More than kissing cousins

It was Henry David Thoreau, in Walden, who remarked, "The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation." This statement appears to be just as true today as it was then. Perhaps it is even more valid today considering the pressures and frequent monotony of today's world.

The majority of today's men and women live in boring circumstances, and when the opportunity for change arises, they are often quick to seize the chance. For the characters in this story, the opportunity is one which many would consider perverse and deranged for it is one of incest. But it provides a release and a need. All morals and scruples are cast aside in a moment of madness -- a chance to grab pleasure before it is taken away.

MORE THAN KISSING COUSINS -- a novel about the quiet desperation in so many of us -- and the extremes to which it may drive us.


While getting ready for bed in her dressing room, Della Ward was studying her naked body in the full-length mirror, looking forward to the lusty fuck she expected from her husband tonight. Staring at her reflection, Della saw a beautiful oval-shaped face crowned with a head of raven-black hair that fell softly down over her exquisite naked shoulders. The large gray eyes stared back at her with an exciting glow that would have warmed the heart of any man. Her firm flawless tits had absolutely no sag, and though she was thirty-five years old, her tits would have been the envy of any teenager. Della's gaze passed down over her flat tummy to the shimmering triangle of dark pussy hair that surrounded the juicy pink cunt that so many of her lovers had enjoyed over the years.

Della and her husband, Lorne, had always had a very open marriage. Though they had a fantastic sex life together, they were both free to have as many extramarital affairs as they wished. This freedom of living had even been extended to their beautiful daughter, Misty. Della had encouraged her husband to pop the redhead's cherry when she was old enough, and now the girl enjoyed a lusty sex life with her father as well as with most of the boys she knew.

Finally turning away from the mirror, Della slipped into a filmy negligee and walked into the other room where her husband was waiting for her in bed.

"Hi, honey," she whispered, looking down at the handsome man. "Am I gonna get some nice hard cock tonight?"

"You sure are," answered Lorne as his wife dropped her negligee, revealing her naked body.

Staring at the glistening drops of pussy juice oozing from between her lust-swollen cuntlips, he could tell that Della was really hot to fuck. The sight of her pretty hair-fringed cunt slit brought his cock to a throbbing hard-on.

"I'm sure ready, baby." He smiled, throwing back the covers, revealing the hardness of his stiff prick to her. "You're really going to get it tonight."

When Della slipped into bed with him, Lorne drew her gently into his arms. The heat of her soft flesh against him made his cock jerk violently against her bare belly.

"God, it feels big tonight," she whispered, pressing her naked body even tighter against his.

Gently cupping the hot flesh of her firm tits, he could feel her erect nipples burning in his palms.

"God, I'm horny tonight," she whispered. "I just want to be fucked to death."

Taking her hand, he pressed it down against his throbbing prick where Della could feel his big blood-bloated cockhead nosing wetly in her palm as she began tenderly squeezing the deliciously hard prick-knob.

"Oh, sweet baby," she whispered, rubbing the head of his cock against her warm bare tummy. "You're so nice and hard."

Lorne moved his hands softly over her bare tits, feeling her erect nipples burning with excitement. Listening to his wife's heavy breathing, he reached down and began lightly caressing the soft pliant flesh between her inner thighs.

"Oh, Lorne, baby," she panted as the tip of his finger touched the hot wetness of her creaming cunt slit. "I love you so much."

The hot juicy feel of her cunt suddenly made him think about his daughter's sweet tasty pussy. It had been almost ten days since he had last fucked Misty, and he could almost envision his finger teasing the coral-tinted flesh of the cute girl's twitching cunt. Thinking about his hot red-headed daughter, Lorne was getting more and more aroused.

Shuddering with desire, Della arched her hips up when his finger slipped up through her juicy cunt opening. It was heaven to feel his thick middle finger worming up through the sensitive inner flesh of her quivering fuckhole.

Lorne couldn't understand why his cute daughter was on his mind so much tonight, but he could vividly picture his finger fucking into Misty's hot pussy. He could almost imagine that it was the cute redhead's slippery cuntlips sucking on his deeply embedded finger.

Della was almost beside herself with excitement. She couldn't remember when Lorne had ever been more passionate, and she was helplessly writhing in pure ecstasy. Arching her hips up, she felt his finger sink up to the palm in her slippery cunt slit as she ground her steaming pussy against his hand. She began trembling with rapture when he slowly withdrew his finger and gently rubbed the tip against the swollen head of her clit.

"Oh, God, that feels good!" she rasped, wrapping her fingers around his big stiff prick, sliding his thick foreskin up and down over his throbbing pole of tingling cock flesh. "It feels so fucking good."

While frantically stroking and squeezing his throbbing prick, Della could feel the hot fuck fluid oozing out from the tip of his big bloated cockhead. Her fingers drenched with the secretion, she began spreading it up and down the entire length of his prickshaft until his cock was glistening with the slippery fuck fluid.

Crazed with lust, Lorne pressed his lips against her hot open mouth, swirling his tongue sensuously around hers. He was again reminded of Misty's baby-soft lips, and he could almost see his cute daughter's bright eyes glowing up at him.

Completely aroused, Lorne lowered his mouth and sucked one of his wife's big juicy nipples between his lips. Grasping Della's shoulders, he rolled the beautiful woman onto her back and crawled up between her legs, pressing his hard body against her soft warm flesh.

Della was almost out of her mind with excitement. Her husband's feverish passion tonight was pure heaven to the horny woman. She couldn't remember when she'd ever seen him so completely aroused. The feel of his big bloated boner burning against her naked flesh was driving her wild.

Lorne loved the way his lovely wife was writhing beneath him as her talented fingers expertly stroked his lurching cock. His nostrils were filled with the fresh scent of her shimmering dark hair.

Feverishly clutching his big wet cockshaft, Della guided the bulging head of his prick toward her steaming cunt slit. She was trembling with anticipation as his cock moved closer and closer to her juice-drenched cunt. She couldn't wait much longer for what she knew was going to be a fantastic fuck.

Reaching down and cupping her soft asscheeks in his hands, Lorne drew her hot, slippery pussy up towards his slowly advancing fuck-rod. A delicious shudder racked his body when his big sensitive cockhead probed against the slippery opening of her trembling pussy. He couldn't remember ever being so sexually aroused in his life.

Mewling beneath him, Della opened her thighs even wider and snaked her shapely bare legs around his body, offering up the full slippery length of her hot open cunt slit for his penetration.

"Do it, darling," she pleaded, writhing her cunt up against him. "Slam it in, honey. For Christ's sake, fuck me!"

Frantically clutching at his ass, she drew him towards her, feeling his stiff prick moving in through the scalding mouth of her cunt. God, how she wanted that big thick beauty buried deep in her smoldering pussy!

Feeling his cock slipping into his wife's hot sucking cunt, he was almost beside himself with ecstasy. When his purple cockhead had slipped through the hot juicy lips of her steaming pussy, he gave a mighty lunge, fucking his prick deep into her trembling belly with one savage thrust.

"Aaaaaggghhh!" she gasped with rapture as his big throbbing cock fucked up through her sensitive cunt flesh.

Grasping his asscheeks even tighter, Della arched her hips and drew him farther into her lust-crazed body. She let out a soft moan of rapture when she felt his bloated prick-knob pressing against her womb while his massive balls nestled in the soft wide crevice of her ass. She couldn't remember his cock ever feeling this big and hard. Even, during those glorious days of college, when all they did was fuck each other silly, his big prick had never filled her as completely as tonight.

As he lay perfectly still over his wife's writhing body, his throbbing cock was tingling with ecstasy. Looking at her, he could see her long dark hair cascading over the pillow as her soft parted lips smiled up at him. He thrilled to the feel of her big lush tits squishing under his chest. Her scalding pussy sucked and squeezed at the base of his deeply embedded cock.

"Oh, darling," whispered Della, relishing the feel of her husband's rock-hard cockshaft buried deeply in her hungry, clasping cunt. "Your cock's never felt so fuckin' big and hard as it does tonight."

Starting slowly at first, Lorne began fucking his super-hard prick in and out of her hot, slippery fuckhole. The soft flesh and ridges of her cunt walls rubbed deliciously against his sensitive prick, sending electric charges racing through his madly aroused body. Fucking his cock in and out at a steady rhythm, a stream of hot pussy juice was dribbling out of her grasping cunt slit, saturating her creamy soft ass.

"Oh, sweet darling, Lorne," sobbed his wife. "You feel so fuckin' good in me."

With her mouth hanging open and her dark hair flailing around her beautiful face, Della thrust her hips up to meet every thrust of his fucking prick. Never had the woman enjoyed a fuck as much as this one. His big thick boner was carrying her to heights of ecstasy that were beyond her imagination. Each thrust of his super-hard cock was lifting her ass from the bed. Even during those college days when he'd knocked her up with Misty, he'd never fucked her as thoroughly as he was fucking her tonight. He'd always been a fantastic fuck mate, but the way he was fucking her tonight was almost unbelievable. Her head was spinning crazily as she listened to the deliciously obscene sound of his thick meaty prick fucking into her juicy hot cunt.

"Oh, sweet baby," she whispered, covering his lips with her hot open mouth. "This is fantastic. Christ, how you can fuck!"

Clinging passionately to him as his big cock continued fucking her hot sucking cunt, Della was almost out of her mind with ecstasy. Scissoring her shapely legs more tightly around his body, she ground her scalding pussy up around the thick base of his fucking prickshaft, trying to suck even more of his prick into her cock-crazed belly.

"Oh, sweet, sweet darling," she sobbed, completely carried away by the intense pleasure he was giving her.

Lorne could feel her lurching beneath him and could tell that she would soon be reaching her climax. His hot-assed wife had always been a wild fuck, but he'd never seen her fuck like she was fucking tonight. He realized that with her insatiable hunger for sex, she never seemed to get enough, but tonight she was fucking with a wild passion that he'd never seen before.

Fucking his stiff prick in and out through the slippery hotness of her smoldering cunt, he was soon drilling into her pussy like a wild stallion. He was acutely aware of her shapely naked legs wrapped around him as he lustily fucked his hard cock into her heavenly fuckhole. Lorne could see her big gray eyes smiling up at him as he filled her cunt with his thick meaty boner. He thrilled to the sight of her oversized tits jiggling up and down beneath him as they wildly bounced together on the bed.

"Oh, fuck, honey!" she screamed, "This is so shittin' good!"

Husband and wife continued pounding their slippery wet bodies together. Lorne could feel Della's hard nipples burning against his chest.

The highly aroused couple fucked their way toward an inevitable climax as his juice slickened cock violently tore into her hotly grasping cunt.

"Jesus Christ, darling!" she screamed. "I love it! I love it! Holy shit, what a fuck!"

Rearing back, Lorne began fucking his cockshaft into her pussy with a renewed fury. The room was filled with the loud sound of wet flesh slapping noisily against wet flesh. A stream of perspiration was running down between the crack of her ass as they fucked on and on.

The way she was frantically grasping him in her arms and gripping him with her ankles and thighs, he could tell her orgasm was rapidly approaching. Listening to the way Della was sobbing and moaning beneath him, Lorne knew it wouldn't be long now.

"Oh, God, honey!" she squealed as he fucked harder and deeper into her overheated body. "Fuck me good, darling! Fuck me good!"

Her cries suddenly reminded him of the way his cute red-headed daughter always screamed when he fucked his lusty cock into her teenaged cunt. The girl usually lost her mind with ecstasy as his big prick fucked into the depths of her fuckhole. He could vividly see the adorable girl waving her shapely legs in the air when he fucked his cock into her sweet teen-aged cunt.

Thinking about fucking Misty, he began fucking harder into his wife's lurching cunt.

"Oh, yes, baby!" she squealed. "That's it! Fuck it good, honey!"

In all their married life, Della had never experienced such a fantastic fuck from her virile husband. She suddenly wondered how her little daughter had been able to take so much hard cock into her body.

"Drill me, baby! Drill me!" she screamed on the verge of hysteria. "Fill me with hot cum, honey! Oh, fuck... fuck... fuck!"

On and on he fucked into her as the room echoed to the slapping of wet flesh against wet flesh and the sobs and moans of the lewdly coupled pair. The speed of his thrusts increased. Lorne urgently wanted to unload his hot jizz into her writhing belly.

"Oh, my God!" she screamed from beneath him. "That's the way, honey!"

Della had thoroughly enjoyed every second of this cunt-filling fuck, but it was getting better with every thrust. The intense cestasy in her passion-slickened pussy was almost more than she could tolerate.

"Oh, shit!" she screamed, suddenly shuddering and stiffening in his arms. "I'm coming! I'm coming!"

Pulling her knees back and throwing her legs up over his shoulders, she offered the entire juicy length of her cunt slit for their enjoyment. Her loins were writhing wildly beneath him as the intensity of her climax increased.

With her beautiful mouth hanging slackly open and her long dark hair flailing wildly around her lovely face, Della rolled her eyes back, staring blindly at the spinning ceiling.

Slamming her cunt up around the thick length of his fucking prick, she welded herself to him with her squeezing thighs, her belly jerking spasmodically against his. As the intense orgasm ebbed, she collapsed back on the bed, her pulsing cunt still clinging tightly to his deeply embedded cock.

The lust crazed man still fucked his hard prick in and out of her fuckhole, anxious to explode a stream of cum into his beautiful wife's pussy. Arching up to release his hot load into her belly, Lorne further increased the tempo of his wild thrusts.

"God, that was wonderful," she panted, slowly opening her eyes.

"Hang on," he gasped. "It's not over yet."

"Oh, sweet Jesus," she whimpered. "Didn't you come?"

"Not yet," he panted, still fucking his thick prick into her cunt. "But I'm almost there."

On and on he fucked, lifting her hot ass off the bed with every thrust. The friction of his hard fucking prick was rapidly carrying Della toward another climax.

"Oh, God!" she shrieked. "I'm gonna do it again... do it again!"

"Aaaaagggghhhh!" he roared, giving a final wild thrust as the white-hot cum exploded out from the head of his cock.

"Oh, Lorne!" squealed the woman, feeling his scalding jizz jetting into her writhing pussy. "I'm coming again, honey! I'm coming again!"

A few minutes later, when they had both recovered from their wild climaxes, Della turned to her husband. "Darling," she whispered to him. "I won't be home tomorrow night."

"Where are you going?" asked Lorne.

"Dan Parker called me this morning," she explained. "And he'll be in town tomorrow, so I promised to spend the night with him in his hotel."

"We can't disappoint old Dan," laughed Lorne. "So you two run along and have a good time, and I'll take Misty to bed with me."

"That's a good idea," Della beamed. "You haven't screwed her for at least ten days."

"I know." Lorne smiled, thinking how much he'd like to fuck his cute daughter again.


Misty was thrilled the next evening when her dad told her she could sleep with him because her mother was spending the night away from home. The cute girl was thrilled about it, and shortly after her mom left the house, she hurried upstairs and hopped into her father's bed.

Moments later, Lorne went up to the bedroom to join his darling daughter.

"Hi..." She grinned, throwing back the covers to reveal her naked body to him. "Do you see anything here you want?"

Not bothering to answer, Lorne quickly removed his clothes and crawled into bed with her.

"Now," she whispered, wrapping her soft cool fingers around, his wildly throbbing boner, "you just relax and let me take good care of you."

Happy that her mother had left them alone for the night, Misty began tenderly stroking his hard meat, wanting to bring him as much pleasure as possible. The cute redhead was in an extremely horny mood as she watched his eyes close and his facial muscles relax. Looking at the complete bliss on his face, she smiled to herself, happy to be alone with her handsome dad.

"Does it feel good, Daddy?" she whispered, feeling his body starting to jerk under her lewd caresses.

"God, yes," he sighed, not bothering to open his eyes. "It feels wonderful."

She was aware of how much pleasure she was giving the man. She could feel hot fuck juices starting to leak out from between her horny legs. The feel of his hard cock throbbing in her hand as she slid his foreskin up and down was getting, her wildly aroused. While looking at the expression of joy on his handsome face, she was thrilled that she was able to give him plenty of love tonight.

Feeling the fires smoldering in her hot cunt, Misty leaned down and gently ran her warm moist tongue over the tip of his cock.

"Jesus." He smiled, still not opening his eyes. "You're such a sweet darling."

"Are you enjoying this?" she whispered, licking his sensitive cockhead more vigorously.

"Shit, yes," he moaned, feeling her hot, wet tongue swirling around the underside of his swollen prick-knob.

Slowly opening his eyes, Lorne stared excitedly at his daughter's firm tits with the big goose-bumpy nipples distending out from them. There was something about her beautifully formed tits that always turned him on.

"God, Misty," he whispered, "you sure have nice boobs."

"Thanks, Daddy," she softly smiled as her warm wet tongue traveled up and down the twitching length of his thick cock. "Why don't you play with them?"

A delicious tingle raced through her body when he reached out and began gently squeezing her big hard nipples with his fingers. It was so wonderful to have her naked dad in bed where they could enjoy each other's body.

"Mmmmmm," she gently purred against his prick, thrilled with the taste and texture of his boner as her tongue teased all around his prick.

"Jesus Christ!" he moaned. "That feels so shittin' good!"

"I'm glad." The pretty redhead grinned. "Because I want you to shoot a nice big load into my mouth."

"Don't worry," he panted. "You're really gonna get a big batch."

The beautiful girl was anxious to have him come in her mouth before they started fucking because she wanted their fuck to last a long, longtime.

From the way his hands were clawing at her tits, Misty realized her dad was nearing his climax. Anxious to taste his bubbling cum, she began taking his wonderful cock deeper and deeper into her bobbing mouth.

"Jesus!" he panted, his breath coming in short hot gasps. "That feels so good! Oooooh, so good... so good!"

The big muscular man was frantically writhing on the bed, involuntarily thrusting his hips up, fucking his thick, cock deeper into his beautiful daughter's throat. He'd always enjoyed her blow-jobs, but none had given him the incredible pleasure he was feeling tonight.

