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Of all the social institutions which have had to endure change and weather criticism, the family concept is, perhaps, the most pronounced. Subjected to the undermining forces of alcoholism, the use of drugs and marijuana, and the advent of mate-swapping, the family unit has undergone immeasurable challenge in the wake of social advancement.

This is the story of how some people adjust to the liberated moral standards with the family unit. Beset by such common problems as divorce, jealousy, age differences, and unfaithfulness, the characters in this story find an unusual solution to their dilemma. Their method, that of incest, may well be considered unusual or shocking, but it is nonetheless successful.

TWO NAKED HOT MOMS -- a novel of fiction for entertainment. A reminder that what is debased and perverted for some may well be normal for others.


"No, Donald!" Vivian cried, pushing her son roughly away. "For God's sake, stop that! You can't just fuck your own mother!"

Blonde, stacked, thirty-five-year-old Vivian Cole was sprawled on the living room couch, her big tits nearly bursting out of her lacy black bra, and her luscious thighs naked to her panties. Her horny eighteen-year-old son, Donald, was sprawled on top of her, shamelessly squeezing her tits with one hand while trying to finger-fuck her wet pussy with the other.

"Donald, no!" Vivian batted her son's hand away as he nearly succeeded in working a finger inside her filmy panties. She cast worded eyes at the light shining from the upstairs hall. "You're going to wake them up, Donald! Oh, for God's sake, what if they catch us?"

Donald was too hungry for pussy to heed his mom's warning. All he had on were his pajama bottoms, and his hard cock throbbed violently.

He pushed his mother's hands back long enough to pop open the front clasp of her bra. Vivian's large, creamy-white, stiff-nippled tits jiggled out. Donald moaned as he lunged at her tits, wrapping his lips around one stiff nipple.

"Unnghh! Oh, Donald, stop!" Vivian shuddered as she felt herself weakening. Dazedly she looked down at her son, at the lips compressed wetly around her silver-dollar-sized nipple. "Oh, baby, no! Don't suck Mom's titties. What if they came down and catch us?"

Donald just sucked her big juicy tit harder than ever, sending waves of fuck passion shooting through his mother's body. Vivian gradually felt herself relaxing on the couch. Her long, sandy-blonde hair covered her shoulders. Her pussy throbbed urgently under her panties.

It was after midnight. Vivian guessed that Lana and Richie were fast asleep by now. She knew she could probably get away with giving in to her son's desires, but even the slight possibility of being caught was terrifying. There was no way she could explain such incestuous fucking to her childhood best friend.

Vivian and Lana had grown up together in a small town in the south, remaining inseparable until their marriages had separated them. Vivian had married, given birth to Donald, divorced and retired to a pleasant life as a single mother with a generous alimony check.

Lana's husband, on the other hand, had died in a tragic car accident only a month ago. The next day Vivian had heard from her former best friend for the first time in years. Would it be all right, Lana had asked tearfully, if she and her own son Richie came to stay with Vivian for a while?

Vivian had agreed immediately. Lana and Richie had now been living with Vivian and Donald for two weeks. There were no problems, except one big one.

Ever since the divorce, an increasing amount of sex play had developed between Vivian and her son. It had seemed harmless at first, but it wasn't harmless anymore. Tonight Donald obviously wanted to fuck her, and Vivian was beginning to wonder if she had the willpower to stop him.

"No, Donald!" Vivian gasped, trying to push his mouth off her straining nipple. "No, Son, don't you dare touch my pussy! Ungghh! Get your hands out of my panties, Donald! Nooooo..."

But the tit-sucking son had finally managed to work his fingers under his mother's panty crotch. Vivian hissed as she felt his fingertip probing between the wet, swollen, pouty lips of her hairy cunt. She grunted loudly as his finger wormed deep inside her gooey fuck tunnel.

"No, Donald! Stop it, Donnie! Awww, noooo!"

Slurping on her fat nipple, Donald fucked his finger to the knuckle of his mom's burning, itching pussy. Vivian was painfully conscious of his long, fat prick throbbing on her thigh. She gasped as her son started finger-fucking her cunt.

"Ungghh!" Involuntarily she clutched his head, wincing as she held his mouth on her nipple. "Oh, Donald...! All right, baby! You win! What do you want, Donald? What do you want to do to me?"

"Wanna fuck you," Donald mumbled.

"But you can't, baby! You can't fuck your own mother!"

Donald just finger-fucked her pussy that much harder. Vivian mewled as her pussy spewed fuck cream onto his knuckles.

"You... you can lick my pussy, Sonny!" she cried desperately. "Yes, I'll let you do that to me. You can lick my juicy cunt!"

Donald quickly stopped sucking her tit and slid to his knees in front of the couch. Vivian's hands shook as she stripped off her bra completely. She lifted her firm, round ass off the cushions to let her son peel off her panties.

Then she was naked. Vivian's tits heaved with her heavy breathing as she pushed her ass to the very edge of the cushion and braced her heels on the edge of the couch. She whimpered as she let her knees drop apart, completely revealing her curly-haired pussy opening to her sex starved son.

"All right, Sonny," she whispered hotly. "You win. Suck away."

Donald's prick throbbed in his pajama bottoms as he ogled his mom's wet, pink cunt. He glued his mouth to her steaming fuck opening, inhaling the cock-swelling aroma of a cunt in heat. Vivian bit her lip as she felt his tongue digging tenderly between the pouting folds of her fuck slit.

"Ahhhh!" She clutched the back of his head. Lewdly she started fucking her furry cunt mound onto his mouth. "That's right, Donald, lick it for me! Unngghh, I love it! Lick Mom's hot, creamy pussy!"

Donald pressed the flat of his tongue onto his mom's hairy cunt silt, making her wiggle hard as he thrust it deep inside her pussy. His hands slid up her creamy-white thighs. He opened her pussy petals with his fingers, so he could more easily lick the juice out of her fuck slit.

Vivian could feel her cunt pulsing and throbbing. Oh, God, I'm letting my own son eat me out, she thought as she curled her fingers into his hair.

"Donald, do you... do you see the little bump at the top of my pussy?" she asked anxiously. "Stop licking me for a minute, baby! Ungghh, Christ! Do you see it?"

Donald looked at his mother's clit. It was pink and very swollen.

"That's Mom's clit, baby," Vivian gasped. "That's the part of my pussy that feels best of all. I want you to lick it for me, Donald. I want you to put my clit in your mouth and suck it. Will you do that for Mom, baby? Will you?"

Donald nodded. Vivian's cunt throbbed in front of his face as she again studied the long, thick prick pounding in his pajama bottoms. Oh, God, how would she ever restrain herself from letting her son fuck that magnificent cock right up her cunt?

Donald wrapped his lips tightly around her swollen clit. He puckered his cheeks and sucked her clit hard, sending spasming waves of fuck need shooting through Vivian's naked body. At the same time he guided two fingers between the swollen, inflamed folds of her pussy. Eagerly Donald finger-fucked his mother's cunt as he sucked her throbbing clit.

"Oh, fuck, that's fantastic!" Vivian pulled his hair and bucked her ass violently, fucking her cunt all over her son's face. "Lick my pussy, lick my clit! Oh, fuck, I'm about to cum now, Donald. Suck your mother! Mom's cuuummmiinnnggg!"

Her pussy spasmed, throbbing and sucking and clasping around Donald's fingers. Donald licked and sucked her tingling clit and continued to fuck his fingers in and out of her furry pussy gash.

Vivian's violently satisfying cum lasted nearly a minute. When it was over, her pussy was so sensitive that she simply couldn't stand any more licking. Gasping, she pushed Donald away.

Donald smiled at her, licking the fragrant cunt juice from his mouth.

Vivian's cheeks flushed pink with shame. But her guilt was quickly displaced by fresh fuck lust. Now that she'd gone this far, nothing could stop her from going farther. True, she couldn't actually let her son fuck her. But she could at least treat herself to sucking his prick.

"Oh, Donald, look at your stiff prick," Vivian said breathlessly. "I guess you got awfully horny from licking my pussy, didn't you, baby? Now your cock's just as hard as a rock."

Donald gulped and nodded his head. Vivian patted the cushion beside her on the couch.

"Hop up here, Son. I know this is so wrong of me, but, well, I suppose I just have to give you some kind of relief. You'll never be able to get to sleep with a boner like that throbbing all night, now, will you?"

Donald sat on the couch beside his mom.

His cock had turned the front of his pajama bottoms into a tent. Her fingers shaking, Vivian grasped the elastic waistband and slid it down her son's hips. Donald lifted his ass to help her remove the bottoms.

Then he was naked. At long last, Vivian had an unobstructed view of his stiff prick. Donald's cock was incredibly large for a teenager. At least eight inches, thick and fat, pulsing in a rigid column over his stomach.

His balls were big and bloated with jism, surrounded by a thick growth of hair. The cum tube seaming the underside of his prick shaft was even more swollen with spunk. Vivian moaned as she studied the fat, flared cock knob, seeing how big and puffy it looked, how fresh cock sap was oozing from the little slit in the tip.

"What a beautiful prick," she whispered softly, gliding her fingers down the straining cock shaft. "Good God, Donald. Are all the boys in your high school this well hung?"

Donald shook his head, smiling proudly. Vivian wrapped her fingers tightly around the root of his cock. His mammoth prick was so thick that she could barely grip it all with her fist. But she managed, beginning a slow, hard, pumping rhythms on his rigid prick shaft.

"Does this feel good, baby?"

Donald just moaned. His cock throbbed violently in his mother's palm, growing even stiffer. Soon more and more cock juice oozed out of his piss hole, coating his mushroom cock head with a lurid slime of wet, salty precum.

"Oh, Donald, look. I'm making it leak," Vivian observed breathlessly. "I'm making your cock leak fresh cum."

Sighing with incestuous desire, the naked mom started beating her son's cock meat as hard as she could. Now the cock sap, bubbled heavily out of his prick, running down the cock shaft to coat her fingers and palm with a lubricating sheen of pre-cum.

Vivian's big tits swung heavily over the youth's stomach. Her pussy steamed with new fuck passion as she raced her hand in a blur up and down her child's luscious boner. Now her mouth was watering. She simply had to give her boy a good, long blow-job.

"Donald, I'm going to put this big cock in my mouth now," she admitted shamefully. "And I'm going to suck it for you, and I'm going to drink your jism. But..." Vivian thought quickly, trying to make up an excuse for her obscene behavior, no matter how absurd. "But it's just to help you get to sleep. It can never, ever happen again between us. Especially not with Lana and Richie living with us. What if one of them caught me sucking my own son's cock?"

Donald didn't speak.

Shamefully, Vivian lowered her head. She slid her hand to the root of his steely prick, holding it in position, so his cock wouldn't twitch and throb away from her mouth. Vivian flicked out her tongue and ran it across the shiny-skinned tip of her teenager's cock meat.

His cock juice tasted delicious. Vivian slid her tongue avidly over and around his piss hole, making obscene little slurping noises as she licked up the oozing pre-cum.

"Suck it for me, Mom!" Donald gasped, twining his fingers into her thick, blonde hair. "Oh, fuck, I've really got a hard-on now! Suck the cum out of my prick!"

Vivian shut her eyes and pressed her pouting lips to the fat head of his cock, giving it a long, loving kiss. Gradually, she let her lips part. The horny, naked mother panted through her nose as she sucked in the first several inches of her boy's swollen cock.

She clasped her lips in a tight, wet circle around the vein-laced cock shaft. Vivian puckered her cheeks and started sucking his prick, wantonly determined to give her teenaged son the best blow-job she could.

Donald gasped and started bouncing his ass off the couch, fucking his prick down his mother's buttery throat. Vivian fought back the gagging reflex, nearly choking as his cock head pushed past her tonsils. Her cock-sucking hunger was very strong now.

His cock was pounding between her fingers, as if it would start shooting out the gooey ribbons of jism at any moment. Tightening her fingers around the base of his cock, Vivian resumed her hand-job. Her little hand raced from the very base of his prick up to her cock stuffed mouth, jacking him off in a lewd, fervid rhythm.

"Suck me, Mom!" Donald was practically whining with lust flaw, writhing uncontrollably on the couch. "Oh, fuck, Mom, please suck my boner! It's gonna start squirting, Mom! Any fucking second!"

Vivian could already picture herself swallowing frantically to engulf the jetting tide of her son's cock cream. The thought of having a belly full of his cock juice made her hornier than ever. Swirling her tongue around his flared prick tip, she sucked his prick as hard as she possibly could.

Her head bobbed and the smacking, gurgling sounds were very loud and urgent as she fucked her face torridly with his prick. Vivian told herself to suck more quietly, that the slurping noises of her cock-sucking might possibly wake up Lana and Richie.

But she was much too horny to help herself.

The mother's cheeks went crimson as she frantically went on sucking as hard as she could, alternately puckered and bellowing her cheeks around the delicious shaft of his prick.

"Ah, Mom!" Moaning, Donald fucked his hips high off the couch. "I'm cumming, Mom!"

His huge prick throbbed wildly as the thick, sappy cum burst out of his cock knob. It was every bit as thick and creamy as his mother had hoped. Vivian swallowed his cum as fast as possible, sucking cock and gulping jism at the same time.

It was a very big load, the huge cum explosion that only a teenaged boy could offer. What seemed like gallons of jism were pumping up from Donald's balls, making his prick shank twitch and tremble as it spouted its syrupy contents down his mother's gullet.

Vivian tried to swallow all his jism, but it was such a huge load of cum that she couldn't handle it. The milky, gooey spunk filled her mouth. Vivian slurped luridly as the cum bubbled out of lips, running back down his still spurting prick.

"Oh, Mom," moaned Donald, shaking helplessly. "You sucked my prick for me! I love you, Mom!"

Vivian took his cock out of her mouth, licking the cum from her lips and continuing to jack on his cock adoringly. "I love you too, baby," she whispered. "But please don't ever, ever expect me to do this for you again."


Only a half hour later, Vivian knew that she would have trouble falling asleep that night. She was still much too horny.

She sprawled naked on her bed, on her stomach, with a pillow stuffed between her thighs under her cunt. Vivian was dry-fucking slowly, shameful tears running down her cheeks as she recalled how her incestuous affair with her son had begun in the first place.

When had it all started? A year ago, right after the divorce. Living alone with her handsome, growing teenager for the first time, Vivian had first felt the sexual tension between them.

One morning, when she was rushing stark naked between the bathroom and her bedroom, Donald had nearly run into her in the hall. Vivian had daintily tried to cover herself with her hands, but not before affording her boy a tempting view of her tits and pussy. When Donald had excused himself, it had been impossible not to notice the big cockbulge in his pants.

There had been other warning signs after that, occurring more frequently. Vivian noticed how intently her son studied her body if she wore a low-cut blouse or skimpy shorts. In turn, she was dressed scantily to attract his attention.

Then the touching started. That had been only a few months ago, Vivian reflected. Donald had come home with a particular good report card, and Vivian had given him a congratulatory hug. While embracing him, she'd felt her son's hand sliding down her waist to cup the cheeks of her ass.

Was that the turning point? When she hadn't tried to stop him? When she'd instead pressed herself closely against him, and tilted her chin for a kiss? Donald had kissed her, all right -- passionately, thrusting his tongue deep into her mouth.

It had only lasted a few seconds, but the kisses that followed in the days ahead lasted longer and longer. Soon neither required an excuse to initiate hugging and necking. It became commonplace for the cock-hungry mother to give her boy a long good-morning kiss, followed by another pelvis-grinding embrace when he returned from school in the afternoon.

Donald's hands had boldly strayed farther and farther, rolling her luscious ass globes under his palms, squeezing and caressing her tits. Vivian had only protested half-heartedly, and his embraces had become incredibly blatant. By then Donald's crotch was bulging when his mom so much as passed him in the hall.

Now they were so wrapped up with each other that it didn't even matter that Lana and Richie were with them in the house. The wanton cock-sucking episode thirty minutes ago had been inevitable.

"What am I going to do about this?" Vivian whispered, miserably humping her pussy onto the pillow. "Oh, God, what am I going to do?"

Whimpering against the sheets, Vivian finally fell asleep. But a little later she was awakened again, as her horny son joined her on the bed.

At first Vivian thought she was dreaming. She heard Donald groaning, and felt strong hands pulling up her hips. The pillow was being pulled away. She was in the dog-fucking position, with her ass elevated and her shoulders firmly braced on the bed.

The naked mom finally opened her eyes when she felt the huge, meaty cock knob probing the hairy lips of her cunt. No, this wasn't any dream! Squealing, Vivian turned her head.

It was Donald, all right. He was naked, crouching on his knees behind her. He was eagerly getting ready to fuck his rock-hard prick into her curly-haired pussy.

"Donald!" Vivian gasped. "I told you to go!"

"I couldn't, Mom," Donald moaned. "I had to fuck your pussy first."

"But Donald, we can't. No, Donald, don't! I told you, we can't do this anymore. It's incest! It's sinful! No, Donald, we can't..."

