Coming onto mom

Of all the social institutions which have had to endure change and weather criticism, the family concept is, perhaps, the most pronounced. Subjected to the undermining forces of alcoholism, the use of drugs and marijuana, and the advent of mate-swapping, the family unit has undergone immeasurable challenge in the wake of social advancement.

COMING ONTO MOM is the story of how a mother and her young son adjust to the liberated moral standards of modern American culture. Their method, that of incest, may well be considered unusual or shocking, but is nonetheless successful.

This is a novel of fiction for entertainment. A reminder that what is debased and perverted for some may well be normal for others.


Joan sat in the waiting room with her son, Billy. It was time for his annual checkup. There was nothing wrong with her son that she could see, except he was growing like a weed.

They were the only ones in the waiting room now, and Billy was getting restless. After the last patient had left, the secretary relaxed. She sat behind her desk filing her fingernails, apparently finished with her work for the day. The desk was open in front, and Joan found herself looking at the girl's knees.

It brought back an old memory of when she was a kid. A cousin had spent the night with her, and as girls will, they had begun touching each other, exploring and experimenting.

Gazing at the secretary's knees, Joan recalled the feel of her cousin's body, but especially the smoothness of her thighs, the tightness of her ass, and most of all, the soft wetness of her cousin's cunt.

The girl behind the desk began to squirm her ass on the chair, opening her knees a bit. She didn't give any indication of awareness, Joan thought. She could see between the girl's thighs now almost to her crotch the girl kept filing her nails, and her knees kept opening slowly. Joan felt excitement bubbling between her own thighs. She was wearing jeans, and her legs were crossed. She felt the wetness starting in her own cunt, and began flexing her thighs, creating pressure on her cunt.

She became aware that her son was no longer squirming about restlessly, and glanced at him. Billy's eyes were big, and he, too, was seeing between the girl's legs. For a moment Joan blushed. She had saw the lifting of his cock inside his pants. Turning her eyes back toward the girl, she felt her breath catch in her throat. She could see the girl's panties now, the expanse of her crotch. The girl had opened her legs wide, scooting her ass to the edge of her chair, still filing away at her nails.

Surely the girl realizes she's exposed, Joan thought.

She glanced at her son again, feeling as if she should nudge him, make him stop staring so openly. Yet, she didn't. There was a perverse sensation of pleasure in knowing her son was looking up the girl's dress. She felt her cunt bubbling wetly, and the urge to swing her foot back and forth, bring her cunt to orgasm, was getting strong.

She glanced at her son's lap again, and his cock was now bulging out with an intense hard-on. She had never seen his cock this way before, and she felt a shiver rippling up and down her spine. Her feelings were confused about it. In a way it thrilled her, and in another she felt ashamed. Not ashamed because he had a hard-on, but ashamed because it excited her.

The girl behind the desk held her legs wide apart, her white uniform skirt halfway up her thighs now. Joan gazed into the girl's crotch with burning eyes. She could almost see the outline of her cunt. As it was, she saw dark blonde hair curling from the tight panties, and that caused her emotions to flare with heat. The fact that her son was seeing what she was looking at caused her to tremble.

The office door opened and the doctor stepped out.

The doctor was an exceptionally beautiful woman. She had long hair, a deep auburn color, that swirled about her shoulders. She wore a white smock that hung to her knees, buttoned up. Her tits strained at the smock, but the material was too thick to outline her nipples.

"Ah, Billy," Doctor Nancy said, pleased to see him. "It's been six months already?"

Joan smiled nervously. She noticed the girl behind the desk didn't close her knees, or stop filing her nails.

"Is this your annual, or is something wrong?" Doctor Nancy asked.

"His annual," Joan replied, her voice oddly husky.

"Well, bring him in and let's check him over, Joan..."

Joan was embarrassed for her son when he stood and his cock bulged out in hardness. But Doctor Nancy smiled and stepped aside to allow them into her office. Billy jumped up on the examination table as usual, knees apart, feet swinging.

"Now, Billy," Doctor Nancy said. "You know better than this. You always undress first."

Grinning, Billy removed his shirt, then jumped to the floor and slipped his pants down, taking them from his feet. He wore Jockey shorts, and his cock strained at the white fabric. He showed no embarrassment whatsoever.

Doctor Nancy grinned, then said to Joan: "Maybe it would be best if you waited outside, Joan. Billy is getting big, it seems, and we don't want to embarrass him."

Joan had been gazing at her son's cock as it pressed against his shorts. A small tremor went through her. She turned and walked back into the waiting room, taking her same seat. The girl was still filing at her nails, still with her knees apart, still exposing the tight crotch of her panties.

Now the girl smiled at Joan.

Joan smiled back, a bit nervously. The girl began to swing her knees, never closing them completely. Joan's eyes burned between those creamy thighs, and she swallowed, the sound seeming awfully loud in the small waiting room.

The girl stood and went to the door, turning the lock. "If I don't lock the door after hours," the girl said, "we get people trying to come in."

She went back to her desk, again opening her legs. Only this time she didn't file her nails. She stared at Joan, running her tongue suggestively over her lips.

"Your son had a hard-on," the girl whispered.

"What?" Joan asked, jumping from the bluntness of the words.

"I said, your son's cock was hard." "Oh! Oh, yes, I suppose it was." "Hey, come on," the girl grinned. "All the boys get a hard-on once in a while. It's no big deal."

Joan felt faint. Why was this girl talking to her this way? Why was she exposing her cunt this way? What was going on, anyway?

She had been in this waiting room many times, but the girl had never acted so brazenly before. She didn't even know the girl's name, for that matter.

"You're showing yourself deliberately," Joan blurted.

"Of course I am," the girl said with a lewd grin.

"But... why?" Joan asked.

The girl slipped her hand under the desk and openly caressed the tight crotch of her panties. "Because I enjoy it. I can make the little cocks become very hard that way. Most of the mothers never notice. But you did."

The girl's voice was low and suggestive. She ran her palm up and down the crotch of her panties. They gazed at each other for a tense moment.

"I'm a cunt licker," the girl said.

Joan jumped, her eyes widening.

"What... what did you say?" she mumbled.

"I said I'm a cunt licker," the girl said firmly. "I eat cunt. You know what that means, surely."

Joan found herself nodding her head. This was crazy, she thought. But the tension of sexual desire seemed heavy in the small waiting room. Her cunt was burning as it never had before. She wanted to fling her legs apart and claw at her own cunt, and if it had not been for the tight jeans, she suspected she would have done so.

"You want to get sucked?" the girl asked bluntly. "I suck cunt real good."

"No... no, thank you," Joan whispered politely, wondering what was wrong with her.

She saw the girl slide the crotch of her panties to one side, showing her cunt. It was beautiful, Joan thought. The cunt hair was silky and thick, the lips of her pussy thick and wet. The girl used both her hands to part the hairy cuntlips, showing her steamy, rigid clit. She slipped a finger into her cunt and began to finger-fuck slowly, without any shame on her face.

"Are you sure?" the girl whispered. "The doctor will be some time with your son, and I especially love to suck a mother's cunt."

Joan didn't reply. She was fascinated to see this pretty young girl fingering her pussy.

The girl pulled her hands away and stood up. She came to Joan, sitting in a chair next to her. Joan trembled as the girl put her arm about her shoulders, but she didn't protest. The girl tipped her head up by the chin, and Joan gasped when she felt those hot, moist lips on hers. She felt the girl's tongue pressing at her lips, and then the tongue was inside her mouth. At the same time, a hand cupped her tit, and a gurgle came from her throat. The girl squeezed her tit tenderly, feeling of it.

"Nice," the girl whispered into Joan's ear, the tip of her tongue licking slowly. Joan sat still when the girl moved her hand into her blouse, shoving her bra away. When she had Joan's tit free, she leaned down and ran her tongue in a hot, wet circle about the stiffening nipple. As the girl sucked gently on her tit, she found her hand being pulled, the girl had worked her own skirt up, and the warmth of a bare thigh was on Joan's palm. She felt the girl pulling her hand upward, felt her licking and sucking on her tit, and she couldn't stop it. Her hand was pressed into the crotch of the girl's panties, and the wet heat seemed to envelop Joan.

"Lovely titties," the girl whispered as she opened Joan's blouse. "Beautiful titties."

The girl kissed each of Joan's tits in turn, then slipped to the floor on her knees. Joan sobbed once as the girl began to unzip her jeans. She wanted to stop this now, yet she didn't.

Her jeans opened, and now Joan wished she had worn panties. The girl held her jeans open, her tongue running along Joan's quivering stomach, into the mass of pussy hair. She felt the tickling sensation as the girl tried to work her way downward, but the jeans stopped her. Getting to her feet, the girl took hold of Joan's hand.

"Come over here," she said in a whispery voice.

Joan found herself responding, almost in a daze. She was taken to the desk, but before sitting on it, the girl shoved her jeans down to her feet.

"Oooh, beautiful," the girl murmured, running her hands up and down Joan's curvy hips and smooth thighs. "So beautiful. I love a beautiful cunt. I bet you have a juicy pussy."

Joan found herself sitting on the desk, watching with unfocused eyes as the girl pulled one leg of her jeans off a foot. The girl parted Joan's legs, moving her face between them. Her tongue licked lightly at the inner surfaces of Joan's thighs. Joan began to whimper, but not with distaste. She whimpered with anticipation of that tongue on her pussy.

"You smell good, too," the girl murmured, sliding her tongue along Joan's thigh.

Joan jumped when the girl pressed her mouth into her cunt, kissing it with a wet heat. Holding Joan's thighs, the girl began licking her tongue up and down Joan's cunt, flicking at the distended clit.

"Oh, my God!" Joan whimpered, her eyes rolling in her head. She couldn't believe this was happening to her that she was giving in, and so fast. "Oooh, God!"

She looked down at the girl, seeing her gleaming hair, the eyes closed. The girl held her hips, stroking them lightly as her tongue began to swirl about the juicy cunt slit. The wicked tongue scraped up and down, from the base of Joan's cunt to the tip of her throbbing clit. When the girl closed her soft, hot lips about her clit and began sucking almost tenderly on it, Joan whimpered sad pulled her legs up. Draping them over the girl's shoulder, she squeezed her silky thighs against the girl's face, her ass beginning to move.

"Oh, yes," Joan hissed, racking her hips up and down, feeling the girl's tongue slid about her bubbling cunt. "Oh, G... yes!"

The girl moaned softly as her tongue dipped back and forth, probing between the hair-lined lips of Joan's pussy. The tongue flicked and fluttered along each puffy, juicy lip of Joan's pussy, sucking away the wetness. Joan's ass moved up and down slowly, making tight circles of delight. She stared down her body, seeing the girl's nose buried, pressing into the thick cunt hair. Not once did the girl open her eyes. Joan felt her hands caressing the smooth curves of her ass, her hips, as the tongue licked and teased.

The girl drew back about half an inch, gurgling sounds coming from her. She opened her mouth wide, then pressed her lips into Joan's cunt again, sucking. The sensation sent a ripple of ecstasy through Joan's body. It felt to her as if the girl was sucking every drop of cunt juice from her body.

"Oh, yes, yes!" Joan hissed, grinding her pussy into the girl's mouth. In the back of her mind, she told herself this was crazy, insane, but her body, her cunt, told her different. She glanced toward the door to the doctor's office. It could open at any time, and she would be caught here. Caught on the receptionist's desk, her pants dangling from one foot, legs wide, grinding her cunt into this exquisitely lovely girl's sucking mouth.

She was afraid of being caught, but her pussy was guiding her now. The ecstasy of the girl's lips and tongue made the fear fade.

The girl suddenly fucked her tongue into Joan's cunt.


The girl's tongue fucked deep, very deep. It seemed impossible for a tongue to be so long, yet it seemed to be touching the very depths of her body. The tongue licked at the wet, satiny walls of her cunt, drew back and swirled about her distended clit wickedly. Joan humped her ass up, squealing softly, trying not to make much noise.

The ecstasy grew swiftly as the girl sucked and licked at her cunt. The tongue seemed to be everywhere at the same time -- inside her cunt, lapping the puffy, hairy pussy lips, twisting about Joan's intensely inflamed clit. She hunched her ass up, grinding into the girl's face. Her fingers curled around the edges of the desk, gripping until her knuckles were white. She was gasping and mewling, twisting her head from side to side.

"Oooo, you'll... ahhh, so good!" Joan moaned. "Your tongue... so deep!"

The girl ran her tongue into Joan's cunt, twisting it in circles. Her hands held the cheeks of Joan's ass, stroking it, caressing it. The touches on her ass excited Joan as much as the tongue did. Squeezing her hot, smooth thighs tightly about the girl's head, she bucked her hips up and down, fucking the girls tongue, groaning as her orgasm began boiling someplace deep inside her body. She turned loose of the desk, her hands rushing to the girl's head. She pulled the cunt-eating face tightly into her pussy, churning her ass in circles.

"More," she whimpered. "Oooo, give me more! P... please, harder!"

The girl curled her fingers into Joan's ass cheeks, squeezing them, her tongue thrusting back and forth like a cock, tongue-fucking Joan. The swifter the tongue fucked her, the better the ecstasy. Joan had to stuff the knuckles of her hand into her mouth to keep from screaming wildly. Her cunt had never felt so sensitive before, the pleasure never so good.

The girl kneeling between Joan's thighs was breathing heavily, the heat of her breath searing the curls of Joan's cunt. The fingers tightened on Joan's ass. Joan felt a finger near her puckered asshole. There was a fire growing between her long, slim thighs, a fire that was threatening to consume her.

"I'm about to... ahhh, deeper! Go deeper! Yes, yes... deep and hard! Do it fast... lick me hard and fast! I think I'm going to... come!"

The girl moaned, pressing her mouth hard into Joan's hairy cunt, her tongue darting in and out rapidly. Joan bucked and twisted mindlessly. She was again clutching the girl's head, pulling her face as tight as she could into her cunt, her ass grinding furiously. The moist sounds of the girl's sucking mouth seemed so loud in the small waiting room.

Joan bit into her bottom lip as her impending orgasm became almost more than she could stand. The ecstasy was driving her out of her mind. She was so close to coming, so very close.

Suddenly, her crotch jerked, smashing her cunt into the girl's face. The eruption was unbelievable. Every inch of Joan's slender body exploded with the most intense ecstasy she had ever experienced. She cried out as she came, her cunt gripping in tight contractions about the girl's thrusting tongue. She felt a pressure against her asshole, and a sob of pleasure came from her when the girt unexpectedly rammed her finger up her ass. This unusual sensation triggered another orgasm in Joan, and she began to sob with the intense explosions. She was coming in such intense waves of ecstasy, she hardly realized this exquisite girl was fucking her in the ass with her finger as her tongue fucked her cunt.

As the orgasms began to fade, she was only vaguely aware when the girl slipped her finger out of her ass, when she pulled her tongue from the tightness of her cunt. She lay limply on the desk, mewling softly as the girl kissed and licked at her inner thighs, the tip of her tongue swirling up and down the sides of her cunt lips.

"So sweet," the girl whispered, stroking her fingers through the cunt hair. "You have a sweet, hot cunt. And so juicy!"

The girl pressed her face once again into Joan's still-twitching cunt, it. Then the girl stood, caressing her hands along Joan's thighs to her stomach. Joan stirred, scooting off the desk and bending to pull her jeans on. The girl stroked her ass, then moved behind the desk as Joan pulled her jeans up and buttoned them, tugging the zipper upward.

She looked at the girl, who returned to her chair, sitting down primly. The girl ignored ha, and Joan began to wonder if it had really happened. She pecked under the desk, and the girl had her knees closed, her short white uniform skirt pulled down.

Impossible, she told herself. It was just a wild daydream. It didn't happen at all...


Inside the doctor's office, Billy sat on the examining table. His mother had just left, but his cock continued to stand up beneath his white Jockey shorts.

Nancy, the lovely doctor, stood back a pace or so, looking at him. Taking her stethoscope, she listened to his chest and lungs. She tapped his knees and elbows. She looked into his throat and ears. Her examination was swift and professional. Finished, she sat down at her small desk and wrote her findings in his chart. Billy watched her, his interest already aroused by looking up the receptionist's skirt. He had not lost his hard-on during the physical.

As Doctor Nancy sat at the desk, the smock parted, exposing an expanse of a creamy thigh, halfway up. Billy's eyes gazed there. From the corners of her eyes, she was watching the boy. Putting her pen down, she turned in the chair, facing him. Leaning on her elbow, she slumped, still looking at him with a supposedly professional interest. She saw a young boy, slim, but well nourished. He was good-looking, his chest hairless, as were his thighs.

Billy swung his feet back and forth. He wasn't the least bit nervous, nor did he show any embarrassment because his cock was still hard.

Nancy ran her eyes up and down the boy's body. She was interested in young boys Billy's age, very interested. In fact, her interest in young boys was so great, she had difficulty keeping her hands off their bodies when she examined them. Sometimes she could touch them intimately with a pretense of medical interest, but she was very careful, choosing the boys that accepted it as part of her examination.

Looking at Billy, she thought he wouldn't protest where she touched. He had a hard-on, already, which was a good sign to her. Looking at the clock, she saw she had kept Billy in her office longer than her allotted fifteen minutes. But her excitement was growing. She was sure his mother wouldn't come barging in. She had been watching Joan and Billy for some time. Joan wore tight, sexy clothing, and Nancy was certain she understood Joan very well.

Joan was, she decided, starved for sex. She was just as certain that Joan, once aroused, would be wild with a man or woman. Nancy was also sure that Billy would not only enjoy the things she wanted to do with him, but that he would keep his mouth shut, too. He wouldn't be like the last young boy, who had cried to his mother. The woman had been furious, threatening lawsuits and all kinds of things.

Nancy's eyes dropped to Billy's straining cock. She ran her tongue over her lips. She let her knees part, exposing a good expanse of her thighs. She saw Billy's cock jerk, and a smile spread over her face. Billy was, she knew, very interested in looking at girls.

Billy looked between Doctor Nancy's legs without shame. He could almost see all the way up. And he wanted to. Doctor Nancy read his expression, and smiled at him. Getting to her feet, she stood before him.

"Billy," she said, her voice soft, "you're in excellent health. There does, however, seem to be a slight problem. I can certainly fix it, though."

She rested her warm palms on his thighs, and when she began to caress them, Billy's body shivered.

"I'll fix it, but you've got to promise never to tell, not even your mother," she said.

"Why?" Billy asked innocently. "Because she might not understand," Doctor Nancy said in a low, throaty voice. "I'll fix the problem, but it must be between you and I, no one else."

"Sure, Doctor Nancy," Billy agreed. "You'll have to remove your shorts." Her hands had stroked up his thighs to his hips, and she began to pull his shorts down. She pulled them slowly, teasing herself. Her eyes stared down at his cock, her tongue licking across her lips. Billy lifted his ass. He wasn't worried; he'd been naked in front of Doctor Nancy many times. His shorts caught on his cock, and Doctor Nancy paused.