"Oh, honey!" he groaned, writhing his hips up from the bed. "Holy shit, is this good!"

Lorne was no longer aware of anything except the wildly delicious sensations that were streaking up and down his naked prick.

"Oh, Christ!" he roared, giving a violent lurch as his bloated cockhead exploded a torrent of boiling cum into the horny girl's passionately sucking mouth. Feeling cum splattering against the back of her throat, the girl continued sucking and swallowing until she'd drawn the last delicious drop out of his squirting prick.

"Shit, that was neat," he whispered, burying his face into the fragrantly scented valley between her firm tits.

"Good." She smiled, toying with his wet prick that had lost very little of its original rigidity. "Because we're gonna have a lot more fun."

Taking his hand, she teasingly inserted his finger into her slippery pussy. She could see his hard, up-standing cock quivering with excitement as the velvety softness of her creamy slit closed warmly around his finger.

"Now isn't that worth fucking?" she whispered in a low teasing voice. "Don't you just love to get your rocks off in there?"

"God, yes." He grinned, as his thick middle finger excitedly explored the moist slickness of her hot fuckhole.

"Now am I gonna get a nice hard fuck?" she crooned, gently stroking his throbbing hard-on with the lightness of a feather.

"Yes, darling," he gasped, anxious to stuff his prick into her juicy fuckhole again.

Wanting to give him a real wild fuck tonight, she faced him and straddled his loins on her knees, her leaking cunt slit hovering just above his big shiny cockhead. Grasping the base of his prickshaft, she pointed the head of his cock up toward her delicious moist pussy.

Spread out on his back as his pretty daughter squatted over his loins, Lorne could see the pink inner flesh between the soft slippery lips of her open pussy. He stared excitedly at the wispy curls of red hair around the cute cunt slit that was nestled so delightfully between her thighs.

"Ready, Daddy?" she whispered, slowly lowering her juicy cunt down toward his quivering cock-knob.

"Jesus, yes!" he gulped, his eyes focused on the slippery juicy flesh between her open cuntlips.

Lorne could feel his heart pounding wildly in his throat as the hot moistness of her steaming pussy hole brushed against the sensitive tip of his prick. Excitedly watching as his beautiful daughter continued, lowering herself, he saw her slippery cuntlips slowly part as they slid down over his hard cock-knob. The moist heat of her sweet fuckhole almost blew his mind as he watched the head of his prick disappear into her cunt.

"Oh, shit!" he gasped with joy when Misty suddenly plunged down, taking the entire length of his cock into the scalding depths of her pussy slit. The joy he felt as his tingling prickshaft fucked up through the tightness of her hot flesh was enough to blow his mind.

Now, with her father's hard cock completely buried in her hot sucking pussy, Misty began slowly rotating her hips, grinding his thick boner around and around in her tight fuckhole. It was heavenly how his big cock completely filled her, the head of his prick nudging against the very end of her cunt as the thickness stretched her cunt walls. It was fantastic to feel his hard cock meat stuffed up between her legs.

Continuing to rotate her hips, Misty could feel his rigid cock rubbing against every burning nerve end in her tight fuck-channel. The horny girl was more than pleased to see the rapture on his handsome face, knowing that she was able to bring him such intense enjoyment.

Finally stopping her slow rotating action, the wildly aroused girl began fucking her tight slippery cunt slit up and down over his hard boner.

"Oh, shit!" panted Lorne, feeling his sensitive cock fucking in and out through the slick moistness of her hot cunt flesh. It was incredibly exciting for him to feel his naked prick fucking into his beautiful daughter's hot squeezing cunt. Staring down at her cock eating cunt slit, he could vividly see her grasping cuntlips sucking and pulling on his big sensitive prick-knob as they slithered up and down. He stared excitedly at the thick hot fuck cream oozing out from between her prick squeezing cuntlips, dripping down over his juice-slickened cockshaft to the bloated balls between his legs.

Looking up at her cute face with her long red hair swirling wildly around it and her soft moist lips parted in passion, Lorne couldn't get over how truly lovely the girl was. He was further intrigued by her flawless creamy skin as her firm tits danced obscenely to the tempo of her lurching body.

"Oh, Daddy!" she excitedly squealed, bouncing faster and faster, over his hard cock meat. "Isn't this fun? Aren't you glad you're fucking me, honey, aren't you?"

"Fuck, yes!" he panted. "Does it feel as good to you?"

"Yes! Yes!" she squealed in ecstasy. "You're driving me wild, you beautiful fucker!"

Completely carried away by the intense excitement, Lorne began thrusting his hips up to meet every downward plunge of the girls tight cunt.

"That's it, Daddy!" she squealed, on the verge of hysteria. "That's the way to fuck. Holy shit, what a cock!"

The wildly aroused girl could feel herself screaming toward an explosive climax as her father's hard boner continued fucking into her hot sucking pussy. It was jolting and pounding so deeply into her writhing belly that Misty thought she'd lose her mind from the intense joy she was feeling. Lorne's fucking prick was carrying her to new heights of unbelievable ecstasy. God, how she wished this fuck could last forever.

"Fuck, Daddy, fuck!" she squealed as their two naked bodies pounded wildly together. "Harder, honey, faster!"

As she began bouncing more rapidly, Lorne's juice-slickened prick fucked deeper and deeper into her seething fuckhole.

"Harder!" she screamed. "Harder, Daddy! Fuck me harder!"

With his hard cock meat still deeply buried in her cunt, Lorne suddenly rolled the girl over on her back.

"Oooooh, yes!" she squealed, wrapping her arms and legs around him. "Now fuck it to me, Daddy!"

His streaming boner fucked in and out of her sucking pussy. He could feel her big turgid nipples burning into his flesh as his bare chest rubbed back and forth over her hard tits.

"Oh, Daddy!" panted Misty. "Fuck me harder, honey! I'm almost there!"

Frantically increasing the speed of his thrusts, the lusty man felt that familiar sensation deep in his balls and knew he was rapidly approaching a wild climax. He wanted to hold back until Misty could come, but he didn't know how much longer he could control himself.

"Faster, honey, harder!" she cried, pulling her knees back almost to her shoulders, offering even more of her juicy cunt slit up to his fucking cock. "Faster! Harder!"

As he continued fucking his boner deeper and harder into her writhing cunt, Misty was fucking her cunt up wildly around his plunging prick. Moaning in ecstasy, the cute girl was arching her hips so violently that she was literally lifting both of them off the bed. She was opening and closing her thighs around him as he lustily fucked into her hot clasping pussy.

"Oh, yes! Yes!" she hysterically screamed, her mouth gaping and her head rolling crazily from side to side as she spiraled her sucking cunt up and down over his fucking boner. His long hard strokes were almost blowing her mind, bringing moans and screams from deep in her throat as his cock relentlessly fucked into her scalding slit. Fired up by the girl's intense lust, Lorne began fucking his cock into her with deeper and harder strokes.

The soft pink walls of her strong pussy seemed to be sucking his thick hard cock meat even deeper into her writhing fuckhole. The erotic sound and feel of his lusty balls slapping against her darling ass only added to the intense pleasure she was feeling. While fucking back at her handsome dad, Misty was trying to get even more of his prick meat into her ravenously hungry cunt slit.

His throbbing boner was coated with her creamy slipperiness as he lustily fucked his cock in and out.

"Oh, you sweet fucker!" she sobbed, breathing in short hot gasps as the burning fire between her legs increased. Wildly fucking back at him, the hungry lips of her overheated pussy were greedily climbing up and down the length of his slippery, cream-coated cockshaft. The powerful man was now fucking her with all his strength, and Misty was wantonly responding by slamming her hot cunt up to meet his every plunge.

"Oh, Daddy!" she squealed. "Fuck it to me!"

Feeling her father shift into a slightly different position, Misty snaked her legs up over him, lifting her slit tighter around the base of his fucking cock.

"Oh, Daddy!" she squealed. "You've never fucked me as good as this!"

"Practice makes perfect," he panted. "Do you like it, honey?"

"I love it! I love it!"

"I'm glad," he gasped, still furiously fucking his stiff boner into her lurching pussy. "Because you're such a sweet piece."

"Good!" she cried, thrusting her darling cunt up to receive every plunge of his cock. "Are you gonna shoot me a nice big cuntful of jizz?"

"You're not just shittin," he panted. "And soon!"

"That's what I want, Daddy," Misty whimpered with joy. "I want you to fill me up with it."

Half-crazed with pleasure, the horny girl was frantically writhing her ass down into the mattress as each of her father's lusty strokes fucked his prick deeper and harder into her cunt.

"Christ, honey!" her father panted, fucking farther into her pussy. "You're sure a hot fucker!"

"I know! I know!" she squealed. "And I hope you won't forget it!"

Her excited squeals seemed to spur him on, and he began violently increasing the wild tempo of his frantic screwing.

"Fuck, Daddy, fuck!" she hysterically screamed as the man began pouring it to her at an even faster rhythm.

Misty's battered cunt had never taken such a beating in her life, and she was thoroughly enjoying every second. Each hard fuck of his cock felt better than the last as intense ecstasy mounted in her loins.

The girl's dad was almost out of his mind from the wild joy he was feeling. As he fucked into her teen-aged pussy, the ecstasy that was streaking up and down the length of his cock was almost painful in its intensity.

On and on they fucked like a pair of wild animals, and from the way Misty was writhing her slit all around the length of his throbbing cockshaft, Lorne could tell she was rapidly approaching an orgasm.

"Oh, sweet Jesus!" the girl was squealing with delight as her climax came closer. Almost out of her mind from the unbelievable pleasure she was feeling, Misty feverishly rotated her pussy around the swollen length of his cock.

Anxious to shoot his hot load into her cute pussy, Lorne slammed his cock in even deeper. Suddenly realizing they were about to come together, the man began fucking more urgently into her fiery fuckhole.

The wild ecstasy was more than the horny girl could stand, and she suddenly felt herself cresting for her orgasm as the top ridge, of his juice slickened boner rubbed harder against her tingling clit.

"I'm there, Daddy!" she screamed. "Cream me good!"

"Okay!" he panted, giving an extra hard plunge. "Here comes the juice!"

Just as the first spurt of his swirling cockcream gushed into her cunt, Misty exploded into a mind-blowing orgasm.

"Yes! Yes!" she screamed, arching her hips up to get the full impact of his deliciously hot discharge. "I'm coming, Daddy... coming... commmiiinnnggg!"

She clung tightly to him until the very last drop of cum was emptied into her writhing pussy.

"Gee," she whispered when he finally pulled his limp prick out of her sopping hole. "Isn't it fun to be spending the whole night in bed together?"

"Shit, yes!" he panted.

"Am I gonna get screwed as often as I want it?" Misty giggled.

"You can bet your ass on that." He grinned.

"Good," whispered the girl, lowering her lips down over his soft wet prick. "I'll be ready as soon as I can suck this thing hard again."


While her husband was home screwing their daughter, Della was sitting in a cocktail lounge, waiting for Dan Parker to arrive. When the man had called Della on the phone yesterday, he asked her to meet him in this bar at nine o'clock, and now it was ten after.

Just as the woman was starting to think something might have happened to him, she saw his handsome face come through the door. "Hi, Della," he said, seating himself across the table from her.

"Hello, Dan," the pretty woman said. "I was starting to worry."

"I'm sorry," answered the man. "I was delayed by a late business meeting."

After the cocktail waitress had taken their order, the man just stared at Della for several moments.

"God, you're beautiful," he finally said.

"That's just because you're horny," she teased. "After I've hauled your ashes, you'll think of me as plain old Della again."

"That's a crock of shit." Dan grinned. "You're not plain, and you're certainly not old."

"How long has it been since you've had a piece of tail?" she asked after the waitress brought their drinks.

"A couple of weeks."

"Jesus, Christ," gasped the beautiful brunette. "I'd be climbing the walls if I went over two days without being laid."

"How do you know I'm not climbing the wall?" he laughed.

"Then let's drink up and take care of that cock of yours," giggled Della. "I'm ready for a nice big load of cum in my hot cunt."

"I'm ready," said Dan, rising to his feet. The moment they were in his hotel room, the horny woman feverishly removed his shirt and then went for his pants and shorts. When his big prick sprang out in front of her eyes, Della dropped to her knees in front of him, panting like a bitch in heat. For the past ten years she had always shacked up with the man every time he came to town, and he never failed to give her a fantastically good fucking.

"Oh, baby," she throatily whispered, wrapping the fingers of both hands around his massive bone. "I'm really going to make this big beauty hum tonight."

Momentarily releasing his hard cock, she excitedly reached for the hairy ball-sac that was dangling between his legs. As she tenderly cupped the cum-bloated balls in her palms, the thrilling weight of them, sent shivers of excitement surging through her loins. With the burning lust building in her pussy, she slipped her middle finger back under his balls and teasingly traced the tip of it around the sensitive ring of his puckered asshole.

"Jesus Christ!" he gasped, his body beginning to tremble as she wickedly probed at his tingling shitter.

Again grasping his huge cockshaft in her hands, Della rubbed his big purple prick-knob against her cheek and across the hot wet tip of her tongue. Then opening her mouth wide, she lowered her lips down over his thick cock, licking and rolling her tongue all around the sensitive underside of his prick. She kept lowering her mouth until his enormous cockhead was nudging against the back of her throat, and then, raising her head, she continued tickling his cock with her tongue as his prick slid across the roof of her mouth. When only the tip of his thick boner remained in her mouth, she went down again, her lips sliding passionately over the tingling nakedness of his throbbing cock.

Her excitement was building even higher as she cupped his swollen balls in her hand, gently caressing the loose crinkly skin with her fingers as she delicately nibbled on his satiny smooth cock-knob with her small pearly teeth. Up and down she moved her pretty face, slithering her tongue around his hard cockshaft as she skillfully sucked his delicious prick meal into her mouth.

Her eyes were glowing with rapture as her own hot fuck juices oozed out from between her horny legs.

"Oh, yes, baby," Della softly moaned.

The man's entire body was shivering from the incredible pleasure he was feeling. Curling his fingers into her long dark hair, nothing else mattered to the man except the warm wet lips that were ovaled so deliciously around his big inflamed prick.

Grateful that he had such a nice big prick, Della felt a slavish need to please this man as much as possible. Sucking deeply on his prickshaft, she woman hoped he was enjoying it. She knew it was up to her to give his cock every thrill possible.

Finally pulling her leeching lips from his thick boner, she held his hard cock meat straight out and began licking the slit in the head of his prick with the tip of her tongue, lapping up the little drops of fuck fluid which were oozing out. When she'd licked up the last, she once more closed her moist lips down over his throbbing cock-knob.

"Oh, fuck, that's great," he moaned.

Once more lifting her lips from around his swollen prickhead she provocatively slid her sensuous tongue down the underside of his blue-veined cockshaft until she reached his big dangling ball-sac. Then, opening her mouth wide, she began sucking delicately, sucking his sensitive balls in and out as she teased and licked the crinkly skin of his bag with her tongue.

"Jesus Christ!" the man cried. "That's the way to treat a guy!"

Finally releasing his spit-soaked balls from her mouth, Della lifted her head and began sucking vigorously on the head of his prick again. Hardly able to keep his balance, Dan began shuddering convulsively as her lips worked feverishly on his tingling cock-knob until he was on the verge of a wild climax.

"Oh, honey," she excitedly whispered as she suddenly released his big juicy prick from her mouth. "I'll suck you off later, baby, but right now I want to be fucked with this big beauty."

"You've gotta deal there," he moaned, gently grasping her by the shoulders and raising the woman to her feet.

Quickly disrobing, Della sat down on the edge of the bed.

"Jesus, that's really a beauty," she whispered reaching out and gently stroking his big spit-soaked cock again as he stepped in front of her.

Finally pulling her fingers away from his massive hard-on, the beautiful brunette sensually lay back across the bed, seductively opening her smooth bare thighs, exposing her moist cuntlips to him. Smiling up at him through half-closed eyes, she began slowly rotating her ass around.

"Am I gonna get a nice hot fuck?" she whispered, reaching down and lewdly caressing her wet pink cuntlips with her delicately tapered fingers.

"Shit, yes!" he panted.

"Then let's get on with it," she giggled, suggestively running the tip of her tongue around her moist parted lips.

When Dan dropped down beside her on the bed, Della writhed her soft belly against his massive boner as she lifted her firm ripe tits toward his mouth.

"Oh, sweet Dan," she passionately whispered as he began licking and sucking on her stiff erect nipples.

Tenderly caressing her warm inner thighs as he hungrily pulled on her titty with his lips, he breathlessly parted the silky curls of hair around her quivering cunt and slipped his middle finger into her steaming fuckhole.

"Mmmmmmmm," she whimpered, writhing her hot juicy cunt slit around his deeply embedded finger as she reached down and lovingly grasped his thick lurching prick.

"God, your fingers are so soft and cool," he huskily whispered as the woman began stroking the hard tingling length of his thick prickshaft.

"Oh, lover," she crooned, pulling his finger from her slippery pussy. "I can't wait any longer. God, how I need that big fuckin' cock in my cunt."

As the man excitedly knelt between her lewdly spread thighs, Della grasped his thick quivering cockshaft and eased the tip of his knob against her hot frothy slit. Arching her hips up, her juicy cuntlips closed around the thickness of his cockhead as his prick fucked slowly into her hot slick cunt sheath. Dan's big prick faintly hurt the woman at first, as it always did.

"Oh, darling, you've gotta stop a minute," she whispered as his big cock-knob stretched her passage to its extreme limits.

After remaining motionless for several moments, she grasped the sinewy cheeks of his ass and pulled him deeper into her burning fuckhole. Waves of ecstasy streaked through her churning cunt as the man's thick cock moved farther into her slowly expanding pussy. The woman could feel every swollen vein and sinew of his thick cock pressing out against her tightly stretched cunt walls.

