Mother and daughter in bondage

Outwardly, most Americans maintain the strait-laced middle-class look that belies the social ferment behind closed doors.

There is the secret use of drugs, fed by the marijuana syndrome. There is the river of alcohol flooding from door to door under the euphemism of social drinking. Then, of course, there is the advent of sexual fantasies brought to life.

This is the story of a mother and daughter who gradually discover that other people have some startling and perverse fantasies they are desperate to play out. Their story is a mirror of a way of life behind many closed doors. No facade, no regrets. Indeed, their behavior and fantasies become a norm.

MOTHER AND DAUGHTER IN BONDAGE -- a novel of fiction for entertainment. A page from our restless society as food for serious thought.


"Take this cock in your mouth, you dumb bitch, and suck hard. Do it, or I'll break your fuckin' neck!"

"Oh, please Hank, don't... don't make me do it."

"I said get your lips down on it and blow, woman!"

The six-foot-two stud reached down from his kneeling position on the bed, and he curled his fingers in Janice Urban's long blonde hair, snagging it under his jagged nails. The attractive thirty-six-year-old woman cried out, her eyelids fluttering while her jaw slackened from the pain. He was yanking her up from the mattress, jerking her head up and shoving her face against his hairy groin.

"Oh, my God!"

Just six feet away, crouching in the soft, damp dirt beneath the window was Janice's teenaged daughter, Sharon. She knew something like this had been going on. She just knew it. Her mother had been acting strangely lately, disappearing certain nights, trying to get her out of the house on others. No, things just hadn't been the same lately, especially after the Harringtons had moved in next door three weeks ago.

And there her mother was now, crouched naked on the bed. Above the woman, his cock sticking straight out from between his thick muscled legs, was Mr. Hank Harrington. He looked so mean, yet so sexy with his long black hair hanging rakishly over one eye. How long had they been doing this horrible act? How long had they been... fucking?

"Oh, please, no... I never did this sort of thing," her mother begged, her blue eyes wide with horror as she stared at his ten-inch cunt splitter.

Sharon trembled, rubbing her fingers briskly over her upper arms as a soft breeze from the north rustled the leaves of the bushes surrounding her. She repositioned herself, feeling a cramp beginning in her calf as the girl pressed her nose against the window pane and watched her mother perform. It was like watching a person she had never met, never known. Rarely in her young life had Sharon thought of her mother as a sexual object. When her father died, Sharon depended more and more on her mother for guidance, feeling that life would just go on pretty much as it had without her father. How wrong she had been!

"Uhhhhhh..." the woman moaned.

Mr. Harrington was pulling on her mother's hair harder now, twisting it in his fingers while Janice struggled helplessly under his grasp. Sharon watched as her mother beat his chest with her small fists, prancing her naked, jiggling asscheeks over the large mattress. Something slick was on her thighs, something... oh, good God, cuntjuice! Her mother was wetting herself, actually wetting herself with pussyjuice!

Sharon let out another shuddering groan, criss-crossing her arms and hugging her body. She had heard some of the girls talking about getting wet after their boyfriends touched them in certain ways. Just listening to some of her friends made Sharon kind of squeaky hot down there between her white shivering legs. Time and time again, alone at night, she had drawn her fingers over her naked little cunt and felt a buzzing heat radiate through her. But she had never felt that wetness the others had talked about.


Dear God, what was Mr. Harrington forcing her to do? Sharon's eyes widened, and her fingers clawed at the chipping paint on the wood outside while she watched that awful man holding her mother that way. His fingers were locked behind the blonde's head.

"No, oh, God, don't... don't make me do this!"

Janice's legs jerked up, then flopped back down on the mattress while her head was tilted all the way back. Hank was growling something Sharon couldn't make out through the barely opened bedroom window. The young girl peered nervously over one shoulder again, making sure no one heard or saw her as she spied on her mother and her S&M lover.

"Take it all, bitch. You're gonna swallow that thing 'til it comes outta your cunt."

He was pressing her mother's face against his groin, rubbing her cheeks against his crotch hair while his prick rubbed up and down against the side of Janice's face. And then he had pulled the older woman back, tugged on her hair again until she was frantic with pain, her eyes rounded with sheer terror.

"Take it!"

Janice had no choice. With a groan of defeat, she opened her mouth, letting Hank slide his cock halfway in before he stopped. Sharon let out a little gasp, feeling her throat constrict as she watched Mr. Harrington's prick disappear slowly between her mother's stretched lips. It was so odd to watch the scene. There was her mother, her legs sprawled out in front of her while that man held her head up from the bed with both hands. And all the while, he was towering over her, overpowering her by sticking his cock in her mouth! Janice's long blonde hair dangled behind her in matted tangles while her face flushed red from the effort of taking all that prickmeat. And he was shoving more into her mouth, actually sliding more of his horrible shaft into her mother's throat! Sharon instinctively put one hand at the base of her neck, swallowing hard as she watched her mother's cheeks puff out.

"Ohhh, yeah, yeah, good head, good head, that's the way," Mr. Harrington moaned, letting his eyes close while his head tilted back. Whatever her mother was doing, it must have been right. She watched with growing fascination as the big man started tensing his thighs, pumping his hips buck back and forth. Each time he drew back, her mother's cheeks sucked in, making her look so thin. And then, when he stopped and shoved forward, they puffed out again. Frothy spittle oozed from the corners of her lips and trickled down the sides of her neck.


"Oh, yeah, bitch, go for it, man, go for that prick! Always thought you was eyein' me for my cockmeat, and now you got it good and thick and hot between your motherfuckin' lips."

The things he was saying to her mother! It made Sharon blush violently just to hear them through the crack between the pane and the window. Another breeze rustled the leaves around her, and the young blonde trembled with fear of discovery. Again peering over one shoulder, she looked through the magnolia bushes behind her across the next yard to the Harringtons' house. The lights were still on in the kitchen and living room. What on earth was Mrs. Harrington like? What was she doing now, while Hank Harrington was here, fucking her mother in the mouth?


Another sobbing cry from her mother. Sharon grasped the edge of the window with her trembling, slender fingers, as Janice moaned hotly. Her mother's eyes were wide, glazed over while... oh, God, while that man had shoved all his cock down her throat! Yes, yes, her mother had it all, all ten inches of it in her mouth. Sharon's nostrils flared, her throat tightened again, and a strange kind of tension rippled through her belly and chest. She could see a funny kind of bulge just at the top of her mother's throat. Mr. Harrington's cock. Yes, it was his prick down there, throbbing and jerking against Janice's throat while his hairy groin rubbed back and forth against the older woman's flattened nose.

"Man, oh, man, ain't had head like this for a long time. Jesus Christ, woman, you sure know how to move that fuckin' tongue around. And you're tellin' me you ain't never given some skull?" Harrington laughed, his fingers tightening around the back of her head. "Man, if you didn't, you're sure a quick study."

Sharon felt another blush of shame, as if he had been insulting her. That was her mother, the woman who had raised her. And there she was, naked, hot, doing things to a man she hardly knew!

"No, please, no more... I can't take any more," Janice panted as Hank finally let her lips slip off his throbbing cock.

"Yeah, no more. You want this bad, baby, real bad," he said, wrapping his fingers now around the full length and thickness of his prick. Sharon watched as his fingers slipped back to his balls, making his furry, leathery sac swing and jiggle with his subtle movements. The spittle from her mother's mouth had made his prick glisten so wetly under the lamp.

"No, no, my daughter; my daughter's coming home soon and... and she can't find us like this," Janice said more evenly, running her fingers through her hair while looking up imploringly at Hank.

The big stud paused for a second, his eyes narrowing, while a sly smile crept over his sensuous lips. He laughed, spreading his fingers over his crotch and drawing them through the matted hairs.

"Your daughter, huh? That little piece of ass I've seen jiggling around in her bikini? Yeah, nice ass, nice set of tits," he breathed, watching Janice's look of repulsion with amusement.

"Don't... don't talk about my daughter like that," she snapped, a look of anger replacing the one of heat.

"I'll talk about that little slut anyway I like that's the way I'm used to doin' it, baby, and you'd better get to know that!"


Sharon watched with mounting fear as her mother began to slide off the bed. She had just slipped both legs over the side and was about to get up when Hank Harrington raised his right arm over his head, bringing down the back of his hand against her mother's left cheek. There was a loud smacking sound. The young teen watched in disbelief as her mother's head snapped violently to one side, her long blonde hair splashing out in all directions while her body slumped back to the bed. Mr. Harrington turned his hand around and examined his knuckles to see if there was any damage to them.


Janice lay flat on the bed, her head twisted to one side on the pillow behind her while stray strands of her blonde hair covered her injured face. She drew one hand slowly over the large red mark his knuckles had made on her cheek, rubbing it while stifling the sobs rising in her throat.

"You... you animal," she whispered between her clenched teeth, cringing back from him when he raised his right hand a second time.

"You can call me anything you want, bitch," he growled back, a nasty smile on his handsome face. "I've been called a lot worse by better 'n you. But remember, you're the one who asked for more, right? You've been the one waggin' that ass of yours around the neighborhood, tryin' to pick me up. You wanted that prick up your cunt, right?" he sneered, pointing an accusing finger at her.

"Oh, God, God, but I never... never thought it would end like this," Janice sobbed, covering her flushed face with both hands and sobbing freely.

Hank let her cry for a minute as he jerked his fingers back and forth over his blood swollen prick. Then he snorted, shaking his head like an impatient stallion ready to mount his mare.

"Sure, you never thought it'd end like this," he said, mocking her. "You been wantin' it to go this way, but you ain't had the guts to admit it!"

"That's not true!" Janice shot back.


Sharon let out another cry, about to get up and run for the police when Hank slapped her mother a second time. But something kept her glued to the window, her fingers still chipping at the loose paint of the frame as that big man tormented her mother.


He kept slapping Janice, his fingers snapping over the woman's chin, then reversing his blows so that his knuckles slammed against her cheeks, making her body roll from side to side, her tits jiggling like mounds of pudding. The frantic woman tried to protect herself, jerking her hands up to cover her face while those ham like hands flailed away at her. Finally exhausted, she rolled onto her belly, pushing her hands into the pillow and screaming for him to stop. Hank paused, sweat streaking his face, his chest heaving mightily as he sucked in lungfuls of air.

"Damn it, bitch! You're makin' me fuckin' hot with all your Goddamned yellin'!"

Sharon watched with a growing tingle in her cunt! Oh, oh, it was getting worse. What on earth was happening to her? It was just like when she was in bed, that awful electric tingle beginning along her inner thighs then radiating up to her pussy and asshole. Oh, but that was when she was playing with herself, doing all those things her mother had told her were bad. But this... this was different. She was watching some man beating her mother, shouting at her, telling her all sorts of awful, perverted things about herself while having forced her to suck his prick!

"Stop it... just stop it and go away from here," Janice heard her mother cry in muffled tones.

"Ain't no way, baby. Ain't no way I'm gonna leave you here with that hot cunt. You been hot for me all this time and, shit, you practically cried the last time I stuck it in you," Hank said, wiping his mouth with the back of one hand.

"No, that's not true!" Janice cried, turning her tear-stained face and staring angrily at the big man behind her.

"Yeah, sure, you practically pissed on the bed when I fucked you. Your old man have to put up with that? No wonder he kicked over. Couldn't keep up with you," Hank said, laughing cruelly in her face.

Janice's face paled, her forehead wrinkling up while she rolled back on her ass and began pummeling her neighbor with her fists.

"He was a good man, a good man," she cried hysterically, her screams bouncing off the bedroom wall.

"Yeah, good for nothin'," Hank countered, keeping his head well away from the screaming woman while he grabbed both her wrists.

"Ohhhh, you're... hurting me," Janice wailed, twisting around, to her side while her face became red and pinched with pain. Hank was twisting her wrists around so much that Sharon could almost hear the tiny bones cracking from the force.

"Not as much as I'd like."

With that, he let her go, backhanding her once more to knock her back on the bed. "Uhhhhhh."

Janice lay, semi-conscious, stretched out on the mattress, one leg folded over the other while her arms reached to either side of her, crucifixion style. She breathed evenly as Hank slipped off the bed, then began rummaging through the dresser. Sharon watched with curiosity as her mother's underthings erupted from under his searching fingers.

"This ought ta keep you quiet while I fuck the shit outta you."

Sharon saw him holding a pair of pantyhose and a silk belt from her father's old bathrobe. She trembled, feeling another electric shock ripple through her thighs. The heavy swing of his cock reminded her of a tree limb in the wind. And his balls! The whole set looked like it should be hanging from between the hindquarters of a horse or donkey, not from between a man's legs!

"Wh... what are you doing?"

Janice's voice was soft, broken as she pushed strands of her blonde hair from her eyes and looked up from the bed.

"You'll find out."

As Hank bent over her with the silk belt, Janice watched the big man's balls swing out, heavy with cum. His balls were all wrinkly and pressed up against his groin with excitement while he was tying up her mother.

"Ohhhh... you don't know what you're doing to me! Oh, God, God," Janice sobbed, her head rolling from side to side, strands of her hair sticking to the damp corners of her mouth.

"I know just what I'm doin', bitch. You're hotter 'n a Goddamned stove. And this is gonna warm you up some more."

Sharon watched with fascination. She had never head of people doing this kind of thing before. Oh, there was all that nonsense in the movies, stories about women being tied up in chains and ropes and all that kind of silly stuff. But they never seemed to enjoy it. But her mother... well, those sobs and cries were turning into something else. Sharon wasn't sure, but she could hear a change in the tone of her mother's voice. The pain and fear were still there. But there was something else, something that had been there all the time, something that had kept the excited teen from rushing out into the streets and shouting for the police.


"Get your hands over here and put 'em together, slut."

Janice did as she was told, blinking away the tears and taking deep, calming breaths. Hank used the silk belt to wrap around her wrists, folding it over several times before securing it tightly with a double slipknot. Janice's face blanched then reddened again as the soft material bit into her flesh. Sucking in her lower lip, she chewed down, her forehead wrinkling once more with growing apprehension... and excitement!

"Yeah, a nice, hot cock for a good, hot pussy. That's what it's all about, ain't it? That's why you been trottin' over to my place in that Goddamned skimpy outfit, wagging your tits and ass at me, hopin' I'd come over. That's what you were askin' for, that's what you got... in spades."


Sharon swallowed another lump of excitement, wondering where this would all end... for her as well as her mother.


"It's too tight... oh, God, you're tying it too tight," Janice wailed, her back arching while her shoulders dug into the creaking mattress. The backs of her legs undulated against the wrinkled top sheet while Hank was readjusting the belt binding her wrists. The young mother was writhing on the bed, her nostrils flaring, her eyes wide with fear. And there in front of her half-opened mouth was Hank's cock, the fat head purple, swollen, while those horrible-looking blue veins throbbed against his tight-fitting prick skin.

Outside the window, Sharon inhaled another deep breath. Nothing in her dumb sex education book had ever prepared her for something like this. S&M and bondage were new terms to the girl, words she had never heard before. From bits and pieces of snatched conversation held between her mother and Hank, Sharon realized that there were people in the world who enjoyed being tied up, being tormented like this. And it was very, very possible that her mother was one of those!

"Uhhhhhh... oooohhhhhhh!"

"Nice, good and nice and tight. How does that feel?" Hank asked, checking the slipknot once more, then jerking her off the pillow by her bound wrists. He shook her violently back and forth, smiling as her head snapped from side to side, her hair tangling wildly around her throat. Sharon could hear her mother crying out again, watched her huge tits slap wetly together as the big man kept shaking her from side to side. Then, with a growl he shoved her back, watching the woman bounce like a rubber ball against the mattress. Janice shook the hair from her eyes and looked up wildly at the big man about to fuck her.

In a moment, Janice was on her side, already helpless as Hank reached over and bent her knees back. She resisted, her ploy failing as he slapped her hard on the ass with the flat of his hand.

"Oh!" she squealed, her eyes rounding at the dry smack.

"Stop movin' around 'til I get this Goddamned stuff fixed on you. Then you can jerk around as much as you want," he said, laughing softly as he pulled her knees back a little more.

Sharon watched in mute astonishment as Hank pulled her mother's wrists and ankles together, then reached for the pantyhose he had dropped earlier. Sharon gasped, ducking her head down quickly as she saw her mother's eyes scan the opposite wall. Oh, that was close! What if her mother had seen her? What if she had seen her own daughter kneeling outside the window, watching this horrible scene and not doing anything about it? As it was, Sharon was unsure of how she would ever deal with her mother again. But at least Janice didn't know her own daughter was out there watching... watching and getting excited, aroused by what was going on.

"Uhhh... oh, too tight, too tight... you're tying me up too tight," Janice cried, tears beginning to form once more in her eyes.

"Too fuckin' bad, bitch."

Using the legs of the pantyhose, Hank bound her ankles tightly together with a double figure-eight, then bound her ankles to her wrists until her body bowed out, arms and legs cinched together. Janice tried tugging herself free and found, to her dismay, that there was little she could do. Her muscles tensed and bulged against her flesh as her body rocked from side to side. But the belt and the pantyhose held fast, refusing to be loosened.

"Gotta keep your fuckin' mouth shut, slut," Hank muttered.

He slipped off the bed after rolling Janice back onto her ass, and rummaged through the top bureau drawer once more, finally pulling out a small roll of adhesive tape.

"No! No!" Janice screamed, wriggling back up on the bed like a snake, her head banging hard against the Mediterranean-style headboard.

"Good thing I thought of it. You'd probably bring the fuckin' cops over here," Hank muttered, clutching his sweat-darkened jockstrap in one hand and moving toward the bed. Janice shrank back a little more, jerking her head away when he tried shoving the filthy piece of underwear into her mouth.


"Come on and suck on it baby, suck on my jock like you sucked on my prick." He grabbed her hard by the hair once more.

