Secretary in chains

One need only tune in the television set during prime time on any night of the week to witness a seemingly endless barrage of violence in the form of "entertainment". Whether it is cops pursuing robbers, or secret agents gunning down other secret agents, the pattern is invariably the same. The fact that no one is really hurt, at least physically, is also common to them all.

But real violence does exist, and real people, good and bad, are maimed and killed daily in the streets and homes of America.

The thing that Fay Robinson, a young and inexperienced woman, failed to realize, could very well be a lesson for all of us as we sit in our living rooms soaking up TV's phony violence. There are criminals in our midst, people who would steal or rape or murder at the slightest provocation, people who have no respect whatsoever for human life.

Fay Robinson's degradation at the hands of people like these may have been avoided had she had more "respect" for this dangerous element in society, and had she heeded the warning signs. But her innocence -- and possibly the false picture of violence she and all of us receive through the entertainment media made her reckless in her dealings with those who follow no code of morality.

SECRETARY IN CHAINS -- a serious novel of blind lust and depravity, in which can be found an important message...


Fay Robinson pushed open the wooden sauna door. Dressed in a light skirt and blouse, she felt foolish walking into a steaming room to deliver some papers to the tennis pro at the Grand View Tennis Resort. Fay turned and looked over her shoulder at the young man motioning her to go in. He smiled reassuringly at her and winked. Fay turned back and stepped resolutely into the sauna room, the heavy door thudding ominously shut behind her. Immediately the steam began gluing her blouse to her flesh, causing her shapely breasts to stand out starkly.

At first she could see nothing through the vapor. "Jerry Hunt?" she called timidly. Someone stirred to her left and grunted. Fay stepped closer and stopped frozen when she saw the naked man and woman locked together, lying on towels spread over the wooden bench against the left wall. They both saw Fay, but they were so engrossed in their wild fuck that they didn't stop their obscene gyrations even at her interruption.

Fay realized she had been made a fool of by the man outside. Her first day as a secretary at the resort could not be going worse. Fay stumbled backward until her shoulders hit the door. Her movement through the room caused a path to open in the steam so that the two fucking bodies were clearly visible.

Despite her embarrassment, Fay's attention was drawn irresistibly to their churning bodies. She felt her own body burning with shame. The steam had plastered her clothes to her skin and between her legs, and Fay felt the twinge of desire stirring in her cunt.

It had been so long since Fay had made love with anyone. Not, since separating from her husband over two months ago. At twenty-two, Fay's need for sex was strong. She felt ashamed of herself for thinking such lewd thoughts. Fay tried to escape, turning and pulling frantically at the door handle, but the door wouldn't budge despite the fact that the handle turned. It was almost like someone was holding the door from the outside. Panic filled her as she tugged with increasing urgency.

Behind her, the man and woman began moaning and clawing at each other as their passion flared. Fay looked back at them. As the man's athletic body tore lustfully between the woman's hungry thighs. Fay found herself unable to take her eyes off them. She felt as though in a dream or movie. The actors performed to excite her. She couldn't stop the way her body responded to them. A flush spread over her feverish body. Fay felt every nerve in her deeply tanned skin vibrating with forbidden desire.

The smell of sex flooded Fay's nostrils, filling her with such need that her fingers went involuntarily to her breasts, the folded papers for Jerry Hunt still in her right hand. Fay's palms cupped her heavy breasts as she pressed against the door, forced to witness the erotic display of sex.

Neither Jerry Hunt nor the woman seemed concerned that they suddenly had an audience. The woman's heels pounded into Jerry's ass, urging him to drive his big cock deeper and deeper into her pussy slit. Jerry's cock plowed like a cudgel between the woman's stretched cunt-lips. Over and over Jerry drove his hips forward, each thrust forcing a grunt of pleasure past the woman's lips; Fay felt herself wishing it were her own cunt that Jerry Hunt was fucking with such urgency. Fay's hands lowered from her breasts and caressed their way down her stomach to her crotch. She pressed her fingertips against her crotch, feeling the slit dividing her cuntal mound. A new surge of sensual energy flooded Fay's loins. She began drawing her skirt up her thighs until her fingers had free access to her pussy, covered only by the thin white fabric of Fay's bikini panties.

In the unreality of the misty sauna, Fay did not even realize the brazen way her fingers aroused her own flesh. She pressed through her panties to massage the dripping center of her cunt, feeling the burning passion building and building in her body. Fay gulped in air, causing her large tits to rise and fall provocatively as Jerry continued thrusting deeply between the woman's spread thighs.

The woman's fingers pulled Jerry's head to her breasts, guiding his mouth from nipple to nipple, arching her back to cram as much of her tits into his mouth as possible. Fay was enthralled by the performance Jerry gave, snarling and feasting at the woman's breasts, at the same time spearing and sawing his slick cock into her pussy with the confidence he undoubtedly displayed on the tennis courts as well.

Jerry's heavy balls slapped against the beautiful woman's firm buttocks each time he drove his dick into her sucking cunt. Again and again Jerry plunged forward, his thick shaft diving into the woman's dripping pussy with obvious delight. The woman's moans caused Fay's heartbeat to quicken with an envy Fay tried to deny. Yet she couldn't turn her eyes away. Jerry turned his head and looked at Fay as he continued grinding his cock into the woman.

Fay saw the lust in his eyes and it stimulated the sensation that he actually had his dick in her cunt instead of the woman's. Fay's nerves screamed to life in her pussy. She felt her juices flowing from between her cunt-lips and dripping into her panties, mingling with the sweat and steam dripping from her body. And then Fay realized the perverse display she was putting on for him. Immediately Fay dropped her skirt and lifted her hands as she became aware of the brazen thing she had been doing to herself.

No, no, no! Her mind screamed. She tried to back out of his vision, but the door held her. And even as she pleaded against it, Fay felt that Jerry's cock was buried deeply within her pussy, pushing and sucking at her insides like a fist. The feeling brought her to the brink of climax as the humiliating scene caused her to burn with embarrassment.

And then the woman under Jerry Hunt exploded into a churning mass of thrusting flesh as her orgasm blasted through her body. She screamed in ecstasy. Immediately, Jerry Hunt's lips curled back as he too reached a climax.

"I'm cummmmmming!" he cried.

Jerry drove his prick like a madman, knifing into the pleading pussy slit sucking at his spurting knob. Jerry's cum gushed into the woman's gulping cunt, filling her until his sperm was forced back out around his shaft to drip down the woman's buttocks and into the crack of her ass.

The sight was too much for Fay. It had been so long since she'd had any sexual release that she felt a climax of her own going off in her body as though she were the person getting fucked instead of the woman thrashing wildly under Jerry's pumping hips. Fay writhed against the door, biting the back of her hand in an attempt to hide the fact of her orgasm.

Fay's climax lasted as long as Jerry's and the woman's. Only when they were depleted and Jerry crawled limply away from the woman did Fay manage to gain control of her body. She tried to straighten her clothes but they were plastered to her flesh, her bra clearly visible through the now transparent blouse. Water dripped down her limbs. Her long black hair hung in dripping strands. Never had she felt so embarrassed.

Fay turned again to try to open the door. She tugged at the handle but it did not budge. She looked back at Jerry. He was sitting on the bench, one leg hanging over the edge; the other drawn up so his foot rested on the bench, his cock and balls lewdly exposed. Jerry returned her gaze, spreading his thighs even wider; his right hand stroking his cock, lifting his balls and rubbing his palm over his prick so that it continued to stand at attention.

"Since you so obviously enjoyed the show so much," Jerry said sarcastically, "I think it's only fair you should join us." Jerry turned his attention to the woman, who sat up beside him and looked at Fay with amused curiosity. "What do you think, Leah?"

As Leah stared at Fay, the two women realized they had a startling physical resemblance to each other. They both had long black hair and rich full bodies. Their breasts were almost equal in size and firmness. Even their features were similar.

Leah stood up. "I'd like to see more of this woman. Who are you?"

Fay held out the limp papers and explained she was a new secretary at the club. She realized she was acting the idiot. The papers were a soggy mess, probably even unreadable, and she was a soggy mess herself. What kind of an idiot secretary would deliver papers under such circumstances? She would never be able to explain it. She backed even further against the door as Jerry and Leah moved naked toward her, pinning her to the door.

"I think she wants your cock in her," Leah said.

Fay shook her head. "No. I'm sorry. I didn't know what I was doing when I came in here."

"You knew what you were doing when you had your skirt up masturbating yourself," Jerry said, his fingers reaching for the buttons of Fay's blouse. "Let's get your clothes off. No one stands around in a sauna dressed for work."

Fay tried to push his hands away, but Leah reached for her buttons too and she couldn't keep all four of their hands from unbuttoning her blouse and pulling it over her shoulders. They quickly stripped her clothes off, jerking the blouse down her arms and then unbuttoning her skirt and pushing it down her hips. Jerry's fingers circled her panties and jerked them quickly to her ankles. Fay's bra was the last to drop to the floor.

Jerry and Leah stood back to admire her. Fay cupped her breasts timidly in her palms and turned her back to them until Jerry grabbed her wrist and spun her around.

"She looks almost like she could be your sister, Leah," Jerry said admiringly. "Your younger sister," he added with obvious delight to tease Leah.

Leah thumbed her nose at him, not taking her eyes away from Fay's body. "She does look a lot like me. She deserves your cock, Jerry. It might teach her some manners about interrupting people."

Before Fay could protest, Jerry pressed his body against hers. Fay felt Jerry's erection pressing against her cunt-lips. She knew it was wrong, but still her flesh quivered with undeniable desire.

Jerry's thumbs drove into her pussy slit, his fingers pulling her outer lips apart to make room for his huge knob to fill the entrance to her cunt.

She felt his cock-head pushing aside the tender pink inner lips and forcing her pussy to swallow the end of his dick. Fay gasped as his cock pushed its way into her body, sliding up her cunt hole as easily as if she'd been helping him.

Fay felt his cock filling her and searing her insides with exquisite pleasure. Fay's pussy tingled with sensual need as Jerry pounded his pelvis against her own. She felt her clit throbbing to life as blood pumped into it.

Leah lewdly encouraged Jerry to continue raping his cock into Fay's protesting body.

"No, please. Let me go!"

But even as Fay said the words, her arms circled Jerry's waist and she gave herself up to the thrusting cock violating her most intimate parts. Fay's cunt sucked on Jerry's shaft with obscene lust. She closed her eyes and rested against the door as Jerry pounded mercilessly at her cunt, ripping his thick cock into her body so deeply that Fay thought her pussy would be torn to shreds. But at last she realized she had somehow managed to accommodate his entire cock.

"That's it," Leah encouraged, stroking Jerry buttocks and sides with her hands. "Fuck her! Teach the little bitch to come breaking in on us and staring at us while we made love. Rape her pussy like she's never been fucked before! Harder, deeper!"

Leah began slapping Jerry's ass, trying to force him to stab his dick viciously into Fay's pussy. Slap! Slap! Slap! Leah spanked Jerry's ass and thighs as though he was the one being punished. Leah became carried away with herself, whipping and slapping Jerry like a madwoman.

Fay felt the increased lust building in Jerry's cock as it pulsed hotly, his knob and shaft stretching her tender insides to the bursting point. The perverse act of Jerry being beaten while he fucked his prick into Fay's cunt brought Fay to a state of sensual excitement she had never experienced before.

Every nerve in Fay's body screamed for release. She thrust her hips into Jerry's body as hard as she could, moans bursting from her throat as her arousal controlled her flesh. Leah continued whipping Jerry's ass as his iron-hard cock ravished Fay's dripping pussy. Each slap was like a switch turning Fay's arousal higher and higher until she could not stand the intense sensations burning through her pussy. Fay's body vibrated with more passion and sensitivity than she had believed possible to feel.

And then Fay felt Jerry's sperm shooting into her cunt and filling her hole with hot fluid that gushed in spurt after spurt into her body. Jerry's cum dripped out of her pussy and down the insides of her thighs. Fay could hold back her own climax no longer, and with shuddering screams, her flesh exploded into convulsion of orgasmic bliss.

Over and over Fay's contractions ripped through her flesh, causing her to quiver like a vibrating doll, helpless and passive. Again and again, her pussy was flooded with the thick, slick wads of Jerry's cum. Fay felt the sticky juices smearing her crotch. She dug her fingers into Jerry's waist and pulled him back and forth against her body, his chest pounding against her breasts erotically.

Their climax went on and on as Leah continued spanking Jerry's buttocks and Fay continued pulling Jerry's cock into her cunt. The perverse sensations flooding Fay's being were like nothing she had ever imagined. She felt Jerry's cock plunging in and out of her pussy and heard the sounds of Leah whipping his flesh, torturing him and driving him on to perform at peak efficiency while he raped her. Fay gave herself up to the raping so completely that she had to force herself to not cry out with pleasure.

She felt humiliated and terrified at her own perverse reaction. How could she lust for it so completely? She actually wanted to be whipping and spanking him herself to spur him on and continue plunging his beautiful cock into her pussy. Fay gasped at the horror of her fantasy. Yet the compelling lust of her flesh cried out for fulfillment. She spread her thighs and thrust her pelvis against Jerry's hairy crotch, feeling his long thick cock pushing aside the inner membranes of her pussy and tunneling up her body like a battering ram, tearing and scorching her insides with his savage brutality.

Pay grabbed Jerry's hair and pulled his face to her breasts, using his long hair like reins. Fay forced him to nurse her large nipples. His mouth sucked at her eagerly. She pulled his face into her flesh until her breasts smothered him and caused him to twist and lap her flesh frantically, struggling for air yet not wanting to take his mouth from her tits.

When their climax finally drained away, Fay felt her shame and humiliation returning.

Jerry backed away; his cock plopping free of Fay's pussy and swinging against his balls. Fay squatted quickly and picked up her clothes. She hooked her bra while still squatted. Straightening, she slipped her arms into her blouse, then stepped quickly into her skirt and shoes. She reached behind her one final time and tried the door. It opened easily. While Jerry and Leah looked at each other with satisfied amusement, Fay turned and fled, brushing past the chuckling attendant who had assured her it was all right to deliver the papers to Jerry Hunt in person.


Fay finished buttoning her blouse and hurried past the dressing room and into the hall. She crossed through the weight room for a shortcut to the outside, seeing her ludicrous appearance in the mirror as her clothes stuck to her wetly. Thankfully it was after five o'clock when she stepped into the late-afternoon sun. She would not be expected to go back to the office. Fay walked past the long line of tennis courts, then, skirting the plush clubhouse and avoiding the crowded pool area, she found her way to the small room that had been assigned her by Mr. Capatosto, the resort's assistant manager.

Even the employees' rooms, however, revealed the class of the Grand View Tennis Resort. Fay's reflection stared back at her from the wall-sized mirror in the bathroom. She stepped out of her clothes, feeling the shame and humiliation returning as she watched her reflection. How could she have behaved so lustfully? She had never been that way with Erik, her ex-husband. She shivered and turned the water on in the shower, feeling the need to wash the remaining odor of sex from her body.

The telephone rang just as she prepared to step into the hot spray. Fay walked naked into the bedroom and lifted the receiver. Jerry's voice was low and sensual. "You were terrific, baby. We'll have to do it again real soon."

Fay gasped in shock. It hadn't taken Jerry long to find out her room number. The phone clicked dead in her hand before she could protest and beg Jerry to leave her alone and forget what had happened. Fay wanted to be left alone to lick the wounds of her divorce. That's why she had moved away and taken this job at the resort. San Diego had been cold to her when she first arrived and she was down to her last dollar when the offer came at the resort. She had accepted gratefully. She had to make good on the job or she would wind up having to beg her ex-husband for money.

Fay was terrified that Jerry or Leah would spread the word about what had happened in the sauna and she would lose her job. And the threat of "...doing it again real soon" frightened her frightened her because of the strong desire to have it happen again that bubbled up in her mind. Fay returned to the bathroom and stared at her reflection in the mirror. A red rash of desire spotted her shoulders and tits. She felt her breasts throbbing with lust. Fay's cunt quivered; the sticky cum smeared into her cunt hair, its aroma wafting up into her nostrils.

What was wrong with her? She pictured Jerry Hunt's muscular body bound helplessly to a post while she ravished his huge cock. What frightened her was that she wanted to ravish Jerry Hunt more than he could possibly want her. Fay hated herself for the strange desires that tormented her thinking. Was she losing her mind? She had never had such wicked thoughts before.

Fay's reflection burned back at her from the mirror. Her naked body glistened with the perspiration of heated desire. Fay's fingers toyed with the outer lips of her pussy. She spread her fingers through her cunt hair and parted her lips to expose the tender pink flesh of her inner cunt. Fay caressed her slit, stroking the wet valley tenderly; her fingers circling her clit until it poked itself to attention. Maybe if she released more of the tension filling her flesh she could take her mind from its sudden perverted fascination with sex.

Fay stroked her pussy until it came alive with dripping desire, and she plunged her fingers into her cunt, one at a time, until all four fingers of her right hand were stuffed into her slit. Like an obscene animal, Fay masturbated in front of the mirror; her body curved forward, one hand pinching and twisting her nipples while her other hand stabbed her fingers in and out of her pussy.

Fay pictured Jerry's erect cock in front of her.

She pretended her mouth was sucking on its head, her tongue bathing it with the juices from her mouth. Fay gulped and flicked her fingers faster and faster over her clitoris. Her heated flesh surged with electric intensity as her arousal grew with each breath she took. Fay's firm, young body danced in a sensual rhythm as passion flared through her loins.

Cum! Cummmm! Make yourself cummmmm! Fay felt evil for the perverse thoughts of desire filling her mind. She wanted to punish herself for what she was doing. FPay's fingers tightened on her nipples and she began twisting and pinching herself until tears came to her eyes and her breasts stung with tortured sensation.

Pulling and stretching her breasts, Fay stabbed her fingers deeper and deeper into her pussy, forcing her tender flesh to take the most torturous punishment she could give it. She felt wicked. She deserved pain, not pleasure. She began slapping the insides of her thighs at the same time she pulled and tore at her breasts. Her fingers should not touch her cunt; she didn't deserve that pleasure. Fay began slapping herself all over. She was a wicked child that needed punishing.

But after a few swats to her buttocks, Fay realized it was no use denying the desire that flamed in her loins with never-ceasing urgency. She returned her fingers to her cunt and resumed masturbating herself. It was the only way to release the tension so she could get her mind on something else. And as her fingers stabbed in and out of her pussy, Fay suddenly exploded with violent intensity as her climax washed through her flesh.

As soon as her climax began, Fay stepped into the steaming shower spray. She exposed her breasts to the burning water, feeling the drops burning into her flesh like lashes as her body convulsed in spasm after spasm. Scalding water ran in a river between her big breasts that pointed straight and firm from her body like succulent melons. The spray kept her nipples pointed and hard with sensitivity.

With her knees spread, Fay's fingers plunged into her pussy. She used both hands, stabbing at her gaping slit so eagerly that her fingertips only succeeded in stabbing a small way into her hole. Finally Fay began stroking her pussy, her fingers fluttering up her thighs to caress over her mound lightly. Slowly her contractions subsided.

Fay picked up the soap and lathered her tingling body. The spray washed away the control her lust had on her. She began to relax. Maybe things would be all right now. Exhausted, Fay toweled herself dry and fell into bed. Sleep came quickly. Fay dreamed she was trapped in a hotel room and Jerry came in and gagged her and raped her. Fay tossed and turned. In her sleep the hands felt real, running over her body, pinching and slapping her flesh.

Suddenly Fay stirred in her sleep. The hands felt too real. She opened her eyes and sat up, wide awake! Jerry was naked beside her. Fay looked toward the windows. She saw streaks of red in the sky but could not decide whether it was evening or if she'd slept through till morning. Fay bolted against the headboard, trying to hide herself with the sheet, but Jerry's fingers pulled it away.

"How did you get in here?"

Jerry smiled, holding up a key. "I get around." His tennis shorts were on the floor. Jerry moved closer, his right fist pulling Fay's ankle, sliding her back to the center of the bed. "How about a quick fuck before I go to work?"

So it was morning. Fay tried to pull away from him, but her effort was useless. Not again! She pleaded with herself. But already she could feel her arousal growing as she responded to Jerry's advance. As though manipulating a child, Jerry spread Fay's thighs and lowered his head to her awakening pussy. She felt his tongue bathing her hairy mound, slurping wetly between her legs until her slit dripped with his saliva and his tongue easily lapped into her pink interior.

"Oh, please! No!" Fay begged. "Don't do this to me!"

But her fingers entwined themselves in his hair and locked his hungry mouth to her cunt. Even his hot breath blowing and puffing into her box aroused Fay's passion. She felt her need building and building like before until she again began losing control of herself. Her body took over, and she pulled his head harder and harder against her cunt until he was struggling for air.

Fay locked her thighs around his head. She turned around so her knees straddled his face and her own face hovered over his erect cock. Fay rested on her elbows, her fingers lifting Jerry's balls while her mouth engulfed his purple cock-head. She bobbed her head up and down, feeling his satiny knob caressing her tongue and cheeks. She tasted the salty flavor of his dick, sucking and swallowing as far down his shaft as she could.

Jerry's tongue continued lapping at her pussy as she nursed his eager prick to an even greater state of erection. Whatever was coming over her, she seemed powerless to stop. She was acting like a whore. She sucked on Jerry's cock with an eagerness that shocked her. And then she turned around again and, facing Jerry, lowered her hips eagerly over his prick and sucked his dong into her body, her cunt-lips working themselves down his shaft like a mouth.

