Sorority slavegirls

Oftentimes, strange and unconventional desires lurk beneath the veneer of normalcy many individuals project. Given the right set of circumstances, these desires cease to be repressed -- and are eventually acted out.

Certain individuals attempt to retaliate against the increasing necessity to comply with society's demands by embracing unorthodox modes of behavior. Subcultures exist in our society, catering to a wide range of tastes. If these cultural avenues of expression did not exist, the pressure to conform would become too much for some people to bear and the consequences would be devastating.

Vickie Williams -- the heroine of SORORITY SLAVEGIRLS -- is an unwilling victim of a subculture. Caught up in a covert world she never dreamed existed, Vickie struggles to free herself until she comes to understand the ultimate value of her new experience.


Vickie Williams wiped her palms on her dress, inhaling deeply while keeping her knees modestly together. Why were these awful feelings happening to her again? Her body was doing terrible things to her! The tips of her tits were so hard they seemed about to poke right through her bra. Her young virgin cunt was moving as if it had a will of its own. Its full, pliant outer lips curled and trembled as her clit popped to the surface.

When she shifted position in the soft living room chair, Vickie could feel the velvety surfaces of her snatch rubbing together, making her shiver all over. Chills swept over her body as she watched the two young men talking quietly in the corner.

This was the first night of rush on UCLA campus. Vickie had been sought after by several sororities primarily because of her father's judicial position on the Los Angeles federal court. Now she sat nervously in the elaborately furnished living room of Phi Delta Omega, intimidated by most of the young actives who moved effortlessly and gracefully around her.

"May I get you more coffee?" one tall, long legged brunette purred behind her.

Vickie nearly jumped from her seat. In spite of her father's important position in court and his moving around the best social circles in town, the blonde teen had never developed the social graces so many of her peers had.

"No, thank you," Vickie stammered, twisting around in the chair and finding a friendly, open face staring at her. What a change! Most of the girls spoke kindly to her primarily -- she suspected -- because of her father. This one seemed genuinely friendly.

"End of awful, isn't it? My folks insisted I join this sorority even though it's full of snobs," the brunette whispered, leaning down and letting her long brown hair cascade over her shoulders.

"The name's Shari... Shari Williams. I'm on the greeting committee. The only reason they let me stay on is 'cause my father owns half the city. Say, you like what you see over there?"

Vickie felt a blush of shame. She'd been caught staring at those two young men. She lowered her eyes and moved the coffee cup around the saucer.

"No problem. The tall black-haired one's Jeff Zimlak -- kinda macho, don't you think?" Shari said, folding her arms against her tits and resting against the back of the chair. "They say he's really... well, you know, got something to really offer a girl."

Vickie felt her stomach turning over. She'd never heard this kind of talk before. Even though she was extremely attractive with large, pendulous tits and slim, boyish hips, the young girl always commanded respect from both her few dates and few friends. No one ever brought up the idea of sex, let alone the body organs involved. Her mother had been a very pious, very cold woman who had instilled her chilled piety into her daughter. And now...

"I don't know what you're talking about," Vickie whispered in a trembling voice. How could she he like that? She certainly did know what the brunette was talking about.

The young woman flashed her eyes over Jeff's body. He was wearing a tight-fitting white cotton T-shirt with matching white tennis shorts gathered in front, revealing a hefty bulge that hinted at his cock-size. Standing there, talking casually with his friend, Jeff Zimlak made Vickie breathe harder and more irregularly. His black beard, his moustache, his white teeth, those thick-muscled arms and legs -- everything about him made the blonde teenager hotter by the second.

"Sure you do," Shari said in a confidential whisper. "I can get him over here if you want."

"Don't, don't you..."

But it was too late. Shari flashed her a wickedly mischievous smile and moved quickly to the other side of the room.

Vickie wished she could have sunk into the soft cushions pressing against her tight little ass. The young woman kept her eyes glued to the saucer, occasionally moving them up and watching as Shari talked to Jeff. She saw him roll his eyes in her direction, size her up, then smile, his red lips curling up in sardonic amusement. His white teeth gleamed in contrast to his surrounding black beard and moustache.

Vickie shivered once more. He looked more like a weightlifter than a college student. And, oh, God, he was coming over with Shari!

"Jeff, I want you to meet... you know, I don't think I even know your name," Shari said, putting her hand over her mouth and laughing tightly.

"Vickie. Vickie Williams," the young blonde said, flushing red. What could she say? More chills swept over her body as Jeff's smile broadened. "Jeff Zimlak. Are you planning to join?"

"I... I don't know," Vickie stammered. The young man had placed one foot up on the couch armrest, his shorts gathering up into his crotch. "It's a good house, even if some of the girls are stiff," he said, flashing a knowing smirk at Shari. Vickie's eyes swept over his crotch. His shorts were pulled tightly against his groin, showing off clearly a thick roll of dick-meat cradled between his legs. For an instant, Vickie wondered how long it was when it was hard.

She'd seen pictures of black men in Africa with cocks almost one-foot long! How she trembled when she thought of something that thick and long piercing her cunt, skewering her body like a spear! No, no man with something that big could ever marry her, could ever pin her down onto a bed and... do that horrible, messy thing to her that her mother appalled!

"What's on your mind?"

Vickie was embarrassingly aware that she'd been staring at the outline of his dick. Did the others notice?

"Oh, nothing. School, I guess," Vickie said, feeling herself rising to the occasion. She started chatting about her coming classes and what she hoped to be taking. Shari seemed disappointed the conversation had taken this turn. But Jeff said nothing, keeping that smile frozen on his face while he took inventory of the blonde teen beneath him.

"Sounds very impressive and ambitious. I hope you can succeed here," Jeff said, his eyes seeming to burn now with something more than friendly interest. Vickie rose from the sofa, avoiding the amused stare from his dark eyes.

"Say, you can help Vickie," Shari said to Jeff. "She doesn't know a soul around here, do you? Come on, I don't have to know your life history to figure that one out."

Vickie felt close to fainting from shame. No, she didn't know anyone around campus, and she certainly didn't know her way around Los Angeles all that well. Her mother had practically kept her a recluse for eighteen years. The sexual revolution had passed by the Williams' house unannounced. She would have welcomed being shown around campus by anyone... anyone except Jeff Zimlak.

"Well, I don't know. I have a lot of things to do and..."

"It's no problem for me," Jeff interrupted, putting his foot down and standing spread-legged in front of her.

"Well, I guess it'd be all right. I've got to get back to my dorm room early, though, to get ready for tomorrow. First day of classes."

"No problem. I've got a place in Westwood just outside the main gate over on Gayley Avenue. Maybe you'll wanna take a look at it later and get an idea of what else you can live in out here," Jeff said easily.

Vickie made a silent vow not to wind up in his apartment. She could only guess at what would go on there.

"Good, you're all friends. I've got to move around here and see if anyone else needs help," Shari said.

After Shari left, Vickie excused herself and walked to the bathroom. Her composure snapped as soon as she was in the tiny room. She had to get away from that ironic voice, those subtle hints, that look that made her shiver and feel weak aft over.

Awful, awful. The way he looks at me. Me... just as if I'd enjoy getting fucked!

Vickie sucked in her breath, feeling awful about using a dirty word. She had promised herself she'd never say things like that to herself or to anyone.

Why can't I stop thinking about that word? the girl thought, leaning against the sink and holding her hands over her ears as if that would keep the tantalizing word "fuck" from her mind. She tried to compose herself. She shut both eyes and stood quietly in the middle of the tiny room, forcing herself to breathe normally. When she dropped her hands, Vickie thought she could hear Jeff's voice outside the door. Did he know she was inside? Was he going to slip in, lock the door and...?


The young blonde laughed at her own hysteria as she wheeled around and locked the bathroom door. How stupid! The house was filled with actives, pledges and guests. No one would try something like fucking a girl in a bathroom.

That word again! Yes, yes, it made her excited to think of that word, to picture in her mind what it entailed. Fucking, what a wonderful, terrible word. Vickie closed her eyes, stretching her arms out and holding on to the sink. She felt the room swaying around her. Giggling hysterically, the girl tried to quiet the rising heat in her cunt. Her clit tightened and throbbed as the itchy ache surged through her pussy and radiated out toward her belly and asshole.

"Damn, damn!"

Vickie bit down on her tower lip until she could taste blood. Oh, why couldn't she knock down the frightening, wonderful feeling washing over her snatch? Her tits felt so tight, so swollen. The young woman leaned forward, pressing her forehead against the cool glass of the mirror above the sink. Almost without thinking about it, Vickie reached down and rolled her skirt up, shoving her fingers down under the elastic leg band of her silken panties until she touched her bloated pussy-lips. "Mmmmmmm!"

Her mother had, forbidden her to masturbate. But there were some things the older woman couldn't supervise every second. Late at night, lying naked and uncovered in her narrow bed, Vickie would fantasize, thinking about some man crawling over her, pinning her helplessly down to the bed as he made her do whatever he wanted. It was during those fantasies that Vickie moved her fingers up and down her pussy-crack, tweaking her clit, rubbing it back and forth until she came. But here, here in the bathroom of a sorority house...? Vickie giggled again as she pulled her cunt-lips farther back, exposing her tiny, pulsating clit.


Vickie opened her eyes and saw the fog on the mirror created by her hot breath. Ohhh, she was so hot, so willing to have a man fuck hers in her mind, Vickie saw Jeff standing, his thumbs hooked around his tennis shorts, peeling them down while the bulge pressing against his briefs grew longer, thicker.


The blonde teenager eased two fingers into her fuck-hole. Lost churned through her belly, making every nerve ending in her body vibrate. Vickie leaned heavily against the sink, the rim pressing against her pumping thighs. The young woman rolled her clit around between her fingers, sinking her thumb deeper into her cuntal flesh.

"Jeff, Jeff!" she panted, rocking her firm, taut ass back and forth. She was standing on tip-toe now, pumping her butt up and down, fucking herself with her stiff fingers. Her belly seemed to churn while her thighs twisted shamelessly. Vickie pinched her clit hard as guilty thoughts about the young man rose in her mind. No, she could never stave off an attack in his apartment. She would be spreading her legs, inviting him to feel her over, to strip her of all clothing, to fuck her!

"Fuck, fuck," the young girl repeated, her ass cheeks jiggling as she rose and fell against the sink. The mirror was wet with her misted breath while her fingers slipped along the cool porcelain surface of the sink. Her ass tightened and separated as Vickie thrust her hips from side to side, sawing her cunt against her fingers. She twisted her swollen clit between her thumb and forefinger, hoping to bring herself off quickly. Others must be wanting to use the bathroom. Surely, if she stayed in much longer, people would start to suspect something it would take time to air out this place. Already Vickie could smell the heavy perfume of her evaporating pussy juice.

"Ah, ah!"

Vickie was gasping, sobbing, throwing her head from side to side and letting her long blonde hair thrash across her lust-swollen face. With a sharp gasp, the young blonde teenager shoved her fingers into her tight cunt one last time and gave her clit a hard jerk.


Vickie felt a firestorm envelope her body, consuming her pussy and spreading up to her belly and finally her tits. She slipped to the floor, her body jerking and twisting as if someone had attached a live wire to it. She had climaxed, come with a force so violent she'd nearly passed out!

When she finally opened her eyes, Vickie discovered herself on the floor, her head resting against the side of the bathtub. Ohh, how had she managed to do such an awful thing? Feeling shame and guilt, the young woman stood up shakily. Every movement was painful to her. Her body wanted to rest, to drink in the luxurious glow that had settled over her flesh after so violent an orgasm. But Vickie knew she had to get out of there.

Turning on the exhaust fan, the young woman then splashed cold water on her face, trying to take her mind off her pussy which still throbbed with the force of her climax. How uncomfortably wet she was when she moved, Vickie could feel the crotch panel of her panties sticking to her outer cunt-lips. She had to get back to her room and change! She couldn't go out on campus feeling like this with Jeff Zimlak!

"We thought you fell in or something," Shari giggled as Vickie reappeared in the living room. Jeff was standing in the corner talking to his friend again. "If you play your cards right you could have an easy quarter. His dad's one of the big department heads here at UCLA. Lots of girls have turned Jeff's head the right way, if you know what I mean."

Vickie was horrified! Would she have to... fuck Jeff in order to pass school? No, that was silly! Things like that just didn't happen anymore.

"Ready? We won't be long. I've gotta spend the night boning up for biochem this quarter," Jeff said, nodding good-by to his buddy.

Vickie sighed with relief. His manner seemed to change while she was gone. He was less aggressive, less on the make now. They walked for an hour around upper campus, through the sculpture gardens, past Royce Hall and over the central quad to the grand stairway. Jeff chatted easily, telling the silent Vickie about his dream to become a chemist for Dow Chemical.

As they walked by the Student Union on lower campus, the young blonde realized they were heading toward the south entrance to UCLA.

"I think we'd better go back," the girl said, feeling her old nervousness coming back. Was he trying to lull her into a false sense of security, talking so easily and openly to her, then leading her into his lair?

"Yeah, it's getting kinda late. But I thought I'd show you some of the apartments around here. They're pretty nice, although you've gotta fork over a lot. But your dad's loaded like mine, isn't he?"

"Well, I think so. But my parents thought I'd make more friends in a sorority house."

"Sure, sure," he answered quickly as they left campus and turned west on Le Compte. "I belong to a frat. But livin' at the frat house is a drag. They're always makin' too much racket to study or do other things."

Vickie could just imagine what those "other things" were. She continued to walk alongside Jeff as they turned down Gayley.

"Nice, isn't it?"

Vickie had to admit the street had charm. Tall maple and eucalyptus trees arched over the narrow street, shading the area protectively. Small houses and apartments with neatly manicured lawns lined either side of Gayley. It was almost too perfect to be real. Vickie thought it had a Disneyland cuteness about it.

"Some of these places are a steal," Jeff said, slowing down as they approached a two-story brown stucco apartment house halfway down the street. "My place. Come on in. It's hot today and I need something to drink."

Vickie felt all the danger signals tripping in her mind. Don't go in! Don't go, or you won't come out that door the same!

"I'd better not. It's getting late and I've got so much to do. I have to decide whether or not to join the sorority and..."

"You'll join. All the girls around here whose folks are important or have money join it sooner or later. Pressure on the family, on you, you know," Jeff said, shrugging his shoulders. "Come on."

Pressure? What kind of pressure? What kind of pressure was he going to put on her? Already Vickie could feel the tugging of persuasive strings as she walked reluctantly up to the door of his building.

"Don't took so gloomy. Once you get used to the rules, it's not so bad."

Vickie followed him into the darkened hall, past several closed doors and up a narrow stairway. Somewhere in the distance she could hear a stereo faintly playing jazz. There was giggling behind some doors and the faint aroma of marijuana. There was little doubt college students inhabited this building.

"This is the place," Jeff said proudly, fishing out his keys and unlocking the door.

"Only for a few minutes," Vickie warned, passing in front of him. She shivered, feeling his hot breath against the back of her neck. Had he purposely leaned forward and done that or was it just her imagination?

"Water, or something stronger?" Jeff asked, passing in front of her, crossing the living room into the small kitchen.

Vickie sat down on the edge of an old couch. "Just water, thank you," she said, still looking around. There were the usual things male college students have scattered about the living room -- guitar, books on yoga, sex magazines poorly, "hidden" by newspapers.

"Here you go."

Vickie smiled, taking the cold glass of water. Just for a minute, then she'd get out of here and never come back.


"Is something wrong?"

Vickie found her hand shaking. That tickling, burning itch had become worse since she had arrived at Jeff's place. Her aunt felt oh so hot and very moist. When she moved her ass slightly on the old sofa more hot juices seeped out. This was the worst it had been ever!

"No, not really. I've got to be going," Vickie said, fighting down the waves of lust sweeping over her. If Jeff made a pass now, she wasn't sure if she could resist.

"Probably the heat. Maybe you oughtta take off a few of those clothes. Looks pretty warm to me," Jeff said, reaching down and pulling his T-shirt off before Vickie could object.

"No!" the girl cried, leaping to her feet and knocking the water glass to the floor in the process. She stared angrily at Jeff. And yet how could she be angry at him? He looked so masculine, so overpowering in that half-nude state. His big arms rippled with well-developed biceps and triceps. His lightly tanned flesh glistened with sweat and... oh, my God, that soft roll of dick-meat she'd noticed before was getting longer, getting thicker, was actually tenting the material of his white tennis shorts!

"Just relax. I've got a bed you can lay down..."

"No!" she cried again, curling her fingers into two fists. No, she couldn't give in! This was awful! He'd purposely led her into his apartment to fuck her, and she'd blindly walked in. Vickie felt every nerve ending in her body tense as she backed away from Jeff and headed for the door. Her heart was pounding so hard she was certain he could hear it. And, oh, how dry her mouth was!

"You just don't know how to take it easy here. We take it kinda easy here on campus, and I know a great way to relax."

Vickie's mouth opened as she watched him drop one hand and start to rub his fingers against his hard hunk of cockmeat. When he pressed the white material of his shorts against his prick, the young blonde teenager could make out the flared spongy head of his cock. This was filthy, perverted! She had to get out of his apartment fast!

"You let me go! Let me go or I'll scream for the police!" Vickie threatened. Her words made Jeff stop for a second, his smile fading to a frown.

"I don't think you really want to go, do you?" Jeff said, resuming his cock massage. He was staring at her, his eyes seeming to bore into her innermost thoughts. Vickie blushed furiously. He knew, he knew! She was breathing harder now, her mind spinning dizzyingly around and around while her hands jerked out for anything to help her stand up. She grabbed onto the back of the sofa she'd been sitting on and leaned against it. Ohhhh, how hot she was! The friction of her cunt-lips over her swollen clit when she moved was sapping her strength and will. She felt so shaky, not herself at all!

"Yes, I want to go," she whispered, not daring to look Jeff in the eye.

"You want to lay down in that bed, don't you Vickie." His voice had become authoritative, strong. She shivered, closing her eyes and digging her fingertips into the soft cushion. "You want to go back in that bedroom, take off your clothes and relax, don't you?"

His voice was hypnotic. He was getting closer. Vickie knew she should scream, should call out for help. But even when he touched her, even when he smoothed his fingers up and down her upper arms while kissing the nape of her neck, Vickie couldn't say a word. She kept her eyes closed, pressing her knees against the back of the couch to keep, her balance while Jeff took full advantage of her. "Please, don't. I..."

But Vickie couldn't resist. His gentle caresses, his mouth moving slowly up and down her neck while his hands smoothed over her arms and shoulders had broken down all her defenses. She would let him do anything to her now. All resistance had melted under the hot, moist lust enveloping her cunt.

"Come on, baby, come oh. I'm gonna show you one hell of a time."

With that, Jeff picked Vickie up easily. She clung to him, her tiny hands locked behind his neck and her legs draped over his arm. He moved without saying another word, through the living room and down the short hall to his bedroom.

The young girl was in a woozy haze. In a moment, she felt herself lying down in bed. She had half-clear glimpses of his movements. Jeff was sitting on the side of the bed, unlacing his tennis shoes and pulling them off. She felt as if she were in a dream where she couldn't move. Vickie lay quietly, breathing the thickening air with more and more difficulty.

And then he was beside her, still wearing his shorts. Jeff moved one hand over her waist, then dropped it down to the side zipper. She heard the zipper slide open, felt the material of her dress loosen around her waist. In a moment the skirt was off, thrown to the door.

"Let's see just how hot you are."

No man had ever touched her cunt before. Even after masturbating at night Vickie had felt somewhat guilty afterward. And yet she was letting Jeff move his fingers up her inner thighs, caress the hot, sensitive flesh gently, then slide his hand up farther. Ohhh, she was so hot, so wet down there! He'd know just how willing she'd be for a... fucking!

"Oh, yes, yes!" Vickie moaned, closing her eyes and smiling as she ground her shoulders against the soft mattress. Her legs spread apart and slid back and forth across the topsheet as he kissed her face, her neck, and finally her mouth.

