Chained cheerleader

One need only tune in the television set during prime time an any evening of the week to witness a seemingly endless barrage of violence in the form of "entertainment". Whether it is cops pursuing robbers, or cowboys gunning down Indians, the pattern is invariably the same. The fact that no one is really hurt, at least physically, is also common to them all.

But real violence does exist, and real people, good and bad, are maimed and killed in the streets and homes of America. There are criminals in our midst, people who would steal or rape or kill at the slightest provocation, people who have no respect whatsoever for human life.

Debbie Connors is the victim of three such people. Innocent of any crime against man, she nevertheless finds herself tortured and faced with death because she has offended the general manager of a pro football team.

CHAINED CHEERLEADER is the shocking story of a young girl's ordeal -- an ordeal that any of us might face one day.


"Would you ever pose in the nude?" the man asked, his eyes raking over Debbie's prominent tits. She stirred uncomfortably in the chair, wishing for the first time she had worn a bra. The tiny buttons of her nipples hardened visibly at the question. She tried to will them down into their normal soft state, but the more she tried, the harder they became and the more obvious her boobs became.

"No, sir," she said weakly. "I don't believe in such things."

"Good," Mr. Bradford said, checking off another spot on the long questionnaire. "We've had bad problems with the other girls posing naked for those skin magazines. Other teams have dismissed their cheerleaders after too much bad publicity. We want no such thing with the Condors. We're an up-front, moral football team and we intend to maintain that attitude."

"Yes, sir," Debbie said again. She nervously brushed back a strand of her long, lustrous blonde hair. The girl had been sitting on the uncomfortable hardwood chair for over twenty minutes. The interview seemed interminable, but she was willing to go through hell to get this job.

Or non job, really. Cheerleader with the Condors didn't pay very well. Only about fifteen dollars a game, if the rumors were true. But so many of the girls had used their public exposure to go on into a modeling career, Debbie decided she would try it. Besides, all the way through high school, she had always wanted to be a cheerleader. They seemed to end up with all the burly, virile football players. She had been too shy then to try out, but now, with the added bonus of maybe becoming a model to burn away her shyness, she would do just about anything.

Just about.

Debbie was glad that Mr. Bradford didn't want her posing nude. She saw all those magazines of course, but she always wondered how any woman could get up the nerve to bare her all for millions and millions of men.

"One last thing, Miss Connors. You've got to fit into the cheerleading costume. Please try this one on."

The man tossed the skimpy costume across the desk. For a moment Debbie wondered where the rest of it was. She mentally pieced it all together and decided this was it. A g-string to cover her snatch and a tiny little jacket that would barely cover her ample tits and that was all.

"This is all?" she asked, her voice quavering just a little. She was a moral girl and didn't know if she would like being seen in public wearing so little.

"No. There are knee-high boots that come with it. But we have to buy those special, and only for the ones who make the squad. Well," he said, his eyes cold and probing, "put it on."

"Uh, where do I change?" Her green eyes darted around the tiny office. There didn't seem to be any dressing room visible.

"Hell, you can change into it here. I'll turn my back."

His words hardly reassured her, yet she did want the job. She glanced at the man just as he swiveled around in his chair. Debbie thought she could trust Mr. Bradford. After all, he was the general manager of the entire team and that had tote a responsible position.

Her hands shook slightly as she reached out and took the skimpy costume. With sudden resolution, she began stripping off her blouse. Ample tits spilled out and bounced slightly, swaying to and fro in front of her chest. The red nipples were still embarrassingly large, but the man's back was turned. He couldn't see her obvious arousal. She cupped her tits and tried to pour them into the small jacket. They crushed flat against her chest, but she managed to button up the front of the vest.

"Do I have to..." she started.

"All of the costume," the man snapped. "And hurry. I have an appointment in less than ten minutes. I have to decide if you're the right one for this job or not. Other girls are waiting, you know?"

She knew. She had been damned lucky to get such an early appointment with Mr. Bradford. She began unzipping her skirt. The tall, lithe blonde gracefully stepped from her skirt and kicked it away. With a sinuous wiggle, she pulled down her pantyhose.

For no reason at all, she blushed furiously. She looked at the back of the man's head. He hadn't turned to spy on her. It was just her own unease at being more than half naked that was playing on her nerves. She quickly got out of her shocking pink bikini briefs, her blonde pussy hair crinkly and damp. Pulling up the g-string, she wondered if she might not have to shave off some of that snatch patch.

Tiny blonde hairs peeked out over the top of the tiny triangle of cloth. She tried to push her pussy fur back down but it refused to obey her command. Rather than keep the man waiting any longer, she finally said, "okay, Mr. Bradford. I'm ready."

He spun around and his eyes went wild. They couldn't stop anywhere. They danced from her prominent tits to the deep canyon between them to the trim waist and depression of her belly button to her flaring, womanly hips; from her fleshy ass to her thighs velvety, milky and smooth. Tapering legs finished off the picture.

From her vantage point, Debbie could see Mr. Bradford's crotch. A huge lump grew there. She didn't know if she should be happy about that or not. She felt vulnerable, almost naked, and totally uneasy about this situation.

Still she wanted the job. It would put her on nationwide television and she would be discovered. She was tall enough to be a high fashion model. The only problem she saw was that she was well-fleshed, and the super-skinny types usually got the modeling jobs.

Mr. Bradford didn't seem to mind having ample tits and ass. His cock tried to turn cartwheels in his pants.

"Very good, Miss Connors. Very good indeed. You've got the job, if you still want it."

Debbie almost backed out as the man slowly licked his lips. She had heard about casting couches and how it was almost impossible for a model to get high-paying jobs without balling men from the advertising agencies. But Mr. Bradford had beer so firm about her not posing nude for any magazines, she knew he wouldn't proposition her.

And he didn't. She breathed a sigh of relief as she saw him signing his name on the bottom of her contract. She hastily signed after the man. Now she was a member of the Condors, too. But when he looked up at her, a cold chili raced up in spine. The look wasn't one of an employer to an employee. It was leering. Well he demanded. "Get out of that uniform I still got a couple more chicks coming to try out."

"Turn your back," she said weakly. The girl somewhat knew that it wasn't going to work that way this time. And it didn't.

"Look, baby, you're going to be sharing a dressing room with fifty other women, with people coming and going all the time. Some of those people passing through are going to be men. Tough shit. That's the way it works. This is show biz and modesty has no place in it. Do you want me to tear up the contract or are you going to get that costume off?"

The way he said it told Debbie that he wasn't kidding. And what he said was plausible. She knew that big time models sometimes had to put up with dozens of buyers moving through their dressing rooms. There wasn't any privacy at all.

She began unfastening the tiny vest, conscious of his eyes on her. They seemed to devour every single square inch of her naked flesh. She blushed furiously but the man didn't turn his eyes away. If anything, he stared even more.

She tried not to hurry, but she was soon fumbling as she got out of the g-string. Conscious of her naked pussy, she chastely turned to one side. As she bent over, she was aware that this was almost as bad. Her ass was naked, too. The girl wanted to cry but continued until she was safely dressed. The man hadn't quite broken out into a cold sweat watching her, but it was close. He pushed a strand of his hair back nervously, and finally relaxed in his chair.

Debbie could see that he had pulled out his prick and was slowly stroking its turgid length. The purple bell-shaped glans was pulsing hotly and the entire shaft was bright red from jerking off. She backed toward the door, saying, "Will there be anything else, Mr. Bradford?" She hoped the answer would be "no", and it was.

Debbie heaved a sigh of relief when she got to the other side of the door. The feel of the wooden panel cold and secure into her back told her that it was all okay now. She had survived and she had gotten the job!

She floated out of the office, her mind soaring with delight. She hardly knew what path she followed through the densely packed offices and the deserted concrete pillars of the stadium.

Debbie stopped, her reverie broken by a sharp gasp. She cocked her ear, listening more intently. She thought at first someone was in pain. The sound came again louder. It was a moan, but not a moan of pain. It was stark pleasure. Curious, she explored the empty area behind some of the concrete posts.

There, in plain sight, was a couple locked in a passionate embrace. From their position, she could see instantly why the woman was moaning so loudly. A cock the size of a telephone pole rammed repeatedly into her tiny cunt. The woman had her legs in the air, wrapped around the powerful man's waist. This wasn't any casual rape. The woman was enjoying the hell out of this public fucking.

"Oh, Ben, Ben! Do it harder! Fuck me with that swollen cock of yours till I can't take it any more! Fuck meeeeee!"

Her body writhed, her hips jerked and hunched up to meet the inward thrusts of the mighty prick. Debbie was unsure what she should do. She had just escaped from a blatantly sexual situation in the general manager's office. If she had asked Mr. Bradford if he wanted, a piece of ass, she knew what his answer would have been.

He'd have screwed her for the next twenty four hours.

But to come out and see this startled her. She wasn't from any sheltered home but to see two people fucking in the open took her entirely by surprise. Debbie wanted to turn and leave them alone to screw their brains out, but something stopped her. The sight of a man and woman fucking turned her on. She had been getting both scared and hot while she had been with Mr. Bradford. Now there was nothing but total arousal stirring within her.

She felt her pussy begin to froth and churn with desire. How she wished it were her cunt spread wide open for that hard driving, virile cock! She sobbed softly at the sight of the powerful thrusts, the hairy ass tightening and spearing the prick directly into the softly yielding cunt.

The squishing noises told how hard the fucking was. Debbie knew that the friction in the other girl's cunt must be unbearable. The heat would be seeping into her belly and feeling like a puddle of melted lead. It would spread slowly, burning as it went on until the entire body was one giant, quivering, raw nerve ending capable of giving only one sensual pleasure.

"Ben, I need more! Fuck me harder! God, Ben, you're such a fucker. So huge. You fill me up and almost tear me apart. God, oh God, God!"

The man fucked with smoother strokes and more power, driving deeper and deeper with each stroke. Debbie couldn't stand it any more. She knelt down so that the gaping pussy and the cock splitting the pussy lips wide open were at her eye level. She could see every lurid detail.

The cunt lips were folding deep into the pussy as the prick raced up into the superheated fuck tunnel. Frothy cunt oils boiled out as the powerful piston of cockflesh retreated. The huge shaft of manmeat gleamed silver with cunt juice.

Debbie reached down and hiked up her skirt to stroke her slender fingers across her panty clad crotch. She hadn't bothered putting on her pantyhose. The idea of having Mr. Bradford watch that tedious procedure bad frightened her a little more than she had cared to admit. But she had put on her panties. Now her fingers worked under the edge of those pink bikini briefs and found hot cunt lips.

She immediately thrust one of her fingers all the way into her pussy. The feel of that finger wiggling around inside her cunt drove her out of her mind. She was no virgin; she had fooled around a little but not too much. That was something special to do with someone she cared for. Now she was almost sorry she hadn't fucked every stud that had come along. The sight of the dark-haired chick and the mountain of muscle fucking her turned her on and awoke hidden desires in her belly.

"More, Ben darling, fuck me moooore!" the woman sobbed. Her head was rocking from side to side, a dark cascade of hair flying all around until it appeared to be a raven colored halo. The mask of grim pleasure on her face told of her intense arousal. She was on the brink of coming.

Debbie finger fucked herself even faster. She tried to do it with the same rhythm that Ben was fucking the other girl. That way, she could almost imagine herself to be the one on the receiving end of that mighty battering ram of cock. She sobbed and moaned herself as she began to diddle her own clit. Her clit popped up and demanded all the attention she could give it.

She gave it all she could take.

Debbie came a few seconds before the woman getting fucked. But her come wasn't anything as intense; she could tell from the way the other woman's body tensed and then shook like a leaf in a high wind. The ecstasy running amok in that trim body wasn't felt by every woman. It was reserved for only the most passionate and the ones who had been expertly fucked.

"God in heaven, Sherry," the man said, panting harshly. "It feels like your cunt's going to mash my pecker flat. I never felt a chick whose cunt could squeeze down on me like that. It... it's great!"

"Oh, shut up, fucker, and fuck me! I need more of this sweet flicking cock of yours. Don't talk! Aahh! I-I want it all and I want it now!"

"So you want more, huh? Okay, you sex hungry bitch. I'm going to fuck you so hard it'll split you all the way to the chin!"

The man reached out a huge fist and grabbed the girl's slender wrists. He easily held both her hands in the circle of his one. Pushing till she was completely stretched out, her hands pinned high above her head, he began fucking so fast that Debbie saw only a blur of hairy ass.

The woman getting the cock stuffed all the way up her cunt screamed. Debbie couldn't tell if it was pain or pleasure. But from the way the girl's legs began to make butterfly motions, up and down on either side of the man's huge body, she guessed it was pleasure. She knew that as her knees went wide on either side, the woman's pussy would contract. As the man pulled out of her tight cunt, the girl's legs up and rubbed along the sides of his body.

Debbie could hardly stand it. She wanted to race over and shove the man off his perch to get to his prick herself. The girl had never felt like this before. But then she had never been walking along a deserted stadium and seen two people fucking their brains out like this, either. It was something new and startling to her.

Her finger worked back and forth in her tight pussy until her entire hand was soaked with her thick lubricants. She added another finger to try and fool herself into thinking it was a cock fucking deeply into her soft pussy. This sent electric tremors up and down her spine, but it didn't give her the same feeling that being plugged full of hot, meaty prick would.

How she envied the girl just a few feet away! She was getting all the prick any human could possibly want and she was still begging for more! Debbie knew that the dark haired girl couldn't possibly be aware of what she was saying. The joy of the fucking had already robbed her of her powers of thought. She was babbling incoherently. And loving every single inch of that hard fucking prick surging into her tight, hot clit.

"I'm cominnnng!" she shrieked. Her body shivered as if she were cold, and then she screamed again louder, more insistently. The man fucking her didn't even slow down. The sounds appeared to mean nothing to him.

Debbie could see the man's balls wetly slapping against the dark haired girl's ass. Slowly, surely, the man's balls tightened up more and more. She heard him grunt with the strain of keeping back the fiery tide of his jism.

The finger thrusting in and out of her pussy seemed so inadequate to her now. She wanted cock! But all she could do was watch.

It wasn't quite the same thing, but it took the edge off her rampaging emotions. She felt high over getting the cheerleading job. She felt uptight over the way the general manager had been ogling by, then jerking off as she dressed. The obvious sexual implications weren't wasted on her. She was strung to a high sexual tension.

And now this.

She saw the man's massively muscled body begin to shake as if he were some kind of weakling. Thickly muscled arms quivered, and then he bellowed like a wounded bull. He slammed hard into the woman's pussy and lifted her entirely off the bench on which they fucked. He came.

Debbie could see the creamy jizz fill the cunt and then begin to overflow. The man didn't stop his powerful fucking for a single instant. His tempo grew ragged and jerky, but he kept fucking until his prick dissolved in the heat and pressure of the girl's cunt.

The spying girl's fingers pulled and jerked and twisted inside the confines of her tight cunt. She felt a tiny surge of desire and then she came. But it didn't match that which the dark-haired girl had experienced. As she watched, Debbie saw the other girl continue to have one come after another. It scented fantastic that anyone could get off like she was, but seeing was believing.

Debbie caught her breath as she continued to finger fuck herself, then came again. She finally gave up. The huge man was straightening and would soon be putting his clothes back on. She didn't want him to see her. He looked like he could be a mean son of a bitch if angered.

And Debbie didn't want to anger him. She sighed and silently drifted to a spot behind one of the concrete posts to watch some more. The girl knew she would be unseen here.

"God," the man said, "that was one hell of a fine fuck! I'm glad you came along, Sherry. You're a prime piece of ass."

"You've got such a way with words, Ben," the dark-haired girl said, slowly putting her clothing on. "But I put up with that because you're dynamite with that cock. And hung! God, you're hung like a bull elephant."

"They don't have me on that front line for nothing," the man boasted.

Debbie knew then that the man had to be one of the Condors. He was one of the football players she would be out there rooting for, trying to get to put out superhuman effort. If his performance here were any indication of the entire team, they were unbeatable!


Debbie waited until the raven haired Sherry came out from behind the concrete post. The urgings deep in her belly simply wouldn't go away. She had to find out about the girl and that bull of a man who had fucked her so expertly.

"Uh, pardon me," Debbie began, then blushed furiously. She didn't have the foggiest idea how she was going to approach the questions she wanted so desperately to ask.

"Yes," said Sherry, still settling her clothing. Then she noticed that Debbie was blushing. She laughed and said, "You saw Ben and me fucking didn't you? Yeah, you sure did!"

Debbie could only nod her head. Finally, she managed to stutter, "I... I didn't mean to spy honest! But I heard the noise and I went to look and I saw you and Ben and..."

"And you saw more than you intended, huh? Don't worry about it, kid," said the older girl. "That kind of thing happens all the time around here. Hell, with big bruisers like the guys on the football team and all us sexy cheerleaders, it's got to happen. But look, do me a favor and don't mention it. Were not supposed to fraternize with the players on the team as the expression goes."

"Fraternize? It looked like you were..." Debbie stopped in mid-sentence and blushed again.

"Hey, you are a shy one, aren't you? Yeah, Ben and I have been fucking each other all season. Course, this is only the second game, but what with all the pre-season stuff, it's been pretty good." She unconsciously began to run her long fingers over her snatch, remembering the long cock and the hard fucking.

"I'm on the cheerleaders' squad, too," said Debbie. "I was just hired. In fact, I just came out of Mr. Bradford's office when I saw you and Ben. But don't worry; I won't say a word."

Sherry studied the new cheerleader and shook her head. "You're only about eighteen, aren't you?"

"Yeah," Debbie said defensively, "but what's that got to do with anything."

"Take some advice from an old timer. Don't get mixed up with Bradford. That motherfucker is bad news."

"Old timer? You're not more than twenty-one."

"Twenty. But the two year difference might as well be a century. Round here, you learn quick. Like who to put out for and who to avoid. Bradford's on the no no list."

"He seemed like a nice enough guy."

"The hell you say! But let old Sherry clue you in. On our way to the locker room, of course. We've got practice in about twenty minutes." The dark haired girl put her arm around Debbie's shoulders and guided her down the deserted corridors. Debbie felt a warmth for this open girl, more so than she had for Bradford. But still, Sherry just might have something against the man. He had seemed to be an all right sort.

"And in here," Sherry said, "are our luxurious, posh, and otherwise scummy quarters." She made a sweeping gesture with her arm, meant to encompass the entire locker room.

It stunk. As she made a face, Debbie held back the desire to sneeze. The room was dusty and hadn't been cleaned in a month of Sundays. Still, those cold, harsh metal lockers and the few lovely girls milling around in various stages of undress pulled her like a magnet pulls iron. This was the big time. She would be out in front of nationwide cameras. Soon showing her stuff and she would have the chance to be discovered. Maybe she wouldn't even work as a high fashion model she might jump all the way up into the film world. Or television. To have her very own series on television!

And all from a humble start as a cheerleader for a second rate football team. It could happen this was America, the land of opportunity.

"Where's my locker?" she asked. "I'd better get dressed..."

"So eager," said Sherry, shaking her head. "You'll learn."

"If I can find somebody like Ben, I'm sure I'll learn a lot," she laughed. "But I need a costume, too. Where do I get it?"

"Check with the equipment manager," said Sherry, pointing. "And get a move on. Bradford likes to come through. You should have your entire costume on before then."

