Aunt sharon enslaved

Who can judge a person's reactions during stress situations? The prisoners of war who give in to their captors' demands; the kidnapped heiress who joins forces with her abductors -- all must act without past experience to guide them. All must make decisions in a vacuum, without benefit of familiar people or situations to guide them. The end result can be either a positive or a negative experience.

In this story, Sharon Farnsworth finds herself in just such a situation. Held captive by her nephew, she not only meets his sexual demands but, to her horror, finds herself responding to them. Sharon is forced to indulge in acts that are not only forbidden by society, but also by her own moral code.

AUNT SHARON ENSLAVED -- a shocking story of a young woman's reactions under tremendous mess. Yet who are we to judge her actions?


Diane Farnsworth stumbled back against the overturned crate of oranges, her arms flailing to either side of her. When she saw her cousin Billy lunge at her once more, she screamed, regaining her balance and rushing away from his clutching hands. Her cheeks still stung from the slap he had given her.

"No! No! Don't touch me!" she screamed. Her blue eyes were wide and rounded while her feet stumbled through the thick layer of straw on the barn floor. She had to get out! He was crazy! He had torn away the front of her dress, shouting that he was going to... to fuck her right now!

Diane stumbled again, pitching forward onto her knees. It was all the dark-headed stud behind her needed. Cursing, he reached down and grabbed a fistful of her blonde hair. Diane shrieked, her eyelids fluttering while her arms shot out to either side of her body. A pulse leaped through her throat as she felt him pulling her back, her hair tearing from her scalp.

"Help me! God, somebody... uhhhh!"

Jerking her head up, Billy brought his fist around in a broad arc, smashing his knuckles against her chin. Diane's head snapped back, her body jerking to one side as she tumbled to the filthy barn floor. Still conscious, the young blonde scratched her nails against the floor, desperately trying to crawl to the door and get out. But her cousin was fast, crushing her fingers with the heel of his black leather boots. Diane screamed, her body twitching against the floor as she felt the dirty leather crunching the tiny bones of her fingers.

"Try shoutin' out again and I'll throw you in the threshing machine," Billy growled.

Diane groaned with relief as he pulled his boot off her hand. Drawing her fingers against her belly the girl pulled her knees up to a fetal position. She didn't want to look at her cousin. She didn't want to see that handsome face, at one time so placid, now red with hatred. What had set him off that way? At dinner this evening he was as polite as usual -- even more so.

And now... she shivered to think of how this was going to end.

"Billy, please, I haven't done anything to you," she said, blinking the hot, burning tears from her eyes. "Why are you doing this to me?"

He stood there, scratching his chin thoughtfully, nudging her ass with the toe of one boot. She could feel her dress starting to inch up from that pressure and moved one hand around to pull the hem down. His face darkened.

"'Cause it's just the way I am. I wanna fuck you. You try to push me away. Nobody pushes me away and gets away with it!"

Diane couldn't believe what she was hearing. Never, never would she have believed her cousin could act this way. He was so well-mannered. Even her mother, who was staying with them, was impressed with the way he helped around the farm. At eighteen he had taken on the responsibilities of a man, since her uncle had died last year.

And now he was beating on her, telling her vile things, insisting he was going to rape her. And when he bent down, curling his fingers around the collar of her dross, Diane shuddered, flinching away from his touch. That move pleased Billy a lot.

He laughed cruelly, tightening his grip on her dress, then pulling down. She heard a loud tearing sound, then felt a draft up and down the back length of her body. He had stripped her to her bra and panties!

Instinctively, Diane rolled onto her back, throwing her arms over her cunt and tits. Billy was holding the dress in his hand, smelling the material, making Diane cringe with horror. When he tossed the torn garment to the side and came after her, she let out a small animal cry.

Turning around, the girl found herself scrambling on all fours, her tits jiggling in her halter. There it was! The door, just in front of her! It couldn't be more than fifteen feet, twenty at the most! If only she could get her hands on the handle, she could race across the courtyard, screaming her lungs out for help.

Again he grabbed her hair, yanking the teen back until she fell to her knees. Billy swore, jerking her to her feet, then reaching around and cupping his right hand around the crotch other panties. Diane's mouth dropped open air nostrils flared. She had never had a man touch her there. Not like this! He was rubbing the thin material into her cunt, panting like an animal against the back of her neck while his knees were pressing up against the backs of her legs.

When she tried drawing back from the touch, she realized she was shoving her ass up his crotch. She could feel something very hot and hard back there moving against her asscrack. Diane's eyes rounded and she jerked forward, her face blanching at the thought of how she was exciting her cousin.

"Yeah, feelin' that nice ass of ours up against my cock's nice. You ain't too shy, are you? You wanna get fucked."

"No, no!"

How she bated that word! He kept whispered to her as if it were a chant. His tongue snaked in and out of her ear while those terrible fingers were smoothing across her panties, playing with her, teasing her cruelly.

And then Diane felt two fingers slip under the leg band and begin to plow through her cunt thicket. She fought harder against her cousin, twisting and turning while hunching his groin up against her ass.

"No! No! God, help me! Somebody out there, help me!"

Diane's voice cracked as the finger-fucking grew more intense. For a moment she thought he was going to pop her cherry with his jagged nails. But no, that would be too simple for her cousin. She began to feel instinctively that he had something more planned for her -- something far more painful, more creative.

He shoved another finger into her cunt, stretching her outer lips thin while rubbing his thumb against her clit. The sensation was shocking! Diane shivered, her white flesh breaking out into goosebumps while her feet slipped back over the floor. Her ass jiggled sexily in her panties while her tits seemed to swell in the confines of her bra.

To her shock, Diane felt her nipples starting to harden -- to grow itchy and hot while an odd kind of pressure began to throb between her legs. No! No! This couldn't be exciting her! This was sick, something that should make her retch!

Diane struggled to throw those thoughts from her mind as much as she fought to free herself from Billy's fingers.

"Man, I can feel you startin' to get warm down there. Thought you were nothin' but a slut 'specially the way you waged that as around me all the time," he breathed.

"Not true! It's not true!"

Billy pulled his fingers out suddenly, letting her go and spinning the teen around. Before Diane could get her bearings, she felt his hand slap her hard across the face. The girl stumbled back, then tumbled to the floor. She was ma daze, her hair curtaining her. It was what Billy wanted. Reaching down, he ripped her panties from her with one move, exposing her blonde cunt-bush.

But surprisingly, Billy didn't throw himself onto her body as Diane had expected. He slipped both hands under her arms, dragging her back away from the door toward the center of the barn. Diane blinked her eyes clear, feeling still a little woozy from the beating. She looked down at her pussy and felt a warm glow spread over her cheeks. She was nearly naked.

No man had ever seen her this way. Even at school she shied away from the other girls in the showers at the gym, feeling they were all staring at her fully developed body. Only her mother had seen her nude, and then for a brief moment. But now her cousin was familiar already with her body, and would become more so as the moments ticked by.

"Lie still, and it won't hurt so much."

Hurt so much? What was he talking about? Diane twisted her head around in time to see Billy pull out a filthy handkerchief from his pocket. Wadding it tightly into a ball, he brought it up to her lips. Diane nearly retched from the smell and taste of the vile thing. She tried turning her head away from it. But Billy was insistent, pressing his fingers against the junction of her jaws and making her scream with the pain.

Diane opened her mouth wide, shouting out more pleas for mercy while Billy shoved the rag in all the way. The girl lowered her head, feeling her cheeks redden and burn with shame. The young stud was tying a line around her jaw, making sure the material would stay in her mouth no matter what she did.

"Now, we're gonna see, just how you hang in there," Billy said with a chuckle.

There was more rustling around behind me.

But the girl was too humiliated and tired to look.

"Up. Get up!"

He kicked her in the ass, forcing her onto her feet. Diane looked at the strange device dangling in front of her. She had seen her uncle use something like this last year to haul heavy machinery and bales across the length of the large white barn.

It was something like a harness -- two wide leather straps hanging down from a single ring, joined at various points by cross leather straps. There were buckles at various points that made it possible to adjust the harness to fit a large or small object. Diane looked up and noticed the rusty condition of the pulleys. The machine probably hadn't been used since her Uncle Ben's death. But now...


Diane walked with her head down to the device, stopping when Billy grabbed her elbows and pulled her back. She felt something fitted across her windpipe, tightening around her neck. Tentatively she reached up and realized it was a thick leather dog collar. The girl closed her eyes in utter humiliation! He was enjoying this, every degrading second of it!

His hands felt her all the time, pawing her like a piece of meat, pinching her flesh until she squealed like a stuck pig. Something else touched her back now. He was running something down from the collar, pulling it taut, the pressure making the leather choke against her windpipe.

Diane's eyes rounded, her fingers curling and pressing against her damp palms. In a moment, she felt Billy's hands against her shoulders, forcing her back down to the floor. She obliged, still keeping her eyes away from him, still hoping against hope that someone would have heard her cries earlier and would investigate.

But no one came. He reached down, slowly unhooking her bra and sliding the halter from her shoulders. Diane wept with shame as the last vestige of her modesty slipped from her body. He had stripped her naked and now... and now was pushing her belly-down against the floor. Her tits pillowed between her body and the straw, the tiny particles of hay pinching her cunt and nipples not unpleasantly.

Billy moved behind her, bending her legs until her heels were pressing up against her asscheeks. There was more rope, more of the sensation of hemp wrapped around her ankles and drawing them tightly together. Diane tried to straighten her legs once more. But Billy knocked them back.

He kept her in that position, straddling ha ankles while attaching the rope leading from ha dog collar to the line binding her ankles, ha moment the girl was hog tied with the line, her ankles bound to her neck. Diane breathed through her flared nostrils, feeling them burn as she sucked in more oxygen to feed her bursting lungs.

She bent her legs back even more to ease the pressure of the dog collar against her throat. Once Diane tried bringing her hands around to slip her fingers between the collar and her neck. Billy saw the move and quickly squelched it, stepping on her fingers once more and bringing out a shriek from the trembling blonde teen. She bit down hard on the filthy rag blocking her mouth, vowing she would kill him once she was free!

"Can't have you fuckin' around while I'm havin' me some fun, right, cousin? Nearly forgot about them hands of pours," he said with a laugh, pulling his feet from her fingers.

Diane sobbed hysterically, her body shuddering with her cries. Billy brought her arms back to the balls of her feet, making her keep her hands together while he took a length of line from the floor and wrapped it around her wrists. Using the bite of the line, Billy secured her hands to her ankles, thus completely immobilizing the wailing blonde teen.

He stepped back, pushing the heel of his boot up against the back of her head and pressing down. He watched as the girl writhed helplessly under the pressure, her flesh growing red under the rubbing of the ropes as she tried to wriggle free. Diane was screaming through the spit soaked gag, her ass-cheeks jiggling with every move she made as she wriggled and writhed against the filthy floor.

Billy laughed again, moving behind the teen and raising his foot. In a moment Diane could feel the cool, smooth sensation of his leather boot rubbing against her asshole. She cried out, biting down hard on the rag. Instinctively the girl jerked her legs back, finding herself choking from the resulting pressure.

Again Diane screamed, easing the pressure against her windpipe while surrendering to the rubbing of that boot into her asshole. She cried more loudly, feeling the leather pressing up into her asshole, rubbing the slick, sensitive bowel lining raw. When he kicked her, sending her rolling end over end on the floor, Diane was almost relieved. She tried to imagine how it would have felt having that boot fucking her, pressing into her bowels, making her filled with that leather. The thought, strangely brought a smile to her lips!

"Man, oh man, it's hot seem you like that. But I ain't gonna waste any more time," Billy said, bringing one hand down and scratching his cock through his Levi's. "We're gonna get you up there, baby, so you can get a good view of what's happenin' around here, right?"

Diane muttered through the filthy gag, watching through tear-glazed eyes as her cousin adjusted the harness. He pulled a few straps, adjusting the rings until the worn leather took on the shape of a sturdy crane. He raised ha from the floor, hauling the girl carefully up, then rolling her forward until Diane slipped down into the leather harness. At first she nearly pitched forward and roll out. But Billy was careful, slipping her around until the leather crop-piece at the bottom fit tightly on either side of her cunt.

It was another shockingly good feeling, the cool smooth rubbing sensation of the black leather against her pussy-lips. Diane bit down into the soft handkerchief, feeling her heart start to race and beat against her ribcage. That itchy, concentrated feeling in the pit of her cunt was growing more and more heated now that she hung there with the leather rubbing against her pussy...

Billy didn't notice her reaction at first, however, adjusting the straps around her, fitting the leather up against her nipples, then sliding the remainder of the halter around her ass-cheeks to keep her firmly in place. Diane closed her eyes, drinking in the sensation of the leather moving over her tits, over her cunt, working into her asshole. Those horrible thoughts she had tried to drive from her mind were sneaking back in again, making her body react in a strange, delicious, and naughty way.

Billy pulled her legs down purposely, choking the collar once more against her windpipe. She stared down at her cousin in shock and horror, bouncing on the straps and feeling the two bottom ones slide an inch into her cunt. She groaned, her jaws tightening while a pulse leaped through her throat. Tiny beads of cold sweat dotted her forehead as the girl's mind reeled. She wondered what more her cousin had planned for her.

"Now, you're all dressed up for me. Yeah, baby, all for me!"

He couldn't rape her like this. What was he talking about? Diane watched him like a hawk trembling in the ropes as Billy studied her, savage grin growing broader with every passing moment. He sighed, then turned away, shuffling through the straw toward the door. Was he going to leave her like this all night? Was he mad? Didn't he know someone -- one of the hands, her mother, Aunt Helen -- would come in and find her like this?

But no. He was turning to where the tits, bridles and riding crops were. Studying them for a moment, Billy chose a black leather crop, testing it by whipping the thongs against the barn wall, then back to her. Immediately, Diane knew what he was going to do with it. She cried out again through the gag, writhing in her bonds, then stopping as she found herself choking herself with those moves.

Helpless! She was completely helpless, unable to defend herself against her crazy cousin. He snapped the crop against the side of his pants, watching her jump at the cracking sound. Then with a broad motion, he swung the crop up, the leather thongs crackling against one another. Diane's eyes followed them on their inevitable course, hissing through the air until they sliced hotly into her belly flesh.

The teen shrieked through her gag, snapping her head back and feeling the hot, stinging blow radiate through her body.

Billy savored her first scream, drawing the leather around her neck, tightening one of the thongs around her throat, then bringing the handle down to her tits. Diane loathed him more than ever, wishing she could scratch that ugly, hateful face. She sucked in another lungful of air, feeling the straps seem to tighten around her cunt and nipples as she tensed for the next blow.


Diane squealed again, the hot, biting pain stinging its way from her nipples to her cunt and shitter. Billy had brought the leather thongs clown hard across her tit tips, the whip crushing the sensitive nubs and sending more pain and heat crushing into her brain. Her feet jerked back, tugging at the rope running down her spine and pulling the dog collar against her throat.

