Some nuns suck... secretly!

It was Henry David Thoreau, in Walden, who remarked, "The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation." This statement appears to be just as true today as it was then. Perhaps it is even more valid today considering the pressures and frequent monotony of today's world. The majority of today's men and women live in boring circumstances, and when the opportunity for change arises, they are often quick to seize the chance. For the characters in this story, the opportunity is one which many would consider perverse and deranged for it is one of incest. But it provides a release and a need. All morals and scruples are cast aside in a moment of madness -- a chance to grab pleasure before it is taken away.

SOME NUNS SUCK... SECRETLY! -- a novel about the quiet desperation in so many of us -- and the extremes to which it may drive us.


Sister Mary's cherub-faced demeanor changed upon being given two of the largest holy candles from the church sanctuary. "Thank you, thank you, thank you, Father Michael," the young nun said, unable to hide her delight.

"Why, you are quite welcome," the handsome priest said. As a young priest fresh from the seminary, Father Michael looked at the blushing nun approvingly. "I think it is wonderful that you want to burn two holy candles in your room tonight. It will provide just the right atmosphere for prayer and meditation."

"Yes, it will. You should see it," Sister Mary said, turning. She placed the long candles in the pockets of her long dark smock.

Father Michael watched her from behind in surprise. "Uh, see you later."

"Yes, Father," Sister Mary said. "You know my room number?"

"Yes, I believe so."

By then the young nun was gone. Father Michael looked bewildered.

Sister Mary rushed to her room on the second floor of the nunnery, also a part of the sanctuary. She was glad to have met the new priest, Father Michael. She was quite startled by his youth and how blessed by God he was with good looks. Sister Mary berated herself, giggling slightly, deciding that thinking about a priest's body was something she should not indulge in, at least not in public.

"Shame, shame," she whispered. "You're a hot one, you are, and God bless you!"

Sister Mary entered her room. She locked the door from the inside and hooked it with a heavy latch. Then she set the thick, heavy holy candles on her bed and reached to close her curtains. The room was now semi-dark, just the way Sister Mary liked it.

She took a deep breath, sighed hesitantly, and touched her hands to her stomach, moving than slowly upward over her body. Her diligent fingers clutched into her smock, the softness of the robe making her tremble slightly. She was in God's hands now, she thought, giving herself over to the magical feelings. Her roving palms moved higher on her body, seeking out the rich plumpness of her tits.

"Oh Lord, yessss! I want this! Your will be done!" she hissed, stroking her tits, rubbing and pinching at the pointed stalks of the nipples beneath her smock.

She thrust her head back, causing her nun's hood to fall off. Long folds of dark shimmering hair fell between her shoulders and rolled beautifully down her back. It was a shame to hide her mane of hair. And no one knew she had grown it long.

"Yes, yesss, Lord! This is what I want, what I crave! My body thirsts, yea! God be praised!" She breathed deeply, exhaled slowly, clutching her tits through the fabric of her smock.

Sister Mary was a beautiful woman. God had blessed her with looks and health beyond anyone's imaginings, considering her body was so well hidden. Covering her shapely figure was something she had to do because of her vocation.

But experiencing the desires of her flesh was something she would notdeny herself.

"Ahhhh, yesss! I like this, Lord!" she purred. She continued rubbing her tits.

"Yes, oh yesss! This is a great feeling! Praise be!" she groaned, sitting on the edge of her bed. She raised the hem of her skirt, revealing her stockinged legs. Sister Mary's long tapered legs were muscular and shapely, her calves tensed. Her thighs parted as she raised her skirt. She had a body better for modeling than for serving God. But the choice was hers. And she was sure God wished her to feel pleasure through her body.

"Yes, yes! That's more like it, oh Lord!" she panted.

The young nun undid her belt and opened the side of her smock so that she could unzip it. She lay back on her bed, placing both legs on either side of her mattress, and spread her thighs. She began to knead her crotch, touching the circular moistness developing through her stockings. She pushed her knuckles in and rubbed her hand against the moist cavity of her pussy. At her touch, the sexy sister jerked, moaning, biting her lips.

"Yesss, Lord! Oh, so nice! Thank you for this experience!" she whispered hotly.

Sister Mary brought her hands to her sides and raised her pelvis in the air so that she could slip out of her stockings. She stretched the elastic band and flipped the top of the hose over her crotch area, revealing her dark mound of cunt-hair. She had quite a cunt-bush, a sad situation since she could not share it with the world. But she could share it with those around her who served Him.

"Yes! Yes! Oh, yessss!" she said enthusiastically, impatient to get on with it!

She slipped her pantyhose down her ass and then over her legs. One of her toes caught in the fabric and she ripped it away in a hurry to experience fleshy desires.

"Relax, relax," she cautioned herself. "Good things come to thee who wait." She stifled a giggle. "And I can't wait to cum!"

Lying there in the darkened room, the shapely nun began to rub her dark mound of cunt-hair.

"Do it, do it, do it!" the hot nun whispered, deftly pressing her fingers over the mouth of her cunt. "Ohhhh, yes! God helps those who help themselves, so I'm going to help myself to some fleshy fun!"

She groaned, flicking the hard knob of her clit. The sultry sister began to encircle her fingers around her clit, masturbating gently, jerking every time a spasm of sensation shot up through her body.

"Oh, Lord, yesss!" she cried, spreading her legs wider to better accommodate herself. She shaped her fingers into a V, wedging her tight cunt open. She liked to feel the air on her shimmering red cunt-lips. Her pussy gasped open like a Mexican taco, wide and deep. It was a moist cavern, warm and inviting.

"Yessss, love it! Love it!" she cooed, jerking her head back, splaying her lovely dark hair all over the pillow.

The sensuous nun began to twist her head back and forth as she felt herself. Her fingers probed around her cunt, then one stabbed deep into her shimmering pussy, distending the slick walls of her flesh, causing the young nun to tense as she felt the pleasurable sensations emitting from her cunt, and extending all over her body.

"Ohhhh, ohhh, God, yes! Thank you, thank you! Ahhhh, love it! Blessed be!" she wailed.

Sister Mary closed her legs tightly around her hands and stuck two more fingers inside her buttery cunt.

"Lord, more! More, more, I can take it! Yea, fuck me more! Glory Be, drill it deep!" she screamed.

She was communing with God in her own special way, for only God could be behind such a wondrous feeling as a finger fucking. The horny nun withdrew her hand and brought it to her lips. She licked her hand, tasting the buttery spice of her cunt. She smiled happily and pulled the side of her smock across her chest, revealing her mounded tits. Her huge tits were like small mountains, ripe for climbing, touching, pinching, rubbing, distending... whatever she might desire!

Sister Mary began to knead her tits with both hands, rubbing them in a circular pattern as she felt her delicate flesh respond to the magic touch of her hands. It thrilled her to do this! She was sure it pleased God!

"Ohhhh, bless me, Lord! For I am hot of flesh!" she exclaimed.

Her tits were soft, wobbly. The pointed stalks of her nipples quickly came to attention! The sexy nun arched her back, driving her tits into the palms of both hands.

"Ooooh, wow, Holy Moses!" she cried, twisting her tits between her fingers.

She massaged her mammoth tit-mounds, flicking the spiked stalks of her nipples and following that with a light smack to her flesh. "Ugghhh, Jesus!" she wailed. Her legs twisted open wider as she played with her tits. She was writhing on the bed, enveloped in a beautiful sensation as pleasure shot throughout her quivering body.

"Yes, yes, love it." Sister Mary hissed.

She lay completely naked on the bed. Her tits stretched back and forth, wobbling all over the place under the expert caress of her roving hands. Her nipples pointed like hot darts toward the ceiling. Her legs opened and closed as she played with herself, revealing her delicious, shimmering cunt-mouth. When her legs opened wide, the lips of her cunt spread too, splitting her cunt like a wedge. The inner moistness of her pussy glistened in the darkness. Her inner cunt was wet, oozing with the juices of her desire!

"Oh Lord, Lord! Yesss, Lord, ohhhh!" she cried, tensing as she vigorously rubbed her melon-shaped tits. She used one hand to pinch each of her nipples. With the other hand she began to move toward the damp recesses of her cunt.

The ravenous sister moved the hand downward and cupped it over her pussy. She arched her crotch into her hand and felt the moist hole of her cunt.

"Ohhhh, yeah, yeah, I want this!" she cried, twisting her head back and forth.

She took her hand and gently plunged a finger into her watery pussy, exploring the depths of her cunt.

"Ahhhh, Lord, yes!" Sister Mary moaned. She stuck another finger in and cried mercilessly, clenching her eyes shut and twisting her head back and forth. She stuck more fingers in, stretching the slick inner walls of her cunt and fucking herself with her hand. She cried, writhing on the bed. The feeling of her stiff fingers heaving around inside her tight cunt sent passionate chills all over her naked body.

The hot sun arched into the air and moved her wet crotch down hard over her nimble fuck thrusting angers.

"Ughhhh, Lord, yesss! Thy will be done!" she cried. She made low guttural sounds as she jammed her twitching digits as far into her pussy as she could!

Sister Mary gasped, shaking her head, clenching her eyes shut tightly. Her pelvis jerked every time her hand pumped deep into the moist recesses of her buttery cunt. She felt the stabbing force of her stroking hand and welcomed it, prayed for more! The nun plunged her fingers as far as she could into her spurning cunt and stretched her inner walls, vigorously rubbing her hand against the slick walls of her pussy.

"Ohhhh, yesss, Lord, love this!" she groaned, rolling onto her side. She kept her hand buried deep inside her quit and twisted her palms around, flicking and probing with her fingers.

She began to cry into her pillow, shedding tears of passion and lust. She sobbed loudly, groaning and shuddering with every violent jerk of her hand into her wet pussy! Sister Mary was so hot inside! Her ass-cheeks wobbled open and shut as she contorted on the bed, fucking herself hard!

"Mercy, mercy. Ohhhh! This is wonderful, so wonderful, ahhhhh!" she cooed, pulling her hand out of her tight wet cunt. The hand suctioned out, making a loud slurping sound as it withdrew from her cunt.

Sister Mary lay there a moment, lost in the rapture of fucking herself. She slowly brought her hand, wet from the juices of her cunt, to her face. She smelled the hand, stared closely at it in wonderment.

Then she rubbed the lathered juice from her hand all over her face and tasted its hot wetness.

"Ohhhh, yes! Tastes good, yes, yes!" the nun whispered hotly, kissing her hand. Sister Mary smiled, and reached for one of the huge candle sticks which lay beside her on the bed. She picked it up and brought it to her face, where she let it touch her cheeks. She admired the large candle, and stared at it lovingly. Then she kissed it and began to rub it up and down her cheeks, slowly bringing it to her neck, then to her tits, where she used the tip to dab at her tits, making her pointed nipples come to spiked attention.

The candle rubbed vigorously against her tits, making them red. She slid the candle down between her luscious tits and moved it slowly over her creamy, flat stomach. She twisted her head back and forth as she did this, and her eyes flicked open and shut as if she had no control.

"Do it to me," she whispered to herself. She looked down at the holy candle which she held against her stomach. Her belly rose and fell with each quick breath that she took. Her breaths came in quick succession as she hissed. "Love me now, go into me, fuck me!" Sister Mary moved the candle over her cunthairs. It hovered a moment, rubbing against her bushy mound of hair. From there, the huge candle pressed against her groin as she brought it closer to her cunt.

The sexy nun opened her tapered, sleek legs wider. Her head arched back as she cloud her eyes and tensed her lips.

The head of the candle touched the mouth of her cunt. "Ohhh, yess, please, I implore it! Fuck unto me!" she cried. The nun used her free hand to part her luscious cunt-lips, opening herself to the mouth of the candle. It was at least a foot long and its circumference was as large as a donkey cock.

"Yeah, into me, oooh! Please, now, fuck me now!" she hissed.

The head of the candle split her cunt even wider as the voluptuous nun stuck it slowly into her gaping cunt-flesh. Her shimmering red cuntlips were stretched into a ring around the firm candle which was being shoved into her juicy pussy.

"Ughhh, ughhhh, ughhh! Ohhh, yess!" Sister Mary panted, tensing her whole body as the massive piece of religious ware forced its way farther into her undulating cunt-hole.

The hot nun twisted the candle around inside her pussy as she stuffed it farther and farther into her buttery depths.

The candle edged its way in, distending her tight walls. Sister Mary was so hot she thought it might melt inside her, but she didn't care.

The head of the candle was only three inches inside, not nearly far enough! Sister Mary moaned loudly and suddenly shoved it farther, feeling the sharp tip of the holy candle stretch her hot cunt as it blazed its way into her deepest, moistened recesses.

"Ughhh, do it, please!" she shouted.

Sister Mary began to pump the candle in and out. Her cunt suctioned it in, slurped it out. The huge candle was a third of the way in, sinking deep into the quivering cunt.

The sexy nun's cunt throbbed like a heartbeat that could not be controlled. Her cunt contracted around the invading piece of wax which swirled around inside her. She twitched and jerked as she churned the mammoth candle inside her rubbery slick fuck-hole. "Jesus, yess, ohhhh!" she shrieked, fuck thrusting the candle furiously!

Sister Mary's burning cunt wrapped tightly around the impaling candle which heaved in and out of her hot pussy. She was quivering all over. Her cunt felt as if it was bubbling inside.

She speared the massive candle vigorously, smashing it into her oozing cunt-hole, gyrating it around, twisting it inside her tender cunt, fucking herself, distending the sensitive cunt walls, rubbing her tender flesh raw, stretching her pussy wider and deeper. "Yessss, fucking it deep, ohhhh, Lord, yesss!"

Sister Mary pleaded. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!"

The candle poked into the horny nun's sloshy cunt. Sister Mary convulsed on the bed, completely out of control. Only the hand grinding the sturdy candle into her seething cunt seemed to have any rhythm or purpose. She contorted on the bed, wrapping her sexy legs around the huge candle, making sure she had room to yank it out and then spear it back in.

Sister Mary fucked herself furiously, stuffing the candle in with a vengeance! Her slick cunt-walls enclosed around the invading candle like it was a cock, the greatest cock of all time.

"I love this, ohhhh, thank you, thank you! Ahhh, fuck it home! Sweet Jesus, thanks for this pleasure!" she cried, twisting her body all over the bed.

Sister Mary thrashed about, seemingly out of control, and out of her mind. But her free hand sought the other candle, the one not being used! As she fucked herself with the first candle, she rolled on her side and parted her legs, opening her heart-shaped ass-cheeks, then she used the other hand like a wedge and thrust it into her ass, spreading the hot humid crack of her ass like a trench opening during an earthquake.

"Ughhhh, do it behind! Behind, do it there!" she begged.

The nun fuck-stroked her hot cunt evenly, mechanically. With her other hand she began to knead the tip of the candle against the tight puckered ring of her asshole. She shoved her ass down hard on the taut candle pressed against her asshole. Pushing her hips back, shoving the candle against her crinkled shit-ring, something finally gave -- her asshole expanded open and suctioned the tip of the second candle into her humid hole.

"Ahhh, ohhh, damn, yessss! Unghhh, in my ass! In my ass! My cunt! Everywhere, yessss!" she wailed, crying hysterically in rapture.

The hot nun savagely fucked herself in the ass and the cunt with the two candles. She had the first one almost halfway into her cunt, plunging it in and out ravenously as if she could not get enough. The second candle angled deeper and deeper into her shifter, tearing her bowels open as it was forced farther and farther up her hot ass-crack.

Sister Mary was out of control, feeling the huge candles stirring round inside her cunt and shifter. It was almost more than she could take! She hissed and panted and cried and groaned, twisting her crotch down hard on the invading candles penetrating her open holes!

She cried, convulsing repeatedly, feeling fiery explosions of passion which seemed to come from all over her body! She shivered as she came, hunching down on the mammoth candles, boring the tips of each deep into her tight holes!

Sister Mary shuddered as her pulsing fuckhole and shit-hole dilated around the monster candles!

"Yessss, oh, yesss!"

Both candles stuck deep into the nun's holes. The sexy sister jammed them as far as possible, then left them there, twisting them round inside herself, stirring her cunt guts and her shit guts. The horny nun's hair lay snarled and swirling all around her head on the pillow. Her legs were open wide, her ass-cheeks were flexed apart. And two candles stuck from her hot holes. A candle extended out of the crinkled socket of her asshole. And a candle extended out of the buttery depths of her pussy.

The horny nun moved the candles in a circular motion, stretching the inner flesh of both sensitive holes. She was probing herself deeply, feeling a candle twisting inside her asshole, distending her bowels. She stirred the other candle inside her swampy cunt, distending the moist walls, rubbing them raw.

"Ahhhh, ohhh, yesss! Love this!" she whimpered, her body shivering. She rolled her head back and forth as she gouged the candles inside her hot holes. Sister Mary was lost in a passionate afterglow that would not fade, no matter how hard she fucked. She kept probing, distending, plunging, twisting and suctioning the candles inside her fuck-holes, acting as if this could go on forever and was the most natural thing for a nun to do.

