Whipped, bound mom

Who can judge a person's reactions during stress situations? The prisoners of war who give in to their captors demands; the kidnapped heiress who joins forces with her abductors -- all must act without past experience to guide them. All must make decisions in a vacuum, without benefit of familiar people or situations to guide them. The end result can be either a positive or a negative experience.

In WHIPPED, BOUND MOM, Dorothy Berenson finds herself in just such a situation. Held captive by depraved people, including her daughter, she not only meets her captors' sexual demands but, to her horror, finds herself responding to them. Dorothy is forced to indulge in acts that are not only forbidden by society, but also by her own moral code. In the end, she learns something about her own desires.

WHIPPED, BOUND MOM -- a shocking story of a woman's reactions under tremendous stress. Yet who are we to judge her actions?


"That was Martin," said Dorothy Berenson, puffing the phone down. "We're going to spend the weekend with him again." She looked over at her daughter. "Well?"

"Fine," said Kathy. She swung her long legs off the chair and went out of the room.

Dorothy stared after her. Sometimes she was ready to throw the girl out of the house. Kathy had all the vices of an adolescent, and it was driving Dorothy crazy. Not only had Kathy inherited Dorothy's beauty, with her blonde hair and luscious figure, but she insisted on hanging around with boys no matter what Dorothy did or said. That was one reason Dorothy liked to go to Martin's house on the beach. At least Kathy was away from those boys.

Dorothy sighed and walked over to the window. The girl still wouldn't listen to her about men. Dorothy was lucky, or rather clever. She'd insisted on a marriage and then played her poor innocent husband for all she could get. It hadn't been as much as she would have liked, of course, but it kept her comfortable, and at least one wretched man would be paying for his seduction for a great many years yet.

By the window was a mirror and Dorothy caught a long glimpse of herself in it. She might be thirty-two, but everybody thought she was only in her early twenties. And they were right, she did look wonderful. Her tall, slim figure had tits that stood out from her body with no need of support at all. Dorothy turned to get a better look. From her tiny waist her hips swelled out and led down to a pair of legs that always drew whistles from the construction workers as she went by. Oh yes, men wanted her all right, but they weren't going to get her. Not until there was one good enough. One who could pay the price. Take them for all they were worth, that was Dorothy's motto, and it had done well for her through the years of bringing Kathy up. Men took her out, and Dorothy loved going on dates. She even let some of them back in for coffee and usually they tried to get her into bed. She'd put them right very fast. And they paid for it.

During the ride out to the beach the next day, Dorothy looked frequently at her daughter. That tight blouse and those tiny shorts were bound to inflame the lusts of most men, particularly with a figure like hers. She looked at Kathy and the young girl flicked her long blonde hair over her shoulder and stared out of the window.

Dorothy got a slight shock at Martin's beach house. The place was still the same, and Martin greeted them as warmly as always. In the background Dorothy could hear the long slow murmur of the waves. She had to go and take a swim before dinner. No, everything was as always, except that there was a couple there, Josh and Zola Simpson.

Dorothy didn't like extra people. She had a cozy relationship with Martin and she didn't want anybody intruding on it. Not that Josh and Zola didn't look nice. Josh was a few years younger than Martin, probably in his mid thirties. Zola, his wife, was a soft-faced, dark haired woman with brown eyes and a wide, sensual mouth. She dressed rather unsuitably for a married woman, or so Dorothy thought. Her bikini was so skimpy it only covered her nipples and the triangle of her pussy hair. Otherwise she was as good as naked.

But they were pleasant. Dorothy went for her swim and they all had dinner. Martin was a good host and Dorothy learned a bit more about Josh and Zola. Josh was a business partner of Martin's. Dorothy didn't ask what his business was, but there was some exporting involved and Martin had brought Josh in to help with that. They chatted and, as usual, Dorothy refused coffee after dinner.

"I have trouble sleeping," she explained. She had had the trouble for years and it was getting worse, but Dorothy would never admit it. Some nights she would watch the television until dawn and then fall into a fitful slumber. "I really must be going to bed now, or I'll be a wreck in the morning."

Normally the sleeping pills worked after a time, but this night nothing Dorothy did helped her to sleep. She tossed and turned for several hours, only pretending to be asleep when Martin knocked gently on the door and asked if she was all right. When she didn't answer, he opened the door as he always did, made sure she was fine, and went out again.

Even that reassurance didn't work for Dorothy. She took another pill and gave up after another hour. Perhaps if she got herself a small glass of wine it might help. It usually did.

She crept out of her room, not wanting to wake anybody, and tiptoed along to the kitchen. The place was very quiet and she began to wonder if they had all left her. With the wine in her hand she went back into the main room to see if anybody was still there. It was empty, but a faint light came from under the large walkin closet door. Dorothy went across and opened the doors.

The closet was just as always, except for the fact that the back of it was open. It led to a small staircase, leading steeply down. There was a low murmur of voices and Dorothy found her curiosity arouse. Martin had never told her about this secret door!

Holding her breath, Dorothy tiptoed down the stairs. At the bottom was a email chamber and another door standing slightly open. Dorothy peeped around it.

The scene that met her eyes startled her. She gasped and clutched her mouth. She had to be dreaming. This couldn't be real!

It was a large room, nearly as large as the house that stood above it. The walls were rough wood, and the floor was done in soft carpet. There were sofas, chairs, a television, and what looked like exercise apparatus. Over by the far wall was another door and Dorothy could see the white tiles of a bathroom through it.

Lounging in a chair in the middle of the room was Martin. He was wearing only a bathrobe, and he had a very large drink in his hand.

On the sofa were Zola and Josh. He was in the shirt and pants he'd worn for dinner, but Zola was dressed in a sexy playsuit that accentuated the tight curve of her body. It was white, with lace around her swelling tits. Above her pussy, it was cut away to show a pair of tiny white panties that hardly disguised the dark mound of her pussy hair. All down the lacy front of the playsuit were bows that looked as if they would come undone at the slightest pull.

But even that wasn't as bad as what Kathy was wearing. Dorothy's daughter was dressed as a maid, with a tiny little hat, black stockings and a dress that showed most of her tits and ended at her stocking tops. As Dorothy peered in, Kathy was bending down to give Zola her drink and the dress rode up over her ass, exposing a pair of frilly black panties. At the same time the front of the dress fell away far enough to show most of her lovely young tits to Zola and Josh.

That would have been enough, but the other things in the room persuaded Dorothy that she had stepped into a terrible den of depravity. Hanging along one wall were racks of whips of all shapes and sizes. There were masks, handcuffs, dildos, ropes, chains, and some things that Dorothy had never seen before in her life. What was Martin doing in such a place? He couldn't be the owner of all this depraved stuff!

"Well, why the hell do you keep inviting her then?" Zola asked with a laugh.

She grinned up at Kathy and slid her hand up the young girl's legs until it was above the stacking tops. There she caressed Kathy's milky white flesh while the girl gave low murmurs of appreciation and spread her feet for Zola to go wherever she wanted.

"For this one, of course," Martin said. He leaned back and grinned at Zola. "She's worth putting up with that bitch of a mother of hers until she's old enough to get clear and then..."

Zola gave Kathy a playful slap on the ass and sent her off. Kathy went back to the well stocked bar and washed the glasses from the previous round of drinks.

"Ever thought of training the bitch?" Josh asked, jerking a finger at the door.

"Well..." Martin leaned back and chuckled. "What do you think, Kathy? You think your mother would train up right?"

"My mother's a bitch, sir," said Kathy softly. She looked up at Martin and smiled, and Dorothy gasped at her terrible betrayal. Her own daughter saying that about her. When she got her home that girl wouldn't see the world outside for a long time.

"Not worth trying," said Martin easily. "Be happy with what you've got, that's my motto. She could put up a real stink if she's fucked around with. Hey, Kathy, has any man got in her pants?"

"I-I don't know, sir," said Kathy. She looked up again and her young face was flushed with excitement. "I don't think so, sir, she's always saying how disgusting men are and how you have to keep them at arm's length."

"Oh, she does that all right," Martin said with a grin. "You can see that. Shit, leave her be, that's what I say."

"I dunno," Josh said thoughtfully. "I'd sure like to get my cock into her."

"Honey," Zola said softly. "You want to get your cock into everything. That's why I love you so much." She leaned over and kissed him while her hand roamed over the front of his pants.

"Are you sure she's asleep?" asked Josh.

"Oh yeah. I checked her. I always do before Kathy and I come down here and have some fun." He glanced back at Kathy and she smiled shyly at him.

"Can I get you another drink, sir?" she asked.

"No, but you can come here and show Josh what a good little girl you are," said Martin.

Kathy came slowly out from behind the bar, her hips swaying in a most disgusting manner.

"She talks a lot about how she can't sleep," Martin added, "but she sleeps like a pig, all snores and grunts."

The whole room burst into laughter and Dorothy was on the verge of bursting in and pulling Kathy out for a fast drive home and some proper discipline. But something stopped her, and for a moment she wasn't sure what it was. She waited as Kathy sidled up to the sofa and stood in front of Josh and Zola.

"What can I do for you, sir?" she asked. "Or you, Miss? I'm very good at everything, aren't I, sir?"

"You bet, my little pet," Martin said, sliding farther down in his chair. "You two take whatever you want, she's fuckin' great at it all."

"Hmmm," said Josh as he looked the young girl over. "Lift that dress a little. Yeahhhh!"

Slowly, with the most lascivious look on her face, Kathy slid her short dress up her legs. She spread her legs a little and worked the black silk up until it was clear of her stocking tops.

Both Josh and Zola were riveted by the sight of the young girl's legs. Kathy's thighs were long and slim, leading to the most delicately curved calves and trim ankles in her high-heeled shoes.

Without having to be told, Kathy slipped the dress higher until her panties came into view.

They were tight and pussy-hugging, and Josh reached out and slid a finger over the material where it covered Kathy's cunt mound.

"Mmmmmm," he said approvingly. "Damp already."

"Shit," said Martin, "this little whore's hotter than a furnace. She'll burn your prick."

"Nice," said Josh. "Now show us your tits, my little girl."

As Kathy smiled and her face flushed even more, Dorothy knew why she had to wait. If this went on much longer she would have a clear case against Martin. The seduction of a girl as young as Kathy by older men would give her a grip on Martin he wouldn't shake for a long time. And even more money. Not that Dorothy thought in terms of blackmail, but, if the money was there, they could call it what they wanted. And she would still get to deal with Kathy afterwards. It looked like a pretty good plan. Dorothy moved closer to the door and waited.

Kathy was teasing Josh and Zola. She stood there, playing with the top button of her dress, opening it and then whimpering and closing it again.

"Oh, please, sir, I can't," she whispered. "Could you do it for me?"

To Dorothy's horror, her daughter leaned forward, bent at the waist and took Josh's hand, guiding it to the top of her dress. Josh was hot. His fingers worked the button while Zola caressed the huge cock bulge in his pants. The button came open and Kathy whimpered more as she leaned in on Josh, letting his hand slip down the front of her dress, reaching deep between her swelling tits.

"Oh, could you do the next one, please, sir?" Kathy begged.

With a grin Josh cased his hand out of her dress and undid the next button. Now Kathy's tits were exposed, protected only by a tiny, halfcup bra. Still bent at the waist, Kathy took Josh's hand and led him to the next button and the next until her dress was open to the waist.

"Oh, thank you, sir," she gasped. She stood upright, sliding the dress away from her tits, caressing them through the thin fabric of her bra. She turned to Zola. "Please Miss, could you take my bra off? I don't seem to be able to find the catch."

The bra came away and Kathy stood there, caressing her tits and sliding her dress up so that Josh and Zola could also see her panties.

"Should I take this off, sir?" she asked.

Josh could barely speak as he gazed at the wonderful young girl. He wasn't helped by the long, slow hand job his wife was doing on his cock, but he managed to speak.

"Yeah," he said.

Smiling and posing, Kathy let the dress slip down her arms. She held it for a moment and then dropped it to the carpet. She let her bra drop too, and stood there, in only her high heels, stockings and panties. Her fingers played with her prominent nipples, standing out like fresh buds from her white tit flesh.

"Do I please you, sir?" she asked.

"You will if you suck cock as well as you look," Josh gasped.

"Oh, yes, sir," whispered Kathy. She sank to her knees and slid her hands up Josh's legs to the huge bulge. Her expert fingers slid the zipper down, inch by inch, while Zola still caressed Josh's cock. "May I take your pants right off, please, sir? I can get more of your cock in my mouth that way." Josh was breathing heavily as he stared at the pair of luscious tits only inches from his face. "Yeah," he said; "Take them off."

Dorothy couldn't believe what her daughter was doing. Kathy pulled Josh's pants down with a couple of fast heaves, and then slid his shorts off as well. He sat on the sofa with a grin on his face and a hard-on that threatened to burst.

He had a big cock, eight or nine inches of thick cock meat, and Kathy gasped and drooled over it as she reached up and took it in her willing hands.

"Ohhhh, sir," she gasped. "What a lovely cock." Kathy leaned forward and kissed the swollen cockhead. "Now, now, sir, don't be impatient. I don't want you shooting before I can get it all down my throat."

Josh gave a grunt of lust and his breathing got even harder. Beside him, Zola leaned back and slid her fingers inside the hem of her panties. Slowly she rubbed her hot pussy, watching the slow licking Kathy was giving her husband.

Dorothy was getting more and more appalled as it went on. Her daughter was not only will big to fuck the man, she was taking his cock in her mouth! Slowly she swallowed the stiff cockhead, letting it fell her cheeks as she ran her tongue over the throbbing cock flesh. Then she sank it deeper, into her mouth until the massive cockhead ran into her throat and her muscles stretched to take it. For something like a minute Kathy held him there, her throat muscles swallowing and contracting around it.

"Ohhhh shit," Josh gasped. "You weren't kidding, Martin, she can suck a cock like crazy! Ooooooh, fuuuuckkkk!"

He leaned back and thrust his fuck rod at Kathy's face. She let him sink in as far as he liked while her throat pulsed around his fucker and her fingers played with his balls. She glanced across at Zola and smiled, sliding her hand up over Zola's panties, feeling the hot wet silk.

Kathy slowly slid her mouth back up Josh's fuck rod. She held him just at her lips, licking and playing with the swollen cockhead.

"Please, sir," she whispered. "Tell me exactly how you like your cock sucked. I want to please you completely."

"Ooooohhhh," Josh gasped. He lay back on the sofa, his fuck rod thrusting helplessly at the young girl's mouth.

"I don't know," said Zola with imitation disgust. "You ask a man something and he never tells you. Suck him deep and softly, girl, whatever you do just don't bite him, he doesn't like that."

"You mean like this?" asked Kathy, playing the innocent. Her teeth bit lightly down on Josh's throbbing cockhead.

"Yeahhhh, like that," moaned Josh, heaving on the sofa, his hips beating with lust. "If little whores like you bite my cock they get punished very severely."

"Oh, surely, not a little bite like this, sir," Kathy pleaded, and rasped her tongue slowly over Josh's cockhead.

"Ooohhhh, shit, yeah, like that you little cunt," said Josh, his cock heaving with unrestrained lust. "You bile me like that again and you'll be over the sofa and Martin tells me you know exactly what that means."

"Ohhhh yesss, sir," Kathy breathed. "You mean you'd have my ass whipped just for biting your cock like this?" With complete deliberation Kathy closed her teeth on Josh's cock and slid them right down the length of his shaft.

"Ooohhhh shit, you little whore!" yelled Josh in delight, slamming his cock into Kathy's throat. "You take your mouth off my cock now and get over the sofa or I'll shoot right down your throat and it'll take you a lot longer to bring me off a second time."

Kathy had no intention of giving up Josh's cock. She straightened her legs, stayed bent at the waist so that she could take it all down her pulsing throat. Her hands spread Josh's legs and she sucked him into her mouth, her lips forming a perfect circle around the heaving cockshaft.

"This is your last chance," Josh bellowed. "Get over the sofa or I'm gonna shoot."

Kathy gurgled with delight. She fucked her face up and down on the swelling cock, sinking Josh to the balls at every pass. Her greedy mouth sucked at the fuck rod, desperate for the hot cum surging in Josh's balls.

"You asked for it!" Josh roared. "Now take it all, cunt, take it all!"

As Kathy gave a muffled scream of ecstasy, Josh grabbed her by her long blonde hair and held her face to his cock. Bellowing and yelling with lust, he rammed his fuck rod deep into Kathy's willing mouth.

"Ohhhhh yeahhh, I'm coming, fuck am I coming!" Josh yelled. Suddenly jets of white cum shot out of his pulsing cock and into Kathy's hungry mouth. "Aaahhhh, yeahhhh! Ohhh fuck, ohhh fuck she's great, she's great!"

He held the willing girl on his cock while the hot jism flooded out into her mouth. Cum dripped from Kathy's lips as she pumped up and down, swallowing all she could of the endless streams of white fuck juice.

Dorothy had heard enough. She slammed the door open and walked in.

"What the hell is going on here?" she asked the startled company.


Dorothy strode to the middle of the room. She was glad to see that her entrance had made an impression. Kathy squealed and dove onto Josh's lap while Martin leaned back in the chair and looked as if he'd just seen a ghost.

"Er... hi, Dorothy," he said. He shifted and stared at her as she stood over him.

"I have never been so disgusted in my life," said Dorothy. She put her hands on her hips and out stared the man she had once thought of marrying. "You are the biggest pervert I have ever met, and that goes for the two friends of yours over there."

"The biggest pervert," said Martin. "Oh, my dear, stick around. We'll get much more perverted before the night is out."

"I have no intention of sticking around!" snapped Dorothy. "We are leaving at once. As soon as I get upstairs I am phoning a taxi, and the police will be told of this disgusting place as soon as I get home. Kathy, get upstairs and get your things!"

"Oh, my dear, shall we discuss this?" asked Martin, shifting slightly in his chair. "I'm sure we can come to some arrangement."

"Over the rape of my poor daughter?" Dorothy screamed, driving herself in to a frenzy. "How could you think of it? A deal, is that what you're saying? Is that what you're offering me?"

Martin chuckled and stretched his legs. "Why aren't you going upstairs, Kathy?"

"I'm not going," said Kathy defiantly.

Dorothy swung around to face her. Something had changed and Dorothy wasn't sure what it was. An air of menace had crept into the room. Kathy was standing behind the sofa with Zola sitting at the other end. Both of them were tense. Josh lounged by the door, staring at the dark television screen.

"What do you mean?" Dorothy snapped. "Get upstairs, girl!" She swung back, certain she would be obeyed. "You ruined her! How much do you think that's worth? Hey?"