Diane screamed, feeling her lungs burst for lack of air. No. No. She had to be careful. She had to control herself, her movements or she would strangle herself! Looking down, she saw silly smiling grimly at her. He seemed about to say something, then stopped, setting his jaws firmly together. He looked as if he were readying himself for work, getting ready for the big attack.

Diane felt her muscles tensing, bulging against her sweaty flesh. Her right nipple felt as if it were half-torn from her tit while the muscles of her belly quivered. Billy stepped back, lightly tapping the crop against his leg again. Then he sprang into action, snapping the thongs back, then slashing across her lower belly.

Diane's face grew red and pinched as she trembled under the cutting blow. She looked down, half-expecting to see blood oozing from the wound. Another blow, this time across her face, brought the teen back to reality. She screamed through the gag. Another blow aimed at her belly once more made her snap back in the harness.

Moving around quickly, Billy jerked his arm back, then struck the leather just under her left kneecap with the middle of the crop. The shattering pain made her scream. Diane tried drawing her legs back a little farther and felt that move increase the smooth, warm pressure of the leather straps against her cunt. She shuddered, wobbling back and forth in the harness, feeling the leather now worming its way into her asshole.

How strange it was, suffering under his blows while feeling that delicious rubbing touch against her body. She couldn't think about it for long, for her cousin was behind her now, making the arch of her left foot his target. Diane wailed, feeling the leather almost crushing the tiny bones in her ankle. She snapped her head from side to side, beating her face against the leather straps while her long blonde hair whipped across her flushed face.

There was another crushing blow, this one aimed at her ass-cheeks. She felt the cold leather snapping against her ass-cheeks and jerked forward, still careful to keep her legs well bent back to prevent choking herself.

The blows against her ass were warming her up in a strangely pleasant way. She felt a subtle throbbing in her shitter that ran up to her clit. Her cunt warmed even more, caressed by the smooth rubbing of the black leather harness. Another blow, this one yanking her asshole out of shape, sent stinging hot pleasure crushing up her spine and into her brain. Diane compressed the gag with her tongue, shrilling more loudly past the filthy handkerchief.

Billy beat her ass savagely, his eyes round with excitement, sweat streaking his flushed face as the leather raised large meaty welts on her reddening flesh.

Diane felt the rape slicing into her wrists, cutting her skin savagely and somehow adding to the forbidden pleasure raking across her clit. Behind her, she could hear her cousin's whistling breath that joined with the hissing of the crop through the air.

Ohhh, how her ass burned! The girl thought she could feel her skin splitting as her ass heated, reddening to scarlet. The blazing agony of her plump ass shot down to her cunt again and again. To her shame Diane could feel her cuntlips rubbing slickly over the leather and knew the juices were flowing. She felt the crop slash across her upper arms, then snap down over her bound wrists and ankles. There was soon no place on her body that hadn't tasted the cruel bite of Billy's riding crop.

Billy concentrated more and more on her ass until the teen thought she had no flesh left. With complete despair, the girl felt at her muscles give way, her ass-cheeks opening. Again Billy brought the crop down, slashing a stroke down and tearing the end of the crop through her asscrack. It was as if someone had jammed a hot poker into her asshole!

Again the fire burned through her shitter, setting all sorts of sensations off in the teen's body. The girl screamed over the gag, her body alive with fiery feelings. A flood of cunt-juice rushed from her pussy, wetting down the straps. Billy noticed the slickness of the leather and threw back his bead and laughed, bringing the crop down even harder.

Moving around to the front, he whipped the leather across the harness straps, the knotted tips of the thong biting at times against her musky rag. Diane screamed, snapping her head from side to side, feeling the sparks run into her young cunt again and again. All she could think of was the killing pain and how it made ha thrash and jerk against the leather restraining her.

Diane felt him pushing the handle of the ribbed riding crop into her pussy now. He was fucking her with it just as he had fucked her with his fingers. This time, however, she was wet down there -- hot and wet, the membranes swollen with blood.

"Nice, eh baby? Nice to have somethin' growin' in you, right?"

Diane tried to deny what was burning through her body. She wanted that thing in her pussy. She needed something down there to ease the terrible heat and pressure that was singeing her clit. Billy could see the rutting heat in her eyes.

He threw the crop to the floor, opening the top of his jeans, then getting up on the overturned orange crate. Diane hung her head down, her long blonde hair shading her face. She felt him fussing with the leather straps over her shoulders. Then with one move the girl tumbled from her harness, falling heavily against her cousin.

"Whew! Nearly fell on that one," he said, struggling down with her, then throwing Diane to the floor.

She landed with a dull thud, the blow knocking the wind from her. He had her on her back now. It was a painful, awkward position, her calves cramping until she screamed once again. But Billy had other plans. He unzipped his Levi's, shoving them down.

Diane stopped her moaning and struggling for a moment, her eyes rounding as she took in the length of that enormous donkey-sized cock! She had seen pictures of naked men, of course, and her girlfriends at school told her tales of men with long thick cocks choking women half to death with their fucking.

But this... this thing was at least nine inches and easily two inches around. The head was purple, something oozing from the long slot in front. She could see her whipping had excited Billy terribly. His balls were high and tight in their sac, pressed against his porn while his black wiry cock-bush bristled. He was on her in a moment, pinning her shoulders to the dirt while knocking her knees apart. She could feel the drag of his cock-head against her pussy while Billy bent his head down, opened his mouth and bit her tit.

Diane thought he was going to rip it apart. Her nipples throbbed from the attack as it was crushed between his teeth. She bounced her ass against the floor. His cock-head was nudging her, rubbing against her clit, making that tiny organ seep sexual electricity to her aroused, reddened cunt.

"Man, oh, man, fuckin' you is gonna be great, baby, real great!"

Diane strained back, feeling his body squirming over hers. The ropes hurt her terribly, drawing her legs back, making her spine ache while Billy mounted her. He purposely manipulated her so she would feel the maximum amount of pain while he fucked her.

The young stud reached into her cunt, sticking in a skinny forefinger and wriggling it up her tight wet cunt-channel until he jabbed his nail against her cherry. Diane screamed, her body shaking as if someone had touched her with a live wire. Her thighs ridged while the cords stuck out from her neck. He was going to tear her cherry!

He was going to rip through that taut little membrane with his finger! Diane screamed through her gag, whipping her head from side to side, her long blonde hair splashing over her throat. Sweat streaked her tits and thighs as that finger pressed harder against her cherry.

Diane felt a pain she had never, ever felt in her young innocent life! Her eyes bugged from her head while her nostrils flared. It was a sharp, terribly concentrated agony in the pit of her body! Billy studied her, watched, her as a hawk watched a doomed mouse as he pushed in harder, then finally ripped through!

Diane arched her body even though the ropes cut deeply into her flesh. She nearly fainted, the pain from her torn cherry throbbing up to her brain.

"Yeah, man, that's the way. You're fuckin' game for any dude in town now," Billy said, licking at her ears. "Now you're gonna fuck, and fuck good!"

In a moment, he was back on top of her, rubbing fresh life into her cunt. Diane could feel the heavy, thick juices flowing from her cunt in spite of her pain and humiliation. In a moment, to her shock and dismay she felt her pussy hot enough to wink wide, then snap shut on thin air. Every move of her sphincter coaxed more fluid from her pussy.

Billy rolled his hips, his cock pushing against the top of her cunt-mound. She felt the small muscles knotting up in tension while her clit seeped more electricity. Oh yes, his cock-head was pressing right over her clit. Diane sighed in spite of herself, rocking her hips, feeling the greasy slide of his cock into her cunt. He was going in! My God, he was fucking her, just as he said he would. He grabbed at her hair, pulling it to one side while he sucked and bit at her neck. Brutalizing her, Billy was shoving his nine thick inches of cock-meat into her cunt, and making her like it!


"That's it, baby, beg for it! Beg for it!" be growled.

How she loathed him! How she hated what he was doing to her. But still she couldn't deny what her body was doing. All the pain, all the fear had triggered something in her. She needed the warmth of another human, even if it was someone like Billy. Her cousin bit at her lips, slapping her with his open hand, then sliding his mouth down until he was chewing on her nipples. She screamed through the handkerchief gag again and again until her throat was raw and pulsing. Still she felt that cock sliding down into her, giving the teen the steamy, belly-filling tension she instinctively knew she needed.

Billy grunted again, sliding his hands up and cupping her tits. He milked them, rubbing the stiff nipples against one another like while jerking his prick into her fuck-hole. Diane felt herself melting, opening her mouth instinctively as if that would make her cunt stretch more widely for his raping prick. The rising heat down there between her splayed thighs made her move against her bonds, relishing the cutting, slicing sensation of the ropes against her wrists and ankles. There was no longer fear and pain. No. Oh God, all that remained was the delight of being fucked while roped and gagged in this hideous way.

Billy fucked down another inch, making the girl forget for a moment just where they were and what her cousin had done to her. She swiveled as best she could, pressing her belly against his.

Billy jerked his hips, stirring his prick inside her like a trowel while pinching her tits even more. Diane breathed with long, raspy breaths, feeling as if her mind were reeling out of control. Diane could hear herself sobbing through the gag, wanting more humiliation, wanting more of what her cousin was feeding her. The roar of her pulse deafened the teen as she ground against Billy harder, feeling the long bar of cock-meat reaching deeper and deeper inside her.

Billy slid his fingers back down around her boyish hips, moving them until they were cupping her ass-cheeks. He milked them, bruising the flesh. He bumped his cock again and again against her womb now, his fuck-thrusts shaking her body. She was dripping sweat now, the salty stinging sweat that made the chafe marks on her wrists and ankles sting even more.


Billy had his fingers down around her asscrack now, digging two of them into her asshole. She felt the stiff, intrusion. How her shitter throbbed itchily against those wriggling fingers, snapping shut on them while they screwed up into her tight plump ass! He was fucking her in two holes, driving his cock into one while sliding his fingers into the other. How that ass fucking sent sharp stinging sensations racing up to her clit, making that thumb-like organ throb even harder than before.

Diane dug her fingernails into her sweaty palms as she felt him dragging his chest against her nipples. She pushed down with her burning asshole. Her ass-cheeks flexed, softened, then flexed again, contracting against her cousin's brutal caresses. There was no way in heaven she could disguise how she was reacting to this rape.

She loved it, loved the way all her nerves in her ass-cheeks came alive to his touch.

The insides of her thighs alternately chilled and burned while her cunt-juice seeped out. It squished from her cunt-hole, dripping onto his swinging balls.

"Man, oh man," Billy sighed, shaking the sweat off his face.

Diane felt the perspiration splash onto her, mixing with her own sweat as she rolled and thrashed as best she could under him.

He had another finger into her shitter now, three of them fucking in and out in time with his cock plowing through her hole. Diane's eyes rolled. She was going to cum! She could feel those electrical sparks growing more and more intense, more concentrated, more urgent.

She thrashed against her bonds, thinking she could tear them with her bare hands in a moment while Billy plowed his prick through her more savagely than before. He was grunting like an animal, biting her neck until Diane thought he would tear her flesh open. Her entire belly seemed to bulge with cock-meat, swelling up with excitement as she grunted, feeling his ramming cock bang her cunt again and again.

"Fuck, bitch!"

Billy shouted at her, then held on. She felt it, the cum spattering against her cunt-walls, squishing down into her body. The hard, heavy jolt of his climax blasted against her cunt-walls. Diane wept and struggled. Her eyes shut, the girl almost chewed the gagging handkerchief into rags, her muscles bulging and straining against her sweaty flesh. The massive spurts from his cock seemed to last forever. Diane thought she could feel her cunt-walls grip down on his prick for every hot wad of jizz that shot from his cock-head!

Her mother had never told her about this, about how climaxes affected a woman! Diane felt herself become all cunt -- all hot and wet and clenching in every cell of her body. She milked at the jerking hunk of meat, bouncing up against him, then landing down on her roped, bound body. She lost all control, feeling nothing but his cock-meat squirming in her pussy. It was some time before the teen calmed, regaining her breath and loosening her grip on her cousin's cock.

"Christ! Haven't had a fuck like that for a damned long time," Billy said, shaking his head and slowly pulling his softening prick-meat from her cunt.

Diane grabbed at it greedily with her cunt muscles. But Billy wasn't to be disobeyed. He gripped her shoulders and pulled out, smearing his cock-juice over her thighs, then getting back onto his feet. Pulling up his Levi's, Billy nudged his cousin with his boot, drawing a long, low moan from her. He started untying the ropes. "Now you listen, bitch. You're not gonna tell nobody about this! This is gonna be our little secret. You play it right and nobody's gonna get hurt. Might have a little fun too, like now," he said with a sneer, loosening the rope around her wrists. "But you say somethin' to anybody and you and your old lady could get hurt."

The threat was enough. No. She would be quiet. She would say nothing.


"No, and that's final!"

"But, Mother..."

"Diane, I told you. We're not going back to the city until I'm sure your aunt is doing well. She hasn't been... well, herself since your uncle's death. She's my sister, and I'm not going to leave her. You'd understand if you had a sister, believe me."

Diane shuffled her feet, pouting, fighting back the tears burning in her eyes. How could she tell her mother the real reason why she wanted to go into town and catch the first bus back home.

How could she tell her mother her own cousin had raped her... raped her and then had beaten her and made her enjoy what he'd done to her? Even now as she sat there on the long couch, her pert little ass sinking into the overstuffed cushions, Diane felt her flesh puckering up into goosepimples. Diane smoothed her fingers over her pleated white tennis skin, feeling her nipples starting to swell and itch invitingly against her bra. This kind of reaction had to stop. How could she be feeling that tingly sensation between her legs when her cousin had beaten her so savagely? How could she be thinking these thoughts about Billy, thoughts that made her cunt sweat and swell against her crotch, when he had roped her like an animal, then raped her? It was all she could do to disguise the chafe marks on her wrists, hiding the beating marks from her mother and aunt.

"And besides, Diane, I think being out here is good for you -- good for both of us."

Diane had the creepy feeling that her mother was going to suggest they live here. She squirmed her hot little ass against the sagging sofa cushions.

"Now, I don't want to hear any more about this," Sharon Farnsworth said, trying to put a note of severity in her voice. "And, one more thing," she added as Diane got up sullenly and started for her room. "Sit down, dear."

Diane thumped back down.

"I wish you'd dress in something more... conservative," Sharon said, nodding at the short-short tennis skin. "This isn't L.A. There are men around here, including your cousin Billy, who might think you were another kind of girl."

Diane flushed to the roots of her hair. It was as if her mother had directly accused her of fucking her cousin. Her fingers grew icy and trembled.

"Everybody dresses like this, Mother. It's the style."

"It leaves you... exposed. Something more conservative."

