Family in bed

It was Henry Thoreau, in Walden, who remarked, "The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation." This statement appears to be just as true today as it was then. Perhaps it is even more valid today considering the pressures and frequent monotony of today's world.

The majority of today's men and women live in boring circumstances, and when the opportunity for change arises, they are often quick to seize the chance. For the characters in this story, the opportunity is one which many would consider perverse and deranged for it is one of incest. But it provides a release and a need. All morals and scruples are cast aside in a moment of madness -- a chance to grab pleasure before it is taken away.

FAMILY IN BED -- a novel about the quiet desperation in so many of us -- and the extremes to which it may drive us.


The dark-eyed redhead whirled around, laughing. "Now, Steve, don't you dare. Keep your hands off me. Just because we're alone doesn't mean... stop that!" She dissolved in giggles when her new husband grabbed her tits.

"I can't help myself," he growled, squeezing her tit-globes and rubbing his pelvis against hers.

"We're married now and we can do this later in bed." Grabbing his wrists, she tried pushing his hands away. "The folks wouldn't like it if they knew we were fooling around in the open like this."

"They wouldn't mind. They look like they still enjoy fucking around."

"Steve, don't!" But she giggled happily as he backed her into the wall.

"Let's do it right here, in the kitchen. Aw, come on. It'll be fun."

She pushed halfheartedly at his chest. "You're crazy!"

They had moved in with Gloria's parents after their marriage two months before. Steve was still in college and they couldn't afford their own place.

The rest of the family consisted of two teenagers, Patty and Billy. That meant the newlyweds had very little privacy. When everyone went out they usually ran into their bedroom to make out. Tonight Steve wanted to do it downstairs, in the open. It was crazy but exciting.

"I love you, honey," the horny redhead said, wrapping her arms around his neck.

"We don't have much time, babe. Let's do it." He brought his lips down on hers and plunged his tongue into her mouth.

"Oh, Steve, I can't resist you." She responded by pushing her tongue against his.

When he withdrew his tongue from her mouth, she continued thrusting hotly.

"Let's go up to our room," she breathed. "You've got me all hot and wet."

He moved his hands to her ass. His heart hammered against hers. Ignoring her pleas, he began opening her blouse.

"We're still practically on our honeymoon. I think the folks sometimes go out just so we can have the house to ourselves."

"But what about the kids?"

"They're with their friends, probably doing the same thing we're doing."

She knew he was right. "Oh, Steve, I can't fight you forever."

"Don't fight me at all."

The big-titted redhead whimpered against his mouth as he kissed her again. Now when he grabbed her tits she didn't push his hands away.

"Take your clothes off," she said, quickly opening the buttons on his shirt and exposing his chest.

"Hey, take it easy. Oh, baby, you're hot, aren't you?"

Her hands were all over him, brushing his nipples and sending jolts of excitement through his body. He wedged his hands inside her bra and squeezed her naked tits.

"Your nipples are hard," he said. "So are yours."

"I love you."

"I love you too."

"Isn't it great not to have to do it in the car?"

"I'm so glad we got married."

"Take your bra off."

"You do it."

Awkwardly, he unhooked her bra and removed her blouse. He stripped her bra off and cupped her heavy tits in his strong hands. Their eyes met and they smiled. It was the smile of youthful lust.

"Now aren't you glad we didn't wait to get married?" she said.

"Yeah, with two more years of college it would've meant two more years of frustration."

"But we had fun, didn't we?"

He rubbed his thumbs over her nipples. "Yeah, but this is a lot better."

She inhaled deeply. "Are you really serious about doing it down here?"

He grinned. "Yeah, right here where the family eats breakfast every day."

She squealed. "On the kitchen table?"

"Why not?"

"Take your shirt off and let me kiss you all over."

His lips glued to hers, he removed his shirt. They faced each other, girl and boy. She tickled his chest and breathed in his ear. He played with her pink-nipples tits.

They kissed again, rubbing and gyrating together. "I still think we ought to go up to our room," she said.

"Your tits are begging to be sucked."

"Don't change the subject."

"I already did."

Lowering his head, he closed his lips over one succulent nipple. She grabbed his head and held him against the soft mass of her tits. She sighed when he worked his tongue over one nipple and then the other. She felt her pussy grow wetter when he sucked as much of her tit into his mouth as it would hold.

"You win," she said. "Oh, honey, did you mean what you said about the table?"

He captured her nipple between his front teeth and bit down lightly. "Sure, babe. Does it turn you on?"

She giggled. "It will be fun. Oh, Steve, do it now!"

"What's the hurry? Let's take our time." She tangled her fingers in his hair. "I guess if someone walks in we can run upstairs."

"You worry too much."

As he kissed and licked her tits, he groped with the buttons on her jeans. Soon he peeled her jeans down her legs. When they lay around her feet, she stepped out of them.

Now that she was down to her panties, he pulled her against him. "Anyway, hon, your folks said this is our home too. They said we should do whatever we'd do if we had our own place. They want us to be happy, baby. And I'm real happy right now."

"Me too. Take my panties off, baby. I want your hands on my pussy."

He tore her panties down and pulled her naked body against him. She felt the beat of his cock through his clothes. She pressed up against him hungrily, grinding her cunt against his crotch. She opened his belt-buckle, unzipped his jeans and dragged the garment down to his ankles.

He was wearing no shorts, so when she straightened up he pulled her against his strong naked body. She dropped to her knees before him and pressed her warm cheek against his belly.

"Let me suck you, honey," she said. "Let me suck you first."

She stroked his prick lightly, teasing his sensitive cockhead and squeezing his prickshaft. His male aroma wafted up to her nose. Salivating, she took the bulbous head of his cock into her mouth.

"Oh, baby," he grunted.

After a moment he pulled her to her feet and wedged a hand between her legs. "Feel how wet I am?" she whispered, still clutching his cock.

"My wife's got the wettest pussy in town."

"How many have you felt?"


He found her clit and rubbed it deftly. Picking her up, he deposited her on the table top.

She let her legs fall open. "How are we gonna do it?" she giggled.

He thought for a moment and then smiled. "Okay, get down and bend over. I'll come in from behind."

"I love it!"

When she was bent over the table, he stood behind her, one hand holding her asscheeks open and the other directing his cock toward her cunt.

"I love this position," she said.

"You're so beautiful, honey. So beautiful. I wish you could see yourself this way."

"Oh, darling, stick your cock in me. I'm so horny."

"Still afraid someone might come home?"

"Don't remind me."

"We'll have our own place some day, and we'll fuck in every room in the house."

She gasped when he entered her. Her cunt automatically squeezed his cock. "Every room, honey. Oh, baby, your cock feels so good in there."

He sank his cock all the way into her and began thrusting. It was a kick to fuck in the kitchen. It would be a bigger kick if his sexy mother-in-law walked in on them.

He didn't verbalize his thoughts to his young wife, but living in a house with a sexy older woman and an even sexier sister-in-law was damn tempting.

"Let me know when you're close," he said.

"I'm close!"

"Oh, baby, fuck that cock!"

Della was bored. Everyone in the family had something to do except her. All she had was housework and cooking, and every sloppy domestic job the family could think up.

Since it was a warm day she decided to start drinking early. Booze always made her feel better. It wasn't yet three o'clock so she fixed herself a week Bloody Mary and took it with her when she went upstairs to read.

She lay down on the bed with a book, but quickly put it aside. She sipped her drink while indulging in her favorite pastime. Masturbating.

She loved her husband and children, but sometimes she felt so useless. Frank was a good lover and they fucked a few times a week, but even his big cock wasn't doing it for her lately. She needed something, but she didn't know what.

In her heart she knew. She needed a lover. A young lover. It wasn't easy having Steve around the house. She was glad her daughter had found such a loving husband, but she was a little envious too. They were just starting out, while at thirty-eight she was practically middle-aged.

Life is shit, she thought, digging her fingers into her cunt.

When she finished her drink, she dozed off fantasizing about her son-in-law. A half-hour later, she awakened and went downstairs to start dinner.

She wore shorts and a halter top. Nothing else. She enjoyed feeling her clothes against her naked body. She hardly ever wore underwear.

When the roast was in the oven, she mixed herself another drink and took it out to the patio. The sun was still strong so she settled down on a glider.

She felt pleasantly drunk and almost dozed off again when Billy rode up on his bike.

"What are you doing home so early?" she said.

"I had my last class. You're gonna get burned, Mom." They boy leaned his bike against a free and frowned.

She tried hiding her drink. They all thought she drank too much. It was too late. She could tell by the expression in Billy's eyes that he saw her glass. She tried changing the subject.

"We'll be eating late. Get yourself something to snack on." She loved looking at her son. He was her favorite. And he was getting so big. He was almost as tall as his father.

"I'll go in in a minute."

"The sun feels good." She yawned ant stretched her arms over her head. "If you're not hungry, stay here and talk to me. I'm feeling down."

He flopped down on a nearby glider and slipped his shoes off. "What's the matter, Mom? Need a new hairdo or something?"

She grimaced. "Do you really think I'm that frivolous?"

"Naw, I'm just kidding."

She raised one knee, forgetting her lack of panties. When she saw the teenager gazing at her legs, she quickly pushed her thighs together.

"Can you see anything?" she said.

He grinned and averted his eyes. "Hell, no." She glanced down at the tiny tendrils of cunthair escaping her shorts. "Stop looking at me like that. You're making me self-conscious."

He grinned. "Aw, Mom." Pulling his tee-shirt off, he stretched out on the glider and closed his eyes.

He's so beautiful, she thought, taking a swallow of her drink. So sexy.

"Do you think I have pretty legs?" she said, parting her thighs slightly.

The boy glanced up. "Sure. They're at least a ten."

"Do you really think so, or are you trying to make me feel good?"

He snickered. "Hey, Mom, honest." She brought her knees back and deliberately exposed herself to his eyes. Her heart pounded in her chest. Why am I doing this? she thought. Why am I practically inviting my own son to rape me?

"How many of those have you had today?" the boy said, nodding toward her drink.

"This is my first."

"Yeah?" He sounded skeptical. "Looks good. Mind if I finish it?"

"Here. I'll fix myself another." She held the glass out.

The teenager took it. He worried that his mother drank too much. He gulped the rest of it down and placed the glass on the ground.

"Do you want a fresh one too?" Della said, rising up and moving toward the house.

"Sit down, Mom. I think you've had enough."

The brunette sat down abruptly. She felt mellow, and anyway she liked the assertive tone in her son's voice.

Laying back on the glider, she let her legs fall open. If he wants to look, let him. He's old enough to know the score.

"Come sit here with me," she whispered seductively, straightening her legs out.

The boy stared at her suspiciously, rose up and joined her on her glider. She reached over and grabbed his hand.

"What are you doing?" he croaked.

She felt an urge to do something wild. She pulled him down on top of hex. "Don't tell me you don't want to kiss me!" she hissed.

He groaned when she kissed him. Lacing her fingers in his hair, she ground her lips against his.

"Jesus, Mom!"

"I need you, Billy." Forcing her tongue into his mouth, she kissed him hotly. "I need something, darling. Help me. I need something in my life."

"If you need me I'm here," the boy said softly.

"I've seen you at night when you don't know I'm looking." The words spilled out in a rush. "I've seen you jerking off. Oh, it's okay. Everyone does it. Even married people. But I've seen you do it and I know you'd rather be getting laid. You can do it to me. I need something so badly. We both do."

"You see me jerking off?"

"Yes, and I've wanted to rush in and take your cock from your hand and suck it into my mouth."

He lay down on his side next to her on the glider. She flung one leg over his hip.

"Will you let me suck your cock, Son?"

"Jesus, Mom, sure."

"Kiss me." She tongued him wildly as they embraced.

"Can we fuck too?" he said. "You bet we can."

"Maybe we ought to go in the house. Patty's coming home soon."

"Yes, in a minute." But she couldn't wait. In her drunken haze, she tugged his zipper down and french-kissed him. "Get on top of me. Put it in me. Quick."

Before the boy knew what was happening, she had him on top of her, straddling her thighs. She dug her fingers into his ass and tried forcing his prick into her cunt.

She wriggled around beneath him. "Put it in," she said.

Together they tried shoving his cock into her pussy. He was overly excited and his cock wasn't hard enough.

"Move up and let me take it in the mouth," she said. When the boy straddled her chest, she opened her jaws and took his cock into her mouth.

"Mom, someone'll see us," he said.

She didn't care. All the frustrations of her life disappeared as she munched on his prick. In moments she had him groaning.

She nuzzled her nose into his cock bush. This is what I've wanted, she thought. Determined to fuck him, she squeezed the tip of his cock to cool him down.

"Mom, we can't stay out here."

"Oh, darling, you've made my pussy like a furnace."

"You're gonna make me come."

Suddenly she didn't care. She wanted him to come in her mouth. "Next time we'll fuck," she said breathlessly. "Next time I want to feel your cock inside me, pulsing away and squirting into my guts. But now I want you to come in my mouth. Oh, baby, will you do that for Mother?"

He gazed down at her, his eyes wide and feverish. "Sure, Mom. Sure, I'll come in your mouth if you want me to."

Why didn't I think of this before? she thought as he pushed his hard cock inside her lips. Sweet Jesus, the kid's built like a horse!


When Patty passed the den, she paused and peered inside. Steve was sprawled on the sofa, surrounded by school books, but watching television. The little blonde burst into the room and deliberately stood in front of the screen.

"Hi," she said brightly. "Hi, squirt."

"What are you watching?"

"Some dumb movie."

"Where's Gloria?"

"Working late."

Patty flopped down on the sofa. "If it's dumb, why watch it?"

"Nothing else to do."

"What about your school work?"

"I've had it for tonight."

"Why not take me out for a ride then?"

"What for?" He yawned and stretched. The teenager brought her feet up on the sofa. "To clear your head."

"My head doesn't need clearing." He began gathering his books together.

Silence. Whenever she was alone with Steve he seemed uncomfortable. Now she coughed nervously and turned to him. "I've been meaning to ask you, how do you like married life?"

"It's great."

"It must be hard living here with the rest of us."

"It's not so bad. Your folks are great."

"Do you think my mom's pretty?"

"Sure. Hell, Gloria looks just like her."

"Do I?"

He ruffled her hair. "Naw, you're the runt of the litter."

"Oh, you!" She punched his arm. "Let me get these books out of the way." He piled his books on the floor and changed the television channel.

"Look at her wiggle," Patty said, pointing at the girl on the screen.

"Yet, get a load of those tits."

"You men are all alike." The blonde looked down at her pert but not overly large tits.

"What's the matter, squirt? Feel bad because your titties are so small?"

"They're not small. They're still developing."

"Aw, hell, more than a handful's wasted."

"That's what Billy says about it, only he says more than a mouthful's wasted."

Steve flushed. "Yeah, well, anyway you've got plenty of time."

"For what?"

"I'm old enough, for God's sake."

"Yeah, that's what I said. You've got plenty of time."

"You and Gloria were making out when she was younger than me."

"Gloria was mature for her age."

"Mature, meaning she had big tits." He grinned. "Yeah, she's really got knockers, all right."

Patty folded her arms over her chest. "You just wait. They're growing. I know they are."

"Yeah, squirt, sure."

