Twin wives in bondage

Outwardly, most Americans maintain the straitlaced middle-class look that belies the social ferment behind closed doors.

There is the secret use of drugs, fed by the marijuana syndrome. There is the river of alcohol flooding from door to door under the euphemism of social drinking. Then, of course, there is the advent of sexual fantasies brought to life.

This is the story of twin sisters, two wives who gradually discover that other people have some startling and perverse fantasies they are desperate to play out. Their story is a mirror of a way of life behind many closed doors. No facade, no regrets. Indeed, their behavior and fantasies become a norm.

TWIN WIVES IN BONDAGE -- a novel of fiction for entertainment. A page from our restless society as food for serious thought.


Wanda's first experience with the bewildering ways of intense pain and intense pleasure took place in a dentist's chair. She awoke one Saturday morning with a horrible toothache. The stabbing pain made it hard for her to speak, but she got Dr. Jarrod on the phone the kind, silver-haired dentist who had treated both her and her twin sister Wilma since they both had baby teeth.

"I was going to play golf," Dr. Jarrod said, "but this sounds like an emergency. I'll meet you at my office in half an hour."

It being Saturday, there were no other patients and no assistants in the usually crowded dental office. And Dr. Jarrod, dressed casually in his golfing clothes, seemed unusually warm and consoling.

"Ummm," he said with concern. "You have a nasty cavity. It's going to hurt a little, but I think we can save the tooth."

Wanda started cringing right them. Whenever the dentist said it would hurt a little, it usually hurt like raging hell!

"I'll give you a couple of shots to numb the pain," he said. "And you can have gas if you need it." He held out a little nose mask with a rubber tube and a bulb to squeeze. "It has a fancy chemical name," he said, "but most people call it laughing gas. If you feel it start to hurt, just squeeze the rubber bulb and breathe deeply the gas will make you a little light-headed, and the pain will fly away."

Many of Dr. Jarrod's patients were children, and he said a lot of stupid things like that... the pain will fly away! Where the pain flew was right up her ass. It hurt way down to there. Wanda moaned, writhing in the big leather chair, gritting her teeth and clamping the dark hole of her ass.

She squeezed the bulb and breathed in deep, Wanda heard the scrape of the drill, but her mind drifted off in the haze of blurring mist.

Unfortunately, the soothing effect only lasted a few seconds. A moment later she crashed back into the real world of grinding pain.

Dr. Jarrod purred: "There, there... it'll be all right."

But it was not all right. As the drill cut deeper into her aching tooth, even the gas could not block out the pain. Wanda twitched and jerked when she felt the grinding drill, and she threw up her hands to cover her face.

"No more!" she wailed. "I can't stand it!"

"Tsk, tsk," he replied. "I don't like to use these, but I think we must."

We? Wanda thought. Where does he get that we shit? It's me that hurts.

He squeezed the bulb and gave her another strong whiff of the mind-numbing gas. Then she felt him lowering her hands, pressing them down firmly on to the arms of the chair.

He brought a thickly padded cuff out from under the side of the chair and snapped it over her wrist. Then he did the same on the other side. When he lowered the spinning drill again, Wanda jerked and found to her horror that she could not move either arm.

"It's all right," he said again, smiling now. And Wanda wondered if he liked hurting people. A tight little grin curled his lips and a strange gleam flashed in his eyes whenever he bore down hard with that awful whirring drill.

Her right hand convulsed on the rubber bulb, jetting out breath after breath of gas until her senses swirled. Still it hurt, and she writhed with pain, imprisoned in the chair.

Dr. Jarrod went right on drilling, his smiling face so close to hers that she could count the bright little beads of sweat that gleamed on his upper lip above his twisted grin.

"There is one more thing we can do," he said. "Grunnngh... yes. Anything!" she replied, grasping in desperation at same feint hope.

"This will make you forget all the pain," ha said, and he cupped his left hand on her breast.

"Uhnnnn-ungh!" Wanda pulled hard against the binding wrist cuffs. She gasped a startled breath and mashed the rubber bulb, veiling her shock in the soothing mist. His hand squeezed her tit exactly the same way.

"Aaaahhhh!" she moaned. The drill kept on grinding. She could hear it, but she felt only the slightest twinge of pain.

"You see? And this will make it even better." His fingers slipped beneath her blouse and beneath the cup of her bra.

He found her bulging nipple and circled it with his finger.

"Asagh!" Wanda gulped in surprise, for an instant forgetting completely about the sharp pain radiating from the tip of that awful drill.

She moaned as the speed of his nipple twisting increased. The drill kept grinding, guided by his other hand, and Wanda felt nothing but hot sparks of joy. She screamed when the spinning drill suddenly touched, a bare nerve.

"Easy... easy," Dr. Jarrod said in his soothing voice. His hand pulled out of her blouse, brushed one tit then the other, and then eased down into her lap.

Wanda's smoothly darned cum mound was already rocking from his handling of her tits.

Damp juices seethed just inside the taut lips of her cunt. Dr. Jarrod's hand slipped down her thigh and beneath the hem of her short skin, then up... wiggling, until his fingers worked themselves into her lacy little black panties.

"AAAAGGGHHH!" she screamed, loud enough to rattle the office walls. The whirling drill kept ripping and hacking at some exposed nerve. The searing pain almost blinded her. She gasped an instant later. His probing fingers had found her juicy clit, baring it as he had the raw nerve in her tooth.

"You see?" he said. His wet fingers slithered in her flowing oil, twisting her clit until it bulged and blocked all thought of pain from her tortured mind. "Better already, isn't it?"

"Mmmm-hmmmmm," was all she could say.

He had her cunt muscles grinding with spasms of desire. Wanda tensed, arching her back in order to press her cunt harder against his hand. Her knuckles turned white from clenching the arms of the chair. She forgot that her wrists were bound, and she forgot the screaming whine of the high speed drill.

"Oooooooh," she moaned when at last the grinding stopped.

"All done," Dr. Jarrod said, humming as he put the drill away. "Now all we have to do is fill your cavity."

"Yes?" she hissed sharply. "Oh, yes... fill my cavity. Oh, Doctor... fuck my cunt!"

"My dear..." Dr. Jarrod seemed so surprised as though the thought of fucking her had never crossed his mind. But he had his finger deep in her twat, twisting and reaming just like the drill.

With his other hand, Dr. Jarrod opened the fly of his brightly colored golf slacks and whipped out a long cock.

Wanda gulped at the sight of his cock, trying to grab it with her eager hands. The padded cuffs stopped her anxious grab, and a strange warm feeling of helplessness swept over her.

Dr. Jarrod pulled off his pants and his shorts, pumping his long, slender dick until it strained and gleamed with surging blood. At the same time, he hiked up Wanda's short skin and pulled down her black-lace panties, licking his lips at the sight of her sheening spread of thick twat hair glistening with the dampness of desire.

He put his hand over hers, giving the rubber bulb a long, slow squeeze. The soothing vapors misted an image she could not believe the kindly old dentist whipping his cock and guiding its gleaming knob toward her finger-teased cunt lips.

Wanda pulled against the cuffs binding her arms, but Dr. Jarrod's firm hand closed on hers and forced out another whiff of gas. It didn't make her laugh as she thought it might it made her feel free, despite the bindings on her wrists and the weight of the grinning dentist as he straddled her in the chair.

Wanda moaned in delirious joy. Dr. Jarrod was moving his cock head up and down in the mouth of her drooling slit, stirring her juices and making them boil. Her raging desire burned clear and sharp despite the mind-warping gas.

"Fuuuuuck -- meeee," she gasped between whiffs. And then she whimpered as his long cock glided into her pussy. Her cunt muscles seized his cock.

Dr. Jarrod grinned, grunting as he humped and rammed her clinging cunt. In a few minutes, he forgot completely about the gas. He held her tits instead, ripping off her bra to fondle her heated nipples and suck them furiously with wild desire.

Wanda jerked up her legs and locked them tightly around his waist, kicking and screaming wails of joy. She'd grown bored with her husband Jack and the dull sameness of their love-making. Often she had dreamed of fucking another man, but her strict upbringing held her back. Her mother had harped endlessly on the evils of sex outside of marriage. On her own, Wanda might never have given in but in bondage she felt free. She could not have resisted the distinguished dentist if she had tried. With her wrists cuffed to the unyielding arms of the chair, she could only lock her legs and rock her hips in joyous response to his driving cock.

When the savage fury of his fucking stirred buried waves of guilt, Wanda had only to squeeze the rubber bulb. Then she drifted in a mellow haze, free to fuck and enjoy being fucked.

"More!" she cried. "Ooooooh, fuck me, Doctor -- fill my hole!"

Wanda's husband Jack was sprawled in front of the TV when she returned smiling three hours later. He was listlessly sipping a beer and watching pro football on the flickering tube.

"That must have been some hole the dentist had to fill," he said, hardly looking up.

"Yes... it took a long time." Wanda could not stop grinning.

"Hurt much?"

"A little, at first..." Her grin grew wider still. Her memories of pain grew dim in the heat of raging joy. "...but Dr. Jarrod has a way to ease the pain."

"Hhhmnun," Jack said, his eyes still glued to the tube. It was halftime and the screen was filled with a long line of high-kicking cheerleaders in short skirts. He hadn't even looked at Wanda whose eager cunt still seethed with desire.

"Ever think about fucking one of them?" she asked out of the blue.

"Huh?" Jack said, not certain he'd heard correctly.

"Do you ever think about fucking one of those sexy young cheerleaders?"

"Er, no. Shit, Wanda... we're married."

"We might as well be dead," she replied in a sullen tone.

"What? Wanda, have you gone crazy?"

"No, I think you have. If you can't get your cock up for someone as sexy as that redhead third from the end..."

"All right!" He decided to tell the truth. "Sure I think about fucking them! I think about it every fucking time I see them jiggle their tits and kick their long legs in those short little skirts."

"Which one would you pick?"

"Hell, I don't know. The blonde maybe or that one with the long, black hair. Shit, it doesn't matter. Women like that never fuck with ordinary working guys like me."

"What if she had no choice? What if you had one of them tied to the bed, her arms and legs roped so tight that she could hardly move?"

Jack looked up then, puzzled by the strange grin on Wanda's trembling lips and the lusty gleam in her flashing eyes.

"That gas the dentist uses made you crazy," he said. He gulped then and felt his cock start to swell. What would it be like to have one of those beautiful cheerleaders naked and helpless? And if he could have his choice, which one would he pick?

The camera moved down the long line of high kicking beauties again, and Jack felt his cock throb in time with the stirring music of the band. Wanda's suggestion that the cheerleader be bound and helpless excited him wildly in a way that was completely new.

Jack had not felt such a raging fuck-ache in his nuts fat many years. Marriage had dulled his senses, and eventually his desire. Wanda was willing enough, but their fucking had become so much the same like watching the same movie night after night. Even the words she chanted in the heat of passion had become the same, almost like she was reading from a script.

But now something had changed. Wanda was standing by the TV, doing her best to match the high kicks and tit-jiggling gyrations of the cheerleaders. When she snapped up a long, tapered leg, Jack could see into the dark, lace trimmed valley of her crotch.

Wanda's long hair flounced in teasing swirls, reaching clear to the crack of her ass when she threw her head back. That motion thrust out her sharply coiled tits, almost like they were begging to be sucked and squeezed.

"If you picked me, I'd tell you to fuck-off!" she said.


"I'd do with that defensive tackle instead. A six foot six, and three hundred pounds! Think what a cock he must have!"

"You bitch! What's wrong with my cock?"

"Oh, nothing... I guess." Wanda's flashing eyes followed the TV image of the burly lineman. "Three hundred pounds," she said in curious admiration. "With all that weight on top of me, I could hardly move."

"What's all this shit mind-fucking some ape on the TV tube?"

"Well, you sit there drooling and thinking about fucking a whole line of cheerleaders!"

"That's different!" Jack stirred uncomfortably in the chair, adjusting the hard swelling of his aching cock. "What's gotten into you anyway?"

Wanda kicked high again, ginning slyly. "Oh, baby... if you only knew!"

Jack tensed and sniffed. His wife's efforts to match the cock-teasing motions of the cheerleaders on TV spread the musky scent steaming from her cunt. "I smell cum!"

"Yeah," Wanda said without concern. "Dr. Jarrod filled two holes today."

Jack jerked upright. "You fucking whore!"

"I couldn't help it -- he had me strapped in the chair. I couldn't move."

"I'll bet you managed to move your fucking cunt!"

"Oh, yeah."

Jack leaped up and grabbed Wanda by the arm. "I ought to knock your fucking teeth down into your fucking cunt!"

Wanda's eyes flashed in defiance. "If you did, I'd bite your cock off!"

He grunted, swinging a vicious back hand slap. Wanda's head snapped hard to the side. She stumbled and sank to her knees. She anxiously worked her jaw, testing, and she rubbed her blazing cheek. Behind the shield of her hand, she managed to smile. She'd never seen her husband so excited. His huge cock bulged inside his pants, and she could hardly wait to see what he did with it.

Two long, fluffy white cords held back the living-room drapes. Jack pulled and jerked them free, almost ripping the drapery rod off the wall.

"Jack... for God's sake, don't wreck the house!" Wanda slowly dragged herself to her feet.

"It's your whoring cunt I'm going to wreck!"

"Aaagh!" she gasped. He pushed her back, her knees buckled when she hit the end of the coffee table and she sprawled on it, thumping her head and spilling waves of long hair down on to the floor.

Jack pounced, steaming with rage. He grabbed her arms again.

"So the fucking dentist tied you up," he said. He knotted one cord around her wrist, grunting with satisfaction as he jerked it tight. He rolled that arm to the table leg, then caught the other and tied it on the far side.

Wanda tensed her eyes wide, startled by the hidden power of his sullen rage. She'd made him angry with her taunting, and he had a right to be.

With her arms securely tied near the floor to the table legs, she began to wonder fearfully what he might do.

Jack swung around to the other end of the table. He shoveled his hands under her ass and lifted it. He grabbed a sofa pillow and stuffed it under her ass that hung off the table edge.

"I don't want to bruise your pretty little ass," he said in sneering contempt, "because after I fuck your cheating cunt, I'm going to whip it black and blue!"

Wanda gasped, half in the heat of lust, half in the chill of fear. Jack grabbed her legs and bent them back under the table, then he took the long white cord and bound each one to a heavy table leg.

With her ass upraised by the thick pillow, and her legs bent back almost double, Wanda's pink cunt lips lay fully exposed in an ideal position for a deep, reaming fuck.

Jack stood by the end of the table and stripped off his clothes, baring his long, swollen cock. He laughed as he stroked the throbbing monster.

"If you think the dentist hurt you with his little drill... wait till you feel this big fucker of mine!"

And then he fucked her and fucked her until the football game ended with the final score: Chargers 38, Buffalo 2.


Wanda curved her middle finger and wiggled it deep into her juicy cunt slit.

"Hhhmmm," she purred softly. "Aaahhh!"

Through eyes half closed and damp with tears of desire, she glanced again at the clock. Just after five. Good, her husband Jack would be home any minute. He'd have a drink to relax from the pressures of his job and then give her the ripping good fuck she hungered for so wantonly.

The sharp ring of the telephone bell shattered her misty visions of their frantic lust.

"Hi, honey... it's me," Jack said. In the background Wanda could hear rattles and clanks from the noisy warehouse that he supervised.

"Oh, Jack," she answered with a breathy moan, "I was just thinking of you..." Her voice drifted off in a mellow haze as her finger worked deeper into her twat. Wanda could almost feel what Jack's big cock would do in the place of her finger. "I've missed you so much today!"

"Er, yeah... I've missed you too." Jack sounded uneasy.

"Hurry home, dear," Wanda said. "I'm warming up a special treat for you." A tense gasp of pleasure burst from her lips as she ground the heel of her hand down hard on the nub of her clit. "Ooaoh," she moaned, twisting her hand in slow circles until her cunt mound ached and seethed with restless desire.

"Uh, that's why I called," Jack said with a tremor of guilt. "I'm... I'm going to have to work late. Probably very late. Don't fix dinner for me, and don't wait up..."

"Oh, Jack!" Her joyous writhing ceased abruptly.

It felt as though he'd rammed an icicle deep in her twat.

"I'm sorry, dear. I can't help it. Things here at the plant are completely fucked!"

"It's me that needs to be completely fucked!"

"I know how it is with you," Jack said with a sigh. Wanda would turn thirty next week, but she was sexier now and more filled with lusty desires than on their wedding night ten years ago. "I'm sorry. I'd be there if I could, but we can't move shit in or out of the plant. The truckers went on strike..."

"If they're not working, maybe I'll fuck one of them!" Wanda said sharply.

"Don't say that. Don't even think about it!"

Wanda went on in contempt: "I'll find a hairy one with a huge cock, and balls as big as truck tires..."

"Bitch!" Jack snarled.

Jack's anger came from seething, guilt. The truckers had gone out on strike, that much was true. But only the major lines were shut down. All of the independents and most of the smaller outfits were still hauling. It would only take an hour or two of extra work to clear the warehouse -- then Jack planned to spend the rest of the evening with Tess, a sexy young invoice clerk he'd hired the day before.

Somewhere Jack had read what was happening in their marriage -- that women often do not reach the peak of their sexual desire until ages thirty to thirty-five. And by then, just as often, their husbands have grown bored at home and begun to look elsewhere for new thrills.

"Don't call me a bitch and don't give me any shit about having to work late," Wanda said in a tense voice. "I know all about little Tess and her big tits!"

"What? How could you?"

"Because you talked about her in your sleep last night."

"Oh, shit," Jack muttered in disgust. "Wanda, listen..."

"No, you listen! I want some excitement too!"

"I'll be home as soon as I can," Jack said, his voice tinged with guilt. "There is some work I have to do, but..."

"Don't rush," Wanda hissed. "And don't disappoint little Tess... I might spend the night out too!"

"Wanda! Wanda?"

Wanda didn't hear Jack's final plea. She slammed down the phone and stalked to the front window for some fresh air. Breathing deeply, a sly grin curved her lips. Wanda had no intention of going out -- certainly not to spend the night with some raunchy truck driver. What she wanted to do was make Jack jealous.

Wild thoughts of what he might do to her in a jealous rage increased the width of her grin. Wanda hiked up her short skirt and stirred the honey dripping from her slit.

"Hhhmmm," she purred as she reamed a twisting finger in and out of her cunt. "Ooooh, shit!" she said as a familiar-looking car pulled to the curb in front of the house. She'd have no more time for finger-fucking.

It was her sister Wilma. Her twin sister. Her dull, boring, prudish twin. As children, the two of them looked and acted almost exactly alike. Their teachers and friends at school, sometimes even their parents, had trouble telling them apart. Especially when the mischievous twins changed roles, each one pretending to be the other.

Wilma soon tired of that trick. She grew quickly from a fun-loving child to a serious and often stuffy adult. Wanda remained a free-spirited adventurer, always seeking some wild thrill.

Wanda wore her hair down, brushed smooth and straight, sleek and gleaming like the finest sable. Wilma's hair looked mousy brown and twisted into a severe bun on top of her head.

Short skirts and clinging, low-cut blouses showed Wanda's tapered legs and lush tit curves at their very best. Wilma wore baggy woolen suits with skirts draped well below her knees, even in the fiercest summer heat.

Wanda's shimmering hair swayed and tickled the crack of her ass whenever she pranced naked to excite her husband Jack. Wilma, she thought, wouldn't strip herself naked even to take a bath unless the door was double-locked. Wanda felt sorry for Wilma's poor husband Ralph fucking her must be as exciting as fucking a knothole in a fence.

Wilma sniffed after Wanda had answered the door, disgusted by the sultry scent of an eager cunt.

"Hi," Wanda said, smoothing her skirt with spread fingers while teasing her anxious cunt mound.

"Hello, Wanda." Even Wilma's voice was dull and wooden sounding.

"I wasn't expecting you."

"Obviously." Wilma sniffed glaring at the damp spot showing through her twin sister's obscenely short skirt. When Wanda turned, Wilma noticed that the skirt barely covered the full, enticing curves of her rear.

Wilma stirred nervously in her thick, sack-like woolen suit as she closed the door. "I have a problem," she said bluntly.

