The wildest family

Perhaps you too have imagined a secluded spot where you could go and shed inhibitions -- those artificial constraints that we are saddled with. A place where people are open to acting out the fantasies that are unspoken and rarely admitted.

But can we really cut out all our fantasies? Won't society fall apart without structured rules to follow? Don't we need strictly delineated roles -- for parents and children, for instance?

Perhaps this is true, but the desires and feelings we have not honestly evaluated can lead to guilt and repression.

The exploration of those desires provide this novel with its raison d'etre. There is no superficiality -- no facade in the hearts and minds of the characters within. Honesty is a goal that can be reached by the members of THE WILDEST FAMILY. Honesty is a trait that society could probably use a great deal more of.


Holly Lawrence stood, unseen, at her bedroom window on the second floor of her family's big, rambling house outside town on the edge of the woods.

She was hiding behind the curtains of her window but she had a clear, unobstructed view of her handsome uncle as he unloaded suitcase after suitcase from his van.

Oh, Uncle Richard, Holly thought, you are one sexy hunk of a man! Her hands wandered down to her crotch and she began to rub her little virgin pussy hard through her very short shorts.

As the girl continued to rub her cunt, growing hotter and hotter, she kept her eyes fastened on her uncle. He was her father's young brother and very handsome and sexy. He had thick, wavy dark hair, snapping blue eyes, and a build that was so powerful and muscular, it made Holly drool with excitement.

Moaning with growing lust, the virgin slipped her hands beneath her shorts and stuck two fingers of her right hand between her swelling cuntlips and as far up her pussy as she could without breaking her cherry. Her left hand found her twitching clit and began to rub the small cock-like piece of cunt-flesh as she grew more and more aroused.

For, even enough Holly was a virgin, it was a state the teenager was eager to change! All, of her friends had had their cherries popped a long time ago, and the beautiful blonde was beginning to feel like a freak.

But it wasn't only because she wanted to be "one of the gang" that Holly wanted to be fucked. No, it was mainly because the girl's passions had grown so hot during the last year or so that it had become all she could think about. Her desire to be fucked by a big, hard cock was, by now, consuming her every thought and dream as she went about her daily business.

Almost every night now, Holly awoke with an orgasm crashing through her pussy, an orgasm which still didn't give the teen the relief she needed so badly. She knew that only a cock could give her the kind of orgasm she really wanted.

And, during the day, the blonde walked around with her crotch moist, her panties soaked with the juices of her desire. It had gotten so that everytime a man touched her -- even if it was just on the hand or arm -- she all but creamed her jeans!

Something had to be done -- and soon. She sensed that once she had gotten her cherry popped she would be far more relaxed. And, even though she knew she would still get horny, maybe even hornier, it wouldn't be this kind of frustrated unrelieved longing that filled her mind night and day now.

As the virgin continued to look through her window, her breathing quickened with excitement. For, even from the second story, she could see her uncle's powerful muscles rippling in his brawny arms as he unloaded all the baggage from his van.

She closed her eyes and moaned as she continued to finger-fuck herself. She was so excited about the next few weeks! Her parents had won a trip to Europe and her Uncle Richard and Aunt Laura and her cousin, Gary, were moving in with Holly, her sister, Karen, and her brother, Jeff. They would be staying there to take care of the kids while Holly's parents were gone.

Holly moaned again, trusting her fingers in and out of her juicy pussyhole faster and harder as she strained for release. The fingers of her other hand continued to strum her jerking clit and she could feel shudders of excitement course through her entire body as she finger-fucked herself with a frenzy that she knew could be relieved only by an orgasm.

Suddenly, as Holly felt the beginning of her climax jolting through her spasming pussy, she made a decision, possibly the most important decision of her life. During this time while her parents were gone, Holly would get her cherry popped -- at long last. She would experience, first-hand, the joys and excitement of fucking. And what better person to teach her than her sexy uncle?

With that forbidden thought, Holly's orgasm reached its peak, and the girl cried out as she felt an incredibly raw, hot pleasure sweep through her pussy, releasing torrents of warm pussyjuice which trickled down the girl's thighs and completely waked her panties.

As her climax raced through her steaming virgin cunt, Holly pretended that it was not her fingers but her uncle's big cock that was thrusting itself in and out of her little pussy. That hot thought made her come again as she screwed her fingers deeper into her cunt.

When her orgasm ended, Holly sighed happily and took her wet fingers from her cunt. As she licked them off one by one, savoring the taste of her own pussyjuice, she thought of her uncle once again and felt her cunt beginning to burn and itch with desire as though she had not just come!

"I promise, Uncle Rich," the girl murmured, "that before your visit is over, I'll somehow get you to pop my cherry!"

"Will I do in the meantime, Sis?" her brother's voice came to her from the open doorway.

Holly whirled around and gasped at the sight of her older brother, Jeff, standing there naked, his hardening cock in his hand!

"Jeff! What are you doing?" the girl cried.

Jeff laughed and shut the door behind him. Then, he walked slowly toward his sexy little sister, his prick bobbing and weaving before him, completely capturing the girl's attention.

"What does it look like I'm doing?" he asked, laughing again as he stroked his big cock.

"Your cock! It's sooo big, Jeff! I've never really seen it before!" Holly yelled, feeling her pussy growing hot and wet with excitement.

"Yeah, it's big all right. A full nine inches. All the chicks love it when I fuck them with this cock," he said, grinning at his kid sister as he ran his hand up and down the length of his bursting prick rod.

"Oooh, Jeff," she said as she unconsciously began to rub her crotch again.

Jeff grinned. "Wow, you're really turned on, aren't you?"

"I... I guess I am, Jeff," she said, looking away in embarrassment.

"You guess?" Jeff hooted. "Hell, honey, I heard what you said bout wanting Uncle Richard to pap your cherry!"

"No... no, Jeff, you misunderstood," Holly said. "I didn't mean that!"

"Oh no? Let's find out," Jeff said as he reached out and tore the girl's halter tap off, revealing her super-large, firm tits, their big rosebud nipples already hard and stiff with lust.

"Mmmmmm, nice," Jeff said as he rubbed the girl's tits, pressing with both together, then pinching and twirling the nips between his fingers.

"Ohhh, Jeff, that feels soooo good," Holly moaned, thrusting her chest up and out so that her brother's hands could capture even more of her hot tit-flesh.

"Yeah, feels good to me, too, Sis," Jeff said, as he suddenly lowered his face to her chest and sucked hard on her big, throbbing tits.

"Ohhh, Godddd!" she cried, beside herself with desire and excitement now.

She swayed drunkenly on her feet. Jeff caught her by the waist and, almost before she knew what her brother had in mind, he stripped her shorts from her trembling body.

"Very, very nice," he murmured as he stared at her panties, now soaked through with her hot pussyjuices.

"Take... take..." Holly whispered through parched lips.

"Take what, Holly?" Jeff asked with a grin, knowing exactly what his sister was trying to say.

"For God's sake, Jeff, take my panties off, too! Tear them off if you want! I don't care!" she cried, tears of frustration streaming down her beautiful face.

"You got it!" Jeff laughed as, with one brutal yank, he tore her skimpy panties off of the virgin's lush, ripe body.

Jeff pulled his little sister up hard against his muscular body and thrust his big middle finger right up the girl's pussy.

"Aieeeee!" she screamed, writhing on her brother's finger, feeling an exquisite pleasure lancing through her entire body.

"Feel good?" Jeff asked, using his other hand to rub her big tits while he began to finger-fuck her pussy fast and hard with his middle finger.

"Ohhh, yessss, Jeff, don't stop! Don't ever stop!" she screamed, throwing her head back and moaning like a wounded animal.

"I won't stop if you tell me the truth, little cunt!" Jeff snarled, loving the feel of his sister's strong cunt muscles grabbing his finger.

"What... what truth... what do you want to know?" she barely managed to pant.

"About you wanting Uncle Rich to fuck you! Is that what you want? You really want him to pop your cherry?" Jeff asked, his big cock growing harder and longer with the exciting thought of his uncle fucking Holly.

"No!" she protested, afraid to admit it, "That isn't what I want! You misunderstood."

"Okay, if you won't tell me the truth, I stop finger-fucking you right now," Jeff said, taking his finger out of her pussy and pushing the girl away from him.

"No! Oh. God, no, Jeff! I need it so bad! Don't stop! Pleeeease!" she cried, pushing her body back up against his, reaching down to stroke his cock.

"You can go on fingering my cock, baby, it feels real good," he moaned. "But I'm not gonna bring you off unless you tell me the truth."

The feel of her big brother's cock twitching in her hands turned the girl on even more and she shuddered with desire. And, suddenly, the virgin realized that she was forced to tell her brother what he wanted to hear. She had to let him finish bringing her off. She needed that climax too badly to let him leave now!

"Okay, Jeff, I'll tell you," she sighed.

"That's better little pussy," Jeff said, smiling as he plunged his middle finger back up her tight pussyhole. "Go on, tell me everything."

"I'm a virgin, and I want..." she stopped, squirming around on her brother's hand, loving the way he was fucking her with his finger like it were a cock!

"Yeah? Go on, cunt! What do you want?" he asked, feeling his finger strike her hymen. When she yelled out in pain, he pulled his finger back in before sending it back in again, letting it bounce off her cherry each time.

"I want..." she panted, embarrassed to say the words but knowing that her brother would never finish her off if she didn't somehow make herself say them. "I want... I want Uncle Rich to pop my cherry! That's what I need, Jeff!"

"There now... that wasn't so bad, was it, little cunt?" Jeff asked as he began to fingerfuck her faster and harder than ever now, his finger flying in and out of her tight virgin hole. He could feel his cock twitching and jerking hotly and he knew that he was really aroused by the idea of Uncle Richard fucking his little sister!

"I'm coooommmiiiinnnnggg!" Holly suddenly cried as a gigantic orgasm crashed through her, coating her brother's fucking finger.

"All riiiight!" Jeff yelled as he slipped his finger from his little sister's pussy and licked it clean, just as she had done earlier.

Holly swayed weakly and, walking a few feet to her bed, she collapsed on top of it, breathing fast and heavy.

"Too bad I won't do for your virgin-fuck, Sis," Jeff said as he walked over toward her bed. "I'd love to pop that sweet little cherry of yours! I bet it's in there real good and tight!"

Holly raised her head and licked her lips excitedly at the sight of Jeff's big nine-inch cock swaying right in front of her. "Maybe... maybe after Uncle Rich fucks me, Jeff. Then I'd love to fuck you! But, for my first time..."

"What's the big deal about having him fuck you, Holly?"

"I don't know, Jeff," she murmured, running her hands up and down her soft body which was still hot from her orgasm. "But I've had a kind of crush on Uncle Rich ever since I was a just a little girl. He's so sexy and handsome. And there's just something about him being older and experienced..."

"Okay, okay, that's enough," Jeff held up his hand, laughing. "I've got plenty of fucking experience myself, but I can see that it's more than that. Besides, I kind of like the idea of our uncle popping your little cherry!"

"Oh, good, Jeff, I'm glad you understand," the virgin murmured as Jeff leaned over her and began to fondle her big, heaving tits.

"Hell, yeah, sure I understand. Just don't forget your promise, though, Holly," he muttered, loving the feel of her large nips hardening under his touch.

"Promise?" she breathed, hardly hearing him for the raw, hot desire that pounded in her ears.

"Yeah, you said I could fuck you after he did. And I'm gonna hold you to that one, pussy!" he said and pressed his mouth against hers. Their tongues fucked at each other while their hands roamed over each other's body.

By now, Jeff was lying on the bed with his sister, their bodies twisting and writhing hard against each other as the desire of the two teenagers mounted rapidly. They kissed over and over while Jeff continued to stroke his little sister's big tits, which pulsated in his hot, eager hands.

With a girlish moan of pleasure, Holly finally broke their kiss and glanced down at her brother's crotch. She shivered at its size. The knob itself looked almost three inches across! His big, dark-haired balls throbbed visibly and, with a groan of uncontrollable lust, the girl lowered her hand to his cock.

"Yeah, baby, touch it! Jerk me off!" Jeff cried, thrusting his hips up off the bed, trying to push even more of his hard cock-meat into his sister's hands.

Holly's fingers trailed up and down the rigid prickshaft, and a bubble of clear juice oozed from the hole in the knob. She spread the wetness carefully across the knob and it jerked, growing even thicker.

Meanwhile Jeff was rubbing the virgin's tits harder and harder, making her yearn for another orgasm. He expertly twirled her big, pulsing nips between his fingers, kneading the tit-flesh at the same time.

"Ahhhh, Jefff," she moaned, feeling a hot, sweet ache spreading through her loins, her nipples growing harder and harder, her pussyjuice pouring out from her virgin cunthole.

The idea that it was her own brother who was doing these things to her, and that she held his big cock in her hands, thrilled the girl so much she almost came on the spot!

"Ohhhh, Jeff!" Holly bubbled, staring down at his cock. "Your cock's really big and hard. I love it!"

Up until now the two teens had never gone this far. They had indulged in a few kisses and a tentative touch or two, but that was all. Yet, here they were sprawled nakedly on Holly's bed, his cock in her hands, him fondling her tits, and both of them growing more and more turned on with every passing second.

Moaning again, the virgin realized that her uncle's visit would be responsible far a lot of things changing in the next few weeks. Not only would she somehow manage to get him to pop her cherry, but then she could fuck Jeff, growing even closer to her big brother! As for the rest of her family, well, who knows, she thought now, continuing to stroke Jeff's cock, I'm open to all the possibilities!


Suddenly Holly felt Jeff's hands on her pussy and she lifted her hips eagerly for his touch. Her brother was only a year older than Holly, but the virgin knew that, just, as he had told her. He was very experienced and she could learn a lot from him. But, she reminded herself, I must not let him actually fuck me. I want to save my little tight cherry for Uncle Rich!

"Mmm, that's so good, Jeffy. You're sooo good with my little pussy!"

"You're not bad with my cock, either, Sis," the teen murmured against her big tits. He had his mouth pressed hard against the bursting tit-flesh, sucking one nipple at a time into his hot, eager mouth.

"Make me conic again, Jeff! Make me come!" cried the blonde hornily.

Jeff rammed his middle finger into his little sister's hot cunt once again.

"Come on, cunt! Come off!" he said hoarsely. "Hump my finger! Make yourself come!"

"Ooooooh yesssss, Jeff, yesssss!" Holly cried, wriggling her ass lewdly and humping her ass up off the bed, trying to fuck her big brother's hard finger deeper into her virgin pussy.

The girl's entire body shook with a hot, feverish lust as she fucked herself on her brother's finger. Her big tits jiggled and shook, her thighs trembled, her hips swayed lewdly from side to side, then up and down, and Holly threw her head back, her long, blonde hair spilling out prettily on the sheets.

"Uhhhhhhh... ohhh... ohhhh," she cried loudly, her ass thrusting and humping.


Holly's clit pulsed and burned with an orgasmic heat. Her nipples stiffened even more and hot shudders of pleasure raced through her lush body, releasing still more pussyjuice. The liquid completely filled her little cunt, oozed from between her puffy cuntlips, and dribbled obscenely down her trembling thighs.

"Thanks, Jeff," the virgin giggled. She rested now in the circle of his left arm, her thighs spread, her huge tits still in his hands, "I sure needed that!"

Jeff laughed and let one of his hands stray down to his little sister's swollen pussy. The lips were very expanded and her cuntjuice glistened along the slit, still oozing out from the virgin fuck hole. It looked so wonderful it made the teen's mouth water. He sure envied his Uncle Rich who didn't yet know the treat that Holly was saving just for him!

"Where's Uncle Rich and Aunt Laura?" Holly asked, stirring restlessly in her brother's arms. "You think they're missing us?"

"Huh? No, don't worry about them, honey. They're busy unpacking and, besides, Karen and Gary are keeping them plenty busy with all their questions!"

The two teens laughed at the thought of their sister and cousin, both curious about everything. Holly's parents had left that morning, so now it was up to the kids to entertain their aunt and uncle. And, if Holly had her way, she would see to it that they were royally entertained in a way that they hadn't expected!

Suddenly, Jeff's fingers tightened in her long, blonde hair, pulling her head back. He rubbed the damp head of his big nine-inch cock across her neck, then smeared his way toward her chin.