With their naked bodies welded together in an impassioned embrace, Della could feel his deliciously thick cock meat digging deeper and deeper into her hot sucking fuckhole. It was only when she felt his big lust-swollen balls pressed between her soft asscheeks that she realized she'd taken the entire length of his wondrous cock. Locking her shapely legs around him, the horny woman screwed her deliciously stretched pussy up around the thick base of his cockshaft to make certain every throbbing inch of his magnificent tool was buried in her seething hot cunt.

Every tingling nerve in her hotly aroused body sprang alive in a rapturous frenzy when he partially withdrew his thick prick in preparation for his first thrust. The horny brunette let out a gasp of delight when he wildly slammed his hard cock meat back up into her juicy cunt slit again.

"Oh, shit, Dan!" she mewled when he began rhythmically fucking his thick boner in and out of her hot sucking fuckhole. "It's so fuckin' good, baby... so fuckin'... fuckin good!"

When the big-cocked man began speeding the tempo of his lusty fucks, Della thought she would lose her mind from the intense ecstasy. Every time he fucked into her, Dan's glorious prick seemed to feel bigger and better.

"Yes! Yes!" she squealed with joy, writhing beneath him in a wild frenzy.

Each time he fucked his lusty prick into her, it seemed to dig deeper. Sweat was pouring down his cheeks as Dan gritted his teeth, propelling his massive prick into the hot juicy confines of her slippery pussy with all his power.

Della's shapely legs were waving crazily in the air as the wildly snorting man savagely drilled his thick cock in and out between them. Becoming more aroused with every hard thrust of his big prick Della was desperately fucking her steaming cunt up and down over the plunging length of his thick cockshaft.

"Oh, fuck, honey!" she whimpered, pulling his face down to hers, plunging her tongue deep into his panting mouth.

His big cock had hurt a bit at first, but now, writhing and bucking beneath him, Della couldn't seem to get enough of his hard prick as her burning lust mounted with every glorious stroke.

"Fuck me harder!" she screamed. "Fuck it to me!"

Wanting to give her the fucking of a lifetime, the man quickly increased both the tempo and depth of his powerful strokes.

"Ooooooooooh, yes!" she shrieked with delight, loving the way his rampaging prick was filling her cunt. Her stretched fuckhole hungrily welcomed every wild thrust of his brutal big cock. Clinging desperately to the man, the beautiful woman was wildly churning and bucking beneath him like a bitch in heat.

"Faster, baby, harder!" she hysterically shrieked.

Further increasing the speed, Dan fucked with even more power, lifting her hot ass right off the bed with every thrust. He could feel the beautiful woman's slick cunt sheath expanding and contracting around the meaty thickness of his swollen boner as his prick fucked in and out.

"Harder!" squealed Della. "I'm almost ready to come!"

Clinging desperately to him as the intense ecstasy mounted in her loins, she felt as if she might literally explode if something didn't happen soon.

"Oh, shit, make me come!" she shrieked. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"

The feel of his big cock fucking in and out of her slick hot cunt was almost unbelievable. While she screamed wild obscenities, Della's face was distorted with passion as her head flopped back and forth on the pillow. The writhing woman had reached the point where she didn't think she could stand another second of this intense ecstasy, yet she didn't want it to ever end.

"Fuck me harder!" she screamed. "Fuck it to me!"

Suddenly aware that he was speeding rapidly toward a mind-blowing ejaculation, Dan increased the tempo, wanting to bring the woman off before shooting his own wad.

"Ooooooooooh, yes! Make me come!" shrieked Della. "I'm almost... there!"

The naked writhing brunette was filled with such a searing heat she felt as if her entire body would be devoured by the flames. The fire was raging from her cock-filled cunt right up to the tingling tips of her hard nipples. The rapturous joy she was feeling between her legs was the most incredible thing she'd ever experienced.

"Oh, shit!" she suddenly screamed as the man continued fucking his huge cock in and out of her hotly clasping pussy. "I'm gonna come, honey, gonna come! Oh, fuck, I'm coming... coming!"

Della's entire body began jerking spasmodically as she bucked wildly beneath him. Her intense orgasm seemed to last for an eternity, and the unbelievable ecstasy flooded to every part of her writhing body.

When she began recovering from her mind blowing climax, she was aware that Dan's cock was still fucking in and out of her juice slickened cunt. Staring down between her widely spread legs, Della could see his thick slippery cock meat fucking wetly in and out between her widely stretched cuntlips. She was fascinated by the sight of his big blue-veined cock fucking into her.

"Oh, God," he suddenly roared. "Here it comes! Here comes my hot load!"

"Not in there!" she squealed. "Shoot it on my belly, honey! I wanta watch it squirt out of your prick!"

Turned on by the sight of his slippery juice slickened prick fucking into her, Della suddenly had this wild desire to see cum squirting out from the end of his big swollen cock-knob.

"Oh, yes, darling!" she squealed with delight as he frantically pulled his thick cock meat out of her pussy.

His huge cockhead had barely cleared her cuntlips when she saw an unbelievably thick stream of jizz come gushing out from the end of his big bloated prick-knob. The first violent spurt splattered all over her face, neck and tits. His throbbing boner continued flooding her naked body with cum until his churning balls were finally emptied.

Della's entire upper body was completely soaked with her lover's hot slippery cum. Sticky strings of jizz clung to her hair, while a slick rivulet of sperm dribbled down her cheek to the corner of her lips. Thick pools of gooey spunk drenched her tits and belly.

Scooping up the thick slippery cock-juice from between her tits, she began excitedly licking her hands and fingers. She sucked and licked until there, wasn't any more of his delicious cum left on her naked body, and then she moved her face down and began sucking the last delicious drop from deep in his limp wet prick.


Because of Misty's reputation as an easy fuck, most of the so-called nice girls in the school wouldn't have anything to do with her. The only girl friend she had was Kathy Stone, a thin drab-looking girl whose stringy blonde hair always looked so limp and lifeless. Kathy was a rather plain girl with pale, watery blue eyes, and, because of her extreme shyness, she didn't have any more friends than Misty. This had brought the two girls together, and they had become very close to each other. Having lunch together in the school cafeteria one day, the two girls were discussing Dale Baker, their math teacher who was sitting at a table near theirs. The man was a thirty-two-year-old bachelor who was teaching in his first year at the school.

"Gee, he's dreamy," whispered Kathy. "He could put his shoes under my bed any time."

"Oh, Kathy," Misty giggled. "If a man came into your room, you'd faint."

"I guess I would," admitted the shy girl. "But he sure is handsome."

"I know," Misty sighed. "I'd sure like to be fucked by his hard cock."

"Oh, what a naughty thing to say." Kathy grinned.

"I mean it," said Misty. "That guy looks like he could really give a girl a good time."

"Why don't you try and make him?"

"Are you serious?"

"Sure." Kathy smiled. "You're cute enough to seduce any man."

"Do you mean that?"

"I sure do," giggled the plain blonde. "If I had your figure and looks, I'd sure try to get him."

"God," sighed Misty. "I'll bet he can really fuck."

"Well, you'll never know unless you try," said her friend.

Misty kept thinking about it all afternoon, and before entering Mr. Baker's room for her last class of the day, she slipped into the rest room and removed her panties.

When she entered the classroom, she took her assigned seat which was directly in front of the teacher's desk. Hoping that she could arouse the man, she pretended to be studying her textbook as she slowly crossed her legs, giving him a good view of her sleek bare thighs beneath the rather short skirt she was wearing. Briefly glancing up from beneath her lashes, Misty could see the excited expression on his face as he boldly stared up between her legs. Encouraged by her handsome teacher's attention, the cute redhead decided to tease him a bit more. Spreading her legs a bit farther apart, she dropped one hand down and began lightly caressing the soft bare flesh of her inner thigh with the tip of her nails. Aware that he was still watching, she sensuously moved her fingers higher up on her creamy soft skin. Another quick glance confirmed what she'd suspected. The man's eyes were almost bugging out of his head as he clutched the edge of the desk, oblivious to everything except those teasing fingers creeping up along the bare flesh of her inner thigh. Wanting to give the man a real show, she parted her legs farther and began trailing her nails lightly up and down on the slippery wet lips of her wantonly exposed cunt slit. There was no doubt in her mind that the teacher had a clear and unobstructed view of what she was doing. Deciding to give him a mind-blowing finish, she slipped the full length of her tapered finger up into the hot moistness of her slippery cunt.

Sitting behind his desk, Dale Baker couldn't believe the way her middle finger was fucking in and out of her hot dripping pussy. The teacher's cock was throbbing violently in his pants as the girl continued fingerfucking herself directly in front of him.

"Mr. Baker," she suddenly said, her finger still in her pussy. "Could you help me with this problem? It just doesn't make sense to me."

Thrusting his hand in his pocket, trying to conceal his bursting hard-on, he walked over to Misty's desk to help the girl with her math problem.

When he leaned over, she deftly withdrew the pussy-drenched finger and pressed it gently against her teacher's lips.

"D'ya like it?" she whispered.

"What is it?" he nervously asked, pretending not to know.

"Cunt juice," Misty answered in a teasing hushed voice. "Pure unadulterated cunt juice. Lick it."

Trembling with lust, the wildly aroused teacher discreetly ran his tongue up the length of her slippery wet finger.

"Does it taste good?" she whispered.

"Yes, Misty, it does," he answered in an excited trembling voice, not wanting the other students to know what was going on. "Now what is your problem?"

"I just wanted you to know that I have plenty more pussy juice available if you're interested."

After once more licking the length of her finger, Dale Baker walked unsteadily back to his desk. He couldn't comprehend the behavior of this hot-cunted nymphet as his cock continued throbbing madly beneath his desk.

When the bell rang to signal the end of class, Misty remained seated until the rest of the students had rushed out of the door.

"Hi," she giggled, walking up to his desk. "I could sure do some neat things to your hard cock if you'd take me for a ride."

"I'm sorry, Misty." He nervously smiled. "I never get involved with my students."

"Then how are you going to relieve that big hard-on?" she asked in a soft teasing voice.

"Misty," he said, trying to reason with her.

"You're just a teen, and I'm your teacher."

"No," she giggled. "I'm just a teen with a hot cunt, and you're my teacher with a hard boner."

"I'm sorry, Misty," he argued as she moved around behind his desk. "It's out of the question."

"Bullshit," she laughed, reaching down and grabbing at his throbbing cock. "This big beauty needs attention, and I'm just the one to take care of it."

Dale Baker almost shot his wad when the girl began fondling his lurching hard-on through his pants.

"Feel this," she whispered, taking his hand and guiding it up between her open thighs until his finger contacted her open wet pussy.

The wildly aroused teacher was shaking with uncontrollable lust as his middle finger slid up into the hot squishy flesh of her slippery cunt slit.

"Oh, Mr. Baker," she teased, writhing her dripping cunt around his deeply embedded finger. "You've just gotta take me for a drive."

"All right, Misty," he finally sighed. "Meet me at the corner in ten minutes."

A little later, when she was sitting beside her teacher in the car, Misty reached over and gently massaged the big bulge in his pants as he drove.

"Where are we going?" she asked when he made a left turn.

"Over to my house," he explained.

Misty was almost out of her mind with desire by the time he turned into his driveway. Grasping the girl's hand, he rushed her into the house before any neighbors could see her.

"Gee, this is neat." She smiled, throwing her arms around him when he'd led her to his bedroom.

Unable to control himself any longer, he frantically pulled her blouse off and threw it into a chair. His eyes almost bugged out of his head when her naked tits spilled out in front of him. Her smooth bare tits weren't all that large, but the girl had the biggest fucking nipples he'd ever seen in his life.

"D'ya like 'em?" She grinned, seeing how he was acting. "I thought you would."

"They're beautiful," he gasped.

"Wanta suck 'em?" the cute teen-ager giggled, cupping them in her hands and thrusting her hard nipples up toward his mouth.

Pushing Misty back across the bed, he threw himself over her, covering her erect titty with his lips. The hard, crinkly texture of her big swollen nipple in his mouth caused the teacher's stiff cock to throb even more violently, in his pants. Trembling with excitement, he sucked as much of her firm tit into his mouth as possible. Sucking deeply, he swirled his tongue wildly around her pink turgid nipple. Finally releasing it, he directed his attention to the girls other tit.

"Oh, Mr. Baker," she whispered at the feel of his hot wet tongue on her sensitive flesh. "That feels so fuckin' neat."

When he finally released that nipple, he began washing the entire surface of both her luscious tits with his tongue. He continued licking every inch of her sweet tits until the firm flesh was glistening with his spit.

Crazed with the sweet taste of her fresh body, he worked his wet mouth down over her darling stomach until he reached her dimpled navel.

When the entire upper part of her body was saturated with his saliva, the teacher began easing her skirt down over her curvaceous hips. After he had the garment completely off, he stared at her blatantly exposed cunt.

"Well," she giggled, seeing how he was gazing at her pussy. "How do you like it?"

The teacher didn't answer. He was staring wildly at the patch of soft red pussy hair that curled around the girl's coral tinted cunt. The slick inner flesh of her cute wet pussy slit was glistening with the droplets of fuck-juice seeping out from between her quivering cuntlips.

Gently parting the girl's thighs, he lowered his face down against the moist warmth of her darling cunt. Lashing out with his tongue, the sweet scent and taste of her juicy pussy slit sent a wild shudder through his entire body.

Slipping his tongue into the hot wetness of her smoldering cunt, he welded his sucking mouth tightly over the girl's open cuntlips. Sucking feverishly as his tongue swirled around deep in her dripping fuckhole, he drank in the delicious nectar of her pussy.

Clawing ecstatically, at the sheets, the cute teen-ager squeezed her soft thighs against his juice-drenched face.

"Oh God!" she squealed, grinding her crotch up tighter around his slavering mouth. "You can really eat pussy, Mr. Baker! Christ, can you eat cunt!"

After spending several moments licking the delicious pussy juices from deep in her fuckhole, the teacher withdrew his tongue and gently sucked her erect clit in between his lips.

"Oh, shit!" she shrieked when the man began twirling his lips and tongue around her hard clit. "God, that feels good! Oh, shit, it's so good!"

Misty could feel an orgasm building up in her cunt as he continued sucking and teasing her sensitive joy-button with his lips and tongue.

"Oh, Mr. Baker!" she sobbed. "Don't stop, honey, don't stop! Keep suckin'! Keep suckin'!"

Feeling the girl's hot body writhing under the obscene caresses of his slurping lips and tongue, he attacked her tasty pussy with additional fervor.

"Oh, Mr. Baker!" she shrieked. "Here I come! Oh, shit, now I'm coming!"

The adorable girl was shuddering with shameless ecstasy as her hot cunt exploded all over his mouth.

"Oh, honey," she whispered a few moments later when the man removed his wet face from her hot pussy. "Please take your clothes off so I can mess with your nice big prick."

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Misty excitedly watched her teacher stand up and start removing his clothes.

"Oh, Mr. Baker," she whispered when he was standing completely naked in front of her. "You've got such a beautiful big cock."

Reaching out, the cute redhead grasped his thick prickshaft and began rubbing his cockhead against her cheek, enjoying the delicious heat of his prick on her flesh. Then, briskly rubbing the end of his bloated cock against bet erect nipples, she could feel the hot cunt juices squishing out from between her legs.

"God, that's a beauty." She smiled up at him through lust-glazed eyes. "I'm so glad you're gonna fuck me with it."

Once more lowering her head, she licked her hot wet tongue lightly across his gleaming cock-knob, feeling the handsome man shudder with joy.

"Holy shit," he sighed.

Then the teacher suddenly felt the incredible softness of her wet parted lips close down over his sensitive prick, feeling her tongue licking circles of liquid fire around his cock.

"Oooooooh!" he gasped, reaching down and digging his hands into her long red hair as he fucked his boner in and out of her passionately sucking mouth.

"Mmmmmmmmmm," Misty slobbered, drawing back a little so she could lap up the moist stickiness of the fuck fluids that were dripping from the end of his prick. Swirling her tongue around the man's cock, she began rhythmically pumping her head up and down as she sucked.

The naked teacher stared down excitedly at the way her tightly ovaled lips worked on his cock, seeing the softness of her mouth pulling outward as she moved up his prickshaft with such delicious suction.

"Suck, honey, suck!" he panted.

Frantically, bobbing her head up and down, Misty was sucking faster and faster, her cute tits jiggling to the wild tempo. Feeling her teacher starting to tense up, Misty began slowing her action. She didn't want him to come until he fucked her. There would be plenty of time to suck him off after he first filled her cunt with his thick white jizz.

Finally removing her mouth from the man's throbbing boner, Misty rolled onto her back.

"Mr. Baker," she whispered, spreading her shapely thighs for him. "Please fuck me. I can't wait any longer."

Needing no further urging, he quickly crawled between her open legs. Reaching down and grasping his rock-hard boner, Misty slowly guided his cock up toward her hot dripping pussy slit. The girl's luscious body tingled with excitement when she felt his super-hard cock-knob pressing against the opening of her slippery cunt. Raising her hips to assist his penetration, she felt his stiff boner fucking between her lust-slickened cuntlips.

"Jesus, you're a hot little bitch," the teacher whispered, feeling his sensitive prick rubbing against the hot slick flesh of her grasping cunt walls. The feel of his swollen prick mating deeper and deeper into the teen-aged pussy was driving him wild.

When his hard cock was completely embedded in her tight fuckhole, the man began slowly fucking his cock in and out of her delicious hot cunt. Misty shivered with passion from the feel of his wonderful prick fucking into her horny pussy.

"Oh, sweet fucker," whispered the cute girl, conscious of nothing but the erotic sensations and the delicious slurping sound of his cock fucking in and out of her hot, frothy fuckhole.

"Oh, yes, Mr. Baker!" she sobbed when he began speeding the tempo of his long smooth thrusts. "That's it, honey, give it to me good!"