Wanda looked her up and down, shuddering at the sight of her frumpy twin, yet grinning wryly at the same time. "Obviously," she said, mocking the tone of her sister's haughty greeting.

Wilma fussed nervously with her thick, drab and shapeless jacket that effectively hid a fine pair of tits that Wanda knew had to be as full, proud and sharply pointed as her own. "I-I need your help," the dour-looking twin said.

"Oh? Let me guess... Ralph has his once a year erection, and you don't remember what to do with it."

"Be serious," Wilma said in a pleading voice. "It's not Ralph. I'm having a problem with another man."

"Another man? You?" Wanda half choked, trying to keep from laughing out loud. Her sister never wore makeup or did anything else that would make her appealing to a man. "What's the matter? Can't you get along with his seeing-eye dog?"

"Wanda, please this is important! I'm in line for a promotion at work, a chance to move out of the steno pool and become an important executive's private secretary."

"What's that got to do with me?"

Wilma blushed, bowed her head and went on fussing with her dumpy clothes. "Well, Fred... Mr. James... he's the first vice president where I work. He's the one picking a new secretary, and he's giving a party tonight at his place to meet all the women who have a chance at the job. They're knockouts, every one! I know they'll all be dressed to kill, and some of them would do anything to land that job."

Wanda sighed and shook her head. Drooping clothes made Wilma's figure look like a sack of cement. And Wilma looked so glum, eyes dull and lifeless like two holes burned in a sheet. "If he goes by good looks, you're in deep shit!" Wanda said.

"I know. And the other girls are all so sexy."

"It would help if you brushed out your hair, put on a little makeup... and I've got a long, slinky red gown you could wear. It's split up one side almost to the hip, and it fits like a thin coat of paint."

"That might help," Wilma said, "but inside it would still be timid, drippy old me."

"And that's a problem," Wanda agreed. "It wouldn't be if you went in my place."

Wanda grinned. She thought it might be fun to pull that kind of switch again, but then she shook her head. "No, we'd never get away with it. I don't know any of the people you work with... I'm not even sure what it is you do."

"I can teach you that," Wilma said desperately.

"I've got a directory with pictures of the whole office staff."

"No, I can't. I -- well, I had a little argument with Jack on the phone. If I'm not here when he gets home, he'll be sore as a boil."

"But I can take your place here," Wilma said. "I'm sure I can handle Jack until you get home."

Wanda smiled. The last time Wilma had seen him, Jack was the typical suburban type husband, bored and slumped in his chair, slopping up beer while he watched pro football on TV. That's when Wanda had felt the excitement draining out of the marriage and she had begun to tempt Jack, to fan his smoldering jealousy and stimulate him with all her lusty cunning. Poor Wilma would have no idea how much Jack had changed in those few months. But she was going to find out.

Wanda beamed impulsively. "I'll do it!"

Thoughts of Jack's angry cock ripping savagely into Wilma made Wanda's twat throb with strange and perverse waves of deep-reaching delight.

"Oh, good!" Wilma gasped a great sigh of relief and showed Wanda pictures in her office directory. "That's Fred... Mr. James..."

"Hhhooo," Wanda said, gulping as an obscene pulse beat in her eager cunt. "He's a handsome son of a bitch! I'm really going to enjoy impressing him."

"Er... I hope so," Wilma answered with a nervous little grin.

No doubt Fred James was an attractive, distinguished-looking man, but Wilma had heard rumors whispered at the plant -- weird and fearfully exciting things about ropes and chains and a long, braided leather whip.

Wilma grinned and quickly turned the page, thinking that, at last, her lewd sister might get the brutal, stinging punishment her obscene lust deserved.

Fred James stood on the redwood deck at the rear of his luxurious hilltop home, gazing down on the twinkling lights of the city below. He smiled, thinking he'd done pretty well for himself -- damn well for a tough kid born and raised on the wrong side of town.

Marrying Victoria Cunningham had given Fred his start. Plump, awkward, insecure Vicky a lard assed bitch he wouldn't have looked at twice except he knew her father owned the largest factory in that part of the state.

The rich young studs Vicky grew up with would have nothing to do with her. Shit, why should they? When you've got the bucks, you can get the best. So Vicky started slumming to get her kicks as soon as she was old enough to drive her own car.

She'd go down the hill from her father's big house to some dingy waterfront bar where sailors, dockhands and hoods all sulked in the smoky gloom -- rough, lonely men with lust-crazed cocks who didn't give a shit what she looked like as long as she had money and wanted to fuck.

Vicky loved the power that wealth gave her over them. They worshipped and chased after her like humble fucking sex slaves. All but Fred. He proved to be smarter than mass. He ignored her until she chased after him. Then he dragged her to his place and threw her across the bed.

"I don't give a shit how much loot your old man has," he sneered. "To me you're just another fucking cunt!"

That excited Vicky all the more, but fear took over when she saw Fred's huge cock swollen and straining with wild desire.

Vicky screamed and leaped off the bed, lunging for the door.

Fred snagged her by the hair and threw her back. "You fucking rich whore!" he roared. "You came down here sniffing for cock, and cock is what you're going to get!"

Fred dropped his pants and stood over Vicky's trembling body, leering as he flogged his huge prick with one powerful hand. Vicky scrambled clumsily off the bed and lunged for the door, another scream of terror swelling her quaking tits. Fred silenced her with a vicious backhand slap that sent her sprawling in a heap at his feet.

"Get this straight, cunt... I'm not your fucking puppet! You are mine! When I pull the strings, you dance!" Fred never missed a beat of pounding on his heated cock. All his life Fred had been pushed around, made to bow and scrape by fat bastards with big money. No more. Now it was his turn to push back.

Fred pulled four strands of thin but incredibly strong nylon cord for his coat pocket. They were used by deckhands to secure pallet loads of freight. He also used it when he worked nights as a strong arm collector for an uptown loan shark.

"Wha-what are you going to do?" Vicky gasped.

He grinned as he looped one of the strands like a lasso. "I'm going to tie your fat ass to the bed and rape your cunt till it's black and blue!"

"No!" Her wailing cry rattled the walls.

"Shut up, bitch!" He balled up the shorts he'd been wearing all day and stuffed them into her mouth as a gag.

"Fuck!" Vicky winced and squirmed, her mouth suddenly stuffed full. She coughed, half choked by the bitter taste of sweat and the lung searing scent of his shorts. A strip of two-inch tape kept her from spitting out the gag.

"Aarrgh!" Vicky's creamy white tits swelled from the explosive pressure of a scream trapped in her chest.

Fred ripped off her blouse to gaze at her tits, licking his lips while he watched her nipples swell and stiffen from the cold shock of fear.

Fred looped a slender cord around one of her flailing wrists, jerked it above her head and knotted it to the metal frame of the bed. Then he straddled her and felt her fat tits writhe beneath his swaying balls while he struggled to control her other arm.

"Nuugh! Nungh!" She thrashed, bucking like a frantic cow, trying to scream.

Fred laughed and grabbed her other wrist, watching the light of fear shine brightly in her widened eyes. His cock loomed only inches from her chin, long and hard, throbbing with angry lust.


He whirled around and sat astride her, facing her feet. Vicky kicked and squirmed, but he had her pinned, sitting on her hairy cunt mound, grinding down with the weight of his ass and the heat of his lust-maddened nuts.

Vicky's mind swirled in fear. She heard her skin and panties being ripped away. She saw the tattered pieces of cloth hit the floor and felt the teasing heat of Fred's swaying balls rub against the shivering crack of her puffy cunt.

"Urggh! Urggh!" she groaned.

Vicky was a virgin. She had never felt or even seen a man's cock before. She'd only teased the others who swarmed after the scent of her wealth, then she left them flat and went home laughing, feeling proud and sure of herself as a woman.

Now the chilling fear of rape filled her tortured mind. Fred caught her thrashing foot and lashed it to the end of the bed. Vicky pulled and felt the bite of the cords binding her arms, but she could not move.

Fred turned back to gaze in her frightened eyes after he'd bound her other foot, smiling as he slowly stroked his giant cock. A lump of heated foreskin skimmed over the bright crimson knob, then he drew it back until his cock stretched and gleamed.

"Hhhugh?" Vicky gasped. The sight of his huge, straining cock sent chills of torment from her brain to her cunt. She squirmed in frantic desperation and felt her seething aunt juices start to flow.

His prick was so long he could coil both hands around the shaft, which he did, pumping faster now until the bright knob of his cock bulged and pulsed with each beat of his racing heart.

Fred leaned forward, leering hungrily as he released his cock and reached for her creamy tits. Palms still warm from the heat of his cock, he pressed down on her rigid nipples, mauling the firm, dark circles of flesh while his fingers spread and clawed the smooth white slopes.

"Hhhaarrgh!" Vicky's cheeks puffed behind the wall of sticky tape. Confusion raged in her mind. She felt the biting cold of sheer terror when she watched his giant cock swing free, and yet she had felt the bursting warmth of a long smoldering desire.

His strong hands pawed and kneaded her tits like dough, squeezing and shaping her tender tit flesh, bulging her dark-red nipples upward to meet his drooling lips.

Stretched flat on her back, naked and squirming, Vicky didn't look as plump and disgusting as she did in her dumpy clothes. In fact, she had a really great pair of tits! Fred nipped at one tit and teased its rigid tip with his darting tongue.

"Hhhooapph!" Vicky's cheeks swelled.

Fred caught her other nipple then he gnawed on it, raking the thick knob up and down while he lashed back and forth with hungry sweeps of his wet tongue.

This tit-sucking sent burning swirls of torment and twisted delight racing through Vicky's mind. She feared and hated the cruel bite of the ropes that bound her in helpless submission. She loathed Fred's crushing weight on her heaving belly mound. She felt jabbing bolts of fear in the depths of her cunt when she thought of the heat and power of his huge cock.

At the same time, Vicky felt a trembling kind of fearful satisfaction. No man, as well built and handsome as Fred James, had ever given her more than a second glance. Some had been drawn to her knowing she came from a rich family, but Vicky always saw the way their lips curled with poorly hidden disgust.

Fred's mouth churned with raging desire, grinding over one tit, then the other with the fierce and violent hunger of a starving wolf. At the same time, his hips rocked back and forth. The knob of his blazing cock pressed hotly against the puffed lips of her trembling slit.

Vicky pleaded in garbled fear. She shook her head. But Fred only grinned as he bobbed between her fantastic tits.

Suddenly he rammed his cock into her virgin cunt with the force and violence of a harpoon shot deep into a whale.

Vicky's wide and frightened eyes took on the frosty glaze of horror when she felt the heat of his big cock shaft stab in, splitting her tight cunt, and squishing out a trickle of hot virgin blood.

"Uuuurrrmh!" she gasped.

After one swift stab, Vicky could only wail trapped cries of grinding joy and tug frantically against her bonds, bucking and aching to satisfy the suddenness of her savage lust.


Fred sighed, smiling wryly as he turned to pace the length of the redwood deck, ambling toward the sunken hot tub at the far end and the cloud of sultry steam rising silently above.

Poor fat, stupid Vicky and her slithering virgin twat could not tell love and the heat of flaming passion from raging frustration and the blaze of vengeful lust. She thought Fred loved her madly and begged him to marry her when he had finally stripped the tape off her puffed lips. She was still shivering in the joyous afterglow of her searing climax.

That got Fred his first job at her father's plant. Some job! They gave him a big office with a fancy title painted on the door, but he was only a fucking errand boy. The rest, Fred did all on his own. He kicked and clawed his way up as brutally as he had mauled Vicky's huge tits and raped her cunt.

Street-wise and cunning tempered like steel by what he'd learned twisting arms and breaking legs in dark alleys near the dock Fred soon found he had a good mind for business. The corporate world had carpet on the floor, but it was still a fucking jungle. Dog eat dog... and the meanest dog always came out on top.

The only difference was that Vicky's father and his brethren played by different rules. They worked with phony mergers and crooked stock deals instead of blackjacks and brass knuckles. Beady eyed lawyers were their enforcers vicious as weasels in fancy silk suits, more venomous than cobras behind their practiced smiles.

Different rules, but the same old game. The goal was to leave the other poor bastard bloody, bent on his knees and begging for his ass. And Fred James knew that game better than most. He soon doubled the company's profits, and then doubled them again, making himself rich beyond his wildest dreams.

Wealth and power made it possible to tolerate Vicky. She satisfied herself mainly by stuffing her face with rich foods and thick, creamy desserts. In a few years she looked like a fucking sow, and Fred could hardly stand the sight of her.

They went through all the motions of being a happily married, devoted couple like dancers at some gaudy masquerade, they swirled from party to party at the homes of their rich friends. They went to all the charity balls, Vicky beaming as she stood beside her handsome and successful husband.

But they rarely went home together...

Fred didn't know or give a shit what Vicky did, as long as she stepped aside at the right moment. That was the arrangement they'd worked out beneath their cloak of smiling respectability.

Vicky liked to fuck with the hired help. She picked chauffeurs for the lengths of their cocks, and butlers for their willingness to maul her bulging, mink-draped tits. Tonight Vicky was in Venice probably getting her fat ass fucked by same greasy gondolier. In Italian, a man can sneer, "You fat, stupid rich whore," and make it sound romantic.

Fred took his pleasures with the sexy young wives of rich old men whom he had met in business. He liked nothing better than to whip some pompous bastard's ass with a clever deal while he ravaged his pretty wife's cunt just for fun.

That doubled the thrill of victory and swelled Fred's massive cock with the heat and overwhelming strength of triumph. Only once in his life had he felt more satisfaction that first night long ago when he overpowered Vicky and started it all.

Memories of that and some long simmering dissatisfaction with the phony glitter of his life now was what attracted him to Wilma in the steno pool. She had the same dreary, downcast eyes as Vicky had when they first met. Halting and uncertain, the stuffy closed-in look of a woman who can't remember how good it feels to give in to the power of a huge cock... if, in fact, she ever knew.

No cunt before or since had grasped so eagerly at the shaft of his driving cock as Vicky did that night. Fred thought Wilma would do the same, once he cracked her prudish shell and set her frustrated senses free.

That was why he had invited Wilma, and Wilma alone, to his house that night. To a party, she thought... to get to know her possible new boss. Fred smiled, as sly as one of his company lawyers. It would be a party after all -- a very special, very private little party. And Wilma would get to know him far better than she ever thought.

Jack watched the hurried loading of the last truck, then he left the darkened warehouse with anger blazing in his eyes. His temper flared as he drove toward home, bucking the snarl of cross town traffic.

Ahead, he could see the lights shining down from the fancy homes up on the hill, a glaring reminder of how damn hard he worked and how damn little he had to show for it. Pressure at work, bills at home, and now on top of it all Wanda was giving him shit!

"I'll show that smart-mouthed bitch!" he snarled as he tugged on the wheel and swerved to pass a slow-moving car in front.

Horns blared, tires screeched, and he saw another driver flip him off.

"Fuck you!" Jack roared out the side window, cramping the wheel again as he turned on to hi street.

Wilma paced expectantly. She'd let down her tightly coiled bun and brushed her hair smooth and straight just like Wanda wore hers. Catching a glimpse of her reflection in the window, she had to admit her hair looked better that way. Softer, sexier and more appealing.

Jack's car lurched to a stop in the driveway in front, and he piled out with a sullen scowl spread across his face.

Wilma caught a nervous gasp. She felt uncomfortable in Wanda's revealing clothes. The blouse seemed to cling to her heaving tits and accentuated their anxious shiver.

"Hi, Jack," Wilma tried to murmur sweetly in an imitation of Wanda's lilting voice.

He glared and snapped: "What's all this shit about going out to fuck with some truck-driving son of a bitch?"

"Whaat?" Wilma choked. She rarely said even hell or damn. Jack's sharp words offended her, and she couldn't imagine what he was talking about. Wanda said they'd had an argument, but...

"You know fucking well what!" he said. "I ought to kick your ass up between your ears for talking to me like that! You'll have to part that long hair to take a shit!"

Wilma cowered and turned away from his wrath, wondering what she should say. If he knew the truth, Jack would be wilder still. Wanda had gone out, and she would be, getting herself fucked like it or not.

"I-I didn't mean it," Wilma said in a quaking voice.

"Look at me when you talk!" Jack demanded. He snagged a hand in her long hair and spun her around to face him.

Wilma smiled vaguely, nervously wetting her lips with a flick of her tongue. "I just thought..."

"I know what you thought. You told me on the phone, you stinking whore! Going out to get yourself another cock?"

"No!" Wilma said in a tearful wail. And she trembled, wondering what it was all about. Wanda hadn't said a word about anything like this.

"You're damn right, no! When you want cock, you bitch, you get it right here!" Jack stroked the massive swelling in his pants.

"Oh, God..." Wilma watched in horror as he hauled his cock out.

Blue veins pulsed along the shaft, surging blood to the swollen knob. The slit at the tip of his cock looked like an angry little mouth.

"Put that awful thing away!" Wilma cried in her own prudish voice.

"I'll put it where I damn well please!" Jack answered flatly.

Wilma jerked and tried to pull away from him, but he pulled on her long hair and yanked her back. The hot tip of his cock touched her belly and seemed to burn right through the filmy cloth of her blouse.

"Aaagh!" Wilma wailed.

Jack pumped his hips to prod her with his cock. "Suck it!" he said in a commanding voice. "Down on your knees, bitch!"

Wilma gasped, her lower jaw slack and quaking, too stunned to respond, or even reply. She'd never sucked cock before. Her husband Ralph had wanted her to begged her to but Wilma would never, never, NEVER even think of doing such a thing.

"No!" she said with her face screwed into a snarl of distaste.

Wilma's mind reeled when she thought about having a sweaty, jizz-spurting thing rammed deep in her throat. Then she remembered she must try to sound like her lusty twin.

"Er, I mean, not now. Later, dear," she said sweetly.

"Later, my ass. You'll suck it now!"

"Onooch," Wilma moaned.

Jack still had a strong hand coiled in her hair. With the strength of one arm he was forcing her to her knees.

Wilma gazed in mute terror at the huge thing bobbing before her eyes. Jack's cock looked like twice the size of Ralph's pecker, so thick and hard and gorged with pulsing blood. It was definitely twice the size of Ralph's cock.

"No. No! NO!" Wilma then let out a feeble little whimper as Jack forced her to her knees, craning her head back with the steady force dragging on her hair.

"What's with you all of a sudden?" Jack wanted to know. "Usually you can't wait to get your mouth an my big prick."

"I-I-I'd rather do it later," Wilma said in a whining voice.

"You're still thinking about some other cock!" he said angrily.

"No, Ra... I mean, no Jack."

He laughed a bitter sneer. "Slut, you can't even keep my name straight in your fucking mind. I'll show you, you cheating cunt. I'll give you cock that you'll never forget!"

"N-n-no, Jack! Please..." Wilma's eyelids fluttered, swimming in a sudden rush of tears. He thrust the gleaming knob of his cock toward her quaking lips, but Wilma wrenched her head to the side, mindless of the pains Jack pulled at her scalp.

The bright swollen head of his cock grazed her cheek instead of pressing her lips apart. "Damn you, hold still!"

He twisted her head back to face him again, but Wilma squirmed and got her head turned to the other side.

"You stubborn slut! You're going to get it, you know you are. And baby, the more you fight it the more you're going to get it in the end." Jack laughed again, giving voice to his sullen determination to humble this willful bitch wife of his. "In fact, sweet-lips, you're going to get it in both ends! After I rape your fucking smart mouth, then I'm going to ram all this hot meat up your tight little ass!"

Wilma's butt muscles clenched instinctively as a wailing cry burst from her lips. She'd never been ass-fucked before either. The thought of having even a normal-sized cock like Ralph's shoved up her ass was too disgustingly painful to consider. With a straining, monster cock like Jack's, it would surely bc pure hell.

"No!" she squealed, her shit hole still squirming. Wilma got her arms between them and struggled to push Jack away from her.

"Damn you!" he raged as she pushed him back. "Your ass used to love the feel of my big shit dipping prick."

"Later!" Wilma pleaded. God, she wondered, when will Wanda get home? Probably not for hours. How could she possibly stall Jack and his giant erection that long? "I-I'd like a drink first," she said desperately, trying to struggle back to her feet.

