Tied up neighbor wife

Although Americans appear to the rest of the world as frank and open people, the truth is often the opposite when it comes to relating on an individual basis. This is particularly true regarding sexual matters.

The fact is, Americans are only now learning to discuss sex and sexuality with candor, and usually that is within the limits of marital sex.

While no one is advocating sex as the main topic of conversation, and while sexual privacy is very important, many adults harbor fears about themselves and their sexual behavior that could be erased if they were more aware of other people's behavior. Most of us have been brought up to be at least slightly ashamed of anything sexual, and it is frequently reassuring to discover that we are not different, naughty, or even perverted in our sexual practices. In discussing sex with others, people find out how truly normal they are.

The characters in TIED UP NEIGHBOR WIFE are a case in point. Their story is one of real importance for our hung-up society. It is a story well worth the reading if we are ever to understand our own sexuality.


Sharon Wilson squeezed her knees together to relieve the delicious itch in her burning cunt. And as she watched her husband Ron undress, she knew the fucking was going to be good. It always was when he left on a sales trip.

"You ready for a fuck to keep you for two weeks?" Ron asked, giving her a wide grin as he approached the bed.

At first, Sharon didn't answer. Instead, she let her mind and body respond to his muscular, dark, handsome presence. And that cock!

Just looking at the massive, swollen shaft of prickmeat was enough to make her mouth water. In fact, she felt the back of her throat twitch with an overpowering hunger.

"Fuck me in the mouth," she whispered, half sitting, her eyes widening with passion. "I... I love it when you're on top of me, holding me down, making me take your cock."

When he straddled her middle and lowered his ass down on her tits, she felt her pussy jerk with life. A warmth of juice seemed to eat into her cunt area like acid. She reached around his waist and dug her nails into the hard flesh of his ass.

"Stick your prick to me," she said, opening her mouth wide. "Fuck me, you bastard! Punch the cockmeat to me!"

As her lips encircled the gigantic slab of cock, she felt her insides churn violently. She spread her legs wide, then humped upward. At the same time, she gulped forward, drawing the full length of his prick shaft into her throat.

"Mmmmm," she moaned, pushing her nose into the wiry chocolate-brown hairs. She inhaled rapidly and gave out another spluttering groan of ecstasy.

"Jesus you're hot little bitch tonight, aren't you?" Ron said, leaning slightly forward. "Just the way I like you, too. Horny for big cock."

Ron pushed his hips back and forth slowly as he looked at her face. It never failed to turn him on when he saw Sharon like this. Her golden-red hair surrounding her oval, beautiful face like a flaming halo, the flashing green eyes, the full, sensuous lips clamped around his cock. And the way her body felt against his, her enormous tits caressing his ass cheeks, her tiny waist gyrating, her long, shapely legs thrashing as if in pain.

"Suck my prick, you little cocksucker," he whispered, holding her head with both his large hands. "All the fucking way in... like that. Eat my cock, you cum-sucking slut!"

While Sharon buried her face fully in his crotch and closed her lips around the root of his cock, she let herself go completely. Being crushed beneath his hulking weight was almost too good. It left her aching, begging for him to take her totally. She pretended she was being raped, savagely abused by this handsome giant. She could have easily taken her fucking a little rougher.

She clawed at his ass, jerking his crotch hard against her face. Another groan of ecstasy burst from her lungs. Her face slowly contorted with her approaching climax.

"Ohhhh... yeah, cocksucker," Ron growled, feeling her lips tighten, trapping his prick inside her throat. "Gobble down on that cock! I've got two weeks of cum for you to suck on, baby."

Even in her fit of passion, Sharon knew why she always got so excited the night before her husband left on a sales trip. It would give her time to play around. Of course, he never suspected or if he did, he didn't mention it. She assumed he did the same thing, since they were both young and healthy. But she didn't mind if he didn't.

The last time he had gone off, she'd spent the entire two weeks roaming the streets, fucking just about anything that walked. And when he had come back home, her pussy felt like hamburger. It had hurt so good when he'd fucked her savagely the first night home.

Finding a good fuck wasn't as easy as it sounded, however. She had certainly found that out! Most men were content to let her crawl between their legs and suck on their cocks and eat their cunt, or have her spread her legs and fuck into her pussy for a couple of minutes.

She had almost found the perfect fuck with that biker, she thought, remembering the smell of sweat and gasoline and grease. And those huge muscles, his hulking weight crushing down on her.

He had held her hands out on that dirty mattress, and as she tried to free herself, he had tightened his grip until her circulation was cut off. She had climaxed savagely, her pleasure almost painful.

Too bad the biker's old lady had come in and ruined everything. Christ, she'd never heard of some of the words that bitch had spat at her. She considered herself lucky just to escape before she was beaten up, or worse.

While she thought of the biker and his wonderful cock, she sucked furiously on Ron's prick shaft. Then, as her orgasm began peaking she threw her arms out on the bed and held them there, pretending huge hands were on them, refusing to let her get up.

"Unhhhh!" she choked, spitting into the wiry crotch hairs.

Her orgasm burst into her pussy with tremendous force. She gave another spluttering groan, then fell back, panting.

"Keep sucking, whore," Ron grunted, fucking in and out of her mouth with full force. "Tighten up, and lick on me. My cum is gonna choke you to fucking death... suck!"

The mere thought of his creamy wads of jism was enough to make Sharon's pussy explode with another spasm of climax. While her pleasures shot through her cunt, she began jerking her head back and forth, driving her chin into his swollen, hairy balls.

A couple of seconds later, she tasted the steam of his nearing climax. The flavor was both delicate and heady at the same time, titillating the back of her throat. Another convulsion of raw pleasure swept up and down her cunt tube.

"Almost... there, bitch," Ron growled, pounding her face between his legs and jabbing his cock forward. "Get ready to lick a fucking gallon of hot cum!"

The burst of molten jism was fantastic for Sharon. The cock juices seemed to explode at the back of her throat, causing part of the cum to spew upward behind her nose. When some of the globs boiled into her stomach, twin streams of milky cum oozed from both her nostrils.

"Aaaaghhhh!" she gasped, sucking in more of the burning, thick jism.

"Eat it, bitch!" Ron panted, shoving his full weight forward. As his balls crawled up the hollow of her throat and draped over her chin, he felt them ache with delicious agony. "God, your sweet cock sucking mouth, so fucking good... eat me!"

Sharon worked on his cock like it was the last one on earth. She gobbled up and down the prick shaft, used her teeth, her lips, her swirling tongue to milk out every precious drop. And when he'd finished blowing his load, she even sucked in some of the flesh that surrounded his balls. With her throat fully impaled with hard, throbbing cockmeat, she experienced one last climax, a pleasure that shot up and down her spine like electric jolts.

"Ohhhh... fucking Jesus," Ron said, relaxing. He pushed his entire weight against her face and planted his knees in her armpits. He rocked back and forth for a few seconds, then lay still, his face buried in a pillow. "Don't move, stay like this."

Sharon was only too happy to oblige. What woman wouldn't love to stay like this? With ten inches of hard cock in her throat!

After a few moments, however, Ron rolled to his side, letting his half-hard cock slip from between her lips. He pulled her with him, holding her face against his crotch.

"Let's go to sleep like this, baby," he murmured softly. "Your mouth wrapped around my cock."

Sharon spit his prick out and lifted her face, her eyes flashing an even deeper shade of green.

"Oh, no," she said, pulling on the hairs of his chest. "If you're not going to give me a full night of fucking, there's no telling what I might do." She gave him an affectionate slap, then pulled on his cock. "My pussy is even hungrier than my throat, you bastard."

This too, was a part of the game they played when he had to go away. He would pretend that he wanted to go to sleep, and she would demand that he stay up and fuck her. He liked to hear her beg, and she loved begging.

"Say please," he said, a smile on his handsome face. "Say you want me to fuck you so bad you can taste it."

"Mmmmmm, I already have tasted it, you bastard," Sharon giggled, licking her lips. "The best cock in the world. Now fuck me with it."

When he threw her to her back and crawled between her legs, she let her eyes survey his hard, muscular body. The sight of him never failed to arouse her. He was like some kind of Greek God, tall and well-proportioned, with a shock of curly, brown hair surrounding his square face. His eyes were brown as chocolate, expressive.

"Ohhhh... fuck me, you bull stud," she gasped, running hers fingers over his sculptured, hairy chest. "God, stick your cock to me so hard it hurts."

This was the moment she always waited for, that first, painful thrust of his cock. It would gouge into her insides like a cattle prod, squeezing her cunt opening to the breaking point. And just, when she thought she couldn't take the horrible pam any longer, her insides would become flooded with pleasure.

"Let me kiss you a little first," Ron grinned, sitting back on his haunches. "Hmmmm? Want me to lick on this sweet pussy of yours for a few minutes?"

As always, Sharon didn't know if she did or didn't. The anticipation was wonderful, but it could also be agony. And sometimes, when he got started, there was nothing she could do to stop him. One night, he had sucked and chewed on her cunt for what seemed hours, leaving her bathed in sweat, her body aching with desire.

"Just do it," she gasped, shivering with growing ecstasy. "Just take me, you bastard." Ron gave her a wicked smile and bit down on her rose-tipped breasts. While he lapped his tongue over the upturned, taut mounds of flesh, he began fingering her pussy, feeling her insides suck his finger like a mouth.

"Ohhhh, shit, you're hot," he gurgled. "Can't wait to poke it to you, you cock sucking little whore!"

"Then do it!" Sharon begged, jabbing his massive shoulders with her fingernails. "Please... you sonofabitch... fuck me! God, my pussy is on fire!"

Ignoring her pleas, Ron gave her tits a slow, steady suck-job. And only after her nipples were hard as buttons did he kiss between them, down to her stomach.

"Ohhhhh, hurry!" Sharon screamed out, arching her back, placing her hands on the top of his head. "Stick... Christ, stick your prick inside me!"

As he licked down her stomach, then kissed through the golden-red bush of cunt hair, it seemed to take him an eternity. It was as if he were bathing every cell of her body individually. She felt her insides tighten, her cunt lips quiver like a mouth.

"God, you're beautiful all over," Ron said, moving his face over her cunt. He slipped his thumbs into the loose folds of flesh that surrounded her cunt opening and pulled her pussy crack apart. He touched the frothy masses of pussy muscle with the tip of his tongue.

Sharon jerked her legs apart, then threw them over his shoulders. As she locked her ankles together, she jerked her ass upward. And then it happened.

His tongue slipped inside like a snake.

"God!" she wailed, twisting and writhing beneath him. "Eat me, you prick! Suck on me. Chew me up and swallow my pussy!"

Ron locked his mouth firmly onto her pussy and thrust his tongue deeply inside. The force of her climax was so great, the root of his tongue ached. And as her muscles convulsed around his tongue, he felt her clit enlarge, then jerk in quick spasms.

"Goddamn baby, you're gonna pull my fucking tongue out," he gasped, trying to pull away.

For Sharon, his words were vibrations inside her pussy. And nothing mattered but the way her cunt responded. It seemed to burst, melt back together, only to shatter once more. Finally, she was thrust into such a peak of pleasure, she thought and hoped she would never come back again.

When her ecstasy dulled a few moments later, she let her legs fail to the sides of the bed. Her chest was heaving as if she had run a mile, and her flesh burned with exhaustion.

"God, you're good," she breathed when she could muster the energy to speak. "I think your tongue is almost as good as your big dick."

"We'll just have to see, won't we?" Ron grinned. "Mmmm, but later, baby. I'm gonna eat you alive."

Sharon flinched, not really looking forward to what was going to happen next. He just might stay there, drive her crazy with aching hunger, and only fuck her when she was too exhausted to enjoy it.

"Screw me now," she whispered, drawing her fingers over his shoulders. "Please? God, Ron, I have to have a cock up my cunt... now!"

"Later," Ron whispered, determined to eat out her pussy until he was thoroughly satisfied. "Mmmm, maybe much later." He ran his tongue over her throbbing clit.

At times like this, Sharon's mind would wander, often with crazed thoughts. She would think about all the men she'd fucked, compare the way they had shoved it to her, how their cum-loads had tasted. She had even planned on future fuckings with men she'd noticed.

Like that young couple who had moved in next door. But they were probably newlyweds, and you couldn't get between them with a crowbar! She had tried to be friendly, but the woman had given her a hateful look. The man had also been curiously cold.

But, Christ, was he a hunk of man! All blond and bright, with blue eyes. But he seemed cold and distant. If he were that cold out of the sack, she couldn't see how he would be much fun in the sack.

Unless, of course, he was...


Did he take that little wife of his and make her commit humiliating acts on him? Hmmm, what would she consider humiliating? Forced to lick his boots, or chew on his asshole while he jerked off on her face?

Sharon shivered with new desire, trying to think of one thing she would consider humiliating. For the life of her, she couldn't come up with one thing she wouldn't do.

"Christ, I'm starving for cock," she gasped, again thinking of the man next door. "Goddamn you... I want it!"

This wasn't normal, she thought. Pretending it was that bastard next door, and not her husband. Sure, she had fantasized, but she was always aware that it was Ron with her. Now, however, she had to keep looking down, and when she saw Ron's brown hair, instead of a shock of corn-colored hair, she felt her mind explode.

"Fuck me, stud!" she demanded. "Goddamn you! I can't take this!"

Ron had never seen her react so violently before. It was almost as if she were angry. He lifted his face and looked into her eyes. Her expression was vacant, her eyes vampire-like.

"Sharon?" he said quickly. "You ox?" Like a cat pouncing, she threw herself forward, digging her nails into the taut muscles of his chest. With strength that surprised them both, she pushed him to his back and quickly straddled his middle.

"Have to have it," she cried out, grabbing his prick with both hands and shoving it deeply into her cunt. As it spread her aching cunt opening, she gave another scream. "Ohhhhh! Fuckkkkk!"

"Jesus... God," Ron said, his eyes widening. He couldn't believe it had happened. One moment he was licking happily away on her hot pussy; the next, it was wrapped around his cock! And was it wrapped hard! Like in a vise!

"Ohhhh, yes!" Sharon cried out, freezing for a moment as her climax peaked. "All the way. Fuck me to death... screw me you prick!"

Within a matter of seconds, however, her husband was caught up in her rapture. He buried his face between her breasts and licked his tongue back and forth. At the same time, he began punching his hips up and down savagely, ramming his cock in and out of her exploding cunt.

"Take it, you cum-licking whore," he growled, feeling his balls tighten with a fresh load of cum. "All the fucking way up to your brains!"

Sharon wrapped her arms around his neck and began working with him. Each time he thrust upward, she pounded her ass downward, sucking every inch of his rock-hard prick into her pussy.

"Yes, yes, yes," she groaned over and over, each time his cock shaft pierced her guts.

She turned her head to one side and looked toward the window, toward their neighbor's house. Was that blond giant over there right now, she wondered, pounding the shit out of his wife? Was his big cock jabbing her like this? Was it squeezing deeply inside her boiling pussy, searching around like a snake?

"Ohhhhhh!" she screamed, experiencing a thundering wave of pleasure so intense it almost knocked the breath out of her.

"Holy fucking God," Ron grunted. Her pussy locked so hard around his prick his cumload was actually yanked from his balls! And the release was almost painful. He bit into the soft flesh of her tits. "God, baby, take it all in and fuck it."

It seemed like a delicious eternity as his fuck juices steamed into her insides, etching her quivering membranes. And even when he stopped fucking her and lay still, his breath warm and wet against her tits, Sharon's pussy jerked with pleasure.

"Wow! What got into you?" Ron asked a few moments later.

"Mmmmmm, your big cock," Sharon answered, her eyes still on the window. "And I want it to stay in my cunt all night long."

"No problem," her husband laughed. "Now just lie back and I'll show you what I do best."

While he fucked her slowly, rhythmically, Sharon's mind seemed to be locked on one thing. And until she found out about the guy next door, she knew she wouldn't ever rest easy.

Before darkness surrounded her, she again saw him, the way she wanted him to be mean and cruel, and fucking her roughly as if his cock were an instrument of torture.


With Ron safely on the road, Sharon thought about her fantasies of the night before with the blond man next door. What sort of job does he have? she wondered. She hoped it was something that made him sweat. She could see him, his muscular flesh glistening in the sun, his bronzed skin rippling with ribbons of strength.

And she could see herself, walking toward him, then dropping to her knees. She would fumble with the zipper of his dirty jeans and pull out his cock. It would be big and hard, surrounded by a brush of corn-colored hair, and the taste would be heavenly.

She got up from where she was sitting in the living room and quickly padded to the bedroom, where she had the closest view of the house next door. Perhaps she could get a quick glimpse of him.

She dropped to her knees and peered between the curtains. She couldn't see anything, but just the idea of him being only twenty or so feet away was enough to make her pussy bubble with pleasure. She squeezed her fingers between her thighs and pulled down her panties.

"Ohhhh, I want you to let me... make me suck that big cock of yours," she whispered, trying to imagine what his prick must feel like, throbbing between her lips. "Mmmmm, stick it all the way in." Her eyes closed. "Poke in a gallon of cum, you bastard. Hold my nose and make me chew it down."

Her thoughts confused her, almost made her fearful. She didn't want to ask him and have him say yes. She wanted him to demand it, so she could say no, only to have him violate her.

And when she tried to pull away from that glorious, sweaty crotch, he would kick her down, then maybe tie her up. He would force her to her knees and pump his cock in her mouth while he held her face against him.

"Ohhhh!" she cried out, biting her lower lip until she tasted blood. "Fuck... fuck me in my mouth! Load me up with hot, scalding cum."

The convulsion of raw pleasure that shook her insides was almost too good to believe. It was almost like a clawing mass of talons, biting, scraping into her tender flesh. She bent double, hitting her head on the window sill, then she fell to the floor, writhing in anguish.

"Do it!" she panted. "God, do it to me, you bastard."

After the subsiding ecstasy filled her with dull, empty sensations, she thought it must be over. She could get up and do her housework, then perhaps give that shoe salesman a call. That had been her plan, anyway.

Until last night.

Yet, when she got back to her knees, the itch between her legs was even worse than before. And her fingers just couldn't do the job. She quickly looked about the room, searching for something long and hard. Seeing the hairbrush on the dresser, she crawled over and without a second's delay, stuffed the handle up her pussy until the bristles scraped her cunt lips.

"Yessss," she hissed, squeezing her knees together. Another spasm of building climax ate into her body. "Fuck... fuck me hard!"