Finally, short of breath, glistening with sweat, her arms tired, her cunt and ass temporarily raw, Sister Mary let go of the candles. She lay on her side, the two huge candles sticking out of her ass and cunt.

It felt good being filled up there, she thought, moving her legs slightly so that she could feel the rough edges of the candles against her seething inner cunt and ass-flesh.

"Wow, Glory Be!" the nun sighed. Her eyes felt heavy. She was going to sleep this way, with the candles inside her cunt and ass hole, she decided. She was not going to burn them and pray.

Sister Mary's eyes closed heavily, and soon her breathing deepened. As she breathed in and out, the candles in her cunt and ass moved also. Cunt-juice oozed from her pussy, leaking onto her crotch and the sheets. Both candles stayed wedged in her holes while she slept.


There was a knock at the door. Sister Mary stirred on her bed, the candles shifting slightly in her cunt and asshole. The feeling delighted her. She let out a low moan. The knocks came again, this time in quick succession. Sister Mary moved over on the bed, suctioning the two candles from her cunt and asshole. She hated taking the waxen shafts out.

"Who is it?" she called, donning only the top portion of her smock as fast as she could.

"It's Father Michael. Is everything ail right? I thought I heard strange sounds."

"Can't hear you well enough," Sister Mary said, placing the candles on her prayer table and quickly unlocking the door. She opened it and stared up at Father Michael, the handsome new priest she'd gotten the candles from. "Uh, Sister! Your cap is not on and... and you're not fully clothed," the priest exclaimed, averting his eyes from the disheveled nun.

"I was taking a nap," Sister Mary said, shaking her long dark locks of shimmering hair back. "Why don't you come in while I get myself presentable."

"I-I guess it's okay if I come in," he said, not comfortable. He did not look directly at the sexy nun. "I-I was just checking to see how... you liked your prayer candles. Have you... uh... tested them yet?"

"In a manner of speaking," Sister Mary said, sitting on the edge of her bed. She made no move to clothe herself. She just sat in front of the handsome priest, crossing her legs provocatively. One full side of a thigh and almost all of an ass-cheek was revealed to the startled priest. He found it difficult to look at the nun, but eventually found himself able to.

Sister Mary eyed the rising arch in his dark blue pants. His zipper looked like it would burst from the pressure. The nervous priest moved his hands there quickly to bide his erection. The hiked portion looked like a grotesque appendage growing out of the youthful priest's midsection.

"Looks like you're glad to see me," Sister Mary said, hiking her smock a little more. She had it almost to her waist. Just a little shift in position on the bed or an unfolding of her sexily tapered legs and the wide-eyed priest could see her cunt-flesh.

"Uh, maybe I should go?" Father Michael said, pushing his thick sandy hair away from his forehead. Beads of sweat appeared on his brow.

"I'm not really tired anymore," Sister Mary said, rubbing her chest deftly, as if stretching. Her humongous tits stretched through the fabric and two tiny points showed through where the sharp points of her nipples touched the cloth.

"And since you got me up, you must give me the courtesy of your company for a while."

Father Michael's mind was temporarily going blank as he stared at the beautiful, scantily clad nun. Her creamy smooth legs and the prominent bulges on her chest were leaving him speechless and thoughtless.

"Why... did you... become a nun? You are quite... beautiful," he finally said.

"To be of service to others. Any way I can," Sister Mary said, unfolding her legs and spreading them slightly. "I prefer pleasure to suffering so I give of myself freely, willingly to those I choose."

"You do?" The priest licked his lips. "Yes. I have special ways of serving others by making them feel good."

She tilted her head back slightly, unbuttoning the top two buttons of her smock. The deep valley between her luscious tits was revealed. Father Michael's pants stretched tight where his cock had flexed itself even more solid.

"I want to make you feel good," she said. "Would you mind if I did that?"

She edged toward him, coming off her bed. Father Michael nodded. He seemed hypnotized by her two large tits, which swayed freely beneath her half-open mock. Sister Mary walked toward him, swaying her hips back and forth.

"The Lord gave us these bodies for a reason," Sister Mary said, kneeling in front of the seated priest as if she were going to pray to him.

She folded her hands and leaned forward, her hips just inches from the hiked portion of the priest's pants.

"I am drawn to you," she said, observing Father Michael's bulging trousers.

"Yeah. Uh-huh. Must be the Lord's will."

"Then His will be done!"

The sexy nun unbuttoned her remaining buttons and her smock fell open, revealing her large, round tit-flesh.

"Oh my!" Father Michael said. "Praise the Lord! You are blessed!"

"So are you," Sister Mary said, leaning into Father Michael's crotch. She folded her hands in front of her large tits to keep them from falling forward as she leaned into the excited priest's pelvis. With her teeth, she clamped down on his zipper and pulled it down. Father Michael's bloated cock-flesh plopped out like a Jack-in-the-box. The cock sprang to attention, flexing itself upward, straining, bulging, bloated veins throbbing with power and energy. "Glory Be!" Sister Mary exclaimed, admiring the mighty fuck-rod which had escaped from the horny priest's pants. "You, too, are blessed, Father Michael! May I be of service to you?"

"In... what way?" the tense priest asked. "You need some relief," Sister Mary said. "If you were sick, I would pray for you. If you were hungry, I would cook for you. But you seem to be horny, so I must go down on you."

But it was too late. Sister Mary slurped the mammoth cock into her succulent mouth in one swoop, gobbling the young priest's cock all the way!

"Ohhhh, Sister!" Father Michael panted, jerking his head back, closing his eyes as he felt Sister Mary's wet lips encircle his cock-flesh. Her smooth, slick throat muscles evenly stroked his sensitive cock all the way in. His cock was hilt-deep inside the sexy sister. He felt her lips touch his cock-hairs as his cock angled all the way down her throat.

"Oh, heavens! So nice, oooh!" he groaned. Sister Mary slowly withdrew the mighty cockshaft, nibbling at the underneath side, sliding her lips up the cock-root.

"Oh God, oh God, oh God!" Father Michael shivered, jerking in the chair, feeling the gorgeous nun's mouth enclosed around his tender cock. "Ohhhh, yesss, Lord in heaven!"

Sister Mary unclasped her hands and held the sturdy cock at the base as she pumped her lips around the mammoth fuck-rod and gobbled it in and out.

"You've unleashed a devil," he said, smashing his lips down hard, cruelly, on the surprised nun's wet mouth.

Sister Mary retaliated by drawing him to her, mashing her soft tits against his massive, furry chest. She wrapped her legs around his hips and pulled his body down hard. He did not have to take aim or heft his huge cock toward her wet open cunt. The sturdy fuck-rod strained home, sinking right into her parted pussy-lips.

"Ooooh, Father!" the sex-starved nun exclaimed.

"Unghh, nice!" Father Michael panted, feeling his throbbing cock slide into her wet open fuck-hole.

Father Michael ground his swollen-veined cock deep into the quivering sister's undulating pussy. He churned the cock around, stirring up her cunt, rubbing the raw inner flesh of the passionate cock violating her innermost depths.

"Take it all, Sister Mary!" the hot priest cried, fuck stroking his taut cock faster and faster into the nun's buttery cunt.

They rolled around on the bed, bouncing almost off the mattress. She shoved her cunt around his thrusting cockhard as both of them smashed into each other, their hot flesh entertwining, straining, heaving.

"Ohhh, yesss, ahhhh!" the priest screamed, feeling the sexy nun's hot fuck-box envelop his sensitive cock.

"Ohhhh, Father. Yesss, fuck me!" Sister Mary shrieked, grinding her crotch up to meet his cock every time he stabbed her deep.

They tore at each other with a vengeance, as if their lives depended upon it. The passionate nun bolted up against the fuck-starved priest as his cock churned around inside her creamy cunt, stirring her up, pressing against the raw inner walls, distending her pussy-flesh.

"Ahhhh, Father, yesss, fuck me hard!" she cried, clawing at him.

The pussy-mad priest had lost his mind. He mercilessly pumped his huge cock in and out of Sister Mary's cock-stuffed cunt. Their bodies slammed hard into each other with every brutal fuck thrust. The hot nun felt the monster cock gouging deep into her quivering fuck-hole. The rubbery slick walls of her pussy convulsed around the invading shaft as it lashed at her, stabbing deep, ramming itself all the way, twisting around, then reaming her buttery depths like something out of hell.

"Fuck me, Father Michael!" the straining nun yelped, angling her ass higher to better receive the thrusts of the mammoth cock which battered her shimmering cunt-walls!

"Yessss, take it, Sister! Ohhhh, what a cunt! Love this, God bless you!" he cried, circling his cock around in the shivering nun's throbbing cunt.

Both of the holy people wrestled on the bed as one, with the priest on top, pumping himself maniacally into the frenzied nun's tender pussy.

Sister Mary pulled at the sexy priest's sandy hair, stroked his shoulders, clawed his back, felt his taut ass-flesh as his hips bucked wildly into her crotch, sinking his monster cock all the way into her boiling pussy.

The hot priest shook his head back and forth, rubbing his chest against the nun's massive tits which flopped on her chest. He pressed himself against the ravaged sister, feeling the creamy softness of her tit-flesh.

The lusty nun's body jerked erratically as she tensed with every mighty fuck thrust by the priest. His cock slammed deep into her steaming fuck-hole, blasting away at her cunt.

"So deep, so deep, yessss, thank you, Father Michael, ohhhh!" Sister Mary groaned, jerking every which way to better receive the huge cock skewering her surgingcunt-flesh.

"Yesss, ohhhh, take it!" the priest cried, sipping his hips against the sexy nun's body as his cock pistoned itself into her slick cunt-gash.

Sister Mary grabbed both of the hot priest's shoulders and drew herself to him, keeping his cock tightly locked inside her cunt. She twisted underneath him, making him slide to one side, next to her. Then she mounted him, wrapping ha legs over his pelvis expertly, keeping his cock wrapped tightly inside her cunt.

The priest was forced onto his back, and he lay on the bed with the hot nun above him, her legs around his hips, her boiling cunt encompassing his ballooned cock.

"What... are you doing? Oh, feels good, thought," he sighed. "Gonna ride you, Father. How's it feel?" she asked, wriggling her ass down hard around Father Michael's balls, receiving his thrusting cock-meat deep into her buttery fuckhole. This time she was doing the fucking, thrusting her hips down on the prone priest, jamming her cunt flesh around his flagpole of a cock.

"Ohhhh, yessss! Ride 'em, cowboy!" the priest wailed, feeling his tender cock-meat being crushed into the syrupy slick flesh of the hot nun's creamy pussy. "Ya-hoo!" Sister Mary cried, ramming herself down onto the sexy priest's cock. She gyrated her cunt around the bloated fuck-rod which was stuffed up into her wet pussy, rubbing his cock-flesh against her pussy-flesh and gripping the massive rod as tight as her swampy cunt would allow.

The sex-ravaged priest was going out of his mind with lust. He drew her down to him, feeling her wobbly ass-cheeks part as her crotch meshed into his. As his cock buried deep inside her oozing cunt, the frantic priest grabbed the hot nun by the hair and pulled her face to his, kissing her wetly, passionately, feeling her throbbing cunt quiver and dilate around his huge cock.

"Oh, Sister," he whispered, looking into her face. "I'm gonna cum now!"

"Do it!" she screamed. "I want it all! Give me your hot milk!" She jerked up suddenly and slammed herself down again, undulating her ass around on his cock, making the turned-on priest sigh heavily as his monster fuck-rod swelled quickly.

"Ahhhh, ughhhh, coming!" Father Michael cried, clenching his eyes shut, twisting his head to the side, feeling his balls shudder as the hot nun's cunt gripped his cock tight.

The purple head of the priest's cock exploded like a cannon, firing fiery wads of thick paste deep into the slick passage of Sister Mary's spurning pussy. The huge cock flexed itself, jetting thick wads of creamy jizz up into her bubbling cunt.

"Ohhhh, Father, feel it, yesss, do it, want it all!" she cried, bucking down on him hysterically.

"Yessss, yesss!" the priest bellowed, blasting his cock deep into Sister Mary's tight wet fuck-hole.

The priest's rigid cock flashed hot wads of boiling cock-cream into the horny sister's buttery cunt. The mighty fuck-rod exploded gob after gob of steaming juice, flooding the nun's juicy pussy, splattering her inner walls, soaking her cunt completely.

Sister Mary felt the river of jism spewing into her like boiling lava from an erupting volcano and shivered all over, pinching her tits, slinking her head. This was better than a candle or a broom or a stick shift or a door knob or anything she had ever tried to fuck herself with. "Ahhhh, Father, yes!" she sobbed, twisting her body around on the priest, getting all of his cum inside her till it leaked out of her cunt and down her legs onto him and the sheets.

"Yesss, Sister Mary, take it! Take it all! Ohhhh, you're so great!" he panted, feeling the surges of pleasure coming from his contracting balls as his cock spewed endless streams of fiery goo into the pulsing sister's warm pussy.

They collapsed, Sister Mary on top, Father Michael on the bottom, connected at the crotch by his cock and her cunt.

Father Michael's cock softened inside her buttery cunt, floating in that sea of pussy juice and cock-paste which oozed everywhere.

"Wasn't that great?" Sister Mary said.

The priest nodded dumbly, almost unable to speak. "It was inspirational, divine. A sacred act."

"Man does not live by bread alone," she said. Father Michael nodded listlessly.


Father Michael slid from between Sister Mary's thighs. His flaccid cock slurped from her cunt like a slippery fish from a greasy palm.

"Ooooh, that's not polite," the sexy nun whispered, rolling off him.

"Sorry," the satisfied priest said, reflecting on their great fuck session. "But I should be going soon."

"Come again any time," she said, thrusting her tongue into his mouth quickly.

Their tongues touched, waged a sexy little wrestling match, then their mouths parted. The handsome priest lookeddown at her.

"I want to thank you. You've really made me feel good. You've relieved my stress."

"Stress?" Sister Mary said. "What kind of stress?"

"One of the reasons I'm here is to solicit funds for the rectory. I'm to meet a group of businessmen about our church mortgage, which is due."

"These men need persuading, don't they?" Sister Mary said. She got up and began putting on her smack and the rest of her outfit. "Yes, they do. I'm afraid they don't understand the church's needs."

"Maybe we should understand their needs," Sister Mary said, draping her dark smock over her beautiful tits.

"What do you mean?"

"Never you mind," Sister Mary said. "These men are from out of town, aren't they?"


"They're the ones staying in the dormitory, right?"

"Yes. They arrived this afternoon."

"Then don't worry," the pretty nun said, dressing herself.

"I don't have any choice," the priest sighed, perplexed. After he had dressed, Sister Mary escorted him out of her room.

Sister Mary got fully dressed and waited a proper amount of time to make sure that Father Michael was not in the hallway. When she was sure, she sneaked out, passing from the nuns' quarters to the men's dorm area.

She encountered no one as she quietly strode the halls and listened intently. She had decided what she must do.

When she reached the quarters of the first guest, she knocked gently on the door.

After a moment, the door opened an inch or so and a mustached man peered out. "Yes?"

"I'm Sister Mary." She smiled brightly, folding her hands in front of her.

"Who?" the man said, blinking the sleep out of his eyes. He was good-looking and middle-aged.

"I'm the angel of mercy," Sister Mary said in a sexy, husky voice. "May I come in?"

"This is quite out of the ordinary," the man said, eyeing the pretty sister closely.

"As it should be," Sister Mary said, pushing past him as she walked in. She strode confidently into the middle of the room and placed her hands on her hips, staring toward the bed. "What is your name?"

"I-I am Chester Canton," the man said, taking affront by the remark, as if she should know who he was. Chester Canton walked before the nun and stood there, arms folded across his chest, staring down at her.

Sister Mary was impressed by the man's verve. He was over six feet tall, wide at the shoulders and trim at the hips. He wore a loose robe which tied at the waist.

"I have a gift for you," Sister Mary said. She reached for the belt to his robe.

"What?" Chester Canton was astonished.

"Me," the sexy nun said, undoing his belt. The robe fell open to reveal that Chester Canton wore nothing underneath.

She saw the curly dark swirls of hair on his chest and the mound of cock-hair surrounding his massive, thick-veined cylinder of cock-flesh.

"My, but you are endowed!" the nun said, staring at Chester's cock. "God has blessed you!"

"What is this? You are a nun!" the man said, frozen, unable to believe what was going on.

"I'm here to persuade you to go easy on the church's mortgage," she said, staring at the flaccid piece of cock-meat banging between Chester's legs.

"That is quite impossible, I am afraid."

"Let's see," Sister Mary said, falling to her knees before the stout man and assuming a prayer position in front of his cock.

She folded her hands slowly, catching him dangling cock between them.

"Dear Lord, let a miracle happen," she said, rubbing the cock between her hands, touching the palms gently against the sensitive flesh.

"Oh, my." Chester Canton said, going weak at the knees. Sister Mary stroked the huge cock before her smoothly, evenly with her hands, which were folded prayer-like around it. "Please, Lord, show me a sign of approval, a sign that there is hope for our church."

