Daughter in bondage

Who can judge a person's reactions during stress situations? The prisoner of war who gives in to his captors' demands, the kidnapped heiress who joins forces with her abductors -- both must act without past experience to guide them. The end result can be either a very negative or a positive experience.

In DAUGHTER IN BONDAGE, Vicki finds herself in just such a situation. Held captive, then degraded and forced to perform abnormal sexual acts, she nonetheless finds within herself hidden resources, a strength of character she never realized she had.

Vicki suffers through an unspeakably horrible experience, but she comes through with her sensibilities intact, knowing she is more of a woman.


"No, please not tonight, Daddy," Vicki said, struggling against her father's hand gripping so firmly on her inner thigh. In spite of herself she felt her cunt beginning to glow with soft inner warmth. Maybe it was the way he stroked up and down her legs. Or maybe it was the sight of his long, hard prick sticking out of his pajamas. Or maybe it was the fact they had been fucking for almost a year.

Father. Daughter. Incest.

That's the way it was and that's the way it seemed to Vicki it would always be. And she was getting tired of it.

"Why not, Vicki?" her father demanded.

"I don't feel like it, Daddy. I just don't. Not tonight."

"Not tonight," he mimicked. "I have a headache. I always have a headache, that's exactly what your mother used to say all the time. Why the hell not? Isn't your old man good enough for you any more?"

Vicki saw her father's face clouding with rage. She wasn't sure if he would get violent or not. He never had before.

But she had never gotten so damned sick and tired of having her very own father fucking her before, either.

She was young and she should have been going out and finding what life was all about. The teenager felt like she was living in a straitjacket all the time. No man but her father -- or brother -- ever came to her bed.

She had never fucked anyone but the two of them.

And she was getting tired of it. The girl wanted to go out and find what other men were like. Sure, the kids in her high school were all so immature compared to her father and brother. But she wasn't exactly the most sophisticated chick around, either.

Vicki had hated her mother and was really glad to see the woman split. She had naively thought that everything would work out just fine with her and her father. She'd been stuck with all the housework when her mother was around. The added task of jumping into bed with her daddy had seemed like a natural thing to do.

And it had been. For a while.

Now she hated these nightly visits he made to her bed. He was a good lay or so he said. She really didn't have anything to compare him to. And that was what rankled. The girl felt she was a prisoner in her own home. Her father refused her permission to go out on dates.

"Why go and let some teenaged stud drool over your tits?" he'd say. "I can do it for you!"

And he would. He loved her tits. He'd suck on them and lick them and tease the nipples until they were firm and hard and erect. And then he'd fuck her.

It was always the same and that was what bugged her so much.

"No, Daddy. Not tonight. Please, not tonight."

"And I say it will be tonight, you Goddamn little slut. What's wrong with you? You been sleeping around with some of those young bucks I see sniffing around you all the time? You think they're better than your old daddy in the sack, eh?"

"Daddy, don't be silly. You know you keep me chained up in here like some kind of animal."

"Animal? Yeah, you're a bitch, all right. A bitch always in heat. I do that to protect you from them!"

"You do it to keep me for yourself. You and Jack all the time banging me. That's all you keep me around here for is fucking and doing the dishes."

"Enough of that, young lady."

"Oh, go fuck yourself!"

He slapped her hard enough to jolt her. She felt the finger marks appear in bold red on her creamy neck. Lightly touching the hurting skin, she glared up at the man. She'd thought this argument would have deflated his prick.

She was wrong. His cock jerked with even more lust. He was actually getting off on this.

"Don't ever say anything like that to me again. I'm your father, after all!"

"Father, hell. You're a horny toad of a man who can't make it with women his own age. You have to go after the young stuff but they won't have you. So you ball your own daughter!"

He slapped her again. And then he ripped off her filmy nightie. The nylon wasn't any match for the man's strong fingers working inside, the neckline, tearing with impressive strength. The fabric was in tatters in a split second and the girl was naked to the waist.

"You're too good to waste. I'm gonna fuck hell out of you!"

She tried to avoid his clutching hands but the remains of tier nightie got in her way. Hands momentarily tangled up, she was his prisoner.

With a quick twist of the nylon around her wrists, he had her effectively tied up. He looked at her naked tits, gleaming in the dull light seeping into the room and leered.

"You're pretty, damned pretty. And you got a tight cunt, too. I like that. But I don't know why you're putting up such a fuss, Vicki."

"Go to hell!"

He laughed and it wasn't pleasant. Leaping onto the bed, he dropped heavily on her. His weight crushed the young girl's body into the soft bed. She struggled but it did her no good. He was too strong, too powerful for her to fight.

And he was her daddy. Her daddy who was going to fuck her as he had done every night for almost a year.

She struggled in vain as his strong hands spread her legs apart. And she cried openly when she sensed her cunt growing damp with lust. The instincts were in her by now. She was responding to his crude advances whether she wanted to or not. She hated herself for this. But that didn't stop her pussy from drooling eagerly.

The gnawing need she felt deep in her cunt wasn't to be denied. She wanted a cock drilling hard into her. She needed it like she needed food and water and air. But she no longer wanted that cock to belong to her very own father. She wanted to try someone else's for a change.

It had taken her a long time to realize how sick it was letting her father screw her like this. But she was finding out it did no good to try and keep him from her bed.

He'd fuck her anyway.

Her bound hands beat at the man's back but he hardly noticed. He was too busy slipping his hands under her ass and lifting her buttocks off the bed. This opened her juicy cunt fully to him. His prick shot out and speared into her turgid pussy lips.

The teenager groaned as she felt the blunt end of his cock smash into her tender cunt lips. And then the broad, purpled head of his cock was fucking deep into her pussy.

"No, please, ohhhhh! Don't do this to me!"

He laughed. "Why the hell not, bitch? This ain't anything you haven't don before."

And it wasn't. But she wanted off this merry-go-round. It no longer pleased her. The way her father fucked her didn't please her. Nothing about this incestuous affair pleased her any more. She wanted him to leave her alone.

And all he wanted to do was fuck his only daughter till she was begging for more.

His prick sailed all the way up into her greased cunt. His balls wetly slapped against her upturned ass. Then he began grinding his crotch firmly into his daughter's. This made his cock stir around inside her pussy like it was a spoon in a mixing bowl.

She sighed and tried to relax. Her tied hands made her acutely aware this wasn't a normal fucking. This had turned into something vastly more violent than usual.

Her body was keyed up and tense as his cock slowly pulled out of her cunt. She felt as if he were drawing her very guts out of her belly. The vacuum he'd found inside her twat was so intense she had to squirm around to try and relieve its fierce grip on her.

"So you like it, huh? Damned bitch, trying to hold out on me. You're turning into nothing but a Goddamn cock teaser just like your mother was!"

The words hurt Vicki more than she cared to admit. She hated her mother; she hated her for what she was and what she'd done to her daddy. But her daddy was turning into some sort of sex monster. He was insatiable. Not satisfied with a mere fucking every few days, he came to her and screwed her every night.

It didn't matter to him if she was in her period or not. The blood seemed to arouse him even more. It was painful and it hurt like hell whenever they fucked like this, but Vicki hadn't protested until recently. She was coming to realize that other girls didn't have to put up with things like this.

They were more in control of their own bodies than she was. Her daddy dictated and she was his prisoner, his sex slave. She was forced to do whatever he wanted.

Just like she had to submit to his fucking ways right now. His prick made a searing hot entry into her cunt. The plum-tipped head burned all the way into her pussy as he fucked her with more and more power. His hips were like springs compressed and waiting to explode in a frenzy of activity.

And his cock! His prick was never tired. He seemed able to fuck all night long and frequently did. Vicki vaguely realized her girlfriends moaned and bitched about their boyfriends and their inability to fuck for very long. She should have been grateful for a man like her father who could fuck all night long, satisfying her totally.

But she was discovering other vistas to her sexuality. She was only eighteen and still finding new facets of herself that she hardly knew existed. And fucking her father alone for the rest of her life didn't please her a lot.

He could have been the best cocksman in the whole wide world and still she would have felt cheated.

Even now, as his prick reamed her out with a machine-like precision, she would have been lots happier if it had been one of the boys on the school football team. But it wasn't. It was her father and his incestuous prick that fucked her so ably.

She shuddered as the friction mounted in her body. Her entire cunt was coming alive. She hated that traitor to her desires. But there was no way she could deny her responses. Her body loved getting all that nice, hard, long prick jammed into it. She could barely keep herself from responding completely to his incestuous lovemaking.

Hands bound, she still tried to push him away. It was no use. His prick was hammering into her pussy harder and harder with every stroke. His fucking was actually lifting her hips off the bed now.

She could still feel his fingers gripping the twin globes of her asscheeks. The fingers delved deep into the humid canyon between her buttocks and sought out the tightly puckered little anus. When a finger worked its way into her asshole, she came.

She hated herself even as she was enjoying the orgasm. She tried to keep her rising passions down. It was impossible. The man's cock filled her cunt to overflowing. The liquid slushing noises were lewd, obscene, as he fucked her aroused pussy. And now his finger worked its way up her shit chute and flexed lightly.

The pressures in her cunt were too much for her to bear. She had to come again. The man's cock seemed to grow inside her as her cunt tightened and convulsed with the powerful come. This pushed her own passions to the breaking point.

Hips thrashing around, body writhing in uncontrollable desire, she moaned out, "God, oh sweet God, fuck me good! I need it!"

"You got it!" he grated through clenched teeth. Her daddy's face was contorted in a mask of sheer carnal lust. His prick was surrounded by his daughter's almost virgin-tight cunt. What more could a man want out of life than this?

He fucked faster. His hips blurred. He grunted harshly every time he felt the softly yielding pussy walls grip down on his buried cock. And the man still wanted more.

He lifted the young girl's ass off the bed to more widely expose her flowing gash. His cock split the pinkly scalloped inner pussy lips. The red spike of prick vanished between the lewdly grinning cunt lips to surge far into the girl's body.

And inside, it was tight, hot, clutching with fervor that had always been lacking in the gaping cunts of older women. Their twats were loose, well fucked and not to his liking.

But his daughter's cunt! It was a paradise for him. He'd popped her cherry almost a year ago and now he was reaping the rewards for this duty. He had trained her in the ways, of women. He had turned her into one hell of a fine fuck. And he wasn't going to share her with anyone else. She was all his.

He began fucking her with a corkscrewing motion. His prick rotated and worked fiercely into her seething cunt. This carried him even deeper into her steamy hot pussy. When he felt the cunt walls begin to clamp down on him again, he knew she was having another orgasm.

His finger up her ass wiggled harder. He could feel the paper-thin tissues of her rectum. And by wiggling his finger in the right way, he could even find her cunt walls. And his own cock. He was able to stroke up and down his own prick while he was fucking her.

This turned him into a giant raw nerve ending waiting for the signal to explode to life.

"More, Daddy, more! Fuck me good! I need you in meeeeee!"

"And I need you, Vicki darling, I need you so much now that your mother's gone!"

He fucked faster. His entire body was singing in lust. Sure, he was humiliating the girl, making her into something less than human. She was his toy to play with and use in any way he wanted. And that only made fucking her all the more fun.

His cock was surrounded by a surgeon's glove of tight cunt flesh. That alone was worth anything he could do to her. He was getting his rocks off. He figured she must be, too. Hadn't she come three or four times already? Christ, what did the bitch want from him?

He began pulling harshly at her asscheeks, trying to rip them from her body. He found that this tightened her already small cunt around his prick was fucking into a cunt hole so small he could barely stand it now. His prick was beginning to swell with added blood hammering into it. The man knew he wasn't far from his own come.

He wanted more. He wanted, total stimulation before he blasted out his white, salty tide of jism into her pussy.

The eighteen year old was writhing sensuously on the bed now, pulling and pressing all along his prick with her cunt. She was superb at doing this. But he wanted a new sensation, something she hadn't give him in a full year of these erotic explorations.

His hand scooped up one of her slender legs and bent it double on her chest. She moaned in pain-pleasure as he pressed it hard down into the soft mound of her tit. Then he twisted her completely around on the bed.

She had been facing the ceiling. Now he spun her around, using his cock as an axis, and she ended up face down on the bed. The entire time she was spinning, his prick never left her cunt.

The twisting motion made his prick leap and dance with wild fury. It was almost impossible for him to hold in his jizz now. His balls had tensed up and were dangling in a hairy little bag under his cock. The way the balls churned and lurched, he knew it was only a matter of seconds before he rocketed all that come out into her greedy little pussy.

Laying his body down, feeling her twin mounds of assflesh pressing into his belly now, he fucked her harder -- and harder. This position seemed to be even more arousing for him than fucking her missionary style.

"Oh, Daddy, Daddy! My cunt's on fire! Your cock's so big in meeeee!"

And then he could no longer hold it in. The tensions in his balls betrayed him. He exploded as if he'd shoved a stick of dynamite up the girl's twat. He grunted and kept fucking even as the end of his prick blossomed with the hot, white surge of his jism.

The girl felt the first rush of her daddy's come. She shuddered, then sobbed and let her own orgasm smash through her delicate body. Wracked by the most intense of human experiences, she came.

She soared and sailed on the winds of orgasm while her daddy continued to fuck her. She felt the liquid rush of his come slow and then finally stop. The superheated walls of her cunt were no longer stretched to the breaking point by his thick, long prick.

His cock was deflating.

And soon, when she knew his prick had slipped from her cunt amid a flow of her own cunt juice and his come, she weakly collapsed on the bed, burying her head into a pillow.


"That's a good girl," he said, getting up from her bed. "You just rest a while." He gently patted her naked ass.

She cringed away from the touch as if he'd used a branding iron on her. He only laughed as if she were the silliest person in the world. But she didn't feel silly, she felt a degraded duty.

She hated herself and she hated her father even more for doing this to her. Vicki thought she might have been able to fight harder, even with her hands bound as they were. But she hadn't. She had let her daddy do what he'd been doing to her for almost a year.

He had fucked her, his very own flesh and blood, and he had fucked her. The incest trip had long since lost any real thrill for the girl. She knew it wasn't right. But, at first, she had gotten off on it in a big way. Having her daddy fucking her made things right.

Vicki had taken better care of the man than her mother ever had. But when her mother had come in and found Vicki and her daddy fucking, that had been the last straw.

Vicki hadn't seen the woman since that day. And she didn't much care. She hated her. The woman deserved whatever fate she received. But Vicki was slowly learning what her mother had learned over a span of two decades.

The man she had thought was so wonderful was a great big prick. She was coming to hate her father's incestuous ways more than she ever had her mother. And there wasn't much she could do about it.

She was a minor. What rights had a eighteen year old? And she didn't have much money. A few bucks she had managed to save, but it was hardly enough to get her out of the house.

She had no one she could count on. No one. Not even her brother.

If anything, Jack was worse than her father. She had gone to him for advice. All he'd given her was cock. He had enjoyed fucking her as much as their father had. When the two of them got going, she was only a toy to be played with.

She shivered, thinking back when Jack had fucked her up the ass while her father had eaten out her pussy. At the same time.

The two were depraved and she wanted nothing more to do with them. She wanted a normal, happy family life. But she was realistic. She knew it was an impossibility. Her family life was so fucked up; there was no way of recovering even a tiny portion of what it had been.

"I'll be back later, Vicki," said her father. "When I get a little lead back in the old pencil." He laughed and wagged his limp prick at her as if she didn't know what he meant.

The words wouldn't come to her lips to tell him what she felt, what she thought of him. She was too humiliated by the whole scene. The girl wanted nothing more than to go to sleep, to try to forget this whole sordid scene she and her father had just enacted.

The girl was just drifting off into a dazed sleep when she heard the hinges of her bedroom door squeak slightly. She opened her brown, limpid eyes and stared into the dimly lighted corner of the mom.

All she could see was a dark, shadowy mass and in the dead center of it was an erect cock, gleaming with an intense glow. The red shaft seemed to rivet her attention fully.

Nothing else mattered except that prick.

The ugly red shaft was beginning to dance obscenely. It was as if it floated all by itself in midair. She knew that wasn't possible. Squinting a little, she tried to pierce the shadows.

When her brother Jack took a step forward, she knew what was in store for her. Turning on the bed, she grabbed a glass filled with ice water and heaved it at him, screaming, "Get out! I don't want to fuck you tonight! I don't want to fuck you ever again!"

The cold water splashed all over the teenager's groin. His cock gave one quick, convulsive shiver and then died before the girl's eyes.

The words snapped at her were angry. "Goddamn! I didn't expect you to do that! You killed it! You killed my boner!"

She buried her face into the pillow and cried some more. The pillowcase was already damp from her tears but it didn't matter to the girl any more. Nothing mattered.

She felt her brother's harsh hands pull her around. He was glaring down at her and it wasn't the least bit pleasant.

"Damn you, you can suck me hard again!"

He grabbed a handful of her lustrous brown hair and pulled her head down to his crotch. The limp, icy wet cock was twitching feebly, as if trying to lift itself.

"Go on, damn your eyes, and suck on my cock!"

She couldn't force him to leave her alone. The way her hands were still tied prevented it. She was bound with tatters of her very own nightie. It didn't seem fair. Nothing seemed fair to her right now.

But the fingers hanging on to her hair made her lips press against the limp flesh of her brother's cock. She opened her mouth to protest this behavior on his part and found herself with a mouth full of prick. One quick motion on his part had shoved the hose-like cock into her mouth for her to suck and lick -- as he had ordered.

She didn't want to do it. But she had no other choice. He wasn't going to release her until she had done exactly as he had commanded. And it wasn't really all that bad, she had to admit. She liked sucking cock. She just didn't want to suck her brother's.

Not now. Not ever again.

But she had in the past. As it was with her daddy, it was similar with her brother.

Vicki had to be honest with herself. She had brought on her brother's attentions all by herself. She had, begged him to show her all the right things to do when fucking. She had wanted to please her daddy then. And her brother had been the best teacher in the world.

He hadn't laughed when she made silly mistakes. And she had learned fast when he showed her all the right moves. He had fucked he when she begged him to.

And now it had become a habit. Just like having the nightly visits from her father had turned into a deadly dull routine.

"Suck harder, dammit!" he flared.

She sucked harder to please him. The clutching fingers at the back of her head pulled mercilessly at her hair. She wanted him to stop. She'd suck on his cock for him. She'd give him one hell of a blow job if he would only leave her be.

