Slave stepmother

Who can judge a person's reactions during stress situations? The prisoner of war who gives in to his captors demands, the kidnapped heiress who joins forces with her abductors -- both must act without past experience to guide them. The end result can be either a very negative or a positive experience.

In SLAVE STEPMOTHER Wanda Taylor finds herself in just such a situation. Held captive, then degraded and forced to perform what she considers perverse sex acts, she nonetheless finds within herself hidden resources, a strength of character she never realized she had.

Wanda Taylor suffers through an unspeakably horrible experience, but she comes through with her sensibilities intact, knowing she is more of a woman.


Wanda Taylor spread her long, shapely legs and pressed her fingertips to the mound of her golden-haired cunt. Slowly, she pulled back the loose folds of cunt flesh with her thumbs, exposing the tiny nub of her pulsating clit. An milky residue of pussy juice clung to the shaft of her clit, catching the amber light in the bedroom.

"God, what I wouldn't give for your cock right now," Wanda whispered, thinking of her husband who was off on a truck run. "Mmmmmm, I'd stick it right up my cunt."

As she spoke, she thrust her fingers deeply inside the smoldering hole of her cunt. An electric-like jolt of pleasure stung her insides, leaving her almost breathless with ecstasy.

Wanda closed her eyes and let the memory of Stan's cock burn into her brain. His prick was thick and long and always filled with gigantic wads of molten cum.

Another spasm of pleasure raced toward the base of her spine, causing her to grit her teeth in anguish.

Her husband had been gone for only two days, but it seemed a lifetime. The thought of six more days without him was almost unbearable. Still, he was a family man, and being a good provider came first with him.

Yes, I am well provided for, she thought. I have a kind and loving husband and a good home. And the way Stan fucks me is fantastic. After a disastrous first marriage, she was determined to make this one work, even if she did have to be without her husband on occasion.

If there was any fly in the ointment, however, it would be the relationship she had with her two stepsons, Mike and Jimmy. They had accepted her more or less, but they still remained rather aloof. As long as Wanda had Stan, she didn't mind this. Still, she often had to be both mother and father to the boys, and she was determined to make them grow up to be responsible men.

Thinking about them, Wanda looked over at the clock on the night stand. Usually when their father was gone, she was a little more lenient, but for the past two nights, they had taken that for granted. They were already over an hour late.

She really didn't think they could get into much trouble out here in the country, but it was the principle of the thing. Besides that, she really didn't care much for that girl they had been hanging around with. She wore too much makeup, and her clothes were just too revealing for a girl her age.

Stop worrying, she told herself. You'll just get yourself in a stew. Besides, you'd better do something about that itch in your cunt, or you'll never get any sleep.

Slowly, Wanda began diddling her pussy, her mind still playing with the memory of Stan's thick, pulsating cock. And with each stroke of her fingers, she felt her cunt lips grow more slippery.

"Fuck me," she whispered, squirming her ass around on the smooth sheets. "Yes, Stan -- just like that. Stick your big cock up my hot, little cunt, and fuck me full of cum."

Slowly, agonizingly, she was heading for a climax, and her body was tensing. At last, when the pleasure began peaking, she rolled onto her stomach and began jerking her ass up and down, driving her cunt down around her outstretched fingers.

"Yes, God, yes," she whispered into the pillow. "All the way inside me, baby. Fuck me hard... as hard as you can!"

At last, when her climax subsided to a dull throb, Wanda rolled to her side and again looked at the clock. Her own frustration made her even angrier with Mike and Jimmy.

"Where are you, you little bastards?" she asked the empty room as she slipped off the side of the bed.

She was about to flick on the overhead light when she saw that the truck was parked out back. She walked over to the window, a perplexed expression on her face. She hadn't heard them drive up, and yet they must be home.

Surely she would have heard them if they'd come in, she thought. But if they hadn't come in, where were they?

Wanda pulled back the curtain and looked around the yard. Finally, her eyes rested on the partially-open barn door. Inside the barn, she could see the orange glow of what was probably the kerosene lamp.

"Now what the hell are they doing out there?" she asked herself.

Several thoughts crossed her mind. Smoking cigarettes? Drinking some stolen booze? Maybe looking at dirty pictures?

What exactly do boys do at that age? Slipping into her housecoat, she left the bedroom to find out and then hustle them off to bed.

Wanda stepped out the back door and padded toward the barn, enjoying the chill of the night. Before she reached the barn door, however, she heard a woman squeal.

Wanda froze in her tracks, trying to make some sense of what she'd heard. Surely they hadn't brought that Bradford girl here! And if they had, what on earth was going on in there?

"Oh, I just love having two big cocks at the same time."

Surely she had heard wrong! Even that Bradford girl couldn't be depraved enough to say something like that.

"You like fucking this way, baby? One prick up your cunt, and the other one in your cocksucking mouth?" her stepson, Mike, asked clearly.

"Mmmmm-hmmmm," came the throaty reply.

Wanda's mouth dropped open, and she felt her knees go weak. Cautiously, she walked closer to the barn door, then held her breath as she looked inside.

"Brenda, you're the best little cocksucker who ever licked on my cock," Jimmy said, humping forward. "Shit, I bet you could eat down a horse prick."

Wanda was so stunned by what she saw, she couldn't even think for a few moments. Not ten feet away, the three of them were squirming around in the straw like animals. The girl was between them, on her hands and knees, her mouth firmly locked around Jimmy's cock, while Mike was fucking his prick in and out of her cunt from behind!

When Wanda finally came to her senses, her first impulse was to go in there and start screaming, calling them all sorts of names. Somehow, she managed to maintain her composure and stayed put, pressing her lips together.

That wouldn't be the right thing to do, she reasoned. Their relationship wasn't the best in the world as it was, and an episode like this might ruin it forever. Still, she had to be firm with them -- let them know they couldn't turn this farm into a whorehouse!

I'll just go back inside and wait until morning, she thought. After breakfast, I'll confront them with my knowledge and then let them know in no uncertain terms that it's not to happen again. Ever.

And that will be that.

"Mmmmmmm, I love sucking your cock," Brenda said, rolling her tongue around Jimmy's cockhead. She was lifting his balls, pressing them to her checks. "You gonna give me lots of cum to suck down?"

Why, that wanton little tramp! Wada thought. She was just a youngster, and she was talking like a whore!

"Just shut the fuck up and eat my cock," Jimmy said, pressing forward. The entire length of his cock disappeared inside the girl's throat. "Mmmmmmm, that's the way boy. Love it when you gobble all of my prickmeat down."

"And I love this sweet pussy of yours," Mike said from behind Brenda. "Goddamn! Best little pussy I've ever fucked."

Wanda couldn't believe what she was hearing. And how many times had Mike and Jimmy brought her here? Had they been out here, practically laughing in her face, while they fucked this little bitch?

Wanda felt anger sweep over her. Still, she resisted the urge to go in there and break up the fuck session. It just wouldn't do for her to start playing the part of the evil stepmother.

I'll just go back inside, she told herself. We'll talk in the morning.

Oddly enough, her feet seemed leaden. Even more odd was the way her pussy was beginning to tingle.

Well, to be perfectly honest, she thought, that little girl can't be blamed too much. My two stepsons are very handsome, and they certainly inherited more than looks from their father.

Both boys had cocks that would make any girl's heart flutter. Thick and long, their pricks looked monstrous -- almost like instruments of torture. But from the way that girl was moaning and groaning, she wasn't feeling any pain at all!

Wanda dropped her right hand to her right hip, then moved it slowly to the front of her body. Almost casually, she opened her housecoat and stabbed her fingers into her cunt.

Christ, what must it be like to have two cocks to fuck with? she wondered. One to suck and the other one ramming in and out of her pussy. It seemed, somehow, evil and depraved.

Wanda opened her eyes wider and took a closer look. Mike's prick was plowing wildly into Brenda's cunt, filling the barn with slippery fucking sounds. At times, his thick, hairy balls swung upward, hitting into the damp patch of her cunt hair. And with each hard stroke, she could see the girl tighten her ass muscles.

"Fuck me, you little whore," Mike rasped, hammering forward, clutching at Brenda's hips with his large hands. "Fuck on my cock and suck it up to your brains with your hot little pussy."

"Mmmmmm," Brenda groaned, her eyes closed with ecstasy.

While she gurgled, Jimmy punched forward, grinding his cock into her throat.

"Suck me, cocksucker," Jimmy said, running his fingers through Brenda's long, blonde hair. "Eat some hot cock, bitch. Suck it dry."

Wanda watched what was going on -- mesmerized, still unable to fully believe it was happening. Any anger she might have had however, was now replaced with burning passion. After all, that little girl was getting exactly what Wanda wasn't. While that little slut got two cocks, Wanda would have only her fingers to excite her cunt.

"Ready?" Mike growled suddenly, every muscle in his body flexing, glistening with sweat. "I've got a lot of cum to fuck in you, whore. Ready?"

"Yesssss!" Brenda screamed out, her voice almost lost in the furry growth of Jimmy's crotch.

Right now, Mike's cock is expanding, totally filling up her insides, Wanda thought. And his cum is boiling from those sweet looking balls of his, ready to plug her full of cum. His fuck juice will splash wildly from the end of his prick and melt into her pussy -- eat into her quivering cunt like acid.

"Suck me, prick-licker," Jimmy said a couple of seconds later. "Gonna blow my fucking load right through your cocksucking brains!"

Jesus, both of them at the same time! Wanda thought her pussy was going to explode just considering the prospect of having two young studs shooting their cum in her at the same time.

Wanda finger-fucked herself a little faster, felt her insides churn with pleasure. And as her own climax became more intense, she began jerking her ass back and forth.

God, I don't believe this, she thought. Standing here in the dark, watching my two stepsons fuck a girl in the barn! Still, the shame she felt wasn't enough to make her turn and leave. Not until she saw how Brenda reacted to their cum.

"Aaaghhhh," Brenda spluttered, sending a shower of foamy jism into Jimmy's crotch hairs.

Wanda almost cried out herself when she saw the thick masses of fuck-cream ooze from the girl's lips and roll down her chin. The jizz hung in mid-air for a few seconds, like milky spider webs, then fell to the straw. At the same time Mike's cum was running down the insides of her thighs, forming a creamy pool between her legs on the ground.

My God. My God! Fuck her, boys, Wanda thought. Keep sticking your hot cum and your big cocks inside he? Fuck the living shit out of her!

"Unhhh... take it, you cum-eating slut," Mike said, banging forward with his full weight. "There... Christ... fuck it all the way in you."

When Wanda saw his cock fully disappear inside Brenda's tight, little cunt, her own cunt reacted as if she, too, had a cock inside her. Her climax swept up and down her cunt, then finally exploded around her pussy opening. She had to bite her lower lip to keep from screaming out.

"Oh, that was the sweetest load of cum I ever tasted," Brenda said, licking her lips. Her mouth was still on the head of Jimmy's cock as if she never wanted to let go. "Will you give me some more to suck?"

"Hey, suck me, now," Mike said, pulling his prick from her pussy. "You said you'd suck us both off."

"I will," Brenda giggled. "Just get over here, and I'll do you both at the same time."

When both boys stood in front of the girl, Wanda couldn't believe her eyes. She was really going to suck them both!

Brenda reached out and held one cock in each of her small hands. While holding their slabs of prickmeat down, she began darting her tongue over their oval-shaped prickheads. Later their cocks glistened with her spit, she took them one at a time into her throat. After awhile, she was going back and forth quickly, her long, blonde hair sweeping about her face.

"Damn good cocksucker," Mike said to his brother. "Too bad we can't take her in the house and fuck her in bed."

"Yeah," Jimmy said. "Wonder if the old cunt is asleep?"

Old cunt? Are they talking about... me? Wanda thought with a twinge of pain.

"Yeah, she's probably sleeping or jacking off with a broom handle," Mike laughed.

Wanda felt her anger return. How dare they speak of her like that! They were pretty damned lucky she didn't walk right in and...

"You know, we ought to fuck the old cunt some night while Dad's away," Mike said. "Bet she'd suck cock as good as Brenda here."

Wanda couldn't believe her ears. Anger turned to rage suddenly, and she flung the barn door open with a trembling hand.

"What do you think you are doing!" she screamed. "You!" She pointed a finger at Brenda. "You little whore, get out!"

"Holy Fuck!" Jimmy gasped, jerking away from Brenda.

"Oh, blow it out your ass, you old bag," Brenda said, not even bothering to get off her knees.

"How dare you!" Wanda roared, stepping into the barn.

She reached for the first thing she saw, which was an old horse whip that hung on a nail. Without thinking, she lashed out with the leather, hitting the girl square on the ass.

"How dare you!" Wanda screamed again. "Listen," Mike said, his eyes wide with fear. "You can't do that..."

"Ouch!" Brenda screamed, scurrying away from the whip. "You hit me, you bitch!"

"I ought to beat you to death," Wanda spat.

"Jesus Christ, she's, nuts," Jimmy said, looking at his brother.

Wanda didn't know what came over her, but she couldn't seem to control her emotions at all. Perhaps it was the frustration of having Stan away and then finding herself attracted to her own stepsons -- she didn't know. At any rate, all she wanted to do was lash out with the whip.

And she did.

After she attacked Brenda, leaving long, red welts on the girl's naked body, she turned her fury on her two stepsons. Soon, the whip was cracking through the air, making them dance around in pain.

And through it all, Wanda was horrified to find that whipping the three of them was rather erotic. As the leather tore into their flesh, her eyes were wide, locked on their bobbing shafts of cockmeat.

"Are you just going to let her beat us to death?" Brenda wailed. "Why don't you do something!"

Mike shot his younger brother a quick look, then they both rushed Wanda. While Jimmy yanked the whip out of her hand, Mike slapped her hard across the face, knocking her to the ground.

"You little bastards," Wanda said, feeling a jolt of pain tear into her brain. "Wait until your father gets back. I'll see to it that he beats the living shit out of you."

"Hit her with the whip," Brenda said, getting to her feet, her chest heaving with anger. "See how she likes it."

"Don't you dare," Wanda said when she saw Jimmy lift the leather strap.

"Hit her, you big sissy," Brenda said to Jimmy. "Don't tell me you're afraid of that old cunt."

Both Mike and Jimmy still seemed too stunned to react. They were looking back and forth from their stepmother to Brenda.

"Shut up, you little whore," Wanda said, rising to her feet. "I'll take that whip to you again and..."

Before Wanda could jerk the whip from Jimmy's hand, Brenda raced over to the boy and yanked the leather away. With pure loathing in her eyes, she cracked the whip, hitting Wanda across the check.

"There... bitch," Brenda said, hitting Wanda once more. "Teach you to hit me..."

"Are you going to let her do that to me?" Wanda screamed, looking at Mike and Jimmy.

To her horror, both her stepsons began grinning. Shame and humiliation burned into Wanda's mind at the turn of events.

"Stop her!" Wanda screamed, retreating from the lashing whip. "I order it!"

"Oh, fuck you," Mike said, sending a chill up and down Wanda's spine.

What happened next horrified Wanda even more. Jimmy and Mike grabbed both her arms, then yanked her housecoat away. Then, as she stood between them fully naked, Brenda began hitting her over and over with the whip.

"Ohhhh... God, stop her!" Wanda begged. "She's killing me!"

"Hold her there," Brenda said, her eyes burning with sadistic lust. "Let's beat her to death."

Slowly, the pain ebbed from Wanda's body, and the world seemed to reel about her. A few seconds later, she went limp, darkness closing in like a fiery nightmare.


What an awful dream, Wanda said to herself as she awoke. In fact, it seemed so real, her body still throbbed with pain. She tried moving her hands to her stomach, where her flesh burned the most, but to her horror, they were restrained. Quickly she opened her eyes and looked to the right, then left.

"Oh, no," she said, seeing that her, wrists were tied to the corners of the bed frame with rope. She then looked down and saw that he feet were also bound. "It wasn't a dream."

"Well, what are we going to do with her?" Mike's voice drifted in from the living room.

"I say we beat her up some more," Brenda replied.

"Why don't we go in there and fuck her?" Jimmy said.

Wanda was so horrified, her voice locked in her throat. So it happened, she told herself. They beat me until I was unconscious, then took me inside. Now I'm lying on my own bed, naked and tied up.

"Untie me!" she screamed out, her mind again exploding with anger. "Mike! Jimmy! You little bastards get in here and untie me... now!"

"Hey, she's awake," Jimmy said. "We gonna fuck her or not?"

"Well, you seem to be the big stud all of a sudden," Mike said. "You go fuck her."

"You don't think I will, do you?" Jimmy said.

"You ain't got the balls," Brenda cut in.

"You just fucking watch me!"

While Wanda listened to this dreadful conversation, her mind burned with fury. If she ever got free, she would call the police and see to it that that little whore, Brenda, went to reform school. And even if it did jeopardize her marriage to Stan, she certainly wasn't going to take any more of this nonsense from her stepsons. She'd have them thrown in jail also. "Hello, Mommy dear," Jimmy said, walking into the bedroom.

"Untie me," Wanda said evenly, trying to ignore the fact that he was still naked. "Untie me now, you little bastard."

"You hit me with that whip," Jimmy said, touching a bruise on his shoulder. "You know that?"