She stroked the mammoth cock which began to show some life. The fuck-rod grew, became firm. Sister Mary rubbed gently, deftly touching Chester's balls with the sides of her hands as she kept them folded in a prayer position, keeping the cock firmly between her palms. The sexy nun bowed her head keeping Chester's ballooned cock-flesh between her palms. She stroked him evenly, mechanically. His cock grew larger with every stroke. The sister prayed.

"I-I feel something, Lord!" She looked up at the cock, then up at Chester, whose head was arched back and whose eyes were closed tight. "Lord, I feel it. I feel it! Yes! Keep it up, Lord! Thy will be done! Unto me!"

"Yes!" Chester cried, wobbling at the knees, his cock-flesh angled up firm and taut in the lusty sister's hands.

"I give myself! I give my flesh as a sign of love!" Sister Mary cried, thrusting her head down over Chester Canton's bloated cock-flesh. She opened her mouth wide and inserted the fully-grown cock in one quick gulp. It felt like she was stuffing a submarine sandwich into her mouth.

"Ooooh, Sister! My gosh, gee!" Chester groaned.

Sister Mary sighed, slurping the humongous cock deep into her throat. Her wet lips enclosed around the flexed piece of cock. Her throat tightly ringed the tender fuck-rod which angled into her face.

Sister Mary pistoned the monster cock in and out of her mouth. She ringed her lips around the throbbing fuck-rod, rubbing the shaft up and down her moist, slick throat. Her muscles clutched at the enflamed cock, suctioning it in and out of her tight channel. "Ughhhh, wow, so fine, love it, Sister!"

Sister Mary flicked at his huge balls which dangled in the hairy sack the base of his cock mound. She gently fingered the sensitive balls like two valuable marbles. She played with Chester's balls, causing him to breathe harshly and pant, moaning and groaning with ecstasy.

"Damn, do it, Sister! Ohhhh, what a gift your mouth is, so slick, so tight!" he sighed.

Sister Mary slurped away, eating the helpless mans cock-meat and finger ring his dangling balls. She deep-throated the massive cock, spearing it all the way into her throat where she left it a moment and used her slithering wet tongue to tap at the underneath side of the sensitive flesh.

Chester Canton was in heaven. He cried out loud and almost loud his balance. He howled, feeling the tip of his cock all the way inside the cute nun's face.

Sister Mary slurped the monster cock, wrapping her wet lips loosely around the tender, thick-veined cock-flesh, running her moist tongue along the underneath side of the shaft.

"Ughhh, so great, damn, can't take it!" Chester yelled, arching his pelvis forward so that his cock buried itself even deeper into the sexy nun's mouth.

Sister Mary bore down on the inflated cock, thrusting into her mouth and began to twist her head around, gyrating the pulsing fuck-rod inside her mouth. Chester Canton almost lost it then, feeling his mammoth cock being suctioned and twisted and circled inside the moist vacuum of the pretty nun's twitching tight-gripping throat.

"Ahhhh, ohhhh, I'm so hot!" he cried.

"You're gonna get hotter!" Sister Mary grunted, like an animal on the attack. She gobbled the cock like it was a favorite food and jabbed the bulky meat into her mouth, suctioning the tender shaft all the way.

"Yesss, do it, do it, never had it so good!" Chester Canton wailed, giving himself over to the ravenous nun's incredible cock-eating power.

"Love eating you," she slurped, thrusting the iron-hard cock in and out of her wet lips.

"Eat all you want, please, all you want!" Chester cried, shivering all over.

"Can I do anything?" Sister Mary cried, spearing her throat with the flexed fuck-rod, then withdrawing it slowly, smoothly, letting her slick neck muscles tighten around the tender flesh so that it suctioned out in a tight wet grip.

"Anything! Anything! Anything! Do anything! Please!" Chester panted.

"Will you do anything?" the nun asked, flopping the cock in front of her face.

"Yes, yes, just put it back in your mouth!" Chester pleaded, wishing to feel the pretty nun's lips loosely wrap themselves around his rigid, pulsing cock.

"Drop the mortgage," Sister Mary said, slurping up the cock suddenly. She lurched her lips down over the purple crown of Chester's swollen cock and gulped it all the way.

"Yes, yes, yes!" Chester called out. "I'll vote to drop the mortgage if you'll keep eating me like that!"

Sister Mary sucked Chester's cock into her mouth and used both hands to gently balance his tender balls, at the base of his cock. Sister Mary slurped away at his cock, pumping her head up and down the taut and tender flesh. She juggled his soft, tender balls in her hands. Then she cupped both balls in one hand, squeezing gently so that he could feel her tender touches. With her other hand she reached around and rubbed his strong back muscles, pulling his pelvis forward so that she was smashing his pelvis into her face in a rhythm.

"Wow! So good, ahhhhh!" Chester Canton moaned. He let the lusty nun do all of the work.

Sister Mary moved her free hand lower and lower until it covered Chester's curvy ass cheeks. The big man's ass tightened and relaxed every time she pulled him into her face, skewering his cock in and out of her tight wet mouth. Her other hand gently squeezed and released his balls, over and over.

Sister Mary kept her prayer position, kneeling in front of the visiting businessman, and pistoning his mighty cock in and out of her mouth. She could feel his balls start to harden, both of them caught in the palm of one hand.

She could feel his throbbing cock begin to bulge more. She could feel his ass-cheeks tighten with every bucking thrust as she bore down on him, allowing him to grind his crotch into her face.

"Give me your cum," she quietly said as she let his throbbing cock slip out of her mouth for a moment. "Give it all to me." The hot sister took the cock back into her mouth and really ate away at it, sucking the taut cylinder of hot flesh in and out of her ringed lips, nibbling at the shaft head every time it approached her face, then flicking the underneath side as it withdrew. She juggled Chester's hard balls with one hand and plunged his crotch into her face with the other by shoving his ass from behind.

"Ahhhh, ohhh, gonna cum, Sister!" the businessman cried.

"Give it to me," Sister Mary shouted. Her lips shimmied up and down the iron-hard cock. "Want it all."

"Gonna cum, gonna cum!" Chester cried, arching his pelvis forward. The thick blue veins in his pulsing fuck-rod flared suddenly. His huge cock bolted forward and exploded at the tip.

Sister Mary felt the first surge of power and the first splash of cum as Chester's bucking cock flashed a hot wad of thick syrup into her moist throat.

The hot nun gulped rapidly us the erupting cock spewed geysers of cock oil into her open mouth. Sister Mary gurgled, gulping the cock-paste quickly. It streamed into her throat, splattering against the moist inner walls. She swallowed whole wads of the stinging gob, trying not to choke.

Chester yelled. His whole body shivered. His raging cock was the center of his focus. Cock fluid shot repeatedly in fiery gobs from the quivering rod which extended all the way down the nun's throat.

Sister Mary felt the bubbling warmth of Chester's white-hot cock lava drench her mouth and flood her throat guts as she swallowed to keep up with the darting jets of sperm which bolted into her.

Chester shivered all over. His cock quivered like something alive, caught in the stranglehold of such lusty passion.

The boiling fuck-juice from Chester's spasming cock squirted thick, gooey wads into Sister Mary's face. The hot nun swallowed as fast as she could but she was no match for the mighty cock's juicy eruptions.

"Ohhhh, ughhhh, take it, eating me, yessss!" Chester screamed.

Sister Mary's head bucked back with every fuck thrust from Chester's heaving hips. She gulped most of the jolting cum, loving its delicious taste, wanting more. She did not want to lose a precious drop of the man's sperm. She gulped ravenously, plunging the exploding cock all the way down her throat so that none of the cock-milk could leak out of her tightly ringed lips.

"Yessss, take it, eating me so good!" Chester howled, his eyes rolling to the back of his head. He could feel the tip of his constricting cock jerk deep into the throat of the gorgeous nun who was sucking him.

Sister Mary stayed on her knees, receiving the furious blasts of searing cum which spurted from the shivering cock jammed all the way down her throat.

"Ohhh, yes, so nice!" Chester sighed, sighing heavily, his cock shooting the last bits of its searing juice into the pretty nun's face. "Almost got it all," Sister Mary chortled, licking her lips, ringing her mouth around the monster fuck-rod and withdrawing it slowly so that she could slurp any juice she missed. She withdrew the banana-like cock and licked it clean with her slithering, moist tongue. She screwed up the pointy tip of her tongue into the tiny piss-slit of Chester's cock-crown, getting every last drop of cum that she could. "Ooooh, you know what you're doing!" Chester grunted, coming to his senses.

"Thank you," Sister Mary said, rising to her feet. Her rosary beads were tangled and she untangled them. "I must be going."

"More of God's work?" Chester asked, sitting back on his bed, relaxing, smiling at the sexy sister.

"You got it. See you later."

"Hope so," Chester said, his flaccid cock dangling between his thighs.

"Thanks for your vote," Sister Mary said, going out the door. "Whatever you want, it's yours," Chester said, lying back on his bed, a lazy smile on his face.


Sister Mary made her way slowly down the long dark hall. She came to the door of the next visiting businessman. Licking her lips, taking in a deep breath of air to puff out her chest so that her prominent tits could be examined for close scrutiny, the lusty nun knocked on the door.

"Who is it?" called a low, husky voice from within. "A gift from God."


The door opened. A handsome young man peeked around. His dark-brown hair was close trimmed and neatly combed. His brown eyes were warm and his smile had charm. He was a stunner!

"Who are you?" he asked.

Sister Mary was taken aback by the youth's handsome features. He was the best-looking man she'd ever laid eyes on. She could see by the slant of the door that his shoulders were bare, perhaps all of him was. The nun brushed past him, walking right into his room.

"I'm Sister Mary," she said confidently. "I'm here to take care of your needs, no matter what they are."

She had been right! He wore nothing but bikini shorts and an awed expression of disbelief.

"Uh, should you be in here so late?" he said. "The Lord has no business hours. When one of the sheep is in need, I give of myself." She shoved the door shut, wrestling it from the startled man's grip. "Sister! I'm barely clothed!"

Sister Mary's heart skipped a beat as she examined him more closely. Her eyes widened. Her cunt oozed. It was all she could do to keep herself from rubbing her crotch and falling to her knees to suck the man's cock. She'd eat his shorts to get at it if she had to.

The young man stood in front of the sexy nun, obviously embarrassed. He covered the bulge in his bikini underwear. Sister Mary saw the outline of his banana-like cock and his huge, cannon-sized balls.

"I like how you dress for bed," Sister Mary said.

"Oh, thank you," the youth said, gulping hard. "What did you say your name was?"

"Sister Mary. What's yours?"

"Christopher Smith. Call me Chris." The young man stretched his hand out.

Sister Mary shook hands with the youth, but did not let go. She kept his palm in hers, drawing closer. "My, your hand is cold. Is the rest of you this cold?"

"Well... er... I... uh..."

"Come closer. Share my body heat. I am in this world to relieve suffering and create pleasurable feeling of warmth and closeness between God's children."

"Interesting way to look at it," Christopher Smith said, feeling the curvy shape beneath the sister's smock as she held herself against him.

"Let's lie down over here," Sister Mary said, moving him toward his bed.

"Should we? You're a nun!"

"Do not question a child of God."


They moved to the small bed where Sister Mary had Christopher lie down. She admired the taut muscles of his lithe body. His hips were trim, his ass tightly packed and round. His shoulders were wide and very strong-looking. She bent over his prone form, keeping herself close to him, touching as much of his body with her smack as she could.

"We'll wrinkle my habit if I lie next to you so I must remove it," she said, kicking off her shoes and taking off her nun's cap. Her long folds of dark hair fell between her shoulders as she shook her head.

For the first time, Christopher realized that this nun was not only pretty, but with her hair let down, she was ravishingly beautiful. "You're sharp," he said, amazed to be telling a nun such a thing.

"Thank you. I admire your taste." Sister Mary removed the top of her smock, gliding it off her arms and from her torso, revealing her naked upper body. Her round tits hung like huge creamy globes of flesh, the tips jutting out like pointed stacks. She had mammoth tits, a real shame to be hidden beneath her nun's gear. "Wow! You're one sexy lady," Christopher said, a bulge rowing in his shorts.

"Thank you," Sister Mary said, stepping out of her black skirt and stripping off her stockings. She flung her clothes in a heap on the edge of the bed and stood before the handsome young businessman in all of her glory.

"Should you... I mean... Sister Mary... you're naked!"

"Well, Christopher, I am here to satisfy your needs. I just thought I could do it better this way."

"I've never... well... see a nun naked before."

"It's all right, Chris." Sister Mary rubbed her tits provocatively, moving the fleshy mounds in semi-circles, turning the prone businessman on even more. The bulge in his bikini shorts hiked up higher. It was all Sister Mary could do not to jump him.

"You like my tits, I see."


"I'm a woman of God. All woman. See for yourself," Sister Mary said, turning around, showing the young man her curvaceous ass. Her waist became narrow, then split wider as the startled youth gazed at the sexy nun's ass-flanks.

Her beautiful ass looked like an upside-down heart and was taut and round, as great-looking as any pin-up he had ever slobbered over. His cock was almost bursting out of his shorts. But he did not bide it anymore. He was too turned on by the naked nun before him. She was all woman all right.

"You're the best-looking lady I've ever seen!" Chris exclaimed.

"I want to reveal myself to you," Sister Mary said, bending at the waist and reaching back to her ass-cheeks. She parted her cheeks, revealing the humid trench between her hot crack.

"Jeepers Creepers!" Christopher Smith stared at the deep valley which contained her small asterisk of an asshole, and her larger, slightly gaping cunt-hole which slithered open as the nun spread her legs a bit to give him a better look. Her red gash parted slightly. The strands of pubic hair which surrounded the deep cunt parted also. Sister Mary's pussy-lips were shimmering invitations to a wondrous portal of pleasure.

Christopher Smith was spellbound, staring at the gorgeous nun's sexy asshole and pussy.

"I-I don't know what to say," he said, unable to move. "I want to make you feel good," Sister Mary said, standing erect. "May I?"

"Yes. Certainly. Of course. Sure."

The sexy sister walked up to the anxious figure of the young businessman lying practically naked before her. His throbbing cock angled up through his bikini shorts. This excited the horny nun.

"Are you going to vote on the church mortgage tomorrow?" Sister Mary said.

Christopher nodded, keeping his eyes leveled at the amazingly beautiful sister. Her mounded tits hung like mammoth monuments to female sexuality. He wanted to wrap his lips around each of the pointed spikes sticking out of the center of each tit.

"How are you going to vote?" Sister Mary said, eager to go down on the thick cock buried inside Chris' shorts. She could see the perfect outline of a huge cock and its big balls stretching against the fabric of the underwear.

"I-I'm not sure. It makes good business sense to demand the mortgage payment, or foreclose."

"But this is a house of God," Sister Mary said, leaning over the muscular man on the bed. She deftly hooked a finger in the lining of his shorts and pulled them down a bit. "What have we here?"

"Ugh... well..." Christopher did not know what to say.

Sister Mary touched his flexed fuck-rod, causing it to spring to attention. The large cock was straining inside his shorts. The bloated head was reddish purple. The thick blue veins in the shaft pulsed, engorged with blood.

"Do you want to foreclose on us?" Sister Mary said, running a finger up the length of the shaft, causing it to buck up and down as if it had a life of its own.

"Uh, no. Not really."

"You should never do what you don't want to do."

"I guess that's true," Christopher said, gulping hard as the sexy sister stroked the underneath side of his throbbing cock with her hands. Her huge tits fell forward, hanging inches from his face.

"You should only do what you want to," Sister Mary said, easing Christopher's shorts down his hips, then farther down his legs till he flipped them away with his feet.

"That's true," Chris said. He watched the pretty nun lean closer to his cock, which shot up perpendicular from his waist, like a stout flagpole that needed mounting.

"You should always do what you want to," she said.

"Yes," Christopher said, blinking his eyes quickly as the lusty nun deftly licked the tip of his cock. "Ohhhh, that's great!"

"Thank you," Sister Mary said. "If you want to give us a break this year on the mortgage, then you should vote to give us more time."

"I guess so."

"Just as I would do. Let's say I wanted to put your cock in my mouth, well, I would just do it -- like this." She swooped down over the taut cock aimed up at her and wrapped her wet lips around the bloated cock-head. Then she jammed the thick shaft into her moist throat and went down on him completely.

Christopher Smith jerked on the bed. He arched his crotch up into the gorgeous nun's open mouth, allowing her to eat his raw cockflesh all she wanted. The lustful novice licked the thick cock and balls all over, running her slick tongue tenderly over the entire surface area of the young businessman's cock and balls.

"Ohhhh, damn! Feels so good, wow, take it all, eat it, never had it like this!" he grunted, twisting his head back and forth. His hands clenched and unclenched as the gorgeous nun expertly flicked her hot wet tongue over his balls, touching the sensitive pouch gently. Then she gobbled his balls into her mouth, making her cheeks bulge. She carefully moved her tongue along the mouthful of balls, deftly massaging them.