But her words faded abruptly into an astonished moan as she felt the boy's velvety cock head fucking into her juice-dripping pussy. Vivian squealed and clawed the sheets. Her eyes opened wide as she felt the first several inches of her teenager's boner fucking into her aching cunt.

"Unngghhh! Take it out, Donald! No, don't fuck your mother! Don't fuck Mom's pussy! No, Son, no!"

But Donald just ignored her protests. He held onto her lithe hips, staring down at her hairy pussy mouth clasping tightly around his cock. The naked teenager started humping much harder, fucking inch after inch of his steely prick into the welcoming tightness of her cunt.

"Unngghh! Donald, you bastard! Oh, please, take it out of me! I don't want to do this to you, baby! I don't want to lose control! Ahhhh, noooo!"

Donald grunted, ramming his cock to the balls in her creaming pussy. Then he started fucking his mother like a horny dog, clawing her ass globes, pounding his prick furiously in and out of her cunt.

Vivian grimaced, shutting her eyes. She just cried against the sheets, realizing there was nothing she could do to stop him. The last barrier had been broken. She was a horrible woman. She was letting her own son fuck her cunt.

And it felt incredibly good! Donald had such a big prick for a kid. And he was a talented fucker, too. His mammoth cock fucked in and out of her pussy with a hard, steady rhythm, pleasuring the innermost depths of her hairy cunt.

"Is this good. Mom?" Donald asked eagerly. "Am I fucking you right? Goddamn, Mom! You've got such a juicy cunt!"

"Unngghh... oh, Donald!" Vivian dazedly started grinding her naked ass cheeks to meet his fuck strokes, shamefully fucking her red, dripping pussy onto the pounding shaft of his cock. "Oh, Donald... oh, lover... you're fucking Mom's pussy. Oh, Donald... God, that's right... fucking Mom's juicy cunt."

Vivian sensually gripped the sheets, kneading the cotton between her fingers. Her pussy was throbbing like a heart, sucking and clasping the youth's pounding cock shaft.

"You like it now, don't you, Mom?"

Donald asked triumphantly. "Shit you love getting your sweet little cunt fucked!"

"Oh, Donald, I'm so ashamed of myself!" Vivian cried. "You scheming little bastard, waking me up like this. Ungghh! Oh, Donald, I can't help myself anymore. Just fuck me, baby! Ram that big boner right up Mom's cunt!"

Donald started fucking his naked mother as hard as he could, furiously drilling his rock-hard prick through the clasping sheath of her pussy. He held tightly onto her ass cheeks, watching the peach-shaped globes jiggle obscenely every time he rammed his throbbing cock shaft to the hilt in Mom's buttery cunt.

And he could see her asshole, too. The pink, hairless, tightly muscled sphincter was pulsating obscenely in and out, throbbing in time with the convulsive pressures of her pussy around his prick. Grinning, Donald slid one hand into the cleft of her ass.

"Ahhhh, Donald!" Vivian lifted her head and whined like a wounded animal as she felt his middle finger probing her asshole. "No, Donald, for God's sake! Don't play with my asshole! No, it's so nasty!"

But Donald had already observed that his sex-crazed mother would give in to anything if she were horny enough. Still fucking his bloated cock furiously into her hairy cunt, he wormed his finger slowly into the tender, rubbery grip of her asshole.

Vivian gasped as she felt her shit muscles suck around the probing finger, welcoming it into her ass. An intense, forbidden fuck heat pulsed through her loins. She loved the way her son's finger felt up her asshole! Her asshole was actually throbbing on it!

"Y-y-yesss," she hissed, bucking her blushing buns harder than ever. "Unngghhh! Jack off my asshole, Donald! Oh, fuck, oh, piss, put your finger right up Mom's juicy butt!"

By now Vivian's pussy was so over laden with fuck juice that the sopping-wet lips of her cunt squished and gurgled every time her cunt sucked her son's cock. Her asshole contracted madly around her finger, sucking it deeply into her shitter.

Donald's prick was swelling longer and fatter, getting ready to shoot a big wad of cum. Vivian's belly knotted up as she felt her own long-awaited cum flowering deep inside her loins.

"Fuck me, bastard, fuck my pussy!" she gasped. "Fuck my brains out, baby! Unngghhh! Oh, shit, what a big cock! I'm cumming, you fucker!"

Her pussy exploded in orgasm, wetly clasping and spasming around her son's rock-hard prick. Donald fucked his finger all the way up her asshole, and Vivian felt her ravished shitter sucking his finger, too.

Grunting, her teenaged lover fucked his steely cock to the hilt in her cumming cunt. Vivian was delirious with pleasure as she felt the thick, sappy spunk shooting out of his cock knob, blowing deep inside her buttery cunt.

Cum kept on gushing up from his balls, basting her burning pussy in a torrent of hot jism. Vivian reached the pinnacle of ecstasy as she felt the cum bubbling out of her furry, frothing fuck slit, dripping into a lurid puddle on the bed.

"Oh, you dirty little fucker!" she hissed, still grinding her pussy onto his wilting cock. "Fucking your mother like this. Oh, Donald, it's so sinful. What are we going to do?"


"You mean you have to go back there again?" Vivian asked, her voice hushed with concern. "To the old house? Isn't that going to be sort of a strain on you?"

Lana sighed and patted her son Richie's arm. "I know what you mean," she murmured. "But Richie and I will just have to make it as quick as possible. We'll go in, get our things, and leave. I suppose the logical thing would be to spend the night there, but I really think we'll just shack up in a motel, instead."

The three of them, Vivian, her friend and recent roommate Lana, and Lana's teenager Richie, were sitting around the breakfast table over coffee.

Coming down the stairs a few minutes earlier, Vivian had feared that her shame for fucking her son the night before would be obvious on her face. Particularly to Lana, who had known her since childhood.

But it seemed that Lana and Richie were wrapped up with thoughts of their own. There were still some things at Lana's old house that she had to pick up, and it would be the first time Lana had been there since her husband's tragic death.

"Are you going to need a trailer or something?" Vivian asked. "I have an old friend in the rental business."

Lana shrugged. "No. It should all fit in the car." She sighed as she pushed her chair away from the table. "Come on, Richie. I guess we'd better be going."

Lana stood up. As always Vivian found herself staring with fascination at her friend's body. Vivian had never considered herself a lesbian, but she knew that if she ever wanted to make it with another woman, Lana would be her first choice.

Lana had survived a barrage of jokes about her body since puberty. Tall and youthful looking at thirty-six, with wide brown eyes and short black hair, Lana was incredibly stacked.

She had long, showgirl legs, a tight ass, a slim waist, but the main thing that caught the eye of the opposite sex was the size of Lana's tits. Lana's tits were huge. Vivian had always prided herself for her own big tits, but they couldn't compare to Lana's.

As Lana walked out of the kitchen, Vivian noticed that she wasn't the only one admiring Lana's body under the tight, short dress. Vivian's cheeks flushed. Good God! Richie was ogling Lana's body, too! Richie, her own son.

There was no mistaking the leer in Richie's eyes as he followed the progress of his mother's tight saucy ass under the dress. Richie was a very handsome kid at eighteen, tall and athletic, with wavy brown hair.

Richie rose from the table to follow his mom out of the kitchen, and Vivian found herself staring directly at his cock-bulge.

Vivian's pussy burned. Richie had a hard-on. The size of his prick was very obvious. His cock was throbbing down the inside of his pants leg, completely swollen. Vivian suppressed a gasp as she watched the well-hung youngster follow his mother into the living room.

Lana makes Richie horny, Vivian thought dazedly. Richie was just like her own son, Donald. Richie was obviously hot to fuck his mother's tight, juicy cunt.

Vivian sat at the kitchen table in a trance of fuck hunger, only halfway hearing the sound of the front door opening and slamming shut again, and Lana's car pulling out of the driveway. Then Vivian forced herself back to her senses.

They were gone. They wouldn't be back until tomorrow night. She was all alone in the house with her son.

Donald was still fast asleep upstairs. Impulsively, Vivian rose from the chair and rushed into the hall. Her big, braless tits bounced heavily under her bathrobe, and she could feel the leaking fuck juices squishing lewdly between her inner thighs.

She'd told herself only minutes ago, when she'd awakened, that she would never, ever fuck her son again. But seeing Richie's hard-on as he ogled his mother's ass had made Vivian incredibly horny.

She was a dirty son fucker, Vivian thought, climbing the stairs two at a time. She was as horny as a bitch in mating season. Her pussy was throbbing, and she craved her son's stiff, fat cock.

Donald was fast asleep in his room. Vivian shut the bedroom door softly behind her, shrugging off her robe as she crossed to his bed. Gingerly, she sat on the edge of the mattress. She stared at Donald's face as she pulled the covers slowly to the foot of the bed.

He was naked, sleeping on his back. Lovingly Vivian gazed at the thick tube of cock meat resting across his thigh. She hefted his cock on her fingertips, curling them around his cock shaft to lasciviously massage his prick. Immediately, his cock started swelling in her hand.

Oh, fuck, what a filthy slut I am, Vivian thought, as she commenced the slow, hard hand-job. Donald sighed in his sleep, arching his ass off the bed, fucking his stiff cock through her fingers.

Vivian released his prick. She shuddered with fuck passion as she watched the boy's hard-on twitch and throb in an arc over his belly. The cock knob was already oozing thick, milky drops of pre-cum.

Curling onto her side beside her child, Vivian slurped unashamedly as she sucked in the first several inches of her son's cock shaft.

Donald's eyelids fluttered as he began to awaken. By that time his horny, naked mother was sucking his prick extremely hard, lovingly laying her tongue around the flared tip of his prick.

"Unngghhh! Mom!" Donald sat up, staring in amazement at his cock-sucking mother, seeing her mouth stuffed with his prick. "Jesus!"

Vivian just sucked the youth's delicious tasting prick harder than ever, alternately puckering her cheeks and bellowing them outward, working her mouth like a vacuum pump around her boy's magnificent cock.

A lewd smile spread across Donald's face. He braced his weight on his elbows, delightedly watching his mother sucking him off. Her lips were stretched obscenely wide round the veined thickness of his prick. She was bobbing her head furiously up and down on his crotch, fucking her face with his meaty prick.

Vivian could hear her own loud, slurping sounds of cock-sucking passion fill, the bedroom. She didn't care anymore how wanton she looked. She'd given up trying to resist her incestuous urges. No man she'd ever fucked could compare with her son.

"Goddamn, Mom, this sure is a nice way to wake up," Donald sighed. He curled his fingers in her hair and started grinding his hips off the mattress, helping her fuck his cock down her throat. "Unngghhh! You like giving head, don't you, Mom? Breakfast wasn't enough for you, was it? You just had to stick my cock in your mouth for a nice bellyful of cum!"

Vivian answered with a gurgle, nodding her head as her lips chewed and sucked and smacked around his boner. The root of his prick throbbed violently between her fingers. Vivian eagerly began to beat his meat as she sucked the cock head, lovingly pistoning her fist up and down the swollen shank of her son's prick.

"Oh, fuck, oh, shit, make it squirt, Mom!" Donald gasped. He grimaced, twisting his head from head to side. "Suck the cum out, Mom! Oh, fuck, I'm gonna blow my nuts any fucking second! Suck all the jism right out of my balls!"

Vivian sensed the impending explosion of cock cream and sucked his tasty boner harder than ever. Donald's prick throbbed and bucked on the roof of her mouth. Then a huge jet of thick, sappy spunk sprayed down her throat.

The initial blast was followed by rhythmic, pumping squirts of the teenager's cum. Vivian reveled in the taste of it, nearly cumming without touching herself as she eagerly swallowed her boy's bursting jizz.

There was a lot of cum. As hard as he'd fucked her hairy pussy the night before, he'd had a whole night to build up another load of cock cream.

Finally she'd gulped down every drop of his cum. Vivian took his spongy cock head out of her mouth, still holding and squeezing his prick as she covered the tip and shaft with a series of fluttery, loving kisses. It took her only a minute to realize that Donald's prick was going to stay as hard as bone.

"Oh, Donald, what a wonderful cock you have," she whispered breathlessly. "It's still so marvelously stiff. You want to fuck your mother now, don't you, baby? You want to ram this big prick right up Mom's juicy cunt!"

"Sure I do." Donald grinned at her. "But I thought you said we couldn't fuck anymore."

"I... I changed my mind," Vivian admitted shamefully. "I know it's awful, but I just can't live without my big, beautiful baby's prick. I'm so horny now! Fuck me, precious! Fuck my pussy and make it cum!"

Vivian stretched out on her back beside him, cocking up her legs so that her knees hovered over her tits, and her hairy cunt slit was completely open.

Donald crawled onto his knees, his giant fucker throbbing fiercely over her belly. Hungrily he looked down at his voluptuous, naked mom, at her soft, creamy skin and the thick tufts of hair fringing the slippery, dripping folds of her pussy. Holding his cock, he leaned over her and fit the spongy cock tip between her cunt's pouting lips.

"Unngghhhh! Ooooooh, baby!" Excitedly Vivian looked down at their joined crotches, seeing how his big cock stretched her pussy. "It's so big and stiff! Fuck me with it, baby! Fuck Mom's throbbing cunt."

Vivian pushed her thighs up his hips, clasping her knees together across his back. Donald supported his weight on outstretched arms, hovering over her. Smoothly, he began fucking the arching hardness of his prick into the welcoming wetness of her cunt.

"Nnngghh! Oh, Donnie! Fuck Mom, Donnie! Fuck me!" Vivian bit her lip, grimacing as she dazedly tossed her head from side to side. "My pussy's throbbing, Sonny! Oh, fuck, it's opening up for your cock!"

Donald had half of his prick buried in her tender pussy, and he could feel the tight, enveloping pressure of her cunt channel milking his cock. He fucked steadily into her pussy, finally burying every inch of his prick shaft into his mom's gooey, sucking cunt.

He lay flat on top of bet, gripping her ass cheeks, crushing her stiff-nippled tits under his chest. Vivian lay still beneath him, shuddering with fuck lust. She could feel her pussy rhythmically as it sucked and nursed on her teenager's cock.

"Fuck me, Son!" She wrapped her thighs tightly together across his back, grunting and panting shamelessly as she started humping her round ass frantically off the sheets. "Fuck my pussy, baby, fuck my juicy pussy! Mom's so horny this morning! Mom needs a good fuck!"

Donald pulled out slowly, until only the tip of his cock parted her syrupy cunt slit, feeling the pink, glistening walls of her pussy dragging needfully around his receding cock. His mom bucked her ass faster than ever. Slowly, deliciously, Donald fucked his prick even farther into her creaming pussy.

Then he started fucking his mother fast and hard, working his ass eagerly between her legs, fucking his hotly throbbing cock in and out of her hairy cunt, Vivian felt pleasure flowering inside her, flowing through her lower belly and tits, and into her puckering, pulsing asshole. She panted on her boy's shoulder as she sucked to meet every skewering fuck thrust.

"Fuck Mom, fuck Mom!" she chanted, clawing his ass with her fingernails in a desperate effort to get even more of his cock inside her. "Unh unh unh, fuck the piss out of me! Ream out my pussy, Donald! Unngghhh! Mom needs a good cum!"

Donald fucked his mother's cunt extremely hard, banging her ass into the bed with every stroke. His cum-laden balls slapped the crack of her ass. He felt her stiff nipples poking into his chest.

Vivian's pussy was throbbing like a heart, uncontrollably sucking and spasming around her teenaged son's oversized prick. His groin was rubbing right on her clit.

"Donald, I'm cumming!" the naked mother cried. She wrapped her arms tightly around his shoulders, humping her ass in a frenzy of fuck lust. "Fuck my cunt, baby, fuck Mom's cunt! Unngghhh!"

Her hairy pussy spasmed and sucked her boy's hammering prick. Vivian writhed helplessly beneath him, almost in pain now as his mammoth cock shaft ravished the gooey depths of her cumming fuck tunnel.

Finally the gut-wrenching spasms tapered off. When Vivian came to her senses again, her pussy-hungry son was still fucking her cunt as hard as he could. He still hadn't spouted his second load of cock cream.

"Oh, Donald, I can't take anymore," she whispered. "You have to take your cock out of my pussy. It's so red and sore. Please don't fuck your boner up my cunt anymore."

Donald didn't listen. He was panting on her shoulder, savagely fucking his cock in and out of her hair-lined fuck slit. Her eager teenager was obviously intent on his own cum.

"No, Donald, stop!" Vivian pushed his shoulders. "You can... you can fuck my asshole, Donald," she bargained shamefully. "There, wouldn't you like that? You can fuck Mom's asshole and shoot your hot load of jism right up my tight little butt!"

Donald immediately slipped his glistening cock shaft from the clasping confines of her pussy. Squealing, Vivian rolled over onto her stomach. Donald spread her jiggly ass globes, exposing the pink, puckered ring of her asshole. Vivian braced herself for the invasion of her child's big cock up her shit tunnel.

"Be gentle, Son," she mewled as she felt his spongy cock knob pushing onto her ass opening. "It's been a long time since Mom got her asshole fucked!"