But it wasn't going to be that way. The lovemaking with her brother had grown increasingly more brutal over the past year. If she disliked what her father did to her, she hated her brother's rough, crude fucking. And he was even more demanding. He could fuck with the best of them, but he wanted all the little extras.

It wasn't enough for her to put out for him. He wanted to fuck her up the cunt, then have her suck him hard again so they could fuck once more. She had admired his stamina at the start. Now it was a real drag. She simply wanted to rest sometimes.

Her brother was insatiable. He wanted to fuck all the time. She wryly thought, like father like son. They were two of a kind. They were blessed with perpetual hardons and she was the only one around to do anything about that.

It should have been heaven for a young girl. It was turning into a hell because she no longer got the thrill out of incest that they still did. She knew there had to be something more to fucking, and she wanted to find out what it was.

There was no way either her brother or father would release her long enough to find out for herself. They had a good thing going and they knew it. And they were scared shitless that she might decide she had it better somewhere else.

That would leave them out in the cold. And no matter what happened, neither of them wanted anything like that to occur. They would hang on to the auburn haired eighteen year old with every trick they could think up. And if trickery wouldn't work, Vicki knew they weren't above locking her in her room.

She shuddered at the thought of never seeing anyone but, the two of them again for the rest of her life. And then only when they got so horny they couldn't stand it any more.

She sucked.

It was almost a reaction to the horrible thoughts going through her head. A prisoner. A sex slave of her father and brother. And it was going to happen if she didn't do something and soon.

Her tongue looped around the limp length of her brother's cock. The damp prick stinged a bit. Then she closed her lips around the slender tube of his man meat and sucked harder. This brought out a tiny twitch that promised to grow.

She licked across the underside of her brother's cock until the head was throbbing with life. She could feel his distant heartbeat through the cock. It was steady, even and powerful. Soon, if she were lucky enough to really get him aroused, it would be fast, hurried and ready to burst with its overwhelming desire.

The cock was swelling even as she used her tongue across the flaccid tip. The broad head of his glands was beginning to spread. The cock was stiffening again after the sudden shock of the ice water had deflated it. And the entire organ was soon pulsing with life, stiff in the girl's eagerly sucking mouth.

She followed the prick on its way up to full erection. When her brother had his hardon back, she was finding it more and more difficult to keep her mouth clamped firmly or the very tip. She was in an awkward position on the bed, with her hands bound as they were.

"You suck cock real good," he told her.

Once, these words would have warmed her, made her cunt flow in anticipation of something even better to occur. But now, she didn't know exactly what it was she felt. It wasn't fear, but it certainly wasn't the unbridled lust she had once experienced.

He took a step and she almost fell off the bed onto her face. He hadn't given her the slightest warning he was going to move away from her. She struggled to look up into her brother's evil, leering face.

For a frantic moment, she thought her father had returned. This was exactly the look that had danced across his lips when he was getting down to really fucking her. But it was only a younger edition of her father.

"Ah, Vicki, my sweet eighteen year old sister, you've learned so much in so short a time. Now I think I shall introduce to you the lesson in butt fucking!"

Her cunt was sore from the fucking received from her daddy. That would go away soon. She knew it. She was always a bit stiff after his huge prick had reamed her out good. But when her brother fucked her up the ass, it hurt for a week!

She was too small up the ass to take his huge cock and not hurt bad for a long time.

It was good while he was doing it, but afterwards! And in the sad state of mind she was in, this would be the same thing as killing her by slow stages. If Jack wanted to torture her, he couldn't have picked a better way of doing it.

Her father had fucked her cunt and made it ache and hum with inner need once more. Now her brother wanted to fuck her up the ass. That would make her insides ache and hurt like hell for even longer, it was close to a living death.

"No, Jack, not there. J-just fuck me up the pussy. My pussy needs it so much!"

"Shit, no!" he said. "I'm not getting sloppy seconds after my old man. I want something new and different."

She rubbed her tied wrists together, trying to work them free. She wanted out of here. The words just uttered by her brother told the teenager that he had been spying while her daddy had fucked her. Jack had been watching every second of it! And he hadn't even tried to help!

Vicki imagined him getting a real charge out of seeing her helpless, at the older man's mercy. And she could also see him really getting off on her helplessness under his prick. He would fuck her and make her dance and shiver and then laugh at her inability to escape him.

He was as much of a monster as her daddy!

"Go to hell!"

"You can think of something more original than that, surely. Hell, you already told our old man that."

"You cocksucker! I hate you, you mother fucker!"

Jack laughed harshly at the last insult. "You ought to know about me being a motherfucker. You were watching when I did that. And Mother dear never came back. Isn't that a pity? Now all I have left is you, sweet cunt, you. And I'm not going to be denied!"

He moved forward, mean looking. The menace in his voice told the young girl she wasn't going to escape anything he had in mind for her. When he grabbed her and tightened the bonds on her wrists, she yelped in pain. They had been tightly fixed before. Now they were cutting the circulation off to her hands.

The thin nylon strips holding her wrists together so securely were even cutting into her tender flesh. And Jack seemed to enjoy her pain. That was all he had ever cared about, Vicki suddenly knew. He enjoyed seeing her in agony. No matter how much he pulled that big brother routine with her, he had been waiting for some discomfort. Then he came swooping in like a vulture.

"Yeah, it seems like a real good idea for me to fuck you up the ass. I always get off on that, don't you?"

She couldn't answer him. He had pulled firmly on her wrists and pressed her flat into the bed. When he twisted her around so that he could fasten her hands to the headboard, she found her legs falling off the side of the bed.

For her brother, this was perfect. Her snowy white ass was presented in the most seductive manner possible for him to fuck it. She was trapped again and at his mercy.

And he had no mercy at all. Not for his kid sister.

She groaned when she felt his fingers, stroking along the smooth curves of her asscheeks. When his fingers dipped down into the humid canyon between them, she had to let out a heartfelt groan. She knew what was coming. She didn't want it to occur, but there was no way she could stop him.

His cock would soon be fucking her asshole with all the power locked up in his trim, athletic body. She would burn. Her asshole would be on fire from the fucking. And she would have to try to enjoy every second of it. Otherwise, she would surely go crazy.

"So fucking nice. So nice for fucking," he said. "I love the way your ass is so nice and round. Firm, though. Damned firm. You've got a hell of an ass, sis."

"Thanks," she said dryly. Wondering if she could maybe talk him out of doing this thing to her, she said, her voice trembling only a tiny bit, "I really want you, Jack. I really do. But not now. Could you..."

"Postpone this! Hell, no! I want to fuck this sweet little ass of yours and that's exactly what I'm going to do!"

"You monster! I hate you!"

In spite of her hands being tied, she tried to lash out and stop her brother. She aimed a kick directly, at his groin. She wanted to kill him in that instant of flashing hatred.

But this only played into his hands. As her leg came sailing back, he easily avoided it and gabbed it. Lifting it high, he forced her tits down into the surface of the bed. She groaned. It felt as if he were trying to pull her apart at the crotch.

"Like this, don't you? It opens up your cunt real good for me to fuck you!"

As he moved behind her, she realized exactly how right he was. Her cunt was naked and widely exposed to him now. If she had kept her legs together, she might have been able to keep him from moving in close. Even her asshole was wide open to his ponderous cock.

She felt a finger sail up into her gooey twat. It worked around a couple times until, it was well-coated with cunt juice. Then he liberally smeared her own love oils all over her ass.

"There. That'll make the fucking even better!" His prick shot into her tightly puckered anus.

The muscle didn't want to admit the male invader all the way up her shit chute. But he was too strong, too insistent. His prick worked its way into the greasy anus until she could no longer keep her asshole tensed up.

His cock shot up into her bowels. She cried out in pain. He was too large in her. He was tearing her apart. If he started fucking, he would rip tender inner tissues and she'd bleed to death.

He started fucking.

The girl almost passed out. He was swollen to a huge size in her asshole. His prick was almost more than she could bear. But her youthful membrane began expanding. Soon, he was big in her but not tearing her apart as he had been.

But he was still fucking with slow, deliberate strokes. She wanted him to stop, but knew it wasn't going to do any good to ask.

He was hot to fuck and that was it. He would have his pleasure and to hell with her. She knew it from past experience that he could fuck long and hard before even beginning to show the first signs of fatigue.

Vowing to make this as short as possible, she began using the muscles of her cunt against the man's prick. The very same muscles that could crush and flatten his cock if it were jammed up her twat could do the trick as he fucked her up the ass.

"God," he groaned once, "your ass is as tight as a hangman's noose around my prick!"

She tried to crush him. She tried to make him come. Only in this way could she slow him dawn. But it seemed as if her efforts were in vain. Everything she did made him fuck faster, harder, deeper.

He was drilling into her soft rectum with his hard prick so fast now that the friction was burning into her belly. She felt the warmth spreading throughout her loins. It was like melted butter pouring into her cunt. Her own juices were becoming super hot. She couldn't keep them from running from between her tightly pursed cunt lips. But then he did the thing which made her come.

He reached around her hips and began fucking her cunt.

She came. And he screamed out, "So fucking tight on my cock! Love it! I love the way you smash down on my prick!"

He hadn't given her the come simply to pleasure her. He had done it to get his own rocks off.

She hated him, even as she was still soaring on the intense come he had ignited in her body.

When she drifted down, from the ultimate in human pleasure, she began to systematically work over his cock. She used every trick she had learned in the past year. Her asshole tightened like a thread around his cock. If she had been a guillotine, she could have chopped off the plum-tipped glands entirely.

And she tensed up the smooth globes of her asscheeks. She felt the hot cylinder of his cock spreading those lovely cheeks wide. The warmth of the fucking across them was lighting her inner fires again. But she concentrated on giving her brother the best fucking ever.

Only in this way could she get him off and save herself one sore ass, for the rest of the week.

The way he filled her up inside was enough to make her come again and again. But she was still tensing her stomach muscles in an attempt to make him blast out his creamy wad of jism into her sucking rectum. Her shit chute was hot and tight and the vacuum he formed every time he pulled out was almost enough to get his rocks off.

But she wanted to make sure, really sure.

She began thrusting her ass back to meet his inward strokes. This mashed her butt firmly against her brother's groin. They gasped in unison as his prick seared its way even deeper into her tender, yielding flesh. But it was doing the trick. She could feel his cock begin to swell inside her, a sure sign he was about ready to come.

When she began rotating her ass in a seductive circle, this was all the stimulation her brother needed. His cock lurched hard, and then began jerking deep up her ass.

The hot spurt of his come into her aroused asshole was all it took for her to come again. She let her body take over. She drove her ass back into her brother's crotch, almost sucked his spewing cock into her asshole, and then cried out her lust.

He gave her the sexiest enema she'd ever received. Her asshole was filled with his white-hot jism. And then, all too soon, the cock went limp again and fell from her ass.

She sighed and bent forward, rubbing her sweaty forehead against the bedspread. Before she could say a word to her brother, he left. Just like that, he fucked her ass, and then split.

Still tied to the head of the bed, Vicki had to wait for her father to come back.


"What's the matter, Vicki? You're not talking much this morning," her father said.

She spooned out some more scrambled eggs onto the man's plate and said nothing.

He grabbed her by the upper arm and spun her around. "Look here, young lady, you'll answer me when I ask you a question. None of this silent stuff for your daddy, no sir!"

"I'm tired. I was up all night." Then, with malice, she added, "I was up, but not the way you were."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"I'm dead tired, dammit! I wanted to sleep last night but you and Jack both fucked me. He screwed me up the ass and you fucked my cunt twice and what the hell am I supposed to do?"

"There, there," he said, patting her arm. "It's not all that bad. I guess maybe it's just that time of the month for you or something." That seemed to answer all the questions. She was in her period. Nothing else could possibly account for her momentary rebellion against his desires. Vicki found herself hating him as much as she hated her departed mother. Maybe the other woman had the right idea.

Don't stay with this daughter raper. Split. Just like that, leave him high and dry and then see what he'd do.

As the thoughts came into her mind, she knew she couldn't stay in this house much longer. She would have to leave. Run away. It would be tough, but she knew she could do it.

"Well, I'll talk to you about this later, Vicki. See you tonight."

"Be seeing you, Daddy," she said but she was mentally adding, when hell freezes over!

In less than twenty minutes, she had packed her meager belongings into a knapsack and slung it over her shoulder. She was out and away before her brother noticed. And, it would be late tonight before her father caught on to what she'd done.

Vicki wanted to put lots of miles between them by that time.

She didn't have a car to take. Besides, that would be a dead giveaway. Her father could call the cops and they'd have a statewide bulletin out on her in a flash. Hitchhiking seemed the easiest way to simply be swallowed up by the country.

Who could tell how far a ride would take her?

It seemed perfect, even when the first dozen cars passed her by without even slowing down.

After twenty minutes, Vicki began to get a little panicky. She had to get away. She couldn't waste a day just trying to get a ride. She had to get one and soon.

Then she looked down and saw what she was wearing. It was enough to wake anyone pass her by. The floppy, formless sweatshirt was warm in the cool autumn weather, but it wasn't much of an advertisement for the person wanting a ride.

She quickly shucked it off. Underneath, all she was wearing was a thin tee-shirt. The cool air caressed her body, made her nipples stand fully erect. With the shin almost a second skin to start with, only a blind man could avoid seeing she had no bra on.

Her fits were impudent and bold. They were large without sagging at all. High placed, they bounced around with just enough vibrancy to tell any red-blooded male viewing them that this was one foxy chick.

And she pushed down her jeans just enough so that they clung tenaciously to her hips. She was now a really seductive picture hitchhiking. And less than five minutes after she'd shed the sweatshirt, a trucker slowed down. The airbrakes squealed and finally stopped the eighteen-wheeler.

A loud voice called to her, "Get your ass in gear if you want a ride with old Vic! He's got a lot of freight to haul and you're holding him up."

She scampered to the side of the cab and made her way up the mountain-like side of the truck. Opening the door, she lithely spun in and planted her perky rear on the seat.

The trucker took one look at her and let out a low whistle. "Goddamn, you're even prettier lookin' than I thought!"

She smiled and said, "How far are you going?"

"I'll go as far as you want!"

"It'd be nice if I could make the coast."

"Little lady, you're in luck. This old rig's heading right toward that there ocean!"

She smiled at him again, a little uneasy at the way he was looking at her. But she'd planned it this way. She had shed the sweatshirt so that a man would be interested enough to stop and pick her up. But she hadn't counted on the man being this interested.

He was almost undressing her with his eyes -- and he didn't really have far to go, either. With her tits almost visible through the thin white tee-shirt, there wasn't much above the waist she concealed.

The cold air outside had made her nipples come erect. She wanted to rub the tiny nubbins of erectile flesh and get them to sink back down. But to do that now would seem to be goading the man to do something she didn't want.

"Never seen knockers that pretty," he finally said.

"Uh, thanks, Vic. Uh, why don't you get driving? You said you had a deadline or something."

"And you're anxious to put some miles behind you, too, huh? Bet you're running away from home. What's a pretty young thing like you doing running away from home?"

"That's none of your business!"

"Don't get huffy about it. Just being friendly."

"I think you'd better let me out."

"But we ain't gone no place, yet!"

"I've gone plenty far, thank you."

As she turned, his hand leaped out and grasped her by the belt. She was effectively pinned to the seat.

"I don't think I want you goin' nowhere. Not yet. Not till I've had a mite of fun with you. Such pretty tits should be tasted, appreciated, you, know what I mean?"

She knew. He was going to rape her. No matter how she fought and clawed at him, he was always a little faster, a little stronger.

He pulled her into the back of the cab. She was somewhat surprised to find a tiny bunk bed there. But for long transcontinental hauls, he probably saved lots of money sleeping here.

And Vicki could see another reason for it. This was a rapist's delight. He could do anything he wanted to her and could scream and yell and no one would ever hear. Not in the middle of a big highway like this.

She cowered against a back wall. She tried to get her legs under her to leap out and past the man. He effectively blocked her escape. His hands reached out and gripped her thinly covered tits.

She moaned softly when his coarse, thick fingers actually touched her sensitive boobs. The meaty hands were surprisingly gentle as he stroked from the base to the very tip of those seductive cones of titflesh.

"So nice and firm. God, makes a man want to shove them into his mouth!"

And he did. Vic didn't even bother to strip the tee-shirt from her boobs first. He simply plunged down and clamped his lips over one of the erect nipples and sucked.

She felt a blast of carnal electricity pass into her chest. She didn't want the trucker doing this to her. Yet it felt good. It felt so damn good she wanted him to keep doing it.

Then the girl came to her senses. He wanted to do more than run his tongue around the end of her jug. He was sucking on her nipple now, passionately tonguing it, giving it all the oral attention she could want. But he would go on. He'd want a lot more from her.

He was going to fuck her whether she wanted his prick driving hard into her cunt or not.

She tried twisting around him to freedom. These heavy hands pressed her down into the hard pallet of the bunk. His weight crushed her legs under her as his mouth never left her tit.

"Please, Vic! Don't do thiiiis!"

"But your boobs are so damned firm! I want all of them in my mouth!"

His mouth began gobbling up her left tit. His tongue flashed out and raced around the nipple until she found her breath coming in harsh pants. Then he began eating her entire mound of titflesh. She groaned when his teeth started going into the sides of her boob.

He left ugly red marks wherever his teeth touched the soft whiteness of her boob. And it hurt, it hurt bad!

"Stop it, Vic! I... I don't want you doing this to me!"

"Shut up, honey, or I'll shut you up. You go out hitching like that, you gotta expect some nasty old man is gonna take advantage of your tender young body."

He continued sucking noisily at her boobs. She had to admit his attentions felt good. They warmed her cool flesh and made her tremble with desire. Even her cunt was beginning to sluggishly' flow. The fuck fluids were greasing her tunnel of love for a passionate fucking. And she hated the idea.

She hated it with all her soul.

But what could she do?

The man was so much stronger than she was. And even her own body was turning traitor on her. She was responding to his crude advances. Her cunt was actually beginning to soak a tiny wet spot onto her thick denim jeans. That alone would be enough to spur the man on.

Then she felt him raising her tee-shirt. It wasn't enough to fondle and suck on her boobs through the thin tee-shirt. He wanted naked flesh. And she knew then that she was totally lost. No amount of talking would ever convince the man she didn't want his prick jammed all the way up into her hot, oily cunt.