Even this wasn't enough. Her throat ached, begged for the feel of something long and hard. She got to her feet, stumbled from the bedroom. After casting a haunted look around the dining room, she grabbed a candle from the centerpiece.

"Mmmmmm," she moaned, pushing the candle between her tits. She closed her eyes, pretending it was a thick, pulsating cock, his cock. She again dropped to her knees, then fell on the floor.

The pleasures that hit her a few seconds later were wonderful, but empty. It just wouldn't do, she realized. Nothing but a big, juicy cock could satisfy her.

And not just any old cock. His cock!

She pulled the candle out of her mouth, then slipped the hairbrush from her cunt. Feeling more empty than ever, she got to her feet and straightened her clothing.

On wobbly knees, she made for the front door, as if being pulled by some unseen, magnetic force.

The cool morning air cleared her head a little, but not enough to keep her from her goal. She stepped over the bed of flowers that separated the two houses, and walked quickly through the grass.

She paused outside the front door, hearing her heart pound, then rapped quickly on the door. A few seconds later, she heard footsteps from within.

What am I going to say? she wondered. God, what an idiot I am! I could have at least baked a pie or something. That would have been a good excuse to meet them.

"Yes?" a mellow baritone voice said when the door opened.

Sharon braced herself to keep from falling. Just as she had imagined, the man stood before her, sweaty and muscular, wearing only cut-offs. A thick patch of dark brown hair covered his stomach, then swept upward in a fine line, finally flairing over his sculptured chest.

"I... I'm from next door," Sharon finally said, feeling giddy. "I wanted to... uh... welcome you to the neighborhood."

"Thanks," the man said, although he didn't make an effort to move aside so that she could come in.

"My husband is out of town for two weeks," Sharon went on, then wondered why she'd said that. It sounded so foolish. "He sells computers... uh, to chemical companies mostly."

Jesus, I sound like a fool! Will I ever shut up?

"I'm Brad," the man finally said, giving her a smile, although his eyes remained cool, detached. "My wife Nancy isn't here right now. If you'd like to come back later..."

Oh God, that's perfect, Sharon thought. My husband gone and your wife gone! And the way I feel right now, it could be over in just a few seconds!

Her eyes dropped to the area of his crotch. Immediately, she felt her throat constrict with hunger. Just a few inches away. If I just reached out like this and touched him.

"OK, baby," the man said, jerking her by the arm. He pulled her inside and threw her to her knees. While she crouched there in surprise, she saw him quickly flop his half-hard cock out of his cut-offs. "Get after it!" He pushed the head of his prick against her slightly parted lips.

When the silky flesh of his cockhead brushed her lips, Sharon felt as if a jolt of electricity had shot down her spine. She didn't know exactly what she expected, but certainly not this!

"Don't," she said weakly, trying to move away. She still felt dizzy, giddy. "I... I don't know why I came over."

"Don't get cute with me, bitch," Brad said. "You've been looking at me like you could eat me alive, so fucking do it."

Sharon didn't know what to make of things. In a way, she wanted to suck his cock, but it wasn't happening like it had in her fantasies. This was so cold, so animal-like. She felt anger and humiliation surge in her mind.

She tried to lift herself to her feet, but he caught her against the side of the face with his right foot. When she sprawled across the carpet, hitting her head against the corner of the coffee table, she felt cold terror replace her anger.

She didn't know anything about this man. Not one thing! Why, for all she knew, he could be a criminal, a murderer, or anything. Gathering her wits, she started crawling toward the door.

"Oh, no you don't," the man said, kicking her again.

She tumbled back to the floor and shook her head. A burst of what seemed like lightning went off in her head. Christ, she thought, you really do see stars.

Then, before she could react further, she felt her hands thrust behind her body. Almost immediately, he was on top of her, reaching for a length of coarse twine that hung loosely on an unpacked carton.

"Ouch!" she said, squinting.

The rough hemp cut into her flesh like the teeth of a small animal, sending jolts of raw pain up and down her arms.

"You're hurting me," she gasped, trying to make some sense of what was happening.

"You look like you could stand a little roughing up," Brad wheezed, tearing at her clothes. "Nice, soft body like this."

Sharon had never before felt so naked. Most men looked at her with pleasure, some of the inexperienced ones with interest. This horrible man seemed to violate her with his cold eyes.

When she was bound, he jerked her to her knees, then stood before her. Quickly, he shucked out of his cut-offs and pushed his hips forward. His cock was fully hard, throbbing like an evil snake.

"No... please," she spluttered, smelling the heady, sweaty aroma of his crotch. And from this angle, his prick seemed to be two feet long, all thick and purplish.

"Suck it, cocksucker," Brad said, punching the end of his cock between her lips. "All the fucking way in, and lick my cum down, you little cock teaser."

Sharon could barely make out his words through the roar in her ears. Every emotion, every sensation she could imagine seemed to cloud around her like a damp fog.

"Aaaaghhhh!" she choked, feeling his cock rip past her tonsils and ease down her throat. Now she couldn't breathe. Her entire mouth and throat were filled with rock-hard cock.

"Hey, you're pretty good," Brad said, spreading his legs slightly and humping upward. "Take it down like a Goddamned bird, don't you."

Sharon had never before been so aware of the feel of cock. It was almost as if she had become a part of him, like the rubbery, loose foreskin. If only it could happen differently, she thought, it might be wonderful. As it was, however, with the pain riddling her body, and suffering this humiliation, all she could think of was to get away.

"Suck it, whore!" Brad commanded, grabbing her by the hair and pounding her face violently into his crotch. "Show me what a good little cocksucker you are."

Sharon thought she would choke to death. She fumbled with the tight bonds at her wrists, but any movement seemed only to make it worse. She felt her flesh tear, her fingers grow numb. Her wrists were throbbing just like the head of his cock.

"Mmmffff!" she gasped, twisting her head to the side so she could breathe. The precious air burned into her lungs, caused her face to flush. She exhaled, then sucked in another gasp of air.

"All right," Brad grunted. "If your little pussy is half as good, it's gonna be fucking perfect to screw you."

Sharon could only imagine what his monstrous cock would do to her pussy. Christ, her husband was huge and sometimes it hurt when he fucked her. Only heaven knew what this animal would do to her. She probably wouldn't walk right for months!

Again she tried to pull away, but he held her even tighter. It was no use, she realized. He was just too big, too strong for her. She could only kneel there and suffer the humiliation.


Hadn't she practically asked for this?

Well, no. Not this. She wanted to be taken, to enjoy a different man, sure. But he was so cruel, treating her like a piece of shit.

"Hang on, bitch," the man said, interrupting her thoughts, "I've got a load of cum just begging to get sucked out. Get fucking ready to eat it."

Big, huge cock, and now his cum. If his cock was going to be any measure of the amount of jism he had, she was in for a cum bath! She might even choke to death on it.

Already, she could taste the acid-like flavor as his prick throbbed against the back of her throat. And the hairy root of his cock shaft was jerking slightly.

"Ready?" Brad grunted. "God, baby, I'm gonna load it in you... right up to your fucking brains."

Sharon felt her lips tighten involuntarily around the base of his prick shaft. And, although her mind was filled with hatred and horror, her throat was twitching just like it had before Thanksgiving dinner when she was a little girl.

Now she was more horrified with her own reaction. She began jerking her head forward, completely taking his prick inside her mouth. Even some of the flesh surrounding his swollen balls slipped between her teeth.

"Hey, that's better," Brad said. "Chew on it... gonna poke you full, you little cock sucking whore!"

Sharon couldn't believe the radical change in her feelings. One moment she was detesting him for her humiliation, and now she was sucking on his cock like it was the last one on earth.

"Mmmmffff," she gurgled, feeling the heat from his cock melt down her throat.

Her guts constricted, then seemed to explode. An electric-like jolt of raw pleasure swept from the base of her spine toward the opening of her cunt. She screamed out again, experiencing a hard, almost painful climax.

"Ohhh, shit!" Brad whispered, leaning slightly forward and thrusting his entire weight against her face. He increased the pressure of his hands, molding her face into his crotch. "Now, bitch, suck me... fucking now!"

The first burst of molten cum was fantastic. Even more plentiful than she'd imagined, it seemed like a river, sweeping under her tongue, between her teeth, gushing against the roof of her mouth. More globs of cream splashed between her tonsils, coated the back of her throat. Some of the fuck juice even spewed upward, behind her nose. As she inhaled, air and jism mixed and rattled into her, stomach.

"Mmmmm!" Sharon groaned, closing her eyes with delicious ecstasy. Her pussy was on fire, her throat molding itself around his spurting cock. She gave out another gurgle of pleasure, lapping down more of his cum.

"Suck it faster," Brad said, feeling his jism slosh backward when her throat was full. "Don't miss a Goddamned drop."

Sharon didn't want to let any of the creamy globs escape her mouth, either, but even her hungry mouth couldn't take all he had to offer. A few seconds later, twin streams of cum ran from the corners of her mouth, hung like milky spider webs from her chin, then attached themselves to the hollow of her neck.

"All of it, baby!" Brad gasped, shoving in the bulk of his massive load. "Screw it right."

Before she could even begin to sort things out. She moved over to the couch and plopped down. As she leaned back, she let her mind go over all that had happened. She had gone over there, like a good neighbor, to welcome them, and he had tied her up and raped her mouth with that horrible cock!

She should untie herself, walk over to the telephone and report this to the police. Yes, that would be the sane thing to do.

She would tell them that she had gone over there, voluntarily, and had practically eaten him up with her eyes, and then had an orgasm while she sucked him off. Sure, they'd really believe that.

And what made you go over there? the police would ask.

Why, I was cramming my hairbrush in my pussy and sucking on a candle, thinking about him.

Jesus, what an idiot I am!

Well, at least he owes me an apology, she thought. He should come over here and tell me he's sorry. Yes, that's right. If he comes over here and apologizes, I just might forgive him. And then, we could start all over. My way.

She sat there, half expecting a knock on the door. When it didn't come, she realized he wasn't going to apologize.

Well, why should he? After all, she had gone over there, gawking at his crotch like that. Practically wore a sign around her neck that said: Rape me.

And he had. Like any man would have. He wasn't to blame at all. She owed him an apology.

Smiling at her logic, she stood up and walked into the kitchen. With some difficulty, she managed to cut the bonds around her wrists. She then reached into the liquor cabinet for a bottle of wine as a gift. Something she should have done in the first place.

However, she would wait for his wife to come home first.

She cleaned herself up and put on fresh makeup. Then after checking her reflection in the mirror, she sat in the chair by the front window and waited for Nancy to return. As she looked out the window, she felt her palms grow sweaty as they wrapped around the neck of the wine bottle.

In a way, she felt a little like Pandora, about to open a box, yet she knew she couldn't stop what was about to happen, even if it turned into a disaster. And she couldn't argue with the fact that she had had a climax, even while tied up and humiliated like that.

After Nancy drove up some ten minutes later, Sharon gave the woman a few moments, then made for the front door. She walked out into the bright morning sunlight and felt her knees go weak.


The door was opened by one of the prettiest brunets Sharon had ever seen. Petite and fragile-looking, the woman gave the impression of being active even when she was still. Her dark, chocolate brown eyes darted quickly over Sharon's form, barely resting for a second on the upturned breasts.

When she saw the woman, Sharon lost all her courage. She was about to thrust the bottle of wine into her new neighbor's hands and run away, but Nancy's smile kept her glued to the spot.

"Come on in," the woman said, moving aside. "Brad has told me a little about you."

Sharon flushed and lowered her eyes, wondering exactly what the woman's husband had said.

"I... I brought you a bottle of wine," she said weakly.

"Come on in," Nancy said, "you can help us dunk it."

Ushered inside, Sharon felt more ridiculous than ever. Still, she seemed to be drawn to the young couple. When she sat down on the couch, Brad entered the room. He lifted his eyebrows when he saw her, then shot his wife a quick glance.

"Guess who's here," Nancy said to Brad. "I was afraid you might have scared her off." She then turned to Sharon. "He can be pretty cool when he wants to."

Sharon's mouth felt dry as cotton, her heart was pounding in her throat. Obviously Brad hadn't told his wife anything about what had happened. Somehow, the idea excited her more than ever. It was as if the two of them shared some precious secret.

"Well, let's try the wine," Nancy said, getting glasses.

After drinks were poured, then refilled, the atmosphere warmed. Sharon felt her muscles rein, felt more secure. She even toyed with the idea of giving Brad some sort of message to come over and see her when his wife was away again.

"My husband tells me you're a fantastic cocksucker," Nancy said in a matter-of-fact tone.

"I... I beg your pardon?" Sharon gasped, spilling her drink.

"Oh, not to worry," Nancy said. "Brad and I are very liberal. In fact, we were so liberal, we got kicked out of our last apartment."

Sharon didn't know what to think. Had she heard right? And if she had, what did the woman mean, anyway?

"Liberal?" she asked, searching for the first word she could utter.

"Sure," Nancy explained. "Twosomes, threesomes, bondage, water sports, you name it."

Christ! Sharon thought she was liberal! And here this woman was talking about stuff she hadn't even heard of. And right in front of her husband! If Sharon said something like that in front of Ron, he'd probably deck her.

"I see," she spluttered, turning red. Clearly, she didn't see at all.

"Care to make it a threesome?" Nancy said. "There's nothing I like better than eating pussy while I get fucked."

Sharon felt as if she'd been slapped in the face. Surely the woman hadn't said that she... ate pussy! That was... well, abnormal.

"No," she said, swallowing hard. "I... I think I'll just finish my wine and..."

"Suit yourself," Nancy said, then she stood up. She looked toward her husband, and smiled. "Mmmm, baby, all this wine and talk about fucking has made me horny as hell. Come on, fuck me?"

"Let's go," Brad said, standing and touching his wife's outstretched hand. "See you later, Sharon."

Sharon's mouth dropped open as she watched them pad toward the bedroom. It was like a dream, an insane dream. They didn't even know her, and simply got up and walked away to the bedroom, for Christ's sake!

To fuck!

"They're crazy," she whispered, finally standing up.

She was about to leave, when she heard Nancy scream out. The woman's yell was filled with what seemed to be a mixture of pain and ecstasy, stopping Sharon in her tracks.

What in Christ was he doing to her?

She wanted to leave, but something held her. She had to find out what was happening. And anyway, it wouldn't hurt just to look, would it?

She cautiously moved down the hall and stood outside the bedroom. What she saw caused her chin to drop.

There lay Nancy on the bed, her arms and legs stretched wide, making her body look like a big X. And she was tied up! Ropes were wrapped around her ankles and wrists, attached to the frame of the bed.

And between her legs was her husband, his ass pumping up and down savagely. His balls were sliding up and down the insides of her thighs, his cock grinding wildly in and out of her cunt. As he stabbed het, the room filled with smacking noises.

"Faster, you bastard! Make it hurt!" Nancy shouted, her face contorted with anguished desire. "Ram it to me... poke my pussy wide open."

Sharon was mesmerized as she looked at the woman's expression. Could it be that she really enjoyed being tied up like that? Her wrists and ankles were raw, almost bleeding.

"Screw it all the way in, you cock sucking whore," Brad growled. "Do a fucking good job or I'll bite your damned tits off."

"Do it," Nancy begged, thrusting her hips upward so hard she almost knocked him off her trembling body. "Bite me... tear into myths! Fuck me! Yes, yes... just like that."

Sharon realized they were way out of her league. Christ, she felt deliciously evil just to go out and find a strange man or two, and fuck more or less in a conventional way.

But those ropes!

What if he really hurt her? she wondered. I mean, how could she get free? Why, he could do anything he wanted.

The idea fascinated her. As if she were viewing a willing rape or something.

"Oh, my God," she murmured, feeling her pussy tighten. Her eyes went again to the area of their smacking crotches. Cock in cunt, balls slipping and sliding over smooth tanned flesh.

"Come on over and join us," Nancy said, seeing Sharon. "Mmmm... it's great!"

"No," Sharon said, again feeling foolish. "I'll just watch."

Watch? Christ, what am I even doing here! She felt her pussy begin to throb like it never had before. It was almost as if a tiny hand was inside her, delicate fingers slipping over her greasy cunt walls. She squeezed her knees together to drive away the sensations, but it only made it worse. She realized she was coming dangerously close to having a climax.

"Ohhhh, Brad, that's good," Nancy gasped, her body freezing for a second. "Shove it to me hard as you can. I... I'm almost there!"

While Sharon watched the woman's pussy being assaulted by Brad's enormous cock, she felt her knees weaken. Slowly she dropped to the floor and lifted her skin. She touched the area between her thighs and moaned.

"Mmmmm," she whispered softly, digging her fingers under her panties and swirling the golden-red hairs over the slick, throbbing cunt opening.

"Aieeeeee!" Nancy shrieked, thrashing about as if she were being tortured. "Fuck! Fuck meeeeee!"

Sharon jerked her panties down and jabbed her fingers deeply inside her pussy. At the same time, she began crawling toward the bed, her eyes glazed with pleasure.

She'd never seen anything like this before, even though she'd fucked thousands of times. Nancy's pussy was stretched wide, locked firmly around her husband's plunging cock. She could almost feel the hard pressure, herself.

Nearing until her face was almost against their feet, she peered closer. The sight was burned into her mind forever. Those dark brown hairs around the woman's cunt, mingling with the soft brown ones of Brad's crotch. And the slippery cock shaft, covered with froth, grinding in and out of the pink pussy. The thick, pulsating balls were enormous, slapping into the crack of the woman's ass.

Suddenly, she gasped, seeing the man's cock grow even thicker. And for the first time, she would actually see a woman get fucked full of cum.

"Ready for a hot load, baby?" Brad grunted, hammering violently forward and upward. "Hmmmm?"

"Yes, screw it to me, you fucking bull stud," Nancy groaned. "Cram a gallon of hot stuff in me!"

Sharon watched with bated breath, waiting for the man's cum load to blow into the woman's pussy. And when it happened, she thought she would lose her mind. It was like nothing she'd ever seen before.

Like a pressure hose, his cock pumped in massive, steaming globs. Soon, Nancy's pussy was full to overflowing, causing the brown hairs around her cunt to cream up.

"Fuck her!" Sharon whispered, her eyes widening with pleasure. As she watched the two fact even faster, she jabbed her fingers violently into her own cunt, feeling her climax build. "Really screw it to her and stuff your cock all the way in."