"Well, then maybe I could go around with no panties at all. That should excite everyone around here," Diane said, getting up quickly and rushing from the room.

"Diane... please..."

Sharon stood there in the living room, clenching and unclenching her fists. Oh, she had done everything wrong! Biting her lip, she wondered where it was she was going wrong with the girl. They had been so close once, especially when her husband passed away. And now a wail was there, blocking her from her own daughter. She could have screamed, smoothing her fingers over her dress. Still, Sharon regained her calm, sighing and turning.

Perhaps it was because of the strange feelings she had been having lately when her nephew was around that had put her on edge. She was a mature woman, a woman who knew in her mind that love-making was just out of the question for her. She had a daughter to raise still, and neighbors and family to contend with. But suddenly when she arrived here and saw Billy, she saw an image of her late husband flash before her. Again and again she tried to put his image from her mind. But Sharon found her eyes wandering to him, drinking in his muscular form.

She closed her eyes until the tickling, burning itch that had been there all through the interview with her daughter had faded some. When she moved her hip slightly, the velvety surfaces rubbed together and more hot juice seeped out. No! This had to stop! Perhaps Diane was right. Perhaps they should leave and go back to L.A. There would be fewer complications, less temptations for her.

"Aunt Sharon. You wanna come down to the barn? I've got some things you might be interested in."

Billy had exploded into her thoughts suddenly like a bomb. Sharon nearly jumped from her skin, barely hiding her arousal from the young stud. He was wearing a thin white cotton shirt opened to his navel. Sharon could see the sheen of sweat on his chest and shoulders through the material.

"Well, your mother is coining back from town soon and..."

"Come on," he insisted, grabbing her by the wrist and pulling her toward the front door. "Nobody's gonna complain. I think you'd really like this, a kind of surprise and all that."

There was something in his voice that sounded strained, Sharon thought. But he was so handsome, so like her husband had been when she first met him. Past and present fused, confusing the attractive thirty-six-year-old. She followed Billy, looking nervously over her shoulder, to make sure Diane didn't seem them. HOW foolish, she thought, rushing down the porch steps and shaking several strands of hair from her face. She was doing nothing wrong.

Billy talked little, picking up his pace. They passed the first barn, the one used more frequently. Right now her handsome, muscular nephew was going to show her something in that strange, deserted building her sister had mentioned was rarely if ever used.

"See? I've fixed it... well, me and some of the boys around here," Billy said, stopping at the top of a small hillock and pointing to the freshly painted building.

Shielding her eyes from the setting sun, Sharon did notice fresh paint on the barn. Some of the chinks in the walls had been repaired as well. How odd! And yet none of the fields surrounding the building were cultivated. What on earth could Billy be using this for? Helen had said nothing about this.

"Come on."

He helped her down the steep incline, his fingers feeling terribly warm, almost scalding hot against her wrists. Sharon thought about going back. Thoughts of her and Billy doing something rather carnal in the barn flashed through her mind frequently as they approached the building. There was a padlock on the front doors, a lock that had been opened earlier.

Sharon looked at her nephew, then walked in, smelling the sharp, pungent odor of gasoline and fresh paint. It was rather dark in there. At first, she could barely make out anything except Billy behind her. Then, as her eyes opened to the dim light, Sharon realized something was terribly amiss.

There were strange, frightening-looking instruments on the wall -- whips, riding crops, straps. There were pulleys screwed into the overhead crossbeams.

The door slammed shut behind Sharon, making her wheel around and look at her nephew with large, frightened eyes. Billy was smirking at her, standing there, his hands on his hips.

"I know you've been wantin' to fuck me. I've seen it, Aunt Sharon. I've seen you lookin' at my crotch, probably wonderin' how hung I am," he said with a laugh.

Sharon went white with humiliation. She shook her head from side to side, opening her mouth to speak. But her embarrassment was so great nothing came out.

"That's okay. You don't have to talk. I know what you want, you're gonna git it... in spades."

"No, you're wrong!"

He was laughing at her, pointing and laughing at her as if she were some kind of freak! Flushing red, Sharon angrily strode toward the door, her fingers clenched into fists. She expected him to step aside, to let her by. But instead, Billy grabbed her by the wrist, wheeling her around and striking her hard across the cheek. Sharon screamed, stunned by the violent blow. Reeling back, she rubbed one hand over her injured flesh, staring wildly at her nephew. Billy was still smiling. But the smile had turned into an evil grin. She could tell he had enjoyed hitting her, and would enjoy doing more of the same.

"Billy, don't. You don't know what you're doing," Sharon stammered, her eyes darting about the building, searching for someway out. She was losing control quickly. "I'm your aunt! If you've got a problem, we can talk about it like family."

Billy came at her like a whirlwind, his fingers gripping her shoulders and pushing her back. Sharon stumbled, her legs becoming entangled. She fell with a scream, her hands breaking her fall. Sharon felt Billy tearing at her dress, ripping the bodice, then tearing the sleeves from her shoulders.

In another moment she found herself stripped to the waist, her sandals having slipped from her feet in the process. Screaming, beating at him with her fists, Sharon kicked her feet back and forth, hammering her heels into his shoulders.

Billy liked her wildness, ducking from her blows while pulling the remains of her torn dress from her writhing body. Sharon squealed, finding herself in her bra and panties. She reddened even more, embarrassed horribly at the knowledge that she was being stripped by her own nephew.

Regaining some strength, the woman scrambled to her feet, crouching down and rushing toward the barn door once more. Billy grabbed her again, wheeling her around, then twisting her arm back against her spine until her elbow felt as if it was going to crack apart. Sharon screamed, the hot shot of pain racing up her arm and blasting into her brain.

Her knees buckled and she sank to the floor, tears welling up holly in her eyes. What was he going to do to her? She was his own aunt. And now... now he was stripping her, indicating he was going to... to fuck her! Her fantasies were coming true, Sharon realized, but not quite in the manner she thought they would.

Billy eased the pressure on her elbow, turning her around like a puppet dangling from a string. With one move, he stripped the bra from her body. Sharon screamed again, throwing her arms around her naked, pendulous tits while backing away from her nephew.

How could she run out of there, almost naked? What would her sister say if she saw her? It would break Helen's heart -- if she were to believe her! Sharon shivered, closing one leg over the other. She had to reason with him in spite of what was happening now.

"Billy, please, for the family's sake, don't do this to me," she said, a tear running down one cheek.

"It's just 'cause of the family I'm doing it." Sharon felt a draft chill her, rustling through her cunt-hair, raising gooseflesh underneath. He would hurt her. She could tell that from the way he had stripped her. She had to get away. Billy walked up to her, knocking her hands from her tits, sliding his warm fingers up and down her thighs. It was happening now. She had to break away! She just had to.


Wrenching free, Sharon lunged for the door yet again. Billy laughed at her, grabbing the woman by her hair and pulling to slow her down. He held her tight, pulling her blonde hair until her head was drawn back as far as it would go. She screamed wildly, throwing her arms back, clawing at her nephew with her nails like an wildcat.

But Billy wasn't to be put off, bring her down, then reaching around and tearing open the front of her panties. She felt the shredded briefs sliding down her thighs, around her ankles. She was naked, stark naked in front of her own nephew! The thought horrified her) more than the possibility of what he was going to do with her next.

"No, don't!"

He reached around, sticking two fingers into her cunt. Startled by the rude finger-fuck, Sharon screamed, her knees shaking against one another. Her belly and thigh muscles clenched, cramping while she felt those invading fingers plow deeper into her. Throwing back ha head, the woman felt something else take over in her body.

Oh God, God, she was feeling that hunger that had stirred in her earlier. In spite of the horror, she found herself grinding her thighs against his hand and spearing fingers. Billy laughed, lowering his head and biting down hard on the nape of her neck. Sharon threw her head back like a wild mare in rut, her knees failing her completely. It was only because Billy was behind her that she didn't collapse to the floor. Again he jerked his fingers down into her cunt-hole, twisting them around while rubbing his knuckles against her clit. Sharon became so excited she spurted piss onto his hand.


He cursed, jerking his fingers out and shoving them against her lips. Sharon gagged, turning her head away while trying to lunge from her nephew. When she refused again, he squeezed her ass, shoving a knee into her back. Sharon groaned, opening her mouth. Billy shoved his piss-soiled fingers into her mouth, making her lick them. Sharon choked on the taste, feeling her belly turn over and over while the sour bile rose in her throat. The taste and smell made her retch. Billy laughed, obviously pleased things had turned out that way.

"Goddamned toilet; that's what you are, and that's what you're gonna be."

Grabbing her hair, Billy pulled her forward. Sharon followed, stumbling haltingly, her hands still beating against his fingers. She half-ran behind him, her head down, her hair tearing painfully from her scalp. Her tits jigged and dangled, slapping together while her nephew pulled her toward the center of the barn.

He had switched on a yellow overhead light that barely illuminated the space around them. Pushing her down to the floor, Billy stepped forward, pressing one heel on her wrist and pinning her to the floor. Rolling her head to one side, Sharon saw a long pole resting on the barn floor. Reaching down, Billy rolled the pole under Sharon's head, then ordered her to stretch out her hands. She did as she was told, trembling with fear as she felt her wrists resting against the rough ends of the rod. Billy kept an eye on her, backing to one stall wall where several lengths of hemp hung from wooden pegs.

Taking two lengths, he returned, slipping the first around her left wrist and cinching Sharon's hand to the pole with a double knot. He moved to another hand, securing it to the rod similarly. Moving her head about, Sharon felt a cold and metallic rubbing against her neck. It was, she discovered, an iron eyehook driven into the wood.

"Now, you ain't gonna be so anxious to run around and get away, right?"


Tern blinded her. Blinking them away, she saw the pulleys overhead. Billy was busy threading a longer length of rope through the double met, bringing down the bite end until it was brushing against her non. Sharon moaned, turning her head away as he slipped the free cad into the metal hook of the rod, securing it firmly. He said nothing further, pulling on the other end and slowly drawing Sharon and the pole up from the floor.


She scrambled to her feet, soon finding herself standing on tip-toe. Still Billy pulled the rope near the wall, raising the pole until Sharon found herself swinging over the floor. Her tits flattened, her arm muscles tensed and stretched weight of her dangling body. Sharon let her head fall back as Billy secured the rope on a metal rod driven into the barn wall, making her legs kicking slowly back and forth. He had her like a trapped animal now, hanging there like a piece of meat in a butcher shop. What was he going to do?

He came up slowly, his boots shuffling through the hay. Billy stood there, examining his naked, hanging aunt. A tremor twitched in his cheeks as he swallowed hard, his eyes narrowing with lust. Sharon could see a definite outline against the front of his faded Levi's. He was growing hard just looking at her hanging there helplessly, her wrists roped to the ends of the pole.

Reaching down into his pants pocket, he pulled out a small silver lighter, flipping open the top and flicking the tiny flint wheel. Sparks flew out several times before the wick finally caught fire. The orange flame shivered in the draft, bending forward toward her.

"No, don't... don't burn me, Billy," she whispered.

Billy walked up to her, stopping within two feet and raising the lighter to her cunt. Sharon could feel the heat curling into her pussy, pricking at her clit while her blonde pussy-hairs tinged black under the flame's attack. Throwing back her head, the woman let out a shrill, her cries bouncing off the barn walls as her torture began.


"No, no, don't... don't burn me, Billy! Oh God, don't..."

Sharon's voice trailed off into a whimper, her teeth biting into her upper lip until she could taste blood. Her nephew was laughing at her, moving that fire up her belly, burning the fine blonde hairs furring her skin. She felt the hot kiss of the cigarette lighter flame over the under swells of her tits.

Screaming, Sharon kicked forward, snapping her head back while she felt the cruel ropes cutting into her flesh even more. He was out of his mind, crazy to be doing something like this to her. And now he had the fire back over her cunt, the orange fire brushing back and forth over her pussy-hairs. The stench of burning cunt-fur filled her nostrils and made Sharon scream again. What could he be wanting from her? What more did he need to see?

She shrieked and kicked again, her muscles bulging, her voice shrilling while her tits danced and slapped together. Billy moved the fire up to the top of her cunt-mound, letting the flame burn away her pussy-hair, then tickle over her clit. Sharon shrieked louder than before, kicking her feet at him, growling at her nephew as if she were an animal.

The pain shot up from her cunt and into her brain. Twisting and turning on the ropes, the woman felt her flesh crawling with revulsion and a strange kind of excitement that had begun in the pit of her belly and now radiated throughout her body. Billy brushed the flame up and down her ridged inner thighs. He was humming a tune, not paying any attention to her pleas for mercy. He was quite happy torturing her in this way, degrading her while listening to her screams.

"No, no, I'll do anything. Please, anything... I'll fuck you! Anything, but -- eaghhhh!" Billy had the flame back up to her nipples.

He burned one of them, letting the fire singe the pink tit tip to a dark red. Sharon thought she would pass out from the pain! How helpless she felt, unable even to slap her hands protectively around her body while this maniac injured her! The fire moved down to her belly button once more, burning her skin red there. She set her jaw firmly, whimpering, staring down at the moving flame.

"Don't wanna use you all up at once," Billy said, flipping the lid and extinguishing the flame.

Sharon breathed a sigh of relief, feeling her muscles relax and her body sag. She closed her eyes, letting out yet another breath and considering herself lucky he hadn't really ruined any part of her. Gradually Sharon came to her senses and dared to open her eyes.

That savaging had nearly killed her. What horrible things did he line planned for her? Why wouldn't he let her go? What was he doing rummaging around in the darkness there? Not seeing him made the woman nervous, rivulets of perspiration rolling down her tits and sides. Sharon squeezed her cunt muscles together, feeling an itchy kind of orgasm ripple through her swollen pussy-meat. How odd she should feel something like that when she had been victimized this way!

Billy came back, a small black box with wires trailing from behind it in both hands. He set it down on a nearby stool, untangling the wires. Small silver damps or pincers were attached to the cads. She studied the clamps with growing apprehension. Billy had returned, picking up two of the clamps and holding one in each hand. He reached up, opening the pincers and rubbing them against her sore nipples. Sharon knew immediately what was going to happen and wailed, kicking back at the young boy. Billy turned, laughing at her vain attempts to bit him. Opening the clamps wider, he pushed them onto her tit tips.

Sharon screamed and shrieked, choking on her own cries as the biting pain of those metal pincers tore through her nipples. It was as if someone were trying to tear her nipples away! The woman snapped her head from side to side, tears rolling down her flushed cheeks while her blonde hair swept over her face. Sharon was afraid to look down, terrified she would see blood streaming from her bitten, distended nipples. But Billy didn't give her a chance to think twice about her nipples. He was rubbing another clamp over her burned cunt, opening the pincer and letting it bite down just below her clit!

She let out a short scream, her body stiffening. No. No. She had to stay in control. Concentrating, Sharon knew she had to keep what wits she had about her. Fighting down the tearing agony in her curt and tits, she blinked her eyes clear, watching as her nephew took the final clamp and walk slowly behind her.

