Lash the librarian!

Who can judge a person's reactions during stress situations? The prisoner of war who gives in to his captors' demands, the kidnapped heiress who joins forces with her abductors -- both must act without past experience to guide them. The end result can be either a very negative or a positive experience.

In LASH THE LIBRARIAN! Annabelle Jackson finds herself in just such a situation. Held captive, then degraded and forced to perform abnormal sexual acts, she nonetheless finds within herself hidden resources, a strength of character she never realized she had.

Annabelle Jackson suffers through an unspeakably horrible experience, but she comes through with her sensibilities intact, knowing she is more of a woman.

"Well, I guess that's all right, Mrs. Benson," Annabelle Jackson said hesitantly. She looked around the library as if somebody might overhear her. It was quiet, late Friday afternoon and there weren't many people around.

"Oh, call me Hilary, please," the woman on the other end of the phone cooed. "It's so good of you to do this for me. You've got the address? Good. Sexual Repression in the Nineteenth Century, I need it for a paper I'm doing."

"I'll get it for you," Annabelle said. "I can take it out on my ticket."

She put the phone down vaguely irritated. Hilary Benson was a woman in her early forties, Annabelle guessed, who had started coming into the library only a few weeks before and made a special point of being attentive to Annabelle. Hilary was a sophisticated woman, and Annabelle found her interesting and the attention irresistible.

So she wasn't sure why she should feel as she did when Hilary phoned and asked if she could possibly deliver a book to her after work. It was really against library policy, but there was no danger.

She turned to walk back to the counter and almost bumped into a tall young man.

"Sorry," she said and swung aside.

"No problem," he replied, and his eyes ran up and down Annabelle's body.

She blushed and hurried to the safety of her desk. No matter how many men stared at her and paid her compliments, Annabelle still blushed and hated it. Men were all the same, she had decided, they all wanted to get her into bed. It was true that she had wonderful, almost ash-blonde, hair falling to her shoulder blades.

It was also true that she had a soft, beautiful face and luscious figure with large round tits pressed out against the front of even the conservative, dark suits she wore to work. She looked up, saw the young man staring at her, blushed and stamped the book hard. She was saving herself for Mister Right, a tall, handsome man who would protect her from everything and always treat her with respect.


She found the house easily and was impressed, which almost removed the last of her irritation. It was large, stone built and in its own grounds. So Hilary hadn't been lying when she laughed about how her husband had made a killing in real estate.

Hilary opened the door almost as Annabelle rang the bell.

"Oh, how wonderful," she gushed, "do come in."

Annabelle was curious to see the house and didn't need much urging.

"Sit down, have a drink," Hilary said, waving at a stool against the large wooden table.

"Er, well thank you, but I don't drink often," Annabelle said, "and I must be getting along." She glanced around the room and wondered if she'd ever live like this. Of course she would, when her prince came along.

"Oh, you must stay to dinner," Hilary said, "my husband is dying to meet you, after what I've told him. Now, gin and tonic?"

"Er..." Annabelle said, but she was already sitting down at the table in a sort of a dream as Hilary poured her the drink. She watched Hilary, her assured movements, her grace as she paraded around. Annabelle wanted to look as good as she did when she was forty, for Hilary had a strong, handsome face, with a straight nose, clear brown eyes and high cheek bones. Her brown hair surrounded her face in a slightly ragged cut that complimented her perfectly, and even her casual skirt and while blouse seemed to increase the perfection of her figure.

The door opened and a young teenager came in.

"Ah, my daughter, Zoe," Hilary said. "Zoe, this is Annabelle."

"Hi," the girl said rather sulkily. She had something of her mother's beauty, though her eyes were darker and more sensual, and her mouth fuller, her red lips pouting with each move she made. For some reason she was dressed in a sexy little maid's outfit, with white apron, little white cap and a tight dress that showed her tits perfectly and had a hem that stopped well short of her knees. Below the skirt, black mesh stockings outlined a pair of curvaceous legs down to the high-heeled pumps she wore.

"I must explain," Hilary said to the rather startled Annabelle. "Zoe was naughty today, so she has to serve us all dinner as a punishment."

"Oh," Annabelle said, still ill at ease.

She could understand Zoe's sulkiness now as the girl got out the silverware and began to lay the table in the other room. Hilary urged her to talk on, but something was bothering Annabelle and she even made another attempt to leave, but it was brushed off by Hilary.

Then the front door opened and there was the sound of men's laughter. That made Annabelle even more nervous and she was scarlet with embarrassment as four of them came in. Three of them were in business suits. The first one was a tall man in his forties and Hilary went up to him and kissed him before she introduced him.

"All of you," she said, "this is Annabelle, our librarian. Annabelle this is Antony, my husband. This is Patrick, a business associate, and his friend, Kirby, and this is Lee, another business friend of Antony's."

Annabelle almost ran out of the room as the introductions were made. Not only was it terribly embarrassing, but she realized that Kirby was the young man she had almost bumped into in the library and who had stared at her. He grinned as he shook her hand, his casual jacket swinging open.

"Well," Hilary said, "dinner."

Annabelle didn't say much as the meal progressed, even though Hilary and Kirby tried their best to bring her out. Zoe served them all, still looking sulky and aggressive, but she didn't make any mistakes.

It was over the coffee that Annabelle got the shock.

"Now, clear the table, Zoe," Hilary said.

"No," Zoe said, "clear it your fuckin' self."

She flounced off into the kitchen.

"Come back here, Zoe," Hilary said, "or you know what will happen."

"Fuck off," Zoe said from the kitchen. "I had to serve, not clean up your crap."

"Antony," Hilary said, "she's not going to learn."

"I know," he said and swung to his feet. "Patrick, get the bar in."

Annabelle sat horrified as Antony went into the kitchen. She heard the sound of a slap and Zoe screamed once, before yelling and fighting at her father. It didn't last long. Very soon she was being hustled in by him, struggling, her maid's uniform already torn slightly at the neck, showing the top of her little white slip.

Annabelle wanted to sink into the carpet. She tried to move, but Lee and Kirby had moved their chairs closer and were blocking her way out. She stared at the table top, but had to look up as she heard Patrick coming back.

He was pushing a piece of apparatus with a padded metal bar across it at about waist height. But that wasn't what gave it its menace. There were straps and metal rings all over it, particularly around the base. It looked as if someone could be tied to it in almost any position that was wanted.

"Good," Hilary said. "Now, Patrick, would you like to administer the punishment?"

"Sure," he said and went back into the other room. Suddenly his grey business suit had terrible menace in it and Annabelle found herself trembling.

"I really must..." she started.

"Shut up, you're getting very boring," Hilary said.

Annabelle felt as if she was going to break into teats. She tried to get up, but suddenly Kirby and Lee had their hands on her arms.

"Sit down," Kirby said, "and watch. This is for you too, if you don't behave."

Annabelle broke out into a sweat. She had no real idea of what he meant, and she was in such a state of shock that she sat down, trembling from head to toe.

Patrick came back and Annabelle's horror got worse. He carried a metal-studded black collar with a long chain attached. In his other hand was a thin wooden rod, about four feet long and so thin it trembled as his hand moved.

Antony twisted Zoe's arms behind her back as Patrick got nearer. She kicked out at him, but he slipped the clumsy blow easily.

"Tut, tut," he said as he slid the collar around Zoe's neck. "You'll have to do a lot to make up for that."

"Fuck the lot of you!" Zoe spat.

"You will, baby, you will," Patrick said with a grin as he tightened the collar around Zoe's neck. He stuck two fingers under it and grinned at Zoe. "Want to make sure you can breathe."

"Fuck you, and your big cock," Zoe said. "You won't make me beg for it, you shitheap."

Her young eyes were alight with what Annabelle thought was fury and fear, but there was a terrible, deep longing in her voice that even the innocent librarian could hear.

Antony hustled Zoe forward, pushing her face down over the bar.

"Fuck off you cunts!" Zoe screamed, her legs locking. Her short dress rode up over her thighs, showing the tops of her stockings, revealing even more of her shapely legs in the black mesh.

Annabelle took a horrified glance around. Antony had taken the chain from Zoe's collar and was lashing it around the base of the apparatus, chaining his daughter down. At the same time, Patrick was lashing Zoe's leg to the support of the bar she was bent over. That was horrible enough, but nobody was doing anything to help the girl. Kirby and Lee were watching with big grins on their faces and Annabelle gulped and wanted to scream as she saw the massive bulge in the front of Kirby's pants.

Annabelle knew about men's cocks and what they could do to innocent girls. That one shameful time she had given in and let a man ram that thing into her pussy. She shuddered at the memory of the three or four frantic thrusts and the jerking cock as it spurted white goo inside her pussy. He said he wanted to marry her, but she threw him out and sobbed all night.

"That's good," Patrick said as he straightened up. He walked back to the table where he had laid the cane and picked it up. Tapping it in his hand he walked back to the struggling girl over the bar.

Zoe was helpless. Both her legs were bound to the sides of the apparatus, forcing her lovely young legs wide open. The leash on the collar pulled her head down hard, so that her waist was rammed tightly into the bar, thrusting her shapely ass-cheeks upward, the curves of the white flesh just hidden by the hem of the short dress. She yelled and cursed, her hands pulling at the leash, but she couldn't untie it.

"Oooh, I love this bit," Patrick said cheerfully, his face flushed under his fair hair. Very slowly he slid his hand up the backs of Zoe's legs.

"You shit, cut that out!" she yelled, her hands reaching for his, trying to push them away.

"Now, now," he chided, "you wouldn't want me to tie your arms too, would you? So be a good girl and put them down."

Annabelle didn't understand why this threat was so potent, but Zoe took her hands away and let Patrick do as he liked.

He slid the hem of the dress higher, up over the cheeks of Zoe's ass, revealing the creamy flesh and the black lines of her lacy suspender straps.

"Fuck you, get your filthy hands off me, shitheap!" Zoe yelled, her ass jerking around as his hands worked slowly over it.

"Really, your language," Patrick said. He ran his hands over Zoe's curving ass-cheeks, caressing her skin-tight and semi-transparent white panties. "I think I'll leave these on. It makes it more fun."

"Go fuck a donkey!" Zoe snarled, her assflesh trembling under his hand. Her dark pussymound was clearly visible through the crotch of the briefs and, over her pussy, there was already a damp spot, spreading slowly over the thin material.

"Please, please, let me go," Annabelle whispered to Kirby. "I don't like this, please."

"Don't be a fool." He grinned. "After all our work to get you here, you think we're gonna let you go?"

He turned and grinned at the horrified librarian.

"I got the hots for you the moment I saw you, and I'm gonna have you as much as I want. That's what Antony and Hilary do for their friends. Aren't they great?"

Horrified more deeply than she had ever thought possible, Annabelle dropped back in the chair and almost fainted. Then she struggled to get up, but Kirby and Lee held her quickly.

"If you move again, I'll tie you to the chair," Kirby said.

Annabelle dropped back, her chest heaving with despair. She lay there, trying desperately to think of a way out of this horror.

Patrick laid the cane across Zoe's tight asscheeks. She hissed at him and snarled, her luscious, pouting mouth twisted with hatred and passion.

Annabelle watched in desperation as the cane went up into the air and hovered there a moment. Then it swept down and landed right across Zoe's ass.

The sharp sound rang around the room. Zoe heaved against the bar, screaming, her hips jumping, her legs straining against the bonds.

"Fuck you, you jerk!" she yelled as a thin red line appeared on the white flesh that showed around her tiny white panties.

The cane lashed in again and Annabelle saw how it beat a line into the panties as it whipped Zoe's ass. Even through the briefs the red line of pain was visible, spreading as another hard blow lashed into the bound girl.

"You ready to clear the table?" Patrick asked.

"Aaaggbbh! Fuck off!" Zoe screamed, her body tossing on the bar, her ass jerking to a beat that went faster and harder with each lash of the cane.

"Good," Patrick said, whipping her again, laying the cane into Zoe's ass with harder strokes, beating lines of agony into her flesh under the tiny panties.

Annabelle watched in rising terror. She had fallen into a den of the worst sadists in the world and she couldn't think of a way out. Kirby and Lee were behind her, trapping her against the table, where she was forced to watch the awful punishment.

Then Annabelle saw something she didn't believe.

As she screamed and struggled, the cane lashing into her ass every second, Zoe let go of the chain and ran her hands desperately down her body. With a rising moan and scream of lust she slid her fingers into her panties, caressing her cunt, rubbing her pussy to the frantic beat of the cane. Her screams got deeper, more guttural as she struggled. Her ass beat upward as the cane came down, jerking in undisguised lust as it whipped her. And she wasn't screaming the same way either.

"Aaagggghhhh, yessss!" the bound girl screeched, her fingers blurring on her clit. "Whip me, fucker, whip me, make me come! Whip me! Hurt me, fucker, whip meeeee!"

Her body began to jump and heave faster than the whip landed, her fingers digging deep into her pussy.

"Yeahhhhh! Come on, do it! Do it, do iiittt!" With a sudden jerk she climaxed, her body thrashing against the bar as the cane lashed her red-lined ass, fraying her panties a little more with each stroke. "Yess, I'll clear the table! Ooohhhh, promise you'll fuck me, Patrick, promise, you know how I need it!"

She collapsed against the bar, gasping and sobbing, still shamelessly rubbing her pussy, Patrick stopped the cane. He put it on the chair and ran his hands over Zoe's whipped ass for a few moments, making her moan with new arousal. There was utter silence in the room as he untied the young girl. Zoe got up and immediately clung to Patrick, sliding her shapely thighs up his leg, moaning and pawing at him.

"Oooh, come on, Patrick!" she gasped. "Fuck me, please, I want it so bad!"

"Clear the table! Then we'll discuss it." He unzipped the chain, but left the collar on.

"Uuurrgghhh, you beast!" Zoe moaned. She slowly pulled away from him and straightened her dress, puffing the hem back down over her whipped ass.

Nobody moved as Zoe cleared the table. Her face was flushed, her sulky mouth trembling with suppressed desire. She flicked her tongue out frequently to moisten her ups, and made a point of rubbing her pussy against the table edge as she leaned in to pick up some of the dishes. The atmosphere in the room was electric, but nobody looked directly at Annabelle.

For her part, Annabelle kept her face down all the time, trying to think of some way out of the horror. Finally it was done, even the table cloth had been taken off, revealing the polished wooden surface underneath.

Zoe stood by her mother, her legs spread wide, her hand up, under her dress, rubbing her hot little cunt.

"You really are the most disgustingly horny bitch I ever saw," said Hilary softly. "But I suppose, with your father and me as models, well..."

She spread her hands and smiled and there was a ripple of laughter around the table.

"Are you ready now?" Hilary asked.

"You bet," Kirby said.

"Great," Hilary said. "I think it's time to ask our guest to get up on the table and take her clothes off for us, how about that?"

Annabelle screamed with fear and the men yelled with delight, all of them turning to look at her.

"No, don't be stupid, let me go!" Annabelle gasped as she tried to stand up again.

Instantly Kirby grabbed her and twisted her to face him.

"I told you," he said softly, holding her chin, "you're gonna stay and fuck me. And a lot of other people."

"You won't do that!" Annabelle gasped. "That's illegal, I'll see you all in prison if you rape me!"

"Oh no," he said, "you'll beg for everything we do, you just wait."

Annabelle didn't really understand the threat, but it made her shiver with another burst of unholy terror.

"Come on," Zoe said, running her hands over her thighs. "Get her on the fuckin' thing, I wanna get laid."

She went over to Patrick and slid onto his knee, casing her short dress up and spreading her legs. She nuzzled his chest and slowly opened the buttons of his shirt.

"Oooohhh, baby, finger-fuck me while they tie that bitch up." She spread her thighs wider and Patrick slowly worked his hands above her stocking tops and to the wet crotch of her panties. Grinning at her as she peeled his shirt away, he slid his finger inside the sopping wet briefs and caressed Zoe's throbbing little cunt.

Annabelle shivered with terror as Lee came up and took her from Kirby, holding her arms tightly behind her back. Kirby smiled and played with the top button of her blouse as he smiled at her.

"No, let me go, let me go!" Annabelle screamed, struggling against Lee as he pulled her elbows tighter together in the small of her back.

"Oh, don't worry," he said, "I won't touch you until you beg me to."

He laughed and went into the other room. Desperation filled Annabelle, she knew what was in there. She broke into sobs, struggling, tearing at the iron hands that held her.

"I'll report you!" she screamed. "This is rape!"

"Shut up," Hilary said easily, swinging off her chair and walking over, her hips swaying. "You're far too valuable to leave in that fucking library. Fuck, you've got a body on you that gives any decent man a hard-on just to look at you, and you're gonna learn how to use it. We're going to teach you what you've been missing."

"No!" Annabelle screamed, but it wasn't directed at Hilary. She had seen what Kirby held in his hand as he entered the room. The whip was different from the one Patrick had used on Zoe -- a leather-handled cat, with many long, thin, knotted tails to it. It swung from his hand as he walked. But the collar was the same, a studded, wide leather collar that filled Annabelle with even more fear than before.

"Naughty girls have to wear collars," Kirby said with a low laugh as he slid the thick leather around Annabelle's neck.