"God, what a pair of knockers you got, little girl. You a virgin, maybe?"

She felt her body tense as he made that comment. She knew what was coming next. He unzipped his grimy jeans and out came an impossibly long, plum-tipped prick. It had to be at least ten inches of fuck stick. She was speechless at the sight.

She couldn't have that fucking her tiny cunt! It would rip her apart all the way to the chin!

"You like my friend? A big'un, ain't he?" Vic boasted. He took his prick in his hand and held it up for her inspection. "It just loves nice, tight pussy. And if your pussy's anything like that set of tits hanging on your chest, my friend here's gonna be real pleased, yeah!"

She struggled again. But this only worked against her. She found her legs spread on either side of the man's heavy body. With a sureness of grip that told her this wasn't the first time he'd ever raped an unwilling young girl, he stripped away her jeans.

Pulling them over the flare of her ass was the biggest problem, but he did it as easily as if she'd been cooperating with him. Then he cast aside the useless garment and looked at the peach colored bikini briefs covering her pussy mound.

"Goddamn, already soaked wet for old Vic, huh?"

He lacked any finesse at all. He simply ripped the panties from her in one powerful jerk. She cried out as the elastic band out into her flesh. But she soon had something else to worry about.

A grimy finger was crammed all the way up into her twat. And he started wiggling it against velvety soft pussy walls.

"Don't do this to me," she sobbed.

"Hell, you're gonna enjoy this. And you ain't no virgin. You had your chewy picked a long time ago, I betcha!"

She couldn't tell him it was her own daddy who'd done it to her. That would only make the man even hotter to fuck her. She knew there wasn't a shred of mercy in his heavy body. He was going to fuck her. Just like her daddy. Just like her brother.

She hated Vic with an intensity she had been saving for her father. But it did her no good. He was too strong, too dominant for her. He pressed her down firmly into the bed with his hairy chest rubbing sensually against her aroused nipples.

The teenager hated to admit it, but this felt good, damned good. It was actually turning her on. She couldn't enjoy the rape, but it wasn't going to be as bad as she'd thought it might be.

She screamed in agony, though, when he rammed his prick into her. Not only was that cock long, it was thick, thicker than any prick ever driven into her near-virgin pussy. Only two men's cocks had ever been up into her hot pussy before. And neither was anywhere near as big or brutal as this trucker's was.

"Liked that, didn't ya? You're gonna like this even more!"

And then he really began fucking her. She hadn't thought he would be able to use a ten inch prick like he did. He drove in between her pink, wide-split cunt lips with a force that rattled her teeth every time he sank balls deep in her.

His limp bag of balls smacked wetly against her ass. She knew the cunt oils leaking from her pussy made it damp. And the way his prick pulled out of her each time carded away more of her lubricants.

But the friction inside her threatened to drive her out of her mind with lust. She hadn't thought a simple fucking like this could turn her on so much. Not after all that had happened to her. She hated men. She wanted all of them to burn in hell.

But she didn't want Vic to go until after he finished fucking her. His cock was simply too big, too delicious in her cunt.

She felt her pussy walls coming with a warm inner glow of a good fucking. And it spread throughout her belly like wildfire. The heat threatened to consume her. The tongues of carnal flame lapped at her tender insides and made them quiver with need.

She had to have more cock!

She sobbed and begged and pleaded with the man, "Fuck harder! I need all of it inside my poor little cunny!"

"Goddamn right, it's small, that cunt of yours! Never felt my prick stuffed into such a tight one! Love it. Glad I picked you up, honey, really gad!"

He tried to tear her apart with his cock. He used it like a sword, thrusting, twisting, parrying, driving it in to the point. Her cunt was in ecstasy. Her hips began lifting off the hard bed to cram her snatch down around the impaling spike of his ten inch cock.

She couldn't get enough of it. She wanted more. She demanded all he could give her!

"That's the way, honey. Help me along. God, the way that pussy of yours swallows me up! I could vanish in that cunt! And so tight!"

"Shut up and fuck, dammit! Fuck me good, fuck, fuck, fuck me goooood!"

She took his pounding cock all the way up into her twat. When the broad head of his cock touched her buried cervix, she came. No man had ever fucked this far into her womb before. He was driving that pleasure spike of cock into her very guts. Her cunt walls couldn't begin to grip and hold him stationary.

The friction as he slid by those convulsing walls was more than enough to set off another come in her belly. She felt as if someone had smashed her hard in the guts with a fist. But she wanted more. That long cock of the trucker was a real pussy pleaser.

She was humiliated and degraded. She was being used. She was nothing to the man but a cunt to fuck. And she loved it!

When he came, she thought the top of her head would blow off. She came, too, like a machine gun. Burst after burst of intense sensation ripped through her brain, catching up her body in a tight grip that refused to die.

And then, all too soon, she was washed out and limp on the bed. But somehow, the man's cock was still rigid inside her. He fucked her diligently for another five minutes before his cock deflated like a pricked balloon.

She didn't know what to say. Here she was, naked on the man's bed, in the back of his truck, and he had just raped her. She hadn't wanted this. Not at all. But it had happened.

He looked down at her and smiled. It wasn't a pleasant smile at all. It made gooseflesh march up and down her arms and across her tits. This seemed to please the man even more. His grimy finger began playing with one of her nipples again.

"Why don't I just call up my good buddy on that CB and we'll all have us a fine fuck-fest, what say?"

She knew nothing she would say could deter him, so she remained silent and frightened as hell.


Vic leaned forward and pulled the microphone from its holder. The man pushed the button on the side and said, "Hey, Keith, you out there?"

There was a humming, them some static and the man on the other end answered, "Yeah, Vic, what can I do you out of?"

"Got a hot little bush just waiting for some tender loving care. You got something that can give it to her?"

"God, do I! I been pushing this rig too long as is. I'm getting so I get a hardon just looking at the knotholes in trees. Let me know where you're at."

Vicki shuddered. She knew where Vic was at. His prick was lying obscene and twitching just inches away from her snatch. She knew it wouldn't be long before the trucker had another boner. His prick would be reaming her out again, filling her cunt with his slimy jizz. And he'd be enjoying every Goddamn minute of the fucking, too.

"Now don't you worry your head none, honey," Vic told her. "My good buddy'll be here in two wags of a puppy dog's tail. And unless I miss my guess, it's your tail he's gonna wag -- but good!"

She felt a cold lump form in the pit of her stomach. Her ass was still burning from where her brother had fucked her the night before. To have another fucking so soon would really hurt like hell. And if this Keith was as well hung as Vic, he might really rip her to bloody shreds.

She just couldn't imagine a ten inch long prick driven all the way up into her asshole. She simply refused to consider it.

Yet it was coming. She heard the truck screech to a halt outside and footsteps crunching in the gravel. Keith was coming. Keith was going to fuck her just as Vic had done.

They were playing with her as if she weren't human. This was worse than what her father and brother did to her!

At least they were family! She'd gotten to the point where incest didn't turn her on any more. Right now, she would have traded a lifetime of incest for what these ruthless truckers would do to her. Nothing her brother Jack or her daddy had ever done really hurt her much. It all was in her head. They played funny mind games with her that had driven her off.

But they hadn't ever hurt her.

She had the awful feeling that she wouldn't be able to say that about Vic and Keith -- not for much longer.

She felt the cab shake as a heavy body scaled the outside. Then a big face peered in. The face was split by a row of impossibly white teeth as the man grinned at her. The thick lips pulled back and he carefully licked his lips with a shockingly pink tongue.

"Now, buddy of mine, you done pulled a dandy here. This is one fine piece of meat!"

"Thought you'd like it. Ever since you got that bit of brown sugar for me down in New Orleans, I been owin' you. Debt's about paid off, don't you think?"

"Shore. Paid off in... spades!"

They both laughed. And the ugly sound of it made Vicki hunker down and wish she were dead.

But she knew that might be her destiny if she didn't cooperate with these two. They wouldn't stop at a little killing. They would rape her, and then toss her dead body out alongside the road. She just knew it.

"I got a big yen to do some backdoor stuff," Keith said, climbing into the back of the cab. His long prick was already gleaming in the light. Vicki found she couldn't take her eyes off it. She had no way of guessing how big that fuck stick was, but it was huge. It was eyen bigger than Vic's ten inch cock.

And to have them rammed up her ass would surely destroy her. It might kill her on the spot. And she wouldn't be able to do a damned thing about it. She was their prisoner for them to do with as they pleased.

The teenager had never felt more helpless in her entire life.

"What are you two going to do to me?" she stammered.

"Pretty meat, we gonna fuck you but good! I want a piece of that sweet ass. And Vic's always hankerin' after pussy, ain't you, Victor?"

"I got a hardon that says you're right!"

Vicki looked back at the man's crotch. Standing tall and proud was his huge prick. She didn't think it was possible for him to get it up so fast, after fucking her like he'd done. But there was the proof. All she could do was wet her lips and hope was a nightmare.

She screwed her eyes shut, prayed and opened her eyes again. The scene hadn't changed much at all. Keith was slowly circling around her, cramped by the tight quarters and Vic still sat cross-legged in the opening into the cab, his prick jutting upward at an insolent angle.

Then she felt big hands grip her around the waist. With easy strength, he lifted her to her knees.

"You just spread those fine thighs apart, chickie, and me Vic'll do all the good stuff!"

She was hitting her head on the top of the cab. But that didn't matter to her. Something more important was happening behind her. She felt the thick cock pressing into her ass. It spread her asscheeks with contemptuous ease and plunged down to find her asshole.

She shuddered. That cock was big. It would destroy her. She couldn't allow him to fuck her up the ass. It would make her bleed. She might even bleed to death!

"Please, don't do this, please! You're too big for my asshole!"

"Oh, listen to the chickie use all those naughty words," said Vic. He got to his knees and lumbered forward. Each movement made his prick bounce up and down a little bit.

Normally, this would have excited Vicki immensely. The sight of such a big prick coming forward, destined to be buried balls deep in her cunt, would have thrilled her to the core of her being. She'd wanted to get away from her daddy and see how other men fucked.

She was finding out. But not in the way she had expected.

"What did I ever do to either of you? Let me go. Don't do this horrible thing to me!"

"What horrible thing?" demanded Vic. "What we're gonna do is just about the most super thing ever!"

"Yeah," chimed in Keith. "This is one hell of a fine fucking you got comin', bitch. Now you get them legs really spread or I'll be gettin' mad!"

She felt his thick hands spreading her thighs apart even more. He kept pushing until the pressure was so intense on her cunt that she had to cry out loud.

"Stop it! You're hurting me!"

"Can't get them legs wide enough for me," Keith said. He stroked across the taut flesh of her cunt. The girl had to shiver with excitement at his touch.

He brushed through the thick mat of her pussy fur, and then lightly touched her clit. The tiny organ was erect and poking out of its protective sheath of flesh to see what was happening.

It found out -- fast.

A finger pressed down into the pink little tower of aroused clit. A shudder rippled through her body and she felt her cunt growing damp again. She hated herself for responding like this. Better to have them dry hump her. But her body was too aroused for that.

"See, Vic? A real hot bush!"

Then the huge cock jabbed hard against her asshole. She fell forward into Vic's arms. The trucker easily caught her and pushed her upright again. Then his body was pressing firmly against hers. His chest was working erotically against her tits, the thick mat of his hair rubbing across her erect nipples until she was panting with lust for him.

"She likes this kinda action, Keith. Let's really show her how good a team we are!"

"You got it, man. And shit, is this ever a tight ass she's got!"

Vicki couldn't even sag down now. She had a cock thrusting all the way up into her liquid cunt and another longer prick driving against her asshole.

She wanted to die but that wasn't possible. Not right now. Afterwards, maybe she could kill herself anything was better than suffering the humiliation of having a strange man fucking her ass while his partner was screwing her up the cunt.

Finally, the thick cock penetrated her body. It went surging into her back with all the speed and force of a runaway freight train. She came close to passing out. She wanted to but the inner tenacity which had kept her hanging on this long kept her going a bit longer. She had always thought it was just one of those silly romantic things she read about in her gushy novels when the heroine came close to fainting.

She knew better, now. The feel of that cock fucking her avidly from behind was enough to make any dozen women pass out.

She tried picturing what it must look like from the side. His body gleaming like some God's. He was superbly muscled. His hips would shoot forward and the contrast between his tanned skin would be apparent against her milky white.

And then his prick would vanish between her snowy white asscheeks. He would place his hands on her heaving waist and pull her powerfully in to his crotch. And his cock was gone -- up her ass. All the way up her tender ass.

If she had seen this in some movie, she might have gotten off on it. But not experiencing it. He was butt fucking her so hard, it shook her teeth together. She didn't like it. The hot prick was searing its way all the distance up into her bowels.

And she knew from experience that he would come soon. No man could fuck long into her clutching hot asshole without giving her a burning enema of jism.

"Hmmm, bitch, you got some asshole! I give it my stamp of approval!" he whispered hotly in her ear.

But she was hardly aware of that. The blood was hammering hard in her ears drowning out the men's words.

She was too taken up by the cock in her asshole and the other one beginning to fuck her up the pussy.

"Don't do it," she begged. "I've never done anything to either of you! I won't turn you in to the police if you let me go now!"

"What you mean you've never done anything to us?" demanded Vic. "You made us horny! You chicks make us horny and it's all on your head what we do. Me 'n Keith can't control ourselves you look so Goddamn naked and needing to get fucked!"

The men were fucking into her tight little passages at random. When both of them came rushing in, it filled her to overflowing with cock. She screamed and even blacked out for a few seconds.

Then, when she came to her senses, she realized that the men were discussing what to do to her.

"Both at the same time," said Vic.

"In-out, in-out," demanded Keith.

"Shit, okay. For a while. I'm in, you're out. NOW!"

Vic's cock filled her cunt. She groaned but it was easy to take it up her pussy. The fuck fluids were oozing out around the thick plug of his cock and made the passage an easy one. He could fuck her all day long and it wouldn't bother her too much.

Humiliate her that he was using her, yes, but not really do her any great physical damage.

"You in, me out?" Vic cried.

And everything changed inside her. Cunt was crying out for cock and a huge cock was racing up her tail pipe. The organs rearranged themselves inside her gut as Keith's prick shoved in hard and demanding.

The back and forth motion of her guts was enough to make Vicki a bit tipsy. And when she felt Keith's huge cock spreading her asscheeks, burning across the tight ring of her anus, then surging fast into her rectum, she wanted to die.

But then the positions were reversed. Vic's cock was coming into her pussy while Keith's cock was abandoning her asshole. They were push-pulling hot to orgasm.

They continued fucking her like this for several minutes. It began to feel like she was on fire inside. The friction against her cunt walls and against the tender tissues of her shit chute were ominously burning. She was smoldering, just waiting for the right touch to trigger her monumental climax.

The motion of Vic's body against her tits did it. Her boobs had been filling with excited blood for some time. When his nipples pressed hard into her erect ones, that was all the extra stimulation she needed.

She came, hard and heavy. Her entire body shook as if she was trapped by a giant animal and it was shaking her. She couldn't control her body any longer.

Her hips shot back in a vain attempt to stuff even more of Keith's cock up her ass. She lowered herself down even more, ignoring the agony rocketing into her already stretched-to-the-limit cunt, to be able to take more of Vic's cock up her twat. And she reached up and cupped her own boobs. The feel of her fingers pressing the marble hard nipples down into marshmallowy tit did it.

She came again. And again. And again.

"Goddamn, man, she's a human machine gun!" cried Keith. "She's milkin' my prick but good with that hot ass of hers!"

She was buffeted back and far between the two men. There was no way of stopping herself. She needed all the cock she could get. It didn't matter to her if it was up her cunt or her ass.

Then she felt a subtle change in the tempo of the fucking. The two men were growing closer and closer to the point where they couldn't control themselves. Their bodies were slowly taking over, making the fucking into an instinctual act.

"Gotta fuck, gotta fuck!" moaned Keith as his cock hammered into her fleshy ass.

Vic was panting and sweat poured off his face. Vicki felt drops of that sweat dribble down onto the top of her boobs. When it ran off the tips, it tickled and aroused her even more. She couldn't hold back when she came again.

This was the final straw for the two men. Her cunt had contracted and squeezed down powerfully on Vic's cock. The man's body exploded in a wild frenzy of fucking. Before she knew what was happening, Keith was doing the same thing.

Their climaxes weren't far behind.

"God, I... I can feel your cock through her guts," moaned out Vic. "It's rubbing against my firkin' cock!"

"Go to it, man. Fuck her harder! It's makin' me feel damned good!"

And the girl was trapped in an erotic sandwich between the two truckers as their cocks erupted. She felt the liquid surge into her ass as Keith came, his fuck stick spewing forth creamy white come. And Vic's cock wasn't far behind. He was flung her twat to overflowing with his come once more.

She abandoned herself to the sensations ripping her apart. The way her cunt was stretched all out of shape made her hurt. But it was a surprisingly good hurt.

She came again as she felt Vic's bush rub against her clit.

And then she passed out, remembering nothing but the two long cocks digging deep into her tender asshole and cunt.


She was alone. She was screaming her lungs out and she was all alone in the back of the cab. Frantic, she looked around for her clothes. They were gone. Her knapsack containing her spare clothing was gone, too. The truckers had taken everything.

Never had the teenager hated herself more. She could have done nothing against the powerful men. She knew that intellectually. But emotionally she kept telling herself that she could have done something -- anything -- to have prevented the multiple rapes.

She began sobbing. The tease trickled down her cheeks and left salty trails to mark their passing. Then she realized it wouldn't do to simply sit here and pity herself.

She was alone. That meant she could escape.

Stark, bare-ass naked, true, but the humiliation of that was far better than staying here. There was no telling what Keith and Vic would do to her if they came back. She'd been in a dazed sleep for how long?

Vicki simply couldn't guess. They'd even taken her cheap wristwatch. But she knew one thing -- it was long enough for both men to get their hardons back. They would rape her again and again.

The pain in her asshole and cunt told her that she wouldn't be able to stand this again. She would be sore for a month and walk bowlegged after the fuckings they'd already dished out to her. She wanted nothing there to do with them.

Turning them into the cops wouldn't do, either. That would land her in jail -- and that would mean she'd be on her way back to her daddy and brother.

She didn't want to see them again; the reasons for running away from home were still there. She shuddered at the thought of the homecoming she could expect from her loving daddy and her brother.