She could feel his thumbs spreading her plump ass-cheeks, could feel his fingers caressing the inner swells of her ass-cheeks until one of them poked offendingly against her asshole. Sharon opened her mouth wide, her eyes rounding as she felt the cold steel clamp being fed into her shitter. She felt it shaking up into her bowels, the steel quickly warming until it felt like a long skinny finger wriggling its way deep into her body.

Billy had finished. She hung there, wired to the black box sitting on the nearby stool.

"It's a transformer, Aunt Sharon. It's a little more sophisticated than the slut you get in a train set." He picked up the black box and sat on the stool. He grinned up at her, folding his legs one under the other while placing the transformer on his lap. "I worked on it so you won't get any fuckin' surges or that shit. Thought about doin' somethin' like this to a lota' of girls. But man, you're the first. Big time, huh?"

Electricity? He was going to electrocute her! Sharon shook her head violently from side to side, her eyes begging him not to touch her with that current. She felt the weight of the heavy black wires pulling on her nipples, distending her tits now. The clamp biting into her moist pink cunt-flesh seemed to nibble closer and closer to her stiffening clit. The wire in her ass seemed alive, a snake working its way along her bowels into her belly!

Un muscles stiffened again, her cheeks trembling while her eyes focused hard on that little black box. Sharon noticed every move Billy made, every motion his fingers played over the tiny dial at the top of the transformer. Any moment he could twist it and said a surg of amperage into her flesh! She pound her teeth, readying herself for the assault.

"I guess we'll start off real slow. That's the best way," Billy said, tightening his grip on the dial and turning it up one notch.

Sharon stiffened. And when the first tingly pulse erupted from the pincers, she let out a tiny gasp, her fingers curling against the restraining pole while her legs shivered. The sensation wasn't unpleasant. She closed her eyes, her head falling back, her long hair sweeping over her jutting shoulderblades. Images of her daughter flashed through her mind as the faint pulse dug at her tits and cunt.

The wire in her ass became more and more alive, making her shitter open and shut. Sharon bit her lower lips, hoping against hope she wouldn't disgrace herself by shitting on the floor. Her belly tightened while a hot, itchy tingle grew like a blossoming flower in her cunt. She didn't want Billy to see what was happening to her. She would be calm, presenting a facade of indifference while he tried to torture her. That would infuriate him and perhaps frustrate him.

Another notch! She felt the increase, the pulse turning into something with a far sharper edge. Her body jiggled against the ropes holding her above the floor. Sharon could feel the clamps more severely now. The teeth seemed to come alive on her nipples, cutting into the sore, burned flesh, biting into her tits. And the electricity surging through her cunt made it ache so from the tension of desire.

Lust? Could she feel something like that while enduring this kind of honor? Sharon knew she could. She could feel her own hot juice bubbling from her jagged cunt-crack, oozing down her thighs. The clamp was sending more and more voltage into her darkening cunt-flesh, opening the woman's cunt as if she were getting ready to receive a lover's prick.

Sharon groaned, her head lolling. The wire in her ass seemed to be sparking, sending showers of electricity into her belly. Her asshole burned, spasming in time with her clit. She was amazed that the electricity was doing this to her, turning her into a rutting slut right in front of her nephew! She couldn't deny the thrilling spasms starting up in her cunt, making her clit shiver. Sharon found herself shamelessly grinding her thighs together, rubbing one leg against the other as she tried to pinch off another orgasm.

"Like it, Aunt Sharon? Man, you got juice commin' outta you! You gotta be real hot if you've got that shit squirtin' out that much!"

Billy remarked, his fingers twisting the dial another notch.

Sharon bounced like a puppet, her body jerking from side to side, then bobbing up and down. The pulley assembly overhead groaned from the woman's maniacal movements. She felt her flesh blushing from the added current. Her tits swayed and slapped violently against one another, the banging nearly dislodging the pincers that continued to bite into her nipples. Spit frothed from the corners of her lips, drooling down her chin while her cunt itched maddeningly.

Sharon thought her belly was going to explode, the current making it swell so. She was certain her asshole was burning, on fire, melting from the voltage searing her bowels. Weak and dizzy, she tried once more to call out for mercy. But Sharon found her vocal chords paralyzed by the increased electricity. All she could do was make guttural grunting sounds, sounds made more unintelligible by the spit frothing from her mouth.

Agony soared through her body now. Billy had turned the transformer on nearly all the way, sending surge after surge of flesh-melting voltage into her body. Sharon bobbed up and down, her legs kicking from side to side. She went mad for a moment, yowling and shrieking while her body thrashed against its bonds.

Every organ in her body seemed to be exploding or melting under the onslaught while her cunt was cumming with a ferocity that took Sharon's breath away. She hung there, suspended between agony and delight.

More electricity! She kit her heart thudding violently against her chest, expecting it to burst from the increased voltage. Sharon shrieked, writhing while her lips turned purple. Surely this was going to kill her. Surely she would die like this, dangling from the ceiling, her body ripped to pieces by the burning voltage. She laughed and shrieked, her head whipping from side to side. Spit stood on her lips, poised, about to spit while the cunt-juice speckled and dried on her ridging thighs.

The agony inside her was awful. She could feel her cunt erupting into climax again and again. She was helpless to control the jerking in her pussy and the ripping in her clit. Her climax showered her thighs while the smell of burning flesh was an overpowering aroma.

Billy played with the transformer, turning down the voltage and watching his aunt's body sag toward the floor, then switching it back up to full power and seeing her dance and jiggle against the ropes.

"No more!"

Suddenly the pain was gone. Sharon kept screaming, her body dancing obscenely on the wire while Billy ripped the pincers from her tits, her cunt, her asshole. She felt the ropes, the pulleys groan as he lowered her back to the floor. Still she couldn't keep herself from thrashing like a mad woman. She sobbed and screamed. Her tits still spumed while her cunt came again and again.

Without saying another word, Billy threw the transformer back into the darkness, slapping his aunt several times until she came around. Her arms were still stretched above her head, the wrists bound to the pole. At least, Sharon sighed to herself, her ass was on the ground. For the first time in nearly an hour she felt relief in her throbbing shoulders.

"Around we go."

Billy grabbed her thighs, twisting her around until she lay belly-down on the barn floor. Her cunt still itched and throbbed, the tiny pieces of hay pricking her clit back into life again and again. Her thighs rippled while Sharon bit down once more into her lip, trying to control her reaction. It was painful now hanging this way, her arms jerked back behind her while her tits hung down from her chest. What was Billy doing?


She heard him pushing his pants down over his legs, then felt him crouching behind her. In a moment she could feel something very hot and very stiff brushing up against her ass-crack. He was going to fuck her in the ass! Sharon could feel him holding her hipbones while his knees were knocking hers apart. It was too awful for words! Gulping in another lungful of air, she protested as violently as she could, shaking her thighs from side to side, trying to draw her knees protectively together, clenching her ass-cheeks together. But Billy wouldn't be put off.


Sharon screamed, feeling the hot, hard cockhead pressing against her shitter. The tiny muscles protested, aching painfully while Billy huffed behind her. His fingers scraped over her flesh, his nails digging into her skin while his cock-head pressed harder, more firmly against her shitter.

Sharon felt the tight ring of her asshole being driven up into her guts. She felt the tearing, stretching agony increase more and more, her humiliation growing when she felt Billy's fingers grip her convulsing quit. He knew, he could tell just how hot she was while his cock was threatening to plow into her ass!

The pressure let clown on her asshole for an instant. Sharon let down her guard for a moment, relaxing while she strained outward as if she were taking a shit. Billy slapped her ass several times, bringing down now both hands and spreading her cheeks like two halves of hot bread. She felt his thumbs stretching her asshole, tearing open the wrinkled gray/pink flesh while his cock-head lay back just a few inches, ready to ram down.

"You're gonna take it, you damned bitch! You're nothin' but shit, and you're gonna feel my cock plowin' down into your shit," Billy growled, creaming her bowels with his jagged thumbnail and drawing yet another shrill shriek from the offended woman.

Billy moved his hands back. She felt his fingers reaching up to her bruised tits. She squirmed, moving her ass back against the haired belly rubbing against her. Then once more the head was up against her shitter, this time making progress. Sharon let out another cry, her body stiffening as if Billy had seat n)on electricity shooting through her flesh.

He was shoving his cock in now, inch by excruciating inch, the wide-flared head burrowing deep into her ass! It was splitting her wide open, tearing her in half as if she were a piece of tissue. Sharon let out more yelping cries, her body jerking and twisting under hers while her shoulders ached from the awkward roped position he had bound her in. The woman screamed for him to at least untie her from the overhead pole.

But Billy liked his aunt bound that way. He pinched her sore nipples, twisting the aching nubs round until her brain was nearly numb with the agony. Sharon finally felt her small sphincters easing as half of her nephew's cock eased into her ass. Her legs and arms spumed as Billy pushed in the remaining few inches, rubbing his crotch against her ass while his balls dragged over her cunt.

Sharon bit her lip. She couldn't even sob now, not with the insistent movements of that bar of cock-meat in her ass. She pushed her ass toward him, looking for some relief from the obscene sucking in her shit-chute. Billy stopped for a moment, then pulled out. Sharon shook her head from side to side, not believing how her body was reacting. She squeaked, her cunt going into itchy tremors of need.

Billy massaged her tits, then pulled his fingers down until he was rubbing the tips against her cunt-lips. He knew how hot she was, how much juice oozed from her cunt. The woman was groaning now, feeling the hot sliding of his cock as it chugged deeper in her guts sending hot, shivery thrills through her body.


"That's it! That's it! Move that ass around so I can really feel you steamin' my cock!"

There weren't any more thoughts of her daughter, or of the fact that it was her own nephew fucking her in the ass. All that mattered now for Sharon was the hot, sliding feeling in her ass, a feeling spreading to her clit.


He was fucking her in the ass faster now, his hips driving down, each forward fuck-thrust making her white ass-cheeks jiggle against one another. Sharon was a mindless whore once more, grunting and growling while her cunt-lips folded over one another. She couldn't stop the rush of wild sensations burning through her body, blanching her mind until all she could think of was that cock plunging through her bowels while her cunt sparked again and again in climax.

"Uh! Uh! Uh!"

Sharon thought her belly would explode from indulging in so much cock-meat in her ass! She felt shocks of a strange kind of need rush through her as her nephew fucked deep into her ass. Then he pulled back out again, keeping his cock from her body for a moment while she squirmed and thrashed like a bitch dog in rut.

Oh! Back in again! Her insides were trying to follow his cock all the way down. Sharon thought the lewd suction in her ass would drive her insane, especially when Billy began increasing the tempo of his ass-ripping cock. She squeezed her shitter tight around him, trying to drag out more sensuous tingles. She didn't care how much he hurt her now. She just wanted that cock to drive into her again and again until that spinning golden ball of heat exploded in her ass.

Billy was strong, working his hips back and forth, thrusting back in, pulling out, gradually speeding up his strokes. The hot friction in her dry ass was like burning gasoline! And as the ramming length and speed of Billy's fuckstrokes grew, she could feel her cunt-lips milking more juice from her pussy. He was grabbing at her, pinching her, working his fingers greedily over her pussy while the jabbing piston of his prick burned into her. Sharon couldn't think any more. Heat burned into her clit while the feeling built more and more, becoming as important as the cock in her skitter. She grunted with the effort of keeping up with his strokes, sweat burning into her eyes.

The stretched, tearing ring seemed to draw all the sensation from her body. Sharon panted, her mind going blank. She knew she was being fucked, fucked hard and fast in the ass. But the way her cunt acted she could have been on her back taking Billy up her pussy all the way.

The rigid bar of cock-meat in her ass seemed to slow for a moment. Then she felt him shuddering on top of her, his fingers grabbing greedily over her greasy cunt-meat. He was going to cum! She could feel by the way his chest was sliding up and down against her back, the way his fingers were pinching her clit that he was going to cum in her ass! She pumped her body, feeling the bowel lining all but tearing away from her asshole. She wanted it all to happen at once, the piercing, reaming, circling fuckthrusts of his cock drilling deep into her whole.

Billy growled behind her, pulling his cock almost out. Only the head of his prick stayed in her asshole. Sharon felt the flaring end of his cock-head tugging at her bowels and cried out, hunching her ass back and forth in fluttering strokes.

He growled again, slamming his cock deep into her slitter. Bending forward, Billy bit hard into the nape of her neck, nearly drawing blood while his cock exploded in her bowels. Sharon thought the wire was back in her shitter, burning through her bowels. She could feel the burning blasts of jizz spatter into her body, filling her up like a hot enema. The jolts of heat in her cunt magnified the spasming sensations in her ass. Every fading motion of Billy's cock increased the wrenching torture in her thighs until she felt him pulling out.

"No!" Sharon protested. She needed to have that cock staying in her ass until the whole incredible process of her cum was finished. The sliding cock paused for a second, then slipped out farther. Sharon wept. The move disrupted the rhythm of her orgasm. She fought to keep his cock up her asshole. She had to have it, had to have that cock up there while she came hard.

"Man! You're one fuckin' buckin' mare!" Billy held on as best he could, keeping on her while watching his aunt rut like a wild woman. Sharon ground her teeth together, feeling her cunt clench again and again on nothing while sparks burned through her clit. A bubble of air escaped from her cunt while her nephew's jizz oozed from her shitter. God in heaven, it had been wonderful!

Sharon closed her eyes, feeling the warm glow of climax wash over her flesh. It had been good. In spite of everything that had happened to her -- or perhaps because of it -- this had been the most overpowering climax she had ever experienced. Sharon sighed happily, not even caring now that the upper part of her body was bent back in an awkward position.

Billy had pulled out, smearing his cummy cock-head over her ass, then rising shakily from the barn floor. He hitched up his Levi's, strolling to the wall and releasing the ratchet holding his aunt prisoner to the bar. Sharon thudded to the floor, writhing against the hay stubble. Yes, she had enjoyed herself. But now she had to deal with the fact that her lover -- if she could call Billy that -- was also a sadist and her own nephew!

"Now, you ain't gonna say nothin' about me to my mom, are you?"

Sharon shook her head, feeling the ropes finally slide from her chafed wrists. She lay there unblinking, staring up at the young man who had put her through the delicious, forbidden mill. How could she tell her sister anything of what had happened? It would kill Helen and destroy the family. No, she would have to be very careful.

"Good. I didn't think you would. Now, you'd better get up, Aunt Sharon," Billy said, irony thick and heavy in his voice.

"Oh, why have you done this to me?" Sharon wailed, pushing the blonde hair from her eyes. Her arms and shoulders hurt her so, while her ass still throbbed achingly from the wild fucking she'd received.

"You're hot. I thought you were," Billy explained, kicking up her dress and then throwing it into her face.