"Don't call me that. And I'm not a kid. Stop treating me like one."

He feigned fright. "Okay, okay, just don't hit me!"

The blonde teenager giggled. "Want to know the truth?"

"Want to tell me."

"Let me whisper in your ear."

"Just don't blow in it."

She moved closer. "I lost my cherry years ago."

He flushed. "I don't think I want to hear the details."

"What about if I show you?" On an impulse, the teenager rose up and began undressing.

"Hey! What the fuck do you think you're doing?"

She pulled her tee-shirt over, her head. She was wearing a sexy black bra. "See? They're pretty. Want to see more?"

Steve was unprepared for what happened next. Before he could stop her, Patty wriggled out of her jeans.

"I'm gonna prove I'm not a virgin," she purred.

Steve's face burned as he rose up, grabbed her arm and dragged her from the room. "If you're going to strip we'll go upstairs."

As they walked upstairs, he averted his eyes. In her bedroom, he tried leaving, but she pulled him back.

"Make love to me," she said softly. He stared at her. "Are you crazy?"

"You know you want to," she said, seductively running her hand over his chest.

"A guy can't do everything he wants to do."

"Why not?"

Steve blinked. "You know something? You're right."

He took a step forward as the little blonde removed her bra. Her tits were small, but her nipples were big.

As she removed her jeans and panties, his eyes were drawn to the thick bush between her legs. Her pussy reminded him of Gloria's, but her muff was blonde instead of reddish.

Suddenly he realized he had a hard-on. He reddened when she gazed down at the bulge in his fly.

"Well?" Patty said, her hands on her slim hips.

Steve clenched and unclenched his fists.

"You're really asking for it." She giggled nervously. "You want it too. I see the way you look at me."

As she stepped toward him, she stumbled on the rug. He caught her in his arms. Her naked tits pressed against his chest.

"Jesus, now you've done it," he said.

The blonde clung to his neck. "I dig you, Steve. I really do. I've had a crush on you for years."

Shaking his head, Steve began undressing. "If Gloria ever finds out about this she'll kill me."

"Your cock is hard," Patty murmured, climbing onto the bed.

Steve's tongue felt thick. When he was naked, he climbed onto the bed next to her and kissed her lips lightly. "Remember, you asked for it."

"Kiss me."

"Jesus, come here."

His arms enfolded her body. As they kissed, he hovered over her and his cock poked her thigh. It burned into her flesh and turned, her pussy to mush. She was thrilled by the turn of events. Thrilled and a little scared at the same time.

"Billy and I do it all the time," she blurted out.

"I don't care. Neither does he. He's the one who took my cherry."

"You better keep your mouth shut about this."

"I will. Mmmmmm, I love the way you kiss."

"Hey, stop that."

"I'm only touching your cock."

"You're squeezing it."

"Doesn't it feel nice when I do that?"

"Yeah, but not too hard." She lay back and let him plunge his tongue in and out of her mouth. "I've been dying for you to do this," she breathed.

"Get this, squirt. You started it."

"Shut up and kiss me." Curling her fingers around his cockshaft, she trembled with excitement. The moment she had dreamed about had come. She was about to have sex with her sister's husband.

"You can touch me down there," she said. He kissed her hungrily. "How did I ever let you talk me into this?"

She moved his free hand down to her pussy. "You want it as much as I do."

He squeezed her pussy mound and tickled the warm wet folds within. "You're sure ready."

"Jesus, you've, got a big one."

"Do my tits taste good?"

"You bet."

"Suck them again." When his lips were fastened to one of her tits, she giggled. "Well, it's a mouthful, isn't it?"

He whipped his tongue over her nipple. "Spread your legs. I'm not waiting any more. You asked for it and now you're getting it."

Frank read the morning paper as he sipped his coffee. Gloria sat across from him, yawning and glancing at a fashion magazine.

"Pour me some more coffee," Frank said. "It's there next to you, Daddy." Frank scowled, but then smiled when he gazed at his eldest daughter. Damn, she was pretty. He poured his coffee and tried concentrating on his paper.

"I wish we could afford some new clothes, but with only my salary it's hard," the redhead said suddenly.

Frank didn't answer. He'd been against Gloria's marriage to Steve, but she hadn't listened. Hot pants. The kid had hot pants! His heart pounded. Maybe there was still a chance...

"Daddy? Are you listening? If I promise not to tell Steve, will you loan me some money?"

He put the paper aside. "I'll give my little girl money and it'll be our secret."

She brightened visibly. "I'll tell Steve my boss gave me a bonus for making so many sales. Oh, I love you! You'll always be my best boyfriend."

Frank stiffened. "I just want you to be happy, honey. You know that."

Gloria turned the pages of the magazine while Frank rose up and rinsed out their breakfast dishes. He had spoiled her all her life, and he knew it, but he couldn't help himself. She was his favorite and even though she was grown up and married he felt she belonged to him.

He went to his den to work on some papers. Within fifteen minutes Gloria flounced into the room dressed in a short white peasant skirt and a tight tee-shirt. He tried not to stare at her tits. He tried to ignore the throbbing in his crotch.

"I'm going shopping, Daddy," she announced with a grin. "Are you okay? You look funny."

"I'm fine, baby. Remember, don't let Steve know I gave you that money."

She hesitated, then moved around the desk. She sat on the arm of his chair and fiddled with his hair.

"I sometimes think I married Steve because he reminded me of you," she mused.

Frank cleared his throat. "Honey, we weren't going to do that any more."

She withdrew her hand. "I've missed you." Her voice was so soft he barely heard her.

Without thinking, he put his arm around her waist. "I've missed you too, baby."

"Why can't we just do it once in a while. No one would have to know. Just for old times sake."

"You're married now, baby."

"I want it to be like it was with us. A girl never forgets her first lover, Daddy. You told me that and it's true."

Frank flushed. His hand had moved up her thigh and was touching bare skin. Suddenly she moved away and began walking toward the door.

He was out of his chair and by her side in a moment. "That's not true, angel. You're my little girl. My best little girl."

She turned and threw herself at him. "Oh, Daddy!"

He grabbed her then and held her. They clung together momentarily. Then in unison they moved to the desk. She bent over while he pushed her skirt up.

"Just this once," he said, whipping her panties down and revealing her bare ass.

"Oh, Daddy, I've missed these times with you."

"Me too, baby."

She sucked in her breath and tightened her asscheeks. She turned her head and watched him unzip his fly and haul his prick out.

For years she and her father had been lovers. When she married Steve, they decided to end their affair. But now they were going to be lovers again, and she was thrilled.

As much as she loved Steve, she couldn't resist her father's long thick cock. Seven hot inches. Now as he gazed at her ass and her hairy pussy slit, the old excitement surged through her.

"Where are you going to put it?" she whispered.

"Oh, baby, I want to put, it all over." The knob of his cock nudged her ass cheeks.

He held one arm around her tits. She twisted her upper body toward him. She dropped her trunk down on the top of the desk when he jabbed his cock between her cuntlips.

"No one has a cock like yours," she said. "Baby, baby, it's just like the old days." The head of his cock lodged inside her, stretching her cunt-mouth deliciously. She was so wet and excited. So ready. There was nothing like having your daddy fuck you.

"Oh, Daddy, you're all the way in." Her cunt muscles contracted around his prick.

"Just a little more, baby." He leaned in until the entire length of his prick was scooped up by her pussy.

"Can you see it, Daddy? Can you see my pussy hugging your cock?"

"Yes, little girl, I can see it." He loved watching his cock move in and out, of her sweet cunt.

She wriggled her ass. "We can do this once in a while like a special treat."

She sounded so happy, Frank melted. "Sure, baby, sure." He pulled partway out and then lurched forward to bury his cock balls-deep inside her cunt.

"Oh, God!" she squealed.

She rotated her hips. He squeezed her tits as he thrust. Her cunt nibbled his prick with every stroke. Each time he pulled out he thrust in more forcefully.

"Fuck me hard, Daddy. Steve never fucks me hard enough. Not like you do."

"I don't want to hear about him," Frank snapped.

"I'm sorry, Daddy."

He slammed into her, reveling in his power over the girl. His balls were tightening, but he planned on using all his control to stave off his climax. He wanted to remind his little girl of the good fucking she had missed since her marriage.

"Oh, Daddy, I'm going to come soon!"

"Keep pushing back at me, baby."

She held her hands over his as he fondled her tits. "No one fucks me so good."

He was fucking her almost brutally. He was making up for the months he had been deprived of her sweet cunt.

"No one loves you like I do," he said, ramming his prick into her cunt for emphasis. "I know, Daddy, I know!"

She fell forward on the desk when he gently pushed her head down.

"Daddy's here, little girl," he said, his cock imbedded deep inside her pussy. He kissed the back of her neck and reached around to feel for her clit. "Here's my little girl's man in the boat."

"Oh, Daddddyyyy!"

Her plaintive cry ended in a shriek as she climaxed. He continued fingering her clit, but now he thrust his big fuckstick in and out of her cunt relentlessly.

Her pussy contracted around him and he lost control. He began crashing into her wildly, grunting like an animal and filling her with hot jism.

She relished every moment, and waited for him to stop thrashing about. Then she turned to face him.

"Kiss me," she whispered, thrusting her tits at his chest.

Her skirt dropped down, covering her naked, wet cunt. His cock hung from his fly, limp and spent. They kissed again and again. Frank was the first to break away.

"Go shopping, baby. Buy some pretty things." He hesitated. "I'm glad you're still Daddy's girl."

She picked her panties up from the floor, put them in her purse and patted her hair. "You're the best Daddy in the world."

And with a wiggle of her ass, the young married woman left the house.


Della reached aver and placed her hand on Frank's cock. She had been lying in bed listening to Gloria and Steve fuck. The sounds turned her on, and despite the fact that Frank was sleeping she rubbed his cock until he awakened.

"What are you doing?" he growled, pushing her hand away.

The hot-cunted brunette wasn't surprised by the rebuff. Sex between them after so many years was predictable. But she was horny and wanted to get fucked so she persisted.

"I'm horny," she said, making another grab for his cock.

"Jerk off," he mumbled into the pillow. "Why should I jerk off when I've got yoy?"

"Go to sleep. We'll fuck in the morning."

"I don't want to wait until morning. I'm horny now."

"Go to sleep."

He punched his pillow and pulled the covers over his head. "I'll never get to sleep." She sat up and ran her fingers through her hair.

"Did you hear the racket the kids were making?"

Frank slowly pushed the covers back. She thought she saw his face turn grim. He turned to her as her fingers found his cock and began manipulating it.

"Why do you listen if it bothers you?"

She shrugged. "Who can tune it out? They're young and they fuck all the time. Besides, the walls are thin. I told you that, but you wanted them to have the room next door." She scratched her tits and squeezed his cock. "I don't remember. Were we ever like that?"

With a grunt, he pushed her hand away. "You'll never get it up that way."

"If there's another way, I wish you'd let me know. I'll try it."

He sighed as she changed hands and continued pumping his limp cock. Listening to his Gloria being fucked by her jerk of a husband drove him crazy. He was the one who insisted they have Gloria's old room, the one next door. Why? Sometimes he thought he was a masochist.

Now Della's fingers played over the rim of his cockhead. "If you can get it up I'll fuck you."

"I'm making progress."

"That's not the way to tease a cock."

"Since when don't... I know how to tease a cock?"

"You were never good at it. You may be good at diddling your clit, but you're a lousy cockteaser."

"You're impossible."

"Okay, okay, that's better."

His cock was stirring in her, hand. She was tired of arguing with him about sex. Lucky Gloria. This is the best time now, the early months of marriage. I wonder if she appreciates it. It sure sounds like she does.

As she stroked Frank's cock she thought about Steve. She wondered if he was a good cocksman. She thought about Billy and licked her lips. What would I do without my sweet boy?

"It's getting hard," she whispered.

Frank grunted. "I almost fell asleep."

"Thanks a lot."

"Why don't you suck it."

With an exasperated shrug she slipped under the covers and fastened her lips to his cockhead.

"Jesus, woman, not so hard!"

"You're always complaining."

"Not with your teeth, damn it!"

"You used to like when I bit it."

"Not like that. Jesus, can't you do anything right?"

Della felt her fury rise, but she said nothing. She needed to get fucked, and fighting would do nothing but bring his prick down.

She worked her tongue with feather-like strokes up and down his cockshaft. She licked the tip and tasted his jism. That meant he was getting excited.

He reached down and tangled his fingers in her hair. "That's better."

"Don't you wish it could be like it was in the old days?"

He pushed her head down and forced her to take his cock into her mouth. "Why think about it? You only get depressed."

"Try and think sexy thoughts."

"Shit, woman, you're an adult, not a child. Suck like a woman."

She froze again. Damn him! He was always complaining, especially lately, since Gloria and Steve got married. Sometimes she thought he wanted to keep his daughters for himself.

Della wasn't sensitive about Frank's open adoration for his daughters, especially Gloria. She knew it was natural for men to favor their daughters while she favored her son. Still, sometimes it annoyed her to know he probably found the girls sexier than he found her. Sometimes she found herself getting a wee bit jealous of her own children.

Her own sexual hunger was stronger than ever. As a young girl she had been somewhat inhibited. Now she was ripe and mellow and hornier than ever. And Frank was distinctly uninterested. What lousy timing!

She knew he still loved her. He was proud of her looks and the way people often mistook her for the girls' sister. But loving her and feeling pride in her appearance didn't translate into lust. He no longer lusted for her, and hadn't for years.

Now she formed her lips into an oval and fastened them, around his thickening cock. She was on her knees with her ass in the air. Her short nightgown had inched up, and one of her tits popped out.

"What have we got here?" Frank snickered, cupping her tit roughly.

"Play with it," she said, darting her tongue all around the flared rim of his cockhead.

Despite his earlier indifference Frank was getting turned on. He pulled her around and helped her remove her nightgown. Then he stroked her ass and tit while she blew him.

Della's cuntjuice flowed. She was hot and wet and ready for action. Soon Frank's cock would be inside her. Once he started banging away he enjoyed himself. She always came when they fucked. Sometimes she managed to get off two big O's in one session.

Her jaws were getting tired, but she was willing to suck his cock until it was stiff. She probed his piss-slit and slid her lips to the base of his cockshaft momentarily.

"Jesus, that's good." Grabbing her hair he forced her to deep-throat him.

"Mmmmmmmm!" she moaned around his prick.

"I'm gonna shoot off."

She panicked. Using all her strength, she pushed him back and spat his prick out. "Don't you dare!" She shook with rage.

"Watch me." Eyes cold, he pumped his cock until he came.

It was all over in less than a minute. "You bastard!" she yelled, stomping off to the bathroom.

She heard him chuckle as she shut and locked the door. Settling down on the toilet, she rubbed her clit as she peed.

The bastard! she thought bitterly. It served him right that I do it with Billy. She thought about Steve and felt her orgasm approach. It'd serve him right if I let Steve fuck me too. The bastard! Her fingers flew over her clit as she spasmed. "The lousy bastard!" she said out loud.

Patty went to Billy's room the moment her folks left the house. It was Saturday night and Billy was standing naked before the mirror combing his hair.

When he saw her, he put the comb down. "Are we alone?" he said.