Sharon winced, almost feeling the tearing pain of pulled hair as Mr. Harrington snapped her mother's head around and shoved the foul smelling jockstrap between her lips. Sharon gagged nearly as hard as her mother, feeling the sour bile rising in her throat while Hank pulled a piece of tape from the roll and wrapped it around Janice's head. In a moment, the jock was fixed in her mother's mouth held securely by the tape, and there was nothing she could do about it. The woman closed her eyes and wept freely in shame and horror, tears staining her flushed cheeks.

"That's better," he muttered, throwing the tape roll to one side.

"Oh, God!" Sharon found herself muttering, bracing herself against the side of the house. This was incredible, simply incredible! There was her mother, bound and gagged so horribly on the bed, with that monster on top of her, about to fuck her. And she could stop it! Yes, she could stop it, could scream, call for the police, or simply bang on the window and surprise the two of them into submission. But instead, the girl simply watched, feeling the heat concentrating in that furry fuck slit between her legs. Yes, yes, it was awful. She knelt there, feeling the blood seeping into her virgin cuntlips, feeling them rub over one another and her clit as she shifted position there beneath the bedroom window. She even felt shamefully close to orgasm more than once as Hank rubbed his prick over her mother's jutting tits.

"You think I could take care of your daughter, too, baby? You think I could fuck you, then move on over and fuck your daughter? Yeah, two cunts at the same time. Had a mother-daughter act down in Tijuana once. Bet you two could top 'em."

Sharon flushed violently a third time. He was talking about her! He was talking about fucking her, about doing all sorts of things to her, maybe even tying her up like he was doing to her mother. Sharon felt so unsure of herself. She fell back a little as another ripple of excitement rushed through her pussy.


This was awful! Yes, she should knock on the window, rap on the glass as loudly as she could to let them know that somebody was there. She could duck away, rush through the bushes out to the street before either Mr. Harrington or her mother could see her. After an hour, she would come back from the movie she was supposed to be at. Maybe it would be all over then. Maybe Mr. Harrington would just go away, and never come back.

"Yeah, maybe I'm gonna grab her the next time I've over and fuck the shit outta that little girl. Nice, young cunts," Hank said, smacking his lips. "Ain't nothin' like fuckin' girls like your daughter."

Hank was tormenting Janice purposely, enjoying her mounting horror and revulsion. The woman twisted wildly against her bonds, her legs jerking so hard that the muscles and tendons bulged against her damp flesh while the cords stood out against her throat. And all the while, the headboard clattered against the wall, the blows leaving small, hairline cracks in the light-blue plaster.

"Then I could fuck you... dip into one, then the other," Hank went on, following his filthy train of thought. "You'd dig that, seeing your daughter tapped right there in front of you."


Beads of perspiration broke out on Janice's forehead as she kept jerking on the bed, wildly trying to bring her hands out of the silken bonds. But there was nothing she could do. Hank toyed with her for a while longer, then braced both big hands on her shoulders, holding her flat down against, the bed.

"Okay, baby, I've had enough of this shit. We're gonna get down to some serious business, some real business here," he said, his eyes burning with sexual frenzy.

Sharon saw the glare and groaned, closing her eyes as particularly powerful spasm passed through her pussy and sapped the strength from her. She was so hot now, so very, very hot watching this pervert fuck her mother! She felt her damp crotch panel sticking strangely to her bloated cuntlips while her clit was getting so hot and stiff! How she wanted to touch herself, to reach under her skirt and rub her fingertips over the damp nylon pressing so excitingly against her cunt. But now, that would be going too far!


Hank was going down on her mother now, sliding his knees between Janice's and pressing hers farther apart. The bed groaned under their double weight, the headboard still banged against the rear wall. Janice let out a shuddering breath through the jockstrap, her eyes shutting tightly as a barely visible tremor rippled over her white, glistening flesh.

"Ohhh... mother!"

Sharon's eyes were wide, focused like those of an eagle on what was happening only a few feet from her. She watched as Hank's purple, fat, greasy prickhead began brushing ticklishly through her mother's blonde, frazzled cunthairs. Sharon found herself moaning as softly as her mother, feeling her thighs tingle and itch while Janice squirmed her asscheeks over the wrinkled top sheet.

"Yeah, baby, come on, move it, move it for ol' Hank the way you've moved it for me before. Yeahhhh," he sighed, closing his eyes and breathing deeply.

Sharon could see her mother was fully aroused now, moving her thighs sensuously back and forth in spite of the bonds holding her fast. Yes, those ropes, those bonds were doing something to her, arousing her! Sharon rubbed her fingers sensuously along her arms, almost able to feel the restraining touch of that silken bathrobe belt, the pull of those twisted pantyhose holding her mother's wrists and ankles tightly together. For a wild moment, the frantic teen wished she could be on the bed there, bound like a stave, a helpless victim under that awful man with his lovely, long, thick cock!


Hank was pushing the underside of his prick into the yawn of Janice's cunt so her juices would soak his rod. Sharon watched her mother's flesh pucker up into goosepimples while another groan escaped from around the spit-soaked jockstrap. Janice arched her back slightly off the mattress, pushing her head back into the pillow as Hank inched forward. Sharon could well, imagine how her mother's muscles were cramped in that spread-back position. But perhaps that pain even added to the general pleasure rushing through her veins. The big stud hunkered down on the bed a little more, readying himself to rape the helpless woman, his heavy hanging balls dangling in the tangled nest of Janice's blonde cunthairs.


"Like it, right? Man, you dig it, dig gettin' fucked like this more 'n any bitch I ever tapped!" Hank said in a shaking, throaty whisper.

Yes, her mother was loving the restraints, enjoying the pain throbbing up her cramped arms and legs. Sharon could see this, could hear it in her mother's cries. She was whimpering with lust as she strained against the bindings. They had to cut wonderfully into her flesh as she moved her wrists against her ankles. Sharon was both ashamed of her mother and excited as she watched something she never would have guessed could happen.


Helplessness! Yes, that's what was turning on her mother. Janice was helpless, and that very feeling was an aphrodisiac to her. Sharon leaned her burning forehead against her fingers again, feeling her head throb and pound while more tingly thrills pricked at her stiffening cunt. Juice seeped from her fuck hole, wetting down her panties more and more. Oh, how her soppy young cuntlips were itching to have a prick touching them, rubbing against them the way Hank's cock was brushing over her mother's pussy!

"Fuck it out, baby!" the man hissed.

"Oh, Mama... oh, yesssss!"

Sharon moved one hand over her mouth, pressing the fingers tightly against her lips. She had to smother her cries of excitement as she watched Janice and her sadist lover perform there in front of her. The girl watched as if she were a witness in some horrible, wonderful dream, watching as Hank tensed his big thighs and began slowly slipping his cock into her mother's fuck slit.


Her mother's body was shaking, shuddering violently while her spine arched upward, forcing her body into a kind of weird bridge-like position in spite of the bonds. Hank moved one hand down to the woman's pussy, dipping his fingers into the buttery mess, then painting his cock with those flowing juices. Sharon watched as her mother's muscles cramped again, pressing out against her flesh. How marvelous it must be to feel the man's callused fingers touching her like that, caressing her cuntlips and clit while his prick hung there, inches away from her pussy! Sharon's teeth chattered as these and other forbidden thoughts drifted through her mind.

"Ahhhh, fuck yeah baby, baby... nothin' like havin' my prick fryin' up in a good, hot pussy!" Hank sighed, his head snapping back as his mouth opened with pleasure.

Janice was whimpering more excitedly, sounding like a frightened puppy. Hank laughed at her, then lowered his head and covered one aching nub of a nipple with his mouth. Janice's eyes widened as she wallowed frantically against the bed. How the springs squeaked and groaned now as hot spit trickled down her mother's tit. Sharon could hear the big man smacking and licking hungrily, sucking with a passion she couldn't believe!


Now his cock was slipping back, sliding toward her swollen cuntmouth. Sharon stood up shakily, bracing herself more carefully against the rotting wooden sill as Hank prepared himself for entry. And then he lunged fast, spearing her mother's pussy with one quick blow.

"Fuck! Jesus, fuck... good and tight and hot, like some teeny bopper!" Hank cried out, snapping his head from left to right.

Sharon could have fainted from her excitement right then and there. This was better than any of those fuzzy, out-of-focus pictures she had seen in those sex education books. My God, this was a thousand times better! Janice was whining, thrashing around while the cock inside her was going deep, all the way! Sharon felt a fire racing around the dripping mouth of her cunt as she watched her mother make small, restricted movements. The girl sensed that those motions were at least as exciting as, being completely free. She watched her mother tense the large muscles of her ass, wagging her asscheeks up and down, back and forth as Hank began throwing his prick meat into her with incredible skill!

"Fuck it out, bitch, come on, fuck out that cunt while I plug you good."

He had her other tit in his mouth now. As he roughed up her tender nipple with his tongue, sucking loudly enough for Sharon to hear, he slid his cock down into her again, filling her belly with prickmeat. Oh, he was biting around her nipple and, areola! Sharon could see that, could almost feel his teeth chewing down onto her own flesh. Her nails cracked against the wood as her mother soared higher and higher under Hank's demanding cock.

"Uhhhhhhh!" Janice was babbling and jerking against the bonds, the pain seemingly making her excitement rush faster along every nerve in her body.

Sharon watched in amazement as Hank worked his hips faster and faster with a hard, building fucking tempo. Juice seemed to erupt from her mother's pussy, oozing between her ass and onto her ankles. Janice was going mad, writhing her hips up, straining as far as possible against the cutting bonds of silk. Cumming. The word shot through the teen's mind as she watched her mother's sweaty body writhe madly across the mattress. Cumming. Climax! The shivery chills scorching her own cunt had to be the same ones tormenting her mother. Sharon watched as her mother twisted her hips from one side to the other, her shivering muscles knotting helplessly as Hank raked pleasure from her cuntlips.


This time, it was Sharon who moaned, her clit was so swollen and hot! It pulsed with a fiery tickle that took her breath away. Whimpering cries escaped from her throat as her mother pitched like a small boat in a stormy sea.

"Fuck it out, baby, come on, yeah, cum with me, you stupid bitch!"

Yes, he was going to cum, too... all of them, in a red storm of lust, were going to climax. Sharon was on her feet now, her hands braced on either side of the narrow window, her plump asscheeks jiggling from the rocking movements she was making as flames of incredible goodness licked at her dripping pussy.

"Cum, you Goddamned bitch, cum!"

"Cum..." Sharon whispered as she felt an orgasm overwhelm her like a wave from the Pacific.


"Work it out, you Goddamned slut! Work for that fuckin' cum!" Hank bellowed, his eyes wide as he stared at the helpless woman.

Cries of lust were strangled in Sharon's throat as she wagged her hips from side to side. Cunt juice oozed out from under the stretched elastic bands of her panties. Oh, how good it was to feel the slippery slide of her pussy walls against one another and her clit as her mother whimpered and thrashed before her!


Through her drooping eyelashes, she watched her mother hover there, a second away from madness. Then that moment passed and Janice was crazy, gone mad with smothered yelping fits of joy. Sharon cried out again and again. It was good, too good. The teenager knew she should stop, but how natural it seemed with her thighs drawn tightly together. She dipped and plunged and wiggled her ass, moving so fast that her feet slipped on the damp ground beneath her. She felt a strange kind of hot dampness under each tit while a new rush of heat scorched her cunt. Sounds and lights exploded all around her as jolts of climax cut through her like the rusty blades of an old saw. Cum. Cum. It was such a beautiful word. Her knees gave way as a pounding rage of wild lust raced through her. A fire storm exploded over her body as the young girl climaxed, sliding to the ground.

When she finally opened her eyes, Sharon realized she had twisted herself half into the bushes. Small, prickly branches scratched her face and arms. She lay there, a weak smile on her face as a comforting glow washed over her flesh. And then Sharon realized what had happened, what she had witnessed through that window!

"Ohh... my... God!" she moaned.

Moving was so painful, almost against her will as she tucked one leg under her ass and drew herself up against the house.

"Enjoyed it, didn't you, Jan? Yeah, you liked havin' me play rough with you. Figured you would."

He was still talking. Sharon drew one hand over her mouth, closing her eyes and inhaling the cool outside air slowly to settle her nerves. She still felt her cunt shuddering with excitement as she stole up to the window and peered once more into her mother's bedroom. Hank was bending over her, undoing the double knot that fastened her legs to her arms. The jockstrap had been pulled from her mouth, tangles of her damp hair still clinging to her cheeks and forehead.

"Don't ever come back here again," Janice said, her wrists finally untied. The woman rubbed them together, a look of pain on her face. "Don't ever come back here again to me. I never should have... have encouraged you in the first place. You're a married man with a family. I..."

"Shaddup that crap about me and my old lady and son," he snarled. "What the shit you know about that kinda crap, havin' that little cunt in tow all the time? The way she suns herself out there wearin' hardly anything on, it's a surprise my kid ain't raped her already. Tommy's her age and he's already sniffin' up skirts. You better keep her under wraps, you don't want her fucked by me or the kid. And as for you..."

Hank didn't have to say any more. He was holding her mother by the jaw with one hand, his fingers tightening so hard that Janice began to whimper. She drew her hands to her face, struggling to knock him away. He only laughed at her vain attempt.

"I'm gonna come over here and fuck you when ever I wanna. You don't want that little slut to know what's goin' on between you and me, that's your business. You keep the bitch outta the way."

"No, don't touch her! Oh, my God, yes, I'll do anything you say, but don't touch Sharon," Janice sobbed, her voice registering her defeat.

Sharon had heard enough. The girl felt pain and confusion as she threaded her way through the bushes, stumbling down the cracked driveway onto the sidewalk in front of her house. It all seemed so... so normal. The lights blazed on in the living room, while somewhere nearby she heard a dog barking. Someone was playing jazz in one of the homes across the street. Oh, God, it was so normal, and yet what a scene she had witnessed there between her mother and Hank!

"Must get out of here... must..."

Sharon pressed her fingertips against her lips as she walked half in a daze down the street toward the shopping center three blocks to the south. Reaching the corner of her street and Glendale Boulevard, the young, attractive teen stopped. Headlights passing in front of her from the cars blurred before her tears. She could hardly stand as the throbbing kept up in her cunt. Oh, it was so strong, sapping all her energy! And what she had seen! Even now she could picture her mother bound like that, slapped from one end of the bed to the other, then roped like some low-life animal. And how she loved it! Oh, yes, Sharon could see that in her mother's eyes! Janice loved it, in spite of her protests and screams. How she came, jerking and bucking like that while Hank Harrington filled her cunt with shots of scalding cum.


Sharon leaned heavily against a lamp post, her fingers clawing at the rough bark while her heart pounded hard! Yes, there were moments when she wished she could have taken her mother's place, seconds when she could almost feel the big man's hands pawing her, pulling at her flesh, tugging her hair, slapping her across the face and ass to increase her excitement!

"God, what... what must I be thinking of?"

Sharon shook her head violently as if she could knock those obscene thoughts away. Pushing herself from the pole, the young teen stumbled down the brightly lit boulevard, blind to the curious stares of passersby. She couldn't go home, not yet, not until she was certain that terrible man had left. After all, Hank had threatened to attack her, to fuck her!


Sharon whispered that forbidden word, her flesh crawling again with excitement as she thought of the big stud and what he would do to her. Would he tie her up as he'd done to her mother, then fuck her brains out? What would it feel like to have a man on top of her, holding her down while he stuck his big prick into her cunt? These were questions the perky, blonde teen had asked herself again and again. But never before had she asked them with such urgency.

An hour passed by as she wandered through the shopping center, looking at displays and wondering what her mother was doing at home. At nine-thirty, Sharon mustered what courage she had and walked back through the dark side street to her home. Through the living room gauze curtains she could see movement. Her mother? Another instant passed when she thought about running. No, she had to get home.

"Oh, Sharon! You startled me," Janice cried as her daughter slammed the door shut.

"Sorry," the girl muttered, smoothing her fingers nervously down the front of her short dress. Everything was normal, or so it seemed. Her mom was sitting there on the living room sofa thumbing through some dumb magazine, again wearing the light-blue cotton dress she had on when Sharon had gone to the movies. Yes, it all seemed so normal. But hell went on over there in the bedroom. Sharon knew it. She had knelt there under her mother's bedroom and watched that awful man rope Janice, beat her half senseless, then turn her over and fuck out her brains. Sharon wanted to shout this out. Instead, she frowned, turning and heading for the stairs. She hoped to God her mother wouldn't question her mood.

"Didn't you have a good time, dear? You didn't have another fight with Anna, did you?"

Anna was the girl she was supposed to have gone to the movies with.

"No, it's okay, Mom. I'm just feeling a little tired, that's all. Guess this summer vacation's getting to me," Sharon lied, passing one hand over her forehead as she began climbing the stairs.

"Well, you take care of yourself," Janice called up from below as the teen reached the top landing and shuffled along the dark corridor to her bedroom.

How could her mother act so naturally? Sharon kept asking herself this as she slipped into her small room, then bolted the door shut behind her. Yes, she was exhausted, tired and dismayed by what she had seen this evening. Throwing herself backward onto the bed, Sharon stared unblinkingly at the ceiling. Closing her eyes finally, she heard that same dog barking in the distance, the wooshing sound of a car creeping along the street. How was she supposed to go on as if everything were normal when it wasn't? That awful animal living next door! How could she even look at him.

"Ohhhhh, God!"

Covering her face with both hands, the young girl rolled over, pressing one of her burning cheeks into the pillow. And how her pussy burned! It was on fire as she thought of the way her mother had looked tied up that way, the silken bonds cutting into her flesh while Hank laughed at her wild attempts to wriggle free! There was something about it, something about the helplessness of it all, the brutishness of the next-door neighbor that sent thrills of unspeakable lust racing up and down her spine.