Sharon grabbed the garment, sniffing as she tried to put it on. It hung around her shoulders in rags. Her bra and panties likewise had been torn to pieces during the rape. Still she knew she had to get out of this horrid place or he would have second thoughts and rope her to the wail again. Stumbling to her feet, Sharon gathered the shreds of her dress about her, her tits falling free and naked over the torn bodice. Billy watched, then turned and picked up and old horse blanket that had been lying in the dirt.

"Here. This'll keep you covered, Aunt Sharon. I've gotta clean this place up."

She took the foul-smelling blanket and threw around her shoulders, gathering what remained of her dress in her hands and walked quickly to the door. Every muscle in her body ached. She could still feel those dreadful clamps as they showered her cunt and tits and asshole with voltage. And then... and then how her ass had hungered for his cock!

"Oh God!"

Sharon fell to her knees, covering her face with both hands and sobbing freely. She rocked back and forth, her ass flattening against her heels as she relived the last few hours with her nephew again and again. She could still feel the steely bite of the pincers, the sensation of the electricity burning through her body, the feel of Billy's cock as it plowed through her ass while his fingers worked her slippery cunt-lips against one another!

She groaned, rolling onto her back, raising her legs, bending her knees as she thought of her nephew and the way he had treated her. Thrilling spasms of lust rocked her body. She was rolling around like a whore, feeling a little wild and insane. Sharon giggled and sobbed, ashamed of herself, and yet unable to do a thing about it.

Just as she forgot everything once more, a pounding rage of release reached its peak. Sharon yelped, jerking her body as if Billy were beating her across the belly with a strap. She pushed her hands down, her fingers reaching in to plow through the mushy, throbbing heat of her cunt.

"Noooo! Oh it's so good... it's going to kill meeeeeeee!"

Sharon kicked and scratched, biting her lip while the fire that burned through her cunt exploded throughout her body, making the woman buck and thrash against the furniture around her. Sharon cried and groaned, not caring if anyone in the hall could hear her.

When she finally opened her eyes, she found herself on the floor. She was breathing regularly now, her chest rising and falling rhythmically while her fingers played faintly over her swollen cunt. Slowly Sharon pulled herself up, sitting on the edge of the bed for a moment and regaining her sense of balance. There were no other sounds in the house. Where was Helen? Where was her daughter? She would find out later. Right now she had to shower, had to get cold water rushing over her head to clear out her mind.

Cracking open the door, Sharon peered down the hall. No. No one was around. Padding naked down the corridor to the bath, she shut and locked the door behind her. If there were no one in the house, Billy might come into the bathroom and attack her there in the shower stall.

Turning on the water, she concentrated the spray over her cunt, her tits, her throat. She was thirty-six -- still very good looking and attractive to men. Why was she doing this to herself, letting her nephew, of all people, rope her and fuck her? She should tell her sister, or tell the police. But the thought of the resulting scandal sickened her. No. Perhaps Diane was right. They should leave this place and go back to L.A. Billy couldn't touch her there.

With a sigh, Sharon worked the warm soap over her cunt, feeling the suds bubble into her pussy. She found herself smiling. Billy had done all those things to her, and still she was smiling! How odd, Sharon thought, ducking her head under the water and trying to wash away all her emotions as she finished her shower.

The next few days were relatively quiet, mother and daughter saying little to one another while Aunt Helen did all the babbling. There had been some problems in the lower pastures, and Billy had stayed there during the last three days. Diane shuffled uneasily, trying to occupy her time watching television. But it was so boring. There was nothing for them to do here except breathe.

Worse, Diane was feeling anxious about Billy. She wasn't sure whether she was afraid he'd return and do the same thing to her he'd done before. Or that he would simply ignore her and leave her alone. The anxiety was driving her crazy, and there was nothing around to take her mind off it.

On the fourth day Diane was sitting on the couch watching the news. Her mother and aunt had gone together to examine the raspberries in the patch to the rear of the house. Diane was fighting off another attack of mind-numbing boredom when she heard the front door squeak open.

"Any berries worth while out there?" she asked, not turning her head.

"Don't know. Don't pick 'em."

Diane nearly jumped from her skin. It was Billy! She turned around and found herself eye to eye with her cousin. He was filthy, his Levi's caked with dirt while his skin was creased with long black lines of grime. His boots were caked with mud.

"Mom's out back with your old lady," Billy said, nodding in the direction of the kitchen. "That's good. Man, I'm so fuckin' horny I could have you suck my cock right here."

He drew his fingers on either side of his fly. Diane flinched back, drawing her legs up on the sofa while pressing her spine against the soft backing.

"Don't talk to me like that... not here, not while your mother..."

"They're in the back, too involved to be listenin' to you and me."

Diane eyed his crotch warily, feeling a fire start up between her trembling legs. It was getting so warm, so wet, so itchy there as she studied the increasing bulge against the front of his Levi's.

He had her by the arm, pulling her from the couch. Diane looked at him with wide, frightened eyes, staring back. Diane didn't cry out for her aunt or mother as she slipped her feet back into her sandals, straightened her shorts and followed Billy out the front door. He was still holding her wrist, but his fingers weren't particularly tight around her flesh. She could have jerked away, turned and bolted back to the house screaming for help. He wouldn't have dared to follow her, not with her mother and aunt nearby.

Diane followed immediately, her legs rubbing against the tall grass. They walked into the nearest field, Diane wondering where on earth Billy was going. She rushed to catch up, not wanting to be dragged through the dirt. They mounted a small bill, stopping for a moment. Diane shook the hair from her eyes, spotting an old barn with its new finish.

"But, Aunt Helen said there's nothing down there," Diane protested.

"That's the surprise," Billy said, pulling her down after him.

She fell once, her knees scraping over the ground painfully. Cursing, Billy dragged her to her feet. Diane struggled to keep up, her sandals slipping from side to side. She fell again, this time on the gravel just in front of the door. Billy pulled her the final few feet, rocks of gravel skinning her knees and calves. He dropped her to the ground, pulling open the door, then dragging her into the large building.

Her knees were bleeding. Diane sniffed, rubbing her fingertips gingerly over the injured flesh while looting around at the dark interior. She shivered, wondering why she had so meekly come along, almost letting Billy take her here. Billy slammed the door behind her, turning a bolt and locking the two of them inside. "Come on."

She rose shakily, leaning heavily against Billy as he pulled her along the barn floor. She could see things hanging on the barn wall, things that made her skin pucker up into gooseflesh. But the darkness gratefully hid their true shape from her. They stopped just under the pulley assembly that had held her mother so firmly days ago. When she felt his fingers fiddling with her waistband, Diane started to pull back. She received a sharp blow across the chin, the force knocking her back against the wall.

Turning her head, she saw a long black leather bullwhip curled ominously over two pegs driven into the board. Remembering the kiss of Billy's riding crop against her flesh, Diane calmed quickly. He could do to her what he wished. If she fought back, he would surely beat her and whip ha. The thought of enduring more pain, more of the biting whip made the teen shiver in revulsion. Keeping her hands to her sides, Diane signaled her cousin that she was ready.


Billy beckoned her to move forward, stopping her at arm's length when she approached.


Diane was too frightened to move. She stood there on tiptoe, her hands cuffed behind her, the rusty iron cutting into her still-sore wrist flesh. Her arches were throbbing with pain. But still she couldn't relax -- not for one instant, or she would tear her nipples from her tits.

The clamps were biting down hard into the light-pink tit-flesh, pulling the flubs up. It was a horrid situation Billy had put her into. Two small-linked chains hung bolted to the wall of the barn, two pincers bolted to the free ends. It was to these pincers that her cousin had attacked her, drawing the links up short so that she would have to stand on her toes to ease the pulling, biting pressure against her nipples. Even so, the chains lifted her heavy tits up.

She cried, shaking the hot tears from her eye as her feet pressed against the floor. The tiny teeth continued to at her while her asscheeks, shivered with the tiny steps she took. Diane almost wished Billy would chain her back up and beat her with the riding crop!

"You don't wanna go down too far or you'll hurt yourself."

His voice mocked her as she fought to keep her balance. Diane swallowed her tears as she felt her cousin's hands roaming all over her thighs. He was pinching her, soothing his fingers over her ass. When she stumbled and nearly fell, the pincers bit angrily into her nipple flesh, distending the sensitive nubs even more. Wildly the teen screamed in agony, struggling to regain her standing position, banging her knees against the wall and jerking back into her tiptoe position.

Billy did nothing to help, standing back and watching Diane do her best to ease the pain. How she hated him!

"Don't want you to hurt yourself too much, now," he said, reaching up and taking first the right, then the left pincer from her nipples.

Diane sighed with relief, feeling the pinching pressure gone from her nipples. Billy was holding her by the wrists, directing her now back toward the pulley assembly. Diane had eyed that thing warily each time they'd passed under it, wondering when he would decide to hang her from it. But the young stud did nothing so far, passing under it, then turning and placing his big hands on either of her slender shoulders.

He stared into her eyes hard, pushing her down, down, until her knees finally gave way. Diane lowered her eyes, feeling her injured knees brushing against the hay on the floor. The stubble tickled. Looking back up, she saw his lips working against one another as if he were about to speak. But then Billy thought better of it, filling his palm with her hair and jerking her face against his boot. Diane cried out, her lip cracking against the black filthy leather. She could taste the warm, salty flavor of her blood as Billy rubbed her mouth and nose back and forth over his boots.

"Lick 'em clean. You're gonna lick 'em nice and clean before I let you outta here."

"Billy... uhhhhh!"

He brought the heel of his other boot down hard against the back of her skull for emphasis, knocking her flat to the floor. In a flash Diane saw the filthy, muddy boot inches from her mouth. He was moving it up against her lip, rubbing the caked mud up against her tongue. Diane rolled away from him, feeling the bile rising in her belly. No. No. Doing this was something too foul!

But Billy was insistent, grabbing her hair again and twisting it around, pulling and tearing strand after strand from her scalp. Tears spilled from her eyes while her cheeks flushed with horror and revulsion. Billy shoved her face back against his boot, rubbing her lips back and forth over the toe until a thin line of saliva streaked over the filthy leather.

Diane turned her head and spat out the vile mixture of her spit and the filthy mud. She could feel the fine grains of dirt grinding against her teeth while Billy laughed at her.

"You too good for this, bitch? You think you don't deserve lickin' my boots?" he snarled, tearing more hair from her scalp.

Diane protested wildly, yammering for mercy, begging him to stop hurting her.

"Yeah. I'll stop doin' that," he snorted, "when you get them boots all nice 'n clean."

She sobbed, feeling herself trapped. Why oh why had she gone with him so willingly? She had acted like some mesmerized slave, following him without question to this horrid place. And now he had her crouched down like a cowering animal, licking his boots, drawing her tongue over this filth.

"Lick 'em, bitch, or I'll pull that fuckin' tongue out!"

The threat made Diane jump into action. Sticking out her tongue, she began slathering it across the dirty leather, flicking it around the toe of his boot, bringing it to the buckle, then sliding it down to the well. There were lumps of something foul wedged there! Diane pulled her head back, twisting it around and spitting onto the ground. She gagged, terrified she would vomit and Billy would make her eat it!

She felt his fingers on the back of her skull. He was pushing her back down, working her nose over the fronts of his boots, laughing at her as her body shook. Diane could have died with mortification as he swore at her, then pushed her face flat against the heel of his boot.

She could smell the acrid odor of slit invading her nostrils. He was rubbing her lips and non in the fecal material, laughing as she struggled back against his grip. Diane began to choke and cough, her face burning, saliva frothing up through her nostrils while her belly turned over and bile rushed up from her gut.

Billy pulled back, rubbing her face over his other boot now, slapping her, forcing the girl to lap and lick the boots clean.

"There. That's better."

Diane rolled onto her side, twisting her face away and spitting out the foul mixture that had gathered in her mouth. How she loathed what was happening to her! Curling up into a fetal position, she used all her concentration to keep from retching, still tasting the mud, the shit, the pungent flavor of old boot polish on her tongue. And then Billy was up behind her once more, nudging the back of her neck with the toe of his boot. Groaning, Diane turned onto her belly, hiding her face in the foul-smelling hay and feeling the stubble tickle the insides of her nostrils. She sneezed, her body shuddering.


He was nudging the toe of one spit-cleaned boot up into her asshole, twisting it around, making the girl dig her knees into the dirt and scoot away. She was like a snake, worming her body through the filth while her arms strained against the steel bands cutting through her wrists. Billy followed, kicking her in the ass, working his boot into her shitter until Diane screamed for him to stop. She was up against a large rusty rake when Billy caught up with her, tugging her around by her hair and forcing her to face him.

To her surprise and horror, she found herself facing his cock -- long red and thick, ready to plow into her cunt without hesitation. Whimpering, Diane shook her head from side to side. Not again! Oh God, not raped again! But Billy had other plans. He was guiding her head forward, his hands cupping either side of her skull. Looking into his steely eyes, the girl knew she wasn't going to get fucked in the cunt -- at least, not yet.

He wanted her to suck it. Oh yes, yes, she could read that in his steady gaze. His thumbs were ceasing either side of her mouth, forcing her to part her full red lips while his fingertips dug into her skull. Diane whimpered again. She had heard from her girlfriends about how all that jizz tasted as it splashed down their throats. It had sounded all so messy! And now she was facing that one-eyed monster, that cock moving up and down so close to her cheeks.

"Now, you try somethin' like bitin' me or anything like that and you're gone have hell to pay for it!"

She nodded, her throat tightening while her chest burned with excitement. Opening her jaw even farther. Diane felt her cousin's cock come to rest on the pointy tip of her tongue. Billy sighed for a second, his hands pressing hard again the sides of her head. Then he bent his knees and moved in, his cock sliding over the top of her tongue and down into her moth?

At first Diane did nothing. If he wanted to fuck her face he could dolt on his own. But Billy began ordering her to do certain things -- to suck, to wriggle her tongue around the sensitive underside of his cock, to her teeth up from the thick-veined meat. She couldn't disobey him, or he would hurt her again. Soon she started bobbing her head back and forth, spit oozing from the stretched corners of her mouth. Her cheeks puffed out, her nose flattening again and again against Billy's hairy groin. She could fed the slap of his heavy balls against her chin at times while the bleachy flavor of his pre-cum washed over her tongue and teeth.

He held her hard against his lower belly now, his fingers scratching behind her ears while his cock-head pushed past her tonsils and edged down her throat. Diane's nose and eyes burned while her head swam. She couldn't breathe! His cock-head was blocking her air passage, making her lungs burn while she coughed for oxygen! His balls pillowed up against her chin while his cock throbbed up and down against her tongue and the insides of her cheeks.

Diane struggled, her muscles bulging as she tried to work her mouth free of his cock. But Billy only laughed at her desperate moves, holding onto her, rodding her throat again and again until the teen thought she would choke to death.