"Mmaunmmm!" Jeff groaned into her mouth as he rolled on to her body, pressing his left leg between has and working her thighs farther apart while dry fucking his cock against her upper legs. The young woman groaned back, feeling his tongue pushing past her teeth and down, down to the back of her throat. She fought back, feeling her desire erupting like a volcano. Spittle dribbled down her chin and cheeks as both Vickie and Jeff started their fucking session.

"Ohhh, what are you doing to me?" the young woman cried.

"Everything you want, honey, everything you've always wanted."

"Ohhhhhhh, nooooooo!"

Jeff worked his fingers along the insides of her thighs, caressing the silky tight flesh. Vickie groaned, rolling her head back and forth over the soft pillow while inching her knees farther apart. She was juicing heavily now. The young woman could feel the crotch panel of her panties sticking to her cunt-lips, then slide off as more hot frothy pussy-oil bubbled from her crack.

His hands were so strong, so powerful! How they were turning her on, turning her into some kind of nympho! And when he kissed her, drilling his tongue deep into her mouth while smoothing his hands over the flesh just under her cuntal mound, Vickie thought she'd die! She was working her ass around in frantic circles now, feeling the topsheet gathering in wrinkles under her clenching asscheeks. The box springs squeaked and groaned under the combined weight of the fucking couple. "Goddamned, you're in heat!"

Yes, that was what she was, a bitch in heat! She'd watched as female dogs walked slowly down the street, their tails raised and wagging slowly back and forth while males followed them, their mouths half-open and drooling. Oh, God, what had happened? She was turning into a sex maniac! Vickie felt powerful, dark forces suddenly unleashed in her body. She squirmed her ass on the bed, her thighs parting farther apart as his fingers started moving through the thicket of curly pussy hairs.

When his fingers slid into her flooding cunt mouth, Vickie groaned loudly and kissed hungrily at his mouth. She was hunching back, bracing her body by putting the soles of her feet flat on the bed and shoving her thighs up. More, more -- she wanted more. She wanted more friction, more rubbing against her throbbing clit.

Jeff saw the young girl's growing interest and obliged her. He worked his fingers up to her pussy, sliding them back and forth over the sensitive band of flesh separating her cunt from her asshole. Vickie groaned, rocking her thighs back and forth. She jerked her head from side to side, feeling her long blonde hair cascade over her face while Jeff rubbed his thumb over the bottom junction of her bloated cunt-lips. She could soon hear the slick clicking of his fingers rubbing over her juice-slick pussy-meat. Oh, God, nothing she'd ever done before in her whole life had felt this good, this painful!

"Need more room," he mumbled, pulling his hand out from under the elastic legband and curling his fingers around the waistband. Vickie raised her ass and let the big young stud slip her parities down. She felt them slip over her knees, down her calves, then finally over her toes. The last thing keeping her pussy from his dick! Oh, and it was gone, gone!

Images of her mother flashed across her mind. "No, stop, please..." Vickie cried, jerking up, reaching down for her panties.

"Easy, easy, honey," Jeff cooed, pushing her gently but firmly back down to the soft bed. Slowly, the young teenager forgot about her mother, about society's strict moral code. Now Jeff's fingers were back on her pussy, milking the bloated, rubbery edges together, drawing more hot, slick juices from her snatch. Vickie arched her back, moving her shoulders back and forth against the mattress. Ohhhh, God, it felt as if someone had just attached a live electric wire to her pussy! Her cunt was moving, actually moving under his caress. She could feel the velvety wails contracting, sliding against one another, puckering in, trying to grab at the fingers that still were teasingly moving along the surface of her hairy cuntal mound.


Something had entered her pussy! She could feel Jeff's forefinger wriggle in, its jagged nail scraping the wet surfaces of her pussy-meat. Instinctively, Vickie tightened her cunt-lips around his hand, clamping one of her hands over his to push it in deeper.

"Baby, you sure you're a virgin? You sure acted like it in the sorority house. But now..."

"Yes, yes, I am, oh, God, yes," Vickie panted. Ohhh, she was drooling, thrashing her body from side to side. Her blouse was soaked with perspiration. Her tits ached, begged to be fondled, touched, pinched, sucked!

As if reading her mind, Jeff moved his free hand over to her chest, unbuttoning her blouse and sliding it over her slender shoulders without removing his fingers from her convulsing snatch. Then shoving his hand under her shoulders, the big man unhitched the bra strap, pulling the panting teenager's halter off her body and tossing it on her skirt.

"Man, what tits! Fuck, I haven't seen boobs like those... shit, I don't know when."

Vickie felt a flush of shame and pride. And then the entering finger moved up, brushing the rounded tip of her slit -- and all she could feel was wild sexual electricity shooting through her body. Her belly contracted and turned over while her brain exploded into a million brightly colored pieces. She was growling, twisting her body back and forth on the groaning bed while Jeff stroked her navel, her rib cage and finally started toying with one nipple.


Vickie couldn't talk anymore. She growled and grunted like an animal, her mind completely empty of anything except her wild, untamed sexuality. Jeff was pinching her clit, rolling it between his thumb and forefinger while sticking his remaining fingers rapidly in and out of her cunt-hole. The result was devastating! The young woman thought she was going to piss with excitement. Bobbing her ass up and down, Vickie felt a strange chill pass over her cunt. Yes, she was close, so close to coming. She had to hold back, hold back until she knew what it was like to have a man's dick shoving inside her, pushing apart her itchy, clenching pussy-walls. But could she hold back? Could she keep her clit from popping off? The young woman clenched her teeth tightly, trying to think of anything nonsexual that would prolong her delicious agony.

"Ohhhhh!" Vickie moaned in ecstatic delight.

She felt Jeff's lips trail up along her rib cage, his thick long tongue lapping at the pools of perspiration that had collected under each protruding rib and in her navel. Then he was touching her tits with his nose, pushing at them with his tongue. And then, and then... ohhhhh, Vickie cried out, snapping her head from side to side as he engulfed one tender nipple in his mouth and started sucking while pinching the other tit-tip with his free hand. "Mmmmmmm!"

His groans vibrated against her nipple, sending Vickie off into another series of pre-orgasmic spasms. He was sucking on that boob-tip so hard, digging his teeth lightly into the surrounding flesh while flicking his tongue back and forth rapidly. "Oh, ohhh!"

Then he moved to her other nipple, repeating his oral caress until he had the young blonde teen gasping for air. Vickie felt the pressure mounting in her pussy. She knew she couldn't hold out much longer. All this maddening foreplay was pushing her toward the edge. She had tried to keep from reaching orgasm too soon. But if Jeff kept this up she'd climax in a few minutes!

"No, stop, oh, God, please," she panted, twisting her head around and chewing at the pillow. A sharp flash of sexual heat ripped through her cunt, forcing her bloated pussy-lips to wink shut and suck in raw air! Her tits jiggled while her body writhed on the topsheet. Vickie dug her feet into the mattress, lifting her ass off the bed and wiggling it back and forth. She spread her thighs farther apart, feeling her cunt-lips unstick and peel back.

Yes, yes, she was a whore, a bitch, a slut who wanted nothing more than the satisfaction of her insatiable pussy. She didn't care what people would call her later on. At this moment the only thing the blonde could think of was the raging fire in her snatch.

"You want that cock now, don't you, baby? Jesus, you want it real bad, don't you?" Jeff taunted.

"Yes, yes, yessss," Vickie hissed between her teeth. He was teasing her now, making her beg for his dick, enjoying watching this former shy virgin turn into a shrieking slut.

"Feel it, feel it?"

Vickie stopped moving. The young woman felt something terribly hot and hard pressing against her inner thighs. Ohhhh, he'd slipped his tennis shorts off. He was naked, his dick pressing against her body. Vickie sucked in a ragged breath, stiffening her body, mentally preparing herself for her first fuck. It was only seconds away.

"Oh yes, yes," she babbled, her eyes glazing over and rolling up into her head.

"You're really gonna feel it, shovin' into your snatch all the way."

Jeff shook the sweat from his eyes and pushed his hands just under Vickie's shoulders. His hairy, thick-muscled legs shoved hers farther apart while he shoved his knees up against the rounded bottoms of her asscheeks.

"Fuckin', baby, that's what I'm gonna be doin' to you. We're gonna fuck our brains out," Jeff said his words slurring and becoming more and more obscene. Vickie didn't care. His manner, his words excited her all the more. She just thought of his big, thick cock and how it would feel going inside her. That idea terrified her as well as delighted her. It was so big she was sure it would split her in two. And yet instinctively the blonde teenager knew, she was ready for it -- hot for it, slippery for it.

"Get ready for it!"

Vickie held her breath. She felt him pushing down between her legs, his hands moving down against her shoulders harder while his breathing became more shallow and uneven. That hot thing against her thighs was moving up through her cunntal thicket, up, up toward her slick cuntal slit. His knees were pressed hard up against her asscrack while the spongy head of his dice was rubbing against her swollen pussy-lips. Vickie was going crazy, hunching, writhing, bucking, flailing her fingernails against Jeff's shoulders while begging him to fuck her -- actually begging the young athlete to defile her, to do the horrible thing her mother had always warned her against.

"Fuck me, fuck me, oh, God in heaven, fuck meeee!"

Jeff pushed forward with his hairy ass, his legs trembling with desire and the effort of plowing the young girl's virgin pussy. His thick dick-head finally worked itself inside. Vickie felt her cunt-flaps relax for a second, admitting his widely flared cock-tip. Then they closed over the fat head, trapping it inside while the other ten inches of Jeff's prong remained outside.

"Oh, ohhhhh!"

Vickie had never felt anything like it in her life before. And he had only shoved a small part of his dick into her. The young blonde teenager shivered, her legs snapping up and banging against Jeff's body. He was moving his thighs around in small circles, reaming out her cuntal throat, telling her to relax, then licking her jiggling tits while shoving down a little harder.

"Yesss, oh, God, yesss!"

The spongy head reamed out the dark pink passage more. Vickie felt his dick sliding down, shoving down farther and farther into her cunt. Pussy-oil bubbled out, wetting down Jeff's cock and the blonde's cunt-hairs. There was a steady, squishing sound as his prick sunk deeper and deeper.

"Ohhhh, it's going so deeeeeeep!" Vickie moaned. She loved the sensation of being filled, of having her cunt being stretched open like this, skewered by that lovely cock hanging between Jeff's legs!

"Fuck, you're tight. You haven't done this before, have you?" Jeff said, half-surprised at the young girl's incredible tightness.

"I told you," Vickie shot back. Then the girl's thoughts whirled around again when the big young athlete grabbed her tits and started squeezing them.

He squeezed the spongy flesh between his powerful fingers until her nipples popped up high. The red tit-tips throbbed as he rubbed them with his thumbs, making them pulsate as frenziedly as her pussy. He had her caught with his hands, his legs, his cock. She was pinned under him, skewered, getting fucked -- and she loved it!

"Man, gonna pop that of cherry of yours soon."

Vickie wondered about that... the pain, the bleeding she'd heard about. But no, that couldn't be. Things were going so wonderfully -- there could be no pain involved in having sex...


Vickie felt the pressure in her cunt become more and more intense. Jeff had shoved his cock in deeper, forcing her itching, aching cuntal walls to spread widely apart and form a big tunnel. She was so hot, so wet down there! Vickie wanted all his dick inside. How marvelous it was to have that fat long thing fucking continually inside her, shoving down so far the young girl was sure it would come out of her ass! And still there seemed to be more cock-meat!

"Good fuck, good tight fuck!"

Jeff groaned, pushing his rod through her tight, slippery pussy-meat. He could swear his dick-head was cooking in her hot cunt-juice as it shoved aside the virgin tissue.

Then suddenly both of them stiffened. Jeff had run into a barrier, a wall of flesh blocking the lower depths of Vickie's pussy.

"That's your cherry, man. It's your fuckin' cherry. I'm gonna have to pop it."

Vickie's eyes opened and widened. All the stories about the first fuck shot back into her head. Her mother's sad face appeared in front of her and the young girl remembered the story about all that bleeding, all that pain.

"No, no, please. I don't want this to happen. Please, take it out!" Vickie wailed. She pressed her hands against Jeff's shoulders and tried to shove him off. The blonde teenager twisted as best she could. But Jeff had her pinned to the bed. All she could do was relax and prepare herself for the pain.

"Hold still, damnit!" Jeff commanded, grabbing her roughly by the shoulders and holding her still. His dick-head was pressing hard against the thick wall of flesh. His fat shaft bent slightly at the middle while he shoved down and grunted with the effort.


Vickie tossed and twisted in his grasp, her head rolling from side to side. Tears oozed from under her eyelids while her nostrils flared. She couldn't take much more of this pain. Her fingers dug into the topsheet while her legs moved up and down. "It's givin' way, babe, givin' way. Ohhhhh!"

Jeff sucked in a deep breath and held it, lunging down with all his might. The wall gave way, tearing loose and peeling back, letting his dick-head into the dark, velvety depths of the blonde's lower snatch. Finally the young man had every inch of his cock rammed into her cunt. His body came to rest on top of Vickie's. He lay down on her tits, his breathing slowly coming back to normal.

"Okay, honey?"


Vickie was unsure. She'd felt the jolt of pain and had nearly been knocked unconscious from it. She lay there quietly, drinking in the sensation of being fully fucked. It was strange to have his dick all the way inside. It throbbed against the sides of her pussy, feeling as if it were some small, wild animal. "Will it hurt again?" the young woman finally managed to ask.

"No, no, from now on it's gonna be good fuckin' for you. You're gonna love every second of it," Jeff said, his lips curling up into a sensuous smile. Ohh, how she loved that smile. It made her shiver all over when he flashed it at her.

"Kiss me," she begged, hooking her arms around his neck and drawing his face down. "No invitation needed," Jeff answered. His lips pressed hard against hers, his tongue diving deep into her mouth while he started moving his hips back and forth. Vickie loved the sensation of his cock stirring around in her pussy. She could feel his fat, hairy balls dragging along her asscheeks, pressing against her fat cunt-lips. Ohhh, what a ticklish sensation! The girl groaned into Jeff's mouth, moving her ass around in a counter-rhythm to increase the friction.

"Ohhhh!" the girl cried, tearing her mouth away. She felt his prick grinding against her clit, making the tiny nub sputter with growing excitement. The wild sexual fury she'd felt earlier came back now with increased energy, making her gasp for air.

"Man, I haven't had anybody as tight as you for a damned long time. None of those fuckin' sorority types..." Jeff couldn't speak any further. The throbbing in his dick cut off his speech.

Vickie squirmed more furiously under him. She clung desperately to him, her plump buttocks quivering with each upward thrust.

"More, more, more!" Vickie gasped. Ohh, how good it was to feel the rushing of his hot dick-head over her cuntal folds and hollows. Juice flowed freely from her pussy, wetting down her thighs, plastering down her cunt-hairs, soaking Jeff's balls as the big man fucked her harder and more furiously.

"Yeah, yeah?" he grunted, strands of his long black hair hanging in his eyes.

"Ohhhhhhh, God!"

He was hammering his dick against her clit. The girl was moaning loudly as flashes of fire raced through her pussy, making her asshole, her tits, her belly contract. She was a sex machine, a wild woman teetering on the brink of her first big orgasm. Vickie's eyes flicked open while her fingernails dug deep into the young man's back. She was going to explode! Vickie was certain she would come apart with the sexual explosion building up deep inside her. She felt her legs wrap around his lower back and her ass fly off the bed to meet his wild fucking.

"Get ready, baby, get it ready," Jeff warned. The bed squeaked and groaned as the two of them hammered at one another's body. Vickie felt her body tightening up into pre-orgasmic tightness. Her muscles quivered. Then the young man stopped his fucking for an instant. Vickie looked up and saw Jeff's face turn into a mask of intense pain. His head shook while his lower jaw slackened. Oh, God, he was going to come!


The young man growled like a rabid dog, flinging himself on top of Vickie and holding tightly onto her as his balls contracted and squeezed out the first hot wad of jizz into his prick. Vickie could feel his cock throbbing inside her. Her pussy-walls quivered, then tightened around his rod.

"Baby, cum, Goddamnit, cummmm!"

Vickie felt something hot and wet jetting against her cuntal walls. She screamed back, throwing her head from side to side while feeling his jizz fill her pussy and spill out.

"CUMMMMM?" the trembling blonde shouted, clawing at Jeff's shoulders as her snatch walls crashed in. It felt as if the entire world were blowing apart. The young teenager thrashed from side to side, her legs kicking up, her tits jiggling, her body writhing on the narrow bed. Hot flashes ripped through her convulsing cunt as her orgasm peaked. Vickie could swear her snatch contracted two to three times for every squirt shooting out of Jeff's cock-rod.

When she came out of her orgasm, the young woman opened her eyes and saw Jeff smiling down at her.

"Shit, honey, that was one hell of a fuck! Christ, I don't think any of the frat guys've ever had a fuck like this."

Vickie didn't know how to take it. Suddenly she felt cheap, sluttish, all the things her mother told her she'd be feeling if she fucked with a man before she married. The young woman rolled her head away and blinked back the tears.

"I... wanna get back to my dorm. I've got some studying to do," Vickie said haltingly. She had to get away from here, go some place where she could sit down and think about what had just happened.

"Sure you don't wanna stay? Hey, I could get hard again in a couple of minutes."

Vickie's flesh chilled as Jeff rubbed his hands softly and slowly up and down her arms, her thighs, her sides. The young teenager could well image the athlete growing hard again, sticking his long thick dick back up her pussy, making her whimper for more cock-meat while his balls slapped against her ass. Yes, the thought was exciting. Even now, exhausted from her first fuck, Vickie could feel her pussy tightening at the thought of being fucked again. Her sudden arousal, this thought coming into her head frightened her. No, she had to resist, she had to get back to her dorm room and think.

"No, please, it's getting late."

The blonde teen pushed herself up and peered out the window. It was getting late. The girls at the sorority could only be thinking the worst about her and Jeff. Everyone had seen them leave together. Besides, she had her books to get ready, her pencils... ohhhhh, going to college was going to be so much fun, so much of an academic challenge. And she had started it off with this... ohhh, it was too terrible to think about!

"Hey, what's the matter?" Jeff asked, pulling Vickie's hands away from her face.

"Just leave me alone. I want to get back," the girl sobbed, wiping the tears from her face. "Christ, all right!"

Jeff rolled out of bed, picking up the pile of clothes, tossing it into the girl's lap.

"If you're so fuckin' anxious to get out of here, go. You're gonna find out there's a whole lotta fuckin' goin' on here at UCLA. Shit, they fuck in the library, fags fuck in the johns, all kinda shit. If you think you can play Miss Goody Two-shoes here, you're wrong. Go to Loyola if you want religion," Jeff said disgustedly, swaggering off to the bathroom and slamming the door behind him.

Vickie felt humiliated. She'd violated some sort of code, offended a man who had been nice to her, befriended her, shown her a pleasure she'd never dreamed possible. But was he such a friend? He'd fucked her, made her commit a crime her mother had told her she'd go to hell for.

"Ohhhh," Vickie moaned in frustration, beating the mattress with both fists. She dressed slowly, hearing nothing coming from out of the bathroom. Slipping her blouse back over her shoulders and buttoning it, the girl wondered if she should say good-bye. It seemed so silly to say anything. No, she'd just leave, hoping all this would pass over without comment.

"And don't think joining a sorority's gonna make things better. Those girls fuck like bunnies. I know, I've had most of 'em!" Jeff shouted through the closed bathroom door just as she stepped from the bedroom.

"Oh!" the blonde teen cried, covering her mouth with one hand and rushing out of the apartment. She didn't even close the front door as she bolted from the living room. Vickie only knew she had to get out of there, away from Jeff, out in the fresh early evening air to think.