Martin laughed again. "Well, I dunno. But how about a weekend checking out how I ruined her, and then, if you still think she's ruined, we can discuss a price?"

He was a lot taller than Dorothy and, for the first time, she sensed some real danger. She suddenly realized that she only had her nightgown on. It was a floor length, but it clung to her body above the hips, showing off the lovely curves of her tits and ass. Also it was cut low and the lacy top accentuated her cleavage.

"If you think I'm staying a moment longer," she snarled, "you have another think coming. I'm going and the police will be here as soon as I can get them out of their cars and doing something useful for a change. Not that they would care, of course, but there is the law to uphold."

Martin laughed uproariously. "I'm sure I have a few cop friends who would be delighted to hear that they're useless! But, anyway, to the matter in hand. How much is my ruining your daughter worth?"

Dorothy was scared as he came closer, grinning at her. "I-I don't know. I'll think about it. Call me a taxi."

She swung away, but Martin grabbed her by the arm.

"Now, now," he said. "Remember, I offered you the chance to find out how we ruined Kathy. Surely you're gonna take me up on that?"

"What?" Dorothy was horrified. She pulled, but Martin's grip was far too strong. "Let me go, you pervert! I wouldn't take an offer from you if you were the last man on Earth."

"Oh good," said Martin. "I'm so glad you're staying."

"What? Put me down." It had all gone wrong. Dorothy screamed in terror as Martin swung her over his shoulder with ease. She beat at his back in desperation but he ignored it. "What are you doing? Let me go!"

As Martin swung her around, Dorothy saw a rope in front of her face. It swung from the ceiling and Zola was on the other end of it, with Kathy. Her own daughter was helping them! Josh was there, holding a set of handcuffs and some other things. Dorothy had no idea what they were.

"Stop it, let me go!" Dorothy shrieked. Suddenly the most terrible fear surged up in her. She didn't know what they would do, but she knew she was in trouble.

She wasn't left in doubt for long. As she screamed and kicked, Josh snapped the cuffs around one of her wrists and then the other. Dorothy stared at her bound hands, beating them in Josh's strong grasp. She watched him take the rope and slip it through the chain of the cuffs. From there it was a simple task to knot it, do a couple of half-bitches to make sure, and step back.

"Okay, girls," said Josh, "haul away."

Dorothy didn't believe it. Kathy and Zola pulled on the rope and her arms were heaved upward. Martin set her down, but that didn't help, since the rope pulled her back to her feet and then tightened further, until her feet only just touched the floor and the cuffs dug tightly into her wrists. She turned slightly as the rope swung above her head. Zola lashed the rope around a peg in the wall and Dorothy was tied up, helpless, a victim for them all.

"I'll get you, Martin!" she screamed. "I'll make you pay for the rest of your life, you pervert, you slimy jerk."

"I thought so," said Martin nastily. "She's getting very boring, a hell of a lot more boring than her dinner conversation, and that's saying something. Shut her up, Josh."

"Okay," said Josh with a grin. He closed in on her and Dorothy screamed as she saw that he had four small black balls in his hand. He held her jaw and forced each one in turn into her mouth until Dorothy was gagging on them, shifting them around her mouth so she could still breathe. The final indignity was the scarf Josh wrapped around her face to stop her from spitting the balls out. She stared at them all with desperate, furious eyes as she tried to adjust her breathing to the balls filling her cheeks.

"That's better," said Martin, coming up to her again. "Now, where were we? I think Kathy had been a bad girl, no? So I think we can deal with that first. So relax and watch my dear. It'll be your turn soon."

"Ohhhh yesss," Kathy breathed.

Dorothy was utterly disgusted by the naked lust in her daughter's voice. When she got that little whore home, she was going to pay for this.

"I don't know about you, Josh," said Martin, "but all that took quite a lot out of my cock. Come here, Kathy, and show your wonderful mother how you get cocks hard again while I check out these tits of hers."

She watched in mounting horror as Kathy came over and sank to her knees before Martin.

She opened the front of his robe and took his cock out. Dorothy looked at it and almost fainted. It was even bigger than Josh's. Long, thick and hard, his cock made Kathy drool just to have it in her hands. To Dorothy it looked as if it was as hard as a prick could be, but Kathy still sank her hot little mouth over it and worked her fingers up and down the cockshaft.

That wasn't the biggest terror for Dorothy though. As Kathy sucked Martin's cock, gently sinking his prick right into her throat, he turned her so that she was kneeling almost between Dorothy's legs. As she swung on the rope, Dorothy kept bumping into her daughter, and she desperately wanted to scream at her.

Then Martin reached out and ran his hands over Dorothy's high, thrusting tits. No man had done that in over sixteen years, and Dorothy's whole body rebelled at the touch.

"Nice," said Martin as his cock vanished deeper into Kathy's willing mouth. "Gonna have some fun with these."

His fingers pulled slowly at the frilly top of the gown, easing it away from her tits.

Dorothy couldn't take it. Soon her tits would be exposed to them all. She looked at Josh as he watched her humiliation. He was playing with his wife's tits while she ran her hands over his body, working up his already powerful lust. It was beyond imagination. Dorothy screamed into the gag balls and heaved upward on the ropes.

Her whole body rose and she crashed down, her legs beating into Kathy's back, ramming her forward into Martin so hard that the two of them fell across the carpet. Dorothy hung on the ropes, her breath heaving, her fury rising steadily.

Martin hauled himself up. He grinned at Dorothy and came over to her. His enormous cock stuck out like a flagpole as he ran his hands back over Dorothy's helpless tits.

"Very good," he said. "Gonna put up a fight, are you? Well, I'll show you how we deal with that. Josh, can you wait a bit before punishing Kathy? This cunt needs it bad."

"Uh, so long as I get to fuck her," Josh said easily. "I said I wanted a piece of ass."

"Oh sure," said Martin, "she's up for grabs."

"Oh, sir," Kathy pleaded in mock dismay, "I need to be punished too, I was the bad girl first."

She sank her mouth back over Martin's cock with practiced skill.

"Oh, I'm sure you'd like to do some of the punishing," said Martin. "I mean she hasn't treated you very well, has she?"

Dorothy gurgled in absolute fury as Kathy looked up at her, hanging helplessly there.

"Oooooh, sir, can I?" she begged. "While you fuck her?"

"Sure," said Martin, and went over to the wall.

Dorothy heaved on the rope as she saw that he had taken down a thin whip. It looked so painful Dorothy choked, and fear gushed into her throat. It had a short handle and a long thin tapering line of plaited leather. The tip trembled in Martin's hand as he walked back.

"That's a lovely robe you're wearing, my darling," he said. "What a pity you want me to tear it off."

He reached up and undid the gag, taking the balls out as Dorothy spat them away in utter disgust.

"If you don't let me down at once," Dorothy screamed at Martin, "I'll see you go to jail."

"Now listen, cunt," said Martin. "I don't take shits like you kicking me. You gotta learn and you might as well do it now. Just let me know when you want me to tear that nightie off. Then I can show you what happens to nasty little cock teases like you."

It was a dream. It couldn't be happening to her! Dorothy watched as Martin stepped back and lifted the thin whip. The whip trembled in the air, and suddenly Martin lashed it forward. Dorothy heaved up on the ropes and her scream echoed off the wood-lined walls. Her whole body erupted in agony as the thin line of the whip lashed into her jutting his. Her nightgown was no protection at all. The whip cut into her flesh, leaving a spreading line of red pain.

"You perverts!" she screamed. "You're disgusting, aaaghhhhh? Oh no, no, stop it, step!"

Her body heaved upward, and the pain in her tits was so great that she didn't notice the pain from the cuffs cutting into her wrists.

"Just let me know when you want me to rip that nightie off," said Martin, lashing the whip across her swollen tit flesh again.

Dorothy gasped and yelled as the whip bounced her twin tit globes downwards and then slashed across them as they bounced back. The stretched fabric of the nightie held them in place for the whip, making an even better target. Tears flooded down Dorothy's cheeks. She simply couldn't believe that this was happening to her.

Josh leaned Kathy over the arm of the sofa and slid his cock into her soft little cunt. Kathy moaned and thrust back at him, gazing at her helpless mother with delight.

"See, Mom?" she taunted. "This is how to get it, ohhhh fuck, this is how to get it."

She moaned in rising lust and spread her legs, letting Josh sink to the hilt in her willing body.

Dorothy stared, then heaved and screamed as the whip cut her soft tits. Things just went on getting worse. Zola strolled up, playing with herself, running her fingers over her throbbing cunt.

"Hurry up, Martin," she said. "She's not the only one who needs to get fucked."

"All in good time," Martin said. "Anyway, I reckon we'll get Dave and Rick in at some point, since Dorothy here thinks they do such a shitty job." His hand flashed through the air and Dorothy tossed on the rope in more agony. Zola laughed. "Ohhhh, that should be fun." Zola grinned at Dorothy and walked off, going over to where her husband was fucking Kathy over the sofa. She slipped her panties off and slid onto the sofa, spreading her legs around Kathy's hot little face.

Without a murmur, Kathy sank her mouth over Zola's throbbing clit and sucked it between her lips. She moaned as she licked the slick female flesh, and Dorothy could see Zola's cunt juices running down her daughter's face.

The whip drove another line of dreadful agony into Dorothy's tits. "Eeeehhhh! Let me go, let me go!"

"Nonsense, you little whore," Martin said. "We've got such a lot to do tonight, so just let me know when I should rip that off you."

She stared over at the group on the sofa. Josh was ramming his cock into Kathy to the pace of the whip as it cut Dorothy's tits. Dorothy could see his massive fuck rod, slippery with her daughter's cunt juices nit slid out before sliding all the way in again.

Kathy was like a bitch in heat as she heaved up to meet every ramming fuck of Josh's stiff fuck rod. The wanton little teenager clutched Zola's thighs, forcing her face deeper into the older woman's cunt.

"Ohhhh shit, she's a great find," Josh gasped as he fucked Kathy with fury. "Ohhhh yeahhh, she's got the tightest little cunt, ohhh fuck, I'm gonna come if she goes on like this."

"Ohhhhhh God!" Dorothy screamed. "Ohhhh, take me down and I'll take the gown off, I will!"

"Whatdaya think, Josh?" Martin asked as he whipped Dorothy again.

"Shit," Josh gasped. "I'm gonna shoot, I don't have the time. Rip the thing off the cunt, I wanna see her tits!"

"Ohhhh no, uuurrggg!" Dorothy screamed as the whip cut more agony across her flesh. "Let me do it, please! Please!"

"Shit, whore!" Martin shouted. "Beg me to rip it off, beg me!"

Martin's cock stood out, shaking with every stroke he gave Dorothy. He grabbed his cock and stroked it as he whipped her, working himself into a frenzy.

"Ohhhhh, fuuucckkk!" Josh bellowed. "I'm gonna shoot, I'm coming!"

His hips beat at Kathy's ass as he fucked her in a seething tide of lust. His cock blurred as he slammed into the deepest recesses of Kathy's wanton little cunt. His whole body contorted as he grabbed her ass and slammed in, his balls meeting Kathy's ass.

"Beg me, beg me!" Martin bellowed. The whip landed faster and faster until Dorothy tossed on the ropes like a doll being played with by a cat.

"Aaaaaghhh!" she screamed. "Ohhhh God, rip it off me!"

"Yeaaahhhh!" Josh yelled. "Oh, do it now, Martin, do it now." His hips pumped at Kathy, and she threw her head back, screaming as she sank her face again into Zola's spuming pussy.

"Ohhhh, she's something else!" Zola yelled. Her legs spread wide around Kathy's head and she grabbed the girl by her hair as she came, thrusting her hips at the willing mouth. "I'm coming, ohhh yeahhhh, I'm coming!"

The three of them spasmed on the sofa, climaxes tearing at them all. Dorothy saw white cock juice shoot out of Josh's cock before he rammed it back into Kathy.

"Fuuuucckkkk!" he yelled. "Ohhhh fuck, my cock won't stop shooting, ohhhh fuck."

He pumped jism into Kathy until it squeezed out of her cunt and ran down her thighs.

But Dorothy lost sight of all that. Martin gave her one last cruel slash and advanced on her helpless body, his hand pumping his cock for all it was worth. Dorothy moaned and gasped as he reached up and took the top of her nightgown where it stretched between her beaten tits. As he gave the first great heave and the thin material parted, cum shot out of his cock and all over the front of the beautiful blue nightie.

"Yeahhh, shit cunt!" he yelled. "How you like it, whore?"

He pulled again and the nightie ripped further, revealing Dorothy's crimson tits, still thrusting boldly out from her chest. A jet of cum splashed over them from Martin's spurting cock, and Dorothy cringed in disgust. He was more depraved than she had even guessed.

"Ohhh more, more!" Josh yelled as he rammed his still-shooting cock into Kathy's cunt. "Yeahhh, more!"

Martin was only too ready to oblige. Another jet of hot white fuck juice shot out of his cock all over the nightie and Dorothy's flat stomach.

"Shit, shit, shit!" Martin roared in delight as each powerful heave of his hands ripped the thin nightie further.

In paroxysms of lust, his cock squirting cumin hard fast shots, he ripped the gown, tearing it off Dorothy's shoulders until the straps were totally broken. Then he tore it away from her body, in a series of long, hard pulls. The ripping noise could be heard even over the disgusting sounds of the threesome on the sofa having theft last heaves of orgasm. Dorothy sobbed at the horror of it all.

"Yeaaaaahhhhh!" Martin yelled with delight as he hauled the last shreds of nightie away from Dorothy's helpless body.

He stood inches from her and let his cum shoot out over her white flesh until it slowed and then dribbled out. But that didn't stop him. He stepped in and rubbed his oozing cockhead over Dorothy's belly until the last drops were gone.

Dorothy felt defiled by that even worse than the whipping. Cum was such disgusting stuff, she couldn't bear to have it in her cunt, let alone in all over her body. She sobbed and tears flowed freely down her cheeks. She became aware of the pain of the handcuffs again and tried to pull them away from her wrists, but it was no good. Her tits were a mass of whipped, crimson flesh, and she couldn't bear to look at them.


"Fuck, she looks even better than I thought," said Josh, coming closer to the bound woman. "Shit, look at those tits."

"You horny fucker," Zola observed. "You just wanna fuck everything with tits."

She stood, hands on hips, observing Dorothy as she hung, twisting slowly on the ropes.

"Let me down, Martin, or you'll regret it!" Dorothy screamed, her anger struggling with her surging fear.

"You're right on this one," Zola said. "She does have a great pair of tits." To Dorothy's desperate horror she reached out and ran her hands over the crimson, whipped flesh. "Ohhhh, yuk, she's got cum on her tits, and on the rest of her, too, look at that, practically in her pussy hair."

"Ohhh, let me," said Kathy and she came through the other three and stood in front of her mother. "Hi, Mommy Dearest. You ready for all the fun?"

"When I get you home," Dorothy yelled, "I'm going to..."

With a terrible grin, Kathy bent down and licked the cum on her tits.

"Stop that!" Dorothy yelled. "Stop that! I'm your mother, stop that!"

But Kathy didn't listen. Her hot little tongue flicked over Dorothy's beaten nipples and ran around the sore flesh of her tits, seeking more of the white cum. She slowly slid to her knees, licking and caressing all the way until she was kneeling and cleaning the cum off Dorothy's stomach.

"Stop that, stop it, please!" Dorothy screamed, tossing and heaving on the ropes. Her breath rasped at the desperate depravity she was being forced to endure. Her own daughter, licking up the cum of the man who had beaten her so cruelly. As Kathy slid even lower, Dorothy thought she was going to pass out. Kathy's lascivious lips slid down her flat stomach until she was licking at the top of her curly blonde pussy mound.

Dorothy knew that if she kicked out at Kathy she would be in even more trouble than she was, but this was more than she could endure. Kathy's mouth was slipping further, into the mound of her cunt hair, slipping, wetting the blonde hair as she went until she was poised, her lips at the very top of Dorothy's cunt itself. "Stop it!" Dorothy screamed and broke, lashing her feet out at her daughter.

Kathy almost fell back, but regained her balance and turned to Martin. "She almost hit me, and I don't think that was very nice."

Martin grinned. "I think you're right. So you just get on with a bit more and we'll make sure she doesn't do that again."

Dorothy could her the menace in his voice. She saw that his cock was as stiff as it had ever been, sticking out from his loins like a massive steel shaft. She felt sick to look at, and she knew he was going to torture her with it more that night.

"Come on Josh," he said. "We'll have to tie her feet down."

"No, no, stop it!" Dorothy yelled. She twisted on the ropes, trying to see what they were doing, but the pain in her wrists stopped her. And Kathy was back, licking at the last of the cum that had run into her pussy hair. "Oh please, Kathy, stop that, please, maybe I haven't been very good to you, I'm sorry, I'll change when we get back home, honestly I will."

Kathy looked up at her and grinned. "All you wanna do is get me home and then beat the shit outa me. Well, it's my turn now, and I'm gonna get back at you for all the things you did to me. All those boys you wouldn't let me go on a date with, all the times you made me stay in my room for the whole weekend 'cause you thought I'd gone too far with a boy. Well, guess what? I did, and now I'm gonna go much too far with everybody here and you'll have to watch me. And, you'll have some of the fun, too, you nasty shit..."

To Dorothy's despair, Kathy slid her finger into her cunt, sliding it around as she licked at the very top of her mother's cunt slit.

"No, stop!" Dorothy moaned, but Kathy just laughed and rammed another finger into her pussy hole.

"Nothing's been up this in years, has it, Mommy," Kathy taunted her. "Well, that's all over, you're gonna get lots of things up it. And they won't all be cocks, either!"

Then Dorothy felt her legs being pried apart. She struggled, for with each pull on her ankles, Kathy's tongue slid deeper into her cunt. Martin had one of her legs and Josh the other, and she was helpless. Kathy's depraved little mouth worked over her pussy lips and then slowly ran down to her pussy.

All her weight was now on her arms, and she groaned with the added pain. Kathy's tongue flicked over her clit and a stab of something she didn't understand shot out over Dorothy. Nobody had touched her there in so long she didn't know what was going on.

But that wasn't her worst concern. Martin and Josh lashed her legs to leather thongs on a long wooden beam. Now she was held utterly helpless, her legs painfully pulled open, her pussy exposed for all of them, and particularly for Kathy. As Dorothy moaned, her arms feeling as if they would break, Kathy slid her mouth deeper, covering the open crack of her mother's pussy.

"Oh no, stop!" Dorothy moaned, but Kathy just giggled and licked over the red flesh, her tongue flicking wickedly over Dorothy's helpless clit.

