Summer in bondage

The process of growing up, of passing through the age of adolescence has, through the ages, been marked by great inner turmoil, uncertainty, and tremendous pressures from family and peer group alike. Certainly, in our society, the problems of youth appear to be more marked than ever before.

Summer Withers is a teenager embarking on her own special journey into adolescence. She finds herself plagued by powerful emotions, sometimes feeling guilty about her awakening sexuality, sometimes questioning her youthful misjudgments. It is only through an encounter with a young trucker that she manages to put her troubled world into perspective, coping with new feelings and taking disappointments in stride.

SUMMER IN BONDAGE is the story of one avenge young American girl's coming of age. A lesson to us all; a reminder that, once again, growing up is a difficult and sometimes trying experience.


Summer wrapped the flimsy negligee around her trim, eighteen-year-old body. She seemed to flaw like mist through the darkened house. It hadn't been an hour since she sneaked in late from her date with Mike. They hadn't been interested in the time, not while they were screwing each other's brains out in the back seat of Mike's car. Summer had been afraid her father might be home and give her hell for being out so late.

She'd lucked out. Only Bill, her older brother, was home.

The teenager wondered why Bill was still up. She could hear him fiddling around in his workshop out in the garage. It was unlike him to waste a Friday night at home. Neither of them much liked their father because he was really their stepfather and their mother was dead. Where their natural father was, Summer and Bill didn't know.

Life wasn't very free around the house, but Summer had vowed, along with Bill, that they would spilt as soon as they could.

She crept up and peered in a window frosted over with dust and cobweb. The warm spring breeze gusted around her trim body, made her feel sexy all over. As the wind whipped the silk nightgown firmly between her legs, she remembered how it had been with Mike, having him fuck her, having his long pecker shoved into her juicy twat again and again. The soft caresses of the breeze made her aware of how much springtime turned her on, how it made her so damned horny she'd fuck a fencepost.

She peeked into the window and saw Bill was busy with his radio equipment. Her brother was busy doing strange things to a tiny rig on his work bench.

Summer went in. "Evening, Bill. How come you're out here all by yourself? I figured you and Marie would be out somewhere having a ball, so to speak."

Bill shrugged.

"Aw, come on, Bill!" Summer cried. She saw her brother was disturbed about something and not wanting to talk. "You can tell me. You know I won't go blabbing my mouth off."

"Yeah, Sis, I know. But it seems like every time I'm getting it all together with Marie, something happens and everything blows up in my face. We were supposed to go to Susan's party tonight. Marie decided she didn't want to see me." He shrugged again, but Summer saw the set of his jaw and slump of his shoulders. Bill was really worked up over Marie.

"What was it? Why'd she turn off on you like that?"

"I don't know. I think she's got the hots for somebody else."

Summer began to understand. "Is it Dave? Is your best friend cutting in on your territory?"

"Yeah, something like that. I decided what the hell. I might as well come out and fool around with these knobs. I sure as hell aren't going to get my knobs played with tonight."

Summer perched her bouncy bottom on the edge of the workbench. She knew that the filmy fabric of her nightgown revealed everything. And, since the night was so warm, she hadn't bothered to fasten the front. It was only being held closed by her slender fingered hands.

She placed both her hands on the workbench behind her. The sea green negligee opened. It was impossible for Bill to miss the swell of her breasts. The ruddy nipples were slowly springing to life. Summer felt her breath like sandpaper in her throat. She was getting turned on thinking about fucking her brother.

And the red nubbins of her nipples showed her arousal. They were pointing like red fingers from the tips of her snowy white, slightly upturned tits.

The boy's eyes drank in that sight and he almost choked. He couldn't miss the wanton invitation being put to him. For a moment, he firmly gripped his screwdriver. Then his thoughts turned to doing something else besides driving a screw into the radio chassis in front of him.

The little cunt openly shown him by his sister made him rock-hard. His dick painfully strained against his pants.

"I, uh, decided to tune up my CB radio." His voice seemed to be coming from someone else's mouth. All Bill could think of was the milky expanse of skin in front of him: the tits, the bouncy, firm, succulent tits and the broad plain of Summer's belly hypnotized him. When his eyes dropped to the triangular patch of her pussy mound, he almost came in his pants. His cock tried to turn cartwheels. He felt like exploding.

The green of the silken fabric seemed to contrast vividly with the whiteness of Summer's skin. The black, furry bush barely hid blushing pink pussy lips. The girl had spread her legs just enough so Bill could see what she was offering him.

"What... what do you want out here, Summer?" His voice was a frightened animal.

It wasn't natural wanting to fuck his own sister.

But he was so frustrated, so damned uptight!

"Isn't that obvious, Bill? I only want to help you. You haven't been getting any ass, have you? Not off Marie, at any rate. And she's all you ever talk about. Aren't you getting just a little bit horny?" Like me, Summer mentally added.

"Yeah, so fucking horny I jack off a couple times a day. But that just doesn't make it, you know? It doesn't take the edge off wanting a woman to ball. But I can't, I mean... you're, oh, shit!"

Summer drifted to her brother and placed a cool hand on each of his shoulders. She turned him to face her and firmly said, "Now listen, brother, we're having to face just about everything together. Why don't we make it everything?"

"I..." Bill's voice escaped him. He couldn't talk. Nor did he want to. All that interested him was well within arm's reach. His sexy sister was pressing her firm body against his. He could feel the pebble-hard points of her tilt. They pulsed with lust for him. Her hot breath was so close, her warm body radiated a sexual heat that drew him on, washed away his inhibitions.

For a moment, an attack of what was right and what was wrong assailed him. He couldn't fuck his own sister! Then Summer straddled his leg. He could feel the wetness of her crotch. Her cunt was overflowing with its love juices. She was hot. She wanted him. Him, her own brother!

Bill's arms encircled Summer's lithe body, pulled her to him. Their lips met in a kiss that was clumsy at first. Then their passions built to the paint where they seemed to flow together, to become one.

He felt her agile tongue pressing firmly against his lips. He opened his mouth a little and the girl's tongue came racing in. Their tongues dueled. They stroked and caressed each other, roughly, wetly. He felt his own lust building to the bursting point. It was like a clam with a huge lake of water behind it. Sooner or later it would break, and, when it did, it would come flooding out all over the place.

The girl's mouth on his was just the start. He could feel her rubbing her cunt back and forth on his leg. She was getting off on the friction of his leg on her pussy lips!

Summer felt tingle after electric tingle jolt into her body as she moved her hips back and forth. The rough fabric of her brother's jeans was just the thing to scratch her deep-felt itch. She massaged her sex lips. As long as the cunt juice flowed, there wasn't any danger of getting chafed. In fact, it was just the reverse. She was getting off on this in a big way. Delight surged up from her cunt and warmly filled her.

"Ummm, Bill, you kiss good." She pulled his face brutally to hers. Ups bruised but neither cared. All that mattered was their overwhelming need for each other.

All the passions she hadn't spent earlier in the evening demanded satiation now. She wanted to get fucked again in the worst way. If she didn't have a cock driving hard and fast into her, she would surely go crazy with lust.

And the boy wasn't in any better condition to think about the fact that he was getting hot and ready to fuck his own sister. He was too frustrated by the affair that wasn't working out with Marie. That slut had been turning him inside out too long. He had to get his rocks off. He wanted to fuck her.

And, seeing that it was a lost hope, he'd fuck any body who happened to come along.

It was their mutual good luck they'd found each other that night.

His hands found the twin peaks of his sister's boobs. He gripped them with a fierceness that showed the height of his arousal. As he squeezed and kneaded the pliant flesh of her jugs, he felt a feather-light touch at his fly. She quickly unzipped his jeans with a metallic hiss.

His prick snapped to rigid attention.

As he fondled his sister's knockers, she was giving him a handjob. He could hardly imagine his good luck. He bent over and thrust one of the tits into his mouth. She was getting sweaty from arousal he tasted the salty tang of her perspiration. That sent his pulse racing almost as much as the fact that he had her hard, mushroom-like nipple firmly under his tongue. He could feel it throb with life. Sucking hard, he heard her mutter a low, deep-throated moan of contentment.

Summer felt the jab of sexual lightning cut into her body as her brother took her boob into his mouth. His teeth scored the sides of her milky white tit. His tongue drove down hard and fast into her nipple. It pressed the erectile tissue all around until she was weak and shaking inside. The way he gave her a tongue-lashing was to her liking! She loved every second of it!

"Ummmmm, Bill, that's so divine!" she groaned over and over. She kept rocking back and forth on his leg. The entire top of his thigh was wet with her inner oils. She was gushing the thick lubricant out at a fantastic rate.

It was kinky, fucking her own brother. That thought kept going over and over in her head. It wasn't right, yet it felt right. It was a sin. That's what the preacher said every Sunday. That's what she'd heard all her life.

Her body told her an entirely different story. How could it be wrong when she needed her brother so badly? How could it be wrong when her cunt begged for the attention she was giving it along his leg? How could anything be wrong that felt so damned good -- like him sucking hard on her tits?

There was no conflict. She wanted him inside her, his cock driving in and out of her clutching hole as fast and hard as he could. She wanted her own brother fucking her!

"Bill, ohhhh, Bill, fuck me good! I want your prick in me! Fuck my poor little cunt!"

"Ummm, yeah," came the muttered reply. Bill was enjoying the feel of his sister's titflesh around his face too much to do anything else at the moment.

Summer felt Bill's face burrowing between the mounds of her jugs. The urge to have cock shoved mercilessly hard into her cunt heightened. Each time his tongue licked out and left a saliva trail across her sensitive skin, she shuddered. It wasn't from the cold; it was a warm night. It was from the knowledge that her very own brother was hungering after her lush body. He wanted her as badly as she wanted him!

The girl's mouth felt like cotton. She was gasping for air like a fish out of water. When he shoved his strong fingers up her cunt, she almost fainted. The wiggling, driving fingers rolled and prodded around in her tiny love tunnel. She felt her juices flow even faster to drench this new invader up her twat.

Summer came.

She shrieked, "AIIIEEEE!" and felt her body caught in the fierce grip or orgasm. Bill had touched her clit. That fleeting touch was all it took to shove her over the brink of climax. She soon came down from her sexual high and rejoiced in the filled feeling his three fingers gave her pussy.

Knowing that Bill's passion and need was as great as hers from the way his prick bounced and jerked in her grip, Summer decided to give him a little mouth love.

She dropped to her knees and spread Bill's legs apart. She took his plum-colored, knobby fuck stick into her mouth. She heard him gasp as her hot, wet mouth engulfed his prick. Slowly, she began sucking. Not much at first, but enough. He began writhing around on the chair as if he were sitting on a puddle. She held him firmly in place with her hands on his hips.

She didn't want his dick slipping out of her mouth. The long, quivering rod of hard manmeat was too tasty to lose!

She sucked the entire length into her mouth until her nose burrowed into the crinkly mass of her bather's pubic hair. It smelled of man musk. That odor excited her as much as the throbbing length of prick firmly lodged in her mouth. She slowly worked back along the length of the jerking cock. Inch by agonizingly slow inch emerged from her wet lips.

His entire length was drenched with her saliva. She kept the knobby head of his prick inside her lips. Running her tongue back and forth over the triangular flap of skin dangling down under the end of his cock, Summer stimulated the most sensitive portion of her brother's manhood. She loved the feeling on her tongue as she dragged it back and forth on the rubbery glans. It sent lightning surges of delight into her body. She loved giving head.

And Bill loved the blow job he was getting from his sexy sister. Looking down at his crotch, all the boy could see was a tangled mass of dark hair. In wild dismay, Summer's hair covered his groin. He felt her agile tongue stroking his cock like a popsicle. He sighed, a shiver of delight shaking his body.

When the girl tried to stuff her tongue down the tiny pin-prick hole in the end of his cock, Bill cried out, "Unnggh! That... that's... great!"

Summer barely heard. Blood pounded fiercely in her ears. It was like the ocean's surf in her head as her pulse accelerated as her excitement mounted. She felt the emptiness in her cunt again. She felt the need to be fucked. But more important at the moment was her mouthful of cock.

She began sucking the boy's length back into her mouth. The suction made him wiggle around, but she kept him trapped with her mouth. He was impaling her face, threatening to fuck it if his hips managed to take control away from his mind. Summer didn't care what happened. She loved the taste of cock, couldn't get enough.

Her teeth lightly scored the sides of his shaft. The dick vibrated in tempo to her brother's heartbeat. Her lips were pursed into a circular shape. She took his entire length without gagging. She wasn't a Linda Lovelace, but she didn't have to be to take seven inches of cock down her throat. It was easy, and she'd practiced a lot at it.

By straightening out her windpipe in just the right way, she took the teenager's cock into her throat. Every time she swallowed, it massaged the buried glans just a little more.

She knew that it wouldn't be long before he jetted out his heavy load of jism. The way his cock began to expand with lust told her how near the point of explosion her brother was. She reached out and began to fondle his heavy balls.

Bill groaned in delight. He felt his control slipping away as his sister began to suck on his cock, lightly gnaw on the rubbery head, and grip just behind the head with her teeth. But it was her fondling of his hairy sac filled with creamy semen that was robbing him of his control. His hips lifted off the tiny stool and shot forward. He wanted to cram his peter in his sister's mouth. He wanted to face-fuck her until he came.

Summer felt the first tentative thrust into her mouth. She wanted that cock in her mouth as badly as her brother wanted to stuff it in. To encourage him, she began to suck harder. Her tongue rolled around the tender tip of his glans. To keep his passion as fever-pitched as possible, she squeezed gently on his balls. She could feel the nuts inside the sac tumbling and churning, ready to boil over.

Her tongue pressed firmly down on the end of his prick. The tiny hole seemed to expand the harder she pressed. She heard her brother moan, then the cock came sailing into her face, hard, fast. He was face-fucking her with all the power in his hips.

She kept her mouth tightly held around the ramrod of meat. The thought that the prick in her mouth was her brother's turned her on even more. Her cunt began to flow with a renewed torrent of cunt juice.

She didn't let up on the suction she was applying. The cock began to jerk and buck wildly in her mouth. Then her tonsils were covered with her brother's sperm. He blasted out gob after fiery gob of white jism into her mouth.

Summer sucked harder. She wanted to milk as much of it from his cock as she could. Draining the reservoir of his balls seemed to be the only goal she had in life. The salty, tangy taste of the cum was better than anything she'd ever sampled. It was heaven. She wanted more, ever more of the creamy seed.

Her tongue flashed out and prevented the third powerful shot from sailing into the back of her throat. She wanted all that tasty semen smeared over her tongue. She wanted every gooey droplet of it on her tastebuds where she could fully appreciate it.

Her breathing accelerated with excitement. Her breath gusted like a jet exhaust in the forest of Bill's pubic hair. His cock felt warm and wet in its sheath in Summer's face. The suction she applied to his prick was enough to drive him out of his head.

He wanted it to continue spurting forever. The release given him made him want more.

Then, all too soon, it was over. Limp and exhausted, his cock dribbled out of Summer's mouth. She kept sucking and licking until every trace of come was gone. She was a greedy bitch. She wasn't going to waste any of her bother's precious cum.

"Wow, Sis, I never knew you could give head like that. I bet Mike's got the most aching set of balls in town tonight."

"I tried to give 'em to him, at any rate. That guy's like he's made out of steel. He just keeps it up, keeps fucking for hours and hours. But you taste a damned sight better than he does, brother dear!"

"Thanks. Now, sister darling, let me return the favor." Bill's hands clamped on her waist and he easily lifted her to the work bench.

Legs hanging down over the edge of the table, Summer was ready for anything. Most of all she wanted to be fucked. Knowing that Bill's cock was out of action for a while, she would be more than happy to have her little pussy eaten out.

But later she'd want that long, seven-inch spike of pleasure crammed into her twat!


Bill's mouth approached her wide-open cunt. She moaned in pleasure as his mouth lightly touched her pussy lips. She felt a tremor of delight surge trough her body as his rough tongue dragged up and down her gash.

"Gee, Sis, you're already wet! Your cunt juice's dribbling down and making a pool on the bench top!"

"Shut up and fuck, damn you! I need your tongue all over me! Kiss my poor little cunny!"

"You asked for it!" he said. He dived back down to the tasty task. He made sure that his tongue tickled her tiny clit before moving back down the moist slash of her snatch.

The salty tang of her juices turned Bill on in a big way. There wasn't anything he loved in the world more than the taste of cunt juice. It was better than booze. And it had the added advantage of making him hard. He could feel the stirrings in his cock already. It wouldn't be long before he was stiff again.

Until then, he was going to give his little sister the eating out of her life. His tongue drove fiercely into her hole. He felt the velvety walls ripple and surge around his oral digit. Licking up and down the channel, he got a mouthful of love juice. He began sucking on the cunt lips.

Summer gasped with the sudden onslaught. Having her brother's tongue whirling around like a tornado in her cunt had sent tremors earthquaking throughout her body. Warmth and wetness seemed to flood throughout her being. She was drowned in the sudden sensations knifing into her belly. She was lost in a paradise of lust.

She loved the weak feeling that he created in her. Like jello, she shook and trembled in reaction to his tonguing of her twat. As he worked back along her sex slash, she knew what it was that turned her on the most.

It wasn't the wetness and roughness of his cock-hard tongue driving into her cunt. It wasn't the expert way he parted her labia and stimulated them. It wasn't even the way his tongue drove hard into her asshole.

All of those were turn ons. Sure, she got off on them. But the mental part was the biggest thrill of all.

She knew this wasn't just any guy sucking on her pussy ups, eating her out. It was her brother. Her very own brother!

Summer hiked up her legs and dangled them over Bill's shoulders. He was able to get into her cunt even better this way. She felt his nose burrowing around in her beaver. The hot breath sailed through her forest of pubic hair and made her even hotter. She wanted him to fuck her. Having his tongue on her clit was heaven. Letting her brother drive his tongue into her was paradise.

But she wanted him to fuck her!

Trembling and unable to even sit up any longer, she collapsed back onto the work bench. Bill's eager mouth worked up and down her snatch making sure not a singe inch was missed. His saliva mixed with the flood of her cunt juices. He then lapped them all up with lewd, obscenely loud noises.

"B... Bill," she croaked, her voice husky with sex, "I need you in me. No more mouth love! I need your hard cock in me, fucking me, making me feel like a woman!"

"Umph," came the answer. Bill's face was buried in her bush, his tongue still busily lapping away at her succulent juices. The feel of the soft skin of her inner thighs on each side of his head made him wild with passion for her.

He was as excited about fucking his own sister as she was having her brother screw her.

"Bill! I need you inside me! Fuck me, damn you, damn you, ohhhh!"

Summer gasped again as he drove his tongue as far up into her cunt as he could reach. He felt the soft, clinging walls oozing with her fuck fluids. The salty taste lingered in his mouth. As he spun his tongue back and forth, he could feel her sex lips hardening. Excited blood pounded hard into them making the fleshy flaps hard with lust.

He felt his own prick rising. He wasn't completely rigid yet, but it was good enough to get started. He knew what he wanted. It was right under his nose.

He wanted to fuck his own sister.

"Here goes, babe!"

He let her legs down on either side of his body and pulled her powerfully to him. Her snatch opened in wanton invitation to his turgid dick. He slid into her sheath of humid flesh easily.

Summer gasped as she felt the steely cock slain into her body. When their crotches ground together, she was catapulted to ecstasy. Her entire world centered in her cunt. The hot piston of flesh inside her was beginning to warm her guts. It slid, easily back and forth in the greased channel of her pussy until the friction threatened to burn them up with its intensity.

She clawed and gripped at her bother's shoulders. Passion totally possessed her. The cock fucking her was all that mattered. She could feel the broad, purpled head of his dick expand as it drove in and out. There wasn't a thing in the world she loved better than being fucked!

Having her own brother screwing her gave an added kinkiness to her that turned her on more than she'd ever been before. She couldn't understand it. His cock was long, a good eight inches from the way it shot so far up her juicy cunt, but it wasn't all that long. He wasn't thick though he managed to spread her pussy lips enough to stimulate her.

It had to be that he was her flesh and blood.

What they were doing wasn't right, yet it felt right. Nothing that was this good could be a sin. Summer thought that even though her mind was frosted over with the impact of sex.

As he started a methodical fucking, his cock was suddenly ripped from her cunt. She fell backwards on the work bench, momentarily stunned. She didn't know exactly what had happened. One second, Bill was fucking her just like she wanted, just like she needed.

The next he was gone.

When her eyes finally focused, she felt a cold lump form in the pit of her stomach. They weren't alone. Her stepfather had entered and discovered them. From the way he staggered, it was obvious he'd been drinking.