She raced onto the street then slowed her steps, gradually composing herself as she headed toward Le Compte and the campus. As she walked down the broad avenue, the young girl thought about what had happened, about the way she'd given in so easily to Jeff. He hardly had to do anything. Vickie felt a blush of shame and guilt wash over her as she thought about the way she'd thrown herself into his arms, spread her legs apart for his fingers, let him strip her while she rocked in bed, moaning like a bitch in heat when he pinched her nipples and drove his cock into her hot pussy-meat.


Vickie stopped at the campus entrance, closing her eyes as she felt her snatch contract. Yes, she was hot, ready for that fucking Jeff told her he'd be willing to give her if she stuck around. No, no, she wasn't going to try that anymore. She had to concentrate on her studies, had to think about getting a degree!

And yet the way sexual heat concentrated in her hot cunt made Vickie regret having not taken Jeff up on his offer. She felt a sudden glow wash over her skin as her body responded to that offer of more fucking. I mustn't think about him, I mustn't!

Still, in spite of her fine resolves, Vickie felt her cuntal walls buckle when she remembered how Jeff looked naked, shoving his dick up her pussy. How good his hairy body felt pinning hers to the soft mattress. Even now, she could feel his hands smoothing over her tits, running up and down her thighs, sending hot flashes through her pussy. The young teenager quickened her pace, her eyes looking straight ahead while her face assumed a mask of terrible concentration. She didn't hear someone calling behind her.

"Vickie! For God's sake, Vickie!"

The blonde stopped and turned around. She recognized the voice as belonging to Shari Williams.

"What happened to you? The girls've been gossiping like mad since you and Jeff took off like two bats... uh-oh, he didn't hurt you, did he?"

Vickie couldn't fight back two tears rolling down her cheeks. She quickly wiped them away and turned her head. Oh, God, how humiliating for this stranger to figure out her shame in just a few seconds. They'd be writing about it on the campus toilet walls tomorrow!

"No, but I just want to... to go home." Vickie wished she could have sunk into the ground. "Hey, first time? Okay, okay, I'm sorry I asked. I had some good news. Come on, let's walk," Shari said, slipping a comforting arm under Vickie's and guiding her up Westwood Plaza toward the Student Union.

"I'm all right now. I just have to get some sleep... get ready for classes tomorrow." The young girl wished she could get into a shower now. Some of Jeff's cum was oozing from her pussy-slit, wetting down her already juice-soaked panty crotch. It was sticky, uncomfortable. What was Shari hanging around for?

"I guess I can't wait to tell you. They'll be announcing which pledges have been accepted tomorrow. But... well," Shari said, shrugging her head into her shoulders and giggling, "you're one of them."

Vickie's mouth dropped open.

"After I made a fool of myself today? I didn't do anything... I..." Vickie was stunned. "That's just it, you were so quiet the other girls figured you wouldn't be a problem around the house. It'll be great having you around. I've got a funny feeling you're a sleeper," Shari said, looking at her newly found friend slyly.

"Sleeper? What...?"

"Never, mind. Come on. You're tired and after what happened... although, with Jeff, I can't see why you should feel so funny about it," Shari said, shrugging her shoulders and still conducting Vickie up the winding boulevard toward the dorms.

The young blonde fell silent as Shari chatted away about Hell Week, about all the coming activities of the house and especially about initiation night.

"It's wild. We're one of the few sororities around here who've got the guys helping us out," Shari giggled as they approached the entrance of the main dorm area.

"What happens? I thought guys weren't supposed to be invited," Vickie said, her interest picking up. Maybe joining this sorority wasn't such a good idea.

"Oh, you'll find out," Shari whispered mysteriously, winking and shoving her friend forward. "Now get some sleep. You'll need it."

That night Vickie was plagued by some of the most erotic dreams of her life. Before going to bed she'd showered and showered again, wishing she could wash off the guilt and shame she felt covering her like a dirty shroud. And yet when she touched her cunt with the soapy washcloth, the young teenager felt it move like a furry little animal, contracting, winking shut, drooling fresh pussy-sauce.

In her dreams, Vickie saw Jeff chasing her, his long thick cock wagging like a thick tree branch between his hairy legs. His balls were tightly drawn up against his dick-root while sweat made his thick, muscled body glisten. Oh, how Vickie's cunt throbbed! She was trying to get away from him. Vet her feet wouldn't move quickly enough. Soon, his hands were covering her tits, his fingers pinching her nipples cruelly. Then he was all over her, his legs wrapped around hers, his dick pressing against her cuntal slit, working its way between her bloated, puffy cunt-lips until she could feel his cock-head sinking in her pussy.

Twice the young woman awoke, her body wet with sweat. She wanted to reach down and rub her steamy cunt-meat with her fingers. But no, she couldn't touch herself, couldn't encourage the feelings tearing at her sanity. Studies, mild social life! She had to concentrate on that. So, turning over on her belly and moaning as she felt the itchy ache slowly die away, the young woman fell asleep once more, only to be plagued again by wild dreams.

The following day she awoke exhausted, dragging herself from the bed into the bathroom. Looking at herself in the mirror, Vickie tried to see if there was any difference in her face. Could someone glancing at her know she'd been fucked for the first time yesterday? Were there telltale marks? That was silly! Brushing her hair back, the young blonde turned and stepped into the shower, letting the droplets of water prickle her body as she fought down the thoughts of Jeff and his cunt-splitting cock.

But Vickie was unsuccessful at that task. Even during the first day of classes, when her mind should have been focused on the instructor and class syllabus, the young woman felt the tug of her senses. She tried to ignore the hot, steamy feeling between her shivering legs. Her little fuzz-covered cunt was dripping with juice all day. Could others around her smell it? Oh, God, what had happened to her?

The intense feeling of sexual desire followed her around all day. Finally the last class was over. Stepping from the auditorium, Vickie remembered Jeff telling her he'd always be around to "take care of her" if she needed it. It was awful when she couldn't keep her mind on her studies because of her pussy. But how could she study when her cunt throbbed like a festering wound? The young woman couldn't sleep well because of those obscene dreams. Something had been let loose in her mind and body -- a powerfully dark force that demanded to be satisfied.

She bit her lower lip, hesitating for a moment at the steps of Haines Hall. Should she run down campus over to Jeff's apartment unannounced? Would that look too sluttish? Would he consider her a whore if... yes, of course! No decent woman would practically kick down the doors of a man's apartment for... for... fucking! Wheeling around, Vickie started back toward the dorm area unsteadily when she bumped into Shari.

"Oh, wow, hi! I'm glad I ran into you here, Vickie. I left a note on your dorm room door. Feeling better today?" she asked brightly.

Vickie nodded her head, glad the young girl bad shown up. At least the sorority rush and acceptance was something to take her mind off sex for a while.

"God, that's good. For a while I thought what you and Jeff did would freak you out. It does that to some girls, you know. Anyway," Shari continued babbling, "there's a party tonight for newly accepted pledges. You've got to come, you've simply got to!" Shari insisted.

"But my studies, the first day of class..." Vickie said, wrinkling her forehead.

"Oh, that can wait. Most of the profs around here understand. C'mon, it'll be fun. Jeff'll be there," Shari said slyly.

Vickie felt her flesh crawl. Jeff! There! She shouldn't go!

"Okay, I'll come," the young blonde said, resolving only to see him and do nothing more.


"Why's everyone in hoods?"

"It's just part of the ceremony," Shari whispered, resting one hand on Vickie's arm in a gesture to keep her quiet.

"But this doesn't seem to make much sense. It certainly isn't much of a fun party."

It certainly wasn't! In fact the young blonde was getting goosebumps watching what was happening. The actives and the men from the nearby fraternity Jeff belonged to were all dressed in white robes with peaked hoods, looking like members of the KKK. The living room of the sorority house had been transformed into a kind of Inquisition judgement room with three hooded figures sitting behind a desk. One by one the pledges were drawn up to the desk, "charges" read, and defense -- or what passed for it -- was made. Of course they were all found guilty, judged, then dragged away. Vickie would have thought there would be giggling or laughing at this sort of mock trial. But there seemed to be an air of severe, almost religious fervor about what was taking place.

"Vickie Williams!"

"That's you. Good luck," Shari whispered as she let go.

"Aren't you going with me?"

"No, the guys from Pi Eps have to take you up to the desk."

Vickie saw two tall hooded figures approaching her. She shrank back, rubbing her upper arms with her palms. It was as if angels of death had come for her. She could feel all the eyes in the room turn on her as the two young men slipped their hands under her arms and started guiding her toward the front of the living room.

"Are you sure it's okay?" Vickie whispered back as she left Shari's side.

"I guess: I've never been through this before. I was one of the few who got in without this ceremony... but I think it's a gas!"

The young blonde trembled as she stood in front of those three judges. Two were young women, one was a man. They read off several silly crimes such as not brushing her teeth three times a day, not chewing her food well enough, and not wearing nylons on days where temperatures were over one hundred. For a second Vickie relaxed, close to the point of laughter. Maybe Shari was right. Maybe this was only a joke, something the two of them would laugh over later on. Then...

"And you are accused of abusing your body, of having lost your precious virginity willingly to one of our members," a male voice boomed...

Vickie nearly passed out and fell to the floor. She stiffened, curling her fingers into two fists and pressing them against her thighs. How dare they say something like that in public, in front of these people who were supposed to be her sorority sisters? Her breathing grew faster while her mouth went as dry as cotton.

"How do you plead?"

Did they actually expect her to say something about this?

"Once again, how do you plead?"

No, she wasn't going to go along with their stupid little game anymore. They'd publicly insulted and humiliated her.

"Very well, begin the trial," the voice said tiredly.

Vickie wanted to scream but didn't dare. Something about the tone of the voices made her keep silent. She heard them talk about "natural inclination" and why she shouldn't be punished for having followed one of them. Of course, in the end she was found guilty.

"Take her to the atonement room."

The two hooded figures who had escorted her to the front now led her back through the living room to the front door.

"Where are you taking me?" Vickie whispered as she heard one of the judges call out another name. Twisting her head around she saw Shari standing on tip-toe, her face still smiling but appearing a little worried.

"You'll find out soon enough," one gruff voice said. She was shoved out the front door where a hand slipped over her mouth. Other hands grabbed her ankles and rope was quickly tied around them. She was being kidnapped, taken away from the sorority house by force! The game had ended back inside. Now these men were in earnest.

"Mmmmmmm!" Vickie moaned, jerking her hands up and flailing away at her attackers' hands with her sharp fingernails.

"Goddamn, tie up the bitch's hands!"

There was more scuffling, more hands, and finally Vickie found she'd been hogtied and gagged. Jerking and twisting her body around as best she could, the young woman found herself being stuffed in the back seat of an old Chevy. The doors slammed and two hooded figures slipped quickly into the front seat.

"We're gonna have fun with this one," the first young man said, pulling off his hood as his buddy started the car and pulled away from the curb. Vickie rolled against the rear side window, pressing her forehead against the dirty glass and peering out into the darkness. The sorority house was still brightly lit. Inside everyone was having a good time, laughing and joking while she... and perhaps the others... were being taken somewhere for no good.

"Bet you thought old Jeff would help you out. Man, he's just a part of this like all of us, man. He's not here -- out of town with his old man or something like that. But he wouldn't mind. In fact, he'd probably... hey, watch where the fuck you're goin'. I don't want the fuckin' cops stopping us."

Vickie felt her heart pounding faster. What were they going to do to her? She felt her flesh crawling as she stared at the two men in the front seat. They were driving like maniacs, not going to the frat house down the street. No, she was being taken to some strange place.

"Bet you wonder where we're goin', right? We pick out one girl every sorority rush season and give her special treatment. Usually the girl's a virgin. But fuck, the way Jeff was talkin' about you, we had to pick you. Baby, you're so fuckin' hot he said he thought you caught the sheets on fire!"

He'd told them, told them everything! The young woman would have blushed furiously except for the terror slowly gripping her. She was going to be used... but for what?

"None of the girls ever talked about what happened to them later. You're gonna find out why," the second young man said, twisting back around and sitting calmly in the front seat.

They must have driven for nearly an hour before the car turned off a main road. They'd been climbing for the past twenty minutes, probably somewhere in the Santa Monica mountains, Vickie guessed. There were pine trees all around and the sweet smell of fresh mountain air. The car slowed, made several sharp turns, then moved onto a narrow graveled road. Narrowing her eyes, the young blonde teen was able to make out a large rustic-looking two-story cabin in the distance. It looked more like a ski resort than a mountain retreat.

"By the way, I'm Paul, good buddy of Jeff's. This here's Scott. It's a good idea to know who's who around here. You'll meet the others in a while."

Vickie swallowed her spit, sucking in a deep breath. She'd been trying to work the gag off her mouth. But what was the use up here? No one would hear her except her captors who would doubtlessly be displeased by her screaming. All she could do was endure and wait for a chance to get away!

"We're here."

The car ground to a halt. Vickie had been frightened when tossed into the vehicle. But now a new terror gripped her. At least in the car no one would hurt her. But here, God only knows what they were up to. The two young men up front slid out and walked around to the sides of the car, opening both doors and reaching in.

"Come on, baby, come on in," Scott said, pulling Vickie by the hands while Paul shoved her forward from the other side. Scott half-carried her into the large house. He was about to put her down when something surprised him.

"What the...?"

"Hey, come on down boy, down, down," Paul said, clapping his hands loudly behind them. What was going on? Vickie rolled her eyes down and saw a big German shepherd dancing around the student's legs, his long pink tongue hanging out from one corner of his mouth. There were three other young men she recognized from campus in the room. They were sitting around a large circular table, their hands wrapped around beer cans. From the smell of beer and cigarette smoke in the air, the blonde teenager guessed they'd been there for a while.

"Throw her down!" one of the young men shouted, tilting a can of beer to his mouth and taking a large swig.

"Yeah, man, let's get this started," another one slurred.

"Been startin' the drinkin' ahead of us again, huh?" Scott said, dropping his burden to the sofa. Vickie looked around. This couldn't belong to the fraternity. It was an old, elegant hunting lodge. Heads of deer, mountain lions and other wild animals stuck out from the oaken walls. From out of the open-beamed ceiling cast-iron chandeliers hung, illuminating the cathedral-like central room.

The furnishings, rugs, fixtures all spoke of money. "Come on, let's see 'er perform with the mutt," the third man said, throwing his can of beer at Vickie. It struck her on the forehead, startling her and bringing her back to the reality of the situation.

"Okay, man, okay. Open a beer for me, damn it," Scott said, walking, up to Vickie and untying the ropes first from her ankles, then her hands. The young woman rubbed her wrists together, then pulled the gag off.

"Where am I? Oh God, what are you going to do with me?"

The young man laughed. Scott started unbuttoning her blouse.

"Stop!" she screamed, knocking his hands away and scooting back on the couch.

"You don't have a motherfuckin' choice," Scott growled back, raising one hand. Vickie tensed, lying cringing on the sofa. There was a strange kind of brightness in his eyes that terrified her. As she lay shaking like a leaf, Scott smiled. She glanced down and saw his cock tenting up his Levi's. He was enjoying this, actually getting sexual pleasure from watching her writhe. Then he brought his hand down quickly, the fingers smashing across the right side of her skull.

"Unngggg!" Vickie cried, her head snapping to one side while her long blonde hair splashed across her injured face. No one had ever misused her like, this! The young girl was stunned, holding tightly on to the sofa cushions and lowering her face protectively while the report of the slap echoed in the large room.

"Yeah, that's it, show the fuckin' bitch who's the boss!"

Vickie's head started to throb.

"Come on," Scott said, taking a swig of the beer, then throwing the half-emptied can on the floor. The yellowish liquid gurgled onto the expensive oriental rug. "Gonna fuck you, then let the dog fuck you."

What was he talking about? She sobbed, pressing the back of one hand against her mouth while staring wide-eyed at the big man. Clenching her fingers together, she pressed them against the sofa cushion. She was dizzy with fright, terrified of the brutal rape that was sure to follow. And what was he talking about dogs for?

Scott unzipped his fly quickly, shoving his hands down to his knees. A thick, long dick sprang up and bobbed like a live animal in front of her. He wasn't as large as Jeff. But his dick would certainly split her apart if she weren't ready.

"I said c'mon."

Jeff was behind them, holding on to the dog. He sat on the floor, drinking his beer with the others while watching her and Scott. The young blonde pushed his Levi's down to his boot tops. The hot, sour smell of his groin reached her nostrils. Vickie wrinkled up her nose and pulled her head away. No, no, this couldn't be happening. They were going to rape her, rape her in front of all these men! Oh, God!

"No, no, no!" she cried, jerking herself into action. The young woman sprang off the couch and rushed past the startled Scott.

"Get 'er!" Jeff shouted, dropping the animal's leash.

"God!" Vickie cried, feeling courage and relief as she shot toward the door. Only a few more inches and she'd reach safety. Only a few more...

The German shepherd had sprung into action when she bolted for freedom, tearing away from Jeff's grip and trotting quickly to the door. Now the blonde teen stopped dead, staring down in terror at the growling, trembling dog. His powerful jaw was opened, revealing a double row of crisscrossed teeth. Saliva dripped from his tongue while the short fur around his neck bristled. His tail was hung low between his thick-muscled hindquarters. Vickie cried out more softly this time, hugging her tits protectively with both arms. No, there was no escape!

Backing away, the young woman felt something touching her ass. It was Scott, she knew it! Oh. God in heaven, she was trapped, trapped by these horrible young men! In a second, Vickie felt all hope evaporate -- replaced by dark, dreary despair!

"Damn little bitch. You're not gonna try something like that again."

Vickie couldn't get over it. These were college students acting like sadistic bikers. Scott pulled her roughly back to the couch, pawing her tits, struggling with her until he finally ripped the blouse from her shoulders. The young girl screamed as she felt the garment tear into shreds and fall to the floor. Then she felt the blond's hands slide around to her back, his thick fingers fumbling with the bra strap. There were more tearing sounds and a sensation of the halter loosening around her shoulder blades. Then her tits sprang free, the cool air of the room striking her big boobs. Vickie let out a sharp yelp, instinctively raising her hands. Scott knocked them aside, then pushed her roughly down onto the couch.

"No, don't!"

He threw himself on top of her, holding her tightly by the wrists while pinning her legs to the cushions. The young man was going wild, dropping his mouth to her nipples and sucking the dark red tips until they were sore. Soon she could feel his teeth gnawing at her tit-tips.

"No, oh, nooooooo!" Vickie cried, rolling her head from side to side. As her terror mounted, more sweat oozed from her pores, making her silky flesh glisten under the bright overhead light.

Scott moved to the other nipple, sucking -- if possible -- harder on that one than the other. His shirt was opened now, his hairy chest rubbing against her belly and thighs.

She felt his sweat run down her belly, some of it leaking into her cuntal crack and mixing with her pussy-oil. Yes, pussy-oil. Vickie couldn't believe it, but her body was actually responding positively to this rape. She was tensing, feeling her snatch opening and closing, feeling her cunt-lips swelling and her clit popping up from its surrounding wet flesh. "She's gettin' into it," Scott grunted, reaching down and rubbing his fingers over her wet pussy. He drew up his hands and took a long whiff. "Man, good, hot pussy!" he sighed, going back to his titsucking.

For an instant, Vickie wondered what it would be like to have his mouth clamped onto her pussycrack and sucking. What would those sharp teeth feel like tearing at her clit, biting into her fleshy cunt-lips, peeling them apart?

There was another tearing sound. He'd ripped her skirt from her body, kicked the sandals off her feet, stripped her completely naked on the sofa. Scott grunted with satisfaction, holding her wrist with one hand while jamming the palm of his free hand between her legs.

"She's so fuckin' wet can't get a good hold on."

Vickie's tits swelled with passion as the young man fought with her, wrapping his fingers around her hair and yanking it hard, laughing as she screamed and begged for him to stop.

"Thought sorority life's gonna be fun, eh? Sure will be... especially after we get through with you."

