Chained trained wife

Who can judge a person's reactions during stress situations? The prisoner of war who gives in to his captors' demands, the kidnaped heiress who joins forces with her abductors both must act without past experience to guide them. The end result can be either a very negative or a positive experience.

In CHAINED TRAINED WIFE, Victoria Halstead finds herself in just such a situation. Held captive, then degraded and forced to perform abnormal sexual acts, she nonetheless finds within herself hidden resources, a strength of character she never realized she had. Victoria suffers through an unspeakably horrible experience, but she comes through with her sensibilities intact, knowing she is more of a woman.


Victoria Halstead absolutely hated fucking. But she knew there was no way out of it tonight. Her husband was already lying naked on the bed, jacking off while he waited for her to come out of the bathroom. It had been over two weeks since she had given her horny husband any pussy, and she realized he could not be put off another night. He was hot as hell.

"Oh, God," she murmured, glancing at her shapely naked body in the full-length mirror while she dried off after her shower. "I never thought marriage would be like this. Why does sex have to be so ugly?"

She hurriedly finished toweling herself, then she used an electric blower to dry her long blonde hair. While she held the hair dryer aloft, the stream of hot air causing her hair to stream out to one side, she studied herself in the mirror.

At twenty-four, she had everything most men considered desirable in a woman. The lush curves of her body seemed very womanly, contrasting interestingly with her pale and satiny complexion, which seemed quite girlish. Her unblemished tits stood out pertly, capped by nipples so intensely pink they looked like ripe strawberries topping the creamy mounds of her tits.

Her pussy looked temptingly like that of a very young girl, with a sparse growth of curly blonde hair framing her delicate-looking pink pussy slot.

Victoria Halstead looked every inch the Irish lass that she was, her pretty face accentuated by emerald-green eyes with long blonde lashes that gave her an innocent, demure appearance.

Turning off the noisy hair dryer, she frowned, reminding herself that she was no longer in Ireland and certainly no longer the happy go lucky lass who had once tripped so merrily through the green pastures of her parents' farm in that far-away land.

No, she was a married woman now. Unhappily married, to be sure, but irreversibly married. She had defied her mother and father by marrying a professional gambler, and now they were living in a luxurious ranch-style home in the suburbs of Las Vegas.

The green hills of home seemed of another time, another place now. With her marriage to Andrew, she had burned all the bridges behind her. But how she loathed that hot barren desert outside. She despised it so much, she hardly ever left the house.

"Vicky! What the hell are you doing in there?"

Her husband's voice from the bedroom startled her. She quickly slipped into a diaphanous blue dressing gown, as if suddenly ashamed of her nakedness even though she was quite alone in the large and elegant bathroom.

"I'll be right out, Andy," she called through the closed door, tying the sash about her slender waist.

A cold shudder went through Victoria as she thought about the big stiff cock that was waiting for her out there.

Why couldn't Andy just play with himself and go to sleep? Why did he have to bother her like this all the time? Surely, he must realize by now more than a year after their marriage that she simply did not enjoy sex. Why did he insist on fucking her all the time? She almost wished he would take a mistress, and relieve her of the awful burden of satisfying his animal needs.

Victoria had been a virgin when she married Andrew, and the gross realities of sex had been quite a shock for her.

Opening the bathroom door, the pretty blonde swallowed hard and padded across the huge, dimly lit bedroom toward the bed. Light from the bathroom behind her revealed the sexy outlines of her naked body beneath the filmy dressing gown as she seemed to drift like a luminous ghost across the carpeted room.

She could see that her husband was still stroking his big stiff prick, the wet cock head glistening in the faint light.

"It's about time." Andy said impatiently. "I thought you'd fallen in or something."

"Don't be crude, darling," she murmured. "You do want me clean, don't you?"

"I've never known you to be unclean," he said. "You're probably the most immaculately clean woman I've ever known."

Victoria stood beside the bed, knowing she could no longer delay the inevitable. Letting her gown slip from her narrow shoulders, she gazed down at her husbands reclining form in the faint illumination.

Andrew was twenty-eight, and he was so incredibly handsome that he never seemed quite real to Victoria. He had neatly fashioned brown hair and pale-blue eyes that sometimes seemed to look into her very soul. He was a man of the world, originally from London, and his suave and debonair demeanor during their courtship had swept the simple Irish farm girl off her feet. But now that she was his, he often times forgot his manners and permitted an underlying coarseness to surface.

"Come on, woman," he said, jacking faster on his stiff cock as he reached for her. "Let's fuck, damn it!"

Victoria cringed as her husband grasped her tiny wrist and pulled her onto the bed roughly. She tumbled onto the rumpled satin sheets and into his strong embrace, feeling the hot hardness of his prick against her soft stomach. He ran his hands down her back and dug his fingers into the firmly rounded cheeks of her ass, pulling her against himself as he tried to maneuver his hard-on into the gash of her pussy.

"Oh, Andy!" she whimpered, her cunt muscles resisting his probing prick head. "Must you be so uncivilized about sex?"

"Fucking isn't a civilized activity," he said, biting her neck like a tomcat in heat. "That's what makes it so Goddamned much fun."

"Ungh!" she gasped, her green eyes opening wide as she felt his cock penetrating her resisting pussy. "Dear God! Please, Andy take it easy, honey."

But he didn't take it easy.

He thrust hard, fucking the entire length of his big prick into his wife's hot but dry cunt hole. Her body stiffened in his arms, and she sucked in a deep breath as he fucked in balls-deep.

Andy hated it because Vicky never got wet with anticipation, and he liked to punish her for her coldness by giving her dry pussy a good hard ramming with his massive fucker.

Clinging to her stiffened body with his muscular arms, he started fucking his prick in and out of her cunt rapidly, jolting her and causing her to grunt with each cock-lunge. She wouldn't relax, and he nearly squeezed all the air from her lungs as he fucked her faster and harder punishing her with his prick for not wanting him.

Most women Andrew Halstead had fucked and there had been plenty had practically creamed from excitement before he could even get his prick in them. He was generally considered quite the stud, a highly desirable hunk. And he could never understand why his beautiful wife failed to find him exciting in bed. She had never let him in her panties until after they were married, so he'd had no idea she was frigid until the honeymoon.

At first, it had been an interesting challenge to be met. But now, after a year of marriage and no improvement in her responsiveness, he was out of patience.

"Please, Andy," Vicky gasped, her voice tremulous. "I... I just don't enjoy it this way easy, honey please?"

"You don't enjoy fucking this way, or any other Goddamned way, Vicky," he said, stopping his wild humping.

Abruptly, he pulled his prick from her pussy and clambered up over her, straddling her on his knees as he sat down roughly on her tits. His circumcised cock bobbed lewdly above her face as an expression of horror clouded her pretty features.

"Andy! What do you think you're doing?" she demanded, pushing his cunt-smelly prick away with both hands. "Stop it!"

"Shut up, Victoria!" he snarled, knocking her hands away and pinning her arms to the bed with his knees. "You're gonna suck my cock and by damn. I mean it this time!"

"No, Andrew," she said firmly, as if she had the upper hand. "How many times do we have to go through this? No... absolutely not!"

"This is the last time we're going to go through this," he said, rubbing his leaking cock tip against her lips. "You're gonna suck me off this time, Miss Prissy Ass."

"Not," she yelped, quickly turning her head aside. "I'll never put that thing in my mouth I hate that damned thing!"

Andy slapped her across the cheek with his cock, splattering clear pre-cum on her face.

"It's not a thing, you dizzy bitch!" he yelled, twisting her head to bring her lips back in contact with his prick. "It's my cock. And you're my Goddamned wife. Now suck it!"

He jabbed his drooling cock head against her closed lips, hating the way she was glaring up at him in silent defiance. When she refused to cooperate, he slapped her, causing her mouth to fly open. And when her lips parted, he crammed his cock into her mouth so suddenly she couldn't stop him.

"There," Andy said, smiling down at her as she gagged on his prick. "That's not so bad, is it?"

But the young man's mellow mood was quickly dispelled when his pretty wife sank her teeth into his cock, biting hard just behind the flared ridge of the cock head.

Vicky began spitting the instant he yanked his prick from her mouth, trying to rid herself of the vile flavor of her cunt and his cock. She despised the foul odors and flavors of sex, and what he had done made her went to vomit.

"Don't you ever try that again, you bastard!" she shrieked, squirming wildly beneath his weight, unable to free her arms from beneath his knees. Hot tears trickled from her eyes. "But I just don't enjoy sex. Andy... can't enjoy sex!"

Andy stared at her for a moment, then he hung his head, as if in shame.

"You're the only girl I ever loved, really," he admitted, with a quality of boyish shyness in his voice. "And you're the only girl who ever totally rejected me. Maybe I'm the one who's crazy for loving you."

Finding that Andy had released the pressure of his knees on her arms, Vicky pulled one hand free and grasped his limber cock, as if to reassure him.

"I'm not totally rejecting you, Andy," she said nervously, stroking his prick sensuously and causing it to swell again. "I only reject vile perversion. You know how I was brought up back home. Oral sex is perverse... to me, at least. I just can't deal with things I was told all my life are wrong. Understand?"

"No," he said, forcing a wan smile. "I think it's perverse to never get hot. Don't you lever feel the urge to you know just get wild and crazy?"

"You're a very sexy guy, Andy," she admitted, freeing her other hand to caress his muscular chest while she jacked slowly on his hardening prick. "But no, I don't ever feel those wild urges you do. I can't help it, precious. I just don't feel it. And I can't fake it... and I don't think you'd want me to... would you?"

Andy smiled, trying to feign an understanding he didn't have. She was beyond understanding.

"Let me fuck you, Vicky," he whispered, caressing her forehead tenderly with his fingertips. "I'll be gentle. I promise. And I won't ask for anything... perverse. Okay?"

"Of course, darling," she cooed, squeezing his hard-on affectionately.

He slid down and lay atop her prone body, gently nudging his prick into the still-dry gash between her pussy lips.

Vicky felt herself going-tense again, but she was determined to let her husband fuck her. He needed it, and she loved him. It was the least she could do.

Andy pushed downward slowly, parting the puffy lips of her cunt with his advancing cock head. She forced herself to relax as his massive prick fucked into her pussy, and she even reached around and clasped the muscular buns of his ass with both hands, pulling as if wanting more of his cock, although she could hardly endure the deepening penetration. That small bit of encouragement excited him, and he fucked in to the balls, licking hungrily at her tits.

Her hands left his ass and skimmed up his broad back as she gasped with pain, trying to pretend she was gasping in ecstasy. She entangled, her fingers in his thick brown hair, urging him to keep lapping at her tits. He sucked a pink nipple into his mouth, wallowing his face against her firm tit mound while he wallowed his hairy groin against her crotch, churning his long fucker in the hot depths of her pussy.

Victoria hated it.

But she managed to make her involuntary cries of protest sound like cries of depraved pleasure.

Andy started fucking slowly, obviously having a hard time keeping himself from fucking her frantically, the way he wanted to. She appreciated the small kindness, and did the best she could to make it good for him. She loved Andy dearly, and she sometimes hated herself for not being able to be the woman he wanted her to be. But the most she could ever manage was a weak pretense of mild enjoyment.

Her mother had done this to her. She knew that. There had been far too much talk about how sorry and good for nothing men were, and how a decent woman should never permit a man to use her body except for procreation. Victoria knew that was all bull shit, but it had been so much a part of her upbringing that she couldn't unshackle herself now even though she wanted to. She was a frigid woman, and she didn't know how to be otherwise.

Andy's cock was creating a burning friction in Vicky's cunt as he fucked her slowly, but even that hot sensation didn't start the pussy juices flowing for her. Her cunt remained dry and unresponsive, and she was unable to feel any pleasure in the fucking. All she felt was misery and disgust, and the only sense of anticipation she felt was an eagerness for it to be over.

"Try to relax, baby." Andy rasped against her tit. "You're still resisting you're too tense."

"It feels wonderful," she lied, thrusting her hips to meet his rhythmic cock-strokes. "I love it, honey. I really do."

Even she knew she didn't sound convincing. And she could tell by the slight change in his fucking pace that he, too, now just wanted to get it over with.

As Andy began to fuck faster, he ran his tongue up along his wife's slender neck and covered her mouth with his, plunging his tongue inside.

Now that was something Vicky could get into. She adored kissing her handsome husband, and she sucked hotly on his tongue while he fucked his cock deeper and harder into her cunt. While they kissed, she caressed his back and his manly ass with roaming hands, using her cunt muscles to squeeze his prick.

"Oh, Vicky," he panted into her mouth. "I worship you!" He kissed her passionately again. "My precious angel!"

"And I adore you," she moaned, squirming her pussy on his embedded prick. "You beautiful man... fuck me!"

She was able to be convincing by combining the truth with the lie. She did think Andy was a beautiful man but she did not want him fucking her. She just wanted him to kiss her and make her feel loved and wanted. Why couldn't he do that, without cramming that thing up her cunt? But she was no fool. She knew that was too much to expect. He was a man. And he needed to feel a hot pussy clasping his stiff prick.

Suddenly, Andy rolled over, forcing Vicky to roll with him, bringing her, over on top. Before she knew what was happening, he pushed her up into a sitting position astride his loins, keeping her impaled on his upthrust cock.

"Fuck me, baby!" he urged, using his strong hands to make her bounce up and down. "Fuck that hot pussy on my cock... c'mon, honey do it! Fuck!"

Vicky had never fucked in that position. She knew some women did it like that, but she also knew it was a kind of borderline perversion. Somehow, it just seemed terribly improper for a woman to assume the dominant role in sex. That was something only sleazy sluts did. Her mother had told her repeatedly that no decent woman ever assumed a dominant role in sex.

The bewildered blonde at there on her husband's prick, looking confused, and a bit insulted.

"Damn it, woman!" Andy blurted, forcing her to bounce again. "Move that pussy! Fuck up and down get me off this way!"

"No," she said, rising and unplugging his prick from her pussy. "I'm not that sort of girl, Andy. You know that." She stretched out and lay on her back beside him, leaving his unattended cock standing in the air. "If you want to fuck me, let's do it the way civilized people do it. We're not animals, you know."

"The hell we're not!" he shouted, leaping off the bed in a rage. "When two people fuck, they're animals, Vicky... and I'm sick and tired of being nice!"

He grabbed her ankles and yanked her ass to the edge of the bed, quickly moving in between her legs. Before she could protest, he fucked his stiff prick back into her pussy. He was clinging to her satiny thighs and holding her like a wheelbarrow, jerking her entire body to and fro, causing her cunt to slide back and forth on his big fucker.

"Stop it, Andrew!" she demanded, flailing her arms and wincing with the pain of his rough fucking.

"Stop it!" he snapped, yanking her back and forth. "You won't fuck like a real woman so I'm jacking myself off with your Goddamned body... frigid bitch!"

Victoria clawed at the slippery satin sheets, grunting with each forceful plunge of her tight pussy onto her husband's prick.

"Andrew! Have you gone mad?" she screamed. "Why are you treating me like this? Stop it!"

He did stop, for a moment, keeping his cock buried to the balls in her hot tight cunt.

"I'm a passionate man, Victoria," he said, panting from his wild exertion. "But you're a cold, cold woman."

She took advantage of his relaxed hold on her thighs to squirm free, scooting backward on the slippery sheet. Her husband's prick popped from her pussy with lewd noise and slapped against his stomach.

Andrew reacted instantly, grabbing her hair clambering atop her frail body. His tugging on her hair was causing horrid pain in her scalp. The rush of sharp pain distracted her, and before she knew it, he had her arms pinned beneath his knees again, his cock and hairy balls brushing her chin. She wanted to scream, but she knew that if she opened her mouth, it would immediately be stuffed with cock meat.

"Shit," he said in disgust gripping his hard-on. "I may as well beat off and get same relief. I've been jacking off more since we got married than I ever did as a bachelor."

He started pumping his prick, just above her face. His cum-laden balls bounced obscenely against her chin, and she couldn't breathe without inhaling the pungent scent of his crotch.

Victoria reined a bit, secretly glad that he was going to get his rocks off this way. He had shot his cum load an her face once before. It had been an unpleasant experience, but it wasn't as bad as getting fucked. And it was certainly better than the unimaginable horror of ending up with that slimy stuff in her mouth. Anything would be better than that.

Andrew's fist made a slick slurping noise on his cock as pre-cum drooled down his cock lance. And, while that hand flew up and down on his prick, he reached back with the other hand and finger-fucked his wife's tight cunt hole. He grimaced at the discovery that her pussy was still dry inside, the barely moist cuntal walls gripping at his finger as he fucked it in and out. His knees continued to hold her securely in place while he jacked off over her face.

She cringed as the curly hairs on his ball sac tickled her chin and lips. But she kept her eyes open, looking up at the way his tongue was lolling out of his mouth as he beat his meat. She knew that was sure sign he was about to cum. She had driven him to jacking off many times, and she knew the whole routine. It was boring predictable.

Still, Victoria did get some pleasure out of watching her handsome husband jack off. She thought he was a gorgeous specimen of manhood, and she liked the way all the muscles in his sleek body became so prominent when he was about to climax.

Andrew's fist became a blur as he pumped his prick faster, and his finger clawed at the raw interior of Victoria's pussy as his orgasm neared. She saw his squared pectorals expand, his abdominal muscles ridge dramatically and his brawny arms bulge with masculine power then she shut her eyes as the first jet of creamy jism burst forth from the tip of his glossy cock head.

In the next instant, Victoria felt her husband's warm cum splattering all over her face. She flinched at the lewd sensation and groaned with tightly closed lips, not wanting any of the vile stuff to get into her mouth.

It was making her sick, but she lay there passively and let Andrew shoot his cum load all over her face. She felt the warm, slimy gobs of cum running down both sides of her face, and then another creamy comet of cum spattered right on one of her closed eyelids, pooling there in that depression and causing her to clench her eyes even more tightly shut.