Looking down at the cute flushed face of the girl writhing beneath him, the teacher was getting more excited than ever.

"Ooooooooh, yes, honey!" he heard Misty squealing with delight when he began fucking even deeper and faster into her hungry opal. "That's it, Mr. Baker! That's it!"

His big juice-lathered prick was throbbing excitedly as he fucked through the slippery ridges of her hot slick pussy. The pleasure was so intense that the teacher was no longer in full control of his thrusts. Wild muscular spasms were instinctively fucking his hard cockmeat in and out with a savage tempo.

"That's it, you sweet fucker!" she sobbed in rapture as his enraged fuck-tool ripped madly into her scalding pussy. "Fuck me, honey! Fuck me harder!"

Squealing with delight, she ground her cunt up around his fucking cock, greedily taking everything he had to offer. With her eyes squeezed shut and her head rolling from side to side on the pillow, she was bouncing and wriggling beneath him, her cunt sucking and squeezing around the thick length of his hard, slippery boner.

His lusty cock, felt big in her tight pussy, bringing her more and more ecstasy with every passing second.

"Oh, Mr. Baker," she mewled as her cunt muscles sucked and squeezed against the meaty rigidness of his fucking cockshaft. "Your hard prick feels so fuckin' good in me."

Looking up at her handsome teacher's face, Misty could see that his eyes were glazed with lust. He kept fucking into her, lifting her sweet ass off the bed with every plunge. She was pleased that he was enjoying her body so much.

"Oh, give it to me, Mr. Baker," she squealed, wrapping her baby-soft thighs more tightly around his lurching body. "Give it to me good!"

"Take it, darling!" the feverishly excited man roared, fucking his cock into her cute cunt with even more force. "You asked for it, kid, and now you're gonna get it! Take it, baby! Take it!"

"Ooooooooh, yes!" she shrieked. "That's it, Mr. Baker! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

He began driving into her with all his strength, his fucking cock swelling bigger with each wild thrust. Only moments away from climaxing, his muscular legs were quivering, and sweat was dripping from his heaving body.

"Don't stop, Mr. Baker!" Misty sobbed, clutching him tighter in her arms, frantically rubbing her tits against his broad chest. "Don't stop! I'm almost there... almost there!"

"Don't worry, honey," he panted. "I'm almost there, too. God, am I gonna fill your cunt with jizz!"

"Oh, yes!" she squealed. "Cream me good, honey!"

Still frantically fucking his cock in and out, the man suddenly knew he couldn't last much longer.

"Ooooooooh, Mr... Baker!" she screamed when she felt his thick hot discharge hosing into her cunt. "I'm coming! I'm coming!"

"Take it, baby! Take my fuckin' jizz!" he roared.

Writhing through her unbelievable orgasm, Misty could feel cum gushing out of his exploding cockhead. The man's thick hot cum splattered against her cunt walls. Jizz spewed out in spurt after spurt until his lust-bloated balls were completely emptied.

"God, your cock is neat, Mr. Baker," she whispered a few minutes later as she rested in his arms.


Early the following month, when school closed for summer vacation, Della's nephew, Steve, came to spend a couple weeks with them. Steve hadn't seen his red-headed cousin since she was twelve, and he couldn't get over what a pretty girl she'd turned out to be. He'd never seen anyone as cute and sexy as Misty was.

During the summer, the girl rarely wore anything but shorts and a halter, and the sight of her adorable body was enough to drive Steve wild. He fully realized that she was undoubtedly an innocent virgin, but he still got a hard-on when he looked at her half-dressed body. Every time she walked around the house in her tight shorts, Steve's gaze hungrily followed her even though he knew it was wrong to lust over his cousin. The thought of fucking her some day when she was a little older was constantly on his mind even though he realized it would be incest.

Misty had felt the same way about her handsome cousin since the first day he arrived, but the horny girl didn't want to wait until she was older to be fucked by him. The cute redhead wanted him to fuck her right now, and, though she purposely ran around half naked in front of him, he never made a pass at her.

"Mom," she said to her mother one day when they were alone. "Why isn't Steve interested in me?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well," said Misty, "I'd love him to fuck me, but he hasn't made any attempt."

"That's probably because you're cousins," Della explained.

"What difference should that make?" asked the girl.

Her mother smiled. "Other people aren't as broad-minded as we are. They think it's a sin to have sex with their relatives."

"How dumb," sighed the horny girl. "I wish I could change his mind."

"Don't worry." Della smiled. "I'll see what I can do."

Nothing more was said about it until the next morning when the family was sitting around the breakfast table.

"Steve," Della said, suddenly turning to her nephew. "Have you ever fooled around with a girl?"

"What do you mean?"

"Have you ever laid any?"

"A few." He blushed. "Why?"

"I was wondering if you'd like to screw Misty."

"What?" gasped the boy.

"I asked if you'd like to get into Misty's pants?" she repeated.

"But she's my cousin," gulped Steve. "That would be incest."

"Oh, nonsense," laughed Della. "We don't believe in that incest taboo around here. Misty's dad has been screwing her since she was just a kid."

"Really?" he gasped, staring excitedly at his cute cousin. "You mean I can lay Misty if I want to?"

"That's right." His aunt smiled. "You can start using her cunt any time you feel like it."

"Can I screw her right now?" he asked, his hard cock throbbing with anticipation.

"You'll have to finish breakfast first," she explained. "Then you can ball her."

"Is she nice and tight, Uncle Lorne?" He turned to Misty's father.

"You bet she is," said the man. "She's got the cutest pussy in the world."

"Gee," gulped the boy, feeling his cock throbbing urgently in his pants at the thought of fucking his adorable cousin. "I can hardly wait."

"Neither can I," giggled Misty, wiping her mouth with a napkin. "And I've had enough breakfast."

"May we be excused?" asked Steve, lusting over his cute cousin.

"Okay," Della smiled. "You kids run along and have a good time."

Hand in hand, the two cousins hurried up the stairs to Misty's room.

"Steve," Misty whispered when they were standing beside the bed. "Will you kiss me?"

Looking down at his cute cousin's twinkling eyes, he could hardly believe what was happening to him. Not only was he about to fuck his darling cousin, but she'd asked him to kiss her. He'd been dying to kiss the girl, and, not wanting Misty to change her mind, he lowered his mouth to her soft parted lips. A wild flame scorched through his loins when the girl's warm wet tongue glided sensually into his mouth. Steve could feel the moist heat of her cunt through their clothes as they ground their bodies together.

"I'll bet you're a neat fucker," she whispered, slowly drawing her lips away from his.

Steve's virile cock was throbbing so wildly in his pants that Misty could feel the hardness of his prick pounding against her body.

"Gee, Steve," she giggled, rubbing her pussy more urgently against his boner. "That cock sure feels big."

Not answering, he cupped her asscheeks through the tight shorts she was wearing and pulled her juicy cunt up tighter against his bursting hard-on.

"Oh, honey," she hotly whispered into his ear. "Let's get on the bed and drive each other crazy."

Within seconds, they were undressed and spread out nakedly on the bed together, their hands hungrily exploring each other's body.

"Gee, Steve," Misty panted, excitedly stroking his prick. "That's the biggest cock I've ever seen. It's a lot bigger than my dad's and the other guys I've fucked."

Unable to control her excitement any longer, the horny girl lowered her head and began fucking the head of his big prick with her moist tongue. She was finding the scent and taste of his cock to be very stimulating, and big globs of slippery cunt cream were soon bubbling out from between her legs. Lowering her head farther, the girl opened her mouth wider and wrapped her juicy lips around his big swollen cock-knob. God, how she loved the smooth texture of his big cock against her tongue and lips. Moving her head up and down, she could feel his stiff boner probing at the back of her throat while she passionately sucked and tongued his quivering cockhead.

"Oh, Misty," he moaned, writhing his muscular body around on the bed.

"D'ya like this?" she giggled between sucks. "Fuck, yes," he panted, squeezing her hard tits. "You're a neat cock-sucker."

Locking her loving lips more tightly around the base of his big mushroom-shaped prickshaft, the girl started a deep suction that almost blew his mind.

"Jesus Christ!" he moaned, pounding the bed with his clenched fists. "Shit, honey, can you suck cock!"

"I know," she whispered. "That's because I love feasting on men's hard meat."

Brushing the long red hair back from her face, Misty once more lowered her lips down over his big lurching prick-knob. Gently cupping his lusty balls in her free hand, she sucked his tasty cock deeper into her slavering mouth. Since her dad had first introduced Misty to cock-sucking, she'd always loved the feel of the crinkly skin around a man's hairy balls. The exciting texture of his lust-swollen ball-sac sent hot flames fanning through the girl's loins. There was something about the heftiness of cum-bloated balls in her hand that really turned her on.

"Oh, honey," panted Steve. "Christ, that feels so fuckin' good."

Glancing down, the boy could see little beads of perspiration standing out on Misty's upper lip as she sucked harder and deeper on his throbbing cockhead.

"Jesus, Misty," he panted, "you sure have a pair of sexy lips."

"And you've sure got a neat cock," she giggled between deep sucks.

Unable to control his excitement, Steve began rocking his hips up and down, fucking his throbbing prick in and out of his cute cousin's hot sucking mouth. While the boy was fucking his prick in and out between her baby-soft lips, Misty released his balls and reached farther back under his ball-sac until she found the deep crevice between the tight cheeks of his sinewy ass. As she probed through the curly hairs around his ass, her lewd middle finger found the tight ring of his asshole.

"Jesus Christ!" he roared when he felt her naughty finger teasing around his sensitive shitter.

"Are you having fun?" she giggled, knowing how much all boys enjoyed it when she played with their assholes.

"Shit, yes, honey!" he panted, still fucking his hard boner in and out of her mouth.

By teasing her finger around his tightly puckered shitter, she was carrying him to new heights of ecstasy.

"Oh, shit, that feels good," he gasped, still frantically fucking his throbbing cock between his horny cousin's wet sucking lips.

Sucking feverishly on his lurching prick, Misty slipped her fingertip through the tight ring of his asshole.

"Wow!" he shouted with glee. "That's the way to do it!"

Misty knew all the things that men and boys enjoyed, and she always performed acts that would please them the most.

"Oh, sweet Jesus!" he panted, fucking his prick in and out of her frenziedly sucking mouth.

Feeling his sinewy asscheeks quivering with anticipation and knowing the excitement that was building up in his lurching body, Misty wormed her finger a little deeper into the hot moistness of his tingling asshole.

"That's it, honey!" shouted the boy as his cock fucked in and out of her sucking mouth. "Suck, darling, suck!"

When she knew he was almost ready to explode, Misty pulled her finger out of his ass and removed his cock from her mouth.

"Don't stop!" he gasped. "I'm almost ready to come."

"I know," she whispered, crawling back up and covering his lips with her hot passionate mouth. "I want you to come in my cunt first. You can come in my mouth a little later."

When his cute cousin rolled onto her back and spread her legs for him, Steve crawled up between her widely parted thighs, his eyes staring hungrily at the hot juicy cunt slit that was so deliciously exposed through the soft growth of fiery-red pussy hair.

"In here, honey," she giggled, pulling her slippery cuntlips farther apart with her fingers.

"I want that neat fuckin' cock right in here."

Flexing his virile body, Steve grasped the base of his throbbing prickshaft and eased his swollen cockhead right in between her open cuntlips.

"Ooooooooh, yes, Steve," she whispered, feeling her cousin's huge prick slithering up into her hungry fuckhole. "That's it, honey. There's nothing like having a hard cock in your cunt."

Misty could feel her tingling pussy walls spreading open, and his thick prick fucked deeper and deeper into her scalding pussy hole.

"Yes, baby," she panted in ecstasy as his stiff boner fucked farther up into her hot fuckhole. "Oh, what a nice big cock you have."

When his lusty prick was buried balls-deep in her grasping pussy, the cute girl screwed her sucking cuntlips up tighter around the base of his cockshaft, making certain that every heavenly inch of his prick was in her. She could feel the cock hair around the base of his thick prick scratching against her own soft bush.

"Oh, fuck, baby, fuck," she whispered, wrapping her soft legs around his body. "Now just fuck the piss out of me, darling."

Reaching beneath the girl and grasping her soft bare asscheeks, the boy began fucking his hard cock in and out of his cousin's frothy cunt with a slow teasing rhythm that was soon driving her wild.

"Oooooooooh, you sweet fucker," she whimpered, feeling his hard cock grinding around in her teen-aged fuckhole. "I sure love your hot cock."

Encouraged by his cute cousin's obvious joy, Steve began fucking his stiff prick in and out of her hot sucking cunt with faster, harder strokes. The entire naked length of his juice slickened prick was tingling with the ecstasy of her hot slippery pussy. The harder he fucked his cock into her steaming cunt, the more her hot pussy slit fucked back at him as her hungry pussylips passionately bit and sucked on his cock.

Misty was desperately grasping at his ass with her fingers, trying to pull even more of his hard boner into her writhing pussy. On and on they fucked, the room filled with their moans and cries mixed with wet slurping sounds of his slippery rod fucking in and out of her sucking cunt.

"Ooooooooh," she panted. "It feels so shittin' good!"

Fucking into her with deep, steady thrusts, Steve's hard cock worked deeper and deeper into the tightness of her hot, cunt. The teen was soon fucking his cock even deeper into her hotly sucking cunt.

"Oh, Steve, what a wonderful prick," she whimpered as the muscles of her tight pussy grasped at his pleasing, fucking cock.

Holding him tightly, her tits squishing against his chest, she drew her knees back, scissoring her shapely bare thighs around his back as she dug her bare heels into the crack of his ass. Clinging to him, wanting to feel as much of his naked body as possible, Misty was conscious of nothing but this hard cockshaft fucking so deliciously in and out of her sucking cunt.

"Oh, sweet Misty," Steve whispered down to the cute teen beneath him.

As he sped up the tempo of his long sweeping thrusts, he was driving her hot ass deeper and deeper into the softness of the bouncing mattress. His steel-hard prickshaft was sending wave after wave of rapturous delight surging through her naked flesh. The pretty redhead was soon lost to the world of reality, lost to everything except the wild passions that were swirling and spreading throughout her adolescent body. Misty's soft lips were parted in ecstasy, her eyes glazed with lust as her long red hair flailed wildly around her glowing face. Her smooth thighs were locked around her cousin's lurching waist, her nails clawing into the bare flesh of his shoulders as his hard prick slurped noisily in and out of her hot dripping pussy slit.

"Oh, baby!" she whimpered, clutching him more tightly. "That's it, you sweet fucker! God, can you fuck... fuck... fuck!"

The horny girl was screaming hysterically as her big cousin fucked his stiff cock in and out with unbelievable power.

"That's it, baby! That's it!" she squealed as his jerking prick fucked into her, his iron-hard cock ripping into her cunt with ruthless abandon.

"Oh, Steve, honey, you're so nice and hard," she sobbed. "Jesus Christ, your cock feels good."

"God, Misty," he panted, fucking his prick deeper and deeper into her sweet pussy. "I never dreamed you were so hot assed."

"Now I'm glad you know," she giggled. "There's nothing I'd rather do than suck and fuck."

"Your cute cunt's so tight and hot," he panted. "I just can't believe it."

"Wait'll you come in me," gasped the pretty girl. "There's nothing better than a wild climax. God, how I love a cuntful of hot jizz."

Steve had never felt anything so fucking good in his life. Fucking other girl's back home had been neat, but the way this darling nymphet was making the entire length of his sensitive boner tingle was absolutely incredible. The feel of her naked adolescent flesh pressing against him was adding fuel to the fires that were raging through his loins.

"Oh, Steve," the pretty redhead whispered to him, "Let me fuck on top for a while."

"Okay." He grinned, rolling onto his back and folding his hands behind his head.

"Oh, honey," she moaned when she'd straddled his loins and was slowly lowering her hotly dripping slit down over his throbbing cock. "Now I'm gonna fuck you to death."

Steve shivered with excitement as he lay there watching his hard boner disappearing into her juicy fuckhole. The feel of her grasping hot cunt walls sliding down over his naked prick was almost more than the aroused teen could stand.

"God, that's a neat cock," she whispered to him when her cunt was stuffed full of his meaty prick.

Steve just stared up at the lovely teen sitting so beautifully erect on his deeply embedded cock, her luscious tits thrusting proudly out in front of her.

"Oh, baby," she whispered, slowly moving her pussy up and down over his thick prick, her soft warm cunt flesh rubbing so deliciously against every nerve on his quivering cockshaft. "I want our first fuck to be something you'll never forget."

Her soft lips parted in ecstasy, Misty smiled down at him through half-closed eyes as his hands lovingly caressed her firm tits. While his fingers deliciously teased her desire swollen nipples, Misty continued fucking up and down on his slippery cock.

"Oh, shit, I'm gonna come!" she suddenly squealed, grabbing the boy and rolling him back on top of her again, his cock still deeply embedded in her cunt. "Now bang the shit out of me!"

Opening her thighs farther, she grasped the cheeks of his ass and pulled his hard prick even deeper into her steaming fuckhole.

"Now, honey," she whispered. "I want you to fill my horny pussy full of jizz."

Steve's hips were soon a blur of motion as he began fucking his cock into his cousin's pussy with machine-gun rapidity. The teen felt fires blazing like a blast furnace in his loins. From deep in his balls, the rapture was wildly building as he raced closer and closer to a climax.

"Oh, God!" she shrieked with joy when she suddenly exploded into a wild orgasm as his hot jizz gushed into her spasming cunt. "I'm coming... coming!"

As her big cousin's swirling cum continued shooting into her writhing pussy, Misty grabbed his ass, pulling him farther in as the delicious orgasm washed wildly through her lurching body.

"Oh, sweet Steve," she sobbed, thrilled by the way he was pumping her drenched pussy full of creamy jizz.