"Ahhhh, ohhh, damn, so nice, do it, ughhh!" Chris howled, his toes spasming, his knees jerking, his eyes closing tight.

Sister Mary slurped the sac of balls out, then ran her slick tongue up the tender lower side of his flexed cock. When she reached the engorged tip of the cock, she wrapped her lips around the entire crown and quickly suctioned the entire shaft down her throat, gripping the mammoth fuck-rod tightly with her throat muscles.

"Ughhh, Jesus in heaven, love it, love it!" Christopher screeched, barely able to retain his senses.

Sister Mary grabbed the young man's cock at the base and held it firmly in her grip. The cock angled up like a stout piece of iron and extended deep into the ravishing nun's moist throat.

Sister Mary loved face-fucking him. He was sexy, and his cock was incredibly huge. It was all she could do to fit it inside her mouth.

Sister Mary's throat kit distended every time she lunged down on the fantastic fuck-rod. She held it tight in one hand so that she could better handle it and have better access to it as she plunged her face up and down the mammoth shaft, gulping the sturdy cock deep into her rubbery tight throat.

"Yeah, eat me, ohhhh, Sister Mary, yeah!" Chris groaned. Sister Mary flopped the thick-veined cock out of her mouth and regarded its length and circumference for a moment.

Then Sister Mary started to climb onto the naked form of the young businessman on the bed. She placed her backside toward him and straddled his midsection, sitting down squarely above his cock. She placed the head of the throbbing cock-meat up against her wet cuntlips and rubbed it around in her open gash a few times. She had her back to Christopher, facing his strong-looking legs. She was going to fuck him facing away from him, sitting down on his cock while he lay flat on the bed.

"Are you sure it's all right?" Chris said. "I mean, we're not doing anything wrong are we?"

Sister Mary giggled gleefully and sat down on the thick cock arching up toward her wet crotch. Her slick cunt swooped around the throbbing fuck-rod like it was the most natural thing in the world. Her hot cunt floated around the pulsing cock and it fit like a glove. Her swampy cunt glided down the veined shaft as her rubbery inner cunt-walls rubbed against the raw flesh invading her.

"Ugghhh, holy gosh!" Chris exclaimed, nearly losing his grip on reality. This felt too good! "Damn, ohhh, yeas, fuck me, Sister Mary! Fuck me hard!"

"Yes, sir!" the gorgeous nun cried, skewering her slick cunt down the iron-hard cock lunging up into her buttery pussy. "Love riding you, Chris!"

"Love being rode!" he cried, arching his crotch into her greasy cunt.

Sister Mary pistoned her open cunt up and down on the thick cock and bucked it like it was a wild bull in a rodeo. She loved how the sturdy fuck-rod churned up into her constricting cunt, blasting its bloated head deeper and deeper.

"Ahhhh, Sister, God, feels good!" Chris groaned, feeling the nun's inner cunt-walls grip his sensitive cock-flesh as she twisted the thick mass inside herself.

"Love it, too!" the lusty nun cooed, driving her ass down hard on the young businessman's midsection. She skewered the thick cock up into her, distending her rubbery slick pussy-walls, rubbing her inner flesh raw.

"Ahhhh, yes, fuck it!" Chris groaned.

"So big, ohhh, lunging so deep!" Sister Mary cried.

The thick cock filled her clutching cunt completely. Sister Mary's pussy muscles dilated around Chris throbbing cock, oozing cuntjuice, receiving pre-cum fluid from the monster rod smashing into her cunt.

"Damn, ohhh, fuck it, fuck it!" Chris cried. Sister Mary rhythmically ground her crotch down onto the prone youth, meshing her tight cunt around his tender cock-flesh. She slapped her ass into his midsection, burying the hot cock deep into her feverish cunt. She fucked him furiously, ravenously, taking the cock's entire length into her swampy pussy.

Her fuck-hole convulsed around the tender cock, yanking at it, pulling and clutching and fucking the huge fuck-rod like the sweetest meat that could be had.

"Yessss, doing it to me, fucking my cock!" Chris cried, clenching his eyes shut. He pounded the bed with his fists and writhed beneath the nun's hot body as it slammed into his. He raised his head and opened his eyes and glanced at her ass, watching her beautiful ass-cheeks ram down around his pelvis and slide open as his cock invaded her cunt depths. Her hot crack parted with every furious fuck stroke. Chris saw her crinkled bud of an asshole open and close as if it was winking at him as she fucked him.

"Love riding you. Chris, yes!" Sister Mary cried, bucking up and down on the hot young businessman.

"Love being fucked! Ohhh, sweet sister, ahhhh!" Chris wailed. "Gonna cum, gonna cum!"

Sister Mary felt the huge cock drilling into ha buttery pussy swell suddenly as the bloated cock crown exploded its first wave of sizzling sex oil. A hot thick wad of gooey cum splattered her moist inner cunt-walls. The huge cock shivered every time it flashed its sprays of scaring jism into the feverish nun's pulsing pussy.

Sister Mary shrieked and cried real tears of passion, feeling the scalding gobs of cock oil jet into her sensitive fuck-hole. Christopher Smith felt his thick cock erupting in continuous geysers of fiery cock-paste which splashed the slick walls of the lusty nun's moist pussy.

"Give it all to me, keep it coming!" Sister Mary screamed, wiggling her ass down hard over the flaring cock which was burning her cunt-walls with its moist gooey lumps of hot cock foam.

"Yess, ughhh, ohhhh, Sister Mary! Damn, this it great!" Chris groaned, feeling his balls tense and release, tense and release, tense and release, over and over.

Hot flurries of boiling cock-paste flooded the ravishing nun's creamy cunt. Both of them were mad with lust. Their bodies quivered and they writhed into each other.

Sister Mary sat down heavily, gyrating her crotch over Christopher to befter receive the searing loads of cum which streamed into her.

Christopher bucked up into the beautiful nun's wide-open cunt, sending scalding blasts of thick cum up into her syrupy pussy. "Ohhhh, Sister Mary! Ughhhh, you sure got my vote!" Chris hissed, feeling his cock encased in warm cunt-flesh which oozed its juices around his cock.

"God moves in mysterious ways," the hot nun whispered, moving her dilating cunt in circles around the exploding cock inside her.

After the cock quit flooding the sexy sister's gushing cunt, she just sat on the youth, keeping her pussy centered around the cock. Christopher lay beneath the gorgeous nun, feeling his spent cock tenderly held by her slick pussy muscles.

Eventually, Sister Mary climbed off the ravaged youth and looked down at his half closed eyes and wide grin and said, "I'm glad we met."

"Me, too," Chris said. "I'm gonna vote against foreclosing just so I get the chance to meet you next time around. You've done me a great service. I'll never look at nuns in quite the same way. I respect you."

Sister Mary smiled and gathered up her clothes. She dressed quickly. "See you later."

"I hope so."


Entering the hall, Sister Mary encountered one of her best friends from the seminary. It was Sister Theresa, a comely nun in her mid-twenties.

"What are you doing here?" Sister Theresa said, startled to find the young novice coming out of a businessman's temporary sleeping quarters.

"I'm on an errand of great urgency," Sister Mary said, pulling her peer aside. She took Sister Theresa by the elbow and guided her down the hallway, speaking in low whispers. "I'm trying to convince some of the men from out of town that voting to foreclose our mortgage would be a mistake."

"That's one of the reasons I'm up so late," Sister Theresa said, stopping in the middle of the hall and confronting the other sister squarely. "I'm with you one hundred percent but I don't know how to go about it. I've prayed. And I've prayed. But I feel so powerless. It's made me tense. And you know when I'm tense, I can't sleep. So I'm going to do exercises or something to relax."

"You've always been a very physical person," Sister Mary said, smiling approvingly.

"True," Sister Theresa said. "I broke a few hearts when I entered the sisterhood."

Sister Mary shrugged. "God has blessed us both with healthy looks."

"Do you ever wonder why you became a nun?" Sister Theresa said, looking sad and despondent.

"Not on nights like tonight."

"What do you mean?"

"You said you were tense, right?"


"You said you wished you could do something about the due mortgage, right?"

"Of course."

"And I know in your heart, you'd go beyond the call of duty to fulfill God's wishes, no matter what they might be, am I correct?"

"Absolutely!" Sister Theresa said, a look of determination on her face now.

"Then come with me and I'll show you a form of exercise that will help persuade the visiting businessmen to give us a break on the mortgage and, therefore, allow us to do some very important work for God, which is our purpose in the first place!"

"Okay!" Sister Theresa said, smiling.

"Just listen to what I say and do what I do. And flow. You're a natural, I'm sure."

"A natural at what?"

"You'll see. Just remember, we're doing God's work."

"Okay." The nun shrugged in acceptance. They arrived at the door of the next board member. Sister Mary knocked lightly.

Both nuns heard movement, then the door latch from within slid open and a huge, mammoth-sized man peered out.

"What can I do for you?" the man said. His voice was low and sexy.

Both nuns gulped hard, staring at the giant man. His trimmed beard and brown hair framed an extremely handsome face.

"You could do plenty for us," Sister Mary said, winking up at him. "But we'd like to do a few things for you first. Mind if we come in?"

"I'm not prepared for visitors," the man said.

Sister Mary just brushed by him anyway, leading Sister Theresa in behind her.

Both nuns walked to the center of the room. The huge man at the door grabbed a towel and held it in front of him, quite awed by the nun's bold behavior.

"What is this?" he said. "Should you be here?"

The man was built like a football player. His massive chest and wide shoulders were muscular from years of lifting weights. His legs were the size of tree trunks, and tapered to fine points in the calves where his muscles appeared chiseled and thick, like strands of steel beneath his hairy skin.

Both Sister Mary and Sister Theresa started wide-eyed and slack jawed at the mass of man flesh before them. Sister Mary noticed Sister Theresa's reaction to the sexy fellow and decided she had played her cards right in bringing the other nun along.

"It's very simple," Sister Mary said, moving forward. "We're doing God's work. We know the church has a purpose and that you must not foreclose. And we're here to show you why."

"Okay. Show me why," the man said firmly, his jaw set. His eyes settled on the nuns, waiting for them to show him something he had not been aware of. He was, after all, a businessman, even if he was built like a Greek God.

"I think it's hot in here," Sister Mary said, removing her nun's cap. She tossed the cap aside and shook her head. Her long dark hair fell to her shoulders and down the middle of her back. It was immediately apparent that she was an extremely beautiful woman. "You feel hot, too, don't you, Sister Theresa?"

Sister Theresa was taken aback by Sister Mary's action, and now by the sudden request. But she followed suit, a look of consternation on her cute face. She removed her nun's cap and her sandy-blonde hair was uncovered; it was much shorter than Sister Mary's but it framed her face nicely, accenting the shape of her cute features and making her look like a cover girl for a teen magazine. "You're very pretty," Sister Mary commented.

"Shouldn't I be saying that?" the giant of a man at the door said, just a towel covering his naked body.

"You think Sister Theresa's pretty?" Sister Mary said.

"Sure do. You're both ravishing. I can't believe you're nuns," he said, holding the towel tightly so as not to let them see his cock. "What's your name?"

"Luke Porter."

"Luke is the name of a saint. Are you a saintly person?" Sister Mary said, unbuttoning her upper smock slowly.

"Not while you're doing something like that," Luke Porter said, taking in a deep breath of air.

Sister Theresa saw what Sister Mary was doing and slowly began to mimic her, removing her smock a little at a time.

"Why... are you doing that?" he said. "It's warm in here," Sister Mary said. "Besides, we're going to do the Lord's will and wearing clothes does not figure in on the matter."

Luke's face screwed up, but he was getting the idea, as hard as it was to believe.

Sister Theresa suddenly stopped what she was doing, her smock halfway off, trying to decided if she should go any farther.

Luke said to Sister Theresa, "My, I love blonde hair on a woman. It's too bad you have to keep it short and covered up." Sister Theresa blushed, overwhelmed by the kind words from the sexy man. She then continued to remove her smock, wiggling it over her arms. She looked over at Sister Mary then, and got quite a shock. Sister Mary was naked from the waist up. Her huge, melon-sized tits were revealed to the man standing at the door; the nipples were hard, pointing out like tiny gun barrels ready to hold somebody up. "Sister Mary!" the blonde nun exclaimed. "God's will be done!" Sister Mary said, eyeing the growing bulge in Luke's crotch which hiked out the fabric of the towel. "You see!"

Sister Theresa looked over at the huge man with the growing cock barely hidden beneath the towel. She saw the huge fuck-rod flex itself outward. The startled nun's expression changed from one of aggravation to admiration.

"Holy smoke!" she said, and quickly stripped off her smock, revealing her firm mounds of titflesh, jutting out like ripe grapefruit from her chest.

Luke's cock arched beneath the towel, lunging as if by instinct at the two half-naked nuns.

"You're both gorgeous!" the man said, not embarrassed by his biased cock. It looked like an extra arm which extended out from his body between his strong-looking legs.

"There's more!" Sister Mary said, dropping her skirt. Sister Theresa quickly dropped her skirt, and both nuns were beginning to race each other as they stripped, trying to see who could get naked first.

Sister Mary smiled, glad that Sister Theresa had no reservations about helping persuade this sexy giant of a man to aid their cause.

Luke Porter smiled, knowing he had a choice to make: which sexy nun to fuck first...

Sister Theresa smiled, happy that the cock that would soon be stuck in her would be real and not fake, like the one hidden in her quarters.

"I can't believe I'm doing this," the blonde nun said, slowly moving her hands to her sides, trying to get used to the idea that she was completely naked in front of a man.

"Me, neither," Luke Porter said. "You're both incredibly sexy."

"We're children of the Lord," Sister Mary said, not forgetting their mission, the reason they were there in the first place. It was a good excuse to fuck, she thought, staring at the brown-haired hunk of a man with only a towel covering him. "I think it's time you revealed yourself to us, since we're standing here in all our glory."

Luke Porter smiled and quickly released the towel covering his midsection. It dropped to the floor, almost catching on the tip of his bloating cock-crown. His massive cock swung like a threatening piece of weaponry between his thick, strong legs. The cock was thick-veined and at least seven inches long, and it was not even fully erect yet.

Both nuns eyed the powerful piece of fuckmeat, trying not to look overzealous.

Sister Theresa could barely contain herself. She was afraid pussy juice might be leaking between her legs, so excited was she. Sister Mary noticed how breathless Sister Theresa was. "You're not used to this, are you?"

"No," the blonde nun said.

Luke said, "You're sort of virginal, is that right?"

Sister Theresa said, shrugging, "In a manner of speaking."

"What did you say your names were?" the man asked.

"I'm Theresa and she's Mary," Sister Theresa said.

"Well, Sister Theresa," Luke smiled. "You deserve a good time tonight. Mind if I show you one?"

"Uh, no."

"Can both of us start out on you?" Sister Mary said, winking at the huge naked man standing in front of them. His cock angled higher and higher the longer he stared at the smooth freshness of the naked nun's sexy body.

"Move to the bed," Luke said, advancing toward them. Sister Theresa backed up to the man's bed. Theresa's sexy muscularity and the nice curves of her beautiful body showed up nicely in the scant lights. Her tapered legs and her full tits and trim waist made her a gorgeous sample of what womanhood aspired to be.

Luke Porter swaggered to the bed. "Lie down."

He took the young nun by the shoulders and gently laid her back on the bed, her legs hanging over the edge.

"Mind if I worship at your altar?" he said. "Not at all," Sister Theresa said, not knowing what to expect, but anxious to find out.

Luke Porter got to his knees before the prone nun, spreading her legs gently.

Sister Theresa liked the big man's hands on her. He was tender, yet strong in his manner and in his touch. She hoped he had other ways of using his hands and couldn't wait to find out.

"You are so pretty. And you're built like a queen," he said, parting her legs more. He rubbed her inner thighs softly, kissing her legs as he did so.

Sister Theresa sighed at the touch of his soft lips. The closer the lips moved between her thighs, the harder she found it was to breathe and concentrate.

"Like that?" he said, using one of his hands to carefully spread the lips of her pussy.

"Uh-huh," the blonde nun said, staring up at the ceiling. She thought she saw stars and was going to pass out, so feverish she was becoming, having a man touch her hot flesh.

Sister Mary did not want to be left out. She sidled up to the prone nun on the bed and gently touched Sister Theresa's mounded tits, which sprang up firm and fresh, her pointed nipples aimed at the ceiling, looking like the sharp tips of arrows. Sister Mary massaged Sister Theresa's creamy tit-flesh, kneading the rounded globes of flesh gently. She said nothing. She let Luke do the important work.

Luke split Theresa's cunt deftly, eyeing the shimmering portal as he did so. Her cunt-lips were lush and shiny. He used two fingers to wedge the cunt open wide; he stared into the red gash, knowing this was not a sight any man had beheld for some time, if ever.

"Oooooh, that's nice," the pretty blonde nun exclaimed, trying not to jerk as she felt the big man's hand touch her curt. She arched her back a bit, reacting to Sister Mary's expert caring touches on her tits.