"Yeah? Well drink this you frosty bitch. Maybe it'll warm you up..."

Jack took a step back and pushed down on his sharply upraised cock... then he pissed a solid yellow stream at her face.


Wilma felt the warm spray and sniffed the bitter stench of long-held piss. Jack had been swilling black coffee all day and he had been too damn busy to visit the can. Now he felt the joyous spread of relief and sneering satisfaction as he drenched his wife's heaving tits with the yellow flood.

"Uuuunngh!" Wilma's pretty face twisted into a tight knot of complete disgust. She jerked her arms up, grabbing for his piss-gushing cock, trying to push it aside.

"Ooooh no!" Jack side stepped out of reach and laughed as he aimed the golden stream straight into her eyes.

"Grrruungh!" Wilma's eyes clamped shut, reddened and burped by the stinging spray. It splashed down her face, across her lips, and she could not help tasting it -- vile and bitter as sin. Wilma moaned and threw her arms up to deflect the spray.

Pressure slackened as his bursting bladder drained. The solid gold stream curved down from the nozzle of his cock to splatter in her lap. Wilma jerked and dropped her hands, writhing in horror as she felt the yellow warmth seep into her twitching cunt slit.

Jack bent down and pulled his wide leather belt from his pants. Wilma lay hunched before him, her head low to the ground, like a pilgrim at a shrine, her ass upraised and shivering in the torment of disgust. He stepped around behind her and swung a yard of black leather in a vicious arc.

"Yyyeeeow!" Wilma screamed when she felt the stinging lash of Jack's belt raise a broad red welt across her ass checks.

A backhand slash raised another wide, blushing welt and sent a second shock of searing pain up Wilma's spine. She jerked her hands back to protect her ass and heard Jack laugh cruelly behind her.

He looped the free end of the sturdy, studded belt through the heavy brass buckle and snared her wrists, wrapping the loose end around her arms in a tight spiral reaching almost to her elbows.

Wilma moaned, too startled at first to resist. When Jack cinched the belt tight, she wailed a scream of fear. She twisted her shoulders and strained to wiggle her arms free, but the leather held tight, and she found she could hardly move her arms. Her hands fluttered helplessly, fanning against the dark crack of her ass.

"Now look at me, you miserable bitch!" Jack pulled up hard on a handful of hair. He raised her trembling lips to meet his angry, piss dripping cock. "Suck it!" he barked.

Jack gave the tortured woman no time to reply. He humped and rammed his piss stained cock knob between her wet lips.

"Mmrnuuugh!" Wilma groaned. God, it tasted awful! Tears of fear and disgust ran down Wilma's cheeks, dilating the yellow streaks still gleaming damply on her face.

Her tongue thrashed to drive away the terrible, dripping shaft of his cock.

Jack gasped. "Yeeeaagh!"

Her frantic tongue strokes fanned his raging lust and sent sharp tingles of delight racing through the length of his cock.

Wilma's desperate struggles made the thick belt chafe roughly on her arms, the redness of her flesh matching the two welts criss-crossed on her creamy ass cheeks.

"Mmmuungh!" she groaned as Jack pumped in more steaming cock.

Her tongue curved beneath his driving cock and pushed against the vein ridged shaft, trying to drive it back. The bitter taste of piss dripped down her throat, tightening her throat with waves of revulsion.

"Uunngh... Uuungh!" she moaned.

Wilma could remember nothing more humiliating and disgusting in her whole life not since she had accidentally shit in her pants in the third grade. With her arms bound painfully tight behind her, and Jack's strong hand coiled in her long hair, she felt powerless to resist... but still she was unable to accept what was happening to her. It was simply too awful to believe.

A fast series of thrusts drove the full length of Jack's brutal cock down her throat. The rigid strength of his prick forced her head back, and its dripping, disgusting taste made her tight mouth writhe in dread of more.

"Uuugh!" she groaned.

Jack's rough tangle of cock hair hit her lip. It reeked with sweat and pungent man scent.

Wilma's throat quaked as she retched in horror, trying vainly to barf up the long cock pounding in her throat. He jerked back for another stab. He rammed it deep.

The biting pull of the leather belt on Wilma's wrists dragged her shoulders back, making her tits thrust out proudly in front. Her thick, dark nipples still gleamed from the shower of piss.

Jack cupped her inviting tit mounds, squeezing and pulling and drawing them out until Wilma felt her nipples burn as hotly as her tightly bound wrists.

"Yaaaw!" she groaned her mouth stuffed with hammering prick muscle, rank and bitter tasting as Jack pumped his cock excitedly in and out of her mouth.

She gasped. Jack's thumbs circled her aching nipples and twirled them until they flamed from savage friction. Wilma's cock-stuffed lips tightened in a knot of loathing.

"Ungh!" she groaned, fighting the burning feeling swelling in her chest. Jolts of pain sparked from her twisted nipples, and the warm feeling spread, softening into obscene delight.

The same, sort of feeling crept up from the depths of her throat, pain melting into pleasure. Wilma refused to believe it at first. Jack was hurting her, nothing more, raping her mouth and ravaging her helpless tits, and she could not possibly enjoy such vicious abuse.

"Aiiieeee!" she wailed.

The feel of the spreading lewd warmth grew stronger, it did feel good despite the stubborn protests of her prudish mind.

"Uuummmm!" she gulped, grinding her excited lips at the base of his cock shaft.

Jack bucked, startled by the sudden grasp of her wild desires. He drove his cock scrubbing her wet lips with his coarse mat of cock hair, pulling on her tits at the same time, tightening the spiral of his twisting thumbs.

"Aiiieeee!" Wilma wailed as his reaming cock drew back for another thrust. "Ungh... AAH!"

A creeping warmth sank to her piss drenched cunt slit. She felt her clit swell and strain with insane lust. It was crazy, Wilma thought in a brief moment between mouth ripping cock stabs. I cannot be liking this. It could never happen... I hate it!

Wilma wanted to put her arms around Jack's waist, to hold on tight and ride with the wild, driving thrusts of his cock, but the cruel belt bit into her creamy skin, her wrists were bound too tightly.


A chilling stab of fear pulsed through her veins. She hated the restraint. Her arms and shoulders ached. She wrenched and twisted, trying to squirm free.

"Aaahhh!" Jack said. "That's better, you prick-eating tease!"

Her frantic efforts to get free sent wild shivers up the length of his cock. Her twisted nipples trembled in his grasp and he felt the hot breath of torment burn against his groin.

Jack's balls swayed in his hairy sac, thumping on her chin with a rapid beat. He felt the boiling heat of his load steam in his aching nuts. He gritted his teeth against the mounting pressure.

"Uungh!" He couldn't hold it back.

Wilma felt him tense. Ralph did that, too, just before firing off his load. Ralph would usually freeze for one brief moment then he gushed and spurted in her cunt.

But this wasn't Ralph, and he wasn't fucking her cunt. This was Jack, and he had her throat rammed full, his cock twitching deep inside... like the last sputter of a fuse before a giant blast.

"GAAWW!" Jack exploded into motion, slamming and grinding with his hips to work his spurting cock in deep.

"Uuuunnngh!" Wilma gasped. Her lips held so tightly on his cock shaft that she could feel the coming flood. She felt it swell the tube and gush out into her throat.

"Yeah, bitch! Gulp it down! Drink my cum, you cock sucking cunt!"

Even his obscene language excited her now.

Why, she didn't know. It was disgusting as all the rest Wilma thought in brief flashes when her mind cleared.

"Uuiingh!" she groaned as she took another splattering gush of slick jism.

The tart, sweet taste of Jack's cum burned her throat. She felt it spray the depths of her throat and drip like thick mud. Her mind reeled in dizzy circles, yet she sucked harder to get more. She loved his salty cream.

Wilma wanted to milk his big, swaying nut sac, to squeeze his balls with teasing strokes and haul out every drop. But the belt on her wrists held her back.

Jack's breath came in rasping gulps, gushes of air in time with the frenzied spurts from his cock. He gave her nipples one last twitch and then dragged his hands up her chest along the sides of her neck and into her silky long hair.

"Ungh! Ungh!" he said as two quick spurts of cum jetted into her throat.

His cum tube blazed froth the searing fury of his hot orgasm. He coiled his fingers tightly, snarling her hair in his grasp as he cupped her ears, holding her head for the final drive.

"UUUNNGGH!" He drove into her quaking lips and twisted, grunting deep in his throat while slick gobs of cream spewed out from the slit of his cock.

With her head held tight and her arms so cruelly bound, Wilma found she could only move her lips and the grasping muscles of her throat. All the intense power of her body went to them. She sucked and squirmed her throat like a woman gone insane with lust. And that was exactly what Wilma had become!

She gulped as she felt her passion swell. Christ, she was going to cum! Wilma seldom enjoyed the joy of orgasmic release. She could not even remember the last time her body shook with joy. But now it had begun... shivering waves of hot pleasure, heat so intense that her muscles froze.

God, she wondered... what next? Then Wilma felt her taut little ass give a shiver. Her mind was still blazed, utterly blank with joy. She could not recall what Jack had said... but her quaking shithole could remember. Jack said he was going to fuck her ass.


Wanda felt a twinge of envy as she drove Wilma's clunky old car up the winding road toward the top of the hill. Huge, fine homes with acres of lawn lined both sides. Here the monthly payment she and Jack made on their tract home would not pay to cut the grass. And the homes got even larger and more widely spaced apart as she neared the top.

Beside being a devilishly handsome and distinguished-looking son of a bitch, Wilma's would be boss Fred James obviously had money. Big money! His ornate, ultra-modern house stood on the very crest of the hill.

Wanda remembered hearing rumors about him years ago when he first married Victoria Cunningham that Fred James had once been a strong-arm collector for a loan shark working down on the docks.

Wanda had not thought much about it. Mostt whispered gossip was pure shit, or it would turn out to be some simple thing blown all out of proportion like an over inflated balloon. She smiled as she turned into the wide, semi-circular drive curving up to the house. An over inflated balloon that's what Vicky Cunningham looked like in pictures Wanda saw in the local paper. No wander Fred James had the hots for other women. Fucking his wife would be like fucking a barrel of lard.

A sleek red Italian sports car gleamed beside the white stone pillars framing the front door. Parked by the curb, the low-slung car seemed to be straining with raw power. It appeared to be crouched, like a stealthy cat ready to pounce.

Behind such an impressive machine, Wilma's old station wagon looked like a heap of scrap metal a wallowing gas hog built years before anyone ever heard of an energy crisis. But, Wanda thought, as she switched off the key, the sluggish car fit her ungainly twin sister perfectly.

Then why, Wanda wondered, was a man like Fred James interested in a frump like Wilma? Maybe he wasn't. Considering her for the job as his private secretary could have been just a gesture to keep peace and the illusion of fairness in the office steno pool. Wilma did say the other women in line for the job were all better looking, and obviously more willing to please the top man.

Wanda smiled. If that was it, Fred James and all the rest of them were in for one hell of a surprise!

Wanda took a deep breath, swelling her proud tits to strain the front of her low-cut gown, then she smoothed her gleaming long hair and eagerly pressed a finger on the doorbell.

"Yyyeee! Agh! Unnngh. No... damn it, that hurts!" Poor Wilma chanted sounds of pain, wincing, as Jack crouched behind her, rimming the hole of her up thrust ass with the swollen head of his jizz-dripping cock.

The last of his slick fluids would grease her tiny shit-hole and smooth the stab of his heated cock. Jack's mind still burned with rage, thinking that it was his wife Wanda bent over with her wrists bound and her head bowed like a humble slave.

"Your brain and your ass are both full of shit!" Jack said. "That can't hurt... I've hardly touched you!"

Even the thought of a cock ramming her ass made Wilma's prudish mind squirm. It was surely a sin... an unnatural and disgusting perversion that only a warped mind would even consider.

"Don't!" she pleaded. "Please don't. AAGGHHH!"

Jack sneered. "Shit, all you can feel is a little touch."

"Uuunnngh!" The thought of more pain made her mind squirm, and writhing motions of torment worked their way to Wilma's fingertips. "Wwwhhhaaa? What are you doing now?"

She could feel Jack's hot breath on her back between her tightly bound wrists.

"I'm teasing, you bitch! You gave me that shit about fucking some truck driver... now I'm going to give you a little back!" Jack glanced down at the size of his straining cock and chuckled with sly satisfaction. "Did I say, give you a little? Hot shit, I'm going to give you a lot!"

Anger and lusty hunger for revenge had kept his cock swelled with surging blood even when the last jet of spurting cum had sprayed Wilma's clinging throat. He could hardly wait to ram it deep in the even tighter hole of her ass!

"No!" Wilma gasped. "I-I've never done it before! I couldn't stand your big cock up my ass!"

"You love it!" Jack said. He knew Wanda loved a cock up her ass. "And what's this crap about you've never done it before? I fuck your ass more often than your cunt!"

"Oooh, God!" Wilma groaned. She could not imagine even her sexy twin submitting to anything as awful and degrading as ass-fucking.

Jack bent down and kissed her wiggling fingertips. The rich scent of leather filled his lungs.

Wilma strained against the belt, still trying vainly to struggle free. She was startled by the gentle touch of his lips and relieved that the head of his cock no longer pressed against her puckered dark hole.

"Like that?" he asked as he nibbled her fingers, swirling them softly with his wet tongue.

"Yesss!" she hissed. "I like it slot."

"Next you'll want me to kiss your little shithole."


"What do you mean, no? That's what you want most of the time... for me to bend down and kiss your Goddamned ass! Well now baby, I'm going to do it; I'm going to tongue whip your little butt until it hisses steam!"

"Aaaggghhhh!" Wilma jerked her hips and tried to pull away, but Jack grabbed the long hair streaming down her back and pulled like a rider reining a rebellious horse. "OOOWWW!"

His tongue darted around the dark rim of her shithole, wetting the tightly puckered ring and lapping up salty traces of cum left by his drooling cock head.

Shivering apprehension twisted the cramped tube of her ass, her asshole drawing together tighter and tighter each time his swirling tongue danced around.

"You love it, you fucking slut... I can feel your little ass squirm!"

"Nnnooo! NOOQO! UUUNNNGH!" Wilma's whole body convulsed with creeping horror when the tip of his tongue pressed between her mushy asshole. "I can't stand it!" she wailed.

She clenched her ass with the same force used to nip off turds.

"Uungh!" Jack grunted in reply.

Pungent gasses seared his lungs, and a powerful taste made his tonge smart with stinging joy. He gasped hot breath into the crack between her heaving cheeks and wiggled his tongue farther in.

"YYYOOOOWWW!" Wilma cried. In nightmares she sometimes dreamed of being raped by a snake, and this, she thought, was how it would feel! "Out!" she moaned. "Oh, take it out!"

Jack gushed another anxious breath and spiked in deep with his tongue. He wiggled the tip of his tongue, turning in tight circles inside her tunnel of heavy restraint.

Her wavering ass muscles clamped and squirmed against his tongue.

The heavy taste grew stronger deep inside. His mouth drew tight from the bitter taste, his lips slammed to form a tight seal on the outer ring of her puckered ass.

"Wwwhhhooofff!" he said, blowing a stab of hot breath up her butt.

"Sssshhiiit!" Wilma screamed.

The air blast enema sank so deep that it felt as if Jack's breath came bursting from her lips.

"I'm going to shit!" she cried. "I can't hold it any more!" A powerful spasm gripped her gut and tremors rushed to meet Jack's invading tongue.

He pulled away, laughing. "I'll help you hold it, honey!" Then he rammed the head of his huge cock into her ass.

"Hubnngh!" Wilma writhed and pulled her arms against the leather belt. "Hhharrrgh! Ungli. Ooooo."

Her mind and body both lurched from, the sudden pain of his driving cock.

Jack slowed his demanding thrust, surprised at how tight her little shithole was. Wanda knew how to relax and eagerly take him in. But now tight muscles, fought against him, wringing his cock with tortured waves.

Wilma's wiggling fingers could feel his coarse muff of cock hair as he pushed in his long prick, stirring a smoldering desire of her dark, forbidden tube. She gasped, rocking her head, swirling her long hair into moving waves of silk.

Jack adjusted the position of his knees behind her and reached around to grip her tits. As often as he'd felt them, he never tired of his wife's fantastic tits full and firm and finely coned with rock hard little nipples that blazed like heating coals.

"Hhhaaa!" Wilma gasped with a startled breath. Milking fingers caressed her tits, teasing her taut nipples until they burned. With each tit stroke came the prod of his cock sinking deeper.

"Oooh, your shithole is so tight!" Jack said, grinding his teeth in response to the clinging grip of her ass.

"I-I know!" Wilma answered with a grunt.

She trembled like a virgin bride. Her tongue flicked in a circle around her lips, tasting again the salty-sweet flavor of cum... relaxing her taut lips into a grin when the pain she expected never came. Jack had his cock in deep now, she could feel rough hair chafing the cheeks of her ass each time he drove his prick in.

"Uuungh! Tight!" he groaned.

Wilma gripped him tighter still, not in fear but in raging joy. She could feel, almost count the bulging blue veins on the shaft of his long dick.

"I-I LIKE it!" she said in a voice choked with surprise.

Her tightly bound hands thrashed and clawed at the hairs fringing his dick root. A thumb and one finger ringed and clamped at the base of his shaft, mauling his cock with the same pulsing rhythm that came from his milking hands on her tits.

"HHHHAAAA!" Jack yelped in surprise. Wanda had never done that before... try to hold his cock and jack him off while he fucked in and out of her ass. Double waves of tight, demanding pressure sent jolts of grinding joy to his aching nuts. "UUUNGH!"

"OH, FUCK MY ASS!" Wilma begged. She could not believe her own pleading wail. Her head tossed in a strongly negative gesture and she cried through clenched teeth: "No! NO!"

"Make up your fucking mind!" Jack said with a snort. He jabbed hard and deep with one thrust, slow and silky smooth with the next.

His strangely timed thrusts increased the flickering torment in Wilma's mind. One moment she wanted more, the next her body heaved and wanted none at all.

"Ooooh stop!" she begged. "Don't! Hhhhaaa don't stop! Drive it in. Oh, ream my little shitter. Ram it fucking full!"

Jack's hairy loins drummed on her creamy smooth cheeks, rubbing them raw with matted hair, stinging the welts left by the belt that bound her wrists so tightly. Faster and faster he jammed in his aching cock, crushing the hand she had circled around its root.

"Uuunngh. Uuunngh!" No gentleness now, the blazing fire of lust in his nuts spurred him to fuck her ass, as hard and fast as his blurring hips could move.

"Yyyyeeee-ooqow!" Wilma moaned in a fluttering daze. His reaming big cock felt like it might rip her asshole in two. The burning sensation driven so deep must have hurt, but in her tangled mind it felt so good. In a mind half stunned and shuddering from the savage awakening of her long-suppressed desires, Wilma began to wonder what might have happened if she had gone to see Fred James herself, instead of sending her sexy twin in her place.

"Good evening," Fred said as he opened the heavy, hand carved wooden door. Then he gasped the usually strong line of his jaw hanging slack in surprise. "Wilma?" he asked. A questioning look cut deep creases in his brow. "Wilma, is that you?"

"It's me," Wanda lied, a warm grin curved invitingly on her full, red lips.

"I don't believe it!" Fred's eyes drifted up and down caught and held by the creamy soft canyon between her proud tits. The plunging neckline of her slinky red gown showed Wanda's tits at their best.

"At the office you look so... so..."

"Dull?" Wanda suggested.

"Er, yes. Dull. But now..." Fred's leering eyes slid down to the flare of her smoothly rounded hips and the restless dome of her pussy mound. It rose and fell temptingly in rhythm with her breathing.

"They say you can't judge a book by its cover," Wanda said.

"True!" Fred agreed. "Quite true!"

Never in his wildest dreams would he have imagined that so much sexy woman flesh lurked beneath Wilma's usually dumpy clothes.

"Come in."

Wanda's eyes swept the entry hall and a large room beyond, a library, with shelves packed with expensive looking leather bound books. No paper backs, no book club bargains everything richly bound in dark shades and imprinted with gleaming gold. Then her eyes flicked back to her smiling host.