Debbie hardly heard the other girl warning. She was in a trance, enthralled with the idea of hitting it big like this. Cheerleader today, movie star tomorrow. It was possible. And it would happen; she just knew it.

She took the skimpy costume from the bored man behind the grate and moved to find herself an empty locker. She was a little uneasy again about stripping and putting the tiny costume on, but this time it wasn't so bad. There were only the other cheerleaders around other girls. Debbie had to suck in her breath when she saw so much naked flesh.

And beautiful naked flesh at that. She had assumed that she would be the standout on the team. She was lovely and she knew it. But these girls at least equaled her firm tits and flaring ass and tapering legs. They moved with easy grace. No trace of sag marred any of their bouncing, jostling boobs. And none of them seemed the least bit self-conscious about wandering around naked.

Debbie found herself staring. She couldn't help it. She watched the clean, white flash of legs moving swiftly, lithely. Pussies came and went, securely positioned in the slingshot like pouches of their g-strings. Tits were mashed down flat and held in while the tiny vests were fastened. Knee high boot finished the picture.

Debbie realized she would be late for practice if she dawdled any more. She looked around one last time to see if anyone was watching her. No one paid her the slightest bit of attention. She was only one more naked girl in a sea of absolutely sexy women.

She wiggled into the g-string, marveling at the way it molded itself to her cunt lips. She tried tucking in her pussy fur and found that no matter how much she tried, it always stuck out at the top of the g-string. She sighed. She would have to shave off some of her lovely blonde pussy fleece. The singular triangular piece in back of her fitted firmly into the crack of her ass. With every movement it grated against her skin.

But it wasn't uncomfortable. If anything, the feel of it moving slowly over her naked flesh turned her on. She knew it had to be the tightness of the g-string. It pressed into her sex slit and on to her clitoris. The blonde just hoped that she wouldn't embarrass herself when she got in front of people. She had the horrible vision of actually coming, due to the feel of her costume.

She sighed and hung her blouse up in the tiny locker. The vest was something else. Tight, almost too tight, she was wiggling into it when she heard harsh breathing behind her. Startled she sees Mr. Bradford standing and watching her every movement.

"Mr. Bradford!" she exclaimed. "What are you doing here?"

"Trying to hurry you up, you dumb bitch. The others are already on the field. Get that ass of yours in gear or I'll whip it all the way out onto the sidelines."

His words were harsh but the way his eyes moved over her body was obscene. She felt as if her entire body were naked to his lustful gaze. "Whoa what about my boots?" she stammered, trying to cover her confusion.

"Later. Just get a pair of tennis shoes from equipment."

"Mr. Bradford," she said firmly, "get the hell out of here while I dress. You're not supposed to be in here."

"The hell, I'm not. Remember, I'm the general manager. Besides that, you, women types fought to get women reporters into the team locker room. That cuts both ways, bitch. If women can get in and get a cheap thrill seeing naked. Jocks, then there's nothing wrong with a man going into a women's locker room. That's the law. Now shake that ass!"

Debbie was stunned. What he said was true, but she had never thought that particular ruling would ever affect her. She wasn't a reporter and had no desire to go see a bunch of sweaty men after a football game. And yet it didn't seem right that Mr. Bradford could come in here and watch her dress, feeling definitely uncomfortable in the costume, grabbed a pair of tennis shoes and hurried out onto the field. The team was going through their calisthenics, and the cheerleaders were groped at one side of the field. Debbie ran over and joined them.

"Did Bradford give you any shit?" asked Sherry, moving up beside Debbie.

The blonde could only shake her head. She was of breath from running and didn't quite trust her voice.

Debbie had thought she would be the beauty of the team of cheerleaders. She was stunned at the sight of so many lovely girls. Not a one wouldn't have turned heads twice on the street. And dressed in such tiny costumes, she wondered if my male in the stadium ever watched the game while the girls we out cheering.

"Good," said Sherry. "And if you run into any trouble with him, just let me know. Okay?"

Debbie didn't have a chance to answer. They formed up lines and began to go through their drills. The practice session was tiring, but she ended up feeling happy about it. Even aroused. The motion of the soft inner lining of the vest across her nipples thrilled her. Every leap made it stroke and caress her tits. The motion of her legs scissoring back and forth, spreading wide with jumps and splits made the tiny g-string rub into her moist flesh. Her pussy lips were actually hard with lust, and she felt the beginnings of dampness welling up inside her.

She was hornier than hell after the workout... She tried to keep her mind off the players on the field. She wondered if they felt the same way after they finished. Somehow, seeing the way they smashed into each other, she doubted it. They were probably bone tired and not wanting anything except going to bed to sleep.

The girl felt a hand on her almost naked ass. Surprised, she turned and saw Bradford standing behind her. As her eyes opened in amazement that he would try such a thing in public, he squeezed down hard on her asscheeks. She squealed in surprise.

"Quiet," he said. "This is going to be little session just between you and me."

"Mr. Bradford, get that damned hand of yours off my butt!"

He smiled, and it was an evil smile. He shook his head as he said, "You don't understand the arrangements here, do you? I hire, I fire. And I fire with malice. Nobody gets a job anywhere if I get nasty about it. You wouldn't want me to do that, would you?"

His hand stroked the smooth flesh of her butt. Fingers probed under the thin band of her g-string and sought the humid crease of her ass. His finger aroused her more than she cared to admit. She was horny from the practice session, with its sexy movements and blatant cheers. But with him? No! "Leave me alone!"

"Suck my cock or you'll be out on the street in five minutes!" he snapped.

The words took her completely by storm. Her emotions rampaging inside her almost drowned her. She didn't have the slightest idea what she should do. She didn't like the man not in the least but he was her boss. And he could fire her. She wanted the job more than she had wanted anything in the entire world. To lose it now would be terrible!

But sucking his cock might be even worse. It would invite him to take future liberties with her.

Her horniness finally won out, that and the desire to continue. She would be discovered, and then she could leave this lousy place. She'd show Mr. Bradford then!

"On your knees," he ordered, seeing the look of submission enter her eyes. He shoved her down until her face was even with his crotch. The huge bulge there told of his hard-on struggling to get free. She reached out and took hold of the zipper, her hands shaking slight.

"Suck, dammit, suck! Now!" He reached down and grabbed a handful of hair. He pulled her face toward, his crotch.

"NO!" she flared. "Not like this. I'm not some sort of animal to be used whenever you feel like it. Fire me and be damned!"

"You're going to suck my cock," he said, his voice level ad low and more menacing than if he had shouted at her.

She glanced around, hoping to find some ally to come to her aid. Sherry, perhaps, or one of the other cheerleaders. They had all seemed like decent enough girls. But even the football team had gone into the showers. She and Bradford were alone in the stadium.

He dragged her out to the middle of the field. Her fright growing, she wondered if he would rape her. He seemed to be capable of anything. If he wanted, he could do anything at all to her and no one would see it. Nothing is quite as lonely as a stadium after a game.

"Suck my cock, dammit, cunt!"

He stood, legs spread wide. His hand kept a firm grip in the back of her hair. He pulled her head toward his groin again, making obscene thrusting motions with his hips.

She gulped hard and quickly pulled down his zipper. His cock leaped out, as eager as a racehorse at the starting gate. She tried to back off but his hand wouldn't let her. She had no choice but to try and get his rocks off as fast as she could. Maybe then he would leave her alone.

"You're a seductively beautiful bitch," he said, his voice the same deadly monotone. "I think I'm going to enjoy the feel of those soft lips sucking my cock. So do it!"

He pulled her lips to the tip of his prick. Hesitantly, she opened her mouth and allowed her tongue to lightly touch the tip of his glans. The bell shaped knob quivered with virile lust. The man was well hung and shouldn't have to resort to such brutality to get a chick to suck him off. In other circumstances, Debbie thought she might have enjoyed this.

But not now. Not with the threat of losing her job and maybe worse hanging over her like a wicked sword.

She took the end of his cock into her mouth and tried to keep from gagging on it. She sucked, slowly at first, then with mounting pressure until her cheeks went hollow under the effort. The man sighed and his hips continued to make their jabbing motions. His prick slid in and out of her lips, making her feel that she was being used.

He jerked harder at the knot of her hair and smashed his prick all the way into her mouth. She felt the rubbery tip of his glans glance off the top of her mouth before plunging down her throat. This time she did choke. She wasn't ready for this.

Besides, she was no Linda Lovelace, capable of taking any man's prick, no matter what the size. This guy's cock was too huge for the blonde girl. She began to struggle to get away, but the strong hand on the back of her head held her firmly to his crotch.

She clawed and grabbed at the back of the man, her fingers grinding into his fleshy ass. He laughed at her.

"What's wrong, bitch? Can't handle a real man's cock? I bet you're used to playing around with all those high school kids. They've all got four-inch peckers. Not a real eight incher like mine!"

She couldn't deny the length or thickness of his prick, but she wasn't able to breathe. She was dying with that cock down her throat. When a black veil of unconsciousness began to draw across her eyes, he jerked his hips back. Air flooded into her tortured lungs, making her tits rise and fall heavily.

Glancing up, she saw the man taking in every single bounce and jiggle of her boobs. He had done it for just that reason. She had actually been hot for cock when this started, but now only hatred burned inside her.

She vowed to make this man regret having fucked around with her. She sucked on his prick as hard as she could. Her tongue flashed out and licked the sensitive underside of his cock. The rough, pink organ darted around, touching all the right places. She was teasing his prick with her tongue and lips and teeth until he would have to come.

"Yeah, baby, that's more like it. You're learning. Hell, I'm a good teacher. Give a cunt a good prick to work with and she can do anything, right?"

His words angered her. She sucked harder, pulling more of his turgid length into her mouth. His cock bucked and danced lustfully against her tongue. She found her lips pressing into the hairy little sac containing, his balls. On impulse, she let her tongue flick out and lightly brush his scrotum. The hairy sac convulsed. She thought he would come then end there. He groaned and pulled her face closer to his balls. The girl began teasing them with her tongue. She could feel the lead heavy jism inside coming to a boil. His heavy nuts lurched and tumbled under her tongue lashing. The more she worked on his balls, the sooner the entire sordid cock sucking would come to an end.

"Go, baby, go! That's the way a woman should work on a man's cock. Do it right, damn you, do it good!"

He shoved his hips forward. She took his balls into her mouth, soft lips caressing the-wrinkled flesh. Gnawing gently, she knew she had supreme power over him. One strong snap of her jaws and she would castrate him. The power went away abruptly when he kicked her in the stomach. It wasn't much of a kick -- more of a shove -- but it sent her tumbling backwards onto her ass.

"What?" she started. Looking up, she saw his towering figure looming above her. Suddenly afraid, she tried to get away. He grabbed her and threw her to the pound at his feet.

"Suck my cock, bitch! And do it right. Any more thought about biting me and I'll kill you."

She didn't know how he had read her mind; maybe the feel of her teeth closing on his balls had done it. She didn't know. All she knew was fear; he was capable of anything. The blonde girl began to suck for all she was worth. The feel of his cock pressing hot and hard against her lips should have thrilled her. The horniness from the practice session should have been eating at her cunt and making her get him stiff enough to fuck her needy cunt. Nothing of the sort happened. Lust was replaced by horror. She could hardly believe this was happening to her.

She just wanted the job of cheerleader. Now she was in the center of a deserted stadium sucking off the manager of the team. She sobbed quietly, but she kept her lips clamped firmly around the end of his cock.

When he began face-fucking her, she almost passed out. This was too far beyond her control. He was the dominant one; he was the one in control of the situation. He could make her do anything he wanted. And he did.

She was forced to suck his cock. There was no enjoyment in his act for the blonde girl. She was his captive. Humiliated, forced to perform in the middle of the empty stadium, she sucked and licked and tongued his cock. As his face-fucking tempo mounted, she felt the friction of his cock against her lips. Normally this turned her on in a big way, but not now. She felt dirty, used, abused. She wanted to die.

She sucked harder, hoping the added suction would get him off in a hurry. She could end it then. The girl tasted the heavy male musk of his aroused, hard-fucking cock and knew it wouldn't be long. The pulsating prick jerked with new life, and then she tasted a bitter drop of pre-come. The fiery tide of his jism couldn't be far behind.

That, at least, would be good. She loved the salty, tangy taste of cum. But the man seemed to read her mind again. He knew the blonde girl would enjoy this. Just as his prick bucked and danced with the fountain of creamy cum, he shoved her flat onto the ground. He came in her face. His spewing prick blasted white hot cum into her lustrous hair. Then, when his prick went limp, he bent down and rubbed her hair into the dirt.

Without another word he stood and walked off, leaving her alone and desolate and crying.


Debbie had to get herself together. She tried to brush out some of the dirt from her hair, but failed. Crying bitterly, she made her way to the locker room. Never had she felt so used, so humiliated. The only consolation was the fact that Bradford hadn't done all this to her in full sight of the team. She didn't know if she could bear the thought of anyone witnessing such utter degradation.

Forced to suck off the general manager! She shivered in reaction to the thought. She wanted this job, she wanted this job BAD but not if she had to put up with shit like this. There were limits. She could get her big break in other places.

She wiped some of the tears from her cheeks and then stopped. What did it matter if they stained her face or not? She would leave the big salty tracks behind. She would wear them as a badge, a symbol of her degradation. She opened her locker and saw her clothing inside. For a moment, she flashed on the prospect of everything being okay after all. The locker room was quiet, even serene. It seemed something out of a nightmare, what had occurred to her out on the playing field.

"Hey, kid," said Sherry, coming in from the shower, "what's wrong? You look a mess."

Debbie made a motion to cover up the drying white jizz in her hair. The dust and grass still matted it firmly to her head so that she didn't have much to worry about in that respect. The other girl would be hard pressed to identify the cum.

But Sherry did, anyway. She sucked in her breath. Debbie noticed the way the other girl's tits heaved and jiggled. Seeing her naked made her seem more vulnerable, as vulnerable as she herself had been before the lustful desires of Mr. Bradford.

"So that cocksucker got to you, huh?" said Sherry, continuing to towel herself. She shook her head, strands of her lustrous black hair flying in all directions. "Don't say I didn't warn you. He's bad news."

"I'm going to quit. I don't have to do disgusting things like that!"

"Disgusting? Like what?"

"He made me s-s-suck him off!"

"So what's so bad about that? You're no virgin. Hell, kid, I can tell just looking at new girls if they are or not. You carry yourself around like a chick who knows the score. Don't let it get you. The money's not so good on this so called job, but the fringe benefits are great."

"Like what?" asked Debbie, bitter.

"Like probably why you wanted the job in the first place. The Condors may not be the top team in the league but they play the top teams. That puts us on national television a few times each year. You're thinking that somebody out there is going to see you cheering your little heart out, maybe ogle your bod a bit, and then offer you big bucks."


"So it might happen. It's happened a couple of times to others. One of the other cheerleaders went into commercials. She's making a pile of coin a year now. Good money. Another went into the Grade B movies. Not as much prestige but a hell of a lot of exposure and money and the chance to move into the big time."

"I want that, sure," said Debbie, leaning against her locker door. "But I won't put up with Bradford doing all those vile things to me. He seemed to expect to be able to command me and have me jump through a hoop."

"He expects it from all of us. But he'll tire of you just like he did of me."

"You?" Debbie was shocked. She thought Sherry was strong enough to fend off any such advances. She was obviously wrong.

"Sure. I had to put out to get a job. He just waited a little longer to get his 'finder's fee' with you. Just be lucky he didn't want more. Like I said, as soon as somebody prettier comes along, he'll forget all about you. He's scum, but don't let him get, to you." Sherry finished drying her slender legs, gave a quick run of the towel over her snatch and shivered mildly. "Ummm, that feels good. I think I'll go find Ben and see if he's interested in stuffing something a bit bigger up my crotch."

"So you think I should just avoid Bradford?" asked Debbie, not sure what to say. "Sure. And then find yourself someone on the team to ball. Like Ben but I'll rip your throat out if you make a play for him. But yeah, find some guy on the team who's big and strong and ugly if anybody messes around with his chick. Bradford's not stupid. He'll leave you alone then."

"But we're not supposed to fool around with any of the team."

"Sure," said Sherry, smiling, "and now you know why Bradford doesn't like the competition." With that, the slender cheerleader stepped into her jeans, wiggled her ass firmly into them and then turned and left without another word.

Debbie watched her go, wanting to stop her, to talk more. She didn't want to be left alone in this grim, gray concrete place. It suddenly seemed ominous to her. She glanced around and tried to shrug off her mood. She was getting paranoid after what had happened with Bradford.

The blonde girl stripped off the tiny costume and hung it up in her locker then took a towel and went into the showers. She turned on the water as hot and hard as she could stand. The soothing blast took the strain from her muscles and rinsed the come and dirt from her hair. In a few minutes, she felt almost human again. She ran the towel over her body and luxuriated in the softness of the towel against her skin. She sighed in relief and took special care drying off her tits. She cupped her mounds of tit flesh and carefully stroke them from their broad base all the way to their cresting nipples. She shuddered with real desire as her towel raced over her now aroused nipples.

The tiny mounds of erectile flesh quivered with desire. The hot water and its rush over her tensed flesh had done the trick. She tweaked one nipple and then the other, feeling the lightning surges all the way down into her chest. The girl stood there for only a moment before the self-fondling began to work on other parts of her body.

Her pussy started to froth and flow. She rubbed the fleecy towel across her damp pussy mound, running the towel back and forth rapidly to build up some friction. The friction made her cunt lips tighten up, in anticipation of a hard fucking cock. She hated herself for doing this. It made her all tense again, and she wanted to avoid that.

Deep down the girl, knew she wanted a good, long, hard cock fucking her. She had to enjoy a fuck fest in order to get the bad vibes out of her system. The idea of sucking cock any cock at that moment appalled her. She just wanted to lie back, lift her legs and let sweet surge of prick carry her away from the grimness of the world.

"God, kid, you look great! How about it?" came the mocking voice. She opened her eyes and saw Bradford standing in the doorway of the shower. He was eying her in obvious appreciation.

She tried to cover her tits with the towel. The blonde girl realized that this wouldn't do; it left her pussy exposed. But as she moved the now skimpy towel to cover her snatch, her tits bobbled around, the ruddy nipples creating figure eight patterns in the air in front of her chest. She knew she couldn't turn around; her bare ass would show then.

"Get out of here!" she screamed. The hollow echo mocked her. She wanted to run but there was no place she could go. Bradford blocked the only exit.

"Hell, baby, a chick as hot and horny as you are deserves some tender loving care. I'm willing to give it to you. I'm willing to give it all to you. You should be thanking me."

He reached down and lowered his zipper, exposing his throbbing hard-on. The man's prick bucked and danced with lust. Lust for her. She stared at the purple knobbed cock with fascination. It was as if she had been hypnotized. In a flash, she knew how a bird is mesmerized by a snake it had to be exactly like this.

Bradford moved across the slippery tile floor and jerked away her towel to leave her bare ass naked. "Yet, that's the way I like 'em," he said. "The water makes your skin gleam. You might put on some oil so that when we fuck I'll sort of slip across you." He reached out and grabbed one of her bobs. The pressure of his fingers made her wince with pain.

Jerking away, she cried, "Leave me alone! You got what you wanted out on the field. I won't suck you off again!"