With a jerk, the rope was lowered slightly, until the bar touched the floor and some of the weight came off Dorothy's arms. It was a small relief and Dorothy hardly noticed it. Her body tossed desperately as Kathy licked over her trembling clit and the first messages of lust in sixteen years sprang out of the sensitive flesh.

Dorothy groaned sad heaved up on the ropes, almost dragging the bar off the floor.

"Stop that," she begged and, to her utter surprise, Kathy leaned back.

"Okay, Mommy," she said, "I'll stop that." With another terrible giggle, she leaped to her feet and slipped her high heels back on. "Don't you think I look great, Mommy? I've got a great body, that's why so many people want to fuck it. Did you ever have a cock in every hole, Mommy? I bet you didn't, but don't worry, I'm sure you will soon."

With a flounce of her hips, she swung away and left Dorothy facing Martin and Josh, both of them with their cocks hard and ready to rape her.

"Well, which way you want her?" asked Martin.

"Oh, I can wait," Josh said. "Let Kathy have her fun while you fuck her. Then I'll have her ass, that's a great ass. Then we have to punish Kathy, if you remember, and that should get us ready for more. Fuck, it's gonna be a great night."

"Come on, you shit," Zola said. "It's time I had some cock up me, you can watch as well." She slid her legs on either side of her husband's rampant fucker and rammed it into her throbbing pussy. "Ohhhh, that's better. I was gonna fuck a table leg in a minute, I was so horny."

"Don't bring me off," Josh warned, his hands playing with her tits. "If you do, you have to get my prick hard again, I got some..."

"I know, you wanna fuck her ass," said Zola. "Fine, but I get mine first, you asshole."

"I am not an asshole," Josh said.

Zola was ramming her cunt over his cock and almost pulling it out at the roots with each of her massive heaves. He gave up trying to talk and just held in place, thrusting his cock into her, waiting for her orgasm to burst. Zola rode him, her lovely tits bouncing inside the flimsy covering of her playsuit. She slipped the knots and it opened, allowing him to get his hands in and play with her tit mounds as they fucked.

Dorothy stared at them. Never had people fucked in front of her before. It was obscene, all that jerking around, the moans and gasps of lust. No wonder she hated it as much as she did. But suddenly she had something more than that to worry about. Martin was standing close to her and Kathy came up, the plaited whip in her hand.

"Well hi again, Mommy," the depraved girl said. "You know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna whip your ass while Martin fucks you. And I wanna fuck Martin, so I'm gonna whip you extra hard for fucking him instead. Got that?"

"Oh no," Dorothy whispered. She looked at Martin's cock and knew she would break apart if he shoved that terrible thing in her. It seemed to have swelled even more since it shot all over her body.

Kathy stepped behind Dorothy, and Dorothy craned her neck to see what her daughter was doing. She could just see Kathy, her blonde hair swaying as she lined the whip up on her mother's helpless ass.

"Feel that, Mommy," Kathy said as she slowly drew the leather across Dorothy's ass cheeks. "Now don't that feel good?"

"Well, hello, darling," Martin whispered as he came up to Dorothy. "I was going to let Kathy whip you until you begged me to fuck you, but I can't be bothered with all that. I wanna fuck you too bad. It's a crime, your keeping that body away from us all these years, but we'll deal with that now."

He took hold of the rope above her head and leaned back, his cock just playing at the entrance of her pussy. "Okay, Kathy, go ahead, have a good time."

"No, no!" Dorothy begged, her body tense with fear. "Oh no, please, aaagghhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! No, no, no!"

Her body heaved as the whip lashed across her ass cheeks, leaving a thin line of pain. She tried to turn her head, but all she saw was Kathy's hand flashing down again and more agony burst out of her ass.

"Stop it!" Dorothy screamed at the top of her lungs, but another vicious whipping sent her struggling on the ropes, shrieking in agony.

"Hey, Kathy, you're getting good at that," Martin said approvingly.

"Oh, this one's easy. I been waiting a long time for this." Her arm sang through the air and Dorothy leaped helplessly in growing pain and terror.

As the next slashing blow landed, Dorothy heaved up on the ropes, and Martin's cock was waiting for her as she came down.

"Ohhhh no," she moaned, the massive head of the invading cock just penetrating her pussy lips. Her cunt trembled at the threat, the walls twitching. The whip lashed her ass and she heaved up again. She couldn't help it, no more than she could help the scream that burst out of her lips. As she lunged, the terrible cock sank another inch into her pussy. Dorothy screamed, trying to pull herself off the rampant prick, but in vain.

Martin laughed and let go of the rope with one hand. "Now come on darling, it's time for us to have some real fun. I've always wanted to do this to you, you're such a stuck-up little bitch."

His hand ran over Dorothy's thrusting tits, tweaking the sore nipples, getting another moan of pain from the bound woman.

Kathy whipped Dorothy again, hard, the leather bending as it bit into the soft flesh of Dorothy's ass. Dorothy screamed and sobbed. Her whole ass was in flames, burning with the most terrible agony as her cunt stretched to the force of Martin's invading fuck rod.

"Stop!" Dorothy begged, but neither of them took any notice. The whip cut her ass and she heaved up helplessly, coming down on the rock-hard fucker, fooling it ram deeper into her soft cunt. She had forgotten what it was like to have a man force that awful cock of his into her pussy. It was like being impaled on a stake. Her cunt walls were forced out, stretching until they screamed in pain. The massive fuck pole forced its way in until Dorothy was sure she would be split in half by it. Her tiny fuck channel couldn't take such a huge thing.

"One more big one, Kathy!" Martin shouted. The whip crashed into Dorothy's beaten ass with a fury that sent Dorothy tossing against the ropes and making the pulleys rattle again. Her helpless cunt lunged upward and then crashed down. With a terrible scream of agony, Dorothy took Martin's swollen cock in her delicate little cunt, right to the hilt.

"Aaaaghhh! Ohhhh no!" Dorothy shrieked as the fuck pole stuck deep in her guts. Her pussy was bursting with the force of the rampant fucker as the whip landed on her ass and she lunged up and fell helplessly down again. She was doing all the work, her body ramming around to the force of the whip her daughter used so viciously on her ass. She stared into Martin's mocking eyes as he stayed where he was, his cock right to the top of her pussy, his hands running over her tits and holding onto the rope above her head.

"Please stop, Martin!" Dorothy begged him. "Just let me go home, please, you can keep Kathy, she's a -- eeeeekkkk! Oh stop her, stop her!"

Martin grinned and leaned in and kissed her right on the mouth. "My little darling, I wanna give you all the fun in the world. I can't let you go home now, we have so much more to do. And ohhhh, you've got the sweetest little cunt, its so slippery and tight. No wonder all those men wanted to get into it. That's right, fuck me, baby, fuck me."

His cock swelled to an even greater size and he reamed it into Dorothy harder. He growled with lust as Dorothy's tight little cunt fucked up and down on his rod like a piston, driven by the agony of the whip. His cock grew another inch and Dorothy moaned at the awful rod filling her guts.

Dorothy was going out of her mind. The whip had reduced her ass to a sea of beaten flesh. Her whole body heaved in pain, but there was something else with it. The beat of the cock in her cunt was driving strange, hard pangs of lust into her, and Dorothy couldn't handle that. She hated men, hated everything about them, and yet Martin's rock-hard fucker sent daggers of a terrible lust right up as far as her throat. She gasped and heaved in awful agony. Her pussy walls spasmed as the whip landed and Martin's cock rammed up and down, forcing her cunt walls outward until they clutched shamelessly at the invading rod.

"Ohhhh yeahhhh!" Martin roared as Dorothy's cunt wrapped around his cock, sucking at it in a sudden frenzy of lust. "Fuck me, bitch, come on, fuck me, you stuck up little whore, fuck me."

His hips beat up and down, forcing Dorothy's body off the pound with each massive upward heave she made. The bar holding her feet bounced and swung on the carpet as the force of the whip, and the fucking she was getting, rolled Dorothy helplessly around.

"Yeahhhh, go for it, Mommy!" Kathy screamed, her voice rising with excitement. As she swung the whip, she slipped her fingers over her throbbing pussy, working herself up into her own arm. She laughed, throwing her head back as she whipped Dorothy faster and faster, the thin leather blurring in the air before it crashed into Dorothy's ass cheeks, getting another scream of agony at each beat.

"Ohhhh yeahhhhh!" Zola yelped. Her cunt throbbed with the ramming pulse of Josh's cock. She lunged up and down, her fingers playing with her pussy and sinking into her cunt to add to the pressure of his rampant prick. "Ohhhh, fuck, I'm coming, I'm gonna bust my pussy, ohhhh, yeahhhh! Come on, Kathy, see if you can make her come. Come on, whip the shit outa her, come on!"

Zola sank down, her pussy swallowing Josh's fuck rod.

Kathy did her best with the whip. It lashed across Dorothy's ass cheeks in growing fury as Martin's cock shot up and down, his balls heaving as the fresh load of cum surged around, ready to burst out and flood Dorothy's cunt.

"Come on, Mommy!" Kathy taunted. "Come on, let's see what a real little shit you are, show us how you come, yeahhhh!" Her arm flashed up and down and Dorothy's beaten body tossed in frantic gyrations, her mind going out of control.

There was a sea of agony coursing all over Dorothy's body, hut that wasn't all. The heave of Martin's cock in her cunt had inflamed passions she had forgotten for years. The throbbing fuck mass of male flesh was sending her out of her mind as it filled her pussy and beat at the entrance to her womb. Her ass beat up and down to the surge of her pass oils, no longer to the whip. Her crimson cheeks tightened and thrust up as the whip came down, and her pussy spasmed around the invading fuck rod until the cum boiled over and started churning out of Martin's balls.

"Oooohhh, fuuuucckkk!" he bellowed. "Whip harder, Kathy, I'm gonna come, I'm gonna shoot my load in this bitch, ohhh fuck, I've wanted to do this for so long?" He leaned back, heaving Dorothy's body off the carpet again with the force of his fucking.

"Yeahhh, go on, whip her harder!" Zola yelled as her own pussy tightened on Josh's cock. She rammed down, feeling the cock twitch and heave in her guts. Josh was ready to shoot again too.

Kathy lashed her mother until sweat ran down her body, small rivulets of it running between her tits. Her fingers tightened on her pussy, rolling her hard clit between her soft pussy lips, driving herself into a frenzy of lust. All her fury at her treatment over the years came out as she lashed the leather whip into Dorothy's helpless ass.

Dorothy wept and gritted her teeth. She couldn't allow herself to do anything as disgusting as have an orgasm under this sort of treatment. Only the most tender lover would get anything like that from her.

As if to reinforce her decision, Martin roared with lust as his cock jetted the first of his cum, high in her helpless pussy.

"Ohhhh, yeahhh!" he yelled. "Ohhhh, what a cunt, what a motherfuckin' cunt. Ohhhh shit, ohhhhh!"

He leaned back even farther as the spurts of jism splattered over the walls of Dorothy's spasming cunt. With each powerful heave, more of the white hat jism plastered her pussy walls, spreading and squeezing down her cunt passage as Martin went berserk, his cock shooting endless ropes of fuck juice into her fuck channel.

Martin wasn't the only one coming. Both Zola and Josh heaved in mutual lust as Josh's cock shot up into his wife's cunt. She screamed as she watched Kathy, her arm flashing as she whipped Dorothy, her fingers playing with her wide open pussy.

"I'm bursting, I'm gonna break open!" Zola screamed in delight as hot white cum ran over her thighs and her pussy tightened even further, forcing every drop of fuck juice it could take from Josh's spurting fuck rod.

"Take it, take it, bitch!" Martin shouted. "Take my prick, take it!" He moaned as his cock spurted the last of his cum and he slowed, using Dorothy's helpless body to drain the last of his fucker until it was softening and he breathed more easily.

It wasn't like that for Dorothy. Her breath was ragged as she moaned and screamed with the last of Martin's hard fucking. Kathy lashed her ass faster and faster as the young girl worked her fingers over her own tight little pussy and made herself come.

"Go on, Kathy, have a good time!" shouted Martin.

Kathy didn't have to be asked twice. Her arm beat up and down as she brought herself, her fingers spasming over her clit and digging deep into her pussy. Dorothy screamed and begged as the terrible whip cut deeper marks of pain into her ass, but she had to hang there and take it all until Kathy moaned and gave Dorothy three last great lashings before dropping the whip and almost falling into a chair, still slowly rubbing her hot pussy.

"Ohhhh shit, that was great," she moaned. "That was fuckin' great!"

Martin laughed and slid his cock out of Dorothy's cunt. "You did great! It's almost as great watching you do it as it is watching your ass dance when I do it to you."

Kathy grinned and licked her finger, slick with her pussy juices. "Yeahhhh! And I got that coming next, or I'm gonna die, just die!"

On the sofa Josh and Zola slowly came to a stop. Both of them gasped, their eyes glazed with satisfaction.

"Fuck," said Josh, "it ain't been that good for ages."

"Mmmmmnnn," Zola purred. "We gotta do that again. But I suppose you gotta fuck that cunt's ass before I get it again. Well, she sucks the cum outa my cunt while you do it."

"You got it," Josh said with a grin. "Not fair!" yelled Kathy, her fingers rolling in her pussy. "You got to whip me first, you promised."

Dorothy hung on the ropes, her body heaving with the lingering pain and the lust that had started in her. She closed her eyes and tried to pretend it was all a dream. She would wake up soon and there wouldn't be cum running down her thighs and her tits, and ass wouldn't have all those whip marks on them. But it wasn't to be that way. Martin lifted her chin with his fingers.

"Open your eyes," he said.

Too frightened to disobey, Dorothy looked at him.

"It seems that Kathy won the argument," he said. "So you get a rest. You want me to let you down for it? Take the weight off your arms, my dear?"

Dorothy was dazed, but she had enough sense to nod. "Yes... please."


Martin and Josh took Dorothy down from the ropes. As the weight came off her arms, she groaned and nothing could stop her from falling to the floor as they let go of her. She lay on the thick rug, weeping, not daring to accuse either of them again. She knew what would happen to her if she did. They undid, her ankles, too, and Dorothy thought they would just leave her, but she was far too optimistic.

"Get the horse," Martin said to Kathy and Zola.

"Oh no," Dorothy whispered. She looked up and saw that Zola was bringing over a waist high padded apparatus that looked like a gymnasium horse. However, it had several features that gave it a real air of menace. For a start, the legs all had leather bindings attached to them.

"Get the metal one," Martin said, and Dorothy gasped in horror as Kathy produced a massive metal cock from a sliding drawer in the base of the horse.

Kathy screwed it into a hole in the leather top of the horse. The base of the cock had a spring in it, and that not only compressed quite a lot, it also bobbled around when Kathy fucked the top of the dildo.

"How about that, Mom?" she said with a wicked grin. "Your own cock, just for you."

"Oh, let me go," Dorothy whispered. She struggled, but Josh held her tightly.

Martin stepped in and whispered: "If you get on the horse yourself, you won't get into any more trouble."

Her legs trembling, her breath almost choked with fear, Dorothy walked over to the horse. Close up, the dildo looked even bigger and more menacing. It was over nine inches of polished steel, curving like an erect prick, with a massive, bulbous cockhead.

Moaning softly, Dorothy slowly slid one shapely leg over the horse. She sat astride it, begging with her eyes for them to let her go.

"Stick it up your cunt," Martin said.

Dorothy's mouth was dry as she raised herself high enough to get the huge metal cockhead at the entrance to her cunt. It was fortunate that she still had so much cum running in her fuck channel. Otherwise she wouldn't have been lubricated for the monster. Biting her lip, Dorothy worked the round cockhead between her pussy lips and rubbed it gently over her clit, feeling strange bursts of pleasure shooting out from her clit.

She sobbed and tried to lower herself onto the dildo. The metal was warm, but to her it was a cold impaling monster, as the huge cockhead worked its way just inside her pussy. She gasped, looking at them all as they crowded around, watching her terrible agony.

She lowered herself a little more and the dildo slid farther, riding in on the jism running over her cunt walls. The pain started as the massive prick slid in farther, spreading her cunt walls until sparks of agony burst from the muscles that had been unused for so long.

"Ohhhhh!" Dorothy sobbed as half the metal cock worked inside her cunt. "Ohhhh, not all of it, please, not ail of it!"

Martin picked up the whip and Dorothy gasped.

"All right, don't beat me, don't, I'll do it, honest I will." She rammed her cunt down, taking almost all of the cock in one go. She rolled on the horse and the cock rammed its dreadful way right to the top of her cunt.

"Good," said Martin. "Now bend forward. Face down."

Dorothy moaned. As she bent her body, lowering her tits to the smooth leather surface, the cock strained at her cunt walls, rubbing over the thin flesh. More sudden surges of desire flashed out.

She sobbed as they grabbed her ankles and lashed them to the spreading legs of the horse. She pleaded as Kathy and Martin took her wrists and pulled her arms down, holding them against the wooden horse legs until they could lash them firmly in place. Dorothy was utterly helpless once more. She was spread out, her body held at the wrists and ankles, her face resting on the very edge of the horse, her ass sticking over the other end. She sobbed and tried to push her tears off on the padded leather surface she was bound to, but it didn't help.

"Now," said Martin. "Kathy was a very naughty little girl, she bit Josh's cock. So she has to be punished. Unlike you she won't have to be tied down, because she knows how to behave when she's been naughty. You might like to learn something from this."

"Because of you," Zola said, "I've only got my rocks off a couple of times tonight. You're gonna pay for that."

"It wasn't my fault," sobbed Dorothy already terrified by what Zola might do to her.

"Who gives a shit." Zola said, and walked off.

The massive cock in her cunt rubbed against her sensitive walls at every movement, so Dorothy tried her best to stay still, but it was difficult. Not only that, the cock inflamed her cunt, making her want to move, to rub up and down on it, giving herself the kind of pleasure she had denied herself for so long. But Dorothy shut the idea off as firmly as she could.

"Now, little girl," said Josh, running a thin birch whip through his hands. "You were very bad."

"Ohhhhh, yes, sir," said Kathy. She stood, unashamedly running her fingers over her wet cunt, staring at the whip with undisguised lust. "And I sucked you off, sir, when I wasn't supposed to. That was bad, too."

Josh grinned. His cock was stiffening, growing to its thick hard length as he watched Kathy play with herself. "That's good. I would have been very angry if you hadn't reminded me."

"Ohhhh, I wouldn't forget that, sir," said Kathy, her fingers tightening over her spasming clit. She gurgled with lust, her eyes glued to the thin whip.

"Bend over the sofa," said Josh.

Gasping and moaning, Kathy slowly slid over the padded back of the sofa. She spread her legs, rubbing her pussy all the time, bending down until her face rested on the sofa pillows. Deep guttural sounds came from her throat as she looked up at Josh.