"You deserved it," Wanda spat.

"For what? Fucking somebody in the barn? What the hell were you doing out there, anyway? Standing outside the door diddling your cunt while we fucked?"

The fact that he spoke the horrible truth infuriated Wanda even more. She struggled against the bonds at her wrists and ankles until her body glistened with sweat.

"You little prick," she gasped. "When I get free, I'm going to make you pay for that smart remark."

"Hey, you gonna fuck her or talk all night?" Brenda asked, entering the room.

"Yeah, I'm gonna fuck her," Jimmy said. "How dare you even talk like that!" Wanda said. "Now untie me, you little shit."

"Fuck her," Brenda said. "Fuck her hard. Make it hurt, Jimmy."

Any further words Wanda might have had became frozen in her throat when her stepson crawled onto the bed and knelt between her legs.

"You ready to get fucked, Mommy?" Jimmy asked, placing his hands on Wanda's mound of cunt. "Hmmmmmm? You want my prick in your sweet pussy?"

"You... wouldn't," Wanda said at last, her words a gasp.

"You two get the fuck out of here," Jimmy said to Brenda and Mike. "I want her all alone for a little while."

"Yeah, let's go fuck on the couch," Brenda said, tugging at Mike's arm.

After they walked from the bedroom, and Wanda was alone with Jimmy, she felt a little safer. With that horrible girl gone and not egging Jimmy on, she could convince him to untie her.

"Look, Jimmy, I'm sorry I hit you with the whip," Wanda began. "Now just be a good boy and..."

"Boy?" Jimmy mocked. He grasped his rock-hard cock with both hands and pointed it toward her face. "You call this a boy's cock?"

Although Wanda didn't want to, she found her gaze going to his prick.

He was right, it wasn't a boy's cock. Almost as long as his father's, his cockshaft was thick and meaty. Underneath, hung two furry, plum-colored balls.

"OK, so you're not a boy," Wanda said, her gaze involuntarily moving over the rest of his body. "Now let me go."

"How do you want to get fucked, Mommy? You want me to lick your pussy and get you warmed up a little before I fuck you?"

"Stop talking like that!" Wanda demanded. "OK," Jimmy said slowly. "I'll stop talking and start fucking."

To Wanda's horror, he lowered his head and stuck out his tongue. Inch by inch, he neared the mound of her cunt. Then, when she felt the warmth of his spit against her cunt, she thought her mind was going to explode.

"Stop!" she screamed, twisting and writhing so violently, the ropes cut into her flesh.

Jimmy placed his hands to the sides of her cunt, then pulled back the loose folds of pussy meat. When her pink, frothy cunt hole was revealed and the tiny nub of her clit appeared, he lapped his tongue out, running it up and down her narrow cunt crack.

"Mmmmmm, you're sweet," Jimmy said, looking upward through the bush of red-gold hair that haloed her cunt. "You like this, Mommy? You like betting your pussy licked by your son?"

"This can't be happening," Wanda said, closing her eyes, trying to block out the horror. "It just can't be!"

How would she ever be able to look Stan in the face again? Knowing that his own son had kissed her cunt!

"Mmmmmm, I like this," Jimmy said, working his tongue farther up her cunt. "I'll bet Dad just loves the fuck out of eating your pussy. Does he eat pussy this good?"

His words filled Wanda with total disgust. And it was with the greatest effort that she didn't vomit.

"Please... we'll just forget everything that happened," Wanda begged. "Just stop. Don't do this... it's wrong, can't you see?"

Jimmy ignored her words and continued licking her pussy. At times, he took her clit between his teeth and bit down, scraping up and down the delicate shaft of her cunt knob. Soon his lips and chin were glistening with warm, oozing pussy juices.

"Please... stop!" Wanda pleaded, looking down at the horror he was performing on her body.

"Aw, come on, bitch. You know you like it," Jimmy said, lifting his face and smiling sadistically. "I'll bet if you gave yourself half a chance, you'd be the biggest whore in Texas."

Wanda wished her feet were free so she could kick him right between the teeth. Not even her first husband would have said such crude things to her.

"You ready for my cock now?" Jimmy said, sitting back on his haunches. "Hmmmm? Or do you want me to eat your pussy some more?"

"I just want you to get out," Wanda said, her voice weak.

While she spoke, she again let her gaze move over his body. She hadn't really noticed just how tall and muscular he was until this moment. And he was right -- he was no longer a boy, but a man.

Well over six feet tall, he was very handsome and virile-looking. No wonder Brenda went for him. His chest was almost hairless, but beautifully sculptured -- almost like a marble statue of a Greek God. His eyes were a dark blue, set in a square face, and a shock of light brown hair swept about his head, the same color as the hair that circled his massive cock.

Again she felt angry, but this time at herself. It just wasn't normal to look at her own stepson like this. It was depraved!

"Look, Jimmy -- just untie me," she said quickly. "I promise I won't do anything, or even tell your father. And then we can talk in the morning, OK?"

Jimmy laughed, then lowered his face back to her cunt. This time he wasn't gentle at all when he pulled back the folds of her cunt with his thumbs.

"Shut up, bitch," he growled, biting into her pussy like a striking snake. "You're gonna get fucked whether you like it or not."

There was nothing Wanda could do but lay there and wait for this horror to be over. And all the while he was jabbing his tongue in and out of her cunt, she could only pray that his threat of fucking her was just to get revenge. After all, if he just licked her pussy, it wasn't as if they'd really fucked.

"Wow, can't wait to fuck you," Jimmy said, sucking her clit into his mouth. "Mmmmmm, I'll bet your pussy is hot as a Goddamned firecracker."

"Please... God, please stop!" Wanda begged, panting, feeling her insides turn buttery in spite of herself.

His tongue was almost like a cock, but more yielding and warm with spit. And each time it probed farther inside her cunt, she felt her pussy walls loosen, ooze with cunt juice.

"Hey, that's nice," Jimmy murmured, tasting a stream of cilia cream that melted over his tongue. "So sweet."

Wanda still couldn't believe that her own stepson was eating her pussy! Only an hour ago, she was lying in bed alone, waiting for them to come home, and now, she was tied up and being assaulted!

"OK, I guess I've got you steamed up enough," Jimmy said finally, lifting his head. "I think I can fuck you now, baby."

Wanda's eyes were wide with horror, her brain dull as she watched Jimmy press forward and dip the end of his cock into her slicked-up cunt entrance.

"Hey, your cunt's as tight as Brenda," Jimmy said, thrusting in about two inches of his cockshaft.

Wanda felt her cunt stretch to the breaking point as he shoved his prick in up to the hilt. Then, when she felt his furry balls nudge the bottom of her cunt, she fully realized it had happened. This was no longer a game, it was real. She was being fucked.

Fucked by her own stepson!

"Mmmmmm, nice and hot," Jimmy said, withdrawing, then plunging his prick back inside her pussy. "How you doing, Mom? You like young cock up your cunt?"

Before Wanda could scream out, call him names, Jimmy locked his mouth over hers and forced his tongue inside. His hands moved up the sides of her body, then rested against her tits.

"Mmmmfffff," Wanda choked, trying to turn away.

"Hey, move your ass with me," Jimmy said into her mouth. "Let's fuck together, Mom. You suck on my cock with your pussy, and then I'll blow my cum in your guts."

Wanda couldn't believe how humiliated and ashamed she felt at this moment. The threat of fucking was one thing, but to actually have her stepson's cock inside her cunt was so revolting, she wished she were dead.

"Like it?" Jimmy said, lifting his face. "Do I fuck as good as Dad?"

"You... little bastard," Wanda spat. "When your, father finds out what you've done to me, he'll kill you."

"And you're going to tell him?" Jimmy laughed. "You gonna tell him that you fucked Mike and me for a week?"

Wanda knew he was right. How could she ever confide to anyone what had happened? Certainly not Stan. Even if he did understand, things would never be the same between them. Every time he looked at her or touched her, he might wonder if she had in some way been responsible. Or perhaps that she'd actually subconsciously wanted his sons to fuck her.

Wanda closed her eyes and felt tears sting her cheeks. In the space of an hour, her entire life had changed -- had turned to pure hell.

"Ohhhhh, I wish I'd done this a long time ago," Jimmy said, licking his tongue across her chin to the hollow of her throat. "Hell, we could have been fucking like this all the times Dad was gone."

Wanda was about to beg him once more to stop, but her words became a gurgle. Jimmy's mouth slipped from the hollow of her throat, then munched around her tit. At the same time, he fucked rhythmically up and down, driving his cock fully into her cunt.

"Big, sweet tit," Jimmy murmured, rolling his tongue over her rubbery, pink nipple. "You like getting fucked and having your tits sucked at the same time?"

Quite frankly, Wanda did, but by Stan and not his son. Still she couldn't deny that Jimmy was an expert at what he was doing. His tongue was so soft -- so warm -- and when he bit into her yielding tit flesh with his sharp teeth, she felt her chest ache with pleasure.

"I hate this," she said, almost as if trying to convince herself. "I just wish you would get off before it's too late."

"Too late?" Jimmy murmured. "You mean you don't want my hot cum in your cunt?"

"No, I don't," Wanda said.

"That's too bad," Jimmy chuckled. "Because I'm just about to poke your hot cunt full of jism."

Wanda knew he spoke the truth from the way his cockshaft was expanding, completely filling up her cunt. And when he penetrated her pussy fully, she could feel his balls buzz like a hive of angry bees.

Oh well, it will be over soon, she thought. He'll blow his load of cum into my pussy, and then he'll get out. We'll just have to live with the consequences some how.

"Unhhhh... wish I could fuck like this a little longer," Jimmy said, crushing his full weight between her legs. "But... but I can't... so fucking close."

Wanda flinched and closed her eyes as she felt his cockhead balloon. Suddenly, hard vibrations swept up the underside of his prickshaft, then an explosion of milky warmth swept into her cunt.

Her son was fucking her cunt full of cum!

"Take it, slut," Jimmy said, lifting his ass, then hammering back inside. "Fuck on my hot cum and eat it up in your pussy."

While Wanda lay beneath his hulking frame, she felt her cunt fill with his jism. Finally, he fucked in so much of his fiery spunk that it began slashing backward, then melting downward, rolling into the crack of her ass.

"Oh, God!" she panted, wondering if he would ever stop.

"Unh! Fuck it, whore," Jimmy said, grinding in another hot blast of cum. "Shit, fuck me dry."

After what seemed a horrible eternity, Wanda felt him go limp, crushing his full weight down on her body. He kept moving his ass up and down and licked at her tits, but he was mercifully finished.

"OK, now get off me," Wanda said, not bothering to hide her disgust. "You've fucked me. Now, untie me and..."

"I'm not anywhere near finished," Jimmy said. "You forget that us young people can fuck all night long."

Wanda couldn't believe how depressed she was. After thinking it was over and feeling a sense of relief, her body tensed with his words. She wasn't going to have to go through it again!

"God, just get it over with," she said, resigned to her fate. "Hurry, please."

Jimmy began moving his ass again, thrusting his cock in and out of her pussy. A few moments later, every muscle in his body tightened. Again, he washed her tits with his warm tongue.

"Fuck it, whore," he panted, feeling his balls flood with a fresh load of cum. "Move your ass and fuck with me, Mom."

Wanda would die before she budged an inch. Still, it was difficult, for his cock felt so good as it went in and out of her pussy, ready to explode once more. And when he climaxed, she even had to bite her lower lip to block out the tickling ecstasy in her pussy.

"Ohhhh... shit!" Jimmy gasped, heaving forward, planting the first of his cum-load into her creamed-up cunt. "Now, take it now!"

At last, he fell on top of her, his chest rising and falling rapidly as the last of his cum shot into her cunt. He squirmed his ass around, then gave a final punch, burying his cockhead to the hilt.

"Now will you get off?" Wanda said, forcing back another wave of nausea.

"Yeah, get off, it's my turn," Mike said, entering the bedroom. "How was she, Jimmy? Nice piece of ass?"

"Not bad," Jimmy chuckled. "She just lays there, but I think she enjoys it, too."

"You little prick," Wanda said. "I hated it! I hate you!"

"You ain't breaking no hearts, bitch," Jimmy said, pulling away from her body. When he stood up, he turned to Mike. "Where's Brenda?"

"Out there on the couch," Mike said proudly. "I think she's fucked out."

For some reason, Wanda felt even more furious than before. While Jimmy had been raping her, Mike and Brenda had been fucking on her couch! That same couch where she and Stan sat and watched television in the evenings.

"Let me go... now!" Wanda demanded. "You know, Ma, you fucking talk too much," Mike said. "Somebody ought to shut that little mouth of yours."

Mike was a year older than Jimmy. Maybe she could reason with him, show him how terrible what was happing was. She swallowed her pride and smiled.

"We can work this out, Mike," she said. "It's just not right what's happening. It's unnatural... wrong."

"Let's see what your pussy is like," Mike said, crawling onto the bed and kneeling between her, legs.

"You're not listening," Wanda said, a desperate tone in her voice.

"Nope, just fucking," Mike said, jabbing his cockhead deeply into her cunt.

Wanda screamed out, feeling humiliation and shame surround her like a damp blanket.


Wanda's pussy burned with pain when she felt Mike's cock jab savagely forward. His prick wasn't quite as long as Jimmy's, but it was twice as big around, it seemed. Her cunt opening stretched almost to the breaking point as the thick base of his prick plunged to the hilt.

"God," she panted, feeling the pain flood upward. "It's killing me, please stop."

"Not a chance, Mom," Mike laughed. "We ain't gonna let you go until you're so full of cum, it pours out your ears."

As Mike spoke, he rammed his cock, even harder up her cunt. At the same time, he pushed her tits together with his hands and bit down, taking both nipples inside his mouth.

"Mmmmmmm, fucking and sucking," Mike said, his voice a hungry gurgle of lust.

Wanda felt as if her world had come to an end. There was no way she could possibly change what had happened. Both her sons had fucked her. Both cocks had jabbed deeply into her pussy where only Stan's prick belonged.

She felt humiliated and used and still very angry.

As he fucked, however, she realized it was a wasted emotion. They obviously didn't have any intention of freeing her any time soon. She might be held a slave like this until Stan got home!

Jesus, what will my cunt feel like after days and days of hard fucking? she wondered. They might really damage me!

"You know, Mom? Your pussy is just as nice as Brenda's." Mike said, spitting her nipples from his mouth.

"Thanks," Wanda said, her voice hard. How could he even compare her to that little whore in the living room?

"Boy, I remember the day I poked out her cherry," Mike continued. "Hell, your pussy's as tight as hers was then."

Wanda let her, mind wander to what it must have felt like for Brenda when Mike had fucked her for the first time. With a cock that size, her first fuck must have just about killed her. She was used to Stan's enormous prick, but for a cherry to have to go through that with a cock just as big.

"And she squealed like a stuck pig," Mike laughed. "But ever since, she just can't get enough of my cock."

"You bastard!" Wanda spat.

"Just like you, probably," Mike said. "After we fuck it to you for a few days, I'll just bet you start crawling -- begging -- for us to fuck you all the time!"

"Jesus, you're sick," Wanda said, wondering how it was possible to hate a person so much.

"Aw, come on, Mom. Fuck with me," Mike said, licking back and forth over her upturned tits. "You know you like it. Bet you ain't had any young cock in a coons age."

"Just hurry and get it over with," Wanda said.

"Yeah, I guess I'd better," Mike laughed. "When I finish fucking your sweet cunthole I think I'll let you suck me off."

"What?" A bitter taste began forming in her mouth just from hearing the words.

"That's what I said," Mike grinned.

"Gonna stick my prick in your mouth and fuck your throat."

Wanda shivered with revulsion, wondering if there was any end to this degradation. But sucking him off was where she definitely drew the line. If he tried to make her go down on his cock, she'd bite his cock out and spit it in his face!

"You like eating big prick?" Mike asked, rhythmically pumping his ass up and down. "Hmmmmmm? You suck cum in your mouth and swallow it?"

"That's none of your fucking business!" Wanda hissed, repulsed that he would infringe on her private life.

"Unhhhh... take it, you slut bitch," Mike said, punching his cock harder into her cunt. "Just love how my prick goes in so nice and easy like this."

In a way, Wanda was almost thankful that Jimmy's cum still bubbled inside her pussy. At least it kept Mike's cock from tearing her cunt apart. Without the fuck juice, she was certain the boy's enormous prick would have been too dreadful to imagine.

While she lay there and bore his savage assault, she tried to hate him less, but it was almost impossible. Although he was very good-looking with his blue-black, curly hair and blue-green eyes, his attitude was that of a sex-crazed animal. Even his muscular, hairy body did nothing for her, because all she could think of was the shame she felt and how Stan would react if he found out.

"Oh, shit! I wish I could fuck like this for a long time," Mike gasped. "But I can't hold my jizz back much longer."

"Good," Wanda said, closing her eyes, waiting for the gush of cum to storm up her cunt canal. "Just hurry and finish."

"You want me to finish fucking so you can suck on me?" Mike teased.

Before she could reply, every muscle in his body flexed, then he plowed forward with his full weight.

"Goddamn, bitch, fuck it in you!" he roared, closing his mouth fully around her tits.