"I'll tell everyone about this... I swear, I'll tell..."

"Oh, no you won't," Scott shot back, staring evilly at her. "You don't think some of your sisters don't know about this place?" The others laughed, spilling their beer and shouting obscenities at the cringing blonde. "Man, some of 'em love to come up here and get away from all that goody-goody shit," Scott said derisively, his voice lowering to a growl. "And I got a feeling you're gonna be one of those kinds."

With that, Scott stuck his thick thumb in her hot, wet pussy. Vickie threw her head back and let out a stifled groan. He was scraping the jagged nail along the soft, moist folds of her cuntal mouth. Scott grunted, satisfied. He shoved his thumb deeper and at an angle, finding her swollen clit. Scott smiled cynically, watching her like a hawk as he crushed it under his nail.

Vickie screamed, her legs shooting apart. She was pissing, wetting herself as he squeezed her erect nub. There was so much pain mixed with unholy pleasure! The young blonde had never felt anything like this before in her life! Her neck veins pushed against her flesh as Vickie screamed again and again.

"Oh. God, stop, stop it, you're killing me!" the blonde teen shrieked, her head tossing from side to side. Tears oozed out from under her lids while more sweat coveted her twisting body. Scott kept reaming out her pussy with his fingers, watching her buck and thrash more frenziedly. Then with another grunt, the young man pulled his hand out with a squishy pop.

Vickie relaxed, but only for a second. Scott had his hands around her. He was telling her how he was going to drive his dick into her snatch, how he was going to fuck her until she wouldn't be able to piss for a week!

"Get ready for it, baby."

Vickie clenched her thighs, feeling a strange electricity in her slit. The terror was growing, and yet so was the lust bubbling like lava in her cunt. Scott, however, was too interested in the girl's body to worry about her reactions. He was a wild animal, a beast who had managed to trap his prey and now was going to devour it.


Scott flung himself on her belly, growling and grunting while Vickie tried to prepare herself. Her mouth was drawn tightly over her teeth. Her jaw tightened. She bit her lower lip and turned her head, unable to watch the young man as he overpowered and degraded her.

"Fuck 'er good, man. Fuck 'er, then let of Ranger here take care of her."

Vickie was too engrossed in what was happening to catch most of what had just been said. But something told her the worst was yet to come.


Scott's muscular body pressed her down. She smelled the musty odor of the old sofa cushions. His hot, fat dick-head sank into her moist pussymeat after having plowed through her tangled blonde cunt-hairs. The young woman felt the shock waves of her fuck. Her head was aching while her brain spun around.

"Oh, oh, oh!" Vickie cried with each powerful forward fucking thrust. He was all the way in her snatch, his cock stuffed all the way to the fat base of his shaft. The blonde teenager smelled his beer-breath while he rammed his cock harder and faster. There was a kind of scalding, scintillating pain that corkscrewed through her cunt and became something more than pain.

"Baby, fuck, fuck," Scott groaned, throwing his head back and working his narrow hips from side to side. Vickie grunted, feeling his fat dick stirring her insides around. His hands moved around to her tits and squeezed them cruelly. She was sure she'd be black and blue after this brutal rape. There was none of the gentleness of Jeff's technique. She should be crying out, sobbing for mercy. And yet Vickie could feel herself almost begging the young man riding her for more brutality, for more pain and abuse.


The blonde tam let out a shuddering moan. She tightened up, feeling her pussy contracting and trying to grab onto the fat dick inside her. Scott panted as she started to match his pistoning. They banged together over and over. Vickie let out another groan, holding tightly onto him. She slammed her way into him, thrusting her cunt against his hard, throbbing cock. God, she was so hot, so wet, so willing to be fucked by this man!

"Fuck!" Scott shouted.

Vickie could feel the first bursts of his jizz burning into her snatch. She yelped, kicking one leg out, then flinging both around his lower back. She pounded his ass with her heels while holding tightly onto him. She felt his cum fill up her fuck-hole, then ooze out onto her thighs.

"Jesus, she's nothin' but a fuckin' wild animal," Scott said, wiping the sweat off his forehead while pulling his softening cock from her snatch.

"Oh, no! Oh, my God, no, not again," Vickie moaned, turning her face away and covering her eyes. She'd promised herself she'd never feel those wonderful, terrible feelings in her pussy again. And yet there she was, stripped naked in front of these strange men, her pussy wet with her oils and Scott's cum. She'd let him do it to her, she encouraged him! Vickie groaned with shame, wishing she could die.

"There's more, baby," Scott grunted, sliding his Levi's back up and flipping his cock into his fly. The young woman watched him dress. She could still feel him inside her, could still feel the strange sensation of his cum jetting into her pussy. More to come? Could she stand the perverted viciousness she was sure would follow?

"Hey, Paul, get the fuck off the floor. We've got more of the initiation for this little cunt to go through."

His buddy partially crushed the aluminum can, flinging it in a comer with several others and stood up shakily.

"Man, this is gonna be real good," the tall dark-haired university student said, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, then bending down and pulling the leash from the German shepherd's collar.

"Yeah, you pass this and you'll probably be president of the fuckin' sorority in a couple of years."

The others agreed, dropping their hands to their crotches and working their fingers around. Something was up, something was about to happen that was exciting them already.

Vickie pulled herself up on the sofa and looked around. Paul was holding onto the big German shepherd. Then the words about her performing with the dog came back to her. Oh, God, they couldn't actually mean what she thought they did? Fucking with animals was something dirty jokes were made of. But actually making women do something with animals...? No, no, that was only a sick male fantasy, or the subject for weird porno movies!

"Ranger here's well trained," Paul began in a low voice, running his fingers through the animal's thick dark-gray fur. "We've had him since he was a puppy... kinda like a frat mascot. He learned real fast about what we wanted him to do. Man, he likes pussy... doggie kind, human kind, get what we mean?"

Paul smiled that same, cynical smile while he kept working his fingers over the big animal's throat. Vickie could hear the dog growling low and deep. His fur seemed to stand on end while his long, bushy tail wagged across the floor slowly from side to side. His eyes were riveted on her naked body while his pointed ears were pinned back.

The blonde teenager shivered, rubbing her hands over her arms. Shifting position on the sofa, Vickie felt her cum-stained pussy lips rubbing together. She'd been brutally raped, and still the men had something more planned for her.

"Hey, maybe we can all fuck her... you know, all at the same time?"

"Yeah, I wanna feel her cunt, man. Maybe she gives good head, too."

Vickie pushed herself to the sofa, wishing she could disappear. They were all laughing at her, all talking about how they could best fuck her. They weren't going to let her go until they'd satisfied themselves with every perversion they could think of.

"Later, man, later. Let's see a real show, now. Remember Diane Granger and the way she turned onto Ranger here when he got goin' on her pussy? I think the same thing's gonna happen to this one," Paul said his smile broadening. Vickie felt sick. They were going to sic the animal on her, sit back, drink their beer and watch what happened. She dug her fingernails into the soft couch cushions and moved her plump buttocks back. No, no, this was too much! No one could expect her to accept this kind of humiliation!

"No escape, no where to go," Paul said, dropping his hands from the animal. He guessed what was going on in her mind.

Two of the frat brothers had stationed themselves unsteadily at the door. The windows were barred from the outside. Vickie looked around desperately and found no way she could get from these men and their "trained" animal! "No, don't make me do it," she wailed, tears oozing from her eyes and streaking her cheeks. Paul only laughed, patting the big dog on the head and shoving him forward. Vickie pushed herself back on the couch, her eyes widening as the animal trotted around and stopped a few inches away from her feet.

"No!" Vickie cried softly, inching back on the sofa until she felt her asscheeks tightly pressed against the back. Her chest tightened while her mouth became dry. Terror and revulsion had heightened her senses. She could fed her pulse racing madly through her body, could hear her heartbeat as the animal lowered his head and moved slowly up to the sofa.

He was sticking his head forward, raising his snout, sniffing the air between his nostrils and her cunt. Oh, God, he could smell her pussy-oil and Scott's cum! She saw the light of recognition in his dark brown eyes. Vickie closed her legs, drawing her hands over her cunt while moving her arms over her tits. When the animal appeared as if he were going to lunge, the girl cried out and rolled off the couch, landing unsteadily on her feet.

"Yeah, mail, that's the way I like it. Don't like to see 'em give in too quickly," Paul said, sitting back down on the floor and taking another beer from one of his buddies. They were watching Vickie as if she were a performer. The young girl sobbed, her face a mask of horror as she shot a glance at the young men, then resumed her watch on the dog.

"No, doggie, no, no, don't come near me," she said in a trembling, coaxing voice.

But Ranger didn't pay attention. He was slowly padding toward her. His tail was drooping between his powerful hindquarters while his eyes slitted. Vickie felt her breathing grow more shallow and hot. She felt shakier with every passing second. There was something terribly wolf-like in the animal.

The blonde teenager wondered if he were going to pounce on her and tear out her throat! Maybe the men enjoyed that sort of thing. Vickie had heard about people in Los Angeles who made "snuff flicks", movies where women were actually killed on the screen while the audience watched with pleasure.


The dog was whistling through its nose, then gave out a loud bark. Vickie shivered. Ranger started for her, making a muted growling noise in his throat. He darted forward, shoving his nose between her legs.


Vickie slapped downward, screaming while backing away from the big dog. She turned and started running for the main stairway. But the dog was fast, catching up to her in a second and sliding his nose up between her moving thighs. She could feel something cold and wet bump against the underside of her cuntal mound.

"Oh, oh, God, no, no!" she cried again, holding desperately on to the bannister and kicking back with one leg. Her blonde hair curtained her face as she twisted and kicked back again and again. She could hear the animal barking nervously, trotting around, trying to get a better shot at her pussy. But Vickie held on to the bannister, pressing her wet twat against the wood. Behind her she could also hear the young men laughing and encouraging the animal.

"Bite her, man!"

Vickie was afraid the animal would obey that command. Crying out, she let go of the bannister and ran back toward the sofa. Tears streaked her cheeks as her buttocks and belly jiggled. A pulse leaped at her throat. She could feel something warm and furry between her moving legs. It was Ranger, trying to get at her pussy. She felt his hot breath oh the inner surfaces of her thighs. Sobbing with frustration and terror, Vickie slapped down again, pitching forward and nearly falling on her face.

"He smells you, man, he likes the smell," Paul said, finishing another beer and tossing the can into the growing pile.

This was awful! She had to get away, behind the sofa, somewhere where she could collect her thoughts. The young woman knew she couldn't blame the dog. He could smell her pussy, could sense she was still sexually excited even after that rape. If only there were some way she could calm him down, make him uninterested in her pussy.

Vickie felt she could take any other kind of sexual abuse. But making it with this German shepherd would be too much for her to accept.


Vickie had let the animal slip past her meager defenses. He was licking her now, licking the soft flesh behind each knee. Oh, God, the young woman couldn't suppress the growing hot feeling radiating up from that spot to her cunt. She didn't dare turn her face down to the animal. And then she felt the animal's pointed nose pressing against her cuntal mound, felt the folds of her pussy-meat being being moved around by the large shepherd's nose. And her cunt was responding! That was the awful, sickening thing Vickie had to deal with! In spite of her screaming and yelping she was turning on to the big animal. The blonde pushed away from the sofa and staggered back to the stairway. If only she could climb to the second floor and compose her thoughts, Vickie was certain she'd figure out a way to get rid of the dog.

"Horrible, horrible," she gasped as she felt the dog's rough tongue pass over her outer cunt-lips, then move down to her thighs. Her voice sounded so empty, so small in that large living room. She could smell herself now, smell the pungent cuntjuice she was certain the animal could whiff. Oh, God, how she hated those men for having brought her here to this dog.

"No, no, no!"

But her words sounded weak, without much meaning. Like the brutal rape before, this sex-scene was finding some part of Vickie's brain that was receptive. She felt the surface of Ranger's hot wet tongue graze one cunt-lip. The girl gasped from the unbelievable tickle and jerked her hands down to cover her wet twat. The big animal licked her fingers, nuzzling them with wild eagerness. Vickie gasped again, twisting around and looking wild-eyed at the laughing men. No, there would be no help coming from them. They wanted the animal to lick her off, to mount her if possible. Vickie turned back to the big animal, raising one hand threateningly high above her head.

Ranger jumped back, barking wildly at her. He moved in once more, pressing his tongue against her cunt-lips. She almost fell to her knees this time. The German shepherd growled low in his throat and braced his forepaws on the carpet. When Vickie was unprepared, the dog shoved up and forward, shoving his nose against her cunt-mound.

What was happening? What was she letting happen to her? Had she gone crazy? This was a dog... a damned dog! He was cornering her, forcing her... no, that wasn't right. Vickie could fed her body responding to this situation. Yes, she could have screamed down the walls, fought until the animal tore her body into shreds. Instead, she stood crouched in that living room, feeling a strange sexual fever settle over her cunt.

"Get away, bad dog, get away." The words were commanding but the voice behind them trembled with fear and lust. She ran back toward the men, then stumbled and fell sliding across the floor.

Ranger pounced, his paws braced on her thighs. Vickie screamed as the big animal nipped her ankle. He was going to attack her! Oh, God, they were all going to drink beer and watch the German shepherd kill her!

But no, the biting stopped. That was only a warning from Ranger, a sample of what he could do to her if she didn't cooperate. Vickie turned onto her back, clamping her thighs together as she beat at him. The big dog only ducked and growled, rolling his big brown eyes around in his head. It was as if he were laughing at her. The growling had softened... a warning growl, the suggestion of ferocity.

Vickie had to look away from his eyes and bared fangs. Ranger stopped his growling and began licking at her. He licked up around her belly, wetting her navel and the bottom of her rib cage. The soft warm fur against her upper thighs made her pussy tremble with forbidden delight. Her cunt ached from the savage pounding it had endured earlier. This gentle oral massage was soothing as well as exciting. If only it weren't this animal making her feel this way!


Vickie closed her eyes and tried to concentrate only on the feeling. It was only one wet surface against another. Just a mouth, just a tongue... oh, God, only a few days ago the idea of either of those against her pussy would have made her blush. Now it was the only thought keeping her sane! For if she fully recognized the fact that she was being sexually assaulted by a German shepherd.


Ranger growled again and moved back. Vickie crawled out from under him and breathed a sigh of relief. This was a tiny victory. Maybe he was tired of this affair. The blonde teen looked in the direction of the college students. The young men were wrinkling up their foreheads and looking disappointed. That was a good sign. Maybe they recognized that the show was over.

Then the dog positioned himself between her knees again and started licking them.

"Oh, God, please, don't... ohhhhh!"

Vickie felt the despair of her situation crash down on her. The animal's tongue explored higher, leaving a silver trail of spittle on her lightly tanned flesh. Why was that feeling so wild, so devastating?

"Man, she's gettin' back into it," Paul said enthusiastically, settling down for the final round of Vickie's degradation.

The blonde was moving down toward the big dog now, pushing her hips forward. Ranger whimpered and moved his nose from side to side. He was touching her inner cunt-lips with his snout, forcing them wide apart.

Vickie heard the men laughing. Peering heavylidded, she realized what this must look like -- her body split apart, a dark animal embracing her, his paws draped over her thighs while his powerful head was buried in the blonde jungle of her cunthairs.

Oh, if only this were a dream, a nightmare from which she could awaken. But no, it was all too real! The blonde teen could hear the slick clicking sounds of the animal's maw as he licked and chewed his way into her snatch. Occasionally that muted growl of sexual excitement echoed through the large living room. Vickie could feel the vibrations of the animal's growling in her cunt and stiffened. Her clit popped up once more. Oh, God, she was responding to the dog as if he were a human lover!


A flash of electric lust shot through her body. The animal pushed his big shoulders farther between her knees. She felt them being pushed apart. Vickie didn't try to stop him now. She let it happen. Biting down hard on her lower tip the young girl wanted to punish herself for letting this sickening, horrible thing happen. She tasted blood from her lip. Yes, yes, she couldn't admit to enjoying this session! It would be far too dark, too perverted to deal with later.

Ranger grunted with excitement and started lapping noisily at the glistening surfaces of her snatch. "Ohhhhh...!"

The German shepherd seemed crazed with sex, aroused more than ever. He gouged his claws against her ass and stuck his long snout up and down her slick cuntal crack. Vickie snapped her head back, supporting herself with her arms. She was moving her ass back and forth in frantic, tiny circles, breathing with whistling sounds through her nostrils.

The blonde was on fire, burning with forbidden lust. She could feel her pussy dripping with cuntjuice and doggie spit! The thought of having her snatch violated by this animal, actually licked into orgasm by its tongue suddenly excited her terribly! Vickie could feel herself building steadily toward an orgasm. Her mind sputtered with the rubbing of Ranger's mouth. All her senses reeled with the wild need to increase the stimulation that made her cunt tickle, ache and throb.

Moving one hand down between her legs Vickie felt how soaked she was. She felt the animal's tongue lap between her fingers, wet down her knuckles. Yes, oh, God yes, she couldn't stop herself. God forgave her, she couldn't stop the rushing heat of her oncoming climax!

"God, oh, God, help meeeee!"

Vickie wailed again and again, feeling the big muscles in her ass cramp. Ranger slowed his rubbing friction, pulling back and looking strangely at her.

"Oh, ohhhhh!"

The dog let out a little yelp and went back to her. "Th... there," she stammered. She felt her cunt contracting, winking shut on the dog's tongue. Soon, she thought, soon I'll reach the bottom of the pit... coming with a dog!


"Oh, yes, Christ in heaven, yes, yessss!" the young girt moaned. Vickie couldn't keep her body from moving. She inched her ass up, tilting it forward, giving the big animal more of her cunt to eat. He could see her mounting excitement. He whimpered through his nose and bathed the bottom of her ass with hot spit. She felt so wet, so warm all over her body. The insides of her thighs, her ass, her cunt were all covered with, the German shepherd's spit.

"Go for it, baby, go for it!" Paul shouted from the other side of the room.

Vickie felt the dog's pink tongue driving up and down her cuntal crack. Her clit was burning like a torch from the steady lapping friction. She fanned her fingers out along the floor, digging her nails into the soft wood while she raised her feet. Oh, God, she was going to embrace him as her lover. No, no, that was too much! Even in her highly aroused state, the young woman couldn't make herself sink that low. She dropped her legs, throwing her head back and drinking in the shamelessly good sensation radiating from her cunt. It seemed as if every tiny crack and hollow of her pussy was peeled back now, every inch of her snatch surrendered to the hungry animal.

Ranger nuzzled and licked all around her soaked cunt. The young blonde gasped and babbled as he worked her over. Oh, God, what was going to happen to her after this was over? How could she ever look at herself in the mirror, knowing full well she'd encouraged the big animal to lick her off?

Vickie tried to drive those guilty thoughts from her mind. Drool oozed from one corner of her mouth. She was moving her ass up, wiggling it around in small circles, then let it dip down again. She twisted from side to side, loving the hot sensations raked from her clit every time his tongue brushed against her cunt.

"Uhhhh, ohhhh!"

Vickie didn't care about anything or anyone anymore. She felt as if she could die doing this horrible thing and little would matter. This had to be one of the wildest feelings she'd ever had in her life.

"Man, she's gonna come, gonna make it," Scott said, watching the young girl twist and writhe under the big dog's wet tongue.

"Yes, yessss," she hissed between clenched teeth. The pulse pounded in her head. Her tits jiggled and rolled from side to side as the blonde teenager climbed closer and closer to orgasm. She tilted up her cunt-hole, feeling the animal's tongue rim the pulsing circle of tense muscles. She petted the animal excitedly now, breathing so hard she was sure she'd have a respiratory attack.

"Yes, ohhhhh, God, I can't..."

The dog's tongue was probing deeper and deeper into her pussy. She felt her cuntal walls spasm, then collapse. Oh God, she was coming. Slowly, agonizingly, the young girl was coming. "Unnnghhhh!"