"Oh, please, sir, could I nib my pussy while you whip me?"

Josh grinned. "You won't get any less for it."

"Oh no, sir, no, of course not." Kathy gasped. "And please, could I suck Martin's cock, or Zola if she'd like? Ohhhhh, please, sir. Please."

Dorothy stiffened in disgust. The fact that her daughter was such a little slut was more than she could accept. She would make her sorry she was born when she got hold of her. The very thought sent Dorothy thrashing on the horse while the huge dildo reamed out her pussy, making her gasp with the sudden, surging lust. She gasped and laid her head on the leather, trying to hold still.

"Well," she heard Josh say. "I'm afraid Zola is going to be busy sucking my cock as I whip you. But I'm sure Martin would love to have his taken care of."

He walked behind Kathy and she gasped with joy, thrusting her ass up for him.

"Listen, cock face," said Zola as she knelt at her husband's feet. "I ain't got my share tonight. And I'm gonna get it."

"Sure," said Josh with an easy grin. "You can have what you like from Dorothy as soon as you're finished."

"Listen, fucker," said Zola. "I want cock too, and you'd better be ready to give me some." She sank her mouth round Josh's rampant fucker, sucking at the stiff flesh, her hand working over his balls.

"What do you think, you little shit," said Josh, his hand running through his wife's dark hair. "Tell me when I let you down."

Dorothy couldn't believe, even after all that had happened, that Zola would demand sex from her. One woman from another? The idea was disgusting, just as disgusting as sex with a man. She kept as still as she could and watched as Martin came around to Kathy's face and lifted her head by handfuls of her long, blonde hair.

Dorothy sobbed to see her daughter respond as she did. Kathy's mouth positively drooled as she worked her lips around the stiff shaft of Martin's cock. Murmuring and heaving with lust, Kathy worked her mouth down the stiff fuck pole until she had more than half of it in her mouth. Her hands worked over the rest of it, but not to block it. She wanted all the stiff prick, and she was going to get it.

Josh lined the whip up and slid it gently over Kathy's heaving ass. Great moans of desire came from the teenager as the slim fuck rod just touched her creamy ass flesh. Her tits rubbed in the cushions as she waited in terrible expectancy for the beating.

Josh raised the whip and Dorothy found herself staring at it with fascination. It trembled in the air and then flashed down.

Kathy's ass heaved on the sofa and a muffled gurgle of lust came out from around Martin's hard fucker. A thin red line formed across Kathy's ass as she bucked and heaved, waiting for more.

It came immediately. Josh lashed the cane savagely across her ass and she jumped, her body leaping off the sofa and back down. Strangled gurgles and screams of delight echoed around the playroom.

"Ohhhh yessss!" she yelled. "Ohhh whip me, whip me aaaaghhhhh! Ohhhh! Do it! Do it! Whip me, whip me hard, please, oh please!"

Her mouth sank back over Martin's cock and Dorothy heaved around on the horse, utterly beside herself with shame for her daughter.

Martin rammed his cock into Kathy's throat as the young girl thrust at him, trying to take all of his prick into her mouth. Because of the angle of her face to his cock, she couldn't take all of it, but she tried, ramming her head down on the cock everytime the whip lashed across her ass.

"Ohhh shit!" Martin yelled. "If you don't hurry up, she's gonna bring me off again! Then we'll have to get up again for the bitch on the horse. Ohhh shit, this cunt's incredible. You're incredible, you little shit!"

Screaming at every beat of the whip, Kathy pulled her head back off Martin's thick fuckrod for a moment. "I just can't get enough cock, sir, I'm aaagghhhh! Ohhh yessss! I'm sorry, sir, please let me have enough cock, please."

Her mouth gurgled as she screamed again and deep-throated him as far as she could. As the whip blurred into her ass again, she slid her mouth back up his cock, licking it every inch of the way.

"I'll try not to make you come, sir, but I uuurrgghh! Ohhhhh I don't know if I can stop myself. I'll get you hard again, sir, honest I will."

"Fuuuuckkkk," he said. "I'll get hard again, don't you worry."

Kathy's fingers ran frantically over her clit and dived into the throbbing pit of her pussy. Finger-fucking herself and pinching her clit, she went into a rolling, endless orgasm that made Dorothy sick to look at.

"Ohhhh, shit!" Josh gasped. His hand beat Kathy's ass while Zola sucked his thick cock into her wide open throat. She was finger-fucking herself, too, her fingers deep in her hot wet cunt, her thumb running over her straining clit. In a rising tide of lust, Josh whipped Kathy's ass until it was red all over.

As Dorothy stared at her daughter, her disgust turned into a strange, rising desire. Watching as Kathy sank Martin's cock into her throat and Zola did the same for Josh, Dorothy found herself ramming her cunt down on the metal cock, helplessly working it deeper into her cunt. She was glad none of them were watching her. It would be so shameful to have them see, but she couldn't help it.

"Ohhhh no," Martin gasped. He held Kathy by her hair, ramming his cock high into her mouth. "I'm gonna come, bitch, I'm gonna shoot in your hot little mouth again. So suck it all, let me know just know just how much you went cock, just how much."

There wasn't much doubt about the way Kathy wanted cock. Her groans and heaves drove her deeper onto the invading prick. Her legs trembled with each beat of the whip, but she made no attempt to get away from it, just heaved her ass higher for it all the time. Her fingers rubbed her pussy until they blurred, and she screamed with the vast, thunderous releases of her climax.

Zola ran Josh's cock into her mouth and then pulled back, playing with it, rubbing the hard cockshaft, looking up at him. "You know where this gets to shoot, don't you? I know somebody who needs it more than I do."

She glanced across at Dorothy before Dorothy could stop her helpless dildo-fucking on the horse.

"Well, lookee, here," Zola said with mock surprise. "Little-Miss-I-haven't-been-fucked-in-sixteen-years, is going out of her tree."

Without pausing in his whipping, Josh glanced across at Dorothy. Moaning in shame, Dorothy buried her face in the leather, but she couldn't stop her ass beating slowly down on the dildo. For endless moments she held as still as she could, listening to Kathy's screams and gurgles and Martin's roarings as his cock swelled and got ready to explode in Kathy's mouth.

"Well, fuck me with a banana," said Josh. "She's gonna fuck herself to a cum. I think we should help her, don't you, darling?"

"Ohhh yes," said Zola. "Just get this little whore taken care of and we must."

Dorothy didn't know what they meant, but she knew it would be humiliating, if not downright painful. She sobbed and pressed down into the horse, but she couldn't stop her pussy as it demanded to be rubbed up and down on the metal cock.

"Yeahhhhh, ohhhh fuckkkkk!" Martin bellowed.

His cock rammed into Kathy's wide-open mouth, and the cum beat down his shaft, roaring into her throat. Kathy lunged down on the spurting fuck rod, sucking the first hot shots of fuck juice to roll down her throat, but, after that, she wanted to taste it before she let it down into her stomach.

She pulled her mouth back up his shaft, her ass circling for the whip, her fingers still rubbing deep into her demanding cunt. She held his fuck rod to her lips, letting the thick cum rim over them, shooting into her mouth, running over her tongue. "Ohhhh, shoot in my mouth. Ohhhh, yeahhhh, ohhh whip me, shoot in my mouth, whip me, aahhhh!"

As she moaned and gurgled, cum running over her lips and into her wide open mouth, Josh lashed her with a series of vicious, hard strokes, driving the teenager into her final leaping climaxes.

Kathy sucked the spurting cock, her lips closed around the head, trapping all the cum inside as the last strokes of the whip landed on her red-lined ass. Sucking the jism, she abandoned her pussy-rubbing and put both her hands on Martin's cock, holding it as she sucked the last drops of white cum from his piss slit. Still she wasn't really done. As the whipping stopped, she still licked the oozing fuck rod, sucking it, giving Martin the first stirrings of a new hard-on.

Josh and Zola weren't done. Leaving Kathy and Martin in their contented huddle, they came over to Dorothy as she rolled on the horse and moaned in shame.

"Well, look at that," said Zola. "Fucking herself on a dildo. Christ, she must be horny. Give me the whip."

"Ohhhh no, please, don't do anymore to me, please," Dorothy moaned, but she knew they wouldn't listen. Zola took the thin birch and went behind her.

The agony burst out other ass. The thin birch was just as painful as the plaited whip, but the pain was different. Perhaps it was just that she was so hot already, but to her utter mortification, Dorothy found herself thrusting up, almost as Kathy had done for the whip. She wept and pleaded, but the dreadful cane lashed her sore ass cheeks, digging deeper lines of agony into them, sending her gyrating on the horse.

With every lash, his cock rammed deeper into her pussy, and that was doing even more to send her into paroxysms of horrible lust. Dorothy didn't understand it. How could she feel like this? So depraved, so disgusting?

Then Josh grabbed her head. "Suck it," he said, and Dorothy was staring at his rampant cock, inches from her mouth. Horror overwhelmed her. She couldn't let that happen, she just couldn't. She couldn't let a cock into her mouth. "Zola is going to whip you until you suck me off, so the sooner you get on with it, the better it will be for you."

The agony burst out of her ass cheeks as the thick metal cock rammed deep into her cunt. Lust surged up in her, driving everything else away. The cane lashed deep into her flesh, sending growing explosions of desire from the agony to mix with the rising climaxes surging out of her pussy.

Dorothy gasped as she realized that was true. No man fucking her had ever taken her near to an orgasm, and now she was going to come and she couldn't control herself. That was it. It wasn't her fault. They had cheated on her somehow. Beaten her to orgasm, so she wasn't responsible for what she did. It was all right if she wasn't responsible. She stared at Josh's cock and, for a split second, she knew why Kathy had drooled at the sight of it. That thick male cock flesh, dominating her, raping her mouth, demanding to shoot all that cum into her. It was too much.

The whip cut another line into Dorothy's ass flesh, and without knowing it, her mouth sank onto the rampant cock flesh. It was as warm and as hard as it had looked. Dorothy's orgasm burst out of her ass and pussy the second she let it in. Her mouth spasmed around the stiff cock. Her tongue flicked over the hard surface as she sank the cockhead as far into her mouth as it would go, feeling her throat muscles begin to open and heave around it. The cut of the cane drove her out of her mind as the ramming cock in her pussy slammed her walls apart, sending her into a soaring heaven of lust.

Her screams muffled around his cock as Josh held her head and fucked her face his cum surging in his balls. "Suck it, bitch, suck a cock and feel all that fuck juice. All for you, shit face, all for you."

Zola whipped Dorothy harder and faster as she saw the once stuck-up bitch sinking her husband's cock right into her throat. "I'm gonna get you, cunt, you wait."

Dorothy didn't hear. Her climaxes burst over her like a tidal wave and her mouth damped over Josh's cock, sucking it to the hilt. She didn't care any longer that her ass thrust up for the whip, or that her whole body spasmed with dreadful lust everytime the whip landed. The giant cock slammed into her cunt and her mouth sucked at the cock, beating it deep into her throat.

"I'm gonna shoot, bitch!" Josh shouted. "I'm gonna shoot it all!"

Dorothy gasped and swallowed as the hot salty cum splashed into her throat. She didn't know what to do with it, didn't even know if it was safe to swallow. Then she remembered Kathy taking it all down, and she let the first ropes of it drain down her throat. After that she lost all sense of time. Her climaxes rolled over her helplessly-bound body. Her cunt slammed down on the cock with every beat of the whip and then her ass thrust up for the next one. Cum rolled around her mouth, filling her cheeks as Josh held her head, bellowing with lust as he shot his load. On and on it went, until Dorothy was sure she had swallowed a gallon of jism, and the taste of it stuck to her tongue. It wasn't so bad, in fact it was wonderful, that thick, gooey taste, spurting out of a man's cock.

A last heave and her orgasm was fading. Josh signaled to Zola and she stopped whipping Dorothy. For almost a minute more Dorothy murmured and sucked gently at Josh's cock, feeling it slowly soften in her mouth. He let her do it, murmuring with pleasure.

Then Dorothy's world of satisfaction was blasted apart.

"Well, Mom," said Kathy. "You're a whore, like me. Admit it."

Josh pulled his cock away and Kathy stood there, her hands on her hips, looking at her mother with vast amusement.


"Well," said Kathy, "how about that, Mom?" She stood at the side of the horse, chuckling at Dorothy's desperate tears. "You really had a good one, didn't you?"

"Oh, no, no!" Dorothy sobbed. "It was horrible, it was horrible, let me go, please, let me go!"

She heaved on the horse and forgot that the metal dildo would ram up her cunt. She stiffened, and gasped as the huge cock thrust deep into her pussy channel, setting off another spasm of pleasure.

"Fuck me," Martin said. "She comes like a whore and then wants to go home. I dunno. What do you wanna do next, gang?"

"Bang!" screamed Zola, and they all rolled in delight.

"Come on," Martin said. "Let's get our little cunt off that cock or she'll come again."

Dorothy moaned and begged as they undid their bonds and lifted her off the huge cock. They dropped her to the floor.

"I want some action," Zola demanded. "I've been doing things for all you shits and now I get it. I wanna get sucked and fucked, and I don't care which way."

"You know what I think," Martin said as he watched Zola fingering her clit. "I think our new friend here would love to learn how to suck pussy, wouldn't she?"

"Oooo yeahhhh!" Kathy yelled. "Teach her to suck cunt, Martin, teach her."

She climbed up on the horse and wantonly sank the huge metal cock into her pussy, sliding it the whole way in one go. She rode up and down on the cock.

"No!" Dorothy screamed. "I won't do that, it's filthy, it's disgusting, I won't do it!"

She curled into a tighter ball, almost passing out at the thought of being made to suck another woman's cunt.

"Oh, come on, Mom," said Kathy mockingly, "you won't die, you'll just get your wonderful face all wet." She rocked with laughter as the metal cock fucked deep into her cunt hole. She thrust herself up on the horse until the head of the cock was just at her pussy lips, and then sank down the whole ten inches with a sigh of utter lust.

"Leave me alone!" Dorothy yelled as Martin and Josh grabbed her arms. "Let me go, I won't do it, I won't, no matter how hard you beat me, I won't, I won't!"

"Er... yeah, on there, on her back," Zola said finally.

"Let me go you brutes, you perverts, you bastards!"

Dorothy screamed as she was carried to a low padded bench. They flung her across it, her head hanging over one end.

"I'll get you. I'll make you pay for this!" Dorothy screamed. "You can't get away with it. This is rape, this is illegal!"

"What's it feel like to be illegal?" Martin asked Josh as they took Dorothy's arms and forced them over her head and down. Then they lashed them to loops in the legs of the bench. Zola sat on Dorothy's stomach as Martin tossed her a thick leather belt, which she ran over Dorothy's belly, under the table and then buckled very tightly.

"Stop it!" Dorothy yelled helplessly. She could see Kathy fucking the metal dildo, faster and faster as the little nymph got close to coming again.

Then Martin took a swinging metal bar that hung from the ceiling and eased it over Dorothy's struggling body.

"Gimme a hand," he said, and took Dorothy's left leg.

"What're you doing?" Dorothy shrieked in horror. "Leave me alone, leave me, ohhhh no!" Martin took her leg and pushed it up until he could lash her ankle to the bar. Josh took her other one and did the same, so that her legs were sticking straight up and tightly bound to the cold metal. Slowly Martin slid her ankles apart, working the bonds along the bar until Dorothy wept and moaned in pain.

"Oh, a bit more, I think," Martin said with a grin.

He shoved Dorothy's feet harder and pain rushed opt of her wide-spread pussy. Her legs were farther apart than they had ever been, and her helpless cunt was wide open, her clit showing from between the soft downy hair of her pussy lips. That alone was enough to make Dorothy weep in shame.

"Not bad for now," Martin said. "Well, Zola, how about it, you ready?"

"You bet," said Zola, advancing on Dorothy. But they were all interrupted by Kathy, as she came in a series of huge climaxes on the horse.

"Ooooohhhhh!" she screamed as her young cunt thrust up and down the hard length of the metal cock. "Oooooohhhhh, fuck, I'm coming, I'm coming, ohhhh, shit, I've been so bad, so bad, coming like this, oh, promise you'll make me pay for it, Martin, promise!"

Martin laughed. "Down!" he snapped, and instantly Kathy flattened herself on the hard cock, her ass waving as her climaxes burst over her. Martin seized the cane and lashed it across Kathy's thrusting ass cheeks.

"Aaaaghh! Oh thank you, sir, thank you!" Kathy screamed. "Oh, beat me harder, harder, I must have it, I must!"

Kathy closed her eyes and heaved her ass up until the cock almost slipped out of her pussy. The cane whipped another deep red line into her on checks and her scream echoed from the walls as she slammed down on the cock again.

"More, more," she begged, until Dorothy was sick with shame at her daughter.

Kathy's body heaved up and down on the cock until she suddenly gave one unearthly scream and collapsed, panting and sweating on the horse.

"Ohhhh thank you, sir!" she gasped. "Ohhhh, thank you, that was wonderful, ohhhh, that was wonderful!"

"Little whore," said Martin approvingly turning back to Dorothy. She could see that his cock was back to its full hardness. It stood out, and he slowly ran his hand up and down the shaft, surveying his bound prisoner. "Now, we teach this one to suck pussy. And then some more cock."

Zola slowly spread her thighs over Dorothy's face and opened the lips of her pussy. "Suck it, and suck it good."

Dorothy saw the wet cunt flesh only inches above her face. The strong smell of a woman in heat reached Dorothy's nose, and she thought she was going to be sick. Zola slid a finger into her cunt and slowly pulled it out. Then she worked it across Dorothy's face, just below her nose, so that the rank smell invaded her nostrils again.

"Suck it, bitch," Zola said softly. "Or your tits will know all about it, and after all, they've been punished enough tonight, I would think."

She pushed her finger at Dorothy's lips, but Dorothy clenched her teeth and it wouldn't go in. Zola chuckled and pulled her finger back. Martin leaned over Dorothy, the thin cane in his hands. "Can I just give you a word of advice? If you don't suck Zola's cunt just the way she likes, I'm gonna whip your tits. Only thing if, if I have to start whipping you, I ain't gonna stop until Zola comes. So make up your mind."

"Get lost!" she spat. "I'm not doing it." She heaved her body up and tried to turn over, but there was no way she could move more than a few inches.

"How silly," Martin said and stepped away.

Dorothy tensed herself, staring up at Zola. Dorothy couldn't help noticing that Zola really did have a wonderful figure. Her legs were long and slim, her ass swelled in the most seductive curves, her waist was the perfect hourglass, and her tits thrust proudly out from her ribcage. Zola smiled, her sensuous lips framing her white teeth as she ran her hands over her own tits, playing with them.

