"Why, darling, you're not dressed," she whispered.

"Gee, Mom, I'm sorry..." He began backing out of the room, but she giggled and waved him in.

"I don't mind," she said. "Come on in and tell mother all about it."

She patted the bed next to her and the boy padded into the room and sat down. Once he was seated, his courage disappeared and he blushed hotly.

"What's troubling you, Son?" she said. She felt his head. "You're not feverish. I think you just want some attention from your old mother."

The teenager eyed the vibrator. Valerie grinned and took his hand.

"Well, now you know your mother's a pervert," she said. "I was masturbating when you knocked. So there. You know my secret. Do you think I'm terrible?" She squeezed his muscular upper arm. When had he grown so big? Only yesterday he'd been her little boy.

"Mom," he said. His mouth was dry. "I guess I'm feeling better," he said softly.

"You look very sexy in those shorts," she said. "Did thinking about me masturbating give you a hard-on?" She pointed at his groin and giggled nervously.

"Jesus, Mom," he muttered, turning away. The blanket fell away from her chest when she leaned forward and one huge tit fell out.

"Oh, my, look at me," she said, leaving her tit out and holding onto his arm with both hands.

It occurred to Valerie that Danny had told his brother about their fuck. And Buddy deliberately played sick so he could get some too. He was entitled to it. He was older than Danny and bigger. And as a mother she never showed partiality. She loved both her boys the same.

"Why don't you take them off?" she said, tugging at the waistband of his shorts. "Let me see what you've got in there. You used to let me see it all the time."

"Honest? You mean it, Mom?" His eyes glittered and his face crinkled in a grin.

"I mean it, Son," she said. "You're old enough to learn how to treat a woman."

Buddy blushed as his cock pushed against the flimsy material of his shorts. Valerie felt her pussy twitch. Her cunt demanded attention and it demanded it from the boy sitting next to her.

Son or no son, she thought, I've got to have him.

He hesitated, and she rubbed her cheek against his shoulder. "Are you afraid I'll eat you, or are you afraid I won't?"

He snickered. "Aw, Mom!"

She tugged at his shorts, her eyes glued to his crotch as together they pulled the bikinis off. When she saw his prick she sucked in her breath. It sprang free from the confines of his shorts and stood out straight in the air. His cock was bigger than Danny's. More adult looking somehow.

She absently picked up the vibrator and flicked it on. She held it against her gash, over her clit. "Oh, darling, you've got a beautiful cock," she murmured. She held the vibrator against the wet interior of her pussy and writhed her ass on the bed.

The boy watched, mesmerized as she moved the dildo up and down her hairy slit. He wasn't aware when she'd pushed the blanket completely off her body, but suddenly he was confronted with her nakedness and he couldn't take his eyes off her.

"Aren't I terrible?" she said, her eyes gleamed. "But I just need one tiny orgasm." Her forehead was creased and a film of perspiration erupted on her pretty face.

Buddy thought his mother looked younger than he'd ever seen her. Me averted his eyes, but somehow they kept returning to her hair rimmed slit. He'd seen plenty of snatches in his day, but nothing like his mother's.

"Play with yourself," Valerie said in a tight little voice.

"Okay, Mom," the boy croaked. He shyly stroked his dick while he stared at her cunt.

Valerie's juices flowed and she let the vibrator rest directly on her clit. Normally she came at once when she used the vibrator, but with Buddy watching she felt inhibited.

She lay the dildo down and watched Buddy pump his cock. "Do you want Mother to do that for you, darling?" she said.

He stopped pumping, and gripped his prick tightly. "Jesus, Mom, would you?"

"I'll do more than that," she said. She reached over and took his dick from his hand.

The boy lay back on the bed and the oversexed mother hovered over him. He trembled with the realization that his mother was going to take his prick in her mouth.

"Relax, darling," she murmured, clenching his shaft in her hand.

"I'm trying, Mom," he said, barely breathing.

"Touch my titties," she said and the boy reached over and caressed his mother's jugs.

Suddenly they were in each other's arms, his cock rubbing her cunt and her tits poking his chest. They kissed, hot, wet french kisses. They licked and devoured each other's throat and ears and body.

"Touch me here!" Valerie hissed, taking his hand and placing it over her snatch. "Right there, Son. On my clit."

The boy pressed hard on the stiff little button, and Valerie writhed her ass under him. The feel of his finger on her sensitive cunt folds sent spasms of pleasure up and down her spine.

When she came, she grunted and broke out in a sheet of perspiration. She fell over the boy and bit down hard on his upper arm, and her sharp teeth left marks on his flesh.

"Jesus, Mom, I really made you come, huh?" the teenager said, his eyes shining with pride.

"Yes, darling, and it was a wonderful one." She dabbed her fingers over his chest. "Did I hurt you when I bit you?"


He leaned on his arms, his hard-on swaying in front of him and she reached out and took his prick in her hand. She stroked it and cooed, "Now what shall we do with this thing? Are you in pain, sweetheart?"

"A little." He grinned.

"How can I help you?" she teased.

He blushed and looked down. "Aw, I don't know."

"I suppose you'd like to fuck me."

"Christ, yeah!"

"I guess every boy dreams of fucking his mother."

"I guess."

"Did you ever dream we'd actually do it?" He hesitated. "I once watched you and one of your boyfriends do it."

Valerie's heart pounded. "Which one?"

"I don't remember his name, but he was a big guy."


"Yeah, I think that was the one."

"You naughty boy," she giggled, leaning closer and licking the spunk from his jizz-slit. "What were we doing?"

Buddy grinned. "He was giving it to you in the asshole."

Valerie's eyes widened. "Oh, my, you must have thought I was terrible to let a man do that to me."

"I thought it was great."

"Your cock is so nice and hard darling, I think I just might let you fuck my mouth."


"What, darling?"

"Could we do what you did with Herb?" Valerie stroked his prick-shaft while she swirled her tongue over the rim of his knob. "You'd really like to cornhole me?"

"Yeah!" He grimaced as she nibbled his balls.

"Have you ever fucked a girl in the asshole?"

"No." His voice was tight as she flicked her tongue over his nuts and up and down his shaft.

She pursed her lips and brought them to the tip of his prick. "If you're not careful you can hurt a woman doing it," she said, closing her lips over his prick-head.


"Yes, you've got to be very careful and make sure the woman's loosened up." She forced the tip of her tongue into his piss-slit and licked up his male-cream.

"I'll do what ever you say, Mom."

A tingle coursed through her and she slid the ring of her lips halfway down his fuck pole. "And you've got to make sure a woman's asshole is wet."

"How do you do that?"

"You can do a number of things. You can use Vaseline or cuntjuice." She giggled. "Or you can even use the stuff that leaks out of your cockhead."

Buddy gazed at his mother as she took his entire prick into her mouth. At that moment he would have done anything she asked. If there was such a thing as falling in love with one's own mother, the kid had just experienced it. Watching his cockshaft disappear into his mother's mouth, actually going, into her throat, was almost spiritual. The blood pounded in his temples when she released him and nibbled lightly on his prick-knob.

Valerie knew how excited he was and she loved it. She cupped his balls with one hand and stroked his dick with the other. She sucked hungrily on his knob and slowly took him all the way into her throat.

Her cunt itched with desire, but the prospect of having her own sweet boy stick it to her in the butt made her wild with excitement. She bobbed her head up and down until she realized the teenager was about to come. Then she stopped sucking and released his fuck-wand.

"No, don't come, darling," she said. "AS much as I'd love to have you mouth-fuck me, I think I'd like you to give it to me in the backdoor."

His eyes sparkled. "Honest?"

"Mmmmmm, yes," she toyed with his chest hair. "But remember. You must be very careful not to hurt me."

She held his prick lightly and dribbled saliva over his balls. He assured her he'd be careful and she climbed up on his body and cushioned his dick between her boobs.

"Do mother's tits feel good on your dick, honey?" she said.

"Shit, yeah."

She pushed her boobs together and made a pussy-hole of her cleavage. She pressed one of her nipples against the tip of his prick and wet it with his spunk.

"Can we do it now, Mom?" he said through clenched teeth.

"Yes, darling, soon."

"I think I'm gonna come soon."

"My poor darling," Valerie sighed. "I've really teased you enough, haven't I? Tell me, when Herb ass-fucked me, was I on my back or on my hands and knees?"

"Your hands and knees. He fucked you from behind."

"And I suppose that's what you'd like?"


She rolled onto her hands and knees and he knelt behind her. She reached back and parted her asscheeks, exposing her tiny puckered butt-hole to his gaze.

"Don't forget to wet it, darling," she said. The teenage boy swiped his hand over her pussy and deposited the juice on her asshole. He stuck a finger into her butt and when she grunted he added a second. Her asshole opened up and clung to his fingers and she told him to stick his cock in. He immediately obeyed, guiding his prick-head between the fleshy cheeks of her butt and touching the tip to her brownie.

Valerie moaned when she felt his cock against her asshole. She lurched forward and raised her ass higher in the air. She cried out when he pushed in and sent the bead of his cock soaring into her butthole. She wasn't totally loosened and there was some pain, but the pleasure more than overcame it.

She shrieked when he thrust the rest of his dick into her asshole with one stroke. "Oh, darling, you're in!" she yelled.

"Jesus, Mom, it's so tight!" the boy said, working his prick with jerky movements in and out of her butt.

His balls plopped against her cunt as he stroked in, igniting her clit. She felt every inch of his prick in her asshole, and as usual, she felt like she had to take a giant shit. But the feeling in her cunt more than overcame that sensation. His balls rubbing her clit and his cock churning her bowels quickly brought her over the edge to oblivion.

The boy maintained control even when her asshole spasmed around his cock. The sight of his mother bent over on the bed, coming because of his cock, was the most wonderful thing that had ever happened to him. Her tits hung down and grazed the sheet with every thrust of his dick. He felt raw power for the first time in his life. Raw power over this woman. His mother.

"Fuck my asshole!" Valerie gasped in a hoarse voice. "Ride me, Son! Ride me!"

When his prick exploded and his come spilled into her asshole, she came again and mother and son collapsed on the bed in each other's arms.


Gloria was determined to break up her father's marriage. She hated Valerie, and she wanted her family to be the way it was before her hated step-mother arrived and took over.

Her step-brothers tried to make her feel part of the family, but she hated them too. She was so unhappy, she moped around the house and Richard couldn't help but be aware of it.

He and Valerie discussed it. "Why don't you spend some time alone with her and talk it out," she said.

"I don't know what to say!"