Annabelle gave the greatest heave she could, but Lee held her and Kirby got the collar on, puffing on it as Patrick had with Zoe, until it was tight, but Annabelle could still breathe. She sobbed as Kirby went over and picked up the chain, returning with it, clipping it to the metal ring in her collar. He pulled on the chain and Annabelle lurched forward, dropping her purse to the floor.

"Now, be a good girl and bend over," Kirby said. "It'll save you a lot of pain."

Annabelle wept. She lunged at him, but he just took hold of her arms and twisted her around again, so that she faced the bar. She screamed as Lee took the chain and the two of them hustled her over and pushed her at the horrible thing.

"You bastards, stop it, nooooo!" Annabelle yelled as she felt the padded bar pushing against her waist. She tried her best, but she couldn't stop them pushing her down, over the bar, Lee pulling on the chain and Kirby pushing her from behind.

Sobbing and screamimg every inch of the way, Annabelle was pushed face down over the bar. She tried to kick at Kirby, but he avoided every feeble jerk of her high-heeled shoes. Tenor rose in her as she saw Lee wrapping the chain around the base of the apparatus, then locking it in place, so that she couldn't untie it. She felt Kirby take hold of her ankle, pulling her legs open as he heaved her foot toward the side of the apparatus.

"Stop it, you beast, stop!" she wailed, but nothing helped.

Smiling, Kirby lashed Annabelle's ankle to the side bar of the apparatus and went for the other one.

Annabelle reached through, tried to grab his hands and stop him. Swiftly he caught her wrists, then held both of them in one of his hands as he leaned in a bit and caressed Annabelle's horrified face.

"Do you know what I'll do if you try that again?" he asked.

Annabelle stared at his handsome face from her upside-down view. The blood was rushing to her face and she could see that her skirt had ridden up, almost to the tops of her stockings.

"Let me go!" she screamed.

He slapped her across the face, hard, his palms lashing into her cheek.

Annabelle was too stunned to react. She reached for her cheek as he let her wrists go and caressed the painful tingling there. Tears filled her eyes, but she just stayed where she was as Kirby lashed her other ankle to the far side of the apparatus. Then he stepped back.

Annabelle knew how she looked. Her lovely shapely legs were stretched wide apart, her skirt well up her thighs. Her ass stuck up high in the air on the bar, the perfect target. And her face was pulled way down, almost to the floor by the chain from the collar. She gasped a little as she struggled with it.

Suddenly there was Zoe above her, holding Patrick by his cock as she grinned down at the bound librarian. She had stripped Patrick and he stood there with his thick cock-rod sticking out like a flagpole.

"See this?" Zoe cooed, dropping to her knees and caressing the massive fucker. "This is a cock. Men stick them up your hole and they shoot lots of thick creamy cum. We're gonna show you how to treat a cock right, how to look after it properly. Like this."

With a low gasp of lust, Zoe sank her sensual lips around the swollen cock-shaft and began sucking on it gently.

Patrick groaned and ran his hands through Zoe's hair, his cock thrusting hard at her soft mouth.

"Don't do that for too long, honey!" he moaned. "I'll shoot, you know what whipping you does to me!"

"Oooo, yesss," Zoe whispered, running her soft lips around the swollen head of his cock. She licked at his cock gently, sliding her hand over the throbbing pole. "Maybe I should, then you'll fuck me longer, won't you?"

He gasped as her skillful fingers played with his cock-shaft. "You get it hard again, baby, I'll fuck the shit outta you."

"You might have to spank me," Zoe sighed, her tongue running over his heaving prick, "particularly if I shoot it all over this bitch, wouldn't that be naughty of me?"

Patrick moaned as Zoe's mouth slid slowly down his cock, swallowing it inch by inch. He stood, his legs spread, his ass jerking as the sexy little Zoe sucked his heaving fuckerod. He ran his fingers through Zoe's dark hair, holding her willing mouth over his cock.

Annabelle didn't believe what she heard and saw. Close above her, in her sexy maid's outfit, Zoe sucked Patrick's cock deep into her throat. Annabelle could even see Zoe's throat muscles bulge as she took the head of the monstrous thing in, sucking the fucker while her hands played with Patrick's balls, urging him on.

"You perverts!" Annabelle moaned. "What are you doing to me?"

Her horror deepened as she watched Zoe swallow the throbbing cock deeper, right into her soft mouth. Her tongue flicked out over Patrick's balls, helping the soft caress of her fingers. With the other hand she lifted her dress and worked her pussy, moaning with unrestrained lust as her mouth took the whole of the cock, her throat working over the cock-head until Patrick was leaning back, yelling with lust.

"Oooh fuck!" he bellowed. "How do you do it, whore? How do you do it! Jeeeezzzz, I'm coming!"

His hips began to jerk and heave faster, ramming his cock into Zoe's mouth with an increasing rhythm that drove the little nymph wild with excitement.

"Oh ycahhhh, yeahhh!" he yelled. "Here it comes, here it comessss!"

It was a nightmare for Annabelle. She saw Patrick ramming his cock into Zoe's mouth like a piston gone crazy. She saw him grabbing at her hair as Zoe slid her mouth back up the trembling, heaving cock-rod that pounded into her throat. Soon she was sucking just on his cock-head and her fingers ran up and down his throbbing shaft. His cock swelled, jumped as the cum burst down it. He leaned back, yelling at the top of his voice as his cock burst out with a stream of hot white goo.

Zoe slid her mouth to the side, holding his cock, rubbing it to the pulse of his shooting, licking at the spurting cock-head as the thick streams of cum burst out and flew through the air, all of it heading straight for the helpless Annabelle.

She screamed as a thick gob of jism splattered into her blouse, staining the pure white with its obscene juice. Another jet followed, splattering lower, over the top of her blouse and onto the skin of her throat.

Annabelle screamed as she stared up at the jumping cock, another pulse of cum pouring out of it as Patrick bellowed with lust, his hands in Zoe's hair. For her part, Zoe grinned, holding his shaft, directing the stream of cock-juice over Annabelle's face, jerking the shaft as Patrick came again.

"Nooooo!" Annabelle wept, but had to close her mouth as streams of the terrible stuff poured over her cheeks and lips. She put her hands up, tried to wipe it away, but it was sticky and she only managed to smear it all over her skin.

Another horrible jet of hot white cum gushed over her face as Patrick yelled with satisfaction and then Annabelle slid her mouth back over the cock-head, sucking greedily at the pouring cock.

"Mmmmmmm," she purred, licking at the cock-head as it poured out another stream of cum. "Can't let her have it all." She moaned with satisfaction as Patrick's cock slowed down, oozing cum and then dribbling it until she was licking him clean, still purring with pleasure.

"Ooohhh!" she sighed. "I was such a bad girl, wasn't I?"

"You sure were," he said as Annabelle wept and moaned, struggling to get off the bar. "Look at the poor little cunt, now clean her off and get your ass up."

"Oooh yes, Patrick, yes!" Zoe moaned. She eased her mouth away from his hard cock and leaned in close to Annabelle. "You want me to clean it off?"

Annabelle didn't know what to say. She hung there, sobbing, the feel of the cum on her face driving her out of her mind with horror.

Zoe leaned in and licked at the cumn on Annabelle's blouse, taking it up in her skillful mouth and swallowing it down.

Annabelle gasped, but Zoe leaned in farther and licked a smear of the cum off Annabelle's mouth. The touch of another woman's tongue on her lips drove Annabelle out of her mind with horror. She screamed, pushing Zoe away, her flesh crawling with revulsion.

"Stop that!" Kirby snapped. He took the hem of Annabelle's sensible dark skirt and pushed it up over her ass. It was more difficult than Zoe's maid's dress, because it was tighter, but he got it over, revealing a most delicious sight to them all.

"Well, fuck me," he said.

For Annabelle might have dressed in sensible outer clothes, but underneath, she loved to wear the most luxurious lingerie available. She had on pale grey stockings, held up by lacy suspender straps, a black slip and grey tap pants. All this was suddenly available for the inspection of the horrible group that had captured her.

"I do declare," Hilary said with a laugh. "Would you have guessed that? It's even better than mine."

She slid her skirt up, showing the tight black panties she wore, then kept it there as she ran her fingers over the front of the briefs, caressing her pussy through them, running her finger down the crack of her cunt.

"This is gonna be fun," Kirby said as he laid the cane along the very top of Annabelle's ass. "Now, bitch, you keep your arms out of the way and let Zoe get on with it, or I'll whip you with this until you do."

"No! Don't!" Annabelle wept pushing at Zoe's face as it closed in again.

"Look at her!" Zoe yelled. "Whip the slut!" Annabelle felt the cane leave her ass. She still didn't believe Kirby would do it, it was too monstrous. There was a moment's wait and the most terrible pain she had ever felt burst out of her ass. The thin cane lashed into her flesh, biting through the silk tap pants as if they weren't there.

"Aaaagghhh! Stop!" Annabelle screamed, jerking across the bar, her ass ringing with pain.

She stared up past Zoe, seeing the cane coming down again in Kirby's hand. It beat into her ass, sending another surge of unbearable agony through her flesh. Her scream rang around the room as she pulsated on the bar, rattling it with her frantic attempts to pull free. She screamed again as another blow sent her gyrating in helpless floods of tears.

"Well, allow Zoe to clean your fucking face off then," Kirby said, lashing her again. "Remember, we still have to get you to take your clothes off, there's a lot more to come."

Annabelle screamed, staring at Zoe's sensual face, grinning wildly, only inches from hers. The agony was unbearable, she couldn't take any more of it.

Another blow lashed into her ass, sending her screaming, arching on the bar, her flesh burning with pain. She put her hands up to protect her ass, only to have Lee grab them and pull them down before the next blow landed.

"Aaagghhhh -- all right, she can clean my face," Annabelle said, her body wracked with pain.

The cane stopped and Lee let go of her hands. "You put them up again, and you'll regret it."

But Annabelle had other things to worry about. She wept as Zoe leaned in again and ran her full sensuous lips over her face.

"Now isn't that nice?" Zoe purred. "How would you like it if I did this to your pussy?"

Annabelle sobbed, wondering where the depravity would end.

With another moan of passion, Zoe bent at the waist, thrusting her ass up in the air, spreading her legs as she kept on licking at Annabelle's face. She brazenly worked the little maid's dress up over her ass and groaned as the tails of the cat brushed her flesh.

Patrick stood behind the little whore and lashed the cat down. The tails brushed the carpet before whipping up and lashing expertly right between Zoe's wide-open thighs. The knots bit into her pussy, beating the wet panties into her cuntmound as she moaned with delight and licked at Annabelle's face, taking the cum off drop by smeared drop.

Zoe was getting aroused fast by the lash of the whip on her cunt. She was moaning and jerking, her lips sucking at Annabelle's mouth, her tongue flicking over her cheeks. Annabelle saw that Patrick was stroking his cock as he whipped Zoe, lashing the cat between her wide-open thighs, landing each stroke on the stretched material of the panties where they covered Zoe's throbbing pussy. Patrick's cock was hard again, but he kept up the whipping as Zoe moaned louder, her mouth licking at Annabelle's face. It was clean now, but nothing stopped either her or Patrick.

Zoe screamed in debauched lust as the cat whipped her pussy. She slid her feet farther out, thrusting her cunt for the whip as it landed and beat another screaming orgasm into her.

"Oh, I'm coming, cominnnnnggggg!" she screeched and her ass shot up, her pussy spasmed and fresh juices poured from her cunt, spreading into her panties with each blow of the whip. She suddenly collapsed to the floor, moaning in ecstasy, her ass heaving at the floor. "Ooohhh, Patrick, tear them off me! Then fuck me, please, I wanna fuck!"

Without saying anything, Patrick leaned over the moaning girl. He reached down and took a handful of her white panties, running his hands under them, over her throbbing ass. His cock was as stiff as an iron rod again as he ripped the already frayed material, puffing it away from Zoe's red, whipped ass. She screamed with delight, then rolled and got up, grabbing Patrick's cock, pushing him into a chair. There she straddled him at once, her back to him, holding his cock, taking it to the throbbing entrance of her wet pussy. She stayed just long enough to lift her maid's dress out of the way, then sank her hot cunt over his cock, sliding down the length of the shaft until the whole of the thick monster was inside her. She leaned back against him, her pussy sucking softly at his prick.

"Oohhhh, that's wonderful," she sighed.

Patrick grinned as he unzipped her maid's dress. He started to lift it, working it up her willing body, over her waist, where she undid the lacy strap, then over her head until she could drop it away. She moaned with delight as he undid the little button at the top of her slip and ran his hands over her small, thrusting tits, caressing the tiny mounds as she crooned with lust.

Annabelle shuddered as she saw Kirby coming up to her. He carried the cat and brushed it over her painful and throbbing ass.

"Got a bit sidetracked, didn't we?" he asked. "As I remember, we were about to persuade you to get up on the table and take your clothes off."

Annabelle burst into fresh tears. She couldn't do that, whatever they did to her. And yet she now knew how much pain there would be if she refused.

"Are you ready to do as I say?" Kirby asked.

"No, stop it, let me go!" Annabelle wept, her ass cringing at the expected blow. She grabbed at the chain as Zoe had done, trying to pull it loose, but to no avail.

Kirby ran his hands over her ass, making Annabelle cringe at the degrading touch. "Just let me know when you're ready to behave."

Annabelle stared through her legs at Zoe and Patrick as they fucked in the chair, watching her; Patrick's fingers tightened on Zoe's nipples as she giggled and thrust her pussy up and down harder on his cock.

Then Annabelle saw the leather tails of the cat swinging down at her and she screamed, the scream rising to a shriek of pain as the whip cut into her ass-flesh.

It felt as if she was being beaten by a thousand points of pain as the knots of the tails bit into her flesh, lashing through her tap pants and sending surges of agony all over her. She screamed, jerking on the bar as the cat swung in again, slashing her ass.

"Noooo!" she wailed, jerking and jumping on the bar, her ass erupting with agony. "Stop it, stop, stop!"

Relentlessly the cat cut in, lashing her ass until she was screaming continuously, her body pounding against the bar, exploding with the constant agony in her flesh. She knew she couldn't take it, that the pain was too much and she would have to give in. She collapsed, writhing with horror and shame, her body burning with the unbelievable rising pain. The cat cut into her ass once more.

"All right, all right, I'll do it!"

Annabelle wept quietly as Kirby undid the bonds. He unclipped the chain and she straightened up.

"Now, get your clothes put right," Kirby said sharply. "You're about to give a performance."

Annabelle wanted to scream, but the cat in his hand reminded her of the penalty for that. Still sobbing a little, and terrified out of her mind, she straightened her jacket, pulled her blouse right, trying to avoid the wet patch that was the remains of Patrick's cum, and finally pulled her skirt into the right position.

"Up on the table," Kirby said.

A part of her still wouldn't believe the horror was real as she walked over to the large, oval, shiny-topped table. They were all there, watching her. Zoe and Patrick slowly fucked in the chair, Zoe gasping with the endless gushes of her climaxes. Patrick was grinning, thrusting his hard cock deep into her hot pussy.

Hilary sat back, still running her fingers over her panties, while her other hand played with Antony's cock which she had taken out of his pants. He was gurgling in lust as he watched the blonde librarian hesitate, trying to see how she should get up on the table.

"Here," he said and got up from his chair, offering it for Annabelle to get up on. It was a strange gesture, almost friendly, and Annabelle blushed, her mind spinning with the mixture of emotions she suffered. She put one foot on the chair and he helped her up onto the table. Then he pulled it back and sat down again.

Kirby dimmed the lights, leaving the one beside the table on, showing Annabelle, helpless, posed on the wooden top.

She gazed around at them, half hidden in the dinner light. She could see that they were all concentrating on her and the blood rushed to her head, making her lovely features even more beautiful as she blushed.

"Walk," Kirby said. "Up and down, let me see you move."

He leaned on the table top, the cat a cruel reminder of Annabelle's helplessness. She turned, dizzy with fear and walked slowly up and down the table, four paces one way, four the other, all the time being watched by their eyes.

"Take your jacket off," Kirby said.

Annabelle stopped and moaned as she reached for the buttons of her dark coat. It came off easily and she dropped it to Kirby's hand, watching as he laid it over a chair.

"Hmmm," Kirby said, walking around the cowering girl on the table. "The skirt next."

In a nightmare of fear, Annabelle reached for the clasp of her skirt, unclipping it with trembling fingers, letting the woolen garment slide down her legs, revealing her ass and her long legs showing through the thin material of her slip.

"Now the blouse."

"Oh please," Annabelle whispered.

The cat tails lashed onto the table top close to her feet and she jumped with terror. "The blouse!" Kirby snapped.

Annabelle didn't hesitate any longer. Her hand went up to the buttons of the blouse and managed to open the top one. The blouse opened, showing the creamy white of her throat. Her fingers twitching almost out of control, she pulled the next button open, allowing them to see the top of her slip and the tiny white bra underneath.

"Don't stop," Kirby said.

Annabelle reached for the next button. She could see Zoe heaving on Patrick's cock while, in the dim light, his fingers played with her tits, squeezing them, drawing endless moans of pleasure from the little nympho. And Hilary's hand was slowly moving up and down Antony's cock, stroking the big hunk of meat as they both watched.