Grinning, she fell to her knees beside him and reached for his cock. "Yeah, we've got the house to ourselves."

Opening her mouth wide, she took his limp cock inside. She worked her mouth around the nob and licked the underside.

"Jesus, I'm horny," he muttered. "Me too." She poked her tongue into his piss slit and around the flared rim.

Billy gazed down at his sister's blonde hair. She was wearing a robe, but he could see her small round tits bobbing around inside. The sight made his balls ache.

He took hold of her long hair and began guiding her mouth. She scraped her teeth over his cock and she felt her pussy lubricate.

"Suck it good," the boy said. "Shit, it feels good." He tugged at her hair more forcefully.

His sister responded by taking more of his cock into her mouth. It was getting hard, and it reached almost to the back of her throat.

"It's a mouthful, huh?" he snickered. She grunted. She loved nothing better than to have a cock in her mouth.

"Get it real hard."

She struggled for breath as her supple lips danced up and down his shaft. She planned on getting his cock hard. She wanted it like a rock when he finally stuffed it into her pussy.

She covered her teeth with her lips and moved the oval up and down his prickshaft. She gazed up into his eyes. He tangled his fingers in her hair and smirked.

"You really get off on it, don't you?" Nodding, she fluttered her tongue around the rim of his cockhead. He took her by surprise when he thrust his prick all the way into the back of her throat.

Without flinching, she opened her throat, swallowed around his cock and pulled back to nibble his cockhead. His prick was almost fully erect and glistening with her saliva.

"You sure know how to give a blow-job, Sis." Rocking back and forth on the balls of his feet, he fucked her mouth.

Glancing up at him, she winked and gave him the finger.

Billy watched her full moist lips gobble up his cock. If she wasn't careful he'd wind up creaming her tonsils.

Her aggressiveness turned him on. She was always after him to either suck or fuck or both.

He didn't care bow many other guys she balled, she always gave him his share.

"How many other guys are you fucking?" he said suddenly.

With renewed energy, she worked her lush lips up and down his cockshaft. "What's it to you?" she mumbled through the plug of meat in her mouth.

"Just curious. Hey, that's good sucking."

"How many other girls are you fucking." He sent his cock soaring into her throat. "None of your business, kid."

She giggled to herself, holding his balls with one hand and his ass with the other. She didn't care how many chicks he balled as long as he saved some for her.

Moaning softly, she made a circle of her lips and dragged them smugly over the taut contours of his prick.

"Let's get into bed," the boy said.

She nodded, but continued fucking his cock with her lips.

He couldn't resist shoving his cock deep into her throat. He liked watching her lips stretch around his shaft. He liked seeing her labor over his cock. She looked so happy and so damn horny. He could imagine how wet her pussy was.

"Let's get into bed," he said. "I want to screw."

The blonde teenager reluctantly dropped his prick from her mouth and got to her feet. She pushed up against him, shoving her knee between his legs and nudging his cock and balls.

"Pick me up and carry me to the bed," she giggled. The bed was only inches away.

"Me you kidding? And risk getting a hernia?"

Too excited to waste another moment, he pushed her toward the bed, shoved her down and rammed his cock into her from behind.

"Jesus, it's good!" he grunted. "Hot damn, you've got a tight pussy."

She fell forward, her tits flopping out of her robe as he fucked her. She tilted her ass back. A wanton grin distorted her pretty face. She loved being fucked from behind. She loved driving Billy crazy.

"Harder," she whispered, wriggling her ass. "Screw me real hard, Billy."

Her passionate cries fed his lust. He rammed into her as hard as he could, pushing her down fiat from the force of his thrusts.

"Harder," she said, clawing the sheets. "Fuck me harder."

"I'm doing it as hard as I can!" Her pussy nibbled and caressed his prick. Her hot hairy cunt almost swallowed him up. He felt his balls seethe and knew he would dump into her soon.

"I'm gonna come soon," he said. "I want all your come inside me."

"Oh, you'll get it, okay."

"I'm almost there too."

"Your cunt's so hot."

"You cock's so bud."

"Aw, shit, it's coming."

"Oh, Billy!"

"I'm not gonna be able to hold off much longer. Oh, shit, I'm coming!"

Patty's orgasm was triggered by the rush of jism into her pussy. The exquisite sensations surged through her, made more delicious by the insistent pounding of Billy's cock.

Once he blew his wad he wanted to sleep. He climbed onto the bed and collapsed. Patty was used to being ignored when her brother got his rocks off. She knew enough to let him rest, because later, when he awakened, he would fuck her again.

Snuggling up behind him on the bed, she felt the wetness in her cunt, the mixture of cuntjuice and jism. She reached for Billy's limp cock and held it. When she was certain he was sleeping, she crawled down under the covers and took his cock into her mouth.

Instinctively she began masturbating. She shoved her index finger into her cunt and used her thumb to tease her clit.

After a while, Billy stirred in his sleep as his cock started coming to life. She sucked harder and then began licking his balls with light, feathery flicks of her tongue.

"I want to eat your pussy," he yawned.

"I didn't know you were awake."

"Get out of there and let me eat you."

Stretching out on her back, the hot-cunted teenager spread her legs and giggled. "Do it," she said, humping her ass off the bed.

Her brother knelt over her, lowering his mouth to her cunt and moving his hands under her ass. "You're a horny bitch," he said, lapping his tongue up and down her pussy.

"Mmmmm, that's nice."

"Shit, you're sticky."

She grabbed his ears and ground her pussy against his mouth. "Shut up and suck."


Della finished straightening the house later than usual. She expected Billy home after his last class. She quickly showered, washed her hair and dressed since she planned on a few hours in bed with the boy.

Just as she was brushing her hair, the telephone rang. It was Billy, telling her he was stuck at school, and not to expect him until dinner.

She was more than disappointed. She was depressed. Another frustrating night with Frank would drive her up the wall. She had to get laid. And now Billy was disappointing her. It was just too much.

She knew she was expecting too much from her son. He was just a boy. But he was a sweet cocksman and she hesitated to take a lover. She felt that cheating on Frank with a member of the family wasn't as sinful as screwing a total stranger.

She had her own set of morals and she felt comfortable with them. Fucking Billy wasn't a sin. It was a learning experience for him and a necessity for her.

She glanced at the clock, smoothed down her skirt and went downstairs for a drink. Her hand shook as she sipped the warm scotch.

I drink too much and don't fuck enough, she thought bitterly.

As usual when she was horny, she thought about Gloria and Steve. Again last night she had lain awake and listened to them fuck. She wanted to scream just thinking about it. Why should Gloria be getting so much while she was getting less and less?

Refilling her glass and not bothering with ice, she took her drink into the living room and flopped down on the sofa.

She was annoyed when she heard the front door open. If that's Frank, she thought, we're gonna have a fight.

With an angry scowl, she went to the front hall. "Frank?" she snarled.

"It's me, Mom," Steve said, closing the door and placing his school books on the hall table.

"What are you doing home?"

His eyes raked over her body. "My afternoon classes were cancelled. I'm going to work on a paper. You're all dressed up."

The horny mother glanced down at her chest. She was dressed up. Inappropriately so, for she had wanted to surprise Billy by wearing a low necked black dress and high heels. Now she felt foolish as she faced her son-in-law.

"I get tired of looking frumpy," she said.

"You never look frumpy." He bent down and kissed her cheek. Then he saw the glass she was trying to hide behind her back. "It's a little early for that, isn't it?"

"Don't you start telling me when to start drinking." She whirled around and returned to the living room.

He followed her. "Mom?"

She didn't look at him. "What?" She knew her voice was harsh, but she couldn't help it. "You're looking mighty good."

"I'm just a boring housewife."

"You're just having one of those days. I studied depression in my Psych course and it's natural for everyone to have them once in a while."

"Everyone in this family has something interesting to fill their time but me." Tears came to her eyes and she tried hiding them by gulping her scotch.

Steve sat down on a lounge chair and crossed his legs. "Gloria has a stupid job, selling. That's not so interesting. When I'm through with school and working she'll quit and be a housewife like you. She's looking forward to it."

"I'm dull. At least, it feel dull." Her tongue felt thick. "No one really talks to me. You never talk to me like you talk to Gloria or to your friends."

He rose up and very gently took the glass from her hand. His arm brushed her tit. A shiver of excitement passed through her. Just that slight touch made her pussy moisten.

"You're not dull, Mom. You're a dish." He grinned and sat down next to her on the sofa.

"If you were going to have an affair I bet you wouldn't consider a woman my age." She felt her face grow warm the moment the words were out.

He didn't answer for a while. Then he took a deep breath, sipped her drink and cleared his throat. "Who says?"

They turned to face each other simultaneously. His legs were wide-spread and she noticed that his prick was beginning to rise inside his jeans.

"You mean, you would?" she said, smiling despite herself.

He didn't try hiding the bulge in his crotch. He nodded. "Can't you tell? Look what you're doing to me now."

"Oh, my..." Her cunt, which had been pleasantly damp, was now sopping wet. Since she was wearing no panties, she wondered if the wetness was soiling the sofa.

"Is that all you can say?" he grinned.

"At the moment, yes."

He took her hand, turned it over and kissed the palm. "I sometimes hear you and Dad making out."

"You hear us?"

"You make a lot of noise."

"How embarrassing."

"How about it, Mom? For an older woman, you're quite a dish. Let's make it together."

She could feel her heart pounding. "You're my daughter's husband."

He shrugged. "What the hell, it's all in the family."

She noticed that he was sweating. His under arms were wet and his forehead was damp. He kissed her fingertips one by one and slowly moved her hand over his crotch.

"It's all for you, Mom. Just say the word." She took a deep breath, searched his face and sighed. "I'm saying it," she whispered.

"Let's go."

Licking her lips in anticipation, she took his hand. They dashed upstairs and climbed onto the bed. He was all over her in moments, kissing her lips and squeezing her tits and ass. She felt overwhelmed and terribly excited. What she didn't feel was guilty.

"Let's get on with it," she said, dropping her hand to his fly and tugging the zipper down.

"Sounds good to me."

She had his cock out in a flash. It looked as good as she'd imagined it all these months.

"So this is the cock that has Gloria screaming," she smiled.

He pushed his jeans and shorts down. "Go to it, Mom."

Swooping down, she pressed his cock into her mouth and sucked. Her heart pounded in her chest. How exciting it was! She felt close to Gloria at this moment. Closer than she had in years.

Words weren't necessary. Steve stroked her hair and humped his ass as she closed her lips around his cockhead.

"I want to fuck you, so don't make me come," he said.

"Don't you worry. I want this big thing in my pussy too much to bring you off with my mouth."

"Jesus, your mouth is like a suction cup."

"I love it."

"Hey, come here." Sitting up, he forced her lips from his cock.

"Why did you do that?"

"Sit on it, Mom."

When she realized what he wanted, she straddled his thighs. Lifting her skirt and lowering her ass, she squatted over his upthrust prick.

"Put it in, Mom," he said.

"Help me." She wriggled around, trying to wedge his big cock into her cunt. "Easy..."

Between them they managed to stick his cock inside her. He held her ass and she leaned forward as she began moving up and down.

"I guess I've wanted this for a long time," she gasped as his fingers dug into her ass.

"Me, too, Mom. Me too."

Gloria pressed her lips to her sister's. At first the kiss was gentle. Gradually it became more probing. When she plunged her tongue-tip into Patty's mouth, Patty sighed softly.

"Take your blouse off," Gloria said.

"You take it off."

Gloria continued kissing the younger girl as she unbuttoned her blouse and slipped her hand inside her bra.

The sisters had experimented with lesbian love for years. Gloria had initiated the first contact when Patty was just a kid, and they both enjoyed the occasional hours spent together.

Now Gloria pawed Patty's tits, making her nipples hard and turning the younger sister's pussy into a swamp.

As usual, Patty took the passive role. She whimpered when Gloria pulled her blouse from her shoulders and fondled her tits. She glued her lips to Gloria's and returned her kisses hotly.

"You're making me so hot," Patty said. "How's this, Sis?" Gloria said, unhooking Patty's bra, peeling it away and fastening her lips to one of the young girl's tits.

"It's great and you know it." As Gloria licked her tits, Patty squeezed her thighs together. She cradled Gloria's head as the older girl lightly chewed on her nipples.

"Tell me how good it feels."

"Ooooohhhh, nice." Gloria placed her hand on her sister's bare thigh. "And this?"

"A little higher please."

Gloria touched Patty's panty-crotch. It was damp. She traced the outline of her pussy slit with a fingertip.

"How's this?"

"Mmmmm, very nice."

Gloria rubbed up and down the younger girl's cunt. They continued french-kissing. Their tongues licked and sucked, and their lips nibbled deliciously.

"Mmmmm, I like that," Patty gasped when Gloria stuck a finger inside the crotch other panties.

Gloria broke the embrace and gazed at the teenager, still stroking her crotch. "Getting enough action?" Gloria said.

Patty felt herself blush. Did Gloria suspect about Steve? The little blonde's heart pounded as she nodded. "Don't I always?"

"Has Daddy ever, uh, approached you?"

"No. Why?"

"I was just wondering."

Patty lowered her eyes. I'll just die if she asks me about Steve, she thought.

She didn't. Instead, the older sister pushed the younger down on the bed. "Let's do some sucking," Gloria said.


Gloria pulled her sweater over her head and released her big, braless tits. "What?"

"Did you and Daddy ever do it?" Gloria winked. "What a question. Run over there and lock the door, huh? Just in case my darling husband comes looking for me."

Patty gazed at her older sister for a moment before rising up and locking the door. "Is Steve a good lover?" Patty said, her mouth dry.

"Why don't you try him some time and find out for yourself?"

"You mean you wouldn't mind?"

The redhead frowned. "I'm no angel. I just wouldn't want to know." Rising up, she finished undressing.

Patty's breath quickened as she watched her sister's naked body emerge. She was lovely. Her tits were so big and ripe-looking. The younger girl felt a pang of envy. If only I had her tits, she thought.

"No wonder Steve fell in love with you," Patty said. "Your figure is so great."

"So's yours. Take your panties off, squirt."

"Don't call me that."

Gloria took her younger sister in her arms and hugged her. "I didn't mean to hurt your feelings."

She kissed her tenderly, and their bare bellies rubbed together. Gloria's big tits poked into Patty's smaller ones and her hands dropped to the younger girl's asscheeks.

While their tongues dueled, Patty reached down and clutched her sister's round ass. "Does Steve know we do this?" Patty asked.

Gloria breathed into Patty's ear. "There are some things a girl has to keep to herself."

Patty dug her fingers into Gloria's firm, round ass. "Is it fun being married?"

"Sure, I love it."

Gloria continued stroking Patty's ass while Patty wrapped her arms around her sister's waist. At intervals they kissed and rubbed their tits together.

"Let me suck your pussy," Gloria said. "I'm dying for it."

"Get down and I'll do it." Patty hugged her sister one last time before opening her legs.

Gloria advanced toward her, spreading Patty's thighs farther apart and climbing over her. Once again, their bodies pressed together.

"It's nice to feel a girl's body once in a while," Gloria breathed. "Sometimes Steve squashes me."

"Yeah, I know what you mean."


"I mean sometimes a guy can really squash you." Patty flushed and averted her eyes.