What was happening to her? What on earth was happening to make her think this way? Sharon chewed the pillow and pushed her trembling fingers deep into the soft material as images of Hank's sneering flare flashed through his mind. What was she doing? Oh, God, she was pulling her skirt up, raising her hips slightly and shoving her ass in the air so she could push down her panties. Yes, she was going to touch herself, touch her cunt and think about that animal living next door and what he'd threatened to do to her.

With one hand, Sharon found herself peeling the outer lips of her cunt back while she massaged the slick fluid flowing from her pussy back into the steamy crack. Oh, yes she was quite used to doing this, especially during those warm nights when she couldn't sleep as she thought about guys.

What a big cock Hank Harrington had dangling there between his legs! Oh, God, even now Sharon mentally measured its size, then spread her fingers apart and pressed them against her belly, seeing just how far that thing would go! God! It would almost take her over!

Sharon began letting out shivery groans, her legs jerking up, snapping together, then sliding back down to the bed. Oh, how those hot folds pulsing against her finger made her feel so good and hot and sexy inside! She was still a virgin. So were a lot of girls in her school, although lots didn't like to admit it. The sexual revolution had come and gone, as far, as Sharon was concerned. Most of the guys were pretty dumb about things, knowing more about how to change spark plugs than kissing a girl. But Hank Harrington knew everything, she bet, everything the girls whispered about in the johns, and probably a whole lot more!

"Ummmmmm," she moaned.

Sharon rolled to one side, curling up her feet and pressing her knees against her tits. She liked lying in the fetal position as she fingered herself, her ass prancing there in the air, pressing back while her hand roamed up and down her thighs and cunt.


Sharon found her special spot once more. Electricity seeped from her tiny clit as the girl straightened her legs and rolled slowly back onto her ass. How the room spun around and around as she searched out that odd little flap of wet flesh again and again. How her breathing changed, became shallow, almost raspy. Yes, that's how her mother had sounded when Hank began tying her up, then fucking her! Closing her glazed eyes, the blonde teen thought of that more and more, thought of her raped mother, of that hairy stud on top of her, working his fingers around his cock while his paw-like hand slapped her into submission. She could almost feel him doing the same thing to her. Sharon jerked spasmodically as if someone had hit her, feeling her tits jiggling in the confines of her bra. Yes, she wanted that man on her, wanted him tying her up, exciting her until she thought she would die. And then... then he could pop her cherry, fuck her. Sharon was sure being a virgin would be a big plus for someone like Hank and his son. Yes, his son, probably a chip right off the old block!

"Ohhhhh," she groaned.

Sharon's skirt had roped around her waist now, and her panties dangled loosely around one ankle. Her thighs were ridged with tensed muscles while she pointed her toes out against the mattress. Oh, yes, it was wonderful to think of Hank and his son, think of what they would do to her. Her breathing quickened again as she moved her fingers faster and faster along the split of her cuntlips. Two fingers shined with slickness there in the semidarkness. How swollen, red and itchy her pussy was as Sharon kept dipping her fingers in and out, in and out, fucking herself while her plump asscheeks pumped up and down faster and faster.

"Oh God... God!"

It was wild, incredible! Yes, Hank would discipline her, make her learn, teach her all the fine details about fucking while he rodded her mercilessly! Sharon rocked her body from left to right, her head rolling over the mattress as tangles of hairs stuck to her cheeks and forehead. Yes, she was as much of a slut as her mother! It must have been something that ran in the family, a kind of sexual curse that made their cunts stimulated by such awful, sadistic thoughts!

Sharon was pumping her ass up and down harder, letting her fingertips just graze the tiny bulge of her clit now to tease herself. There was another rush of thrills making her head swim. It felt as if she were on some wild kind of drug or something. Her thighs felt as if they were on fire and the flesh between her toes itched. Sharon shut her eyes a third time, feeling the coverlet under her jiggling asscheeks wrinkle up. She was spreading her legs, too, bending them at the knees, letting them fall apart as if Hank were there to fuck her, to take her as his own.

"Ohhh, wow... wowowowowow!"

Could her mother hear? No, she was still downstairs, pretending as if nothing had happened. And then her legs began flopping loosely down once more as she dug at the mattress with her heels. Her straight blonde hair splashed over the pillow, tangling wetly at the corners of her mouth. No, she didn't care about her mother and what she thought. That wild, hot, itchy feeling was becoming more and more concentrated, something close to pain, yet something so wonderful, so very, very delightful! Cumming! Oh, yes, a climax that would blow her out the side of the wall. Again, Sharon thought of Hank, thought of the ropes, of the way Janice had looked hog tied there on her king-sized bed. Her entire body felt hot and buzzy.


With a sharp cry, Sharon rolled onto her belly, shoving her face into the pillow and breathing with coughing gasps. Her fingers still squished wetly between her tightening cuntlips. Oh yes, it was happening! She pumped her ass up and down in a fucking motion, a motion she wished could have had a guy helping her with. Her shoulders started jerking while a violent vibration shook her from head to toe. With another groan, the girl grabbed a pillow in wild haste and jammed it between her thighs. She clamped it hard, pumping her ass crazily now. That pillow became Hank for an instant as she gouged against it harder and harder. Brilliant lights flashed in front of her now, those same lights that had carried her away there under her mother's bedroom window earlier, and that had probably carried away her mother.

"Ohhhhh," she whimpered.

And then it was, over. She calmed down now, moving her body like a serpent, rubbing her tits, belly and thighs as she rolled back onto her ass. How her clothes stuck to her! Yes, she needed a shower, something to wash away the dirt and perspiration she had gathered after spying on her mother and then doing this.

"My God..."

It had been a busy day, that was for certain. She swung her legs off the bed, searching for her panties that had come off earlier. Cracking the door open, she saw a bright shaft of light coming up from the stairs and partially illuminating the long corridor. Sharon could now hear the steady drone of the television. Yes, that was it, watch t.v. as if that would somehow make everything right.

Holding tightly onto her panties Sharon tiptoed down the hall, still feeling high and flushed from her exciting cum. The juicy heat in her pussy was still there, still making her cunt walls feel so sexy and itchy as she walked the short distance to the bathroom.

Once in the bathroom, Sharon undressed quickly, stepping into the shower and letting a cool spray wash over her tense, eager young body. How good it felt, almost making her forget what had happened. But then thoughts of Hank and her mother crept back in, and the girl stopped toweling herself off for a moment in the small, steamy room and wondering what was going to happen next. Dear God, what next?


Two days had passed... two long days, as far as Sharon was concerned. She watched her mother closely, leaning out the window as Janice pruned the small rose garden out back. Through the bushes, she could hear Hank Harrington's voice booming over the sound of his large Chevy pickup truck. Janice pretended not to notice. But Sharon knew her mother's heart was jumping. Would she be pushed out the next time, rushed from the house on some dumb errand?

Oh, it was maddening. And the rising August temperatures here in Glendale didn't help, either. Sharon wanted to go to the beach to cool off. But that would give her mother the opportunity to do those things again. Sharon felt she had to get to the bottom of this somehow. But what was she supposed to do?

On the late afternoon of the second day, Janice went shopping, calling out to her daughter who lay in the backyard that she would be gone for at least two hours. As the big blue-and-white car pulled from the drive, Sharon felt an odd kind of excitement rushing through her mind and body. Getting up from the lounge, Sharon pulled her sunglasses from her face, blinked in the bright light and squinted into the bushes. She could see movement behind them. Tommy? His dad? Sharon hesitated for a moment, shaking several loose strands of hair from her face. Smoothing her fingers over the oil still glistening on her flesh, she swung her legs over and stood up, pushing the sunglasses back on her head. Sharon knew it was dangerous to go over there, especially with what she knew about that family. But maybe she could yell out for Mrs. Harrington if things became too carried away.

Stepping through a small break in the bushes, Sharon found herself coming suddenly upon a slightly smaller version of Hank Harrington. Young Tommy was standing there leaning against the fender of his dark-red '68 Mustang convertible, his arms folded over his chest, his eyes focused on the dash where several loose wires dangled. At first he didn't notice her, his mind apparently lost in thought about something in the car. Sharon's first reaction was to step back into the bushes and disappear. After all, no one had spotted her, and this was a dumb idea in the first place. Idea? She didn't have an idea, a plan. She just wanted to get over here to find out what the family was really like.

Too late. Tommy had spotted her, his eyes rounding in pleased surprise.

"Hi... I'm Sharon Urban... from next door," the girl said a little uneasily, tilting her chin up at a provocative angle while shaking more loose hair from her face.

Tommy Harrington was certainly good looking enough. She had seen him once or twice from the kitchen window. But up close, his looks improved. Black-haired and blue-eyed, the tall teenager obviously enjoyed working out, his firm muscles rippling under the greasy, sweat-stained cotton T-shirt.

"Tommy... Tommy Harrington."

Sharon could see the sheen of perspiration on his arms, and she felt her heart quicken.

"Yeah, I know... funny we haven't met, or anything like that," Sharon said, swallowing a large lump of excitement.

"Been busy with this," Tommy said, moving his eyes back over to his car.

"Oh, yeah, a real classic," Sharon purred, feeling some of the former uneasiness and fear disappear. He seemed far less threatening than his father. Maybe he didn't even know what his dad was doing.

"My dad got it for me a while ago. Been fixin' it up since."

They talked idly for a few seconds. Sharon was glad to see that Tommy had noticed her body. In spite of the fear about his father and what he said about her, Sharon was still feeling a little excited about being over there.

"It must take an awful lot of work and time," she cooed, smoothing her fingers over the lustrous red finish.

She saw that he could hardly keep his eyes off the smooth, lightly tanned area of her flat belly. Enticing men was still something new to her, especially enticing someone like Tommy Harrington. The back door suddenly slammed, making Sharon jump. Tommy laughed at her reaction.

"It's okay. Just my mom," he said, nodding in the direction of an older woman with unkempt hair, a dressing gown wrapped tightly around her body. "She's been here for a long time."

"Oh," Sharon responded, studying the woman analytically as she examined a few flowers growing around the rear stoop. Had Hank Harrington driven her into that state? It was an interesting question.

They talked for a few more moments, Tommy growing more and more interested in her as time went by. Apparently his father was gone, something the girl found appealing.

"I've gotta get going on this thing," Tommy finally said after a pause, glancing down at his wristwatch. He made a move toward the garage and Sharon followed, folding her hands behind her back and letting her feet glide over the warm concrete. She thought she could see a faint smile over his lips as he strolled inside, one hand barely touching a greasy rope attached to the overhead door. When Sharon stepped in, bending her neck a little so as not to hit her head on the door, she heard a loud groaning sound. The light began dimming quickly. Turning around she saw the door folding down quickly, thudding to a shut position with a loud bang.


Her pulse leaped at her throat. Tommy was there, behind her, breathing heavily as he shut the door.

"No, what?"

"It's just that... that I don't like being shut in and... and things like that," Sharon said uneasily, drawing her hands protectively in front of her while shrugging her shoulders. Maybe she could still talk her way out of this one. Oh, she had been so stupid to come over here like this, especially after what she knew about the father.

"Won't be too long. And I think you're gonna enjoy it, anyway. Won't even notice a thing, after a while," Tommy said, his sensuous lips curling into a smile.

It was the same sadistic smile his father had. Oh, God, it was like reliving a nightmare! Pivoting around, Sharon rushed for the door, curling her fingers into two tight fists and beating on the rotting wood with all her might. "Help! Mrs. Harrington, help!" she cried, her eyes wide with fright. "No you don't!"

"Help. Helmmmfmfffff!"

Tommy had rushed behind her, cupping his greasy hand over her mouth and pressing in so hard that the inside of her upper lip cut against her teeth. He was dragging her back with the other hand, her feet scraping painfully over the cold, cracked concrete garage floor. The smell of gasoline and oil invaded her nostrils, making her head throb, while the touch of his hot body against her bare back, both thrilled and terrified the captive teen.


She had broken away once, twisting her head from his grip and letting out another shout of dismay. Tommy wheeled her around as if she were a piece of paper, slapping her once with his open palm, then backhanding her with his knuckles.

"Ohhhh," she moaned.

Her head snapped to the right, then the left, the cutting, sharp blows stunning her into submission. As her hair whipped over her face, Sharon collapsed onto Tommy, her world having suddenly shattered.

"Goddamned little slut... prancin' that ass around here and pretendin' that you don't know what the fuck you're doin'," Tommy muttered, dragging the half-conscious, moaning teen away from the door.

"Don't... don't hurt me."

Sharon's head was clearing. She felt him pulling her over to an old, dusty couch shoved against one end of the garage. He dragged her up to the edge and threw her down, pouncing on her before she had a chance to escape.

"No, don't, Tommy... please..."

Sharon whimpered, fighting him off as best she could with vain, futile frailings of her arms. The big stud let her carry on for a moment, finally slapping her hands away and slipping his fingers in her halter. Sharon gasped, her eyes widening as she felt his fingers pressing against her high-riding tits. No one had touched her there before, no one. And here was this complete stranger blocking her escape, touching her tits. And then he pulled outward, tearing the halter in two, ripping the material. Her full, round tits came tumbling out as the bikini top fell away. Her white flesh gleamed in the darkness as she beat her legs against the front edge of the couch, still trying to push her way past the big teen and get away.

"Get... back!"

He slapped her again with the back of his hand, the knuckles bruising her chin and cheek and sending Sharon reeling. Next she felt Tommy's hand jamming between her thighs, rubbing her silky bikini into her pussy. The feeling was shockingly exciting. But fear for her safety made the girl shout out again for help.

"You yell one more time and I'm gonna punch you 'til your jaw breaks," he growled.

Sharon remembered Hank. He had threatened her mother several times and, when Janice hadn't listened, he had carried out those threats. There was no reason to believe Tommy wouldn't try the same thing.

"Uhhhhh, no, don't..."

"Don't wanna get fucked, huh? Man, with that hot little pussy waggin' around here, you can't tell me that," Tommy sneered, crossing his arms and pulling his dirty T-shirt.

Sharon gasped at his muscular body; it was smoother than his father's, but well developed. It was just as she had fantasized up there in her bedroom. But it was just fantasy, not the real thing. Fear made her brain whirl about as the young boy began fiddling with his belt, pulling open his pants.

"No... I... I never did this kind of thing before. Don't..."

Sharon felt her cheeks redden as another cruel smile crossed Tommy's lips.

"A fuckin' virgin, huh?" The smile turned into a sneer. "Don't believe it. And even if you was, that'd be one hell of a trip for me. Poppin' cherries is what I'm good at."

"Oh, no, no!"

Tommy was on top of her, forcing her to lie on the couch, pushing her head down into the dirty, dusty cushions while forcing her legs apart with his knees. He was kissing her roughly, biting her throat, nearly breaking the skin of her neck while his fingers pinched and slapped her bruised tits cruelly.

"Uhhh... ooohhhhh."

Sharon moved her ass from side to side, her fingers curled, clawing the backs of Tommy's broad shoulders. He didn't seem to mind, and even appreciated her spunk as he kept hitting her and pinching her and biting her Sharon thought she was going to faint.

"Keep moanin', bitch. But you ain't gonna stop this from happenin'. Virgin or not, you're gonna get fucked, and ain't nobody gonna help you."

Tommy was squeezing her asscheeks, digging his fingers hard into her flesh. And then he was pulling down at her bikini bottoms, tugging them off her ankles and throwing them down on the greasy garage floor. She was stark naked now, stripped with that awful boy on top of her. It was the realization of her dreams, of the fears she'd had days ago. Sharon had wondered what her mother had felt while getting fucked and beaten. She was about to find out first-hand.


Tommy had slowed down a bit, his hands coursing over the smooth curves of her naked body. She shuddered, feeling his callused fingers tracing along her slim thighs, up to her ribcage, then over to her full tits and erect nipples. When he touched her like that, the girl felt something else other than sheer terror. There was that hot, itchy feeling taking over her cunt again, taking away the will to fight as his body pressed hard and hot against hers.

He was playing games with her, teasing her by kneading her white titflesh into tight little ridges, pressing them hard in his rough fists. He pinched her soft inner thighs, making her squeal again, making her legs kick out. And then he was back to rubbing her ass, shoving his hands down beneath her asscheeks, rubbing them until she could feel his jagged nails searching back, back into her dark sweaty asscrack. What was he doing?

"Uhhh... noooooo!"

Sharon tried to twist away, raising her legs higher and beating at the young animal with the balls of her feet. He was touching her shitter, scraping his fingernails along the pink, wrinkled flesh with one hand while pinching her asscheeks with the other.

"Yeah, nice, huh?"

"Uhhh... no, no, awful... awful animal, stop it!" she cried, pressing her chin down against his shoulder and trying to squirm away from Tommy's hard, muscular grip. It was impossible. The more Sharon struggled, the more she seemed to work her way into his grip.

"Nice, nice piece of ass you're gonna be." As if to emphasize that point, Tommy stiffened his offending finger, then shoved down hard and fast.

"Uhhhh... oooohhhh."

Sharon thought that the world had blown apart right then and there! She felt him spearing her ass, wriggling his horrible finger down into her asshole and working it around and around, his fingernail scraping her bowel lining! Shocks of strange heat raced up and down her spine, making her clit stand up and tremble strangely while Tommy kept shoving his finger in deeper.

"Oh, no, don't... oh, God, why are you doing this to me?" she sobbed.

"'Cause you're a hot little pussy, and hot cunts gotta have pricks to make 'em feel real good. That's what's gonna happen here."

He fucked her faster and faster with his terrible little finger, slipping in a second when she thought she had become accustomed to the first. Letting out another shout, Sharon gritted her teeth and felt them chatter from the pain and heat his two ass-fucking fingers were creating.

"Oh, yeah, nothin' like a tight ass to match a tight pussy. You got one of them, too, right?" Tommy whispered, biting on her earlobe.

"Stop this... stop!"