As he pounded his prick noisily, spurting out the dregs of his pent-up cum load, she could feel his furry balls brushing her chin more slowly.

Finally, he stopped jacking off and sat back on her chest, flattening her tits under his ass, his balls settling into her cleavage. She felt his limp prick plop down wetly against her breastbone as he pulled that aggravating finger out of her cunt.

Victoria cautiously opened the eye that wasn't covered with cock cream, peering up at her husband. His head was drooping, and his chest was heaving as he panted in the aftermath of his much-needed climax. He was smiling down at her in a peculiar, almost shy way.

"Are you entirely finished?" she asked coldly.

He nodded, crawling off her and flopping onto his back beside her.

"God," she sighed, sitting up and feeling his cum running down her neck and onto her tits. "What an abominable mess you've made, Andrew. I hope you're happy now."

"Don't worry," he said quietly, without looking at her. "It'll all come out in the wash."

"But the ugly memory lingers," she said. She slid from the bed and stood. "I can't shower that away."

Andrew propped himself up on one elbow.

"My bonny lass," he said, "you don't know anything bout ugliness, yet."

"What do you mean... yet?"

"Nothing," he said, rolling over onto his side and curling up to go to sleep. "Nothing at all, my dear."


The next morning seemed normal enough to Victoria. She was hoping nothing would have to be said about the night before, and her husband graciously said nothing about it.

But Andrew did seem less communicative than usual. While Victoria prepared breakfast, he took his morning swim in the nude, as usual. And, as usual, she sullenly refused to even glance at her naked husband while she put breakfast on the patio table out by the pool. Although a high wall surrounded their back yard, affording total privacy, Victoria hated for Andrew to skinny-dip, and they had argued about if frequently. But Andrew, justifiably proud of his athletic body, liked to run around naked. And he had continued to skinny-dip, despite his wife's protests.

He had eventually compromised by wearing a towel at the breakfast table, since Victoria insisted the sight of a naked man at the table spoiled her appetite. The truth was, the sight of a naked man under any circumstances made Victoria sick. After their customary pool side breakfast, Andrew got dressed and told his wife he was going to fly up to Tahoe for a few days and see if his luck improved there; he was on a losing streak at the Vegas casinos.

Victoria didn't think that too unusual.

Andrew Halstead had won and lost fortunes in casinos all over the world. But, in the long run, he always came out ahead gambling, and he and Victoria lived very well. So she never questioned his judgement about gambling; he was a professional.

She only hoped he didn't lose the house in Tahoe before his luck turned. She had never quite gotten over having to give up the beautiful villa they'd had in Monte Carlo when she first married him but she could hardly complain. He had lost the villa the same way he got it gambling. Easy come, easy go.

After Victoria had taken Andrew to the airport, she returned to their palatial home on the outskirts of town. She was always lonely when he was gone, rattling around that big house all by herself. She sorely missed the friends and the busy social life she had established in Monte Carlo. She didn't like Americans very much, and had yet to feel comfortable in Las Vegas.

The day passed uneventfully.

Victoria hibernated inside the huge house, enjoying the air conditioning while the desert out side sweltered. She despised the desert in summer and never went outside, except early in the morning or after sundown. She complained constantly that Las Vegas was unfit for human habitation. But that was where the big casinos were, and so that was where they lived for now, anyway.

That day, the lonely housewife managed to entertain herself watching the afternoon soaps on television, working on the rug she was weaving, and then watching the evening news. After having dinner alone in the kitchen she never liked to dine alone in the huge and elegant dining room Victoria got into her conservatively cut one-piece swimsuit and ventured out into the lingering heat for a dip in the pool. The sun had set, and the temperature was tolerable, even though the concrete around the pool was still nearly hot enough to blister her feet.

She ran across the pool deck, her green swimsuit glinting in ghostly light from the pool, and splashed into the refreshing water.

As she floated lazily on her back, she noticed a few of the brighter stars already twinkling in the sky, which was quickly going from gray to black. The stars were like old friends to Victoria, because they were the same stars she had known so well as a girl in Ireland. The familiar patterns of the stars in the night sky always reminded her of home, of a time when life was simple and predictable.

Kicking gently to propel herself through the caressing water, Victoria focused her gaze on the brightest star in the sky.

"Star light, star bright... first star I've seen tonight... I wish I may, I wish..." Her breath suddenly caught in her throat when she saw a head pop up over the back wall. Some young man was watching her and watching with a brazen lack of concern over the fact that she obviously saw him.

Then, before she could react, two more guys' head came into view. The three guys were evidently standing on the big trash container out in the alley, and they were looking her over with alarming boldness.

Victoria suddenly felt violated, and she started swimming for the edge of the pool nearest the house.

"All right, guys!" one of them said approvingly. "We're in luck! She's a real looker!"

Another one of them gave a lewd wolf-whistle, and all of them started laughing as the frightened young woman scrambled out of the water and started backing toward the patio door.

"Get out of here!" she shouted angrily. She clutched her arms to her tits protectively, even though her swimsuit more than amply covered her charms. "This is private property!"

The first guy she had seen, who had a red bandanna tied around his curly brown hair, climbed up atop the wall and stood there arrogantly.

"Come on, lady," he said. "What kind of hospitality is this? Ain't you gonna invite us in for the party?"

"There's no party here." Victoria said, still edging backward nervously. "You must have the wrong place."

"Nope," he said confidently. "We got the right place."

She stared at the muscle-bound young punk in disbelief. He was wearing tight faded jeans and a midriff T-shirt that lewdly exposed his belly. He was probably in his mid-twenties. And he was rather handsome, except that he had dark-brown eyes that looked sinister to her.

"Well, Vicky?" he said, hooking a thumb in his front pocket. "You ready to party?"

Victoria felt goose bumps rising on her satiny flesh when the brash stranger called her by name. She had never seen him before in her life. The other two guys mounted the wall, then all three of them jumped nimbly down into the yard and began advancing around the pool, coming toward her.

"Oh, dear God!" she gasped when she got a good look at all of them. "No!"

Those other two were carrying things that made Victoria's blood run cold metal things that glittered in the shimmering light from the still-undulating water in the pool.

Chains were draped over their shoulders, heavy chains of the type bikers might use. Handcuffs dangling from the belt loops on their jeans swung as they walked, and one of them wore a holster containing a big knife. Both of them were carrying ropes and other items she couldn't quite make out.

It was all happening so fast, Victoria couldn't be certain what she was seeing except that it looked like something out of a nightmare.

They were approaching the terrified woman rapidly now. She kept her eyes on them, searching frantically behind her back for the patio door handle. They reminded her of horrid New York street gangs she had seen in films only this was all too real!

"Go away!" Victoria yelped pitifully, gripping the door handle and already knowing it was too late.

Before she could get inside the house, the big guy with the bandanna grabbed her wrist, yanking her violently away from the door.

During the fleeting moment when that big hand first grasped her frail wrist, Victoria froze with fear. She just stared open-mouthed at the three guys, unable to believe they had come right into her back yard and accosted her this way.

The muscle-bound guy with the midriff T-shirt and the red bandanna seemed to be the leader. The youngest one, a blond teenager in jeans and a Hawaiian shirt, had the outward appearance of a decent collegiate type. But the other one, a big mean-looking Mexican with piercing blue eyes, gave Victoria the creeps. Clad in jeans and a dirty-looking white tank top, he was a powerful, savage-looking man with very dark skin. His coal-black eyes seemed to flash with malevolence.

"Let's chain the bitch up and fuck her!" the big Latino said eagerly, speaking in a booming baritone voice. "Get her swimsuit off!"

"Just a fuckin' minute, Raul," the guy with the bandanna said, holding tightly to both of Victoria's wrists. He drew her close to his face. "You want to fuck us nice, lady? Or you wanna make it bad for yourself? Either way, don't make no difference to us."

The foul aromas of beer and tobacco wafted into her face from his mouth as he spoke, causing her to wrinkle her nose.

"Get your hands off me, you scumbag!" she blurted. "I'd die before I'd let trash like you touch me... that way."

"Don't let her talk to you like that, Chuck," the blond guy said, seemingly excited by her little bit of resistance. "Slap the shit out of her!"

There was a loud clattering noise as Raul dropped the heavy chains he'd been carrying. He abruptly grabbed the back of her swimsuit and yanked, ripping the zipper open clear down to her ass.

"Get the bitch naked and let's fuck her!" he demanded.

Victoria gasped with embarrassment as Chuck held her hands firmly while the Mexican literally tore her swimsuit from her body, leaving her standing stark naked before them.

"Yeah!" the blond exclaimed, grabbing one of her bare tits and squeezing it. "You're real pretty, lady... real pretty!"

In the next instant, Victoria felt the Mexican's hands on her naked ass. He was squeezing her fleshy ass cheeks and probing into the crevice of her ass with one finger, causing her to lurch forward when he jabbed a finger up her tight asshole.

When she lunged forward to escape the finger up her ass, her pussy banged against Chuck's cock bulge, and she could tell he already had a hard-on.

"Man!" Chuck laughed. "Look at that. She can't wait for it!"

He forced her hand down to his crotch, making her rub her delicate fingertips over the outline of his big stiff prick in the denim. He stared into her green eyes, obviously pleased by the shock he saw there. Victoria had never felt so humiliated in her life.

"Feel her cunt, Scott." Chuck said to the blond. "See if she's gettin, wet for my cock yet."

Scott's hot hand was suddenly groping in Victoria's crotch, his fingers brushing through her fine blonde cunt hair and rubbing her cunt lips. At the same time, she felt Raul's rough hands at her ass again, his jabbing finger fucking her asshole again. She flinched as he started finger-fucking her ass at the same time Scott crammed a finger into her cunt hole.

"Dry," Scott said, frowning. "Her pussy's dry man."

"Shit," Chuck said in disgust. "Well, I'll take care of that in short order. Here... hold her hands while I get little old Oscar out. He'll get her all juicy."

"Oscar's his dick," Scott said, laughing boyishly as he took over restraining Victoria.

Raul kept finger-fucking Victoria's asshole with one hand, rubbing the satiny globes of her ass with the other. Scott held her wrists firmly, licking his lips as he gazed fondly at her pelt, pink-nippled tits. Victoria watched in dismay as Chuck unbuckled his belt and shoved his jeans down onto his thighs. His hard prick sprang up as his jeans went down, since he wore no underwear.

His circumcised cock was large, far larger than her husband's cock. The muscular punk stood there for a moment, his feet planted far apart and his bare mid-section and loins lewdly exposed as he jacked on his prick. She could see a droplet of clear pre-cum glistening on his gaping piss slit.

"I'm wet for you, baby." Chuck said, using his thumb to smear the pre-cum over his cock head. "Gonna get you wet, right now."

Scott moved to one side, still holding Victoria's wrists as Chuck stepped forward, aiming his prick at her vulnerable pussy.

Victoria's wind was racing. She glanced about frantically, wondering if any of the neighbors were outside. If they weren't she knew she could scream her head off without anyone hearing her, isolated as they were in their air conditioned homes.

Quickly, she decided it would be wise to wait until these maniacs were more preoccupied with her body. If she tried to scream for help right now, they would be able to stop her too soon.

The big guy with his jeans down moved closer, nudging the drooling tip of his rigid prick against her cunt gash. She involuntarily jerked back, impaling her ass even deeper on the Mexican's finger.

"Here comes Oscar!" Chuck teased, holding her slender waist as he shoved hard.

"Goddamn, this chick's got one fuckin' tight asshole!" Raul enthused. "Her ass is about to snap my finger right off!"

Victoria sucked in a deep breath as she felt Chuck's mighty prick fucking into her nervously clenching cunt hole.

"She's got a snappin' pussy, too, man!" Chuck laughed, burying about half the length of his big fucker in her cunt. "Shit!"

The blond youth lowered his head and started sucking on one of her tit tips, biting her tender nipple hard while he sucked.

"Like them sweet titties, huh, Scotty?" Chuck said, leaning back to leave room for the guy's head between his own body and Victoria's. "Suck the other one! She likes it!"

Scott moved to her other tit, alternately sucking gently and biting cruelly on the rosebud nipple. At the same time, Chuck shoved hard again, clinging to Victoria's waist as he fucked a bit more of his thick prick into her resisting pussy. Behind her, Raul had gone to his knees and was kissing the cheeks of her ass while he fucked his finger in and out of her gripping asshole at a faster pace.

"You animals," Victoria murmured, staring into Chuck's handsome but cruel face. "You all think you're such big men... does it really take three of you to handle one woman?"

Chuck guffawed in her face, fucking his big cock in to the hairy root.

"I think you're woman enough for all of us," he said, holding her waist tightly as he churned his fucker inside her cunt.

The sudden feeling of having her pussy stretched glove-tight around that massive hunk of cock meat was more than Victoria could endure. She gasped and her eyes widened, then she let her head roll forward, banging her forehead against Chuck's brawny chest. Her sudden movement trapped Scott's head between her tits and the big guy's abdomen. The tit he was sucking pillowed against his face, making it impossible for him to breathe.

At that instant, Victoria suddenly realized Scott had momentarily lessened his grip on her wrists. Acting with the futile instincts of a trapped animal, she made a futile effort to escape.

She jerked her hands free abruptly bringing one knee up and ramming it into the blond youth's crotch. At the same time, her arm flew upward and she slapped Chuck across the face with all her strength.

There was a flurry of activity as Scott fell away, clutching his crotch and bending over in pain. Chuck was so startled by the slap that he lurched backward, pulling his prick from Victoria's pussy so abruptly that it caused a lewd suctioning sound as it popped out. When that happened, she spun around, causing Raul's finger to come out of her asshole. Before the surprised Mexican could get to his feet, she grabbed his thick black hair with both hands and hit him in the jaw with her knee, sending him sprawling on his ass.

Then, in a precious second when she was free of their hands. Victoria broke into a run, heading for the high wall separating her property from that of the neighbors. Her mind was in a whirl and the adrenaline pumped madly as she ran naked toward the wall, toward freedom.

The punks were instantly in hot pursuit, scrambling after her like a pack of mad dogs.

"Don't let her get over that fence!" Chuck yelled.

When she reached the wall, Victoria leaped with all her might, coming to rest with her elbows atop the rough tile. Panting with terror, she threw one leg up and over, clawing at the wall to keep from falling back before she could get over the top.

Her eyes went wide with panic when she felt their big hands gripping the one leg she hadn't gotten up yet.

"You fuckin' crazy bitch!" Scott snarled.

"You ain't goin nowhere, cunt!" she heard Chuck saying.

"Lemme at her!" Raul growled. "I'll kill her!"

Strong hands were gripping her leg. It felt like a dozen hands to her. And they were dragging her back down, scraping her bare tits over the rough tile at the top of the fence. She looked around frantically from her momentary vantage point atop the wall. There were no signs of people outside in the adjoining yards. She decided to scream for help, anyway, knowing it might be her last chance.

"Help!" Victoria shrieked at the top of her lungs as she clawed at the top of the wall in a futile effort to resist their tugging from below. "Help! Rape! Rape! Oh. God! Help me, somebody!"

But she couldn't see a living soul anywhere around.

A second later, she lost her hold on the wall and slipped down, down into the arms of those sex-crazed barbarians. As she went down, her chin hit the top edge of the hit, and she thought for a moment it had knocked her teeth loose. She was slightly stunned by the sharp blow, and she slid without further resistance into their waiting hands.

Victoria was groggy for a few seconds. Her only awareness was of the men's hands all over her naked body as they literally dragged her back to the patio between the pool and the house.

She groaned pitifully as they threw her dawn onto the concrete beside the patio table.

She was vaguely conscious of the heat still radiating from the concrete patio floor.

Then she felt tiny pin points of coldness on her flesh. It took her a moment to realize one of the men had dipped his hand in the pool and was flicking water on her to bring her back to consciousness.

A cold chill shot through Victoria as she awoke to the clanking sounds of chains being dragged about nearby. She opened her eyes and saw Chuck with his jeans fastened again now standing over her. He was glaring down at her, his upper lip curled in a sneer. Behind Chuck, she could see that Raul and Scott were fooling with those heavy chains they had brought along straightening the chains out, fastening metal cuffs to them.

"Looks like we're gonna have to use these, after all," Scott said, snapping a cuff onto the end of a chain.

"That's all right," Raul said in his deep voice. "It'll be more fun this way."

"The bitch is awake." Chuck said, standing with his hands on his hips and looking down at her.

The big Mexican dropped his chain and stomped over to where Victoria lay on the concrete. He grabbed her long blonde hair and jerked her head up, snarling angrily down at her.

"You stupid whore!" he bellowed. "We're either gonna fuck you or kill you and I don't much give a shit which way it goes, understand?"

He whipped a glinting dagger from the holster at his side touching the razor-sharp edge of the blade lightly to Victoria's delicate throat.

It was then that she realized she had missed a lot while she had been in her daze. Wanting to push the knife away from her throat, she discovered her wrists were bound behind her back with rope or something. Then she found that her ankles were also tied securely. She trembled in terror, hating the awful sensation of that knife blade against her throat.

"I mean it, bitch," Raul said, his dark eyes glinting with evil. "I'll cut your Goddamned throat if you act up again. Got that, blondy?"

"Yes," Victoria rasped meekly, lying quite still.

Chuck squatted down beside her, gently drawing Raul's hand and the knife away from her throat.

"It's too soon, Raul," Chuck said condescendingly. "Let's have our fun with her then you can slit her fuckin' throat, for all I care. But I wanna fuck her while she's alive and warm, man."

"Yeah!" Scott agreed, still fumbling with chains and manacles. "I don't wanna fuck no dead chick. Raul. You put that fuckin' blade away till later."

"Oh, dear God in heaven!" Victoria cried loudly, squirming on the hot concrete. "Why me?"