"Suck it," said Zola with a grin.

She reached out and held Dorothy's head by her hair. Then, slowly, Zola leaned down and her soft, rich lips came into contact with Dorothy's shivering mouth. Murmuring with pleasure, Zola kissed Dorothy, flicking her tongue out to try and get into Dorothy's mouth, but Dorothy wouldn't let her. Zola stood up again, running her hands over her hips as Dorothy tossed in anger and humiliation.

"You'll learn," Zola said softly. "You'll fuckin' learn."

"You-you pervert! Lesbian!" Dorothy spluttered. "I wouldn't suck your cunt if -- aaaghhh! Ohhhhh no! Ohhhhhh!"

The thin cane cut across her nipples, beating a line of agony deep into her flesh.

"Stop it, stop -- uuurggghh! You beasts, you beasts, aaaaghhhhh!"

Martin lashed the birch over her red, pulped tit flesh, beating the agony into her in long, hard strokes. She couldn't protect herself at all. Dorothy screamed constantly as Martin lashed her body, driving her out of her mind with pain.

She tried to pull the bonds loose. Kneeling at Martin's feet was Kathy, her wanton little mouth playing with his cock as he lashed the cane into her mother. Each betrayal made. Dorothy feel worse, and her tears flowed freely as she saw Kathy sink the hard cockmeat into her mouth until she licked her hot little tongue over Martin's throbbing balls.

"Ohhhh! I'll get you, I'll beat the shit out of you when I get you home!" Dorothy screeched at Kathy. "I'll make you sorry you -- aaaaggghhhh! Oh God, oh God!"

Zola stood above her, her legs wide open, her pussy lips slick with cunt juices. Zola fingerfucked herself and played with her tits.

"Come on, you stupid little cunt," she said. "You gotta suck it in the end. So suck it now!"

"No, no, I won't!" Dorothy screamed. "I -- uuuggghhhh! Oh save me, save me!"

"I'll save you if you suck my pussy," Zola said calmly. "But don't be too long about it. I'm gonna bring myself off soon, and then you'll have twice the work to do, and Martin won't stop whipping you until I say so. I like that, love to whip bitches."

"Ohhh no!" Dorothy gasped.

Her nipples stood out from her tit flesh like hard buttons. That was the worst thing about it. Everytime the cane landed right across her nipples, Dorothy felt a dreadful surge of lust. Martin did it again, lashing her with his perfect accuracy.

"Ohhh yeahhh," Martin said. "I know you, bitch, I know you."

He lashed the cane down, beating Dorothy's thrusting nipples into her tit flesh with the force of the blow. Dorothy's scream burst out, rang around the room, then rose to a strangled gurgle as the cane pulled away. Her nipples seemed to jump out of her tits and thrust at the ceiling.

"Ohhhhh, don't, don't, don't!" Dorothy begged. "Don't do it, don't!"

"Well, get on with sucking Zola's cunt," Martin said cheerfully, whipping the cane down into her soft tit mounds.

Dorothy stared up at Zola's wide-open cunt. She remembered the soft kiss, the feel of another woman's lips on hers. She saw the slick flesh of another woman's cunt, the downy hair around the swelling pussy lips. She watched as Zola slid her finger into her cunt and let it slide softly around.

Dorothy wanted to suck that cunt so badly! No, that wasn't true! she tried to convince herself. The whip was driving her into strange thoughts, that was all. She screamed and writhed on the table as the whip crashed into her helpless tit globes again.

"Suck it, or I'll come," Zola said sharply. Tier fingers worked over her clit, making her legs stretch and twitch with lust. "You suck me fast, or I won't let you near me until I've come!"

Choking and weeping, Dorothy heaved up, knowing suddenly that if she let this go on she would have another orgasm, and that was too terrible to think about. But if she sucked Zola off, it would all stop before she had to confess her unforgivable weakness.

With a moan she licked Zola's spasming cunt.

"Just in time, you little shit!" yelped Zola. She spread her thighs farther and lowered her cunt onto Dorothy's face, spreading her pussy lips around Dorothy's sucking mouth. "Whip the whore harder, she's trying to get away with it."

Dorothy sobbed as she sucked Zola's hot cunt. Pussy juices flowed into her mouth.

Before tonight she had only fucked a man once, and now she was bent over on a bench, sucking another woman's pussy.

"Suck it into your mouth!" Zola ordered. Dorothy tried, sucking the hot flesh between her lips and running her tongue between the lips, reaching for the bud of Zola's clit. Zola spread her thighs even wider, ramming her cunt harder down on Dorothy's helpless face.

The cane on Dorothy's tits was working its terrible magic again. The agony softened with each hard lashing, spreading out in waves of rising passion as her nipples throbbed and thrust out, and her tit flesh bounced to the relentless slap of the thin birch. Dorothy sucked Zola's pussy flesh into her mouth, working her tongue over her clit, feeling Zola's thrusts and moans as her climaxes surged.

"Ohhhh, bite me!" Zola yelled. "Bite my clit, chew it, go on, you cunt, use your teeth!"

She sawed her cunt back and forth on Dorothy's mouth, thrusting at her face as it ran with her pussy juices.

Dorothy lost control. The lashing on her tits was driving her to a climax. Desperately she sucked Zola's clit into her mouth and bit down on it.

"Harder, you shit!" Zola yelled. "Harder!"

Dorothy chewed the throbbing cunt flesh. Her teeth tightened on the heaving pussy, chewing at the hot, wet cunt until Zola leaned back, her legs sliding slowly apart on the carpet.

"Yeaaaahhhh! That's it!" Zola shrieked. "Bite it, suck it, ohhhh yeahhhh!"

Her hips jerked and spasmed, her pussy dragged at Dorothy's teeth until Dorothy was sure Zola would pull away with the awful pain, but Zola just rammed her cunt harder and faster into Dorothy's helpless mouth.

The cane lashed across Dorothy's tits, driving her perilously close to the climax she so badly wanted to avoid. She concentrated on Zola, giving her the best suck job she could.

"Don't suck me off, bitch!" Martin suddenly yelled. "I gotta fuck her, don't suck me off, I mean it!"

He lashed the whip viciously across Dorothy's tits and threw Kathy away from him. Kathy lay there, her fingers deep in her insatiable pussy.

The cane lashed Dorothy's helpless tits again, but she was gone. Just the idea of that vast cock had sent her body spasming in the most disgusting and undisguised climax. Martin knew it. The cane whipped into her flesh at the exact top of her heaving thrust. Each stroke cut precisely across her nipples, driving the depraved orgasm higher and deeper.

"Look at the little curd!" Josh yelled. "Whatever we do she comes! Way to go, Dorothy, way to go! Now go for it!"

"I suck better than she fucks!" Kathy yelled at Martin. "I'd get you hard again. You're a bastard, a real bastard."

"You'll regret that," warned Martin as his hand lashed the cane across Dorothy's heaving nipples.

"Go on then, big boy," Kathy taunted him. She spread her legs, held them up so that her pussy was a perfect target for the cane. "Go on, whip me!"

"Later, curd," said Martin. He concentrated on Dorothy as the bound woman squirmed and heaved on the bench.

Over Dorothy's face, Zola gave a last great heave and fell back, pulling her clit away from Dorothy's raging teeth. She sat down on the rug, her fingers caressing and comforting her chewed cunt flesh. She moaned as the climax slowly faded, and her throbbing cunt settled down.


"And as for you," Martin said, turning to Kathy as she lay on the floor, running her fingers into her hot little pussy. "You are going to get what you asked for, whore."

"Oooooh," Kathy purred. She lay back, pulling her legs wide open and holding them at the knees as Martin stood over her, and aimed the cane right on the swelling bud of her pussy.

"Wider!" he snapped.

With a gasp of lust, Kathy pulled her knees farther apart, forcing them back, lifting her wet pussy for the cane.

Martin whipped her right across her clit. The terrible sound of the cane on flesh rang around the room as Kathy heaved upward, her legs spasming.

"Aaaaggggghh!" she screamed. "Ohhhh, you bastard, you fuckin' bastard! Eeeeghhhh!"

She rolled on the carpet as the whip landed once again on her hot, damp clit. Her hips jerked as Martin whipped her cunt until the red flesh burned in agony.

"You'll do exactly as you're told!" Martin snarled. "I say what you do and when, got that?"

"Aaaaaaghhhh! Whip me you cunt, whip me!" Kathy shrieked. "Come on, give me all of it, come on!"

Still fled to the horse, her tits throbbing with agony, Dorothy burst into fresh tears at the unspeakable depravity of her daughter. But there was more than that making her sob in shame. She had climaxed under the whip. Could it be that she was as depraved as Kathy?

"So, you think you suck better than she fucks, huh?" Martin shouted, lashing the cane across Kathy's hot cunt.

"Fuuucckk! I do everything better than she does, I do -- eecrrrrkk! Aaaghhhhh! Ohhh shit, ohhh shit, ohhh more, more!"

"Fuck, you're a whore, a real whore!" Martin said. His hand flashed through the air and another guttural scream burst from the young girl. "We'll find out who does it best, and you'd better be right or I'll tie you up in the back room of the cop party and let them have you!"

"Oooohhh!" Kathy screamed. "Ooohhhh, shit, oooohbhhhh, you fucking shit heap, you jerk off. Go on, jerk your cock off all over me, go ahead! Oh fuck, I'm coming, whip me, I'm coming!"

The young girl's body spumed on the carpet as she came, her hips beating up for the cane as it lashed into her helpless flesh. Martin kept whipping her as her screams bounced off the walls. His cock stood out like a flagpole, but he made no attempt to get down and fuck Kathy. He just whipped her until she gave one final screech of climax and collapsed on the rug.

"You fucker!" she gasped. "Ohhh shit, you do it better than anybody else."

She moaned and finger-fucked her beaten cunt, caressing the red, pulped flesh.

"I hope that taught you a lesson," Martin said, and laughed. He slowly ran his hand up and down the stiff length of his cockshaft. Then he turned to Josh, who was sitting on the edge of the horse, running his hands over Dorothy's thighs. "You wanna double fuck."

"Long as I get her ass," Josh said, working his finger into the crease of Dorothy's pussy. "I reckon I'll be the first up there, and I want it bad!"

"Okay," Martin said. "I don't mind fucking her mouth again. I've got all weekend for the other holes. Let's get her legs right."

"Stop it, stop it!" Dorothy screamed. Not only were they spreading her legs even wider on the metal bar, they were pulling the bar up and closer to her head. Her legs stretched appallingly, the pain shooting out of the muscles. The belt around her waist stopped her ass from rising to take some of the strain away from her legs, and the agony got worse as Dorothy was bent back. "Ohhh God!"

"My, my, don't she look pretty," Josh said. He worked his stiff cock, staring at the bound woman.

Dorothy did indeed present a wonderful sight for them. She was bent at the waist, her legs right over her head and the bar still forcing them down so that they were spread wide. Her ass stuck up just enough for Josh to reach. With a grin, he leaned down and dropped his end of the horse so that Dorothy's ass hung over the edge.

"Wellll," Martin said slowly. "You ready for another wonderful suck on me, honey? Kathy says she's a better sucker than you. I wouldn't take that if I were you. I'd show her."

"You're perverted! You're horrible!" sobbed Dorothy. "You can do what you like, but I won't suck you. Rape me, but I won't do it for you."

Martin laughed and ran his cock over Dorothy's shrinking lips. "Now that's a silly girl. You don't know how mad I get if little cunts don't suck me real nice. So you think about that. You ready, Josh?"

"Yup," Josh said.

"Fire away!" Martin said.

"No, stop it, stop it!" Dorothy yelled as she felt the first touch of Josh's hands on her ass. "You can't do that, you can't!"

"I don't believe this cunt," said Josh. "Here, gimme that vibrator, I think I'll stick it up her fuck hole. That'll teach her to yell at me."

"Oh, no," Dorothy whispered. Her chest heaved as she realized that she was going to get impaled on three cocks at once.

The awful buzzing of the imitation cock started up Dorothy mowed and pulled at her bonds, lifting her head as far as she could. Josh walked over, proudly displaying the vibrator for her.

"Look at it," he said. "All for you."

The vibrator was not as big as the metal one she had been forced to fuck, but it was big enough, a shining black curving prick of hard plastic with a bulbous head. Slowly Josh lowered it to Dorothy's mouth.

"Kiss it," he said. "Kiss it for good luck." Dorothy tried to turn her face away, but Martin grabbed her by the hair and held her while the cock ran over her lips.

"You beasts, you animals!" she screamed as Josh ran the vibrator slowly down between her tits, heading for her cunt.

"Careful now," said Martin. "I like some spirit in my girls, but not that amount. I wouldn't want to waste any more time whipping you, but. I will if I have to."

Dorothy just whimpered as the vibrating cock moved ova her cunt hair and down into the split of her pussy lips.

"Ohhh no," she moaned. She looked around to see where Kathy was, to see if her daughter had, perhaps, some sympathy for her. Kathy sat on the sofa with Zola, the two of them caressing and fondling each other.

"Hi, Mom," Kathy said with a grin, running her finger around Zola's steaming hot clit. "Suck him good now."

"Ohhhh God," Dorothy moaned. The nightmare was never going to end.

Then came the first invasion of the vibrator. Dorothy tossed on the horse, a moan escaping from her tightly-clenched lips as the bulbous head of the cock slipped inside her pussy lips.

"Ohhhh, how about that?" said Josh. "She's wetter than a gang-banged whore. Look at that."

Josh chuckled as he forced the dildo in farther, sliding it on Dorothy's plentiful pussy juices.

"Shit," Martin said, "I can't wait until we've got her trained. Look at that."

The vibrator was sliding easily into her cunt, farther and farther until it rammed into the top of her fuck channel and the trembling fuck tip burst tiny sparks of arousal out of her pussy walls. She moaned and threw her body around as far as the bonds would let her. The vibrator ran up and down her cunt as surges of lust sprang out of every minute contact.

Martin laughed. "Come on then."

Josh ran his fingers over the crinkled entrance to Dorothy's asshole. They were covered in some sort of cream.

"Oh stop it, stop it!" Dorothy sobbed. Her ass was helpless, she couldn't get it out of the way. The fingers pushed deeper, sliding just inside the hole, running around as Dorothy heaved and tossed.

"Tight little hole," Josh said.

He slipped his fingers deeper and the walls of Dorothy's ass swelled and heaved at the invasion. The fingers forced them wider, stretching them until pain rushed over Dorothy and she gave a low groan.

"Have a finger-fuck, baby," Josh said, sliding his fingers in and out of the lubricated hole until Dorothy heaved on the horse, her ass spuming with pain.

"Stop it!" the bound woman screamed as her shifter tried to force the fingers out again. "Ohhh stop it!"

"I think it's about ready now," Josh said. He took his finger out and Dorothy's ass had a brief moment of respite.

It didn't last long. Josh's huge fuck rod thrust at the entrance to her shithole. She sobbed and struggled on the horse, but Josh slapped her ass cheeks hard and told her to shut up.

"Aaaghhhh," she moaned as another inch of the enormous cock sank into her shithole.

Josh drew his cock back a little, feeling her ass muscles clutch and twitch over his stiff fuck rod. Then he slid deeper, ramming his cock three or four inches into Dorothy's helpless shitter.

But the terrible fuck rod sank in again and rubbed against the dildo in her pussy. The friction of the two cocks, running over each other with only the tit membrane between than, sent waves of agony and lust soaring into her bound body.

"Ohhhh, fuck that's nice," Josh said, ramming his cock deeper into Dorothy's ass. "That feels real good."

He worked his fuck rod back out, then slowly forced it in until only an inch or so of his long cock was outside Dorothy's spasming shitter. As the bound woman moaned and gasped in fresh surges of agony, he pulled back and rammed himself in right to the balls.

"Aaaaggghhh!" Dorothy screamed and writhed on the horse. "Ooohhh, take it out, take it out, please, take it out, it hurts, it hurts!"

Instead, Josh eased his stiff fuck rod out a few inches and slammed it home again. Then he pulled back again, ramming home with renewed fury as Dorothy's ass sucked at his prick. With a groan of lust he started fucking Dorothy's ass, long slow strokes that drew low screams from her at every pass.

"About time for me, too," said Martin, appearing at Dorothy's head. He took her hair and slowly shoved his cock at her mouth.

If she could make them come quickly, then maybe they would leave her alone. She let him work his stiff fucker into her mouth, feeling it slide back until it came up against the back of her throat.

Martin held her head and looked down at her. "Now do a good job, my angel, or it will be the worse for you."

Dorothy knew now that her throat was at just the right angle for Martin to force his cock right down it. She moaned as the stiff fuck rod filled her mouth and started to run at her throat, inches at a time, while Martin gasped and his cock twitched as he ran it in and out, building up slowly.

On the sofa Kathy and Zola were kissing each other's tits, sliding down as they listened to Dorothy's moans. Zola slid her fingers into Kathy's hot pussy and leaned closer to the younger girl.

"Come on," she said, "let's sixty-nine while those two shits fuck the hell out of your mother."

Kathy gasped and her wicked little mouth closed over Zola's nipple. She licked and bit it as she gave a gasp of lust. She pulled her mouth away and slid it over Zola's flat stomach and on down into her dark pussy hair. Zola rolled under Kathy on the soft pillows and soon the two of them were lapping at each other's wet pussies.

Dorothy tossed as the three cocks slammed into her holes. Surges of lust rose in her, threatening once more stop all her efforts to remain detached from the brutal rapes she had to endure. The cocks in her ass and cunt were the worst. Each slamming fuck from Josh ran all the way up the trembling surface of the dildo, inflaming her pussy and ass walls until her hips thrashed around and she knew that she would come again if the men didn't shoot soon. Her ass, never before invaded like this, felt as if eruptions of deep agony were bursting out of every inch of its walls. The impaling cock threatened to burst her ass apart as it rammed in, forcing her muscles open, rasping along her vulnerable flesh.

"Fuckkkk!" Josh gasped. "This cunt's got the hottest ass I've fucked in years. And she saved it just for me."

"You fucker!" Kathy suddenly yelled from the sofa. "You said my ass was the best, and now you..." Her voice sank to a muffled groan as Zola grabbed her by the head and forced her mouth back onto her cunt.

"That little whore doesn't know her place," Josh said. He rammed his cock into Dorothy's ass, and she heaved upward as the two cocks beat her ass and pussy walls to jelly. The streams of climax surged over her, building whatever she did.

"Oh, we'll keep her in place," Martin said, sinking his cock into Dorothy's throat. "She just needs some more discipline, and there's plenty of that around."

Josh laughed, and the two of them fucked Dorothy as the cum surged and boiled in their balls, getting ready to shoot.