Relenting, he pulled back, giving his cock a few rapid hunches before returning to the long, steady fucking movements that made his cockhead drool out more and more jizz. In a moment she could hear her cousin groaning, feel his knees trembling and grabbing at her skull. She knew he was going to shoot. She could taste more and more of the pre-cum oozing from his slot while his balls pressed up hard against his groin.

He pulled back, the two spongy lobes of his cock-head resting on her bottom lip turned her on the way it had. There was a mild pulsing between her thighs, an indication of something stronger that would surely follow if this were to keep up.

"You're a mess," he said, smoothing his fingers over her lips and laughing at her. "You've been lickin' boots and suckin' cock. Looks like you gotta get washed off. We wash the pigs off back there," he said, jerking his head in the direction of the new barn. "Can't see why I can't scrub you down the same way here."

"No, Billy."

Her voice sounded funny, her throat still coated with his jizz. Pulling her up, Billy pushed her outside, twisting her around and shoving her down the small incline to the back of the barn. There behind the newly painted building was a small corral, now empty. The wooden railing had collapsed in places, but by and large remained in tact. The surface was muddy.

"Go over there," Billy said with a sweeping hand gesture, indicating one portion of the fence that had collapsed to the ground.

Diane picked her way carefully through the dirt. She felt filthy. Her mouth was still cummy while the memory of those shit-caked boots burned through her mind. She watched as he attached two long green garden hoses at the base of the barn floor. She stared at him as if through a long tunnel, her eyes narrowing as Billy straightened the hose, then kicked the coiled end away from him. He was pointing the long nozzle at her like a gun. In another moment another blast of hot, scalding water smashed into her. She opened her mouth in surprise, stumbling back from the force of the blow. It was as if he had hit her in the belly with a doubled fist!


Diane fell back, her tits jiggling against one another, her feet slipping in the wet dirt. She banged her wrists hard against the wooden fence, the splinters cutting into her flesh as she struggled for balance. Diane shouted out at her cousin, begging him to stop. But the water played around her ankles, knocking her feet back. He was purposely trying to upend her!

Next the water splashed over her throat, the droplets blinding her, spattering into her mouth and nostrils and nearly drowning her. Screaming, the girl turned her head and found herself staggering into the filthy pen. Billy followed, playing the hot scalding water over her flesh until it reddened with the heat and friction. Diane stumbled around in the thickening mud, the ooze pulling at her ankles like bands.

She tried running to the other side of the pen, keeping her back to her cousin. Her thighs shivered with her moves while her slick hair tangled around her throat. With wide eyes, the girl searched for some escape, tugging at the iron bands still keeping her wrists bound together. She fell when Billy brought the spray back down to her ankles a second time, sending her pitching face-first into the mud.

Diane wrestled herself free of the filthy ooze, shaking the slime from her body. Trying to stand up was an effort. Diane strained every muscle she had, grunting as Billy kicked the hose behind him and shot water right in front of her. The resulting mud spray smashed into her face and, chest.

Diane screamed, feeling the muck invading her cunt and asshole. It was a nightmare. The filth made her retch as she kicked back, looking around her and seeing the nearby wooden fence. She could use that to help herself to her feet? Half swimming, half sliding, Diane pulled herself through the cloying filth to the fence, her hair caught on the splinters and pieces of barbed wire still attached to the poles. Billy kept on spattering her with water and mud, laughing loudly as she wriggled her slime-covered body up against the poles until she was finally on her feet.

"You bastard!" she screamed.

In a second, Diane was rewarded with a harsh strewn of water over her tits and belly. In a way she was grateful for the attack, feeling the mud and muck being sprayed off her flesh. Glancing to the side, she spotted another opening in the fence. Escape! Diane edged her way along the fence, concentrating on every heavy move, doing her best to remain upright.

But Billy saw what she was thinking of and brought the stream once more down to her ankles. Diane screamed in anger and frustration. She fell heavily on the mud once more. Cursing her cousin, Diane tried to struggle to her feet. But Diane felt the water hammering against her crotch. The water hit like a tiny pin on her swollen, sensitive flesh, making her mouth drop open at the rush of prickly heat swelling between her thighs. Diane doubled up, a groan escaping from her throat as that blast of erotic sensation paralyzed her.


"Like it, eh baby? You like gettin' scrubbed down by ol Billy? Just like the hogs."

She glared at him, spitting at her cousin, getting a blast in the face for her efforts. Pressing her spine against the wooden fence pole yet again, Diane braced her heels into the soft dirt, trying to get to her feet. She could smell the pungent odor of stale shit and piss all around her. Diane gagged at the smell, fighting to get out from the mess.


She fell back into the muck. Billy shot water up between her thighs, playing the water up into her cunt, making the cunt-lips flutter against one another. Diane screamed, her legs drumming against the ground. He was purposely tormenting her, playing her like an instrument, pushing her up to excitement then letting her go while she rolled around in the filthy. Oh, how she loathed him! And yet... and yet here was that feeling in her crotch that needed Billy. What, oh what, was she to do?


The mud once again was washed away, leaving her squeaky clean for the moment as she slithered through the filth toward the opening in the fence she had spotted earlier.

"Ohhh, God, give me strength," she whispered.

Diane gasped, her body sliding a little closer to the opening. Perhaps she would be able to catch her footing and run for it, hiding in the woods until dark. Her flesh reddened as the roaring water massaged her skin. Billy stepped around a little farther, keeping her in line with the spray. Diane tried to keep her face and tits away. But there was no chance in escaping from her cousin. She was being mired in the mud, twisting against the filthy and finding it more and more difficult to move. All the muscles in her shapely body were working, but to little avail.


Billy was up next to her, blasting the water against her tits. Her nipples stiffened, driving into the firm flesh. She could feel the whole heavy mass of each round tit aching with lust. Ohhh, what that filthy pig was doing to her with water! Diane shook her head violently as it she could push out those lascivious feelings in her crotch. It was impossible. Her mind exploded again and again with lust.

She panted as much from excitement as from the bottle with the rushing water. Pushing back, Diane braced her spine against the fence pole. She turned her head to one side at breathed in long, raspy breaths. The spray cleaned the shit and mud from her once again, bringing her tits up against her chin. Billy laughed loudly, letting her know he was enjoying her filthy humiliation immensely. Again the girl tried to muster the strength and courage to spit at him. But the water blasted against her cheek, sending her crashing back into the filth.

"Billy, no more! God, no more!" Diane shrieked, kicking her heels into the mud.

The metal bands cut into her wrists, drawing blood from her flesh. The girl sobbed, rolling onto her back in defeat. The shame of feeling herself crawl around naked in the mad and shit made her want to give up. Her defiance of her cousin and his power faded under her rising sexual heat. She lay on her back, weeping while Billy played the water from her tits to her aunt.

She jerks her knees up at times, letting them fall slowly back to the filth while the incredibly heavy rush of hot water on her clit and cunthole made the girl's hips rise and fall in a fucking movement. Diane cried out in a mixture of pain and shame, letting her upraised knees spread more widely apart. She was a whore. Look at what she was doing, lying in a bed of murky filth, letting her own cousin fuck her with a garden hose! The thought made her let out a sharp, hysterical laugh.

"Funny, eh, babe? Yeah, that's the way, laugh it off!"

She rolled her hips from side to side, feeling the warm mud oozing into her ass-crack. She wanted to put her hands over her cunt. But the bands remained firm, working against the blood oozing from her wounds. Billy played the water now over her tits, while the nipples ached and throbbed in time with the beating of her clit. The water filled her nostrils and mouth, making Diane cough and gag.

She couldn't bide the lascivious heat rising in her pussy from her cousin. She gnawed on her lower lip, feeling herself rushing up to climax. Yes, rutting there in that open pool of filth, she was going to cum, cum right there in front of her cousin. Again Diane laughed, feeling the mud and slit working its way into her asshole as she rolled her ass and hips up against the water.

No, it wouldn't be long before the climax building in her cunt went off like a firecracker. She could feel the unmistakable tension building in her crotch, that hot, itchy ache sharpening to a pinpoint of delight. Diane closed her eyes and lay there flat, hoping Billy would stop when she started to cum. God only knows what would happen to her if those sensations were to continue while she hit her climax.


It was whorish to do what she was doing, but Diane couldn't help herself. She twisted her hips, actually looking for the center of the stream. The lascivious feelings between her legs grew, sharpening as the water beat at her clit. Diane rolled onto her belly, then rolled back onto her spine, her legs striking the wooden poles. The girl was weak with her own arousal.

Lying there in the bed of shitty mud, Diane wallowed like a pig in rut, wanting to have that stream fuck her all the way. Yes, yes, it was a good if not better than a good hard cock fucking her. She gritted her teeth, trying to force the peak to sweep over her.

Knowing what she was about, Billy swept the water across her tits, then back to her cunt. Billy was taking careful aim with the hose, his movements adding to the lusty rush of feelings all through the girl's body.


Diane let out another sharp cry, feeling the water blast across her rippling belly and back onto her tits. Diane felt the stream toying with her nipples longer this time, forcing the rubbery tips up against her chin. The full under swells of her tits throbbed against the onslaught while her cunt throbbed on the brink of climax.


He moved back down to her cunt again, this time the blast of scalding water opening the flesh around her clit. Ohhh, how good that felt! It felt like a huge mouth sucking and licking at the top of her cunt-mound. She felt the tiny muscles knotting up in tension as she hunched hard back against the fucking water.

She could have cried with frustration. Billy played the hose now between her spread thighs. Only the softer, reflected drops hit her cunt. The water bounced from the filthy mud to slick down the undersides of her white, shivering thighs, then slashed back and forth across her ass-cheeks. Diane levered her ass up, putting her fingers into the mud and pushing her ass up. She was spreading herself for the water, feeling the thrill of the splashing streams against her shitter. Oh yes, yes, it was there, just out of reach. Her hips rolled and circled, looking for that last tiny bit of hot delight that would push her over the edge.

It was the surprise of her life. Now Diane knew what that other hose was for. Billy had dropped the hot water for the moment, picking up the other and turning on the second spigot. Now a blast of icy water hit her cunt dead center, the hot stream blasting into her face.

The girl felt her cunt clinch like a fist. She could almost hear the slapping of her pussywalls as they clamped down on thin air. The girl screamed, wallowing her shoulder blades against the filthy mud while her legs beat in frustration. She had nearly cum! She had nearly brought herself off when Billy had done this to her!

"Like that, baby? Just a little surprise, something to keep you goin'."

"No, no, noooo!"

The icy stream seemed to spray oven harder than the hot one. Both of them played over her twisting body, the cold one always going back to her cunt. Diane couldn't believe how much her climax had increased, how long the clenching of all her muscles lasted. The freezing water immobilized her cunt for a while, holding it at the unbearable height of each pulse for seconds at a time.

When the water blasted across her tits, Diane thought the cold would strangle her. She fought with all her strength to grab short breaths. Her chest spasmed, tightening against the chill of the second hose. She could hear Billy laughing once more. But now she didn't care what he did. She only needed that climax, that wonderful cum that was slowly tearing her body apart. AU the girl wanted was to have those powerful streams.

"Come on, baby, come on and fuck it out, come on and fuck it out against the water, Diane," Billy shouted.

She wanted to shout back at him. But her voice was gone. She could barely grunt while the water sprayed and sucked against her. The water and gut wrenching burst of her climax wouldn't let her do anything else. She writhed in the filth, agonized by the onslaught against her nerves. The sound of the water drowned out his laughter and cursing. She rolled ever, feeling the twin streams blasting against the spasming ring of her shitter.

Diane strangled on her own sobs, her breath driven out by her cum. The bright air around her darkened, and she dragging herself forward, trying to get away from the terrifying power of her own climax. Mud caked her tits and her pussy as she struggled back to the fence pole.

"Come on, baby, come on!"

She opened her lids wide, looking around her while her heart began to beat wildly. Moving her arms, the girl realized she could hardly raise them. It was impossible to push them away from her sides. When the girl tried to jerk her head up, she felt her chin bang against a wooden wall. Buried alive! Billy had buried her alive!


Diane whispered out the word, trying to regain control of herself. Even Billy wouldn't have done such a sick, deadly thing. He wanted pleasure from her, and he couldn't get much from a dirty corpse. Still, Diane had to realize she was in some sort of box, some sort of coffin and there was no light and little air. She had to calm down or she would surely use up what little oxygen there was.

Perspiration broke out over her flesh, slicking down her skin. She tried raising her knees and found them rubbing up against the same wooden barrier her head had. She had been dropped into a pine box, the lid sealed tight. About to scream out for help, Diane heard movement to one side of the box. She lay still, minimizing her breaths, curling and uncurling her fingers as she waited for the next move.

The needle against her windpipe for a moment, twisting against the spasming flesh before withdrawing. Diane sank back in a pool of cold sweat, breathing heavily, her eyes round with fear and pain.

There was coughing outside. Then another scraping sound caught Diane's attention. This time two needles were inching their way over her tits, sliding down. She could see the faint blue/white electrical glow over the length of the silver probes as they worked their way toward her nipples. Diane gasped, her breathing growing hard and raspy, her chest rising and falling as she looked at the approaching needles.

No! No! This was horrid, beyond what she could have possibly imagined! She watched the steady advance of the probes. She tried to flatten herself against the coffin. But that was impossible. In a moment the probes were pushing against her nipples, the current sparking into the nubs and making her body jerk and twitch against the restraining sides of the coffin. Again and again Diane yammered, screams tearing from her throat while her nipples seemed to be frying!

The needles twisted around and around, bluish sparks singeing the pink injured flesh.

Diane shrieked, smashing her whitened knuckles against the coffin's sides.

Once again the needles retreated. The girl sank into a stupor, but with her senses still alive to the slightest sound outside the sealed coffin. There was muffled laughter. Then the scraping sounds began once more, this time between her legs. Diane knew instinctively this would be the last assault on her.

She screamed even before the needles touched her, jerking and rolling from side to side while the probes slipped up against her clit. Three of them picked her cunt. It was as if someone had charged her entire body with current.

Her bones throbbed, her spine arching while her shoulderblades beat wildly against the coffin's back. Every muscle in Diane's body tensed and bulged against her sweaty flesh while she shivered as if in a fit. The current was burning into her cunt, making the tiny muscles knot up and itch while the pointy end of the needles poked and pricked continually at her musky, swollen cunt-meat.

Again and again Diane was assaulted by mini orgasms, one rushing atop the other, each one making her catch her breath. She thought she would surely die gasping for oxygen in the fetid coffin as her climaxes exploded.

More needles! They punctured her cunt-lips, one of the sharp probes lancing her clit. The searing, dizzying delight and agony made her body twist and shiver even more than before. Her entire mind was focused on her cunt, on the way her pussy was tightening, opening, then tightening again while the needles poked and pricked their way up and down her jagged fuck-slit.