Donald stared down at the crevice of her ass, seeing her tightly-muscled sphincter stretching open around the head of his cock. Instantly he felt the rubbery pressure of her ass channel convulsively sucking and milking his prick.

Donald started fucking, boring inch after inch of his stiff cock into his mother's clutching asshole. Vivian's face contorted with assfucking ecstasy.

"Yes, baby, yesss!" she hissed, reaching behind her back and grasping her ass globes, spreading her blushing buns to help her son fuck his cock deep inside her ass.

Donald lay flat on his mother's back, fucking wildly. Soon every inch of his meaty prick was enveloped by her tight, rubbery, squirming asshole.

"Unngghhh! Oh, fuck, what a huge cock!" Dazedly, Vivian writhed to meet his strokes, fucking her burning asshole onto his cock. "Ahhh, Goddamn, your prick's all juicy, baby! It's juicy from my pussy! Oh, fuck your cock feels so good up my ass!"

Donald increased the intensity of his fucking, more brutally plowing his cum-swollen prick in and out of her churning ass guts. Vivian's lips curled in a lurid smile of sexual contentment. She thrust her hand under her undulating belly, groping her cream matted pussy curls until she found the drippy opening of her cunt.

Feverishly, the mother finger-fucked herself, darting her fingers rapidly in and out of her pussy, rubbing her clit under her thumb. Her asshole spasmed and contracted uncontrollably, wetly sucking the hammering length of her son's cock.

"Fuck your mother, fuck your mother!" she gasped. "Oh, Donald, you fucker! I'm cumming, baby! Fuck me good, precious! Fuck my asshole! Cuuummmiiinnngggg!"

Her asshole throbbed violently in orgasm, pressuring the ramming length of her son's prick. Donald winced, unable to hold the spunk back any longer. He fucked his massive hard-on into his mom's cumming asshole, filling her shitter with all of his cock meat.

The white, frothing cum geysered out of his cock tip, spurting and streaming deep inside her juicy ass guts. Vivian felt her son's cum load spouting into her, soothing the ravished walls of her puckered shitter with a lubricating slime of cum.

"Oh, baby, baby, baby," she whimpered, still humping hornily beneath him. "I love the way you fuck me, Son. Don't ever stop, darling. Don't ever stop fucking your mother."


The trip to her old home hadn't upset Lana nearly as much as she'd feared. It hadn't upset her son Richie that much, either. They'd arrived a little after 6 p.m., spent a few hours loading the car with their personal items, and left a few hours later.

It was now a quarter to midnight, and they'd just checked into a highway motel. Lana estimated that they'd be back at Vivian's place by the next evening. Lana sighed heavily as she opened her overnight bag on one of the room's twin beds, waiting for her Richie to get out of the shower.

Lana was upset, but it wasn't because the old house had aroused memories of her late husband. It was because she was horny.

Her husband had died a month ago, and Lana hadn't been fucked since then. That was much, much too long for her. Lana had always presented a chaste front during her marriage, and many of her friends would have been shocked to learn that Lana had insisted her husband fuck her two or three times a day, every day of their marriage. Lana had always needed plenty of fucking. She'd been playing with her pussy and dreaming about big, cum spurting pricks ever since puberty.

She was only thirty-six now and the fires of fuck passion still burned fiercely in her loins. Lana listened to the running shower water in the bathroom as she stripped off her blouse, dropping it on the motel bed. She wondered if Richie had inherited any of her lust.

He was an awfully good-looking youth. He was tall, muscular and athletic, and Lana had often caught herself glancing at the promising cock-bulge in the crotch of Richie's pants. Did Richie, she wondered, fantasize about gripping pussies as much as she longed for huge, thrusting cocks? And had he ever entertained fantasies of fucking his own mother's cunt?

It was a good thing that they had to live with Vivian and Donald now, Lana reflected, as she finished stripping off her clothes. In the past month she'd had more and more fantasies of fucking her own son.

There was a tall mirror on the wall between the beds. Naked, Lana smiled at her reflection. It would have been, she knew, no trouble to seduce Richie, or any other man. Lana glided her fingers up her long, slender thighs, touching her lithe hips and the hairy mound of her pussy.

She sighed as she cupped and hefted her enormous tits, milking the spongy flesh between her fingers, admiring her own fat, red nipples. Her physical structure was delicate and feminine, but her tits were... huge.

Lost in her thoughts, Lana put on a skimpy bathrobe and walked to the door of the bathroom. She was so distracted that she didn't think of knocking first. Instead, she just barged in, catching her teenaged son just as he was stepping out of the motel shower.

"Richie!" Lana gasped. "Oh, my God!"

Gaping at her in shock, Richie dropped the towel and stood naked before his mother, dripping water on the tiled floor. His cheeks flushed with embarrassment, and Lana felt herself flushing too.

There was a long, tense silence. Helplessly, Lana found herself lowering her eyes to her son's cock. Then her eyes opened very wide and she felt an irresistible heat pounding through her cunt. Richie's cock was half stiff. Lana didn't know if he'd been jacking off in the shower, or if he'd just been having horny thoughts. It didn't matter. His prick was huge.

Never had she guessed that a mere teenager could be blessed with such an oversized prick. His prick was long and very fat, capped by a big, bulbous, heart-shaped cock knob. Lana's pussy creamed as she admired her son's cock meat. Never had she laid eyes on such a beautiful cock.

"Oh, Richie," she gasped nervously. "I'm so sorry, Son. I wasn't thinking. I should have knocked first."

"That's okay." Richie answered. "I mean well, what's the difference, anyhow? You're my mother. I shouldn't feel embarrassed about my body around you."

Apparently intending to prove that he was mature and liberated, Richie picked up the towel and calmly began drying his legs, making no effort to conceal his big, hanging prick.

Lana's fuck need immediately became intense. She was going to seduce him, she realized. She couldn't help it. She had to suck and fuck her own son's cock.

"Well, Richie, I guess you're right," she observed mildly. "There's no reason to be so shy around each other. I guess we can both use the bathroom at the same time."

Lana shrugged off her bathrobe, letting it fall to the floor. Richie looked at her in spite of himself. His mouth dropped open as he beheld the spectacular voluptuousness of his mother's body.

"Son, do you mind if I use your toothpaste?" Lana felt her enormous tits jiggling spongily as she walked across the bathroom and stood in front of the medicine cabinet. "I seem to have left mine at home."

Richie didn't answer. Lana looked at him. Her son's face was flushed pink now, and he was staring helplessly at her pussy triangle and huge, round tits.

Lana gasped as she glanced again at his cock. Helplessly, shamefully, Richie had grown a gigantic boner. His cock stood out straight before him, twitching and jerking obscenely.

"My word, Richie," Lana observed breathlessly. "Perhaps it wasn't such a good idea to parade around naked in front of you. It looks like I've given you quite a hard-on."

Richie gulped, ogling his mom's body. "I'm sorry, Mom. You're so stacked and everything. I can't help it."

Lana faced him, breathing hard, staring brazenly at his hard-on. His cock throbbed violently, pulsing up to slap obscenely against his stomach. A hot, gooey drop of pre-cum oozed out of the flared cock tip.

"Good God, Richie, you certainly do have a big cock for a boy your age," Lana purred. "And it's so stiff, too. You must be awfully horny. Does your own mother turn you on so much?"

"Can't help it," Richie mumbled feebly.

"Don't feel embarrassed, darling. A big, throbbing boner is nothing to feel ashamed of. Women love eager young studs with huge, stiff cocks."

Lana's pussy was so wet that the hairy slit leaked fuck juice onto her inner thighs. She felt her creamy cum squishing as she crossed the bathroom and sat on the edge of the toilet. Richie faced her, his giant prick pulsating in front of her face.

"Stand closer, Richie. It looks like Mom has to give her beautiful baby a good, hard sucking tonight!"

"Jesus, Mom!"

Lana giggled, wrapping her hand around the base of his cock. It was so thick that she could hardly grip the cock shaft with her fingers. Eagerly she started pumping his prick, causing more thick drops of pre-cum to dribble out.

Lana's cunt burned. She leaned forward, flicking out her tongue. Lovingly, she laved her tongue around his shiny-skinned cock crown, coating it with saliva, lapping the musky-tasting pre-cum from the head of his prick.

"Suck my prick, Mom!" Richie moaned hungrily. He stood very close to her, cupping the back of her head. "Put it in your mouth and suck out my fucking cum!"

"Don't worry, lover!" Lana giggled, staring intently at his crimson cockhead as she feverishly stroked the meaty shank. "I'm not going to stop sucking until I get a bellyful of cum!"

Lana opened her mouth, popping the first several inches of his cock between her lips. She wrapped her lips in a tight, wet circle around his blue-veined cock shaft, chewing along his velvety prick stalk.

More and more urgently his prick throbbed, already preparing to shoot big gobs of jism down her throat. Lana choked herself with her son's prick in her eagerness to suck in as much cock meat as she could handle. She fought back the gagging reflex as she pushed the prick knob past her tonsils.

The naked, big-titted mom shut her eyes tightly, mewling shamelessly as she concentrated on the taste of her child's prick. Then she started sucking. The slurping, lip smacking sounds of cock-sucking filled the little motel bathroom as she eagerly bobbed her head up and down on her son's prick.

Richie shuddered, curling his fingers in her short black hair. He made her enormous tits quiver pendulously as he started fucking his cock farther down her throat. Never in her life had Lana craved prick so much. She felt incredibly horny as she realized how sinful it all was, that she was actually giving a blow-job to her handsome teenaged son.

She squeezed and milked his bony cock base with her right hand, corkscrewing her fist from the root up to her cock-filled mouth. Her gurgling, slobbering noises grew progressively louder as she worked feverishly on his seeping cock.

Richie's prick was getting stiffer, throbbing on the roof of her mouth, preparing to spurt a flood of cock juice. Lana puckered her cheeks sharply, swirling her tongue around the mushroom-shaped crown of his hard-on.

"Gonna shoot it, Mom!" Richie gasped. "Oh, fuck, keep sucking! Gonna shoot a big load of cum!"

Lana sucked his magnificent boner as hard as she could, lasciviously chewing up and down his prick shank. Her hand furiously tugged the root of his prick. She cupped his jizz laden balls with her left hand, tenderly squeezing and fondling his balls.

"Ahhhh, Mom!"

His cock exploded cum into her mouth. Lana whimpered as she felt and tasted the thick, creamy lashings of spunk squirting onto the roof of her mouth, spraying across her tongue.

Sucking and swallowing frantically, the naked mother sucked her child's prick shaft harder than ever. Her renewed cock-sucking efforts made even more jism spout up from his heavy, hairy balls.

She tried to swallow it all, but there was more cum than even she could handle. The frothing white jism bubbled out of her mouth in a milky stream, dribbling down her chin.

"Take it out, Mom!" Richie gasped, pushing her head away. "Oh, fuck, I can't take anymore!"

Reluctantly, Lana withdrew her lips from her boy's smoldering cock. It was still as hard as iron, throbbing and pulsing in front of her face. The difference now, after the cocksucking, was that his prick rod was dripping wet with her saliva and his oozing spunk.

"Oh, Richie, what a wonderful cock, and what a wonderful cum," Lana murmured, wetly jacking his cock. "I love you, darling. I've wanted to do this to you for so long. I know it's sinful, but I just can't feel bad about it. I love this lovely boner so much!"

Richie remained silent for several seconds, staring down at his mom with helpless fuck passion. Since boyhood, he'd jacked on his growing cock to obscene thoughts of his mother's long legs and huge tits. Now his incestuous fantasy life had become a reality.

"I... I want to lick your pussy, Mom," he whispered shyly.

"Oh, darling, do you really?" Lana giggled and gave his bloated cock head a teasing pinch. "But this big cock of yours is still so big and fat. I'll bet you'll want to fuck me after you lick my juicy cunt."

"Oh, fuck, yes!"

Lana rose from the toilet, whimpering with impatient desire as she rushed out of the bathroom. She flopped on her back on the motel bed.

Her son followed behind, still sporting a painful hard-on that quivered and wagged lewdly. He groaned as he watched his stacked mother wiggle her ass on the bed and splay her long legs as far apart as she could.

"Okay, baby, come and get it!" Lana pleaded. "Dig in, baby! Suck Mom's cunt!"

Richie crawled onto the bed, lying on his stomach with his hard-on trapped between his belly and the sheets. Lana eagerly lifted her knees high, completely opening up her pussy passage for her son's tongue. Richie kissed his way up the soft, creamy flesh of her inner thighs, drawing progressively closer to he aching cunt.

"Lick my pussy, darling," Lana moaned as she started humping and grinding her ass.

"Lick my pussy, make my pussy cum!" Richie pressed his mouth to the pouting, curly-haired lips of his mother's pussy. The pink-petaled cunt slit was hot, swollen and inflamed, dripping wet with the fuck oils seeping from the depths of her cunt tunnel. Hornily, Richie began to run his tongue up and down between the velvet pussy lips, loving the tasty fuck juice from his mom's itchy cunt.

"Ahhhh, Richie!"

Lana winced and clutched the back of his head. Her enormous tits jiggled and quivered on her chest as she started humping her ass much harder, fucking her throbbing pussy all over his face.

"That's right, baby, clean it up for me! Unngghh! You're a good pussy-licker, Richie! Oh, fuck, suck the juice right out of my cunt!"

Avidly, Richie licked her delicious pussy, holding her swollen pussy folds apart with his fingers so he could more readily tongue the cream out of her pussy. His cunt-licking motions moved higher and higher. Soon his tongue was caressing the pink nubbin of her tingling clit.

"Ahhhh, God!" Lana grimaced, digging her fingernails into the nape of his neck. "That's right, Richie! Oh, fuck, suck on my clit! Suck it hard, darling! Suck my clit and make me cum!"

Richie wrapped his lips tightly around the ultra-sensitive bud. He sucked her clit hard, sending waves of fuck need pounding through his mother's body. Lana jerked and bucked her ass in a mad frenzy off the sheets, grinding and fucking her pussy on his mouth.

"Put your fingers in me, baby! Jack off my cunt."

Richie slipped two fingers up his mother's throbbing fuck hole. Immediately he felt the wet pressure of her pussy walls clasping around them, welcoming them into her cunt. The horny youngster finger-fucked his mom's sopping-wet pussy hard and fast, pushing his knuckles onto her furry fuck opening with every hand stroke.

"Nnnggg, good, so fucking gooood! Gonna cum!" Lana panted. She tossed her head frantically from side to side, lifting her legs as high as she could. "Suck my clit, suck my hot, hard, fucking clit! Oh, Son! I'm cumming now!"

Her pussy spewed juice onto her son's fingers, as the pink, pouting slit sucked them deep inside her throbbing fuck hole. Her clit ached almost unbearably, caught between her boy's hungrily sucking lips. Richie guided his naked mother through the exquisite peaks of her orgasm. He continued to suck gently on her twitching clit as he fucked his fingers slowly into the juice-oozing folds of her pussy.

"Oh, God, fuck me now!" Lana whimpered, keeping her legs cocked high in the air. "Baby, please, don't make me wait! Just ram your prick into me and fuck the shit out of my juicy cunt!"

Richie rose to his knees between his mother's spread-eagled thighs. There was his magnificently stiff cock shaft again, still glistening with fuck juice, throbbing eagerly over her rounded belly.

Lana reached up, grasping his prick and drawing it shamelessly down toward her cunt. Richie supported the weight of his chest on outstretched arms, so he could watch her face contort and her tits jiggle as be fucked her cunt full of hard cock meat.

The slippery tip of his boner nudged into her swollen pussy. Lana started humping again, fucking her cunt onto his cock. Her cunt was so wet that his mammoth prick glided easily into her fuck tunnel.

"Ahhh, God, fuck your mother!" Lana twined her calves tightly around his waist, desperately trying to pull her son down on top of her. "Fuck it all the way in, baby! Oh, God, fill my pussy with your big beautiful prick!"

Fucking steadily between her thighs, Richie pushed up his mother's enormous, jiggling tit melons. Her tits were so large that the silver dollar-sized tit caps nearly reached her chin.

Richie sank on top of his naked mother, shuddering as he slammed his boner to the hilt in her tight, clinging cunt. He held one football-sized tit in both hands, directing the rubbery nipple to his mouth.

Eagerly, the teenager wrapped his lips around hisnipple. He sucked hard, his cock fucked to the balls in her hot, clammy pussy. Skillfully, he started fucking in and out of her cunt as he nursed his mother's big tit.

"Oh, fuck, baby, suck it like that!" Lana squealed, cupping the back of his head. She pushed her knees high up along his sides, wanting to completely open her hairy pussy for the powerful strokes of his cock. "Fuck my pussy, baby, suck my tit! Oh, God, you love sucking Mom's big, soft tit, don't you, darling? Unnggghhh! Suck my titty, darling, suck it and fuck my cunt!"

Slurping avidly on her straining nipple, Richie quickened the speed of his fucking. The bed springs squeaked beneath them as he rammed his blood-laden cock in and out of her tightly gripping pussy.