The button came open, showing the full beauty of Annabelle's lacy slip and the curves of her body below the swelling tits. The last one came open and Annabelle wrestled with the ones at her wrists, desperately trying to force them open.

Kirby stood watching. Finally the wrist buttons came open and Annabelle let the blouse slide down her arms and onto the table top.

Kirby picked it up and tossed it onto the chair with the rest of her clothes.

"Okay," he said, "now slide that slip all the way up over your ass and let's get a good look at your legs."

Annabelle stifled another bout of tears. She knew she had a great pair of legs, enough men had told her. She played on that, wearing four inch heels. But that was all she had ever meant to do, show her body off, and now she was trapped. She looked at the cat in Kirby's hand and reached down, working the slip up, over her creamy white thighs, showing her stocking tops and the lacy suspender straps that held them up.

"Spread your legs!"

Annabelle sobbed, but she slid her hands over the polished surface of the table, spreading her thighs wide open.

Kirby reached out, his hand sliding over her thighs, moving over her flesh, caressing her as if she were a slave for sale. She trembled as his hand ran inside the wide opening of her tap pants and slid toward her soft blonde pussy.

"No!" She twisted away, falling onto the table. Suddenly Lee grabbed her arms. He held her for a second, then reached for the collar and used that to throw her down on her back onto the shining surface. She screamed as he slid onto the table behind her.

Kirby took her legs and lifted them back over her head. Then Lee took them and leaned, forcing them wide open and down until the toes of her high heels touched the table top. She was helpless again, bent double, her ass sticking over the end of the table, her feet pinned by Lee as he knelt over her head.

She sobbed as she looked up at him. He was slightly older than Kirby and still dressed in his business suit. His tie was gone, and his shirt was open, but that was all. He grinned at her, and she wept as she noticed the thick bulge in his pants, only inches from her face.

Then the cat lashed into her ass.

"First of all," Kirby said as her screams died away, "you never pull away -- ever -- no matter what any of us want to do. This is what happens if you do."

Annabelle's screams rang from the walls as Kirby whipped her sore ass, beating the cat into it until she was wailing and moaning, struggling helplessly in Lee's strong grasp. Her ass beat up and down over the table edge, and her legs trembled with each blow.

"Nooo, help me! Stop!" Annabelle wept, the agony surging out of her whipped ass.

"Got that?" Kirby said finally, letting the cat drop.

"Yes," Annabelle sniveled.

"Good, now to show that you have, undo Lee's pants and take his cock out -- the poor guy's fit to bust."

Annabelle choked; Lee knelt over her, thrusting his cock closer to her face with each second. She had to obey, there was no way out. She reached up, her fingers almost out of control and tried to hold the top of his zipper. Finally she got it to move and pulled it down, over the massive bulge of his cock.

She could hear the rising moans of Zoe and Patrick as she timidly reached into Lee's pants and felt for his cock. The touch of it made her shiver. It was massive and throbbed as she touched it. She gasped, tears rushing to her eyes as she found that she could only just get her hand around the thick shaft.

"Take it out," Kirby said.

"Oh God," Annabelle whispered, but she did as she was told. She pulled at the enormous pillar of flesh, easing it slowly out of Lee's pants until she could see the full length of it, and that made her even more scared. It thrust over her face, the round cock-head throbbing and pulsing, purplish with the engorged blood. The shaft was thick and curved slightly upward, pulling at her hand.

"That's nice," Lee said, "just keep it like that, honey, just like that."

He grinned and thrust his cock over her face.

"You like to suck cock?"

"Oh please, not that," Annabelle whispered. Lee laughed. "Would you rather take cum all over your face?"

Kirby's hand ran over her thighs again. She trembled, but managed to hold still as he worked his way into her tap pants and caressed her pussy.

"Now tell me how much you love that," he said as he slid a finger down the crack of Annabelle's cunt.

"Please," she begged, "don't make me do that."

She suddenly shrieked as Kirby took his hand away and she saw him raising the cat.

"Yes, I love it!" she screamed, but it didn't stop the whip.

It lashed right into her pussy, beating the silk pants into the puffy flesh of her cunt. The agony was terrible, shooting out, burning down her legs as she heaved, trying to escape the grasp of Lee's hands.

"Ooohhh, please! Do what you like!" she screamed as the cat lashed down, whipping her cunt, driving her mad with pain. She gripped Lee's cock, pulling at the strong pillar of fuckmeat in her agony.

"Hey, do that again," Lee said. "She goes wild on my cock."

The cat lashed into Annabelle's helpless cunt once more.

"Aaagghhhh! I'll do what you want! Please, I'll do it!" Annabelle twisted Lee's cock, her fingers gripping as hard as she could, but it only excited him more.

"Again!" he yelled, thrusting his cock over her face. "Hey this is great!"

Annabelle screamed, pulling at his cock, her fingers digging into his rock-hard flesh.

"Beg me to rip your pants off and fuck you!" Kirby shouted, lashing the cat into her pussy, driving the pants into her cunt until the outline of Annabelle's cunt-mound could be clearly seen.

"Aaaahhh, no!" Annabelle screamed. She heaved up on the table, the pain erupting from her pussy with each beat of the cat, driving her almost insane with agony.

"Beg me, whore, I've had enough of your pissing around," Kirby snarled, lashing her again.

Annabelle's screams drowned the rising moans of Zoe and Patrick as they both climbed toward the peaks of their orgasms. Annabelle thrust up on the table, her pussy throbbing with pain, her hands pulling, twisting at Lee's cock. The cat lashed her pussy once more and she knew she couldn't take it.

"Yes, yes!" she screamed. "You can do what you want, please, stop it!"

"Tell me exactly," Kirby said.

"You can, t-take my p-panties off and fuck me!" Annabelle sobbed.

In the chair, Zoe lurched up and gave a great scream of release as she came, thrusting up and down on Patrick's cock. "Yeahhhh, yeaaahhh! Ooohhh, come on lover, fill me up with cum, come on, ohhh fuck, fall me!"

Kirby's hand reached into the wide-open leg of Annabelle's tap pants and his finger played up and down her pussy-crack. "How would you like to suck Lee's cock while I fuck you?"

In the chair, Patrick heaved his cock deep into Zoe's cunt, lifting them both off the seat as the cum boiled in his balls and surged down his throbbing cock-shaft.

"You got it babe!" he yelled. "Here it comes, lots of cum for you, ohhhh fuck, fuck!"

He moaned, tightening his fingers on Zoe's small nipples as he heaved in the chair and the first jet of cum shot out of his cock deep in her cunt.

That triggered another orgasm in the hungry bitch. Zoe screamed, thrusting downwards, her pussy flooding with cum, her cunt-walls throbbing, sucking the very last of the jism out of his balls.

Her little slip bounced all over the place as the two of them clung together, cum pouring out of Patrick's cock, oozing from Zoe's cunt with each frantic heave she made.

But Annabelle hardly heard them. All she was aware of was the soft stroke of Kirby's finger over her pussy-lips and the massive cock inches from her face. It was the most horrible choice of her life. To take a man's cock in her mouth or face another whipping. But, even then she couldn't, give in, just lie there sobbing.

"You're a stupid bitch," Kirby said softly. He took his finger away and Annabelle gave another deep sob as she felt his hand traveling up her body, reaching for her tits under the slip and her bra.

Still Annabelle couldn't give in. She wept, her body shaking as Kirby's hands reached the neck of her slip and slid gently along it.

"Last chance," he said.

Zoe gave a final scream of lust and fell back against Patrick, her body shaking, her pussy still sucking around his oozing cock. She slid her hand down and caressed her pussy and the slowly softening mass of Patrick's cock as it still moved slowly an inch or so in and out of her fuck-hole.

"Yeah, lover!" Patrick sighed. He caressed her small, thrusting tits, feeling the hard nipple buds. "Reckon you can get me hard again by the time they've finished with her?"

"Why?" Zoe pouted. "Wanna fuck her?"

"You bet," he said.

"Only if you make her suck my pussy at the same time," Zoe said.

Annabelle didn't hear her words, she was terrified, waiting as Kirby's hands moved over the neckline of her slip.

"You got it," Patrick said and Zoe gave a grin, sliding off his cock and down on her knees between his legs. She took his softening cock and licked it clean, gently caressing the slowly jerking flesh.

"Watch it and enjoy," she crooned.

Annabelle jumped and screamed as Kirby tore her slip wide open at the neck.

"No!" she wailed. "Please, no!"

He ripped again, tearing the silk to the waist, throwing the sides apart and reaching for her bra. "You don't learn fast enough!"

"Please, no, don't make me suck his cock," Annabelle wept, still holding onto the iron-hard cock-pole with all her might.

Kirby's fingers reached for the cups of her bra.

"Noooo, please!" Annabelle wept. "No, please -- ooohhhh I..."

Kirby's powerful hands ripped at her bra. The clasp went and the two cups tore apart, revealing Annabelle's luscious tits for the first time.

"Sheeiit!" Lee said as he watched Kirby pushing the bra cups aside, and then the remains of Annabelle's slip. "If I'd known they were that good, I'd have insisted we get her here weeks ago."

They were indeed lovely tits. Large, soft, heavy, the nipples hard and crinkled, the areolas large and reddish. The curves of the two mounds drew apart a little under their weight, but they still stood out proudly from Annabelle's body.

"Get me the smaller cat," Kirby said.

"No!" Annabelle shrieked, still not believing what he was going to do. "No, you wouldn't do that, no!"

"You don't learn fast, kid," Kirby said, "not fast enough."

Hilary gave another whip to Kirby. It was a smaller cat, but the tails were just as tightly knotted and it looked just as agonizing.

Kirby drew it softly over Annabelle's tits. "You're going to get ten strokes. If you haven't begged to suck Lee's cock by then, you get ten more, and so on. Then I get to your pants."

Annabelle was in a daze, she couldn't believe what she saw. She strained against Lee's hands as they held her legs wide open and down on the table top. He didn't seem tired of holding her ankles, making sure she stayed still for Kirby.

The cat lashed across her tits, digging tiny points of darker red into the soft white of her flesh. Her tits bounced, jumping once and then settling down again.

"One," Kirby said as he lashed her again. "Two."

"Uuurrrggghghhh! Noooooo!" Annabelle screamed, staring at the horrible cat as it lashed into her soft mounds. "Noooo! Aaaaagghhh!"


The blow concentrated the knots of the cat around her tight nipple, beating surging agony into her flesh, driving her wild with pain as she heaved on the table top. The thrust of her legs at each blow actually lifted them off the table, despite all that Lee could do. She screamed at her tormentors, her tits bouncing around in flaming pain.

"Yes, yes, I'll suck his cock!" she screamed, overwhelmed by the pain.

"That's good," Kirby said.

The cat stopped as Annabelle gave a last wail of pain and dropped to the table top, her body bathed in sweat. She stared at her tits, a crimson mass of whipped flesh, the points of the knots overlapping all over her swelling tit-mounds.

Lee moved, dragging her body with him. He pulled her to the curving end of the oval table, until he could drop to the floor and pull her head over the edge, still allowing her ass to stick over the end of the other side. He pushed harder on her ankles, forcing her feet below the level of the table top. Now his cock was pointing right at her mouth, the swollen cock-head touching her lips.

"Hold it and lick it," he said.

Trembling, her body burning with pain, Annabelle kept her hands on his cock and held the cock-head close to her lips. Then, for the first time in her life, she licked her tongue out and felt it run over the hard warm flesh.

"Not bad," Lee said with a horrible leer. He thrust his cock at Annabelle's mouth, running it between her lovely innocent lips. "Suck it! Just the top!"

Annabelle could hardly breathe she was so horrified. The idea of sucking a man's cock and having her mouth fill with that awful cum was almost more than she could stand. But, the alternative was the whip and the pain was worse than the humiliation. She let the cock-head move between her lips, sucking on it, feeling the hard, rubbery flesh throb over her tongue. It wasn't as bad as she'd expected. It tasted a little salty and there was a drop of strange juice oozing from the tiny slit at the very end, but it was easier than she'd expected. She closed her eyes and sucked on the hard monster as it slid, just an inch or so, in and out of her mouth.

"Okay, girls," Lee said. "I'm tired of holding this cunt's legs down, get me some rope and truss her up properly."

Annabelle shuddered as she felt the rope being put around her ankles. Lee leaned on them to get her heels as low as possible and the rope bit her flesh as he let go and her legs heaved back up. Hilary and Zoe were giggling as they tied the ropes around two of the table legs, leaving Annabelle even more helpless than before. The rope cut into her stockings and flesh, and her legs were straining, the muscles and tendons pulled to the limit.

"Don't stop, bitch," Lee said.

Annabelle sobbed, her throat contracting and heaving, but she had to obey. She let the cock slide into her mouth a little more, the huge round ball of Lee's cock-head moving casually over her lips. He seemed to be content to leave it there for the moment.

Then she felt Kirby's hands on her tap pants. He moved slowly, easing his hand in, caressing her flesh, reaching for her helpless pussy.

"You did say I must tear these off you, didn't you?" Kirby said with a chuckle.

Annabelle wept for her expensive underwear.

"Hold my cock, and work my balls," Lee said, leaning forward, sliding his hands over her whipped tits. The scrape of his hard hands on her red flesh made Annabelle cringe, but she did as she was told, running her hand over the long shaft of Lee's cock and trying to get up the courage to reach for his balls.

But all the time she was thinking about her precious pants. In a moment they would be ripped to shreds, and she would be utterly shamed. Her sobs became louder as Kirby's hands eased the silk underwear down, over her ass.

"I said caress my balls!" Lee snapped and his fingers tightened on her nipples.

Her head spun as the pain rushed from her tits. Lee was pinching her nipples viciously, twisting them, ripping at her sore flesh. She gurgled and moaned, her head spinning, but somehow she reached up, slid her hand inside the wide opening of Lee's pants, and took hold of the two balls in their hairy sac. Again, it wasn't as bad as she'd expected. The balls were heavy in her hand and the masculine odor that reached her nose was nowhere near as repulsive as she thought it would be. In fact, it sent tingles through her.

She felt Kirby's hands pulling at her pants. The waistband dug into the tops of her thighs as she lay there, sucking Lee's cock, almost the whole of the huge cock-head between her lips. Then Kirby started tearing at the legs. Her expensive tap pants ripped, tearing up one leg, almost to the elastic of the waist. Kirby slowly went back down to the other leg and started to rip that. He was taking his time, playing with her horror, driving her crazy.

She sobbed louder as the other leg of her undergarment tore up the leg, exposing the blonde curls of her pussy. As he reached the waistband, Kirby simply ripped the pants off, leaving Annabelle bent double across the oval end of the table, in nothing but her torn slip, the remains of her bra and her stockings.

Her horror grew as she felt Kirby's fingers probing at her pussy. She tried to think about something else, but Lee's cock thrust a little more into her mouth, and there was more of it to suck. Now the whole of the round, swollen cock-head was in and a little of the shaft too. Lee fucked his stiff prick in and out, slowly, enjoying every second of the helpless librarian's humiliation.

"That's nice," he said, "you might learn to suck real good." He caressed her tits more softly now, but his hard, hands still rasped painfully over her flesh.

Kirby's finger stroked into the lips of her pussy, over her clit, working down toward the entrance of her cunt.

"Well, well, well, the little whore's getting wet. How about that?" He pushed his finger into her fuck-hole, making Annabelle jump and give a low moan. Then he slid it up and down, in and out, working her cunt-walls. "So, you like this, huh?"

Annabelle broke into sobs at the suggestion that she might enjoy this terrible rape. Her mouth was almost full of Lee's rampant cock, but he eased it out, just left his cock-head playing over her lips again.

"So you like this?" Kirby said, leaning over her, grinning.

"No!" Annabelle screamed. "I hate it, hate all of you, hate you and I'm going to see that you all go to jail for this!"

She shuddered, her legs straining against the ropes.

"Then why are you wet?" he asked, his finger stroking softly in her cunt. He grinned again and rasped his finger hard over her pussy-walls. Spasms of strange feelings surged out of the contact and Annabelle moaned, heaving her ass upward on the table.

"Never mind," Kirby said, "we can come back to that later. Right now I just gotta fuck you."

Lee slid his cock back into her mouth and the sounds stopped. She ran her fingers over his cock-shaft, wondering if he liked the way she was doing it or not. She had no idea of how men liked to have sex.

A warm, hard cock-head rubbed over her pussy lips and she jumped, those strange feelings bubbling out of the contact of flesh on flesh. She had to keep sucking Lee's cock as he forced it deeper into her mouth, but all she was aware of was the monstrous rape going on as Kirby forced his cock into her helpless pussy.

She gasped as she felt Kirby's enormous, thick cock-head push just an inch or so in, expanding her pussy-walls as if a gigantic plug was being forced into her. The one date she had let fuck her had had a cock far smaller than this and that had hurt, so Annabelle didn't want to think about what Kirby's monstrous prick would do.

Kirby leaned on her harder and his cock slid in, running on the pussy-juices that had betrayed her. Annabelle gave a scream, lurched up on the table, her cunt ringing with pain as the thick pole of flesh invaded her body. Her pussy-walls were stretching farther with each heave Kirby gave. Her flesh felt as if it was tearing as Kirby's incredible fuck-rod slid into her painfully throbbing cunt. A bubbling scream rang out from around Lee's cock as Kirby heaved again and buried almost half of his prick in the innocent librarian's pussy.