Billy was digging them deeper, pushing the needles harder into her flesh while Diane gnashed her teeth. She bawled and begged for the agony to stop, yet she prayed at the same time for this to keep going on forever. She couldn't believe anything like this could be so awful, or so wonderful. Oh, oh, oh, if only he would fuck her! The pig pen, the spraying, and now the coffin had only worked the teen up more and more. She had to have something human, something warm and thick and stiff rushing through her pussy to make her feel whole once more.

And while another climax rushed through her body, Diane heard the top of the coffin being pried off. A rush of cool air washed over her sweaty, hot flesh while light blinded the teen.

Billy stood there, watching her roll her hips lasciviously from side to side. If only she could control herself. If only she could defy her cousin once, just once! But that was impossible.

Billy watched her, looking back at the small generator that had electrified the needles. He switched off the machine, then reached down and lifted her from the coffin. Diane sagged heavily against him. Clinging to him, and sobbed, so hot she thought she would burn up.

"What do you want?" she cried, hugging him, and yet wanting to run from him.

"To see you and your old lady in action together. A mother/daughter team," Billy said, carrying her away from the coffin. "And you know what? I'm gonna get it."


Sharon was worried sick about her daughter. It was late. Helen had muttered something about not worrying since the children were seen wandering off together. But that was exactly worried Sharon. Something was up. She stood hesitantly in the living room, staring at the empty fireplace and wondering if Billy were hurting Diane.

She tightened one hand against her wrist as if she could still feel the ropes binding her on the dew-damp grass.

Stopping a few feet from the building, she clutched her fingers at her throat. Did she have the courage to face Billy?

She had to find out. Squaring her shoulders, Sharon marched forward, clenching her fingers into two fists as she approached the large barn. There were sounds coming from inside. It sounded like a conversation, but Sharon couldn't make out the exact words. She was certain it was Billy's voice. Carefully she curled her fingers around the barn door and pulled. It was open!

Stepping inside, Sharon let the door thud closed behind her. There were small partitions in front of her, makeshift walls that prevented her from having a direct line-of-sight down the center corridor of the barn. How well she knew this place? Her cunt puckered as she remembered what had happened to her in there. Frightened but determined, Sharon pushed on, stepping over the soft hay and moving around the first partition.

"Oh my God!"

Sharon stopped dead in her tracks, bringing one hand up to her mouth and gnawing on her whitened knuckles. Her heart stopped while an incredible sadness settled over her heart.

There against one tail post was her daughter, stripped naked, tell-tale bruise marks all over her body. Diane's head was down, her long hair curtaining her face. She seemed asleep, her chest rising and falling regularly. She was tightly bound, rope pressing into her flesh and leaving white marks where it held. Sharon looked around, her eyes darting about the barn. No Billy. He must have left for the moment! Slinking the stupor and surprise from her mind, Sharon rushed forward, cupping her daughter's chin in her hand and shaking her awake.

"Diane! For God's sake, wake up! I'm going to get you out of this," Sharon whispered hoarsely, looking about her nervously. Her fingers fluttered around the rough hemp, tugging and pulling at the knots while Diane roused herself from her faint.

"Oh, Mother, you don't know what he's up to. Get out of here while you can," Diane said in a sleepy voice.

"I can't. I won't! He can't do this to me!" Sharon protested, freeing one rope from her chest.

"Mother, behind you!"

Billy had been biding in the shadows, watching as Sharon moved deftly around the pillar. He grabbed her from behind, his hands holding her by the elbows while, he wheeled around.

"Bastard! You bastard!" Sharon cried, her eyes wide with hatred while her daughter wailed behind her.

"You loved it. Why not the little bitch as well?" Billy laughed, fighting her down to the ground.

Diane struggled against the ropes while Billy topped her mother, wrestling her into the dirt, holding her arms down by the wrists while pressing his knees into the backs of her legs. Sharon could feel her dress riding up. How could this be happening right in front of her daughter? He brought one hand around to the back of her neck, pressing her face into the hay while Billy slapped her hard across the back of her skull. Diane screamed as she saw her mother beaten that way, stunned by the force of the blow.

"No, no, no!" Sharon wailed, finding herself defeated from the start by her horrid nephew. He had raped her, and now had visited his filth on her daughter! Tears welled up in her eyes as she felt him tearing her dress.

"Slut, and the daughter of a slut!" Billy rasped, pulling her dress off.

Sharon fought with him, whimpering as he tore her dress off, pulling her up from the floor, then tossing the woman toward the pillar opposite her daughter. She fell to one knee, stretching one arm out for balance. Billy grabbed hold of her, snapping her from the pound and shoving her against the pillar. Sharon's spine snapped against the wood, her head thudding back hard.

Still she fought against her nephew, scratching at his face while Billy slapped his aunt again and again. When Sharon continued to struggle, the young man doubled his fists, bringing them hard into her belly.

She doubled over, letting out a whooshing sound as her knees buckled from under her. She felt him gathering her up, pushing her against the pillar with one hand while pulling off the rest of her undergarments with the other.

Sharon weakly protested, feeling her panties slide over her hips and down over her toes. He let her fall to the floor, her arms collapsing to her sides, while her feet stretched out behind her. Sharon tried to shake the dullness from her brain. But the blow had done its job. She lay there groaning, catching glimpses of her daughter strapped to the pillar while her own body ached from the beating.

"Here. This'll keep you quiet!"

She felt something pressing against her lips. Blinking her eyes open, Sharon had only time to catch sight of a red rubber ball up against her nostrils as he forced her jaws apart, jamming the latex gag deep into her mouth. The woman gagged, curling her tongue back. Billy slapped her several times, kneeling on her hands to keep her still while tying the leather straps attached to the gag firmly behind her skull.

Sharon's eyes bulged as she gasped in long, steady breaths. She couldn't panic. She couldn't let herself go! She would surely gag on her own spit if she lost control.

"Now, we can have us some fun... you and that fucked-up little slut over there!"

Billy dragged Sharon back into the shadows, dropping her near an old overturned crate. There were rummaging sounds. Quietly she raised her hands, placing her fingers around the knot that held the gag firmly in place. She began untying the leather thongs, looking anxiously around to see if Billy were watching her.

"Can't have that," he said, kicking her hand away and stepping on the offending fingers with the heel of his boot.

Sharon let out a muffled cry, her body jerking and twitching as she thought he was breaking all of her fingers. Tears sprang to her eyes as the bed crushed down, twisting and pressing until the woman moaned in agony.

He kicked her once in the belly, making Sharon double up. While she was still trying to catch her breath, he dragged her a little farther back, propping her head up on the crate. She looked up just in time to see a black rubber sheath come down over her forehead. She wanted to struggle against the thing but thought better of it. Billy pulled it down tight, the latex cinching up tight against her flesh. It was a smooth, cool, second skin, the rubber rolling over her high cheeks, her nose, finally wrapping snugly around her chin.

There were small slits around the nose and two near her eyes. Sharon could barely see in front of her, and breathing was difficult. When Billy wrapped thin gaze around the tiny slits, fixing it firmly behind her skull, the woman panicked. God only knows what he would do to her with that revolting-smelling hood over her head. She rolled forward, her hands flailing wildly in front of her as she gaped out grunting sounds through her ball. Sharon felt her hand hit something sharp. She screamed, drawing back as if bitten by an animal.

Billy cuffed her from behind, bringing his doubled fist down against the back of her skull. Diane was screaming! Sharon tried to call to her daughter, but the gagging ball made speech impossible. She fell forward, sprawled on the dirty barn floor. Crawling forward, she felt Billy's filthy hands covering her body, pinching her flesh, reaching around and squeezing her nipples. Sharon grunted, slapping at the offending hand. Once more she felt him putting something over her head. It was weighty, blocking out even more of her hearing. From the smell, Sharon could guess it was leather.

A leather hood! It fitted tightly around the hugging latex, the nose piece sliding awkwardly over her nostrils. She struggled against Billy, clawing at the smooth black leather while her feet shot out in front of her. Panicked once more, Sharon felt herself pining onto her thighs. No. No. She wasn't going to die; she wasn't going to wind up a corpse just for this wild man's pleasure.

Billy bit her again in the stomach, kneeing her tower back while sliding the hood on completely.

It was awful not to know what was going to happen next, not to see what he was going to do to her. A cold sweat broke out on her forehead while Sharon curled her toes until they cramped. She cringed, her heart racing faster and faster as she felt tight cards drawn under her armpits and up over her shoulders. She let out another cry, her head snapping back as her teeth chewed down on the latex ball.


She felt him crossing the rope behind her, knotting it tightly so that her shoulders wrenched back and the rope bit cruelly into her flesh. Sharon wanted to cry. But the rubber and leather prevented her even from blinking her eyes. Again she sucked in another lungful of hair, her lungs burning from the restricted breathing. Billy tightened the shoulder restraints more tightly, that move forcing her tits to jut out even more.

Sharon could feel her nipples growing hot and itchy while the rapes sawed over her whitened flesh. More perspiration oozed from under her arms, streaking her the rippling down her tensing thighs. Sharon thought of what Billy could do to her like this, that image making her faint.

If only she could see! She would be able to take anything, if only she could see! But the hood was relentless, now hot and tight against her flesh. Sharon flinched, feeling Billy's fingers around her ankles. Oh God! Hewn tying them to the post behind her as well, wrapping the length of line around and around until she couldn't move her feet.

He was purposely tightening than, making her scream through her gag as the hemp burned her flesh. Sharon whipped her head from side to side, her hair splashing just under the hood. Sharon thought she would go mad. She had to hear something, to feel something, to ace something! And now... and now Billy was leaving her alone, leaving her in a cocoon. It was a horrid way to be bound, one that intensified her sense of complete helplessness.

Moments passed, seconds that seemed like clays. Sharon couldn't hear or see what her nephew was planning. And then in a second she felt something terribly cold pressing against her inner thigh. She stiffened, her fingers working against one another while her naked ass-cheeks rubbed up and down against the splintery pole. Sharon concentrated on the feeling, wondering what it was. She felt the broad length of steel of metal of some kind she thought it was -- start to work its way slowly up her thigh.

Her tendons ridged, making her shiver and pull against the ropes holding her prisoner. Oh God, wait! There was something else now, something that made her jerk wildly against the rapes. That cold sensation had turned sharp now. It was a knife! He was playing with a knife, rubbing it against her flesh!

Sharon screamed through her gag, jerking and twisting and pulling against the restraining ropes. He was going to cut her open! Her whimpering cries barely escaped around the choking ball gag as her flesh reddened against the chafing lines. Billy was moving the blade up, up her ridging thighs, up to her cunt.

Sharon shivered as if someone had touched her with a live wire! He was poking the tip of the knife against the junction of her cunt-lips. Pricking the sensitive flesh, he began creasing the woman's outer cunt-lips, making Sharon's cunt itch and burn in an odd, strange way. She stopped her shrieking, feeling the cold steel starting to enter her cunt!

Oh God, God, he was going to silt her open from the belly to her throat! What was worse was the way her pussy was reacting. Sharon could feel the juices starting to ooze from her cunt, dribbling down her thighs, and undoubtedly dribbling down onto the knife. Billy had to be laughing at her, pushing that thing up into her cunt and watching as she rutted and twisted up against him. Sharon shook her head, gasping, trying to draw in more breath than the snugging double hood would let her.


He had turned the knife, placing the flat end along the full length of her juicing cunt-slit. Her pussy muscles contracted at the touch of the cold, cutting thing, forcing her cunt-lips shut and making them slit themselves on the steel. Sharon threw back her head, feeling the spicy, stinging feeling of the juice oozing into the tiny slits. Her cunt was actually milking at that vile intruder, cinching down on the thing.

And then it was gone! Sharon blew out a breath of air, feeling her body sag against the ropes. She was on the point of finally calming herself when the touch of that blade was against her, this time against her right nipple!


She felt the tip poking against the light-pink flesh, moving her tit from side to side while keeping in contact with the sensitive, itching stiff nub. Sharon gasped, her body tensing as she felt the sharp tip cutting into her tit-tip. Every ounce of her concentration was focused on her nipple. The woman twisted her ass up against the pole once more, her ass-cheeks sliding up and down, piercing themselves on the small splinters. Sharon wanted to scream. But all she could do was stand there, afraid that the slightest move would push the blade through her flesh.

It was gone, sliding over her chest to her other tit. Sharon's cunt sucked in air, opening in an uncontrollable spasm as the knife traced the outline of her heavy tit. He was slicing the sharp end of the blade against her flesh, leaving a narrow white line in the skin. Sharon was gasping, feeling her brain reeling from the lack of oxygen as she waited for the hot, stabbing sensation that would signal her end.

There! The knife was pricking her nipple, poking it, threatening to cut into the red flesh. But Billy was still toying with her, bringing the knife back over her chest and back down to her cunt. Once more she felt the shocking chill of the cold steel against her hot, wet silt. And once again Sharon felt her cunt clamping down onto that horrid thing! Billy was rocking the thing back and forth, keeping the pointy end pressed against her clit. He was sucking on her pricked nipple now, biting her nipples while sawing the knife back and forth against her cunt-flesh. Sharon felt a hotter, intense heat radiating out from her crotch.


Her daughter! Diane was seeing all this, watching her reaction. She had to fight herself, had to fight Billy or she would never be able to face Diane again. But how could she do this?


Sharon's cunt-lips were on fire. The constant rush of her cunt-juice across and into the tiny cuts was like salt rubbed into wounds. Her head throbbed with the lack of oxygen, while she kept wondering about the knife toying with her cunt. Was her nephew going to hurt her with that thing? Was he going to stab her in front of her daughter?

The fiery stinging in her cunt-lips and the terror of his blade sent her excitement higher.

Billy bit down hard onto her right nipple now, fucking her with his fingers while stabbing her shitter still with his knife. The knife was back to her cunt now, poking into the puffy outer edges of her cunt-lips, then back into her asscheeks. He seemed to be all over her with that dreadful blade. She screamed and yammered, unsure of where the next cutting blow would come, suspended in that soundless world where her own voice was nothing more than a vibration through her body. She could only feel the oily, slippery sweat rolling down her thighs, mixing with her cunt-juice. The thought of getting fucked by Billy while he tormented her like this flashed through her mind again and again until it became a grand obsession.

She couldn't hold herself back from the idea. Her daughter faded from her thoughts as she thought of the handsome stud, of the way he had fucked her before! Sharon knew she had to have him one way or another. If he wanted to torment her this way, then very well, he could! But he had to fuck her. He just had to!

The knife, was gone once more. Sharon held her breath, waiting for another cutting blow, another kick, some other point of terror. But there was nothing. Instead, she felt Billy's fingers once more round her bonds. But this time he was unfastening them, loosening the ropes lint around her waist, then moving down to her ankles. Instinctively Sharon stumbled forward, jerking her hands up, trying to pull off the hoods clinging to her head. Billy was holding her, pushing her forward, purposely banging her into things as he wheeled her around and around.


