Family in chains

Who can judge a person's reactions during stress situations? The prisoners of war who give in to their captors' demands, the kidnapped heiress who joins forces with her abductors -- both must act without past experience to guide them. Both must make decisions in a vacuum, without benefit of familiar people or situations to guide them. The end result can be either a very negative or a positive experience.

In FAMILY IN CHAINS, Roxanne Marshal rinds herself and her family in just such a situation. Held captive in an isolated mountain cabin, she not only meets her captors' sexual demands but, to her horror, finds herself responding to them. Roxanne and her family are forced to indulge in acts that are not only forbidden by society, but also by their own moral code. Yet, in spite of their shame, they turn the experience into a positive one, uniting them as a family.

This is a shocking story, the story of one family's reaction under stress. Yet who are we to judge their response?


"Nungh!" The sound came from the grassy mound across the meadow. "No! Damn it, no! Not again. Not so soon!"

"Don't tell me no, you stupid little cunt! Fucking is all you're good for. If you don't fuck, you don't eat. I might even fix it so you can't open your Goddamned mouth!"

A loud, ringing slap echoed across the valley. The noise came from a thin slit in the side of a large mound, a dark, narrow opening half hidden behind a clump of brush. The mound was the roof of a sod house, a dome of timbers and planks built over a huge pit hollowed out of the ground. The planks had been covered with earth and a layer of sod, disguising it almost perfectly. It seemed to be a natural feature.

In the hollow of the grass-domed house, Melissa sobbed and shielded her face with her hands. A stinging red welt notched one side of her face, and Wes Sharp stood poised to deliver another vicious slap.

He was a huge man, well over six feet, so tall that he could only stand straight in the middle of the room, where the ceiling was highest. Melissa shrank back toward the wall, dragging a heavy chain. It was attached to her left ankle with a hand wrought metal band.

Wes stomped a giant booted foot on the chain, ending her terrified retreat so abruptly that Melissa almost fell. She stood cringing as he approached.

"Don't back away from me either, you bitch. When I say fuck, you get your pretty little ass up on the bed and spread your legs! Understand?"

"Yes," she moaned, but she was too stricken with fear and disgust to make any move toward the bed.

Wes Sharp had a full beard and a bushy mustache of reddish-brown hair. Except when he spoke, his mouth remained hidden. He was smiling now, but Melissa would not have known that even if she'd opened her tear-streaked eyes.

He grabbed the middle of her long chain in his right hand. His hand made a fist the hardness of a granite rock. The chain clanked as he lifted it up.

The metal cuff locked around the girl's ankle pulled tight, and she winced when she felt the strain. A fearful whimper came from her trembling lips.

The other end of the chain was looped and locked around a thick log standing upright in the middle of the room to support the roof. She'd tried to pull free a hundred times at least, but a team of mules couldn't break that chain or pull it off of that sturdy log.

The ten-foot length of chain allowed the girl to reach any point in the hidden dwelling, but not the narrow earth ramp slanting up to sunlight and freedom above. Wes and his brother Silas would never allow that. They both liked fucking Melissa too much.

Wes yanked up on the chain, jerking Melissa's foot off the hard-packed earthen floor. Melissa teetered on one leg and then pitched backward with a howl, crashing onto the bed. It was a frame of rough planks criss-crossed with a web of rawhide thongs. Those supported a mattress-heavy canvas stuffed with straw.

The only covering was a hand-sewn blanket made of squirrel pelts. It had a soft, silvery-blue sheen and felt luxuriously smooth against her skin, but the hides were imperfectly tanned, and it reeked like rotting fish. The stench was a brutal reminder of her awful predicament. Melissa squirmed as though trying to bury herself in the silky fur, mindless of the stink now because he was standing over her, stripping off his fringed buckskin jacket and grimy pants.

She wore only a loincloth Silas made for her from a pair of tawny rabbit skins and a leather thong. It smelled worse than the blanket. One hide covered the sleek dome of her pussy mound. The other draped down and barely covered her ass. And each pelt had a neat round hole punched dead center by a lead ball fired from the flintlock rifle Silas used to bring down the bounding rabbits. The exact placement of those holes remained as mute testimony to his skill with that ancient but still very deadly weapon. Melissa knew that if somehow she could get free of the chain and run from the hidden dungeon, her troubles would only have begun.

Wes Sharp grinned down maliciously. He had all the keen senses of a timber wolf and had no trouble reading the look of utter despair flashing dimly in Melissa's brown eyes. With his jacket off, his upper body looked like a giant fleshy wedge, broad at the shoulder, narrow at the hip, and rock-solid every inch between.

A coarse mat of reddish-brown hair covered the rippling bands of muscle. They flexed and gleamed with sweat as he wiggled out of his tight-fitting buckskin pants. The sight of him gave Melissa the sinking feeling that she had somehow blundered back in time to the early 1800's, when tough, solitary mountain men prowled the high country trapping beavers.

She'd gone backpacking alone in the wilderness area three weeks before, equipped with modem, ultra-lightweight gear, but feeling the same sense of freedom and adventure those early trappers must have felt -- never dreaming what a nightmare that adventure would turn into.

Silas laughed when he caught her coming naked out of the lake where she'd gone to take a cooling dip. Being twenty miles from the nearest road, she never dreamed anyone else might be watching.

But Silas had leaped from behind a rock and grabbed her from the rear, mauling her tits with his rough hands. When she shrilled a scream of sheer terror, he had only laughed all the more. He lifted and carried her up the bank, apparently immune to her kicking and thrashing.

"Lookie here," he called to Wes in a voice as scratchy as crushed rock. "I caught us a beaver. Prettiest little beaver I ever did see!"

Wes came out of the house-mound then, leering and wetting his lips. "Sonuvabitch if that ain't right!" Melissa's long dark-brown hair was wet and streaming, tossed by her violent but pointless struggle.

Wes smiled as he gazed into her fear-crazed eyes, wetting his bearded lips again as he said, "Honey, to us what ain't fucked in over a year, you don't know what a pretty sight you are!"

Well she knew now. And Wes was glaring at her with the same fierce look of lust as on that first day. Between the two of them, they'd fucked her almost non-stop for three weeks. Melissa had long since forgotten how many times. All she could remember clearly was the feel of their cocks. Wes had an enormous, thick hot prick, and Silas had one bigger still.

Wes, the older and apparently smarter of the two brothers, reached down and flipped up her little fur cunt covering while he stroked his giant cock with the other hand. "Nice thing about a loin cloth," he said absently. "No time wasted undressing a pretty little bitch like you when a man wants to fuck."

She could see the hammering urgency in the head of his cock. It was blue-red and swollen. "Please," she whined, drawing up her legs. "Can't I rest just a little while? Silas fucked me all night long!"

"I know that... Goddamn, I had to listen to you two grunting and moaning. I could hardly sleep at all. It made me real horny hearing how loud you cry when you cum."

"Uuunnngh!" she groaned. That was the real hell of it. Few of the men Melissa had known in the city had ever brought her to a real climax -- even the burly jock she had dated in college. These bastards did it every time, time and time again.

"I wanna hear you holler like that some more," Wes said as he crawled up on the bed. The mattress crunched, and the thong supports squealed under his weight. Melissa guessed him to be at least two hundred fifty pounds. The sonuvabitch should have been playing pro football instead of hiding out in the high country.

Wes spread her legs with a swipe of his rough hands. The chain rattled, and the ankle clasp thudded hard against the foot post of the crude bed. "Hot damn. How many times you think I've fucked that pretty little beaver-furred pussy of yours? A hundred, maybe?"

"At least." And between them, the number would be more than twice that. Silas might be none too bright, but he was gifted with a giant cock that never seemed to tire.

"You scrub it out good after Silas got through with you?" Wes asked.

"Yes. He took me down to the lake for a swim this morning." Melissa shuddered, recalling how cold the water felt at dawn. They took her out two or three times a day, always with one of them holding fast to the other end.

She had tried to escape twice during these outings. That proved to be as fruitless as tugging against the huge center pole supporting the roof. The second time, Silas hauled back on the chain and jerked her to her knees. Then he dragged her back to the house by one leg, bouncing and scratching across the rough gravel beach and into the meadow. The cuts and scrapes took a week to heal, and the fucking never let up. She knew better than to try anything like that now. But her mind wrenched as it always did before one of them drove into her with his big cock. There had to be some method by which she could escape.

"Don't even think about it," Wes said in an icy tone. Melissa shivered. She thought sometimes that his steely-eyed glare could pierce her skull, and he could read her thoughts like pages in an open book.

"You try busting away again, and I'll put you out to fuck with one of the jackasses we got working in the mine. You ever see the cock a full-grown jack has got?"

"No-n-no." They wouldn't let her anywhere near the mine, or even tell her where it was. Silas had said once that it was even better hidden than the house.

"A jackass cock makes Silas' prick look like a little fucking dwarf!"

"Uuuunnngh!" She knew that being put to fuck with a beast like that was not beyond these two. They'd probably laugh, standing and watching her cunt get fucked to a bloody ruin.

"You just keep thinking how good you got it now," Wes said. "Because I'm gong to treat you to some nice and tender cunt sucking."

"Aaaaaghhh!" Melissa tried to clamp her legs together, but Wes crouched between them with his knees widespread, bowing down toward her exposed pussy, chanting like an obscene monk worshipping at a shrine.

"Huuummm! Hhhhaaaa! I love the taste of lake-scrubbed cunt. Tangy as brook trout hot out of the pan!"

She cringed, writhing when she felt the scrape of his rough beard on the soft, creamy slope of her thighs. He seemed to enjoy the torment it brought chafing up and down each time he bobbed his head, lapping and digging into her cunt slit with his tongue.

"Better by far than digging a mine," Wes said. He rolled his tongue over his hair-sheathed lips, licking down stray drops of her tangy-sweet fuck honey. "Even better than a mine like ours with a vein of pure silver practically falling off the wall. That cunt of yours is solid gold! The sweetest, spiciest, best tastingest fuck hole my ole tongue has ever been in. By a damn sight! The hot fuckingest best pussy there ever was!"

"Hhhhaaagh!" Melissa cried. She wasn't sure what she felt now... abused and fearful, certainly. But also pleased. The way Wes raved about her pussy made her proud.

He bent down and burrowed into her again, stabbing and twisting with a tongue that felt as long and rough as stile. Each wet thrust made her pussy walls heave, spreading open and then squeezing back with pulsing waves.

"And I love the way that little fuck tunnel moves!" Wes went on. "The way it grabs and fucks a little thing like my tongue... just think what your pussy'll do when it feels cock!"

She knew. It would go crazy! Her cunt would writhe and twist itself in contortions of joy, even when her mind was reeling and shivering with disgust.

"I like those firm, high-peaked tits you got too!" Wes dragged his tongue and his bearded chin over the hump of her belly across the flat plain above, then to the slope of her jutting tits.

In more pleasant times, Melissa regarded her tits as her best feature. Though she had a slender, lean and athletic build, her full tits thrust proud and sharp, refusing to be hidden by the bulky, loose fitting sweaters that she often wore.

Now her tits lay bare beneath the grizzled miner's hands, the peaks taut and steep even when she sprawled flat on her back.

"And them thick ripe nipples! Look how those little suckers bulge and throb when I roll around them with my thumbs. Knobs like that could be tanned and dried and made into boot heels."

"Huuunnngh!" Melissa cried. There was always some hint or threat of horrible abuse, even when they praised and slavered over her. But at the same time, his tightening, spiral tit-strokes were making her squirm with delight.

"Heh, heh! You love to have your titties thumbed around. That makes your ass thrash better than if I was to drop it naked on the wood stove!"

"Gluuuunngh!" she humped with a wave of sudden fear.

Melissa felt only the tingling softness of fur beneath her but she could imagine the searing heat of the old cook stove where they forced her to labor three times a day thing meals large enough to feed at lest six of the more gentle, city-dwelling men she knew.

Venison, biscuits and beans were their mainstay, huge slabs of meat they liked cooked so that it still looked and tasted half-raw. She couldn't eat hers that way at first. She cooked it until fully brown and curled along the edge. Silas sneered when he saw it and said. "Cooked like that, you might as well eat harness straps." And he proved right, she couldn't chew it. So now she ate hers blood-rare too and felt like she was turning more into an animal with every bite.

"Only thing I like better than feeling your tits is sucking them raw!"

Wes spread his mouth and dropped on her, pulling like a vacuum pump until her thick protruding nipple smashed itself flat on the roof of his mouth. Then while the awful suction gorged it full of hot blood, he lapped and swirled around it with his times why her stubborn mind still tried to resist. The vicious bastards knew every touch-point to make her nerves twang. And they delighted in tormenting her until she begged and moaned for a huge, spearing cock that she knew she hated!

Wes scraped his beard across her chest to suck on her other tit. Even the stroke of his rough hair made her tingle now. She breathed a long, desperate sigh as he sucked his mouth full, chomping his lips and lashing her swollen nipple with his tongue.

"Shit!" she screamed. "Fuck me! Fuck me, damn you! Get your cock in! My pussy feels like it's on fire!"

He reared back fast with a smile big enough to expose his mouth in that jungle of beard. "Always the same girl! You piss and you moan, and then you beg to get your pussy stuffed full!"

"Yes, Goddamn it! YES! Aaaahhh, I can't help it. I hate your fucking big cock. I'd cut it off if I... but I need it now! Oooh, God -- I need it so bad!"

"Then you get ready, furry britches... because here it comes!"

"Guulllungh!" She bucked to meet him and then recoiled from the stabbing thrust of his cock. Wes sank his prick to the hilt with one mighty jab.

He loved the way her pussy walls spread apart when he slammed his cock in like that. Her pliant tube swelled to admit his prick and then clenched back with shuddering spasms.

"Ooooh, Christ!" she wailed, rolling her brown eyes toward the heavens somewhere beyond the dingy, smoke-stained ceiling. "Your cock is so Goddamned big! Huunnngh! It hurts my cunt when you ram it all in at once like that!"

Wes felt his lips curl back. His beard and moustache were both still wet and rich with the scent of her cunt. "And you love it, don't you? Don't you?" he roared when she was slow to respond.

"Guungh. Yes!"

His grin appeared as a slit in the reddish-brown thatch. He breathed in deep, gathering strength while he savored the frenzied pulses of cunt motion triggered by his big cock. "You couldn't stand it if I just let it lie still could you?"

"N-n-n-no!" His cock was so deep inside! "I want you to fuck me! Uuunnngh! I want you to fuck me hard! Yeah! Hhhooo! Whip it in and out. Make my pussy hurt!" Only in the blissful explosion of pleasure that followed could Melissa hope to find even temporary escape from her nightmare role as a captive in the high country.

She arched and fucked with the fury she knew it took to bring the brief, bit blessed relief. She had only one other vague hope -- that another woman or group of women would hike this far into the wild.

At least then there would be someone to share the drudgery and the flashing moments of almost insane joy. That was a very slim hope at best. Few women would venture this far into the wilderness.

Few women were that brave -- or, she was thinking now, that stupid.

Then Melissa's climax exploded in her mind like a thunderbolt and she could think of nothing else.


"Isn't this great, Dad? Isn't it just super?" Shelly Marshal's smile looked bright as the sun beaming through the thin, incredibly clear high mountain air. Soft waves of gleaming raven hair framed her pretty young face. The vivid blackness of her tumbling hair contrasted sharply with her flawless, creamy-white skin and flashing pale-blue eyes.

Will Marshal, her father, said. "Oh, yeah..." He stopped and huffed for breath, sagging under the heavy weight of his new backpack. Will was thinking. Shit, I haven't had so much fun since the fucking IRS decided to audit my income tax!

The faint trail slanted up steeply ahead, winding toward distant granite peaks as sharp and forbidding as shark's teeth. Will Marshal had been an athlete in college, an All-Conference fullback just not quite good enough to make it in the pro game. Working at a desk drawing plans for office buildings and shopping centers for twenty years since had widened his ass and flabbed his gut more than he cared to admit.

"Come on, dear... you can make it!" His wife Roxanne came up the trail behind him and playfully pinched him on the ass. It protruded temptingly the way he slumped under his fifty-pound pack. Then Roxanne passed on by, giggling like a school girl, not a bit out of breath.

"Damn," Will muttered, still gasping in the thin air. "I don't know how you do it!" Her bulging pack weighed nearly the same as his, but she carried it as easily as she would her purse. And she looked more luscious and sexy now than when they were married almost twenty years ago.

Her coal-black hair had shimmering streaks of silver shot through it now, but that was about the only visible sign that Roxanne would turn forty on her next birthday. Her ripe, well-rounded ass had the same firm jiggle as it did when they met.

Roxanne's large tits had swelled and coned more softly since Shelly was born, but they still stood out proudly and with minimum support when most full-figured women her age bought bras built strong as a suspension bridge just to keep their nipples from hitting their knees.

Will Marshal took another gulp of air and trudged on up the trail, shifting his pack and grunting angrily when the binding shoulder straps cut deeper into his soft flesh. He cursed himself now for letting the pressures of his job serve as an excuse for getting out of shape.

Far ahead, perhaps a hundred yards off the thread-thin trail, Will noticed a brilliant flash of yellow-gold. That would be the sun streaking off of Babs Hunter's long blonde hair. That slinky little bitch was the biggest insult and aggravation of all.

Babs had been Shelly's best and closest friend since first grade. Shelly had begged him to let Babs come on their summer backpacking trip. In fact, Will thought now the two teenaged girls had conspired and hatched the whole plan. He could think of a hundred better ways to spend his vacation than lugging a heavy pack up a steep, rocky trail.

Will kept thinking. I could be playing golf, or fucking my beautiful wife on the balcony of a beachfront hotel suite. What do I need with this shit in sleeping bags and a little nylon tent so crowded those two damn girls can hear us breathe?

They had not been on the trail an hour when Will decided that Babs was half antelope and half mountain sheep. She went bounding ahead of the rest of them only to zip off the marked path and scale barehanded to the point of a needle of granite rock. She waved, snapped a picture and then scampered down in time to meet him plodding up the trail.

Three days now they'd been out, and she'd done the same sort of thing at least a dozen times. Babs beamed an infectious, ivory-toothed grin every time and said. "Gee, Mr. Marshal... don't you just love backpacking?"

If she did it again, Will had decided to reply.

"Babs... fuck you!" Because he had also decided that fucking the lithe, willowy blonde would be the only thing that could possibly make all of this grueling torture worthwhile.

That thought started the first night in their small tent. Roxanne was sleeping on one side of him, Babs on the other, pressed so close that he could feel both of their warm bodies stir.

Roxanne fell sound asleep almost at once, and Will was about ready to, but not Babs. That little bitch was lying bright-eyed with a finger buried in her cunt, teasing herself to an orgasm of sorts.

Will must have listened for half an hour, his eyes drooping. That was the one time that Babs could not quite reach the peak -- the shivering, self induced climax she enjoyed seemed far less than it should have been. He wanted so much to zip her sleeping bag open and help shoot her over the top with a cock that by then was hard as an oak limb.

But a respected businessman of forty would never fuck a young teenaged girl who lived next door -- his own daughter's best friend. Such an impulsive act might shatter his career and family life as well. He could imagine how Roxanne would rage at him before filing for divorce and damn near everything they owned. Tempting as it was, Will forced the thought from his mind.

Shelly turned back and shouted. "Come on, Dad... you're falling behind again!"

"FUCK YOU!" he roared without thinking.

Shelly's normal, cream-colored complexion turned milk-white with shock. Her jaw dropped, and her pale-blue eyes widened.

Roxanne wheeled around and said. "Will!" in a pinched voice.

"Shit, I'm sorry. I'm tired, that's all." He looked ready to collapse, and because of that, the incident was quickly forgotten.

Babs Hunter saw the meadow and the lake long before any of the others. She topped the ridge and stood breathless, not from fatigue, but from the sheer splendor of the panorama laid before her eyes.