The boy had led quite an extensive sex life back home, but he'd never experienced a fuck as wonderful as this.

"God, Misty," he whispered. "That was fantastic."

"Oh, honey," she moaned, pressing her hot open lips against his. "I want us to just fuck and fuck and fuck while you're here."


Though school was out for the summer, Misty slipped over to her math teacher's house two or three times a week for a suck and fuck party, but she was spending most of her time with Steve. The two horny cousins were fucking morning, noon and night, but they still couldn't seem to get enough of each other.

One afternoon when Steve and Misty were alone in the house, she suggested that they go up to her room and mess around a little.

Always ready to fuck his cute cousin, Steve excitedly led her up the stairs.

When they were in the privacy of her room, Steve momentarily sat down on the edge of the bed to watch Misty disrobe. Seeing her undress always excited the boy, and the cute redhead enjoyed taking her clothes off in front of him.

When the cute red-headed teen had completely stripped except for a brief pair of panties, she stepped over in front of him.

"Here it is," she teasingly whispered. "Why don't you finish unwrapping it?"

The boy could feel his hard cock throbbing wildly in his pants, reaching out, he hooked his fingers into the waistband of her panties and slowly peeled them down over her softly rounded ass and hips. As she stepped out of them, he drew her toward him and buried his face in the warm softness of her flat belly. Firmly clutching her silky asscheeks, he goosed his fingers into the soft wiggly flesh between her asscheeks. His tongue worked teasingly around her dimpled navel.

There was a gentleness about the teens passionate approach that sent heavenly shivers racing through her body. Panting with erotic expectation, Misty lovingly ran her fingers through his thick head of hair as he continued teasing her quivering belly with his lips and tongue.

The excitement became more intense as his mouth slowly moved down over the flesh of her tummy until his chin was grazing against the silky nest of her pussy hair. Moving his face farther down, he suddenly shot his tongue out and flicked at her tingling clit.

"Oooooh, Steve," she whimpered, digging her fingers into his hair as his hot slippery tongue swirled around her sensitive joy button. Making no attempt to insert his tongue into her pussy, he just teased her quivering clit with the tip.

After bringing her clit to a full erection, he stood tip and faced her. Grasping her bare shoulders, he stared with admiration at her unbelievably luscious tits. They were soft and yet firm with big lust-swollen areolas that were covered with little goose bumps and capped with luscious cherry-hard nipples. Misty was almost beside herself with excitement as he lowered his head and began bathing her sweet titty-buds with his hot wet tongue. Not rushing, the young man gently lapped and licked them until her tits were soaked with his saliva. The slow sensual tongue bath was setting the cute girl's nipples on fire.

Loving the way he was sucking on her swollen tits, she unzipped his fly and wrapped her trembling fingers around his throbbing boner.

"Jesus, he's sure nice and... hard," she whispered, pressing his prick against her soft bare belly, thrilled by the way his cock burned so deliciously against her smooth naked flesh.

Removing his mouth from her tits, Steve quickly disrobed and pressed her back on the bed with her legs hanging over the edge. Kneeling between them, he began sensually licking and bathing the creamy flesh of her inner thighs with his tongue.

"Oooooh, Jesus," she shuddered with excitement. "You really know how to turn a girl on."

Slowly moving his mouth up her thighs, he finally reached her fragrant pussy. Lightly flicking his tongue against her juicy cunt slit, he made no attempt to insert it, but just teased and flicked it around the edges of her open cuntlips.

"Please stick it in," she excitedly whispered. "I want to be tongue-fucked."

Ignoring her pleading, he continued teasing her cunt as more and more of her frothy pussy cream oozed out of it.

"Stop teasing me!" she squealed, unable to stand the delicious torture much longer. "I want your tongue in my cunt!"

Paying no attention to her, he continued his tantalizing routine until he had her in a wild frenzy. Then, lifting her legs up on the bed, he quickly crawled up between them and drove his huge prick all the way up her steaming fuckhole with one long thrust.

After the swift entry, he raised the back of her knees up over his shoulders and began rotating his hips, his deeply embedded boner twisting around deliciously in her hot pussy.

"Oh, shit!" gasped Misty, thrilled by the circular motion of his wonderful cock in her upturned cunt. "What the shit are you doing to me."

"Screwing you, baby," he whispered. "I'm going to screw you silly."

"Oh, yes," she sobbed, writhing her juicy pussy up tighter against the thick base of his cockshaft as his prick twisted around and around in her belly. "That's what I want, honey! I want to be screwed and screwed!"

His steel-hard prick was grinding deliciously against every nerve of her slippery cunt walls as well as rubbing against her tingling clit.

"Do you like this, honey?" he whispered. "Do you like to feel my hard cock screwin' around and around in your cunt?"

"Fuck, yes!" she moaned, clutching wildly at him as he continued his slow deep circular motion. "But you're gonna make me come!"

"That's what I want you to do," he whispered, grinding his hard meat deeper and deeper into her slippery fuckhole.

"Oooooh, shit," Misty suddenly cried. "I'm coming! I'm coming all over your hard cock! I'm coming, honey! I'm coming!"

Not waiting for her orgasm to end, Steve pulled his prick out and crawled back down between her legs, covering her drooling pussy with his slavering mouth. No longer just teasing her cunt, he fucked his thick tongue deep into her soft slippery inner pussy flesh.

"Jesus, honey!" she panted, feeling his hot wet tongue licking around deep in her fuck tunnel. "You really know what to do with a girl's body!"

Moving his tongue up to her clit, he sucked and swirled it around in his mouth for several minutes. Aware that his cute cousin was building up for a second climax, he began sucking deeper and harder on her swollen joy button.

"Oh, shit!" she screamed. "Suck faster, honey! I'm gonna come again!"

"Good," he whispered, momentarily removing his mouth from the beautiful girl's drooling cunt. "Because I'm gonna make you come a lot more before I'm finished with you today."

Lowering his face between her thighs again, he continued his tongue-fuck of her horny pussy.

"Oooooh, shit!" she screamed. "I can't stand it, darling! I can't stand any more!"

Aware that she was ready to come again, he began sucking more vigorously on her cunt slit, wanting her to have the wildest climax possible.

"Oh, sweet pissin' Jesus!" she squealed. "That's it, baby! Suck! Suck! Suck!"

Lurching around on the bed, she was squeezing his juice-smeared face between her naked thighs. Screaming hysterically, she exploded into one of the wildest orgasms she'd ever had.

"Good God!" she whispered a few minutes later as she slowly recovered from her wild climax. "You're fantastic!"

"And we're just getting started," said her cousin, once more crawling up between her legs, guiding his hard cock toward her juice-drenched cunt.

Realizing she was going to be fucked again, the beautiful girl let out a soft whimper of delight. As she watched his stiff cock advancing toward her insatiable fuckhole, Misty's sweet body began shivering with anticipation.

"Oh, sweet Steve," she whispered as his cock slipped into her well-lubricated cunt. "You're the best fucker in the world."

After letting his throbbing boner soak in the hot depths of her juicy cunt for several moments, he slowly withdrew his prick until only his big cock-knob remained in her slippery fuckhole. Then rising up on his knees, he fucked into her juicy pussy. Because of the slight elevation, of his hips, the top ridge of his boner was rubbing deliciously against her clit.

"Oh, fuck!" she whimpered, feeling the entire length of his stiff cock rubbing against her tingling joy-button.

"D'ya like that, honey?" he whispered, raising his hips still higher to put more heavenly pressure on her swollen clit.

"Jesus Christ!" she squealed. "You've gotta be the best Goddamned fucker in the world! Are you gonna give me a nice big cuntful of cum?"

"You can bet your sweet ass on that," he panted, his prick fucking in and out of her horny slit. "I'm gonna drown you in jizz."

"Oh, yes!" the cute teen-ager sobbed with delight. "I want you to squirt me full of it!"

Her shapely legs were waving crazily in the air as his hard prick rubbed deliciously against her throbbing clit. A steady flood of cunt cream was oozing out from between her prick squeezing pussylips as her hot inner flesh squeezed and milked on his fucking cock. His steel-hard boner was lifting her sweet ass right off the bed as his cock fucked in and out of her slippery fuck-passage at an ever-increasing speed.

The beautiful girl was crazed with ecstasy as the top ridge of his hard prick continued stimulating her fiery clit, flailing her shapely legs in the air, Misty passionately clutched him in her arms, covering his mouth with her hot open lips.

"Oh, sweet humpin' Jesus," she panted into his mouth. "I'm gonna come again, honey... come again!"

Spurted on by her excitement, he began fucking faster and deeper with every stroke.

"Oh, baby," he panted between lunges. "Are you gonna get a big cuntful of cum!"

"Yes! Yes!" she whimpered, clutching him more tightly in her arms. "That's what I need, honey! Fill me with that fuckin' stuff!"

Fucking deeply into her scalding cunt, Steve was valiantly trying to hold back until she was ready to climax.

"Fuck, baby, fuck!" she was hysterically screaming. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"

Realizing she was on the verge of her orgasm, he once more increased the tempo of his thrusts.

"Oh shit, squirt, honey, squirt!" she squealed, waving her legs wildly in the air. "I'm coming, baby! Squirt me! I'm doing it again! I'm coming!"

As the overwhelming climax engulfed her, Misty could feel his heavenly hot cum gushing into her lurching pussy. Wave after wave of the slippery white fluid poured into her spasming fuckhole. Jizz filled her writhing cunt and seeped back around his spurting prick, flowing out of her pussy slit and down over her slippery asscheeks.

"Oh, my God," she whispered, covering his mouth with her hot open lips as she ground her jizz-drenched cunt around his rapidly shrinking cock. "That was such a wonderful fuck, honey."

It was then that they looked up and saw her dad smiling at them from the open door.

"That was some show." He grinned.

"Did you like it, Daddy?" asked the cute well-fucked girl.

"I sure did, darling." He smiled as Steve slowly pulled his limp prick out of Misty's cum-filled cunt.

"Oh, Daddy," she giggled when she saw the throbbing bulge in the front of his pants. "It looks like you're hot for my cunt, too."

"I sure am," he admitted, lustily rubbing his swollen boner through the material of his pants.

"Then use it." The girl smiled at him.

"Steve is too pooped to pop for a while. Just get out of your dumb clothes and start fuckin'. I've got enough to keep both of you happy."

Within a few minutes, Lorne was spread out nakedly on his back with Misty straddling his loins, her cunt filled with cock.

Throwing her head back, Misty began bounding up and down on his hard cock meat, his thick sinewy prick rubbing hotly against the sensitive walls of her widely stretched fuckhole.

"Oh, God!" she sobbed, bouncing faster and faster on his lurching prick. "It feels so fuckin' good, Daddy!"

"Holy shit," panted Lorne, feeling the hotness of her pussy milking and sucking on his prick. "You're sure some fucker."

Glancing down between her legs, she could see his thick cock fucking in and out of the horny girl's widely stretched pussy. He could clearly see her grasping cuntlips sucking against his slippery wet cockshaft. Her hot pussy juices coated the length of his fucking cock. The wet slurping sound of her lust swollen cunt slit riding up and down over his steel-hard boner was the most erotic thing he'd ever heard. Crazed by the intense pleasure he was feeling, Lorne grasped her soft asscheeks and began propelling her up and down over his prick as he violently thrust his hips up to meet every downward plunge of her hot sucking cunt.

"That's it, Daddy!" she squealed with joy as he bounced her harder and faster over his throbbing prick. "Oh, fuck... fuck... fuck!"

The wild sensation of her dad's cock fucking through her bouncing cunt was almost mind boggling to the cute teen-ager. The girl's flushed face was contorted by her fiery passions, and she was aware of nothing but her father's meaty prickshaft as his cock fucked in and out of her lust-filled cunt.

"Oh, yes, Daddy!" she frantically shrieked, leaning forward and rubbing her tits against his excited face. "That's it, Daddy! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"

Misty could feel herself rushing toward another wild orgasm as her father's stiff cock continued fucking up through her hot, sucking pussy-flesh. She could feel his prick pounding against the very end of her cunt, carrying her to new heights of ecstasy.

"Fuck, Daddy! Fuck!" she shrieked as their two naked bodies pounded erotically together. "I'm coming, Daddy! Come with me!"

Wanting to please his darling daughter as much as possible, he gave a wild thrust as his cockhead spewed a torrent of white-hot jizz into his daughter's exploding fuckhole.

"That's it, Daddy!" she shrieked, completely crazed with the intense rapture. "That's it! I'm coming with you! Ooooooh, I'm coming all over your big squirting cock!"

When the last drop of cum had dribbled out of her dad's rapidly shrinking prick, Misty saw Steve stroking his brand-new boner, and she knew there was going to be plenty more fucking before this day was over.


Misty always kept her friend, Kathy, informed of her sexual adventures, and the plain limp-haired blonde seemed to love hearing about them. Though Kathy was interested in hearing about Misty's cousin, the thing she enjoyed the most was when the cute redhead would talk about the hot sessions with their math teacher. Kathy's cunt always tingled and itched with vicarious excitement whenever Misty described Dale Baker's cock and balls. Having a secret crush on their teacher, Kathy could vividly see his slippery wet prick fucking in and out of Misty's juicy pussy slit.

"He even sucks my cunt," Misty giggled to her friend one day.

"Are you shittin' me?"

"No, I'm not," swore Misty. "He's a real horny bastard."

"I can hardly believe it," whispered Kathy. "He seems to be such an upstanding man."

"The only thing that's upstanding about him is his cock," giggled Misty. "I thought I'd have a tough time trying to seduce him, but he came on like a fuckin' bull."

"I just can't believe that Mr. Baker would fuck anybody," sighed Kathy.

"You better believe it," Misty laughed. "It was my cunt he used."

"Shit, Misty," said the plain girl. "Between Mr. Baker and your cousin, you're sure fuckin' around a lot these days."

"I love it." Misty grinned. "Don't you?"

"I guess so," Kathy admitted, "but I haven't been laid for more than a year."

"But you like to fuck, don't you?" asked Misty.

"Sure." She blushed. "But nobody has screwed me since my big brother went into the Navy."

"Is he the only guy that's ever balled you?"

"No." Kathy hesitated. "My brother had a couple of horny friends who didn't care if I wasn't pretty as long as they could pop their nuts in my cunt once in a while."

"Shit." Misty smiled. "What you need is a nice hot fuck."

"I know that," Kathy sighed. "But guys aren't exactly beating the door down to get into my pants."

Misty realized her plain-looking friend wasn't exactly a sex symbol with boys flocking after her, but she thought Kathy would probably be a pretty wild piece of ass if some guy gave her the chance.

"Don't you ever get horny?" asked Misty. "Shit, yes," her friend sighed. "Sometimes it drives me crazy."

"What do you do about it?"

"Masturbate," she giggled. "You'll never know how many times I've cried myself to sleep with a finger up my cunt."

Misty suddenly felt terribly sorry for her friend, and she wished she could find someone who would give her the good fucking she needed. She wondered if Mr. Baker would let her bring Kathy over to his house one afternoon. Misty felt certain that the horny teacher would enjoy Kathy's cunt once he had his cock in her, and she knew damn well that the girl would enjoy Mr. Baker's nice hard prick.

"Gee, Kathy," Misty said to her friend, "we've just gotta figure out some way to get you laid."

"I know," said the plain blonde. "I'm goin' nuts without any."

"Maybe I could talk Mr. Baker into letting me bring you and my cousin over to his place," suggested Misty. "We could all have a wild fuck party."

"Do you really mean it?" Kathy excitedly asked.

"Sure," giggled Misty. "We could let them both fuck us."

"Wow!" Kathy giggled. "That would be neat."

"I can't promise," said Misty. "But I'll ask him about it when I go over there this afternoon."

Dale Baker wasn't too enthusiastic about the idea when Misty approached him with it later that day. They were both lying naked on his bed, and the teacher was just about to fuck the girl when she brought up the subject.

"Jesus Christ, Misty," he gasped. "It's bad enough for us to be playing around together, but I just, can't let another student get involved."

"Please, Mr. Baker," she begged. "Kathy needs to be fucked so badly."

"Then let the kid find her own stud," he argued.

"She's tried," Misty sighed. "But the guys just aren't interested in her."

"I don't blame them." He grinned. "That skinny kid has about as much sex appeal as a cold damp dishcloth."

"Please," she begged. "She probably has a real hot cunt."

"I'm sorry," he said with finality. "You just can't bring Kathy and your cousin over here."

"Okay." She smiled, hopping out of bed. "Then we'll find a place where the three of us can fuck without you."

"But, Misty," he protested as the cute redhead started putting on her panties.

"You'll be sorry," she whispered, reaching for her blouse. "I'm not going to spend anymore time with anyone as selfish as you are."

"Okay," he finally relented. "Bring them over with you tomorrow."

"Oh, you sweet man," she beamed, whipping off her panties and jumping back into bed with him. "Now let's fuck."

When the three of them arrived at Mr. Baker's house the next afternoon, they all sat around nervously in his living room, a deathly silence hanging over the group. Kathy was embarrassed by the presence of the math teacher, unable to imagine him naked in front of her. She felt humiliated to be sitting in a room with two men who weren't particularly interested in her. Kathy was so embarrassed that she wanted to run out of the house. The plain, shy girl was perched nervously on the edge of the chair, her pale, watery-blue eyes staring blankly at the floor.

"Well, Kathy," said the teacher, seeing the shy girl's intense discomfort. "I'm certainly glad you could come over this afternoon."

"Thank you," she mumbled.

"Do you know why we're here?"

"Yes," Kathy answered, her nervous voice barely audible.

"Kathy..." He smiled, feeling sorry for the shy embarrassed girl. "Do you mind if I take off your clothes?"

"Okay," she whispered, still looking at the floor. "If you want to."