Vickie moved her shoulders, letting her head fall back while her lower jaw sagged open and a low, throaty growl came out. The tiny tickle had grown into a pulsing ache. She tossed her head from side to side, feeling her hair splash over her face. Her thighs filled with an itchy, tantalizing fire. She quivered and shook, her body bucking so wildly she nearly kicked the animal off. Hot juice flooded out of her hole, wetting down her thighs and the German shepherd's snout.

The wet, clicking sounds of her cunt rubbing against Ranger's snout were louder than ever. He licked and nuzzled against her coming pussy. The room echoed with his growls, her groans and the smacking sounds of her cunt-lips rubbing together. She jerked on the floor like a speared animal. Finally the girl stuck her fingers into her cunt as Ranger whimpered and licked her shaking, white knuckles.

When she opened her eyes again the blonde teenager found herself curled on the floor. The dog was nowhere to be seen. He'd served his purpose. Vickie dragged herself up to a sitting position. The young men were still around the table, a good deal drunker than they were earlier. She felt helplessly shamed and degraded before these men. Oh, what a horrible thing she'd committed! Even God couldn't forgive her for that crime!

"Man, she really went for it!" Paul slurred, his head rolling drunkenly from side to side. He tried to stand up but fell back against one leg of the circular table. Laughing at his failure, the young man tried once again, flinging the half-filled can of beer across the room.

"Yeah, let's see just how much she can take," Scott suggested with a sneer.

Vickie trembled. They were only beginning! The dog had only been an appetizer! From the evil gleam in their eyes the blonde teen saw much more was in store for her.

"Over there, baby."

Vickie saw where Paul was pointing. It was the stairway. She started for the bannister to which she'd clung so desperately earlier.

"No, down this way," Scott shouted angrily. His voice made the girl jump. "Stupid slut," he growled, pushing his chair back and rushing up to her. The young girl screamed and cringed, jerking up her hands protectively to her face. Her submissive attitude seemed to anger the young man even more. Pulling her hands roughly from her face, Scott threw her hard against the wall, nearly knocking her unconscious from the force of that blow.


Vickie cried out as she felt hands paw all over her body. The young men were warning one another to keep their fingers away from her cunt because it was filled with dog spit. Vickie felt her stomach turn over. Even these animals wouldn't touch her. She was that dirtied, that fouled! They were taking her down stairs, carrying her like a rolled up piece of old rug. They hit her legs and feet painfully against the walls several times. She cried out, but no one paid her any attention. She was just an object to be used then thrown away.

"Okay, put 'er down."

Vickie felt herself lowered to the floor. Never before had she felt so like an animal cornered for some scientific experiment!

"Let's put 'er up in the arch."

Vickie looked around at what she guessed originally was a recreation room. It had been turned into some kind of dungeon, complete with pulleys, racks and chains attached to eyescrews in the low ceiling. The tiled floor appeared as if it had been recently cleaned. Blood? Cum? Vickie shuddered as she thought over the possibilities.

"Okay, up, baby."

The blonde teen turned and saw a strange looking device pushed into one corner of the basement room. Behind her she heard several of the frat brothers hauling down another case of beer. They swore at one another, stumbling over the steep stairs.

"Please, don't... oh, God." She was going to beg them not to hurt her. But what was the use? They enjoyed hearing her beg, enjoyed watching her grovel in front of them. If nothing else, her pleas encouraged them, made them angrier, more eager to crush her into the dirt.

Vickie moved toward the large wooden frame in front of her. It was constructed of sturdy wood with a broad support at its base. At first it appeared to be a dislocated doorframe held erect by a square base and further supported by two pieces of wood nailed to the base. Then Vickie saw several large eyescrews securely fastened at the top, on the sides and in the base. It was a vertical torture rack similar to those used in the Middle Ages!

She watched as Scott and one of the other frat brothers pulled several pulley devices from shelves built alongside the arch. Then they pulled what appeared to be a horse's harness from the top shelf and dangled it threateningly in front of her.

"Hey, Paul, help 'er slip into it."

"C'mon, honey. It's not all that hard to figure out," the young man said, holding the top leather strap loosely in his right hand. Vickie's eyes widened. They were going to slip her into that thing? Oh, yes, yes, they were going to make her wear that grotesque device, then hang her up in the arch and do what they pleased to her.

"Oh, God," she moaned, turning her face away as Paul unhooked the two bottom leather straps attached to a thicker waist support and slipped them under her crotch. Vickie shivered. The black leather was cold against her white flesh. Paul rebuckled the straps, tightening them until they gathered up some of the girl's flesh. Two straps attached to the top of the waistbelt were pulled tightly against her tits, the edges cutting into her stiffening nipples. The young woman wondered at her strange reaction to the leather. She'd never worn any leather before. But its smell and feel aroused her.

As Paul passed the straps over her shoulders and hooked them to the back of the waistbelt, tightening them to ensure a secure, snug fit, Vickie watched Scott and his friends attach two double pulley devices to two top eyescrews. Glancing down at her shoulders she saw two metal rings attached to her shoulder straps.

"Get 'er up. She's kinds slow right now. Probably thinking about what we're gonna do to her," Paul said.

Scott and the others grabbed the girl and led her to the arch, turning her around so she faced them. Fastening the pulleys to her shoulder rings, the boys pulled on two ropes attached to the top pulleys, hauling her off the floor and leaving her dangling and twisting from the headboard of the arch.


Vickie felt the aching pull of the straps on her shoulders and belly. The tension created by her dangling body made it difficult for her to breathe. And those leather straps cutting into her pussy-slit were drawing more and more cunt-juice from the depths of her snatch. She could feel the leather getting wet and hot, slipping into her twat like two double-edged knives. They slid teasingly over her pussy-meat, pulling her outer lips apart, peeling back her smaller inner cunt-lips.

"Warm up her ass, Scott."

Vickie twisted her head around in time to see the tall frat brother pull a long rectangular paddle from the second shelf behind her. He smiled, drew his arm back, then let the hard rubber paddle fly against her ass.

"Ahhhhhh!" Vickie cried. Her tits jiggled against the shoulder and chest straps while her asscheeks reddened from the force of the blow. The young blonde moaned, her body twisting from left to right. The crotch straps bit deeper into her snatch. Oh, God, when would it end?

Scott slapped her ass again and again with the paddle, making her body jerk and snap from side to side while her asscheeks jiggled and bounced. The heat from her ass radiated to all parts of her body, making her nipples stand out and twitch while her cunt-lips actually swelled up and started moving around the edges of the juice-slicked leather straps.



Vickie closed her eyes, feeling more tears roll down her cheeks. The vicious strokes came faster now. Her buttocks were glowing red. Soon there was a numbness that settled over her ass. It was true, then, what she heard about beatings. Gradually, the body became used to the abuse and stopped sending out pain signals. Now, the only strong sensation she could feel was the odd hot, itchy feeling in her crotch.

"Shit, my fuckin' arm's tired," Scott said, throwing the paddle down onto the floor. "Let's butt-fuck the bitch."

Vickie could only moan. She probably wouldn't be able to feel a thing. They could drive nails in her an and she wouldn't even flinch!

"Hey, down, man!"

Vickie opened her eyes and saw Ranger prancing around.

"Yeah, you'll get a shot at her again," Paul said, bending down and pulling the barking animal away from the young girl.

"Let's see her dance."

Vickie pulled her head up and opened her eyes. She was exhausted, drained of all her strength. Her asscheeks burned with the dark welts Scott's savage beating had raised. She felt the straps of the harness chafing her flesh. There was more movement around her. Hands grabbed her wrists, pulled them to either side of the arch and slipped them into leather restraints. There was the sound of metal snapping. She was stretched out even farther on this vertical rack, completely helpless.

"Please, please, ahhhhhhh!"

Scott had wedged one end of the paddle into her asscrack, pushing the sharp edge hard against her asshole. The young woman kicked out at her tormentor, her body swinging around less now that her wrists were fastened to the sides of the arch.

Two of Scott's friends grabbed her legs, holding them tightly together until Paul pulled out two iron cuffs from the shelf, opened them, then snapped them shut around the girl's ankles. These two were tightly fastened to two eyescrews near the bottom of the arch. Vickie was now tightly restrained, unable to make a move except twist her head around.

Scott ran his fingers up and down the girl's back, squeezing her injured buttocks hard, crushing the welts until Vickie was screaming for him to stop. She felt her brain spinning around. Oh, God, why couldn't she pass out? Why couldn't she lose consciousness and escape the horrors to come?

"Flip 'er over."

What did he mean? Vickie jerked her head to one side and saw two of the frat brothers walk up to the arch, pull out two sticks of wood, then grab the top of the device. She felt her body pitching forward, arching toward the floor while her feet slid backward. The rack was movable! They were going to turn her upside down.

Vickie cried out, jerking her arms desperately, trying to free her legs while the rack revolved around. They left her parallel to the floor for a while, her huge tits hanging down like two milky hard-tipped udders.

Scott slid under the rack and tilted up his head, working his fingers over his groin while sucking hard at one of her nipples. Vickie shuddered, crying for help, knowing full well there could be none. He was working one hand around her pussy now, pinching her cuntlips so hard tears oozed from her "Aiyeeeeeeee!"

The tall blond edged out from under the rack and signaled his buddies to keep going. Vickie whimpered as the rack continued its course. Soon, she was upside down, her tits pushing up against her chin. The cuffs around her ankles hurt horribly! The young girl moaned. Then she saw Scott approaching her with something. Even upside down Vickie could see he had a pair of clamps with wire attached to the backs. Twisting her head around as far as she could, the blonde teen realized someone had brought up a portable generator, something she remembered her father used to have in his basement workshop. It was bolted to a small table now wheeled next to the rack.

"Dance time," Scott said ironically.

"Yeah, let's see how web she can dance upside down. She's, gotta keep in practice for all those dances we'll have next fall," Paul said, the others laughing at the helpless girl.

The two apparent leaders of this vicious episode took the clamps and opened them, fastening the toothed edges to her outer cunt-lips. Each man was commenting on how wet she was, how puffy her cunt-lips were as they let the sharp teeth of the electrical clamps sink into the soft, moist pussy flesh.

"Unnnnnnn!" Vickie moaned, feeling the metal teeth biting her sensitive cunt-meat. Oh, God, it reminded her of that awful animal, that large, beautiful German shepherd that had nearly torn her apart with his maw. Now only cold metal was touching her. There were more clamps, one awfully dose to her tit.

"Now her nipples."

Scott and Paul carefully opened the clamps and fastened them to each of her long, dark red nipples. The young woman's body shivered at their touch. What awful thing was going to happen? She rolled her eyes down and saw Scott leaning against the portable table on which the generator sat. He fingered the worn wooden handle, looking down at her, smiling, then returning his stare to the generator. They were plugging in the wires attached to the clamps, sticking them into the various terminals on the back of the device. Soon, she was totally wired. The men stood back while Scott gave the handle a half turn.


Stiffening her body, Vickie shook violently in her bonds. The rattle of the small chains holding her fast in the arch filled the room while another groan escaped from her tips. She felt the small current tear at her nipples, feeling like a thousand tiny pins pricking her tit-tips. Her pussy convulsed at the first jolt of the electric current. Vickie felt her clit pop up hard, sputtering with its own electrical juice. She shivered again, her groans turning to quiet sobs. Scott smiled, pleased with her reaction.

"Not bad. She's got a good reaction -- good and sensitive."

He gave the generator another half-turn. This time he moved the handle quickly, sending a short but far more powerful current into the wires.

Vickie's eyes popped open and bugged out. She thought someone had sliced her body open with a saber. The current passed through her nipples, making the hard flesh turn a dark purple. The young woman screamed, arching her back, pulling desperately at the bonds holding her to the arch. Juice gushed from her fuck-hole, wetting down her thighs oozing down her belly up to her chest and finally reaching her chin. The blonde teen could smell herself better now, could finally taste her juices as they flowed from her snatch.

"More, man, more!"

Scott smiled and started turning the handle around continuously, gradually increasing the speed, sending more and more electricity into the blonde's twisting body.

Vickie couldn't scream any longer. She felt nausea sweeping over her like a wave while her body danced and jiggled in its tight bonds. Her nipples burned and twitched as small sparks danced between them and the metal teeth biting them. She could feel her asscheeks jiggling as she jerked and writhed under the vicious electrical attack. Her cunt was winking shut, opening wide, then snapping shut uncontrollably. The electricity was doing wild things with her muscles, making her pussy come and come.

Vickie twisted around in her private hell. Orgasmic sensations tore through her mind, mixing with sensations of excruciating pain. The girl could feel herself edging toward some crisis, some awful precipice ahead.

"See if you can take this," Scott said, whirling the handle around.


Vickie's body arched as sparks flew from her nipples and cunt. Her face was a mask of horror and pain. Her mouth opened but only hoarse, guttural sounds came out. The girl's eyes widened, then snapped shut as she let out an ear-piercing shriek.

She had fainted.


The young girl remained unconscious for over an hour. When she awoke, Vickie discovered she'd been removed from the vertical rack. Opening her eyes, the blonde teenager felt something warm and wet against one side of her face. It was Ranger, the large German shepherd.

She saw his dark-brown eyes rolling around in his head and caught sight of his killer fangs just behind the black rubbery lips. He was licking her awake. She giggled at the sensation of his tongue washing over her face.

Then Vickie realized there was nothing at all funny about this. They had removed her from one set of bonds and slipped her into another.

"Finally awake," Scott said. He appeared less drunk. The others were nowhere to be seen. "Paul and the other guys went back to the fret house about an hour ago. That's how long you've been out," he said, reaching down and picking up another can of beer.

An hour! Why had they returned?

"We thought two cunts'd be better than one. That one girl, Shari... man, she's a hot little number! Your fuckin' president, Nancy Shore, told us about her. Seems she never went through any kind of initiation. Well, that's gonna change."

Shari! They were going to drag her here to witness this shame! Vickie blushed all over. "Please don't bring her in here. Please, I'll do anything, I'll..."

"Suck my cock for starters," Scott said, unzipping his pants and pulling out his half-erect cock. "Suck...?"

Vickie had never done this before, had never even thought about it. But considering all she'd done and had had done to her this evening, a man's dick wouldn't be out of the ordinary.

"You haven't got much of a choice," Scott said dryly, working his fingers slowly over his hard flesh, milking his prong gently until it was standing straight out from between his opened Levi's.

He was right. Before the men left they had tied her in another grotesque position. Her belly rested on the top wide board of a kind of sawhorse, her ankles and wrists fastened with cuffs and chains to the legs of the device. She was bent over the horse, but able to raise her head level to Scott's dick.

"Interesting, isn't it?" Scott said, moving up to her and trading his fingers down the bumps of her spine. Vickie shuddered at his touch. "The others are gone for a while. I've got you all to myself. Don't have to worry about pleasing the others, about them butting in."

Scott's voice was thickening as his fingers worked lower until they were caressing her asscheeks. Vickie felt them kneading the soft, resilient flesh, felt them sliding into her butt rack and up to her tiny shit-hole.

"That's for later," he said with effort, backing away and moving up front. She felt his hands touch her shoulders. Raising her head, the young man pushed his cock forward.


The sour odor of stale sweat and cum made the girl wrinkle up her nose and forehead. She felt dizzy, nauseous with the idea he was going to stick that dirty thing in her mouth.

"Didn't wash up, but I didn't think about this 'til after the boys loft," Scott said with a nervous laugh, enjoying the young woman's discomfort. Moving his hands up, he wrapped several thick strands of her blonde hair between his fingers and yanked up, keeping her head level with his crotch this way. Vickie cried out, her eyelids flickering while her arms and legs moved as much as they could in their bonds. He was going to snatch her bald! The pain radiated down from her scalp, creating knots in her belly, making her open her mouth and shout with pain.

"I've got somethin' that's gonna stop up that Goddamned mouth!"

Vickie felt him shove forward, felt his juicy dickhead bang against her nose. She clenched her teeth and let out a hissing breath. Scott growled, yanking back on her hair harder. The girl strained every muscle, trying to keep the upper portion of her body parallel to the floor and thus lessen the pain in her scalp. But Scott seemed to enjoy what he was doing. The higher she managed to push her torso, the harder the big man pulled at her hair.

"Man, your mouth's gonna feel real good on my dick."

He closed his fingers around the thickness of his big hunk of meat, squeezed and stroked back. Vickie saw the tapered, bulbous head wet with droplets of his pre-cum. For a second, the girl wondered what it would feet like to have something that big in her mouth. Did she want to suck on him? Did she want to have those big balls shoved against her face? No, no, she'd do it because she had no other choice. But Vickie swore to herself she'd never enjoy doing this voluntarily.

"Open up, damnit!"

Vickie did as she was told, slackening her lower jaw, forcing her mouth into a big "O" and closing her eyes. The smell of Scott's unwashed crotch became stronger. She felt something hot and wet touch her lips. He was rubbing his dick-head back and forth over her mouth, holding his cock with one hand while pulling her hair even harder than before with the other. Vickie could taste something salty and bleachy start to coat her throat. It made her swallow hard. Then Scott let out a moan, pulling her hair back and hunching forward. In an instant, the hogtied teenager found the big man's dick-head inside her mouth!


Her eyes popped open, her face an expression of surprised horror. She worked her fingers against the wood, hunching her back up, tensing her arm and leg muscles.

"Ohhh, yes, suck me off!" Scott groaned, rotating his hips so his dick would twist in her mouth.

Vickie gagged, trying to swallow her spit to keep from gagging. Her face flushed beet red while tears of shame and agony streaked her cheeks. She let out strangled sounds as more and more of the big man's cock-meat slid into her mouth. How could some women actually enjoy doing this? She could hardly breathe! Already she was making whistling sounds through her nostrils, sucking in as much air as she could.

How long would he keep this up? Scott seemed to be enjoying himself immensely. Maybe he was going to keep sticking his cock in and out of her stretched mouth until he popped off? Oh, God, no! Vickie remembered how much cum the young man had in his fat balls. She remembered how quickly his jizz had filled her pussy, remembered the sensation of his hot spunk dribbling down her thighs and oozing into her narrow ass-crack!

"Work that tongue around it, honey. Yeah, that's it, come on, milk it for me! Make me feel real good!" Scott said, lessening the tension on her hair. He was holding her head now with one hand, caressing her face while pile driving his dick in and out of her, mouth. The room was filled with the sounds of his prong sliding over her lips and down her throat. He told her to suck harder, pulled at her hair until her cheeks caved in and rubbed against his fat rod with the increased suction.

"Man, good head, good head, whip it on me, baby," Scott moaned.

Vickie sucked in more air through her nose, forced to keep his dick lodged in her mouth. Her tongue lashed over it, licking and tasting the pistoning dick, coiling around his big cock. At times she could feel his balls swinging against her chin. They were big, fat, hairy sacs filled, she imagined, to the brim with his boiling cum. "Mmmnnghfff!"

If only she could get her breath! The young girl felt dizzy from the lack of oxygen. He rammed his dick all the way down her throat and held it there. The thick wiry hairs on his crotch tickled her nostrils while his balls pressed up against her lower jaw and lip. She could feel his cock-head slipping down her throat, heading down toward her belly! "Man, gonna shoot, gonna cum if I keep this up," Scott said in a thick, gruff voice.

Vickie panicked. In this position she knew she wouldn't be able to take his cum and breathe at the same time. She tasted more and more of his cum as it oozed freely from his piss-slit. He was growing excited, getting very close to popping off. She could hear him gasping and sobbing for breath, hot as a fired pistol, aching to shoot his load into her mouth.

Then with great effort Scott pulled back, holding tightly onto his dick with both hands as if it were a poisonous snake. Vickie coughed and gagged, shaking her head from side to side and sucking in breaths of air in between her hacking fits.

"Fuck, honey, you're one hell of a little slut to suck that dick that way," Scott said, relaxing his muscles after regaining control.