"And I don't want you to. I want to feel that tight little pussy of yours clutching my cock. Feels good having a tight sheath of female flesh all around me. Damned fine feeling!"

She backed up until she was in a corner. The blonde teenager knew then that this man was capable of doing anything. He could rape her and then deny it! Besides, from what Sherry had told her, the man probably only considered fucking her as part of his due. He had already fucked every single member of the football team's cheerleading squad.

She twisted as he reached for her. The girl managed to slip past him, the water on her soft skin lubricating her enough to slide through his fingers. The man staggered, unsure of his footing on the tiles. This was all the opening Debbie had. She bolted and ran for the locker room.

The room was still deserted. She wasn't sure what she had thought she might find. Help, certainly, butt barring that, some slim chance of escaping what she knew would be her fate. Bradford wasn't slow in following her. He was already pounding hard and fast on her trail. The girl tried to grab her clothes from her locker, but the man managed to slam the door shut. She barely avoided getting her fingers caught by the door.

"Don't," he said menacingly. "I like you naked. That way, you won't go running outside for help."

She sprinted for the end of the lockers. Not sure what to do then, she feinted to the right and ran left. The man was there waiting for her with open arms. He circled her wet body and lifted her high. No matter how she kicked and fought, she couldn't escape him this time.

"Bitch," he panted, "I ought to whale the tar out of you for this. But I figure only a little punishment will suffice. This is your first offense, after all she started to protest to scream, but then stopped."

Something told her that more fight on her part would make things so bad very bad for her. She went limp and flied to snake through his arms. It was as if he had read her mind. He was ready for her. He landed on top of her. A dull whoosh knocked all the wind from her lungs. She gasped for air, each breath coming hard. All she could hear was the man laughing and saying, "You've been bad. Gotta punish you. God, do I have to punish that sweet white ass of yours!"

She felt the man moving ha around. Something hard clinked at her left wrist as he pulled her arm out straight. The same thing happened with her right arm. She tried to free herself, all the while gasping air into her tortured lungs. She found herself chained firmly to two of the benches in the locker room. As she struggled, she discovered that Bradford had chained her legs, too. This put her face down, supported by the chains, between two benches. Her pussy was widely exposed in the vee of her legs. Now, no amount of struggle would cover up her snatch.

"Trying to disobey your superior, eh?" he said. She screamed as a leather strap landed firmly on her ass. The pain rocketed all the way up her spine and shocked her into awareness. She could feel an ugly red welt slowly rising on her once smooth ass flesh. The man didn't seem content with a single stroke. Another followed and another and another until she was lost in a terrible world of searing red pain.

He laughed as he whipped her with the broad leather strap. When he stopped, the cessation was almost as bad as the whipping itself. Then he dropped to his knees in the vee of her legs and placed his hand flat on her curvy ass.

"Hmmmm, just about the right temperature, don't ya think?"

"Don't spank me any more," she whimpered. "I'll do anything you want. Just don't hit me with that strap again."

"Of course you'll do whatever I want you to. You have no choice -- now. No, I think I'll whip you a few more times -- to make certain you remember this lesson."

He stood, and this time the whistling leather strap landed across her turgid cunt lips. She screamed in real pain. All else had been a warm up for this. He whipped her tender pussy lips until she was positive they were bruised and would never heal.

The girl began to hate herself. She felt her pussy getting damp. She hated this; she hated the pain. She didn't want the man whipping her, and still she was becoming excited. Her frothy cunt juice boiled out of her. There was no explaining this reaction. The man whipping her didn't seem the least bit surprised.

He ran his fingers up and down the length of her sex gash, as if sampling the quality of her fuck juice. Satisfied, he pulled the rough side of the leather strap tightly against her snatch and began to drag it back and forth. This was about what she had been doing to herself with the towel back in the shower.

The difference now was that the man was doing it, and he was pulling as hard as he could the friction made her cunt lips burn. That heat bubbled up into her belly and threatened to drive her out of her mind. She couldn't tell if what she felt was true sexual desire or some bastard feeling he was coaxing from her.

"There," he finally said. "The leather strap's good and wet with your love juice. See?" He thrust the cunt juice soaked strap under her nose. "SEE?"

She could only nod numbly. She didn't trust herself to speak. Not now, not after the ass spanking and this.

"Bitch!" he suddenly cried. "I'm really going to punish you now!" She opened her mouth to argue, to plead, to grovel. He slid the leather strap, soggy with her cunt oil, between her lips. A quick jerk fastened it securely between her teeth, an effective gag.

"Now, you will receive the true punishment. Or is it really punishment?" he asked himself. "This is a gift many women would gladly slit their wrists to get. I'm going to fuck you. I am going to give you my precious pecker! All the way up that shitty asshole of yours!"

She tried to scream, but the leather strap between her teeth prevented it. She didn't want his prick all the way up her ass. She didn't! But she was powerless to stop him. The more she struggled, the tighter it seemed that the chains on her wrists became. She thrashed about, trying to turn one of the benches over. It wasn't possible; she didn't have the leverage to do it.

The terrified girl felt the man pressing his cock against her liquid gash. How she hated herself for responding like this! She willed her pussy to stop flowing. It didn't help. If anything, she felt even more of the boiling hot fuck oil building up inside her, ready to rush out at an instant's notice.

"God, you're a hot one! I can feel the heat boiling out from inside you. Fucking your ass is going to be instructive."

He stroked back and forth, his cock cradled by her bruised and trembling pussy lips. She shuddered and felt hot, salty tears running down her cheeks. She wanted to die. But death wasn't possible for her, either. Not the way he had her chained down.

He tired of feeling her injured cunt lips on either side of his cock. He suddenly rammed his prick all the way into her cunt. The blonde teenager passed out from the shock. He surged balls deep into her cunt. The twisted position she was chained in made her think his cock was breaking off inside her cunt. He stroked until she fully regained consciousness. She sighed softly, hating the taste of the leather in her mouth, but beginning to turn on to the feel of a cock in her pussy. After all, this was what she had been daydreaming about when he surprised her in the shower. It wasn't quite the way she would have wanted to get his prick, but it did thrill her, now that he was fucking her. He seemed to sense her enjoyment. With a lewd squishing noise, he pulled out. She felt hollow inside, needy, wanting. And then she felt the tip of his long, hard cock press into the puckered knot of her asshole. She sensed and tried to keep him from fucking into her precious, tightly guarded passage.

"Ah, the little bitch doesn't want to feel my cock, does she? That will change. I'm going to have you if I have to rip you apart all the way to the chin!"

He shoved harder. She grunted, biting down on the leather strap in her teeth. She couldn't escape the man's probing cock. No matter how she twisted or turned, she remained directly beneath his prick. The chains on her wrists cut into her soft flesh cruelly. She could even feel tiny streams of blood beginning to flow.

Worst of all was her ass. The man's hairy body rocked to and fro across her tortured butt. The whipping had raised red welts that throbbed and hurt like hell. She couldn't avoid him, no matter how hard she struggled.

"You like it, don't you, you dumb cunt?"

He thrust forward even harder, the head of his cock forcing apart the tight muscle of her anus.

The blonde teenager thought she would die then and there. Never had such pain blazed through her loins. She tried to get a firmer grip on her rampaging emotions. She knew that if she could only relax, the pain in her butt wouldn't be as great. But knowing what she had to do and doing it were two different things.

"God, you're tight up the ass! This is more than I bargained for. Fucking your ass is going to be a treat!"

He shoved harder. She felt another inch of his virile, throbbing alive prick enter her asshole. The quivering muscle was at the breaking point. When her anus finally relaxed, he drove balls deep into her butt.

She shouted and cried around the thick plug of cunt juice soaked leather strap in her mouth. This couldn't be happening to her. It couldn't! Yet she could feel every single contour on the man's buried prick as if he had dipped himself in acid before fucking her asshole.

"Shit," he moaned, "you're so Goddamn tight I don't know how long I can stand it. And hot! Baby, I never felt an ass hotter than yours. Just don't you start to fart or I'll really have to fuck the hell out of your butt!"

She made tiny animal noises deep in her throat. It didn't seem to help. She was becoming more and more aware of the pain throughout her body. The way he had whipped her ass had raised welts. And every motion of his body across her tortured butt caused a lance of searing pain to stab into her guts. The pulling and twisting feeling in her shoulders and hips came from being chained to the benches. No amount of struggle would help relieve that. If anything, the pain would only mount. She swung slightly as he drove his prick in and out of her butt. She felt the man's cock ripping tender tissue. He filled her guts with his flaming prick until she was just about on the verge of passing out. The only bright point she could think of was that he had greased his cock in her pussy before beginning to bugger her. That saved some of her delicate flesh from injury. Some. But not much. Not enough.

He fucked faster. The heat threatened to melt her down inside. The huge head of his cock spread until it threatened to rip her rectum apart. His throbbing cock pulsed and jerked harder inside the tight sheath of her asshole.

He grunted and said, "Just like a Goddamn guillotine. Feels like a hangman's noose around my cock. God, I love this!"

He fucked even faster. The heat charred her guts. The twisted up and torn apart sensations mounted until she was hardly able to stand it. Her shoulders ached and her butt hurt and his cock drove ever deeper into her, sodomizing her, butt fucking with more and more power.

She may have passed out; she didn't know. The only recollection she had was the sudden hot surge of his come as it blasted into her convulsing shit chute.

He fucked and fucked and fucked until she was limp. And then his fountaining cock died amid a flow of his come.

"There. That was your first installment. You're going to be a good girl from now on, aren't you? If you're not you know what to expect."

He turned and walked off. For a horrifying instant, Debbie was afraid he was going to leave her just like that, chained and helpless. She had visions of men coming in and abusing her while she was at their mercy. She was paranoid but she couldn't help it, not after all that had happened to her so far.

But Bradford came back and released her from the chains. "Don't want to leave any marks," he told her calmly.

She fell face first onto the floor. The benches scooted away from her clutches and she was vaguely aware of her tits pressing into cold, hard concrete. She wanted to laugh hysterically. The coldness of the gray cement under her was almost a comfort. It wasn't a leather strap swatting her tender butt or drawing roughly across her cunt lips. But she couldn't laugh, not after what had happened. She burned inside from the corn holing. Her asshole had been pulled apart by the man's thick cock. She hated him for that, and she hated herself even more for the stirrings of true passion deep inside her. In spite of the torment he had brought to her, she was still hornier than hell!

By the time Debbie had pulled herself into a sitting position, the cold concrete under her well fucked ass, Bradford had left. Again, she was alone in the locker room.


Debbie simply sat, naked, on the bench. She cried bitterly, her entire body shaking with the strain of her emotions. Never had the young girl been subjected to such abuse. Her ass hurt worse than anything she could remember. The strap had been more than effective in raising welts on her soft, tender flesh. The way her asscheeks throbbed and hurt now, she wondered if the pain would ever go away. And that was just part of it. The cunt juice soaked strap had been thrust between her lips. The hinges of her jaw ached and she didn't even know if she could speak without pain assailing her. Every moment was sheer agony and, worse, so was the knowledge that she had been so helpless during the abuse. She hadn't been able to fight the man off. He was too strong for her. He had cornered her at her most vulnerable time. Coming out of a shower, wet and stark naked, wasn't the time she would have expected any sort of sexual assault from him. She had been totally at his mercy and she had discovered that the team's general manager had no mercy.

All Bradford had was lust. And she was the subject of that searing, soul tearing lust. She sobbed and rubbed her snatch where the rough leather strap had chaffed her delicate pussy lips. The girl wasn't sure that this was what truly bothered her. More than the physical abuse was the knowledge that her cunt had begun to froth over with lust when the man had begun. She had liked it!

And she wanted more. She shook and sobbed and, wanted more. The workout with the other cheerleaders had aroused her. When she had come into the locker room she had been as horny as she could ever remember being. The brutality Bradford had shown her had only ignited new and different sexual fires in her belly. Debbie hated him for doing this to her. He had taken advantage of her. But she had silently gone along with it. She knew she could have fought a little harder, said something a bit differently to make him stop. She hadn't. She had allowed him to use her like some plastic mail order blow up doll. The girl knew she was no better than a convenient receptacle for the man's cock.

"What's wrong, kid?" came Sherry's soft voice.

"Nothing," lied Debbie, trying to find her towel and pull it around her shaking shoulders. She wanted to be alone. To tell anyone of the utter humiliation that had been heaped upon her would only add to her despair.

"You're lying. That son of a bitch Bradford did something do you, didn't be? Did he use the whip on you?"

"The whip?"

A cold wind blew across the young girl's naked body then, causing her tits to bob slightly. She felt gooseflesh springing up, all over the whitely sloping cones of her jugs. But Debbie wasn't positive if it came from the cold air or the knowledge of what Bradford could have done to her. A whip!

"Yeah, that motherfucker enjoys the S&M bit. He didn't use it on you, I don't suppose." The raven haired girl sounded as if she were fishing for gossip, rather than desiring to help.

"Leave me alone."

"Nope. Not when Bradford has got to you. You need some tender loving care right now. Let me see." Sherry pressed closer and made Debbie roll over onto a bench and present her perky rear for inspection. The dark-haired girl sucked in her breath. "Damn, he beat you good! Those welts are ugly. Do they hurt very much?"

Debbie shook her head, not knowing how she should answer. It seemed that to be brave about this was the right way to go. To admit that her ass smarted like someone had dripped acid all over it wouldn't be the proper course of action to follow.

She winced as Sherry began lightly stroking her long fingers over her reddened assflesh. Soon the pain vanished, as if by magic. The other girl's touch soothed even as it had hurt at first. Debbie sighed and tried to relax. This wasn't so bad, not with Sherry stroking the tortured curves of her butt.

"Want me to kiss it and make it well?"

Debbie tried to roll over and look at Sherry. She discovered strong fingers gripping her waist and holding her firmly in position. The girl couldn't evade those questing red lips as they sank down to lightly kiss her butt. She had to admit that it was sort of sexy.

But to have another girl kissing her ass seemed so perverted. She had to stop this before anything heavy got going. "No, Sherry, please, don't do that. I... ohhh, that's so good! But you shouldn't be doing this!!"

"Nonsense. If it feels good, do it. Besides, that lousy Ben already left. Seeing you here all naked and wanton turns me on. Let's just keep going for a while and see what develops."

For a few seconds, the impact of the dark-haired girl's words didn't hit Debbie. But the softness of the lips brushing her anguished ass did. The subtle moves that can be given only by a tongue came to her, creeping down into the humid canyon between her meaty slabs of asscheeks. The other girl was trying to drive her tongue into her ass! The very same ass that Bradford had just fucked!

"NO! Don't Sherry. Not there. Not up my ass. Oh, sweet Jesus, that terrible Mr. Bradford fucked me up the ass. You can't!"

Sherry did. Her tongue drove down into the dank depths of Debbie's ass, seeking out her well fucked asshole. Slithering tongue impacted against tormented anus and surged past it. The blonde girl could only endure a flash of pain as that tongue shot all the way up into her bowels.

"God, Sherry! No, don't tongue fuck my ass! Please, don't do it to me! He already raped me up the ass! He had me chained and he raped my bottom. Don't do this to me!"

But her pleas went unheeded. And the girl had to admit secretly that she wasn't in pain. Just the reverse, she was enjoying this. The pain of a huge prick fucking her butt was gone. The wet strokes given her ass by the other girl's tongue turned her on in a big way. She soon forgot all about her agony. Pleasure surged through her body.

"You like it, don't you?" demanded Sherry. "Tell me how much you like it, you sexy bitch. Tell me!"

"I do! I love it more than I can say!" Debbie writhed around on her belly, almost flopping off the bench and onto the floor. Fingers gripping the edges of the hard wooden bench, she began thrusting her ass back into the girl's eager mouth. She wanted more of that tongue! She was getting greedy. She wanted it all the way up her ass!

"Damn, you're more than I can handle!" said Sherry, her tongue working along the perineum and heading for the other girl's pussy. "I'm feeling the strain. My tongue feels like it's coming out by the roots. I'm going to see if this isn't better for both of us."

Debbie came as Sherry's tongue blasted into her cunt. She felt the roughness of the other girl's tongue as it parted her inner cunt lips and shot all the way up into her trembling depths. The way that pink oral organ stroked her juicy cunt wails drove Debbie insane with lust. She came again. She felt a flood of come juice boil out of her guts and spatter all over the sucking lips fastened to her pussy. She trembled like a leaf in a high wind as the orgasm ripped through her.

"There," said Sherry, licking her lips clean of the salty, tangy love juice. "That's more like it. I love the taste of another woman's pussy. It drives me wild! And it makes me horny, too. Can you do anything about that?"

The lithe dark-haired girl stood up and stripped off her skin tight jeans. Debbie could only watch in a dazed stupor. A sex fog from her come still misted her brain. But she realized what was being offered and what she was expected to do in return. The teenager had never made it with another woman. The idea had seemed perverted, dirty, something that wasn't to even be mentioned in polite company. But Sherry had shown her what a woman's mouth could do when applied to a pussy. It was thrilling beyond words. Her insides still hummed a joyous tune from the tremendous climax she had been given. Could she possibly turn down the other girl when she needed in return what she had already freely given to Debbie? She couldn't!

Debbie clumsily rolled over onto her back, the wood pressing painfully into her tortured butt. She lifted her legs and kept them spread wide so that her corn silk blonde pussy was widely exposed. If she was going to eat pussy, she wanted more of the same in return!

"Come on," she said in a shaky voice. "This is all new to me, but I want to try it. I really do!"

"Good girl," said Sherry, straddling her face. Debbie looked up into the curly strands of pussy fur covering the other girl's snatch. She felt her mouth go dry from the sudden shock of realizing what was going to happen. She couldn't do this! She couldn't. It was dirty. It was... lesbian!

And then the pussy mound was firmly crushed into her mouth. She tried to cry out in protest, but discovered a little hip wiggling that pushed pinkly scalloped inner pussy lips down into her mouth. Her lips moved against those quivering sex lips and her tongue could go only one place. Into the tight sheath of Sherry's steamy cunt. Debbie's mouth remained dry but the promise of moisture trickling from the other pussy spurred her on. Hesitantly, she thrust out her tongue. She felt the powerful walls of the other girl's pussy clamp down around it. She gasped and began flicking her tongue in and out as fast as she could. This feathery, teasing movement drove Sherry berserk with desire. "God, tongues fuck my cunt! It's too much! I need it now! Tongue fuck me hard! Harder! Harder, damn you, harder! Ohhh, yeah!"

Debbie felt thighs pressing into the sides of her head. They hardened as the first hint of orgasm passed through Sherry's body. She tongue fucked harder to give the girl what she apparently warned. Debbie as rewarded by a flood of cunt oil. She tried to avoid getting the juice into her mouth. It seemed perverted to suck and lick up that fuck juice. But she wasn't in any position to avoid getting it all over her tongue. Surprised at the pungent taste, she found herself wanting more. Soon, her tongue flew in and out of the velvet hung cunt in a wild attempt to get as much of the love juice into her mouth as possible.

"Yes," hissed Sherry, "yessss! That's what I neeeeed!"

Debbie felt the other girl going wild with desire. Something moved deep inside her own cunt. She realized it was Sherry's tongue working feverishly to ream her, out. The girl groaned and sucked harder on the pussy lips pressing into her mouth. Nothing seemed more important to her in that instant. She knew that if she gave all the mouth love she could, she would be getting it all back. Her tongue raced in and out of Sherry's pussy. She felt the violent contractions around her slender tongue. The other woman was coming. She was climaxing hard!