Her daddy would insist on fucking her all night long. And then, when he finally dozed off, Jack would come in and make her suck him hard. And then she'd have to take his cock all the way up her shit chute. He would butt fuck her until she could no longer stand.

No, it wasn't any benefit to her to turn in Vic and Keith to the cops. Not if she would have to go home.

Vicki looked around trying to find something she could wrap around her cold, naked body. She was shivering so badly, her flesh was completely covered with ripply gooseflesh. Even her boobs were covered, making the nipples stand rigid like accusing fingers.

There wasn't anything she could use. And if she tried running bare ass naked, she would be caught and maybe punished severely for it.

Then the option of running was closed to her. Keith came back to the cab, wearing a big smile that split his face from corner to corner.

"Hey, the little white assed chickie is up and around. Good. YQU just come on out here, now!"

"Go to hell," she mumbled.

And then felt a strong hand clamp on her arm and forcefully drag her outside.

"Don't you go givin' me no backtalk, you stupid bitch," he said. There wasn't a hint of humor in his voice or manner. Vicki only shivered more, trying to hide her nakedness from the man.

Oblivious to her plight, Keith dragged her along to the roadside rest area where his truck was parked, idling noisily. A long, sleek black limousine was pulled in. Other than this, the place was empty for as many miles in every direction that Vicki could see.

"Into the car, cunt," he said.

She opened the door and got in. She felt his heavy hand on her ass, urging her forward. She climbed into the back seat and sat on the very edge, still trying to hide her young body. It was a losing proposition. Her tits managed to peek out from behind her arm, as did the thick thatch of her pussy fur.

The man seated in the car looked at her. She felt a thrill of fear race along her spine. The man didn't have warm, human eyes. These were chips of ice. Or polished steel. A pale blue, they betrayed no hint of human feelings.

She knew she was in one hell of a mess now.

Vic was saying to the man, "Prime cut, sir. Quality lay. Keith and me, we checked that out already." He smirked as he looked at the teenager.

"I don't want damaged merchandise."

"Nothing hurt, sir. Not one little piece of skin peeled off, even. First class, sir. Worth at least a thou."

Then Vicki realized what was going on. Vic and Keith were trying to sell her to this man! She had heard of white slavery but it had always been something of a joke to her. No one really was sold like a side of beef these days. That was scare stuff used to make sordid headlines.

But this wasn't any scare stuff made up by someone with an overactive imagination. This was for real.

"A thousand dollars," the man said in a low voice. "No, I don't think she is worth that."

"Hell, Mr. Valentine, check her out. Go fuck her or something. See how tight her cunt is. Shit, if I didn't know first hand, I'd have thought she was a virgin. Her cunt's that tight, I gotta tell you. Prime stuff, here, really prime!"

Mr. Valentine turned his living-dead eyes on the girl again. He didn't seem to register anything. Finally, he said, "I'll accept your offer. And if she isn't satisfying enough, you may keep her."

"And if she is?" Vic asked eagerly.

"Then, of course, she would be worth a thousand dollars. Now please leave the vehicle."

Vic almost fell over himself getting out so that Mr. Valentine could play with his new toy.

"You," the man said, "suck my cock."

"You can fuck off, mister. I'm not sucking your cock for anything!"

"Might I point out some salient features of your predicament, young lady? You are being sold as a slave. I am not a bad master. There are worse around. And if you disappoint Vic and Keith, they might just simply... waste... you. They don't want to be caught with hot merchandise by the police. And I assume you're a runaway with the law after you."

"Go to hell."

"You'll be dead if I don't buy you. A thousand dollars is quite a bit of money. If I'm not pleased..." The man shrugged.

Vicki sat, thinking this over. She knew what the man said was probably true about Vic and Keith. If they got her back, they'd simply cut her throat and dump her in a ditch beside the road. Who could ever catch them for it? And what was murder to them after they'd both raped her?

Then she shuddered again. She thought that they would kill her outright. What if they didn't? What if they kept her around for a few days or even a week? They could have a hell of a lot of fun fucking her during the drive out to the coast.

Fun for them, sheer torture for her. And then they'd kill her.

"You had better suck very well, young lady, if you expect me to purchase you for such an outrageous sum."

She knew the man was right. She'd have to pleasure him better than any woman ever had. Saying nothing, she slipped to the floor in the backseat of the car and ran her fingers sensuously along his legs, stroking slowly upwards from his knees toward his crotch.

He didn't even smile at her attentions. He simply sat back and looked down at her with his more-dead-than-alive eyes. She knew then that she would have to work overtime to make sure he got off. He was as cold a man as he'd ever seen. It would take a hell of a lot of sucking to make him get his rocks off.

Yet, she was a little bit surprised to find his prick almost entirely erect when she opened his trousers. The cock came out in a semi-rigid move that made her mouth water. She'd figured the guy was some sort of a freak. Maybe he'd only have a cock a couple inches long or something. After all, he was having to buy a slave.

But this wasn't the case. His prick was nowhere near as big as Vic's ten inch pussy pleaser, but it wasn't small, either. A good seven inches could do a lot of fucking.

She pressed her lips against the acorn-like tip of his prick. Then she worked her soft, clinging lips aver the glands until she was sure he would have to moan with pleasure. When he didn't, this spurred her on to even better activity.

Her tongue swirled around the very edge of his cockhead. She traced all the rim of his glands, then began working down toward his balls. The girl's tongue missed nothing. All the way down the side of his shaft, she was licking and lightly nipping with her teeth. She was even breathing heavily so that her superheated breath would further sensitize his cock.

He didn't move a muscle, though she knew she was getting through to him. His cock was beginning to harden into a real fuck stick. The blood hammering into it had to be the result of her sucking mouth. There wasn't anything else possible.

"Keep going, Miss," he said. The words struck her as ridiculous. Here she was, giving him a blow job, and he was calling her Miss. It didn't seem right.

But she didn't laugh. She didn't care. The teenager knew how much was on the line. It was her very life she was gambling on her ability to give head.

Her tongue began teasing his balls. She pushed the hairy bag from side to side in his pants, then played with the hidden nuts. She could feel them lurching and boiling around inside in a thick stew of jism. That was her goal, to release that fiery flood of come.

But he wasn't giving her any hint if he was liking this, if he wanted her to do something else, if he was going to throw her to the pair of truckers standing with noses pressed against the car windows, watching and leering.

She worked her way back up his cock. Every single blood vessel was given a long, loving caress by her rough, pink tongue. And she paid special attention to the big blue vein on the top of his cock. She knew the underside was the most sensitive but she didn't want to miss a single square inch of his cock.

That might be her downfall, if she did.

As she sucked in the head of his prick again, she heard him say in his monotone voice, "Face fuck yourself."

The command was snapped out, icy cold. But she was willing to obey. She was willing to do anything to get away from Vic and Keith. The men were staring intently at her now, waiting for her to make a mistake. While they would be a thousand dollars richer if they sold her, she imagined they would just as soon have her to fuck all the way to the coast. A week of being a sex slave to those men would kill her -- literally.

She sucked harder. And she began bobbing her head up and down on the end of the man's prick. He seemed to approve of this. His prick started dancing with obvious lust.

She tongued the hidden portion of his cock until she could feel the piss-slit expanding just a little. This was a sure sign that he was about ready to come. Redoubling her efforts, she sucked for all she was worth. Cheeks going hollow under the suction, she gave it all she had.

Tongue flying, mouth sucking, lips working sensuously along the sides of his jerking cock, she tried every trick she knew on him. She had to get him to come in her mouth nothing less would save her from a cruel fate.

She let the rubbery head of his cock bounce lightly off the roof of her mouth before she sucked his prick all the way down her throat. She had some experience in taking a man's cock all the way. While she wasn't any Linda Lovelace, she knew some of the moves.

While his prick was buried all the way down her throat, she swallowed as hard as she could. This caused her Adam's apple to bob up and down on the most sensitive portions of the man's turgid cock. She kept doing this until she felt like gagging.

Then she pulled back just enough to keep his purple-head prick inside her lips. Breathing heavily, she knew she was on the right track. The tiny bead of bitter pre-come fluid had formed at the piss-slit of his cock. She licked it away and began face fucking herself as hard as she could.

Sucking, licking, face fucking, she became nothing less than a sex machine. Her entire world vanished to one point -- the man's cock. It slipped wetly in and out of her mouth. She had to get him off. If not, she might die.

Using her teeth once along the edges of his glands produced the first moan of pleasure she'd heard from him. Her teeth left ugly red marks on the fleshy sides of his cock. But she quickly laved them away, licking and caressing with her tongue.

When the marks were completely erased, she sucked even harder. She wondered how she managed to keep from pulling the man's guts out the end of his prick. It wasn't possible for her to suck harder, to do any more than she had already lone.

But it was enough. He came.

She felt the first white hot gob of his jism splatter against the back of her throat. And then she was robbed of the rest. He jerked his prick from her mouth and came in her face. She tried to avoid it but a strong hand laced through her hair and held her face directly in the path of the arching come.

"GO on, young lady, lick it off," came the command. She obeyed. She avidly licked the come dribbling from the tip of his cock, then tried slurping up the jism running slowly down her cheeks.

Mr. Valentine rolled down the window and said to Vic and Keith, "She's not worth a thousand."

The teenaged girl felt a surge of horror. She'd sucked this bastard off and he wasn't going to ransom her from her captors!

"But, sir, she's..."

"I'll give you seven-fifty. Take it or leave it."

There was a quick glance between the two truckers, then Keith said, "Sir, you got yourself a deal!"


Vicki sat on the edge of the seat, at rigid attention. Her back was beginning to ache but she said nothing. Those had been her orders.

She felt as if she'd been inducted into the military. The commands, snapped out, the outrageous orders to do this and do that. She was to sit perfectly still on the front two inches of the seat, eyes forward, back braced.

Still, she was able to see a bit of the countryside through which the large limousine drove. These weren't the farms she'd first thought but instead was nothing but one palatial mansion after another. Each huge house was surrounded by hundreds of acres of landscaped lawn. It would exist millions to buy one of those homes.

And she was being driven up the long, winding driveway to the biggest and most lavish of all the houses.

Mr. Valentine obviously was filthy rich.

"The servant's entrance, James," he told the driver. When they pulled to the side of the house, Mr. Valentine gave Vicki a hard shove out the door and said, "The maid will feed you in the kitchen."

Then the car drove around to the front of the house. Vicki didn't know what to do. She could run. But it was miles and miles to the highway. And she doubted if Mr. Valentine would take kindly to his purchased slave running away. He might send dogs after her.

The teenager shivered at the thought. She hated dogs. She imagined their huge jaws opening to devour her. To feel the pain of their teeth chewing on her arms, her legs.

Then flight was impossible. The maid came out and grabbed her by the arm. Pulling her inside, the maid told her, "The master wants you to eat. Then, he'll personally see to your accommodation lions."

Vicki had to look twice to see what was wrong with the maid's uniform. It seemed trim and proper enough -- until she turned around.

There was the maid's perky ass, all neat and round and naked. The rest of the uniform was ordinary but there was no back to the prim costume. This was one kinky household!

"What... what am I supposed to do?"


And that was all Vicki could get from the maid. She watched as the woman set the table with fine silver and served a meal such as the young girl had never before seen the likes of. It was just as if she'd gone to the finest restaurant and ordered an expensive meal.

And this was mid-day snack!

Just as she was finishing, the maid returned and said to her, "Upstairs. At the head of the stairs and to the right you will find your room. It's the... master's bedroom."

The words rang like doom in Vicki's ears. She hadn't been purchased for pure ornamental qualities. She was going to have to put out to survive around here. And she guessed that Mr. Valentine could be ruthless if he was ever crossed.

Like a zombie, she walked up the stairs. Her nakedness bothered her again for the first time since she'd sucked Mr. Valentine off. She tried shielding her tits with one arm and her exposed gash with the other. It all seemed so ineffectual.

Standing in front of the door to her bedroom, she knew fear, real fear, for the first time. The door was padded in red leather and heavily studded with brass. This wasn't the doorway to any ordinary bedroom. She could tell that right off.

Opening it and staring into the room convinced her she was right. The room was dominated by a huge round bed. Over it and on the walls behind and to one side were mirrors. But it wasn't the plush rugs or the gold ornaments towering to each side of the bed that impressed her the most.

It was the set of chains dangling near the bed. Large metallic links descended and looped toward the bed, like a leash for a huge animal. And the thick leather collar with the spikes on it convinced her just what that animal was. Her.

She was going to be chained in this room. And from the weighty chains, it would take a hell of a lot more strength than she possessed to ever break free.

"Enter," came the cold words, hidden and aloof.

She involuntarily obeyed. It was as if her will had been sapped totally. She jumped as the door silently closed all by himself behind her. The soft rug muffled the sounds of her feet moving toward the bed. And then she saw her own reflections in the minors around and over the bed.

She looked like some Greek Goddess striding forward. Her tits were proud and up thrust. She could see the coppery rims of her nipples plainly in the crystal-clear mirrors. And her bush was neat like a brown arrow pointing directly down into more interesting territory.

Ass flaring out into very womanly hips, the girl knew fully then why Mr. Valentine had bought her for such a large sum of money.

It would be a cold day in hell before she ever left this room again. She knew that with all her soul.

"Sit on the bed," came cold words from the side of the room. Vicki jumped a foot at the suddenness of it. Her heart hammering fiercely, she put a hand to her trembling lips.

"You scared me," she admitted. Mr. Valentine was standing there, hands on his hips as if he disapproved of everything he saw.

"The bed. Sit on it, slave. And from henceforth, you will call me master. Is that clear?"

"I guess so."

And Vicki was rewarded by a backhanded slap across the face. He said, his voice never changing pitch, "I ordered you to address me as master. Do so!"

"Y-yes, master!" she blurted. The girl was beginning to feel really afraid again. For a while, it had seemed almost a game to her. Now the cold reality of it all came crashing down on her slim shoulders. She wasn't sure she could bear up under the burden.

He shoved her to a sitting position on the bed. She twitched her ass just a little as she felt the soft velvet crush under her naked bottom. It was so soothing, so nice. And the bedspread must have cost a fortune. She couldn't believe such richness, such a wild spending of money on things that didn't really matter.

Her hands nervously rubbed across the bedspread, then worked under the thick covering. Satin sheets covered the bed. There was no expense spared when comfort and sheer sensuality was at stake in this household.

And she knew whose pleasure was being catered to. And it wasn't hers. It was the man standing before her, towering high above as he reached out and took the dog collar in his hands.

"This is yours," he said. Before she could move, he had it snapped shut around her neck.

She reached up a trembling hand and touched it. She wanted to scream, to rip and tear at it. But the thick leather band was too tough for her. And the tiny spikes sticking from it would have prevented her from really grabbing it tightly enough to pull.

Mr. Valentine -- her master -- ran a thin chain from the post beside the bed and fastened it to a ring on the back of her collar. He stepped back and looked at her, an evil sparkle in his eyes for the first time.

"On your hands and knees, slave. Your master wants you."

"I'm not your Goddamn fucking slave!" she cried. "And my name is Vicki Craig! Do you hear me!"

He must have for he slapped her -- hard. Ears ringing, the girl slumped to the softness of the bed. When he grabbed her by the leg and dumped her onto the floor, she was sobbing out loud.

"On your hands and knees, slave," he repeated as if nothing had happened. "And if you don't," he added, "I have a fine collection of whips."

She turned frightened eyes up to the man. Then she looked past him to a rack on the far wall. Hung there were long whips and short. A riding crop with a nasty looking snapper on the end was even an ugly red hue that she thought must be dried blood. But it was the long blacksnake whip which seemed to fill up her universe.

Vicki was filled with dread.

That whip was designed for one thing and one thing only, tearing the flesh ff human backs.

She could imagine a slave master in the old South wielding that monstrous whip, beating his slaves, laughing cruelly as he did so.

She hastily got to her hands and knees. The chain around her neck tugged a bit and she had to crawl around so that she wasn't choking herself. That dog collar was going to be a problem. She could tell that by the way it chaffed at her neck. But most of all was that chain fastening her to the upright post beside the bed.

As long as that was in place, she was Mr. Valentine's prisoner. For keeps.

"Please, Mr. Valentine, don't do this to me!"

"You will call me master and nothing else, slut! I'll have to discipline you harshly if you don't learn faster! Open those legs for me. I will fuck you now."

She was terrified by the coldness of the man, the emotionless way he commanded her. Nothing seemed to upset him but he was more than willing to dish out cruel punishment to her if she failed to instantly obey him. She cringed as the man lightly touched her ass. The teenager had been expecting anything.

And all she received was a loving caress.

"You fear me? No, cunt, you are repulsed by me! That's it, isn't it! You hate me! You reject my prick! You think your cunt is too good for my cock! I'll show you!"

Vicki groaned as the man dropped to the floor behind her and grabbed her around the waist. He literally lifted her knees off the floor as he pulled her ass into his crotch. She could feel the man's hardon even through his pants.

And then she got it balls deep up her cunt.

The sudden invasion up her twat made her want to pass out. She had been brutally used by the two truckers, but it was nothing compared to this. She knew this man was capable of doing anything at all to her. If her death might pleasure him more than fucking her, she would die.

It became her job -- her duty -- to please him each and every time he wanted to fuck. If she didn't, she hated to think of the consequences. Whatever they would be, they wouldn't be nice.

His cock filled her to overflowing. Her cunt had been tight and tensed up with fright. When he rammed into her, she hadn't even begun to juice up yet. That sudden surge all the way up into her dry pussy, made her groan. The friction burned at her loins. The throbbing cock was pulling in all directions.

He threatened to tear her apart with that long, dry prick.

And then he began fucking, slowly at first, then with greater speed. The teenage girl could hardly bear up under the pain in her cunt. He was dry humping her. His prick tore and pulled at her tender, ungreased cunt. And then he was surging back in again, as fast as his prick could move in her cunt.

The fucking didn't last like this for long. She felt her cunt begin to sluggishly water at the feel of his prick. The way his balls slapped up underneath her body made her even more aware of how turned on she could be. The man's balls actually fucked against her cunt. The tiny organ began to throb with wonderment, then it was hurting her badly.

By the time her cunt was lubricated for the fucking, her cunt was swollen to pea-size. The man's balls continued to pound against it until his balls hardened to the point where they weren't swinging free any more.