"Don't wiggle around so."

"Your cunthair is tickling me."

"Feel how wet mine is?" Patty struggled to breathe. "Mine too."

Gloria sat up. "Let me see something." She lifted one of Patty's legs and searched around her pussy before slipping his finger inside hers cunthole. "God, it's hot in there!"

"That feels good. Will you suck it now?" Gloria stuffed a second finger in the younger girl's pussy. "Yeah, in a minute."

She wormed her fingers more deeply inside Patty's cunt. Patty flinched. "Touch my clit."

Using her free hand, Gloria pushed back the hood of Patty's clit and massaged the elusive little button.

Patty's face reddened. "That's good." She strained upward, her small tits wobbling around.

Still finger-fucking the little blonde, Gloria lowered her head and darted her tongue over the hood of her clit. Patty gasped and clamped her thighs around Gloria's head.

Gloria gently pushed her thighs open and used the tip of her tongue to tease Patty's cunt slit. Patty whimpered and fondled her own tits while her legs went slack.

"You're making me come," the younger sister said.

"Mmmm," Gloria said, still licking her clit.

"Oh, God, I love it!"

"Keep coming."

"I am. Oh! Oh, yes! Oh, God, yes! There! Ahhhhhh! Cummmiiiinnnggggg!"

After Patty's second orgasm the girls changed places. Gloria lay down and watched the teenaged blonde bend over her. She pulled her knees back to give her plenty of room.

As usual, Patty was fascinated by her older sister's cunt. Quickly lowering her face, she stuck her tongue into Gloria's succulent-looking pussy.

"Does Steve like the way you taste?" Patty said.

"Yeah. Don't they all?"

"Hmmmm." Patty forced the tip of her tongue into Gloria's fuck hole. It felt funny to be licking the same pussy Steve licked.

Gloria bucked her hips and grabbed Patty's hair. "I'm going to hold your head between my thighs. Don't push me away. Just let me hold you."

Patty licked her sister's clit relentlessly while the older girl's strong thighs imprisoned her head.

"Yeah." Gloria sighed. "That's doing it." Patty licked in a frenzy. She knew from experience that Gloria was close. Very close. Her fingers slipped into Gloria's asscrack. She poked a fingertip into her ass while she sucked her clit.

"Sis, I'm coming." Gloria hissed, thrusting her pussy at Patty's mouth. Her body stiffened. Then she thrashed around wildly, grunting hoarsely. When she stopped moving, the sisters assumed the sixty-nine position and continued their orgy.


Billy's belly flopped over. His knees felt weak. His older sister stood before him, smiling mockingly and thrusting her tits into his face. He'd had a crush on her and fantasized about fucking her for years. And now she had just told him she wanted him to fuck her.

"You're kidding, aren't you?" he said. "You must be. Shit, you're not."

Her eyes no longer mocked. They glittered with excitement. Licking her lush lower lip, she moved closer. "I'm perfectly serious. You're old enough." She stared pointedly at his crotch.

"You've got the equipment and I'm horny. Why shouldn't we do it?"

"Jesus, Sis, you're married."

She threw her head back and laughed. "So what? I'll teach you things every boy ought to know about pleasing a woman. But you've got to calm down and take your clothes off. We can't do it through our clothes."

It was a Saturday, and the rest of the family were out. Billy's cock lurched inside his jeans. He thought he might cream his pants before he even touched her.

"I always wanted to," he breathed, quickly pulling his tee-shirt over his head.

"Well, now's your chance." She watched his expression as she undressed. He struggled with his belt, and in his excitement almost jammed his zipper.

"You're sure you're serious?" he said, pausing, his jeans at his ankles.

"Would I be mean enough to go this far if I wasn't?" She reached over, pushed his hands away and pulled his pants off his feet. "Now your shorts."

He gawked as she hooked her fingers in the waistband of his shorts, hesitated and then pulled them down. His cock was half-hard, and when she dragged his shorts down it sprang up at attend on.

"I remember how it looked when you were little," she smiled. "And it's still a beauty. Did you know, when you were a little kid you had a big cock?" She took his prick in her hand and slowly pumped it.

"Yeah, I remember," he grinned.

"It's as big as Steve's," she mused.

The mention of his brother-in-law made the boy cringe and his cock visibly deflate. "Aw, shit, it's going down," he said.

The redhead squeezed his prickrod and cupped his balls in her free hand. "It's my fault for talking about Steve. Just relax, honey, and I'll get it nice and hard."

She concentrated on the sensitive stretch of skin on the underside near his cockhead. She teased his balls and ran her fingers into his asscrack.

"I'll take care of everything," she whispered, leaning forward and kissing the moist tip of his cock knob.

"Aw, Jesus!"

When she sucked his cockhead into her mouth, she made little moaning sounds. "It tastes good too." She poked her tongue into his pisser and watched him grimace.

His knees buckled as she buried her face against his hairy crotch. Her tongue felt like silk. Wet silk. Her teeth nibbled lightly, but not enough to hurt. And her lips were like, a vise every time she capped them around his cockhead.

"Jesus, Sis, I like the way you're feeling my balls."

Every nerve-ending in his body quivered. She was everywhere, rubbing his asshole and stroking his nuts.

His orgasm took him by surprise. Before he could warn her, his balls erupted and a steady stream of warm jism squirted into her mouth.

Gloria was surprised, but not displeased. He was overexcited. She had shocked him with her offer of sex, but he was a good lusty boy, and his cock would get hard again.

Della had bathed them together as youngsters, and Gloria had lovely memories of playing doctor with her younger brother. They had never fucked, but once she sucked his cock. He was only about eight and probably didn't remember, but she had loved it. It was her introduction to cocksucking and she'd always have a warm feeling for Billy because of it.

To extend his climax, she raced her lips up and down his exploding cockshaft while he fucked her mouth. At the end, she coaxed the last drops of jism from his prick knob. When she had every drop, she kept his cock in her mouth and gently sucked it.

"Aw, shit, Sis, I'm sorry."

"It's okay, I liked it." She held his limp prick against her cheek and kissed it.

"I couldn't help it. I got so damn excited."

"I know, I know."

"It'll come up again in a while."

"Of course it will. That's what's so great about being young. We can still fuck. You'll see."

His nervousness dissipated, the boy helped her finish undressing. He caught his breath when her big tits popped into view.

"They're so big," he murmured.

She held them out to him. "I like having them sucked." Her nipples were stiff and long, and she pulled on them to make them even longer.

He licked his parched lips. "Jesus Christ!" She held her arms out. "Come. Touch them."

He pulled her down onto the bed and buried his face against her tits. She held him, wrapping her legs around his body and guiding one of her tits into his mouth.

She compared his body to Steve's. Billy was still a kid, but his cock and balls were man-sized, and he had a thick shock of cock-hair. The redhead liked that. All the men in her family had lots of cock-hair. What a break!

While he sucked her tits she reached for his prick. It wasn't fully erect, but it was hardening.

"You're getting excited again," she said. He held her nipple between his teeth. "Yeah, I guess I am."

He whipped his tongue over her nipple. By now her pussy was awash with juice. She was careful to pump his cock gently. She wanted him hard, but she didn't want to run the risk of bringing him off again.

"You always were a tit-man," she said. "Yours are as big as Mom's."

"And much bigger than Patty's, huh?" He blinked. "Yeah." He stuffed her tit into his mouth, pressing his nose into her cushiony tit-flesh.

He's slipping it to Patty, the redhead thought. Maybe he's slipping it to Mom too. The little devil! But when a boy is surrounded by pussy what else can you expect?

Suddenly she pushed him away from her tits and made him stretch out on his back.

He groaned, craned his neck to gaze at her, and then dropped his head onto the pillow. "Aw, Sis, take it easy."

"Just your balls, I promise. I won't suck your cock again."

She licked his balls with the flat of her tongue and lightly stroked his cock. She wanted it in her cunt, but not until it was hard as steel.

Releasing his cock, she swabbed her tongue over his balls and moved a hand to her cunt to masturbate. Her clit was hard, and as she rubbed it she licked his balls more vigorously.

"We're going to have a wild fuck," she said, caressing the sensitive hood of her clit.

"Jesus, Sis, I love the way you're licking my nuts."

"Concentrate on control. I don't want to fuck until we just can't wait any more."

"I'm getting there."

She clawed at her pussy. "Me too." He raised his head and gazed at his upthrust cock. "Hard as steel," he grinned.

Gloria rolled onto her back and wantonly spread her legs. "Fuck me, Billy. Ram your cock into me as far as it'll go and fuck me."

He climbed over her and mounted her. She reached out and guided his prick to her inflamed cunt. He leaned forward, trembled and sucked one of her tits into his mouth as her pussy swallowed up his cock.

Gloria wrapped her strong young thighs around his back. Her pussy contracted around his prick. Moving by instinct, she rammed her cunt up to meet his strokes and chanted in her throaty voice.

"So good, Billy!" she said, rolling her head from side to side as he chomped on her tits. She brought her knees back, enabling him to penetrate her more deeply.

His balls slapped her ass with every stroke. He grunted but said nothing. Her fingernails dug into his flesh, drawing blood. He didn't even notice. All that mattered was the pounding in his heart and the wonderful release he craved.

When it came, when he erupted inside her, they stayed together for a long time. Words weren't necessary. She giggled when she realized his cock was still hard. He smiled proudly as he began thrusting again.

"Oh, Daddy, that feels wonderful! I just love when you do that. Do it again, huh? Oooohhhh, do it again."

Patty and Frank were in a motel. He picked her up from school one day and took her out to lunch. While they ate he talked about sex and how much he wanted to screw her. Over banana splits, she had eagerly agreed to go to the motel and make out.

Now they were seated on the bed, kissing and fondling each other. Frank was stroking her thighs and the teenager was clinging to him.

Frank felt like a kid again. He had wanted to make it with Patty for years, but only recently decided to give in to his cravings.

There was something about the kid that made his balls ache. Something electric. Something rawly sexual that made him want to fuck her hard and fast and then fuck her again.

As he stroked her satiny thighs he thought about how it would be once he was inside her. She was practically a child, but so sweet and juicy. He had a hunch she was going to be a hot fuck. Yeah, once his cock was in that sweet cunt of hers, she'd make him see stars.

He didn't want to rush it. He'd given a lot of thought to this day and he didn't want to scare her off.

He was surprised she agreed to it. Hell, she was just a kid. True, she was probably fucking around, but girls her age usually stuck to young kids.

Gloria had been different. Gloria had been very precocious. Hell, Gloria was born sexy.

"There's so much I want to do with you, angel," he said.

"Do it all, Daddy. I want you to do everything to me."

He kissed and licked her lush lips. She parted them submissively and let him stick his tongue inside her mouth.

She pushed her tongue against his. When his hand gently parted her thighs and he touched her crotch, she sucked in her breath. What a wonderful touch he had!

As he stroked her plump pussy mound he nuzzled her tits. She breathed deeply when he stopped kissing her and felt his cock through his pants.

"Fuck me, Daddy," she murmured.

"Soon, baby, soon."

"I want it now. Fuck me now."

"Ssssshhhhh." He continued kissing, her mouth and nose and eyes. "Daddy will fuck you when it's time."

He ran his lips over her throat and played with her cunt-mound. She moaned softly. "I'm sorry for nagging you, but you're making me so hot."

"I know, baby, I know." He remembered the first time he made it with Gloria. Young girls are so sweet. So damn sweet!

He left her panties and bra in place. He wanted to savor every moment before he undressed her. He placed his hand over her heart and felt the pounding within.

"You're my little girl," he said, nibbling her lower lip.

"Will I always be your little girl?"

"Always. No matter how old you get, or who you marry, you'll always be Daddy's little girl."

"I want to be. Oh, Daddy, that feels so good. I'm creaming my panties."

"You have big nipples, don't you?" She nodded, but frowned. "But my tits aren't too big."

"I like big nipples. Bit tits aren't my thing." He cupped her chin and held her face while he kissed her deeply.

"I can't breathe."

He flicked his tongue into her mouth a few times. "That's the way I'm going to fuck you." She giggled. "It sounds so funny to hear you say that."

"Are you sure you want to go ahead with this?"

She turned serious. "I'm perfectly capable of making this kind of decision. No, I haven't been a virgin for ages. Yes, I want you to fuck me. Okay?"

"Okay, baby."

Actually, she adored her father and she'd always hoped some day he'd fuck her. Despite his age, she thought he was the handsomest man in the world. And the sexiest too.

The feel of his cock through his pants was making her pussy throb. When is he going to do it? she thought impatiently.

She thought about Billy and Steve and giggled to herself. After she'd fucked all of them she could compare them in her mind and grade their performance. She was certain her father would be the best cocksman.

His hand moved from her crotch to her leg now. He crawled over and began kissing her thighs. She moaned as his lips approached her pussy slit.

"Maybe I ought to take my clothes off," she said.

"I'll do that, baby. You just lie back and enjoy yourself. Daddy will undress his little girl."

"Yes, I want you to."

After pushing her skirt up, he ran his strong hands up and down the soft insides of her thighs. "No one must ever know about this," he said suddenly.

She closed her eyes and let him caress her. "I'll never tell."

Golden tendrils of hair escaped the crotch of her panties. He touched the hair, brought his finger up to his nose and smelled her essence.

He bent down and kissed her pussy mound. She held her breath. "This is my first time in a motel," she said.

"I sure hope so," he growled, kissing her inner thighs and licking her cunt slit through her panties.

She automatically clamped her legs around his head. "Suck it, Daddy. Take my panties off and suck it."

He gently drew her legs apart. "I can't do anything if you don't let go, honey."

"Can't I get naked?"

He grinned. "Sure. Sit up and I'll undress you."

Sitting bolt upright, the little blonde raised her arms and waited for him to proceed. Her heart pounded with excitement. She felt womanly and sexy.

Almost reluctantly, he began undressing her. He removed each item of clothing slowly, and neatly folded it before putting it on a chair. She pretended she was a child again and her Daddy was getting her ready for bed.

She giggled out loud. He was getting her ready for bed, all right. And she couldn't wait.

When she was down to her panties, he kissed her pert tits softly and squeezed her ass. He licked each of her nipples, groaned and released her.

Rising up from the bed suddenly, he strode across the room.

"Get up and put your clothes on," he said in a strained voice. "We're leaving."

Her heart pounded, but she didn't move. She was rooted to the spot. "Leaving? What do you mean, Daddy?"

He opened the bathroom door and glanced at his watch. "I almost did something I'll regret. I just came to my senses, baby. Get dressed." His shoulders sagged. "I'm going to pee. Knock on the door when you're ready to leave."


On a weekend when Della and Frank went camping, Gloria went to the college library after work to meet Steve and walk home with him.

"I'm just finishing up, hon," he said. "Just give me a minute to finish up these notes or I'll never be able to read them. Then I'm all yours for the rest of the weekend."

"I sure hope the kids aren't home."

"They had plans, didn't they?"

"Patty said so, but you never can tell."

"If they're home we'll just go to our room and lock the door."

"It'll be much nicer if we have the house to ourselves."

"If not, we'll wing it."