"Why is it women can talk about those things, but men can't?"

"I don't know."

"Should I try and talk to her?"

"No, let me. She'd probably resent it if you tried to talk to her and things would get worse."

"When will you do it?"

"This weekend."

"I'll make sure the boys are out of the house."

"Handle Teddy too, huh?"

"Sure, darling."

The following Saturday, Richard and Gloria were home alone. The teenage blonde planted herself in the den in front of the television set and watched an old movie. Richard sat down in a lounge chair and motioned to her.

"Sit on my lap like you used to do."

She gazed at him, her huge blue eyes wide. "Why?"

"Because you're my little girl."

"Oh, Dad," she giggled, rising up and moving toward him.

"That's better," he said as she sat down on his lap. "Isn't that better?"

She cuddled against him, her arms around his neck. "It's better," she said. "Jeez, Dad, I feel like a little girl again."

"You are a little girl," he said, but the feel of her tits against him made him uncomfortable. A man wasn't supposed to have those feelings about his own kid. "You're my little girl."

"I'm not a little girl, Dad," she said, distinctly feeling the bulge of his cock on her ass.

"You've been unhappy lately, haven't you?"

"Jesus, how could you tell?" She sounded sarcastic and he winced.

"This isn't easy for me either," he said.

"I know, Dad, and I'm sorry I said that." She kissed his cheek and as an afterthought she rubbed her tits against his arm.

He shifted around on the chair and dislodged his arm. Now her boobs rested on his chest. "Why don't you try and get along with Val?"

Her heart pounded in her chest. That was all he cared about -- how well she got along with his damn wife. She forced herself to stay calm. "Why doesn't she try and get along with me?"

"I think she does."

"You only hear her side of it."

"She was real hurt when you didn't give her a birthday card."

"I forgot."

"We had a cake and her boys and I got her presents. You knew it was her birthday."

"Is that why you wanted to talk to me? To bawl me out for being mean to her?"

"No, honey, I want to help you understand how grown people feel. Like when you told Val you loved doing nice things for people you care about and then you didn't even give her a birthday card."

She pulled back and tried to rise up. "I don't think I want to talk anymore."

Richard held her tightly. "Whoa," he said. "You're not going anywhere."

"Well if all you want to do is yell at me..."

"Have I raised my voice."

She giggled when he made a funny face. "No."

"Okay, then stay here. You might learn a thing or two."

She leaned against him, an idea forming in her mind. She deliberately rubbed her ass against his crotch and was rewarded by the feel of his prick stirring. "Go on, Sir Richard."

Richard flushed. "Now, then, Val's tried to get along with you. Remember all those nice things she gave you? The sweaters and things. She liked those clothes and wasn't really ready to get rid of them. But she saw that you liked them too and so she gave them to you. And what did you do? You gave them away to your girlfriends."

"I didn't want her old junk."

"Well you shouldn't have taken it."

She stiffened. "Listen, Dad, if that's all you want to talk about, I think I'll go out."

He pulled her against him. "No, that's not all I want to talk about. I want to make my daughter feel better."

"Then let's not talk about Val anymore." He sighed. He wanted her to call Valerie Mom, but now wasn't the time to bring that up. He reached over to the table, brushing her tits with his arm. He picked up a can of beer and gulped half of it down. It wasn't easy being the parent of a strong-willed teenage girl.

Gloria shivered at the touch of his arm on her boobs. She pressed her cheek to his and kissed him. "Don't let's fight, Dad."

The aroma of her female fragrance filled Richard's nostrils. "Okay, baby," he said. "Let's don't."

Suddenly his hands were on her skin, pushing inside her tee-shirt. The teenager held her breath. "Dad?"

"Yes, honey," he said, absently, stroking her midriff.

"What're you doing?"

"I'm not sure."

"Oh, Dad!" She shivered when he unsnapped her bra. It opened easily and he moved one hand to the front of her chest and cupped one tit in his hand.

"You're a woman," he said. He lifted her boob in his hand.

Gloria held her breath and fell against his chest. It was working. If she could fill her father's needs, he wouldn't need Val. Then maybe he would divorce her and it would be like old times again.

Gloria had been around a lot for her age and plenty of guys had felt her up. But never had the touch of a man's hand on her boob felt this good. And never had she been this aroused. When Richard squeezed her nipple, she almost climaxed.

He did no more then pull on her nipple. Teddy fondled her that way all the time. But now it was her father's hand touching her. Her father's strong, blunt-tipped fingers caressing her. And it was so damn exciting her pussy throbbed.

Now he took her nipple between his thumb and forefinger and pinched it hard. He gazed into space, almost as if he were in a trance. He moved the puckered nub of flesh in circles and she sighed softly and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"I can't help it, honey," he said. His breath was warm and moist in her ear.

"That's okay, Dad. I like it."

"I'm glad, baby." He worked his tongue into her ear and she shifted around on his lap. Her ears were terribly sensitive as was her throat. In fact, her skin was sensitive to touch all over. Even her feet and toes responded to erotic stimulation.

His tongue lapped lightly over her neck and down to her throat. She clung to him, afraid that if she spoke she'd break the spell. She heard the beat of his heart against her body. It beat very, very fast.

She felt the dampness between her legs. Her eyes were shut tight and goosebumps erupted all over her body as he stroked first one tit and then the other.

"Are you going to fuck me, Dad?" she whispered. She wanted him to fuck her and she wanted Val to walk in and find them in bed together.

"I don't know," Richard said.

"Fuck me, Dad," she whispered hotly in his ear.

"Are you sure you want that?"

She rubbed her ass against his cock. "Mmmmm, yeah, I'm real horny."

He pushed her shirt up to reveal her boobs. Her bra was bunched up around her neck and he kneaded her tits with both hands. He lowered his head and lightly kissed the tip of each nipple and the teenage girl almost cried with passion.

Her nipples were like two hard pebbles. He took one between his teeth and bit down. He lashed his tongue over the excited little nub and she brushed her lips against the top of his head.

"Oh, Dad!" Names of desire ripped through her. Her pussy felt wetter than ever and the dampness extended to her velvety inner thighs.

"Dad, let's get into bed," she said.

"Soon, baby."

She felt the stiffness of his prick through his pants and she longed to see and feel his naked body. "Oooooh, Dad, no one ever sucked my tits like that."

He released her boobs from his mouth and tongued her ear. He used his tongue like a cock and stroked it in and out of her ear. And suddenly her jeans were unzipped and lying in a heap on the floor. She never did remember who stripped them off.

She felt dazed as his hands worked over her ass and thighs and her pussy quavered with excitement. She glanced down at her crotch. Her father's fingers were busy on her beaver and his prick-bulge nestled inside her asscrack.

He lifted her up and rose to his feet. He took her hand and guided it to his zipper. She tugged at his zipper and yanked it down, releasing his prick to the air.

She sucked in her breath when his cock snapped back against his belly at rigid attention. She giggled when she saw how big his cock was. He held her hand against his balls for a moment and the blonde teenager felt a moment of panic. What should she do now? He seemed to want something. What was it?

"What's the matter, princess?" "It's so big."

"I'm a man, baby."

"Will it hurt me?" She felt like a child suddenly. A child who needed her dad to take care of her.

"I'd never hurt you, baby." "But, it's so big."

"You'll see. Your little pussy will open up for it. They always do."

She felt his balls. His pants and shorts had dropped to the floor and he stepped out of them. His balls were huge, too, and hairy. Much hairier than Teddy's.

"It's all yours, baby," Richard said in her ear. "You can do whatever you want with it."

"I want it in my cunt, Dad." "Then in your cunt you'll have it." "Where'll we go?" She squeezed his prick while he stroked her muff.

"How about your room." Richard knew they were safe anywhere in the house. Valerie and the boys wouldn't be home for hours.

"Let's stay here," Gloria said. That way if Val walked in, she'd catch them together.

"Whatever you want, baby," Richard said. "Why don't you sit down and let me get on top of you?" Gloria said.

Richard smiled. "You're quite a young lady, aren't you?"

"Why, don't women get on top sometimes?"

"Women yes. Teenage girls, no."

He sat down on a straight back chair and she climbed onto his lap facing him. She positioned herself over his prick and guided the flaming head against her cuntlips.

For a long moment she held herself against his chest, savoring the feel of his cock against her snatch. She barely breathed, so afraid was she that she would wake up and find she was dreaming.

But it was no dream that his balls nudged her ass and it was no dream that his cockhead lodged between her pussy-lips. It was very, very real.

"Help me get it in, Dad," she said in a tiny voice and Richard held her waist and helped her sit down on his dick.

His prick plunged all the way inside her pussy. She held onto his neck and stopped moving, relishing the feel of her stretched cuntlips and his throbbing prick.

The impact effected Richard too. Her teenage pussy gripped his dick tightly. The wonder of it all made Richard feel dizzy. He felt robbed of his strength. Like Samson, he thought. She's made me weak as a puppy.

Gloria felt limp too. She leaned against her father, all thoughts of Val gone from her mind. His cock pulsated wildly inside her and his hands were still on her waist.

She swung her hips and felt his prick throb against her cunt-walls. "Dad, are you going to come inside me?"

"If you want me to." He plunged his tongue into her ear.

"Oh, I do!"

He lowered his head and licked her tits. He stroked and licked and sucked while she bounced slowly up and down on his dick. Her excitement mounted with every movement of cock inside her and his lips and tongue felt incredible on her boobies.

He moved his hands from her waist to her ass and guided her as she bounced up and down on his lap. He nibbled her tits and rubbed his face between them. And all the while his prick-shaft rasped deliciously against her clit.

"Oooooh, Dad!" she sighed, clinging to him limply.

"Fuck, baby."

"I feel so funny."

"Do you feel you're going to come soon?" "In a while."

"Tell me just before you're ready."

"I need a little more time. Fuck me a little harder, please."

She sounded so young at that moment that Richard felt his first flash of guilt. What was he doing here, fucking his own kid? Jesus, what a pervert he'd turned out to be!

But it was too late to turn back. Then he dropped her again, and his cock plummeted deep inside her gash.

"Is that what you want, baby?" he said.

"Oh, yes, Dad!"

She clung to him as he raised and lowered his ass from the chair. The position was awkward and soon he rose up and let his cock drop out of her pussy.

"Get over here," he said, leading her over to the television set.

He made her bend over and he stood behind her, ramming his prick all the way into her yielding pussy.

"Dad!" she sobbed. "I've never fucked this way before!"

He reached around and placed one hand on her tits and with the other he stroked her clit. "You'll come good this way, baby."