"You don't look the same either," Wanda said. In the pictures Wilma showed her, Fred James wore custom tailored suits the perfect model for the well-dressed executive look. Now his lean, hard looking frame was clothed in leather -- a snug fitting black suit, supple and smooth.

"Er, you're right," he said, unconsciously fingering the lapels of his jacket. "Black leather is a bit, much for the executive suite."

"I think it looks very nice." Wanda stepped forward and ran her hands down his chest in an open gesture of admiration.

"Thank you," he said with a curious note of discomfort. Fred had noticed something different in her eyes as well. Wilma usually had the dull, sexless look of a nun. Now her eyes flashed brightly with expectation.

"Where is everybody else?" Wanda asked. The only sound she could hear was their measured, slightly tense breaths.

"Er, you're the first one here," he said. His hungry grin curved wider and desire flashed in his dark, probing eyes. He didn't tell her that she would also be the only one with him that night.

Fred felt a small tremor of disappointment when he first saw Wilma standing outside the front door.

He had been expecting the dull, sexless creature who haunted the office steno pool, the dumpy, lifeless cunt who reminded him so much of the wife he had grown to hate.

Fred looked forward to training Wilma as he had Vicky long ago... turning her on wildly with the savage violence of lusty frustration.

Now that he had adjusted fully to the sight of her inviting beauty, he looked forward to the long evening. It was plain shit-ass stupid to want to relive the past to punish and subdue some lackluster cunt while pretending she was his bitchy, demanding wife. He smiled, thinking how much better it would be to enjoy Wilma as he saw her now willing and sexy and restless with desire. No matter how eager her itching twat might be, Wilma would never imagine what he had planned for her.

"You're very beautiful," he said in a voice as tense and hard as his swelling cock.

"Thank you," Wanda said. "I do like to dress up for a few very special occasions."

Wanda stepped close to him and snaked her sinewy arms around Fred's neck, swaying her shoulders and rocking her hips to flatten her full breasts against him and tease her damp cunt slit against the cool, sleek feel of his elegant black leather outfit.

"Very sexy too," Fred said on a sharply in drawn breath.

Her slinky red gown gleamed as brightly as dripping virgin cunt blood, and the lush warmth of her tempting curves stirred anxiously in the powerful grip of his circling arms.

Fred's cock throbbed with restless urgency. Wanda could feel his prick straining and swelling between them, hammering with pulses like distant thunder.

"Hhhmmm," she purred, pressing her, hips to his groin and twitching them to tease the monster even more.

For one brief moment Wanda thought of her husband Jack and the line of shit he tried to lay on her about working late so he could stab his horny cock into his cute new clerk and her tight young cunt. Well, she thought with a devilish grin that's a game that two can play then a surge of raging desire swept all thoughts of her husband and her marriage vows to some dim corner of her mind. She wanted cock and she knew she was going to get it!

"This way," Fred James said, swiveling out of her grasp, adjusting the pounding length of his huge cock inside his tight fitting leathers.

Wanda followed him down a wide hall to another pair of thick, hand-carved wooden doors. Two antique suits of armor stood as though on guard just outside. They looked so real and sinister that she thought the knights of old might still be inside. One held a long handled battle axe aloft with a gleaming, razor sharp blade. The other held a mace a short, thick-handled club from which dangled a length of chain and a heavy round ball studded with sharp spikes.

Wanda shivered at the sight of their vicious weapons.

Fred grinned, knowing that what she could see was only a hint of all that lay beyond the heavy oak-planked door.


Wilma gasped racking sobs of pain as Jack's hard cock slammed deeper into the tightly constricted tube of her ass. Her pointed tits heaved, raking her hot nipples against the carpet. Her butt muscles quaked in torment, in time with the steady drum of Jack's hairy groin on the upraised cheeks of her creamy ass.

"No more!" she wailed, her bound wrists tugging behind her back. "Please! I can't take any more! It hurrrrrts!"

Her head bobbed and rolled in response to each driving thrust. Loose waves of long, soft, shimmering brown hair flowed over the curve of her back and down to tingle Jack's nuts with a feathery touch.

The heat of furious desire steamed in his aching nuts. Jack knew that Wanda had tried a lot of new tricks lately to keep the thrill of sexual excitement alive in their marriage, but pretending to be timid and hate what he was doing to her was the last thing he expected.

"You act just like your -- ungh -- stupid, dumb assed -- ungh! -- frigid sister -- ungh! -- Wilma!" Jack grunted out the sneering words as he joyously reamed her writhing butt.

"Yeceaaah!" Wilma howled with the sharp, ass twisting stabs of pain. She wanted to say I am Wilma! but the wrenching thrusts of Jack's huge cock garbled the words into muttered cried of meaningless sound.

"I feel sorry for -- ungh! -- poor Ralph, her -- ungh! -- fucking husband!" Jack rasped out, never missing a beat.

"Whyyyyy?" Wilma groaned. Now both her ass and her curious mind felt the jolting shock of pain. Why should anyone feel sorry for Ralph? He had a good job as an assistant loan officer at the bank, a nice home and a happy marriage.

"Because -- ungh? -- if he wasn't fucking -- ungh! Ungh! -- that little teller where he works -- uunngh! -- poor Ralph would get no ass at -- uunngh! -- all!"

"I don't -- OOOOH! -- believe it! AAAGGGH!" Wilma cried. The fury of Jack's savage thrusts increased. She shivered in torment, words and sounds billowing out like swirls of steam.

"It's true. Uuuungh!" Jack snarled. "Wilma won't let Ralph fuck her ass! AAAGGGHHH!"

Jack felt his jism boil and churn in his flopping nut sac, straining to explode with ripping spurts of rapturous joy.

"I believe that," Wilma said, fearfully short of breath. "But -- OOOOOH! -- but I don't believe Ralph would do -- AAAHHH! -- anything with anyone else!"

Jack slowed the beat of his driving thrusts. The sputtering fuse of his self-control had burned short. His balls would blast free from their heavy load any second, and he didn't want that. Not yet. He wanted to drag out the vicious delight of raping a stubborn shithole.

"What's the poor bastard supposed to do?" he asked, resting and catching his breath while her clinging ass muscles clawed on the shaft of his cock. "Jack-off every time he wants to feel something warm and tight?"

"Eeyyyaaa!" Wilma screamed. The torture of Jack's words cut deeper than the cruel bite of his leather belt, hurt worse titan the heat of his cock pulsing deep in the dark damp of her ass. "Who?" she asked in a quaking voice.

"Don't know her name. Aaaahhh! Ralph didn't say. But she has red hair!" His long dick glided slowly in and out of her ass, gathering speed and strength despite his efforts at self-control.

"HER!" Wilma snapped. The fiery little bitch who worked at window number three. "He wouldn't!"

Jack laughed. "He almost didn't... said she wouldn't go for ass-fucking either. So old Ralph got pissed and tied her up with her pantyhose!"

"Aaarrrrgh!" Wilma wailed. The slow, steady thrusts of Jack's cock made her acutely aware of its heat and strength. His prick burned hot and deep, and so did the awful thought of Ralph with that young red-headed bank teller.

"He fucked her ass until it started to bleed," Jack went on with a chuckle. "By then she really loved it!"

Wilma's ass writhed with disgust. Clenching waves of horror ran up and down Jack's big dick, and the pulsing tension of her disbelief made it impossible for him to hold back.

"Yuuungh!" he groaned as he spiked her ass with his searing shaft, driving in until his aching balls pressed warm and vibrantly against the creamy smooth domes of her hot asscheeks.

He thought the tense grinding spasms of her asshole were signs of joy that Wanda had finally given in to the throbbing power of his big cock. Jack didn't know it was Wilma who squirmed in torment each time he hammered in, or that she felt like retching when she thought of her dear, sweet husband Ralph ass-fucking that fiery little slut.

"So, you stubborn cunt... you finally admit you like my big cock rammed up your ass!"

"Uuunngh! NO!"

"Ha!" he said. "I can feel you squirm. If your little shit lips could talk, they'd be wailing cries of delight."

"Noooo!" She felt Jack's giant cock give out a gushing spurt. It splashed and burned deep in her trembling ass tube, greasing the slide of his hot prick. "Aaaaggh!"

"Go, Wanda! GO!" Jack loved the muscular grip of her pulsing asshole. Their writhing torment triggered another hot gush of jism. "Ungh!"

Wanda! God, Wilma had forgotten all about her twin sister. Now she was past daring, or even being able to think about what Fred James might be doing to her.

"Cuuuuuummming!" Jack groaned with raging joy. "I'm cumming, Wanda!"

Wilma sneered with bitter glee. Yes... whatever it was Fred wanted to do, Wanda had it coming!

"Oooh, God!" Wanda said with an anxious breath.

Fred had played the gracious host and had ushered Wanda through the double doors with a sweeping gesture of his right hand. It took a moment for her eyes to adjust to the faint, flickering candlelight that lit the large room and its curious furnishings. In the few seconds it took her darting eyes to widen, Wanda heard the heavy doors swing closed behind her... then the snap of a heavy iron bolt.

"Wealth allows me to indulge my wildest fantasies," Fred explained. "This room is modeled after the torture chamber in an ancient castle I once saw in Spain."

"How quaint," Wanda said.

A nervous shiver gripped her throat. The stonewalled room gave her the creeps. It dripped moisture all around, as thought they had suddenly descended into a dungeon buried deep in the bowels of the earth.

"Funny..." Wanda said, making her voice as light as she could. "When I dream about being rich, I think more of diamonds and furs."

"You shall have them!" Fred said.

With a flourish he produced a gleaming crown. In the dim light, Wanda could not tell if the stones in the ornate head dress were real or not, but he placed it on her head with loving care and tilted it just so.

"And your cape, my queen!"

His warm breath caressed the pearly hollow of her ear as he swirled something soft around her trembling bare shoulders. There could be no mistaking the feel of real fur. The deep purple velvet cape was ermine lined, like something Wanda had seen in pictures of storybook queens when she was a kid. Black-tipped ermine tails dotted the front of the long cape and tingled the exposed swelling of her tits.

"And you shall wear this."

Fred turned behind her again. Wanda had only a split second to wonder what else Fred had in his kinky thoughts... then she heard a click as hard and sharp as the snapping of the door bolt. He'd locked her neck in a heavy steel collar.

Wanda jerked at the snapping sound. A thick chain clanked behind her, and her darting motion was pulled up short. The other end of the chain was bolted firmly to an eye set deep in the damp stone wall!

"Holy shit!" she gasped.

The rough metal collar chilled and scraped the smooth white skin, of her neck! She tugged at it, but her effort to remove it proved as useless as scratching with fingernails on a bank vault door. The rough, hand-forged metal collar only rasped her hands and grazed deeper at the taut cords and veins of her neck.

Wanda paused, her hands frozen on the round metal band clamped so tightly around her neck. Somewhere she had read once that the best way to deal with a screw-loose son of a bitch was to play along... then beat him at his own game.

"How dare you chain your queen!" she roared in a demanding voice.

Fred James only smiled. He was far from crazy. Bored, yes. Jaded too. His cock had sampled the best cunts money could buy, from snarling spitfire to meek little slaves. In the mirrored halls of Europe's grand palaces of pleasure, in mysterious spice-scented rooms of the Middle East, and sultry chambers of the Orient, Fred James had done it all... with women who bowed willingly to wealth and the power of his position. It took, more than that now to flame the full vigor of his magnificent cock.

"The queen is a lowly whore!" Fred exclaimed. "The king has given orders to his Lord High Executioner!"

He stepped around in front of the velvet and ermine draped woman, dragging a long braided leather whip in his right hand.

"The king says you are to be punished," he warned.

A snap of his wrist sent the black whip hissing and slithering across the floor toward her feet. Fred had completed his outfit by pulling on a black hood to cover his face.

Wanda could see only the steely gleam of his eyes through the thin, dark slits of his mask. She bit her lip to hold back a frightened cry. She'd taken her prudish sister's place and come to this big house on the hill expecting to tempt the handsome and sophisticated business executive. What she faced now was a raving madman waving a whip. The blood hammering in her veins turned slowly to ice.

Play his game! the voice of reason screamed in her ear. Wanda drew in a cooling breath that swelled her fear-chilled tits.

"Lay hand on your queen and you shall DIE!" she snapped in the most regal and commanding voice she could manage.

Fred James almost laughed aloud. It was no more than an amusing game to him as harmless as jerking off while gazing at a magazine centerfold. But obviously Wilma wanted to play along, and that made it all the more exciting.

"I need not touch the queen to bare her lusty charms," Fred said with a leather masked smirk of joy. Then he snapped the whip with a sudden jerk of his arm.

The braided flash hissed like a snake, striking near the creamy canyon between Wanda's proud tits. Something ripped with a ghastly sound and Wanda saw a splash of bloody red. She screamed and clutched in horror at her tits.

It took a full second for her to gather courage to look down at her trembling, hands. She had expected to see them drenched with blood from a gaping wound left by the whip. But both hands came away clean, snow white with fear. The lash of red was a bit of fabric ripped from the front of her dress. The whip had barely kissed her skin.

Fred dipped the long whip behind him, poised for another lash.

"No!" Wanda cried in fear.

This time the waiting leather braid might rip her skin as easily as it had ripped the clinging soft fabric of her gown. She could feel her gown slipping down, baring her tits in the black cups of a lacy wired bra.

"Please!" she cried, but the long black coil had already blurred into motion too fast for her eyes to see.

A loud crack echoed off the stone walls like a rifle shot. Wanda gasped a startled cry, wincing in horror as she felt a cold hiss of air between her heaving tits.

The tip of the lash spilt the band of fabric between the two cups of her bra. Her sleek tits burst free, the severed cups of her bra flinging off to the sides. Her firm red nipples bulged bright and hard, tingling with nervous apprehension.

Fred wet his lips beneath the leather hood, hungrily eyeing her proud, red-crowned tits.

Wanda saw the cold gleam of his steely eyes through the narrow slits in the sinister-looking hood. She cringed, crossing her arms over her chest and cupping her naked breasts to protect them from the slithering whip that snaked back on the floor behind him.

Ripped by the first lash of the whip, her long red gown had slid down and bunched around her waist. Beneath the gathering of silky red, Wanda's pussy mound swelled with each cowering breath she took.

He watched the sharp rise and fall of the slope that curved down to her cunt slit, and at just the right instant he lashed out with the whip again.

"Aaaayyyy!" Wanda screamed. She heard the brittle cracking sound and felt a sharp tug at her waist. Red blazed again before her dismayed eyes. Ripped shreds of cloth scattered and fluttered to the floor and the remains of her beautiful dress sagged down around her ankles.

Wanda cringed and jerked so violently that she almost tripped in the ring of cloth bunched around her spike-heeled shoes. The chain behind her pulled tight and the iron collar pulled rough and hard against her throat. She gasped fighting for breath.

Fred's own sharp, expectant breaths condensed on the inside of the snug-fitting hood. Damp leather brushed his lips, feeling as sleek and smooth as taunt skin. His tongue lashed as eagerly as the long braided whip, and his giant cock swelled and strained inside his binding leather pants.

"Don't move!" he warned. A slight flick of his wrist sent the brutal lash gliding across the stone floor toward her feet. "One slight miscalculation and the kiss of the whip will turn your beautiful pussy into a pound of raw liver!"

"Noo!" Wanda tensed, not daring to move the long tapered bred swirled back and then shot forward in a blur.


"Yyyyaaaooow!" she screamed.

This time Wanda felt the sharp sting of snapping leather. It nipped the narrow elastic band of her panties, tore the shimmering black fabric and burned the tender slope of her pussy mound. She quaked, trembling fearfully in her elegant fur-lined cape. It and the crown seemed ludicrous to her now. Her tattered panties fell to the floor, and Wanda stood naked and trembling in the silly costume of a queen.

A burning red welt rose on the dome of her twat mound. It seemed to grow out of her dark tangle of gleaming cunt hair, a stinging reminder of how terribly close the flailing lash had come to doing damage so painful that Wanda's flinching mind could not grasp the thought.

"No, not again!" she wailed.

Her eyes slammed shut in cringing torment, but he could hear the chilling sound of the whip as it recoiled for another vicious slash.

With his left hand, Fred jerked down the hidden zipper of his fly.

The sudden, grating sound sent a chill up Wanda's back. She froze in horror, expecting to feel the violent eruption of another painful welt.

But she felt nothing. Cautiously, she pried open eyes cramped in fear. She saw Fred toying with the brutal lash, flicking it back and forth in lazy swirls at his feet while he beat his other hand up and down on a huge cock that shined with a red glow in the flickering candlelight.

She groaned, eyes glued to the bobbing head of his blue-veined prick. Blood surged and reddened the bulging knob of his cock.

Entranced by the sight of a huge, hard swollen cock, Wanda did not see or hear the sudden strike or sharp warning hiss of the whip. It snapped and tangled in her gleaming thatch of cunt hair, ripping out a few curly strands as it flashed back into limp coils at her tormentor's feet.

"Aijilceec!" she cried.

Stinging pain exploded in her cunt slit. Her tingling cut flared and then felt numb. Burning waves spread from its root, a searing agony so intense that Wanda slumped and fell to her knees. Her knees slipped on the slick floor and spread wide apart, baring her aching cunt slit and a bright drop of red blood on the tip of her clit.

"Ggrrraaagh!" Fred's growl of obscene desire was muffled and softened by the snug leather hood. But nothing softened the look of wild craving that flashed in his eyes. He loved the sight and strong scent of cunt blood, and he cackled in lusty delight, flicking the whip out again with an ultra precise twitch of his wrist.

"Yyyyyeeeeoooow!" the hunched and cringing woman screamed.

The narrow black tip of the lash barely touched her, but the stab of pain cut deep into her twat. Pink lips burned in agony and another ruby drop oozed from a tiny wound as neat and clean as a scalpel cut.

"Oooooh," she gasped when her clutching hands came away smeared faintly with red.


"OOOH, YES!" he roared through the leather hood. His coiled hand beat harder on the massive swelling of his cock, and his leather-sleeved arm became a blur like the stinging whip. "A few precise strokes of the lash and your twat drips like a freshly fucked virgin hole!"

Wanda bowed her head, but with the thick collar locked around her neck she could not bend far enough to see the burning wounds that still flamed with numbing pain.

Fred dropped the whip and walked toward her, beating his giant cock with both hands, panting for breath as a blazing fury swelled in his aching nuts.

Wanda shivered, hunched before him, cold with trembling fear despite the sleek warmth of luxurious white ermine draped over her quaking shoulders. Her tortured mind reeled from the smarting pain in her cunt and nightmare horrors that churned in her sub-conscious.

The lusty two-handed flogging made Fred's cock sway like the wand of some lewd wizard casting an obscene spell. Wanda's pain-glazed eyes swayed. Her head rocked from side to side and her trembling lips parted to moan soft, agonized whimpers of dread. Any thought that she might somehow gain control of the situation long since faded and seemed as absurd now as the long robe and jeweled crown that teetered so precariously on her swaying head.

Wanda's fear-drenched flesh looked as white and shimmering soft as the ermine lining of her cape. The contrast made her tense, ruby-bright nipples seem brighter still. Fred's tongue flicked like his whip as he gazed at her tits, his whole body seething with lewd and tangled desires.

"Uuunnngh!" he said with a grunt.

He felt the first surge of creamy hot jism boil up from his nuts. The huge orbs pulsed in a hairy sac still trapped inside his tight-fitting leather pants. His straining cock lunged through the narrow fly slit, bulging and throbbing from mounting pressure as he gave way to the searing flow.

"Aaaahhhhh!" he groaned with the first gush of slick warmth.

He forced his sharply up angled cock down with both hands and shot off into Wanda's lap. She felt it hit, as thick and hot as roofing tar. It spewed into her mat of cunt hair and dribbled down like soothing ointment to cool the burning wound on her cunt.

"Gggrungh!" The next jolt sprayed lower down, wetting her whip-nicked cunt slit.

Wanda cringed, muscles twitching and jerking out of control. The sudden splatter of warmth reminded her pain-racked nerves of the whip. Soft white fur tingled around her trembling flesh, and more hot spray gushed into her aching crotch.