Gloria sat down to wait. Steve had trouble concentrating on his notes. His eyes, were constantly drawn to his wife's tits. She had deliberately worn a very tight sweater. It was getting harder lately to tear him away from his studies, and she was very horny.

She crossed her legs to show him some thigh. Why not bring out all the big guns? she thought.

Steve reached for a pencil. He recognized the look in Gloria's eyes. She was horny. That smoldering look always turned him on. Even now his cock was starting to throb.

Gloria flicked her tongue out again and again. It was a nervous gesture and she didn't realize how suggestive it was.

Steve watched her tongue-tip, and thought about how that sweet tongue would feel when it raced over his cock. He hurried with his notes.

A tremor ran through Gloria's pussy. She could tell that Steve was horny. He was scribbling away, but sneaking peeks at her tits when he thought no one was looking.

"That does it, hon," he said a few minutes later. He began putting his papers in a brief case and piling the books into a neat stack.

"Great," she whispered seductively. "Now we can go home and fuck for the rest of the day."

Steve winked as he rose up. "You mean for the whole time your folks are away."

"Mmmmmmm, honey, I can tell you're as horny as I am."

They walked side by side out of the library. Steve put his free arm around her shoulder as they chatted.

"Are you in the mood for anything kinky?" he said.

"If you want to rub your cock between my tits I won't object."

"You like that, huh?"

"Almost as much as I like sucking that big juicy prick of yours."

"You're giving me a hard-on."

"I hope so."

"What do you want me to do to you?"

"I'm not through with you yet." He kicked a stone and grinned. "What else are you going to do to me?"

"You'll see. Maybe I'll lick your asshole. Do you think you'd like that?"

He let his fingers dangle over her tits. "I always do."

"How come you never lick my asshole?"

"That's not fair. I lick it all the time."

As they walked across the campus, Gloria noticed several pretty girls looking at Steve. She was proud that he was her husband. She was more excited than ever, knowing all those girls wanted to fuck him.

"Jesus, I'm horny today," he said.

"Is it all these sexy girls who are making eyes at you?"

He squeezed her arm and shifted his books around. "It's my cock-happy wife who's giving me a hard-on."

"Thank goodness."

They left the campus and walked the few blocks to the house. Gloria's pussy seethed with desire. When they arrived home, she threw her arms around Steve's neck, knocking the books from his arms.

"You, sir, are going to get the fuck of your life," she whispered.

"I better," he said, squeezing her ass and glancing wryly at the books strewn all over the floor.

The redhead pound her pelvis against the bulge in his crotch. Their lips met in a wet, hot kiss. Their tongues whipped together.

"It's quiet," she murmured against his lips. "That means the kids are out."

"Good. Let's go upstairs and get into bed." He started to pull his tee-shirt off, but Gloria stopped him. "No. Let's go in the den and do it on the sofa."

"That's a good idea, hon. Something different."

Gloria threw herself at him, rubbing up against him. "I can't wait to have your cock inside me."

"Come on, Miss Hot-Pants," Steve snickered. They walked toward the den, fondling each other and stopping to kiss. "Let's suck each other off first," she said. "Then we can have a nice leisurely fuck."

"Sounds good to me."

When they arrived at the den, they froze. They stared at the sight on the sofa. Steve squeezed Gloria's hand as they backed out into the hall.

Billy and Patty together fucking. Half naked. Billy banging his cock into his sister's cunt like a fury.

"I'm not really surprised," Gloria whispered.

"Me neither."

They watched the boy's virile young cock drilling in and out of Patty's puffy golden haired cunt. The sight of her cuntlips clinging to her brother's cockshaft as he partially withdrew turned Gloria's pussy to jelly.

"Fuck me, Billy," Patty squealed as the teenage boy's prick crashed into her. "Mmmmmmm, you're fucking me so good today."

Gloria squeezed Steve's hand harder. He put his arm around her and felt her tits while they stared at the youngsters.

The teenagers looked innocent and lusty at the same time. Gloria was fascinated by the sight. Seeing brother and sister locked together like two animals made her blood race.

We're a fucking family, she thought with a giggle.

She was fascinated by the sight of her kid brother's stiff prick plowing in and out of Patty's pussy. Since she'd balled each of them she knew their bodies well. She wondered what Steve was thinking. She glanced at him. His eyes shone with excitement.

"What if they see us?" Gloria hissed softly. "They won't look over here."

"But what if they do?"

"Ssshhh. Watch. We'll worry about that later. Jesus, look at that kid fuck!"

Gloria had a wild desire to rush into the room and force Billy to fuck her. A tremor surged through her. She wondered if Steve wanted Patty the way she wanted Billy.

"Don't stop," Patty moaned. "Mmmmmm, that's fucking. Jesus, you're such a good lover! You really know how to fuck!"

"Jesus Christ!" Steve muttered. Gloria watched his face now instead of watching the kids. He looked fascinated. His eyes were glued to Patty's tits which were wobbling around her chest.

"I'll bet you wouldn't mind sticking it to Patty," Gloria whispered.

Steve grunted. "What do you think?" She reached over and stroked his rapidly rising cock. "I think you already have."

Steve shot her a glance, saw her grin and flushed. "Shut up and watch."

Gloria was glad Steve had fucked her sister. Now she didn't have to feel guilty about fucking Billy. She stroked Steve's cock and watched Patty's face as Billy rammed into her. Billy was fucking her faster now, obviously moving swiftly toward his climax.

"I'm almost there, Billy," Patty shouted. "Oh, Billy, fuck me!"

Gloria stared at her brother's prick as it drilled into Patty's crimson cunt. Now she had a sudden urge to rush into the room and take his cock in her mouth.

"He's quite a little cocksman, isn't he?" Gloria said as she excitedly rubbed Steve's cock through his pants.

"Yeah, but look at her fuck."

"I wonder..." Gloria tugged at Steve's hand. "Oh, Steve, do we dare go in there?"

"Wait till they're through. I want to see this."

Gloria was barely aware when Steve lifted her skirt and thrust his hand inside her panties. Then he stuck a finger in her pussy and she stifled a giggle.

"You're terrible," she whispered.

"I'll bet you wish Billy was sticking it to you."

"You're crazy."

"Look at those kids fuck."

Every thrust of Steve's finger in her cunt increased Gloria's excitement. Steve was right.

She wanted to take Patty's place on the sofa. She wanted to wrap her legs around Billy's back and imprison him in the saddle of her thighs as they fucked.

The redhead was trembling now. Her fingers shook as she unzipped Steve's fly and hauled his prick out. It felt like a piece of steel in her hand. She looked at him out of the corner of her eye and then gazed with hot eyes at her siblings.

Billy was still ramming his cuntjuice-soaked cock into Patty's pussy. Patty's juice was frothy and whitish. It covered Billy's prick and dampened his balls.

"His cock's rubbing her clit," Steve whispered, sticking two fingers into Gloria's pussy.

"Can you see it? Oh, God, yeah, I can see it too! His cock is rubbing her clit. I've never seen anything like it."

Gloria stood with her legs apart, bent over slightly so Steve had no trouble frigging her. She pumped his cock in a frenzy of lust. He fingerfucked her just as enthusiastically.

Unaware that she was moaning, Gloria jerked his cock relentlessly. Only his hand covering hers and slowing her down kept him from coming.

"Take it easy," Steve said. "Jesus, don't bring me off now."

"I'm sorry, but it's so damn exciting watching them."

"The kid's got staying power."

"I think Patty's come about a dozen times." Patty was shrieking so loudly they could speak without fear of being heard. Gloria gawked at the sight of her brother's slick cock streaking in and out of Patty's spasming cunt.

"I wonder if we look like that when we fuck," Steve said.

"I wonder if anyone ever saw us," Gloria giggled.

Trembling with excitement, the redhead watched her younger sister's hungry pussy suck and gobble up Billy's prick.

"This is the best yet," Patty babbled again and again. "Keep fucking me and I'll come again." The petite blonde thrust her hot cunt up to receive the full impact of Billy's strokes.

"I wonder who's enjoying it more," Gloria said.

Steve removed his fingers from her pussy and rammed them into her asshole. "They're both enjoying it."

"Ooooohhhhh, I don't think I can take much more of this." Gloria said.

"I can keep on going," Billy panted, pausing for breath and leaving his cock imbedded in his sister's cunt.

"Well, don't stop," Patty said.

"I gotta rest a minute."

"This is the best fuck we ever had."

"Let's go upstairs," Gloria said to Steve. "I can't stand it any more."

Steve moved his fingers back to her pussy. "Just hold my cock," he said. "Don't pump it. We're gonna stay until they're through. This is better than a live fuck show."

Even though she was anxious to get laid, Gloria knew he was right. They had choice seats at the best porn show in town.

She could clearly see her sister's cuntjuice boil up and cover her brother's cockshaft. The little blonde thrashed her legs in the air and screamed with every thrust of Billy's cock.

"Put your legs on my shoulders," Billy said.

Patty draped her legs over his shoulders. With her ass tilted up, Gloria could see her asshole winking open, and knew that Steve could see it too.

"Are you seeing what I'm seeing?" Gloria said.

"You bet, baby. Jesus, I think Billy's gonna dump now."

"Oh, Billy, you're making me come again!" The little blonde dropped her legs and clamped them around his back. "Fuck me hard! Oh, yeah, like that! Hard!"

The girl's jaw dropped and she made strange animal sounds as she came. At that moment, Gloria wanted to rush into the room and kiss her sweet lips and suck her small round tits.

"That does it," Billy grunted, rearing back. Every muscle in his body tensed as he drove his prick into her body. "I'm coming, Sis. Take it. Take my load!"

A feeling of unreality gripped Gloria. Rushing into the room, she stood over the young couple.

"Give it to her!" she cried, tearing her clothes off.

Steve followed her. "Stop that," he said to his wife, but it was too late. Gloria had sunk to her knees and was masturbating in a frenzy.

Billy gazed with horror at his older sister and proceeded to shoot off in Patty's pussy. While his balls emptied, he watched Gloria spread her legs and lewdly manipulate her clit.

"Someone fuck me!" Gloria yelled, reaching for Steve.

Patty was giggling, craning her neck and watching her sister. "I don't believe this," she said.

Steve pulled his pants off with one hand and tried dragging his wife away with the other. "You can't do this!" he said.

Gloria pushed his arm away. "The fuck I can't! I want a cock in me. Billy's shooting his jizz into Patty. Shoot yours into me!"

With a shrug and an embarrassed smile, Steve mounted his wife. She lay on the floor half-naked and pulled his prick toward her cunt.

Billy and Patty huddled together on the sofa, watching the wild sight on the floor. Seeing Gloria's hairy cuntlips stretched around Steve's cock, made Billy's balls ache again.

"I wonder how long they were watching," he said to Patty.

"I think they were there the whole time we were doing it."

Steve's fingers were wet with Gloria's cuntjuice. He was so nervous and excited about having an audience he had trouble entering her.

"Let me get on top," Gloria said. "Let's show the kids how it's done."

"Want to watch?" Steve said to the teenagers.

"You bet!" the youngsters said in unison.

Gloria climbed over Steve, squatting over his prick. She blew Patty and Billy a kiss and then faced her husband.

"This is the Gardner family, for better or worse," she giggled, taking his stiff cock in her hand and pointing it at her pussyslit.

Her pussy hair was tangled and wet, but when she sank down she took his cock inside her. She threw her head back and closed her eyes when it was all the way in. She heard Billy chuckle and Patty giggle.

"Are you ready, baby?" she whispered to Steve.

He grabbed her ass. "Start shaking it, baby."

"Oh, yeah!" Billy muttered.

"I can't believe this," Patty cried.

Gloria moved her ass up and down as she fucked Steve's cock. "Oh, God, this is wild!" she cried, her skirt bunched up around her waist and her tits bouncing.

"Your cunt's like a furnace," Steve said, taking the aggressive role by humping his ass and ramming his cock into her.

"You two kids made me so hot," Gloria said, her eyes on her husband. "But this guy here knows how to light my fire, don't you, baby?"

Steve pushed her over and landed on top. "You bet, honey." He reinserted his cock in her cunt and then hesitated. He saw the expression on Patty's face. The child looked fascinated and hot. Tilting Gloria's ass up, he rammed his cock into her shitter.

"He's fucking her in the asshole," the little blonde said to no one in particular. "Jesus H. Christ, he's fucking her ass!"


Later they all went upstairs. Patty and Steve paired off on one twin bed and Gloria and Billy on the other.

"Mmmmm, Steve," Patty whispered excitedly. "Fuck me quick. I can't wait to have your big cock inside me."

"Come here, little girl." Steve rolled the little blonde onto her back and quickly entered her.

On the other bed, Billy was pounding away at Gloria's pussy. Gloria was on top and she stopped rotating her ass and opened and closed her cuntlips around his prick.

"What a fuck," Gloria giggled.

"Jesus, Sis," Billy said, his prick being squeezed by her cunt.

Gloria glanced down at the junction where cock met cunt. She used her strong pussy muscles to milk Billy's prick, aware that she was competing with Patty.

Thick, warm cuntjuice oozed from her pussy and drenched his fuckmeat. With each thrust, his balls slapped her ass.

"Fuck me, Billy!" she hissed as her big tits wobbled around. "Dick me with that big cock of yours, baby brother."

Billy became carried away by the excitement of the moment. Occasionally he glanced at the other bed to see his brother-in-law banging away at Patty. He found himself crashing his cock into Gloria's body and fighting to control his orgasm.

"Harder!" Patty squealed.

"Slow down," Gloria said.

"Mmmmmmm, Steve, you're fucking me so good!"

"Stick it to me," Gloria said in her throaty voice. "Jesus, you're fucking me so good," Billy croaked.

Sensing that her kid brother was fast approaching orgasm, Gloria grabbed his ass and rolled him over on top of her. Through it all, she managed to keep his cock snugly inside her pussy.

"Oh, shit!" the teenage boy said, his teeth chattering.

Gloria wrapped her strong, velvet-skinned thighs around his waist and made him slow down. When he seemed to have regained his control, she once again let him pump into her.

She let her pussy ripple up and down his cockshaft. She knew she was taking a chance of bringing him off, but she wanted to heighten his pleasure.

Soon his face was contorted with lust. "Shit, Sis, you're driving me crazy." He thrust his prick harder and more forcefully into her depths.

"It's so fucking good," Patty said on the other bed.

"How're you two doing?" Steve said.

"Great, honey," Gloria cried out, ramming her hips up to meet Billy's strokes. "I'm having a ball."

"So are we," Patty giggled.

Gloria grabbed hold of Billy's ass. She pulled his cock deeper into her writhing body. Wrapping her arms and legs around the boy, she milked his cock until he screamed out.

"Jesus Christ!" he yelled.

"Fuck me!" Gloria shrieked. Cuntjuice dripped down into her asscrack. "Oh, baby brother, you're making me come!"

"I'm coming too," Patty said. "Jesus, your cunt is digging into my cock," Steve said.

"Can you see them?" Patty said. "I love watching them while we fuck."

"Yeah, me too," Steve snickered, craning his neck and glancing at the other bed.

"Ooooooh, baby, stick it to me!" Gloria said.

"Steve, you're in so deep!" Patty squealed. Gloria glanced at her husband. She whipped her ass up off the bed and squeezed Billy's cock with her talented cunt. What a wild scene!