Her whispered words became a loud groan as her orgasm peaked, sending electric-like jolts of raw ecstasy up and down her cunt canal. She dropped her chin on the bed and opened her mouth wide, wondering what it would be like to lick between their bodies.

She suddenly remembered what the woman had said earlier, about eating pussy. Well, if it had a big cock in it, what was wrong with that?

As if drawn by some unseen force, she crawled up on the bed and moved her head between their thighs. The smell of sweat and cum was so pungent it made the insides of her nostrils burn.

"Take it, you bitch," Brad grunted, heaving the last of his cum into his wife's pussy. "Every fucking drop."

While he squirmed his ass around, gouging his spent cock fully inside her pussy, Sharon began running her tongue over the man's ass cheeks. She felt him flinch.

"Hey, you're gonna join us after all, huh?" he said, looking over his shoulder.

"Yes," Sharon whispered, feeling her throat tremble with hungry desire. She ran the tip of her tongue up and down the hairy crack, then to his balls, tasting the heady flavor of cooling cum.

After teasing him with her tongue and teeth for a few moments, she began licking more greedily. She took his nuts one at a time into her mouth, then both together. After leaving his balls glistening with her warm spit, she kissed and chewed the woman's soft, yielding flesh.

"Lick my pussy," Nancy said, feeling Sharon's warm tongue against the inside of her thigh. "Get out, Brad, let her fuck me with her tongue."

"Anything to please my lady," Brad said.

He withdrew his cock slowly, then moved his body upward. He then straddled Nancy's middle and held his rock-hard cock down, pressing the tip of it against her open mouth.

"And you're gonna please me," he said, thrusting his own coated prick between her lips.

When Sharon saw the woman's milky cunt, she thought she would go crazy with desire. She'd never seen anything so beautiful before. The tight pussy crack seemed to be bubbling, spitting out thick globs of cum. The brown hairs around the cunt opening seemed to be covered with liquid, glistening pearls.

Slowly, she lowered her mouth to the pussy entrance and thrust out her tongue. The second she tasted the delicious combination of cunt juice and cum, her throat seemed to contract. Quickly, she locked her lips around the crack and fucked her tongue ail the way inside. "Mmmmfff!" Nancy mumbled, her voice lost in her husband's crotch. She lifted her hips ad squirmed against Sharon's face, then spluttered out another satisfied moan.

While Nancy writhed beneath her, Sharon licked and chewed on the warm pussy, sucking in all the juices she could. And in way, it was even better than licking on a big dick. It was more gcntle, more yielding.

"Sweet pussy," she gasped, taking Nancy's clit between her teeth and gently biting down. "Mmmmm... wonderful..."

While she sucked and chewed, she humped her ass up and down, moving her wet pussy over the woman's knee. The touch was electric, causing her insides to respond almost violently. Within a matter of seconds, she felt her climax build again.

"Oh, ohhhh, God," she cried out, jabbing her face hard against Nancy's cunt. "Suck on my tongue."

Nancy's pussy clamped firmly around Sharon's spearing tongue, drawing it fully inside. A couple of seconds later, it was almost as if her cunt were trying to pull it out by the roots.

"Aaaaghhhh!" Nancy screamed, her body riddled with delicious pleasure.

"Suck it, cunt!" Brad snarled, heaving his full weight forward. His cock was plunging wildly in and out of Nancy's mouth, his balls slapping the hollow of her throat noisily. "Eat it in... lick on my cum, baby!"

Sharon looked through the brown brush of cunt hair and watched Brad's pumping ass. Slowly, she lifted her right hand and cupped the hairy, muscular ass cheeks, then ran her fingers up and down the dark crack.

"Fuck her mouth full of cum," Sharon whispered, letting her fingers move over his swinging balls? "Then fuck me full."

"Get up here and you can both have some," Brad said, reaching around and grabbing Sharon by the hair. "Nothing I like better than screwing two mouths at the same time."

Although Sharon was reluctant to leave the steaming pussy, her desire for cock was too demanding. She positioned herself beside Nancy and pushed her face between the man's legs.

"Suck on my balls," Brad said, pushing her head farther into his crotch. "Both of you, suck me all over."

Sharon did as he asked, then shivered when the enormous nuts slipped between her lips. She knew that in just a few moments he would blow out a thick load of cum.

"Ohhhh!" she murmured, clawing at his side, letting her nails move toward his left shoulder.

"Now, you," Brad said, quickly withdrawing his cock from his wife's mouth and ramming it violently into Sharon's throat. "Suck, you little cocksucker... just like you did before."

Sharon experienced a wild climax the instant his prick shot into her mouth. Her pussy seemed to explode, turn to mush. She jerked her ass up and squeezed her knees together, giving a loud groan, munching hungrily around his cock base.

"Like it, don't you?" Brad asked, withdrawing, punching back inside. "Let's see just how much you can fucking take, baby."

With that, he began hammering his prick savagely into her mouth. Sharon had never felt anything like it before in her life. It was as if he were hating her with his cock, trying to destroy her throat. But instead of being horrible, it was the best thing she could imagine. Each savage thrust sent her to new heights.

"Now, me," Nancy said, opening her mouth wide. "I... I want cock to suck, too."

"Just a second," Brad snapped, pumping so hard his ass was a blur. "Gonna give this little baby the first wad of cum to suck down."

Cum, Sharon thought. Sweet, delicious cum to lick out! The mere mention of the word was enough to cause her throat to spasm with hunger. She began gobbling furiously on his cock shaft, trying it seemed, to swallow it right into her stomach.

And then it happened. The first rush of molten jism hit the back of her throat. When it did, her climax became more violent. Pleasure bordered pain, then crossed the threshold.

"Aaaghhhh!" she coughed, inhaling the acrid aroma of his crotch. Another convulsion of raw pleasure shot up and down her spine.

"Me!" Nancy begged, licking into Brad's crotch hairs. "I... I want to suck some cum... please, baby."

Brad jerked his prick out of Sharon's mouth and plunged it hard into Nancy's throat.

"Take it, bitch," he growled, pumping in a few quick wads of cum.

For Sharon, just a taste was not enough. She wrapped her fingers around the base of his cock and yanked it out of Nancy's mouth.

When she did, a massive splatter of jism hit her between the eyes, then quickly rolled across her cheek. She didn't mind, however, because there was plenty left in his balls.

"Mmmmm," she gurgled, completely sucking him dry. As she did, she felt Nancy's warm tongue on her cheek, cleaning up the stray globs of cum.

"Ohhh, fucking shit! That's all," Brad said, pressing his full weight down on both their faces. "Not a drop more."

A few moments later. Sharon spit his cock from her mouth and turned her head to one side. She lot her lips move over Nancy's, open mouth, then kissed the woman passionately. The flavor of spit and cum made her moan with renewed pleasure.

It was like nothing she'd ever experienced. The softness of a female, and the muscular form of a man against her face. The best of both worlds.

"I love this," she whispered, darting her tongue against Nancy's. "You people sure know how to fuck, let me tell you."

"Mmmmm, this is nothing," Nancy whispered. "It gets a lot better."

"Better?" Sharon asked. "How could anything be better?"

"Shall we show her, Brad?" Nancy suggested, pushing her head against her husband's stomach.

"Think she can take it?" the man said.

Something in their tone made Sharon shiver. Like being in a haunted house in the daytime. Not scary, but uneasy.

Brad pulled away and moved off the bed. He began untying his wife's bonds, then gave Sharon a cool glance.

"Now the fun begins," he said, his voice hoarse with desire.

"Just let me go home and get," Sharon began, suddenly wanting out, away.

"You're not going anywhere," Nancy said. "Not for a long time."

"What do you mean?" Sharon gasped. They were both locking at her strangely, like hungry dogs.

"Why, baby, we're gonna give you what you've been wanting all your life," Brad said, stroking her hair. He pushed her back down on the bed when she tried to get up. "Now, you can make it easy, or hard. It's up to you."

"Don't... please," Sharon begged, her eyes widening with fear. "Don't hurt me."

"That's part of the fun!" Nancy said. "But this time, we're not in an apartment, and we can do everything."

Sharon remembered her saying something earlier about getting kicked out of their apartment. What had they done?

"She's gonna be better than the last one," Brad said. "Something tells me that."

"I want to go home?" Sharon whined, her voice trembling.

"We'll let you go home," Brad said, his gaze intensifying. "When your husband comes back."

"But-but that won't be for two weeks!" Sharon exclaimed.

"Yeah, too bad it's such a short period of time," Brad laughed. "But I guess we can do a lot in two weeks, can't we Nancy?"

"Yes," his wife said ominously, her teeth bared in a wide, sadistic grin. "And let's start right now."

Sharon began screaming.


Before Sharon knew what was happening, Brad and Nancy yanked her arms and legs out and wrapped ropes about her wrists and ankles. She tried struggling, but it was useless.

"What are you going to do?" she gasped, her eyes wide with terror.

"Show her, honey," Nancy said to her husband as she tightened the ropes and attached them to the frame of the bed. "Stick your prick to her and fuck the living shit out of her."

Brad was inside her before she knew what was happening, his monstrous cock stretching her cunt opening to the breaking point. His mouth was on hers, his tongue digging in and out, almost matching the hard strokes of his throbbing cock.

"Ohhh, yes, baby," he groaned. "Just as hot and tight as I thought it would be. Shit, even hotter."

It had happened so quickly, Sharon couldn't believe it. And the pain! It felt as if she had a baseball bat up her cunt. He had his arms wrapped tightly around her, his fingers kneading the flesh of her back. His hairy chest was scratching her sensitive nipples.

"Don't... please," she gasped, throwing her head to one side, "it hurts."

"Just go with it, sweetheart," Brad grunted into her mouth. "You just might fucking like it."

"Yeah," Nancy agreed, rubbing her open palm over her husband's pumping ass. "Fuck him hard, because I want to eat his cum out of your pussy."

Sharon cried out again, feeling revulsion sweep over her till her throat rumbled with vomit. It just couldn't be happening!

Yet, it was. His cock was tearing in and out like some savage instrument of torture. She wondered suddenly if she would ever be able to walk again.

"It hurts," she cried out. "You're killing me!"

She pulled against the bonds at her wrists, but the rough hemp only tore into her flesh. She moaned again in agony, feeling her insides constrict.

"Don't try to get free, sweet baby," Brad said, feeling her squirm beneath him. "You're hog-tied. And that's exactly what I'm gonna do. Gonna fuck you like a little pig."

"Ohhhh, God, don't," Sharon begged. Then as she looked at both their grinning faces, their eyes gleaming with lust, she became angry.

"You bastards," she said. "I... I'll tell the police."

"You will, huh?" Brad said, a sadistic smile on his handsome face. "Well, I guess we'll have to give you something really good to tell them."

Sharon jerked when she felt the cold, metallic touch of something against her side. Then, as the instrument moved to her right tit, she knew what it was.

A pair of pliers!

For God's sake! Why?

"No, please, Jesus, no!" she gasped, her eyes widening with pure horror as she realized the awful truth.

Before she had gotten the words out, she felt the small jaws of the pliers bite around her right nipple, then close. She hadn't thought pain could be so intense.

"Aaaaghhhh!" she shrieked.

"Scream, you little whore," Brad grunted, tightening his grip on the pliers. "I love it when you hurt that way you bounce around real nice."

It was true, Sharon realized. Under the torture, she was thrashing and bucking, causing his cock to drive even more powerfully inside her cunt.

The pain grew even worse, feeling like jolts of electricity shooting into her chest. It was so horrible, it made the agony in her cunt seem to feel good.

As she gritted her teeth and gave panting groans of anguish, she even imagined the pressure of his prick was feeling good!

She struggled beneath him, feeling the sensations inside her cunt grow more intense. She was soon to be amazed that her fluttering pussy walls were beginning to suck on his prick shaft, pull him farther inside.

A million confusing thoughts scrambled her mind. How could it be happening? While being taken, raped like this, tied down, her pussy was ready to explode with pleasure! It wasn't right!

For some reason, she became totally aware of his huge, hulking frame, the way his prick was splitting her open like a pod. The way his massive form covered her, his sweaty muscles, the way his balls throbbed. And on top of that, she felt the softness of his wife as she rubbed her legs and hips.

And the pain. It flashed, burned inside her body like small explosions. Yet, it somehow made the pleasure even better, giving it delicious comparison.

Each time a convulsion of agony tore into her body, an equal spasm of ecstasy raced along side it. The two sensations seemed to melt, throb together, separate, then fuse once more.

"Ohhh... baby, suck it right up your cunt and fuck me," Brad said, squeezing the jaws of the pliers until his knuckles turned white.

"Aieeeee!" Sharon screamed, the veins in her neck popping out. She inhaled quickly and spit out another shriek of agony.

While she bucked and writhed in anguish, Brad fucked savagely in and out of her pussy, feeling his cock grow so that he knew if he didn't shoot his load pretty soon, his cock shaft would shatter. Still, he wanted to hold back as long as he could.

Sharon, too, was fully aware of what was happening. Her own body was reacting with almost as much violence. Suddenly, she jerked wildly, then froze, feeling her climax riddle her guts. The sensations were almost too good, making her totally aware of every cell, each nerve.

"Shit, take it," Brad grunted, plowing forward with his full weight.

He squirmed his ass around, then relaxed the muscles at the root of his cock. Instantly, his cum-load shot up the center of his cock shaft and burst into her cunt.

"Unhhhh... fuck it, slut, now," he panted. "Goddamn YOU! Screw it up here! Ummmmm... fuck it... here, whore! Screw my cock dry!"

Sharon became dizzy with ecstasy as even more powerful waves of pleasure swept in and out of her body. And it wasn't as if she were having an orgasm, but more, that she had turned into an orgasm herself. She inhaled with a raspy gasp, then screamed out, her voice thick with lust.

"Fuck!" she shrieked, her fingernails digging into her sweaty palms. She struggled against the bonds, not to free herself, but to grab his tight, hairy ass and shove him harder into her cunt. "Give it to me, you bull prick! Screw me full! Hurt me... make it good!"

As her orgasm peaked violently, Brad slipped the pliers to her other breast. When he clamped the serrated jaws around her rubbery nipple, he moved his mouth down and bit her right tit, sucking the bruised tip.

It was perfect, Sharon thought. Nothing could possibly be better. Her nipples were being bathed in flames of delicious pain. And her cunt kept exploding over and over, experiencing total, raw pleasure.

"Harder... harder you bastard," she urged, rocking back and forth, bucking wildly. "Cock... give me your prick and fuck me!"

Brad pounded into her pussy for all he was worth, grinding the root of his shaft savagely between the fluttering opening. Then, with his body freezing, he shot the first of his thick cum-load.

"Screw it, whore!" he panted, lifting his head from her chest. His eyes were half closed with releasing ecstasy, his lips parted in a snarl. "Fuck on my cock, bitch!"

Sharon felt another spasm of climax tear into her pussy and her insides boiled with his release. She jerked around wildly, feeling the teeth of the pliers on her breast bite into her flesh. Pain and pleasure melted together, becoming a sensation that was impossible to describe.

"Aieeeeeee!" she screamed, then she went limp from exhaustion.

Brad pounded in more of his cum, then felt the bulk of his load shower into her guts. He held himself against her body tightly, took another bite down on her breasts, then fell over her limp form.

"Shit, baby, that was fine," he gasped, kissing the side of her neck. "Just fucking fine."

As he slowed his movements, then finally stopped, he let the pliers fall to her side.

"Let me at it," she heard Nancy say. "There's nothing I like better than a cunt filled with hot cum."

"Just a second," Brad said. "Feels so good inside her like this."

"Come on," Nancy said, pushing against her husband. "You can fuck her for two weeks."

When the man slipped his prick out of her pussy. Sharon felt empty, horribly so. She gave a weak cry and again pulled against the ropes.

"Fuck me some more," she heard herself say. "I want your big cock!"

Her words turned into a gasp of pleasure when she felt Nancy's warm tongue jab inside her cunt. She lifted her ass and sucked on the woman's tongue with her pussy muscles.

"Ohhh... this is delicious," Nancy murmured, gathering up the wads of cum, then swallowing them. "Pussy-flavored cream to suck down."

While Nancy ate on her pussy, Sharon could almost feel Brad's cock still inside her. It had been so delicious, the way it fit so snugly, squeezing over her fluttering muscles. And those cum-filled balls...

"Fuck me again," she gasped. "God, I want it. I need it."

"Is that a fact?" Brad grinned. "I thought you were going to the police and all..."

"No," Sharon said, her voice unsure.

What would she have told them? That she had the best orgasm in her life when she was raped?

"No," she repeated. "I... I won't."

"I know you won't," Brad said, his voice chilling her. "Because there just might not be enough of you left to do it."

"What do you mean?" Sharon asked, again terrified.

"Soon as Nancy finishes, I'm gonna stick it to you again," he said.

So that's what they both wanted.

"Right up your little shitter," Brad said. "No!" Sharon gasped. "Please. I... I've never done that before." This was one thing that she and Ron had agreed not to do. They had tried it once or twice, but it had just hurt too much. And her little shitter wasn't built to take on a cock this size.

"No... no," she said again, trembling with horror.

"Oh, yes," Brad said. "Hurry up, Nancy."

"Oh, I don't want to," Nancy said. "Mmmm, I just love this wet, sweet pussy."

"Sometimes I think she likes pussy better than cock," Brad said. He pushed his wife away. "When I screw out her asshole, I'll let you have her back."

Sharon couldn't believe what she was hearing. Passing her back and forth like that. And to top it off, getting her asshole reamed out!

Just thinking about that huge monster drilling into her butt was enough to make her flinch, then scream out, her eyes filling with tears.

"Please... don't," she whined. As she cried out, she felt him untie the ropes from her ankles. He placed his hands under her thighs and shoved her body forward until she was almost rolled into a ball. When her asshole was fully exposed, he moved his thumbs to the delicate crack and stretched her ass cheeks wide apart. "Gonna love blowing this asshole full of cum," he said, squeezing his fingers into the puckered opening.

"Ohhhhh!" Sharon screamed out.

When his fingers stabbed inside her ass, she felt raw, throbbing spasms of pain. And if his fingers hurt like this, only God knew what that monster of a cock would do!

She gave another throaty cry, begging him to stop.

"Oh... no, baby," Brad grinned, kneeling close to her body.

He held his rock-hard prick down with his left hand while supporting her lower body with his right. He then thrust the tip of his cock shaft forward. He turned and looked at his wife.

"Crawl over here, baby, and watch me screw the fuck out of her," he said.