She went wild. She flung her ass back to meet his thrusts. She planted her legs wide apart and hunched over the top of the television set. Her cunt felt exquisitely stretched and lubricated, and she trembled when the first stirrings of an orgasm began.

He leaned over and tongued her ear. Now all her most sensitive parts were being stimulated and the teenage blonde crashed through an orgasm.

"Baby, keep coming," Richard hissed and her cunt burned with the friction of his shaft inside her.

She came again when he stuck a finger into her asshole and wiggled it around. When she came down from one climax, she went into another and she was never free from sexual tension for more than a minute.

When the warm rush of spunk filled her pussy, she sighed with contentment. Richard held her tightly, grunting softly as he filled her with his jism. His hand was still stroking her clit and she came again as his cock went limp inside her and slipped from her cunt. The only thing marring the perfection of the fuck was that her step-mother didn't walk in on them.


Valerie pushed her hair back and tugged at the carton on the top shelf. She'd gone down to the basement to search for some books for Richard. She had stayed to try and sort out the mess.

She opened carton after carton and found old letters and photographs and dozens of books. Some of the books were classics and some were pornographic. Richard had told her his father had like porn books and when he'd died Richard had inherited them. "Jesus!" she whispered to herself as she opened a book and found a particularly erotic photograph.

"Anyone down there?" It was Teddy. Valerie wiped her forehead. "It's me. Come on down." The boy clumped down the stairs and walked up beside her. "I see you found Grandpa's books."

"He must have been quite a guy," she said. Teddy grinned shyly. He looked down at his scuffed running shoes. "I loved him."

Valerie felt a stab of tenderness for the teenager. She placed the book back into the carton. "Come on. Help me lug these things over here."

Of all the members of the Sutton household, Teddy had given her the least trouble. Gloria was still bitchy and hard to handle, but Teddy was sweet and helpful and even tried to I mediate when she and Gloria quarreled.

"Were you looking for something down here?" she said.

"Yeah, I need some reference books."

"On what subject?"

"For my term paper."

The students at Teddy's high school had to write a term paper before they graduated. It was hard to believe that Richard had a son old enough to be graduating from high school.

"Maybe I can help you," Valerie said. "I've opened quite a few of the cartons. What's your subject?"

Teddy grimaced. "That's the problem." "What's the problem?"

"I can't decide."

Valerie giggled. "That was always the hardest part for me too."


"Sure, I was young once too."

"I know. I didn't mean it that way." He rubbed the toe of one shoe against the concrete floor.

"The way I used to decide what to write on was to decide what interested me. What are you really interested in? I mean, seriously."

Teddy chuckled. "Sex."

Valerie blushed. "I said seriously," she said, suddenly feeling warm and turning away.

"I like Napoleon."

Valerie beamed. "Me too! I always found him fascinating. He was so powerful and yet so human. Why don't you write a paper about him. I'll help you. I still remember quite a bit about the little general."

"Do we have any books about the French Revolution?"

"I don't know. Shall we look?"

His mouth twisted in a grin. "You look funny."

Valerie quickly looked down. She was dressed in old blue jeans and a tight tee-shirt. She hadn't bothered with a bra and her nipples were clearly visible through the material of her shirt. Her hair was pulled back with a scarf and her face was free from make-up. She crossed her arms over her chest and tried to hide her tits. "I didn't expect anyone to see me like this," she said.

"Hey, I didn't mean you looked funny. I meant you don't look glamorous like you usually do. You look kinda cute though like that. Young."

Valerie tugged at the bottom of her tee-shirt. She tried to stretch it so her nipples wouldn't be so visible. It didn't work and the teenager leered at her. "Well, that's nice to hear," she said.

Valerie turned back to the cartons of books. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed his young muscular body under his tight jeans and shirt. His jeans clung to his ass and thighs like a second skin and the bulge between his legs made her mouth water.

It occurred to her that Teddy was no longer a boy. He was almost a man. Teddy, at eighteen, had lost his boyishness.

They pulled books out of cartons and examined the titles. They found a few books on Napoleon and the French Revolution and Valerie kept sneaking peeks at the boy's crotch. She couldn't help wondering what his cock looked like.

She found her heart pounding and knew it wasn't from exertion. Her pussy ached in a way that told her she was getting turned-on. She knew she had to do something about it. She either had to go upstairs and take a cold shower or stay here and...

She tried to drive all thoughts of sex from her mind. She forced herself to keep her eyes on the books she was examining and not on Teddy's crotch. It didn't work. The bulge in his pants seemed to be growing. It threatened to burst his zipper.

He followed her around the basement and she sensed his eyes on her ass when she bent over. When she tripped and almost fell, he lunged forward and caught her.

"Are you okay?" he said, still holding onto her.

"Yes, I think so," she said, her eyes staring into his.

She could no longer ignore her pussy. The wetness from her snatch soaked her panties and dampened her thighs. He followed her more closely now and when she paused, he bumped into her.

"Jesus, I'm sorry!" he hissed.

Valerie tried to smile, but couldn't bring it off. This time when they collided, his fuck pole brushed against her and there seemed to be an electric charge between them.

There was no mistaking it and they both knew it. They stood close together, gazing into each other's eyes. Valerie slowly raised one arm and pulled the scarf off her head. Her hair fell loose around her face and she shook her head as if to clear it.

Words weren't needed. They found an old blanket and spread it out on the floor. Teddy looked serious and Valerie sank to her knees on the floor.

He knelt next to her and she leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. She squeezed her thighs together and almost came when he returned her kiss.

In five minutes he was naked and she gazed with admiration at his prick. It was a good sized piece of meat, even only half-hard. The head was fiery red and a milky glob of fluid drooled out of the tip.

His cockshaft pulsed with tiny bluish veins and his cock and balls were fringed by curly brown hair. And his balls! Valerie's mouth felt dry as she gazed at them. They were big. The kind of balls that could hold a lot of cream. And endless supply of spunk that she could take into her mouth and relish deliciously.

At the sight of his prick and balls, she began undressing. She moved slowly, partly to tantalize him and partly because her fingers shook nervously.

When she pulled her tee-shirt over her head, she heard him suck in his breath. When she lowered her arms, thereby lowering her tits, his eyes sparkled.

When she tugged her jeans down, she leaned forward and let him see how her boobs hung down. She knew boys his age loved big tits. And in her excitement her nipples had swelled, up, big and pink and berry-hard.

She tossed her long mane of hair back as she pulled her jeans off her feet. Teddy stared, his mouth open and his eyes glittering. When she was finally naked, she rolled onto her side and put her hand on his chest.

She stroked his chest and his belly. He seemed tense and she nuzzled against him. "Touch me," she said, kissing his neck. "I won't break."

He held her in his arms, his breathing ragged as he groped around. Valerie slid one hand over his belly into the tangle of curls framing his dick and nuts.

She sighed when she touched his cock for the first time. Whatever hard-on he had disappeared when she curled her fingers around his shaft.

"I'm sorry," he whispered.

"Ssshhh, it's okay," she said. "You'll get hard again."

"It's just that..."

"Don't worry about it, honey. Just kiss me. You're nervous, is all. It'll come up again."

They kissed. Teddy moved shyly, but as she pushed her tits against his chest, he became more forceful. She continued squeezing his prick and as they kissed his dick came to life.

She smelled her own fragrance, that aroma peculiar to a horny woman. She was wet enough for both of them. Even only half hard, his cock would plow right into her steamy cunt.

"It'll get real hard in a few minutes," he said.

"Don't worry about it," Valerie said. "If you worry it won't get hard."

She scooted down between his legs and toyed with his chest-hairs. She caressed his prick and his balls and let her tits drag over his thighs.

She examined his prick. It was more manly looking than Buddy's and Danny's, but not quite like Richard's. It was interesting to see the differences. The source of all my pleasure, she thought.

She sniffed his cockhead and cradled his shaft in her fist. She swiped her finger over his pisser and smeared the jism over his knob.

A tiny smile playing on her lips, she bent down and licked the tip of his cockhead. The boy moaned and gazed at her with frightened eyes.

"Don't be scared," she said.

"What's the matter?"

"I'm scared you might stop."

She giggled and pressed her lips against his prick-knob. She bathed his shaft with her tongue and moved her fingers up and down, moving only his cockskin.

She jerked him off gently, her lips moist with saliva and her teeth nibbling at his cockhair. Her heart swelled with desire as she attached her lips to his prick-head. She sucked noisily and hungrily on his swollen knob and let her warm saliva drip down and coat his shaft.

He grunted as she continued moving his cockskin up and down his shaft. "It's getting real hard, isn't it?" he said.

"Uuuuuuhhhh," she said, unwilling to release his prick long enough to answer him.

She took more of him into her mouth. She held him against the roof of her mouth and worked his prick from, one cheek to the other. She slid her lips halfway down his shaft and bobbed her head as she mouth-fucked him.

Her pussy tingled and his prick glistened with her saliva. The boy groaned and tangled his fingers in her hair. She released his prick and sucked his ball-bag into her mouth. He grunted and yanked on her hair as she lapped her tongue over his nuts.

She held his balls in her hand and used the tip of her tongue to lick his shaft from his cockhead to the root. The boy thrust his ass up off the floor and gripped her head tightly with his fingers.

"Can I touch you, Val?" he said in a husky voice.

"Do you really want to?"

"Yeah, sure." But he sounded hesitant.

"Do you really mean it or do you just want to please me? Because if you just want to please me, I'm having a very nice time sucking your cock."

He smiled shyly. "I like to go down on girls," he said.

"I'm a grown woman, Teddy," she said, rolling onto her back and spreading her legs. "I'm the mother of two children who aren't much younger than you."

"I don't care," he murmured, leaning over her, his face a few inches from her snatch. "I think you're the sexiest woman in the world."

"Oh, darling," she said. "Don't bother kissing my pussy now. Just climb on top of me and stick your prick into my cunt. I don't need any more foreplay. I'm ready."

She raised her arms and the teenage boy climbed on top of her. He moved awkwardly and Valerie tried to put him at ease by reaching down between their bodies and finding his prick.

It had softened up a little. His excitement made him lose his hard-on, but Valerie was certain it would get hard again once it was inside her. She could clasp it with her cunt muscles and bring it up to full size.

She held onto his dick and rubbed it up and down her raunchy slit. Her cunt flaps parted and his prick-juice mingled with her cuntjuice. The boy looked frightened, but his prick grew stiffer.

"You put it in," she whispered. "Go on, darling. Stick it in."