"Harder!" she screamed, squeezing Billy's ass with both hands and clinging to him.

"Faster!" Patty yelled. "Fuck me faster!" Excited by Gloria's cries of passion, Billy drove his cock hard and deep into her seething pussy. Because he had already come once he knew he could last a long time if he concentrated hard.

He still couldn't believe he was fucking Gloria in front of Steve and Patty. What an orgy! he thought. What a fucking wonderful orgy!

Patty screamed suddenly and Billy began fucking Gloria with frenzied strokes. "Are you okay over there?" he said to his younger sister.

"I'm in heaven," Patty said. "Steve's fucking me so good. He's got his cock in my asshole now!"

"Should I put mine in your ass?" Billy said to Gloria.

"No, keep it in my cunt, baby. I love having your big hard cock in my cunt."

"I've never felt anything like it," Steve said, his cock crashing balls-deep into Patty's brownie.

"It hurts, but I love it," Patty gasped. "Stop fighting it," Steve said. "Push out, like you're shitting."

"Yeah, that's better," Patty said. "Ooohhhh, I like it."

"Atta girl," Steve said. "You ought to see how my cock looks in your ass. You ought to see it, hon."

"I can't look." Patty said. "It feels so good I can't stop. Oh, Jesus, it still hurts a little, but I never felt anything like it!"

"That does it," Gloria said, dropping her feet to the mattress. "Stick it to me in the ass, Billy. Come on. Give it to me!"

Billy's face dripped with perspiration as he tried forcing his cock into her shitter. After a few failed attempts, his cockhead slipped inside. Gloria reached for his cock, pushed the rest of it in, and expertly began manipulating her clit.

"Billy's cock is in my ass too," she yelled to her husband.

"Are you playing with yourself?" Steve said.

"What do you think?" Gloria giggled.

"What?" Patty said. "Should I masturbate too?"

"Tell her," Gloria said. "Oh, God, Billy, you're hung like a horse."

"My balls are slapping you," Billy said. "Can you feel them?"

"You bet I can. I just wish you could shove them into my cunt."

"Steve, I'm coming!" Patty wailed.

"That does it," Gloria said. A wave of ecstasy shot though her. "Oh, baby brother, hold me! Mmmmmmmm, uggghhhh, I'm coming!"

As her orgasm overwhelmed her, Gloria felt her brother's jism shoot into her asshole. She instinctively shoved a finger into her cunt and wriggled it around.

The boy's face turned crimson as he climaxed. Gloria cradled his body between her legs while he rammed into her ass.

On the next bed, Steve was shooting off into Patty's asshole. Patty was trembling as his big cock tore into her bowels.

"Jesus, what a fuck!" the little blonde shrieked, waving her legs in the air.

"Oh, dear, you're crushing me," Gloria breathed in Billy's ear.

Later, after they had rested, they changed partners. Climbing into one bed together, Gloria and Steve embraced as did Patty and Billy.

"Is anyone hungry?" Steve said. "I'd rather have a shower," Gloria said. "Can we all fit in the shower together?" Patty said.

"We can sure as hell try," Billy chuckled.

"What a crazy family," Steve said as they trooped naked into the bathroom.

"We just know how to live, darling," Gloria grinned.

"For God's sake, it was only a dream." Frank glared at her. "I know you, Della. Tell the truth. Are you making it with Steve?"

"Don't be silly. I can't help what I dream. Nobody can. And so I said his name. Big deal."

"Yeah, big deal. I'll bet you're dying to ball him."

"I think you're jealous."

He snickered. "Shut up. Maybe I am." Grabbing her around the waist, he yanked the straps of her nightgown down.

"Mmmmmm, I like when you're jealous." He pawed her tits. "You like it, huh?"

"Yeah, it makes me feel sexy."

"The old man still does that to you, huh?"

"Sure, honey, sure. I still love when you fuck me."

"Well, I'm gonna fuck you now."

"I'm ready. I'm all wet and juicy."

"Are you gonna call me Steve when I fuck you?"

"Don't be silly."

"Are you gonna come or are you gonna fake it?"

"When did I ever fake it?"

He pulled her nightgown off. "Get on the bed and open your legs. I want a good look at that juicy cunt of yours."

"You don't think I'm getting old, do you?" Stretching out on the bed, she wantonly spread her legs.

He grinned down at her as she undressed. "I like ripe cunt."

When he was naked, he jumped on top of her. He slapped the inside of her thigh with his cock. It wasn't hard yet, but it felt good to the horny woman.

"Open up," he said.

"Don't put it in yet."

"It's not hard enough yet."

She raised her legs, tilted her cunt up and sighed as he rubbed his prick around her slick cunt folds.

"That feels good," she said.

"Just try and remember my name."

"I think it turns you on to think I'm balling Steve."

"Yeah, it does."

"Hey, it's getting hard in a hurry."

"I'm putting it in."

Della breathed a sigh of relief. She had been dreaming about Steve when she called out his name. Frank had a right to be suspicious. But he had no way of knowing that she and Steve fucked regularly, because they were very careful. Anyway, her lapse appeared to have turned Frank on, so it was worth it.

One hand stroking her tits, Frank guided the bulbous head of his cock into her pussy. He pushed forward with one thrust of his hips and buried his cock in her cunt.

"Mmmmmmm, that's good. Come to Momma, honey."

"I'll bet you'd like Steve to sock it to you."

"Don't be silly. He's just a kid."

"Some women fuck their own kids. Like Billy."

"They're perverts. I could never do that." Frank's cock deflated and slipped out of Della's cuntslit.

"That's okay," she said, squeezing his shaft between her thighs.

Frank frowned. "It's not okay. Stick it back in."

"It won't go."


He stretched out on his back and began beating his meat. In frustration, Della began masturbating.

"Stop that," he snapped. "Why?"

"Because I say so."

"It feels good."

"Fucking masturbator!"

"Whatever works."

"Remember how it used to be with us?"

"It's still good. Only different."

"To tell you the truth, if you did fuck Steve I wouldn't blame you."

"What about you? Do you dig the girls?" Frank's face reddened. "Shit, they're just kids."

"Gloria's a woman and Patty's a sexy kid. Tell the truth. You'd like to fuck them, wouldn't you?"

"You know how it is. But a guy can't do that."

Della thrust her fingers into her cunt. "Some men do."

"Forget it."

I wonder, she thought. I think he's protesting too much.

Crawling over her, he squeezed her ass. "When's the last time we fucked in the morning?"

"It's been a long time."

Suddenly he rammed his cock all the way up her juicy pussy. Drawing back just as abruptly, he thrust in again.

"That's good," she wheezed, squirming around beneath him.

"Jesus, your cunt is sucking the jism out of me."

"No, not yet!"

She lay still and let him pump into her. Sometimes a woman can't win, she thought. If I move around too much he accuses me of bringing him off. If I just lie back he accuses me of faking it.

"Can you feel it?" he said. "Of course I can. It's wonderful."

"Why are you just lying there?"

"You told me not to move around."

"I didn't tell you to lie there like a dead fish."

"Oh, shit!"

"Are you disappointed it's not Steve's cock inside you?"


She tried ignoring his sarcasm by concentrating on the sensations flooding her body. Each time his cock soared into her, her thighs quivered.

"I believe it, bitch," he chuckled. "Why don't you pay attention to the fucking and less to being nasty?"

"Because it turns me on to see you mad." As he slammed his prick into her, she found it increasingly difficult to be angry. Finally she wrapped her legs around his waist.

"Fuck me until I piss all over the bed," she said. "This is going to be a good one. I can feel it. Oh, baby, fuck me hard! Harder! Stick it into me until you tear my insides apart."

"Bitch!" he grunted, pounding his cock into her dripping cunt.

"Dig it." The fury of his strokes knocked the breath out of her, but she loved it.

She writhed around beneath him and pumped furiously. His balls slapped her ass with every wild thrust. And as suddenly as he began battering her, he stopped.

"No!" She threw herself over him and sucked his cock into her mouth.

He smiled down at her. "Cocksucker," he said, stroking her hair.

She slid the ring of her lips halfway down his cuntjuice-soaked cockshaft. "Damn you, why'd you pull out?" she hissed.

"Because I like to torture you."

She fluttered her tongue over his cockhead. "It'd serve you right if I did fuck Steve." The words were out before she could stop them. "If I ever catch you with him I'll kill you."

"Oh, shut up." Pressing her warm face into his balls, she inhaled his aroma.

And then he was in her again, sliding his cock in and out of her tightly gripping cunt with a force that took her breath away.

The horny brunette moaned in his ear. "Don't stop now. Don't stop. I'm almost there. Oh, God, just another minute!"

"Fuck that, I'm ready."

She tried pushing him away to stop him from coming, but he was too strong for her. "Wait," she said. "Please wait for me."

"Fuck you."

He stroked in a frenzy, but she was turned off. When his jism began pouring into her, she swore under her breath.

"Thanks a lot," she said when he collapsed on top of her.

"Jesus, what a fuck!" He rolled onto his side of the bed and pulled the covers up.

"I'm glad you got something out of it."

"You could've too if you'd concentrate instead of having those crazy fantasies of yours."

"I didn't used to need fantasies," she spat out. "Back in the days when you were a good lover."

"When I was a good lover? You mean, when you weren't frigid."

"Oh, fuck you." Climbing off the bed, she reached for her robe.

"I'm going back to sleep," he yawned. "Why don't you go downstairs and fix me a nice big breakfast as long as you're up?"

She paused at the door, heart pounding and rage filling her very being. "Why don't you kiss my ass, darling?"

She slammed the door behind her before he had a chance to respond.


Frank snapped off the lamp as he and Patty kissed. He was nervous and jumpy. A few weeks before, he'd at last given in and fucked the girl. But he still felt it was wrong and every time it happened he felt guilt-stricken.

"Mmmmmmmm, Daddy, that's nice," the teenager sighed.

"You're so sweet, honey."

She had been insistent. Persuasive too. How could a guy resist? And Gloria was acting distant lately. Steve was her first priority, and Frank understood that. But he missed their old closeness and looked to Patty to bring some warmth into his life.

The night before, the kid had damn near given him a hard-on in front of Della. Today they were home alone, and he planned on fucking her into the ground. But he had to be careful. If Della found out, she'd have his ass.

Now Patty was groping his crotch, teasing his cock and balls and driving him crazy. Still nervous, he licked his parched lips. There was something about his younger daughter that he found incredibly erotic.

He had tried going to prostitutes, but didn't enjoy it. He even tried picking up a woman in a singles bar and later, in a motel room, he couldn't get it up.

He was basically a family man, and wished he could still get it on with Della. But after all these years, neither of them got much out of the other. If it wasn't for the girls his balls would turn blue.

He thought about the hookers he'd fucked. Everything had been so clit and dried. So businesslike. He had to pay them in advance, and was sure they faked orgasms. Hell, if he wanted a woman who faked it, he still had Della.

Della was a passionate woman, but he knew she was bored with him. She was entitled to be bored. Marriage was good for lots of things, but sex wasn't one of them.

He couldn't keep his hands off Patty. The kid was so fresh and young and sweet. So damn sexy. All she had to do was look at him a certain way and his cock got hard. If she as much as brushed up against him he got an instant hard-on.

Part of it was that she made no demands on him. She was always happy with whatever he did. She did what he wanted, when he wanted it. She was like Della in the early years of their marriage. Before Della got mouthy and demanding.

Gloria was changing too. She was getting more aggressive in bed. In the old days, she'd been happy with anything he wanted. Lately she had ideas of her own, and when he couldn't or wouldn't deliver, she got angry.

Now he lay back and let Patty paw his prick and balls. "That's real good, honey," he said.

"Let's take all our clothes off, Daddy."

"Yeah, honey, let's."

The small lamp cast shadows over them as they undressed. When they were naked, they came together again. He kissed her sweet lips, squeezed her small, but perfectly shaped tits, and lowered her to the bed.

"How's my sweet little girl today?" he said, his hands exploring her ass and the forest between her legs.

"Horny, Daddy."

"Daddy will soon take care of that."

"I love when you touch me like that. Mmmm, that feels so good!"

She was touching him now, gently teasing his prick and running her fingertips down to his balls. They masturbated each other. He loved the feel of her blonde muff. It was soft and curly and very thick. Much sweeter than a mature woman's beaver.

Maybe it's just that Gloria's getting too old for me, he thought. Oh, shit, am I gonna get turned-off to Patty when she turns twenty?

At that moment he hated himself. He wanted to keep his youngest child a baby and it wasn't fair. She had a right to grow up and have a life of her own.

This is the last time we do this, he thought as he rubbed her pussy.

"Mmmmmmm, put your finger in me, Daddy," she said.

"Sure, baby, sure." He couldn't resist shoving two fingers into her cunt.

"You're finger-fucking me. I like it." She pumped his cock awkwardly.

It felt terrific. "Do you like when Daddy fucks you?"

"I love when you play with me like that and I love when you fuck me. I was beginning to think you'd never do it. Make me all wet and juicy. Keep fingering me like that."

"How's this?" He thrust a third finger into her cunt.

Her cunt clenched tight around his fingers. "Push them in and out, Daddy."

She made soft moaning sounds of excitement as he frigged her. The more deeply he shoved his fingers, the wetter she became.

"I love when you fuck me," she whispered. "You're so sexy."

"Do you really think so, honey?"

She nodded. "When I was little I used to pretend you were fucking me when I masturbated."

His cock grew harder. "Jesus, why didn't you say something?"

"I was so little, I knew you'd never do it with me."

As they chatted, she pumped his prick and cupped his balls with her free hand. He wanted to bury his face against her bush, so he turned and climbed into the sixty-nine position.

"Oh, Daddy, yes," she sighed as he began licking her cunt.

"Take my cock in your mouth," he said. In a moment, her lips closed around his cock and he groaned. "Your little clit is swollen."

She tongued his cockhead and the slit in the tip. "Your cock is so hard."

He rubbed his lips back and forth against her cunt slit as she licked the flared rim of his cockknob. She gathered saliva in her mouth and let his prick float around in its wetness.

She loved turning him on. When he'd finally fucked her, she almost told Billy. She wanted to tell someone. She was, so happy and proud. But it had to be a secret. She knew that. Billy wouldn't understand and might even be jealous.

She was certain Gloria and her father had been fucking for years. She felt closer than ever to her sister now that she was balling their father too.

She thought about the day she and Billy had switched partners with Gloria and Steve. What a wild orgy that had been! She was tempted to tell Frank about it, but knew she couldn't. There were so many secrets in the family it was hard to know what to do.

She tasted the saltiness of her father's cockjuice. It oozed from his piss-slit and she couldn't resist licking it again. She flicked her tongue down to his balls. Her heart pounded when he groaned.

Her fingers caressed his ass, she pressed her face lovingly against his cock and balls. She gripped the root of his cockshaft and poked her tongue-tip into his jizz-slit.

His tongue probed her asscrack. She panted with excitement. Any moment now he would climb over her and fuck her.

In less than a minute, he was on top of her. "Fuck me, Daddy. Put your cock in me and fuck me!"

He spread her legs, pried open her cuntlips and pinched her clit. She flinched when his cock made contact with her pussy. His cock was so big and hard. She loved the moment of penetration.