"Why you?" Chuck mocked her. "Because you're a cunt, and you're here that's why."

Victoria started crying, writhing in misery as they laughed at her helplessness. Warm tears streaked down each side of her pretty face, running into her hairline. Her vision blurred with burning tears and she felt as if she might vomit.

"Hey, Chuck," Scott called. "We gonna fuck her out here or in the house?"

"Let's do it out here." Raul suggested, sliding his dagger back into its holster. "Be easy to dip her in the pool to clean her up between fucks."

"She's liable to start yellin' for help again," Scott said, staring at the twin peaks of her tits. "I say we ought to take her inside."

"I'll fix her up so she won't do any more yelling," Chuck said.

He untied the red bandanna on his head and started wadding it up as he moved it toward Victoria's face.

"Oh, no! Please!" she gasped. "Don't gag me I can't stand that! I'll keep quiet I promise."

"We can't take any chances," Chuck said, pushing the wadded bandanna against her lips. "C'mon, now, open up like a good girl."

"Oh, please!" she begged, turning her face quickly away.

Ignoring her plea, Chuck crammed the rag into her mouth forcefully. Victoria was disgusted. She could taste the big guy's salty sweat on the smelly bandanna as it filled her mouth, and she despised those masculine flavors and odors. She groaned through the nauseating gag, hoping she wouldn't throw up and choke to death on her own vomit.

"There," Chuck said, once he had crammed as much of the bandanna as possible into her mouth. "That ought to keep you quiet."

"Let's get the chains on her." Raul urged. "How about chaining her to the diving board? That way, if her pussy gets too hot from all the fuckin', we can dunk her and cool her off."

"You and your damned chains!" Chuck said, shaking his head. "Those ropes are doin' just fine, man. You don't see her goin' anywhere, do you?"

"Aw, Chuck!" Scott whined. "Let us chain the bitch up. All women belong in chains, far as I'm concerned."

"Yeah," Raul agreed. "The only good woman's a chained woman. It makes 'em hot, man."

"It makes me hot, too," the blond youth said, leering at Victoria's naked, bound body.

Victoria couldn't believe it. Scott looked like such a nice, clean-cut young man. But he was obviously as warped as the other two guys maybe worse, judging from the way he kept fondling those chains and manacles so fondly.

Looks can certainly be deceiving, Victoria thought.

While the guys discussed what to do with her, she kept thinking about something she hadn't had much time to seriously consider. One of them had called her by her name when they first came over the wall. How did they know who she was?

A horrid thought kept flitting through her mind, something eerie and formless, like a bat flitting about in a dark cave a thought so hideous she couldn't really bring herself to focus on it.

Was it possible that her frustrated husband had sent these barbarians to punish her for her coldness? Was that the real reason Andy had left town? Surely not!

Andy was a bit peculiar, but he wasn't insane.


While Chuck went in the house in search of beer, Raul and Scott removed the ropes from Victoria's wrists and ankles, gleefully replacing them with heavy metal manacles and chains.

If Victoria hadn't been gagged, she could have told the maniacs there was no beer in the house. She and Andrew had no taste for such low-class beverages, preferring fine wines and delicate liqueurs.

When they had the manacles secured on her, the two guys picked Victoria up and carried her around the pool to the low diving board at the deep end.

"Look at that pink little-girl pussy," said Scott, who had her feet. "Man, that's eatin' stuff!"

"She's got a cute butt on her," Raul said. "I'm gonna fuck that sweet ass, too."

"Don't you ever fuck pussy, man?"

"Not when there's a hot ass like hers around."

The chains clattered as they hauled Victoria out onto the diving board. They laid her out lengthwise on the springy board.

Then a brief argument ensued over whether she should be bound face down or face up. Raul wanted her on her stomach, and Scott wanted her on her back. Chuck came out of the house with a bottle of wine and settled the argument she would be bound face up.

The ass-crazy Mexican muttered irritably about the decision, but be helped Scott wrap the cold heavy chains around the prone young woman, binding her securely to the diving board.

When they finished securing the chains, Victoria was lying on her back atop the board, her manacled wrists fastened together beneath the board. Her ankles were also secured beneath the board, which caused her legs bent at the knees and spread to be sprawled open like those of a frog. The position made her pretty pussy gape open, revealing the glistening pink inner cunt folds.

Heavy chains criss-crossed her chest, making a big X between her upthrust tits. Her ripe nipples stood atop the pale mounds of her tits like cherries atop luscious mounds of whipped cream, and her long blonde hair cascaded over the edges of the diving board, hanging down and glinting in the eerie light from the pool beneath.

Satisfied with their handiwork, Scott and Raul abandoned Victoria, joining Chuck at pool side.

The three guys stood around and guzzled wine from the bottle, all of them staring hungrily at the chained woman while they passed the bottle around like winos in a park.

While they polished off that fine vintage in such an uncouth manner, Victoria kept trying to use her tongue to push that wadded-up bandanna out of her mouth hoping to gain another opportunity to cry out for help. But it was impossible. Chuck had crammed the entire bandanna into her mouth, and now that wet rag was wedged in quite securely. She couldn't budge it with her tongue.

Victoria kept wondering why these punks weren't ransacking the house for jewelry and other valuables. In the back of her mind, she already knew the reason. But her conscious mind simply would not accept the obvious that Andrew had arranged to have her terrorized by these young barbarians. It just couldn't be!

"Let's get naked and fuck her," Chuck suggested casually. He tossed the empty wine bottle over onto the grass, rubbing his prominent cock-bulge. "And this time by God, I'm gonna finish." He glanced malevolently at Victoria's prone figure. "Yeah, this time. I'm gonna empty my balls in that bitch's cunt."

Scott rubbed his own crotch lewdly. "Shit, man, just lookin' at her all chained up and naked like that's got me so fuckin' hot I'm about to cream my jeans."

"I'm fuckin' her first," Raul said confidently as he began to strip.

"The hell you are!" Chuck said as he started tearing his clothes off, too. "After you've dipped that big fucker of yours in her pussy, she'll be so Goddamned stretched Scott and me might just fall in."

"Look, man," Raul snarled. "I'm not stickin' my prick in any cunt that's already full of you guys' cum." He kicked his sneakers off, glaring at Chuck. "I'm first."

"You're last, Raul." Chuck said with a tone of finality. "And don't gimme any more lip."

As the three guys stripped, Victoria kept her head raised, watching as they threw their clothes on the chaise lounges by the pool.

As their masculine bodies were revealed, she kept staring, feeling a strange mixture of utter revulsion and hypnotic fascination. Until tonight, she had never been fucked by any man except her husband, and she was curious about other men. She was particularly curious about the Mexican's cock, since their conversation had indicated he was exceptional. She hoped they exaggerated.

Victoria's eyes widened and her pulse quickened when Raul pushed his red briefs down his muscular thighs. His stiff uncircumcised prick sprang up as his underwear went down, slapping against his abdomen with an audible thud.

They had not exaggerated. That brawny savage had a cock on him the likes of which Victoria had never even imagined, and his dark hairy balls were immense. His cock and balls looked to her as if they belonged on an animal, rather than on a man.

When she began to groan in dismay through the gag, all the men laughed at her. But her gaze was riveted to Raul's big brown fucker, and she couldn't stop looking. It was unbelievable.

"She's payin' attention now." Chuck said with a laugh.

"You like it, bitch?" Raul said, his white teeth gleaming as he skinned back his colossal cock and wagged it at her. "One of my women calls it the dick of death."

He started jacking proudly on his hard-on, keeping the glistening cock head aimed at Victoria. She cringed at the lewd sight and shut her eyes, bumping the back of her head against the diving board. She knew she would survive being fucked by Scott and Chuck, even though Chuck was well hung. But she couldn't imagine living through being impaled on that brown barbarian's immense cock. He simply wasn't human!

Victoria felt the diving board bouncing slightly and opened her eyes to discover that Chuck had joined her. He was standing over her, straddling her prone body. From her vantage point, the muscle-bound young stud looked like a bigger-than-life sculpture towering up against the black vault of the night sky, his naked body illuminated from below by the pool lights. His prick stood out from his hairy groin like an obscene club and, behind his hairy balls, she could see the split of his ass.

"You won't slap me this time," he said, his hands on his hips as he looked down at her. "No more slappin' and kickin', you blonde bitch Goddess... just nice mellow fuckin' now. Right?"

Raul and Scott sat down on the edge of the pool, dangling their legs in the water as they watched and urged Chuck on.

Victoria sucked in a deep breath through her flared nostrils as the shaggy-haired guy stepped back and knelt between her sprawled legs.

"I like to eat pussy just before I fuck it," he said, lowering his head between her legs.

The heavy chains criss-crossing her chest were cold against Victoria's tits, and her legs already ached from the awful frog-like position.

She flinched when she felt Chuck's hot tongue touch the sensitive lips of her cunt. It was disgusting! She had never permitted Andy to engage in such perverse behavior, even though he had often expressed a desire to lap her pussy. Victoria had no interest in sucking cock, and she had never been able to accept that a man might find pleasure in poking his tongue around in a woman's cunt. It just seemed like something animals might do but not civilized people.

"Go for it. Chuck!" Scott urged, jacking off frantically as he sat on the pool's edge.

"Eat that pussy, man! Yeah!"

Chuck certainly didn't need any encouragement. He was lapping up and down Victoria's cunt gash with mounting fervor now. And, while he licked her gaping pussy, he was reaching upward with both hands, kneading her chained tits.

She squirmed uncomfortably, wishing he would stop doing that. How could he enjoy such a depraved thing? Her mother had been right men were nothing but animals. They would stick their cocks and their tongues in anything when they were hot. They needed to be disciplined, for their own good.

Chuck dug his fingers into the upthrust mounds of her creamy tits, swiping his thumbs over her rosy nipples while he slurped like a hungry wolf at her open pussy. Then, abruptly, he fucked his stiffened tongue deep into her cunt hole, plastering his lips to the rim of her pussy lips.

Victoria felt the guy's nose nudging her clit while he tongue-fucked her cunt hole, sending strange sensations surging through her loins. She had never had a mouth on her pussy before, and it was a bizarre sensation to her. Interesting, too. But it was still a repulsive thing for a man to be doing.

She bucked her hips, rattling the chains and causing the diving board to bounce slightly. She meant to try and buck the guy's face from between her legs. But all she succeeded in doing was thrusting her pussy up harder against his sucking mouth.

"Look at that!" Raul exclaimed, slowly stroking his massive hard-on. "She likes it!"

"No, I don't think so," Scott said. "She's still trying to get him off her."

"She'll learn to like it pretty soon," Raul muttered, narrowing his strange blue eyes as he watched. "They all do."

Chuck slapped Victoria hard on the ass to settle her down. Then he resumed his cunt-lapping with even more zeal, his big hands returning to maul her tits some more.

Victoria cringed as the young hoodlum made obscene slurping sounds between her legs. It was humiliating for her, lying there on display like that, her bent legs spread so widely and her cunt so vulnerable to the lewd explorations of his tongue. And having the others watch that way only added to her feeling of being degraded.

When Chuck raised his shaggy head at last, Victoria relaxed a bit, hoping he was finished with licking her pussy. It reminded her of things she had seen dogs do in the streets.

"Don't you ever juice up, baby?" Chuck whispered as he crawled atop her naked body. "What the fuck's your problem?"

She could only moan through her gag as she felt the big guy's cock pressing into her crotch and his chest flattening her chain-bound tits. Why did her husband and this guy seem to expect her cunt to get all juicy when they touched her? Her cunt had never been runny like that, and she would have been appalled if she did respond that way. Nice women didn't go round with cunt juice running down their thighs; that was something that happened to sluts and loose women, not to ladies.

Chuck was wiggling his hips, nudging his hard-on insistently against her pussy-slot as he started kissing her rag-stuffed mouth.

Victoria nearly swallowed the bandanna, she was so utterly repulsed by the faint odor of her own cunt on his mouth. How could this maniac imagine any decent woman would want to kiss him right after he'd had his mouth on her pussy? She groaned and whined through the gag, turning her face aside quickly to avoid Chuck's kiss.

"Listen, bitch," he said, holding her chin roughly, "I'm gonna get you all wet, wet for my cock... and you're gonna like it. Understand?"

The anger she could see flashing in his brown eyes caused her to nod in silent agreement.

Chuck raised up on both arms, causing the diving board to jiggle as he shoved the spongy head of his prick against Victoria's cunt slit. As he increased the pressure, he stared into her green eyes as if daring her to resist.

She grunted as she felt his cock slipping into the resisting tightness of her fuck-hole, but there was nothing she could do to stop the penetration. Her body stiffened with tension as Chuck's big prick fucked deeper and deeper into her cunt. It was a most unpleasant sensation, and even though she tried to make it easy on herself by relaxing and taking his prick, her cunt muscles involuntarily clenched tightly, causing the slow penetration to be painful.

When Chuck's cock bottomed out, the hairy base of his prick spreading her clenching cunt lips, she couldn't keep from moaning. She knew the macho bastard would interpret it as a moan of divine pleasure, but it was a moan of intolerable pain. God, how she hated that wretched sensation of having her guts stuffed, with a man's filthy prick!

"You like that, huh, baby?" Chuck said, grinning. "I thought you would. You just relax now, and I'm gonna make it real good for you."

She wanted to tell him how much she hated it all -- hated his cunt-tainted breath in her face, his damned prick in her pussy, his hairy groin scouting her soft belly, his arrogant attitude. She loathed it all. But she was helplessly bound and gagged, and she could only lie there and take it. Damn him, anyway!

Chuck started humping, fucking his cock slowly in her cunt at first. He watched her face for signs of the bliss he thought she should be experiencing then he frowned when her pained expression failed to change.

He buried his prick balls-deep in her cunt and brought his face close to hers again.

"I've got a message for you, Vicky," he said, a wicked glint in his dark eyes.

There it was again! He called her by her name again. Victoria's whole body tensed again as she gazed up into his face.

"Andy sends his love, baby."

Her pussy convulsed on Chuck's embedded cock and her green eyes opened wide in shock and bewilderment.

It was true! Andrew, had sent these sex maniacs to punish her. Oh, God! How could he?

Tears welled up in her eyes and she whined pitifully through the gag. She closed her eyes to obliterate her view of Chuck's grinning face. But hot tears continued to seep from beneath her long blonde lashes, streaking down her temples as she lay there on the diving board, helplessly impaled by a stranger's big cock.

Chuck didn't have to say anything more. He could tell she knew the ugly truth now. He grinned with sadistic pleasure at the way so few words had hurt her so deeply. She was suffering a pain now that was more intense than any physical pain he could inflict on her, and that excited him. He started fucking her again, his bare ass pumping rapidly as he elevated himself above her on stiffened arms.

Then, to their mutual surprise, the diving board was set in motion by Chuck's rhythmic humping causing her loins to slam upward against his groin, with each downward fuck thrust he made.

"All right!" he exclaimed, thrilled by the results of the board's motion. He quickly found the best rhythm to keep her and the diving board bouncing in counterpoint to his cock-thrusts. "Hey, guys! This is wild! What a fuck!"

"Now, that's fucking," Scott said clapping his hands in boyish glee as he watched the bizarre spectacle.

Victoria was utterly appalled.

Without any effort on her part, she was lurching upward with the diving board every time Chuck lunged downward, impaling her pussy on his big fucker with every bounce of the board. Their groins banged together violently as he kept himself elevated above her, his head lowered as he watched her pussy involuntarily gobbling his cock.

"You like it yet?" the shaggy-haired stud asked, his attention riveted to his hard-on and her bouncing pussy. "Huh?"

You stupid asshole, she thought. Do I look like I like it?

She shut her eyes again, hating the sight of his face above her. The warm salty tears started to flow again as she wondered how her aristocratic husband had ever come to know such trashy people, wondered how he had ever become embittered enough to have turned her over to such barbarians. The pain of that was far worse than the physical pain and humiliation they were inflicting on her. It was the betrayal that hurt the most. Every time the bouncing diving board fucked her cunt all the way onto Chuck's down thrust prick, Victoria grunted through her gag. She could feel no sense of arousal as his cock gouged so deeply into her pussy, there was only pain and revulsion.

She felt his cum-laden balls slap into the crevice of her ass each time his fucker plunged into her pussy, and the wiry hair of his crotch was rubbing her cunt lips raw as he churned his hips from side to side at the bottom of each fuck-lunge. Her tits, framed by the criss-crossed chains, jiggled crazily on her chest as her body bounced madly with the springy diving board.

"Damn!" Chuck gasped, droplets of sweat beginning to sparkle on his suntanned body. "This is one fuckin' tight cunt! Shit! The frictions too fuckin' much!"

Victoria sobbed, the guttural sounds of her suffering muffled by the bandanna stuffed in her mouth. She knew why this crazy bastard was raving about what a great fuck she was it was because her unresponsive pussy was still dry and unlubricated. She was not aroused by all this fucking, and her cuntal walls were not secreting the lubricating juices that could have smoothed the way for Chuck's plundering prick.

By her very lack of arousal, she was inadvertently giving the crazy son of a bitch a thrilling fuck as her dry, nervously clenching cunt walls provided intense friction for his fucking cock.

He increased the rotating motion of his ass as the diving board bounced faster, fucking his prick onto her pussy at drastically varying angles. It was just ghastly for Victoria. She was afraid the horny bastard was going to rupture her guts with his gouging prick, so that she might shit through her cunt before it was over. She had never dreamed a man's cock could deliver such awful punishment to woman's body.

Scott and Raul were still sitting at the edge of the pool, jacking off wantonly as they watched and eagerly awaited their turns at fucking the helplessly chained young woman. They beat their meat with exuberant delight as the diving board bounced wildly, adding an interesting dimension to the fucking as its motion caused the bound woman to involuntarily impale her pussy violently on Chuck's prick.