Heading down, she increased her stride and seemed to move without effort. Babs was small and fine-boned, with subtle but perfect features that gave her the delicate look of a china figurine. But she was agile and deceptively strong. She carried Will's pack as though it contained nothing at all, and at the time she reached the meadow, she was almost running.

Her slender, smoothly tapered legs carded her through the long grass, as she bounded with almost the same grace as the deer. On the lakeshore, she stopped and slid free of her pack, breathing deep and gazing in wonder at the clearness and the sparkle of the water.

She wore a thin, short-sleeved blouse open well down from the top. Her deeply tanned tits showed at the point of the narrow V. Like the rest of her, her tits were small, but perfectly formed.

Babs took another deep breath and unbuttoned her blouse. Her firm, elegantly tapered tits had been tanned right up to the nipple. She loved to feel the warming rays of the sun all over her body, and so did all of her sunbathing in the nude.

Her boots came off next, heavy looking with thick, knobby soles. Then her socks, and finally, she pulled down her hiking shorts to show a gleaming spread of yellow-gold cunt hair that looked all the more brilliant because of her deep tan all around it.

Long waves of the same lustrous gold ran down her back like a cascading mountain stream. The silky tresses swayed on the firm, tight domes of her little ass, and they broke into a golden flurry when she bounded toward the lake.

Babs ran up the steep sloping face of a boulder and dove head first into the deep, vividly blue watery beyond. The dive was so perfect, her slender body hardly made a splash. Ripples spread outward from a trail of rising bubbles and lapped gently on the shore.

Silas Sharp stood watching, his mammoth body almost hidden in a jumble of craggy rocks. He used a long brass spyglass, a telescoping tube with lenses strong enough to almost bring the girl's golden pussy curls to his lips.

"Huuugh!" he groaned, compressing the tube and slipping it into the packet of his grimy buckskin jacket. She was still swimming underwater -- now a distant shadow with fleeting glimmers of yellow-gold.

Silas made his way around the lake, moving silently in. He carried the flintlock rifle in his right hand. A powder horn hung from a thong over his left shoulder, and a fringed pouch full of patches and .50 caliber lead balls. He would have no need for them now. This was definitely game to be taken alive. But taken for sure!

He crept back of the boulder Babs had dived off just as the girl surfaced far out in the lake. She tossed her head to sweep a strand of hair from her eyes, and she thought she saw a darting shadow on the shore but when she looked again, it was gone.

She frolicked like a water nymph, splashing and giggling, breathing rapidly because of the chilling cold water. Then she turned and stroked toward the shore. She figured she would have time to stretch out naked on that boulder and let the sun fin her with warmth again. There would be plenty of time to do that and dress before the Marshals reached the lake.

She tossed her long hair again as she walked up on the gravel beach. And she stroked a hand briskly through her dense pad of cunt hair to brush the gleaming cold drops of water away.

Silas waited, crouched like a cougar. He held his breath but could not silence the thundering beat of his heart. This little bitch excited him more than the other one. Her small size and quick, graceful moves made his huge cock ache. He grinned wickedly, thinking that he and Wes would not have to take turns any more -- just trade pretty young cunt back and forth once in awhile.

She circled the huge, hump-backed rock and almost crashed into him. The shock took her breath away. She had not seen another person on the trail in three days and assumed she was completely alone.

Silas spun her around so her back was to him. He clasped his hand over her mouth before she could gasp out even a feeble cry. His other arm reached around and across her chest. He clamped a hand on one of her firm, sharp little tits.

"Heeeeuummmph!" She tried to scream, barely able to make a sound.

Silas kept his hand on her squirming mouth and tightened his grip on her tit. Her tit felt cold and wet from her swim, but it began to warm when he worked her flesh with pulsing finger strokes.

By then, Babs was in the full grip of panic. She wrenched in his grasp and tried to claw at the hand covering her mouth. She tugged at the hand squeezing her tit, but that was like trying to pry open the jaws of a steel vise.

She could feel his hot, foul-smelling breath rush past her ear. That sent sharp tingles into her skull. She jerked again, threw her head forward, and then rammed it back, hoping to smash the bridge of his nose. That was a move her father had taught her, but it didn't work. The huge man just turned his head aside and licked her ear as it went by.

"Muummph!" she raged.

She had one arm almost free. She swung it forward and spiked the point of her elbow back with all her might. She slammed it into the pit of his stomach, but for all the good it did, she might as well have hit the side of a rock.

A slight gush of rank air came from his lips, but then he laughed and said. "Oooh, shit... you're a feisty one. You'll be fun to fuck!"

Babs turned almost numb with fear. Not only had her self-defense methods all failed, but the man had worked his thumb up and found the tip of her bulging nipple. He was turning it slowly.

"I'll have your little titties nice and hot in no time," he whispered. The sound and his stinking breath flowed all over her ear.

"Huuunngh!" Babs tried to bite his hand, but it was so big and his grasp so strong, she could barely get her mouth open.

Silas lifted and pushed her across the beach with her bare feet hardly touching the ground. She kicked back in a mindless frenzy, but her bare heels could not seem to hurt his powerful legs.

He laughed, grunting each time she struck a useless blow. "Hmnimm-hhhmmmm! If you lick like that when I ram your little pussy full, my poor cock will go crazy inside of you!"

His fucker was already hard enough for her to feel. With each bumping step he took, his prick thumped against her naked ass like a huge prod encased in grimy leather. His cock was slick from the water still dripping off her ass, and she felt the heat of it make her asshole clamp in terror.

He stopped by her pack and pile of clothing. "Gotta get rid of this shit in case somebody comes along before I get done with you." He laughed in anticipation. "And that'll take a few days. Then I'll let my brother Wes fuck you for awhile."

"Hhhaaagggh," she groaned. It was getting worse all the time. Somewhere there was another man -- and probably another giant cock. She shivered and tried not to think of all the things the two of them could do.

Silas wadded her blouse into a ball, slid his hand off her mouth and chuckled when he felt her furious writhing. She spread her lips wide, and her slender body swelled with a scream. But he stuffed the ball of cloth in her mouth and choked off the sound.

He pulled a dangling web strap off her pack, pulled it between her lips and cinched it tight in back of her head to keep the gag in place.

Not only did the jaw-straining wad of her blouse contain her screams, but it made it hard to breathe. Her chest heaved, and her heart raced, and she could not suck enough air in through her nose. She began to feel lightheaded, dizzy with fear.

Silas found a coil of stout nylon rope and began fashioning a knot. Babs hardly had strength to resist now, so he could use both hands. He formed a long pair of loops across his palm and then began to coil tighter circles of rope around them.

Babs did not recognize the knot. It wasn't one she'd ever used backpacking. But when he finished and jerked it tight, she knew immediately what it was. A hangman's noose!

He slipped the open loop over her head and jerked the loop tight around her neck. "That knot slips one way real easy, and the other way real hard. You go jerking around, and you'll just make it tighter... until you can't breathe at all. And if you try to rim, I'll be holding the other end and you'll just break your damn fool neck. You understand?"

Bab's nodded. She couldn't make a squad. Her eyes fluttered and pumped up tears that flooded down her cheeks. Site could see him dearly now -- his barrel chest, and hunched shoulders, his craggy face mostly hidden behind a full beard. And the fringed buckskin clothes he wore! He looked like a grotesque character that crawled out of her history book.

Silas put a huge moccasined foot on the free end of the rope to restrain her. Grinning, he wrenched a rock the size of a basketball loose from the beach and attached it to her pack with the shoulder straps. He stuffed the loose things into the bag, then hurled the whole thing into the lake.

"Now, let's go," he said, picking up the dangling end of the rope.

Babs stood numb with horror. She could hardly believe how easily he'd tossed away her pack and that big rock-like a pebble and a piece of cloth. They splashed far out and sank out of sight, leaving only ripples and bubbles behind.

"House is that way," Silas said, pointing with his free hand.

She looked more puzzled than frightened now. House? What house? All she saw was a grassy knoll.

Wes Sharp lay inside on the bed. He was on his back with his stiff cock standing tall. Melissa crouched over him, fucking herself up and down on his long prick, grunting and straining to reach her fourth or fifth climax with him.

After almost wearing himself out by fucking with her underneath, Wes liked to lay back and let her do the work. "Ungh! Haaagh! Gruunnngh!" she cried, lifting and dropping her wet cunt on his cock as hard and fast as she could.

Her chain clanked with every blurring stroke. Her eyes were clenched shut, her lips drawn tight, her anxious breath hissing like steam.

"I-I can't quite make it," she said. "Help me! Help me, Wes -- make me cum again!"

Wes grinned lazily, intrigued by the way beads of sweat were flying off her brow every time she rammed down on him. "You're doin' just fine," he told her.

"Bastard!" She gave a fierce grunt, lifted, and rammed down again. Thongs beneath the mattress squealed sharply, and she made almost the same sound.

"That's it. I knew you could do it." He liked doing nothing except watching the poor bitch fuck herself crazy on his cock.

"Cum!" she begged. "Oooooh, cum now! If you shoot your hot jism in, that'll do it... that'll make me cum!"

"Not sure there's any left after all the fuckin' we done. You better pump that little pussy of yours really hard," he drawled.

Wes could already feel another massive load of jism forming in his balls. It was starting to swell, steaming to get out, but he wasn't going to tell Melissa that. He liked it better watching her sweat. "You fucker. You fucker! I know your cum's in there. I'll make it cum. I'll make it cum, if I have to grind your cock off!"

Her face pulled tight in a knot of intense concentration. She focused every nerve and twitching muscle to make the rhythmic pulsing cunt motions that worked best with Wes.

"Aaaahhh," he groaned, despite a strong urge to torment her. Those rippling spasms were too much to ignore. Slithering bands of wet cunt muscle ran up and down his prick.

A warm mix of spent jism and slick fuck honey dripped from her cunt. It splashed on his hairy groin and ran down to warm his throbbing balls even more. "Hhhhmmmmm!"

"I've almost got it!" Melissa cried. "Almost! All-most!" Her wild bouncing had created enough pressure to shoot the first blast of cum deep into her pussy. "Aaaahhhhh!"

"Hunnnngh!" Wes roared in reply. He couldn't keep still, not when his cock began jetting cum. He arched his powerful body, jerking and stabbing in hard with each spurt.

That extra motion and the feel of slick cum spraying all over the inside of her cunt made Melissa wail with joy. Her mind soared, free from the domed prison at last. All that mattered was the big spurting prick and the hot cum shooting into her cunt like a soothing drug.

She kept twisting and screwing her cunt mouth down on his cock long after she'd wrung it dry. Finally she had to give up. She couldn't tease out another drop of jizz. Her feeling of freedom and elation began to fade. Slumping over him, she sobbed and gulped for breath.

"I think maybe now it's time to fuck your ass." Wes said. "Your cunt's had about all it can stand for awhile... getting all wet and sloppy, you know. But I'll bet your little shithole is still hot and tight."

"Huuuunnngh?" Melissa didn't like that, but neither did she like having her mind clear enough to focus on her dismal surroundings.

She rose obediently and stood beside the bed, waiting for Wes to get up so she could take her place face down on the fur blanket with her ass raised on a pillow to please him.

She thought for a moment with anguished clarity. Oh, God... I wish all this was happening to somebody else!

As if in answer to her silent prayer, Babs came stumbling down the earth ramp into the dimly lit room. Silas came right behind her, keeping a tight grip on the rope around her neck. Babs blinked, her eyes not yet adjusted to the gloom.

"Look what I caught swimmin' in the lake!"

"Well, Goddamn... looks better than any mess of trout I ever saw." Wes studied the shivering little blonde and curled his lips with delight. Then his look fell flat. "She here alone?" he asked.

"Anhhhh... I think so. I didn't see nobody else, and I tossed all her shit in the lake just in case. There ain't a trace we was even there."

"What about your gun?"


"Your rifle, you dumb bastard. Where's your rifle?"

"Ooooh, shit! I left it leanin' against the rock where I grabbed her."

"Well, go get it, you dumb fuckhead!"

Silas scowled and turned to go back up the ramp. Then he whirled around and said. "Ooooooh, no! I go back there, you'll get to fuck her first!"

"I just fucked Melissa five or six times."

"That don't mean shit! Look, your Goddamn cock is getting hard again already!"

It was. Babs could see into the shadows now. His cock lunged upward at a sharp angle, throbbing with anxious desire. She let slip a long sigh of despair and closed her eyes. She knew what was going to happen in this stinking pit, now it was only a question of which one would fuck her first.

Silas pulled the strap loose, and Babs spit out the cloth, but she no longer had breath left to scream.


"If you want my damn rifle off the beach, you can go get it!" Silas barked. He yanked on the rope around Babs' neck and jerked her toward him. His arms snaked around her from the rear, and he clapped his hands possessively over her cunt mound.

Wes leered at the little tufts of golden pussy hair he could see sparkling between his brother's fingers. He wet his lips and said coldly. "I didn't leave it there, turd-brain. You did. Don't worry, I'll keep her nice and warm for you while you go get it!"

Silas whipped her around so that his bulk stood between the cowering girl and his brother. "If you want to fuck her first, you'll have to fight me."

"Maybe that's what we should do -- settle it fair and square, man to man."

"I'll tie her arms around the timber in the middle of the room," Silas said as he started that way. "That outta hold her until I whip your ass."

Wes shot him a mocking grin. "Before you can whip my ass, that pretty little blonde will be too damn old to fuck."

Silas sneered in contempt, jerked the girl's arms backward, and pulled one around each side of the supporting timber. He looped the loose end of the neck rope around them and started to cinch knots. From the corner of his eye, Silas saw Wes edging toward him.

"No fair hitting while I'm not looking! Wait until I get her roped real good."

"Sure," Wes said calmly. And then when Silas looked back at the knots, Wes swung toward his head with a heavy cast iron skillet he'd been holding behind his back.

It made a dull thudding sound. Babs winced, Melissa just shook her head. She'd seen the brothers fight before... over her. That blow with the iron pan would have dropped a full-grown ox, but Silas only stumbled forward and bellowed.

"You sonuvabitch! You're gonna get it now!"

He charged back like a raging bull, head down, arms outstretched. They crashed together and both of them stumbled against the far wall.

"Quick!" Babs said to Melissa. "Cut me loose. I can get away!" Terror had not yet completely fogged her brain.

Melissa approached her, dodging around Wes and Silas as they hurtled across the room again, crashing into the earthen wall on the other side. She smiled in sympathy.

"No. You're naked, you're barefoot... where could you go. They'd catch you in two minutes. If they didn't, you'd freeze to death tonight."

"I've got friends coming..." Babs spoke desperately, but in a soft voice she thought they couldn't hear.

"Men?" Melissa asked.

"Er, one -- Mr. Marshal. Then his daughter and his wife."

"A daughter your age?" Melissa almost laughed. "Honey, what chance would one man that old have against the two of them?" Melissa nodded toward Wes and Silas. They stood toe-to-toe by the ramp, trading punches like a pair of kicking mules.

"You're right," Babs said dejectedly.

Any one of those brutal piston-shots would have knocked poor Mr. Marshal across the room and down on his ass. Silas absorbed at least a dozen without even giving a grunt.

Wes had more reach. He kept drumming his fists into his brother's belly. Silas had more power in his shorter arms, he kept going forward, mindless of pain, slamming Wes with all his strength.

Melissa remembered how it had been when they fought over her the first time. Frightening at first, then obscenely exciting. Now she felt no real thrill. She knew that she would be the loser's prize.

"Which one do you think will win?" Babs asked.

Melissa shrugged. "It might be a tie, and then they'll both fuck you at once. One in the pussy one in the ass. They crash back and forth inside of you just like they're doing now."

"No," the blonde groaned. "I hope they kill each other!"

"No way... fighting like this will get them both hotter than they were before. You gotta face it, you're gonna get fucked, and fucked good, no matter how it comes out."

"Ooooh, God!" Babs quivered and bit her lip. "I-I've never fucked before. Not really. There's one guy I really like, and I let him put his finger part way in, but..." Her soft features pulled into a knot of quivering fear.

Melissa gulped. Good God, a teenaged virgin! She didn't think there was an untried pussy anywhere over the age of twelve. A sudden thought occurred to her. "Maybe I can help you," she said, and she began tugging at the tight knots.

Wes clipped Silas across the chin with a jolting roundhouse punch. Silas spun halfway around and then shot back a vicious jab that sent Wes stumbling up the ramp. Both of them were too busy to notice what the girls were doing.

When the last knot pulled free, Babs jerked her arms forward and rubbed her sore wrists. "Thank you!" she said, bolting for the door.

"Wait a minute!" Melissa still held the loose end of the rope. It pulled tight and stopped the panic-stricken little blonde in her tracks.

"Hhhaagggh!" She almost choked. Looking bewildered, she turned.

"I said I'd help you, not that I'd let you go."

Babs still didn't understand, but she couldn't escape anyway. Wes filled the narrow entryway, charging down the ramp like a runaway truck. He lowered his head and crashed into Silas with an angry roar.

The blonde barely got out of the way in time. Silas came flying backward with Wes driving quick punches into his gut. Melissa jerked her out of the way and led her to the bed.

"I-I don't know what you mean," Babs said in a daze. Silas brushed by her, bumping her arm as he stumbled back and crashed against the heavy iron cookstove.

"Come here, I'll show you. Lie down on the bed."

Babs did so without thinking. The violence of the brothers in combat and the thoughts of what they would do later left her too shaken to think. The soft, silver-gray blanket of fur felt sleek beneath her skin -- a delicious moment of pleasure in what already seemed like a lifetime of torment.

That made the tingling sensation sharper still.

They caught the smell of scorching leather when Silas hit the hot stove. He bellowed in pain and grabbed two iron pot lids off kettles that simmered along with his ass. Spreading them like cymbals, he swung and clapped them over Wes' ears. Wes sagged to his knees, hearing bells ring and echo inside his skull.

"Feels good, doesn't it?" Melissa asked, watching with a smile when the girl squirmed with joyous surprise. "And this will feel even better..." She stroked a hand over her quivering cunt mound and fingered her silky gold cunt fleece.

"Hunnngh!" Babs gasped. "Yes! Ooooh yes. I-I play with my pussy a lot. But it never felt as good as this!"

Melissa knew she had little time to waste. The Sharp brothers would soon tire of fighting and admit to a draw, or one would go down. She glanced over and saw that Wes was already on his knees, swaying like a tree about to fall.

She pressed her lips to the blonde, fleeced dome of the girl's cherry cunt. She wiggled her tongue in before Babs could even think to protest.

"Aaahhhhh!" Melissa's wiggling tongue was far more exciting than her finger. She lapped and teased expertly around the nub of the young blonde's cunt.

Melissa had been in nurse's training for two years. In that mostly female environment she had enjoyed ample opportunity to learn and practice all the pleasure two women can share. But it had never excited ha more than what she felt now.

For a few minutes, she had a captive of her own. It helped her understand better how the two brothers felt, and why they battled so fiercely to be first with this little blonde. The girl had an exceptionally tight and sweet cunt.

"I've never sucked out a cherry pussy," Melissa said with a gasp of delight.

"And I've never been sucked by anyone!" Babs jerked and writhed, spreading her legs so that Melissa could work her tongue in deeper still.

"It'll make your pussy wet and soft, and it'll feel better when one of their cocks goes in."

"Hhhhmmmm, which one, I wonder?" Babs seemed far less frightened now. Her voice had only a curious ring, not one of treat concern.

Wes, I hope, Melissa was thinking. His cock isn't quite so big. But while she sucked up sweet cunt honey, she could see from the corner of her eye that things did not look good for him. Wes pitched forward on his face. Silas gave a satisfied grunt and yanked his head up by the hair, ready to lift his ken and put Wes out for maybe an hour.