"Looks nice," Luke said, swirling his thumb inside the moist cunt.

Sister Theresa groaned.

Luke gyrated his thumb, and then an index finger, inside the young nun's luscious fuckhole. She oozed pussy juice. She was ready to be fucked. But Luke wanted to thrill her another way. He rubbed the inner slick walls of her juicy cunt with his fingers, distending the tender flesh, stirring up the pretty nun's cunt.

"Ahhhh, yesss, thank you, Lord! Feels so good, ohhhhh!" she sighed, pumping her pelvis down around the massive man's hands.

Luke finger-fucked the lusty nun's creamy cunt rhythmically, mechanically, jabbing his fingers in and out quickly, harder and harder.

Sister Theresa reacted accordingly, thrusting her head back on the mattress and twisting her face up in an expression of intense satisfaction and passion.

"Uggghhhh, never felt like this, a real man, yeah! Getting it from a real man!" she cried, clenching her eyes shut and gritting her teeth.

Luke pumped his hand in and out of her hot pussy like a man possessed. He twisted his hand around, spreading his fingers against the creamy smooth walls of her inner pussy-flesh. He was finger-fucking her for all he was worth. The muscles in his wrists and forearms stood out as he skewered himself into her ruthlessly, pummeling her tender flesh to get the most out of her lustful feelings.

Sister Mary enjoyed watching Sister Theresa writhe and jerk and pant and groan and twist around on the bed beneath her. The young man was obviously going out of her mind with lust as the huge man between her legs hand-fucked her maniacally, mercilessly. "Ugghhh, love it, love it, love it. Fuck, fuck, fuck me forever!" she howled, hunching her crotch down over the huge hand invading her cunt.

Luke lunged himself up into her, getting the most out of her damp pussy recesses.

Sister Theresa bolted up and down on the bed coming intensely, feeling the pulsing lust shoot throughout her body. "Ohhhhh, coming hard, so fucking hard! Can't take it, can't take it, but don't stop! Never stop," the berserk nun wailed, flopping around on the bed, her legs twisted onto Luke's massive, cunt-fucking hand.

The man finger-fucked the lustful nun with a sexual verve that bordered on insanity. He rammed his digits, into the pulsing, twitching nun's boiling fuck-hole.

Sister Theresa kept bucking on the bed, thrusting her hips down hard on the man who hand-fucked her cunt. She was feverish, out of her mind. She blinked her eyes over and over, trying to focus clearly. She swallowed bard, feeling her oozing pussy juice leak from between her legs. Luke had just withdrawn his hand, or she would never have come out of her fantastic fuck reverie.

"How was that?" he said.

Sister Theresa nodded, trying to find a voice to speak with. She was not sure where she was.

"There's more to come," Sister Mary said, standing over the ravished sister on the bed with her legs spread and her cunt oil leaking everywhere.

"What more could there possibly be to match this?" Sister Mary said.

"Only this," Luke Porter said, standing up full length. As he did so, his iron-hard cock wobbled to attention, sticking out straight from his body like a thick piece of metal.

The two nuns stared wide-eyed at the cockmeat before them. Sister Mary gasped.

Sister Theresa drooled. "Who's first?" Luke said. "Me!" they both screamed.


"I wish I could fuck you both first," Luke Porter said, hefting his mammoth cock into the air. The bloated fuck-rod was almost seven inches in length, fully erect.

The two naked nuns stared at the huge man's incredible cock-meat and tried not to jump him at once.

"I'm a charitable person," Sister Mary conceded, shaking her long dark hair back out of her eyes. "I'll let Sister Theresa go first."

Sister Theresa panted, rubbing her thick, rubbery cuntlips. She was too turned on to refuse the offer.

Luke settled the naked form of Sister Theresa farther back on the bed. She lay squarely in the center of the mattress, her cunt oozing juice, her legs spread wide for the big man's cock. She had a bright smile on her face. Her gaping red curt sloshed wide open.

Luke stared at the sexy blonde nun sprawled before him. Her tapered legs were very appealing. Her mounded tits were firm and ripe. The large man grinned appreciatively and grasped the hot nun by the ankles, spreading her legs wider. Her open gash of a pussy spread wider, too. Luke stared at the dark-red slit, licking his lips in anticipation.

"Let's get to it!" Sister Theresa said impatiently. She raised her legs into the air, bending them at the knees, and held her ankles, jerking her crotch open farther, splitting her hot humid crack.

"Hot damn, you're built!" Luke snorted. He stared at the sexy nun's parted pussy, the red gash was wet-looking, shining in the scant light of the room. Beneath her parted cunt-lips was the small rosebud of a hole which she shit from -- her asshole! The tiny bud winked up at him as the horny nun clenched her ass muscles. It was as provocative a wink as the huge man had ever seen.

"C'mon, slow poke," Sister Theresa said, wriggling her back on the bed, causing her ass and pussy to jerk open and shut as they angled up at the mammoth dude holding his thick cock, kneeling between her legs.

Sister Mary scooted to Sister Theresa's side on the bed. She began to deftly twitch the prone nun's spiked nipples in each of her fingers.

Sister Theresa loved having her tits rubbed and pinched and kneaded. But she wanted a hot cock in her more than anything else. She could rub her own tits or fuck her own pussy, with a fake cock, a dildo, or any available substitute. But it wasn't often that she had a real cock to fill her up.

"Fuck me now! God only helps those who help themselves! So help yourself to me!" she commanded Luke.

The big man aimed his monster cock straight at the sexy young nun's split cunt-flesh. He lay forward, carefully positioned himself on top of her. He rubbed his cock-crown gently against the mouth of her pussy. He pressed the cock just inside her shimmering cunt-lips, circling the mammoth fuck-rod around and around in the enclosed channel.

Sister Theresa went berserk. She couldn't believe a real cock was just about to enter her. She bucked herself up, holding her ankles in both hands to better receive the hot cock about to pummel her.

"Fuck it farther! All the way. Get that thing going, I'm going crazy!" she screamed.

Luke fuck thrust himself forward then, angling his large cock into the impatient nun's slithering cunt-flesh.

Sister Theresa grabbed hold of him, bracing herself against his shoulders and welding her body to his.

The huge slab of cock blasted deep into the creamy guts of the hot nun's slithering cunt. Her pussy-walls contracted around the thick fuckrod ramming in and out of her tender cunt.

"Ohhhh, Lord, blessed be me!" the lusty nun wailed, arching her ass up into the monster cock pounding into her! "Give it to me, haven't had it in so long, ahhhh!"

"So slick, tight -- ughhh!" the giant man sighed, encircling his cock around inside the horny nun's clutching wet pussy. He gyrated his hips two or three times, then quickly fuck stroked himself in and out in rapid succession, machine gunning the nun's tender trench, stirring up her cunt.

"Help me, ohhh, love it, can't take it! Lord, this must be what heaven is like!" she groaned, wriggling her ass up and around, grinding the cock even deeper into her buttery cunt depths.

Sister Mary watched the two of them fuck, anxious to have a piece of that cock for herself. She watched the mammoth cock-slab suction out, then thrust back into the blonde nun's flexing cunt-flesh.

"Love this cunt, love fucking you, Sister! Ohhhh, this is great, can't help it, gonna cum soon! Ooooh, so tight and slick, damn, you're gripping my cock so good!" the big man moaned.

He bucked into her furiously, driving her back into the mattress, pressing his big strong body into hers. His ruthless fuck thrusts rubbed the inner slick walls of her cunt raw. She bounced off the bed, impaled by the raging fuck monster spewing itself maniacally into her buttery cunt.

The big man chortled, stabbing his thick cock deep into her raw guts. "How about some cum?"

"Ohhh, yesss!" the young nun cried. "Cum in me! Give me the fruits of your labors! Do unto me!"

Luke slapped his thighs into her, quickly whipping himself into a frenzy. His hard cock lurched deep into the young nun's tight pussy, stretching deeper than any broom or candlestick or roving fingers had ever extended. She did not realize her cunt could be probed so deep.

"Ohhh, yesss, I'm coming!" the hot nun grunted.

"Me, too! Ohhhhh, ugghhhh!" the muscular man panted, shaking his head, clenching his eyes shut, gritting his teeth. He pistoned himself deeper and deeper, furiously grinding his crotch into hers.

"Ohhh, ohhh, you're swelling so big, feel your cock, it's... it's..."

"I'm coming! Ughhhh, take it, Sister, I'm anointing you!" he yelped, bucking himself harder and harder, hammering his crotch into her open cunt, probing deeper and deeper, ramming his bloated cock-crown as far as it could go.

Suddenly, thick hot gobs of fiery goo flashed into the young nun's cunt, splattering her inner walls, soaking her moist cunt-tunnel completely.

"Ughhhh, yesss!" Luke groaned. His cock exploded hot lava of gooey cock-paste deep into the virginal passage of the horny nun's clutching cunt. The cock oil streamed like a river into the sensitive channel, scalding her flesh, driving her mad with lust. He yelled, his cock exploding repeatedly. The monster fuck-rod blasted its moist gooey lumps of goo into the hot nun's clutching cunt. The thick wads shot like loads from a cannon, filling the nun, flooding her, splashing their fiery paste against the slick walls of her tender pussy-flesh.

"Don't stop, don't stop, ohhhh, heaven help me!" she cried, licking her lips, slamming her fists into the sheets, then grabbing the big man's shoulders and drawing him into her. She clawed at him, scraping her nails into his strong back.

Luke Porter emptied his raging cock inside the nun's shimmering cunt, pounding himself into her, spewing the last of his hot cum into her buttery depths. His thick syrupy cock oil flooded her tight channel, oozing and mixing with her own pussy juice. Cum and pussy secretion flowed together and streamed oat of her cunt, staining his flexed fuck-rod.

"How was that?" Luke asked, pulling out of her. His flexed cock slithered from her pussy, making a suctioning sound.

"It was beyond words," the ravaged nun said, panting loudly. "I'll never forget this moment. You've taught me something."

"And what is that?" Sister Mary said, kneeling beside the well-fucked sister.

"That a physical life is as important as a spiritual one."

"Fucking for God! What a concept."

"You're right," Sister Theresa said, tears forming in her eyes. "This is quite a revelation. I don't know what to say?"

"Then don't say anything. Just help get Luke's cock hard again so he can fuck me."

Sister Theresa looked at the half-flaccid cock hanging before them.

"I'm a little inexperienced. How should I go about it?"

"Are you hungry?"

"I'm always hungry," Sister Theresa said. "Put it in your mouth and do what comes naturally."

Sister Theresa beamed, sitting up excitedly. She licked her lips. She'd been fucked by a cock, now she was going to eat one. Praise be!


"Pretend it's a lollipop or an ice-cream bar," Luke Porter said, lifting his large cock toward Sister Theresa's luscious lips. The cute nun looked at the monster fuck-rod in total amazement, thrilled by its size and its power. The huge piece of meat had fucked her moments before, filling her cunt like a baseball bat might. Now she was going to eat it raw and make it grow.

"I'm sure anything you do with it will feel good," Luke said, waving his cock around like a limp fish grasped in the palm of his hand. "Experiment with it, that's what cocks are for."

"All right!" the young nun said, deftly touching the big prick hanging before her. She lifted the heavy cock in one hand and aimed the swelled crown toward her lips. "Like this?"

She opened wide, inserting the head inside her mouth. "Ooooh, yeah, that's fine," Luke said, feeling the blonde nun gently wrap her wet lips around the tip of his cock.

Sister Theresa giggled, with the cock in her mouth, and stared down the length of it, seeing it extend from her mouth to Luke's crotch.

"Slurp it, suck on it, lick it, eat it, anything! Just get going!" Luke snorted, his head swimming with lustful anticipation.

The pretty nun winked over at Sister Mary, who was amused by the whole thing. Sister Mary wanted to be fucked next. The dark-haired beauty lay naked on the bed, her tapered legs spread, waiting for Sister Theresa to get Luke's cock hard.

"Let's not daily. We've got God's work to do," Sister Mary said, trying to be patient. Her cunt oozed with juice, ready to be fucked by Luke's mammoth cock.

Sister Theresa twisted her moist lips down around the limp cock jammed in her face. She deftly nibbled at the cock, working her lips down the sensitive piece of fuck-flesh, causing Luke's knees to tremble.

"Mmmmrpff, this is good!" Sister Theresa laughed, auctioning the cock in and out of her mouth. She stuck it as far down her throat as she could, trying to get the tip to touch her tonsils.

"Ohhh, yeah, you get the picture!" Luke moaned, shaking his head back and forth, allowing his cock to dangle farther and farther into the sexy nuns virginal throat passage.

"I'd say you're sure to become an expert at this," Sister Mary said, observing how well Sister Theresa gobbled Luke's portly cock-flesh.

Sister Theresa chortled, gouging her face with the cock. It was getting bigger, stouter. The fuck-rod extended farther into her throat, causing her to open the passage wide to better accommodate the fantastic piece of meat.

"Circle your head around, touch every part of it with your lips," Sister Mary advised, an old pro at sucking cocks.

Sister Theresa did as she was told. She gyrated the cock around in her mouth, working her head around on the huge prick, licking it all over. She could tell Luke liked it by the way he slobbered on himself and almost fell off the bed.

"Yum, goody!" Sister Theresa yelped, circling the cock inside her mouth, twisting it inside her throat, rubbing the raw flesh against the moist slickness of her tight throat muscles. She gulped, closing her throat passage around the huge cock jammed in her face. This caused her pussy-like channel to clutch the mammoth cock tighter. Luke could not stand it. He began bouncing on his knees, jamming his pelvis into the luscious nun's open throat.

"You're doing great!" Sister Mary said. "Are you sure you haven't done this before?"

"I'm only doing what comes natural," Sister Theresa said, removing the cock, from her mouth for a moment.

She looked at the engorged fuck-rod closely, examining ft like a scientific specimen of the utmost importance.

"When I see a cock like this, my natural inclination tells me it belongs in one of three places," the cute nun whispered, waving the cock around in her hand like a flag. "It belongs in any hole I can get it in..."

"Your mouth, your cunt or your..."

"Now that's an idea!" Luke bellowed, interrupting Mary.

"Fuck me first, fella!" Mary commanded, not wanting any ass-fucking done until her cunt was stuffed. She spread her legs for him, showing her cunt off. She rubbed her cunt-lips, parting them and stretching them between her fingers. The hard knobby head of her clit stood at attention. "I want your cock here, understand?"

"Gladly," Luke replied, eager to fuck the dark-haired nun lying naked before him. He examined her gorgeous legs and the parted french between. Sister Theresa's wide-open crotch was quite an invitation. Her pussy gaped open like an endless hole. Her tight asshole distended, the puckered rosebud looking darker and much smaller than her cunt. The two holes were two of the most beautiful sights he'd ever seen!

"You're both so sexy!" the big man exclaimed. "I think you missed your true calling by being nuns."

"But we want to serve God," Mary said, distending her cunt-flesh with one hand and jerking her body as she did so. She was masturbating before them, watching her fellow sister suck Luke's mammoth cock. It was turning her on. She couldn't wait to try the cock on for size. But she thought she should allow Sister Theresa to hone her cock-sucking skills while she had the chance.

"How can you serve God fucking everything in sight?" Luke asked.

"I'm a woman of discriminating virtue. I fuck those children of God who need it. I do it for God."

Luke felt rubbery inside. Theresa was burning his cock up with her mouth. He had to work at talking rationally. "Why... why are you two, ugh, fucking me, then? How does it serve God?"

"We want you to give us a break on the mortgage," Sister Mary said. "That way, you have something to look forward to the next time you come and visit."

Luke smiled. They had won. "You got my vote, sisters." Sister Theresa withdrew Luke's cock and held it out to Sister Mary. "It's all yours now, as much as I hate to give it up."

"Thanks," Mary said, puffing Luke's cock toward her. Luke's body followed where his cock head. Sister Mary was guiding it toward her wide open pussy.

"Whoa now," Luke wailed, having his cock yanked before him. Sister Mary was moving it like a guided missile toward a target. The target was her pussy. "We don't want any accidents!"

"Don't worry," Sister Mary cooed, rubbing the cock in her hands, prayer-like. "I'll be gentle."

"You gotta be kidding," Luke said, positioning himself between the gorgeous nun's parted thighs. Her slick pussy angled up at him, the lips hanging open. "I'm going to fuck you like I invented it!"

"Then fuck away!" the horny nun cried, reaching up and pulling the giant of a man into her.

Luke lurched forward. His angling cock found its target. The mammoth prick shot forward, like a bullet from a gun. It pummeled into her hot humid trench, rubbing the slick flesh area between her asshole and cunt. The cock shot upward and found its open hole. It plunged deep into Sister Mary's auctioning cunt. The lathered depths sucked up the mammoth prick.

"Ohhh, yesss, ughhh, so tight, yesss!" Luke cried, grinding his crotch down into the hot nun's boiling fuck hole.

Mary's sensitive cunt-flesh gripped the invading cock tightly. It was a gentle, wet, rubbery warmth. Her pussy was endless. Luke thought he'd go out of his mind.