The girl was slowly responding to her new master. Anything to keep him happy, she told herself. She had to fuck him. She had to or he could do terrible things to her.

She knew that the dog collar circling her neck was only a hint of the eye lurking in this man's mind. He was fucking her like a dog to keep her degraded, defiled, lacking in any self-esteem.

The way he'd come in her face while they were in his car proved that to her. He could have come in her mouth. Part of his jism actually went down her throat. But he had been the one pulling out to spew forth his pearly come into her eyes and hair.

He wanted to humiliate her. Nothing else would do for him.

"God, you're a dumb bitch," he snarled. "You fuck just like a dog bitch in heat. Take this and this and this!"

His prick dug even deeper into her cunt. The tender pussy walls were quivering now with lust. He had fucked her cunt almost raw before her own natural fuck sauces poured out. Now he was after more in the way of putting her down.

The way the man fucked her drove the girl forward a little bit. His every stroke was powerful, delving deep into her guts. She was hardly able to withstand the power of his fucking. Slowly, inch by inch, he was moving her across the rug. She tried to prevent it because the girl could feel the chain tightening around her neck.

She knew this was what the man was after. Fucking her like a dog in heat wasn't good enough. He wanted to get her all tangled up in the chain so that she would strangle herself. The teenager tried to avoid it but the man was too skilled.

His cock drove strongly into her softly yielding cunt until he moved her in the direction he desired. Vicki felt the chain attached to her dog collar pulling at her. Then it was tight. And finally, his cock still fucking hard into her pussy, it was cutting off her air.

She was gasping for breath. Each time she sucked in air it was a supreme effort. Her lungs burned with an inner fire which wouldn't go out. The entire room was spinning wildly around her now, slowly going black. She knew she was dying.

But what a way to die!

Her cunt was filled to overflowing with long, hard fucking cock. She couldn't remember when her pussy had burned more brightly from a man fucking her. The warmth had puddled in her belly and slowly spread throughout her entire body. Even the damnable collar around her neck wasn't all that noticeable when she concentrated on the cock filling her pussy up so nobly.

But he wasn't satisfied with this. He wanted to do more to the girl than just fuck her. He maneuvered her into the position at the end of her chain where she was strangling slowly.

And she could hear his evil laugh. He wasn't moaning with pleasure at the hot, tight pussy clutching so fervently around his cock. He didn't take much delight in the fact that he was fucking one of the most beautiful teenaged girls around.

All he cared about was the way she was being strangled to death by the chain while he was fucking her.

She passed out.

And then, as she sputtered and gasped for air, she realized he was still pounding his prick into her. He hadn't stopped simply because she had fainted from lack of air.

The man was insatiable in his lusts. He wouldn't stop fucking her until he got his rocks off.

"W-why are you doing this to me?" she asked. "I... I'd have fucked you for nothing! I'd have done anything you wanted just to get me away from those truckers! But why this!"

"Stupid cunt!" he snarled. "Didn't I tell you to address me only as master?"

She almost passed out again from the way his cock surged up into her pussy. The girl was all too aware of the way the mar was poling into her. His prick didn't corkscrew or swirl in with any fancy movement. He was simply an run-out fucker. Nothing but fuck, fuck, fuck!

"Master, my cunt! It's on fire! Your cock's oh so big in meeeee!"

"Of course it is, slut!"

She bit down on her lower lip. It wouldn't do to try to reason with him. He was caught up in lust. Nothing less than fucking her would satisfy him now. And he had to be doing it in his own way.

With all the lush settings in the house, all the expensive things, he had outfitted a bedroom that looked more like a dungeon the girl. A posh dungeon, to be sure, but still a torture chamber which wasn't going to be much of a home for her in the future.

He was going to torture her, fuck her, then torture her more. She could tell from the way he had started out. The dog collar with the spikes around her neck was bad, but being chained up like some sort of an animal before he fucked her like a bitch was the last straw.

She hated him with all the intensity of her young soul.

And it did her no good.

He continued fucking her until she felt the long, hard prick snap inside her. He gushed out his jism until her cunt was totally filled. Then his cock began to deflate and the thick man seed dribbled down the inside of her softly skinned thigh.

The man was gone in a flash.

She collapsed forward as far as the chain would allow and looked back over her shoulder. He was standing there, a grim man who would brook no disobedience.


"On your feet or on your knees," he commanded.

Vicki slowly, painfully, stood. It seemed better to her if she could almost look him square in the eyes. She was tall for a girl -- almost five seven -- but he towered above her. He was gaunt and almost looked like a skeleton. A six foot skeleton.

But she knew that some parts of his body were fleshy. That prick of his hadn't been made of bone when she had started sucking on it in the car. And she knew she could wear him out. He'd come in her cunt. She could still feel the sticky white jism leaking from between her pussy lips and going down the inside of her leg.

"What now master?"

"I don't like naked women. Not the ones as ugly as you. Go to the closet and put on black stockings and a garter belt. I want to see those long legs of yours sheathed in black nylon."

Vicki didn't like the idea of turning her back on the man, yet she had no other choice. The chain prevented her from moving freely. She went to the closet and opened the door. Inside were row upon row of gorgeous gowns. All expensive. She knew this closet full of clothes alone would have supported him for a year in a big city. It was even more apparent to her that money meant nothing to her Mr. Valentine.

"Down on the floor."

She started to turn and look at the man but the chain caught at her throat. She simply dropped to her knees and rummaged around until she found the black mesh stockings and a frilly garter belt. She'd never worn one before but it was both obvious and simple how to wear it.

She stepped into it and settled the lacy belt into place. Then she put on first one then the other of the mesh stockings. They were cool and silky against her skin. She stroked up and down them a few times, wrinkling them so she could smooth them again.

"Stop stalling," he barked.

She sighed. It was such a drag being a prisoner like this. And from the way her cunt ached from his dry humping, it was going to get worse. This was simply one more thing against Mr. Valentine. He could take his pleasure with her, but she hadn't gotten off.

The sexual pressures building inside her were so potent they would have to be released soon or she'd go mad with desire. And she wasn't really sure that her new master would be so kind as to fuck her again.

She fastened the tops of the stockings to the garter belt, then stood. Looking at herself in the wall mirror, the teenager suddenly whistled in surprise.

Standing there, looking back, wasn't a young eighteen year old girl. It was a woman. A lush, ripe fully mature woman. The black stockings made that apparent to her.

"Very well, NOW that you've finished putting them on, come here!"

She turned and felt a cold lump form in the pit of her stomach. He was standing beside the bed, the long whip curling and uncurling beside him as he flicked his wrist.


The whip sang. And then it touched her arm with such an obscenely soft caress that she almost fainted dead away. There was no pain, just surprise. And at that, the man laughed harshly.

"When I wish you pain, you will feel pain. Real pain! I am the master of pain! And don't you forget it! Now come here!"

He yanked on the whip handle and she went sailing across the room. The leather band had tightened miraculously to the point where it was like a handcuff on her wrist.

She stumbled and fell at his feet. This seemed to please him. He said, "My shoes are dirty. Lick them clean!"

She started to rebel, then from the corner of her eye she saw the long whip moving slowly back and forth as if barely restrained. She knew he would love to beat her until the flesh hung in tatters from her body.

The girl wouldn't give him that pleasure.

She licked all the dust from his shoes.

Just as she was finishing with his left shoe, he took a step back. She cringed in anticipation of the whip lashing out and dancing across her naked back.

The blow never came. Instead, his voice echoed in her ears, "You didn't lick fast enough. I gave you your chance to please me and you failed. What should your punishment be?"

She didn't want to answer. But when the whip cracked loudly in the air just above her head, she stammered out, "I... I don't know, master! Please spare me!"

"Spare you?" he roared. "Of all the ridiculous things! Spare you! I am going to whip you!"

She felt the sting even as she heard a hard wooden rod singing through the air. The pain shot into her ass and made her moan in pain. This was too much. But the rod descended on her ass again and again. She tried to roll and avoid the punishment.

The chain fastened to her dog collar prevented it. And then, when she came to her hands and knees again, she experienced the first real pain since she had been in Mr. Valentine's grips.

The wooden rod sang through the air to smash across her pussy lips. No longer was he beating her on the fleshy ass. He was driving each and every blow between her asscheeks so the rod would hit her exposed and drooling cunt lips.

And yes, her pussy lips were already wet with desire. The stinging blow had made them come more alive than the girl had ever felt before. She'd mistakenly thought only fucking could make her cunt drool with desire. She was wrong.

The blow landing on her labia made them sting and smart. The blood, however, rushing into them confused her body. The glands inside her twat began churning out the thick oils to lubricate her cunt for fucking. Blood engorged pussy lips equaled fucking.

And Mr. Valentine made sure her cunt lips were adequately stimulated. By the time he was panting and his arm tired, her cunt lips were covered with ugly red welts. And her ass was completely criss-crossed with the red lines showing where every blow had landed. He looked at his handiwork for a moment, then snarled, "Get ready, slut, for your master is going to fuck your asshole!"

"No, please, no! Not after you've whipped my bottom like that! I... I'm still so sore!"

But she knew her argument was only spurring him on. He dropped behind her again and this time his hands pressed firmly into her tortured assflesh. She moaned and then howled in pain as he began kneading the soft, brutalized ass. He took one asscheek in each hand and began rotating it.

The girl thought he was trying to pull those doughy mounds of flesh from her body. He was rotating one clockwise. The other was being jerked in the opposite direction.

She wanted to die but she knew he would never allow it. Her master wouldn't get as much thrill from her death as he would from fucking a living, tortured ass.

"Stop it! I... hurrrrt!"

"That's the idea, slut. You slaves are all alike. You think you can do anything and get away with it. Strict discipline is all you will find while you are in this house!"

Then she felt his prick begin to nudge into her flesh. It surprised her how fast the man had gotten another boner. His cock was a full-sized fucking tool from the way it pressed into her butt.

Then she fell forward onto the floor. The pain in her bottom shot throughout her entire body. As he had fucked into her asshole, she tried to avoid both his driving prick and the feel of his legs moving so roughly against her whipped ass.

She didn't escape for long. Powerful hands slipped under her body and easily lifted her. She wouldn't have believed this tall, skeletal man would have been possessed of such strength.

And he wanted to fuck her ass. Nothing less would do for her master now that the thought had entered his mind.

He pulled her to a kneeling position again and bent her body forward until she was supporting herself on her hands once more. He was fucking in the exact same position as he had earlier.

The only difference was where his cock probed. He was heading into her anus this time.

She remembered what it had been like when he had fucked her dry cunt. She shuddered at wondering what it might be like when he drove his long, hard prick into her dry asshole. He could tear her apart. He could make her bleed to death from torn inner membrane.

And he was capable of all that and more.

The chain around her neck was threatening to choke her again. The girl tried to maneuver around so she would be in a little better position. He prevented it.

She felt the thick purpled glands of his prick spread apart her anal sphincter muscle. The tight anus had been denying him entry up her back. But her asshole surrendered to Mr. Valentine's pressure.

The cock surged all the way up her back when the anus simply relaxed. She screamed out, "Aiieee!" as the pain filled her and threatened to drive her mad.

She had been possessed of a large amount of sexual tension in her body. He drove it all out. Nothing but pain remained in the young girl's body. And he was fucking her ass, making sure his cock gave her nothing but more pain and discomfort.

The weak feeling in her bowels spread. Her guts turned to water. And then she cried openly. She had been holding it all in trying not to show the man how terrified she was. It no longer mattered. He had to know the full extent of her fear. The way she was shaking was just a beginning at telling him how she loathed him, feared him, hated him.

"So tight! I like my slaves to have tight asses. I love fucking my slaves up the ass!" he bellowed.

And he lustily fucked her butt. The girl was so shaken by now, she didn't know what to do or say. She wanted to enjoy this ass fucking. She usually did in the past. Sometimes, it had hurt -- bad -- but it was always so nice in the end.

Not now. Not this time.

He was reaming her out good and it hurt as bad as anything Vicki could remember.

"Your ass is hot, too. I love that! And the way your assflesh is on fire! I can feel it seeping into my skin!"

Every word blazed a path to her brain. She knew he was mouthing those words to get to her. If he had been yelling obscenities it wouldn't have been so bad. She could have stood that.

But he seemed to enjoy tormenting her with the cold, almost emotionless words. And he pointed out each and every thing that would hurt her the most if she noticed it.

Like her assflesh. Where he'd whipped her was burning just like he had rubbed a red hot poker over her flesh. It warmed her guts, true, but it also hurt like hell. She wasn't able to think of much else after he had told her how he loved her butt whipped.

And her asshole was so tight due to his huge prick backing into her bowels. She couldn't stand the way he stretched her to the breaking point. But how could she run? She couldn't fight him off. She had that Goddamn dog collar fastened around her neck. And that was chained to a sturdy post beside the bed.

She was his prisoner and he could do anything he wanted with her. She would just have to accept that.

But the pain! The humiliation!

She was sobbing hard even as he butt fucked her. The man was cornholing her with a vengeance now. She felt the heat of his fucking burn into her anus, then spread. It mingled with the heat from her spanked ass and then exploded in a wild frenzy around her cunt.

Gasping for air, she came.

It took her totally by surprise. No matter how brutal he could be to her, she had gotten her rocks off. And that horrified the young girl. She was getting off on this degradation. She was getting a sexual charge out of being whipped and butt fucked!

She found herself hating. And hating not only Mr. Valentine and all he was doing, but herself. She hated herself for loving this, for responding to his brutal attentions.

"You like it, don't you, slave?" he demanded.

All the while he was talking, his cock seared into her asshole. Each thrust shook her teeth, restled her senses, made her long for death, but death wasn't for her. She was going to be fucked until she could no longer bear it.

Mr. Valentine would see to that.

"Admit it, cunt, you like this. Don't you? Don't you?" he repeated.

"Yes, damn you, yes! I do like it!"

She was shocked at her own words. She had thought about lying to appease her master. But as the words gushed from between her lips, she knew she wasn't simply saying all that.

She liked what he was doing to her. She had gotten off on it once and the girl could even feel the beginnings of another come building in her loins.

She more than liked it, she needed it!

"Fuck faster! Burn up my ass with your cock!"

"You didn't call me master!"

She felt the sting of the riding crop across her shoulders. She didn't even want to think how he had dropped the long, ugly whip and picked up the shorter riding crop. He simply had. And he was beating her with it.

Just like she was some race horse. He whipped her on.

"Fuck me, master!" she corrected herself. She was hardly aware that she had said those vile words. She didn't want to call him master. She wanted to mouth obscenities, to tell him what she really thought of him.

But she called him master and demanded he fuck her even more than he was doing.

Her entire world was wrapped around the man's prick driving into her asshole. She tensed up just enough to clamp down on his cock. The man groaned out loud.

This made the teenager feel a surge of pleasure.

She was able to torture the man! She was able to get even with him -- but in a totally erotic way. Her asshole tightened like a hangman's noose around the end of his prick.

She felt her muscles spasm once as the strain got to her, but that was all right. She was giving him pleasure. She was giving her pew master all he could handle.

The teenager came again when the riding crop smashed into her shoulders.

Mr. Valentine groaned and then she felt the hot gush of his sperm and semen blasting into her back passage. Her entire rectum was filled with his jism before he finished coming.

The girl wanted to collapse but there was still so much locked up in her tender young body. The sexual tensions had mounted to the point where even a dozen comes wouldn't help her.

And the way her tortured body felt confused her. The pain was nagging and tearing at her consciousness. The way he had beaten her ass raw and then fucked it made her sob in agony.

Still, the way he had fucked that small asshole made up for it. She was afire inside. And it was a good, warm feeling. But most of all, the lashings across her shoulders confused her. They were both good and terrible depending on whether his cock was sliding slickly into her ass or pulling out to leave her empty inside.


Vicki slept. She curled up on the soft, deep-piled rug and slept like a baby. It was many hours later when the maid awakened her. She looked up, rubbed blurred eyes and then suddenly asked, "What time is it?"

The maid calmly answered, "Time means nothing to us. Only the master is able to answer your question and he won't. What difference does it make? You're not going anywhere."

Vicki looked to the single window in the room. The light was coming through the window and casting a peculiar pattern on the floor. It took her a couple minutes to realize this would be the pattern caused by light shining through bars.

The window of her room was barred!

But she wasn't able to go over to it and check it out firsthand. The chain fastened to the collar around her neck was too short by several feet. And besides, even if it had been long enough, the best she could have done was jump out and hang herself.

No, she wasn't going anywhere.

Mr. Valentine had thought of everything.

"Eat," the maid told her. Then she turned and left. But Vicki saw the red lash marks making erotic patterns on the maid's ass. She, too, had been whipped brutally. The girl wondered if the maid had then been fucked.

Probably. And maybe even in ways worse than she had. After all, it wasn't that bad getting fucked while on a nice, soft carpet. The chain and dog collar around her neck got in the way, but not that much.

What if Mr. Valentine had whipped the maid's butt, then bent her over a hot stove to fuck her from behind? The woman's tits would have been in danger of being seared off.

The girl shuddered and then her mind raced on to even worse things the man might have done to the maid. By the time she had scared herself shitless, her new master came into the room.

"No," she yelled. "You don't touch me! I... I'll scream!"

"Go on and scream. The room is soundproofed. Besides, there is no one who cares within miles."

"I don't believe you."

"That's your perogative. But, let me put it another way. Screaming hurts my ears and if you hurt my ears, I shall discipline you. Discipline you very effectively."

She screamed.

The man cringed slightly but gave no other outward sign of noticing her outburst. She kept screaming. He slowly walked around her as if studying a piece of sculpture devoid of all life.

When her throat was raw, Vicki stopped yelling. She was panting, almost crying from exhaustion. The man came and removed the untouched food from in front of her.

"Since you seem more interested in shouting than eating, I think it would be best if I punished you now."

She looked up at him, her brown eyes going wide with fear. He hadn't been kidding about disciplining her. He meant every word he said. She was just beginning to realize that Mr. Valentine never joked about anything. He was deadly serious.

The emphasis on "deadly".

"See those eye-bolts fastened into the ceiling? By the mirrors over the bed?"

She looked up and saw them. They appeared to be innocuous. They couldn't possibly bring her any more pain than she'd felt at the receiving end of his wooden stick.

She was wrong.