Already Lana could feel a violent orgasm welling up in her crotch. Her pussy was sucking and spasming, gripping the steely shaft of her child's fucking cock. Her beet-red nipple tingled deliciously as he sucked on it, sending pleasure shooting throughout her naked, sweaty body.

"Mom's cumming, honey!" She lowered her thighs, bracing her heels on the mattress. Urgently, she fucked her throbbing cunt onto his boner as hard as she could. "Fuck my cunt, Son, fuck my cunt, fuck, oh, shit! I'm cuuummmiiinnnggggg!"

The fuck juice spewed out of her hairy, aching cunt slit as the swollen mouth of her pussy sucked convulsively around her son's cock. Richie slurped the whole front of her milk-white tit into his mouth and fucked his jerking, twitching prick shaft as far into her cunt as it would go.

The hot, sticky jism jetted up from his balls, making his fuck pole quiver like an arrow as he spurted his creamy cum deep into his mother's cunt. Slow and hard, her horny son continued to fuck into her, slurping on her distended nipple as the last of his jism squirted into her cunt.

I fucked my son, Lana thought dazedly, as she wrapped loving arms around her tit sucking child. Oh, God, I can't believe it. I fucked my own teenaged son!


When Lana awakened the next morning, her first thought was that she was still married. It was instinctive; as she rolled over and yawned, she realized there was another body with her in bed.

Then she opened her eyes and saw Richie, and the memories of the past night returned to her. Lana winced, feeling the puffy, sore lips of her pussy and the tenderness of her huge tits, which Richie had sucked as eagerly as a nursing child.

Lana sighed and lay back, her enormous tits rolling on her chest. She stared at the ceiling and considered the ramifications of her actions. There was no turning back now, she realized. Even if she'd wanted him to, her young son couldn't just forget that he'd fucked his own mother's cunt.

And she didn't want him to. A lascivious smile spread across Lana's face as she remembered how her boy had pounded her pussy the night before.

And not even her ex-husband had fucked her as beautifully as her son. Lana pushed the sheets to the foot of the bed, exposing the nakedness of her sleeping child. His lean, muscular body looked so beautiful in the morning light sifting through the motel room blinds.

And his prick. Oh, God, Richie had another beautiful boner. His cock was throbbing as he slept. Perhaps he was dreaming about sucking his mother's tits and fucking her cunt.

Lana slid her hand down Richie's waist, feeling her pussy moistening with fresh cream as she fisted her son's prick. She stroked his cock gently, not wanting to awaken him. The tender hand-job made several drops of precum bubble out of his piss slit.

God, she'd just opened her eyes, and she was already as horny as a bitch in heat. She craved another fuck with her well-hung son. And this time she wanted his cock ramming in a different hole. Right up her ass.

Lana climbed out of bed, feeling her puckered asshole pulsing expectantly as she rummaged through her overnight bag. It took her only a moment to find the little jar of Vaseline. Sliding back onto the mattress, she uncapped the jar and withdrew a thick gob of petroleum jelly. Lana suppressed a giggle as he greased her son's cock.

He still slept soundly, even after his prick was dripping from knob to root with the goo. Last night's fuck sessions had really taken a lot out of her boy.

Well, she knew how to wake him up. Lana smiled wantonly as she wrapped her hand tightly around the root of her son's Vaseline-coated boner. Then she started jacking his prick hard and fast, making the goo squish between her fingers, feverishly racing her hand up and down his aching prick.

Richie moaned and opened his eyes. Dazedly, he looked own at his crotch.

"Mom! Jesus!"

"Good morning, Son," purred Lana, jacking his boner as hard as she could.

Richie sighed, bumping his ass, fucking his greasy cock through his mother's fingers. But Lana released his prick and rolled onto her stomach. She grabbed her ass globes, spreading them wide to reveal her asshole.

"I feel like some early morning ass-fucking, Son," she whispered. "Now why don't you smear some of that Vaseline on my asshole, so you can ram that big hard-on of yours right up my tight little shitter?"

Richie stared at his stacked mother, shocked that her fuck urges could be so incredibly obscene. But he quickly knelt beside her, his big prick throbbing and dripping as he withdrew a thick glob of jelly from the jar.

Lana whimpered as her son stuck his finger in her rubbery little asshole, coating the interior of her shit channel with Vaseline. She wiggled and humped her ass as he lightly finger-fucked her asshole, readying it for his mammoth cock.

"That's enough, baby!" she groaned. "Put your prick up Mom's ass now! Fuck Mom's asshole, honey! Fuck the shit out of me with that beautiful prick!"

Richie mounted his sex-starved mother, aiming the crimson tip of his cock shaft at the invitingly puckered ass ring. Lana grunted and held her blushing buns farther apart as she felt his cock meat boring into her. Steadily her son fucked his cock into her asshole, staring down to watch her asshole spread open around his cock.

"Unngghhh! Oh, fuck, I just can't believe the size of your prick, darling!" Lana started thrusting rhythmically, fucking her asshole onto her son's cock lance. "Fuck my asshole, baby! Ah, God, ream out Mom's ass!"

Richie pushed relentlessly into her tight rubbery shitter, watching more and more of his prick stalk disappearing into his mother's stretched, sucking ass ring. He could feel the intense pressure of her horny ass channel around his cock.

"Fuck my asshole, Son! Fuck my Goddamn asshole!"

Almost all of his cock was inside her; it was no longer necessary to hold her peach-shaped ass cheeks apart with her hands. Lana thrust her hand under her belly, whimpering as she groped through the thick, black curls of her pussy.

Her cunt was creaming fuck fluid. Moaning, the naked mom sank her finger deep inside her horny cunt. She started finger-fucking her pussy as her son fucked her ass, gliding her finger across her tingling clit.

Richie sank on top of her rounded ass, fucking his cock into her hot, tender asshole as far as he could. For a moment he lay motionless on her back, panting on her shoulder, just feeling his mom's juicy asshole sucking and squeezing around his prick.

But the fury of her fuck thrusts brought him back to life. Slowly, gently, Richie started fucking his boner through the gripping ring of his mom's shitter. As she grew accustomed to the size of his cock he increased the intensity and duration of the fuck thrusts.

"Fuck my asshole, fuck my asshole!" cried his big-titted mom.

Her cheeks were flushed bright pink, and her lips were drawn up to bare her teeth. She was just a bitch in heat now, oblivious to all shame for her incestuous actions, conscious only of the huge cock shaft fucking into her churning ass.

Richie settled into a steady rhythm on top of his mom, grunting as he fucked his prick in and out of her syrupy ass guts. Lana fucked back to meet his strokes, whipping her finger into her pussy in a frenzy of incestuous fuck lust.

"I'm cumming, darling!" she cried. "Fuck your mother, fuck my asshole! Harder, Son! Fuck my butt as hard as you can!"

Richie's hairy balls were slapping hard on her furry pussy crack. His cock was as hard as stone. He knew his mom's rubbery asshole would soon suck the jism out of his prick.

Sweating and panting, the eager teenager fucked her asshole as hard as he could. His red, rock-hard prick stabbed brutally into her ass guts, filling her shit channel deeper with every fuck stroke.

"I'm cumming! Keep fucking!" Lana grimaced, rolling her clit furiously as her asshole began to spasm and throb. "Fuck my butt, baby! Mom's cuuummmiiiggg!"

Richie moaned, fucking his cock to the balls in his mother's cumming asshole. His prick began to quiver and jerk as it spouted at least a half-pint of jism into his mother's ass.

Lana felt his cum blasting into her asshole, shooting into the squishy depths of her ass guts. Hornily, she flexed her puckered shit ring, making her asshole suck even more cum out of his cock.


"Fuck my pussy, Donald! Unnggghhh! Oh, Christ, what a big, fat fucker! Ahhhh, Jesus! Make me cum on you, Donald! Ram that big cock right up my cunt!"

Vivian was on her knees on the living room sofa, naked, leaning over the backrest. Her son stood behind her, naked too. He was clutching her hips as he furiously fucked his prick into her pussy from behind, watching the wet, hair-lined mouth of her cunt grip and suck around his prick.

"Fuck my pussy, fuck my pussy!" Vivian chanted. She twisted and humped her rounded ass to meet his fuck thrusts, gasping as she ground her juice-seeping cunt slit onto the base of his hard-on. "Ahhh, Goddamn, pound it up me! Harder, Donald! Oh, yes, fuck me as hard as you can!"

Donald's mouth was open, and his body glistened with sweat. He panted loudly as he fucked his big cock relentlessly into his mother's pussy. Vivian held onto the back of the couch, grimacing and biting her lip to prevent herself from screaming with lust.

Since the morning before, since Lana and Richie had departed, Vivian and Donald had been engaged in a non-stop fuck session.

Donald had skipped school yesterday, and he was skipping school today, too.

Last night she had put him to sleep by sucking his big, tasty cock. This morning she'd awakened him by grinding her steamy pussy onto his mouth. Vivian had never before felt so insatiable horny.

Fucking her teenaged son was the realization of the most depraved sexual fantasies she'd ever nurtured. The very knowledge that what she was doing with Donald was considered unspeakably obscene added to her lust.

What on earth was she going to do when Lana and Richie returned tonight? Vivian had become so utterly enraptured with fucking her teenaged kid that she almost wanted to tell her childhood friend to leave, and to take Richie with her.

She had to keep fucking Donald. But how were they going to keep up the torrid pace of their fucking without being caught?

"Unnggghh!" Vivian grunted sharply, suddenly conscious of how juicily her tight, pink pussy was sucking her son's cock. "Oh, baby!" She clawed the back of the couch and bucked her ass as fast as she could. "Gonna cum, baby! Ahhh, Jesus, fuck your horny mother! Mom's about to cum!"

Donald dug his fingers into her flared hips and slammed his juice-dripping cock into her furry cunt as hard as he could. His prick was so long and thick, battering the opening of her womb. Impulsively, Vivian slid her hand under her stomach, finding her clit and rubbing it hard as Donald furiously fucked her cunt.

"I'm cumming!" she moaned. "Fuck my pussy, fuck my pussy! Oh, Donald, oh, baby! Cuuummmiiinnnggg!"

Her cunt creamed, contracting around the big cock inside her. Donald felt his mother's tight pussy spewing cunt juice all over his cock meat. His fingers us left red marks on her ass cheeks as he lunge on top of her, ramming his dick to the balls in her syrupy fuck slit.

The hot jism boiled up from his balls, making his prick dance and jerk inside her as he spouted his cum into her cunt. Vivian's flushed face shone with obscene satisfaction as she felt her horny teenager shooting the milky cum deep inside her pussy.

His cum splashed up deep inside her buttery cunt, coating the walls of her pussy with a slime of jism. Shamelessly, the naked mom continued to hump and buck, wiggling her ass and flexing her cunt muscles to make her pussy suck out the rest of her boy's hot jizz.

Groaning, Donald pulled his fuck-softened cock out of her furry cunt. Vivian immediately turned to face him, giving him a long, tongue-sucking kiss.

Then she slid down to a sitting position on the couch. Anticipating the meaning of his mother's movements, Donald knelt on the floor facing her. Vivian wiggled her ass to the edge of the couch cushions. She pushed her shoulders down on the backrest and cocked her knees up in the air.

"Okay, baby," she whispered. "Suck it up."

Donald sighed as he inhaled the strong aroma of his mom's juicy, just-fucked cunt. He thrust his hands under her hips, cupping her sweaty ass globes. With a moan, he buried his head between her legs.

His mouth pressed the hairy, sopping-wet folds of his mom's cunt. Donald wiggled his tongue deep inside her juicy pussy. He made loud slurping, kissing noises as he busily started licking his own cum out of his mother's pussy.

"Unngghh! Oh, shit!" Grimacing, Vivian clutched the back of his head and started to buck and grind her ass in his hands. "That's right, baby! It tastes good, doesn't it? You like to lick Mom's cunt right after you've finished fucking it, don't you?"

Her son responded by licking her cum drenched pussy faster, gliding his tongue up and down between the fat, puffy folds of her itching cunt. Vivian dug her fingers into the nape of his neck. Her tongue lolled obscenely out of the corner of her mouth as she whipped up her ass in a frenzy of passion, fucking her cunt all over his face.

"Put your finger in my asshole!" she gasped.

Donald responded to his mom's obscene request, wiggling his finger between her undulating ass globes. Vivian shuddered as she felt a strong finger probing the rubbery ring of her shitter.

Donald fucked his finger all the way up her asshole with one quick movement of his hand. Vivian felt her asshole clutching needfully around it, even, as her pussy throbbed on his mouth.

He'd licked all the milky gobs of his spunk out of her syrupy fuck hole by now. What remained was the fresh fuck oils now flowing steadily out of the depths of her pussy. Fucking his finger rapidly in and out of her sucking asshole, Donald wrapped his lips tightly around his mother's stiff clit.

"Unngghhh! You fucker!" Vivian bucked as if she'd been shot, writhing helplessly on the couch. "Donald, you're making me cum! Oh, fuck, darling, put your fingers in my pussy! I need to cum right now!"

Fucking his finger faster and faster through her clutching assring, Donald wiggled two fingers of his free hand into her gurgling pussy. He sucked hard on her clit, drawing it out with his lips. Vivian quaked beneath him as she felt herself cumming on his mouth.

"Suck my cunt, suck my cunt!" She bit her lip and humped her ass high off his hands. "My asshole's cumming, Donald! My pussy's cumming too! Oh, fuck, baby! Eat your mother! I'm cuuuummmiiinnnngggg!"

Donald eagerly continued to eat out his mom, fucking his fingers into her pussy and shiner. Vivian came until she thought she would black out, fucking her pussy onto his tongue onto his tongue and lips in a tireless orgy of incestuous lust.

"Jesus, Mom, you sure are horny," Richie said wonderingly. "God, you better be careful not to suck my cock too hard! You don't want us getting in a wreck!"

Richie was behind the wheel of the big station wagon, staying in the Interstate's slow lane as they drove back to Vivian's house. Curled on her side on the bench seat next to him, Lana was hungrily fishing in her son's pants for his prick.

She unbuckled his jeans and pulled down his zipper, he lifted hips so she could wiggle his jeans to his knees. Richie continued to drive slowly. Lana hungrily wrapped her fingers around his cock.

They'd left the motel four hours later than she'd planned, and every extra minute had been spent fucking. Lana had lost count, of the times her pussy or asshole had cum on her son's prick that morning.

But she was still horny. The more she fucked him, the more she craved it. Lana whimpered as she jacked on his cock, making her son's cock grow stiff and fat. His prick was so long that the cock knob nearly touched the steering wheel. God, was her son ever hung!

"Oh, Richie, what are we going to do when we get back to Vivian's?" she mewled, beating his meat hard to make thick drops of pre-cum ooze out of the cock tip. "I mean, how are we going to keep fucking like this? What if Vivian catches us?"

"We'll just have to be careful." Richie shuddered as his mom fluttered her tongue on the head of his cock. "Oh, fuck, Mom, suck my cock for me! You've got, me horny again!"

Richie dropped his hand to squeeze his mother's enormous tits through her blouse and bra. Lana immediately felt her nipples stiffening to his touch. She buried her head in his crotch, oblivious to the other cars whizzing by on the highway, eagerly sucking her son's prick as he drove.

The cock-hungry mom wrapped her lips tightly around the veined shank of her child's prick. She shut her eyes, flaring her nostrils as she panted for air through her nose. The slurping, gurgling noises of a good cock-sucking filled the station wagon.

Up and down her head bobbed, fucking his steely cock down her throat. Richie grimaced and fought to keep his left hand steady on the steering wheel. His right hand continued to cup, fondle and squeeze his mother's huge tits.

Lana ground her thighs together as she lay in the fetal position, desperately trying to alley the wet need throbbing in her cunt. She sucked her son's cock as hard as she could, rapidly fucking her pretty face on his pulsing prick.

The other drivers on the highway couldn't see what she was doing, but a passing trucker might be able to. Dazedly Lana wondered if the age difference between herself and her teenager would be obvious from a distance. If a trucker did see then would he be able to guess that it was her own son's cock that Lana so greedily sucked?

The mere thought made the mother hornier, even more impatient to feel her boy's sappy cum load spurting off into her throat. Slurping and gurgling, she fucked his prick head down her gullet. Her cock-sucking sounds became very loud and sloppy as she sucked his prick harder than ever, hand-whipping the shank of his cock at the same time.

"Gonna shoot it!" Richie whispered. He blinked his eyes to remain fully conscious, trying to keep the car straight on the road. "Oh, Mom! It's coming up, Mom! I can feel it, Mom! Oh, Mom! Ahhhhh!"

His cock jerked and pulsed, shooting long, viscous ribbons of jism onto the roof of her mouth and down her throat. Lana slurped and swallowed his cum hungrily, working her throat muscles. Feverishly, she beat his cum spurting prick, making bigger gobs of jism come spouting out of the tip of his cock.