"Wha'cha doing, you Goddamn slut?" he slurred. "You letting this son of a bitch fuck you? Goddamn, but he's your brother. What'd you think you're doing?"

"You don't have any business barging in here," snapped Bill. His cock still stuck out in front of his body, drenched in cunt juice.

"Hell I don't. You two're my kids. Gotta raise you right and whaddya do but fuck each other!"

"Look..." Summer started. She was cut off by a vicious back hand slap across the face.

"Speak when yer spoken to, you Goddamn whore." With the disconnected thinking of a drunk, he suddenly asked Bill, "What's all this about?"

"My CB radio. I fixed it up to hook onto a car battery. But I want you to leave us the hell alone!"

"Piss on that," their stepfather mumbled.

"And I don't want you hitting my sister like that. She didn't deserve that and..."

Bill was suddenly decked by a meaty fist. The room spun, and he almost passed out from the impact on his jaw. His stepfather stood over him, weaving slightly, and looking down.

"Fuckin' idiot. Don't try tellin' me what to do."

Bill surged to his feet and swung at his stepfather. The blow connected. But the man hardly seemed to feel it. He was used to bar room brawls and fighting while he was drunker than a skunk. He decked Bill again with a quick one-two combination.

As Bill fell, he hit his head on the edge of an old Army locker.

"You -- you've killed him!" Summer cried. She rushed to Bill's side and felt for a pulse. There wasn't one that she could find. She tried to locate the pulse in his throat but was brutally yanked to her feet by her stepfather.

"Yer a right purdy piece of ass, ain't ya? Hardly never noticed it before. Old Bill's got good taste. What's it like here?" His thick fingers grabbed for her twat.

Summer tried to back away but couldn't. His hand clamped down painfully on her snatch.

"Quit that!" she moaned. "Quit it or I'll scream."

"Tough shit," he said. "Most everybody's sleep by now. Scream all you want. I think I'm gonna fuck you!"

Summer tried to back away from the drunken man. She couldn't escape his groping hands.

"Fuck you's what I'm gonna do!" He picked her up like she was weightless and dumped her down on the tool-strewn work bench. Re didn't bother trying to clear off a space. He dumped her in the nearest spot. She felt a hammer and a screwdriver poking into her back.

Then, he ripped off her flimsy nightgown. He stared at her naked body in such a way, she shivered. It wasn't just a look of lust, it was lust and hatred. She'd never realized how much her stepfather resented her and Bill until that moment.

"Gonna fuck you, yeah," he said.

His cock flipped out of his dingy jeans. It was short and stubby. Maybe five inches long, but, the sheer bulk of it frightened Summer. It was almost as thick as it was long. If he crammed that monstrous prick into her cunt, he'd rip her apart.

"No, think about it. We-we can come up with something. Say you hit Bill and he stumbled or something. We -- ohhhhh!"

She almost passed out. His rough hands brutally thrust apart her legs. With a sudden stab, he drove his cock directly into her cunt. The pussy lips were tucked back into her juicy little tunnel, still damp from her fucking with Bill.

The pain jolted her up and down her spine. She felt the tools jabbing into her back. The pain of her stepfather's cock fucking her was the worst, though.

She could recover from the other. But the way his dick mercilessly tore at her insides filled her with pain.

"Stop, oh, please, stop, stop, stop!"

"Like it. You gotta tight one. Real tight little pussy."

His hips kept pistoning in and out. She tried to escape but couldn't. She was completely impaled by the shaft, thick spike of his dick. As she gripped at his shirt to push him off balance and escape, she felt his callused hands clamp down on her firm tits.

"Nice boobs," was all he said.

She slumped back to the bench. There wasn't any way in hell she could fight the man off. He was intent on raping her. She couldn't stop him. All she could do was wait and hope he wouldn't kill her like he had her brother.

She felt the big, hairy paws gripping at her jugs. The soft flesh began to flow like putty under the powerful grip. He fucked the hard tips of her breasts back and forth. In spite of herself, Summer felt her body reacting to the mangling it was receiving. Even though she was being raped, her body was betraying her; it was responding sexually to the assault.

"Like those. Nice."

He buried his face in the deep canyon between her marshmallowy tits. His tongue slurped and licked away at the valley. He began working his way up one of the slopes. When he got to the top, he opened his mouth and took in most of her boob.

When he bit down hard, she screamed.

"Shaddup or I'll hit you!" he snapped. He lowered his face back to her tit and began tonguing and nipping more gently at her flesh. The hard pebble of her nipple was a fierce red. He took it into his mouth. He began to gnaw away at the marble-sized nubbin of erectile flesh.

Summer felt the stabs of pain and delight go all the way down into her chest. She was confused. She didn't know what to do. Her own stepfather was drunkenly aping her after finding her making it with her own brother.

Now, he was biting and abusing her tit. He was driving his stubby, blunt prick in and out of her tiny twat with enough force to make her teeth chatter.

And she was responding to him!

She hated herself for it. But she could feel her cunt begin to water in response to the cock fucking her. She didn't want to, but her body seemed to be in command. The pain in her chest turned into joy. The savage mouthing he was giving her tits actually pleased her.

She wasn't able to keep it all straight in her mind. Confused, bewildered; she began to cry.

"Shaddup, damn your eyes, you little whore! You been fuckin' around with your brother. You can give me a little of the action."

She felt his dong ram into her tender little cunt again. She was openly crying. There was nothing more humiliating than this. She was being used. She was nothing more than a hole for this drunken pig to shove his cock into.

And she was enjoying it.

That was the part she hated the most. She was actually responding to his mistreatment. Every time his dong speared hard into her sensitive pussy, she felt a surge of pleasure knife into her body. His dong was so thick, she knew it had to be ripping her wide open. And she loved the way it felt.

Confused, dismayed at what was happening, she tried to lay back and take it.

It wasn't easy.

She concentrated on the way his dong was reaming her out. His fucking motion was erratic, uneven. He was so drunk he was almost falling down. His forty-horsepower breath sickened her as it gusted into her face. The feel of his heavy hands on her delicate tits caused shudders of horror to vibrate through her body.

Most of all, the feelings in her body as he fucked her were what mattered the most. The sensation wasn't all that unpleasant in spite of all the other things that had happened.

She enjoyed the way his prick dipped into her twat to stimulate her. His pubic hair rubbed against her clit. Each feathery touch sent a lightning bolt of delight into her belly. With the cock so avidly fucking her manhole, there was nothing else she could think about. She had to take it.

Her stepfather seemed to be getting his rocks off. He had an evil leer on his face as he stuffed his pecker into her. He grunted each time he leaned forward. With his cock buried inside her cunt, the girl was totally at his mercy. She could do nothing.

"Got a tight aunt, don't ya, whore?" "Please, please!"

"Want more of it, huh? Okay!"

He increased the force of his fucking. Each in-out stroke smashed hard into her body. She found herself drifting away on the winds of sex. She was enjoying the rape. It was horrifying for her to think about it, but it was happening. She was actually enjoying being raped by her own stepfather.

Summer groaned as the feelings began to well up inside her. The plummeting cock had sent off hidden depth charges in her body. She knew that she would climax in a few more minutes if he kept up his merciless hammering at her cunt.

Each excursion into her belly warmed her. The friction of his huge battering ram of manmeat burned in her loins. Liquid fire puddled up in her stomach. Her spine was arched to take him as deeply as possible up her cunt. She wanted to be fucked. She wanted to be raped.

She was enjoying the degradation, the humiliation of the scene.

Her pussy lips were bruised from the telephone pole of cock screwing in and out of her twat. She realized the only way of ending this, of making things straight in her own head, was to get him to come. She would have to do everything she could to bring him off or he might fuck her all night long.

She couldn't stand the thought of that.

Using her stomach muscles, she clamped down powerfully on his prick as it fucked into her juicy cunt. He grunted in response. She tried to hold him inside her, to make him come. He managed to pull out amid a flow of her inner oils. There was an obscene smucking noise as he broke the vacuum created by his monster prick and her strong cuntal muscles.

She tried a different tack. Her body was fast approaching the paint of no return. She was going to climax in a short time unless something drastic was done.

Twisting and thrashing around on the table, she hunched up to meet his every thrust. She managed to take his short length deeply into her body. She shivered with the feel of the massive plug stopping up her pussy. She took it. She had to. There was no other way for her to bring the drunken, crazed man off.

It worked. She rotated around the spike of his flesh impaling her. He grunted, then began to emit animal noises. His hips thrust forward faster and faster. His cock seared as it penetrated hot cunt and reamed her out.

"God, slut, you're tiiight!" he grunted. Then he came.

She felt the torrents of white hot jizz blasting into her body. It was a horrible feeling. Usually, she dug the hell out of it. This was what she normally loved. Now it terrified her. She was disgusted and angry. She was being used as a convenient socket to stuff a prick into and not treated as a human being.

Still, she used her muscles to milk him of all his come. The walls of her cunt collapsed around his dick and pulled out each and every drop of his come. She squeezed and rippled the walls of her pussy until the last drop of jism was drained from her stepfather's balls.

He staggered back, panting. He put one hand out and braced himself against the wall. He said in a mushy voice, "Damn tight cunt, you little bitch, damn tight."

He sat down heavily. In a few seconds, be was asleep. Not daring to move, the raped girl watched until she was suit he had either passed out or gone to sleep from his exertion in raping her.

She quickly went to where her brother lay. He hadn't moved. She felt for a pulse and found none. Her step-father had really killed Bill. The teenager's body was beginning to row cold and stiffen with rigor mortis.

Summer stood and pulled the tatters of the nightgown around her body. There was no way she could stay wound here. Even if the courts believed her that her stepfather had killed Bill, she'd be put into a detention home. She didn't have any other relatives now that Bill was dead.

There was only one thing she could do. She had to run away. And it had to be tonight.

She started out of the garage when the thought occurred to her that it would be nice to take a momento of her brother along. Her eyes drifted over the cluttered work bench to the last citizen's bend radio her brother had been working on.

It didn't have a power supply. She had heard him say all it took was to hook the two leads up to a car battery, then talk into the mike. That was so easy, she figured she could do it. The entire rig was light; it didn't weigh more than three pounds. She figured it must be all solid state gadgets inside the small metallic grey case.

She carried the last thing Bill had worked on out of the shop, vowing to vanish. She couldn't stay around here. Not now.

She was on her own.


Summer hastily packed her brother's knapsack. She figured that was easier to carry than a suitcase and wouldn't look so obvious. The last thing she wanted was some cop to pick her up as a runaway. In her mind, lugging a suitcase down the highway simply screamed "RUNAWAY!"

She carefully put the CB radio in the top of the knapsack and then fastened the straps on the sides of the pack. She was ready to go.

The teenager looked around her room with some regret. This was home. This was where Mom had been before she'd waffled the murdering son of a bitch who'd killed Bill and raped her. Summer had no compunction against leaving when she thought about the drunken man out in the garage.

She considered calling the cops and having them come over. It would serve the old man right getting busted while he was still drunk. There was no way she could do it from here, though.

She'd have to get away -- far away -- before calling in the police. The heat would be sure to hold her as a material witness, toss her in the slammer for her own protection. For all she knew, it might be for her own good if they would. Her stepfather had a violent temper. He'd get out on bail and might decide to kill the only witness against him.

Summer shuddered. She finished tying the knot just below her tits. Her blouse was all fixed up now. A bread expanse of belly showed. With the skin-tight jeans she had on, she was quite an eyeful. She didn't think she would have any trouble getting a ride out on the freeway. Hitchhiking was something new to her so she'd have to play it by ear until she learned the tricks.

One thing she was certain about, though. Sex would get her a ride sooner than anything else.

She never considered the dangers that were inherent in her thinking. She biked out of the house and down to the highway. In the dark, the cars couldn't see her until they were almost past. She ended up walking almost all the way into town. There, at an interchange, she finally got a ride.

The kid driving the flashy car called out, "How far you go?"

Summer overlooked the obvious double meaning. She wasn't going far -- sexually -- with this clown. She just wanted a ride as far away from her stepfather as she could get.

"Wherever you're going, I'm headed that way."

"Can't be bad, can't be bad!" the boy chortled.

Summer climbed in and tossed her pack into the back seat. She felt the boy's eyes moving all over her body. She didn't mind that. She just hoped he didn't try anything else. Getting raped, once that night was more than enough.

She noticed the bulge in the crotch of his pants expanding. He was seeing her fully for the first time. Her long, slender legs were thrust out in front of her. But it was her tits gleaming whitely in the light from the streetlights that turned the teenager on. He saw the impudent swell of high placed tits. The nipples poked against the thin fabric of her blouse.

To the driver, this was a definite come-on.

"Hey, babe, let's cut out this 'anywhere you're going' shit and get down to it. Let's fuck."

"You're not very subtle are you?" Summer was rapidly thinking how to avoid a nasty encounter. On impulse she asked, "You know the way to San Diego?"

"Why?" He looked puzzled.

"I hear they got the best VD clinic on the coast there."

She could almost hear the kid swallow hard. His Adam's apple bounced up and down a couple of times. Summer didn't quite laugh. But she knew she'd be safe from this one for a while.

It just wasn't in the cards that he was going to put up with her, however.

"Uh, look, chick, there's a truck stop. I'm letting you out there. You can get some trucker to give you a lift. So long." He virtually pushed her out of his car. She barely had time to recover her pack before he roared off into the distance. She'd scared him more than she'd intended. Now she was on foot again and having to hitch another ride.

She sighed and began hooting it. Less than a quarter of a mile down the road was the truck stop, but Summer wasn't about to go into that place at three a.m. She knew the kind of men that hung around the place. Most of them weren't even truckers. They were pool hustlers, the types her mother had always warned her about.

When she came up to a car on the freeway with its hood lifted, she considered stealing the car. Then she realized that the reason the hood was lifted was due to some sort of breakdown. Never steal a car that doesn't work, she thought to herself.

Looking into the engine, she could see immediately that it was something major wrong. The air filter was off, and all the mechanical stuff underneath was scattered out on spare ledges in the engine compartment.

The battery caught her eye. It looked all right. The emergency flasher lights were working which meant it must be okay. She dug around in her knapsack and took out the CB. She peered at the leads and saw a positive and negative signs on the leads. Matching them to with the battery terminals, she hesitantly flipped on the switch. To her delight, the radio hummed with power.

She didn't really know much about her brother's radio. She figured it out quickly enough. There were 23 channels, each one preset for her. She played with the dial until a voice came over one of the channels.

"Have to pull the pin, Big Dick. If I miss you at Flag, be sure to catch you in Bean Town."

"Big 10-4 on that, Fat Rat. Catch you on the reverse. Eighty-eights."

"10-4 and big eights to you. Bye-bye." Summer didn't understand what the hell they were talking about, but she figured from the strength of the signal, they were coming in this direction. She could hitch a ride from one of them using the CB.

"Uh, Big Dick, could you use a rider?" "Who is this? Sounds like a beaver." "I'm looking for a ride. I, uh, just hooked up the radio and heard you talking on... Fat Rat. I was wondering if I could get a ride with you."

"10-4 on that. Need someone to keep me from making zzzz's all the way across the big and burning tonight. What's your 10 -- never mind that. Where the fuck are you?"

Summer told him the best she could. In less than fifteen minutes, a big semi rig came hurtling down the highway. She called Big Dick back, saying, "I think I see you. Blink your lights so I can tell."

The truck lights blinked.

"You're about a quarter of a mile away. I'm waiting beside the abandoned car. I'm signing off. Please don't leave me stranded out here. Please," she pleaded.

"Don't worry, Little Beaver, I won't."

The truck came to a hissing halt, air-brakes squealing. She climbed up the side of the cab and opened the door. Sliding into the seat, she saw the truck driver who was giving her the ride. She almost climbed back out but stopped. Summer was desperate to get away from town. She couldn't afford to turn down every ride just because she didn't like the guy's looks. And there was always the VD clinic dodge if he got to the point of wanting to screw her.

The driver was big, powerfully built and black as the ace of spades. She knew why they called him Big Dick. Anyone this large would certainly rate a handle like, that.

"My, aren't you a cute little honkey. How come you got that CB rig? Usually see them all fixed up right nice in a car."

"Brother's." She didn't want to say more than she had to. She was uneasy with this huge man.

"What's your handle?"


"What you called? Hell, you don't know nothing about CB. I'm going to call you Little Beaver. How's that for a handle? A nickname to use when you it on the air?"

"All right I guess."

"And this stretch looks okay to me. Crawl back in the coffin box."

"The what?"

"Behind the seat, honkey. Don't be stupider than you got to be. I like 'em on the lively side. I hope you know how to fuck. You're a sweet looking piece of ass, that I gotta admit."

"Well, I hate to disappoint you, but I'm on my way to the VD clinic and..."

"And I heard that line already. Don't work with me. I'll take my chances of getting a dose. Hell, they don't call me Big Dick for nothing."

"I thought Dick was your name." In spite of herself, Summer was fascinated with the black man.

"Hell no, name's Jefferson. Here's why they call me Big Dick." He unzipped his jeans and a huge ebony shaft snapped to attention. In the flashing light of the streetlight standards, it seemed to change colors as Summer stared at it. The prick was huge. Not only was it the longest cock she'd ever seen, it was equal to her stepfather's in girth. Long and thick, it looked like it could rip her apart all the way to the chin.

"Into the back. You're gonna pay for your ride. And the pay's gonna be gettin' ridden!"

Summer tried to get out the door. A huge hand grabbed her and dumped her into the bunk behind the driver's seat. She sat up and banged her head.

Before she could recover, Big Dick was parked by the side of the road, crawling into the back and hanging onto his prick. "Here I come," he said. "Ready or not!"

She struggled. Against a man as powerful as Big Dick, she didn't have a chance. In fact, her struggles just seemed to good him on. He was enjoying the activity. In less than two minutes he had her out of her jeans and panties. Her snatch gleamed nakedly in the dim light invading the back of the cab.

"Oooow, you're a pretty one, honkey bitch, a right pretty one. I'm going to have a lot of fun fucking you. Bet your snatch is all tight and gooey for me, right?"

Summer was too dazed to put up much of a fight when Big Dick spread her legs wide. Her hairy clam opened up for him in a wanton invitation. He quickly slid between her legs and put his hands under her pert, tight ass. He lifted up until her match was on a level with his cock. With a deliberate, slow motion he moved his hips forward.

The gleaming black head of his cock pressed into her sex lips. Summer shuddered. The blunt nosecone of his cock moved forward a half inch. A thrill of anticipation went through her body. This seemed so depraved, so horrid, and yet she was starting to get wet. She was actually looking forward to being filled with that huge black dong!

Her pussy lips were clutching around the head of his dick in a lewd kiss. On impulse, she began using her muscles so that she could stroke and caress the big cock with her inner pussy lips. He groaned. She knew he was getting aroused now. The way his glans shivered inside her sex gates told her all she needed to know.

When he shoved in another inch, she gasped. Her inner tissues were being stretched and pulled out of shape. This was no pussy cock going into her match. This was a fucking telephone pole!

"I never just ram. Tore up too many ladies doing that," said Big Dick. "They don't call me Big Dick for nothing. I know what I got and I'm good with it."

He shoved his pelvis forward another half inch. Summer groaned in pleasure. Pleasure vibrated through her body. She was lost in the carnal paradise of having her cunt filled with a vibrant, throbbingly alive cock. She couldn't ask for more.

Big Dick began sliding his prick along her greased channel until he was buried a full nine and a half inches. She felt his prick pressing firmly into the soft padding of her cervix. The man was so long he was able to penetrate almost all the way into her womb.

"You just about oiled up and stretched out for me? Good. Now I'll begin to fuck you."

The way he said it promised a lot more than Summer had ever received before. She found her dread disappearing and a morbid anticipation setting in. She wanted to see, to feel, to enjoy, what this giant could do to her with his mighty battering ram of flesh.

She found out quickly.

The man withdrew until just the head of his dong was inside her sex lips. Then he slammed his body forward with all the strength in his hips. She gasped with the sudden intrusion into her cunt. He had fucked into her with incredible power. She thought she could take him without any problem, that her cunt was ready for him.

She was wrong. He ripped his way the entire length of her pussy. The flood of her fuck fluids helped lubricate the sudden entry. When he pulled back again, there was a lewd slushing noise. Her juices were flowing all over his ebony shaft. In the dim light, it looked like it was greased with a rainbow of oil.

Her pink pussy lips were obscenely, wantonly kissing the huge black spike sticking in her cunt. She was intrigued by the odd scene. The black on white heightened her passions. She began to breathe harder, her tits rising and falling.

Big Dick said, "For a little girl, you sure got big tits. Maybe I should use them as your handle, huh?" He gripped her boobs and began to play with them. She felt carnal stabs of delight arrow down into her chest. She was soon breathing liquid fire, her insides burning and quivering in anticipation of being fucked by his mighty prick.