"Do it hard," Nancy said, lying on her side, her face close to their middles. "I want to watch you tear her ass wide open."

As she spoke, she ran her fingers over both their bodies, then began digging her fingers into the crack of her husband's ass.

What Sharon thought was pain before was nothing compared to what now riddled her body. The enormous pressure of his cockhead as it squeezed against her asshole felt as if she was being fucked with a baseball bat.

And instead of lessening, the agony only got worse, something she thought was impossible. She jerked her head forward to see what he was doing and was horrified to see that most of his cock was still outside her body.

"You're going to kill me!" she screamed, clawing her palms with her fingernails.

If only she could free herself, push him away. This time, however, she knew there wouldn't even be a shadow of hope. Her struggling had made the bonds even, tighter.

"Like it?" Brad asked sadistically, forcing in about two inches of his prick shaft. "Hmmmmm? You like getting butt-fucked, baby?"

"Please, dear God, please," Sharon moaned, then her voice trail off to a gasp of agony.

"Jesus... virgin shitter," Brad laughed, punching in two more inches of his prick. "Tightest, little hole I've ever fucked. Shit, it's even tighter than your sweet pussy, you little whore."

"Fuck her some more," Nancy urged, her eyes wide with lust. She was now stroking her pussy crack, her chest heaving with excitement. "Really give it to her, honey. Bang her to death!"

Sharon couldn't even hear their words. The entire universe seemed to explode around her. She was falling, being impaled on a giant, red-hot poker. It rammed farther upward, stabbing through her guts.

And still, it got worse.

"Take it all, cocksucker," the man grunted, grinding the rest of his cock firmly into her shitter. As his balls throbbed just outside the puckered, torn opening, he began squirming his ass around, shoving his full weight forward. He pushed his head between her knees and bit the flesh between her breasts.

Sharon inhaled, the air rattling in the back of her throat. She then gave a shrieking scream. Somehow, the force of her voice seemed to lessen the pressure. Involuntarily, she sucked in some more air and screamed out again. Once more, the pressure subsided slightly.

"Thought you'd like it baby," Brad grinned. "Your little asshole is loosening up some. But it'd better, because it'll blow fucking wide open if you don't."

"How... would you like something up your ass?" Sharon spat out hatefully.

"I just might like something up my ass. Maybe a hot tongue," Brad said. "Hey, Nancy, suck on my shitter while I fuck in hers."

"Sure," Nancy said. She quickly knelt behind him and locked her lips around his asshole. She then began working her tongue in and out. "Mmmmmm."

"Ohhhh... that's just fine," Brad said, beginning to pump his prick in and out of Sharon's butt-hole. He licked back and forth across Sharon's tits, then lifted his face. "Don't you just love this, baby?"

Love it? Why, that bastard! How could he possibly think that anyone in her right mind could love having ten inches of rock-hard cock up her ass! It was stretching and pulling. She wouldn't ever shit right again.

And the way his cock throbbed. Christ, like a big, ugly snake. Totally filling her guts. She could even see it in her mind, how it molded into her slippery cunt flesh. Her walls were hugging his prick like a second foreskin.

Big and meaty and plunging where no other cock had been before. How could she feel anything but pain and hatred? How?

When she exhaled and relaxed, it wasn't quite that bad. If he'd gone a little slower, maybe it would have.

She shivered suddenly, feeling the pain melt. The tremendous pressure was still there, but it was beginning to feel good. She closed her eyes, thinking about how he'd tied her up, jerked her body forward and planted that horrible thing up her butt with those hard thrusts. How it tore into her sensitive membranes. How her asshole was stretched savagely, how those hairs around his cock shaft had scratched her!

"Ohhh, fuck me," she groaned, flinching.

In a way, she wished she could repeat what had happened, to mentally take notes. Pain is only memory, she thought, and she wanted to remember every delicious moment.

"Yes, yes," she gasped, as if trying to convince herself. "Fuck... fuck me, you bastard!"

"Now that's how I like my women," Brad groaned, biting her nipples. "Hot and fucking bothered."

It was true. Sharon was hotter than she ever had been before. In fact, her insides were like a caldron, ready to explode with climax. Yet, she couldn't believe it was possible. How could anything feel so good, yet hurt so bad at the same time?

She didn't care. Nothing mattered but his delicious, hard cock, and the anticipation of having an enormous load of cum boiling into her guts.

"Hard... make it hard... hurt," she groaned. "Mmmmm, fuck me with that giant prick and tear my asshole into a million pieces, you fucking bull stud!"

Brad began hamming violently into her shitter. He was going so fast, so furiously, her head was hitting the headboard. Their bodies were molded, fused in a mass of writhing flesh. And behind him, Nancy was sucking and chewing wildly on his ass, driving her tongue deeply in and out of his shitter.

"Great," he murmured. "Love fucking ass and getting mine licked out at the same time."

Suddenly, Sharon gave a bucking jerk that almost knocked him off her body. A thundering convulsion of pure, raw pleasure swept into her body, first inflaming her asshole, then eating into her cunt walls.

"Fuck!" she screamed, her face turning ashen. Beads of sweat popped out on her upper lip and forehead. Her eyes rolled back in her head. She inhaled, then gave another panther-like yell.

"Jesus, baby, take it," Brad moaned, feeling his cum-load boiling furiously inside his slapping balls. "All the fucking way up here!"

The first of his jism blasted from his cockhead, pounding noisily inside her shitter.

"Fuck it here!" he yelled, jabbing forward with his full weight.

His cock was like a piston machine gone out of control. And as his fucking reached full speed, his ass became a fleshy, hairy blur. His ass cheeks were slapping his wife's face noisily. The entire room soon filled with the smacking sounds of flesh on flesh.

Sharon's climax peaked, was held there for a delicious eternity, then began to subside. As it did, she felt his cock expand as it blew out more loads of cum. Immediately, when the bulk of his juices shot from the tip of his prick, her pleasures burned up even higher.

"God!" she breathed, then went limp, exhausted from the delicious release.

At the same time she relaxed, Brad punched in the first of his creamy release. It splattered into her insides, then splashed backward, swirling around his stabbing shaft.

"Screw it, bitch," he groaned, lifting his head and biting the side of her left knee. "Screw it all in and suck it in your sweet asshole."

As more of his thick, juicy cum scalded her shitter, Sharon's climax renewed itself. In a way, it was even more delicious than before, for now she couldn't move around. She could only lie there and enjoy the magnificent torture. Pain and pleasure danced up and down her spine, then exploded together, filling her with sensations she couldn't name.

Finally, when the last of his jism had shot into her asshole, Brad fell forward, grinding his full weight between her legs. Even some of the flesh around his nuts crept inside her butt, became damp with his cum. He gasped against the hollow of her throat, his moans vibrating against her heartbeat.

"Jesus fucking Christ," he said a few seconds later. "Now I know what it's like to fuck a tiger in the ass."

"Get off," Sharon whispered. "Please."

"Hey, you're not gonna pull any more shit, are you?" Brad said, giving her a dark look. "All the fucking time pretending you don't like it, and then squealing out like some fucking pig."

"No," Sharon said, her voice filling with hunger. "I want to crawl between your legs and suck the hell out of that big, hard cock!"

"Now, that's more like it," the man laughed. "You're, uh, not pissed off?"

Quite frankly, Sharon didn't know if she was or not. That was something she would have to think about later.

Much later.


Nancy crawled between Sharon's legs and buried her face in her cum-splattered cunt. When the tip of her tongue touched the juicy pussy membranes, she felt Sharon flinch.

"Ohhh, this is going to be so good," Sharon gasped, "having my pussy licked while I suck cock!"

"You really like prick a lot, don't you?" Brad said, placing his knees against her sides, holding the back of her head with both hands.

"I could suck cock twenty-four hours a day," Sharon said, her voice trembling with emotion. "Mmmmmm, big, hard ones like this, especially."

"You just might get a chance at that," Brad grinned. "A couple of guys I know at work might like to have a little action."

Sharon was only vaguely aware of his words. The sight of his cock seemed to be the only thing she could concentrate on. Already, her throat was aching, begging for the feel of his cock pulsating against her membranes.

"Let me suck," she begged, moving her head upward. "Stick it in my mouth and fuck me with it."

She twisted her head around when he nudged his body forward and locked her lips around the base of the gigantic prick shaft.

"Mmmmm... this is good," she gurgled, feeling the hunger in the back of her throat become even more demanding. "I love the way cum tastes. All thick and salty and milky and..."

Her words became a grunt of pleasure as she licked upward, then pulled his loose foreskin back with her teeth. She darted the tip of her tongue under the rubbery flesh and scooped out a mass of turn. As she swallowed it, she shivered with satisfaction.

"Oh, yes... hot cunt," she murmured, pulling back. She gave out another moan as she chewed back toward the hairy root.

"Suck it, baby," Brad grunted. "Lick it all the way in your sweet, cock sucking mouth and chew out a load of cum."

He placed his hands on her shoulders and drew her closer into his crotch. He then jerked his hips upward and increased the pressure of his hands. His rock-hard prick became fully impaled in her throat, squeezing between her tonsils.

Sharon thought she would climax right then, but for some reason, her pleasures seemed to be holding back. She was aware of two fantastic sensations that her throat was full of hot cock, and her pussy was alive with ecstasy. Nancy was doing as good a job as her husband, driving her tongue in and out like a cock.

One in her throat, another in her pussy.

She closed her eyes and pretended that Nancy's tongue was, indeed, a hard prick. What would it be like? Two cocks at the same time. Fucking in and out of her pussy and her mouth at once.

Three of them. Yes, three!

Now that she knew how wonderful it was to get screwed in the ass, she'd love to have cock driving in and out of every fuck-hole. Three sweet slabs of hard prickmeat, filling her full of cum from every angle.

She licked back up his shaft and spit his cockhead out, giving it a hungry look as it stood up and slapped his stomach. It was so beautiful, oval-shaped, and massive, the color of a ripe plum.

"I... I wish there were three of you," Sharon murmured, lapping the tip of her tongue up and down the underside of his shaft. "Mmmmm, I'd love to get fucked all over."

"Shit, you couldn't take on three at once," Brad said. "You kidding?"

"No," Sharon whispered, not really knowing where the conversation was leading. It was more of a fantasy than anything else, a mind game.

"Well, I guess I could arrange that, if you really wanted it," he said. "Maybe I could, even if you didn't want it," he added with a cruel laugh.

"What do you mean?" Sharon asked, a little too quickly. She felt a tremor of excitement, of fear.

"These buddies of mine might not be as nice as I've been," Brad said.

Sharon almost laughed. How could they be any worse than him! Christ, her body felt as if she had been beaten.

"When can we do it?" she asked, her eyes glistening with anticipation.

"Jesus, I don't believe you," Brad said, frowning. "Shit, you were ready to scratch my eyes out, yelling rape, and now you want to fucking take on three guys at once!"

"Don't forget Nancy," Sharon grinned. "Mmmmm, four of you."

"Christ!" Brad said, shaking his head.

"How could any girl say no?" Sharon purred, feeling deliciously wicked. "Why, any girl would be stupid not to jump at the chance."

"Shut up and jump those hot lips around my cock," Brad snarled, poking his shaft back into her mouth. "Talk later. Just suck me off right now, baby."

Sharon was only too happy to oblige. She pursed her lips tightly around his cock and sucked fully to the thick, hairy base. As the man's wiry cock hairs scratched the insides of her nostrils, she felt the back of her throat quiver with anticipation.

"Christ, I love the way you take it all the way in," Brad whispered, pressing the back of her head, forcing her head hard into his crotch. "Hell, I think you can match Nancy any day of the week."

Sharon wondered suddenly how many women he had done this to. Probably more than she could count. And he made them suck him off. Forced them to. For some reason, thinking about it excited her even more. She wanted to be better than all the rest combined. For, by giving him pleasure it made her enjoy it more.

After sucking up and down his cock for a few long moments, she held his cockhead against her lips and spoke.

"Make me do it," she whispered, her eyes crazy with desire. "Come on... please make me do it. Hurt me. Humiliate me!"

A cruel smile formed on Brad's lips. He then ran his fingers through her silky, red-gold hair and yanked her head forward. The force of his move caused her forehead to slap his stomach noisily.

"OK, baby, you asked for it," he grunted. "You want to be made to eat dick... well, fucking take it!"

When he became rougher, Sharon's body shivered with ecstasy. It was so good like this, to be tied up, forced to suck his enormous cock. And she loved the way his hard muscles felt against her flesh, the way his short, wiry hairs scraped over her skin. Sucking cock and having her pussy licked out was almost too good.

"Mmmmmm," she gurgled, lapping her tongue fully around his stabbing cock shaft.

She jerked at the bonds holding her wrists, felt the hemp tear into her flesh. The pain was delicious, causing her heart to pound. She gave another moan of ecstasy as she buried her face fully between his thick, muscular thighs.

Brad ground her face savagely into his crotch, then yanked her head back. He immediately threw his right leg up in the air and moved to one side. He rolled slightly, pulling up against her body so hard the rope almost pulled her hand off. He felt her muffled moan of anguish around the base of his cock.

"Suck me all over, you little slut," he said. "My asshole, too."

He pulled his cock out of her mouth and crushed his body upward, moving his ass cheeks over her face. He then planted his shitter opening against her lips and squirmed around.

"Ram frat little tongue in and clean out my asshole," he rasped, forcing her head down.

Sharon licked and chewed on his shitter with growing hunger, savoring the acrid flavor of his slippery membranes. And as Nancy licked wildly on her pussy, she squeezed the woman's head with her knees. Her insides were churning with delicious ecstasy, ready to explode. Suddenly, Brad jerked her head away from his asshole.

"Back to my cock, you little prick hound," he said, forcing his cockhead between her lips. "I'm ready to blow your little throat full of hot cunt."

The instant Sharon gobbled down on his prick, her mouth was full of surging, milky warmth. She choked violently as the juices shot, into the back of her throat and seemed to explode.

"Aaaghhhhh," she spluttered, sending a creamy spray of molten jism into his crotch hairs.

"That's it, whore," Brad said, heaving his hips back and forth. "Load that little cum eating mouth up and hold onto it. I want you to blow some of my cum into my shitter and suck it back out."

His words inflamed Sharon with a hunger she hadn't thought possible. She sucked and pulled wildly on his cock, trying to collect every precious drop. And each time he forced in another shot of cum, she experienced a convulsion of climax between her legs.

Nancy's face was completely trapped, the woman's tongue forced deeply into Sharon's pussy.

"Now, cocksucker," Brad grunted, jerking her mouth off his cock and forcing her face under his body, "spit it in and lick it back out!"

Sharon locked her lips firmly around his shitter opening and thrust the cum into his asshole with her tongue. After her mouth was empty, she sucked hungrily, drawing the sweet fluid back into her mouth.

"Ohhhh, God," she screamed out, her voice a gurgling vibration inside his asshole.

A convulsive spasm of raw pleasure constricted her cunt walls, then burned around her opening. She felt rich masses of pussy juice ooze around Nancy's probing tongue. She gave another moan, again spitting Brad's cum into his shitter.

"Christ, that's good," Brad grunted, grinding his ass around. "Suck, eat out every fucking drop, bitch!"

Sharon sucked his ass dry, then turned her head to one side, shivering as the rich, creamy fluid crept into the back of her throat and trickled into her stomach.

"Delicious," she murmured, her pussy still quivering with the subsiding pangs of climax. "I loved doing that to you."

When he pulled away, Sharon relaxed, her eyes half-closed. Nancy was still licking and chewing happily away on her cunt, but her body was numb from so much pleasure.

Seconds later, however, she felt another itch inside her cunt. She spread her legs and pushed her hips upward. Nancy's tongue was like a limp, slippery cock, sliding wonderfully over her quivering pussy membranes.

"Eat me," she gasped, looking down at Nancy's lovely face. "Nibble on my clit. It feels like it's on fire!"

Nancy pulled Sharon's cunt opening wide with her fingers. When the tiny, rubbery clit was fully revealed, she sank her teeth into the tender base. She bit hard, then pulled her teeth upward.

"Ohhhhhhh!" Sharon screamed out, bucking violently. "Yes... just like that! Lick my clit!"

As her orgasm peaked, she closed her eyes. An instant later, she felt Nancy's pussy against her face. She opened her eyes and parted her lips. And as the last electric jolt of climax pierced her body, mouth was molded to cunt, cunt to mouth.

Both women screamed, seemed to share the same release.

And as they writhed together, Brad's eyes widened with pleasure. He reached out and picked up the telephone receiver. He dialed a number and spoke quickly. When he hung up, be looked back at the women. They were squirming together like mating snakes.

"Gonna have some company," he smiled. So it's really going to happen, Sharon thought. Three cocks at the same time! And what did Brad mean about them being even meaner than him? Surely he was kidding!

And what the hell, if they weren't kidding, and planned on keeping her tied up for two weeks it couldn't be all that bad.

She would live to laugh at those words.


With Nancy and Brad in another part of the house, Sharon looked at the man who stood in the doorway. She felt her heart skip a beat. Ruggedly handsome, his body bulging with thick, meaty muscles, he seemed to dominate her with his cold stare.

She suddenly felt like a virgin, almost afraid of what was going to happen. And why had Nancy and Brad left, anyway? Brad had promised her that she would have all three of the men at the same time.

"I'm Mike," the man said finally, walking into the room and closing the door. "You're Sharon?"

Sharon was beginning to feel ridiculous.

Tied up naked like this, in a room with a perfect stranger she wished she'd never even suggested the horrible thing.

Before she could ask him to untie her, however, he moved over and did exactly that. He then sat on the bed and gently kissed the bruised flesh of both her wrists.

For some reason, Sharon thought, she should be relieved. She was now free, and from the way the man acted, he would more than likely let her go. But instead of being more relieved, she felt more tense.

"Well? You want it?" the man said, his voice a rich baritone. "Or do you want to leave? Looks like you've been roughed up a little."

What a liar Brad was. This man was as gentle as a lamb! But what a hulking gant. Thick, curly hair surrounding a square face, and blue eyes. And those shoulders! A yard wide, she would swear. His form, even fully clothed, was enough to cause her blood to boil.

"No... I want to stay here," she whispered. "With you."

"And what do you want me to do?" the man asked, smiling for the first time.

"Take off your clothes and fuck the living shit out of me," Sharon said, feeling a sense of urgency.

In a way, this was an even better challenge than with Brad. She had to convince him that she truly wanted it. She suddenly felt powerful. She began tearing at his clothes, gasping as his naked flesh came into view. With clothes, he was beautiful; without them, perfect. Not an ounce of fat anywhere, and that cock!