Teddy reached down and guided his dick inside her twat. "It's going in," he said through clenched teeth. "It's almost in, Val."

Valerie lifted her ass and wrapped her legs around his back. "I feel it," she sighed. "It's almost all the way in. Push!"

The boy strained and his prick plunged into her pussy, but it slipped out again. It brushed against her clit and she cried out with arousal and frustration.

She raised her ass off the blanket and again reached for his cock. "Let's, push together," she said. "Now!"

"Oh, shit, oh, Christ, Val." he groaned.

"It's going in!" she gasped, feeling the flared rim under his cockhead as his prick soared into her gash.

Her pussy stretched open to accommodate him. She wiggled her hips and strained against him, determined to keep his prick inside her. When a few inches of his shaft were tucked inside her twat, she squeezed her cunt-muscles as hard as she could.

"Jesus, Val, I mean, Mom! Your cunt feels so fucking tight!"

The boy shuddered and his mouth hung open. He cradled his face against her neck and left his prick imbedded inside her.

"Kiss me!" she said, probing his mouth with her tongue.

He began thrusting, plunging his prick deep inside her and then pulling out again. With every stroke his cock brushed against her clit. With every stroke, his cock slipped deeper inside her welcoming snatch.

She worked her legs up and draped them over his shoulders. Now he was able to get in even deeper. She wriggled her ass on the floor, totally unaware of the hardness of the concrete and the smell of the old blanket.

She held his ass and dug her fingernails into his flesh. "Fuck me, Teddy!" she urged. "I love it! I love it!" She bit his shoulder hard. She tossed her head from side to side. "I love cock, Teddy! Keep fucking me with your hard cock!"

Teddy seemed to be hurrying, to finish. The older woman tried to slow him down by lowering her legs and forcing him to thrust less deeply. Her cunt was almost ready to explode. Another, dozen strokes, and she'd be there. Almost. Almost there.

"Not so fast!" she hissed. "Slow down a little."

His little ass plunged up and down like a machine. "Can't stop!" he panted.

She decided to go with it no matter what happened. What choice did she have? She flung her legs around his back and felt his prick throb inside her.

She groped between their bodies and managed to squeeze the tip of his prick just in time to keep him from shooting off. It didn't work. He came anyway, thrashing around as he stabbed her again and again and drowning her pussy with his spunk.

The hot-cunted stepmother had a tiny orgasm. After that she had two more and when they rolled around and she landed on top of the teenage boy she rubbed herself against him and had an intense climax.

She sat up and forced his limp prick back into her cunt. She squeezed it with her pussy-muscles and rubbed her ass around on his cock-bush.

The boy groaned and she babbled, and neither of them saw Gloria sitting at the top of the stairs watching.


The teenage girl was elated. She finally had something on her hated step-mother. Her first inclination was to tell her father, but she didn't want to get Teddy in trouble. She decided to do nothing for a while. It was satisfaction enough that she could blackmail Valerie any time she chose.

It didn't happen the way Gloria planned it. Several weeks went by and Gloria started to tell her father about Val and Teddy a few times. But when she began speaking, the words wouldn't come out.

One night she found herself alone with her stepmother. The boys and Richard had gone to a father-son basketball game, and Gloria accepted the glass of wine Valerie offered her and shivered with excitement. She would confront Valerie with what she knew and see her squirm. It would be fun to see a grown woman try and wriggle out of something. Doubly so because she hated Valerie.

"I'm glad we're getting a chance to spend some time alone," Valerie said suddenly, sitting down on the sofa next to Gloria.

"Why?" Gloria said sullenly.

"Because I think Teddy likes me now."

"Oh?" Gloria smiled sarcastically. "I wonder what made him change his mind."

Valerie ignored her words. "I wish you'd give me a chance," she said, pressing her hand to the girl's arm.

Gloria shrugged her away. "I'll be going to college soon and you won't have to worry about me being around and spoiling things for you."

"Is that what you think about me?" Valerie's heart sank. The girl was going to give her a hard time.

Gloria's eyes narrowed. "You can fool Dad, but you can't fool me," she whispered.

"Now, Gloria..."

"Listen, Valerie, I saw you and Teddy," Gloria blurted.

Valerie's face crumpled and tears sprang into her eyes. She covered her face with her hands. "Oh, God!" she moaned.

Gloria felt a wave of pity for the older woman. She realized now she'd done something terrible. Something that might ruin her father's life as well as Valerie's.

"Have you told your father?" Valerie said. "No, Val, and I'm sorry I said that," she said. She put her hand on Valerie's arm and inched closer to heron the sofa cushion. "I'm no angel myself."

When Valerie put her hands down, she turned to the girl. She swallowed hard and tried to speak, but her tears choked her. "Are you going to tell your father?" she finally said.

"I don't know," the teenage blonde said. She'd never felt so miserable in her life.

"You don't understand," Valerie said. "You admitted you're no angel either, but you don't know what it's like to be so hot you just go crazy!"

Gloria's heart sank. Despite her resolve, she felt sorry for her step-mother. She made a decision then and knew it was the right one. "I let Teddy fuck me too," she said.

Valerie stopped crying. "You did? Oh, my, that makes me feel better."

Gloria almost told her she let her father fuck her too, but she decided that was going too far. "Actually Teddy's a real good fuck, isn't he?" she giggled. She felt like a giant weight was lifted from her shoulders.

"I'm so glad we're finally going to be friends," Valerie said. She put her arm around her step-daughter's shoulder and rested her head against her. Maybe her prayers had been answered. She'd certainly had a scare when Gloria made her announcement about seeing her with Teddy.

Gloria cuddled closer to the older woman. It felt good to have a woman hold her. She missed have a mother, and she finally admitted it to herself. She missed the warmth that only another woman could give her. And she fought Valerie because deep down she was afraid of loving her and then maybe being abandoned.

It all seemed so simple suddenly. Gloria gazed at her step-mother with affection in her eyes. She could relax and enjoy her family now. No one was abandoning her. She was safe.

She relaxed in the comfort of Valerie's arms. She rested her head against Valerie's tits and watched as the older woman crossed her lovely long legs.

They chatted then, like mother and daughter, about clothes and boys and even about sex. "When I saw you and Teddy," Gloria began shyly. "It was the sexiest thing I ever saw."

"Oh, darling, I'm so glad you're not angry anymore."

"When he rammed his cock up your pussy..."

"I'm blushing," Valerie giggled.

"But when he rammed his cock up your pussy, I almost creamed my jeans."

Valerie suddenly felt weak in the knees. She held her step-daughter against her and found her fingers grazing the girl's tits. "Darling, you're titties are so soft," she said.

"Don't stop, Mom," Gloria said. "That feels good."

Valerie's pussy throbbed and moistened as she curled her fingers around the girl's boob. "Have you ever done anything with another girl?" she said.

"No, but I'd like to try," Gloria said, her eyes shining.

They rose up together and stared into each other's eyes. Without a word they undressed and when Gloria was naked she moved closer to her step-mother and took one of Valerie's tits in her hand.

Lowering her mouth to Valerie's chest, she sucked her nipple between her lips. She moaned animalistically as she lashed it with her tongue.

Valerie held the girl's asscheeks in her hands and spread her legs as the teenager sucked hard on her boobs. She rubbed her cunt-muff against the girl's. She snaked her fingers into the teenager's asscrack and ground her beaver against Gloria's blonde one. It wasn't long before their cunthairs tangled and the wetness from Valerie's snatch mingled with the teenager's.

Gloria had never been so turned-on in her life. Even when her father had fucked her, she hadn't been this hot. The sweet taste of Valerie's tit filled her mouth.

Suddenly they were on the sofa and Gloria climbed onto her step-mother's lap. She squirmed her ass against Valerie's thighs and cuddled against her tits.

"Finger me, please," she said. "Frig me and make me come, Mom."

The aroused mother groaned helplessly. She cradled the teenager in her arms and felt the wetness from her cunt on her thighs. She reached down between the girl's legs and dragged her hand over her snatch...

Gloria clung to her neck when the older woman stuck a finger into her juiced-up twat. She sighed and shivered and rested her head on her step-mother's shoulder.

"Oh, Mom, finger-fuck me!" she sighed. "Oooooohhhhhh, Mom, make me come!"

Squirming and moaning, she rubbed herself against Valerie's hand. Valerie added a second finger to her snatch and the little blonde clung to her neck.

She pushed her tits against Valerie's larger ones and felt the stiffness of Valerie's nipples against her clit with every, thrust and Gloria kissed her step-mother's neck.

"This is better than masturbating," the teenager giggled.

Valerie opened her mouth and the younger woman pressed her lips against it. Their tongues met in a tangle of lust and Valerie rammed her fingers knuckle-deep into Gloria's cunt.

"I'm going to come soon, Mom," Gloria said, taking little bites of Valerie's lips.

"Your little pussy's so hot," Valerie sighed. "I just love to feel how hot you are."

The feel of Gloria's ass grinding against her lap was turning Valerie's cunt to jelly. She bit and nibbled and licked the girl's lips and wriggled her fingers around her twat.

"Now, Mom!" Gloria cried, flinging her arms around her step-mother's neck as she came.

She bit her neck as the spasms shook her. Valerie's fingers streaked in and out of her convulsing pussy in a frenzy of excitement. The girl's love-juice drenched her fingers and dribbled down to her wrist.

At last Gloria sighed with contentment and stopped squirming around. She leaned against her step-mother's chest and rested. "Can we do it again?" she said.

"We can do lots of things, darling," Valerie said.

They went upstairs to Gloria's room. They stretched out on the bed and the still-feverish blonde gave in to the demands of her flesh. She suddenly felt meek and submissive to her step-mother. And very, very loving.

"What should we do now?" she said, leaning over Valerie's body and directing her tits over Valerie's belly.

"Bend over, honey," Valerie said.

Gloria paused, kneeling on her knees with her hands on her hips. "I don't know what you mean."

"If you get on your hands and knees I'll give your ass a workout," Valerie said.


"Go on," Valerie said quietly.

Gloria rolled onto her hands and knees and turned her head to watch Valerie. The older woman knelt behind her and placed her hands on Gloria's asscheeks.

"What are you going to do?" Gloria said.

"Make you feel real good."

Valerie spread Gloria's asscheeks and exposed the puckered pinkish hole in the crease. She bent down and flicked her tongue over the bung and briefly over Gloria's pussy.

Gloria crooned and, wiggled her ass. And only a few hours ago she'd been ready to tell her father about Valerie and Teddy. What a fool she'd been! How she loved her stepmother!