Jerry's cock filled Fay's cunt with a sensual delight that flooded through her like golden energy. Again she gave in to the bliss controlling her flesh. She felt Jerry's hard prick grinding and churning inside her cunt, pulsing and throbbing with desire. Fay felt a power filling her very soul as Jerry moaned ecstatically under Fay's grinding hips. The strange feeling was even greater than it had been in the spa. She gave in to the feeling completely.

Rolling onto her side, Fay pulled Jerry on top of her, lifting her knees to her breasts to draw even more of his hard cock into her pussy. Fay pulled Jerry's head against her breasts, encouraging him to nurse her nipples and lick his tongue over the insides of her twin mounds.

And then the door opened and Leah stepped into the room. Fay's eyes widened in surprise. Leah had reversed their situations. The difference was that Leah was not shocked or surprised. She leaned against the inside door completely at ease, her eyes feasting appreciatively on their naked bodies. Slowly, Leah unbuckled the wide belt from around her waist.

"So I catch you with another woman."

Fay could not believe the depravity of the game she had somehow gotten mixed up in. Leah advanced on them, the belt drawn back to lash Jerry's ass as she had done before. Again Fay felt the perverse flaming of arousal as the first lash snapped against Jerry's buttocks, causing his body to jump, his swollen prick swelling even larger. His knob grew to mammoth proportions inside Fay's cunt.

Leah drew the belt back again and again, lashing Jerry's buttocks and calling him foul names for making love to someone else. Jerry wanted to jump away, but he was so close to reaching a climax, the lashing of the belt drew him even closer. He too was lost in the grip of pleasure that kept his hips plowing forward with reckless abandon.

Fay felt as though she were trapped in someone else's game. But it was a game that gave her pleasure, and she continued grinding her hips in a sensual cadence that drew her closer and closer to climax. She felt Jerry's large cock slipping wetly in and out of her steaming box as he met each thrust of Fay's hips with a downward thrust of his own that drove his huge tool as deeply as possible into Fay's pussy.

Their climaxes came at the same time. Jerry's dick began spurting thick gobs of cum into Fay's cunt. Fay felt his hot sperm blasting into her box and her orgasm erupted in her body like a volcano exploding molten lava. With each spurt of cum, Leah's belt cracked across Jerry's ass. Fay writhed in orgasmic bliss. Jerry's cum dripped in thick gobs down her ass.

It seemed to Fay their climaxes went on and on forever. Fay gave herself up to the sensual pleasure surging in wave after wave through her flesh. But finally it ended. Leah buckled her belt back around her waist. Jerry pushed himself from the bed with a sheepish smile on his face. He rubbed his ass and winked at Leah.

"You got kind of carried away, didn't you?" he asked.

Leah sat in a chair against the wall and crossed her knees. She lit a cigarette while Jerry slipped into his tennis clothes and made his exit, saying he had an early appointment on the courts. Leah settled back in her chair once Jerry was gone and gave her attention to Fay.

"I suppose you're more surprised to see me than Jerry," Leah said, moving from her chair to the bed and assuming Jerry's vacated spot. She kicked her shoes off, pulled her skirt above her thighs and sat cross-legged.

Fay edged away from her, feeling naked and exposed. "I'm more surprised at that business with your belt on Jerry's ass."

Leah laughed. "It's a game. Jerry thinks he's the club's stud so I do that once in a while to remind him of who he really is." Leah touched Fay's right ankle and began stroking her lightly. "I'm more interested in finding out who you are," Leah said, her words sounding sensual and hungry.

Fay was frightened as Leah's hand continued stroking up her legs to her hips. She had never had a woman make a pass at her before, but she knew it was coming. Fay didn't know what to do about it. She tried drawing her legs up and clutching her hands over her breasts. Leah moved closer to her, touching Fay's face and body like a blind person exploring calmly.

"Don't be afraid," Leah said. "Relax and enjoy it."

"No," Fay pleaded. "I didn't mean to get involved with you and Jerry. I stumbled in the sauna yesterday like a fool, and I know it looked like a come on, but I'm not... this way."

"What way?"

Fay blushed. She didn't want to say anything to hurt Leah's feelings. Despite the circumstances, Fay felt an attraction for Leah, but she couldn't allow herself to be used any longer. "I don't have sex with just any man and I've never made love to a woman."

Leah didn't falter in her advance. Her hands continued moving gracefully and sensually over Fay's ripe young flesh, touching and probing, arousing with a sureness that brought Fay's heart racing quickly, pumping and flushing her skin to intense sensitivity.

"There's always a first time. It's what you need. I know that may sound strange to you if you haven't tried it, but you'll see. There are things I could show you even more shocking."

Fay wanted to get dressed and out of her room, but Leah blocked her path. Fay felt Leah's fingers all over her body, caressing and stroking. Fay could not stop the arousal that grew and spread through her insides like a flame, gripping and holding her from making any effort to stop Leah's attack.

Leah pulled Fay toward the center of the bed and pushed her onto her back. Leah lowered her face to Fay's breasts. Leah licked Fay's breasts, pressing her tongue against her dark nipples and savoring the warm taste of her growing arousal. As Leah's mouth nursed hungrily at her breasts, Fay's hands held Leah's head, guiding her now from breast to breast, feeling wicked and ashamed for the easy way she had taken.

Fay knew from the very depths of her soul that she should pull away from Leah and stop what was happening. All her upbringing had conditioned her to avoid the thing that was happening now. But she couldn't stop.

Leah became like an image of herself; so close in appearance were the two women. Fay had the impression she stared into a mirror as Leah nursed at her breasts and stroked her body. Fay closed her eyes and gave in to the feelings surging like fire in her veins. Is this who she was? A sensual animal that responded with no holds barred to any advance anyone made on her? In the past she'd been protected by her role as wife of a small-town school teacher. There had been no chance for additional sex then. And her husband had been uncreative. Sex had fallen into a boring pattern that fit Fay just fine.

But now that she was single again and had no role to follow, she was finding herself to be putty in the hands of circumstances. It scared Fay to realize how she was being led. But now with her passion aroused again, Fay had no desire left to want it stopped. Fay pulled at Leah's head, pushing her breasts even harder against Leah's face, feeling the sensuous delight that smoldered in her breasts. Fay wanted the feeling to go on forever.

Leah began licking her way down Fay's body, moving slowly and sensually toward Fay's dark, triangular patch of pubic hair. Leah's tongue lapped over Fay's succulent skin, flicking in and out of Fay's navel and then moving even lower until her tongue tip touched the first curls. Leah moaned and purred like a kitten. She licked over Fay's hairy mound until Fay's curls were dripping with saliva.

Leah pushed her pink tongue between Fay's outer cunt-lips and lapped at the slick fluid still oozing from her slit, a delicious mixture of Jerry's cum and Fay's aroused juices. Leah's fingers parted Fay's cunt-lips, stretching them apart until her inner pussy glistened open and exposed to Leah's hungry mouth. Leah covered Fay's pussy-lips with her mouth, sucking and stabbing her tongue as deeply into Fay's hole as possible.

Fay felt the invasion of Leah's tongue like the hungry thrust of a cock, its slick sides pushing into her canal and filling her with shuddering sensations of delight. Fay spread her thighs wider, her fingers locked in Leah's dark hair, encouraging her with moans and whimpering to continue feasting. Fay realized that Leah's tongue moved with a skill beyond any pussy-eating her ex-husband had ever employed.

As Fay's pussy responded to Leah's tongue, she felt a sense of obligation to reciprocate the pleasure she was receiving. Thinking about sucking Leah's pussy sent a perverse thrill of delight coursing through her veins that surprised Fay. Changing positions, Fay scooted under Leah's hips until she looked directly up into Leah's pussy. Leah's dark curls were the same as her own. It was like getting ready to eat herself. Fay lifted her head and pressed her lips against Leah's succulent vulva, feeling the juices moistening her lips as she pressed her face further into Leah's curls. Fay opened her mouth and pushed her tongue into Leah's slit, feeling the slick juices pouring onto her tongue.

The fluid tasted delicious. Fay felt a twinge of joy coursing through her pussy as she lapped at Leah's cunt. Nothing could be more perverse than bending down to eat one's own pussy, but that was the feeling Fay had as she feasted in Leah's hot cunt. Again and again, Fay jabbed her tongue into Leah's sucking gash, pushing into Leah's insides with eager enthusiasm.

Fay tasted Leah's pussy like she was sampling the rarest wine in the world. But once tasted, she could not restrain herself from gobbling and eating like a pig, her tongue plunging in and out of Leah's cunt with slurping sounds of pleasure. Fay's mouth devoured Leah's cunt. She sucked the juices into her mouth like a starving person. The faster she lapped at Leah's pussy, the more aroused Fay became.

Both women moaned and purred on the bed, rolling and twisting like two people caught in a trap of compelling delight. They sucked and clawed at each other like beasts, trying with increasing need to draw themselves to climax. Slurping wetly, Fay inhaled the aroma of Leah's steaming box. Even the fragrance caused her to burn closer and closer to orgasm.

Fay caught sight of their reflection in the mirror against the back wall. They looked, like two savages, locked together in mortal combat. Fay felt her breasts burning with sensual desire. Her nipples tingled with constant currents of energy as Leah sucked harder on her pussy and twisted her fingers viciously around Fay's nipples.

And then their climaxes came at the same time, baking out of their flesh in violent eruptions of bliss. They both screamed and snarled, their bodies twisting and writhing like snakes, slithering around in the center of the bed until one could not be distinguished from the other. Sweat streaked their flesh, causing their skin to glisten with slick moisture.

Their climaxes went on and on, keeping them locked in each other's arms, their mouth feasting, their hips churning and thrusting. Fay felt like everything in the world disappeared except herself, blasting again and again into sensual explosions. No one existed other than herself. Even Leah was fused into herself, her climax was Fay's climax. The passion drained away slowly.

Leah continued puffing and slurping her tongue up the sensitive slit in Fay's vulva. Fay copied Leah. They nursed and tasted each other's feverish flesh with the tenderness and sensitivity they would exhibit on themselves. Fay felt herself slowly returning to normal. As her passion began to drain away, her guilt began to return. She had done something her mind in the past would not even have thought about. She felt shame creeping like an unwanted serpent up her neck.

Leah rolled away from her and sat up, pushing her hair away from her face and smiling. "I told you you'd enjoy it, didn't I?" Leah stood up and began putting on her clothes. "I guess you'll have to go to work now."

Fay glanced out the window. The sun was much higher now. She would have to hurry. Fear for her job shot through her. "Please don't tell anyone what happened."

"Why?" Leah answered teasingly. "Afraid the rest of the world will find out you like sex?"

"But I don't like it..." Fay stopped talking and thought about the silly thing she had said.

"No, that's not true. What I mean is, I'll lose my job if Mr. Capatosto finds out about this."

"You're trying to continue being the sweet, virginal little girl from Small Town, U.S.A. Forget it." Leah lit a cigarette and resumed her chair. "I'll show you what life is all about. You look to me like someone who's just been divorced and now is running away to hide from the bad thing that happened. Well, there's only one way to get over something like that, and it's not to dig a hole and bury yourself in it. You've got to go out and get your pleasure while you can. Take it! It's out there for you."

Fay walked naked to the dresser and began selecting her clothes. She wanted Leah to leave so she could take a long shower before dressing. She was embarrassed by Leah's talk, yet fascinated at the same time. She could not argue with herself that she had not enjoyed the surprising thing that had happened in the last two days. She knew if she allowed her frightening relationship to go on with Leah that she would be exposed to a world she had never known before. She needed time to think.

Finally, Leah saw her hesitation and laughed, stabbing out her cigarette. "Think about it. You're too beautiful not to be enjoyed." Leah stood and turned around in the center of the room. "Look at me. We both look alike yet we're complete opposites. You're going to work and I'm going out, to have fun. You can have the same thing if you want it." Leah walked to the door and turned.

"Meet me for lunch in the Crest Room."

"I can't afford that."

"Then the coffee shop?"


When Leah left, Fay showered quickly. Dressed for work, she hurried to the coffee shop in the Grand View Clubhouse. She barely had time for breakfast before she had to report to Mr. Capatosto. As she ate her eggs, Fay looked around at the other morning breakfasters. Most of them were dressed in casual clothes. Their day would be spent either on the tennis courts or swimming or horseback riding or playing golf or skeet shooting. The club had everything to offer those who could afford it.

Fay felt a twinge of jealousy. Leah was right, she was going to work and the other people around her were going to play. Yet Fay was glad to have the job. Without it she didn't know where she would be -- out on the street. Still it wouldn't hurt to get to know Leah better. Maybe there was some magic way to enjoy the finer things in life without being born to richness.


"The finer things in life include satisfying your senses," Leah said at noon while they sat across from each other in a booth at the coffee shop. Leah wore a chic tennis outfit, her shapely tanned legs tucked comfortably under her. Fay felt slightly foolish the way Leah seemed to have all the answers. "And sex is at the top of the list," Leah continued. "If you are afraid or ashamed to enjoy sex, you're missing the most enjoyable part of claiming female independence."

Fay sipped her coffee, her eyes glancing around the coffee shop. "So how does enjoying sex get me out of work?" As soon as she said it the obvious answer came to her. She looked at Leah, her face a question.

Leah shook her head, smiling. "I didn't mean selling it like a whore, although if worst came to worst, I'd do that, but there are easier ways than selling it to everyone. I believe in giving it away." Leah changed positions; her legs stretching forward under the table until her knees touched Fay's. "I believe in taking sex anywhere I can find it, from whoever turns me on, any time I feel like it."

"If you don't work and you don't sell sex, how do you live at Grand View?"

"I have a boy friend who provides what I need. In that sense, I suppose you could say I sell sex. I don't live at the club, though. I live in a house not far from here. I'm a member of the club and I spend most of my days here. I make contact with people here. The attractive ones I take home and enjoy." Leah's bare toes began stroking the insides of Fay's thighs under the table.

At the first contact with Leah's toes, Fay's eyes widened in surprise. Quickly Fay looked around the room. Leah's legs were hidden from view by the booth and tabletop. Fay felt a rush of forbidden desire at the first touch of Leah's toes on her panties. Leah's touch was deft and sure. Fay could not resist the desire to spread her thighs. Leah's heels rested on the seat between Fay's thighs. Leah's toes wiggled eagerly into Fay's crotch. Fay took it as long as she could, then pushed Leah's feet away as shame flushed her cheeks.

Leah only smiled at her. "The problem with you," Leah said, "is you can't loosen up." Leah continued stroking Fay's legs below her knees. "You can't enjoy sex if you won't even let your mind think about it. Have you ever seen a sex show?"

Fay shook her head, feeling her skin blushing even deeper.

"I'll pick you up after work and take you to one with my boy friend as the live performer. He is the most perverted prick in the world. That's why he's my boy friend. But you'll understand all that when you see him. Right now I have him chained to his work." Leah's toes began stroking higher up Fay's legs as she talked.

Fay's entire being argued with herself. But somehow as Leah's toes worked their way back into her crotch, Fay could not find the strength to refuse. Leah's toes aroused her pussy to the point that she could think of nothing else other than watching a live sex scene, especially a perverted one. Fay was shocked at the way she felt, but she agreed to meet Leah after work.

Fay's cunt tingled all afternoon with the memory of Leah's toes tantalizing her in the coffee shop. Fay's cunt was still excited that afternoon as they drove away from the resort in Leah's sports car.

Tucked away in the countryside, Leah's house was equally as plush as the club. Amazed, Fay followed Leah through the Spanish decor to an upstairs bedroom. Leah pushed open the door and stepped inside.

"Meet Roger," she said.

He stood naked at an easel. Tanned and bearded. He looked like a Greek God. As soon as he saw them, his large cock began to grow rigid. Light streaming from the balcony windows caused his youthful body to glisten deliciously. Fay sucked in her breath at the sight of him standing in the center of the bedroom that had been turned into a small studio. The room was filled with paintings of nude women.

"Roger is my sex slave," Leah said, approaching him and lifting her skirt above her hips. "How does my slave greet his mistress?"

Immediately Roger knelt until his face was level with Leah's crotch. His hands pulled down Leah's panties so she could step out of them. As Leah spread her thighs, Roger eagerly buried his face in her dark curls, his tongue coming out and lapping rapidly up and down Leah's pussy slit.

Fay noticed for the first time that Roger's right ankle was chained to the floor near the easel. As Roger feasted at Leah's cunt, Leah entwined her fingers in his hair and guided his mouth where she wanted it. She pulled him slowly up her body, allowing him to lick her stomach and cleanse her navel before nursing and bathing her breasts with his tongue. At last she pulled him to her mouth and they kissed deeply and passionately. Leah pulled away, giggling. She bent and unhooked the chain from Roger's ankle.

"I brought a guest for you to entertain. From the look on her face, I'd say you're entertaining her just being naked."

Fay blushed. She felt overpowered by Roger's nakedness. She wanted to run and hide. Wishing now she had not agreed to come, Fay tried to steady herself. "It's nice to meet you," she said.

Immediately Leah began laughing. "Greet her like you greet me, Roger."

Roger obeyed eagerly. He knelt in front of Fay and lifted her skirt. Fay was too shocked to do anything other than stare down at him as he pulled her panties down. Fay stepped out of them automatically, as though she had no choice in the matter. And then Roger's face pressed into her crotch.

Fay shivered at the first touch of his tongue along her cunt slit. She felt his wet organ probing expertly and quickly into her tunnel and flicking up and down until she felt her clitoris arousing itself in its pink sheath. Fay's thighs spread to make his path easier. She staggered back against the wall as Roger nudged harder and harder against her.

Fay entwined her fingers in Roger's hair the same way Leah had. She moved Roger's head up and down between her thighs, feeling his slurping tongue bathing her pubic hair. Fay's pussy oozed with passion. She felt her breasts swelling in her bra. Leaning against the wall, Fay spread her legs wider and pulled Roger's face hard against her crotch. His tongue stabbed deeply into her hungry cunt.

As Roger continued eating Fay's pussy, Leah began unbuttoning Fay's clothes and stripping them from her until Fay was as naked as Roger. Fay allowed herself to be tantalized into performing. She knew she should protest, but she had no desire to. Who was she hurting? What was wrong with just having sex? In the past she had denied herself. Why should she any longer?

Fay pulled Roger's head up her body, again copying Leah. She felt Roger's tongue on her flesh like fire inflaming her nerves to excruciating intensity. When Roger's mouth reached her breasts, she guided him from one tingling nipple to the other. Fay rocked Roger's head back and forth, his mouth sucking on her breasts and stretching them sensually.

Roger's fingers cupped Fay's legs, pulling them out until she felt herself forced to slide down the wall. With her buttocks resting on the floor and her head leaning against the wall, Roger spread Fay's knees until her pussy gapped open like a juicy red meal. Roger lowered his head again to her crotch and began lapping at her dripping slit, his tongue slurping up her juices noisily.

Roger turned around so his huge erect cock hovered over Fay' face. His swollen purple cock-head glistened like satin near Fay's lips. A tiny clear drop of semen glistened on the slit in the head. Fay's mouth watered to have his beautiful cock in her mouth. Her lips parted and she moved forward, gripping his cock between her lips. She tasted the drop of cum on her tongue. It tasted slightly salty and rubbery. It reminded her of a doll she'd had as a child. Fay licked his shaft, bathing it until her saliva dripped down his shaft to his balls.

Roger cupped the back of Fay's head as she continued exploring his cock with her mouth, sucking the head inside and bobbing her head up and down, forcing Roger's mammoth cock to push against her throat muscles. Fay relaxed her muscles in an attempt to get his prick deeper and deeper into her mouth.

Lying on their sides, Fay and Roger slurped hungrily at each other's genitals while Leah stood above them watching. It gave Fay an added excitement for someone else to watch the perverted things she was doing with a complete stranger. Fay held Roger's heavy balls in her fingers, separating them and hefting them in her palms. She stroked her fingertips along the area under his sac, watching his testicles drawing themselves up, preparing themselves to unleash their load of cum.

Suddenly Leah turned and walked away from them. Fay was too preoccupied with sucking Roger's cock and feeling Roger's tongue slurping in and out of her pussy to pay any attention to what Leah was doing. Fay dug her fingers into Roger's buttocks and pulled his hips as hard as she could against her face in order to cram his cock as far down her throat as possible. Fay worked her mouth and lips wider and wider apart as Roger's shaft was driven farther into her mouth. At last, Fay managed to work Roger's entire cock into her mouth.

Fay felt Roger's shaft crammed into her throat like a hot club, quivering and pulsing with a delicious life of its own. Fay pulled harder on Roger's buttocks, bobbing her head up and dawn, breathing air into her lungs on her out-strokes. Roger's shaft caressed against her cheeks and tongue like honey. Fay could not get enough of the delicious taste of his hard cock.

And then Roger began pulling his prick from her mouth, slowly and tantalizingly. Fay pouted and pulled at his hips to return his dripping cock to her mouth, but Roger twisted around until his hips were positioned between Fay's thighs. He lowered his hips until his slick cock-head pushed against Fay's dripping pussy-lips. With one deft thrust of his hips, Roger buried his prick into Fay's slit, his swollen cock-head stretching her cunt walls apart until it accommodated his large shaft.

Fay felt his cock burying itself up her box, rushing along her canal in a hungry thrust of desire that filled Fay with a thrilling surge of sensual energy. Fay spread her thighs and wrapped her ankles around Roger's hips. Roger had other ideas. Gripping Fay's ankles, Roger pushed her legs up until they were wrapped around his neck. Fay was doubled over until her knees pressed against her breasts. Roger's big cock filled Fay's cunt to the bursting point.