"Sweet prick," she moaned, stroking the monster cock to life. "I want you to screw me full of hard cockmeat."

When the man was fully naked, he pushed her down on the bed and placed his right hand on her pussy. At the same time, he kissed her passionately on the mouth.

"Mmmmmmm, baby, you're hotter than a firecracker," he whispered.

"You can make it even hotter if... if you do it to me," Sharon gasped into his mouth. "Do it hard... make it hurt."

"I don't go in for that too much," Mike said. "I like to treat my women gentle."

Sharon felt her excitement grow, instead of diminish. She would have control now, tell him what she wanted. And then she would demand it.

"Tie me back up and... and... fuck me!" she said, clawing at his back with, her nails. "It was the best with Brad. Make it better, please."

"You sure?" Mike said, pulling away. "I mean, you know what you're asking?"

"Yes," Sharon whispered, her voice filled with lust.

To her surprise, the man moved off the bed and walked into the bathroom. A few seconds later, he reentered the bedroom, holding a long, water-dripping towel in his right hand. Then, with surprising strength, he began tearing the towel into shreds.

While she watched with growing fascination, he approached the bed and tied one length of wet cloth to her right wrist. He then attached another strand to her left one. After checking the knots, he did the same thing to her ankles.

"Want it standing up?" he asked, giving her a hungry look that startled her.

"I... I don't care," Sharon said, her heart in her throat. She looked from his face to his cock. The gigantic shaft was bobbing, gently slapping his stomach. "Just fuck me with that."

Mike pulled her off the bed and moved her backward until she was up against the wall. He then attached the shreds of cloth to the locks at the bottoms of the two windows at her sides. He then kicked her legs apart and tied the other pieces of cloth to the handle of a heavy, oak dresser to her left, and the doorstop beside the closet door.

Totally spread-eagled, Sharon was glad now that he had used wet cloth instead of the ropes. It didn't cut into her flesh like the hemp.

"This is going to be good," she gasped. "I just know it."

Already her pussy was on fire with desire, oozing a stream of opaque juice that burned the insides of her thighs.

"Fuck me," she whispered, throwing her head around, pulling against the bonds. "God, stick that big cock in and bang on my pussy, you bastard."

Mike rechecked the knots to make sure she was securely bound, then took a step backward. As his eyes moved over her body, his cock pulsated with such strength, it looked like it was about to burst.

"You'd be amazed how many women talk themselves into this sort of thing," he said, his voice thick with, lust.

Sharon flinched, suddenly realizing she'd made a mistake. She had read him all wrong! He wasn't the gentle creature she'd thought. He was probably more cruel than Brad. The expression in his eyes was cold, like that of a vampire.

"You... you're not going to hurt me, are you?" she asked, her voice high-pitched, frightened.

"That's what you said you wanted, baby," Mike said, a wide grin forming on his handsome face. He touched her breasts with the fingers of his right hand. "Isn't it?"

Sharon couldn't believe how stupid she'd been, to have actually asked for this! She didn't know the man, and they were alone. Nancy and Brad wouldn't lift a finger to help. She knew that. Why, he could kill her if he wanted. Although she knew it was useless to scream, she screamed, anyway.

"Close your fucking mouth," Mike said, his eyes flashing with cruel lust, "or I'll have to fucking close it for you, bitch!"

Sharon couldn't stop screaming. The mere touch of his fingers, the way he was looking at her like a hungry dog over a meaty bone filled her with growing horror.

Almost casually, Mike reached down and picked up another strip of the wet towel. He then rolled it into a ball and stuffed it inside her open mouth, cutting off her scream. While she tried to spit it out, he took another piece of cloth and tied it around her mouth. When he jerked the knot at the back of her head, the cloth stretched savagely across both her cheeks.

"There," he said, moving away from her body.

Sharon's eyes widened with terror. She struggled against the bonds, but it was useless. She was his prisoner and he could do anything he wanted. She felt a rumble of vomit at the back of her throat.

"Want it to hun?" Mike asked, his smile a grimace. "Well, baby, get ready for pain!"

Watching with horror so real she could smell it, Sharon saw him reach for the rest of the wet towel. When he wrapped the end of it around his right hand, then twisted the rest of it into a long, tapering tube, she knew what was going to happen.

"Mmmmffff!" she choked, jerking her legs and arms, feeling the knots eat into her flesh.

She had been wrong. The wet cloth was worse than the ropes. The more she struggled, the sharper they seemed, now almost like knife blades. She gave out another scream, her eyes on the towel in his hand. Mike swung the towel around then, popping it in the air like a whip. He hit her with the tip of it. As it whistled through the air and smacked the nipple of her right breast, she experienced pain before contact was made. Her body bucked, then fell limp. She screamed through the cloth in her mouth, but her voice was only a soft gurgle.

"Does it hurt, baby?" Mike growled, every muscle in his body tightening. "Huh? Does this, you little whore?"

He hit her again, this time the towel finding her cunt mound.

Sharon thought she had known pain until this moment. The lashings of the towel were like animal bites, eating into her flesh. She jerked and writhed against her knotted bonds, but it only increased the agony. She looked quickly to her right and saw that her hand was a mottled purple, as were her feet and ankles. Still, she struggled, hoping by some miracle she could break free and run.

"Take it, baby," Mike cried out, hitting her again and again, covering her body with inch-long red welts. "You fucking said you wanted it to hurt."

When Sharon knew she would faint, he stopped. There was a silence in the room for a few seconds, save for his rapid breathing and her muffled grunts.

A couple of seconds later, however, new terror flashed in her eyes. He moved over toward the bed and grasped a long piece of rope that Brad had used before. Slowly, he walked back over toter and slipped the rough, hairy-looking hemp over her body.

"Mmmffff!" she begged, shaking her head back and forth. She could almost see the rope cutting into her flesh if he was going to beat her with that too.

"Hey, don't worry," Mike grinned, his face flushed, "I'm through getting you primed, baby. Now for some fun!"

He suddenly wrapped the rope about her chest, tying it in a figure-eight around her tits. He yanked the slack out and tied it behind her neck. The pressure of the rope caused her tits to rise even higher, almost touching her chin. Her skin was raw, alive with fiery pain.

Again she yelled out, her voice lost in the material of the wet towel in her mouth.

"Oh, I like it like this," Mike said, moving between her outstretched legs. "Makes you wiggle around like an eel. I'll hardly have to do any work at all when I fuck you, baby."

Another burning spasm of pain drilled into Sharon's body. This time, the sensation shot into her cunt. When he stabbed his rock-hard cock deeply inside her pussy, she felt as if the top of her head would blow off. Because her body was so tense with agony, her cunt walls had constricted, making it seem like even a pencil couldn't have gotten inside her.

Ten inches of thick cock did, however.

No, her mind screamed. God, please stop this! It's killing me!

"Take it, you little slut!" Mike growled, withdrawing his prick and slamming back inside. "Ahhh... yes, baby, take every fucking inch and fuck it right up to your cumsucking throat."

His move, and her writhings, caused her body to spasm with pure, raw torture. The bonds at her wrists and ankles, and the rough hemp cutting into the flesh of her breasts felt like gnawing teeth.

Those sensations, however, were nothing compared to the horror that swept inside her cunt. His cock was like a cattle prod, grinding savagely in and out of her pussy, stretching her fuck-hole to the breaking point.

She threw her head to one side, hitting the side of her head against the wall. Another muffled shriek escaped through the wet material of the towel in her mouth.

"Does it hurt enough baby?" Mike grunted, heaving his ass back and forth, puncturing her pussy with his massive, rock-hard prick shaft. "Hmmmmm, baby? Is this fucking good enough for your little whore pussy?"

Sharon tried to faint, but she couldn't. It was as if her consciousness was like a mocking imp inside her brain. And the pain grew even worse. She wondered suddenly if he would ruin her forever.

That horrible cock shaft was savage, scraping her constricted walls, reaming her out. It was going to eat right into her guts, tear her membranes. It was going to... it was...

A sensation she was afraid to name she might be wrong in her confused terror filtered into her body, almost as if it had permeated her flesh. Slowly, like oozing oil, it worked toward the back of her cunt, then moved forward. The muscles inside her pussy loosened slightly, decreasing the painful friction of his pounding shaft.

"That's it, whore," Mike grunted, increasing the momentum of his fucking. "Suck on my cock with that little pussy of yours."

Sharon didn't know what was happening to her. Maybe the pain was just so horrible she'd reached the saturation point; she didn't know. Yet, it seemed to lessen in some areas of her body. As it did, pleasure yes, pleasure smoldered in others. It was a delicious feeling, she thought, to suffer agony and ecstasy at the same time, almost as if they were mirror reflections of the same sensation.

"Aaaaghhhh," she gurgled, beginning to fuck with him.

Each time he jabbed his cock inside her pussy, she thrust her hips forward, sucking him deeply inside her body. She gave another groan, feeling her cunt become alive with new sensations.

"Fuck it, whore!" Mike growled, grabbing for her tits with his huge hands. He leaned his head down and bit into the tender flesh, drawing blood. "Fuck on my cock... bitch!"

Sharon couldn't begin to describe what happened to her. As she bucked and writhed, it was almost as if she had become a different person or lost every spark of humanity. Like two cats on a fence, they fucked, heedless of all rational thought. Nothing mattered but cruel, savage fucking.

"Unhhhhh," she moaned, her eyes glazed with tortured ecstasy.

Suddenly, her body seemed to explode, showering her insides with fiery warmth. She froze for a second, then began jerking and thrashing about wildly. Her cunt muscles worked feverishly around his plunging cock, almost trapping him inside. And the force of her climax practically yanked the boiling wads of cunt from his swinging balls.

"Jesus... fucking... shit!" Mike yelled out, his gurgling voice lost around the slippery flesh of her tits. His climax was almost painful as it peaked, sending out a massive, bubbling explosion of milky cum. "Goddamn you, screw it up... unhhhhh... take it... here! Here!"

If possible, Sharon's pleasure even increased when she felt the thick, churning bursts of jism spurt into her convulsing cunt. Every cell, each nerve was on fire, bursting with delicious release. Soon, the sensations became so powerful, so intense, she went limp, feeling the room darken and begin to spin about her.

"Mmmmmmmm," she moaned, her eyes fluttering closed.

While she lay against the wall like a rag doll, she felt more of his cum spew inside her pussy. In an almost never-ending stream, it filled her until it found no more room. A short while later, thick gushes of jism bubbled from her cunt, wetting her cunt hairs and the insides of her thighs. Soon, twin rivers of molten cum oozed down her thighs, reached her knees, then plopped to the floor, forming a milky, greasy pool between her outstretched feet.

In her mind's eye, she could almost see what the thick globs of cum would look like. They were oozing over her skin, collecting in lumps, then pulled by the force of gravity hanging like spider webs, swinging back and forth.

Her throat twitched with hunger, wanting the feel of those pools of cum running into her stomach. She worked her tongue around the material in her mouth, forcing it slightly to one side. She tried to speak, although her words were mere gagging sounds.

"What's that you want, baby?" Mike grunted, looking up at her tortured expression. He thrust in the last of his jism, held himself there, then slowly moved his head up. He grinned, untying the knot at the back of her neck and pulling out the damp towel.

As the material slipped from between her lips, Sharon yelled out her words, but even she couldn't understand them. She took a deep breath and repeated what she had said.

"I... I want to suck you," she gasped, her face ashen with desire. "Give... give me some hot cum to lick, you bastard."

"Jesus damn!" Mike said, chuckling. "You are cock-hungry, aren't you?"

"Yes, God, yes," Sharon panted, jerking at the shreds of damp cloth against her ankles and wrists. "If I don't get your prick in my mouth, I'll go crazy."

"OK, baby," Mike grinned. "But you'd better make it good, or I'll have to whip you again."

He pulled a chair over and positioned it in front of her. He then stood up on it and braced himself with his hands against the wall over her head. He thrust his hips forward, planting the entire length of his cock in her open mouth. As it slid fully inside her throat, he felt her tongue lap furiously around his shaft, even pull some of his crotch hairs inside her mouth.

"Mmmmmmm," Sharon groaned, her eyes filled with rapture. Her body shivered with expectation.

It was even better than she'd imagined. All hard and covered with a residue of thick, milky cum. The juices seemed to etch her throat muscles like warm acid. She exhaled loudly, giving a whimpering moan, then sucked wildly with her puckered lips, burrowing her nose into the wiry patch of hair.

"Shit... suck it, baby," Mike gasped.

Her mouth was like a milking machine, causing his balls to throb with a fresh load of cum. He moved his hands down the wall and held them behind her head. He then humped upward, crushing her face savagely between his thick, meaty thighs.

"That's... it... ah, just like that, cocksucker," he grunted, squirming his ass around. "Chew on every big hard inch."

Sharon couldn't believe how powerful her hunger for cock was. It was as if every fiber of her being was concentrated on pulling that delicious slab of cockmeat into her body.

And after she'd sucked on his enormous prick for just a few seconds, her pussy burst with raw spasms of climax. The heat from her orgasm swept upward, constricting her guts, finally throbbing at the back of her throat.

"Mmmmffff," she spluttered, lapping under his cock, the tip of her tongue moving over his balls.

"Want it all?" Mike grunted, placing his hand under her chin. "See if you can suck all of me, cocksucker."

Sharon's mouth widened when he forced his right ball between her lips then the other one. It seemed impossible, but she was now burrowing fully into his crotch, taking cock and balls. The wiry hairs of his crotch and the bottom of his ass crack scratched her lips, inflaming her with even greater convulsions of pleasure.

Suddenly, she felt his balls throb, then recede slightly. A few seconds later, as the root of his cock expanded, giving her absolutely no more room in her mouth, she tasted the first gush of his molten cunt.

"Suck it off, whore," Mike cried out, pounding forward with his full weight. His jism blasted from his cockhead with the force of a pressure hose, sending wads of cum both upward and downward. "Lick every drop and eat it down, bitch."

This had to be the best ever, Sharon realized. Completely and totally devouring a man like this. Not only was she eating on his prick, but she could also feel his nuts pulsate, forcing up more thick globs of cum. Her climax peaked violently, then seemed to stay there for a delicious eternity.

Finally, when his cum-load had been gobbled down, and she'd sucked the residue from her nostrils, she let her head fall to her right shoulder. His balls plopped out of her mouth, followed by his throbbing, greasy shaft.

"Goddamn, you're a fucking cannibal," Mike chuckled. "You ought to have that mouth of yours registered as a deadly weapon."

Sharon was too weak to respond. She could only lean back against the wall and pant, feeling her body tingle with the subsiding pangs of pleasure.

God, she thought, is there no stopping me? Is there nothing I won't do? The feeling was a little frightening, as if she were discovering a dark side of her personality for the first time. Yet, it was something to think about later. Much later.

"I want to suck some more," she said weakly, her eyes on his half-hard cock.

"Well, I think you've just about wiped me out," Mike said, getting off the chair and dropping to the floor.

"Please," Sharon gasped, feeling her hunger return. "Just one more time."

She was about to say something else, when she saw the door open. Perhaps it was Brad. Christ, anyone with a cock!

"I heard there was a little action in here," the man said. He looked at Sharon and grinned. His gaze dropped to Sharon's oozing cunt.

"Little action?" Mike wheezed. "Shit, that lady is a man-eater."

"Really?" the man said, moving into the room. He looked at the red welts on her body and his eyes burned with lust. "You like eating cock, baby?"

"Yes," Sharon whispered, giving the man a slight grin. "As long as it's hard and full of cum."

"What else do you like?" he asked, moving the tip of his index finger up and down an especially long welt just under her left breast.

"Anything," Sharon said, shivering to his touch.

"Is that a fact? Well, let's just see about that. OK?" He kissed her for a few moments, then pulled back. "My name is Jeff, by the way," he said. "What's yours?"

"Sharon," she replied, wishing he would get on with it.

"Well, Sharon," he said, fumbling with his clothes, "get yourself ready for a real fuck." He turned to Mike. "See you later, buddy. The lady and I want to be alone."

While Sharon watched Jeff undress, she trembled with pleasure. How could she have been so foolish as to think that two weeks as a captive here was going to be bad?

It was going to be heaven!


When Sharon saw the man fully naked, she felt her pussy convulse with pleasure. Her pussy lips puckered, readying themselves for the sensation of his massive cock sliding deeply inside, spitting out masses of hot cum.

"Ohhhh, take me," she whispered, her voice a throaty growl of pleasure.

"You take me first, baby," Jeff said, moving his fingers deftly over the knots at her wrists.

Somewhat disappointed, yet a little wary, she didn't object when he untied her and moved her to the bed. Perhaps he had some tricks up his sleeve also. Would he gain her confidence, then?

When he lay beside her, she studied him more carefully. He was a giant of a man, muscular and sensuous. His hair was sandy brown, his eyes a golden brown. His face was square, and he sported a dark brown mustache that drooped to his chin, framing a slight cleft.

The most outstanding thing about him, however, was between his muscular, hairy legs. His cock was actually almost a foot long and as big around as her wrist. A loose sheath of foreskin was pulled slightly away from the thick, purplish-colored cockhead. Underneath hung two cum-filled balls as big as peaches.

"You have anything special you want done?" she asked, lowering her face to his crotch and running the tip of her pink tongue over the rough hairy surface of his balls.

"Maybe," Jeff said, placing his hand on the back of her head.

"Am I going to have to do all the work?" Sharon teased, positioning herself between his legs and running her fingers over his powerful thighs.

"For a little while," Jeff grinned. "Just take advantage of the time... while you can."

The tone of his voice sounded slightly threatening, but she didn't pay attention. Instead, she was concentrating fully on his massive prick. After holding it up and admiring it for several seconds, she closed her mouth around the gigantic cockhead and pushed het lips down the throbbing shaft.

"Ah... good," Jeff grunted, humping his hips upward as he saw her lips eat into the dark bristles at the root of his cock. "Right down your cock sucking throat, baby!"

After what she'd gone through with Brad and Mike, she had hoped this wouldn't be such a tame experience. It seemed, however, that Jeff just wanted to lie there while she sucked him off. She felt a sense of urgency, almost resentment. She ran her nails up and down his thighs, scraping them into the hard-muscled flesh.

Still, a girl could be worse off.

"You like it bad, don't you?" Jeff said, moving his other hand to the back of her head.