Firm thighs crushed down on either side of Debbie's head. She was stricken blind and deaf. But it didn't matter to her. She still retained the power of feeling. And feel she did!

Her tongue stroked the quivering flesh of Sherry's cunt lips. Those turgid flaps of flesh guarding the inner recesses of her tight pussy pulsed with life. The throbbing of the girl's distant heart came through like the beating of a drum. Debbie ran her tongue up and down the juicy sex gash. She kept the lips firmly parted with her darting tongue, continually surprising herself at this perverted lovemaking. She wanted more! She couldn't get enough of another woman's cunt!

"Yessss," Sherry groaned aloud. "I love it. Give me more of that mouth!"

"Give me more of yours!" cried Debbie. She couldn't get enough of another woman's cunt!

She had forgotten the beating she had received from Bradford. All that counted now was the delightful sensation of a quick, delicious tongue surging in and out of her cunt. And she kept her own moving up and down the fluid gash of Sherry's pussy lips. When she got to the tiny spire of cunt poking up meekly, Debbie couldn't resist the temptation to suck it into her mouth. She pursed her lips and inhaled. Sherry went berserk with desire. Her legs clamped again around the younger girl's blonde head, they tumbled to the floor.

The cold concrete assaulted Debbie's spanked ass, but it didn't matter. She was too lost in the wildness of her own rampaging sensations. The girl couldn't control her own body. Sherry's tongue had triggered her deepest hidden desires and released them to flood forth. Gasping for breath like a fish out of water, Debbie simply sprawled on her back. The concrete under her was nothing compared to the delights of the tongue reaming out her pussy. She had long since forgotten about the other girl's cunt. Robbed of all strength, she could do nothing but lie back and take the tongue fucking being given her.

"This is filthy," she groaned. "Shouldn't do this... it... its too nice! Nothing this good can be moral."

"Screw morals," snarled Sherry. "Just keep those trim legs of yours spread and I'll teach you filthy!"

Her tongue speared deep into the blonde girl's pussy, raking across aroused cunt lips and plunging all the way to her cervix. The girl felt the warmth puddling in her belly. She tried to hold her down her coming orgasm. She wanted to savor the sweet sensations in her tender body and hoard them like a miser hides gold. She wanted to wait, and then release it all in one huge flood that would totally overwhelm her senses. She wanted all that. And she got it.

Her thighs were quivering with lust and slowly drifting farther and farther apart as the other girl's tongue continued to swirl inside her pussy. Debbie's breathing became harsher. She felt her boobs dancing around on her chest like blobs of jello. Every breath she took was liquid fire. Her throat was covered with sandpaper. And then she exploded.

"Aieeee!" It wouldn't die. The more she struggled, the more she tried to hump up and get that tongue buried even farther into her needy cunt, the stronger the sensations became. She erupted like a volcano, the lava of her frothy fuck sauce blasting from her pussy. She felt hungry lips eagerly sucking it all up. She couldn't hold back a single thing now. Her body flushed with excited blood and her head split apart, utterly blown from the intensity of her come. She slowly drifted back down to reality. Sherry's tongue still licked up and down her feverish sex slot, but the intensity was gone. The feel of tongue against cunt lips was nice but only that. The explosive quality had been drained from her.

"Okay, okay, Sherry. Enough," she said, drowsy now. "That was super! It really was. Just the thing I needed."

Sherry flipped over and sat on the bench, looking down at the blonde cheerleader. When she smiled, the dim lighting in the locker room reflected brilliant silver from her lips. She had gotten all of Debbie's cunt oil on her mouth. Realizing this, she slowly licked it off. The silver vanished under the pink tip of her darting tongue.

"You're good, kid. You have potential. Hell, you can be great with a bit more practice."

The meaning was obvious. A cold lump began to form in Debbie's belly. She knew what the other girl meant: she wanted more of this woman to woman action. Debbie was too confused at that instant to give her an answer. Things had moved too swiftly for her. The job and the forced blowjob and then the bout with Bradford in which he had chained her and spanked her butt and then fucked her up the ass. Now this lesbian love making with a girl she counted as a friend.

It has all come to fast for Debbie. She could only shake her head sadly.


Debbie cheered her young heart out for the team. She leaped and did aerial splits and screamed encouragements until she was hoarse. And still the team was losing. She had come onto the field feeling self conscious with the skimpy costume on. As she cheered as the game wore on, she had forgotten all about the tiny g-string moving sensuously along her snatch, all about the thin vest rubbing against her nipples and hardening them. All that mattered was cheering the team on to a victory.

"Go, team go!" she cried.

She landed, did a split and then rolled up to wave her fluffy pom poms in the air.

"Good, good," said Bradford. "You're doing a fine job. But we need more out of you," he said, coming up behind her.

She was proud of herself. She didn't flinch away when he put his hands around her waist. After all, they were in the middle of a televised game. The entire scene might be broadcast coast to coast. She didn't want to do anything that might lose her the spotlight. Turning around and hitting the general manager of the team wasn't the kind of thing she wanted going out on nationwide television.

"More?" she asked numbly. "I'm doing the best I can. All of us are."

"Yeah, and you're here on the sidelines. We need to really inspire those men out there. There getting their heads bashed in. The other team's stronger and bigger. They need an edge. They need something to win for."

"I'll do my best," Debbie said. Her voice was almost gone now. She swallowed hard and looked at Bradford the man grinned an evil grin as he turned to walk away.

"I know you will. We're going to make this field goal. Wait and see."

She watched as the team pushed down into field goal territory. It would be a forty yard attempt. Not impossible, but their field goal kicker's longest had been only thirty-three yards. It would take a hell of a pep talk to get him enthused and ready to break a personal record.

Debbie saw Bradford talking to the man. They pointed in her direction. She had no idea what they were saying. She guessed that Bradford was hyping the guy up and that she was supposed to give him a private little cheer of encouragement. She smiled a winning smile and danced around a bit before launching herself into the air, legs spread far apart. She thought she would pull herself apart all the way to the chin, but she didn't. The landing hurt her aches, but it seemed to be well received by the kicker.

He gave her a thumb's up sign and raced onto the field. She watched in hushed silence as the snap came, the kicker turned and glanced in her direction for a split second, then stepped forward, and his leg swinging hard the football missed the outstretched finger of a blocker by inches and soared through the uprights, forty yards away. The team had taken a one point lead.

She joined all the others in a wild, ear splitting scream of encouragement. Debbie brushed a strand of damp blonde hair from her eyes and adjusted the tiny vest. She was acutely aware that the firm bulges of her tits threatened to spill out of the jacket at any instant. But whoever had designed it had made sure such a thing was only threatened it never happened quite.

Rubbing damp hands on her naked thighs, she self-consciously adjusted the g-string. Getting used to being more naked than dressed in public view was something that would take a while to be comfortable with.

"Hey, Debbie, come over here!" shouted Bradford, standing beside the man who had just made the field goal.

Debbie thought Bradford wanted her to personally congratulate the man. She was willing. She didn't know much about the game of football, but she had found herself getting surprisingly worked up over whether or not the team won. She trotted over, and the kicker eyed the jiggle and bounce of her jugs with obvious approval. She felt a little embarrassed at the way he leered, but that was his right. She knew she was an attractive chick. Otherwise, she wouldn't have gotten the job in the first place.

"Hi," she said brightly. "That was a great kick. You put us ahead."

"I had a hell of a lot of incentive," the man said.

"Oh?" She felt a little uneasy at that. Both the kicker and Bradford were staring at her in a way she couldn't quite put into words. They obviously expected more from her. But how much more?

"Yeah, you know," said the player. "Like Mr. Bradford here said."

He obviously expected a lot more. And the girl was beginning to get the glimmerings of what that "incentive" promised by Bradford had been. "And exactly what was it Mr. Bradford said?" she demanded. "Did he promise you something he couldn't deliver?"

"No, I didn't," Bradford said hastily. "And you just go along with him, if you don't, you can just walk right on out of the stadium. You're no virgin. And he deserves it."

"It, Mr. Bradford? Exactly what is this 'it' you're talking about?" She threw down her pom poms and stood her hands on her flaring hips. With her legs spread just a little, she was perfectly silhouetted against the bright lights of the stadium. The player licked his lips and began fumbling at the front of his pants. The girl stood as if she were rooted to the spot. She couldn't believe that he actually expected her to fuck in plain view of everyone in the stadium. Yet, from the way he fumbled around getting his cup out of the way so that his prick would swing free told her the entire story. He did expect her to fuck. Then! There! What horrified Debbie most was the knowledge that Bradford had promised her to this man if he did well. He kicked the field goal and she was going to be his. It was that simple.

She was no longer a woman, a living, breathing woman. She had turned into a piece of property to be used as Bradford decided. He could award her to any of the team members whenever he wanted. She had become no more than chattel property a slave. But she wasn't going to protest. She was too stricken to even speak.

"See, Debbie, that guy is hung. He'll give you one hell of a fine fuck. And I know what that tight little pussy of yours is like," Bradford said, more for the player's benefit than anything else. He had never fucked her cunt. He had only raped her up the ass.

"Get her over here, Mr. Bradford. Unless you want me to ball her in plain view of that Goddamn camera crew."

The player sat on the end of the bench. He was surrounded by a half dozen other players, all intent on watching the progress of the game. Debbie stood rigid and frightened, her eyes fastened firmly to the man's cock. It jutted up and out of his padded pants, red and ugly and impossibly long. She licked her lips and shook her head, a cascade of bright blonde hair circling her shoulders. She hoped this would clear her head. This had to be a dream, a nightmare!

"Dammit, get over there. Sit on his lap and let him fuck you. He did good and now he should be rewarded. You're supposed to get the team worked up to the point where they win. So give him what's his!"

Bradford's voice pushed the girl over the edge. It shocked her back into awareness. She started to back off. She shook her head and blurted out, "God, no! Not this! Not in public! There are fifty thousand people watching! This is sick!"

Bradford slapped her. She felt the sharp sting of his fingers against her check. Tears flowed from the corners of her eyes. Concentrating on the pain helped her to fight off the numbness that fell over her like a soft, cottony blanket.


He slapped her again. And this time, he moved up behind her to prevent her from turning and running toward the locker room. All the while the man moved into position behind her, Debbie found herself unable to look away from the jutting hard-on sprouting from the player's crotch. His bell shaped glans throbbed with virile lust. The entire cock pulsed with excited blood, blood pumping harder and harder into his already steely erection. Under ordinary circumstances, Debbie might have been tempted maybe. But not like this. Not in public and definitely not at the order of the general manager. He didn't own her. He had raped her anally and she had allowed that because of the possible exposure she might get. Modeling jobs. Television series, even starring in movies. All those could be hers and she knew it. But to put up with Bradford and this humiliation! It wasn't worth all the fame and fortune in the world! But she had hesitated too long. He held her firmly in place, she could no longer run. His fingers ran under the thin string of her g-string, tugging at it, pulling it down. She felt the cool air gusting across the playing field seek put the humid crease between her legs. She hadn't realized when she was getting hot and horny just thinking, about fucking in public.

"No, I refuse," she said, straining in the circle of the man's arms.

The harder she fought, the more she realized she couldn't escape. These men would be able to do anything they wanted to her. She was helpless! Bradford pushed her closer to the man seated on the end of the bench. Others on the team turned when she began to protest. A couple of them smiled at her predicament. Debbie went cold all over. She realized that this wasn't the first, time this had happened. It was simply that she was the one chosen as the carrot. To be given to the faithful mule for long and useful service. These men used sex as a reward like other businesses used money bonuses.

"Get down on your knees and suck his prick for a while. I think he would like that."

Bradford towered over her she couldn't possibly elude him. And the worst part of the entire degrading scene was the way she felt. She was turned on!

The girl hated herself more and more for that. She tried to tell herself that he was forcing her to do this. He would punish her severely if she didn't do exactly as he ordered. His command was her only concern. She wasn't responsible for anything that happened. Yet she was. She could run. She could scream for help. She could attract all sorts of attention. After all, fifty thousand fans were in the stadium. One of those fans would surely come to her aid if she cried rape loud enough.

But Debbie couldn't do it. She rationalized. She convinced herself that she had no alternative. She didn't want to hurt the team's image. This could destroy everything a lot of devoted men had worked for all season long. To let one evil manager's whim wreck all that was unthinkable. She felt some obligation to the team.

She sucked. The throbbing prick shot up between her ruby lips as his hips came up and off the bench. He gasped as her soft lips clamped firmly on the very tip of his cock. She licked around the hooded edge of his glans and then traced out each and every contour. The man could hardly keep his seat on the bench.

She felt a surge of power over him. They had forced her to do this but who was really in charge? She was! She was the one making him moan in stark lust for her body. She called all the shots. And if she could make him get his rocks off fast, she would show Bradford just what a hot chick she really was. He couldn't possibly say anything to her if his prize stud got off fast. She sucked harder. Her tongue danced all over the man's cock, lightly touching the quivering sides of the shaft and moving downward until she came to the hairy sac containing his balls. Her tongue batted the trapped balls inside the scrotum until the man was crying out almost as loud as the cheerleaders still going through their routine.

The girl felt another surge of carnal power. The g-string rubbed up against her snatch and dipped into the crack of her ass. The nearness, the softness, the motion of cloth against naked, aroused flesh, made her hornier than hell.

This added to her sucking. She wanted to give him the best head she could. The blonde cheerleader was going to show them that she could do all they wanted and make them all feel small. She'd show them!

And then Bradford moved in closer. She felt him grab her hands and pull them behind her back. She abandoned her post at the man's cock and tried to turn to face Bradford. The general manager had her hands firmly secured with a short length of string. The thin thread cut into her wrists and threatened to cut off all the circulation.

"Why are you doing this?" she demanded. "I... I'll suck him off, but don't do anything else to me!"

Her frightened eyes flashed across the sea of strange faces just feet away from where they crouched. All those people watching her humiliation! She tried to move but Bradford shoved her roughly. She stumbled and fell into the man's lap. A hard, round pillar of cock pressed firmly between her thighs and nudged into the thin fabric of her g-string.

Her cunt began to water at the nearness of the man's prick. She tried to stop it. The harder she thought about stopping her frothy flood of juice, the worse it became. The arousal was too intense for her to simply deny. She hated being humiliated and degraded like this. Or did she? Hadn't she virtually asked for this all night long? She had played with Bradford and now he was getting even with her. He was simply giving her to a player to fuck. That was it, so simple. She felt the man's fingers fumbling at the thin string, and then her cunt was naked and exposed. Trying to close her legs did no good. The man was too powerful. After all, he was a football player; he tossed around men weighing two hundred pounds. He may have been only a kicker, but he was strong too strong for her to evade.

His cock raced along the fluid gash of her snatch. He missed her cunt hole on his first stroke. She shuddered under the bludgeoning impact of that thrust. She shook and tried to stand. His hands held her firmly in place.

"Stop, please! Stop! Not in public. My hands! They're tied. You can't do this to me. Not here, not now!"

"Do it," came the cold command from Bradford. The man stood back a few paces and watched as his player began to seek out the tight little hole of her cunt. Debbie had never been more frightened in her life. This couldn't possibly be happening to her. This couldn't happen to anyone. Fucked in plain sight of all those people, tied and unable to do anything about it!

She screamed as the huge prong of the man's cock blasted into her tiny little pussy. She thought he was ripping her apart all the way to the chin. Their position made the head of his cock seem to hang up for a moment just inside the pinkly scalloped ridges of her cunt lips. He shifted her around a little and then his cock surged to the hilt up her pussy.

He began twisting her from side to side. She strained and tried to get her hands free. The only thing that did was bruise her flesh. The tiny thread bound her too tightly and the man was far too strong for her. What was worst of all was that the feel of his prick spreading apart her inner membranes robbed her of all strength. If she had stood, she would have collapsed to her knees. The feeling was rumbling throughout her body, and it was a feeling of sexual weakness. She wanted that cock and couldn't help herself now.

"Fuck me quick," she sobbed. "Please, ohhhhhh!"

He didn't seem to hear. His prick stayed buried balls deep in her cunt. Her delicate insides had begun to expand to take the hugeness of his cock. The girl's resilient cunt walls spread until she could feel every single bump and ridge on his pecker.

The cock danced with more and more lust for her. She felt the thick head expand until she was positive he would rip her apart again. And then be began to bounce her up and down on his knees, like a father might do with his little girl. She felt herself tossed up into the air, the prick almost leaving her cunt. She didn't know which was worse. Having that mighty cock threatening to rip her up was bad, but the emptiness after his prick left her pussy was even worse. But it didn't last long, that feeling of hollow, aching need. Her cunt gulped and filled itself with the huge plug of prick again. She slammed down hard onto his lap. The girl almost went out of her mind with the sensations rippling through her. She didn't think she could be that close to coming. The nearness of prick wasn't all that she needed for getting off. She needed a little tenderness in her lover and she was getting none of that now.

Gone was the feeling of power she had experienced as she had greedily nursed at the man's prick. Bradford had seen her reveling in that power and had allowed her just enough satisfaction so that when he deprived her of it that made the loss all the worse. He was a sadist! He enjoyed playing mind games with her.

Anything that would torment her was fine with him. She could barely focus her eyes, but she saw the huge bulge growing at Bradford's crotch. He was getting off just watching her being publicly abused. He had loved the feeling of her flesh yielding to the tightness of the knots he put into the thread on her wrists. And the sight of the huge prick splitting apart her puckered cunt lips was almost more than he could bear. She closed her eyes, hoping the world would go away. It didn't. If anything, it made the sensations in her body all the more potent. The up and down fucking she received jolted her repeatedly, rattling her teeth... She felt her pussy yielding softly again and again to that male battering ram. The man's cock drove into her juicy twat like a branding iron fresh from the fire. Every single inch seared her flesh. And then came the torrential outpouring of his come. Spurt after spurt filled her pussy in a vain attempt to put out the fires of lust burning there. She felt his cock begin to wilt inside her. Debbie felt nothing inside. She was still horny, but that wasn't the powerful driving force it once had been. These men made fucking into something cheap and tawdry. No longer could she get her kicks from a cock. It would take more, lots more.


The player lifted her to her feet. He had to support her, Debbie's knees refused to lock properly and hold her body erect. With a quick yank that cut deeply into her flesh, he tore off the string holding her hands bound behind her back. Hot and harsh breath assaulted her ear as he said, "You're a tight cunt. I like you. Maybe I'll go out there and boot another couple of field goals. We'd both like that, wouldn't we?"

"Burn in hell!" she shot back. He only laughed and fondly patted her on her curving ass. He shoved her into the arms of Bradford and then began stuffing his limp prick back into his padded pants.

Debbie considered trying to kick him in the balls and then discarded the idea. The man already had the cup back into place. What she could do to him now was less than any single one of the defenses of the other team might try. She succeeded in getting free of Bradford's circling arms and ran for the locker room.

With any luck, she could be dressed and away from this terrible stadium before any of the others noticed she was gone. Debbie wanted nothing more than to leave and find some dark place to curl up and cry.

Tears running down her face, she opened her locker and began taking out her street clothes. She ran her hands over the fringed vest she wore, knowing that her chance at fame and fortune was gone. She was quitting the cheerleading squad. Hell, they weren't anything more than a whore corps to be used by any of the players!