Big Dick continued his rhythmic fucking. He smiled as he said, "Little Beaver, you sure got a tight hole. Been years since I screwed a chick this tight. I almost think you might be a virgin except you don't have a cherry. You wear your cherry for a taillight, maybe?"

Summer couldn't answer. She was wracked with the dual pleasures of having her tits fondled and manhandled and the incredible mass of manmeat fucking into her quim.

Her belly was on fire with lust. She arched her back up to take in even more of that big, black dong into her body. There wasn't anything else in the world as important as having Big Dick ball her with his tremendously large prong.

"So the honkey wants some black cock, huh? Well, Little Beaver, I'm gonna spread your little cunt and give it to you!"

He began fucking her with long, hard, powerful strokes. She felt each one's impact. Their crotches ground together. Their pubic hair became wet with her overflowing juices and their sweat. The frantic lovemaking was causing them both to be drenched in a never ending river of sweat.

Summer was lost in the throes of orgasm. She wasn't able to distinguish what was happening any more. All she knew was that her cunt was being expertly fucked by the hugest prick she'd ever seen. It didn't matter that it was black. All that mattered was that it was long and thick and driving back and forth in her tunnel of love so fast it seared all her nerves.

She felt like add was searing her nerve endings. Her hips lifted off the thin pallet hunching up to take even more of the black fuck stick into her twat.

The big knob on the end of his prick swelled inside her. She knew it would explode and blow her apart. She moaned out, "Fuck me harder, harder, ohhhh, shiiiiit!"

"So the little honkey likes black cock. Develop quite a taste for it, can't you, huh?"

He drove his hips into her crotch with even more power. Starting a corkscrewing motion, he continued fucking her with all the expertise he could summon. He felt the tight walls collapse around his prodigious prong. He knew she was going through an orgasm. The already tight hole seemed to grip his length, try to crush it, hold it inside.

The flood of fuck juices prevented his cock from being trapped. Big Dick fucked on. The girl was tossed around on the winds of her orgasmic high. All the while, he fucked with the pent-up emotions of forty hours of constant driving on the road. It had been too long since he'd had a tight, hot cunt like this wrapped around his black dong.

He knew that his climax was almost at hand when he felt his balls begin to burn with desire.

The lead-heavy jism dragged down on the sac under his flagpole-long cock. He kept up his frantic fucking. The friction warmed his rod, then creeped down wand set fire to his balls.

The powder keg buried in his loins exploded. He came. His prick hosed down Summer's cunt with blast after fiery blast of white hot jism. Big Dick's prick jerked and bounced inside the girl's twat until he'd pumped out gallons of jizz.

He gasped for breath. His passions momentarily spent, he said, "You sure are the best thing to ever happen to this trucker, Little Beaver. Damn, but you're so tight you're like a vise around my cock!"

"Let me go, will you, please? You got what you wanted. Let me go." Summer didn't care if she was picked up by the cops or not. She couldn't take much more of this humiliation. Raped twice in one night was too much to bear.

"Hell no, Little Beaver. I got my pay. You wanna ride, you can ride as far as I'm going. All the way to Bean Town -- Boston, to you."

"Boston?" The name seemed to conjure up visions of strange sights, a totally different world. She would head for Boston with Big Dick. After all, hadn't he said he'd already gotten his pay?

It seemed little enough to get all the way across the country.

"Just go to sleep for a while, Little Beaver. We'll be off when I get some shuteye."

Big Dick curled up and was asleep in a few minutes. Summer thought about tiring to crawl over him and escape. But the thought of Boston haunted her. She wanted to see that famous city.

In a few minutes, she was asleep, pressed close to Big Dick.


Summer felt Big Dick stirring next to her. It was already morning. She could see the sun rising through the windshield of the rig.

"Morning, Little Beaver. How's my honkey bitch this fine day? Sore from taking my Big Dick up your little cunt?"

Summer mutely nodded. She was sore from where his thick prong had brutally spread her pussy lips. But she couldn't really be sure it was from the screwing the black trucker had given her or the raping she had received from her stepfather.

It didn't matter. She was on her own now. She would have to cope with people like Big Dick, and on their own terms. She would have to get by or else.

"I'm okay. Let's get moving."

"What's the rush? I don't have to be in Bean Town for another thirty-eight hours. We got plenty of time. I did a turnaround on the coast and headed right back. I can ways say I took a little extra time to catch some zzz's. Not enough bennies, maybe."

She knew what he was working up to. From the erection he had, there was no doubt he was going to ball her again Summer wanted to leave right then and there. She wasn't going to let this black stud fuck her all the way across the country.

"Let me out. I guess I'll find someone else to take me to the East Coast." She tried pushing past him. He was too big. He completely blocked her exit.

"You're the tightest bitch I found in a long time. You're nuts if you think I'm just gonna let you leave like that!" He snapped his fingers. "I'm gonna have some more fun with you. On your belly, Little Beaver. I wanna see what cornholing you would be like."

"What?" She didn't understand. "What are you going to do to me?"

"I'm gonna bugger you, Little Beaver. Your cunt's not tight enough for this black rascal. I'm going to shove my huge black prick all the way up your ass. I'm going to fuck you up the rear until my Big Dick comes out your mouth."

"I'll bite it off!" She spoke with more anger than logic.

Big Dick just laughed. His hands clasped powerfully around her naked middle. With a surge of his muscles, he turned her over onto her belly. His hands stroked over the smooth curves of her ass. The white of her assflesh stood out in stark contrast to the black of his hand.

"Now that just looks like the most fuckable ass I ever seen. I'm going to have a hell of a time buggering you."

She squealed when his thick finger prodded against her anus. The greedy little muscle of her asshole was reluctant to let anything into her back passage. Summer had to gasp when Big Dick fucked his finger into her cunt. She was wet in spite of herself. He rolled his finger around until it was liberally coated with her own inner oils. Satisfied, he went back to her puckered little anus. He spread her love juice all over the opening, then poked his finger into the center of the circle of muscle. For a moment, she resisted. Then her rectum was opened to his explorations.

She felt his finger go surging up into her bowels.

Crying piteously, Summer wept tears of anger and frustration. There seemed to be nothing she could do to keep him from sodomizing her. He already had his finger up her ass. It would only be a matter of minutes before he began ramming his mighty dick up there, too.

She tried to get out of the bunk behind the cab of the truck. She only made matters worse for herself. By rising to her hands and knees, she put herself in exactly the position he needed her m.

"That's what I like. A co-operatin' bitch who wants to get her sweet lily white ass fucked!"

"Don't do this to me. I-I never had anybody take me up the rear before. I don't want you to do it!"

"Well, hot damn! A virgin up the ass, huh? That's the best kind. You're gonna love what I do to ya. Just wait and see!"

Huge black hands gripped her waist firmly.

Struggle as she might, she was unable to wiggle free. She felt the man's body close behind hers. The heat from his legs seemed to sear into her soft ass. She knew he was close by, kneeling and ready with his steely hard, impossibly long prick.

She groaned when she felt his dong spread her asscheeks. The huge pole of his cock began to worm up and down the humid crack of her rear end. She felt her bottom catch fire. She wanted him to stop but knew begging would only encourage him to fuck her.

"Yeah, I like this!" he exclaimed. "I like this real good. You're in for a fun time, honkey."

She almost fainted when he lightly touched her asshole with the broad tip of his cock. He didn't ram into her. The glans simply pressed into her anal muscle. The lubricant he'd smeared all around seemed to grease his prong enough to ram in but for some reason, Big Dick hesitated.

"Don't want to go rushin' things," he told her. "This is the part I like just about best of all. You shaking and fearing what I'm going to be doing to you. Scares the piss out of you, doesn't it? Just wait till I climb on board and really get to fucking. You're gonna feel like a pile driver's going up your ass."

Summer choked up. She didn't want her tender ass violated. She didn't want to get raped again. It was too much to bear. Yet, there seemed to be no way of avoiding Big Dick's advances. He was too huge, too powerful, for her to fight off. There simply was no way she could prevent what he was going to do to her.

The helplessness washed over her like a tidal wave.

She would have sagged and fallen flat except for the man's strong hands supporting her. He held her upright as he said, "So you know it's no good tryin' to get away, huh? Groovy!"

The pressure she felt on her anus increased. Her cunt juices the man had used to oil her asshole allowed his tremendous prick to slowly creep into her rectum.

When the entire head of his cock was inside, she almost passed out. The pain was intense. She felt nothing but the red waves of pain radiating from her ass. Her body was wracked with the agony of her fucking. Big Dick would literally rip her apart as he went all the way into her guts.

She knew when he gathered for the complete plunge up her rear door. His hands tensed on her sides, the thighs pressing into her pillowy buttocks strained.

The thrust came like a bolt of lightning. One instant, all she felt was the plum-sized head of his cock inside her tight asshole. The next instant, nine and a half inches of gleaming blue-black cock impaled her body. The pain couldn't have been worse if he'd crammed a white hot poker into her bowels.

"Like that, I really like that. You're a damn tight little ass, you know?"

Summer was crying. Her entire world spun crazily around her. The pain in her butt was excruciating. She couldn't think of anything else. Her entire world centered around the blazing prick shoved into her guts.

It was stark relief when the black prick vanished from her insides. Big Dick had completely withdrawn. But the respite was momentary. He came hurtling back into her asshole like a runaway freight train. His piston of pleasure drove through her tender tissues and threatened to pull her apart.

She screamed.

The sounds of her agony seemed to spur the big black man on. He started fucking her ass with long, powerful strokes intended to give her the most pain possible. She bucked and hunched and tried to escape. His hands held her firmly in place.

No matter where she turned, he was directly behind her, his cock shoving into her asshole. Fucking with all the strength in his mighty body, Big Dick laughed heartily. He was enjoying this.

"Whatsa matter, honkey bitch? Don't like this? Lemme give you something else to think on."

He reached around and found her clit. His big black finger began plying over the tiny nubbin of flesh. In spite of all the torture he was giving her butt, he was also giving her excruciating pleasure as well. She didn't understand it. How could her ass burn so badly while her clit told her things were great?

The confusing array of sensations battered her tender body. She was caught between the two conflicting emotions. Her clit jolted her with pleasure. Her inner fires of lust burned brightly every time Big Dick touched her go-button. Her belly caught on fire with passion. She loved the feelings racing through her body, all originating with the fingering of her clit.

It was still agony when he fucked her ass. His thick, long black prick was ripping her apart. She could feel the trickle of blood out her plugged asshole. He had torn her inner membrane with his dry fucking of her butt.

Greeking didn't appeal to her at all.

But the way he was diddling her clit certainly did.

Confused, she found her cunt begin to water in anticipation of having that mighty prong shoved up it. Her body was responding to the pain and pleasure given her by Big Dick's actions. His fingers finally gave her more pleasure than the pain his dong was meting out. She found herself liking what he was doing to her.

The big change came in her feelings when she decided she was actually enjoying the way his cock reamed out her ass.

The combined effect in her body was a good one. The pain was disappearing as if it had never existed. She lived to be butt-fucked with the gigantic dong. The black was giving her the fucking of her life. Never before had the teenager felt so confused and aroused.

"Fuck me, damn you, fuck me!"

"So the honkey bitch wants some black cock in her behind, huh?"

"Shut up, nigger, and fuck me! Fuck me hard! OHHHHH!"

"Nigger, huh? I'll show you who's nigger!" Big Dick began cork screwing into Summer's butt. His cock drove in like a jackhammer. It slammed and pounded with fierce brutality. He sailed up and down her shit-chute.

"Unnggghhh!" she moaned as he gave her the full power of his body. There was no escaping the way his spike of manmeat drove into her body. And now, she didn't want to avoid it. She wanted it, all of it. She wanted every single inch of his ebony rod in her body.

Using her stomach muscles, she tried to trap the huge prong inside her. When she heard him gasp, she knew she was succeeding every time Big Dick slammed forward, the teenager shoved her ass back to take him even deeper up into her bowels.

"Give me a creamy enema, boy!"

"Boy!" he panted. "I'm going to give you the Goddamnedest fucking you ever got, whitey!"

His muscles stood out in bold relief. He was gleaming with sweat. The exertion of driving into the girl's body was physically demanding. He was summoning up hidden reserves of strength to break her, to make her beg him to stop. And when she started begging him to stop, then he'd really fuck her!

The girl didn't beg him to stop. Her words just pushed him on, making him fuck her even harder.

"Go on, if you're such a stud, fuck me hard! HARD! Ahhhhh!"

Big Dick was panting, his heart trip-hammering with the exertion. Blood pounded like the surf in his ears. He was feeling the first pangs of a climax in his balls. The churning, boiling, trapped feeling was building up. It wouldn't be long before his lead-heavy load of jism came spewing out the end of his black cock.

He wanted to get the white girl to admit he was her better. He wanted her to beg.

She was starting to enjoy the fucking. Her ass no longer hurt. It radiated a dull warmth that spread throughout her loins. Most of all, the pleasure from her go-button was turning her on the most. Having her insides rearranged didn't give her that big a lift. Butt-fucking wasn't much of a turn on for her. But having her little nubbin of clit toyed with gave her all the stimulation she needed to get off.

She felt the tides of orgasm begin to swell in her body.

"Fuck harder, damn you, you black son of a bitch, fuck harder! I need you in me!"

Big Dick tried his damnedest to meet her demands. He couldn't believe her endurance, her sexual appetite. When she climaxed, it almost took him by surprise. He felt her muscles convulse the entire length of his prick. He tried to work it out of her clutching bowels but couldn't. It was firmly lodged in the fiery hot pit of her rectum.

As the orgasm died in her body, he kept up his fucking. The heat of her steamy interior began to work its sexual magic on him. His thick diametered cock was heated to the melting point. He had no choice. He came.

He fountained out a geyser of white seed. As soon as it touched the girl's aroused, ultra-sensitive asshole, she came again. Her muscles locked down on Big Dick's glans. He felt like he was being milked for even creamy drop of his cum.

He groaned and rocked back and forth in reaction to his come. He'd never found a bitch this hot before. She was actually giving him a hell of a lot of pleasure -- and it was obvious she'd gotten off a couple of times before he did.

Not understanding it but accepting, he continued to pump back and forth into the tiny asshole until his unbelievably long pecker went flaccid. He looked down as his tool in disbelief. This was the first time any chick had ever worn that out so fast.

"Honey, you are the hottest one I ever seen. You got the hottest, tightest, most clutchingest ass ever."

Summer had fallen forward onto the bed. She was drenched with sweat. Her ass dribbled out a tiny flow of pearly white cream mixed with bright red blood. He had ripped her up good inside. She knew that it would be some time before she was ever able to take a cock up her roar and enjoy it.

And the enema he'd given her would be at work for some time. She didn't much appreciate that either. But this was the way the game was played out on the road. She'd found out the hard way. And that was the only way she could be now -- hard.

"All right, you black bastard. You've gotten paid for your chauffeuring duties. When the hell are we going to get rolling? You said you had to be in Boston."

"Right on, honey. I suppose I'd better get to gear grinding and double clutching and all that jive stuff."

He pulled on his pants and slipped into the seat of the rig. He kicked the diesel to full power and they went rolling down the highway. Summer quietly dressed and packed her knapsack. She wasn't going to stay with Big Dick all the way to Boston. He would bugger her again. She knew that just as sure as the sun was in her eyes.

She had held onto her sanity once while being cornholed. She wasn't sure if she could do it again. The only solution for her was to jump out and make a run for it when the first opportunity presented itself.

With the initiation into hitchhiking she'd had already, she figured she could do all right.

After all, it didn't matter where she ended up as long as it was far away. Boston was just where Big Dick was headed. She might find someone more congenial who was going somewhere else.


Big Dick rolled into a diner and said to her, "Go get yourself some food while I get this rig tanked up." He tossed her a five dollar bill. "And get a thermos of coffee while you're at it. The bennies I dropped down the road are starting to wear off. I gotta pop a few more. With the coffee, I can make the state line before sunset."

Summer took the money without comment. She grabbed her pack and trudged into the diner. Just as the door was closing, she turned and saw Big Dick pulling out. He'd left her.

She shrugged it off. It was just as well. She hadn't wanted to stay with him much longer. She could see he was getting randy looking at her. There just wasn't much more she wanted to do with him sexually. The thought of sucking that black cock didn't exactly turn her on. She figured he would have delighted in face fucking her.

There was no way in hell she could have swallowed all nine and a half inches of his prick.

Better to take the five bucks he gave her and put some food into her belly. It'd been a long time since she'd eaten.

The aroma from the diner wasn't particularly appetizing, but beggars couldn't be choosers. She'd eat whatever they put out and like it. She was that hungry.

She dumped her pack beside the counter and sat on one of the small stools. It had part of the stuffing coming out of it. The rest of the place was as elegantly decorated. It was all early orange crate decor.

And the people inside fit the decor perfectly. A few truckers were seated in the back of the room under a sign saying "Truckers Only" and the other patrons in the cafe were apparently locals.

"What can I get for you?" the waitress asked.

Summer looked at the menu, scraped away a ketchup stain, then said, "Number three looks edible. And a glass of milk."

The waitress shrugged as if the teenager had made a bad choice and walked off, chewing viciously at her gum.

Summer sat, playing with her fork and knife until she heard a voice say, "Hey, Madge, I'll pick up the bill for the kid."

"The hell you say, Fred."

"No back talk." Turning to Summer, the man said, "Mind if I sit down with you?"

"Why not? You just bought my breakfast for me." She looked the blond, crew-cut man over. He wasn't bad-looking. She asked, "Why'd you shell out the money for my food?"

"You look like you can use the help. I've been down. I know what it's like. So, since a guy helped me out once, I figure I'll do what I can to help others. When you get on top of the heap, do the same."

"Son of a welfare thing?"

"Mutual protection is more like it. People on the road got to do that or we'd get stomped an all the time. And maybe die of starvation, to boot. Hell, I remember being so hungry I could've eaten my own boots, if I'd had any."

Summer laughed. She liked his easy going attitude. "The waitress called you Fred. That your name or a handle?"

"My name. You have to be into CB to ask something like that. Nobody gets stuck with Fred unless it's given to him at birth."

"It could se worse. A girl could have the name Fred given to her at birth."

Fred smiled. "Right, though I did know a chick named Freddie. I guess her real name was Fredericka or something like that. Said she was named after a queen. Not that kind of queen," he hastily added.

"I know what you mean. That your partner over there?" Summer pointed to a dark-haired guy sitting in a booth.

"Yet. That's Burt. Me and him, we been on the road for too long. We're starting to think alike. And when two guys do that, we're at each other's throats all the time."

"Where you heading?" The food was placed in front of Summer. She realized she had made a mistake in what she'd ordered. But since Fred way paying far it, she couldn't be too fussy. Free was free.

"We all take our chances these days. You willing to take a chance? I'm willing to take one with you guys. I like your looks."

"Then finish up your rood, if you can call that swill food. We're ready to roll." Yelling at his partner, Fred said, "Get your ass in gear. We're splitting in ten."

"Gotcha," said Burt. He stood and left. Summer heard the muted roar of a diesel engine from outside. Burt was warming the rig up to running temperature.

"Let's go. You get too much of that slop in your gut and you'll pop. It's bad news."

Summer shrugged. As she left, she wondered how much she'd have to do to catch her ride all the way to Chicago. Chicago was such a romantic town in her mind. The Great Lakes and all the fancy building and the sprawl of a big metropolis. Chicago was a damned sight better place to end up than Boston. She was sure of that.

She climbed into the rig. Burt said, "Into the coffin box." When she heaved her pack into the small bunk and followed it, he muttered, "She's sure been around. She knows the lingo."

"Yeah. Pull over when you find a nice place. Let's you and me collect on our investment."

Burt smiled but said nothing. Summer knew exactly what Fred was talking about. They wanted to fuck her. She wondered if they'd take turns until they were tired out, or if one of them would fuck her while the other watched.

She was wrong on both counts. Fred and Burt were a team. And like a team, they did everything together.

"This is a good spot, Burt," Fred told his partner as they passed by a junkyard. He pulled the big rig over with the ease of a veteran trucker.

"Okay, get those duds off. Burt and me want to see how you look naked."

Summer began to strip. She did it slowly, tantalizingly. She figured if she could get them worked up enough, they might not take too long in getting their rocks off. And the quicker they shot their wad, the sooner they would be back on the road, satisfied with their deal.

Her blouse came off first. She undid it one button at a time. She licked her lips, running her coral-tipped tongue around her lips and letting her eyelids half close. It was obvious she was giving them the full treatment.