"Mmm-hmmm," Sharon murmured, her mouth still around his prick, her tongue lapping furiously over the smooth, rubbery surface.

"Thai's what I thought," the man said. "And you've come to the right place."

He got off the bed suddenly, dragging her with him. He threw her to the floor, at the foot of the bed. Quickly, he grabbed the ropes that lay beside them and attached them to her wrists. After checking the knots, he tied the ends of the rope to the frame of the bed, pulling the slack so hard her tits heaved upward.

"Ouch!" Sharon gasped, feeling as if her arms would tear off. "It hurts!"

"No shit," Jeff said, his voice cold. He then kissed her brutally on the mouth. "Well, baby, this is heaven compared to what comes next."

He got up and left the room, leaving her alone. And as she sat there, her head against the mattress, she had time to think. Somewhere in the house, she heard Nancy scream, causing her to flinch.

This wasn't a game. It was really happening. And the worst part of it was, she didn't know any of the rules. Until today, she hadn't even met any of these people. They could do anything to her. And what recourse did she have?

"You stupid jerk," she said to herself, wishing she were in the safety of her own house next door. "Stupid, stupid, stupid!"

She heard Nancy scream out again, the tone chilling her to the bone. If Brad would let Mike hurt his wife like that, only God knows what he would let the men do to her, a stranger! Her body seemed engulfed in cold terror. If only she'd stayed at home like a good wife.

When she saw the door open, she felt her insides constrict. Slowly, her mouth gaped open.

There stood Jeff, looking like some sort of pagan God, his body tensed. And what he held in his right hand caused her to choke on her fear. A length of chain dangled to the floor, looking like some sort of distorted, evil, metal snake.

"Wha-what are you going to do?" she finally spluttered.

"You'll find out," Jeff said, his voice thick with lust. He walked over and knelt between her legs. He then draped the chain around her neck and pulled it tight. "I'm gonna make you scream, baby. Fucking scream your life away!"

For the first time, Sharon understood the expression about being scared shitless. She felt her ass muscles loosen.

"Please... God, please," she gasped, barely able to talk.

Although she knew it would be useless, she struggled to free herself. Her movements, however, only increased the pain. Metal and rope cut into her flesh like blades.

"Don't you want this?" Jeff grinned, his eyes flashing with raw lust.

"I... I've changed my mind," Sharon whimpered, now fully realizing just what a fool she'd been to get involved with these maniacs. She then remembered what Brad had said about Jeff. He was supposed to be the roughest. And that chain...

The metal tightened around her throat, causing her face to flush, turn slightly purple. She gagged, trying to breathe, but her lungs were on fire.

"Know what I'm gonna do with this chain?" Jeff asked, releasing the pressure slightly.

Sharon shook her head, afraid to answer. He looked insane, animal-like. Was he going to beat her with it? Choke her to death? God, if only she could have this day to live over again!

"Baby, I'm gonna shove this fucking chain up your ass," Jeff said. "And then you know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna yank it out and start you up like a fucking lawn mower."

Before Sharon could scream out, his mouth was on hers, savage and demanding. At the same time, she felt the add metal drop from her neck and slide down her shoulders.

"Mmmmffff!" she spluttered, her body freezing with cold, pure terror.

"One fucking link at a time, whore," Jeff snarled, nibbling across her cheek to her right ear. "Now the first one... you ready, baby?"

Just thinking about the horror of it almost made Sharon faint. But when she felt the cold metal slip between her legs, she jerked, her eyes widening with terror. While holding her neck with one hand, he moved the end of the chain into the crack of her ass.

"No! God, no!" she screamed, her flesh crawling.

"Here's the first link," Jeff said, squeezing the rounded piece of metal against her shitter. "Just think, baby, only about fifty to go."

Sharon shrieked with agony when the first link squeezed inside her asshole. Her entrance stretched, then seemed to burn. The chain links had to be as big around as his cock, but harder, more violent. Pain flooded her body like liquid fire.

"Cock and chain," Jeff said, forcing in another link. At the same time, he moved his left hand away from her neck and held his rigid cock down at a right angle to his body. He stabbed her cunt, driving in about two inches of prick shaft, separating her cunt lips savagely. "Ahhh... this is perfect, isn't it?"

Sharon was in such pure agony, she couldn't even reply, or even scream out. Her body thundered with raw, horrible spasms of anguish. And when she was absolutely certain the pain couldn't get any worse, it did. Brutally so.

"Little more, huh?" Jeff murmured, thrusting more of his cock inside her constricted pussy opening. As he squirmed his ass around, he shoved another two links of chain up her ass. "Ahhh, yes... chain fucking always makes a hot cunt even tighter, like a sweet virgin."

As Sharon felt the agonizing combination of chain and cock, she felt her insides flame with new sensations of pain. It was almost like having a thousand icy-hot needles jabbing into her guts. The taste of vomit rose to the back of her throat.

"Please, dear God, don't," she begged, not even recognizing her own voice. "You're killing me!"

"Naw, baby, just fucking you," Jeff said, oblivious to her agony. He pushed in another link of chain and stabbed the rest of his cock inside her cunt. He buried his face between her heaving breasts.

Sharon thought her intestines would explode. How much cock and chain were inside her now? It felt as if her body had been impaled over a giant claw.

"That's pretty good," Jeff said, letting the rest of the chain drop from his hand. The links lay between her legs like some kind of tail. He grabbed her around the waist. "Hang on, bitch. I'm gonna ride you to pieces."

He shoved forward with his full weight, knocking the breath out of her. Immediately, he pulled back and slammed inside again. His fingers dug into her flesh while he moved his mouth back and forth between her breasts, his teeth scraping into the delicate flesh. At times, he sucked her nipples across the roof of his mouth and blew her tits with his warm, wet breath.

"Aieeeee!" Sharon shrieked.

She'd never before felt anything so horrible, so savage. It was almost as if it weren't a cock up her pussy, but an iron rod.

"Please... hurts... killing me," she panted, her face ashen now with terror.

"Take it, slut," Jeff grunted, plunging his prick in and out with full force. "All the Goddamned way..."

His cock rammed her wildly. Sharon felt her constricted pussy almost tear. She gave another cry of agony, jerking her hands against the ropes that held her, feeling them cut into her flesh.

"Screw me, you cum-hungry bitch," Jeff rasped, pounding into her pussy furiously, using every ounce of his hulking strength. His balls were sliding back and forth, slapping against the chain that was lodged in her ass. "Fuck it up your cunt, slut bitch... take every Goddamned inch and fuck on it hard!"

Sharon felt as if she were being split open. Never before had she been so aware of her body, for each nerve, every cell seemed to throb with a separate and distinct spasm. And as the pain heightened, she wished for unconsciousness, or even death. Yet, she stayed awake, very much alive.

"Oh, baby, your pussy is so fucking sweet and hot," Jeff said, still hammering violently into her cunt. "Just big enough for my prick. Christ... I'm sure gonna love the fuck out of tearing it to shreds."

Sharon didn't know which was worse, the way her pussy burned with agony, or how her shitter throbbed. The torture danced back and forth, eating into her membranes.

Suddenly, in the back of her cunt, she felt a tight constriction. She flinched, thinking it would be a new sort of agony. The sensation, however, was almost soothing. She exhaled loudly, feeling her insides relax slightly.

Jeff noticed her reaction also, because her pussy opening fluttered around his thrusting cock. He slipped his shaft out and hammered back inside. He held, himself there for a few moments, then squirmed his ass around.

"See... I knew you'd fucking like this," he murmured, nipping his teeth into the flesh of her upturned tits. "Tell me how much you love it, whore!"

Sharon felt like spitting in his face, because she knew he was right. She was beginning to like it, being taken like this, feeling the horror of anticipation. Still, her voice was racked with sobs.

"No, please, no," she whimpered, like some sort of animal in a trap, or a beaten slave.

"Oh yes, you little cock-hungry whore," Jeff spat. "Now get ready for the best part."

His words echoed in her brain as her guts filled with intense pressure. Then, suddenly, her orgasm shot forward around his cock, almost like a bursting rocket. She threw her head to one side and screamed, her voice savage with delicious release.

"Fuck it, you Goddamned cow," Jeff growled, screwing her with his full weight. His right hand was fumbling between her legs, his fingers clutching at the length of chain against the inside of her thigh. "Any second now!"

In the next several seconds, Sharon's body suffered and enjoyed every sensation imaginable. Soon, pleasure and pain blurred together.

"Now... whore!" Jeff yelled, plunging his cock savagely inside.

At the same time his prick exploded inside her climaxing cunt, he yanked the entire length of chain from her shitter.

"Unhh... fuck!" he cried, throwing the chain across the room.

At first, Sharon froze, as if time had stopped. But when the full impact of what he'd done hit her, she began clawing at her palms with her bent fingers. Her toes curled under so hard, the muscles in her thighs burned.

"God!" she screamed out, as even greater spasms of pain and pleasure swept into her body. "Yes, you... you bastard! Screw me! Tear me apart with that big, horrible cock of yours!"

More of his thundering cum-load blasted into her bruised and torn pussy, but the heat from the fluid was a delicious balm, working its way backward, filtering into every inch of her insides.

"Unhhh... all of it, bitch!" the man moaned, pumping in the bulk of his steaming jism. "Suck it up your fucking cunt and screw on it, baby."

Another massive convulsion of pleasure tore into Sharon's body. The effect of the chain being pulled out could still be felt, as if jabbing fingers kneaded her ass walls.

"Fuck me... big prick... fuck me!" she panted, her eyes glazed with pleasure. "Don't ever stop. Screw in gallons of cum... just... unhhhh... fuck me!"

Jeff did exactly that, pounding into her cunt until his cock was dry. At last, he pressed his full weight forward and relaxed, breathing hard against the side of her neck.

"How was that for starters?" he gasped.

"I... I can't take any... any more," Sharon said. The release of her ecstasy had exhausted her. "It was too good."

Jeff laughed, then pulled away. As he did, his cock slipped from her spent pussy and slapped upward, smacking his stomach. He looked down at the greasy monster cock, then into Sharon's half-closed eyes.

"Sure you don't want some more?" he teased.

"No... I..." Sharon began, then looked at the rich cum that clung to his cock. "Well..."

Before she could say anything else, Jeff untied the bonds from the frame of the bed, then attached the two ropes together, anchoring her wrists in one big knot. He grabbed her by the hair of the head and pulled her to her knees.

"Suck me," he said, standing back and spreading his legs. "Clean off this cum, then suck out some more."

"OK," Sharon said weakly, feeling her hunger return.

"Oh, no," Jeff said with a grin. "It's not going to be that easy. You've got to beg for it."

Sharon gazed at the thick, massive slab of cock, saw the glistening, bubbly cum. Her eyes took in his hulking, muscular frame, the perfectly proportioned body.

She began crawling toward him, begging.


Sharon crawled toward the man, then lost her balance. She fell sideways, almost rolling into a ball. The ropes at her wrists seemed to tighten, to inflame her flesh with raw pain.

"Come on, baby," Jeff grinned, watching her lie on the floor. "Crawl over here on your knees and suck me off!"

Sharon was so exhausted, she didn't think she could even move. When she eyed his monstrous cock, however, she seemed to receive strength from some unknown source.

"Let me suck you, please," she heard herself say. Her voice was slurred, as if she were drunk. "I... I want your big cock in my throat."

"That's it," Jeff said, watching her again get to her knees and begin to crawl toward him. "Crawl and beg, honey."

"Please, God, let me have it," Sharon whispered, feeling her throat constrict.


Sharon crawled. But each time she was within a few inches of his throbbing prick, he moved back. She inched forward, running the tip of her tongue over her bottom lip.

"Please," she begged. "Stick your cock in my throat. I want it now." She felt her pussy tighten, begin to ooze with thick, opaque fuck juices. "Now, you bastard!"

"Just a few more feet," Jeff said. He was all the way across the room now, the wall just inches from his back. "Come on... crawl over her and suck me."

Sharon lurched forward and grabbed the underside of his cock with her teeth. She moved her mouth quickly upward, locking her lips firmly around the cum-stained prickhead. Instantly, a shiver of ecstasy swept up and down her spine.

"Mmmmmm," she gurgled, lapping and sucking to the furry, thick base of his cock shaft.

"Suck, baby, suck your sweet life away," Jeff said, dropping his hands to her shoulders and leaning against the wall.

Sharon burrowed her face fully into his hairy crotch. When every hard inch of his greasy cock was in her throat, she twisted her head around, felt his balls on her chin.

She held herself there until her lungs begged for air, then slowly pulled her mouth up, inhaling deeply. As she did, she could taste the delicious flavor of cock, sweat and cum. The combinations caused her throat to twitch, then tighten.

"Love your big hard prick," she gurgled, baring her teeth and scraping them over the rubbery surface. "Mmmmmmm... so huge... sweet..."

Her words became a muffled groan as she quickly gulped his cock fully into her throat once more. She pulled against the bonds at her wrists, loving the feeling of being trapped, yet wanting to reach around his hips and crush him even harder against her face.

"Like it, don't you, you cum-sucking slut?" Jeff said, beginning to squirm before her, digging his fingers into the soft flesh of her shoulders. "Just fucking bet you could drink gallons of hot cum."

Just hearing his words was enough to cause Sharon's pussy to explode with savage warmth. She jerked and wiggled around, then banged her head forward. Her climax seemed to erupt, filtering through her guts, then swept into the back of her throat. She sucked wildly, almost as if she were trying to pull his entire body into her throat.

"Mmmmmffff!" she spluttered, her face flushing with total, pure ecstasy.

"Holy fucking Jesus," Jeff grunted. He'd never felt anything quite like this. He tried to move backward, to get some friction, but her mouth was glued around the base of his prick. "You gonna fucking suck my nuts in your mouth?"

As he said the last few words, his cum-load burst from his swollen balls and shot up the center of his prick shaft. The release was so powerful, it was almost painful, sending a burning sensation into his loins.

Sharon gave a choking scream when she tasted the first scalding spasm of cum. She gulped eagerly, then yelled out again as the second, then third explosions of jism melted over her tonsils.

"Oh... fucking take it, baby," Jeff growled, moving his hands to the back of her head and crushing her face brutally into his crotch. He hammered his hips forward, driving his cock savagely into her throat. "Goddamn... suck me off, cocksucker!"

For the next several moments, the room was filled with the gurgling, smacking sounds of mouth on prick, of cum splattering between her lips and around his shaft. And even when he had stopped blowing his load and merely stood there, Sharon continued to work on him furiously. She only pulled away when her body went limp from exhaustion. She fell to her side and held her head back, letting the last bit of flavor steam into her stomach.

"So good," she said, smacking her lips and darting the tip of her tongue around inside of her mouth. "Mmmmm... big sweet cock!"

Jeff tumbled sideways, then grabbed the wall for support. Slowly, he dropped to his knees and positioned himself behind her. His chest was heaving violently, his heart thundering.

"Christ, I don't know which is better," he panted, "your little pussy, or that fucking mouth of yours."

The sensations in Sharon's body were still foreign, as if she were a little child again. And she wanted to be angry, but she couldn't. Sure, he had hurt her, had violated her, but he had also given her something she hadn't known even existed total, pure release.

She turned her head and looked up at him. That mocking smile was still on his handsome face, but this time she enjoyed the horror.

"You have any other tricks up your sleeve?" she asked quietly...

"A few," he said, chuckling. "Why? You still game?"

"Yes," she whispered. "For anything you've got."

"OK, I'm gonna pull a trick out of my sleeve and shove it up your ass," he said rolling her to her stomach.

"The chain?" Sharon asked, shivering with a mixture of horror and pleasure.

"No. My cock," Jeff said, spreading her ass cheeks. "I did the chain thing to get you ready for me."

"Oh, I'm ready," Sharon said, her voice trembling with excitement. "I'm more than ready."

Her shitter was raw and bruised, and when the tip of his cock stabbed against the tender, torn membranes, she gave a loud grunt of pain.

Ignoring her cry, Jeff crushed his hulking frame over her body and thrust forward. About three inches of his massive cock pierced inside the ass opening, stretching it violently. He bit the back of her neck and gave a choked growl of pleasure.

"Hurts... God, it's like my ass is on fire," Sharon whined, her face contorted with agony.

"Sure the fuck is," Jeff said. "Almost as hot as your little pussy. Now, shut up and get ready for a hard fucking, baby."

Sharon gritted her teeth and waited for the rest of his horrible prick to stab inside her ass. And as the thick slab of cockmeat ground savagely forward, it seemed it would take forever. It kept plunging upward, rearranging her guts, causing enormous pressure.

"No... God, no!" she cried out, air wheezing from her constricted throat.

"Almost all the way up there," Jeff said, withdrawing slightly. He gave a grunting cry, then hammered forward, driving the entire shaft inside. He squirmed his ass around for a few seconds, then pressed his full weight downward. "There! You've got it, baby. Now, you want to fuck on it?"

Sharon was paralyzed with agony. The ropes at her wrists were so taut, and the slightest movement caused her flesh to burn. And for several seconds, she found it difficult to moan out her protest.

"We'll just stay like this until you're ready," Jeff said, his breath hot and damp against the back of her neck. "Then, I'll let you do all the work. You know I can fuck pretty good, but I want to see how good you are."

How good I can do it! Sharon's mind screamed. What sane person would even move in this agony? She was impaled, her bruised asshole split open on his giant prick.

She didn't know how long she lay there beneath him, her ass against his muscular, hairy crotch, but it seemed like hours. And each time she took a breath of air, she felt the needle-like pangs of agony stab into her guts. She tried to pretend she was just dreaming this, that when she awoke, she would be in her own bed.

Still, the reality of what was happening came back again and again, mocking her like a spoiled child. His prick was savagely embedded in her ass, where the chain had done its damage. A thick slab of pulsating, rock-hard cockmeat, stretching her to the breaking point.

She saw it in her mind. The big, slimy thing, round as her wrist, the root springing from a wiry, brown patch of crotch hair, plugging tier like a cattle prod. It went up inside her, a mean, deadly snake of a prick.

Pain. Oh, God, the pain! Burning, electric, brutal. How could she have even thought she could enjoy this after the chain-fucking? He would ruin her ass forever.

"Just love my big cock up your butt," Jeff said, moving his hands over her body. "You like it, too, baby?"

"No... I hate it," Sharon managed to splutter out. "It's hot and big and hard, and I... I... it's going to tear me wide open!"

Yes, it was hot and big and hard. Just like it was when it was poking into her cunt, or exploding in her throat. And when that molten cum had shot into her pussy, and had splashed down her throat, it had [missing text].

