Horny peeping librarian

The facade of respectability often crumbles to dust with remarkable swiftness once its protective armor has been pierced.

The relatively minor investigation into the conduct of one police officer results in the discovery of massive corruption within the force. A routine check by the government of a corporations finances turns up damning evidence of widespread tax evasion, graft, kickbacks, bribes and payoffs. Insignificant looking cysts reveal malignant tumors.

And what of the facade of righteousness and puritan morality in the tree-shaded, picket-and-wrought-iron-fenced suburbs of middle and upper-middle-class America?

The serious and shocking story of one pleasant suburb and of some of the women in its ivy-covered public library who helped crack the facade -- and watch it crumble about their heads.

HORNY PEEPING LIBRARIAN -- a novel what goes beyond the fictitious town in which it is set... possibly any American town?


Sue Sherman arrived at work without panties on under her skirt. She never wore a bra, so today she was stark naked under her blue dress with the revealing slit up the left slide. As she walked up the front steps of the library, her naked pussylips working together, the meat between the swollen flaps slick with pussycream, she had to stop momentarily to brace herself against the railing and to take a deep breath. She felt so wicked and excited she was on the verge of coming!

If old Miss Wilmar, head librarian, were to discover that her newest assistant librarian had come to work without panties on, the prune faced old spinster would have a stroke on the spot. The thought of being so wicked and of fooling Miss Wilmar fueled Sue's excitement, for she had always loved being a naughty girl. Let anybody tell Sue that she could not do something, or that she could not have something, and Sue immediately set out to do that thing or to get that thing.

"Miss Sherman, you'll be working the mezzanine today." Miss Wilmar gave Sue the once over, peering over the taps of her bifocals and scowling.

"Yes, ma'am." Sue said with a smile.

She wheeled away before Miss Wilmar could make a remark about her dress and went to the mezzanine steps, intentionally clicking her high heels and wiggling her ass.

Kiss my ass, Sue thought, and as she climbed the steps, imagining the old bat watching Sue's tanned legs and muttering to herself about the indecent dress of today's young librarians. Miss Wilmar couldn't do anything, though. Sue was dressed according to the library dress rules. Her skirt hung within five inches of her knees. She kept her long blonde hair tied back in a pony tail, and her neckline was cut low, but not too low -- just revealing the upper bulge of her tanned tits.

Thank God there's nothing in the dress code about women having to wear nylons or a bra, Sue thought. Those things were taken for granted, she supposed. All women wore them. No need to require them to wear such things by writing it up in the dress code. Well, to hell with anything not specified in the code!

Sue slipped into her chair at the mezzanine information and requisitions desk and kicked off her high heels. There was nothing in the code about library employees having to wear shoes either, so to hell with them, at least while she was sitting behind her desk.

It was a slow morning, especially up in the mezzanine. The only real bustle was happening down at the circulation desk, where librarians and library assistants were busy checking in books that had been returned over the weekend. Monday mornings were always slow up here in the mezzanine because most library patrons didn't start filtering in usually until afternoon. Only a few patrons came to Sue's desk to requisition books from the basement stacks, so she went down herself instead of sending down an order for the books.

She welcomed the chance to get out of her desk and exercise her legs. She knew Miss Wilmar would frown upon such inefficiency, such wasted legwork, but Sue didn't care what Miss Wilmar thought. The head librarian had undoubtedly sentenced Sue to the most boring desk in the library this morning just to spite her. Miss Wilmar knew what Sue liked the most active tasks, so she made it a habit to always find Sue the least active, job possible.

At ten, Sue took her coffee break in the employees' lounge.

"Where'd you get that dress?" Nancy Hanes said.

"This old thing?" said Sue. "I've only had it since my freshman year of college. Used to wear it to dances."

"Bet it didn't stay on long after the dances," Nancy said, smiling suggestively.

"Not long," Sue said. "Not long at all." She sipped her coffee, feeling a warm glow in her cheeks.

"I wouldn't have the guts to wear something like that," said Jane Martin. "Especially to work. I don't know how you get away with it, Sue. Miss Wilmar looks like she'd going to have kittens sometimes when you walk in wearing these wild outfits."

Sue laughed. "I follow the dress code. Miss Wilmar learned that the first week I was here. She called me into Kurt Johnson's office and tried to have me fired for indecency, if you can believe that. But I read the dress code out loud and to her face right there in front of Kurt, and he said, 'She's right, Miss Wilmar. She's within the code guidelines. You may return to your jobs, ladies.' And that was that."

Nancy and Jane looked flabbergasted.

"Girl scout's honor," Sue said, crossing her heart. "In fact, I think Kurt actually approves of my clothing."

"Don't try to tell us he's interested in you," Nancy said. "Not Kurt Johnson."

"Kurt Johnson is a professional," Jane said. "He lives for this library. I don't think he ever thinks about anything else. I've been working here over ten years, and I've never seen him pay the least bit of attention to any female employees. He's completely asexual, as far as I'm concerned, handsome though he is."

Nancy shook her head. "I second that! Our revered director is all work and no play. Budget and staff meetings, or meetings of the library board are his whole life." She glanced at her watch. "Break's over, girls."

On the way back to her desk, Sue saw Kurt Johnson arrive with his brief case and head straight for his office. The only person he greeted was Miss Wilmar, whom he nodded to as he strode past her. Miss Wilmar looked for a moment as if she were going to salute him, then immediately went to her desk to collect her papers for their Monday morning meeting. A minute later, Miss Wilmar, accompanied by her two senior staff members, entered the director's office and sealed shut the door behind them. The meeting would last an hour, as it always did.

Sue couldn't figure out that Kurt Johnson. He was tall and muscular, his physique obvious even through his suit. He should have been a pro athlete, not a library director. And he could have his choice of women. Why did he ignore all the sexy young librarians and assistants and spend his time in business meetings with Miss Wilmar and her two gray-haired sergeants?

Asshole, Sue thought, sliding in behind her desk. She was angry with the man. Here she was, a fresh, ripe young woman, one of the most sought-after girls at Howard College, and he wouldn't give her more than quick glances. Even when he'd interviewed her for the job, he'd spent more time looking at her resume than at her. Well, at least he'd hired her, much to Miss Wilmar's dismay, Sue was sure.

Sue finished her paperwork quickly, then drooled on a piece of scrap paper and daydreamed. She thought about Kurt Johnson, the first male she had ever met who seemed disinterested in her, and she found herself drawing a picture of a big veiny cock. Her mouth watered as she looked at her drawing, imagining it to be Kurt's erect prick. She drew wads of cum spurting from the cock and squeezed her legs together. Her face became hot.

She kicked her shoes off again. Suddenly, she felt very naked under her dress as she worked her legs against each other. Her pussylips had swollen and a liquid like hot melted butter was oozing between them. She could detect the faint aroma of hot pussy, and she was glad there were only a few patrons in the mezzanine.

Damn, she was masturbating again like a schoolgirl. She used to do this a lot back in her school days, starting back in the days before she had even sprouted fuzz on her pussy, back in the days before she'd even been fucked. She looked back on the early days of her adolescence as being the most frustrating days of her life. Her sex drive had keen strong, almost maddening, and yet she'd been brainwashed into believing that having sex before she got married was the worst of all crimes. So, she'd spent her days jacking off, even working herself off in her desks at school -- until she'd almost lost her mind -- until she'd given in to her desire.

That had been the best day of her life and ever since then she'd spit at authority. Ever since then, she'd been a naughty girl, a girl who delighted in testing the forbidden to see what joys, what pleasures the forbidden held. Her parents, her teachers, her minister -- the authorities had lied to her about sex with boys. Fucking was not the worst of all crimes -- it was the best of all pleasures. And she'd never be able to get enough of it.

I'm a nympho, Sue thought, sitting at her desk at the library, slipping her hot legs rapidly against each other and working her itchy pussylips between them. I'm a nympho because I denied myself the pleasures of fucking for too long. And now I can't get enough of it, I'll never get enough fucking.

Her toes curled as the flames of orgasm whirled through her cunt and she closed her eyes, trying to stifle the gasps that wanted to escape her throat. As she came, jerking slightly, her body shivering with each spasm, she crumpled up the drawing of the cock and crushed it in her fist.

When the intense feelings had passed away, she sat there feeling weak and trying to slow her beating heart. She looked around, hoping nobody had noticed. It was as if she'd temporarily entered another world and now had stepped back into the old one of books and library dust.

She wasn't in the habit of masturbating anymore, at least she hadn't been until recently again. It was frustrating to live in this town after having spent all those years at Howard College where there was always a cock hot and ready to please her. At Howard College the problem had not been one of finding a ready cock, but of choosing between all the every-ready boys who offered her their rigid pricks.

But now in Mortonville the cocks weren't easy to find, especially for a librarian who spent her days among books, then went home to an apartment complex where her neighbors were mostly family people and senior citizens. She'd been in this town a month, and hadn't yet fucked anything. She hadn't yet gone to a singles bar because she hated those places. She missed college life. She was beginning to regret that she'd ever become a librarian.

The thought hit her that she might end up another Miss Wilmar and she felt sick to her stomach. Never! God, anything but that!

"Excuse me, but they said down there that you can show me where the books on gorillas are."

Sue snapped to attention, wiping the startled expression off her face and giving the patron a professional smile. "I sure can, young man."

She got out of her desk after surreptitiously slipping her shoes back on and led the boy back into the mezzanine stacks.

"You should find some books on this shelf," she said. "If you can't find what you need here, we can check the stacks in the basement."

As she turned to smile at the boy, she caught him looking her over in a way she was all too familiar with. This was a high school boy -- not the collegiate male she was used to -- but could sense his interest in her body.

As she slipped past him to return to her desk, she intentionally brushed her hand against the bulge in his jeans. He has enough prickmeat packed in there for three women, she told herself, giving him a shot of her wiggling ass and glancing back at him over her shoulder.

He was gawking at her, but quickly turned to his books as she caught his eyes.

At her desk, Sue couldn't sit still. That was about the closest she'd gotten to a male -- any male -- since she'd arrived in this town. She couldn't believe she'd dared brush her fingers over his cockbulge! She'd done it without thinking, as if she were back in college and teasing one of the studs who was trying to get into her panties. She fully realized the danger involved in teasing a library patron, especially when that patron was some innocent high school boy. She was sure he was a virgin -- one of those clean living young athletes who spent half their high school careers taking cold showers to cool their natural desires.

You can't fuck with them, she told herself, wet between the legs. You wouldn't dare. You could lose your job -- or more. That boy is absolutely forbidden, so forget him.

She got up from her desk and headed back into the stacks. Forbidden, huh? she thought. We'll just see about that!

She realized fully what she was doing and yet she couldn't stop herself -- didn't want to stop herself. Her loins throbbed and she felt as if she wanted to devour the boy.

"Finding what you need?"

The boy looked up from where he sat on the floor, books piled up around him. "I don't know," he said. "I'm trying to find something on white gorillas. You ever hear of a white gorilla? I'm supposed to do a paper, and I thought I could do one on a white gorilla -- if there is such a thing. I thought there was."

"I don't know," Sue said. "I'm no authority on gorillas. But there's a lot more information buried away in the basement stacks. Come on, let's go take a look."

The boy hesitated, almost as if he sensed danger.

He's just shy, Sue thought. Maybe scared of women. She'd run into a few of those even in college and they'd always appealed to her. She'd found them irresistible challenges.

"Come on, boy." She took his hand and pulled him up.

He was as tall as she was, dressed in a red and white letterman's jacket with a big M on the front. His thick brown hair fell over his forehead, covering his eyebrows. His face was red. She glanced at his bulging crotch and felt her cheeks blaze.

Downstairs, Cindy Harris was just leaving for a break. "Will you take any messages for me while you're down here?" Cindy asked, glancing curiously at the boy. "I'll only be gone about fifteen minutes."

"Sure thing," Sue said. "I might still be down here when you get back, depending on how fast we can find this young man what he wants."

"Thanks," Cindy said.

As the elevator door closed in front of her, Cindy was still looking curiously at the boy as if she can sense what I'm up to, Sue thought. Well, let her think what she wants, Sue thought as she led the boy deep into the stacks.

They were all alone down here now. The quiet was almost disturbing. Sue swore her heart-beat was loud enough for the boy to hear. She started to tremble as they moved down one aisle, then another, getting lost on the maze of shelves.

"Here we are," she said.

Swallowing, the boy began scanning the books before him.

"What's your name?" she asked.

"Bobby," he said, swallowing again.

Sue slipped off her shoes, finding herself shorter than the boy now. He glanced down at her bare feet, frowning.

Sue trembled harder. She was struck by the awkwardness of the situation. She couldn't think of anything to say that wouldn't sound absurd. Suddenly, she found herself dropping to her knees, her fingers fumbling with his zipper.

"Oh God!" the boy whispered, and he was breathing fiercely.

Sue got his zipper down and his prick, swelling fast, bulged out of his fly, bundled up in his red briefs. Sue felt his hard prick, salivating, her fingers moving up and down it.

The boy groaned, unsnapping his jeans and pushing them down. Sue stopped him before he could shove down his red briefs. She enjoyed the sight of his underwear bulging obscenely.

"Just relax, stud." Sue's tone was throaty, seductive. "Put your hands on your hips and jet let me work on you." She nuzzled his cock through his underwear, caressed and squeezed his balls. "Big nuts. I bet they're all full of cum."

She glanced up at the boy as she kissed up and down the long shaft of his throbbing prick rod, biting it gently through the soft material of his underwear. His face had flushed almost as red as his letterman's jacket and he was starting to sweat. He looked delirious. His knees were shaking.

Sue slid her fingers under the bottom edges of his briefs, scratching and tickling his moist crotch meat. She buried her nose between his nuts and inhaled, getting herself drunk on the scent. There was nothing like the smell of sweaty balls to make her lose all her inhibitions.

"Let's see what we've got here, stud."

She eased down his briefs, pulling them down his long cock, revealing it little by little. It was thick, rippling with veins. The long central vein bulged. As the underwear slipped off the head, the boy's cock sprang up, the tip of it flicking across the tip of Sue's nose and smearing fucklube on it.

"Beautiful!" Sue said, puffing the red briefs halfway down the boy's muscular thighs.

The boy grabbed his cock and pumped it, working the skin up and down on it, squeezing fucklube out the pisshole.

Sue pried his fingers away. "When you're with a girl, Bobby darling, you let her do the work. I know you're excited, but you must control yourself. It's a lot more fun that way."

"OK," he whispered, bracing his hands on his hips and tensing his body. His prick pulsed, the tip of it pointing at the ceiling.

The juice was running down Sue's legs like warm honey and she squeezed her thighs together.

"Darling," she whispered, "you have such a gorgeous prick." She licked his balls, kissed each one. "Have you ever measured this sexy cockrod? It must be at least seven and a half inches long."

"Eight," he said. "Measured on top." Then he blushed even deeper, as if embarrassed by what he'd said.

"Wonderful," Sue said, flicking her tongue at his fucker. "And it tastes so good. Real salty, real manly."

The boy puffed like a bull, his legs shaky. His prick appeared to grow longer and thicker and harder before Sue's eyes. Sue started licking faster, her tongue moving it over the boy's rigid prick. She lapped from his balls to the tip of his cockrod, swallowing the pussylube that bubbled out like sap. She bent his cock down so she could more easily work on the cockknob, which was so hot that it almost seared her tongue.

The boy moaned as if he were being tortured. His balls twisted in their sac. The muscles of his flat lower belly undulated.

"Suck it!" he whispered. "Please suck it!"

"Has anybody ever sucked it before?" Sue asked. "Tell me the truth now."

"No," he said. "No. Oh God, suck it!"

"Beautiful!" Sue cooed, elated that she was going to give the boy his first blow-job. "Relax now, darling. Just let me do all the work."

She bent the straining prick down, its hardness thrilling her fingers. Hot lube dripped from the open pisshole and Sue caught it with her tongue, squeezing and milking the long cockshaft so she could eat more of the tasty fluid. She glued her lips to his pisshole and sucked gently, eating more and more of his prickknob, sliding her lips around it until she'd swallowed it completely.

"Oh God!" the boy whimpered. "Oh God!" Relaxing her throat, Sue slid her lips down around the cockshaft. The knob stuffed her throat, moved it down. She reined her throat more, swallowing his cock completely, rubbing her nose in his sweet-smelling groin hair, burying her chin between his fat nuts. She turned her eyes up and was delighted to see the expression of disbelief on his face.

She cooed, sliding her lips up his cock again, starting to bob her head as she churned her tongue in circles along the back of his cock. Her lips rippled over his prick-veins and tingling sensations saturated her mouth. Her lips swelled, as hot and sensitive as the other set of lips between her legs.

Bobby started to thrust, to hump, but Sue placed her hand on his lower belly and stopped him. She wanted to tease the cum out of him, not have him work himself off by thrusting.

"Relax," she whispered, releasing his cock for a moment. "Let me suck it out. I'm doing the work, remember?" She brushed her fingertips along the fine line of dark fuzz that ran from his navel to his groin. "Lift up your shirt so I can see your stomach." She reached up and rippled her fingers over his abdominal muscles. "Beautiful!" She swallowed his cock again, bobbing her head. Her fingers continued to caress his abdomen as she munched on his cock.