Mary arched up into the huge stud.

Luke's cock shot into her pussy and began punching itself in and out of her, causing her to grit her teeth and jerk up into his body. Luke's cock was skewering her like a fish on a stick. She was harpooned by the mammoth rod. She loved it and thanked God for this blessing.

"Thank you, Lord! Yess, being fucked, ohhhh, do it, do it! Want that cock deep, yeah!" the hot nun panted, clutching at Luke's strong back muscles, feeling his steely embrace and bucking cock plummet deep into her tender cunt-flesh. "Ahhhh, praise be, ohhh, fuck it home!"

"Damn, you're hot, take it all, love fucking you, Sister!" Luke shouted, fuck stroking himself in and out of the hot nun's boiling cunt. Sister Theresa watched the fantastic fuck scene before her. She loved watching Sister Mary get what she deserved.

Sister Mary writhed and jerked and screamed and clawed beneath the huge man's pumping body. Luke's cock bore itself deep into the sexy sister's innermost cunt channel, stretching her cunt-walls out of shape.

"Ohhh, God, yesss, fuck me, drive it deep, oooh, so deep!" Sister Mary barked, heaving her hips up into the thrusting cock burying itself into her. Luke burrowed the cock deep into the flesh-sheath of Mary's blistering cunt. "Take it, take it, take it, gonna fuck you crazy," Luke groaned, stabbing his hot cock deep. He twisted his hips around, gyrating his cock in a circle, distending Sister Mary's cunt, stirring her up inside. The pulsing cock pressed against her inner flesh, rubbing it raw. The hot nun loved it and didn't want it to ever stop. She thrust her hips up into the invading cock hammering into her, encircling his mighty cock, clutching it tightly into her slithery channel.

"Ohhh, this is great! I feel your cock all the way up into my stomach! What a big prick you've got!" she screamed.

Sister Mary locked her legs over his hips, feeling the hardness of his ass as it tensed every time it drove ruthlessly into her pulsing pussy. The big man's cock monster tore into her cunt-flesh, almost ripping the inner walls and distending them. Her fiery cunt dripped with juice.

"Cum in me, Luke Porter!" she commanded, grabbing him by the back of the head and drawing his face near hers. She stared evenly, solemnly into his blazing eyes. The hot pussy dilated as the beautiful nun shivered, daring the well-muscled man to spew his cock oil into her buttery flesh. "Give it to me! I need it! I can take it, I want every last drop!"

Luke snarled at the gorgeous beauty beneath him and jerked his cock back, slurping it from her cunt.

"Then here it comes, lady!" he cried, suddenly driving himself forward.

Sister Mary groaned in pain and ecstasy as the mighty fuck-rod rammed itself farther than anything she'd ever wedged up her cunt. The baseball bat-sized cock lurched deep into her slithering cunt, blasting her inner walls open, spreading the tight channel, shearing it like a knife through butter! The hot inner walls distended.

"Oh, damn, holy Jesus, ohhh, so big, so deep in me, ughhhh!" she moaned, twisting her head from side to side.

"You wanted cock, you got it!" Luke said, bucking her ruthlessly, pressing her into the mattress.

"Ahhh, fucking me, ughhhh!" Sister Mary exclaimed, snorting loudly, twisting her lips around her teeth and spewing saliva and obscenities. "Fuck, damn, shit, ohhhh, fuck me, fuck me, yessss!"

"It's coming, Sister! Going to fill you up!" Luke swore, boring into her, stabbing his cock deep, pistoning in and out of her like it was his destiny. "Yess! Give me your hot cum! Drown me with it! Gotta have it! Anoint me, shower me, spray that shit into me!" she screamed, bracing her hips against his. They were joined as one. Sister Mary's legs were wrapped so tightly around Luke's hips that he had to buck hard into her to wedge his cock any deeper into her shimmering cunt.

"Love fucking you, Sister!"

"DO it, do it, do it, never stop!" the sexy nun blurted, groaning like an animal.

Luke fuck-stroked himself into the beautiful nun's bubbling cunt. He was going to come soon and fill the hot lady up. Sister Theresa kept watch, marveling at the spirit of her fellow sister. She realized Sister Mary was a pro, a true champ. The dark-haired nun really knew what she was doing! She was an expert fucker!

"Do it, Sister Mary!" Sister Theresa encouraged her fucking peer. "Show this fellow that nuns know what it's all about."

"I already know that!" Luke exclaimed, skewering his cock in and out of Sister Mary's lathered cunt-flesh. He blasted his thick cock deep into the horny nun's blistering recesses.

Sister Mary could feel his cock swelling, getting ready to shoot its fiery hot wads of cum into her clutching cunt-hole!

"Oh heaven," she cried. "Going to be filled with cum. Do it, Luke. Fill the nun's cup till it runneth over."

"I'm coming, I'm coming!" the big man groaned, gyrating his cock in and out of the hot nun's boiling fuck-hole. His balls were tightening, ready to surge with power.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Want it all," Sister Mary screamed, arching her ass higher to better receive the monster cock pummeling her searing pussy. She felt Luke's mammoth balls bounce off her asshole, slapping against the tender ass portal. Luke's sac of balls banged the hot nun's crinkled ass-ring, causing it to open and close rhythmically.

"Gonna cum, gonna cum, yesss! Here it comes... take it, Sister!" he groaned, thrusting forward, burying his cock into the lusty nun's boiling pussy. His cock suddenly exploded, the cock-crown bloating and erupting. Hot thick gobs of goo streamed into Sister Mary's pulsing cunt, flooding the clutching channel, scalding the walls, splattering her innermost flesh.

"Ughhhh, yesss, coming in me, feel it, yesssss," the horny nun panted, rearing up into the pistoning crotch.

Mary's cunt burned with the jism flowing into it. Her cunt-walls distended around the fiery cock which spurted its searing thick lumps of cum into it.

"Ughhh, ohhh, fucking me, coming in me, Lord be praised!" Sister Mary screamed, pulling her hair, shaking her head. "Ughhh... ughhh... ughhh!" Luke cried, pumping his cock in and out of the hot nun's fiery cunt. His cock emptied itself in shuddering heaves, gushing load after load of hot cock-cream. Luke's swollen-veined cylinder of hot flesh jetted hot darts of fizz into Mary's tight fuck-hole.

"Ohhh, filling me... ughhh, coming in my cunt. Do it, drown me, want it all!" Sister Mary panted, unable to catch her breath.

"Ughhh, yessss, doing it!" Luke drooled, closing his eyes and shaking his head as he blasted his fiery jizz into the horny nun's blistering fuck-hole.

They bucked into each other, fucking like rabbits, pounding their crotches together.

Luke spewed powerful wads of hot cum into the lusty nun's endless fuck-hole. Her clutching cunt dilated around the raging cock invading her. The dark-haired nun could not get enough. There was nothing more important to her than having a monster cock unload itself inside her slick cunt.

The sex-crazed nun clutched the man's asscheeks tightly, keeping her legs wrapped around his ass, driving him forward, pulling him into her, arching his raging cock into her spasming pussy.

"Ahhhh, feel the cum, burning me inside, flooding me, ohhh, love it, ughhhh, yesss!" she cried.

"You're getting it all!" Luke swore, emptying his surging cock into the beautiful nun's titillated pussy.

The boring cock flooded the pretty nun's tender cunt, splattering her tender inner walls and flooding her channel like a damn bursting.

"Ohhh, love it, love it?" Sister Mary groaned opening her eyes. She could feel the hot cock spewing its oil into her start to collapse.

"Yesss, feels so good? Fucked you good!" Luke bragged.

"Sure did!" Sister Mary panted, feeling the gooey gobs slosh around inside her buttery cunt-tunnel.

Luke's cock swain in cock-fluid and pussyjuice. The body secretions leaked from Mary's pussy, drenching Luke's cock, draining onto the sheets. Cock oil and pussy juice lubricated their thighs. They were lost in fuck reverie, feeling drugged by the hot fuck session.

"You sure know how to handle that cock of yours," Sister Mary sighed, clutching her cunt muscles around the half-stiff fuck-rod which surged around inside and out. "You're on our side on this mortgage issue, right?"

"Sure am. I said I was, didn't I?"

Sister Mary bolted off the bed, kissing the big man gently on the cheek. "Thanks for the ride. See you later."

"Where are you two going?" Luke asked, closing his eyes. He was tired.

"We have places to go, people to see, cocks to fuck," Sister Mary said, retrieving her clothes.

Sister Theresa picked up her smock and straightened it out before she put it on. "God's work is never done."


Sister Mary and Sister Theresa sneaked through the halls of the men's dorm, seeking out the next board member. Sister Mary stopped at the next door. Sister Mary tapped on the door. From within, the two nuns heard voices talking in whispers. Then the door opened suddenly.

"Who are you two?" A middle-aged man wearing dark glasses peered out at them. He was a refined man, very handsome. But he did not seem to be aware how good-looking he was. He stood in the doorway, wearing a night shirt which fell almost to his knees.

"I'm Sister Mary and this is Sister Theresa," said the dark haired nun as she walked right past the disheveled man. Next Sister Theresa followed her companion into the man's room. The nuns stood in the center of the room. In the man's bed a pretty redheaded woman sat with a sheet covering her. She let the sheet down to lust her chin.

"Wilbur? Who are these nuns?" the woman said. "I don't know, my dear," the man said, running his fingers through his dark hair anxiously.

Sister Theresa and Sister Mary stared at each other, aghast. The man had his wife with him. What would they do now? Sister Mary got right to the point. "How are you going to vote tomorrow in the church's mortgage?"

"Well, I'm in favor of foreclosing."

"Can we change your mind?"

"How could you possibly change my mind."

Sister Mary thought a moment, then glanced at Wilbur's wife, who held a sheet over her, pecking over the top at the two nuns. The woman looked young and quite attractive, from what Sister Mary could see. She walked over to the woman. "Is he a good husband?"

"He'll do in a pinch," the woman said, eyeing Sister Theresa seductively. She licked her lips as she stared at the two nuns. Sister Theresa was uncomfortable under the woman's gaze but got the message immediately.

"I don't think we have a problem here," Sister Mary said, smirking at Sister Theresa. "Just a switch in genders. Our powers of persuasion remain the same, if you get my drift."

"I'm afraid I do," Sister Theresa said, returning the wife's sizzling stare. The two women eyed each other suggestively. "We're here to make you a proposition," Sister Mary said.

"What kind of proposition?" Wilbur said, becoming suspicious.

"A business proposition," Sister Mary said, removing her cap and fluffing out her long dark hair.

Wilbur and his wife were surprised at the nun's action. Sister Theresa walked toward the bed where the wife lay covered by the sheet. The woman appeared to be athletic and svelte, a nice body with a cute face.

"Are you warm under there?" Sister Theresa said, removing her cap and loosening her mock.

"Sure am," the woman said, lowering the sheet to her waist. Her huge tits flopped over the top of the sheet, hanging like ripe melons before the two nuns and the husband.

"What's your name?" Sister Theresa said.


"I like Alice," Sister Theresa said, stripping off her smock and revealing her creamy tit-flesh. The rounded globes were firm. The pointed stalks of her nipples were hard, jutting out. "You have beautiful tits," Alice said, licking her lips and smiling.

"Look who's talking," Sister Theresa said, moving closer to the red-headed woman in the bed. Her husband stared the whole time, hardly able to believe his eyes.

Sister Mary took action quickly, once she saw what the situation demanded...

"I'm quite warm myself," the dark-haired nun said, removing her smock. Her mounded globes of tit-flesh hung almost to her waist, they were so big. Wilbur's eyes almost popped out of his head as he stared at the sexy nun's monstrous tits.

"What nice tits you have!" Wilbur exclaimed, examining them closely. Sister Mary's pear-shaped tits were firm and soft. The dark valley between the mammoth glands denoted their size even more.

"Thank you for the compliment. Would you like to touch them," Sister Mary said, moving toward the handsome gentleman. Wilbur palmed Sister Mary's right tit, squeezing it gently and giggling like a child with a new toy at Christmas.

"I don't wanna miss out on all the fun," his wife Alice said, gesturing to Sister Theresa's naked form.

Sister Theresa sat on the edge of the bed and offered her tits to the woman sitting there.

Alice deftly touched Theresa's tits, tapping the nipples, rubbing them gently.

Sister Theresa sighed. Only a woman knows how to touch a woman, she thought. This was heavenly.

"Like that?" Alice said, twisting Theresa's nipples between her thumb and forefingers.

"I love it. You do know how to make a lady feel good."

"Wanna feel better?"


"Then climb in." Alice lifted the sheet completely, exposing her naked body beneath the cover.

Sister Theresa sighed loudly, staring at the lithe, trim body of the naked woman.

Sister Theresa removed her skirt and stepped out of her pantyhose. She jumped beneath the theta with the red-haired woman almost before anyone could examine her fine form.

"Ooooh, like this!" Alice said, wrapping her arms around Sister Theresa and kissing her tits one at a time.

Theresa hissed in a breath of air as Alice's wet lips engulfed her hot tit-flesh. Her nipples stood erect, feeling like hard points against Alice's tender lips.

Sister Mary stripped completely and stood naked next to a flabbergasted Wilbur. The man did not know what to do. He tore his eyes away from his wife and the nun beneath the sheet. Wilbur stared at Sister Mary, blinking his eyes rapidly as he looked at her swollen nipples, which were pointed straight at him.

"Like my tifties?" Sister Mary said. "I like all of you," Wilbur said.

"But you haven't seen all of me." Sister Mary lay down on a soft rug in the middle of the room and spread her shapely legs wide.

Wilbur stared down at the cupped recess which adorned the crevice between the nun's legs. Sister Mary's shimmering cunt spread open, the taco-shaped inner opening gaping at him like a signal to proceed: the channel is ready! You may enter!

As if reading his mind, Sister Mary reached down and parted her ass-cheeks wide, arching her pelvis toward him from the floor. She used one hand to open her cunt wider. The endless hole looked very inviting indeed. With the other hand, the dark-haired nun jabbed a little finger into her puckered ass-flank, distending the small channel, circling her finger around inside her tight ass.

Wilbur opened his robe excitedly. Already, his bloating cock was angling upward with a mind of its own. It was as if his cock knew what to do even if he did not...

"Come on, fuck me," Sister Mary cooed. "Want them to have all the fun?"

"No. Not really," Wilbur responded, getting to his knees between the lusty nun's legs.

Sister Mary pulled the man to her, aiming his hips squarely at her crotch. The rest was easy. His flexed cock shot up to the moist mouth of her burning cunt. The lusty nun merely arched her pelvis toward the man, encircling the head of his cock inside her cunt-lips. Then she grabbed his ass and thrust him forward, burying his thick cock inside her moist pussy.

"Hot dog!" Wilbur shouted, feeling the rubbery inner walls of the hot nun's tight fuck-tube envelop his cock.

"Like that?" Sister Mary said, her cunt muscles to grip the horny man's straining cock.

"Ohhhh, yeah, Sister! Ahhhhh, feels so good! Unghhh, going to do it to you!" he panted, pistoning himself in and out of the hot nun's oozing cunt.

On the bed just a few feet away, Sister Theresa and Alice had positioned themselves in the sixty-nine position. Alice's face was planted firmly between Theresa's legs; she was ringing her lips around and stabbing her tongue in the blonde nun's bubbling cunt.

"Yess, eat me!" Sister Theresa groaned, lying on top of the sexy red-haired vixen who was eating out her cunt. Sister Theresa had her mouth planted against the luscious cunt-lips of Alice's shimmering mound. She circled her tongue carefully over the hot wife's pulsing pussy, gently tapping the tip of her tongue against the knobby clit which jerked erect. Then she licked the entire circumference of Alice's cunt-mouth, nibbling at the sensitive flesh, sending the horny wife over the brink.

"Yesss, fuck me with that tongue, Sister! Eat me raw! Stab it home!" Alice gurgled, slurping Sister Theresa's cunt as she cried out. "You're doing me, too!" Theresa exclaimed, feeling Alice's slithering tongue explore her buttery cunt depths. The lusty wife really knew how to eat a woman. The snaking tongue distended Sister Theresa's cunt-walls, flicking her sensitive clit, causing the blonde nun to explode with passion. Sister Theresa ground her midsection down on the red-haired seductress' suctioning mouth.

On the floor, Wilbur was bucking wildly into Sister Theresa's gushing cunt. The man's flexed fuck-rod had reached its zenith, stretching all the way into the sexy sister's swampy pussy. Wilbur pounded his hot cock into Sister Mary, riddling her moist passage with his thick cock. His pulsing fuck-rod blasted away, smashing itself in and out of the hot nun's surging fuck-hole.

"Yesss, what a sex machine you are!" Sister Mary groaned, suctioning the lurging cock grinding into her hot pussy. "Ohhhh, can't believe I'm doing this! You're a nun, for Pete's sake! But you're a woman, too! All woman!" he snorted, waving his arms around like he was having a fit.