"It will be our secret, okay?" Billy nodded, a grin on his face. Doctor Nancy slipped his shorts down, gasping as she saw his hard-on. Her hands trembled as she pulled his shorts from his feet. Tossing them onto her chair, she stood gazing at his cock, his young balls. Her tits swelled, nipples straining. Her cunt began seeping juices, her clit turning hard. Billy's cock and balls were just what she desired. She didn't care for men, only young boys. She preferred the boy not to have hair at the base of his cock, or on his balls. Yet, she wanted the boy to come, to squirt that delicious juice out of his balls, up his cock. There were not many, she had found that could come without some hair. But Billy.

His cock and balls were naked. His cock was beautiful, the cockhead smooth and swollen, shining. His little piss hole had a glistening drop of fluid on it. That was enough evidence to her that Billy could come. His precious balls looked full, too.

"Lie back, honey," Doctor Nancy whispered, her voice barely controlled.

Billy lay back on the examining table, his cock standing straight up. Doctor Nancy rested a hand on his thigh, the other on his stomach. Her eyes glowed hotly at his cock.

"Now, Billy," she whispered, "I'm going to fix this. Remember, you're not to say anything about it. Promise?"

Billy nodded his head.

Doctor Nancy moved her hand up his thigh. She lightly probed a fingertip at his balls. Billy moaned as she closed her hand about his balls... She squeezed tenderly, making a soft gasping sound. Her hand moved up to his cock. Closing her fingers about his hard-on, she pumped slowly, feeling the delicious heat of his prick, the beautiful way it throbbed in her fist.

"Beautiful," she murmured. She cupped his balls again in her left hand, sliding her other hand downward. She closed her fist about his cock tightly. "Remember, Billy, not a word to anyone. I won't fix this if you tell."

"I won't tell, Doctor Nancy," Billy said, squirming his naked ass on the table. "I promise."

Doctor Nancy began moving her hand up and down his cock, clinging to his balls with the other hand. She was making soft hissing sounds of pleasure. Billy watched the doctor's hand jacking his cock.

"Are you gonna jack me off, Doctor Nancy?" he asked.

The doctor made a giggling sound, looking into his face. It pleased her that he wasn't bashful. She squeezed his cock.

"Would you like that, honey?" she asked. Billy nodded, grinning widely, his young eyes shining. He lifted his ass, shoving his cock into Doctor Nancy's fist. "I sure would!"

"Okay, baby," she purred. "I'll jack you off. I'd love to jack you off. You can come, can't you?"

"Yes," Billy grunted, squirming his ass about.

"Wonderful!" Doctor Nancy cooed, jerking her fist up and down his cock. She kept hold of his balls as she jacked him off, squeezing and tugging gently. The throbbing of his cock in her fist felt good, and her cunt began to swell between her thighs. She pressed against the table, her eyes hot on the head of his cock as she pumped her fist. "I love to watch a boy come. It excites me to see that creamy juice squirting. I'll jack you off, honey. Ohhh, I'll jack your cock off so good!"

What the doctor was saying excited Billy as much as what she was doing. His cock had never felt harder.

Doctor Nancy pounded her fist up and down, twisting it on his prick. She kept hold of his balls. She was breathing loudly, her lips parted, the tip of her tongue protruding.

"So hard," she whispered. "Such a beautiful, hard cock. Oh, it's going to be such fun to see you come, Billy!"

"That's gonna be soon," he grunted, thrusting his hips up and down, meeting her fist. "It's gonna be real soon!"

"Oh, yes, Billy!" Doctor Nancy moaned, pounding hard on his cock. "Come all you want, when you want! Your cock feels so good, so hard, so hot!"

"And it's gonna come, too!" "Yes! Oh, yes, honey!"

Her fist flew up and down, her fingers tight.

"Now!" Billy grunted, his hips arching up. Doctor Nancy sucked in a hot breath as the creamy come juice gushed from his piss hole.

It flew a foot into the air, then splashed down upon his stomach. Doctor Nancy whined, beating his come-spewing cock vigorously. The lips of her cunt tightened, her clit swelling. She moaned, she was coming, too. Her ass swayed from side to side. Her eyes were huge, hot with ecstasy as she watched him come, seeing the juice spatter his young stomach. She felt his balls writhing in her hand, and she tightened her grip.

"Ooooo, look at it!" she moaned. "You're coming so much, Billy! Affhhbh, come, come hard."

She pumped his cock until he finished, then held his cock nit became soft. She pulled up on his cock, stretching it, bringing a final drop of come juice to his piss hole.

"Remember, no one is ever to know," she whispered.

"No on," he agreed.

Doctor Nancy stared at the come juice smearing his stomach then with a soft sob, she shoved her face down. She wiped her face into his come juice until she was smeared. She lifted her head, looked at him, then began licking his come juice from his stomach. She purred like a hungry kitten as she lapped the jism up, her tongue running all about his quivering flesh.

Ha face smeared with come juice, she stepped back, her expression showing her pleasure. She ran her tongue over her wet lips. "Billy," she whispered, "have you ever seen a woman before? I mean a grown woman, not a little girl?"

"Sure," Billy said.


"Not naked," he confessed. "I peeked at my mother once, but she had on panties."

"Did that get you excited? You know, make your cock hard?"

"I had to jack off," Billy grinned. "Is your mother beautiful in her panties?" Doctor Nancy asked throatily, her fingers toying with the buttons of her smock. "Does your mother have beautiful legs? Do her tits stand out like... mine?"

She pulled her smock apart, exposing her tits.

Billy gasped.

Doctor Nancy's tits were round and firm, her nipples a light-brown color, strained in hardness. The tit flesh was a creamy color, looking so smooth.

"Oh, that's great!" Billy gasped, his cock starting to stir as he gazed at Doctor Nancy's tits. "They're nice, Doctor Nancy."

She stepped closer. "You can touch them if you want."

Billy showed nervousness for the first time, but it was the excitement of it. He pressed his hands to Doctor Nancy's tits, feeling and stroking them. He pulled at her nipples, twisting them, making Doctor Nancy gurgle.

"Suck them, Billy," she urged.

Billy eagerly lifted his head, taking a nipple into his mouth. Doctor Nancy held the back of his head, pulling his young face tightly. Billy sucked hard on her nipple, his tongue licking. Doctor Nancy purred softly, twisting her shoulders to shove her other nipple into his mouth.

"Mmmmm, you suck my tits good, honey," she whimpered, running her hand to his cock again. She cupped his cock and balls, pressing and feeling. "You're getting hard again."

She pulled her tit from his mouth, standing back again. His cock stood up in stiffness once more.

"How would you like to see me, Billy?" she asked. "I'm naked under this smock. I'm not wearing anything at all. No bra, no panties... just me only. I'm absolutely naked under it."

"Can I?" Billy asked eagerly. "Can I see you naked, Doctor Nancy?"

She grinned lewdly at him as her fingers opened the rest of the buttons. She pulled her smock open, holding it wide.

Billy's eyes became enormous as he looked at her.

Doctor Nancy was in her early thirties, tall and slender. Her tits strained out, nipples tilted upward. Her waist was small, hips rounded. But it was the thick triangle of cunt hair that held Billy's attention.

"Do you like me?" Doctor Nancy asked softly.

"Oh, yes!" Billy said in a strained voice.

Doctor Nancy ran her hands through the hair of her cunt, pulling the strands away. Billy saw the pinkness of her cunt slit, and he thought he was going to come off again. His cock lurched, drawing Doctor Nancy's eyes.

"Don't you dare," she giggled. "You can't come yet, Billy."

She parted the puffy lips of her cunt, spreading her feet on the floor and shoving her hips forward. She enjoyed exposing herself to a young boy. Her glistening cunt was revealed, the knotted clit throbbing.

She inched herself forward.

"You can touch my cunt if you want to," she whispered.

Excitedly, Billy shoved his hand out. He placed his palm against Doctor Nancy's cunt.

"It's wet," he said.

"Very wet, honey," Doctor Nancy replied. "Stick your finger in it, see how hot it is."

Eagerly, Billy wormed his finger into Doctor Nancy's cunt. He gasped as he felt the fiery cunt lips close on his finger.

"My cunt will eat you up, Billy," she hissed.

Experimentally, Billy fucked his finger in and out of Doctor Nancy's cunt. It made her purr, caused her hips to wiggle. She peeled the hairy lips of tin twit apart so Billy could see where his finger was going.

"Do you like it, Billy?" she whispered. "Do you like to see and feel of my cunt?"

"Yeah!" he choked.

"I'd do anything for you, Doctor Nancy." She removed his finger, stepped back. She let her smock hang open so he could look at her.

"I want you to peek at your mother," she said.

Billy's eyes lifted to hers. "Why?"

Doctor Nancy cupped his cock and bat. "I'd like for you to tell me what she looks like. You know, naked. I want you to tell me about her tits, about her cunt. Tell me if she has a hairy cunt, what she does with it. Especially if your mother plays with her cunt."

"Sure," Billy agreed. "I'll peek at her tonight."

"Wonderful," Doctor Nancy cooed. "Now, since you promised you'd peek at your mother, lie back and I'll make you feel real good."

Billy lay back again, his cock jutting up in hardness.

Doctor Nancy stood near the examining table, her smack still open. She leaned down, pursing her lips. She kissed the tip of his cock, making Billy gasp in surprise.

She grinned up at him, "You can feel me up, Billy. I'm going to do something for you that will make you very, very happy."

Billy's hand moved into her smock, his eyes watching her with a hot glow. He ran his hands through the thick hair of Doctor Nancy's cunt.

"Feel where you want, honey," she purred, nuzzling the seeping head of his cock against her cheek. "Feel me all over, if you want to. Feel my cunt, feel my legs, feel my tits, feel my ass."

She opened her mouth, and Billy grunted as she closed her lips about his cock. Her mouth was hot and wet, feeling much better than her fist. He choked with pleasure as Doctor Nancy lowered her mouth until she had every inch of his throbbing hard cock in it. His hand moved about the hair of her cunt, past her hip, feeling a swelling cheek of her ass.

Doctor Nancy whimpered with hungry pleasure as she began sucking up and down his cock. She thrilled to the taste of his cock. The young hardness in her mouth was what she wanted, why she loved boys of Billy's age best of all. Men, grown men, had been too rough with her, and she wanted gentleness, wanted to do what she wanted with a cock and balls, not what the man wanted. She loved to teach young boys about fucking and sucking and touching.

She curled her fingers about his balls as her lips glided up and down, her tongue licking. She shivered when the head of his prick brushed the back of her throat. She was anticipating the gush of his sweet come juice into her mouth. It had been some time since she had sucked a young cock off, and with Billy, she knew she had a willing boy.

His hands moved about her body eagerly, as if he couldn't make up his mind where or what to feel. She trembled as his cock throbbed in her mouth. He was dripping a lot, and as her mouth filled, she swallowed the juices thirstily. His hand moved feverishly about her ass, her hip, through the hair of her cunt. The way he moaned excited her, letting her know he was enjoying this. She had no doubt no one else had ever sucked his cock. He had never fucked a girl, but she was sure he jacked off quite a bit. Being the first with a young boy always thrilled her.

Billy began to squirm his ass about. He was no longer feeling of her, but gripping her hip.

"It's all right," she said, sucking from his cock and pressing it at her cheek. "If you have to come, do it, Billy. It's okay if you come in my mouth."

She shoved his hand to her ass, closing his fingers into a firm asscheek.

"Squeeze it, Billy. Squeeze my ass like that. When you feel you're going to come, let it go. I don't mind... you can come in my mouth."

Billy was already trying to press his cock back into her tight, wet, ever-so-hot mouth. Doctor Nancy gurgled and opened her lips. She swallowed his hard-on all the way, her lips writhing in pleasure at the base. She lifted his balls and pressed them to her cheek, moaning as her throat worked at the head of his sweet cock.

His hand dug harshly into her ass cheek. Doctor Nancy wiggled her hips, and began to suck up and down his cock in a frenzy. She was starving to have him come off in her mouth, desperate to feel and taste the steamy spurts of his come juice.

Billy couldn't keep his hips still. He began to pump them up and down. He fucked into Doctor Nancy's sucking mouth, making her whimper with ecstasy. His movements were further evidence of his enjoyment, and she knew she had chosen the right boy this time. She began to suck eagerly, wantonly. She kept her lips tight as they gilded up and down his cock, her tongue in constant motion. He fucked the swollen head of his cock into her throat, and each time he did so, Doctor Nancy's cunt would clench with passion. She was going to come, she knew. She always came when a young cock spurted that deliciously thick come juice into her mouth. She loved the creamy taste of come juice, the sweetness of it as it burned down her throat.

She shoved her free hand beneath his pumping little ass, gripping his ass hard, still clinging to his balls. She made whimpering sounds of ecstasy as she sucked as fast and hard as she could.

"Doctor Nancy!" Billy groaned. "I'm gonna come! Ohhh, I'm really gonna come!"

"Mmmm," she moaned, sucking greedily. Her cunt was boiling now. She twisted her ass into his gripping band.

She mewled when she felt his cock swell inside her mouth. The jism splashed across her tongue hotly. She gave a muffled squeal, swallowing hungrily, her lips pulling. She clamped her hot lips about the head of his cock, licking swiftly about his come-spewing piss hole, tasting the sweetness as his come juice came up out of his tight balls and splashed time and again into her mouth. She held his cock in her mouth until he finished, draining his come juice completely.

"That was a real load, honey," she grinned up at him. "I love a big, hot load of come juice like that."

She buttoned her smock, telling him he could get dressed. She finished up on his chart as he pulled his clothes on.

"Now, not a word, honey," she warned him again. "You do what I asked. Peek at your mother and tell me what she does -- and I'll suck you off again."

Billy, dressed now, asked in a trembling voice: "Doctor Nancy, can I fuck you, too?"

Doctor Nancy laughed, puffing him between her legs and hugging him tightly. "Of course you can, darling. You're very sweet to ask." She looked up into his face, her hands cupping his ass. "Next time you can fuck me, okay?"

"Oh, yeah!"


Doctor Nancy informed Joan she wanted to see Billy a week later, assuring her nothing was wrong with him. "In fact, he's about the healthiest boy I've seen."

Neither Billy nor Joan saw the wink that passed between Doctor Nancy and the pretty receptionist. Joan had looked a little guilty, and couldn't bring herself to look into the doctor's face.

In the car on the way home, Joan was aware that her son stared at her openly. It had been some time since she had been looked at just that way. Thinking it was because of what she and the receptionist had done, Joan found it thrilling for her son to stare at her. Not at her really, but at her straining tits. She was puzzled because Billy had never shown an interest in tits or anything else.

Despite the powerful orgasm she had experienced with the pretty girl, Joan found herself reacting to the way Billy looked at her. Her nipples swelled and strained, and her cunt began to pulsate inside her tight jeans. Her reaction was surprising, yet it wasn't. She always responded when a tan looked at her the way her son was. Responded, yes, but she never allowed a man to know her reactions.

Feeling ashamed of herself, she glanced at the front of her son's pants. A faint flush of shame covered her face, and she quickly tuned back to the road. Her son had seen the pretty girl, looked up her dress, and he had gotten extremely horny, his cock pressing at his pants. He had not been ashamed of looking, either. Maybe it was his youth, but maybe it was a growing interest in girls. If it was interest in girls, or what they had under their dresses... Joan shivered as if chilled. But she wasn't chilled; it was a hot, anticipatory thrill.

They arrived home, and not speaking to each other and entered the house. Joan wanted to get out of her tight jeans. The crotch was pulled against her cunt, and normally she would enjoy the pressure. But her cunt had been sucked by the pretty receptionist and the tingles remained.

Billy watched his mother moving down the hall, his eyes on her ass. The jeans outlined his mother's ass very well, and the shape excited him. Remembering what Doctor Nancy had asked him to do, he followed his mother. He innocently stood in her doorway, watching her. Joan had not looked back, never dreaming her son would follow her.

Standing at the side of her bed, she removed her blouse, then slipped her tight jeans down, wiggling her ass. Watching his mother wiggling, seeing the creamy roundness of her ass, Billy felt his cock grow hard.

Naked, Joan stood a moment, eyes closed, remembering how the pretty girl's tongue excited her cunt. She ran her fingers through her cunt hair, touching lightly at the wet lips of her pussy. She pulled upward, stretching her cunt, and mewled softly as a good feeling went through her. She probed at the tip of her clit, the touch making her hips jerk.

Sighing, she stopped touching herself, and turned toward her closet for her robe.

She saw her son.

Billy was leaning on the doorjamb, his eyes enormous and very bright. He was gazing excitedly at his mother's naked body, his cock outlined in hardness along his left thigh. Joan froze, her eyes riveted upon the boy's cockbulge. The burning hunger of her cunt brought a sob to her throat. She clenched her hands into fists, but couldn't take her eyes from his cock.

Billy's eyes moved, though. He looked at his mother's straining tits, seeing round firm tit flesh, the tilt of her rubbery nipples. Then he slipped his eyes downward. They were somewhat unfocused and glowed with desire. He stared at the thick mat of cunt hair, her tong, slim thighs, then looked up again.

"Billy," Joan finally managed to whisper. "Don't look at me that way."

"I like it, Mom," Billy said, his voice strangely like a grown man's.

"But you mustn't," she replied, wondering why she couldn't move her hands, move them to cover her tits and cunt. She trembled, acutely aware that her cunt was swelling, pulsating, getting very, very wet.

"Do you play with it, Mom?" Billy asked.


"Well, do you?"

For what seemed an eternity, they stared at one another. Then, to her horror, Joan found her hand moving, but not to conceal her cunt. Her fingers brushed through the thick hair of her pussy, her eyes fixed hotly on the bulge of her son's cock. She parted the hair of her pussy with two fingers, then flushed when a finger started rubbing lightly at her throbbing clit. She couldn't stop it, as if something had taken control of her body, her hand. Her feet parted, hips jutting forward lewdly.

"Mom, will you let me fuck you?" Billy asked bluntly.

"Let you... what?" "Fuck you, Mom."

Joan lost her voice for a moment.

Billy didn't want to tell her where he got the idea, or how. His mother might mention it to Doctor Nancy, and Doctor Nancy had promised he could fuck her next time, but only if he peeked at his mother and told what she did with herself. In his young mind, he felt the doctor would be excited if he could say he had fucked his mother.

"My cock hurts, Mom," Billy said truthfully. His cock was confined inside his pants, very hard.

"Take it out, then," Joan heard herself whispering, sliding her middle finger up and down the side of her swollen clit.

But he didn't take his cock out.

He lowered his pants and shorts to his knees. Joan swallowed with nervous excitement as she stared at his cock. Such a young prick, yet so big, she thought to herself as a tremor swept about her flesh. So young he didn't have any hair at the base of his prick. His balls dangled downward, yet looked full.

Telling herself she was, crazy, Joan knew she wanted her son's cock. It felt as if she could feel that beautiful hardness already sliding into her cunt, stretching it, filling it. She moaned in a throaty sound, her legs shaking.

"Let me fuck you, Mom," Billy asked in a small, pleading voice. "Please, Mom... see how hard it is? Let me put it in you down there."