"Uunnngh!" she moaned in disgust. When she jerked her head, the collar cut hard at the straining cords of her neck.

Blind with bursting joy, Fred beat faster on his spurting dick, wrenching his shoulders and rocking his hips with each jarring shock of release.

"Yyyaaalx!" he screamed in a throaty wail. The furious thump of his hand against his groin sounded like the beat of a heavy club. Wanda hunched and flinched from the sound, wondering what lewd torment he planned next.


Fred James had never paused to wonder why this particular fantasy appealed to him so -- the mighty queen chained by the neck like a dog, whipped and brought to her knees like a lowly slave before him, the Lord High Executioner.

He'd played the role perhaps a dozen times before, but never with a queen so ravishingly beautiful. Wanda's proud, haughty tits laid bare by the lash of his whip, her lusty cunt reeking the pungent scent of fear and oozing small, ruby bright drops of blood.

The scene sent surges of fresh, demanding blood pounding into the head of his dripping cock. It hardly sagged after shooting off its first steaming load. That was the power of his lewd fantasy his cock never seemed to tire. It would rise time and time again to punish the faithless queen.

It could have been his wife Vicky his straining cock sought to hurt. She often took on the snobbish, haughty air of a queen, sneering, at him for his lowly start on the wrong side of town lording the power of her wealth and position over him. The bitch! She'd not been humble since the night he popped her stubborn cherry and made her high born cunt drip blood from the savage pounding of a giant cock.

Th heady scent of cunt blood thrilled him now.

"On your feet, bitch!" he said with a lusty roar. He grabbed the loop of chain welded to the collar at the back of her neck and hauled the shivering, velvet-caped queen figure to her feet. Weak from the numbing pain of the whip and trembling in fear of even wilder abuse, Wanda teetered unsteadily in her high, spike-heeled shoes.

"Now against the wall!" The mocking, Lord High Executioner gripped her shoulders and spun her around. He pressed both hands flat between her shoulder blades and shoved hard, launching her toward the wall of rough stone.

The fur-lined cape fluttered, her stiletto heels clattered, and she crashed against the wall. Damp rock chilled and flattened her protruding tits. The jeweled crown pitched off her head and shattered at her feet. Her head rocked forward and smacked against the wall, splitting her lower lip on the inside against her chattering teeth.

Wanda tasted the warm, salty taste of her own blood. She felt a cold, creeping chill of fear at the same time. Warm fur caressed her naked shoulders, and wet stone tingled her nipples. These conflicting signals crashed violently in her mind.

"You're not so high and mighty now!" Fred roared behind his sinister-looking leather hood, eyes leering sharply through the thin slits.

Wanda turned slowly to face him, her eyes wide and her back pressed flat against the wall. She tugged the cape close to her and covered her shivering tits in folds of furry warmth.

He grabbed her right arm and jerked it out to the side. Another heavy chain and thick metal wrist cuff dangled there. A mad chuckle of cruel glee burst from behind the mask, a sound as harsh and cold as the click of the lock that bound her arm.

"Aaaahhh!" she gasped. "No, please! Let me keep my arms free."

Mocking laughter came again as the black hooded specter darted swiftly to the other side. He jerked her left arm out, tugging until her joints ached from the strain. He clamped a second metal cuff tight on her wrist, and Wanda bolted at the sound of the lock snapping shut.

"Ungb! Unngh!" She squirmed and thrashed her arms, but her violent efforts to pull free only clanked the heavy chains and left her breathless, gasping in frustration.

"Pull, you stupid wench! Tug your heart out. Wrench your frail arms right out of their sockets!"

Wanda gave up the useless struggle and sagged back against the wall, her eyes dropping to Fred's long cock. His prick lanced up at a sharp angle, fully erect and bursting with strength. A pearly drop of jism dribbled from the silt. It looked to her like a leering, tear-filled eye.

He stepped closer, somber as death in black leather, drawn by his throbbing cock that twitched excitedly up and down like some wild beast sniffing the scent of fresh blood.

"I'm going to fuck your bloody, cum-drenched cunt," he said in a muffled voice tense with anticipation.

"Like shit!" she hissed in a sudden rage. Her right knee flashed up, driven by the strength of desperation. He dodged to the side a split-second too late. She hit his hard-muscled thigh a glancing blow that slanted into his crotch.

"Hhhuuunnngh!" He stumbled back a step and slumped over, frantically clutching his balls as though grasping hands could somehow slow the spread of the awful pain. "You stinking cunt! You stupid, stinking cunt I I should kill you f-for that!"

Wanda's upraised knee snapped out straight and her spike-heeled shoe flashed toward his jaw.

"Aaaaagh!" the hunched figure moaned, but he could not move in time.

Her foot caught his chin with a vicious whip-kick and the long spike of her heel stabbed into his throat. But for the protection of the leather hood, his windpipe would have been crushed.

Even with the leather shield, he felt a searing stab of pain. He gasped a choking sound and staggered backward with one hand clawing at his agonizing throat. His hunched body then gave way to the spread of terrible pain, and he sprawled in a dark heap ten feet away.

Wanda shrieked a joyous cry, her spirits buoyed by the force of her vicious kicks. She pulled at the chains with freshly renewed strength. But the heavy metal that bound her to the wall could have held a raging gorilla. She moaned then, thinking what a ridiculous thing she'd done. Imprisoned as she was, Fred James could take all the time he needed to recover -- hours, days, or even weeks. It would take a wrecking crew to free Wanda without the right keys.

Fred flopped on his side, his huge cock hanging limp. He was hunched over cramped and moaning pitiful sounds. But his agony gave Wanda little satisfaction. She knew she would only face greater wrath and more hideous punishment once his awesome strength returned.

Fred was no stranger to pain. He'd taken his lumps in his younger days. Pain had hardened his body and toughened his soul. And he always gave back worse than he got. Somehow, some way.

It took all his remaining strength to gather his feet beneath him, then to stand, still weak in the knees and wobbling with pain. His breath made a raspy sound and his throat burned like hell's chimney.

He could taste blood. The stubborn bitch had cut his lip. He could feel the jagged slash inside his lower lip. Shit! She even broke one of his front teeth. His tongue recoiled from the sharp-edged stump of his tooth.

He groaned in a sullen rage. He pulled himself up straight and pulled off the leather hood, spitting violently as soon as his mouth was clear. Blood and chips of broken tooth spattered the floor at his feet.

Wanda shivered helplessly against the wall. His jagged tooth gleamed raw and sharp in the flickering light like a vicious animal fang. Just the sight of it sent cold tremors down her back.

Fred spat again, then stooped down to recover the whip. The limp coil flashed to life. He snapped it once with a slow, rolling, underhand swing. Then his arm curved high overhead and he snapped it again only an inch from Wanda's horrified eyes.

"Yyyyaaaah!" she cried while the sharp crack still echoed in the room. "I'm s-sorry!"

Fred's lips curved in an angry smirk and a trickle of blood dripped from the corner of his mouth. He snarled, then lashed out again with the whip.

This time he aimed at a candle stub in a holder above Wanda's head. The popping tip of the whip neatly severed the wick. The dancing flame vanished and a splatter of hot wax rained down on the woman in chains.

"I could cut off your nipples just as quick," he said in a voice steady and sharp.

Wanda shrank back against the wall, dreading... not daring to think where the next lash of the whip might land. Her large proud tits were an inviting target, so tender and so exposed. Her thick, hard nipples swelled with the chill of fear.

"But I won't do that," he said, after gazing at her juicy red tits. Wanda heaved a grateful sigh. "I'd rather chew them off with this jagged, broken tooth of mine!"

That prospect chilled her even more. In her mind, she could almost feel the grinding agony of prolonged inhuman torture. She shook her head to shake free of the vivid nightmare image.

Fred stripped off his tight jacket. The heat of raging excitement had made it too uncomfortable to wear. He dropped his pants and stepped out of them, still snaking the whip in lazy coils along the floor.

Standing naked, his giant cock fully hard again, he flashed Wanda an icy grin eyes drifting down to her cunt that was dark and wet with traces of blood.

"It was all play-acting before," he said with a glance at his leather costume heaped on the floor. "Like a prank at Halloween..." A hint of sadness tinged his voice, "Now you've made it real. Too real!"

"I'm sorry. I-I didn't mean to hurt you."

"Perhaps not." His darting tongue seemed doubtful. "But now I mean to hurt you."

Wanda's tremors of fear became so intense that the long cape slipped from her shoulders and fell to the floor. The long braided whip streaked toward her fully exposed thighs.

"Aahhh!" she cringed and shrank back against the wall, feeling the cold and unyielding stone press against her back. The whip hit just above her knees and coiled downward, like a snake binding her legs together.

Fred tugged on the heavy knobbed handle of the whip with both hands. The coils tightened and tore at her flesh. Her spike heels slipped crazily on the slick stones and she felt her feet fly out from under her.

"Aaayyy..." Her head smacked the wall. Her long neck chain clanked and her full weight fell on her wrists that were chained wide to the side. "Uuungh!"

She dangled helplessly, her legs too stung by the pain of the lash to gather themselves beneath her and ease the terrible shoulder wrenching pain. Feeble efforts to regain her balance only shook off the braided lash for another vicious stroke.

Wanda heard the sharp hiss of the whip as it cut through the air. The thick midsection of the lash struck her waist and snaked upward in angry coils until the tip came around from behind and snapped at her lift nipple. It raised a hideous welt and her mind almost went blank with the stinging pain.

Sliding back along the floor, the swirling lash moved like a python in damp jungle grass. Wanda's eyes followed. She felt the swelling of a scream inside, but the sound hung frozen on her lips.

"EEEEE-YYYYAA!" she cried when the lash struck again.

This time the coils turned and tightened the other way, and the stinging tip slashed her other nipple hard enough to draw a bright drop of gleaming blood.

Fred tugged again on the handle of the whip. Wanda had almost recovered her balance, but Fred's mighty tug sent her reeling again. Her spike heels clattered and slipped and her head slammed against the wall.

"Uuuuungh," she moaned, dizzy and shaken by the blow. Let me pass out! a silent voice screamed in her mind. But long practice had taught Fred precisely how hard to administer the whip. The last thing he wanted was a limp, unconscious and unresponding body. He wanted her awake and keenly aware of the gnawing pain.

Wanda cringed, hanging with her full weight on her chained wrists. Her tangled legs clawed the floor...

"Now you won't kick, you little hellion!" He laughed and lightly stroked the long shaft of his cock. "Shit, you can't even stand up!"

He dropped the whip and reached to grasp her welt scarred tits. His touch felt icy cold, soothing in a strange way after the blazing torment of braided leather. His stroking fingers teased lightly up and down the lush curves of her proud tits.

Wanda gasped as she felt her aching nipples tense and swell with sudden desire. Her thoughts convulsed in a shivering rage. She hated this vindictive son of a bitch. She'd have cut his cock off if she could. But he knew how to excite her despite the grinding horror of what he'd done.

When his wavering fingers closed around her nipples, Wanda felt a double and twisted sensation. First a stab of smoldering pain. Still raw and smarting from the lash of the whip, her nipples felt too tender to be touched. But at the same time they had become swollen with urgent desire... too tense and eager to stand being left alone.

"Ohhhh!" she whined, excited and straining, but still unable to stand.

Fred cupped his hands beneath her arms and lifted her, steadying her, until she regained some control of her feet. She wobbled in his grasp thankful that some of the tearing pressure had been lifted from her outstretched arms.

He smiled coldly, and his hands swept back to her heaving tits. He mauled her left tit squeezing until her red-welted tit-flesh bulged between his fingers. The other tit he stroked softly, tilting it up in the cup of his hand to meet his blood-stained kiss.

Wanda gasped as she felt warm breath on her tortured breast. Then she felt the stroke of his tongue.

Fred stabbed at her bulging nipple and flicked it with his tongue. A circling stroke lapped up the drop of oozing blood and burned the raw flesh bitten by the whip.

Wanda groaned. Never had her tits felt so sensitive. With the cruel pain fading into the dark recesses of her mind, all her senses now seemed sharper than ever before. The slightest touch on her tits sent jolts of shocking delight along every nerve.

When Fred sucked in the perky tip of her tingling breast, Wanda thought she might faint in wailing joy.

"M-more!" she cried. "Suck it all in. Eat my big, beautiful tit!"

He eased away, still lashing her tit with his tongue. "It's your pretty cunt I want to eat."

"Yes... oh, yes!" Wanda tensed expectantly. After the snap and tug of the whip, her twat mound ached for the tender caress of a darting tongue.

He lowered himself to his knees, dragging his hands down her sides. Spread fingers slid over the smooth inner slope of her thighs, digging and spreading until her juicy cunt slit dripped with musk-scented desire.

"Eat it!" she howled. "Oooh, suck my cunt! Ram it with your tongue. Spread it with your fingers. Uuungh! Yeah, oooh! Eat it... eat me alive!"

His gnashing teeth tugged at the silky fleece around her drooling slit. Wanda's arms pulled tight in response. She wanted to hold the back of his head and force his mouth and stabbing tongue down harder on her twat. But, chained as she was, she could only rack her hips and beg for more.

Fred tasted glazed splatters of cum that he'd jetted off into her lap. He tasted blood on raw flesh nipped by the whip. But mostly he savored the honey-sweet, strong-tasting fuck oil that gushed slick and warm from the depths of her aching cunt.

The finest French cooking and best vintage wines seemed pallid and tasteless as cold mush compared to eating Wanda's cunt. Fred often dined in the most exclusive restaurants, but he only considered himself a gourmet when it came to eating twat.

His powerful cock twitched and throbbed in response to her pungent cunt scent.

"Uuunmmm!" he growled, thrusting apart her dripping cunt lips with his rough tongue.

Her clit bulged warmly, bright at the tip with a savory drop of blood. Her clit gleamed like a ruby. He licked it and felt her writhe, clanging the heavy chains binding her to the wall, helpless and eager now to satisfy even his wildest passions.

Fred found her clit and trapped it in the jagged space left by his broken tooth. He bit and chomped on her cunt.

"Eeeeyyy!?" Wanda screamed. Her tortured clit blazed with tormented desire. "Eat it! Oooh -- aaagh! Suck it! Grind it! Chew it raw -- ooowww!"

As much as he savored the joys of sucking an anxious twat, Fred hungered more for the feel of her wet cunt clamped around his massive cock. The way Wanda squirmed and wiggled with delight, he knew she would be a grinding good fuck!

He lurched to his feet, guiding his long cock with one hand. In his other hand he held the stout, knobbed handle of the blacksnake whip.

"Yyyaaah!" Wanda cried when she felt the fiery head of his cock rubbing hard on her aching cunt. Now left raw by the grinding passion of his broken tooth still flashed confusing signals of agony and delight: "Ungh -- oooo! Drive it in! Please. Oh, fuck me! Rape my tender cunt!"

Fred pressed his cock into her cunt slowly, taking his time. The heavy red knob of his cock parted her juicy twat lips and inched into her dark tube of seething passion. Wet rings of cunt muscle blazed with the heat of desire and tugged savagely at the shaft of his cock.

"More!" she pleaded. "I want more cock! Jam it in! Stuff my pussy full!"

His hips began to rock in time with her urgent pleas.

"Ungh -- yes! Aaah! Cram it full! Yeah! Fuck it! Fuck my hungry cunt!"

For Fred James, this was always the best part. To abuse, torment, and at the same time excite some pretty bitch until her trembling body begged for the soothing strokes of his giant cock. He was unable to hold back. With one exploding burst of joy, he slammed in the last of his mighty twat ripper.

"Uuuungh!" Wanda screamed.

Wet and hot as her cunt was, Wanda still felt a shock when he rammed his cock in. His rough mat of cock hair ground and twisted against her silken fleece, mingling the musky scents of their furious desires.

The sharp angle of his upraised cock lifted her as it went in. Only the tips of her toes touched the floor. Then her feet kicked free in frantic delight. The lifting, driving force of his cock slammed her naked back against the wall.

The chilling cold of damp stone jolted her senses. Wanda cried and wiggled and pushed away, driving herself even harder on to his cock.

Fred staggered back half a step and cupped his hands under her ass to support part of her grinding weight. Her tight wet cunt grasped and clawed, and she bore down on the root of his cock like she wanted to rip it off.

In one hand he still held the long, knobbed handle of the whip. It pressed against her creamy ass cheek and sent cold shivers up her spine.

He eased one hand farther around, his fingers touching the squirming mounds of her tingling asscheeks. It swelled and shivered in his grasp. She bucked when his probing fingers dug into the cleft of her ass, stroking to reach the tightly clamped puckered hole of her ass.

Wanda's squirming forced her weight down hard on the base of his cock. Her fuck oil drenched his thatch of cock hair. Her wet cunt lips pulled and sucked with a slurping sound that matched the moans of damp lust that bubbled from her gaping mouth.

"Uutingh... aooh! Yes. Yes, YES! I want it all! I want every inch of your big, fucking cock! Push it! Ram it! Ooooh -- FUCK! Stab it in!" Her voice then tightened into a shrill scream of sheer delight.

Fred kept humping, slamming into her wet cunt with the raging heat of his long cock. Her legs kicked and squeezed and clamped around his waist, bucking and driving down on his cock to feel every possible inch of his prick in the seething depths of her dripping twat.

At the same time, he maneuvered the knobbed handle of the whip around and centered it on the puckered lips of her little shithole.

Wanda's eyes widened. The leather-cased knob felt thick and cold when he began to pry her ass apart.

"Aaaggghhh!" Her scissored legs clamped harder and she squirmed to lift herself and escape the rain of the black whip inching up her ass. "Hhhooo -- SHIT!"

No way could she escape. Searing pain gripped the sinewy muscles of her back each time he rammed her from behind. The thick knob of the whip made her shithole burn. When she bucked away from that, she rammed her cunt full of his cock in front.

Wanda's screams of twisted delight echoed off the stone wall. She heaved herself violently back and forth between cock and whip handle, her mind ablaze with the pleasure of pain. The joyous horror seemed to lighten the weight of her chains, and her thoughts went suddenly into a dizzy spiral.


Jack didn't know it was Wilma he'd forced down on the coffee table. He had her tied in almost the same way as when he and Wanda first sampled the curious and wildly exciting thrills of restraint and domination after her visit to the dentist. Now he had two thick pillows stuffed under her trembling ass, slanting her cunt so that he could fuck it deeper still.

He'd tired of the half measure -- binding her wrists with his belt. That allowed too much freedom to move, and for some strange reason she was still fighting back.

"What's the matter?" he asked. "You loved it the first time I roped you down like this."

Wilma's lips moved numb with fear. She had never felt so naked and so exposed. With her legs spread and bent beneath her, her cunt lips had parted, seething in the torment of helplessness.

"I'm-I'm not your wife," Wilma managed to croak in a trembling voice.

Jack thought it was just another of Wanda's cock teasing games. "Oh, then who the hell are you... the fucking queen of cock heaven?"

"I'm Wilma."

"Good! I've always wondered what it would be like to fuck her."

"You-you have?"

Jack nodded and drummed his hand on his dripping cock. "What I really want to do is fuck both of you at once. Imagine my big dick bouncing back and forth between two identical twats! When it was Wilma's turn, you could watch. It'd be like seeing your own cunt get fucked. Wanda, you'd love it!"

"I'm Wilma!" Wilma insisted.

He didn't believe her, he thought it was part of her prick teasing game. "My cock doesn't care who you are."

He leaned over her, bracing his hands on the table edge just above her head.

"Jack, please you've got to listen. I'm Wilma ungh!" Jack rammed into her cunt and felt it convulse with tremors of shock.

"Like I said... my cock doesn't care." He bent down and kissed her, forcing his tongue between her stubborn lips. Wilma pushed back, her tongue hammering to drive him out. "I'll say this, Wanda -- you put on a damn good act. It's like you can't stand being fucked and French-kissed at the same time."

"I hate it!"

"Yes... and I just love how that makes you squirm. I've never felt -- aaargh! -- your fucking cunt so tight!"

"Ooooh! Ungh! Aaahh! I'm Wilma!"

The waves of Wilma's cunt tension grew tighter on the shaft of his reaming cock. She winced and closed her eyes, trembling in disbelief. Maybe it was all a terrible dream, and when she opened her eyes again he would be gone.