Melissa turned away, not wanting to watch. Her swirling lips burrowed back into Babs pussy, and she savored the taste, plunging and stabbing with her tongue air deep as she could reach.

"Hhhhooo!" Babs cried. "Hhheeeee!"

Wes managed to shake his head clear of the bell sounds and focus his eyes. "Hey, look!" he said urgently.

Silas turned and saw the two girls. Melissa's long brown hair fluttered as she bobbed up and down, hungrily gulping and spearing Babs in the cunt.

"I'll be Goddamned to hell!" Silas stared, entranced by what he saw. "Never seen two women fuck before!"

"Look how that Melissa loves to eat cunt!" Wes said, slowly dragging himself to his feet.

"Yeah... huummmmph... just like she sucks cock! Goddamn, look at her go! That little blonde's pussy should be smoking by now!"

"It sure is... she's bucking like a wild horse being saddled the first time!" Silas couldn't take his eyes off them. He didn't see Wes edging around to the pile of stove wood, bending down to pick up a particularly hard piece.

"Sorry, little brother -- you almost had her!" Wes whirled with the thick round limb in his hand. He hit Silas alongside the head and knocked him into a sprawl.

"Hunnnngh!" Silas moaned, struggling to get up. His eyes glazed suddenly. "Sssshhhhh..." He fell flat, silent and still.

"You're going to make me cum!" Babs cried. "Oooooh, it feels so good! Sooo much better than a finger!"

Wes walked up and caught the long, trailing ends of Melissa's brown hair. He lifted and began to wind the silky coils around his hand until it wrenched tight at the base of her skull.

"Aaaggghhh!" she cried, too driven with cunt hunger to notice anything until then.

Wes grinned in triumph, flexing his arm to pull her sucking lips off the pretty golden pussy he'd both fought and cheated for.

"Out of the way! It's time for a man to take over."

"No, you bastard! No! Let me finish... let me make her cum! I want to feel an orgasm on my tongue."

"Then go stick it on the stove... or better still, wiggle it up old Silas' ass. Maybe that'll wake him up."

Melissa could only think. Christ... I don't want to be anywhere around when he wakes up.

Wes hurled her roughly aside. Her chain clattered as she spun across the earthen floor. She tripped over Silas' crumpled form and crashed down on top of him with an anguished cry of frustration.

Babs moaned softly, missing the warm pull of Melissa's lips and the thrusts of her wiggling tongue. She slid her hands down from the taut tones of her tits to the wet golden slit of her cunt.

She spread her pussy lips with two fingers, teasing them apart. Then she worked the middle finger of her right hand into her narrow cunt gash.

"Aaaahhhh!" she cried. But it wasn't the same. Without the damp warmth of Melissa's hungry mouth, she felt a sudden chill in her pussy.

Wes grinned, crouching between her spread legs, stroking his cock while he watched her pump her finger in and out of her cunt. "That's it, honey... spread that little pink pussy of yours and get it ready. I'll bet you've never felt a cock as big as this before."

"I-I've never felt one at all."

"You're shitting me!" Wes couldn't imagine a girl so lithe and sexy keeping her cherry past the age of ten.

"No, I'm not kidding. Yours will be the first..."

"Hhhhooo, damn! That Silas will crap his pants full when he learns that!"

The battle for this doll-like little blonde had made his heart race, pumping hot blood hard into his cock. Now that he knew she was cherry, it throbbed hotter still.

"I had no idea a cock could be so big," Babs said in a weak voice. "I've held my boyfriend's in my hand... but, but..."

"Be glad it's me that won, then. Silas has a cock a mite bigger still."

"Ooooh, grruuungh."

"Don't you worry none. By the time he wakes up, I'll have that little cunt of yours nicely broken in." He leaned down and rubbed the thick, bulging head of his cock between the lips of her cunt. Babs still held the outer lips of her pussy apart, but her fingers trembled now.

"Huunnnngh!" she gasped.

His cock was so much thicker and hotter than Melissa's tongue. And it made a probing finger feel like nothing at all. When it rubbed up and down on the nub of her clit, she thought she might faint from the searing sharp pain.

"How you want my cock put in? Fast or slow?" Wes grinned, waiting for her reply. It didn't matter what she said, he had already decided what he'd do.

"I-I-I don't know. I told you, this is my first time."

"Yeah, well... then it's gonna hurt some no matter how we go about it. Slow, that hurts a little bit for a long time." He pressed his cockhead down into the mouth of her cunt. "But if it goes in fast... well that hurts like your little pussy is being ripped in two, but only for a little while."

Babs blinked and stirred uncomfortably. She could already feel his big prick knob pulsing, spreading her tiny inner cunt lips.

"I think fast! Uuunnngh, I know how much it's going to hurt... but if it's only for a little while..."

"Right!" Wes pushed his cock in the smallest fraction of an inch that he could. His muscles tensed and his teeth clenched. He wanted to prolong the pleasure of popping her cherry.

"Uaaggghhh!" Babs slammed her head back, writhing against the silver-gray fur, loving the soft tingle she felt beneath her, but hating the slow, hot stabbing force that pushed into her curd. "Fast," she pleaded. "Oh, please -- get it over with!"

"Sure, honey... like, this?" Wes drew back, his muscles flexed and trembling.

"Yes! Oh, yes!"

"Heh, heh, heh..." He gave her just a little twitch of prick with each chuckling sound.

"You bastard!" Babs was onto his game now. In a strange way, she actually enjoyed it. He could have made her a woman long before this -- but she still teetered on the brink. She felt the tight, fearful clenching of her cunt, and at the same time, she felt the restless surging of her fast-developing womanhood.

"You really don't want to fuck fast, do you?"

"N-n-no. Uuumnngh. Push your cock in real slow. I love the way it makes my pussy twist and squirm."

"Yeah, I like that too." She felt so tight and slithering hot, that he could hardly stand it. "Huuunnngh!"

"What's that?" Babs winced, and tears poured from the corners of her eyes.

"That's your cherry. It's a skinny little piece of flesh, that stands between being a woman or a girl."

Babs shuddered anxiously as the pressure on her cherry increased. "Grunngghhh, go slow. God, it hurts! Huuuunnngh, it hurts already! Ease off... oh, please!"

"Sure, honey." Wes drew back, "Any way you want it."

"Ssslllooow," she moaned. "Veeerrrryyy slow!"

"Huuunnngh!" He lunged down on her with all his weight.

Her cherry strained and popped before she even knew it was gone. She felt the tube of her cunt swell as it never had before. His long, stabbing prick sank to the root, and she gave a wild, shrill scream when his weight came down on her writhing body.

"Oooh! Ooohhhh! Ooooooooooh!" Babs gasped and tried to recover her senses. Sparking signals shot to her brain from nerves that had never been used before. "You're killing me!"

"No, baby -- the hurt is all in your head. Your pussy loves it. I can feel that little fuckhole trying to figure out what to do."

Her pussy relaxed a little. Parts of her narrow fuck tube that had strained to the ripping point somehow managed now to loosen. Others clenched in mad passion, squeezing on his cock.

"Hhhhoooo, yes. It feels better already! I-I really do like your cock. I mean, even in my mind!" It was exciting to be a woman after waiting so long, after playing silly games with young boys.

"It's all over," she said thankfully.

"Oh, shit no... we're just getting started." Wes drew his cock back and cased into her pussy again. She gave a tense grunt. Going in and out, his thick cock raked across the frayed edges of her cherry. She cringed.

He pumped faster, and watched the girl cringe, gritting her teeth. The rapid, in-and-out motion of his big cock threw her into a turmoil of pleasure and pain. It hurt so much at first that she wanted to scream, but her lips could only quiver and release little moans.

Wes built up a lot of furious energy during the struggle with his brother. That was all coming out now. His body ached from the vicious punches he'd taken, and his ears still rang from getting hit with those two damn pot lids. But feelings of raw desire soon overpowered the discomfort, and he knew it would soon be the same for the little blonde.

"Aaaahhhhh!" she cried, and she arched to meet his grinding cock thrusts. He fucked into her upraised cunt and pressed her down again. Both gave fierce grunts as their bodies dashed and twisted together.

With all his weight on her, Babs could feel nothing at all. When he reared back again, she gasped with relief. Then his cock stabbed in, and she felt a searing bolt of pain. She shivered violently and began a sing-song wail.

It felt like her dive into the icy cold mountain lake -- a brutal, almost heart-stopping shock at first, then cool pleasure, and finally, a rush of joy.

"Fuck me!" Babs cried. "Oh, Wes... fuck me good. Make me now!"

Melissa had almost brought her to the climax her body craved. Now Wes was doing the same thing, but more. Babs felt her nerves tingle in anticipation. Her pulsing cunt gripped his cock and rippled up and down his long prickshaft.

"Hunnngh!" he groaned, closing his eyes. For a young girl who'd never fucked before, she was really working his cock around. He felt the sleek, taut waves gripping his cock, pulling on it. Suddenly he tensed. "Aaaggghhhh!"

He looked so stricken that Babs thought somehow she might have hurt him terribly. But she couldn't see how that could be. His eyes got all glassy, and he roared and stabbed his cock to the root, twisting and writhing on her blonde pussy mound.

"Hhhooo!" she gushed. Something shot deep inside her cunt. Deeper than his long cock. Something smooth and hot that did not hurt at all. "You're cumming! Ooooh, God! Jism is squirting everywhere! Huuunnngh!"

Babs closed her eyes and let the seeping warmth flow through her pussy, sweeping away fear and pain and all memory of what had gone before.

She reached a peak, and nothing seemed to matter after that.


Shelly Marshal reached the top of the steep ridge and stood gazing down at the meadow and the mirror-bright blue lake beyond. "Ohhhh, God -- it's so beautiful!" she gasped although there was no one near enough to hear. Her mother and father were still at least a hundred yards behind.

Once she'd absorbed the splendor of the natural scene, she began to look for Babs. She thought her friend would be easy to spot with her long flowing yellow-gold hair. But she scanned the meadow and the shore of the lake and saw no sign of her.

Curious, Shelly worked a pair of binoculars out of her pack. She looked more carefully now, aided by her strong magnifying lenses. Still nothing. No flash of gold anywhere along the lake. She's probably climbing again, Shelly thought. Babs likes nothing better than to reach some new and unclimbed peak.

She studied the lofty crags across the lake and still saw nothing. The gray rocks stood tall and barren of life. The whole place seemed unnaturally still, and Shelly felt an eerie chill. She turned and ran back down the trail to meet her parents crying.

"Mom, Dad... Babs isn't here. I can't see her anywhere!"

It took Babs a long time to settle back and start breathing again. When she did, the harsh reality of her situation fell on her like a rockslide. Her throat felt dry and parched from all the screaming and moaning she'd done. And the noose, cinched tight around her slender neck, made it hard to swallow.

Wes lay on top of her, his wet cock still throbbing in her narrow cunt canal. It had softened a little, but not enough to ease the awful strain. Her pussy kept trembling, trying to adjust.

His weight almost crushed her, and his rough hairy chest scraped her tender nipples until they felt raw. He grinned at her, looking mean and cold. "Not bad for a first-timer," he said in a rasping voice. "Now I'm gonna teach you to suck cock."

"Nnnooo," she said weakly.

Wes answered with a grunt and sat back on his knees with his cock slipping out of her cunt. He smiled deceptively, looking satisfied. Then he growled. "One thing you gotta learn right off... you don't ever say no."

He reached down and grabbed two soft bunches of her blonde hair, one on each side of her neck, then pulled and jerked her head up.

"Hhhaaahhh!" she cried. His hairy lips parted and closed on hers. His arms coiled around her slender body, and his tongue pushed into her mouth.

"Yuuugghhh!" she gasped. His mouth had a foul, bitter taste.

"Sucking prick is no worse than that," he said. "You'll like the taste even more."

Babs raised a hand to wipe her lips. "It's so wet and sticky," she said. She saw his prick between his legs, glossy with thick smears of cum. "I-I don't want to." She curled her legs up and pulled into a tight ball at the head of the bed, her lips quivering with disgust.

"And I don't give a rat's ass what you want!" Wes jerked on the noose rope and jerked her off the bed.

Babs cried and sprawled on the earthen floor at his feet. Her soft hair spilled around her face, the golden strands still damp from her swim and the sweat of fear.

"Now, up!" Wes pulled on the neck rope, yanking her up to her knees as though she were a puppet.

"Aaaggghhh! I can hardly breathe..." She tugged at the thick knot of the noose but could not pull it loose.

"You pull on this," he said, dragging her hands into his lap. Her fingers twitched, not wanting to touch his wet, slippery-looking cock.

He forced her to curl her trembling hands around his cockshaft. "Huuunnnn!" His hot jism had cooled and now felt to her like slime on the back of some half-alive creature that crawled from under a rock.

His cock gave a wild jerk when she first touched it, and it began to throb when she closed her hands around it.

"Don't you worry! My cock will get nice and warm again when you get it in your mouth."

"C-c-can I wipe it off first?" she asked.

"Sure. Use this." Wes reached down and lifted a silky bunch of her long hair. "That ought to feel real good."

Babs didn't want that stuff in her hair any more than she wanted it in her mouth. At least she had no sense of taste or feeling in her hair. She whimpered and reached out, daubing his wet cock lightly with the golden swirl of her hair.

"Hhhhmmmm," Wes said. "I like that. Sweep my prick like a broom."

At least when he was happy, he made no move to increase her torment. She stroked again, brushing and teasing his cock with the silky wisps. "Hhhggggh," she sighed. That only made his long prick swell and pulse with fresh blood.

"You better start sucking my cock before it gets fully hard."

"Ungh-ungh. I'll do it with my hands. I've done that to my boyfriend before. He says I've got beautiful soft hands..."

Wes snarled and gripped the hair behind her head. "I've got hands, you stupid little cunt. If all I wanted was a hand-job, I could do it myself!" He pushed her head down toward the rising head of his stiffening cock. "Now open your mouth and suck. Pretend you're a little kid with a big candy cane."

That image flashed in her mind, and it helped a little. She closed her eyes and gripped his prick. She licked it timidly, barely touching the glazed cum and bulging veins. Even that brought a stinging sharp taste to her mouth.

Melissa also felt bitterness. The lewd pleasure of making the little blonde cum had been denied her. Silas was still out, so there was nothing he could do to satisfy her lewd desires. As quietly as she could, she crept toward the kneeling girl.

"Wes?" she asked. "If you let me suck her cunt while she's sucking your cock, that might get her going."

"It might at that! And you'll just love licking cum out of a hot pussy. That's about the only thing you haven't been able to do around here."

"Oooooh," Babs sighed, shifting her gaze to the girl dragging the long chain. "You don't want to do that now. Uuuuggghhh. My pussy is so wet and slimy. It's still dripping."

"I know!" Melissa wet her lips and turned over on her back, working her head between the crouching girl's spread legs from the rear.

"Hhhuuunngh!" Babs cried. She felt a slow, rolling shockwave of pleasure when Melissa first reached out and twirled her tongue.

"Don't just sit with your mouth gaping, blondie. Suck my big cock, and show me how much you like it. Melissa raised her head, licking and swirling as she dug into Babs' cunt again. "Hhhmnm, I think your pussy tastes better now than before! I love the taste of cum mixed with fuck honey!"

"Hhhaaaahhh," Babs sighed, tingling with sheer delight. Her eyes fluttered, and when she looked back, the throbbing cock before her eyes looked less repulsive than before. She spread her lips, and slowly, she bent down.

"Come on, baby... suck! I'm getting horny watching Melissa lick jism and gulp it down. I want to shoot some into you."

"Yyyeesss, I know." Babs pressed her soft lips on the knob of his cock, keeping them tight, letting them spread slowly as her pussy had done.

Melissa tongued Babs' clit. It sent another series of joyous shocks rattling up the girl's spine. Babs jerked, wanting to cry out from the pleasure, but when her lips parted, Wes thrust upward and drove more of his cock into her mouth.

"Muuggghhh!" His padded cocktip pressed against the roof of her mouth, slanting toward the rear, skidding to the opening of her narrow throat. "Gluuuhhh!"

"That's it, sweet lips... just keep sucking my cock." Wes put his hand on the back of her head and pressed firmly. He felt her tongue racing round his cockshaft, quick and curious.

Melissa kept her tongue churning, feeling giddy from the taste of cum. She'd enjoyed few moments of gentleness in the last three weeks, and she intended to make the most of this little blondes a sweet dripping cunt.

Babs almost gaped on the slick, briny taste of Wes' big cock. She did choke and sputter when it started down her throat, but the sound could not escape -- and neither could she. Her tits swelled, and her nipples tingled from the strain mounting inside.

Melissa made wet gurgling sounds. Babs could only wrench her throat, trying to adjust to the long thick prick pressing steadily deeper. When she thought she could take no more, she tossed her head, and Wes let her lift it almost to the tip of his cock. Then he grunted with delight and pushed her back.

"Hhhaaaggghhh!" she managed to gasp just before her throat swelled full of prick again.

"That's it, honey -- bob your pretty head. I don't mind you comin' up for air. Just don't take your hot lips off my prick!"

Babs nodded that she understood. It didn't seem, half-bad now. The taste of his cock had mellowed in the warmth of her throat. It had a bitter but not unpleasant tang. And his hard cockshaft was not impossible to swallow if she tilted her head just right. She gulped air and dove down on his prick again.

"Hwmnngh, yeah! You're getting it now. Huuummmmm. See if you can make it all the way to the root. I want to feel your lips in my cock hair."

She willed her clinging throat muscles to relax and fought the reflex urge to gag, sliding her lips down. Down farther. She pulled and sucked until, finally, she could feel the tingle of his coarse cock hair against her nose.

"Now do it faster. Up and down from tip to root! Yeah!"

It didn't seem bad at all once she got the gliding motion right. She found she could lift with her lips pressed tight.

As Babs moved faster, Melissa flew into a frenzy. Sometimes the girl's delicious little golden haired cunt pressed hard on her mouth. Then it jerked up and out of reach. Melissa strained, trying to follow, not wanting to miss one delicious drop of cunt cream. The rapid bobbing and dropping pumped more of the tantalizing fuck fluid from deep in the girl's cunt.

Melissa reached her arms up outside the girl's thighs, searching for something to hold on to. Her fingers slid over her rib cage and then latched on to her tits.

"Hhhaaagh!" Babs gasped at the top of one cock-licking rise.

Melissa twirled Babs' nipples and her cunt at the same time, the young girl gulped, twisting and winding her mouth around the head of Wes' big cock.

She gulped and dropped again, sucking madly until she could bury her lips in his scruffy cock hair, clamping her eyes shut in eerie delight. Her mouth, her tits and her cunt all felt surging heat and wild shocks of joy.

Wes could feel it too. Babs pulsed all her burning energy into him. "Keep her hot, Melissa! Stab her deep and spin those little nipples until she screams!" He leaned back, bracing on his elbows so he could lift and drive his cock the next time Babs went gulping down.

"Glunnngh!" she moaned.

He began fucking his cock in and out of her mouth. Her head jarred each time she bottomed now, and that increased her dizzy feeling of joy. She loved the way his fierce cock throbbed, loved the way she could make his prick twitch and jerk with circling motions of her tongue.

Wes felt great. He knew Melissa's cunt was really heating up. He watched it bob restlessly beneath her little covering of rabbit fur. The smell of her foaming cunt filled the sunken room.

Babs thrashed her pussy insanely too. She felt double waves of pleasure. The joy of sucking ran downward. The joy of being sucked ran up. When the two clashed, her body wrenched and heaved.

"It's about time to give you a real treat," Wes said to her. He increased his powerful fuckstrokes, lifting and grinding his prick into her mouth as hard and fast as he could. She only gurgled madly, hungry to know what the treat was.

"Hey, Melissa... lay off her tits for awhile, and give my big balls a little tease."