Holly whimpered with excitement. The touch of her brother's hard cock against her face made her feel hotter than ever! Her cunt was throbbing harder now, and her nipples tingled lewdly. Jeffy touched his cock to one nipple, then the other, and his little sister panted faster, her entire body writhing on the bed.

"Oooh, Jeff, are you gonna let me suck you off?" she squealed.

"You know how?" Jeff asked, teasing her. He loved the idea of his little sister giving him a blow-job! "I only let skilled chicks suck me off!"

"Oh, yes, I've done it lots of times to my boyfriends, Jeff! Please let me do it to you!" the girl moaned, feeling herself growing hotter and hotter with the idea of feeling her brother's huge prick in her mouth.

Jeff laughed and suddenly pushed his throbbing cock into the girl's open mouth. She moaned happily as she felt the fat, hot cockknob pushing between her teeth. It glided across her tongue and she gurgled excitedly.

She ran her tongue across the hot, rounded surface and felt it harden even more as her brother, groaned with desire and pleasure.

"Suck it, baby, suck it good," the teen said huskily. He pulled her head forward, making his cock go deeper into her mouth, almost to the back of her throat.

As she whimpered and moaned with excitement, Jeff began to bring her head forward and ease it back, forward and back. As her lips slid along his rigid shaft, saliva dribbled down her chin. Her tongue licked his cock hard and she knew she was exciting him as much as she was exciting herself!

"Aaaarrrgggghhh," she moaned as his swollen, throbbing cockhead wedged between her tonsils. Her throat clasped tightly around his cock. Jeff let out a shaky breath and nudged his prick another inch deeper.

Her brother's prick seemed to fill her mouth completely. It slid along her tongue, wedging once again in the hot softness of her tonsils. Her throat tightened and loosened on the big, fat cock, and she didn't gag. She refused to gag. She had to show Jeff just how good she was at sucking cock.

"Yeah, baby, that's it," the teen moaned.

When she had his entire nine inches of prick buried down her throat, she went to work on the hot prick-meat, sucking it hard, tightening and loosing her throat muscles around it. Then, just when she could tell that he was about to come, she pulled her head back, allowing his big cock to slip out.

She grabbed ahold of the throbbing cock and smeared it across her cheeks, then popped it into her slack mouth once again. As Jeff groaned and thrust his hips up, trying to urge even more of his prick into her mouth, she began to lick it. She caressed the underside of his tip, then smeared her hot saliva across the top of his cockhead. He trembled with lust as she worked on his cock.

"Oh, yeah, Holly do your thing!" he said, shuddering with excitement.

Holly licked the prick again, moaning through her nose as she grew hotter and hotter. Her little cunt was hot and dripping. She could feel her cuntlips swelling and opening more and more as she grew more and more aroused.

She tightened her lips around the head of her brother's big bursting cock, her tongue flicking the soft, satiny head. Her mouth made a wet, sexy sound as it sucked on his big cock, causing both of the teenagers to turn on even more.

She breathed raggedly through her nose, whimpering with excitement as she continued to suck his cock harder and harder. Now, she had the entire nine inches of pulsating prickmeat down her throat once again. Suddenly, it jerked savagely and she knew he was going to come. A new, different kind of excitement filled the girl. She had to taste her brother's cum! She never had before and she longed to feel it sliding down her throat and splashing warmly into her belly. Then, she could come, too. But, first, she had to make him come.

"This is it, honey! I'm gonna pop and you're gonna swallow all of it!" Jeff groaned, thrusting his hips up violently, jamming his entire cock all the way down her throat.

His words excited the girl and she sucked even harder as he began to come. She could feel the twitching cock throbbing against her threat and tongue. Suddenly, an explosion of hot cum blasted into her throat, oozed onto her tongue, and slid into her belly, just as she had wanted.

The delicious taste and warm thickness of her brother's jizz thrilled the girl. As he continued to come, Jeff held her head and pulled it roughly forward and back. His slippery, throbbing prick speared her throat deeply, the hot cum still burbling from the twitching tip.

Holly whimpered excitedly. She could feel each surge of his spongy cocktip. She could feel the hot, naked cock-knob pressing directly against her tonsils. She could feel the warm, frothy jism bubbling down her throat, and she swallowed hard and fast, not wanting to waste a precious drop of her brother's cum.

His swollen, trembling cockhead was almost choking her but she loved the sensation. His enormous load of cum gurgled in her throat and she continued to swallow as fast as she could. At last, Jeff let her go and she slumped down on the bed, her head falling tiredly to the side. A dribble of jizz trailed from the corner of her mouth and she licked at it hungrily.

Instantly, before she had even a chance to catch her breath, Jeff scooted down between her legs and sucked one of her swollen cuntlips into his mouth, his teeth teasing at the puffy, super-sensitive flesh.

"Aaaaaahhhh!" the girl gasped, arching her back up from the bed. Now, his hot tongue was forcing her cuntlips open wider and wider. She shuddered with lust as he passed over her clit then rammed his tongue up her virgin pussyhole.

"Aieeeee! Yessssss!" Holly squealed, her ass wriggling on the bed in lewd, frantic circles.

A lot of the girl's boyfriends had gone down on her in the past, but never like this! She could tell that her big brother was a real pro, and she knew he would be good at fucking! She still wanted her Uncle Rich to be the first to fuck her, but now -- she knew that she wanted to fuck Jeff, too.

Her big tits rode high and firm on her chest, the large nipples pink and erect. Jeff squeezed them, one hand on each tit, as he continued to tongue-fuck her wet little pussy. He worked his tongue in deeper, sliding it up and down the full length of her cunt. Her warm juices flowed freely, and shudders of hot, raw pleasure raced through her, each one followed quickly by another.

"Ahhhhhh, Jeff, sooooooo good," she panted, feeling overcome by obscene thrills that throbbed through her pussy. She plunged her ass upward, smearing Jeff's face with her juices. "Ohhhh! Ohhhh, Goddd! I can't stand it!" She humped her ass up even more violently as she strained for orgasm.

"Damn, Holly!" Jeff swore, raising his face from between his kid sister's legs for just a few seconds, "keep that ass of yours still so I can suck you off!"

"Oooh, Jeff! Do I taste good to you?" she asked, feeling more and more hot juice pouring from her virgin cunthole.

"Good?" Jeff laughed and licked his juice smeared chin and lips. "You taste great! Best damned pussy I ever ate!"

Even though her brother had told her to keep still, the girl just couldn't. Each time he stabbed his hot, hard tongue into her cunthole, her hips and ass did a little dance.

Jeff's tongue licked and stabbed at her hot, juicy pussy. She could hear the wet sounds of his mouth smacking hard against her cunt and she moaned with excitement. She could hear his ragged breathing and his groans of satisfaction as he made her entire body buck with pleasure.

Her big brother dug his strong, hard fingers into the soft, yielding flesh of her thighs, holding her open, stretching her trembling knees as far apart as they would go. The virgin growled deep in her throat as the inner lips of her pussy were pulled apart, as the softer pink, juicy flesh was sucked into the teen's hungry mouth. He sucked noisily on her moist cunt-flesh, forcing his tongue into the tight opening of her cunthole once again.

Holly humped herself down against the bed, her ass rising in the air. Jeff cupped each trembling cheek of her ass, feasting wildly on the hot cunt against his mouth. The sound of him eating her thrilled the girl so much that she almost came tight then and there.

Holly loosened her cunt muscles as much as she could, allowing her brother to stab his tongue more deeply than before into her little cherry hole. She whimpered as she felt her pussyhole being stroked by his hot, licking tongue.

Then she tightened her muscles around the base of his tongue as he jabbed at her cunt with quick in-and-out movements that sent hot thrills racing up and down her spine, making her arch her back hard, driving her cunt up against Jeff's mouth.

"Unhhhhhhh... arggghhhhhhh..." the virgin babbled incoherently as her big brother fucked his tongue in and out of her cunthole.

She tried to imagine that his tongue was her uncle's big cock and she moaned with hot excitement. Again, he pushed his tongue into her strong ring of muscles. They opened around him, let him slide past, slide deep, deeper than before. She arched her back again, then dipped her ass sideways, panting and moaning all the while.

Her little cherry pussy was opening and closing automatically now, milking at the teen's hot, raping tongue. Her nipples were large and pointy, her tits flushed and sweating.

Tears of pleasure and excitement were streaming down her face. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she tossed her head from side to side, in a frenzy of lust.

Jeff's tongue fucked and fucked at her dripping, swollen cunt. Now he moved his tongue from her pussyhole to her clit and began to lick the small, throbbing nub of clit-flesh until it rose stiffly and vibrated hotly against his tongue.

"Ohhh, Goddd, Jeffy, I'm gonna come!" she screamed suddenly, her ass moving in a frenzied circle under the hot, sucking action of her brother's mouth.

Jeff cupped her ass in his hands and pulled her up hard against his face as her cunt exploded in a hot, raging orgasm. He burrowed against her open pussy, his tongue going deeply into her pussyhole then sliding up against her clit, pushing hard against the twitching, spasming miniature cock.

While her pussy spasmed against his mouth, he sucked at her clit, nibbled hard on its edges, and licked it hard. He wrapped his lips around the throbbing clit and sucked it into his mouth.

"Aieeeeee!" the girl screamed as the peak of her climax crashed through her and her entire body shuddered and quaked with hot thrills of pleasure.

Her cunthole released gallons of warm, creamy cunt sauce which ran lewdly into Jeff's mouth. He eagerly lapped at his little sister's pussyjuices, relishing the tangy taste as he swallowed them as hard and fast as she had swallowed his cum.

She had never had such an exciting orgasm in all her life. All the orgasms she had had from finger-fucking herself, all the ones she had had from her boyfriends finger-fucking her and sucking off her pussy, all of those were nothing compared to his climax caused by her brother's hot, sucking mouth. As the girl continued to come, she thought fleetingly about her uncle, and she found herself wondering what kind of an orgasm his big cock would give her.


The next morning at breakfast, Holly asked her uncle if he would go swimming with her. She knew that, even as he agreed to meet her later by the pool, the others looked at her strangely, wondering why she had not invited any of them.

She felt a little guilty, knowing that only her brother, Jeff, really understood why she wanted to be alone with her uncle. But she couldn't worry about that right now, she reminded herself. She had to get his big cock up her virgin cunt or she would go stark raving mad with horny desire for the handsome, sexy man who she was lucky enough to have as her uncle.

An hour later, wearing tight black bikini briefs, Richard arrived at the pool which he found by walking through a thick grove of trees which kept the swimming pool pretty much secluded from the house.

As he rounded the corner and saw his niece waiting for him, he inhaled sharply. He had not been prepared for this! Even though the girl had been behaving rather oddly at breakfast that morning and he could see that she had something on her mind, never in a million years had he dared to dream it would be anything like this!

"Come on, Uncle Rich," the beautiful blonde virgin purred. "I'm ready for you."

She was ready all right. She was standing in front of him now, completely naked! Her tits grazed his bare chest and she thrilled to the sensation of his thick nest of chest-hairs tickling her nipples which grew immediately hard and pointed.

She snaked her arms up around her uncle's neck as though it was the most natural thing in the world for a girl to do. She pushed his head down to hers and pressed her lips hard against his, forcing his lips apart with hers, thrusting her tongue inside and quickly finding his.

"Ohhh, Uncle Rich, I love you so much! I've always had a crush on you!" she squealed, finally breaking their kiss.

He laughed and ran his hands up and down her bare arms. "Hell, wish I'd known that a long time ago! Look at all the time we've wasted!"

The feel of his sexy little niece's nipples pressing hard against his chest turned the man on and he felt his cock harden beneath his briefs. Holly glanced down and saw the jerking movement between her uncle's legs.

"Ooooh, Uncle Rich!" she cried, "your cock's getting so big! Why don't you strip like me?"

Licking his lips excitedly, Richard quickly peeled his briefs off, revealing a beautiful ten-inch cock, just ready for some hot fucking!

"You sure are a sexy girl, honey, all grown up," Rich murmured as he reached out and began to fondle her bursting tits.

"Mmmm, feels good, Uncle Rich," the girl murmured as she pressed her body hard against his, feeling his big, hard cock digging into her soft lower belly.

"You little tease," Rich muttered, his voice ragged with lust, feeling her hands cupping his big cock. "You never wanted to go swimming at all, did you?"

Holly giggled. "Fuck swimming! This is what I want!" she cried, rubbing his cock as hard as she could, thrilling to the way it jerked hotly in her hands.

Suddenly, she pushed his prick down between her legs, trapping it with her thighs. Her uncle was panting hard now as she wriggled her hips back and forth, side to side, teasing his prick which was walled in by her soft, trembling thighs.

"Ohhh, baby, you act like you sure as hell know just what you're doing! But, something tells me... are you still a virgin, honey?" Richard asked, his eyes half-closed, his breathing rough and unsteady.

She giggled again. "Sure am! Been saving it for you, Uncle Rich! Are you interested? Do you wanna pop my little cherry for me?"

The man groaned loudly. "Am I interested? Are you kidding?" He pinched her nipples hard, making the virgin moan with lust for her uncle's strong, muscular body.

Holly opened her thighs, releasing his big, throbbing prick and eagerly scooped it up in her hands again, running her fingers down its pulsating length.

Richard pulled his niece over to the nearby lawn where she sank down onto the soft, warm grass, pulling him down with her. He could hardly believe his luck, that this was happening to him. He had always had a soft spot in his heart for his beautiful little blonde niece, Holly. And, now he realized that, even though he had tried to fight it all these years, he had also had a hard spot for her between his legs!

Yes, he admitted to himself now, he had always been hot for this sexy little piece. And, even though the girl didn't yet realize it, popping cherries was not only his favorite way to fuck, but it was something he was especially skilled at.

He had fucked many virgins in his active sex life and he knew exactly how to play a virgin cunt like a finely tuned instrument, how to give the girl the maximum pleasure possible, while giving his cock the best fuck ever! He knew that Holly would not be disappointed that she had chosen him to give her her very first fuck.

They were both lying on the lawn now, Richard leaning over his niece as they kissed passionately, over and over. Their tongues mashed hard against each other, their saliva mingling obscenely.

"Oh, Uncle Rich..." Holly groaned as their kiss broke. She reached down and curled her fingers about his firm, hot cock and began to move her hand up and down its pulsing length, making her uncle groan with desire.

"Mmmm, yeah, honey, you got it! Rub your uncle's cock! It feels so good, you little whore!" he cried as he stroked her bursting tits.

Suddenly, unable to restrain herself, Holly shifted her position and took the head of her uncle's big, ten-inch cock into her hot, wet mouth. She thrilled at the softness of his hot cock-flesh as her lips wrapped themselves around his prick.

"Oh God, Holly, I can't believe... oh, yeah, baby, do it! Suck my cock!" Richard cried.

He pushed forward with his hips to force himself deeper inside her hungry mouth. He could feel her tongue licking his prick harder with every passing second and he groaned aloud, hoping he could hold himself back. He wasn't ready to come yet!

Suddenly, Holly thought of something that she knew would drive her uncle absolutely mad with lust. She slipped his cock from her mouth. Then, as he began to groan with disappointment, she reached down and, knowing that he was watching, her every move, she rammed three fingers of her right hand into her juicy cunt, scooping up as much cunt sauce as she could. Then, shooting him a grin and giggling at his astonished expression, she wiped her juice-soaked fingers across the swollen head of his cock.

"Why, you hot little cunt!" he cried, feeling his prick throbbing against the girl's soft, fluttering hands.

She smeared still more of her juice on his prick, wiping it around the ridged part of his tip until his entire cock trembled in her hands and her uncle was breathing so hard and fast she wondered if he could get his next breath.

Then, lowering her head again, Holly caressed the pulsing prick with her soft, warm lips, wagging her head from side to side as she smeared his cock with her saliva.

Richard was excited beyond belief. He had never felt so hot for a chick as he felt for his niece right that minute. And, he knew that he was going to have to fuck her little cherry cunt very soon or lose his mind!

"Unnnnhhhh," the virgin moaned, her nostrils flared as she sucked as hard as she could on her uncle's prick. She could feel the blood-engorged cock-meat throbbing against her mouth as though it might explode any minute. She only hoped that he wouldn't come too soon!