The man quickly fastened slender chains through the eye-bolts in the ceiling and produced a pair of soft leather cuffs. Even though she struggled, he managed to place the cuffs on her wrists. When she was stretched out above the bed, her knees resting on the surface, he went and fumbled out another set of the soft leather cuffs.

"For your ankles," he told her.

Then she panicked. He was going to hoist her up so that she was hanging suspended by only her wrists and ankles. She couldn't allow that. She kicked out -- hard.

And missed. His hands easily caught her leg and pulled it upward. The man fastened the leather cuff around her ankle and then jerked to one side. The pain shooting though her taut cunt made her slide her other leg right into his grip.

Before she knew it, she was hanging about a foot from the surface of the bed, dangling suspended only by her wrist and ankle.

"There. That doesn't hurt much now. But it will. Soon," he promised.

She was already feeling uncomfortable. The pain lancing across her shoulders told of the immense strain on her wrists and arms. And her hips were taking up the rest of the load. No, it wouldn't be long before she was in dire pain.

And that was only the beginning. The way he had strung her up made her legs drift wide apart. Her cunt was open to his lewd and obscene gaze. And there was no doubt he was looking.

The girl could see the man's eyes gleaming with an evil inner light as he studied her strung-up body. She was helpless, totally at his mercy.

And the man had mercy for her. She knew that. This was going to be a long and painful session with Mr. Valentine. The way her body weight was already working on her arms, shoulders, legs and hip joints told her that.

"So, my slave is beginning to see how her master operates, eh?" the man said, a slight leer to his lips. "You shall learn even more in the next few minutes!"

Vicki didn't like the sound of that. She was already in pain and it was getting worse every second. The girl's struggles only added to the agony so she stopped and simply hung. Her ass almost touched the top of the bed, almost.

The man had been calculating in the way he'd hoisted her up. She was hung so that her legs would remain wide spread no matter how she moved and her cunt would always be open for his inspection. And other things, as she quickly found out.

"No, master, no! You can't do that!" she screamed.

He advanced on her, the wooden whip in his hands. The way it snapped hard against his hand, she knew this could kill her if he really got to swinging it. And he would, he would!

The first blow from the singing wood rod smashed across her tits. The red welt formed directly on her nipples. But, like when he had used the wooden rod on her cunt, lips, her body became confused. The stimulation wasn't felt so much as pain as pleasure. Her nipples began to harden just as if she had been promised the best fucking ever.

As more and more excited blood pounded into her nipples, the erectile nubbins hardened. She felt her tits expanding with the blood to the point where she was certain they would pop from being over inflated.

"So the slut likes it? I thought so!"

And then the man really began to rain blows down on her soft, tender young body. The rod rose and fell repeatedly. Each time, the teenager cringed before the blow landed. The stinging pain ripped through her entire body, no matter where the wooden stick landed.

If he was whipping her flat, smooth belly, she felt pain throughout her legs. The way he was beating her made the pressure increase on her arms and legs. He was systematically guaranteeing she would feel more and more pain.

The beating was bad, the other pain was worse.

And Mr. Valentine continued meting it out to the young girl until she was crying in abysmal agony.

"Would you like something in your cunt, slave?" he demanded.

"Yes," she sobbed, "yes, anything, anything! It has to be better than what you're doing to me now!"

She was wrong.

He took the end of the rod and lightly touched the inside of her thigh. She cringed again at the feathery caress. She knew instantly what he was going to do to her.

"Please, no, you... you can't ram that stick up my cunt! You... you'll hurt ale!"

"You think yourself so valuable an investment that I wouldn't?"

That answered her question. He would do whatever gave him pleasure. She was nothing more than an expendable commodity. She wondered how many others he had bought and tortured to death or maimed totally. She guessed the number was large, too large.

Then she wasn't thinking of anything at all but the pain in her cunt. The end of the wood rod edged down the soft inner flesh of her thigh and finally touched her cunt lips. When he jerked the stick a little bit, he inserted the end of the rod about an inch into her cunt.

"Stop this, stop it!" she was crying. It didn't matter to the man. He wasn't listening. He was too busy seeing the way her pussy lips jerked and twitched as he inserted the rod up her cunt.

"You're not frothy yet," he accused. "Get excited over my rod or I shall really punish you!"

How could she possibly get juiced up in the cunt over what he was doing to her? That was impossible -- or was it?

As the rod began twisting around inside her, she felt the vague stirrings of lust. This was so totally unexpected she was surprised by it. Pier tits hurt horribly from the beating he had given them. The red welts stood out like red lines on a road map where the wooden rod had smashed into tender titflesh. And her arms and legs were aching from simply having her weight hung on them.

But this!

It was obscene!

And she was getting off on it. The stick went another inch into her cunt. Then another and another. She felt her softly clutching pussy walls recoil in horror at the first rough touch of the wood stick. Then she actually felt her cunt oils begin to seep from her twat.

She was responding to him!

It didn't seem possible, yet it was happening. She hated herself for this. She shouldn't help get his sick thrills.

But she was.

Looking straight up into the overhead mirror, she could see everything he was doing to her. The sagging body, the ugly red welts all over her belly and tits, the aroused nipples, even her pinkly scalloped cunt lips spreading wide apart to lewdly kiss the wood rod stuffed into her cunt.

She wanted to die.

She felt the end of the rod nudge hard into the top of her cunt. No man had a cock long enough to reach that far into her guts. The three foot stick was both slender enough and long enough to drive hard all the way into her guts.

And Mr. Valentine did just that with it.

Swinging her back and forth, he began fucking her with the rod and the motion of her own body. She was sure he was ripping her apart inside. That was the way her cunt walls felt. The thin oozing had to be blood. Nothing else would seep out of her cunt like that.

Finally, Mr. Valentine said, "I think you are ready for my cock. I shall fuck you now."

She watched it sick horror as the man got up onto the bed, jerked down his zipper to reveal his rigid cock and then moved forward. No matter how she turned her head, she could see part of the scene reflected in the mirrors. Overhead, to the sides, down her body, all of it came directly to her. She had never felt more helpless in her life as when he stuffed his prick into her cunt.

Still, this was better than having that damnable wooden rod inside her. This was living, jerking, pulsating cock. It was all-male and virile. She could bear this. It was so much better than the other things he had done to her.

Or she thought she could bear up under this fucking.

She was wrong. Mr. Valentine had more than simple fucking in mind when he drove his long, hard cock into her twat.

His cock was buried balls deep in her convulsing pussy. Then he began applying his rod to her fleshy ass. He whipped her lightly at first, then with harder and harder strokes. She felt her assflesh warming under the rod.

Then it was turning a fierce red, blistering under the onslaught of the wood rod. And her cunt was tightening up around his prick as a result. She found herself both liking and hating this.

She hated the pain, but the delight surging into her cunt! It was a positive-negative feeling. The girl tried to concentrate on all the good feelings he was creating in her body.

Beating her ass had made his prick seem larger and larger in her pussy until she could barely stand it. When he began moving slowly back and forth, lightly fucking her, she came. It wasn't anything she could hold back, either. It was all too intense for her to bottle up inside for later.

"So you like this little fucking, eh? Now we will really fuck and I shall see if you like that!"

"Yes, oh sweet Jesus, yes! Fuck me good!"

She could forget the pain in her arms and legs. She could forget how he had beaten her across the tender tits and vulnerable belly. She could even push it out of her mind how he had beaten her ass to get her cunt to tighten up around his prick.

As long as he fucked her well, that was all she cared about.

But again, the teenager didn't reckon on the man's nasty streak. A simple fucking wasn't his style. Everything he did bad to involve pain -- the pain of others.

He started fucking her with longer and longer strokes. At first, this was heaver for the girl. Then her body started to swing to and fro. The pressure on her shoulders and hips increased. She felt as if he were ripping her apart at the cunt. Her legs ached and her arms were leaden. Even holding her head up was becoming a real strain. Tiny demons of pain danced across her shoulders and leaped on her neck.

She hurt all over.

While her cunt was experiencing some of the most stimulating, pleasurable feelings imaginable.

Mr. Valentine gave both pleasure and pain -- but the pain always had the edge in intensity.

The teenaged girl was able to compare how the pain was so much worse than the pleasure. And the contrast made her orgasm again. His cock was simply too large in her tight cunt for her to ignore.

He fucked faster and faster into her yawning pussy. The power of each stroke made her swing back in a larger arc. When her body smashed into his, their crotches ground together in an erotic mesh. And the lewd squishy noise of his cock spearing deeply into her liquid cunt filled her ears. Everything he was doing seemed so normal, except it gave her more pain every second.

When she was swinging in a large arc, smashing hard into his cock at the end of every swing, he added a new dimension to her pain. The wooden rod had been quiet for too long. Now it whistled through the air to land on her fleshy ass once more.

The pain ignited still another climax in the girl's body. She moaned and howled in pain and joy as she came. Her entire body shook as if it were possessed by a demon of lust. And then she was back in her body, experiencing the agony of swollen joints and strained muscles while a huge prick fucked her pussy.

The girl blacked out for a few seconds, only to recover consciousness and find the man still whipping her ass. The pain lancing into her ass spread a warmth throughout her loins. Her cunt caught fire and convulsed powerfully around the man's cock.

At the end of one of her long swings, everything came together again. The pain from her whipped ass, the throbbing cock filling her cunt to overflowing, the harsh impact of her crotch against his all met and merged in one huge come.

He was laughing at her. She could hear his deep, resonant laugh as he plugged her repeatedly with his cock. And then the wooden rod smashed down into her tits once again.

Her entire body was hurting so bad she didn't know how she could stand another instant of it. But she did. She grimly hung on, swinging like an erotic pendulum back and forth. All she existed for was feeling that huge virile cock shoved deep into her cunt. This was all the joy she got in the whole damned world.

"Come, slave, come!" he bellowed. "I want to feel that velvety cunt of yours all around my cock, gripping down hard, hard with the force of your come!"

The words seared her brain. She shook her head from side to side, sending a lustrous brown cascade of her hair flowing around her face. She couldn't give him any pleasure. She couldn't!

This evil man didn't deserve it. But if she didn't, what would he do to her then?

That question frightened her. She didn't even want to think about it any more. She tried to think of nothing but the glorious feelings ripping her cunt apart. The melted butter warmth filling her belly was replaced by a more demanding feeling.

The sexual tensions were building. Every time he swung her back to let her swoop down onto his impaling spike of pure cock, she felt a little more inside her.

Then it all exploded in a frenzy of motion. She bucked and swung and hunched trying to get more of his prick into her needy cunt. She had to have it. Nothing less than a total fucking would satisfy her.

Cunt squeezing down on the prick inside with impressive force, she came. Her entire world whirled and spun crazily around her until she was too dizzy to know what was happening.

She came again.

The rod beat her body. She let me. The thick cock reamed out her cunt. She came. Her arms hurt. She came.

Exhausted, she hung limp and tired from the chains circling her wrists and ankles.

The first thing she noticed was the empty feeling in her pussy. It was no longer filled with thrilling cock. Her master had withdrawn.

A sudden fear gripped her drained body. Had she pleased him enough? Would he torture her any more? Those were the only things she worried about as she fainted again.


Vicki awoke again some time later. The pain in her body had receded like the tides in the ocean. She was tired and hurt but it was nothing like it had been when she was swinging to and fro from the eye-bolts fastened in the ceiling.

She rolled onto her back and stared up at the minor. Studying her body, she was amazed to find the damage wasn't as bad as she had feared. Her tits were a rosy red but the welts had vanished. All that remained appeared to be a mild sunburn.

It extended down across her belly to the brown vee of her pussy mound. The fur was lustrous and seemed to glow with its own inner light. The black lacy garter belt was still around her waist and she still wore the sexy black stockings.

Reaching down, she stroked upwards on her legs to get out the wrinkles. And the mere feel of her hands moving on her slender legs made her feel better. If anything, simply moving her arms and legs drove out some of the dull ache she felt.

Rubbing her crotch caused her a little pain. Where she had had her cunt lips whipped by the wooden rod was raw. The flesh, however, was supple and ripply with youth. She took one cunt lip between thumb and forefinger and stroked back and forth.

The delight dancing into her body made her feel much better. She repeated the process on her other pussy lips, then gently explored the depths of her cunt with her middle finger.

The pussy walls were still velvety and soft. The juices beginning to sluggishly flow out of her cunt lubricated everything nicely. She was actually feeling almost human again.

She laid back on the velvet bedspread and wiggled a bit. The soft, soothing material erased what aches she had remaining. But, as she tried to stand, she found that her body wasn't in the great shape she thought it was.

She almost tumbled onto her face.

Catching herself on the edge of the bed, she carefully stood. Realizing that weakness was only part of her problem, her hand flew to her throat. The spiked dog collar was still firmly in place around her neck. And the chain running over to the sturdy post beside the bed was, if anything, shorter than before.

Vicki knew she wasn't going anywhere. At least not until her master allowed her to do so.

Sitting down caused her the most pain of any of the things she had done. Her ass must be a raw, red mass of tortured flesh. She rolled over and looked at her back side in the mirror on the wall. She had been right about its condition. Never had she received a spanking in her life that had left her like this.

She heard nothing but felt a presence -- an evil presence -- in the room. She spun and saw Mr. Valentine standing and watching her. He didn't say a word. He simply studied her.

"Well," she finally demanded, "do you like your handiwork?"

"Of course I do, slave. I always enjoy doing things like this. But I see you have not learned your lesson yet. I am to be addressed as master. I must punish you more until you learn."

She was feeling confident she could take anything he could dish out now. She lay back on the bed and raised her legs, spreading her knees just enough to tantalize the man, as if saying to him, "Come and get it -- if you think you can!"

He took the challenge but not in the way she thought he would. She wanted to see him strain to pin her to the bed. She wanted to feel her muscles working hard against his, man to woman. A wrestling match would liven things up.

But that wasn't the way Mr. Valentine did things. That would have been acknowledging that the teenager was worth something going after. He had other better, more efficient ways.

He jerked hard on her chain and pulled her to the floor. With the speed of a striking cobra, he dropped and put his knee in the middle of her back. No matter how much she struggled, she couldn't escape his clutches. The knee held her down while the pressure on the chain kept her head up high. She would choke to death if she tried to move.

"Now, my slave, you will see what it means to be punished! This will be my finest hour!"

She shivered at the man's words. There was little elation in them. He was simply stating a fact. And she doubted if his past efforts in humiliating his "slaves" had been unsuccessful. He didn't seem like a man to try and fail at anything.

Taking the long wooden rod with which he had beaten her earlier, he placed it behind her legs.

With a quick flip, he rolled her over onto her back. Pulling at the chain around her neck, he bent her forward and lifted her legs up.

So fast she hardly knew what was happening, the girl ended up with her collar chained to the wooden stick under her knees. Her chin was almost pressing into the tops of her knees while the rod cut into the back sides of her knees. She wasn't in pain but this was an uncomfortable position.

But Mr. Valentine was far from finished with her. She was virtually helpless by the time he took the soft leather cuff and put them around her wrists again. He fastened them together behind her back.

The teenager was put into a sitting position, her collar securely chained to the rod running under her knees. Me with her hands firmly secured behind her back, she wasn't able to slide the wooden rod to one side and free her neck arid legs.

"Like this, eh?" he asked, not really caring if she answered or not. "I do because it makes your cunt open so nicely."

His finger stabbed out and between the girl's legs. He dived deep into her twat and wiggled his finger far up inside her pussy. She fought down the rising urges stirring deeply inside her. She couldn't do it. The girl began responding sexually to his finger.

When his hand was covered with her fuck fluids, he pulled out of her cunt with a tiny little plopping noise.

"I don't want to finger fuck you. There is so much more that can be shoved up that slimy cunt!"

She spun a little bit, pivoting on her raw ass to see what the man was doing. He went to one of the cabinets lining the walls of the room and pulled out a long plastic rod. As he advanced on her, she heard a click and a buzzing noise.

The man held a twelve inch long vibrator! And it was running!

"No, no, master! You can't jam that into me! Not when I'm doubled up like this. It... it'll hurt me!"

And she realized that was the wrong thing to say to this man. He enjoyed huffing her. He enjoyed watching her squirm and try to escape his clutches. The more he inflicted pain on her, the more he liked it.

She screamed as he rammed the quivering rod of plastic all the way up into her juicy cunt. If it hadn't been for the flow of her fuck fluids out her pussy, he would have torn her apart. As it was, she felt the long, hard rod of plastic making new channels in her soft cunt flesh.

Bent double as she was pulled her twat into a curvy shape. The plastic didn't bend -- it bent her around inside instead. And that hurt bad.

The vibrating helped soothe the hurt, but not much. She was sobbing in pain as the man came to her and said, "Now you begin to realize my power over you slut. What is my name?"

"M-master!" she stuttered out. This was impossible! She couldn't be caught in the middle of this nightmare. It wasn't something that happened to eighteen year old girls.

Even if she had run away from home, all this was impossible! She'd been raped repeatedly by the two truckers and then sold into slavery. And now her new master was requiring the most painful of services from her. And he was enjoying every agonizing second of her torture!

No matter how bad it was at home fucking her daddy and her brother, it had been better than this!

"You do not seem apologetic enough for me." She watched in horror as he turned and went back to the cabinet from which the shivering tube of plastic had come. It was still singing and dancing on her delicate cunt walls until it made her teeth rattle.

But her heart almost stopped in fright when Mr. Valentine returned. He was carrying an enema bag with the long probe in front of him, held like it was a sword.

He kicked out and roiled her over onto her side. She felt his hands stroking along her tortured butt, then the cold jab of the probe went into her asshole.

She felt the long plastic tube touching the vibrator through her thin inner membrane. Then came the hot flood of the enema. It burned. It seemed to tear away at her soft bowels. She tried to thrash around on the floor and dislodge the tube.

"Don't let that out or I'll beat you! I mean it!" the man snapped. She tried to stop shaking so hard. It was an effort. But she knew he meant that threat with all his heart. He wouldn't stop when she passed out. He might beat her to death with that long, blacksnake whip so cruelly curled and hung on the far wall.

"Keep every drop of that kerosene enema inside or you'll be severely disciplined," he added.

The fluid poured into her intestines until she felt bloated. It was so hard to keep it in. The burning liquid seared her soft inner tissues and threatened to destroy her by inches.

She couldn't tell which was worse, the vibrator stuffed up her cunt or the kerosene pouring into her asshole.