"Hhhmmmm," she chuckled, stirring her lips on the bouncing blonde cunt. She reached back over the edge of the bed, sliding her hands through the silky fur spread, searching for the two big balls in the hairy V between his legs. It was a hard reach from the floor -- her shoulders ached, and Babs kept pounding her eager cunt slit down on her mouth.

She almost reached his balls once, only to be knocked back when Babs sat on her face, writhing and twisting with lewd delight. I'll fix you, you little cock sucker! I know just how to pump a huge load from his balls. You'll fucking drown in spurting cum! she thought.

Each time Babs raised her head she got a fleeting glimpse of Melissa's hands creeping toward his eggsized balls. When she lowered her head down, she could feel Melissa's groping fingers touch her chin. Then she saw them slide beneath Wes' nuts.

"Hhhhaaahhh, yeah! Pump these big fizzmakers up, Melissa?" He clenched his teeth, grunting with raw delight.

He decided to fight the heat and swelling pressure she teased up as long as he possibly could, then he'd fire a steaming blast almost hard enough to knock the little blonde's head off.

Melissa gave each ball a loving caress, rolling them between her fingers, pressing them together, wiggling them apart. Then she worked her hands on top of his dangling nuts and trapped them between her whirling fingers and the soft, silverblue fur covering the bed.

"Hhhhaaaggghhh!" Wes arched, lifting his cock as high as he could, trying to drag his balls free. He felt the heat surge, a dry ripple ran up the length of his cock -- then a hot wet charge of cum exploded.

"Hhhmmm!" Babs felt the first swelling ripple and gripped tensely with her lips... lifting her head up with slow, shivering tension wracking her whole body. She knew what would come next. Cum!

"Glliuuugh!" she gulped. Jizz exploded in her mouth. Slick fragments hit her teeth and rolled down her tongue. The main load splashed on the roof of her mouth and filled her with its salty-sweet taste. Before she could swallow that, Wes spurted up another and another load. Babs felt her cheeks swell. Slick bubbles of jizz escaped from her lips.

Melissa grinned, spiked in her tongue, and wiggled deep in the girl's little fuckhole. Babs gave a wet gasp of double delight. She was cumming in her mouth and her pussy at the same time. She sucked and finally swallowed.

Cum ran down her throat like a thick hot syrup, burning all the way into her gut. She sighed and swallowed again. His jizz felt creamy smooth and it filled her whole body with warmth.

Wes kept fucking, loving the startled look he could see in her eyes when her head bobbed up, tossing waves of long yellow-gold hair. He grinned wider and wider as each creamy shot of cum pumped into her throat. He already knew what he wanted to do next. He'd been all primed to fuck ass when Babs arrived. Now it was her ass he wanted... her last cherry fuckhole.

"I can't imagine where she's gone," Will Marshal said. He'd been standing on the crest of the ridge for several minutes, tracking the binoculars back and forth, across the meadow, along the shore of the lake, and over the jagged spires of granite rising beyond. "Babs!" he shouted as loud as he could. "Hey, Babs! Where the hell is that girl?"

"Let's go down by the lake and look around," Roxanne suggested. "I know she likes to sunbathe nude. She may be back of that big rock."

Will gave a slow grin. The thought of finding Babs naked gave him an odd tingle, something sharp enough to quell his anger at her not answering and worrying them all. "Yeah, O.K. Let's go."

Shelly already had the same idea. She was halfway across the meadow already, heading for the lake as fast as she could. "Babs! Hey, Babs -- better get your clothes on, here we come!" She got no answer but the murmur of the wind stirring in the tall pines.

She found it easy to follow the path Babs left crossing the meadow. The long grass was still bent and freshly trampled. On the rough gravel beach it got harder, but here and there, Shelly found a print of her boots. Then nothing. Nothing at all.

"I don't understand it," Will said after he'd taken a good look wound. "Look here -- there's a big hollow where someone tugged a rock out of the ground. It's still damp in the bottom."

"You think Babs did that?" Shelly asked with concern.

He shook his head. "I don't think she's strong enough to move a rock that size. And why would she want to, anyway?"

"Here's something else!" Roxanne called. She'd found the flintlock rifle Silas left leaning against the boulder. She was afraid to touch it.

"That's a real antique!" Shelly said. "I'll bet it's been leaning there, a hundred years or more. Probably left by some old mountain man."

Will stood silently shaking his head. The gun looked freshly cleaned and oiled, in perfect working order. The brass was trimmed, and the beautifully varnished stock gleamed in the sun. It could not have been exposed to the elements very long. Whoever left it had not gone far... and would almost certainly be coming back. When he finished with Babs.


Babs raised her head and brushed back a long golden strand of hair. Her tongue circled her lips, licking down the last silvery dribbles of cum. Then she flashed a slow, uncertain little grin.

Melissa sat up, and her tongue was racing, eager to get down the last drop of cum and sweet fuck honey around her mouth. "What do you want to do now, Wes?" She felt this firm-bodied little blonde was in part her prisoner, too, and that filled her with raging urges.

As much as Wes warned to fuck Babs in the ass, he could see Silas was just starting to stir. Wes thought it might be nice if his brother woke up to a real treat. He said. "Babs you go over therewith Silas and practice what you just learned. Suck this big prick hard before he wakes up."

Babs glanced curiously at the huge man sprawled facedown on the earthen floor. "All right, if that's what you really want." Her voice quaked with sadness. Having the two men tight for her had given her a perverse but intense feeling of excitement. Now that the winner was sending her away, her pride was injured.

Melissa beamed brightly. "That must mean you want to fuck me now." Although she really liked sucking the little blonde, she wasn't completely happy having another pretty taint around. Especially when the brothers wanted to fuck Babs most.

"No, I want to rest and watch for awhile. If your pussy is hot, go over and sit it down on Silas' mouth. The poor bastard will go crazy trying to decide which one of you to fuck first."

A look of intense determination narrowed Melissa's eyes. It'll be me! she was thinking. But she knew that Babs must have the same thought. She was grinning almost wickedly with confidence.

"Let's roll him over and get his clothes off," Melissa said.

She and Babs both crouched beside him, grunting when they strained to pitch him over. Silas made a deep growling sound as he turned, but he sprawled limp with his mouth gaping up at the domed ceiling.

Babs moved to kneel astride his legs once they'd stripped off his buckskin clothes. "It's better if you sit the other way, facing his feet. His big cock will go down easier."

"Ah, yeah... I guess it would." Babs turned and straddled his lean hard stomach. It rose and fell with the slow, easy rhythm of his unconscious breathing. Bending down, she began to finger the limp shaft of his massive cock. The size of his prick made her fingers quake -- and his fucker wasn't fully hard yet.

Melissa crouched over his sightless eyes and gaping mouth, pumping the wet gash of her cunt back and forth across his lips. She also sat facing toward his feet, wanting to watch the little blonde's ass bob when she began sucking cock.

Silas groaned -- a rumbling sound half-muffled by the soft, squirming pussy lips pressed over his mouth.

"You gals better give Silas a good time," Wes said. "Otherwise, he'll be in a kick-ass mood when he wakes up."

Babs lifted the man's blue-red cock-knob, coiling her thumb and first finger just below the huge ridge. She felt his prick give a throb, an unconscious pulse of delight. She stroked her tongue in the cleft on the bottom of his cockhead and ran it over his cum slit.

"Huuunnngh!" Silas groaned, still half-lost in the forest of pain.

Except that it had no hair, Babs thought his cum slit looked like a tiny cunt, and she felt a strange compulsion to wiggle into it with the tip of her tongue.

"Hhhhaaagh!" Silas gasped, jetting the sounds of his pleasure into Melissa's wet cunt.

"Hhhnmmm!" She liked that and pressed down harder, feeling the scratch of his rough beard in her widely spread pussy.

Melissa rocked back and dragged her bulging clit nub over the tip of his nose. That brought a sharp tingle of lewd delight.

Silas breathed deeply, his eyes fluttering, smelling the tangy damp scent of cunt. He awoke with a start and a cry of wild joy.

"Gruungh!" Melissa groaned. Jerking his head up almost split her pussy. Then his tongue shot out and probed her juicy cunt slit. "Hhhhaaaahhh! Eat my pussy, Silas... make me cum!"

Babs slid her hand down and gripped the knob of his cock between her lips. She pulsed and squeezed the soft cushion at the head of his cock, gathering courage to attempt sucking in his hard prickshaft.

His prick began to throb and swell even before he came to. Now the pulsating heat and strength of his fucker became extreme. It hardly mattered to Babs now that she was a captive, naked and helpless, expected to satisfy these rough men. Feeling a giant cock swell aching-hard in her mouth gave her a sense of power, an obscene satisfaction she had never experienced before.

"Hey, Melissa," Wes said. "Next time Babs jerks her ass up, wiggle your tongue into her cunt from behind."

Melissa didn't really want to make the lithe, sexy little blonde bitch any hotter than she was already. But she knew better than to deny Wes any lewd pleasure he craved. When Babs leaned her head down to suck in more of Silas' huge stiff cock, Melissa jammed her nose into the cleft of the blonde's ass and wiggled her tongue up into her cunt.

"Guuuuugh!" Babs groaned with her mouth almost full.

The tremors from Melissa's first cunt sucking had hardly faded, and now Babs felt them starting again. She lowered her head, sucking wildly on Silas' cock while squirming her ass toward Melissa to feel more wild joy.

With Melissa's furry cunt almost covering his face, Silas could not see all that was going on, but he knew that something had spurred the tiny blonde into a frenzy to suck cock. He felt the sleek, gliding friction of her pulling lips and the tighter, almost insane swirl of her throat as she pressed and nibbled to suck in all of his huge prick.

"Kiss her ass, too," Wes prompted from the side. "Lick honey from her cunt and smear it around the rim of her shithole!" He still had plans to get his big cock into her tight little shitter.

"Hhhheeecyyyah!" Babs cried. Melissa's tongue ran along the cleft between her pussy and ass, warm and wet with slick oils gushing from her cunt. Then it circled around her tightly clenched ring of dark ass flesh in a slow, tempting way that would have brought a scream if her throat was not entirely choked with cock.

Silas feasted on Melissa's dark furry cunt. He gorged himself on her simmering pussy broth, loving the way she grunted and squealed as he worked his lapping tongue in and out of her spread cunt.

"Huuunngh! Hhheeee! Ummmph!" She pressed down on the churning source of pleasure. Melissa had never been in the middle between a man and a woman before. Each time Silas twirled her cunt or speared her juicy cunt with his tongue, she did the same exact thing to Babs.

"Get her ass good and wet," Wes prompted again like a coach. "Really smear that sweet fuck honey around. Work it in!"

Babs winced. All this attention her ass was getting had her worried. She didn't even want to think what Wes or Silas might do once her little asshole got really wet and hot. But the gross, obscene delight of having her ass licked soon made her forget all her fears.

Silas felt both women writhing above him, twisted and stung by the sharp pleasures they shared. Melissa could hardly wrench her cunt back and forth fast enough to satisfy her swelling need, and Babs couldn't quite swallow enough cock to bring her lewd orgy to its natural peak.

"Huuummmm! Huuunnnngh!" she groaned, coiling her fingers beneath his flopping balls, lifting and stroking, almost begging him to cum in her throat. She thought that might send her over the top.

"Hey, I like that!" Silas turned his head and then pushed hard with his right hand to get Melissa's hungry cunt off of his face. "I've had enough of your pussy for awhile. Get down there and suck on my nuts."

"Nnnhoooo! I'm about ready to cum! Just eat my pussy a little more. Twirl my cunt..."

Silas sat half-upright without unseating the cock hungry blonde. "I'll twirl your Goddamn head!" And he slapped Melissa hard.

"Aaaaggghhhh!" she cried, tears of pain and frustration welling from her eyes.

"You bastard! You're scum! You get me all hot to fuck and then just toss me aside..."

"You're lucky he didn't toss you right out the fucking door," Wes told her blandly.

Melissa blubbered, still shocked by the stinging slap and the sudden chill in her untended pussy. "My chain won't reach that far..."

Wes laughed and said. "You'd fly right out once that chain pulled tight and ripped your foot off!"

"You fuckers! You dirty Goddamn rotten fuckers!"

Silas glared. "The next time I see your mouth move, it better be sucking real tender on my nuts!"

"I'll bite them off!" she hissed.

Babs raised her head. "Melissa..." She knew that any attempt at violence or escape would only end up hurting them both. " what he wants. Eat his balls and make him cum. It'll be fun for both of us to suck. And I think I'll be able to reach your pussy with my hands. I'll make you cum!"

Melissa's flaring anger cooled. "That might be all right at that."

She crawled down and straddled Silas thick hairy legs at the knee, bending down with a sigh of resignation. Babs had gone back to sucking his cock, bobbing furiously. They almost bumped heads when Melissa moved in, lapping with her tongue at his balls.

"Yeeeaaaahhh," he gasped. "That's pretty good. Now gulp my balls down. Spread your horny mouth and swallow them both!"

"Uuunnngh!" Melissa grunted. The urge to resist smoldered in the back of her mind.

"Go on!" Babs said when her head bobbed up the next time. She knew things would only get worse if the brothers did not get what they wanted.

"Huuuinmph!" Melissa snaked out her tongue and ran it beneath the loose, hairy sac holding his big balls.

"Aaahhhh," Silas mowed, feeling pleasure and tension at the same time, hoping they had this lusty bitch under complete control.

Babs reached out and fingered Melissa's tits, working her nipples in slow, tight circles until they swelled hard.

"Aaaahhhh! All right!" Melissa spread her lips wide and worked her tongue until she had both of Silas' big balls inside her mouth. Then she could hardly close it at all. Her jaw ached, her nipples burned, and she could feel Babs sliding her hands down to the split of her cunt.

Melissa stirred her tongue between Silas balls, and then Babs found her cunt and toyed with it, bringing all her anxious desires flooding back.

Silas began rasping in deep gulps of air, arching to drive his cock as deep as possible. Babs moaned each time he bucked and smacked her face with his hairy loins. His movement created an exquisite tension in his balls. They strained in the damp hollow of Melissa's mouth, and she could feel their heated throb when she worked her tongue between them.

"Hhhhmmmm, yeah! I hope you're ready to suck down a load of hot jism, blondie. Melissa is heating it up real good."

Babs made a nodding motion as her head glided up and down, her lips sealed warmly on the shaft of his cock. She braced and could feel her asshole clench in expectation.

That was about all of her Silas could see. He reached up and capped his hands on her tanned asscheeks, squeezing and milking as though they were a delicious set of tits.

Babs shuddered violently. She could feel his fingers sliding down into her tender ass cleft, circling the rim of her shithole. "Gruuungh!" she cried.

"Nice little ass you've got. I'm gonna love fucking it with my cock!"

She quivered, and the pulses of fear applied a delightful tension on his cock. Melissa kept pumping his balls and swiped them with her tongue, wondering how long the son of a bitch could hold back.

Silas gasped and stiffened, thrusting his hips up in a high arch that almost pulled his balls out of Melissa's mouth. Babs felt his big cock swell and quake in the tunnel of her throat. Then it fired, flooding her with slick cum.

"Huuugluh!" she gulped.

Silas sank back and then began to fuck in and out of her mouth with the longest, hardest strokes he could. Melissa's head jerked up and down, rocked and shaken by the violence of his orgasm. She could feel each searing pulse swell and shoot up into his cock, then she could see the little blonde shiver as it burst hot and thick in the depths of her throat.

The salty taste of cum was no shock to her now. She worked the sinewy muscles of her throat and slurped his cum into her gut, needing to make room for the next wad.

Silas grunted fiercely each time his prick fired, and when the extreme tension of agonized delight passed, he began circling his finger on the blonde's ass lips again. Babs cringed, but could not make even a small sound of protest. It was all she could do to swallow all the jism spewing into her throat.

He wet his finger with the slick fuck oils Melissa had licked up and smeared around, then he began wiggling it into her ass. "Hungh!" she groaned, trembling with wild spasms of fear.

Even a finger seemed to stretch the rim of her ass to the point of pain. She couldn't imagine his huge cock going in. It was all she could do to keep her mouth around his prick.

But once his finger was in a little way, the pain turned to a slow kind of burning pleasure. Babs stiffened, knowing she was going to cum very soon. Her fingers clenched on the lips of Melissa's pussy, then she dug and speared into the woman with a frenzy.

Jism bubbled and dripped from Babs' lips, but she kept her head jerking up and down to give Silas the best cocksucking ever. He had his finger all the way up her ass now, pumping and twisting and reaching for deeply hidden nerves.

With both of them sucking on his cock and balls, Silas had about all the sheer, wild pleasure he could endure. The lithe, horny little blonde pulled and lapped on the shaft of his cock, voracious in her hunger for his cum. And Melissa expertly pumped and swirled his balls to provide jolt after sewing jolt to satisfy the lewd appetite of her fellow captive.

Babs gurgled wet sounds of increasing delight as Silas pumped his finger savagely into her ass, and she thrust and twisted her finger into Melissa's cunt. They all quaked and shivered, linked like an obscene chain.

"Hey, Wes -- you're gonna have to try this. Getting sucked off by two gals at once is the greatest!"

"I'm gonna have to try something," he agreed. Watching Babs wring his brother's cock dry with her lips had his prick aching and throbbing with desire. "But I think I'm gonna fuck that pretty little ass you've been wanting up for me with your finger."

"You bastard -- that's what I want next!"

"Tough. You've gotta get your rifle, remember?"

"Oh, fuck that! I want to fuck her tight little ass."

"You can do mine!" Melissa said after releasing his big nuts.

"I've fucked your ass more times than I can count. I want something fresh and new, damn it!"

Babs lifted her head off his sagging, thoroughly drained cock and felt that eerie tingle start again. She had a feeling the Sharp brothers might fight over her again.

"Tell you what... you go get the rifle, and I'll wait right here until you get back," Wes said from his perch on the edge of the bed.

"Like shit! You'll have your cock in her little shitter before I get two steps outside the door!" Silas pushed the two females aside and lumbered to his feet like a giant bear coming out of hibernation. "I ought to get at least one of her fuckholes while it's still fresh!"

Wes grinned and cocked his head toward the narrow opening to their underground house. "Sounds to me like what's really fresh is out there along the lake..."

"What? Is this another of your damn fucking tricks?"

"Shut up and listen," Wes said. His grin looked genuine, and it suddenly grew wider.

In the silence that followed, they could both hear the distant, warbling cry. "Babs! Baa-aaabs!"

"Oh, God -- that's Shelly," the blonde moaned. In the heat of sucking Silas' big cock, she'd completely forgotten about her friend and her parents. They were looking for her now, and she knew they must be worried sick.

"Babs! Ooooh, Baaa-aaabs!" That voice was also female, but stronger.

"Christ, there's two fresh pussies out there!" Silas said.

Melissa felt all but forgotten.

"I think maybe we should both go," Wes said.

"Get a chain outta that chest. We don't want this little blonde getting away while we're gone."

"Yeah!" Silas got another length of chain and locked one end round the huge timber standing upright in the middle of the room. The other end was fitted with a metal band that opened like jaws and clamped shut around Babs' right ankle.

"Maybe after we see what's out there, we won't think you're such hot shit after all," Silas said as he snapped the lock on her leg band tightly shut.

Melissa sulked in a disgruntled heap, wondering if they would ever show an interest in her again. Then her eyes brightened as she thought, maybe they'll let me go!

Wes and Silas dressed rapidly, slipping into their buckskin outfits, chattering about the possibilities outside. The two voices were coming nearer all the time.

"One sounds older," Wes concluded. "Maybe we'll get to try us a ripe, well-seasoned pussy."

"That might be kinda nice after nothin' but young stuff all this time."