She squeezed his prick with both hands, swaying her head faster, her lips tightly grasping the flared cockhead.

"Go on down, baby," her uncle urged her, "take it all in your hot little mouth!"

With an excited squeal, Holly sucked his cockhead in behind her teeth, then bit down lightly around his twitching shaft. Now she flicked her tongue out, licking the big cock as hard as possible. She licked it hard but slowly, lapping forward and back. Her uncle moaned and his prickshaft seemed to grow more rigid in her mouth.

She curled her fingers around his balls and squeezed them gently. She could feel his heavy load of cum churning in them, and she shivered with excitement, knowing that very soon now she would be feeling that cum shooting up into her virgin pussy!

Her mouth was bobbing up and down now, faster and faster, her lips slipping along his shaft, her tongue licking noisily at his pricktip.

Richard pushed her head down, making more of his cock slip into her mouth. He could feel his cockhead striking against the girl's tonsils and he began to pump his hips up, urging more and more of his big cock down her throat.

"Uhmmmmmmm," Holly moaned, writhing as she felt even more of her uncle's big ten-incher sliding into her mouth and down her throat.

Richard rammed his thick, throbbing prick in to the hilt, feeling his balls bump against his niece's chin. He rotated his ass in a wide circle, reaming out her soft, sucking throat.

"Oh, baby, you're great!" he cried. "You suck cock really great, honey!"

He thrust his hand between Holly's puffy cuntlips and found her clit, which he felt jerking hotly against his fingers. He began to strum the little piece of clit-flesh, urging her to come as he felt his nuts tightening up, about to spill their load.

At first, he panicked. He had planned to pull his cock from his niece's mouth when it was still hard so he could fuck her royally, as he had promised her. But, then, he realized that she turned him on so much that he would have no problem getting hard again right away. And then he would pop her cherry so expertly that she would never forget it!

"Ummmmffff!" the girl moaned around the thickness of her uncle's cock as she came. She felt her hot cuntjuices spilling from her virgin pussy and washing over her uncle's hand as a violent climax thundered through her body.

At that same instant, she felt her uncle's cock jerk violently in her throat and his entire body stiffened. "This is it, baby! Gonna shoot!" he yelled.

Her uncle's words thrilled the girl beyond belief and she came again. She still wanted to feel his cum shooting up her virgin pussy but there was time enough for that later on. First she would have the thrill of tasting his jism as it shot into her mouth -- she could hardly wait!

"Commmmmiiinnnggg!" he shouted lewdly as his prick began to pump gallons of hot cum into his niece's eagerly sucking mouth.

Holly's cheeks puffed out with the heavy load and she almost choked before she managed to swallow all of the warm, creamy goo.

Richard's cock kept pumping more hot jism into Holly's mouth as she valiantly struggled to swallow it all. But, finally, there was just too much for the girl, and she was forced to let some of it spill out from her lips.

Her uncle yanked his prick from her drooling mouth. It was still shooting off, and the hot, thick cum splashed all over the girl's face and tits as he laughingly sprayed her with it.

With a yelp of excitement, Holly rubbed her uncle's cum into her firm, spongy tits and licked her fingers, moaning in ecstasy at the tangy, delicious taste of her uncle's cum.

Finally Richard's cock stopped shooting and he slipped off of his niece, lying tiredly next to her, his cock still half-hard, even though it was completely drained.

"You came too, didn't you, baby?" he asked, as he affectionately stroked her damp, still-spasming cunt.

She giggled. "I'll say! You made me come really good! And, Uncle Richard, I love the taste of your cum!" she cried, rolling her eyes to show him just how much she loved it.

Richard laughed and fingered his partial hard-on. He eyed his niece's juicy little cunt with a growing hunger.

"Don't worry, honey. I still intend to fuck you. I can't wait to pop your little cherry but first..." His words trailed off as he continued to stare at the girl's beautiful, blonde-haired pussy.

"First?" Holly questioned.

"First, how about if I eat your little pussy? By the time I make you come again, my cock should be so hard it'll split your little cherry in two with no problem at all!"

Her uncle's obscene words turned the virgin on powerfully and she spread her legs wide for her uncle, who was staring at her pussy with a hot, hard gaze.

"Ohhh, yesssss, Uncle Richard! Eat my cunt! I'd love it! Suck my pussy! Make me come!" she yelled, tossing her head from side to side in a frenzy of longing.

As Richard knelt in position between Holly's legs, the girl felt the grass hot and soft under, her bare back. She felt the sun beating down on her naked flesh and she wriggled her ass impatiently, feeling more aroused than ever.

Suddenly, her uncle shoved his mouth hard against the girl's virgin pussy.

"Oh, God, yesssss, Uncle Rich! Eat my pussy!" she yelled. She squirmed on the ground like a bitch in heat, begging her uncle to eat her cunt and make her come.

Richard groaned with lust for his little niece's pussy. He stuck his tongue between the throbbing cuntlips, relishing the taste of fresh fuck-sauce leaking from the tiny cunthole and flooding from the virgin pussy.

Holly moaned with pleasure and put her hands on the back of her uncle's head, pushing his face even harder against her pussy. She could feel his hot, hard tongue licking, and lapping into her pussy, finally coming to rest on her rigid, twitching clit.

"Ohhhh, yesssss, Uncle Rich! That's my clit! Suck my clit! Bite it! Lick it! Make me come! Ohhhh, Goddd!" the virgin screamed, so turned on that she hardly knew what she was saying.

Richard needed little encouragement. He was so aroused himself that he knew he had his work cut out for him just trying not to come before he could plug her little virgin pussy with his big, bursting cock!

He wrapped his lips around the girl's clit and sucked as hard as he could. Holly felt a jolt of electricity shoot through her pussy and she came. She clamped her firm thighs around her uncle's head, holding him in place while he continued to eat her pussy.

"Ohhhhh, that's sooooo good, Uncle Rich! I love it! Suck meeee!" she yelled.

Richard knew that the girl had come once as he had sucked on her clit. But he wasn't about to stop now! He was just starting his delicious feast of her virgin cunt!

He tongued along his niece's pussy until he found the tiny opening of her cunthole. Then, taking a deep breath, he rammed his tongue into it hard, tongue-fucking the girl as fast and hard as possible.

"Aieeeeeee!" she screamed, coming again.

As her climax tore through her, she writhed and twisted on the ground, unable to keep from moving. Her hands pressed on the back of her uncle's head, smashing him tightly against her spasming crotch as she continued to come.

Holly was half out of her mind with pleasure and lust. She had never felt anything this exciting. Even when her big brother, Jeff, had gone down, on her pussy, as exciting as it had been, it paled in comparison with this. And she knew it was because it was her uncle, the object of all her sexy dreams, who was eating her pussy. As she continued, the girl realized suddenly that if she were getting off this much from him going down on her, she could expect to flip right out of her mind with pleasure and satisfaction when he finally popped her cherry!


Over and over, Richard continued to drive his hard, eager tongue into his sexy little niece's virgin cunthole, like a miniature cock, feeling his cock growing harder and longer with desire as her cuntjuice washed over his tongue.

Holly couldn't believe the hot, obscene sensations soaring through her body. She had never felt so completely turned on before and she wanted it to go on forever. Her entire body flushed and, trembling violently, she began to come again, even harder than before.

"Ohhhhhhh, Uncle Rich! Don't stop! Keep eating my pussy! I'm commmmmmmmmmiiinnnnggggggg!" she cried, clamping her thighs tightly around her uncle's head, trapping him in the warm wetness of her crotch.

"Mmmmmmffffff," Richard murmured, his mouth still buried in his niece's virgin cunt. Suddenly he felt a fresh, hot flood of cuntjuice cascading into his mouth as it shot from the blonde's pussyhole.

Holly felt as if she might faint from the intense climax which shuddered her cherry cunt, leaving her shaken, her pussy twitching with ecstasy long after the orgasm had passed.

Richard raised his pussy-juice-smeared face and grinned up at his niece, who was still writhing orgasmically on the ground.

"Can't wait any longer, little cunt! I've gotta fuck you now!" he said, moving up to kneel between her legs.

"Oooh, yesssss, Uncle Rich!" the virgin squealed. "Hurry! Fuck me! Pop my cherry! I can't wait any longer either!"

Richard hovered above his niece, his big, ten-inch cock poised against her swollen cunt lips. He fondled her large, throbbing tits and smiled down at her, a gleam in his eyes.

"Get ready, honey. I'm going to ram my big, fat cock into your tight little cherry pussy and fuck your brains out!"

"Ohhh, God, yessss, Uncle Rich! I want you to fuck me! But you cock is sooooo big," the girl cried, feeling the faint stirrings of fear in her tummy. "Will it fit?"

Richard laughed. "Oh, yes, it will fit all right, you sexy girl! Didn't you know that pussies were made to be stretched? And how do you think little cunts like yours gets stretched?"

Holly giggled. "By big cocks like yours! Right?"

"Right!" he exclaimed, and they both laughed.

"It'll probably hurt you, honey," Richard said uncertainly, suddenly wondering if she would make him stop fucking her if it hurt her too much.

"Oh, I know all about that from my friends!" the girl said, giggling with excitement. "And I also know how the pain makes it even better! I can't wait! Please hurry up and fuck me, Uncle Rich!"

Richard grinned again. "Well, I'll be Goddamned... never knew what a sexy girl I have for my very own niece!"

He suddenly rammed his middle finger into her hot, juicy cunt. "Mmmmm, nice and slick. Your juices will lube my cock real nicely."

He lowered his hot mouth to her tits and began to suck on her large nipples, making them stiffen lewdly in his, mouth. He licked them hard, nibbled on them with his sharp teeth, and sucked them so hard into his hungry mouth that he bruised the sensitive tit-flesh.

"Ohhh, Uncle Richard, I love you sooo much," the girl moaned as she mashed her uncle's head against her tits, silently urging him to take even more of her tits into his mouth.

He thrust his fingers between her puffy cuntlips again and stroked the twitching, hard clit until she cried out for him to stop. And, suddenly, the man realized that if he made her wait any longer to get fucked, the girl would most likely go mad with desire.

Besides, he thought with a grimace, the way his big, hard cock was lying flat up against his belly now, he knew he couldn't wait any longer either! It was fuck her or come right now!

Richard rubbed his big, throbbing prick up and down the swollen folds of Holly's pussylips, making the virgin moan and writhe on the lawn with hot pleasure.

More of her cuntjuices gushed out from her pussy, lewdly coating her uncle's cock. She panted hard, throwing her head from side to side in a fit of lust and impatience. She knew that her uncle was deliberately toying with her, teasing her to the brink of insanity with his sexy cock! She was enjoying every minute of it, but she longed to feel his big prick smashing through her cherry, and she wished to God he would get on with it and fuck her brains out, as he had promised her he would do.

Richard lowered his face to hers and she eagerly pressed her mouth against his, feeling his tongue rubbing obscenely against her as they kissed passionately over and over. She could feel his cock pushing against her pussy mound and she thrilled to the sensation. But, the girl knew that it would feel a whole lot better when his big cock was finally inside her cunt!

He covered her mouth with his again, his tongue fucking her, their saliva mingling hotly. Thrilling tremors swept over the virgin's body as she realized that she was tongue kissing her own uncle! She panted hard and felt his cocktip slip between her puffy cuntlips and press hard against her clit.

She thrashed around on the lawn, humping her ass wildly, trying to force more of her uncle's throbbing cock into her hungry little pussy.

"Now, little whore, now," Richard whispered hoarsely, letting his smooth, rounded cockhead slip into her tight virgin fuckhole.

"Ohhh, yessss, Uncle Rich, fuck me!" the girl cried, squeezing her cunt muscles tightly around his cock as she felt it entering her pussyhole at long last!

Her cunt was so wet with her juices that Richard was having no problem, so far, slipping his big prick into her cunt even though she had never fucked before.

He slipped his prick out of her cunt and, pausing for a few seconds before ramming her really hard with his big cock, he lowered his face to her chest again and tongue-kissed her big tits, each in turn.

Holly writhed on the lawn, beside herself with lust. She was babbling incoherently by now, almost losing hope that her uncle really intended to pop her cherry! Tears of frustration and unsatisfied lust ran unchecked down her face and she began to sob loudly.

Richard was concerned. He was making his little niece wait too long for her virgin-fuck. He was so used to fucking girls who turned on to his tremendous, unusual staying power that he had forgotten he had an especially hot and horny virgin on his hands -- a virgin who obviously was at the limits of her endurance, a virgin who needed him to fuck her right now or she would literally go insane.

He brought his hips forward, this time with more force. Holly's slick virgin cunthole opened before him and, again, her strong pussy muscles grasped his prick hard and hugged it tightly against her cuntwalls.

Richard groaned with pleasure at the tight, clasping caress. He wedged his prick in deeper and deeper, moving his hips in a slow, sexy dance as he tried to feed all ten inches of his cock into his niece's virgin pussyhole.

"Unnnnhhhhhh! Yessssssss! At last! Oh, God, at last, Uncle Rich, you're gonna pop my cherry! Do it! Do it! I can't stand it!" Holly squealed, her eyes rolling back in her head as she felt just how big and exciting her uncle's cock felt in her pussy, which was already stretching to accommodate his cock.

Suddenly, Richard forced his prick into her another inch, it smashed against and through her tight hymen, popping her cherry once and for all!

His cock immediately surged through and fucked into her tightly clasping pussy until all ten inches were buried deep, inside her virgin cunt.

"Soooo... your cock... so hard so good," Holly panted as she felt her uncle's cock growing hotter and harder inside her.

Suddenly inspired, the girl lowered one hand between her legs and, the next time her uncle pulled his prick almost all the way out of her pussy, she curled her fingers around the slick, hot shaft. It throbbed lewdly in her hand and she moaned with excitement.

"Keep your hand there while I shove it back in, honey," Richard murmured, loving the feel of his niece's soft little hand wrapped around his fucking cock.

"Mmmmm, yeah, Uncle Rich, shove it back in and I'll feel it!" she moaned.

Richard shoved his hips forward more slowly this time so his niece could feel his cock with her hand as it entered her trembling little pussy.

She felt the broad, smooth cockhead pressing her cuntlips wider apart. She felt it sinking into her drenched pussy and, finally, she felt it nudging the tight cunt hole open.

As he sank all ten inches of his prick into her pussy, her hand dropped to his balls. She gently stroked the churning nuts, feeling them jerking in her hands. She could tell that her uncle had a huge load of cum just for her!

"How's that, baby? Your little cherry has just been popped!" Richard cried as he rested for a minute before beginning to fuck her.

"Ohhhh, Uncle Rich, it feels soooo good," Holly sobbed, clutching his broad, powerful shoulders and pulling him closer to her twisting, writhing body.

"Did it hurt you much?" he asked, turning on even more to her sexy movements underneath his body.

"Yes, it hurt like hell!" she said and they both laughed. "But I don't mind! I love it! Please fuck me, Uncle Rich! Fuck me as hard as you can."

His niece's words aroused the man to a fever pitch and he knew he couldn't wait any longer. Holly's tight cunthole was squeezing his cock so tightly that it felt as though she were going to pull it right out of his crotch!

Slowly, he pulled his prick almost all the way out of her slick cunt. Then, he plunged it back in again, as hard as he could, just the way she wanted it.

"Aieeeeeeee!" she yelled. "That's it! I love it! Fuck me hard, Uncle Rich! Fuck meeeee!"

At last, Holly had her uncle's cock buried in her pussy as she had wanted and needed for ever so long! Actually having him fucking her was turning out to be even more exciting than she had ever dreamed about. It was the most thrilling, ecstatic experience of her life and she knew she loved her, uncle even more than before because he was giving her indescribable joy and pleasure!

"Aaaaaaaaaah, Uncle Rich, sooo good, sooo good," she babbled over and over, humping her ass up from the lawn to meet her uncle's savage fuck-strokes.

She could feel his cock throbbing inside her pussyhole, and she felt as if she might pass out from the sheer pleasure of having her uncle fuck her.

Richard reached under his niece and helped to lift her ass up, licking and nibbling on the soft, white mounds of tit-flesh at the same time.

"Mmmmmm, you're a great fuck, honey! Really tight!" he groaned as he felt her strong cunt muscles clasping around his cock as he thrust it into her fuckhole. Then, after pausing for a brief, delicious second, she loosed her muscles and let him slide back out.