"Ooohhhh, God!" Annabelle moaned, her cunt on fire as the enormous cock-pole rammed in.

She held onto Lee's cock, her mouth twisting with the awful pain that surged from her cunt. Another heave and she felt the head of Kirby's enormous fucker run into the entrance to her womb and his balls slap against her sore ass-cheeks. There he stopped, pushing his cock, ramming it, churning it in her depths.

"Yeahhhh!" he yelled. "You like that, whore?"

Lee eased his cock back and Annabelle looked up to see her tormentor standing over her and this time he held the cat in his hand. Grinning, running his cock around in her fuck-channel, he stroked the cat tails over her tummy, up toward her tits.

"Yes, yes!" Annabelle sobbed, her hand still around Lee's cock. "I love it, yes, I do!"

"Liar," Kirby said. Without warning he swung the cat up and whipped her tits. "You hate it, don't you?"

Annabelle screamed, grabbing her tits to protect them. "Oh please! I'll say whatever you want, please, just tell me!"

Kirby laughed, thrusting his cock into her cunt, working it deep in, almost lifting her ass off the table with each heave.

"Then tell me how much you love having a man whip your tits when he comes," he said, grinning, his cock swelling and throbbing harder in Annabelle's fuck-hole. "And how you love to have your pussy whipped when a man's shooting in your mouth. Come on, tell me, that's what I want to bear!"

Annabelle broke into hysterical tears, her soft lips still surrounding Lee's cock as he lazily ran it in and out of her mouth. Lee took her hands and pried them away from her aching tits. He pulled his cock away, grabbed her collar with his free hand and shoved her head up so she could see it all. She stared at Kirby as he ran the cat tails over her flesh, caressing her tits, moving the knotted leather over her tit-mounds.

And yet there was a horrible pulsating in her body. The rasp of the leather, the pounding of Kirby's cock in her cunt and Lee's grip on the collar. She was trembling all over as she watched the cat swing up and lash into her tits. The pain rushed out and she screamed, but the thrust of Kirby's cock over her sensitive pussy-walls drove aching arrows of excitement into her body. The whip went up again, lashed her tits, and her body arched, her pussy throbbing around the massive cock embedded deep inside her.

"Yes!" she heard herself scream. "Yes I want my tits and pussy whipped, yes I do, when you come, yesssss!"

"Good," Kirby said, "because that's what you're going to get."

Lee pulled her helpless head down and thrust his cock back into her mouth. This time he forced it deeper, until his cock-head was at the entrance to her throat, thrusting at the tight opening, making Annabelle gag and heave. He leaned down and laughed.

"Lick it, suck it!" he snapped. "Come on!" Annabelle did her best, sucking on the huge cock as it worked in her mouth. She held the shaft, reached in and took his balls while his hands went back down to her tits and slid over them, caressing her crimson, pulped flesh. Annabelle groaned with the pain, her body twisting on the table, but there was more than that to her feelings.

Kirby was fucking her deep and slow, his cock rasping over her pussy-walls, stroking her flesh, ramming right into her open body. Each stroke spasmed her cunt, making it clutch and suck at the invading monster. The spasms rushed up through her, joining with the caress of Lee's hands and the thrusting of his cock to set off further jolts of the most awful, desperate excitement. Annabelle couldn't believe or understand it.

Her blonde hair tossed wildly as she struggled on the table top, her legs splayed wide, straining against the ropes while the two cocks raped her, setting off deep, helpless moans from her stuffed mouth.

Kirby chuckled. His cock thrust into her cunt faster and harder, setting the little librarian gasping and gurgling on her forced meal of cock. He leaned harder on Annabelle's thighs, forcing them even wider than they were held by the ropes, ramming his cock in her struggling cunt to the hilt.

"Fuck!" he gasped. "I'm gonna shoot soon!"

Annabelle gyrated helplessly on the polished table top, her mind spinning and foggy, her body responding to the repulsive caresses she was forced to endure. She felt Lee's cock swelling in her mouth, while his fingers tightened on her sore nipples, sending darts of pain all over her, darts that joined with the sensations in her cunt and mingled into more of the terrible excitement she was experiencing.

Her hands tightened on Lee's cock, while her pussy spasmed, sucking at Kirby's stiff swollen cock as it rammed in and out. Her gurgles, screams of sudden passion, rang out from around the fuck-rod in her mouth. She was heaving, bucking on the table in the grip of something she had never experienced before.

"Ohhhhh, fuck, I can't hold on in this cunt much longer. If you wanna come, I'll have to pull out." Kirby's cock swelled, thrusting deep into Annabelle's cunt as he leaned on her thighs, ripping the tops of her stockings in his passion.

Lee laughed easily and cased his cock back out to the soft entrance of Annabelle's mouth. Her moans and screams echoed through the room as she ran her tongue over his stiff cockhead, and her hands gripped his shaft.

Brutally he grabbed the collar around Annabelle's neck again and heaved her up, just enough so she could see what she was about to suffer. He kept his cook rubbing over her face, over her cheeks and her lips as she screamed in the grip of the most powerful emotion she had ever felt.

Kirby was ramming his cock into her, slamming his hard prick deep in her pussy while he ran the cat tails over her tits.

"When I come!" he gasped. "Ooohhh, when I come, I'm gonna whip your tits, oh fuck I am!"

Annabelle moaned, but her body spasmed, jerking to the beat of the obscene passion that surged all over her. She stared at the whip as it stroked her tits and they jumped to the thrust of Kirby's cock, heaving in and out of her pussy. She felt his cock growing inside her cunt, swelling, throbbing with the growing pressure of the cum in his balls. Lee ran his cock over her lips and she licked at it, running her tongue over his cock-head as it passed.

The cat swept up in the air. Annabelle screamed in expectation as she stared in horrified lust at the knotted tails.

"Yeahhhhh!" Kirby roared. "Can you feel it, whore, can you feel my cum?"

The whip jerked around as his balls tightened and the jism rushed out, running down his shaft.

Annabelle could feel it, feel his cock swell as the cum rushed down the tube and his cock jumped and twitched.

"Yessss!" she screamed. "Ooohh God yesss, I can?"

The whip cut into her tits and thick creamy cum burst out into her cunt as the heave of Kirby's cock lifted her ass off the table top. At that moment, all the sparks and surging emotions that had been building in Annabelle crashed over into an orgasm that erupted and took over her entire body.

She screamed with agony and lust. Her pussy spasmed around the spurting cock as another thick wad of goo poured out into her spasming cunt-hole and the cat tails lashed her throbbing tits, merging the pain and pleasure until she wasn't sure any longer which was which. She streeched and moaned, half choking as Lee kept up his grip on her collar. She wailed, her hips thrusting her pussy at the cum-pouring cock, her tits heaving up for the whip as it lashed them, bursting the most delicious agony all around her nipples.

"Aaaaggghhhhh, you beast, you pervert!" she wailed, her ass jerking on the table top in a pool of sweat.

The whip cut her tits once more as Kirby leaned closer, his cock spurting another load of cum, while he roared and bellowed with release, his arm sweeping up to whip her again.

"Ooohhh, fuck, what a cunt!" he yelled. His arm swept across the quivering tits, lashing them from side to side as his cock began to slow, the cum pouring out of it in smaller gobs, though more of it squeezed out of Annabelle's cunt with each thrust he made. He gasped, his arm swinging up for one final lash of the whip before he stopped.

Annabelle's climaxes surged to a peak as the whip lashed across her tits for the last time, but she wasn't going to get any respite. As she screamed and heaved, her pussy spasming around the last outpouring of Kirby's cock, Lee pulled her head back down by the collar once more and heaved his cock into her mouth, ramming right at her throat.

She had no idea what was going on. The whip stopped, but her tits still rang with the pain and lust! She rubbed them shamelessly, feeling the passion surge in her again, though not so high as before. Lee's cock thrust at her throat and incredibly it opened a little as the surge of her climax gave her another shuddering orgasm. She sucked, moaning as she felt Lee's cock swelling and throbbing as Kirby's had done and she knew he was close to coming. Slowly Kirby pulled his cock out of her cunt and it spasmed around the vanishing cock as if it was hungry far more.

Above her Lee began roaring with lust. His cock slammed into her mouth, throbbing and swelling.

"Yeahhhh!" he yelled. "Ready cunt?"

Annabelle was overwhelmed with one moment of panic as she thought about that horrible stuff pouring into her throat before the whip lashed into her wide-open pussy.

"Yeahhhhh!" Lee yelled. "Take it all, cunt, take it all!"

The cat lashed Annabelle's cunt again, biting right into the soft wet lips of her pussy, covering the stretched flesh of her inner thighs. Her ass leaped up, her legs strained against the bonds as she screamed, a deep, helpless guttural scream into Lee's cock as the first jet of white cum burst into the back of her mouth.

She came, the juice rushing out of her fuckhole as the whip landed again and gobs of Kirby's cum splattered off, flying through the air to land on the table and her legs and tummy. She lurched, her throat opening, letting Lee's cock ram deep as another stream of spunk gushed out of his cock. Her scream bubbled as she lurched, her pussy straining wider open as the cat whipped her clit, sending depraved eruptions of lust through her bound body.

Another load of cum filled her throat and backed up into her mouth. For the first time she tasted the creamy, salty stuff before a compulsive gulp of her throat swallowed it. The cat lashed in, her pussy exploded and her scream of climax rang out. Thick white cock-juice ran out of her mouth and over her lips as Lee's fucker slammed in and out, pouring cum all over her mouth and throat.

"That's my whore!" he yelled. "Ooohhhh, fuck, she's gonna be great!"

His cock spat a last wad of thick cum and then settled down, oozing lines of cum from his piss-slit while he gave a moan of satisfaction and left it in her mouth.

"Clean it right off, bitch," he ordered, tossing the cat aside.

Annabelle lay still, the pulsations of her climax subsiding as she licked the cum running out of Lee's cock and also sucked up the rest of it still on her lips and in her cheeks. But something was missing. She had climaxed, but not been satisfied. And now she was lying in this degrading position, whipped and raped, sucking on the rapist's cock.

Shame and horror rushed back over her. She sobbed and pulled her mouth away from Lee's prick, weeping bitterly, trying to untie the ropes around her ankles.

"Did I tell you to stop?" Lee asked.

"Fuck off!" Annabelle screamed.

"And I thought the little bitch was getting somewhere," Hilary said. "Oh well, plenty of time left."

"Untie her," Hilary said.

Annabelle rolled on the floor as the ropes came off, her legs aching, her whole body wracked with pain. But even that wasn't as bad as the humiliation she felt. She had been whipped, abused and raped and she had come, had an orgasm right in front of her tormentors. She would never be able to live that down.

"Stand up?" Hilary snapped, taking hold of the thin rod. She waited as the quivering librarian staggered to her feet and stood in front of them all in just her torn slip, bra and stockings.

"Take that slip and bra off," Hilary added. Mechanically, her head throbbing with shame and lingering agony, Annabelle slid the straps of her slip down under her arms and let the tarn garment fall to the floor. Her bra was even easier, it just fell off. All she had left on were her stockings, and her lacy suspender belt. And the horrible collar.

"Patrick wants to fuck her," Zoe said as she licked at his cock-head, holding his shaft in her hand. "And I want my pussy sucked at the same time if he gets her."

She pouted and worked her mouth deeper onto his stiff rod, running one of her hands shamelessly into her pussy.

"I want to go to the bathroom," Annabelle said defiantly. She saw Kirby and Lee, resting in two chairs, grinning at her. And there was Antony, standing watching. He gave no sign of any interest, just stared, his eyes running up and down her naked, whipped body.

"Bathroom is a special privilege," Hilary said. "For that you have to bend over and take six strokes on your ass. Is it worth that?"

"You bitch!" Annabelle screamed. "You lousy bitch!" She fell to the floor as Hilary lashed her with the thin cane, right across her tight ass, sending surging agony ever her.

"Get me the cat," Hilary said, handing Antony the cane.

"Nooooo! You bitch!" Annabelle screamed. She twisted, tried to get up and run away, but a single thrust of Hilary's foot sent her tumbling again, rolling on the carpet.

"You obviously need some discipline," Hilary snarled, taking the cat from Antony and advancing on the librarian. "I think you can call me Mistress from now on, and all the men, sir, got that?"

The cat lashed across Annabelle's thighs and ass and she screamed, trying to roll away.

The cat whipped her tits as she turned, sending her crawling across the floor, weeping and screaming as the cat chased her, lashing her into a corner where she cowered, trying once again to cover her tits with her arms.

"Now," Hilary said, standing close, breathing heavily. "Let's try it. What do you call me?"

Annabelle saw that it was no use. She couldn't take the pain. And she desperately needed to go to the bathroom.

"Mistress!" she sobbed.

"Okay, and what do you call the men?"

"Sir!" Annabelle wept, tears rolling down her face.

"Now, you're going to fuck everybody here as many times as they want," Hilary said. "So you might as well get used to it. Now, is it worth six strokes on your ass to use the bathroom?"

"Don't, no, please, I can't hold it in, please," Annabelle whispered, the pain in her bladder getting worse with each second.

"Then is it worth six strokes, or do I let Zoe and Patrick loose on you?" Hilary demanded.

Annabelle sobbed. "I-I'll do it all over the floor!"

The cat lashed her across the back and she screamed.

"What did you say?"

"I'll do it all over the floor!" Annabelle howled. "I don't want to, I just can't hold it aaagghhh! Please, no!"

"You forgot something," Hilary snarled, lashing her hard across her shoulders.

"Mistress, Mistress!" Annabelle screamed. "I don't mean to do it, Mistress, but I..."

"Then is it worth six strokes of the whip?" Hilary demanded. "Because if you do piss on my carpet, you'll live to regret it."

She waited, stroking the cat through her fingers.

Annabelle sobbed in desperation. She had to relieve herself and she knew that Hilary's threats were real ones. "Yes, Mistress! Yes, it's worth six strokes!"

"Good, now get up and bend over and hold your ankles," Hilary said. "Antony will do it."

Annabelle trembled all over as she rolled and managed to stand up. Her bitter shame was getting worse and she could see that Kirby and Lee already had their cocks hard again as they watched her humiliation.

Antony appeared in front of her, the thin cane in his hand. "Bend over. That way, so we can all see your ass."

Annabelle bent at the waist, the pain in her bladder now worse than the pain from the whips. She spread her legs in their high heels and gripped her ankles as she was told to do. She waited there as they all came closer to watch her punishment.

Antony laid the cane across her ass, just touching it lightly. For the first time Annabelle saw that his cock was hard, thrusting out against the front of his pants. It looked enormous to her.

The cane swept up, and beat down across her sore ass. She screamed.

The cane twitched on her ass and she closed her eyes, waiting for it again.

"Oooooo," Zoe said suddenly as she licked and caressed Patrick's cock. "My baby's getting all horny again, he needs to get rid of another load."

"Tough," Antony said. He turned to his daughter. "You keep him hard until we're ready. If he comes and you can't get him back up, you know what happens."

"Yes, Daddy," Zoe said, pouting and stroking her pussy. "I just want to watch him fuck that bitch."

"Plenty of time," Antony said. "Two."

The surprise and the pain nearly made Annabelle let go of her ankles. She rocked and she screamed, but managed to hold her balance as the pain soared out of her ass and down her stretched legs.

Antony lashed the cane across her taut ass again and again.

"Aaaaggghhh! Ooohhh, fuck!" Annabelle screamed, her body racking, her feet bracing to try and keep herself upright. She trembled, her knees buckled and she only just held herself together.

Then Annabelle's legs went to jelly. She fell to her knees, her ass ringing with pain, her bladder on the point of bursting.

"Get up," Antony said. "Put one hand on her knee and slide the other one over your pussy."

Annabelle gasped. They were trying to drive her humiliation to the utmost. She desperately had to pee, she really couldn't hold it in much longer so she did what he said instantly.

"Rub it, bitch, come on, masturbate far us," Antony said, tapping her ass with the cane.

Annabelle was so desperate for the bathroom that she worked her fingers over her clit.

To her added horror, there was an instant spark of arousal from her pussy as she stroked it.

Her fingers ran over her clit, feeling the dampness of her pussy-juices and Kirby's cum, and her cunt responded, trembling with a dark lust she hated herself for feeling. And it was all made worse by the pressure of her desperate desire to pee.

The cane whipped her, driving the agony into the sparks of lust from her fingers, mixing it all into an unbearable surge of degraded passion.

"Five. Tell us how you feel," Antony said, lashing the cane across her ass.

"H-how do you mean, sir?" Annabelle groaned.

"If you get the right answer, you have only one stroke to go," Antony said, holding the cane on her ass.

"I-I'm feeling fine, sir!" Annabelle gasped. "But I have to go to the bathroom, please, sir!"

The cane slid down into the crack of her ass and then farther until it touched her fingers as they feverishly rolled her pussy-flesh around.

"Tell me how that feels," Antony said softly, the cane tip pushing at her clit.

"Ooohhh!" Annabelle shuddered with another surge of the unholy lust she despised so much. Just the touch of the cane made the whole thing so much worse, so much more powerful. "I feel fine, sir. I like doing this, I do."

Antony laughed, the cane swept up and whipped savagely into her ass.