Babs thought about screaming, trying to warn Shelly and her mother. But what good would it do? Wes and Silas would still catch them before they'd gone far. She sat hunched, shivering and chewing on her lower lip to fight back the urge.

It still tasted salty and creamy-smooth from the gushing flood of cum. The cum had a flavor much like tears, and with the thrill of sucking gone, Babs felt a terrible sad swelling in her chest. Her soft features creased with lines of fear and worry, and then she began to sob.

"It's all my fault," she wailed. "This whole trip was my idea!"

Outside, she could hear Shelly's voice coming closer still. "Babs! Baaa-aaabs! Where are you?"

Then her mother Roxanne called again, so close that she seemed to be standing right outside the door. "Babs! This better not be your idea of a joke, young lady!"


Roxanne walked up to the top of the grassy mound for a better look around. She'd left her pack with Will by the boulder where he was busy setting up camp. Shelly walked along the lakeshore, calling Babs' name repeatedly, eyeing the gravel beach for some sign of her friend.

Standing on the very top of the grassy knoll, the full-figured woman did a slow turn, scanning the lake, the granite crags, the meadow and the edge of the woods. She saw nothing. A gentle breeze stirred, and she swept back a strand of her silver streaked hair, trying to think where the girl might have gone.

Babs had a good lead going up the trail to the lake, but not enough to have walked beyond the valley and out of sight. Besides, Roxanne could see no sign of a trail except the one they came in on. She had to be somewhere nearby. But where?

Sighing, Roxanne walked off the back of the knoll, down toward a dense thicket of brush that she skirted around. She funneled her hands around her mouth and sucked in breath to call the girl's name again. "Baaa..." A rough, hairy hand clapped itself over her mouth from behind -- a move so swift and startling that Roxanne's heart nearly stopped. An arm wrapped itself across her chest, the hand reaching, the fingers squeezing the soft mound of her ripe tit.

Fear and shock almost paralyzed her. She felt herself being dragged backward before she could even think or summon the strength to resist. She felt sharp thorns scrape her smoothly tapered legs. There was a narrow, almost invisible path through the tangle of brush. She was dragged deeper into it and out of sight before she began to struggle.

"Muunnngh!" she groaned. The big arm across her chest held one arm pinned, but she could use the other. She made a fist with the point of her thumb sticking out and jabbed back over her shoulder, hoping to hit her unseen attacker in the eye.

Silas only laughed and turned his head the other way, safely out of her reach. "Nice try," he grunted roughly.

Roxanne gasped in horror, unable to reply. The world seemed to narrow around her, closing in. She saw a thin slit of blue sky fringed with brush, then she sank into a dark and rank-smelling gloom.

The hand clamped over her face kept her from breathing. Roxanne felt light-headed and dizzy with fear of the unknown. It wasn't a cave she'd been dragged into. She caught a spinning glimpse of planks and timbers overhead. What the hell?

"Mrs. Marshal!" she heard Babs gasp. Then Silas whirled end threw her facedown on the crude bed. Roxanne gulped anxiously, sucking in air to cool her burning lungs.

"Babs?" she managed to ask. Then she rasped in a huge breath, preparing to scream.

"Don't!" Babs cautioned her. "They'll hit you, or gag you..."

"Or worse," Melissa said darkly.

"The girls are right," Silas said. "They learn real fast."

Roxanne rolled over on the bed to get a look at him. "Ooh, Jeeeez!" He looked like a mountain dressed as a man.

Wes came down the narrow ramp and Silas called to him. "You get the other one?"

"No, she's on the beach in the open and heading back to their camp."

"So there's a man with them, and he's got your rifle, you dumb fuck!"

"Shit!" Silas said. Then he shrugged his massive shoulders and grinned unconcerned. "What the hell, he can only shoot it once. He don't have the stuff to reload -- probably wouldn't know how to do it if he did."

"Yeah, well shooting once is too damn much if he's shooting at me. That damn gun will easy kill a bear."

"Lay low for awhile. We got plenty to keep us busy." Wes swept his gaze over the lush curves of the woman lying on the bed.

Roxanne's mind became a maze of twisted thoughts. At least now she knew where Babs had gone, and by the chain locked coldly around her ankle, she knew the girl had not gone willingly. She also knew now they wanted her daughter Shelly, and that worded her most of all.

"Wh-wh-why are you doing this?" Roxanne asked in a quaking voice.

"Can't you guess?" Silas replied. He was already stripping off his fringed buckskin jacket.

Roxanne shuddered. Wes laughed softly and explained. "This whole area's now an officially designated wilderness." He spoke the last words with bitter contempt. "The state don't allow logging, prospecting, grazing cattle or sheep. They don't allow anything a man can do to earn a living where he's been living since he was born. They set the whole damn place aside as a fucking playground for a few damn backpackers with nothin' better to do. Rangers came in last summer with a bunch of fucking hippies all drawing government checks. They burned our old cabin down and swept away all sign it was ever there."

Roxanne nodded weakly. She could vaguely remember that two years ago the huge wilderness area was proposed. Locals complained bitterly that their part of the state was already economically depressed, saying that with timber, mining and grazing rights denied them it would get even worse.

It seemed a matter of little concern then. Roxanne had never expected to take up backpacking, and in the large city where she lived, the fate of a few distant miners and lumberjacks seemed less important than the price of hamburger. She didn't care one way or the other how it worked out, but did remember that the highly vocal groups of environmentalists won out after weeks of bitter protest.

"Didn't turn out half-bad though," Wes said with a wry grin. "You city-folks got your fucking playground... and me an ol' Silas... we got about all the fucking we can use!"

Roxanne shrank back against the wall, aware of how the two men leered at her. The one called Silas was pulling off his pants, exposing the biggest, hardest cock she had ever seen. "Oooooh," she moaned, half in terror, half in trembling anticipation.

"Which one you want?" Wes asked. He was in a generous mood, grinning slyly behind his thick growth of beard.

Silas looked at Babs, naked and cowering on the floor at the head of the bed, then at the older, lushbodied woman with the silver-streaked hair. "Damn tough choice to make," he said.

Melissa sulked, leaning back against the center support timber. In a way, she was grateful, but also disappointed that neither of the men mentioned her. They didn't even seem aware she was in the room.

"I think maybe I'll fuck her," Silas said with a nod toward Roxanne. "I haven't had a prime ripe pussy like that in a long time!"

"Damn you!" Roxanne drew her firm, softly curved body into a knot. "I'm not a piece of meat you can fight over like a pair of hungry dogs!" She rolled off the bed and bolted for the door.

Silas made a grab to stop her, but he had his buckskin pants bunched around his ankles, and they hobbled him. Roxanne jerked free of his grasp and pulled him off balance. Silas took two short, faltering steps with his pants almost tying his feet together. He tripped and crashed down like a falling tree.

"Oh, nnnooo!" Babs cried. She wished Roxanne hadn't made the attempt. She knew it would only make things worse -- perhaps worse for all of them.

Wes had bent down, grabbed Babs' arm and pulled her to her feet. He was pushing her toward the other bed on the far side of the sunken chamber when Roxanne made her desperate break for the door.

"Damn you!" he growled, glaring at Roxanne. He gave the willowy little blonde a tremendous shove. She went recling and stumbling in front of the ramp, dragging the chain locked around her ankle.

Roxanne saw it, but not in time to stop. She tripped and sprawled at the base of the ramp, moaning when her head clunked hard on the packed earth floor. Beyond, she could see a thin sliver of daylight and radiant blue sky -- so close, but so impossibly far away.

Wes gripped her arm and yanked her to her feet. "I don't think we got this one properly trained..."

"Shit, no!" Silas kicked free from his pants and stood up naked, brushing dust from his hairy chest. "Where's that damn whip we use when jackass gets stubborn in the mine?"

He glanced around and found the long black braided leather in an ominous-looking coil on the wall. Silas grabbed for it, flicked his arm, and ran the lash snake-like across the floor. The shining black leather braids picked up a thin film of dust.

"No, please!" Babs cried, hunched against the wall where she'd fallen after reaching the end of her chain. "Don't whip her!"

Silas turned, hissing with rage. He snapped up his arm and struck out with the whip. It made a sharp crack almost like a gunshot and left a tiny, but brutally painful welt on Babs' thigh only an inch from her quaking blonde-fringed pussy lips.

"Don't any of you bitches ever say no!" he warned. He felt a smoldering rage. He'd been made a fool of once when Wes beat him out for Babs, and again when this lush bitch caught him with his pants down.

He whirled back to face her. Wes held her arm in a grip like a vice, his fingers clenched so hard that Roxanne could feel the loss of circulation in her hand. "Tie her arms around that big timber in the middle of the room," Silas said.

"Sure, little brother!" He laughed viciously.

Silas was a real master with the whip. Even in the cramped tunnel of their mine, he could snap the lash just hard enough to make a jackass bray and forget its stubbornness, but not hard enough to break the skin and put the beast in need of medical attention or leave a wound that might get infected. The whip in his big hand only delivered pain -- sharp, excruciating, agonizing pain.

Roxanne's nostrils flared as Wes dragged her backward toward the heavy round limber. She tried twice to kick him in the shin, but could not keep her balance long enough to launch and effective blow.

"Huunnngh!" she groaned in frustration and mounting fear. She could see Babs fingering the small but nasty little welt. Wes hurled her against the heavy round pillar so hard that her head snapped back and hit it with a dull thud.

Melissa scurried out of the way, not even bothering to get up. She cowered and seemed to be hugging the floor, fearful that the brothers' rage would spill over onto her. She held her breath and stared wide-eyed, not daring to make a sound that would remind either of them she was there.

Wes pulled Roxanne's arms back, one on each side of the timber, and lashed her wrists with a slimy piece of rawhide. It slithered on the woman's skin and felt like something alive until he pulled the last knot tight with a grunt. Then she found it as cold and unyielding as a metal band.

"Ooooh, nnnn..." She almost said "no", but caught herself at the last moment, trembling as she bit her lip. Having her arms pulled back and bowed around the big timber made her large tits thrust invitingly beneath her blouse.

"Ain't that the finest set of tits you've seen in a long time?" Silas asked with a leering grin.

"She's got a fine ass too," Wes agreed. "Hope she don't get it all bruised up banging it against that timber."

Roxanne had seen a blazing shower of sparks before her eyes when she bumped her head, and her mind had not cleared yet. This all seemed like a horrible nightmare -- something that could not possibly be real.

One moment, she'd been surrounded by sunshine and spectacular scenery. Then the next, she was dragged, gagging, into an underground chamber of horrors.

Silas advanced slowly, trailing the lash behind. "Being a city bitch, you've probably never seen a man what is really good with a whip."

"Nnn -- I mean, that's right... I never have."

"Silas can peel and section an orange with that thing," Wes told her.

"Oooohhhh!" The domed room was quite warm with heat from the old cookstove. Almost stifling, it seemed to Babs. But Roxanne felt a bitter chill and broke into a cold sweat.

"I'm gonna peel your blouse and shorts off, and anything you happen to have on underneath," Silas said.

"Please, nnn -- I won't try to run again."

Silas laughed scornfully. "Not tied to a fucking log... you can't. But I gotta make sure you been tamed real good before I cut you loose for fucking."

"Uuunnngh!" Roxanne winced and closed her eyes. His cock looked as long, thick and hard as the knobbed handle of the whip. And every bit as vicious. A web of veins pulsed along its sides, throbbing anxiously with desire. At the moment, she didn't know which she feared most.

"I'm gonna fuck this little blonde's pretty ass while you're whipping that other bitch into shape," Wes said. He caught Babs by the arm and jerked her toward the bed, her long golden hair streaming.

"Aaaggghhh!" she howled.

"No!" Roxanne screamed. "No, you animal! Leave her alone!"

Silas' face curled with a malicious grin. "I told you never to say no!" His big whip hand arched back and blurred forward. The lash hissed through the air and snapped with a vicious pop.

The top button of Roxanne's blouse flew off, and a two-inch circle of cloth was tattered all around, but the biting tip barely, touched her skin. She felt only a menacing hiss like hot breath on the cleft between her full tits.

Wes pushed Babs face-down on the gray fur blanket spread over the bed and watched her writhe. She felt a strange mixture of sensations. She loved the silky feel of fur against her bare skin, but dreaded the massive cock she knew would soon be lodged deep in the tight, quivering ring of her ass.

Roxanne cast her glance toward Babs, not wanting to see or know when the whip might strike again. The girl's anxious squirming amazed Roxanne. The rippling cat-like motions of her body made it look like she actually wanted what they both knew would come next.

Silas flicked the lash back along the packed earth floor and shot it out again with an underhand motion. The long braid uncoiled like a striking snake.

With a hiss and a pop, Silas sent the next button flying and left in its place a tattered slit of cloth.

The lash bit deep this time. Roxanne felt a sharp pain like the sting of a wasp between her jutting tits. She winced and bit down harder on her lip, determined not to scream, unwilling to give her sadistic tormentor that satisfaction.

Wes spread Babs' legs wide until one foot dangled off each side. The chain around her ankle clanked, a sound Roxanne found more ominous than the hiss of the whip. She cringed and clamped her eyes shut.

Silas hauled the whip back and lashed out again, underhand, then overhand. The two sharp pops came so fast that one seemed to be the echo of the first. But Roxanne felt a stab of sharp pain with each.

All the buttons had been torn off her blouse. It hung open, gaping like her jaw, stirred by her anguished writhing. But still, she fought the swelling urge to scream.

Babs cringed, waiting, not wanting to look back. Wes climbed up at the foot of the bed. She heard the lacework of thongs creak under his weight and felt the bed sag as he inched forward to the bronzed V of her crotch.

He bent down and jammed his stiff cock into her silken-haired split, lifting to drag it across he buried mouth of her cunt and collect her gleaming fuck oils. "Huunnngh!" she cried, shivering with fear.

The hiss and crack of that long black whip added a horrible new dimension to her anguish. Dust flew off each time it snapped and seeped to hang suspended, waiting only to be scattered when the gleaming coil lashed out again.

Silas worked with grim precision, splitting the front of Roxanne's hiking shorts a little more with each stroke. She pulled against the thong binding her wrists, so weak in the knees that she'd have fallen if not bound so securely.

She wrenched her hips one way, then the other, each time she felt the sting of the lash. Silas liked that, and so he aimed to sting a little more each time. "Aaaaggghhh!" she finally cried. "Hhhheeeee!"

"That's good. Show me how you're gonna toss your hips when I have my cock in you!" He cracked the whip again, ripping the front of her sleek panties and stinging the soft gash of her cunt. She let out a blood-curdling scream.

Babs shrilled a sound that might have been its echo. Wes jammed his thick cockhead into her ass and began pressing down. She jerked and twitched, gasping and gritting her teeth, certain her ass would be ripped wide open by the strain.

"Huuunngh! It hurts! Ooooh, God! Your cock is too big for my ass!"

"You're gonna love it -- and so will I. Your ass is tighter and hotter than cherry pussy!"

"Fucker!" Babs moaned. "Dirty ass-fucker!"

"I was gonna fuck her cunt," Silas said with a snarl. "I'd liked to see sweet red cherry juice dripping off my prick when I got through. But I got tricked outta that by my ass-fucking brother so you're gonna be the next best thing!"

He hurled the lash underhand again, snaking it up to rip the last wisp of cloth keeping Roxanne's panties in place. They split and sagged down, leaving her cunt naked, its black and silver hair beaded with the cold sweat of fear.

"I'm gonna whip your pussy good! Whip it until it's tender and twitching with hurt like cherry cunt!"

The whip snapped, and Roxanne let out another piercing cry of pain. One lip of her cunt felt like it had been licked by a tongue of flame. The whip cracked again, and she felt an identical horror on the other side. She jerked back, slamming her ass against the big round timber.

"Huuunnngh! No more! Please! Fuck me if you want. Do anything. But don't whip my cunt. Oooooh, God!"

"Way it makes you move, I think right now I'd rather whip it than fuck it!" He'd never seen a woman make such frenzied moves. When she paused and hung limp, gasping for breath, he grinned and cracked the whip again -- lashing it right into the middle of her juicy raw pussy. He saw gleaming drops of fuck honey fly like scattered pearls when the tip of the braid dug in.

"Hhhheeeeyyyyoooowwww!" Roxanne felt her mind blur. The black tongue of the lash licked her clit, a bulging nub full of highly sensitive nerves. It triggered an instant and explosive orgasm of pain.

Babs felt almost exactly the same sensation -- as though a red-hot poker had been rammed up her ass. His prick started shivering tremors in the dark, tightly clenched tube of her ass -- spasms so horribly and exquisitely painful that an orgasm of torment began in her slitter.

Bath women wailed, long, shrill cries certain to be heard far beyond the dome of their hidden dungeon.


Shelly Marshal looked up and glanced around, at first more curious than alarmed. "Mom?" she called, seeking reassurance. A moment before, she'd seen Roxanne standing atop the grassy knoll. Now she was nowhere in sight.

"Mom?" she called again.

Still no reply. All Shelly heard was the soft moaning of the breeze in the dark forest ringing the meadow. The brisk, stirring wind fluttered her raven hair.

"Mother! Where are you?" Her voice had the sharp edge of fear. She wheeled around, scrunching her heels in the rough gravel, and then she ran to where her father was busy pitching camp.

"Daddy! Daddy! Mom's gone now, she's disappeared!"

"What?" Will Marshal drove in the last stake needed to keep up their little nylon tent. He cinched the line tight around the stake, then trotted to meet his daughter. With the wind rustling through the trees, he hadn't heard exactly what she said.

"What about your mother?"

"She's gone! Vanished!"

"Oooh, shit! I told each of you to keep the other in sight at all times!"

"I know..." Creases of anguish and apprehension lined the girl's pretty face. "...I just looked away for a second. I thought I saw a footprint. Wh-when I looked up a second later, she was gone!"

"It's my fault!" he fumed. "I never should have let you go looking for Babs." But they'd insisted, and he still wanted to hope that she'd just wandered off -- that finding that ominous rifle was pure coincidence.

"Where was she when you last saw her?" Will asked.

"On that grassy knoll over there. She climbed on top to get a better look around."

"And then?"

"Then nothing. She was gone."

"You didn't see or hear anything?"

"Nothing! She's just gone!" Shelly sobbed bitter tears, her whole lithe body trembling.

"Hey, hey... it's all right. We'll find her." Will hugged the girl to his chest, trying to calm her.

But he spoke with far more confidence than he felt. Babs might have just wandered off, but his wife never would.

"Hold me, Daddy. Hold me tight. I'm so scared!"

"Come on..." He stroked a hand through her silky, coal-black hair, amazed at how soft and sensuously appealing it felt beneath his fingers.

Shelly was usually quite reserved in her affections, at least since entering her teens. He had not held her like this since she was a little girl. Now the closeness of her, the soft warmth of her young body and the quaking spasms of motion that came with her sobs sparked a curious pulsing in his cock.

For Christ sake, cut it out! he said to himself. She's your own daughter, your own flesh and blood!

"Oooh, Daddy. You're so... strong. It feels so good when you hold me tight." She pressed against him, almost flattening the cones of her tits on his chest.

That only made things worse for win Marshal. He felt his cock leap inside his pants and begin to swell. He knew the old saying a hard-on has no conscience, but never expected that to extend to his own daughter. He knew he had to break away before her alluring body corrupted him completely.

"We'll go find your mother," he said in a voice still weak from the shock of his own lewd desires. "Wait here. I'll go get that old rifle."

Will had no way of knowing if it would tire. He couldn't even tell for sure if it was boded. If not, at least he could use it like a club. He picked up the ancient flintlock and walked back to meet Shelly.

"You stay behind me," he said. He didn't want to be tempted or distracted by the sway of her appealing ass.

Lewd thoughts of incestuous desire already made it hard for him to think clearly. "But stay close!"

"Don't worry! I don't want to be the next to disappear."