She coyly pulled the blouse open to reveal her twin mounds of tit flesh. She heard Burt gasp in amazement, "Damn, what a set a chabombas!" As if she never heard him, she kept up her slow strip.

She pulled her shoulders back to make her boobs stick out even more. The ruddy plains were crested with the bright red of her nipples. She was finding that the strip tease was getting her hot doing it. Smiling, letting her tongue slowly circle her ruby lips, she continued her undressing in the small compartment.

"God, those jugs!" Fred exclaimed. As he reached out, she swatted his hand and shook her head. She didn't want him feeling up the merchandise yet. She wanted him rock-hard and ready to fuck a hole in the ground.

Wiggling her hips, she began working out of her jeans. Since she couldn't stand up, this was less sexy. But the effect on the two men was obvious. Burt was rubbing his crotch. Fred was beginning to show every sign of already having a painful hard-on.

"How do you guys like what you see so far?" she said in a throaty voice.

"I like, I like!" Fred exclaimed. He began stripping off his own jeans. Burt had already begun the task and was about out of his.

Clad only in lime green panties, Summer stretched like a jungle cat. Her body seemed to glow in the morning light. It had a clear, clean look to it. She could have been a fashion model.

"Outside," said Burt. "I'm too Goddamn horny to wait for sloppy seconds like I did last time."

"Both of us at once?" Fred inquired. His eyes never left that naked teenager in the back of the truck.


"Okay, chick. Out."

"Here?" she asked. Looking out the window, all she could see was a junkyard.

"Yeah, here. And get those panties off. We wanna look at your bush. I wanna see what it looks like."

Summer wormed free of her panties and stuffed them in the top of her pack. She had bad vibes about what was going to happen. She wasn't going to get stranded here without her pack. As she climbed out of the cab, she tossed her pack with her clothing in it behind a wrecked Ford. Neither of the men took any notice. They were too busy stripping for action.

Shirts off, too, they turned to her and said, "Get your little ass over here. I'm going to take you up your gooey little cunt. Burt, there, he's got a thing for ass fucking."

"Now wait," Summer said, backing away, "I don't mind it up the cunt but not up my rear! I..."

Burt streaked across the gap between them, turned her around and had thrust his prick between the meaty slabs of her ass before she could say anymore.

Fred came over, his cock bouncing up and down as he moved. He held it in a callused hand. "And this goes up the front slot. And a hot slot I'll bet it is, too."

"Shut up with your gab and get it on, Fred," Burt told his partner.

Summer shuddered at the feel of Burt's cock nudging into her anus. She was still torn and raw from the monster Big Dick. Even though Burt wasn't anywhere near as huge as the black trucker, he was still pretty big. She didn't want that prong diving into her rectum any more. She would surely bleed like a stuck pig if he began fucking her with any power or skill at all.

She gasped as Fred stuffed his fuck stick up her cunt. The sudden invasion took her mind off what Burt was doing behind her. The filled-to overflowing feeling was a good one. She felt her cunt growing damp at the anticipation of getting fucked by Fred. His cock was enough to fill her up with ripping her apart all the way to her chin.

"Ready for it, kiddo?" Burt asked. He didn't wait for an answer. His hips shot forward and his prick sailed up her rear passage. They both gasped in unison. Burt groaned, "Damn but you're a hot one! Feels like I got a cock in a blast furnace!"

Summer wasn't able to say a single coherent word. Her body was being assaulted with the odd combination of pleasure and pain once more. Her ass hurt her terribly. Her entire ass was on fire. It was as if she'd sat down in a puddle of molten lava.

For all the pain assailing her from behind, there was nothing but joy in her cunt. She was freely lubricating Fred's prick now. The man was slowly, methodically, fucking her. The passage of his dong generated just enough friction to warm her erotically. Her need for sex was being fulfilled by the man in front of her.

She pressed her tits firmly against his body. She could feel her tits mashing down against his hairy chest. Their baffles worked together. Hanging on to his shoulder, she knew every time he reached full penetration in her twat.

It was so pleasant she could forget momentarily about the pain in her ass. Fred used a rotating motion to enter her that made sure each part of her cunt received the full attention of his turgid prick. Her pussy lips compressed and closed around his driving cock.

She began to work her sex lips around the huge bludgeon of dang going in and out of her carnal passageway. She loved the feel of her rigid pussy lips on the sides of his shaft. The way it sent tremors of joy into her body made up for the pain Burt was inflicting on her rectum.

"Let's do it right," said Fred. "All together now, one, two, three!"

On the count, they both rammed full bore into her. She screamed her pain and joy. The conflicting emotions became confined in her body. The ecstasy of Fred's cock driving into her cunt, the wonderful way his pubic hair stimulated her clit, the way her tits rubbed against his hairy chest, all these gave her the ultimate in human enjoyment.

The pain of Burt's cock driving through her tightly clenched ring of anal muscle was almost too much to bear. She sagged weakly against Fred. Burt said, "Again. Let's GO!"

They surged upward into her body again. She felt both their cocks deep in her guts.

When the two cocks collided, she felt it through her thin inner membrane. They drove straight upwards for her neck. She was positive that the two pistoning pricks would tear her throat out. The intensity of feeling in her body made her weak in the knees, her insides feel like a plate of jello.

"Hey, I can feel your cock rubbing against mine. That's really something, ain't it, Fred?"

"Yeah. Now shut up and fuck!"

They did. Their cocks began a steady, rhythmic in-out motion that alternately drove Summer mad with desire and insane with the agony of her situation. She was being fucked by two men at the same time. Her abused asshole was being reamed out again. The torture of that was enough to cause her to pass out.

But she couldn't. Not while the ecstasy of having her cunt fucked kept her nerves alive and jangling with pleasure. Her brain was filled with good sensations, but her ass hurt badly.

The emotions mixed in her belly. She tried to sort them out. It wasn't possible. She had to endure having her tender ass ripped apart again if she was to enjoy the way Fred was fucking her cunt.

"Please, ohhhh, aiieeee!"

The assault on her body was too much to bear. She was overwhelmed by the force of Fred's fucking. She felt his cock begin to expand with lust for her. The cockhead buried all the way up her twat had enlarged. She knew that meant he was only seconds away from his orgasm.

That thought added fuel to the fire of her own lust.

He stoked back and forth with the timing of a metronome. He didn't miss a beat. He was a love machine fucking her. Through lust-glazed eyes, she managed to get a look at his face.

It was a mask of sheer, undiluted delight.

She wished she could have seen Burt's. The way his cock was driving deeply into her anal passage, she thought he must be getting off on his Greeking in a big way. Her tissues were too damaged for her to be able to sense the condition of his prick.

She thought it must be growing in lust, too. The head seemed larger now than when he'd started butt fucking her. It might have been her imagination, though. Not being able to see what was going on made her mind fill in all the blanks.

She would always imagine more happening than actually was occurring. One thing she could be sure of, she dug Fred's cock screwing her in the cunt a lot more than Burt's digging into her ass.

The way Fred was fucking, she knew he'd already lost control of his hips. They quivered and shook as they pistoned upward. She could feel the jerking of his dick as it buried itself balls deep in her body. The wet slapping of his balls against her cunt-mound added to her stimulation. She was pushed further up the slope to orgasm.

The man had never found so tight and hot a cunt in all his life. Even the one virgin whose cherry he'd popped hadn't been this tight. In comparison, she was as big as a sewer pipe. He wanted to get the maximum out of the screwing. He let his hips do as they would. All he wanted was the delicious feeling of fucking into the tight blast furnace of the girl's twat.

He felt his balls begin to compress. They were loaded with a heavy load of cum. The pearly jizz was like ignited napalm in his sac. It demanded release.

There was only one thing he could do. As he fucked past the velvety cuntal walls and felt their ripply massage of his prick, he let loose with the fierce tide of his passion. His prod blasted out all the trapped jism. Spurt after spurt whitewashed the girl's cunt. His juices and hers mixed until her cunt was completely filled.

Limp and deflated, Fred's cock dribbled put of the manhole. He watched a thin trickle of the mixture go down the inside of the girl's leg. It was almost enough to make him hard again, watching that outpouring of pearly cum.

But not enough. It would be quite a while before he could get it up again. She'd taken quite a toll on his body. He was completely drained of strength and jizz.

Burt kept tap his ass fucking until he couldn't stand the strain on his body any longer. He noticed that his prick was coming out bloody. It didn't bother him. He'd been a biker for a while. He'd fucked the gang's momma's while they were in the middle of their period. A little blood even turned him on.

He fucked harder.

Summer was moaning wildly now. He didn't even notice. The sound of his own blood pounding in his ears was all that mattered. His cock was a living thing, alive and fucking. He kept it in motion until his wad exploded into her bowels. He creamed and jetted and blasted until his balls were drained of their load.

They pushed the naked, well-fucked girl down to the ground. She looked up at them, pleading.

Fred was the first to speak. "Get into the rig, Burt."

"Damn it! You just can't leave me out here."

"Why the fuck not? I bought your breakfast, didn't I?" Without another word, he turned and climbed into the truck. Burt was already dressed.

Summer watched them drive off, leaving her naked and angry and hurting like hell in the middle of a junkyard.


Summer was furious. Most of all she was hurt. She felt the continual trickle of blood from her ripped apart ass. She cringed every time she felt her tender behind. Big Dick and then Burt had done a hell of a job on her.

Fred she didn't mind. But the least the bastard could have done was take her up to the state line, then dump her.

She was glad she had learned enough to expect something like this. She painfully dressed. Taking a tampon, she crammed that up her rear end. It was the best she could do to stop the bleeding. She wasn't sure how long that would work -- or if it would at all -- but there wasn't a first aid kit in miles. Besides, she wasn't sure a first aid kit would help a lot with a mutilated asshole.

After she had dressed, she took out the CB radio and looked at it. She figured it had come close to getting her killed, but on the other hand, she didn't know exactly where she was. It wouldn't hurt to see if it couldn't help her out of this jam.

She looked around until she found an old wreck that still had its battery in it. Summer didn't have much hopes for it to work. Batteries were the first thing to go in a junkyard.

She was pleasantly surprised. Enough juice had built up in the battery to let her put out a weak call. She spoke slowly and plainly into the mike, "I'm desperately in need of a ride. Is there anyone out there who would be able to give me a ride?"

She added that last because she'd heard Rock Hudson say it in a war movie.

Summer kept calling for twenty minutes. The power meter continually crept lower and lower as the charge in the battery trickled. When the teenager was about to give up hope, an answer crackled trough the static.

"...67 receiving your message. Can you give us your..." and the signal faded again.

Summer continued to broadcast her location as best she knew it. Finally, she received, "...think we know where. Be there in a few..." and the signal died.

She hoped whoever was answering meant a few minutes rather than hours. Summer hopped up on top of a wreck and waited. In less than den minutes, a station wagon came along. A man and a woman were in it. The CB antenna bounced around where it was fastened to the roof of the car.

She was happy to see someone besides truckers answering her CB call. Maybe this time would be different. Hell, it would have to be. This was obviously a middle class couple, sedate and well-off. They would be glad to take her along to wherever she wanted.

Summer was certain of it.

"Hey, you the girl that called for a ride?" the man yelled.

"Sure am. Can you give me a lift?"

"Where to, dear?" asked the woman. They were a couple in their middle thirties. Summer liked them a lot. They looked so staid and plain and commonplace after the rough and tumble men she'd been fucked by recently.

"Anywhere. I... I got lost. I was on my way to Chicago. Hitchhiking to meet my parents there," she lied. "I -- promise you won't tell -- I lost the bus fare my mom had sent. I've got to be there by the middle of next week. Can I get a ride from you? If you're heading in that direction?"

She knew they probably were. They had Illinois plates on their station wagon.

"No problem that I can see, is there, Sara?" The woman shook her head. "Climb on into the back. Just toss your knapsack on top of the junk in back. Be careful not to get any of the canvas out of place, though. We're moving some, uh, stuff up from California. It wouldn't do to have any of it... scratched."

The way he said it made Summer realize that whatever was under the canvas wasn't scratchable. But right now, she didn't care. All that mattered to her was getting on the road.

She lowered her butt to the seat with a hesitant motion. Gingerly putting her weight down, she sighed. It wasn't as bad as she had thought it might be. It would be bearable if they didn't insist on driving all the way through to Illinois.

"That's a rotten thing to do, trying to hitch all the way up to Chicago. Why didn't you just telephone your folks and ask for more money? It's no crime to lose bread these days. Damn easy, in fact."

"Larry!" snapped Sara. "Watch your language in front of her. Sorry, dear. But why didn't you telephone your parents?"

"They don't have the money," Summer lied. This was going to be a piece of cake, she thought. Sara didn't want Larry swearing in front of her.

Summer wondered how shocked they would be if she told them in complete and graphic detail all that had happened to her from early yesterday.

For a moment, the thought stunned her. Had it only been a day she'd been gone? Last night she and Bill had gotten it on, then the murder and rape. Then Big Dick and his buggering ways. Just a while back, there was Fred and his back door mail, Burt. It had been less than twenty-four hours.

She could hardly believe it.

"Well, anyway, you can come along with us as far as we're going. Do you have any money at all? We're going to be stopping for the night about two hundred miles on other side of Meridian."

"I've got five dollars. That's all."

"Oh, Larry, she can share the room with us!" Sara seemed excited at the prospect. Summer thought it must have been a frustrated mother complex coming to the surface. San probably had half a dozen poodles at home. And no kids.

"If you want... it, didn't catch your name. Summer? A pretty name. If that's okay with you, Summer, you can crash with us tonight."

"Groovy!" Summer sat back and enjoyed the first of the day. The countryside melted away as they raced across the country. They passed over one state line, and approached another. She was feeling fired and content when Larry pulled into a motel.

"Time to quit for the day. I'm just getting to the point where I'm tired."

He went in and registered. Summer wondered how he accounted for her. He probably told the room clerk that she was his daughter. It didn't really matter. She could sleep on a floor, and it would be fine.

Larry came back and drove to an isolated bungalow. He said, "This was all they had left. Sort of isolated but no one's going to hear any noise we might make."

Summer thought that was an odd way of putting it but didn't care. All she wanted to do was crash.

She thought it was odd when all the luggage Larry dragged out of the station was a singe suitcase. Of all their stuff, she would have thought Sara would have wanted more.

Inside the room, Larry locked and bolted the door. He said, "Damn, but I'm getting jumpy. Every cop on the road was staring at us, I swear!"

"Because of me?" Summer said guiltily.

"Huh? You? Don't be dense, kid. We've got a hundred and fifty keys of grass in the back end of that station wagon. When we breeze into Evanston, we'll be rich!"

"You're smuggling dope?"

"Damn straight," said Larry.

"Or not so straight," chuckled Sara. She pulled a joint out of her purse and toked up. The strong fumes made Summer cough. She'd never gotten into the drug scene in school, although most of her friends had. It just didn't suit her to lose control like she did after doing a couple numbers.

"Here, Summer, take a drag. You look like you could use it."

Summer was afraid not to. She didn't dare get Sara and Larry mad at her. They might dump her.

And she had a free ticket all the way to Illinois. She almost choked on the strong dope.

Sara laughed. "That's the best grass I've ever come across. The dealer down in Tijuana claimed it was Acapulco Gold. He was lying through his teeth, but it is good weed."

In a short while, Summer felt the room begin to spin around her. She was laughing and giggling at the oddest things. But most of all, her body started to tingle all over. The pain had left her ass, and she was feeling very mellow.

Summer felt Larry's arm around her shoulder. Through the dope haze, she heard something like a reverberation chamber. It was Larry talking to her.

He said, "Let's get those clothes off you, kiddo. I'm in the mood for a little action. And Sara, over there, she wants to watch us get it on, don't you, Sara?"

"Sure, Larry. I love watching you fuck another chick. It gives me a really neat feeling down deep inside. In my cunt, you know?" She giggled and took another deep drag off the joint.

Summer never felt the man's hands stripping her of her clothing. One minute, she was standing and toking on a joint. The next, the number was burned out, and she was sprawled naked on the bed.

Larry laughed. It sounded like he was miles away. She looked up and saw him standing at the foot of the bed. His cock stood out in a firm erection. As she watched, it seemed to flow back and forth. The purple head glowed with its own light. She laughed at the sight and thought it would be a real groove to have it shoved all the way up her twat.

She wondered if it would still be glowing all the way up her cunt.

Larry was in better shape than Summer. He looked at her naked body. It was everything he could do to keep from creaming all over the bed.

The way her jugs bounced and jiggled around made his mouth water. The tiny patch of bush between her legs was an open invitation to him. He longed to stuff his peter all the way up her cunt. He knew it would be something exciting.

"Spread'em, baby, your lover boy's got a boner!" He dropped onto the bed. The rocking motion made the girl chuckle. Her entire body tingled and felt more alive than she could ever remember it being in the past. All she knew was that she wanted to fuck.

The hands on her soft inner thighs sent tremor of delight into her groin. She felt her cunt flowing with love juice. The more she joked up, the hornier she seemed to get. The man kneeling between her legs had a prick that looked like it was ten feet long. She knew that was the effect of the dope but didn't care.

Be really kinky if he did have a dong ten feet long. He could touch people others wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole!

She started to laugh. Larry's firm hands slipped under her ass. He began squeezing her ass cheeks together until she moaned. She couldn't tell if it was pleasure or pain she felt. It didn't even matter. She was having a blast.

"God, what a cunt you got! I can hardly wait to stuff my dick into that snatch!"

"Yeah, go on an' fuck her, Larry," slurred Sara. "I'm getting pissed waiting for your to do something. Stick it to her. Get it on! I wanna to action! Real action!" Her fingers were well up under her skirt. She had stuffed three fingers into her cunt and was plaiting with herself. All she needed was some visual stimulus to get off.

"Fuck it, I'll fuck her," he said.

Wiggling forward, he pressed his turgid cock against the gateway to her snatch. He felt the heat and liquid boiling out from inside. He gasped. This was going to be better than he'd thought it would be. His entire body tingling from the grass, he knew it was going to be really kinky.

He slammed his hips forward. His cock vanished between the girl's pink pussy lips in a quick swoop. She gasped and bucked up to meet his thrust.

Summer was sent sailing on the wings of the sudden insertion. Her entire body felt like a string pulled taut, then plucked. She loved the feel of his cock inside her twat. It was exactly what she'd been wanting. It felt so damn good!

"Fuck me, go on and fuck meeeee!"

His voice trailed off as Larry straightened upright on the bed. The girl's weight pulled his cock down to a ninety degree angle with his groin. The pressure on his prong felt great. He loved the heat seething inside her cunt. The wetness soaked into his cock and lubricated him for the fucking to come.

When he began pulling out, her muscles clamped down tight all around his length. He moaned but kept pulling out. This was such sweet torture and he loved every second of it!

He immediately fucked back into her gripping little cunt. With his prong feeling like it was an electric prod, he sensed every slight ripple in the cuntal walls. They all stimulated him. His cock burned with an inner fire. He started a slow, irregular fucking motion. He wasn't able to coordinate too well, but neither cared.

Summer was lost in the oddly distorted sexual paradise created by the dope and Larry's dong. The attempts to keep his dick inside her failed. Her cunt was just too slippery to keep his long piston of pleasure in her guts. It didn't much matter to her my more. She was more interested in letting him fuck her cross-eyed.

She felt every ridge and bulge along his length as he screwed his prick into her. She felt like she was growing fur all along her cuntal walls. And each hair was a living being. And each living hair was a sensor. She felt the huge purpled hood of his dong. As it pulled out, it was like a piston pulling against a huge vacuum in her guts.

The big blue vein on the top of his pecker pulsed and throbbed with life. She loved the jerking and bouncing of his dick inside her ultra-sensitive cunt. She'd never felt more alive than now. Having the cock burning its way back and forth along her well-greased lust channel gave her a sexual high that dope couldn't match.

He fucked her hard and long now. His prick sailed up and down her slot. There wasn't a nerve in her body that wasn't screaming pleasure at her. She loved every second of it.

The feel of his hands moving across her bottom turned her on even more. His cool hands soothed her tortured flesh. She needed more of it. But most of all, she needed his cock where it was. She needed it pushing in and out of her cunt.

When he rubbed against her cunt, he set off an orgasm. Her clit seemed to strain upward for the stimulation. The man's body dragged against it as he fucked in and out of the juicy manhole surrendering his peter.

"Ummmmm, good!" he moaned. "You're tight!"

"We all are," giggled Sara. "Keep fucking. I love watching the way your prick vanishes into her pink little lips. The look on your face is something else. Like a mask of pleasure. And hers, wow! She's getting off on your dong in a big way. Shit, I never thought that little bitch would have enjoyed your cock this much!"