"Be Wilma," he said happily. "I'm starting to like her cunt!" Jack knew that Wanda knew all the right moves. Her hungry cunt pulled and sucked on his cock, wringing it dry. Tonight she wasn't like that at all.

Wilma relaxed and let his long cock glide in, then she clamped and held him tight, making it a painful delight when he went to draw back. Now she clamped to keep him out. Jack thrust with his hips, forcing his way in, loving the taut, wet friction of an unwilling cunt.

"Hhhhmmm!" he purred, grinding and twisting as his cock bottomed in her up-tilted twat.

Wilma had never submitted to sex except in what most people call the missionary position... flat on her back, legs slightly spread, her husband on top.

Jack's cock felt at least twice the size of Ralph's and with the pillow, stuffed beneath her hips, her leg's bent back under the table, his prick ground in deep at an angle that felt strange and completely new.

"Ooob," she whined. The harder she fought his ramming cock, the better he liked it.

Jack bent lower, supporting his weight on his elbows so he could maul her heaving tits. He loved their giant size, their smooth overflowing cone shapes, and her firm warm nipples. He took one, then the other, sucking hard on her ruby tips while he bottomed his long cock and felt the heat of her stubborn cunt friction.

"Hhhmmm, if I'd known Wilma's cunt was this good, I'd have fucked her years ago!"

"Uuunngh!" Wilma groaned in response to each hard driving stab of his long cock. Her eyes fluttered and stared at the top of his head while Jack bobbed hungrily from one tit to the other, grinding them with his teeth until they ached and sparked with twisting pain.

Wilma tugged against the thick cords binding her arms and legs. It was useless. She could hardly move, and writhing beneath him only excited Jack all the more.

"Aaargh!" she moaned. "It HURTS!"

"You love it... I can tell by the way you squirm. Your fucking little cunt can't get enough."

Wilma ceased her struggles and tried to lie very still. It was hard. Jack's big cock pulled up on her clinging cunt lips each time he drew back, then he rammed them flat with another slamming thrust.


Jack had his right hand down her side. Teasing finger-strokes made her wrench away from his touch. That twisted the clamping grip of her cunt.

"Goood!" he groaned. "And this should make it even better!" He wiggled his first finger up her ass.

"Yyyyaaaahhh!" Wilma screamed. Her shithole twitched, and she bucked her hips, thrusting to meet his hard-driving cock. "Oh, GOD!"

Grinding hips rammed her back on his ass fucking hand. The terrible torment of prick and probing finger made Wilma utter low moans of pain and disgust while her body seethed with the joys of forbidden delights. She gasped, her tortured mind wished it had never begun, and her writhing, sex-starved senses hoped that it would never end.

"Wilma?" Fred crooned softly, "Wilma, can you hear me?"

"Huh? Ungh! Yes... yes, I-I hear you." Wanda had almost forgotten that she was supposed to be her sister. Wanda's glazed eyes stared blankly, wet with tears from the steady pounding of his huge cock and the ass-ripping probe of the rigid whip handle.

Fred grunted deep sounds of savage delight and rammed with both at the same time, slamming the two knobbed heads together. They clashed together with a grinding force, battering the thin wall of tender flesh between her cunt and her ass.

The frantic beating of her heart thundered in her ears. Wanda's cunt lips burned, rubbed dry and hot by Fred's burning big cock. And the shit smeared handle of the whip kept ramming in with the same rhythm as his fucking.

Fred's body tensed, nerves twanging with delight. The tight, hot grip of her cunt made his huge cock ache, balls swaying and ready to fire. With each thrust of his hips, he felt the snug walls of her fuck hole squirm, then the padded thump when his driving cock collided with the knobbed handle of the whip that he pounded joyously up her ass.

"I-I'm cummmmming!" he moaned, wishing he could hold back and prolong the heated delight of raging lust. "Cuuummming!"

His first wet gush of cream spread like a searing lava flow.

Wanda gulped. She could almost taste it. Her eyes rolled back and she tossed her head, shivering with the warmth of his spreading flow. Slick cream greased her aching cunt. His spurting cock slid easily now, frothing each gush until her fuck hole steamed.

"Uungh! Ungh!" He stabbed in with his cock, twisting and grinding his hairy loins against the pink, frothed lips of her begging twat. At the same time he rammed the whip up her ass and twisted it, caressing the head of his own cock with its thick knob.

"Yyyyeeeehhh!" Wanda cried. Pressure mounted inside her skull. The tempo of her beating heart rang faster as the heat of impending release came near. "I'm cuuummmming too!"

"Fuuuck!" Fred groaned and shoved his cock deep inside, spurting hot jets of creamy jism that bubbled back and burned the throbbing shaft of his long cock. He made one last brutal stab. His tense body twitched with spasms of release then he was still and gasped for breath.

"Wilma..." he said, regaining his breath. "I want you to come..."

"Oooh, God -- I just did. Can't you feel it?"

"Yes, of course..." Tight tremors of joy still rippled up and down his back. "...I mean come here to the house again. I'm giving a little bash tomorrow night for same special friends. I know they'd all like to meet you... their tastes are so much like mine."

"Oh?" Wanda said, her voice still weak and shivering.

An hour later, Wanda drove home in a daze, her neck sore, her wrists rubbed raw by the binding metal bands that Fred James did not unlock until she had become too weak to stand, too exhausted to respond to the heated frenzy of his brutal cock.

She felt a chill getting out of the car, her long dress hung in tatters, ripped apart by the sting of the whip. Wanda clutched the shredded cloth to her aching, naked flesh and tiptoed up the front steps.

A faint light glowed through the living-room drapes. She stopped, panting nervously, and peered through a narrow crack between the thick folds of cloth.

Wanda could see her husband Jack inside, his eyes clamped tightly shut, his strong body beaded with sweat while his beautiful blue-veined cock spiked in and out of her twin sister's cunt. Wanda gasped, then seethed.

Jack had Wilma tied to the coffee table with drapery cord, her ass upraised by sofa pillows, slanting her cunt at the perfect angle to meet and hold the stabbing length of his big prick.

Wanda could see Wilma wince each time Jack rammed his cock into her. Wilma squirmed beneath his grinding weight, pulling against the cords holding her in bondage. Wanda could see Jack's finger pumping in and out of Wilma's ass, and Wanda felt envious tension in her own shiner.

She groaned, pressing her nose flat against the glass for a better view. It was so crazy, watching her husband fuck a woman who looked so much like her like watching in a mirror. But Wanda could not feel the heat of his cock or the wiggling finger he hooked and twisted in her twin sister's ass.

"I want it!" Wanda said.

When she had left the mansion on the hill, her body ached so much that she wondered if she would ever want to fuck again. Her wrists still burned where the tender flesh had been scraped by the grinding metal bands. But the heat of raw flesh felt nothing like the steaming envy in her cunt and ass.

"Damn it, he's my husband!" Wanda's hot breath fogged the glass. She had to wipe it with the back of her hand to see through.

Wilma saw the waving motion through half shut, pain-glazed eyes. "Oh, good!" she groaned.

"Uunngh!" Jack roared in response. "So, you finally admit that you like it!"

"No!" Wilma shrieked. "I mean, good that Wanda is finally home!"

Wilma could see her wanton twin squinting through the glass, jealousy flicking her tongue as she watched her husband fuck like some crazed wild beast.

Jack's eyes never strayed from her moaning lips. His hands held Wilma's big tits, mauling and squeezing and making her nipples burn. He sucked hard on one firm red-crowned heaving tit.

"Hhhhooo!" Wilma cried. "Why don't you come in?"

She could see Wanda watching through the window her face distorted by the glass, her hot breath jetting all around like billows of steam.

"Come in!" Wilma cried.

Jack thought she was moaning at him. "I am in! You stupid cunt... can't you feel my cock?"

"Uuunnngh! Yes, God yes! Ooooh, no!"

Jack stabbed her harder, screwing and twisting the root of his hairy dick around in her tender twat slit.

"And can't you feel the finger I have rammed in your ass?"

"Aaah! Yes! Oh, shit yes! No!" Jack poked two fingers into her aching shithole spreading them as he twisted them in.

"No, what? You can't feel two fingers?"

"I mean, no... I can't stand any more!"

"I ought to ream your ass with my whole fucking fist!"

Wanda jerked outside the window, wiping it again with frenzied sweeps of her hand. It was crazy watching her husband fuck. A hand still wet and cold from wiping the glass dropped and spread the tatters of her dress, digging for her drooling cunt slit. She moaned as chilled fingers twirled the nub of her bulging clit.

Jack kept fucking her sister, grunting angry, sultry, beastly sounds of satisfaction. Wanda felt her own breathing shift to the same excited rhythm. Her tits heaved, nipples straining with desire as she increased the grinding pressure on her clit and slid her other hand back to her ass, a long, red-nailed finger reaching out.

"Hhhungh!" Wanda said with a grunt, working the finger deep, to carbon-copy Jack's savage reaming of her twin sister's ass.

"Ooooh!" Wilma moaned, and she arched her back, pulling wildly against the cord binding her wrists. Her seething cunt oil flowed wet and free, and the sheath of nerves ringing her fuck tunnel began to tingle with raging joy.

"You bitch," Jack growled, "I knew you were faking... I knew you wanted my cock!"

"Yes..." Her lips trembled warmly, kissing his. "Fuck me!" she moaned. "Fuck me harder... as hard as you can!"

Wanda, that bitch, was watching through the window, stroking her clit and jamming her ass, excited by watching her husband's long cock rip in and out of another cunt. Well, Wilma decided, I'll really give her something to watch!

Wilma jerked up her head, lips grinding and wet with passion. Jack smothered them with a clinging kiss, jabbing his tongue roughly into her mouth. She sucked on the rasp of his tongue until her checks collapsed and squirmed like the restless tunnel of her cunt.

"Aaagggh!" Wilma said with an anguished sigh. Wilma could see her sister's eyes blaze with cuntal satisfaction. Wilma loved the way it made Wanda squirm to watch Jack's big cock slide, in and out of a cunt exactly the match of hers loving even more the hot feel of his long prick.

"Uuungh!" Wilma said with a grunt as she took each deep thrust. At first she had felt only the horror of restraint, the chilling, animal fear of bondage. Then came humiliation, the brutal anguish of being bound and helpless, a trembling slave to a savage cock. Now, despite her instincts, Wilma felt the warmth of slow spreading joy.

It ran deep from the hollow of her aching twat. The heat and throb of Jack's big prick made her innermost nerves twitch with raw delight. It was nothing Wilma had ever felt before, a seething joy an obscene honeymoon of lewd gratification, the pleasure doubled because she knew her horny twin was being forced to watch her husband's giant cock fill and strain another begging cunt.

"More!" Wilma gasped, her teeth grinding. "Fuck my cunt! Stab my ass! AAAGOGHHH! YES! YES!"

Wanda couldn't stand it any more. She drove her finger into her twat and tried to match the force of Jack's demanding thrusts. She ripped two fingers up her ass, thrashing and gasping in tormented desire.

"I need a cock!" Wanda wailed, "I just can't do it with my fingers!"

She rocked her hips and pressed as hard as she could, grinding the heel of one hand on her thick muff of silky cunt hair, the other on the slit of her ass.

Wilma watched it all, feeling her own frustrated passions soar. Jack's throbbing cock tensed as he drove it in. She could feel it shivering response to an intense wave of swelling delight. Jack groaned clamping his eyes shut, rolling his head as his lips pulled tight and hissed warping breath like a jet of escaping steam.

"I'm cummmmming!" he growled.

"Meeee tooooo!" Wilma could hardly believe it. Her eyes misted with a smoky haze of expectant joy. Her cunt muscles clamped on Jack's heaving cock, tight and wet, insanely alive with lewd desire.

Jack threw his full weight on her, mauling both tits with hands trapped between their writhing bodies.

Wilma's mind whirled with too many thoughts. He thinks it's his horny wife about to receive his heavy load but she's outside, fucking her own cunt and ass with her fingertips, pretending she's me. The old me... frigid, unresponsive Wilma. Dud wife and dreary cunt. Wilma laughed. The old Wilma was gone. The pain of bondage had forced her to endure the fury of a grinding cock, and now, in her bewildered mind, she found she delighted in the joyous suffering!

Wilma's eyes wrenched shut, cords bulging tensely in her neck. The searing pleasure of pain burned all other thoughts from her twisted mind. She gasped a quick breath as she felt the first thick spurt of jism pump into her delirious cunt. She made her wet cunt muscles grind against his cock.

Jack grimaced as though he had to wring the stuff from his aching nuts.

"God, I love how your cunt clings!"

I'm good! Wilma's mind roared in triumph. As good or better than any fucking cunt there is! I'll show him. I'll show Jack and his beautiful big cock how hot and tight my twat can be. I'll show Wanda too. She'll have to watch and wish and burn with envy!

"Ooooh! Fuck me, Jack!"

He couldn't hear. His heart beat like raging thunder in his ears. Bolts of liquid lightning spurted from his cock. He couldn't believe how snug and tight his wife's cunt had become... how it pulled and twisted and so forcefully milked his dick.

"You're the best!" he groaned. "Oh, God I love the way you fuck my big cock!"

"The best!" Wilma crooned. Then she smiled, wondering: Can you hear that, Wanda? Jack likes my cunt best! Better than yours, you horny bitch! Better than any!

"Ungh! Ungh! Aargh! I'm gonna fuck you full, pump your twat until it drips hot cream!"

"Oooh, Jack do it! Drown my twat. Make it bubble!" Her grinding climax began, and then Wilma could think of nothing else. She moaned and screamed, squirming beneath Jack's twat crushing weight. She pulled in a wild frenzy against the heavy cords that bound her wrists and set her tortured mind free at last.

When the last joyous shiver had passed when Wilma could breathe deeply, still trembling from the ecstatic thrill of complete release, she turned to the breath-fogged window and leered, letting Wanda see bow much she loved to wring the dripping length of lack's big cock.

But the fog of hot breath on the front window had cleared. Wanda wasn't there.


Wanda turned and ran back to the car as soon as she saw Wilma's first shiver of approaching release. She could not stand to watch her stuffy, frigid twin sister enjoy sex for probably the first time in her life.

Just the thought of her husband's huge dick thrilling her twin's musty cunt made her own dripping hole seethe with envy. No amount of finger fucking would satisfy her now. Wanda had to have a cock.

A lewd grin curled her lips as she ground the starter of Wilma's car. Wilma's husband Ralph would be waiting at home, probably jacking himself off.

She'd always wondered about Ralph, how he could stand being married to a stubborn cunt like Wilma. Of course that would change now. After the fucking Jack had given her, Wilma would be hungry for more. Poor Ralph probably wasn't ready for that.

Wanda's warped grin pulled tight as she jammed the car into gear. She'd decided to help herself and him too... by pretending to be Wilma for the rest of the night.

"Wilma, is that you?" Ralph called from their bedroom at the back of the house.

"Yes, dear." Wanda had made a lot of noise searching for the right key and unlocking the unfamiliar door. Then she almost fell over a fucking chair that was not where she expected it to be. Until tonight, Wilma's greatest pleasure in life came from rearranging the living-room furniture.

Wanda's hand thumped against the wall, searching in vain for a switch to turn on the light in the hall.

"What's the matter?" Ralph shouted gruffly. "It sounds like you're drunk!"

He was angry because all her racket had spoiled a beautiful dream. In the misty visions that came with restless sleep, Ralph had dreamed he had Wilma strapped to the bed her arms pulled tight and helplessly bound, her unwilling legs spread wide and waiting for the huge swelling of his frustrated cock. That was the only way he'd ever enjoyed sex with her... in cruel dreams of bondage.

His cock still ached and burned from the stress of his lewd desire. In joyous dreams he held her captive, he raped her time and time again, riding her and breaking her in the way a cowhand would break a wild horse, until she submitted willingly.

But only in dreams did he experience such pleasure, and now the clumsy hag had awakened him with her noisy stumbling and spoiled that.

"For Christ's sake... can't you even stand up?" He'd heard her crash twice against the wall.

"I'm fine, dear... just taking off my dress." Wanda's urgent desire to strip her aching body naked and the frantic trembling of her legs caused her to stumble as she shed the tatters of her ruined dress.

"Now what are you doing?" He could hear her in the bathroom, still crashing and banging, and Ralph was anxious to get back to sleep... to continue his lewd dream of his wife in bondage.

"I'm just getting ready for bed," Wanda called. "I'll be with you in a sec."

"Oh, shit!" Ralph groaned half under his breath. He knew all too well how his wife got ready for bed -- first winding her long hair in metal curlers as inviting to touch as a barbed wire fence, then spraying the whole mess with shit that smelled like paint remover.

Wanda smiled and preened before the mirror, brushing the tangles from her silky, sable brown hair, stroking it until it gleamed and flashed and matched the look of desire blazing in her anxious eyes.

She'd always wondered about Ralph's cock how big it was, how hard it would get if her hands and her aching cunt were to close around it in ways that Wilma never would. Wanda smiled back at her seductive reflection in the mirror, fondling her anxious tits until their wine-red nipples bulged with seething desire.

Wanda decided to leave her high heels on and her black-net stockings held by lacy garter belts. Of course she knew the Wilma would never do anything so enticing. She even brushed her cunt hair until it gleamed soft and dark, as luxurious as mink.

Ralph lay on his side in their bed, idly flipping the pages of a thick, leather bound book about banking and investment law, hoping he could bore himself back to sleep before his dreary wife came into the room. He wanted to return to the bliss of his forbidden dream.

But the heavy scent of the leather that bound the book fanned the smoldering heat of his imagination. His cock swelled even harder than it had in delightful fantasy. He curved his hand around the aching shaft of his neglected manhood and beat on it like a jungle drum.

"Ralph!" Wanda gasped in imitation of her sister's prudish voice. "What are you doing?"

The slap of his anxious hand on his jizz-swollen cock had kept him from hearing the soft click of her high heels. Without even looking around, he said, "I'm flogging my fucking cock."

"Huuunh?" Wanda gasped, in imitation of her sister's voice. Then Wanda gulped down the sound of her own lusty desire. Somehow she had imagined Ralph to have a withered little prick, bent and red like a rusty nail. She had thought that she would have to tempt him to make his cock swell, tease and suck to make his prick strain.

What she saw in the grasp of his blurring hand was a heaving shaft, rough-barked with blue veins, long and hard as a log of solid oak. "Is-is that big fucker all for me?" she gasped.

Ralph glanced toward the door and his beating hand stopped abruptly. Not even in his dreams did Wilma look so enticing. Her nipples bulged thick and ripe with desire. Her cunt hair sheened with damp desire. His throbbing cock gave a heave.

"Wilma? Wilma, is that you?"

He couldn't believe it. It was his wife coming through the door, her face, her figure but Wilma usually wore a long, thick flannel nightgown that fit like a sack.

"It's me," Wanda replied. Her intense gaze had locked on his twitching, jerking cock. The sight of his prick, so restless and eager, almost bursting with desire... it made her pussy squirm with convulsions of need.

"What-what happened to you?" he asked in a quaking voice.

Wanda thought he meant her marks of bondage and welts from the whip. Though the pain of what Fred James did to her had cooled she carried raw, red reminders of his lust.

"Er, well -- the party got pretty rough," she said. Ralph hadn't even noticed. His brooding eyes flashed between her dripping cunt slit and the heated swelling of her proud nipples. All he wondered was what had suddenly turned on his stuffy, prudish wife. He noticed the marks of bondage for the first time when she paused by the edge of the bed, her eyes still locked on his aging cock, idly stroking a chafed wrist.

"What do you mean... rough?" He caught the scent of her cunt as he questioned her, a sultry mix of slick oil and thick jism.

"Mr. James... he chained me to the wall."

"Really?" Ralph wasn't as surprised as be sounded. A man as wealthy and powerful as Fred James could hardly take a shit without starting rumors. Especially in the business world. Ralph had heard same wild things about him, remarks and questions whispered behind sly smiles.

"Then he used a whip to rip my clothes," Wanda said, pleased by the way her words made his cock leap, bulging red and bright in his grasping hand.

"You're kidding!" But Ralph knew she was not. He could see the web of welts on her tender white flesh.