They started across the meadow toward the knoll, and I'll kept thinking it was a damn fool thing they were doing. But what other choice did they have? It would take three days to walk out and get help. Who knew what might happen in that much time?

And it would mean sleeping alone with his daughter in the tent at night. Will had doubts that he could resist temptation that long. Babs had first started the lewd stirrings in his mind, and that was bad enough, but Shelly made them worse. The disgusting obscenity of fucking his own beautiful daughter made the idea all the more exciting.

By the time they reached the knoll, Will felt his heart beating like thunder in his chest. He could feel a ringing echo in his ears. His hands shook as much with disgust for himself as fear of what they might find. His palms were glazed with sweat, and the smooth varnished stock of the rifle felt slippery in his grasp.

"Dad, look here -- there's a hole."

"Probably a ground squirrel or a rabbit." He'd been so preoccupied, he'd passed by without even noticing.

"No, it's like a chimney. There's a metal pipe inside, and the grass around the edge is all black with soot."

"What? Let me see." He looped back and bent down, cradling the rifle across his knees.

"For Christ's sake! It is a chimney. That means this dome must be a house of some, kind."

"There aren't supposed to be any man-made structures in the wilderness area," Shelly said. "I read about them tearing down all the old miners' cabins."

"Maybe that's why this one is so well-hidden." He bent lower cocking an ear toward the soot blackened hole. He felt a rush of rising warmth, and for some reason could think of nothing but his daughter's pussy. It had to be furred with silky black curls as dense and gleaming as the hair on her head.

"But why would anyone..."

"Ssshhhh! I think I hear something." Will leaned as close as he dared, ignoring the heat. He heard Roxanne's voice, muffled and strained in torment.

"No more! Please! Fuck me if you want to..."

By then Shelly had leaned down close to him, also trying to hear. Her black, soft waves of hair brushed his cheek. When he caught his breath, he also drew in the fresh and appealing scent.

God, how much shit is one man supposed to stand? Will asked himself. Through the hidden stovepipe, he could hear his tormented wife practically begging some bastard to fuck her, and his own sexy young daughter was tempting him so outrageously that he felt his cock ache.

"Get away," he said. He didn't want her to hear what was going on. And he didn't want her fresh good looks distracting him almost to the point of not caring what happened to his wife.

Will could hear another muffled female voice -- mostly moans and cries. But he recognized them as coming from Babs. Like whet she was lying next to him in the tent fingering her juicy cunt. It seemed he could focus his mind on nothing but the obscene.

"What is it? What's wrong?" Shelly could not understand his stricken look.

"Your mother and Babs are both in there," he said. He didn't tell her that it sounded like one of them was gettin fucked and the other was about to.

"Let's find the door and get them out," she said anxiously. Will shook his head, as much to clear it as to say no. "There are also two men," he said. "But you've got that gun."

"It's a single shot... and I'm not even sure it'll fire."

Then they heard the two female voices unite in a long and horrible scream. Will cringed and felt the hair stand erect on the back of his neck. Shelly shivered. "Daddy... you've got to do something! It sounds like they're both being killed!"

He nodded, but he knew it wasn't that bad. Not yet. In fact, from the shrill intensity of Babs' voice, she might have been having the best climax of her life. But Roxanne's cry had another tone, and he didn't want to think what had anguished her to the point of begging to be fucked.

"You stay right here," he told the girl. "Crouch down and stay out of sight. Sounds like there's an opening around on the other side. Maybe hidden in that bush."

Will started around the base of the knoll and thumbed the hammer of the gun to full cock. He shuddered at the sharp metallic click it made, and he shuddered even more at the lewd images that flashed through his mind.

An opening hidden in the brush. Shelly's black furred cunt. The hammer fully cocked. So was he. His cock throbbed with an obscene passion that he could neither understand nor control except by forcing himself to face whatever hell lay beneath this innocent-looking grass mound.

In movies or on TV, the hero was always brave and fearless. Will always thought that was a lot of shit. Now he knew for sure. Only by the greatest of efforts could he keep from pissing and crapping in his pants. Both at once.

He picked his way cautiously through the tangle of brush, making his way to a narrow slit. Like a cunt. Even fear had not forced that vision from his mind. Christ... all this is driving me nuts! he thought.

Will pressed flat against the earthen wall of the slit and edged down the sloping ramp, holding the gun raised, one finger curled anxiously on the trigger.

Once his eyes adjusted to the gloom, he could see Roxanne with her arms pulled back cruelly and apparently tied around the stout pillar in the middle of the room. Before her, a want of a man stood leering with a whip in his hand. Naked. Stark naked!

In the shadows on one side of the room he saw a yellow-gold flash. That had to be Babs, her silken hair bouncing as another naked, hairy ape-like man fucked his huge cock in and out of her a s. She made babbling sounds, and he grunted with beastly joy.

Opposite, hunched almost into a ball, he saw another young woman with long, silky dark-brown hair pitched forward across the peaks of her tits.

She wore only a loincloth made of rabbit fur and she sat like she could hardly wait for her turn to come.

Shit, I've blundered into a dungeon of torment and abuse. Roxanne's clothes had been all but ripped off. Only the tattered remains hung in place, and they concealed nothing of her lush, ripe curves.

The man facing her drew back a long black leather whip. Will gulped, shouldered the ancient rifle and barged into the room. "Hold it right there!"

Silas whirled half-around. When he saw the half-inch bore of the flintlock aimed at the middle of his chest, he froze. The terrified glint in his beady eyes told Will one thing he'd wanted to know. The gun must be loaded!

"Er, you be damn careful with that old gun, mister. She's got a hair trigger."

"Then you're the one who should be damn careful!"

Silas nodded and let the whip slide from his hand. He backed up slowly toward the timber where Roxanne was bound.

"Don't take another step unless you like the smell of gunpowder," Will said.

"Too late, fella." Silas flashed an evil grin. His hairy back touched Roxanne's jutting nipples. He felt their firm, hot touch beneath his shoulder blades. "At this range, the ball outta that rifle will go right through me and have enough zap left to kill your pretty wife."

Will felt a cringing moment of uncertainty. Then he slowly raised the barrel. "Since you're so much taller... I can blow off the top of your fucking head and not hit anything but that wooden pole behind."

Silas paled, his eyes darting. "Er, Wes -- hey, Wes."

He was oblivious to it all. Babs reached that agonized moment of confusion when feelings of anguish and ecstasy begin to merge. The writhing contortions of her ass gripped and clenched on the shaft of his cock, trying to pull in more, but also half-rejecting and trying to squeeze his huge prick out.

"Hhhaaagghhh!" she cried. "Oh, God! Huuunnngh! Oh, Wes." Will could not help letting his eyes stray that way. This man called Wes was acting out one of his lewd... fucking the luscious, tempting little blonde. Fucking her hard and making her like it. Leaving her no choice. Offering no mercy but the blissful escape that comes with orgasm.

"Wes! Oh, Wes. Fuck my ass... it's starting to feel good. Huuungh! I love your big, hot prick!"

"And I like your hot little shithole!" He fucked into her, slapping his hairy loins down hard on the crack of her ass, making her gush and writhe joyously on the tingling fur spread beneath her.

"Wes! Goddamn it, Wes -- we got a problem!" Silas knew how touchy the trigger on that old flintlock was. A tiny little twitch -- a feather's touch -- would set it off. And he knew that a ripping big hold the .50 caliber ball would make.

Wes snarled without taking his gaze from the girl's yellow-gold hair. "Shut up, shithead! Can't you see I'm busy! This little bitch has a great ass. She's already got my prick about to fire!"

"Aaaahhh, Wes -- please don't say fire." Beads of sweat sparkled all over Silas' brow.

"Shoot the sonuvabitch!" Roxanne said from behind. "He tore my clothes off with that whip, then he lashed my naked pussy until it burned!"

"You bastard! No wonder you live in a hole in the ground!"

"Now listen... Wes an me just wanted to have a little fun."

"Well, you've had it! That pussy you whipped belongs to me, ape-face. I'm going to enjoy picking your brains up in a bucket."

"Now... we can work this all out. There's plenty enough to go around. I'll even let you fuck Melissa over there."

"And I'm going to let you try to fuck the end of this rifle barrel!"

"Wes!" Silas hissed. "You fuck-crazy bastard. We got big trouble!"

This time, Wes didn't eves hear his brother's urgent whine. The rhythmic slap of hard muscle on soft ass check half covered the sound. Cries and moans from the writhing little blonde disguised the rest.

"Huuunnngh! Good! Oh, yeah. Fuck it into me! Hhhmmmm! The way it hurt at first, that makes it even better now. Oohh, Jeeeez! Haaaggghhh! I'm going to have an orgasm in my ass!"

"You bet you are! I'm going to blister your shitter. You won't want to sit down for a week."

"Hhhhmmmm. I don't want to sit down now! I just want you to fuck me... as hard and deep as you can. Ooooh, grrruuungh! I never knew a prick could go so far in!"

"Wait until you, feel it spurt. You'll think they've launched a rocket!"

"Now!" she cried. "Ooooh, NOW! Make your big cock spit fire. I want to feel it. Hhhnmmm, I need to feel it. That'll make me cum!"

Melissa looked almost bored, like it was an old TV rerun being played before her eyes. Lewd, violent fucking on one side of the room... the possibility of sudden death in the middle. It hardly soaked into her head. The sting of rejection and being cast aside so clouded her mind that she could hardly think. From being the center of attention and the object of pitched battles, she'd shrunk to being nothing. Not even noticed.

Will's gaze no longer strayed. It remained fixed on Babs. Her joyous squirming intrigued him. Her lithe body jerked each time Wes drove his cock in. Then she arched up sharply as he drew back. Will realized then, he'd never watched another couple fuck before.

It excited him even more than his idle dreams of lust. This was real -- a vision so close that it could be touched. His cock stiffened, throbbing anxiously inside his pants.

Silas watched like a wily cougar, just waiting for the right moment to spring. Melissa grinned as she watched that twitching bulge swell. Everything had evened out. Three women, three cocks. Somehow, she had to think of a way to keep this new guy from blowing off Silas' head as he'd threatened to do. "Grrruuunnngh!" Wes let out a mighty grunt.

He drove his cock to the hilt and let the sucking fury of the little blonde's ass have it all. He felt pretty well fucked out, not even sure he had jism left to pump.

"Oooohhhh!" Babs moaned. She felt his body tense as his cock sank deep, then she felt the spasms far inside. "Cum, you bastard! Fuck me full!" She reared back, arching despite his crushing weight, lifting and winding her ass around.

"Goddamn!" Wes closed his eyes, wincing as the pressure swelled. Jizz steamed out of his balls like flaming jelly. It blazed the length of his cock, searing and straining the inside of the tube.

"Hhhooo-yyyyyeeeees!" Babs took the first jolt and rammed her ass back to get more. "Pump your cum in! It makes your prick so hot and slick. Ooooh, you can really fuck me now!"

Wes grunted and whipped his long, thick cock in and out. Slick cum greased Babs' frenzied asshole and made the sliding, twisting friction even more delightful. "Take it, you cock-hungry bitch! Take it all!"

"Huuuunghhh! Yes, and I'll wring your prick dry! Feel the way my little ass can suck?"

"Ooooh, yeah... I feel it!"

She'd been toying with different movements, trying to find the one Wes liked best -- the one that would tease and coax the most jism from his cock. This was it!

"Fuck, baby! Fuck with your ass! Make that little shitter smoke!"

Will Marshal gulped and swallowed a lump that had formed in his throat. The heat and the fury of their mutual climax entranced him. He'd never experienced anything like it.

Silas tensed, waiting, alert. So far, the gun barrel had not wavered more than a fraction of an inch.

He couldn't chance a rushing leap without a very good possibility of getting his head shot off.

"Hhhaaaagh!" Wes cried at last. "That's it, baby... that's all the jism for a little while."

"No... no... no!" Babs raised up and screwed her ass around on the root of his cock, wringing and sucking with all the frenzied power of her insides. She felt another couple of spurts, and then she went limp -- thoroughly exhausted and completely satisfied. "Ooooh, Wes! Oooooh, Wes!"

"Yeah... oooohhh, Wes..." Silas said in a wry imitation of the blonde's dreamy voice. "Could you turn your fucking head around now and see what we've got going on here?"

"What?" Wes turned. "Ooooh, shit -- where did he come from?"

"Don't get up!" Will snapped. "I'd just as soon shoot you as him."

"But you can't shoot both," Silas reminded him. "If we both get ready and move from opposite sides..." He was trying to get the idea into his brother's head.

"You do that, and one of you dies for sure. Are you going to volunteer?"

"Er, no..." Silas slacked off.

"Daddy?" Will didn't hear Shelly voice at first. "Daddy, what's going on down there? You've been gone so long."

Will turned his head without thinking. "Shelly, get back! Huunnngh!" he caught a fleeting glimpse of movement, whipped his head back and fired.

The shot rang like thunder inside the dome. Roxanne screamed. Silas bellowed a roar of pain. He crashed into Will, and they both went down in a wild tangle of arms and legs.


"Goddamn sonuvabitch tried to kill me!" Silas growled. The half-inch diameter lead ball had whizzed by his ear so close that its heat left a scorched path through his shaggy hair.

Roxanne screamed in mindless terror. The ball hit and buried itself deep in the heavy timber above her head. She heard it thud and felt the impact in her bound wrists. Now Will and Silas wrestled on the pound, and Silas seemed about to win. His thick, strong arms reached out toward Will's throat.

"Daddy!" Shelly screamed. Silas had grabbed her ankle before she thought to run away.

"Gotcha!" Silas grinned. He dragged Shelly into the room, into his arms. He held her, fondling her tits with vicious delight. "Hey, Wes... we're gonna need us some more chain."

Will lay sprawled on his back. His breath had been knocked, away by the jarring collision with Silas. Now the bastard had his arms around his daughter from behind, squeezing her tits and twirling his thumbs on her bulging nipples.

"I gotta think of something real special to get even with you," Silas said. "Trying to blow my head off like that?" He sounded like a teacher scolding a child for shooting a spitwad.

"I got an idea," Wes said as he came up, dragging two lengths of heavy chain. He clapped one around Will's ankles and snapped the locking band shut. Then he imprisoned Shelly the same way.

"What's that?" Silas asked. "We gonna both fuck his wife and make him watch?"

"Shit, no... at least not yet." Wes bent down and locked the loose ends of two new chains around the center post where Roxanne stood bound and blubbering with fear. When she first saw Silas stumble and crash forward into Will, she thought he'd been hit, that maybe Will would be able to set them all free. Now she knew he was a prisoner too, and that all of them were worse off than before.

"What we gonna do then?" Silas asked. He liked squeezing Shelly's lush tits, liked the way it made her hiss and grunt in helpless disgust.

"We're gonna be the ones watching," Wes said.

"Don't do it, Will! Let them fuck me -- I don't care. That would be better than..."

"Shut up!" Wes told her. Then he shot a leering wink at Will as he dragged himself to his feet. "It ain't your daughter your wife is trying to save. She's just hot to get herself fucked. You can see how much she wants it -- look at the way she squirms. She's probably never had two pricks in her at once... have you?"

"Ungh, no," Roxanne said. And though the idea did seem frightening in her conscious mind, some darker part of her female nature was wondering what it would be like.

"Well, you'll know soon enough. City life makes a man soft. I'll bet that husband of yours can't fuck more than two or three times without needing a break."

Roxanne shivered. She was thinking. How long has it been since Will felt like fucking more than once? She couldn't even remember the last time he wanted to do it twice.

Will was thinking much the same thing, but the way his cock felt right then, he thought he might be able to fuck all night and half the next day. The brothers and their bizarre methods of punishment and humiliation had freed his mind from troubling guilt. He walked toward Shelly, dragging his heavy chain, trying so smile faintly and not break into a full leering grin.

Silas released the girl and backed away. "She's all yours, Daddy... let's see how long you can make it last."

"Nnnoooo!" Roxanne cried in a mournful wail. Wes laughed. "Don't worry, you'll get yours soon enough." He took Babs by the hand and lifted her off the bed. "You can use that one," he told Will.

"We'll sit and watch on the other side." Will looked into his daughter's eyes, searching his mind for the right words to say.

"It's all right," she whispered softly. "Daddy, it's all right. I understand and it won't be the first time for me."

"It what? It won't?"

"No, Daddy -- I've fucked my boyfriend Jimmy lots of times. We just couldn't wait any more. We had to find out what it was like."

"My God!" Shelly's frank admission shocked him to the core and added to the confusion in his mind. "You make it sound as casual as trying a new flavor of ice cream at the malt shop."

"No... I know it's not like that." Then Shelly grinned with an impish look flashing in her eyes. "I like it a lot better than any flavor of ice cream!"

"You little bitch," he said half under his breath. That was the last straw. For some reason, Will Marshal had just assumed that his daughter was as fresh and innocent as her girlish good looks implied. "If you'd told me that anywhere but here, I'd have whipped your ass!"

Shelly cocked her head and winked, brushing back a long strand of silky black hair. "Now maybe you'll want to fuck it instead. I saw how you were watching Babs with that guy. You couldn't take your eyes off of them."

"Get over here!" Will grabbed Shelly's arm and whirled her toward the bed. He walked half a step behind, pushing her toward the crude bed and its blanket of silvery-blue fur.

The strength of his grip and the force of his arm excited her. Although she always enjoyed fucking her boyfriend, the actual experience had not yet lived up to her dreams. Jimmy's cock always went off too fast -- before she felt the raging kind of climax and deep satisfaction she'd read about. With her father, she knew it would be different -- especially now. He would have to keep fucking and fucking as long as he could.

"Do you really think they'll both fuck mom?" she asked. "Both at once?"

"I'm sure they will." The words came without any particular emotion.

Will felt too shaken by his daughter's easy acceptance of incest to even think about what might happen to his wife. And now the lusty little bitch was actually tempting him, leading him on. Her brashness excited an urge to do more than fuck. He felt a desire to punish her at the same time. It wan dark, sick desire, his consciences kept trying to tell him, but he was in mood to listen to moralistic bullshit like that -- not even from the inner voice of his own mind.

Shelly stood by the side of the bed smiling. She reached down and stroked her fingers across the silky fur spread. Then she began to unbutton her blouse.

"Jimmy says I've got a great pair of tits," she said boldly. "I know they aren't quite as big as moms yet... but look how the fuck and hard my nipples get." Silas had started it by twirling them with his thumbs. Now she did the same thing, but more lightly and more slowly, teasing them around in lazy spirals with the first finger of each hand.

"Uuunnngh!" Will groaned, his gaze locked on her bright ruby nipples.

She lithely slid her hands down to the front of her hiking shorts, caressing the sleek curves and the flawless white skin of her waist.

"Jimmy says I've got a great cunt too, but he's just a dumb kid. He's never fucked anybody else. I want to know what you think, Dad." She popped the top button and pulled down the zipper of her hiking shorts.

"Hhhaaagh," Will gasped, trying to choke back the sound of his obscene, festering desire.

"You always thought Babs was the sexy one, didn't you?" Shelly flashed a knowing grin and wiggled out of her shorts and panties as though they were one. She kicked one leg free, then raised tilt one bound with the chain and shook it until the tangle of cloth slid down onto the heavy cold links.

"No, I never thought that. I never thought about it at all."

"Don't lie to me, Daddy. I know, I could see it in your eyes every time she walked by." Shelly spread the fingers of her right hand on the soft dome above her pussy and inched them down into a sleek, dark tangle of black cunt curls. "And that night when she was lying next to you in the tent, playing with her cunt. I thought she was going to drive you crazy!"

"You were asleep."

"No, I was pretending. I was listening to the ragged way she made you breathe, and I saw how hard she made your cock swell inside your sleeping bag."

"Goddamn you," Will muttered. This wasn't like his daughter talking at all. He grinned, because that would make it easier to fuck her. Really fuck her like she so obviously wanted him to.