Finally she'd sucked the last drops of jizz out of his prick. Her dazed son continued to drive with his pants down, his cum-dripping prick draped across his thigh. Lana sat up and immediately whipped down her own jeans and panties. Uncontrollably horny, licking the delicious cum off of her mouth, she shamelessly started finger-fucking her hairy cunt.

She knew they had to be careful, but Lana wondered if it would ever be possible to restrain herself. She wanted to suck her teenaged son's cock and drink his spurting cum twenty-four hours a day.


Shit, Donald thought miserably. Mom's friend Lana Dobner was a super nice, super stacked lady, and her son Richie was okay too -- but why did they have to be living with them now? Now that Donald had finally started fucking his mom's sweet cunt!

It was well past midnight. Donald lay awake in his dark bedroom, his huge, throbbing boner pulsing painfully under the sheets. He stroked his mammoth prick slowly, thinking of his mother's pussy.

Finally he realized he had to do something about it. Naked, his hard-on quivering before him, Donald crawled out of bed and crept into the hall. He'd just tiptoe down the stairs and creep into his mother's room. Vivian might give him a lot of shit about taking the chance, but Donald knew his mom would feel a lot better as soon as his cock started fucking into her juicy little cunt.

Donald's big prick continued to stand long and stiff as he walked down the stairs. He thought of the tightness of his mother's pussy, and little droplets of pre-cum immediately leaked from his cock tip.

Goddamn, I'm gonna fuck her good tonight, Donald thought happily as he passed the kitchen. Then the kitchen light suddenly came on, and the startled teenager stopped in his tracks.

"Donald! Good God?"

It was Lana Dobner, wearing a sexy negligee, and she was staring right at the youngster's throbbing cock.

Lana had been rummaging in the refrigerator for a late-night snack when she'd heard the footsteps approaching her. Fearing a burglar, she'd immediately shut off the light. And, without thinking, she'd turned on the light again as soon as she'd recognized Donald in the gloom.

That was when she discovered he was naked. Helplessly, Lana ogled the shocked boy's lean, youthful body, her eyes riveting on his hard prick. Donald could only gape at her speechlessly as his cock pulsed before him. Lana's pussy flooded with juice as she saw the size of his prick.

"Why, D-Donald," Lana stammered embarrassedly. "You startled me."

"You kind of startled me too, Mrs. Dobner."

There was a long, awkward silence. Lana's cheeks flushed with shame as she realized she couldn't take her eyes off of the teenager's throbbing cock. Then she saw that Donald couldn't take his eves off her, either.

Lana looked down at herself, remembering the negligee. It was the first thing she'd happened to grab for the quick trip to the kitchen, but it was extremely sexy, already one of Richie's favorites.

It barely covered the cheeks of her ass, and her long, shapely legs gleamed in the light. The transparent, gossamer-thin fabric clung enticingly to her enormous tits. Lana took a deep breath, feeling her huge tits rising and falling, her fat, red nipples clearly visible.

Donald was staring at her giant tits. And his cock was throbbing harder than ever, jerking obscenely up and down, as if his luscious fucker would start shooting big gobs of jism all over the floor.

"Why, Donald," Lana murmured softly. "You've got an enormous hard-on. Why is your cock so stiff?"

Donald couldn't answer. Lana felt her pussy pulsing with fuck lust. This, she suddenly realized, was the perfect thing to take her mind off her incestuous cravings for Richie. It had gotten to the point where all she'd thought about since her return from the trip two days ago was fucking and sucking her darling son's prick.

Lana walked up to Donald, her spongy tits jiggling lasciviously under her negligee. Boldly, she reached down and grasped his big cock.

"Jesus, Mrs. Dobner!"

"Do you like this, Donald?" Lana asked as she began tugging and jacking on his hard-on. "Is this making your boner feel better? Or would you rather I just got on my knees and sucked this huge prick?"

Donald groaned, fucking his cock through her fingers. Lana felt the fuck juice gooshing out of her hairy cunt. She knelt on the floor, facing his prick shaft. Shamelessly, she rubbed the purplish cock knob all over her face.

"Donald, will you promise not to tell your mother if I suck your cock for you?" she purred, amazed by her own boldness.

"I... I promise."

Two whole days had passed since she'd sucked off her son Richie in the car. Lana felt crazed with hunger for prick. She slid her hand to the meaty root of Donald's cock, holding it in position. Then she opened her lips wide and shoved her mouth onto his prick.

The heart-shaped crown nudged past her tonsils, fucking down her throat. Lana shut her eyes, flaring her nostrils so she could breathe around the teen's massive boner.

She puckered her cheeks, sharply as she lewdly sucked the veined stalk of his cock. Slurping, gurgling sounds bubbled out of her throat as she started sucking the youngster's cock extremely hard, already impatient for the taste of his jizz.

She was rewarded as her first cock-sucking efforts made more pre-cum ooze out of piss hole. Donald shuddered, clutching the back of her head. Lana swirled her tongue around the bloated cock knob, lapping up his tasty cock juice.

His drooling cock was delicious. She loved the taste of stiff young cock. Lana started puffing out and caving in her cheeks alternately, sucking his prick with the intensity of a vacuum cleaner, devoting all her oral energies to the relief of Donald's painful hard-on.

Donald's mouth sagged open as he felt the intense pressure of Mrs. Lana Dobner's lips on his prick. Dazedly, he wondered if Richie had any idea his mom could suck cock like this.

"Work out, Mrs. Dobner!" Donald clutched her head and started fucking his hips back and forth, eagerly fucking his hot, tingling prick shaft farther down her throat. "Oh, shit, jack me off at the same time! I'm gonna shoot a big wad, Mrs. Dobner! Right down your fucking throat!"

Lana sucked his fuck pole harder than ever, her whole face reddening with the effort she lavished on his magnificent cock. Her hand commenced a hard, steady pumping rhythm on the cock shanks urgently beating his meat into her mouth.

Cum, Donald, cum, Lana thought.

Almost as if he'd read her mind, Donald's prick started pulsing and twitching violently between her ovaled lips.

"Ah, Jesus! Fuck!" the boy gasped.

The hot spunk burst forth, shooting out of his piss slit, streaming across Lana's lapping tongue. His cum gushed down her throat, basting the inside of her mouth.

His spunk was almost as tasty as her son's. Lana bobbed her head on his exploding cock, fucking the jism-shooting boner farther down her throat. Her hand tirelessly continued to jack on the prick shank, twisting and tugging to milk out the very last drops of the hot cum. Finally, reluctantly, the huge-titted mom dragged her wet lips off of young Donald's prick.

"Well, Donald," she said huskily, licking the stray blobs of cum from her mouth, "what do you think of me as a cock-sucker? Did I do a good job?"

Donald just grinned at her. His fat, saliva slicked prick stayed as hard as stone. Lana's pussy burned uncontrollably as she silently praised the endurance prowess of teenaged boys. Donald had just shot off in her mouth, but he was obviously ready to give her needy pussy a good, hard fuck.

"Well! I can see I haven't satisfied you yet!" Lana giggled and resumed stroking his cock to prime it. "Where do you want me, Donald? On my back or on my hands and knees?"

"On your hands and knees," Donald smiled. "I'm gonna fuck your pussy like a horny dog."

He was insulting her, but somehow that made Lana hornier still. "Now, you promise not to tell your mother about this," she reminded him as he released his cock and got into the dog-fucking position on the floor.

Donald chuckled as he fell to his knees behind her. The first thing he did was to lift his throbbing prick and fit the mushroom cock tip between the hairy folds of her puffy, dripping pussy. The second thing he did was to slide his hands up her slim hips under her negligee, and wrap his fingers around her enormous, hanging tits.

"Goddamn, you've got big tits, Mrs. Dobner," he said, and he began fucking his long, fat hard-on into her slippery cunt.

"Unnggghhh!" Lana spread her knees wide on the floor, arching her ass up high. She clawed the carpet and immediately started humping fast and hard in the doggie position, fucking her wet pussy onto the teenager's prick.

"Fuck my pussy, Donald!" she gasped. "Ahhh, God, that's right, play with my tits. You've got such a big cock, young man! Nnnnggg, fuck the shit out of my horny cunt!"

The stacked mom's obscenities turned him on. Donald milked and massaged her creamy white tits harder, catching the distended nipples between his fingertips and pinching them. His prick kept fucking into her, stabbing farther and farther up her tight, itchy cunt. Donald grunted, burying his cock to the balls in her pussy.

"Oh, baby! Oh, darling!" Lana dropped her shoulders low, smiling wantonly as she rested her cheek on the rug. "Fuck my cunt, Donald! I'm just a horny slut! Oh, fuck, I really need your cock!"

Donald pulled out slowly, watching his cock meat reappear from the curly-haired lips of her cunt, the cock shaft now glistening with pussy oils. He milked her tits and rammed his prick back in again.

Then he started fucking her fast and very hard. His cock pounded into her tight, throbbing pussy. Lana's huge tits jiggled in his hands as she fucked back madly to meet his rhythm, gasping with satisfaction every time she ground her syrupy cunt slit onto the root of his cock.

"Fuck my pussy, fuck my pussy," she chanted, banging her knees on the floor. "Oh, fuck, Donald, I'm going to cum. I can feel my cunt throbbing on you, baby! Harder now, fuck me as hard as you can! Oh fuck, I'm cumming, Donald!"

Her pussy contracted sharply around his fucking cock, as if to instinctively hold it deep inside her overflowing cunt as she came. Donald mauled her tits and kept fucking her furiously. The pussy juice gushed out of the depths of her fuck hole, making her swollen cunt lips slurp loudly as her pussy clung to his prick.

"Oh, Donald, you haven't cum," she whimpered breathlessly. "Oh, baby, I know what you want now. Your reward for fucking me so beautifully. You want to fuck my asshole and shoot your cum load in there, don't you, honey?"

Donald grinned and pulled his hard-on out of her cunt. "Wait here," he said, rising and hurrying back into the kitchen.

Looking over her shoulder, Lana saw him return a moment later with a big can of Crisco. She immediately lay flat on her belly, squashing her giant tits on the rug. Hornily, she reached behind her back to spread her round, plump ass cheeks, displaying her pink, hairless asshole to her naked young lover.

Donald moaned as he coated his throbbing boner liberally with the shortening. Then he pasted it all over her asshole, darting his finger into her rubbery ass tunnel to coat the inside of her asshole with the goo.

"Ah, Goddamn, fuck my asshole!" Lana pleaded, feeling her asshole pucker and throb luridly in and out. "Oh, fuck, hurry, Donald, don't make me wait! Fuck that whopper right up my ass!"

Donald kept on fucking his finger in and out of her aching asshole, making sure that she was well lubed with the Crisco. Then he dropped the can and hurriedly mounted her. He aimed his wet, bloated cock, head at the puckering opening of her ass channel.

Lana grunted as she felt his cock fucking into her, spreading the lips of her asshole around the mammoth circumference of his cock. Lana loved getting her asshole fucked. Immediately she started humping again, fucking her asshole onto his spearing prick.

"Fuck my butt, baby, fuck my butt!" she groaned. She dug her fingernails sharply into her jiggling ass globes, spreading them as wide as she could. "I want my asshole fucked, Donald! Oh, God, ram that cock all the way in!"

Donald's cock was stiffer than ever, milked by the rubbery pressure of her ass guts. He lay flat on top of her, fucking furiously. Despite the energy of his ass-fucking movements, he still had to wiggle and corkscrew his hips to make his boner fuck all the way into her narrow shit channel.

Lana was in ecstasy, shuddering deliriously beneath him as the hung youngster fucked all of his cock shaft up her churning asshole. Donald started fucking his big cock in and out of her gripping ass ring.

She was too horny to hold her ass cheeks open for him anymore. Lana thrust both hands under her belly, shoving three fingers up her juice-seeping cunt. Her tits quivered as she finger-fucked her pussy very hard, pummeling her pussy in time with the increasingly savage fucking of her cock-stuffed asshole.

"Harder!" She humped frantically, grimacing with lust. "Unngghhh! What a huge fucking cock! Fuck my asshole! Oh, Donald, oh, Christ, make me cum!"

Suddenly the naked teenager started fucking her asshole as hard as he could, ramming his prick all the way in and out of her tender, inflamed shitter. Lana felt her pussy spasming around her fingers and her asshole contracting around his fucking cock.

"I'm cumming, Donald!" she cried. "Ah, fuck, it's making me cum again!"

Donald grunted and spurted out great torrents of cock cream, the jizz streaming deep inside her ass guts.

She continued humping beneath him, flexing her puckered asshole to help him pump out all of his spunk. She wondered if she could possibly sleep that night. It was incredible, knowing she now had two well-hung teenagers in the same house, both eager to fuck her mouth, pussy or asshole any time she liked.


"No, Richie!" Lana whispered. "For God's sake, you can't fuck me now! We might get caught!"

Richie ignored her. He sprawled on top of his naked mother in her bedroom, kicking the sheets completely off the bed. Lana felt his huge cock throbbing on her hairy pussy mound as he rubbed his face all over her gigantic tits.

It was dawn, less than six hours since Donald had so brutally fucked her asshole. Lana had just awakened to find her pussy hungry son in bed with her. Richie didn't seem to care that it was daylight, that they might be caught by Vivian or Donald. He was too eager to fuck his mother.

And Lana was eager to get fucked again, too. Her resistance faded as her son locked his lips around the stiff, red nipple of one enormous tit, sucking hard on the crimson cap of the milky tit globe. Lana whimpered and spread her thighs. She pushed her hand down, squeezing and jacking her son's meaty cock.

"Oh, baby, you make me so horny in spite of myself," she panted. "Mom just can't help herself. All right, Richie, you win. Fuck me now, Son."

Still sucking her huge, tasty tit, Richie moved into position between her thighs. Lana quickly cocked up her long legs, her knees hovering over her tits. She gasped as she felt her boy's spongy cock head piercing the curly haired lips of her cunt.

"Oh, shit, what a way to wake up! Fuck my pussy!" she pleaded, already beginning to hump her ass. "Unngghhh! Oh, fuck I can feel your cock pushing into me! It's so big and fat! Oh, Richie, don't worry about getting me juicy! I'm already dripping! Just fuck my cunt till I pass out!"

Richie ground his hips between her soft thighs, bucking rhythmically, fucking his cock farther and farther into her tightly clasping pussy sheath. Lana felt her cunt muscles gripping his cock shaft, welcoming his big, juicy fucker into her belly.

"It's in me now, Son!" She wrapped her arms and legs tightly around him, clawing his ass in a depraved effort to get even more of her offspring's prick up her aching pussy. "Fuck my cunt, sugar, fuck Mom's cunt! Oh, fuck, kill me with that cock?"

Richie fucked his prick to the balls in his mother's throbbing, spasming pussy hole. He lay motionless on top of her sweating body for several seconds, slurping contentedly on her huge tit. Then he started fucking again.

"Fuck me, baby, fuck me!" Lana scissored her ankles together high across his back, her enormous tits jiggling as she pistoned her ass off the bed to meet his fuck thrusts. "Unh unh unhhhh, you're really fucking me now. Oh, shit, fuck your mother faster, Richie! Fuck my cunt and make it cum!"

Richie's balls slapped heavily on the crack of her heaving ass. His cock throbbed wildly inside her clasping, gooshy pussy, the prick knob hitting her very womb. Lana could tell by the way the big fuck pole twitched and jumped inside her that her son was on the verge of shooting a big load of spunk deep inside her pussy.

She was desperate to feel him cum inside her. She was desperate to feel her pussy overflowing with hot, shooting jism. Lana raked her fingernails down his back and flexed her cunt muscles, making the interior of her pussy suck and clasp tightly around his prick.

"Shoot your juice, Son!" she moaned, fucking as fast as she could. "Shoot it up my pussy, baby! Oh, fuck, Mom's cumming too! Give me your cum!"

Richie gave it to her, plowing his rock-hard prick ferociously into her seething pussy, gasping as his cock started spraying out the spunk. Cum gushed in a frothing torrent deep inside the horny mom's pussy, deluging her burning cunt in an ocean of jism.

Lana twisted and writhed helplessly beneath him, feeling his cum spouting out of his cock in a never-ending load. The hot, milky cum bubbled out of her, pussy, gooshing luridly around his fucking cock. Lana felt the sheets under her ass moistening as a puddle of cum formed on her bed.

"I'm cumming, Son!" she gasped. "Oh, fuck, all this wonderful cum! I'm cuuummmiiinnngggg!"

She came very hard, eagerly fucking her pussy onto his still-shooting cock.

Finally the fuck session came to a close. Lana lifted her son's head from her sweaty tits and gave him a long, lewd kiss, thrusting her tongue into his mouth, thanking him for the marvelous incestuous pleasure he'd bestowed upon her pussy.

"But baby, you have to go now," she said finally, pushing him gently but firmly away from her. "You know how dangerous it would be to stay here longer. Don't worry, honey. We'll find a safe way to fuck another time soon. Very soon."

Richie pulled his big prick out of his mother, smiling at the sight of her furry, sopping-wet cunt slit. Then he quietly left her bedroom, shutting the door softly behind him. Lana felt relieved when she heard his footsteps on the stairs as he returned to his room.