"He did... and then he raped me."

"No!" Ralph only pretended shock. He'd half expected it might happen. He'd actually hoped the whispered rumors were all true... that Wilma would go to the big fancy house on the hill and get the shock of her life. He'd thought it might change her for the better, and obviously it had. She was wetting her lips with a flicking tongue, watching the way his hand glided so smoothly up and down the heated shaft of his cock.

"Yes!" Wanda insisted in imitation of Wilma's stubborn voice. "He did. It was awful at first, locked in those heavy chains, seeing his huge cock..." Ralph stirred and beat faster on his own long prick. "...he had me chained, I couldn't help it. Ooooo!" She cringed, remembering the thick, knobbed handle of the whip ramming up her ass. "It was awful, all he did, but then, then I started to like it."

"You did? You liked it?"

She nodded meekly smiling warmly at the way her confession swelled the straining power of Ralph's long prick. Wanda could not help wondering how he'd react if Ralph knew his wife was still in bondage, being thrilled by the power of Jack's cock.

"He-he made me do things I never thought I'd do."

"Like what?" Ralph felt a sudden jealous twinge. Damn that fucking Fred James!

" this," Wanda said. Then she bent down, dropping to her knees by the edge of the bed and kissed the head of Ralph's hand-whipped dick.

"Uuuugh!" he groaned in heated shock. Her lips closed ever his cock head like a sleek wet sponge, pulsing and churning with freshly awakened desire. "Aaaaah!"

"Like that Ralph and more. Much more!"

"You bitch!" he roared unexpectedly.

Wanda slid her lips down his cock shaft, moving his hand away so that he could suck in his full prick length and grind her teeth in the thick mat of hair at its root.

"Fuck!" he gasped, stunned by the hungry of her lips and swirling waves of throat muscle that closed around his aching cock head. "You left here as an icy-assed prude, and you come home a cocksucking whore!"

"But, I am home," she reminded him, smiling as she closed her lips again and wiggled back up the shaft of his throbbing cock. She could feel it swell with what she felt were throbs of envy, and she longed to tell him that Wilma wasn't home yet that right now she was bound and begging for Jack's cock.

"There's something else you should know..." she said in a teasing tone. Her lips slipped off the ruddy knob of his cock, and she flicked at his straining cum slit with her tongue.

"Yeah, and I'm going to find out -- find out if you like getting your cunt fucked here as much as you did in that fancy place up on the hill."

"Ooooh!" Wanda moaned in surprise.

Ralph grabbed her long hair, tangling it in a silky snarl inside one huge fist. He jerked her head back and glared into her startled eyes.

"I don't have a secret room fixed up like a fucking dungeon, but..."

"How-how come you know about that?"

"I hear things at the bank. Fred James and his company do a lot of business there."

"Oh, I see."

"You haven't seen anything yet, you cock craving cunt!"

He yanked on her sable hair and threw her facedown on the bed beside him.

Wanda yelped. She'd expected Ralph to be so timid and shy.

"I don't have heavy chains set in stone either. But I do have this fucking piece of dreary shit!" He grabbed Wilma's bulky, old-fashioned nightgown from under her pillow and started ripping it into four long strips.

"What? What are you doing?"

Ralph threw down the four strips of heavy flannel and wadded what was left into a ball. "First thing. I'm going to stuff your fucking mouth so I don't have to hear any more shit about Fred James and his magic pecker!"

"Mmmungh!" Wanda groaned as he gagged her mouth. He stuffed her wet mouth with the dry cloth and knotted some that was left behind her head. Wanda thrashed, spearing at the choking wad with her tongue, but she could not drive it out. She bucked from jolts of instinctive fear.

Ralph laughed and slapped her ass with the heavy, leather-bound book he'd been looking at when she came in. Wanda moaned.

"I don't have a whip either," he said in a mocking tone of apology. "But don't worry, I'll think of something to satisfy your ass!"

"Unnh?" Wanda gulped. It didn't seem possible that it could all be starting again. She arched strongly and tried to roll off the bed, both hands pawing at the gag stuffed cruelly in her mouth.

"Lie down, you fucking slut you can't have changed your mind already!"

He slapped her ass with the heavy book again. Then Ralph threw a strong leg across her upraised back, straddling her and forcing her down flat. He grunted as he dropped his weight on her writhing ass. "For once I'm going to like seeing you wear your fucking flannel sack!"

He grabbed one long strip of cloth, twisted it like a rope and knotted it around her wrist. It felt soft against her arm until he pulled the knot tight. He laughed at her muffled howl of protest and lashed her wrist the head post of the bed.

"Uuuugh! Unnngh!" Wanda kicked, drumming her feet futilely on the bed as he grabbed her other arm, stretched it to the far side and tied it tightly. "Ungh! Uummph!"

Wanda felt an agonizing strain in her shoulder muscles as he jerked on her arms, spreading them wide and knotting them securely. For its strength, the twisted flannel could have been steel. Wanda could hardly move above the waist.

Ralph whirled around then, still astride her, forcing her bucking ass down on the bed, but now he faced her kicking feet. His hot cock wedged into the crack of her ass, still red and puffed from the smack of the thick book. Wanda gasped in a muffled voice of fear. He caught one kicking leg and held it in his powerful hands. Looping the cloth around her sleek ankle. Wanda cringed, shocked by it all. She'd thought Ralph would be weak and soft from years of sitting behind a desk at the bank.

Ralph felt the tension of her surprise. Despite the approach of middle age and a soft job at the bank, he worked at keeping fit. He needed strength and endurance to satisfy women like the young red haired teller. Never did he think his power would be tested at home with his own wife.

Wanda kicked like a mule with the one leg she had free. He'd knotted the other to the foot of the bed, taking grim satisfaction in the way she wailed as he tugged the knot tight.

"Ha!" he roared, grabbing her other leg.

She thrashed beneath him, grinding up with her ass to stroke the shaft of his cock in the soft valley between her creamy cheeks. He looped the cloth and dragged her leg down with the trailing end of her tattered nightgown.

"That ugly piece of shit never looked better!" he said as he tied the frayed end.

Wanda trembled nervously, arms and legs spread wide and tightly bound, haunted more by fear of the unexpected than by the chilling reality of restraint. Her trembling increased the surging rhythm of his cock throb. He'd thought that after being ravaged and humiliated in chains by Fred James that she might submit humbly to his lewd desires. That would have ruined his dream coming true. Struggled with the thrill of his wild imaginings and she was fiercely fighting back, even though she could barely move.

The dark hole of her ass clenched tight, forbidding him to enter, promising to wrench and burn the hot muscle of his cock with stubborn, dry resistance if he did.

"Where's that fucking cream you smear on your face every night?" he asked, swinging off her to paw through the drawer of the nightstand on her side of the bed. "Here it is... Vanishing Cream," he read from the label on the jar. Ralph unscrewed the lid and scooped three fingers into the white muck. "How much of this shit will I have to rub on your tight little ass to make it disappear?"

He swept his hand into the taut valley between her nervous ass checks and smeared her puckered, straining asshole.

Wanda made a muffled yelp. The cream felt chilling cold at first, but it spread warm and smooth as his demanding fingers worked it into her asshole.

"I used to hate that shit!" he said. "Hated to crawl in the sack with a bitch that looked like she'd taken a bath in whale blubber. Hhhnunm, now I like the way it slicks your little shitter!"

Wanda gulped, almost choking on the gag. Ralph wiggled a finger into her ass, smearing the dark walls of her tube with the creamy gao. Still raw and hot from the brutal stab of the whip handle, her ass began to feel better as he greased it with load after load of silken slime.

She gasped. She could almost feel his cock driving in. Her shithole pulsed and set clinging waves of desire up and down his probing finger. She moaned. She wanted his cock, but couldn't get the words beyond the gag.

Ralph teased her by laying the thick round head of his cock on her cream-smeared asshole as he worked his slithering fingers up her back.

"Maybe this shit will make those ugly red welts vanish too," he said.

Wanda stirred warmly from the strength of his erotic massage. Her writhing arms and legs pulled hard against the binding strength of cloth, but she could no longer feel the tension of restraint. Her whole body seemed to melt like the flowing white cream.

"Mmmmm," she purred. After the stinging lash of Fred's whip, the warmth of Ralph's swirling fingers made her passions squirm with flaming desire.

"I'm gong to smear on the whole bottle of this shit," Ralph said. "I'm going to make the old Wilma vanish!"

Compared to the wife he knew, this woman was like a stranger -- a beautiful and wildly exciting stranger. Ralph's cock beat hard against her ass, pressing to gain entry to the hole he'd so long yearned to fuck.

"Uuuiigh!" he growled, no longer able to hold back. He thrust with his hips and drove the thick knob into her slithering asshole.

A muffled groan shot from Wanda's lips, sharp despite the wad of cloth jammed and knotted in her mouth. She could feel his long cock shaft sliding in, an effortless glide down a hot greased slide.

"Unngh," Ralph grunted as rough curls of his cock hair scraped and smashed themselves on the slick clefted hump of her twitching ass. He'd ass fucked before, but never in a shit-hole as clinging tight and silky smooth as hers was now. He could feel each grasping pulse of desire ripple like wet velvet around his prick.

"Aahhh, Wilma -- you don't know how long and hard I've dreamed about fucking your ass!"

Wanda felt a grin curve her trembling lips while her ass muscles tensed in constrictions of wild joy. Ralph's cock drilled deep, twisting at the bottom of each fiercely demanding stroke. She wondered how much more excited he would be when he learned the truth that the thrill of fucking his prudish wife's ass still awaited him.


Wilma sprawled limp in the middle of the large bed usually shared by Jack and his wife, her wanton twin. All night, Jack thought it was Wanda he had bound and fucked with his massive, untiring cock.

A thankful, "Goodbye," was all she muttered when he said he was leaving for his weekly handball game with Ralph at the Athletic Club where they both worked out, "Good riddance!" Wilma said when he was safely out the door.

Her muscles still ached from the torture of restraint. Worse was the tangled pain in her mind. In a way she could not believe it had happened, but she had raw red welts on her wrists and ankles to remind her. And she could still taste the slick remains of salty cream shot deep into her throat.

"Ugh!" she grumbled, rising weakly on one elbow. It all seemed so horrible and disgusting now. Wilma's prudish mind refused to admit that in the heat of passion she had actually begged Jack to fuck harder and subject her to even wilder abuse.

"Hi," Wanda said in a weary voice. Wanda stood at the bedroom door wearing one of Wilma's frumpy dresses. There wasn't enough left of her gown to wear home in the bright light of day. Fred James had slashed it to rags with the biting tongue of the long black whip.

"Where have you been all night?" Wilma asked, sullen anger snapped in her voice as sharp as the crack of braided leather.

Wanda avoided answering directly. "Well, I couldn't just walk in the door while Jack had you tied to the coffee table. He thought that was me he was fucking."

"He thought it was you he was fucking all night. After the table, he had me all tied up in bed!" Wilma scowled and massaged her burning wrists.

"And you loved it," Wanda said. "After he fucked the cobwebs out of your cunt..."

"I did not!" Wilma raged. "I've never been through anything so horrible and disgusting! I may never be the same..."

"Let's hope not," Wanda said spitefully. "Ralph won't want you back the way you were."

"What? Were you with him... with Ralph?"

"Well, sure. You were busy with mine, and Ralph was expecting you home."

"What happened?" Wilma demanded hoarsely. Wanda shot her a sly smile. "Ralph got a lot more than he expected... and so did you."

"I don't... I won't believe it. Ralph would never..."

"He thought it was you," Wanda reminded her.

Wilma looked like she might faint.

Wanda smiled. "He tore up your dumpy old nightgown and used it to tie me spread-eagled on the bed. He fucked my ass, then my cunt... then he took the gag out of my mouth and made me suck his cock until it got hot enough to do it all again."

"Oh, God in heaven!"

"It was all your idea," Wanda said. "You're the one who wanted to pull the switch to impress your boss..."

"I-I almost forgot about that. What happened with him?"

Wanda turned slowly, peeling off Wilma's sack like dress. "First he whipped the living shit out of me," she said, softly fingering the red welts criss-crossing her smooth white skin. "He had me chained like a fucking slave -- and that's exactly what I was. He's hotter and wilder than Jack and Ralph put together."

Wilma moaned and then violently shook her head. "NO! I don't believe it. Not Mr. James..."

"Honey, that horny son of a bitch has a whole room in that fancy house of his set up like a torture chamber he saw in an old castle somewhere."

"I could never believe anything so... so warped about Mr. James."

"Well..." Wanda flashed a teasing grin, "you'll have a chance to see for yourself tonight. He's expecting me... or you back there tonight."


"For a special little party with some friends of his."

"I can't. I could never do anything like that."

"Well, I can't take your place forever, Wilma."

"But... but!"

"You won't have to go alone. I'm going with you. I wouldn't miss it for anything."

"Then why do I have to go?"

"Because he's your boss, and he's expecting you. Last night he thought you were the greatest. Tonight he'll think you're better yet, because we'll take turns. We'll dress alike, like we did when we were little, and we'll wring that cock of his dry before we're through."

"Oh, we'll never get away with anything like that!"

"We fooled our own husbands, didn't we?"

"Yes, but..."

Wanda stroked her neck where the metal collar had scraped it raw. "Right now we don't look exactly alike," she said. "But we can soon fix that!"

"What are you saying? Wanda, what are you going to do?" Wilma curled in a defensive ball, frightened by the wild gleam in eyes that were usually exactly like hers.

Wanda grabbed Jack's thickest leather belt off a hook on the inside of the closet door. "This isn't metal, but I think it'll do."

"Wanda!" Wilma screamed then followed with a shrill cry of terror. Her twin sister looped the end of the belt through the thick buckle and came toward her swinging it like a noose. "Wwwhhhaaaa!" she cried when it tightened around her throat.

Wilma's hand flew up to fight the tightening loop, but her leering twin sister laughed at her feeble efforts and viciously jerked it tight.

"Don't fight it, you'll choke!" Wanda warned her struggling twin. Wanda lashed the free end of the belt to the frame at the head of the bed, pulling her gasping sister down flat on her back, Wanda tugged at the tangled knob leaving top little slack for Wilma to wiggle free.

"Now..." A fierce look of insane joy filled Wanda's darting, eyes. Wanda's lush body trembled anxiously. Jewel-bright beads of sweat burst over her body. "...that'll mark your neck. All you'll need then is a welt here and there!"

Wanda plucked another belt off the hook, thin and dark and shining bright Wilma gazed in horror at its evil gleam.

"Noooo!" Wilma cried, Wanda gazed at her reflection in the large mirror an the wall at the foot of the bed, carefully memorizing the pattern of raw welts. Then she spun around quickly, swinging the belt back over her head.

"Yyyyeeeaaow!" Wilma shrieked as the belt came slashing down. The biting sting made her gulp, cringing in fear, still tugging with both hands at the tight collar around her neck. She wailed, hit again even before she could catch her breath.

Wanda stood over her, eyes bright with a mad sense of power. She sensed now why Fred, Ralph and Jack all enjoyed the perverse pleasures of bondage, why it thrilled them to see a woman writhe in pain... to beg meekly, to whine and mumble and finally submit to the raging power of a demanding cock.

The shock of it all was the way sharp pain turned to intense pleasure. Wanda thought she understood that now too. Many women, like her twin Wilma, lived in a kind of mental bondage because of their puritanical upbringing. A mind conditioned to consider the joys of sex as somehow evil was more a slave than a body in chains.

But when helplessly tied, strapped or chained, the mind was set free. The body was free of blame for wanting, craving the hot strength of a raging cock. Even the bite of a whip brought pleasure in the form of punishment for having such obscene desires. Helpless, humiliated, and severely punished at the start, the body was then set loose from years of mental restraint.

Wanda smiled and struck again with the whip like belt.

"Aaayyy!" Wilma cried, her lush body twisting as a long red welt matched the one on her twin who still leered with lewd delight as she coiled the lash. "Noooo!"

"Yessss!" Wanda lashed down again.

"Yeeeooow!" Wilma shrieked. Her hands that had clenched hard around the binding loop of leather at her neck opened with a jerk of shocking pain, spread wide and slid down her chest. She cupped her heaving tits and rolled two bulging hot nipples with her thumbs.

"Hhhhmmm," Wilma purred. Sparks of joy came faster then the spread of pain. Wilma's right hand moved down across the rapid rise and fall of her sleek belly dome to the rich thatch of curly cunt hair between her legs.

"Naughty girl!" Wanda hissed. She sounded just like their mother had years ago. "Naughty... naughty... NAUGHTY!"

Wanda swung the whip with all her strength.

Wilma whimpered. Her graceful fingers had found the damp nub of her swollen clit. Jolts of blinding delight completely blocked the sense of pain from her mind. But Wanda's taunting voice echoed, in a misty haze of joy. Naughty... naughty... NAUGHTY! Once when the two young twins were taking a bath together, they'd reached beneath the soapy water to fondle each other's cunts. They were both too young to fully understand, but not too young to feel the tingling delight that spread from their forbidden slits.

Their mother found them locked together, their legs intertwined, young hands groping and probing while they gasped in startled joy. She spanked them both, hard across the bottom and harder still across their guilty hands.

Wilma recalled it vividly, and the lesson had lingered all the years since. Now Wilma felt ready to shrug off the stern demands of prudish self denial. "Wanda..." she said with a moan. "Remember in the bath, how we felt our little twats?"

"I remember," Wanda said with a smile.

Shyly, Wilma went on, a warm blush coloring her cheeks: "We could do it again... no one will stop us not."

"Yes, we could..." Wanda had been thinking exactly that since she first picked up the leather belt. She let it slip from her hand and lay on the bed beside her trembling twin.

Timidly, Wilma moved her hand from the damp slit of her own twat to the snug dark hollow of her sister's cunt. "It's... it's exactly like mine."

"Hhhmmmmm, yes!" Wanda said, responding to the gentle stroking of her sister's hand. She reached across amid rolled Wilma's clit with spiral motions of her first finger.

Aaahhhh, Wilma gasped. "It feels better now than it did when we small."

"You've grown up," Wanda said, slowly increasing the speed and strength of her spiral strokes.

"I've grown up a lot," Wilma said. She stirred in the glowing warmth that spread from her eager cunt. "I-I never thought I could feel this way."

"You can feel even better," Wanda said. She drew back her hand and turned, dropping her head to Wilma's cunt.

Wanda's wet tongue rolled Wilma's clit exactly as her finger had done, but the feel of her mouth sent new wild shivers pulsing to Wilma's head.

"Oooh," Wilma gasped. "I love it! But-but I could never do anything like that to you."

"Yes, you can -- you don't have any choice."


Wanda's tongue swirled around Wilma's clit, fanning it with a wet heat like nothing she'd ever felt. Without missing one twisting tongue stroke, Wanda swung her slender legs astride her twin's chest, feeling the warmth of Wilma's breasts as she clamped her legs along her sides. Slowly, she lowered her drooling cunt slit toward Wilma's trembling lips.

"No!" Welma groaned. "No, I-I caa't."

Wilma turned her head and tried to squirm away from the dark, musky hole coming closer and closer to her lips. But with the belt drawn tight around her neck, Wilma could barely move.

"Aaaggghhh!" Wilma gasped. Wanda pressed her furry slit down on the side of Wilma's mouth. "Muummmph!" Now she could not escape the wet touch of strong-smelling cunt.

"Ooooh!" Wanda cried when she felt her sister's warm breath between her legs. She clamped her grip and squirmed down harder on Wilma's mouth.

Wilma gasped a moan of defeat her face locked in a fleshy vise. Wanda's cunt kept pressing on her lips.

"Yyyaaahhh!" Wilma cried, thrashing and squirming, exciting Wanda all the more. Her tongue danced on Wilma's juicy clit in an ever tightening spiral of lust.

Wilma's mouth begin to grind out a whine of protest, but the soft wet lips of her sister's cunt pressed down in an obscene kiss, closing in on her mouth.

"Aaayyh!" Wanda yelped. Wilma's grinding lips made her cunt seethe with suppressed desire. "EAT ME!" Wanda roared, raising her head to shout then plunging back hungrily on Wilma's cunt.