As Roger drove his tool in and out of Fay's eager cunt, Fay gave herself up to the sensual pleasure. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the feeling boiling through her crotch. Fay's arousal fanned through her entire body as Roger plunged rhythmically in and out of her pussy, drawing his rod back until only the swollen head separated her cunt-lips, and then driving forward savagely until his entire cock crammed all the way into her box, forcing the air from Fay's lungs.

Again and again, Roger ground his stallion-sized cock into Fay's feverish hole. Fay began moaning and groaning as passion swept through her flesh and caused her to writhe helplessly under Roger's assault. Fay's climax drew closer and closer as Roger's hot cock tore into her box. And then Fay felt Roger's orgasm explode in his body, shooting cum into her cunt until her pussy was filled with his fluid.

Fay felt his cum dripping down into her ass crack. Her pussy sucked at his juices, struggling to keep his cum inside her, but his discharge was so copious that it continued pouring from her pussy in sticky gobs. Fay's own climax erupted moments after Roger's. She felt herself being pitched into a delirious suspension of time and space in which she felt every nerve in her body erupting with sensual spasms. Her body arched against Roger, tossing and bucking him in and out of her ravished gash.

With her eyes clenched, Fay heard clicking noises and saw spots of light flicking. At first she thought the flashes were in her head, but when she opened her eyes, she realized Leah had returned with a camera and was rapidly taking pictures of them, catching Fay in the lewdest positions and expressions. Leah snapped picture after picture. Fay felt humiliated, but she couldn't stop lusting and displaying herself as her orgasm continued to grip her.

"That's it. Keep fucking," Leah said. "You're going to love seeing yourself when these are developed."

Leah kept changing her position, shooting the fucking couple from as many angles as possible.

The first suspicion that she had been tricked began to flicker into Fay's consciousness as her orgasm began waning. The fear that there was more to her invitation to enjoy herself than she'd first thought caused Fay to begin reevaluating what she was letting herself in for. She didn't like the idea of Leah taking pictures. Pictures like that could be used against her. She shuddered at the thought of the pictures being distributed to people who would know her. And if they were shown around the club, she would not be able to look anyone in the eye again.

As the last of Roger's cum drained into Fay's cunt, Fay realized something bad was going to happen. She should not have trusted Leah.


"Don't be silly," Leah said. "You'll enjoy the pictures yourself when they're developed."

She hung the camera on a hook behind the studio door and began removing her clothes as though that ended the discussion Fay had started about the pictures. Naked, Leah added, "Surely you want a record of your liberation?"

Still lying on the floor with Roger's cum oozing from her pussy, Fay decided not to press the point about the pictures. Maybe she was just being paranoid. Maybe Leah had no other reason for taking the pictures other than what she said. But Fay could not shake the feeling that something bad was going to happen to her as a result of the pictures.

"Let's go down to the game room," Leah said, opening the studio door and stepping into the hall.

Fay started to gather her clothes together from the floor, but Roger grabbed her wrist.

"That can wait. He won't need any clothes in the game room."

Holding Fay's tight hand, Roger led her behind Leah into the hall and down the stairs.

The game room was in the back of the house and turned out to be a room designed for only one game: sex! Two of the walls were solid minors. An amazing collection of sexual equipment from dildos to whips and chains hung on a third wall while the final side of the room was glass with a sliding door that opened onto a small, enclosed sun area. Odd-looking hooks were secured to different parts of the ceiling. The only furniture in the room other than a few straight-backed chairs was a canopied waterbed with mirrors above it.

As soon as she stepped into the room, Leah felt like she was being watched. She was given no time to think about it however, as Roger and Leah immediately led her to the bed, each of them holding one of her wrists. They stretched her onto her back on the bobbing surface. Fay saw her reflection in the mirror and for the first time realized the extent of the degradation she had allowed herself to be drawn in to.

Suddenly the only thing Fay could think of was getting back upstairs to her clothes. She wanted to hide in the security of her room at the club. They gave her no chance to escape or even talk. Immediately Roger's head went to her crotch and he began licking and sucking at her cunt, eating away the remaining juices of their recent fuck. Leah crawled to the head of the bed and leaned over to kiss Fay's mouth.

As Leah forced her tongue deeply into Fay's oral cavity and Roger slurped thirstily at Fay's pussy, Fay slowly began to relax. Passion began to build again despite her uneasy feeling. Fay watched Roger and Leah making love to her in the overhead minor. Roger lapped hungrily at Fay's cunt, his tongue slurping up her slit like a fat cock. Leah kept her mouth pressed against Fay's lips while her fingers massaged and tantalized Fay's breasts.

Fay felt herself being aroused with surprising rapidity considering she had just finished fucking Roger upstairs. Roger's tongue lathered her hot box with the skill and experience of an artist. Slurping loudly, Roger plunged his stiffened tongue as deeply as possible into Fay's dripping cunt, his lips circling Fay's cunt-lips, his mouth a suction cup that drew her juices onto his tongue.

Leah began kissing and licking her way down Fay's neck until she reached Fay's breasts. Leah sucked Fay's right nipple into her mouth and flicked her tongue over the aroused tit like a butterfly. Bunching both of Fay's breasts together in her hands, Leah bathed Fay's large globes with her hot tongue.

Fay stared at their reflection in the mirror, her passion building and building until she felt like a fire burned through her cunt and breasts. Moaning and writhing under their double titilation, Fay spread her thighs as wide as possible and entwined her fingers in Leah's hair. She arched her back and gave herself up to the sensual lust burning through her soul.

Roger pushed Fay's knees even wider apart as he rutted and snorted in her cunt like an animal devouring a fresh kill. Again and again Roger's tongue slurped deeply into Fay's dripping box, feasting and drinking the juices that burned with Fay's aroused passion.

Leah sat up and slid off the waterbed, leaving Fay's breasts free for Roger. Fay felt Roger's huge cock poking between her thighs, his slick knob pushing and struggling to force its way between her pussy-lips.

His hips ground forward, cramming his purple cock-head into Fay's cuntal entrance. Fay's cunt acted as though it had a life of its own, opening and sucking at Roger's knob in an effort to swallow it into her hot tunnel. Fay locked her ankles behind Roger's buttocks and jerked downward to help drive his erection into her lusting body. Fay felt his rod stretching aside her inner lips and driving up her cunt like a sword, filling her dark hole with his slick tool.

As Fay felt her arousal reaching the point of orgasm, Leah returned with four leather straps in her hands. Before Fay had time to realize what was happening, Roger's hands had locked around her wrists and held her arms above her head so Leah could buckle the straps around her wrists and secure them to the head posts.

Startled, Fay tried to pull her arms free, but Roger held her securely until Leah finished. Next Leah walked to the foot of the bed and bound her ankles to the bottom post. Spread-eagled, Fay struggled against her bonds.

"What are you doing to me?"

"Making you an offer you can't refuse," Roger said, pushing himself from her breasts and withdrawing his enormous cock from her pussy with a wet, sucking sound. He stood up beside the bed while Leah crossed the room to the wall lined with sexual gadgets. Leah selected a monstrous, hollow cock extension. She handed it to Roger.

Roger fitted the evil-looking rubber dildo over erect and swollen cock, strapping it securely in place with the attached elastic.

"Please," Fay begged, her eyes round with fear. "Not that. It's too big. It'll rip me apart."

Roger only chuckled at her discomfort. "I told you this was an offer you couldn't refuse."

The gigantic phallus stood out from his body like a third leg. Moving into position between Fay's spread thighs, Roger poked the hideous head against Fay's vulva. Thrusting forward with his hips, Roger attempted to stab the vicious cock into Fay's cunt.

Fay screamed against the cruel invasion. She felt the dildo's mammoth knob pressing between her cunt-lips and struggling to work its way into her tunnel, but the cock's thickness prevented it from penetrating into her tunnel. Roger pushed harder and harder with each savage thrust of his hips, paying no attention to Fay's screams of pain and protest.

Perspiration beaded Roger's body as he continued humping forward, grunting with each thrust. Finally he stopped and sat back, the evil tool vibrating like an upright club between his legs. Leah knelt beside Fay and dipped her mouth to Fay's pussy, her tongue lapping and smearing fresh saliva over Fay's pussy-lips and into her slit. When she was satisfied, she sat back and motioned for Roger to try again.

Fay could not believe what was happening to her. From the original invitation to see a sex show to being forced to accommodate a hideous fake cock was way beyond anything she would willingly have become involved with. Fear of what they would do to her caused Fay's arousal to flare with a perverse masochistic thrill. Ashamed and humiliated by her own response, Fay struggled against the bonds around her wrists and ankles.

This time when Roger positioned the savage cock against Fay's vulva and slammed his hips forward, Fay felt the awful thing wedging her pussy-lips apart with grim determination to rape into her protesting box. Fay screamed and writhed against the attack, but she was powerless to prevent what was happening. She felt the dildo pushing farther and farther past her stretched lips until it began to work its way slowly into her cunt sleeve.

As Roger raped the hideous cock into Fay's violated box, Leah straddled Fay's breasts, her buttocks pressing Fay's firm globes against her ribcage.

"Eat me," Leah ordered, grabbing Fay's hair and pulling her head up toward Leah's crotch.

Leah wiggled her buttocks until her pussy slid down to Fay's lips. As Leah's pussy made contact with Fay's mouth, Fay felt Roger's hands lifting her buttocks and wiggling his hips farther between her spread thighs. The dildo continued thrusting farther and farther into her cunt with each thrust Roger made. The dildo felt like a cudgel in her ravished hole, stretching and tearing her tender entrance in its insistence to penetrate completely into her burning cunt.

Leah twisted Fay's hair and pulled her head harder against her cunt. "I said eat me." Again she jerked Fay's head. "Now!"

Afraid of the consequences if she disobeyed, Fay opened her mouth and tasted Leah's hairy mound, her cunt-lips filling Fay's mouth. Fay pushed her tongue into Leah's eager gash, tasting the hot juices dripping from her already aroused cunt. Fay flicked her tongue up Leah's slit to the erect clit. As Fay sucked and nursed at the tiny button, Fay felt Leah's entire pussy quivering and swelling with increased arousal. Leah's sex juices dripped into Fay's mouth with increasing speed.

Roger gave a final savage thrust and plowed the rubber phallus the remainder of the way into Fay's ravished hole. Fay felt like her insides were being torn apart. Yet even that stimulated her perverse arousal to increased intensity. Fay's cunt stretched to maximum capacity to accommodate the cruel dick. She felt it sawing back and forth like a burning branch between her steaming cunt-lips.

As her need for sexual release grew, Fay began lapping and sucking at Leah's pussy with obvious passion. Fay's tongue stabbed deeply between Leah's dripping lips and thirsted for Leah's slick juices. Leah rocked her hips back and forth over Fay's mouth. Leah's fingers played with her own nipples, twisting and pinching them until they stood out like hard points of tingling sensitivity.

Roger drove the monstrous organ in and out of Fay's cunt with savage brutality, drawing the rubber dong back until only the mammoth knob remained inside, and then lunging forward again with the full force of his hips, driving the flaming dildo to the hilt. Again and again Leah felt her body raped viciously by the rubber monster. Each brutal thrust brought Fay closer to climax.

Fay felt her orgasm building and boiling through her flesh, burning with an intensity that kept her body writhing and coiling against her bonds, and her tongue lapping and licking at Leah's feverish cunt. Fay's back arched each time Roger drove his giant dildo into Fay's punished gash. She felt every nerve in her body screaming for release.

Leah was the first to reach an orgasm. Fay's mouth felt Leah's cunt quivering and twitching as Leah screamed in orgasmic delight.

"I'm cumming! I'm cummmming! Don't stop! Suck me, suck me, eat me! Aggggh!"

As Leah ground her hips over Fay's face, Fay lapped her tongue as fast as she could against Leah's orgasming vulva, tasting the hot flesh on her tongue like rich honey.

Roger was next to reach a climax. His body arched like a drawn bow and then, with a growling curse, his entire body convulsed into spasms of exploding passion. As his orgasm racked his body, he drove his buttocks forward like a machine, reaming his tool in and out of Fay's ravished twat with unchecked fury.

Fay could hold her own climax back no longer, and with a muffled cry, felt an explosion in her soul like the earth colliding with the sun. Fay felt as though she were carried away into a fathomless void of time and space. Everything burned in brilliant explosions of sensual fire. Fay's body twisted and pulled against her bonds as the three of them rocked frantically together in an orgy of orgasmic delight.

Their orgasm continued to grip them in painful fury as Fay sucked and gulped Leah's pussy, drinking the hot juices flowing over her tongue like nectar. Leah's grinding pelvis smeared her love juices over Fay's face and nose. Fay thought their orgasms would go on forever. She felt each stab of the huge cock in her box like a new climax as her heart raced like a drum.

When at last their orgasms began to dwindle, Roger slowed the speed of his dildo plunging in and out between Fay's ravished cunt-lips. Leah rolled exhausted to the side of the bed. Roger flopped forward, resting his head on Fay's tingling breasts. They stayed that way for a long time, gasping for breath and relaxing in the afterglow of their climax.

Fay thought it was over when Roger finally pulled the dildo from her cunt and unstrapped it from around his cock, but neither he nor Leah made any attempt to untie her. Finally Fay could stand it no longer.

"Please untie me," she begged.

Roger and Leah exchanged glances. Leah looked at Fay.

"Roger has another offer to make that you can't refuse." Standing and walking to the wall of equipment, Leah selected a rubber gag with a harness that made it look like a horse bit. "We'll start with this."


Fay struggled to pull free of her bonds as Leah approached her with the gag. Leah attempted to force the gag between Fay's lips, but Fay twisted her head and pressed her lips together. Roger assisted Leah by holding Fay's hair. When Leah still could not get the gag into Fay's mouth, Roger pinched Fay's nose closed and they simply waited until Fay was forced to open her mouth to breathe. Then Leah stuffed the ball gag between Fay's teeth. Roger lifted Fay's head and Leah strapped the gag in place.

Fear raced like a siren through Fay's insides as Leah finished buckling the head harness behind Fay's neck. Roger let her head fall back. Leah walked from the room. While Leah was gone, Roger smiled at Fay's pathetic struggles to free herself from the bonds around her wrists and ankles. Roger stroked his cock as he watched Fay's useless struggling. He smiled at the fear showing through her eyes.

"It's not going to do you any good to struggle. You can't get loose."

As Roger's huge cock again lifted itself into an iron-hard erection, Fay screamed and cried into her gag. What were they going to do to her? She couldn't believe they were actually holding her prisoner. Didn't they know what they were doing was literally rape? She could get them in trouble with the police. And then Fay remembered the snapshots Leah had taken upstairs and she began to understand why they had been taken. It wasn't to give her something to remember the night by. They would use the pictures as a threat to keep her from complaining to the police.

Fay knew she would do anything to keep pictures like that from being shown to anyone. She shivered fearfully at the thought of thousands of the pictures being dropped over her hometown from an airplane. She knew she was being paranoid, but shame and humiliation washed over her at the fantasy.

Leah returned pulling a small, wheeled cart loaded with camera equipment. Roger helped Leah set, up the tripods and lights. Fay struggled with renewed fear as she realized the snapshots were only a preliminary to the horrible pictures they were contemplating now. As Leah plugged in the strong lights and positioned them over Fay's helpless body, Roger adjusted the camera. Fay squinted her eyes against the blinding lights.

Leah pulled one of the straight-back chairs near the camera and sat down naked, her legs crossed.

"Okay, Roger, you're on."

Roger smiled, his cock standing out from his body like a lance, ominous and threatening. He picked up a whip from the collection against the wall. The whip was about four feet long and made from soft black leather.

"You're going to be in the movies now," Roger said to Fay. "We're prepared to give you a real break in life. If you do a good job of pretending you don't like being whipped, we'll try to get you a job in Hollywood." He laughed at his joke.

Fay struggled harder against her bonds. She felt the straps cutting into her wrists and ankles, but she couldn't stop struggling despite knowing she could not pull free. Fay screamed at them through her gag, but they only laughed at her muffled cry. Leah turned on the camera and nodded to Roger to begin whatever evil thing they had planned.

Roger drew back the whip and lashed it at Fay's helpless body. The leather kissed against Fay's defenseless breasts, leaving a stinging red line that cut across both nipples. Fay cringed and screamed into her gag. Roger drew the whip back again. Crack! The leather lashed her breasts from the other direction. Again Fay jerked against her bonds. Crack! Crack! Crack! Roger began beating a tattoo of vicious lashes against Fay's legs, stomach and breasts.

Fay felt the stinging lashes cutting into her tender flesh like knives. Roger continue raining lash after lash down on her body, whipping and torturing her until her smooth skin was criss-crossed with red lines. Fay's body quivered and writhed under the lash. The whip caused Fay to strain and jerk, arching and bucking her body, until the water bed tossed and rolled her about as though she were being tossed about in an ocean storm.

"How does it feel?" Leah asked, her voice teasing and taunting. "Does it feel like the finer things in life?"

Crack! Crack! Crack! The whip kissed Fay's nipples into feverish excitement. Fay felt the lashes stinging her flesh and arousing her body in a perverse display of deviate lust. She could not believe the way she was responding to the sadistic beating. Instead of pure pain, Fay felt an arousal growing in her body like a smoldering fire, building and growing hotter and hotter with each merciless lash.

Again and again, Roger savagely lashed the black leather against Fay's helpless flesh. Crack! Crack! The front of Fay's body was entirely criss-crossed with red lines. Fay's breasts felt like they were on fire. Yet despite the sadistic torture, Fay's arousal continued building. Fay hated herself for the way she responded to the beating. What kind of a perverted masochist was she?

Each lash brought her to a more aroused state. Instead of screams of protest, Fay began moaning with passion instead of pain. Crack! Crack! Fay felt her cunt quivering and throbbing with deviate lust. The camera whined continuously as Roger lashed the whip against Fay's flesh.

Leah directed from her chair. "That's it, Roger. Keep beating her. Make her squirm and scream. Get a tortured expression on her face."

Leah leaned back in her chair, her hands toying with her own pussy, stretching and spreading her cunt-lips to expose her pink, wet center to her stroking fingers.

As her body was tortured and beaten with the lash, Fay watched Leah masturbating. The perverse sight also added to the inflamed passion surging through Fay's veins. As Roger flayed the whip over Fay's flesh, his cock throbbed between his legs, his balls swinging against his thighs each time he lashed Fay's body.

Finally Roger dropped the whip and untied Fay's legs. Leaving her wrists tied to the head of the bed, Roger drew Fay's legs up until he could reach the straps to the tops of the canopy posts. Fay was hauled upside down, her body now spread-eagled to the two posts at the head of the bed. The camera filmed the whole procedure. Fay's back now faced the camera, her buttocks and cunt naked and defenseless against the whip.

As the camera recorded Fay's humiliation and torture, Roger continued, whipping Fay's body, this time lashing her ass-cheeks and the backs of her thighs. Fay felt the whip stinging against her skin like hot wires. Fire spread out from each bite of the whip until her entire body seemed consumed with flame.

Since Roger whipped Fay from behind, she could no longer see when the lashes were coming. Each stroke caught her by surprise and caused her to jerk spastically each time the leather bit into her flesh. Yet her arousal continued to build, growing more and more savage and perverse with each cruel blow.

When Roger next stopped whipping Fay's body, a new method of torture was employed. The camera, continued filming as Roger again got in the picture and tied a candle to the top of the canopy so it dangled about two feet above Fay's exposed crotch. The candle was about one inch thick and eight inches long. Suspended above Fay's pussy by leather, the candle was tied so the wick was at the bottom. Roger lit the candle. The small flame licked upwards and began to melt the wax.

Fay screamed and writhed, her whole body coiling and twisting as the first drop of hot wax dropped onto her gaping cunt. The second drop landed on the same place. Roger pushed the candle gently so that it swung in a small arc from side to side. Wax began dripping faster and faster as the candle melted, causing hot drops to fall on the insides of Fay's thighs and pussy as the candle swung from side to side.

The burning drops of wax tortured Fay's tender flesh and caused her body to burn with perverse lust. No matter how hard Fay struggled to dodge the constant drops of wax, she could not avoid them. The punishment went on and on as the candle continued melting and torturing Fay's thighs and cunt.

Roger stood at the head of the bed so his cock and balls were even with Fay's hanging breasts. As pain burned erotically through Fay's body, Roger began slapping his cock against Fay's breasts. Twisting his hips back and forth to let his prick hit the sides of Fay's boobs. She felt his erection stimulating her nipples and driving her wild with humiliation and shame.

Leah never got in the scene. She stayed in her chair by the camera, masturbating and giving Roger encouragement and directions. "Stuff another candle in her pussy and light it, Roger."

Roger was quick to obey. Using an identical candle to the one swinging from side to side and dripping hot wax on her thighs and cunt, Roger stabbed the base of the candle deeply into Fay's tortured cunt. Roger lit the wick. It took only a moment for enough wax to melt and drip down the side to bum into Fay's tender pink flesh. Fay screamed. Another drop dripped onto the other side of her pussy, burning hotly against the inside of her right inner cunt-lip. Soon Fay's entire slit was being splattered with drops of burning wax.

Fay jerked and twisted spastically each time a new drop of wax scorched her flesh. But even that didn't satisfy them, and a third candle was rammed between her ass-cheeks and wedged deeply into her asshole. The third candle was lit and began dripping hot wax into the crack of her ass.

Fay had never been so passionately aroused in her life. The more painful and humiliating the torture, the more aroused Fay became. She felt like she would pass out with the intensity of her torture and arousal. Roger resumed tantalizing Fay's breasts with his cock as her body twisted and coiled like a tortured snake.

Using the first finger and thumb of each hand, Roger pinched and twisted Fay's nipples, pulling and stretching her large breasts so his cock was buried in her deep cleavage and his balls slapped against her neck and chin each time he ground his hips forward. Never had Fay been so perversely humiliated.