When the first, molten spurt of cum shot into her pussy, she was both repelled and fascinated at the same time. Although she still hated the very idea of having her stepsons fuck her, the idea of their jism mixing together in her cunt was intriguing. The masses of cum would splash together, becoming one.

And did they have a lot of jism! They were certainly their father's children. It felt like gallons of jism were creaming up her insides.

Suddenly, her pussy loosened a little, allowing Mike to fuck in and out more quickly. And although she fought it desperately, she felt tiny spasms of pleasure ripple up and down her cum-clogged pussy canal.

"Fuck it, whore!" Mike barked, hammering in more globs of cum. "Take every drop of jizz and eat it up inside your pussy, bitch."

"Oh, Mike, please stop!" Wanda gasped, feeling even more ashamed that she was enjoying the pleasure of his cum-splashing cock. "I can't take it any more, just please stop."

"Unh... fuck you, slut bitch," Mike said, driving his cock fully upward. "Fuck me, Mom. Fuck my cock completely dry."

When a sudden burst of climax riddled Wanda's guts, she held her breath and refused to move, although it was the most difficult thing she had ever done in her life. It would be more than humiliating if he knew she had had an orgasm while being raped like this. At last, when the trickles of pleasure subsided to a dull ache, she went limp.

"Hey, you liked my prick, didn't you?" Mike said, lifting his head from her tits. "You popped your nuts!"

"I did not!" Wanda protested heatedly. "How could you even think such a thing, you bastard?"

While she spoke, she felt the blood rise in her cheeks, her mind burn with shame.

How could it have happened? she wondered. It just didn't seem possible! Ta actually climax under these circumstances. She felt the coppery taste of vomit at the back of her throat.

"Well, if you didn't like that fuck," Mike said slowly, "let's see if you like eating on my big cock."

Now Wanda had a new horror to consider. In the future, every time she kissed Stan, she would remember that she'd had his son's cock in her mouth.

She just wouldn't suck his cock! Never!

"I won't," she said, turning her face away. "If you try, I'll bite your prick off, you bastard."

"You do, and you're a dead lady," Mike said, his voice a dark growl.

His words sent a shiver of terror up and down Wanda's spine. He probably would kill me if I try anything, she thought. But what words can I say to keep him from forcing me to suck his cock?

"No... please!" Wanda begged, her eyes wide with fear. "God, fuck me again. Do anything -- but not that. Please?"

"Come on, open up your little mouth like a birdie," Mike laughed, pulling his cum-stained cock from her cunt.

He moved upward over her body, then planted his knees in her armpits.

"Want to kiss my prick a little first?"

Although Wanda wanted to turn away, the sight of his jism-coated prick seemed to freeze every muscle in her body. And up this close, his cockshaft seemed even bigger than his father's! His prick was like some kind of evil snake, puffing out as it bobbed up and down just over her tits.

"Don't make me do it," she whispered, feeling the back of her throat constrict with an undeniable hunger. "Please, Mike -- don't do this to me."

Mike slowly leaned forward and rubbed the tip of his sticky prickshaft against her parted lips. Then, when he felt the warmth of her tongue, he lowered herself all the way down. The entire slab of his cock pressed between her lips, then lay embedded in her throat. The hairs of his cock engulfed her nose, and his balls hung over her chin.

"Wow, you can take all my prick!" Mike gasped. "But, hell, I should have figured that. I'll bet Dad has reamed out your throat every night for the past two years."

What he suggested wasn't quite true. Although Stan was a very sexual person, he preferred plain fucking, with hardly any variation or experimentation.

Wanda would have done most anything he asked, but he just never got around to it. At times, she did miss sucking cock, or just playing around, but her first obligation was to please her husband, she felt.

In spite of her disgust with what was happening, she felt tremor of excitement in her pussy. She tried blocking out sensations, but it soon became a losing battle. Again she was horrified to think she might climax during this insanity.

But his hard prick tasted so good!

It was coated with a thick residue of warm cum and perfumed with her cunt juices. And as his massive cockhead pulsated between her tonsils, her throat soon began throbbing just like her cunt. She found her lips closing tightly around the hairy root of his prickshaft.

"That's the way, cocksucker," Mike said, a triumphant smile on his face. "Eat my cock real good, and I'll give you some hot cum to suck down."

While he began bobbing his tight, hairy ass up and down, Wanda felt his cock slide more quickly in and out of her mouth. And with each fuck-stroke, the pleasure inside her body became more electric. She'd never fucked in this position with Stan, and it fascinated her. He was fucking his cock in as if her mouth were a pussy. And the crazy thing was, her throat was tingling just like her cunt was!

Was it possible to have an orgasm in your throat?

"Suck a little faster," Mike whispered, crushing his full weight down on her face. "Stick my cock down to your stomach, and eat me dry, you cum-sucking slut."

Wanda couldn't help herself, but she began writhing and twisting, her anguished passion reaching a feverish pitch. And although she felt ridden with guilt and shame, his cock was giving her pleasure she'd never before discovered. It was almost as if she were cherry again, taking in her first big cock.

"Mmmmmmmm," she gurgled, inhaling the sweaty aroma of his crotch hairs.

"Like my prick, huh?" Mike chuckled. "Hell, the first time I saw you, baby, I knew you'd take to my prick."

At that moment, upon hearing his words, Wanda hated herself even more than she hated him. How could she betray herself like this? She was moaning and groaning as if she actually wanted to suck his cock.

Well, you do, don't you? she thought. Don't you like the feel of his cock? The sweet, creamy taste? Go ahead and admit it. In the back of your mind, you've always wondered what these studs fucked like.

"Mmmmmffff!" she choked, shaking her head back and forth, denying the awful thought.

"Come on -- go with it," Mike whispered as if reading her thoughts. "Suck up and down real good, Mom. I'm so fucking close, and I've got all kinds of hot cum for you to eat."

Wanda pulled at the ropes holding her hands and feet, but this time she realized it wasn't to escape. She wanted to reach around his muscular body, to hold his cock harder against her face. She could almost feel his tight, hairy ass against her fingers -- how his muscles would be rubbery -- almost unyielding.

"Mmmmmm," she moaned, her voice lost in his sweaty, hairy crotch.

Her orgasm began tearing from the back of her cunt, inflaming her fluttering pussy walls. Finally, when her pleasures peaked violently, she felt as if the rim of her cunt had exploded. Another gasping grunt of ecstasy became muffled in his wiry hairs.

"Jesus, you sure know how to lick cock!" Mike said, holding his prick against his stepmother's face. "Just a little more and... unhhhhhh!"

Suddenly, Wanda felt his cockhead jerk, then burst with a greasy explosion of cum. His fuck juice shot from the end of his prick with such force, she thought for a moment she was going to choke to death. Half his molten spunk slapped the back of her throat, then burst upward, while the other half burned into her stomach. Twin streams of jism shot from both her nostrils.

"Aaaghhhh," she spluttered, sending a foamy spray of cum and spit into his hairs and over his receding balls.

"Suck me, cocksucker," Mike panted, slamming his cock savagely in and out of her throat. "Eat down every drop of jism and gargle on it."

Wanda gulped as quickly as possible, but even her hungry mouth was full to overflowing. Then his cum oozed from under her lips. His balls became glued to her chin while other droplets of jism glistened in his blue-black crotch hairs.

And still he slammed in more cum!

"Suck me, whore. Fucking suck my cock dry!" Mike barked, lifting his ass, then hammering back down with his entire frame. "Lick my prick, Goddamn you. Suck my cock right off!"

When the bulk of his load of cum splashed into the back of her throat, Wanda experienced another jolt of raw ecstasy. She thrust her hips upward, then twisted them around as if fucking some imaginary cock. At last, she went limp from exhaustion, her breathing raspy and satisfied.

"Keep sucking!" Mike commanded. "Still got some cum in here, bitch..."

While he emptied the last of his cum into her throat, Wanda merely lay there. Soon, his fuck juices burned across her cheeks and into her ears. Other globs seeped from under her lips and rolled into the hollow of her throat.

"Unh... there," Mike said finally, collapsing over her upper body. "Now clean me up." He turned slightly to one side.

As Wanda came back to reality, she felt worse than ever. There was no denying it any longer, she realized. She had had one of the best climaxes ever, and Mike was fully aware of that fact. She closed her eyes with shame and self-disgust.

"I said clean my cock up, bitch," Mike growled, grabbing her by the hair of the head. "Lick on those wads of cum and eat them."

Her senses dulled with humiliation, Wanda did as he asked. Slowly, she worked her tongue around his prickshaft, then pursed her lips. When she pulled her face back, a final wad of cum burned from the end of his cocktip. After she'd drunk it down, she let his cock flop from her mouth and chewed into his hairy crotch.

"Ah, that's the way," Mike said, watching his stepmother eat the stray globs of cum out of his crotch hairs. "Now, my balls."

When Wanda had licked his nuts clean and captured every drop of cum from his stomach and crotch, she felt his hand on her shoulder. Slowly, he scooped up the other globs of cum that clung to her cheeks and throat and forced them into her mouth.

This time, Wanda thought she was going to gag. His jism was cold and seemed to be almost elastic, cutting off her air as it went down. And the taste was terrible.

"God, I feel so ashamed," she said, unable to look him in the eye. "What have you done to me?"

"Oh, baby, we're just starting," Mike said.

"I'm gonna show you just how good and how bad fucking can be."

"Wha-what do you mean?" Wanda asked. "You ever fucked in the ass?" Mike asked, slipping his hand under her body and cupping her ass.

"Done what? You mean that!" Wanda gasped.

"Yeah," Mike laughed. "Don't tell me Dad doesn't fuck you in the shitter every once in a while."

"No, he doesn't," Wanda said. "And neither are you!"

"Now, just to untie you," Mike said, easing to the foot of the bed and reaching for the ropes.

"Thank God," Wanda said, feeling the knot at her ankle loosen.

Blood rushed to the bruised area, then soothing warmth when the ropes were pulled away.

Maybe he's finished, Wanda thought, and was just trying to scare me with that talk of sticking his monster prick up my ass.

"Hey! What are you doing!" she gasped, feeling him yank her legs wider.

He thrust her feet all the way up to her hands, almost rolling her into a ball.

"That... hur... stop," she grunted. To her growing horror, she knew what was about to happen. In this position, with her feet tied to her hands, her ass was fully exposed.

"Please! Don't fuck my ass! You'll kill me!" she begged.

"And you really think I give a shit?" He spread her ass cheeks with his large hands.

When Wanda felt the rubbery texture of his cockhead sear into the crack of her ass, she gave a long, silent scream that felt like liquid fire in her throat.


The burning pain inside Wanda's shitter was so intense, she thought the top of her head was going to blow off.

"God, you're going to kill me!" she cried out, feeling more of her son's throbbing cock pierce her shitter opening.

"Take it, you cum-sucking slut," Mike growled, pushing forward with his full weight. He felt the rest of his prick become embedded inside her shitter. "God, I think this is even better than your sweet pussy!"

In this position, with her body practically in a ball and her feet tied to her hands, Wanda was fully aware of the monstrous size of Mike's cock. And even though she knew it was impossible, it felt as if it were jabbing right between her lungs.

"Can't... take it," she grunted, her face turning ashen with pain. "God... please take your cock out. I beg you!"

"Not on a fucking bet," Mike laughed. "Gonna fuck into this sweet ass of yours the rest of the night."

Back early in their marriage, Wanda had been especially horny one night and suggested to Stan that they try ass-fucking. Reluctantly, Stan had agreed, but when he'd jabbed his prick up her asshole, Wanda had quickly changed her mind.

That was an experience she never wanted to relive again. And here it was happening again!

Her insides felt like fire, every muscle so tense she was certain they would snap. And just when she knew she could no longer stand the pain, the agony got even worse. Mike wasn't satisfied with just fucking in and out of her shitter. He was grinding and squirming savagely as if trying to force his entire body inside her ass.

"Like it?" Mike grunted, licking across her upturned tits. "Hmmmmm, Mommy baby? You like your son's big cock up your asshole?"

If Wanda could have gotten free, she would have torn his eyes out with her nails. It just wasn't humanly possible to endure so much torture. She kept hoping she would faint, but for some reason, her mind was more acutely aware of what was happening than ever before.

"Please, dear God! Please take your prick out," she pleaded, feeling sweat drip from her forehead and sting her eyes.

"You don't like my big cock up here?" Mike teased. "Why's that, Mom? Too big for your little asshole?"

"Yes," Wanda hissed, nodding her head quickly up and down.

"Then I guess I'll just have to ream it out to size," Mike said, slowly withdrawing his prick.

When Wanda felt his cock leave her ass, she was so happy, she could have kissed him. The pain immediately went away, and her body flooded with soothing warmth.

"Oh, thank you," she gasped.

"Be right back," Mike grinned, a sadistic glint in his dark-brown eyes. "Gotta find something to size you with."

Although Wanda didn't exactly know what he was talking about, she didn't care. Just to have his gigantic slab of cock out of her ass was fantastic. She closed her eyes and exhaled loudly, feeling her heart thunder in her chest.

Her rest was short-lived, however, for a few moments later, Mike returned. In his right hand he was holding a long length of one-inch chain. Wanda looked at him, then the chain, a puzzled expression on her face.

"What on earth..."

"Hey, come on, Brenda," Jimmy said, walking into the bedroom, a wide grin on his face. "Mike's gonna chain-fuck her."

"Chain... fuck?" Wanda repeated, unable to comprehend the words.

"Yeah, I'm gonna stick this thing up your ass and then yank it out," Mike said, approaching the bed. "And when I cum inside your pussy, you'll start up like a lawn mower."

"Oh, I want to watch this," Brenda said, coming into the room and standing beside Jimmy.

She looked over at Wanda and laughed.

"I had it done to me once," she said. "It's sooooo... good."

"You can't be serious," Wanda said. "God, why would you want to torture me like this? I don't understand!"

"Hitting me with the whip was a big price to pay," Mike said, his voice a growl. "And I'm gonna fix you so you'll never even think about doing it again."

"God, Mike. If I had it to do over, I wouldn't," Wanda said, her eyes wide with fear. "Please... just let me go!"

While Jimmy and Brenda watched, Mike crawled onto the bed and knelt in front of Wanda's upturned ass. For several moments, he merely ran the cold metal over her body, watching her writhe and squirm.

"Think about it, Stepmother," Mike said. "This thing is gonna be ramming up your shitter. And when it's all inside your asshole, I'm gonna fuck your Goddamned teeth out."

God, why did I say anything! Wanda screamed to herself. Getting his cock in her ass seemed almost wonderful compared to the horror that chain would inflict. Already, she could feel how it would be. Link by link, jamming into her shitter.

"Nooooooooo!" she wailed, pulling against the ropes until her, flesh turned a mottled purple.

While she screamed, Mike held the first link of chain and pressed it into the crack of her ass. Slowly, he worked the oval-shaped metal inside, stretching her puckered ass rim to the breaking point. Wanda's scream became a choking gasp, and she arched her back violently.

"Stick in some more," Brenda said, moving closer to the bed. "God, isn't this great? I love it. Hurt her, Mike. Make the bitch scream."

"Oh, I am," Mike said. "She's gonna fucking scream her lungs out before I'm finished."

Wanda couldn't imagine a more humiliating experience. Not only were they raping her, but they were doing it with a chain. And in her asshole!

"Here comes some more," Mike said, thrusting in two more links of chain.

Wanda thought the universe had exploded when she felt the spasms of raw anguish inside her ass. And when she didn't think it was possible for the agony to get any worse, it did.

Christ, how many links? she wondered. It felt as if she had a ton of metal up her ass. And still he stuck in more.

"Let's see if an ass full of chain makes your pussy any tighter," Mike said, dropping the other end of the chain.

He held his cock out with both hands and guided the tip of his prickshaft into her cumsoaked pussy entrance. Slowly, he penetrated her cunt fully.

"All, yes," he gasped, racking side to side. "Much tighter. Almost like a cherry cunt."

Wanda's insides felt like a million small rats were tearing at her guts with their sharp teeth. And when his cock stabbed into her pussy, she reached the very limit of endurance.

"God!" she panted, freezing under the torture.

"Oh, I love the way you fuck her," Brenda said, kneeling beside the bed and watching Mike's cock slip in and out of. Wanda's pussy. "Fuck me when you finish with her, OK?"

"How about me, baby?" Jimmy said, kneeling beside Brenda. "I'll fuck you like that."

"Hey, I tell you what let's do," Jimmy said. "You get on top of her, and I'll let her suck on my shitter while I fuck your pussy."

Through her agony, Wanda was even more horrified. Was there no limit to the degradation? Before she could even cry out in protest, however, Brenda straddled her and leaned back, pressing against Mike's body. A couple of seconds later, Jimmy crawled on top and lowered his ass down on Wanda's face.

"Lick my ass, Ma," Jimmy laughed. "Hell, if you're lucky, I might even fart on your face."

That remark made all three of them laugh loudly. It only made Wanda feel totally disgusted. God, if only I could get free, she thought, I would gladly kill them.