He dug his hard, strong fingers into her trembling asscheeks, holding her still as he brought his cock forward with quick, strong thrusts.

"Ahhhhhh, Godddd, sooooo good," the girl babbled over and over, thrilling to the erotic sensation of her uncle fucking her tight little pussy.

Gallons of warm pussyjuice trickled out from between her swollen cuntlips and dribbled obscenely down her quaking thighs after completely coating her uncle's cock.

"Ooooh, this is sooo great," Holly squealed, feeling even more tremors of excitement shoot through her wet pussy.

Richard began to fuck her hard and fast again. He knew that his climax was not far away and he longed to pump his load of cum into his niece's trembling pussy. He thrust forward and back with short, fast movements. Each time he let his cock go a little deeper, the rigid sides burning and bruising her tight cuntwalls.

"Ohh, Goddd, I have to come! Please make me come, Uncle Rich! Fuck meeeeee!" she cried, half out of her mind with lust.

"Your pussy is the best one I've ever fucked! It's so hot and tight and juicy, I love it!" Richard panted, thrusting his cock in and out of her pussy, feeling her strong cunt muscles hugging it tightly each time he entered her.

Holly humped her ass up off the lawn, fucking her pussy back toward her uncle's cock. Each time he thrust his hips forward she slammed her crotch up hard against his, mashing their crotch hairs together as they fucked harder and faster, straining for the orgasm that they both needed so badly now.

Richard lowered his head and let his tongue trail across the girl's bursting tits, her neck, her face, her belly. She moaned and tried to capture his tongue in her mouth when it licked near her lips. Finally she succeeded and they kissed again, more and more passionately as their passion rose to new heights.

Holly reached up and raked her long, sharp fingernails across her uncle's broad, muscular back as he continued to plunge his strong ass between her thighs. The juicy sound of their fuck session turned her on unbelievably and, finally, mercifully, the girl began to come.

She felt hot tingling sensations shooting out from her twitching clit. Then, it exploded, sending hot, erotic waves of pleasure through her entire pussy as she worked her hips feverishly, rubbing back hard against the stabbing friction of her uncle's fucking.

"Ohhhh! Ohhhhh! Commmmmiiiiinnnnngggggg!" Holly squealed as her orgasm reached its peak and her pussyhole released torrents of warm juices which immediately flooded her cunt and all but drowned her uncle's still-fucking cock.

She tossed wildly on the lawn, her breathing labored and harsh, her tongue hanging out of her slack mouth. Her swollen cuntlips squeezed down around the base of Uncle Rich's prick. He groaned and began to come.

"Oh, yeah, baby, squeeze my cock! I'm commmmmiiiinnngggggg!" he thundered as his bursting cock quickly shot out several large wads of thick, hot cum which splashed wetly into his niece's spasming pussy.

"Ohhhhh, yesssss, I love it! Your cum! I want it all! It feels sooo goood!" she yelled, feeling the jerking spasms of her uncle's huge cock that continued to fuck in and out of her cunt.

At last, the two lovers were satisfied and they lay peacefully in each other's arms. Suddenly, the girl though of something that concerned her.

"What about Aunt Laura? What would she do if she found out about this!" Holly asked, stroking her uncle's softening cock.

He laughed. "She'd probably want to join us!"

"What?" Holly cried, completely shocked. "Sure. Just like me, she's very liberal. Who do you think broke our son, Gary, in?"

"She fucked Gary?" Holly asked, her eyes widening with shock and excitement.

He shrugged. "Sure, and I think it's great. Like Laura is always saying, sex education begins at home!"

Holly smiled, knowing she had nothing to worry about. No one was going to stop her from having the best time of her life during these next few weeks.


Jeff stood at his bedroom window looking down into the backyard by the swimming pool where his sister, Holly, and their Uncle Rich were busily fucking each other.

"Lucky guy," he whispered into the stillness of the room as his hands strayed to his hardening cock, and he slowly began to jerk himself off. He was naked for, after taking a shower, he had been about to dress when he had seen a flash of movement, through his window. From that point, he had been unable to tear his eyes from the erotic sight of his uncle and sister fucking like there was no tomorrow!

As his cock grew harder in his hand, the teen suddenly realized that jerking himself off wouldn't do it this time. Oh, he could make himself come, but even coming wouldn't quench his desire now. He needed to get fucked. He needed to sink his big cock into a warm, wet pussy.

Sighing, he took his hand from his cock, resigned to walking around with a hard-on until he could get in touch with one of his girlfriends. He realized that he left his clothes, or some of them anyway, in the bathroom and would have to go back down the hall to retrieve them.

He wondered if he dared to walk out in the hall naked. But then he remembered that it should be pretty safe because his sister, Karen, and cousin, Gary, had gone off to the park on their bikes, and for sure, Holly and Uncle Rich wouldn't be coming up for air for some time! That just left Aunt Laura and he had no idea where she was. She's probably still downstairs, he thought.

He opened the door to his room and peeked out into the hall. It was empty. Coast is clear, he thought, laughing at his dramatics, as he walked down the hall to the bathroom, his naked, nine-inch cock swaying in front of him.

He thought about his uncle popping Holly's cherry, and he felt a savage thrill through his loins as he realized what this meant. Now Holly would let him fuck her! His cock grew another inch as he got more and more excited.

As he was about to pass the guest room where his aunt and uncle would be sleeping, he glanced inside and saw his aunt's underwear lying on the bed. With a quickening breath, he walked into the otherwise empty room and picked up his aunt's bra. As his hands explored the large cups, he realized that his aunt had really big tits, just like his sisters. He had just never thought about it before.

He caught his breath sharply as he picked up her sheer red panties. He had no idea she wore underwear like this. It was so sexy! He smelled the crotch of the panties and his loins caught fire as he breathed in the dizzying aroma of fresh pussy. It turned him on so much he literally swayed on his feet.

He closed his eyes and stroked his cock as he thought about his aunt in a way he had never thought about her before. And, suddenly, as her image came to his mind, the teen realized that she was really a very beautiful, sexy woman, and not at all that old. Why had he never seen that before?

Suddenly, Jeff heard a sound from the bathroom next door to the guest robin. Then, he noticed that the connecting door was partly open. Taking a deep breath, he moved toward the door and light beyond it, hoping against hope that he would see what he longed to see. Oh, let it be Aunt Laura, he said silently as he approached the door. Let it be her -- naked!

Laura licked her lips excitedly and stole a glance toward the bathroom mirror. She knew that her nephew, Jeff, was standing in the darkened guest room peeking through the partly opened door, and a twinge of sexual desire tingled through her pussy.

She had been hot for the teen for sometime now, and she sensed that he could really go for her, too, if she could just open his eyes! That was why she had deliberately left her underwear lying on her bed, and why she had left her bedroom door open. She had seen his clothes in the bathroom and she knew he would have to return, for them. She had been waiting impatiently, and now the moment was at hand. She could even hear his breathing growing more and more ragged and aroused with each passing minute.

She let her robe slip to the floor as she looked into the mirror and examined her beautiful, still-young, sexy, naked body.

She smiled at her reflection, realizing that she had nothing to be ashamed of. Her husband, Richard, had frequently complimented the woman on her youthful body and she knew it was true. Her eyes took in her trim waist, firm belly, and uplifted tits which were large and still very, very firm. Her hips flared out slightly in a womanly way, but that usually just turned on her lovers -- young and old. As she studied every detail of her lush body, she felt a thrill shoot through her pussy, knowing that her nephew was examining her body, too, from the other room.

With another smile, Laura turned and bent over the tub and turned off the water that had been filling it. She deliberately exposed the sexiest parts of her naked body to the guest room door where she knew Jeff was watching her, and she wondered, with a growing sense of excitement, just what his thoughts were, although she had a pretty good idea! She was tempted to suddenly throw the door open and pounce on him.

She was pretty sure she would surprise him jerking off his big cock, and she was growing more and more impatient to see just how big his prick was. But she was afraid of scaring him off. Besides, she reminded herself, one thing she had learned from Richard was that prolonging a fuck session just made it that much sweeter, and well worth waiting for.

Again Laura found herself wondering how big the teen's cock was. She couldn't expect it to be as big as her husband's huge ten-incher! After all, Richard's cock was a monster! But Laura had studied the bulge between the teen's legs, especially when he was wearing his tight jeans, and she was pretty sure that large cocks ran in the family. With a tremor, she thought of her son, Gary. That teen had an eight-incher, so she had high hopes for her nephew!

She poured a liberal amount of fragrant bath oil into the tub and then she straightened and ran her hands over the firm cheeks of her ass. Then she fondled her tits, moaning softly.

As she stepped into the steaming water and lowered her body down into the tub, she thought she heard an answering moan from the room beyond.

She sighed contentedly and lay back, enjoying the warmth of the water. She parted her legs and felt the hot water running up between her pussylips and the sensation excited her all the more.

She lifted her hands to cup her large tits and another thrill ran through her cunt as she rolled her big, hardening nipples between her fingers.

Richard had always accused his wife of being something of an exhibitionist, always loving to be looked at and admired. Laura smiled, knowing that he was right. For now knowing that her sexy little nephew was watching her every move, the woman was gradually being filled with a hot, rising lust which she knew could be satisfied only by fucking the teen!

From the doorway of the darkened room, Jeff caught his breath as his sexy aunt sank naked into the tub of steaming water. He groaned softly as she lay back and fondled her tits and his prick twitched hotly in his hands as he tried to imagine doing that to her. He could, almost feel her soft tit-flesh in his hands as he played with his bursting cock.

Laura ran her hands down her body and spread her legs even wider. She had heard that groan from Jeff and she knew she was really getting to the teen! She eased her middle finger into the warm folds of her pussy and began to stroke it gently. She knew that Jeff could see her beginning to finger-fuck herself and she shuddered with excitement, pretended that it was his hand on her cunt.

She thought briefly about her husband who had gone to swim in the pool with their niece, Holly. But, if Laura had read the girl's signs correctly, Richard was this very minute fucking the holy shit out of the blonde! She knew that Richard had been hot for their niece for a long time now. In fact, they had often talked about it, wondering if he would ever get a chance to fuck her.

Far from being upset about her husband's lust for Holly, Laura was excited by it. Theirs was an extremely liberal marriage and they had often taken lovers. As Richard had told Holly, Laura had even introduced their son, Gary, to the joys of sex. The only difference now was that they were sharing their love of fucking with other members of the family.

Thinking about her husband fucking Holly excited the woman so much that she almost came. But, she only hoped that they would have a very long fuck session, and not interrupt her and Jeff. Laura was convinced that she and her nephew were about to have a torrid fuck session. She had been a little unsure about that at the beginning, but she told herself that the teen would not still be watching her if he were turned off or frightened by what he was seeing. No, he was definitely very, very interested. She just had to play her cards right and soon -- very soon she hoped -- she would feel his big cock surging into her pussy.

She licked her lips sensuously and half closed her eyes. She tried to make out Jeff beyond the door, but she couldn't. But then, suddenly, she saw a flash of movement and she was pretty sure it was his hand moving feverishly over his cock, jerking himself off!

She settled deeper into the tub, knowing that her nephew was every bit as turned on as she was. God, the woman thought as her body trembled, what I would give for a big, stiff prick in my pussy right now! Laura stroked her twitching clit over and over, building to a climax.

Jeff continued to stroke his prick while he watched his Aunt Laura jerking herself off. He could hardly believe his own eyes. He was so excited that he had to keep taking his hand from his cock, allowing himself to cool down before resuming his prick-fondling movements. For the teen would have exploded in orgasm on the spot, and, as much as he would have liked to, he couldn't take the chance of his aunt hearing him and discovering him watching her. She would probably be furious!

Suddenly, Laura's entire body stiffened in orgasm and she cried out in hot-blooded relief.

"Ahhhhhhh!" the woman screamed as her climax crashed through her. The image in her mind at the peak of her orgasm was her nephew fucking into her pussy with his big, strong cock.

Jeff stifled a moan and turned away from the door. There was no way he could watch his aunt anymore, not without coming on the spot. Just as he turned away he saw her stand up in the tub and step out, wrapping a towel around her body. She started to move toward the guest room and, in a fit of panic, Jeff rushed into the closet behind the connecting door, afraid of being discovered.

The moment he stepped into the closet, just as Laura came into the bedroom, the teen realized his mistake. He was trapped now. He wouldn't be able to leave until his aunt left the room and there was no telling when that would be! He wished he had just run out of the room and back into his own room. He didn't know why he hadn't except that, maybe deep down, he still needed to have a glimpse of his aunt's gorgeous, sexy body.

He couldn't believe that he had actually watched his aunt while she finger-fucked herself to orgasm. He had never seen anything so exciting in his life, and just the thought of her finger flying rapidly in and out of her drooling cunt stiffened his cock so much that it now lay flat up against his trim tummy.

Laura lay down on her bed and spread her legs wide, knowing fully well that her nephew was in the closet, still watching everything she did.

She deliberately let the towel fall open, giving the teen a bird's eye view of her juicy cum. The sun shone in through the large glass doors that led to the patio, and the warm light bathed the woman's body, giving her an unreal glow that made her even more beautiful to the teen.

Laura's cunt tingled with excitement, and suddenly she knew that she couldn't wait any longer. She had to be fucked, and she had to be fucked right now! And, she thought with a smile, if she knew her teens, Jeff would be more than ready by now, too!

Watching his aunt from the confines of his hiding place in the closet, Jeff was turning on more and more. He could clearly see her furry cunt-mound, and he was practically drooling by now. He would give anything in the world to be able to fuck her!

Suddenly, to the teen's shock, he heard his aunt's soft voice shatter the stillness of the room.

"Jeff!" she called, beginning to stroke her damp pussy. "You can come out of the closet now. I know you're in there and I want you to fuck me!"


Laura was on her hands and knees on the bed, her mouth and nose pressed against the sheets, her ass wriggling lewdly in the air.

"You're really sure, Aunt Laura? I can fuck you in the ass?" Jeff's voice was ragged with lust.

Laura laughed at her nephew's words. "Not only can you fuck me in the ass, my dear, but I insist on it! Come on, Jeffy! Hurry up and stick that big gorgeous cock of yours up my ass! I'm really hot and I need a good ass-fuck!"

His aunt's words turned the teen on powerfully and he spread her lily-white asscheeks wide apart. He pressed the smooth head of his nine-inch cock against her small, puckered asshole.

"Ohhh, yessss, Jeff! Do it! Fuck your aunt's ass!" Laura cried. She was thrilled by the size of her nephew's cock. She had been right, after all, big pricks, did run in the Lawrence family!

She moaned with happiness as she felt the blunt cockhead pushing hard against her tight ass muscles. It filled her with a raw, hot pain-pleasure that thrilled the woman beyond belief.

She knew that this ass-fuck would be every bit as good for the teen as it would be for her. No matter how many times she got fucked in the ass, her strong ass muscles always seemed to return to their original tightness, and she knew that there was nothing a cock liked more than a tight little hole to fuck into!

"Unrrnhhh," Jeff groaned. He held onto his aunt's twisting body with one hand while he tried to fuck his big cock into her ass with the other.

"Jesus," he growled, "you're so fuckin' tight! This is gonna be great!"

"Go on, honey," Laura cried, beside herself with lust. She had to have this teen's beautiful cock in her ass soon or she would go mad! "Do it, honey! Don't worry about hurting me. Fuck me good and hard!"

Her tits were bobbing back and forth as she wriggled her ass furiously, their large nipples stiff and pointing toward the bed below.

His aunt's words filled the teen with a hot, raging lust that made him shudder with excitement. He fucked forward again, as hard as he could this time. His big nine-incher fucked into Laura's asshole with so much force that the woman was almost knocked flat on the bed!

The instant that Jeff's prick surged into her asshole, Laura's strong ass muscles tightened around it. It was an exciting sensation and turned the teen on all the more.

Jeff grunted and pulled his cock out just a little. Then he fucked forward as hard as he could, fucking his throbbing prick all the way up his aunt's tight, clasping asshole. His entire nine inches of cock were buried up her ass now. He was fucked into her to the hilt, his big, pulsing balls slapping lewdly against her lily-white asscheeks.

"Ohhh, yesss, Jeffy, that's it! That feels heavenly! Keep on fucking me, Jeff! Don't stop now!" the woman cried, wriggling her ass obscenely.