Fay's torture continued until Roger suddenly began spasming and squirting cum into Fay's cleavage. As soon as the first spurt of semen burned into her breasts, Fay's orgasm ripped up from her body with the force and violence of an erupting volcano. Passion unleashed itself in her flesh with such intensity that Fay felt herself blacking out as release washed over her.

The camera missed nothing as Fay and Roger thrashed wildly in orgasm. Roger screamed curses as his cock spit his viscous fluid onto Fay's breasts. Fay felt the hot cum dripping from her breasts onto her neck and face. Violent contractions convulsed through her body. Wax burned and tortured ever-tender spots of Fay's flesh.

Behind her, Fay heard Leah gasping and moaning and Fay knew that Leah, too, had reached a climax from the visual stimulation of the deviate sexual scene being played in front of her.

Fay's orgasm seemed to grow in intensity and spread hotter and hotter through her body. Even after Roger's cock emptied itself of its fresh load of cum, Fay continued to writhe and twist in convulsive spasms. As long as the candies continued dripping hot wax and torturing her flesh beyond endurance, Fay's orgasm continued.

Spasm after spasm, convulsion after convulsion, Fay screamed into her gag and writhed in erotic torture in front of the camera. Only after Roger blew out the candles and pulled them from her pussy and asshole did Fay's climax began to subside. Roger slid slowly to the floor and stretched out on his back in complete exhaustion. Behind her, Leah turned off the camera.

No one said anything. Fay was left spread-eagled upside down while Roger and Leah rested. Tears of frustration and shame filled Fay's eyes. She felt dirty and perverted. Why did she respond to their torture and humiliation as though she actually liked it?

Hard drops of cooled wax covered Fay's body. Now, surely, they would untie her and let her go. But when Roger at last stood up and untied her ankles, he lowered her back to the bed and retied her ankles to the bottom posts, leaving her spread-eagled and as helpless as she had been at the beginning.

Without so much as a single comment to Fay, Roger and Leah left the room. Fay lay helpless on her back, each movement of her body causing the waterbed to slosh her up and down. A moment later, Roger returned with a large rubber sheet. He spread the cover and worked it under Fay's body so the rubber sheet completely covered the bed. Still without saying anything to Fay, he turned and left the room.

So her torture wasn't over yet. Fay shivered and felt her heart racing in fear. How had she gotten into this? She began to wonder if she would ever be set free. Horrible fantasies of them chopping her up in little pieces and burying her in the garden began to flit through her mind. Fay waited for something to happen, but neither of them returned. She pulled and tugged at the straps around her wrists and ankles, but she was bound too securely to get loose. When at last Leah and Roger returned, they were not alone.

Dressed in the same business suit he had worn that day at the club, Fay's boss, Mr. Capatosto, strolled in casually and looked down at her.


Mr. Capatosto didn't seem at all surprised to see the humiliating and shameful position Fay had been forced into. At fifty, Mr. Capatosto looked exactly like what Fay had thought he was -- an executive of the Grand View Tennis Resort. He touched Fay's right shoulder with a manicured fingertip and traced a line down her whipped flesh, his features twisted in an amused smile.

"It seems you've been punished for being a bad girl."

Fay burned inside with humiliation and rage. How dare her deceive her! She was beginning to get a picture of what was happening to her. She didn't know all of it yet, but obviously Mr. Capatosto had been in on it from the very beginning. Fay twisted and pulled at the straps around her wrists and ankles and screamed into her gag. Her body, still red striped from the whip, writhed and contorted provocatively as Mr. Capatosto stroked the insides of Fay's thighs, brushing away flakes of dry wax.

"I'm afraid I can't use a girl like you as a secretary any more." His finger traced a line up Fay's pussy cleft. "I do know another way you can pay for the expenses you've run up staying at the club for the last week though. They come to a thousand dollars, by the way."

Fay understood now what was happening. She couldn't believe it. As Leah and Roger stepped closer to Mr. Capatosto, Fay realized the bizarre appearance the four of them would present to anyone looking on. Fay strapped helplessly to posts, her spread-eagled body whipped and burned with wax, while a naked couple watched a man in a business suit stroking Fay's pussy and threatening her at the same time. Fay could not even plead for mercy since even her screams were muffled by the gag in her mouth!

Leah touched Mr. Capatosto's shoulder to get his attention. "Frank, it's time we get Fay cleaned up. The party will be start in a short time."

Frank Capatosto nodded and stepped back. "All right! Let's leave her to Gus."

A moment after Frank, Leah and Roger left the room, Fay found out that the Gus who was to clean her up was the young man who had assured her she should deliver the papers to Jerry Hunt in the sauna room. Everyone Fay had met since fleeing from her ex-husband seemed connected in some awful perverse way.

Wearing the same white pants and shirt he'd worn when acting as the attendant on duty at the spa, Gus sauntered over to her, his face a leering smile.

"My, my," he said. "What have we here? Little Miss Secretary who's just lost her job and now expects me to clean her up." He sat down beside her, his eyes feasting on Fay's ravished flesh.

Her mind kept jumping from suspicion to suspicion. Was she being framed for something? How could her bill be over a thousand dollars? They were going to turn her into a whore. But they whipped and punished her like she was being made the slave of some movie scene.

As Gus began stroking Fay's breasts, flicking his nails over her nipples with cruel ruthlessness, Fay vowed she would not let them get away with it. Just because she had allowed herself to be coaxed into a sexual escapade, she had not volunteered for rape and torture. Gus' fingers began twisting Fay's nipples painfully. He pulled and stretched her breasts away from her body, his eyes staring savagely and lustfully at her exposed flesh.

Gus grabbed Fay's pussy hair with his left hand and began pulling it and twisting it the same way he continued torturing Fay's nipples with his right. Fay squirmed and tried to wiggle and twist away, but the straps around her wrists and ankles made it hopeless. He could do anything he wanted to her and she would have to submit to whatever evil thing he wanted.

Gus stood up and stripped off his clothes.

Naked, he smiled sadistically and began stroking his thick cock to erection. Fay watched in terror as his fat prick quickly filled with lusting passion and lifted itself up until it stood like a cudgel between his legs, his balls swinging against his thighs.

Fay could see their reflections in the mirror. As Gus continued stroking and pumping his dick Fay cringed away from him in shame. Gus' balls whipped back and forth between his legs as he pumped his fist up and down his shaft, faster and faster. His eyes burned up and down Fay's body as he pulled his foreskin back and forth over his pulsing purple knob.

Perverted lust burned in Gus' eyes as he masturbated, holding his cock over Fay's breasts so his pulsing cock-head pointed at Fay's face. His slit oozed a drop of clear fluid as his fist beat against his stomach. The fluid rolled down the underside of his cock and dripped onto Fay's chin.

Fay felt humiliated and ashamed. She wished she could close her eyes and make it all go away. Gus began moaning as he grew closer and closer to climax. His fingers speeded over his glistening cock. He straddled Fay's stomach and lowered his prick and balls until they brushed against her breasts with each stroke.

Suddenly cum began squirting from his slit. The first thick gab exploded in a thick stream against Fay's upper lip where it splattered into her nostrils and over her lips. The second spurt of cum hit her chin and began running down her neck. Gus' cock blasted load after load of cum onto Fay's face and breasts until his balls emptied themselves of their copious supply.

Fay felt violated and dirtied by Gus' perverted display of cruelty. As Gus continued milking his dick to squeeze the last drops of semen from his slit and let it fall onto Fay's forehead, he began smearing his sticky fluid over her breasts with his free hand. Fay felt his fingers massaging her tits and nipples in a provocative, tantalizing motion that caused her nipples to stiffen like tiny hard pricks.

Gus squeezed and pulled on Fay's heavy globes, at the same time wiping his cock and balls with the palm of his other hand. Slowly his prick shriveled from its erect state until it swung back and forth like a fat hose. Gus pulled his foreskin back to expose his sticky cock-head. He pointed it at Fay's face. Immediately a hard yellow stream of piss gushed from his dick and splashed over Fay's face.

Fay writhed in humiliation as Gus pissed over her entire body. She felt his hot piss splashing over her breasts and stomach. Gus aimed the spray so even her thighs received a direct stream as he directed the piss over every square inch of her skin, ending by pissing into Fay's gaping pussy slit.

The urine dripped down Fay's body and collected in pools under her on the rubber sheet. Gus laughed as Fay turned her head with shame, refusing to look him in the eyes. Gus untied the head harness from behind Fay's neck and pulled the gag from her mouth.

She worked her jaws to relieve some of the stiffness she had been forced to endure by having her mouth forced to stay open for so long. Fay was afraid if she said anything, Gus would put the gag back in. He untied her wrists and ankles. Fay made no move to sit up. She rubbed her wrists and felt the movement causing the waterbed to toss her up and down, the urine sloshing under her.

Gus grabbed the four corners of the rubber sheet and before Fay could protest, pulled them together so that Fay was forced into an awkward tangle of arms and legs as though she were stuffed in the bottom of a large duffle bag. Gus twisted the ends of the rubber sheet and pulled Fay from the bed. Dragging her across the floor, he opened the door and pulled her into the hall.

Fay could not see where she was being taken. She felt herself being dragged along the floor and finally lifted into the air and plopped back down on a hard surface. The sheet was untwisted and Fay saw she was in a large, dry bathtub. Gus pulled the sheet from under her and turned on the shower spray. He rinsed the sheet and then tossed it against the closed door.

The hot spray burned over Fay's head and body. She felt the urine and cum being washed away by the water. Gus handed Fay a bar of soap and stood with his hands on his hips as Fay began lathering her hair. When her hair was clean, she lathered and rinsed her breasts and stomach. Fay lifted herself to her knees to soap her pussy and between her ass-cheeks. She felt foolish with Gus standing over her like a slave master while she cleaned her most intimate parts.

"You really turn me on," Gus said. "It's not fair that they always leave me out of the good parts, but tonight I'm going to take what's mine. I'm going to fuck you now before you go to center stage."

He smiled evilly and began fingering his cock again, pulling his foreskin back and pumping his shaft up and down until his cock again began to rise up from his body and stand out like a savage warrior ready to rape viciously into her cunt.

Fay didn't know what Gus was talking about but she knew he intended to use her sexually. She couldn't believe her torment was going on and on without stop. The water washed away the last of the soap as Fay cowered back away from Gus.

"No. Please. Help me to get out of here and I'll make it up to you somehow," Fay pleaded.

Gus only laughed. "You're going to make it up to me right now anyway. Get your ass ready because I'm going to cram my dick up your ass till you know you've been fucked."

Fay gasped at the perverted thing he had in mind. She felt the muscles of her rectum quivering in fear as her sphincter twitched between her ass-cheeks. Gus grabbed Fay's arms and pulled her out of the tub and onto her knees in front of him.

"Suck my prick first," he ordered, pushing his cock against her lips and circling his fingers in her hair. He wiped Fay's face back and forth against his cock and balls. Fay smelled the thick odor of his arousal and felt his hot flesh burning against her cheeks. "Open your mouth and suck my knob inside." He twisted her hair painfully until Fay obeyed.

Gus rammed his prick between Fay's lips. She tasted the sticky fluid smeared over his cock-head from his last orgasm. It tasted slightly salty. He pushed his fat cock into the back of her mouth. Fay almost gagged as his purple knob filled her throat. Again and again Gus thrust his hips forward, sliding his shaft over Fay's tongue and against her cheeks as he struggled to screw his cock all the way into her throat.

Fay was afraid to pull away from him or give him any reason not to be pleased with her. If she could satisfy him enough, maybe he would help her escape. Fay tried to relax her throat muscles as Gus continued slamming his fat knob into her mouth. Fay felt his cock-head working deeper and deeper into her throat with each thrust.

As his cock-head began to work its way down her throat, Fay felt her arousal flaming to life in her loins in a humiliating display of her own perverse desire. She hated herself for responding. Yet she couldn't deny her obvious excitement.

Gus saw it too. "You like being forced, don't you?"

Fay shook her head, but Gus only smiled and pulled her hair harder as he crammed his entire cock into Fay's mouth. She felt her nose and lips pressed into Gus' pubic hair as his mammoth shaft lodged all the way to the hilt in her oral cavity. Gus guided Fay's head up and down over his shaft.

Fay discovered she could breathe on the out-strokes. Gus' thick cock-head filled her throat and pulsed against the inside of her neck. Fay tilted her head so Gus' cock worked in and out of her face as though it were buried in her pussy. Finally Gus pulled his dripping dong from her mouth and forced her to lie over the edge of the tub with her head sticking inside and her ass outside.

Gus toyed with Fay's buttocks, spreading and pinching them to expose her tightly clenched asshole. When Gus pushed his purple cock-head between her cheeks and stabbed at her quivering anus, Fay tried to squiggle away, but Gus' fingers dug into Fay's hips and held her in an iron grip. He pushed his hips forward again. Fay felt his knob pressing between her sphincter muscle as he humped his hips forward again and again.

Grinding eagerly between her buttocks, Gus' slick cock-head slid along Fay's crack, stroking back and forth over her rectum as he tried to work his tool into her ass. Gus reached down and held his shaft while he positioned his cock-head at the very center of her puckered rectum. With one mighty shove, Gus rammed his cock past her sphincter and buried it in her asshole.

Fay screamed as Gus' fat dong ripped into her bowels and began tunneling up her ass. She wiggled and tried to dislodge his prick but he held her too securely. Using the full force of his weight behind each thrust, Gus drove his prick up Fay's ass until it was buried to the hilt. Fay had never been so humiliated. And her own reaction to the deviate use of her body disgusted her even more. She was responding to Gus' sadistic attack as though she liked it!

Fay felt her cunt quivering and burning with growing arousal as her rectum was reamed viciously by Gus' eager dick. She felt his bulbous head plunging into her body like a cudgel as be pushed and pulled, forcing her insides around his cock with monstrous cruelty. Gus plunged faster and faster into Fay's ass as his lust grew to the point that his orgasm was ready to explode at any second.

As Gus' cock grew hotter and hotter between her ass-cheeks, Fay began to moan and gasp with humiliation and shame as she very obviously became turned on by Gus' sadism. He drove his prick into Fay's ass as though he was trying to stab her to death with a knife. He ground his hips in and out as fast as he could. Fay's butt clasped at his burning cock each time he pulled it back for another savage thrust.

Suddenly Gus pulled his cock from Fay's ass and began poking his head at her vulva, eagerly trying to stab past her swollen cunt-lips into her pussy. Fay felt soiled and angry. She wished she had Gus spread-eagled naked so she could treat him the way she had been treated.

Fay began to let all her anger center on Gus. She felt his cock rape into her cunt and plunge like a sadistic demon up her box. Fay wanted to beat his prick with a whip for what he was doing to her. The thought of Gus helpless before her while she mercilessly whipped every inch of his body, torturing him until he begged her to stop, excited Fay.

The perverse vision of her evening the score added to Fay's arousal. She felt her cunt-lips sucking at Gus' savage cock as it plunged in and out of her hot twat.

Fay's orgasm threatened to explode at any moment as Gus' fingers reached under her breasts and twisted and tortured her nipples. Gus pinched her tits and twisted them viciously, humping and thrusting his hungry cock into her gulping pussy. Fay felt a rush of sensual lust that caused her aroused cunt to suck and gulp at his dripping cock.

Gus plunged faster and faster into her pussy, his fat cock stretching and tearing up her steaming cunt sleeve. He pumped forward with such savage thrusts that his balls whipped against the patch of black hair covering her mound and drove his shaft to the hilt in her cunt.

Just as Fay thought she would reach a climax from the savage heat of Gus' prick, he pulled his cock from her box and plunged it again into her asshole. Fay felt his dripping knob splash easily between her sphincter and plunge into her butt, his cock burying itself as far as possible into her back hole.

Gus raped his cock as easily in and out of Fay's ass as he did her pussy. His glistening prick switched from one of Fay's holes to the other. He tore between Fay's pussy-lips for a few strokes and then returned to her asshole.

Gus' cock continued arousing Fay even as she envisioned her revenge. If she had the opportunity, she would beat him until he wished he had never attacked her.

Fay felt Gus' cock erupting into an explosive climax. His throbbing head burned into her insides and she felt a thick wad of hot cum splash against her cervix. Fay's own orgasm exploded at the same time.

"I'm cumming!" she screamed. "I'm cumming! Oh, fuck me! Fuck me! Don't stop!"

Gus' erupting dick spurted hot wads of jism into Fay's pussy. Quickly Gus jerked his cock all the way out and plowed it into her anus in time to squirt his next copious gush of sperm into Fay's bowels. He changed back and forth from Fay's asshole to her pussy three times before his balls emptied themselves into her body.

Fay's orgasm burned and surged through her body like a raging forest fire, flaming and blistering her flesh as she writhed and coiled over the edge of the tub.

Gus withdrew his cock and pressed his shaft along the crack of Fay's ass, rubbing his oozing dick up and down between her buttocks. Fay's orgasm continued to surge through her pussy and breasts as long as Gus continued to slide his cock up and down Fay's ass crack and his fingers continued to torture her breasts.

As her nipples were twisted and pulled, and Gus' semi-erect cock filled her ass crack with heat, Fay gave herself up to the perverse explosions of sensual delight lighting up her mind with pictures of torturing and beating Gus with a whip. Gus' fingers began relaxing on her hips.

Fay continued picturing herself dominating Gus and punishing him for raping her as he moved away from her. Slowly Fay's orgasm began to dwindle away. Gus stood up.

"It's time I finished getting you ready for center stage."


Fay took a deep breath and stood to face Gus.

She'd had enough of being used. She had no intention of allowing herself to be prepared for center stage or whatever evil thing Gus and the others had in mind for her. Fay had left her husband because he had wanted her to go to bed with some of his friends. Yet she didn't want to think of herself as a prude. Maybe that was why she had allowed herself to be talked into adventuring into sex, but she realized she had been wrong. She was simply being used the same way her husband had wanted to use her when she lived with him.

When Fay left Erik and found the job at the Grand View Tennis Resort she had been ripe for exploiting. Now it was time to take things literally into her own hands. Courage filled Fay as she resolved to keep herself from being used any longer.

"Go get my clothes," she ordered. "I want to go home now."

Gus chuckled. "No chance, baby. You're stuck here for whatever we went to do with you."

Fay reached out with her right hand and touched Gus' soft cock. Her action took Gus by surprise and he flinched back at first, but then he thought she wanted to fuck him again. Fay fondled his cock for a moment, feeling his shaft filling with blood and beginning to lift itself in erection. Pulling his foreskin back and forth over Gus' quickly enlarging cock-head, Fay felt the blood surging along his shaft and causing his knob to fill until it throbbed like a pulsing purple helmet.

"That feels good," Gus said, his eyes closing, a smile of satisfaction creeping over his face. He spread his legs and leaned back against the sink. "Pump my dick up and down. Ahhhh! That's it. Do it slow. Ummm." While his buttocks pressed against the white tile, Gus leaned even farther back until he rested on his elbows. His cock stood at complete erection. "Eat me," he said.

Fay straddled Gus' right thigh and pressed her pussy against it. She stroked his prick in her right hand. His dong was so fat that her fingers barely reached around his shaft. When hee was completely rested, Fay allowed her grip to slide down to his balls. She circled his scrotum with her first finger and thumb, locking his testicles in her right palm. Fay lowered her head and licked Gus' purple knob.

It tasted of cum. Fay felt an arousal stirring in her cunt.

Sliding her pussy down Gus' leg, Fay crawled around until she knelt between his thighs. She circled his balls with both hands, separating his testicles until she held one between the fingers of each hand.

"I have you by the balls, Gus."

She licked his cock-head, tasting the erotic flavor of his cum-stained knob. As excitement grew in Fay's cunt, she heard her own voice coming out of her as though it belonged to a stranger.

"If you don't do what I tell you, I'll crush your nuts."

Fay squeezed Gus' balls ever so gently, just enough to make him open his eyes and stare down at her with slowly dawning awareness that she indeed had him by the balls.

Gus' knuckles grew white against the tile. His voice trembled slightly. "Let go, bitch. I think you've got things a bit confused."

Fay squeezed his walnut-sized balls firmly. Gus flinched and sucked in his breath. "No, Gus, you've got things wrong. I'll tell you what we're going to do."

Fay licked Gus' prick as though it were an ice cream cone, slurping over his knob with her tongue until her saliva dripped over his shaft and balls. Fay kept his cock throbbing with aroused passion while she waited for him to accept the fact that she could turn him into a cowering mass of tortured flesh simply by crushing his tender testicles in her fingers.

As realization whitened Gus' features, Fay continued licking his cock. She laved her tongue over his aroused cock-head until she felt his balls churning in her fingers with combined passion and fear.

"We're going to go back in that room we just came from and get my clothes. If you call out for anyone else, I'll squeeze your balls as hard as I can and jerk you off your feet with them. Needless to say it will hurt you and might even kill you. Now tell me, Gus, who's in command here?"

Gus' voice shook nervously. "You are, Fay."

Gus complied quickly with Fay's movements as she led him out the door and down the hall. Gus opened the door to the room Fay had been assaulted in. Gus was forced to walk backward since Fay would not change her grip on his testicles.

"Don't squeeze so hard," Gus pleaded, his voice a submissive whimper.

Using long strands of rope, Fay ordered Gus to tie each of his wrists to the bedposts. When he finished, Fay pulled him down the bed until Gus' hands were spread above his head as he lay on his back. "I'm going to tie your ankles to the bed, Gus, and if you try to get away, I'll make you wish you hadn't tried."