When he was all the way inside her, she brought her knees back. She felt her pussy gobble up his cock with every wonderful thrust. Attaching herself to his body, she prepared for the assault.

Gloria let herself into the house. Her boss had given her the afternoon off and she planned on spending the rest of the day washing and setting her hair and polishing her nails.

The moment she closed the door behind her, she sensed something in the air. Removing her shoes, she quietly stole upstairs.

There was a rustle of movement in Patty's room. She hesitated, wondering if Steve was in there with the girl. If he was, she had every right to burst into the room and join them. Still, she hesitated. What if someone else was in there with Patty?

Suddenly the door opened. Frank stood in the doorway, gazing at her. Suddenly he grinned, opened the door all the way and revealed Patty stretched out naked on the bed.

"I guess this is a bonus day for me," he said. Gloria stood perfectly still. Her shoes dropped with a thud, and still she stared at her father and then at Patty.

Patty was the first to speak. "Come on in, Sis," she said nervously. "You may as well know what's going on between Daddy and me."

Dazed, Gloria let Frank take her hand and guide her into the room. He shut the door behind her and sat down on the bed next to Patty.

"So now you know," he said.

"Now we both know," Patty said.

"How long have you two been making it?" Gloria said, lips parched and knees weak.

"Just a few weeks," the little blonde said. "Join us, Sis."

Gloria glanced down at her father's prick. I must have caught them when they were doing it, she thought. Then Patty and Frank were undressing her and making her lie down on the bed between them.

"Don't you love it?" Patty giggled as both girls began kissing their father.

Their tongues and lips met as they peppered his chest and belly with kisses. They giggled nervously as they traded saliva and tongues.

Frank gripped them by their hair and pushed their heads down to his crotch. Soon they were sharing his cock and balls.

"Go to it, girls," he said. "Get Daddy's cock nice and hard."

A drop of jism hung from his pisser. Both girls made a lunge for it. Gloria got there first and hungrily licked it up. Tongue extended, she offered the tidbit to her sister.

"I love to see you girls kissing," Frank said. "Oh, Daddy," Patty giggled. Gloria noticed another drop of spunk in his piss-slit. "This one's yours," she said to Patty who quickly licked it up.

"Isn't this wonderful?" Patty breathed. "Crazy," Gloria said in her husky voice. "Dynamite," Frank said, laying back. "Now start sucking my cock, you two."

Tits pressing against his thighs, both girls zeroed in on his prick. He folded his arms over his chest and breathed deeply.

"This is crazy, but I love it," Gloria said, reaching up and hotly kissing his lips.

"Mmmmmmm," Patty squealed. "I've got his cock all to myself."

"Come here and sit on my face," he said. Gloria turned her attention to his cock while the younger girl scrambled around and presented him with her pussy.

Straddling his chest, Patty inched closer until his tongue reached her gaping pussy. When he began licking her, she craned her neck and watched her sister sucking his cock.

"He's sucking my cunt," she cried. "So I see," Gloria said, her tongue darting over his prickmeat.

"Mmmmmm, wonderful," Patty said, her lips pulled back as he licked her clit relentlessly.

After a few minutes, the little blonde turned around and faced her sister. Her ass and cunt covered Frank's face, but he seemed to enjoy it.

She ground her pussy against his mouth, raising her ass at intervals so he could breathe. She lifted the hood of her clit so he could better stimulate it.

"Right on," Gloria giggled, her tongue lapping vigorously over his cockhead.

Patty gazed into her sister's eyes, mesmerized by the sight of Gloria's tongue vibrating on their father's cockhead. The aroma of hot cunt and stiff cock filled the room.

Suddenly Frank pushed Patty off his face. "Get down there and suck me," he rasped. "Both of you. Get to it."

Happy to comply, Patty slithered over to join Gloria. Since the older sister had his cock in her mouth, Patty concentrated on kissing and licking his balls.

She watched Gloria's talented tongue curl around his shaft. She fluttered her, own tongue into his asscrack and relished the taste of his ass bud.

Eventually the sisters' tongues and lips met again. They kissed hotly as Frank watched.

"You're making my balls ache," he chuckled. "My sweet little hot girls."

Patty climbed over him. "Touch me down there, Daddy."

Gloria continued sucking his cock while he fingered Patty's cunt hole. The younger girl rested her head on his shoulder as he sank two fingers into her pussy.

"Whose pussy do you like better?" she whispered, fondling his nipples.

"I can't decide. I love them both."

"I'd like to see you fuck her, Dad," Gloria said, still lapping her tongue over his upthrust, rigid prick.

"Should we put on a show for her?" Frank said.

Patty tongued the corner of his mouth. "Yes, let's!"

Gloria moved to the side of the bed and watched her kid sister crawl around and stuff Frank's cock into her sweet mouth.

"No fair," she giggled. "No sucking. Fuck, you two."

Smiling at her sister, Patty swirled her tongue around the head of Frank's cock. She flicked it up and down his pulsating shaft and finally reached his bloated balls.

When Frank spread his legs, she kissed and licked the insides of his thighs. Then with an eager lunge, she wrapped her moist lips around his cock again.

She soon had him lurching around. Gloria couldn't resist joining her, and once again the sisters were sharing in the goodies.

When Patty released his cock, Gloria quickly began licking it. When Gloria tried forcing her tongue into his asshole, Patty dissolved in spasms of giggles.

"You're good, Sis," the younger girl said when she stopped laughing. "I could never do that."

"Shit, one of you better stop," Frank said, reaching down and running his fingers through Patty's golden curls. "I can't take much more of this."

"But we're both natural cocksuckers," Gloria said.

"Play with yourself," he said. "I like to see you bring yourself off."

Gloria began masturbating. She pushed a pillow under her ass and teased her clit under the eye of her father. Frank pulled Patty on top of him and felt her up and down.

In a moment he was inside her, his cock hard and big, and carrying her to the brink of ecstasy. The little blonde felt weighed down under his bulk, but was powerless to resist his almost brutal strokes.

"Daddy, fuck me!" Patty wailed.

Gloria crawled over and dropped her tits over his face. "Suck!" she hissed. "Suck my titties!"

Frank roared as he sucked one daughter and fucked the other. "Go, girls, go," he rasped. "Oh, Jesus, bombs away!"


Sitting on the bed wearing only panties, Della thought about how she needed to get laid. Sex with Frank was getting worse and worse. She needed more than Steve was able to give her, and that left Billy. Billy, who fucked her more enthusiastically than anyone.

She tried to busy herself in the bathroom by brushing her hair and examining her skin for flaws. She made up her eyes, added a touch of blusher and returned to the bedroom to dress.

Glancing out the window, she saw Billy gazing up at her. It was obvious he was excited to see her naked tits. Grinning, he waved.

"Want to come up and play?" she smiled. He shaded his eyes from the sun. "Do you mean it?"

She hesitated. It was hours before they would be disturbed. "Get your cute ass up here."

He was in her room in a matter of minutes. She loved the way he gawked at her tits. She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him.

"Can we fuck?" he said, his eyes focused on her tit-globes.

"That's exactly what I had in mind." She had been horny for days. If Billy hadn't shown up she would have wound up masturbating. Fucking was better than jerking off. And from the looks of Billy's crotch he was horny too.

"Haven't I taught you it's not polite to stare at a lady's tits?" she giggled, cuffing him under the chin.

"If you wore a bra I wouldn't stare so much."

"Fresh kid."

"Aw, Mom, you know it's true." She moved back. "Do you still like my tits?"

"They're the greatest."

"I guess you'd like to suck them."

"And I'd like you to."

He took a step toward her. "Well, then." She shook her ass, causing her tits to wobble around. "Come and get them."

"Jesus Christ, will lever!" As he approached her, his cock throbbed in his jeans. "Mom, you've got the foxiest tits around."

She covered her tits with her hands and elbowed him away. "Me you sure you're not just saying that?"

"Mom, you know I don't bullshit you."

"Stop whining, darling. You know I can't stand it when you whine."

"You said you wanted to fuck."

"You're still doing it."

He groaned and looked down at the floor. "Shit!" he muttered.

She sat down on the bed and uncovered her tits. "Young man, come here this minute."

He walked toward the bed. "Yeah?"


He looked leery as he reached for her tits. "Can I play with them?"

"You better." She let out a soft sigh when he touched her big milkers.

"Jesus, Mom, your nipples are so damn hard."

"That's because I've been dying to get laid."

"Why didn't you say something?"

"I don't like to have to ask."

"Should I suck them?"

She nodded. "Yes, please do." When his lips touched her tits, a flame of hot desire surged through her. She began shivering as he went from one tit to the other. When he sucked one of her nipples into his mouth, she almost climaxed.

"You're my best little tit sucker," she whispered, holding his head against her.

"I'd rather suck your tits than anyone else's." Silence. Della toyed with the hairs on the back of his neck. "Who else are you making it with?"

His lips fastened to her tit, he stopped sucking. "Huh?"

"I said, who else are you fucking?" He let her tit drop from his mouth. "No one you know," he muttered, averting his eyes. He reddened and she saw beads of perspiration erupt on his forehead.

"Who else, Son?" she purred.

"No one."

"It's getting warm in here, isn't it?"


"Why not take your clothes off?" He eyed her suspiciously. "Okay." When he pulled his tee-shirt over his head, Della ran her hands over his chest and back. "Who else are you fucking?" she repeated.

"Patty," he blurted out.

She let her fingers burn into his flesh. "I thought so. Who else?"

He hung his head. "No one."


He shut his eyes. "Yeah," he murmured.

Taking his hand, she held it over her tit. "Doesn't it feel good to confide in your mother?"

"You mean you're not mad?"

"Not as long as I'm your best girl."

"You are."

"I believe you, baby."

"Can I touch you there?" He nodded toward her pussy.

"You don't have to ask." Smiling, she spread her legs.

He touched the damp crotch of her panties. "They're all wet."

"Our conversation excited me."

"Can I take your pants off?"

"First you."

When she had his jeans and belt-buckle open, she made him stand up so she could pull his jeans down. Together they removed his shorts. His cock sprang into view and he sat down again.

"You're really not mad about Patty and Gloria?" he said.

"I think it's healthy that my children are expressing their sexuality together. Honest I do." His cock jerked upward when she touched it.

"I love when you touch my cock like that, Mom."

"Do you want to shoot off in Mother's mouth?"


She lowered her head, but continued using only her fingers on his prick. "I have a confession to make too. Steve and I are making it."

"I kind of knew it."

"You did?"

"Yeah, I could tell by the way he looks at you."

"And you're not jealous?" Standing up, she slipped out, of her panties.

He looked thoughtful. "Not as long as I'm your main man."

"After your father," she said quickly. "Yeah, after Dad."

She salivated as she wrapped her fingers around his rapidly stiffening prick. "Would you like to watch Steve and me sometime?"

"I don't think he'd like that."

"He wouldn't have to know."

"You mean I'd bide in the closet or something and watch?"

"Something like that."

"Jesus, that'd be a kick."

"I'll try and arrange it. That is, if you'll do the same." She lapped her tongue lightly over his cockhead and waited for his response.

"You mean you want to watch me and Patty?"

"That's right. You and Patty and Gloria."

"Jesus," he grinned. "Jesus, Mom, what a fucking kick."

"You're hung like a horse!" she hissed, taking his cock into her mouth. "I can hardly wait to see you in action with your sisters."

"Me too. I mean, you and Steve."

"Lie back and let me suck the come out of your balls."

"Jesus, Mom, no one's got a mouth like you!"

A week later, Billy crouched in the closet and listened to his mother groan. He had been in the closet for a half-hour, afraid to open the door and watch for fear that Steve would see him.

Now he carefully inched the door open and gazed into the room. Just at that moment Della was hissing at Steve.

"Fuck me, for God's sake! Give me your cock and fuck me!"

The boy's eyes widened as he watched his brother-in-law's strong body mounted over his mother. Her legs were wrapped around Steve's back and her arms around his neck.

Billy gulped and perspired freely. He could see perfectly. Della had checked out the view from the closet floor and made sure nothing obstructed his vision.

Now, with pounding heart, he watched Steve rear up and thrust his prick into his mother's cunt. When Steve pulled out again, his cock glistened with Della's fuck juices.

Steve smiled down at his mother-in-law, looking cocky and smug as he fucked her. She wriggled around beneath him, a sultry smile playing over her lips.

Billy thought he caught her eye a few times. She seemed delighted to have her son watching her get fucked. Billy felt strangely excited and more than a little envious of his sister's husband. He knew how it felt to stick it to his mother. It felt great.

"Lord, your cock feels good inside me," Della said.

"Jesus, Mom, your cunt's tighter than Gloria's."

"Stick it in deeper."

"You're getting it all now."

"Are you sure? Let me feel your balls on my ass."


"That's it! Oh, yeah, give it to me!"

Oh, shit! Billy thought. What a fucker he is! The boy couldn't resist taking his cock out and masturbating. He stared with fascination as Steve thrust his prick first slowly and then forcefully into Della's pussy.

Billy squeezed his prick and felt his balls fill up with spunk. I can't come, he thought over and over. If I come Steve'll hear me. I can't come.

He watched his mother rake her fingernails over Steve's arm. Suddenly, she arched her back and flung her legs up in the air. Billy thought he saw her wink at him, but he wasn't sure.

"Mmmmm, that's the spot," she sighed, damping her legs around Steve's back. "That's my clit. You've got it. Your cock is rubbing it. I can feel it. It's so damn good!"

"Jesus, Mom, your pussy is creaming all over my cock."

"Kiss me." Della pulled this head down and kissed him.

Billy whipped his cock, sure he saw her waving at him while Steve was frenching her.

His breathing was shallow as he watched Steve's cock slice in and out of his mother's pussy. He rose up slightly, pushed his jeans down, and continued jerking off.

He released his cock momentarily. It stood up, his cockhead swollen and taut-skinned, his cockshaft hard and thick around.

He held his balls with his free hand. They were full to bursting. As he pumped his fuckmeat he clenched his teeth.

"I can't come," he muttered under his breath. "I fucking can't come!"

Suddenly, Steve pulled out of Della's cunt. With a throaty giggle, Della rolled onto her belly and stuck her ass in the air.

Billy's hand froze in mid-stroke as he watched Steve hold Della's asscheeks apart. He groaned and began jerking his cock even faster.

"I'm going to stick it in your asshole," Steve said.

"Yes, do that," Della said, whipping her ass from side to side.

"Hold still," Steve said. "I can't stick it in when you're moving like that."

"Come on, cocksman, you can do it."

Billy knew she was teasing Steve, but he was glad to see his brother-in-law sweating.

"Here it is, Mom," Steve said, shoving his prick into her bowels.

Sighs of pleasure came from Della's throat. Her asshole was stretched wide around Steve's cock. When Steve lurched forward and drilled the rest of his prick into her bowels, Billy lost control and climaxed.

"What was that?" Steve said, withdrawing from Della's shitter.

She rolled over and pulled his face down to her tits. "Nothing. The wind. Come back."

By the time Billy stopped shaking Della was on her belly again and Steve's cock was in her cunt from the rear. Steve reached around and grabbed her tits.

"You can put it back in my ass," Della breathed.