"Ummmmffff, you feel sooo tight, Aunt Laura! I love fucking your ass! I can't believe that you're letting me do this!" the teen cried, the veins of his neck standing out from the effort of ass-fucking his aunt as hard as he could.

She laughed hoarsely. "Let you? Honey, I'm so hot for your big cock that I would have raped you if you hadn't gotten with it!"

He laughed delightedly and pulled his cock out so that only his cockhead was buried in her asshole. Then he fucked his prick back in as hard as possible. He held her hips up as he fucked into her and stroked the soft, white assflesh as he continued to fuck into her.

"Ohhhhhhh, my Godddddd!" Laura shrieked. A red-hot pain throbbed and burned deep in her asshole, but she loved it. She was growing and moaning lustfully now.

Jeff tossed his head from side to side as he felt his aunt's hot, hard ass muscles squeezing his big cock. She was giving him the best damned ass-fucking of his life!

"That's it, Aunt Laura! Squeeze my prick!" he yelled. "You're fucking my cock so good!"

Every time he thrust his big prick into her tight little asshole, Laura concentrated on squeezing and pinching it with her incredibly tight ass muscles.

Over and over they repeated the same pattern -- Jeff fucked his cock in all the way up to his balls, then pulled his cock put as far as he could, then in again, and so an. Laura milked his prick with her ass muscles and shoved her ass back and forth in perfect timing with his cock-thrusts. She ground her asscheeks against his wet balls, which slapped lewdly against her ass crack.

Sweat poured down Jeff's handsome face and ran onto Laura's back and asscheeks as he fucked her harder and harder. Her face was red from exertion and excitement, and she could hardly breathe, they were fucking so fast and furiously.

"Ooooohhhhh, Jeffy, it feels soooooo good! Fuck me hard, Jeff! Fuck my ass! I love it!" the woman screamed, pounding her balled fists against the bed.

Jeff laughed. He had been afraid wouldn't be able to please the older woman, bit her cries of pleasure left no doubt in his mind that she was loving every second of this savage ass-fucking!

As he continued to fuck his big cock into his aunt's asshole, he reached round her and squeezed her big, bursting tits, feeling the pointed nipples stiffen even more against his hands.

Laura moaned aver and over with exquisite pleasure. Having her entire asshole stuffed to the limit with hot, hard cock-meat was one of the greatest joys in her life! She thought of the weeks ahead, weeks to be spent here with this sexy teen, and she shuddered with excitement.

Hot tremors of pleasure and lust burned deep inside her asshole, shooting all the way up her guts and past her firm tummy where they tingled and throbbed. By now her entire body was pulsating with a hot, relentless ecstasy and she knew her pleasure would only increase when she finally came.

Over and over, the woman contracted and relaxed her ass muscles as Jeff continued to shove his rock-hard cock in and out of her raw asshole, now slick with her ass juices and his pre-cum.

Suddenly Jeff's entire body tensed and his cock twitched violently. Laura knew that he was about to come and she longed to feel his hot cum pouring into her asshole.

"Yessssss, Jeffy, yessssss!" Laura yelled, half out of her mind with excitement as she waited to feel his jism burning into her guts. "Shoot it, Jeff! Shoot your wad up my ass! I need to feel it!"

Jeff was panting hard, his eyes glazed over with lust as he started to shoot his wad. "Commmmmmiiinnnggggg!" he shouted as several gushers of thick, hot cum sprayed from his prick and splashed into his aunt's tight I asshole, which was now spasming with her own orgasm.

"Ohhhh, yessss, Jeff, I'm coming too! Ohhhh, Godddd!" the woman sobbed with excitement as large waves of pleasure vibrated through the woman's pussy and ass as she came. She had never experienced such a powerful climax before and she knew that it was all the better because it was her own little nephew who was ass-fucking her and spilling his load into her asshole.

As her nephew's cum continued to shoot into her ass, the woman trembled uncontrollably and she came again. She thrilled to the feel of her nephew's foamy jism filling up her asshole and dribbling obscenely down her firm thighs.

"Oooooooh, Jeffy, sooooo good," she babbled incoherently as yet another spasm hit her, rocketing through her churning cunt.

Finally, their orgasms over, Jeff pulled his prick from his aunt's drenched asshole with a loud "pop", which made both of the lovers laugh.

Laura flopped over onto her back and her eyes widened at the sight of her nephew's cock. "Oooooh, Jeff, you're still hard!" She reached out and touched the still-hard prick, thinking that there was a hell of a lot to be said for youth!

"What do you plan to do with this hard cock now, Jeffy?" she asked, batting her eyelashes up at the teen kneeling between her legs.

"Gee, I don't know," the teen murmured, staring hard at her moist pussy. "Want me to fuck your pussy now?" He felt bold now, knowing that he had nothing to fear from his sexy aunt who was obviously as crazy about him as he was about her!

She smiled lazily, continuing to stroke his cock. "Yeah, that sounds pretty good, honey. But, first, I'd love to give you a tit-fuck! Would you like that?"

Jeff grinned with excitement. He had heard of tit-fucks but none of his girlfriends had ever done that for him, and the idea of his aunt's big tits fucking him to orgasm thrilled the teen so much he felt as if he would come again right then and there.

"Yeah, Aunt Laura! That would be great! Tit-fuck me!" he cried excitedly as he quickly straddled her chest.

Laura glanced down and saw her nephew's big nine-inch cock lying between her huge, fleshy tits. It was twitching slightly as though impatient for their tit-fuck to begin. She smiled as she scooped up her aching tits in her hands and neatly sandwiched her nephew's cock between them.

Slowly, she began to tit-fuck her nephew, rubbing her tits against his prick, the friction causing him to grow harder and harder.

"Mmm, that's great, Aunt Laura, but go faster!" the teen ordered, beginning to hump his cock between his aunt's big, throbbing tits.

Laura grinned. Now the teen was giving her orders and she loved it! She rubbed her tits faster and harder against the teen's big cock. She felt her cunt growing hot all over again as it poured out still more pussy cream.

Jeff moved back and forth on top of his aunt as he felt his come building. He loved the sexy feeling of his aunt's big tits on either side of his prick, rubbing away. And he loved looking down and seeing those big, blood-engorged nipples which were visibly pulsating.

By now Laura was rubbing her tits so hard against Jeff's cock that his prick was rubbing her tit-flesh raw. But she loved that too! She saw his cock twitch and jerk suddenly, and she knew he was about to come too. She grew more and more excited, longing to see and taste his beautiful cum.

"Oh, I'm gonna come, Aunt Laura!" Jeff suddenly cried.

"Ummm, good, Jeffy! Aim it toward my mouth! I want to taste your jism," she yelled as she opened her mouth wide and waited impatiently for her nephew's cum to fill it to overflowing.

She rubbed his prick faster and faster with her big tits, urging him to come. Her cunt continued to ooze out its hot thick juice, which was running down her legs now.

"Mmmmmm, hurry, Jeffy, hurry! I can't wait! I have to taste your cum! Shoot it all into my mouth, all the way down my throat!"

His aunt's obscene words took the teen over the edge and he came. He held his prick in both hands and aimed it at his aunt's wide-open mouth. He shot a huge, hot load of thick, white cum straight out his cum-slit and into her waiting mouth.

She swallowed it quickly, trying to take it all in as his prick kept pumping out more and more of his creamy jism. But she couldn't keep up with it all. After managing to swallow the first couple of wads, her nephew's cum began to spill out from between her lips and down onto her tits as she continued to swallow as much as she could.

"I love it, Jeff! It tastes soooo good! Keep shooting, honey!" the woman cried as her pussy exploded in another orgasm. She felt her rigid clit vibrate forcefully as her climax crashed through her, releasing still more pussyjuice which completely filled her pussy, ran lewdly down her legs, and fell onto the sheets below.

Finally, the teen's cock softened and he pulled back, sitting on his haunches, grinning down at his aunt. To his amazement, she reached out and scooped as much of his jism from her tits as she could, then stuck her cum smeared fingers into her mouth and sucked them hungrily, closing her eyes in pleasure.

"Wow, Aunt Laura! You are sure one hot little cunt!" he said, laughing as he patted her damp cunt affectionately.

She laughed too. "You got it, honey! Your aunt's cunt is always hungry for cock! You just be sure to get plenty of rest and take all your vitamins during these next few weeks 'cause I'm gonna keep you plenty busy! Now let's rest just a little while and then, if you're a real good boy, I'll let you fuck my pussy!"


While Holly was being fucked by her Uncle Rich, and Aunt Laura was having her hot pussy plugged by Jeff's big cock, Karen was at the nearby park with her cousin, Gary.

Even though it was a nice, warm day, they had the park pretty much to themselves. Karen felt a little shy around Gary because she hadn't seen much of her uncle's family for about a year or so. So, Gary was something of a stranger to the girl. And Karen hadn't been prepared for just how handsome her cousin had become.

As they sat on the lawn, talking and catching up with each other, the blonde could hardly keep her eyes off of Gary's strong, attractive body. He was remarkably strong and muscular. She felt her glance straying to the bulge between his legs, and she caught her breath sharply as she realized that he was probably really well-hung!

Karen was a virgin, but a very horny girl who was just looking for the right guy to end her virginal state. As she looked at her cousin's ruggedly handsome features, and strong, virile body, she couldn't help but wonder if Gary might be the one who would finally pop her cherry!

"Come on, Karen! Let's toss the Frisbee around for a while!" Gary suddenly cried, jumping up and running off a few yards, Frisbee in hand.

Karen welcomed the distraction. Maybe by playing Frisbee she would be able to take her mind off sex -- at least for a little while!

Karen and Gary tossed the Frisbee back and forth for a long time, each toss taking them farther and farther away from the main park area and closer and closer to the thickly forested woods that surrounded the park on three sides.

If. Karen had hoped that playing with her cousin for a while would take her mind off sex, she was sadly disappointed. All she had to do was watch her handsome cousin leaping high in the air, his muscles rippling as he caught the highly thrown Frisbee, and she was right back where she started -- longing to get fucked!

Suddenly, Karen tossed the Frisbee high in the air and it landed farther into the woods. She watched as Gary pounded down the dirt path to catch the Frisbee. She waited impatiently but Gary didn't return.

"Gary! Where are you?" she called out in the direction he had taken, but there was no answer.

As Karen walked down the path into the woods, she began to feel uneasy, but strangely excited, too. She had the suspicion that Gary could hear her, and that, for some reason, he was not answering her. She didn't know why, but she was growing more and more excited as she walked down the path, deeper into the woods.

From a nearby thicket of trees which hid him completely, Gary watched his sexy cousin as she searched for him, calling out his name from time to time. He thought how great she looked in her skimpy halter top and very short shorts. Her large tits were half-falling out of her top and the sight made the teen drool with desire.

He could feel his cock growing harder and harder as he watched Karen, and he finally admitted to himself that what he wanted and needed more than anything else in the world was to fuck his cousin! He just wasn't sure that she would go along with it, although he had learned an invaluable lesson from his mother a long time ago -- that every girl wanted to be fucked!

"Gary, answer me! Where are you? Came on, Gary! Please answer me! I'm getting scared!" Karen cried. She was deep into the woods now and growing more and more uneasy as an eerie silence closed around her.

Gary moved out into the path behind his cousin who had already passed by his hiding place. He grinned at the sexy flash of her long, slender legs, and at the sight of her trim, tight little ass, nicely molded by her tight shorts.

"Here I am, Karen!" the teen suddenly shouted, running after her.

"Oh, Gary, thank God!" Karen cried, whirling to face her cousin as he came up beside her.

"I'll give you the Frisbee on one condition," he said teasingly.

He was standing so close to her that Karen could feel his warm breath on her neck and she shivered with excitement.

"What condition?" she asked, smiling up at her tall, handsome cousin.

"I'll give you the Frisbee if you'll take your top off!" Gary said.

Karen blushed and her breathing quickened at her cousin's words. She hadn't expected this, but she was thrilled! Maybe, hopefully, he wanted to fuck her as much as she wanted him to!

"Sure, why not?" she murmured and quickly removed her halter top, throwing it carelessly to the ground.

Gary gasped. He hadn't thought it would be this easy! The sight of his cousin's big, bursting tits filled the teen with a raw, hot lust and he knew he would never be satisfied until he finally fucked her!

"Wow, you've sure got big tits!" he said, licking his lips excitedly.

Karen laughed softly. "Yeah? Well, you're the same age as I am! What do you have that's big?" she asked, her eyes unmistakably fixed on his bulging crotch.

Gary gasped again. There was no doubt what his cousin meant. Could he really be this lucky?

"Hell, I've got something that's plenty big, thanks to you, and I don't mind showing it to you!" he cried as he tore his jeans off, revealing his rock-hard, eight-inch cock.

"Oh, Gary!" Karen cried, reaching out to stroke her cousin's big prick. "It's sooo big and sooooo hard! Did I do that to you?"

"Damn right you did! You sexy little cunt! Well, come on, it's your turn! Take those damn shorts off or I'll take them off for you!" he shouted.

"You wouldn't!" Karen squealed, knowing very well that he would. At least, she hoped he would!

She began to run from him but he easily caught her by the arm and wrestled her down to the ground, tearing her shorts off with one violent jerking motion of his strong hands.

"No underwear, huh? You little slut!" he growled, thrilling to the sight of her naked, fuzzy pussy.

"Well, what about you?" she asked breathlessly. "You didn't have anything on under your jeans!"

"Yeah, well, I believe in always being ready!" he said, pressing her soft body against the ground with his own, hard body on top of hers.

Karen could feel her cousin's hard cock pressing lewdly into her thigh, and she shuddered with lust. They were both completely naked now, and both of the teens were growing hotter and hornier with every passing second.

"What... what about the Frisbee?" Karen asked, feeling stupid as soon as the words were out of her mouth.

"Fuck the stupid Frisbee! I like this game a lot better!" Gary said, stroking her big tits which were now heaving with excitement.

"Oh, me too, Gary, me too!" Karen cried as he pressed his mouth hard against hers and their tongues fucked at each other.

Moaning, Karen closed her eyes and wound her arms around his strong neck, pulling him even closer to her. They kissed again as Gary moved one hand down to her crotch and began to stroke her pussy mound.

"Ohhhh, Gary," she groaned, finally breaking their kiss. "Fuck me, Gary! Please! I need it so badly! I have to feel your big cock up my pussy!"

Her words were music to the teen's ears. Wow, his mother was really right, he thought. Not only was this little cunt hot and ready, but she was actually begging him to fuck her like a whore!

He grinned down at her, not saying a word, and Karen began to hump her pussy up against his hand, lifting her ass up off the ground.

She rolled her head from side to side and groaned with unbridled joy as she felt her cousin's hand pressing harder and harder against her drooling cunt.

Gary stared greedily at her naked cunt, his eyes glazing over with fuck-lust, his huge cock hardening so much more that it now lay up flat against his tummy.

Karen spread her legs wide and her hands shot to her cunt. She spread her swollen cuntlips apart, knowing that her cousin was staring at the wet, inner cunt-flesh.

"Fuck me, Gary! Fuck meeee!" she screamed, writhing on the ground in a fit of lust.

Gary gazed down hotly at his sexy little cousin as she twisted and squirmed with sexual need, begging him to fuck her. Her huge tits were visibly throbbing, and her big, reddish nips were pointing rigidly, straight up toward the sky.

Moaning with excitement, the teen fastened one hand to her cunt and rubbed it as hard as he could. Then he slipped his fingers between her spread pussylips and rubbed the wet, pinkish cunt-flesh.

"Ohhhh, yesss, Gary, feel me up! Rub my pussy!" Karen yelled, whimpering as her cousin continued to fondle her pussy, which was now wet with her rapidly oozing juices.

She seized his big cock in her right hand and rubbed it up and down, moaning with desire for her handsome, sexy cousin. Their mouths pressed together again, their tongues fucking hard against each other, their saliva mingling.

Karen's eager fingers ran up and down his stiff prick, lingering across the satiny, wet headed knob. While she kept stroking his big cock, Gary rubbed her twitching, hardening clit, feeling it stiffen against his hard touch. He tried to push two fingers up her cunthole, but the hole was too tiny. He could get only one finger up her pussyhole and he gasped with pleasure, realizing that his cousin must be a virgin.