Realizing how bashful Kathy was feeling, he walked over and gently grasped her shoulders and helped the thin, shapeless girl to her feet. While Misty and Steve looked on, the teacher slowly unbuttoned her blouse and removed it. Kathy still didn't raise her eyes from the floor as he bared her tits. They were small and firm, no larger than lemons, but she had the biggest Goddamn nipples that Dale Baker had ever seen. Her big swollen titties and the large rosy areolas that surrounded them sent a delicious sensation streaking through his loins. There was something about this plain frail girl that was beginning to arouse him. He sensed a smoldering fire lurking in her shapeless body.

"May I touch your breasts?" he asked.

"Yes," she whispered, looking up at him for the first time.

A delicious tingle raced through Kathy's pussy when he gently took her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. Looking, into his gentle eyes, Kathy could hardly believe that her handsome math teacher was actually fondling her tits. Her tenseness and embarrassment seemed to melt away under his gentle caresses. The girl's swollen, tits were throbbing with an excitement she hadn't felt for a very long time.

Aware of her heavy breathing, the teacher could tell how much she was really enjoying it. Releasing her tits, he slid his hands down over her slender waist until he came to the zipper on her jeans. Grasping the metal tab, he pulled it down and then rolled her denims over her slim hips.

As she stood in nothing but her brief panties, there was almost an ethereal look about the plain shy girl.

"You're lovely," the teacher whispered, peeling her panties down over her soft trim ass.

"Thank you." She smiled, her body smoldering with desire for the man who was gently undressing her.

With the girl standing completely naked in front of him, he stared at her pink puffy cunt slit which was exposed between her slender thighs. The swell of her pussy mound was liberally covered with a soft bush of flaxen pussy hair. The soft juicy lips of her dripping cunt were gaping excitedly open, the exposed inner flesh glistening with a thick coating of slippery cunt juice.

Picking up the girl's slender naked body, the man carried her over to a couch where he tenderly put her down. Standing over the girl, he first removed his shirt and then his pants. Her usually pale watery eyes were blazing intently as she watched him drop his shorts.

Kathy let out a little gasp when they fell down around his ankles, revealing the man's big throbbing boner. She instinctively reached out and lovingly wrapped her fingers around the hot hardness of his stiff prick. The feel of his cock throbbing and pulsing in her tight fist sent cunt juice oozing out from between her quivering pussylips. She had almost forgotten how good it felt to handle a man's stiff prick, and she was beside herself with excitement.

Watching from across the room, Misty was gently stroking Steve's bloated cock. The sight of Kathy playing with their teacher's stiff prick had really turned the horny redhead on, and Steve was thoroughly enjoying the delicious hand-job she was giving him. At last the four people were now completely relaxed.

Lying on the couch and excitedly stroking her teacher's cock as he stood beside her, Kathy suddenly noticed a glistening, drop of fuck fluid bubbling up from the slit on the tip of his big shiny cockhead. The excited girl had never mouthed a prick in her life, but she quickly sat up and tentatively flicked her tongue at the shimmering droplet. Not only was she rewarded by the strange and erotic taste of the fuck fluid, but, her nostrils detected a faint musky male scent that almost blew her mind. Clutching his prick more firmly, she began lapping her tongue all around his big blood-engorged cock-knob, wildly enjoying the taste and texture of his prick.

No longer aware of what she was doing, the blonde opened her mouth wider and lowered her hot slippery lips down over his big purple prick-bulb. When the bloated cockhead was completely encompassed by the hot moistness of her mouth, Kathy locked her lips tightly around the base of his cockhead and drew more of the delicious fuck fluid up through the small slit.

"Jesus Christ!" the teacher moaned, shaking with excitement. "Shit, that feels good!"

The frail blonde had no knowledge or experience at cock-sucking, but she was letting nature and her wild instincts guide her. Removing the big cock-knob from her mouth, Kathy began frantically licking up and down the sensitive underside of his prickshaft. Mewling incessantly, she bathed the entire length of his lurching cock with her sweet, warm spit. She could feel the teacher writhing with joy as her juicy wet tongue slithered teasingly over every raw nerve end of his streaming prickshaft.

When his entire prickshaft was completely covered with spit, she sucked his cockhead back into her mouth and began bobbing her head up and down over his stiff meaty fuckpole. She loved the feel of his big thick cylinder of hard sinewy cock flesh all over the top of her tongue as his fat cockhead nudged gently at the back of her throat. God, how she loved the texture of his magnificent prick fucking in and out between her frantically sucking lips.

Glancing across the room as she sucked, Kathy saw Misty stroking Steve's big cock and was shocked by the bigness of his prick. Staring at Steve's thick, long boner seemed to further excite Kathy, and she began sucking on her handsome teacher's cock with even more passion. She was taking his prick deeper and deeper into her mouth with every wild suck.

"Jesus Christ!" roared the man when the ecstasy became almost more than he could endure. "Suck, baby, suck!"

He could feel his climax building up deep in his balls, and he wanted to shoot his load before he lost his sanity. The teacher didn't know how much longer he could stand this intense pleasure that was building and building in his quivering loins.

"Suck, Kathy, suck!" he screamed in a hysterical voice. "I'm almost there, baby almost there!"

Kathy had never taken a load of jizz in her mouth, and she was lusting to taste it. If it was anything like, the taste of pre-fuck fluid, she wanted a whole fucking mouthful.

"Oh, shit!" the man roared, fucking his spurting cock deeper into her mouth. "Here it comes, baby! Here comes the juice!"

The inexperienced girl wasn't prepared for the thick stream of cum that gushed into her throat from his spewing cock. Jizz squirted so rapidly into her mouth that she couldn't possibly swallow fast enough, and the slippery discharge was dribbling out from the corners of her feverishly sucking lips. Trying not to lose too much of his delicious jizz, she continued sucking and slurping on his rapidly shrinking prick. She didn't release his flaccid cock from her mouth until he collapsed into a naked, limp heap on the couch.

That was when Kathy first fully realized what she'd done. The sex-crazed girl was dying to be fucked now, and her teacher had nothing left but a soft wet prick that would be of no use to any girl. Her head was lolling crazily back and forth as she tore at her inflamed pussy with her fingers.

"Oh, Steve!" she screamed when her glazed eyes focused on the boy's big stiff prick which Misty was fondly stroking. "Come here and fuck me, honey! Please give me that big cock!"

"Go ahead, Steve," Misty whispered to the boy. "That poor kid really needs a hot fuck, so go over and give it to her."

When Steve moved across the room to where Kathy was spread out on the couch, Misty followed him, wanting to get a good view of the action.

Without a word, the boy clutched his big cock in his hand and crawled up between her legs.

"Fuck me good, Steve," Kathy whispered, reaching down and parting her slippery pussylips with her fingers. "I haven't been laid for over a year."

Dropping to her knees beside the couch, Misty stared excitedly as her cousin's big purple cockhead probed against the soft pink flesh of Kathy's quivering pussy slit. With her eyes only a few inches away, Misty could hardly wait to see them start fucking.

Kathy was shivering with anticipation when his hard cock pushed against the naked flesh of her pussy.

"Oh, yes," she whispered, feeling his stiff boner slowly parting her cuntlips.

Staring wild-eyed, Misty watched his big cockhead slipping through her girl friend's widely distended cunt-mouth.

"Oh, Jesus!" Kathy sobbed, feeling his large prick stretching her cunt as her pussy had never been stretched in her life, heads of perspiration standing out on her pale face. She was about to scream for him to stop when his big hard cock-knob slipped through the small opening, and her stretched cuntlips clamped back down around, the base of his buried cockhead.

Once his bloated prick-knob had passed through the tight opening of her seldom used pussy, his cock slipped deeper and deeper into her cunt with relatively little discomfort. Kathy first became aware that she'd taken the full length of his thick cock when she felt his warm balls nestled softly against the crack of her ass. Holding him tightly, the thin plain girl luxuriated in the delicious knowledge that at last her stretched cunt was filled with cock again. Kathy almost went out of her mind with rapture when the boy started slowly fucking his big prick in and out of her tight fuckhole.

"Oh, sweet Jesus," she whispered, her usually pale watery eyes glowing with a sparkling passion as his big hard cockshaft pressed and teased along the tingling ridges of her sensitive cunt walls. It was a total joy beyond anything she'd ever experienced as he quickened and deepend his strokes.

Misty was almost out of her mind with excitement as she knelt next to the couch, watching her cousin's stiff cock fucking in and out between her friend's juicy pink cuntlips. Staring at his big juice-slickened prickshaft slithering between Kathy's slippery pussylips. Misty began frantically fingering her own hot cunt. As Steve's big prick slid in his cock seemed to draw the lips of her cunt in, and when he withdrew, they followed his prick out, sucking noisily against his hard cock flesh. With every mighty thrust of his thick prick, Misty could see a hot stream of pussy juice oozing out from between Kathy's cock squeezing cuntlips.

"Oh, honey!" Kathy was squealing as she wrapped her slender thighs around the boy's waist. "It's so damn good, Steve! Christ, you really know how to fuck a cunt!"

Kneeling in front of the couch as she frantically fingered her cunt, Misty was fascinated by the way Kathy's pink pussy slit was grasping and sucking against the boy's fucking prick. Kathy's cuntlips were swollen and had turned a dark pink, shiny and slippery from the fuck fluids that were seeping out from between them. A steady flow of cunt juice was running down over her sweet bare ass as she violently threw her hips up to meet every lusty thrust of the boy's magnificent fuck-machine.

"Fuck, baby, fuck!" Kathy was screaming, grinding her puffy pussy slit up tighter around the base of his thick cock. "Oh, sweet Jesus, it's so fuckin' good... so fuckin' good!"

The heavenly sensation of his cock fucking through her sensitive cunt tunnel was almost mind-boggling to the plain blonde. Her earlier sexual experiences with her big brother and his bumbling friends certainly hadn't prepared her for this intense ecstasy. Screaming and clinging to the boy, she couldn't believe the total rapture that filled her body.

The sex-crazed girl was screwing her hot cunt up as tight as possible around his fucking prick, loving the way his lusty balls slapped noisily against the wide crevice between her wiggly asscheeks. She was screaming with rapture as his hard prick fucked deeper and deeper into her sizzling fuckhole.

"Oh, shit, I love it!" Kathy cried, her slim legs waving wildly in the air as the boy continued assaulting her cunt with his fantastic cock. "Don't ever stop, baby! Don't ever stop! Ooooooooh, it feels so fuckin' good!"

No longer looking wan and pale, Kathy's flushed cheeks were glowing with passion. She was aware of nothing in the world except this delicious hard boner which was fucking in and out of her lust-filled cunt. She could feel every ridge and sinew of his lunging cockshaft fucking into the hot depths of her cunt. The hardness of his prick fucking through her grasping, sucking flesh was beyond her wildest dreams.

"Yes, honey, yes!" she shrieked, tearing and biting at his shoulders. "Oooooooh, honey! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"

Frantically fingering her pussy, Misty was almost insane with excitement. The sight of her cousin's big juice-slickened cock slamming noisily into her girl friend's slurping pussy was the most fantastic thing she'd ever seen.

By now, Kathy was in a complete daze, a victim of her lust and the glorious cock that filled her cunt. She was no longer aware of reality, only those wildly intense sensations that had taken control of her body. The only thing that mattered was riding to heaven on this magnificent prick which was stuffed up between her open legs.

"Oh, Steve!" she screamed, clutching him tightly against her naked body. "Faster, honey! I'm gonna come... gonna come!"

Her entire body began lurching and jerking as her cunt squeezed and sucked against his hot fucking prick.

"Oh, sweet Jesus!" Kathy squealed, feeling the boy's swirling jizz gushing into her convulsing cunt. "I'm coming! I'm coming!"

Her usually plain face was suddenly radiant with an unbelievable beauty as the boy pumped load after hot load of slippery cum into her shuddering belly.

As Kathy collapsed after her wild orgasm finally ended, Misty saw the teacher walking toward her with a brand-new hard-on. She knew there'd be a lot more fucking for call of them before this day ended.


The following Saturday afternoon, Misty's mother drove Steve over to a nearby town to let him visit with a great uncle whom the boy hadn't seen since he was a kid. As soon as they drove away, Misty took her father's hand and led him toward the stairs.

"Let's go to my room," she whispered, her eyes twinkling with mischief.

"You naughty girl." He grinned. "You're acting like you want to fuck."

"You better believe it," giggled Misty, leading him up to her room.

"Well," sighed her father when they were standing by his cute daughter's bed, "I guess we might as well get undressed."

"Good thinking, Daddy," she giggled, kicking off her shoes.

Within a matter of seconds, they were both stark naked, and Misty could feel hot fuck juices boiling out of her horny cunt as she stared at her dad's swollen boner.

"Get on the bed," she whispered. "I can't wait any longer."

As her dad rested on his back with his hands behind his head, Misty straddled his chest, and, with a knee folded on either side of his head, she began grinding her oozing pussy down against his mouth.

"Now eat me," she playfully teased.

She was thrilled by the heat of his panting breath on her wetly dripping cunt as she writhed her pussy up against his mouth.

"Kiss it," she whispered. "Kiss my naughty pussy."

His face was suddenly buried in the fragrant softness of her oozing crotch. He was completely enraptured by the fluffy texture of the girl's cunt curls against his face as he sucked on her fragrantly scented pussy. The slippery hotness of her steaming cuntflesh was enough to blow his mind as he excitedly worked his lips up and down over her widely spread pussy slit.

"Oh, sweet Daddy," she whimpered as he teased hot wet kisses all around the wiggly lips of her juicy cunt.

She could feel the heavenly warmth radiating from between her legs to every part of her body as she excitedly listened to the obscene moist sounds of his mouth sucking hungrily on her tasty pussy. Delicious sensations were building and building in her loins as she felt his thick tongue teasing her quivering clit. Sitting on his face with her wet open pussy against his mouth, she was feeling an intense joy.

With his prick throbbing wildly between his legs, he fucked his tongue deeper into the girl's hot slippery cunt, eliciting soft squeals of pleasure from deep in her throat.

"Mmmmmmm, yes!" whimpered Misty, squeezing her soft naked thighs tighter against his face as her hot fuck juices flowed down into his mouth. She was wildly sloshing her sopping slit all around his face as he flicked his tongue even deeper into the fiery depths of her hot, slick pussy hole.

The intense pleasure between her legs built and built until she was aware of nothing but flaming sparks of ecstasy which were charging throughout her body. As she felt a beautiful warmth deep in her belly, the girl's stomach muscles tightened for a brief period. Then, momentarily unable to breathe, she seemed to freeze, and then suddenly she exploded.

"Oh, sweet suckin' Jesus!" she shrieked. "I'm coming... coming!"

A delicious thick stream of her hot orgasmic juices flowed down into his mouth as he fucked his tongue deeper and deeper into her gushing cunt. He could feel his cock throbbing with a huge hard-on as her oozing pussy soaked his face with her hot creams of passion.

"Oh, Daddy," she whispered a few minutes later as she lay in his arms. "That was wonderful."

"It sure was," he answered.

Pressing her soft parted lips to his, she could feel her dad's swollen boner burning against her belly as he held her tightly against him. His fingers goosed around in the soft wiggly crack between her sweet asscheeks.

"Oh, you naughty man," she giggled when the tip of his finger began probing around her cute puckered ass opening. "That feels so good."

"Do you really like that?" asked her depraved father as he lewdly wormed his fingertip into the girls hot tight shitter.

"God, yes," she panted. "I love it."

With his lusty cock throbbing wildly against the girl's belly, he shoved the entire length of his finger into her asshole.

"Does that still feel good?" he excitedly asked.

"Fuck, yes," she giggled. "Now stick two fingers up my butt."

Quickly complying, he fucked a second finger into her hot asshole.

"Have you ever ass-fucked a girl?" she suddenly asked.

"No," he answered. "But I've always wanted to."

"DO you wanta try mine for size?"

"Are you serious?"

"Sure." She grinned. "I think it would be fun."

"Aren't you afraid it will hurt you?" he asked.

"We can always stop if it does."

"Okay." He grinned. "This is something I've wanted to do for a long time."

"Good," said the girl. "I'm ready whenever you are."

Scrambling up onto her hands and knees, the beautiful girl began waving her soft bare ass around in the air as her father knelt behind her.

"Be gentle," she whispered back over her shoulder, feeling him resting the long, thick underside of his throbbing cockshaft between the fleshy cheeks of her warm ass.

Wanting to reassure her, he reached around and gently cupped a lit in each hand.

"Oooooooh, yes," she breathlessly whimpered, feeling his fingers manipulating her big lust-swollen nipples filling her trembling body with renewed passion. With the warm flesh of her soft asscheeks pressed against his loins, she shivered with excitement. He continued massaging and kneading her firm tits with his tender hands.

"Mmmmmm," she softly moaned with anticipation, feeling the hot thickness of his hard prickmeat throbbing against her quivering asscheeks as his incredibly smooth cockknob slipped up and down in the soft crevice between her wiggly asscheeks.

With the naked length of his bloated cock throbbing against the smooth warm flesh of her quivering ass, he lovingly jiggled and caressed her lush tits in his hands. The resilient flesh rippled between his fingers.

"Oh, Daddy," she whimpered hotly. "Stick that big beauty up my ass, but please try not to hurt me."

When the cute girl reached back and parted her asscheeks with her trembling fingers, the man released her tits and stared excitedly at the pinkness of her puckered asshole. Pressing his thumb against the tight opening, he gently rotated his thumb until it suddenly plopped through the tiny fuckhole.

"Ooooooooh!" The cute redhead squealed with delight.

Feeling the girl's slick hot asshole squeezing against his thumb, her father excitedly fucked the full length of it in and began screwing it around in the slippery depths of her hot buttery asshole. She giggled. "That feels funny, but I like it."

Another soft moan escaped her lips when he pulled his thumb out and fucked his long middle finger all the way up her ass.

"Oooooooh, yes!" she squealed with delight, wriggling her asshole around his deeply embedded finger. "I love it... love it!"