Tommy tried kissing her, driving his tongue deep in her throat. The girl grimaced, twisting her head away and spitting onto the pillow. All Sharon received as a reward for defending her honor was a hard slap across the cheek, the force nearly throwing her neck but of whack.

"I was gonna be nice and gentle. Guess you don't appreciate that. Okay, bitch, you'll get it in spades," Tommy threatened.

There was more movement. Then she felt his hand slip down between their sweating, grinding, naked bellies. Tommy's hand was at her crotch now, pinching her cunt mound, pulling out some of her pussy hairs by the roots. He laughed when she arched her spine, wallowed her shoulders against the couch and shouted in agony. Either no one could hear, or Tommy just didn't care. Then his fingers were back into her cuntslit again, the thumb driving in. Her cunt was hot and wet, convincing Tommy that the girl was enjoying this, no matter what she cried.

"Help, huh? Man, you don't need help with the juice comin' outta you this way," he grunted, laughing at all her sobbing cries. "You want this bad, baby. The more I knock you around, the more you dig it. Yeah, that's what I like about you."

"No, no, that's not true! That's a lie," Sharon shot back.

Tommy laughed at her denials, shaving his terrible thumb in harder. And then the girl felt pain as she had never felt before in her life! It was a sharp, concentrated kind of agony that made her snap her head from side to side and cry out. It was her cherry. Yes, it was her cherry, that thin, tiny membrane which stood guard between childhood and maturity.


She fought again, beating her fists against the young man, trying to kick him away with her feet. But he was far too strong for her. Twisting his thumb around and around in motion while pushing in, Tommy managed to tear her tiny membrane with a single push.


Flashing lights and roaring thunder filled her brain as she screamed and shouted, the pain becoming beyond excruciating. The girl shook violently, her body beating up against Tommy's again and again while he kept his fingers wedged there between her swollen cuntlips.

"Damn, you was a virgin!"

"Oh, oh, ohhhh..."

There would be more, much more, Sharon realized in her hazed brain, to overwhelm her this afternoon in the hot, little garage.


He was moving his finger around in her, fighting to keep it inserted in the violently writhing ring of her tight little cunt. Tommy tried worming his finger in deeper, continually meeting resistance as the girl tried cinching her pussy muscles tightly. Sharon cried out, her face red and pinched while tears streaked her face. Oh, oh, this was awful, terrible!

"Like it, huh, baby? You dig pain, dig havin' your body worked over, huh?"

His words were like knives cutting her pride to shreds. She wasn't like her mother, a woman who thrived on having herself humiliated.

"No more," Sharon gasped, twisting her face away yet again from the big stud on top of her. "Please, oh, please, don't do anything more with me!"

She was sobbing with renewed humiliation.

Her mind spun around and around with fear and degradation. Slowly, very slowly her juice smeared outer labes were spread apart, stickily peeling back as Tommy's breathing became more and more labored. Yes, he was just like his father: big, insistent, thriving on being able to lord himself over the weak and torment hem! Just that thought made Sharon shudder, while his fingers kept twisting around and ground in her violated pussy.

"Uhhhhh... oooohhh, no!"

The girl twitched and jerked forward as his middle finger now shot out, the jagged tip circling her quivering clit. It teased along the edges of the gently quivering folds of her drenched cunt. His long middle finger kept its maddening tickle against the growing bud of her nerve center.

"No, no!"

He was trying to pry her cuntlips farther part with one hand when the girl suddenly managed to twist out from under him. "Hey, what the fuck!"

Sharon managed to grab the bottoms of her bikini as she rushed past him, tugging on the rope that controlled the front garage door. She would dash across the bushes and into the house. No one would see her. Her mother was still out shopping. She would be safe, at least for the time being, until she managed to think out what she would do.

"Get back here!" Tommy climbed off the couch, then raced up to her as the door began to scrape slowly over the floor to its opened position. Sharon yelled out again, but he mouth was clamped over while Tommy let the door swing back to its original shut position Sharon felt his hands hurting her, his finger bruising her flesh as he dragged her back to the couch and threw her down. Sharon let out soft grunt, her hair splashing over her face while her arms jerked out to either side of her body.

"Dumb bitch!" he hissed.

He stood above her quietly for a second pushing the black hair from his eyes. How those awful, hard eyes bore into her, makin' her shrink to her very soul. And then he was back on her, pushing his fingers back into he naked cunt, twisting them around as her soft warm thighs closed tightly around his arm.

"Ohhhhh," the girl moaned.

Why did she have that mixture of feeling, those conflicting sensations that took her breath away? With one part of her mind, Sharon wanted to push Tommy away, save herself from more degradation. And yet another part of her mind wanted to see what this young stud was going to do.

"Startin' to loosen up a little more, baby. Yeah, that's it," he grunted with satisfaction, shaking more sweat from his face. "Keep it nice and loose for ol' Tommy."

Sharon wept more freely, sobbing with complete shame and humiliation. It wasn't enough that she was here, trapped in this terrible place. She had come voluntarily, of her own free will for this. Secretly, part of her was loving this, wanting more, just as her mother had wanted more from Tommy's dad. This was so confusing, so wretchedly mixed up!

"Nice... but I ain't gonna fuck you regular. No way. Someone like you's gotta have somethin' extra," Tommy said, pulling his fingers out with a soft, sucking sound.

Sharon trembled, looking up with wide, frightened eyes. Tommy pulled open his trousers, halving them, then shoving the greasy, faded Levi's down to his ankles. A long, thick cock that reminded her of his father's sprang out, the pulsing, dark-red head pointing right at her. Sharon gasped, shrinking back, shoving her spine against the back of the old, dusty couch.

"Oh no, no!"

It was her mother all over again! How her scalp crinkled with terror while her nostrils flared, the insides burning with the oxygen she sucked in.

"Get over... doggie style, baby, roll over onto your fuckin' hands and knees," Tommy ordered, moving one finger around in a circular pattern. Then he turned around and pulled out a dusty, cracked mirror, positioning it at one end of the sofa so that Sharon could see herself.

She did as she was told, feeling her knees sinking gently into the torn cushion beneath her. Shaking her head, the girl knocked the strands of long blonde hair from her eyes and saw her reflection in the old bathroom cabinet mirror before her. How... lewd she looked, not at all the fresh, young teen she had been only moments ago in the safety of her mother's house. Her face seemed slightly swollen. Was that from her rising lust or the blows she'd received again and again from Tommy's opened fist?

"That's it, baby, get that old caboose back up there," he said, bringing down his hand against the firm, rounded tops of her asscheeks with a dry smack, Sharon's squeal resounding through the small garage.

"Uhhh... ooohhhh!"

Tommy stepped out of his Levi's, one leg at a time, then kicked them under the couch. Working his fingers around his fat prick, he greased down the shaft with flowing pre-cum as the young stud looked over at his father's cluttered workbench. Sharon looked nervously over one shoulder, her eyes following his. He moved toward the bench, his fingers wrapping around a long, rusty rat-tail file.

"Gonna see just how hot you are, baby. I used to know some girls over at my other school who'd go down on just about anything, once you got 'em worked up. Got a funny feeling," he said, moving from the bench back to the sofa. He held the file at the rounded end, lowering the pointed metal wedge sticking from the grooved sides down to her flesh. Sharon flinched when she felt the sharp, cold metal moving along the sole of one foot. Her toes curled as she gasped. If she hadn't been so frightened, it would have almost felt ticklish.

"No, please, put that thing away. You'll hurt me if you fool around with it," Sharon wailed, about to roll back onto her ass and curl into her protective fetal position.

"Get that ass back up," he snapped, threatening her with the long, rounded file. Sharon blinked, stopped her rolling movement suddenly, and got her asscheeks back up.


"Do what I tell you to!"

Sharon kept one side of her face pressed against the edge of the couch as she felt his eyes studying the round, firm swell of her ass. The girl had an attack of nerves, the spasms making her smooth white ass globes move as they tightened and relaxed.

"Uhhhhhh..." the girl moaned.

Tommy was breathing a little harder, his sweat-stained chest rising and falling while his prick stood out straight and hard. Moving behind her, he slapped her asscheeks with his free hand, telling her to move her ass up a little higher. Sharon gasped, wanting to sink out of sight, to disappear, to die rather than listen and obey him. But there was little choice. He had closed off all exits and would probably hurt her more if she defied him. Slowly, reluctantly the young teen brought her knees up a little farther, sliding her asscheeks in the air. The wet, sticky line of her cuntcrack was exposed.

"Man, oh, man, that's a good pussy, real nice."

His fingers roamed freely over her ass, the thumbs cutting into the soft, warm flesh that rounded into her asscrack. Was he going to torment her shitter again?

He was touching her with that horrible file now, rubbing the grooved, rough edges against her assflesh, making her skin pucker up into goosebumps. The girl groaned, feeling her elbows bending out, feeling her mind spinning around and around drunkenly as that cold rattail file slipped up and down, edging closer and closer to her cuntcrack. Sharon closed her fingers into two tight fists, pressing them against the dirty cushion under her. The girl wanted to cry. But she feared the slightest move would somehow cause an injury to herself.

"Uh!" she gasped.

And what was happening to her body? Oh, God, why was it reacting in this obscene, perverted way? Again, her mind flashed back to her mother. The moment Tommy moved the round file up to her pussy, she felt the tiny muscles guarding her cuntmouth tensing, relaxing, then tightening once more, making her pussy tremble. It opened and closed in uncontrollable spasms as the file's edge traced the puffed outer edges of her cuntlips. Sharon felt so vulnerable, so open to pain. She sucked in her lower lip and chewed down until she tasted blood as she twisted her face into a mask of intense concentration.

"Nice, eh, baby? Oh, shit yeah, real nice. Like doin' this to babes like you. Can't get enough of it, watchin' you bob that ass around, wantin' more," Tommy taunted.

"No, no, not true," she grunted, her head hanging low between her jutting shoulderblades while her hair curtained her shamed face.

But it was true! And the more Tommy moved that horrible instrument around, sliding it closer to her pussy once again, the more she knew it was true. And then she felt the grooved iron touching the center of her cunt! It was a shocking, chilly sensation, making her pussy muscles spasm shut on the object. Tommy laughed, telling the girl how it looked when her cunt moved around like that.

"Hungry for prickmeat, huh? Still want my cock in you? Sure you don't want this little mother reamin' out your cunt?"

Sharon cried out, her fingernails shredding the rough material beneath. Tommy rocked the file down and up, pressing the cold iron against her clit. Sharon gasped loudly once more, the pressure on her erect cum-center sending shock after shock through her spine. She arched her back, presenting her opened pussy almost eagerly to the young stud.

"Goddamned slut! And you kept tryin' to pretend you was such a fuckin' prize!"

The continual touch of that horrible file against her hot, moist flesh sent wave after wave of violent sensation coursing through the girl's veins. Slowly, Sharon became conscious of the fact that she was moving her hips from side to side like some sort of rutting beast... just as she had seen her mother do when Hank had, her roped down on her bed.

Sharon's pulse raced. She opened her eyes and looked at herself in the mirror, her gaze moving up and taking in Tommy who was now kneeling behind her. She could just barely see the thick, black bush of his cock hairs at the base of his lower belly.

"Ahhhhhh..." Sharon cried out again, moving her ass around in frantic, tight circles when the young stud began moving the file back and forth in sawing movements against her clit. The searing touch was somehow mingled with the electric thrill stiffening her clit.

"Go for it, bitch!"

Sharon felt her body burst into fire. The constant rush of fluid from her fuckhole was wetting down her thighs. Oh, how she was shaming herself in front of Tommy. It was so weird, as if she didn't have any control of her young body. And he kept rubbing that awful file up and down over her cuntslit, twisting it around and around so the grooves would sand against her fluttering pussylips. And Tommy constantly made certain that the cold file was keeping in close contact with her clit. Up and down, up and down, the grooved instrument moved, stimulating her clit more and more, making her suck in air to feed her writhing body.

"No... uhhhh... oh, no, no, don't do this to me... uhhh."

Again, the girl looked at herself in the mirror, her drooping eyelids fluttering each time the raspy file ground up against her clit. The buzzing, spinning flashes from her clit became worse and worse. Biting her lower lip again, Sharon bobbed her ass up and down, her tits swinging like two jugs and slapping together from the violent force of her moves.

"You want prickmeat, right baby? You want this cock up your cunt?"

Sharon refused to answer. Yes, she was hungry for that fat, purple-headed cock. She wanted to have Tommy jam his prick in her hungry, dripping fuckhole. The tender tissues were still raw from his awful cherry-breaking thumb. But even that light twinge of pain and her fear couldn't blot out the tantalizing thought of having her cuntwalls stretching around his hammer-head prick. As she thought of the size of Tommy's cock, memories of Hank's shot through her mind. Yes, like father, like son. The two of them were so much alike, in attitude as well as build. If she couldn't have the father. Sharon had the son. The thought brought a weak smile to her lips. Then reality seeped in once more and she shuddered.

"Yeah, go for it, you fuckin' bitch. Come on, make it, make it with the file."

He was twisting it around faster now, sanding the rough, ribbed edges against her puffy cuntlips, then twisting it down so her clit would benefit from every move he made. Sharon was going as crazy as Tommy, rolling her hips from side to side, arching and shoving back her asscheeks at him. Yes, she wanted him to fuck her, fuck her as hard as he could.

"Man, there ain't nothin' you wouldn't stop at to get a prick in you, huh?"

"Oh no, no, no!"

Was she shouting at him, at herself? Sharon didn't know. All she thought of now was the flesh set ablaze by that awful file. Oh, yes, it was so good feeling the oily sweat rolling down her thighs, mixing with her cuntjuice.

"Huhhhrrr! Huhhrrr! Hulihhrrrrr!" she growled.

Sharon was an animal now, a wild, rutting animal whose cunt wagged wetly in the air. Oh, yes, she wanted cock, needed it as badly as her mother had that fateful night. Feeling her asscheeks jiggling from her movements, feeling Tommy's fingers pressing against her ass, she wanted his stabbing prick, that wonderfully thick, long, dark-red cock in her!

"Bitch! You like watchin' yourself, huh?" Tommy shouted, noticing Sharon peering through her blonde hairs at the double image in the mirror.

"Oh, ohhh!"

Dropping the rat-tail file, Tommy, slapped her again and again across the asscheeks, each blow more violent than the next, each one arousing her even more. God, it was like a blast furnace there between her legs. And still, the juice flowed, seeping from her fuckhole, wetting down the wiry curls covering her swollen cunt mound.

"No!" Sharon suddenly gasped.

It was as if someone had set off a string of firecrackers in her pussy. She felt Tommy's blunt cockhead stabbing against her pussy. And then his prick was halfway in, the force of that initial thrust nearly lifting her knees off the sagging couch. It was like nothing she had ever felt before in her life! Sharon snapped her head from side to side, her long blonde hair splashing across her whitened knuckles as her virginal cuntwalls slipped tightly over his invading prick. She felt swollen, bursting at the belly. And still, Tommy kept fucking his cock in, his fat prickhead gurgling and pumping into her juices. She felt so degraded, letting him do this to her. And worse yet was that she actually enjoyed this pain, the shame of being violated in this terrible way!

He was sliding up against her now, his balls tensing while inch by thick, throbbing inch fucked into her pussy. Sharon was letting out strangled, choked little sounds of delight as her back arched once more. Oh, his prickmeat kept coming, squeezing into her squishy cunthole. And now Tommy was sliding his hands around, gripping her tits and pinching her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers until the girl let out a sharp cry.


Sharon hunched forward, her chin sticking out while the pain around her nipples grew worse and worse. He was enjoying her cries, loving the sounds she made when he squeezed her rubbery, long nipples. Oh, God, it felt as if he were going to tear them off. And still, he kept fucking her, driving in his cock!

Oh, God, yes, as shameful as it was to her, Sharon found herself enjoying this humiliation and pain.


He was fucking her hard, steady, and fast. His fingers pinched her tits cruelly while his body slammed again and again against Sharon's ass. She sobbed, his callused fingers on her nipples making every ounce of her swinging tits throb with agony. And, oh, how that touch increased the fierce heat exploding in her cunt! Never would she have guessed that this much pain and humiliation could have such a positive sexual effect.


God, he was biting her, clamping his teeth on the nape of her neck. The girl screamed, throwing her head back, feeling the sweep of her tangled blonde hair over her arms. Slowly, painfully, Sharon found herself raising her body with her arms, keeping up that constant bobbing action with her ass. In spite of the horror, in spite of what Tommy had both done and said to her, the attractive blonde teen had to experience release. She had to have that climax, that wonderful rush of feelings she remembered from that awful night under her mother's bedroom window and later on in her own bed. No, there was no way she could escape it. She had to cum, had to climax.

"Uhhh! Uhhhh! Uhhh!" Sharon grunted each time Tommy raped his prick through her cunt, his groin slapping loud and wet against her ass. She could feel the wiry hairs of his cock bush against her pussy and asshole. That itching, burning sensation around her cunt and ass was driving her crazy. The girl ground her teeth together and let out strangled choking sounds as she shoved her ass back, weaving and swiveling her ass from side to side.

"Work it out, you Goddamned little slut! Come on, work it out!" Tommy bellowed.

Sharon cried out, the tearing pain around her nipples blanching her mind. All she wanted was to have those feelings increase more and more until the pain and spinning knot of tension in her belly exploded.

Tommy was chewing on her neck again, sucking her flesh, then biting it hard until the girl feared he had broken the skin. And still, he fucked her like a maniac, his fingers cruelly bruising her tits, then moving down to her belly to pinch and slap it. He was all over her, touching her all over, fucking her all over.

That twisting, scratching pain in her nipples was like a fire scorching all her nerves. Thoughts of her mother, of her friends, of Hank all evaporated under the exploding sexuality of her raped cunt. Yes, she had been raped, but now Sharon knew she was volunteering the enthusiasm. Yes, she wanted his prick, wanted it fucking through her pussy the way it was now, rubbing continually against her clit, drawing out every ounce of strength, of will from her!