"Mmmunngh," Wilma said. Her ups pulsed, stung by the bitter sweet taste of cunt. Her tongue shot out, timidly at first -- then harder, twisting and swirling with excitement as she felt her twin sister squirm above her face.

The lapped and sucked each other with a furious hunger held back too long. Slurping sounds gushed from wet lips -- mouth against cunt, cunt against mouth. Two stabbing tongues spun and whirled like rotor blades, two gaping twats fringed with wet fur, slick and damp with smoldering desire.

Breathless, Wilma's mind ran back in time. "Miss Wilson, the gym teacher, wanted to eat my cunt once," she recalled.

Wanda chuckled as she slurped her sister's steaming juices. "You know why?"

"Noooo!" Wilma cried tensely. The sting of pleasure felt needle sharp. Twitches of joy kept her head pulling and jerking at the heavy belt around her neck. At least her hands were free. She reached to grab her sister's dangling tits. "Why?" she asked as she felt Wanda respond to her clinging grasp.

"She must have thought you were me. She sucked my cunt and licked my little clit almost every day."

Wilma nearly choked in horror. "Hey," Wanda said, pausing between hungry tongue lashes. "Women suck twat better then most men. I loved it... and I still do!"

With a grunt, Wanda pressed her pussy down on her twin's mouth and twisted her juicy slit against her quaking lips.

"Some men don't like the taste of cunt," Wanda said. "Others just can't suck worth shit. But a woman... she knows exactly what to do."

"Ooooh?" Wilma's moan had a doubtful sound.

"Just eat me like you want me to eat you."

"Ooooh!" Wilma attacked her twin's dripping cunt with swelling desire, showing her what she wanted done to herself.

As faithful and exact as a shadow, two faces, two twats ground together, each matching the other's moves.

"Fuck me!" Wilma cued. She could hardly believe the pleading howl came from her. "Fuck my cunt!" The passionate sucking and slurping had stirred desires deep in the cramped hole of her twat.

"I don't have a cock," Wanda reminded her, still hungry for the sultry taste of cunt.

"Aaaaggghhh!" Wilma cried, her body restless and twisted with newfound desire.

"I'll do what I can," Wanda said. Licking her sister's twat sauce from her lips, she spun around to face her throwing herself down on top of her.

"Hhhuuuugh!" Wilma gushed, welcoming the pressing weight and the warmth of Wanda's squirming flesh against her own.

Their twin cunt mounds clashed, grinding their fuzzy pink lips together, baring their identical clits. Wanda grunted and rocked her hips, thrusting just as though she had a giant prick between her shapely legs.

Their lusty, tongue-licked clits met head on, squishing in warm cunt honey. Wanda knew that Wilma was learning that much of a woman's pleasure come from grinding pressure on her clit.

Wanda rammed down on her twin with her tense little nub. Wilma bucked to meet her, screwing her hips and clamping her eyes tightly shut in the heat of obscene joy. Her mind still partly refused to believe what was happening, and she still could not fully accept the fact that it felt so fucking good.

"Aaaahhh!" Wilma moaned. "Oooohhh!"

Wanda pressed down with all her strength, gushing hot breath and tangling her hands in her sister's long hair. But no amount of furious cunt grinding could satisfy either one like a big cock. As that thought settled on them both, they began to hump and wail in aching frustration, both straining to reach a searing climax just out of their grasp.

So wild was their desire to obtain release, they completely lost track of time. Their two matching bodies twined and ground themselves together, delirious each time they felt their passions soar -- sadly frustrated when they could not reach the joyous peak of intense release.

Finally Wilma slumped, gasping and weak. "I just can't do it!" she moaned. "Oh, Wanda I wish you had a cock two feet long!"

"How about two cocks, each about a foot?" a rough voice suggested.

"What? Oh, God!" Wilma's head jerked up as far as the looped and knotted belt would allow.

Jack and Ralph both stood in the bedroom doorway, their big dicks swollen hard inside their handball shorts.

Jack grinned and began pulling off his shorts. "We ought to help them out," he said.

"Sure," Ralph quickly agreed, "but I can't tell which is your wife and which is mine."

Wilma started to say her name, but Wanda capped a strong hand over her sister's mouth. "Let them figure it out," she whispered slyly. The once shy twin nodded and grinned.

"I'll bet it's Wanda on top," Ralph said. "She was always the sexy one."

"But you said Wilma was really hot last night," Jack recalled.

"And you said Wanda was holding back like her sister would."

"Yeah -- in fact, for a while she even said she was Wilma."

The two men looked at each other, the light of discovery flashing in their eyes. "Do you suppose..." Ralph began.

"...that they pulled a switch like they did when they were kids?" Jack concluded.

Ralph stripped himself naked and stroked his long cock. "I guess we'll just have to fuck them both until we can figure out which witch is which."

"Yeah..." Jack said with a leering grin. "But that one on top might try to slip away."

"Let's tie her, too right where she is, one qon top of the other."

"Good!" Jack darted to the bed and grabbed Wanda's legs. Ralph ripped up the dumpy dress he found on the floor.

"I always wanted to tear this ugly thing up!" he said with a beaming grin.

Wilma jerked, trying to sit up, but the belt held her tight, and with Wanda on top of her, she could hardly move.

Ralph caught Wanda's hands and knotted strips of thick cloth around her wrists. Jack held her feet and tied them, trapping Wilma helplessly beneath Wanda.

The two women writhed as one, grinding their dripping clits together, mashing breast to breast until their nipples burned.

"Who goes first?" Ralph asked.

"Let's flip a coin..." Jack said.


Jack found a coin on the dresser and flipped it. Tied spread-eagled on top of her twin Wilma, Wanda could not see, but Wilma's eyes followed the path of the coin up... then down.

"Tails!" Ralph called at the peak of its flight.

"Tails, it is," Jack said.

"I win -- I'm first." Then Ralph paused, and his handsome face was split with a grin. "No, wait. I called tails... I get tails, that pretty little ass that's almost begging for my hot cock. You had heads... you get heads, both of them if you want."

"Uuuungh," Wilma grunted, her body pressed down by the weight of her sister tied so securely on top of her.

The men laughed uproariously, their bodies gleaming with the sweat of excitement. Wilma watched over her sister's shoulder as her husband approached from the foot of the bed. Her eyes bulged. She'd never seen his cock so long, hard and throbbing with aching joy, Wilma cringed, writhing her clit Wanda's above. "Ralph!" she cried. "Oh, Ralph... I want it!"

Ralph leaned down and rubbed the quivering lips of Wanda's upraised ass. Wilma felt Wanda twitch, pushing down, harder, grinding their two cunts in a heated embrace.

Wanda gulped, watching Jack kneel at the head of the bed, his beautiful cock straining long and hard only inches from her lips.

"I want it!" Wanda begged. "Please, let me suck your big dick -- yeeeeooaow!"

Ralph screwed into Wanda's ass without warning. Wanda's eyes bugged with surprise, her lips churning with mumbled sounds of sudden pain. At the same time, she watched her husband bow down right before her eyes and slide his thick cock into her twin sister's babbling lips.

"Uuuummmm," Wilma said, sucking in her breath in surprise, writhing under the weight of Wanda and Ralph on top of her.

Ralph wasted no time in the clinging shit hole that might be his wife's, or her twin sister's. He couldn't tell. He didn't care her asshole was warm, soft and deep, and that was all that mattered. He fucked Wanda's ass with a frenzy of wild joy.

For Wanda it was all a new and utterly insane sensation. She felt the soft warmth of her sister's body writhing beneath her, cunt to cunt in grinding ecstasy. Right in front of her eyes, she watched her husband's cock lance in and out of her sister's mouth. And Wilma, who only a short time before would have choked rather than suck a man's cock... she was happily sucking and moaning to get more.

In her ass, Wanda felt the urgent throbbing of Ralph's big cock. Tremors of wild passion pulsed hot in her dark tube. Ralph felt Wanda's tense ass constrictions and he wailed with eye watering delight as he hammered his long dick in and out.

"This must be Wilma," Ralph said between strokes. "Unngh! Feels just like the ass I had last night."

"But the ass you had last night could have been Wanda," Jack said.

"Right -- I won't know until I've fucked both!"

I'm Wilma, Wilma wanted to scream, but with the meat of Jack's big cock plugging her throat, "Yumm-wummma," was all she got out. She felt a hot swelling of disgust, knowing... almost being able to feel... her own husband was happily fucking her twin sister's ass.

Wanda also felt a writhing discontent. One-on-one, she'd come to enjoy the frantic pleasures of restraint, but now bound atop her squirming twin, their two husbands humping without knowing which was which... or caring... she felt trapped and used like a helpless rat in a laboratory cage.

If only she could get her hands free, curve her slender fingers on Jack's balls, then he'd know. Her sly, ball-teasing strokes were something Wilma had yet to learn. But Wanda couldn't move her arms even an inch without feeling the cruel tug of twisted cloth binding her wrists.

"Bastard!" Wanda cried at her husband Jack. "Let me suck your stinking prick... then you'll know who's who. My mouth is slick and hot, and my throat is deep and tight!"

"Wwwwwhhhaaaa?" Wilma, gulped as Jack jerked his throbbing cock from her mouth and jammed it between Wanda's begging lips without missing a beat.

Wanda groaned, sucking madly on his thick shaft, massaging the quaking cum pipe with her darting tongue. With one hot prick reaming her throat and another drumming steadily in and out of her ass, Wanda felt a moment of near total delight.

But Ralph drew back, pulling his cock from her writhing ass just as her passions were beginning to soar. He slanted his prick down and rammed it into Wilma's juicy cunt.

"Aaah!" Wilma moaned, her cunt muscles squeezing in a riot of joy. Wilma bucked so violently that if Wanda had not been firmly tied down, she'd have been tossed off on the floor, and Jack along with her, dragged by the cock gripped so firmly in Wanda's sucking lips.

"Ungh!" Ralph said with a grunt of frustrated desire. The writhing ass bound between him and the pussy below kept him from driving in more than half of his long prick. And he still had no idea which was his wife. He almost crushed the breath out of Wanda by driving into Wilma's seething cunt.

"Whaaaa!" Wanda howled gushing a jet of hot breath up the heaving tube of Jack's long cock.

"Yeceoooow!" Jack jerked back in delighted shock. He could feel his balls swelling like they might explode, not just from the steaming pressure of cumn swirling inside, but from the searing blast shot into his dick each time Ralph rammed his cock into Wilma's pussy.

The two women cried sing-song wails of joy. Ralph's savage thrusting ground their two clits together harder than before. Honey from Wanda's cunt dripped into the spread lips of Wilma's. Wilma's cunt twitched, trying to get a better grip on Ralph's hammering cock head.

"It's no use this way," Ralph said, squinting intently as he fucked half his dick into the bucking, double-wet twat. "I can't tell which is which."

"Neither can I," Jack said with a groan. "But there's another way we might find out."

"Whaaat's that?" Ralph's dick root ached for the wet grip of cunt. Instead he felt the crack of a writhing ass wedged firmly against his shaft.

From his position at the head of the bed, Jack could see the belt on the floor. "Beat it out of them!" he suggested with a savage grunt.

"I'd rather -- unnngh! -- beat it in!" Ralph exclaimed. He felt the surging power of jism boiling in his nuts. "Eh, going to cuuuum!" Ralph moaned, wishing he could have it until he got his big dick was jammed all the way in.

"Mmmmmmeeee too!" Jack said. His aching nuts couldn't stand another stinging moment of Wanda's hot cock-sucking.

Wanda sucked harder on her husband's cock, pulling as she wiggled the crack of her ass back to squeeze the root of Ralph's hot dick as he fucked into Wilma below.

As their two lust-crazed cunts grated together, both women screamed in sheer delight. Wanda's shrill cry came out muffled because of the prick steaming in the wet grip of her throat. The force of her passionate wail hissed into Jack's cock and triggered the hot charge swelling in his balls.

"YYYYYAAAAH!!" Jack cried when he felt a thick spurt shoot through the full length of his cock.

"UUUUMMMM!" Wanda eagerly sucked his cum, lashing his prick with her tongue.

Wilma arched her back, twisting and moaning tense cries of delight as Ralph's cock fired its first blast. She could feel the cream spray the walls of her tight cunt and seep to the depths he'd been trying to reach.

For two long minutes, both cocks spit rushing surges of delight. The two bound sisters trembled, grinding their clits together in furious strokes of sheer delight. With her mouth jammed full of spurting cock, Wanda's choked-off cries sounded like a watery echo of Wilma's intense joy.

Jack hardly paused for breath. When Wanda's sucking ups had drained and swallowed his last drop, he rocked back and pulled his dripping cock from her sealed lips that released it with a "pop".

"Untie that bitch on top," Jack said. "The one with cum dripping down her chin."

Ralph moved in a daze, still quaking from the thrill of fucking cunt while an anxious ass ground hotly on the exposed root of his long shaft.

"What now?" Ralph asked when he'd freed the knots at the four corners of the bed.

"Stand them up," Jack said. "Tie them back to back so we can see both faces..."

"And both cunts," Ralph added with a grin.

Jack had the belt in his hand, swaying like a snake about to strike.

"No!" the twins cried as one.

Ralph took the belt off Wilma's neck, not knowing for certain that it was her. He did catch a look of desperate pleading in her eyes but then he saw the same look on the other side as he bound the twins by their wrists and ankles back to back. A belt flicked restlessly in his right hand.

"Game's over!" Jack said. "Which of you is my fucking wife?"

Both mouths trembled, but neither woman could say anything. They were too weak from the thrill of orgasm, and they quaked with fear of hissing leather belts.

"You, cock-breath -- the one with cum smeared all over your chin... you must be Wilma, because Wanda never gave me a blow job as good as what I just got."

"No!" Wilma blurted out. The force of her cry sent dribbles of jizz dripping down her leg. She shook with fear, wishing desperately that she'd never started this crazy game of pretending to be her twin. "I'm Wilma!"

"No, I am!" Wanda insisted. She yearned to know how far the two men would go.

Ralph's eyes blazed and he lashed out with the belt in his right hand. The biting strap hit Wilma just above her gleaming cunt hair and raised a stinging welt.

Wilma yelped a tortured cry and staggered back, thrusting Wanda nearer to Jack and the hissing slash of his long belt.

The heated glare in Jack's narrow eyes chilled Wanda with fear. She knew the teasing game had gone on too long.

Ralph lashed out again, unleashing all the power of his frustration... hoping the sharp crack of heavy leather echoed off the heaving tits of the wife who had denied him for so long.

But it was Wanda whose nipples felt the ripping pain. In their frantic stumbling, the twins tied back to back had turned. Her tongue shot out as she wailed, red and slick with cum cream.

Jack flailed at Wilma's dripping slit, hoping it was his wife's. "Bitch!" he snarled. "Giving me that shit about spreading your legs for some fucking truck driver!"

Wanda cried from the other side: "Fuck you! You have that cute little cunt at work..."

Ralph grinned coldly and swung the thick lash again. He thought it must be Wilma talking about the bank teller he'd been fucking. "Sure I do -- your fucking cunt was so Goddamned cold!"

"Was cold!" Wilma cried. "I want your cock now... oh, please. Fuck me, don't hit me again!"

"Yes, fuck me!" Wanda pleaded. The spreading pain brought fresh waves of desire up from the depths of her cunt.

Both belts flew at once. Two sharp cracks snapped as one, dark leather biting into sweat-gleamed flesh.

The twins wailed.

"I still can't tell," Jack said with a leering grin. The twins kept twisting around, their faces twisted into grimaces of pain.

"I don't give a shit any more," Ralph said. "They both look good to me!" The thrill of violence and the satisfaction of revenge had swelled his cock with fresh desire.

"Then you can fuck them both," Jack said. "I'm going to see that little invoice clerk with the big, beautiful boobs."

Ralph's look changed to one of sudden warmth. "And I think I'd rather fuck that little red-haired teller than either one of them."

"You bastards!" Wanda screamed. "I've never fucked a redhead before," Jack said. "Is her cunt hair red too?"

"Like fire!" Ralph said.

"God damn..." Envy tinged Jack's voice. Ralph smiled. "Let's leave these bitches tied up here, and get the others together at my place. That way we can switch off, I've never fucked a nice young blonde..."

"Great!" Jack quickly agreed. "And then we'll have no trouble telling apart!"

Wilma moaned a sigh of aching frustration when the two men had left the room. Wanda echoed the sound, her body wild with lusty need.

"I think we've just been beaten at our own game," Wanda said.

Tears trickled from Wilma's narrow eyes. "And it's all your damn fault!"

"Mine? Fuck off, sister dear -- it was your idea to switch. You were so hot to impress that kinky boss of yours."

"Oh, God... didn't you say he was expecting me back tonight?"

"Yeah, for a special little party with some friends of his."

"I'm going!" Wilma decided. "My cunt is hot, and Ralph doesn't want it. I know Fred James does."

"Hey, it's my cunt he likes," Wanda reminded her.

"Then we'll both go like you said before. We'll dress alike and drive him crazy." Wilma smiled.

"How are we going to dress alike? My clothes are nothing like yours. I wouldn't be caught dead in the dumpy shit you wear."

"Used to wear," Wilma said. "First thing Monday, I'm getting some sexy clothes... I'll show that fucking Ralph and his little red fox!"

Wanda could hardly believe how her twin sister had changed. Then she laughed, tugging at the knots binding them together. "There is one way we can go looking alike," she said as she wiggled one arm free.

"How's that?" Wilma asked, rubbing her wrist. "Like we are now... stark naked!"

Fred James had been sipping brandy with his friends. When he answered a bold knock at the door, he thought for a moment that he'd had too much to drink. He was seeing double.

"Wilma?" he said, rubbing his startled eyes. "My God, I still see two of you!"

"We're twins. Identical twins!"

"It -- I can see that." He breathed a gasp of unexpected pleasure, eyes darting from one naked beauty to the other. "Come in come in. I want you to meet my friends."

"Oh, my God!" Wilma almost fainted when she saw the other men. She whispered urgently behind a cupped hand, "Wanda, that dark-haired man in the corner -- he's... he's the president of the bank where Ralph works!"

Wanda gasped. "The one next to him owns the plant where Jack works!"

"Strange that you should mention Ralph and Jack," Fred said with a sly smile. "They're in the next room the dungeon... with a pretty little redhead and a blonde who has the best tits I've ever seen. And they are so excited about being asked to join our exclusive club, they came in babbling about not being able to tell them apart..."

"Those bastards!" Wilma hissed sharply. "They knew all along!"

Wanda, nodded and whispered: "We've been fucked... in more ways than one."

"And I have the feeling we're going to get fucked again," Wilma said in a trembling soft whisper.

Fred James held a long braided leather whip, as black and cold as the gleam in his eyes.

The bank president held a heavy set of chains that clanked as he excitedly stripped off his clothes. The factory owner held a matching set, and he leered with an evil grin.

A muffled scream filtered into the room, a female voice tense with shrilling pain. A lusty, grunting laugh followed, a man's roar of lewd delight.

"That's Ralph's voice!" Wilma gasped.

"No, I think it's Jack..."

"They're both learning," Fred interrupted, flicking the long black lash lazily along the floor.

His two friends circled the naked twins, chains rattling like the nervous chatter of Wilma's teeth.

Wanda stood calmly, her lush body tense with desire. The bank president had a stubby thick cock that lunged from a thick tangle of crotch hair, his cock head gleaming.

Wilma cringed her eyes locked an the factory owner's long dick. His prick swayed stiffly, thin and hard as a steel rod. Thick metal cuffs dangled at the ends of the chain, open and clanking like iron jaws.

"No!" Wilma screamed, hit across the tits by the unseen whip. Her nipples swelled, throbbing with sharp pain.

Wanda got one hand up in time to partially block the next blurring strike of the whip. It coiled snake-like around her arm, winding its way toward her, wrist.

Fred tugged, yacking Wanda forward, dragging her down to her knees.

"Oh, God!" Wilma cried, eyes wide with fear and gazing blankly.

"Oooooh, good," Wanda said, shivering expectantly.

In torment, the twins were not yet exactly alike. At that moment, Ralph and Jack could have easily seen which was which... but they were both too busy to care. A strange world of new and exciting delights awaited them all.


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