"A... big... hard and... fuck... God damn... fuck," she murmured, her eyes widening. She threw her head to one side, twisting her neck, and faced him. Her movement caused new flashes of pain inside her body. Yet, she didn't care. "Fuck me, you bastard! Give it to me hard!"

"No, baby, I said I wanted you to do all the work," Jeff said, grinning wide. "Now I'll just roll your sweet ass over and let you show me how good you are."

When he moved to his back and pulled her with him, Sharon gave another agonizing cry. This time, however, it was more from pleasure than pain. She loved it, having him solidly inside her, squeezing her asshole apart like this. It made her feel whole, complete. And even though it still hurt, she found that that was a part of the ecstasy.

"Give it to me!" she gasped, squirming over his crotch. She leaned slightly forward and felt the hairs of his thighs tickle her tits. Her face was just inches from his ankles. "God screw me full of hot cum... gallons, you stud bull."

She then began moving her ass up and down, slowly at first, then with full speed. Soon her ass cheeks were slapping his stomach like applause. Her groans echoed in the room.

"Now, that's the way to do it, baby," Jeff said, reaching for her waist. "Move it up and down just like that... Christ, as fast as you can, whore!"

Sharon worked her butt up and down so quickly, it became a fleshy blur. And each time his monstrous cock stabbed up her guts, she felt the pain melt, replaced with delicious ecstasy.

Again, she called herself a fool for not knowing that it would be good like this. God, how could a cock ever be bad!

"Fuck me... fuck me," she whispered, moving her mouth over his feet and ankles. Her red hair swept around her head and shoulders like a fiery halo. "Mmmmm... give me a big, mean, bad fucking, you bastard."

Her fucking became so intense, Jeff found it almost impossible to hold back the pressure of his cum-load. She was so hot, so eager; her insides were like a swallowing throat. And if he hadn't just blown his load into her mouth a few moments ago, he knew he would have drilled it to her right here and now.

He tightened the muscles at the base of his cock, damming up his surging masses of cum. As he did, he felt his insides burn, pulsate deliciously.

"Faster, whore," he grunted, punching upward so hard it rocked her off his body. "Fuck it all the way in... take it in your asshole, you cum-sucking slut..."

For the next several moments, Sharon worked on his cock as if it were an obsession. Part of the time it was for her pleasure alone. Then, at other times, she moved her body just for him. When the pressure became so powerful, and she knew it would soon be over, she jerked back on her haunches and thrust her full weight downward. She threw her head back and gave a long, silent scream that soon turned into a loud gurgle of release.

"Fuck... fuck... fuck meeee!" she shrieked when her orgasm exploded, then peaked.

The ecstasy melted through her ass membranes, inflaming her pussy. It seemed to stay inside her cunt for a few seconds, then shot upward, along her spine.

"Aaaaaghhhh!" she wailed, her mind almost exploding with pure, raw pleasure.

"Holy fucking God!" Jeff snorted.

This time, he knew he couldn't hold back. She had completely taken over his body, yanking his cum from his pulsating balls with convulsions of her ass muscles. He relaxed completely, then heaved a sigh of relief as the pressure of his cum-load gushed upward, engorging the base of his prick.

"Now, baby," he gasped, his voice weak with release. "Fuck my cock... now!"

What Sharon thought was pleasure before was nothing compared to what riddled her guts when his jism boiled inside her shitter. She became fully aware of every nerve, each cell in her body. And when she absolutely knew it couldn't get any better it did.

Soon, pleasure turned to pain. Delicious, raw, aching pain.

"Cock!" she screamed out, bouncing furiously on his crotch, gulping the entire shaft of exploding prickmeat inside her asshole. "Fuck me. Cock! Fuck! Fuck meeeee!"

Her shitter filled with the surging masses of jism, making her totally aware of what the human body was capable of enduring. It was good, yet horrible at the same time. Delicious, but almost evil. Yet, more than anything, it was a cock planting thick globs of cum inside her body.

Finally, from sheer exhaustion, she fell down on his thighs, squirmed around, then eased forward. As her lips touched the tops of his feet, she closed her eyes and ran her tongue out. She touched the tip of it to his toes, tasted his masculinity, felt his cock pulsate inside her.

"Ohhhh... yes," she moaned. "Stay like this forever... don't ever take your big cock out of me."

Again, she imagined what it must look like between her legs. The man beneath her, his massive prick stabbing fully inside. His cock shaft, pulsating and enormous, greasy and hot and [missing text].

Her pussy jerked as if an electric current had shot up her canal.

Cock up her asshole.

In her mouth, her pussy...

Wouldn't it be fantastic to have two cocks at the same time? Him and Mike together! Or even three! If she could get Brad and Mike away from Nancy.

She could see it now. One big slab of cockmeat in her mouth, while the other two pricks fucked her shitter and pussy. Sliding in and out... cum... buckets of cum!

"Yes, I want it," she gasped. "I... I want to get fucked by eveybody... everywhere!"

"You know, I think you're right," Jeff chuckled. "I don't think there is just one man who was good enough to take care of you. You need a whole bunch."

"Could you ask Mike and Brad?" Sharon suggested. "I want to take on all three of you."

"Yeah, I guess," Jeff said. "But it might cost you," he added, pulling away.

"Anything," Sharon said quickly. "I just want three big pricks at once."

"A mouth-fucking," Jeff said, stroking her body.

"Hmmmmm?" Sharon said, still thinking about having all three men at once.

"Yeah, baby, I want to fuck your throat like it's a pussy," Jeff explained.

"Oh, that would be nice," Sharon said, excitement in her voice.

Jeff straddled her upper body and held the back of her head with both hands. He punched his hips forward, piercing her parted lips with the end of his shaft.

"Christ, I think it might even be better than your pussy," he gasped, feeling her warm mouth slide down his cock shaft to his wiry hairs. "So tight and... suck, baby, suck!"

Sharon held her mouth wide open, but still, it hurt when he entered her throat. Would she ever get used to his enormous size? In a way, she hoped not.

"Mmmmmm," she murmured, feeling his wiry, brown crotch hairs scrape her nose. His balls touched the hollow of her throat and rested just under her lower lip. She lapped her tongue around the rubbery surface, then gave another throaty grunt of pleasure.

Jeff lifted his hips, then hammered back down, grinding the base of his cock between her constricted lips. He held himself there for a few long moments, then repeated the motion.

"Suck it, you little cum-eating cocksucker," he whispered. "Chew every big fucking inch in your threat and lap down some hot cum."

Sharon began working on his prick wildly, each suck giving her greater satisfaction. Within seconds, her pussy was swollen, convulsing so hard the entrance was spitting out opaque wads of streaming fuck juice.

"God, baby, I don't know how much longer I can take this," Jeff said. "I could blow your little throat full of hot cum right now."

"Mmmmm-hmmm!" Sharon begged. She began licking on his prick even harder, her throat muscles itching for a thick splash of boiling jism.

Suddenly, her cunt convulsed, sending waves of pleasure up and down her spine. She rubbed her knees together to relieve some of the agony between her legs, but it only made the torture worse.

Again she thought of having three cocks at the same time. If only it could be right now! Her pussy was begging, demanding a thick slab of prick shaft stabbing in and out, loading her up with cum.

Another wave of ecstasy swept into her cunt, causing her to splutter loudly around the base of his cock.

"Mmmmfffff!" she choked, freezing for a second, then bucking wildly.

She pulled against the bonds at her back, trying desperately to free herself. She wanted to crush his crotch even harder against her face. Her movements, however, only caused the ropes to tighten, cut off her circulation.

Jeff tried to hold back a little longer, but he couldn't fight it. Her mouth was sucking, pulling like a milking machine. At last, he let his cock muscles relax and instantly his cum-load shot from his balls and swept up the inside of his piercing cock shaft.

"Shit!" he screamed out, punching forward. He felt his cockhead explode against her tonsils, sending a shower of molten cream over her fluttering throat muscles. "Suck, you cumhungry cocksucker... suck my dick right off!"

The scalding cum was exactly what Sharon needed. It seemed to carry with it another orgasm that filtered down her throat and through her guts. It burned at the base of her spine for a few seconds, then burst forward, convulsing her pussy hole.

"Aaaghhhhh!" she spluttered, sending splash of cum into the hairs of his crotch.

Another thundering wave of release shook her insides. As it peaked, she felt every muscle in her body tighten. Slowly, as more wads of jism burst from his shaft, she relaxed, unable to take the delicious intensity any longer.

"All of it," Jeff gasped, fucking in the bulk of his cum. He squirmed his ass around, leaking his jism smack noisily against the flesh of her chin and the lower part of his stomach. "Yes, that's it, baby, lick me fucking dry."

Sharon moved her mouth around his cock for a long time until they were both satisfied, then turned her head slightly to one side. With half his cock in her throat and the other half against her left cheek, she gave a long, groan of ecstasy.

"Fantastic!" she murmured, munching back down to the base. She collected the last wad and let it swirl around on her tongue before she smacked it down greedily. Again, she turned her head, letting his shaft slip from her lips. "Mmmmmm... sweet, hot cum to suck!"

A short while later, Jeff rolled off her body and lay on his back beside her. He reached out and stroked her breasts, pulling on the taut, rubbery nipples.

"Baby, that was perfect," he whispered. "I can think of only one other thing that would be better," Sharon grinned. "Well, maybe two."

"What's that?" the man asked dreamily. "Three cocks," Sharon said. "Go get Mike and Brad! OK?"

"Whatever you want, baby," Jeff said, standing.

"Oh... I want... I want," Sharon said, her eyes glistening with anticipation.


When Sharon saw the three naked men enter the room, followed by a tired-looking Nancy, she felt her cunt jerk with pleasure. Just looking at the handsome, muscular men almost gave her a climax.

"Oh, all three of you to fuck!" she gasped, her voice trembling with emotion.

"All three of us at once?" Brad asked. "You sure you can take it, baby?"

"Yes," Sharon answered.

"I want it, too," Nancy said, her eyes lighting up.

"Me first," Sharon said to her neighbor.

"Wow, we sure do have some cock-hungry pussy around here, don't we?" Mike laughed, looking from Nancy to Sharon and back again.

Jeff walked over to where Sharon sat and pulled her to her feet. He then threw her onto the bed and joined her. Immediately, Mike and Brad moved over to the bed. Nancy crept to the edge of the bed and sat down, watching intently.

"I'll take her asshole," Mike said, sitting beside Sharon. He pulled her onto his lap and spread her legs, stabbing his cock hard up her shitter. "I'll take this sweet asshole any day of the fucking week."

Sharon was about to scream out with pain when his prick banged her asshole, but her mouth was suddenly filled with Jeff's cock.

"Mmmmfffff!" she choked, feeling her lips stretch painfully. The man shot his huge prick into her throat with one thrust, leaving his balls hanging just below her chin.

"Ahhh... take it, cocksucker," Jeff said. "Suck and chew my cum right down to your stomach."

He pumped his hips back and forth for a few moments, then moved up on the bed, pulling her with him. As she leaned back, her glistening pussy thrust up in the air.

Brad looked down at the greasy fuck-hole for a few moments, then wrapped his legs about her waist. He humped slightly backward and dug the tip of his cock into her cunt.

Sharon thought the men would squeeze her guts out when she felt the horrible sensation of both cocks inside her at the same time.

Maybe this wasn't such a good idea...

"Can you take it all?" Brad asked, forcing in a few more inches of his prick shaft into her constricted pussy opening. "Hmmmmm, baby? Three big ones at the same time?"

Sharon shook her head. No, she couldn't take them without being split open. Mike was fully inside her shitter, and Brad was about halfway inside her pussy, and she knew she couldn't take another fraction of an inch. She even found it difficult to suck on Jeff's cock.

"Then let me have it," Nancy said quickly, leaning forward. "I want it. Do me!"

Sharon shot a look at the woman. You fool! she thought. You don't know what it's like! Three monstrous slabs of prickmeat stabbing wildly inside you... it's horrible it's...

"Screw it, whore," Brad gurgled, burying his face between her breasts and sucking on one taut nipple. He shoved the rest of his cock inside her pussy. "Oh, shit yes... all the fucking way in, whore!"

Sharon's body locked with horrified agony. And, until this moment, she thought she mew the meaning of pain. With both cocks throbbing in her guts, and another one grinding in and out of her throat, she felt a pressure build that frightened her. She suddenly felt this was as close to the death experience as she would ever come without actually dying.

She gave a muffled scream, yet realized that the men would pay her no attention. The only one who seemed to care whether she was alive or not was Nancy.

"She doesn't like it," the woman said. "I will. Don't do her. She hates it. I'll love it!"

Love it, you idiot? They're about to tear me to pieces! Can't you see that?

"Hurry and fuck her," Nancy said, stroking her hands over the sweaty bodies. "God, if I don't get three hot cocks inside me soon, I'll go crazy!"

"Hang on, baby," Brad said to his wife. "She's gonna like it soon enough. Just give her time."

Sharon felt the woman's pressure against her thigh, then flinched as she joined them on the bed.

"You fuck her, baby, and I'll lick out your asshole," Nancy said to her husband.

"Go ahead," Brad said, placing one hand behind his body and pulling Nancy's head closer to his hairy ass crack. "Nothing I like better than fucking and getting my shitter sucked."

Nancy ran her teeth up and down the dark, hairy crack of her husband's shitter for a few moments, then locked her lips firmly around the puckered, greasy opening. After playing over the soft membrane with the tip of her tongue, she stabbed it inside.

"Jesus!" Brad cried out, feeling his loins burn with ecstasy. "Suck it, you ass-licking whore, and I'll ream the living shit out of her pussy."

Sharon hated Nancy at that moment. Because of what she was doing, Brad began fucking savagely, tearing into her cunt so violently it felt as if she had a cattle prod grinding away in her guts.

Pain increased, burned wildly, shot completely through her insides. And when she was sure it couldn't possibly get worse, it did. Soon, she was aware of every fiber of her being by the way the spasms of agony surged through her body.

And, what was most horrifying, she thought she might die before this horrible assault was over. No human could take the pace of this torture for any length of time.

"Suck, cocksucker," Jeff snarled, placing his hands behind her head. He punched his hips back and forth, completely driving his cock forward. "That's it... all the way in your cum-hungry throat, and get ready for a blow-out of cum that's gonna choke you to fucking death."

Sandwiched between the hard, hulking frames, their cocks thrusting in and out brutally, Sharon felt as if she had been turned inside out. She was no longer even human. She was only a writhing mass of pain. A pool of writhing flesh, being fucked by three gigantic cocks.

Suddenly, the pain burst like fireworks, becoming even more intense. Yet, as the pain died down slightly, other sensations took its place. Not exactly pleasure, but more a release from some of the torture.

"Mmmmmmnnnnn," she gurgled, her chest heaving.

She could almost see what was happening, as if she were standing on the other side of the room. Three cocks fucking into her body, Nancy on her knees, sucking on her husband's asshole.

Three cocks.

Wasn't that what she wanted, had begged for?

Three massive slabs of plunging prickmeat.

She screamed out again, but this time with pure ecstasy. Her body tensed, then relaxed, allowing the pricks to slide a little easier. And as they did, the pleasure mounted. She struggled with the bonds at her wrists, but not to push any of the men away. She wanted to pull them even harder against her!

"Hey, I think she's digging the shit out of this," Jeff said. "You ought to see the way this baby is working on my big cock."

The other two men didn't even answer, as both of them were concentrating fully on their fucking. They were driving their cocks in and out savagely, sometimes together, at times varying their rhythm. The room filled with their groans, the slapping sounds of flesh on flesh. Then, a few seconds later, Brad gave a loud grunt. When he inhaled, he bit into the soft flesh of Sharon's right tit and humped forward so hard, they all slid forward on the bed.

"Screw it, you mother-fucking whore!" Brad yelled, pounding his cock brutally into her steaming cunt.

"Shit! Me, too," Mike said from under Sharon's writhing, bucking body.

This is too good to be true, Sharon thought. Two of them blowing me full of cum at the same time! What if all three did it at once?

She began sucking and pulling on Jeff's cock for all she was worth, feeling her throat beg for his fuck juices. She could already taste the steam from his load. If only it would fill her throat... now!

"Unhhhhhh!" she heard Mike growl, then felt the first of his thick, creamy load splash into her shitter. "Screw it, you cum-sucking slut! Right up your butt to your Goddamned brains!"

"Take it, whore," Brad grunted, heaving spurts of jism into her throbbing cunt. "Gobble my hot cock in your pussy and fuck it!"

While her insides melted with their release, Sharon felt Jeff's cockhead expand, then burst cum all over her tonsils. Thick, molten wads of cum shot into her throat and seaped into her stomach.

It was happening! All three precious, wonderful cocks were fucking her full of cum at the same time!

Just as she had experienced ultimate pain a short while ago, she now enjoyed total pleasure. And as her ecstasy peaked, culminated violently, the two sensations were almost alike. She began bucking and writhing wildly, gobbling her mouth around Jeff's cock, jerking her hips back and forth between Mike and Brad.

"Aaaaghhhh!" she choked, her ecstasy remaining constant, sweeping into every corner of her being.

Cum seemed to splatter everywhere, burning her flesh, her membranes like boiling acid. And as she closed her eyes, she knew she couldn't last much longer. Again, she felt as if she was watching from a distance.

Climax after climax tore into her guts, finally leaving her limp with exhaustion. Soon, she was like a rag doll against their thrashing bodies.

Finally, the cocks were spent and the men crushed over her body, gasping with satisfaction. And if Nancy hadn't pulled them apart, they might have lain there molded together for hours.

"Get away from her," Nancy demanded. "I want to clean that sweet cum out of her pussy."

Mike and Brad moved away from Sharon, giving Nancy full access to the cum-soaked holes. She immediately moved in on the damp patch between Sharon's legs and stabbed her inside.

"I want to eat on yew pussy," she said, coming once more. She positioned herself over Nancy, sixty-nine, and gobbled down on the steaming patch of cunt. "Ohhhhhh... this is nice!"

"Let's tie them up while they eat each other," Brad said, grabbing some more length of rope.

"Yes, that sounds good," Sharon gasped. It would be wonderful to have the rough texture of hemp against her flesh while she enjoyed the juices of her friend's cunt. "And... and fuck us, too!"

Brad wrapped the rope about their bodies until they could hardly move. He then turned them on their sides and slipped behind his wife. He punched his cock forward, driving it into Nancy's shitter.