Sister Mary reached down and palmed Wilbur's bloated balls, twisting the bag which held them around in her hand. Sister Mary wailed. She had him by the balls with one hand. Using her other hand, she reached behind his ass flanks and deftly struck a digit into his humid asshole. She wiggled the finger between his ass-cheeks and poked it squarely into his crinkled shit-ring, causing Wilbur to jerk in surprise. But what surprised him more, was he liked it. He liked having his cock held by her cunt, his balls held by her hand, and her finger circulating up his ass.

"Wow, you sure do have some tricks up your sleeves!" Wilbur blurted, clenching his hot asscheeks around the sexy nun's hand and churning his hard cock deep into her juicy fuck-hole.

Sister Mary laughed and jerked her head up to his and kissed him wetly, inserting her tongue into his mouth. Both their tongues waged a small battle, twisting around each other, darting in and out, touching and then receding, then pressing against each other while they fucked wildly.

"Going to vote to foreclose?" Sister Mary asked, skewering his ass with her finger, twisting her hips around to better fuck his cock with her cunt.

"I'll do whatever ya want!" Wilbur said, breathing rapidly as he fuck stroked the nun's damp cunt.

"That's my boy!" Sister Mary encouraged him, hiking her ass higher so that he could bore his cock even deeper into her lathered hole.

On the bed, Alice could feel Sister Theresa's thick forefinger twisting around the ringed opening of her tiny asshole. The tight socket was being distended, as if being tested for insertion.

Alice was not used to being probed in the ass, but she figured nuns were capable of miracles and so knew about things of which she was ignorant. She shoved her ass down hard on Sister Theresa's hand so that the finger would be pushed into her ass. When the finger did stick itself in, the horny wife cried and began pistoning her wet tongue in and out of the blonde nun's oozing cunt.

"Ooooh, love your tongue in my pussy!" Sister Theresa cried.

"Love your finger in my ass!" Alice whimpered.

They frantically bucked into each other, smashing their heads into their creamy crotches, meshing their faces against the moist cunts which flexed and convulsed.

On the floor, Wilbur and Sister Mary mechanically bucked into each other, their thighs slamming. Their lustful fucking raged violently as the two clutched each other tightly, Wilbur's cock invading Sister Mary's pussy, and Sister Mary's finger invading her ass. "Ohhhh, love fucking this nun, Holy Smokes," Wilbur gasped, feeling Sister Mary's buttery fuck hole slither around his hot beef injection.

"Yes, love it, going to make you come in me! Want that come everywhere, Wilbur!" the lusty nun howled. "Give it to me, shoot it in me!"

The hot man, fucking the sexy sister frantically, suddenly screamed over and over, tensing his body. His thick cock exploded in eruptions of creamy cock-lava which spewed into Sister Mary's boiling fuck-hole. Wilbur's fuck-rod shuddered violently, blasting its thick gobs of paste into the Sister Mary's vibrating pussy.

"Ohhh, Wilbur, feel your cum!" Sister Mary yelped. "Take it, take it, yesssss!" the excited man shouted, pumping his cock into the hot nun's swampy cunt.

Wilbur's thick cock gushed its heavy loads of jism into the sexy sister's boiling fuck-hole. The fiery spray splattered against her inner cuntwalls, igniting her blistering hole, flooding the tender passage!

"Ahhhhh... ungghhhh... love it!" he cried.

"Drowning my cunt! Do it, you stud, you!" Sister Mary moaned.

On the bed, both women came at the same time, too. Sister Theresa's face was soaked with Alice's pussy juice as she screwed her lips around the woman's moist cunt and fucked her tongue deep into the sensitive pussy which pulsed in shuddering heaves, gripping her tongue.

"Ohhhh, I'm coming so hard!" Alice cried, smashing her crotch into the blonde nun's face.

"Me, too!" Sister Theresa cried, feeling Alice nibble her clit and then stir her cunt up with her powerful tongue. Sister Theresa plunged, her finger all the way into the hot wife's constricting shit-hole and twisted it around, stretching the pooper out of shape.

"Ahhhh, my ass... yes, fucking my ass, eating my cunt!" the red-haired woman wailed, crying tears of passion. She ground her entire face into Sister Theresa's slurpy crotch, getting her nose and her cheeks soaked with pussy juice.

"Feels so good, coming over and over, yesssss!" Sister Theresa drooled, lathering her tongue around Alice's foamy cunt. Both women screamed hysterically, twisting their faces into their hot holes, gouging their pussies out, fuck-stroking themselves with their wet, slithering tongues.

Sister Mary and Wilbur clutched at each other, held together by Wilbur's exploding cock and Mary's drilling finger, which extended all the way up the man's warm shifter. They cried and groaned and quaked and rocked and fucked for quite a while, not hearing the shouts of glee and orgasmic fury from the bed. All four people came repeatedly.

Finally, they collapsed into each other's respective fuck partner. Alice's face was buried in Sister Theresa's crotch. The blonde nun laid her weary mouth into Alice's hot fuck-hole, also leaving her finger draped inside Alice's shit-tube.

On the floor, Wilbur went all rubbery over Sister Mary's body, burying his well-fucked cock up her cunt. His prick sloshed around inside the sexy nun's pussy amidst her fuck oil and his cock-cream. Sister Mary suctioned her finger out of the man's hot asshole and also released his sac of balls.

Wilbur finally raised his head and said softly. "What was it you two nuns wanted me to do?"

"Give the church a break on the mortgage," Sister Mary said.

From the bed, Alice's voice groaned beneath the sheet. "Do it, Wilbur! Do what they say, for God's sake!"

"All right, my sweet," he said, gently laying his head down. Both nuns left the well-fucked couple lying where they'd collapsed.

As they dressed, they whispered back and forth. "How many board members are left?" Sister Theresa asked.

"Two, I think."

"Hope the best's been saved till last."

"Praise the Lord and Glory Be!" The two nuns stalked out of the room.


Sister Mary and Sister Theresa tiptoed through the silent halls. They found room number thirteen, a double sized room for visitors.

"This must be it," Sister Mary said, rubbing her hands together.

Sister Mary knocked on the door, tapping gently. The door opened a few inches and a sandy haired fellow peered out. His hair hung almost into his eyes, and he blinked several times. "What can I do for you, Sister?" the man said, making sure the door hid his body.

"We're on a mission from God," Sister Theresa said, immediately attracted to the man. "What's your name?"

"I'm Tex," the man said. "And you're..."

"Sister Mary and Sister Theresa."

"Glad to meet you but isn't this a little inconvenient? Making house calls at such an hour?"

"May we come in?"

"Well... er... uh... sure. Just let me get my robe." The man disappeared behind the door, then came back, opening it wide for the nuns. "Come right on in."

Sister Mary and Sister Theresa entered the room. There were two beds in the room. One bed was empty. In the other was the spitting image of the huge sandy-haired youth at the door. They were twins!

"Two for the price of one," Sister Mary said to Sister Theresa.

"Who are you gals?" the man in bed said, pulling a blanket up over his wide, muscular shoulders.

"Angels of mercy."

"Yeah, sure." The man in bed looked over at his twin brother, who was leaning against the closed door, a smirk on his face. "Who are these ladies, Tex?"

"Sister Mary and... uh... Sister Theresa."

"Why are they here?"

"Tell my brother why you are here." Tex said. "I'm rather curious myself."

Mary spoke: "We're here to plead the church's cause. I know you're voting on the foreclosure tomorrow. We want to persuade you not to."

"Only I'm voting on the foreclosure," Tex said. "My brother Rex, in bed there, only came along for the ride."

"You lucky, devil, you!" Sister Theresa said, walking to Rex's bed and tweaking his nose between her fingers.

"What the heck is this?" Rex said, jerking back in the covers. "This is nuts! What can you two offer my brother that would change his mind?"

"Ourselves," Sister Mary said, sliding up next to Tex, who stood only in his robe.

"Whoa! You're nuns!" Tex said, backing up. But she had him cornered.

"Gets pretty lonely in the convent. We have to vent our emotions somehow, so it may as well be in serving the Lord," Sister Mary said.

"What do you mean?"

"We mean this!" Sister Theresa said, winking at Sister Mary.

Both nuns began to strip.

"Ladies... sisters... really!" Rex said, his mouth hanging open. He forgot to cover his chest with the blanket. Sister Theresa, having already picked out Rex as her partner for the ensuing fun, saw how muscular he was, how hairy his chest was. The sandy-haired fellow was a natural blond. "Blondes have more fun, don't they?" Sister Theresa said, pointing to her curly blonde locks as well.

"Yeah. Uh-huh. I guess so," Rex said, accepting his fate. He was enjoying watching the sexy sisters undress.

Both nuns removed their tops, wobbling their tit-flesh out like exposing surprise toys for tots at a Christmas party. Tex got the hint! "Whoa! Gonna have some fun, eh? What do you think, Rex?" he said to his brother.

"I say fine and dandy. Let's show these little ladies what a couple of Texas boys can do!"

"That's what we want!" Sister Mary said, rubbing her proud tit-flesh firmly. The ripe melon jutted out prominently.

"Heck'n darn! Them's some hooters, lady!" Tex said. "Thanks. But there's more to come!" Sister Mary said. "Gonna eat some tit tonight!" Rex exclaimed, getting excited. He could hardly contain himself.

The two nuns were naked from the waist up. Their tits hung like firm globes as they undid their waist fasteners, sliding their skirts down their curvaceous hips.

"Lovely, sexy, hot! Wanna touch!" Rex ranted, throwing the blanket off his body.

Sister Theresa and Sister Mary got a look at the big man's flat stomach, his muscular legs, and his limp cock, which lay to one side on a mammoth thigh. The huge cock was thick as most men's wrists. The crowned tip reminded Sister Theresa of a battering ram, and she couldn't wait to get the hot Texan erect and working, battering his ram-sized cock into her oozing cunt.

"Wow! You've been blessed!" Sister Theresa snickered. "You're part horse, huh?" Sister Mary said. "Well, yeah. My cock's kinda big, I guess. It's soft right now. Wait till it's hard," Rex said, smiling impishly. He lifted the heavy cock up and introduced it to Sister Theresa. "See that nun there, Mr. Wanger. You're gonna fuck her in a minute. Do ya wanna do that?"

The cock wobbled up and down as if saying yes. "See?" Rex laid his large cock back on his thigh. "It's good to have a good working relationship with your cock, you know. We always keep the lines of communication open. I never put Mr. Wanger any place he don't wanna go."

Sister Theresa had her skirt and pantyhose off by now. She turned her back to Rex and bent at the waist, spreading her ass-cheeks wide and revealing her arid ass-trench. Her cunt was a shimmering red slit, gaping at Rex. Sister Theresa put her hand against her cunt and spread the lips, making the cunt talk. "Hi, Mr. Wanger. Wanna step inside me for a short spell?"

Rex was incredulous. His cock arched in the air, becoming stiffer by the moment, as if a magic button had been pushed.

Sister Theresa said, "I never let anyone in here, unless they're worthy. Are you worthy, Mr. Wanger?"

Rex's half-hard cock bobbed up and down as if it had a life of its own. It was saying yes.

Sister Theresa had dropped her skirt and stripped off her hose. She, too, stood naked before the two men. She looked over at Tex, who was wide-eyed and slack-jawed. The man gulped hard, his robe bulging at the crotch where his stimulated fuck-rod began to jerk to attention, as he watched the two nuns.

Sister Mary examined Tex's crotch closely. "Are you a perfect double of your brother?"


"Are you twins in all respects?"

"Yeah, except my cock's bigger," Tex said. "Like hell boy." Rex shouted.

"This isn't a contest now," Sister Mary said, rubbing her slithering cunt-flesh with one hand and twitching the nipples of her tits with the other.

"Why'd you two become nuns if all you wanna do is fuck?" Rex asked.

"We do it for the Lord," Sister Theresa mid, plunging the index finger of one hand into the hot pit of her cunt. Using her thumb, she distended the crinkled bud of her asshole, stretching the tiny hole, showing Rex that she had many holes to fill, if he had cock enough to fill them!

"Jeepers Creepers! What a pussy'n asshole! Gotta have 'em, don't we, Mr. Wanger?" Rex's cock lurched forward, hard as a rock. It was ready to fuck!

Sister Mary laughed. But it was his twin brother that she wanted to fuck. He was, after all, the one that sat on the board and would determine the outcome of the church's mortgage.

"Do you see anything you like?"

"I like everything I see," Tex said, staring at the dark-haired nun's naked body. Her smooth creamy flesh looked soft and tempting. Sister Mary hefted up both her tits, showing them off to the robed Texan by the door. His robe fell often, revealing his hairy, muscular, naked body. His chest muscles stood out. And his cock, his mammoth cock, angled outward and upward, like an anxious stud horse straining at the bit.

"That's some piece of meat you got there," the sexy nun said, reaching for it. Sister Mary got to her knees and assumed a prayer position and began slurping her hot wet mouth down around the flexed fuck-rod bucking up toward her.

"Ohhhh, hot damn," Tex moaned, falling back against the door. The lusty nun wrapped her luscious lips around the sturdy cylinder of cock-flesh and began to pump it in and out of her tight throat. Sister Theresa was stirring her finger inside her swampy cunt and picking at the outer ring of her whole with another finger, turning on Rex, who eagerly watched from the bed. She observed Sister Mary sucking on Tex's bulging cock and resolved to get some action going with the other brother pronto.

"Can you use a warm body up there with you in that bed?" the nun asked, yanking her digits out of her fuck-hole and asshole at the same time.

"Sure can, lady! Get your sweet ass up here!" Rex cried, throwing the blanket back and scooting over to make room for the blonde nun.

Sister Theresa jumped into bed with the other brother and immediately engorged her mouth with his swelled cock-meat. Rex went wild!

"Ahhhh, you don't waste time, do you?"

"The shortest distance between two points is a straight line, dude," Sister Theresa said, zeroing in on his inflated cock-flesh.

Rex arched his pelvis into the air, jamming Mr. Wanger further into Sister Theresa's tight wet throat. "Whoooo, damnation! You sure know how to make Mr. Wanger happy!"

"A happy cock's a contented cock!" the lusty nun chirped, rotating the thick cock-meat inside her mouth. She gyrated the cock around, stretching her cheeks out of shape, causing them to bulge where the bloated crown of the massive fuck-rod pushed against them.

"Argghhh, yesss, like that! Just like that, wow!" Rex panted, slamming both fists into the bed and shaking his head back and forth.

The blonde nun slurped up the gargantuan piece of meat like it was her last meal before execution. The cock angled up into her mouth, filling her throat completely. It was about th biggest cock she'd ever seen or dreamed of.

"Love this cock, love eating it, can't wait to fuck it!" she cried, wiggling it back into her mouth. It was like sucking on a thick tree limb, she thought, slurping the mammoth shaft in and out of her face.

Meanwhile, Sister Mary was doing the Lord's work quite enthusiastically on Tex's monster cock-meat. The firm fuck-piece was jammed all the way down the dark-haired nun's clutching throat. She held it there and twisted her head around, encircling the cock in a tight wet cushion. The rubbery slick walls of her throat gripped the tender fuck-stick like it was a priceless work of art. She slowly closed he throat muscles rhythmically, stimulating Tex's expanded cock, making the muscular cowboy turn to jelly. It was all he could do to stay on his feet.

"Ohhhh, yesss, Sister Mary, damn, you're good, ughhhhh!" he groaned, lurching his crotch into her face. "Mmmpff, thanks, it's finger lickin' good," the pretty nun said, deftly keeping her lips wrapped around the thick cylinder of hot flesh.

"How can you talk with your face stuffed with cock-meat?" Tex asked, wedging his fuckrod in farther. No matter how far he shoved himself, the lusty nun was able to gobble his cock right up.

"It's miraculous, isn't it? I suppose it's a gift from God," she said, holding the cock in front of her face and admiring its size and beauty. "I think I'd like this thing inside me. Which hole do you want?"

Sister Mary jumped into the bed and spread her legs wide, her gaping red cunt flashed open. The shiny inner recesses excited Tex tremendously. Tex was inspired to fuck like a crazy man. On the bed next to them, Tex's brother Rex and Sister Theresa were joined, Theresa with her mouth around Rex's cock. She heaved her heda up and down the mammoth fuck-rod, grinding her face into his pubic hair and twisting the sensitive meat inside her moist throat.

"Argghhh, ughhh, yesss, love it, let's fuck!" Rex said, clenching his eyes shut and gritting his teeth.

"Thought you'd never ask!" Sister Theresa shouted, leaping beside him on the bed. She parted her legs, allowing her glistening cunt-lips to fall open, showing off the damp dark inner circle of her hot pussy.

Rex got up and knelt before her, wedging her legs open even wider.

Next to them, on the other bed, Tex had positioned himself between Sister Mary's legs. He, too, was kneeling, readying himself to lunge into the lusty sister's pulsing pussy.

The brothers noticed they had assumed the same position on the separate beds, with the cute nuns lying spread-eagled before them. Both brothers shot forward at once, aiming their sturdy cocks straight at the nun's secreting cunt holes. The mighty cocks bore forward, drilling deep into the lusty nuns' boiling cunts.