Thoughts of revenge, however, were soon replaced with more disgust as Jimmy planted his ass over her face. His dark, hairy shitter crushed against her mouth, and his balls hung over her chin, the short hairs covering them tickling the hollow of her throat.

"Run your hot tongue up there and fuck my ass with it," Jimmy said, squirming his ass around. "Oh, shit! This is gonna be good. Sweet pussy to fuck and a good ass-licking."

Wanda heard a sloshing sound, realizing it must be Jimmy's cock stabbing into Brenda's cunt. A couple of seconds later, she knew she was right when she heard the girl cry out in ecstasy.

"Yes!" Brenda panted. "Fuck me! Fuck your big cock in my pussy and blow in your cum."

Although Wanda was still in agonizing pain and felt totally humiliated, she was nonetheless fascinated at what was taking place. Right above her, Jimmy was fucking the girl, ramming his giant cock in and out of her pussy. And behind her, Mike was drilling her own cunt.

It might have even been rather pleasant if that horrible chain weren't sticking up her ass.

"Suck my shitter," Jimmy said, reaching around and grabbing Wanda by the hair of the head. "Lick your tongue up my ass and clean it out."

Wanda knew she had no other choice but to go along with this nightmare. If she didn't cooperate, they might inflict even worse punishments on her. Slowly, she darted her tongue into her stepson's ass crack and tasted his acrid shithole.

God, what could be worse? she thought in disgust. Forced to lick out an asshole! My own stepson's asshole?

"Oh, fuck me... fuck me faster, you bastard!" Brenda cried out suddenly, bucking up and down on the backs of Wanda's thighs. "Oh, I want lots and lots of cum up my pussy to fuck on."

Although the girl's words revolted Wanda, she tried to empty her mind, of all thought and just to react to what was happening. After all, they couldn't last all night. They had to rest sometime.

And when they did.

I'll get free somehow and get a knife and rip out their hearts, she thought gleefully. Oh yes, I'll make them scream.

Again, pain flooded her body, causing her to tense every muscle. Mike was fucking in and out of her cunt like a sex-crazed animal. And each time he hammered forward, the sounds of their bodies smacking together were like pistol shots.

"Fuck it, whore-mother," Mike grunted.

While he fucked Wanda, he was embracing Brenda, kneading her firm, upturned tits with his long fingers.

"Mmmmmmm, just love hot, tight pussy like this," he grunted.

Wanda somehow endured this torture for perhaps another five minutes. Suddenly, she felt Mike's cock get even harder, then pulsate wildly. Immediately, she remembered his promise.

He was going to yank the chain from her ass when he blew his load of cum!

"Nooooooo!" she screamed into Jimmy's shitter, almost able to feel the horror that was about to take place.

"Unhhhh... now!" Mike cried out, every muscle in his body flexing.

When the first wad of cum shot from his prick, he grabbed the end of the chain and tore it from his stepmother's shitter with one move.

"Take it, slut!" he barked.

What Wanda thought was pain before was nothing compared to what hit her body suddenly. It was as if every cell in her body exploded, one by one. The oddest thing about it all, however, was how anything could be so horrible and yet so wonderful at the same time. Her shitter was on fire with agony, but her pussy felt wonderful, soaking up his thick, bubbly cum-load.

"Aeeeeeee!" she shrieked, biting the rim of Jimmy's shithole.

"Fuck... take it," Jimmy said, no longer able to control the pressure in his balls.

He rammed his cum-load into Brenda's pussy with hard, noisy thrusts.

"Fuck me, little bitch. Eat on my cock with your hot pussy."

Brenda's scream drowned out his words as her own climax flooded her pussy. She began bouncing around so hard, she knocked the air from Wanda's lungs, causing Wanda to splutter loudly into Jimmy's shitter.

Finally, the pain inside Wanda's shitter melted, leaving her insides throbbing dully. The pleasure in her pussy, however, was growing, ready to explode. She tried to hold back, to fight her climax, but it was impossible. Mike's cock was just too good, and the way his cum clogged up her fuckhole was fantastic.

"God... fuck me, you prick," she heard herself mutter.

Although she was glad that they hadn't heard her, it probably didn't matter, anyway. From the way they were twisting and writhing, they wouldn't have noticed a bomb going off.

"Fuck me! Fuck all your cum in," Wanda gasped, no longer able to control the flow of her words.

At last, Mike gave a final punch to her cunt, then pressed his full weight forward. After he held himself there for a few long moments, he pulled back, then sat on his haunches. His chest was glistening with, sweat as it rose and fell rapidly.

"Now that's what I call a good fuck!" he said. "How'd you like it, Ma?"

"You... pigs!" Wanda spat, turning her head to one side. "You filthy animals."

"OK, you two, take a hike," Mike said to Brenda and Jimmy. "I think her ass is reamed out enough for my cock."

Surely he must be kidding! Wanda thought. Christ, how many times has he already fucked me? He couldn't be ready to fuck again so soon.

"OK, but remember your promise," Brenda said, slipping off Jimmy's cock and rolling to the side of the bed.

"I remember," Mike said. "But not until Jimmy and I are finished with her."

"That's OK. I can wait," Brenda said, her voice silky. "The more cum there is, the better I like it."

What is that little tramp talking about? Wanda asked herself. Lord knows.

"They said I could have you when they're finished fucking you," Brenda said to Wanda, a sadistic smile on her lovely face.

"You... whore!"

"No, I'm not a whore," the girl said sweetly. "A whore fucks for money. I fuck for free." She then reached out and touched Wanda's nipples.

"Don't touch me!" Wanda rasped, flinching.

"Let me have her now," Brenda said, her voice an angry growl. "I'll show the bitch what it's like to get... touched by me."

"Come on, Jimmy," Mike said to his younger brother. "Get her out of here and let me finish."

"Hey, baby -- want to fuck some more?" Jimmy asked, taking Brenda by the hand.

The girl's face softened suddenly. She kissed Jimmy warmly on the mouth, then dropped to her knees in front of him as he stood beside the bed. She lapped her pink tongue over his cock and balls, then buried her face fully in his crotch.

Although Wanda was repulsed as never before, she couldn't tear her gaze away from what the girl was doing to her stepson. She could say this for Brenda: she sure could suck cock! Jimmy's prick completely disappeared inside her mouth.

"I said take it into the living room," Mike said.

"Mmmm-hmmmm," Brenda gurgled, nudging her head forward.

While the girl licked and chewed on Jimmy's cock, he walked out of the bedroom backward, pulling her with him. A few seconds later, they were in the hall, then out of sight.

"It's that girl, isn't it?" Wanda said to Mike when they were alone. "She's made both of you crazy."

"She didn't take a whip to us," Mike said evenly.

"Look, I said I was sorry about that," Wanda said quickly. "Let's just stop this madness. We can forget it ever happened."

"Oh no, Mommy," Mike mocked. "First, you've got to be punished. And punished bad."

"What are you going to do?" Wanda gasped, her eyes widening with new terror.

"Why, baby -- I thought you knew," Mike chuckled. "I'm gonna fuck you in the ass like I promised. And while I'm doing it..."

When he didn't finish his remark, Wanda began moaning in protest.

"I'm gonna spank you, bitch," Mike said finally.


Mike untied his stepmother, then turned her onto her stomach. While he straddled the middle of her back and kept her from struggling, he attached the ropes again, knotting the hemp to the corners of the bed. When he was sure she couldn't escape, he crawled backward and knelt between her legs.

"I never really knew just how pretty you were," he said, letting his gaze move over the soft angles of her body. "Dad sure knows how to pick them."

"Please let me go," Wanda said, her face buried in the pillow. "Can't we just stop before it goes too far?"

"Too far?" Mike laughed. "Hell, we've just started."

Wanda shivered with cold terror. Until now, their abuse had been mostly physical. Something told her they were about to work on her mentally -- try to break her emotionally.

The idea of spanking her! It was outrageous!

"Such a sweet, little ass," Mike said, sliding his palms over the rounded mounds of her asscheeks. "Too bad I gotta beat it real bad."

Wanda began sobbing, still unable to comprehend what was happening. No matter what she'd done, she certainly didn't deserve this humiliation. And a new, even more terrifying thought occurred to her. She wouldn't be able to tell Stan what had happened.

After all, what could I say? she reasoned. That his two sans tied me up and raped me, then chain-fucked me. And, oh yes, I almost forgot -- I got spanked.

If it weren't so dreadful, it might even be funny.

The awful part, however, would be the look in Stan's eyes. He would always wonder if she'd led them on, if she had somehow enjoyed the ordeal. And what would her answer be to that?

Well, I did have a couple of climaxes, Stan darling, but I didn't mean to. I just couldn't help myself, you see...

"Oh, God, I wish I were dead," she whispered softly, feeling tears sting her eyes.

"Oh, now, Mommy," Mike mocked. "You ain't supposed to start crying until I spank you."

"You... bastard," Wanda hissed, her mind flooding with anger.

"Aw, shut the fuck up," Mike said, slapping her hard across the ass.

"Ouch!" Wanda screamed out, throwing her head back.

Mike hit her again, causing her to flinch with pain. And as he watched the print of his hand come into view on her delicate flesh, his eyes widened with sadistic lust. He lifted his hand and struck her ass again, the sound echoing off the walls of the bedroom.

"Hurts! Stop!" Wanda panted, her body on fire with pain and humiliation.

"You hurt me with that whip, you know," Mike said, his gaze burning into her ass. "You hurt me like this?" He slapped her ass again, even harder.

Wanda went limp and moaned loudly into the pillow. Christ, haven't I suffered enough? she wondered. Is there no end to this terrible degradation?

"And now for some hot ass-fucking," Mike said, spreading her ass cheeks.

When he saw the puckered, pink opening of her shitter, he licked his lips.

"Don't think that chain did much good. Your ass is all closed up again. Want me to stick it back in?"

"No!" Wanda screamed, freezing with cold terror.

"OK, you've got a choice, baby. My big cock or the chain. Take your pick."

The fire or the frying pan, Wanda thought humorlessly.

"Your... cock," she said finally. "Beg me for it," Mike said, his voice a deep growl. "Tell me how much you want me to stick my prick up your ass, whore."

"No, you bastard!" Wanda spat. "Then it's the chain, I guess," Mike chuckled, reaching to the side of the bed.

"No... please," Wanda said, almost choking on her words. "Your cock, not the chain. OK, OK! Please fuck me with your cock, you sonofabitch. Is that what you want to hear? Please, motherfucker!"

"With feeling, bitch," Mike said. "Lots and lots of feeling. Tell me how much you're gonna love getting ass-fucked."

"I'm going to love it," Wanda said, her voice a monotone. "I'm going to love having your big cock up my ass. Please fuck me with your cock. Fuck your prick in my ass."

"I said with feeling, Goddammit!" Mike roared, slapping her ass again.

"Ohhhhhhh! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me with your cock in my ass! Give it to me!" Wanda screamed out, feeling pain stab into her ass like needles.

"Much better," Mike said, crushing down against her body.

He squirmed his ass around, letting his cockhead slide over her shitter opening. After a few seconds, he lifted his body, then plunged back down, driving the entire slab of his cock into her asshole.

"Mmmmmmm, so fucking much better," he grunted, kissing the soft strands of red hair at the back of her neck.

Wanda couldn't believe that anything could be so painful when she felt his cock pound into her asshole. Although the chain hadn't caused any real damage, it had certainly bruised her cunt walls, making his prickshaft feel as if it were wrapped in sandpaper. Because of the agony, her body was tensed, causing even more friction.

Just relax, she told herself. If you don't, you might never survive. And you do want to survive, if only to get, back at him.

"God, baby, you don't know how fucking good this feels," Mike said, reaching under her body and clawing at her tits with his nails.

"Sweet shitter to fuck..."

As his voice trailed off to a hungry grunt, he began kneading her tits and kissing the back of her neck with his warm mouth. At the same time, he began fucking his cock slowly in and out of her asshole.

Wanda wondered how long this torture would take. Five minutes? Ten? But did it matter? Every second seemed an eternity of pure hell.

"Just relax a little, and you might enjoy it," Mike said, feeling her ass muscles clutch at his cock. "Don't you like young, hot prick fucking you, Ma?"

Wanda exhaled loudly and forced her muscles to loosen. When they did, the pain began melting slowly away. Finally, as she lay like a rag doll beneath his huge, hulking frame, she even felt a slight tingle of pleasure.

She knew she should fight it. If she enjoyed this fuck in the least, it somehow justified what they were doing. But she couldn't enjoy it. The pain was just so horrible.

"Mmmmmmm, now you've got it," Mike said, feeling her shit canal flutter around his cock. "Let's fuck together, Mom. Move your ass with [missing text]."

With great care, to avoid the return of pain, Wanda did as he asked. When he thrust his cock up her ass, she lifted it. And if she exhaled each time he fucked all the way in, her ass didn't hurt too badly.

In fact, it was beginning to feel almost as good as when he'd fucked her in the cunt. Not until now did she realize that her ass was so sensitive to pleasure.

But then it would have to be, she mused, if it was capable of experiencing so much agony. It only made sense.

"Tell me again how much you want me to fuck you," Mike said softly, kissing across her shoulder to her armpit.

"I want your cock," Wanda said, but found that she was no longer saying it just to please him.

A real part of her actually did like assfucking. Finding out that fact was shocking, but her senses were so dulled, she no longer cared.

"Yes, I want your cock bad," she repeated. "I want you to fuck me full of hot cum, you little motherfucker."

As she spoke, Mike nudged his head under her body and licked her right tit. After lapping his tongue over her silky tit mound for a few seconds, he sucked her tiny, pink nipple into his mouth. Slowly, he closed his teeth around the base and moaned, his voice vibrating against her slick tit flesh.

"Oh, that's so good," Wanda gasped, turning her body slightly to one side to give him a better angle. "Suck on my tits. Mmmmmmm, eat my nipple down. Bite my tits a little harder."

Christ, I must be going insane! she thought. Now I'm actually asking for pain!

Mike bit down, causing her lungs to explode with a fiery groan. At the same time, he lifted his ass, then crushed back down. When he did, his balls slapped noisily against the bottom of her cunt crack.

Wanda found it almost impossible to believe, but the pain his cock and teeth were creating began feeling almost as good as the pleasure they gave. It was almost as if the two emotions were the opposite sides of the same coin.

Pleasure and pain.

"Mmmmmmm, fuck me," she grunted. "Make it hurt and feel good together."

While Mike nibbled greedily on her tit, he increased the speed of his fucking. Soon, his ass was a fleshy blur, and the sounds of their bodies smacking together filled the room.

"Fuck it, whore," Mike groaned, feeling his balls thicken with a fresh load of cum. "God, take my jizz right up to your cum-sucking brains and suck my prick dry with your hot shitter."

"Faster, you bastard!" Wanda cried out, moving with him, pulling his cock deeply into her ass with her muscle contractions. "God, fuck it to me. Blow in all your hot cum and fuck me with it."

For the next several seconds, they looked like mating snakes as they molded their bodies together. Finally, Mike tensed, every muscle popping out in cords. He chewed down on her tit, almost breaking the skin.

"Unhhhhh, take it, slut!" he panted, fucking hard up her ass. "Now, you fucking cum hungry bitch!"

For a fabulous eternity, Wanda was fully aware of his cock. It pulsated, then grew rigid as steel. And as his prick tore upward, she felt the flesh of his balls tighten. An instant later, electric-like vibrations swept up the underside of his prickshaft. His cockhead ballooned, then exploded.

"Aieeeeee!" she screamed out, feeling the first, boiling load of cum splash into her ass. "Yes! Fuck me, you bull stud! Fuck me to pieces!"

Her orgasm heightened to a level she hadn't thought possible. And when it finally peaked, pleasure and pain mixed together until she couldn't tell one from the other.

"Take my jizz up here! Here! Unhhhh, here!" Mike gasped, fucking wildly in and out of her shitter.

Wanda's pleasure became so intense, she began writhing and bucking as if she were on fire. And when a final explosion of climax riddled her guts, she jerked her body up so hard, she almost threw Mike off.

"God!" she shrieked, falling limp, feeling the damp sheets cling to her body.

"Little more," Mike said, punching in the last glob of milky cum.

He squirmed his ass around, then slowly relaxed.

"There," he panted. "You got all my jizz, whore."

While Wanda lay beneath him, feeling her pleasures subside to dull throbs, reality closed in around her like darkness. My God, what have I done? she asked herself. It's one thing to be humiliated by others, but to inflict it on yourself?

But her stepsons were responsible, and that made her angry. If they hadn't done this terrible thing to her, her dark passions would have never been discovered. She could have kept on being a dutiful wife and mother, instead of craving unnatural things.

It was as if she'd ripped the flesh away from her body and seen herself in a mirror. Inside, she was riddled with disease -- dark, murky filth.

"No, no, no," she murmured, closing her eyes, hating herself more than ever.

"You really liked that ass-fuck, didn't you?" Mike said sarcastically. "And here you were all the time saying you didn't. You lying bitch. I could have been in here fucking you all the time Dad was gone." He slapped her playfully on the ass. "Well, from now on when he leaves, we'll fuck like monkeys, right?"

Wanda hadn't even thought about that. If she didn't tell Stan -- and she couldn't -- both he and Jimmy would expect her to fuck them when their father was gone. And if Stan ever found out about that, he would probably strangle her with his bare hands.