Victoria's dangling arms swung beneath the bouncing board, and the chains that were wrapped around her naked body clattered noisily against the edges of the board. And the manner in which her ankles were chained together below the board caused her calves to rub constantly against the board's edges. The pain from that continuous friction against her calves was so bad at times that it almost made her forget the suffering of her abused pussy.

Chuck had considerable staying power, and the muscle-bound young stud kept the diving board and Victoria bouncing wildly for a long time. And, all the while, he supported himself on his brawny arms, his head lowered as he watched the thrilling sight of her golden-haired cunt slamming up and down on his blue-veined, prick.

Once in a while, as the mad fucking went on amidst the clattering of the chains and the thumping of the diving board, Chuck's gaze would roam up to Victoria's jiggling tit mounds. He would occasionally lower his head and lap at a pink nipple, but he always raised up and resumed watching that obscene coupling of cock and cunt. It was apparent that sex was as much a visual as a tactile experience for him.

"Hurry up and finish, man," Scott demanded irritably. "I'm gonna blow my wad just watchin', if you don't let me at her pretty soon..."

Chuck kept fucking as he glanced back over his shoulder at Scott.

"Well, stop jackin' off, stupid!" he suggested.

"I can't!" the blond youth complained. "I'm too hot!"

"It's the chains." Raul said, chuckling. "The kid gets loco whenever he sees a woman in chains."

Chuck stopped fucking and the diving board ringing as he glared over his shoulder at their young companion.

"You better not waste yourself beatin' off, Scott," he said with an authoritative tone. "Andy wants us to fuck this bitch all night long, man... and it's gonna take all three of us to keep her entertained. Now you just control yourself till I unload my balls in this cunt. Okay?"

"But hurry!" Scott urged, still stroking his hard-on.

"Knock it off, fuck-head!" Raul snarled as he slapped the boy's hand away from his cock.

Upset by what Chuck had said about Andy wanting them to fuck her all night long, Victoria was getting hysterical again. She was rolling her head from side to side on the board, her long hair flailing the air where it dangled over the pool, and she was moaning pitifully through the foul-tasting gag.

"Settle down, bitch!" Chuck snapped, slapping her across the jaw.

The slap, though not brutal, startled her. She grew still again, her eyes full of hatred as she stared up at the shaggy-haired man whose stiff prick was still buried in her pussy. She wished she could bite his damned cock off with her cunt!

Chuck started fucking her hard again, quickly getting back into a rhythm that had the bouncing board jamming her cunt onto his fucker right to the hairy base with every lunge. She grunted loudly at each deep impalement, wondering how her cunt could take such abuse without something tearing.

As the crazy bouncy fuck got underway again, Scott grabbed his cock and started jacking off once more. Raul slapped the youth's hand away again, reminding him of Chuck's orders. The blond, almost unable to control his horny eagerness, sat on his own hands to keep them from straying back to his hard-on. His tongue kept running lewdly across his dry lips as he watched their buddy fucking the chained up woman so viciously.

Victoria was getting dizzy from the constant rapid bouncing, and once again she feared she might throw up while she was gagged and choke to death on her own vomit. It was a constant fear she'd had ever since Chuck had crammed that damned bandanna in her mouth.

When she saw the lusty expression on his face becoming even more contorted as his nostrils flared and his tongue lolled out, she was almost relieved to know he was about to shoot his cumload into her cunt. They had said the Mexican would fuck her last, so she knew the blond boy would be on her when Chuck finished. But, whatever Scott did could hardly be worse than the brutal assault she was enduring now.

"Awww, man!" Chuck suddenly howled as his back arched downward and he rotated his ass frantically. He threw his head back, grin ding his deeply embedded cock in Victoria's pussy. "I'm cummin', baby! Jizzin' your cunt good!"

Victoria knew damned well he was cumming. She could feel the hot explosions in the depths of her cunt as his cock belched shot after shot of cum. His muscular body shuddered above her, and he collapsed onto her, mashing her chained tits with his chest, his weight causing air from her lungs to wheeze from her nose.

And she was squirming beneath the climaxing punk but not squirming with pleasure. She was writhing in disgust as she felt that rotten bastard's endless cum-load sliming her cock stuffed cunt. It was the first time any man other than her husband had cum in her pussy and she loathed the idea that a part of him had now become a part of her. Chuck threw a few more cock-thrusts into her as he finished cumming, biting one of her nipples hard as he fucked. His slippery jism had finally lubricated her fuck-hole, and now his big prick pumped in and out easily as his drained balls dangled between her spread thighs.

Victoria's feeling of nausea was enhanced when she suddenly felt the man's warm cum foaming out around his fucking cock, running over her stretched cunt lips and draining down into the crack of her ass. Andrew had never fucked her hard enough or long enough to slime up her whole crotch that way; she would never have permitted it.

The lewd sensation of having a man's cum bubbling out of her cock-stuffed cunt was abhorrent to Victoria. She wrinkled her nose and shivered with revulsion.

Chuck slithered his willing, cummy cock from her sodden cunt and sat back on his heels, looking at her as she gazed hatefully up at him. A strange smile curled his upper lip.

"You never did get off, did you?" he whispered, narrowing his dark eyes.

Victoria shook her head, proud that she had not had an orgasm while this brutal bastard was fucking her. He made her sick with his macho arrogance.

"I didn't think so," he said condescendingly. "Shit, I bet you never had an orgasm in your life, you cold bitch."

Victoria just stared at him, not responding. What he said was true she had never experienced an orgasm in her life, and she didn't expect to ever have one.

But she didn't consider that any great tragedy.


Chuck rose to his feet, causing the diving board to bobble slightly. Cum was still dripping from his limp prick, spattering warmly on Victoria's thigh as he stood there looking down at her in disgust.

It was obvious he was pissed off because he hadn't been able to fuck her into an orgasm. Victoria lay there passively now, but her expressive green eyes conveyed a message of pure defiance as she gazed up at the man who had just fucked her so savagely.

Her pussy was raw and sore, and her crotch glistened with Chuck's slippery cum, which was still oozing from her abused fuck-hole. Her legs, still sprawled and bent frog-like, ached so intensely she could hardly endure it. The heavy chains that criss-crossed her tits were cold against her warm flesh. And her shoulders hurt from having her wrists manacled that way beneath the board on which she lay.

But the gag was the worst of it, by far. Chuck's bandanna had swollen inside her mouth as it absorbed her saliva. And now her jaw seemed to have been pried as far open as possible by the expanding rag that clogged her mouth. The strained muscles of her jaw burned with pain, and her open lips felt dry and parched. She couldn't budge her tongue, which was compressed by the wet bandanna.

She knew, as she lay there bound to the diving board and spread like some dead frog on display, that these awful men were in control of her physically, at any rate.

But her indomitable spirit remained as strong as ever.

Chuck sensed that as be stood over her prone form, meeting her cold gaze with a steely stare of his own. But she stared him down, the powerful hatred in her gaze almost electrifying the air between them.

"Bitch," he rasped under his breath. Then he glanced back over his shoulder at his buddies. "Okay, Scotty -- she's all yours."

Chuck took a dive into the pool below as the blond youth jumped and trotted out on the diving board, his eagerness to get his hands on their chained captive all too apparent.

Victoria raised her head slightly to see Scott approaching. His circumcised cock bobbed stiffly as he walked. His cock was about the size of her husband's cock. Had he been in the company of normal men, it would have been considered a large prick. But, by comparison with Chuck's huge fucker and Raul's donkeycock, Scott's cock didn't look particularly impressive to Victoria. After what she had just been through with Chuck, she anticipated that getting fucked by Scott would seem like child's play.

Scott stood between. Victoria's spread knees, looking down at her cum-sodden crotch. He clicked his tongue, shaking his head.

"Damn, Chuck," he said. "Is this any way to treat a lady?" He knelt, examining her spread cunt up close. "Man, you made a hell of a mess here... and I wanted to eat this sweet pussy too!"

Chuck was splashing around in the water and didn't hear Scott.

"Aw, man!" Raul laughed from the pool's edge. "You're not gonna eat her out right after Chuck fucked her, are you?"

"Hey, let's get real here," Scott said, caressing Victoria's satiny thighs fondly. "Any guy that eats pussy has to know other men's cocks have been where his mouth is. No big fuckin' deal." His roaming hands slid into her cum slimed crotch. "Yuk! I want to eat pussy, not Chuck's fizz. Throw me my T-shirt, Raul."

Scott caught the shirt when the Mexican tossed it, then he bent and dipped it in the water and started meticulously cleaning Victoria's crotch.

"There now," he said pleasantly when he had cleaned her raw and ranged pussy thoroughly. "Isn't that better, ma'am?"

Victoria nodded appreciatively.

What a nice boy, she thought. Of course, she realized all this was relative, that Scott was about to rape her, too. But at least, he was considerate enough to remember she was a person not just a hole to be fucked.

She flinched with surprise when Scott probed into her gaping cunt slot and gripped her clit with his thumb and forefinger. He squeezed hard, watching her face anxiously as she groaned in pain.

"You like this, lady?" the boy asked. "Most girls do. You'll have to excuse Chuck. He only thinks about what feels good to him. He doesn't understand a girl's clitty needs a little attention."

Victoria suddenly realized the sadistic young man was only teasing her with his facade of caring. He was pinching her cunt so hard the pain caused her to squirm her ass against the board's rough surface.

"Yes," Scott said, smiling. "Nice, huh?" She knew that he knew she was not squirming because it felt nice. Pain from her pinched clit radiated through her loins like a spreading wildfire, and she groaned through her gag.

Just when Victoria thought she might faint from the pain, Scott released his grip on her clit and started caressing her inner thighs tenderly again. She let out a long breath through flared nostrils, and her tense body relaxed.

"Tell you what I'm gonna do, lady," the blond youth said, his mellow voice deceivingly soothing. "I'm gonna lick your pretty pink pussy and suck your clit till you cum, then I'm gonna fuck you till I cum. Then we'll both be happy. Right?"

It'll be a cold day in hell when I orgasm over the likes of you, Victoria thought. And, if she could have spoken, she would have told him so.

"You know, you're really pretty." Scott said sweetly as he grasped her chain-bound tits and gazed at her face. "You mind if I sit on that pretty face while I eat you out?"

Victoria was in no position to refuse. But the hard look she gave Scott made it clear he was not welcome to sit on her face.

That didn't stop him, though. He maneuvered around into a sixty-nine position atop the helpless young woman, almost losing his balance on the diving board before he got situated with his crotch over her face and her pussy beneath his face.

Victoria could see now at very close range that Scott was a true blond, all over. The dense hair on his groin and balls was as golden as the hair on his head, and curly blond hair lined the crack of his ass. He was like her, blond everywhere.

Chuck climbed from the pool, watching the couple on the diving board while he fumbled in his things for a pack of cigarettes. Lighting his smoke, he plopped on the concrete edge of the pool beside Raul to watch the festivities.

"Hey, Scotty," Chuck advised, "take the gag out of her mouth and let her suck you off while you eat her out. A cock can keep her mouth full just as well as my bandanna does."

"Yeah!" Raul urged. "Fuck the bitch's mouth!"

Grinning, Scott sat back on his haunches at the end of the board and started pulling the spit soaked bandanna from Victoria's mouth. She made faint gurgling sounds as the big red rag came out of her mouth like an endless stream of handkerchiefs from a magician's sleeve.

"If you make one fuckin' sound," Scott warned her. "I'll give you a fist right in the kisser and you'll be smilin' without any teeth then. And I fuckin' well mean it. Understand?"

Relieved to have that awful wad of wet fabric being drawn from her mouth, Victoria nodded. Her stretched jaw muscles were causing her such discomfort by now that she had actually come to the point where she would rather have had a prick in her mouth than endure another second of that abominable gag. It would be the lesser of two evils, in any event.

The last of the wet rag came out of her mouth, and Victoria worked her sore jaw muscles and licked her dry lips. She sighed with blessed relief. Strangely, the magnitude of the relief she felt seemed out of all proportion to the minor abuse that had caused the pain. But it felt so wonderful to be able to close her mouth again, to move her tongue about inside, to swallow her spit and lick her lips. It made her grateful for very small favors.

Victoria's gratefulness was short-lived, however.

Before she really had time to enjoy the release of all that tension in her jaw muscles, she was rudely startled by the blunt head of Scott's pink prick nudging at her lips. The youth was wildly aroused, and pre-cum seeping from his piss slit quickly lubricated her lips. "Open up now," Scotty said patiently as his cock tip parted her lips and hit her teeth. "You make it good for me, and I'll make it good for you."

Victoria wanted to scream. But she realized by now that Scott was not the sweet young man he appeared to be. She had no doubt he would carry through with his threat of knocking her teeth out if she gave him any trouble. So she opened her mouth for his prick.

Instantly, her mouth was filled with the blond youth's hard hot cock meat. She had to fight to control her gag reflexes as she tasted the bleachy flavor of his pre-cum and felt it leaving a coating of warm slime all over her tongue.

"Make her take it all." Raul suggested, his dark eyes flashing with excitement as he watched. "Right down to the balls, man!"

Victoria felt Scott's mouth clamp onto her cunt at the same moment his stiff prick plugged her throat. She gagged around the unwelcome intrusion into her throat as his blond crotch hair tickled her chin and his balls pillowed over her nose. Her violated throat muscles clenched spastically on the head of his cock.

"Look at this, guys!" Scott rasped, gyrating his ass and billowing his warm breath over the raw and sensitive folds of her cunt meat. "This bitch can take all you can feed her!"

"We'll see about that later," Raul muttered, stroking his colossal cock.

Victoria felt the boy's tongue fuck into her sore cunt hole. But she was barely aware of what he was doing to her pussy, because she was being overwhelmed by having her gullet stuffed full of prick.

He raised his hips, drawing about half the length of his prick from her mouth. She took the opportunity to swallow quickly, overcoming the urge to throw up.

Scott began tongue-fucking her pussy zealously while he fucked her face in counter-rhythm. Every time his prick plunged into her mouth, his tongue came out of her cunt; and every time his tongue fucked in, his cock withdrew.

In the interest of self-defense, Victoria soon figured out how to deal with the unprecedented experience of having a stiff cock pumping in and out of her mouth. Unlike a tongue in her pussy, a cock in her mouth was not something she could ignore. She quickly realized she had to participate and really do some cock-sucking, or choke to death.

She became so preoccupied with learning how to time her breathing and swallowing with cock in her month that she was only vaguely aware of Scott's busy mouth on her cunt. He was using both hands now to stretch her pussy lips wide, revealing the glistening crimson folds of cunt flesh inside. Her open pussy resembled a dew-covered blossom, the interior folds a deeper color than normal because of the rough fucking Chuck had just given her.

Getting the hang of cock-sucking at last, Victoria found it was possible to take Scott's prick deep into her throat by angling her neck so the cock shaft went straight in. She couldn't believe she was taking all of a guy's cock into her throat this way -- she knew she could never had done it if she hadn't been forced.

Lewd slurping noises from her crotch drew Victoria's attention back to what Scott was doing to her.

He was still holding her cunt open with his fingers, running his tongue all over the soft interior flaps of pussy flesh, stabbing his tongue intermittently into her gaping fuck-hole.

She hadn't realized it until now, but each time Scott's stiffened tongue fucked into her cunt hole, Victoria was gasping with pleasure around his prick. Now, aware of that small bit of wanton pleasure he was giving her, she controlled her responses. She didn't want to experience any pleasure with these beasts, and she certainly didn't want them to think they could give her any pleasure, no matter how fleeting.

Scott went on lapping Victoria's pussy, obviously relishing the task as he slurped and snorted like an animal between her legs.

And, all the while, his bare ass bounced as he fucked her face, causing obscene suctioning sounds in her throat from time to time with his plunging prick.

Watching Scott's hairy ass pump just above her eyes and feeling his cum-laden balls bumping her nose each time his prick sank into her throat, Victoria tried to steel herself against the myriad sensations bombarding her senses. She couldn't imagine what had come over her, allowing herself to feel even a trace of pleasure under such dreadful circumstances. How could her body betray her at a time like this? No decent woman could possibly find an iota of pleasure in a thing like this.

Scott's rhythmic cock-lunges into Victoria's mouth soon had the diving board springing again at the steady tempo. And, as had happened when Chuck was fucking her, that bouncing of the board to which she was bound made it seem that she was voraciously gobbling cock.

The other two men were laughing at the erotic sight and challenging Scott to bury his whole head in her cunt.

It seemed to Victoria that the youth was trying to do just that as he sank his chin deeply into her loosened cunt hole and clamped his mouth over the lower part of her pussy. She felt his hot breath wafting over her exposed asshole as he chewed at the lower juncture of her cunt lips and wallowed his jutting chin in her slippery fuck-hole. She only hoped to God that slipperiness was from Chuck's cum and Scott's slobber -- but she could no longer be certain she wasn't juicing up from all the excessive stimulation.

The suspicion that her cunt might be getting juicy in response to the efforts of these cruel bastards made her sick. She tried to focus her mind on anything except what was happening, tried to ignore the titillation of Scott's mouth on her pussy and the lewdness of his prick in her mouth. She tried to think about home, visualizing the green hills of Ireland, remembering a time when she was pure and innocent.

"Look at that slut!" Raul exclaimed, jabbing Chuck in the ribs with his elbow. "She's already learned how to deep-throat a cock... hell, she's takin' it like a whore!"

"All women are whores by nature," Chuck said, puffing on his cigarette. "Only some of 'em don't know it till we give 'em a shot at it."

Victoria heard what they were saying. If she hadn't had her mouth full of cock meat, she would have told them a thing or two. Whore, indeed. Why, the pompous asses! Couldn't they tell the difference between wanton depravity and a desperate struggle for survival? Stupid scumbags!

She abruptly gasped around Scott's cock when she felt him yank his chin from her cunt hole and start licking in circles around her clit. Then, when he began flapping his tongue rapidly on the tip of that sensitive organ, an unwanted surge of pleasure caused her to shudder all over and suck harder at his prick.