Gus didn't move on the bed while Fay lashed his ankles securely spread-eagling him in the exact position Fay had been in earlier.

Despite Fay's punishing grip on Gus' large balls, his thick cock still stood at complete erection. Fay stroked the underside of his shaft, tantalizing his sensitive knob to keep his passion burning with the need for release. Fay straddled Gus' chest, facing his cock so she could lean over and continue sucking his purple cock-head. His prick tasted like a hot slab of succulent meat in her mouth. Fay took his shaft as far down her throat as possible, bobbing her head up and down until his dick worked all the way into her throat.

Breathing on the out strokes, Fay continued fanning Gus' arousal until he moaned and tensed himself in preparation for climax. Just as Gus' balls were ready to blast their heavy load of cum out, Fay stopped blowing Gus' cock and lifted her head, leaving his prick dripping with her saliva and throbbing with the need for release.

"Don't stop," Gus pleaded, his hips churning and thrusting his fat pole against nothing. Gus' purple knob oozed drops of clear seminal fluid. "Finish me," Gus begged. "I can't stand it."

Fay chuckled, beginning to enjoy the shift of roles. "That's too bad, Gus, because you're going to have to stand a lot worse before I'm through with you."

Fay forgot about her original plan to tie Gus up, get her clothes and escape before anyone else returned to the room. Now that she had Gus tied helpless before her with his cock throbbing and pulsing in iron-hard erection, she could not resist the desire to torment him and make him beg for release.

Selecting a short riding crop from the collection on the wall, Fay began to lash Gus' chest and stomach at the same time she toyed with his erection. After each kiss of the whip, Fay pumped Gus' prick in her fist, taking care that she didn't bring him to orgasm. Over and over, Fay tortured Gus with alternating pain and pleasure.

Fay straddled Gus' chest again, resting her buttocks on his body so she could continue to punish him with the whip and tantalize his prick at the same time. Fay felt her own arousal growing between her legs and causing her pussy to drip with erotic need. Each time she lashed his naked flesh, Fay felt her arousal growing hotter and hotter. She slid backward until the crack of her ass touched Gus' chin.

Pressing down, Fay rubbed her butt over Gus' face, feeling his chin and nose buried between her buttocks. Gus' breath burned against her puckered asshole, fanning her perverse desire until she realized she was as close to climax as Gus. Fay lifted her buttocks and concentrated on whipping Gus' inner thighs until his legs were criss-crossed with red stripes. Each crack of the riding crop caused Gus' entire body to writhe and coil in spasmodic contractions.

The sight of Gus' contortions and punished flesh kept Fay's cunt dripping and twitching with arousal. She beat Gus' legs and lower stomach harder and harder, taking care that the whip did not strike his prick or balls. Fay felt a surging of sensual energy coursing through her body like nothing she had ever experienced before. She felt a sense of power that added to her arousal and threatened to bring her to climax even without the stimulation of Gus' mouth or cock on her cunt.

At last Fay could stand it no longer and leaned forward and sucked Gus' big erection into her mouth, gulping his thick knob into her throat and bobbing her head up and down until his shaft worked its way all the way past her lips. Fay rubbed her pussy over Gus' face, feeling the erotic stimulation of his lips and nose on her clitoris.

Suddenly Gus tensed every muscle in his body as he exploded in climax, his cock spurting thick gobs of cum into Fay's mouth.

"I'm cumming!" Gus cried as his tongue and lips sucked at Fay's cunt at the same time.

Fay could hold her own orgasm back no longer and she gave herself up to the ecstatic bliss of sensual release. Her climax erupted like a volcano, spewing passion like exploding lava. She writhed and twisted over Gus, her pussy sucking and gulping at his face, her cunt-lips attempting to envelop his nose and mouth at the same time. Fay hunched her hips down, slapping Gus' face with her hairy mound, pressing and smearing her dripping box over his face until her juices covered him like hot oil.

Again and again searing spasms of electric energy burned through Fay's pussy, shooting up from her cunt until her breasts and nipples boiled with the same erotic spasms. Fay's climax soared more intensely than ever. The feeling of being in control, of dominating the scene, allowed her the freedom of completely letting herself go.

Each spurt of cum that blasted into Fay's mouth triggered a reaction in her like an atomic bomb exploding. Every nerve in her body surged and burned with erotic explosions. Fay gulped down Gus' cum, slurping and sucking it against her tongue like it was an aphrodisiac. Fay milked Gus climaxing dick like a starving animal, her mouth a round vacuum of eager lust. Fay swallowed Gus' succulent cum like it was the most delicious honey in the world.

As their orgasms continued surging through their heaving bodies, Gus lapped at Fay's pussy like a madman, his tongue wiping all the way from Fay's cunt to her ass like a thick wash cloth. Gus cleaned Fay's crotch with his mouth, sucking and drinking the juices that flowed hotter and hotter from between her pussy-lips. Animal sounds came from Gus' throat as he feasted at Fay's dripping cunt.

Fay pressed her buttocks against his nose and mouth, grinding and smearing her cunt over his face as hard as she could. She heard the muffled sounds of Gus' passion snarling between her thighs. Her orgasm was so intense she felt she would pass out at any second.

And then at the height of her release, while her orgasm kept her writhing and coiling helplessly over Gus' body, the door opened and Frank Capatosto stepped inside. Fay was trapped.


There was no way Fay could escape. She could not even stop gulping and slurping her mouth over Gus' cock despite the fact that she knew she would regret not taking the opportunity to escape when she could have. But now the only thing she could think of was how wonderful it felt having her pussy eaten and licked while her orgasm knifed through her body.

As Fay's lips and tongue feasted on Gus' purple, spurting knob, Frank Capatosto stripped away his business suit, folding his clothes neatly and laying them on a counter against the equipment wall. Fay's orgasm began dwindling, and was being replaced by fear. She sucked away the last of Gus' cum from the slit in his cock-head, her tongue tasting the rubbery tartness of his semen and then swallowing it down with perverse enjoyment.

When Frank was completely naked, he turned from the counter and faced them, his cock a chilling sight to Fay. It stood out from his body like a gigantic third leg, rising up in the air as thick as a cudgel, his knob shiny and pulsing with savage lust. His eyes burned into Fay's with obvious greedy lust. While Fay watched, Frank forced a monstrous-looking French tickler onto his stallion size cock. Fay shivered with growing fear.

Was he going to force that big thing inside her? Fay rolled from Gus' face and stood on the other side of the bed, her heart pounding rapidly. She looked around, searching for an avenue of escape, but only one door offered an exit and that was blocked by Frank. He advanced slowly toward her, his dick wagging back and forth, the awful, pronged tickler eager to enter Fay's exhausted twat. Fay circled the bed, keeping it between herself and Frank.

"No," Fay said. "Stay away from me. I've had enough of you and your sick friends."

But even as she spoke, Fay knew anything she said would be useless. Frank had no intention of letting her go. He planned to use force if his threat about the money she would owe him didn't work. Fay had never felt so helpless and alone before. Why had she left her husband in the first place? What he had wanted from her was certainly less perverted than the treatment she had received so far from everyone she had come across at the resort.

"Do you think I'm going to let you get away with tying up one of the men who works for me and then whipping him with a riding crop?" Frank pumped his cock between his fingers, the evil tickler wagging its sadistic horns as Frank's prick grew to even greater size. "You didn't think anyone saw what you were doing, did you?" Frank laughed cruelly. "All those mirrors on the wall are not ordinary mirrors. Behind them is a special little auditorium. There's room for twelve people to sit and watch everything that goes on in this room. There are people watching what we do now. They can even hear us."

The thought that she had been watched and that eyes were staring at her nakedness and the perversion she had just participated in caused terror and shame to flood Fay's soul. She cringed with humiliation. Looking down at her feet, her hands attempted to cover her cunt and breasts. But as Frank circled the bed, Fay continued backing away.

"I want out of here," Fay pleaded.

"Not a chance," Frank said. He stopped and looked down at Gus. "You really blew it. I give you a simple job to do. Clean her up so she's decent to provide a good show for the guests and you wind up providing the show yourself I'm not sure whether to reward you or let you suffer right where you are." Frank turned his attention back to Fay, leaving Gus, for the time being, to suffer.

Fay knew she could not continue circling the bed. As soon as the bed was between Frank and the door, Fay rushed to escape through it. Frank was too fast for her. He grabbed Fay's right elbow and spun her around, pushing her against the door. He held both her shoulders in his strong hands, pinning her while his eyes feasted over her naked flesh. Fay did not have the courage to look directly into his eyes. Never had she felt so shamed and humiliated.

Looking toward the mirrors, Fay saw their reflection like a rape scene in a porno movie. As Frank's armed cock bobbed between his legs like a lance eager to plunge into her hot pussy, Fay felt degraded by the knowledge of the unknown eyes witnessing her ravishment. But the worst thing about it was the twinge of sensual passion that flamed perversely between her thighs, causing her cunt to quiver and ooze with fresh moisture.

Suddenly she almost wanted the rape to continue. She hated herself for the disgusting way her flesh responded to the commanding presence of Frank Capatosto. Fay's twat quivered with renewed passion. She felt moisture dripping down the insides of her thighs. Pressing herself against the door, Fay twisted her shoulders in an attempt to break away from Frank, but she accomplished nothing other than causing her tingling breasts to sway back and forth in a sensuous movement that drew Frank's mouth down to suck and chew at her pink nipples.

Frank's mouth circled her burning areolas and sucked first one and then the other into his hungry mouth. His tongue bathed over Fay's nerves like fire, arousing Fay to excruciating intensity. Frank bit into Fay's breasts, his teeth leaving tiny marks as he chewed his way over her flesh. Fay's flesh seethed with perverse passion as his teeth tortured her breasts and chewed her flesh until her cunt yearned to have Frank's thick monster plowing between its pulsing lips.

With surprising youthfulness and strength, Frank lowered his hips until his dick aimed into Fay's slit. Frank pushed the pronged monster into her wet opening, tensing his hips in preparation for reaming his prick into her hole like a sword. And then with one vicious plunge, he tore into Fay's cunt, his cock-head pushing aside her tender membranes to ream all the way to her cervix. Fay screamed as his prick tore into her. She felt his thick knob ripping into her box like a plunger. She sucked in her breath and bit her lower lip in an attempt to control her screaming.

Frank rammed his cock into her pussy like a jackhammer, his pubic bone pounding again and again against Fay's sloshing mound. Frank's pole glistened with Fay's juices as it tore in and out of her pussy, slurping and sucking at her insides. Fay felt her cunt-lips sucking at his shaft as it stretched her vulva apart until her flesh felt like it would tear at any moment. Despite her shame and horror, Fay could not control the way her body began tearing at Frank's in an effort to keep his prick sawing into her lusting hole.

As Fay's passion grew, so grew her shame at what she was doing. She seemed powerless now to even act like she didn't like what was going on. If there were someone behind those mirrors who might have helped her, they certainly wouldn't believe her now if she pleaded for help. She tried to keep the passion from building, but it was hopeless. She gave herself up to the erotic stimulation and allowed Frank to lead her to the foot of the waterbed.

Fay continued begging him to let her go, but she complied with his every instruction.

"Spread your legs wider," he growled.

As soon as Fay complied, Frank rammed his dick even harder into her cunt, his cock slicing up her lubricated hole until his savage knob slammed against her cervix.

Fay's cunt sleeve was filled to the bursting point with Frank's prick, each in-and-out movement pulling and sucking at her insides. Fay felt his glistening dick like a flaming branch searing her box and draining away the last of her resistance. Her flesh lusted for release. Every nerve in her body tingled to experience the release of orgasm.

"Fuck me harder!" Fay begged, humiliated by her own wanton desire. "Ram it into me as fast as you can!"

Frank did his best to deliver what she asked. His hips ground forward with all the strength he possessed, raping his huge cock into Fay's gulping cunt with brutal sadism. He knifed into Fay's slit until his breath burned against her neck. Fay did not know how much more punishment she could take before she exploded in climax. She felt her orgasm building to the point that it would turn her into a mass of quivering flesh at any moment.

But just as the longed-for moment arrived, Frank pulled his cock from her pussy and threw her onto her hands and knees on the floor. Quickly he knelt behind her and locked his arms around her waist. Like a vicious male dog smelling her heat, Frank pushed his dick into Fay's ass, his helmeted head digging into her crack until it pressed against Fay's puckered anus like a monster ready to devour her.

Fay clenched her sphincter muscle as Frank attempted to penetrate her back hole. She felt his horrible knob stabbing wetly against her squirming entrance. She tried to pull away, but his arms held her securely while his cock struggled to make entrance into her hole. Fay knew she would not be able to withstand the pain of having such a huge thing fucked into her ass. She screamed and begged for mercy, but he continued poking his dick at her asshole.

With a searing pain, Fay felt his cock rip past her clenched muscles and bury itself in her bowels. Frank's shaft plunged up her ass until his cock was completely engulfed by Fay's protesting anus. Instead of the humiliating treatment causing Fay's arousal to dwindle away, Frank's prick continued to arouse her so that Fay dangled as close to orgasm as she had been when his cock was raping into her pussy. Fay marveled that such a perverse act could stimulate her and make her feel as whorish as she did. Even her buttocks clawed at his slick shaft as she thrust her rear back at Frank's plunging hips.

She wanted release more than she had ever wanted it. She wanted release so she could stop the disgusting display she was making in front of the mirrors and in front of Gus, who watched their every move from the bed. Churning her hips frantically in an effort to match Frank's plunging prick, Fay felt her nerves ringing like a bomb ready to explode. Each perverted thrust into her butt brought her closer and closer to the relief she needed.

And then Fay felt Frank's cock blasting cum into her ass as he reached a climax first. Immediately Fay exploded with her own climax. Frank screamed curses as he shot load after load of sticky semen into Fay's bowels. Fay felt his knob spitting his cum into her butt like a pistol being fired between her buttocks. The hot fluid splashing into her ass caused her orgasm to roar through her body like a flood of boiling water.

"I'm cummmming! I'm cummming!" she cried, her body arching and grinding against Frank's plunging cock. Each sawing motion into her hot hole caused Fay's climax to roar with increased intensity. Cum dripped out around the sides of Frank's prick and dripped in thick gobs down her thighs.

Frank's balls slapped wetly against Fay's pussy each time Frank drove his prick into Fay's asshole. Fay felt the soft plopping against her vulva as an added excitement to the orgasm exploding through her body. Frank's balls held a copious amount of semen that continued filling Fay's ass with sticky gobs that oozed out around the sides of Frank's fat shaft. Their orgasms went on and on as though they would never end.

But at last their passion began to drain, and Fay felt Frank's cock shriveling inside her ass until it pulled out of her clasping anus with a soft sucking sound.

Frank stood up behind her. Fay stayed where she was, her head hanging in shame as she crawled a few feet away from him on her hands and knees. Frank scooped up Fay's clothes and tossed them near her on the floor. Next he walked over and began untying Gus. Bewildered, Fay gathered the clothes together and stood up. Quickly, she began dressing.

"Can I go now?" she asked, not really expecting to be set free.

"Yes. Go. You've done your job for tonight."

Fay couldn't believe it was over. But then she realized he had said she was through for the night. Did that mean he had plans to use her again the next night? Fay shivered. She could be used every night from now on if she didn't do something to stop it. But what could she do? Fay finished dressing and hurried from the room.


Leah drove Fay back to the resort. "What did you think of the party?" Leah asked, parking near Fay's room. Leah followed Fay into her room.

"I think you tricked me," Fay said, speaking for the first time since leaving Leah's house. "You only took me out there to use me." Fay still felt the cum oozing from her cunt and anus and staining her panties. She was so humiliated she found it hard to look Leah in her eyes.

"Don't take it so hard," Leah said, sitting on the bed and opening her purse. "You earned quite a bit of money tonight." Leah tossed an envelope on the nightstand. "When you count that you'll change your mind about thinking you've been used."

"That's how you make your money, isn't it?" Fay demanded.

Fay was disgusted with Leah. The money made Fay feel even worse for what had happened. Fay had been turned into a whore against her will. There had to be a law against that. But thinking about her alternatives didn't offer any attractive courses of action. If she went to the police, everything she had done would come out. Fay knew she didn't have the nerve to face all the public scrutiny of her actions that it would require.

"Frank wanted me to tell you that he'll have a little job for you tomorrow afternoon. You won't have to go to the office if you don't want to. As long as you cooperate with him, you can forget about pushing papers around."

"And if I don't cooperate?"

"Then you'll get a bill for your stay at the resort that will be bigger than any amount of money you'll get for what you do."

"That's blackmail! It's... it's slavery."

Leah shrugged and walked to the door. "It's also your choice. I can't do anything to help you. Misery or happiness is a state of mind. You can enjoy what's happening to you or you can let it upset you. Lying on your back is not a hard way to make a living."

When Leah was gone, Fay threw herself on her bed, tears streaming down her cheeks. How had all this happened to her? What had she done to deserve such humiliating treatment? If only she had not left her husband. Erik may have wanted her to swap with some of his friends, but he had certainly never tried to turn her into a prostitute.

Fay could not think of any plan of action. She didn't know where to go or to whom to turn to. She wanted to call Erik and tell him what was happening to her, but her pride would not let her do it. She had insulted Erik when she left, calling him a pervert for the dirty things he wanted her to do. Now how could she call him and tell him she had been making love with so many different people and expect him to have sympathy for her?

Fay slept in her clothes, lying across the bed. When she woke up it was past noon. Taking off her clothes, Fay stepped into the shower and let the water burn against her skin, the spray bringing her awake and at the same time reminding her of what she had done last night. She would not stay at the resort any longer. She would pack her suitcase, take the money in the envelope and move. If Frank Capatosto wanted to try and make her pay a huge bill, he would just have to sue her.

Having made that decision, Fay felt better. She allowed the stinging spray to wash away the last of her doubts. The water felt good splashing against her smooth skin and causing her nipples to tingle with pleasurable sensations. Fay soaped her pussy and ass, taking care that she washed away the last traces from last night. When she finished her shower, she dressed in a light-blue skirt and white knit blouse.

Suitcases in hand, Fay stepped out the door and ran into Gus, who had just been reaching for the doorknob. Gus saw her suitcases and his face twisted angrily.

"You're trying to run out on me, huh?"

Fay gasped and dropped her suitcases. Gus pushed her suitcases back inside her worn with his foot and then pushed Fay inside. Closing the door behind him, Gus leaned back against it, his face red with rage.

"You made a fool out of me last night," he said. "But you're not going to do it again. You were told that Mr. Capatosto had a job for you this afternoon. You don't run out on things like that."

Fear raced through Fay as she realized she had lost her chance of escape. She saw the anger burning in Gus' eyes and decided her only chance of escaping too severe a punishment was to go along with him without resisting. But if she saw a chance to turn the situation around like she had before, she'd take it.

"What do I have to do?" Fay asked, allowing her voice to become submissive.

"That's better," Gus said. "All you have to do is entertain one of the visiting tennis pros. I don't know which one of them Frank wants you to take care of. It doesn't matter, just so you do your job right. Any slip-up and you'll pay far it."

As before, the action was held some place other than the resort. Gus put Fay in the back of one of the resort cars and drove away from the clubhouse. When they were out of sight of the club, Gus stopped the car and blindfolded Fay, saying Frank thought it would be better if she didn't know where she was being taken.

Fay suspected she was driven to the same house she had been in last night. She no longer thought the house belonged to Leah, but was probably a piece of property that belonged to the resort or possibly Frank Capatosto. It didn't matter to her. They were all crooks and pimps. When the car stopped, Fay was led down a flight of stairs and into a room before her blindfold was removed.

Fay looked around. Except for the waterbed, the room looked exactly like the one last night. The walls were mirrored except for one wall which was covered with sexual gadgets for punishment or pleasure. Pillows took the place of furniture. Fay shivered with fear. Gus ordered her to take her clothes off.

"I'm going to make sure you're going to act right. You almost cost me my job last night. It won't happen again."

Obediently, Fay stripped off her clothes until she stood naked in front of Gus. Gus picked up Fay's clothes, wadded them in a ball and tossed them out the door. He locked the door behind him and began removing his own clothes. When he was naked, he began toying with his cock, rubbing it back and forth between his palms until it began to fill with blood and lift itself up in the air like a sadistic cudgel.

Fay backed away slowly, knowing there was no place she could hide and no one to turn to for help. Gus stalked her, an evil smile on his face. He backed her into a corner and pushed her down to her knees.

"Eat me," he ordered, wagging his cock in front of her face. He moved closer until his knob slapped against the sides of Fay's face. "Suck it. Eat my cum."

Wishing she were the one giving the orders, Fay opened her mouth and sucked Gus' cock between her lips. His purple knob tasted hot and satiny to her tongue. Gus grabbed Fay's ears and hunched his hips forward, ramming his eager tool against the back of Fay's mouth. Fay almost gagged from the force of Gus' cock filling her throat. She relaxed her muscles and tried to arch her neck to allow Gus' curved cock to penetrate down into her throat. His fat dick filled her throat and mouth completely.

Each time Gus thrust his cock deeper into Fay's mouth, his balls slapped against Fay's chin. Fay held Gus' thighs and bobbed her head to match his strokes, relaxing her throat muscles even more until he rammed his cock all the way to the hilt in her mouth.

"That's it, baby. Suck it real good the way I like it. Take it out and lick it all over."

As Gus withdrew his hips, Fay sucked at his shaft and knob. She held the base of his cock and twisted it so she could lick crossways over the underside of his shaft, sucking and nibbling at his knob and foreskin until his cock was swollen and throbbing with aroused passion. His knob pulsed rhythmically each time Fay's tongue bathed over it.