Good God, he was a horny young man. And she was a horny, son-fucking bitch, too. Lana folded her arms behind her head, causing her enormous tits to bobble and roll in two milk white mountains on her chest. The nipples were still long, wet and stiff from her son's tit sucking.

Lana slid one hand down her sweat-glistening belly, feeling around her cunt. Her pussy felt wetter than ever before in her memory. The whole area under her ass was soaked with fuck juice.

"Well, hey there, Mrs. Dobner," a male voice whispered. "I see you're already awake."

Squealing with surprise, Lana pulled her hand from her furry pussy mound and stared at the open door. It was Donald! Vivian's handsome young son grinned broadly as he stepped into the room, shutting the door behind him.

"I was hoping you'd be up, Mrs. Dobner." Donald wore a bathrobe, and he immediately dropped it to the floor, revealing his hugely swollen cock. "Shit, my prick's been stiff all night. I hope you feel like a good fuck before breakfast."

Lana's cheeks flushed as she thought of her son's jism still dripping out of her cunt.

"We... we better not, Donald. What if your mother finds out?"

Donald's eyes bulged as he suddenly noticed the puddle between her legs, "Goddamn, Mrs. Dobner! Shit, your cunt's dripping. What the fuck have you been doing with yourself?"

Lana thought fast. "I... I was just playing with my pussy, Donald. Thinking about your big prick."

Donald's grin stretched from ear to ear. He climbed onto the bed, spreading her thighs with his hands and ogling the swollen, fucking flamed lips of her dripping cunt.

"Fuck, Mrs. Dobner, you really get wet when you jack off! Your pussy looks good enough to lick!"

Without asking for permission, Vivian's son stretched out on his stomach between Lana's thighs and buried his head in her wet crotch. Lana's jaw dropped as the eager lad began licking the spunk from her pussy, thrusting his tongue deep inside her matted cunt slit to lap up the juice from the depths of her cunt.

Did Donald realize she was licking up jism and pussy juice at the same time? A hot new lust pounded through. Lana's loins as she realized that the pussy-starved teenager apparently couldn't spot the difference in taste.

"Oh, fuck, Donald!" Lana's huge tits quivered as she pushed her hands down, clutching the back of his head. Again she began to buck and grind her ass off the mattress, fucking her throbbing pussy all over his face.

"That's a good boy, Donald, lick it up," she commanded. "Unngghhh! Oh, fuck, that feels so much better than my finger! Lick my juicy pussy, Donald, clean it up now! Ahhhh, God, you've got to make me cum!"

Donald's busy tongue had soon cleaned the last traces of fuck juice from the furry folds of Lana's pussy. His boner throbbed violently between his stomach and the bed as he delved deep inside her glistening, pink fuck hole.

Lana felt her pussy spasming, the fuck swollen cunt lips pulsating obscenely around Donald's tongue. Amazingly, the horny boy was already drawing her close to another orgasm. Grimacing and moaning, twisting her head from side to side, she clawed the nape of his neck and ground her furry pussy mound harshly on his lips.

Donald slid his hands all over her sweating, voluptuous body, pausing to squeeze, milk and massage her stiff-nippled tits. Then he guided his hand between her quivering thighs.

Lana shuddered and bucked as his fingers touched the drooling slit of her cunt. Donald worked his fingers deep inside her syrupy pussy channel, beginning to finger-fuck her hard and fast. His tongue licked higher, touching the swollen bud of her clit.

"Ungghh! Oh, fuuuuck!" Lana started humping her ass as fast as she could, relentlessly fucking her pussy all over her young lover's face. "That's right, baby, suck my clit! Oh, shit, oh, fuck, I'm cumming now! All over your face, honey!"

Her cunt spasmed very, hard as the orgasm overtook her, making the tender folds of her pussy erupt in a fresh flow of fuck juice. The musky-smelling cunt cream spewed from the depths of her cunt, soaking Donald's cheeks. Donald went back to rapidly licking her fuck hole, eager for the taste of her cunt cream.

"Oh, baby, fuck me now!" Lana pleaded. She grabbed his shoulders and wantonly struggled to haul him up on top of her. "Oh, Christ, I feel like a nympho! Fuck me right now, Donald! I need it! Ram that big cock right up my juicy cunt!"

Licking pussy juice from his mouth, Donald rose and sprawled on top other. Lana mewled as she stared at the mammoth cock shaft throbbing and twitching over her hairy cunt mound. Lewdly grasping his cock, she directed the spongy tip to the ravished lips of her pussy.

Donald braced his outstretched arms on the bed to either side of her shoulders. He stared down at her giant, jiggling tits as he nudged his cock head in. His prick fucked into her creamy cunt like a knife through butter, spreading her pussy.

"Oh, you fucker," wrapping her long legs tightly around his waist. She wiggled her ass, trying to make his probing cock fuck more easily up her pussy.

"Fuck me now, baby, fuck me!" she squealed, driving her ass high and hard off the bed. "Oh, Christ, am I horny! Fuck my pussy, Donald! Don't make me wait for your cock! Just ram that whopper up my cunt!"

Donald lay flat on top of her, squashing her enormous tits under his chest. He slid his hands down her sides, clawing her ass cheeks to hold her humping hips in position. He gasped with pleasure as he slowly, juicily plowed the remaining third of his boner into the woman's clasping cunt.

Lana grunted as his ball bag slapped the crack of her ass, and she knew that her pussy was again totally stuffed with hard cock.

It thrilled her to know that she was being fucked hard by two naked teenaged studs in a row. One her own son, and the second the son of her best friend.

Donald gasped as he felt her spasming pussy nursing the steely hardness of his prick. The naked high school student quickly started fucking his cock in and out of her pussy.

"Move your ass, Mrs. Dobner," he grunted on her shoulder. "Move that sweet butt of yours and fuck my stiff cock!"

"Oh, Donald!"

Lana wrapped her thighs around his waist as tightly as she could. Already her pussy was creaming and throbbing uncontrollably, preparing for another violent cm all over her young lover's prick. Harder and harder she fucked her blushing buns off the bed, gasping every time she fucked her, curly-haired cunt into the root of Donald's cock.

"Fuck me, bastard, fuck me," she chanted, as she savored every stroke of his swollen prick shank deep inside her buttery cunt.

Donald shut his eyes, thinking of nothing but the hot tightness of the pussy clasping his cock. The bed quaked beneath Lana's humping ass as he fucked her furry pussy as hard as he could, working with an almost brutal intensity between her thighs.

"I'm cumming, Donald!" Lana cried. She clawed his small, tight ass, wincing as she made another inch of his boner sink into her cunt. "Oh, shit, oh, piss, I'm making it! Fuck meeee! Cuuuummmiiinnnggggg!"

Her cunt throbbed into orgasm, rhythmically clutching and squeezing around the teen's cock. The woman cried excitedly, still fucking him very hard. Donald grunted and fucked his aching prick into her clit as far as it would go.

Thick gobs of sappy jism rushed up front his balls, making his fuck pole tremble and jerk as it disgorged gushes of cum deep inside Lana's pussy. The stacked woman smiled lewdly with satisfaction as she felt Donald's torrent of cum bursting into her cunt.

"Oh, baby," she moaned, holding him tightly, giggling as his throbbing prick continued gushing cum up her pussy. I'm a son fucker, she thought shamelessly. And a boy fucker, too!


Vivian sat on the living room couch, ignoring a dull soap opera on television. It was a hot afternoon, and she wore only a pair of skimpy cut-offs and a T-shirt that clung to her big, braless tits. She wiggled her ass on the couch and spread her thighs, unable to resist rubbing her hairy pussy through her denim shorts.

God, even the stupid soap operas made her horny. Vivian had never dreamed that she could become so obsessed with sex, so entranced with the mere thought of a stiff, throbbing cock. And it had all come about because of fucking her son.

She supposed there existed in all people an invisible wall of inhibition that prevented them from succumbing to the most depraved urgings of lust. Once that wall had been breached by a really sinful, forbidden act, anything was possible.

Vivian had fucked her own child, and there were few other acts that could be considered so unspeakably obscene. Anything was possible now. The inhibiting wall was rubble. Nothing could stop her from craving Donald's huge, throbbing boner every moment of the day.

And she did. It was incredibly frustrating that she couldn't just fuck him as soon as he came home from school, throw him on the floor and rip off his pants and shove his straining cock shaft in her mouth. There were Lana and Richie to worry about, and that somehow made her horny, too.

The soap opera was almost over, but the television screen now featured a scene with a young man greatly resembling her Donald.

Vivian immediately felt her pussy overflowing with fuck juice. Hunching her ass down on the couch, she briskly rubbed her seething cunt through her shorts, her tongue lolling out luridly.

The front door opened. Vivian gasped and quickly sat up, taking her hand from her pussy. It was Richie. He entered the living room and sniffed curiously, as if he'd caught the aroma of her hot cunt.

"What's that smell?" Richie asked.

"It's... it's something I was eating," Vivian said, reflexively brushing the mussed hair out of her eyes. "You're home early today, aren't you, Richie? I wasn't expecting you for another few hours."

Richie shrugged, sitting on the couch beside her. Vivian restrained herself from boldly ogling the tempting cock-bulge in his jeans.

"Ah, I didn't have that much to do," Richie said. "I never thought I'd hear myself say this, but I'm almost looking forward to going back to school. Anyhow... is Mom around, Mrs. Cole?"

"No, your mother's gone for the day," Vivian replied. "And Donald won't be back until dinner. I guess it's just us this afternoon."

An emphasis she hadn't intended showed in her voice, and she saw that Richie had caught it. There was a long, tense silence. Vivian's pussy ached as she saw that Richie had noticed the absence of a bra under her T-shirt.

"I've been meaning to say, it sure is nice of you to take us in like this, Mrs. Cole," Richie said. "I mean, under the circumstances. You're a real nice lady."

"Why, thank you, Richie."

"You're a real pretty lady, too." Vivian felt her cunt throbbing. Her eyes dropped automatically to Richie's jeans. Shed was amazed to see a long, fat prick bulging down the inside of his pants leg.

"Well, Richie, you're a very handsome young man, yourself."

Richie said nothing. He was really looking her over now, ogling her soft, shapely thighs and her large tits under her shirt. Suddenly Vivian realized that she was simply going to have to fuck this handsome young stud.

"It must be hard for you getting along in a strange town, Richie. Not knowing anyone. I suppose you haven't met any girls yet."

Vivian lifted one bare foot to the edge of the couch, knowing that it made her pussy vee bulge through her cut-offs. Richie stared at her outlined cunt. His prick was completely stiff, and it was obviously a big fucker.

"No, no girls yet, Mrs. Cole."

"That must be real hard on you, Richie," Vivian murmured, emphasizing the word hard. "Not having any pretty young girls to kiss or neck with. Or do other things with, too."

"Yeah, it is kind of rough."

"You must be awfully horny. Aren't you, Richie?"

A lewd grin spread across Richie's face. He didn't answer. His cock was throbbing conspicuously in his pants. Vivian couldn't stop herself. She dropped her hand to his thigh, brushing it slowly up his leg.

"You must jack off a lot," she said breathlessly. "Don't you, Richie? Don't you beat your meat when you get horny? Why, I'll bet you jack off every day, thinking about fucking some young girl's juicy cunt."

"I think you're going to make me want to jack off right now, Mrs. Cole," Richie said.

"Oooh, I can see what you mean," Vivian sighed, as she pressed her hand directly on his cock-bulge. "This is an awfully big stiff cock you have, Richie... it must be really hurting."

"It sure is, Mrs. Cole."

"Well, I think I'm being a very good hostess," Vivian said, as she furiously began rubbing his prick through his pants. "I mean, I can't let you run around with an enormous boner like this. It's just not right. You'll get blue balls if I don't give you some release."

"So what are you going to do about it, Mrs. Cole?"

Vivian giggled, sliding from the couch and kneeling on the floor facing him.

"Well, I guess I'll just have to give your big, hard cock a good sucking, Richie," she whispered. "If you promise not to tell your father."

Richie lifted his hips, giving Vivian the freedom to unzip and unbuckle his pants, and pull them roughly down to his knees with his underwear. Vivian moaned as she saw the boy's huge, stiff cock.

His prick stood straight out of his curly prick fur, a towering column of hard, swollen cock flesh. The flared cock knob was leaking hot drops of milky pre-cum.

"Oh, Richie, what a huge prick," Vivian whispered, admiring the size of his big, wrinkled ball sac. She glided her hand up his leg, wrapping her fingers tightly around the root of his cock.

"Does this feel good, Richie?" she asked. The horny mother pumped her hand rapidly up and down his cock shank, beating him off.

"Oh, fuck!" Richie's eyes lidded dazedly as the woman jacked his cock, making more hot pre-cum seep out of the rosy cocktip. "Jack on it, Mrs. Cole!"

By now the whole flared tip of his boner was wet with oozing cock slime and Vivian's hairy pussy creamed heavily with her hunger for cock-sucking. She glided her hand to the root of his fuck pole.

Her tongue fucked out, lapping the puffy tip of his boner, savoring his oozing spunk. It was hot and musky-tasting. Squeezing and jacking the base of his hard-on, the sexy woman licked quick, teasing circles around the fat knob of his prick.

"Suck on it," Richie moaned, curling his fingers in her long hair. "Put my cock in your fucking mouth and suck on it!"

Vivian opened her mouth wide, gurgling shamelessly as she engulfed the first several inches of his cock. Her cheeks flushed as she wrapped her lips in a tightly compressed circle around his boner. The horny woman started sucking the youth's stiff cock, still laying her tongue in wet circles around the drooling prick tip.

Richie clawed the back of her head, lunging and fucking his ass off the couch. Vivian's cheeks blushed crimson as she sucked his tasty boner extremely hard. Her slurping, lip smacking sounds of cock-sucking bubbled out, extremely loud and sloppy sounding. She resisted the urge to play with her aching pussy as she nursed greedily on her teenaged housemate's cock.

"Goddamn, what a cock-sucker!" Richie cried.

Dazedly, he stared at the pretty mother's face, seeing, how wide and obscenely her lips were stretched around his hard-on. Her sucking efforts were making his prick swell fatter by the moment.

Vivian nearly gagged as his giant cock fucked down her buttery throat, brushing past her tonsils. She wished her throat were a bottomless pit so she could really fuck her face with this kid's big prick.

Instead, she simply satisfied herself by sucking his prick harder than ever, slurping her tongue and lips on the saltiness of his standing cock shaft. Richie's flared cock knob pulsed urgently down her throat, and she sensed the impending gusher of his cum.

Vivian sucked his prick as hard as she could, sharply puckering her cheeks and dragging her full, ripe lips up and down his cock. Her hand resumed its tugging, jacking motions on the base of his cock meat. She thrust her left hand between his thighs and tenderly cupped and squeezed his bloated balls, encouraging the geyser of jism to conic spraying out of the head of his prick.

"It's gonna shoot!" Richie moaned, pulling her hair, jamming his boner down her gullet. "Suck it, Mrs. Cole! Suck out the juice! Ahhhhh, fuck!"

His cock throbbed and his jism spouted into Vivian's mouth. Vivian slurped madly, tasting the cock nectar she'd craved for so long. The horny boy's spurting cock cream was almost as thick and sweet as the jizz from her own son's prick.

Vivian gulped his cum down like a baby drinking milk. She didn't stop sucking the youth's prick until she'd lapped every trace of jism from the swollen, inflamed knob of his cock.

"Well, Richie, feel better now?" she giggled as she slid her wet lips off of his cock. "Isn't it nice to have a horny cunt like me around to suck all the cum out of your cock?"

Richie gulped, nodding his head. Vivian again became conscious of the violent pulsing of her hairy pussy. Sitting back on her heels, she surprised Richie by pulling off her T-shirt, revealing her large, jiggling, cherry-capped tits.

Vivian and Richie were in the living room. There was no reason to believe they couldn't be caught by either Lana or Vivian's son, Donald. But Vivian simply didn't care. The more she fucked and sucked, the hornier she felt, and the hornier she felt the less she worried about being caught. Vivian felt as if she lived only for the taste and feel of hard young cock.

Vivian sprawled on her back on the floor, wiggling out of her cut-offs, showing her hairy, juicy pussy mound and luscious ass to the horny teen. She beckoned for Richie to join her as she splayed, her tender thighs, revealing the curly-haired slit of her juicing, creaming cunt.

"Richie, it's time to lick my pussy now," she moaned. "Hurry, darling. Make me cum with your lips, honey. Then you can fuck me just as long and hard as you want!"

Richie lay between her thighs, staring at the puffy, pouting lips of her hair-lined cunt slit. He experimentally pushed a finger into her gooey wetness, making Vivian gasp as her pussy muscles sucked eagerly around the probing finger.

Richie fucked her rapidly with his finger, sending spasming muscular contractions shooting through her loins. His cock throbbed stiffly as he smelled the rich aroma of her wet pussy.