"Gonna... uhhh... gonna spray out soon, baby... gonna fill you up with my jizz!" Tommy grunted, his fingers tightening around her tits.


Tommy was growling like some kind of wild animal. In a moment, Sharon found, herself matching his grunts and snarls. She heard the squishing of his cock as it slipped in and out of her cunt faster and faster. The slapping of his balls drove her half mad. That wonderful lump of excitement deep in her belly was growing now, taking her over, threatening to explode at any second. And now, oh, his prick seemed to be thickening, growing more and more steely, brittle as the boy got ready to cum.

And then with a particularly hard, savage jab, the young man shoved his cockhead down all the way. Sharon felt his groin rubbing up against the rounded curves of her asscheeks, felt his hands gripping her by the hipbones and holding her.

"Gonna ride you out, baby, gonna... uhghhhh... gonna break you like some Goddamned mare! Goddamned little slut, ruttin' like this! Yeah, gonna... ughhhh."

It came with the fury of a summer brushfire. Sharon gasped, her eyes rounding at first, then cinching tight as spasm after spasm engulfed her consciousness. Her ass bobbed up and down, then shoved back one more time while her tiny cunt muscles chewed and gummed along the full length of Tommy's spurting prick. They came at the same time, both of them trying to ravage the other with climax.

"Ughhhh..." he groaned.

The first massive spasm shattered the girl completely. She babbled something incoherent, finding a language all her own as her legs shivered, her elbows collapsed and one side of her face pressed hard against the tattered couch pillow before her.

"Wowowowowowowowowowowohhhhh!" she panted.

The couch jerked violently as the two of them snapped from side to side, their bodies striking the back of the sofa time and time again. Sharon heard herself screaming as her climax washed over her like some awful tidal wave. Tommy's teeth broke the skin of her neck as another blast of cum spattered deep in her cunt.

"Uhhhhhhh..." This cum was more powerful than any she had ever had in her life. She could feel it in her nipples, her fingers, her toes, her belly. The flesh around her cunt and asshole was on fire, with all that quenching cum finally putting out the blaze. Sharon sobbed, knowing that the spurting, jabbing, gut-spraying prickshaft was possessed by that horrible young man who would step on her as well as fuck her. "Uhhhhhhh..."

After what seemed like hours, Tommy pulled away, wiping his sweating forehead with the back of one hand.

"Good piece of ass, Sharon. Yeah, nice fuckin' piece of ass," he breathed, putting both hands on her asscheeks and fanning out his fingers. Slowly, reluctantly, he began pulling his softening cock out, watching with rounded eyes as jizm and cunt juice trickled down her thighs and wet the material of the old sofa. Sharon was shivering, her body swaying slightly front side to side as he withdrew his prick.

"Oh, God, God, what've I done," she moaned, drawing one hand over her eyes and covering her face.

"What you damned well pleased. Man, you must've been wantin' a fuckin' for a long time," Tommy commented, pulling his cock out all the way, then rubbing his still-swollen prickhead over her cunt hairs.

Sharon let out a little cry, feeling the muscles cinch down on nothing. "That's not true."

How hollow and empty her words sounded! Yes, she must have wanted a man to touch her like that for a long time, to fuck her! What a terrible thing to admit!

"And we ain't through yet, baby. You're on call, understand?" Tommy said, crawling off the couch and fishing around the floor for his Levi's. Sharon blinked, rolling half over and peering heavy-lidded at the young stud.

"What... what do you mean?"

"Just what I said. You're on call, twenty-four hours, like a nurse," Tommy said, chuckling at his choice of words as he slid into his jeans, shoving his softened cock back in through the fly and zipping up. "I wanna get fucked, I give you a call. You're listed. You just come runnin' over here when I want a little action, that's all."


Sharon couldn't believe this was happening to her. She wanted to scream out something to him, tell him exactly what she thought of huh. But what did she think of him? He had hurt her, degraded her, raped her. But she had loved the feeling, enjoyed having his prick reaming through her cunt, relished the feeling of having him brutalize her before the rape.

"Now, damn it, get the fuck outta here before my old man comes in and wants to fuck you himself," Tommy ordered, reaching down, scraping up her dirty bikini suit, then throwing it into her face.

Sharon didn't need much encouragement. Still shaky from the ordeal, she managed to slide her legs off the couch, step into her bottoms, then grab the torn tops and hold them as best she could over her tits.

"Go out the side. See you soon, baby," Tommy said, smiling cruelly at her as he slapped her firm asscheeks.

Sharon let out a little squeal, relishing the cool air she felt against her flesh as Tommy opened the door for her. Clasping one hand over her mouth, fighting down the desire to break down and sob right there, Sharon rushed front the garage, looking nervously from side to side to make certain no one saw her. Sweat and cum streaked her body as the young girl rushed over the grass, past the concrete driveway and into the bushes. There, just a few feet in front of her was the back door. In a moment, Sharon found herself in the safety of her mother's kitchen.

"Oh, my God!" she moaned.

Halting for a moment, the young girl leaned heavily against the refrigerator, sobs shaking her body as she thought of what had happened. He had hit her, shoved her around, knocked her to the floor, then dragged her to that awful couch. And that hadn't been enough. No, he had to degrade her with that rat-tail file, playing with her cunt with that thing before... before tearing away her cherry with a thumb, then shoving his fat, long prick into her and how she had loved it! Oh, God, that was the confusing, horrible thing which Sharon couldn't understand. Through it all, the girl had enjoyed every instant of the ordeal.

"Dear God!" Sharon sobbed.

But there was no time for her to worry about that now. Glancing wearily up at the kitchen clock, Sharon realized her mother would be home soon. No, she had to clean up, to pretend everything was normal. And that would give her time to think, time to come to terms with what had happened to her and what she would do.

The hours dragged by that afternoon and evening. Janice cooked a small dinner, then served her silent daughter, eyeing Sharon and wondering why the normally vivacious girl was suddenly so quiet. The teen played with her food, shoving her fork around the plate listlessly, washing it down with milk, then asking to be excused. Was it the flu? Was it something else Janice felt she should know about?

An attack of guilt made her stomach tense as she gathered up the dinner plates to carry them into the kitchen. There in the doorway, she stopped, catching, the reflection of herself in the kitchen window. Yes, she was attractive, very attractive, as pretty as her daughter. Hank went after her, got her. Perhaps someone had landed Sharon, as well.

"No, what am I thinking of?"

Janice pursed her lips together, shaking her head from side to side as if to cancel that horrible thought. No, the fault of sex lay with her, not with Sharon. The girl was too inexperienced to be having an affair with men just yet. For heaven's sake, she had just put her dolls away only months ago... or so it seemed! No, Sharon wasn't plagued with problems of sex... thank God!

Janice felt a nervous shiver ripple up and down her back as she drew the dishwasher door down to slip the utensils inside. Inexperienced. She had been that way at one time, a young girl who knew nothing, except for the vague, veiled tales her mother had spoken of the night before her marriage. How sheltered her mother must have been during all those years with her father. How had they ever enjoyed themselves? Her own marriage had taken off slow. It was only with Jack's patience and kindness that she had finally learned about climax, about all the various positions that brought so much pleasure.

Closing the dishwasher and turning it on, Janice folded her arms over her tits, feeling the warmth of the cleansing water through the drawer radiate through her dark-blue shorts. Jack. There was a lover: kind, generous, hot. Then the image of Hank drifted into her mind, pushing Jack's face away. The smile dropped and a shiver made her flesh crawl. That monster, that... that horrible man! And yet he had touched something in her, struck a chord that made her body and soul tremble with delight.

Walking slowly from the kitchen, Janice waved one hand in front of her as if she could erase all that had happened to her. She had encouraged him to come over. Yes, that was true. He was right to accuse her of that. When the Harringtons had moved in, Janice saw right away that Mrs. Harrington was in no, shape to satisfy her husband. She seemed more a reclusive, sick nun than a wife. And Hank, well, he was crude, vulgar, but vital, every inch of him radiating masculinity. And there she was, widowed, wanting the touch of a man so much, the touch Jack had taught her to desire with every ounce of her being. Yes, she had purposely wagged her ass around that yard, wearing as revealing an outfit as possible without causing an outright scandal. She had seen the disapproving looks from nearby neighbors who guessed her scheme. But Mrs. Harrington didn't seem to mind. Indeed, she seemed relieved for the attention Janice was receiving around the house. Then came that fateful night when Hank took her into the garage and... the rest was history. But only afterward did Janice realize the truly sadistic streak running in him, a streak that soon took over every action. Now she was trapped, cornered by him and her own sexuality that wanted more of his kind of lovemaking!

"I need a drink," she breathed to herself, walking a little unsteadily into the living room. He had threatened to fuck her daughter.

Was that bravado, or had he really had his eye on her? Sitting on the tall, leather-covered bar stool, Janice thought of that as she reached for the bottle of vodka and poured herself a tall, cool vodka tonic. She realized she was feeling something like possessive jealousy as she picked up her drink and took a long swallow. The burning sensation down her throat seemed to calm her nerves somewhat. Jealousy? That was absurd. No, she was more concerned about her daughter's safety, about having Sharon exposed to the same kind of horrors she both feared and wanted.

God, another attack of horniness. She hadn't been to bed with Hank for three days. That was something of a record with them. After that night in the garage, he had been coming over regularly. Either that, or she would slip out without Sharon's notice, tiptoeing through the bushes over to the garage, then fucking him on that horrid little sofa in the corner. How she feared that his son or wife would suddenly barge in and find the two of them in a wild embrace. It was only last night that he revealed his true colors, beating and roping her, and telling her there would be more in store. More?

Janice took another sip of her drink, listening to the light tinkle of the ice against the glass. It was then she realized, that her fingers were trembling. With excitement, with anticipation? Another sip, this one calming her nerves even more.

Mechanically, Janice began rubbing her wrists, looking down at the places where those bonds had been. She could still feel the silk of the bathrobe belt, the pull of the pantyhose as her body was bent back in that horribly awkward position. It had given her the feeling of complete helplessness. And that had some how increased her sexual excitement. It was all so mixed up. Janice couldn't figure it out, wasn't sure if she wanted to as she finished her drink and began to prepare another. Just as she was dousing the melting ice with tonic, the phone rang, the jangling making her hair stand on end.


There was some hot breathing as a response. Hank. She knew it, could feel it in her bones. A rush of chilly heat flashed through her body as Janice leaned against the wall, twisting the plastic-coiled phone cord in one hand.

"It's been a long time, baby. I wanna get that thing into you, know what I mean. The wife's asleep. Come on over."

Hank's mating call! Still, in spite of his crudity, it made her burn with desire.

"No, my daughter's upstairs and... and I don't think I should see you, Hank. I mean..."

"I mean things went too far the last time and..."

Janice couldn't finish the last sentence. She felt the big man's anger, felt his overwhelming desire to strike her for that attempted defiance. Biting down on her lower lip, Janice twisted the phone cord more frantically, wishing she had the courage just to hang up the phone and get on with her life.

"I said you was gettin' that ass over here now! Now don't gimme any lip, or I'll come over there and fuck the shit outta you right there in your living room with the Goddamned door open. You can let your precious daughter see you then, along with half the neighborhood," he threatened.

"All right, all right," she replied breathlessly, feeling the receiver get all sweaty against her ear. "I'll be right over."

The garage! Putting down her drink, Janice turned and peered at herself in the mirror. She was still attractive, pretty even. She should be dressed in furs, going out to the finest restaurants with a sophisticated man, not slinking around in backyards to fuck around in some dirty, greasy garage.

But still, the woman went, first going to the foot of the stairs and calling up softly to her daughter. No answer. Good. Sharon must not have been feeling well and went straight to bed. Inhaling a deep breath, Janice turned, then walked quietly into the darkened kitchen, pausing only for a moment at the rear door. Some force, some horrible dark force was stirring in her now, making her pulse race and her heart quicken as she stepped into the night air and walked toward the bushes separating her property from the Harrington's.


"No, oh, no, what... what are you doing to me?"

Hank said nothing as he held the thirty-inch length of half-inch rope in one hand and doubled it to check its strength. He had already done enough.

Chains and cuffs! This was something straight out of a medieval castle! When she had walked into the garage, Hank had subdued her quickly, pulling off her shorts and blouse, panties and bra, then shoving her toward the center of the building. At first, Janice had thought he was going to fuck her right then and there on the greasy floor. But the big stud had other, more spirited plans for Janice. Struggling against his big, restraining hands, the young woman had found herself being jerked under the support beam overhead. Only then did she realize a set of newly polished silver chains hung from the wood, attached to the beam by two half-inch eye screws. At the far end of the chain supports were two leather cuffs of about two inches in length, a square silver buckle sewn to them. With little coaxing, he forced the terrified woman to raise her hands and slip her wrists into those cuffs, buckling them tightly, then adjusting the overhead chains until Janice's toes swung at least three inches from the floor.

"Ohhhhh," she gasped.

How her muscles and tendons stretched, pulled taut by the weight of her own twisting body! She let her head fall back, feeling the ticklish sweep of her long blonde hair over her ass as the muscles in her shoulders pulled and ached. Fanning her toes, Janice looked around and saw Hank still examining that rope.

"I been shoppin' around these past few days... down in West Hollywood, at a place called the Pleasure Chest," he began, his voice low, steady. Glancing up at the hanging blonde, he smiled in a strange way, a way that made Janice shiver. "You'd be amazed at all the shit they got down there... all kinds of things you'd dig, I think."

"No, no," Janice whispered, denying more to herself than to Hank.

"Maybe not," he said, shrugging, then straightening the rope. "But I sure found a lotta stuff... and I'm gonna try it out on you, baby."

"You don't know what you're saying," she gasped, eyeing him with growing fear.

Hank only laughed, tossing the rope to the ground, then walking over to a series of brown paper bags lined up against his workbench. Janice followed him with a fear-stricken gaze, watching as he dived into one bag, then pulled out what appeared to be clothespins. They were metal clamps of some sort, clamps with wire attachments dangling from one end.

"This little gem... well, you'll find out," he said, his eyes narrowing as he approached the hanging woman.

"No, no, don't..."

Janice screamed, snapping her head back, curling her fingers until her nails dug into her palms. Tiny shocks of pain coursed over her flesh while she bent her knees and kicked out against Hank, the movement making her body swing violently in the clattering chains, stretching her aching shoulder muscles even more.

The woman let out another scream. Oh, God, what was he thinking of doing to her nipples? There was a sudden shock of pain, a feeling as if he had pierced one with a scalpel! Letting her head roll forward, Janice saw that Hank had clamped one of those awful things on her right nipple. The saw-toothed clamp was biting into her sensitive flesh, nearly breaking the skin as it hung there. Gritting her teeth together, letting a low groan escape from her throat, Janice watched as Hank took the other clamp and did the same thing.

"Oooowwwwwww!" the blonde screamed, her body snapping and writhing like a pinned serpent while her legs shot out in either direction. Her tits jiggled heavily against her chest as more and more choked cries escaped from her lips. The pain shot into her brain, knifing deep in her skull. And those clamps, the teeth, how they bit into her nipples. Janice was certain that they were drawing blood! She thought of herself as being martyred here in the garage, crucified on Hank Harrington's sadistic perversions! The chains rattled maddeningly around her as she twisted again, something popping in her shoulders from the bobbing, jerking motions.


Hank was humming some country and western tune as he fished around in the bags once more, coming up with several lengths of red and blue wire. These he twisted around the leads coming from the clamps, letting them fall against Janice's sides. The woman stopped her moaning, becoming more and more used to the stinging pain around her nipples. What was he doing? Why was he attaching the wires to the clamps biting down so painfully on her nipples?

Then he pulled something else out of the bag. It was long, silvery and round. A dildo! It had to be at least twelve inches long, much longer and fatter than the cock he had dangling from his legs.

"Nice little gem, huh? The guy said this kinda thing drives women nuts once it gets goin'. It makes 'em all soft and wet inside," Hank commented, studying the dildo, then he looked up with some amusement in his eyes at the terrified, wired blonde in front of him.

"Wh... what are you going to do with that thing?" Janice stammered, instinctively closing her legs together protectively.

"Don't worry. It ain't gonna go up your cunt, though you might wish it had."

Moving over to the workbench, Hank opened a dirty can of axle grease, slicked down the dildo, then moved up behind the woman and began spreading her asscheeks with one hand.

"Oh no, no, noooooo!"

She knew immediately what he was going to do and struggled with every inch of her will to escape it. Tensing her muscles, Janice threw her hips in one direction, then the other. Her eyes were wide with terror, her nostrils flaring while horrified sobs and screams escaped from her lips. She kicked and howled while Hank patiently waited, then, slapped her, finally cuffing the back of her head and knocking her senseless for a moment or two. That was all he needed. Janice groaned, her head having fallen forward. Yes, he was doing it, fucking her ass, shoving that metal, thing into her asshole. She groaned, feeling as if she were going to heave if he pushed any more of that dildo in her ass! Shoving back with her ass, the woman felt a growing, aching pain radiate out from the base of her spine to all parts of her body.

"Yagggghghhhhh!" she screamed at the sensation.

The grease helped some as Hank twisted four inches of that awful thing in her shitter before backing away. Oh, it was like having her body torn in two! Tears of shame and pain rushed down her flushed cheeks. This was horrible, awful. Nothing like it in the world had ever happened to her before!

"Now for something to make that all worth while," Hank said.

More wire, more attachments. She was starting to feel like one of those victims in a science fiction movie. Hank was screwing more wire, this time onto a hook at the base of the dildo. Then he was back to the bags, back to the clamps, fishing them out, and now moving up toward her cuntlips.

"No, oh, no, don't... not there, don't scar me there!" Janice cried, her eyes rounded with terror as she watched Hank open one of those clamps and move up toward her pussy. She jerked her thighs back shyly, folding one leg over the other and nearly pissing on herself from the rising excitement and horror.