After screwing his finger around, trying to relax and enlarge the tiny opening for his cock, he pulled his finger out and firmly grasped her hips. Her deliciously rounded ass looked so beautiful and inviting, the smooth bare flesh gleaming under the soft light coming through the window. Spreading the cheeks of her sweet ass apart with his fingers, the man excitedly gazed at the small opening he was about to fuck. Not certain how to enter her tight asshole without hurting her, he eased the throbbing head of his prick up against the puckered opening, and then, grasping her hips firmly, he gently pushed forward. The slippery fuck fluids that were oozing out from the tip of his prick seemed to lubricate the tight opening as his throbbing boner started fucking into her asshole.

"Oh, Daddy," whimpered Misty when his big bloated prick-knob slipped into her tight virginal asshole. "Your big prick feels fantastic in my ass."

As anxious as he was to fuck the full length of his cock all the way into her tight shitter, he remained exceptionally patient, working his cock in an inch at a time until his prick was finally almost all the way up her ass.

"Ooooooh, that's so good," she whispered, when the full length of his ass-splitting cock was completely buried to the hilt in the slippery hotness of her tight asshole. "Your cock feels so good in my ass."

"Doesn't it hurt?" he asked.

"A little bit," she admitted. "But I love it."

After letting his hard cock meat luxuriate in the delicious tightness of her squeezing asshole for a few unforgettable seconds, he slowly withdrew his prick until only his bloated cockknob remained inside the clenched ring of her asshole. Then, taking a deep breath, he fucked the entire length of his hard boner back into her tight, slippery shitter with one deep lunge, eliciting squeals of joy from her passionately parted lips.

"Wait a second," gasped the beautiful girl when he violently fucked his cock back in again. "That sorta hurts. You're gonna have to take it easy until I get used to that big bastard in my butt."

With every inch of his throbbing prick lodged deeply in the slippery hotness of her stretched asshole, his cum-bloated balls resting against the hot wetness of her oozing cunt, he paused to allow the girl's ass to adjust to the bigness of his prick. The backs of her softly rounded legs were pressed warmly against the fronts of his muscular thighs as he held her body firmly against him, letting his throbbing cockshaft soak in the squeezing heat of her tight asshole.

After letting his wildly tingling boner simmer in her forbidden fuckhole for several heavenly moments and feeling her ass muscles starting to relax, he slowly pulled back, feeling her hot ass clasping and clinging passionately to the thickness of his hard cock meat. Then, pausing for just a split second, he once more fucked the length of his prick back into her helplessly impaled shitter with one lusty thrust.

"Oooooooh, Daddy!" she squealed with unrestrained joy. "That's the way to fuck an asshole! Now just fuck it to death!"

With the discomfort completely gone, Misty joyously felt him fucking his hard prick into her asshole again and again, each wild plunge bringing her more pleasure than the last. The intense ecstasy in her burning ass kept increasing as the thickness of his fucking boner rubbed and massaged against the sensitive flesh of her tight asshole. She could feel the softly ridged tissues in her ass clinging hotly and moistly to the thick meat of his prickshaft as his cock fucked in and out through the slippery flesh of her hot aroused shitter.

Now his slippery prick was fucking easily in and out, and, from the churning in his balls, the man knew he would soon be shooting his hot load up her ass. The thought of blasting his cum into her bowels seemed to further arouse him.

Kneeling obscenely beneath her father's wildly humping body, Misty was shuddering from the ecstasy that was flowing through her. The beautiful redhead could feel the feverish pleasure building up in her burning asshole as she excitedly waited to feel his swirling cum gush into her ass.

"Oh, you sweet ass-fucker!" she cried.

"Fuck me harder, Daddy! Fuck me harder!" Urged on by the beautiful girl's frenzied squeals, the man began fucking his hard cock even deeper into her tight ass. She frantically ground her deeply impaled asshole back around his fucking prick.

"Oh, Jesus, Daddy!" she squealed, on the verge of hysteria. "Fuck me good!"

God, it was so wonderful! Each and every backward thrust of her horny ass brought her more and more pleasure, and Misty couldn't seem to get enough of his wonderful cock in her ass.

"Oh, sweet Daddy!" she squealed, frenziedly grinding her cock-stuffed asshole around his wildly fucking cock. "Give me more! More!"

As the intense pleasure mounted in her ass fucked body, she excitedly raised her squirming ass, offering even more of her slippery asshole for their enjoyment. Writhing hotly beneath him, the beautiful girl was almost out of her mind from the intense ecstasy she was feeling.

Knowing that her big-cocked father was about to shoot his hot load up her ass, she wildly bucked back against him, trying to work even more of his swollen prick meat into her fiery asshole. Her sweet tits bounced crazily beneath her.

"Oh, yes!" she squealed with joy. "Fuck my asshole, Daddy! Fuck it to death!"

The man's eyes were glazed with lust as he watched his thick cock disappearing and reappearing in and out of the girl's hot ass. He was fucking into her, with all his power, his eyes rolling crazily in his head as he felt the velvety smooth walls of her tight asshole sucking and squeezing against the thick, sensitive length of his tingling hard-on. Snorting like a wild stallion, the man held tightly to her hips, as he fucked deeper and harder into the forbidden depths of her adolescent asshole.

"Oh, Daddy, it feels so shittin' good!" Misty squealed as the unbelievable pleasure in her hot ass increased, the heavenly thickness of his big cock massaging and rubbing against the sensitive flesh of her asshole until the girl thought she would lose her mind from the feelings. Misty could even feel the softly ridged flesh of her ass passage clinging hotly and moistly to his prick as he fucked in and out of her tingling shitter.

"Come on, Daddy!" she screamed. "Fuck me harder!"

Kneeling beneath her wildly humping father, Misty's entire body was aflame with the ecstasy that was flowing through her. Her deliciously moist lips were hanging open as wave after wave of perverted pleasure flooded through her naked loins. The squealing girl could feel the intense ecstasy mounting in her fucked asshole, and she momentarily wondered if she might actually reach an orgasm through this unnatural form of fucking.

"Yes, Daddy!" she whimpered. "Pour it to me, honey!"

The turned-on girl was aware of nothing else in the world except this fantastic ass-fuck she was getting. His hard cock was almost splitting her open, yet she was loving every ass-stretching moment. Every throbbing inch of hot cock meat that he was stuffing up the girl's tingling ass was bringing her nothing but undreamed of joy.

"Fuck it to me!" she screamed, being driven almost insane by his fantastic cock.

Urged on by her depraved squeals, her father fucked his thick boner even deeper into the cute girl's scalding ass. She violently writhed her blistering shitter around his hard prick. Each backward thrust of her hot ass was bringing more and more pleasure to her asshole.

"Oh, fuck it to me, Daddy!" squealed Misty. "Fuck my butt!"

Part of the intense pleasure she was feeling was from the knowledge that she was performing such a depraved act, and the wickedness of the ass-fuck added immensely to the fun. Never had she experienced such intense ecstasy.

"Goddamn!" she shrieked. "Shoot me the juice!"

Misty had thought it was nonsense when she'd once read that some women were capable of reaching orgasm through assfucking but now she felt it might even happen to her.

"Jesus!" the man panted down to the girl. "I think I'm gonna shoot my wad, honey! I don't think I can hold back much longer!"

"Fantastic!" she cried, wriggling her hot asshole more feverishly around his aching cock. "Shoot it to me, Daddy! I think I'm gonna come, too!"

Bucking beneath him like a wild bitch in heat, Misty was rushing toward a mind blowing climax.

"Here it comes!" shouted her father, fucking his prick deeper and harder into her burning ass. "Here comes my jizz!"

"Cream me good!" screamed the half-crazed girl. "Fill my ass!"

As the wild orgasm exploded in her, Misty's entire body began shuddering and jerking from the intense ecstasy.

"Oh, sweet fuckin' Jesus!" she shrieked at the top of her lungs. "I'm coming, Daddy! I'm coming!"

Then she felt his big purple cockhead shooting a thick stream of cum deep into her bowels.

"Holy shit!" she exclaimed, falling flat on her belly as he continued pumping her ass full of jizz.

"Goddamn." He grinned a few moments later when he finally pulled his limp wet prick out of her cock-stretched asshole. "That was some wild fuck."

"It sure was," she sighed. "And we're gonna have a lot more before this afternoon is over."


Going upstairs after she returned from shopping Monday afternoon, Misty's mother heard the sound of soft moans coming from the girl's room. Glancing in, Della saw Steve and her daughter spread out nakedly on the bed. She wasn't at all surprised to see Misty sucking the boy's prick, because she'd been the one to encourage them, but she was really shocked by the size of Steve's hard cock. Her nephew was only a teen-ager, but his prick was larger than her husband's, even bigger than most of the pricks on her other lovers. Staring at the boy's long thick cock as Misty noisily slobbered, Della could feel the hot fuck juices starting to ooze out from between her own legs.

"Oh, Misty," she heard the boy softly panting. "That feels so fuckin' good."

"I'm glad, honey," the cute redhead whispered. "I want it to be good."

"It is," he gasped. "It's fantastic."

"Oh, honey," she sobbed. "Please shoot me a nice hot mouthful."

"Don't worry," he panted. "You're gonna get the biggest load of cum you've ever had."

Frantically clawing at her own dripping pussy slit as she excitedly watched through the doorway, Della could hardly wait to see Steve shoot his wad into Misty's hungry mouth. With her sucking daughter kneeling on the bed only a few feet away from her, Della could see her pussy gleaming just below her upturned asshole. The girl's red pussy hairs were shimmering from the hot cunt juice that was flowing from her horny pussy.

"Oh, shit, that's neat," panted Steve as his cute cousin sucked ravenously on his big thick boner.

Misty's mouth was rapidly bobbing up and down over his stiff dick, and, from the way his body was lurching, the cute cock-sucker fully realized how much she was pleasing him. Taking more and more of his stiff cock into her mouth with every plunge, Misty was enjoying every cock-filled moment. The feel of his thick meaty prick slithering over her tongue was blowing the darling girl's mind. She was thrilled by the way his bloated cock filled her mouth, nudging at the back of her throat and pressing out against the insides of her cheeks as sweet drops of fuck fluid, oozed out from the tip of his cockhead and onto her swirling tongue.

"Does it feel good?" she whispered, temporarily removing, her lips from his prick so she could prolong his ecstasy a bit longer before allowing him to shoot his wad.

"Shit, yes!" he gasped, trying to push her face back down over his ready-to-explode cock.

"God, it sure tastes neat." Misty smiled. "Am I a pretty good cock-sucker?"

"The best," he moaned.

"Good," giggled the hot redhead. "I guess my dad was a darn good teacher."

Gently skimming the skin up and down over the rigid prickshaft, she again covered his cock with her warm, moist mouth. She then started a slow sucking action that almost blew Steve's mind. With every deep suck, the boy felt as if his asshole was being drawn right up through his thick boner.

"Jesus Christ," he panted, his trembling fingers digging into her long red hair as her slippery, hot mouth worked up and down over his big blood-engorged cock.

Misty's head was bobbing faster and faster as she sucked more feverishly on his straining prick. Steve's entire body was jerking and trembling from the wild sensations being induced by his cousin's sucking lips. She was working faster and faster over his quivering prick as he arched his hips up to meet every hot gulp of her slippery mouth.

Misty was thrilled by the feel of his stiff, meaty cockshaft rubbing against her lips, tongue and back of her throat. Now ready to receive a big mouthful of his hot cum, the pretty girl began sucking with a wild intensity.

Steve could feel his impending climax building up deep in his tensing balls. As the supreme moment drew closer and closer, he arched his hips higher, and, grasping her hair, he pulled her hot sucking mouth down tighter around his lurching cock.

"Oh, Misty!" he cried, feeling the hot fuck cream rushing up through his exploding cockshaft. "Here it comes, baby! Here's that fucking mouthful you wanted!"

Although the cute teen-ager had expected a big discharge as usual, she still wasn't prepared for the huge amount of cum that gushed into her mouth. Jizz splattered deliciously against the back of her throat, followed by spurt after spurt from his big belching cock.

Frantically sucking and swallowing so she wouldn't lose a single drop, Misty was going wild over the heavenly, taste of her cousin's cum. The horny girl continued sucking until the very last drop had been emptied from deep in his balls.

"Did you like that?" she whispered when his limp thick prick finally slipped out of her mouth.

"Christ, yes," he panted.

While watching them from the hall, Della was frantically fingering her own cunt as she stared at the thick, slippery jism that was coating her daughter's lips. Turning, she hurried down the hall so she could masturbate to an orgasm in the privacy of her own room.

For the rest of that day, Della couldn't seem to think about anything except her nephew's big virile cock. God, how she wanted to caress, suck and fuck his prick. Never in her life had the promiscuous woman seen such a beautiful prick.

That night at dinner, Della couldn't keep her gaze away from Steve and Misty. Every time she glanced at her nephew, she could envision the boy's big stiff cock thrusting up from between his legs. While vividly recalling the size of his hard boner, Della could feel hot fuck juices seeping out of her heated aroused pussy.

Della always slept in the raw, and, later that night as she lay in bed with her sleeping husband, she was tossing restlessly, unable to get her mind off Steve's beautiful cock. Finding it impossible to sleep, the horny woman decided to go downstairs and have a glass of milk. Slipping into a scanty negligee, Della started down the hall when she saw a light under the door of her nephew's room. With his hard cock vividly on her mind, she nervously rapped on his door.

"Come in," came Steve's voice.

Della felt all hot and juicy between her legs as she opened the door and entered. His bedside lamp was on, and she could see that he'd been reading a book.

"Hello, honey." She smiled, walking across the room to him. "I thought you'd be asleep by now."

It was only when she saw how her nephew was staring at her that Della remembered she was wearing her revealing negligee.

"Hi, Aunt Della," he muttered, trying to keep his eyes averted from her tits and pussy which were so blatantly exposed through the sheer material.

"I can't sleep either," she said, sitting down on the edge of his bed.

Seeing that his chest was bare, Della realized that the boy was sleeping in the nude. Knowing that the beautiful cock she'd seen this afternoon was hidden from her eyes by only a sheet made her already-excited pussy tingle even more.

Steve was very much aware of how beautiful his aunt looked, but the sight of her nearly nude body both embarrassed and excited the boy. The front of her negligee had fallen open, and almost all of her big creamy tits were naked and exposed to his eyes.

"Steve," she murmured, "why aren't you asleep?"

"I'm just restless," he answered, trying not to look at her almost-naked body.

"Is it because of this afternoon?" she asked in a soft voice.

"What do you mean?"

"Are you thinking about the way Misty sucked you off?" she whispered.

"How did you know?"

"I saw you on her bed," explained Della. "Did it feel real good?"

"I guess so," he mumbled.

"Do you like to be sucked off?" his aunt continued.

"Shit, yes." He grinned, deciding to be honest, because, after all, she was the one who had told him he could fuck her daughter.

"I thought so," whispered Della. "And I was surprised at what a beautiful big cock you have."

"Don't be silly." He grinned again. "It's just the same as all the other guys."

"No, it isn't," corrected his aunt. "I've been laid by hundreds of men in my life, and I've never seen a prick as beautiful as yours."

"Do you mean that?"

"Yes, darling," she said, leaning forward and pressing her moist parted lips to his as she rested her hand on his cock, feeling his prick burning against her palm through the sheet.

The boy was too shocked to move. With her tongue swirling around in his mouth, with her big naked tits rubbing against his bare chest and her hand massaging his prick, the boy suddenly exploded into a throbbing hard-on. Even if she was his aunt, she was arousing the young man too much for him to remain calm. The boy's virile body was soon an inferno of lust, and when his aunt reached under the sheet and gently grasped his naked cock, it almost blew his boggled mind.

Throwing back the sheet and crawling into the bed with her handsome nephew, she unfastened the tie-cord of her negligee and removed it revealing the soft full mounds of her luscious tits with her big coral-tinted nipples thrusting out like ripe cherries.

"God, Aunt Della," he whispered. "You're beautiful."

"You're not so bad yourself," crooned the woman, pressing her wet open lips to his.

"Honey," she continued, excitedly licking her moist lips with the tip of her tongue. "Is Misty fun to screw?"

"God, yes!" he gasped. "She's fantastic!"

"Have you laid many other girls?"

"Quite a few," he answered, leaning over and lightly kissing his aunt on the lips.

Della threw her arms around his neck, pulling him savagely against her. She'd been dying to be fucked by her nephew ever since she'd seen her daughter sucking on his big naked cock this afternoon, and now she felt like it was about to happen. One of his legs slipped between her open thighs, and she brought her own leg up to grind it into his crotch. With her moistly parted lips pressed to his, her soft body melted against him.

Steve could feel his aunt's smooth bare thigh massaging his groin until he thought his throbbing cock would burst. Crazed with lust, he slithered his tongue deep into his aunt's mouth, letting her sensuously suck on it while electric-like charges streaked all through his naked body.

"Steve," she suddenly whispered, drawing her sucking lips from his, "You do want to fuck me, don't you?"

"Christ, yes!" He beamed at the thought of fucking his beautiful aunt.

Throwing the sheet completely off of them, she stared lovingly at the thick hard prick spearing up from between his lean, muscular legs.

"It's so beautiful," she whispered. "I can hardly wait to feel it twisting and fucking around in my cunt."

Throwing herself back, she spread her legs lewdly apart and splayed open the puffy lips of her hair-fringed pussy with her naughty fingers.

"Put it right in here," panted Della, writhing her hot ass around on the bed. "Put it right in this juicy hole."

Lying beside the woman, Steve grasped her hips and rolled her dyer against him. Their naked bodies were pressing hotly against each other as her moist warm lips covered his mouth.

Panting excitedly as they kissed, Della moved her hand down between their naked, writhing bodies, searching for the hardness of his thick cock. She could feel the handsome man sucking passionately on her with probing tongue as her experienced fingers once more closed around his rigid boner. Twisting the full length of her naked body against him, she rolled over on her back again, landing him on top and between her widely spread legs.