The boy's cock throbbed powerfully as her lips and tongue moved up and down along, it.

His balls swelled, squirming in their tight sac. His groin steamed with a musky sex-scent, which grew more intense as Sue sucked him closer and closer to orgasm. The scent made Sue dizzy. Her crotch was a seething, sucking hole. She wanted to fuck the boy, but she wanted to taste his cum too.

"Ohhhhh mannnn!" the boy sighed, tossing his head from side to side. "Suck my cock!"

Sue churned her tongue, torturing the sensitive strand of tissue just below the backside of the boy's prickhead. She knew where all the most sensitive places were on a cock.

"Yeahhhhhh!" the boy moaned. "Eat that fucker! Lick it! Oh yeahhhhh, eat my cum! Ohhhhh!"

His cock shuddered and his cum exploded against Sue's tonsils. She grabbed her head, hugging it to his loins as he pumped his cum down her throat. He panted like a steam engine.

Sue thought for a moment that she would choke to death. Then she got control of her throat -- something she'd learned to do after years of practice. She swallowed to the rhythm of the boy's profuse ejaculations, sucking down his thick cum with a hunger she hadn't realized had grown so strong.

The boy's cock stopped ejecting cum, but Sue kept sucking. She bobbed her head, sliding the tight ring of her lips up and down around his rigid cock, wishing she could bring him off again. His cock hadn't softened at all.

The boy pushed on her head with one hand and tried to pull up his pants with the other. "You better stop, before that other woman comes back. She'll catch us."

Sue sat back, holding his hands, not allowing him to pull his pants up. His dripping cock throbbed before her eyes. "Don't worry. We'll be able to hear that elevator door when it opens. You have delicious, cum, Bobby. Very sweet."

The boy looked sheepish and embarrassed. His hands strained, trying to break her grip. "We better go back up."

Sue let his hands go. "All right. If that's what you want."

She stood up watching the boy pull his underwear over his cock.

"Do you always wear underwear?" she asked. "I've known a lot of boys who don't and a lot of girls too. Did you ever wonder how many girls you see on the street aren't wearing any panties? You'd be surprised how many aren't." She hitched up the skirt of her dress to display her naked cunt.

The boy's mouth dropped open.

Sue turned, showing him her naked ass. She bent over, waving her curvaceous ass in his face. The pussycream dribbled down her legs and she leaned farther over and pulled her dress off over her head.

"You're free to leave, darling. If that's what you really want to do." She glanced over her shoulder to see that the boy had pushed his underwear back down and was beating on his cock fiercely. "Easy, boy, you don't wanna lose it."

The boy fell to his knees, breathing almost as hotly as when he'd come. "You're all wet. Jesus!" He slid his fingers up and down the insides of her legs, rubbing them in her slick pussycream.

Sue reached back, digging her fingers into her puffy cuntlips and spreading them, opening herself up. The hot juice dribbled from her throbbing cunthole and down her legs, and the boy caught handfuls of the slick fluid, bathing his cock and balls with it. He lifted his hand to his face, sniffing it. He hesitated, then licked his hand.

"Taste good, Bobby?" Sue delighted in watching the boy sample her pussycream.

The boy stared at her open cunthole, sweat beading on his red face. His hand pumped up and down his rigid cock sliding easily, as if he'd lubricated it with baby oil. His nostrils flared and he trembled. Suddenly, he climbed to his feet, his hand working as if he were going to jerk himself off against her ass.

"Don't lose it," Sue said, almost in a panic. But the boy calmed her fears immediately. He slid his hand down to the base of his prick and mounted her ass, guiding the huge prick rod between her spread cuntlips and burying it inside her with one thrust. As his prick sank into her, moans of pleasure broke from their gaping mouths. The boy rubbed his hot lower belly in circles against Sue's ass and Sue wiggled her ass against him.

The boy's hands roved all over her -- up her back, down over her tits and stomach. "You're so soft and silky, so hot!"

"And you're so hard!" Sue sighed, delirious with pleasure. She'd almost forgotten how good a cock inside her could feel. Bobby's cock kept flexing as it throbbed inside her and she contracted her cunt in response, manipulating his rigid prick with her deft cuntal muscles.

The boy started to hump, sliding his cock in and out with slow, almost cautious motions. "Am I hurting you?"

"Oh God no! That feels fantastic! Just keep doing it!"

"Ohhhh fuck!" The boy gripped her ass, digging in with his fingers as he rammed his cock in and out. "Feels so good! You're so hot and wet in there!"

"Is this your first time?" Sue asked, hoping to God his answer would be yes. "Is this the first time you've fucked a girl?"

"Well-well, I, ah..."

"Tell the truth, Bobby. Please."

"Oh fuck," he said, "yeah. Yeah, it's my first time."

Sue's excitement surged. "I'd never have believed it, Bobby. You're so good at it! You really know how to do it."

"Oh wowww!"

The boy sounded delirious. He pounded her ass with a quick, hard rhythm, slicing his long cock in and out, popping his cockhead in and out of the mouth of her womb. His prick squished inside her, lubricated with her hot juices. His belly smacked her upturned ass like a clapping hand.

Sue found herself whimpering. She gasped with each hard fuck-thrust, her tits wobbling as they dangled. The boy grabbed her ponytail, tugging on it as if she were a horse and her ponytail a set of reins. He rode her ass, plunging his big cock in faster and faster. Sue felt tingles of pleasure whirling through her loins and streaming down her legs.

"Oh Bobby, fuck me! Make me come, you big horny stud, make me come!"

The boy pistoned his cock. He reached under her and got hold of her tits, squeezing them, pinching their nipples. Her cunt contracted wildly around his ramming prick.

"Bobby, I'm gonna came! I'm gonna come!" The boy growled, throwing his arms around her loins, hugging her ass to him, pounding his big cock inside her. "Hot bitch, hot ass, tight pussy!"

Sue's pleasure exploded, the spasms ripping through her loins, the pussyjuice gushing out over the boy's swollen balls. "Ohhhh Bobbbyyy yesssss!"

"Awwwww!" The boy shot his cum into her, bent over her and gnawing on her shoulder, drilling his flexing cock inside her.

Sue felt the pleasure all the way down to her curling toes. She gasped with each contraction of Bobby's prick, with each hot ejaculation of his cum. Her cunt undulated with spasms, sucking and squeezing and milking the boy's prick. Bobby clung to her, pumping his fuck cream up her seething pussy, driving his pleasure saturated prick in and out as he groaned and groaned and groaned.

After it was over, she turned around and faced him, petting his glowing cheeks and covering them with kisses. "Darling, you were so good! You were so good!"

He squeezed her tits while she squeezed his wet cock. His cock hadn't softened any.

Suddenly the elevator door opened. Sue slipped into her dress in seconds. Over the years, she'd become an expert in the art of instant dressing. Bobby was so unnerved by the sound of the elevator door that he was having trouble zipping up his pants. Sue wondered if he'd ever get his pants zipped and snapped if his cock stayed hard like that.

"Take it easy," she whispered. "When you're ready, gather up your books and come out by the desk. I'll go out now and keep Cindy occupied."

"You still here?" Cindy said, looking startled as Sue appeared out of the stacks. "I got tied up upstairs longer than I expected. Any messages? Any requisition orders?"

"Nothing," Sue said. Monday mornings are dead for some reason.

A few minutes later, when Bobby appeared with his stack of books and a red face, Cindy frowned at him -- as if she knew.


Cindy Harris was a buxom redhead, slightly shorter than Sue and slightly chunkier. She lived alone in a small house that had been left to her by her parents. Until today, Cindy had been friendly toward Sue, but no more friendly than she was to any other member of the library staff. That was why Sue was little shocked when, just before her work day was over, Cindy phoned up to Sue's desk and invited Sue over for dinner that evening. Sue accepted without hesitation. This was the first invitation Sue had received to do anything since she'd moved to Mortonville.

Cindy was dressed in jeans and a blouse. As she moved around the kitchen barefooted, setting the table and making sandwiches, she looked much younger to Sue than Sue had ever seen her before, and Sue realized that the woman was no more than a few years older than herself. In the library, Cindy always wore glasses, kept her hair pinned back, and dressed more like Miss Wilmar than like a young woman with a curvaceous body.

Nice tits, Sue thought, slightly enviously. They were big tits, nicely shaped and naturally supported, wobbling under Cindy's blouse as she moved around the kitchen -- braless.

They ate without much conversation, Sue complimenting Cindy on the clam chowder and toasted cheese sandwiches, Cindy accepting the compliments humbly and with a blush. Sue offered to do the dishes, but Cindy said to leave them. She would do them later. They went to the living room with glasses of vine, their after dinner drinks. They seated themselves at opposite ends of the same couch, Cindy puffing her bare feet up and half-facing Sue.

"You were taking a big chance, you know," Cindy said.

"I was what?"

"Bringing that boy down today. You were taking a big chance."

Sue took a larger swallow of wine than she'd realized and half choked on it. She cleared her throat and gave Cindy a cool smile. "I'm not sure I know what you mean."

"I suspected something when you came down," Cindy said. "Your face wasn't hard to read. And then later, the boy's face was so obvious that even Miss Wilmar could have read it. You could lose your job for doing something like that, Sue. How did you know you could trust me to keep quiet?"

Sue realized there was no use playing games. Cindy knew, and it would be foolish to deny what had happened.

"You don't impress me as the kind of woman who pokes her nose in other peoples business," Sue said. "Nor as one of Miss Wilmar's gestapo."

"That's good to know," Cindy said, sipping wine and studying Sue. "How do I impress you?"

"As a level-headed tolerant woman," Sue said.

Cindy smiled in a way that made Sue uneasy. "Anything else?"

"I'm not sure I know what you're trying to get at."

Cindy reached out with her bare foot and stroked Sue's hand with her toe. "Do you think I'm pretty, Sue?"

Sue swallowed the rest of her drink. Now she understood completely. "Very pretty," she said. "Shall we get undressed?"

For a moment, Cindy looked stunned, almost shocked. Then she grinned. "The bedroom's upstairs!"

Sue felt a warm glow of relief throughout her body as she followed Cindy up the stairs. For a few moments, she'd become tense with anxiety, almost sick to her stomach as she'd sensed that Cindy was going to blackmail her. Well, Cindy was blackmailing her -- but not in a way that Sue couldn't handle. In fact, she was going to enjoy paying off this form of blackmail. The ransom would give Sue as much pleasure as it did Cindy. Sue was no stranger to girl-girl sex.

Cindy drew the shades and turned on the small lamps on the bedside tables. Even though she lived alone in this house, she locked the bedroom door. The two women watched each other as they undressed simultaneously. Cindy pulled all the covers off the bed, leaving nothing but pillows and the bare sheet on the mattress.

"Let your hair down," Cindy said, and Sue unfastened the clip that kept her hair in a ponytail.

Cindy caressed Sue's tits, tickling the nipples and cherry-bumps with her fingertips, lightly scratching. Sue felt tingles in her cunt. She played with Cindy's tits, stimulating Cindy's cherry-bumps and nipples in the same way. Cindy closed her eyes, swallowing. She wrapped her arms around Sue, mashing their tits together, rubbing her cunt against Sue's cunt. They both moaned.

"I never guessed you're into this," Cindy said. "I thought you only went for balls."

"I'm into anything that turns me on and feels good," Sue said. "I never guessed you were into this either. Do you like guys at all?"

Cindy humped against Sue. "Let's not talk anymore. Let's just do it. We can talk later."

Sue reached between Cindy's legs, squeezing Cindy's spongy cunt slabs, getting a handful of slick pussycream. "You're a wet bitch, aren't you?"

"Look who's talking." Cindy had her hand between Sue's legs and was smearing Sue's cunt cream all over Sue's crotch and up between Sue's asscheeks.

The two women moaned, working fingers into each other's cunt. Sue watched Cindy's eyes roll and got turned on even more. They smeared pussycream on each other's tits, then down over their bellies, on their asses and backs, on their faces. The musky smell of cunt filled the room.

Cindy pushed Sue toward the bed and knocked Sue down on it on her back. She jackknifed Sue's legs, keeping them spread, forcing Sue's knees to her tits.

"Hold 'em up like that," Cindy said. "Oh what a gorgeous cunt!" She dropped to her knees at the side of the bed and started to lick Sue's cunt and ass.

Sue felt absolutely delirious, giddy and naked and wicked. She gripped her knees, hugging them to her shoulders, feeding her open cunt and naked ass to Cindy. She felt like a naughty young girl again, letting one of her girlfriends lick her crotch. She'd always enjoyed making it with another female -- since before she had fuzz on her pussy and throughout high school and college. Half her excitement came from the forbidden nature of girl-girl sex. It was another slap in the face to those who wanted to control every part of her life.

Cindy used her fingers to spread Sue's cunt wide open. She shoved her nose between Sue's cuntlips and fucked her tongue in deep.

"Eat it, you little bitch!" Sue panted. "Lick up that juice! Eat that meat!"

Cindy groaned, twisting her tongue, reaming out Sue's open crotch. She sucked, gnawed, growled as she munched.

"What a juicy pussy! Bubbling inside like a volcano!" Cindy inhaled deeply, drugging herself on the steamy fumes pouring from Sue's cunt. She fastened her mouth to the tender flesh between Sue's cunt and asshole, sucking the sensitive meat, chewing on it. Then she started to lick out Sue's asscrack. She kissed Sue's asshole and slipped her tongue inside it.

"Oh baby, fuck it!" Sue moaned. "Lick it out!"

Sue's eyes rolled. Cindy was a damn good cunt-eater, and ass-licker. In Sue's experience, girls always gave better blow-jobs to her cunt and asshole than boys did -- and Cindy had one of the hottest, nimblest tongues of any girl Sue had ever had sex with.

Suddenly, Sue was coming. Cindy's tongue had jabbed a magic button in Sue's asshole and Sue's loins churned inside with spasms of pleasure. Sue's cunt and asshole contracted repeatedly, the hot cream oozing from Sue's crotch as Cindy left off tongue-fucking Sue's asshole to lap up the tasty female fuck-juice.

"Eat it!" Sue gasped, writhing, jerking her ass. "Suck it all up, you hungry bitch!"

Cindy not only lapped all over Sue's spasming crotch, but she mashed her face to it, biting, sucking, ramming her tongue in deep. Sue squealed, near to blacking out for a few seconds.

"Your turn, Suzy."

Cindy scrambled up on the bed, tits swinging, and straddled Sue's face before Sue knew what was happening. She settled down, mashing her dripping crotch to Sue's mouth.

Sue struggled, fighting for air, and Cindy lifted up just enough to give her some. Then she rubbed her naked crotch in Sue's face, getting Sue's cheeks and nose slimy with hot pussycream. For a moment, Sue's head whirled inside as the pungent fumes bit her brain. She closed her eyes, trying to collect herself. She was still weak and woozy from her orgasm, and now she was smothering under Cindy's smoldering crotch.

"Lick!" Cindy gibbered. "Lick me, lick me!" She wiggled her ass, easing her weight from Sue's face.

Sue started to lap with long strokes, slithering her tongue between Cindy's lust-puffed cunt slabs, sipping the tart-sweet juice that dripped from Cindy's fuckhole.

"Ohhhh that's good!" Cindy moaned. "Eat me up! Make me come!"

She shifted herself to give Sue different areas of her crotch to lick. She moved forward slightly and settled her asshole over Sue's mouth as Sue's nose sank between her cuntlips.

"Fuck out my asshole, Suzy."

Sue was getting into this. She drove her tongue up Cindy's asshole, enjoying the musky taste, enjoying the way Cindy's ass-rings tightened, then reined, around her probing tongue. She forced her tongue in as deep as it would go, licking Cindy out, at the same time rubbing her nose in Cindy's cunt.

"Suck my clit!" Cindy gasped. "Quick!" She shifted her weight, forcing her cunt into Sue's mouth.

Sue found Cindy's hard little pleasure-bud and sucked it, simultaneously flicking her tongue across it. Cindy went crazy, grunting and squealing and wiggling.

"Bite it!" Cindy moaned. "Hard!"

As Sue sank her teeth into Cindy's quivering clit. Cindy whined and started to shake. Cindy's cunt started sucking, working against Sue's mouth like a grasping hand and hot cream drooled out, leaking into Sue's mouth and down her throat.

"Ohhhhh Sue, yesssss!" Cindy fell forward, bracing her hands on the bed as she humped Sue's mouth and grunted with orgasm.

When she was finally done, both women started laughing.

They lay there on the bed, recovering, not speaking. Finally, Sue said, "You've got a wild cunt, girl. It would drive the guys wild."

"I can't imagine having one of those snaky things up my pussy," Cindy said. "I just can't."

"So you've never fucked a guy before?"

Cindy shook her, head no, then explained. She'd been brought up in a family in which she was the only female, besides her mother. She had five brothers, two older than she was, three younger. They'd delighted in teasing her and threatening her with their hard pricks. She'd had recurrent nightmares about her brothers in which they came at her with hissing snakes growing from their groins. Now she was terrified of cocks.