"Come on, baby, it's gonna be one of the best feelings you ever had in your whole life," Hank said mockingly, reaching forward and curling his fist into her pussy hairs. He laughed one more time, then pulled out a handful of her blonde curls with one yank.

"Yaggghghhhhh!" the woman shrieked, her head snapping back while the pain shot through her like a thousand firecrackers exploding between her legs! Needles of incredible pain pricked every nerve ending in her pussy as the big stud snatched yet another fistful of her cunthairs. The big muscles in her ass and thighs cramped as the chains rattled around her head.

"Gonna be better now? Ain't gonna gimme any lip?"

"Ohhhhhhh, please, please."

Janice could say no more. She sobbed quietly, the big, hot tears rolling from her eyes and off her chin as she hung there like a slab of beef. Her nipples were blushing darkly, actually thickening and stiffening under the cruel bite of those clamps. He let her get used to the damps and dildo for a moment before opening a third clamp, then sliding it up over one cuntlip. The woman cringed, a hissing, shuddering breath escaping from her lips. She tensed, the cords sticking out from her neck while her fingers began tightening around the clanking chains. She could feel it, feel the metal rubbing against the wet warmth of her right cuntlip! No, he wouldn't, he couldn't touch her there, clamp that awful thing on her pussy the way he had clamped her tits!

But Hank did. Opening the small clamp all the way, he twisted it around, letting the tiny teeth snap shut slowly on her swelling right cuntlip. Moving quickly, the big stud did the same thing with a second clamp, letting it bite down into the warm, fleshy fold of her left cuntlip. Then there were more wires attached to more clamps until Hank declared he was through.

"Ohhhhh," she moaned.

"Like the Bride of Frankenstein... or somethin' like that," he muttered, admiring his handiwork.

Janice's body swung slowly from side to side, twisting in the drafts while the wires hung down at her sides. What was he going to attach them to? Was he going to attach them to anything, or was this just a ploy, something to terrify her with?

"Now, for the fun, man. I been thinkin' about this ever since I read some shit in a fuck book about it. It sounded real good... like somethin' I could fix up in my garage. See, I did!"

Janice watched as he walked back to his workbench, smoothing his fingers through his black hair, then bending halfway down. He was reaching into a cabinet at the bottom, pulling out something that made a heavy, scraping sound. Narrowing her eyes, fighting down the pain so she could concentrate a bit, Janice saw it was a round compact object with some kind of wheel to one side. On closer examination the woman realized to her horror that it was a portable generator, the kind her husband used to use whenever the power went out in their garage.

"The juice... the stuff that's gonna be your lover... at least for tonight," Hank explained, holding the piece of equipment in both hands, then walking over to a small table to one side. He cradled the generator almost lovingly, examining the various parts while Janice hung there helplessly.

If he would rape her again, if he would beat her again, she could understand that. That was something in the male, something that came out again and again. Even with her husband, Jack, Janice had noticed that caveman approach every now and then, the desire to hurt before satisfying himself in the sex act. But this... this was something straight out of some Nazi concentration camp, something out of the Dark Ages. And Hank was excited. Yes, she could see that, see that in his face, in the way he moved, in the fact that his cock was tenting up the front of his faded. Levi's!

"Yeah, everything's in workin' order," he pronounced, backing away and blowing off some dust that had gathered around the top. Eyeing the chained woman with another mirthless smile, Hank looked back at the small generator. "Bought this thing five years ago and used it only a couple of times. Never thought about usin' the Goddamned thing for something like this, though."

"Oh, no, no, nooo!"

Again Janice struggled, twisting her wrists in the leather cuffs, feeling the material chafing her bound flesh. She was only hurting herself, making things worse for herself. But what else could she do, hang there like a lamb willingly being led to the slaughter block?

Hank worked slowly, still humming that awful little tune while he twisted the various wires hanging from her tits, her ass and her cunt together, then joined them to the lead wire from the small generator to his right. Janice stopped her twisting movements, feeling her heart beating harder and faster while a fine coating of sweat broke out over her flesh, making her skin appear smooth as velvet. The clamps were like tiny shark's teeth tearing into her flesh! Even the subtle, slight additional weight of the wires made the pain so much worse.

"This here's an experiment, bitch," Hank said, attaching the final wire and going back to the small generator. "I ain't done nothin' like this before, though I read lots about it."

"Read? Oh, God, no, don't do it! Oh, please, you'll kill me... kill me if you turn that thing on," Janice begged.

He would electrocute her with that generator. Already, the terrified woman could feel the electricity coursing through her veins, frying up her flesh, turning her blue. And there would be nothing she could do about it. He must have soundproofed the walls or something, because all her sobbing, terrified cries brought no response... not even a responding bark from a nearby dog.

"Ain't that much power in here to do that I think."

He thought? Again, Janice jerked her body from side to side, thinking for a moment that she could tear those chains away from their overhead anchorage. But her fears proved only too true. As the night before, Hank had fastened her tightly in her bonds. The more she jerked and twisted, the more agony she caused herself. Defeated, Janice hung from her chains, waiting for the first jolting spark of electricity from the generator.

There was a sharp clicking sound, followed by a steady hum. Yes, it was that generator, the tiny wheel whirling around and around to let them know it was working. Janice focused her eyes on Hank, then on the generator. It seemed so dream-like, just as it had the other night when he had roped her into that awkward, obscene position before taping her. And now she had to admit that those, horrible little pincers were exciting her. After the initial shock and resulting pain came this... excitement, these tight, little hot feelings in the spots where those clamps were biting. She trembled, her ass tight while her asscheeks danced and her tits jiggled. How her shitter muscles cramped around that dildo, now warmed to the temperature of her body. No longer was there the pain she had felt earlier. Now there was only that filled feeling, an almost delightful stuffed feeling that somehow increased the heat developing in her cunt. What horror, what a terrible thing Janice was slowly discovering about herself. She, like Hank, seemed to have no limits. The more he pushed her, the more she moved along.


"Want that first jolt, baby? Wanna feel the electricity shootin' through your body?"

Another attack of lust spasmed through her mind and body. Janice couldn't speak, didn't dare tell him her true feelings. Let him guess. Let that damned animal try to think of what she was feeling as she hung from the rafters, her body wired to that humming generator.

Hank only laughed again, reaching down and squeezing the head of his hard, thick cock. Janice's eyes were glazed, a hot, tight feeling developing in the pit of her stomach and shooting down to her clit. Yes, that right clamp was only an inch away from her sex center, its teeth soaked with her flowing juices now. Janice wriggled her head from side to side, knocking away stray strands of her blonde hair. When would he throw the switch?

He was twisting one small dial with chipped, white numbers painted all around the edges. The humming increased, the pitch going a little higher. Janice found herself bracing for the ordeal, her fingers tightening again around the chains while her toes curled until they cramped. A strange kind of warming sensation began radiating through the clamps, making her clit throb in time with the pulsing electricity rushing through the wires. And that dildo up her ass! It seemed to be growing as electricity flowed through the shaft and into her intestines. Janice raised her knees slowly, doubling up with something halfway between pain and pleasure as her body shuddered under the electrical attack.

"Yeah, you like it, huh? I can see that, man, see it real good," Hank muttered, his hand twisting the dial back to off.


Her legs straightened once more, her fingers loosening around the chains holding her to the rafters. Janice bit down on her lower lip. That little rush of electricity in her cunt, her asshole and her nipples had stimulated her almost as much as several minutes of hard fucking. She had jerked, had felt something pleasurable dousing her body, raising gooseflesh. There was more, she was certain, coming for her.

"Glad you liked the overture," Hank said, his fingers tensing around the dial. "'Cause here comes the main work."

Janice readied herself as best she could.



Her cries were to no avail. The dial turned, another flood of electricity rippled through the wires. Janice started to shiver, her violent shuddering making the chains rattle in a staccato rhythm. Her asshole felt clogged with that sputtering dildo as more and more electricity rushed into her body.

Janice jerked from side to side, biting down hard. Her head throbbed from the increased dosage while her tits bobbed up from her heaving chest. Her breaths came in broken gasps as her chest tightened. Was this how it felt to be electrocuted in slow motion? Janice cried out, feeling her nipples thicken, actually swell under the increased electricity. Her clit was filling, blooming as if it would burst with joy! Joy? Yes, that's what it was, incredible joy drained from this electrical torture! Janice let out an unholy howl, closing her eyes and shouting again and again with unspeakable delight as the electricity made every nerve ending in her body stand up and sing.

"Uhhhhh... uuuhhhhh," she grunted.

Hank watched as more juice seeped from her fuckhole, wetting, down the tangled, blonde matting of her pussy hairs. He knew she was enjoying this in spite of her wild cries for him to stop.

"No, no more... ughhhhh... no more, can't... can't take any more... ugh..."

Janice was growing weak and dizzy from the onslaught of electricity. Hank said something crude to her, then moved the dial a little more. Oh, God, it was like having sets of hands slapping her. She tensed again, her knees jerking up and banging together as the woman began losing control of her muscles. They were spasming, clenching and unclenching from the electricity flowing through them.


Yet another new flow of charges, and yet another reaction to them.

"Come on, baby, come on and loosen up you'll love the next bit."

Hank twisted the dial again. Janice screamed, her head snapping back while shards of electronic glass sliced through the fibers of her every nerve. Her fingers fanned out and curled, trembling uncontrollably as the chains clanked and rattled about her head. Her knees jerked up, fell back down, then jerked up once more. Janice felt something warm trickling down her thighs and knew she was pissing. Yes, the woman was losing control of all her functions, and she worried for a moment that she would be shitting herself, as well. That awful dildo plugging her ass was keeping the shit up and packed down. But what if it should slip out and... oh, the thought made her sick as she bounced and jerked on the iron chains like a crazed puppet.

"Yagghghhh... ooohhhooowww!"

Her ass muscles tightened like a fist, bubbles of air escaping around the sputtering silver dildo.

"More!" Hank shouted above her terrified, tortured screams.


Hank turned the dial yet another notch and watched as Janice swayed madly, her wrists tugging wildly at the leather cuffs.

"Come on, baby, dance it up for me, dance it good," he mocked.

Janice felt as if a rocket had slammed into her belly. Her tits, belly, cunt and ass felt as if someone had dumped hundreds of burning coals onto them as the muscles tightened once again. Oh, God, she would strangle herself with that damned electricity. Again and again, the woman tried to scream out her pain, her terror, her excitement. But now the electricity seemed to have paralyzed her vocal chords. Gasping, choking sounds came from her half opened mouth while her eyelids fluttered uncontrollably.


Hank raised the setting again. Now something else was happening, something she fought with what strength she had left, and lost. Climax! Yes, a climax under all this horror. It was coming over her as surely as a rushing wall of water from a burst dam. Her lips began to turn dark red, then purple while diamonds of spittle stood on her lips. More cuntjuice seeped from her fuckhole, wetting down the clamps and threatening to corrode the wires slapping together between her legs.

"Oh, oh, ohhh..."

It came in long, shocking waves, her muscles around hr pussy spasming, clenching at the clamps while her clit erupted in a white-hot burst of orgasm. Janice screwed up her face, her cries, only long hissing sounds while spasm after spasm racked the frantic woman.


Speech was beyond the woman hanging there from the garage ceiling. Her face became a blur, her long blonde hair whipping over her tits as sparks flecked off the clamps and into the thickening air. There was the smell of electricity matched by the odor of singed hair and flesh. Janice had no idea how many volts were tearing into her body, didn't even care. The electricity seemed to prolong her orgasm, to keep those mind-shattering spasms going on and on! How lovely it was, how incredibly wonderful it was to have a climax that threatened never to stop!


Hank twisted the dial up yet another notch. He saw that Janice would soon pass out from the rush of electricity. With a quick flick, he turned the machine down, then off, watching aster body tensed, then sagged immediately in the chains.

"Ohhhh," slit moaned.

It was as if every bone in her body had been crushed by the onrushing current. Janice thought for a moment she had lost her heartbeat. There, it started again! Oh, how weak she was!

"Goddamned cunt... man, you got me hot twistin' around like that," Hank said, turning off the generator and reaching up to her tits.

Janice groaned as he tore the clamps from her swollen nipples, reached wound and yanked the dildo from her ass, then opened the pincers from her cuntlips. There was the soft clattering sound of the wires and clamps falling to the floor. Janice groaned again, her head lolling from side to side while the spasms from her cum still rocketed through her tortured body. Now she could feel the leather cuffs chafing her wrists again. She must have rubbed her flesh raw from all the bouncing and twisting she had created while the electricity rushed through her body! Only now did the woman feel the pain around her wrists and shoulders. Someone was calling her. Hank, shouting at her. She groaned again, her head falling back.

"Come on, bitch, come to!"

He slapped her again and again, his fingers leaving long red marks on her cheeks until she came around. Hank was reaching up again, doing something with the leather cuffs. Oh, he was releasing them, pulling open the straps, holding her up with one hand while unfastening the bonds imprisoning her.

Janice slumped down over his broad shoulders, feeling as if she wanted to die right there. Nothing was left for her. She had endured the ultimate, being strapped up there in chains and electrocuted. But Hank had not been satisfied. Like a raging bull, he carried her over his shoulders, letting her slip down to the couch her daughter had been raped on hours ago.

"Uhhh... oh no, no," she murmured.

But Janice was far too weak to resist. He could rape her, beat her, do what he wanted with her. She was in no condition to fight him. Twisting her around on the sofa, Hank spread her legs apart easily with one knee, squeezing between her thighs. With his big hands he reached down and peeled back her cuntlips, then leaned forward and opened up his zipper. The woman saw his cock, his big, thick, long prick twitching and jerking against her pussy. Weakly, the woman tried inching back, feeling the dirty, scratchy material tickling her spine and asscheeks.

"God!" she gasped.

Janice threw her head back. Her mouth opened, and she let out strangled cries as Hank held her tightly, pinning her to the old couch with his prick as if she were an insect pinned to an examining table. Janice shuddered as the torture of the electricity and his pounding prick shattered her mind and her pride.

"Take it, you Goddamned slut. You're gonna take every fuckin' inch of it like you did the last time, only now you're hot to trot, really steamed up from that electricity," Hank growled.

He was holding her fast, his hands rubbing and squeezing her sore, swollen tits. How her nipples ached from the clamps that had chewed into them. Hank didn't care about how she felt, what she said, how she groaned under his insistent, heavy body. He grunted, shaking the sweat from his forehead while squeezing yet more inches of his pulsing cock into her fuckhole.

"Uhhhhh... oooohhhh!" she whimpered. Oh, it was happening again, triggered once more by the pain of this brutal rape. The itching force of climax, that awful sensation was coming again, stinging her clit. He was fucking her tirelessly with jackhammer strokes, filling and spreading her itching, elastic pussy more and more.

"Cum, cum, cum," Janice found herself whispering, lust boiling like heated oil between her legs. His cock pounded into her cunt without mercy while wild images burned her brain.

"Yeah, I'll cum, all right, burn out your fuckin' outsides with my prick."

"No, no, ughhhhh!"

Cries of unspeakable lust jolted from her throat as another climax, perhaps more furious than the last, burst through her cunt. It was as if the world had shattered to fiery pieces, each one crashing down into her pussy and igniting her clit. And all the time, his bruising, ramming prick ripped her to pieces. Yes, torn to pieces, shredded by this animal mounting her, torturing her!


Every bone in her body rattled to the fury of her climax. Janice felt herself surging out of control, her hips thrusting up and down, up and down wildly while her body felt it was being pricked by thousands of red-hot needles. Hank thrust harder and harder, his body stiffening suddenly, his fingers nearly crushing her shoulders. There was a moment of a sudden silence. And then... there was a wild cry from his throat. It was the shout of triumph, the cry of a male having overpowered a woman, fucking her into submission. Janice matched his shout with a cry of her own as fountains of jizz burned into her slick cuntwalls.

"Ughghhhhh... cummmmmmm!"

Her pussy kept on throbbing and trembling while Hank fired again and again into her cunt, the spurts of cum shooting like bullets, then spattering against her pussy walls.

Janice had no idea how long this horror show had lasted. When it was over, she lay exhausted, defeated, overwhelmed on the couch, one leg hanging over the edge of the sofa while her arms were draped over her chest. She was breathing slowly, evenly as she looked up at the big man, her eyes full of tears. Her lower lip quivered as she thought of the shame she had brought upon herself and her family.

Hank climbed off her, shaking a remaining drop of cum from his pulsing prickhead. It spattered against the woman's left thigh. Strutting a few feet, he stopped by the generator, stroking the rounded top almost lovingly. Then, with an amused lift of the brow, Hank returned to where Janice lay in a puddle of sweat and jizz.

"So, you liked it, huh? You dug being strung up like that, havin' all that juice goin' through you, clit?" he asked, nudging her with one toe.

Janice sobbed out an answer, turning her face from him. How could she lie? Oh, dear God, how could she lie and tell him no when all the time he knew it was true! He had seen her twitch like a whore in heat while she hung there helplessly in chains. He had watched her convulse with climax as electricity burned her body, then watched her cum again when he had fucked her so brutally. She was a bitch, a slut. Janice drew back from him, wishing she could have a knife to end her miserable life.

"I'm through with you, baby... at least for the time being. Go on," he said wearily, kicking her clothes over to her. "Get the fuck dressed and outta here. I don't want my son seein' you naked like that. Might give 'im a bad impression."

Janice dressed as quickly as she could, her muscles aching from the horrible ordeal she had endured. And Hank watched her, his eyes laughing, that horrible smile of his curling up his lips. Oh, he was something from hell, a demon sent here on earth to capture and torment her. And she had once thought he would be the solution to all her problems!

"Now get on and get outta here," Hank said as the woman straightened her clothes. "Maybe in an hour or so you could send over your daughter. Yeah, that'd be good."