"You know why she did that?" Shelly asked. Her first and second fingers spread in an upside-down V to part her tender pink pussy lips.

"No, I don't. I can't imagine." Will began tugging at the buttons of his shirt, popping them open one by one as fast as his lust-crazed fingers could move.

"Because she wanted you to fuck her before this vacation was through. She planned to get ahead of us and be sunbathing nude when you got to the lake. We figured that would really flip you out. We both planned the whole thing."

"Is that true?" Will gazed across the room at Babs. She sat on the other bed between Silas and, Will. Each had a big rough hand on one of her tits and they both had a long first finger pumping in and out of her cunt.

"Yyyyeeeeeaaaaaaahhh," she said in a deep and breathy voice. "I didn't want it the first time from some young prick that would probably shoot off in my lap. I wanted to feel a real man's cock like yours... but -- hhhmmmmmmm -- Wes got me first, and that was even better."

"Better, my ass!" Will hauled down his pants and kicked until they'd slid a yard down the chain locked around his ankle. The challenge of that and the way Shelly had been so blatantly tempting him had his cock swollen hard in a raging fury.

"Christ, look at that!" Babs moaned.

Roxanne was already looking, and she uttered a jealous moan. She'd never seen Will's cock so thick and long and aching hard not even when they were young.

Shelly sat down naked on the edge of the bed, leaning back slowly and turning to lie flat with her slender legs spread. She teased one long middle finger on the nub of her clit while the other circled a bulging nipple with exactly the same stroke.

"Hhhhoooooooo!" she gasped in anxious slight. "We thought maybe... just maybe, after you'd fucked Babs a few times, we could find some way to get you to fuck me. We never dreamed that Wes and Silas would make it so easy."

Shelly made slow, languid fuck motions lying on the bed, purring softly as the sleek fur caressed her back. Will gaped. "Oh, my God!" Then he looked at his wife, bound to that big timber in the middle of the room.

Roxanne's face looked white and blank with shock. Being a woman, she should have remembered the restless, sometimes almost insane sexual curiosity of young girls. But she'd forgotten -- forgotten how she felt at the same age. Slowly, a wry little grin formed on her lips.

What made her forget was the raging heat of a mature woman's desire. She'd argued against the backpacking trip in the first place because she'd hoped to spend their vacation at some more romantic spot where she might test her charms seducing a handsome young man.

Will glared, almost able to read her thoughts. He looked at Babs who moaned and bucked with delight as the two brothers pumped their fingers in and out of her cunt. One was always deep inside, sometimes both, and she wailed like a lusty little alley cat wanting more.

Suddenly it dawned on him. "You bitches are all getting exactly what you want."

"Not me," Shelly cooed. "Not yet, anyway. Fuck me, Daddy. I want to feel your big hot prick go deep inside."

"And not me either!" Melissa said.

"Go suck out that poor whipped pussy in the middle of the room," Silas said with a laugh.

"I'm tired of sucking cunt! I want a cock!"

"Maybe we should haul her up to the mine... there's that horny old jackass with a foot and a half of hot prick..."

"Hhhhaaagggh! I'll suck pussy! I'll eat it like it was apple."

Roxanne gulped. That had long been another of her unfulfilled dreams to share the joys of fucking with another woman. But the idea was so sinful, so contrary to her proper upbringing that she'd never dared to suggest it with any woman she knew. How odd it was now, she kept thinking. It took a nightmare to make all of our dreams come true!

Will climbed on the bed and crouched between his daughter's finely tapered legs. He could see the mouth of her cunt slit nestled deep in a tangle of gleaming raven hair, wet with the dripping honey of her desire.

"Fuck me!" she said, her eyes already narrowed in expectation. "Do it, Daddy -- drive in your big cock!" She kept spinning her finger on her cunt, hardly able to wait another second.

He swept her hand aside with an impatient gesture. Why the hell not? He could see Roxanne watching, probably just waiting for him to fail so that Silas and Will would turn their attention to her. Well, fuck that! I'll show them. I'll show them all!

Will fought back the last of his inhibitions, swallowing hard, then bent down and buried his face in the soft, black-furred valley of his young daughter's pussy.

"Hhhaaahhhh," she gasped. She expected cock, not a pair of warm sucking lips and a thrusting tongue. Shivers of excitement made her body squirm.

"I guess Jimmy doesn't eat cunt," Will said with his lips raised barely an inch from her juicy pussy.

"N-n-no," she said, still shaken by waves of unexpected and intense delight.

Will popped back and mouthed the puffed outer lips of her little pussy while his tongue danced and speared between them. He curled it upward and around the swollen nub of her clit then down to plunge into her seething fuck hole.

"Hhhhooooo!" she cried. "It feels so good! It makes me want your cock even more!"

"I know!" Will could hardly keep his tongue out of her pussy tong enough to speak the words.

Her cunt was heavy with rich, savory musk, and bowing down, he gave her one more good swipe, concentrating on her clit this time, sucking to draw it from its little sheath, then nibbling and working it around with the tip of his tongue.

"Shit!" Shelly winced and shuddered from the jarring waves of pleasure he sent running up her back. "Fuck me," she begged. "Ooooooooooh, Daddy -- fuck me now!"

He looked up grinning, licking the tangy-sweet oils from his lips. Shelly's firm body quaked. Her eyes gazed up wide and blank, and her lips fluttered, trying to form words. Will eased himself forward and braced the weight of his upper body on his elbows.

He was breathing faster now -- faster than he had on the steepest part of the trail. When he leaned down, his anxious gusts of hot breath stirred her raven hair and tingled the shell-pink hollow of her ear.

Her head rolled until he trapped it between his hands. Then he kissed her lightly on the cheek, dragging his damp, honey-glazed lips toward hers.

Will kissed her hard, stabbing out his tongue the instant their lips touched. "That's how my big cock is going in," he said with a smile. "Fast and deep."

"Hhhhmmmm, yes!" She craned her neck and tensed her lips, hungry for another of his lewd, pussy-flavored kisses. The taste of her own cunt flowed across her tongue, making her lap and gurgle with joy.

When he kissed her again, her tongue shot out to meet his. Their tongues tangled, rushing back and forth, squirming from his mouth to hers. "Now!" she gasped. "Oooooh, God -- get your cock into me!"

Will grinned, rearing back until the stiff lance of his cock centered itself in the slotted mouth of her cunt. The padded head of his cock pressed her cunt lips apart. They cringed and pulsed and clamped on his thick, hard prickshaft as it eased in.

Will changed his mind about stabbing in hard and deep. The way her cunt muscles heaved in spasms, trying to adjust, felt too delightful to miss. So he toyed with her, inching his prick in.

"Gruuuuunnnnngh!" Shelly threw her back in a high arch, writhing and twisting to get more. "Put your cock in, damn you -- like you said. I want it all! And I want it now!"

"And I'd rather feel your tight little pussy climb my cockshaft..."

"Hhhhaaahhhhhh!" Shelly arched again with a quick snapping thrust of her hips. Her arms circled her father's broad back, her fingers spread, inching down. She hissed in a frenzy of need, and her nails left a web of red marks down his back.

At the same time, she tossed her head and sealed her lips on his with powerful suction. She drew his tongue into her mouth and clung to it, puffing and straining with all her might.

"Yyyyaaaahhhh!" Will howled when he finally broke away. His tongue ached at the root. Her seething cunt was doing the same thing to the shaft of his cock, pulling and sucking it in with urgent pulse-waves of need.

He rammed and twisted, slapping his hairy loins down on the dome of her cunt mound. For an instant, she lay perfectly still, stunned by the heat and power of his huge prick rammed so deep in her pussy. Her fingers curled and dug like talons in the small of his back.

"I love it!" Shelly moaned. "I love your big cock!"

"That's good, baby, because you're going to be getting a lot of it. In your pussy, in your mouth and up that sweet hot little ass of yours..."


"We have to save your mother, you know."

"Oooooooh, yeah! Hhhhmmmnmm! We've got to do that!"

They shared a moment of lewd, convulsive laughter, then Will started fucking as hard and fast as he could. Shelly gave a joyous grunt each time he punched in the full hot length of his prick.

"We're -- hungh! -- doing it -- haagh! -- all for you, hhhhooo-wheeeee! Just for you!"


Roxanne turned her head away. She couldn't bear to watch any longer. Like Will, she had assumed their daughter was as pure and innocent as she looked. Hearing that she had fucked and enjoyed it was shock enough. Watching her fucking was too mach.

Shelly's fierce cries of delight still rang in the woman's ears. Roxanne shivered with disgust. It was her own father she was fucking like some shameless little slut. That made it even worse -- not so much that Will was Shelly's father, but that he was her husband... and he was obviously thrilled at fucking the little bitch right before her eyes.

"Unggghhh! Ooooh, Daddy! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!" Shelly cried. "I love the feel of your big hot prick!" Their bodies slapped together with a rhythmic beat, a sound that made Roxanne's skin crawl.

"You've got a great pair of tits." Melissa said in tender admiration. Perhaps better than anyone, she understood Roxanne's feelings of rejection and disgust.

"Thank you." She gave a brittle laugh. Will was sucking Shelly's tender tits, jerking his head wildly back and forth while pumping his huge cock in and out of her cunt. As much as she hated the sight, she felt compelled to watch.

Melissa kissed the pulsing hollow at the base of Roxanne's throat, caressing it with slow, wet strokes of her tongue. Her eager tongue sent mild surges of warmth to mingle with the cold, hard knot of envy churning in Roxanne's gut.

The girl cased forward and let the soft, deep fur of her loin cloth brush against Roxanne's whipped pussy. After the stinging bite of the lash, that tingling caress brought feelings of exquisite delight.

Roxanne purred and thrust out her chest, silently pleading for the girl to suck on her tits. She could see Shelly's nipples swollen and gleaming from the pull of her father's lips and the rasp of his tongue.

Melissa got the message at once. She bowed her head, gulping hungrily as she let her trembling lips slide over the lush, ripe curve of Roxanne's left tit. The nipple had swollen hard by the time she touched it and teased around it with her tongue.

"Huuuunnnnnngh! Eat it!" Roxanne took a deep breath and held it, swelling her huge tits.

"Suck my big tits. Make them burn! Show that bastard husband of mine what he's missing sucking on that half-grown little whore daughter of ours!"

With her arms wrenched back and tied tightly around the thick post, each movement Roxanne made brought a dull stab of pain. Her shoulders felt about ready to pop from their sockets, but she could not resist the compelling urge to twist and sway, offering first one big tit and then the other to Melissa's warm and hungry lips. Being wanted so desperately made Melissa's torment of rejection shrink back into the hidden, chamber of her subconscious mind.

She loved sucking the gloriously full ripe tits and couldn't understand why Wes and Silas weren't on them right now. They will be soon, she kept thinking. One of the big, mean bastards will push me away.

Melissa sucked and licked in an urgent frenzy of jealous hunger, loving the way it made Roxanne gasp and wail in lewd delight. "Hhhhmmmm, you suck tit just like a man!" she cried.

"And I eat cunt better than anyone with balls," Melissa said. She pressed lightly again, stroking Roxanne's whipped pussy with her drape of silky fur. "Is your cunt too sore to lick right now?"

"Uuuuuunnngh, no! Eat it, eat my cunt?"

Melissa grinned and sank to her knees, raisins her hands to milk and squeeze Roxanne's sleek, bulging tit-cones while she burrowed her face into her trembling cunt.

"Hhhhhaaaaagh!" Roxanne cried, wincing in fear. She expected the slightest touch to trigger fresh shocks of burning pain where the lash had struck. Instead, she felt the soothing spread of glowing warmth. Melissa licked and stroked with her tongue like a kitten tending an injured paw.

"Hhhhoooo," Roxanne sighed with relief. She closed her eyes and let her mind swirl in dizzy delight. The girl kept twisting her wet, glistening nipples under the tips of her thumbs and working the nub of her clit with the soft, tender whip of her tongue. Roxanne shrilled and moaned and no longer cared shit about what her daughter and husband was doing.

Will began by thinking that he could punish Shelly with his cock by fucking harder and deeper than the girl could stand. But the more spitefully he fucked into her, the mere wildly she cried for more.

"Ooooooooooooh, Daddy... you're the best. Huuuummph! Eve never been fucked like this before!"

"You little bitch!" But now he spoke the words as praise. He loved the way her pussy squirmed and heaved with each new thrill.

"Jimmy would have cum long before this. He-he -- he never did get my pussy really hot!"

"It's plenty hot now!" He could feel the rising waves of tension gripping and sucking on his long cock each time it sank in her pussy.

"I'm going to make you cum," she said. "I want to feel your hot jism shoot into me."

"That won't take much!" Will had been fucking with his teeth and groin muscles both tightly clenched, trying to hold back the steaming pressure as long as he could.

"But-but I've done everything my pussy knows how to do."

"Try reversing the rhythm. Don't spring up to meet my prick -- let yourself go limp and sink back. Let me smash your pretty little ass down on that silky fur -- huuunnnghhhh! Yeah! Now clamp on that big fucker like you don't want me to draw it out!"

"Like this?" Shelly winced, straining her taut bands of cunt muscle hard around his cock.

"Hhhmmmm, yeah... just like that. But no pussy in the world is strong enough to hold me in."

He began arching and drawing back for another thrust.

Shelly sensed what to do without having to be told. She curved her back and let her body flow with his, following his throbbing cock clear to the peak of its arc. "Now fuck it back in," she moaned, willing herself to relax and receive all of his hot prick with only the slightest wet friction.

"Huuunnngh!" Will stabbed into her fuck hole parting soft waves of damp, clinging cunt flesh.

Shelly gushed, wincing until he had all of his cock inside her. Then she grunted and gripped his prick hard. It felt like he had his cock in a wringer. The fluid suction reached all the way into his balls. A heated charge of jism swelled and steamed, making his nuts ache and the root of his cock burn.

"Now faster!" And he picked up the fuck pace. She grunted, hardly able to keep up.

"Is that good? Will my sucking pussy make you cum now?"

"In about two seconds!" Maybe less that that. The searing pressure made his eyes water. He spiked his prick in to the hilt and gave a deep, rumbling grunt as his prick began to spurt.

"Oooh, God! Ooooh, gruuuuunnngh!" Shelly tensed when she felt the first jolt of liquid fire. Then she shuddered, taking one, two, three more hot blasts of cum that came so fast she could hardly count.

"Take it, you little bitch. That's what you've been begging for!"

"Huuuunnngh, yeah! But..."

"But what?" Will kept driving, lifting and jamming his cock in hard so that it bottomed each time it belched another thick glob of jism.

Spraying cum soon filled her tight, clinging little fuck hole. He could feel the jizz backing up, rising in her fleshy cunt until it flowed slick and warm over his cock.

"Hhhhhooooh!" she cried. She had never felt such a flood. Because Jimmy could never hold back, he'd never fired such a full load of jizz into her. "How much jism do your nuts hold?"

"More, baby! Lot's more. And I'm fucking it all into your cunt!"

"Yes! Ooooh, yes!" Now that his cock slid back and forth on a silvery film of cum, the sultry friction became a maddening delight. "I want more I want every drop! Hhhhmmm, fuck my little pussy full!"

It was already full. The thick fuck cream had been cock-whipped to a silvery froth that gushed up and glazed her pussy lips. "It feels like I'm cumming. Hot jism is gushing put of me!"

"And there's still more where that came from!" Wes gave a long sigh and told his brother. "This just ain't working out right." He watched Shelly's gyrating hips wring the last hot drops of jism from her dad's cock.

Silas grunted in agreement. His gaze was on the lush-bodied bitch with the silver-streaked hair. Melissa had her moaning and thrashing as much as the torment of bondage would allow.

Babs lay between them, gasping and shivering in the afterglow of an eerie climax that came from having two different fingers reaming her cunt at the same time. It felt like they were still inside her, one hooking left, the other hooking right, teasing and straining the walls of her cunt.

"Everybody's got something but us," Wes said. "And balling his own daughter ain't punishing that bastard who tried to shoot me one bit!"

"It sure ain't. If he enjoyed it any more, he'd die of delight... Let's cut that curvy wife of his loose and drag her over here."

Silas said. "Yeah! But we said we wouldn't do that as long as he could keep fucking..."

"So we lied, you think he's going to care?"

"Shit, no!"

"What about me?" Babs asked. Wes shrugged. "You can go help your girlfriend with her old man."

"And Melissa?" she asked suspiciously.

"She can make it a trio," Silas said. "Let that trigger-happy bastard try to handle three hot pussies at once."

"Uuuunnngh," Babs groaned. Being so casually pushed aside hurt worse than the cold band of metal and heavy links of chain locked around her ankle.

"Get your ass up before I decide to whip it good!" Silas told her.

"Yes... yes!" Babs leaped up and scurried to the middle of the room, lurching because of the weight of her chain.

Melissa turned and glared, fearful of being deprived again. "What the hell do you want?"

Babs said matter-of-factly. "What I want doesn't mean shit. What you want doesn't either. Wes and Silas want her." She nodded her blonde head toward Roxanne, who was still in a dreamy state from having her cunt licked so expertly.

"Those bastards!" Melissa growled. But then she saw Silas coming toward them from the rough plank counter by the stove. He had a long, gleaming sharp knife in his hand.

Melissa was slow getting up off her knees, so Silas grabbed a shock of her dark, silky brown hair and lifted her until she could barely reach the floor with the tips of her toes. She winced, shrieking from the pain. Silas grinned and slowly lifted the glinting, razor-sharp blade above her head. "You want I should show you how I use this knife to skin a bear?"

"No! Oh, God... no! Don't cut my long hair!"

Silas laughed and let her drop. "Get your ass outta the way, or I just might cut worse 'n that!"

Babs and Melissa tangled their chains and both almost tripped in their rush to get out of the way. Roxanne gulped, bound so tightly that she could not move, stricken with fear so paralyzing that she could not breathe.

"Your fucking husband damn near killed me," Silas said. His eyes flashed a look as cold and sharp as the blade of the knife he now raised toward her face.

"I-I know. I'm sorry..."

He answered with a wicked laugh of contempt. "Like shit! You told him, shoot the sonuvabitch! If you're sorry, it's only 'cause he missed." Silas kept weaving the sharp-pointed blade before her eyes in a slow, sweeping figure eight.

"I only said that because I was afraid."

"You had some reason to be then... you've got even more now." Silas moved the blade closer to her face -- so close that Roxanne could not focus sharply on the tip. "Begging some bastard to shoot me is not way to start a friendly relationship."

"I'm sorry!" she blurted again, half-dizzy from watching the blur of the knife blade pass beneath her nose.

Wes just sat on the edge of the bed and watched, content for now to let Silas have his revenge. By creating sheer terror in the woman's mind, fucking would come as a great relief.

"I been thinking I might skin that silver-black pussy of yours and use the hide to make me a pair of ear muffs for when the weather gets cold. Ain't nothin' better for keepin' a man warm than pussy fur."

"Yuuuugggghhhh," she moaned. Silas dropped the blade slowly out of sight. Roxanne sucked in a frightened gasp and stood frozen, numb with fear.

He laid the flat of the blade on her belly mound and cautioned her quickly, "Don't start jerking sound... I might cut something I didn't mean to."

Roxanne tried desperately to remain still, but she could not control her convulsive shivers. She could feel the cold blade sliding down toward her dense silver-streaked spread of cunt hair.

"Don't move," he warned again, edging around behind her, keeping the cold flat side of the blade pressed against her quaking pussy dome.

Roxanne tensed, so stiff with fear she was afraid to scream. Silas jerked the knife suddenly. She felt it slide across her pussy mound. "Dear God..." she murmured softly. But Silas had a deft hand with a knife. He drew it back with a flash and cut nothing but the thong bonding her wrists.