And quite frankly, she wouldn't blame him. Everything seemed hopeless. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. She felt exactly as she had when she was a child and had taken the dare to swim across Ladder Lake. Almost totally exhausted by the time she reached the middle of the lake, she knew it would be as difficult to go back as to go on.

But could she ever go back? Already the dark urges were once more forming in her mind. She wanted to get fucked again by her stepson -- to feel his hard cock spitting out all those creamy fuck juices.

She would have to tell Stan and take the consequences. If he left her, that was all there was to it. She would admit everything and take her medicine.

But she wouldn't give up without a struggle. She wasn't about to let these little pricks determine her fate. Some how, she would escape and get revenge for the horror they had inflicted on her. And the only way to do that was to keep them off guard.

"You've really made me see things in a different light," she whispered, hoping to find the words that would convince him she no longer needed to be tied up. "You're right, we could have been fucking all this time."

"You mean that?" Mike asked, suspicion in his voice.

"Of course I mean it," Wanda said, squirming beneath him. "When I first got a look at you fucking Brenda, I got so mad because she was getting your big cock and not me."

There! If he buys that, he's a bigger idiot than I think he is.

"You mean, you're not going to tell Dad?" Mike said, although he was still cautious.

"Tell him what? About us? Don't be silly. It would kill him," Wanda said. "And I love your father so much. As much as you do."

That ought to drive the point home to the little bastard, she thought.

"Mmmmm, it's getting late," Mike said, snuggling closer to her body. "Let's get some sleep now, OK?"

"OK, but can you untie me? These ropes are hurting me, and anyway, I want to suck you to sleep. Would you like that?"

"Untie you?"

"After I suck you, you can tie me back up if you want," Wanda said. "But I need my hands free to hold onto your balls while I eat your cock alive."

For the next couple of seconds, Wanda held her breath, wondering if her ruse had worked. At any rate, if it didn't work tonight, there was always tomorrow, if she could keep up this nonsense.

"OK, I could handle a good suck job before I go to sleep," Mike said, reaching for the ropes at her right hand.

Wanda didn't make a move, even after she was free. Then, after he rolled to his back, she slowly got to her side and reached out for his half-hard cock.

"Mmmm, so big and hard," she murmured, squeezing his shaft and seeing a tiny drop of cum ooze from his monstrous cockhead. "Just tell me how you like it."

"Right down your cocksucking throat," Mike said, pushing her head down to his crotch. "Every inch of my cock, baby."

He squirmed his ass around as he felt her warm mouth engulf the end of his prickshaft.

Knowing that she now had some measure of control, Wanda relaxed completely. She would suck his prick as she promised, and then, when he went to sleep...

Well, just you wait, you little prick, she thought.

His cock was fully, embedded in her throat. After holding it there for a couple of seconds, letting her tongue lick over the smooth surfaces, she slowly pulled her head up, just holding the tip of his prickshaft between her lips.

"Mmmmmmm," she gurgled, scratching her fingernails over his hairy balls, feeling them tremble to her touch. "I just love young stud to suck off."

She took a deep breath and gulped forward, letting all of his cock grind into her throat. As her lips met his curly, blue-black bush of crotch hair, she looked out of the corner of her eye, searching for some sort of weapon.

There was the lamp, of course, but the wire and the shade might make it awkward. Shoes, a picture on the wall, bookends.

When her gaze rested on the chain hanging over the side of the bed, she smiled. That will do perfectly, she thought. Somehow, it seems like poetic justice for it to be my weapon of revenge. The same chain he stuffed up my ass will knock his brains out.

"Mmmmmm," she gurgled, twisting her head around as she gobbled down on his cock.

"Wow, that feels so good," Mike said, closing his eyes.

He lifted his hands and touched the back of her head for a few seconds, then placed them behind his head. He spread his legs a little wider and lifted his hips.

"That's it, baby. Just suck on my cock like that all night."

While Wanda licked up and down his cock, she held his balls with her left hand, giving them gentle squeezes. Her right hand slowly inched across, the sheets toward the chain. Seconds later, she wrapped her fingers around the metal links.

She would have to somehow wrap the chain double, she decided, to shorten it and make it easier to strike out with. The other end, however, was on the floor, out of reach.

Still, if she did a really good job of sucking his cock, he might not notice if she shifted slightly. She quickened her movements, banging her forehead against his hairy stomach.

"Goddamn that's good," Mike grunted, pumping his ass up and down. "Oh, baby, baby, baby."

Now, Wanda thought. He's so involved with pleasure, he wouldn't know if a bomb went off. Do it now!

The taste of his cock, however, was so wonderful. It was almost like having Stan in bed with her. Maybe just a few minutes more of cocksucking. What could that hurt?

And then, when she tasted the steam of his nearing climax, she decided to finish him off and, wait for him to relax. That would be the best time, she reasoned, even though she was taking a chance that Brenda or Jimmy might walk in at any moment.

It was a chance she would have to take...

"Almost there," Mike groaned, every muscle in his body tightening. "Do it faster, cocksucker. Jesus... shit... now!"

When Wanda gulped fully downward, she felt the first molten splash of his cum bang the back of her throat. When her tonsils were milky with his jizz, it became almost impossible to concentrate on her revenge. His hot cum melted down her throat and seemed to filter through her guts, then exploded inside her pussy.

"Aaaaghhhh," she choked, drinking cum and climaxing at the same instant.

"Goddamn! Suck my cock dry, you fucking slut," Mike grunted, thrusting his cock upward, depositing the bulk of his cum-load into his stepmother's throat. "Every drop of jizz all the way down."

Wanda needed absolutely no encouragement. She sucked and pulled on his cock for all she was worth, not only because she craved the sweet cum that melted into her stomach, but because she knew the more reined he was, the better her shot would be.

"Jesus," Mike said at last, going limp with exhaustion.

Wanda held her mouth on his prick for a long while, looking upward at his closed eyes. When she was sure he was asleep, she slowly lifted her head, letting his half-hard slab of cock drop to his stomach.

Again, all the anger she had felt before flooded back into her mind. Now, you prick, she thought. Now you're gonna see what it's like.

She reached down and picked up the other end of the chain. When she held the two ends together, she sat back on her haunches, took aim, and lashed out with her full strength. The chain hit the boy's head with a clanking pop. Mike jerked his eyes open for an instant, then closed them again. His entire body went limp.

Christ, it was so easy, Wanda thought, getting quickly off the bed. She'd knocked him out with one hit. And now for the other two -- which might be trickier. But, Jesus, it was going to be so sweet to knock the shit out of that Brenda.

Cautiously she padded from the room and made her way down the hall. Before she got to the living room, she paused and stuck her head around the corner.

Jimmy was kneeling on the couch, facing the back, his legs spread wide. Behind him, Brenda was on her knees, licking her tongue up and down the crack of his ass while she jacked his cock with both hands.

"Tell me when you come," Brenda murmured. "Mmmmmm, I don't want to miss any of your hot fuck cream."

"Don't worry -- you're gonna get it," Jimmy grunted, squirming his ass around.

And don't you worry, you little sonofabitch, you're gonna get it, too, Wanda said to herself.

Although she was tempted to strike out at Brenda first, she knew she'd better go for Jimmy. In the time it took to hit the girl, he might react too quickly, and everything would be lost.

Taking aim as she entered the room, she lunged forward and lashed out with the chain, hitting Jimmy across the back of the head. Before she could hit Brenda, however, the girl sprung like an angry panther. Worse, Jimmy wasn't knocked out -- merely stunned for a second.

"You bitch!" Brenda screamed, clawing at Wanda's body with such force, both women fell backward to the floor.

While they thrashed about, their naked bodies sliding and smacking together, their hands at each other's throats, Jimmy came back to his senses. He got off the couch and pulled them apart, then kicked Wanda in the stomach.

"You hit me, you cunt!" he roared, his eyes glinting with fury.

"Let me at her! I'll tear her eyes out," Brenda shrieked, again trying to lunge toward Wanda.

"No, you'd better go check on Mike," Jimmy said. "She might have killed him..."

Brenda gave Wanda a look of pure hatred and walked out of the room.

Alone with Jimmy, Wanda felt more fear than disappointment. He was looking at her like he wanted to strangle her or beat her to death with the chain he'd torn from her hands.

"I just wanted to get away," she said, her voice a choking groan of pain. She held her stomach where he'd kicked her. "I... I just wanted to get away."

As if in answer to her question, Mike stumbled into the room, his eyes wide with hatred. A trickle of blood seeped from a purplish wound at the side of his head.

"OK, you're really gonna pay now, bitch," he said, a vampire-like smile on his face.

"Oh, God!" Wanda cried, crawling toward the corner as he stepped toward her. "Just let me die!"

"You may get your wish, cunt," Mike said, his voice so calm it sent shivers of terror up and down Wanda's spine.

"Let me have her first," Brenda said. "I've been dying for a chance to get at her."

"OK," Mike said. "She's all yours, baby." Wanda flinched when Brenda walked over, and something told her this girl would be even worse than her two stepsons.

"Wha-what are you going to do?" Wanda whispered.

"Oh, lady, it's not what I'm going to do to you," Brenda laughed humorously, "it's what you're going to do to me."

"I don't understand," Wanda said, puzzled at the girl's remark.

"Tie the bitch up," Brenda said to Mike and Jimmy. "On the floor."

Time seemed to stop for Wanda as she watched them go about tying her up. At last, she was stretched out on the floor like some sacrifice, ropes knotted about her wrists and ankles. The other ends of the hemp were attached to the furniture in a way so she could barely move. Her body was in a giant X.

"You ready?" Brenda asked, walking over and standing between Wanda's legs.

"For... what?" Wanda gasped. "You're gonna lick my pussy," Brenda said with a smile. "You're gonna suck their cum out of my cunt and lick it down."

Wanda's scream tasted of vomit.


Wanda looked up and felt her stomach turn. Brenda looked like some kind of evil Goddess as she stood between Wanda's legs. The girl's hands were on her hips, and a wicked smile revealed her even, white teeth.

"You ever licked any pussy?" Brenda asked softly, letting her fingers knead her own flesh.

She touched the glistening, blonde-haired opening of her cunt and pulled back the loose folds of pussy meat.

"A pussy so full of cum?" she added, twisting her hips around.

Wanda dropped her gaze from the girl's cruel expression to the area of her cunt mound. Her pink cunt gash, held open with her fingers, was creamy and molten. A delicate stream of cum was rolling from her pussy opening like oil.

"Don't make me do that," Wanda gasped, tugging at the ropes that held her wrists and ankles. "You'll make me puke, I swear it!"

"Go ahead," Brenda said. "If you puke, I'll just make you lick it back down."

Wanda knew Brenda wasn't kidding. Swallowing hard, she forced back the acrid tasting spit at the back of her throat. She exhaled and swallowed again, determined to keep from throwing up.

"Go ahead," Mike said as he stood behind Brenda. "Sit your ass down on her face and make her lick your cunt clean."

Just the thought of having to put her mouth on the girl's cunt caused a new wave of nausea to hit Wanda. How on earth did they expect her to do this terrible thing? She closed her eyes with shame and humiliation. A few seconds later, she opened them quickly when she felt the girl's knees against her sides.

"Come on, run your tongue out," Brenda ordered, straddling Wanda's middle.

She pulled her cunt opening a little wider and let some more cum ooze into her blonde cunt hairs.

"You like what you see, lady? It's Jimmy's cum. And Mike's, too."

That was an added horror, Wanda thought. Not only was she going to be forced to suck cunt, but it was her own stepsons jism in that awful-looking pussy!

Wanda struggled until the ropes cut into her flesh, but it was useless. It was going to happen, and there was nothing she could do to stop it.

Brenda leaned forward, letting a delicate strand of cum fall from her cunt. The spidery-like drop of cum burned round Wanda's left nipple.

"Now open wide," Brenda giggled, slipping her hands around the back of Wanda's head. "Here comes all kinds of pussy juice and cum to suck on."

Inch by terrible inch, the girl's pussy came closer. And when it was almost against her face, she got, a really good look at it. She shivered unexpectedly, seeing for the first time, a pussy up close.

Brenda's cunt is lovely, she thought. Not only on the outside, but deep inside the pink gash, it looks so warm and creamy. And at that moment, she realized exactly what men saw in a woman -- why they liked to eat on pussy.

The girl's cunt did look delicious especially with all those thick globs of cum steaming from it.

"Lick me," Brenda said, crushing her pussy against Wanda's parted lips. "Mmmmm, run your hot tongue in, and fuck out the cum and swallow it."

Wanda gave a choking groan when she tasted the mixed flavor of jism and pussy juice. It was like nothing she'd ever imagined -- both sweet and sour at the same time. Foamy, but with a thick base.

"Hey, look at that," Jimmy said, kneeling beside the two women. "Old Wanda is taking to Brenda's cunt like a duck to water."

"Yes," Brenda murmured, her eyes half closed. "A man just can't suck cunt exactly right. Not like a woman."

Wanda wondered if what the girl said were true. It did make sense in a way, but still... it was wrong!

"Please don't make me do this," Wanda said, but with less conviction than she meant. "It's shameful."

"Mmmm, but so good," Brenda said, squirming around. "Oh yes, suck it to me, lady. Run your tongue in my pussy, and fuck me with it."

Wanda was so frightened, she did what the girl asked. When more of the cunt flavored cum melted into her throat, she felt a burning at the base of her spine. The heat slowly swept forward, then inflamed the opening of her own cunt.

"Mmmmm," Wanda murmured, unaware that it was her voice vibrating inside the girl's body.

"Faster," Brenda said, her voice silky and low with growing passion. "Suck out all that cum and chew on my clit."

Wanda stabbed her tongue fully inside the girl's pink, creamy cunthole. As she did, more globs of cum rolled from her pussy and etched the back of her throat like acid.

With each drop of cum, Wanda felt her own passion mounting. This time, however, she didn't want to fight it. Perhaps something had snapped inside her brain, she didn't know. Or maybe she'd just given up. At any rate, nothing seemed to matter but the delicious taste of Brenda's cunt and the way her own pussy was throbbing with pleasure.

"Lick on her cunt, Mom," Jimmy said, stroking Brenda's ass while the girl pumped up and down over Wanda's face. "Really stick your tongue up there and eat her cunt clean."

"Yes," Brenda murmured, her body electric with ecstasy. "Mmmm, and when you're finished, I'll lick on your cunt."

Her words startled Wanda. The girl was more depraved than she'd imagined. Not only was she going to force Wanda to suck pussy, she was voluntarily going to eat cunt herself.

"You gonna eat out our Ma?" Mike asked suddenly, his eyes lighting up.

"Sure am," Brenda gasped. "I like ticking pussy almost as much as I do hot cock."

"Then let me plug in some more jism for you to suck out," Mike said, kneeling between his stepmother's legs.

This was something Wanda still found almost impossible to believe. Now, she was going to be fucked while she ate pussy!

"Oooooo," she cried out, feeling a burning sensation sweep up her cunt when Mike plunged his cock inside with one thrust. "It... hurts so... good."

"Mmmmm, and it sure feels good." Mike said, withdrawing his prick, then hammering back inside. "Now take it, bitch."

Wanda seemed to lose complete control of herself. It was still a disgusting act, but she was loving every moment of it. Cock and pussy at the same time! It was fantastic -- like something from another world.

"Fuck me, Son! Fuck it to me hard!" she panted into Brenda's cunt. "God, I don't believe how good this is."

At that moment, she forgot all about hitting her two sons, about fighting the girl who was above her. She even forgot about Stan. Nothing mattered but her own lust -- her greed fox more of this wonderful fucking and sucking pleasure.

"Oh! Oh! God!" Brenda screamed out, crushing her full weight against Wanda's mouth. "Fuck meeeeeee!"

When the girl's pussy exploded with a climax, it seemed to Wanda that her insides had become a hot cauldron -- a vacuum that practically yanked her tongue out by the roots. And with the girl's fluttering cunt spasms, Wanda could taste more pussy juice.

Suddenly, her own climax hit her. For a split-second, her pussy trembled, then seemed to burst like a water balloon, flooding her insides with liquid fire. And barely had her orgasm peaked, when she felt her son's cock expand, then jerk with life.

"Fuck me, whore!" Mike grunted, heaving forward, planting his exploding cock to the hilt. "Goddamn you, you motherfucking bitch... fuck out my cum!"

Wanda's passion seemed to know no limits. Now, she was sucking cum and fucking cum at the same time. And with each drop of jism that entered her body, convulsions rocked her almost painfully.

"Holy Fuck! I want in on this, too," Jimmy said, kneeling beside his mother's head.

He held his cock out and thrust the tip of it between Brenda's cunt and Wanda's sucking mouth.

"Suck cock and cunt at the same time, bitch," he said.

Wanda gulped about half of his cock into her mouth, warmed it with her tongue, then spit it out. She instantly locked her mouth around Brenda's cunt, sucked out some more fuck juices, then went back to Jimmy's prick.

"Mmmmmm, love this," she gurgled, going from cock to cunt and back again. "Come in my mouth, Jimmy... please."