"Are you going to stick your tongue into my cunt?" she said.

"If you want me to."

"Oh, yes, I'd love it!"

"Then I'll do it." Valerie took a deep breath and plunged her tongue into the teenager's juicy twat. Anything to keep peace in the family!

At first Valerie blanched at the taste of the girl's snatch. Then she decided she liked it. Gloria trembled visibly and Valerie lapped her tongue from her twat to her asshole and back again.

"Oh, Mom, that's great!" Gloria sighed. "Wiggle your tongue around like that. It's sensational!"

By now Valerie needed no urging. At the beginning she'd gotten involved in the depravity as a device to keep Gloria from talking. Now she continued because she loved the kinkiness of the act.

She tasted her step-daughter's asshole again and again and marveled at how turned on she was. She licked up and down the girl's asscrack and used her fingers to caress her cunt.

She tried to force her tongue into the girl's asshole, but it wouldn't fit. Instead she lapped hungrily at the ring of muscle and used the juice from her pussy to lubricate her asshole. Her face was crushed against the girl's butt.

She wondered what Richard would say if he could see them now. His wife and his daughter involved in the worst depravity of all. Lesbian love. She giggled to herself. She'd give anything to see Richard's face. His precious daughter and cock-crazy wife together.

She dug her fingers into the teenager's assflesh and dribbled saliva up and down her ass crease. Then she licked it up again with long swipes of her tongue and thrust two fingers into the girl's pussy.

Gloria moaned and buried her face against a pillow. She raised her ass up high and swayed back and forth as her stepmother pushed a finger into her asshole and a thumb into her twat.

"Good!" she gasped at the double penetration.

"Are you going to come soon, darling?" Valerie said.

"I think so."

"Are you going to bring me off later?" she said.

"Oh, Mom, may I?" Gloria said.

"I'm counting on it," Valerie giggled.

"Oh, Mom, I'm coming again!"

"Come on, darling," Valerie crooned, thrusting two fingers forcefully into her snatch.

"Almost there!" the teenager panted.

"Here's a little more," Valerie said, feeling totally in command now and marvelously alive.

"Don't stop, Mom!" the girl begged. "Just a little more!"

Valerie flicked her tongue over Gloria's clit and the girl exploded. The blonde thrust herself back at her stepmother's fingers and tongue. Sparks of sexual fulfillment raged through her bowels and her cunt and even her tits. She rubbed her boobs against the sheet and fell forward when Valerie added another finger to her twat.

Hot sex-lava poured out of her and she thrashed with sexual abandon. Valerie licked the juice off her thighs and sucked her clit between her teeth.

Gloria finally begged her to stop. "I've got to rest, Valerie," she panted.

"Don't call me, Valerie, honey," Valerie said, climbing forward next to the girl. "I love when you call me Mom."

"I'm too old for that," Gloria said with a giggle. She rubbed her cunt. "I feel totally satisfied. What a kick that was."

Valerie's cunt burned with arousal. She automatically rubbed herself in an attempt to bring herself off. "I think I'll make myself come," she said, but Gloria climbed around and hovered over her.

"I'll do that," she said, pushing her stepmother's hand away.

Valerie stretched out on her back with her legs spread wide. She opened her arms and the teenager girl lay down on top of her. She planted her feet on either side of Valerie's hips and rubbed her raw cunt against Valerie's.

She leaned over and sucked one of Valerie's pointed nipples into her mouth. Valerie held the girl's head as Gloria slobbered over her boobs.

"Suck my cunt," Valerie said.

Gloria's heart almost stopped. It was one thing to be sucked, but quite another to do the sucking. "I don't know if I can," she whispered.

"Try it. Maybe you'll like it," Valerie said, understanding the girl's hesitation. She'd felt the same way herself only an hour ago.

Gloria took a deep breath and finally lay between her step-mother's thighs and leaned over. "It's not that I don't want to," she said. She sniffed around Valerie's pussy-thicket. "Hey, it smells kind of neat."

Valerie giggled. "Go on, honey. It only hurts for a minute."

Gloria's face was flushed as she suddenly fastened her lips to her step-mother's slime coated cunt. Valerie sighed deeply as the girl began vigorously licking and sucking her twat.

Moans of bliss escaped her lips and Gloria became totally involved in the depravity. She licked Valerie's succulent meat and even nibbled her cunt-hairs. Then she plunged her tongue into the older woman's cunthole and rubbed her upper lip against her clit.

Valerie raised her legs and clamped her hot thighs against the teenager's head. "Darling, what a sucking!" she cried.

"I love it!" Gloria squealed.

"So do I," Valerie said.

Gloria licked voraciously and Valerie knew she was safe. She had a way of handling the teenager now and the girl would never again interfere with her marriage.

"Keep sucking, sweetie," she said as the girl's tongue flicked deliciously over her pussy. "I've got a great big come in there just aching to get out."


Time passed, and Valerie and Richard were happy. Inevitably their sex life became routine, but Valerie kept her cunt satisfied fucking her sons and Richard's. Still, Richard was her first concern and her first love.

One day the children had left for school and she and Richard were in the kitchen sipping coffee. She was feeling hornier than usual and was stroking Richard's leg under the table.

"Be late for work," she said. "I'm horny."

"Can't today," he said, glancing at his watch. "Got a meeting."

She poured herself some more coffee and sighed. That was the way it went. Married barely a year and already Richard was bored with her.

"I don't have anything to do today," she said.

"Maybe you ought to get a job." "Are we that hard up?" she giggled, secure in the knowledge that Richard made a good salary.

"No, but you seem restless."

"Just horny, darling," she said provocatively.

"We're not on our honeymoon anymore," he said gently.

"Do you have a girlfriend on the side?" He flushed. "No, of course not." Valerie hadn't really suspected him, but his reaction puzzled her. He seemed uncomfortable and in a hurry to leave the house. He rose up and she followed him to the door.

He gave her a peck on the cheek, but she pulled his head down and kissed him lustily. "You can do better than that."

"Bye, hon."

She went upstairs and ran a bath. Sometimes a hot bath cooled down her cunt. She thought about her sons and about Teddy and Gloria. Teddy would be leaving for college soon and then not long afterward Gloria would be going too. Then she and Richard would be alone with only her two boys.

The years fly too fast, she thought as she thought about her children.

Her juices flowed when she pictured Danny. The boy had matured into a very attractive young man. His cock was bigger than Teddy's and stayed hard forever. She'd had some of her better fucks with her youngest son and she smiled at the memory.

A week ago they'd had a long and lovely fuck. He'd played sick and stayed home from school. After chastising him, she hadn't been able to resist sinking to her knees and taking his cock into her mouth. After that the inevitable happened and they wound up in bed.

She lingered in the bathtub for a long long time. She thought about Danny and Buddy and even about Gloria. The girl and she had become very close. It was almost like having a daughter of her own. Someone to giggle with and shop with and someone to understand when she just felt kind of crabby. When she glanced up and saw Danny smiling down at her, it was too late to get up so she lay there in the hot bubbles and giggled. "Who invited you, young man?" she said.

"My teacher's sick," he said, nonchalantly dropping his pants and peeing.

Valerie climbed out of the tub and grabbed a towel. It looks like I won't have to wait for tonight to get laid, she thought as she dried herself.

"Wasn't there a substitute teacher?" she said as she rubbed lotion over her tits and belly.

"Yeah." He zipped up his fly and stared at her boobs.


He grinned and met her gaze. "You don't learn anything from subs."

"You're right," she said, kissing him on the lips. "But I can't help thinking you came home because you wanted something from your old-lady."

He blushed. "Aw, Mom," he muttered. He was always embarrassed when she talked about sex.

She reached up and kissed him again. "I'm glad you came home," she said. "I'm very horny today."

The towel fell away from her body and she rubbed her nakedness against him. She linked her arm in his and together they walked into her bedroom.

"Get on the bed, darling," she said. She went to her dressing table and dabbed perfume between her thighs and on her cunt-muff while the boy undressed and climbed into bed.

After she brushed her long dark hair, she climbed onto the bed next to him and leaned over him. They kissed, exchanging tongues and spit and finally body heat.

"What'll I do when you grow up and leave me?" she said.

"I'll never leave you, Mom," he said.

"Of course you will, darling," she said, her heart beating fast. "Every boy eventually leaves his mother. It's only right." But her blood ran cold at the thought of his leaving her for another woman.

She ran her hand over his prick. It was half hard and at the first touch of her hand it jerked. Her pussy was moist. It had started lubricating the moment Danny had walked into the bathroom and dropped his pants to pee.

She loved watching the boy pee. There was something erotic about watching the yellow flow pour out of Danny's piss-slit. She climbed over him now and straddled his hips.

"So you'll never leave me, huh?" she giggled.

He reached for her tits. "Never," he said solemnly.

She wiggled her ass on his dick. "Promise?"

"I promise," he croaked.

He responded to her touch and his cock became ramrod-stiff. She fondled it and caressed his balls, all the while running tiny wet kisses over his chest.

She moved up on his body and kissed him on the mouth again. They rolled around on the bed and his hands were suddenly on her butt, kneading and squeezing and pinching her turned-on flesh.

They lay on their sides and his finger roamed over her pussy. "My own baby boy," she whispered. "I love when you touch me there."

"Gee, Mom, you make me so hot when you talk like that."

"Stick your finger inside mother's cunt," she said.

He thrust a finger into her pussy. "Like this?"

She beamed. "You know what I like, darling."

"Yeah, Mom, I'm learning."

"Keep sliding it in and out like that," she said. "It feels lovely, Danny. Just like a little cock."

"Should I put another one in, Mom?"

"Yes, sweetheart, if you want to."

He inserted a second finger into her twat and used his digits like a prick. By now her pussy was awash with cuntjuice and she raised one leg in the air and reached for his dick.

She jerked his cockskin up and down. She smeared his spunk over his cockhead and felt his prick jump in her hand. "Don't forget my clittie," she said. "A woman likes to have her clittie touched."

She felt herself begin to come. She squeezed his dick as she pumped, putting pressure on the root. She wanted his cock in her mouth so she turned her body without expelling his fingers from her cunt and sucked his prick inside her lips.

"Jesus, Mom!"

He groaned and his reaction spurred her on to more vigorous sucking.

"No, Mom, don't bring me off in your mouth!"


"I want to fuck you."

"Oh, darling, I want you to fuck me!"

She scrambled around until her cunt was over his cock.

"Help me, Son," she said and together they worked his swollen cockhead into her hungry pussy.