"Shit, Mrs. Cole, this is what I smelled when I came in!" he laughed. "Fuck, it wasn't anything you were eating! You were just playing with this hot little pussy of yours while you watched the tube!"

"You bet, sweetie," Vivian moaned. "That's because my cunt is so hot and horny, I just can't keep my fingers away from it. Now lick it for me, Richie! Lick my cunt and make me cum!"

Richie glued his mouth to the juice-dripping folds of her cunt. Hungrily he sucked the furry fuck silt, darting his tongue deep inside her squirmy fuck hole. Vivian grimaced, spreading her legs even farther and lifting her knees high in the air. Frantically, she started bucking her ass, fucking her throbbing pussy onto his mouth.

"Lick it, lick it, lick it!" she chanted, twisting her head dazedly from side to side on the floor. "My pussy's so horny, you fucker! Oh, God, lick the juice right out of my cunt!"

Richie fucked his tongue farther up her pussy, delving into the sweet depths of her fuck channel. His boner throbbed between the floor and his stomach as he realized he would soon be filling this sweet, wet, furry pussy with his big cock.

Vivian ground her sticky pussy wildly on his mouth, desperately trying to get him to lick her swollen clit. Realizing what she so urgently wanted, Richie pressed his tongue hard on the sensitive nubbin. Vivian grunted luridly and bucked harder than ever, gasping as the fuck spasms pumped through her loins in waves.

"That's right, bastard!" she gasped, clutching his head. "Suck my clitty, honey! Put your fingers up my pussy, Richie! Oh, fuck, I really need a good cum!"

Richie wrapped his lips tightly around the woman's swollen clit. He sucked her clit gently but forcefully, making her pussy lips spasm and pucker with desire. His tongue curled across the tip, and he returned his finger to the slippery lips of her cunt.

Roughly, Richie fucked two fingers deep inside Vivian's cunt. He jacked her off furiously, banging his knuckles on the puffy outer folds of her cunt. A hot new lust quaked in the woman's loins as she felt his free hand probing between her humping ass cheeks.

Richie found her puckered asshole with his fingertip and slowly fucked his finger all the way up her clenched, rubbery shitter. Then he was finger-fucking both her fuck holes at the same time, still sucking relentlessly on her twitching pink clit.

"I'm cumming, Richie!" Vivian gasped, clawing his head. "Oh, fuck, that's right, it feels so Goddamn, cuuummmiiinnnngggg!"

Her asshole contracted, holding his finger deep inside her throbbing shitter. Her fur matted cunt spewed thick, delicious cunt oils all over his fingers. Her clit pulsed uncontrollably between his lips.

Richie kept sucking her clit and continued fucking his fingers through the throbbing grips of her twin holes. He was a gifted cunt-sucker. Vivian bucked and lurched as if she'd never stop cumming. But she did, after nearly a minute of violent, exquisite spasms.

"Oh, Jesus! What a cum," she moaned. "Okay. Richie, time for some fucking. Go right ahead and work off that boner in my pussy. Fuck me hard, young man. You've earned it!"

Richie clambered on top of her, his massive cock throbbing over her rounded belly. He nudged his cock head between the ravished lips of her pussy. The exhausted woman grunted as she felt the thickness of his fat cock fucking into her cunt.

"Oh, shit!" She lifted her legs, twining than tightly around his waist. The naked woman started fucking wildly.

Richie spread his knees between her thighs, angling his hips until he was in a perfect position to spear his burning cock directly into her cunt center. He showed Vivian his fucking prowess as he heaved wildly on top of her, relentlessly fucking the bloated length of his cock into the gooey, clutching confines of her tingling pussy.

Vivian felt herself getting horny all over again as her creamy cunt was invaded by his long, stiff prick.

"Oh, fuck, what a stud!" she moaned pushing her thighs higher up his back. "That's good, baby! Fuck me hard now! You've made my pussy so wet for you, Richie! Just go ahead and fuck me till I pass out!"

Richie grunted as he rammed his cock to the balls in her invitingly sticky pussy. For several seconds he lay still on top of her, just letting his boner soak in the lewdly clasping sheath of her pussy.

He pulled out slowly, feeling her needy cunt channel suck and drag around the receding length of his cock. Richie made Vivian's hips bang on the floor as he fucked his prick much harder up her pussy.

He lay flat on top of her, cradling his head between her neck and shoulder. Richie started fucking her cunt hard and fast, banging, their pelvic bones together as he wildly fucked his rock-hard cock into the warm wetness of her cunt.

"Fuck my pussy, fuck my pussy!" Vivian gasped, her expression ecstatic with obscene lust. She thrilled to the furious fuck strokes of young Richie's cock.

She was so drained that it was hard to meet his rhythm, but Vivian somehow managed anyway. Locking her ankles together, she torridly humped her ass off the floor, squealing girlishly as she fucked her red-hot pussy onto the meaty base of his cock.

Richie clawed her ass cheeks, fucking into her cunt as hard as he could. Vivian could bear the squishing sounds as her gurgling cunt clung to his hard-on. Then they were fucking in unison, thinking of nothing but the timeless pleasure of big, steely cock rooting in wet, tight, clinging cunt.

"I'm cumming!" Vivian cried, heaving even more frantically beneath him. "Oh, Richie, you big bastard, look what you're doing to me! I can't help it, you fucker! I'm cumming again! Fuck my pussy-fuck it, fuck it!"

Richie let the second load of jism stream up from his balls. His cum spurted convulsively into the woman's throbbing pussy. Vivian cried out as she felt Richie's cum load jetting inside her, basting her already-dripping cunt with a fresh flood of cock cream.


"This is so sweet, Donald," Vivian giggled.

"It's just like when you were a little boy, and I came to your room every night to tell you a bedtime story."

"Yeah," Donald smiled. "But you're sure as fuck not telling me a story now."

"But it's for the same purpose, darling," Vivian answered, coyly batting her eyes. "After all, I'm just trying to help you get to sleep!"

Donald was sitting up in bed, naked, the sheets bunched at the foot of the mattress to expose his body. Clad in a sexy negligee, Vivian was curled up on her side next to him. She cuddled with her son as she lewdly stroked and tugged his big, throbbing prick. Donald had an enormous boner.

It was very late at night, and Vivian had decided she could risk this visit to her son's room. Besides, it was for her own benefit as well. Donald would sleep better after a good cock-sucking, she knew her own dreams would be far more pleasant with a bellyful of hot cum.

"Ready to get your prick sucked, baby?" Vivian cooed, kissing her way down his chest and stomach, preparing to nestle her head in his crotch.

"Go to it, Mom," Donald sighed.

Donald stretched out flat on his back, his massive fuck pole arcing stiffly over his belly. Vivian lay on her side beside him. She continued lewdly jacking his boner, corkscrewing her fist up his cockshaft to make more hot pre-cum leak out of his piss slit.

Opening her mouth, the boy's horny mother popped the crown of his cock between her lips. Wetly, lovingly, she clasped her mouth around the thick shank of his cock, inhaling the salty aroma of his prick and balls. She shut her eyes and shamelessly started sucking, laying her tongue over and around the spongy tip of his prick.

"Goddamn!" Donald's boyish face contorted with pleasure as his mom commenced the blow-job. "I sure love the way you suck my prick, Mom! When I grow up and get married, maybe I ought to bring my wife home and let her take cock-sucking lessons from you!"

Vivian giggled, her chuckles muffled by the big, meaty cock rod clotting her mouth. Panting through her nostrils, she forced her lips to part farther, sucking in another inch or two of his prick.

Her cheeks blushed pink as she eagerly started sucking his cock, sliding her full, ripe lips on his velvety cock shaft. Vivian felt the cunt juice running out of her hairy pussy as she bobbed her head on her child's prick. She fucked her face rapidly up and down, nearly choking herself as she tried to fuck his cock down her buttery throat.

I love sucking cock, Vivian thought, as her slurping, gurgling noises filled the bedroom. I live for the cum I suck out of Donald's cock.

"Oh, fuck, Mom, I'm getting super stiff now!" Donald gasped, pulling her hair and writhing. "Fuck, suck me harder! Christ, you're like a fucking vacuum cleaner! You never let up!"

Vivian imagined the heavy load of cum churning in his balls, boiling up, preparing to come shooting into her mouth and throat. Her face reddened luridly as she sucked his fuck stick much harder, lovingly caressing the veined stiffness of his prick with her lips.

Now he was about to shoot. She could feel it, by the violence with which his cock pulsated, by how it had grown as hard as a steel pole.

Again Vivian twisted her fingers around the base of his hard-on. Then, to make the cock juice geyser out, she furiously started pumping.

While she sucked on the head of his prick, her hand raced in a blur from the bottom up. She beat his meat as hard as she could, knowing that her boy's prick appreciated a good, hard hand-job. Vivian's wrist ached as she feverishly tugged and stroked his cock, sucking tirelessly on the cock knob.

"Play with my balls, Mom!" Donald cried. His handsome face was a mask of cocksucking ecstasy. He pulled his mother's hair and bucked his hips, fucking her face with his prick.

Vivian glided her left hand between his trembling legs, cupping his balls.

"I'm cumming Mom! Cumming!"

His cock sprayed torrents of cum down her throat. His prick throbbed and bucked as it disgorged its milky contents, shooting streams of thick cum into his mother's mouth.

Vivian loved the taste of her son's creamy cum. She sucked and jacked his jism-spurting boner harder than ever, thirstily gulping down the frothy tide of spunk. Cum bubbled out of her mouth, drooling down her chin. Still, the horny mother continued to suck, draining her child's balls completely of jism.

"Oh, fuck," Donald murmured dazedly, as his mom let his prick pop wetly out of her mouth. "Jesus, you really drained me that time! I feel like I couldn't cum again for a year!"

Vivian giggled happily, sitting up on the bed and licking the tasty cum from the corners of her mouth.

"But you know you will, darling. Tomorrow you'll probably be dry-humping my leg while I try to serve you breakfast."

Donald laughed. "I guess so."

"Well, I'll see you in the morning." Vivian gave him a loving good-night kiss and rose from the bed. "I hope I helped you get some rest, baby. You probably won't wake up with a hard-on in the middle of the night now."

Smiling at his loving mother, Donald pulled up the covers and closed his eyes. Vivian shut off the light cm her way out. Moving down the darkened hall, she tasted the jism on her tongue.

God, she was still so fucking horny. Vivian's cunt burned under her negligee as she walked; her pussy was a dripping mess. One load of jism should have been enough for her, but Vivian already felt like swallowing another cum load. She wished Donald's cock had a never-ending supply of jism.

Suddenly Vivian thought of Richie, and her pussy pulsed with mischievous desire. Richie was undoubtedly fast asleep, but he wouldn't mind awakening to shoot a big wad into her mouth, at least not if she knew anything about horny teenaged boys.

Vivian rushed down the hall to his room. She was surprised to see the light under his door, and doubly surprised to see that the door was ajar. Vivian paused in the hall, peering through the opening.

Then her eyes opened wide with the shock of her life. Richie and Lana were both on the bed, stark naked, in the dog-fucking position. Richie was fucking his mother's juicy cunt!

"Oh, baby, fuck my pussy!" Lana moaned, looking anxiously at her son aver her shoulder. "Harder, Richie, harder! Fuck my cunt and make me cum!"

Lana's enormous tits swung pendulously over the bed, the stiff nipples tingling as they brushed the sheets. Richie knelt behind her, clutching her lithe hips as he fucked his throbbing boner rapidly in and out of her juicy, hair-lined cunt.

Hungrily Richie looked down at his mother's lush body, at her peach-shaped ass globes and the slick, furry mouth of her pussy gripping his cock. Her pink, puckered asshole throbbed uncontrollably in and out every time young Richie fucked his cock into her cunt.

"Harder, baby!" Lana dropped her shoulders low, whipping up her ass as fast as possible to fuck her pussy onto his cock. "Fuck my ass off, Sonny! Oh, please, fuck your mother! I'm so horny, Richie! I love your big, juicy prick so much!"

Lana hadn't intended to come to her son's room. It was late, but not late enough that she could be sure Vivian and Donald were sleeping. But tossing and turning in her bed, Lana had been too horny to stop herself. She'd rushed to her son's room and let herself in. Richie had insisted on fucking her with the lights on, and she'd been far too crazed with fuck passion to object. He'd said he wanted to stare at her pussy while he fucked it. And her luscious little asshole, too.

Now, Lana gasped with surprise as she felt a strong finger probing the puckered entrance to her shit channel. Her cunt spasmed needfully around his thrusting boner as Richie fucked his finger slowly up her ass.

"Oh, Richie, yes, darling, yesssss!" Lana hissed. Her asshole sucked his finger in, welcoming it into her guts. "Unngghhh! I love the way you play with my asshole, you big fucker! Oh, shit, now I'm really horny! Harder, Richie! Fuck my cunt as hard as you can!"

Instead, Richie leaned over, opening the nightstand drawer. Lana whimpered as she watched him withdraw a little jar of Vaseline. Still stroking his stiff prick into her wet, clinging pussy, Richie popped open the container and withdrew a thick glob of the yellowish jelly.

He pulled his finger out of her asshole so he could smear, the goo all over the throbbing ring of her shit tunnel. He dipped his finger into the jar before fucking it much harder into his mom's asshole.

"Unnggghhh!" Lana bucked harder, her enormous tits swinging and jiggling. "Richie, you're making me cum! I love this! Oh, fuck, put in another finger!"

Richie immediately fucked a second finger into her wet, squirmy asshole. Lana felt the finger pressure in her pussy, through the thin membrane dividing her twin fuck channels.

"Fuck my cunt, Son, fuck Mom's cunt!" she cried, her voice rising with desire. "I'm cumming, darling! Play with my asshole! Cuuummmiiiinnnngggg!"

Her pussy throbbed and gushed, spewing fuck juice all over her son's fucking prick. Richie moaned, burrowing his fingers all the way up her shitter, feeling the intense clasping pressure of her cumming cunt around his prick.

But he kept the jism in his balls, and Lana knew immediately where he wanted to shoot his wad tonight. Unable to take any more fucking in her ravished pussy, she pulled away from him and sprawled flat on her belly on the bed. Shamelessly, the naked mother parted her rounded ass cheeks with her fingers, displaying her Vaseline-lubed asshole to her teenaged son.

"All right, Richie! Fuck my asshole," she pleaded. "Shove that whopper right up my ass!"

Richie mounted her again, aiming his swollen cock head at the pulsating shit ring. Lana grimaced as she felt the lips of her asshole stretching wide to accept his massive prick.

"Annnhhh, God, it's so Goddamn good!" Bravely, she spread her ass cheeks even farther, wiggling her hips to help her son stab his massive prick all the way up her shitter. "Fuck my asshole, baby! That's right, don't worry about hurting me! Kill Mom's asshole with your big, beautiful cock!"

The Vaseline paved the way for Richie's cock in his mother's ass. He grunted as he humped furiously on top of her, fucking another inch of cock meat up her asshole with every thrust.

Lana felt his prick boring relentlessly into her ass, making her rubbery asshole suck and contract uncontrollably around the invading stiffness of his prick. Her lust was unbearably intense. The horny, big-titted mother thrust her hand under her belly, burrowing two fingers up her pussy and torridly fingerfucking herself.

"Fuck my asshole, Son, fuck Mom's asshole!" she moaned, nearly crying out the words as he rammed his entire cock up her ass. "Oh, God, I love it! I love getting fucked by my son!"

Richie lay on top of her, letting her juicy whole spasm and milk around his steely cock. He pulled out slowly, feeling the tender walls of her shit channel drag needfully around his cock. Pausing with just the tip of his prick in her ass ring, he fucked much harder into the enveloping tightness of his mother's ass vats.

"I said fuck my ass, Richie! Fuck the shit out of my horny asshole!" Lana was fingerfucking her drooling pussy as fast as she could. "My asshole's throbbing, baby! All over my lovely son's cock!"

Groaning with fuck passion, Richie started fucking his mom's tight asshole as hard as he could.

Lana could hardly believe the fury of her son's fucking. He was fucking his long, fat hard-on relentlessly into her shit channel, as if he were trying to stab her with his enormous cock.

"I'm cumming, cumming!" Lana screamed. "Fuck my asshole!"

Her pussy contracted around her fingers, and her rubbery asshole clung to her boy's fucking cock. Her asshole suctioned so tightly around his boner that Richie couldn't keep the cum in his balls.

Cum gushed up from his balls, making his meaty prick shaft jerk and twitch as it sprayed thick gobs of cock sap deep inside his mother's ravaged asshole. Lana whimpered girlishly, finger-fucking her horny pussy and flexing her ass muscles wantonly around her son's unloading cock. The spewing cum mixed with the Vaseline in her asshole until her ass ring was so slippery that Richie's prick popped luridly out from between her ass cheeks.

Jesus, Vivian thought. Jesus!

Vivian hurried to her own bedroom, already ready for a long night of finger-fucking. So Lana was fucking her son, too!