"Six," he said. "I'll make you beg for it, whore. Now get up and come with me."

Annabelle gurgled as the pain in her ass echoed around her body. She stood up and took her fingers off her pussy. Antony clipped the chain into her collar and led her out of the room. There were a lot of grinning faces as she shamefully followed him out of the door and up the stairs. He led her along the deep carpet and opened a door, switching on the light.

It was a large, luxurious bathroom. Annabelle almost rushed toward the toilet and then got another horrible shock.

"Stand still!" snapped Antony, jolting her to a halt with the chain.

She gasped, her body trembling with fear.

"You piss when I tell you to," he said.

Then, to Annabelle's utter honor he came up to her and stood between her and the toilet bowl. He dropped the chain and laid the cane across the sink. Slowly he slid his tie off and then his jacket, staring at her the whole time. His shirt followed while Annabelle shivered and moaned, the pressure in her bladder worse than ever.

"Do you think you can suck cock and piss at the same time?" Antony asked.

Annabelle moaned in despair.

He took his shoes and socks off, keeping his gaze on her all the time. "I hope you can. For your sake."

Annabelle held her pussy, trying to stop herself from wetting the floor.

He worked his pants down and Annabelle saw his cock springing out of his underwear. She had been right, it was enormous, fully nine inches of thick meat waiting to rape her. He threw his pants aside and picked up the cane.

"Sit down," he said, indicating the toilet. Annabelle wanted to throw up. She pulled the chain out of the way and, in a nightmare of despair, she turned and sat on the toilet bowl, her bladder bursting with the desire to piss.

"Don't start until I tell you," he snapped. He took two steps and was directly in front of her, his cock sticking out, thick and bobbing from his loins. "Take it and suck it. Then you can piss."

Annabelle took the cock, slid it into her mouth and sucked on the hard round cock-head as Antony shifted closer, ramming his prick deeper, tapping the cane in his hand.

"Now piss," he ordered.

But Annabelle couldn't pee, not with him there. Her bladder was bursting, but she couldn't let it go. She moaned in despair, her body shivering with the pain.

"Piss!" he snapped, his cock running into her mouth.

Annabelle gagged on the hot hard cock-meat. She tried, but she couldn't make herself pee. She gave a long moan of horror and Antony stepped back, then grabbed her blonde hair and pulled her head hard back, thrusting her tits up.

"Piss!" he snapped and lashed the cane expertly down over her thrusting nipples, making the chain jingle as she jerked in pain.

"Aaaahhh! Ohhh, stop!" she begged.

"Piss," he said, the cane lashing her tits again.

"Aaaggghhhh, yes!" Annabelle screamed as her bladder finally let go and a stream of pee poured into the toilet.

Instantly he was back, holding her hair, heaving his cock into her mouth. He held her there, thrusting at her throat as she pissed, his cock swollen and pulsating with lust.

"Good," he said. "Now suck me like a good little girl."

Her piss went on for longer than Annabelle could have imagined possible. Her mouth worked compulsively over Antony's cock, sucking the hard meat, letting her tongue play over the quivering flesh. Still the stream of pee poured out of her pussy, splashing into the toilet. Antony's cock swelled, got stiffer and began to throb as he fucked her mouth. To her horror she knew he was going to came.

"Yeahhhh!" he grunted, heaving his hard cock-head at her throat. "Come on, bitch, suck it, make me feel real good."

He let go of her hair and took the chain, ramming at her mouth, half his stiff cock vanishing into her mouth with each stroke.

"Not bad!" he growled. "You might make a decent whore when we've finished with you."

He heaved his rock-hard cock-rod at her throat, pushing until Annabelle gagged and gasped for air, struggling against the collar.

Still she pissed, the smell wafting up over her as the sour stream ran out of her bladder. She felt his cock twitch, knew he was going to come soon, make her swallow another load of jism. It was horrible, a deeper depravity than she had thought possible. But that horrible excitement that had begun on the table lingered on. It made her suck harder on Antony's cock, her hands around his shaft, her fingers caressing his balls. It was all so disgusting, but she was stimulated, feeling herself surrendering to desires so base she wouldn't even name them.

Antony growled, thrusting his cock harder at her mouth. His swollen cock-head pushed at her throat and she felt her muscles relax enough for him to begin to penetrate, while all the time she pissed, her bladder now almost empty.

"Now take it, whore! I'm gonna come!"

Annabelle felt his cock jump as the cum surged out of his balls. Her pee was declining, her bladder almost empty as she sucked his cock, feeling the cum rushing down his shaft. He leaned back, roaring with release.

"Take it, you whore!" he yelled. "Take it! Let me see you swallow it, bitch!"

He eased his cock back out of her throat until the pulsating cock-head was just at her lips as her fingers worked over his shaft.

"Bring me off, you whore!" he yelled.

"Make me feel real good, or I'll whip the shit outta you."

Cum burst out of his cock, right into Annabelle's mouth.

"Let me watch, bitch! Let me see you take it!"

Annabelle felt the salty cum gush into her mouth. She swallowed, the last of her piss running out of her cunt and into the toilet. She let him pull back more, so that the jet of cum sprang out of his piss-slit and over her lips where she licked at it, running her tongue around as another stream of jism poured out and into her mouth. She milked his cock, her hands squeezing his balls, working the hard meat while Antony gave another yell of lust as his orgasm crested.

"Yeahhhh!" he shouted. "Yeahhh, come on, lick it up, whore, lick it up, fuck-meat!"

Cum jetted out of his cock and over Annabelle's hips, into her mouth where she swallowed the hot seed, sucking at the cockhead as more white goo gushed out. Antony yelled again, watching as his cock spat another thick wad over Annabelle's mouth and tongue. He sighed as the stream finally slowed and his cock-slit ran a thinning stream of spunk over her mouth.

"Lick it all up, whore," he said and waited while Annabelle did as she was told, licking at the cam as it ran out of his cock-slit and into her mouth.

He waited until the last drops of his cum were gone and his cock glistened with Annabelle's saliva. Then he grinned at her.

"I gotta piss too, babe," he said. "But don't move, you're fine where you are."

Before Annabelle had grasped what he meant, he pissed in her face, the hot stream of stinking pee bursting over her. She wanted to scream, but she couldn't, or it would get into her mouth. She closed her eyes, tried not to breathe as he held his cock and pissed on her, directing the stream of pee into her face, then down, over her tits.

The salt in the piss burnt her sore flesh, but the degradation was much worse. As the stream was directed away from her face and onto her tits, Annabelle did scream, wailing on the toilet as she felt the piss running down her body, over her tits, down her tummy and into the toilet to join her own pee.

"Shut up, whore!" he snapped and lifted his cock, splashing her face.

She stopped screaming instantly. He held the chain tightly as he moved his cock down and held his stream of piss on her tits, watching it with delight as it splashed on her twin globes and then ran down and into the toilet. Finally the stream stopped and Annabelle sat on the lavatory seat, stinking and shaking with horror.

Antony stuffed his cock into her mouth. "Clean it!"

Annabelle licked the cock-head, but there didn't seem to be any piss really left.

He pulled back and snarled at her. "You smell like a sewer! Now get in that shower and clean off, whore!"

Annabelle came out of the shower shivering with the enduring honor of what she faced. Antony was still there, waiting for her. His cock hadn't gone down at all, or, at least, it was back up, and Annabelle shuddered as she remembered the streams of cum and piss that had jetted out of it.

"Came here," he said.

Annabelle walked over to him, water glistening on her body. She had washed herself compulsively and was as clean as she had ever been, but there wasn't a towel to be seen.

Antony held out the collar to her. "Put it on."

"No, please, not..."

"Bend over." He slapped the cane into his hand.

"No, don't, please let me..."

"That's two strokes, three with one more word."

Annabelle stifled her moan and bent slowly, sticking her sore ass out for more. She held still, gasping a little as Antony walked around her, inspecting her beautiful body.

"You know," he said, "you really are something else."

He cased his hand under her trembling body and caressed her tits, squeezing her nipples almost gently.

"How many men have fucked you?"

"J-just one," Annabelle said. He held her hair and whipped her ass. "Just one, what?"

"Aaaaabhh! Just one, sir."

"Better, you forget that a lot. Just one, huh?" He stroked the cane across Annabelle's painful, red-lined ass.

"Yes sir."

"And what was it like?" he asked, sliding his fingers into the crack of her ass, probing, reaching for her asshole.

Annabelle wanted to scream, to tear at him as he penetrated to the most private parts of her body, but she knew better. She choked, trembled, but stayed still.

"It was, it was terrible, sir," she said, her asshole twisting tighter as his finger caressed the crinkled ring of muscles.

"Why?" he asked, stroking his finger down, towards her pussy.

"He, he only -- I don't know, sir!" Annabelle wept, keeping her hands on her knees as he ran his finger over her clit.

"He what?"

"He-he only -- he came very fast, sir," Annabelle moaned.

"So one thrust up this cunt of yours and he shot his wad, huh?"

"Yes sir," Annabelle said, shame coloring her face.

"Well, you can't say you've had that trouble here, have you?" he asked mockingly, stroking her pussy.

"No, no sir," Annabelle choked, watching his massive cock sticking out, swinging like an iron rod as he moved.

Annabelle gasped, clutching her knees tightly. She was in the same turmoil as before. The fear and agony as before. The fear and agony she suffered were mingling with that depraved lust that had surged over her on the table. And it had lingered, growing and receding with each perverted deed she was forced to perform. It burned inside her, and nothing would make it stop. His fingers worked over her pussy and she was getting wet, she could feel it.

He chuckled as he moved a finger to her cunthole and slid it in a little. It went in easily, and the touch sent more juices flowing in the helpless librarian's fuck-hole.

"Now," he said quietly. "I believe you have two strokes of the cane coming, don't you?"

Annabelle groaned, but her pussy ran faster with juice, his finger worked over her cunt-walls and she shuddered with the horrible rising lust.

"Yes sir," she moaned, her ass driving back, ramming his finger harder into her cunt.

"You're a whore," he whispered. "A whore, you know that?"

His voice was so soft and gentle, and his finger stroked her pussy-walls with such skill that Annabelle almost came on the spot.

She started to cry, her body shaking helplessly. "Whatever you say, sir."

"Oh no, don't worry," he said. "I'll prove it to you, very soon."

Something about him was sending Annabelle into shivers she just couldn't stop. She choked and gripped her legs tightcr. Her skin was almost dry now.

"Put your hand where mine is," Antony said softly. He pinched her clit to make his point.

Annabelle could hardly breathe as she slid one hand up her thigh and onto her pussy. Antony took his hand away and watched as she rubbed her trembling pussy-slit.

"Open your legs farther," he ordered.

Naked, standing bent almost double on the floor of the bathroom, Annabelle slid her feet apart, widening the gash of her pussy for her fingers. Very slowly Antony laid the cane across her ass and rolled it there, softly on her beaten flesh.

"Tell me how you feel," he murmured.

Annabelle's throat was pulsing with a lust that was going out of control. She hated herself and him, but the power he had just made her melt to a jelly at the sound of his voice. Her fingers stroked her pussy and the surges of lust that sprang out sent her legs trembling.

"I-I feel good, sir," she gasped. "You're going to come for me," he said. "Come while you work your pussy."

The cane tapped her ass, stoking the fires that were raging higher and higher in the helpless blonde.

"Yes sir," Annabelle whispered, he pussy throbbing and jerking under her fingers. And yet that wasn't the whole of it. The feel of the cane on her ass, the pain it could give, that was making the lust erupt in her more than her own caresses. She sobbed deeply, hating her depraved display of sexual slavery.

"And I'm going to whip you as you come, make you scream with passion," he added slowly, caressing her with the cane.

Annabelle shook with lust. Her fingers blurred on her cunt, she couldn't help it. She felt the cane running over her ass and she burned with the knowledge of the agony to come. And with a horrible desire for it.

"And I'm going to jerk off over your ass as I do it," Antony said, his voice the same quiet, steely menace. "Won't that be wonderful? I know you love it, whore. And this is to let you know that we're all as depraved as you are."

Annabelle's body was raging helplessly, a seething orgasm building in her with each second. She looked through her legs and saw Antony stroking his cock, harder and faster as he held the cane on her ass, waiting for the moment when she would betray herself.

"And if you're a real good little whore," he said, the cane running over her ass, trembling as he got ready to use it, "and tell me when you're coming and beg me to whip you, well, then you'll get a special treat."

He tapped the cane on her ass, the tiny strokes sending Annabelle's surging climax into another level of pulsating fever.

Annabelle shuddered with shame, lust and horror. He would know when she was coming, he just wanted her to humiliate herself further.

The cane tapped gently at her ass, the strokes just a flick of his wrist, stinging, driving her wild with despair and passion. Her ass burned, her fingers stroked her pussy, driving it with frantic, rising lust. She was spinning out of control, her mind bursting with the most horrible desire. She saw his cock pointing at her ass, his hand stroking along it, joining her in this most depraved act. The surging climax overwhelmed her, sweeping her upward, driving her beyond the ability to stop anything.

With a guttural yell of passion, Annabelle spread her legs even wider, thrusting her ass back as she worked her other hand up her thighs, pulling her pussy-lips wide apart, finger-fucking herself with one hand as she rubbed her clit with the other. Brazenly she swayed, bending deeper, pushing her ass even higher.

"I'm coming, sir!" she screamed. "Whip me, I'm coming!"

Her ass exploded as the cane lashed her. She screamed, her ass heaving higher as she rubbed her pussy, driving herself into another screaming raging orgasm. The cane landed again, driving her into a shrieking, seething climax. She dropped to the floor, propping herself on one hand and a shoulder as she spread her legs wider, ramming her fingers into her cunt, her ass thrusting up for the whip.

"Aaaahhhhh, God!" she screamed. "Whip me, whip me, you bastard, whip me!"

The thin cane lashed red lines into her flesh a she gurgled and screamed, her legs shaking. She was helpless in the grip of her lust, jerking and heaving as each stroke of the cane drove into her ass-flesh.

Suddenly there was a spurt of hot cum across her ass-cheeks. She screamed, a deep depraved shriek and came again, higher, tighter, her body utterly out of control.

"Good little whore!" Antony roared, lashing her as another stream of cum burst out of his cock. "Come on, beg me for it, whore, beg meee!"

He whipped her, his hand lashing down as jism spurted out and all over Annabelle's ass. Each stroke of the cane whipped some of it off her pulped flesh, spraying it across the floor and over her thighs and back. But there was still more.

Annabelle shrieked, her ass raging with an agony that sent her surging helplessly out of control. "Whip me, whip meeeee!"

Antony lashed her as another thick wad of cum burst out of his piss-slit and over her ass. He knew where to aim, for most of his cum was sliding into Annabelle's ass-crack and over her pussy. Already her fingers were smeared with his cock-juice.

"Take it!" he roared, lashing the screaming blonde, watching as her hair tossed frantically on the bathroom tiles. He lashed her with all his might as his cock gave a final spurt of cum and slowed, dribbling cum out over his hand.

Annabelle gave an unearthly scream and clung to the floor, her ass still circling, seeking the whip that had stopped. Just as with her first orgasm, it wasn't finished, she wanted more. She broke into hysterical sobs. She couldn't accept that she wanted this degradation. Then she would have to beg for this all the time, just to get satisfaction. The thought was too horrible to think about. Still she moaned and sobbed on the floor, her fingers buried in her cunt.

Antony stood, his hand still stroking his cock, his eyes glassy. "Get up and clean me off!"

Annabelle crawled to him on hands and knees, her body shaking, demanding, crawling with pain. She knelt up, licked at the remains of cum running down his cock and over his fingers. She could feel his jism running in her ass and over her pussy as she sucked him. In a dream, she took his hand and licked it clean, then took his cock, sucking it, cleaning off the last of the cum. His thick prick had hardly gone down at all, and she felt the soft caresses she gave it already sending new life back into it.

He took her blonde hair and pulled her face up to his. "You see what a whore you are?"

"Ooohhh, please no, don't," Annabelle wept. Her body shook with desire, with pain, all mingled until she didn't know which was which.

He chuckled. "Yeah, I can wait."

He pulled her head back a little more.

"Now for the treat I promised you." He dropped her hair and went over to a chair, picking up the collar. "Put it on."

This time Annabelle didn't protest. She put the collar on, tightening it to his instructions until it was tight enough, but allowed her to breathe. Her hands trembled as she obediently clipped the chain into the ring of the collar and followed Antony out of the bathroom and downstairs again.

"Where the fuck have you been?" Hilary demanded as Antony led Annabelle in. She had taken off her dress and blouse and wore only a short slip. The men were all naked now, though Patrick wore a robe, out of which his cock stuck like a massive skewer.

"Thank God you got here," he said. "Your wife and daughter were about to rape us."

"She's all yours," Antony said, spinning Annabelle towards the table. "But first she had a treat. Zoe, come here and clean her ass out."

"Ooooohhh, shit!" Zoe snarled. She got up, her little slip crumpled, cum running down the insides of her thighs. "Shit, you shoot over every ass you can get your hands on."

"Get on with it," Antony said, "or I'll warm your ass while you do it."

Annabelle hadn't really understood what they were saying, but what happened then sent her into fits of further horror.