Danny arched his back and raised his ass to meet her body. She positioned her cunt over the blunt tip of his prick and slowly sank down. She held her breath, as his dick slid inside her hot cunt. It rubbed over her clit and she leaned over and pressed her tits to his chest.

"Oh, darling, fuck Mom!" she murmured, gyrating her hips and humping her ass.

"Oh, shit, Mom, you're too much!" he gasped.

She straddled him and bounced up and down on his fuck pole. Her tits flew and he gazed at them hungrily. At intervals she leaned over and fed him one of her boobs. Then she straightened up and continued bouncing up and down on his dick.

She reached down and felt for his balls. She loved the feel of his jism-filled nuts. "Is all this for me?" she giggled.


"Let's not come yet, Son."


She stopped moving and finally slipped onto the bed. His cock dropped out of her slit and she hovered over him and wiped his forehead.

"Let's make it last, darling," she said. "If you say so, Mom," he said. She rolled onto her back and spread her legs. Using her thumbs, she pried her cuntlips open and showed him her clit. "See this button, Son?"

"Yeah," he said, his eyes glittering as he stared at her stiff little organ.

"Do you know what it is?" "I think..."

"What is it?"

"It's what girls have instead of a cock." She giggled. "That's sort of right." "Can I touch it, Mom?" He leaned closer. "Sure."

He timidly put his hand over her snatch and lightly touched a fingertip to her clit. "It's real slippery," he said.

"That's because I'm so excited."

"Are you gonna let me suck it today, Mom?"

She nodded thoughtfully. "If you want to." "You know I do."

"I never did meet a boy your age who likes gash so much."

He blushed. "It turns me on to suck a girls cunt."

"Any girl?"

"Especially you, Mom."

Cuntjuice poured out, of her pussy and drenched the sheets. She knew that society would frown on what she was doing, but she couldn't worry about that. Society was wrong. There was something wonderful and innocent about making love with your own flesh and blood. Something almost spiritual. Some might call her a slut, but she knew different. Her boys would grow up with a healthy respect for fucking and a healthy respect for women.

Pulling her knees back, she toyed with her cunt-fur and gazed into the boy's eyes. She spread her thighs open and held her cunt flaps apart. She toyed with her clit and winked at the teenager.

"Now that you've made your mother so hot, you better get down there and lick it."

She pulled on her nipples and fondled her boobs as Danny crouched before her. He chuckled when she tried to suck one of her tits into her mouth.

"It doesn't quite fit," she said. "Damn it. If I could suck my own tits and my own cunt I wouldn't need anybody."

"Oh, Mom!"

She wiggled her ass lewdly and reached for his prick. His spongy cockhead was big, the skin pulled taut over its bulk. She could almost taste the spunk that was swelling his balls. She'd tasted it enough times. Yummy! she thought.

Now the boy leaned over and lowered his face to her crotch. Valerie held her breath as his mouth came closer to her gush. His lips worked silently and then he extended his tongue and she raised her ass to meet it.

"Suck right there!" she hissed as his tongue flicked over her clit. "Right there, darling!"

He licked up and down her slit from her clit to her asshole. He fluttered his tongue from side to side and up and down and poked the tip against her cunthole.

"Suck Mother!" she gasped when he fastened his mouth to her entire cunt-mound.

He forced a little of his tongue into her cunthole and churned it around. She wedged her hands under her ass and raised herself up from the bed.

He actually tongue-fucked her. They'd tried it before, but had never totally succeeded. Now he managed to wedge his tongue inside her gash like a cock.

Valerie closed her eyes and squeezed her tits.

The feel of his tongue plunging into her pussy was incredible. It rasped over her clit when it pushed in and on the outstroke he licked up and down her slit.

At one point his nose slipped inside her pussy-hole and she giggled. He sucked hungrily, hardly pausing for breath. Valerie was amazed at how the boy loved to suck pussy. Even Richard wasn't this enthusiastic about it.

She reached down and tangled her fingers in his hair. She directed his mouth against her clit and she wiggled her ass. Waves of excitement coursed through her. She was soaked with her own cream and the boy's saliva. His tongue and lips made squishing sounds that seemed to fill the room.

Suddenly she could wait no longer. She made him stretch out on his back and eagerly sucked his prick into her mouth. "Oh, darling, you're so hard!" she murmured, flicking her tongue up and down his vein-ridged shaft.

She deliberately pressed her tits against his legs and took half his dick into her throat. She took a deep breath and sucked the rest of his prick into her mouth and this time his cockhead tickled her windpipe.

She held him there in her throat without moving, cupping his balls and swallowing hard. She released a few inches of his shaft and bobbed her head up and down, using the tight wet ring of her lips like a cunt.

She covered her teeth with her lips and poked her tongue against his piss-slit. She licked up the juice leaking out of the tiny hole and dropped her stretched lips over his shaft down to his balls.

Danny lay still with his eyes closed. He breathed rapidly as his mother mouth-fucked him. Valerie's cunt was aflame and she flung one leg over his thigh and rubbed herself against him.

"Stick your knee here," she said and the boy obeyed by pushing his knee vigorously against her cunt.

She knew that the combination of his cock in her mouth and his knee rubbing her clit would be enough to bring her off. She wanted him to dump his load into her mouth.

Curling her fingers around his cockshaft, she concentrated on his cockhead. She sucked hard on the bloated knob and pumped his prick-shaft with her fingers.

The boy groaned. "Jesus, Mom, you're gonna make me come!"

She rubbed her cunt frantically against his knee-bone. She pumped and sucked and used her free hand to caress his balls. Come in my mouth, Son! she thought. Come in Mother's mouth!

As if reading her mind, he grunted and the first jet of jism cascaded into her mouth. A wild piercing sound escaped his throat and Valerie took the rest of his load down her throat without releasing his dick.

At the end she rolled over onto her back and he climbed on top of her. He continued plunging his dick into her mouth and she sucked hard on the swollen tip until his balls were drained.

When he recovered his breath he once again sucked her cunt until she came and mother and son fell into each other's arms.


Valerie became obsessed with fucking her sons. Another year passed and Gloria went away to college. She and Richard settled down into married life and her entire world revolved around Danny and Buddy.

Sometime she felt guilty about taking up so much of their time. She was grateful that neither of them wanted to go to college. Buddy wanted to go in the navy and Danny wanted to be a salesman. She felt less guilty when she thought about how soon they would be leaving home. And it was only yesterday they'd been little boys!

She found herself attracted to teenage boys almost exclusively. When she and Richard were invited to a party, she was never turned on by men her age or older. She was almost always attracted to the son of the family or a young relative.

She wondered if Richard noticed. Ever since Gloria had left home, he was in a crabby mood. For the first time Valerie wondered if he and his daughter had ever had an affair. She knew Gloria well, and would put nothing past the little blonde.

One morning she went shopping. They had just had a letter from Teddy and he was coming home for the weekend. She looked forward to seeing him. Teddy was almost a grown man, but he still had enough of the boy about him to excite her.

She thought about Teddy's prick. It was so nice and thick. She never could decide who was the better cocksman -- Teddy or Buddy or Danny. She loved them all.

Picking a dress from the rack, she held it against her. She'd put on a few pounds in the past months and her hips had widened. But her tits were still firm and full and her legs were as shapely as ever. Richard liked her with a few extra pounds, but it wasn't Richard she was trying to please. She wondered how her boys felt about the added weight.

She went into a dressing room and tried the dress on. She pulled the zipper up and gazed at herself in the mirror. No one would guess she was the mother of two big bruisers. She didn't look a day over thirty.

It was a jolt when she reminded herself that her boys had turned out big and muscular. Their father was a big man, but she hadn't seen him in years. Her mouth watered when she thought about Danny's biceps and strong thighs. She loved to bite down on those thighs of his.

The thought of her boys and their turgid pricks made her pussy ache. She pulled the dress up to her waist and rubbed her crotch. She was horny.

Raising the dress over her head, she dropped it onto a chair and dressed. She didn't buy anything and left the store for home. She would still have time for a hot bath and a nap before Richard and the boys arrived and maybe even a little session with her vibrator.

When she arrived at home, she was surprised to find her sons there. "And what are you boys doing at home?"

Buddy chuckled. "I've got a headache."

Valerie felt his head. "You don't have a fever." She turned to Danny. "And you? What are you doing home?"

Danny snickered. "I came with him in case he needed anything."

"Oh, you boys!"

They trooped into the kitchen and Valerie fixed lunch. She made them their favorite grilled cheese and bacon sandwiches and they sat down in the breakfast nook to eat.

She sat between the boys, trying not to let her excitement show. The moment she'd walked into the house and seen them there, she decided to try something different.

Her pussy was wet and horny and Buddy shifted closer to her on the plastic seat. He draped his arm around her neck and kissed her. "I wish he'd leave," he said, loudly enough for Danny to hear.

"Fuck you," Danny said cheerfully.

"Now, boys..." Valerie said.

"Can I have another sandwich, Mom?" Danny said.

She rose up and moved around the kitchen as she fixed more sandwiches. Her knees felt weak and she listened to the boys as they giggled about something or other.

She'd never even considered fucking both of her sons at one time. In her subconscious she'd thought about it, but she'd never really considered it. How depraved could she be?

She returned to the table and sat down. "Finish up, boys. I've got work to do." She enjoyed teasing them.

"Oh, Mom," Buddy said, covering her hand with his, but his face fell.

"What do you mean? Oh, Mom," Valerie said in a shaky voice.

"We thought we could spend the day together," Buddy said.

"Yeah, just the three of us, Mom," Danny said.

"And exactly what did you have in mind?" she said.

The boys smirked. "You tell her," Buddy said.

"No, you tell her," Danny giggled. "Fuck you," Buddy snickered. "Tell me what?" Valerie said. Her confidence was returning. She was the mother, after all. She was still in charge around here.

"He wants to watch me fuck you," Buddy finally said.

Danny covered his face and burst into giggles. "It was his idea, Mom! His idea, not mine. Honest!"

Valerie turned from one to the other. "Well, of all things," she said. "What kind of children have I raised?"

"Hey, Mom, what do you say?" Buddy said. "It'd be fun."

"Yeah, it'd be fun, Mom," Danny giggled. Valerie smiled and turned from one to the other. "And you'll never tell anyone?"

"Never!" they said in unison.

"I'll have to think about it." Valerie wormed her way out of the booth and cleared the table.

"Are you thinking?" Buddy said, his eyes boring into her ass.