Then the horny youth started sucking at her clit while he fucked two fingers slowly in her pussy, and the warm tingly sensations suddenly seemed to pervade her whole being. Victoria fought against the flood of wonderful feelings brought on by Scott's cunt-sucking, but it was no use. What he was doing felt marvelous, and she couldn't help experiencing a warm glow as she became acutely aware of his fingers rubbing the slimy inner walls of her pussy and his sucking mouth seemingly drawing sparks from her cunt.

It was only when Chuck and Raul started laughing that Victoria realized the diving board had stopped bouncing but that her head had not stopped moving! Without even realizing it, she had continued to bob her head, fucking her mouth on Scott's down thrust prick while he hovered motionless above her.

The awful realization that she was actively slurping her lips up and down the youth's cock when it wasn't really necessary hit Victoria like a slap in the face.

"She'll come around eventually." Chuck smiled. "Give her enough cock, and she'll choke herself."

We'll just see about that, buster, Victoria thought. She lay passively again, letting Scott keep his prick in her mouth, but not encouraging him in any way.

He was so busy sucking her clit and finger fucking her cunt hole that he didn't notice for a moment that his cock was just laying in Victoria's slack mouth and that nothing was really happening at that end of the coupling. He started bouncing his ass again, fucking her face.

Now, Victoria was thinking about that terrible lapse a moment ago. What ever had come over her? She recalled that hot tingling in her clit, the surge of warmth that had enveloped her momentarily. Had that been an orgasm?

Surely not, she thought. Perhaps an unguarded moment of wanton pleasure, but nothing earth shaking. Surely that wasn't the sought after sensation of orgasm that women talked about so much.

She decided that if that was it, it wasn't worth the trouble.

Abruptly, Scott yanked his cock from Victoria's mouth and moved around to kneel between her sprawled thighs again. He sat back on his heels, glaring at her in a most disconcerting way.

"I can't make this bitch cum!" he said in exasperation. He turned at the waist, toward his buddies. "She won't cum, damn it!"

"What's the matter, Scotty?" Chuck teased, flipping his cigarette butt into the pool. "Losing your magic touch?"

"Hey, man," Scott whined, "I'm the great pussy-eater. I was born to eat pussy. That's what all the girls tell me. It's not me... it's her. There's something wrong with her."

"Don't throw your butts in the pool," Victoria said angrily to Chuck. "They can clog up the filter."

"Who gives a fuck?" he spat, glowering at her.

His reaction brought the distressed young woman back to the ugly reality of the situation. He was right, she realized. A rape was in progress here. A gang-rape. Who the hell cared about the swimming pool filter at a time like this? She thought the stress of all this must be making her crazy or something.

"I think I had an orgasm a moment ago." Victoria ventured, not sure herself but wanting them to stop trying.

"Don't bull shit me, lady," Scott said hatefully, still kneeling between her knees and looking at her cunt now as if it were the enemy. "When I give a chick an orgasm, everybody knows she's havin' it. If you felt anything, it was just maybe a little pre-orgasmic buzz. But you sure as hell didn't get off."

So that was what that was, she thought, watching the frustrated youth stroking his prick near her gaping cunt. Just a little pre-orgasmic buzz. Well, that sounded appropriate for the mild sensation she had experienced. Maybe the kid knew what he was talking about. He certainly knew more about sex than she did.

Scott was beating his meat faster now, his cold blue eyes scanning Victoria's naked body.

"You look so fuckin' sexy in chains," he whispered, jacking off with one hand and feeling her bound tits with the other. "I get hot when I see a chick in chains. I think I'm gonna fuck you now."

"You may as well," Victoria said, faking a yawn. "Just hurry up and get it over with."

Fire flashed in Scott's eyes and his hand whizzed through the air to slap her. His open palm hit her face so hard there was a loud report that echoed off the high walls surrounding the yard.

Victoria was momentarily stunned by the hard slap, which sent her head jerking to one side and caused the chains beneath her to rattle.

"Don't you get smart with me, you uppity bitch," the boy warned. "I'll slap your Goddamned face clean off! You hear?"

"Yes," she whispered, her cheek stinging. She realized now what she knew she should have considered earlier that it wasn't wise to tease a macho stud in heat. Men, she saw now, didn't take insults to their masculinity lightly.

"Hit her again!" Raul called out, jacking faster on his perpetual hard-on. "C'mon, Scotty! Hit her again!"

"Shut up, asshole," Scott muttered.

Victoria shuddered, reminded once again of that barbaric Mexican a few feet away -- Raul, and his prick of death. She had that to deal with yet. And she had no doubt he was going to be the worst one of the bunch. He had very nearly slit her throat earlier on the patio, and now he was about to shoot his wad over seeing her get slapped. He was nuts!

Scott moved into position above Victoria, rudely supporting his weight by flattening his palms over her tits.

"I'm gonna fuck you now, lady," he said hoarsely. "And I'm gonna get you off with my cock. You know what I mean? This is gonna be the big one... you're gonna see stars and you're gonna beg for more." He grinned cutely, looking for a moment like the innocent college boy she had first thought he might be. "We're gonna make it, Vicky, you and me."

"I'll try," she said, not wanting him to slap her anymore.

"And no fakin' it, either," he warned her. "I can tell the difference."

Victoria wondered if that was true, if he really could tell. She had faked orgasms with her husband, and he never seemed to suspect. But then, Andrew had never seen her have a real orgasm, either since she had never had one in her life.

Just as Scott was nudging his cock head against Victoria's cunt gash, there were noises from an adjacent back yard. Some of the neighbors had come outside for something. Victoria raised her head suddenly, opening her mouth to cry out for help.

But, as her mouth flew open, Scott's clenched fist flew up, poised just above her face. His lips curled and he bared his teeth like an animal about to attack.

The shrill cry Victoria had intended came out almost silent a mere hissing sound as she exhaled the air she had just sucked in. Her's and Scott's gazes were locked for a moment, and his trembling fist remained poised, ready to pulverize her face if she so much as squeaked.

Chuck ran to the high wall and jumped up, hanging onto the top edge while he peered over into the other yard for a few seconds. Then he dropped back down and rejoined Raul.

"They're just takin' the garbage out," Chuck whispered. "They'll go back inside in a minute."

Raul jumped up and grabbed his jeans, taking the knife from the holster on the pants. Stepping quickly out onto the diving board, he deftly got around Scott and stooped down, holding the glinting blade to Victoria's delicate throat.

"One peep out of you, bitch," he whispered, "and that pretty blue pool under you runs red with your blood."

Victoria was horrified. Raul had started the diving board jiggling when he joined them, and it was still undulating with the weight of three people. The board's movements made it difficult for Raul to hold the knife steady, and she feared he might accidentally cut her throat.

"I'll be quiet," she breathed. "I promise."

All of them remained still, and it was so quiet Victoria could hear the gentle sloshing of the water in the pool, even though Chuck had finished his swim a good while before.

Victoria gulped nervously, that small movement of her throat causing the razor-like edge of the blade to feel as if it might slice into the creamy skin it was touching. The jiggling of the diving board had subsided now, though, and Raul controlled the subtle pressure of the blade against her throat with an uncanny precision that obviously resulted from experience. Chuck sat pensively at the edge of the pool, listening like a cat waiting for mice.

They heard the rattling of trash containers in the alley, some dogs barking in the distance, and then the familiar sound of a sliding glass patio door being closed. Then there was silence again. Chuck got up and trotted over to the wall.

He lifted himself up, peered over, then dropped back to the grass and returned to the pool.

"All clear," he said as he sat down again, dangling his legs in the water.

Raul drew the menacing knife away from Victoria's throat. "That was a good girl," he said. "Now you're using your head."

Victoria wasn't so sure about that. Help had been so close. She raised her head to look around as Raul left the diving board. At least one good thing had been accomplished by the interruption all three guys' cocks had wilted and hung limp and useless now. That pleased Victoria immensely.

Scott, who was still kneeling between Victoria's legs, grinned and began playing with his soft cock while he probed her gaping cunt gash with his other hand. His prick began to revive quickly.

"I sure am glad I didn't have to punch you out, lady," he said, sounding sincere. "I never like to hit a woman... unless I've got time to cum while I'm doin' it."


When Scott had his prick hard again, he quickly mounted Victoria and started fucking her frantically.

Her pink-tipped tit mounds wobbled between the gleaming chains that cross-crossed her chest as the blond youth pounded her sore pussy mercilessly with his cock. He was taking long fast fuck-strokes this time plunging his prick in balls-deep and withdrawing till the flared ridge of his cock head parted her pussy lips before fucking in hard again. Victoria grunted each time the boy's cock bottomed out in her raw cunt.

"I'm gonna make you cum this time, you cold bitch," Scott snarled, banging his groin against hers violently. "You can relax and let it happen naturally or I'll pound an orgasm out of you. Have it your own way."

"I'll never orgasm for a silly kid like you," she said. "You're wasting your time and mine."

Chuck and Raul laughed loudly, which incensed Scott. An expression of grim determination clouded his handsome face as he increased the tempo of his fucking. He was pounding her pussy so fast now that the springy diving board couldn't respond that rapidly. The board went into a herky-jerky kind of motion and Victoria's chains clattered noisily as Scott's naked ass pumped so fast it almost became a blur.

She bit her lip as hot sensations surged through her abused cunt. She knew what he was doing. He was intentionally angling his cock lunges so the shaft of his cock rubbed against her clit on every stroke. The boy obviously knew what he was doing. The friction of his prick against her clit, combined with the feeling of his prick plunging into the depths of her cunt gave her a blast of erotic sensations that seemed to radiate all through her loins.

But Victoria was determined she would not give any of these brutes the pleasure of bringing her to the peak. The feelings she was experiencing gave her a hint of what orgasm was all about, and for the first time in her life she felt truly stimulated in an erotic way. Naturally, that interested her, aroused her curiosity. But, if she was ever to achieve an orgasm, she wanted it to happen in a loving and tender situation not in a three-ring circus, with a bunch of barbarians!

Looking up at Scott, she saw that his nostrils were flaring and his lips was drawing back as he bared his teeth and a wild look came into his blue eyes. She knew what that meant. He was about to shoot his cum-load without getting her off.

Victoria grinned up at the sweating youth in triumph.

Her moment of triumphant feeling was abruptly obliterated when the wildly humping youth started slapping her face.

"Cum, bitch!" he snapped. "Cum, damn you!"

Scott's hand flew back and forth like a fast action windshield wiper as he slapped her with his open palm in one direction, then with the back of his hand on the return swing. He repeated that very rapidly several times, causing Victoria's head to turn back and forth with the fast blows.

Stinging pain seared both of her cheeks as he slapped her, and she had a fleeting moment when she feared he was breaking her jaw with the violence of his hard slapping.

She wanted to cry out with the abominable pain. But she knew she mustn't. The boy was obviously out of his mind, and she didn't doubt that he would punch her like a boxer attacking an opponent if she cried out. Tears blurred her vision and she kept her teeth clenched to keep from biting her tongue off with the impacts of his rapid-fire blows.

And, all the while Scott was slapping Victoria so cruelly, his ass kept pumping and his hard cock kept plundering her pussy at incredible speed. She had never imagined a man could fuck a woman that hard or that fast.

As the outrageous slapping and fucking went on, Victoria's head being knocked first one way and then the other, she could hear the other two men laughing stupidly at her and Scott. How she hated those callous bastards!

"Scott's real big on slapping," she heard Chuck saying.

After what seemed a long period of time to Victoria, during which she was aware of nothing but the cruel pounding of her pussy and the sharp blows to each side of her face, the young maniac abruptly stopped. Keeping his prick embedded in her burning cunt, he supported himself above her on stiff arms. His pupils were dilated and his tongue hung out as he panted in her face.

Then she felt it.

Scott's prick pulsed in her pussy and he sucked in a deep breath, his face contorted as he climaxed.

Victoria's cunt was almost numb from all the rough fucking, but she could feel the boy's hot cum spurting with surprising force in the depths of her cock-stuffed pussy. There were multiple spurts of his jism as he unloaded his balls into her body. He was cumming so much that it felt to her as if she were being given an enema in her cunt.

Scott suddenly hung his head when he had finished shooting his cum-load into his helpless captive, and his blond hair brushed Victoria's face as she felt his weight sink down on her, his chest flattening her chained tits. Cum foamed out around Scott's embedded cock, running down into Victoria's ass crevice.

She shuddered at the obscene sensation.

But she smiled then, despite the burning pain in her cheeks and the disgrace of having an overflowing pussy. She had beat them again! It was Scott's cum that burbled from her cunt, not hers.

He had not succeeded in bringing her to orgasm.

"Couldn't get her off, huh, Scotty?" Chuck teased.

Scott lay quietly atop the chained blonde, his sweat creating a clammy slime between their bodies as breathed hard, his chin jutting into the hollow of her shoulder.

"Damn you," he whispered bitterly.

Raul was jacking off again, getting his colossal cock good and hard for the next assault on Victoria's unresponsive cunt.

"C'mon, Scott," he said, standing up. "Get off the bitch and make room for a real man."

Scott pulled his softening cum-slimed cock from Victoria's pussy and rose to his feet. He obviously couldn't meet her withering gaze with his eyes. He turned and left the board, joining Chuck at the pool's edge.

The big naked Mexican strutted jauntily out onto the diving board, displaying his extraordinary hunk of cock meat for the chained blonde to gaze upon. She shivered at the sight of such a big cock, and her apparent fear only served to make his cock harder.

"You ready for the dick of death, blondy?"

Victoria closed her eyes to the hideous sight, unable to keep up her bravado. She couldn't imagine having a thing like that freakish cock of Raul's crammed up her cunt. She wished she could pass out and get through this without any awareness of what was happening.

"It's gettin' pretty late guys," Chuck said. "No use takin' any chances out here this late. Let's take her in the house."

In the house? Oh, God! Victoria realized that, once they took her inside, she could scream her head off and nobody in the outside world would bear a thing. There would be no possibility of escape then. They would literally fuck her to death!

"I want to fuck her ass," Raul said, hesitating as he stood between her legs. "Lemme fuck her first."

"You can fuck her ass in the house," Chuck said, rising and stretching. "Unfasten the chains."

Oh, yes, Victoria thought. Unfasten the chains! Dear God, get those horrid cold chains off me.

As if reading her mind, Chuck pointed a finger at her. "One peep outta you, Vicky, and you're gonna find out just how Goddamned mean Raul can get. Got that?"

"Yes," she said in a meek voice.

But her spirit was not meek yet. Her mind was racing. She knew this would be her absolute last chance at escape, and she was going to try. She figured she had nothing to lose now.

Scott slipped into the water and swam out beneath the diving board, where he helped Raul unfasten the unnecessarily heavy chains that kept Victoria's wrists and ankles secured beneath the board. There were laud clanking and clattering sounds as Raul pulled all the chains aloft, finally freeing the blonde captive's aching body from restraint.

Scott swam back to the edge and lifted himself out of the water. Raul stepped off the board onto the concrete and stood there, holding the chains and watching Victoria with narrowed eyes as she strained to move her limbs.

Victoria moaned in agony as she raised her arms and legs and tried to straighten her body out on the board. The muscles in her arms and legs seemed frozen into immobility from the long time in restraint, and it took her a moment to regain use of her limbs and sit up.

Cum gurgled from her abused cunt as she sat up, forming a warm and slimy pool under her naked ass. Two men had already dumped their cum-loads in her pussy, and she wrinkled her nose as she looked down at the obscene overflow. But she was still proud that she had not added her own cum to that slimy mess in her crotch.

"Get up, cunt!" Raul commanded, rattling the chains he held. "In the house."

Victoria struggled to her feet, almost losing her balance and toppling into the pool. How her legs ached. But she knew she had to make those sore muscles work, and fast. Even as she slowly made her way off the diving board and stepped onto the concrete, the adrenaline was already pumping, preparing those frozen leg muscles for a flight for her life.

"C'mon, get a move-on," Chuck urged, swatting her bare ass.

Suddenly, Victoria lurched to one side and made a mad dash for the high fence. At the same time, she started screaming at the top of her lungs.

"Help! Anybody! Help me!" she shrieked as she made a flying leap, clutching desperately at the rough tile along the top of the wall. "Rape! Rape!"

But, before she could get her numb arm muscles to pull her weight upward, the three men were on her like a pack of wild dogs hitting her, jerking at her arms, puffing her hair and clamping big hands over her mouth. She tumbled to the pass, rolling into a naked ball in a futile attempt to protect herself as they slapped her face and kicked her in the ribs and stomped her hands and tore at her hair.

Victoria Halstead fully expected to die right then and there, beaten to death in her lovely back yard while the neighbors watched television in their homes, so nearby. Visions of the horror that was coming flashed through her fevered mind visions of the neighbors finding her naked and bloody body the next day, too late. Cum would still be running out of her raw cunt, and her beautiful green eyes would be staring, unseeing, at the scorching sun above. Her mouth would probably be open, her tongue hanging out. Dear God, she thought, losing all hope. What a wretched, inglorious end for an innocent girl from Ireland. How had things ever come to this? How?

She only hoped she wouldn't suffer too much more before they killed her and put her out of her misery.

The cruel blows kept raining down on Victoria's defenseless body, and she wondered how much a woman could take before loss of consciousness would mercifully blot out the pain and the horror.

"She's about to faint," Scott said.

"Yeah, ease off, guys," Chuck said.

Victoria was dazed, but not unconscious. No such luck.

"Let's dip the bitch and wake her up," Raul suggested.

The violence had stopped, and Victoria was only vaguely aware of being dragged across the concrete toward the pool, the rough surface scratching her delicate skin.