She stepped out of her g-string and started to strip off the knee high white boots when she heard the harsh click of heels against the concrete. Turning, the blonde teenager was startled to see Bradford and another of the players standing and watching her. Never had she felt more naked. Debbie realized all she wore was the pair of boots and a lot of naked skin. Trying to cover up her voluptuous tits jiggling around in front of her chest was pointless. Likewise, she couldn't cover up her fleecy white blonde snatch and hope to escape.

"Get the hell out of here and leave me alone!" she shrieked. "Don't just stand there; get the fuck out of here!"

The only response she got was laughter. The football player said, "She's everything you said she was, Mr. Bradford. I'm glad I made that touchdown. Hell, I'd make a dozen to get a shot at a chick as pretty as this one. Shit, just to hold those boobs of hers is worth it!"

"Go to it, Mark. She's all yours." Bradford stood back, crossed his arms and let a smug look creep onto his face. He was enjoying the sight of the young girl's torment. She couldn't forget this was the man who had spanked her butt and then fucked her up the rear. He had chained her before corn holing her. He had forced her to suck him, off in the middle of the stadium after practice on the very first day.

She hated him with a passion that transcended anything she had ever felt before. But Debbie found herself, confronted with a more immediate problem. The football player advancing on her obviously wanted to fuck. She wanted to escape this evil place! But now she had no chance at all. If she had been able to summon up the nerve, she could have called attention to her rape outside. In take gray dimness of the locker room, there wasn't a chance in hell that anyone would hear her screams. She was at the man's mercy, unless she could dodge and outrun him.

She feinted to the left, and then tried to go right. He was waiting for her. She cursed her, own stupidity at the move. He was expert at reading the attacker's, body language. She couldn't hope to fake this man out. Never. What came to her aid was her nakedness. In spite of the cold, she had begun to sweat like a pig when she saw what might be in store for her. The slipperiness of her naked skin allowed her to slide through his grip.

"Hot damn!" he cried. "This is fun. Keep running, chick, as long as you can. I enjoy chasing almost as much as I enjoy fucking!"

He tossed aside his helmet and began to unlace his pants. He spooned a monstrous boner that bobbed in front of his crotch as he moved. He held out his arms and advanced on her in a half crouch that told her that escape wasn't going to be easy. She just hoped it was possible.

"You make a right pretty sight, chick. All that naked flesh just waiting for me. And I dig those boots you all wear. I do! They make you even sexier, though nothing's as sexy as a bare pussy just oozing juice for my cock."

He lunged. She managed to keep just, out of his reach, but she realized then that she could do this forever. She would slip and he would have her. And then he would rape her, just as Bradford had done, just as the other player on the team had done. She would be nothing more than a convenient cunt to fuck. She wasn't a woman to any of these men, she was just a pair of tits bouncing around, a trim waist and a flaring ass with a nice, juicy twat hidden between firmly fleshed white thighs. That was all a hole to fuck!

"Get away from me!" she cried, knowing it would do no good. The sight of the chain link fence that separated their lockers from the property room gave her an idea. If she could get into the property room, she might be able to lock the gate and keep this cock sporting football player away.

The terrified young girl ran to the chained gate. She rattled futilely at it, a cold feeling growing in the pit of her stomach. She realized that there would be no escape for her, not now, not with the football player getting into the spirit of the chase. To him it was nothing more than a little added fun.

To Debbie, it was a matter of life and death. She wasn't sure she could stand the added humiliation bf being raped a second time. It had been bad out on the field. The threat of a camera covering her degradation had frozen her solid then. The idea that any of the fifty thousand spectators could see that long, hard prick jutting up from the place kicker's crotch and driving in between the puffy, pink lips of her cunt kept her from protesting too loudly. But now things were different.

She jerked savagely at the locked gate, knowing it wouldn't budge and yet having to try. Through that door lay her only hope of safety. Tits bouncing, the ruddy tips tracing out sexy figure eights, in the air in front of her chest, she turned from the locked gate and tried to evade the player with a quick end run.

He was waiting for her. The blonde teenager ran squarely into his arms. She struggled but it did no good. He was too strong. The girl tried to kick him, her booted feet her best weapon. He hardly noticed. He was too heavily padded for her to injure enough to get away.

"Hey, beautiful, why struggle so much? This is going to be fun!"

She felt his prick force its way between her tightly clenched thighs. The idea that he could fuck her whenever he wanted robbed her of all dignity. She was only a piece of property to this man. She was his reward. He had done good and now he got to fuck her.

"She's all yours, Charlie," came Bradford's cold voice from the shadows of the semi dark locker room.

In that instant Debbie hated him more than she had ever hated anyone in her life. He was everything she loathed in the world. He didn't have a singe human feeling in his body. His heart had been taken out years ago and replaced with a cash register. If the team won, he kept his job, maybe got a pay raise. If the team lost, he might be fired. Therefore, in his mind, it was all right to do whatever he could to keep the players happy.

Letting them fuck the cheerleaders was a simple enough reward, from Bradford's point of view. From Debbie's, it was stark terror.

"Get away from me!" she bellowed, hoping the player would get the message. The way his prick pulsed and jerked with added virile life, she could tell he was even more turned on by her fear than before.

"No way, beautiful blonde lady. I'm going to fuck you. I was promised and I'm going to have that tight little pussy of yours. I bet you've just been waiting for a stud like me, haven't you?"

His arms tightened around her trim body. He picked her up and tossed her against the chain link fence. She felt the squares of wire cutting into her tender flesh. She moaned and tried to escape. It wasn't possible. She was helpless in his grip, nothing more than a trapped animal.

She groaned as he moved a little closer to her. His cock prodded the juicy lips of her pussy. She could hardly believe that the chase had turned her on. She felt nothing but stark, gut wrenching terror, yet she couldn't deny the fact that her pussy was getting damp. She was starting to flow with oily fuck fluid just as if she were in bed with a man she loved. This wasn't going to be fun, it was going to be rape and she was as turned on by the prospect as if she were spreading her legs willingly for the man she loved. The girl was horror struck and knew she wasn't supposed to be aroused. There was no denying the feelings welled up inside her cunt, though. She was hot for this football player's raping prick. Confused, frightened, she didn't know what to do. The moment she stopped struggling the man found the warm, moist place he wanted to stuff his cock. His prick surged into her awaiting cunt.


The entire world shook around her. She felt heavy hands pawing at her tender breasts. The tit flesh flowed under those meaty fingers like putty. He was trying to rearrange her jugs into another shape. The harder he squeezed, the more resilient her tits became. They bobbed under his groping hand until she was breathless.

"Please, oh, sweet Jesus, please don't do this to me!"

Her words said one thing and her body another. She felt the heat of his cock pressing into the tiny, clutching walls of her pussy. This was rape! She shouldn't enjoy it, but she was. She needed cock. The leaping and cavorting around as a cheerleader had turned her on. The feeling that the camera followed her every sexy movement outside made her hornier than hell. The brief fucking she had gotten from the place kicker had been frightening to her, but it had also pushed up her needs to the point where she couldn't control herself any longer. Now that real cock, virile cock, pushing repeatedly into her meaty cunt was all it took to rob her of all her strength. She went weak in the knees and collapsed down around the spike of hard manmeat rammed to the hilt up her pussy.

"See, you like it," the player gloated. "And it gets better. Just wait till I really get to fucking. Shit, baby, you have the tightest cunt I ever felt around my pecker. If I didn't know better, I'd have thought you were a cherry carrying virgin!"

The man spoke for his own benefit. He wanted to hear those words to get himself really turned on. The effect on Debbie was much the same. The feel of his prick sliding easily back and forth in her cunt thrilled her. The heavy hands mauling her soft, fleshy tits were enough to make her breath come in tortured, sharp gasps. Her legs spread a little more, almost of their own volition. She felt wanton and sullied. She was filthy, dirty, perverted. A good girl didn't let a man rape her without struggling. But she was helpless and she knew it full well. There wasn't any way in hell she could hope to fight off this burly football player. His cock was only an indication of his true size. Sure, that prick was long and it filled her pussy to overflowing, but it was his strong hands on her tits that really held her pinned against the chain link fence.

He fucked with longer, more powerful strokes. She moaned every time his prick blasted into her seething interior. Her cunt walls clamped down hard on the male invader, trying to hold it inside. She was turning greedy. She wanted it all and she wanted it now.

The pain from the fucking almost pulled her attention away from the pleasure of the cock fucking her. The girl's back was criss crossed with the pattern of the chain link fence. Her butt, still not recovered from the whipping given it by Bradford, throbbed and ached horribly. But the friction of the cock fucking her juiced up pussy was enough to soothe her, to warm her belly and to excite her to the point of climax.

"No, no," she moaned, "don't do this to me."

She said those words but deep down she wanted more of his cock. Wrapping one slender, white leg around the man's waist, she pulled him a little deeper into her cunt. The feel of his bell shaped glans digging deeper and deeper into her softly. Yielding cunt pushed her over the brink of orgasm. She came. But the man wasn't satisfied with the fucking. He obviously wanted more. She felt him lifting her up with one impossibly strong arm. Something rattled and she felt links of chain circling her left wrist. Struggling failed to free her hand. Bradford had chained her to the fence. Twisting around, she attempted to keep her other hand free. She failed. She was chained spread eagle to the fence. What was worse, the man's prick slipped from her hungry pussy with a lewd, juicy plop. Empty inside, abandoned and chained to the fence, she simply hung there. Never had the girl felt more forlorn or humbled. The blonde's feet failed to touch the cold concrete floor by almost two inches. Her entire weight was suspended by her arms and shoulders. Already, they had begun to ache under the strain of her weight.

"Why are YOU doing this to me?" she asked. "Why me? What have I ever done to you?"

Bradford stood looking at his handiwork. He checked the chains and the locks he had placed on them, insuring her imprisonment. He smiled and said nothing. That was worse than if he had boasted about her captivity, her helplessness. They both knew that she was his to do with as he pleased.

"Hey, let me get back in and get to fucking, huh, Mr. Bradford?" demanded the football jock. His cock gleamed in the dim light of the smelly locker room. The cunt juice drying on his cock had turned it into a shaft of the purest silver. Visibly, as the cunt oil evaporated, his erection turned back into a throbbing alive, red cock.

"Let me hold one of her legs. We'll make sure you can really fuck into the tightest possibly pussy," said Bradford, casually grabbing one of Debbie's white booted feet and pulling the leg up. He held her so that her leg was at the right angle to her body. She hung, suspended from the chain link fence, her bonds rattling as more and more weight was applied to them. She began to feel the full effects of the degradation.

Her pussy was obscenely exposed to the man wanting to fuck her. Her blonde-rimmed pussy trembled with fear at the impact of the man's cock. The way Bradford held her leg insured the tightest possible cunt to drive into. "Yeah, that's more like, it," the player said. He grabbed Debbie's other foot and tucked it under his arm as if it were the football and he didn't want the other team to ever strip it from his grip. He moved forward. The girl had to close her eyes. This was too terrible to be happening to her. She felt the strain mounting in her shoulders. The cold metal link grating behind her cut mercilessly into her soft, white flesh. The way her legs were spread kept her from struggling. But even a token protest wasn't possible for her. Hands and feet immobilized, she completely at Bradford's mercy. And the man had no mercy whatsoever. He laughed aloud as the player moved into the widespread vee of her thighs and pushed his cock back into her small diametered cunt.

Debbie felt she was going to be ripped apart. The cock drove in fast and hard. She felt the plum tipped cock spread her pussy lips and then explode all the way up into her guts. The friction burned at her cunt walls. She trembled like a leaf in a high wind. The pain rose in her body from, the twisted, contorted position, but still the man shoved his cock deeper into her belly.

"Stop it!" she begged. But it did no good.

She could tell by the look on the man's face that he wasn't going to stop fucking her until he came. He was too far lost in the wonderland of lust for that. His hips positioned in and out, sending his cock raking along the tender wails of her cunt until she wanted to die. This wasn't the way fucking was supposed to be. It was supposed to be tender and passionate and slow and wonderful. This was quick and brutal and she had never felt more abused in her young life. The player's hands probed the most intimate portions of her body. While her leg remained under his arm, his hand explored her asshole. A finger traced her tiny anus and drove hard and fast into her shit chute.

She screamed and she got off on it the orgasm crushing her body was totally unexpected. The girl hated herself for being so weak. It seemed as if any sex, no matter how she got it, was all right with her body. The feel of the man's finger exploring her asshole should have turned her off entirely. This was rape. This was brutal. This was degrading. She came again. Everything conspired against her. The pain that should have prevented her sexual pleasure somehow added to it. She had something to compare the ecstatic pleasures of a cock reaming out her seething hot pussy to. The pain built up and actually got her off again.

I... aaieee! Her body quivered and she lifted her hips in a vain attempt to jam her snatch down over the man's impaling spike of hard cock. The way she was chained and held by the two men prevented much motion on her part. But it did spur the man to a faster tempo. He fucked her with long, powerful strokes that set her innards on fire.

"More give me more! I hate it! I hate you both! And I want more!"

Bradford laughed harshly. She barely heard him over the pounding of her own pulse in her head. Temples throbbing like the beat of a drum, she knew she was far gone sexually. The man fucking her began, to diddle himself with the finger that was stuffed all the way up her ass.

"Hey, damn, this is fucking great!" he cried. "I can feel my cock through her guts. She sure as hell is a tight and hot bitch! Wow!"

She cried openly now. The conflicting emotions ripping her apart inside added to the power of her comes. The man's prick got her off again and again. She couldn't control herself. Pain built up in her body. The way her legs were being harshly yanked apart compressed her cunt around the man's cock. She knew he was going to rip her apart with that fleshy sword. He didn't. What he did do was fuck her until she came like a human machine gun! Again and again she came, until she hardly realized she was smashing herself back against the chain link fence. Blood ran down her back from where she cut herself on the crud metal. Her legs were kept too wide for her to do much else but bob up and down in an attempt to get more cock into her greedy little pussy.

Her actions were further guided by the thick finger jammed all the way into her asshole. The man drove his cock over the tip of his finger, only a thin membrane separating his digit from his hard fucking cock. And when he came, it scared her guts as if he had spewed acid into her captive twat.

"God, oh, God!" he cried. He arched his back and rammed furiously into her cunt. His fountaining prick soon deflated and he took a step back. He looked down stupidly at his melting cock. It was drenched with his come and the girl's fuck juice. His prick finally went to sleep, and hung limp and spent against the front of his pants.

"Not bad," said Bradford, still hanging onto Debbie's leg. He enjoyed giving that imprisoned leg tiny jerks. He knew that pain would be shooting into her pussy every time he did it.

"Not bad, man? Shit, it was great! Makes me want to go out and take on their whole fucking team!"

Debbie's tears tracked down her cheeks, leaving salty trails. With her hands chained, she couldn't even brush the tears away. Never had she been in such an impossible position, such a helpless position!


Bradford let the blonde teenager hang on the chain grating for some time. She tugged futilely at the locks on her wrists. The chains he had fastened were cutting into her flesh, causing ugly red welts to rise around the links. She strained to get her toes onto the concrete floor. She was barely able to succeed. It was pure torture that lanced through her legs. She had to stand on tiptoe. It wasn't even possible for her to get the balls of her feet onto the floor. The strain in the calves of her legs caused the muscles to knot and throb angrily. The blonde girl knew that the muscle spasms would cause her boots to spilt apart at the seams. She started to cry openly. But somehow, the cheerleader in chains managed to hold back the flood. She didn't want to give Bradford the satisfaction of seeing her all bent out of shape. She hated him and there wasn't a damned thing she could do about it. In her position, she could only survive and hope to escape sometime soon. He had to make a mistake that would allow her to escape. He just had to!

"A good win, team," she heard him saying. She jerked and rattled the chains on her wrists. This wasn't the other cheerleaders coming into the locker room. It was the entire, football team.

She tried to hide her nakedness the best she could. Raising one leg and bending it covered her fleecy blonde snatch a little. She realized how vulnerable she was. Naked as the day she was born, aside from her boots, she presented the perfect target for any of those men's pricks. Something moved deep inside her at the thought of all those football players gang raping her. Trying to deny the fascination she felt with the idea was impossible. She didn't want to be gang banged by a couple dozen horny football jocks. She didn't! But she couldn't help but wonder what it would be like.

"Here she is guys. All yours," Bradford said, pointing to the naked Debbie chained to the link fence. "Special for you. You won and you deserve something hot to slip into." Her eyes widened in stark horror as she saw a half dozen of the football players coming toward her. They tossed their helmets aside with careless contempt. Already, they began unfastening the lacing on the front of their pants. They were all going to have her. One after another, they were going to fuck her until she was a bloody, mutilated pulp.

"Don't do this!" she begged. "I don't want you fucking me. Please! It's Bradford who's forcing me to do this. Do you think I'd want to be chained up like this if I had a choice?" Her words fell on deaf ears. A couple of the men smiled wickedly, another one laughed. They were used to Bradford's "rewards". Nothing she could say would stop them from raping her repeatedly.

And the idea made her pussy turn liquid and begin to churn. She didn't understand. She couldn't possibly look forward to the idea of having these men fuck her until her cunt was rubbed raw from half a dozen cocks. And yet that seemed to be the reaction building up inside her traitorous body.

"Me first," said the tallest of the men. His cock was already stiff and bucking boldly in front of his groin. He held the staff in a thick fingered hand. The eye of his prick poked out over the top of his fingers, the knobby end visibly pulsing with unrestrained lust for her fleece rimmed cunt.

"Spread 'em, doll," ordered another one. "This is going to be a quickie for all of us. We ache and we want to get to the showers. But first things first. Right gang?"

They all laughed at her helplessness. She kicked out. Her booted foot hit one of the men squarely in the middle of his belly. It was as if she had kicked a stone wall. He didn't even grunt.

"Honey," he said, holding her foot captive in his hand. "I've been nudged by a bug harder than that. I go out there every week and get the shit pounded out of me. Now it's my turn to fuck the shit out of you! I want to take you up the ass!"

His cock pulsed as he spoke. She couldn't pull her eyes off that stiffening rod of cockflesh. When his hard-on was like a steel bar, he moved closer, his prick parting the thick slabs of her asscheeks. She groaned softly when his glans touched the puckered hole of her anus the tiny muscle of her asshole refused to allow any cock up her chute. And then she screamed as he continued to force his way upward into her tightest passage.

"Don't do that!" she sobbed. "You're going to hurt me. You'll tear me apart inside if you fuck my rear."

"Fuck your rear?" he mocked. "I'm going to fuck your ass like it's never been fucked before. I'm going to burn you up with my fucking. You're gonna love it and you're gonna beg for more after I'm finished!"

He lifted her leg and draped it over his shoulder. Crushing her against the chain-link fence, he almost ripped her in half. Her thigh pressed into her tit, mashing it flat. She cried out in abject pain. The way he moved threatened to pull her arms from their sockets. As he jerked and shot his prick upward again and again, she knew there was no way of keeping his unlubricated cock from her asshole.

"My cunt," she moaned. "Stuff it up my cunt and get it greasy. You're killing meeeee!"

Her entire body shook like a plate of jello. She felt his cock stop bludgeoning her asshole to move forward a few inches. He stroked along her sex gash. Her fuck oil oozed from deep inside, and greased her snatch. He smiled broadly as he hunched up and down between her cunt lips. The juicy cradle held his prick nicely, but he wanted more and he was in the position to take it.