It was all bad and it was getting worse. He pulled the probe from her ass, the enema bag empty. He cautioned her, "Don't let one drop out of your asshole or you're in big trouble!"

He pulled her to a sitting position again. She rested her forehead against her knees and cried openly. It was so hard concentrating on keeping her bowels tight. She had been accused of being tight-assed. Now she had to prove it.

The vibrator hummed merrily away, destroying muscle control with its now soothing vibrations. But she was still bent double over the plastic rod shoved into her cunt. She could feel it digging into her belly from the inside. And the way she was chained made sure she didn't move around at all.

Even her hands were beginning to go numb from lack of circulation. Never had a woman been so brutalized, so humiliated by a man.

And, for her, the worse was yet to come.

Mr. Valentine towered over her, then barked out the command, "Suck my cock, bitch!"

"Wh-what?" she said numbly. She couldn't believe he was doing all this to her. It was a bad nightmare and she'd wake up in a second. But she didn't. This was for real.

"You heard me, slave. You are mine to command and I order you to suck my cock! And don't you dare let one filthy drop of that enema leak from your shit chute. You'll be severely punished for it if you do!" And the way he emphasized the word "severely" told her that he meant it. He would keep her more dead than alive with the pain for days, weeks, perhaps even months in his punishment.

"Fuck!" he snapped again.

"I can't reach your cock! I... I'm all chained double and that vibrator inside my cunt is tearing me up! And the enema is burning so bad in my guts." She was whining. The enema was bloating her, making her belly distend. She wondered if this was what it felt like to be pregnant. If it was, she wanted no part of that.

"Don't give me your feeble excuses. Suck on my cock!"

He accented his words with a sound blow from the riding crop across her shoulders. The sudden pain shot into her body and almost made her relax the tight hold she kept over her asshole. To let any of that enema leak out was as close to suicide as she wanted to get.

He continued beating her on the back. She managed to roll to one side, but it required so much effort she lay there panting for a moment. She tried to ignore the sharp stinging blows he was constantly landing on her shoulders now as she struggled to get her knees under her.

She discovered this was hardly any better. The way she was chained, this pressed her face down into the carpet, just the opposite of the direction she wished to go.

"Hurry, slut, hurry! The master's cock awaits you. And it grows impatient!"

He didn't have to add that his impatient cock might cause him to respond with even more violence.

The girl amassed all the strength she could, then lurched from side to side. She succeeded in getting back to the surface of the bed in several painful steps. But this moved her up enough to be about even with his prick. But she now found another problem. How could she possibly suck on his prick without reaching out and taking it in hand first?

He solved this for her by taking two steps toward the bed. She could strain and pull at the chain around her neck and just barely touch the tip of his prick.

"Suck, don't merely kiss it!"

She fought hard to get her mouth around the man's cock. Then she yelped in surprise. He had dipped his prick in Tabasco sauce! The lightest touch of it against her lips burned her mouth!

"Now you know what they mean by a hot cock! How was it, slave?"

"God, you're the sickest man I ever..."

She never got to finish the sentence. His riding crop landed squarely on her shoulders again. The pain robbed her of the power of speech.

"Do as you're ordered, cunt! Suck on my cock!"

She tried it again. This time, the surprise element was gone. She could stand the biting hot sauce as she licked and sucked on just the tip of his prick. The man groaned once as she let her cheeks go hollow under the intense vacuum of hot sucking.

"Keep going," he urged her. "I ant not yet pleased with your predominance at fellatio!"

She vowed to give him he best head possible under the circumstances. It wasn't going to be easy for her. The cramped and tied position was working against her. The vibrator mindlessly humming away against her cunt walls robbed her of concentration, but the worst was the slowly gnawing corrosive enema he had pumped into her gut.

It was slowly killing her with the pain and bloated feeling. She could actually feel her belly distending from the pressure of the kerosene inside her.

"It's burning me up," she sobbed once. "The enema is too hot!"

"Stupid bitch. If I'd pumped it in cold, it would have killed you outright. Now suck!"

She sucked. That was all she could possibly do. Her tongue was stinging from the hot sauce, but she was gradually licking all that off his prick. If anything, his cock was beginning to appeal to her. All the things he did were terrible, but his cock was something that was very familiar to her.

She may not have been the best at giving blow jobs, but she could certainly put in a claim for the top ten. She sucked as hard as she could, letting her tongue whirl around the purpled glands until she felt the cock dance with lust.

"Ummm, your mouth is hot, slave. I like that. Keep this up and I may not punish you quite so severely!"

The words shot like electricity into her brain. He was going to punish her anyway! No matter what she did, how good she was at giving head, the best she could do was avoid some punishment.

The way her body was protesting the abuse he had already heaped on it, she knew that she would be unable to withstand any more. Hanging her up and then fucking her like a side of beef had been a drain on her energy. And this was even more of one.

Bent double, she could barely move. And that damned vibrator, refused to run down inside her. He must have put in long lasting batteries. And the struggle to keep the enema locked inside her bowels about did her in. She couldn't keep this up much longer.

She had to get him off and fast.

Frantic, her mouth sucked even harder on the end of the man's cock. She used her tongue as a rough, wet battering ram to try and force entry down his piss-slit. It wasn't possible. But it got him hotter than he had been. She could tell by the way his heart beat was echoing through his entire prick.

Running her tongue back and forth across the tiny triangular flap of skin dangling under his cock's head, she tried to make him come -- fast. It was working, but not fast enough for the girl.

She felt her asshole losing its battle to keep in the fiery flood of the kerosene enema. She licked faster. She had to suck him off before that oozed from her ass.

The tiny drop of pre-cum was bitter against her tongue, but it was the sweetest thing she could remember. His come wasn't far off. She redoubled her efforts on his cock.

Twisting her head from side to side wasn't quite the same as face fucking herself, but it accomplished the same end. She managed to pull and stretch the skin on the man's cock. This tightened up the hairy bag containing his balls and lit his fuse.

He exploded with a rush into her mouth.

And all the time she was drinking down his pearly white come, she was thinking of the vibrator up her gooey cunt and the burning, hot, corrosive enema searing all the way up into her intestines.

When her neck tightened up to the point where she could barely move it due to the stiff muscles, she realized that the cock was going limp under her tongue.

She let it slip out.

And immediately fell face first onto the rug. She wasn't hurt but the tumble had made her lose control of her asshole. The kerosene and shit came gushing from her anus in a torrent.

The man said nothing. He glared down at her, then turned and walked off, leaving her in a pool of liquid shit, tied up double with the vibrator still in her cunt.

And there she stayed for another twenty-four hours.


Vicki didn't see Mr. Valentine for over two weeks and it was pure bliss for her. Her wounds healed and she was able to move without her guts protesting loudly. The kerosene enema had burned her insides, but even this pain was residing.

True, she had to wear the dog collar with the chain, but her chain had been lengthened to allow her to go to the window. It was barred as she had suspected and was covered with a one-way reflector material. No matter how long she stood in that window, stark naked except for the black, frilly garter belt and mesh stockings, no one would see her.

She had a window on the world but was still a prisoner. And there was simply no way anyone could ever find her. Keith and Vic wouldn't admit having raped her and then selling her into white slavery. That would incriminate them in too many crimes to ever get off easy.

Besides, what would lead anyone to suspect them in the first place? She had had the unfortunate luck to pick Vic at random when she was hitching. This was just another link in the long chain of events that ended with her being kept like some animal in the estate.

Still, Vicki couldn't complain too much about the way she was being treated now. She had the finest foods to eat, she could sleep whenever she wanted, she had a color TV, books, a maid who waited on her hand and foot.

It was a life of luxury. And slavery.

No amount of creature comforts could change the fact she was a prisoner of Mr. Valentine.

And that man did horrid things to her when the mood moved him. Vicki wondered how many other young girls this madman had captured and held prisoner here. The thought was almost too awful to bear up under. She knew she wasn't the first to occupy this room. The bed had that slept in look and the clothes in the closet were in many different sizes, all obviously worn.

She was sitting on the bed, wondering what she could do to escape when Mr. Valentine walked in. He never knocked. He simply came in. She looked up at dm but said nothing.

What did she really have to say to this man? There wasn't a damn thing she could think of that would mean shit to him.

"I've been away on business. Have you missed me, slave?"

"Like an asshole misses hemorrhoids," she said. She was feeling cocky. It had been almost two weeks and time had blurred the sharp edge of Mr. Valentine's myriad tortures.

She learned quickly, however, that the man never forgot. She yelped as the long whip almost leaped off the wall into the man's hands. He reached back and sent the blacksnake whip arching through the air, seeking her soft flesh.

It found it.

The thin stripe of blood welling up from her shoulder should have told her this was a man who meant business. But she had to open her mouth.

"You cocksucker! How dare you..."

Then she screamed. He gave her intense pain by wrapping the whip's supple end around her buttocks. The cracker on the whip sought out the recesses of her body and raised another bloody welt across her rear. But it was the front end of the whip that really aroused sudden pain.

The leather had run across her cunt lips.

"Go on, slave, tell me all about my short comings."

He curled and uncurled the whip in lazy circles under his hand. It was only taking a twist of his wrist to send the whip writhing around like a living thing. Vicki bit down on her lower lip to keep from telling the man what she really thought of him.

If he would lash her with the whip over such mild stuff, he would beat her to a bloody pulp if she really told him what she thought. Her vocabulary was raunchy enough to burn the eats off a longshoreman. But she wisely kept it all to herself.

"No more pithy comments? A shame. I was beginning to enjoy this. But then there's no reason for me to stop, is there?"

She tried to avoid the lash of the long, black whip again and failed. But the next time, she was more successful. As long as she crouched on the bed, the huge posts surrounding her would protect her a little bit. She wanted to flee cross the room and hide in the closet but the chain around her neck prevented her moving that far.

"You're spoiling my fun, slave. I don't like tat." He tossed the whip aside and picked up the totter riding crop. He had to move quickly to catch the dodging girl, but he was up to it.

She screamed as the riding crop landed squarely across her shoulders. Making the mistake of turning to face her attacker, she received the crop directly on her tits.

She blacked out for a second with the intense pain shooting down into her chest. When she was aware of what was happening around her again, she found herself on hands and knees, the man straddling her like she was some sort of race horse.

"GO on, slave, trot around. Try to buck me off." He applied the riding crop to her ass just as he would to a real home.

The teenaged girl wasn't strong enough to support his weight for long. Nor did she like the way he was whipping her with the riding crop. But his words kept her going.

"Do I have to knock out a few teeth and put a bit in your mouth, slave? I will do it if I have to."

She was trying to crawl around the room while he rode her back. It was a sorry sight for her as she glanced into one of the mirrors. The man was obviously enjoying this humiliation immensely. Every time he would beat her torn ass with his crop, he smiled broadly.

She finally collapsed to the floor, unable to keep going. His weight was just too much for her.

"So my mount is worn out. Very well. Bark like a dog I think I would be fucking a bitch in heat."


"Dammit," he flared. "Bark like a dog!"

He began hitting her across the upper arms and shoulders with his riding crop. Each blow stung like a million bees. Finally, the girl got it through her dazed head what he wanted.

"Arf, arf!"

"Not good enough. Bark, really BARK!"

This time she barked loud enough for him. And she kept barking and howling like a dog as he dropped down behind her and shoved forward. His prick found her cunt with unerring accuracy.

She moaned softly then. This was more like it. Why did he want her to act like a dog? She didn't know or really care at that moment. All she was interested in was the way his cock seemed to fill her hungry cunt with a hard-fucking prick.

She began moving her ass in rhythm to the way the man was fucking her. This crammed his prick even more deeply into her now juicy twat. She loved this more than anything the man had done to her before. Sure, she was humiliated by having to bark like a dog, but he had stopped whipping her a long time ago.

Even the pain in her beaten body seemed distant to her now. She had a cock being stuffed into her juicy pussy. That was all that mattered to her now.

"Bark, damn you, bitch, bark louder! I want to hear you barking like a dog!"

He began fucking her even faster. She discovered that he would really pull out the stops the louder she barked. Her cunt was slowly coming alive due to the friction of his cocks head against her softly yielding pussy walls. She was having to groan in between the loud yaps.

Her breath was coming in harsh, hard pants now. She could barely control her rampaging emotions. She hated the man with all her young soul, but she loved the way his cock made her come alive. For two weeks, she had been abandoned and virtually alone in this room.

Now she had a man with a virile cock to fuck her yearning cunt. That seemed like heaven to her. If she had to act like an animal, she would. As long as he didn't pull that prick from its hot, juicy berth inside her seething cunt.

"More, give me some more!" he was yelling.

She could barely hear him. The blood was pounding like the ocean's surf in her ears. She could feel the blood excitedly pulsing throughout her lithe body. Her tits were swelling up with the aroused blood and her cunt lips were rigid with lust.

She felt those labia strain as his cock came surging into her pussy. One second her cunt was totally empty. The next, it was filled to overflowing with the thick plug of his cock. It was more than heaven for her, it was close to paradise.

"Oh, master, fuck me harder! I need that prick of yours!"

"Stupid slut!" he snarled. "Bark, don't talk!"

So she barked. She didn't want to do anything to endanger her pussy full of cock. The way it was driving in and out of her, she could feel every detail of its surface. The big blue vein on the very top of the cock was pulsing madly with his lust. She could even feel the thinner veins on the sides of his prick. They, too, were enlarged with the sudden swell of desire in his loins.

She drove her ass back to meet his forward thrust. As he fucked forward, her ass fitted neatly into the curve of his crotch. It was almost as if the two of them had been cut from the same erotic jigsaw puzzle.

"I... oh, I... aieeeee!" the man cried out.

And then she felt a sudden emptiness in her cunt once again. He had yanked his spewing prick from her twat and was hosing her with his jism. Blast after pearly blast of his come spattered onto her back and into her hair. Once again, he had robbed her of not only a climax but the delight of feeling his seething hot jism gush into her greedy cunt hole.

He stood and said, as if nothing had happened, "Keep barking. I want to hear you barking, slave."

She barked. She barked and hated the man as much as she had ever hated anyone in her entire life. It didn't seem fair. She had been locked up here alone for two whole weeks. The hunger in her cunt had been real and the man's prick had been the obvious answer. And he had withdrawn it at the very last.

He knew how much she'd needed that cock fucking her. He'd known and made her degrade herself like some domesticated animal to get it and then had pulled it away at the last second.

The man was a master, alright. A master at molding her feel like shit. Everything he did was designed to put her down, make her feel less than human.

What really bugged Vicki was that he was succeeding so well.

She hated herself as much as she hated Mr. Valentine for doing these awful things to her.


Vicki lost all track of time. She might have been in Mr. Valentine's clutches for a week or a year. She had no real way of telling. The girl had thought of doing the old prisoner in the slammer routine of marking a line on the wall for each day, but she had discarded that when she realized that either the maid would erase it or Mr. Valentine would punish her for defacing the walls.

She slept when she wanted and ate whenever she was brought food. This should have been three times a day. Sometimes it felt as if they were force feeding her twice as much as normal and other times, she seemed to go for days without food.

Still, it wasn't too bad an existence except that she was bored. And the occasional visits from Mr. Valentine made her uptight. She didn't like being used.

She could have gotten in to being the man's mistress -- if the freedom to come and go as she pleased had been part of the deal. This was a posh mansion and the food was excellent. She was eating things she had only heard talked about on TV. But she wasn't free.

That was what bothered her the most. And, eventually, this overwhelming need for her own personal freedom drove her to think of ways to escape. The problems were obvious.

The chain and dog collar around her neck were permanent items. On some schedule she never quite figured out, either Mr. Valentine or the maid would come in and take her to the shower.

She shuddered thinking of one time when Mr. Valentine had seen to her bath. He had damned near drowned her while he was fucking her. And he had laughed! The bastard had laughed when she came up sputtering water, almost dead.

It was out of the question for her to force the lock on the collar. It was the best money could buy. And she was hardly dressed so that she could figure a way to pick the lock. Clad normally in just the black garter belt and stockings didn't provide her with much in the way of material for an escape.

The only key she knew of to her dog collar was on a string around Mr. Valentine's neck. Getting to it would be difficult because he was on a kick now where he bound her hands behind her back using the soft leather cuffs. Once he got her into this position, she was helpless and at his mercy until he had finished.

Bars on the windows, a sturdy lock on her bedroom door, even if she did escape her dog collar, those would thwart her escape from the mansion. The only route out seemed to be via Mr. Valentine. She would have to wait for him to make a mistake, then act swiftly on it.

Almost on cue, as she thought of the man, Mr. Valentine came striding into the room, an arrogant look on his face. She sighed softly to herself. Whenever he looked this smug, she was in for a hard time.

A very hard, painful time.

"On your feet, slave. I would take my pleasure with you."

She stood. Vicki had long since learned that it wasn't a good thing for her to buck Mr. Valentine, even when he demanded it from her. He had nasty ways of punishing her that seemed to last an eternity.

She hadn't thought the old fashioned stocks like the Puritans used could be much of a torture. She had been wrong. Having honey dipped all over her tits and twat and then having ants released onto her tender body had been sheer agony. Feeling the tiny insects nipping away at her flesh, even going up into her cunt, had almost driven her out of her mind.

Mr. Valentine wasn't a nice man.

"On the bed, slave. I want to fuck you."

It wasn't going to be that simple. She could see him pulling out the leather cuffs he fastened to both, her wrists and ankles. Whatever he had in mind, it wasn't an ordinary fucking. But she obeyed.

The velvet bedspread was soft on her back. And when he fixed the cuffs to her, she tried not to shiver or cry out. He fastened her wrists over her head to a ring mounted in the wall. Looking up, she could see how this pulled her tits almost flat on her body. Her nipples looked like two fried eggs.

It was terrible. But the view wasn't there for long.

The other cuffs went onto her ankles and then the man bent her double fixing her legs to the same ring where her hands were already securely chained.

She was bent double, her cunt widely exposed to the man's every carnal desire.

"Good. Now, slave, get your cunt all juiced up for my cock."

The way he said it, it was as if he figured she could summon up her cunt oils on demand. It wasn't that easy. But she was his slave and he expected her to deliver whatever he requested. It was that simple -- for the man.

Then he was on her, his chest pressing down hard into the bottoms of her thighs. This forced her legs down into her tits. She felt as if she were being permanently folded in the belly.