Joan knew it was useless to try and fight the struggle going on inside her brain. She wanted his cock in her cunt, she wanted her son fucking her, and she wanted it terribly. It was not all because the pretty receptionist had sucked her cunt so deliciously. Part of it was because she had not had a cock inside her cunt in many years.

She nodded her head, biting into her bottom lip.

"Really, Mom?" Billy asked, gripping his cock in a tight fist. The swollen cockhead bulged out, his piss hole wide open. She saw it beaded with a clear juice. "I can, Mom?"

Again she nodded, and her flush seemed to leave her face. Her eyes smoldered with eagerness, fixed upon the head of his cock.

"Yes," she whispered.

Billy stepped out of his pants and shorts, covered by his shirt only now. Joan felt her cunt pulse, and she came very close to orgasm as she looked at him. Not knowing she was doing it, she sat on the edge of her bed, spreading her knees. She couldn't take her eyes off his cock. She leaned back, bracing herself with her hands behind her. She opened her knees very wide, her ass already twisting with eagerness.

"Mom, you look like that girl in the doctor's office," Billy said excitedly.

"Do it, Billy," she whispered throatily. "Do it to me, baby."

Billy, a grin spreading over his face, moved to his mother. Joan's eyes remained on his cock.

Billy stood between his mother's open legs, staring down at her hair-lined cunt, seeing the pink wetness, the tiny protrusion of her clit. Joan could feel the heat of her son's eyes on her crotch, and her naked body trembled. With a moan of hunger, she darted her hand to her son's cock, closing her fingers about it tightly. She pulled, smashing the dripping cockhead upon her rigid clit. Her eyes turned dreamy, her hips rolling as she sighed at the contact.

"Oohhh, Billy!" she hissed, rubbing the had of his cock about her tingling clit. "Oh, Billy, Billy."

Quickly, she pressed his cock downward, sliding it along her steaming cunt slit. She moved her hips slightly, and the head of her son's cock moved between the fiery pussy lips. Joan gave a soft, eager sob of anticipation, her hips twisting.

"Oooo, God!" she sighed, moving her hips, fucking her cunt onto her son's throbbing hard prick. "Oh, God, Billy!"

Billy's young body was shaking in pleasure. He stared down at his mother's cunt fucking onto his prick, feeling the wet heat. Joan paused with half his cock inside her cunt, purring with pleasure. Her cunt tightened about his cock. Billy's eyes almost closed with pleasure. Slowly, very slowly, Joan pulled the rest of her son's cock into her cunt. She felt the sensitive lips of her cunt on the base, his cock deeply buried, his balls pressed against the cheeks of her ass. For a long, breathless moment, she held him there, neither of them moving. They hardly breathed.

Her son's cock, so young and yet so big, seemed to fill her cunt to capacity. Her pussy felt deliciously stretched around the hardness. She felt his cock throbbing inside her cunt, and her cunt responded by squeezing.

"Ohhh, do it, do it!" she groaned, her eyes now closed tightly. "Do it to mother, Billy! I want it... I need it! Fuck me, darling! Oh, baby, fuck mother!"

Her hips began to churn up and down as she sat on the edge of the bed, ass hanging over. Billy was just small enough to stand between her creamy thighs. Joan lay back, her hands clutching the edge of the mattress, her hips grinding frantically, her cunt fucking back and forth on his cock. Billy, amazed to see his mother fucking him, stood stiffly, his eyes watching the way her hairy cunt fucked back and forth on his prick.

"Help me!" Joan shouted in mindless passion. "Oh, Billy! Help me, please! Don't make me do all the work! Fuck me, baby! Ohhhh, fuck mother!"

Billy grabbed his mother's bounding hips, digging his fingers into her flesh. But he wasn't strong enough to stop the grinding thrusts of her hips. Working his ass, he began fucking his cock in and out of his mother's boiling cunt. The sensations that flooded his young body were different than when Doctor Nancy sucked his cock. The doctor's mouth had been wet and hot, too, but there was a definite difference in the feeling.

"Yes, yes, darling!" Joan wailed as her son began to fuck into her cunt, driving his hard cock deeply, his balls beating against her twisting, naked ass. "That's it, Billy! Fuck me! Oh, yes, fuck mother!"

Joan's head twisted from side to side on the bed, her hair flying. Tremors of lewd ecstasy rippled up and down her flesh.

Billy released his mother's hips and grabbed her tits in both hands. He smashed them, squeezed them, making his mother cry out with delight. Her hips churned and bounced, her cunt sucking at his cock in a furious, hungry heat. Gurgles kept coming from her throat, her eyes opening and closing. Her hips bounced as her son rammed his cock with powerful stabbing motions. The base of his cock smashed time and again upon her painfully distended clit, sending the most delicious feeling of fire throughout her naked body. Wet, sucking sounds came from between them, increasing the wild excitement they felt.

"Oooo, yes, yes!" Joan gurgled, slamming her cunt hard onto her son's pounding cock. "So good, so fucking good, Billy! Oh, baby, baby, give it to me! Hurt me, darling, hurt mother's cunt! Bruise mother's cunt... fuck it, fuck it, fuck it!"

Billy had never heard his mother saying those things before. Her words sent a burning heat up and down his body, and her cunt was grabbing at his cock every time he started to pull backwards, the hairy cunt lips squeezing. He felt his balls tighten, drawing up to the base of his cock. They were no longer swinging, and each fuck-thrust into his mother's cunt smashed them against her ass.

"All the way, darling!" Joan urged, grunting as she slammed her ass up and down, meeting his wild cock-thrusts with her cunt. "Fuck me all the way... any way, every way! Oooo, give that cock to me, darling! Fuck me fast and hard!"

Billy fell across his mother's body, his hips ramming in a frenzy, fucking his cock as deep as he could. He closed his mouth about one of his mother's swollen tits, sucking harshly on her nipple. One hand jerked downward to her hip, sliding under and gripping a smooth cheek of her bouncing ass. His other hand clutched her tit, his fingers digging into the spongy tit flesh almost brutally. The more he squeezed her tit, the harder he sucked her nipple, the more ecstasy Joan experienced. She released her grip on the mattress, grabbing at his bouncing ass. She dug her hands into his ass cheeks, pulling him between her thighs. She lifted her feet from the floor, wrapping her silky legs about his small body, beating her heels at his thighs.

"Fuck it, fuck it!" she screamed. "Fuck that cunt! Fuck mother's cunt with that hard cock, baby! Ohhhh, I want it all in me! I want your cock and your balls all inside my hot cunt, baby!"

Billy noisily sucked at his mother's tit, bouncing his ass up and down. His cock seemed bigger then he remembered, and the wetness of his mother's cunt caused it to fuck in and out easily. The heat seemed consuming, devouring his cock. His balls were getting tighter and tighter, and the feeling of climax was growing swiftly.

Joan felt her son's cock swelling and throbbing with the sensitive lips of her cunt. The friction of his cock sliding between the gripping wetness was causing a rippling sensation in her stomach. The orgasm was turning very hot, so hot she could hardly stand it.

"Oh, baby! You're going to make me... ooooo! Darling, baby, honey! You're going to make mother... ohhh, yes! You're going to make me come!"

Her hips twisted in tight circles as she began to grind in a frenzy onto his thrusting cock. The orgasm kept swelling, almost excruciating now. It was so close, yet so far away. She sobbed with tormented ecstasy, straining to make her orgasm explode. Still, she could feel her son's cock throbbing deep inside her cunt. The more it throbbed, the more pleasure she felt. She slammed her cunt hard onto his prick, grinding in a frantic attempt to make her cunt come. She moaned and whimpered, and suddenly she came.

"Ooooo, God!" she shrieked as the orgasm exploded. Her hips jerked as her cunt began gripping and sucking at his prick.

Billy could not resist the hot gripping of his mother's cunt. He fucked into her cunt, forcing his cock as deep as he could, and grunted.

The boiling thick come juice spewed, splashing into his mother's spuming pussy. Feeling it, Joan screamed again as her cunt started to go through a series of multiple orgasms. She had never experienced that before, and her mind seemed to explode along with her cunt. The ecstasy was unbearable, and she loved it. She came and came, her hairy cunt gripping and contracting around her son's jizz-gushing cock.

"Come, come, come!" she screamed, her hands rushing up from his ass to hug him tightly to her tits. "Give it all to me, Billy! Come in my cunt... fill mother's hot pussy with thick, sweet come juice! Oh, God... I'm starved for that come juice, darling! Drown me with it... drown mother's cunt with come juice!"

Billy was still sucking on her nipple, stretching it as he came in her cunt. To Joan, it seemed as if her son's cock would never stop squirting. Her pussy filled, and his cock cream began to seep from the lips of her pussy. She felt it seeping out, running along the cheeks of her ass, into the ass crack and wetting her puckering asshole. She had never felt anything like it before. Her son came so much, more than she would have ever suspected.

His balls empty, finally. Billy slumped on his mother's naked body, gasping. Joan hugged his hips with her creamy thighs, caressing her hands up and down his back. She shivered with pleasure, surprised at what they had done. She was more surprised at herself than with Billy. He was young, feeling his sexuality bubbling hotly. She was his mother, and she felt she should have known better.

Yet, Joan had allowed her cunt to guide her thoughts, allowed her pussy to cause this. Part of it was, she knew, because of that pretty receptionist. She had allowed that to happen because her need had been so long denied, and she had allowed her son to fuck her because that gnawing need had been awakened by what happened in the doctor's office.

But Billy.

Why had he suddenly shown such an interest in her, his own mother? Joan didn't understand that. Looking up the girl's dress had started it, of course. But wouldn't her son have wanted to fuck that girl, instead of her, his mother? The truth of that, she realized, was that she, his mother, was available where the girl in the office had not been. She had undressed while he stood watching her, and the fact that she had not known it did not relieve her of guilt. She could have covered herself when she found out he was looking, but she hadn't.

All it took was for her son to say he wanted to fuck her, and she was on her back, legs open. It was a disgrace.

"Please, Billy," she whispered. "Get off me."

Billy pulled his cock free of her cunt, looking down at her. Feeling ashamed now, Joan tried to hide her nakedness from him.

"Go away, honey," she whispered. "Don't look at me, please."

Billy left her, and Joan began to sob, but she wasn't sure whether her crying was with delight, or guilt.


Joan tried to avoid contact with her son. She found herself looking at him when he was occupied with something, remembering how his cock had felt, how he had fucked her. She wanted him to grab her and fuck her again, throw her to the floor and ram his cock up her cunt.

But she didn't make any move that would encourage him. She felt ashamed of her wanton behavior. But her shame failed to make her desire any less. There was a hunger between her legs, a hunger she couldn't deny. She wanted her son's cock up her cunt, wanted it with increasing desperation, yet she didn't know how to go about letting him know she wanted a repeat of what happened a few days ago. She couldn't bring herself to expose her body the way the girl did in the doctor's office, although she wanted to. That, she knew, would get her son's attention. And that, too, bothered her. Why wasn't Billy after her, try to feel her up?

What Joan didn't know was that her son wanted to do just that. He had sensed his mother's shame, and didn't want to embarrass her again. Therefore he kept his distance, but at night he would remember fucking her, playing with his cock, jacking off as he recalled the doctor sucking him, how it felt to have his cock inside his mother's cunt.

He was doing that now.

Sprawled on his bed, the sheets kicked to the foot, he lay on his back, jacking on his cock, eyes closed as he remembered the wet heat of his mother's cunt. His light was on, bathing his naked body softly.

Joan had bathed and prepared for bed, her cunt demanding more than her fingers. Her mind burned with the memory of her son's cock in her cunt, and her fingers were a poor substitute when Billy was right there in his own bed. She pulled her gown over her head, lifting a knee to the bed. She paused, feeling her cunt twitch. She rubbed her hand through the thick pussy hair and cupped her cunt. She rubbed at her cunt, moving her ass slowly.

Without wondering, trying to blot it from her mind, she pretended she was someone else, not Billy's mother. She moved toward the door. The gown clung to her hips, falling just beneath the curve of her ass, her long legs glowing, tits revealed through the filmy garment. She entered the hall and turned toward her son's room.

Trying to keep the thought that she was his mother out of her mind, she shoved his door open, silently. Billy lay on his bed, pulling at his cock. She smiled to herself as she gazed at his cock and balls.

"Billy?" she whispered.

He turned and opened his eyes, looking at his mother. He started to grin, but saw the expression on her face. There was something there that made him stop grinning. If he grinned, he felt his mother would leave, ashamed. Joan stepped into his room, her eyes on his upstanding cock. Billy saw his mother's tits through the filmy gown, the narrow waist, the flare of her hips and the long, long legs. The shadow of her dark cunt hair could be seen. His cock throb, bed, bubbling with moisture at the piss hole.

Joan sat on the edge of his bed, and her hand slipped along his warm thigh, moving to his throbbing hard-on. She wasn't breathing, but when her fingers touched his balls, a loud hiss came from her.

"Ohhhh, God!" Joan gasped, and she gripped her son's cock with a tight fist. "Oh, Billy, I... oh, I need this so much!"

She squeezed his cock, making him groan. With quick movements, Joan climbed onto her son's bed, straddling him with her knees. She held his cock at the base, lifting her gown to her waist. Billy gazed down at her, watching her hairy cunt rubbing along the head of his prick. Joan stared into his face, excited by his hot eyes on her cunt. She lowered her hips, fucking the head of his cock into her cunt.

"Oooooo, Billy!" she sighed, settling down on his prick, the hairy lips of her cunt tight at the base. "I want it so much!"

"You got it, Mom," he said excitedly. He ran his hands along her thighs, feeling the smooth creamy texture of her flesh.

Joan sat on her son's cock. She shivered, lifting her gown up and off her head. Her tits strained out, nipples very hard. She sat for a long time, her cunt gripping his cock. She thrilled to the buried prick in her pussy, not wanting to move for a while, but to just sit there on him and feel that beautiful hardness deep in her cunt.

She wiggled, then grinned down at him.

"Oh, damn you," she said. "Why do I have to have such a sexy son? Why do you have to always have such a hard-on? Damn you, baby, you know I have to have that hard cock in my cunt!"

She drew her knees up, squatting on him. She lifted and lowered her pussy, fucking him, holding her tits in both hands. Her face turned lewd, a wanton expression that showed her pleasure. Billy watched his mother's hairy cunt fuck up and down on his cock, his tongue licking at his lips. He lifted his ass as bis mother's cunt plunged down, dropping it as she lifted. But Joan never lifted her crotch so high that her pussy lost the swollen head of his cock. She began to make cork screwing motions as she fucked up and down him. She burbled with excitement, her eyes opening and closing as the pleasure grew.

"Oh, Mom!" Billy panted. "It feels so good!"

"I know, darling," she whispered, fucking up and down slowly. "God, how I know! I love it, Billy! I love to feel your cock in my pussy... fucking me. I don't understand it, not at all, but I want your cock so much!"

Billy lunged his hips upward, fucking into his mother's tight pussy.

"Ohhhh, yes, honey!" she gurgled. "Do that to me! Ram it into me hard that way!"

She held her crotch up. Billy fucked up and down, slapping against the puffy lips of his mother's cunt. The force of it made her tits shake.

"More! More!" she hissed.

Billy fucked into his mother's cunt as she squatted atop him, the moist slaps loud in the roam. He watched her tits jiggle from the force, and Joan released them so he could watch. She was delighted that she could provide this ecstasy for him, and herself, of course.

"Let me," she hissed.

She placed her hands on each side of his hand, and began to bounce her cunt up and down his cock. Billy lay rigid, watching his mother's tits swing above his face, then looking down to her cunt fucking up and down on his cock.

"Oh, so good, darling!" Joan grunted as she slammed her cunt up and down, bruising the tender lips of her cunt. "I love that cock, Billy! God, how I love your hard cock! I'm fucking you, baby! Mother is fucking your sweet, hard cock! Mother's cunt is going to eat your cock up! I'm going to make your cock came, squirt that sweet juice in me!"

Her gown was around her waist, her tits exposed, swinging above his face. She bounced her ass up and down wickedly, making delighted moans. She fucked him fast, then slowed down, screwing her cunt along the throbbing hard cock shaft.

"Fuck me, Mom!" Billy grunted. "Fuck my cock! You have such a hot, wet cunt, Mom!"

"Yes, I do," she gurgled. "Mother's cunt is yours, baby, all yours. Fuck mother's cunt! Fuck mother's cunt with your sweet, hard prick!"

She held her ass up and let her son bang up and down, fucking her swiftly, jiggling the tight cheeks of her ass.

"Ohhhh, fuck me that way! Fuck me, fuck me real hard and fast, darling! Oooo, drive that precious cock in me... split me from belly button to asshole!"

Billy pounded his cock up and down hard, making his mother grunt from the force. He peered between them, watching his cock fuck into his mother's cunt. The wet slapping sounds excited them both.

"Oh, yes!" she squealed. "Bang me, fuck me! You're going to make me come, darling! Ohhh, yes, make me come. Your, cock is so hard, and it goes so deep. Make mother come! Ohhhhh, God, you are going to make me come!"

She screamed as her orgasm boiled over, making her cunt contract tightly around his throbbing cock. The squeezing sensations brought a groan from Billy, his eyes rolling in his head. His balls tightened at the base of his cock. He kept fucking into his mother's convulsing cunt, and she held her ass up as he fucked into her. The orgasm ran from her head to toes. Her eyes popped open in delighted surprise as she felt the series of orgasms burning through her. She came hard, very hard, almost painfully so. But Joan wanted it to keep on, never stop. She began to shake violently and, with a wild screech, rammed her cunt down hard, driving his naked ass into the mattress, grinding wildly and furiously on his still-hard cock.

"Come with me!" she screamed. "Come with mother!"

But Billy didn't come.

He wanted to come, badly, but his cock remained hard as his mother began to fuck her contracting cunt up and down it. He shoved his hands behind her, grabbing at her grinding ass cheeks, fucking his cock into her gripping cunt. When his fingers squeezed at her shaking ass, Joan screamed as a very powerful orgasm shot through her.

"Hold my ass!" she screamed. "Ohhhh, hold mother's fucking ass! I can't stop coming, Billy! Squeeze my ass tight!"

One of her tits touched her son's mouth, and Billy began sucking at it hungrily. He dug his hands into his mother's tight ass, his fingers spreading the ass checks. Joan groaned with mindless ecstasy and twisting her ass, felt a finger stab against her asshole. This triggered a harder orgasm, and she pressed her cunt tightly onto his cock.

"Oh, God, oh, God!" Joan screamed time and again, her orgasms shattering her body, her nerves.

It seemed a long time before she calmed down and rested her weight on him. Her cunt held a tight grip about his hard cock. She pressed her tits into his face, giggling in a lewd way. She felt one of his fingers rubbing lightly at the tightness of her asshole.

"You didn't come," she said when her breath was almost normal. "Billy, you didn't come. Didn't you like it? Didn't I fuck you good, honey?"

"Mom, you fucked me great," he said.