A few moments later, she was rewarded with a thick, molten glob of cum as Jimmy's prick exploded with spunk. His jism also coated his bills and the silky hair of Brenda's pussy.

"Oh God, I don't believe this!" Wanda cried out, again experiencing a fabulous spasm of climax. "Let's don't ever stop. Let's fuck and suck like this... like... this... unhhhhhhhhhh!"

At last, all four fell in a heap of writhing flesh, their moans of pleasure echoing off the walls. They stayed there for perhaps five minutes before anyone moved or spoke. Finally, Brenda pulled away and sat next to Wanda's face.

"Mmmmm, that was perfect," Brenda said. "And now it's my turn to lick pussy."

"Not yet," Mike said, still fucking in and out of his stepmother's cunt. "It's so sweet and hot in her cunt."

"Oh, come on," Brenda said. "You can fuck my pussy. Just take your cock out of there so I can lick it."

"Hey, what about me?" Jimmy protested. "Find your own pussy," Mike chuckled, withdrawing and pushing Brenda between his stepmother's legs. He then knelt behind Brenda and crammed his cock into her glistening cunt opening.

"No pussy left," Jimmy said. "Guess I'll just have to make, do."

With that, he straddled his stepmother's chest and forced his cock between her lips.

Wanda lay there in a daze, feeling her stepson's rock-hard cock punch between her tonsils. At the same time, Brenda kissed Wanda's cunt.

Her body seethed with pleasure and lust.


Wanda sucked Jimmy's cock into the back of her throat and pursed her lips tightly around the hairy root of his prickshaft. A soft, gurgling moan escaped her lips as she buried her nose into his patch of wiry crotch hairs.

"Damn, I think this is even better than a pussy," Jimmy said. "Keep sucking my cock like that, Mom."

While Wanda gulped his prick in and out of her mouth, she felt Brenda's warm tongue lick at the sides of her cunt. The girl then began washing her cum-oozing fuckhole, sucking the cum Mike and Jimmy had fucked in.

"Love eating hot cunt," Brenda said, pulling back the loose folds of Wanda's pussy to more fully expose her cunthole. "Mmmmmm, so sweet and hot..."

Brenda's words became a cry of pleasure inside Wanda's pussy. While she sucked some of the hot cum from the older woman's cunt, Mike jabbed his prick savagely up Brenda's pussy.

"Fuck on it, whore," Mike said, withdrawing his cock, then slamming it back in so hard, Brenda's face slapped into Wanda's cunt with a noisy, sloshing sound.

Wanda tried to see what it looked like -- the four of them all fucking like mad. She was on her back, and Jimmy was over her face, digging his cock into her throat. Below, Brenda was getting fucked doggy-style by Mike while she chewed and sucked on Wanda's cunt.

"Mmmmmmmm," Wanda groaned, again pulling at the ropes that held her hands.

This time, however, it wasn't to escape, but to claw at Jimmy's pumping ass. She just couldn't seem to get enough of his cock. Each fuck-stroke made her even hungrier, her throat more demanding. Another moan became muffled against his balls.

"Suck me, bitch?" Jimmy said, running his fingers through his stepmother's long red hair. "Eat big cock all the way down your fucking throat."

While her son fucked her throat, Wanda tried to remember what fucking had been like with Stan. They hadn't done anything as wild as this before. It was a pretty big deal for her just to go down on him and suck him off. Most often, they just fucked in the missionary position, then rolled over and went to sleep.

But kids these days! Where in the world did they learn all these fucking tricks? Or did they just think them up? When he was their age, a quick kiss in the bushes was considered pretty brave.

And even though she still realized that what was happening was wrong, she couldn't deny the fact that she loved the taste of Jimmy's cock. His prick was so hard and virile. Perhaps the world might come crashing down around her, she had her pleasure.

"Mmmmmmm," she groaned again, feeling her pussy become a cauldron of desire.

Brenda was doing just the right thing with her tongue, touching every itch, soothing each ache in her cunt.

"Goddamn! I was hoping I could hold back a little more," Jimmy said suddenly, his muscles tightening. "I... I can't. Shit, Ma, your mouth is just too fucking good!"

Wanda climaxed just hearing his words.

And as her pleasure burst inside her cunt, causing her pussy walls to lock around Brenda's tongue, she felt his cock grow rigid as steel. An instant later, thick globs of cum buzzed from his balls, then burst inside her mouth.

"Unhhhh, suck me, cocksucker," Jimmy cried out, jabbing his cock fully into his stepmother's mouth.

"Aaaghhhhh," Wanda choked, feeling his cum shoot in the back of her throat.

Half of the gobs of jizz shot upward, behind her nose. As the other half sank into her stomach, twin, silvery streams of jism boiled from her nostrils. Another gurgling, grunting shriek became muffled in his glistening cock hairs.

"Eat my cock, bitch," Jimmy said, shoving the bulk of his load of cum between Wanda's tonsils. "Lick my prick dry. Every fucking drop."

Wanda worked on his cock as if it were the last one on earth. And with each milky drop of cum, her climax burned to greater heights. Soon, every cell in her body seemed to be aflame with release.

Below her, she could hear Brenda's smacking mouth as she licked cum from her pussy, and Mike's thrusting cock, loading up the girl's pussy with more cum.

"Unh, there," Jimmy said at last, pounding in the final glob of his cum-load. He squirmed over Wanda's face for a few moments, then went limp. "God, that was the best. I... I think I'm fucked dry finally."

Wanda swiped her tongue around his cock, gathering up all the jism from his climax. Then, when his cock was totally empty she spit it from her mouth and licked into his crotch hairs, lapping her tongue over his hairy nuts.

"Oh, Son, don't tell me you're through," she whispered. "I could suck your prick like this forever."

Her words came as a shock more to herself than the teenagers. Before, when the passion had died down, she had felt terrible guilt. This time, she merely went with her emotions. So what if it were bad? For pleasure like she had experienced it only seemed right that she should suffer.

Jimmy pulled away and lay back on the floor. He then closed his eyes and reached out, touching Wanda's tit. He fingered her rubbery nipples for a few moments, then his hand went limp.

"Little shit has gone to sleep," Mike said with a laugh. "Too bad. I had a lot more fun planned."

Wanda looked from Jimmy to Mike and flinched. His stare was cold, filled with pure hatred. And the whole time he fucked Brenda from behind, he looked at her. No, through her. It caused a chill to race up and down her spine.

At last, she looked down at what Brenda was doing and momentarily forgot all about Mike. The girl was still happily licking away, gathering up thick globs of cum from Wanda's pussy with her tongue.

Wanda's mouth began watering, thinking of all those silvery globs of cum easing into the girl's throat like cream.

"Let me have some, too," Wanda said, her voice trembling with renewed lust.

"No, this is all mine," Brenda said. "You'll have to get your own."

"I'll give you some jizz," Mike said, pulling away from Brenda.

"Hey, I want you to keep fucking me," Brenda said quickly. "It was just feeling good again up my cunt."

"Just turn your ass around," Mike said, repositioning Brenda so that her head was still between Wanda's legs, but her feet were draped over Wanda's shoulders. "There you go. You can lick cunt and get licked at the same time."

Wanda was glad that he'd turned the girl around, for her throat was once more itching for the flavor of pussy and cum combined. She darted her tongue out and touched the girl's pink cunt.

"Oh, I like fucking this way," Wanda said, feeling the girl's warm body over hers.

While they molded their faces to each other's cunt, Mike knelt behind Wanda's shoulders and reached out for Brenda's rounded ass. He spread her firm asscheeks, then pushed forward, driving his cock into her shitter. As he did, his balls rolled through his stepmother's hair, then rested between her eyes.

"Oh, my God," Wanda murmured, the mere touch of his nuts electric.

She locked her mouth firmly around Brenda's pussy and jabbed her tongue upward.

"Mmmmmmmm," she gurgled, feeling a flow of cum and pussy juice case into her throat.

While she licked and chewed on Brenda's hot cunt, Mike's balls began slapping back and forth as he fucked the girl savagely in the ass.

"Let me have your cum, OK?" Wanda said, her throat aching for the taste of his fiery cum, fresh from his cockhead.

"No... I want it in my ass," Brenda said into Wanda's cunt. "It's mine."

"I'll let you both have a little jizz," Mike said, increasing the momentum of his fucking. "And you'd better hang on, because it's gonna be a good."

Wanda certainly hoped so from the way her throat was feeling. And the closer she thought he came to pleasing her, the more demanding the itch for jizz became.

"Cum... I want your hot cum to suck down," she cried out, feeling an almost desperate pang of pleasure inside her pussy. "Jesus... Jesus... give your cum to me!"

She climaxed violently, every muscle in her body flinching. And when the ecstasy peaked, she licked from Brenda's cunt and sucked both of Mike's balls into her mouth. As his balls vibrated inside her cheeks, she experienced another convulsion of raw release.

"Mmmffffffff!" she gurgled, her face contorting in anguished ecstasy.

Mike thought he could have held out for a long time, but when his stepmother's mouth locked around his nuts; it was all over. His jism burst up the center of his prickshaft with so much power, it almost hurt. An instant later, he punched the first glob of molten cum into Brenda's shitter.

"Me!" Wanda begged. "Give me some jism too!"

Mike took a few more hammering blows into Brenda's cunt, then withdrew quickly. He thrust his prick between their bodies and blew the bulk of his load over Wanda's face.

"Eat my jizz down, you cum-gargling cocksucker," he panted, digging his fingers into the soft flesh of Brenda's ass.

Wanda began doing exactly that. She lapped her tongue out, catching his cum, then pushing it into Brenda's cunt. When his jizz was flavored with pussy juice, she sucked it back into her mouth and drank it down with a sigh. At last, his cock was empty, and she felt him pull back.

"Don't go yet!" she begged, munching at his cockbase. "Let me suck your cock just a little more."

Mike pressed forward, sliding his cock over Brenda's cunt lips. Then felt his mother stab her tongue against the underside of his prickshaft and force it into the girl's pussy. When half his prick was inside her dark, slick fuckhole, Wanda began sucking and chewing on their crotches as if she were starving.

"Mmmmmm, fuck her again," Wanda whispered. "Stick in some more cum so I can eat it out."

"I think she's gone cock-hungry," Mike said. "Or maybe she's just fooling us again."

"No, not that," Wanda said, remembering the chain torture. It seemed a million years ago. "I was just scared. I'm sorry. Oh hell, let's talk later! I want some more hot cum right now!"

"Get off of her, Brenda," Mike said, pulling away.

"Huh?" Brenda said. "What for?"

"Let's you and me fuck for awhile. Without her," he said, giving his stepmother a dark grin.

Wanda could read his mind. He had tortured her physically, assaulted her emotionally, and was now working on the mental aspect of it. He was going to make her beg to be fucked.

Well, I'm not going to be broken, she decided. Not by that little prick, anyway. I'll just lie there and close my eyes, try to get some sleep.

She smiled suddenly, remembering hitting him on the head with the chain. That had felt good.

"Aren't we gonna do anything else to her?" Brenda demanded when Mike pulled her off Wanda. "I thought you said..."

"Just shut the fuck up, bitch, OK?" Mike said, his voice angry. "I'll take care of her in my own good time."

"You? I thought you said we could all do it," Brenda said.

"You know? You think too fucking much," Mike said, pushing her to the floor and jerking her legs apart. "Now do what you do best, and give me some pussy."

"Mmmmm, gladly," Brenda said, reaching for his enormous, bobbing prickshaft with both hands, "Stick your cock right inside my cunt, and fuck me silly."

Wanda tried to ignore what was happening beside her, but as the noisy smacking of their fucking became louder, she found herself looking over.

Mike's muscular frame was totally engulfing the young girl, and even from here, she could see his meaty cock jab in and out of her puckered fuckhole. His balls were rolling up and down her thighs already throbbing with a fresh load of cum.

"That's the way!" Brenda gasped. "Fuck me harder, Mike. Really shove your cock up my pussy and fuck away."

The words repulsed Wanda as much as what they were doing. The girl talked like an experienced whore. Wherever did she learn so much about the wild life?

"You like the way I fuck you, baby?" Mike whispered, kissing Brenda's upturned tits. "Hmmmmmm? Does it feel real good?"

"Oh, you're the best," Brenda panted, lifting and lowering her ass to meet his quick fuck-thrusts. "I'd love it if you could fuck me like this the rest of the night."

Their words of passion and the sight of their firm bodies molding together caused Wanda's cunt to throb. And even though she felt raw hatred toward her stepson, she also felt a little envious of Brenda.

Brenda could fuck like that all the time. She didn't have a husband or responsibilities. She could just fall back and spread her legs for anyone.

And probably had, the little bitch!

Brenda had probably had more cock than Wanda had ever thought about. Somehow, it seemed unfair to the woman.

Have I let my youth escape me? she wondered.

But I have Stan, right? And just where is the sonofabitch? Off on some trucking job, probably fucking some roadside whore. Truckers do that, I know.

So, if he fucks whores, she thought, why can't I fuck around? And it isn't like Jimmy and Mike are blood relatives.

Although she realized her arguments were ridiculous, she had to somehow justify the throbbing in her cunt. She wanted to fuck the boy. She wanted to feel his cock inside her pussy again -- to taste his thick globs of cum -- to feel his hard, hairy body pressing down on her.

"Fuck me, Mike," she whispered, almost hoping he wouldn't hear.

She felt defeated now, almost as if she were under some sort of spell.

If Mike heard her, he didn't let on. He kept fucking his cock savagely in and out of Brenda's fuckhole, licking wildly at her nipples.

"Yes, yes, yes!" Brenda screamed out suddenly, bucking so hard, she almost threw him off. "Fuck meeeeeeee!"

As the girl shrieked, thrashing about as if in pain, Wanda could almost see what her cunt must look like. It would be pink and frothy, hugging and sucking on her stepson's massive cock. And her pussy's hard contractions would be milking the globs of turn from his balls.

"Unhhhhh, take it, slut! Take my jizz!" Mike gasped, punching inward with his full strength.

He held himself against her body for a couple of seconds, grinding his small ass around, then began fucking up and down so hard, Wanda thought he might injure the girl.

"Eat on my prick with your cunt, whore bitch. Fuck in every drop and fuck it to your cocksucking brains."

Oh, Jesus! Wanda thought. Now his cum is boiling into the girl's climaxing cunt. His fuck juices are sloshing around, eating into her quivering pussy like thick, milky acid.

"Oh, I want to fuck too!" Wanda screamed out, feeling her pussy and throat become a vacuum, almost demanding the thick, meaty sensation of cock. "Come over here, Mike! God, I have to have your prick!"

As Wanda spoke, she felt new waves of humiliation sweep over her. Couldn't I just keep my mouth shut? she told herself. Oh, no -- I have to blurt out the first thing that comes into my mind. And what if Stan could hear my words? I wouldn't blame him if he kicked my ass out!

"Eat shit, bitch," Mike said, turning his face away from Brenda's tits and giving his stepmother a hard look.

Wanda closed her eyes and fell back, her body bathed in sweat. And as she heard the echo of her own voice, she felt more ashamed than ever. She wanted nothing more than to crawl in a dark hole and die.

After a few more minutes of torture, feeling her pussy ache and throb, she opened her eyes and looked back over at them.

Slowly, Mike pulled away from Brenda, then sat back on his haunches. His cock flopped upward and smacked his stomach, leaving a glistening residue of milky cum and pussy juice.

"Mike, I won't tell your father," Wanda said. "Just untie me, and let me go to bed, OK? I know things will never be the same between us, but... if I hurt you, I'm sorry."

"You are one chrome-plated bitch, you know that?" Mike sneered. "Why don't you surprise us all, and tell the truth once in awhile?"

"I am telling the truth," Wanda said, searching for the right words. "If I could do it over, wouldn't have gone out there to the barn and whipped you. I wouldn't have hit you with the chain."

"You want to prove all that shit?" Mike interrupted.

"Prove it?" Wanda asked, not liking the tone in his voice. "What do you mean?"

"I just mean that you'll take your punishment if you've done wrong, right?"

More chains, ropes? Another rape? What did he want from her?

"I'll do anything," Wanda said.

"Well, I was going to make you anyway, but this way it might be even more fun," Mike said. "I'm gonna make you sorry for what you did. And you're gonna scream..."

Wanda swallowed and nodded her head, afraid to speak. He sounded suddenly evil.

"And what's more," Mike added, "you're gonna love it. I know you will. You have all the makings of a whore. And I'm going to convince you of just what a bad cunt you really are."

Am I down deep... bad? she wondered. If I hadn't met Stan, would I have taken to the streets, fucked anything that walked?

She looked at his cock and felt a new hunger in the back of her mouth. Perhaps he was right.

And in a way, she hoped he was. "You want to be fucked," Mike said, reaching for the rope at her wrist. "And I'm going to fuck you."

"Take me," Wanda said, her voice a quiver. "Oh, God, fuck me!"


Mike shoved Wanda through the back door, into the darkness. She stumbled down the steps, then lost her footing, landing on the soft dirt. Instantly, he grabbed her by her hair and began dragging her toward the fringe of woods about eighty feet from the house.

"Come on, bitch," Mike growled, heedless of her screams of pain.

"Please, don't," Wanda cried, her heart thundering in her chest. "What are you going to do!"