"You still a virgin?" he asked, hardly able to talk he was so turned on!

"Yes, yessss, I want you to fix that for me, Gary!" Karen shouted, tossing her head from side to side.

"Ohhh, you got it, baby, I'll be only too happy to pop your little cherry for you!" Gary cried.

He had never fucked a virgin before but, according to his father, it was a rare treat. He felt a hot thrill invade his loins at the thought of fucking his big cock through his sexy little cousin's cherry pussy!

As Gary continued to ram his finger in and out of the girl's snug little cunt, her pussy muscles clenched and unclenched around his finger, pinching it tight. The teen moaned with excitement, realizing that soon those same muscles would be squeezing the holy hell out of his cock!

As her cousin continued to stroke her bursting clit, Karen shuddered and a low moan came up from deep in her throat, her legs thrashing wildly on the ground. Her climax was building and she could hardly stand the ecstasy that was racing through her entire body.

"Ohhh, Gary, your finger feels sooo good! It feels just like a little cock! I love it! My pussy is soooo hot!" she babbled over and over as her climax shot through her pussy, releasing tons of juice that immediately flooded her cunt, drooled out from between her swollen cuntlips, and dribbled obscenely down her firm thighs. "Ohhhh, ohhhh, Godddd, I'm commmmmmmiiinnnggg!"

"Way to go, Cuz! Come all over my hand!" Gary yelled, excited by the idea of his little virgin cousin coming all over his finger.

"Ahhhhhh, yesssss!" Karen screamed at the peak of her gigantic orgasm. She lifted her hips up high in the air, humping her cunt against her cousin's hand. His finger fucked faster and faster inside her pussy as she came hard.

Hot, fiery thrills shot through her cunt as she came. Her clit felt as though it had caught I fire, and it vibrated lewdly against her cousin's fingers. Her strong pussy muscles grabbed his finger and held it there until he yelled for her to release it.

Suddenly, she felt his warm, full lips on her nipples, his head moving rapidly from one tit to the other, sucking the throbbing rosebuds into his mouth as hard as he could.

Her twitching clit pulsed against her cousin's hand as her entire body shook with orgasmic spasm after orgasmic spasm. Up until now the only orgasms the girl had experienced were the ones she had given herself by finger-fucking her little virgin cunt. But, as good as they had always felt, they were nothing compared to the climax given by her cousin's finger, which was still fucking in and out of her spasming pussy.

It was so exciting for the teen to feel his sexy little cousin's wet pussy spasming around his fucking finger that he had to fight himself not to come. He longed to shoot his big, heavy load -- but not just yet. He wanted to save that for her pussy -- or her mouth -- or her asshole. He didn't care just so he got to shove his big cock up one of her tight little holes.

He finally removed his juice-soaked finger from her cunt and eagerly licked it clean while the girl watched him, moaning all the while. She put her own hands on her pussy, rubbing it hard. "Please don't stop, Gary! I need more! I just came once! Please make me come again!"

Grinning down at her, Gary rubbed her huge, swollen tits, rubbing and squeezing the pulsing tit-mounds. Then he lowered his face to her chest and greedily sucked her nipples into his mouth, as he had once before, thrilling to the sensation of her large red nipples throbbing against his tongue and teeth.

"Ohhhh, yesssss, Gary, feel my tits! I love it! It feels sooo good!" Karen cried, writhing on the ground in a frenzy of lust and excitement.

Watching his sexy little cousin fondling her own virgin cunt made the burning ache in the teen's prick grow even hotter. His eight-inch prick was throbbing hotly against his tummy, already drooling pre-cum. His balls were on fire, churning with his heavy load of jism.

Groaning, unable to wait any longer, the teen dropped to his knees between Karen's widely spread legs. The aroma of her virgin cunt struck his nostrils and filled his senses with its heady fragrance. He knew he had to eat her out. Then he would fuck her, just as she was begging him to do.


Karen gasped with excitement as she watched Gary lower his head toward her pussy. He was going to eat her cunt! She couldn't believe it! As badly as she wanted him to fuck her, she longed to feel his tongue licking her clit, stabbing into her virgin fuckhole.

"Ohhh, Gary, eat my pussy!" she cried, wrapping her slender legs around his waist.

She felt his strong hands sliding beneath her ass and gripping her ass cheeks, lifting her cunt-mound up to his mouth. She had never had her pussy eaten out before, but she had heard all about how wonderful it was and she could hardly wait!

She spread her thighs wide apart, hugged his waist hard, and humped her pussy upward. "Suck me, Gary! Suck my little cunt till I come!"

"I'll suck you all right, you little whore! I'll suck your pussy till I turn it inside out!" Gary growled, so turned on that he was literally shaking. He kissed the upper reach of the girl's pulsing cunt, his tongue wiggling around her tender clit. She trembled with fuck-lust.

"Ohhhh, God, that feels soooo good. Gary! Suck meeeee, Gary! Suck me till I come!" the girl screamed over and over, writhing wildly on the ground.

Hot tremors of pleasure spread through her cunt and her clit tensed and throbbed. She had had no idea that cunt-eating would feel this great! It was even better than she had thought and it thrilled the virgin to realize that it was her own cousin's mouth that was nibbling and licking and sucking her little cunt! The word incest sprang into the girl's mind, and she squealed with excitement, loving the idea.

As her cousin continued to lick her pussy, Karen's hands flew to her huge, throbbing tits, and she pinched the hard, pulsing nips as a pleasant, exciting glow spread throughout her entire body. She was so hot to fuck, she felt as if she were burning up!

Meanwhile, Gary had his own fire to deal with -- a hot, raging fire that ran through his loins, making his balls churn even more hotly, a heat that stiffened his prick even more, a heat that made his blood pound fiercely through his body. A fire that caused the teen to press his mouth even harder against his cousin's little drooling cunt.

He was used to sucking his mother off. And he had eaten the pussies of several of her friends. And, of course, he had a few girlfriends. But, because the teen was so sexually experienced, he was in much demand with the older girls. Usually his dates were with girls older than himself. And, just recently, he had enjoyed a torrid fuck session with one of his teachers! So, it was a rare treat for the teen to eat such fresh pussy and he groaned with the sheer pleasure of it.

He worked his tongue against her twitching clit, feeling it grow more and more rigid in his mouth. He licked it as hard as he could. Then, he wrapped his lips around it and sucked hard, finally nibbling on the love-button with his sharp teeth. He was putting all his cunt-eating skills to work, and they weren't lost on his cousin. She was a writhing, twisting, squirming mass of raw lust.

"Ohhhhh, ahhhhh, yesssss, Gary! That's wonderful! It feels so great! I love the feel of your tongue on my clit! Oh, Goddd, I need to come so badly! Make me come, Gary! Make me come!" Karen cried, tossing her head from side to side on the ground, her long, blonde hair spilling out, fan-like, on either side of her lovely, young face.

Gary knew that he could make the girl anytime he wanted to. But, he had learned from his mother how to play with a cunt, how to tease it mercilessly until the girl was half-mad with desire. Then, and only then, would he let her come.

Now, he removed his tongue from Karen's clit to her small, tight cunthole. As he stabbed her cunt with his tongue, he realized once again just how tiny her little virgin pussy was. He knew it would be hard to ram his big, eight-inch cock up her cunt, but he also knew it would feel terrific to both of them.

Although he was still very much in control, Gary was growing hotter and hotter, right along with Karen, as he continued to suck her pussy. The feel of her little wet pussy thrusting up against his face, the feel of her trim little ass trembling in his hands, and the way she was fondling and squeezing her own tits, all turned the teen on so much that he had to fight harder than ever not to come.

"Ahhhhh, Garrrrryyyy," Karen moaned.

She felt as though her cunt were on fire. Her pussy felt as though it was being turned inside out as her cousin sucked and tongued it. He had promised her he would turn it inside out, and now he was! His hard, hot tongue stabbing in and out of her clenching fuckhole felt the way she thought his cock might feel, only a lot smaller, of course! And that thought turned the girl on even more.

Karen thought about how huge her cousin's cock was, and she shuddered with excitement. She wondered if his eight-incher would have any trouble ramming up her tiny pussyhole. She hoped so! For the virgin had been told by her friends that it felt even better that way. She knew that her first fuck was bound to hurt some and she welcomed the idea. She wasn't a nut for pain usually, but her friends had told her more than once that there was no pain like the pain-pleasure that she would feel when her cherry was popped. They told her it was an exciting pain that would just make her want more. Karen trembled, remembering their wards.

With a constant groaning sound, Gary moved his tongue faster and harder, fucking his cousin's hot, clenching cunthole, lapping up the hot, sweet cunt honey that poured freely from her pussy, making her body jerk and dance like a fish caught on a hook.

He moved his tongue expertly back and forth from clit to pussyhole. He tongue-fucked her cunthole over and over, faster and faster, until he could see that she was about to come. Then, he slipped his tongue out and stabbed it hard against her clit, licking at the rigid clit flesh.

"Ohhhhh, Goddddd, Gary! Please make me come! I have to come! I'll go crazy if you don't make me come!" the girl cried, truly half out of her wind with lust and the need for an orgasm.

Gary realized that he would be going too far if he made Karen wait any longer. She had to come now or he might have a raving lunatic on his hands. Besides, he needed to come too. His throbbing prick reminded him of just how badly he needed his own orgasm. And he didn't want to come until he had his big, bursting cock buried all the way up her virgin fuckhole!

Karen was going out of her mind, crazed with the need to come. She tugged at her cousin's hair, fucking his face with hard, fast, brutal jerks of her hot, pussy.

Knowing that it would make her come, Gary tongue-fucked her cunthole as hard and as fast as he could, stabbing his tongue in and out rapidly, this time not stopping when he felt her about to come.

Suddenly, Karen's entire body tensed and she knew she was going to come. At last! She shuddered with delight and humped her ass even higher off the ground, allowing Gary's tongue to fuck even deeper into her trembling pussyhole as she came.

"Ahhhhhh, yesssss, Gary! Keep fucking my pussy with your tongue! I'm commmiinngg!" she yelled as, over and over, Gary fucked his tongue deeply into the virgin's hot, juicy cunthole as he felt the vibrations of her hard climax tingling obscenely through his tongue.

As her orgasm ended, Karen reached out and grabbed ahold of Gary's big, throbbing eight-inch cock. "Oh. God, Gary! Fuck me! Please, Gary! Pop my cherry with your great big, beautiful cock!"

"You got it, baby!" Gary yelled as he knelt between his cousin's beautiful, slender legs.

Karen could feel the broad head of her cousin's cock prying her swollen cuntlips apart and she thrilled to the sensation. Then, with a groan of passion, Gary slowly inched his huge throbbing prick into her cunt.

"Ughhhhhhh!" he grunted, nudging his cockhead in deeper. By wriggling his hips and shoving his cock into her pussy in a rotating, screwing motion, he was able to fuck his eight-inch cock in all the way up to her hymen.

"Ohhhhh, Gary! It hurts! Your cock's sooo big! Huffy up and pop my cherry! I can feel it stretching! Hurry, Gary! Don't worry about hurting me! I love it!" Karen cried.

Gary laughed, delighted by her words. He loved the idea that she was so horny, so turned on that she didn't even care how much it hurt her. It was good for the teen's ego to know that his cousin was that hot for his cock!

"You ready, Cuz?" Gary asked as he pushed his cock against her cherry.

"God, yes! Please hurry up and pop my cherry, Gary!" the beautiful teenager yelled, tears of frustration and desire beginning to trickle down her pretty face.

Gary leaned back as far as possible without pulling his prick completely out of his cousin's virgin cunt. Then, grunting like a mad beast, he quickly fucked forward, ripping through Karen's cherry.

"Aieeeeeee! Yesssssss! I can feel it tearing! Oh, God, Gary, you just popped my cherry! Ahhhhhhh," she moaned and sighed, thrilled to realize that her cousin had just popped her cherry at long last!

Gary powerfully drove his cock forward, burying all eight inches of hard, pulsing cockmeat to the hilt in Karen's small, tight pussy.

"Wow, are you tight! Feels great!" Gary cried as he wriggled his ass obscenely, trying to drive his cock even deeper into the girl's cunt.

"Ohhhhh, Gary, your cock's filling up my whole pussy! It feels soooo good!" Karen cried.

Gary trembled with desire and excitement. Now he knew what his father meant about the special excitement in fucking a virgin. He had never fucked a cunt as tight as this one. His big, hard eight-incher was surrounded and squeezed by wet cunt-flesh. Her pussy felt like a hot, wet hand around his prick, and he thrilled to the sensation.

He glanced down and grinned at the look on Karen's face. What he saw left no doubt in the teen's mind that the girl was enjoying the thrill of her lifetime! She was flushed and sweating, her eyes glazed over with the look of lust. Her large tits were throbbing, their big, rosebud nipples stiff and pointy. He could feel her cunt twitching around his cock as if urging him to continue fucking her.

Slowly, Gary began to fuck his virgin cousin, in and out, in and out. The feel of his huge prick fucking in and out of her snug pussy, his balls slapping against her asscrack, filled Karen with a hot, rising fuck-lust. She knew she would never be satisfied until she felt her cousin's jism overflowing her cunt.

"Goddamn, but you're tight, Karen! What a great pussy! I love fucking you!" Gary growled.

"Ohhhh, yessss, I love it, Gary! Don't stop! Keep on fucking me until you come! I want to feel your jism shooting up my little cunt!" she squealed.

His cousin's obscene words turned the teen on even more as he continued to fuck his big, thick, hard cock in and out of Karen's tight, clasping pussy. Her cunt was slick and juicy, drooling out streams of hot, creamy cunt sauce, coating his big cock-shaft.

Gary lowered his head and sucked a big, swollen nipple into his mouth. He could feel it throbbing hard, making his entire mouth vibrate, and he was excited beyond belief with the lewd sensation. He sucked the nip as hard as he could, even biting into it gently with his sharp teeth.

Then, still fucking her with a steady, relentless pace, he slipped his mouth off her nipple. And, crushing both of her large tits together in his hands, he sucked both of her visibly pulsing nips into his mouth hard, making loud slurping sounds as he wetly sucked and licked her big tits.

"Ahhhh, yesssss, Gary, suck my tits! It feels really good!" she yelled, reaching out and raking her long, sharp fingernails across the teen's chest, already broad and hairy.

Karen clenched her strong, tight cunt muscles hard around her cousin's prick each time it rammed into her virgin cunt. Then she unclenched her muscles, releasing his prick so he could pull out of her juicy pussy, only to fuck back in hard. And then again she clenched her pussy muscles around his cock.

Sweat dripped off Gary's face and chest, splashing obscenely onto the girl's tits and tummy, further exciting her until she felt she would lose her mind if she didn't come soon.

"Unhhhhh, yeah! You got it, little whore! You're such a slut, the way you're working your pussy around my cock! I love it!" he grunted.

Karen giggled, thrilled by his words. She arched her back violently and thrust her crotch up against her cousin's cock, meeting his prick with her wet, hot pussy. She wrapped her arms around her cousin, bringing him even closer to her, and raked her nails down his muscular back.

"Eeeeooowwww! You bitch!" he yelled, but secretly he loved it. She had no way of knowing, but his mother did the same thing when he fucked her, and it always turned Gary on even more.

When she arched her back, her cunthole opened up even more to her cousin's fucking prick. She felt his cock fucking into her all the way up her small, tight cunthole, his loaded balls slapping lewdly against her asscrack.

Karen moaned over and over and writhed on the ground, feeling hotter and hornier than ever before.

Gary panted as he continued to fuck his big, hard cock in and out of her torn, bleeding, juicy cunt. "You're a regular bitch in heat!"

His voice was ragged with lust and Karen heard it and turned on even more. Gary scooped his hands under his cousin's ass and lifted her hips.

The girl instinctively bent her knees and spread her legs even wider as she fucked her hips up, grinding her pussy hard against his cock.

"All riiight!" the teen yelled, delighted that his cousin, though a virgin, knew how to fuck back at his cock. It made their fuck session all the more exciting!

Gary lowered his head to Karen's chest again. He could see her tits literally throbbing with desire. He sucked on first one tit, then the other, noticing how flushed and firm they were. Back and forth he sucked her tits into his mouth in a sexual frenzy.