"Ahhhh... blow me, cunt. Keep it up." Gus leaned back, a look of sensual bliss relaxing his features.

Fay continued slurping her mouth over Gus' cock to keep him aroused and contented. She feared what he would do to her if she didn't satisfy him. She had to make it look like she would go along with anything they wanted her to do. It was her only chance of getting to see someone she could convince that she was being forced to provide sexual favors.

Gus pulled his prick away from Fay's mouth and pushed her to the floor. He grabbed her ankles and dragged her into the center of the room. Gus knelt between Fay's thighs and spread her legs obscenely to expose her pink slit. Gus lowered his head and lapped his tongue over Fay's hairy vulva, his tongue tip raking along her gash until it flicked over her clitoris.

Fay shivered this time with the beginnings of arousal as his tongue began flaying back and forth over her magic button. Tension built rapidly in Fay's pussy as blood flooded into her cunt-lips and caused them to turn dark with desire. Moisture oozed between Fay's inner lips and dripped down the crack of her ass as Gus continued slurping and sucking at her aroused box.

Gus' tongue washed over Fay's entire crotch, plastering her dark curls to her mound and arousing her to the point that she no longer had to force herself to comply with Gus' orders. She wanted him to continue sucking at her pussy and arousing her clit to erection. She felt Gus' fingers pulling and twisting her nipples, causing her breasts to be stretched to the point that she thought they would be torn from her body. Yet the stimulation caused her arousal to grow even hotter.

Gus' fingers mauled her breasts cruelly, torturing her until her nipples burned. Gus continued chewing at her pussy-lips and stabbing his tongue deeply into her cunt. Fay felt his slick tongue plunging into her like a cock, causing her juices to flow into his mouth like honey.

Slowly, Gus licked his way up Fay's body, caressing and bathing her with his tongue until he reached her large breasts. He buried his face in her cleavage and pressed her globes against his cheeks. Fay wrapped her legs around Gus' back as he hunched his body to press his cock against Fay's pussy opening. Fay felt his knob pushing wetly between her cunt-lips and forcing its way into her dripping box.

Gus rammed his dong all the way up Fay's box with one hard shove. Fay flinched as his prod stretched her pussy sleeve to the bursting point. Gus plowed in and out of Fay's cunt with short, hard strokes that drove his prick back and forth like a club. His hard shaft rubbed against Fay's inner cunt-lips and caused her to boil with growing passion. She felt his pubic bone slamming into her cunt and his balls plopping against her buttocks with each hard stroke.

Fay reached around his shoulders and raked her fingers over his back. She locked her ankles around his buttocks and pulled against him to drive his tool even deeper into her pussy. At any moment she felt she would explode in orgasm. But then Gus pulled his prick out of her cunt and aimed it between her buttocks. His cock-head smashed into Fay's anus and plunged up her back tunnel.

Gus sawed his dick in Fay's ass for several strokes and then pulled it out and plunged it back in her pussy. Over and over Gus rutted back and forth between Fay's anus and her pussy. Fay felt her orgasm bubbling up in her body like boiling energy ready to explode. Just a little more and she would be there. Fay arched her back and thrust upward to meet each stroke, feeling Gus' cudgel ripping into her with vicious lust.

And then Gus' cock shot cum into her pussy as he writhed in helpless spasms, his orgasm pounding like drumbeats through his body. As the first splash of cum burned against Fay's cervix, she felt her orgasm exploding with gigantic intensity. Every nerve in her body seemed alive with electric energy. She cried, pounding her heels into his buttocks and raking her nails over his shoulders.

Gus continued pumping load after load of cum into Fay's pussy. Fay felt each spurt burning into her snatch and filling her with sticky lubrication. His semen dripped from her slit and rolled down her ass crack. Fay's breasts heaved as she sucked air into her gulping lungs.

It seemed their orgasms would never stop. Gus filled Fay's pussy with his cum and then pulled his cock out and rammed it up her ass and filled her bowels with his hot juices.

But their climaxes finally drained away, leaving them both exhausted and spent. Gus allowed his weight to fall forward onto Fay. He rested his head on her breasts. Fay was too exhausted even to push him off of her. Now that her passion did not rule her body, Fay again felt the shame and humiliation of what they were doing to her.

She wondered whom the person was they expected her to please. And what awful way would they make her perform?


Fay was not kept in suspense for long. Gus left her sprawled naked on the floor and disappeared through the door with her clothes. A moment later, a completely naked black man entered the room. Fay's mouth dropped open as she stared with horror at his mammoth cock dangling between his muscular thighs like a huge hose. Fay felt her pulse racing through her body as fear caused her heart to pound in her breast.

He smiled, showing even white teeth, and fondled his big cock, rubbing it back and forth between his palms until it began to swell and rise up like an angry weapon. His pulsing knob pushed out of his foreskin. Fay shivered at the sight of a drop of clear fluid already oozing from the slit in his cock-head.

Fay stood and began backing away from him.

"No," she pleaded. "I don't want to do this. I'm not a prostitute."

Again the black man smiled. "I know you're not a whore. They told me you just like to be forced to have sex. So scream or play any role you want because I'm only interested in getting my dick inside your lovely white pussy."

He continued advancing toward her, his cock now standing at complete attention, his balls swinging in his dark sac.

Fay realized she was not going to be able to convince him she was being forced to provide sexual favors. Frank and his group had covered all their tracks. No matter what Fay said, the black man was going to think it was the role she liked to play. Fay felt as though she were living in some kind of nightmare.

Again Fay backed herself into a corner of the room. The black man stopped in front of her and grabbed her shoulders in strong hands. His trim, muscular body indicated he was probably one of the visiting tennis pros. Fay cringed at his touch yet she also felt the stirring of forbidden arousal moistening her pussy. She could not help wondering what it would be like to have a black cock rammed up her cunt. She hated herself for the perverse way she responded to him.

"Call me Jigs," he said, leaning against her and pressing his dripping cock-head against Fay's crotch. He covered Fay's lips with his own, forcing his tongue between her teeth to explore freely inside her mouth.

Fay at first tried to twist her head away, but Jigs circled his fingers in her hair and forced her to swallow his thick tongue. He probed wetly in her mouth, darting his tongue tip around her teeth and deeply into her throat. Fay felt like gagging at first, but as his cock continued poking at the outside of her cunt and his tongue continued sliding in and out of her mouth, she felt an arousal growing within her that caused his tongue to begin to taste good. Despite herself, she began sucking at his fat tongue.

Jigs' hands cupped Fay's breasts and hefted them experimentally. His fingers twisted and pulled at Fay's nipples, stretching her heavy breasts until she felt her nerves tingling with growing sensual arousal. Jigs sucked on Fay's lips, working around her mouth until he had chewed his way over most of her face.

Fay had never had anyone kiss her that way. She felt his teeth stimulating her. Slowly he began working his way down her neck, sucking and chewing her skin, keeping her arousal building within her from a combination of fear and forbidden pleasure. His teeth left tiny marks on her neck and shoulders as he worked his way to her breasts. He sucked her pink nipples between his teeth and flicked over them with his tongue. Fay sucked in her breath, causing her breasts to fill and press themselves even deeper into Jigs' mouth. She cringed against the mirrors behind her, wanting and not wanting the thing that was happening to her. Her arousal urged her to give herself freely to the black man, but her past conditioning said it was wrong. Torn between the two extremes, Fay did nothing. She submitted to Jigs' advance like a child who could not make up her mind.

Jigs' mouth devoured Fay's breasts like he was eating food. His teeth chewed and nibbled her flesh, biting into her succulent globes like he was devouring grapefruit. His tongue washed over her flesh and lapped greedily at her nipples. Fay felt every nerve in her body responding to Jigs' advance. She wanted him to continue yet she wanted him to stop at the same time. Fay's arousal continued to build within her body like a spreading fire.

Jigs ate his way down from Fay's breasts. His tongue bathed her stomach and darted into her belly button. He licked over her mound and plastered her dark curls to her skin with his saliva. Fay's nerves tingled and caused the juices to flow freely between her pussy-lips. She felt her cunt quivering and pleading for his tongue to be stabbed deeply inside her hot box. Jigs' fingers dug into Fay's buttocks as he pulled her pussy hard against his mouth.

Fay cupped the back of his head as his mouth and teeth covered her cunt and began nibbling and chewing at her vulva the same way he had feasted at her breasts. She felt his mouth chewing and marking her pussy-lips with his teeth. His tongue dipped into her box and lapped at the viscous fluid lubricating her entranceway. Fay's arousal soared as Jigs' tongue worked feverishly at her hot cunt. His tongue worked like a cock in and out of Fay's pussy. His lips covered Fay's lips as he sucked the juices from her cunt. He lowered his head and licked the insides of her thighs, his tongue like a thick piece of meat wiping against her creamy flesh. Jigs pushed against the insides of Fay's ankles until she spread her legs wider, forcing her to balance herself against the mirrors.

Jigs again pressed his lips against Fay's vulva, lapping into her dripping slit like a starving animal. His tongue forced its way deeply into her pink tunnel. Fay leaned back and closed her eyes as Jigs continued torturing her flesh to an intense state of arousal. Again and again his tongue forced its way as deeply as possible into her pussy, sucking and lapping up her juices as fast as it flowed from her cunt.

Fay felt as though her insides were being sucked out of her body, so great was the vacuum of Jigs' feasting mouth. When Jigs began licking and lapping his way back up her body, Fay opened her eyes and stared at their reflections in the mirror against the far wall. Shame washed over her at the sight of the black man having his way with her body; yet she could not stop the arousal that continued flaring hotter and hotter in her flesh.

She actually wanted him to continue. Fay's body yearned and pleaded for release from the growing passion burning through her flesh. She writhed and twisted against the mirror as he squeezed and clawed at her buttocks to press her cunt harder against his mouth. Fay felt his tongue stabbing between her cunt-lips like a real cock, sliding and flicking over her clitoris in an erotic movement that kept her desire growing and growing within her pussy until she knew she had to have an orgasm.

Jigs stood up, keeping his head pressed against her lower stomach, his tongue licking its way upward until he again licked and sucked on her nipples. Fay ran her hands down Jigs' sides, feeling his muscles under his dark skin. He pushed the head of his eager cock against Fay's pussy-lips. She felt his slick knob sliding into her pink slit and tunneling up her hot hole. His hips ground forward in a sudden vicious movement that thrust his cock to the hilt in her cunt. Fay's breath gushed from her lungs as she screamed in protest against his cruel penetration.

But then his movement became sensual as his prick began to move in and out with a slow, easy rhythm that caused Fay's arousal to grow even hotter. She felt his thick cock stretching her pussy sleeve to its maximum as his organ filled her body. His knob plunged and sucked at her cunt. She felt his balls slapping against the insides or her thighs with each thrust of his hips. With his hands cupping her buttocks, Jigs literally lifted Fay from the floor and thrust into her with deep, penetrating strokes.

Fay's cunt was impaled on Jigs' mammoth dick as he rammed into her body. He nibbled at her neck as his cock ravished her pussy. His dick was like a club punishing her cunt. It stabbed in and out with cruel thrusts that slammed Fay against the mirror with such force that she feared the mirror would break at any moment. Fay wrapped her legs around his hips and relaxed her cunt muscles to better accommodate his giant cock.

Fay felt her climax drawing precariously near as Jigs continued raping viciously into her pussy, stretching her cunt-lips to the bursting point with each feverish thrust. Again and again Jigs drove his cock into Fay's cunt, slamming his hips forward with such reckless abandon that his tool drove so deeply into her that even part of his scrotum was rammed between her pussy-lips.

Jigs hunched forward until his hands cupped behind Fay's knees. He lifted her and allowed her to slide slowly down the mirrors until she was on her back on the floor, the top of her head against the mirror. Jigs did not take his cock from her cunt. Once on the floor, Jigs pressed Fay's knees against her breasts and continued driving his mammoth prick into her steaming hole. He drove forward with a grunt and then withdrew, until only his pulsing knob remained between her cunt-lips, and then rammed forward again.

Fay's head bumped against the mirror each time Jigs plunged his cock into her body. He moaned against Fay's neck as his orgasm grew closer and closer. He separated Fay's ass-cheeks and fingered her tightly clenched anus, stroking around her asshole in a tantalizing motion that caused Fay's arousal to flare like a sizzling time bomb.

Suddenly Jigs rammed his finger into Fay's asshole with one hard plunge. Fay felt the invasion like a burning surge of fresh arousal. The passion in her cunt skyrocketed to new heights as Jigs now drove in and out of both her holes with sadistic enjoyment. His cock filled her pussy and his finger reamed her ass to excruciating intensity.

Fay felt her orgasm ready to explode at any second. Jigs' cock felt like a burning branch reaming in and out of her pussy. His finger tortured her anus and caused her to quiver helplessly on the verge of a gigantic orgasm. He lowered his mouth and again sucked her nipples between his lips, nursing on first one and then the other as he hunched forward with his hips faster and faster.

Fay felt the first spurt of Jigs' cum splashing against her cervix like hot lava as he exploded in climax. His body slammed against Fay's with vicious force, driving his prick to the hilt in her pussy.

"I'm cumming!" he screamed, biting and chewing at her breasts. He drew back his hips and drove his cock into Fay's pussy again just as a second spurt of cum gushed from the slit in his cock-head.

Fay's own climax exploded in her body with equal intensity. She felt herself carried away by the burning flood of sensual passion surging through her flesh. When the third gob of cum shot into her cunt, Fay felt his sticky fluid oozing back out around the sides of his shaft to drip in thick gobs down the crack of her ass. His cum smeared over his scrotum and slapped against Fay's buttocks each time he plunged into her pussy.

Fay writhed helplessly under the vicious assault of the man's huge prick. She felt used and violated, yet she relished every perverse tingle of passion that throbbed in her pussy. She felt the cum gluing her cunt hair to her mound and smelled the thick aroma of their mingled passion. Her breasts heaved against his chest; her nipples pulsed with an erotic life of their own as their orgasms continued twisting and coiling their bodies on the floor like spasming puppets.

And still their orgasms went on as Fay clutched Jigs' head to her breasts and hunched her hips upward to meet each of his savage thrusts. She wanted their orgasms to go on and on, ripping through their bodies like a forest fire. Fay relished each contraction that caused her pussy to suck and claw at Jigs' black cock, pulling and milking his shaft for the last drop of sticky cum. Reaching between their legs, Fay cupped Jigs' balls and massaged them to encourage even more cum to blast into her pussy.

"Fuck me harder!" Fay begged as she squeezed her thighs tighter around his hips. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" Fay hunched her hips upward as hard as she could, feeling Jigs' thick shaft splitting her cunt-lips apart and raping into her pussy like a sword.

Jigs' muscles rippled as sweat glistened on his black skin from the exertion of his plummeting cock. His balls made a steady slapping sound against Fay's churning buttocks. Their climaxes continued exploding in great, heaving contractions that kept them thrusting at each other's bodies like fighting animals.

Even after the last of Jigs' cum drained from his cock, Fay was reluctant to release him, and kept her thighs locked around his hips and his cock buried in her cunt. She felt her pussy devouring his slick shaft and sucking it into her even as he tried to withdraw it. But at last, Fay relinquished her grip and allowed him to roll off her body.

"For someone who likes to play the role of being forced, you didn't do a very good job of acting like you didn't want to be screwed," Jigs said. He rubbed his slick cock with his palms to dry it.

Fay felt her face flushing as she realized what a fool she had made of herself. Now instead of having someone she could convince she was being forced to fuck, she had only managed to convince him that she was an insatiable nympho. She didn't have a job, she didn't have any money; she didn't have anyone to turn to for help. And if she didn't do what she was told, dirty pictures of herself would be shown to everyone.

Fay was beginning to think the pictures would not matter if she could just get away. She wished with all her heart that she had never left her husband. She would almost gladly fuck anyone Erik wanted her to if he would only take her back. But she knew he wouldn't. Erik had to be the boss.

The only way he would take her back was if he came after her.

"Don't look so sad," Jigs said. "It's not over yet. Look, I'm already getting hard again." He pumped his cock up and down. "And this time I've got something really dirty in mind. If you like to be forced, you're going to love this."


Fay knew she wouldn't love it and she'd had enough. She kicked at Jigs' chest with her right foot, knocking him off balance away from the door. Fay had gotten the upper hand once before with Gus. It was past time for her to do it again. Fay dashed for the door. Jigs was too fast for her. He grabbed Fay's right wrist and spun her around. Immediately, Fay brought her knee up as hard as she could, aiming for his balls.

Jigs' scream echoed through the room as Fay's knee mashed his black balls against his thigh. He doubled up on the floor, hugging his knees to his chest, writhing back and forth. Fay stepped over him and opened the door. Leah stood outside with a snarling German shepherd on the end of a leash. Fay froze in tenor. The vicious-looking animal looked exactly like Erik's dog. Fay had always feared her husband's dog. Fay cowered back into the room, almost tripping over Jigs' still-writhing body.

"Where do you think you're going?" Leah taunted, allowing the huge dog to pull her into the room. Leah was dressed in a black leather riding outfit, complete with knee-length leather boots.

"I'm getting out of here. You can't keep me here any longer. I don't have to take this," Fay said, finding herself again backed into a corner, this time by the German shepherd, who sniffed obscenely at Fay's crotch. Fay tried to push the dog's nose away but the male animal pulled back its lips and snarled, showing its sharp fangs. Fay jerked her hand away. The nasty animal resumed sniffing and licking Fay's pussy.

"The boss said it's time you entertained his dog," Leah said, loosening her grip on the dog's leash so he could probe his nose deeper into Fay's crotch.

Fay shivered in horror. Everything she had divorced her husband over was coming back to her. Fay felt the animal's long tongue lapping over her cunt and sliding wetly into her pussy slit. She felt its hot tongue slurping over her vulva and plastering her dark curls to her mound. This couldn't be happening to her.

"You're going to have to pay for what you did to Jigs," Leah said. "It's not fair that you should get your pussy licked and poor Jigs has to roll around on the floor in pain. You should be down there licking his balls and making him feel better."

Revulsion bubbled up in Fay at the thought of kneeling between his legs and licking his balls and cock like an animal. What she wanted to do was kick him again instead of kissing and licking his balls to make them feel better. Fay kept her knees as close together as she could, but it didn't keep the dog's tongue from snaking between her cunt lips and slurping hotly over her clitoris. Fay felt arousal stirring in her cunt despite the fear racing through her veins.

"Get over there and nurse Jigs' balls back to health," Leah ordered. "The boss got here today and he wants to see a good show out of you."

Fay cringed thinking about unknown eyes watching them through the mirrors. "I won't do it," Fay flared hotly.

Leah smiled. "I'm sure Rex here can convince you to do what you're told." Leah pulled on the dog's leash. "Can't you, Rex?"

The animal snarled viciously into Fay's pussy. Fay cringed harder against the mirrors. Erik's dog was named Rex too. The coincidence was almost too much to believe.

"Please, keep the dog away from me," Fay begged. "I can't stand dogs. They scare me."

"In that case you'd better do what you're told or I'll not only have Rex licking your pussy but I'll let him fuck your ass too."

Fay would have agreed to almost anything to get the dog away from her. Obediently, Fay edged around the dog and moved to the center of the room where Jigs still held his balls and moaned softly. Fay squatted beside him and spread his thighs. Jigs would not remove his hands from his balls. His cock dangled limply.

"Suck his dick," Leah demanded. "Hurry or I'll have Rex take care of you."

Fay didn't hesitate. She lowered her head and sucked Jigs' black dick into her mouth. She tasted the flavor of cum on her tongue. Keeping her lips over her teeth, Fay bobbed her head up and down over Jigs' shaft, feeling his thick cock beginning to swell as she sucked blood into his knob. Humiliation caused her cheeks to flush, but fear kept her head humping up and down at Jigs' crotch.

"That's it," Leah said, standing behind Fay with Rex pulling at the leash and sniffing at Fay's exposed asshole. "Keep sucking Jigs' cock. Lick his balls. Make them feel better. Jigs, get your hands away so she can bathe your balls with her tongue."

Hesitantly, Jigs removed his hands, exposing his tender testicles to Fay's mouth. Fay licked them gently, lifting them with her tongue and stroking the area from his asshole up to the tip of his cock. Quickly, Jigs' shaft filled with blood and stood up in complete erection. As Fay sucked and licked Jigs' cock and balls, Rex continued licking Fay's asshole. Rex's tongue darted between Fay's buttocks and washed up her crack, causing chills of perverse pleasure to burn through Fay's bottom.

Even as Fay humiliated herself between Jigs' thighs, she vowed that she would escape from her captors no matter what she had to do to escape. If it meant going along with them for a while to get them off guard, she would do it. Jigs' cock throbbed hotly under the stimulation of Fay's mouth. She felt his knob swelling and filling her mouth with his hot passion. She tasted the rubbery tartness of his cum oozing in tiny drops from the slit in his purple cock-head.

Jigs moaned as Fay continued bathing his cock and balls with her saliva, letting her mouth wash his entire crotch. The longer Fay licked at Jigs' cock and balls, the harder and more erect his cock became. Fay tongued the rim of his cock-head, feeling his pulsing knob throbbing hotter with each lick. Fay wiggled around until she knelt directly between Jigs' thighs. She pushed his knees up to his chest and took his scrotum into her mouth.

The thought of biting down on his balls crossed Fay's mind, but she knew she would be in real trouble with Leah if she did. There was no telling what Leah would have Rex do to her. Fay continued licking Jigs' scrotum with her tongue, lifting his sack to nibble between his black buttocks at his tightly puckered anus. As Fay devoured Jigs' flesh, Rex continued lapping at Fay's asshole. She felt the dog's tongue slapping wetly along her ass crack, titillating her own anus until Fay's arousal burned through her entire body.