"They would try to get me alone when our parents were gone," Cindy said. "And I would have to lock myself in my room the whole time."

"Why didn't you tell your parents?" Sue asked, both concerned and amused over the stow.

"I was too embarrassed," Cindy said. "And afraid. I was afraid they'd gang up and rape me if I gave them any trouble."

"Hmmmmm," Sue said.

Sue tried to imagine what it would have been like to have grown up with five brothers, all of whom wanted to get into her pants. She found the thought delightfully exciting. She had been an only child.

"I would watch them through the keyhole sometimes," Cindy said. "I'd turn off my light so they couldn't see in, and I'd peek out into the hallway, and there they'd be, either with tents in their pants or those hard snakes in their hands. They'd talk about how they could smell me in there and they'd call to me, telling me to open up so they could wiggle their pricks up into me. Most of the time they'd jerk off right there, shooting that white stuff all over my door. I didn't dare come out until mom and dad got home. I spent my life with mom and dad, with my girlfriends, or locked in my room when I was alone."

Cindy turned on her side and embraced Sue. As they kissed, she wiggled a finger up into Sue's cunt. Sue moaned and wiggled one of her own fingers up into Cindy's cunt. They pressed their tits together, continuing to kiss as they finger-fucked each other.

Sue enjoyed the feel of Cindy's smooth and soft female body against her own. She enjoyed working her finger in and out of Cindy's hot fuckhole, loved the way Cindy's crotch sucked at her finger. Her loins filled with thrills, her fuck-tension building. She closed her eyes, thinking about Cindy's five brothers and their five randy cocks. She imagined that she was Cindy, that she was unlocking her bedroom door to let in her five brothers with their wagging pricks and their faces flushed with lust for pussy. She imagined herself lying back on her bed, her legs up in the air and spread, as one boy after another mounted her and pumped his hot young spunk up her sucking pussy.

"I'm coming!" Sue gasped, writhing in Cindy's arms, grinding her cunt around and around on Cindy's sliding finger.

Cindy started to shake. "Me too! Oh God!" Their fingers pumped, their cunts sucked, and they groaned in unison, writhing against each other.


Bobby came back the next day. Sue spotted him milling around the check-out desk and immediately left the small office in which she'd been cataloging some magazines. She walked past him, clearing her throat to get his attention, then slipped behind some bookshelves nearby. Bobby followed.

"So there you are," he said. "I've been looking all over for you. You weren't at your desk."

"Not so loud," Sue said. "Whisper, ok?"

"That's not my desk on the mezzanine. I don't have a desk of my own. They send me where they need me everyday. I'm still new here."

The boy was gazing at her tits. "Can we do it again?"

"Don't tell me you skipped school," Sue said, feeling a touch of panic.

"Naw. I took another library day. I've got three library days coming each semester. Yesterday was one, and now I'm taking another one today."

Sue had never heard of such a thing. The boy explained that library days were days on which students were excused from classes so they could do research work at the library for class papers.

The boy suddenly grabbed her, pressing his loins against hers and grinding his hard cock against her belly. "I wanna fuck you!"

She pushed him away. "Bobby please! Not here!"

"Well where then? I'm going crazy! I wanna fuck you." The boy was flushed, his nostrils flared. He was no longer sheepish or shy -- at least with Sue.

Sue looked at her watch, then glanced around to see if anybody was watching. "I've got a break in a half hour," she said.

"I can't wait that long." The boy rubbed his cock through his jeans.

"You'll have to," Sue said, pushing his hand off his cock. "Stop playing with yourself. It'll only make you hornier. Go read a book or something. Work on your gorilla paper." She then told him where to meet her -- back in the mezzanine stacks near the elevator.

"I don't give a fuck about gorillas," the boy said. "All I care about is your tits and ass!"

I've created a monster, Sue thought. A teenaged sex maniac. The thought disturbed her a little, but mostly it made her smile.

A half hour later, Sue and Bobby stepped out of the elevator to find Cindy staring at them from behind her desk in the basement. Cindy gave Sue a look that said, not again, then rolled her eyes and shook her head.

"All alone down here?" Sue asked.

"Aren't I always?" said Cindy. "Good. Cindy, this is Bobby." Bobby nodded, bashful and quiet again. In the elevator his hands had been all over Sue.

Cindy smiled politely, but without enthusiasm. "If you'll take messages, I can go up for a break now, Sue. How much time do you need?"

"Don't go running off," Sue said. "I think you might enjoy hanging around."

"No thanks," Cindy said.

"All right. Suit yourself. No need to go leaving your desk, though. We'll be back in the stacks. Come on, Bobby."

Bobby nearly stumbled over Sue's heels as he followed her back into the stacks.

"Today I wanna see you without any clothes on," Sue said.

The boy gave her a silly grin and began to undress. His athletic shoes came off first, then his sweat socks. He pulled off his letterman's jacket, then his T-shirt.

"Mmmmmm, you smell good!"

Sue rippled her fingers over the boy's muscles as he pulled the skirt off over his head. She kissed his nipples and nuzzled his armpits. She'd always loved the scent of a sweaty athletic stud.

"Are you a football player, Bobby?"

"Wrestler," he said.

She squeezed his cock through his jeans and kissed him. "I love your muscles, darling, but I love this big cock even more. Take off your pants and let me see it."

As she stepped back, Bobby unsnapped his jeans and unzipped them. His hands were shaking and his naked torso had taken on a sex flush like his face. He pushed the pants down, his cock springing out and up.

"Well, no underwear today," Sue said approvingly. "I like that."

Bobby smiled, bending over to push his pants down his legs and to step out of them. He straightened up, sucking in his gut and inflating his chest. His prick stood up and out like a big throbbing billy club.

"You're gorgeous," Sue said as she stepped out of her high heels. She spotted Cindy peering around a bookshelf at the far end of the aisle. "Isn't he, Cindy? Come on, doll, why play games? Come and get a closer look. Nothing to worry about. I've got him completely under control."

Bobby turned around for a moment, then turned back. "Hey, what's going on?"

"Relax," Sue said. "If you behave yourself, you might get to fuck two women. Wouldn't you enjoy that, stud?"

"Shit!" Bobby gasped, starting to tremble.

Cindy moved down the aisle like a curious but want cat. Sue smiled and pulled her dress off over her head. Cindy stopped about ten feet from Sue and the bay, watching cautiously.

"Come closer," Sue said. "There's nothing to be afraid of."

"I'm fine right here," Cindy said.

Sue turned her attention to Bobby. "Have you ever sucked pussy, darling?"

The boy shook his head.

"Would you like to?"

"Shit yes!"

"Down on your knees, boy."

Sue spread her legs, then hauled apart her cunt flaps with her fingers. The pussyjuice was running down her legs. It excited her to see Bobby drop to his knees, his tongue hanging out.

"You can start by licking my toes, Bobby." The naked boy crouched in front of her, lapping at her toes. She lifted each foot, allowing him to lick between her toes. He grabbed her feet, chewing on them, groaning as he gave them a tongue bath. Then he started licking his way up her legs.

"Mmmn, that feels good!" Sue sighed.

The boy sucked and lapped at her hot flesh like an expert. When he started to beat his cock, Sue had to warn him to let go of it.

"It's not that I don't enjoy having hot cream squirted on my legs," she said. "It's just that I know you don't want to waste it like that. I know you'd rather shoot it some other place."

He was slurping loudly and panting when he reached her crotch. He moaned as his tongue flicked between her spread pussy slabs. He drilled his tongue inside her and Sue felt a flood of tingles saturate her loins. As he worked his tongue in deeper, she felt tingles even in her toes.

"Oh baby, lick it out!" Sue groaned as the boy twisted his tongue inside her and gnawed on her pussy-slabs. "He's good at it, Cindy. God is he good at it!"

Suddenly the boy shoved a hand up between Sue's legs and twisted a finger into her asshole.

"Mmmn baby, you're a hot little fucker, aren't you! You know how to make a girl feel great. Oh shit!"

Sue squirmed, hardly able to maintain her balance as the boy sucked out her crotch and finger-fucked her asshole. She craned her neck, peeking down to see his prick completely upright against his belly as if glued there. The lube was bubbling from his rigid cock like hot tears.

Suddenly Sue realized that Cindy was just about standing on top of them. Not only that, the redhead had her hand up under her skirt and was groping her crotch.

"Get undressed," Sue said. "Join us. You don't know what you're missing. Come on, Cindy, take a chance."

"I must be crazy," Cindy said, unbuttoning her white blouse.

"Ohhhhh Bobby!" Sue writhed as the spasms began in her cunt. "I'm coming, darling! Oh God, suck me off!"

She panted and gasped as the hot thrills whirled through her cunt and asshole. She grabbed the boy's head and humped against his face, bringing herself off in his mouth.

"Suck it out, baby, suck it all out!" The boy slurped and munched and sucked, devouring her pulsating cunt, drinking down her female fuck-juices. As he sucked her off, his finger screwed in her asshole relentlessly.

"Now do me," Cindy gibbered. "Suck me off too!" She'd undressed completely and was frantically finger-fucking herself.

"I wanna fuck," the boy mumbled as if drunk. "I wanna screw pussy!"

Cindy frowned, sudden panic in her eyes. Sue expected her to sweep up her clothes and flee down the aisle.

"Down boy," Sue said. She forced the boy to lie down flat on his back, at the feet of the two women.

His prick flopped all over his abdomen like a fish, out of water.

"It's so big!" Cindy muttered, staring down as if horrified.

"Don't worry," Sue said. "We've got him under control. Sit on his face. He'll eat your pussy out just the way you like it."

"I wanna fuck!"

The boy wriggled deliriously on the concrete floor, his prick leaving smears of fucklube like spittle all over his heaving belly. As Cindy straddled his head and settled down over his face, his mumbles were drowned out. He started to moan and slurp, and his prick flexed up and down, smacking against his abdomen.

Sue couldn't remember when she'd last seen a boy so excited. Bobby was absolutely drunk on pussycream and lust, so drugged with excitement that he probably didn't know where he was anymore. The sight of his flopping cock made Sue's fuck juices flow again. Her orgasm had been only a warm-up. Her excitement surged, as if she hadn't experienced an orgasm at all. Now all she wanted to do was fuck.

She straddled the boy's loins, facing toward his head and Cindy's back. As she sat on his prick, she felt it throbbing and squirming under her. She raised up and got hold of the wild young cock, holding it up vertical as it strained in her hand. Then she impaled herself on it, sliding her cunt down on it until she was sitting on the boy's balls and his prick was wriggling inside her like a hot eel.

The boy groaned loudly, his voice, thankfully, muffled by Cindy's smothering crotch. He started to squirm, to hump, and Sue started to ride. She knew he wouldn't last long, and she wanted to get as much pleasure out of his rigid prick as she could before he exploded.

Cindy was gasping. "Oh, he is good! Oh yes, eat my pussy, you dirty little boy! Suck it out, you horny little pig! You love it, don't you! You just love it!"

Sue realized that Cindy must be imagining that Bobby was one of her brothers. "You've always wanted to do this, haven't you, Cindy? Sit on a boy's face and make him eat your cunt."

"Yes," Cindy hissed. "Yes, yes!" She churned her ass, grinding her crotch in the bay's face as he gnawed and sucked her seething crotch. "Oh eat it, eat it!"

Bobby's cock swelled, growing fatter, getting harder. It quivered inside Sue as she slipped up and down on it, keeping her cunt tight, bouncing her ass against the boy's plum like nuts.

"Hold it as long as you can, Bobby," Sue said. "The longer you hold it, the better you'll feel when you come."

She jerked up and down, gasping as the boy's rigid cockrod rammed in and out of her womb. Her tits flapped. She rotated her ass, corkscrewing herself on the boy's prick, churning her hot ass against his nuts. She could feel the tension building in the boy's prick and imagined a rocket on the launching pad, getting ready to blast off. The tension in her cunt mounted too. Her fingers and toes and, nipples felt as if they were being stabbed with zillions of microscopic needles.

Bobby reached around and forced a finger up Cindy's asshole, pumping it in and out. He had his other hand up and was groping Cindy's tits. But Cindy didn't seem to mind. She groaned and gibbered, riding the boy's face, feeding him her torrid cunt.

"Keep licking," Cindy said. "Keep sucking. Ooooh, and screw that finger! Fuck my ass, fuck my ass!"

Sue had a wicked idea. Watching Bobby's finger slip in and out of Cindy's asshole, Sue couldn't resist reaching back and down and probing between the boy's asscheeks. She sat down hard on his balls, interrupting her fucking motions so she could slip a finger up the boy's asshole. She rammed her finger in to the hilt, then pumped it in and out.

The boy writhed crazily, his prick twisting and flexing inside Sue. His asshole sucked Sue's finger. It felt to Sue as if he had a heart inside his asshole, a heart that swelled and pulsed as she finger-fuckcd him. She started to ride his cock again, with quick, rapid strokes, keeping her cunt as tight as a vise. The boy squirmed like an eel.

Cindy snapped her head back as if she'd been shot. Her body shook. She whimpered, wobbling on top of the boy as she ground her pussy against his mouth and fed him her hot fuck juices.

"Ohhhhhh, I'm coming!"

Sue could see Cindy's asshole sucking Bobby's finger, watched Cindy's red head toss from side to side, saw Cindy's toes curl. Bobby growled, moaned, gnawing Cindy's spasming pussy and guzzling down her hot female juices. He bounced his ass, driving his rigid cock in Sue's tight cunt, and Sue fucked up and down hard, skinning his prick alive with her muscular cuntal walls.

Sue felt her loins tightening, knew her orgasm was on the way and couldn't be stopped. "Come on, Bobby," Sue moaned. "Come on, baby, shoot it!"

Sue could hardly stay mounted on the boy. She wobbled, delirious and out of her mind, grinding and bouncing, at the same time ramming her stiff finger in the boy's asshole. She felt a meaty balloon swell against her probing finger, felt Bobby's asshole nearly bite off her finger as his cock swelled inside her and shuddered violently. As his cum gushed into her womb, her pussy exploded with fierce spasms.

"Ohhhhhh Bobby yesssss."

Sue jerked, tossing her head deliriously, gasping as the spasms attacked her cunt again and again, gasping as Bobby's hot spurts splashed in the depths of her sucking fuckhole.

"Shoot it, Bobby, shoot it!"

Sue's cunt became juicier by the second as Bobby's cum filled it and as her own sexual lubricant oozed and flowed like hot syrup. The boy's flexing, ramming cock made obscene lubricious noises inside her, and the wet sounds increased Sue's excitement. She whined as her pleasure reached an unbearable peak as Bobby writhed under her, growling into Cindy's cunt as he shot off into Sue's pussy.

At last, the movements of the two women and the boy slowed, then stopped. They all panted fiercely, their rib cages heaving. The smell of jism and hot pussy saturated the air between the book shelves. With great effort, Sue dismounted, letting Bobby's cock slip out of her. Cindy crawled off the boy's face.

Bobby lay with his eyes closed, his entire body flushed. His face was smeared with pussy slime. Some of Cindy's red cunthairs were glued to his cheeks and lips. He made moaning sighs. His prick, still swollen to full hardness, throbbed on his belly. Both his cock and balls were frosted with pussycream and his own cum.

Sue nudged the boy's balls with her fingers. "Look, Cindy, they're like big soft-boiled eggs."

"Just like my brothers' were," Cindy said, gazing down at Bobby's nuts as if fascinated.

"Haven't you ever wondered what they feel like?" Sue asked. "Or maybe even what they taste like."

"I guess I have," Cindy said.

"He's just about unconscious," Sue said. "He's completely harmless now. You can cop a feel if you want."

Cindy looked interested, but still timid.

"He's flat on his back," Sue said. "And he's weak. He just shot a load that drained his strength. He's completely helpless, Cindy. He's in our power."

Cindy glanced at Sue, a mischievous glint coming into her green eyes. Tits dangling and swinging, she crawled on her hands and knees to sit between the boy's spread legs. Sue moved aside to give her room.

"Go on, Cindy. This is what you've been waiting for."

Cindy giggled and reached out to touch Bobby's nuts. She shivered. "They are like soft-boiled eggs." She began to stroke his balls, then jerked her hand away as Bobby moaned, his dick flexing up, his balls rolling in their sac.

Sue laughed. "Don't be so, jumpy. There's nothing to be afraid of. Feel him up, Cindy, don't be afraid."

Cindy stroked the boy's nuts again, using her fingertips to caress and lightly scratch. This time when Bobby moaned, Cindy kept stroking. Her fingers moved up to stroke his cock. She shivered as she wrapped her hand around the cockshaft.

"It feels so weird," Cindy said. "It's just like an animal, like a hot hard snake. I can feel his heartbeat in it."

"Work on it," Sue said. "Slide your hand on it the way your brothers slid their hands on theirs. Make him squirm."