"Oh, would you, Daddy?" Zoe asked. She came up to her father and slid her stockinged leg up his thigh, caressing his cock as she passed. She clung to him, taking his cock in her skillful fingers and playing with it. "Would you do that? Whip me, oohh, let me have the dildo while you do it, please, that would be great." She caressed Antony's cock, her hands stroking it back to the marble hardness of before.

"You," Antony said to Annabelle, "over the table, your treat is coming up."

But Annabelle was frozen to the spot. She stared at the scene as Zoe slid her leg over her father's thigh and caressed his rock-hard prick.

Zoe turned to Annabelle. "What? Don't you understand?"

She pouted, licking her lips.

"You sucked him off in the bathroom while he pissed, didn't you? Just like this."

Annabelle gave a muffled scream as she watched Zoe drop slowly to her knees and hold her father's cock while she slid her soft pouting lips over his cock-head. Zoe grinned at Annabelle as she sucked, her eyes bright with lust. She eased her mouth up until she was just licking Antony's rock-hard cock-head.

"Didn't you ever want to do this to your daddy?"

Annabelle almost fainted at the suggestion. She fell to her knees and wept at the sight, the little nymph sucking her father's cock.

"Oh, don't worry, I won't bring him off," Zoe said. "Not yet. You might even lick his cum out of my ass later, how would you like that?"

Annabelle gasped and crouched on the floor, her mind spinning with the terrible horror she saw all around her. But the men were all laughing and Hilary smiled, rubbing the hem of her slip gently over her pussy as she watched. The men all had hard-ons, and Annabelle knew they had been waiting for her.

"Up and lean over the table for your treat," Antony said.

Annabelle crawled toward the door as if she had any hope of getting there. The cat stopped her, lashing across her ass. She dropped to the floor, sobbing her heart out.

"Get up," Hilary snapped, the cat swinging in her hand.

Annabelle turned, her fear and honor fusing into a terrible rage. She crawled up, he legs shaky, her body heaving with passion. "You whore!" she yelled at Hilary, and slapped her across the face. "You can let your daughter do that? Fuck, you're the worst pervert in the world."

She struck at Hilary again, but Kirby grabbed her wrist and twisted her to her knees.

Everybody laughed at that and Annabelle sobbed even louder.

"So, she had a treat coming?" Hilary asked.

"Yeah," Antony said lazily as he held Zoe's head to his cock and let her suck it gently. "She's come a long way."

"Not far enough," Hilary snapped. "For the treat she can wear clamps. Get them."

Annabelle didn't know what she was referring to. She knelt on the floor, struggling against Kirby's strong grip.

He reached down and took hold of her tits, stroking them, pinching the nipples. They were already hard and standing out, and, under his fingers, they began to get even harder.

"Ever worn clamps?" he asked. "You're in for a real treat. Here, suck it."

Before Annabelle could move, he had twisted her around and slammed his cock into her mouth.

She choked and sucked, but it wasn't for long. Her head was pulled away and there was Hilary, standing over her with two tiny metal clamps in her hands. They looked terrifying to Annabelle, with their little jaws and the screws that would tighten them.

"Hold her," Hilary said.

Kirby grabbed the librarian's elbows and pulled them hard behind her back.

Annabelle struggled, but it was no use. Hilary took the chain around her neck and rattled it.

"You stay still, whore," she said, "you're going to get your treat, but it's gonna hurt, you got that, it's going to hurt, real bad."

Annabelle watched Hilary move one of the little metal clamps and slide it over her right nipple. "No, please, don't do that, I didn't mean it, I'll be good!"

Hilary smiled at her. "You've got to learn, whore."

She screwed the clamp a little and the teeth squeezed Annabelle's nipple.

"When I've put these on, you're going to lean over the table and my daughter is going to lick all that nasty cum out of your ass and pussy, won't that be nice?"

"Ooohhh, God!" Annabelle shuddered, staring at the tiny clamp hanging from her nipple. The pain was low, but she knew there was more.

Hilary twisted the clamp again and the teeth bit harder, digging into Annabelle's flesh. "Hurting, bitch?"

"Please, no more, please!"

Hilary twisted again and pain rushed out of Annabelle's tit.

"Please, stop, I'll do whatever you want!"

Hilary twisted again and Annabelle screamed, heaving against Kirby's hands, agony rushing all over her.

"Nooooo! Stop please!"

"Now the second one," Hilary said and slid the other clamp over Annabelle's left nipple.

Annabelle twisted the clamp and the jaws bit into the helpless blonde's flesh. Her nipples burned with searing pain as Hilary tightened first one and then the other until Annabelle was screaming and bucking against Kirby, her tits one mass of pain.

Annabelle twisted, her nipples feeling as if they were crushed, her tits burning with pain.

"Let me see," Hilary said and checked the damps carefully, twisting one even tighter and getting another scream from her victim. Finally she was satisfied. "Put her across the table!"

Annabelle was pushed over the table top again. Her throbbing nipples in the unbearable clamps rasped over the polished surface, driving even more pain from her tits.

Hilary took the chain and pulled it around the far leg of the table while Annabelle screamed and heaved, her body burning with pain.

Kirby and Patrick took her ankles and lashed them to the legs of the table, spreading her thighs yet again, for them to do whatever they wanted with her. She pulled at the chain, but it didn't give. She was helpless, struggling on the table.

"Now," Hilary said, grinning down at the helpless librarian. "Now for your treat, won't that be nice?"

Annabelle took one look at the cane in Hilary's hand. "Yes, yes, Mistress, yes it will be!"

In the searing pain rushing all over her body, Annabelle wasn't thinking very clearly. She saw Zoe coming up behind her, a grin on her sensual little mouth. But it was the clamps that drove Annabelle made. They throbbed on her nipples, burning into her flesh with a pounding agony. She reached for them.

Hilary leaned in and whispered in her ear. "If you even loosen them half a turn, I'll whip your tits until they fall and then whip you again until you put them back on! Don't do it, whore." Annabelle moaned, her body pulsing with the pain from her nipples. She rubbed her tits on the table top, feeling the screws dragging on the surface, but it didn't help her. The agony went on.

She felt the touch of Zoe's mouth as the little nympho licked at the backs of her thighs, taking up gobs of Antony's cum as they slowly oozed down.

Zoe grinned at her mockingly. "Make the most of this, for you're gonna be doing this for me soon."

She moved her soft mouth up and licked over Annabelle's clit, taking her time.

Annabelle gasped. She struggled on the table top, pulling at the collar as she faced another humiliation. "Not a woman, not her, make her stop, I'm not a lesbian! Nooooo!"

"You calling me a lezzie?" Zoe snarled, jumping up and grabbing the cane.

"Noooo, no I wasn't, honest!" Annabelle screamed, trembling, grabbing helplessly at the chain that held her.

"Good. I'm only doing this because my daddy told me to, and I do everything my daddy says." She snickered and leaned even closer. "And so will you, whore."

She walked back and suddenly lashed Annabelle's ass without warning, the cane whipping viciously into the bound librarian's flesh.

"Aaaggghhh!" Annabelle screamed, tossing wildly.

"Just checking," Zoe said and threw the whip away. She knelt and licked at Annabelle's wideopen cunt, her sensuous mouth moving over Annabelle's pussy-lips and alit with expert knowledge. She sucked up her father's cum that still clung there, while all the time her fingers caressed Annabelle's skin, adding to the depraved pleasure rushing through the helpless woman.

Annabelle pulled at the chain, her legs trembling, her tits aching with pain. But the passion was rising, the horrible disgusting lust, fuelled by every touch of Zoe's mouth on her sensitive pussy. She struggled desperately not to show them her arousal; biting her lip, rubbing her tits harder into the table top to distract herself with the pain. But it just made things worse. She gasped, her body gyrating as she sobbed and thrust her ass back at Zoe's mouth. "Stop it!" she screamed. "Stop it, it's disgusting."

"So why do you enjoy it so much?" Antony asked, leaning over her. "How would you like me to twist one of those clamps? Huh?"

He reached under her tossing body and took one of the horrible clamps in his fingers.

Annabelle screamed. Zoe was sucking her clit harder, taking the whole of the hard fleshy bud into her mouth. She worked her teeth over it, sending Annabelle into a screaming fit with spasms of painful lust shooting out of her pussy. Annabelle's screams rose higher as the father and daughter worked together on her, driving her out of her mind.

Zoe's mouth sucked her pussy and the little bitch licked deep into her fuck-hole before sucking her clit in again and sawing her teeth across it, sucking harder and harder until Annabelle's body was bouncing out of control, her legs trembling, her tits slapping into the table top. Antony kept his grip on the clamp and waited.

"Aaaggghhhh!" Annabelle screamed as she came in helpless surges of orgasm. "You beasts, I hate you!" she wailed, her body betraying her yet again, surging to the beat of an uncontrolled explosion of lust. "I hate you, stop!"

Antony twisted the clamp, working the teeth into Annabelle's nipple, pulling, heaving at her flesh.

"Now her ass," Antony said.

Annabelle screamed, tearing at the chain that held her neck so tightly. She felt Zoe's mouth moving up, into the crack of her ass, licking the whole time, reaching for her asshole. "Oooohhh, fuck, no!"

But the climaxes got worse the closer Zoe's mouth got to her shitter. Zoe licked the remains of her father's cum out of her ass-crack, moving closer and closer as Antony twisted the clamps, keeping Annabelle heaving and screaming with the depraved release of her orgasm.

Zoe pulled Annabelle's ass-cheeks wide apart and licked the gobs of cum that rested right in her asshole.

"Aaauuuggghhhh!" Annabelle groaned, her ass trembling with a lust she had never felt before. The orgasm crashed over her as the pain from her nipple rushed to meet the incredible feeling of Zoe's tongue licking right over her crinkled ring of muscles. She gasped, her mouth open, panting, heaving as she came, her body utterly out of control.

Antony shifted his grip and twisted the other clamp, getting another shriek of lust from the helpless librarian. "You know what comes next?"

Annabelle didn't answer, she was in a world of her own, a seething world of pain and lust that possessed her utterly. Another climax beat at her as Antony twisted the clamp, tearing at her nipple flesh, driving her crazy.

"Somebody's gonna fuck your ass now," Antony said. "We'll all do it in the end, but probably Patrick first, he's waited long enough. Ready?"

Annabelle screamed, tearing at the chain. Her orgasm was so high, but it wouldn't break. Just like the others, it went on climbing. She gasped and moaned, struggling against the bonds, her legs aching, her body on fire. She saw Patrick come up behind her, his robe thrown away, his cock standing out stiffly.

"I licked her real wet for you, baby," Zoe said as she got up, leaving Annabelle's ass muscles twitching and heaving between her red, whipped ass-cheeks.

"Oh, no, not that, no!" Annabelle screamed, her body shaking with horror. "Not that, not my ass!"

Zoe grinned at Patrick. "Is your cock wet enough though? Let me see."

She leaned down and gave his stiff rod a thorough licking and sucking, leaving it slick and shiny with her saliva.

"Okay, that'll go in the hole now."

Patrick slid his cock into her ass-crack, thrusting it deep, towards her trembling shithole. She moaned, but the orgasms didn't stop, just burst again like fireworks as Patrick's cock came up against the crinkled hole of her ass.

"Yeahhhhh," he breathed. "Come on, whore, beg me for it!"

"Ohhh, fuck, no don't -- aaahhhhh!" Annabelle shivered and moaned, her crimson ass getting another hard slap and Antony twisted the clamps. Arrows of passion erupted through her as Patrick pushed and his cock-head worked hard at her tight ring of ass muscles.

"Beg me, whore!" he snapped.

Annabelle's stomach churned as she felt the touch of the thin cane on her ass. She craned back and saw that it was Zoe holding it, just above the point where Patrick's cock pushed at her ass.

"Ooohhhh, yes, fuck my ass," Annabelle wept, staring at the cane. "Ooohh, please, fuck my ass!"

"Goad," Zoe said and lashed the cane into Annabelle's tight flesh.

Annabelle screamed, and Patrick plunged his cock into her shit-hole.

It slid about three inches in, running past her entrance ring of muscles and, rasping over her shitter walls, sending sudden, pulsating bullets of pain throbbing out of her ass.

Annabelle moaned and screamed as Antony twisted the clamps, then reared up, clutching at the chain as Zoe whipped her ass and Patrick rammed his cock right up her shitter until his balls slapped into her ass-cheeks.

Annabelle screamed as her body erupted with pain and the helpless passion that just wouldn't quit. Her blonde hair tossed wildly and her large, red, whipped tits beat and slapped at the table top as she heaved around, her ass throbbing with the invading cock deep inside it.

"Ooohhh, fuck, she's great," Patrick said, sliding his cock in and out of Annabelle's twitching shit-pit.

He leaned on her ass, pushing the helpless blonde into the table edge until his cock was forced into her body to the hilt. With Annabelle screaming and gurgling, he pulled back, running his cock out until just his cockhead was outside her ass.

"Whip her again, it drives her ass crazy."

"Oh fuck, Patrick," Zoe said, "get Mom to do it, I want my pussy sucked."

"Look at your fuckin' mother and then tell me she can do it," Patrick snarled, slamming his cock back into Annabelle's ass.

Hilary was on her back on the sofa, her legs high in the air as Kirby fucked her, his cock pistoning in and out of her cunt.

"Shit, she said she'd wait until this one was broken in. Fuck." Zoe whipped the cane into Annabelle's ass. "I'm gonna get this slut to suck my pussy!"

Patrick fucked Annabelle harder, his cock sliding in and out like a rampant pole. He gasped, waiting for the cane to lash down at the top of his heave before plunging in again. "Keep it up, baby, she's gonna get me off soon!"

Annabelle screamed to the beat of the cane, her mind spinning in a world of lust and agony she had never even dreamed of before. It took her utterly, drove her into spasms of endless climaxes that burst with each lash of the cane, each twist of the nipple clamps and each ramming thrust of Patrick's cock into her ass.

Howling and moaning, she beat up and down on the table top, her body enslaved by her helpless lust. She came, shuddering, weeping, heaving at the bonds, sweat running all over her body.

"Whip her, whip her!" Patrick yelled, his cock pumping faster into Annabelle's ass.

His loins slapped into her ass-cheeks at the end of each thrust, his balls swinging wildly as he got close to shooting his wad.

"Oooh, fuck this is great!" he yelled. "This is too much, too fucking much!" He heaved Annabelle up on his cock as it rammed deep into her ass, cum bursting out of his balls.

Annabelle felt his cock go wild, knew what that meant. Her ass-walls sucked at his prick, demanding his cum to splatter deep in her guts, pour out over her shitter walls. She screamed as another twist of the clamps on her nipples sent more surges of climax rushing over her, her body wild with the lust she had no control over.

"Yaaaahhhhh! Here I come!" Patrick yelled. "Whip her good, Zoe, whip her good!" His cock thrust deep into Annabelle's ass and staffed shooting streams of hot jism. Jerking and getting hot white juice, he pulled his cock back, letting Zoe sweep the cane down onto Annabelle's whipped ass, driving the bound librarian even further out of her mind.

Patrick bellowed and drove his spurting rod deep into Annabelle's asshole again. "Ooooh, fuck, her ass is the greatest, boys, you all gotta try it."

His cock poured out more hot wads of spunk, filling Annabelle's asshole to the brim.

Annabelle's screams were continuous as she felt her ass filling with cum. The beat of the cane and the twisting clamps sent each delicious agonizing climax rushing over her with wilder fury. She gasped, panted for breath, her body never letting up on her, coming with each thrust or blow she received.

Her hair was matted with sweat, her body wracked and heaving, but still the climaxes went on.

Patrick gasped as he fell across Annabelle's heaving ass, letting her spasming shitter walls bring the last of his cum out of his balls. "Shit, she's amazing." He turned to Zoe. "You go and have your suck now baby. I'm bushed."

Annabelle groaned and gasped on the table. Her ass wouldn't stop shivering and spasming around Patrick's cock. Above her low moans came the screams of delight from Hilary as she climaxed with Kirby's cock slamming deep in her pussy.

"Just hold it, baby, hold it, don't come, let me suck it out!" she screamed, her legs locked around Kirby's back as he heaved her deep into the sofa cushions with each thrust of his rampant prick.

Antony twisted the clamps for a last time and grinned at Annabelle. "Horny bitch, my wife. How about I fuck your ass now, baby?"

Annabelle wept, her body shaking with the declining orgasm. It still hadn't crested, but she felt exhausted. She was never going to reach that final satisfaction she needed so badly.

"Come on, baby," Antony said and helped Zoe up onto the table.

The little dark-haired nymph pinned wildly as she spread her legs around Annabelle's face and grabbed her blonde hair. "Suck it, whore!"

Annabelle stared half blindly at the pulsating pussy inches from her mouth. There was cum all over Zoe's cunt-lips, matted into her black pussy-hair.

"Ooooohhh, God, no! Please, not that!" She gasped and moaned, pulling her head back against Zoe's strong grasp.

"You want more whipping?" Zoe asked. "My dad'll whip you until you eat my fuckin' ass out if you go on like this, bitch."

She slapped Annabelle across the face, thrusting her pussy upward.

Dimly Annabelle felt the touch of a cock at her ass.

"One last chance," Antony said. "If you suck Zoe now, then I'll fuck your ass. If you don't, then you know what." He held the cane, ran it over Annabelle's trembling ass flesh.