Valerie turned and gazed over her shoulders. Danny was staring at her tits. "I'm thinking," she said. "Don't rush me."

Danny leaned back on the seat and held his crotch. "My cock is so horny it's killing me!" he chuckled.

"Now, young man," Valerie giggled. "You keep that up and I'll send you upstairs to take a cold shower. Anyway, I thought you only wanted to watch."

"Yeah, but..."

"No, buts. You only want to watch Buddy fuck me, is that right?" She loved teasing her youngest son. He was so adorable when he became confused.

"Aw, Mom!" His face turned crimson and he grinned adorably.

She returned to the table and took his hand. Then she took Buddy's hand. "If you boys promise never to tell a living soul, I'll do it," she said.

"Honest to God, hope to die," Danny said solemnly.

"We'll never tell, Mom," Buddy said, rising up. "Under pain of death, we'll never tell."

She glanced from one to the other and smiled. "The last one in bed is a dope."

The boys whooped and dashed up the stairs. Valerie followed them, smiling to herself as she walked upstairs. She was a grown woman about to fuck both of her sans at one time. She was a depraved woman, there was no denying that. But it was the depravity that made it so exciting.

They went into Danny's room. The boys climbed onto the bed and Valerie sat on a nearby chair. "Come here, Mom," Danny said. He unzipped his fly and tugged his jeans and shorts off.

"Jesus, why don't you show a little finesse?" Buddy said as he almost sedately pulled his tee-shirt over his head and laid it down neatly on the dresser.

Valerie licked her lips as she gazed at Danny's cock and balls. My own baby boy, she thought with a sigh. So grown up and well hung.

Suddenly she had an idea. "Have you boys ever seen a girl masturbate?" she said.

The teenagers sat perfectly still, their eyes shining. They stared at their mother in disbelief. Buddy finally answered. "Shit, no, Mom."

"No, me neither," Danny said.

Valerie got to her feet and wiggled her hips lewdly. "Would you like to?"

"You bet!"


"Well, okay," she purred, doing a little dance.

She stripped down to her bra and panties. She made the boys roll over onto the sides of the bed and she stretched out in the middle. Her legs fell open and she pushed her bikinis down until they hung loosely over one foot.

Both boys stared at her silken cunt-mound. Cunt-petals peeked out and they snickered and blushed as she lewdly opened and closed her legs.

She began by stroking the velvety flesh of her inner thighs. Her long, crimson fingernails were in marked contrast to her white skin. She caressed her slightly rounded thighs and moaned softly when she slipped her fingers into the softness of her muff.

She traced the edges of her cuntlips and pulled on the tiny hairs. Her eyes on her sons, she wet a fingertip with saliva and, rubbed it over her already excited clit.

Her entire body trembled as she worked her fingers into the soft wetness of her gulch. She spread her velvety cunt flaps open and flicked the swollen source of excitement. It stood, up, stiff and pink, and the teenager stared at it open-mouthed.

A shiver of total animal-desire raged through her. She dipped one finger into her cunthole and pulled it put again. Then with a tiny smile playing on her lips, she plunged the finger into her mouth and licked up the cuntjuice clinging to it.

"Jesus, Mom!" Buddy said.

"Christ!" Danny said.

"Boys, your mother's getting real horny," she said, grinding her ass against the mattress.

She rubbed the palm of her open hand over her twat and tilted her ass back to totally expose her cunt. She rolled onto her side and stared at her boys. Her breathing was rapid and her face felt warm. She was moving by instinct now. And the need to get their stiff young dicks inside her.

She spread her legs wider and plunged two fingers deep inside her tight pussy. She twisted them around in circles again and again, and a ragged moan escaped her throat.

She bucked her hips and closed her eyes, no longer paying attention to the reaction of her sons. She jabbed her fingers deep into her snatch and gasped as she became more and more aroused.

"Make yourself come, Mom!" Buddy said. "Yeah, make yourself come," Danny said. She opened her eyes. She'd almost forgotten the boys were there. "Not yet. Who wants a blow job?"

"Me!" Buddy cried, climbing over his brother and hovering over his mother.

"No, me!" Danny said.

"I'm the oldest," Buddy said.

"That's true, darling," Valerie said dreamily to Danny. "I'll blow Buddy first and then you."

Danny swore under his breath as his older brother lay down next to their mother. Valerie winked at her youngest as she closed her lush moist lips over the tip of Buddy's cock.

The boy's body tensed when her lips touched his cockhead. Valerie felt the heat from his cock on her mouth and she squeezed the root of his stiff pole while she swirled her tongue lovingly over his piss-slit.

She dragged her tongue from his cockhead to his root and back again. She left a trail of saliva over his fuck pole and licked up the spunk oozing from the bulbous knob.

"Jesus fucking Christ, I don't believe it!" Danny muttered. The boy was masturbating as he watched his mother suck his brother's prick.

"You give the best blow-job, Mom," Buddy said.

"And you taste delicious," she giggled, licking her lips.

"Can I lick your cunt, Mom?" Danny said.

"Not now, young man," she said. "I want to concentrate on Buddy's cock. Later you can suck my pussy."

She opened her jaws wide and plunged her lips over Buddy's hard-on. The boy groaned and she held his rod in her throat for a moment before releasing it.

Danny was jerking off vigorously. Valerie nuzzled Buddy's nuts with her nose. "Don't bring yourself off, Son," she said to Danny. "I want you good and hard when you fuck me."

"I don't know if I can hold off, Mom," he said, his face beet-red as his fingers streaked up and down his dick.

She reached over and gently pulled his hand away from his prick. "Stop jerking off, darling," she said. "A boy has to learn control."

"Hey, Mom, don't forget about me," Buddy said.

She sucked Buddy's prick back into her mouth, tightening the ring of her lips over his shaft. Her tongue raced over his cockhead and she dipped the tip into his pisser.

At intervals she sucked his entire fuck-stick into her mouth and let it graze her tonsils. She heard Danny groan and when she looked he was once again masturbating.

"I can't help it, Mom," he croaked. "My nuts are gonna explode."

She knew she could get him hard again, but she preferred when he was totally horny. That's when he fucked her like a dog who'd been caged for months. She loved that kind of fucking. Hard and fast and almost violent.

"Take more into your mouth, Mom," Buddy said.

Valerie giggled as she complied. Her sons had always been demanding of her. Even as babies, they always been after her tits. They'd both nursed until their teeth cut into her delicate flesh. And then she sometimes gave them a treat and let them suck her tits even when her milk was dried up.

She bobbed her head up and down as she took Buddy's tool into her throat. Who was to say she was wrong to give in to her wild cravings? Her boys certainly didn't have any hang-ups about sex. If anyone had hang-ups it was she. Last night when Richard had approached her, she'd been less than enthusiastic. Until, that is, she fantasized that it was Buddy fucking her brains out and not her husband. Then she'd enjoyed herself.

Now the swollen head of Buddy's prick slammed into the back of her throat. The boy's body stiffened and he thrust himself so forcefully his balls slapped her chin.

She knew he would soon shoot off in her throat. There was no way to stop it now. She twisted her arms behind her back and unhooked her bra. When her tits flopped free, she felt Danny climb onto her back and reach for them.

"Let me suck, Mom!" the boy cried.

"I'm gonna come, Mom!" Buddy yelled. "Suck my dick into your throat!"

Valerie felt Buddy's balls churning in her hand. She sucked vigorously and spread her legs wider when her youngest son crouched behind her and licked her asscrack.

He held her sweaty boobs in his hands while he tongued her butt. He reached over and swiped his tongue over her tits just as Buddy's pungent jism splashed against the back of her throat.

For a moment she thought she would choke to death. His toad was never-ending and it was thick. When she thought he was through, when she tried to catch her breath, another spurt shot into her mouth.

"Are you swallowing it, Mom?" Buddy said, his cock still jerking in her mouth.

"Mmmmmmm," she mumbled, her mouth full of thick hot prick-cream.

"Now me, Mom!" Danny whined.

The teenager groaned with pleasure when Valerie turned around and pulled him down next to her. She knelt between his legs and trailed her tongue over his cock-thicket.

The boy lay with his legs spread wide and his eyes on his mother as she gripped his dick with one hand and guided his prick-knob into her mouth.

She decided to give him a special treat so she slid one hand under his ass and reached for his asshole. She held his cock in her mouth and slowly forced finger into his hung.

She plunged her lips down and took him balls-deep into her throat and he growled and came quickly. When he lay still and quiet, she stretched out on her back and motioned to Buddy.

"Now, suck your old mother," she smiled, and the boy scrambled around and plastered his mouth over her twat.


Teddy and Gloria came home from college for the holidays. Valerie was happier than she'd been in years. The entire family was together and she bustled around the house and made everyone's favorite foods.

On the evening of Teddy's arrival, she was stepping into the shower before Richard got home. The warm water was just beginning to cascade over her when she heard the bathroom door open.

She peeked out and saw her step-son undressing and in a moment the boy had joined her in the shower. He took the soap from her hand and started to lather her tits. "I've missed you, Mom," he said.

Valerie pinned the hair up from the nape of her neck. "I've missed you too."

"You getting enough?" he teased as he soaped her naked butt.

"Yes, are you?"

His hands slid up her thighs to the crevice of her asscheeks. "Not enough of you," he said.

"We'll make up for it," she said. She spread her legs apart while he rubbed her ass.

Wiggling her hips, she pushed her pelvis forward. His cock touched her fur-covered twat and his finger plunged into her ass crease. A shiver of excitement went through her and the boy continued soaping her butt and thighs.

"I think Dad and. Gloria are coming home late," he said, soaping up her cunt-bush.

She raised her eyebrows. "Oh? What makes you think so?"

He smirked as he dragged his fingers over her cunt-jungle. "Oh, Mom, honest, don't you know?"

"I don't know what you're talking about and I don't think I want to," she said.

She ran her hands up and down his chest and hips and finally rested them on his cock. Whatever he was talking about didn't interest her. She soaped his prick and balls and stroked his shaft. What interested her was getting laid before Richard got home.

She used the soap as a lubricant and pumped his meat in a frenzy. He gently put his hand on hers and stopped her. "Not so fast, Mom," he said. "I didn't mean to upset you."

"I'm not upset," she said, her eyes blazing. But she was. She didn't want to think about Richard and Gloria. She was fairly certain they were having an affair. And she knew she had no right being angry. But she was jealous and didn't want to deal with it.

"You really know how to jerk a guy off," Teddy said.

She handed the bar of soap to the boy. "You're okay yourself."