Sara had urged Larry on enough for him to pick up the tempo of his fucking. He hurtled back and forth like a jackhammer now. His cock speared deep into Summer's little cunt. She was moaning and thrashing around on the bed in constant throes of ecstasy. She felt the tide of emotion rising in her body.

She came.

Shrieking out "AAIIEEEEE!" wasn't enough. Before her body had fully come down from the pinnacle of the climax, she came again. And again. Like a machine gun firing its bullets, she had an entire series or orgasms.

Larry was drenched with sweat as he pumped back and forth. He fucked the girl as hard and fast as he could. The feel of her convulsing cunt walls around his prick turned him on. He knew he wouldn't be able to hold back much longer.

"Yeah, man, go, go!" cried Sara. Her twat was filled with four fingers now. She was getting off on watching Larry and Summer fuck and giving herself a hand-job at the same time. Masturbating while her man fucked another chick got her hot to trot every time.

Larry drove forward and ground his groin into Summer's. He felt their pubic hair mingling, tickling, intertwining. His cock felt like an overinflated balloon. It grew larger and larger. The faster he drove into the teenager's tight cunt, the hotter his dong got. The hotter it got, the more difficult a time he had holding back his cum.

Finally, there was no way he could control himself. He spewed out his jizz in a fiery flood. He whitewashed the girl's tunnel of love with his seed, then kept fucking as long as he was rigid. Due to the dope he'd done, he stayed up several minutes longer than he normally could have.

The teenager moaned and humped up to meet the powerful strokes into her twat. She took each one as deeply as possible. Her cunt was being well-fucked. The ecstasy pouring through her body was like warm honey. It was sluggish and flowed slowly. But it flowed. Soon, her entire insides were coated with joy.

Feeling the hot spike of manmeat poking into her juicy quim, she came. She shouted and writhed, impaled by the rod in her cunt. She screwed herself around the dong until she came again. The dope set off another chain reaction of orgasms in every nerve in her body. She was blasting off.

Finally, no longer feeling Larry's prick fucking her hot cunt, she came down and lay on the bed, panting. Her heart beat with a heavy throb that she'd never known before. It was a real strain fucking like this and getting off so many times in a row.

"You're a hot little bitch," said Sara, "a real hot little slut, believe me. I seen lots of them. Hell, I'm hot, myself. How about you and me getting it on while lover boy takes a break? His trusty tool is bent right now. When he gets it straightened out, we can see what'll happen."

Sara staggered over to the bed and collapsed full weight on top of Summer. The girl didn't care. Her body demanded more sex. It didn't care how it got it, as long as it got something.


Sara's mouth sought and found Summer's. At first, the girl was confused. She'd never had a woman make love to her. She didn't know what was happening. Then the insistent mouth on hers forced her lips open enough for a tongue to come flashing into her mouth.

Their tongues dueled erotically. After that, Summer was lost. It didn't matter that this was a woman. All that counted was the feelings deep in her body. She wanted to be fucked again. If she to make it with Sara until Larry got it up again, so what?

"Ummm, you taste good," exclaimed Sara. "You got a real good tasting mouth." She dived back down, her lips spread. This time Summer's tongue invaded the woman's mouth. She stroked and caressed the rough, wet tongue with her own.

She found the underside of it and began to rub back and forth with tiny little circular motions. On impulse, she broke off the kiss and began licking back along Summer's jaw. The woman let her. In response, she moaned and grabbed her hand. She moved it to one of the naked tits. Summer felt the aroused nipple under her finger.

She pressed down while her mouth worked avidly up to the delicate ear. Breathing hot and heavy on the flesh to sensitize it, the teenager began to nibble. Sara was almost driven out of her mind with lust. She felt pangs of joy surge throughout her body. The fingers on her nipple turned her on.

But it was nothing compared to the cock-hard tongue diving into her ear, the sharp teeth nibbling on her earlobe. She couldn't believe that this teenager hadn't engaged in some woman to woman lovemaking before. She was just too damned good at it for a beginner!

Summer didn't hesitate. She used her mouth to full advantage. She started licking down into the hollow of Sara's throat. Her tongue flashed out and pressed against the woman's throat. The surge of passion Sara felt was unique. She'd never felt anything quite like this before.

She loved it when Larry made love to her. He was the best cocksman she'd ever found. But lezzie activity had always held an appeal for her, too. Larry didn't mind that she was bi. It gave him a chance to rest. And he liked watching two women get it on. He got his rocks off seeing real live lesbian action.

Sara shivered with carnal delight as Summer's mouth moved down to her tits. The girl's tongue flared out and began licking a trail up one side of a tit. The saliva left behind her rough, pink tongue gleamed in the light of the room.

As it cooled, an added thrill shot into Sara's chest. When Summer's hot, eager mouth found the pebble-hard cherry of a nipple on the top of her tit, Sara climaxed. It usually took her a lot longer to get off than this.

There was something about the avid mouth of the teenager that excited her.

Summer got into sucking as hard as she could. She'd never sucked on a nipple this big. None of her boy friends had nipples as big as Sara's. She could see why they enjoyed stuffing her tits into their mouths and sucking till hell wouldn't have it.

It excited her as much as it did Sara. She kept up the steady suction, then began gnawing. Her teeth lightly took hold of the woman's nipple and worked over the amused surface until Sara was thrashing and writhing around on the bed.

She climaxed again.

"Ummmmm, Summer, darling, darling, you it sooo good to meee!"

Summer kept her mouth moving down lower, ever lower. She passed the deep depression of the woman's navel. It held no interest for her. The bush was dense and totally exciting. Her tongue made little wet curlicues in the thick pubic hair.

From the side of the room, Larry said, "Yeah, baby, that's it! Lick her little pussy good! Love seeing the way your tongue spreads those pussy lips!"

Summer didn't even hear the man. She was too aroused. Her passions were running wild. She had to taste what Sara's fuck fluids were like. All these years she'd wondered if hers were any different from other women's. She masturbated, then licked her fingers. Yet, somehow, the doubt had lingered that she might be different; this was her chance to find out.

Her tongue dragged rough and wet over the pink labia. She got a good taste of Sara's love juices. The salty, tangy, slightly acrid flavor assaulted her tastebuds.

And set her own cunt juices flowing.

She was hooked on lezzie lovemaking.

Her tongue speared out and into Sara's cunt. She swirled her tongue around like a berserk tornado. She snared every possible drop while getting herself hot at the same time. The feel of the woman's cuntal walls on her tongue was like velvet. She was able to feel each and every ripple, the slight ridges, the well springs of her love juices. Summer was soon sucking and tonguing the woman's cunt with all the fervor locked in her body.

Sara wiggled free and moaned, "Summer, noooo, I can always have somebody eat me out. I want something else." To show the girl what she meant, the woman quickly turned around, opened her legs, and exposed lewdly grinning sex lips. She scissored her legs between Summer's. Closing down locked their cunts firmly together. Summer sighed in pleasure. The feel of the other woman's juicy cunt lips on hers was sheer heaven.

When Sara began wiggling and twisting. Summer realized the full effect this was having on her. Bolts of sexual electricity volted into her body. She felt the wetness spread and dribble out onto her sensitive inner thighs. The flesh was soon drenched with the thick oils of their mixed love juices.

The older woman knew other things about lezzie love making she could teach the newcomer. Using a muscular control Summer didn't possess, Sara began opening and closing her pussy lips. When she clamped down firmly on the girl's sex lips, Summer almost climaxed.

Acid seared at every nerve ending in her crotch. The feel of the wet lips working back and forth over her own was a monster of a turn on. She was lost in a sexual paradise only women could share.

"Keep doing that, Sara, it tingles, it tickles, it... it feels so damn fucking goooood!"

"Let me have your foot, Summer, your foot!" The girl managed to bring her foot in to the woman's body, not understanding what she was going to do with it.

Sara gripped the slender ankle in her hand and brought the foot to rest firmly between her tits. In the deep canyon between her boobs, Summer's foot received the full benefit of the soft, satiny flesh of the jugs.

Summer immediately did the same thing for Sara. While their cunts pound and moved together, they were pressing the other's foot firmly into their tits.

The teenager got an inspiration. She thought she could show the other woman a trick she didn't know. Using the foot trapped between the mountainous tits, Summer started wiggling her toes. She finally found the marble-hard nipple. Squeezing it between her toes, she trapped it. She began tweaking and massaging Sara's nipple with her foot, her toes, anything that was handy.

Sara moaned at the sudden dual stimulation. Her cunt was being rubbed and stroked by the girl's pussy. Now her nipples were being tweaked and fondled by the girl's toes. In response, she bent over and began kissing Summer's foot.

The girl rolled over on the bed. That brought her other leg firmly under Sara's body. While the woman was kissing her foot, Summer brought her other one up so that she could work apart the woman's heavy asscheeks. Her ankle finally moving constantly between the meaty slabs of Sara's ass, the girl knew that the other woman wasn't far from a climax.

Her own body was a torrent of sensations, all new and wonderful to her.

She tried to keep them all straight in her mind. She started at her foot and worked up. Sara's liquid tongue kissed and licked the sole of her foot. It tickled, but it also stimulated her in an odd, sexual way she couldn't fully understand. It might have had something to do with the fact that her foot rested between the deep pillows of Sara's knockers.

Or it might have had to do with the fact that she was actively working her toes over the turgid nipples of the woman's tits. She reveled in the feeling of hardness under her toes, the way the titflesh seemed to quiver with lust.

Her entire leg was alive with sexual energy. Caught between the fondling and kissing and the way her cunt was being massaged by Sara's, Summer knew that she couldn't help but be turned on.

The woman's sex lips worked like oral ones on her cunt. They closed around her labia and seemed to suck. The lewd, absolutely dirty and obscene kiss brought the response from Larry she had been waiting for. Having a man watching their lezzie lovemaking was an added turn-on. She figured she liked performing for an audience that appreciated such things.

Larry cried out, "Atta girl, Summer! Show her some new stuff! She thinks she knows it all. Make her sweat! Look at her! She squirming around like a bug on a hot skillet!" He began laughing as he toked up on another reefer.

The cheering of the man spurred Summer on. The way her body was responding, she felt like she could go on with the lesbian fucking all night long. Her own belly heaved and sweated where it touched the slender leg Sara had thrust the length of her body. Summer stroked up and down the leg feeling the smooth flow of skin, the softness, the satiny texture that added so much to their lovemaking.

The foot held between her tits made her feel good, too. She pressed it firmly into her left tit, then her right. She loved the sensations knifing into her body as a result of that foot.

The girl felt like her boobs were balloons being overinflated. She was sure they would explode at any instant. She could feel her excited heart beating whenever she pressed Sara's leg against her boob.

Strangest of all, she dug the taste of the woman's foot. She lapped and sucked at the toes. Sucking and tonguing the foot in her mouth was a turn on such as she had never experienced before. It was different, so completely different it made her cunt overflow with its juices.

"Oooow, Summer, Summer darling, I... I -- ohhhhhh!" Sara climaxed. The teenager knew it immediately. She felt the cunt lips convulse around her own. The sudden out rushing of fuck fluids made their genitals incredibly slippery. The motion of their twats on each other was suddenly like skating on ice. It was so slippery, Summer idly thought they might glide apart.

The idea was ridiculous. She knew it. The way they were scissored together would prevent anything like that. But Summer was afraid that if her twat became too slippery, she wouldn't be able to get off.

She needn't have worried. As Sara bucked and humped up in the throes of her passion, their cunts began to rub together. A searing stab of sexual electricity stabbed into her guts. She climaxed.

Fireworks exploded in her head. The world spun round and around as she clutched the woman's leg for dear life. Never before had she experienced an orgasm so total, so complete, so satisfying as this one.

Weak and exhausted from their woman to woman lovemaking, the two parted. Sara tenderly kissed Summer on the lips and said, "You're a natural, kiddo. A real natural if there ever was one. All it takes is a little dope and..."

"A... little dope?" she muttered. She was still in a shell-shocked state from the passionate, frantic lovemaking.

"Don't worry, your pretty little head with that. Unless you want to give me some head," laughed Larry. He had come over to the bed. He had a huge erection again. "I'm in the market for a little more fucking. But first, here."

He held out another joint for Summer.

Still dazed and uncertain, she took it and began smoking it. In a few minutes, the entire room seemed to glow and spin around in wild gyrations.

"Yeah, she's stoned out of her gourd. Want to have at it again, my lovely?" said Larry to Sara.

Sara leaned back against the bed and languorously lit up another. "It's a good thing we got a fucking trunk full of this stuff. We're going to blow an entire lid tonight."

"Hell, it's a celebration! We're going to be rich. No way around it. The little CB tells us all about the Smokies and the plain wrappers and all that other shit the truckers pass along to each other. And we've got ourselves a real pigeon here. Let's fuck her brains out."

"What brains?" Sara laughed.

"What I got in mind is this..."

And he began describing the lovely three way fucking he had in his dope-numbed mind.

Summer barely heard him. All she could think about was the smoldering embers of lust in her belly. She badly needed another round of sexual activity or she'd go nuts with the tension in her body, her tender, dope-drugged body.


Part of Summer's mind told her to split, to get out of here as fast as she could run. Larry and Sara weren't any good for her. To hell with the free trip to Illinois. She could always find someone else willing to pick up a hitchhiker. She was falling deeper into degradation.

Doped out of her mind, she'd do anything the couple asked. She wanted to do anything they asked. That was how far gone she was. She was completely in their control. There was no backing out unless she ran like the devil was after her.

Instead, Summer lay back on the bed, naked and completely fogged by the pass.

"So bow's that sound? We can do stuff like this all the way home!" Larry exclaimed. His voice was slurred by the grass he'd been smoking. His pupils looked like those of a madman. He was hardly able to walk. He staggered.

"Great stuff, Lar, really great stuff!" agreed Sara.

Larry flopped onto the bed and told Summer, "Kiddo, get up on your hands and knees. I'm going to fuck you like an animal. Doggy-style. I think that would be really kicky, don't you?"

She didn't move. Her body was somehow separate from her mind. She had split into two beings, one physical and the other mental. Her body screamed, Do it! let him fuck you like the bitch you are! while her mind told her different. It told her to let these two dope runners go their way. If she were caught with them, she could end up in jail. It wouldn't be easy time, either. It'd be hard. They were carrying enough marijuana to get the entire city of Chicago higher than a kite.

Larry didn't wait. He reached over and began to fondle her tits. The feel of his hands moving relentlessly on her boobs sent shivers of joy racing through her body. The storm clouds of passion billowed up inside her.

The girl's cunt began to froth and foam with desire. She was having a hard time keeping still. She had hoped he would ignore her if she didn't obviously respond to his overtures. But Larry kept on, his fingers probing and tweaking and fondling her silky smooth jugs.

"Come on, honey. You're enjoying this whole dope crazy scene. You don't think we're a couple of bad crazies, do you? After what you already done with us?"

"Yeah, Summer, let's all three get it on. Three way screwing is a hell of a big turn on."

Summer could hardly believe her ears. This was Sara talking? Using all those dirty words? The chick she'd first met in the car had been so hesitant about using any four letter word; now they flowed from her mouth like a never ending river.

She realized dimly that the woman got off using them. It was a sexual turn-on for her.

Summer felt her body slowly responding to Larry's manual attentions. Her cunt was aching and felt empty. She had to have a cock driving hard and deep into it or she'd go crazy with lust.

As if a puppet on a string, she felt herself rising and turning over. It was someone else controlling her actions. She rose to a kneeling position. Her hands sank into the soft mattress. Her knees were spread far enough apart that Larry wouldn't have any trouble mounting her from behind.

Christ! she thought, I'm beginning to think of myself just like an animal. Mounting, doggy-style, screwing like a bitch in heat. What have they done to me?

"Your ass is simply gorgeous, kiddo; I love the way it pokes up in the air," Larry said.

He began running his hands over the smooth curves of her ass. The marble white flesh was warm and vibrant under his hands. He stroked and fondled and gripped the tender flesh. It quivered with anticipation of the fucking she was about to get. That turned him on as much as it did Summer. Positioning himself behind her, he stuffed his prong forward. Finding the slit leading to her cauldron of carnality, he fucked forward. He gaped with the sudden surrounded feeling.

He might have screwed into a velvet-lined vise that had been heated in a furnace. She was hot and tight as ever. And her juicy quim leaked out a constant river of love juice.

The way he drove back and forth sent her into a wild sexual frenzy. She knew it was the dope still in her body. Every nerve ending tingled. It was a sense of sexual ecstasy that vibrated through her being.

She wanted more.

She began thrusting her hips back to meet his every thrust. She had to take him full bore or it wouldn't be any good. The friction had to warm her guts all the way to her belly.

Her body trembled and her tits jiggled around under her chest. When Sara began to fondle them, Summer moaned aloud. "Aggh! Ohhhh, that's so nice!"

"I knew you'd be liking it, honey. It's just the thing to get a nice three way love orgy going. Good old Larry is back there, his dong driving in and out with that hideously obscene noise, is only the start. I'm the second course!"

Summer relaxed a little, but not much. She couldn't let go with Larry methodically fucking her from the rear. Luckily, he had decided to stuff himself into her cunt. She wouldn't have been able to bear it if he'd decided to fuck her ass. Her rear passage was still in bad shape from the multiple butt rapings she'd received.

Her mind drifted as she was filled with Larry's cock. Sara's sucking on her tits gave her a mellow feeling. She was drifting and thinking of all the things that had happened to her since Bill's death.

Raped by her stepfather. Raped up the cunt and up her ass by the trucker calling himself Big Dick. Then the sandwich fucking by Fred and Burt.

Fred still recalled pleasant memories for her. He was a nice enough guy. She figured he might be all right if he was ever separated from his partner.

The Gold Dust Twins, she mentally tagged them. Yeah, Fred was an okay sort. He might be just the kind of man she was searching for. He was a good cocksman. He could satisfy her. And it seemed that he was a lot more gentle than his partner. Burt was crude and probably got off more on the fact he was giving her a hell of a beating up the asshole than the physical pleasure of fucking her.

And now she was tied up with these two. Larry and Sara had seemed such a staid, painfully middle-class couple when she met them. She figured she had a free ticket all the way to Chicago. It didn't work out that way. They were dope smugglers.

Was everyone on the highway a pervert or criminal of some sort? She was beginning to wonder. Was it bad luck or the rule of the road? Summer didn't kid herself about how long she'd last with Larry and Sara. They'd have to dump her soon. And it might not be pleasant when they did.

Dope smuggling was a big rap. They could do a long stretch -- longer for it than for murder. What was a little digging, a shallow grave filled with a runaway eighteen-year-old girl they'd used sexually compared to possible kidnapping charges?

She didn't kid herself. They'd get rid of her simply because they wouldn't want witnesses around.

Until then, she was going to enjoy the feel of Larry's cock corkscrewing its way into her cuts. And Sara's warm, wet mouth on her tits was exciting in the extreme.

Her entire body began to quiver. She felt weak and watery in the muscles. It was taking its toll on her, having her cunt fucked while the woman tongued and sucked at her nipples.

"Feeling a little woozy, huh?" said Sara. "Let's just give you something extra to do!"

She quickly repositioned herself on the bed. She leaned back against the headboard. She spread her legs wide to reveal the bush and lewdly exposed snatch to the girl. The position Sara was in put her pussy inches away from Summer's face.

Sara stuffed a couple pillows under her butt. She was raised up enough to cram her twat into Summer's face.

"Go on, honey. Start sucking! I want to feel your tongue swirling around inside my twat."

The girl hesitantly obeyed. It was going to require her to move forward a bit more. She leaned forward and found immediately that Larry's driving piston of pleasure entered her cunt in a slightly different, way. It stimulated her in a different way. He touched a part of her cunt that he'd been missing before with his long, powerful strokes. She could even feel his cock expand with added lust at the new angle of penetration.

She thrust out her tongue and lightly touched the woman's pussy mound. The hair was still wet from their first lovemaking. Summer tasted the residue of cunt juice and saliva from her previous licking and lapping of Summer's cunt.

"Ooooow, that's great. Do it to it!" Encouraged, Summer began to lick more avidly. The smell of musk turned her on in a strange way. It wasn't the thrill she got out of being fucked. It wasn't the excitement she felt when she sucked cock. It was -- different.

Her tongue stabbed out. She parted the sex lips and began working up and down the red channel of the woman's sex. The juices trickling out began to flow faster and faster. The thin oils thickened as Sara's passion mounted.

Summer knew the woman was responding. The meek little clit was poking up. It made a pink little bump at the end of the turgid flaps.

She made sure she gave it all the oral attention she could. She gave the little pillar of sex all the tongue lashing she could. Sara was gasping in delight. Stabs of carnal electricity volted through her body and exploded in her belly. She was filled with the utmost desire to have the teenager's tongue crammed all the way up her twat.