"You'll see," Mike grunted. "Now move that little ass of yours."

At last, he threw her down between the two trees where she and Stan had planned putting a swing. Before she could fully comprehend what was happening. Mike began tying ropes around her wrists. When the knots were secure, he pulled her to her feet, then attached the ends of the ropes to the two trees, spreading her out.

"Now you just stay there, baby, I'll be right back," Mike said, then disappeared into the darkness.

What is he going to do? Wanda wondered. Leave me tied up like this all night. And for what reason?

The thought of wild animals didn't frighten her because the only ones that came anywhere close to the farm were lizards and field mice.

As she pondered the situation, she pulled against the ropes. Strangely enough, they were quite loose, and in a matter of a few moments she had struggled free.

This is your chance, she told herself. Run! Escape through the woods. You know them as well as he does, and you could probably make it to the Farley ranch for help.

You promised, she reminded herself. Stay where you are.

She stood there between the two trees for another few moments, totally undecided about what to do. She knew Mike would probably be coming back, but now, she no longer feared him as before. In a way, she could even see his point of view.

He and Jimmy had just been doing what all boys their age do, and she'd gone in and whipped them. And then later, she had attacked them with the chain. And to be honest, she had been pretty hard on them even before that. Instead of giving them love and understanding, she'd been demanding.

No, I'll stays she thought. After all, what good would it do to escape? It would be merely a temporary refuse at best. I would still have to face them sooner or later, along with Stan.

The night air was a little chilly. She looked toward the house, but still she couldn't see Mike. What in Christ's name was he doing?

"Hello." His voice came from behind her. "So you didn't try to get away, huh?"

Wanda whirled, her heart in her throat. So, that was his trick. He'd been waiting there in the dark, just to see if she would escape. He'd tied the ropes, loosely on purpose.

"I told you I would do what you asked," she said, feeling a shiver of cold fear race up and down her spine.

What the hell am I doing? she thought. It's like I'm my own executioner in this mess! Simply asking for it.

Mike stayed where he was for a short while longer, his gaze moving over her naked, gorgeous body. He then stepped from the bushes and dropped a load of wood he held in his hands. He struck a match and built a small fire. When he was sure it was going, he turned and faced Wanda.

"Let's get you tied back up," he said, reaching for the ropes that hung from the two trees.

"Is it necessary?"

"I think it might be when you find out what I've got planned," Mike said.

Again, Wanda was tempted to race through the woods. She had little chance of outdistancing him, but his tone made her flinch. The coppery taste of fear was in the back of her mouth.

Mike grabbed her wrists and retied them with ropes, stretching her between the two trees. This time, the knots were very secure, almost eating into Wanda's flesh. He then turned and picked up a piece of metal pipe that lay in the bushes where he had hidden. He walked over and held the pipe in the fire.

"No, don't do that!" Wanda gasped, flinching. "Don't burn me!"

"Oh, I'm not going to do any real damage," Mike said, rolling the pipe around in the flames. "Just get it hot enough so you can feel it."

To Wanda's relief, he pulled the pipe from the fire. In just the few seconds he'd held it in the flames, it couldn't have gotten very hot.

When Mike turned and stood before her with the pipe in his right hand, his legs stretched wide, she felt her pussy tremble with desire.

He looked so virile, so muscular and mean. And in the light of the fire, his tanned flesh became darker, like burnt gold. Suddenly, she wanted him to touch her flesh with the pipe, to feel the heat sear into her body.

"Fuck me!" she gasped, thrusting her hips forward, feeling a trickle of cunt juice burn from her cunt opening and ooze over the inside of her right thigh. "Do... everything to me, Mike. Everything."

Mike stared at the soft contours of her body, the deep, emerald-green of her eyes, the golden red hair that touched her shoulders. Then he took a step forward. Slowly, he lifted the pipe and touched the end of it to her glistening cunt hairs.

Although the pipe wasn't hot, it was still warm enough to cause Wanda to flinch. It was just the right temperature -- causing no damage, but filling her with spasms of pain. A scream tore from her throat -- a scream of ecstasy.

"Fuck me with it," Wanda panted, jerking her hips forward.

She felt the end of the pipe stretch her cunt opening, then sear the slick membranes of her pussy.

"God, yes... stick it inside my pussy and... hurt me."

While Mike held the pipe in her cunt, he stepped under the ropes and behind her body. He then ground his crotch against her ass, letting his cockhead throb inside the crack of her shitter.

Wanda was overcome with desire when she felt the pressure of his prick. She flexed her ass muscles, letting her shithole munch over the smooth surface of his cockhead. Slowly, the long length of cock was drawn inside her asshole.

"You like this, don't you?" Mike said, his voice hoarse with lust. "I bet you'd fuck anybody or anything."

"I'll fuck... you," Wanda gasped. "Christ, I'll fuck you forever."

As he began fucking his massive cock in and out of her shitter, she felt him grind more of the pipe up her cunt. With her guts full of hard pressure, she found it almost impossible to breathe, but she wouldn't have had it any other way. Fucking was so good like this -- almost like fucking two cocks at the same time.

"How much cock and pipe do you want?" Mike murmured, kissing across her shoulder to her armpit.

He licked into her soft flesh, then nibbled slightly lower, his lips touching the side of her right tit.

"Hmmmm? You want it all, baby?"

"Yes, fuck in every hard inch," Wanda groaned, her eyes glazed with passion. "Fuck my ass and my pussy to shreds, you sonofabitch."

Mike thrust in almost ten inches of pipe. At the same time, he hammered his cock savagely up her ass, grinding some of the flesh surrounding his balls into her shitter. He held the pipe and his cock inside her fuckholes for a long while, then began slowly fucking them in and out.

Wanda couldn't believe how wonderful -- how horrible -- it was. Every cell in her body seemed on fire with ecstasy, every nerve exploding with electric-like bursts of agony. When she was certain, the sensations couldn't get better, they did.

"Ohhhhhhh!" she screamed suddenly, her body glistening with sweat. "Fuck meeeeee!"

"Unh, take it, slut," Mike said, moving his hands away from the pipe.

The metal rod slowly slipped from her cunt, then hit the ground between her legs. He then jabbed his fingers into her pussy and yanked the loose folds of cunt flesh back.

"Fuck me, bitch. Fuck all of me!"

Although Wanda felt a dreadful emptiness when the pipe slipped from her cunt, his fingers began relieving the itch inside her cunt. She squirmed her ass around, feeling another burst of climax riddle her guts.

"Stick your hand in my pussy!" she panted. "God, stick anything up there. I... I can't take it much more. My pussy's on fire, you bastard."

While Mike fucked her shitter with brutal fuck-strokes, he began working his fingers deeply into her pussy. Slowly her cunt opening closed around his knuckles, then his entire hand disappeared inside her pussy. He formed a fist and began moving it around in a twisting motion.

Wanda thought the top of her head was going to blow off. Her orgasms had started coming one after the other in an almost unending stream, freezing every muscle in her body. She felt she couldn't get enough.

"God!" she shrieked, rolling her head around until her hair looked like a fiery halo.

"Take it, now," Mike said, biting down on her nipple.

His balls seemed to explode, sending a stream of warm cum up the center of his prickshaft. His molten fuck juice burst inside her ass, then began sloshing backward, melting around his swinging balls.

"Unhhhhh... fuck me, whore step-mother. Lick my cock up to your cocksucking brains!"

For Wanda, his cum was like gasoline on an open fire. Another convulsion of orgasm tore into her guts with such force, her very bones seemed to melt. She twisted and writhed, then went limp, her moan fiery in her throat.

"More of cum," Mike grunted, heaving forward, planting the bulk of his load up her asshole. "Come on, Mom! Don't stop. Fuck with me."

Wanda didn't know where she got the strength to do as he asked, but she began moving her ass back and forth, gobbling his cock inside her shitter, finally milking his fucker of all his cream jism. When the last of his cum burned into her asshole, she again went limp, every muscle in her body exhausted.

"Goddamn, that was fantastic," Mike groaned, rolling her nipple around in his mouth. "Shit, it was almost like I'd never fucked before."

"I know," Wanda said. "It was the same for me."

Mike held himself against her body for a few moments longer, then pulled away. He leaned against the tree and closed his eyes. His glistening chest was heaving up and down, his throat rattling with a satisfied moan.

Is that it? Wanda wondered. Did I finally prove myself?

In a way, she was a little disappointed, even though it had been the best orgasm she'd ever experienced. It had been so wild. But something had been missing. She had wanted him to humiliate and defile her totally.

Pleasure is nothing, she thought, unless there is the equal sensation of pain.

"Now you're going to suck me," Mike said, reaching for the knotted ropes at her wrist. "You're gonna get on your knees and blow my cock dry, bitch."

"Make me do it," Wanda said. "God, make me beg and crawl. Make it... hurt."

Although she felt herself slowly turning into an animal, she no longer cared. The humiliation, the pain and degradation somehow made fucking more wonderful, more exciting. She even wanted the feel of his hands around her neck, choking her to darkness.

When she fell to her knees before him, she reached for his cock and looked at it as if it were an object of worship. Slowly, she sucked the tip of his prick into her mouth and moaned with hunger.

A biting flash of pain seared across her back. She spit Mike's cock from her mouth and looked up, her eyes filled with terror. When he had gone for the ropes and pipe, he'd also gotten the whip! She hadn't even seen it.

Oh, now this is it, she thought. This is how I want it. To be forced to suck his prick while he beats me into submission.

She gobbled his cock back down and gave another spluttering cry as he hit her again.

"Suck me, whore," Mike said, his eyes glinting sadistically. "Lick my prick all over, or I'll beat you to fucking death."

While he slashed at her with the whip, she sucked his cock and balls passionately. And with the taste of his cock filtering into her mouth, she shivered as the lash tore into her flesh. Her nails were clawing at the taut muscles of his thighs, pulling him even closer.

"Mmmmmmfffff," she gurgled, grinding her nose into his patch of blue-black crotch hair.

"Suck me all over, whore!" Mike demanded, whipping her again, the leather leaving long, red welts on her delicate flesh. "All of me. My shitter and feet, too, you scum-bag."

After Wanda washed his cock and balls, she squeezed her head between his legs and ran her tongue upward, touching the crack of his ass. She then pulled his taut ass cheeks back and delved into his hairy, dark shitter entrance.

"God, I love doing this," she gasped, feeling her pussy throb with the beginnings of climax. "I could just chew your ass up and swallow it."

"On your face, whore," Mike said, forcing her to the round.

He stepped on the back of her head and crushed her face against his right foot.

"Lick my toes, cocksucker," he ordered.

While Wanda squirmed around in the dirt before the fire, she licked and chewed on the flesh of his foot, enjoying the taste of dirt. She felt degraded and abused, yet wonderful. Her concepts of evil and good become one, leaving her animal-like in her desires.

While she licked on his feet, Mike kept whipping her. With his right hand, he jacked his cock up and down rapidly, feeling his cumload boiling in his balls.

"Almost there," he groaned. "Hold your face up, cunt, I'm gonna blow my wad on you."

"Let me suck you." Wanda moaned, opening her mouth wide, making a move upward to gobble on his expanding cock.

Mike lashed out again with the whip, causing her to crumble at his feet. He then rammed his foot into her moaning mouth.

"Keep licking me, whore," he demanded.

Wanda grabbed his ankles with both hands and began licking over his feet. And as the taste of sweat and dirt burned into her throat and nose, she felt her climax tear into her cunt violently. When it peaked, she felt a warm splatter of cum against her shoulder.

She looked up and saw a milky glob of cum burst from Mike's ballooning cockhead. As if in slow motion, his fuck juice dropped through the air, then splashed over her open mouth. Sonic of his jism rolled across her cheeks and melted into her ears.

"Here, take it this way," Mike said, jacking the rest of the cum from his cock. "Lick my jism off the ground, whore."

Wanda couldn't believe she could degrade herself so, but she no longer cared. Nothing mattered but the taste of his body, the feel of the whip against her flesh. She licked into the dirt, gathering the cooling globs of his cum. Then she drank them down greedily.

"All of my cum," Mike said as be squeezed his fingers around his prickshaft, releasing a final lump of jism. His fuck cream dripped over his hand as he straightened his arm. "Take my jizz, bitch!"

Wanda sucked his hand clean, then ran her tongue through the glistening patch of his crotch hair. When the wiry strands were clean, she munched at his balls, kissing down the insides of his thighs. At last, she had captured every, single, precious drop of his jism.

"God, it was wonderful?" she gasped, falling back in a heap, her body still writhing with anguished pleasure.

Mike watched her for a few moments, then pulled her to her feet. Again, he placed her between the two trees and tied her up. He stood back and smiled at her expression of lust.

"You ready for my last trick?" he asked softly.

"Yes," Wanda moaned. "Oh, yes, Mike. For... anything."

She closed her eyes and waited for him to touch her. When he hadn't in a few moments, she opened her eyes, discovering she was alone. She quickly looked around, but couldn't see him.

"Mike!" she cried out, urgency in her voice. A short while later, she heard a movement in the bushes to her side. She quickly turned her head, but her smile froze on her face.

"No... not that, Mike," she pleaded, her eyes white with horror.

"Yes," Mike said, walking into the amber light of the fire. "I told you that you were going to pay."


Something seemed to snap inside Wanda's brain, as if her last hold on reality slipped away suddenly. She relaxed completely, her body numb as if she had fainted. Her mind, however, was alive with forbidden thoughts.

Wanda began twisting and writhing as if she were on fire. Now, instead of terror and disgust, her mind and body were filled with almost savage longing.

"Fuck me faster, Mike," she grunted, clawing at her palms with her nails. "God, I don't believe this... I love it!"

As she spoke, she kept watching what Brenda was doing. While the young girl sucked more greedily on Jimmy's prick, she found her own throat twitching with desire. If she couldn't be where she was now, she would have loved to be kneeling there, eating on her stepson's thick, massive shaft of cock.

"Ohhhhhhh!" she screamed suddenly, feeling her cunt flame with a burst of climax.

She froze for a second, then began thrashing about so hard, the ropes at her wrists cut into her flesh. Another hot scream burst from her lungs, then ended with a satisfied gurgle.

"Unh, take it!" Mike rasped, pounding his cock furiously in and out of his stepmother's shitter. "God, I'm almost fucking there!"

Wanda's orgasm melted suddenly when she felt his cock begin to pulsate.

"Me, too," Mike gasped, biting down on the back of Wanda's neck. "Shit, me fucking... unhhhhhhh!"

His cock exploded over and over, they seemed to mold together in her guts, becoming one throbbing mass of prick flesh.

"Aieeeeee!" Wanda shrieked, rolling her head around, hardly able to believe that pleasure could be so intense.

"Fuck me, whore," Mike growled. "Fuck my cock up your ass, and lick on it with your as muscles."

Soon, both of Wanda's fuckholes were clogged with thick, creamy globs of cum. And when Mike gouged the last of their loads into her fuckholes, she felt the fuck cream seep from her cunt and ass.

A short while later, thick globs of molten jism rolled down the insides of her thighs and formed a pool between her legs on the ground.

"Yesssss," Wanda hissed, experiencing one last explosion of ecstasy.

She went limp and closed her eyes, feeling as if her heart would beat out of her chest.

"That was fantastic," she whispered.

Mike stayed close, keeping his prick buried to the hilt in her ass.

"OK, I'm finished with you," he said, taking a step back.

After his greasy cock slapped upward, smacking against his stomach, he untied her and let her fall to the ground.

"Want me to help you back into the house?" he asked, his tone warm and concerned.

"I thought you said we could all fuck her," Brenda said, standing up and licking Jimmy's cum off her lips. "I wanted to lick some more pussy and have her eat my cunt out again."

"Sorry," Mike said. "It's all over."

"Does it have to be?" Wanda asked, a dream-like quality in her voice. "I mean, couldn't we all do it?"

"Hey, yeah," Jimmy said. "Let's all fuck!" Before either Brenda or Mike even reacted to Wanda's statement, he was on his stepmother with a leap. He yanked her legs apart like a wishbone, then shoved his cock savagely into her cunt.

"You little motherfucker," Wanda laughed.

"Mmm-hmmmm, and I just love the fuck out of fucking this mother," Jimmy said, biting down on her mouth.

"Well, let me at her, too," Mike said, kneeling beside them. "I guess I might manage another ass-fucking if I tried real hard."

"Oh, yes -- both your cocks," Wanda whimpered. "Mmmm, fuck me, boys. Let's fuck all night long together."

"Hey, I'm not going to be left out," Brenda said, walking over. "You two get out of the way. I'm gonna sit on her face and let her lick some cum out of my pussy."

Oddly enough, Wanda wasn't the least bit repulsed by Brenda's words this time. In fact, she found her throat twitching with desire. She remembered the delicious taste of cum and pussy juice mixed.

"Oh, yes. Let me lick your cunt, baby," she said, looking up at Brenda. "Squeeze right in here on top of me."

After Wanda rolled to her side to let Mike behind her, she felt two distinct sensations: a stabbing, wonderful pain searing into her shitter, and then the stinging acid taste of pussy on her lips.

"Mmmmm," she groaned, burrowing fully between Brenda's legs. "I love licking my boys' cum out of your cunt."