"Gimme a minute," Steve said, leaving his cock imbedded in her cunt.

In the closet, Billy wiped his jism-coated hands on his jeans and watched Steve slain into his mother's cunt. He could tell when Della came. She shrieked in a funny way and shook her ass.

"Oh, yeah!" she yelled.

"Shit!" Steve muttered.

"Keep fucking me!"

"Your cunt's so tight!"

Billy began jerking off again. His fingers flew over his fuck pole. Man, oh, man, Steve could sure fuck!

"Stick it in my ass," Della moaned, wriggling around with abandon. "Come on, honey, ream my ass out with that big prick."

Steve pulled out of her cunt, shoved two fingers into her asshole and then sent his cock soaring into her asshole.

"That's the way," Della crooned, clawing at the sheets and ramming her ass back at Steve's cock.

Steve watched his cock move in and out of her widely-stretched fuckhole. His balls slapped her pussy with every stroke. She was masturbating now, rubbing her clit in a frenzy.

"You've got it all, Mom!" Steve cried.

"Give it tome!"

"You've got every fucking inch!"

"More! Give me more!"

Billy's cock was hard again and he pumped it non-stop. His cocktip was damp with pre-come fizz and his balls were rapidly filling.

"I'm gonna come soon, Mom," Steve said.

Della's face was turned toward the closet. Billy thought he caught her eye, but he wasn't sure. "Finish up in my pussy," she said.

Steve withdrew from her asshole and watched her roll onto her back. With a crooked grin, he reinserted his cock in her cunt.

"Mmmmmm, come to Momma," she purred, wrapping her arms around his neck.

This time, when she moved her hand up and down, Billy knew she was waving at him. He waved back. Just then Steve growled.

"I'm almost there, Mom."


"Oh, yeah!"

"Come inside me."

Steve's body stiffened and then he began pounding his exploding cock into Della's pussy like a powerful machine. Billy's cock jerked wildly as he pumped it and he came too.

This time he didn't worry about Steve hearing him groan. Steve was still coming, still thrusting relentlessly into Della's pussy.

At the end, Steve straddled, his mother-in-law's chest and shoved his still oozing cock into her mouth. With a wink at Billy, she started sucking.

"Make it hard again," Steve said. "I'm trying," Della mumbled as she munched on his prick.

"Oh, shit, I can't stand it," Billy said under his breath.

Steve glanced toward the closet. Della lapped her tongue hungrily over his prick.

"It's just the wind. Reach down and diddle my clit. That's the way. Oh, yeah, Momma, Della likes that a lot."

Shit! Billy thought, his knees cramped and his hand tired from pumping his cock. Oh, shit, they're gonna do it again!


Gloria gazed down at Patty's cleavage. The sisters stood side by side in Patty's room. The swell of Patty's young tits brought a shiver to Della's spine.

Della and Frank were hidden in the closet. It had been amazingly easy to convince Frank to go along with the scheme. Billy had arranged it with the girls. They were to start without him and he would join them shortly.

Now Della and Frank crouched on the closet floor and gazed at their daughters. They held hands and watched Gloria move her hands under Patty's skirt.

"They're not dykes, are they?" Frank whispered.

Della shook her head. "Of course not. Billy's coming. I don't know what's keeping him."

"Why is she touching her like that?"

"I don't know. My, my, I think they're going to make love."

"I'm gonna stop this."

Della tightened her grip on his hand. "No, you're not. You're staying right here. We both might learn a thing or two from our kids."

Frank relaxed. "Okay," he hissed. "If you're sure they're not dykes."

Della shot him a glance. "You ought to know they're not."

In the dimness of the closet she saw Frank redden. He draped his arm around her shoulders.

"Yeah, I guess you're right. Girls will be girls, huh?"

"Don't talk so much. They'll hear us if we're not careful."

Now they watched Patty stand perfectly still while Gloria patted her all over. After a while, Gloria wrapped her arms around her sister and held her close.

"Let's get into bed," Gloria said.

"What about Billy?"

"He'll be here soon."

"Maybe we ought to wait for him."

"We can start without him. Don't you remember how much you liked it that time?"

The blood pounded in Frank's temple. "Sure, I remember," Patty said.

Gloria grinned. "Come on, Sis. I wouldn't mind a little taste of your pussy."

In the closet, Frank groaned. "Jesus, listen to that."

"I don't know about you," Della said, "but it's turning me on."

When the sisters climbed onto the bed, Gloria retained the aggressive role. She began removing Patty's blouse.

"I think your tits are getting bigger," Gloria said.

Patty brightened visibly. "Do you really think so?"

Della watched her youngest child's stomach muscles tense. Then she sucked in her breath when Gloria leaned over and kissed Patty's lips.

"I can't wait to suck them," Gloria said.

Frank shook his head. "I can't take much more of this."

Della covered his lips with her hand. "Billy's coming soon. If you make a sound I'll never forgive you."

"My clit's throbbing like you wouldn't believe," Gloria said.

"Mine too," Patty said.

Frank took Della's hand and moved it to his crotch. "Jesus, I'm getting a hard-on."

"Goodie," Della smiled, rubbing his prick though his pants.

When Patty's blouse was off, Gloria squeezed her tits. "Yes, they're definitely getting bigger."

"My nipples too?"

"Your nipples were always big."

Frank groaned as Della unzipped his fly. "My own kids are lesbos!"

Della's eyes sparkled. "They're not lesbians. I don't know why I've never tried it myself."

"You do and I'll break your neck."

"You'll never know if I do."

"Jesus, look at that."

Gloria was cupping one of Patty's tits in her hand. With her free hand she stroked Patty's cheek. Then they kissed and their parents could see them swap tongues and saliva.

Gloria moved her hand under Patty's skirt. She rubbed her golden triangle and slipped a finger inside her panty crotch.

"I can make your pussy sing until Billy gets here," Gloria said.

Patty pulled Gloria's head down and frenched her. "Take my panties off," she said.

As Gloria removed Patty's panties, she kissed and fondled her tits. At one point, Patty pulled Gloria down on top of her. Rolling over, the sisters giggled hysterically.

"Should we suck cunt?" Gloria said.

"Mmmmmm, I don't know."

"Come on, look at me." Gloria opened her legs and showed Patty her snatch. "Don't I look juicy?"

Patty made a grab for her. "Nasty girl."

"See my red juicy cuntmeat," Gloria said, fingering her pussy. "See how slick it is. So sweet. Remember how it tasted?"

Patty giggled. "Oh, Sis, you're terrible!"

Gloria tore her clothes off and bent down to kiss Patty passionately. She squeezed Patty's ass and shoved a finger into her shitter.

"I hope Billy walks in and finds us like this," Gloria said, straddling Patty in the sixty-nine position and lowering her pussy over her face.

In the closet, Della stole a glance at Frank. He was breathing hard, jaw slack and eyes glazed. She whispered in his ear. "Your cock is getting like a piece of steel."

"Don't I know it!"

They watched Gloria sweep her tongue over Patty's pussyslit. Patty extended her tongue and lashed it back and forth over Gloria's cunt.

The girls licked and sucked each other slowly and gently. Della's heart pounded as she rubbed Frank's cock. Her own pussy screamed for attention. She unzipped Frank's fly and hauled his cock out of his pants.

Just then Billy entered the room, sneaked up behind Gloria and grabbed her around the waist.

"Hey!" Gloria cried, twisting around.

"Billy!" Patty giggled, sitting up.

Gloria climbed around and pulled Billy down on the bed. "We couldn't wait another minute. Where were you? We both need your cock."

"In the closet," Frank grinned. "That's better," he said softly.

"Now things will really get exciting," Della said.

"Watching those girls was just too much. Keep squeezing my cock like that."

The older couple turned their attention to their children, but they both felt the electric current pass between them. Della knew that their sex life was getting a shot in the arm, and she couldn't wait to get Frank into bed.

Patty rolled to the side of the bed and watched her sister and brother grope each other.

"How's my cocksucker sister?" Billy said to Gloria.

"How'd you like to fuck me, little brother?" the redhead said.

"I want your ass today."

Gloria cocked an eyebrow and glanced at Patty. "Should I let him in the old back door?"

"Yeah, I'd love to see it."

"I'll be damned!" Frank murmured.

Della knew why Billy wanted to fuck Gloria's ass. She clung to Frank's cock and kissed his ear. "You haven't fucked me in the ass in ages."

"I'm getting in the mood now, hon. Jesus, look at the boy! He's hung like a horse."

"Just like his father," Della beamed.

They watched Gloria roll onto her hands and knees and shove her ass into Billy's face. "Think you can fit your cock in there?" she giggled.

Billy carefully pulled her asscheeks apart and peered at her shitter. "I'll sure have a good time trying."

Gloria wriggled her ass and wrinkled her nose. She turned to Patty. "Isn't this crazy?"

The blonde gawked at her brother. "Sure is," she breathed.

Billy, who knew his parents were watching from the closet, grinned as he squeezed Gloria's asscheeks and tickled, her asshole.

"Assholes stretch," he said. "You'll see, Patty. When my cock goes in, her asshole'll open up."

"Won't it hurt?" the teenager said.

"Not if I'm careful."

"And if I don't fight it," Gloria said.

Billy forced her down flat on her belly. Guiding his cock against her asshole, he grimaced. "Ready?" he said.

In the closet, Della snuggled closer to Frank. "Are you, hon?" she said.

"As soon as we can leave here, you bet!"

Just then Billy pushed his cockhead into Gloria's asshole. The redhead let out a groan and buried her face in a pillow. She wriggled her hips slightly.

"Okay, you can send the rest of it in." Billy pushed another inch of his cock into her ass. Wincing, he turned to Patty. "Do you want it next?"

The little blonde shook her head. "Oh, God, this is wild."

"Go on," Gloria gasped. "Give me all of it. Stick the rest of your cock into my asshole."

Billy grinned. Glancing toward the closet, he began fucking his sister's ass with slow deliberate strokes.

An hour later, Della and Frank stumbled into their room and began undressing. "I haven't been this hot in years," he said.

Della pulled his shirt off, unbuckled his belt and pushed him down on the bed. "Maybe that was just what we needed to light your fire."

He chuckled. "If you planned it, you did a good job."

"Would I do something as crazy as that?"

"Yeah, you would."

"Let me lick your cock."

"And my balls too."

She hungrily licked his cock and balls. She wet down his cock-bush and darted her tongue into his asscrack.

The horny wife sucked and licked fervently. She whipped his cocktip with her tongue and snaked a finger into his asshole.

"Watching those girls made my balls ache," he said.

"I thought it might."

"You orchestrated the whole thing, didn't you?"

"I'm admitting nothing."

He chuckled. "Slut. Come on. Get it all in your mouth."

"Oh, Frank, I love taking your prick all the way in."

He pulled her down on top of him and kissed her. She rubbed her wet cunt against his cock and fed him her tits.

At one point he hovered over her, kissing her tits and belly and her soft inner thighs. She whimpered as his lips and tongue darted over her most intimate parts, finally landing between her hairy cuntlips.

"Oh, Frank," she sighed as his big wet tongue tasted the slick folds of her pussy.

He grunted and snorted as he licked. He moved his hands up over her tits, squeezing and fondling with a newly aroused passion.

"Kiss me down there again," she moaned.

"You bet I will baby," he murmured between kisses. "After seeing the girls together and then with Billy I realize that we've got a lot of good years left too."

Della felt ecstatic. She knew boredom would set in again, but for now she planned on enjoying Frank's ardor. Throwing her legs out, she encouraged him to cup her asscheeks.

"Put your legs on my shoulders," he said. She draped her legs over his shoulders. "Oh, Frank, I feel so open, and exposed."

He snickered. "And you love it too."

"Mmmmm, I do."

He pried her legs farther apart, exposing her puckered asshole. Without hesitating, he lashed his tongue over her shitter and poked it with his tongue-tip.

"Delicious," he said, spitting and smearing saliva over her ass crease.

Suddenly Della could take no more stimulation. She had to have him inside her. "Frank, darling, stick your cock in me."

Cock in hand, he stabbed it against her asshole and forced the tip inside. "Aghhhhh," he groaned.

There was no pain. She was primed and ready for the assault. She tilted her ass up and opened herself to him. The rest of his cock slipped into her asshole with ease.

"More!" she panted. "Give me more!" He slammed into her, his balls slapping her assflesh. When he lowered his lips to hers, she kissed him and tasted her cuntjuice on his mouth.

"It's so damn good," she said. "I'm not gonna last long."

"It's okay, baby. It's okay. I'm ready when you are. Shoot your fizz into my ass."



"Fuck, baby, fuck!"

"Fuck my asshole!"

"Gonna come!"

"Cream my shitter!"

"Yes! Split me in two!"

He growled as his fuck-spit filled her ass. The hot lava set her off and she shrieked with delight as she climaxed.

He rammed into her each time another shot of jism squirted from his pisser. She grabbed his head and french-kissed him hotly as her pussy exploded.

As she climaxed, she sank her teeth into his shoulder. "Frank," she panted. "What, baby?"

He collapsed at her side. She curled up next to him and kissed his hairy underarms and the small of his back.

"Let me kiss you here," she said, climbing around and running her wet tongue up and down his hairy asscrack.

"You're crazy," he snickered, rolling aver and puffing her into his arms.

They lay quietly for a while. Della was the first to speak. "People wouldn't understand," she said.

"Fuck people."

"It'll stay our family's secret."

He reached for her. "Come here, wife." He dove down and began licking her cunt.

"They're nice kids, aren't they?"

"They're great kids. Would you think I was really crazy if I confessed something?"

Holding her cuntlips open, Frank whipped his tongue from side to side over her cunt-folds. "What, hot-pants?"

"Mmmmm, you're making me hot again."

"That's okay. I plan on fucking you again."

"A double-hitter. Frank, it's been years since you've slipped it to me twice in one session."

"You were about to say..."

"I was about to say I have a fantasy of the whole family getting together and having an orgy."

Frank stopped licking her pussyslit. "Jesus, I know."

"I told you you'd think I was crazy."

"I think it's a great idea. I don't know why I didn't think of it first."

"Oh, Frank, I love when you do that." Suddenly he lifted his head. "How about sucking my cock for a while?"

"Bring it over here, hon."

He straddled her chest and dropped his limp prick over her mouth. She blew on it and then opened her mouth.

"Feed it to me," she giggled.

His balls nudged her chin as he guided his cock into her mouth. She closed her eyes and relished the taste and smell of him.

Suddenly the door opened. She opened her mouth and tried to sit up, but Frank held her down. One by one, the children trooped into the room. They were all naked and laughing.

"It looks like you're going to get your wish," Frank snickered.

Della's cheeks bulged with Frank's swiftly stiffening cock. She gazed from Gloria and Steve to Billy and Patty.

Gloria was the first to speak. She placed her hand on her father's arm and pressed her tits against him. "Hey, Daddy, let's have a party, huh?"

"Yeah," Steve said, joining his wife at Frank's side. "Everyone's doing it anyway."

"Yeah, Dad," Patty and Billy said in unison. Frank slowly withdrew his cock from Della's mouth. "Surprise!" he chuckled.

Struggling to sit up, the horny brunette beamed. "What a family I've got," Della said. "What a wonderful family."


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