"Aaaagggghhh!" she cried. The sudden release sent her pitching forward. If Wes hadn't leaped up to catch her, she would have sprawled on her face.

"This way," he said. Wes slid his hands beneath her arms and around in front to grasp her heaving tits.

"Don't let him cut me!" she gasped.

"I won't. If you fuck me good, I won't even let him touch you."

"You wait one Goddamn minute!" Silas roared in the heat of rage. He was not about to let his brother get the best of him again. But then his whole craggy, beard-shrouded face split with a grin. "Maybe I don't even want to touch her. Why should I fuck one old cunt when I can have two young ones?"

Roxanne's mind was still too crazed with fear to know or care what Silas said. Wes led her to the bed, seated her gently and eased her down on her back. She reached up, stretching to relieve the strain of being bound with her wrists behind her.

Wes straddled her, beaming down on her lush and trembling big tits. He wet his lips with his tongue and leaned closer. Roxanne drew in a long, expectant breath. "He wouldn't really cut me with that knife," she said in a weak, half-questioning voice. "He was kidding about skinning a bear..."

"You got lucky," Wes told her. "The bear didn't. What do you think that is you're lying on?"

"What?" Roxanne jerked comfortably, trying to sit up. The rough bed was covered by a spread of thick black scratchy hair. Suddenly the coarseness of it made her skin crawl.

"That's a bear skin," Wes explained. "Silas even tanned it with the claws on." He reached down over the sides of the bed and dragged up two slender black-haired projections like arms. He dangled them over her face, letting her gaze in horror at the two sets of dark, curved, brutally sharp claws.

"Uuunnngggh!" she moaned. She could almost see the huge beast alive and swiping at her face with its great paws.

"Must be hell on the she-bear when a big one like this was wants to fuck." Wes lowered the dangling, hooked claws and dragged them lightly across Roxanne's tits.

"Hhhhaaaaaaahhhh!" It didn't really hurt. Wes applied almost no pressure at all, but the image in her mind became sheer terror.

Roxanne winced, and squirmed, rumpling her face in a knot of fearful disgust. Wes kept grinning and dragged the claws down across her belly to the richly furred mound of her pussy. "Hhhooooo," she moaned.

One hooked claw slid right across the nub of her clit. She was swollen with fear and tender from the whipping she'd received, and her glossy little clit shot a bolt of panic up her back.

"Be glad you only got me to deal with," Wes told her. "Imagine what a horny bear would do to a rich, ripe pussy like yours."

Roxanne shook her head violently. She didn't even want to think about it. "Hold me," she whined like a frightened child. "Fuck me!"

Wes let the claws drop and pitched forward, opening his mouth to suck on one of the great tits he'd been admiring so long. His beard, and mustache felt as rough and scratchy as the bear skin beneath Roxanne's writhing body.

"Huuuunnnnggghhh!" she gasped, trying to concentrate and remind herself that he was a man.

The chilling cold sweat of fear glazed her body, giving her a tangy, salt-sweet taste. That began to warm when his lips closed over her bulging nipple, and he stroked it with his tongue. The lusty scent of her became stronger and stronger.

Wes spread his mouth wide and pulled in all of her huge creamy tit-mound. Her soft flesh filled every corner, and her hot ripe nipple pressed against the roof of his mouth. He clamped a hand on her other tit and worked it with his fingers, twirling its bulging nipple with his thumb.

"Oooooohhhh!" she gasped. A warming sense of relief passed over her. The familiar and delightful tingle coming from her tits swept away her fears. Roxanne arched her shoulders and strained her arms to reach his cock. "I want your cock in me. I want to feel that big hard prick in my pussy!"

He knew there was no fight left in the woman, only a rage of desire, so he lifted up enough so that she could slip her hands between them and grip the root of his cock.

Her touch felt cold at first. Being bound at the wrists had reduced her circulation, and her fears made it slow to return. But now as she fingered the awesome length and thickness of his prickshaft, Roxanne's natural fiery heat came surging back.

"I love a big hot cock!" she told him. She held his throbbing cock in a two-hand grip and worked it up and down in the wet mouth of her cunt slit, slowly at first, fearful that it might spark echoes of pain from her recent whipping. But his thick knobbed prickhead remained soft despite the steely hardness of his cock shaft. It felt soothing and reassuring as it glided back and forth, heating the soft wet lips of her fuck tunnel.

"Fuck me!" she cried. "Do it now, Wes I'm ready! I want your big cock in me!"

He leaned down, and Roxanne had to scramble to get her hands away as his prick sank in. She looped her arms around his thick neck and held on tight, moaning and groaning with joy.

On the far side of the room, she saw Will and Shelly on the other bed. They'd just finished fucking and were watching her. That bastard, she was thinking. So hot for young cunt. I'll show the sonuvabitch how a real woman fucks and make him drool!

"Hhhhaaaa, Wes!" Roxanne tightened the grip of her arms, lifting her lips toward his hairy face. "Your big cock is so great. Kiss me and fuck my mouth with your tongue at the same time!"

Wes let his lips slide off her tit and kissed her hard, stabbing in his tongue and the rest of his cock with one mighty lunge.

"Huuuunnngh!" she gushed. The weight of his body drove out all the breath in her lungs.

He sucked on her tongue like it was a wiggling tit, pushing it back and forth, nibbling with his teeth until she gave wild, muffled grunts and bucked her cunt at him in spasms of delight.

Will watched from the far side of the room.

"Son of a bitch!" he said. He'd been so absorbed with the typical male middle-aged desire for young cunt -- first Babs and then his own daughter Shelly -- that he'd almost forgotten what a luscious and lusty creature his wife could be.

She now seemed determined to show him by happily fucking another man's cock while he watched. "I never thought mom would do anything like that!" Shelly whispered... "look at her go!"

Wes got himself a real roller-coaster ride. Roxanne pressed her feet flat off the bed and began lifting her body in a slow, undulating curve. When just her feet and shoulders touched, then she began to rock back.

"You're a great fuck!" Wes said.

"Better than those young cunts over there?"

"Yeah -- much better?"

"Hhhhmmmm!" She moved into another sinewy arch, a slow, rolling motion that wrenched Wes' cock in the most delightful ways. He rode her rocking body and fucked into her as hard as he could, trying to pin her with his weight and the power of his thrusts.

"Huuuunnngh!" she grunted, but nothing would keep her body still. When she could not lift his driving weight, she squirmed joyously from side to side.

"Fuck it, baby! Fuck my cock! I love the way you move that slinky cunt of yours!"

"Jeeeezus!" Shelly gasped in awe. "Do you think I'll ever learn to fuck like that?"

"Sure you will... when you've had more practice!" Will gazed hungrily at his young daughter. "And now would be a great time to start your next lesson!"


Silas stood over Babs and Melissa, studying them both. They cowered on the floor at his feet, their leg chains tangled together so that one could not move far without help from the other.

"You gals aren't going to get shit from that other guy," he said with a nod toward Will. "He's too turned on right now about fucking his daughter."

"I know," Babs said. She'd expected all along that she'd be the one, to seduce him and fuck his cock first.

"And Wes will be busy her quite awhile by the way it looks."

"I can see that," Melissa agreed. Neither of the girls looked pleased.

"So I guess I'll just have to take care of the two of you."

"Me first!" Melissa insisted. "I've been waiting so damn long! I'll be the best fuck you ever had, even better than that old bitch!"

"Not better than a golden blonde pussy that's still almost cherry-tight," Babs replied coolly.

"I have been thinking a lot about that sweet blonde cunt of yours," he said. "I haven't sucked cunt as fresh and young as that in a long time."

"You bastard!" Melissa growled. "I can fuck circles around that little bitch!"

"Maybe," Silas said with a shrug. "And I want to be real fair about this, so you get to suck my cock while I'm sucking her cunt."

Babs and Melissa exchanged glances and smiled. "One taste of my sweet pussy, and he'll forget you're even here," Babs said.

"Ha!" Melissa sneered. "Once I suck his big cock clear to the root, he'll spit out your brassy little pussy like it was shit!"

"Don't keep telling me about it," Silas told them both sternly. "Show me!" He stretched out on the floor, gazing up at the domed ceiling of the hidden chamber.

Babs moved first, clanking her chain. She stood over him with her legs spread, one foot on each side of his face. Now, instead of planks and timbers, Silas got a great view of the girl's golden haired cunt.

She stirred a finger in her juicy pussy and flexed her body while she whipped up drops of gleaming fuck honey. "Did you ever see a tighter, better looking pussy than that?" she asked.

Melissa swung around so violently that she almost jerked Babs off her feet. The way their legs chains had tangled, when one moved, the other felt the tug. Silas' huge cock slumped between his legs. She lifted it and stroked it with her fingers, pulsing her lips in waves of desire.

Babs sank down slowly, squatting over his face, spreading her sleek cunt more and more as she bent down. "Look how soft and wet the little pink lips are inside," she said.

"Not as soft and wet as these lips, baby!" Melissa bowed her head and kissed the head of Silas' cock, working her tongue up and down across his cum slit.

"Hhhhaaaaaaaaa," he gasped. Melissa kept her lips snug and pressed her head down holding his half-stiffened cock in her hands. It pulsed and throbbed.

"Silas really likes having his cock sucked," Shelly said in a half-whisper of astonishment. "Look how big and hard his prick is already!"

"Almost all men love to shave their pricks sucked," Will said.

"D-d-do you?"

"I don't like it... I love it!"

"W-w-would you like me to suck yours?" Shelly asked.

"I sure would!" Will edged the girl aside and sprawled backward on the bed.

She leaned over him and said. "Ooooooooh, Daddy... your cock's still wet and slick with cum."

"That'll make it taste all the better."

Shelly leaned closer, nervously flicking her tongue. Glancing sideways, she saw Babs down on her knees with her pussy spread over Silas' hairy face. He was lapping and digging into her with his tongue, making her squirm and giggle with delight.

"Babs loves having her cunt sucked too," she observed. "And Silas must like doing it -- hhuuunnngh! Look at how he keeps licking and fucking her with his tongue."

Her tone of envy rang clear. "I'll bet you'd like some of the same," Will said.

"Ooooh, I would! But there's no one left to eat my cunt while I'm sucking on your cock."

"Just spin your ass around this way. That's it, straddle my head. Now we can both suck all we... both at once."

"What a great idea!" Shelly acted like she'd just invented the wheel.

Her father felt tempted to say something about how much she had to learn, but he decided not to. It would be much better to show her. Besides, with her gleaming black-furred cunt spread over his mouth, he had more important things to do than talk.

Will snaked out his tongue and teased it up and down between her softly puffed outer lips.

"Huuunnngh!" she gasped, bending down. The strange, eerie stimulation of his tongue banished all reservations she had about sucking a wet cock. Sparks of lewd pleasure jolted her mind, and her father's cock looked like the most delicious and exciting thing she'd ever seen.

"Hhmmmm," she lifted his prick and closed her lips over his cockhead, glancing quickly to the side to watch how Melissa was doing it. She could see the girl's tongue darting, and her cheeks bulging, and she tried the same thing on her father.

"Aaaahhhhhh," he sighed. For a timid first time cocksucker, Shelly got off to a great start.

Will raised his head and wiggled his tongue deeper into her juicy cunt slit. Black pussy hair tickled his lips and rich fuck-scent seemed to gush out all over his face. He took a deep breath and speared her pussy with his tongue.

"Yeeeeaaahhh!" Shelly could hardly imagine such wild pleasure coming from something as small and soft as a tongue, but her father touched nerves that even a good fucking had not stimulated so sharply. She took a gulp of air and dove down on his cock again, licking and slurping and trying to show him how good it felt.

Silas got the same treatment, but from two separate sources. He licked and burrowed into Babs' golden cunt and reached up to work her tits at the same time. The double attack brought shrill cries and moans of delight, and that spurred Melissa to suck in and tongue-whip even more of his cock.

Somehow, in the heat of passion, the positions of captives and captors had become tangled like the chains binding Babs and Melissa. Silas lay sprawled on the floor, pinned beneath two beautiful young bitches.

And he was on the hard-packed earthen floor while Will lay on the bed cradled in the sleek warmth of silver-gray fur with an eager young cult bobbing up and down above his waiting mouth. There was still a heavy chain locked around his ankle, but he no longer even thought of that.

Even Roxanne had reversed positions with Wes. She coaxed and pleaded until he rolled over and let her sit on his huge prick. "Now I can really work my cunt on that big fucker!" she said. And, Will can see better how much I'm enjoying it! she was thinking.

But Will couldn't see a damn thing. He had his head buried in his daughter's delicious cunt, and that was all that interested him at that moment.

Shelly raised her head and asked in an anxious voice. "What happens when you cum?"

"You swallow it and suck to get more. You'll love the taste... love the way it slides down your throat all slick and warm like melting honey."

"Uggghhhh," she said. How gross! she was thinking. That was one of Shelly's most-used words. But then she thought. If Melissa can do it, so can I!

Melissa's head bobbed furiously, showering Silas' groin with loose waves of dark, tingling soft hair. Her lips pulled and sucked on his cock in a mad fury. Her intention was simple -- to make his big cock shoot off in her mouth before Silas could heat the little blonde's cunt to the boiling point.

Shelly grunted and tried to match the other girl's wild moves. Even though it was her first time, she wanted her dad to have the best cocksucking ever. She lifted and dropped her head, gulping as his rigid cockshaft stabbed to the back of her mouth, twisting and contorting the narrow tube of her throat.

She had to tilt her head, then his stiff cock entered the narrow tube of her throat without pain. She could feel his prick throb, straining the wet clamp of muscle and touching something that made her want to gag and cough it all up.

Will's probing tongue curled round Shelly's little cunt, lifting and teasing, making it swell right out of its sheath.

A scream of sheer raw pleasure swelled in Shelly's throat, but her throat was completely stuffed with plunging cock. Will could no longer be content with just the bobbing of her head. He rocked and pumped his hips to ram his long cock in, loving the way it made her gulp and squeeze, sucking and mauling his prick.

As the pressure of her silent scream swelled, hot breath jetted into his cock. It burned like the first spurt of cum blasting out, but this joyous agony went the other way. In deep. In so deep and hot, he could hardly stand it.

"Grrraaaghhh!" His savage grunt flapped her cunt lips and filled her clinging pussy with the fire of delight. "Suck it, Shelly -- suck your father's cock and make it cum! Drink my hot jism, you little bitch! Stir it up and gulp it down!" Then he gave her swollen clit another good lashing with his tongue.

Roxanne glanced across and saw the rolling waves of long raven hair spread over Will's groin. Shelly's head moved in a blur of passion. The slurping, sucking noises she made were loud enough to be heard all over the room. It had been a long, long time since she'd sucked her husband's cock with each wicked glee, and she could see how much he enjoyed it. She'd have to do better... much better when she got the chance to suck his cock again.

"Don't slow down now, bitch! Fuck my cock and make it cum!" Wes said. He didn't want her damn mind wandering now. "Wind that sexy cunt of yours up and down, show me how much you love sitting on a big hot prick!"

"You bastard, I'll show you. I'll fuck your cock right off!" Roxanne humped up and down, fucking herself so fast that the rawhide thongs lacing the bed frame squealed in protest.

Melissa bobbed her head with the same ferocity. Her fingers cupped Silas' nuts, lifting and teasing, rolling them softly to work loose another giant load. Her breath came in gulps at the top of each stroke.

"Damn!" Babs wailed. "I'm the only one without a cock to work on!" Silas had whipped her sleek blonde pussy into a frenzy of need. He pushed in deep with his tongue, smacking his lips at the taste of sweet, hot, flowing fuck honey. Then he circled it around her clit to excite another slick gush.

"Oooooooooh, Daddy!" Shelly's lithe body responded to the grunts and moans heard all around. She tensed, shivering with unexpected delight. Her only experience with fucking prior to this had been in the backseat of a car, alone with Jimmy, fearing discovery, knowing that what they did was supposed to be wrong.

Now out in the open, she felt no fear because there was nothing for anyone to discover. Her mother, whose wrath she feared most, was fucking herself silly on the far side of the room, and her own father lay beneath her, thrusting his stiff cock into her mouth.

"Yum," she cooed. Despite the cold band of metal circling her ankle and the heavy weight of chain that dragged from it, she felt free -- more free, more lusty and more alive than ever before.

"I love fucking, and I love sucking!" Shelly cried in a voice shrill with desire. "I love cock, and I don't give a damn who knows it now!"

If the outburst was meant to shock her mother, the message was lost. Roxanne could hear nothing but the steady slap of her ass on Wes Sharp's hairy loins, and think of nothing but the spearing heat of his long thick cock. She'd fucked herself to the brink of a grinding climax, and nothing else mattered to her.

If Shelly's screaming fit of desire was meant to impress her father, the message failed. What he wanted to hear from her mouth was the smack and slurp of hot lips gliding up and down his prick. And when that was done, when he'd dumped a good load down her throat, then he wondered if he'd be able to get Babs away from Silas long enough to fuck her.

He raised his head, grinning from ear to ear, lapping at Shelly's cunt. "Suck my cock," he commanded her. "Make me cum!"

"Hhhhmmmmm." She nodded, wrenching his cock in the snug hollow of her clinging throat. That did it. That extra, twisting bite of friction set him off.

"Here it comes! Take it bitch... suck it down! Don't you dare spill one drop!"

"Nnnnnuuuuughhh!" she moaned, tossing her head the other way.

Her head jerked up, repulsed by the tart, saltsweet taste of spurting cum. Her lips puckered, and she was about to pull away, but she heard Melissa gulping frantically and saw her throat heave.

Silas bucked, grunting as he drove his cock far down her throat, pumping it full of cum. Not to be out-done, Shelly fought back the urge to gag and swallowed her first mouthful of hot jism.

At the same instant, she heard her mother's lewd scream. "Yeeeeaaaaahhhhh! Fuck me, you bastard. Ram my cunt full. Ungh! I can feel it spurt, and I want it deep inside!"

Wes thrust and drove into her, almost bucking her off the stiff root of his cock. Shelly glimpsed that and wondered which of the rough, bear-like mountain men would want to fuck her next. Wes or Silas? It hardly mattered. Before long, she felt confident she would fuck them both. Perhaps both at once as they'd threatened to do to her mother.

Will narrowed his lips and sucked on just the swollen nub of her clit, lashing it back and forth with his tongue, twisting it like screw when he felt the spasms of her climax begin. She gulped, wanting desperately to scream in delight.

The sharp slap of flesh, the grunts and anguished moans of mutual orgasm went on for a full minute. The damp, musky scent of cunt and the cloying sweet aroma of hot jism mixed with earthy smells in the hidden chamber in the high country.

It was Roxanne who first recovered enough breath to speak. "Hhhoooo Goddamn!" Then she threw back her head, tossing her silver-streaked mane, and began to laugh.

"What's so fucking funny?" Will asked.

"Yeah, Mrs. Marshal... what is it?" Babs was still shivering. The rasp of Silas' tongue had brought her to a climax more tempting than truly satisfying. "You think it's funny that I want to fuck your husband next?"

"No, shit... you can fuck his brains out for all I care. He's hardly been able to think of anything else since we started this trip. It's just that -- it's just that..." She laughed too hard to get out the rest.

"It's what?" Will wanted to know.

Roxanne gulped a cooling breath and calmed herself enough to squeeze out the words. "When Shelly and Babs first started talking about packing into the high country, you didn't like the idea. And do you remember why?"

"Yeah!" Will began to laugh too. It seemed funny even to him now.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Shelly asked.

"Your father said -- hmmmggghhh -- after three days in the woods, we'd all be bored stiff!"

"I remember!" Shelly said. "You told us we'd having nothing to do."

Will sighed, hearing his own words almost like an echo. "So even your father makes a mistake now and then... I'm still stiff. Which one of you lovely ladies wants to fuck my cock before it gets bored?"


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