While she chewed and sucked on the girl's cum-filled cunt, Mike and Jimmy began pounding their cocks brutally in and out of her shitter and pussy. Sometimes, they fucked in together, other times, they varied their fucking rhythm, pushing her ass back and forth in a sawing motion.

"Oh, lick my pussy real good," Brenda said, squirming over Wanda's face. "Yes, like that. My clit, too. Shit, you eat cunt even better than they can."

Wanda was running her tongue in and out of the girl's cunt so greedily, her jaws throbbed with exhaustion. Still, she no longer cared about any discomfort. Having a pussy to lick and two cocks to fuck at the same time outweighed any other consideration.

"Fuck me, all of your," she gurgled, nuzzling her nose into the girl's blonde pussy hairs. "Stick your big pricks in my fuckholes, and fuck me full of your cum."

"Shit, I thought I could hold back longer," Jimmy said, frowning. "Let's fuck a little slower, or I'll blow my fucking load right now."

Wanda wanted to please him, but she seemed to lose control over her body. She began sucking and pulling with her cunt muscles, milking his cock of cum.

"No, give it to me, you little bastard," she grunted, feeling her climax steam from, the back of her pussy. "I want... have to have your hot cum in my cunt now!"

As her orgasm burst inside her pussy, she felt his cock expand, then jerk with life. An instant later, milky wads of jism scalded her cunt canal. Barely had her climax peaked and subsided, when another hot flash of ecstasy tore into her cunt again, this time with even greater intensity. As she screamed, she bit Brenda's clit.

"Ohhhhhhh!" Brenda cried out, arching her back and crushing her cunt fully down on Wanda's face. "Lick me! Goddamn you, you pussy-eating whore, lick my cunt clean!"

The girl's orgasm caused her pussy muscles to flutter, then spit fiery fuck juices all over Wanda's face. And as their bodies became glued together with cunt cream, Wanda thrashed about with still another explosion of pleasure.

"Unhhhh, take my cock up your shitter," Mike said, fucking into his stepmother's asshole. "Fuck in every drop, you fucking slut whore!"

Wanda went limp as Mike's boiling jism flooded her shitter. She simply couldn't take the intense pleasure any longer. She closed her eyes and gave one last thrust of her tongue into Brenda's cunt, then rolled her head to one side.

"Oh, don't stop!" Brenda cried out, scratching her nails over Mike's and Jimmy's shoulders as she pumped up and down over Wanda's face. "Lick my cunt some more! Lick -- aieeeeeee!"

For the next several moments, the teenagers thrashed against Wanda's limp body, their moans of ecstasy growing softer. At last, they all collapsed in a heap.

While Wanda lay sandwiched between their firm bodies, she tried to make some sense of what had happened. Had all this happened in just one night? she asked herself, seeing the horizon growing light. Christ, it seems like we've been fucking for days!

And then she thought of Stan. He would be home later that week. How could she hide her new-found depravity from him?

But that was something to worry about later. Right now, there was gorgeous cockmeat to consider. She began pushing her ass back and forth slowly and again started licking at Brenda's oozing cunt.

"Let's fuck again," she whispered. "And again and again and again," Mike murmured.


Wanda's cunt felt like hamburger. For the past four days, she had been fucked so many times, she no longer bothered counting. It even hurt when she walked, and her throat was taw from sucking so much cum.

She looked nervously at the clock, then flinched when she heard Stan's truck drive up.

Oh God, don't let him suspect anything. Please. Just let me look normal for him, she prayed silently.

"Hey, Wanda!" Stan called out, leaping onto the porch, then opening the front door. "I'm home, baby!"

When he embraced her, she felt that everything would be fine. Just fine. His strong arms sent shivers of passion up and down her spine just as before.

"Let's get into the bedroom," he said, kissing her warmly on the mouth. "I've got quite a few days of fucking to catch up on. How about you?"

"Huh? Me?" Wanda stammered. "Oh, yes, of course." Her voice sounded strange and high-pitched.

"Then let's get after it," Stan laughed. When he pulled away and looked at her, his smile froze. "Hey, you OK? You... is anything wrong?"

"No, nothing," Wanda said brightly. "Mmmmm, let's get to bed, sugar."

When she turned from him to go to the bedroom, he grabbed her wrist, looking at it closely. He then reached for her other hand and looked at it also.

"Hey, where'd you get this?" he asked, studying the rope burns on her skin. "It looks like you were tied up or something."

"No, I just..."

"You were tied up, weren't you? Now, who the fuck did this to you?" he demanded.

"It's not what you think, Stan," Wanda said, looking away. "I can explain -- really."

"Where are the boys? They did this to you, didn't they?"

Wanda could feel her world crashing down around her. No matter how hard she tried, she knew she couldn't lie to Stan. She would have to tell him the awful truth and then take the consequences.

"Promise me you won't hurt the boys," Wanda said, her eyes wide with fear. "Promise me that, Stan."

"Tell me what happened," he replied.

"Sit down. I'll tell you."

Somehow, she managed to tell him the entire story, from beginning to end. And as she spoke, she felt the shame return. She had not only betrayed herself, but she had betrayed the only man who ever loved her. When she finished speaking, tears were streaming down her cheeks.

During the time she spoke, Stan sat and listened calmly. On the surface, anyway. With alarm, however, Wanda noticed that his knuckles turned white as he grasped the arms of the chair where he was sitting.

"Where are the boys? And this Brenda?" Stan said at last.

"Don't hurt them," Wanda begged, although at the moment, she was almost sick with fear for her own safety.

Stan looked like he could and would kill.

"They're in the barn, I think," she said lamely.

After Stan stormed out, Wanda felt her knees go weak. She knew that even though Stan was furious, he loved his children too much to hurt them. Still, he might be angry enough to do something drastic. And then it would be her turn. Although he hadn't hit her, she thought several times he might. Perhaps he was saving his fury for her.

Might as well go and pack, she told herself as she stumbled toward the bedroom. I just hope I'm able to carry my suitcase when he finishes with me.

The bedroom window was open, and she cocked her ear, but she didn't hear any screaming. Then, a few moments later, she saw Stan leave the barn and make his way toward the house.

"Oh, my God," Wanda gasped, seeing that he was carrying a long length of rope and the whip.

"Is this what they used?" Stan asked after thundering down the hall and banging open the bedroom door.

"Yes," Wanda said, her face white with fear. "You didn't hurt them, did you?"

"No, not yet," Stan said, looking at her evenly. "It's your turn first."

"Look, Stan, I'm sorry," Wanda said, backing away. "I didn't want it to happen. I don't think they did either. It just got out of hand and..."

"Shut up and take your clothes off," Stan said, his eyes burning with what looked like pure loathing.

With trembling hands, Wanda began slowly undressing. When she didn't go fast enough to please Stan, he walked over and tore her dress away. He then back handed her, sending her topping across the bed. He leaned over and yanked her panties away, then her bra.

While Wanda watched with unbelievable terror, Stan jerked her arms wide, then tied her wrists to the corners of the bed. He then pulled her legs open and tied her ankles to the foot of the bed.

"Wha-what are you going to do, Stan?" Wanda gasped, feeling as if she were about to spit up her heart.

Stan merely looked at her for a long while. He slowly took off his clothes and then crawled onto the bed, kneeling between her widely spread legs. He lifted the whip he held in his right hand and looked down at her firm tits.

Is he going to beat me to death? Wanda panicked. Oh God, if he is -- let it be over with quickly. Let me faint!

The leather sliced through the air with a whistling sound, then cracked at her right tit, stinging her coral-colored nipple.

"Ohhhhhhhh!" Wanda shrieked, feeling a burning spasm of pain ripple through her chest.

"You fucked them, huh?" Stan roared, slashing at her again.

This time the whip found her other tit, leaving a long, red welt.

"Did you like fucking them? Huh, did you like hot, young cock?"

"Oh, God, Stan! Forgive me!" Wanda wailed, feeling new jolts of agony eat into her body.

"Did you!" Stan screamed, the veins in his neck popping out like angry snakes.

"Yes, you bastard, I did!" Wanda spat the words out. Even with death staring her in the face, she couldn't lie to him. "I loved it! I begged them to fuck me!"

Her words seemed at first to stun her husband, then infuriate him even more. His hand rose and fell in a blur, the leather connecting savagely. He was an expert like his son -- able to inflict the greatest pain with almost no actual damage. Her entire body seemed bathed in liquid pain.

"God!" she screamed, bucking and writhing wildly, tearing at the ropes until her flesh burned.

"Liked it, huh? Well, do you like this, you cum-hungry cunt?" Stan yelled, wrapping the whip around her neck and pulling it until her face turned purple.

To Wanda, the room seemed to spin and grow dark. And when she thought for certain she was about to pass out, Stan released the pressure, allowing her to breathe.

As she looked at him with blurred vision, she felt a tremor of excitement race up and down her spine. And although she knew she just might die, she somehow loved the feeling of danger.

Stan looked more, handsome than ever before. His blue-black hair seemed even darker, sweeping about his square face like a dark, evil halo. His shoulders were wider, corded with bulging muscles. The fine mat of hair that fanned over his chest seemed to be alive with electric energy.

"Oh, Stan!" she gasped, her eyes fluttering.

"Bitch!" Stan barked, then slammed his body forward. His cock stabbed brutally into her cunt. He withdrew his prickshaft, then plunged back inside. As he did, his balls slapped into the crack of her ass with a noisy, popping sound.

"Slut... bitch!" he yelled, biting down on her mouth.

With the fourth or fifth hard thrust of his cock, Wanda's insides seemed to turn to butter. She slowly lifted her hips as her back arched and froze. Then she experienced the wildest climax ever.

"God!" she spluttered into his mouth. "Fuck me!"

"Take it, you motherfucking bitch!" Stan growled, licking his tongue in and out of her mouth, clawing at her tits with his long fingers. "All the Goddamned way, up your cunt, and fuck my cum out, whore."

At that moment, Wanda didn't care if she died or not. Life would have been worth living for the pleasure of those few moments. Her body still buzzed with electric excitement, her every cell throbbing wildly.

"Darling, Stan, keep fucking me," she panted into his mouth. "Make it hurt like they did. And... and do it all to me, baby."

Stan placed his hands on her shoulders for support, then stabbed his toes into the sheets. After squirming his ass around for several seconds, he began fucking savagely in and out of her cunt. Soon, the sounds of their bodies smacking together echoed off the walls.

"Eat on my prick with your pussy, you fucking bitch," Stan grunted, every muscle in his body tightening, glistening with sweat.

Wanda could feel his cock pulsate, then grow so rigid it hurt. Still, the pain was as wonderful as the pleasure. Another fiery climax tore into her guts, making her throat raw with screams of ecstasy.

"Unhhhh, fuck me now, you slut whore," Stan rasped, pounding forward with his full, hulking weight.

As he penetrated her cunt to the hilt, he felt his balls explode, sending a warm shower of milky cum up the center of his cock. Then, when his molten jism burst into her pussy, he chewed the flesh from her mouth to her neck, tasting blood.

"Aieeeeeeee!" Wanda choked, feeling pain and pleasure dance inside her body, flooding into every nerve of her being. "Fuck meeeeeee!"

"Unh, fuck it up here? Unh, take it! Take my cock, slut!" Stan grunted, stabbing more of his jism deep into her bruised and aching pussy.

At last, with the bulk of his load boiling in her cunt, he fell against her, his moan turning into a silent gasp of total release.

After he'd gone limp, Wanda stopped moving also, her mind still alive with fear and dread. Now that he'd satisfied his animal urges, would he beat her? Or just pull away and order her out of the house?

"So, it really happened, huh?" Stan said a few moments later, his voice just above a whisper. "It really did."

"Yes," Wanda replied. "I wish I could say it didn't, but..."

"Do you still love me?" Stan asked, lifting his head and looking into her emerald-green eyes.

"Of course!" Wanda said, trembling with emotion. "Whatever would make you think I didn't?"

"You said you liked fucking them -- fucking my boys and that girl," Stan said. "Didn't I please you?"

"Yes, but there was never any comparison, Stan," Wanda said. "I was satisfied with you any way you wanted to fuck me -- and I still am."

"Maybe I've been taking you for granted," Stan said. "And maybe I've also let those boys run over you too much. Well, things are gonna change around here from now on."

"Oh, Stan," Wanda said, half-closing her eyes, so relieved she felt like crying. "Stan, darling!"

"Now, let me have a little of what they were getting," Stan said. "And we'll start with your little shitter."

"Don't untie me," Wanda said quickly when he reached for the ropes. "Keep me like this. Rape me." Her voice began to shake with lust. "Oh, God, fuck me, Stan!"

Stan pulled away from her cunt, then reached down and untied her feet. He then thrust her legs upward and tied her ankles to her wrists, causing her body to roll into a ball, revealing the tight crack of her ass. A delicate mass of cum was burning from her pussy, wetting her pink, puckered shitter opening.

"Last time we tried this, you squealed like a pig," Stan said, nudging his cockhead against the opening of her shitter. "You sure you can take my prick?"

Quite frankly, Wanda didn't know if she could. His cock was bigger than either Mike's or Jimmy's and as round as a baseball bat. Still, she didn't care. She knew the pain would be wonderful coming from him.

"I want you to make me a promise before we go any further," Stan said, pausing.

"Anything," Wanda replied, her eyes filled with love.

"I want you to promise that you'll do exactly as I ask when we're finished here."

"Of course," Wanda said, "but what are we..."

"Hush. Just do what I say," Stan said, interrupting. "And now, let's see if you squeal out again, baby, when I fuck your ass."

Wanda did squeal, but it was with pleasure. And as the full length of his cock stabbed wildly into her shitter, she felt as if his cock tip were stabbing right between her shoulder blades.

"God, it's... beautiful," she panted, her face turning ashen with pleasure.

"Christ, it is good, ain't it?" Stan grunted. "Hell, we should have been ass-fucking all the time. Your ass is almost as hot and sweet as your pussy."

He then slowly began fucking in and out of her asshole while he bit down on her nipples. Soon, he was driving in and out rhythmically, his ass rising and falling in a fleshy blur. With each fuck-thrust, Wanda screamed out, her insides becoming a buttery cauldron of desire.

"Fuck me, Stan!" she gasped. "God, it's so good the way you fuck. You're the best. Yes, the best in the world."

She didn't know if he believed her or not, but she spoke the truth. A young stud was OK, but a mature, experienced man was something else.

And the way his hulking, muscular frame engulfed her body was dynamite to her senses. Already, her shitter and pussy were throbbing wildly, ready to explode.

"Faster, baby!" she panted. "God, ream out my shitter and blow in gallons of hot cum."

Stan gobbled her right tit into his mouth and began fucking into her shitter as if his cock were an instrument of torture. After about a minute of hard fucking, his body tensed.

"Shit, baby -- I can't hold back any longer," he groaned. "My nuts feel like they're on fire!"

"Go ahead, Stan! Fuck me," Wanda gasped, feeling her climax rip into her guts.

Then, when the sensations burned with full force, she began rocking back and forth, screaming as if she were on fire.

"Aieeeeeeee!" she shrieked, her orgasm peaking savagely, causing her ass muscles to suck out his cum.

"Unhhhhh," Stan cried out.

He held himself against her ass for a couple of seconds, then began fucking in and out with his full strength.

"Take my cum, Goddamn you! Take my cock and fuck it right up to your cocksucking brains, whore!"

When his cum melted into her ass, her pleasure increased marvelously. Finally, weak from exhaustion, she went limp, panting.

"Unhhhhhhhh," she whispered softly, feeling totally and completely satisfied for the first time in her life.

"Oh, baby -- that had to be the fucking best," Stan said, gouging in the last of his cum. "Shit, I can't blame my boys for anything now, I guess."

Wanda had almost forgotten about Mike and Jimmy.

"Are they still in the barn?" she asked, wondering why she hadn't heard them come in the house.

"Yeah, they're out there. The girl, too," Stan said. "Right now we're gonna go out and see them."

"We are?" Wanda asked, wondering what he was going to do. "Why?" she asked.

"Just promise me you'll do as I asked," Stan said, untying her feet and hands.

"What is it you want me to do? Oh, can't we do it later?" she said suddenly. "Mmmmm, I just love the way your cock feels inside my ass like this."

"We can come back later," Stan said, pulling away and getting off the bed. He then handed Wanda the whip. "Here. It's time for your revenge."

"Revenge?" Wanda gasped. "What do you mean?"

"I mean you're going to do to those boys everything they did to you. And while you do it to them, I'm gonna take care of that little Brenda character."

"You mean, we're going to..."

"That's right, baby, we're gonna give them a taste of their own medicine."

A few moments later, Stan and Wanda walked into the darkened barn. Wanda stopped suddenly when she saw the three teenagers inside. They were all tied up, their hands over their heads. Their clothes had been stripped from their bodies.

"Hello, boys," Wanda said with a grin, looking first at Mike, then at Jimmy. "Mommy's come to get you."

As Stan walked over and stood in front of Brenda, Wanda lifted the whip in her right hand and took a step toward her stepsons.

As the sun sank into the west, screams of terror and ecstasy could be heard from inside the barn.


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