Dorothy struggled to free her hands, but it was hopeless. She wanted to control the cock as it slammed into her mouth, for it was digging deeper into her throat with each fuck. What was worse, her throat muscles were opening farther as the passion unleashed by the three cocks surged up and swamped her.

Martin's cock sank farther into Dorothy's mouth. Martin's balls slapped against her nose, but she managed to keep the air moving in and out of her lungs through her nostrils as she struggled to take the whole of the gigantic fucker in her mouth. But the rising explosion of lust was rolling up from her pussy and ass, and Dorothy was about to crash over into another helpless eruption of climax.

"Oooohhh shit!" Josh called. "I'm gonna shoot right up her ass, I'm gonna shoot up her ass!"

He leaned back and his cock slammed into Dorothy's vulnerable body faster and harder as he lost control. His balls slapped against Dorothy's ass cheeks and his rampant cock glistened with pre-cum juice.

Josh roared as the force of his fucking strained Dorothy's waist against the belt that held it to the horse. "Take it all, you piece of shit, I'm gonna shoot up your ass!"

On the sofa both women were coming as they stroked each other's pussies and licked at their swollen clit buds. Zola slowly sank her finger into Kathy's pussy, and Kathy replied by fingerfucking Zola's ass until she moaned and tossed with helpless lust.

"You little bitch," Zola murmured, "you always know exactly what to do. Ooohhhh, you wonderful little bitch."

Kathy sucked Zola's clit into her mouth and chewed on it as she knew Zola loved. Zola sucked at Kathy's cunt until the two of them collapsed in a satisfied heap, still gently licking and sucking each other's flesh.

As the first shot of Josh's cum burst deep in her ass, Dorothy went over the top, and the first peak of her new orgasm crashed over her. Her body rolled on the horse with a passion, and her scream burst out from around the stiff fucker in her throat.

"Shiiitttt!" Josh jelled as jets of his cum burst out of his cock and mashed into the walls of Dorothy's spasming ass. The hot cum squeezed around his fucker as it slammed in and out, sliding easily, over the slick surface of Dorothy's shit channel. Josh bellowed as his cock shot gallons of hot fuck juice into Dorothy. His hips slapped into her ass, still red and lined from the whipping, but Dorothy didn't care any more.

Her climax shattered every last piece of her flesh. Huge, helpless explosions of lust tore away at her, bursting her flesh as she came. Her throat opened wide, taking in Martin's cock to the hilt, sinking it into her mouth until she licked out, caressing his balls with her tongue while the mass of his fuck shaft swelled in her throat, threatening to come at any moment.

"Ohhhh fuck me, fuck meeee!" Josh roared as his cock pumped the last of his hot cum into Dorothy's spuming ass. Her hot little asshole clutched and sucked at his cock, straining to get every inch of the hard length into her guts until it had shot the very last of its load. His jism squeezed out of Dorothy's ass, running down her cheeks and dripping off onto the floor as Josh slammed his cock into Dorothy in a last crescendo of lust.

"Uuurrrggghhhhh!" Dorothy moaned from around Martin's hard fuck rod.

Her throat was twitching and heaving nit sucked the massive cockshaft down, taking every inch. For now she just wanted all the cocks she could get, even tile imitation one in her pussy. As Josh's cock slowed, as the last of his white cum splattered out of her ass, the steady pulse of the vibrator took over and rolled Dorothy toward the final climax with Martin.

He roared as his cock vanished into Dorothy's hot and willing mouth. Dorothy could feel her muscles tighten on it, feel the huge cock grown and heave as the cum filled it. She felt Martin heaving and tossing as the cum roared out of his cock in a stream of hot, salty goo.

"Yeahhhhh!" he roared. "Ohhhh suck it down baby, suck it down!"

His hips beat at her face, and his cum overflowed her mouth as she sucked it, swallowing down all the hot cum she could get. Dorothy's throat convulsed as she took the fuck juice and each shot from the tiny piss slit in the huge cock head made her hungry for more. Her tongue flicked out over the swollen cockhead, licking up every drop of the wonderful fluid. Her climaxes roared over her.

"Mmmmuuuggrrr!" She moaned as the cum ran down her face and Martin held his cock at her teeth, watching the cum run out, over the soft red lips, watching her suck it into her hungry mouth.

He worked the shaft of his still-heaving cock.


"Ohhhh, I want some more!" gurgled Kathy, sliding up to Martin on her knees. She wriggled between his legs, her hands all over his body. She took his softening cock and slid it between her hungry lips.

"You always want more," Martin said with a grin. "Go and take your mother off the horse, tie her to the bolt in the floor, and we'll discuss it."

"Mmmmm, okay," Kathy said, and took his cock right into her mouth. "But if I do that, I get at least one more, okay?"

"Okay, you little whore," Martin said sleepily.

"Sorry about this, Mommy," Kathy said. "I gotta make sure you're nicely tied up and all that. Now don't be silly and fight. We've got a big night tomorrow night, that's why you'll get off lightly now. Our cop friends are coming in for a party. Now won't that be fun?"

She slipped the collar around her neck and tightened it.

"Ohhh stop it," Dorothy moaned. "Shut up, Mommy," Kathy said. "Or I'll whip your tits again. Got that?"

Kathy took the chain that was attached to Dorothy's collar and passed it through a ring bolt in the floor. Then she untied one of Dorothy's arms, but immediately slipped one side of the handcuffs over her wrist.

"How can you do this to me?" Dorothy sobbed. "I'm your mother!"

"And you've been a right fuckin' mother most of the time!" Kathy said. "Never let me go out with boys, and fuckin' whipped me when I was bad. Well, I wanna be whipped by men, men with big cocks, stuck up my cunt and ass and coming all over my face. That's what I want!"

"I only did it for your own good," Dorothy wept. "It was all for your own good."

"Sure, Mom," Kathy said. She let the bar swing up with the force of Dorothy's legs. "Well, it's been really great, let me tell you, but it's over now. I get what I want."

Dorothy screamed as the circulation returned to her legs. They were still tied to the bar. She hardly recognized her daughter. Kathy, with whip marks all over her ass and tits, with cum all over her body. Kathy knew exactly what she wanted and she was going to get it, that was all. Dorothy wondered how this vast change could have happened. She hadn't seen any of it. Now it was too late.

"Okay, Mommy, get off the horse," Kathy said.

Dorothy slid off and fell to the floor. She lay there, almost thankful for the warm touch of the thick carpet. Kathy made sure her hands were helpless, then the chain from her collar was tied out of her reach. Kathy stood over Dorothy's face, running her young hands over her soft thighs.

"I think I'm gonna get fucked right over your face," she said gleefully. "Yeaahhhhhh. Then they can pull out if they want and shoot all that cum over your mouth. That'll be good, won't it?"

"You wouldn't!" Dorothy sobbed. "Please no, not to me!"

Kathy just laughed and went back to where Martin and the others were waiting.

"You promised," Kathy said, "now come on, stand over her, I wanna suck you hard again."

Martin ginned at Kathy. "Would you believe this chick? We've got a big night tomorrow. And you want more?"

"You're telling me you can't handle it?" Kathy teased, sliding her fingers into her damp pussy while her other hand caressed her tits, thrusting them out at him. "Come on, stand over her, let me suck you hard again, then you can do what you like."

Martin's cock was already stiffening again. He put his feet on either side of her head and grinned down at the helpless woman.

"Fuck," he said. "How did you make a daughter like this?"

Dorothy stifled a sob and tried to look away. Kathy slipped to her knees, placing them on either side of Dorothy's tits. She leaned in and captured Martin's cock in her mouth. Softly she sucked it, working her mouth over the cockhead, stiffening the cockshaft with her fingers. Kathy moaned with passion and her pussy juices flowed over her cunt hair, making it glisten with the drops. She slid one hand down and rubbed her cunt, sliding it around until her pussy rolled over Dorothy's right nipple, leaving a thin trail of pussy juice as it went.

Dorothy tried to wriggle away, but Kathy was really into the deep sucking she was giving Martin, and her hot little pussy rubbed up and over Dorothy's nipple.

"Get off me!" Dorothy sobbed, heaving her bound hands up against Kathy's hot little cunt, trying to throw her to one side.

The result was worse than she feared.

Zola grabbed her hands, pulling them up over her head. "Listen, slut, don't let me see you doing that again. I'll fuckin' whip you myself. Hey, Martin, move up a bit, then Kathy can get her cunt over this fucker's face and get it sucked."

"No!" shrieked Dorothy. "No, not that, that's, that's awful!"

Kathy ran her wide-open pussy over Dorothy's tit, and strange bursts of lust broke out in Dorothy again. The hot touch of Kathy's clit on her throbbing nipple was making her all soft and buttery inside.

"Okay," Martin said. "But I'm gonna be real mad if she makes a fuss."

"Oh, I think we can deal with that," Zola said. "Anyway, Josh wants to fuck her, the horny shit, so she'll have a great time."

"No, ohhh no!" Dorothy gasped.

She closed her eyes as Martin moved back until Kathy could move her pussy directly over Dorothy's face. Zola held her hands, running a rope through the cuffs until her arms were pinioned, stretched out above her head. The collar and chain still prevented her from moving her head away, and she had to stay exactly where she was as Kathy lowered her hot little pussy onto Dorothy's face.

As Dorothy kept her mouth closed and refused to react, Kathy slid her knees closer together and pulled her cunt away.

"She won't suck me," she said, sliding Martin's rapidly growing cock back into her mouth. "She's being very bad."

"She certainly is," agreed Zola. "Now, face it, cunt, you're gonna get fucked, and you're gonna suck Kathy off. You can make it easy and get on with it or you can make it hard and get this."

She slowly slid the long tail of a plaited leather whip across Dorothy's horrified gaze.

"On your tits," she said. "And I'm real good with this."

There was a roar of laughter at this, and Dorothy felt even more humiliated.

"Please don't make me," she begged. "I'll suck you off, if you want."

"No, that's all right," Zola said pleasantly, "Josh's gonna do that as he fucks you."

Dorothy shook her head and stared up, past Kathy's wet pussy, inches above her face, to watch Kathy slowly slide Martin's cock into her mouth, inch by inch, working it into her throat, caressing his balls, and running her hands over, his thighs.

Kathy's clit brushed over Dorothy's lips. She wasn't even prepared to pull away any more. The whip cut her tit flesh, sending pain deep into Dorothy's body as she screamed. Kathy lunged down, her cunt spasming over Dorothy's lips as the whip cut her ass too. Kathy's moans of lust beat at Dorothy's ears. She knew that nothing would stop her daughter from raping her mouth with her cunt to get satisfaction.

"Come on, slut!" yelled Zola. "I want my pussy sucked, and you're holding me up."

She whipped Dorothy's tits viciously, sending part of the curling tail into Kathy's ass.

There was another bar being put under Dorothy's knees. She felt it as Josh pushed it up, forcing her cunt harder onto his cock as he did it. The walls of her pussy strained as the cock invaded her cunt, and sharp spasms of lust burst out.

"Suck Kathy, you bitch!" Zola roared, her arm lashing the whip hard across Dorothy's tits and Kathy's ass. "Suck her, suck!"

She beat deep welts into Dorothy's tit flesh. Desperately Zola slid her hands down to her aching pussy, rubbing it as she beat at Dorothy, but still the stubborn woman wouldn't give in. She lay there, screaming, her body pulsing on the floor, staring at Kathy's pussy and refusing to suck it.

The pressure of the whip was driving Dorothy into another crashing climax. Her pussy ached as Josh drove deeper into it, sending his massive fucker deep into her wet pussyhole. The spasms of lust from the stiff prick filling her cunt were almost drowned in the surging desire she felt as she stared at Kathy's pussy, running inches from her mouth, the drops of pussy juice all along the edge of her young pussy lips.

She wanted to suck it! She really wanted to! That was the most terrible thing of all.

As the whip crashed into her helpless tits once more, Dorothy screamed. Her tongue flicked out, licking Kathy's already spuming pussy.

"Oooohhhhhhhh yeahhhh!" Kathy crowed. "She sucked me, she did. Give it to her again."

She worked her legs farther apart, until her pussy slid over Dorothy's mouth and Dorothy gave in fully to her passions.

She didn't care about the whip any more. As Kathy's cunt worked down over her face, Dorothy sucked the hard bud of Kathy's clit between her lips and held onto it, refusing to let it go. She felt Kathy heave, and her scream of lust rang around the room as she clasped Martin's cock and sank it right to the base in her willing young mouth. Her hips rolled and spasmed over Dorothy's face, rubbing her flesh on the tongue and lips that were there so suddenly.

Zola stopped whipping them. She turned and, as Josh rammed his cock deep into Dorothy's cunt, she stepped up and held his mouth to her own hungry pussy.

"Ohhhh yeahhhh!" Zola sighed as her hot cunt got licked all over and her husband rammed his cock deep into Dorothy's body. "Ohhh yeahhh, fuck the little bitch, Josh, fuck her!"

Josh didn't need any further encouragement. He fucked Dorothy, slowly forcing his cock in to the hilt, then letting her cunt walls suck his cockshaft as he licked at his wife's hungry pussy. His cock swelled as Dorothy's cunt betrayed her yet again and spasmed around the stiff cock meat filling it. She was going to come again.

"Yeahhhhh, Kathy!" Martin shouted as he stood there, his cock ramming in and out of Kathy's hot little mouth. "Ohhh keep it up, baby, keep it up, ohhh yeahhh, I'm gonna shoot my load, I'm gonna shoot!"

His cock slid in and out of Kathy's mouth like a piston, about to explode.

Kathy's gurgles of lust were matched by the frantic pace at which her pussy beat over Dorothy's face. Her body tossed and heaved as streams of pussy juice flowed out of her cunt and into Dorothy's mouth. Dorothy felt her daughter coming.

Dorothy damped her teeth across Kathy's hot little clit and held them there, biting the hard clit bud. Her body arched as Josh's cock slid deeper into her hot pussy, filling her fuck channel with its enormous thickness.

Kathy's scream of hurt was muffled by the huge cock meat in her throat, but Dorothy heard it clearly as Kathy drove her pussy harder down on Dorothy's mouth and dragged her clit through Dorothy's teeth, getting every last ounce of pain from the contact.

Kathy rammed her clit back on her teeth. She was a helpless nymphomaniac, at the mercy of anybody who wanted to fuck her. Dorothy moaned, her teeth sawing at Kathy's clit, while she sucked as much of the hot cunt flesh as she could between her teeth and licked at the slick, hot cunt. Her body shivered with the rising climax that was surging out of her aunt as Josh's cock rammed deep with every stroke.

"Ohhh shit, I'm gonna shoot!" Martin yelled. "I'm gonna shoot, oh fuck, this little whore can suck, oh fuck she can."

He grabbed Kathy by her blonde hair, ramming his fuck rod deep into her throat until his balls slapped against her chin and the little nymph gurgled with the orgasm raging over her.

"Go on, Josh!" Zola screamed. "You come too, go on, shoot up the whore's cunt!"

Dorothy shook as the climax burst out of her cunt and she knew that Kathy was coming, and Josh too, about to shoot all his cum into her spasming pussy. Above her, Martin shoved his cock into Kathy's hot mouth, his shaft ramming in and out as the first jets of cum gathered in his balls and shot down his cock.

"Yeahhhh, come on, fuuuuccckkkk, we're all gonna come, ohhh fuckkkkkk!" Martin bellowed as the white cum shot out of his piss slit into the back of Kathy's mouth. She gurgled with delight, letting ropes of it roll over her tongue.

As the third great gush of jism shot out of Martin's cock, Kathy let it fall right onto Dorothy's face. Some of it splattered onto Kathy's tits and belly, but most of it burst over Dorothy's cheeks and nose.

At that moment, Josh's cock shot deep in her pussy and the force of that ramming come drove her over the edge of reason. Her body trembled as she rammed her cunt up, taking as much of the spurting fuck rod as she could in her wet pussy. She felt Josh's heaves as he shot, and then Zola yelled as her own orgasm burst over her.

"Ohhhh shit!" Zola moaned. "Suck me, ohhh yeahhhh, shoot up her pussy, shoot you bastard, shoot!"

She rasped her hot cunt over Josh's face as he shot his load into Dorothy's helpless pussy.

Dorothy took more of Martin's hot white cum on her face. With her eyes closed and the surging orgasm thrashing her body, she sucked Kathy's cunt, while her daughter heaved and yelled in her own mounting climax. More wet jism splashed onto Dorothy's face and she buried her mouth closer to Kathy's cunt. She felt the cum running down her nose and cheeks until some of it reached her mouth. Dorothy sucked down the delightful mixture of cum and pussy juices.

"Aaaghhhh ohhhhh, fuckkkk!" Kathy screamed. Her cunt rolled over Dorothy's face, spreading the fuck juice until Dorothy had it in her hair and over her chin. Dorothy licked it down as fast as she could, while Kathy spasmed her cunt until the last murmurings of her come faded. Then she leaned in and licked the drops of jism still oozing from Martin's cock.

"Well, fuck me," Martin said. "That was a hell of a bang to go out on. I think it's time for bed, don't you?"

"Mmmmmmmmm," cooed Kathy, licking his still-hard fucker.

"I didn't mean that," Martin said, "You're gonna have your work cut out tomorrow night."

He stepped back to took at Dorothy.

"Fuck," he said. "Leave her hot... She can't get away."

As Josh slipped out of her cunt and Zola licked his cock clean as a treat, Martin loosened Dorothy's ankles so that she could move her legs. She was still helpless on her back, her neck bound by the collar her legs and arms tied. After laughing and joking at he, they left. The light was switched off and Dorothy lay there in darkness, with cum drying on her face and over her neck.

She fell asleep almost immediately. And there were no bad dreams, either.


The light went on and Dorothy jumped. She pulled at her handcuffs, felt the collar on her neck, and broke into tears. Kathy came into the room with Zola. They were dressed in small roves that swayed open with each movement they made.

"It's morning," Kathy said, brightly. "How about some breakfast?"

"Leave me alone!" Dorothy muttered. She looked around the torture chamber where her nightmare had taken place. It looked even worse to her now.

"Oh please let me go," Dorothy whispered to Kathy as her daughter untied her leg. "I won't say a word, really I won't."

"But, Mommy Dearest, we are entertaining some police friends of Martin's tonight. Surely you wouldn't want to miss that?"

The very thought of what that might mean sent a chill through Dorothy. She waited until Kathy told her to get up. Slowly she allowed herself to be led to the bathroom.

Dorothy was allowed to use the toilet, and then the shower. She came out and dried herself off.

She was led to the kitchen and given breakfast while she could hear the others laughing and joking in the dining room. She realized her total captivity. Somehow she had to get out of here. They couldn't keep her hostage for much longer.