"I couldn't help it," Vickie protested. "You were hurting me, pulling my hair, making me!"

"Sure, yeah, sure. Keep tellin' yourself that. Maybe it makes it easier for you to deal with. But man, you were really gettin' into it."

Vickie couldn't believe that. Her pussy wasn't hot in fact, she had remained relatively unmoved by all that had happened since she regained consciousness. All she cared about was survival. And the best way to survive now, it seemed, was to give in completely to these men. If she satisfied them, served them to the best of her ability, then maybe they'd finally let her go.

"Well, I'm gonna give you a real treat this time," Scott said, sucking in a deep breath, then moving around behind her. In this position the blonde teenager could twist her head around to see what he was doing. She saw his fat dick wiggling past her face, then could only hear as he moved around behind her an. "Yeah, you got a real nice ass... real nice," he cooed, sliding his hands back and forth on her smooth butt-flesh. Vickie felt him squeezing her buttocks so hard she squealed, curling her toes and digging the nails against the floor.


Vickie felt his hands slide down to her thighs then up to her cunt. His fingers were toying with her cunt, pulling her cunt-lips apart and sliding over her moist pussy-meat while his thumb caressed her slit. He was jerking her off, playing with her until the girl started to feel a rising heat in her pussy. Oh, yes, yes, this was getting to be interesting now!

Vickie bit her lower lip and imagined what Scott's cock looked like. She thought of the heavily veined dick as it stuck out of his opened Levi's. How it felt as it slipped back and forth over her lips. Vickie moved her ass as best she could in that awkward, bound position. She could feel her juices wetting down Scott's fingers and her thighs.

"Yeah, gettin' hot now, ain'tcha?"

Then the hands disappeared. Suddenly the girl felt his breath against her buttocks. What was he going to do? What...?


The blonde teen let out a shivery moan. Scott was holding onto her legs while he buried his face in her ass. He was eating hungrily at the narrow crack and at her tight little asshole. He reached under the girl with one arm, playing with her snatch while his tongue did magic, marvelous things with her ass.

Vickie had never dreamed a man could do this sort of thing to a woman and get such pleasurable results from her. He was drilling into her ass with a stiff tongue. Then she felt one hand move up to her bunghole. The forefinger moved in beside his tongue then drilled into the first joint.

Vickie stiffened, her eyes widening as the finger wormed its way into her shitter deeper and deeper. She could feel the jagged nail scraping painfully against the soft, wet asshole lining. The girl let out a sharp high-pitched yelp, wiggling her ass back and forth.

Scott ignored her, increasing the number of asshole-ring-stretching fingers to two, then three, working them into the moaning girl. Slowly, carefully, gradually he opened her up, using his thumbs to massage the nerve-studded area around her asshole.

Vickie was gasping, helplessly bound to the sawhorse, unable to fight back. Scott was prolonging this session, fingering her butthole, fingering her cunt, then coordinating the two until the young woman actually began to enjoy what was happening. His fingers were working her up to a hot climax. Instead of feeling horribly stretched, the young blonde concentrated on her throbbing cunt. She sobbed and begged him not to manipulate her asshole and pussy anymore. But the young woman secretly wanted more. She knew what she wanted and desired to have him do, but didn't dare give voice to her own perverted lust.

Then Scott pulled one finger out at a time until there was only his tongue left. Then his tongue slithered out leaving the girl empty. For the first time, Vickie realized the beauty of being filled with a man. It didn't matter whether it was his dick or whether it was his tongue or fingers. AD that mattered was that a man was over her, working her into a frenzy.

"Man, that's gonna be a super ass-fuck." Vickie tensed. Yes, that was what she was thinking of! That awful, perverted act was what she was hoping he'd do, and yet hoping he would avoid. Scott stood up and came forward. Vickie started a steady, whimpering moan, then cried out as she felt the blunt thickness of his cock-head brush the flesh of her inner ass-curves. It was nudging gently, lightly, jerkily against her swollen, violated asshole. She trembled, terrified of the pain she knew would come -- and yet desirous of the pleasure she was sure would follow.

Scott moaned, grunted then hunched his thick, muscled hips, taking possession of that well prepared muscle ring with his dick-head. One gentle lunge and his cock was buried in the shivering blonde teenager. He was in total possession of her. Grunting and moaning, he draped his body over Vickie's, his hands squeezing her arms while his legs pressed against hers.

Vickie felt her asshole clamping down on his invading cock-shaft. She moaned and whimpered while Scott trembled on top of her. Instead of the pain she'd expected to feel, now the girl only felt pleasure -- pleasure at being stretched open at the ass by that fat dick, pleasure at having her pussy worked over until it burned and throbbed. The stretching sensation seemed to change somehow into an intense hot pleasure that merged with the pulsing delight in her snatch.

Scott snapped his hips, making the girl cry out with surprise. She grunted with the shock, drinking in the feeling of incredible fullness. There was the strangely wonderful and delightful feeling of completion, of a part of her now joined with something that had been missing for too long.

Vickie couldn't believe she was thinking these thoughts, feeling these sensations with a dick up her butt! This had to be one of the most perverted sexual positions known to man. Her mother had even avoided talking about it, indirectly referring to it as "the gin of the Sodomites". And yet there was nothing wrong with it! Yes, there was some resistance and pain at first. But after Scott had worked over her butt with his tongue and fingers, the girl found herself completely receptive.

"Yeah, man, I'm gonna shoot in your ass, burn your fuckin' skitter with my jizz!"

He damped his hands on the girl's narrow hips, holding her the way he wanted her positioned. He rocked slowly backward, drawing his long, fat hunk of prick-meat out of the girl nearly all the way. He stopped when the blunt tip of his dickhead threatened to pull away from her stretched shitter. He held it hanging there for a breathlessly long second, then slammed hard forward, driving his meat to the balls.

Vickie grunted, her eyes popping open as she felt his dick slide all the way up into her ass. His balls slapped juicily against the wide-open crease of her ass, bouncing forward to slap against her butt.

The young man was flying out of control now, fucking and grinding his body against the groaning teenager. He worked frenziedly yet purposefully, at times stopping his fucking to regain some control. Then he held Vickie there until she wanted to scream. He would pull out slowly, maddeningly, fucking the girl in that way until she found herself actually begging him to get on with it!

"Tight, man, tight ass. Yeah, good, hot, juicy," Scott said hesitatingly. His breathing was becoming uneven and shallow. Vickie could hear a kind of raspy grunt in his speech. He was close, close to shooting. That was fine. The girl felt her own juices frothing out, wetting down her thighs, signaling her that her pussy was close to contracting and blowing apart in another mindless climax.

Slowly he increased his fucking tempo. He intensified the slippery sliding of his meat, fucking her faster, deeper, harder. He rolled his hips, snapping his groin, intensifying the throbbing of his big cock up inside her ass.

Vickie could feel its head jerking inside her. She was certain he was grinding her insides to hamburger. She was so sensitive inside that she could feel the slightest alteration in the thickness and length of his battering cock.

"Unnnnnn!" the girl cried. She was teetering once more on the brink of orgasm. Scott kept on fucking, moving his hands down farther and fingering the girl's clit. He pinched the tiny nub, rolling it between his fingers until Vickie thought she'd piss from the excitement. She was oozing more pussy-oil. Her belly tightened. She could feel the whirling ball of sexual hunger in her belly growing. Oh, yes, yes, she was so close to climaxing!

Scott said nothing now, his head thrown back in wild sexual ecstasy. His hips worked wildly. And then suddenly he was crying out sharply, swearing and shouting while his heavy muscles tensed and quivered. Every muscle locked as he shot out blasting oceans of jizz into the girl's upturned ass.

Vickie felt the young man thrashing on top of her, felt his cock throbbing and jerking inside her ass. She cried out, abandoning herself to the wild fingering inside her cunt. With a shout that matched his, the blonde teenager came. The two of them thrashed and writhed, drinking in fully the forbidden delight of this kind of fucking.

"Oh, God, God," the girl groaned, feeling her energy leaving her. She lay lifeless atop that sawhorse. Her belly hurt as the wood top of that device pressed hard against her thighs and chest. Scott was trying to catch his breath and pull away from her.

"Now that you're primed, let's see how good you're gonna be for the mutt!"

Oh, God, not again! Vickie thought, trying to rise. He was going to abuse her as much as he could until she turned into a lifeless hunk of meat!


Scott pulled his softening dick from Vickie's asshole with a squishy pop. The blonde teen let out a shivery moan, feeling her flesh pucker up with goosepimples. Scott picked up an old rag and wiped his cock dean, then moved over to the young woman and dabbed the excess cum from her stretched, violated asshole.

"You're a good fuck no matter what hole I stick a cock in. Man, can't believe Jeff fucked you and you were a virgin! There ain't a virgin hole left in that Goddamned body of yours now, though," Scott said with a chuckle, throwing the dirty rag in front of Ranger.

The big German shepherd got up and sniffed at the cum-soaked rag, his tail slowly wagging from side to side. His eyes rolled up to the helpless blonde, then back to the rag. Vickie felt her flesh crawl. Not again! Oh, Lord, not again!

"Up there, boy, up there," Scott said, a smile crossing his face.

Vickie watched as the animal slowly circled her. She shook the long hair from her eyes and felt all her senses perk up. Her heart was throbbing wildly while sweat oozed from her pores, making her slender body glisten under the harsh overhead florescent lighting. She pulled and twisted her ankles and wrists in a futile attempt to break free.

Then the girl felt the animal's all-too-familiar cold snout pressing against one calf. He was smelling her again, now tasting her with that tongue. Soon he'd be licking her off, having sex with her once more. The girl let out a moan of despair and surrender.

Ranger twisted his head to one side and stared at the girl. He barked, looked around at Scott, then barked once more. How could he get at that snatch hanging tantalizingly above him. Tufts of the girl's blonde cunt-hairs curled deliciously up around her crotch, inviting the hungrily staring animal to lick and possibly fuck that tight little cunt.

"Up, boy, up."

The animal backed away from the girl, whining through his nose, pacing back and forth until he seemed to figure out a way to climb onto her. Vickie heard the pattering of his toenails against the tiled floor. Then there was the sound of a heavy object flying through the air, followed by the sudden impact of the furry animal against her back. He'd jumped up and landed on her body, his forepaws wrapped around her upper chest. "Ohhhhh!"

Vickie felt something hot and slimy against her upper legs. It had to be his dick, his knobby, doggie-cock pressing against her flesh. He was humping it, sliding it back and forth in quick jerky movements. His furry body felt warm against her back. Vickie bit her lower lip, fighting off the razor-sharp sexual heat building in her pussy.

She'd cum with Scott's fingers playing a wild tune on her clit. But it wasn't the same thing as having a tongue or a cock up her snatch. That was the only thing, it seemed, that could take the edge off her fiery sexual hunger. That... oh, God, what was she thinking of? In a flash Vickie realized she was thinking like a whore, a slut, a social misfit!

Only a few days ago she was thinking about her classes, about pleasing her mother with high grades. Sex was something remote or something that was taken care of at night alone in bed. And now she was mentally deciding what kind of fucking around was best for sexual relief. God in heaven help her!

"Oh, no!"

The dog had nestled his head in the valley created by her shoulder blades. He flattened his head and pinned back his ears while his fucking motions increased. At least he wasn't touching her cunt with that thing! At least...

Suddenly Ranger slid down and ran around the saw horse, barking angrily. He couldn't get at the young woman in that position. He was twisting his head around, staring angrily at Scott, then prancing around Vickie and whimpering.

Once, the girl managed to get a look at his dick as it slid out even farther from its sheath it was so funny looking! It was red, slick, covered with bumps and knobs and came to a sharp point at the very end. There was nothing at all attractive about that thing. No, she couldn't stand to think of it stabbing against her legs, into her cunt, down into the depths of her pussy. Was that what Scott had planned for her and the animal? Did he want to play with himself while he watched the German shepherd fuck her?

"Okay, boy, okay," Scott said wearily, pushing himself off the table he'd just sat on and walking over to Vickie. "Guess I'm gonna have to let you, go... from this, that is," he corrected himself as he saw a flash of hope in the young woman's eyes.

"Oh, God!" Vickie groaned as Scott unfastened the wrist and ankle cuffs and pulled her off the sawhorse.

"C'mon, down on the fuckin' floor where you belong, man. Down here with the dogs," Scott grunted, hauling her to the center of the room and dropping her like a sack of flour. "Food for the Goddamned dog," he muttered, going back to the table and watching.

Vickie dragged herself up. She could go nowhere. It was useless to try to escape even if she could muster the energy to do so. Scott could easily overpower her and throw her back on that horse, or even worse, the rack. Punishment would be severe, she guessed. No, she wouldn't try anything. Instead, she'd let the dog do whatever he wanted. In any case, he certainly was by far the gentlest thing in the area.

Ranger moved in front of her, his long pink tongue hanging from one corner of his mouth. He tilted his head to one side. God, it was almost as if he were actually smiling at her. Vickie shivered, thinking about the warm, wet sensation of his tongue going up and down over her cunt-meat. Yes, she didn't mind the animal anymore. God in heaven help her, but she preferred having his tongue slopping around her cunt rather than having whips and paddleboards beating her unconscious.

"Come on, encourage the fuckin' mutt. Sometimes he likes to play around. Go on, stick your fingers in your cunt," Scott ordered.

Vickie felt ashamed. Even in spite of everything she'd endured at the young man's hands, playing with herself seemed dirty -- even now. But again, what could she do?

"I said stick 'em in. C'mon, baby," Scott ordered.

The young girl trembled as Ranger nosed her thigh, then dragged his tongue up along her throbbing cuntal mound. Yes, she was growing excited. Her outer pussy-lips peeled back as they filled with blood. It was a wonderful, delicious feeling. Vickie was already forgetting it was a dog who was licking her, who was making her feel this way. "Ohhhhh," she sighed, pulling her cunt-lips even farther apart with her fingers so the hot, slick tongue could touch every wet inch. The animal was finally excited, seeming to know what to do. She watched as his tail wagged back and forth, sweeping a broad arc in the air while his black nostrils quivered. Oh, she wanted it harder! She wanted something inside her, something that had just finished ramming her asshole so hard she'd cum with a minimum of stimulation in her cunt.

"Take the fuckin' animal and jam him against you," Scott said, his face twitching with growing excitement. The young college student wanted to push Vickie to the limit. He wanted to see how much the girl could take before she broke under him.

The girl obeyed, taking the animal's head and pulling it against her. Her fat cunt-lips clicked around his black snout. At the same time, the fingers of her free hand strayed into her cuntal slit. She edged the slippery folds apart and let her long nails cut the tender softness of her moist pussymeat. Oh, how good that felt. Closing her eyes Vickie thought of Jeff, of the others, how wonderful it felt to have a man's dick reaming out her snatch. Yes, this was what she'd come to. All she could think about now was a man's cock -- long, thick, hard, dripping with pre-cum, the balls screwed tightly against the fat dick-root while her pussy juiced.

Her head spun around. She knew she'd entered a new, perverted world, and she'd done it so fast! Ranger was starting to push his fangs against the hollows of her thighs. Then he moved, licking against her cunt. Vickie shivered and straightened her back. Ranger pushed forward, sniffing at the leather wristcuffs, then moving back to her snatch. Ohhhh, God, how wonderful it felt to have the animal's tongue reaming her out while her finger moved around, feeling the velvety walls of her snatch. It was so wet and soft inside! If only she could have a man's cock inside her!

The thought brought a whimpery gasp from her throat. She grabbed the fur around Ranger's neck and pulled the dog's nose into her seeping pit. Oh, it was something to fill herself with. Fingers weren't any good. She wanted to be full now. Oh, how those men had trained her! She was a true slut now, a good whore, wanting the maximum amount of pleasure at any moral cost.

"Oh God, harder...!"

Ranger concentrated on her seeping cunt. He pushed his tongue in so deep, oh, soooo deep! Vickie closed her eyes and tried to pretend it was a cock -- a fat, long dick shoving aside the slick pussy-membranes and drawing up more thick, hot fuck-oil. Ranger growled and gouged roughly around the edges of her cunt. His narrow back bumped. Vickie drew in a ragged breath.

"Oh, God, God!"

She was on her knees now, her hands spread apart in front of her. Scott had ordered her to do this. She was going so far. Oh, God, she thought of bow she must look, her tits pulling at her upper chest and swaying back and forth while the animal crouched behind her and lapped up her flowing juices!

The animal licked at her ass, wetting each cheek. The tickle of his tongue moving across her flesh excited her. She spread her knees farther apart to give the German shepherd roots to... to what? Did she really want the big dog to mount her? Could she stand the thought of being fucked by a dog?

Images of dogs fucking in two's, in packs, ran through her head. Vickie closed her eyes and let out a long, low moan. Oh, God, she couldn't think straight! The touch, the sensation of his tongue moving along her ass, it was just what she needed. The young blonde hung her head down, letting her long blonde hair curtain her face.

She felt the dog's paws scratching at her asscheeks.

"Man, he's gonna fuck you. You're gonna be one hell of a sorority sister, baby. When you get back you'll be able to tell your friends all about your experience here with Ranger," Scott said cynically.

"Fuck, fuck," Vickie moaned, her head tilting back in ecstasy. She felt Ranger's furry underside brush against her butt. His weight was suddenly on her back. Yes, he was going to fuck her. She could feel that hot, knobby, slippery cock pressing against her thighs. Oh, Lord, how her mind was reeling at the thought of what was about to happen. The young blonde felt the weight of her large tits as she waited there on hands and knees for the big dog to fuck her. Her plump, tight little ass moved and dipped. Something brushed her juicing, slick pussy-crack. It was something very, very hot and slick! Oh, she was only seconds away from dropping to the very pit of human depravity.

"That's it, honey. We don't get many girls who like fuckin' dogs the way you do."

Vickie was babbling, throwing her ass around to entice the animal. Was it really happening? Could she actually be going through with this... actually encouraging the big animal, hoping he'd fuck her soon?

Yes, it was happening! She could feel the red-hot tip of the dog's cock as it gouged along the seeping edges of her runt. A flash of fear and shame shot through her reeling mind.

"Oh, no, this can't be happennnn!" Vickie mumbled, fighting back a scream. Her chest and throat tightened. Yes, yes, she could feel Ranger's knobby prong sliding into her runt, caressing the sensitive flesh between her inner and outer lips, and finally peeling back her small pussy-flaps to enter her cuntal mouth.

The blonde teenager held her breath, feeling her mind spin. She sucked in breaths of air, holding them until she thought she was going to collapse. Her body was on fire! Getting fucked by this animal was doing weird things to her. She had to be crazy to have something like this happen to her. No woman in her right mind would be crouched on the floor like this, wiggling her ass back and forth, actually enjoying what was happening. "Nooooooo!"

Vickie let out a shuddering moan. The animal's angry red tip burned her like the tip of a poker. She shivered, her shoulders shuddering while her elbows bent, threatening to collapse. The animal's barb sank a little farther. She could feel the knobs pushing apart the tissues of her slick pussy. Ohhhh, it felt so odd! A warm trickle of cunt-juice ran down the insides of her thighs.


Ranger started to lunge forward hard, tightening his grip on the young blonde. Vickie was sobbing, feeling horrified at her reaction to the animal's dick as well as at her sense of guilt. She was panicked and burning with desire. Her tits swayed back and forth, the stiff nipples brushing the floor occasionally as the animal's furry crotch banged furiously against her twat.

"Yeah, man, fuck 'er good. Shit, this girl ain't got no bottom to her cunt," Scott said, sneering as the young woman was drilled mercilessly by the big animal.

Vickie knew she had to be losing her mind! She let out muffled grunts with each powerful fucking forward thrust of the German shepherd. Her fingers curled and the tips scratched the floor. Sweat oozed from every pore of her body. The animal's stiff fur tickled her wet flesh. Vickie lowered her head and snapped it from side to side. What did it matter anymore? What did all her fine morality matter after this? She'd been thrown to the dogs and wound up fucking them!