Then, when she hit the water, there was a rude awakening. She sputtered and gurgled as she was completely immersed for a moment, getting water into her windpipe. Then she surfaced, coughing and wheezing for air. She hardly caught her breath before she was dunked again. Her arms and legs flailed as she struggled to reach the surface, to get air into her lungs again.

It was at that moment that Victoria realized her arms and legs were free but there was horrendous pain in her scalp.

Somebody was holding her by the hair of her head, dipping her in the pool as if she were a cat being dipped for fleas.

After the third dunking, she was able to see that it was Raul who had hold of her hair, and he was furious. His strange blue eyes seemed to glow like cobalt in his dark face, and the muscles of his brawny body bulged as he pulled her upward. This time, he lifted her high enough so that her tits were out of the water, and the stress on her scalp became even worse. She knew it was only her buoyancy in the water that kept her own weight from scalping her.

"You're the most hard-headed bitch I ever met." Raul snarled, keeping her painfully elevated by gripping a handful of her long hair. "You're gonna pay for this shit, woman... no more Mister Nice Guy."

If Victoria hadn't been hurting all over and about to strangle to death on water in her windpipe, she would have laughed out loud. These men were stark raving mad!

Chuck helped Raul drag the poor girl from the pool, then they just dumped her on the cement patio like a sack of potatoes.

The three punks stood around and looked at the naked blonde, crumpled there like a drowned rat. She was coughing and spitting up chlorine flavored water. And every time she coughed, there was a sharp pain in her side she was afraid they must have broken some ribs.

"Well," Scott said dryly, "at least, that got the bitch clean again. She was a hell of a mess."

"I don't give a fuck whether she's clean or not," Raul said angrily.

Then there was the sudden sound of chains rattling again. Victoria looked up just in time to see the big Mexican flailing a long length of heavy chain through the air like a bullwhip and that glistening metallic snake was coming directly at her! She gasped, panic gripping her heart as she reacted by rolling to one side. The chain continued to fly through the air, crashing and clattering around Victoria as she struggled to her feet.

"None of you are quite right in the head," she muttered as she hurried across the patio toward the house. "I still can't imagine how Andy ever got mixed up with scum like you."

Her husband! God! The true ugliness of what had happened hit her again. Andrew had done this to her given her to these beasts for some sick kind of sex therapy or something. It just wasn't fair. She couldn't help being frigid. It had never been a conscious choice on her part. It was just the way she was. How could Andrew have done this to her? Did he really hate her that much?

Tears flooded Victoria's eyes again. The pain of being so heartlessly betrayed by the man she loved was far worse for her than the physical suffering she was being forced to endure.

Raul drove Victoria toward the house as if she were some worthless animal, whipping the concrete at her heels with that horrid chain and kicking her in the ass whenever she faltered. At each impact of the chain on the cement, she jumped like a cowboy amid a hail of bullets at his feet.

Scott slid the patio door open as Victoria reached it, and a cool blast of air from within the house hit her naked body, making her shiver as she stepped inside. She folded her arms to her tits, hugging herself and trembling.

Raul's big hand in the middle of her back sent her lurching forward. She stumbled across the den, with him shoving her impatiently from behind.

"Show me your bedroom, bitch!" Raul snarled, kicking her in the ass again. "I'm gonna fuck your Goddamned right on the bed where you and Andy sleep together."

"Yeah!" Chuck laughed. "That's about all they ever do in there -- sleep."

"Well," Raul said, "that bed's gonna see some action tonight."

Chuck and Scott wandered off to explore the rest of the big house while Victoria led the chain wielding Mexican down a long hallway. Raul walked behind the naked blonde, his immense hard-on bobbing lewdly as he watched the sexy bouncing of her pale ass cheeks.

Kaleidoscopic images flitted through Victoria's mind as she led Raul into the master bedroom, fleeting memories of the countless nights when Andy had begged in vain for a little attention. Nights when she had rejected him, accused him of being a sex maniac, a pervert. She knew now too late that there had been one too many of those frustrating nights for Andy. He must have gone over the edge. Nothing but insanity could account for him turning her over to these filthy barbarians like this. It was inhuman!

"On the bed, cunt," Raul demanded rudely, shoving her again.

Victoria stumbled toward the bed, falling onto it face down. Knowing the big man was after her ass, she quickly turned over and faced him, scooting backward on the satin bedspread as she covered her pussy with one hand and made a futile attempt to hide her bare tits with the other.

"Please," she whimpered. "Don't hurt me anymore."

"That's up to you, Vicky," he said. "We can do this nice, or we can do it rough... it's your choice."

The guy's baritone voice seemed so ominous to Victoria that she almost cringed every time he spoke to her. She cowered on the bed, feeling utterly naked and vulnerable as she stared up at him in frightened silence.

Raul was a huge man. From Victoria's vantage point on the bed, he seemed to tower up toward the ceiling like a giant, a great brown colossus with strange blue eyes that seemed to glow.

Her gaze came to rest on his mighty prick, standing out from the mass of curly black hair at his crotch like some kind of lethal weapon.

He seemed to have a permanent hard on. And it was an ugly cock, freakishly big. The brown foreskin was drawn back, revealing the dark-purple cock head, which was glossy with a coating of slime that oozed from the piss hole.

"You like that?" he asked, seeing her staring wide-eyed at his cock. "You like Mexican cock, blondy?"

"N-no," she stuttered, averting her gaze. "I don't like any of them Mexican or otherwise."

"Aw, now," he said, moving closer, "that's a damned shame. Maybe you just haven't ever been with a guy that knows how to treat a lady."

He was still holding that length of heavy chain, and she shuddered at his approach, drawing up her knees up and trying to bide her nakedness. She had already seen how he thought a lady should be treated, and she wanted no more of that.

Seeing her gaze riveted to the chain in his hand, Raul smiled disarmingly and let the chain clatter to the floor. Then he crawled onto the bed, pushing her onto her back with unexpected gentleness as he maneuvered his body above hers. Quivering, but not resisting, Victoria lay back and let him settle astride her thighs.

She flinched when she felt his hairy balls pillow warmly against her cunt mound, and she stared past the twin peaks of her tits at his towering hard-on.

"Relax, baby," he soothed, kneading her firm tit mounds with both hands. "You be nice to me, and I'll be nice to you."

Victoria was very tense, because she knew Raul's tender and gentle ways at the moment would give way to raw violence at any minute. He was crazy. He couldn't be trusted. She had seen him blow up several times already, and she couldn't relax, even though he was being kind to her now.

"Why do you hate men?" he asked, his tone suggestive of a depth of understanding she knew he didn't have.

"I... I don't know why," she murmured honestly.

He took one of her hands and placed it on his big hard prick, forcing her to curl her dainty fingers around that warm throbbing monolith. He released his hold on her fingers slowly, watching her expression closely. She started to draw her hand away from his cock, but he quickly forced her to grasp it again. She could tell from the way his upper lip curled that he would not tolerate any form of rejection, no matter how subtle.

This time, when Raul released her hand, she maintained a firm grip on his big ugly prick. But she couldn't keep from wrinkling her nose in disgust at the feel of that hideous thing.

"There, now," he said, grinning. "That's what a nice big hard cock feels like. That's not so bad, is it?"

"No," she said meekly, maintaining her firm grip on his cock.

But her pained expression made it clear she did not find it exciting, either. Raul's satisfied grin evaporated and a frown clouded his face. He grabbed Victoria's other hand and shoved it between his balls and her cunt mound, forcing her to hold his hairy balls in her palm. His balls felt immense, and very heavy to her. She shivered as she thought of all the cum those bullish balls must contain.

"Yeah, like that," he said, releasing her hand. "Nice and easy on the balls. Like that?"


"Well, keep fuckin' till you do like it, bitch." Raul said, his tone sounding ominous again. "A man likes a woman that appreciates his cock and balls. Now you feel me up like you like it okay?"

It was the first time in her life that Victoria had ever fondle any man other than her husband, and she had rarely done that with him. But Raul's glaring gaze told her she'd better cooperate.

She caressed his furry balls with her palm, her knuckles rubbing her sore cunt slit as she did it. Her other hand on his cock, the curled fingers not even spanning the diameter of his cock lance, stroked up and down slowly. The dark skin on his cock moved as she jacked up and down, bunching behind the flared ridge of the slimy cock knob on the up stroke and drawing back tautly on each downstroke. As she watched, she saw a fresh flow of clear pre-cum emerging from the gaping piss slit, and the sight sickened her.

Closing her eyes to the obscene sight, Victoria forced herself to keep jacking him off and fondling his cum-bloated balls. But closing her eyes didn't keep her from feeling the warm and slippery slime that was soon running down his cock shaft and coating her stroking fingers.

Hoping that the bastard was climaxing which would disarm that seemingly perpetual hard-on of his, Victoria peeked through fluttering lashes. No, he wasn't shooting his cumload. It was only a profuse flow of that clear fluid. Andy did that when he was hot, too, but not nearly so much as this guy.

"That feels real good, Vicky," Raul said condescendingly. "And now, since you're bein' such a good girl, I'm gonna let you lick my prick."

Her eyes flew open, focusing instantly on his brown and slimy cock, which was glistening with a sheen of pre-cum now. Her hand stopped moving, and she gulped nervously.

"Come on now, blondy," he said, caressing her tits fondly. "Don't get all tense again. I won't cum in your mouth... I just like for a girl to lick my prick a little before I stick it up her ass." He smiled, raising up on his knees. "Makes me feel wanted, when a chick licks my cock."

Victoria gasped in dread as that ugly prick came toward her face, dripping warm pre-cum onto her naked tits. Panic overtook her. She couldn't lick that filthy thing!

Then she realized she still had one hand on the base of his cock and the other on his balls. His balls! He was vulnerable there, she knew.

Her mind reeling, Victoria quickly closed her hand, squeezing with all her strength as her fingers sank into the soft hairy flesh of Raul's balls.

"Oooowww!" he howled, lurching over her.

As he lunged forward in pain, his cock grazed the side of her face, leaving a warm trail of slimy pre-cum. But he kept going, diving from the bed and almost leaving his balls in her clutching hand. She let go at the last possible second, just as he tumbled headlong to the floor.

Victoria leaped from the bed, running for the open doorway. She was in a blind panic now. She didn't know where the other two guys were, but she hoped she could make it to the front door and escape out onto the street. Surely somebody would help her then.

She heard the enraged Mexican yelling behind her as she fled into the long hallway without looking back. She knew seconds were precious. She heard Raul's bare feet pounding the carpeting behind her, and she felt as if she were running in slow motion. The living room and the front door seemed so far away. It was as if the hallway kept extending farther ahead of her, stretching out as she ran. It was like a nightmare.

"Chuck! Scott!" Raul bellowed, very close on her heels now. "She's loose again!"


Victoria's pert tits bobbled as she ran frantically down the hall, with Raul at her heels. The hallway opened into the living room at the far end, and she thought she could make it to the front door before he caught her.

Her heart sank when she saw Chuck and Scott appear in the arched opening at the end of the hall, still naked, each holding an expensive bottle of fine wine. The pigs had raided the wine room again, and they were getting drunk. Just what she needed!

"What the fuck?" Scott blurted.

Victoria stopped dead for a second, her pulse racing as adrenaline flooded her veins.

"Stop the bitch, damn it!" Raul shouted. "She tried to rip my Goddamned balls off!"

He slumped against the wall, holding onto his hurt balls with both hands, finally allowing himself to experience the excruciating pain now that his buddies were on the scene.

As Chuck and Scott started to advance, Victoria spun about and dashed through a side door in the hallway, fleeing across the den and into the kitchen. She already knew she was hopelessly trapped, but she couldn't stop running. She ran blindly across the big galley kitchen, hearing the rapid padding of bare feet on the tile floor behind her.

Abruptly, she was arrested in mid-flight by rough hands that grabbed her upper arms. She was yanked to a halt so suddenly that it nearly snapped her delicate neck.

"Ooomph!" she grunted, kicking her legs wildly as the two men held her. "Let me go, you scumbags!"

"Damned if you aren't one crazy lady." Scott said, shaking his head. He took a swig of wine, then set the bottle on the cabinet. "Raul's gonna make it real bad for you now... you can count on that."

"Yeah," Chuck said, a wicked hint of relish in his tone. "I don't know if I've got the stomach to watch this or not."

Chuck kept guzzling wine from his bottle while he and Scott held Victoria easily in place, despite her frantic struggling.

When Raul came limping into the kitchen, she stopped squirming and almost went limp, but the two men held her up firmly, forcing her to face the man she had just inflicted such pain on.

The big man approached her like an enraged bull, nostrils flaring, eyes wild looking, every muscle in his brawny body raised prominently with tension. He was still holding onto his injured balls, and beads of sweat glistened on his brow.

She shrank back in the other men's grips, wishing she could black out, or die, anything to end this madness.

"You stupid cunt," Raul said hoarsely. "I tried to be nice to you. I told you it was your choice how things were gonna be. Didn't I?"

"For God's sake," Victoria whispered pitifully. "Let me go."

"You made the choice, baby," Raul said. He reached for her crotch, causing her to jerk. But his fingers slid down her raw cuntal slit and under, probing at her asshole. "You're gonna get my big dick up that little tiny asshole, bitch... right now."

While he jabbed his finger roughly into her dry asshole, Raul snatched Scott's bottle from the counter and took a big swig. He kept his eyes on Victoria's face while the wine gurgled into his mouth and his Adam's apple bobbed, finger-fucking her ass and clawing his thumb into her sore pussy at the same time.

Looking down in horror, Victoria saw the Mexican's limp prick swelling and rising again as the feel of her lovely body turned him on once more. She couldn't believe it. She thought for sure she had disabled him for life. He wasn't even human!

Raul held the bottle aloft and kept swigging, until the bottle was empty. Then he slammed it down on the counter and glanced around the kitchen, keeping his busy fingers embedded in Victoria's cunt and ass while the other two men held her still.

The Mexican gaze came to rest on the built in microwave oven nearby. His thick lips curled and his strange eyes narrowed as a grin came over his face.

"Over here, bitch," he snapped, yanking her toward the microwave oven. "I'm gonna cook your brains or fuck your ass... your choice like always."

The other two laughed as Raul opened the door to the oven and shoved her head inside. Her long hair caught on something, tearing at her scalp as he pushed her.

"You know how microwaves cook?" Raul asked, holding her easily in place with her head inside the oven. "They cook meat from the inside out. That's how. Your brain's gonna fry first, and that pretty face goes last. You wanna go that way?"

"She won't miss her brain, anyway," Chuck said. "Stupid cunt."

"It won't work, Raul," Scott said. "The damned thing won't work without the door closed."

"The hell it won't." Raul said confidently. "See that little button just inside right there? Stick your finger in that."

Scott wasn't overly eager, but he did as Raul suggested. Then Raul turned the timer and pushed the start button.

There was a sudden whirring noise and a light came on in the oven, illuminating Victoria's blonde hair eerily.

"Aaaiiieee!" she shrieked. "Noooo!"

She didn't feel anything yet, but the knowledge of what was coming sent her into hysterics. She screamed and squirmed, but Raul held her firmly in place, keeping her head in the oven.

"Shit!" Scott blurted, releasing the safety button and jerking his hand back. "I don't want my fuckin hand in that oven when those microwaves are shootin' everywhere. Fuck that shit!"

Victoria was whining and gasping, her bare tits mashed against the lower edge of the open oven door. The light had gone out and that horrid whirring noise had ceased, but the terror lingered. She thought she might faint. She wondered if the microwaves had already damaged her brain in that brief moment of exposure. How could they do a thing like this to another human being?

"Fuck you, buddy," Raul said. "I can do it myself if she gives me any more trouble." He jerked roughly on Victoria's hair, but kept her head in the oven. "Understand, hard head?"

"Yes... yes, I understand!" she cried out loudly. "Believe me, I understand! Just keep your hand off that button, for God's sake! This is too dangerous!"

Scott chuckled. "Looks like we finally found something the iron lady's really scared of."

"Yeah," Raul said. "That's more like it, Vicky. Better to use your head while you've still got it."

Raul moved behind her naked ass, pushing the slimy tip of his skinned-back prick between her creamy ass cheeks. She tensed when she felt his spongy cock head pressing against her asshole.

"Jesus!" Chuck laughed. "You gonna fuck her like that... with her head in the oven?"

"Why the hell not?" Raul said, keeping her wrists clamped behind her back with one strong hand. "It's the only thing I've found that'll keep the bitch quiet."

Victoria whimpered, her head still in the microwave oven, as she felt the pressure against her tight asshole increase.

"Man," Scott said, "Your prick looks about stigma her little body. Maybe you're gonna split her right in half."

Victoria knew that was an exaggeration, to increase her terror. Scott was good at that. But she also knew Raul did have the biggest cock in the bunch... nearly a foot of ugly cock meat. She had never had anything rammed up her ass before, and she wondered if she would survive it. She had to! She would not give them the pleasure of seeing her die, impaled on that crazy Mexican's colossal cock. Her revenge would be to not only survive this, but to endure it without complaint how the bastards would hate that?

"Hold her hands, guys." Raul said. "I want to enjoy this."

Standing to each side, Scott and Chuck each took one of Victoria's hands, holding her arms outstretched while her head remained in the oven.

Raul gasped the bent-over blonde's tiny waist with his big hands and shoved his loins forward, forcing the plum sized knob of his fucker into her resisting asshole.

Victoria bit her lip, sucking in a deep breath as she felt her taut ass ring stretching around the man's invading cock head. Goose bumps pimpled her pale flesh as she braced herself for the brutal penetration she knew was coming. But she didn't permit herself to cry out, despite the pain.

For a moment, the big Mexican stood there behind her, gripping her waist, his cock connecting his loins to her pale ass like a giant brown bolt.

"Damn, she's tight!" he rasped, looking down at the way his huge prick was wedged between her ass cheeks. "Yeah! This fuck's gonna be one for my Hall of Fame for sure! What a hot little ass!"