"Ohhhh, Goddddd, yessssss, Gary!" the girl cooed, humping her ass up off the ground and meeting each of his fuck-thrusts with one of her own.

Gary fucked his cock harder and deeper each time, feeling hotter than he ever had before. He knew he could come any second now but he wanted his cousin's virgin-fuck to last a long, long time. The fucking would be much better that way, more fun, more exciting, and hotter. It would be better for both of them. And then, when they finally did come, their orgasms would be all the better for it.

Each time Gary fucked his prick into his cousins slick cunt, she thrust her hips high up in the air, fucking back at his cock with her hot, drooling pussy.

"Jeeeeesus, Karen!" Gary groaned, panting hard with the excitement and exertion of his wild fucking. "You fuck like a whore! You sure you're a virgin?"

She giggled again, then moaned as large drops of sweat rolled off Gary's handsome face and splashed wetly between her huge tits. She scooped up the sweat with her fingers and licked it off, sticking her fingers into her hot, wet mouth. She glanced up and saw that her cousin was watching her and that he was turning on to her sexy actions. She smiled at him and he lowered his face and pressed his mouth against hers. Over and over again, the two teenagers kissed each other, more and more passionately each time, their tongues fucking hard at each other.

Karen lifted her ass high off the ground, keeping pace with Gary's violent fucking motions. She shivered and trembled with passion for her sexy, virile cousin. This fuck session was even better, more exciting, than all of her dreams about her cousin fucking her. She was so horny that she wanted him to go on fucking her forever and ever!

"Ahhhh, Gary," she moaned over and over as his huge prick fucked its way into her wet pussy over and over, bringing both of the hot young lovers closer and closer to orgasm.

"Oh, baby, I love fucking you!"

"Fuck me, fuck me, Gary! I need it so badly! Make me come! Fuck meeeee!" she screamed, aroused by his words. She tossed her blonde head back and forth on the ground, her long, silken hair spilling out on either side of her beautiful face.

Her obvious excitement turned the teen on with a savage intensity, and he began to fuck her harder and faster, no longer sure he could hold back.

"Damned right I'll fuck you, you little slut! You've been begging for my cock! Now take it and take it hard!" he yelled as he slammed into her so hard that her entire body was pushed violently several inches along the ground, and his cock almost slipped out.

The girl screamed as her cousin thrust his big cock into her pussy with such force that she felt herself scooting back an the ground. She could feel every inch of his thick, hard, eight-inch cock in her pussy and gasped with pleasure and joy, tossing her head back and forth, wriggling her hips violently.

She tightened and loosened her cunt muscles around his prick, squeezing his hard cock as he fucked deeper and harder into her cunt.

"Yeah! Squeeze my prick, baby!" Gary panted.

He fucked his cock in and out rapidly in long, powerful thrusting movements, teasing her small cuntlips and her rigid clit with each savage fuck-thrust. She moaned over and over as her ravaged cunt meat burned and throbbed.

No longer trying to hold back, Gary fucked his big, hard cock deeper and deeper into his cousin's cunt, sliding out, then fucking back in again, his tight, loaded balls slapping wetly against her asscrack.

"Aiieeee!" the girl cried as her climax began. Her eyes glazed over and she saw bright spots of color as her orgasm rushed through her throbbing cunt.

"Commmmmmmiiinnngggg!" she panted hoarsely at the peak of her orgasm. "Ohhhhh, yesssss, keep fucking meeeeeee!"

The fire of her first fuck-climax burned hotly through the girl's entire body, making her tremble and shudder on the ground. She had never experienced an orgasm like this in her life and it was more intense than anything she had expected, even in her wildest, hottest dreams.

She could feel her climax in every fiber of her body, as her cuntwalls contracted harder than ever with the tremendous force of the explosion ripping through her little, wet pussy.

Gary growled from deep in his throat, his hips pumping furiously. He lifted his cousin's hips high in the air and stabbed her pussy deeply with his bursting cock as he began to come.

"Ohhh, yessss, Gary!" Karen screamed, still coming. "Shoot it! Shoot all your jizz up my cunt! I need to feel it, Gary!"

Several large wads of hot cum gushed from the teen's twitching prick and splashed wetly into the girl's spasming pussy. Karen sobbed with joy and relief as she felt his cum burning into her cunt. This was what she had been waiting for!


"Fill my cunt, Gary!" Karen yelled. "Shoot your whole wad! I love the way it feels!"

She felt her pussy muscles spasm, then relax, spasm and relax, again and again, every time another wad of her cousin's thick, creamy cum shot into her cunt.

"Jeeesus Christ!" the teen growled as his cock continued to spray his cousin's cunthole with his jism. He had never blasted so much cum before, and he knew it was because of the savage thrill he felt fucking a virgin!

Finally, their orgasms subsided and they lay happily in each other's arms.

"Mmmmm, that was great, Gary! I chose a good cherry-popper!" she giggled.

Gary laughed and hugged her closely against his hard, muscular body.

"Wow!" the girl cried as she fondled her cousin's semi-hard prick. "Where did you ever learn to fuck like that? You're great!"

Gary flushed with pride. "I learned from a very special lady. Someone you know," he said mysteriously.

"Someone I know? Who?" Karen asked, confused. She couldn't understand how it could be someone she knew when she didn't know any of Gary's friends.

He chuckled and began to stroke the girl's big, firm tits. "Guess."

"Oh, come on, Gary," she said impatiently. "I haven't a clue. At least give me a hint."

"Okay," he said watching her closely. "It was someone in the family."

"What?" Karen cried, truly shocked. How could it be someone in the family? But even as she thought that, she felt a tingling in her pussy and she knew she was excited by the idea.

"Yeah, someone in the family," Gary repeated. "Not in your family, but someone in mine!"

Karen gasped. Since Gary was an only child, there was only one person in his family who could have fucked with him! "My God, Gary! You mean?"

He laughed. "Yeah, it was my mom!"

"My God! Aunt Laura?"

"Sure! She's a great fuck, let me tell you!" Gary said, turning on with the thought of his mother's sexy pussy.

"She must be if she's the one who taught you because you sure as hell know what to do with this big cock of yours!" Karen said, and they both laughed.

"You don't seem so shocked anymore," Gary murmured, still fondling the girl's tits. He noticed that her nipples had suddenly hardened and he had an idea that it was their conversation that was exciting the girl.

She laughed. "No, I guess I'm not. At first I was."

"Then?" Gary prompted.

"Well, then I thought about it and I realized that you and I are cousins and we just fucked and it was terrific! I kind of like the idea of family members fucking each other. After all, we all love each other a lot, so it seems kind of natural."

Gary nodded, glad that his cousin understood it so well. "Right. Nothing could be more natural."

"It's just too bad that my sister and brother don't know about this," Karen said, thinking about Holly and Jeff. "We could have a real ball these few weeks while mom and dad are out of town."

Gary laughed and tweaked her big, pulsing nipples between his hard fingers. "Oh, I wouldn't worry about that, little pussy. I think you'll discover that Jeff and Holly agree with your philosophy. If not now... eventually."

"What do you mean?" Karen asked, confused but excited by her cousin's words. "Holly and Jeff aren't like that at all. And I happen to know for a fact that Holly, anyway, is still a virgin. She and I talked about that just a week ago."

Gary laughed again. His cousin may have just gotten herself fucked but what she had just said showed the teen how innocent she still was. "Karen," he said patiently, "didn't you ever stop to think that a week ago you were a virgin, too? It doesn't take long to change that, you know."

Karen gasped. "You mean you think that Holly's not a virgin anymore?"

He shrugged. "I really don't know whether she still is or not. All I'm saying is that if she is, she won't be for long."

Karen moaned softly, feeling herself turning on all over again. She sensed that if they kept talking this way, before long, she would have to have another orgasm! She glanced down at her cousin's still-hard cock, which seemed to be growing harder and bigger before her very eyes, and knew she had nothing to worry about. If she wanted another orgasm, there was no doubt in the girl's mind that her cousin's prick would be more than able to give it to her!

"See, Karen," Gary continued explaining, "before we came here to stay with you guys, my mom told me that she had a real thing for your brother, Jeff. And she said that she was determined to find a way to get him to fuck her while we're staying with your family. She also told me that my dad has the same kind of thing for your sister, Holly."

Karen's hand flew to her mouth. She was genuinely shocked -- but also terribly excited.

"You mean that even while you and I are fucking each other, maybe they..."

"Sure," Gary shrugged again. "Why not? This very minute my dad could be fucking your sister's brains out!"

"Yeah!" his cousin cried excitedly, "and my brother could be shoving his big cock up your mom's pussy!"

"Yeah!" And both teens laughed, hugging each other very hard, turning on more and more.

"Now... are you gonna keep talking or are you gonna suck my cock?"

"Ohhh, yesss, Gary! I want to taste your big, beautiful cock! I want to feel your cum shooting up into my mouth!" The horny teenager wriggled her ass eagerly.

"So do it, baby," Gary murmured. Gary straddled his cousin's chest and, with an excited squeal, Karen lifted her head and opened her mouth wide. His cock was only an inch from her mouth now, but the teen didn't move any closer. She looked up at him questioningly and he grinned down at her.

"Lick it first, baby. Pretend it's an ice cream cone!"

Karen closed her eyes with a soft moan and flicked her tongue out across his broad, throbbing cockhead. The teen moaned and began to squeeze her firm tits.

"You got it, baby! That's it! Now, lick it! Lick my big cock!"

Karen licked faster, furiously, wanting to please her cousin. After all, she reasoned, he had just made her feel better than she ever had in her entire life! She ran her tongue around his entire cock, as far as she could reach. The tip of his prick-knob felt soft and satiny against her tongue and lips.

A drop of white pre-cum oozed from his cum-slit. Like ice cream, she thought excitedly, licking tip cum eagerly. His jism tasted very good to the horny girl, and her cunt grew hotter and began to tingle and itch with desire.

She couldn't wait to suck her cousin's cock. She loved his huge, stiff prick, and she longed to feel its warmth as his prick fucked down her throat.

Karen opened her mouth wider and gently took the head of Gary's aching prick into her hot, wet mouth, closing her lips tightly around the blue-veined cock. Her tongue pressed hard against his swollen cockhead and she could feel his prick throbbing harder and harder. She loved it!

"Now, suck it! Suck my cock, Karen! Hard, baby! Suck it hard till I come!"

Gary pressed his hand against the nape of her neck and pushed her head over his cock. She started fucking his cock, instinctively sucking in her cheeks so she could suck really hard. Both of the young lovers thrilled to the sounds of the girl's wet lips sliding over his cock, making wet, gurgling sounds that turned them both on even more.

Gary's cock tasted so good in the girl's mouth that her pussy was churning with fresh cunt sauce now. Pussyjuice flowed freely between her legs, completely wetting the insides of her thighs.

She forced her head closer to the curly bed of prick hairs, taking almost half of Gary's huge, pulsating cock into her mouth.

"Oh, yeah, baby! Yeah!" Gary groaned, humping his ass off her tits, fucking her mouth with his throbbing cock.

"Suck it now, Karen!" he begged her.

"Unnnhhh! You made my cock so hard! You're the one who made it so big and hard! Now suck me off and suck me good, you little whore!"

Her cousin's obscene words turned the girl on even more and she sucked harder. She could feel the knob of his prick against her throat, pushing against her tonsils. Her mouth felt stuffed with the thickness of his raw, hard cock-meat and she moaned obscenely around the full length of his thick prick rod.

"Ummmmmfff," she moaned around the thickness of the cock now pulsing hotly in her mouth. She began to suck his prick just as hard as possible, unable to control her own rising lust.

"Suck it, Karen! Suck my prick hard, baby!" Gary begged. "Oh, hell, I'm gonna come any fuckin' minute now! Suck meeeee, you little bitch!"

Karen closed her fist tightly around the base of her cousin's cock. She sucked more of his cock down her throat. Then, dropping her other hand between his thighs, she cupped the hairy sac of his churning balls, stroking them gently. She was sucking his cock so hard now that her cheeks were working like a bellows, puffing in and out, increasing the hot sucking action.

"Awwwwww, yeah, baby! That's sooooo good! You really know how to suck cock! I'm gonna pop any... commmmmiiinnnggg!" Gary screamed, humping his ass violently off her chest.

Karen was thrilled that her cousin was coming. As much as she loved the sensation of sucking him off, she wanted even more to taste his jism!

Gary's prick swelled to absolute stiffness, throbbing violently deep down in the girl's sucking throat. Then the hot, white cum exploded from the tip of his soft, silken cockknob. The gushers of cum squirted in a steady, consistent rhythm from his burning cock, pumping into Karen's throat and down into her belly. She tried to swallow every precious drop of his jism, but she couldn't. His thick cum burbled out from between her lips and ran lewdly down her chin.

As her cousin pulled his still-hard cock from his cousin's mouth, she moaned with a mixture of pleasure and disappointment that it was over. And suddenly, she felt her pussy spasming with her own orgasm.

Waves of pleasure shuddered through her tingling pussy as she came hard, her orgasm made even harder by the delicious-tasting jism still running down her throat. The tangy taste of her cousin's warm, frothy cum thrilled the girl so much that her climax was even more intensified, jolting her powerfully as if a thousand volts of electricity were running through her cunt!

Finally their orgasms ended and they warmly embraced each other, their mouths quickly touching, their tongues fucking at each other.

Karen was the first to break away. "Ohhhh, Gary, that was soooo great! I love it! I love sucking your cock! And your cum! Oh, God, your cum tastes great!"

"Yeah? Well, then, how would you like another cuntful of the stuff?"

"Really?" the girl squealed as if he had just offered her a million dollars. "You'll fuck my pussy again?"

Gary laughed hoarsely. "Hell, Karen, we've gotta do something about this, don't we?"

The girl saw that her cousin was gesturing toward his cock, which was rock-hard once again. She laughed with excitement.

"Oh, yessss, Gary! We've gotta do something about that right away," she said, spreading her legs wide in an unmistakable invitation for him to fuck her pussy.

"No, baby, we already did it that way. Let's try it dog-style this time, okay?"

"Okay!" Karen answered, hoping that she would be able to do it right.

Gary helped his cousin get up on her hands and knees on the leaf-strewn forest ground in the classic position for dog-style fucking.

Just like most things, his mother had taught him all about dog-fucking. He had learned from her that, when you were super turned on, or when your cock got so hard it just wouldn't go down, dog-fucking was especially exciting because it allowed the cock to fuck so much deeper into the cunthole.

The teen licked his lips excitedly now, thinking about what his cousin's tiny pussy would feel like wrapped around his big, bursting cock.

"Ohhh, hurry up, Gary! Fuck my pussy! It's so hot! It's on fire and it needs to be put out by your cum," girl said, giggling at her own wit.

Gary looked down at her sexy ass jutting out invitingly, and he felt his cock harden even more at the thought of fucking that sexy piece of pussy. He could smell her aroused musk wafting out to his nostrils and he breathed hard and fast, hardly able to restrain himself.

Gary aimed his hard, eight-inch cock at his cousin's small, pinkish cunt, which was already throbbing and twitching visibly beneath her lily-white asscheeks.

He gripped her soft ass in one hand and held it tightly. Then he placed the huge knob of his cock against her hot, throbbing cuntlips, which were already swollen with passion. Then, without warning, he suddenly lunged forward, shooting his cock far inside the girl's greedy pussy.

"Ohhhh, Gary! It feels soooo good! It's heavenly! Your cock's sooo big! It hurts! It's sooo hard! I love it!" she babbled incoherently.

He held his cousin's silky asscheeks tightly in his hands and worked his huge prick in inch by inch, deeper with each thrust. "Oooooh, baby, your cunts sooooo good and tight! Feels fuckin' good! Damn, I love fucking you!"

Karen's ass was trembling with excitement now, and it was all her cousin could do to hold her still while he continued to guide his huge prick into her gaping, wet pussy.

"Ohhhhh, I love it, Gary! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Fuck me fast! Fuck meeeeeee!" she cried.

Gary shoved his prick as hard as he could, fucking it deep into his cousin's cunthole. Her cunt muscles were already busy at work, squeezing and milking his big prick.

The teen felt a hot thrill as he watched his cousin's slippery cunt eagerly swallowing up his cock. He began to fuck her pussy harder and harder, faster and faster. He could feel her cunt sucking at his prick, begging it to come, to spill its heavy load into her pussyhole.