His cock sought and found her dry cunt. But it didn't stay dry for long. Regardless of what he did to her, he was a fine cocksman. He could use that prick better than any man she'd ever found. This was why she would have considered being his mistress -- minus all the chains and whips.

But he wasn't going to give her the chance. He had purchased her fair and square. She was his slave.

He didn't need her cooperation. He could take whatever he wanted from her. And that seemed to be the way he preferred it. A man as rich and powerful as he was could have had any woman. And once in bed with him hand his pussy pleaser, any woman would have wanted to stay.

If only he didn't want to tie her up before he fucked her!

His cock drove into her snatch -- hard. She shuddered with the impact of his groin against hers. He started a tiny circular motion that ground their crotches together. She was sobbing now from arousal. Her cunt was coming alive with desire.

She wanted that cock to really fuck her.

To hell with being tied up, bent double, humiliated. What she wanted was so simple. Cock!

"Fuck me good, master, I want it so baddddddd!"

"Of course I'll fuck you good, you stupid bitch. Your master is supreme at this! Every time is good!"

She couldn't argue with him. The words wouldn't form on her lips. Breath coming harder, she felt her tits rubbing against her upper thighs. Every time he fucked into her gaping cunt, he pressed her legs down onto her nipples. The tiny little nubbins were soon hard and erect with excited blood.

And the friction in her pussy was burning her up! This was the way fucking should be all the time!

Her entire body was slowly coming alive, responding to the man's powerful strokes deep into her cunt. She tensed her pussy walls around his cock to let him know how much she cared for him, how much she wanted to please him. She felt his prick dance with joy as it drove ever farther into her belly.

She was succeeding!

Her legs were beginning to hurt but she ignored them. The stay with Mr. Valentine had turned her into something of an acrobat. She could bend herself into a pretzel now and not really feel too much strain. She was limber now than ever before.

And she needed it for some of the weird positions he demanded that they fuck in.

The cock seared into her gripping cunt. The man grunted in surprise as her entire cunt convulsed with orgasm. The friction of his cock against her cunt walls had set off the ultimate human response. As the orgasm ripped through her, she was moaning loudly.

"So nice, I love this! So good, that cock! So niiiice!"

He fucked harder. Each inward thrust rocked her back onto her shoulders. Bent double as she was, chain around her neck and hands and feet fled together over her head, she found that the feelings caused by the fucking were even more intense. The girl had been learning to use all the pain and discomfort as a comparison for the wondrous feelings of his cock delving hard into her pussy.

She came again.

And this seemed to upset Mr. Valentine.

He began fucking hot with the wild need of a man denied sex for months and months. His cock threatened to burn her cunt walls up. And still she loved the feel of his prick surging into her cunt. He could fuck her all day like this and she would only beg for more.

This was so much better than having him string her up and fuck her as she swung to and fro. Or making her bark like a dog. That degraded her more than she cared to admit. Yet, she had come to like those horrible things while she had been captive here.

She was beginning to get off in a big way on the degradation he was so expert at handing out to her. Even the ropes and chains binding her to posts and beds were at the point of turning her on.

It was sexy being tied up, then fucked. She was discovering entire new vistas to her personality. The girl was actually looking forward to the sessions with Mr. Valentine that didn't cause her excruciating pain.

And even those, at times...

"What's wrong with you?" he bellowed.

"Hmmmm?" she dreamily replied. "Wrong? Nothing, master. Your slave is just lusting after more of your prick. Fuck me faster!"

"Fuck you faster! Goddamn!"

Her cunt was suddenly empty as he pulled out. She felt a cool breeze caress her rigid cunt lips and then she began to shiver. Not knowing what she had said to infuriate the man, she decided to say nothing more.

"You claim to like this to make me angry, is that it? I'll show you, you stupid cunt!"

He quickly unfastened her wrists and ankles.

The pain gouging into her belly was almost enough to give her cramps, but she kept her muscle spasms under control. She had to if she wanted to escape the torment of the long whip he was uncurling from the wall.

She jumped, but not soon enough to avoid the painful lash of the whip across her upper arm. She cringed at the pain, bit back a loud outcry of rage, then rolled to avoid the second lash already singing through the air.

This licked lightly over her ass as she scampered to the other side of the round bed. But the man was furious. She knew that nothing would appease him short of blood.

Then he seemed to calm and the storm clouds in his face hardened into something more brutal, mote calculating.

"Stand still, slave," he commanded.

Something made the teenager obey. Never in her eighteen years had she heard a man use that tone of voice to a woman. This wasn't going to be pretty, but she could guess what her fate might be if she disobeyed him flow.

The whip lashed, through the air and lightly touched her belly. There was almost no sting. Her white skin turned a rosy color, then quickly went back to normal. By then, the whip was dancing through the air, a sinuous length looking more like a living creature than a whip of harsh leather.

The tip cut through one of the frilly bands on her garter belt. Then another and another was cut. Finally Mr. Valentine's whip cut the frilly lace of the garter belt itself. From around her waist, the garter belt fluttered to the floor.

"Don't move," the man cautioned her again. It was obvious he was getting a charge from his little expertise with the whip. She could see his hardon jerking lustily in front of his crotch. The man was actually getting off on this in a big way.

She almost expected him to jerk off while he was wielding the whip. But he didn't touch his prick. He was too intent on the girl's frightened face, the way she cringed with every snap of his whip.

He began stripping off the mesh stockings from her legs. And his aim wasn't as good -- or he was deliberately inflicting pain now. Each time the leather caressed her leg, it took a little bigger bite from her soft flesh. Streams of blood oozed up from the welts on her creamy skinned legs and began dribbling down her legs.

"Dance," he ordered. "Dance for your master."

She danced. She didn't know exactly what he wanted but she soon found out. The whip educated her quickly. It licked painfully across her ass, sought her cunt lips, hit her tits. Anywhere it might cause pain, the whip landed.

And the man laughed with gusto. This was pleasing him more than any of the fucking ever had.

As the whip sang and whistled through the air, Vicki began thinking of escape. This was slowly becoming uppermost in her mind. While the man had been fucking her, she could forget about such things. She could ignore the pain because the fucking was so good -- or even, the pain contributed even more to the fucking.

She didn't know.

But now she was anxious to get away from this awful, evil man in any way she could.

Almost without thought, her arm reached out. The whip painfully curled around it, cutting deep in her flesh. But she yanked as hard as she could. The man was taken by surprise and fell forward, off balance.

He hit his head on the post beside the bed, momentarily stunning him.

"Ummm, my head," he moaned, putting his hand to a bloody wet spot on his temple. "I'll get you for this! You'll pay your dues in pain!"

Still acting on instinct, Vicki stripped off one of her tattered mesh stockings and quickly stepped behind her would-be master. The stocking went easily around his neck. She pulled hard.

As he tried to roll to one side to escape the strangling stockings, she remembered her first day in his mansion. She placed her knee in the small of his back and pulled even harder. When he had passed out from lack of air, she released him. He fell limply to the rug.

For a long minute, Vicki didn't know what to do. She had attacked her master!

Then the ingrained training he had beaten into her weakened. She realized this might be the only chance she ever got to escape. Reaching down into the front of the man's shirt, she found the key to her dog collar. For the first time in weeks, perhaps months, the thick leather collar studded with spikes came off.

Breathing more easily, she searched the man for more keys. There was only the key to her door. But that would be enough, she knew. If she could tie him up, she could run away from here.

But simply tying him up wouldn't do. The man would be free too soon. And besides, she owed him something. She owed him for one hell of a lot of pain and agony during her stay in this velvet covered prison.

Vicki looked around the room, then slowly cast a glance at the ceiling. In a flash, everything came together in her mind. She moved a big chair under an eyebolt in the ceiling. A loop of rope went through the ring and around her master's neck in a noose.

As he slowly regained consciousness, the girl began to pull. When he was standing on the chair, on tiptoe, trying to get noose off his neck, she fastened the loose end to the post beside the bed. Then she moved faster and with more certainty than she had thought possible.

The cuffs came off her wrists and went around Mr. Valentine's. In a twinkling of an eye, she had the man's hands bound behind his back. He was standing on tiptoe to keep from hanging himself and his hands were securely fastened behind his back.

He looked like the victim of a lynch mob. And that was the best sight Vicki could have witnessed.

She sat on the bed and laughed hysterically. It was such a relief seeing Mr. Valentine, her tormentor for so long, tied up like this.

"Let... let me loose, you fool!"

"Not on your sweet life. You know, Mr. Valentine, I heard that men get even bigger hardons when the blood's being cut off to their heads. Something about bigger blood vessels or something. I want to try it and see."

"Stop it this instant!"

Then she had his cock in her mouth, sucking hard. She felt his prick twitch and jerk passionately. And, she discovered, she was right. Cutting off some of the blood to his brain was actually making his cock grow larger. She could even tell that the man was getting more of a sexual thrill out of this blow job than he ever had from anything else she'd done for him in the past weeks.

She was strangling him to death and giving him the blow job of his life. It seemed a fair trade.

She sucked harder. Her tongue began whirling around the end of his cock. The huge purpled glands was literally pulsating with lust. She sucked and tried to stuff her tongue down his piss-slit. This caused the man to groan and begin trying to move.

For a moment, she took her lips away from his cock and warned, "Move much and you'll fall off the chair. That'll hang you."

But the head she was giving him must have been more intense than she believed possible. He wasn't able to stop shifting his weight from one foot to the other in a vain attempt to stuff his prick all the way into her mouth.

She decided to give him a real thrill -- a last thrill. She started face fucking herself. Her head bobbed up and down the length of his prick. Her teeth scored red markings on the top and bottom of his cock until the man was screaming out his lust. Then she bobbed a bit farther and felt his prick sail down her throat.

She gave the man a good accounting, then moved back to where she could let her tongue dance all over the tip of his cock. She ran her tongue across the underside of his prick until the cock exploded in a wild surge of jism.

Sucking hard, she gobbled up every trace of his come. The pearly white man seed was milked entirely from his balls by the time her mouth moved away from his prick. But miraculously, he stayed erect. His boner had hardly changed after he came.

So she sucked some more. There wasn't any jism locked up in his balls, but the half-hanging obviously did great things for his cock. He kept that hardon longer than any other man the girl had ever even heard about. She figured Mr. Valentine for a world record erection. Even when her jaws tired of wrapping her mouth around his cock, he was still half-erect.

"Cotta go master," she said sarcastically. Vicki knew he wouldn't be able to cry out. The noose was too tight around his neck. And standing on tiptoes insured he wouldn't get loose easily. The hands fled behind his back simply added to it.

One slip and he hanged himself. It was that simple.

Vicki went to the closet that had been denied her and rummaged through the clothes. She found several really attractive, expensive outfits. She stuffed these into a small bag. She found no bras but this didn't bother her. And the only panties had no crotches in them.

She turned to the dangling Mr. Valentine and did, "You're a dirty old man, you know? Imagine. All those panties and not a one with a crotch. Oh well, beggars can't be choosers."

Lithely, she climbed into a sexy pair. Then she donned an outfit that cost at least a thousand. Knee high boots finished the outfit. She picked up her bag, went to the door and unlocked it, turned and said, "I don't think we'll be seeing each other again, Mr. Valentine."


Vicki was more careful about hitchhiking this time. She didn't even try for any of the truckers. She had had her fill of them. Remembering Vic and Keith sent cold shivers racing up her spine. Besides, she was dressed like a woman of the world now.

She conned one family into giving her a lift down the road with a story about how her boyfriend had simply dumped her on the road. Another family obviously on vacation allowed her to ride along for the better part of a day.

But sunset was coming and she was shivering with cold on the side of the road. She allowed several trucks to pass by, then tried flagging down a station wagon tooling along the highway. It was dark and she could barely see the driver.

But he pulled over and that was all she needed. Pressing her face into the window on the passenger side, she called out, "Gould I get a ride into town?"

"Sure, hop in."

The man was alone and that bothered Vicki a little. But he was such a man and seemed so jovial, she soon thought nothing of it.

Finally came the kicker. He casually asked, "Look, you seem to be out on your own. Do you have enough money? You know, for a motel mom?"

She knew where this was leading, but she was flat broke. She had taken the clothes from Mr. Valentine but no money. She cursed herself for this oversight but she was so damned glad to be away from the man, she hardly cared. Besides, this guy wasn't that bad looking. Vicki decided it wouldn't be all that bad to trade a tumble in the sack for a night's lodging and some food.

"Gosh, mister, does it show? I... I haven't eaten in almost two days. And I don't have enough for a park bench, much less a motel room." She smiled a little at the way he brightened. Let him think this was all his idea. She could hustle him and then split. If nothing else, she was learning how to survive.

"We could maybe share a room, you know? Just me and you. Might, uh, be a little crowded if all they have is a room with one bed, but, uh, that's not too bad, is it?" The man was fumbling out the words.

Vicki reached over and patted the bulge in his pants. She told him, "I know how it's going to be tonight. You won't regret it. Not for a singe second."

They found a motel and checked in. Vicki didn't even bother asking how the man had registered. But the room he got had only one bed. But as tired as she was, she didn't much care.

The man got naked with obscene haste. He was sporting a pretty fair sized hardon by the time she put her bag down on the floor and turned to him. She found him pressing into her, carrying her back onto the bed.

"Not so fast, dammit!" she flared. "Let me get my clothes off!"

He was too horny to stop. And when he found she was wearing crotchless undies, his cock slipped right in to her cunt.

She gasped as his prick found a dry hole. Then she began feeling the slippery cunt oils flowing from her snatch. He lacked any finesse at fucking.

The man just leaped on and drove his prick in and out as fast as he could. No foreplay, nothing but fucking.

The girl hardly cared. She was trading this for a night's sleep and some food in the morning. It seemed a small enough price to pay. And then his crude fucking began to work its miracle on her body. She was responding to him more and more.

She lifted her knees and pressed them in to either side of the man's body. This tightened her cunt around his prick. She felt the ripply contours of his prick as it raced in and out of her cunt. Tensing her belly muscles clamped dawn even more firmly on the man's fucking cock.

"God, baby, you're the tightest! And I dig those panties you got on. You and I wanted the same thing all the time, didn't we?"

"Oh, yes, lover, yes! Now fuck me with that big cock of yours. It's so huge in meeeee!"

She almost meant those words. The way he was fucking her built up the sexual tensions in her body. The girl needed this release more than she'd thought. All that time spent with Mr. Valentine had been one of sexual frustration for her. If he got off, everything was fine if she wasn't satisfied, tough shit.

His cock split apart her pussy lips with increasing power and determination. His thick cock made her tiny cunt sing with joy. The way he stretched her to the breaking paint made her pussy quiver and chum even more excitedly. Then she came.

She clawed at the man's back, locked her legs around his body, shoved her cunt down around his impaling spike of flesh. She surprised herself at the need for this.

And then she came down from her sex high. And found the same desires still gnawing at her lithe, young body. She needed even more of his divine cock.

She came again. And again.

His fucking was inexpert but she didn't care. His cock was all that mattered. He could drive it into the juicy, seething hot, needy cunt as good as the next man.

Alter she had came a half dozen times, she heard his excited whisper in her ear, "I... I can't hold on any more. I gotta come!"

And his prick blasted out a steady stream of jizz into her eagerly awaiting pussy. She almost milked the man dry with her powerful cuntal convulsions. They rocked together as they both came until she was too exhausted to continue, even if the man had been able.

It had been a long time since a man had worn her out simply by fucking. But she realized there were so many things involved. She was still keyed up from her recent escape from Mr. Valentine. Just remembering what she'd done to him made her edgy. At the same time, though, she felt pretty damned good about it.

Let the bastard swing on the noose for a long, long time. Maybe it would be weeks before the maid came in to see what her master was up to. She'd find him dangling free from the ceiling, his neck broken.

It was only fitting punishment for all he'd done to Vicki. And the girl realized she wasn't the first who had been tortured by that evil man. He was better off dead.

The man who had just fucked her rolled off and said, "God, kid, I didn't mean to get those snazzy clothes of yours all wrinkled. I, well, it's just that I been on the road a long time. I get sorta horny, you know. And you did seem to get off on it, too."

"I did," she said sleepily. "I really did. But I want to sleep some now. And maybe we can..." She was half asleep when she heard him chuckle.

The girl knew the man thought she wanted to fuck some more. She had only meant they could get some food. But it didn't matter, either was fine -- later.

Vicki had nightmares of being chased and tackled and bound up like Mr. Valentine had done to her. But this time it wasn't a dog collar around her neck, it was handcuffs on her wrists.

Struggling against the bad dreams, she turned over in bed. She came half-awake when she realized she couldn't move her wrists apart. And they were fastened over her head to the headboard.

She shook her head a bit and looked up, seeing a pair of handcuffs around her slender wrists. Sitting erect in the bed, she panicked. For a horrid minute, she thought Mr. Valentine was still alive, had found her. But she knew that was absurd. The man was dead.

Then she heard her traveling salesman talking on the phone.

"So Mr. Valentine's not in, huh? Could you tell him I got some prime meat for him? No? You don't know when he'll be back? Shit. Okay."

The girl stared at the man, eyes wide with horror. He had tried to call Mr. Valentine and sell her back. But she was safe. Whoever it was on the other end of the phone obviously didn't want to come out and say Mr. Valentine wouldn't be purchasing white slaves for his kinky sex hang ups any longer.

"So you're awake, huh? Wanna fuck again?"

"Take these cuffs off me!"

"Hell, no, chickie baby. I travel in handcuffs. You know, I cruise up and down the highways till I find a fine piece of ass like you. Then, well, I sell you. Simple and not too bad a way to make a living."

"You tried to call Mr. Valentine," she said. "And he's not there. Just let me go. He won't be doing any buying for a long time."

"The hell you say."

She smirked. This guy wasn't going to be able to sell her to Mr. Valentine. Not the way she'd taken care of that man once and for all. Then she went cold all over as the man dialed another number.

"Hello? Hey, Mr. Valentine's not around. Can I talk to Mr. Strong? I got a prime piece of ass for him. How much? Call it five, hundred. Good. She's in room [missing text]."

The man hung up the phone and left the girl handcuffed to the head of the bed. She sat, waiting, wondering.

What would her new master be like?

She heard footsteps along the hallway, then the door knob turned. The man stepped into the room and Vicki Craig fainted. This was too much to bear up under, being a slave to this man!


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