"Then why didn't you come?"

"I don't know," he replied, stroking his fingertip up and down the crack of her ass. "I sure want to, though. My balls hurt, Mom..."

She lifted her head, and shoulders, looking into her son's eyes. A grin spread over her face.

"I bet I can make you come," she said. "I bet I know just what will make you come."

"What, Mom?"

"This, baby," she said, lifting her cunt from his cock and darting her tongue. She licked down at his chest, circling the tiny nipples. Her eyes seemed on fire as she watched his reaction. She lapped lightly across his chest, then downward to his stomach. She felt his cock brushing at her tits. With her hands, she closed her tits about his cock and moved them up and down, fucking him with her tits. "How does this feel?"

"Mmmmmm, Mom, it feels good!"

His cock was wet from her cunt, making it fuck easily between her tits. She felt the cock head probe at her chin, and with a soft, lewd giggle, dipped her head and kissed the tip of his cock as it came from her tits. She slipped her tongue out and tasted the piss hole, tasted the beading juices.

"Mmmm, nice," she whispered, sliding her body between his legs until her face hovered above his cock. She squeezed his cock at the base, bringing up more juices. She lapped her tongue back and forth on his piss hale, her other hand cradling his hairless balls. "You have a sweet taste, baby."

Billy lifted his cock, pressing the cock head against his mother's lips.

"Mmmm, I know what you're trying to do," she said. "You want to fuck my mouth, baby? Is that what you want to do... fuck mother in the mouth?"

Billy nodded, his eyes bright.

"You like that, do you?" she asked, wondering, but not asking, where he had gotten that idea.

Again Billy nodded, Joan drew back, looking at his cock. It was glistening with wetness from her cunt. She shoved her tongue out, touching the throbbing base. She tasted the juices of her cunt. Running the flat surface of her tongue up his cock shaft to the cock head, she moaned with pleasure. Pursing her lips, she kissed the tip of her son's cock, and Billy lifted his ass. The round cock head moved between Joan's lips. She closed her lips behind the smooth prick head, her tongue licking across his piss hole, and she began to suck.

Billy grunted in delight. "Oh, that feels so good, Mom!" he moaned.

Joan sucked hard, her tongue swirling about the dripping piss hole. His cock tasted very hot and sweet between her lips.

Joan had licked cunt before, when she was very young, and had just a few days ago been sucked by that pretty girl in the doctor's office, but she had never sucked a cock completely off. She'd had a cock in her mouth before, but had stopped sucking before the man came. The idea of her son squirting jism into her mouth seemed exciting.

She lifted her mouth from his cock, and when Billy lifted and tried to put it back, she giggled, pressing his hips down.

"Don't be so eager," she teased. "You aren't going to come in my mouth, are you?"

"I might, Mom," he said, his voice thick. "I might not be able to let you know in time."

Joan giggled again, a very lewd sound. "If you do, you do," she said. "I think I'd rather have you come in my mouth than in my face, anyway."

"Mom, please, suck my cock!"

"You really want me to suck your cock, don't you, honey?"

"Yes, Mom!"

Joan felt a transformation coming over her, a very, very lewd feeling. She grinned up at him, rubbing the head of his dripping cock on her chin. "You know you're asking your mother to be a cock-sucker, don't you?"

"I know, Mom," he gasped.

She rubbed her cheek against his cock, smiling hotly at him. "Will you make me a cocksucker, darling? Will you turn you mother into a cock-sucker... your very own cocksucker?"

"Yes, Mom!" he grunted, wanting his cock back in her mouth.

"Will you make me your whore, Billy?"


"Make me your very own cock-sucker and whore? Make your mother anything you want her to be?"

"Mom, suck me!"

"Promise you'll make me your cock-sucker and whore, first," she teased, but meaning it, she knew. "And if I'm going to be your cocksucker, Billy, you have to come in my mouth. If I try to jerk away when you come, grab my head and force your cock down my throat. Make me take your come juice in my mouth! Please, darling, make me drink it!"

"I will! Mom, I will make you drink it!"

"Mmmm," Joan purred, closing her lips about his cock.

She knew she would have to have her son grab her head as he came, because she would jerk her mouth off his prick. And she wanted him to come in her mouth. The only way that would happen was if he held her mouth on his cock.

Her lips moved down his throbbing cock. The heat of his cock between her tight lips felt good, and as the cock head brushed her throat, she felt as if she would come again. She held his fucker deep in her mouth, her lips twisting about the base. She lifted his balls and pressed them at her chin. Billy, watching his mother's lips stretched about his cock, writhed his hips. Joan stared iota his young face, her eyes smoldering.

With a soft gurgle, she began sliding her lips up and down his cock, sucking and swirling her tongue. His cock seemed to fill her mouth, yet there was room for her lick, too. Each time she sucked upward, she held her lips tight, drawing on his cock hard. She moaned softly and began sucking up and down swiftly, fucking her mouth onto his prick. Billy moaned and twisted his hips, holding his mother's face in his hands.

Joan sucked eagerly on his cock, trying not to think about his coming off into her mouth. Billy held his mother's head still and pumped his cock up and down, fucking her mouth. Joan's eyes rolled with ecstasy, and she found her cunt was starting to boil again. Her clit swelled tightly. She drew her knees underneath her stomach, her ass in the air as she accepted her son's cock fucking into her mouth. Billy let her suck again, and Joan began sucking up and down his cock with a head-twisting frenzy.

Billy placed his hands on the back of her head, straining his cock up to her gobbling mouth. His balls were getting tighter, and he wanted to yell that he was about to come, but he couldn't warn his mother.

Just as he came, he rammed her mouth down on his cock, pressing at the back of her head.

Tasting the boiling come juice on her tongue, Joan almost choked. She tried to lift her mouth away, but her son was doing just as she had asked him; he held her head down tight, his cock gushing jism into her mouth. Joan tasted his come juice burning down her throat, her mouth filling. She couldn't breathe, and out of self defense, began to swallow the creamy thick come juice. Her tongue pressed his cock to the roof of her mouth, the come juice splashing at her throat.

Her cunt exploded.

She groaned wetly as she came, swallowing the creamy come juice from his squirting cock. She still held his balls, feeling them writhe as they emptied into her mouth. Her cunt seemed to be melting with the powerful orgasm, her naked ass swaying from side to side.

Finally, Billy's cock finished. She clung to his prick with her lips, reluctant to let go. She felt his cock slowly go soft in her mouth, and then she let it go. Her lips glistened wetly when she grinned up at him. She nuzzled her mouth and chin into his cock and balls.

"Oh, God," she whimpered. "You made me do it, Billy! You made me swallow your come juice! And... ooooo, it was so good! I'll suck your cock off anytime, and swallow that sweet come juice! It made me come, honey."

"Do I always have to make you swallow it now, Mom?" he asked.

"Mmmmm, only if you want to," she purred. "I'll swallow your jizz by myself from now on. Ooooo, it was so sweet, Billy! I loved it when you came in my mouth!"

She scooted up and wrapped her arms about his body, holding him tightly against her tits. She tossed a long thigh over his hip.

"Let's sleep now," she whispered. "And when we wake up, I'm going to suck your cock off again."

She rested a tit near his mouth, and Billy sucked and licked her tit until they both fell asleep.


Once more in the waiting room, Joan found it difficult to look the pretty receptionist in the face.

As before, she was the only one waiting; all others had gone. Billy was with Doctor Nancy, and Joan found herself a little nervous. The girl smiled knowingly at her every time Joan glanced up. Joan had noticed the girl had kept her knees together while Billy was there, but now that her son was with the doctor, she began flashing herself at Joan.

At first, Joan tried to keep her eyes away, but found her interest growing strong. When she looked under the desk, the girl had slipped her skirt high, as she had that first time. The triangle of her cunt hair seemed to glisten, drawing Joan's eyes. The girl traced a fingertip up and down her thighs, smiling wantonly at Joan.

Today, Joan wasn't wearing jeans. She wore a blouse and pink skirt, with a slit along the left thigh. She crossed her legs, the slit falling away to reveal an expanse of creamy flesh. She wondered how the pretty girl at the desk could be so bold as to go without panties. Her short, white uniform skirt could, accidentally, expose something. But then, the girl didn't seem to care if she did show her pussy. Joan wondered how many other women she had aroused in this fashion, how many other mothers she had seduced.

The pretty girl was gazing hungrily at Joan. As had happened before, Joan's cunt was responding to those smoldering eyes, to the view of her succulent cunt. She felt a rippling sensation flow from her cunt, outward, along the inner surface of her thighs, up her flat stomach. The crotch of her lacy panties became moist, then very wet. Her own fingers started sliding the hem of her skirt over a thigh, guided by the sudden flare of passion and not bet mind.

"You're the most beautiful woman I've met," the girt said in a throaty voice.

Joan hardly heard. The girl had parted her knees wide beneath the desk, and was unabashedly rubbing her fingertip along the lips of her hairy cunt, stroking her clit.

"Pull your skirt all the way up," the girl whispered. "Show me what a pretty cunt you have."

Joan, feeling as if she were dreaming, slipped her skirt high, uncrossing her legs. The girl saw the lacy panties, and made a soft hissing sound. She thrust her finger into her cunt and openly finger-fucked herself, her eyes burning as Joan parted her own knees. The creamy flesh of Joan's thighs above the nylons sent shivers of anticipation through the pretty receptionist.

"Beautiful, Joan," the girl murmured, fucking her finger in and out of her cunt. "Pretty panties, too. Why don't you pull them open, let me see that fuzzy pussy?"

Joan slipped a finger into the crotch of her panties, pulling it from her cunt. Her gaze burned beneath the desk. She could see the wetness clinging to the girl's finger as it fucked in and out of her hairy cunt.

"You look wet, Joan," the pretty girl whispered; "Your cunt looks so wet!"

Joan slipped her ass forward on the plastic chair, her emotions whirling, her hand sliding up and down the side of a cunt lip. The tingling sensations rippling through her body grew into hot waves of pleasure.

Watching the girl fucking her finger in and out of her pussy, Joan began to rub lightly at her own clit. She wondered what the girl would say if she knew about the past week, that she was fucking her own son. It had started with this pretty girl, and it was happening again. The appeal of this girl was powerful, and Joan couldn't resist her. There was something about her that made Joan want to indulge in wild, orgiastic games, to touch her, to feel her, to kiss her body, to... lick her pretty cunt.

As if understanding Joan's thoughts, the girl stood up and, holding her white skirt to her waist, began to come toward Joan. Joan's eyes were riveted upon the thick hair of the girl's cunt, on those long, slender thighs. Joan scooted her ass over the edge of her plastic chair, her legs as wide as possible. Her hips moved up and down as she rubbed at her inflamed clit, her eyes burning at the girl's cunt.

The girl stood between Joan's thighs, her hips twisting.

Joan's hand moved toward the girl. She was breathing heavily and noisily, soft whimpers bubbling from her throat. She ran her hands through the mass of cunt curls, between the girl's thighs. She felt the wet head of the girl's cunt and pressed her palm into it.

"Oooooo," Joan murmured, rubbing at her own cunt and feeling of the girl's cunt at the same time.

"Nice, isn't it, Joan?" the girl responded in a sultry voice.

"You're very wet," Joan whispered, rubbing her palm back and forth until her hand was slippery with the juices of the girl's cunt. "So very wet."

The girl stepped up on the plastic chairs, straddling Joan's legs. Joan gazed with hot eyes at the bushy cunt now so close to her face. She ran her tongue over her dry lips. The girl ran her hands through Joan's hair, gently urging Joan's face closer to her face as the girl's hips arched. She pulled her hands from the two cunts and placed them on the girl's naked hips. The flesh seared her palms as she stroked up and down, feeling the slim thighs, the round hips, then around to cup the tightness of the girl's rounded ass. She inhaled the sweet scent of the girl's wet cunt. It had been many long years since she had smelled a cunt other than her own. The scent made her mind spin, and the desire to press her face between those smooth thighs was very strong.

The girl, looking down at Joan, gently pulled her head forward. Joan felt the curling hairs tickle her nose and lips and chin, then the girl pressed her cunt downward. Joan's lips made contact with the wet cunt, and her breath caught in her throat. She held the girl's ass cheeks in her hands, and with a wild growl, pulled. Her face smashed into the girl's cunt, and her lips opened, her tongue darting. The wet taste seemed to blister her lips and tongue as it swirled around the girl's distended clit.

"Ooooooooo that's good, Joan!" the girl mewled, twisting her hips and grinding her cunt into Joan's mouth. "Mmmmmmm, kiss it for me... kiss my wet, hot cunt!"

Joan, her mind whirling with lust, sucked at the hairy lips of the girl's cunt, drawing juices from her pussy. Her tongue flicked and darted. Her fingers tightened on the smooth ass cheeks, squeezing, pulling the wet pussy tightly into her face. She snapped her tongue forward, delving it into the fiery heat of the girl's pussy, fucking the girl with her tongue. Her nose was buried into the thick mass of cunt hair, her fingers digging into the hotness of the girl's ass. She sucked and licked almost frantically, drawing the juices from the girl's cunt and swallowing while her mouth filled. She rolled and twisted her own ass, her cunt burning and tingling delightfully. She opened and closed her thighs, scissoring them pressuring her throbbing, knotted clit. She lapped wetly at the girl's grinding cunt, pulling the hairy crotch as tightly as she could get into her face. He mouth opened as wide as she could get it, her tongue fucking in and out of those wet, twitching cunt lips.

"Mmmmm, suck my pussy, Joan!" the pretty girl squealed. "Suck me! Oh, shove your tongue deep, Joan! Tongue-fuck my pussy! Oh, baby, you're good! Fuck me with your tongue! Oooooo, ram it to me!"

Joan's tongue fucked swiftly in and out, feeling the girl's cunt contracting sweetly about it. She was sure the girl's cunt sucked at her tongue.

The girl was straddling Joan's face now, leaning against the wall above Joan's head. She bent her knees slightly, squatting into Joan's face. Her ass twisted and writhed as her cunt pressed into Joan's sucking mouth. Joan ran her hands up and down the backs of the girl's thighs, over her ass checks, felt the heat in the ass crack. Her own hips writhed aster legs scissored open and closed. The excitement boiling through Joan was intense, almost unbearable. She ran the flat surface of her tongue back and forth, licking the girl's puffy cunt. She licked at the flesh between the girl's cunt and asshole, fucking her tongue into the pussy hungrily. Feeling the girl's body trembling, hearing her sobs of ecstasy, Joan gripped the girl's ass cheeks again, digging her fingers between them, squeezing hard. She opened and closed the girl's rounded ass, her tongue fucking in and out of the cunt as fast as she could move it. At the same time, she sucked with her lips. The girl's cunt was so wet that Joan's face became slippery.

"Qooooo, Joan!" the girl sobbed, shaking her ass. "I'm going to come! Ohhh, stab my cunt, fuck my cunt! You're going to make me come, baby!"

Joan went at the girl's cunt with a frenzy, sucking and fucking as hard as she could. She clung to the tight cheeks of the girl's ass, squeezing powerfully, pulling the seeping cunt into her face hard, trying to devour the girl. The harder she sucked, the more pussy juice she got in her mouth.

With a muffled scream, the girl came.

Joan felt the lips of her cunt contact tightly about her buried tongue. She gave a whining sound and sucked as hard as she could, her tongue fucking in and out. She released the girl when she felt her knees bending.

The girl squatted into Joan's lap. She held Joan's face, gazing into her eyes, then pressed her lips to Joan's. The kiss was gentle and tender, but grew hot and demanding. When the girl thrust her tongue into Joan's mouth, Joan began sucking it greedily, hugging the girl against her swollen tits.

"You're good, Joan," the girl whispered as she pulled her tongue out. "You're very good."

"Did you know that?"

"I was hot, that's all," Joan said.

"Sure, you were hot," the girl replied, squirming her cunt into Joan's lap. "But you licked me as if you know how, not like some amateur."

"I've only done that once before, a long time ago," Joan admitted. "I was just a teenager."

"Still, you're good."

The girl stepped from Joan's lap. She looked down between Joan's thighs, grinning. "Did you come?"

Joan nodded, wondering why she felt embarrassed. Not ashamed, just embarrassed. She had come, but it was mild and not nearly as satisfying as fucking her son.

The girl leaned over, licking her tongue across Joan's lips, then her face. "I taste pretty good," she said, grinning, then turning.

She held her white uniform skirt about her waist as she moved back to her desk, her naked ass swaying. Joan ran her tongue over her lips again as she gazed at the girl's round, sweet ass cheeks. She was still aroused, wanting her son's cock inside her cunt. She remained as she had been, ass hanging over the plastic chair, legs open. The crotch of her panties was caught on one fuzzy lip of her cunt.

Inside Doctor Nancy's office, Billy lay on the examination table. He was naked, and his cock jutted up in full hardness. Doctor Nancy stood at his side, moving her hand up and down his cock.

Doctor Nancy was excited by what he had told her about his mother. She was especially excited because Billy had fucked his mater. She had not expected that. All she had expected was to hear him describe his mother's body, how she played with her tits and cunt and ass.

This revelation excited her tremendously. She had urged young boys to peek at their mothers before, but none had ever said they fucked their mother.

"Is your mother's cunt nice and hot, Billy?" she asked the boy in a husky voice, sliding her fist up and down his prick, squeezing it, making the cock head bulge. "Did she get real wet?"

Billy nodded, gazing at her exposed tits. "You promised me, Doctor Nancy," he reminded her. "You said I could fuck you if I did what you wanted."

"I did promise you, didn't I?" Doctor Nancy whispered, looking at his cock, seeing his piss hole gleam with seeping juice. She leaned down and ran the tip of her tongue across his piss hole, lapping up the juices. "I always keep my promises, honey."

Stepping back from the examining table, she opened her smock all the way, slipped it from her shoulders and draped it over the chair. She was tall and slender, but with thrusting tits and round hips. The hair of her cunt was very thick, thicker than his mother's. Her eyes were bright as she pulled Billy from the table.

"Fuck me this way, Billy," she mewled, leaning over the table, arching her ass upward. She spread her feet apart on the floor. Resting her head and shoulders on the table, Doctor Nancy cupped the cheeks of her ass, pulling them wide apart. "I like fucking this way, Billy."

Billy, behind the doctor, stared at the hairy cunt that pooched from between her thighs, the pucker of her asshole. His cock lurched up and down as he gazed at the woman.

"Come on, Billy," Doctor Nancy urged, waging her naked ass at him. "I'm ready for you, for your hard cock. Fuck me this way, baby."

Billy moved up behind the doctor's ass. He held his cock at the base. He pressed his prick against her hairy cunt the swollen cock head slipped between the lips of Doctor Nancy's wet cunt.

"No, not there, Billy," Doctor Nancy said, pulling away from him before his cock entered her cunt. "Here. I want you to fuck me here."

Looking down at her ass, he saw the doctor rubbing a fingertip about her tight-looking asshole.

"There?" he asked, surprised.