Karen closed her eyes and thrust her ass back to meet her cousin's rock-hard cock. While her cousin continued to fuck his prick in and out of her dripping pussyhole, Karen moaned and tossed her head back wildly.

"Ohhhhhh, Gary, I'm commmiiinnnggg!" she yelled loudly as gigantic waves of hot orgasm swept over her trembling body. Still coming, she ground her naked ass against her cousin's hairy crotch, squeezing every bit of pleasure that she could from her climax.

Gary stopped his fucking motions, letting his cock rest in Karen's pussy while she came. He wanted to feel her cunt spasms vibrating against his prick. And he was pretty sure that if he continued to fuck her while she came so violently, he would grow too excited and come, too, and he intended to make this fuck session last longer than that!

"All right, Cuz! Come hard! Shake that ass! I can feel your juice pouring over my cock! It's great!" he cried.

Her cunthole was pouring out gushes of fuck-juice, which streamed over the length of her cousin's cock. She swung her ass furiously, still spasming hard with orgasm. She was bruising her cunt as she brutally fucked herself on his prick. She knew she would probably be as sore as hell the next day, but right now she didn't care at all about that. All she cared about was fucking, fucking, and more fucking. And coming, coming, and coming again!

"Oh, Gary, shoot your cum! I want to feel it up my pussy!" she yelled, pounding her fists on the ground in a frenzy of sexual frustration.

"Not yet, little whore, not yet! I'm gonna make you so hot for my cum, you'll be half mad by the time I finally unload in your pussy!" he yelled, grinning as he realized that she was almost half-mad now!

He continued to fuck her again, shooting his cock up her small, tight pussyhole in a steady, powerful rhythm while she went on crying, begging him for his jism.

The horny blonde thrashed and wriggled her hot cunt in a frenzy on her cousin's pumping cock. She screamed with wild fuck-lust, clenching her tight pussy muscles around his big cock. Even though site had just had an orgasm, she was already at another peak of sexual excitement, cunt honey dripping out of her hot pussy, her naked ass bouncing madly in Gary's eagerly grasping hands.

"Ohhhh, Gary, it feels sooooo good! Your cock is soooo big! And sooooo hard! Fuck me with it! Fuck me hard! Fuck meeeee!" she yelled, tears of lust pouring down her face.

In a fit of hot passion, the girl slammed her pussy back on her cousin's thick cock as he continued to fuck her with slow, steady fuck-strokes, knowing that the longer he delayed his orgasm, the more cum he would have to shoot up her little pussy. He was doing the little cunt a favor, he thought, if she only knew it!

Streams of sweat, trickled down his muscular, hairy chest as Gary fucked her forcefully, his thick, long cock piercing Karen's incredibly tight cunt. He could feel her boiling cunt sucking hard at his prick and he groaned with forbidden pleasure. He had never fucked such a greedy, horny little pussy in all his life!

"Ohhh, please, Gary, please shoot your cum up my cunt! I need it soooo bad! Don't do this to me, you bastard! I have to feel your jism! Please give it to me, give it all to me, Gary!" the girl cried, desperate for her cousin's cum.

Karen's obscene words thrilled the teen beyond belief and he knew he couldn't hold back any longer. He had to come!

"Okay, you little slut! You want my cum? Well, you've got my own! Take it all and enjoy it, you stupid little whore!" he growled, hardly knowing what he was saying as his hot jism spattered thickly into the silken walls of the girl's spasming cunt.

Karen loved the way he talked to her. Somehow, his lewd words and the names he called her made her feel even more excited. She screamed in triumph as she felt her cousin's thick cum shooting into her twitching pussy.

"Ohhhhhhh, yesss! Shoot it all, Gary! I want it all! I need it all! I love hall! Your cum feels so hot and thick in my pussy! God, how I love it!" she shrieked as she thrashed her ass around wildly, her pussy muscles clamping down hard around her cousin's prick.

Hysterical with the thrill of feeling Gary's cum filling her pussy, Karen began to come, too. Her lovely face contorted with pleasure and relief as she felt her powerful climax smashing through her entire body.

And, still, Gary kept shooting more and more jism up her pussy. It completely filled her cunt, dribbled out from between her puffy cuntlips, and trickled down her slender thighs in warm, thick streams.

Karen was still coming, unable to stop the relentless waves of hot orgasm which washed over her again and again and again.

Gary grinned as he continued to come, thrilling to the feel of his cousin's pussy spasming in orgasm around his cock. He knew that he had been right. He was giving her the best fuck of her life and he knew that she would never forget it.


The following day found the entire family out by the pool. It was a hot day and they had long ago discarded their bathing suits. As they skinny-dipped, they found excuses to brush up against each other, fondling a tit here, a cock there.

Their watery sexual play turned them all on and, gradually, they began kissing and hugging each other, breaking off into natural pairs.

Soon, Aunt Laura and her son, Gary, wandered off into the house where they could be more comfortable in one of the bedrooms. Next, Uncle Richard and his niece, Karen, walked off into the grove of trees near the pool.

That left just Holly and her brother, Jeff. The girl giggled self-consciously and blushed as she saw her brother looking at her meaningfully.

"Hey, look, Holly!" the teen said. "Karen and Uncle Rich must really be going at it!"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, look! You can see the bushes shaking like crazy!"

Holly looked and saw that her brother was right. She blushed again and they both laughed.

Jeff swam over to his sister and stroked her big tits through the cool, green water of the pool. "Hey, what are we waiting for, Sis?"

"What do you wean?" she asked coyly, even though she knew exactly what he meant.

Jeff laughed. "Oh, come on, cut the crap. I saw you and Uncle Rich out here the other day."

Holly gasped. "You did?"

"Yeah, I did. So don't play the virgin with me. I know that he popped your sweet little cherry. And you remember what you told me, don't you?"

"What did I tell you?"

"That once he fucked you, it would be my turn!" Jeff made a grab for the girl but, laughing delightedly, she swam quickly away and clambered out of the pool.

Jeff chased her and caught up with her on the lawn right about where their uncle had fucked her. He tackled her, sending her sprawling onto the ground. He threw his body on top of hers and pressed his mouth against hers.

Moaning with desire, the girl no longer fought her brother. She returned his kiss, fucking his tongue with hers, their saliva mingling.

"Mmmmm, Jeff," she murmured as they broke their kiss.

"So, what's it to be?" Jeff asked, stroking her tits.

"What's what to be?" she asked, confused.

"You're not gonna make me wait any longer. I've been hot for your body for a long time now. I'm gonna fuck you, just like you promised."

"Oooh, Jeff..." The girl was growing more and more excited with his every word.

"So..." he continued, "the only question remaining is how we should do it. How do you wanna fuck?"

"Can we fuck with me on top, Jeffy?" she asked shyly.

The teen grinned broadly. "You sure as fuckin' hell can, baby!" he laughed, rubbing her big tits harder as he felt his big cock harden in anticipation.

Jeff lay down on his back and his little sister eagerly squatted over his hard, muscular body, her little juicy cunt mere inches from his throbbing nine-inch hard-on. Sighing happily, she reached down and grabbed his big prick with both hands while slowly lowering herself over him.

The beautiful blonde fitted the large, throbbing cockhead right up against her hot, tight cuntslit, spreading her knees wide at the same time.

Jeff moaned and stared up at his lovely sister as though he were mesmerized. God, but his sexy little sister was such a turn-on, he could hardly stand it! He saw her eyes glaze over with a hot, lewd look of fuck-lust as she worked his wide cockhead more firmly between her cuntlips. Her pussy held his prick so tightly he had all he could do not to shoot off right then and there!

Suddenly, with a broad grin at her brother, Holly jammed her small, tight cunt down hard on Jeff's big, throbbing cock. He jerked with shock and lust as he felt his prick plunging deeply into the girl's wet cunthole.

Holly threw her head back and groaned. She had never felt anything so delicious in all her life as her brother's big cock completely filling her pussyhole with nine rigid inches of hot cock-meat.

She sank farther down on his stiff cock until her swollen pussylips were crushing the base of his cock. At last, she had her brother's cock all the way in her pussy!

"That's it, baby! Now, fuck me! Fuck your big brother, Holly!" Jeff yelled.

"Ohhh, yesss, Jeffy, I'll fuck you! I have to fuck you! I'll fuck your brains out till you pour your sweet cum up my pussyhole!" Holly shouted, her lust-glazed eyes rolling back in her head. Her pussy felt so exquisitely full with her brother's nine beautiful inches of hot, throbbing prick. She had never felt so good or hot or excited in her life!

"Mmmmmmm, your cock is the best ever, Jeffy! It feels soooo good in my cunt! I just love it!" the girl groaned.

She continued to work her cunt up and down her brother's big cock-shaft. She raised herself almost completely off his cock, then she lowered herself again until it was completely buried in her hot quivering pussy. Over and over, she fucked herself with her big brother's prick, feeling her orgasm growing.

Her pussy gushed out a flood of hot pussyjuice which oozed out her flowing cunt and trickled down her legs. Her brother's cock was slick with her fuck-juices as she continued to pump his big prick in and out of her tight pussyhole.

"Ohhh, yeah, baby, you're doin' great!" Jeff yelled as he reached up and pinched her big, throbbing nipples, making them even harder and more pointy.

By now, Holly was humping up and down on Jeff's cock like a smoothly oiled fucking machine. As she fucked her cunt downward, Jeff lifted his ass up off the ground and slammed his crotch against hers.

Holly clenched and unclenched her cunt muscles as hard as she could, hugging her brother's prick to her cunt tightly, thrilling them both more and more.

"Oh, Jeff, fuck me, fuck me!" Holly cried, rapidly shoving his huge cock in and out of her twitching pussyhole.

"Yeah, Holly! Fuck my cock! Ram that hot little pussy of yours over my prick!" Jeff yelled, humping his ass even higher off the ground, grinding his crotch against hers harder and harder with each fuck-thrust.

His cock twitched and burned inside his little sister's hot pussymeat, about to come. Her cunt slammed up and down on his cock, fucking him over and over, more and more brutally with each cunt-thrust of her crotch.

The teen's balls began to tighten and he groaned aloud, jerking his ass off the ground savagely, digging his fingers into the girl's tits as he humped back against her fucking thrusts.

With each downward fuck-thrust of her tight cunt, he shoved his bursting prickshaft up into her pussy. Finally his hot cum blasted into her wet pussy, spurting into her tight little pussyhole in thick, creamy spasms.

Holly all but lost her mind when she felt her brother's scalding blasts of jism deep inside her cunt. It was better than she had expected, and she loved it.

And it made her come hard. Her stiff clit pulsed hotly against her brother's spurting cock, which was still pistoning inside her pussy as she came. Gallons of hot pussyjuice poured from her cunt and flooded his cock, mingling with his thick cum.

As Holly and Jeff continued to come, they pressed their lips together and mashed their tongues against each other, tongue-fucking each other's mouth over and over. The air around them was filled with the musky odor of cum and pussyjuice, just turning the two teenagers on all the more, prolonging their orgasms.

The instant the girl's climax ended, she slipped her juicy cunt off Jeff's jerking cock and, throwing herself down across his thighs, she eagerly sucked his prick into her mouth, licking all the cum from his still-hard cock.

"Oh yes, baby! Suck it! Suck my cock!" Jeff called out, still humping his ass off the ground, this time feeding his cock to her hungry mouth.

Moaning with excitement, the blonde ran her hot, wet mouth over his entire prick while he squirmed around on the ground, trying not to come again too fast. She sucked his cock in as hard and far as she could, nibbling on the sides of the pulsating cock-meat.

"Suck harder, cunt! Suck me till I come!" Jeff ordered.

His words turned the girl on all the more and she sucked more and more of her brother's prick down her throat. While she sucked him off, he ran his hands all over her beautiful, lily-white ass and as much of her titflesh as he could reach.

Holly felt Jeff's prick strike the back of her throat, and she began to deep-throat him. She swallowed hard, feeling his satiny cockhead slide easily down her throat. She sucked and sucked and swallowed hard, forcing even more of hot throbbing cock down her throat. She couldn't wait to feel his cum filling her mouth and shooting into her hungry belly.

When she had swallowed so much of her brother's cock that her nose was pressing against his nuts and her mouth was brushing his curly prick hairs, she began to tense, then relax her throat muscles, giving Jeff the best head possible.

"Ohhhhhh, Holly! That feels terrific! So good! What a great little sucking mouth you have! Feels almost as hot as your cunt!" Jeff cried, still rubbing her ass and tits as he continued to hump his ass off the ground.

Holly continued to suck hard on her big brother's cock, deep-throating him expertly. She clenched and unclenched her strong throat muscles around his big prick. She loved the feel of his wandering hands on her trembling ass and heaving tits. It just excited her more, making her suck him off even harder and faster.

Jeff's prick twitched and jerked and he knew he was about to come. He could feel his sister's throat muscles working brutally on his savagely pumping shaft, trying to milk the cream from his cock.

Holly was making loud wet, slurping sounds as she sucked on her brother's cock, and the noise turned them both on more than they would have thought possible. And knowing that, while Holly sucked her brother off, their uncle was fucking their sister, and their aunt was fucking their cousin, just made them hotter and hotter.

"Suck it, baby!" Jeff cried, half out of his mind with lust. "Suck that cock!"

Holly felt her brother's prick jerk violently and she continued to work her throat muscles around it, clenching, then unclenching, urging him silently to come.

As Holly continued to suck his cock, she swirled her tongue around it as her head bobbed up and down, faster and faster as both of the teens neared their orgasms.

Jeff groaned a long mournful sound and moved his hips frantically, humping his ass up more and more violently from the ground, needing to come. He couldn't wait to pump his huge load of cum into his horny little sister's waiting mouth.

"Ohhhhhh, Holly... Holly..." he chanted as she cupped his heavy, churning balls, rotating them in her palm.

She was sucking her brother's big cock faster and faster now, feeling it bounce off the roof of her mouth, stabbing into her throat deeper and deeper as it sought more depth and heat. His grunts and groans and squeals of joy were music to her ears as her pussy oozed out more and more of her hot cream.

"Ohhhhh, Holly, that's soooo fuckin' good! Suck me off, Holly! Make me come! Suck meeeee!" he shouted, his handsome face contorted with passion and lust as he strained for release.

He fucked his sister's mouth, pumping his prick hard and fast in and out of her mouth. The girl was overcome with a hot, raging lust as her brother's prick swelled even bigger in her eagerly sucking mouth. Her hot cuntjuice overflowed her pussy and began trickling down her legs. She longed to feel her brother's cum filling her entire mouth.

"I'm almost there, Holly! Suck me haaard! Eat me, Holly!" the teen yelled.

His cock thrust upward, pushing her mouth down tighter over his aching prick. She sucked harder and deeper on his cock-shaft as he moaned over and over. She massaged the teen's balls and bit the fleshy part of his aching prick.

"Ohhhhh, that's soooo great!" Jeff yelled as he dug his fingers into her hair, pushing her mouth down even farther over his cock. His entire body tensed as his prick exploded in his little sister's mouth. "Coooommmmiiiiinnnnggg!"

The long-awaited white cum exploded from his cockhead, shooting in a gusher into the girl's sucking mouth. Another thick, hot gusher of jism shot down her throat and splashed into her belly, filling Holly with a thrilling pleasure as her own orgasm began.

Spurt after spurt of jism shot into her mouth, slid warmly down her throat, and spilled into her tummy. At the same time her pussy spasmed in orgasm, sending wave after wave of raw, hot, forbidden ecstasy washing over the girl.

She tore herself away from her brother's jerking prick and threw herself back onto the ground, her hands clawing at her pussy as she continued to come.

Jeff grinned, watching her, and stuck two fingers of his right hand up her aching cunthole. He could feel her pussy muscles immediately clasping themselves around his fingers and his cock stiffened again with desire.

"Just think," Jeff panted, still fingerfucking his sister's orgasming pussy, "if we've already had this much fun with Aunt Laura and Uncle Rich as chaperones, just think what lies ahead for us, Sis!"

Her brother's words intensified her orgasm to such an extent that the girl fixed her eyes on him for a second, moaned loudly, and passed out, a smile of fulfillment on her beautiful face.


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