"Now, chick, now I'm gonna fuck that tight ass of yours. My cock's got your love juice all over it. Hope that makes you happy, you nagging bitch!"

She almost passed out when he moved back to her asshole. She felt the blunted nosecone of his prick ramming straight into the center of her anus. The pain shooting through her body was intense. She sobbed and moaned constantly, pain hitting her from all angles.

The way her shoulders felt, she wondered if she would ever be able to lift her arms again. The circulation had been cut off in her hands. The chains cut deeply into her flesh. The position he held her in, her leg draped up over his shoulder, made her feel like the wishbone of a chicken being yanked apart. Every single movement brought her pain. Even the stabbing motions with his cock against her reluctant asshole sent lances of burning pain into her belly. Then he surged up and into her rectum. The girl's resilient insides expanded slowly to take the thick bulk of his cock. But his fuck stick moved faster than she could stretch internally. She still felt the pain from all the other sources and now it was as if a red-hot poker had been shoved into her guts. She passed out.

When she returned to consciousness, things hadn't improved at all. The man grunted and strained as he reamed her out. Her asshole had stretched to take the thickness of his fucking cock, but the friction of his prick against her tender puckered ring of anus felt like a cigarette lighter had been applied to her smoldering flesh.

"Hell, don't mind sloppy seconds," said one man. "But not up her shit chute. Look, I got a boner and I want to use it. I'm battered and bruised from that Goddamn tackle out there. Now get out of the way and let me fuck her cunt before I collapse."

"Let's share," grunted the man already embedded firmly in the young cheerleader's ass. "I'm game. I stay in her butt and you can have her cunt. How's that?"

"Okay by me. But get one of those hands undone. Can't fuck her when she's shoved up against the fence like that."

Debbie hardly knew what they were doing. Her world was filled with red, searing pain. Every moment that passed only added to her torment. She was being abused by these men. They were going to gang bang her. One after another, they were going to degrade and humiliate her as if she weren't any sort of a human being. She was nothing more than a hot, tight pussy to fuck. She felt one of her hands unchained from the fence, for a second, hope surged through her. She was going to be released. It didn't work out that way. They merely changed the chains to another post, this one near the lockers. She was suspended between the fence and the post now, both sides of her body widely exposed to the men's lustful advances.

"Got to keep working. Shit, this chick's rear is sucking away at my cock. She's gonna milk me of my jizz any second now."

"You never did have any staying power," taunted the other man, coming up in front of Debbie so that she could see him. Her vision was blurred by the fucking of her ass the pain jolted her constantly but she saw the huge hard-on of the man in front of her.

"Don't... don't do this to me," she pleaded, knowing it wouldn't do her any good. The man didn't even seem to hear her.

"You never did last very long after the real fucking started. I'll pace you, Frank."

The man moved into the wide spread vee of Debbie's legs, his cock slowly moving up her trembling inner thigh until he came to her matted bush. He laughed in her face as she quivered. He thrust upward and sent his prick bouncing along the ridge of her puffy cunt lips. She shuddered with the pain of the butt fucking and the fact that her arms felt as if they had turned to lead. And now the man in front of her was going to add his cock to her body.

"Don't do this!"

He stuffed his prick into her steamy hot twat. She screamed and almost blacked out again. She had often fantasized what it would be like to have two men making love to her at the same time. But even in her wildest dreams, it had never been like this. It was both wonderful and awful at the same time. The cock up her pussy was huge. It threatened to burst her apart at the seams. But together with the cock fucking her ass, she felt filled to overflowing. Her body couldn't possibly handle two fucks at the same time.

But she was young and up to the task. Her inner membranes screamed out a protest, and then slowly stretched to take this second fucking prick. By the time her cunt walls had expanded enough to accommodate the player's prick, the man up her ass had begun to pump into her hard and fast. She felt his prick begin to expand. The hooded tip of his cock throbbed and she knew he was close to coming. She almost hoped he would. Then he would go limp and his prick wouldn't duel with the other man's through her delicate inner walls.

"Slow down," cautioned the man buried balls deep up her cunt. "We want to do this together. Team work, man, team work. That's what it's all about, you know what I mean?"

The man fucking her ass only grunted. Debbie felt him slow down, his cock still jerking and bucking hard in the tightness of her ass.

"Now, on the numbers. You in, me out. Then we reverse so that only one of us is in her at any given time."

"Shit," complained the man behind her, "that's too complicated. I'm about ready to get my rocks off. You can fuck any Goddamn way you want. I just want to feel her shit chute all around my prick."

The man began to fuck the girl's ass hard again. She felt his prick expanding the ring of her anus. She trembled and broke out into a sweat. Rivers of salty perspiration ran down between her huge tits, tickling and arousing her. The girl hated herself for getting so turned on by this. She was hung up and chained, her wrists bruised and battered by the metal links. Her back was criss-crossed with welts from where she had been banged against the fence she had been raped and abused, tortured and pulled apart and still her pussy frothed over with thick love oil. She was turned on and hated herself more and more because of it.

"God, this is super," muttered the man fucking her twat.

She moaned softly every time he fucked balls deep into her pussy. She was getting hotter and hotter from the fucking. He was one hell of a fine cockman. The chained cheerleader just wished she had met him under other circumstances. But this was agony for her. The combined action of a cock up her pussy and one up her butt robbed her of real pleasure.

Her clit sang a joyous song every time the man's bush ground into it, but the feel of both cocks inside her drove her out of her mind with pain.

"I can feel the underside of your cock running against mine," one of the men crowed. "This is out of sight!"

Both men fucked her at the same time now. Cocks shooting all the way into her body rattled her teeth. She felt the man up her pussy swing from side to side, giving her the thrilling feel of a real cock. But the prick filling her asshole ripped away all her pleasure and filled her with pain.

"Faster," grated the man corn holing her. "I want to bugger her faster. Gotta feel the heat burning my prick to a nubbin. Just gotta fuck, fuck, fuck!"

His chanting set the pace. She felt her lithe body being lifted entirely off the floor by their powerful upsurges. Hung suspended on the tips of two pricks, she was totally helpless and completely fucked over.

Crying no longer released the anger in her body. She tried to concentrate on the good feelings. There were too damned few of them! The man's bush dragging over her clit was pleasant, but it was too brief. The twisted out of shape feel of having both cocks in her body at the same time proved sheer agony and quickly erased what joy she may have had before.

The man in her ass came. She felt the hot, sticky surge of his come. The girl's body arched and she rammed her butt straight back into the curve of his crotch. She couldn't help herself. She had to get more of that sweet, fucking cock up her ass. As she moved, she took his thick spike of cock another inch into her butt. This triggered a huge come that sent her off into a sexual orbit that didn't end until the man's prick melted in her super heated body and dribbled from her asshole. The man up her cunt continued to fuck with increasingly powerful strokes. She was lifted up onto her toes every time he rocketed upward. By twisting from side to side, rocking her hips, moving against the chains binding her so firmly, she managed to get a little pleasure from the fucking. She cane again. And then it was all over for her. The man fucking her cunt spewed out his cum into her sucking pussy.

He stood with a stupid look on his face, and then smiled. "Baby, you got the hottest pussy I ever fucked. You make going out there and winning really worth it. If Bradford keeps you around, I'm gonna bust my balls for another chance like this!"

"That's what I like to hear," said Bradford, coming up to leer at the naked, dangling girl. "She leads the cheers, so it's only fitting she should give her all for the team's morale."

"Fuck that all bit," said the football player. "Just so long as she has a cunt that's tight and hot, that's what matters."

"Right," agreed Bradford, smiling benevolently. Debbie was exhausted. She hung from her chains, sweat running in wide rivers over her naked body. She felt like homemade shit and wanted nothing more than to die. But not until she killed Bradford. Her hatred for the man was all that really kept her going.


When Bradford finally released her hands from the chains, Debbie collapsed to the floor. She didn't want to show weakness in front of the man, but her body had reached the limits of its endurance. She fell onto her face, barely catching herself with her hands to prevent bloodying her nose. The cold concrete grated harshly against her tender nipples and crushed her tits flat against her chest. As she tried to raise her body and turn over, she found a foot placed squarely in the middle of her back.

"You're not going anywhere," Bradford told her. His cold, harsh tone indicated that more torment was in store for her. But what could it possibly be? Hadn't he tortured her enough already?

"What did I ever do to you?" she demanded. "Why are you doing these horrible things to me? You've forced me to suck you off and you raped me up the rear and now this! Gang banged by the team. I can't take any more!"

"Ah, but you can and will, my dear," he informed her. "I have great plans for you. Ahhh cock teasing bitches are the same. You flaunt your boobs and wiggle your asses and get a man hard and ready, and then you turn him off just like that."

"What are you talking about?" she sobbed. The rough concrete abraded her nipples. And in spite of the mistreatment, she felt her tits throbbing with excited blood. The entire scene aroused her strangely. She didn't enjoy being under this dominant man's control, and yet something about the entire situation stirred her emotions.

"You know what I'm talking about, cunt. You're all alike, each and every one of you. I watch you out there on the field, flaunting your perfect bodies and knowing you're the one who'll permit some lucky man to fuck you after the game. You think you're too good for the likes of me. I'll show you who's too good for whom, bitch! You're going to be the team's reward for such a good showing. And when they're through with you, I think I might have something special in store for you. Something that a horny, sexy bitch like you might enjoy."

"Go to hell!"

"I might go to hell, cunt, but you're already there!"

He dropped his knee into the center of her back. The more she struggled to escape the more difficult it became for her to move at all. The pressure on her spine was excruciating. The man snared her wrists and pulled them firmly into the small of her back. She heard the rattle of thin chains and felt the cold links being pulled tightly around her hands. The circulation had barely returned to her hands and her, flesh seemed more dead than alive. Now she was trussed up again and unable to effectively fight him off. Naked, except for her sexy white knee high boots, she was as helpless as a new born babe.

The man could do anything he wanted to her and she couldn't stop him. He rolled her over and studied her nakedness. He seemed to approve of what he saw. His hands touched her check lightly. She flinched away, tossing blonde hair out of her eyes. But his touch didn't stop there. Slowly, his fingers traced a feather light route down the side of her face, along the line of her throat and stopped in the deep valley between her jiggling tits. She felt her breath coming in harsh, stuttering gasps now. The feel of his hand so close to her sensitive boobs did the trick.

"Yes, the cock-teasing cunt is aroused, isn't she?" said Bradford. "I think you will become even more so before I'm finished with you."

His fingertips moved up the steep white slope of her slit. When he found the turgid little nubbin of her nipple, he gripped it between thumb and forefinger. He clamped down hard. She felt as if an icy knife had been driven into her chest.

"Ummmm, nooo!" she whined. "Stop that! It hurts my tit!"

"Isn't that a shame? I think I like the satiny feel of that knocker of yours. It's so cool, so smooth, so delectable."

His hand engulfed her entire tit. He crushed down with a furious grip. She screamed in pain as his fingers left ugly red streaks on the sides of her once perfect cone of tit flesh. He didn't seem to be satisfied with her torment. He pressed down firmly with the palm of his hand until her nipple began to harden. He felt it throbbing with every beat of her heart. He rotated the mound of tit until the girl writhed on the floor in obvious pain.

"So you don't like a real man handling your knockers, huh?" he asked. "I think you spurn me. I think you should be given to a few more of the members of the team. Perhaps then you will see how kind and gentle I am. Then, after they have finished with you, you will beg me for my prick. You will want my prick more than anything else in the world. And if you grovel enough, I might even permit you to sample it, cunt!"

The pressure on her tit suddenly vanished. She gasped at the way her released boob danced around like a blob of mercury on a plate. Debbie closed her eyes and tried to will away the pain in her nipple. It refused to die down. The more she thought about it, the hotter the nipple became. It filled with blood and pounded so hard she simply knew it would explode. The girl forgot all about the pain in her tit when she felt something cold and long and hard rammed up between her silken thighs. Opening her eyes, she saw Bradford jamming a broom handle into her twat. She kicked out with her booted feet but it did no good.

Simply trying to fend him off this way had opened up her pussy to the handle of the broom. The rounded tip of the broomstick touched her inner cunt lips and then plunged six inches into her heated cunt. She screamed in pain. The wooden handle wasn't thick, but the straightness of it caused her to arch her back to accommodate it. She knew the man was going to cram that stick all the way through her guts so that it would come out her mouth! He had something against her and wanted to punish her. She didn't know why he was doing this. All that mattered to her was the wooden stake spearing her juicy twat.

"You love it, don't you, you scum sucking bitch? Admit it! Admit you love this!" The man was screaming at the top of his voice now.

"Yes, yes!" she lied, hoping to get him to pull the broom handle out of her cunt. The man didn't. He began fucking her with it. She tried to think of something that would be more painful, more degrading. She couldn't. The girl had to thrash around on the floor as the man fucked her with his wooden dildo. Only when the stick came cum coated with her inner fuck oil did he stop.

And then he forced her to lick the handle. Debbie almost gagged at that. She didn't know that her own juice would be so terrible. She remembered that Sherry's had been exciting, but then they had been tender with each other. That had been a mutual love act, not a brutal rape with a broom handle.

"Not enough?" he asked. He rolled her over and pulled her up so that her ass wagged in the air. She didn't know what he was going to do. With her cheek pressing coldly into the cement floor, she thought that she had endured all he could offer. She quickly found out how wrong she was.

He repeated her cuntal rape by stuffing the broom stick into her asshole. What little lubricating fuck juice remained barely helped grease the entry of the wooden rod into her bowels. The girl felt sick to her stomach as the man started butt fucking her with the broom. The wood threatened to splinter and rip her apart inside. She worried about bleeding to death. But the man soon stopped.

Then he forced her to lick off the broom handle again. Debbie was totally debased and humiliated by this action; she cried openly and didn't care if the man saw her weakness. Nothing else could be done to her, she thought. He had raped her with a broom both up the cunt and up the ass. Nothing was left to torment her. And again she was wrong.

"Come on over, guys. I've got her all hot and ready for you!"

Bradford smiled down at her as he ran his hands under her arms and picked her up. When she had her knees under her, he smiled even more broadly and called out, "Come on, Stan. You deserve a little pussy."

"Right, boss man," cried a player. He came sliding in on his back, his head poking between the kneeling girl's thighs. She was so startled at this; she rose up just, enough to allow him to shove his head directly under her pussy. His tongue flashed out and roughly stroked the entire length of her cunt lips. The shuddery sigh that passed through her body promised so much more to come that she almost thought everything that had gone before was worth it.

"Come to me, pretty mama," he called up to her. "Lower that lovely blonde pussy onto my face!"

She carefully relaxed the straining muscles in her thighs. She felt her cunt lips being parted by the man's probing tongue. His rough, pink tongue slithered along her turgid, blood engorged cunt lips and then gently parted them. Each touch was sheer heaven for her. This wasn't torture, this was paradise!

His tongue pushed apart her puffy outer cunt lips and then teased the more delicate scalloped inner ones. She felt her pussy begin to churn and boil. The aches in her body slowly vanished as his tongue gave her new and more intensely pleasurable sensations to concentrate on. The feel of his tongue surging in and out of her velvet hung cunt soothed and stimulated her. She could forget her dilemma and rejoice in the wonderful emotions filling her body.

He tongue fucked her until she came. His tongue slipped out of her froth filled pussy to work along her blonde fur-rimmed cunt lips. When he discovered her little clit, a crafty tongue snared it. He teased the little pillar of erectile flesh into full extension. When it was quivering with lust, he sucked hard on it.

Debbie blasted off into orbit again, coming hard. She groaned out loud and tossed her luxurious mane of blonde hair from side to side. She wanted to reach down and grip the man's cock with her hands, but they were still chained behind her back.

"She likes having her pussy eaten out. Let's see if she enjoys sucking cock, too," said Bradford. "You, Alex, come on over and have this blonde bombshell suck you off."

A burly guard lumbered over and pulled down his pants. Debbie opened her eyes and saw a ponderous cock the size of a telephone pole bucking with stark lust just inches in front of her face. She felt the effects of the tongue in her cunt, more and more. It made her feel sexy, horny, desiring more and more cock.

She would have reached out on her own and gripped the prick to stuff it into her mouth if her hands hadn't been chained so securely behind her back.

"Go on, Alex, stick it in for her!"

Jeers and shouts from others on the team spurred the huge man on. He grabbed onto the thickness of his cock and shoved it forcefully between her lips. The cheerleader took it all in one gulp.

Her lips strained to encircle the ponderous log of a cock. But she managed. Her soft lips stroked the entire length of his cock as it blasted into her dank mouth. Cradling the man's cock with her tongue, she slurped noisily. The thick musky male taste aroused her even more. After hours of torture, she was being given everything a woman could desire. One man's eager tongue licked and fucked her cunt. Another man's prick was being thrust repeatedly into her sucking, hungry for prick mouth. She hardly knew how to respond to this kindness after so much torment!

"Ada girl, keep sucking. God, she's got a mouth like a vacuum cleaner," the huge man muttered. "And I love it. I gotta get all the way in. Let's see you deep throat me!"

The battering ram of cock bounced off the roof of her mouth. For a horrifying instant, Debbie was afraid she might choke to death. The huge plug of cock rammed all the way into her throat. She was no Linda Lovelace, but she could take a man's prick. But this wasn't just any man's cock. This one was as huge as some men's wrists. The throbbing hose of cock filled her throat and shut off all her air. She swallowed hard, a few times, her Adam's apple bobbing up and down to massage the most sensitive portion of the man's pecker.

"God, she is good!" the player moaned. "I gotta really fuck that sweet, sucking mouth of hers now. I'm gonna face fuck her like she's never gotten cock before!"

He pulled out. Debbie heaved a quick sigh of relief. Air gusted into her lungs. When she exhaled, she saw the crinkly forest of the man's bush stir. The hot air stimulated his balls and made them boil and throb with ill suppressed need.

His hips exploded. He rammed forward and almost knocked her backwards. She strained hard. She couldn't fall backwards; that would deprive her of that long, thrusting tongue squirming around in her tight little pussy!

She kept her balance and tried to tongue the man's prick the best she could. The strain she felt at the corners of her mouth wasn't anything compared to the strain she caused in the man's hard driving prick. She used her tongue in a sexy, educated manner. Her tongue looped around the thick head of his cock, teasing and tormenting all the right places. The tiny triangular flap of skin dangling under the cleft head received special attention. When she tasted the bitter drop of pre-come beading at his piss slit, she knew it wasn't going to take much longer to get him off. She sucked so hard her cheeks went hollow under the pressure.

And in the midst of having her pussy eaten out and sucking off another guy, she heard Bradford say, "What? Two more of you horny studs? Hell, why not? Go stuff your dongs into her hands. Let her jerk you off that way. She don't mind a bit. Just try her."

Debbie felt heavy, hot rods of cockflesh thrust into both of her hands. She couldn't see behind her, but feeling those pricks was enough. She squeezed them and began running her fingers up and down the fleshy shafts. They pulsed and danced with new lust when she managed to snare both sets of balls in her hands. Teasing them, she bounced the balls off the tips of her fingers. The girl found it hard to coordinate all her movements. The feel of the tongue in her pussy kept her from being able to concentrate on any one thing. She had the cock in her mouth and now two delightfully lustful pricks in her hands.