"Give her some more, man!" Chuck urged, holding Victoria's hand tightly as he watched. "Give her the whole thing."

Raul pushed again, fucking several inches of cock meat into the hot tightness of Victoria's ass. She gasped, banging her head against the inside of the microwave oven as she involuntarily lurched forward. But Chuck and Scott pulled on her arms, quickly immobilizing her; it felt to Victoria as if someone were cramming a baseball bat up her ass. She didn't know how muck of that monster cock was in her guts now, but she felt stuffed full. It seemed impossible that she could take another inch of prick up her ass.

But she did.

Clinging to her waist, Raul forced more and more of his cock into her hot ass guts, fucking in slowly but steadily.

For Victoria, his cock lance now seemed endless. More and more of that thick cock kept fucking into her ass, till she thought she could feel the prick knob probing into her lungs. Her stretched ass ring burned horribly, and she felt as if she might suddenly become incontinent and just shit all over Raul. But she knew that would be impossible, with her asshole plugged so full of cock meat.

Sweat beaded her forehead and she gritted her teeth, using all her willpower to keep from screeching in pain.

Still more cock fucked in, causing Victoria to pant and wheeze inside the oven. Raul's slow but relentless penetration was killing her, causing such intense pain that she thought she would faint any moment. But no such merciful loss of consciousness occurred, and she remained acutely aware of every horrible inch of his mammoth fucker as it sank into her ass guts.

After what seemed to her an interminable period of time during which his cock kept slithering up her ass like an endless rubber hose she felt his hairy groin bump against her smooth ass cheeks. The long inward slide of that awful cock stopped.

"Look at that!" Scott blurted, still clinging to one of her hands. "That little tiny bitch took all of that big old cock!"

"I wouldn't have thought she could take it," Chuck said.

"Oh, man!" Raul bellowed, leaning back so they could have a good view of his groin against her cute little ass. "What a hot fuckin' ass she's got! Shit!"

Victoria was hurting so much by now that she almost wished she had a free hand so she might press the safety button on the microwave herself, and end it all quickly. But that would have given the men pleasure, and she was determined she would give them nothing. They might fuck her senseless, but she would not given them any response, good or bad. She felt Raul's hands swoop up from her hips as he reached around and grabbed her hanging tits.

He started fucking her ass slowly, kneading and squeezing her tits while he fucked. His cock strokes were slow, and it felt to her as if several feet of thick cock meat stroked in and out of her tightly clenching asshole. It was a strange new sensation for her, unpleasant in the extreme.

"Yeah, baby," Raul rasped, kissing Victoria's smooth back. "Squeeze that big old prick with that itty-bitty asshole... yeah!"

She wasn't aware she was squeezing his cock until he mentioned it. But she was. It was an involuntary response, and she found it impossible to relax her sphincter. That annoyed her, because she knew the tightness of her asshole only made the fucking better for the son of a bitch.

As Raul became more aroused by the hot sheath of ass guts that caressed his stroking prick, the tempo of his fuck-thrusts increased. Burning pain from her cock-stuffed ass radiated all through Victoria's loins, causing her to moan loudly in the oven. She hated herself for letting them know she was suffering. But it hurt so much, she couldn't contain herself. Her pitiful moans and groans seemed to echo within the oven.

Raul abruptly changed his approach, alternating the in-and-out lunges with wild swaying motions of his hips which caused his immense fucker to churn violently inside her ass guts.

"Oh, my God!" Victoria cried, straining against the strong hands that held her arms stretched out to each side. "No... no!"

It felt to her as if Raul's prick must be ripping her intestines to shreds, gouging every vital organ in her body. She halfway expected his bloody cock to come bursting out through her punctured navel at any moment.

His frenzied churning motion caused the wiry hair of his crotch to scour her smooth ass cheeks. And, because of her bent-over position, she could feel his cum-laden balls slapping up into her crotch each time his cock fucked into her ass, the stiff hairs on his balls tickling the lower juncture of her sensitive cunt lips. He had balls on him like a bull, and she became very aware of his furry ball sac swinging beneath her crotch and slapping up against her pussy.

And, all the while he was fucking her ass, his busy hands squeezed her tits, his fingers brushing constantly over the rosebud tips of her nipples.

"Here," Scott said suddenly, giving her hand to Raul. "You hold this hand, I gotta eat some of that sweet blonde pussy right now!"

One of Raul's hands left Victoria's tits, and he grabbed her wrist, bending that arm behind her back roughly. He kept fucking her ass rhythmically, never missing a cock-stroke, and Chuck kept hold of her other wrist. She thought for a second that Raul was going to let her back up and get her head out of that horrid oven, but he shoved forward, keeping her in place.

Scott dropped to his knees and maneuvered in between Victoria and the cabinet over which she leaned. Licking his lips, he eyed her pretty pussy and ran his hands adoringly up and down her silken thighs. He could see Raul's dark-haired balls swinging lewdly just beneath her blonde-haired cunt as the horny Mexican fucked her ass relentlessly.

Victoria gulped with anxiety when she felt the blond boy's talented tongue zipping up and down the gash of her cunt, then she gasped when he clamped his warm lips onto her clit and started sucking hard. She could feel his nose pressing against the upper part of her cunt mound, his cheeks mashing the fine hair of her pussy while he sucked on her clit.

A moment later, she felt hot lips sucking at one of her tits, and she knew it was Chuck. While he sucked one of her nipples, the shaggy-haired stud drew Victoria's hand to his crotch, forcing her to grasp his stiff prick. Keeping his hand clamped over hers, he forced her to jack slowly on his cock while he slurped at her tit, sucking the nipple and swirling his wet tongue around the sensitive aureola that surrounded the nipple. She could feel his hard-on throbbing in her hand.

All the while, Raul went on fucking his gigantic cock in and out of her ass. Her stretched asshole was becoming numb from the incessant friction, but the gouging sensations deep in her guts seemed amplified now. She felt certain the man was doing serious damage to her insides.

But Raul didn't seem to care what she was feeling. Her hot ass obviously felt good to him, and that was all he cared about. He kept her arm pushed up painfully behind her back and pounded the hell out of her little ass with his big fucker.

Victoria was suddenly startled by a pleasant sensation in the midst of all this pain. Scott was flicking his tongue over her clit, which was stiffening in response to all the attention. He was holding her cunt open with his fingers, exposing all the glistening pink folds inside while he flapped his tongue rapidly over the tip of her clit. She could feel his hot breath searing the sensitive membranes of her cuntal folds, and faint electric-like sensations began to detonate in her stimulated cunt.

As Victoria's attention centered more and more on the hot thrills radiating from her excited cunt, she became less aware of the big prick that was plundering her ass. Her diverted attention allowed her tense ass muscles to relax, and then she suddenly realized that Raul's fucking cock was not hurting hex as much as it had before. In fact, the ass-fucking was generating a vaguely erotic sensation of pleasure in her loins now. While she savored the tingly sensations in her ass and cunt, Chuck gave her clit his full attention, somewhat relaxing his grip on her hand where he had it clamped around his prick.

Before she knew what she was doing, Victoria was jacking on Chuck's cock without any encouragement from him and her nipples were tingling and stiffening under his lavish attention. His sucking mouth, switching every few moments from one nipple to the other, soon had her nipples standing out like luscious pink spikes.

Seeing that the blonde was jacking Chuck's cock of her own free will now, Scott moved out from between her loins and the cabinet and stood. Raul was still fucking her ass, running his free hand all over her lovely body while he held her wrist pinned against her lower back. Scott took the hand that Raul had been holding, bringing it down to his own cock, wanting some of the same kind of attention she was giving Chuck. Raul grabbed her slim hips and started fucking her ass even more savagely.

Victoria started stroking the blond boy's cock the instant he placed her hand on it. Good feelings were surging through her body now, and she wanted him to get back to licking her cunt.

Scott bent at the waist, holding onto one of her fleshy buns while he resumed eating her pussy.

Her head still in the oven, Victoria voluntarily jacked on both guys' pricks while Raul jolted her entire body with his vicious cock-lunges in her ass. She grunted with each fuck-thrust, stroking those two stiff pricks faster with her hands.

Scott's wonderful tongue was fluttering at the tip of her erect clit again, sending those marvelous sensations surging through her pussy. The pleasure in her pussy gradually merged with the erotic sensations in her ass, until she could no longer separate the two. And her tits were tingling pleasantly as her nipples responded to Chuck's busy mouth.

Victoria lowered her head suddenly, bumping her forehead on the bottom of the microwave oven. She was disgusted with herself.

She was feeling pleasure!

Her long hair shimmered as she shook her head in a fit of self-loathing. How could she experience even a tiny trace of pleasure in a situation like this? A barbarian's cock up her ass, cocks in each hand and her head jammed in a damned oven! Was she going mad? Was this what sex was all about? Getting enjoyment out of pain and humiliation? Surely not! It was totally irrational to feel erotic titillation in the midst of such an outrageous situation. No decent woman could find any pleasure in this!

But it was there, all the same a swirling ball of high-energy sensations that seemed to center in her pussy, fed by tingly currents of erotic electricity radiating from her sucked tits and her fucked ass.

Suddenly, Victoria stiffened as if frozen in position, and every inch of her naked body quivered. Something was happening inside her something wonderful!

She wanted to resist the strange force that was sweeping over her, but it was impossible to stifle the carnal fires that had been stoked by all those hard cocks and sucking mouths. She felt as if whatever was happening in her cunt was like some kind of nuclear melt-down, some incredibly powerful force that was totally out of control.

It was an orgasm... the first full-fledged orgasm Victoria had ever experienced in her life.

She went with it, letting the fires of hell consume her in this moment of wanton erotic pleasure. She had never felt so alive at any time in her life before had never known it was possible to feel so vibrantly alive and aroused. She wanted it to last forever.

"She's cummin'," Scott announced, his words muffled by her pussy. "The bitch is finally gettin' off!"

"All right!" Raul cheered, slapping one of her ass cheeks as he kept fucking. "She just needed a big cock up her ass to get her hot... all women need that, but some of 'em just don't know it."

"Naw, man," Scott retorted from down below. "She just needed a good pussy-lapper like me. It was my mouth that got her off."

The blond youth returned quickly to slurping at Victoria's creaming cunt, sucking out her slimy girl-cum with enthusiasm as he wallowed his face in her pussy.

"It was all of us," Chuck said, keeping his upturned face buried in between her hanging tits. "Some chicks can't get off unless they get gang-banged."

"It was the ass-fuckin', you dummies," Raul insisted. "All Mexican men know the asshole's connected to the pussy. Women always have their biggest orgasms with a cock up their ass."

Victoria didn't know who was right, and didn't care. All that mattered was that these three punks had made her cum, and she was still cumming, cumming in an endless spiral of hot erotic delight such as she had never even imagined. Her heart was pounding, her tits were tingling, her asshole was clenching on Raul's prick, her cunt was creaming on Scott's tongue, and her hands were both pumping frantically on two stiff cocks that she suddenly wanted in her pussy. She even thought about taking one of them into her mouth, about letting one of the men shoot his cum-load down her gullet while the other one fucked her cunt.

Inside the oven, her head rolled from side to side and she moaned endlessly. Only now, she was moaning with ecstasy going absolutely cock-crazy.

"Awww, fuck!" Raul howled, clamping his muscular arms around her just below her tits. "Aaaahhh, baby! Yeah! Yeah!"

Victoria felt the big man's cum-load gushing hotly into her ass guts, exploding from his buried cock with amazing force.

"Yes!" she cried out. "Cum in my butt you beautiful brown bastard!"

She couldn't believe she had said that. Was it her? It was almost as if some demon had possessed her body, speaking with her tongue, her voice.

"Uh-huh!" Raul bellowed, keeping his cum spouting prick fucked balls-deep in her ass. "Take my jizz... you pretty bitch Goddess! Take it, cunt!"

And she did take it, gladly. She wallowed her smooth ass against the Mexican's hairy groin, her convulsing ass ring gripping the base of his prick as it filled her guts with hot cum.

As the four of them huddled together in that tangled carnal coupling, Victoria was finally able to get her head out of the microwave oven. She stood on her tiptoes, resting the back of her blonde head against Raul's brawny chest as she kept squirming her ass on his spent prick.

Scott was still bending over from one side, sucking ravenously at Victoria's creamy cunt. Chuck was leaning over the blond boy's kneeling form, sucking on one of her tits while Raul's hand mauled the other tit. And Victoria's hands continued stroking both Scott's and Chuck's cock zealously, as if she feared those two guys might get bored and escape her grasp.

Raul slithered his long prick from the captive girl's ass. There was a lewd slurping sound as his cummy cock popped from her gripping asshole. She felt warm cock cream dribbling from her abused ass, running down her inner thighs, and the obscene sensation only increased her arousal. She pumped her pussy against Scott's face, coating his chin and cheeks with cunt cream.

Scott buried his jutting chin in Victoria's slippery cunt, fucking his tongue in and out of her cunt hole rapidly which caused her to squeal with glee and roll the back of her head against Raul's chest.

When the Mexican dropped to his knees behind Victoria, Chuck quickly switched to her other tit, biting and sucking at the stiff nipple.

She pushed forward, mashing her tit against the shaggy-haired young man's face, forcing more of her tit into his sucking mouth.

Then Victoria gasped in surprise when she felt Raul's mouth at her just-fucked ass. He used his fingers to part her alabaster ass cheeks, pressing his dark face into the crevice of her ass. He clamped his lips to her abused asshole and sucked some of his own cum from her ass with a loud gurgling noise.

For a second, Victoria couldn't believe the big man was actually doing that. But she wiggled her ass against his face, moaning with wanton lust.

When Raul rose to his feet and moved around to kiss her, Victoria drew back in surprise. Fuck-slime from her own asshole glistened on the Mexican's thick lips, and those strange blue eyes of his seemed to be inviting her to participate in the ultimate depravity.

The very depravity of it aroused the demon that seemed to have possessed her. She considered it. Hesitant at first, she finally brought her soft lips to his waiting mouth. As their lips met, she kept stroking the other two guys' cocks while they feasted on her luscious young body.

Raul's slimy mouth surrounded Victoria's lips, and he spit his own cum just sucked from her ass into her mouth.

She swallowed the second-hand load of jism, then sucked on his tongue as it snaked into her mouth. Their cum-coated tongues and slippery lips wallowed together, green eyes staring shamelessly into blue eyes as they kissed passionately.

Victoria released the two cocks she'd been hanging onto, and her slender white arms went up around Raul's brawny brown back as they nearly crushed Scott's head between their loins.

Raul wrapped his arms around her frail body, Scott and Chuck pulled away from her cunt and tits. They stood aside and looked on in obvious surprise.

"Goddamn!" Chuck blurted, frowning. "You two are downright nasty!"

"Look at that," Scott said in disgust. "She's crazy as him!"

Victoria knew, better than they, that she had gone crazy. Cock-crazy! And she loved it. She especially loved it with that big brown barbarian who was crushing her in his powerful arms at the moment. He was wonderful!

The alkaline flavor of Raul's cum lingered on her taste buds while they kissed, and it no longer repulsed her. His cum was delicious now, and she reveled in their cummy kiss. She felt his ass-slimed prick, limp for now, pressed against her juicy cunt. Juicy! How sweet it was!

For the first time in her life, Victoria understood why people were always wanting to fuck.

Her small hands slid down the Mexican's brood back, and she cupped the smooth muscular buns of his manly ass, pulling him harder against herself as they kissed. She moved her hips, rubbing her drooling pussy against his slimy prick, enjoying the obscene contact.

"It was you, Raul," she whispered against his lips. "You and that big cock of yours, you gave me the first real orgasm I ever had and I adore you for that." She kissed him briefly again. "You big-cocked beauty! I think I love you!"

Raul abruptly released Victoria and pushed her back rudely, looking at her in utter amazement.

"Hey! Just one fuckin' minute here, lady," he said, frowning. "Let's not go gettin' serious about any of this shit. I'm just doin' a job here for your old man."


"You filthy bastard!" Victoria blurted.

And, before she knew what she was doing, her hand flew up and she slapped Raul's face hard.

In the next instant, he slapped her so hard she fell back, sprawling on her ass on the kitchen floor. She sat there on the cold tile, rubbing her jaw. He had hit her so hard it nearly knocked her senseless.

"Fuck this bitch some more," he told his buddies, sneering down at her. "I gotta have a break."

The naked Mexican grabbed a dish towel and wiped his cummy prick with it, threw the soiled towel in Victoria's face and strutted out of the kitchen.

Chuck grabbed her arm and jerked her to her feet roughly. She felt more of Raul's warm jism draining from her abused asshole as she teetered, still dizzy from his hard slap. And, curiously, she also felt a new flow of pussy juice wetting her cunt, which was simmering again. She felt terribly confused. Had being slapped by Raul aroused her again? Was she losing her mind?

"Stand still, bitch," Scott said, clamping a heavy metal collar around her fragile neck. "We're not finished with you yet."

There was a long chain attached to the collar, and Chuck fastened the other end of it securely to a cabinet handle that was too high for Victoria to reach.

Why were they chaining her up again? She had just given herself completely to Raul, right in front of them. And she wanted more of that hunky Mexican's stupendous cock. Why had he rejected her like that? Nothing made any sense. These men were terrorists of the worst kind warping her mind while they ravaged her body.

"Why doesn't Raul like me?" she asked. "I gave him what he wanted."

"None of us like you, Vicky." Chuck said. "We're just gettin' you thawed out for Andy because he doesn't know how to handle a bitch like you."

"You're just a piece of meat to us, lady," Scott said, rubbing his fingers in her wet cunt slot. "Nothin' personal, understand."

"How do people like you know my husband, anyway?"

Chuck grinned, taking her hand and putting it on his cock, which was partially hard.

"We're sort of... bill collectors," he said, caressing one of her tits. "We specialize in collecting gambling debts. You know, gamblers are bad about spending money they don't have so we make sure they pay up when they do get some money, see? I mean, we're not connected with any professional organizations or anything like that. We just break a few legs now and then."