Cindy's heart thumped so loud she could hardly hear herself think. She couldn't be doing this. She just couldn't! Every time the boy squirmed, every time his eyelids fluttered, every time his prick flexed in her hand -- she felt like jumping ten feet straight up. The last thing she'd ever thought she'd do in her life was play around with a cock. But here she was -- doing it.

"That's it, slide the skin up and down on the shaft," Sue said. "Use your thumb on that strand below the head. That's their magic spot. Work on that and you can make 'em come fast."

Cindy kept shivering. She felt like bursting into laughter. She felt her jaws unclenching. It was as if the tension of a lifetime were slowly seeping out of her pores. She couldn't believe how easy this was! She squeezed and wiggled Bobby's cock, worked her thumb in circles on that strand Sue had pointed out, slid her hand up and down, moving the skin along the shaft and her own soft fingers over the cockskin.

Fluid oozed from the boy's pisshole-cum that was still left in the tube from the boy's orgasm, and fucklube that he was freshly brewing. Both his prick and balls were slippery with cum and Sue's pussyjuice, and Cindy enjoyed the slick feel as she rubbed. The smell made her nostrils dilate.

"Why don't you taste it?" Sue said. "You really want to, don't you? Pretend it's an ice-cream cone. That big round head's just like a scoop of ice-cream, isn't it, Cindy? Go on, take a lick."

Cindy glanced at Bobby. He was still lying there with his eyes closed, his head rolling slowly from side to side as if he were drugged. He was sighing and moaning and looked helpless. She felt very strong suddenly and it seemed absurd to her that she'd ever feared males.

"Go on, Cindy! Make him squirm." Sue rubbed Cindy's back, caressed her ass.

Cindy was on her knees, sitting on her heels. She bent forward, crouching, the boy's prick squeezed firmly in her hand. She sniffed his nuts, wrinkling her nose at the pungent smell -- musky sweat, cum, pussyjuice. After a few moments, she became used to the aroma. In fact, she found she liked it.

"Lick these sweaty balls," Sue said. "He'll go crazy."

Gingerly, Cindy began to lick, at first using the tip of her tongue, then more of it, then more. Soon she was lapping with long, strokes, using the flat of her wet tongue, cleaning the juices off the boy's nuts. As she licked, she became increasingly excited. The aroma of sweaty, teenaged balls acted like a drug on her.

The boy squirmed and growled, his cock jerking in Cindy's hand, and that excited Cindy even more. She burrowed wider his nuts, sucking and licking the sweaty flesh there. She licked all around his balls. Suddenly, she found herself lapping up and down the thick shaft of his cock.

"Ohhhhhh wowwwww!" Bobby arched up, driving his prick at the ceiling. "Oh shit."

"Keep licking," Sue said. "Don't let him scare you. You're in control, Cindy."

Cindy growled. She couldn't believe what fun she was having. And she'd lost her fear. She started biting the boy's cock from the side, sucking on the thick cockshaft. She wanted to devour it.

"Do the head," Bobby moaned. "Suck the knob."

A second later Cindy found herself lapping all over the tasty cock-head, savoring the flavor of Sue's cunt on it. She flicked the tip of her tongue up and down the magic strand and listened to the boy groan. She flapped her tongue around and around the edges of the prickknob, then probed the open piss-hole, catching sticky lube on her tongue tip and swallowing it.

It tasted like warm sap with just a hint of saltiness. She glued her lips to his piss-hole and sucked, at the same time using her hand to milk the cock-shaft. The lube oozed out and Cindy sucked it down. Suddenly, the boy arched up, forcing his prickknob into her mouth. As he moaned, writhing, Cindy munched his cock knob as if she were going to bite it off.

"That-a-girl! Go down on it now!" Sue, watching closely, had reached around Cindy to play with Cindy's tits. "Blow that horny young fucker!"

Cindy cooed with hunger as her lips slid down the boy's cock. His cock veins rippled over her lips and sent itchy tingles into them. Her lips had swollen with lust and now were stretched out in a tight ring around the hard-on. The cockknob filled her throat, even though she had only swallowed half the horny fucker.

"Suck it!" the boy growled, grinding his cock in her mouth. "Oh yeah!"

Cindy gagged as his cock pounded her tonsils, but she wasn't going to let him choke her. She sank her teeth into his cock until he stopped thrusting. Her spit ran down his cock, trickling over his swollen balls.

"Try to relax your throat," Sue said. "Let it slide right down." Sue was squeezing and caressing Cindy's tits.

Slowly, Cindy's throat relaxed. Her lips slid down the huge cock until she'd swallowed it to his balls. She couldn't believe she'd taken the whole thing. She felt the cockhead throbbing deep in her throat like a pulsing heart.

"Mmmmm, blow that thing!" Bobby moaned.

"Suck it off!"

"Ok, Cindy, you've got it all now, so start working on it. Move your head up and down, and keep your tongue flapping."

Sue, crouching over Cindy, had her head right up next to Cindy's so that they were almost cheek to cheek. Her own hot tits rubbed against Cindy's back as she kept massaging Cindy's tits.

Cindy's cunt was leaking hot juice. She couldn't believe how turned-on she was! She'd never imagined that sucking a cock could make her so horny. As she bobbed her head, sucking and slurping loudly, she moaned with hunger and lust, her pussy cream dripping onto the concrete under her throbbing crotch. Bobby's cock pulsated in her mouth, leaking cock lube down her throat, thrilling her lips and tongue with its hardness, with its twitching arteries and swollen veins, with its searing heat. Cindy munched, the salty taste making her hungrier.

"Ohhhhh mannnn." Bobby squirmed all over, fucking his cock in Cindy's mouth. He gazed fiercely at his cock as it slid between Cindy's hot lips.

"Shove your finger up his ass," Sue whispered. "And use your tongue on his magic spot."

Cindy's heart slammed. She was breathing frantically. Her mind was in such a whirl that she could hardly think, but she was able to follow Sue's directions. She shoved her left hand under Bobby's nuts, probing his sweaty asscrack with her middle finger until she'd found his sizzling asspucker. Then she twisted her hand, opening his ass and getting the tip of her finger into it. The boy's asshole was greasy inside and Cindy's finger slid in to the hilt, half sucked in by the contractions of the boy's asshole.

"Fuck him!" Sue urged. "Fuck him and suck him and use that tongue like I told you!"

Cindy pistoned her finger, stunned by the heat inside the boy's asshole, stunned by the hard squeezing and sucking of the boy's ass around her finger. As she finger-fucked him, she jerked her head up and down, sucking and munching, her tongue churning incessantly, her spit gushing down the boy's cockshaft and over his squirming nuts. His cock swelled enormously, nearly splitting her lips. Something swelled simultaneously in his asshole and suddenly Cindy found herself choking.

"Awwwwww!" Bobby arched up, ramming his cock in and out of Cindy's mouth, shooting his thick cum down her throat. "Suck it out, ohhhh suck it out!"

Cindy didn't need to suck. The jism gushed as if from a fountain. Her throat was flooded with the slimy cream. It slid down her guilt in wads. Her entire head filled with the scent, and for a moment she imagined that she was back in her bedroom as a girl, inhaling the aroma of her brothers' jism as they shot it against her bedroom door while she watched them through the keyhole. The smell was the same -- alkaline, musky.

"Drink it," Bobby mumbled. "Ohhhh yeah!"

Cindy sucked the bucking cock, swallowing much of the boy's cum as she could. She couldn't swallow fast enough to drink all of it, however, and some of it ran down Bobby's pulsing nuts. After his prick had stopped shooting, Cindy sucked his piss-tube dry. He whimpered, weak and exhausted.

"Is he still hard?" Sue asked.

Cindy let his prick go. It slapped down against the boy's abdomen, twitching. "Hard as a rock," she said.

"Wonderful," said Sue. "And he's about dead. Can hardly move. Just perfect for you, Cindy. Know what I mean?"

Cindy knew. She turned her head and kissed Sue on the cheek. "Will you help, Sue?"

"I'd be delighted to."

Cindy moved up, straddling the boy's middle. He moaned deliriously as she rubbed her hot crotch against his balls and cock. She slid her slippery cunt back and forth along his cock, turning herself on more. Then she lifted up.

"OK, Sue."

Sue reached under Cindy's crotch and picked up Bobby's rigid cock. She bent it up until it was perfectly vertical between Cindy's legs and aimed straight up at Cindy's cunt.

"Beautiful!" Sue said. "You're dripping all over the horny mother. You're ready, girl. Just relax, take it easy and slide right down on this fat pole. You won't believe how good it feels."

For a few moments, Cindy couldn't move. Her fear returned. And she imagined Bobby's cock as a hissing snake about to strike.

"Come on, girl, sit on it." Sue tickled Cindy's cunt with her fingers, spreading Cindy's cuntlips as best she could. "Ease down on it, Cindy. There's nothing to it."

Cindy closed her eyes and took a deep breath. When she opened her eyes again, she saw Bobby's flushed and exhausted face, saw his lips move as he mumbled something incomprehensible. His flat belly heaved up and down. He was still recovering from Cindy's blow-job. He was helpless -- completely. Cindy's loins prickled with a rush of excitement and she began to lower herself.

"That's it," Sue said, rubbing Bobby's prickhead back and forth along Cindy's cunt slabs.

Cindy moaned. She wanted to do it. She had to do it!

"Now!" Sue urged. "Sit on it!"

Cindy felt her cuntlips spread wider than they'd ever spread before. She felt Bobby's cockhead burning between them, burning and pulsing between them. She trembled, letting herself down, letting her cunt engulf Bobby's cock. She expected something to tear, explode, but she felt nothing but the smooth glide of Bobby's straight young prick into her body. She felt Bobby's cockhead throbbing in the pit of her belly, felt all of his thick cock quivering and wiggling inside her and she moaned loudly, then started to laugh.

Bobby trembled, whimpering, squirming.

"How's it feel, Cindy?" Sue was rubbing Cindy's asscheeks.

"Like nothing I ever felt before," Cindy said. "I could sit here like this forever! Man, I can hardly stand it!"

She wiggled her ass and started to ride, her body responding as if it had a mind of its own. As she worked her slippery cunt up and down on the stiff, teenaged cock, she began to moan and sigh.

Bobby writhed, his eyes turned back and rolling. His prick swelled inside Cindy and turned from stone-hard to steel-hard. He began to throw his head from side to side.

"Way to go!" Sue said. "Skin that big thing alive, Cindy! Fuck him so hard that he cries."

Cindy was almost ready to cry herself. As she fucked up and down on the boy's rigid prick, her cunt became saturated with such pleasure that tears came to her eyes. She had never in her life felt such intense sensation and heat. She bounced faster and faster, her tits wobbling all over, her crotch on fire.

"Oh God!" Cindy moaned. "Oh God help me!"

"Fuck him, Cindy! Fuck that big horny cockrod of his!" Sue chewed and licked Cindy's asscheeks, flicked her tongue up and down Cindy's asscrack.

Cindy tossed her head, drunk on lust, not caring about anything anymore but this incredible feeling. As her cunt contracted around Bobby's cock, she felt hot juice rushing out of her, heard Sue gibber excitedly as Sue lapped the hot juice off Bobby's balls. She jerked up and down, riding the boy's slick cockpole, feeling fuck tingles all the way down to her toes. The juicier she became, the more lubricious were the sucking, liquid noises coming from her sliding cunt, and her excitement surged.

Bobby arched up, grinding the back of his head against the concrete, mumbling out of his mind. Sweat ran off his flushed face. All the muscles of his abdomen and torso stood out, hard and quivering. He gazed up at Cindy's bouncing tits as if in a trance. His loins gyrated as he screwed his cock in Cindy's sliding cunt.

"Fuck you!" he moaned. "Oh fuck youuu!"

"Yes!" Cindy hissed, grinding her cunt up and down on his splitting-hard cock. "Yes, fuck me!"

As she jerked up and down, driving herself and the boy closer and closer to orgasm, she watched Bobby's face become the faces of her brothers. There was Zem, then Jimmy, then Mark, then Danny, then Tim. Her sexual delirium was causing her to hallucinate. As she rode up and down, she was fucking not only Bobby, a boy she didn't even know, but she was fucking all five of her brothers.

"Come on Cindy, make him come," Sue said, petting Cindy's back. "Make him blow his nuts one more time."

"Yesssss!" Cindy moaned, drugged with pleasure. "Mmmmmm, yesss!"

She felt Bobby's cock growing larger and harder inside her. It was as if she were riding up and down on his arm now, as if his fist were his cockhead, his arm the shaft. She felt every quiver and flex of the boy's prick. She tightened her cunt, riding him mercilessly, trying to pop the head off his cock, trying to skin it alive. The sensations became so intense in her cunt that she felt like screaming.

"Awwwwww!" Bobby arched up, ramming is cock, his eyes white slits and his eyelids quivering.

"He's coming!" Cindy gasped, stunned by the sudden eruption of cum inside her. "Oh God, he's coming!"

As jism shot into her again and again, she churned her ass grinding her cunt up and down on the flexing young prick. The tension rushed to a head in her loins and overflowed. Waves of ecstasy washed through her cunt and she began to jerk and gasp with her spasms. She cried out, almost laughing.

"Now you're coming," Sue said, holding Cindy's waist and keeping Cindy from toppling off the boy. "I bet you've never felt anything like it."

Sue was right. The sensations were more intense than any Cindy had ever felt before. This was an orgasm she'd never forget. Now she knew what fucking was all about.

"Drain him of every drop," Sue said. "Turn those big plum-balls of his into prunes."

Cindy rode the boy until it looked as if he would pass out. Then she and Sue helped him up and helped him dress. He was incapable of doing it himself. She and Sue had sucked his balls dry, and drained him of his strength. Cindy felt great satisfaction as she tucked his soft cock into his jeans and zipped him up. That soft little thing was absolutely harmless, and so was the boy -- absolutely harmless.


Luckily, Sue returned from the basement alone. She left Bobby downstairs with Cindy so he could cool off and get his strength back. She didn't think it would be wise to step out of the elevator with a red-faced, exhausted boy. She and Cindy had nearly fucked the boy to death and Sue wished she could show the conquered boy to the whole world. Luckily though, she chose discretion over vanity, for Miss Wilmar accosted her moments after she'd stepped out of the elevator.

"You're two minutes late getting back from your break, Miss Sherman. You might not think two minutes matters, but in this library it does. We are efficient and responsible in this library. You will not leave on a break early or come back from one late, or you will face suspension. Is that clear?"

"Yes, ma'am. But I was doing some work in the lower stacks -- for a patron."

"No excuses, Miss Sherman. You're late getting back out on the floor and that's that. Furthermore, you've not been assigned work in the lower stacks today, nor have you ever been. You've been assigned to the cataloging room today, which is where I want to see you the rest of the day."

"Yes, ma'am." Sue turned to leave before she lost control and talked back to the old witch.

"I haven't excused you, Miss Sherman."

Sue turned back, biting her lip and trying to look unrattled.

"One of the evening librarians has called in sick. I'd like you to work for her this evening and for the rest of the week if need be."

"Fine," Sue said, although she'd rather have said no, at least to this evening. She didn't relish the thought of working two shifts in a row.

"Good," said Miss Wilmar. "Perhaps you have more dedication than I thought. You know, in my day we didn't have all these sick days and holidays and paid vacations and coffee breaks. If we got sick -- too bad -- we worked. And we didn't have the superfluous staff we have today. If it were up to me, we'd make some cuts." She smiled thinly and Sue knew exactly who the old bat would cut first if she had the chance.

A half hour later, Bobby spotted Sue in the cataloging room and poked his head in. He smiled and blushed. "Thanks, Sue. Want me to take another library day tomorrow?"

Uneasy, Sue jumped up from her desk and poked her head out the door for signs of Miss Wilmar, then pulled Bobby into the office.

"How did you find out my name?"

"Cindy told me. Do you want me to come in tomorrow? I've got one more library day coming."

"I won't be working tomorrow," Sue said. She didn't know if she should tell him that she'd be working tomorrow night. Perhaps it would be better to cool things for a while, lest the other librarians -- particularly Miss Wilmar -- notice Bobby hanging around.

"OK," he said. "I'll save it for later. Can I have your phone number?"

"What?" Sue was stunned. The boy hadn't even fucked until yesterday, and now he was boldly asking for her number. He was becoming a fast operator mighty fast.

"Cindy gave me hers." He pulled a book of call-cards out of his jeans. A phone number was written on the yellow slip of paper.

"Miss Sherman, what is this boy doing in here? You know patrons aren't allowed in the cataloging room."

Sue's heart stopped. Miss Wilmar had stepped into the room and was glaring at her. Sick to her stomach, acting without thinking, Sue scribbled her phone number on the call-card and shoved it back into Bobby's hands.

"There you are, son," Sue said. "That's the number. Just find that number on the shelves and you should be able to find the books you're looking for."

"Huh?" Bobby said. Then, when Sue gave him an imploring, almost desperate look, he shook his head. "Oh yeah, sure. I'll look for that number. Well, thanks -- uh -- ma'am." He squeezed pest Miss Wilmar and was gone.

Sue sighed silently with relief. Thank God he hadn't called her by her first name!