"God fucking damn!" cried the man whose prick moved in and out of the cheerleader's eager mouth. The hot surge of his jism filled her mouth. The first spurt arched over her tongue and spattered onto her tonsils. She didn't want that not at all. She loved the taste of a man's come. Her tongue pressed hotly into the spewing slit of his cock in time to catch the full blast of his second shot of come. The thick goo smeared salty and tangy over her taste buds. She continued to nurse greedily at his cock until she had milked it of every single drop of his come.

When it fell from her mouth, limp and tired, she sighed. One of the cocks vying for her attention was gone. She turned her attention to the twin pricks in her hands. Stroking up and down was easier now. She felt the slickness of the cocks and guessed that her hands were sweating and lubricating her movements.

"Christ, she's dynamite! I think I'll go out and win every fucking game after this. If more of this is in store, that is!"

"Don't worry, guys," came Bradford's voice. "I promise you more like her if you continue winning. Hell, you can even have her after every game, if she's what you like."

"Blondes always did turn me on," said one of the men. His cock jerked and grew in circumference. Debbie's grip tightened on his cock. She knew it wasn't going to take much longer for him to get his rocks off.

"Yeah, I figured they would," said the other. "Do blondes have more fun?"

"With me they do," joked the other one, his voice becoming more and more strained as his body tensed for the come. "They're easier to find in the dark. Oh, ohhhhhh! God, this is too much!"

She felt his cock convulsively jerk. Hot, sticky strands of come drenched her hand. She kept up her pressure until the cock had gone as limp as a garden hose in the sun. With only one cock left to handle, she gave it all she could. One hand cupped the man's balls while the other worked on the thick stalk of his prick.

When he got off, she was quivering all over. The smell of a man's come filled her nostrils. She loved the odor. It blanked out the rest of the smelly locker room until her mouth was literally watering. She forced her hips down so that the man under her wide spread, wanton pussy could eat her out even better than before.

The slithery feel of his cock-hard tongue fucking her pussy sent shivers of delight racing up her spine. Lightning bolts jolted through her body as she came. The man began sucking on her pussy. That, coupled with his hard teeth gnawing on the tender lips, brought her off again.

And then he was gone. Only the pleasant after glow of orgasm remained in her body. Debbie crouched and bent forward, lost her balance and tumbled to the floor. She had forgotten that her hands were still chained behind her back.

As she lay there, the glow vanishing from her cunt, she felt come drying on her hands. Somehow, all this wasn't quite as exciting as it had been. As she thought about it, everything turned sordid, depraved, totally ugly. She had been forced to do these lewd and vile acts. The girl was no longer master of her own destiny.

Bradford controlled her and he wasn't about to let her go. This had been a pleasant interlude, but she feared that more pain was coming her way.

She was right.


"Let's let the other cheerleaders in," said Bradford. "We can take her out with us through the equipment room." Debbie felt strong arms lifting her off the cement floor. She seemed to float, weightless. Never had she felt such power as the football player lifting her showed. He didn't even seem to notice her weight. She struggled a little and found herself as firmly trapped by him as if she had been embedded in a solid block of concrete.

Bradford took out a ring of keys and opened the chain-link door that she couldn't get through earlier. She cursed under her breath. If only she'd had those keys. The blonde girl's pussy still stung a little from the effect of the broom handle fucking, but not as much as her asshole. After all, she had been eaten out. That type of tonguing would soothe all but the worst of hurts.

"Where are you taking me?" she demanded. She grunted as the player tossed her over his shoulder like a bag of potatoes.

"Don't ask questions, cunt," came Bradford's cold reply. They made their way through the interior of the stadium. By the time they emerged into the cold night, the lights were going out. The stadium was again deserted, waiting like a malignant beast for another weekend to come so that it could fill its maw with fifty thousand people.

"Out onto the field, boss man?" asked the player. Debbie grunted every time he bounced up and down. He hadn't taken off his cleats and this gave him an odd rolling gait. With her belly pressed into his massive shoulder pads, she was getting the worst of the deal.

"Yeah. Tie her to the tackling dummy. Then you can get the rest of the team. The ones that don't have anything better to do, at any rate."

"Right, boss."

The player threw Debbie down and turned to race into the cloaking room of the now empty stadium. She lay on the cold ground, staring up at the diamond hard points of the stars overhead. She didn't know if they were mocking her or not. She thought they must be.

Bradford lifted her and placed her against one of the tackling dummies. She strained to get away from him. The chains on her wrists prevented her from effectively fighting the man off.

"Don't give me any of that shit," he ordered. "This is going to be the team's reward for winning."

"You mean I'm going to be the reward!" She found her breath coming in short, hard gasps. Her excitement and fear mingled and mixed until she couldn't tell one from the other. "Why are you doing this to me? You haven't ever done this to any of the other girls. I would have heard about it if you had. Why me?"

"You remind me of my first wife. Oh, so beautiful and prim and proper and the biggest cock teaser in the world. You come on strong and get a guy hard, then shut him down. Not now, cock-teaser, not now. This time, I'm going to show you what you're missing."

She tried to run again. He simply stuck out his foot and tripped her. She fell to her knees, trying to keep her face out of the dirt. What the man did next startled and shocked the blonde teenager. He looped a length of chain around her neck and fastened it securely to the tackling, dummy.

"Just like a dog, bitch. That's what you are a bitch in heat. Well, the team's gonna put that fire out. You're gonna get more cock than you ever dreamed of before we're finished with you."

A flood of futility came over her, drowning her in self-pity. She was chained like a dog. She couldn't move without the chain stopping her, choking her, humiliating her even more than she had been in the past.

"I hate you!" she screamed. "I hope you burn in hell! Ill see you dead!"

"Sure you will," he taunted. "Who is it that has the key to the lock to this?" He reached down and jangled the chain around her neck. "I have it! And you're going to do as you're told."

"The bitch has a tongue. Perhaps I should cut it out."

Debbie recoiled in horror as the dim light filtering into the stadium caught and reflected off the opening blade of a wicked penknife. The man advanced on her. She tried to get away from him but the end of the chain stopped her. Almost gagging from the cruel links around her neck, she flinched away from the cold steel blade of the knife.

He pressed it into her belly, then slowly drew it up to a spot between her tits. He pressed hard enough to depress her skin but not hard enough to cut into her flesh. The feel of the steel against her skin threatened to cause the girl to pass out in fright.

"Wh-what are you going to do to me?"

"I should cut one of these off." He placed the very tip of the tiny knife under her left tit. Slowly, with agonizing care, he traced along the huge mound of tit flesh, and then worked the point all the way to the crest. There, he ran the edge of the blade repeatedly over her now hard nipple. The coldness of the blade had made her nipple spring erect.

"Don't do this to me, please!" she pleaded. "I I'll do anything you want!"

"Of course, you will. As long as you're chained, you are under my command. You have no choice but to obey."

"It... it would be better if I did what you ordered of my own free will. You can release me and I promise to do whatever you want. But take the chains off me, and don't cut me with that knife!" Her voice had turned shrill. The man laughed in her face.

"You'll do what I want now. And I don't have to worry about you breaking your promise and running away. Not that running would do you any good. No cop will believe your story. It's your word against mine. I'm respected in this community. I'm leading the team to a winning year. That makes me someone special, and you're shit! You're nothing!"

Debbie recognized the ring of truth in the man's words. It would be her story against his if she managed to get away. A few bruises and a tormented pussy didn't verify her story. Anyone could have raped her. It didn't have to be the general manager successful football team. He could concoct any sort of a story he wanted.

Maybe he'd tell the police he lad fired her, and her lies were how she planned to strike back at him personally. Or he could simply say she was off in the head, candidate for the funny farm. Anything Bradford said was believable; anything Debbie said would be taken as a lie or the ravings of a demented mind.

"Such a nice tit. A shame to waste it on a cockteaser like you."

He traced around the turgid nipple with the point of his blade. She shuddered at the hardness, the coldness, the sharpness of the blade. He leaned forward slightly and the very tip of the blade bit into her tit. She shrieked as a tiny drop of blood welled up. The man dropped to his knees, cupped her injured breast in his hand and nursed greedily. She felt him sucking the blood from her wound. The girl closed her eyes and tried to imagine herself somewhere else, with someone else. She failed.

"There they are!" came a loud cry from across the field. Hope flared and then died. Debbie had hoped it was someone coming to rescue her. Instead, several members of the team trotted onto the field. A couple of them even held their boners.

The sight of the men hanging onto hard pricks caused something to snap inside her. She writhed away from Bradford and ran to the other end of her chain. The suddenness with which she ran it to its end jerked her off her feet. Gagging weakly, she kneeled in front of the tackling dummy. One of the men silently dropped down behind her. His hands went around her waist and his thick cock pressed hotly between the slabs of her ass. He rammed forward, his cock spearing her directly in the pussy. She grunted as the dry prick rubbed her raw as it worked its way into her hidden depths. Her pussy had gone dry from being threatened with the knife. But the nearness of the cock, the feel of the man's hands stroking her flanks, pulling hard at her dangling tits, even fondling and fumbling with her cunt, all built up sexual tension inside her belly again.

"Ummm, why are you all doing this to meee?" she moaned. The cock slid in and out of her cunt more easily now that her juices had begun to flow. "I never did anything to you!"

"Hey, you mean she's not willing?" demanded one of the men.

"Mr. Bradford, you told us all these chicks liked what we did to them. All of them were nymphs, hungry for cock, no matter how they got it."

"That's right, Stan. Look, you know how some chicks tell you not to fuck them when you're doing just that?"

"Yeah. They sort of get caught up in the fucking and lose track of what's going down."

"Right. She's like that. She loves this but she's not able to admit it. She really digs it when you're rough."

"Well, okay, Mr. Bradford. As long as you say so." The player turned to the man fucking furiously and said, "Hey, get off! I want my turn and I hate sloppy seconds."

"Make her suck you off, then. I'm staying on till I COME!" The man's prick exploded like a stick of dynamite inside Debbie's tight, clinging pussy. Her juice hadn't lubricated her cunt enough. He had begun fucking and the friction had mounted too fast. She felt the heat threatening to burn her up inside. Now the hot rush of the man's jism filled her tiny pussy.

She shuddered under the impact of his hips as he jerked spastically. And then the cock melted and she felt another, harder cock filling her from behind. Hairy thighs rubbed against the smoothness of her ass. She cringed a little when those hairy thighs began to move. She had forgotten the whipping that Bradford had given her. The welts still remained; the bruises still turned patches of her ass green and blue.

"Stop, stop it! I beg you!"

"Here," said the man who had suspected she wasn't doing this of her own accord. "Suck me off!" She found her mouth filled with cock. Twisting her head to the side was the only way she could handle that. With her hands cruelly chained behind her back, she had to depend on the man fucking her doggy style for support. Her tongue looped out and licked the purpled hood of the other man's knobby cock.

Debbie found herself thrown into a timeless, weightless place. She felt the cock reaming her out from behind, fucking her like a bitch in heat. There was no thrill to that for her, even though her pussy was frothy with cunt oil now. She was burned out emotionally. She had taken all she could accept. Anything more was beyond her capacity to endure. Bradford seemed to sense this. He wanted to inflict as much punishment on the young girl as he could. Quietly, he unfastened the chain around her neck. As soon as the man fucking her had finished, she realized that no one else had come to take his place.

Her cunt aching from the frantic fucking, her breath coming more easily now that the chain was off, she plotted her escape. With the suddenness of lightning in the twilight, she dashed off. The girl realized she couldn't run very fast, but she had to try.

Her hands being chained behind her back impeded her more than she'd have thought. The cool air nipped at her flashing legs, then cunningly sneaked up and caressed her steamy pussy. She felt the night breeze gusting through the tangled mat of her pussy mound and the sweat drying on her tits. The bounce and sway of her boobs as she raced away from the tackling dummy and the football players bothered her. But nothing could bother her as much as staying and allowing more of those men to gang rape her. She didn't even hear the man coming up behind her. Faster than thought, he tackled her. She fell heavily, her face skidding along the dirt, her tits cruelly dragging in the grass. "Gotcha!" he laughed.

She found herself sitting up and staring into the proud face of an unknown man.

Bradford told her, "He's the free safety. Fast too. He can cover forty yards twice as fast as you were making it." And then she learned why Bradford had allowed her to escape. She had run directly under the goal post. He fastened twin chains to the cross bar so that they dangled down to about eye level. He unfastened the bounds on her wrists and rechained her. She hung, her feet barely touching the ground, from the goal post. One after another of the jocks came and grabbed her legs. They held her like a wheelbarrow as they stuffed their pricks into her tight little cunt and fucked her till they came. One after another rocked her back and forth and set her swinging, just to fuck her. The numbness returned. After the fourth man fucked her, Debbie hardly felt the cocks as they slid in and out. The agony from her arms drowned out all other sensations.


"Jesus! What the hell's going on!" came a voice ringing through the empty stadium. Debbie dully turned her head and peered into the gloom. She could hardly see. A red veil of pain crossed her eyes and a strand of her once lustrous blonde hair fell over her forehead. She tossed her head and sent the vagrant hair back into place, then saw Sherry standing at the edge of the field.

The other girl's expression told the entire story. She was shocked. Something inside of Debbie made her suddenly unhappy. Sherry hadn't had to put up with tortures like this. She hadn't been required to fuck the entire Goddamn football team. Only she, Debbie Connors, had done that. It was a dubious honor but the blonde cheerleader felt a surge of pride in what she had endured. Somehow, this made her seem better in her own eyes. She had withstood pain and more cocks than she had ever had in her entire life. She had been whipped and raped up the ass, forced to suck men off, jerk them off and then had been gang raped. She had endured all that and more. The mental anguish she felt couldn't be put into words. Everything Bradford had done was designed to humiliate her further. He hadn't bothered to take off her boots. Other than this, she was stark naked and had been the entire evening. This promised her some very protection while denying her that which mattered, he robbed her of her dignity whenever and however possible.

The idea of having some of those big, strong, burly men fuck her was nice. She'd had that in the back of her mind ever since she'd spied on Sherry and Ben fucking their brains out. Bradford had sensed her desires and had perverted them. He had twisted those aspirations into something filthy and lewd. She had begun to think she was personally responsible. Debbie didn't believe Bradford when he called her a cock-teaser -- not quite. But the tortures added on to other tortures had taken their toll on her mind. Slowly, she was beginning to think he might be right. He had forced her to doubt herself and her own morals.

"What the fuck is going on?" demanded Sherry again. "This is the most sordid thing I ever saw. I didn't believe Debbie when she said you were after her ass, Bradford, but, God, do I ever believe it now!"

"Take her, too," the man said calmly. One of the football jocks looked at the general manager and then over at Sherry. Indecision was written on every line in his face.

"Are you sure this is okay, boss? I mean, Sherry's a good girl. And Ben doesn't like to share his chick with nobody."

"It's all right, I tell you." Bradford's voice took on an added snap. The command was obvious. "No, I think I'm gonna go shower. The others can bugger her for you if they want. I mean, God, Ben's a mean motherfucker! If he caught me fucking around with Sherry, he'd rip my bloody arms off!"

The man turned, tucked in his now flaccid prick and trotted off. The others exchanged glances and guiltily let Debbie's legs swing free. She groaned as the full weight of her body rested again on her chained arms and shoulders. The blonde's entire weight was suspended from the cross piece of the goal post, her feet barely touching the ground.

Sherry swaggered over, anger written in her every movement. "I think I'll tell Ben about this. Goddamn, I hope he rips all your arms and legs off. And maybe he'll twist those slimy peckers of yours, too!"

Sherry stood with her hands perched on her perky hips. She stared directly into Bradford's eyes as if daring him to say anything. Just as he started to speak, she cut him short.

"I'm going to tell Ben about you, not them. They were duped into raping Debbie. But you were the one responsible. Shit, Debbie, I'm sorry I didn't believe you when you said he had it in for you. I figured he wanted a quick piece of ass and, what the hell, he deserves it. After all, he's the general manager. But this is too much!"

Debbie cringed as the girl lightly pushed on her bruised tits. The movement was enough to set her swinging. She moaned loudly, the pain almost more than she could bear. The girl was positive her arms would fall off. She was slowly regaining a sense of where she was -- and it was terrible.

The cold air blowing across the field simulated icy lingers into her raped pussy. She felt the wind drying the flow of her cunt oil and making her entire body tremble. The way she had been fucked up the ass and the cunt had left her bruised and battered. The girl knew that the next day would be worse. Her body would protest this abusive treatment and she would feel real pain.

Right now, she was still coasting along, numbness covering her mind and body.

"There are laws against this, Bradford. I'm going to see you tossed into the slammer for the rest of your life."

Bradford only smiled, his lips turning up evilly at the corners of his mouth. "You think so, bitch? I control the contracts on you and that muscle bound boyfriend of yours. What's he going to choose, a piece of ass like you or a multi-million dollar meat ticket for the next five years?"

For the first time since coming to Debbie's rescue, the dark-haired girl looked unsure of herself.

"You can't cancel Ben's contract. That's already sighed. And I mean more to him than a quick fuck."

"I'm sure you do, but what man is going to blow off over a million dollars? He might fight it in the courts and win, but that'll take years. He doesn't have years left playing ball. He'll be over the hill then and nobody'll want him. The money's good, but that asshole boyfriend of yours loves to play football. We die before he'd get himself in a position where he might end up benched."

"No," said Sherry, the conviction gone from her voice.

"Yes," said Bradford, moving with the suddenness of a striking snake. His arms circled Sherry's waist and he hoisted her up into the air and spun her around. Never releasing his hold on her, he used his weight to carry her to the ground. Flat on her belly, his strong arms pinning hers to her sides, she was totally helpless.

Debbie moaned, "No, Sherry, run! Get away, please, please! Get help! Get Ben! Ohhhhhhh!"

Chains rattled in the darkness of the playing field. All Debbie could see was the struggling pair. She had no way of telling what the outcome of the fight would be. Hoping and praying did her no good. The blonde teenager saw Bradford stand and laugh.

Sherry rolled onto her back and managed to sit up, her hands securely chained behind her back. Debbie could see the muscles standing out in bold relief on the other girl's neck as Sherry fought against the bindings. It did her no good. She wasn't strong enough to get free.

"Now that we've settled this mess, let's have some fun. Just the three of us, since all my friends seem to have gone to the showers."

"What are you going to do, Bradford?" demanded Sherry, indignant and more than a little frightened now.

"You're making a real asshole out of yourself, cunt," snapped Bradford. "I think you should find out what it means to smart off to me."

He dragged Sherry over to where Debbie still hung limply. He pulled another length of chain around both their waists and cinched it tight. They were bound together face to face.

"I'll be back," he promised.

Debbie managed to keep from crying only through incredible effort. Her entire world was crumbling again. For a brief moment, when Sherry had come onto the field, she'd had hope. That had been her mistake. She had hoped and thought that she would soon be free of Bradford. Sherry had failed, and now both of them were at the man's mercy.

"I'll cut his balls off!" flared Sherry, her entire body shaking in anger. "Wait till I get out of this, I'll..."

Debbie cut her off with one single sentence. "What makes you think we're going to get out of here?"


"What makes you think Bradford won't kill us when he's done? We might be able to make a charge against him stick with the cops. They don't much care, usually, about rape, but maybe this time they will. He can't take the chance of losing his job. And Ben is going to rip him limb from limb, right?"