Both nuns felt big thick cocks riddling in and out of their undulating fuck-holes. The swollen veined cocks rammed the nuns' oozing cunt holes, furiously fuck stroking the thick rod deep into the constricting cunt-channels.

"Ohhh, yesss, what a cunt, arghhh!" Rex panted, reaming Sister Theresa's creamy cunt depths.

"Fucking a nun, ohhhhhhhh, Lord!" Tex screeched, pistoning his straining cock in and out of Sister Mary's searing cunt.

Both nuns screamed loudly, and hefted their hot asses higher into the air so that the hammering cock could have better access.

"Yessss, fuck me, shoot it deep!" Sister Theresa said, clawing at Rex's strong back muscles, pulling him to her, arching her pelvis higher so that her cunt could encompass the berserk cock invading her.

"Love your cunt, lady!" Rex moaned, churning his cock inside the blonde nun's buttery cunt. He stirred the cock around, sending shivers of pleasure all through Sister Theresa.

They bucked wildly, straining against each other and bouncing on the bed as one.

In the bed next to them, Sister Mary and Tex burned up their crotches, pumping and grinding and clutching onto one another, furiously fucking for dear life. The big Texan pounded his thick slab of cock-meat deep into the hot nun's quivering fuck-hole.

"Ohhhh, arghhhh, fucking me so deep!"

Sister Mary exclaimed, holding Tex's tight ass tightly. She felt his ass-cheeks tense every time he bored his fantastic fuck-rod into her.

"What a cunt, Sister!" the hot young man shouted, twisting his hips as he shoved his bulging fuck-rod all the way home. He pistoned his hips in and out of the sex sister's curvy body, drilling her swampy cunt like he'd never fucked anyone before. His greasy prick stretched all the way up her slithering pussy-channel, sliding against her slick inner walls.

"Yesss, love your cunt, what a nun! God love ya, Sister!" Tex wailed, thrashing his body into hers as he bolted his mighty cock deep into her cunt.

Rex and Sister Theresa were having a hot time too. Sister Theresa clutched at the young Texan's hips, angling his cock, farther and farther into her oozing fuck-hole. "God be praised, argghhh, yesss, fuck it in me, Rex honey!" the blonde nun gurgled, shaking her head back and forth and pounding her fists into his back.

The fuck-maddened youth exerted even more pressure against the bucking nun beneath him. He lunged into her like he was attacking her with his cock, really pouring it on. He shot the flexed rod into her creamy fuck-tube, rubbing it against her tender inner walls, stuffing it hilt deep into her buttery cunt.

Both men ravaged the sexy nuns like their lives depended on it. All four bodies strained and clutched and bucked and slammed, bouncing on the beds, crying and moaning and cursing with lustful fucking.

"Ahhhh, do it to me!" Sister Mary begged. "Take it, Sister, fucking you deep!" Tex cried.

Suddenly, the nuns felt both the cocks flaring; the huge cock-crowns bloated shot even deeper. They were coming! "Ahhhhh, yesss!" Sister Mary shouted.

"Gonna cum!" Tex promised, bucking even harder. "Do it, do it!" Theresa exclaimed.

"Gonna fill your cunt with my jizz." Rex promised. Both men humped like crazed animals. Their pulsing cocks were planted deep inside the sexy sisters' clutching pussies.

The men swirled their cocks into the nuns' boiling cunts. The mighty fuck-rods exploded almost as one, spewing thick wads of gooey fuck juice deep into the sensitive pussy-flesh which gripped tightly around them.

"Ooooh, yes... coming in me, love it!" Sister Mary yelled, feeling the blistering gobs of goo flooding her cunt. "Take it, take it all!" Tex groaned, skewering his hot cock around inside the beautiful nun's creamy pussy. His balls exploded in shuddering heaves, shooting the hot geysers of jism deep into the nun's surging cunt-hole.

Rex's fiery cock shot load after load of his pristine jism deep into the blonde nun's fuck channel.

Sister Theresa felt the scalding bursts of cock oil burn her cunt-flesh and pleaded for more.

"Never stop, never stop! God be praised, love having a cock coming in me!" she moaned, twisting her hips around, grating the flexed fuck-rod so as to get every last drop of the sizzling goo.

The four fuck-lusted lovers slammed into each other for some time, ravaging their sex holes and fuck rods, reaming and ramming and screaming and moaning and grinding and pounding heartily, as if there was no tomorrow.

"Ya hooo!" Tex shouted, his cock having exploded a final time into Sister Mary's surging cunt-flesh. He rolled off the pretty nun, his mighty cock suctioning out of her tight wet pussy. "That was great!"

"Sure was," the well-fucked nun panted, catching her breath. They lay side by side.

Rex collapsed on top of Sister Theresa, leaving his fuck-saturated cock inside her rippling cunt. The cock sloshed around in her wet pussy, feeling the tiny quivers as the blonde nun breathed and used her cunt muscles to grip at his half-limp prick. "You ladies are something else," Rex panted, looking down at the cute nun smiling beneath him. He felt her slick cunt surrounding his sensitive cock-flesh. "This was wonderful!"

"We'll be back for sure in six months when we review the mortgage again," Tex said, kissing her lightly.

"I'm gonna vote against foreclosing just so's I get the chance to hook up with you later on."

"You boys need some sleep. And we have to be going," Sister Mary said, getting out of bed.

Sister Theresa rolled out from under Rex, and kissed him hard, smashing her mouth into his.

"Don't forget me now."

"How could I?" the happy Texan said.

The two nuns dressed quickly. As far as they knew, there was one more board member.

"Tex is the one that votes tomorrow. I just came along for the ride, remember," Rex said. "Sure glad I did. 'Cause it resulted in the grandest ride of my life."

"Who's the final board member?" Sister Mary asked, hoping Tex would now.

"Reverend Gleason," Tex said. "A Protestant minister. He's real mean to Catholics. I think he's going to enjoy foreclosing, if he can. He owns more shares of the church property than anyone."

The two nuns stared at each other, astonished. The final board member had the most vote power, and he was a Protestant reverend who hated Catholics!


The two nuns were in the hall. Cum sloshed around inside their juicy fuck-holes from the recent sex session with the twin brothers.

"Are you sure this is the right room?" Sister Theresa said. They had stopped in front of the last room at the end of the hall.

"God is guiding us. I am sure," Sister Mary said. She knocked on the door.

"Who is it?" came a voice from within. "We're making a call for God!" Sister Mary said. The door opened. A strikingly handsome gentleman wearing a white pastor's collar peered out. "What do you sisters want? It's late and I'm reading the Good Book."

"Wanna have a good time?" Sister Theresa said.

"I never have a good time when I'm here amongst you Catholic fish eaters!" the man said. He was a big man. His size might take him hard to handle, Sister Mary thought.

"We're going to show you a good time, whether you want it or not!" Sister Mary said, shoving him inside the door. "You can't do this! What is going on!" the man cried. Sister Mary fell to her knees and began praying. "Oh, Lord! Give us thy strength this night. Our church must be saved, and we're just the ones to do it!"

She moved her folded hands closer to the big man's crotch.

"What's your name, handsome?" Sister Theresa said, getting next to the reverend. She touched his massive chest deftly.

"I'm Reverend Jason Gleason," the man said proudly. He had dark hair and long sideburns, and he waved his Bible around like a sword, swishing it through the air to make a point. "What's going on? Is this some kind of devious Catholic trick? Did the Pope send you?"

"No, a higher authority than that," Sister Theresa said. "I'm Sister Theresa and she's Sister Mary."

Sister Mary said, "Hi, ya!" and unzipped the good reverend's pants.

"Oh Lord, help me!" Jason Gleason exclaimed, waving the Bible at the nuns.

"God won't help you. So let nature take its course," Sister Mary said, groping for the man's cock. "Don't you wear underwear, Rev?"

"Be gone! Out, God help me oust these devil's maidens!" he cried.

But Sister Mary grabbed his cock and held it tight. The huge fuck-rod was limp and long.

"Ohhhhhhhh," the man cried. "Let go this instant!" He tried to step back, but Sister Mary had him by the balls.

Sister Theresa flung her arms around the Protestant reverend and began unbuttoning his shin.

"Oh, oh, oh! This is nasty business! And you are nasty women!" he shouted, folding his hands in prayer. He could feel his cock suddenly being suctioned into a tight wet cushion. When he looked down, he saw that it was in the nun's mouth! "Wow, Lord! What is this? I am being sorely tempted!"

"You're being tempted, but you won't be sore, I promise!" Sister Mary said, angling the reverend's limp cock down her throat. She kept her wet lips firmly wrapped around the flaccid fuck-rod, slurping it around inside her jaws. The cock was soft, but she felt a slight tingling from it; it was beginning to react to her sucking on it.

Sister Mary began fuck thrusting the good reverend's growing cock in and out of her moist throat. She had his pants down now; they draped the reverend's ankles.

Sister Theresa rubbed herself up against the huge man of God. She unbuttoned her smock and dropped her skirt to her feet, standing before the man in all of her glory. With the exception of the pantyhose she wore, she was completely naked.

"Arghhh, I must avert my eyes!" he cried. "Nakedness! I see nakedness! I-I sue flesh... huge tits... and legs... oh, Lord! What should I do?"

"Fuck us, silly!" Sister Theresa said. "Satisfy our cravings! We want you, reverend!"

"No, no, can't do it!"

"Mrrrrpf, your cock's got more sense than you, Rev," Sister Mary said, slurping the half erect fuck-rod out of her throat. The cock bobbed up down in front of her face, sticking out at right angles from the quivering man's body. "If you can't decide for yourself, just follow your cock!"

"I follow God!" he shouted.

"Shut the fuck up and fuck me, you silly goose!" Sister Theresa said, lying back on the reverend's bed. She opened her tapered, sexy legs wide, revealing her slithering cunt, parting the red gash as an invitation to fuck.

"Love this cock, Rev!" Sister Mary babbled. The cock was now huge and sturdy, stabbing deep into her throat as he pumped it in and out.

Sister Theresa split her cunt-lips wider, slipping two fingers into the tight moist corridor of flesh, showing the holy man her tender fuck tube. Her humid trench angled up high as she waved her legs open and shut, parting her red slit of a pussy, and distending the puckered ring of her tight whole.

"God, ohhhh, help me in my hour of need!" he wailed. "God sent us, Rev!" Sister Theresa said from the bed, jamming a third finger up her creamy cunt so that the reverend could see how wet she was.

"He did?" the man said, eyeing her suspiciously. He could not help but find her nakedness a strong temptation. "God sent you to me?"

"Yeah! God told us to go fuck the good reverend in that room, and be quick about it!"

"God said that?" the man questioned, his jaw hanging open.

"Yeah. God said to fuck you hard because your faith was so strong and you needed to be happy!"

"Why would God do all this?" the man said, a half-smile forming on his face. His hot cock bobbed in and out of Sister Theresa's succulent lips.

"Because he wants to show you the error of your ways," the nun said.

"What error?"

"The church mortgage. God does not want the foreclosure to go through yet."

"He sure moves in mysterious ways," the man said, observing Sister Mary piston his rigid cock in and out of her tight wet throat.

Sister Mary looked up at him and said, "You taste good."

"Thank you."

"Now do what God requests and fuck us!"

"God's will be done!" throwing off his nightshirt and jumping into bed with Sister Theresa. He parted her tapered legs wider, staring down into her hot pussy. It oozed its juices and shone in the faint tight. The pretty blonde nun was ready for him.

"For God's sake -- fuck me!" Sister Theresa cried. "For God's sake!" the man cried, lurching forward. "I will!"

His huge cock slipped right into the lay nun's fuck hole. "Yeah, Rev, ohhhh, you're so big! God has blessed me with such a fucker as you to fuck me!" Sister Theresa groaned, arching her cunt up into the big man's rampaging fuck-rod.

Sister Mary positioned her self behind the wildly bucking couple. Sister Theresa's legs were wedged wide open as the eager reverend fuck stroked himself deep between her parted thighs. His curvy ass-cheeks jerked up and down as he plunged his ballooned cock inside the lusty blonde nun.

Sister Mary gently touched the Protestant reverend's ass. He arched up and down, driving his iron-hard cock into the lusty nun lying spread-eagled in the bed before him.

"Ohhhh, yesss, God, doing it for God!" he screamed, circling his cock around inside the hot nun's buttery pussy.

"Wouldn't have it any other way!" Sister Theresa groaned.

"Ohhhh, argghhhh, yesssss!"

Sister Mary continued stroking the reverend's pumping ass-flanks. He seemed to like being touched there, so as he pumped, the dark-haired nun carefully parted his ass-cheeks, exposing his crinkled ass-ring.

"Ohhh, feels good!" he cried. "Lusting for the Lord! Like it, yeah!"

"Yep, do it, slam that meat into my saintly hole!" Sister Theresa said.

Sister Mary gently ringed a finger just inside the reverend's tight asshole. The reverend squealed. He liked having his asshole probed. Sister Mary continued fuck-stroking her little finger in and out of the man's tight shifter. With her freehand, she loosened her rosary from her waist and carefully began inserting the beads one at a time, shoving the rosary into the Protestant reverend's asshole.

"Filling me up, ohhh, Lord! My faith is strong! Do unto me, yeah!" the man shrieked, pushing his ass back to better receive the beads being shoved up his asshole.

"What a man of God you are!" Sister Mary exclaimed, deftly placing the beads, one by one, into the man's tight pooper...

"Yes, praise be and glory! Yea, I say yeah!" he panted, clutching his ass-cheeks every so often because he enjoyed the filled-up sensation. Reverend Gleason slapped his thighs, spearing his engorged fuck-rod deep into her swampy cunt-hole.

Sister Mary kept working at the holy man's ass, inserting her rosary beads into his bowels. She punched the beads in, one by one, until her rosary extended all the way into his ass-channel except for the crucifix.

"Like that, Rev?" the dark-haired nun asked.

"Yeah, ohhh, love it, thank you, thank you!" he rasped, clenching his eyes shut and ramming his powerful cock hilt-deep.

Sister Mary palmed his balls, gently stroking the sensitive pouch which held them to farther stimulate the man bucking wildly into her fellow sister.

"My balls, my ass, my prick! Argghhh... too much! Coming, Lord! I'm coming!" he bellowed.

"Yesss, give it to me, Rev!" Sister Theresa shouted, screwing up into him, wrenching her cunt muscles around his flexed cock.

Sister Mary felt the man's balls tighten and then shudder. He was coming.

Sister Theresa felt Reverend Gleason's taut cock vibrate, then explode inside her pussy.

Reverend Gleason moaned, hissing and crying and slamming himself into the pretty blonde nun's creamy thighs.

Sister Mary let go of the man's clenching balls and quickly began puffing the rosary beads out of his ass, one by one.

He panted, wiggling his ass-cheeks a she felt the rosary being removed from his ass.

Sister Mary kept plucking the beads out slowly, driving the holy man berserk. He came repeatedly. The dark-haired nun slipped the beads from his asshole rhythmically. The man's tight asshole flexed open for each bead, then closed tightly around the slender strand holding the rosary. As Sister Mary kept pulling, another bead stretched the ass-ring open again, driving the shuddering reverend over the brink.

"Ohhhhh... ohhhhh... God! My ass feels so good!" he screamed, thrashing about on the bed. His cock continued slamming into the fuck-lusted nun on the bed. The dark-haired nun withdrawing the rosary from his asshole grinned widely, watching his ass-cheeks flop and tense as the man came hard over and over.

"Like it Rev?" Sister Mary asked.

The holy man did not respond. He just kept fucking Sister Theresa and screaming. His cock kept flashing its thick wads of cum, scalding Sister Theresa's inner cunt, flooding her inside. He wailed, battering the blonde nun's cunt, having his ass extended as the rosary beads were removed from it.

Inspired, Sister Mary yanked the beads out all at once, shredding his ass-channel, stretching his puckered shit-ring out of shape. The beads throbbed out, distending the man's asshole, emptying his bowels.

"Argghhh! My ass, love it!" he yelled, quivering all over.

"Yesss, fuck me, ohhhh, so sweet!" Sister Theresa rasped, clutching at the sheets.

The Protestant reverend emptied his gushing cock inside the blonde nun's clutching fuckhole. Just as his cock erupted one final time, the last rosary bead popped from his pooper.

"Argghhh, praise the Lord!" he cooed, closing his eyes tightly and folding his hands to thank God.

Sister Theresa slipped out from under the well-fucked man whose satisfied smirk told her she had done her job well.

Sister Mary placed her aromatic rosary in her skirt pocket. She rubbed the reverend's asscheeks as he drooled and praised God for allowing him to be so well fucked.

Sister Theresa dressed herself then, watching the man lying in bed babble his thanks to God.

When the nuns departed, Reverend Gleason was still last in his fuck reverie, and did not notice.

It surprised everyone the next day when the entire board voted to extend the church's mortgage. And when Reverend Gleason donated his share of the church to God and converted to Catholicism on the spot, they said it was a miracle!

But Sister Mary and Sister Theresa knew better! "Praise be!"


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