"Miss Sherman," said Miss. Wilmar, "when we work in the cataloging room we do not waste our time giving assistance to patrons. That's the job of the people at the information desks. Also, in case you haven't noticed, there's a sign right outside this door which says, Library Personnel Only. Boys may be blind, but you, I sincerely hope, are not."

"Yes, ma'am."

"The next time a patron asks you for information when you're not behind the information desk, you refer him to the desk. You, do not waste time giving information. I run an efficient, disciplined library here, Miss Sherman, in case you hadn't noticed. Now carry on." With another thin, satisfied smile, the head librarian marched out of the room.

"Jesus Christ!" Sue breathed softly. She realized she was sweating.

The nicest thing about the evening shift was the noticeable absence of Miss Wilmar. The library felt warmer, cozier, the atmosphere more relaxed. Only five librarians worked the shift, each in her own assigned nook in the library, each hoping to herself and doing her job without the ever-present fear of Miss Wilmar. Sue worked the mezzanine, helping patrons -- mostly high school students doing homework or research -- find books and other reference materials. Many of the students were boy-girl couples, who did more socializing and flirting than studying, but Sue knew it would be futile to ask them to quiet down. She smiled as she sat at her mezzanine desk, watching furtively as the boys and girls flirted and as the boys groped.

Over in the farthest corner of the study area, a cute little blonde girl -- who reminded Sue of herself at that age -- was squirming in her chair as the boy seated next to her moved his hand between her legs. The couple obviously thought that nobody could see them because their study table was half-hidden behind some low bookshelves. But Sue could see them and, as the couple became more and more heated, she watched them boldly. Once kids got hot enough, they no longer cared about anything except satisfying their itchy crotches, and they lost all sense of caution. How many times had she herself dared to perform wild sexual acts in dangerous places? More times than she could ever hope to remember.

The young girl had kicked off her shoes earlier and now her squirming and curling bare toes were evidence of the intense sexual sensations she was experiencing. The girl's blue eyes rolled under long lashes. Her pert young tits heaved under a white T-shirt, her nipples visible as dark swellings under, the thin material. The boy had his hand in her jeans and was obviously wiggling a finger inside her cunt. As Sue watched, she could almost feel a finger screwing her, own cunt.

The boy squeezed his crotch with his other hand, rubbing his cock through his jeans. He looked just as flushed and shaky as the girl. He leaned over and kissed the girl's cheek. She turned her head, meeting his hips with her own. They kissed, their mouths opening, their tongues sliding. Suddenly, the girl started to writhe, her toes clutching the balls of her feet. Her body shook and her face flushed almost purple.

Sue's face burned. She felt like ripping off her clothes and crawling across the floor and under the table and unzipping the boy's jeans. She'd pull out his cock and give him a blow-job while he sat there trying to study.

The young girl slumped back, relaxing. She grabbed the boy's arm and made him pull his hand out of her pants. The boy popped the middle finger of his withdrawn hand into his mouth and sucked on it, his eyes closed as if he were savoring a fine wine. When he opened his eyes, the girl was copying something out of a book. The boy tried to get her to rub his cock, but she jerked away, looking offended.

Dumb little bitch, Sue thought. If she were that girl, she'd be on her knees, nuzzling the boy's sweaty balls, going for his cock like a hungry calf. She could just about taste the rich cum brewing in the boy's nuts.

As the evening went on, the kids became bolder. They were testing her, Sue realized, seeing how much they could get away with before she cracked down. Well, she wasn't about to crack down. In fact, she smiled at boys she caught groping their girlfriends, encouraging them. She began to fantasize that she was the only librarian in the library that the kids had gone wild, fucking and sucking and having a group orgy. Then she thought of Miss Wilmar walking in and of the blood vessels in the woman's temples exploding!

One of the boys got up and pulled a resisting girl toward the mezzanine stacks. Sue pretended not to notice, but the moment the couple had disappeared among the shelves, she was off her chair and following them. She slipped down another aisle and took off her shoes so she could tip-toe without being heard. She heard the couple whispering as she entered the most remote section of the mezzanine stacks and she squatted silently, carefully moving aside a few books so she could peer through the shelves and see the couple in the next aisle.

"I don't want, to do it here," the girl whispered. "That librarian will catch us. God, I'd die!"

"She's all right," the boy said, pulling his prick out of his jeans. "She's a cool lady. I've had my eye on her." He crushed the girl against him and kissed her violently, crushing his hard chest to her tits.

The girl let out a soft whimper, struggling for a moment, then going limp in his arms as he shoved his tongue down her throat. She moaned softly, groping for the boy's cock. As her hand closed around it, she groaned.

The boy released her. They were both panting.

"Oh Ricky!" the girl said breathlessly. "Oh I want it!"

She slid to her knees in front of the boy and started nuzzling his huge erect cock. The boy was uncut and she peeled his foreskin back, sniffing his fat cockhead, then licking it, kissing it, sipping out the fuck-lube that oozed from the piss-hole. She gripped the cock tightly at its base, causing its veins to bulge and its head to swell.

The boy wiggled his hips, making his cock slide back and forth against the girl's lips and cheeks, smearing fucklube on her soft flesh. The girl's face turned deep red and her eyes crossed as she watched.

"Suck it!" the boy whispered. "Suck it, you hot little bitch!"

He drove his cock at her mouth, grinding it against her lips until they parted, then screwing it into her mouth and down her throat.

The girl's lips stretched then around the boy's big dickshaft. She gagged as his prickhead stuffed her throat.

"Take it all," the boy growled.

Sue held her breath, watching, fascinated as the boy worked the rest of his prick down the girl's throat. The girl's nose was crushed against the boy's groin, disappearing into his open fly. "Yeahhh!" the boy moaned. "Suck that sweaty prick rod! Oh shit, what a mouth!"

The girl's head bobbed. Her mouth slid up and down around the boy's cook. Her lips smacked and sucking, munching sounds came from her mouth. She moaned out load.

"Oh fuck!" the boy whispered. "Blow it! Yeah, suck that big mother! Make it come! Oh shit!" He gripped the girl's head, jerking it as he slid his cock in and out, of her throat.

The girl gagged a few times, but she kept on sucking hungrily, her face burning, her eyes crossed. As the boy neared his orgasm, he fucked faster, using the girl's head as if it were a jack-off toy. Spit leaked from the girl's mouth and dripped off her chin.

The boy's eyes rolled back. He groaned, burying his cock to the hilt in the girl's face. "Drink it!" he gasped. "Suck it all out!"

His body shook with spasms as he pumped his cum down the girl's gullet. The girl's throat bobbed as she swallowed again and again.

"Eat that slimy juice!" the boy whimpered, hunched over the girl, his back rounded, his arms hugging her head. He humped with quick, short strokes, working his flexing prong in the girl's mouth, feeding her his hot load. "Eat my cream, you little cock-sucker!"

He pushed the girl away at last. The girl struggled to her feet. She wiped her mouth with her hand, smacking her lips.

"You tasted good," she whispered.

"I know." The boy stuffed his half-hard prong back in his pants. "All the chicks say that."

"Do me now," the girl said. She undid her jeans and started to push them down.

"You crazy?" the boy said. "What if somebody caught us? Nothing doing."

"But I'm so horny!" the girl said. "It's not fair."

"If you're so horny, go suck yourself." The boy squeezed one of the girl's tits and ambled away, chuckling to himself.

"Bastard!" the girl called after him in a whisper.

The girl stood there, her jeans open, her legs squeezed together. Sue could see that the girl was contracting her thighs, working her cuntlips between them.

"Shit!" the girl whispered.

She pushed her jeans halfway down her smooth thighs. She wasn't wearing any panties.

She spread her legs and wiggled a finger up her cunt. She slid her finger in and out, making it squish inside her juicy crotch.

Sue could smell the girl's pussy, a musky but sweet scent. As the girl jerked herself off, pumping her finger in and out faster and faster, Sue saw trickles of pussyjuice like tears moving down the insides of the girl's thighs.

"Mmmm!" the girl moaned. "Oh yesss!" She screwed her finger, sliding it in and out. As she finger-fucked herself, she wiggled her cute little ass. "Fuck me, fuck me!"

The girl squatted slightly, turning her ass up. She reached back with her free hand and spread her asscheeks, tickling her asscrack with her fingers. Her middle finger played with her twitching little asspucker, and the pink little orifice appeared to nip at her finger, working it into the tight asshole. As her finger disappeared inside herself, she moaned.

What a dirty little bitch! Sue thought, smiling with delight. What a naughty young cunt! Even after years of sex with guys, some of it even kinky, Sue still enjoyed watching this young girl jerking herself off while fingerfucking her asshole. Sue had done the same thing hundreds of times!

The girl breathed loudly, gyrating her loins, screwing her fingers in her asshole and cunt. The juice dribbled from her pussy faster and the smell of her cunt and asshole filled the air. The squishing of her fingers in her fuck-holes got louder and more frantic.

The girl was suddenly gasping, her ass twitching, her fingers grinding in her spasming fuckholes. She fell against the bookshelf, her legs shaky under her, as she finger-fucked the pleasure from her young loins. Sue could have reached through the shelves and slid her fingers in the girl's dribbling cunt cream.

The girl finally stopped gasping. She pushed herself away from the bookshelf and quickly pulled up her jeans. "Shit!" she whispered.

Sue knew exactly what the girl meant. She'd often felt the same way after she'd jerked off as a girl -- as disgusted with herself as satisfied, and not really satisfied at all. When a girl jerked off, she often got herself even hornier than she'd been before. The girl needed a cock to satisfy her now.

It would be nice, Sue thought, if this girl could get together with that boy who'd brought off his little blonde girlfriend, only to have her turn up her nose at him after she'd had her pleasure.

Wish there was some way I could arrange it, Sue thought, and then an idea hit her. Of course! It was perfect.


Sue tip-toed down the aisle, then bent over and slipped on her shoes. She slipped around the end of the bookshelves and into the next aisle. The girl down at the end of the aisle, still snapping shut her jeans, looked up with a startled expression that almost made Sue laugh.

Sue walked down the aisle, shaking her head. "Well, well, what have we here?" She sniffed the air. "Do I smell, what I think I smell?"

The girl's face flamed red. "I wasn't doing anything. Honest."

Sue shook her head again. "Where have I heard that line before? Young lady, a library isn't the place for playing with yourself. I realize you young girls can get pretty horny, but do you really think we can allow all of you to sneak back in the stacks and beat off every time you feel the itch?"

The girl hung her head, slowly zipping up her jeans.

"If we did that," Sue said, continuing to speak in whispers, "the stacks would be so busy that there wouldn't be room for people to come back here and look for books."

"I'm sorry," the girl whispered.

"I'm sure you are, Miss... What is your name, dear?"


"OK, Barb. I'll just pretend nothing happened."

The girl looked up, as if she hadn't heard Sue right.

Sue smiled. "The library closes in a half hour. Go back to your seat. I'll meet you after we close. I want to have a few more words with you."

The girl looked half relieved and half anxious.

Out in the study area of the mezzanine, Sue checked to see if the boy who had jerked off his blonde girlfriend was still around. He was and he was trying to get her interested in fooling around again. But the prick-teasing little blonde kept pushing his hands away and pretended to be interested only in the books before her. Sue knew better, knew all the devious ways girls teased boys to get what they wanted from boys. The blonde had gotten good and warmed up from the boy's finger-fucking, and she was looking forward to a good screw in the bushes or in the back seat of a car after the library closed. By that time the boy would be so hot that she'd be able to demand anything from him in exchange for a piece of her pussy, and she'd get not only what she demanded, but a cock up her itching pussy as well, pretending all the while, of course, that she was doing the boy a big favor.

Sue crept up behind them. She tapped the boy on the shoulder. "Having problems, young man."

The kid jumped, his face turning even redder than it already was. "No, ma'am."

Sue leaned over between the couple, one hand on each of their shoulders. "You could have fooled me." She looked at the girl. "Is this boy giving you trouble, dear?"

"Well," said the girl glancing tentatively at Sue, then past her at the boy. "Well yes, I guess a little. He won't leave me alone. I'm trying to study, you know."

"I can see that," Sue said. She turned to the bay. "I'm afraid you'll have to find another place to sit, Mister... What did you say your name was? Tom?"

"Rick," the boy said, as if correcting her. "That's all right," the girl said quickly. "I'm sure he'll leave me alone now -- now that you've warned him."

"Maybe you trust him," Sue said, "but I don't. Rick, please come with me."

"Hey," the boy said, "I..."

"Don't argue," Sue said, tightening her grip on the boy's shoulder. "Come with me, please!"

The boy followed obediently.

Sue sat him down at an empty table near her desk. As Sue took her seat, the boy said, "Hey, I think I'll go home."

"No you won't," Sue said. "I want to have a few words with you after the library closes."

"You mean you're keeping me after?" the boy said, giving Sue an expression of disbelief. "Something like that," Sue said.

The boy shook his head. "This is worse than school," he mumbled.

You're wrong, Sue thought, smiling to herself. It's better than school -- much better.

The library closed at nine, and Sue was left in the mezzanine with her two captives, Barb and Rick. Sue told them to stay put. She ran down the mezzanine steps. Most of her co-workers were ready to leave already and she knew they'd all be gone within a few minutes.

"I need to stay about a half hour and do some work," Sue said to Marge Johnson, who was getting her coat from the coat rack. "How do I lock up?"

Marge gave her a frown. "You're kidding me. You've already put in two shifts. What are you trying to do, score extra points with Miss Wilmar?"

"I just need to get some work done," Sue said. "Can I borrow your keys?"

"You don't need keys," Marge said. "The doors are locked from the outside, but they'll open from the inside. All you've got to do after you step outside is to make sure the door is closed."

"Great," said Sue. "What about the janitor? Will he be coming in soon?"

"He only conies in Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays," said Marge. "Why?"

"I just didn't want him scaring the pants off me should he walk in," Sue said.

"Have a pleasant evening," Marge said, still giving Sue an I-don't-believe-you expression.

Sue waited until all the staff had left except for her, then returned to the mezzanine, where she found Rick and Barb flirting with each other from their separate tables. Sue cleared her throat and the two teenagers glanced at her as if she were an unwelcome intruder -- which she knew she was.

"Thanks for waiting for me," Sue said: "You both know why you've been detained here, so I won't go into that. I do have a few odds and ends for the two of you to do, a little work to make up for your having been naughty. Follow me."

The boy and girl followed her to a small office off the mezzanine in which, books were put in order on shelving carts before being taken into the stacks to be reshelved. She opened the door and turned on the light.

"See those three stacks of books? Those are fiction books, and they need to be put on that cart in alphabetical order. I'll be downstairs doing some work. When you get done, come downstairs and I'll let you out. It shouldn't take you more than an hour to get those books in order. It better not, anyway, because I'm leaving for home at ten. We're the only people in the library."

They stared speechless after Sue as she left them. If they can't get those books in order in two minutes and then get on to what they really want to do, then they're hopeless, Sue thought. She turned off the lights in the mezzanine, then clomped loudly down the mezzanine steps. Immediately, she took off her shoes and stole silently back up the steps, creeping through the dark mezzanine until she'd returned to the brightly lit office.

Hiding behind some shelves outside the office, and concealed further by the darkness she was able to peer into the office and see everything. It was as if she were a spectator at a play, sitting in the darkened auditorium and feasting her eyes on the well-lit stage.

The girl was on her knees, shoving some books onto the bottom shelf of the cart. The boy stood behind her, his eyes more on her wiggling little ass than on the books he was sorting. "I've seen you around school," the boy said. "Your name's Barb, ain't it?"

"That's right. And yours is Rick. I've seen you around too." The girl turned to take more books as the boy handed them to her.

They smiled at each other, and the girl glanced at Rick's bulge. Rick glanced down at his throbbing bulge too, then back at Barb. They smiled at each other again.

"We're almost done," the girl said. "I don't know what that crazy librarian was talking about. An hour to sort out just a few books? She must think we're first-graders or something." She crouched to shove more books onto the shelf.

The boy watched her, stroking his crotch. His face turned red. "Do you give head, Barb?"

The girl stopped what she was doing, as if trying to figure out whether she'd heard the boy correctly. After a few seconds, she said, "What girl doesn't?"

The boy swallowed. "I've got a hard-on that won't quit."

The girl giggled. "So I've noticed."

They finished sorting and shelving the books on the cart, saying nothing more, as if they'd made an agreement. The girl turned around, rising up on her knees.

"I'll suck on it, but you've gotta promise you'll do whatever I want you to."

"You mean eat you too?" said the boy.

"Maybe." The girl licked her lips seductively. "Do you like to lick pussy."

"There's only one thing I like better than sucking a hot pussy," the boy said, "and that's fucking one."

The girl smiled. "You got a car?"

"No. But we don't need a car. We can do it right here. Safest place in town right now."

"What about that librarian?"

"You heard her," the boy said. "She's going to be busy downstairs for an hour. Besides, we'll hear her coming a mile away. She clomps up and down those stairs like a fucking mare."

The boy unzipped and hauled out his big sweaty cock. It throbbed, gleaming under the lights, flushed and veiny.