Juices began oozing from Fay's pussy and dripping down the insides of her thighs. Fay was disgusted with herself for responding to the sick tricks Rex had been taught, but she could not stop the erotic stimulation of Rex's tongue. Rex began spreading his attention over all of Fay's buttocks, licking and lapping his tongue over Fay's creamy globes until her entire ass was covered with the dog's saliva.

Fay suddenly realized she was grinding her hips backward to match the rhythm of Rex's tongue. She couldn't stop herself. Even when she realized what she was doing, the arousal that flamed through her flesh gripped her like unseen fingers and controlled the movement of her body. She was powerless to stop the erotic messages shooting through her flesh like tiny needles.

Fay felt her breasts swelling as they brushed against her own thighs each time she dipped her head to suck Jigs' shaft deeply into her mouth. Fay felt Jigs' huge knob filling her throat and pulsing against the back of her tongue. Jigs' fingers gripped Fay's hair and pulled her face harder against his crotch. Fay felt his knob being rammed farther and farther down her throat. She almost gagged at first, but as Jigs continued jerking her head up and down over his cock, Fay managed to relax her throat muscles so his huge shaft could work its way to the hilt in her mouth.

Fay breathed on the outstrokes as Jigs continued pulling her head onto his cock. Even the feeling of Jigs' cock reaming in and out of her throat caused her arousal to grow hotter and hotter until she was helplessly chained in the grip of her own runaway passion. A compulsion to suck Jigs' cock deeper and deeper into her throat kept Fay's head moving up and down over his swollen dick.

And then Fay felt Rex's paws on her sides as the big dog jumped up and began poking its swollen cock at Fay's cunt. Fay wiggled her hips from side to side in an effort to avoid the dog's cock, but she could not shake the animal loose. Fay heard Leah laughing as Rex continued humping his hips forward, his face twisted into a silly animal smile.

Fay felt Rex's cock slapping against her vulva and skidding up into her pubic hair. Again and again the dog drove his cock forward in an attempt to ram it into Fay's exposed pussy. Even the movement of Fay's hips to avoid Rex's cock seemed to arouse Fay's passion to an ever-increasing intensity. Fay was humiliated by her own response to the dog's attack. And then she felt the dog's cock spear into her slit and plunge up her pussy tunnel.

Rex's cock, while not thick, was longer than Fay expected. She felt the dog's dick slam into her cervix. Surprisingly, the feeling of the dog's cock in Fay's pussy was as stimulating as a human cock. Fay sucked harder on Jigs' cock, feeling his knob pulsing hotly against her cock-head, tasting the slick cum that oozed from his head.

Rex fucked into Fay's pussy like a machine gun. His cock vibrated with speedy, short strokes that felt like a massage to Fay's tingling clitoris. Fay felt as though she would reach an orgasm any second. Blood pounded hotly in her dripping pussy. Fay held one of Jigs' balls in each hand and massaged them gently. Her mouth slurped at his dick as she sucked his dark head into her throat and stroked his shaft with her lips.

She craved his cum. Perversely she wanted it squirting into her mouth so she could swallow it down. She wanted to roll it over her tongue and suck in its thick flavor. Fay was surprised and ashamed of the lewdness of her awful need. Yet she couldn't deny it.

Fay wolfed her mouth frantically over Jigs' purple-black cock-head. His slick corona sizzled in and out of Fay's throat. Fay bobbed her head as fast as she could, slamming her breasts into her knees at the same time, feeling her nipples aching for release. And then Rex's cock began spurting cum into Fay's pussy. She felt the hot fluid gushing in rapid shots against her cervix. Fay could feel the dog's pulsing cock-head sucking at her insides like a plunger.

Fay sucked faster and faster at Jigs' cock. She felt his knob pulsing larger and larger against her cheeks as she sucked his fat head. Fay pumped Jigs' shaft with her right hand and continued stroking his balls with her left. As Fay sucked and slurped her tongue over Jigs' knob, she pumped his black shaft as hard as she could, squeezing tightly as she pulled out, and relaxing her hand as she pumped down, forcing blood to engorge his cock to maximum erection.

She felt Jigs' scrotum tightening in her palm as his balls prepared themselves to blast his cum into her mouth. Fay had never felt so humiliated, yet she couldn't stop herself from wanting to do it.

She felt like a whore as she gobbled greedily at Jigs' cock and gave herself up to the feeling of a vicious German shepherd climaxing in her pussy.

At last, Jigs' cock exploded in orgasm as his first thick load of cum squirted into Fay's sucking mouth. Slurping the viscous fluid over her tongue, Fay tilted her head so the next load would shoot directly into her throat. Fay's mouth was filled with the black man's milky cum. Fay tasted it burning against her tongue. She swallowed it down and pumped her head greedily over his shaft for more.

Jigs' discharge into Fay's mouth was as copious as the German shepherd's in her pussy. Fay felt the dog's cum running down her thighs as it oozed out of her pussy around the sides of the animal's pink shaft. The dog's knob was swollen so their bodies were literally locked together. And then Fay felt herself exploding into the largest, most intense orgasm she had ever experienced in her life.

Pressing her mouth as hard as she could into Jigs' pubic hair, Fay forced his cock as far down her throat as possible. She felt it filling her throat and draining the last of his cum into her stomach. Rex remained locked to her pussy as the last of the dog's cum drained into her cunt.

Fay's climax lasted longer than either the dog's or the man's. She felt the pounding sensations convulsing through her pussy and breasts even after Jigs' cock began to grow soft in her mouth. Fay continued sucking it and pumping her head up and down. At last, Rex managed to pull his engorged knob from Fay's cunt.

Finally Fay's climax began to diminish. And as her passion drained away, humiliation returned. She couldn't look Jigs or Leah in their eyes.

Pushing herself away from Jigs, Fay realized she was no match for the group of perverts she was involved with. She had to have help. And there was no one. No one! Except maybe Erik.


Almost as soon as Fay acknowledged that Erik was her last possible hope of salvation, the door opened and Fay received the biggest shock of her life. Erik stood there dressed in a light summer business suit looking exactly like he had looked over six months ago when Fay left him. Erik stepped into the room, his face expressionless and cold.

"I see you've kept yourself busy since I last saw you," he said.

Fay's nakedness and humiliation made her want to hide. She felt faint as she staggered backward. Erik followed her into the room. With a wave of his right hand, Erik ordered everyone else out of the room. Leah led Rex out the door. Jigs closed the door behind them, leaving Erik and Fay alone. Fay tried to cover her nakedness with her hands.

She looked down at the floor.

"How did you know where I was?" Fay asked.

Erik laughed. "You were always naive. I've always known where you were. Did you think it was an accident that you got a job at the Grand View Tennis Resort?"

Fay looked up in surprise. "You arranged it?"

"To teach you a lesson. I wanted you to entertain a few friends and you acted like an insulted nun. Do you feel like a nun now?"

Fay felt only shame. Cum from her husband's dog drained from her pussy and dripped down the insides of her thighs. Fay could still taste Jigs' cum in her mouth. Fay thought of all the perverted sexual things she had been forced to do during the last few days. Realizing Erik had been behind it all from the very start to get revenge made her feel drained of any desire to carry on.

"Come with me," Erik said.

When Fay made no movement to follow him, he grabbed her right arm and led her out of the room and down the hall. Pushing her through a door, Fay found herself in a large study. The walls were lined with books. A huge antique desk dominated the center of the room. Erik sat behind the desk and left Fay standing.

"Why did you do all this to me?" Fay asked, her voice shaking and on the verge of crying. "Was it just because I wouldn't make love to your friends or was it something else? How could I have hurt you so much that you would spend so much money organizing a scheme like this to get even?"

"First off, it didn't cost me a lot of money. I made money on the deal. I have some films that will net me a bundle. You've provided me with quite a few shows. It's been fun. But most of all, I did it because that's what I wanted out of you in the first place. When you refused to do what I wanted, I had to resort to devious means to accomplish the same thing."

Fay was stunned by the cruelty of Erik's scheme. He had treated her as though she were something less than human. And even now he had her standing naked in the center of a room while he calmly sat fully clothed behind a desk and leered at her. Anger began to replace the fear and humiliation Fay felt. Fay had been treated like a pawn too long. Her earlier vow to escape became firmer in her mind. And along with it came a desire for revenge of her own.

"I want out of here," Fay said.

"I'm not stopping you. We're not kidnappers. If you want to leave though, you're going to look funny walking all that way naked." Erik leaned back in his chair and for the first time, allowed a tiny smile to turn the corners of his lips. "But if you'll give my dog a blow job, I'll see if I can't find you something to wear."

Fay shuddered at Erik's perverted offer. Maybe she would have to do it to get away, but somehow she would get even with him. If she could only be alone for a few minutes, she would try to sneak away. There had to be cars in front of the house. Maybe someone had left their keys in one. If not she would just run into the woods and hide. Straightening her shoulders, Fay pretended to go along with the idea.

"Go get the dog. I'll do it."

Erik seemed surprised, but pleased. "Maybe this whole experience has done you some good." He reached for the intercom on his desk. "I don't have to go get him. Leah will bring him in."

As Erik gave instructions, Fay shuddered. It hadn't worked. Maybe Erik would let her go to the bathroom alone. But before she had a chance to ask. Leah was leading Rex into the room. Erik stood and took the leash from Leah.

"That will be all, Leah. Thank you." He patted Leah's ass as she turned and walked out the door. When she was gone, Erik turned back to Fay. "You and Leah look enough alike to be sisters. I've always felt like I was fucking sisters every time I fucked one of you." Fay was horrified at Erik's behavior and the task that awaited her. She was actually going to have to suck the dog's cock to get her clothes back. Fay wasn't sure she could do it. The thought repulsed her. Yet when Erik ordered her down on her hands and knees, she obeyed with a quickening of her pulse. Her own curiosity turned her face red with shame.

Rex seemed to know what was in store. Immediately he rushed over to her and stood on his hind legs, resting his front legs on Fay's shoulders. The dog's cock was still inside his furry sheath. His balls were pulled tight against his body.

As the dog hunched his cock at Fay's face, she saw Erik's clothes being dropped on the floor beside the dog. Was she going to have to service both of them at the same time?

Taking the dog's cock between her fingers, Fay pushed Rex's foreskin back. His thin, red cock slid out like a dripping dagger. Fay felt a perverse arousal stirring in her cunt as Erik moved behind her. Fay remembered what it had been like making love with Erik. And despite the fact that she was being forced to perform with an animal at the same time, her body responded with a conditioned passion. As Erik knelt between Fay's feet, she felt her buttocks being separated by his fingers.

Taking a deep breath, Fay allowed Rex's darting cock to spear between her lips into her mouth. She tasted his wet cock on her tongue. It was not as bad as she had anticipated. It tasted not too different from a human cock. She felt Rex's knob swelling in her mouth as his cock continued growing into a harder and harder erection. Rex's hips churned rapidly. Fay's lips and tongue stroked the dog's shaft as it plunged back and forth.

As Fay nursed the warm flesh in her mouth, she felt her arousal stirring perversely in her pussy and causing the juices to ooze with fresh passion from between her cunt-lips. Fay hated herself for responding with sexual arousal. Maybe she was a nympho. But she should be the one deciding what she did, not Erik. Yet when Erik dipped his tongue between Fay's buttocks and began licking upward along the crack of her ass, bathing over her puckered anus and slurping at the juices dripping from her cunt, she felt as though a fire were being lighted inside her body.

When they were first married, Fay had been aghast at the sexual things Erik had forced her to do. She was not surprised by his behavior now. Fay was convinced Erik himself was the biggest pervert she had ever met. While Rex stabbed his cock in and out of Fay's mouth, Erik licked and sucked at her ass and pussy.

Fay felt her arousal growing hotter and hotter with each lap of Erik's tongue over her puckered asshole. She arched her back to expose more of her pussy to his lapping tongue. The movement also gave Rex easier access to her mouth and his hot cock reached deeper into Fay's throat. She felt the dog's prick plunging in and out of her mouth with such rapid movements that she was forced to brace herself to keep from being pushed back onto Erik.

Erik turned onto his back. His face buried in Fay's crotch, Erik spread Fay's knees wider so her cunt was forced down over his mouth. Fay felt Erik's tongue running along her slit and tantalizing her clitoris. She felt his teeth nibbling at her clit until it stood up like a tiny prick, throbbing and lusting for attention. Fay's mouth dripped with saliva as the animal continued thrusting into her. Fay refused to swallow any of the juices that built up in her mouth. Instead she let it run out the sides of her lips and down Rex's burning shaft where it dripped from his balls to the floor.

With all the attention being lavished on her pussy, Fay's arousal grew into a forest fire of desire she could not ignore. Fay's body writhed and coiled over Erik's face. Her hips ground downward to slam her cunt again and again into Erik's hungry mouth! His tongue darted in and out of her pussy like a cock, his mouth sucking out her juices.

Erik reached around Fay's thighs and hefted her large breasts in his palms, pressing and rolling them against her chest. His fingers twisted and pulled her nipples until she felt them tingling and burning with as compelling an arousal as her clitoris. Fay would have done anything now to achieve an orgasm. She needed release from the gripping passion that Erik continued to build in her flesh, his tongue and fingers working with skilled efficiency.

But Erik was also skilled in prolonging the torture. Just before Fay reached an orgasm, Erik stopped sucking at her pussy until she cooled down, and then resumed tantalizing her cunt, keeping her quivering and trembling on the verge of climax. Rex also was taking a long time to reach a climax. His cock plowed between Fay's lips with ever-increasing speed and depth. It was as though he too realized Fay was to be tortured and humiliated as long as possible.

Erik slid farther under Fay's stomach until his mouth reached her breasts. He sucked her nipples between his lips and nibbled them while his fingers stretched and pulled Fay's pussy-lips apart. Erik stabbed his fingers into Fay's cunt, ramming them as deeply into her pussy as possible. Fay ground her hips against his fingers, feeling herself being impaled. If he wouldn't bring her to climax, maybe she could do it herself.

Fay ground her hips as fast as she could, trying to match the pace of the dog. She felt her clit being slammed against Erik's fingers. Just a little more and she would be there. But then Erik moved his fingers and stabbed his thumbs into her pussy. Reaching up Fay's crack with his fingers, Erik stabbed the first finger of each hand into her asshole. Fay was spread apart to the bursting point. Erik moved his left hand back to Fay's breasts and kept his right hand pinching her pussy and ass.

Sliding under her again so he could suck one of Fay's breasts into his mouth, Erik pinched and twisted her other nipple with his fingers. At the same time, Erik pushed and pulled on Fay's pussy and ass so she was forced forward and back over Erik's body. The movement of Fay's body drove the dog's cock deeper into her mouth until each thrust brought the dog's balls against her chin.

Fay felt the dog's cock pulsing in her mouth as the animal approached orgasm. And then cum gushed out of the dog's cock in a thick spurt that shot deeply into Fay's throat. She was forced to swallow it down or gag. She swallowed just as a second load of cum filled her mouth. Fay let the second wad drip back down the dog's shaft and onto the floor. A third and then a fourth explosion of cum filled Fay's mouth. She felt the dog's cock-head swelling into a huge knob as it emptied its load of cum into Fay's mouth.

As Rex whimpered in orgasm, Erik again changed positions, this time crawling all the way from under Fay to kneel behind her. He positioned his mammoth cock-head against Fay's asshole and slammed his weight forward like a battering ram. Erik's cock drove all the way into Fay's butt, tunneling up her rectum until Fay screamed in surprise. She felt her ass stretched to the bursting point to accommodate Erik's massive cock.

Fay braced herself as man and dog humped away at her body. The dog's cum dipped down Fay's chin. Erik's cock reamed viciously at her ass. Reaching around her hips, Erik flicked a finger into Fay's cunt and massaged her clit back and forth. With his other hand, Erik mauled and pulled at first one of Fay's breasts and then the other. Fay felt as though she were on the brink of orgasm. She rocked back and forth, meeting each thrust of man and dog.

Erik was the next to reach a climax. And as soon as Fay felt his cum gushing into her asshole, she too found herself hurled over the edge. Fay's climax surged through her body like electricity. She writhed helplessly under the combined assault of man and dog.

Both her mouth and ass dripped with hot cum. Fay found herself licking and sucking at the dog's cum now as though she loved it. She couldn't stop herself. She sucked on Rex's swollen knob like a greedy whore. She wanted even more cum squirting into her mouth.

The feeling in her ass as Erik sucked and pulled with his cock was like a burning branch rammed up her butt. But she loved that too. She wanted Erik's cock to keep plunging back and forth forever. She felt Erik's shaft massaging and stroking her sphincter with such intensity that it felt like it was tearing her apart. Fay wished she had still another cock in her pussy.

Man and dog were nose to nose, fucking into Fay's body. As Fay's climax continued burning through her pussy, she felt her ass sucking and clawing at Erik's cock the same way her mouth sucked at the dog's cock. She knew she would feel shame later, but now she gave herself up to the glorious feeling of ecstasy that pounded through her with each stroke. Erik's balls slapped against Fay's cunt each time he drove his shaft forward.

"Ahhh! That's good!" Erik cried, his body humping forward, his cock reaming back and forth like a saw. "Take my cum in your ass! That's it! Suck it up! Ahhhh! Ahhhh!"

Erik blasted such a copious load of cum into Fay's ass that it ran in thick gobs back out her asshole and dripped down into her pussy and down her thighs.

Fay's orgasm went on and on, ripping and tearing through her flesh until she felt like she would pass out from the intensity of her release. Dark spots danced before her eyes as Rex continued thrusting his orgasming cock into her mouth and Erik raped into her asshole. Fay felt used and violated, yet even that feeling added to her excitement and release.

Each time Erik drew back his cock, Fay felt her insides being sucked back as well. And when Erik plunged forward, driving his knob all the way up her ass, Fay was forced forward until Rex's cock stabbed up to his balls in her mouth. Rex gave out first. His swollen knob began to shrivel and the dog dropped down on all four paws, pulling away from Fay.

And then Erik stopped and fell forward onto Fay's back, his cock draining the last of his cum into Fay's butt. Breathing deeply, Fay held Erik's weight patiently as she basked in the throbbing afterglow of her climax. By the time Erik withdrew his limp cock with a wet, sucking sound, Fay's passion had diminished to the point that she again felt disgust for the perversion being forced on her.


Fay remained on her hands and knees, feeling humiliation and shame, while Erik dressed. Rex sat licking his lips until his master was dressed. Erik pushed the button on his intercom and called for Leah. When he could not get an answer, he picked up Rex's leash.

"I'll be back in a minute," he said, and walked out the door.

Alone for the first time, Fay looked around the room. If she were going to escape, she would never have a better opportunity. Erik would not expect her to dash off without her clothes. Fay hurried to the windows and looked out. The windows faced the back of the house and she was on the ground floor. A gardener was trimming hedges about a hundred yards from the window. Fay could not see anyone else.

Trying to be as quiet as possible, Fay pushed open one of the windows and crawled through. She scratched her legs on a rose bush directly under the window, but she paid no attention. Fay ran naked around the side of the large house. A single car was parked in the drive. Fay ran to it, her heavy breasts flopping like succulent melons. Fay sucked air frantically into her lungs. She felt her heart racing. Was the key there?

Fay felt relief and hope when she saw the key dangling in the ignition like a gift from heaven. She jumped in the small Fiat and started the car. It took a second to figure out where first gear was, but then she was tearing out of the drive and turning into the road leading back to freedom.

Fay had just gotten the car into third gear when she heard Leah giggling from the back teat. Horrified, Fay looked in the rear-view minor and saw Leah sitting comfortably in her bizarre-looking riding outfit. Fay almost lost control of the car. Returning her attention to the road, Fay fought the car steady.

"How did you know what I would do?" Fay demanded, keeping the car speeding toward civilization.

"Took a wild guess," Leah said. "I thought you were too much like me to take the kind of crap they've been giving you for too much longer. Erik's little trick with his nasty German shepherd convinced me you would try to get away."

"So you're going to stop me?" Fay asked, her hands firm on the steering wheel, her foot pressing determinedly on the acelerator.

"I could if I wanted to, but I have something else in mind."

Leah leaned forward until she sat on the edge of her seat directly behind Fay. Leah began stroking and massaging Fay's neck and shoulders. While Fay was forced to keep her attention on her driving, Leah allowed her arms to circle Fay's shoulders until she could cup Fay's breasts in her palms. Leah toyed with Fay's nipples, twisting and rolling them between her fingers.

Fay tried to twist away but she had to keep her hands on the steering wheel.

"Let me alone," Fay pleaded, losing some of her courage. "I've had enough of being pushed around."

"That's what I'm getting at," Leah said, continuing to stroke and fondle Fay's shapely breasts. "I want you to become partners with me and Roger. We'll get back at Erik. I have a little score to settle with Erik myself. I haven't been doing what I have for nothing. There was supposed to be a deposit to my bank account."

"And you haven't gotten it yet?" Fay asked, beginning to feel the effect of Leah's fingers. Fay felt less threatened as Leah crawled over the seat and sat beside her.

"No, and I know a way we can make Erik pay through the nose. Instead of him pushing everyone around, we can do a little pushing ourselves."

"I don't believe we can beat Erik," Fay said. "And you couldn't even stop me from getting away now. How do you think we could tackle Erik?"

Leah took Fay's right hand away from the steering wheel and pinned her arm behind the seat. "You don't think I can stop even you, huh?" Leah squeezed Fay's breasts painfully in her right hand. "I'll teach you."

Startled, Fay was forced to keep her left hand on the wheel. "Let go! You'll cause me to wreck!"