Without even realizing what she was doing, the distraught blonde was stroking Chuck's stiffening prick fondly while they talked. But he noticed. He winked at Scott, who took her other hand and brought it to his own cock. Her fingers curled around the youth's prick, as if automatically, and she started pumping his prick, too.

"Does Andy owe somebody money?" Victoria asked, hoping that might explain all this. Maybe her husband had no choice but to let these punks have their way with her. "Is that it? This is the only way he can pay some debt or something?"

"No way," Scott laughed, still amused that she didn't even know she was playing with his cock. "We've collected a few debts for Andy before. Naw, he's no deadbeat. He just knew we could be trusted to do a dirty job right."

"Yeah," Chuck said, glancing at the big clock an the kitchen wall. "And he'll be along pretty soon to see how we did."

Victoria saw through the window that it was already getting light outside. God! These brutes had been abusing her all night long. She had lost all concept of time. And now she was emotionally devastated. Not only had her husband paid them to rape her the was coming back home to see the results of the nightmare they had put her through.

So, Andy wanted results, did he? Well, she had nothing to lose now. She had thrown away the last vestige of decency when she orgasmed on Scott's mouth, with Raul's cock up her ass and then let Raul spit cum from her ass into her mouth. She hoped that would be depraved enough to please her horny husband.

Becoming aware of what she was doing, Victoria looked down at the stiff cocks in her hands. She squeezed each cock, her eyes running up and down each young man's naked body. They were both nice looking, in different ways, now that she no longer feared their cocks. Chuck's muscle-bound body was a study in masculine perfection. And Scott was cute, in a boyish way.

"This chain isn't necessary anymore," Victoria said, drawing both of them closer by tugging on their pricks, "I'm ready for anything now, boys."

"But you look good in chains," Scott said, grinning mischievously at his buddy. "Don't you think so, Chuck?"

"For sure," Chuck said. "All cunts belong in chains."

Victoria was enjoying the feel of their hard pricks in her hands, and she realized now that her pussy was itching for more of the rough fucking these guys knew how to deliver. They did understand women like her... there was no doubt about that.

"Fuck me, Scott," she whispered, pulling his prick against her drooling cunt gash. "I like your way with women."

"Yeah?" he said, smiling disarmingly.

Then, like a bolt of lightning, he slapped the shit out of her.

"Oh!" she gasped, feeling a fresh surge of cum-juice deluge her cunt. "Yes! Take me by force, you beautiful boy! Fuck me!"

Scott drew away, surprised by her reaction. He scowled at her, looking a bit bewildered.

"It's no fun when you're so Goddamned anxious," he said.

"Aw, Scotty," Chuck said in disgust, pushing the youth aside. "You're sick, man. Anybody ever tell you that?"

"She's nothin' but a cock-crazy slut." Scott said, pouting.

"That's what Andy's payin' us for, stupid!" Chuck said. "To turn his cold bitch of a wife into a cock-crazy slut." He glanced down at the way she was clinging to his hard-on. "And I'd say we did a pretty good job. So now I'm gonna enjoy the results before Andy gets here."

Chuck grabbed the chain on Victoria's collar and yanked it rudely, forcing her down onto her knees.

"Suck my cock, slut!" he demanded.

Victoria took the big stud's circumcised prick into her mouth eagerly, cutting her green eyes up at Scott as she began to suck. Her hands quickly began to roam over Chuck's muscular body. His hard abdomen was ridged like a washboard, and his ass cheeks were solid muscle. She squeezed his firm buns and took his prick into her mouth all the way to its hairy base, nuzzling her nose in the wiry brown hair at his crotch.

"Look at that sleazy slut." Scott said in disgust. "Cock-hungry bitch she's just like the rest of them."

"Uh huh," Chuck agreed, curling his fingers into her soft blonde hair. "And it's just great!"

Victoria began moving her head, fucking her face on Chuck's prick. She had ceased to even try to analyze what had come over her. All she knew was that since she'd experienced that wonderful orgasm she was seeing men in a whole new way now. She had hated the sight of a naked man before, her husband included. But now, their bodies looked delicious to her. And their cocks, which she had feared before, thrilled her to the core.

She sucked madly on Chuck's prick, swirling her tongue about the spongy cock head and caressing his naked body adoringly.

"That's so like Andy," she said, shaking her head and smiling. "He always was a long-shot gambler."

She pulled on Scott's prick, bringing him closer. Then she leaned forward and kissed the tip of his partially hard cock affectionately, still clinging to the other guy's cock.

"So?" Scott asked her. "You gonna take him back?"

She sucked the youth's prick into her mouth, sucking on it and causing his hard-on to revive quickly. Then she drew away, looking up at them and grinning, a wicked gleam in her eyes now.

"Maybe," she said. "But it could be I've learned more from you guys than Andy expected." She moved back to Chuck's crotch, licking his prick adoringly. "If my husband I stay together, it'll have to be my way."

When Andrew Halstead returned home that morning, he was greeted by a sight he had explicitly said he did not want to witness.

His lovely young wife was in the middle of the living room floor, fucking and sucking with all three guys. They were all stark naked. She was sitting astride Chuck, with his prick in her pussy. Scott was kneeling near Chuck's head, and Victoria was sucking the boy's cock hungrily while Raul knelt behind her, fucking his colossal cock in and out of her ass.

Andrew, wearing white slacks and a colorful Hawaiian shirt, slammed the front door loudly, obviously wanting to make his presence known.

But the naked group in the middle of the floor ignored his arrival. He stared wide-eyed at his naked wife, who had a cock stuck in every hole a cock would fit into. His jaw dropped and he stared in bewildered disbelief. It was what he had wanted -- a cock-crazy slut of a wife -- but it was like too much of a good thing!

She was doing all this because she wanted to; that much was apparent. There were no signs of restraint.

"Vicky!" he blurted. "Jesus Christ!"

Andrew stomped over to the pile of naked bodies and grabbed his wife by the hair of her head, forcing her to release Scott's prick from her mouth and look up.

"Darling!" she exclaimed with faked surprise. "I thought you were in Tahoe. What are you doing home so soon?"

"Hi, man!" Chuck said, still lying beneath Victoria, his cock in her cunt and his hands on her tits. "We could use another guy here... this bitch is wearin' us all out. My prick's raw."

"Right," Raul said matter-of-factly. He moved back and his immense fucker slurped from Victoria's asshole, "Get your clothes off and stick your cock up her butt. It's all she ever wants, and I'm out of it."

"Vicky!" Andrew shouted, appalled by the fact that she had returned to sucking Scott's cock. "Stop it! This instant!"

Abruptly, he grabbed his wife's arm and yanked her to her feet. As she rose, Chuck's prick slipped from her pussy and slapped wetly back against his belly. At the same time, her mouth slurped from Scott's prick, and he stepped back.

"I know you're doing this to get back at me, Vicky," Andrew said, shaking her by the shoulders. "But I won't tolerate it."

"Just shut up and get your pants off, darling," she said, squeezing his cock through his white slacks. "I need a cock up my ass quickly it's the only way I can cum." Her deft hand was unfastening his trousers. "And I'd rather it would be your cock than anybody else's."

Andrew's mouth was open, but he was speechless as his pants fell and his wife pushed his bikini underwear down over his thighs. The other men were sitting around on the floor, watching with amusement.

"I want to see your gorgeous body," she said, unbuttoning his shirt. "Just relax, sweetheart... relax and go with it."

She pushed the open shirt from his shoulders and it fluttered to the floor, leaving him standing there naked, his slacks and underwear crumpled around his ankles.

"You guys get out of here!" Andrew demanded, glaring at his friends. "I want to be alone with my wife."

"No, no, darling." Victoria said as she sank to her knees and kissed his limp prick. "I want them here. I need them here."

She took her husband's soft cock into her mouth, caressing his thighs and calves as her hands descended. Then, sucking lovingly on his prick, she forced him to step out of his slip-on shoes and his pants and briefs. He stood there a moment, clad now in nothing but his white athletic socks, staring in utter bewilderment and embarrassment at the other men while she slurped ravenously on his cock. He was so embarrassed he wasn't even getting a hard-on, despite her eager cock-sucking.

"What have you guys done to her?" Andrew asked nervously.

"Only what you told us to do." Raul said. "Taught her how to appreciate a man's body."

"And to appreciate a stiff prick," Chuck put in.

"Yeah," Scott said, chuckling. "She appreciates the hell out of a hard prick now."

Andrew pulled back, slithering his soft cock from Victoria's sucking mouth. Quickly, he grabbed her hair again, yanking her to her feet. Her thrusting tits bobbled as she nearly lost her balance from the violence of his movement.

"You're disgusting. Victoria!" Andrew shouted in her face. "Absolutely disgusting!"

"And you're insane, my darling," she whispered, grabbing his limp cock again. "Mad as a hatter. I think we make a wonderful couple. Don't you?"

He glanced down at her hand grasping his prick, and he saw how her blonde pussy hair was all wet and matted with fuck-slime. Glistening ribbons of somebody's cum streaked her inner thighs, draining from her cunt and asshole at the same time.

"You make me sick!" he blurted.

Then he slapped her hard across the face.

"Ooooh, yes!" she rasped, squeezing his prick and looking him in the eyes. "I do so like a man who knows how to take charge."

Andrew slapped her again, even harder. She flinched, and a red flush colored her cheek. But she still clung to his prick and stared him in the face.

"Do it again," she murmured. "That makes me so hot!"

"You're sick, Vicky," he said, shaking his head. "You're more sick now than you were before."

Andrew suddenly realized his cock had come to life while he was slapping his wife. His hard-on stood up from his crotch, the piss slit glistening with a droplet of pre-cum. Victoria started squirming her cum-drenched cunt up against his hairy balls as she grabbed his hard cock with both hands.

"I should be punished for being such a bad girl," she said. "You may have to fuck my ass to teach me a lesson."

"Yeah!" Raul urged. "Give it to her the way she likes it, man, up the old asshole!"

Andrew slapped her again, so hard it caused her hair to fly. Then he bent down and kissed her, squirming the length of his hard-on against the slippery slot of her pussy.

"You smell like sex," he whispered.

"I know," she said. "Your friends have been entertaining me."

"The uncouth bastards," he muttered, kissing her again.

"Oh, no," she said, raising her legs and clamping them around his hips. "They're wonderful -- especially Raul."

Before Andrew realized what she was up to, she was maneuvering her asshole against the blunt tip of his hard-on.

But there was something appealing and exciting about the idea of putting on such a lewd exhibition with his lovely wife. Andrew had a bit of the exhibitionist in him, too. But he had never imagined Victoria might share that perversion with him.

"You know," he whispered, "We're two very trashy people."

"I know," she said, giggling and squirming her ass on his prick. "Isn't it just marvelous?"

"Damned right!"

Andrew started humping, fucking his cock in his wife's upturned ass. As he got into a steady fucking rhythm, he lowered his head and started sucking on one of her tits, delighted at finding the nipple, stiff from her arousal.

Victoria waved her sleek legs in the air above his back and held his head against her tit, thrilled by the hot sensation of his big hard prick fucking in and out of her ass. Her asshole was so runny with cock cream from the other three guys that Andrew's fucking soon generated nasty-sounding suctioning noises. Creamy cum, pumped from her abused ass by his pistoning prick, burbbled out to coat her ass cheeks and his hairy groin.

While he fucked her, they both kept glancing at the other men, both of them getting off on being watched.

Impulsively, Andrew pulled his prick from Victoria's ass and plunged it into her cunt which was equally wet and slippery. He threw a few hard cock-thrusts into her pussy, and was just getting into a rhythm when she abruptly pushed him away and scooted out from under him.

"No, honey!" she squealed, flipping over onto her hands and knees. "Not my pussy! Fuck my ass!"

A knowing smile was exchanged between Victoria and Raul, who had introduced her to the wanton thrills of ass-fucking.

Andrew knelt behind his wife and crammed his cock back into her asshole, fucking in so hard that his cum-laden balls swung up and slapped against the area between her asshole and her cunt. Rearing back, showing off for his friends, he clung to her hips and went into a frenzy of cock-thrusts, fucking her liquefied ass guts with gusto.

He had hardly begun to fuck when she started trying to crawl across the carpet. At first, Andrew thought she was trying to get away from him. Then he realized she had her eyes on Raul's colossal cock, which was draped half hard across his hips as he lay there and watched them.

Drawn to the Mexican's prick as if hypnotized, Victoria dragged her wildly fucking husband with her as she slowly crawled toward Raul.

"She's after your cock again, Raul," Scott said dryly and with a suggestion of boyish jealousy in his tone.

"I love that thing!" Victoria cried, grabbing Raul's prick and trying to stuff it into her mouth.

"No," he said firmly, taking his cock away from her. "I've fucked you till I'm raw. Lemme alone, now."

Andrew was still pounding the prick to her upthrust ass, and her tits dangled against Raul's massive thigh as she tried once more to get his prick into her mouth.

"Crazy cunt!" he snarled, turning over onto his belly to keep her away from his sore prick. "Suck somebody else."

Andrew wasn't offended by his wife's fixation for Raul's cock. It was, admittedly, a magnificent hunk of cock meat. And the big bruiser wasn't bad looking. Definitely not unfair competition.

While her husband fucked her hot ass and mauled her dangling tits, Victoria remained perched there on hands and knees, looking dejectedly at Raul's ass, which was near her face. She wanted his cock, but now that big beautiful fucker of his was hidden and out of reach between his belly and the carpet.

She twisted her neck, looking back at her madly fucking husband.

"Forgive me, darling," she said. "But this man just drives me wild I'm not entirely responsible for my actions when I'm around him."

With that, she lowered her head and starting licking up and down Raul's hairy ass crevice, kneading the muscular buns of his ass with both hands.

"Look at that nasty bitch!" Scott exclaimed, jabbing Chuck in the ribs with an elbow. "She and Raul are two of a kind."

Hearing Scott's accurate appraisal of his wife only served to arouse Andrew more, and his speeded up his fucking, which seemed to amplify the obscene slurping sound of cum being pumped from her asshole.

"Woman, you are too fuckin' much!" Raul said, sounding disgusted. But he elevated his bare ass, obviously enjoying the attention. "Not bad for an amateur, though. Stick your tongue in my butt yeah, like that. Uuummm!"

When the big man raised his hips, Victoria started flicking her tongue in his tight asshole rapidly. And she took advantage of the moment to reach beneath him to grab hold of his prick. She was pleased to find his prick swelling and stiffening in her hand, and she licked and tongue-fucked his ass with increased enthusiasm.

Meanwhile, she kept her own upthrust ass wiggling while Andrew plundered her swampy ass guts with his stiff fucker. Chuck and Scott, aroused by the lewd spectacle, had begun jacking off as they watched. The sight of such a sweet and innocent-looking young woman getting her ass fucked to mush by her husband while she licked the big Mexican's brown butt had given both of them throbbing hard-ons again. And they were not the kind of guys to let a good hard-on go to waste.

Scott quickly crawled over where Victoria could reach his cock, and she grabbed it and began stroking it fondly. And, when Chuck joined them on the other side, she reached out and took hold of his big, hard prick.

Andrew kept fucking her ass, wondering if he could get off this way. They had all fucked her ass so much during the night that it was like plunging his prick into a bowl of raw liver... there were good sensations, but no friction on his cock.

Raul rolled over, his massive prick flopping up into Victoria's face. She grabbed his hard-on, her eyes almost crossing as she admired that big brown prick that had given her the first orgasm of her life. She pushed the skin on the gigantic cock shaft downward, causing the glossy dark-colored cock head to flare and drool pre-cum.

"Oh, Andy," she said, "You just can't imagine how much I love this big ugly thing." She looked back over, her shoulder. "Can't we keep Raul around all the time?"

"What?" Andrew stopped fucking, looking at her and seeing that she was serious. "Certainly you can't keep an extra man around the house like a pet."

"It's okay by me," Raul said, shrugging. "Long as I get to see my other women whenever I want to."

"Please, darling?" she pleaded, still hanging onto Chuck's and Scott's pricks. "Maybe he can bring his other women over once in a while for you to fuck so you won't get bored."

"Yeah," Raul said, resting back on his elbows. "I can dig that, man. I've got some real hot chicks on the string, too."

"I just bet you do," Victoria said coyly.

Andrew just stared at the Mexican for a moment. Then he sighed, resigned to a life of debauchery and not altogether displeased at the prospect.

"Sure," he finally said. "Why the hell not?" Andrew started fucking Victoria's ass again, but she stopped him.

"And these two, also," she said, tugging at Chuck's and Scott's pricks. She giggled girlishly at her husband's expression of shock. "They're a lot of fun, too. And the blond one's so damned cute!"

Andrew couldn't believe it. Victoria was talking about these guys as if they were things, rather than people. She had always hated it when men talked about women that way.

Scott blushed slightly with embarrassment, something he seldom experienced. Andrew sneered at the youth, then grinned at Chuck, who he knew well.

"You guys want to live with us?" he asked.

"Okay by me." Chuck said, smiling down at Victoria. "Your wife's a hot piece of ass. Anyway, it beats that hotel we're shacked up in. Right, guys?"

Scott and Raul agreed, causing Victoria to squeal with glee. She lurched forward suddenly, leaving her husband's ass-slimed cock bobbing lewdly in the air. He thought she had abandoned him when she scrambled astride Raul's loins and sat down on his upthrust fucker. But she had hardly settled her ass down on Raul's monolith of a prick before she was leaning to one side, taking Andrew's slimy cock into her mouth.

Victoria fucked her ass up and down on the Mexican's prick and clung to the other two guys' pricks while she sucked hungrily on Andrew's prick. She was in slut heaven, with a cock up her ass, a cock in each hand, and her husband's cock in her mouth.


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