"Beautiful!" The girl reached for the boy's cock. She began to stroke it. She leaned over and kissed the head, then licked it.

The boy closed his eyes, breathing deeply. "Christ, I wish my girlfriend was a hungry for cock as you are. I've gotta just about break her arm to get her to touch it, let alone lick it." Barb kissed the big cock up and down, nibbling it with her swollen lips. "She must be crazy! Mmm, it tastes good!"

"Christ!" The boy twisted his head from side to side, his prick dribbling lube, which the girl ate up hungrily.

Barb opened her mouth, taking his huge cockhead between her lips. She made munching, slurping sounds, her eyes turned up toward the boy, watching his delirious reactions. Suddenly, she sank her mouth further down on his prick letting its head slide into her throat. She closed her eyes, taking the entire meaty cockrod into her, mouth, its head buried deep in her gullet.

"Ohhhh mannn!" The boy was writhing. "You took the whole thing! Jesus Christ!" He braced his hands on his hips, sliding his cock in the sucking girl's mouth, making his cock veins ripple against her lips.

The girl bobbed her head, cooing as she munched on the boy's big slab of sweaty prickmeat.

"Get ready to take a big load," the boy moaned. "My nuts are gonna fucking explode!"

The girl pulled her mouth off his cock. She sat back, panting, licking her lips. The boy's cock pointed at the ceiling, spit trickling down it as it quivered and pulsed. "Hey, I was just gonna come," the boy said.

"What's the fucking idea?"

"Your turn," the girl said. "I'm not doing anymore cock-sucking till you eat a little pussy." She grabbed the bottom edge of her T-shirt and pulled the shirt off over her head. Her naked young tits jiggled before the boy's eyes.

"Christ!" he said. "You're a regular whore."

"No more than you are," the girl said. The boy chuckled. He dropped to his knees and started sucking on the girl's tits. She reached out and slowly massaged his erect prick, her eyes rolling, her breathing becoming hot and fierce.

The girl unsnapped and unzipped her jeans and pushed them down. She thrust her hand between her legs and started to masturbate as the boy munched on her nipples.

"Damn, I'm so hot I feel like jumping out my skin," the boy said.

"Take off your shift," the girl said. "And yow pants too."

The boy wasted no time. Within seconds he was sitting on the floor, his prick throbbing against his naked belly as he untied his shoes, then pushed both shoes and pants off together.

In the meantime, the girl had stripped her jeans off the rest of the way and removed her shoes and socks. The teenagers sat on the floor, stark naked, looking at each other.

Wish I could get a picture of this, Sue thought, What a gorgeous horny couple!

The girl lay back and kicked her legs up in the air. She pulled her knees toward her tits, showing the boy her cunt and ass. He took each of her feet and sucked on her toes.

"That's wild!" Barb said. "That feels good. I never had a boy do that to me before."

"I love a girl's feet," Rick said. "Feet turn me on. I like to lick 'em and suck 'em. You've got some fucking hot toes." He licked between her toes, then chewed and gnawed on the rest of her feet.

Barb moaned. "This is so sexy!" The fucklube leaked from her throbbing cunt and ran down her asscrack. "Oh God, Rick, lick my pussy now."

The boy leaned over her cunt, his tongue flapping. He slithered his tongue up and down between her cuntlips, then licked her ass and continued down in to her asscrack. He spread her cunt and asscheeks wide, sucking on her cunthole, then on her asshole. His tongue penetrated both horny fuck-holes, and he licked them out.

Barb's toes crossed and curled. She tossed her head from side to side, gasping as the boy tenured her cunt and asshole with his tongue and lips.

"Suck on my clit!" she moaned. "Ohhh, suck it right off!"

The boy found her clit, catching it between his lips, munching on it.

"Ohhhh I'm gonna come!" Barb moaned. She shivered, her toes curling hard. Her eyes rolled back as she started to gasp with orgasm.

"Juicy bitch!" the boy mumbled, slurping up her hot lube as it bubbled from her exploding pussy. He lapped her cunt furiously, making her whimper. When she was finally done coming, he lapped the juices off her ass too, then sat back, massaging his splitting-hard cock.

"I'm gonna fuck you!"

Barb was still moaning from her orgasm. Her legs had slid down along the floor, and she lay there panting, her eyes closed as the boy lowered himself on top of her.

"Please," she said. "Give me a break."

"Like hell!" The boy guided his prick between her legs and worked it into her cunt.

Barb arched up at him, moaning, writhing as his big prick screwed to the hilt up her crotch. "God, take it easy! It's too sensitive right after I come."

Rick settled down, on her with his full weight, kissing her all over the face and neck. He wiggled his ass moving his cock from side to side inside her.

Barb embraced the boy, digging her fingernails into his back. "Rick, you're gonna make me scream!"

"Go ahead," he said, rubbing himself all over her. "I feel so good right now I don't care what you do or what anybody does. Man, you're a juicy bitch inside, and so fucking hot! Oh wow!" He churned his ass, screwing his cock inside her. The muscles of his back and ass writhed.

Barb kept gasping, her eyes turning back deliriously. Her toes clawed at his feet. "Oh Rick, you big fucking stud! Christ, you're gonna drive me out of my mind!"

"Good," the boy said. He began to slide his cock in and out. "I love a bitch who's out of her fucking mind." He rammed in, smacking his belly to her.

"Oh Ricky, Jesus!"

The humping boy smothered her moans with a fierce kiss. His ass moved up and down, rotating as he drove his cock in.

Barb was panting, looking more delirious by the moment. Her hands moved up and down the boy's back, caressing, scratching. She drew her legs up and wrapped them around the boy's ass, then clawed at his ass and the backs of his thighs with her toenails.

"Oh Ricky, that's beautiful! Keep it up, just like that! Oh, you're so good at it, and your prick's so long and hard!"

The boy bore down, breathing fiercely, grinding his big teenaged cock in the girl's cunt. As he fucked, the muscles alongside his spine resembled undulating columns. He was starting to sweat. His skin had taken on a deep sex-flush.

From her biding place in the dark, Sue could smell male sweat and steaming pussy. She reached up under her skirt to grope her swollen cunt. The hot juice was running down her legs. She had all she could do to restrain herself from charging into the office to get in on the action.

The rhythm of the couple's fucking became rapid and relentless. The girl could do nothing but gasp and jerk as the boy pounded her nonstop, cracking their hipbones together, smacking together their bellies, driving his red-hot fuck-spike into her cunt again and again and again. His cock squished inside her as she continued to leak juices and a frothy cream bubbled from her well-stuffed crotch.

"Oh Ricky, Ricky!"

"Hot baby!" the boy moaned. "Want my cream, baby, huh?"

"Oh God yes, give it to me!"

She arched up against the boy, twisting her clutching cunt on his cock, grinding her tits against his chest.

The boy rammed his cock into her and his body shuddered. His eyes rolled back. He started to jerk as he poured out his cum and groaned his pleasure.

Barb gasped from the boy's scalding spurts. She rubbed his lower back, dug her heels into his asscheeks, squirmed helplessly under him as he exploded into her.

"Mmmmn, take it!" the boy moaned, humping and spurting, grinding his flushed body against the girl.

Barb's fingernails sank into his flesh. She began to gasp frantically. Her body shook and she started to whimper.

The boy's eyes almost popped out. "Oh shit! Christ!"

Her spasming cunt squeezed and sucked his cock, and the two of them writhed together, helpless as their orgasms swept through them.

Sue had seen enough. She let them grind to a halt before she left her hiding place and walked barefooted into the office, her shoes in one hand, the pussycream running down her legs.


The boy was the first to open his eyes and to notice Sue's bare feet and legs within a few feet of his nose. He jerked up off the girl, popping his cock out of her. As he stood up, his cock wagged heavily dripping with cum and pussycream. The girl sat up with a gasp. When she spotted Sue, she grabbed for her clothes and tried to bide her nakedness with them.

Sue smiled at them both. "Looks like you finished sorting the books."

They both frowned at her, then glanced at each other.

"Yeah," the boy said with an uneasy giggle, holding his hands in front of his groin.

"Fine," Sue said. "Barb, get dressed. I'll let you out."

Rick bent over for his clothes.

"Stay where you are, Rick. Just stay right there and don't make a move. I've got a few things to discuss with you before you leave."

"Hey, this whole thing ain't my fault," the boy said. "She was in on it just as much as me. It ain't fair to let her go and to keep me behind."

Sue gave him a wink. "Just stay right here till I get back."

The boy looked puzzled, but didn't say another word.

"Come on, Barb, let's go."

Sue gave Rick a seductive expression before stepping out of the office. She glanced at his cock too, and licked her lips. The boy's cock flexed as if in response.

"Have a nice evening," Sue said as she let Barb out the front door.

Barb gave Sue an embarrassed smile and was gone. The moment the girl got to the bottom of the outside steps, she ran.

Sue made sure the door was securely shut, then ran through the half-dark first floor and up the mezzanine steps. Rick was right where she'd left him, his cock throbbing wildly as he stood there and waited for her.

"You've got a beautiful cock, stud."

Sue bent over and kissed his cock, tasting cum and pussycream. She couldn't resist giving his prick rod a few sucks. She let it sink into her throat, then bobbed her head up and down, sucking off all the tasty sex-fluids.

"I don't believe you," the boy said.

Sue straightened up, licking her lips. "You'd better. Help me get out of this dress, huh?"

The boy's hands were so clumsy that it took Sue about twice as long to get her dress off with his help as it would have if she'd done it herself.

"Nice tits," the boy muttered, his hands all over her. "Nice ass."

"What would you like to do to me?"

Sue caressed his square pecs and rippled her fingers down over his abdominal muscles. She reached down and tickled underneath his balls.

"I don't know. What would you like me to do?"

"Whatever you'd like."

"Shit," the boy said. "I'd like to fuck your ass."

"On one condition," Sue said. "First you've gotta eat it."

"Oh fuck, let me at it!"

The boy turned Sue round and pushed her up against the desk. Then he bent her over until her tits, belly, and elbows rested on the desk.

He dropped down behind her. "Christ, you're juicy! Shit, it's running down your legs like syrup! Damn!"

He spread her asscheeks and buried his nose between them, sucking and licking her asshole, then all up and down her asscrack.

Sue lifted her foot, pushing it back until she was tickling the boy's balls with her toes. The boy groaned.

"Can I lick your feet?" he mumbled.

"Do whatever you'd like," Sue said. "Whatever you'd like."

"Jesus Christ, I don't believe this!" The boy crouched, cradling Sue's uplifted foot in his hands and licking her sole. His wet tongue dithered between her toes. "You've got hot feet, lady."

Sue sighed, enjoying the sensations crawling through her foot and up her leg. When the boy released her foot, she planted it back on the floor.

Rick lay face-down on the floor and started licking her other foot without lifting it. His tongue moved all over her toes and instep. Sue lifted her heel, going up on tip-toe, and the boy lapped underneath her heel, getting at her sole he lay there on his belly, squirming and moaning as he made love to her feet with his hot lips and tongue. Then he started to lick his way up her legs, rising up so he could eat her smooth legs all the way up to her crotch. He lapped up the pussyjuice on her legs as if it were the sweetest honey.

He was on his knees again, spreading her asscheeks with his hands so he could lick out her asscrack and suck on her asshole. His tongue probed her asspucker and slid inside her asshole. He growled as he drove his tongue in deep, cleaning her out.

Sue felt tingles crawling up her asshole. She panted. "Ah baby, eat that ass! Then fuck it!"

The boy chewed on her ass a solid minute before he pulled away, then rose to his feet behind her. He rubbed his hot cockhead all over her asscheeks and up and down the crack, humping between her asscheeks at last as he embraced her and licked her upper back. "Ready?" he growled.

"Oh baby, do it! But dip your prick in my cunt first to get it nice and slippery."

Sue wiggled her ass against his hard abdomen, turning it up so he could more easily get his prick up her cunt. The boy worked his cock into her cunt, shoving it in all the way, until his cockhead throbbed at the mouth of her womb.

They both sighed, coupled at last.

The boy rubbed against her, wiggling his cock inside her. He leaned over her, biting her shoulders, licking under her hair at the tender and sensitive flesh of her neck. His cock pulsed rhythmically. He started to hump.

Sue moaned, her cunt saturated with tingles and heat. "Don't get carried away now," she said. "Remember, you wanna fuck my asshole."

"Right," he whispered, sliding his big cock in and out. "Oh shit, what a cunt you've got, lady!"

The pussycream frothed out around his balls as he pumped his cock in her sucking, squeezing cunt. She had no control over her cunt. It contracted in response to the boy's thrusts, acted by reflex. The boy ground his cock into her and she felt his balls rubbing the swollen outer lips of her pussy.

"You're gonna lose it if you keep this up," Sue warned, although she wouldn't have minded a hot load up her pussy.

"Yeahhhh," the boy growled, pumping rapidly. Suddenly, he yanked his cock out of her. He breathed hard. "Shit, I wish I could shoot a load about every two minutes instead of having to save it all the time."

"How many loads have you shot today, darling?"

"I don't know. Maybe five."

"Well, why don't you fuck that beautiful cockrod of yours up my asshole and make it six?"

He spread her asscheeks, forcing his wet cockhead against her hot asspucker. His cock was drenched with her pussycream, oiled with her slick, lube from one end to the other. Her asshole opened and his cock slipped in easily. His belly met her ass and they both groaned. Leaning over her again, he bit her shoulder gently, then nibbled at her ear.

"It went in so easy," he whispered. "Right up your tight ass, just like that! I never plugged my cock up an ass so easy."

Sue chuckled, moaning with pleasure. She contracted her asshole around his cock. Should she tell him that she'd had almost as many cocks up her asshole as up her cunt?

"I feel your heartbeat inside me," Sue said. "I feel it in your cock."

"I feel yours too," he said and he began to move, his cock sliding in and out like a huge oiled snake.

Sue wiggled her butt, rubbing it against the boy's belly as he slid his cock in. His prickhead touched nerves deep in her guts and her bowels and loins swirled with hot prickles.

"Oh baby! Make me feel it!"

The boy got his hands under her and filled them with her tits, catching her nipples between his fingers. He bore down on her, smacking his belly against her back and ass, pumping his cock in and out.

Her ass rings gripped his prickshaft like hot lips. Her asshole was like a hot dark hole, a deep throat. Her asshole walls tightened around his cock rhythmically, just like the walls of a cunt. Just like a cunt, her asshole sucked, squeezed.

"You're so hot in there," he said. "You're burning up inside. And you're so tight. I love it tight."

What boy doesn't? Sue thought, making her asshole even tighter as the boy's cock rammed into it.

"Ohhhh shit! What a fucking beautiful hole!"

He pushed himself up, straightening his body so he could fuck with a longer, faster strokes. He dug his fingers into her ass, spreading her cheeks.

Sue was shaking, shivering from head to toe, her entire body tlinging with sexual electricity. She rubbed her ass against the boy's nuts and groin. His cock had swollen inside her. It felt about a foot long and as big around as her arm. The fuck juices ran from her cunt like hot paste.

"Ricky, I'm getting close."

"Me too," the boy said, pumping his cock rapidly, sliding every inch of it in and out. His belly collided with her ass rhythmically, making a clapping sound. Occasionally, the desk scraped a few inches along the floor.

Sue churned her ass, grinding it around and around the boy's cock as he hammered her ass with his belly. She felt streams of fuck-sensation moving through her ass and down her legs. The tension was reaching a peak.

"Ricky, I'm gonna come! Ricky!" She was shaking. The first tingles of orgasm began in the pit of her asshole. Her asshole began to clutch hard.

The boy rammed, rammed again. "Jesus!" He rammed a third time and collapsed over her, jerking. "Take it!"

Sue gasped as the first hot spurt drilled her guts. Her orgasm welled up, flooding her loins, gnawing through her whole and making it contract fiercely.

"Ohhhhh Ricky!"

The boy fired again, grunting, moaning. His dick flexed and shuddered. More hot cum gushed into her and the boy moaned loud and long.

"Shoot it!" Sue gasped. "Oh my darling!" The boy rubbed himself all over her back and ass, jerking on top of her as he pumped his load up her asshole. He bucked and humped until he'd squeezed out every drop of cum and pleasure. Then he slipped his cock out of her and dropped to his knees.

"Can I eat it out some more?" he whispered.

"Be my guest," Sue said.

Spreading her asscheeks, the boy plunged his face between them and plunged his tongue into her open asshole. He licked out the hole he'd just fucked, then sucked it. By the time he'd finished, Sue was sure he'd sucked most of his own cum out of her.

She gave Rick her phone number. Bobby had it, so why withhold it from Rick? She loved horny boys, especially kinky ones.


When Sue got home, her phone was ringing off the hook.

"Where have you been, Sue? I've been trying to reach you for the last half hour."

"Who is this?"


"Well, calm down. You sound so frantic I didn't even recognize your voice."

"They were here, Sue. Two of them. I didn't know what to do. I mean, I think I can handle one by myself, but not two -- not two all alone here in the house."

"Cindy, what in God's name are you talking about? Two of what were there?"