Zola and Kathy took her to one of the bedrooms. There they tied her to the bed by the chain around her neck and left her. It was a long day for Dorothy. She, lay there trying to guess what was going on, but there was hardly any movement in the house. She tried to break the chain, but it was far too strong.

Finally Zola and Kathy came back into the room. They were obviously ready for the party. Zola was dressed in a tight black leather vest, skirt, and boots. The vest swung open to show her swelling tits, and the skirt just covered her pussy. Just below that the boots started, and the black cap pulled well over her eyes accentuated the fact that she was carrying a long, thin whip. She smiled at Dorothy.

"We've come to get you ready for the ball," she said sweetly. "Your fans are waiting."

Dorothy gasped. She was going to be some sort of special attraction at their perverted party. She sat up on the bed, crossing her arms over her tits as if that would do any good.

"Oh, come on, Mom," said Kathy. "That's silly."

Kathy looked virginal. She had on an almost transparent nightgown. It was gathered over her young tits, tied with a lacy string that ran through loops all the way to her waist. Below that it was open in the front, showing her blonde pussy hair. Simple high-heeled sandals finished the picture.

Zola cracked the whip in the air. "Get up! And behave, or you'll be in big trouble."

Dorothy leaped out of bed and stood naked in the middle of the floor.

"Stand by the mirror," Zola said.

Dorothy ran to the full-length mirror on the far wall. She stood there, shaking with fear. Slowly Zola walked around her, examining her closely.

"Yes," she said slowly. "I think your plan will work well, Kathy. See what you can do."

"Okay," said Kathy. "Sit down, Mommy." The next hour was utter humiliation for Dorothy. She sat in a chair and had her hair done in a way that was quite unsuitable for her. It made her look even younger than she normally did and accentuated the sensuality of her face. Desperately Dorothy sat there, watching Zola as she paced, the whip curled in her hand.

Then Kathy made her face up, and Dorothy was even more ashamed. With her cheekbones accentuated, her eyes made even larger and her sensuous lips done in a dark-red lipstick, Dorothy could hardly recognize herself. She looked like a whore, as if she wanted sex. Men would want to rape her. She realized that was what they were going to do. She shivered, and yet there was a strange pang of pride. She really did look wonderful.

"Put these on!" snapped Zola.

She threw Dorothy a pair of red boots. Dorothy took them and slid her feet into the soft leather. She was amazed at how easily they went on, and how sexy she looked as she stood in them, perched easily on the six-inch heels. The leather came a long way up her thighs, showed every curve of her legs, and thrust her tight ass higher, rounding it even more. She looked at it and was amazed to see that there was only a faint red glow on her flesh from all the beatings it had received the night before. She ran her hands over her ass and the flesh tingled in anticipation.

"Now these," said Zola. The gloves were elbow-length, and red like the boots.

Zola came towards Dorothy with a red leather corset that closed with a string. It looked uncomfortable, and Dorothy shivered as Zola and Kathy pulled it around her and began tightening it. There was a strap that pulled the top of the corset up so that it ran just below her tits, thrusting them up and closer together, deepening her cleavage. There was also a strap that went between her legs and tied to the back of the corset. But anybody could get at her pussy or ass if they wanted to.

Zola didn't fool around. She pulled the laces until Dorothy's waist was tightened to a perfect figure.

"There," said Zola, giving the laces a final heave. "That should do it."

"She looks great!" Kathy said. "Don't you, Mommy?"

The final version of herself was unbelievable.

The tight corset made every curve of her body show while her thrusting tits seemed to beg for men. The boots led to the few inches of bare white skin below the corset, and her pussy was wide open for view. Her ass was also revealed, and Dorothy saw how alluring it was now that the tight corset and boots showed it off to the best advantage.

"Come on then," said Kathy, "I wanna have some fun."

She flicked the white nightgown and let it drop back, showing her wonderful legs and pussy. She took the chain and pulled Dorothy toward the door.

Dorothy let herself be pulled into the room she had discovered just a day ago. As she was hauled through the door, she froze in horror.

There were cops in there all right, at least a dozen of them. In the dim light Dorothy wasn't sure, but she thought she could see three or four female cops among them. The center of the room was lit and there was a low stage there, standing about three feet above the floor.

"Tonight, Ladies and Gentlemen," Martin said, appearing on the stage. "We have a special attraction for you. I never thought we would get her on this stage, but she has consented to be here tonight."

There was a roar of laughter, and several of the cops moved their chairs closer to the stage.

"She is here for your delight," Martin said. "Zola and Kathy will demonstrate for you. You all know Zola and Kathy, of course."

Another great roar of approval went up. Zola nodded to the cops and Kathy smiled, swinging her nightgown around, showing off her legs and pussy.

Zola cracked the whip. "Walk to the edge of the stage!"

Dorothy did as she was told. Slowly she put one spike-heeled boot in front of the other until she stood on the very edge of the stage, only about a foot from the front line of cops. She had been right, some of them were women, hard, good-looking women, still in their uniform.

"Spread your legs!" snapped Zola.

Dorothy gasped. She spread her boots, the heels catching slightly in the soft carpet that ran over the stage as well as the floor.

"Show them your pussy," Zola said.

Dorothy gasped and her hands shook, but she obeyed. She pulled the straps between her legs apart until her pussy lips were out. She spread them for the lascivious inspection from the floor. Her red clit showed, already damp with with juices as the whip cunt into her ass, driving her into a fury of desperate lust.

"Bend over," Zola said.

The whip lashed Dorothy's ass cheeks, raising another set of red welts.

"Ohhh, God!" Dorothy sobbed.

Her hips thrust back at the whip and she knew she was going to come just by being whipped. The shame of that thought was more than she could bear. It was better to give in.

Dorothy bent at the waist again, letting her head drop as her groans went out over the room. Her hands slid down the legs of the bar until they held her ankles and her ass was lifted high into the air. Her ass rolled in the most disgusting way, but she had done what she had been told to do.

"Good," Zola said. "Now tie her up properly."

Kathy tied her, mother's hands to the legs of the bar as well. Now she was utterly helpless, her ass and pussy open wide.

"Who's first?" asked Zola.

The cops surged forward. All of them wanted to fuck her. It was the most awfully exciting thing she had faced in her life. She was going to be gang-banged.

"Come on!" yelled Zola. "You drew for it!"

"It's mine!" he shouted one, showing his card, the ace of spades. He came to the edge of the stage, his chest heaving.

"Fuuuuckkk," he said. "That's pretty good."

Kathy knelt down and unzipped his pants. She eased his stiff cock out. The cop's stiff fuck rod was on a level with Dorothy's mouth, and she knew what he was going to do with it.

As he ran his hands over Dorothy's ass, Zola came forward.

"She'll have to be whipped this first time, for disobedience," she said. "After that you can do what you like."

"Fine with me," said the cop. He stepped forward, and Kathy slid his hard cock between Dorothy's luscious lips.

Dorothy moaned as the hard fuck rod sank into her mouth. She could hear the murmurs of lust as the cops gathered around and watched the fucker sink deep into her throat. She licked the hard cockhead, hearing the cop yell with lust. Dorothy knew he was going to come very quickly.

Then the whip landed on her ass and the agony sent Dorothy's body heaving on the bar. Her mouth rammed deep on his cock and she heard a murmur of appreciation as she sank his cock to the balls, while her throat muscles twitched and sucked.

"Ohhh shit!" gasped the cop. He grabbed Dorothy's tits, working them, twisting her nipples until Dorothy moaned. "Ohhh fuck, I'm gonna shoot in this bitch, I'm gonna shoot!"

His hands twisted Dorothy's nipples as Zola whipped her ass, sending her into another deep helpless come. Her body writhed on the bar as the cop fucked her mouth and the whip beat deep lines of lust over her ass flesh.

"Go on, Sammy, shoot up her, go on!" the cops yelled.

Sammy slipped his big hands around Dorothy's back and rammed his cock into her mouth. His face was only inches from the whip as it beat into Dorothy's ass, and the sight of that sent his cock out of control.

"Aaaaaaaaghhhhh! Ooooohhhhhhhh!" he yelled. "Ohhhhh, I'm gonna fucking shoot, I'm gonna shoot!"

His cock slammed in and out of Dorothy's mouth as the cum boiled in his balls and surged down his cock.

Zola lashed Dorothy's ass in a fury. "You're getting away lightly, whore! I'll get you, I'll get your ass the way I want it."

Her arm blurred as it crashed the whip down on Dorothy's ass, and Dorothy's muffled screams burst out from around a cock that was already spurting cum into her mouth.

Dorothy felt the pubes of cum as they gushed into her mouth. Her throbbing climax wouldn't let her mouth stop as she sucked the jism.

"Fuuuck me!" he yelled. "This cunt's got some mouth, ohhh fuck, she's got a mouth!"

Cum poured out of his cock and into her cheeks.

Dorothy swallowed the hot salty cum, her climaxes bursting over her as white fuck juice escaped her lips and ran over her cheeks. Her ass circled desperately, waiting for the whip as Zola lashed her ass cheeks harder and harder.

"Ohhhh, yeahhh!" Sammy called as his spurting cock slowed to a trickle and he sank back into a chair, his fuck rod still wet with cum and Dorothy's saliva. "Fuuuuck me! I wanna do that again."

The whip had stopped, but Dorothy's climaxes rolled on. She stared at the crowd around her, wanting to beg one of them to come up and give her another cock, but she couldn't. She couldn't do a thing like that.


Another cop advanced on Dorothy. Cum still ran over her lips as she looked at him. He was over six feet tall, with a huge chest and a fuck rod that stood out like a skewer.

"Me next, but I got a little extra for you, baby," he said, puffing out his night stick.

"Oh no," Dorothy whispered.

Her orgasm was subsiding, but her stretched ass cheeks still rang from the whipping Zola had given her. Dorothy could see Zola leaning back in the arms of one cop while another one knelt at her feet, lapping her hot little pussy.

It was a disgusting sight, but not as bad as the one Dorothy could see over by the horse. Two of the cops had Kathy strung up by her arms and were double-fucking her, one in her cunt and one in her ass. Kathy screamed with ecstasy as the two cocks slammed into her willing body and her tits heaved with lust.

"Oh yeah, do it!" Kathy screamed. "Fuck the shit outa me, come on!"

"Now wouldn't you like this up your cunt?" said the cop, leaning in on Dorothy. He slid the night stick up and down the crack of her sopping wet pussy. Sharp pangs of desire shot through Dorothy as the hard wood ran over her clit. She gritted her teeth and tried to think of other things. If she went on like this, she would be begging for it like Kathy, and she was determined that would never happen.

"I said, wouldn't you like this up your clit?" repeated the cop.

"No, oh please don't do that!" Dorothy begged. "I don't want to be here, I'm being held captive. Please help me."

The cop roared with laughter. "Fuck, that's the best I heard in a long while. Hey, Zola, whip her ass again. Oh shit!"

Zola's skirt was up around her waist. She sat across one of the cops, riding his cock, while her hungry mouth sucked at the other one's stiff fuck rod. She ignored the call, except to reach down and hand the whip to the cop with the night stick.

"Hey, Joe!" the cop called. "You fuck her with this while lay this out."

He brandished the whip and the night stick. Joe came over. He had just come, because his cock was still twitching and drops of jism hung from his slit.

"Sure," he said. "She can suck me up at the same time."

Dorothy strained at the bonds.

"Beg me to fuck you with it!" roared the first cop as he lashed the whip across Dorothy's ass.

Dorothy screamed as the whip cut another deep line of agony into her flesh. Joe slid the nightstick deeper into her cunt. Her fuck juices were running so freely there was hardly any resistance at all to the deep, slow penetration of the hard wood. As the whip landed again, Dorothy yelled and strained against the leather bonds, feeling her cunt walls exploding with the hard rasping flick of the stick. She sucked Joe's cock, feeling it getting harder with each lick of her tongue. His hips beat in at her face, ramming his cock into her mouth with the same enthusiasm as he fucked her cunt with the night stick.

"Ohhh shit!" Joe yelled. "She'd coming, the cunt's coming all over the fuckin' place!"

He rammed the night stick to the top of Dorothy's cunt as his cock swelled in her mouth and pushed at the entrance to her throat. He crowed as he pulled the night stick out of Dorothy's fuck hole until the tip just sat inside her pussy lips. The longs hard length of dark wood was slick with Dorothy's pussy juices, and it glistened in the light.

Dorothy moaned around Joe's cock as it stiffened to rock hardness in her throat. The whip cracked across her ass, the night stick rasped over the walls of her pussy, and her cunt walls exploded with lust. Her ass thrust up for the whip, the intensity of the orgasm building inside her. However much she hated herself for giving in like this all the time, she couldn't stop it. Whatever they did to her, she came, harder every time.

"Fuck!" yelled the cop whipping her. "She won't give in, she fuckin' won't give in! Beg for it, bitch!"

Dorothy's body heaved on the bar, shaking the legs of the apparatus until they rattled and shifted in the deep carpet. Her arms tore at the bonds, tearing the leather as her climaxes roared over her. The whip cut deep into her ass flesh, and another terrible scream burst out of her mouth. Her throat widened as she screamed, and Joe rammed his cock right in, getting no resistance at all.

"You slut!" roared the cop whipping Dorothy.

His arm beat down as hard as he could, and the cane slapped into Dorothy's helpless flesh. People gathered to watch. Soon, even some of the cops who were fucking gave up to see the spectacle.

Dorothy's body trembled with every beat of the whip. Her ass was a crimson mass of agony while her mouth sucked Joe's cock to the balls at each pass. As he yelled and fucked her mouth, Dorothy began to lick her tongue over the base of his cock and farther, until his balls were wet with her saliva.

"Ohhh shit!" Joe gasped. "This cunt could suck a rock off. Ohhhhh shit I'm gonna come again, I'm gonna shoot!"

He fucked the night stick in and out of Dorothy's cunt, faster and harder as the cum stirred in his balls and threatened to burst out of his cock.

Dorothy sucked Joe's cock and shook with the force of the whip and the ramming of the night stick in her hot cunt. At each slash of the thin leather, Joe rammed the stick into her wet fuck hole harder, slamming it to the top of her cunt as the whip beat more lines of red pain into her flesh. Her screams of lust beat at the walls of the room as Joe pulled his cock from her mouth, then they became muffled as he fucked deep into her throat and her skillful tongue licked his cockshaft and balls.

"Beg for it!" the cop bellowed.

Dorothy's chest heaved as she gasped for breath and the climaxes exploded inside her. Her cunt erupted with passion as the night stick stretched her cunt walls and rammed deep, scraping the soft flesh, setting off extra explosions of climax.

"Ohhh yeahhhh!" Joe roared.

His humping cock spurted the first of his cum over Dorothy's lips. He rammed his cock back in and Dorothy moaned as the jets of hot white cum splattered into her throat and over her tongue. Greedily she sucked at the stiff, heaving cockshaft, taking the white streams of jism into her mouth and tasting them before she swallowed. She loved cum. She wanted cum shooting all over her face and body, any way she could get it. More and more of it poured out as Joe greedily fucked the night stick into her pussy and let his cockshaft fill Dorothy's mouth.

"Ohhh sheeiiit!" he gasped at last. Slowly his cock stopped pouring out the cum.

Dorothy licked the softening cockshaft, getting all the satisfaction she could before he pulled out and sank back onto a seat.

"Shit," he said, "That was the greatest."

"Fuck that, whore!" the cop with the whip yelled. He reached in, pulled out the night stick, and advanced on Dorothy's bound body. "I'm gonna fuck the crap outa you, whore!"

His cock was swollen to twice its normal size from the excitement of whipping her, and he was going to shove that horrible thing right into her pussy. She screamed and tossed on the bar, but all that did was to get a round of applause from the audience.

"Go fuck her, Charlie!" yelled somebody.

"You bet!" he grunted.

He spread his legs on either side of Dorothy's helpless cunt and lined his cock up. The angle wasn't perfect, so he leaned down and held onto the bar on either side of her hips. Then she slid his cock just inside her hot pussy lips.

The swollen cockhead pushed Dorothy's pussy walls farther than the night stick had done. Already the force of the fuck was rebuilding her climaxes. Just the touch of his cock sent a helpless demand for more all over her. She closed her eyes in shame and wept as Charlie leaned down on her bent hips, pushing his hard cock rod deep into her cunt channel.

"Shit, she's tight!" he gasped. "But fuck me, she's horny."

His fuck rod sank farther, the thick flesh bursting Dorothy's pussy walls apart with its strength.

"Ohhh no," she moaned, but she couldn't stop her pussy from sucking his cock, or her hips from thrusting up as far as they could go for more. She hated herself and everything she was.

"Go, Charlie, go!" the audience yelled.

Charlie sank his cock in Dorothy to the balls. With a grunt he slowly heaved back and then sank in again, listening with delight to Dorothy's groans of pain and lust. His throbbing cockshaft was covered in Dorothy's pussy juices, and he slicked his linger over his prick and her hot clit until it was as wet as his cock. Then he ran his finger over the tight entrance to her ass.

"Ohhhh, no, no!" Dorothy moaned, but they just laughed at her.

The finger playing with her shitter slid just inside, running around the tight ass walls as Charlie's cock slammed in and out of her cunt.

"Ohhhh shit, I whipped her ass," Charlie committed as he slid his cock deep and hard into Dorothy's fuck hole. "Boy, did I whip her ass."

"Aaaghhhh! Ohhhhh!" Dorothy moaned, her body shaking, at the dual assault. Her chest heaved as far as the corset would let it, and her luscious tits heaved in rising passion. "Ohhh God, stop, stop!"

"I'm sick of this cunt screaming," said one of the women cops. She pushed herself to the front of the group and all of them cheered.

She was a pretty blonde with a small pair of thrusting tits and a triangle of darker pussy hair. She wore a pair of stockings and high-heeled, knee-length boots. She climbed up onto the stage and spread her legs around Dorothy's face.

"Suck my pussy, cunt, and shut the fuck up!" snapped the woman cop.

She rammed her legs around Dorothy's mouth and Dorothy gave in at once. Her lips kissed the hot, wet flesh, and sucked her clit into her mouth.

"Hey, Sissy!" one of the men yelled. "You got room for my cock down your throat?"

"Fuck off, Ben!" the woman shouted back. "She can suck your cock!"

"Suck her good, bitch," the man said to Dorothy. "She's gonna suck me, and if you don't get her hotter than hell, I'm gonna take it out on you, fuck face."