Sharon had stumbled onto another human, another woman. It was Diane. She felt her daughter's tits pressing against hers while she pushed away, horrified at what she was feeling. There! Billy had pulled the top off. Sharon sank to her knees, her hands once more jerking up. Her fingers curled around the soft, skintight, latex hood, pulling it hard from around her chin, then up off her cheeks. With a tearing sound, she finally pulled the thing from her skull.

Sharon blinked, the light making her eyes hurt from having been confined for so long. Looking up, she saw her daughter still roped to the column, tears rolling down her cheeks. Sharon knew Diane was indeed horrified at her mother's reaction to what had happened. Sharon gasped, shaking her head from side to side. How could this have happened?


She staggered, her cunt still throbbing, juice oozing from her cunt-slit and trickling down her ridged, inner thighs. Sharon couldn't do a thing about the sexual heat. She still thought of Billy fucking her. She still wanted to have him topping her, squirming over her body while he stuck his prick into her. Sharon couldn't help the sexual feelings rushing through her head.

"No, no!"

She looked back over one shoulder at her daughter. Diane was watching them silently, her lips working over one another, tears of shame and agony rolling down her cheeks. Sharon wanted to run to her daughter. But Billy was pushing down on her shoulders, forcing her to sit on two small benches pushed end to end.

How she burned for him even now! But he was going to play more games, she thought. He had shoved the blade back into its brown leather sheath hanging from his belt. They were in another part of the barn now -- a small partitioned area like a horse's stall. There were iron rings in the walls, rings that made Sharon shiver with an increasing heat. The more he did to her, the more she wanted. Again and again Sharon's blue eyes dropped to Billy's crotch in spite of her wish not to rut in front of her daughter. Billy knew her ordeal and enjoyed every second of it.

"Lie down, bitch! Lie down."

Billy pulled her down, her shoulders uncomfortably on the bench while her ass flattened against the edge. Sharon trembled in heat, every touch making her cunt wink shut on thin air. There was no more room for anything but lust in her mind. She lay there, hoping he would jump on her and drive his cock into her until she screamed like a cat in heat.

"Yeah, nice, real nice."

He pulled her arms back, keeping the wrists against the legs of the stool where thin leather straps locked them in place. Sharon closed her eyes, a pulse leaping at her throat as she rubbed her shoulder blades against the bench. He would strap her helpless there and in front of her daughter, rape her!

She loved the cutting feeling of the straps now, the sensation of pressure keeping her still while the big stud lumbered over her, his cock only inches from her hot, throbbing cunt.

Sharon sucked in lungfuls of air, keeping her head up, blinking her eyes clear, waiting for the first touch of his cock.

Next a leather strap cinched tightly around her small waist, buckled tightly to the center of the bench. It was almost the same as being roped to the column. But this was far more sensual. She was on her back, hot and wet, her curt running with juice. The cinching bite of the leather keeping her body immobile only added to the lust burning through the woman's mind. At times even her daughter's cries from behind added to the delight biting at her clit.


Billy took her right leg, bringing it up and spreading it from her other. She could feel her cunt-lips peeling stickily apart, the tiny muscles shivering itchily against one another. Sharon loved that sensation, moaned as he slipped a brown leather anklet around her left ankle. Billy attached the anklet to a ring in the wall, buckling it tightly, then moving to her other leg. Sharon felt her other leg rise and spread, her cunt now completely exposed, both legs bolted to the rings in the wall. Yes, yes, he was going to fuck her now. Even as she lay there, feeling him finishing the buckling of her ankles, Sharon knew he was going to ram his fat cock into her, making her the happiest woman on earth!


She arched her spine, digging her shoulder blinks into the bench behind her, feeling her body roped and split almost in two by the thongs. She loved the stretched sensation plaguing her cunt-lips, readying her for a rape. Diane cried out behind her. But Sharon couldn't hear or understand the individual words. Her was rushing through her brain, making her deaf to everything but Billy's increasingly heavy breathing.


Billy was opening his Levi's. Sharon raised her head from the bench, working her body against the sweaty leather, feeling her chest lighten so much she could hardly draw a breath. Her eyes widened, her jaw slackening as she saw his cock thrusting from his Levi's. He was between her stretched legs now, his thumb rolling over the fat head, his knees wide apart while his jeans fell down to the tops of his boots.

Sharon threw her head back, rolling it from side to side while her body trembled in heat. Any second. Any moment and she would feel him fucking her! She wept with arousal, her cunt muscles shivering and twitching. "Oh!"

But what Sharon felt next wasn't her nephew's cock slipping into her winking cunt. She felt something very warm and wet spattering over her tits. Opening her eyes, she looked up with shock, seeing an arching yellowish spray gushing from the slit in Billy's cock-head. He was pissing on her! It took several seconds for the woman to recover from her shock, feeling the oily urine spattering against her belly, then ooze down her thighs.

She screamed, angrily shouting out her frustration and disappointment and rage. Billy only laughed at the way her body thrashed against the stretching thongs. Bringing the stream down, he urinated on her cunt, the hot piss stinging against her clit. Sharon dug her fingernails into her sweaty palms as she felt orgasm after orgasm bite into her cunt. Even the disgusting piss was bringing her off. Her tits rolled and slapped together while her belly shivered and tensed, the muscles cramping until she screamed from the painful pressure.

Billy still moved the steady yellow stream up over her tits, spattering her chin with the tops spraying her face. Sharon closed her lips just in time. Billy was pissing on her face, the urine greasing her eyelids. Sharon felt the bile rising in her throat while her pussy still spumed with delight.

"Uhh! Uhhhhhh!"

The dreadful stink spread. Sharon thought she was rutting in an open sewer, the plus spraying over her face, then spattering back down around her cunt. She was a prisoner, a willing prisoner doing this sort of thing, even loving it if only he would fuck her in the end.

"Yeah, yeah, a fuckin' piss-hole. That's all you and that fuckin' slut are," Billy said, the twisting yellow stream starting to soak her.


Sharon whipped her hips from side to side, throwing her head back. She was cumming again, feeling the biting throb of a climax burning through her cunt just as Billy went dry. He shook his prick, a final few droplets spattering over her chin. At least, she thought, she had managed to keep him from pining in her mouth! The sour-tasting urine trickled over her lips. Sharon turned ha head and spat out, shaking the urine from her face.

"Awful!" she cried, tears welling up in her eyes. But were they teats of shame or frustration? She didn't know. Lying like this, her body strapped to the stool, all Sharon could think of now was fucking and how she had been cheated of it again!


Diane had watched her mother's shame with growing apprehension. She had never thought of Sharon as anything more than a mother figure -- someone who made sure all her clothes were pressed and washed and who busied herself about life totally sexlessly.

This last hour had shown her something shocking, something that made her gasp each, time Billy did something more vile to her mother. She watched in fascination, wishing at times that she could have been the one who was roped and beaten and pissed-on.

And now Sharon lay there half-conscious, her chest rising and falling, her flesh streaked with the yellow piss while Billy pulled up his Levi's.

Her mother was moaning shamelessly, the cries Diane recognizing immediately. She felt them too right now as she stood there, the ropes biting into her flesh. She purposely wriggled against the rough hemp, causing herself more pain as she watched her mother being humiliated. It was wonderful, exciting, revolting watching this. And then she found her eyes meeting Billy's. Diane found herself smiling, almost grinning as if they were co-conspirators in some unspeakable crime. Billy walked up to her, rubbed her cheek with the back of one hand, then loosened the bonds so she could move her right arm. He pulled a small stool up to her, putting a tiny black box, with a dial on top within her reach. There were wires sticking from the back, trailing off into the darkness behind her mother's head. Billy sauntered back to Sharon, unfastening one of her arms and putting an identical box within her finger-reach. He drew the two wires together, disappearing into the shadows for a moment.

When he returned, Diane saw a handful of damps and wires hanging from his fingers. Not again! God in heaven, not again! She pound her teeth together as he opened two clamps and let them snap shut on her pink nipple. Her body shivered, her ass rubbing against the pole behind her while her toes curled against the floor. She felt his fingertips spreading her hot cunt-lips apart.

And then came the touch, the cold, biting touch of the clamp against her clit. Diane let out a cry, shuddering from the pain and delight racing through her mind.

Billy moved to Sharon next, straddling her body as she arched her spine and rolled her hips as best she could, silently begging for a fuck. Instead, the woman was rewarded with two clamps over her stiff, red nipples. Sharon squawked, her eyes darting from side to side while her head banged against the bench. No! This was too much! She had too much already with the pain, the beating, the pining, the teasing! She deserved better!

Sharon rolled her head from side to side, letting out a sharp, hysterical laugh as she felt another clamp biting down at the base of her stiff clit. Her cunt-flesh was slick and wet with flowing juice. The biting, nibbling sensation of the sharp metal teeth against her vulnerable flesh made her all that hotter. Sharon came violently, her clutching pussy nearly dislodging the metal clamp.

How her spongy, fat cunt-lips ached for the touch of a cock! Instead she was wired up, hooked to something behind her. Rolling her head to the side, Sharon caught sight of the small black box next to her. Stretching out her freed arm, she found she could touch the dial on the top. It felt cold, evil. She shivered, shuddering even more when she heard Billy's laugh behind her.

"Hooked up and ready to go," he said, getting up from his crouched position and wiping his hands on his Levi's. "You're gonna be my first try, Aunt Sharon. Nothin' like family to try this on."

"What? You're crazy!" she gasped, afraid to ask him for an explanation.

"Yeah, in a nice way. You wanna get fucked. But you're gonna have to pay for it," he said with a sneer, reading her thoughts.

Sharon blushed furiously, shame weighing heavily now on her mind as she looked around and saw her daughter similarly hooked up.

"I've got the master control here. It's sort like a transformer. I'm gonna send out some juice," he said, nudging one of the wires leading to Sharon's cunt. "You can keep it, or send it back too... to her." He nodded his head in Diane's direction. "That means, of course, she's gonna get a double dose."


Sharon's eyes widened. Her nephew had resurrected hell in this old barn and was using her and her daughter to test out the territory. Sharon writhed, straining her body against the leather thongs holding her prisoner. She had to break free. She had to, or they were lost.

"Now, let's get goin'."

Billy moved back to the main generator, checking the connections, then switching the machine on and turning the first of two dials. Immediately Sharon screamed, arching hat back and writhing her shoulders against the table behind her. She could feel the electricity pushing in her nipples and cunt, the amperage barely raising goosebumps on her flesh.

Diane was silent, watching like a hawk as her mother shuddered against her restraints. The sensation wasn't unpleasant at first, her asscheeks jiggling against the bench while her tits shivered. She could feel her clit starting to ache as it came softly. It was as if a thousand needles were gently pricking all the sensitive areas in her body.

Sharon's knees pulled back against the leather thongs cinching her ankles tightly, more juice seeping from her cunt and adding to the productivity of her body. Dots of perspiration formed on her forehead while a strange, hot/wet feeling developed over her nipples and around her cunt. She moaned, pressing one cheek against the rough bench, gasping for air. No, this wasn't bad, not bad at all. She wouldn't have to visit any pain on her daughter. Perhaps Billy would tire of this soon and let them go.


More voltage! No, he was going to take them up the ladder step by step. The initial charge was just the overture, the beginning to more pain. Sharon sucked in another deep breath, her shoulders rubbing steadily against the bench behind her. Her eyes were glazed and wide, focused on an overhead beam just above her while the pulsing electricity took on a biting edge. Her nipples began to ache, while her cunt throbbed on the brink of an endless climax.

Her asshole recoiled, a fist of air exploding from her bowels while her belly cramped achingly. She felt something hot and wet gush down her thighs and realized she was pissing and shitting on herself, her body having surrendered all control to the electricity. Billy cranked the switch a notch higher. Her tits and belly and cunt were ripped to pieces by fiery steel knives, blades like the one that tormented her mother.

She screamed again, her flesh puckering up and burning while more and more amperage seared through her body. Angry, hating her mother for all the pain, Diane managed to stretch her hand out to the box and flip the dial, stopping the pain for a moment and giving her mother a double dose of her own medicine.

Sharon thought she would die! The pain was enormous. Claws on incredible sharpness ripped through her while her climax exploded with a mind-blasting frenzy. She could hardly breathe! All she could do was lie there, climaxing again and again like a mindless whore. She shuddered and jerked against her bonds, thrashing from side to side while the smell of her own burning flesh turned her on.

Again the current soared from Sharon to Diane, the teenager shrieking as her body bounced and jerked against the ropes. Her mother had sent her a deluge of electricity, the voltage burning her nipples and exploding through her clit. She was mindless, her body a convulsing thing, her face a blur while spit stood like diamonds on her purple lips. The last thing she did before losing consciousness was turn the dial, sending more voltage into her mother's body, then collapsing into a faint.

Sharon was the stronger, still resisting a faint while she thrashed against the leather thongs. Billy's nuts were high and tight, his cock rubbing hotly against the front of his Levi's as he watched the two women electrocute one another. When Diane passed out, he shut down the machine with a sweep of his hand. Sharon continued to sob and jerk, even after her nephew had torn the pincers free of her quivering tits and cunt. Pulling down his trousers, he slapped Sharon until she came to her senses, holding her down by the shoulders while drilling his hard, hot meat into her cunt. Oh God, God, that was what she'd been waiting for! She laughed wildly, her fingers clutching at thin air while her cunt snugged up hot and greasy against his poling prick.

How it filled her elastic pussy, striking her clit with each brutal pass. She wanted him savaging her the way the electricity had, destroying her, tearing her cunt apart. She could see in his eyes he was enjoying this. And as her lust boiled and her clit was stung with wave after wave of fizz, Sharon knew that she had cum with the hardest, biggest cock in the world. She was whirling in sexual delight as Billy dumped his hot load in her cunt.

"Now you two have a safe trip home," Helen said, her plump arms folded one over the other as she stood on the porch. Billy was carrying the suitcases down the creaking porch steps, putting them in the trunk of Sharon's car. Diane was inside, pulling down her long sleeves so her aunt couldn't see the dark red marks. She looked at Billy then inched down in the car seat, wishing they could stay but knowing full well they couldn't.

"We'll be back shortly," Sharon said, giving Billy a peck on the cheek and flushing when she saw that grin on his face. Thank goodness his back was to Helen's face.

"And write. It was so good seeing you again, Sharon. And you Diane, of course," Helen called out as the car started.

"Yeah, real good," Billy whispered, leaning into the car and giving both women a hard look before withdrawing.

Sharon waved, then backed up into the drive. She and Diane would have much to talk about. There would be so much to think of and discuss. But, she thought with relief as she steered the small blue car onto the narrow country road, it was all out in the open.

And then when they returned... Sharon glanced in the rear-view mirror, surprised to see herself smiling. Yes, they would return. Wouldn't Helen be glad to see them.

And so would Billy!


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