"Two boys. That Bobby kid and some friend he'd brought along. He called earlier and asked if he could come over so I gave him my address. I got all ready for him -- put on my see-through negligee, just like in the movies. But then he had this other kid with him, and they were both breathing like bulls, and I panicked. They scared me to death, Sue -- two of them. I'm just not ready to handle two of them at once."

"What do you mean, you panicked?"

"I had to get rid of them, so the only thing I could think of to do was give them your address."

"Crap! You should have asked me before you gave my address out. In fact, you should have talked to me before you gave out your phone number to Bobby this morning."

"I wasn't thinking this morning, Sue. I was high, out of my mind."

A hot prick up the pussy will do that, Sue thought -- especially the first time. "I wish you'd called me," she said.

"I tried to, but you weren't home. So I just gave them your address. I'm sorry, Sue, but I just lost my head."

"Forget it," Sue said. "What's done is done. Look, I'm really burned out after two shifts. Talk to you tomorrow maybe. As far as I know, I'll be working evenings the rest of the week."

Sue kicked off her shoes and reined on the couch with a drink. A cool breeze blew in the window, sliding up under her skirt and tickling her cunt. She spread her legs. Her cuntlips were still swollen from the sliding of Rick's cock between them. She still felt a pleasant tingling in her ass. The boy had given her ass a good workout. It tad been too long since she'd enjoyed a hot cock up the ass.

As she sat there sipping her drink, she wondered if maybe things weren't starting to get a little out of hand. She hadn't expected Bobby to go telling one of his friends about what had happened in the library. The little shit had a lot of nerve, showing up at Cindy's with another boy.

She began to wonder about Rick, an older, more experienced boy who lacked Bobby's shyness. Who would Rick shoot off his mouth to about what he'd done tonight to that slinky librarian in the slinky dress? Sue feared that within a few days, all of Mortonville High School would know about what had happened.

A sharp ring of the phone startled Sue and she jumped off the couch to answer it.

"Hi, Miss Sherman -- Sue. This is Bobby. You know, from the library?"

God, now he knows my last name too, Sue thought.

"Hello, Bobby. Look I just got done talking to Cindy. She told me you were over there and that she gave you my address. But I'd rather that you didn't come over tonight. It's late, and I'm tired."

"But I'm already here. I'm out here by the phone you call to get into your building. Me and my friend are here. We walked all the way across town to see you. My friend wants to meet you."

I'll bet he does, Sue thought.

"Please, Sue, can we come up?"

"Come up quietly," Sue said, her finger on the button that would unlock the door below. "No talking. Just come straight to apartment 204 and walk in. I'll be waiting for you. Don't even knock." She pressed the button and heard the distant, muffled sound of the buzzer.

They were dressed identically, in jeans, letterman's jackets, and athletic shoes. They stood the same height, displayed identical bulges in their jeans, and had faces as red es their jackets. As Sue closed and locked the door behind them, they looked her up and down. They were both breathing loud enough for her to hear them.

"This is my buddy, Mark," said Bobby. "He's on the wrestling team too."

"Same weight class," Mark said. "One-twenty-three."

One-twenty without those meaty cockrods between their legs, Sue mused, studying the two boys and suddenly very glad she'd allowed them to come up. She suddenly felt very awake, very alive, very horny.

"Take off your jackets, boys." She considered offering them beers, but then thought better of it. "My, what beautiful muscles you both have."

She set down her drink and moved toward the boys. Their T-shirts tit their torsos like skin, and she outlined their square pecs with her fingertips as they both swallowed hard. Their nipples stood erect under their shirts -- and she pinched the small pleasure-buds gently.

"It's a little warm in here, don't you think? Why don't you both take off your shirts?"

She'd closed the window and curtains, and now it actually felt a little stuffy in the apartment. As the boys peeled off their T-shirts, raising their arms high to pull the shirts off over their bushy brown heads, Sue caught the scent of their young armpits -- a very manly scent.

"Beautiful!" Sue said as the boys dropped their shirts to the floor. "Such wonderful muscles!"

"We work out with weights," Mark said. "I can tell. Flex your biceps, both of you." The boys raised their arms, flexing their biceps, contracting all the muscles of their bare torsos. Sue felt their arms, oohing and ahing her appreciation, and inhaling the scent of their bristly haired armpits. The scent acted like a drug, blowing away any inhibitions Sue might have had. As a trickle of sweat slid from Mark's left armpit and rippled over his ribs and muscles, Sue licked it off. She lapped up into his armpit until she was nuzzling it and sucking on it.

"What a man!" she mumbled, and heard the boy gasp. He was trembling. She licked his other armpit, then moved over to lick Bobby's. "And what a man you are too, Bobby!"

The legs of both boys shook. Their bellies heaved as they panted, their skin taking on a rosy sex-flush.

"Don't move," Sue said. "Just stand there." She stepped back, watching them tremble even harder as she pulled off her dress.

"I told you," Bobby said. "She don't wear nothing underneath it. And look at them tits!"

"Damn!" Mark was staring as if he'd never seen tits before.

Both boys looked ready to pounce.

"Now you two just stand there," Sue said. "Behave and do what I tell you. I'm running this show."

She wiggled her hips, making her tits wobble. Then she turned around and bent over, spreading her asscheeks and cunt with her hands to give the boys a look.

"Goddamn!" Mark said. "The stuff is running down her logs. Look at that asshole, and that hot pussy!"

"I told you," Bobby said.

Sue turned around again. She moved toward the boys, shoving her tits so close to their chests that she could feel their body heat pouring from them and warming her tits. She rubbed between her legs and got both her hands soaking wet with pussycream. Then she lifted her dipping fingers and dabbed the warm female juice on their noses and burning checks, on their lips. He rubbed more pussycream on their chests, on their nipples, on their pulse-throbbing necks.

Both boys looked as if they would faint. They were licking the pussycream off their lips.

Sue dropped down so she could untie and remove their shoes. She pulled the shoes off first, then the thick sweat socks. Both boys had over-sized feet, just as they had over-sized hands. And, if Mark's prick was anywhere near as large as Bobby's, then they both had oversized pricks too. She bent down and kissed the four bare feet, tickling their toes with her tongue. Both boys panted fiercely. When she looked up, they both appeared delirious.

She sat back on her heels. "OK, studs, peel off those jeans and give me a look at those hot cocks."

The boys fumbled with their buttons and zippers, their hands trembling. They bent over as they shoved their jeans down and stepped out of them. As they straightened up, their twin cocks stood up nearly vertical, throbbing and leaking juice.

"I can see that Mark has eight inches too," Sue said.

Her face burning, her heart racing, she rose up on her knees so she could nuzzle Mark's fat nuts. The smell of sweaty balls made her eyes roll. She began to lap under and around his balls, then all over them.

Mark groaned, his cock squirming wildly. He grabbed the thick rod and pumped it.

"None of that," Sue said, puffing his hand off his cock. "That's what you do when you're alone and horny, not when you have a hot lady to take care of you."

She moved over to give Bobby's balls a tongue bath. She was pleased that Bobby, as much as his prick jumped and squirmed, and as much as he moaned and panted -- that he kept his hands off his cock and let her torture him. He was learning.

She made the boys stand there while she licked their cocks with her wet and nimble tongue. The hot lube oozed from their pulsing prick rods, leaking down like clear frosting, and Sue licked off every drop.

"Suck it!" Mark moaned.

"Oh suck me!" said Bobby.

Sue grabbed their two cocks and pulled the boys toward each other until she could press their cocks together. Then she held the pressed together slabs of prickmeat firmly with her two hands and tried to get her mouth around both cocks at the same time. She could get her mouth around the ends of the heads, but found it impossible to swallow both swollen knobs at once.

The boys squirmed, humping, frying to shove their joined cocks into her mouth. The fucklube bubbled out and Sue sucked it up. She kissed and licked and munched all over the throbbing purple heads, then chewed on the bone-hard prick shafts. She probed their open piss holes with her tongue and felt vibrations shoot through the boys' cocks. They were getting dangerously close to losing their loads, so she released their cocks. The hot pussycream was running down her legs like syrup.

"Come oft," she said, rising dizzily to her feet. She grabbed their prick shafts again, one in each hand, and led them that way into her bedroom.

The boys reeked of sweat and sex. Their breaths felt like a midday desert wind against her. Their pricks were ready to split their skins and pop out raw and naked. She pressed their cockheads to her asscheeks and jerked away from the searing heat. If she didn't act fast, the boys were going to lose their loads before she could enjoy their hard-ons.

"I wanna fuck you!" Mark growled as he threw himself against her, hugging her, slobbering kisses on her shoulder, grinding his prick against her ass.

"Me too!" Bobby grabbed her and humped against her.

She felt weak between the two grinding boys. For a moment, she almost gave in, almost stood there passively while the two randy youths brought themselves off against her naked flesh. But she was too experienced to allow such a waste of pleasure. She gathered her strength and pushed them away.

"Cool it, both of you! Bobby, you lie down on the bed, face up."

The flushed boy bounced onto the bed. Lying in the center of the mattress, he watched her as she mourned the bed and straddled him.

"Hey, he already fucked you today," Mark said. "I should be first."

"You're both going to fuck me," Sue said. "At the same time."

"What?" Mark said.

"Just be quiet and follow my directions," said Sue.

She raised up over Bobby's loins, reaching down to lift his heavy, stiff cock. Holding his cock vertical, she eased her cunt down on it. Her cunt swallowed his cock completely and she rubbed her ass on his balls.

Bobby groaned, tossing his head from side to side.

"Easy, boy," she said to Bobby.

She lowered herself on him then, letting her legs slide out backward, along Bobby's legs. She pressed her tits to his chest. His hot cock throbbed inside her, still buried to the hilt.

"Ok, Mark," she said, reaching back and spreading her asscheeks, showing him her twitching asspucker. "It's all yours, boy."

Mark jumped on the bed, scrambling between Bobby's and Sue's spread legs. He rubbed his prickhead up and down her asscrack, greasing it with his fuck-lube. He sat back, panting.

"You don't really want me to fuck your asshole. Do you?"

"Would you rather fuck my cunt and have Bobby fuck my asshole?"

"Shit no."

"Then grease up that big prick and shove it up my ass."

Mark caught pussycream that had run out onto Bobby's balls and he used the slippery female lube to grease his cock. He wiped his hand an Sue's ass, then braced both his hands alongside her on the mattress as he pressed his blood gorged cockhead to her asspucker.

"Push," Sue said. "Just keep pushing. It'll open."

Her asshole opened almost before she got the words out. As the boy's slick cock slipped completely into her asshole, she moaned with pleasure, a beautiful tension filling her loins. She had two big teenaged cocks stuffed inside her, and she wished she could maintain the feeling forever.

Mark crushed down on her, rubbing his hard body all over her, growling and grunting as he ground his cock inside her asshole. He chewed on her shoulders like a tomcat.

"Oh man, I never felt nothing so good in my life!" Mark said as he started to buck his loins, ramming his cock in and out with quick, sharp thrusts.

"Oooh wowww!" Bobby moaned, squirming under Sue. "I feel your prick fucking her, Mark." He thrust upward, working his cock in Sue's cunt.

"I feel yours fucking her too," Mark said. "This is wild. Christ, she's so fucking tight I don't believe it!"

He pushed up, taking his weight off Sue so he could fuck her with longer, freer strokes. He rammed his cock faster, smacking her ass with his lower belly, flapping his balls against Bobby's balls as Bobby fucked upward.

Sue moaned, delirious and weak. She could let go now and let the two boys do all the work.

Her loins felt like a balloon ready to explode. Her asshole and cunt clutched at the two cocks.

Pleasure streamed up her spine, down her legs. "Fuck me!" she gasped, writhing between the two sweaty teenagers. "Move those big hard cocks! Fuck me, fuck me!"

She pushed up, taking her weight off Bobby so he could move more freely, so he could thrust with longer, harder fuck-strokes. Her tits dangled against the boy's chest, and he reached for them, squeezing them, pinching her nipples. He craned his head forward and munched on her cherries.

"Ohhhhh. Godddd!" she whined, her cunt doing flip-flops, her asshole working madly around Mark's big buggering cock.

"Fuck that ass!" Mark muttered, slamming his belly against her butt repeatedly, ramming his raging cock into the heart of Sue's guts. "What a hot juicy, tight ass!"

Sue moaned loudly, not caring if the neighbors heard her. Bobby kept chewing on her tits, kept knifing his eight-inch prick upward into her. Mark rammed his cock up her asshole, reaming it out. The squishing of the two teenaged cocks inside her sounded frantic and the faster the boys fucked, the more excited they became, and their screwing became even more frenzied.

"Oh shit," gasped Mark, humping relentlessly. "I don't believe I'm doing this! What a fucking juicy asshole!"

Bobby arched upward, ramming his cock. "Man, her cuntjuice is running out all over my balls."

"I know," Mark said. "I can feel it. Your balls feel like they've been dipped in hot oil."

As the two boys fucked, their cum-swollen balls kept flapping against each other. Their pricks rammed in unison, nearly wearing through the thin partition of flesh that separated Sue's asshole from her cunt inside. To Sue, it felt as if her asshole and cunt had became one seething fuckhole plugged with two slippery cocks.

"Ohhhh fuck meeeee!" she wailed.

The hot sensations streamed to every part of her body. She was delirious, unable to control herself at all. If somebody were to burst into the apartment and order her to stop, pointing a gun at her, she'd be unable to do it. The two sliding cocks had driven her completely out of her mind.

Bobby sank his teeth into her tit-flesh. He shoved her tits together so he could gnaw on both her nipples at once. As his teeth grated her cherry-bumps, as they clamped around her nipples, and as he sucked hungrily, Sue's excitement and pleasure surged to the point of no return. Her entire body shook, electrical sensations saturating her loins and shooting to her extremities.

She started to thrash, to buck, her orgasm causing her eyes to turn back toward her brain. Explosions of light went off in her skull as the explosions of pleasure shook her loins.

"Ohhhhhhh I'm coming!"

The two boys fucked her with blinding speed, their rampant pricks reaming out her fuckholes like high-speed drills.

"I'm coming!" gasped Mark. "Ohhh shit!"

"Me too!" moaned Bobby. "Uhhhhhh!"

They exploded into her simultaneously, their cocks swelling and flexing, their hot cum spurting again and again into the depths of Sue's spasming fuck-holes. They moaned in unison, voicing their intense pleasure.

Sue collapsed on top of Bobby, grinding her naked body against his. Mark fell on top of Sue, writhing and growling as he pumped his sizzling load up her asshole. Bobby writhed under the flesh pile, his hot cock spitting streams of cum up her madly squeezing cunt.

"Fill me up!" Sue gibbered. "Shoot me all full of it!"

Her words seemed to excite the boys even more, for their cocks flexed hard and shot even more cum up her insatiable fuckholes. Sue couldn't remember when she'd last felt so much pleasure -- probably not since she'd last taken on three college studs simultaneously.

The fucking finally slowed, then stopped. Sue and the two boys lay there motionless for several minutes, only their lungs heaving and their hearts pounding. Sue could feel all three of their hearts pounding their bodies all drenched with sweat. The two cocks throbbed inside her, slightly softened.

"Let's get under the covers," Sue said. "We don't want to get chilled."

The two big cocks slid out of her, dripping cum. The smell of cum in the air was stronger than the smell of sweat.

Under the covers, the two boys snuggled up to Sue -- one boy on each side of her -- and they laid their cheeks against her tits. Sue caressed their tousled brown heads, and within minutes they were both asleep. Sue drifted off to sleep shortly afterward.

She woke about midnight, not knowing where she was for a few seconds. She was shocked to find two boys in bed with her. She woke them up.

"Guys, you've gotta go home. I'll drive you."

They clung to her, grinding their hardening cocks against her.

She threw the covers off and pushed the boys away. "Come on, guys, you can't spend the night here."

As she climbed off the bed, the two boys remained lying flat out, rubbing their eyes and scratching their balls. Their dicks throbbed against their bellies, fat and hard.

"I guess you can stay a few more minutes," Sue said, climbing back in the bed. "Until after I give you both blow-jobs."

Mark groaned as Sue went down on his cock.


The six boys leaned against the book shelves, their hips thrust forward, their big cocks sticking from their open flies and throbbing obscenely. Four of the boys wore Mortonville High letterman's jackets. Two of them had taken off their shirts. Sue's heart raced as she began sucking the first boy's cock. He was one of the shirtless boys. At the other end of the line, Cindy went down on the other shirtless boy.

Both boys moaned, working their sweaty pricks in the sucking mouths of the two women.

"Look at them," one of the other boys whispered. "I wish the chicks at school were as hungry for cock as these two librarians."

"Me too," said another boy. "Christ, they swallow those things right down to the nuts! Man, I can't wait to get mine done!" Sue churned her tongue at the back of the fat cock she was sucking, stimulating the boy's pleasure-strand, wanting to bring him off fast. She and Cindy had to suck off all, six boys before her short coffee break ended. Then she had to sneak the boys back upstairs one at a time so as not to draw attention to them. This was the biggest chance she'd taken yet -- sneaking six boys down to the basement stacks for blowjobs. Over the last week, her coffee breaks had become cum breaks.