Mike lay behind Sharon and forced his massive cock into her butt, grinding his ass around as be humped forward.

Sharon couldn't imagine anything more wonderful. Making a delicious pussy to eat while getting fucked! Already, she could feel the beginning of what she knew would be a thrilling climax.

And as she licked and chewed on the damp patch of hair, thrust her tongue in and out of Nancy's sweet fuck-hole, it was almost as if she were aware of her own body for the first time in her life. She shivered, gulping harder on the pussy.

Oh, the taste! Rich and sweet, filled with massive globs of hot cum. It was better than anything she'd ever had in her mouth.

Whose cum is it? she wondered. My husband's? Or is it a combination of two of them? She hoped so. The idea excited her, made her lick even more passionately.

"That's the way," Jeff said, watching the women work on each other. "Lick all the way up that sweet, hot pussy and ream it out."

Sharon didn't need any encouragement at all. She was working furiously on Nancy's pussy, jabbing her tongue, scraping her teeth over the sensitive membranes, even using her nose. Nancy was giving Sharon a suck-job that was too good to be true. Her body began shaking, her insides filling with sweet warmth.

"Mmmmm... faster," Sharon gurgled, jerking her head up and down. "Fuck me! Eat me! Do it all!"

"Baby, baby, baby," Nancy murmured into Sharon's pussy. "So sweet... I never knew licking cunt could be so good."

Suddenly both women jerked violently, crushing face brutally against cunt. They screamed into each other's fuck-holes, then began rocking back and forth. As they climaxed, so did the men, filling their shitters with molten wads of cum.

"Screw it, bitch," Mike said, biting the back of Sharon's neck. "Suck every bit of my hot cream up your [missing text]."

"Fuck it... fuck it," Brad said to his wife, pounding his cum into her shitter.

The two women climaxed over and aver, hardly able to believe that their bodies were capable of such responses. No sooner had one orgasm subsided when it was replaced with an even more powerful sensation.

Finally, they collapsed against each other from sheet exhaustion, although they both wanted more.

Slowly, Sharon seemed to come back to reality. Christ, if this was going to happen in one day, what would a whole two weeks bring?

Tied up and fucked over and over and over...

"Are you really going to keep me prisoner here for two weeks?" she asked, lifting her head.

"Sure am," Brad said.

"What if I try to escape?" Sharon said, a wicked glint in her eye.

"Then I guess I'll just have to... punish you," Brad answered.

"Something tells me I'm going to try to escape a lot!" Sharon giggled.

And so, the two weeks began.


After being allowed to leave, it took more than a day for Sharon's cunt to become normal again. Two weeks of hard fucking and sucking had left her bruised. So much, in fact, it was hard even walking the short distance from her neighbors house to hers.

She lay in the bathtub the entire day with he head just above water, wondering what was going on next door. She had left Nancy with them, although reluctantly.

As she thought about the men and all that had happened, she seemed more aware of her husband than ever. She sat up in the tub and felt a delicate throb between her legs.

"Oh, hurry home, Ron," she whispered. "I want what Nancy is getting... and I want it bad."

A short tune later, she lay stretched out on the bed, waiting for her husband to return from his two-week sales trip. Then, at three, she heard him drive up.

"Sharon?" Ron called out a few moments later. "You home, honey?"

"In here," Sharon said, her voice already throat with excitement. "I've been waiting for you."

Her husband walked into the room, then stopped short. His eyes lit up as he looked at her naked, voluptuous body.

"Baby, you can't imagine how much I've missed you," he said, swallowing hard. "But I'm going to make up for all those lonely nights."

"Come here," Sharon said, her eyes glinting with hunger. "I want you."

"Sure," Ron said, "and I want you." He sat down on the edge of the bed and placed his hand on her stomach. "What'd you do while I was gone?"

"Oh, nothing much," Sharon said, holding back a giggle. "Mostly tied up with the neighbors. Helping them get moved in."

"Really?" her husband said. "They nice people?"

"Very nice," Sharon answered. "I want you to get to know them like I did, OK?"

"Anything you say," Ron answered. He wasn't paying much attention to what she'd said. His full attention was on her sensuous, warm body. "I just missed you so," he added, kissing, her softly.

"Tie me up," Sharon said, remembering the pressure of the ropes over the past two weeks. "Yes... tie me up and fuck me hard, Ron!"

"Yeh?" Ron asked. "Why should I tie you up?"

"Don't you want it?" he began, "but if you want it and I want it, why tie you up?"

"Because I want you to... to take me, to rape me," she said. Just the words made her pussy ooze with fuck juice.

The delicate, opaque drops glistened deliciously in the curly, red-gold patch of cunt hair.

"Will you?" she asked, sitting up and stretching her legs a little wider.

"Sure," Ron gasped, his eyes on her steaming cunt opening. "Anything, baby."

Sharon reached to the side of the bed and grasped a coil of rope she had placed there earlier. She then ran the hemp over her body and let it fall, covering her pussy.

"Come and get it," she whispered, placing her hand under her melon like tits and lifting them. She ran her tongue out and wet the rose-colored nipples with her warm spit.

Ron stood up and shucked out of his clothes, popping several buttons in his excitement. When he was fully naked and his cock bobbed up and down, he got back in bed. He took the rope and began winding it around her body.

"Make it tight," Sharon said. "Mmmmmm, I want it to hurt... so good..."

Ron jerked out the slack, watching the rope squeeze into her soft, yielding flesh. Then, after trying a figure-eight around her breasts, he took the two ends and attached them to her wrists, which she held at the small of her back.

"My feet, too," Sharon said, stretching her legs in a spread-eagle position.

Ron shot her a strange look, then bounded off the bed. He opened the closet door and began digging through his clothes, finally coming up with two ties.

"Alright, baby, you want it rough I'll fucking give it to you rough," he said.

He knelt beside the bed and attached the tie to her right ankle. Then he tied the material to the frame of the bed. He repeated the action with her other ankle. His eyes glistened with animal-like lust.

"Mmmmmm, now fuck me, Ron," Sharon moaned. "Fuck me had... make me scream for you to stop and... don't..."

Ron bounded onto the bed and knelt between her outstretched legs. He looked down at her for a few seconds, memorizing the soft angles of her breasts as they lay rippling beneath the hard pressure of the ropes. He grabbed her shoulders.

"A fuck... or a suck?" he asked, his voice hoarse with hungry desire.

Sharon looked at his hard, naked body and almost swooned. Because she had been made so aware of her own body in the past two weeks, she looked at him in a new light.

God, was he handsome and virile! Thick muscles bulged at his arms and thighs, and his hairy chest was perfectly sculptured.

And his cock!

Giant and meaty, deliciously long. Just made for pleasing a horny woman.

"Take me," she whimpered, feeling her pussy throb violently. "God... I... I don't care what you do to me... just do it, and do it hard, you mother-fucker!"

Ron sat back on his haunches, then moved his hands to her thighs. He yanked them apart brutally, then lunged forward, biting down on her cunt with his bared teeth.

"God!" Sharon screamed out. His teeth were sharp, pricking the loose, rubbery folds of flesh at her pussy opening. "It... it hurts, you bastard!"

"Mnnnnmmm, want me to stop?" Ron murmured, jabbing his tongue fully inside her sweet fuck-hole. He could taste just a hint of blood, which inflamed his desires even more.

"No!" Sharon shrieked. She squirmed and writhed, bucked her crotch up against his face. "I want you to chew me up and eat my pussy inside you!"

Ron gouged his fingers into the flesh at the sides of her cunt and pulled her cunt lips as wide as he could. As her pussy stretched and the skin became mottled, the bit around the base of her cunt.

"Wow! Fucking hot," he groaned, scraping his teeth up the delicate column of flesh. "I think I could bite this thing off and eat it."

He was chewing on it so hard, Sharon thought for a moment that he would actually do it. But from the way her pussy was reacting, she really didn't care if he did. It was so totally good, it felt almost like she had a cock up her cunt.

"Screw me... God, take me... do it all to me, you bastard," she begged, her eyes wide with lust. She felt passion rip through her body like a knife. "Take me... take me hard!"

Ron began eating and licking greedily, soon filling the room with noisy smacks. And each time he dug his tongue inside the smoldering fuck-hole, he felt it tighten, spit out more succulent pussy juices.

"Yes... yes, lick my pussy," Sharon breathed, her voice barely audible. Her climax was already rumbling, ready to fill her guts. "In and out... like that, sweetheart. Make it a hard cock... screw me... eat me!"

Ron used every trick he knew, treating her cunt to a lick-job that she would never forget. Within seconds, he could feel her cunt walls flutter, almost like a swallowing throat.

"Baby, baby, take it," he murmured, feeling his cock grow so hard it felt like it was ready to burst. "Mmmmmmm, all the fucking way up your cunt."

Sharon jerked suddenly, then rose to a sitting position. She twisted her body around, then threw back her head. Her scream was first silent, echoing only in her mind, but became a loud shriek as her passion culminated.

"Aeeeeee!" she wailed. "Eat, you prick! Tongue-fuck me! Lick my pussy!"

When her orgasm intensified, Ron's tongue was practically yanked inside, almost pulled out by the roots. He let it stay in her until her orgasm began subsiding, then lapped through the soft brush of red-gold cunt hair.

"Damn, baby, I don't know what the fuck made you so hot, but I'm sure glad," he gasped. Sharon fell back and squirmed around, her chest heaving against the ropes around her tits. And although she felt exhaustion from the intensity of her climax, her pussy was itching, begging for more.

The best part.

"Now... fuck me," she begged.

"Yeah, the best part," Ron whispered, kissing across her smooth, flat stomach. "You ready for a big, hard cock fucking the shit out of you?"

Before Sharon could answer, she felt a sharp spasm of pain. She quickly looked down and saw his monstrous cock pierce into her cunt, stretching her pussy lips to the breaking point.

"Christ... I never realized you were so huge!" she grunted. "It's like a baseball bat!"

"I've never been this excited," Ron said, moving his mouth between her tits, to the hollow of her neck. "God, baby, I love it this way. Fucking you while you're all tied up... why, I could do anything to you, and you could only lie there. I could really hurt you!"

"Do it!" Sharon said, feeling more of his prick stab inside her fuck-hole. "Do anything you want, you mother-fucking bastard. I love it... I need it!"

When he locked his mouth around hers, cutting off her moans of pleasure, she saw his eyes burn, almost like a wolf or a wild dog.

"I want to hurt you and love you at the same time," her husband murmured into her mouth. "I want to squeeze you and hear you scream."

He ran his hands over her body and dug his fingers into the soft flesh until his knuckles turned white. And while he kissed her passionately, he began ramming his cock savagely in and out of her boiling cunt.

"Yes, yes, yes!" Sharon gasped. Pain and pleasure mixed inside her body, leaving her breathless with ecstasy. She began moving with him as best she could, jerking her hips up and down, licking his open mouth. "Take me, Ron... God, take me!"

Her husband moved his right hand down her body, then placed his fingers just under her cunt. Slowly, he ground upward, reaching for her tiny shitter opening. When he touched her asshole, he felt Sharon flinch.

"I'm gonna stick my fist up your ass, baby," he snarled. "Want it?"

Sharon was so on fire with ecstasy, she didn't even realize what he was saying. All she did know was that his fucking was causing her insides to become a cauldron. And now that she felt the pressure of his fingers against her asshole.

"Fuck me all over," she begged, her orgasm mounting almost violently, ready to spit fuck juice around the base of his hard, plunging cock. "Pound the hell out of me, you bull!"

"Take it, you little whore," Ron rasped, squeezing two of his fingers inside her butt. "In both holes... like I've got two pricks."

Sharon flinched with climax, then began bucking and writhing. With his fingers up her ass, and his cock gouging away at her cunt and all the while being tied up she couldn't imagine a better feeling.

"Fuck me!" she screamed. "Goddamn you, you cock stud, ram it to me and blow my pussy full of hot cum!"

Ron withdrew his fingers, then pressed all his fingertips together. Slowly, he pushed them against her constricted shitter opening, then jerked his arm upward.

"God!" Sharon cried out, her back arching so violently she thought her spine would break. Pain riddled her guts like clawing talons. "It's... it's killing me... it's so good!"

For a second, Ron was shocked at what he'd done. Yet, when he felt her asshole suck around his wrist, he knew everything was OK. He opened his fist and began rubbing his fingertips over her fluttering ass membranes. Just an inch away, he could feel the pressure of his thrusting cock shaft.

"Jesus... I can't believe this is happening," he gasped. "Where the fuck are you putting it, baby?"

"Shut up and... and... fuck me some more," Sharon shrieked. With his fist up her ass and his giant cock fucking her pussy, she was in a constant state of climax. "Cum fuck me with some hot cum, you bastard!"

While Ron drilled his cock in and out brutally, savagely, he began grinding his fist around in her asshole. And although he knew he should stop soon, he couldn't. He'd never had a pussy this tight or hot before.

"Take it, you cum-sucking slut!" he grunted into her mouth. "Big hard dick up your cock-hungry pussy!"

Another flash of orgasm swept into Sharon's cunt, leaving her even more hungry than before. She thrashed about, jerking her feet against the bonds that held her, tearing at the ropes at her back.

"Faster, you prick... fuck me harder... faster!" she begged, her voice hoarse with desire.

Ron quickly removed his fist from her asshole and grabbed her thighs with both hands. He humped slightly forward as he dug his toes into the sheets and pounded his entire weight into her cunt.

"Take it, bitch," he breathed, moving his face to her tits. "Take my hot cock right up your slut pussy!"

As his tight, hairy ass became a blur, Sharon experienced one fantastic climax after another. The best one happened, however, when she felt his cock expand. It was then that she knew he was ready to blow his thick, creamy load.

"Fuck me!" she shouted. "Screw me full of jism, you big-dicked prick!"

As she said the words, Ron's cock jerked with life, spitting the first of his enormous cum-load deeply into her pussy.

"Shit!" he groaned, his eyes half closing with raw ecstasy. "Take it... here! Uhhhhh fucking here! Here... take some more!"

When more of his cum boiled into her yearning pussy, Sharon fell back, her body limp, unable to move. And as he jabbed thick gobs of molten jism inside her, she could almost see what the pools of cum would look like. All milky and white and steaming.

"Full," she begged, her voice raspy. "Fuck my pussy full... fuck... fuck it in... fuck!"

Ron pounded forward wildly, filling the room with the smacking sounds of flesh hitting, flesh. And each time he thrust his cock into her pussy, the end of his cock shaft exploded with another wad of scalding cum.

Soon, her cunt was so engorged with the fiery liquid, it could hold no more. Gobs of fuck juice crept from her pussy and wet the insides of her thighs and his flopping balls. Some of the jism ran down the crack of her ass and bubbled around the tiny opening of her asshole.

"Take every fucking drop," her husband finally said, plowing the last of his cum-load into her cunt.

He held himself against her body for a few seconds, then slowly raised himself. He remained above her for a couple of minutes, then crushed his entire weight downward. When the base of his cock jabbed into her pussy, he gave a long grunt of animal-like release.

Beneath him, Sharon's body continued to buzz with pleasure. She just wished she weren't so exhausted. She would have liked to pump her ass up and down, again feeling his massive cock shaft slip between her puckered ring of cunt muscle.

"Ohhhhh... God," Ron murmured. "I don't know if my heart can stand another fuck like this."

"I'll bet you could do it again," Sharon teased, her breathing still rapid and shallow. "Maybe if I warmed you up a little?"

"If you warmed me up any more, I'd be on fire," Ron laughed.

"Come on, untie me," Sharon urged her husband. "Wouldn't you like a really good suck-job?"

"I'll take the suck job, but I'm not going to untie you," Ron answered. "Why who knows? I just might come up with some other ideas."

He pulled away from her body, then reached down to untie her feet. He left her hands tied behind her back, however. After again looking at her smooth, sensuous body, he moved her legs up until her knees touched her tits.

"Wha-what are you going to do?" Sharon gasped, feeling herself rolled into a ball.

"Gonna straddle you and fuck my cock in that hot little mouth of yours," Ron said with a grin.

Before she could react, he did exactly that, covering her body with his hulking strength. He shoved his prick into her throat with one move, then began squirming around.

"Mmmmfffff!" Sharon spluttered. Pain shot into her body, covering her insides like fire.

"How is it?" Ron grunted, moving his hips up and down, grinding his cock shaft savagely between her lips. "You like getting your mouth screwed like this?"

A shiver of pleasure raced up her spine, causing her to splutter into the cock hairs that billowed against her lips. She nodded her head quickly up and down.

While he pounded his cock into her throat, he reached behind him and jabbed his fingers into her cunt. He let his thumb slide under her body, grinding against her shitter opening.

"Gonna screw you all over, whore," he said. "You can pretend it's three cocks, instead of one."

His words had an immediate effect on Sharon. A swelling, burning sensation shot from the area of her spine, fluttered her cunt walls, then exploded at her pussy lips.

"Mmmmffff!" she choked, twisting her head around, fully burrowing into her husband's crotch.

A few moments later, she felt his cock grow rock-hard, then jerk. When she knew his load of cum was ready to shoot out, she gave him her all. She twisted and writhed as if she were on fire, using every trick she knew.

"Ohhh... suck it!" Ron cried out, flinching. His jism load blasted from his throbbing balls and exploded from his cockhead. "All of it, bitch!"

When the thick fuck juices coated her tonsils, then gushed into her stomach, Sharon experienced a fantastic, long-lasting climax. The riddling sensations fairly shook her insides, causing her body to ache.

"Like it?" Ron gasped finally, punching in the last of his cum. "Christ... I hope so... we're gonna do it this way all the time..."

When Ron had finished blowing his load into her mouth, he fell to his side, his chest heaving with satisfaction. He reached out and rested his hand on her stomach. It was several moments before he could even speak.

"I didn't know people even did stuff like that," he said. "Wow! It was perfect."

"Oh, people do," Sharon said. "Lots of people, I imagine. People we might even have next door."

"Huh?" Ron said, looking at her. "What do you mean?"

"Well, Nancy she's the woman next door tells me that she and her husband swing a little, and they're into... wells things like this," Sharon began. "They wondered if we might like to join them some night."

"Really?" Ron said, his eyes lighting up. "Shit, yes!"

"I told them you just might," Sharon giggled. "But we'll go over there another night. Right now, I'm ready to have a fit for some more hard fucking."

"Fit to be tied, huh?" he laughed.

"Fit to be tied," she agreed.


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