Annabelle felt as if it didn't even matter any more, she was gone, finished. She let Zoe pull her mouth to her open cunt-crack and licked over it, tasting the cum and Zoe's pussy-juices.

"That's a good girl," Zoe said, "that's real good."

She moaned and a stream of new pussy-juices flowed from her cunt.

Annabelle sucked the hot wet flesh closer, taking in Zoe's clit, licking it as she sucked the quivering cunt. Zoe groaned, thrust her thighs wider, holding Annabelle's mouth to her throbbing pussy. Her small tits jiggled as she heaved on the table top.

Antony pushed his cock at Annabelle's ass. Her well-fucked muscles opened almost at once and he invaded, sliding in, his cock filling her shit-hole. He worked his bone-hard prick in until he was rimmed in to the hilt, his hips pushing her against the table edge, his cock churning in her guts.

Annabelle groaned as she sucked Zoe's pussy. Incredibly, he body was responding to the horrible rape. Each stroke of Antony's cock filled her ass and sent her jerking over the table again, heaving, her ass thrusting back for more. She sucked Zoe's clit harder, and the little darkhaired bitch screamed with delight and rammed her cunt tighter over Annabelle's mouth.

"Suck me, bitch, suck me!" Zoe screamed. "Suck me, ooohhhhh, fuck yeahhhh!"

She came, her body twisting around, her fingers clutching at Annabelle's blonde hair. She lay back, just holding the chain and let Annabelle bring her off as the blonde's screams bubbled out of her pussy with each thrust of Antony's cock deep in her ass.

On the sofa, Hilary gave a shriek of lust and crested, her pussy quivering around Kirby's cock.

"Ooooh, you're such a good boy!" she gasped. "Holding on like that, come on, I've got a treat for you."

She eased his throbbing cock out of her pussy and caressed it.

"Ooooohhh, boy, I bet you wanna shoot cum badly, huh?"

"What the fuck do you think?" he grinned. "Come with Mommy," Hilary said. She led him over to the table by his heaving cock. There she made him kneel over Zoe's heaving body and her daughter helped by running her hands over his ass and balls, sending him wild with lust.

Hilary slid her mouth down over Kirby's cock, working her lips to the base as she sucked him gently. Just in front and below his heaving prick was Annabelle, still sucking on Zoe's hot wet cunt. Hilary sucked and waited, her mouth traveling up and down Kirby's heaving cock-shaft.

Suddenly Antony roared, his cock thrusting deep in Annabelle's ass, his cum rushing around in his balls. "Yeahh, I'm coming, I'm coming, ohhhh!"

He pounded his heaving prick into the bound blonde, and it all happened at once.

Kirby grabbed his cock.

"You whip her!" he yelled to Hilary. "We got her now, look at the bitch!"

Annabelle erupted in a final, searing orgasm. She wasn't really aware of what was happening. Antony's cock spurted cum in her ass, shaking her whole body and, with each spurt of cockjuice, Hilary lashed the cane across her ass.

Helplessly, Annabelle came to the demands of the thin rod. Cum splattered over her face and over Zoe's cunt as Kirby yelled, jerking hot streams of juice from his cock as Zoe stroked his ass and caressed his creaming balls. Annabelle screamed and licked up the cum, feeling it splattering into her hair, over her mouth.

Another searing orgasm overcame her. Moaning, screaming, her body heaving with the unbelievable mixture of pain and ecstasy, she rolled, her legs pulling against the bonds, her arms grabbing for Zoe's thighs, pulling the sexy little bitch closer, ramming her mouth over the quivering cunt-flesh, licking up the fresh cum at it fell.

Kirby grabbed her head, made her suck down the last of his cum as it poured from his cockslit. Then he rammed her back down on Zoe's cunt, held her there while she sucked wildly, screaming continuously.

The cane lashed her. Antony was yelling as his cock poured out more hot wads of cum. Annabelle soared, clung at the crest of the most terrible orgasm of her life, her body pulsating, driven to the limit and still not able to push that last inch to utter satisfaction. She screamed, sucked, her face smeared with cum, her ass digging deep, thrusting up for the cane and suddenly she knew what she had to do.

She reached for her tits, grabbed the clamps, twisted them as hard as she could, pulling at her own flesh. The pain drove into her, burning her, thrusting her high, over the heaving mass on the table. Cum shot into her ass, she bit hard on Zoe's clit, the whip lashed her and, with a final twist of the clamps she went over, crested, soared down the wonderful slope of utter satisfaction, her body slowing.

Annabelle woke slowly, pain rolling over her body as she turned and stared at the wall. She moaned, ran her hands over her painful tits and remembered, dimly, the horrors she had endured the night before. She tried to sit up, but a chain rattled and she discovered that she was still wearing the collar.

From the collar the chain ran under the head of the bed she was lying on and was short enough to stop her getting up. She pulled at it, but it didn't give. She pulled at the collar, but that was padlocked on with the same lock that held the chain. She broke into sobs and fell back across the soft bed.

She thought that was strange, that she was in a soft bed, one that seemed to wrap her in its luxury. Her sobs slowly subsided as she looked around the room. It wasn't the dungeon she had expected, in fact it looked like a very nice guest room. There were large windows with lacy curtains through which the sun streamed. The carpet was thick and the furniture was expensive.

The pain in her ass and tits came back, surging up. She moaned and rubbed her aching ass, feeling the flesh burn and throb to the touch of her hands. But instantly the agony gathered in her pussy, making her cunt-walls twitch and move to the obscene caress of her hands.

She moaned, but didn't want to stop. She caressed her ass harder and one of her hands slid by itself between her legs and towards her throbbing cunt. She rolled her clit, feeling the excitement mounting, the terrible desire bursting from her flesh. She worked her hand away from her ass and up to her tits, staring down at the red, bruised flesh as the helpless lust pulsed in her twin globes. Her fingers ran over her nipples, already standing out, hard, crinkled, throbbing to the long slow pinching of her fingers.

"Oh God!" she gasped, her ass heaving up off the bed as she rubbed her pussy and twisted her nipples, getting off on the pain, hating herself for it.

There was a rattle of a key in the door. With a horrified gasp Annabelle sank back across the bed, the chain rattling as she pulled the bedclothes back over her naked body.

Hilary and Antony came in, both in their robes. Hilary strolled up to the bed grinning at the shrinking librarian. "Well, how did you sleep?"

"Let me go!" Annabelle gasped, tears rolling out of her eyes. "I never did anything to you, let me go!"

Hilary laughed and reached up, tearing the sheets out of Annabelle's hands and right off her body.

Annabelle rolled, covering her tits and pussy. "Stop that," Hilary said, "lie on your back and spread your legs."

"No, stop, please, stop."

"Now don't be stupid, bitch," Hilary said, her voice dangerous and low.

But Annabelle didn't listen. "Stop it, leave me alone."

From behind his back Antony produced a cat, the long tails jerking as he raised it, the hard knots shiny with use.

"Turn over and lift your ass," he said. His massive chest heaved as he ran the cat through his hands.

"Noooo! You can't, you leave me alone!" Annabelle screamed in desperation. She knew there was no escape, but she jumped up, clinging to the head of the bed.

"Jesus fuckin' Christ," Hilary said, her dark hair tossing as she leaned over the cowering librarian. "Listen, bitch. You get up and show Antony your ass or we'll have you tied down and whipped, and that'll take a lot longer and get us a lot more pissed and hurt you a lot more. Now make up your mind!"

Annabelle stared at them, at Hilary with her lovely tits thrusting out of the front of her robe, and at Antony, who stared at her, now running the tails of the cat over the carpet as he stroked his rock-hard cock. She hated them, hated them with all her might, but she had to give in, they would get her in the end anyway.

Slowly she turned, moved back on the bed, crouched over, her ass sticking up, still red and mashed from the night before. She was trembling and throbbing with the terror and expectation of pain. But there was something else rushing through her, that shameful lust and excitement she couldn't control. She panted, lifted her ass even higher, spreading her thighs on the soft sheets, craning her head around to see where Antony was.

He was standing to one side, close to the bed, the cat swinging slowly. He was enjoying the endless humiliation Annabelle suffered, watching her, as she caught his eye and blushed horribly, then turned away and buried her face in the sheets.

"I think I'll have me a blow-job while I do this," he said. "If you can stay where you are and take it until I come, then you can have breakfast and we'll forget about the rest of your bad behavior."

Behind her, Hilary came up to Antony, grinning as she sank to her knees. "You really think you deserve this? I mean you fuck this whore all night and then ask me to give you a blowjob."

"I didn't see you suffering, bitch," Antony said, laughing softly. "Now make it a good one, I wanna enjoy this."

Hilary sank her mouth over his cock-head and slowly sucked on the rigid flesh. She took hold of his throbbing shaft, holding it in her skillful fingers and she gently ran her lips and tongue over his cock-head.

"Tell me what a bad girl you've been," Antony said and Annabelle felt a flick of the cat over her ass.

"Yes, yes!" she moaned. "I've been bad, I have."

She screamed as a full blow of the terrible knots beat into her ass.

"Last night you were begging for it, whore, begging to be whipped," Antony snarled and lashed the crouched librarian again.

"Uuurrrggghhhh! No, I didn't, I didn't!" Annabelle wept as the pain rushed out of her ass, searing into her already painful flesh.

"Liar, bitch!" Antony roared, lashing her viciously.

With dim horror Annabelle remembered something from the night before, twisting clamps on her nipples as she came, with cum shooting all over her. The cat whipped into her ass, sending her shrieking on the bed as she tried to stay in the position he wanted. Her ass boiled with agony that sent the pounding excitement all over her.

"You lying, fucking bitch!" Antony yelled, whipping the cat into Annabelle in a frenzy of anger. "Confess, whore, confess!"

The lashing cat tails pounded into her ass, sending Annabelle screaming, jumping on the bed, spreading her knees as she tried to keep herself upright. She knew that the slightest movement from what they wanted would bring even more pain. She raised her ass higher and tried to see if Antony was going to come soon and end her punishment, but she got a horrible shock.

Hilary just held his cock, playing with it slowly, running her tongue over his hard cock-head as she waited, grinning up at him. He raised the cat, beat it into Annabelle's ass, making the blonde librarian scream with renewed pain.

"Confess, whore," he demanded. "You can bet your ass Hilary won't suck me off until you do, and I wanna come. I'm horny, bitch, make up your fuckin' mind."

He whipped Annabelle hard, the cat lashing across her crimson ass, the knots of the cat beating fresh points of agony into her flesh.

As she recognized her helplessness, a surge of the depraved lust she had come to know so well broke over the screaming Annabelle. She could feel her pussy running with juices, feel the rampant lust beating at the gates of her resolution. Sobbing and moaning she slid her hand down, through her legs and onto her pussy, rubbing her clit until she groaned and bubbled with the climax rushing up her body.

"Bitch, whore!" Antony yelled, whipping her ass harder. "You bring yourself off like that, whore and I'll whip your fuckin' cunt!"

But Annabelle couldn't stop. Her fingers blurred over her clit, one finger even reaching into the sopping wet wall of her pussy as the cat beat endless lines of the most depraved lust into her body.

"Nooooo!" she screamed. "Nooooo! I hate you, hate you, hate you!"

She chewed at the bedclothes as the orgasm rushed over her, her fingers blurring on her pussy.

With a scream of lust she climaxed, her body tossing wildly until she fell over, rolling on the soft mattress. Her fingers were still on her clit as she stared up at the two of them, still in the same position, Antony holding the cat over her, Hilary kneeling at his feet, playing with his cock.

"What did I tell you, bitch?" Antony said softly. "Now over an your back and spread your legs. Hilary, get the chain!"

"You fucking bastard!" Annabelle screamed, rubbing her sore ass, trembling as the lust began to roll up over her once more. "You just want to whip me, admit it!"

"Of course I want to whip you," Antony confessed easily. "Fuck, it makes my cock go crazy, and you know how much you love that, hey whore?"

"Come on, you little cunt," Hilary said. "You're making me real pissed."

She took the chain and twisted it around the base bar of the bed, pulling Annabelle's head down, close to the mattress. Annabelle struggled and gasped, but the chain wouldn't give at all.

"On your back, bitch," Antony said. His cock seemed to the sobbing librarian to have grown another inch. She moaned as she rolled onto her back, spreading her thighs at his command. "Hold your ankles!"

Annabelle felt the tears rushing out of her eyes as she obeyed. She was now in the most degrading position. On her back, her head close to Antony's rampant cock, her legs wide open, spread on either side of her head. The puffy red flesh of her pussy-lips was wet with her juices, and they continued to flow whatever she did.

She moaned as she saw Hilary kneeling again, her mouth moving gently over Antony's enormous cock-head, her skillful fingers playing with his shaft. Terror rushed over the helpless librarian as she watched the cat sweep up in the air over her pussy, the knots tiny points of tenor. Her hair spread across the sheets as she trembled at the sight of the whip, tossing, sweeping downward.

"Confess, whore!" Antony yelled as he whipped her.

The knots beat into Annabelle's clit, her inner thighs and the insides of her ass-cheeks. The pain rushed out, but it was instantly drowned in the helpless, depraved lust that exploded with the very touch of the cat. Her fingers gripped her ankles compulsively, her thighs trembled, spread as her pussy throbbed with passion and her screams echoed around the bedroom.

"You fucker!" she wailed, using words she wouldn't have dreamed of using only the day before.

She arched on the bed, her legs straining wider as she watched the cat sweep down on her cunt again.

"Fucker! I hate you!" she screamed as the knots cut into her pussy. Drops of her cuntjuices jumped into the air from the lashing, and the tails of the cat glistened as they got wet.

Antony swung the cat into Annabelle's pussy, watching the little librarian's legs heaving as she thrust upward on the bed, her cunt pulsating to the beat of the cat.

"Suck me off, Hilary!" he yelled. "I'll get her later, fuck, I'll get the bitch!"

He whipped Annabelle harder and faster, his arm swinging through the beat of the cat, sweeping the tails across the floor until they swung up in a circle and down again to lash the screaming, climaxing librarian.

Hilary murmured as she sank her mouth deeper onto her husband's cock. She eased her mouth over his heaving cock-head, then let it slip into her throat as she played with his balls and shaft, urging him deeper into her hot, wet pit. Her gurgles of delight at the full hard prick filling her mouth were drowned by Annabelle's screams, but Antony felt it all as he held his wife's head with one hand, ramming his cock deeper into her willing threat as he whipped Annabelle, driving endless screams of helpless pain and lust from the blonde librarian.

Annabelle couldn't believe herself. She stared shamelessly at Hilary sucking Antony's cock, the way the dark-haired woman's lips slid up and down the shaft as more and more of the thick rod vanished into her throat. She saw Hilary's throat muscles bulging to take the invasion of the monster, her mouth sucking hard and skillfully at the pulsating shaft.

Annabelle screamed as the whip lashed into her pussy and thighs, some of the knots even whipping over her tight ass-cheeks and into the tight knot of her shitter entrance. She stared, and she wanted that cock in her own mouth. She wanted to suck it, taste the cum as it gushed out, fill her mouth with its salty, sticky hot flavor.

"Nooooo!" she screamed, as much to herself as to Antony. "Noooo, leave me alone, I hate you, you bastard, you pervert, you shit-licking asshole, nooooo!"

With screams of pain and lust she pulled her anides downward, spreading her thighs wider for the cat, heaving her ass upward.

"Confess, you whore!" Antony yelled as he whipped the shrieking blonde. "Confess!"

"Never, noooo!" Annabelle screamed, her whole body erupting with pain and desire. Climaxes surged over her, bursting out of her control with each beat of the whip.

He beat Annabelle even faster, his eyes glazed, his cock swelling and heaving in Hilary's mouth.

"You bitch, you'll regret this!" he yelled. "I'll get you, I will, I'll get you!"

His cock jumped and heaved in Hilary's mouth as she played him, her mouth sucking his cock hard in her throat. "Heeerrreee I come!"

"Noooo! Aaaggghhhh!" Annabelle screamed as she saw Hilary ease her mouth back up the length of Antony's cock-shaft. She knew what was coming, but couldn't stop herself from heaving her ass up even higher for the final beats of the whip. She heard Antony bellowing as Hilary slipped her mouth to the side and played with his cock, holding the swollen, throbbing cock-head right over Annabelle's face.

Great gobs of hot white cum shot out of Antony's piss-slit as he brought the whip across Annabelle's cunt and ass with a slap that sent drops of pussy-juice splattering all over her stomach, thighs and the bed sheets.

Annabelle's scream cut off as cum shot over her lips, mashing into her cheeks and nose. She gave a bubbling scream as another climax broke over her and the whip cut her cunt, while cum shot from Antony's cock as Hilary held the heaving shaft, caressing his balls to give up the whole of their load.

Annabelle screeched as another wad of goo splattered over her face. She kept a tight hold on her ankles, her ass jerking uncontrollably as she came, more and more jism bursting over her face.

Antony gasped, his arm beating the cat into Annabelle's pussy. He beat her, his arm flashing down to the pace of the cum as it burst from his cock, but even he was giving out.

After a few more strokes, the blows scarcely hurt the librarian at all. The last gobs of cum shot out of his cock and then Hilary slid her mouth back aver the still-hard cock-head, licking up the cum still oozing from the tiny piss-slit.