"Yes," Doctor Nancy whispered huskily. "It feels so good in my ass. I love a hard cock up my asshole, Billy. I love it so much, that's the only way I'll fuck. You do want to fuck me in the ass, don't you?"

"I never fucked that way before," Billy said, his voice cracking with excitement. "Won't that hurt you, Doctor Nancy?"

"It won't hurt me," she said hotly, wiggling her ass as she rubbed her finger against her asshole. "I love it too much."

Billy was too excited to turn it down. At the moment, his cock was throbbing so hard, he didn't care where it went.

Doctor Nancy shoved a hand between her thighs, grasping his cock. She rubbed his cock tip about her asshole. Purring with the feel of his cock against her asshole, she pulled her hand away and gripped the cheeks of her ass, pulling them wide open for him. She lifted her ass, pressing back against him. Billy held the doctor's hips, his eyes huge as he looked down, seeing his cock pressing inward.

"Oooooo, lovely," Doctor Nancy groaned as more pressure was exerted upon the tightness of her burning asshole. "Press hard, Billy! Press as hard as you can... your cock will go in!"

Billy pressed, watching her asshole sink inward. With a quick lunge, the head of his cock burst past the right ring of Doctor Nancy's asshole, bringing a wild squeal from her.

"Ohhhh, yes!!"

Billy's cock fucked deep, his balls smashed against the doctor's fiery, wet cunt. Doctor Nancy clung to the cheeks of her ass, keeping them spread wide for the boy.

"Fuck that asshole, Billy!" Doctor Nancy urged, twisting her naked ass for him. "Fuck it hard, Billy! Ohhhh, a cock up my ass is so good! Fuck me, baby... fuck my asshole, fuck it hard!"

Billy plunged his cock back and forth, watching the doctor's asshole clutch his cock. The faster he fucked her, the more Doctor Nancy gurgled and squealed. The ring of her asshole held his cock tightly, clutching it in fiery heat. The harder and faster he fucked, the wilder Doctor Nancy became. She gritted her teeth, never turning loose of her ass cheeks, keeping them wide so she could feel Billy's cock going deep.

Billy, panting with effort, leaned over her back, his hips working. He grabbed Doctor Nancy's dangling tits, squeezing them hard as his cock fucked in and out of her burning asshole.

"Oooo, yes, Billy!" she screeched. "Pull on my tits! Squeeze my tits! Squeeze my tits and lick my ass!"

Billy was gasping against the creamy flesh of Doctor Nancy's naked back, his hands digging brutally into her full tits. His ass churned back and forth, fucking his cock up her asshole, beating his balls upon her fiery, dripping cunt. Hot pussy juices seeped from Doctor Nancy's cunt, running along the insides of her thighs. She twisted and thrashed her ass about, driving it back to meet the forward lunges of his cock. She whimpered and wailed, screamed and gasped. His cock throbbed between the gripping ass ring. Doctor Nancy shivered and trembled with ecstasy.

"Ohhhh, I'm going to come, Billy!" Doctor Nancy gasped, whipping her ass around. "Your cock fills my asshole so good! I'm about to come! My cunt... is going to come! My asshole is going to come! Fuck my... fuck my hot asshole faster and harder!"

The orgasm that went through her body sent searing waves of delicious heat from her asshole, over Billy's cock. Her asshole gripped his cock so hard, he could no longer fuck. The rippling contractions at the base of his cock were too much for Billy.

He lifted his head from her back, still clutching her tits. Doctor Nancy's asshole began sucking his cock, drawing on it as her exploding orgasm sent her cunt into convulsions. Billy couldn't stop the thrilling flow of his come juice. He gushed jism, sending squirt after squirt of thick come juice into Doctor Nancy's hungry, greedy asshole. The dreamy come juice drenched her ass guts, sending Doctor Nancy into a more powerful, more ecstatic, orgasm. Her asshole sucked at his cock, draining the come juice out of his young balls.

"Give it all to me!" Doctor Nancy shrieked. "Ohhh, Billy, spurt all that sweet come juice up my fucking asshole! I love it! God, I love a cock squirting up my hot asshole!"

Billy slumped across Doctor Nancy's back, gasping from the exertion. His cock was still up her ass, and Doctor Nancy made it squeeze his cock.

"Mmmmm, I hate to say it," she whispered, "but you've got to take it out of me now, Billy."

Billy pulled his shrinking cock from Doctor Nancy's asshole. Doctor Nancy stood, her legs shaking. She held her ass, grinning down at Billy, eyes shining.

"You're wonderful, Billy. I've never had my ass fucked so nicely before."

She dropped to her knees, wrapping her arms about his naked ass, pressing her face into his cock and balls. Billy was surprised when Doctor Nancy pulled his cock, and his balls, into her mouth. She sucked tenderly, then released him.

"You better get dressed now," Doctor Nancy said, pulling her smock on. "Your mother might wonder what's taking so long. Would you fuck your mother in the ass, Billy?"

"If she wanted me to," he replied.

"Why don't you give it a try?" Doctor Nancy urged. "I bet your mother would love it."

"You want me to tell you about it again?" he asked.

"Oh, yes, Billy," Doctor Nancy said. "I want you to tell me everything you and your mother do."

"Sure, Doctor Nancy," Billy agreed. "Do I get to fuck you each time I come here?"

"Of course, honey," Doctor Nancy said. "But only in my ass, remember? And I'll always suck that pretty cock off."

Billy, dressed, couldn't resist a quick feel of the doctor's now-concealed tits.

"You'll wrinkle my smock," she said, removing his hands.

Billy, grinning impishly, shot his hand under her smock and grabbed a feel of her cunt. Doctor Nancy squealed and jerked away.

"You're so fucking horny," she giggled. "Just the way I like you, Billy."


Doctor Nancy opened the office door.

Joan jumped.

She had still been sitting with her skirt around her waist, legs wide open. She clamped her legs together and jerked her skirt down guiltily.

But Doctor Nancy had seen, and she grinned at Joan. Billy slipped from behind Doctor Nancy and glanced at the pretty girl behind the desk. He had not seen his mother's exposure.

Joan, with her face burning with embarrassment, noticed a wink pass between Doctor Nancy and the pretty receptionist. There was something strange going on here.

Getting to her feet, she smoothed her pink skirt over her hips and thighs. The girl behind the desk had flashed her cunt quickly at Joan.

"Everything is fine with Billy," Doctor Nancy said as she walked to Joan. "He's an excellent specimen. Healthy as a horse."

"That's good to hear," Joan replied, struggling to keep her voice normal.

"Still, I'd like to see him every week for a while," Doctor Nancy said.

"But if he's okay..."

"I'm still checking certain reflexes," Doctor Nancy said, close to Joan. "I'm sure you understand." She placed her hand on Joan's ass, slowly stroking it. "Besides, it's a real pleasure to find a boy so healthy."

Doctor Nancy's hand slipped off Joan's arm, resting on her hip. Joan felt a warm heat on her face when the doctor stroked her hips, and then, with a soft laugh, patted Joan's ass. It was part pat and part caress.

"There isn't any reason you have to come along every time," Doctor Nancy said softly. Then she looked at her receptionist. "That is, if you don't want to."

"I don't mind," Joan said. She glanced under the table where the pretty girl sat, seeing the hair of her pussy. Billy, near the exit door was looking at the girl, too, his eyes huge and hot. "Your... she's nice, and we always have a good... Visit."

"Wonderful," Doctor Nancy said. "Gail is so good with mothers who have to wait so long."

Her hand was still on Joan's ass, and it moved again, feeling softly, gently. Joan glanced at her son to see if he was noticing. His eyes remained on the girl at the desk.

"When should I bring Billy back?" Joan asked, aware of the huskiness of her own voice.

"Anytime," Doctor Nancy said. "You don't need to make any appointments."

Joan gasped.

Doctor Nancy had squeezed the cheek of her ass.

In the car on the way home, Joan thought about what was happening. Not only did Gail, the pretty receptionist, seem to be after her ass, but she was quite sure Doctor Nancy wanted it, too. She wasn't sure how she felt about this, except she knew there was an anxious burning between her thighs.

Billy, squirming in the seat, seemed excited. She looked at him, her eyes going to the front of his pants. "What's wrong with you, darling? Why can't you sit still?"

"Mom, I gotta tell you," he said. "About Doctor Nancy."

A tremor shot through Joan. "What about her?"

"She sucked me off," Billy said bluntly. "She sucked my cock off, Mom."


"The last time we were there, and today she had me fuck her, but in her ass."

"Doctor Nancy had you fuck her in her ass?" Billy nodded, grinning. "She wanted me to peek at you and tell her what you did. You know, if you played with your pussy and all that."

"I wonder why?" Joan said, frowning as she drove. Remembering the caressing hand of the doctor on her ass, the playful squeeze, she thought she knew what was happening, but wasn't sure.

"Is it okay if I fuck her, Mom?"

Joan looked thoughtful for a moment, "If she wants you to fuck her ass, do it. I won't be jealous."

"I just had to tell you, Mom," Billy said, scooting across the seat and moving his hand beneath her pink skirt to feel her leg. "I don't wanna do anything you'd dislike."

Joan placed her hand on top of her son's, pulling it up her thigh and fucking his fingers between her legs. "That won't make me mad, baby," she said. "If Doctor Nancy wants it up the ass, give it to her."

Billy tilted his face up, kissing his mother's neck. "You're the best mother in the world."

Joan laughed, pleased. "Maybe so, but at least, I'm also the fuckingest mother in the world!"

Laughing with her, Billy pressed his hand into his mother's crotch. Her cunt was hot and felt good, even through the crotch of her panties.

"You like feeling of that cunt, don't you, Billy?" she said in a soft voice.

"Oh, yes, Mom," he gurgled, rubbing her pussy.

Joan slipped a hand from the steering wheel to his lap. "I hope you have enough hard-on for me."

"I'll always have a hard-on for you, Mom," he replied, snuggling closer to her.

Joan managed to open her son's pants. She lifted his cock free, delighted to find it half hard. She pumped her fist up and down, bringing his cock to full hardness. The throbbing of his prick sent her cunt into rippling pleasure against his palm.

"Inside my panties, baby," she said huskily. "Feel me up inside my panties."

Billy worked his hand into his mother's panties, feeling the soft pussy hair, then the moist cunt lips. Joan's cunt lips were puffy and hot. He stroked her clit, trying to twist it. Joan whimpered softly, wiggling her ass on the seat. She drove very carefully, keeping her eyes on the road.

"Oh, Billy!" she crooned. "I can hardly wait to get home. I want your cock so badly!"

Billy had shoved his other hand underneath his mother's ass, making her sit on it. He wormed a finger past her panties and into her cunt, fucking it in and out as his other hand massaged her swollen clit.

Hardly realizing it, Joan pulled the car into an alley, braking near a pile of cardboard boxes. Turning the motor off, she twisted to face her son. Her pink skirt was high, his hands under it. She gazed with burning eyes at his cock, her fist puffing on his hard-on.

"It was up Doctor Nancy's ass," she whispered. "In her ass... fucking her."

She squeezed his cock, making a bead of liquid form on his piss hole. She sucked in a deep breath, and without another word, dipped her face downward. Her tongue swept about the smooth cock head, licking away the beading juices. She inhaled a slight, yet somehow clean sexual odor on his cock.

Trying to visualize her son's cock fucking in and out of Doctor Nancy's asshole, Joan closed her lips about her son's cock, sucking on it with light lips. The odor clung to him, making her senses reel as she gobbled his cock deep into her mouth.

Billy moaned and scooted his ass forward on the seat of the car, giving his mother room to suck his cock. Joan pressed her lips at the base, the smooth head of his cock pressing at the back of her throat. She made purring sounds as her tongue lapped at the hard, throbbing cock shaft. She wasn't sure she could actually taste the skit of Doctor Nancy's asshole or not, but her vivid imagination made her think she did.

Shifting on the seat of the car, Joan drew her knees beneath her body, arching her ass upward. Billy shoved a hand down his mother's back as she sucked up and down on his cock. He drew her pink skirt up and over her pantied ass. While his mother sucked his cock, he caressed the lacy seat, then slipped his hand under the elastic at the waist. The smooth heat of his mother's ass, excited him as much as her mouth was exciting his cock. He stroked her ass cheeks, slipping a finger along the hot ass crack.

Joan mewled and wiggled her uplifted ass.

"Mmmmmm, baby, baby," she murmured, nuzzling his cock. "Your prick tastes so fucking good! Was it really up Doctor Nancy's ass?"

"Yes, Mom."

"Ohhhh, wonderful? Stick your finger in my ass, Billy," she purred, licking about his cock.

"If she can take it up the ass, so can your mother. Go ahead, honey, ram your finger up my asshole."

Billy pressed the tip of his middle finger against his mother's tight asshole. Joan whimpered with the pressure, and swallowed his cock again, making hungry sounds. She relaxed the tightness of her asshole, and Billy's finger slipped in. She felt her asshole stretching about his finger, feeling it go deeper. The sensation of a finger in her ass sent ripples of perverse pleasure flowing through her. She gripped his cock with tight, hot, wet lips, sucking greedily and waving her uplifted ass. While Billy fingerfucked her asshole. The unusual sensation felt good to her, and the more Billy fucked his finger up her asshole, the more she sucked at his cock. The throbbing heat of his prick between her lips and the dripping juices sent delicious explosions through her hairy cunt. With the orgasms twitching, it caused her whole to squeeze at his finger.

Billy didn't have to be told his mother was coming, and coming time and again. He felt it on his finger, the faster she sucked up and down on his cock. Her mouth seemed hotter than ever before on his prick. She had gotten a hand underneath his ass, the other moving up and down his thigh as she sucked. Billy twisted and writhed beneath her face, grunting softly.

"Mom, you're gonna get a mouthful," he moaned, his balls drawing up tightly in his pants. "You're gonna get a mouthful of come juice!"

"Mmmmmm," she moaned, sucking frantically, her throat burning for the creamy sweetness of his young balls. Her tongue licked hungrily. She fucked her uplifted ass on his finger, her cunt convulsing in stronger waves of orgasm.

Billy arched upward, trying to fuck his cock down his mother's throat. Joan felt the increased throbbing of his cock with her lips, and made muffled squealing sounds. She knew he was about to come before he said anything. She drew her lips up, clutching his hard cock just behind the cock head with them. Her tongue flapped wickedly across his piss hole.

The creamy juice of his balls erupted, gushing into her mouth hotly. Again Joan squealed, feeling the thick come juicy splash at the back of her throat. She swallowed hungrily, sucking very hard, her lips slipping up on the round head of his cock until they just barely covered his fizz spewing piss hole. She sucked very, very hard as he came into her mouth, filling it. A final orgasm boiled through her, and her ass swung from side to side as Billy kept fucking his finger into her tightening asshole.

Joan clung to her son's cock until she was certain there would be no more of that sweet, creamy come juice. She licked her tongue across his piss hole, sucking up what jism might be left there. When she lifted her face, Billy withdrew his finger out of her asshole. Sitting back on her heels behind the steering wheel, she grinned wickedly at him, her long legs beautiful.

"That cock is going up my ass when we get home, Billy," she said eagerly. "If Doctor Nancy can fuck it with her ass, then I can, too."

Billy grinned, feeling good. Leaving his cock sticking out of his pants, he rested a hand on his mother's thigh as she drove the car. Joan had not bothered to pull her pink skirt down, not caring about her exposure.

The car had hardly stopped in the drive when Joan and Billy were out of it, running for the door. Her skirt had caught on her panties, and her long legs flashed in the bright sunlight. Billy's cock swung to and fro as he ran.

Inside the house, Joan began tearing at her pink skirt, in a rush to get it off. Billy watched, his cock starting to stand up once again. His ability to get hard so quickly after coming off was a constant source of amazed pleasure for his mother.

"Get out of your fucking clothes!" she hissed hotly, sliding her panties down in a rush. "You're going to fuck me in the ass, honey, just like you fucked Doctor Nancy's ass."

Billy was ripping his clothes off in a frenzy, staring with excitement at his mother, seeing her beautifully shaped tits, her long legs, the flash of her thick cunt hair as she peeled her lacy panties off. His cock lurched and stood up in proud hardness.

Standing upright, naked, her tits straining outward, Joan gazed at her son's hard-on, as if seeing it for the first time. The idea of getting her ass fucked sent a tremor of anticipation rippling through her. Quickly, she turned her back to him, dropping to her hands and knees. She waggled her shapely ass, looking over her shoulder.

"Now, Billy!" she urged. "Fuck mother up the ass now. Ooooo, I want your cock up my hot ass, honey. Come on, get down here and fuck your mother's ass!"

Behind her, Billy stood watching his mother shake her pretty ass for his enjoyment. He could see the hairs of her cunt between her long thighs, the winking invitation of her asshole. His mother's ass looked wonderful to him, squeezing and flexing. His cock lurched as he dropped to his knees behind her.

Joan mewled and pressed her head and shoulders to the carpet. She grabbed the cheeks of her creamy ass, pulling them as far apart as she could. Arching her ass up, she looked extremely lewd, offering her tight asshole to him eagerly.

"Shove it in!" Joan yelped, twisting her ass in a tight circle. "Shove your cock up mother's asshole! Ooooo, Billy, I want it in my hot ass!"

Billy pressed the head of his cock against his mother's tight asshole. The head of it seemed very hot. He rubbed the head of his cock about her asshole, feeling the smoothness in the crack of her ass. Joan whimpered with increasing yearning to feel his cock split her asshole open. Her fingers clawed at her ass cheeks, causing her asshole to almost pooch past them.

"Shove it in me!" she called hotly. "Don't play with it, darling! You can play with my asshole later... but right now I want you to shove it in me deep! Come on, Billy... rain your cock up mother's fucking asshole!"

Billy slammed forward recklessly. His mother wanted it fast and hard, and that was the way he gave it to her.

His cock fucked into her tight asshole.

Joan screamed.

If felt as if her son had sliced her asshole with a knife. A searing pain shot through her as his cock penetrated the tight heat of her asshole, a pain she had never experienced before. But it wasn't an unbearable pain. On the contrary, it was a pleasure-pain that thrilled her, sent her cunt into spasms of sensation. Billy held the head of his cock inside his mother's asshole, feeling the tightness, the boiling heat. It was Joan who moved.

She slowly pressed her ass back, taking her son's cock deeper into her asshole. Her asshole seemed stretched, and the more cock she pulled into it, the better the feeling became. She felt the urge to shit as his cock fucked deeper, but she knew it was his cock, that she didn't really have to shit.

"Ooooo, it's all the way up my ass, Billy!" she whined, feeling his balls smashing at her wet cunt. "It's a good thing you're not any bigger. I couldn't take another inch."

"You're tighter than Doctor Nancy," Billy hissed.

"I've never been fucked up the ass before, baby," she replied, twisting her ass with his cock buried deep. "You're the first. Your cock is the first to fuck my asshole, Billy."

On his knees, Billy looked down at his mother's ass. He could see the tight ass ring closing about the base of his cock. He gasped when his mother started to move forward, drawing the tight ring of her asshole on his prick. His balls writhed with pleasure as he watched. When she had only the cock head inside her asshole.