Janice felt another wave of nausea sweep over her. He was talking about Sharon. She wasn't going to let these crawling pigs here destroy her only daughter. No, they could do with her what they chose, but leave Sharon alone.

"That's what you say now, babe. But you don't know what's gonna happen in the future."

With that ominous comment, Hank let the woman go. Stumbling from the side of the garage, Janice hurried across the darkened drive into the bushes. In a moment, she was in her own backyard, standing there below her daughter's bedroom window. The light was out. Sharon must be asleep. Tears began flooding from her eyes, washing down her cheeks. With a stifled sob, Janice fell to her knees, her head bowed slightly forward, her fingers fanned out and pressing against her flushed face. How she wished this would all end. How much more did Hank think she could take? How many nights would she be able to endure him, endure all the torment, the humiliation, the pain he enjoyed dishing out to her? These and other questions rattled through Janice's confused mind as the night air blew softly around her, gently lifting her hair from her shaking shoulders.

But things were not as calm as the woman had thought. Although the lights were out in Sharon's room, the young blonde was not asleep.

"Nice bitch... good bitch, gotta talk just like a dude does to his fuckin' dog."

That call had been made while Janice was out. Sharon indeed had decided to go to bed early, the constant whirl and confusion of her mind making her exhausted. It was then, with a start, that she heard the phone ringing. Why didn't her mother answer? The young woman lay there in bed listening to the steady ring, finally kicking off the covers and padding to the upstairs hall extension. It was Tommy. She should have known, should have hung up the phone and rushed back to her room. But instead, she stood there feeling those strange conflicting emotions rushing through her body. He told her to meet him by the side of his house. He had some plans for her, and she'd better join him.

Before Sharon could protest, he had hung up. Like a robot, she dressed, fighting back the tears, the desire to scream. Tip-toeing down the stairs she envisioned some problem with her mother. But Janice wasn't there... at least in the living room. Perhaps she had gone to bed early. But then why were all the lights burning brightly? Sharon didn't know, was too terrified and confused to follow through her questioning.

Like clockwork, Tommy was there, taking her by the elbow and guiding her down a back alleyway past several garages until they stopped by a small, wooden, brown one. A rear light burning dimly illuminated the rotting clapboard.

It was there he guided her, there he explained to her that he and his dad leased the building for some repair auto work they did on the side. Fishing out a set of keys, Tommy had opened the side door, pushing the girl in. It was then he told her about her mother, about the fact he had seen her hanging there in the garage with electrodes fastened to her cunt, her asshole, her tits.

"Uh... you're lying. You're lying! My mother wouldn't be like that... she wouldn't do things like that!" the girl screamed, clenching her fists and pressing them tightly against her thighs. Her face was red and her eyes rounded in horror. No, he had to be wrong, had to be lying in order to work her up. Sharon could feel her heart pounding as she faced the terrible young man, her pulse racing through her veins.

"Yeah? Man, she's got a mole right here," he said, pointing to an intimate spot on the right inner thigh.


Sharon nearly fainted. It was true. He could only have seen that mole if... if her mother had been naked in front of him.

"And, man, she was enjoyin' it. I knew my old man was fuckin' around with the ladies, though he never said much about it around me. Guess he thought it would be bad for my character," Tommy said, rubbing his nose and snorting out a chuckle.

"You're lying!"

Sharon's mind wouldn't accept the fact that her mother was a slut. No, it was a lie, a terrible, horrible lie! And yet, why was something in her mind, some nagging suspicion telling her Tommy was all too accurate in his description of what was going on only a block or so away? Oh, God, it was as if the world were ending all around her and there was nothing she could do except watch and scream!


"So, like mother, like daughter," Tommy said, shutting the side door and bolting it. "And like father, like son." He chuckled, putting the keys back in his pocket and rubbing his hand over his crotch. "My old man likes stringin' 'em up and hitting. So do I. And you and your old lady... well, we're perfect matches, huh? Maybe my dad and I can switch off."

"What?" Sharon exclaimed, her eyes widening while her breathing became short and raspy.

"You know, I ain't fucked an old lady. And your mom's pretty damned good-looking probably tight and one hell of a fuck, if my old man's goin' after her."

"Stop it! Stop it!"

Tommy was talking about Sharon and her mother as if they were some kind of breeding farm! The girl backed away, her head slowly shaking while she drew her hands protectively in front of her.

"Stay away from me," she warned, her eyes rounding even more.

"Yeah, sure. Don't worry, chick. By the time I get through with you tonight, you're gonna be wantin' more of it."


Sharon turned and tried running blindly in the darkness. She screamed, her feet catching on a piece of metal thrown on the floor. Sharon pitched forward, her elbows and chin striking a pile of rags while her palms skinned over the uneven concrete. Sobbing, choking on her own saliva, the young teen scrambled desperately to her feet. She rushed to the right, slamming head-first into an old motorcycle. Tangling her legs in the starting gear, Sharon pitched forward once more, collapsing in a heap on top of the cycle while Tommy moved up behind her.

"You're a real mess, know that? You ain't gonna go nowheres, baby, nowheres."

He was curling his fingers into her hair, yanking it up, tearing some of the strands out by the roots. Sharon screamed out again, her hands banging against the toppled motorcycle frame while her legs kicked against the flattened tires. There was a stench of oil and gasoline as the pain increased more and more in her scalp. She jerked one hand back, curling the fingers and trying to claw away his offending hand. But Tommy only laughed at her efforts. Oh, it was just like the night she'd seen Hank attack her mother. He had yanked her hair, pulled her around the room, made fun of her while Janice screamed and twitched like a helpless animal caught in some horrible trap.

"Uhhhhhh... ahhhhhh!"

He was pulling her off the bike, dragging her back. Her eyelids fluttered while a pulse leaped at her throat. She felt her ankles scraping over the torn metal, past the broken pedals and finally off the bike. Her blue mini-skirt pulled hard at her waist as Tommy drew the girl back, back from the overturned motorcycle toward the front door.

"No, lemme go, stop it!" Sharon cried, her fists beating at the young stud dragging her by the hair.

Terrified, Sharon bent her legs and pushed back with her bared feet, her asscheeks rising from the floor with each backward push only to fall down heavily again the next moment.

"There we go, baby," Tommy said, letting his grip loosen on her hair.

Sharon jerked away, rubbing her fingertips through her strands and massaging her injured scalp. She lay on the floor, propping her body up with one hand while still drawing the other protectively across her tits. Animals! That's what Tommy and his father were animals! They had crashed into her tiny family and destroyed it, ruined everything her mother and father had built for the past sixteen years. And what was worse, what was horribly worse was that she and her mother loved it, enjoyed it, cultivated the destruction overwhelming them all!

"Ever chow down on prick?" Tommy asked, wiping his lips with the back of one hand as he stared down at the questioning girl. "You ain't fucked around much. Guess you don't know what the hell I'm yappin' about. Just open that Goddamned mouth."

But Sharon did know what he was talking about. Some of the girls at school had shown her how to... to give head, as they called it. In fact, at the cafeteria once, they had skinned a banana and given it to her, instructing the girl to suck it in and out without leaving any marks on the soft fruit. How some of the guys stared and grinned as she giggled and practiced.

"Just don't hurt me anymore," Sharon whispered, watching with wide eyes as those now familiar fingers pulled down the zipper tab and halved his Levi's. Yes, his cock was hard and thick as it rolled out from his trousers.

"Don't count on it. Just concentrate on this prickmeat, baby... good and hot and thick and greasy; just what the doctor ordered for you, right? Come on, bitch, you're gonna get down on this cock and give it a good cleanin', right? Come on baby, suck me dry, clean out my tubes with those lips, Sharon."

His fingers were twisting around in her hair once more, pulling at the strands, although not as savagely as he had before. He forced her head back at a slight angle, her throat feeling pulled and dangerously vulnerable. When Tommy told her to open her mouth, she did, sticking out her tongue a little? Just as he ordered. His Levi's had slithered down a little on his thighs, the fabric bunching at his knees. From this angle, Sharon could see his balls closely, very closely! They were low-hanging, yet rising slowly, slowly up against his crotch with tension. She guessed that was how guys started out in their fucking, in getting real excited before shooting off.

And there was that smell, that strange aroma coming out from his crotch. There was the stench of sweat, but also another aroma, the smell of something almost fresh, bleachy! Tommy was bending his knees slightly now, and his fingers gripped behind her ears while his meaty prickhead pulsed inches in front of her full, parted lips. Sharon had to close her eyes as the stud drew closer. She could feel the heat of his groin radiating against her face. And then she felt it, felt his fat, greasy cockhead bumping up against her lips.

"And you try something funny like biting and, man, I'm gonna bounce you off the walls. Your old lady's gonna think you're somebody else," Tommy warned, tugging her hair once to underline his threat.


Sharon knew his capabilities. He was savage, capable of the torments of hell. She wouldn't touch him with her teeth. No, she would give him the best head possible, bring him off so she could run back to the safety of her home and then possibly run away from this horror threatening to engulf her young life.

"Now, baby."

He tilted her head back a little farther, shoving down. Sharon felt that head and the meat behind it rubbing over her front teeth, sliding over her tongue, heading back to her throat. She was afraid to do anything, to clamp her lips on his invading prick as it traveled back, back until she felt it touching her tonsils.

"Ohhh, come on baby, tighten up on me," he said, slapping her lightly on the back of her head. "Close them lips up and start movin that tongue around. Move it around my cockhead, then around the shaft... uhhhhhh, yeah, baby, yeah, just like that."

Sharon's lips stretched tightly around his fat ten-incher, spittle frothing around corners of her lips and dribbling down her chin. He was starting to pump his hips, pistoning his cock in and out, in and out, his balls swinging softly back and forth. In a moment, they were slapping regularly against her chin while Tommy was letting out soft, animal-like sounds.

"Uhhhh... Jesus Christ, bitch, keep it goin'! Oh yeah, yeah, keep that tongue movin' around like that, slidin' back and forth around my rod... mmmmmm, Goddamn good!"

Sharon felt herself starting to enjoy this. To feel a man's cock, the power of his whole being throbbing and jerking in her mouth. She loved the sensation of his hot, thick prick rubbing against the insides of her cheeks and over her tongue! And when it went down all the way, touching the back of her throat, the girl thought she would die! Tommy sounded as if he were going to kick over, too! He was making strangled sounds, his fingers fanning over the back of her head, tightening hard, while his body trembled mightily. She could taste more and more of that bleachy stuff oozing from his piss slit, washing down over her tongue, coating her throat, making her swallow.

"Take it, bitch!"

Tommy slammed her face against his groin, holding it there while his prick slipped all the way down her throat. Sharon gasped, her fingers fanning out against his belly and pressing down to shove her head away. It was getting impossible to breathe! He was blocking her air passage with his cock, his balls screwed up tightly against her chin! Sharon let out a shuddering breath, then tried sucking in air as best she could, the fat head of his prick slipped down her throat.

"Ohhhhhh... yeahhhhhh, that's good head."

Tommy rocked back and forth, twisting his hips in a rotary fashion, rubbing his cock all around the insides of her mouth and throat. When he realized the girl might choke from being stuffed with his prickmeat, he backed off reluctantly. Sharon sighed with relief, falling back as his blood-heavy cock slipped in between her lips.

"Man, you sure know what the hell you're doin' for a newcomer," Tommy said, wrapping his fingers tightly around the center of his fat prickshaft and squeezing hard.

Sharon turned away, her face red with shame. She had dropped all pretense of her innocence now as she knelt there in front of Tommy, spit staining her chin and cheeks. He had fucked her mouth as he had fucked her cunt: hard, but with incredible skill. Oh, how good he was making her feel. Didn't she have any pride, any sense of self-worth? Or was it all submerged under her rising sexual arousal, an arousal that knew no bounds?

"Come on, baby, I got somethin' special for you here... it's somethin' I've been working on for a while with you in mind... kind of..."

He took her by the hand, helping her off the floor after having jerked up his pants. Sharon noticed his cock was still out, still hard and thick, still waiting for a cunt or mouth to satisfy it. Her eyes darted to his prickshaft, then moved forward in the direction he was guiding her.

"What..." she murmured.

Sharon stopped next to a wooden ladder boiled to one side of the garage, the rungs filthy with grease. At the top, a small square latch apparently opened to the flat roof of the structure. In front of her was a small workbench that hadn't been used for quite a while. A thick layer of dust coated the splintery top. At one end of the bench, the closest to her, Sharon noticed a clamp fastened to the side, two iron loops opened now at the top.

"Put your hands through here, baby," Tommy instructed, opening the loops a little farther.

"Oh please," she pleaded.

The girl looked at Tommy for a moment, realizing as she always had in the end that there would be no mercy from this man. Swallowing one more time, Sharon turned around and slipped her wrists obediently through the straps, thinking of his description of her mother hanging from the rafters of his garage.

The iron was cold, the thin bands pressing against her wrists as Tommy closed the straps and bolted them shut with a large quarter-inch screw threaded through each loop. Then he began to pull off her clothes slowly, rubbing his prick against her ass as he fondled her tits through her halter. He pulled off the top slowly, then massaged her quivering tits. His hands pawed her as before, pinching her flesh, making her writhe in agony and wallow in rising lust. It was a horrible, wonderful combination of feelings that tormented the girl in mind and in body. She felt her skirt being hauled down, draped over her ankles. And then came her panties, the sticky damp crotch panel pulling loose from her cuntlips and sliding down her shivering white thighs. She was naked now, stark naked in front of this young man with his prick sticking straight out from his halved Levi's. And oh, the heat that radiated out from her furry cunt! Sharon couldn't believe how hot she was for him. Her cuntwalls trembled when Tommy moved his fingers up and down the bloated edges of her cunt. He was tracing the bottom of her fuck slit, finding the tensed, aching muscles that guarded her cuntmouth.

Sharon gasped, her eyes widening as a powerful spasm rippled itchily over her pussy, making her knees wobble. Oh, it was so good, so shamefully good. The girl tugged her arms back, feeling the metal straps cutting into her wrist flesh. Even that amount of pain added I something to the rushing sensation over her cunt. Letting out a low groan, Sharon dipped her ass.

"Ohhhh, yeahhh, baby," Tommy growled. He had one hand between her shoulder-blades, pushing her forward until her forehead was almost touching the workbench. She could hear him breathing in that familiar, uneven pattern. Yes, he was getting ready to fuck her, getting ready to slip his fat cockhead into her cunt. His prickhead felt so velvety soft, yet so hard. The girl shivered with excitement and fright.

Tommy was behind her, his knees brushing up against the backs of her legs while one arm looped around her waist. He pushed her forward a little more, the fronts of her thighs rubbing against the ragged workbench. Some splinters scraped her flesh painfully. But the girl didn't mind. No, it also added to the delight coursing through her veins.

"Come on, baby, let's fuck doggie style for a while," he grunted.

She dared move her hips, changing slightly the angle at which her cunt was making contact with Tommy's prick. With that move, the girl sealed her fate. She felt his cockhead pop in, spread her cuntlips apart quickly and slip at least two inches into her fuckhole.

"Uhhhhh... oooohhhh!" she moaned.

His prickhead was moving so... so insistently, sexily down through her cunt. Her seepy, velvety cuntsheath convulsed time and time again, grabbing onto his sinking prickshaft as it tunneled through her pussymeat. He was halfway inside her when the girl's cunt muscles spasmed, tightening down on him.

The cramp was almost painful to Sharon. She opened her mouth and let out another gasp, shocks of incredible sensation taking her breath away. Tommy let out a grunt, shoving her down forward a little more. He was leaning heavily on her, rubbing her face in the dirt of the workbench while trying to shove yet more of his cock into her pussy.

"Uhhhh... oh, God... dear God, it's... so..."

Sharon didn't dare want to confess just how good she was feeling. Oh, but she had almost admitted it, almost told her tormentor how much she loved this, enjoyed having his cock sinking into her soft, clutching cuntmeat, loved feeling his body draped over hers while his fingers massaged and pinched her tits!

"Baby, baby!" Tommy began fucking her soft and slow, his prick greasing itself down on her juices. The folds of her cuntlips puckered in with each downward thrust. A trickle of juice oozed out from her fuck slit and dripped down as he shoved inward. Sharon's ass flexed, tensed, relaxed, then tightened again with each fucking push. Again and again, the girl felt her knees bending under the pressure of his fucking. The splinters tore at her flesh now as Tommy picked up speed, his prick sinking in deeper and deeper with each successive stroke, the wet heat turning her brain into Jell-O.

And just when Sharon thought she was going to leave the earth in a glow of hot, sexy sensation, the young stud stopped.

"No, baby, I ain't gonna spoil this evening with a standard fuck," he gasped, pulling out slowly.

Sharon trembled, feeling the lining of her pussy stretching back together behind his retreating hot cockhead. Her shoulders shuddered as his prickhead just remained in her cunt. And then... it was gone. Her tense, eager pussy muscles spasmed for stimulation, for the touch of the young man's prick.

"Come on," Tommy ordered.

He was pulling her skirt and panties off her ankles, then taking one leg and moving it up from the floor. Sharon shook her head, trying to clear it as she felt the pressure of the weight of her body on her left knee and ankle. What in God's name was he doing? He was stretching her right leg out and up, gripping the ankle hard and twisting it around until it came to rest on one of the rungs of that side ladder.

"There, baby, there, you're gonna have some real fun now."

The leg was parallel to the floor now, her ankle resting on the fifth rung. Tommy was doing something to it, tying something around it! Dear God, her ordeal had just begun!


"Ohhhhh... you're... hurting me!" Tommy didn't listen to the girl. He was looping the half-inch line he had coiled at the foot of the ladder around her right ankle. Sharon could feel him tying and retying the line around her leg, attaching it to the ladder rung so she couldn't move. Oh, the sensation was so painful, so awkward! Her lower back ached from the odd position while her left leg tensed from the added pressure of supporting her body. When Sharon pulled back, the metal cuffs cut into her wrists even more, chafing her flesh pink.