Right! Debbie did cry then. She knew Sherry was wrong. Ben wouldn't do any such thing. They were all alone, on their own and totally under the command of the team's general manager. Bradford could do any damned thing he wanted to them.

"Here, kid, let me try to boost you up a little." Sherry hunkered down and got her shoulder under the naked girl's tits. Straightening up took some of the pressure off Debbie's arms but the shoulder crushing the bottom of her boobs was more than she could stand.

"God, kid, I didn't want to hurt you," said Sherry, a touch of panic coming into her voice. "I was only trying to help, honest!"

"I know, I know," sobbed Debbie. "It's not your fault, it's Bradford's. I hate him more than I've ever hated anyone in my life!"

"What's he going to do with us now?" asked Sherry, real fear tingling her words.

"I'll tell you what I'm going to do," came the cold voice they both recognized instantly. "I'm gong to show you girls how to have some real fun. And I mean real fun!" Sherry suddenly found herself trying to support all of Debbie's leaden weight. The pair of them tumbled to the ground, still chained together at the waist.

Debbie felt the pressure leave her shoulders. Bradford had released her from the goal post. She tried to use her hands to attack the man as he came closer. She discovered that her arms refused to move. The circulation had been cut off for too long.

"Now we do a little rearranging. You'll both love this!" The rattle of chains and the meshing of arms and legs kept both the girls confused. Neither cheerleader was able to escape. When the man had finished with the rechaining, they found they were chained like animals to one of the goal posts.

One chain locked around their necks, and they were positioned so that their wrists were chained behind the other's back. No amount of struggle now would get them free.

"Here, kid, take this."

"NO!" Debbie heard a resounding smack as Bradford slapped the other girl's face. Then she felt a long, hard cylinder shoved into her hands, chained behind Sherry's back.

"Since the bitch won't take you, you can fuck her with this."

The shaft in Debbie's hand was a dildo; she felt Bradford's hand moving across hers, guiding her downward over the smooth curve of Sherry's ass.

"I won't!"

"You will," said Bradford, "or you're both dead right here and now."

A ripping noise came and Sherry tensed. Bradford had cut through the crotch of her jeans with a knife. The girl arched her back and tried to avoid the sharp pointed blade probing toward her snatch.

"Shove that fucking dildo in and get to using it!" A humming noise came and Sherry moaned louder as Debbie did as she was told. Frightened of dying now, she wanted only to please Bradford. If it required her to fuck her friend with the vibrating dildo, she would do it and gladly. Anything was okay with her, as long as Bradford left her alone.

But Bradford didn't leave her alone. He had never intended to. The man walked around behind the girl, his hands resting on her naked butt. He stroked the tortured, well fucked flesh and hummed to himself. She cringed, gooseflesh popping up over her once smooth ass. She hated his touch as much as if he had dripped slime.

Keep fucking Sherry with that vibrator. It's not as good as my prick, of course, but that's her loss. Debbie felt some of the circulation returning to her hands and it hurt terribly. Needles of sensation danced along her wrists and arms, and she almost dropped the vibrator. She clung desperately to it because it helped return the feeling to her hands. No matter that she was raping her friend. After all, she had put up with much worse this evening.

Deep down inside, Debbie almost enjoyed this. She was feeling Sherry's tits growing with lust under the thin tee shirt she wore. Their tits pressed firmly into one another's and she was beginning to feel just a little sexy again. And naughty, like the time the two of them had eaten each other out. That hadn't seemed the least bit perverted at the time. Neither did this. Not now not after all that had happened to Debbie last night.

"You do that good, cunt. Maybe you've had practice."

She tried to shut Bradford's voice out entirely, but the man's lewd foundlings of her ass made it difficult. When he gripped the dual mountains of her asscheeks and pulled them apart, she moaned louder, pain shooting all the way up into her pussy. It hadn't been that long since the man had fucked her up the ass, and she was still sore. The whipped flesh of her buttocks quivered under his obscene probing.

She cried out when his finger jabbed directly into the puckered ring of her asshole.

"What's wrong, bitch? Don't like it? Don't like it when a real man wants to fuck you up the shit chute? Maybe you'd rather I used the dildo all the way up your ass. I will if you don't fuck your friend faster!"

"Sherry, I..."

"Its okay, Debbie. I know what's going down here. Do it. Ummmm, oh, sweet Jesus, it's so damned big in me!"

Debbie continued to shove and pull the dildo in and out of her friend's pussy. She felt a thick flow of fuck juice drenching her hand. The other girl was getting turned on. Debbie wished she were getting hot, too. That would make what was going to happen to her a little easier to take.

She sobbed when Bradford moved his finger along her pussy lips, he stroked back and forth, promising tenderness but delivering only brutality. Debbie grunted as Bradford threw himself fully on top of her. She felt her tits crush down on Sherry's, and then there wasn't any space between their bodies at all. Bradford had made a sex sandwich out of them, Debbie caught in the center.

She couldn't fight Sherry with the dildo, not with Bradford's weight pinning her hands firmly under the raven haired girl's body. But the man wasn't in any condition to notice. His prick sailed back and forth in the juicy cradle of her cunt.

The thrill of sex passed through her body for an instant. She could forget all that he had done to her; it vanished as nothing but ecstasy filled her. He touched all the right nerve endings. The nearness of a cock was like a breath of cool air on a muggy day. And then he perverted this as he had done everything else.

He moved back and bludgeoned her already tender asshole with the tip of his prick. He didn't try to ease forward gradually, coaxing the puckered ring of anus to relax. That would be too gentle. He rammed hard, his entire body carrying his prick into the girl's butt.


Even Sherry, pinned underneath her, gasping at the force of the impact. Debbie almost blacked out as the cock raced all the way up her ass. The emptiness of her rectum had almost been a comfort after all the butt fucking that had gone on earlier. Now the man's big, swollen prick reamed out her ass again. She cried bitterly at the pain. Most of all, she cried in humiliation.

No matter what the man did, he managed to abuse her and make her feel like shit. She could only passively take his cock all the way up her tightest passage. The hot drill of his cock scared delicate tissues as he speared deeper and deeper into her body.

"Can't breathe," protested Sherry. "Hurry, damn you, hurry and get off so I can get some air into my lungs!"

Debbie shook her head and tried to clear her brain of the cobwebs that were forming. She was on the verge of passing out again. The pain of the butt fucking was almost more than she could boar. Then an idea came to her. If she could change this from brutal anal rape to something more to her liking, she wouldn't feel quite so used. She lifted her head and peered into Sherry's startling blue eyes. Her own sea-green ones sparkled with the hint of an idea. She licked her lips, even as Bradford continued to corn hole her. Then she bent forward and kissed Sherry full on the lips.

For a moment, the girl underneath her tensed. She soon melted and returned the kiss with great favor. Their tongues dueled, dancing in and out of each other's mouths until they panted with lust. Debbie felt some of the agony passing from her body. This was turning her on. She wanted more of Sherry's sweet mouth.

Insistently, she pressed her tongue against the other girl's closed lips. When those ruby lips parted slightly, she shoved her tongue fully into Sherry's mouth. The dark haired cheerleader began sucking on her tongue. Her pearly teeth nipped and teased while the very tip of that rough, pink tongue flicked all over the tip of Debbie's trapped tongue.

She felt urgings deep inside her beginning to grow. Getting off on fucking was a psychological thing, at least part of it was. She was thinking sexy thoughts, good thoughts. Her pussy began to drool obscenely. She encouraged it, almost wishing the man would start fucking her cunt. She needed that! But he continued thrusting hard and fast up her tailpipe. Her asshole burned and the electric thrill she felt mounting inside her took longer to reach the point at which she would get off.

But when the blonde cheerleader came, he came with the full impact of a ton of bricks falling down a well.

She arched her back and shoved her ass into the curve of the man's crotch. She had to get more of his fuck stick into her body. She simply had to!

Hot cock burned along her delicate bowels. She shuddered and began fucking backwards to get even more of that mighty, swollen prick into her guts. The way it quivered and danced and throbbed told her of his virility. She needed that to get off even more.

When she came again, the top of her head blasted off. She couldn't control her body. She almost succeeded in tossing. Bradford off with the mighty convulsions of her tender young body.

"Shit, baby, you're hornier than I thought. Great what a man's cock will do for a real sex crazed bitch isn't it?" he grunted.

He picked up the tempo of the fucking until she was positive he would burn himself to a charred nubbin in her body. Then came the swift flood of his jism the surge got her off again, and then nothing but flaccid cock remained.

Limp cock and the man's burning desire to degrade both of them.

He stood, his prick flopping loosely in front of his crotch. He said slowly, "I think I'll rearrange you. Yeah, that would be real nice!"

He unfastened the locks on their chains and swiftly moved to rechain them in a different position. Sherry was pulled spread-eagle between the goalposts. He began using the dildo on her pussy, twisting and spinning it until Debbie thought he was going to shove the eighteen inch artificial cock all the way up her pussy until it vanished.

Debbie's sex fogged brain cleared slowly. She realized that Bradford wasn't paying her any attention now. He had simply chained her hands behind her, looped some chain around an ankle and fastened it all to her neck. She couldn't run without choking herself to death.

But she saw the gleam of brass on the ground. Hope flared. She rolled over and over until she could see the piece of metal close up. A key! The key to her locks! She managed to get the key between her fingers, and after dropping it many heartbreaking times, get it into the lock, a simple turn and the lock opened. It took her a few more minutes to unwrap from the lengths of chain Bradford had bound her with and then she was free.

Free! But to do what? She couldn't possibly tackle Bradford. She was too weak, too sore and aching in muscle and mind, to attack him. Even swinging a length of the chain she couldn't hope to stop him from raping Sherry. Sherry had made the mistake of thinking she could reason with that animal; Debbie wasn't even going to try. Learning from her friend's mistake, the blonde cheerleader turned and ran. She didn't know where she was going and she didn't care. She just knew that she had to get away from the evil scene on the playing field. The deserted concrete corridors under the stadium had never looked more inviting to her as she raced into them, her boots clicking wildly and echoing.


Debbie felt every muscle in her young body protest as she ran. Her tortured tits bounced painfully, jiggling up and down. Never had she wished more for smaller jugs. Hr bruised flesh gleamed ugly and forbidding in the dim light. But she ran on. Even though her cunt hurt and her ass felt like it might fall off, she ran and ran and ran.

And ran into the arms of a tall, dark man walking out from one of the team offices. "God in heaven, what's this?" he exclaimed. "Do you always run around here mother naked?"

The man held her at arm's length, his eyes raking over the lithesome form. He stared at the way her tits had been bruised. He reached out a surprisingly gentle hand and stroked one of her cones of titflesh, as if testing it for temperature. His hand pressed in until she winced, then took hold of the tiny button at the very crest.

He rolled the nipple between his fingers until she moaned lightly and closed her eyes. The sensations lancing into her chest were nice. This was the way a man was supposed to handle her tits. Not the way Bradford had done, but this way!

"Ummm, that's so good. But please, I have to get away!" The man didn't answer. His hand moved to her waist. He traced the outline left by the chain which had held Debbie firmly to Sherry while Bradford butt fucked her. The man's exploring hand drifted lower, across her corn-silk blonde bush. The matted and tangled pussy fur parted for his fingers. She felt her legs opening wantonly as he stroked her puffy cunt lips. She sobbed and bit her lower lip as he found every single sore spot.

"Who are you?" he finally asked. While she tried to think of an answer, he continued to explore her body. He found her whipped ass and his fingers worked down into the humid canyon between her meaty asscheeks. She couldn't stand that, not after being raped up the ass so many times.

"God, no, not there!" she cried. "He raped me there. I... I don't ever want another man fucking me up the ass!"

The dark stranger hanging onto her arm didn't seem the least bit surprised at her outburst. He had even accepted her nakedness as if it were a common occurrence.

"Answer me," he said. "Who are you?"

"I... I'm Debbie, one of the cheerleaders. H-he did this to me!"

"He? You mean Bradford? My general manager did this to one of my cheerleaders? Answer me!" The man shook her until her teeth rattled. It was exactly the shock she needed to come to her senses. Panic fled finally, and she calmed down a little.

The girl started to consider what the man had said. "His" team? "His" cheerleaders? Who was he?

"Yes! Bradford! He did this to me and he's out on the field, fucking a friend of mine with a dildo until he can get his hard-on back. The then he'll p-probably rape her up the ass, too!"

"You escaped and you ran in here like this." The man stated it, he didn't ask. He shook his head slowly as if finally understanding a complex problem. "So that cocksucker didn't believe me, huh?"

"What's happening?" Debbie asked. "Who the fuck are you?" She would have recoiled in horror at such coarse language a few days before. She had been changed mightily by the events of this evening.

"I'm Nichols, the owner of the team. And I warned Bradford about fucking around with the cheerleaders. We had a big mess with one little redhead about six months back. We hushed it up and he promised not to do it again."

Nichols' eyes drifted down to the matted pussy fleece covering Debbie's snatch.

"I see he lied to me."

"He... he's out on the field raping my friend. She's a cheerleader, too. Sherry!"

"Don't worry I know her boyfriend, Ben. He's one of the star players on the team. Come with me."

Nichols turned and walked into the office. He snapped on the light switch. And picked up a phone. He dialed and smiled just a little, grim and determined, while he waited for someone to answer. Finally, he said, "Ben? Mr. Nichols. Yeah, sure. Look, you better get over here. Bradford's raping your girl. Hell, I don't care what you do to him. Bradford doesn't work for me any longer... Just don't kill the son of a bitch. I don't want you in jail."

Nichols hung up the phone with a decisive click. "That takes care of our Mr. Bradford, once and for all. But what about you?"

Debbie didn't know what be meant for a minute. Then it hit her. She could sue the team. She could make millions off this. But something about the way the man spoke told her that wasn't the best course of action. She could get more in the long run by going along with him.

"I... I joined the cheerleaders for exposure. This wasn't the type of exposure I meant."

"I know," he said tiredly. "You thought about hitting the movies, the big time in television. Some producer would discover you and you'd be on easy street for the rest of your life."

She admitted she had thought that.

"It doesn't happen, doll. Never." His eyes worked over her bruised and battered body. She felt suddenly naked in front of him. He was looking at her more as a desirable woman now than a battered remnant of a berserk man's lust.

"You're saying I could do better some other way?"

"That's exactly what I'm saying. Look, you're gorgeous. Hell, I can see real beauty no matter how dirtied up it is. You're pretty. And you're smart. You picked up on what I'm saying right away. I dig you. Together we can go places and do things you never could on your own."

"What if I just want out? What if I just want money?"

She felt herself becoming strangely aroused by this man. His whole demeanor was one of total command. She didn't feel the way she had felt with Bradford. She wanted to obey when Nichols spoke. And she knew then from the melting feeling inside her cunt that she would do whatever he wanted.

He was the dominant one, he commanded and she was nothing more than a slave for him.

"You don't," he said.

"What do I want?"

"The same as everybody else. Power. Money. Fame. And with me, you, can get all that. But you want something else, too. I can feel it. Some of these aggressive chicks are only looking for a man to tell them what to do. You're not one of those types, are you?"

"No," she said shyly. She almost blushed and didn't know why.

"Yes, you are. And I'm the only one strong enough to tell you what to do. You're going to stay with the cheerleaders and you're going to stay with me. And right now, we're going up to the top of the stadium."


He grabbed her arm and dragged her along. She tried to protest again, but felt the sharp sting of his hand spanking her hot ass. Debbie moved along faster, barely keeping up with the man as they went up the steep steps of the stadium. When they had come to the very top row, he turned and pointed out over the city. Only a thin railing prevented her from falling more than ten stories to the parking lot below.

"That's my city. I'm filthy rich and I own just about everything and everybody worth coming here. You can share it. You WILL share it."

He moved behind her, pressing her body into the railing. She put her hands onto the cold steel pipe and pressed hard against the man's body. Debbie felt an instant of vertigo as she looked down at the tiny cars in the lot.

"I... I'm afraid of heights."

"Then it's time you did something about it."

His meaty hands pinned her slender wrists to the railing on either side of her body. He moved behind her naked body and pressed harder. She could feel the hard lump growing at his crotch. A thrill passed through the girl's body.

It was happening to her again!

Nichols was going to rape her just like Bradford had done. This time, however, it felt different. He was dominant, but he didn't seem cruel. She wanted to obey when he commanded. And if he wanted to fuck her, no matter how much her cunt and asshole hurt from the raping earlier, she wanted him to go ahead. She wanted him to fuck her!

"Do it," she said, her voice catching in her throat. "Go on and fuck me, if that's what you want to do!"

"Of course it is. And I don't need your permission to do it. You're mine now, and whatever I order you to do, you'll do it. Fast!"

"Yes, yes!"

She felt her heart beating faster. She let her tits rise and fell, the cold night air causing gooseflesh to spring up on her once smooth knockers. She thought back to the way Bradford had chained and raped her on the football field.

This was different. She wanted Nichols' cock. She wanted him to be happy. She wanted whatever he wanted.

She bent forward over the rail as soon as she felt his prick nudging between her thighs. The girl opened her stance a little to more widely expose her snatch to his questing prick. The long, hard, hot spike of cockflesh rested lightly against her bruised pussy lips, but the cheerleader didn't feel pain. She was thrilled.

A man, a real man, not the pseudo-macho type of fucker that Bradford was, Nichols was the real item. His cock was immense and she wanted it more than she had ever wanted anything in her entire life.

"Fuck me," she sighed. "Fuck me long and hard. I want to feel it. I... aaaieeee!"

His prick slammed into her juicy, needy cunt. His hands clasped her wrists firmly to the railing. She was pulled apart by his arms and impaled firmly by his throbbing pillar of prick. And she loved it.

"More! Give me more!"

"I'll give you whatever I please and you'll love it!"

"Yes, yes, anything you say!"

The girl couldn't believe this was happening to her. She had found a man who dominated her without abusing her. She was putty in his hands. She would do literally anything for more of his cock. The way it filled her to overflowing turned her on almost as much as his commanding airs. He was a real stud and not afraid to show it. He could deliver hard and fast fucking that Bradford never had!

His prick slid balls deep into her cunt. She sucked in her breath and held it. She felt the nearness of his powerful body. Straightening a little, she brushed his firmly muscled chest and belly, her ass fitting perfectly into the curve of his crotch. He pulled back out of her tightly clinging, steamy interior, with a lewd squishing noise.

He fucked back into her cunt, the power of his stroke forcing her forward over the railing. She panicked. For an instant she felt as if she were falling. But he was strong enough to hold her. She didn't have anything to worry about, he would protect her, and he would tell her what to do. He would never allow her to fall, unless she displeased him. Debbie wanted nothing more in the world than to please Nichols. The man could give her everything she had wanted out of life. Fame. Wealth. Even power. But now those things seemed like adolescent fantasies, they were no longer as important to her as being with him, listening to him speak, obeying him when he ordered her. She wanted to be his slave...

"Fuck me good!" she begged. "I'll do anything to please you!" Her words were cut off by the fear of falling again. She looked straight down ten stories. The fear racing through her body fed her lust. She felt his cock splitting apart her pussy lips. The thrill of danger and the excitement of his prick built an orgasm inside her.

She looked out over the city, lights twinkling in the dark, and came. Hard! Her only thought was how she could best please the man fucking her. Debbie had found her dream.


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