"Are your kids coming home soon?" he said, taking her into his arms and kissing her.

"I think so." She swiped her tongue into his mouth. "Why?"

"I thought maybe I could have you all to myself for a while."

She heard the front door slain just then and she giggled. "I think it's too late for that. We've got company."

They stood under the warm spray and rinsed off for several minutes. They stepped out of the shower and dried each other off with huge bath sheets.

Shivers of excitement ran through them when they heard the sound of Buddy and Danny talking nearby. "Are you game to do it with the boys up here?" she hissed.

"You bet."

"Follow me."

She wrapped a towel around herself and tiptoed out of the bathroom. They went to her bedroom and closed the door as quietly as possible and in a moment they were laying on the bed, arms and legs entwined.

Valerie snuggled close to the boy. She luxuriated in the feeling of his stiffening cock poking her soft belly. She rolled onto her back and toyed with his cock.

"How would you like to stick this thing in my asshole?" she said.

He leaned on his arm and grinned.

"You bet your sweet ass I'd like it."

"I'd do anything for a drink," she said. "Should I go down and get a bottle?"

"The kid's will see you."

"Oh, yeah." He lay back down next to her.

Suddenly she placed her hands on her tits and squeezed them, together. She formed a slit and winked at the teenager. "Know what this is for?"

"I think so."

They both giggled as he straddled her and pushed his prick up and down her tit-channel. When his prick slid forward, his cockhead hit her chin and she flicked her tongue over the tip.

He dragged his ass back and forth and used her cleavage like a pussy. She squeezed and released her tits and relished the feel of his balls on her belly.

Suddenly he shifted forward and forced his dick into her mouth. He took her by surprise and she cried out. Suddenly there was silence next door in Buddy's room. A minute later there was a light tapping on the door.

"You okay, Mom?" Buddy said.

Valerie almost stopped breathing. She glanced at Teddy. Without a word, but with total understanding, Teddy climbed off the bed and padded to the door.

When he opened the door, Buddy's eyes widened as he walked into the room. He stared at his mother for a moment and then he grinned when she opened her arms to him.

"Get undressed and join the party, baby," she said.

At first Valerie modestly covered herself.

But Teddy climbed back onto the bed and pulled the blanket off her body. "No fair," he said.

She let her legs fall open and the boy climbed inside them.

"You've got the hairiest snatch in town," he said.

"Hey, wait for me," Buddy said, climbing onto the bed next to his step-mother.

"She's got the hairiest snatch in town," Teddy repeated, probing her beaver and holding one lip open.

"I love it," Buddy smiled. "I love it too," Teddy said. "Is she real wet?" Buddy said. "Isn't she always?"

"What's going on in there?" Danny said through the door.

"Oh, no!" Valerie cried softly. "Let him in, Mom," Buddy said. "It's only fair."

"But remember," Teddy said, "You've got to let me fuck your asshole. You promised."

Valerie nodded solemnly. She cleared her throat. "Come in, Danny." she said.

In five minutes all three boys were in bed with their mother. Danny lay at the side of the big bed and masturbated while the other boys surrounded her. Teddy pushed a finger into her pussy and Buddy sucked on one of her tits.

"What more could a mother ask for?" Valerie giggled. "And there's my darling Danny yanking on his dick. Don't you want to come over here and let mother suck it for you?"

"Naw, it turns me on to watch," he said.

"Good," Buddy chuckled. "You just keep watching."

"I'll be there later," Danny said. "You tell him not to pick on me, Mom."

"Don't pick on your brother," Valerie said with a sigh as Teddy rubbed his prick-knob against her slit. "Oh, darling, stick it in!"

The teenager lurched forward and his cockhead slipped inside her hot cunt-mouth. He lunged forward and the rest of his dick disappeared inside her wet, sucking hole.

"Her cunt is snapping around it," Buddy said in a hushed voice, staring at the wanton sight.

"Yeah, and it feels great!" Teddy said in a choked voice.

He thrust his prick in and out of Valerie's cunt a few more times and then pulled abruptly out. "I'm gonna rest," he muttered.

"My turn," Buddy said, straddling his mother.

Valerie pulled her knees back and toyed with her tits. She glanced at Danny. The boy was pulling on his prick and staring at his brother. Valerie pinched her nipples and turned her attention to Buddy when he plunged his prick deep inside her gash.

She wrapped her strong legs around his back and drew him against her. She put her arms around his neck and they moved in tandem like two animals.

Suddenly Danny was on top of her, sawing his dick in and out of her and breathing hard. She held the boy's ass and moaned when her pussy erupted and the boy dumped his load inside her.

"I'm sorry, Mom," he breathed, stretching out on top of her.

"Get off," Teddy said, tugging at his arm. "I've just been here a minute," Danny whined.

"Well, you're through. Get off."

Danny rolled back to the side of the bed and pouted. "Yeah, well I got excited."

Teddy felt around for Valerie's asshole. "Yeah, well now shut up." He wet his prick with her cuntjuice and rubbed it around her asscrack. "I'm gonna fuck your asshole!" he hissed with a grin.

"Maybe we shouldn't do it now," she said. "Why not?" He looked so boyishly disappointed that Valerie relented.

"Go ahead and let's do it," she said. "Should I turn over?"

"No, stay this way. Then I can go from your cunt to your asshole if I want to."

"I don't know if that's such a good idea," Valerie said. Somewhere in the back of her mind she realized it was unsanitary, but still the idea appealed to her and made her pussy throb.

Teddy continued lubricating his dick with her pussy-juice while he used his fingers to loosen her shitter. Buddy lay on his side next to his mother and nursed on her tits while he watched.

"You really gonna let him do it, Mom?" he said.

"Yes, darling, it's a lovely way to fuck."

"Can I do it sometime?"

"Yes, but not today." She was beginning to become nervous. Richard would return soon and she didn't want him to find them in bed. It would mean the end to her marriage and she didn't want that.

Now Teddy tilted her ass back further and pushed his cockhead against the nutty ring of muscle in the middle of her asscrack. He growled when he pushed forward and his cock invaded her asshole. She sucked in her breath and rubbed her clit when his prick popped inside her butt.

"Don't move yet!" she hissed. "Just stay that way for a minute!"

"Okay, Mom," the boy muttered. She let the sensations of his prick in her butt fill her senses and then gradually her asshole opened up and the rest of his cock slid inside her butt.

"You're in, darling!" she sighed. "Shit, Mom, it's so fucking tight!"

"Jesus Christ!" she heard Buddy say, and out of the corner of her eye she saw Danny frantically masturbate.

The overheated mother rubbed her cunt and fed Buddy her tits. Her asshole muscles clamped shut on Teddy's shaft and the teenager grunted as he thrust in and out.

"I'm gonna come soon, Mom," he said. "I can't hold out much longer."

"Buddy will take your place, won't you, baby?" she said to her older son.

"Sure." He chomped more vigorously on her pink nipples.

"Oh, shit, you're so tight!" Teddy said. "Your ass is sucking on my dick."

"Don't complain," Buddy chuckled. "Dig it or I'll do it for you."

"Keep fucking, darling," Valerie said to Teddy. "And if you come that's okay. You're making me feel so damn hot."

The boy pumped in and out, sawing his tool in and out of her shit-chute. She felt her bowels churn as he corkscrewed in and out with jerky motions.

Suddenly she had a cock in her mouth. She tried to twist her head, but she knew it had to be Danny. Buddy was still nursing her tits and Teddy was reaming her asshole so it had to be Danny fucking her mouth.

A feeling of pride engulfed her. She knew many women who had trouble with their children. There were drug problems and school problems. Several of her friends had kids who quit school early to get married. Yet here she was with two well-adjusted boys and a step-son who adored her. And Gloria and she had a good relationship too. What more could a mother ask?

Now she slid the ring of her lips halfway down Danny's cockshaft. He pulled it out abruptly and she flicked her tongue out to hungrily lick the spunk from the tip of his dick.

The boy groaned and pushed a few inches of his stalk into her mouth. She suctioned it in eagerly, trembling at the feel of the double penetration.

Teddy finally shot off inside her butt. He filled her with warmish sticky cream and slumped onto his side on the bed. Buddy took his place but instead of sticking his cock into her butt, he plunged it into her pussy.

Her pussy was aflame and she held Danny's balls against her cheeks as she devoured his prick. The boy stroked his prick in and out of the ring of her lips while Buddy pulled his dick out of her cunt and inserted it in her shitter.

"Easy, darling!" she hissed, when his dick stretched her asshole.

She darted her tongue up and down Danny's cockshaft and sucked his entire ball-bag into her mouth. She rested her legs on Buddy's shoulders while he fucked her ass with pile driving thrusts.

After he came and when he pulled out of her butt, she quickly scrambled to her knees in front of Danny and sucked his prick into her throat.

His cock was half-hard and she was determined to get it hard enough to fuck. She ran her tongue from the root to the flared rim under his knob. The boy grunted when she once again captured his balls in her mouth.

She coated his balls with saliva and bit the tiny hairs between her teeth. Buddy and Teddy were watching now and making lewd remarks as she sucked the younger boy.

"He'll never get it up again, Mom," Buddy said. "You better wait for us."

"It'll get up again," Danny protested. "Honest, Mom. It'll get hard enough to fuck."

"Hey, little brother," Teddy teased. "Do you think you can give Mom the fucking she needs?"

"Now you boys leave him alone," Valerie giggled, opening her mouth and sucking the crown of his teenage tool into her mouth.

She nibbled the sensitive underside and the others stopped making obscene remarks as they watched. She knew they were probably jerking off.

She held the boy's dick in her fist and kissed it. God, she loved his prick! It was really lovely looking. Brushing a strand of long, dark hair from her eyes, she pumped it and glanced around at the other two boys.

"You boys get dressed," she said. She turned back to Danny and swiped her tongue over his cockhead.

"Aw, Mom, why?" Teddy said even as he climbed off the bed and picked his jeans up from the floor.

"Your father will be home soon and I don't want him to find us like this."

Buddy climbed off the bed and quickly dressed. She covered Danny's prick with kisses and tasted the pre-come fluid leaking out of his piss-slit.

She knew in her heart that this couldn't last. The boys would grow up and her interest in them would end, as would theirs in her. But for now she'd enjoy it. There was nothing like teenage cock, and she knew that now.

She heard the door open and she opened her mouth and captured Danny's prick knob between her lips. The older boys left the room and she quickly brought Danny off, swallowing down his load and rubbing her cunt against the mattress.

There was no use worry about the future. The future would take care of itself.


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