"Tongue fuck me, damn you, tongue fuck meeeee!"

Summer was having a hard time concentrating on anything. The feel of the cock moving in and out of her twat made her dizzy. She wanted to relax and let Larry fuck her slowly. That would have robbed her of the added pleasure of eating Sara out, though.

"Ummm, good," she mumbled licking her lips free of every drop of love juice.

"Atta girl, baby, keep it up. Keep that cunt of yours tight and hot around my rod and give Sara all the tongue she wants, and we'll be good to you!"

Larry laughed. It wasn't a pleasant laugh. But Summer didn't care. She was too lost in her own sexual activity. She was warmed and filled with his fucking prick. She felt the plug of flesh driving into her manhole. Cunt juice leaked out around it. Dribbling down her leg, the tickly sensation aroused her passions as much as anything else.

And in front of her face was a wide-spread pussy. She kept her tongue moving in and out of Sara's hole. The velvety walls were rippling with emotion now. It wouldn't be long before she brought the woman off.

It wouldn't be long before she climaxed herself.

She worked down the sex gash and back along the sensitive cunt-mound, then to the asshole.

When she stuffed her tongue into Sara's asshole, the woman came.

"ATIIEEEEE! I'm coming! Ohhhh!" Her body quaked with orgasm. She shook as if she had some erotic form of palsy. She was lacked in the throes of her own sexual enjoyment.

Summer didn't realize that tonguing the woman's asshole would produce such a reaction.

She kept her tongue there. She looped it around in wet circles, then shoved it deep into the shit-chute again. Sara went berserk with another orgasm.

Cunt juice flowed out and all over Summer's face. Its thick, syrupy texture covered her cheeks and nose. She removed her tongue from Sara's ass long enough to lick away some of the product of the woman's lust.

With Sara gasping and limp as a dish rag, Summer was able to think again about what was happening behind her. She felt Larry's hairy thighs rubbing against the pillows of her buttocks. He rubbed up and down in an attempt to stimulate her as much as he could.

He succeeded.

She gasped as she felt a particularly long thrust all the way up her tunnel of love. Her cunt burned with the heat of the prick's passage. The juices lubricating her steamed off from the friction.

She came.

She wasn't able to cry out as she wanted to. Her face was again buried in Sara's snatch. The teenager rocked and sobbed through the ice and iron grip of orgasm.

When she drifted back to the world of the motel room and Larry and Sara, nothing had changed.

She was still having her cunt fucked from behind. Her face was still crammed deep into Sara's cunt. The two-fold stimulation picked up where it had left off.

It was as if nothing had happened. Her body still craved sex as it had before they'd begun fucking. The only thing she could think of was that the grass she'd smoked was the cause of it. The dope lit the fuse of her hidden passions. It stimulated her need for sex to such an extent she'd do anything to get screwed, to eat out a cunt, to perform all manner of perverted, dirty things.

"God, your cunt almost crushed me flat!" Larry gasped. "Another come like that and you'd do me in!"

"Her tongue speared me good, too. Seemed to shoot all the way up into my guts."

Summer couldn't even speak. Her mouth was occupied with Sara's snatch. Her throat was like sandpaper. Her breathing was heavy and irregular. Her tits, hanging down under her chest, felt like they were accumulating blood. They felt like bags with too much inside. She was sure they'd pop at any instant and spill her insides out on the bed.

If that didn't happen, Larry was sure to open her up with that spear of manmeat he used on her cunt.

She tried to bring off Sara again. That would eliminate a source of her confusion. Sucking and tonguing the woman's sex lips, she tried her damnedest to get the woman to come again.

When she took the turgid flaps of her labia between her teeth and gently gnawed, then ran her tongue along the aroused edges, the woman climaxed again.

And again and again and again.

When the fierce grip of orgasm left her body, she was pale and ashen-faced. She was too weak to continue. She disentangled herself from Summer and said to Larry, "She's made me feel so damn weak, I gotta light up another joint. Want one?"

"In a second," Larry gasped out. He was staining now. He was thrusting with powerful, fast strokes into Summer's hole. He wanted to bring the girl off. He wanted to get his own rocks off.

He felt the burning of heavy jism in his balls. They tumbled and churned and boiled. They threatened to blast out of his cock at any instant taking his guts with it.

Keeping control was a problem. His drug-sodden brain was sending all sorts of strange sexual messages all over his body. His cock tingled like it was an electric prod. He felt like he was vibrating all over. His skin burned. His vision was collapsing into a tiny tunnel.

Most of all, he was certain that Summer was going to break his prick off in her tight little cunt.

Summer was lost in a dope haze of her own. She was no longer separating reality from the wild imagining of her mind. The drug had caused her to begin hallucinating.

She dreamed she was being fucked by a gorilla. Its huge dick drove into her. Its hairy hands groped and fondled her body. And she wanted it!

How badly she wanted this hairy ape to screw the hell out of her!

Its dong drove into her cunt with merciless speed and power. She knew that it had to be a gorilla. No other animal was that strong. She was being fucked by an ape!

Larry grunted and finally shot his wad. His balls erupted and the creamy seed came flooding out the tiny pin-prick hole at the end of his dick. He jerked and bucked and grunted with the release of his jism.

Summer's cunt crushed down fiercely on his delving prick. He was milked for every pearly drop of his fizz. There wasn't a single drop left in his body when her cunt was finished with him.

The teenager had her own climax. The thought of being fucked to orgasm by a gorilla faded as she realized it was only a man. But it was no less exciting than being raped by a gorilla. It was still a huge cock reaming her cunt out.

She rocked back and forth, thrusting her butt back to take him as deep into her cunt as possible.

Finally, she collapsed forward on the bed. Her body was drenched with sweat. It had been a hectic, frantic lovemaking.

She inhaled and smelled the acrid fumes of another reefer. She almost choked on it. She wasn't used to it like Larry and Sara obviously were. They were pot heads.

"Damn good fucking," Larry said.

"Ummm, yeah." Sara passed over a wheat straw rolled joint to Larry. He took it and inhaled deeply, holding the smoke in his lungs. As Summer watched, she could see the blissful look cross his face.

He passed the joint back to Sara.

She took a few quick puffs on it, then gave it back. She said, "I can't remember ever having this much fun with a hitchhiker before. Let's keep her around for a while."

Larry and Sara didn't seem to realize that Summer was hearing everything they said. They thought she'd either passed out or gone to sleep in the bed.

"I dunno. I think we oughta get rid of her tight away. It's chancy having a kid like her along. Looks funny. She might even blow off her mouth when we could least afford it. We're almost, uh, almost home and... hell, I forgot what I was saying." He took another deep puff.

"You're right. Let's get rid of her in the morning. We got some desolate country to get through. We can do it there. You wanna do it this time or can I?"

Summer shuddered at the hideous feral look that had come into Sara's eyes. She was like she was crazed with blood lust. It frightened her.

"We'll flip for it in the morning."

That was the last thing Summer remembered. She passed out.


Summer awoke, her head splitting with a headache. She was bound and dumped in the corner of the room. She still smelled the strong odor of dope. Larry and Sara were stoned and out of their minds and asleep on the bed.

They wouldn't have awakened if an atomic bomb had gone off. They were out of it for a long time.

Summer felt the ropes cruelly cuffing into her wrists. She struggled to a sitting position and found that her legs were tied together, too.

She was still naked. They hadn't bothered to dress her. There was no reason. Especially if they planned to knock her off like they'd been talking about. A naked corpse was a lot harder to identify than one with clothing. The very clothes could be traced back and missing persons files could be checked.

Summer knew that her stepfather had probably filed a runaway report for both her brother and her. It would make things a lot simpler for him. He wouldn't be up on a murder charge, then.

She managed to press against the wall and push herself into a standing position. It was damned uncomfortable for her. They had tied her ankles so tight, the circulation was cut off. Her feet felt like someone was sticking pins in them. She knew that she'd have to get the hell out of this motel before Larry and Sara woke up.

They wouldn't hesitate killing her. She knew too much about them. She knew where they were heading, where they'd come from, she could even send them up on kidnapping charges. Maybe even rape and assorted other things.

They would have to kill her. That was their only option now that she had come along.

Summer painfully hobbled over to the bathroom. She managed to get to Larry's shaving kit. The can of aerosol foam clattered loudly onto the floor but neither of the stoned people even stirred. Summer held her breath as she took out the tiny packet of razor blades.

After much tongue-chewing and painful contortions, she had sliced the ropes around her legs. It was almost worse having the ropes, off than having them cutting into her ankles.

With a considerable amount of work, she finally cut the ropes on her wrists. She was free. She dressed quickly and took her pack with the CB radio in it. Opening and closing the door posed the biggest problem for her. The hinges squeaked.

Outside safely, she wondered what she should do. The quickest way for them to find her was to start hitching again. It could be hours before anyone picked her up. Seeing their car gave her a sudden inspiration.

She went and lifted the hood. Taking the CB radio, she hooked up the leads and began a steady, "Little Beaver needs help -- bad. If you can give me a ride, I'd appreciate it. Little Beaver's at the Notel Motel on the highway. If you hear me, please answer."

She kept sending her message until finally an answer crackled on the rig. "This is Silver Tongue, Little Beaver. Heading in your direction. Pick you up in five minutes if you wave. Over."

"Thanks, Silver Tongue. 10-4, I guess. Over."

"Gotta 10-99, then I'll see you. Catch you on the flip-flop. Bye-bye, Little Beaver."

Summer quickly unhooked the CB unit, closed the hood of Larry's car and ran for the highway. It shouldn't take more than five or ten minutes for the truck to come by. She'd be more than happy to hitch a ride with another trucker, no matter what sexual price he asked her to pay. It was worth it just to be alive and away from Larry and Sara.

In five minutes, a double rig semi came into view. She began waving frantically. The truck didn't even slow down though the driver certainly gave her a once over. He leered at her as he raced by.

Summer was sure that had been Silver Tongue. She was sure he abandoned her to the fate behind her in the motel. Just as she was thinking about running for it, another truck came barreling up. Again, she started to wave frantically.

This time, the truck stopped.

She leaped up onto the side and yelled in the window, "You Silver Tongue?"

"Sure am, Little Beaver. Hop in and tell me what your big problem is."

She tossed her pack into the coffin and slumped down in the seat. She said, "Roll. I don't want to be seen."

"Okay. I'm behind schedule as is. Been on the road fourteen horns and I'm not up to guessing games."

"What do you mean by that?" she snapped.

"Something's wrong and you obviously aren't going to tell me about it. I just don't want to play Twenty Questions. Either tell me what it's all about or out you go. I'm not supposed to pick up hitchhikers, but you sounded so scared."

Summer looked at the man. She liked his clean good looks. He had long brawn hair and powerful hands on the wheel. His shoulders were broad. Every fiber in his body radiated power and confidence. He was taking the gentle curves in the road with the skill of long years at a wheel yet he wasn't much over thirty.

What turned her on the most about the man was the droopy mustache. It outlined his mouth and gave him sort of a cruel look that contrasted drastically with the way he acted.

"I suppose you should know enough about what's going on." She hadn't meant to tell him everything but once she started, it all came pouring out.

She told about how she and her brother were fucking when her stepfather came in. How Bill was killed, how she ran away and was raped twice by Big Dick. Then the way she was raped by Fred and Burt. Finally, she ended up spilling her guts about everything Larry and Sara had done to her.

Silver Tongue sat and listened. He didn't say anything until she'd run out of words.

"I guess you explained why you stink so bad with grass. You positively reek with the odor. What you want to do to those two back at the motel? I can have them fixed good for you."


"A call to the cops. No names mentioned. Just a description of their station wagon. The stuff they have in the back would send them up for more years than you could count."

"I... I don't guess so. Just let them be. Even tough they were thinking about wasting me, they did treat me okay for a while. And they did give me a ride when I needed it bad."

"So you want to let it slide?"


There was a long silence between them. The miles evaporated under the singing wheels of the semi. Occasionally, the CB rig would blare out a warning about Smokies. Once, the phrase "bear in the air" came over loud and clear.

Silver Tongue let up on his speed until he was moving at a sedate 55 MPH.

"What's up?" she asked. "Why are you slowing down?"

"Didn't you hear about the smokey? They got a chopper in the air clocking the traffic around here. The last thing I need is a ticket for speeding. That's why I listen close to the rig. But you know all that. You've got a CB rig in your, knapsack. I see the mike hanging out."

Summer hastily shoved it back into her pack. She wondered what was going on with this stolid trucker. He hadn't made a pass at her. He'd just listened to her story, asked if there was anything she wanted done to Larry and Sara and then nothing.

"What's your name? All I got over the radio was your handle."

"Summer," she answered. "What's yours?"


Finally, after another long silence, Summer asked, "Look, when are you going to pull over?"

"What for? You gotta take a leak or something?"

She stared at him. He wasn't stupid. She knew that. Yet he didn't seem to want to take his pay for picking her up.

"You don't want to fuck me?"

He glanced in her direction and smiled. He hadn't missed the swell of her breasts, the nipples poking impudently against the thin fabric of her blouse, the skin tight jeans. She was pretty and young and desirable. He hadn't missed a thing. He said, "Yeah, it would be nice, but it's not necessary."

"I don't have any money to pay you for giving me the lift."

He shrugged it off. "That's okay. You don't owe me anything."

Summer thought on that for a while. She could hardly believe she'd found a trucker who wasn't going to take his due from her, especially since she'd offered. And she wouldn't have minded being fucked by this guy.

He was good-looking, had a strong, silent, earthy look about him that appealed to her.

"You're not a fag or anything, are you?"

His eyes flashed anger. "No."

"Sorry. Didn't mean to get you mad. I, well, I guess I'm sort of messed up in the head right now. All this heavy stuff getting dumped on me has scrambled my brain."

"I don't want anything off you so just take it easy."

"But I want to repay you!" she protested.

He said nothing. He simply drove his truck. But Summer didn't miss the bulge at his crotch. He was turned on by her, but was too much of a gentleman to take her up on the offer. She decided to do something about that.

She reached over and unzipped his fly. He said, "Hey, what're you doing? Cut that out!"

"I don't think you'd want me cutting this out. Besides, it looks too nice for me to ever want to cut up. Suck on, yeah, but not cut out by the roots."

She took his cock firmly in hand and began to stroke up and down its turgid length. He was hung like a stallion. His pecker jutted up a good eight inches. She wondered what he would be like in the sack, fucking her. Would he be as good as his cock seemed to indicate? Or would it be even better? She knew length didn't mean a thing.

She relished the feel of his warm cock under her fingers. The prick jerked and bucked with every heartbeat. She felt it pulsing faster and faster. The loose flaps of skin vanished as the cock became frilly rigid. It was ready to fuck. But Harry wasn't slowing the truck down.

Summer decided she would have to do more than take things into her own hands.

She'd have to take them into her mouth!

She lowered her face into his crotch. The crown of his dick was a plum-purple. The knobby end of his fuck stick seemed to beckon to her, call her on. Her mouth was like iron being drawn to a magnet. In a flash, she had taken the head of his prong into her mouth. She began sucking.

He groaned and wiggled around in his seat. He was a captive audience and couldn't do much else.

"Mmmm, good," she mumbled from his crotch. His cock felt so warm and hard in her mouth. She sucked a little harder and began tonguing it. Her rough, agile tongue sailed out. She made a complete circle around the rim of his prick.

The hood spread under her oral onslaught. She kept up her tongue lashing until Harry was moaning constantly. There was a limit to his control and she wanted to see what it was. She wanted to push him to the edge until he gave in and fucked her.

The crinkly mass of pubic hair from his bush tickled her nose. She kept burrowing around as she took more and more of his cock into her hungering mouth.

She wanted to give him the best possible head. He didn't have to pick her up. She was grateful to him for that kindness. He didn't have to turn down her offer of a payment. That made her even more in his debt. He was the first one she'd met that had treated her decently. She was getting so darned hot for him, she'd let him do anything.

"Watch it, kid, my cock... ohhhh wow!" he moaned. Harry's driving had become more erratic as the suction on his cock increased. When she started tonguing and running her teeth back and forth along his shaft, he found it increasingly difficult to concentrate on his driving.

Without noticing, he'd speeded up to ninety.

"I want you, Harry! I want this lovely cock in me, fucking me! And I'm going to keep sucking on it until you stuff it up my twat!"

"Bitch," he hissed. But he said nothing more. He loved the way her mouth moved up and down on his prod.

He started lifting his hips off the seat in an effort to fuck her face. It was difficult. He had to keep one foot on the accelerator or pull over and park.

He decided to keep driving. There was an element of danger that appealed to him. He could have a disastrous wreck if he missed a turn. Just the feel of her mouth sucking in his prick was enough to make him lose control of the rig.

But the mouth simply added to his thrill. The sexual feelings acing into his groin set fire to even deeper smoldering embers of lust. His entire gut caught on fire. He burned as if his prick had been dipped in acid every time Summer's mouth touched his dong.

"You're tasty!" she exclaimed.

"Yeah, a regular prick popsicle."

"Nice meaty flavor." She started licking his entire length. He felt his balls groan in protest. They longed to blast out the load of cum they held. He kept the feelings in check. It wouldn't do to cream all over himself like some teenager getting his first head.

He kept driving. And he kept enjoying the feel of her mouth on his cock. When she aimed his prick with her tongue, he had to held back the fiery flood of his come again.

His balls were tight and hard and churning in the rich sea of jizz. He couldn't hold it back very long. Not with this hot bitch sucking so expertly on his cock.

"Lemme drive, will you?" he begged.

"Fuck me. Say you'll fuck me!"

"Will you quit doing that! You're distracting me!" Harry had to pull hard at the wheel to take a curve. All he could think about was the hot mouth circling his cock. The way she licked and sucked on his prick, he was going out of his mind.

He certainly loved the wet, sucking feeling on his prick. There wasn't a male alive who wouldn't have enjoyed Summer's mouth clamped around his pecker. Harry had to struggle to keep control. Finally, he gave in.

"Okay, you hot little bitch. Go on and suck!"

"Ummmmm, good!" she moaned. She was getting hot just thinking about the spike of pleasure in her mouth. She loved the taste, even when the bitter bead of pre-seminal fluid trickled out of the end. She sucked as hard as she could, then she added a special touch.

She began running the length of cock in and out of her face. She used her teeth to lightly rub against the sides of his shaft. She could feel the way it excited bin, stimulated his cock to the point of erupting.

The prong bounced and jerked in her face, but she kept her mouth impaled with his cock so that he couldn't escape.

When his hips began driving up and down, she took his entire eight inches. She loved having him fuck her face. This was what she had been trying to rt him to do. She sucked harder. Her tongue flashed out and around the purpled crown of his dick.

She made sure that he came.

As his jizz blasted into her mouth, she greedily sucked up each and every drop. She didn't miss any of it. Her tongue swirled around until every gooey drop was tasted and swallowed. She sighed in contentment that she'd gotten this sexy dude off in such a hurry. She wanted more from him, though.

She wanted him to fuck her.


"Okay, Summer, you got me off. Now what exactly do you want?" he asked, gasping for breath. The quick mouth love had taken more out of him than he'd thought possible. The sexy teenager was a real hot bitch, hotter than he'd found in some time.

"I want that big, meaty cock of yours in me. I want to give you some payment for picking me up. You didn't have to give me a ride, and you did."

"I don't need any more payment. I don't want payment. Hell, does everything have to have a price?" He sounded angry. Summer just looked at him.

Finally, she said, "Yeah, everything's got a price. I found that out in a hurry when I left home. I get picked up, you gotta fuck me. That's the way it is."

"That's not the way it is with me. I did it because you were in trouble. So color me a do-gooder who stuck his nose in where it didn't belong. But don't try and get me fucked up with your bent out of shape ethics. You're still so screwed up, you don't know what you want."

"The hell I don't. I want you." Her voice was low, intense. "I think I'd like staying with you. A long time."

Harry hesitated for a minute. He couldn't believe what he'd just heard. She was offering herself to him. No strings attached. She didn't even know him and yet she was offering her body to him. He almost laughed except he knew how serious she was about this. She wasn't kidding. She really dug him.

"Look, Summer, I'm flattered as hell that you'd want to tag along with me, but you don't know anything at all about me. I might be an axe murderer on the lam."

"So I'll sharpen your axe. I've got nothing to lose. Now let's get it on." She crawled into the tiny bunk behind the two seats. She started undressing.

Harry sighed. If all else was unavoidable, fuck it. And that was just what he was going to do. Fuck it. He was going to fuck her box so hard that she'd gladly leave. She'd tear out running and not touch pound until she was a hundred miles south.