Joan paused, took a deep breath, and pushed her ass back. She gasped as his cock fucked deep again. Then, shivering with perverse ecstasy, Joan began to fuck her son with her asshole.

"Ooooo, that feels so good Billy!" she hissed, turning loose of her ass and clawing at the carpet. "So tight... so deep... so hard. Ohhhh, fuck me, darling! Help me... help mother fuck your cock... with my asshole! Fuck me, baby! Fuck my ass... fuck mother's asshole! Please, please, please fuck me in the ass!"

Billy's cock tingled and burned with the tight heat of his mother's asshole. He gripped her rounded hips, digging his fingers into her firm, smooth flesh. When he started ramming his cock back and forth, pounding his balls against her hairy, juicy cunt, fucking powerfully into the gripping asshole, Joan squealed and whimpered with hot ecstasy. Her naked nipples scraped at the carpet, and that felt good to her, too. Billy began to fuck his mother brutally, fucking his cock up her asshole swiftly. She was being scooted forward on the carpet, but her ecstasy was so great, she didn't know it.

Billy grunted loudly with his efforts, and his mother squealed and gurgled with pleasure. His balls slapped time and again at her juicy cunt, and Joan couldn't resist pushing a band between her thighs, grasping his balls, squeezing them, trying to cram his balls into her cunt. She might have managed that, but she was gripped in the steamy ecstasy of orgasm, her cunt opening and closing in spasms of joy. Although she wasn't aware of, her asshole sucking at her son's cock, Billy certainly was. He could feel his mother's asshole tightening and sucking at his cock with each fuck-thrust.

Each time Billy thrust his cock forward, Joan met it with a backward lunge of her ass. She began to scream as her orgasms increased in power. Her mind was whirling crazily, and her asshole was on fire.

"Ohhhh, I'm coming!" she screamed, the top of her head now rammed against the couch. "You're making mother come, darling! Making me come with your cock up my hot asshole! Ooooo, fuck that ass... fuck it hard! I love it, Billy! Your cock is so hard in my asshole! Stretch mother's asshole... fill it... come in mother's hot, tight, fucking asshole!"

"I will, Mom!" he grunted. "I will come in your fucking tight asshole! Now... now!"

"Yes!" she screeched, feeling his cock swell, then the hot gush of creamy come juice splashing far up her asshole. The sensation was fantastic, making her come harder than any other time. "Oh, God! Ohhhh, baby! I can feel it! I can feel you coming off in my ass! Ooooo, give it all to me... fill mother's hot asshole with sweet, sweet come juice!"

She pressed his tight balls hard against her convulsing cunt, moaning and screaming with ecstasy.

"That's it." Billy groaned, falling across his mother's back. "I'm finished, Mom."

He wrapped his arms about her, his fingers clawing at her tits. With a soft whimper, Joan spread out, pushing her feet back until her cunt was on the floor. The tip of Billy's cock was caught inside her asshole, and she squeezed it time and again, making soft sobbing sounds of perverse ecstasy.


Lying in bed, wrapped about her son, Joan thought she couldn't be happier.

Billy slept with his lips near one of her nipples, his breath feeling good on it. She caressed his back, running her hand down his back to cup one of his young ass cheeks. Billy's arm rested on her waist, and she moved it gently, so as not to awaken him, until she had his hand between her thighs. Cupping his fingers about her cunt, she pressed her thighs tight to keep his hand there. Looking down his body, she studied his young cock and balls. She wondered if it would be better when he had hair about those precious balls, at the base of his cock. With a little grin, she found she wished he would stay as young as he was, never have hair on his cock and balls.

She began to fondle her son, playing with his cock and balls gently, softly. Billy stirred in sleep, turning onto his stomach, his hand slipping from her cunt. Joan moved slowly until she was sitting up. She looked at her son, her eyes going up and down his nakedness. His ass was so small and young, it made her shiver with pleasure. Giggling softly, she felt the slight soreness of her asshole. But it was a good feeling, that soreness. She decided she enjoyed the feel of her son's hard cock in her asshole. She wasn't sure if she would like a bigger cock there, though. But that didn't matter. Joan had no intention of ever taking any cock into her asshole except her son's. She really wasn't interested in another cock at all.

Leaning down, she lightly pressed her lips to his ass, kissin it tenderly. Smiling, she stroked his ass cheeks with bath hands, touching him in feathery lightness. Curiously, she parted the checks of his ass, peering at the pucker of his asshole. Just below, she could see his sweet balls. The urge to kiss his ass came over her, and she leaned down, brushing her warm lips about the cheeks of her son's ass. Using the tip of her tongue, she lightly licked from ass cheek to ass check. He was slightly sweaty, adding to her pleasure. She lapped at the back of his smooth, hairless thighs, then up them to his ass again. Opening her lips wide, she pressed them to his ass cheek, sucking gently. Billy stirred, but didn't wake up.

Lifting her face a few inches, she watched his asshole, running her tongue about her lips. Again, curiously, she darted her tongue out and licked lightly along the crack of her son's ass. Shoving her tongue out as far as she could, she very lightly ran it from his balls and up into the crack of his ass. She tasted his asshole with the tip of her tongue. With her lips and tongue on his asshole, she gently squeezed his ass checks against her face. Her cunt began to burn, getting wet, her clit swelling.

Joan no longer was careful. The taste of his hot asshole on the tip of her tongue sent rippling pleasure through her. She pressed her tongue at his tight asshole, trying to penetrate it. Billy moaned, still asleep, and clenched the cheeks of his ass together. The heat of them against her cheeks sent a hot sensation through Joan. She parted her son's ass cheeks carefully, working her tongue about his asshole. She kissed his asshole, then pressed her lips around it, sucking on his ass. She felt Billy's asshole pucker, tighten, then relax.

"Ohhhh, Mom!" she heard him whisper.

"You're awake?" she said, her face still in his ass.

"Who could sleep when someone's licking their ass?" he moaned.

"You like it, darling?"

"Oh, yes, Mom!" Billy said, lifting his ass up. "I sure do like it."

"Mmmmm, sweet," Joan gasped, flicking her tongue at his asshole when he arched it into her face. Slipping a hand underneath him, she clutched his cock, jacking it.

Billy moaned in pleasure as his mother jacked on his cock, swirling her tongue about his asshole. He drew his knees under his body, sending his ass up and into his mother's face. Joan giggled with delight, kissing hotly at his tight asshole, swirling her tongue wickedly. She licked at his dangling balls, then up to his asshole again.

"Suck my asshole, Mom!" Billy groaned, pressing his ass into his mother's mouth. "Suck my asshole. Lick it, Mom. You're making my cock get hard!"

"Mmmmmmm, I sure am!" she mumbled, dipping her face to lick his dangling balls. She opened her mouth and took his balls inside, sucking gently, then letting them drop and tonguing upward to his asshole once again. She stiffened her tongue, pressing it tightly at his asshole.

"Ooooo, yes, Mom!" Billy groaned. "Stick your tongue up my ass! Oh, yes... shave your tongue up my asshole Mom?"

Cooing with delight, Joan pressed the tip of her tongue hard at the tightness. It slipped up her son's ass, and Billy grunted, ramming his ass into his mother's face. Joan began to dart her tongue back and forth, fucking into her son's asshole, her cunt bubbling with hunger. She jerked on his cock with a tight fist, tongue fucking him in his asshole, moaning softly as her passion swelled deep inside her twinkling cunt. She felt his balls on her chin, adding to the perversity of her ecstasy. Bringing her other hand up, she rubbed his precious balls about her chin, tongue-fucking him in his asshole, jacking his cock with the other hand.

Billy wiggled his ass, grunting in ecstasy. He writhed and twisted his ass into his mother's face, bringing gurgles of delight from her. Her tongue fucked in and out of his asshole, and it tightened and flexed around her tongue. She felt his cock swell and throb, his balls hot on her chin. She pumped her fist faster on his prick.

"Mom, you'll make me come!" Billy moaned. "Oh, your tongue up my asshole... jacking me off! You're gonna make me come so fucking much!"

Joan fucked her tongue in and out of his asshole, her fist squeezing his cock. She jacked him swiftly, breathing heavily as she tonguefucked him up the asshole. When she felt her son couldn't stand much more, knowing he would squirt jism across the bed at any time, she yanked her tongue out of his ass, twisting onto her back, and shoved her head between his thighs, her mouth quickly taking his cock into it.

"Ohhhh, Mom!" Billy gasped, and he began to fuck his cock up and down, pounding it into his mother's sucking mouth. Joan gripped his flexing ass checks, her head still, letting her son fuck her mouth as brutally as he wanted. His balls danced up and down on her chin, his cock fucking into her throat.

"I'm gonna fuck your mouth, Mom!" Billy yelped. "I'm gonna fuck you in your cocksucking mouth! I'm gonna come in your fucking mouth, Mom!"

Joan whimpered and gurgled as he fucked up and down, his cock blistering her tight, wet lips. She clung to his bouncing ass tight fingers. His cock swelled and throbbed, stretching her lips deliciously, sliding across her tongue and the roof of her mouth. She bent her knees, writhing her ass on the mattress, her cunt boiling. She opened her legs, then squeezed them tight, creating pressure on her inflamed clit.

"I'm gonna come, Mom!" Billy yelled, fucking her mouth faster and faster. "I'm gonna come in your cock-sucking mouth!"

Joan whimpered with hunger, keeping her lips tight. She squeezed her eyes closed, and gurgled wetly as the first gush of creamy, sweet come juice spurted from his cock. She closed her throat, letting her mouth fill with the most precious juices in the world. Squirt after squirt flooded her mouth until it was full. Still, she clung to his cock until she felt him lift free.

Then Joan swallowed her son's come juice.

But his cock was still hard above her face.

With a lewd gurgle, she shoved her son from her face, making him sprawl on his back. His cock jutted up beautifully as she scrambled about until she squatted over his cock. She pressed the cock head to her boiling cunt.

"Now you're going to get fucked, you little hard-cocked shit head," she said.

Billy thrust his cock up as his mother plunged her fiery cunt down. The moist slap seemed loud in the room, making them both giggle.

"Be still," she hissed. "You just let mother do all the work this time. I'm going to fuck your little cock off, baby. Mother's cunt is going to melt the skin on your sweet cock!"

She began to bounce up and down swiftly, gurgling in pleasure, fucking her cunt on his prick. Her tits danced lewdly as she clutched her knees, fucking up and down.

"Fuck me, Mom!" he shouted, shoving his hands to her bouncing ass. "Ride my cock with your wet, hot, hairy cunt!"

"That's what I'm doing!" she gasped, clutching her dancing tits with both hands, squeezing them, her hips jerking up and down, back and forth, fucking her pussy on his throbbing cock. "Mother is going to fuck the piss out of your hard cock!"

Billy gazed at his mother's cunt fucking up and down his prick. Each time she lifted, the fuck juices left on the cock shaft gleamed wetly. It thrilled him to see the hairy cunt lips bang onto the hairless base of his cock. He cupped the cheeks of her ass, but didn't hinder her movements. Joan slammed down onto his cock, grinding her cunt in tight, wet circles, mewling with the ecstasy.

Then, without telling her son what she was up to, she jerked her cunt from his prick, shoved a hand behind her ass and positioned his cock. Without hesitation, she lowered her ass, fucking his prick into the depths of her asshole.

"Ooooo, beautiful!" she hissed, feeling his cock deep inside her asshole. She pressed down hard on his cock, her cunt smearing his lower stomach. She made her asshole clench and relax about his cock, at the base. "I love the way your cock fills my hot fucking asshole, Billy! Mother is going to fuck your cock with her hot asshole!"

She began to lift and lower her hips, fucking him, making her asshole tight as possible. Billy grinned up at her, his eyes shining with wicked ecstasy. He drew a hand from her ass and shoved it to her hairy cunt, stiffening his middle finger. Joan found when she fucked down onto his cock with her asshole, his finger penetrated her boiling pussy.

"Ohhhh, yes, yes!" she yelped, grinding her asshole onto his cock, her cunt onto his finger. "That's so fucking good! Ooooo, baby, I'm fucking your finger... fucking your cock! Ahhhh, my asshole is on fire, my cunt is melting! I love it, Billy!"

She bounded up and down, fucking herself in the ass with his cock, his finger in her cunt. She smashed hard, grinding, whimpering, her shoulders back. She lifted her head to the ceiling, thrusting her shapely tits out as she clutched them.

"I'm coming!" she screamed, grinding frantically on his cock and finger. "Ohhhh, baby! Mother is coming so fucking hard!"

Billy could feel is mother's asshole and cunt squeezing his cock and finger. His balls became tight. He gripped the cheek of her ass, feeling her cunt soaking his other hand.

"I gotta come, Mom!" Billy shouted.

"Come!" she screamed back at him. "Ohhhh, come in me, baby! Come come... come, please!"

Billy fucked his cock into his mother's asshole. Joan felt his prick throb, then she screamed as a gush of boiling come juice spattered the walls of her asshole.

She twisted her ass hard on his cock, then shouted: "I want it in my cunt! Come in my hot cunt!"

She jerked her asshole off his jizz-spewing prick, caught a spurt on the tiny bit of flesh between her asshole and cunt, and rammed her hairy pussy onto his prick just as he came again. This time she fucked her cunt down hard, grinding, taking the rest of her son's thick come juice up her cunt. She screamed as her orgasms tightened and burned fiercely through her body.

She fell across her son's body, gasping and panting, the fiery pleasure still rippling through her. Billy caught one of his mother's tits with his mouth, sucking at it while he ran his hands about her quivering ass. Joan sobbed softly, so happy, so thoroughly satisfied, she could hardly stand it.

After a time, she lifted from him. His cock and balls glistened with the juices of her cunt and his jism. She flashed a wicked smile at him, and lowered her face, licking the fuck juices from his cock and balls. Taking his cock between her lips, she sucked it tenderly, her tongue licking lightly. She cleaned his crotch of fuck juices, then climbed out of bed.

She performed a wicked little dance, stroking her body, grinning down at him. "You've got it made, Billy. Did you know that?"

"What are you talking about, Mom?" "You're getting more ass than any boy your age should, and I do mean ass." She turned and waggled her shapely ass at him. "You fuck this ass, fuck this cunt, and this mouth. Besides that, you're getting ass from Doctor Nancy, too." She looked dawn at him. "Am I a better cock-sucker than she is? I don't mind if she fucks better with her asshole, but I'd rather be the best cock-sucker."

"You are, Mom," Billy said. "You're not lying to me, are you?" "Not about that, Mom," Billy laughed. "I might tell a little fib sometimes, but I wouldn't lie about that."

"You're a little shit head," she grinned. "You're telling me I'm the best cock-sucker because you think I won't do it anymore, right?"

"Wrong," be insisted. "You are better." Laughing with delight, Joan arched her ass at her son, wiggled it a few times. "Come on, let's take a bath and see about something to eat."

"You can eat this," he teased, cupping his cock and balls.

"I love to eat it, too," she said. "But it doesn't fill me up. Now get your ass out of bed and bathe with me."

She ran the tub with hot water, pouring in scented salts.

"Mom," he protested, "I'll smell like a girl." "Mmmmm, but think how sweet your ass will be," she teased as she stepped into the water. "I might want to suck it again, and a sweet smelling ass is delicious."

Billy climbed into the tub with his mother. "How many assholes you been eating, Mom?"

"Well, truthfully, only yours," she laughed.

She remembered sucking the pretty girl's cunt in Doctor Nancy's office, when her tongue had accidentally touched her tight asshole. It had been sweetly scented, but the more she thought about it, she found she preferred her son's asshole, with the slight odor of shit. The smell aroused her, made her cunt bubble with wet heat.

Billy cupped his mother's tits, playing with them. She searched beneath the water for his cock and balls. They spent more time feeling than washing, yet managed to soap each other. When Joan stood up in the tub to wash her cunt, Billy sat and watched.

Joan pulled the hairy lips of her pussy apart and whispered: "Want to taste this cunt, honey?"

Eagerly Billy slipped his tongue out as he moved his face to his mother's cunt. He fucked the tip on her clit, bringing mewls of delight from her. She grabbed the back of his head and pulled her mouth to her pussy. Billy sucked at her clit.

"Ooooo, tongue that cunt, baby!" she whimpered, grinding her pussy into his face. She moved forward until she was straddling her son's face, her thighs hot about his face. She gazed into his eyes as he lapped his tongue about her crotch, dipping it into her sweet cunt now and then, sucking at her inflamed clit. "Suck me, baby! Suck mother's cunt... ooooh, you eat me so good, Billy! Tongue-fuck it... run your tongue up mother's cunt and fuck it!"

Holding her son's head, she began to writhe and twist her crotch into his face. Sometimes his tongue was licking her hairy cunt, and sometimes it was lapping the tight pucker of her asshole. She whimpered softly as she slid her wet pussy and ass into his face.

"Does this make your cock hard, baby?" she hissed down at him. "Does your cock get hard when you lick mother's cunt?"

Billy nodded his head, his mouth sucking at the hair-lined lips of his mother's pussy.

"You like mother's cunt, Billy?" she whispered huskily. "Do you love to suck mother's juicy cunt... tongue-fuck it?"

He nodded again, plunging his tongue into the wet heat and wiggling it.

"Mmmmmmm, your tongue feels so good in my pussy! You keep wiggling it like that and I'm going to come in your cunt-sucking face!"

Billy began to suck hard on the hairy lips of his mother's cunt, his tongue deep inside. The juices seeping from her pussy smeared his face, making it slippery. His cock, under the water, strained up hard. He gripped his mother's grinding ass cheeks, pulling her wet, hot cunt tight into his mouth.

Joan threw her head back, whimpering as she pumped her cunt into his face, rubbing the sensitive cunt lips from his nose to his chin. Billy shoved his tongue out and let his mother rub her pussy against it.

"Ooooo, there!" she groaned.

The muscles of her flat stomach rippled as she came. The orgasm burned through her cunt, against her son's tongue. Billy gripped her tight ass hard, holding her convulsing cunt into his mouth until the spasms ended.

Gasping with delight, Joan pulled her pussy from his face, looking at his smeared chin and cheeks. She leaned down and licked at his wet face.

Beneath the water, Billy's cock suddenly and unexpectedly spurted. Joan, understanding, shoved a hand to his prick and began to jack it swiftly, making water splash over the rim of the tub, laughing because he was coming.

"Oooo, I like that, darling," she said. "I love it because you got so excited eating my cunt you came."

"Well, it might excite you, Mom," he grumbled, "but I'd just as soon have my cock in you someplace when I come off."

"Like my cunt?" she teased. "Like your hot cunt." "My asshole?"

He nodded.

"Or in my hungry mouth?" Billy, laughing happily, kissed his mother, thrusting his tongue into her eager mouth.


Standing up in the tub, Billy allowed his mother to soap his body.

Joan sat in the water, smearing soap about his body from the waist down. She found it exciting to feel his cock and balls soapy and slippery. Her eyes glowed with pleasure, and she was washing her son's body as if he were a helpless baby. She took erotic pleasure in the simple chore.