Fay took her foot from the accelerator and kicked at Leah, but Leah grabbed her leg and pulled it up on the seat, spreading Fay's thighs until her naked pussy gaped helplessly open.

Leah stepped on the accelerator and forced the car to lurch forward with increased speed. "I can make you agree to join me," Leah said.

"No! I won't!" Fay replied.

But she could not release the steering wheel as the car continued picking up speed. Fay tried desperately to pull her right leg free, but Leah leaned against it with her hip and pinned it to the seat. Fay struggled to keep her attention on the road. She realized she was helpless against anything Leah wanted to do to her. Yet she didn't want to admit defeat.

Leah began unscrewing the gear shift. It came out easily. Leah held the bottom of the shaft and pushed the round knob against Fay's gaping cunt. With Fay helpless to defend herself, Leah began tantalizing Fay's pussy, twisting and turning the knob so it ground against Fay's pussy-lips and massaged her clitoris. Fay struggled against the sensations building up in her cunt, but she was powerless to stop the growing arousal. Leah handled the gearshift like a dildo.

Fay felt the familiar building of juices in her cunt. Never in her life had she been aroused so many times in so short a period. Yet it was happening again. Leah was teasing and torturing her with the metal cock, knowing Fay had to keep her left hand on the wheel. The danger of the car zooming along the narrow road added to the excitement. Fay felt her cunt-lips being spread apart as Leah jammed the knob into her pussy and began pushing it up her dripping tunnel.

It seemed there was no escaping being used. Fay bit her lower lip to keep from agreeing, but before too many more strokes went by, it was too late for Fay to want Leah to remove the fake cock from her pussy. Her passion flamed to life with surprising speed. Fay was beginning to think she could be made to want to fuck all day long. And once she was aroused, she could no longer control herself until orgasm released her.

Fay struggled against the rising tide of passion, but it was hopeless. Leah manipulated the cock with more efficiency than even Erik was capable of. Fay felt the cock thrusting in and out of her cunt while Leah pinched and twisted her nipples until they throbbed with as much passion as Fay's clit. The more aroused Fay became, the harder she had to concentrate on the road.

If she made jus tone mistake they would both be in danger, but Leah seemed unconcerned. Fay was afraid enough for them both. She was beginning to realize the possibilities they might have with Leah's boldness and daring. Leah began stabbing the dildo into Fay's pussy viciously. Fay felt her cunt sleeve being stretched mercilessly as Leah fucked the gearshift in and out. Fay's cunt felt like it was sucking at the knob.

Soon Fay's pussy juices dripped like hot honey from her ravished cunt. Fay strained to keep the car on the road. She squirmed against the invading dildo. Her hips ground around on the seat in a hopeless effort to dislodge the cock. Leah only laughed at Fay's effort and plunged the hard thing into her cunt with even more savage strokes.

Leah laughed as the car skidded precariously on the shoulder and Fay screamed as she turned the wheels back onto the road. Fay panted delightedly each time Leah rammed the hard knob into her pussy! "Ummmph... ummmph..." Fay felt her juices running from her slit and down into the crack of her ass.

"Are you ready to believe we can turn the tide on Erik?" Leah asked, jamming the dildo deeper into Fay's cunt and twisting it at the same time.

Panting and struggling with the steering wheel, her pussy dripping with passion, Fay was convinced now that Leah could accomplish anything. If Leah could turn Fay from a protesting doubter into a sexually aroused believer in less than five miles, it was just possible she would be able to come up with a scheme that would defeat Erik. And how Fay would love to be able to give back a little of what she had received.

But now the only thing Fay could think of was the growing need in her cunt to find release. Spreading her thighs as wide as she could, Fay opened her cunt to receive as much of the gearshift knob up her pussy as Leah would stab into her.

"Oh, oh, that feels good!"

"Are you ready to throw in with me and Roger?"

"Yes. I'll do it, but don't stop what you're doing. Just take your foot off the accelerator so I can stop the car."

Leah took her foot away and waited for the car to slow. "Turn off the road the first place you see and let's hide this car in the trees until this evening."

Fay obeyed Leah's instructions, and a moment later, pulled off the road. Leah kept the dildo in Fay's pussy all the time Fay struggled to park the car. When the engine was off, Fay leaned back against the door and spread her thighs again. Leah pulled the metal cock from Fay's cunt and repositioned it between Fay's buttocks.

"No!" Fay pleaded. "Not back there! The knob will tear me apart!"

Leah paid no attention to Fay's protest. Instead she rammed the gearshift up Fay's ass with one hard shove. Fay felt the horrible thing tear up her butt like a club. She squirmed back, but could not prevent the fake cock from tunneling up her ass. Leah dipped her head to Fay's pussy and began licking it like an ice-cream cone, pushing and pulling on the gearshift knob at the same time.

Leah's hot tongue flicked snake-like over Fay's clitoris, causing her pussy to ooze juices copiously into Leah's mouth. Leah sucked and slurped at Fay's juices. Fay felt Leah's teeth nibbling her pussy-lips. She begged Leah to finish her, to bring her to climax, but Leah said they had all afternoon and continued torturing Fay by bringing her close to orgasm and then waiting for her to cool off before bringing her back to the brink of climax.

Fay couldn't stand the torture. She twisted and writhed under Leah's prolonged tongue-lashing. Fay wanted her own mouth nursing and sucking on Leah's breasts. Fay began unbuttoning Leah's blouse. She reached under Leah's large cups and pulled her breasts free. Fingering Leah's nipples, Fay felt them growing hard and erect under her flicking nails.

As Leah began breathing faster, causing her heavy breasts to rise and fall provocatively, she sat back and quickly finished removing her riding outfit. A moment later, Leah bent back to her task between Fay's spread thighs. Fay stroked Leah's shoulders and ran her hands around her body to cup Leah's breasts again. Fay liked the feeling of stroking and massaging Leah's firm tits. It was like a narcissistic trip fondling Leah's body, so similar in appearance were they. Fay almost had the feeling she was making love to herself.

With the gearshift still in her ass, Fay crawled over Leah's body so her face was above Leah's pussy. Leah worked herself around on her back, holding the shaft of the gearshift and continuing to drive it in and out of Fay's asshole. They began eating at each other's cunts, lapping their tongues over their vulvas and stabbing their tongue tips into the pink interiors.

Fay pushed her face hard into Leah's hairy mound and spread Leah's pussy-lips with her mouth, sucking and slurping at the juices. Leah began moaning as Fay quickly brought her to the same state of arousal Fay felt. Nibbling Leah's hard clitoris caused Leah to writhe with violent contortions as she spread her thighs wider and pulled Fay's head tighter against her pussy.

Fay relished the rich, musky aroma of Leah's moist cunt. She tasted the succulence of her pussy and licked the insides of her thighs. She felt Leah responding and reaching that point of arousal that would soon have her screaming in ecstasy. Sucking and lapping her tongue harder over Leah's quivering pussy-lips, Fay arched her back and rocked back and forth as the gearshift knob continued ramming between her sphincter.

Fay felt her climax close to exploding. She nursed hungrily at Leah's cunt, nibbling her erect clitoris and bathing her entire mound until Leah's dark cunt hair was plastered to her body. Fay rocked back and forth in her effort to bring them both to climax. The need for sensual release was like an urgent summons. Fay literally devoured Leah's pussy, sucking and lapping with a feverish intensity.

They reached a climax at the same time. Fay stopped sucking Leah pussy just long enough to scream, "I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" And then she gobbled into Leah's climaxing cunt with unbelievable passion.

They waited in the car for dark before pulling back onto the road. They passed the time working out a plan to get even with Erik. Fay didn't see how it would work, but Leah insisted with Roger's help they would be able to manage it. It was a plan that would take a long time to accomplish what they wanted. Leah insisted that would be the fun of it. Still, as they drove back toward the house Fay had fled from earlier, Fay felt a growing sense of apprehension.


The room Leah had Fay wait in was like a dungeon. Below the first floor and separated from the rest of the basement, the room had no detectable door and was entered by lifting a hidden door in the floor of a tool shed beside the house. A single light bulb was suspended from the ceiling. The walls were rough concrete. Chains were embedded in all four walls. The cell was the size of a small bedroom.

Fay heard the door opening above her and heard Erik's voice complaining that he'd never known the room existed. Fay pressed herself against the back wall so she would not be seen. She watched Erik step onto the ladder and begin to climb down into the room. Erik didn't see Fay until he stepped off the last rung of the ladder. Roger came down the ladder next, followed by Leah.

"Well, there she is," Leah said. "I told you I caught her. What do you want to do to punish her for running away?"

Erik looked around the dungeon, obviously uncomfortable in such a dark, dirty-looking environment. "I sure don't want to fuck her down here. Why did you bring her here?"

Roger moved behind Erik as Leah answered his question. "Because she needs to be taught a few things and this is the place to change a person's mind about what they've been doing. Could you stand to stay down here for any length of time?"

Erik shuddered visibly and smiled. "No. You're right. This was the perfect place to bring her. Why did you give her clothes back to her?"

Leah shrugged. "I guess I was too lenient with her. Take your clothes off, Fay. Hurry! Don't keep Erik waiting."

Fay started to protest. When was Roger going to use the chloroform on Erik? But when she saw the look in Leah's eyes, Fay decided to go along with her instructions. Fay dropped all her clothes on the floor and stood there naked while Erik leered triumphantly at her.

"So what punishment do you have in mind for her?" Leah asked again.

"She should be whipped for starters. And then she should stay down here until she's learned to obey. I think maybe she should be kept on bread and water for a few days too."

"Is that all you think she deserves?" Leah asked. "What about making her fuck Rex some more? She hardly even got a taste of your dog's cock."

Erik nodded his head. "Yes. We can do that too. I also want her kept spread-eagled to the wall chains when she's not being fucked."

"Now you're beginning to sound like the Erik I know," Leah said, encouraging him to list other ways to punish Fay. "I'll treat her anyway you want me to."

"She should be gagged just in case she tried to scream and attract attention."

"I'll gag her if you want, but it wouldn't matter if she did scream because no one could hear her down here." Leah moved close to Erik. "Why don't you make her give you a blow job to start things off?"

"I wouldn't even want to take my cock out in a place like this."

Leah circled Erik's waist with her arms and pressed against his cock with her body. Immediately, Roger took out the metal cylinder from his back pocket and unscrewed the cap. Taking out the chloroformed handkerchief, he quickly reached around Erik's head and pressed it to his nose and mouth. Erik tried to jerk away, but Roger held his head while Leah held his waist. Fay rushed to help.

It took less time than Fay had imagined to put Erik completely to sleep. Fay could not believe it had been so easy. Erik was no more difficult to handle than a child. Leah explained it was because it only took a couple of breaths of chloroform to take the fight out of someone.

They stretched Erik out on the cement floor and stripped away his clothes. Fay could not hide the feeling of contempt she had for him. He had treated her like an animal instead of a person. She felt an exciting rush of energy knowing that her time had come to give tit for tat. Stretching out Erik's limbs, they padlocked the chains to his wrists and ankles.

And then they left him alone, turning out the light and pulling up the ladder. Roger leaned the ladder against the inside shed wall. Leah sent Roger into town for supplies.

"Why does Roger do everything you tell him?" Fay asked when he was gone.

"I put Roger through the same thing we're going to do to Erik. Roger just happened to be the type that trained easily. Erik may take some doing, but we have lots of time. There's no reason I can think of ever to let Erik out of the dungeon. We could keep him down there for years if we wanted to. No one would ever know. It would be impossible for anyone to ever find him. No one knows about the room under the shed except you and Roger and me."

The idea of having Erik to torture as long as she wanted appealed to Fay. "I'd like to force him to be my own personal slave," Fay said bitterly.

Leah laughed. "We'll start the process later tonight when Erik wakes up."

Fay could hardly stand the wait. The idea of using Erik to satisfy her own sexual fantasies kept her aroused all evening as she waited for Leah to say it was time. Fay couldn't make up her mind what she wanted to make Erik do for her first. Finally Leah and Fay returned to the shed and opened the door. Fay went down the ladder.

"Aren't you coming?" she asked, looking back up.

Leah shook her head. "He's all yours. Enjoy yourself."

Fay turned her attention to Erik, who was leaning against one of the walls, his arms and legs spread out beside him. He was staring at her with shocked amazement.

"Bitch!" he yelled. "Let me out of here!"

"I'll let you out when you show that you'll cooperate with what I want you to do."

"And what's that?"

"Eat me." The words came out before Fay realized what she had said, but it seemed a good way to get started. "Yes, that's what I want. I want you on your knees in front of me with your tongue lapping over my cunt."

"Let me out of here first," Erik pleaded. "Then I'll do anything you want."

"You've got it wrong. You'll do anything I want first. And then maybe, just maybe, I'll let you out of here."

Fay lifted her skirt and pulled her panties off. Holding her skirt above her hips, she spread her thighs and ordered Erik to crawl over to her.

The chains were just long enough that Erik could kneel in front of Fay. He hesitated for only a moment and then pressed his face into Fay's crotch and began lapping his tongue up Fay's pussy slit, separating her vulva and flicking over her clitoris. Fay felt his tongue quickly bringing her cunt to life. Circling her fingers in his hair, Fay pulled Erik's head hard against her mound.

"Lick me real good," she ordered.

Fay felt a sense of power greater than anything she had ever felt before. Having Erik kneeling in front of her and doing what she ordered him to do was like an aphrodisiac. She felt her arousal growing with surprising speed in her cunt. Erik's tongue stabbed deeply into her slit, licking out the juices that were already beginning to flow.

"That's it," Fay encouraged. "Keep it up. Eat me out like your life depended on it because it might. Suck my cunt till you've drunk all my juices. I want to feel your tongue buried in my pussy. Make your tongue feel like a cock. Oh, oh, oh! Yes! Keep it up!"

Erik needed little encouragement once he got started. He sucked at Fay's cunt and pressed his nose against her clit. Fay pushed Erik onto his back and then straddled his face with her thighs, squatting down so her pussy covered his mouth and lips. His cock was already becoming erect. Fay leaned forward and sucked his red knob between her lips.

The squalor of their surroundings added to Fay's excitement. She liked the idea of being the boss and forcing Erik to service her in a place that he originally had scorned. Now he was sucking and nursing at her pussy like it was the tastiest piece of meat in the world.

Fay knew Erik was doing it only to get out of the dungeon, but she didn't care. She was getting the benefit. And it was only the beginning. She could make it last as long as she wanted. She could make Erik do anything she wanted. He might not realize it yet, but she had plans for him. She would make Erik suffer for all the things he had done to her.

Fay spread her thighs wider and pulled harder on Erik's hair as he sucked and slurped between her pussy-lips. Fay turned around and pulled Erik's mouth against her ass.

"Suck me back there," she ordered, bending over to spread her buttocks.

Fay kept her fingers in Erik's hair and pulled his mouth hard against her anus. She felt his tongue timidly begin to lap over her puckered asshole. It felt wet and hot against her flesh.

"That's it," she encouraged. "Lick my butt. Eat it up. Stick your tongue inside."

Erik tried to satisfy her, but Fay made it plain that he was doing a poor job. She refused to let him know that she was being aroused to a state of passion she had never known before.

"Put your tongue in deeper." Fay bent farther over to spread her ass-cheeks even wider. "Get your nose into it, Erik. Show me you like what you're doing."

Erik made grunting noises as he feasted between Fay's firm buttocks. Fay ground her ass back into Erik's face. She felt his tongue splashing over her asshole and down to her pussy. He nibbled at Fay's cunt-lips as she bent even farther to bring her pussy within easy reach. The chains around Erik's wrists rattled as he caressed his hands up and down Fay's creamy thighs.

Showing the flexibility of an acrobat, Fay bent forward until she could reach Erik's cock between her legs. Fay gripped the base of his shaft in her right hand and began milking his cock, pulling upward until his foreskin covered his purple knob and then pushing down to make his cock as hard and filled with blood as possible. With her left hand, Fay massaged Erik's balls, stroking and fondling them to encourage a build-up of cum.

Fay's climax was quickly drawing near. She felt it building up in her cunt, ready to explode at any second. But this time she wanted to prolong it, to make it last as long as she could. Pushing Erik's head away. Fay straightened up and looked up at Leah, who was watching from above.

"Leah, throw down your riding crop. Erik is not satisfying me properly. I think he needs a little lesson to encourage him to eat me better."

Leah laughed and disappeared from the entrance. A moment later, her leather whip dropped to the floor.

"That should take care of him," Leah said.

Fay picked up the whip and slapped it against her palm a couple of times. Erik crawled whimpering against the wall.

"You can't get away from me," Fay said, stepping forward and drawing back the whip. "I'm going to teach you to obey."

The short whip hissed through the air and landed with a loud crack against Erik's chest. Fay drew back the whip and struck again and again, kissing the leather against Erik's flesh with sadistic satisfaction.

Fay felt the same rush of pleasure she had felt when she had Gus tied to the bed and was dominating him. Only this time it was even better because she had Erik captured for as long as she wanted. Fay criss-crossed Erik's chest and stomach with the riding crop, whipping and lashing the leather against his flesh with carefully aimed strokes.

Erik screamed and cursed, but there was nothing he could do to stop his punishment. Fay kept beating Erik with the lash until her arms were tired. The most amazing thing about the punishment was the way his cock remained hard and throbbing through the entire whipping. It looked like the lashing was bringing Erik to a more intense state of arousal than he had been in when Fay was masturbating him.

When she was rested, she resumed torturing Erik with the whip. Erik rolled and twisted on the floor, but it only exposed different parts of his body to the whip. His cries became louder and louder until Fay stopped and again called up to Leah.

"He needs a gag. I'm tired of listening to his complaints."

Leah had to return to the house for the gag. Fay returned to punishing Erik while she waited. Crack! Crack! The sound of the whip kissing against Erik's flesh caused Fay's arousal to surge with feverish passion. Crack! Crack! Welts criss-crossed Erik's flesh like a road map of punishment. Fay began stroking her own pussy as she continued torturing Erik.

Leah returned and dropped down a harness gag that fit over Erik's head. Getting it on was difficult since Erik kept twisting and turning his head to get away, but the chains made escape impossible and eventually, Fay managed to lock the straps behind Erik's head. The mouthpiece was made of hard rubber, and once it was in place, it was impossible for Erik to talk. It didn't keep him from moaning and thrashing around each time the whip kissed into his flesh, however.

Fay enjoyed seeing Erik squirming and writhing under her lashing. She felt a sense of justice in what she was doing. If their situations were reversed, she knew she would receive no mercy from Erik. The whipping continued for a long time. And when Fay finally stopped, she was more aroused than she had ever been before. Juice ran from her pussy in a copious flow that dripped in thick drops down the insides of her thighs.

Erik lay exhausted on his back, his cock standing at attention in the largest erection Fay had ever seen him achieve. Fay tossed the whip against the far wall and straddled Erik's knees. She held one of his balls in each of her hands and bent forward and sucked his throbbing cock-head into her mouth. She tasted the oozing, clear fluid dripping from the slit in his pulsing head.

Fay relaxed her throat muscles and forced her head down over his cock to take his knob all the way into her throat. She felt his shaft sliding over her tongue and working its way into her throat. Fay pressed down until her nose was buried in Erik's dark pubic hairs. She massaged and tickled his balls with her fingers. Bobbing her head up and down, Fay worked Erik's cock in and out of her throat, feeling the slick surface of his shaft massaging and caressing her mouth and cheeks.

Erik moaned under her as she continued tantalizing his cock and stroking his scrotum with her fingers. Fay sucked and gulped at his cock faster and faster as she felt his balls drawing themselves up to explode their heavy load of cum into her mouth. But Fay wanted his cum flooding into her pussy. She lifted her head from his cock and quickly slid up on his body until she could position his cock at the entrance to her cunt.

Fay worked Erik's knob between her pussy-lips and lowered her hips, feeling his burning cock working its way up her cunt. Fay ground her hips forward until his knob pressed against her cervix. She felt her pussy stretched to maximum capacity as she thrust her hips forward and back, driving Erik's cock in and out of her cunt.

And then she felt the first gush of Erik's cum spurting into her pussy. Immediately Fay exploded in climax. The feeling of Erik's burning cum blasting into her cum gave Fay the feeling of limitless power. She had ordered him to cum inside her. She had drawn out his life force at her bidding.

Every nerve in her body tingled and surged with sensual energy. Her climax exploded with such force and intensity that she thought she would pass out. She flayed her hips forward and back as fast and hard as she could. Erik's cum filled her pussy sleeve and oozed back out around the sides of his cock, dripping down Fay's thighs and rolling into Erik's forest of hair.

Only when Erik's cock began to grow soft did she cease grinding her pussy back and forth. Slowly she raised her hips and felt Erik's cock drop with a soft plop from her pussy.

"That was good, Erik," Fay said, stroking his chest and letting the cum drain from her cunt. "From now on you're going to learn to serve me just like I served you. The change will be good for you."

Erik moaned and struggled to roll Fay off, but he was too exhausted and drained to succeed. And finally he gave up the effort and lay submissively as Fay continued telling him how he would have to behave.

"You'll eat me any time I want you to. I'll use you to draw my bath and fix my meals. And when I don't want anything from you, you'll learn to stay out of my way." Fay laughed and stood up. She nudged his balls with her right foot. "Keep those in good shape because I plan to make a lot of use of them. You thought I was going to make you a fortune with those movies you took of me but it won't be anything compared to what you're going to do for me. You'll see. Leah explained it all to me. Conditioning is all it takes." Fay turned and climbed up the ladder.

She had made a beginning. Tomorrow she would start the rest of the training. Fay took Leah's waiting hand. They left the shed and walked into the house.


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