"Okay, babe. You want it, you're gonna get it. All eight inches of it rammed through to your chin!"

He struggled into the tiny coffin. It was like fucking in a cracker box.

Her hands flew over his clothes. In a few minutes, they were both bare-ass naked and playing with each other's body. Harry surprised himself at how, fast he got his erection back. In no time at all, his prick was jutting proudly up from his groin. It looked like a red flagpole with a plum perched on top.

"Such a lovely cock. I want to suck on it some more!"

"The hell you are! You wanted to get fucked and I'm going to fuck you so hard your teeth will rattle!"

He pulled the teenager until she was straddling his waist. She reached down and took his turgid tool in her hand. She raised her body until she could guide his cock under her. Then she slowly lowered herself until the tip of his cock pressed into her pussy lips.

She looked down into his eyes. He was smirking at her as if she didn't really think she knew what was happening.

With sudden resolve, she dropped. She simply relaxed the muscles in her legs and dropped. She took in his full eight inches with a swoop. Both gasped in unison.

Summer got a full cunt of cock in a split second. She felt the massive dong rearranging her insides. Her tissues were stretched in all directions to accommodate the stiff invader. Her hole was still dry. The friction along her cunt was excruciating. But it didn't matter. She had his prick where she wanted it.

Hairy almost yelped with the sudden intrusion into the girl's pussy. One second his cock was in the cool air of the cab. The next instant, he was surrounded by hot flesh. Her cunt gripped firmly at his dong. The dry skin seemed reluctant to let his cock slip and slide up the channel as it should. He let out a deep sigh as he felt her pussy beginning to seep the oils necessary to properly grease her entire cunt. When the fluids ran down into his pubic hair and tickled his balls, he knew she was really ready to fuck.

"Get on with it, kid. I'm getting tired of waiting," he said.

She got her knees under her and slowly lifted.

Harry thought he was going to lose his mind. The vacuum on his cock was almost unbearable. It was as if she was drawing his guts out through the end of his dong. He'd never felt such an incredible build-up in a woman's cunt before.

He reached out and took hold of her jiggling boobs. The skin seemed to flow under his grasp. Although firm, the flesh of her tits was also plaint. Like putty, he was sure he could rearrange her boobs into any shape he wanted.

He tried. He squeezed down hard. He made sure that the tiny buttons of her nipples stuck out between his fingers. He clamped down hard on the lust pebbles.

She gasped as flames shot into her chest. Having the spike of cock impaling her body was one thing, having the man actively fondling her tits was another. He was manhandling her in exactly the way she loved the most. He was stimulating her, giving her the full benefit of his powerful hands.

She wanted him to crush her tits. She wanted to feel his fingers digging into her flesh, mistreating her, bruising her. It was only right. She was a tramp, a whore who sold her body for rides around the country. She wanted to be punished. And it felt so damned good!

"Ummm, more, harder, ohhhh!" she moaned.

He seemed to obey her demands. His fingers gripped her boobs until red stripes appeared. He left his handprints wherever he touched her. When he was finished with the flesh of her silky, creamy tits, he began working on the brown of her nipples. His fingers gripped and pulled them out from her body. He drew them out until they felt an inch long, ten inches long.

She was lost in the sensations flooding her body. An ocean of pain and longing washed over her, threatening to drown her in her own perverse desires.

As the pain and pleasure stabbed into her chest, she began moving up and down on the prick firmly lodged in her cunt. A wet, juicy noise sounded as she lifted high enough to break the vacuum formed in her twat.

Without hesitation, she relaxed and let gravity do the work. She fell down around the cock again. It surged into her cunt. It was a flaming arrow shooting through her body. It burned at her guts. It drove her mad with lust.

She began twisting around the column of manmeat inside her. She could feel his balls under her pussy lips. They pulsed and throbbed with life. She wanted total release.

There was nothing left for her except the sudden rush of his fiery jism into her manhole.

"God, you're tight!" he muttered between clenched lips. "So damn tight I can't believe it!"

"And I'll get tighter. If you want!"

"I want, I want!"

She squeezed down on his buried cock with all the power of her stomach muscle. She was in the prime of life where she could fuck forever and not stop. The pressure she exerted on the dong buried in her cunt was like that of a vise closing.

She could trace out every contour of the prick inside her. She could even feel the pulsing blue vein on the top of his prick. The jerking motion told her now hot he was to fuck, how much he really wanted her.

He was almost gone mentally. His body was taking over. All his world centered wound his prick and the hot, wet, clinging flesh of her female sheath surrounding it. There wasn't a singe time he could remember when he'd fucked into a tighter twat than now. Even a couple virgins he'd had were loose and floppy compared to this chick!

"Keep going!" he urged.

"Don't worry. I dig this as much as you. Maybe more."

"I doubt that. Damn, but you're tight." He arched his back and drove his cock an extra inch into her quim.

Summer hadn't been expecting it. She felt the added pressure inside her build, then explode. She came.

"Shiiit, ohhhhh, Chriiiist!" she moaned.

Her hips thrashed and bucked around. She wasn't able to control her body as the ice and iron grip of orgasm seized her. Her body was tossed high on the winds of lust.

She was totally lost in the carnal wonderland of Harry's prick. She didn't want anything else out of life. She knew, even in her disorganized way, that she'd follow him to hell. Nothing was more important to her than this man's powerful, driving, fucking cock! Collapsing around his dong only created more of a sexual hunger in her.

She had to feed her appetite. She began working up and down his shaft with a corkscrewing motion. Fucking herself as hard as she could, she made sure her cunt was compressed as tight as possible along his entire dick.

She wanted him to know what she felt for him. This was her only way.

"How do you do that!" he moaned. "That! With your body so that it makes me think I've fucked an oven! Damn, but you're hot. And so juicy! I love the feel of that cunt juice all over my balls. It... it makes me hot!"

He lost control of his hips for a few minutes. His loins burned with desire. All he could, do was lift himself off the bunk and cram his dick into her with the power of his strong pelvis.

As she came crashing down, his hips shot upward and he impaled her. Their bodies smashed together. Their crotches began grinding back and forth. He stimulated her clit as much as she rubbed against his balls.

She came again.

This time, her cuntal walls convulsed along the entire length of his cock. It almost robbed him of his jism. He felt a red curtain of delight cross his mind. He tried to keep from coming. He wasn't sure that he'd succeeded until he found Summer still avidly fucking herself on his upright spire of manhood.

Harry had never blanked out that way before. This was something totally new to him. She was robbing him of his very senses. He was a slave to her expert fucking.

And she was only eighteen!

He couldn't believe it, not the way she used her muscles, the way she plied his cock with all the attentions even long-time whores weren't able to.

He figured an enthusiastic amateur was better than a bored pro.

And he was right. Summer was hot and hungry for cock.

"Fuck me, fuck me, damnit!" she cried. It didn't make sense. It didn't have to. She was doing all the fucking. She was losing control of herself. She lifted and fell faster and faster on the dick inside her twat.

She kept up the motion. She wanted to get as hot as possible before she came again. She wanted to luxuriate in all the little feelings knifing into her body. She wanted to keep them locked up until they overwhelmed her with a huge orgasm. Not a little one. Not a medium sized climax. A huge one.

With a twitch of her hips, she felt the prick spiraling around inside her cunt. The juices continued to wash through her. She was well greased. His prick slipped back and forth in the slot to her belly. The girl was breathing heavily now.

Liquid fire scared her throat and lungs. She was not able to focus her eyes.

The entire world was out of shape, out of kilter. All that was important was between her legs. Vanishing between her pink pussy lips, slick with cunt juice, was the cock that gave her more pleasure than anything else in the world ever had.

She decided it wasn't the size that mattered. It wasn't the expertise. It was the anticipation, the caring and mutual giving.

She figured Harry would give her the fucking of her life. He was.

There wasn't any doubt in her mind that he cared for her as a person, as a human being. He'd gone out of his way to be nice. He was like that. He wasn't the miserable excuse for a human the others had been.

Most of all, there was the mutual fucking they were giving each other. She could have fucked herself on his spike of pleasure. It would have been good. She didn't doubt that. She might have enjoyed it more than any of her other screwing.

But the important thing in this case was that each was trying to give the other the best possible.

There wasn't any selfishness. She wanted Harry to get his rocks off in a huge fountain of come. She knew he wanted her to have the biggest and best orgasm ever. She knew that they were meant for each other.

Harry just lay on his back and gasped. He couldn't believe how fast the girl was moving up and down his pole. She was fucking herself with almost blinding speed. The friction burned and seared and pulled at his done. His entire body seemed to vibrate in time with the girl's motion up and down on his prong. She was fucking herself so hard now that her tits bounced and jiggled in front of her body.

The way her eyes were closed, her mouth set in a grim line, told Harry that she was going to climax again in a few seconds.

He braced himself. When the orgasm seized control of the girl's tender body, he was ready. His hands shot out and clutched at her boots. He squeezed and rotated the globes of flesh.

Summer was lost totally in her sexual high. She felt Harry's hands on her jugs. That seemed to push her even higher. She floated and soared on the winds of orgasm. It was the longest, most potent our she'd ever had.

She cried out and moaned and thrashed around. He held her firmly with a grip that wouldn't release her.

For an eternity, the orgasm lasted. Then, slowly, she came down from the intense joy that wracked her body. She was drenched in sweat. She felt little rivers of it running down her body.

She opened her eyes and brushed a vagrant strand of hair back. She saw Harry's smiling face in front of her. She knew that he was the one responsible for pushing her to the limits of her endurance, the heights she had attained with her come.

"That's super, Harry, just super!"

"Yeah," he grunted. With her cunt still firmly stroking up and down on his prick, he wasn't able to say much more. He had to keep himself firmly in control.

When she started twisting up and down on his rod, he knew that she was going to bring him off this time. His balls ached from the stain of holding his jism back. He was alive, his body more aware of things around it than ever before.

Most of all, he was aware of how alive this chick was fucking herself on his prick.

She squirted his cock out of her cunt, then neatly snared it between her pink sex lips. She massaged and stroked and lewdly kissed his dong. He was lost.

As she came hurtling down around his cock, he blasted up a high arching geyser of jizz into her twat. This set off another orgasm in the girl's body. The touch of his fierce hot jism was all it took to pluck her sexual string one more time.

Harry blew his wad in one huge gout of sticky, stringy jism. The second and third were of lesser intensity. The jets following were nothing compared to that first monumental release.

He felt like the top of his head was going to blow off. His climax lasted and lasted and lasted. He was twisted inside out and pulled through a knot hole.

And he felt great.

As the last waves of his orgasm washed out of his body, he said to the teenager, "You got a way of getting to me. Damn it, I don't know what it is, but you have it."

"I'm glad, Harry," she said tenderly. Her hand stoked his stubbly cheek. "I think you're the kindest, best, hardest fucking man in the whole Goddamn world."

"Shut up, bitch. You don't know what you're talking about. What the fuck do you know about what I'm like." He didn't like the idea of having her hung around his neck like a millstone.

"That buzz off, huh? I gotta get back on schedule which means I drive like a bat outta hell if I want to get to KC before they start docking my company. Got that? Out of the truck."

He knew he wouldn't have the heart to toes her out on her sweet little ass. But he wondered how he could get rid of that puppy-dog adoring look in her eyes.

An idea began to dawn on him. It was worth a try if it would get her off his case.


"You're not going to really kick me out, are you, Harry? You couldn't!" she pleaded. "You're everything to me! You're my whole life now!"

"What the fuck do you mean, I'm your whole life? You don't even know me. Just because you sucked me off and then we fucked doesn't mean shit to a tree. Where do you get off with this 'whole life' shit?"

"But..." Summer began to cry. She knew he was the real thing. He was what she'd searched far all her life. He was so much like her brother, Bill. He even looked a bit like him. The way Harry acted wasn't what she'd expected.

She wanted him to accept her with open arms. She knew that he would, sooner or later. She would have to convince him that she was worthy of him, that she wouldn't get in his way.

"Look, Harry, I can do all sorts of things. You know how good I am in bed. I fuck like a rabbit! And I can suck cock! You know how good I am at that, too. And I can do other things, I can cook and keep house."

"You want me to marry you or some shit like that?" He was incredulous. It had to be the Goddamn soap operas these kids watched. A guy screws them and they think he's the only one for them in the entire Goddamn, fucking world.

"No! I just want to be with you. We're meant to be together. I... I love you!"

"The hell you do. I keep telling you, I just picked you up. I'm the meanest son of a bitch you ever came across. This Big Dick that raped you, hell, why do you think they call me Silver Tongue? Why did I get that handle? I enjoy eating out chicks. Doesn't that scare you? Isn't that filthy? Dirty?"

"Na," she smiled demurely, "I like having my pussy eaten out."

He threw up his hands in resignation. "What about my wife? What's she gonna think when I come draggin' in a piece of ass like you?"

"You're not married."

"How did you know that?"

"You just told me," she said triumphantly.

He knew she'd just outsmarted him on that point. But he couldn't have her around. There was only one way to drive her off. He'd have to show her that he was nastier, meaner, a son of a bitch among sons-a-bitches. The way seemed fairly obvious to him.

He'd do something so ghastly to her that she would leave him in disgust and horror. He'd fuck her up the ass just like Big Dick and Burt had. She would immediately identify him with the two men whom she seemed to hate the most -- after her stepfather.

Harry didn't like the prospect of abusing the girl, but the idea of fucking her up the ass did turn him on. It's been a long time since he'd Greeked a chick.

He sort of dug it.

"I'm sick of you, you little cunt. Your filthy manhole makes me want to puke. Over on your belly so I don't have to look at your ugly face!" He slapped her across the face. His hand stung with the impact of the blow.

Summer looked shocked. She couldn't understand the sudden change in the man. But she knew the reality of the pain in her cheek. He'd belted her a good one. She quickly rolled over onto her belly.

When he started running his hand over her creamy white ass and making funny noises deep in his throat, she knew what he intended doing. He was going to fuck her up the ass!

He was going to do the same thing to her that Big Dick had!

"No, Harry, no, you can't! I... I'm still hurt up there. I'm ripped up inside."

"Shut your trap. I'll do as I damn well please. You want to stay around me, you put up with anything I do. Anything. Got that, slut, do you understand?"


"Good. Now I'm going to fuck this ass of yours. It looks mighty pretty to me. I want to feel it all around my cock. I want to sink balls deep into your shit-chute. On your hands and knees. Now, dammit, now!"

She quickly obeyed. She was frightened. She knew what the pain would be like. But somehow, this was different for her. It wasn't like the time Big Dick had fucked her. Or the time Burt had screwed her up the ass.

They weren't half the man Harry was.

"Ummm, you got a nice, firm ass. The flesh is so nice and white." He took a big hunk of it between thumb and forefinger and twisted until the teenager yelped in pain.

"Please, Harry, please!" she begged.

"I told you to shut up! And I mean it!" He landed a flat handed swat on her upturned bottom. The fierce red of his handprint appeared on the smooth skin. He continued spanking her until her ass was completely criss-crossed with the marks of his fingers. He laid his hand on the tortured butt. He felt the heat radiating out from the inside. It made him hard knowing what he was doing to the girl.

She was crying but he ignored it. She didn't enter into his plans. She was only a convenient socket to plug his dong into. He had to get her out of his life and treating her like a whore, like a slut, was the only way he could do it.

If he could enjoy himself doing it, so much the better.

He crouched behind her and put his hands on the insides of her soft thighs. "Spread'em wider," he commanded. "Now, damnit, spread those legs, now!"

He planted another stinging slap on her already rosy bottom. She choked back a sob. He was pleased with the result. After he finished with her, she'd go running off and he'd never see her again.

Moving forward, his eight inch dong pressed into her tight asshole. The crown was pressing firmly into the anal muscle when he suddenly felt himself being sucked into her depths. The muscle relaxed and he shot the entire eight inches up her rectum.

He gasped. He was surrounded by the tightest passage he'd ever found. His entire prick was being squeezed as if it had been shoved into a vise. The heat was intense. He was certain he would be charred to a blackened nub.

The thick slabs of her asscheeks pressed so hard on his cock, he almost came. His shaft was totally surrounded with female flesh so tight and hot, he thought he'd fucked into a glove filled with boiling hot lave.

The teenager let out little animal-like noises. He couldn't hear her. The blood was pounding with the intensity of the ocean's surf in his ears. His heart raced wildly. He was breathing hard. He felt himself growing stiffer as he remained inside her ass.

"God, so tight!" he moaned.

"Please, Harry, go on! Fuck me! I... I like you in me! Fuck my ass as hard as you want!"

He couldn't believe he was hearing her. Not after the stories she'd told him. She couldn't mean she wanted her ass abused again. He imagined he could feel the thin trickle of blood already welling up round his plug of cock.

He had ripped her open again.

Yet, that was something that puzzled him. He had just leaned a little bit into her. It had been her sudden relaxation that had sucked him so forcefully into her guts.

She had let him in!

She wanted him to fuck her butt spin! He was shaken by the thought. Then he decided it couldn't be. He was mistaken. If he reamed her ass out hard enough, she'd be reduced to a cringing, tearful mass of shaken teenage flesh.

He began moving back and forth in her back tunnel. He felt her rectum clinging to his flesh with every movement. He jerked the entire eight inches of his dong out, then slammed it home again. His balls banged wetly against her cunt lips. The juice leaking out of her snatch got onto his balls and tickled.

He wondered if she was getting off on this. If she really did want him fucking her up the ass. There was only one way of finding out, and he was going to do it.

His body arched as he drove forward again and again. He felt the friction mount all along his prick. He was in the tightest, honest passage he'd ever found. It stimulated his dick immensely. The fires of lust burned brightly in his body.

He fucked her with all the wild abandon of his own teenaged days.

Summer took each and every thrust. They rattled her teeth they came so hard. She was filled to overflowing with his prick. It was stretching and pulling her apart from the inside out. But his time, she knew how to handle the immense cock.

She was able to relax enough so that the pistoning prick wouldn't make her bleed. She was being warmed by the driving cock. It set off a depth charge in her belly that couldn't be denied. She was getting hotter and hotter for the man. She needed his cock inside her. It didn't matter what passage he fucked.

She would have just as soon have him fucking her mouth or her cunt as her ass. It didn't matter to her. He turned her on in a way she'd never experienced before. She loved him. She would do anything she could to make him happy.

If this was what it took to make him happy, she would willingly submit to it. Besides, since she had learned how to take prick up her back, it wasn't so bad.

In fact, she was getting to enjoy it. From a virgin ass to an experienced one was simply a matter of time. Harry fucked her faster and faster. She warmed to the passage of his eight-inch prong of pleasure in her bowels. She needed -- desired -- his white-hot cock.

"Fuck hard! Come in me! Cream my guts, darling!" she cried.

Harry was lost in the throes of passion. His cock was expanding. The tiny drop of pre-cum fluid was whipped away by the searing journey of his cock all the way up her back passage. He was ready to blow apart.

His balls spurted out gout after fierce, hot, creamy gout of jism. He jerked awl bucked and drove even further into her body.

All too soon, he felt his cock deflating. Like a limp hose, it fell out of her asshole. Mixed with his cum was a tiny bit of blood. He was sure that he'd hurt her enough that she wouldn't ever want to be around him again.

"How was that, slut?" he asked.

Summer collapsed forward onto the hard pallet of the bunk. She wiped away tears and sweat from her face. She rolled over and looked up at him with adoring eyes.

"It was great. Thank you, dear. I love you so much!"

"Damn it, what does it take to get you off my case? I try to fuck you in the most humiliating way possible so you'll get out of here and what do you do? You fuckin' thank me! Goddamn it, woman, what does it take to get rid of you?"

"Harry, I want to be with you. Why don't you want me around?"

He tried to explain. Summer simply wouldn't listen to reason. He tried to tell her that she would be in the way. She promised she wouldn't.

Finally, he gave up.

"All right. Stay with me. But I promise you, I'm a mean bastard. When I get real mean, I don't hold back. This was just the start."

Harry hoped that would scare her off. When it didn't he had to start working on some way of really getting her off his back. With a germ of an idea, it began to grow until he was sure he knew how to get rid of her.

No girl would stick with him when he did what he had in mind. No one.


They were driving along the highway at twenty miles over the speed limit. Summer seemed fascinated by the gears and the shifting Harry had to do to get the huge truck up the steep grades.

"How hard is it learning to drive a truck?" she asked.

"Not hard."

"How long did it take you?"

"I apprenticed for a year, then I was out on the road with a couple others guys for some long distance work. Call it another three or four years."

"So you've only been driving full time for about five years? And you do it so well!" The girl sounded absolutely happy that he was able to learn so quickly.

Harry snorted in disgust. "It's not that hard to do. All you need to do is stick with it and watch out for the cops."