Her pussy-membranes burned. The big dog was winding up his final round of fucking. His ears pinned back, his head flattened even more, his hindquarters trembling with lust, Ranger moved his small, powerful ass up and down, pile driving his dick into the blonde's tight pussy. His tail was tucked between his legs while a low, steady growl came from his throat.

Vickie pushed her knees farther apart while hunching forward and burying her head between her arms. No one should see her, not even Scott after this horror. The men should let her go and find a new life somewhere. But a madness had been released in her mind that should remain hidden from men. She was a wanton slut, a woman who couldn't have enough cock-meat and had to go to the animal world to satisfy her snatch when men couldn't do it for her!

"He's gonna make it, baby. He's coming!" Vickie snapped back to reality. There was still time for her to pull free. She didn't have to have the animal shoot his cum in her snatch. The blonde staggered forward suddenly, kicking back with one leg at the dog while falling flat on the ground. She heard Ranger bark furiously with surprise as his knobby boner slipped quickly out of her cunt. He was whining miserably now, flattening himself on her body, working his hindquarters around and dragging his throbbing knobby prong all over her buttocks.

Vickie felt her stomach turn over. She was being pawed by that animal, could fed his hot underbelly slide all over her back and ass. His fur tickled her, excited her, revolted her. She growled almost as loudly as the animal above her, closing her eyes and biting her lower lip.

Then she felt hot wet streaks of something spatter over her ass. Ranger was coming, shooting off his load on her butt!


Vickie shuddered, sick at the thought of what she'd done and almost committed. At least she hadn't taken in, the dog's jizz. There was some, but little comfort in that idea!

"Goddamned fuckin' broad! Leaving poor Ranger here to shoot off high and dry," Scott said, reaching down and patting the German shepherd's head as the dog curled up at the foot of his master and licked the tip of his shrinking cock.

Vickie lay quietly on the floor, her asscheeks and upper legs covered with small white streaks of Ranger's spunk. She didn't want to move. If only they would leave her there until she had enough strength to get out!

"Time to wash up!"

Scott pushed the animal aside and moved over to the blonde teen.


Vickie felt as if her body had turned to mud. She had no strength left. All this madness had sapped her will and energy. Scott scooped her up off the floor and carried her across the basement. At one end, several white metal shower stalls had been erected. He let her down in one, propping her up against the back wall then turning around and opening the spigot.


A blast of cold water splashed against her tits and cunt. The startled young woman shivered, her flesh turning bluish and breaking out immediately into goosepimples. Vickie felt her scalp crinkle as ice-cold water needles penetrated her flesh.

"Sorry, none of the comforts of the sorority house like warm water. But it'll get the jizz off you just the same," Scott said, training the jet of cold water first on her tits, then moving it down to her cunt.

Vickie danced in the small stall, trying to keep the blast of ice water from her tits and pussy. But Scott didn't let her. He held on, laughing as the stream pushed her tits apart and blasted her nipples, making them stiff with the intense cold.

"Maybe this'll put out the fire in your snatch!" Vickie's jaw slackened and a low growl came from her throat as the big athlete centered a blast of cold water on her snatch. She felt her muscles contract, her pussy move under that attack. She beat the sides of the stall with her fists, filling the tiny area with the sound of metallic thunder. Her skin was growing numb. Now she was fully awake, feeling the blood run madly through her veins. Oh, how she wished she had the strength of a man! Looking at Scott's wet, laughing face she wanted to tear her fingernails into it, rip out his eyes as he kept moving the stream of water up and down, up and down over her shivering, twisting body.

"Hey man, what's goin' on?" The others had returned.

"Got the girl?" Scott asked, turning off the water and reaching over for a towel. Vickie grabbed, that dirty rag, thankful for a few seconds of peace.

"Yeah, here she comes."

Vickie stepped out of the shower, watching as two of the frat brothers carried down a twisting, moaning body. It was Shari, all right... poor Shari, brought down to take part in more games!


"Oh, God, Vickie, what's happening here? What's going on?"

The men had stripped the perky brunette and tied her hands behind her back, sliding a hook through the rope, then hauling her up like a sack of flour from the floor to the top of the arch Vickie had earlier been suspended from.

"They're terrible men, Shari! I don't know if the rest of the sorority knows about this. They say some of the members do... that some of them actually come down here voluntarily!"

Vickie whispered nervously, her eyes moving toward the stairway every few seconds. The men had adjourned for a few seconds, having gone upstairs for a beer. Vickie had also been bound, her hands shackled together above her head. The iron cuffs were attached to a large iron eyehook fastened to one wall. Her toes barely touched the floor. Vickie could feel the cold cement blocks prickling the sensitive flesh of her ass and back.

"Not I can't believe it! I can't believe any of this is happening!" Shari said, looking around at the various torture devices with wide eyes. "People don't act like this today. This is straight out of some flick."

"Oh, God, believe me believe me it's happening," Vickie said, finally breaking down. Tears streamed from her eyes and rolled down her cheeks as she thought of all the horrors she had had to endure in the past few hours. Few women in all their lives had to so through as much. The beatings, the rapes, the animal fucking! The blonde teenager closed her eyes and shivered! No, nothing could be as horrible, as demeaning as her past few hours here in this basement.

"What are they going to do to us?"

Vickie's usual confidence was quickly disappearing. She folded one hand over the other, trying to hide her pussy from view. Vickie smiled at the young girl's attempt at modesty. She didn't know the capabilities of these men.

"Anything they want to, Shari. Oh, God, if you only knew what they put me through!"

Vickie was going to tell her new friend what had happened. Then she thought better of it. Oh, how could she explain to her about the animal, about being fucked so many times, about being abused and actually liking it? That thought made her sick. No, she didn't dare say a word. The marks on her smooth body told the story. She'd seen Shari staring at them, her forehead wrinkling up in fear.

Yes, the petite brunette had an inkling of what would be following. Maybe they would bring more women down here before letting them all go. Of course, that's what they wanted... a kind of hanging harem of submissive young women to be beaten, abused, fucked, used for general entertainment!

"Sh! Here they come," Shari whispered, her head twisting around as sounds came from the stairway.

Vickie tensed. They were back, back to work their wills on them. She watched as the five of them reeled down the stairs, cans of beer in their hands. They were all drunk again, Scott and Paul the drunkest of the lot.

"Man, she loves fuckin'. Bet her friend does, too?" Paul said, staggering up to Vickie and wrapping strands of her blonde hair between his fingers. He pulled at it hard until the girl cried out in pain.

"Oh, God!" Shari groaned, turning her face away.

Scott and the others laughed as Paul spilled beer into the girl's mouth. Vickie gagged, choking on the cold liquor as it swirled around in her mouth. "Guess she doesn't drink," Paul said, throwing the can away and shrugging his shoulders.

"You animals!" Shari spat out angrily. "Animals? Animals?" Scott repeated, looking at Vickie slyly. "You wanna hear about animals. Talk to this one. Man, she really loves dogs." Vickie felt her face catch fire. Oh, they wouldn't talk about that in front of her friend, would they. Oh, let him do anything to her except that! She could face anything, even more pain and degradation. But to have the outside world know about her shame... it would simply be too much to stand!

"What do you mean?"

"Let her tell you later," Scott muttered, crossing the floor.


Vickie cried out suddenly, her eyes popping out while her cheeks puffed and nostrils flared. Scott had suddenly swung around, driving his doubled fist into her lower belly with all his strength. The blow went well past her flaccid belly muscles, bruising the helpless young woman badly.

Vickie gagged as dull pain seemed to wrench her guts inside out. Shari screamed, her body swinging in mid-air.

Vickie stared at the big man, her mouth open wide as she gasped for air. Why was he acting so brutal toward her? Were they going to beat her to death?

"Punishment, baby, punishment for having enjoyed Ranger so much. That's what you want, right?"

He was right! Oh, God, so right! Her mind was demanding satisfaction for the horrible sexual crime she'd committed. The young woman looked past Scott, afraid to meet his eyes with hers. She grunted, panic showing on her face.

"Hey, man, how about a little fun with this? She likes leather, remember the harness?" Paul said, handing his buddy a black leather riding crop. Vickie looked at both men and understood. It was punishment time. They were going to beat her senseless, wake her a total, willing slave like they had done to others in the sorority.

Vickie shook her head violently from side to side. She could already imagine the stinging blows of the crop against her flesh. Sweat oozed from under her arms, itching where it trickled over the sides of her tits.

Without cocking his arm, Scott lashed the end of the riding crop across the girl's flat belly. Vickie's stomach tightened, then turned over. Scott snarled, his lips curling up and revealing his square, white teeth. For an instant, she confused his face with that of the dog's.

"Little bitch, little society bitch!" he growled, backhanding the crop across her right cheekbone. The force of that blow snapped her head to the side. Vickie choked on a scream. She could feet cool air on the inner flesh of her cheek. She was bleeding! God, they were going to scar her face for life! She could feel the blood trickling into one corner of her mouth. The girl ignored the pain radiating from her ribs to her belly. This had to be the final round in this torture. She couldn't imagine them doing anything more.

"I'm not... not what you say. I'm not!"

"Lying little slut!" Scott barked, the smile on his face fading. "You're trying to tell me you're some kind of saint when I saw you crawling all over this Goddamned floor with that mutt and half the guys here?"

"Oh. Vickie no," Shari groaned, lowering her eyes.

"That's right, baby. But don't you think it's gonna be different with you. You'll be braying like a Goddamned whore when I get through with you."

"That's it, Scott! Man, tell 'em. Tell 'em we use the sorority just for kicks, for the girls we can get down here," the others said.

The slicing pain of another blow across one nipple left Vickie breathless with pain for a second. After her first shriek there came an involuntary spasm that drew her legs up toward her belly. The pain seemed to go on and on, throbbing like a gash. Her head reeled even more than before. She could feel the cold cement blocks, scraping painfully across her butt as her body banged and swayed from side to side against the wall.

Vickie ground her teeth together, hating Scott and the others bitterly. She wanted him to come close enough for her foot to kick into his balls. She screwed her face into a mask of twisted pain, slowly regaining control of herself.

"Got anything to say, bitch? Man, you girls parade around in that sorority like queens, thinking that nothing in the world can touch you. All those stupid parties, those stupid dances. Man, some of the girls know where the real action is," Scott said, looking around the room and pointing at his buddies.

"You filth!" Vickie spat out. "Nothing but losers, an of you. You couldn't satisfy a woman normally, so you've gotta tie her up and treat her like this!"

Immediately the young blonde realized she'd touched a raw nerve. All the young men stiffened, sucking in their chats. There was an air of violence suddenly bristling in the room.

"Bitch!" Scott nearly screamed, slashing the end of the crop across Vickie's face. "Bitch, slut, Goddamned little whore," he shouted, spittle spraying from his mouth and flecking the girl's cheeks. He lashed out once more, peeling a small strip of skin from Vickie's tit.

The blonde teenager writhed helplessly in her chains from the cuts. She felt the warm stickiness of her blood trickling down her ribs, trailing along her belly. Scott looked at her, his eyes burning with lust and fury. She had said the unmentionable, questioned his masculinity.

From her hanging position, Shari could see that the twisting, bleeding body in front of him was arousing a strange kind of lust in the young man. The brunette shivered, feeling for the first time the real horror of her situation. Scott slid the crop back and forth in one hand, moving closer to the blonde.

Vickie moved one foot around experimentally. She hoped he'd come a little closer. God, she knew she'd be finished if she tried something. But the hatred and frustration over what they'd done to her boiled over. She had to fight back, kick back if necessary.

Scott jerked out one hand, grabbing at the girl's pussy. He twisted the hairs in his fist, pulling some out. Vickie screamed in pain, throwing her head back. Her body jerked and bounced in the rattling chains. The pulling, tearing sensation ripped through the girl like a rusty saw. Vickie jerked her right knee up, searching for the opening that would send it into his groin.


Vickie felt him snatching more pussy-hairs from her cuntal mound. He was snatching her crotch bald. The pain was horrible. Scott slapped her face back and forth with his other hand. Then she felt the crop once more against her face, her lips, the tops of her tits.

Vickie struggled, drawing herself higher against the wall. The edges of the iron manacles sliced flesh from her wrists. Vickie felt her hands going cold and numb as the nerves were tacked with the iron pressure. She screamed out at the man who screamed back. The rising din sounded like hell had broken through the tiled floor and established an outpost in this hunting lodge. The cries rang off the walls, almost drowning out Shari's pleas for them to stop.

More strokes crossed her nipples, burning the sensitive tips like flames. While the girl's legs moved up to wrap around him, to mash his balls to jelly, Scott's fingers found a deep grip on her pussyflesh.

Vickie knew his fingernails were tearing into the soft skin of her cunt-lips. Oh, God, only now she realized just how much on fire her inner cunt-lips were! She was getting hot, turning on to this horrible treatment! Her eyes widened with surprise. She was juicing, getting moist, hot, just as if a lover had pinned her to the bed and was about to drive his dick into her snatch. Vickie shook her head back and forth, trying to drive the feeling from her mind.

"Like it, don't you? I knew you would. Baby, you and I got lots in common. We're gonna see lots of each other in spite of what you think now," Scott said softly.

Vickie knew no one else heard what he was talking about. She knew he was right. Oh, Lord, he was right. Something inside her was responding to him. There was a dark bond between them, something uncovered during the course of this horrible evening. Try as she might, Vickie couldn't ignore it. She would be like those other sorority sisters he talked about. There could be nothing to stop the perverted forces now loose in her mind and body. She was trapped -- trapped by her own perverted lusts.

Now the battle changed. Scott still beat at her tits and belly with the crop. But his grabbing, twisting hand moved more slowly in her cunt. Vickie moved her hips, still looking for that opening that would let her mash his balls into a mess. But that end seemed less important now. The pain caused by the slashing whip merged with the pleasurable sensations radiating out from her pussy. With a groan, Vickie felt Scott push his face against her tits.

The blonde teenager felt hot fuck-oil running in her cunt. She felt the bulge of the young man's dick with her thigh. But when she tried to knee him in the groin, she only slithered her leg up the side of his stiff lick. It was a movement of love, not revenge.

"Yeah, love it, honey, love it!"

Vickie hated herself from shrinking away from her former resolve. It was as if she fully acknowledged her total degradation. There had always been a shred of hope for her moral salvation. But now, hanging here like this, almost embracing Scott in front of Shari and his friends, she was publicly announcing her own perversion.

"Wanna fuck here, baby? Wanna fuck me in front of the guys, in front of your little friend?" His words injured her pride. She watched horrified as Scott opened his flannel shirt, unzipped his Levi's and pushed the torn trousers down to his knees. Vickie heard Shari cry out from somewhere in the distance. But the young blonde was in a world of her own. The prospect of feeling his lick and his whip both battering her at the same time held her more a prisoner than the cuffs on her wrists.

No, nothing could save her from the moral garbage heap she'd landed on. Her tits heaved with the deep breaths she took. Vickie rolled her head from side to side. She tried to keep her eyes from the big tapered end of his dick. It was a familiar sight to her. But now, in conjunction with such immediate and severe pain, Scott's dick took on a new, enlarged meaning for the young blonde teenager.

Vickie closed her legs, her toes barely touching the floor.

"We'll fuck, baby, and this is gonna be the best fuck you ever had."

Vickie spat at him. Scott just laughed, pushing his trousers down to the tops of his boots. The hair around his dick bristled with sexual electricity while his balls tightened up in their sac and pressed hard against his thick dick-root. The girl's joints started to hurt. The strain on her wrists and shoulders was growing worse as she tried to steady herself.

"I could take you down and fuck you on the floor. But somehow that wouldn't be in the spirit of things. Professor Johnson talks about the spirit of things in his history classes. You'll have to meet him. He comes down here sometimes," Scott said, prodding at her tit with the end of the crop.

Vickie felt the cold leather and metal tip press into her boob just under the stipple. He rolled it around. A shiver of delicious pleasure fluttered across her pussy. Vickie pressed her toes against the floor. Her nipples started to stiffen once more. Scott walked in front of her, the tip of the crop trailing across the rounded underswell of her tits. His dick was large, moving slowly from side to side with each step he took. Then he slashed the crop across both nipples with a quick, savage forward movement.


Vickie threw her head back, her tits bouncing from the impact.

"You're all crazy! Let her go! Let us go!" Shari screamed, tears rolling down her face.

"Shut up, or you'll be feeling the whip," Scott barked, keeping his eyes fastened on the blonde twisting in front of him. The young man smiled grimly at her. He looked as if he were about to say something. Then suddenly he twisted his lips into a sick smile and slashed an "X" across her lower belly.

Vickie grunted, drawing her legs up and swinging on her chains. She thought her arms would come out of their sockets. The muscles under her navel knotted up with tension.

Quickly, Scott struck the crop just under her right kneecap. Vickie's leg jerked up. The young man grabbed it, pulling her away from the wall, then flinging her back, twisting her foot away from his belly.

Vickie screamed out with agony. She slammed against the wall, striking the cold, scratchy concrete blocks with her hipbone. She rebounded, swaying like a pendulum. Her long blonde hair splashed across her face. Vickie looked around like a madwoman, her eyes rolling around and unable to fix on any stable object. Her mind was a riot of sensations and emotions.

"Get that ass warmed up again... just like we did with the paddles."

Scott reached around and twisted her body, flinging her back against the wall. Her forehead, tits and knees struck the concrete. Vickie struggled to get her toes on the floor. But the twisting had shortened the chain, hoisting her body just a few inches above the cold tiles.


Scott was going wild behind her. He flogged the backs of her knees, her thighs, then finally beat at her asscheeks. The screaming blonde tightened her arm muscles, trying to climb the wall, trying anything to get away from the tearing agony of that lashing crop. She could feel her asscheeks jiggling and rolling from the force of the savage blows. They crisscrossed over her ass, leaving large dark welts where the leather crop landed. Vickie could hear Scott's uneven breath. She closed her eyes and imagined his hard cock growing hot and thick as he drove that weapon more furiously against her white, helpless body.

Vickie's ass now felt as if it were on fire. The blazing pain in her ass radiated out to her cunt. Juice ran down from her cuntal mouth to her thighs, mixing with her sweat. Stripes appeared on her ass where the crop had bitten into her. Vickie yelped for Scott to stop. But her pleas, as she well knew by now, were only gasoline to his fiery desire. What awful thing was left for him to do?

As she hung there whipped and tied, the blonde teenager prayed once more to lose consciousness. The pain, mixing with her wild lust, had almost become overwhelming.


The stripes across her ass hurt Vickie terribly. Scott concentrated on lashing her an. But nothing on her naked, twisting body was safe. The groaning blonde thought of a piece of beef hanging on a hook. That's all she was to these men. She swung on the shackles, her toes and knees bruising against the wall. Feeling complete despair, Vickie let herself dangle, her head falling back.

"You'll kill her!" Shari screamed, tugging at the ropes holding her high above the ground.

Scott ignored the plea. With a slashing stroke, the big man brought the crop down the valley of her asscheeks. The tip of the weapon bruised the sensitive flesh of her shitter. Vickie stiffened, crawling halfway up the wall while her head snapped from side to side. Oh, God, this was going too far. Scott was really going to kill her. The young woman could hear Shari still screaming at the men to stop what they were doing.

"Nooooo!" Vickie shrieked, the tendons sticking out against her flesh. She jerked convulsively on the chains. A flood of cunt-juice rushed from her pussy. The impact, of that riding crop just above her clit sent a shower of sexual sparks into her cunt.

Scott only laughed behind her. He knew the more pain he gave her the hotter sexually she became. Vickie was tossing in a whirlwind of her own lust. Shari couldn't know just how much her friend was actually enjoying this horror.

"Unnnghh!" Vickie moaned, feeling the pain lessen somewhat. She shoved her ass back, trying to get away from the blunt end of the crop pushing against her. Scott was working the handle against the bruised asshole-lips, laughing louder as he watched her jerk her knees up to her belly and wiggle her butt.