"Uhhhhh," she moaned helplessly.

"You can't move at all now, baby. You're just like your old lady back there in the garage with my old man... strung up and helpless. That's the way I dig it. And now you're gonna get some good shit... better 'n just a simple fuckin'."

Sharon twisted her head around, peering over one shoulder, and watched in fascination as the stud moved to the shadows, bent down, then carried what appeared to be a large metal object in both hands. From the grunts she heard, it had to be heavy.

"It's a pump, baby... vacuum and blow pump," he explained, setting the large machine on the workbench in front of her. Sharon made a face, twisting her head away from the foul-smelling thing. Again, she tugged back and, again, the iron cuffs bit into her soft flesh. The girl twisted her right foot around in the bonds, feeling the ropes cutting into her ankles. Roped and bound... just as her mother was. And how she enjoyed it how, even in spite of the unknown torments ahead of her... how much she loved it!

"What... what are you going to do with it?" she gasped as Tommy began unraveling a long, inch-diameter latex hose from the top.

"Just watch," he snorted.

Sharon did as she was told, her eyes fastened on the device in front of her. Tommy pulled the tube taut, checking it put for cracks, then stretching it around until the end touched her asscheeks. He left for a moment, going to one end of the garage where a tall, green, metal tool cabinet stood. There was the sound of more rummaging, then he returned with a funnel-shaped brass device he attached to the latex tubing. The girl's heart was pounding savagely, sweat breaking out from all her pores and coating her flesh with a fine, velvety sheen.

"This is just the start, Sharon babes, just the start."

Tommy disappeared one last time, carrying a small gasoline can with him. There was the sound of rushing water as he filled it from a spigot near the overturned motorcycle.

The young blonde was growing impatient with the waiting, realizing that her cunt was creaming with excitement as she waited for this new, unknown degradation. There was that familiar itch of lust deep in her cuntflesh, slowly draining all the strength and will from her young body.

What she saw next caused the sweat of her terror to flow more freely. Hank moved a stool over to her, it's legs scraping ominously over the uneven concrete. There in the center of that stool, taped on crudely, was a splintery wooden rod, its end barely sanded smooth. The newly cut wood at the top contrasted sharply with the older rotted wood of the ends. There even appeared to be some nails pounded in whose rusty tops barely indented the wood.

"This'll be good for you in case you wanna sit down."

He shoved the stool over a little more, centering the wooden spike directly under her dripping pussy. Sharon let out a little gasp, tensing her thigh and leg muscles and edging her cunt up away from the horrible thing. Impale herself on that... that thing? She would tear her pussy up at once with those horrible splinters and nails! Curling her toes, the girl even tried to stand up on them, keeping her cunt as far away from that terrible object as possible!

"Now, for something to cool you down and heat you up at the same time," Tommy said mysteriously, setting the can of water down by the pump and sliding another smaller latex tube into it.


Sharon's forehead creased with fear. He was fiddling around with that horrible tube, moving it around to her asscrack. She knew instinctively what he was going to do with it. What a horrible, horrible thing!

"It's a good pump. Tried it out for a while yesterday thinking about you," Tommy said, sucking in his lower lip while studying her fleshy, white assmounds jiggling in front of him. Sharon tried tucking her ass away when she felt the brush of that nozzle. But there was nothing to be done. Moving around a little to the right, Tommy gripped the funnel-shaped nozzle tightly in one hand. He moved the tip teasingly up and down the full length of her asscrack, watching the terrified girl move her asscheeks up and down, tucking them under, then finally surrendering. When her knee sagged just a bit the young man struck like a cobra, jamming the thing deep into her shitter.

"Aieeeeeee!" the girl screamed, her arms and legs tensing, the muscles bulging and pushing out against her flesh while she nearly lost her footing. That horrible thing hurt, really hurt as Tommy slipped it into her shitter. It was like having some horrible, painful enema.

"Enjoyin' it?"

"No, oh, no, no, no," she babbled, shaking her head violently.

"Sure you are. You'll get used to it, 'specially when the water starts spittin' out into your gut... it's a real turn-on, baby," Tommy hissed, twisting he nozzle around and around and watching as Sharon's face grimaced in agony and shame.


Tommy shoved the tube in farther, the brass tip disappearing into Sharon's convulsing, shivering ass. God, God, the girl thought, he was going to push it right up into her stomach! Instinctively, Sharon tried widening her legs, squatting slightly as if she were going to take a shit. Tommy laughed at her attempts to eject the nozzle, watching as she bent down and turned red, trying to push the horrible thing out from her shitter. Sharon had almost forgotten about that wooden pole under her cunt. But the moment the splintery, rounded end touched her cuntlips, she remembered, jerking straight up and tensing her muscles. But that tension forced her asshole muscles to grip that awful nozzle wedged up in her bowels.

"Come on, baby, sit on down, sit down and relax," Tommy said, putting both hands on her shoulders, forcing the girl's right knee to bend. Sharon let out a muffled sob, trying with all her might to keep her body straight. But she was no match for Tommy's superior strength. She felt the rounded tip sliding between her cuntlips. Sobbing, feeling as if she were about to faint from sheer terror, the girl let out another cry, her face becoming a mask of concentration. It was sliding in so easily, too easily, greased by the flowing juices of her pussy. The tiny splinters she had feared so much before, now seemed to be scratching all those secret places in her cuntwalls as more and more of that horrible wooden spike penetrated her pussy!

"Ohhhhhh," she moaned.

The girl felt wave after wave of unspeakable humiliation flowing through her. She was having powerful sexual reactions to a piece of wood! Oh, she was so aroused, and she knew Tommy could see that, too. She could hear it in his laughter, in his mocking replies to her groans as he pushed her down yet a little farther. She started to cry, turning her head around and peering through tear-stained eyes at the monster behind her.

"Now..." he muttered.

Tommy left her ass for a moment, stepping in front of her and switching on the pump. There was a whirring sound followed by the steady humming of an electric engine. In an instant, the girl felt something, very cold splashing into her bowels.

Her ass muscles contracted, their tension keeping the horrible little nozzle buried in her shitter. Tommy smiled grimly, moving back to the latex tube hanging from between, her split white asscheeks. With black electrician's tape, the young stud secured the nozzle into her asshole, making it impossible for Sharon to eject the object.

"Like it, like havin' your butt filled with water, baby? Come on, answer me by bobbin' that cunt up and down," Tommy said, throwing the roll of tape away, then forcing the girl back down on the wooden dildo.

"Nooooo!" Sharon screamed out, throwing her head back as she sank yet farther onto the splintery thing spearing her fuckhole. Water began spraying from her asshole, dribbling down the back of her right leg and pooling around her curling toes as the pump whirred on in front of her.

"Now eat, baby... just like you did before," Tommy ordered, stooping down and coming up between her stretched, tugging arms. Without another word, the young man shoved his cock into Sharon's mouth, plugging her with half his prickmeat while reaching around and turning up the pump. The whine increased in pitch as yet more water shot into the girl's stretched shitter.

"Mmmmmfffff," the girl groaned.

Sharon flicked her tongue around the bulbous meaty cockhead pounding the back of her throat as the water began to do its work. That stretching cold sensation contrasted sharply with her warm bowels, making her muscles contract, rein, then tighten again in a rhythm she found not unpleasing. It was so new, this deep, strange kind of penetration. Sharon had already been highly aroused by Tommy's sadistic foreplay. This odd enema was doing more things to her, making her feel as if she were being fucked at both ends. And, in a way, she was being fucked in her three important holes: mouth, cunt and ass. Yes, the three most important holes in the world, she thought cynically as more water sloshed into her asshole, then trickled out warmly down her leg. Groaning, the girl felt herself leaning forward, the slightly painful pull on her stretched leg going almost ignored.

"Yeah, that's it, that's it."

Tommy's eyes glazed with excitement and delight as he stroked the girl's bound arms, enjoying the sight of this attractive teenager bound and tormented this way. Sharon was as excited as he was, her arousal obvious as her tongue movements became more and more frenzied. Her stomach was turning over and over while her cunt tightened once more, on that wooden prick. Was there no end, no limit to the depths she would sink to satisfy her own perversity?


Sharon had the feeling that her entire body was floating around in that water which sprayed into her ass, doing all those strange things to her. She had gotten enemas before, when she was a child. How she had hated them. Certainly none of them had done this sort of thing to her! It had to be the combination of his prick sawing in and out of her mouth and that dude spearing her pussy, stretching her cuntwalls while the bonds kept her arms and leg in place.


More and more juice flowed from her hot cunt, mixing with the water coming from her asshole and washing down her thigh. As she pressed her lips against Tommy's groin and felt his wiry cock hairs tickle the insides of her nostrils, the girl felt herself screwing up higher and higher along the sexual plane. Her pain and discomfort had become something else, another element in the pleasure she was feeling. Soon, Sharon began moving up and down on the wooden cock jabbing her cunt. After a few tentative tries, the girl knew where all the rough and smooth spots of that pole were and took advantage of them, feeling herself balancing her psyche between pleasure and pain, using one to increase the other. The stool scraped against the concrete floor again as her ass began bouncing more frantically up and down. Oh, oh, how the juice flowed from her now.

"Uh! Uh! Uh!" she grunted.

Sharon began moving in an erotic rhythm, the dildo rubbing against her itching pussy more and more. The girl cried out, feeling her pussy flesh giving way before the relentless onslaught of the wooden dildo as she rose and fell, rose and fell on it, moving up and down like a merry-go-round horse on its supporting pole. The more she bounced up and down the hotter she became. And the hotter she became, the harder and more frantically Sharon sucked on Tommy's mouth-fucking prick.


"That's it, baby, ride that thing, ride that mother while I fuck your Goddamned face!"

Sharon didn't have to be told what she already knew and wanted. Flattening her tongue out, the girl lapped up and down the young stud's cock, her tongue coated with the pre-cum oozing from his piss slit. Tommy was telling her all sorts of terrible things he was going to do to her and her mother now that he knew what was going on. The more he talked filthy to her, filling her head with all sorts of perverted images, the harder and more enthusiastically the girl sucked on his cock.

"Yeah, go for it, slut!"

Sharon felt her blood boiling like exploding gasoline in her veins. Her ears rang and buzzed with the hot pleasure racing through her. She thought she was going to explode with the pressure of delight whirling around and around in her belly.


The slick wooden cock had warmed now with the heat from Sharon's cunt. The more excited she became, the tighter and more frantically she worked her mouth over Tommy's prick. The smell of her tormentor's crotch, cock and balls became more and more enjoyable, reminding Sharon of the most expensive perfumes she had heard of.

"Yeah, go for it, ohhhhh, fuckin' shit yeah, go for it! Wonder if your old lady's this good."

Sharon's mouth made wet, sucking sounds as she slipped her tongue up and down, up and down his pistoning prick. She slipped her cunt up and down, up and down over that wooden stake. Tilting her cunt, first one way, then the other, the young blonde teen experimented with that pole, making sure the splinters and pounded-in nails touched her clit again and again. The pulsing itch that resulted nearly took her breath away. The girl bent her right knee a little more inward and brought her tongue down around the tiny piss slit at the top of Tommy's cockhead. She burrowed down, down until she could taste more cum oozing up from his balls.

"Jesus Christ!"

Sharon kept up her steady rising and falling motion on the wooden dildo as her lust mounted. Her aches and pains blended into a weird kind of mixture of wild pleasure. She wanted to be hurt more, wanted to feel the pricks of pain to heighten the erotic effects of the water showering into her ass.

"Yeah, go for it, you bitch!" Tommy shouted again, his hips pile driving his fat cockshaft down deep into her sucking throat.


Sharon was past rational thought. The pressure in her belly was incredible, matching the pressure mounting in her cunt from that splintery wooden prick.

"Fuck... man, gonna shoot if you don't uhhh back off!"

Reaching down with one hand, Tommy slowed her mouth-fucking movements, sucking in deep lungsful of air to calm himself. Sharon couldn't share his desire to slow down. She had crossed the bridge of indecency long ago. Now she was a rutting, mindless, sluttish beast trying to satisfy the all-consuming sexual itch between her shivering thighs.

"Unnnnnffff!" Sharon moaned against Tommy's prick, the vibrations exciting the young stud a little more. The girl could taste the increased flow of his pre-cum, and she knew he was reaching a new level of excitement. Sharon slurped more frantically, her hips bouncing up and down in a new, wild rhythm. She was being driven by her own sputtering, sparking desire. She bobbed up and down the wooden prick harder and deeper, feeling it rummaging around in her gut. The tiny splinters bit into her cunt sheath, creating, instead of pain, only more pleasure. "Ohhhhh, yeah, bounce that butt..."

Sharon moaned again, her mouth sucking greedily, hungrily mouthing his prick as it banged harder and harder against the back of her throat. Yes, Tommy was ready to cum, ready to shoot his jizz down her throat! A rutting, wild, crazed animal by now, Sharon sucked as hard as she could, her cheeks caving in and rubbing against the fat prick. Tommy threw his head back and started rocking from side to side as the girl kept teasing his sensitive purple, throbbing cockhead.

"Uh! Uh! Uhhhh!" he grunted.

Sharon kept up her steady rising and falling on the wooden dildo, hardly feeling the tearing, ticklish splinters on the sides. She thought of that wooden stake, thought of it driving up past her womb to her heart, and went crazy. Her tiny pussy muscles spasmed itchily, grabbing onto that pole. There were times when the girl thought her cunt would snap it in half with its powerful spasms as she moaned against Tommy's cock again, those vibrations driving Tommy out of his mind.

"Fuck yourself on that thing, baby, come on, fuck yourself on it!"

Tommy didn't have to command Sharon any longer. She moaned wildly against the stud's prick, then cried out with a spit-flecked groan as she felt a sudden splatter of jizz against her throat.

"Ohhhhh, man, oh, man... go for it. Oh, baby, fuck it out!"

Her hips were going wild as she bounced up and down, gouging the insides of her spasming curt over and over again with that warm, thick wooden rod. The thought of being impaled and of being fucked in the ass with that cold water drove her out of her mind. Slivers of unspeakable delight showered through her pussy as more and more cum filled her mouth. Sharon tried swallowing some of the bleachy tasting stuff. But more seemed to follow, finally frothing out around her lips the way her spittle had. Oh she was a mess, a quivering, cunt-spasming mess as she bounced harder on that rod.

"Ohhhhh, baby..."

Sharon felt her orgasm peak like a thunderbolt. She felt the world exploding all around her as her body stiffened. She quivered in her bonds, feeling wild ecstasy shoot like burning napalm through her mind. Yes, yes, she could go on like this forever, having that thing stuffed up her ass while Tommy came in her mouth and while her cunt bounced over that wooden rod in her pussy.

"Man, that's good, real good," he sighed, smoothing his fingers over her face.

Sharon moaned, too, coming down from her sexual high. She felt her body relaxing and glowing, then felt the bonds even more as she tried to sag to the floor. The rope holding her ankle up high on the ladder and the metal cuffs hurt her so terribly now! She groaned, twisting her head and spitting out the mixture of spit and jizz when Tommy withdrew his softened cock. Standing back up straight, Sharon slipped her slackening cunt off the wooden dildo, moving back slightly while the water still kept sloshing into her shitter. Yes, it all contributed to her climax, to the wonderful cum that had blinded her to everything except Tommy and his mouth-fucking prick.

"Nice," he whispered.

The room was quiet except for the heavy panting of the two satiated people. As Sharon came down from her high a little more, she began to feel uncomfortable with the water shooting into her gut. She squeezed her ass muscles around the enema nozzle and felt a little better.

Tommy slipped back under her arms, moved around to her ass and grabbed the latex tubing, pulling it from her shitter slowly. He watched the girl shiver, her flesh puckering as the funnel-like nozzle slipped back, finally making her wrinkled asshole pucker outward until the device slid free.

"Gonna let you go," Tommy said, moving around and untying her ankles. Next came the clamps around her wrists. Sharon nearly fell forward, using what stamina she had to stay upright. Glancing down at the light pink marks around her wrists, she then moved to her clothing, bending down and picking it up slowly. As she dressed, she watched Tommy put away the pump, humming some tune as he worked.

He stepped in front of her just as she began to escape from the garage. Sharon felt his breath panting against her throat, and she backed away an inch or two.

"You can tell your old lady or not. I don't give a fuck. Just remember, my dad's pluggin' her so don't expect a whole lot of cooperation, okay?"

He lay a heavy hand on her shoulder, squeezing his fingers tightly, then releasing her. Sharon let out a shuddering sigh. Ducking under his arm, she escaped into the night.

"Oh, God," she whispered, rushing down the alley as if pursued by Satan himself. She was thinking all sorts of things. I don't... I won't, she kept promising herself as her feet pounded heavily down the narrow alleyway. Then, halfway back to her home, she stopped, breathing heavily, her eyes fastened on the glowing lights of the Harrington house. Oh how she wanted to burn it to the ground, destroy everyone in it. But the problem wasn't there. The problem was within her and her mother, that demon that peeked up whenever they weren't looking and made itself felt.

She leaned against a wooden fence, closing her eyes and sighing. Would she ever escape this trap? Could she ever, knowing the trap was herself? Sharon shook her head, wondering if her mother was through with Hank yet. Through with him? Sharon laughed softly, covering her mouth with both hands and walking slowly back to her house.

Was this all so bad? She had, after all, enjoyed herself. Oh, it was so confusing, so terribly confusing. How her cunt glowed still from that horrible, yet wonderful session with Tommy. That word again, session.

"I'll think about it tomorrow," Sharon whispered to herself, reaching her backyard and turning in. Yes, tomorrow, and perhaps her mother would tell her something about Hank. And then, all four of them? Sharon shook her head. My, what she was thinking as she entered the kitchen and closed the door behind her.


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