"Think I could learn to drive this rig?"

"Yeah," he said, instantly cautious. He didn't know what she was working up to. He never seemed to know what was in that head of hers.

Things just didn't come out right when she started in on him. He had to be extra careful.

"How long would it take me?"

"Can you drive a car?"

"Not very well," she admitted.

"I don't think you could handle this rig. You don't have the muscles for it. Besides, if you can't even drive a car, how the hell do you intend learning how to drive this baby? It's got more gears than you do."

"What makes you ask, anyway?" He wanted to know so he could head off possible trouble.

"I was just thinking that if we stick together, you and me, I could spell you on long drives. You wouldn't have to get all hopped up on those white crosses."

"You couldn't handle the rig. Besides, I don't want no woman foolin' around with any truck I drive."

"Chauvinist pig," she snorted.

"Damn straight I am. And proud of it, too. Women are women, men are men and that's the way it is. I don't hold with all this so-called equality crap."

Summer shrugged. She wasn't going to argue with Harry about women's lib. Besides, she didn't know all that much about it. She had just asked about the truck to see if she could take some of the burden off his shoulders. If she could, then they'd have more time to spend together.

She was certain now that she loved Harry. There had never been another guy in her life that came close to him. He could do everything. When the truck broke down, he'd fixed it himself. He just lifted the cab and rocked it forward, took out the tools and, after an hour of cursing and tinkering, gotten the rig running again.

He could even fix the CB radio. It had gone on the fritz. After he'd hit it a couple times, it was working as good as new.

Harry wasn't pleased with the way things were going. Summer didn't seem like she was ever going to leave. He could just throw her out of the truck, but he figured she might do something really drastic then. She might call the police and tell them all sorts of things about him.

Some of which were even true.

They would certainly find his come in all of her bodily orifices, as the legal expression went. He'd fucked her in the cunt and up the back and she'd sucked him off. About the only places they wouldn't find his jizz was up her nose and in her ears. And if that over-sexed bitch had anything to do with it, that wouldn't be long.

"Why are you sticking around me. I don't want you with me. I want you to split. Why don't you?"

Summer looked at him and smiled. Men could be so silly at times. He just thought he didn't want her around. She would make sure that he did, sooner or later.

"I like you. Hell, I love you! And I want to stay around."

"Hell with that. I'm getting randy again. I think I'm going to do something really raunchy this time."

"Good!" she exclaimed. She had been feeling sort of empty in the cunt. She wondered what it would take to get him to screw her again. Since he was the one who'd brought it up, she didn't think there would be any problem at all. She could have her cock and eat it, too.

"Let's pull over and get it on!" she cried.

"Okay. But somewhere deserted. I don't want you yelling and screaming and getting people uptight, you know."

She didn't know but she figured it wouldn't be long before he showed her what he meant.

"This looks like a good place." They were in the middle of nowhere. As far as she could see, there was nothing but plains, flat, featureless plains.

He braked to a stop and began reaching under his seat. He came put with a handful of nylon rope, all cut to eighteen inch lengths. He smiled a smile that was more a leer and said, his voice grating, "I think I'll tie you up first."

"W-why?" she asked, her voice quavering. She didn't know what was going on and wasn't sure she liked it.

"I'm going to tie you up, then fuck the hell out of you." He grabbed her arm and dragged her into the back of the cab. It was small in the coffin, but he didn't care. He wanted her to be uncomfortable. As uncomfortable as he could make her.

A quick turn of the rope around her wrists tied her hands behind her back. She looked up at him with exciting eyes. He felt like a damn fool doing this, but he knew it was necessary. She had to be taught a lesson. She had to be scared off. It was the only way of getting rid of her.

Plus the fact, he dug this kind of action. And it had been a long time since he'd gotten any of the bondage stuff.

Ripping the clothes off her body took just a few minutes. She pouted, "But I don't have much other clothes. Wh... what are you going to do about that?"

"Let you go naked. What the fuck do I care?" He wrapped one of the itchy, scratchy nylon ropes around one of Summer's ankles. He fastened it to an overhead loop.

Taking her other ankle and fastening it with the rope, he stretched her into a wide vee. He ran the end of the rope through an eye in the top of the cabin. She was spread-eagle in front of him, her crotch widely open.

"So, your cute little snatch is all open and ready for me, you wanton whore!" He brought down another length of the rope and in a signing are on her taut pussy. When the rope hit the tight stretched skin in her crotch, she yelped.

"That hurts! What are you doing, you son of a bitch! Why are you doing this to me?"

"I enjoy it. Squirm, bitch, squirm! Beg me like a worm. Crawl as much as you like. You know what happens, then? Look!" He unzipped his jeans and showed her his huge boner. His erection throbbed with life. It was a fierce red staff that looked as if it had been cut from a telephone pole.

"But... but..." then she fell speechless. The singing rope started falling on her upraised tits. She squealed and squirmed trying to avoid the punishing rope. She couldn't. Each blow made her skin itch and burn. It stung unmercifully. The pain rocketed into her body until she was crying and sobbing out her anger and shame.

"I love watching you crawl!" he gloated.

When the rope descended across her tits, she groaned loudly. It hurt. It hurt bad. And yet it wasn't all that bad. Somehow, the pain got mixed up in her head. Pleasure became pain, pain became pleasure. She wasn't sure which was which.

She watched in fascination as the rope cut grooves across the white plains of her belly. Her tits became red-striped hills crested by bruised nipples. He landed the rope whip on her most sensitive parts over and over until she burned.

"Don't, please, it hurts! It hurts!"

"I'll do this as often as I like!" he gloated. "And I like watching you, whore. This pleases me. When I've beaten you enough to satisfy me, then I'll fuck you."

"Fuck me now, Harry, please, now!"

"When I'm ready, cunt!"

He lashed out with the rope again. This time he caught her on the stretched skin of her soft inner leg. She winced with the pain that knifed into her belly. Entire leg numb, she wasn't sure what to do. Laugh? Cry? Plead?

As he continued to beat her soft inner thigh, she found that her cunt was beginning to water. As he built up a regular lashing rhythm, she got into it. Pain was washed away. Pleasure was surging into her cunt. It was joy, not agony.

As he landed particularly hard lash across the stretched back of her knee, she came.

She had one of the fiercest orgasms she could remember.

Harry couldn't believe it. He thought she was going through the pain of the beating he was givin her. He made sure she wasn't hurt. She wouldn't even have bruises, the way he was whipping. It jus hurt like the very hell right now. As soon as the redness vanished, all pain would die.

He couldn't believe the way her cunt had become moist. He saw her, hands tied behind her back, tied spread-eagle in the narrow confines the bunk, her cunt watering and ready to I fucked.

He decided the time was right. He was going fuck her.

"Here I come, bitch. Make sure your cunt ready for me. I don't like dry humping."

"Oh, fuck me hard, Harry! I need you so bad."

His cock shot straight into her cunt. It was swallowed up in one gulp. He couldn't believe ht had penetrated all the way to her deeply hidden cervix. Yet, he could feel his cock pressing into the gently padded construction of her womb.

He pulled out immediately. His cock was gleaming with her cunt juice. She was more than ready for him, she was ready and watering. He shoved back in. At first, he thought he might just stroke back and forth until he got off.

Harry changed his mind. That wouldn't be in keeping with the plan he had. He had to make sure that she was so fed up with him and his ways, that she left him for good.

He began to fuck her using short, quick strokes. This sort of fucking was designed to build her passions rapidly. He felt the way her pussy lips clung to his cock. They seemed to obscenely kiss his dick. He tried to ignore the steamy interior of her cunt as he fucked back and forth.

He knew what he wanted. He wanted to set her on fire, then leave her unsatisfied. His cock drove back and forth faster and faster, never penetrating more than a couple inches.

He felt her body quivering and shaking under his. With his breath coming in short pants, he knew how turned on by all this she must be. He could see her reddened tits heaving up and down. Her hair was spread in wild disarray around her head. She was gasping for air, her eyes half-closed.

Summer felt all sorts of things in and on her body. Harry's chest surged back and forth over her aroused nipples. Each time he fucked into her manhole, he rubbed against her boobs. The beating he had given them with the scratchy rope had aroused each and every nerve in the already sensitive cones of titflesh.

She was getting off on just the feel of his body moving against hers. As he crushed down on her marshmallowy tits, she came. Her cunt collapsed around his cock. But he wasn't buried far enough inside her for her convulsing twat to capture and hold his prick.

Coming out of her third orgasm left her momentarily weak. She was especially feeling the way he drove back and forth in her greased sex slot.

She knew he was doing all this because he loved her, he really loved her with all his heart. He just wouldn't admit it.

She gasped as he drove the full eight inches up into her cunt. She felt the room cart wheeling around her. There was a momentary blackout as her body refused to accept so much pleasure.

Harry was drenched in sweat. His body ached from the exertions he was going through. And he couldn't believe it. Summer was actually getting off on the abuse. He wasn't treating her hard enough!

He tried punishing her with his cock. He used it as a battering ram. He smashed in and out of her body with all the power in his superbly muscled body. His hips pistoned forward like a machine. His cock seared and burned as it raced along her twat. Her cunt was afire with the force of his passage.

Still she took it and reveled in it. He fucked harder.

He began a rotary motion. Every inch of her cunt was touched by his cock. Spread wide as she was, it had to be painful. Her cunt was contracted into an impossibly small diameter by the way he had her legs strung out.

Even so, he seemed to be the one who was losing control first. She was groaning with what seemed to be sheer, undiluted enjoyment.

"Take this all the way, bitch!" he cried.

He shoved his cock into her, then he climaxed.

His prick blew apart like a firecracker going off. He had the best orgasm ever. He felt his entire body seized in the iron grip. His chest felt like it had iron bands wrapped around it. He gasped for breath. His cock was a flame leaping and spitting sparks into her cunt. He was completely wrapped up in his come.

Summer took it all. When she felt his jism hotly caress her cuntal walls, she came. All the sexual tension he had worked so carefully to build was released. It was an orgasm to match Harry's. She soared through the universe of sex until it didn't seem possible that she would ever return. But return she did.

She found her legs still painfully stretched out and Harry straddling her waist, his cock drooping down limply.

"Lick it off," he commanded.

She looked up, neck muscles straining. As soon as her agile tongue looped around his limp cock, he moved back a little bit so that it was just out of her reach. "Try it again, slut, and do better this time!"

She worked her body forward until she could just take the tip of his cock into her mouth. She started sucking him dry of all his precious seed. She didn't want to waste a single drop of that tasty cum.

"Umm, that's better," he said. He didn't realize that he was starting to appreciate her sexual virtuosity.

Pleased, Summer began sucking even harder on the knobby end of Harry's prong. She pulled it into her mouth, a little bit at a time until it was possible for her to use her tongue on the underside of his cock.

Then, she began to wash all the come and cunt juice off. She licked and lapped and made sure that he was properly attended to. She loved the taste of his semen. And the taste of her own cunt juice mixed with it was better than any wine for her.

Harry moved back a little more, realizing what he was doing. "Keep sucking," he ordered. "And do it right!"

She struggled to take his cock into her mouth again. Her neck muscles hurt. It was such a struggle to keep her back from getting cramped. Why was he doing this to her? She couldn't understand.

Summer managed to get her tongue tinder the edge of his cock again. This time, she managed to trap the cock and held it firmly between her ruby red lips. He sighed a little when he felt the suction on the tip of his pecker. It was good getting sucked off. And it was even better watching how she had to strain to do it.

Her legs were still painfully wide-spread exposing her totally. Her hands were bound behind her. She had to lay on top of them. The circulation had to be cut off by now. And it was no easy task straining to take his cock into her mouth from that position, not when he made a point of backing up just enough to keep her in the most painfully awkward position possible.

"How do you like it? Having to suck my limp cock?"

"Fine, just fine," she gasped out. Her throat was constrained and the words didn't come easily.

Harry wondered if she really meant what she said. He'd raped her while she was tied up. He was humiliating her, making her strain and struggle to do his bidding. How could she possibly get off on that?

Even worse, he'd fucked her up the ass making sure he did it as hard and savagely as he could. If half of what she'd told him was true, that should have turned her devotion to utter revulsion. She should have taken out running and never been seen by him again.

Yet she kept begging for more.

He didn't understand this chick. Not at all. If he couldn't abuse her enough this way, there had to be something that would turn her off completely. His brain raced in high gear to come up with something.

As he hit the words "high gear" he knew he had it. The perfect, total, absolute degrading experience.

"You said you wanted to learn to drive a rig. Okay. You earned your privilege. I'll let you do some of the shifting."

Her eyes glowed. He really did love her! He was going to let her drive the truck! She knew that this was just a whim of his, this odd power trip where he had to dominate her. She felt her cunt getting all watery just thinking about what she'd been through. In an odd way she couldn't understand, she'd loved every degrading minute of the abuse.

She wanted it, needed it, had to have it!

Now Harry was going to teach her how to drive a truck. They could be together always. When he was sleeping, she could drive for him a little while. That would put them well ahead of schedules, and they could spend the extra time fucking.

Fucking all day long, in a wild variety of places and positions. She hungered for his eight inch dong. She loved it, she loved him. The world was perfect for her now.

"Mind untying my legs?" she asked. "I'm getting sort of sore in the crotch."

He smiled, but it was an oddly savage grin. "Not at all." He quickly untied the itchy, irritating nylon ropes but made no move to remove the ropes holding her hands together behind her back.

"I know you can't drive so I'm going to do all the wheel work and actual clutching." Damn, but would he do the clutching! And would she ever find out what he meant by that!

"But what do I do?" she asked.

"I'm going to let you work the gear shift. It's a sixteen-speed job. It takes a lot of shifting to get a rig like this moving. There are eight starting gears. We got a lot of weight to get rolling, and it takes a lot of work. I'll start you out on the gear shift and work you for a while there."

"Sounds fine. How about untying my hands?"

"They stay tied. I don't want you grabbing the wheel or anything like that."

"Well, okay, I guess." She wasn't sure how she was supposed to shift the gears if her hands were tied behind her back, but she was going to go along with whatever Harry had in mind. He was the boss. She'd never met a more commanding man in her life.

She loved him. There was no other explanation for the feeling she felt deep down inside.

Harry dressed but didn't offer to let Summer get her clothing on. He motioned to the naked teenager to climb up front.

"I want you to sit facing, to the back of the truck." He gunned the idling diesel engine until its muted roar filled the cab. Listening until it sounded right, he told her, "All right. First gear."

Summer reached with her bound hands. She fumbled a great deal and couldn't get a good grip on the lever.

"Damnit, don't use your hands, cunt. Use your body. Hell!" he snorted in disgust. He reached out and gripped her by the tits and lifted.

She screamed in pain as her entire weight was lifted by her two knockers. His callused hands didn't let up on the convenient handles until he had her placed exactly where he wanted her.

Then she really felt pain.

He had dropped her over the gear shift lever. Her cunt was suddenly invaded by the cold metal knob of the gear shift. She was impaled on the truck's shift. She felt it torturing her insides. It stretched and tore at her guts like no cock ever could. The metal was cold inside her cunt. It sent shivers of horror throughout her body. This wasn't the way she had though he meant she would be shifting gears.

"Why are you doing this... oh, shiiit, it huuurts!"

"Shut up and shift into first."

When she didn't move, he threw in the clutch, grabbed her by the right tit and shoved her backwards. She screamed at the pain of the lever pressing against her delicate inner pussy walls. She screamed again as he pulled at her jug to get the truck shifted into second.

Third, fourth and fifth were equally as bad. When the truck was rolling, less shifting was required. That didn't lessen the pain in her body. The vibration from the transmission was like a berserk vibrator. The gear shift quivered and throbbed and churned her guts around.

"You know, babe, you're the damnedest, sexiest gear shift knob I ever saw. Some guys got fancy ones. Plastic cocks and stuff like that. I bet I'm the only trucker who can legitimately claim to be a double-clutcher!"

He pushed her backwards as she shifted into a higher gear. The pain ripping through her body was so intense, Summer felt like passing out.

She held on to her sanity, though. She would put up with this. She wouldn't let him get to her. She would find out why he was trying so hard to degrade her.

There was no doubt he was destroying her body. Huge knob of metal locked firmly inside her cunt, it was like a spike of real iron. It was cold. Not even her fevered cunt could do anything about that. And the vibration was enough to drive her crazy. It buzzed and hummed.

As the truck started up a steep grade, he began squeezing her tits harder and harder as he shifted gears to take the grade. She was crying flaw. The tears left salty tracks down her cheeks. It was unbearable, the pain and torture he was inflicting. She began to hate the man. She wanted to get even. How would he like having the gear shift crammed up his ass?

The thought horrified her. What if she actually said something like that? Harry might not have thought of it. If she mentioned it, he might take her off the gear shift, he might pull the shift out of her cunt and stuff it up her ass.

Summer knew she could never bear that. It would kill her.

As Harry hummed a tune, she crouched over the gear shift. It quivered like a billion berserk butterflies in her cunt. It stimulated her now -- as long as no shifting had to be done.

Still, she didn't like it. She didn't care for it jutting out of her pussy. And she was going to get even with Harry for doing this to her. How, when, where, she didn't know. But she'd get even with that no good bastard.

The tears dried as she bore the pain and his terrible off-key singing.


The check-in station was far down the road. Harry reached over and got his swindle sheet and gave it a quick glance. Everything looked like it was in order.

That was the catch. It looked like it was in order. He was overloaded by almost a thousand pounds. He was pretty sure he could get by with it this time around. They guy at the station was a pretty open fellow and could be bribed. What was it to him if a trucker was a couple pounds overweight?

Harry almost lost control of the truck. The sharp pain went away almost immediately and was replaced by a more gentle feeling. He glowed warm and nice inside. It was a well-fucked feeling. He couldn't get over how good he felt, and this had been his longest haul to date. On the road for almost twenty hours without any sleep and still he felt brand new, fresh and ready for another twenty hours.

The pills had helped. He had popped a couple bennies and four or five whites. But that wasn't enough to keep him going for twenty hours without other help. He smiled at the thought of the other help he was getting.

His crotch felt warm and nice.

He swerved again. Damn! He'd almost missed the turn for the weigh station.

He pulled up and braked at the side of the small adobe building. The agent, Pete something or other, came out and waved.

"Hey, Harry, how's it going this trip?"

"Not bad at all, Pete. Here's my manifest."

The man took it and glanced through the sheets. He glanced back at the rig and checked the tires.

"Everything looks okay. No need to weigh you out this time, I guess. You're one of the guys I trust." He pocketed the twenty that had gone along with the swindle sheet.

As he initialed the authorization in the proper three places, he looked up and said, "Something the matter, Harry? You're looking mighty funny. Haven't been dropping too many of those pills, have you?" He looked back at the manifest and schedule. "Hell, man, you only been driving twenty hours. You couldn't be in that bad a shape unless you pulled a turnaround."

"Uh, no, nothing, uh, uh, like that, Pete. I, uh, got a lot of sleep in, uh, you know, LA before leaving. A week." Damn but he wished that would go away while he was doing business! But he doubted the feeling would die. Not for a while. Besides, it kept him going a lot better than speed ever could.

"If you say so. Clear road. I don't think there are any Smokies in the area. Had a radar setup about forty down the road but they closed up for the day."

"Uh, yeah, thanks, Pete. See you on the reverse." He quickly gunned the engine and roared off. The feeling grew in his crotch. The warmth began to spread throughout his loins.

He looked down and saw the wild array of brown hair scattered all over his crotch. Summer was avidly mouthing his cock. She had started sucking on it just before they got to the weigh-in station. He wished to hell she would wait but knew that this kind of mouth love added to her kicks. She liked sucking him off when there was a chance of being caught at it that restaurant in LA!

Christ, he had came just as the waiter was serving the food. He almost turned over the plate and steak and salad and everything as he came. Summer had been on her knees under the table sucking him off for all she was worth.

"Will you let up, damn it!" he snapped. "I'm having a hard time keeping this thing straight on the road."

Summer looked up, an evil gleam in her eye. She'd found the perfect way of getting revenge on Harry. She wasn't going to let him run her off. She could take anything he could dish out. And she was going to embarrass and humiliate him in public one of these days.

Until then, she'd have a fine time fucking that lovely cock of his. And, whenever he asked, giving his friends some kicks. She picked up a lot of bread that way. The CB radio kept her is touch with all the other horny truckers wanting to get their rocks off. One day, she'd have enough money put away to split.

She wasn't sure where she'd go. But wherever it was, she wasn't going to have to put up with gear shift knobs crammed up her twat.

"I want some more," she said and dived back down to mouth his cock. She wanted to suck him off just as he hit the downhill grade past Deadman's Curve.

That'd show the bastard who was boss.


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