"Maybe you want this in your cunt?" Scott asked, sliding the crop handle up and inch or two. The tip of that weapon was shoved roughly into her pussy mouth. It forced the wet, moist flesh open. Vickie snapped her head from side to side. She felt the instant clenching of her cunt-muscles around the weapon. Scott wiggled the crop, shoving it in, pulling it back, moving it around in wide circles as the blonde teenager alternately relaxed, then tensed and jerked like a crazed puppet.

Then Scott tore the crop away from her cunt. Vickie's legs jerked apart when she felt him shoving the blunt handle of that weapon against her bruised asshole. She clawed upward, her arms knotting with muscles tense from the ordeal. Her knees and tits scraped painfully against the cinder blocks. A strange fire started in the rim of her asshole as the big man moved the crop in and out. Slowly Vickie's hips went back, offering more of her ass to him.

"See, Shari, see what kind of friend you've got?" Scott said, pulling the crop from her asshole. Vickie felt as if her intestines shot out with it. "Man, she'd fuck anything on two legs... or four. But what the fuck, you've gotta get a sample of this. Hey, what the fuck you guys doin' over there?"

Scott turned around, letting the crop dangle from his right hand. Paul and the others were sitting around, jerking off, drinking beer and watching then buddy tantalize Vickie.

"Hey, there's a cunt hangin' right there... not bad lookin' either, and all you shitheads can do is drink and jack off?"

"Hey, we were waiting... you know, takin' care of both of 'em after same kind of lesbo scene," Paul said defensively. The others also stood up, shoving their cocks back into their pants. "Some fraternity!" Scott sneered, twirling the riding crop around slowly. "We're all supposed to be brothers, all supposed to help one another out! And I've got two cunts here and nobody's gonna help me out!"

Paul and the three other frat brothers smiled. It was the kind of help they didn't mind giving. "No, don't, stay away from me!" Shari cried as the three men approached her. Working the pulleys, they lowered the brunette down until her toes nearly touched the floor. She kicked and screamed, trying to keep the men from her. But all they did was stay clear of her, hitting the wailing girl on the back, on the thighs, on the ass, making her swing back and forth like a pendulum until she tired. Then her hands and legs were cuffed and Shari's ordeal began.

Meanwhile Scott had found a box and climbed onto it. He was holding onto Vickie's hips, digging his fingertips hard into her bruised, sensitive white flesh while forcing his wide-flaring prick-head into her narrow asscrack. Vickie's eyes widened. Oh, my God, he was going to fuck her in the ass. After everything she'd endured this was going to be her "reward!"

"Take it, you Goddamned little slut! You're a piece of shit... you and the rest of your fuckin' sorority sisters! You all want nick. Man, you're gonna get it!"

Vickie screamed louder. The ring of asshole muscles tightened. She felt her shitter being puckered in. There was a tearing, stretching pain all, around her asshole. She felt as if it were being ripped loose with a hammer.

Then, for a second, the pressure against her asshole eased. The blonde could hear screaming behind her. Twisting her head around, Vickie saw her friend being whipped with a cat-o'-nine-tails. Paul's face and arms were wet with sweat while he lashed the screaming brunette's body over and over again. Long red whip stripes appeared on the girl's shoulders, back and thighs. Shari jerked and twisted on the ropes, her body occasionally writhing violently when the leather slashed into a particularly sensitive spot.

"Good, good," Scott commented, moving one hand down to his dick and holding it rigid against her shitter. Then she felt his hard lump of dickmeat jam against her asshole. Vickie almost passed out. That cock-head was so wide, so awfully hard. She didn't know if she could take something that big without passing out.

Scott moved his other hand up to her tit. Vickie squirmed, moving her ass back toward the heavily haired belly brushing against her asscheeks. There could be no way of escaping this fucking, so Vickie tried her best to make it as painless as possible. She inched her buttocks back, relaxing as best she could while spreading her thighs apart. Still, Scott's fat cock felt as if it were splitting her open. Vickie felt the pain of his gradual fucking reaching higher in her ass, spreading to the outer edges of her asscheeks.

"Unnghhh, ohhh!"

Vickie held her breath as more of his wide cock slid into her hole. Now both of Scott's hands were cupped over her tits, squeezing the injured flesh, his thumbs flicking over her nipples, working them up to a hot stiffness while another two inches of his cock slipped into her butthole. Vickie held on, feeling the pressure in her asshole slowly ease. She was relaxing, her ass-muscles growing less tense as they became used to the invading dick.

Then suddenly her arms and legs spasmed. Scott started pulling his cock back out. The reversed tugging was like a vacuum cleaner sucking at her ass. Vickie bin her lower lip. She couldn't even cry now, not with the wild motions of that hot steel rod of a cock inside her. She shoved her butt out toward him, looking for relief from the awful sucking in her ass.

Scott waited for a second, then tensed his thighs and shoved back in while arching his back and pushing his shoulders out. Vickie squealed, her pussy suddenly spasming in contractions of lust. Something was happening again. Her ass was actually stimulating her pussy. The blonde teen moaned, rubbing her body against the wall for some relief from the obscene itching in her cunt and tits. Her round, firm asscheeks flexed against Scott's flat belly, actually looking for more of his dick that threatened to split her open. The time for reluctance had passed. Now Vickie was going for every ounce of pleasure she could seek.

The sliding dick moved deeper in her guts, sending shivery thrills of lust through her body. Vickie felt her ass filling with so much of his cock. The young woman thought his cock had gone in all the way. Oh, yes, there could be no more room in her ass for more dick-meat.

But still more slipped into her hole. Vickie thought Scott's dick was the size of a cannon. It seemed so much larger than before. Then once again the pressure slackened off. Vickie felt his belly and chest against her body. Oh, God, he was all the way in!

Scott started to pull out. Vickie shuddered, resting her forehead against her upper arm and letting out a low shivery moan. The strange feeling of fullness in her bowels was starting to excite the girl terribly. Then his cock went deeper.

"Fuck, man, fuck!"

Scott's ass-pounding tempo increased. He thrust his sliding dick back and, forth, Vickie thinking that the tissues of her ass would catch fire from the hot, dry friction. As his ramming speed increased, the young woman felt the drag of her cunt-lips as they clenched at nothing, puckering inward.

"Oh, no, no, no!"

Vickie panted, her mind going blank. She knew she was being fucked, fucked hard and fast. Getting fucked in the ass was a horror show, especially, considering how hot her pussy was and how unsatisfied it would be no matter what happened in her butt.

"Man, gonna feel real nice blowing my juice in your cunt, baby."

The rigid bar of cock in her ass seemed to slow down for a second. Then, with a sweaty slap of his flat belly against her asscheeks, Scott jammed his dick into the lowest depths of her asshole. The lining of her butt stretched to the maximum. Vickie could swear she felt the lining all but ready to rip loose. And yet that thought accelerated the vulgar thrills she was experiencing. Vickie wanted it all to happen at once -- the wonderful pain in her tits, the juicing sliding of her cunt-lips together, the piercing, reaming thrusts of that dick up her ass.

Scott grunted again behind her. His dick pulled out sucking her shitter downward. Only the head of his dick stayed in her asshole. The girl hunched her ass back and forth in fast strokes. That was what the young man wanted. He enjoyed turning the girl into a sex maniac, into the kind of animal he was.


Scott's fingers dug cruelly at her tits while his body shuddered mightily behind her. Vickie screamed, feeling a gush of hot fire in her ass. The thick, spurting globs of the young man's cum burned the lining of her asshole like jets of jellied gasoline. Vickie's cunt winked shut on emptiness. Her ass clamped down on his shooting dick. She jerked and thrashed, her dangling body pounding against the wall.


Oh, it was so awful coming without having anything in her pussy! The girl jerked and twisted in her bonds, wishing Scott would shove at least a finger in her cunt-hole. But the big man did nothing. He kept working his fingers over her sweaty tits, mashing in her hard, red nipples with his thumbs while moving his hips from side to side and finishing dumping his load of spunk into her ass.

She came, but not with the burning frenzy she needed. Scott let out a final grunt, then slipped his cock out. Vickie ground her teeth, mentally cursing the young man. Her asshole was still spasming, even though Scott had pulled his dick out several seconds ago. She felt something wet dripping from her shit-chute. It felt awful, dirty, obscene. The wailing behind her, the blonde now noticed, had stopped.

"Man, not bad. Good ass-fuck, good pussy. This one even gives good head. Christ, you're gonna be around us for a long, long time," Scott said, wiping some shit off the end of his dick before stuffing it back into his Levi's.

"You think of Ranger could take care of both of 'em at the same time?" Paul suggested after they'd all managed to catch their breaths. The men had let Shari down onto the floor after she'd passed out. The brunette was now curled in a crumpled heap at the foot of the arch, her breathing becoming more and more regular.

Vickie twisted her head around, her arms straightening slowly and her toes finally brushing the tiled floor. She saw that Shari had been through the mill. Long, red stripes and purple welts scarred her flesh. Yet the perky brunette had experienced nothing in comparison to the hell she had gone through.

"Yeah, man, remember those two broads the Phi Delts brought over a couple of months ago? Man, Ranger was in his glory," Scott said, turning around and heading back to Vickie.

"Oh, God, don't do anything more to me. I can't stand it, I can't!"

Vickie felt at the point of collapse. She didn't know why she hadn't passed out. Perhaps she was stronger than she'd ever believed. Why couldn't she lose consciousness like Shari panting there on the floor? Instead her body insisted she remain awake to witness every sort of horror practiced on her.

"Sure you can. You've gone this far, you can go one step further," Scott said, unfastening the cuffs and chains. He caught her as she started for the floor. "Let's put 'em side by side."

"No, face to face. That way they can see each other," Paul suggested.

"Yeah, yeah. Okay girls, time to see who's the hottest."


Shari lowered her eyes, unable to stare at her friend. They had positioned the two women opposite one an keeping Ranger well back as his eyes raced first toward Shari, then toward Vickie. Scott had tied Shari's arms behind her back, pushing her against a ceiling support column. Vickie, the men knew, would have no qualms about having the animal come to her. As reluctant as she might be at the beginning, halfway through the girl was a willing participant in any perverse act.

"What are they going to do to us?" Shari whispered.

How could. Vickie tell her friend the truth? She sat there, feeling cum oozing from her shitter, feeling the bruises on her flesh. How could she offer any kind of hope, any kind of consolation when there was none. Everything was hopeless down here.

They weren't going to kill them. Of that the young blonde was relatively sure. No, they were having far too much fun with the girls to do something final and stupid like that. But they were going to drive the young women to the breaking point. Besides the actual physical enjoyment of fucking them, beating them, or watching the sickening spectacle of bound women jerking in chains and ropes, the men enjoyed watching the mental torture endured by both Vickie and Shari. No, they weren't going to kill them. But Vickie knew both she and her girlfriend would seriously think of killing themselves once they were freed from this chamber of horror.

"Vickie, answer me," Shari whispered, glancing nervously around to see if anyone heard her. The men had gone to the other side of the room for more bees.

"Just don't think about it," the blonde teenager cautioned her friend, growing silent when the group returned.

"Okay, showtime, showtime," Scott said in a W. C. Fields voice, taking a swig of his beer, then kneeling down at Ranger's side.

"The police'll have you for this," Shari threatened, squirming uncomfortably in her bonds.

Vickie stiffened. No, it was unwise to threaten these men. She saw Scott's eyes narrow and his fingers start to crush the aluminum beer can. His lips curled into that smile she knew so well by now. Poor Shari.

"The cops, eh? Okay, you asked for it. Okay, boy, want a little darker meat than the blonde?"

"What are you going to do?" Shari said, her eyes widening as the bravado quickly disappeared from her voice. Vickie watched as her friend's legs moved back and forth nervously. Ranger sniffed the air between him and his intended victim. "What do you think?"

Shari shook her head back and forth slowly, glancing at Vickie and reading the truth in her friend's eyes.

"Nooooo!" Shari screamed.

But it was too late. The big German shepherd scampered away from Scott, nearly sliding with excitement across the tiled floor for a new victim. He stopped between the brunette's shivering legs, his head low, his ears pinned back, his tail tucked between his hind legs. It was a sight all too familiar for the blonde. Only hours ago she'd been the victim. Now she was sitting on the cold floor, watching her friend moan and scream while the big dog approached.

"No, go away doggie. No, oh, God, Vickie, help me! Please, someone!"

Shari was almost crying, tears welling up in her rounded eyes.

"Go on, baby, let 'im lick you off... just like your friend did."


Shari jerked one leg back and kicked the growling animal in the face. Ranger yelped in surprise, then twisted his head around and bit down on the offending ankle. Shari's face twisted into a mask of pain and horror as her screams filled the small basement room.

"Stop him! Oh, God, he's going to kill her!" Vickie shouted. She could see a small river of blood flowing down the brunette's leg. What an awful thing! Shari surely regretted having injured the animal that way. The young woman's screams were becoming harsher, and shriller as the big dog snarled and dug his fangs in deeper.

"Hey, man, over here; here boy," Scott said, obviously a little concerned over the dog's sudden anger. "Here, Ranger!"

Ranger's brown eyes rolled around at the mention of his name. He saw Vickie sprawled on the floor.

"Man, she's a good hot bitch who's waitin' for you."

The blonde felt dirty and filthy at this point. Yes, she was nothing but a piece of spoiled meat to be used by anyone and anything. Ranger let go of Shari's ankle and turned around quickly, padding off to Vickie and her familiar cunt.

"Oh God, God," Shari groaned, her flesh puckered up into goosepimples as she rubbed her bitten ankle against her other leg. She watched as her friend sucked in a ragged breath at the first touch of Ranger's tongue. "How can you, Vickie, how can you?"

The blonde closed her eyes and turned her head away. Her shame was known now. There could be no disguising her part in this mess. Yes, she was a willing victim, a person who had been turned onto the sicker aspects of sexual activity. She was quivering with anticipation, eager to have the animal bury his muzzle in her cunt and eat her like the bitch in heat she was.

"Unnnghhh!" Vickie groaned. She was a bitch. Scott was right. And she just didn't care anymore. She breathed out Ranger's name, petted his muscular haunches as he licked at her navel, her thighs, her upper belly, and back to her thighs. The blonde teen rolled her hips around, tensing the big muscles in her ass until they cramped. She felt excited feeling the big dog's tongue greasing down her body with its hot spit. The tickling rub of his tongue was wonderful.

She gasped again and again, hunching her cunt up to him, feeling her tits roll together as her body exploded with sexual hunger. The ass-fucking she'd endured earlier had only intensified her abnormally voracious appetite for satisfaction. And now the girl was going crazy, coming apart at the seams in front of her friend.

"Oh, God, how awful?" Shari groaned, turning her head away from the sight. Vickie ignored her.

"Good dog, good dog," she panted, spreading her thighs apart and feeling the animal's drool drenching her soaked cunt-lips. It was as if someone had poured pepper juice in her cunt. She felt her snatch spasming as the animal's spit trickled into her hole. The mixture of saliva and pussy-juice was dripping down her ass, wetting her all over.

Ranger lurched forward and started eating at her cunt with a wild appetite. His nose moved up and down through her slit, forcing the inner lips apart, stretching her cunt-mouth. It was what she'd been wanting for the past hour. For the past hour? Is that what she'd become, is that what she wanted? Continual sex, continual fucking, constant coming? What would it be like just to be suspended in time, hanging by a thread while her cunt kept spasming, trapped into an eternity of orgasm?

These and other similar thoughts whirled around and around in her mind as the animal's tongue sloshed in and out of her drooling pussy.

"Yes, yes," Vickie whimpered, sucking in air with a whistling sound through her nostrils. She petted Ranger with her hands while he lapped and wet her cunt more and more with his tongue.

"See, baby, all you gotta do is relax and let the fuckin' animal do all the work," Scott said, reaching down and pulling at the brunette's hair. He jerked her head around and forced the young woman to watch the horror in front of her. "Damn, damn, damn," Vickie groaned. The girl clawed at the German shepherd's furry neck, urging him on. She felt vulnerable, almost in danger as he moved his head down and started nipping at her bloated cunt-lips. Ohhh, what a delicious, shivery feeling that was! How wonderful it was to feel his sharp fangs nipping at her convulsing membranes. The girl closed her eyes and thought of those sharp teeth, of how they could tear her to pieces. And yet they were only tickling her, teasing her as the big dog's tongue sloshed in and out.

Vickie's body was responding quickly to the hurried sloppy friction. And when the dog took her cunt-mound in his mouth and shook it gently like a dead little animal, Vickie went crazy. She felt her cuntal walls crashing in, damping down on the dog's sucking tongue. Her hair splashed over her face while the young woman jerked her legs apart and fell back. She was going crazy, wallowing her shoulders and ass on the floor, crying out meaningless phrases while her body jerked and twitched and spasmed. Shari watched in horror and disbelief while her friend went shamelessly through the throes of a powerful orgasm.

"Oh, God, oh, my God!"

Vickie felt his tongue stiffening, plowing through her spasming cunt-meat. She felt the sensitive ring of cunt-muscles tighten around his tongue.

The girl pranced her ass around in circles, then moved it up and down to increase the friction. When the big dog raked her clit again she cried out and wrapped her hands around his head, forcing him against her pussy. The big dog dug at her thighs again with both paws, burrowing his black snout into her seething cunt.

Vickie was coming fast. Oh, how she wanted to slow him down, to pull her cunt away and make it last. But another part of her wanted to come faster. She writhed and grunted with the wild tickle that had built up to an itchy ache and choked off her normal breathing.

Finally the girl relaxed, opening her legs and dropping her hands from the dog's head. His haunches were humping. She felt something hot against her leg. He was trying to come all over her.

"Man, this way," Scott said, motioning at the young brunette whose eyes widened when she sensed she was going to be the next victim.

"No, don't touch me!"

The men only laughed, turning her around and tying her bound wrists to the column. Her ass pranced around, sticking out and riding high while her knees scraped against the floor. Ranger didn't need any encouragement.

Vickie watched through heavy-lidded eyes as the big dog jumped onto her friend, mounting her quickly.

"No, get him off me! Ohhhhhh!"

The fucking was fast. The blonde teenager watched as Ranger's thick-muscled body shivered with lust, sliding over Shari's smaller torso, covering it like a fur coat. She could hear the young brunette's cries grow into long, low wails of disgust and revulsion. Then there was a sharp yelp, followed by a scream.

Vickie shook her head, watching the dog's hindquarters suddenly start to rise and fall rapidly. He was fucking her friend. She could see the girl's smaller tits jiggling regularly while the dog's body arched and humped. The room was filled with the animal's steady growls, the girl's crazed yelling, and the slick fucking sounds of the German shepherd's knotty cock plowing through Shari's snatch.

Then in a second it was over. Ranger had blown his load, the hot white streaks of his cum scalding the sides of Shari's twat, then oozing out and dribbling down her thighs. The young girl sobbed uncontrollably. She pressed her forehead against the column, sinking to the floor while Ranger trotted over to one comer and licked his shrinking cock. "Okay, ready to go back?" Scott asked.

Vickie couldn't believe it was over. She hung her head down, letting the thick blonde strands of her hair curtain her face.

"You think it's over, don't you? Man, you'll be back here... both of you. Don't worry, baby," he said, reaching down and slipping his right hand under her chin. Vickie looked up at the young man. "You're gonna like it here at UCLA. And you're gonna have a lot of fun being a Greek."

No, no! Vickie thought to herself as she wobbled toward the shower stalls. But turning around staring at her friend who was still tied to the column, the girl knew she was wrong. Yes, a raging animal had been turned loose in her. She was cut from the same cloth as Scott and his friends. She'd be back with or without Shari. As the blonde teen stepped into the small metal shower stall and turned on the cool water, she smiled to herself. Yes, college was going to be fun after all!


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