She had him covered with soap, sitting back and looking at him. Her tits jutted up from, the water as she rested her head on the rim of the tub. Billy had to straddle his mother's legs since she was stretched out.

When Billy stared to step from the tub, she asked, her voice husky: "Where are you going?"

"I gotta piss, Mom," he replied.

"Here," she said, cupping her tits and squeezing them together. "Piss right here."

Billy looked at her. "On your tits, Mom?" "Why not?"

"I'm willing if you are," Billy replied.

"Just a minute," she said, splashing water over him, washing away the soap. "I want to see it all, watch you piss on my tits."

Again she lay back, cupping her tits and smashing them together, her nipples barely touching each other. Her eyes gleamed with a wild light, staring at the tip of his cock. A shiver shot through her body, a shiver of anticipation.

"Do it now, baby," she whispered, offering her tits to him. "Piss on my tits now."

Billy, without taking hold of his cock, arched his hips forward. Golden piss began to come from the piss hole, slowly at first. It dribbled to his mother's stomach, then came stronger and up her body to her tits. Joan pressed her tits together as the piss began splashing onto them.

"Oooo, so hot," she mewled. "It feels so hot and... oh, Billy, I like it!"

The golden stream of piss splashed about her tits. She turned them loose, then squeezed one tit with both hands, making her stiff nipple thrust up and out. Billy now took hold of his cock and aimed it, pissing onto his mother's nipple. Joan, making soft whimpering sounds of perverse pleasure, squeezed her other tit.

"Now this one," she said. "Piss on this titty, too! Oooo, it's so hot and nice! Piss on me, baby! Piss on mother's titties! Piss all over my fucking tits! I love it, I just love it!"

She writhed her hips beneath the water, her cunt turning juicy, her clit knotted again.

"You might make me come, honey," she murmured. "I just might come this way." Her eyes focused on his cock, watching the golden piss spew from it. "Piss on me, baby! Ohhhh, piss on mother's titties! So good... so wet... so hot!"

Billy was grinning with pleasure as he sprayed his mother's tits with piss. He swung his cock from one tit to the other. Joan's ass twisted under the water as she felt orgasm coming on. She rolled, her eyes about, her lovely face dreamy with ecstasy. She lifted a hand into the stream of piss, moving it upward until she cupped the head of his cock. Piss spurted from the sides of her hand, dripping down to her body. Shoving his hand off his cock, she grasped it in her own fingers, moving them back and forth on his prick as he pissed. This caused Billy's cock to squirt, then stop, and squirt again. She giggled like a naughty child, then suddenly lifted his cock.

"Mother!" Billy gasped.

Joan giggled as she felt hot piss splash into her face, then she moved his cock back toward her tits. Piss drenched her cheeks, and she moved her tongue out to lick at her lips. The taste of her son's piss surprised her. She liked it.

"Mmmmm, you taste good," she said. "Your piss tastes good, Billy."

"Mother, you shouldn't do..."

But she stopped him by pulling his pissing cock back toward her face. Billy watched piss splash against his mother's tightly clamped lips, then they patted slowly. Joan clenched her teeth as she made her son piss against them. Piss sprayed between her teeth and into her mouth. With a squeal, she opened her mouth as wide as she could, aiming his cock so he pissed right into it. Her tongue snaked out, tasting hot piss. Her mouth filled with piss and overflowed. Her eyes were closed, but her expression was lewd and dreamy.

Billy dripped to a halt, and Joan sat up, still holding the base of his cock. She closed her lips about the cock head just as her son sent a final squirt of piss. She moaned as her tongue flapped at his piss hole, swallowing that final squirt of piss.

"Mmmmm, I bet Doctor Nancy wouldn't do that for you," she said softly. "That's something she won't do, but I will."

"You're jealous, Mom," Billy laughed.

"No, not really," she said, nuzzling at his crotch. "I just want something between us she won't do, that's all."

She kissed his cock, then got out of the tub, dripping water on the floor.

"Now I have to piss," she said in a low voice. Instead of sitting on the toilet, she climbed on the rim, squatting precariously. Holding her knees apart, she moved a hand to her pussy, parting the lips of her cunt. Billy stood in the tub, watching, his eyes glazed as he saw his mother's pussy, the pink wetness of it.

Golden piss streamed from Joan's cunt.

It went over the rim of the toilet to splash on the floor. Again her face turned dreamy with perverse delight. She had no idea how exciting it would be to let her son watch her piss, but it was. It was almost as exciting as feeling him piss on her tits.

Opening her eyes, she saw her son watching hotly. She grinned at him. "You like it, honey? You like seeing me piss?"

Billy nodded, excited to see the golden piss streaming from her cunt. Joan pulled upward on her pussy sending the stream arcing outward. Billy got out of the tub now, his eyes glassy as he watched his mother piss.

Joan gave a choking sob of delight when her son moved in front of her. He stepped closer, feeling his mother's piss on his feet. He bent his knees a little, and stepped into the stream. His mother's piss splashed and burned up his legs to his cock and balls.

Immediately his cock stiffened again as the hot piss sprayed it.

"Oooooo, you like it, Billy?" Joan purred. "You like the hot feel of mother's piss on your cock?"

"I'm getting hard, Mom," he groaned.

"You sure are!" she said happily.

Joan began to cut the stream on and off, giggling. Billy shoved his hand to her cunt, letting his mother piss into his palm. Joan held his wrist, the brought it up and rubbed it about her face, cooing. She licked at his hand, then pushed it to her pussy again. She rubbed his palm against her cunt, smearing it with piss and cunt juices, and once more brought it to her lips to lick.

No longer pissing, she slipped her feet off the toilet, sitting on it, pulling her son's hard, piss wet cock to her mouth. She sucked his prick deep, moaning as the taste of her piss burned across her tongue. She writhed her lips about the base of his cock, and suddenly her eyes popped open in surprise.

Billy was coming, filling her mouth, almost choking her with the great gushes of thick cock cream. She gave a wail of pleasure and sucked at his jizz-squirting cock hungrily, draining his young balls.

"Ohhhh, you're so fucking sweet!" she squealed when there was no more come juice. "You're full of surprises, aren't you?"

"I had to come, Mom," he said.

"I don't mind at all," she said, patting his drained balls. "You come anytime you want... in me, though. Always in me, in my cunt, mouth, or asshole. Promise me that."

"I will, Mom."

After drying each other off, they went back to her bedroom. She selected a pair of very skimpy panties, and a bra that exposed her nipples. Billy watched his mother dress, taking joy in the simple, yet erotic sight. She pulled a blouse on, and her dark nipples showed through. Winking at him, she removed a very short skirt from the closet and wiggled her shapely ass into it. The skirt was tight, cupping her ass, the hem just short enough to let him see her ass when she leaned slightly.

Going to her son's room, Joan took a pair of his white Jockey shorts, then cut the crotch out of them.

"You'll look beautiful walking around the house with these on," she said.

When Billy put them on, not only did his cock and balls show, but half of his ass. Joan poked a finger up his ass, laughing.

"See what I mean?" she said. "Everything is right here when I want it."

Billy followed his mother about the house, watching her as she dusted and cleaned. Her long legs flashed constantly, and Joan made sure he could glimpse her skimpily clad ass or her cunt by bending and leaning in the right way. She would squat for him, her knees wide, so he could see her crotch.

Billy could pretend he was peeking up a girl's skin, and his mother could pretend she was showing herself off, perhaps in a public place. This kept both of them in a high state of erotic arousal.

Billy particularly enjoyed seeing his mother on her hands and knees, her short skirt very high. It thrilled him to see the back of her long, beautiful thighs, her tight, transparent panties. He also enjoyed watching her squat, knees wide, so he could peek at her crotch. Seeing her this way kept his cock standing up in lovely, throbbing hardness.

Understanding the positions her son liked best, Joan made certain her every movement was for his benefit. As far as she was concerned, she was just as happy to see, his cock and balls swinging so sweetly. He didn't have to contort his young body into some lewd position to excite her.

At the moment, Joan was leaning over, the back of her skirt lifting to show the tight panties. Billy stared at the crack of his mother's ass through them, licking his lips as his cock throbbed away. He slipped up behind her and stroked the backs of her thighs, then her pantied ass.

"Mmmm, nice," Joan murmured, waggling her ass into his hand.

Billy, with a husky laugh, went to his knees behind his mother and kissed and licked at her creamy smooth thighs, working his tongue up to the cheeks of her ass. When Billy began to lap his tongue up and down the panties, pressing them into her ass crack, she mewled with delight. The wet heat of his tongue burned through the thin panties, torturing the cock of her ass, making her asshole pucker.

"Here, let me move them out of your way," she whispered, jerking her panties to one side. "Now, lick my ass, baby."

Billy's tongue darted between the cheeks of his mother's lovely ass, licking wetly at her tight asshole. Joan began to gurgle, her asshole tingling. She wiggled, pressing her ass into his face. His tongue probed the brown pucker, pressing inward. Joan leaned onto the table she had been dusting, moaning as the heat roared through her body. Spreading her feet on the floor, she lifted her ass, a sob coming from her as Billy buried his face into her ass, between the ass cheeks, his tongue lapping and darting at her sensitive asshole. Looking down between her legs, she saw him gripping his cock, jacking up and down on it.

"Don't jack off, Billy!" she hissed. "Please, baby, don't come all over the floor! If you have to come, stick that cock in me."

Billy, keeping his face pressed between the hot, silky cheeks of his mother's ass, pulled her to the floor until she was on her hands and knees. Jerking the crotch of her panties aside, he rammed his cock into her hairy, bubbling cunt with a swift fuck-stroke.

"Ooooo, yes, darling!" Joan whimpered, rocking her ass back and forth. "Fuck me, Billy! Ooooo, give mother that hard, beautiful cock, right up my cunt!"

"You fucking tight cunt." Billy groaned as his prick pounded in and out of his mother's boiling pussy. "You cock-sucking cunt! I'm gonna fuck your brains out!"

"Yes, baby, yes! Ohhh, fuck mother's brains out... ram that cock into mother's wet pussy! Fuck my pussy!"

Joan's cunt closed about her son's cock with a wet tightness, gripping it as he fucked. The harder he fucked her, the better Joan liked it. She loved the way he bruised her puffy cunt lips with his ramming cock. She wanted him to fuck her so brutally, so powerfully, she would have to walk with her legs apart for a week. She flung her uplifted ass in every direction, sobbing, whimpering, wailing.

"Tight fucking pussy!" he shouted. "Yes, baby!"

"Ooooo, I am, darling!" "Hot ass!"

"Yes, yes!"


"I am! Oh, I am!"

"Whore... bitch... slut!" "Yes! Oh, God, yes!"

His cock smacked loudly, fucking deep, his balls swinging back and forth. Joan twisted her ass erotically, panting and gasping with ecstasy. His cock, it seemed to her, fucked all the way up her cunt to her throat.

Her mind spun with delight as he called her those names. Somehow, hearing them increased her mindless ecstasy.

"Ooooo. Fuck that hot cunt!" she wailed. "I am, Mom!"

"Fuck my hairy pussy!"

He slammed forward. "Take it, bitch!"

"Ohhhhh, my hot, wet, hairy cunt is burning up, baby!"

"Take my cock, you cunt-licker!"


Joan's head lifted, her mouth open as a tormented screech ripped from her throat. Her cunt grasped her son's cock as she exploded. Her orgasms created a hot sensation about Billy's cock. The convulsions made him think his mother's cunt was sucking his cock off, giving him a hot, wet blow-job.

His balls drew up, and his young face contorted. He gritted his teeth, ramming his cock to the hilt, his balls smashed against her cunt. He stiffened, feeling the sucking gripping of his mother's cunt.

"Ooooo," Joan sobbed. "My cunt... mother's cunt is sucking your cock off, Billy! Let me have it! Let my hot cunt have that sweet come juice! Hurry, baby, hurry! Come in mother's cunt!"

Billy's stiff body began to shake.

Joan screamed as she felt his come juice boil out of his cock, flooding her greedy cunt, filling it. She even felt the slippery, searing come juice ooze past his throbbing cock to run hotly down her inner thighs.

Slumping forward, smashing her tits against the carpet, she shivered with pleasure. "God, you're so fucking good, Billy. You're the best fuck in the world."


Four o'clock found Joan and Billy waiting in Doctor Nancy's office again. It had been only five days since their last visit, but Billy had insisted in going again.

"You just want a piece of her ass again," Joan teased her son. "My ass isn't hat enough for you?"

Brny grinned at his mother. "Plenty hot, Mom, but I like to fuck her, too."

"You like to fuck anything hot and wet," she laughed.

He had stood facing his mother, his arms about her waist, hugging her. Joan lifted her skirt and shoved his hands onto her panties, curling his fingers about the shapely cheeks of her ass. His cock-bulge was hard, poking against his pants and on her thigh. She gripped it, squeezing his prick.

"Don't lose this hard-on before we get there," she had said. "We'll see what it does to that pretty receptionist."

"I bet she wants it, Mom," Billy laughed.

Joan, remembering how the girl went after her cunt, wasn't so sure about that. Maybe the girl preferred another girl. Maybe the exquisite creature didn't want a cock at all, just a cunt.

Now, sitting in the waiting room, she kept glancing at the girl, but Gail kept her knees primly together. Since there was another mother waiting, Joan understood that. Billy, as she had wanted, arrived with his cock throbbing, outlined against his pants. The reaction she saw on the pretty girl's face was exactly what she had hoped for.

Gail's eyes lit up as she saw Billy, and even if there was another mother waiting, her tongue slipped over her lips as her eyes burned at the protrusion of Billy's hard-on.

Joan sat down, and since the other woman couldn't see much, she made a big production of crossing her knees. She swung her leg wide, flashing her cunt at the girl. She was naked under her clothing, and she almost giggled as the girl's eyes widened.

Very deliberately, Joan rested her hand on her son's thigh, her eyes on the girl. She sat that way for some time, and when the little girl came out of the doctor's office, leaving with her mother, Joan began to slide her hand up Billy's thigh. The doctor's door was open, but there was no sign of Doctor Nancy.

Joan was smiling at Gail by the time her fingers began to stroke the head of her son's cock. Gail watched, and her legs opened beneath the desk. Like Joan, Gail was naked under her white uniform. Her cunt hair showed, and that was exactly where Billy was looking.

Not a word passed between them, but the tension was strong. The heavy breathing grew inside the small waiting room. When Gail, still watching Joan's hand, moved her bands beneath the desk and started stroking her inner thighs, Joan grasped Billy's cock through his pants, squeezing it.

A soft mewl came from Gail as she drew both her hands up her legs, caressing the silky hair of her cunt. Joan, gazing with moist, hot eyes, fumbled with her son's pants. Gail made a gulping sound as Joan lifted Billy's cock from his pants. She threw her knees wide, plunging four fingers into her cunt.

Billy was grinning from ear to ear as his mother started jacking his cock in front of that pretty girl. Using her other hand, Joan drew her son's hand under her skirt, up her thigh. His wrist pushed her skirt upward as she opened her own legs. Cupping her son's palm into her crotch, she grinned wickedly at Gail. Squeezing her son's cock, making the swollen cock head bulge, she moved Billy's middle finger into her cunt, slipping her ass to the edge of the plastic chair.

Billy writhed his ass as his mother's fist pumped up and down on his cock. He was excited to see Gail finger-fucking herself, his mother jacking his cock, his finger fucking back and forth into his mother's fiery cunt.

"Want his cock?" Joan whispered. "Ohhhh, I'd love it!" Gail replied. "Want to suck it?" Joan asked. Gail didn't answer. Her eyes were glassy and her tongue kept licking at her lips. She pulled her fingers out of her cunt and stood up. As she came from behind the desk, she opened the top of her uniform, exposing shapely, smooth tits. Her pink nipples were rigid. With her beautiful tits exposed, Gail lifted her white skirt. The hair of her cunt gleamed as she came toward them, moving slowly, her eyes never leaving Billy's cock.

Standing before Billy, Gail slowly went to her knees. Joan grasped her son's cock tightly at the base. When Gail's lips touched the head of Billy's cock, Joan moved his cock back and forth, smearing those pouting lips with the seeping cock juices.

"Suck him," Joan urged in a thick voice. "Suck my son's cock."

"Mmmmmm," Gail purred, parting her lips. Joan pressed her son's cock between those lips, leaning down to watch her own eyes were glazed with lust as she saw Gail start sucking on Billy's cock.

Billy rated his head against the wall, breathing with excited ecstasy. Joan jacked up and down on his cock as the girl sucked the cock head, her tongue swirling wetly. Gail placed a hand on Billy's stomach, her other sliding along Joan's creamy thigh. When her fingers touched the hot, puffy lips of Joan's cunt, Joan grasped Gail's wrist and pulled two fingers into her pussy. She didn't have to do any more.

Gail began to finger-fuck Joan as she sucked at Billy's cock, making soft purring sounds of pleasure.

"You like my son's cock?" Joan whispered. "Doesn't his cock taste good? Suck my son's cock, Gail. Suck his come juice out of his balls!"

Her fist banged against Gail's sucking lips, but Gail didn't mind. She was sucking the hot, slippery juices from Billy's piss hate, making wet sounds as she swallowed them. Joan twisted her ass, gripping Gail's wrist and fucking onto her fingers.

Billy was gasping with delight, his hand moving down to cup and squeeze one of Gail's perky tits. Gail's tits weren't as big as his mother's, but seemed tighter, firmer.

"Take it all," Joan said in a hoarse voice. "Take all his hard cock in your fucking mouth, Gail! Swallow my son's cock!"

Gail opened her lips to suck in a deep breath of air, then slid them down Billy's cock, feeling the swollen cock head brush the back of her throat. The whimpered as she began to bob her pretty face up and down, fucking his cock with her mouth. Her ass twisted about with hot passion, her finger fucking into Joan's juicy cunt. Slipping her hand off Billy's stomach, she ran it beneath his ass, gripping a tight, young ass cheek. She tried with desperation to fuck the head of his cock into her throat.

Joan pressed her face close, watching Gail sucking hungrily on her son's cock. She snaked her tongue as Gail drew upward, lapping at the shaft of his cock. The two tongues licking and sucking his cock sent a wild shiver through Billy. He dug into Gail's firm tit, very hard, making her cry out around his cock. It was not a cry of pain, but of intense ecstasy, so he squeezed her tit harder.

"Mmmmm!" Gail sobbed, jerking her mouth up and down his cock in a frenzy. Joan found she couldn't keep licking the base of her son's cock. Gail was sucking up and down on it too swiftly. She tasted the stretched corner of the girl's lips, pulled her face back and went to her knees next to the kneeling, cocksucking girl. She ran her hands over Gail's trembling ass, feeling the lovely roundness through the skirt of the white uniform. Moving her hands down, she stroked up the backs of the creamy, slim thighs. She cupped Gail's ass cheeks. With a soft moan of passion she pulled Gail's uniform up and to her waist. She stared hotly at the sweet roundness of Gail's creamy ass, the inviting ass crack. Bending lower, she saw the curly pussy hair. Running her hand between Gail's thighs, she cupped and squeezed the girl's bubbling cunt.