"Swallow it," Antony ordered as he stood over Annabelle, his cock slowly coming down in Hilary's hot little mouth. "Don't make me do this all over again, whore!"

Annabelle was shaking all over and she knew she couldn't take any more. She let go of her ankles and her legs fell back to the bed. She slid a finger over her cheek, picking up the wet gobs of cum and pushing them between her lips and into her mouth as she watched him staring down at her. There was something hard on her cheeks and only then did she realize that all the cum from the night before she was still encrusted on her skin. She moaned and wanted to be sick, but she knew there would be a terrible penalty to pay for that. The hard, dry spunk was all over her face, her tits, her tummy and also in her hair, some of which was tightly stuck together.

Antony laughed as his cock softened and Hilary slipped it back onto his robe. "Hungry, bitch?"

It hit Annabelle suddenly that she was very hungry, but she wasn't going to tell him. She stayed silent.

"You know, you stuck-up whore," Antony said softly, "if you go on like this, things'll get real nasty for you, and I ain't kidding. Now, hungry, bitch?"

"Yes," Annabelle said sullenly.

"Well," he said brightly, "let's go to breakfast then, shall we?"

Annabelle was dazed. She allowed herself to be pulled to her feet and then Hilary led her out of the bedroom, down the stairs and into the dining room. Stark-naked, Annabelle stood and trembled at the amused faces of the rest of the group that had tortured her so much.

"Look at her, cum all over the fuckin' place," Zoe said, lounging back in an easy chair under the window. She let her little nightie slide up over her thighs as she stared at Annabelle. "I think she should get washed up before she eats."

"Oh, no," Patrick said, sounding as if he really cared. "The poor girl must be starving, come along, have some breakfast."

Annabelle knew something nasty was coming, she just didn't know what it was.

Unsteadily she walked towards the table and stopped close to it as Patrick indicated.

"Bend over to eat," he said, "and put your hands behind your back."

There was a giggle from Zoe, and Annabelle shuddered. She looked at the table. There were some fried eggs still there, though they looked cold, some fries, bacon, coffee, toast and jelly, and a lot of dirty plates.

"Please," she said, "I'm not really hungry." Kirby strolled up laughing. Like the other men he was in his robe and his cock stuck out of the folds, swinging with every movement he made.

"Oh, come," he said, "you must be hungry -- eat, eat."

He waved at the table.

"Well, maybe I'll have an egg," Annabelle said uncertainly.

"Keep your hands behind your back," Lee said sharply from his chair as Annabelle reached for a plate. He ginned wildly and got up, picking up a length of nylon rope.

"Oh, no, please," Annabelle wept, "I'll keep my hands behind my back, I will, honest."

She stared at Lee as he came up to her, that horrible grin on his face. He grabbed her wrists, bent her arms sharply, twisting them until her elbows almost touched. She wailed in pain, but he ignored her and slid the rope around her wrists. Annabelle moaned, but the rope tightened and then Lee wound it up her arms, pulling them even closer together.

Lee pushed her down over the table, ramming her head down until it was almost on the table cloth.

"There you go, honey," he said. "Now eat." Annabelle sobbed as Lee pulled the plate of fried eggs towards her.

"Eat!" he snapped, leaning over her, his cock thrusting into the crack of her ass.

"No, no, hey, I know how she has to eat," said Zoe and bounded out of her chair. "Watch this, boys, and get the cane, she might not agree to it, right away."

Annabelle wept and moaned as she saw Zoe climb onto the table top. The little nightie was up over Zoe's ass, so the whole of her legs and pussy were naked. There were red lines on her ass and she lifted it for Annabelle to inspect.

"See those?" she panted. "Oooohhh, did they hurt great. And look at this."

Brazenly she sat back down on the table top and spread her legs even wider, pulling her pussy-lips with their dark lining of cunt-hair aside.

"See?" Zoe taunted the sobbing blonde. "I got fucked already this morning, wanna know who it was?"

She grinned and slid her hand over Annabelle's shrinking tits, caressing the whipped flesh.

Annabelle stared at the red gash of Zoe's cunt and saw the trickle of cum oozing out of the hot hole. She gave another sob, wondering what was coming. She didn't have long to wait.

Zoe picked up a mushy fried egg. "You wanted to eat this, didn't you?"

Annabelle was still bent low over the table with Lee's hand on her neck. She craned up to look at Zoe.

"No," she said, "I don't wanna eat it."

The act of defiance started a sudden rush of excitement all over her body. She wasn't scared of them any more. She hated the humiliation they put her through, but she could take any pain they handed out.

And it was coming. She saw Patrick with the cane in his hand from the corner of her eye. The blow landed and the horrible, delicious agony burst all over her. Her scream erupted, her head jerking back, her long blonde hair tossing wildly.

"Fuck off!" she screamed. "Eat the fuckin' egg yourself!"

She struggled, but Lee pushed her down farther and the cane landed again, beating fresh explosions of pain into her ass.

She screamed as the cane whipped her ass, her legs straining, her thighs trembling with the surging agony. Already the desperate fires of lust in her were burning harder, her ass jerking to the beat of the cane, her pussy running juices helplessly. Another stroke beat into her taut assflesh and her screams of mingled lust and pain rang around the room.

"Eat this fuckin' egg, bitch!" Zoe yelled, thrusting it at Annabelle's face. "You're gonna eat it out of my cunt!"

The cane lashed her ass and Annabelle screamed, watching as Zoe took the soft egg and began smearing it all over the pink slit of her cunt, pushing some of it inside her wet little hole.

"Eat it, whore!" Zoe yelled, thrusting upon the table, pushing her wide-open cunt at the blonde librarian's face.

The cane lashed her ass and she screamed as raging orgasms burst over her, fuelling the rage, the surging desire that was going out of control. It was a baffle of wills, and there was more than one way to win it.

"Yeahhhh!" she screamed. "I'll eat the fuckin' egg, whore, come here, bitch, lemme eat at it!"

"Fuck," Patrick said, "she's incredible."

"Yeah," Lee said, "and I gotta fuck her while she eats."

Annabelle didn't care. They could fuck whatever hole they liked, it was Zoe she was interested in. The little nympho slid the last few inches and there was her cunt, covered in egg yolk and white, all of it mingled with cum. With a low moan of apparent surrender, Annabelle licked some of the mess from the very edge of Zoe's trembling pussy-lips.

"Eat it," Zoe said, holding Annabelle's head, making sure she didn't pull away.

But Annabelle had no intention of pulling away. She felt the push of Lee's rock-hard cock at the tight entrance to her pussy, and moaned as the contact sparked fresh delight through her. Her pussy-walls trembled as the thick monster slid in effortlessly, riding on her shamefully running pussy-juices. The massive cock worked her cunt like a slow piston, reaming out her pussy, and each stroke made her gurgle with passion, her ass heaving back to get more of the invading rod.

Slowly she licked at Zoe's cunt-lips, her soft mouth moving closer while Zoe gave a low groan of lust and leaned back, still holding Annabelle's head to her cunt.

"Yeahhhh," Zoe sighed, "you learned a lot last night, you shitty little bitch, now use it right, or I'll give you another round of the cane."

Annabelle gasped as the long slow fucking she was getting drove her wilder and wilder with lust. She wished she had her hands free for what she wanted to do, but she would have to make do without that. She tasted the egg and the mingled cum in Zoe's pussy, licking closer, sliding her lips over the throbbing bud of Zoe's clit.

"Ooohhh, fuck!" Lee moaned as his cock heaved deep in Annabelle's hot wet fuck-hole. "This cunt's got the best hole I fucked yet. She just sucks it outa you."

He moaned as he held Annabelle's slim waist, ramming his cock in harder and harder, almost lifting her feet off the floor with the power of his fucking.

Annabelle moaned and sucked Zoe's clit between her lips and then deeper, until she could work her front teeth around the quivering, hard bud. She held Zoe there, sucking, her tongue rubbing the hot red clit until Zoe was yelling with lust, pushing down with her heels, heaving her ass up off the table top and harder into Annabelle's mouth.

Slowly Annabelle started chewing her teeth over Zoe's clit, working them softly at first, then biting harder, rolling her tongue over Zoe's cunt-flesh still, but chewing more, her teeth scissoring over the dark-haired nympho's clit.

"Yaaaahhh, bitch!" Zoe screamed, her ass jerking harder at Annabelle's face. "Think I can't take it, bitch, hey, think I can't take it?"

She grabbed a handful of Annabelle's blonde hair, hauled her away from her cunt and stared at her.

"You think I can't take it, hey, whore?"

"Yeah!" Annabelle yelled, her pussy throbbing with the lust rushing out of the long hard contact with Lee's cock as it rammed in and out. "Yeah, I don't think you can take it, you little shit!"

Zoe screamed and slapped Annabelle across the face. "C'mon then, whore, see if you can make me beg you to stop, heeeyyy?"

She rammed Annabelle's mouth back onto her cunt. There was still some of the egg yolk smeared there, but that didn't matter any more.

Annabelle sucked Zoe's clit into her mouth and settled down to a long battle she was determined to win. She slowly slid her teeth over Zoe's pussy as before, biting harder, sucking the hot flesh into her mouth as she bit down, closing her teeth ever tighter.

Zoe was holding Annabelle's face tighter to her cunt, thrusting up at her as the blonde moaned, struggling to get her arms free.

Lee's cock was fucking Annabelle harder and faster as her tight cunt brought the cum surging through his balls, ready to explode deep in her pussy. He kept his tight grip on her waist as he yelled and rammed her into the table top with each frantic heave of his cock.

"Jeeezzz!" he roared. "She's bringing me off and I already came this morning, what a cunt!"

He moaned, slapped Annabelle's sore ass, driving another spasm of orgasm through her.

"Fuuuck, I'm gonna shoot! I'm gonna shoot right up her cunt, ohhh, yeahhh!"

Annabelle felt his cock surging deep inside her pussy. She could feel each twitch as the swollen shaft of flesh went out of control, throbbing and swelling even harder in her hot, demanding cunt. Her pussy-walls trembled around the vast pole as it slammed deep into her, sucking the cum out of it, demanding that it give up all the load of white juice to fuel her insatiable orgasm.

A great guttural scream of lust escaped her mouth as the first jet of Lee's cum erupted deep in her spasming pussy. Thick white goo poured into her fuck-passage, mashing into the walls as Lee yelled and spanked her crimson ass each time his heaving cock pulled back to ram in and release another hot load of jism.

"Take it, whore, take it!" he roared. "Take every last drop of it, bitch!"

He heaved Annabelle off the floor as his cock reached the climax of its shoot, pouring cum all over Annabelle's throbbing pussy-walls.

Annabelle was out of her mind with lust. Her bound arms struggled to keep her balance as endless climaxes rushed over her with each spurt of cum, each hard slap of Lee's hand on her ass. She was screaming endlessly into Zoe's cunt as she bit harder, chewing at the throbbing flesh.

Zoe too was screaming with release as she came, her cunt gushing juices into Annabelle's mouth. She held Annabelle's head, thrusting up at the moaning, climaxing librarian.

Annabelle knew each heave of Zoe's body. She could feel exactly how the little sex fiend was reacting. With each toss of Zoe's cunt she changed the direction of her teeth, chewing, biting, driving Zoe to the peak of her climax. Lee's cock shot the last of its load and he gave a long moan, falling across her, his cock still beating slowly as the last of his jism oozed into her cunt.

As he pulled out of Annabelle's hungrily sucking cunt and staggered over to a chair, Annabelle began biting harder at Zoe's clit. She twisted her teeth, biting down, chewing at the hard flesh, her tongue still sweeping hard over Zoe's pussy-lips and the part of her clit that was deep in her mouth.

Zoe's climaxes peaked. Screaming, demanding, grabbing at Annabelle's hair, she gyrated on the table top, her ass beating up and down.

"Bitch!" Zoe screamed. "You bitch, you fuckin', cunt-suckin' bitch! You think I can't take it, huh? Whip her, whip her, make her pay for it, come on!"

With deeper screams of pain and lust she heaved on the table, her pussy-juices pouring into Annabelle's mouth.

The cane lashed Annabelle's ass and she went out of her mind. The very touch of the whip sent raging orgasms through her and her teeth clamped harder on Zoe's clit, biting, tearing, ripping at the flesh until Zoe's screams changed, became shrill, the agony churning out of her cunt.

"Whip her!" Zoe screamed. "Whip the bitch, whip her, whip her!"

She grabbed Annabelle's hair, twisted her hands in it, heaved her cunt even harder at Annabelle's mouth, trying to suffocate the librarian in her pussy-flesh. And with a long, suffering screech she collapsed on the table, writhing, pulling at Annabelle's hair.

Annabelle hardly knew what was going on, only that she was winning. The cane lashed her ass, but all it did was drive her higher into the depraved lust, the endless orgasms she needed. She couldn't pretend any longer, this was what she wanted. Pain and sex mingled together until she couldn't tell them apart. Screaming, writhing, her arms straining at the bonds, she came and bit, chewing Zoe's clit and pussy-flesh to shreds.

"Aaaahhhhhh, stop!" Zoe suddenly screamed. "Stop her, stop it stop!"

She heaved away from Annabelle's teeth, then screamed louder as Annabelle bit so hard she couldn't pull away without ripping her clit almost off of her cunt.

"That's enough," Antony said and his hand bore down on the back of Annabelle's neck.

The whip stopped and Annabelle came to, panting, her body still raging in the grip of her orgasms. She relaxed her grip and Zoe pulled away, clutching her pussy, moaning with pain, weeping helplessly.

"Beat the shit out of her," Zoe demanded. "Look what she did to my cunt. I won't be able to fuck for a week."

"You challenged her and you lost," Antony said with a total lack of sympathy. "Well, bitch," he said to Annabelle with a gin, "would you like your arms untied?"

"Yes, yes please!" Annabelle gasped, her eyes staring, her mouth salivating as she stared at him, and down to his cock, standing out from his loins like a stiff pole.

"Then suck some cock," he said and eased the sides of his robe apart. "Bend over."

Moaning helplessly, Annabelle bent over and her soft mouth came into contact with the hard head of Antony's cock. It was warm, filling her mouth as she slid it in, sucking gently, her head bobbing as she strained, her arms hurting in the ropes.

"Confess, bitch," Antony said softly. "Everybody wants to fuck you and you can have such a good time -- confess."

He caressed her blonde hair almost tenderly as Annabelle's lips moved deeper on his thick hard rod.

Annabelle moaned, unable to give them the last thing they wanted. She couldn't confess that she was as depraved as they were; it would be the greatest shame of her life. She sank Antony's cock deeper, feeling the massive bulbous cock-head sliding into her throat, where she swallowed it with no trouble at all, letting her throat muscles throb and suck around it as Antony held her head and thrust at her mouth.

The knotted tails of the cat lashed upward between her legs and bit into her cunt. The searing agony burst out and sent Annabelle to the brink of another orgasm. Gasping and moaning, she rammed her throat deep on Antony's cock, her lips sliding down to the base of his massive fucker, her tongue licking out over his heavy balls.

"Confess," Antony said, "think how much easier it will be."

Annabelle gurgled and moaned, her ass trembling as she waited for the next blow. She wanted the whip, it would drive her over the top into another series of climaxes. She spread her legs wider, so more of her pussy was open to the tight knots as she heaved her mouth up and down on the thick fleshy cock-pole between her lips.

The cat lashed upward again, catching her, driving her to the edge of the orgasm, but only the edge.

"I'll keep you like this all day," Hilary said as she played the tails of the whip over Annabelle's ass, "unless you confess."

Antony leaned over and grabbed Annabelle's arms, pulling them up until he could force her mouth as deep onto his cock as he wanted. He moved her up and down a little, his cock throbbing and heaving in her throat as she gurgled and wept.

An orgasm grew in Annabelle, but didn't break. She heaved back, her ass and pussy burning for the pain of the cat. In her throat Antony's cock throbbed and swelled, but she knew he wouldn't come unless she confessed. The cat lashed up between her legs, beating into her pussy and inner thighs, driving her wild with lust, right to the edge, where she hovered, still not able to come.

Antony laughed, his cock thrusting deep into her throat. "Confess, bitch, or we'll torture you all day like this."

Just as the orgasm was turning away, simmering down for the lack of the pain she needed, the cat whipped between her legs, driving her back to the terrible edge of the release she needed so baldly. Annabelle knew she had to surrender, it was the only way out. Her legs trembling with the force of her emotion, she pulled her mouth back up the length of Antony's cock. He let her, knowing she was broken.

"I want my ass fucked!" Annabelle screamed. "I wanna suck cock, I want cum all over me, I wanna be whipped -- ohhhhhh, fuck, I wanna be whipped and Zoe has to suck my ass! That's what I want!"

Suddenly there was Patrick, taking the rope away from her arms, unwinding it while he grinned at her and stroked her tits with the other hand.

"Don't be in such a hurry, baby," Antony said smiling at her. "We have the rest of the weekend and you can have everything you want. So what's first?"

Without another word Annabelle sank to her knees and took his cock back into her mouth, holding it, caressing the wonderful hard length. Her lips played with it, then sank over the throbbing cock-head and down until the stiff length was buried in her throat.


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