Sissy's thighs tightened around Dorothy's face and she sucked the hot, wet cunt. Sissy's cunt poured juices over Dorothy's face, but she didn't notice it. Her whole body heaved at the assault of Charlie's cock into her cunt and his finger ramming into her ass. With each deep fuck, she almost exploded with the terrible lust of her climaxes. She was insatiable, everything they did made her want more. How long would she go on like this?

"Here," Kathy said to Charlie, suddenly appearing at his side. "Ram this up her ass, it'll feel great on your cock."

She handed him a long vibrator, humming away with deep menace.

"Wow," Charlie said. "Hey, thanks a lot, kid..."

"Nothing," said Kathy with a grin. She ran her hand down his chest, over his flat stomach, and right to his heaving cockshaft. She held it, caressing the hard cock flesh as it beat in and out of Dorothy's cunt. Rapidly her fingers got slick with Dorothy's cunt juices. "Save some for me, big boy, I wanna fuck later."

"Shit," gasped Charlie, "you got it." He took the lubricated vibrator and ran it over the entrance to Dorothy's ass.

All Dorothy felt was a new surge of lust, and she groaned and heaved as Sissy thrust her spasming pussy over her mouth. The vibrator slid into the tight puckered hole of Dorothy's ass, and the bound woman screamed and bounced the apparatus all over the rug in her surging passion.

Charlie pulled the vibrator out until the head beat over Dorothy's shitter entrance again. His stiff cock rammed deeper into her hot cunt, and he slowly shoved the vibrator down, deep into Dorothy's guts until she was screaming and gyrating on the bar, her ass and pussy spasming. Charlie held the vibrator there, fucking the imitation cock just a few inches in and out of her ass, just enough to get the full feel of the vibrating rod on his own throbbing fucker.

"Ohhhhh, fuck," he moaned as the thin wall between Dorothy's cunt and shithole pulsed with the double contact, sending him dangerously close to coming. He yelled and leaned harder on the bound woman, reveling in her helpless screams of lust.

"Okay, Sissy, this is it," Bert said.

As Sissy moaned and heaved at the skillful working Dorothy was giving her cunt, Bert pulled her head back, shoved it down, and thrust his cock at her mouth.

Sissy resisted. She damped her teeth shut and yelled through them at Bert. "Get the fuck off me!"

But Bert wasn't going to give up. He grabbed the whip, swings it in the air, and lashed it down across Sissy's thrusting tin.

"You shit!" she screamed, grabbing for him, for the whip which he swung out of the way. She seized his cock. "Do that again and I'll pull it off!"

With a sudden, desperate heave, Dorothy broke one of the leather bonds holding her hands. She gasped, tearing at the other one with renewed fury. In a daze of lust and desire she reached over, found the end of the slip knot and pulled. Her other hand was free.

But there wasn't any idea of escape in her mind. The cock and vibrator were too deep in her guts, she couldn't do without them, they were sending her utterly out of her mind. But that little shit Sissy was going to get hers, and Dorothy was going to make sure she did.

"You fucker!" Sissy screamed, tearing at Bert's cock. "You get that out of my face."

Dorothy grabbed Sissy around the thighs, heaving her closer into her sucking mouth and making sure she couldn't get away.

"Let me go, you shit!" Sissy yelled. "That little cunt's got her hands free, she's holding me down. Get her off!"

For a second Dorothy took her mouth from Sissy's cunt.

"Make her suck you, Bert!" she yelled. "Whip her until she does, that'll teach her!"

"You cunt, I'll get you!" Sissy screamed, but the roar of laughter and applause that broke out left no doubt as to which side the cops were on.

"Hold her, boys!" somebody yelled. "Sissy's gonna suck cock."

Two cops held Sissy down, playing with her small thrusting tits. With Dorothy holding her thighs, Sissy was helpless.

"I'll get you, I'll -- aaaggghhhuurggg!" she screamed as Bert whipped her tits.

"Suck me!" he shouted. "Suck me, you bitch!"

He rammed his cock at Sissy's face and lashed her tits once more. In a rising fury of lust he whipped the thrusting tit flesh until Sissy screamed and begged him to stop.

"Then suck it, you stupid cunt!" he yelled. "Suck a fuckin' man off for once!"

He slammed his cock in and Sissy screamed in agony as the whip cut her tits. Dorothy sucked her clit between her teeth and gently bit down on it, and Sissy gave in.

With a moan of despair, she let Bert slide his fucker into her mouth.

"Ohhhhh, that's better," he groaned, tossing the whip aside. "Now, feel a man in you, cunt!"

At the center of the fuck group, Dorothy heaved and came in endless streams of lust. She could feel Charlie's cock swelling as he lost control, and the thought of more delicious cum sent her into greater spasms of climax. She sucked Sissy's cunt deeper between her teeth and chewed on it until Sissy was screaming in pain and gurgling. The hard, thick fucker was burying itself into her throat.

"How ya like cock?" Bert demanded, grinning at his friends who helped hold Sissy down.

"Good enough, the horny little cunt," said one of them. "She's coming."

Dorothy knew that. She could feel Sissy's cunt spasming in her mouth as the cop thrust at her face, heaving with the first explosions of her come. Sissy's mouth opened wide, taking Bert's cock to the entrance of her throat. It beat at the tight muscles while Sissy blocked any more of it from getting in with her hand wrapped around the cockshaft.

Charlie yelled as his cock beat deep into Dorothy's cunt. "I'm gonna come! I'm gonna shoot right up this whore's cunt."

His cock seemed to swell as he leaned down, his hips blurring with lust as he fucked Dorothy, driving the vibrator deep into her ass at the same time.

"Take it, bitch, take it!" he yelled as his swollen cockhead burst apart and his cum squirted into Dorothy's swollen, hot pussy.

Endless gobs of his cum shot into Dorothy's cunt, filling it up until drops of it squeezed out of her pussy lips and dampened her cunt hair.

Sissy gurgled and moaned as she came, her tits heaving, her whole body shaking. Her drool convulsed around Bert's cock, sucking it until he yelled in lust and rammed it in as hard as she could.

"Little stuck-up whore!" he yelled. "Thought you were a lesbo, didn't ya? Well you're not, you're a horny little cunt for cock, so take it and all the spunk I'm gonna give you!"

He beat his cock at Sissy's face as she groaned and sucked at the jets of cum that shot out of his piss slit.

"Take it, bitch!" he yelled. "Every man on the fuckin' force wants to fuck you, and now we're gonna."

He pulled his cock back, working it with his hands as spurts of jism shot out over Sissy's lips and cheeks. He rammed his cock back in Sissy's mouth while Dorothy still held her thighs and sucked her clit until she yelled and twisted with the force of her helpless climaxes.

"That's better, cunt," he said. He slid his slowly twitching cock back into her mouth for her to lick clean.

Charlie finally gave out, his cock sliding from her wet pussy with a plop as he dropped any with a satisfied sigh. He sat on the edge of the stage and watched as Dorothy's ass muscles squeezed the vibrator out and it fell onto the carpet, still humming away.

Dorothy undid the bounds that held her legs and stood up, stretching herself, her body hot and ready for more. She looked around at the collection of cocks that still waited to have the cum sucked out of them and grinned.

Tomorrow she would worry about her terrible depravity. Tonight, she was going to have every one of those cocks at least once. She strutted forward to the edge of the stage and stood there, playing with herself.

"I'll show you what fucking is," she boasted. "Who's next?"


There was no shortage of volunteers. Five or six cops crowded forward and pulled Dorothy off the stage. She lay in their arms, their hands running all over her body, caressing her tits and running into her pussy and ass.

"Which way you want her?" one of the cops asked.

"Put her on the pillar, Dave," said another one. "That'll prove if she's for real or not."

Dorothy found herself carried toward a lattice pillar that stood to one side of the room. It was padded in parts and it had footholds. As she lay there, desperate with lust, Dorothy reached down and grabbed two cocks, squeezing them, pleading with the men to fuck her. She was beyond any shame now. All she wanted was cock, and lots of it.

"Come on," she breathed to Dave. "Let me down."

He grinned and Dorothy sank to her knees and ran his stiff prick into her throat. It was warm and hard and she loved it and wanted more. Cocks in her ass and pussy, shooting over her tits and mouth. Anywhere, as long as they were big, hard cocks.

"Get her up!" a voice shouted.

Dorothy looked up to see that somebody had screwed a huge rubber vibrator into a support on the pillar so that it stuck out at the angle of a prick.

"Get up there and get that up your cunt!" the voice yelled.

Even an hour ago, Dorothy would have wept and pleaded at the sight of that massive rubber prick. Now she gasped with lust as she swarmed up the pillar, putting her feet on two of the supports and stretching up as she ran the vibrating rubber aver the hard bud of her clit.

"Ooooooh, yeahhhhh," she moaned and slipped the monster into her cunt.

It ran in on her flowing fuck juices, and she rammed down on it until she hung on the pillar, the cock taking almost all of her weight. She put her arms round the padded supports near her head and fucked herself up and down, slowly on the wonderful cock.

Over by the wall, she could see Kathy, bent over backward as she took one prick right down her throat and wriggled with delight at the long hard fucking another cop was giving her cunt. Kathy's tits were lined with red whip marks, and she rubbed them, her moans of delight reaching Dorothy's ears.

Then there was Zola standing over Sissy, whipping her ass as Sissy wept and pleaded not to be forced to take another cock. Dorothy sneered as Sissy gave in, reached forward, and slipped the massive stiff fuck pole into her mouth and let the cop fuck her mouth. Dorothy had never given in that easy. Zola was obviously disgusted, too. She dropped the whip and climbed into the chair where, the cop sat, his cock sinking in and out of Sissy's reluctant mouth. Zola spread her legs around his face and told him to suck her. He did, his tongue swirling around her hot clit while she clung to the back of the chair and ran her tongue over her lips.

One of the cops reached up and took Dorothy's hands. In one movement he slapped his cuffs around her wrists so that she was held to the pillar, still impaled on the monster cock. They took her ankles and lashed them, too, and Dorothy had the first pulses of an endless orgasm, running out of her pussy and mingling with the dreadful excitement of being bound.

"Who's first for her ass?" one of the cops yelled.

"Oh please," Dorothy begged, running her cunt up and down on the cock. "Please, whip my ass first, you'll have a much better time if you do."

She circled her ass, sliding up and down on the cock until she was moaning.

"You little bitch," said a voice she knew well. She looked down and smiled at Martin as he came around and ran his hand up her spread thighs. All the cops waited, gaping at the bound blonde, as she slid up and down on the pillar. "Do you promise, in front of all these cops, that you'll fuck every one of them that wants to fuck you, if I'm good to you and whip your ass?"

"Ohhh, yessss!" Dorothy sobbed. "I'll fuck them all, anyway they want, any way at all. Just whip me, please."

She gasped at herself and for a moment the shame rushed back over her. But she threw it aside. She knew who she was now. All those sleepless nights, the pills, the frustrations were gone. She would have everything she wanted from now on.

"Very good," Martin said calmly and walked to the stage, picking up the long thin plaited leather whip. Dorothy sobbed as she saw it, her ass dancing her expectation.

"Kiss it," he ordered.

Dorothy kissed the handle of the whip that was about to beat her. She licked the hard leather, sliding her mouth down on it, sucking it as if it was the most wonderful fuckrod in the world. All around her the cops stood silently, most of them running their hands over their cocks as they watched.

Dorothy sucked the handle of the whip, slid her mouth back up and kissed it again.

"Please, please, whip me!" she gasped, ramming her cunt down on the cock until it rubbed over her clit, sending endless spasms of lust all over her body.

Martin took the whip and walked behind her. Dorothy moaned and heaved on the pillar, waiting in a heaven of desire. She heard the faint swish of the leather and screamed in ecstasy as the thin leather cut into her ass, sending her hips spuming against the pillar and her cunt slamming down on the stiff rubber.

"Aaaaggkhhhh!" Dorothy screamed. "Ohhhh, whip me, whip me, please, ooohhh!"

Martin laid into her ass with all his force. Lines of red agony spread over Dorothy's white flesh, sending her into mindless yells of erupting come. Her ass beat up and down, straining to get as much of the whip as she could.

"Harder, harder!" the screamed. "Whip me harder!"

One of the cops climbed up the pillar, his cock sticking out like a flagpole. He ran his stiff prick over her lips. "Suck it, baby, suck it!"

Dorothy ran her mouth over the hard cock flesh. Greedily she sank it as far in as she could while he gasped and thrust himself close, letting her get all the eight or nine inches of his thick fuck shaft. He gasped and groaned with lust as the hat nympho took his fuck rod deeper into her throat, where her muscles worked over his shaft, loosening the cum from his balls.

"Ohhhh, yeahhh! Fuck my ass now!" Dorothy screamed. "Fuck my ass, all of you, please!"

She sank her mouth back on the cock as the first jets of cum bathed her mouth. Just the taste of the cum sent her into another spiral of climax. She sucked it down, letting it run over her tongue and into her throat as the cop leaned back on the pillar and watched her take his entire load in her mouth.

"Fuck me!" he bellowed. "She's un-fuckin' believable!"

His cock spurted thick ropes of cum over Dorothy's mouth as she let it run oyer her lips, letting them see her lick it into her mouth as she devoured the cop's cock.

Martin lashed the whip across Dorothy's ass three more times, watching her twist and heave under the leather. Then he threw the whip down.

"Okay," he shouted. "First come, first served."

There was a rush for Dorothy, but nobody fought over it. They smeared cream over Dorothy's ass as she licked and sucked the last of the cop's cum into her mouth. Below her, another cop ran his fingers into her shitter and Dorothy moaned with lust, bearing down on him until he pulled his finger out and climbed up.

He ran his cock to the puckered entrance of Dorothy's ass. She lunged down on him, capturing several inches of his stiff fuck pole in her wanton, hot shifter.

"Stick it up me!" she screamed. "Stick the fucker up me!"

The cop thrust his cock into Dorothy's guts with a long heave.

"Ohhh, fuuuuckkk!" Dorothy screamed. "Ohhhh, fuck my ass, fuck it!"

She throbbed on the pillar, her whole body demanding the fucking she was getting. The vibrating cock in her cunt and the stiff fucker up her ass drove her while with animal lust. The cop fucking her ass was already gasping as his fuck rod rubbed against the vibrating rubber prick in Dorothy's cunt, and her sucking ass muscles were driving his cock to the edge of a vast climax.

"Suck it!" demanded another cop as he climbed the pillar and ran his cock into Dorothy's mouth.

She sucked the long thick prick and his throbbing fuck rod beat crazily at her throat. She ran the fucker into her throat, heaving as the stiff cockhead rubbed over her throat muscles.

"Ohhhh, fuck, I'm shooting!" yelled the cop fucking Dorothy's ass.

His thick fuck rod pumped masses of fuck juice into Dorothy's shitter until gobs of it ran down her thighs.

"Jeez," gasped the cop as his still-oozing cock flapped out of Dorothy's ass. "What a fuck!"

The next cop climbed up and rammed his cock into Dorothy's hot, steaming shithole.

The cock in Dorothy's mouth spurted more delicious cum all over her lips and face as she sucked at the long thick cockshaft and let the thick gobs run down to her tits. As his prick went limp, another cop took his place, ramming his stiff prick into Dorothy's mouth.

She sucked in rising lust. She heard herself demanding that they whip her before the next cop fucked her ass. There were several of them, laying not only the leather whip, but also the thin cane into her throbbing ass cheeks. The cop mouth-fucking her leaned back as his cock sprayed, directing the cum stream onto Dorothy's tits as they heaved under the wonderful agony of the whips.

Then more cops rammed their cocks into her ass. Sissy climbed up and licked the cum off Dorothy's tits, until Dorothy was screaming with the dreadful explosions of lust throbbing through her. They were almost too much to bear.

They took her off the pillar, lifting her off the cock that had helped her soar to such heights of ecstasy. She took their cocks, sucking them, begging for more. They fucked her pussy and rammed their cocks into her open mouth. Cops jerked off over her tits until they ran with cum, and Kathy and Sissy licked it up.

Finally Dorothy found herself on her knees on the carpet. Below her, the last cop lay with a grin on his face and the limpest cock imaginable. Behind her, another cop gave a low moan of satisfaction and fell back, his limp prick squishing out of Dorothy's cunt.

The cops were fucked to a standstill. Over by the wall was Josh. He, too, had a limp cock and no energy to get it up again. Vaguely Dorothy remembered sucking him, and he must have fucked her cunt and ass, too. Two of the women cops lay near Josh, and there was Sissy, face down, moaning in humiliation as she clutched a cop's cock.

Dorothy grinned. She crawled over to the stage and raised herself on it. There lay Kathy, grinning at her mother.

"Fuck," she said drowsily. "You beat the shit outa them. How'd ya do it?"

"Lot of wasted time," said Dorothy with a grin. She leaned in and kissed Kathy. "Gonna be different from now on."

"Yeah, I know, you'll fuck all my boyfriends now," Kathy said with a smile. She ran her hand down and slid it over her cum-covered clit. "Fuck, that was the best ever."

"Maybe I will fuck your boyfriends," Dorothy said. "After all, you were fucking mine."

"Bitch," said Kathy. "Fair shares, okay?"

"You got it," Dorothy said, and slowly got up. Martin was by the door, looking at the scene with a grin. Dorothy walked slowly toward him.

He didn't speak at first. Slowly he took, her hands, peeled off the gloves, and undid the corset and let it fall away. Then he took the collar off. "Come with me."

He took Dorothy up to his bedroom and sat her on the edge of his bed. He took off each of her boots, while Dorothy sat there wondering if things could really in this good.

He was naked. She knelt at Martin's feet, running her hands over his bulge in his pants and gasping with joy what she found it hard and ready. He let her unzip his pants and slide them off, taking his cock and running her mouth over it.

Martin held her head softly and ran his cock slowly in and out of her wilting mouth. "You seem to have taken to my lifestyle. Would you like to make it permanent?"

"You want me to marry you?" Dorothy moaned. "You know what a whore I've became, I can't get enough. I fuck all the time!"

"Good," Martin said. "That's what you'll get. All the time. And Kathy too, she wants it just as much, and I'm sure you'd like to fuck all those boys she runs around with. As well as all my friends."

"And when I'm a bad girl you'll punish me?" moaned Dorothy, taking his cock into her mouth.

"You know how I punish bad girls." Martin said.

Dorothy choked as she took his cock to the hilt and sucked it.

"Ohhhh, yes, yes," Dorothy moaned.

"Anything you want."

"Right now," Martin said, "I think you should go into the bathroom and wash all that cum off you."

"Yes, oh, yes," Dorothy murmured. "But, please, sir, could we go down to the beach and wash me off there? That would be so much fun. If you'd do that, I'd suck you off on the sand, sir. Would you?"

Martin grinned. "Get your ass down to the beach."


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