A strange lust beat in Vivian's heart as she thought of what she'd seen through the bedroom door. Lana, she knew, would shit bricks if she knew she'd been found out. And Vivian was just wicked enough to want her to know!


"And then," Vivian continued happily, "I made Lana take his prick out of her mouth so Richie would shoot off all over her face!"

"Boy, Mom," Donald laughed. "You sure are a bitch!"

"I'm just having fun," Vivian giggled. "Besides, I know Lana digs it deep down inside. I'm not going to keep it up much longer. I'm just making her do things she wants to do, anyhow."

Donald shook his head, amazed and amused by his mother's behavior. He sat with his back to the headboard, naked, the sheets turned down. Vivian sat beside him, tugging on his throbbing cock. She'd come to his room to give him another bedtime treat.

"Your cock's pretty stiff now, Donald," she observed. "Ready for your good-night sucking?"

Donald grinned and folded his hands behind his head. "Suck away!"

Vivian curled up on her side by his hips, pushing her hand to the root of his straining prick shaft, holding it in position. Lovingly, she began licking up and down his twitching boner, covering it with a glistening coating of saliva before popping the cock knob into her mouth.

She stuffed his prick deep down her throat, nearly gagging herself as the cock knob pushed past her tonsils. Panting through her nose, the horny mom locked her lips in a tight circle around the veined stalk of her boy's cock.

Richie had a beautiful prick, but Vivian still loved sucking Donald's cock most of all. After all, only Donald was her son.

She shut her eyes, concentrating on the taste and feel and smell of his prick. Vivian puckered her cheeks until golf balls could have fit into the indentations. Donald groaned as his sexy mother started sucking his prick extremely hard.

"Jesus, are you ever cock hungry!" he moaned. He looked down at her, seeing how tightly her lips gripped his prick. "Fuck, Mom!" He clutched her head, grinding his hips off the bed. "Ungh, Jesus! Suck it, suck it! Make me shoot off big tonight!"

The more sex she got, the more she wanted. Vivian had lost count of the times she'd sucked off both Richie and her son in the past week. It seemed that she was always hungry for cock meat.

She forced her mouth to open farther, sucking in another inch of his burning fuck pole. Vivian's cock-sucking sounds were very loud, filling the bedroom with her slurping and gurgling. She panted loudly through her nose as she started eagerly fucking her face with her son's prick.

"Jack me, Mom!" Donald gasped. "Please. You suck so hard and good. Jack on my prick!"

Vivian twisted her fist in a corkscrewing motion around the base of his prick rod, feeling the thickness and hardness of his cock. Lewdly, she started pumping her hand rapidly up and down from his prick base to her mouth.

The cock responded by growing even stiffer, throbbing eagerly on her palate. It had gotten to the point where Vivian's stomach muscles actually ached in anticipation of her son's belly-filling cum loads. Wiggling her ass contentedly beside him, she jacked and sucked his prick as hard as she could.

"Play with my balls now!" Donald gasped. Vivian wanted to use her left hand to play with her hairy pussy hole under her negligee, but Donald needed to spurt first. Considerately, she cupped his balls with her left hand, fondling and squeezing. Donald's prick immediately began pulsing urgently between his mother's feverishly nursing lips.

"I'm cumming, Mom! Oh, shit, here comes the juice! Ahhhh!" The thick cum shot out, streaming into the roof of Vivian's mouth and down her throat.

Vivian immediately started swallowing cum, working her throat muscles as she continued to tirelessly jack and suck his cum-gushing prick.

Donald writhed helplessly, pulling his mom's hair as his cock kept on geysering out the spunk. Vivian tried to swallow it all, but some jism bubbled out of her mouth around his prick, running down her chin.

"Good Lord, Son! What a cum!" Vivian giggled, lifting her lips from his aching prick and licking the stray drops of jizz from her mouth. "I'm going to stop having breakfast in the morning if you keep giving me loads of jizz like that every night."

Donald just smiled at her, his cock meat still throbbing wetly over his stomach. His prick was sore from the fury of her sucking, but her pussy was even more sore. Still, her pussy ached with frustration, hot and gooshy with oozing cunt cream.

"Donald, I can't let you go to bed quite yet," she whispered. "My cunt's too hot. You have to eat me out first."

Vivian pulled off her negligee, leaving herself naked. She lay on her back, splaying her thighs apart and wiggling her ass into a good position in which to be eaten. Donald's cock throbbed stiffer as he ogled the tender, puffy folds of his mother's wet pussy.

"With pleasure, Mom," he murmured, sliding onto his stomach between her thighs.

Donald thrust his hands under her hips, gripping her ass cheeks. He kneaded and squeezed her ass as be glued his mouth to her syrupy fuck slit. Vivian shuddered with intense pleasure as her teenager started licking and lapping the juice from her cunt.

"That's good, junior," she moaned, grinding her ass in his hands, thrusting her pussy onto his lips. "Ahhh, yes, that feels wonderful. My cunt's sopping wet, baby. Lick the juice out of Mom's cunt!"

Soon the horny, naked mother was humping her ass so frantically that Donald couldn't hold the twin globes in position. He withdrew his hands, gliding them up her soft, creamy thighs. Vivian shuddered as he fucked two fingers into her tight, clasping pussy, simultaneously lifting his chin so he could suck directly on her clit.

"Unngghhh! Oh, fuck, Donald!" Vivian clutched his head and frantically heaved her ass. "That's right, darling, suck my clit! Finger-fuck me, Donald! Oh, fuck, I'm about to cum!"

Donald wrapped his lips around her swollen clit, sucking hard. He whipped his fingers in and out of her cunt feeling the steady contractions of her pussy muscles as she drew progressively closer to orgasm.

"I'm cumming Son! Lick my pussy, I'm cumming!" Vivian clawed his neck, fucking her cunt on his mouth as hard as she could. "Oh, fuck, cuuummmiiinnngggg!"

Her pussy exploded, drenching his mouth with a thick tide of pungent fuck oils. Contentedly, Donald lapped his mom's creamy pussy, relishing the taste of her cunt juices. After a minute of non-stop contractions and spasms, Vivian let her sweating ass drop back to the bed.

"Fuck me now, Donald," she pleaded. "Fuck my cunt hard!"

Donald rose to his knees, his prick throbbing over her belly. Vivian lifted her head to watch him fucking his cock into her buttery pussy. He supported his weight on outstretched arms, hovering over his naked mother. He ground his lean hips skillfully between her thighs, fucking his boner into her hairy cunt.

"Ahhh, God, you're fucking me!" Vivian cocked up her legs high, holding his shoulders and humping furiously to meet the entering strokes of his cock. "Fuck your mother, darling, fuck your mother! Unnngghhh! Oh, Donald, you're all the way in!"

Donald paused, letting his mom's cunt tunnel suck and clasp around every inch of his cock. He started fucking, slowly at first, then with increasing urgency. Vivian wrapped her legs tightly around his waist.

"Fuck your mother, fuck your mother," Vivian panted, clawing his shoulders. "Oh, Donald, I love your cock! It's making me cum again! Fuck me as hard as you can!"

Donald lay flat on top of her, crushing her tits. He grunted on her neck and fucked brutally into her pussy, as if intent on stabbing her with every stroke of his prick. For the next five minutes all they did was grunt and moan as throbbing boner pleasured dripping cunt.

"I'm cumming again, baby!" Vivian gasped, arching her back and wrapping her arms tightly around him. "Fuck your mother's pussy, honey! Cuuummmiiinnngggg!"

Her cum-throbbing cunt milked the second load of jism out of Donald's balls. He came powerfully in her itchy, burning pussy, shooting a soothing tide of jism up her cunt.

"Well, well, well!" a voice said triumphantly behind them.

Vivian squealed and looked at the door. It was Lana and Richie, both naked, and smiling broadly.


"Suck their cocks, Vivian!" Lana shouted as she wielded the belt. "Come on, get 'em in. Suck 'em both at the same time!"

Lying on her stomach on the living room floor, Vivian desperately tried to stuff both her son's cock and Richie's massive fuck pole into her mouth at the same time. The two young studs were grinning at her as they lay side by side. Vivian wasn't doing a very good job.

She was practically choking on their cocks, and she couldn't help wiggling her ass as Lana stood over her, savagely whipping her ass with the belt. The buckle clawed into her red-wetted ass cheeks every time Lana furiously brought the belt down for another whipping stroke.

"Suck them, I said!" Lana happily admired her friend's bruised ass, seeing how many red streaks the belt had left, on her rounded ass. "Suck them both!"

Vivian tried to suck both cocks, but Lana just whipped her ass harder and harder. Finally, Lana dropped the belt when it looked like Vivian's ass was ready to bleed. She grabbed Vivian by the hair, pulling her up to her knees. Lana grinned cruelly as she shoved her cunt onto Vivian's face.

"Suck it bitch!"

Vivian slid her hands up Lana's thighs, cupping the rounded, creamy globes of her ass. Her own ass cheeks smarted painfully as she glued her lips to Lana's drippy cunt. Eagerly, she began licking Lana's pussy as her son and Richie watched.

As sharply as her whipped ass burned, the whole fuck scene delighted Vivian enormously. She'd hoped all the time that Lana would catch her fucking Donald. That was just how it had happened, and Lana was all too eager to repay her for the attempted blackmail.

"Do you want me to start whipping your ass again?" Lana said, laughing. "Suck my pussy, bitch! Suck the juice out of my cunt!"

Vivian made loud slurping noises as her tongue fucked deeply into Lana's pussy, lapping the thick cream from the pouting, hairy lips of her cunt. Shuddering, Lana clutched her friend's head and worked her ass fast and hard, fucking her pussy all over Vivian's face. Then she glanced at the boys and saw how stiffly their cocks throbbed over their bellies.

"Get away from me!" Lana said harshly, pushing Vivian onto the floor. "Bitch, it's time for you to get sandwiched. How does that sound, you little cunt? You get your pussy and asshole fucked at the same time!"

Vivian responded by shamelessly playing with her hot, juicy pussy. Lana snapped her fingers, and Donald crawled across the floor.

"Lie on your back, Donald," Lana said. "That way your horny fucking mother can sit on you and shove your prick up her cunt."

Vivian immediately straddled her boy, wiggling her beet-red ass cheeks for Lana's benefit as she planted her knees firmly on the carpet to either side of Donald's waist. Reaching down, Vivian took firm hold of her son's fuck pole. She groaned as she directed the spongy cock knob into her burning cunt.

"Fuck your son, Vivian!" Lana said, rubbing her own pussy furiously as she stood over them. "Fuck him hard, unless you want me to whip your ass again."

Vivian grunted, fucking her velvety pussy down over her child's upstanding cock. Donald watched his meaty cock shaft disappearing into her furry cunt hole. Hungrily, Vivian ground her dripping cunt onto the hairy base of his prick.

Vivian leaned forward, her big tits swinging over her son's chest as she clutched his shoulders. Her ass cheeks smarted sharply, but the pain only made her pussy wetter. Furiously, she started bouncing up and down on top of him, quickly fucking her throbbing pussy up and down on her son's mammoth prick.

"All right, Richie," Lana said. "Now you get to fuck her asshole. He's not using any Vaseline, Vivian. He's going to fuck your sweet little ass raw!"

Richie crawled across the floor, kneeling behind the wildly fucking mother and son. Vivian whimpered with pain as Richie dug his fingers into the blistering cheeks of her ass, spreading them wide.

"It's gonna hurt, Vivian," Lana purred. "It's gonna hurt a whole lot!"

Vivian lay flat on her son, biting her lip as she prepared for the invasion of her asshole. Richie mounted her, cock in hand. He nudged the knob of his aching prick onto her shitter and slowly started to guide it into her dry asshole.

"Unh-unh, Richie, not like that!" Lana said happily. "Fuck her hard, Son! Ram that huge prick up her asshole right now! As hard as you can!"

Richie didn't want to hurt Vivian's asshole, but his mother's wishes came first. Vivian screeched with agony as the naked teenager brutally plowed every inch of his cock up her dry, tender shit hole with one savage fuck thrust.

"Awww, Jesus!" Vivian cried. "No! Oh, fuck, it's killing me! Make him stop, Lana! Noooo!"

"Shit, you know you love it," Lana answered. "You're just like me. Now come on, Richie! Fuck her asshole as hard as you can!"

Richie dragged his enormous cock back out of her throbbing asshole, causing fresh agony as her inflamed shit tunnel clung to his cock. Her ass cheeks were so sore. It hurt even to have him lying on top of her.

Richie grunted, causing more hot pain as he again fucked his prick to the hilt in her ravaged ass guts. Then, completely oblivious to her feelings, he started fucking her asshole as hard as he could.

"Fuck her pussy, Donald," Lana panted, finger-fucking her own cunt harder and harder. "Fuck the shit out of your mother's cunt!"

Donald responded, holding onto his mom's hips as he heaved off the floor, pistoning his mammoth cock through the clasping sheath of her pussy. Richie met Donald's rhythm as he pounded his prick into Vivian's asshole. All Vivian could do was lie there and take it moaning and gasping as the two enormous cocks fucked into her naked body.

"Fuck her, fuck her, fuck her," Lana hissed. "Fuck her pussy, Donald! Oh, Son, fuck her ass!"

And then, as both of the women had known in advance, Vivian started to enjoy it.

And even the pain felt good. It intensified all her feelings, making her pussy burn hotter as her son fucked it, making her asshole spasm harder around Richie's boner. Vivian shut her eyes, her lips parting in a long groan. Lightly at first, she began humping between them, shoving her pussy onto her son's standing prick, grinding her asshole onto Richie's cock.

"Shit, you love it!" Lana cried happily. "You're just a horny slut. Beg for it now, bitch. Beg them to fuck you!"

"Fuck meeee," Vivian moaned. She gave in to her obscene passions and started bucking and heaving between them, her expression contorted with pain and pleasure at the same time. "Oh, God, oh, fuck, I love it now! Fuck my asshole, Richie! Donald, oh, Son, fuck Mom's juicy cunt!"

The two eager lads summoned up all their energy to fuck the naked mother as hard as they could. Vivian's pussy and asshole started spasming uncontrollably, sucking on their boners. She was already on the verge of a violent cum.

"Don't cum in her," Lana whispered. "I need a good fucking, too!"

The boys fucked harder and faster, wincing as Vivian's pulsing pussy and asshole sucked their cocks. Vivian felt the orgasm welling up deep inside her pussy.

"Fuck me, fuck meee!" she gasped. "Oh, fuck, I can't stand it! Cuuummmiiinnnggg!"

Her whole body seemed to explode as the cum shot through her loins, making her pussy spew fuck juice onto her son's cock, and her asshole rhythmically nurse and suck Richie's prick. Vivian thought she would black out.

"All right, that's enough," Lana said. "Donald, come over here and stick your prick in my mouth. Richie, I'm going to let Lana suck her shit off your cock."

The boys dismounted, their pricks as hard as iron. Vivian crawled dazedly up to her knees, both her fuck holes incredibly sore, the jism dripping out, her ass cheeks red and smarting. Obediently, she knelt in front of the standing Richie, facing his throbbing prick.

Lana fell to her knees, smiling as Donald stood in front of her, presenting her with his cock. The two mothers were side by side, Lana looking fresh and horny, Vivian looking as if she'd been gang-banged all night.

"All right, Vivian," Lana purred. "Let's start sucking!"

Wrapping her hand around the base of Donald's cock, Lana stuffed her face with the first several inches of his prick. Vivian responded in kind, squeezing Richie's filthy prick and taking the first several inches of his shit-stained fucker into her mouth.

The knowledge that she was sucking him off right after he'd finished fucking her asshole made her even hornier. Vivian's face flushed and she eagerly started sucking his cock as she pumped the base with her fist.

By that time Lana was already sucking wildly on Donald's cock. Up and down her head bobbed, making her enormous tits quiver as she fucked her face with his prick. Donald had an incredibly stiff prick, and Lana was sure Richie did as well. Both boys were ready to spurt at any moment.

Within seconds, the living room was filled with the sounds of two slurpy blow-jobs in progress. Without admitting it, the two naked moms had entered a contest to see who could make which teenager shoot off first.

Lana sucked Donald's prick as hard as she could, fucking nearly all of his mammoth cock into her mouth. Vivian sucked violently on Richie's boner, furiously jacking the cock root with her tired but very strong fist.

"I'm cumming!" Donald moaned.

"Oh, fuck!" Richie gasped. "I'm cumming too!"

Both boys lost their cum loads at the same moment. The sounds made by the two cocksuckers grew even louder as both of the moms started gulping down jism. Lana relished the creamy cum shooting out of Donald's cock, swirling her tongue around the cum spouting tip. Vivian gurgled shamelessly as Richie's shit-smeared cock blew a load of spunk down her throat.

Then it was over. The teenaged studs pulled away, unable to stand any more cock-sucking. Vivian and Lana turned to look at each other. Both their cheeks were red, and both their mouths dripped milky jism.

Lana started giggling, and Vivian joined her. Embracing, the naked mothers kissed hornily, swirling their tongues together, joyously sharing the taste of their sons' cum.


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