As the word had spread about the two hot librarians at the Mortonville Public Library, more and more boys had become bold enough to visit the library at search of pleasure. Sue was grateful that none of the boys could take more than three library days per semester. She worried about what would happen this coming summer, when all the boys would be out of school all the time and free to visit the library whenever they wished.

"Ohhhh take it!" The boy spurted into Sue's mouth. His breath came out hot and shaky as he poured his hot load down Sue's throat.

Sue swallowed, cooing with satisfaction as she sucked down the thick cream of the young stud. She munched on his pulsing cock, her lips and mouth tingling. As she teased the cum out of him, she reached up to caress his flat, hard belly.

He grabbed her head and forced his cock all the way down her throat, squeezing out the last of his cum as Sue milked his piss tube with deft manipulations of her experienced mouth.

The next boy in line had already removed his jacket and shirt. Sue moved over and slid her lips around his cockhead, then down over his hard prickshaft. She reached up to play with his belly muscles while she blew him.

The boy at the other end of the line started gasping as he fed Cindy his teenage spunk. Cindy gagged for a moment. She still hadn't gotten used to the sudden explosion of cum from a flexing cock.

"Drink it," the boy moaned. "Suck it all out!"

Cindy smacked her lips, swallowing his spurts.

Sue munched on the big prick in her mouth. She bobbed her head, working hard to bring the boy off as fast as she could. If she was lucky, she'd be able to blow four of the boys to Cindy's two. She was an expert cock-sucker and Cindy was still a novice. She enjoyed beating Cindy to the cum, which she was a glutton for. If things continued as they had been over the last week, Sue would be living on teenaged cum. She wouldn't have room in her stomach for anything else.

Things had probably gotten out of hand, but Sue didn't know what she could do about it at this point except to skip town, and she wasn't about to do that -- not with all those big teenaged cocks waiting for her everyday. She hoped her neighbors hadn't noticed all the boys who'd been visiting her apartment evenings, or hadn't heard all the moans and creaking bed-springs. She would have to persuade Cindy to start switching the action to her secluded little house. Now that Cindy was gaining confidence, now that Cindy was turning into a nympho that wouldn't be hard.

"Awwwwww yeahhhhhh!" The boy in Sue's clutches squirmed as his jism ran down Sue's throat. "Ohhhh eat my cum!"

I'll eat it if it keeps coming for the next year, Sue thought, guzzling down the hat fuck-slime. She just couldn't get enough of the tasty male fuck-cream.

The next boy in line had an uncut prick. Sue enjoyed peeling back his foreskin and sucking his tasty cockhead. She also enjoyed working the loose skin up and down his prickshaft as she blew him. The boy squirmed, gasping as if Sue were torturing him. She knew she would make him pop off in less than a minute. Twenty seconds later, she was sucking down his hot cum.

"You've got a gorgeous prick," she said, licking the last drop of cum off his pisshole as she milked his cock. Then she kissed his cock and went on to the next boy in line.

She could take her time now. She and Cindy rubbed shoulders. Sue was on her fourth cock and Cindy still on her second. She matched the rhythm of Cindy's head-bobbing. The two boys groaned simultaneously as the two women worked on them.

Sue couldn't begin to count how many cocks she'd sucked off here in the library. Or how many cocks she'd fucked. All the boys and all their cocks were starting to look the same to her.

She could hardly remember individual faces anymore. Once her lips or cunt or asshole got sucking on a hard cock, she became delirious, blind to almost everything but her pleasure and satisfaction. The boys' faces all merged into one lust-flushed, lust-contorted face. And they all sounded alike when they came -- like panting, grunting young bulls.

She didn't know which shift she found more exciting to work-day shift or the evening shift. She loved the sense of danger when she smuggled boys down to the basement during her breaks. The danger increased her excitement and satisfaction. She loved pulling off such scandalous action under Miss Wilmar's nose. And she enjoyed competing with Cindy for the boys' cum, especially since she always won.

The evening shifts were something else. She had her regular desk in the mezzanine, and the kids were fast learning that they could get away with almost anything if they did it back in the mezzanine stacks. Sue enjoyed sneaking back to watch couples suck and fuck. Some of the couples were even getting into threesomes and moresomes.

After the library closed evenings, on days when the janitor wouldn't be coming in, Sue stayed around for some added pleasure, usually seducing some boy she'd caught doing something trivial, like trying to jerk off secretly at his study table. She never stayed around the library after hours for too long, however, since she knew what would be waiting for her when she got home -- almost more boys than she could handle.

"Goddammmn!" The boy Sue was sucking started to buck and spurt. He'd pumped out half his load before the boy next to him started squirting down Cindy's throat.

As Sue glugged down cum, she felt extremely satisfied. She managed to get four boys off faster than Cindy had been able to get off two. She wondered if Cindy was ever impressed by Sue's cock-sucking skill. She hoped Cindy wasn't jealous.

Maybe I should give Cindy a lesson, Sue mused, sucking every last drop from the groaning youth.

Sue glanced at her watch. She spit out the boy's cock. "Jesus, I'm late, Cindy. You'll have to bring these guys up today. Remember, bring them up to the mezzanine, not to the main floor, and bring them up one at a time, after they're cooled off. No red faces. And make sure they're zipped up."

A few of the boys snickered.

Sue realized she was wet from her crotch to her knees. "Do you have a Kleenex, Cindy?" She took the handful of tissues that Cindy shoved at her and wiped up the pussycream that had run down her legs. She wiped her cunt off too, then dropped her skirt.

The boys stared at her, entranced.

Sue tossed the wet wad to one of the boys. "Don't fight over them, guys. See you later, Cindy."

"Give me one of those!" a boy said as Sue stepped into the elevator, and she smiled, feeling wicked.

Sue, was about to slip into the restroom to tidy up a bit more when Miss Wilmar confronted her.

"Come with me, Miss Sherman -- if you have the time."

Sue turned to find Miss Wilmar smiling at her. It wasn't a smile that warmed Sue's heart. "I'm only a minute late."

"Late is late, Miss Sherman. One minute, one hour, one second. It's all the same. Late is late. I thought I'd made that clear. Come with me, please."

Miss Wilmar knocked twice on the director's door, then entered without waiting for a word from Kurt Johnson. The well-built director was seated behind, his desk, scanning some papers.

"Be seated," he said, glancing up only for a moment.

He read for several more seconds, then wrote what was probably his signature. He slid the papers into a tray on his desk and looked up, barely glancing at Sue, then turning all his attention to Miss Wilmar.

Sue detected a faint blush on his face as he'd glanced at her.

"Mr. Johnson," said Miss Wilmar, "this is the librarian I've spoken to you about mere than once. She was late again today coming back from her break. I've warned her about being late before. But being late is nothing compared to what she's been causing to happen here in the library."

Sue swallowed. Christ, did Miss Wilmar know?

"She's a disruptive influence, sir. Those dresses she wears -- dress code or no dress code, begging your pardon -- are scandalous. Her dress is disrupting the smooth and quiet operations of this library. Some of the staff have heard young men -- boys -- whispering about Miss Sherman, pointed her out to each other. We've had more and more boys visiting the library since Miss Sherman became a member of the staff and they come here not to study, not to read, not to do research, but to ogle Miss Sherman. She is not only disrupting the efficiency of this library, but she is corrupting the youth of this fine town. I suggest a months suspension, without pay, then six months of parole. After she returns from her suspension, she must be conservatively and tastefully dressed. I must state that unless you deal with Miss Sherman as you ought, I shall be unable to continue here as head librarian. Good day."

Without a glance at Sue, Miss Wilmar marched out of the office, closing the door firmly behind her.

Kurt Johnson was red-faced, as if Miss Wilmar had scolded him. He glanced at Sue. "Well," he said at last. "Hmn." He ran his fingers over his eyes and cheeks, as if wiping away the redness.

"I'm sorry," Sue said, sick to her stomach. Kurt got up and went to his water cooler for a drink. He was a big man, well over six feet tall. He glugged down three paper cups of water, then returned to his desk, giving Sue another glance, then looking away quickly.

He's shy, Sue realized. He had that sheepish look, the same look Bobby had given her before he'd gotten to know her. He was twice Bobby's size, but just as shy, possibly even shyer. Kurt was a man, a big, husky, educated man, but underneath all the muscle, underneath his official title, he was a shy young boy like Bobby had been. As Sue realized this, her confidence and sense of power surged. She also realized that if she didn't do something drastic immediately, if he didn't act to defend herself, Kurt would docilely submit to Miss Wilmar's demands.

She got up. "You look as if you have a fever, Kurt." She intentionally used his first name. "You look sick." She circled the desk and laid her hand on the man's forehead.

"Miss Sherman..."

"Sue. Call me Sue. Why are people always so formal around here?" She caressed his cheeks. "You do feel quite warm. Let's loosen your tie."

"Please," he said, but Sue brushed his hands away as she undid his tie.

She intentionally dangled her tits in his face, so close that she could feel his breath on them.

She heard him catch his breath. "Miss Sherman, I really..."

"Sue. Remember?" She took a deep breath. "Have you ever had a woman, Kurt?"

She moved quickly, straddling his legs and sitting in his lap. She shoved her dress off her shoulders until her naked tits flopped out, jiggling.

"My God!" Kurt breathed.

She took one of his hands and placed it on her tit. She shoved his other hand up under her skirt.

"My God!" he said again, feeling her wet crotch and squeezing her tits.

"I never wear panties anymore," Sue said. "They're such a bother -- especially at times like this." She lifted up so she could unzip the man's dress trousers. His cock felt as hard and big as a billy club. "Help me get it out, Kurt."

The man had to unbuckle his belt and trousers, then push both trousers and underwear down. His cock had to be ten inches long, and it would have been impossible to pull it out of his open fly.

Sue played with his cock and balls while he played with her tits. "You've got such a big one, Kurt. One like this would make a horse envious. And such big nuts. They must be as big as a hen's eggs."

She rubbed his cockhead between her cuntlips, letting her slick juices run down over it and lubricate it. Her hot pussycream drenched his cock and ran in trickles onto his balls. Sue massaged his throbbing prick until he started to groan.

"Sit on it," he whispered.

"Anything you want, darling."

Sue kissed his forehead. Holding his cock upright, she worked her cuntlips over his prickhead. Then she let herself go, sinking onto his cock until she was rubbing her ass on his balls. His cockhead throbbed deep in her womb.

"Oh Kurt, it's so big!"

The man squirmed in his chair, his eyes closed, his dick pulsing. He squeezed her tits. "This is fantastic!" he mumbled. "What a feeling!"

He reached under her dress, rubbing and squeezing her ass. Then he shoved his hands up, feeling her back and flanks.

"You're so soft and smooth. Your skin's like hot silk."

Sue started to ride him, rising up slowly, then sinking back down. His long prick slid in and out of her, thrilling the fluffy wet meat of her cuntal chamber. She thrust her tits in his face, letting her nipples brush his lips. He caught one of her nipples and sucked it.

"Oh Kurt, suck it!"

She churned her ass as she slid up and down, her cunt contracting repeatedly as Kurt munched on her hard nipple. The hot juice ran from her reamed cunt and bathed Kurt's swollen balls.

"Sue, oh God I don't believe this!" Kurt crushed her in his arms, covering her tits with kisses.

She clung to him, her arms around his neck. As he bit her neck, she moaned, tossing her head, jerking up and down wildly. His cock was so long, so thick, that she imagined herself impaled on a fence post. His cockhead rammed deep into her womb again and again. Her loins, her belly, ached with a delicious tension and heat.

"I never dreamed it could feel so good," Kurt muttered. His hands were up under her skirt, gripping her naked ass, helping her bounce up and down. "Your cunt -- it's indescribable!"

"Then this is your first time with a woman?"

"Yes," Kurt mumbled, sounding ashamed.

"Wonderful! I'm such a lucky woman!" Sue clamped her cunt tightly around his cock and fucked down hard.

"Oh God!" Kurt twisted his head from side to side, his eyes rolling drunkenly.

"Are you almost ready to come, darling?"

"Any second now."

"Don't," Sue said. "Let's make it last." She pulled up off his cock and heard him groan. She mashed her mouth to his, kissing him deeply, shaving her tongue down his throat. Kurt grabbed his cock and tried to shove it back up her cunt.

"Not yet, darling. Let it cool off." Sue broke her embrace and got up out of the man's lap. She went to the door and locked it.

Kurt sat behind his desk, still dressed in his suit coat, his tie loosened, his face flushed, his hair mussed up. From where Sue stood, she couldn't see that he had his pants down.

She chuckled. "You're a sight, Kurt."

"So are you," he said, his eyes traveling down over her naked tits.

Sue did a little dance, making her tits jiggle. She bent over to slip off her high heels. Before she slipped off her dress, she suggested to Kurt that they both get more comfortable.

Kurt undressed as quickly as Superman. He was a giant of a man, his body armored with muscle, his cock standing up like a billy club and throbbing slowly. Sue felt like a naked little girl standing in front of him. They moved toward each other and embraced, Sue trembling in the man's muscular arms.

Sue slid to her knees in front of him and started to lick his balls. The big nuts rolled in their hairy sac and Sue wrapped half her hand around his cock -- which was as far as her small hand would go. She bent the rigid prick down so she could lick it. It tasted of her own cunt.

Kurt gazed down at her. "You're incredible! You're like a dream."

Sue returned his gaze with one of her own as she wrapped her lips around his cockhead. She could hardly get his cock in her mouth. It was as big around as two ordinary cocks pressed together. She managed to get her mouth around the head, but she couldn't swallow more than a few inches of shaft.

She lapped at the back of Kurt's cockhead and he groaned, his cock throbbing powerfully, his warm prick lube leaking into her mouth. She swallowed his lube, munched on his cockhead, drooled all over his prickshaft. Then she licked her spit off his endlessly long cock, thrilling to the feel of her tongue rippling over his cock veins.

Kurt pulled her up and kissed her again, grinding his slippery cock against her belly. "Let me fuck you some more," he whispered.

"Any way you want it, darling."

He pushed Sue down on the carpeted office floor, then moved around behind her. Sue knew exactly what he warned, so she got up on her hands and bites, turning her ass up and showing him her wet cunt as he dropped down behind her.

"Just like a dog," he mumbled almost under his breath as he rubbed his cockhead up and down her cuntslit, driving her crazy.

"Shove it in!" Sue gibbered. "Quick!" As the man rammed his prong up her pussy, Sue almost passed out with pleasure. "Oh Kurt, give it to me!"

Kurt groaned, sliding his cock in and out, smacking his abdomen against Sue's upturned ass. He stroked her ass and lower back, wrapped his hands around her waist, nearly encircling her waist with his long fingers. As he thrust, he jerked her back and forth on his cock.

"This is incredible!" he mumbled. "This feels too good to be true."

Sue felt the same way. She'd been fucked by many cocks, but never by one so large -- so long and thick. As his dick-veins rippled against her pussylips, as his cockhead slipped against the sensitive wet meat of her cuntal chamber and moved up deep into her womb, she wanted to scream with pleasure. She only restrained herself because she knew the whole library would hear her if she let loose.

"Faster!" she whispered, gyrating her ass. "Make me come, Kurt!"

"Oh God, Sue!" Kurt rammed, jolting her ass with his muscular belly, driving his prick in so deep that Sue imagined it coming out of her mouth.

"Harder!" Sue grunted, her teeth clenched. She had to brace herself to keep from being knocked over. "Deeper! Faster!"

Kurt humped with the quickness and agility of a boy, his belly colliding with Sue's ass like a clapping hand. His cock swelled inside her, squirmed, vibrated, sliding in so deep that Sue gasped with each penetration.

Sue jerked her ass, grinding it back against the man's heaving abdomen, grinding it around and around his ramming cock.

"Come with me!" he gasped. "I'm almost there!"

"Oh baby, take it!" Kurt rammed his cock in to the hilt and exploded inside her. As his hot cream erupted into the depths of her womb, Sue went into spasms.

"Ohhhhh Kurt!"

Sue shuddered all over, her cunt fiercely sucking the man's flexing, spurting cock. The luscious orgasmic sensations flowed to every part of her body, the waves of pleasure making her toes clutch and her nipples quiver.

"Uh, uhh, ahhh!"

Kurt pumped his load into her, his cock buried inside her to the hilt, his belly grinding against her jerking ass. His spurts shot into the depths of her contracting womb. He fell on her back, kissing and biting her shoulders and neck. His cock flexed repeatedly, spitting hot cum.

They ground to a halt. Sue collapsed onto her belly, and Kurt lowered himself on top of her. She shivered with goosebumps as he nibbled on her ear, then licked it out.

"I'm in need of a new head librarian," he whispered. "Think you might be interested?"

Sue sighed, contracting her cunt around his throbbing cock.

"That's answer enough for me," he said, and began to move again. "The position is yours."

"Fuck me," she whispered. "Just fuck me!"

She could think of no better way to celebrate her promotion.

Kurt's big cock slipped in and out, in and out. Sue squirmed with pleasure. They both groaned, fucking, fucking faster.


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