Gail moaned with pleasure and sucked harder on Billy's throbbing cock. She wiggled her ass as Joan rubbed at her cunt, dragging her palm back and between the cheeks of her ass, her fingers caressing the tightness of her puckering asshole.

Pulling her own skirt up, Joan pressed her hairy pussy against Gail's naked ass, leaning to one side to watch the girl suck her son's cock.

Twisting and grinding her hairy cunt on the hot ass, she purred softly. Seeing Gail's lips stretching and sucking at Billy's cock sent a tremor through her. She stroked Gail's hips, drawing a hand up and under to cup the tit her son wasn't holding. She squeezed Gail's tit hard.

"Suck his hard cock, Gail!" Joan urged hotly. "Suck it off! Take his come juice in your hot, wet mouth! Make my son come down your cock-sucking throat, Gail!"

Gail gave a hungry sob, her mouth flying up and down on Billy's cock. She sucked with a desperation, gasping, her eyes wide open, staring sightlessly. She wiggled her exposed ass against Joan's hairy cunt, shaking it lewdly.

Billy began to pant, grabbing Gail by her cheeks and fucking his cock as deep as he could into her mouth. He held the girl's head still, fucking up and down, pounding his open fly against her hot lips. Gail squealed and whimpered, clutching at his ass now with both hands, her fingers digging hard.

"That's it!" Joan gurgled. "Fuck her hot mouth, baby! Thick her hot, cock-sucking mouth!"

Gail's eyes finally closed in passion. She loved having this young boy fucking so brutally into her mouth. Her cunt was pulsating with a wild heat, the insides of her thighs becoming slippery and wet as juices seeped out of her hair-lined cunt.

Joan moved, sitting back on her heels and watching the girl's rounded ass twist and writhe. She could see the curling hair of the girl's cunt between her thighs. She stroked Gail's hips, down her legs, and up to caress the sweet ass. She shoved her hand between Gail's thighs, rubbing at the steamy cunt, bringing her hand up between the cheeks of her ass, feeling her tight asshole. Her hand was very slippery with the cunt juices, smearing them into the crack of Gail's ass. When she had everything slippery with cunt juice, she shoved her face into the girl's ass, her tongue licking with a burning heat.

Gail yelped around Billy's cock as she felt Joan's tongue lapping down and under, flicking at her puffy, sensitive cunt lips, then dragging up the pussy slit and into the crack of her ass.

Joan managed to fuck her tongue into Gail's wet cunt an inch or so, wiggle it about, then lick up to the tight asshole again. Tapping upon the puckered asshole, Joan then licked at the inner ass cheeks, sucking away all the cunt juices she had smeared there.

"Lick her hot fucking ass, Mom!" Billy panted, fucking his prick faster into Gail's mouth. "Lick her cunt... her asshole! Make her come, Mom! Suck her hot cunt... eat her pussy!"

Gail's mind spun with erotic hunger as she heard Billy's words. Her tongue flew about his throbbing cock as it moved between her tight, wet lips. The cock head banged time and again at her throat, but she didn't care if he fucked her throat sore. The throbbing of his prick between her lips made her whale body tremble with boiling desire.

Joan swirled her tongue back and forth, sometimes licking Gail's cunt, other times her asshole. Her own pussy was on fire, her own inner thighs slippery with cunt juice. She held Gail's hips and plunged her face between the cheeks of the girl's ass, licking almost violently, gasping and purring with mindless fuck lust. She enjoyed the way Gail's asshole clenched when her tongue dragged over it, the sweet taste of her cunt when she plunged deep.

Gail gave a loud, muffled grunt as her pussy convulsed. Joan's tongue was wiggling about her asshole when Gail came, and she licked down and under, fucking her tongue quickly into the spasming cunt. Her tongue licked and swirled, dragging out Gail's orgasm until the girl was sobbing with the intense ecstasy. Gail, as she came, stopped licking at Billy's cock. He still held her ass cheeks, still fucked his cock into her mouth with quick, short thrusts. She continued squeezing the cheeks of his ass through his pants, and she was anxious to taste his creamy come juice spewing into her mouth. "I'm gonna come!" Billy groaned.

Joan immediately pulled her wet face from Gail's cunt, moving up beside the girl, her eyes glowing. She stroked Gail's exposed ass while she watched her son fucking her mouth.

"I'm gonna come!" Billy yelled again.

"Do it, baby!" Joan urged. "Come in her fucking mouth. Let her taste your sweet, thick come juice. Spurt it down her cock-sucking throat, darling! Ohhhh, come, honey, come!"

Gail squealed as the thick come juice bubbled out of Billy's cock. Jism raced along her tongue, burning at her throat. She began to swallow wetly, gurgling in heat. White cock cream seeped from her tight lips, running along the shaft of Billy's cock. Joan cried out with delight, watching it. The girl's throat worked as she swallowed noisily. Joan clutched a cheek of Gail's ass tightly, trying to shove her face forward, wanting to lick up the come juice that seeped from Gail's sucking lips.

"Let me!" Joan hissed hoarsely. "Let me!" When she pushed Gail away, Billy spurted his final come juice, but his mother was just in time. She had her mouth out and was just starting to close her lips about his cock when she caught his jism on her tongue. Growling with passion, Joan began licking at his cock, wiping up the cock cream that had seeped from Gail's lips, tasting the boy's come juice. Her cunt suddenly blew apart in a strong orgasm.

Gail, her eyes smoldering as she watched Joan's tongue swirl into the come juice, shot her hand up Joan's skirt and thrust a finger into Joan's spasming cunt, finger-fucking her furiously. Billy grabbed his mother's head, groaning, smearing her open mouth and protruding tongue about his cock.

When she had it all, Joan moved aside, and Gail began to lick at his cock. Joan, leaning over Gail's ass, massaged the tight, creamy ass cheeks, squeezing them together, puffing them apart, watching Gail's asshole tighten and clench. She rubbed her fingertip about her asshole, bringing squeals of pleasure from the girl. Gail lapped the flat surface of her tongue about Billy's deflating cock feverishly.

"Ohhhhh, I want more!" Gail whimpered. "I want some more of your sweet cock!"

Joan squeezed Gail's ass cheeks tightly, licking up and down the ass cheeks, then stood. "We'll have to wait until it's hard again, Gail," she said huskily. "But it won't take long."

"I should hope not," Doctor Nancy said.

She stood in the doorway, just in time to see both women licking up Billy's come juice.


Doctor Nancy came into the room. Billy was grinning as he watched her fumbling with the buttons of her smock. Joan sat on her heels, her eyes just as hat as ever. Gail, too, sat on her heels, her hand resting on Joan's long thigh.

"You should have locked the door," Doctor Nancy said in a thick voice as she pulled her smock open. As always, she was naked under it. Her tits jiggled slightly as she went to the door, turning the lock. "A patient might have walked in on you."

Joan gave a throat laugh. "I don't think we would have noticed."

"I'm sure you wouldn't have," Doctor Nancy replied, slipping the smock from her shoulders. She arched her shoulders, caressing her tits as she looked down at them. "I have only one rule in my office -- no clothes. Everyone has to be naked, and then anything goes."

Gail began removing her white uniform as she sat there. Joan stood up, staring at the doctor's fantastic body. Joan unzipped her skirt, letting it pool at her feet. Next she removed her blouse, and stood naked, beautiful. Doctor Nancy come to Joan, cupping her tits, leaning down to swirl her tongue about the nipples. Her hand moved between Joan's thighs, rubbing lightly at her cunt.

"Mmmmm, so wet and hot," Doctor Nancy murmured. Still holding Joan's cunt, she looked down at Billy. "You, too, baby. No clothes around here -- just naked skin."

Billy undressed as Gail gripped Doctor Nancy's hips. He watched Gail bury her face into Doctor Nancy's ass, watched, the doctor feeling of his mother's cunt, and he wasn't in the least surprised to see his mother's hand between the doctor's long thighs. Both his mother and Doctor Nancy watched him peel his clothes off, both of them feeling each other. Gail, whose eyes were closed, kept her face pressed into Doctor Nancy's ass. Joan's fingers moved back, feeling Gail's mouth. She ran her fingertip along the girl's chin, feeling Doctor Nancy's finger fucking into her cunt, she thrust her own finger up the doctor's wet pussy.

Billy, his eyes enormous with excitement, peeled his shirt off, his cock thrusting upward with renewed hardness. With her finger fucking into Joan's cunt, her tits smashing into Joan's shapely tits, Doctor Nancy grabbed Billy's cock, jerking it a few times, then grasping his balls.

Doctor Nancy arched her ass back, twisting it into Gail's face. She began to slowly slide downward, still holding Billy's balls. She went to her hands and knees, arching her ass into Gail's licking mouth. Billy saw his mother part her legs, and then Doctor Nancy was shoving her mouth into his mother's hairy cunt. The liquid sounds of tongues licking mixed with the heavy breathing. Doctor Nancy twisted Billy's balls a few times as her tongue fucked into Joan's creamy, sweet cunt. Then she closed her fingers about his cock and began to jerk on it. Billy's mother watched, then clamped a hand onto her son's ass, grinning hotly at him.

Doctor Nancy sucked hungrily on Joan's cunt, her tongue fucking in and out, swirling around the inflamed clit. She waggled her ass into Gail's face, moaning as the girl plunged her tongue into the tight ass ring. Billy's eyes darted from the doctor's grinding ass, to his mother's writhing hips, to the doctor's jerking fist. There was so much beautiful, creamy girl flesh, he wanted to bury himself in it.

Squeezing her son's ass, Joan stared at the doctor's fist pounding on his cock, feeling that wicked tongue eating at her hairy cunt.

"Ooooo, suck my pussy!" she yelped, grinding her cunt into the doctor's open mouth. "Suck my cunt!"

"Jack my cock, Doctor Nancy!" Billy yelped, reaching for one of his mother's swollen tits. "Lick my mother's cunt and jack my cock!"

Doctor Nancy wailed into Joan's cunt as she came, her asshole squeezing Gail's fluttering tongue. Her creamy ass jerked about in wild gyrations, and with a final heave, she pulled her face from Joan's cunt and released Billy's cock. Sitting on the floor, looking up at Joan and Billy, she made a giggling sound. Gail stood on her knees behind the doctor, her hands playing with Doctor Nancy's tits.

"If only all the mothers were like you, Joan," Doctor Nancy said throatily, "this clinic would be the best in the whole fucking city."

"You knew, didn't you?" Joan said.

"Not really," Doctor Nancy replied. "I was sure about Billy, though. I wasn't so sure about you until Gail told me. Gail is very good about picking out the right mothers and sons, as you discovered."

"What if you had been wrong?" Joan asked.

"I'm hardly every wrong."

Billy stood with his cock thrusting out, very hard. He couldn't keep his eyes off all the naked women in front of him. Jizz dripped from his piss hole, his small, young body shivering with pleasure.

Joan held his cock, stroking back and forth gently. Doctor Nancy leaned forward, running her tongue across his seeping piss hole. "We've got to do something nice for Billy, don't you think, Joan?"

"I do," Billy's mother smiled.

"We could all go to my house," Doctor Nancy said. "I have a beautiful room made for this."

"I don't think my son can wait that long," Joan said, squeezing his cock. "I think he might come a dozen times before we get out of the office."

Doctor Nancy looked at Billy's cock, seeing the smooth cock head bulge from his mother's tight fist. "I think you might be right, Joan," she said. "Maybe we better take care of it before we go. I do want to have everyone there, though. My special room is designed for fucking and sucking."

Billy was shaking, his eyes darting about from woman to woman. Gail was on her feet now, rubbing her cunt at the back of Doctor Nancy's head. His mother stood with her legs apart, pulling her cunt up, making her clit stick out in hardness. Doctor Nancy parted her knees on the floor, running one hand up and down her cunt. Doctor Nancy leaned her head back into Gail's pussy as the girl spread her thighs. She was almost sitting on top of Doctor Nancy's head. With a soft gurgle of pleasure, Doctor Nancy tilted her head back, pressing her face into Gail's cunt for a few kisses.

"I want that hard cock up my fucking asshole," Doctor Nancy hissed as she pulled her face from Gail's cunt. She jumped to her feet and almost ran to the receptionist's desk leaning over it, she rolled her ass about erotically, clasping her ass cheeks with both hands. "Fuck me up the ass, Billy!"

Joan took her son's hand, pulling him to the doctor. But before she shoved his cock to that creamy lovely ass, she leaned down and licked it. With a gentle pressure, Joan moved her tongue up to the doctor's asshole. She fucked it back and forth, clinging to her son's throbbing cock. Gail at up on the desk next to the doctor, her legs wide apart, her cunt twinkling wetly. Joan slipped her tongue out of the doctor's asshole, scooting her face into Gail's crotch, licking her pussy.

Billy stepped to the doctor's ass, his cock pressing at her tight asshole. With her face buried into Gail's hairy and very juicy cunt, Joan looked from the corners of her eyes, watching her son pressing his cock into Doctor Nancy's asshole. Doctor Nancy groaned as the young cock stretched her ass ring wide. Tongue fucking Gail, Joan shoved her hand between her son's thighs and grasped his hard balls.

"Fuck my... fuck my ass!" Doctor Nancy yelled, twisting and grinding into Billy's cock. "Ohhhh, fuck my asshole, Billy! Ooooo, stretch my hot, fucking asshole!"

Gail, her knees up and spread wide, pressed her hand at the back of Joan's head, smashing Joan's mouth into her juicy cunt.

"Tear her asshole, Billy!" Gail gurgled. "Doctor Nancy goes ape stilt with a cock or tongue up her shitty asshole. Fuck her up that tight asshole! Lick my cunt, Joan! Ooooo, your tongue is almost like a little cock fucking me!"

Billy fucked hard into Doctor Nancy's asshole, making her scream out with burning ecstasy. His mother, holding his balls, excited him. He fucked into Doctor Nancy's asshole and watched his mother licking and slurping at Gail's hairy cunt.

Without saying anything, he jerked his cock from the doctor's gripping asshole, pushing his mother's face to one side. He drove his cock into Gail's cunt, bringing peals of gurgling pleasure from the girl. Joan watched her son's cock fucking in to the juicy cunt. She was gasping for breath as she pulled her son from the girl, opening her mouth and sucking his cock into her mouth. The taste of cunt juice and hot cock sent her into a spasm of delicious ecstasy.

"My ass!" Doctor Nancy screamed. "Fuck me up the Goddamn ass, Billy!"

Billy pulled his cock out of his mother's mouth and twisted his hips. Joan, on her knees, watched her son fuck his cock into the greedy tightness of Doctor Nancy's asshole again. She rested her cheek on Gail's hip, stroking the girl's wet, hairy cunt tenderly.

Billy rammed his cock deep into the doctor's asshole, bringing wild screams from her. Without being asked, he yanked his cock out of Doctor Nancy's asshole again, scooting to Gail, thrusting his cock to her cunt. Joan, using her fingers, held the hairy lips of Gail's cunt wide for her son, her eyes glazed as she saw his cock fuck all the way in. Gail hissed as Billy's cock fucked back and forth, his balls beating against her ass. But Billy didn't keep fucking her. Puffing his cock from Gail's cunt, he offered his slimy fucker to his mother's mouth. Joan grabbed his cock deeply, moaning as she sucked him.

Billy began to alternate, fucking the doctor up the tight ass, then moving to Gail's juicy cunt, finally to his mother's mouth. His small body was shaking with the erotic excitement, and he moved so fast from one to the other, he was now driving his cock only once up Doctor Nancy's asshole, once into Gail's cunt, and once into his mother's mouth.

Then he started fucking in a different pattern. He fucked his cock into Gail's cunt, moved to Doctor Nancy's wiggling ass, and from there to his mother's mouth.

Joan, tasting cunt and asshole on her son's cock, shivered with steaming, erotic delight. She watched him going from cunt to asshole to her mouth.

"Ooooo, fuck them both!" she squealed. "Fuck that hot asshole... fuck that hairy cunt... fuck my mouth! Ooooo, Billy, fuck all of us!"

Billy was doing his best.

He danced from asshole to cunt to mouth. His prick was wet and slippery from his mother's mouth and Gail's cunt, fucking easily into Doctor Nancy's asshole. His pulse raced wildly, and he wasn't sure he could keep this up much longer. His balls were very tight at the base of his cock, painfully swollen. All three women were pleading to get his come juice.

"In my asshole, please!" Doctor Nancy screamed.

"No, up my cunt." Gail whimpered.

"Come in my mouth baby!" Joan gurgled. Billy didn't think it was possible to please them all, but he wanted to try.

He fucked into Gail's cunt, feeling her hairy pussy pull at his cock. He couldn't resist, and with a loud groan, spurted thick cock cream up her cunt. Gail screamed, her cunt clutching around his prick as she came.

Quickly, he jerked his cock from Gail's sucking cunt, getting it up Doctor Nancy's asshole before the next squirt boiled out. Doctor Nancy screamed with ecstasy as come juice burned along the sensitive wells of her asshole. She closed her as shale about his cock, trying to keep it there as he came. But Billy yanked his cock out swiftly.

Joan dosed her lips about his cock as he gushed more jism. The creamy sweetness of his come juice tasted of pussy juice and asshole, driving her wild. To prevent him from puffing his jizz spewing cock from her mouth, she grabbed his ass and held his cock in her throat. The shitty taste was wonderful, mixed with the juices of Gail's cunt. As she swallowed, her cunt exploded with a wild, shattering orgasm.

Billy, exhausted, fell to the floor, his hairless chest heaving. He looked with glazed eyes at Doctor Nancy's spreading ass, her asshole clenching, then at Gail's hairy, glistening cunt, and finally at his mother's mouth. The naked female flesh still excited the young boy.

The women knew it and, in their hunger to keep him excited, they wiggled around and licked lips.

Joan sat down, her lips feeling bruised. What her son had done had made her frantic. The only thing missing, she thought, was his cock pissing all over her. She wanted to mention it, but wasn't sure if Doctor Nancy and Gail would go along with something that perverse.

She saw Doctor Nancy's asshole glistening, opening and closing. Gail's cunt was covered with come juice. She licked her tongue over her bruised lips, tasting the sweetness of her son's come there.

"Oooooo!" Doctor Nancy moaned.

She lifted her ass, pooching her cunt, and began to piss.

Joan yelped with delight, and then Gail, also with a moan, began to piss a strong, golden stream from her cunt. Joan's mind almost snapped when Gail began playing with her pissing cunt, and Doctor Nancy's hand tried to cup the stream of her piss.

"The carpet," Joan whispered excitedly.

"Fuck the carpet," Doctor Nancy gurgled. "We can replace that. What we can't replace is what the four of us have found together." She cut the stream of piss off and stood up, looking down at Joan. She began to piss again, letting the piss run down her thighs as if it were a normal, everyday thing she did.

"We've got to go to my house," she said, rubbing at her pissing cunt. "This room... everything... anything..."

Doctor Nancy came.


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