As she cradled him between her thighs, his chest pressing against her big tits, her hands ran lightly over his shoulders, back and asscheeks, her fingertips teasing lightly around his sensitive asshole. Softly moaning with desire, she could feel the length of his stiff boner against her moist furry pussy slit.

"Oh, honey," she whispered. "Your cock feels so nice and hard."

Covering her nephew's lips with her hot open mouth, she writhed her soft white belly up against his muscular body.

"Oh, darling," she sobbed, trailing her nails lightly across his naked back. "I need your big fucking cock so badly."

His brain spinning with excitement, he cupped his hands beneath her soft ass, pulling her naked cunt up tighter against him. Moving slowly back and forth, the underside of his cockshaft rubbed in the hairy furrow of her widespread cunt slit, getting wetter and wetter from her hot dripping pussy juices.

"Oh, darling," she whispered, reaching down and stuffing the head of his cock, into her slippery cunt.

Steve almost lost his mind when he felt, his prick starting to slither into her sweet fuck hole of liquid fire.

"Oh, sweet Jesus!" she sobbed with delight, feeling her nephew's hard boner sliding all the way up into her passion-slickened fuckhole. "Ooooooooooh, God, it's so good!"

Then, with their minds lost in lewd lust, they began fucking each other with wanton abandon, their obscenely naked bodies slapping wildly together, his fantastically thick prick fucking into her pussy with a savage ferocity. "That's it, you sweet fucker!" she squealed.

"Give it to me good, baby! Fuck me good!"

"Goddamn, Aunt Della," he panted. "I never realized you were such a fuckin' hot bitch!"

"You haven't seen anything yet," the woman sobbed. "Just wait'll I get heated up!"

Their wild mutual ecstasy built up and up as the two of them pounded together with rhythmical unity, his big bursting cock fucking in and out of the hot wetness of her sucking cunt. His slippery fuck-rod was glistening with her frothy pussy juices, a rivulet of moisture dripping from between her cock-clasping cuntlips, running down the crack of her creamy white ass.

"Oh, God, that feels, good," she squealed with joy.

Steve continued fucking his cock harder and deeper into her hot appreciative fuckhole.

"Oh, baby," she whimpered. "That's the way to use a cunt. Oh, shit honey, you're really fuckin' now!"

The otherwise silent room was echoing with the slap of hot flesh against hot flesh and the muffled sobs from their panting mouths.

As the force of his savage thrusts increased, Steve thought he would go out of his mind from the wild sensations that were running up and down his tingling cock. The young man had enjoyed his share of fucks in the past, but none were anything compared to this hot piece of ass he was getting from his own aunt.

"Oh, you sweet darling," she whispered, snaking her soft naked thighs up around his shoulders to better receive the jolting thrusts of his fucking cock. "I love it, honey! I love it!"

While rotating his hips in a circular motion as he fucked his thick boner in and out of her sucking, grasping fuckhole, he was stirring his cock around against every screaming nerve in her flaming pussy. Clinging tightly to her handsome nephew and digging her bare heels into his back, Della felt her orgasm approaching like a runaway freight train.

"Goddamn, that feels good!" she panted up to her nephew.

Completely carried away by his uncontrollable lust, Steve began fucking his rampant prick into his aunt's squirming cunt with even more power. Della could feel his massive cockhead fucking deeper into her pussy. Every savage thrust was lifting her sweet ass right off the bed. She'd enjoying being fucked by hundreds of men, but nothing had compared to her own nephew's big prick. On and on he fucked, each powerful thrust drilling deeper and deeper in the hot slipper depths of her steaming pussy.

"That's it, honey!" she squealed, fucking back with all her might, writhing the wet hotness of her juicy cunt up around the thick base of his fucking cock. "Harder honey, harder! I love it! Oh, shit, how I love it!"

Della's beautiful face was contorted with passion, her eyes rolling back in her head as her long dark hair flailed wildly around her bare shoulders. She was completely unaware of everything except the deliciously thick shaft of hot male cockmeat that was filling her cock hungry cunt. She could feel the heavenly thickness of his hard prick pressing against the hot sucking flesh of her grasping cunt walls.

"Oh, you sweetheart!" she sobbed. "It's so fuckin' good!"

Crazed by his beautiful aunt's excited screams, Steve increased the intensity of his assault on her scalding cunt. His big cum-filled balls were slapping noisily against the soft white flesh of her squirming ass. The room was echoing with their moans and screams as his fucking cock brought both of them closer to their climaxes.

"Oh, sweet baby!" she shrieked, suddenly feeling her nephew's thick hot jism exploding in her spasming fuckhole. "That's it, honey! I'm coming too... coming too!"

As he collapsed over his aunt's writhing body, the boy's throbbing cock continued shooting spurt after spurt of swirling cum into her quivering cunt.

"Now that's what I call fuckin'," she dreamily whispered when the boy finally pulled his thick limp prick out of her jizz drenched cunt.

"It sure was, Aunt Della!" he gasped. "It sure was."


The last evening before Steve was to return home, Misty's mother and father went to a movie, and the cute girl and her cousin were having a wild fuck on the couch in the living room. A steady stream of creamy cunt juices was oozing out from between her cock squeezing cuntlips as her cousin fucked his thick boner in and out of her hot writhing pussy. Misty could actually feel his hard prick growing even bigger as he fucked into her ho cunt flesh. The delicious feeling of his hard prick rubbing against her clit, the exciting slurping sound of his cock squishing between her clasping pussy lips, and the soft thud of his lusty balls slapping against her cute asscheeks, were carrying Misty to new heights of ecstasy.

"Oh, Steve," she mewled, squirming her hot cunt slit up tighter around the base of his fucking cock. "That's the way to fuck, honey! Jesus Christ, this feels neat!"

Fucking into her pussy with swift hard strokes, Steve could feel his cousin's cute body writhing wildly beneath him as her hard hot nipples burned against his bare chest.

"Fuck, baby, fuck!" she cheered him on, her shapely legs waving crazily in the air. "That's it, baby! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"

From the way Steve's body was tensing and jerking, Misty could tell he was almost ready to pop his nuts. Drawing her knees back, she snaked her calves around his shoulders, offering up even more of her cunt slit for their enjoyment.

Shuddering and gasping, Steve fucked into his cute cousin's hot cunt with all his might.

"Oh, shit!" he cried. "I can't hold back! I'm gonna blow my wad!"

"Good!" squealed Misty. "Shoot it to me! I want a nice big cuntful!"

Suddenly he was shooting big wads of white hot cum into her pussy.

"I'm coming, too!" she screamed, feeling his slippery jizz squirting into her spasming fuckhole. "I'm coming... commiiiinnngg!"

Sobbing out obscenities, they clung tightly to each other all through their traumatic climax.

"Oh, Steve," she whispered a few minutes later as they slowly recovered. "You sure know how to fuck a girl."

"Thank you." The boy grinned. "But I wish it wasn't over."

"Don't worry," she whispered. "It won't take me long to suck this thing hard again."

When Misty's parents returned home earlier than expected, they were surprised to find the naked young couple in the living room. Steve was sitting on the couch with his feet sprawled out in front of him while Misty knelt on the floor between his legs, sucking noisily on his cock.

"Goddamn," they heard the boy moan. "That's the way to get a guy's prick hard again."

"I know," Misty giggled, removing her mouth from his huge cock-knob. "And now I'm ready for another hot fuck."

Misty's mother was surprised to see the naked couple in the living room, but it excited her to see Steve's big hard cock again.

"Mom! Dad!" gasped Misty when she saw her parents. "What are you doing home so early?"

"We didn't stay for the second feature," answered her dad, feeling his cock starting to stir as he gazed at the naked body that he'd always enjoyed so much.

As if in a trance, Della continued staring at Steve's gorgeous boner. Not aware of what she was doing, the woman slowly walked toward him to get a better look at his prick again.

"Do you like that prick?" giggled Misty when she saw the wild expression on her mother's face.

"It's the most beautiful prick I've ever seen," whispered Della.

"Touch it," Misty suggested, unaware that Steve had fucked her mom with his big cock. "I'm sure he won't mind."

Not needing any encouragement, Della dropped to her knees in front of her handsome nephew. With her husband and daughter watching in amused silence, the woman grasped the thick base of his huge prickshaft in her hand and began wetly swirling her tongue around the young man's massive cockhead. The big mushroom-shaped prick-knob, as well as the tightly stretched skin of his enormously swollen prick, were soon completely saturated with her warm spit. With her soft lips ovaled hotly around the head of his cock, Della was oblivious to everything else in the world.

"Jesus Christ," Misty whispered to her dad as he sat down in a chair to watch the show. "Look at the way Mom is going down on him."

"God," he laughed. "She's after him like a human vacuum cleaner."

Carried away by her raging lust, Della took more and more of Steve's meaty prick into her mouth with every noisy slurp. She loved the way his tasty cock filled her mouth, nudging at the back of her throat as his prickshaft pressed out against her cheeks. Sticky drops of fuck fluid were oozing out from the slit on the tip of his cock-knob, flowing back over her tongue.

"Oh, Jesus!" the young man panted. "It feels so fuckin' good!"

With every deep suck, it felt as if she were drawing his tingling balls right up through his tingling cockshaft. Della's beautiful face was bobbing faster and faster as she violently sucked on his straining prick. His entire body was shaking and jerking from the incredibly wonderful sensations being induced by the woman's hot slippery lips.

"God!" he panted. "You're sure gonna get a nice big mouthful of jizz!"

"No!" she squealed, releasing his prick from between her lips. "Shoot it in my cunt!"

"What?" he gasped as his aunt jumped up and began rapidly disrobing.

The moment she was completely stripped, the naked woman moved onto the couch with him. Straddling the teen's loins on her knees, she grasped his hard cockshaft and guided his big prick-knob between the hot slick lips of her leaking pussy and began slowly sinking down, filling herself with the throbbing thickness of his bulging cock. Inch by delicious inch she sank lower, shuddering with rapture as Steve's wonderful prick pushed deeper and deeper into her belly. When his cock was in to the hilt, she began seductively rotating her ass, thrilled by the feel of his hard boner screwing and twisting around deep in her cunt slit.

"Oh, yesssssssss!" she shuddered. "Your big cock feels so gooooood!"

"God!" panted Steve, gazing up into her radiant face. "You've sure got a nice hot cunt!"

"Thank you, sir," she giggled as her nephew began thrusting his hips up, fucking his prick in and out of her passion-slickened pussy. "It's a pleasure to be riding you."

Reaching up and grasping his aunt's shoulders, he pulled her soft yielding lips down to his. Thrusting his tongue deep into the delicious warmth of her moist mouth, he continued fucking his turgid cock up into the hot sucking depths of her squeezing pussy.

"Oh, Steve!" she whimpered. "It's so nice... so good! Oh, yes! Fuck me harder."

Wave after wave of incredible pleasure flooded through her loins as his fiery cock fucked in and out of her juicy pussy slit. Thrilled to be fucking his beautiful hot-assed aunt again, Steve was violently driving his hips upward, fucking the meaty hardness of his thick boner deep into her writhing pussy. Almost out of her mind from the intense ecstasy she was feeling, Della was rhythmically plunging her cunt down to meet every upward thrust of his prick. Fucking together with a perfect cadence, they were both totally oblivious to everything else in the world.

Reaching up with his hands, Steve grasped her big full tits, gently squeezing and pinching her desire-swollen nipples between his fingers.

"Ooooooooh, yes!" squealed Della when he began fucking his huge cock up into her lust slickened cunt with deeper, harder thrusts. "That's what I want, honey! More! More!"

"Goddamn," panted Steve. "You better come, I can't hold back much longer."

"Don't worry about me," Della whimpered. "I'm almost there, too."

The woman's soft full hips were wildly rotating like a whirling dervish as she passionately ground her seething pussy around the length of his thick fucking prickshaft.

"Yes! Yes!" she screamed. "Aaaaaaahhhh! Eeeeeeeggggghhhh! Fuck, baby, fuck!"

They were both so involved in their feverish fucking that they'd completely, forgotten that Misty and her father were watching them.

Della's long hair was whipping wildly around her radiant face, her big tits jiggling up and down as she bounced on Steve's hard prick. The young man's hands were tightly clutching her hips as she rode his wildly bucking body.

Leaning forward, Della rested her hands on his shoulders to steady herself as Steve fucked his stiff cockmeat up into her slippery pussy slit. As he watched from where he sat by Misty, Lorne's attention was drawn to his wife's puckered asshole as she leaned forward over her nephew. He could vividly see Steve's juice-slickened boner fucking in and out of her hot slurping cunt, but his interest was in the tight fuckhole just above her cunt. Lorne had never once thought of assfucking with his wife until he ass-fucked Misty the other day, and now he had a mad urge to bury the length of his cock all the way up her asshole.

The desire was so strong that he began quickly disrobing, his eyes still wildly focused on his wife's bare ass. When he removed the last of his clothes, he crawled up behind her on the couch and rested his hands on her shoulders.

"Hi, honey." Della glanced back over her shoulder with a silly grin on her excited face. "I'm fuckin' Steve."

"I see you are," he murmured. "Do you mind if I get into the act?"

"Help yourself," she giggled, returning her attention to the hard prick fucking between her legs, unaware of what her husband had in mind.

With his wife's attention once more concentrated on her nephew's cock, Lorne gently pulled her soft white asscheeks apart with his thumbs. Pushing his hips slightly forward, be nosed the big purple knob of his prick up against the puckered ring of her shitter. Firmly grasping her hips, the man suddenly lunged forward.

"Eeeeeeeeeeggghhb!" Della shrieked, a stab of shooting pain tearing through her body as her husband's lust-swollen cock fucked up through the tightness of her virginal asshole. As she tried to pull her ass free of his cruelly impaling boner, tears of pain filled her eyes. She wriggled and twisted to free her cock stuffed ass from his fiery prick, but his strong hands just pulled her back tighter against him. "Jesus Christ, take it out!" the woman screamed as Lorne fucked his ass-splitting cock even deeper into her forbidden fuck hole.

The wild way she was wriggling her ass to free herself only added to the intense pleasure he was feeling.

"That's it, baby!" he panted, fucking his cock even deeper into her. "That's the way to shake it."

Lorne could feel his prick swelling even larger as the moist clinging walls of her slippery ass passage clamped hotly around the length of his naked prickshaft. Slamming his hips forward, he moaned with pleasure. He fucked even more of his throbbing prick into her tight ass.

"Oh, God," sobbed the trembling woman when the initial pain started to fade. "What the hell do you think you're doing?"

"Fucking your cute ass," panted Lorne as he continued fucking his cock in and out of her tight shitter.

Every time he lunged forward, fucking his meaty hard prick up her slippery ass passage, his balls slapped against her cock-filled pussy. With each deep thrust he could feel his wife's ass muscles starting to relax a bit more.

It had been extremely painful for the beautiful woman when his prick first invaded her unused fuckhole, but it was getting less painful all the time. There was practically no discomfort now, and she was once more able to concentrate on Steve's delicious cock which was still fucking into her aroused pussy.

Slowly becoming aware of how pleasant Lorne's hard prick felt in her asshole, she began grinding her soft ass back against him, moaning softly from the pleasure she was beginning to feel. A new excitement was stealing through her body as her ravaged ass walls quivered and squeezed around the heated stiffness of his throbbing cock. Della would never have thought that anything as depraved as this could be pleasant, but she was beginning to love the hot thickness of his prick fucking lewdly in and out of her tingling rectum.

"Jesus!" Steve panted from beneath the woman. "We've sure got her nailed this time!"

"You're not shittin'." Lorne grinned. "This is one fuck she'll never forget."

"Oh, yes!" Della squealed with delight. "Just fuck me to death, you two beautiful bastards!"

"Don't worry," panted Lorne, fucking his thick cock even deeper into her hot, buttery asshole. "That's what we're gonna do."

"Oh, yes!" she cried hysterically. "I need two hard cocks!"

Lorne grinned to himself. He hadn't expected her to enjoy ass-fucking this much, but she was apparently thoroughly enjoying the whole thing. The way her ass muscles were squeezing his hard cock meat was making his prick swell and throb even more urgently.

There was no doubt about how much she was enjoying the ass-fuck as the heated tissues of her hot asshole quivered against the length of his deeply embedded cock.

Spread out beneath his aunt, Steve was rhythmically fucking his big hard cock in and out between the moist petals of her overheated cunt, his long prickshaft coated with her slippery fuck juices.

"That's it, honey!" Della slowed down to the teen as he began fucking his prick up into her cunt at a much faster tempo. "That's the way to fuck, darling!"

It was pure heaven for the woman to be sandwiched between these two handsome men with a hot throbbing cock in each of her fuck holes.

"Ooooooooooh, yes!" she squealed with delight as Steve's prick fucked into the fiery depths of her lusting pussy slit. She'd never been so completely fucked in her life. Filthy little obscenities were gurgling out of her mouth as the two men fucked her in tandem, lewdly filling her loins with a double pleasure. "Oh, fuck, this is good!" she squealed, writhing wildly between their hard thrusting bodies. "I love it! Oh, fuck, how I love it!"

Impaled on both of their cocks, the beautiful woman was being deliciously ravaged. The deeply plunging boners were fucking her with a wildly erotic rhythm of animal passion. The room was filled with the sucking sounds of their lewd fucking. Della was no longer even able to differentiate between the two cocks. It felt to her as if one magnificent prick was going in her ass and coming out her cunt, going in her cunt and coming out her ass.

As she was buffeted back and forth between their two humping bodies, Della's soft sucking pussy was clinging deliciously to Steve's fucking cock while her quivering rectum sucked and squeezed on her husband's meaty prick.

"Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!" screamed the wildly aroused woman as the two men fucked her with perfect rhythm. As one drove in, the other pulled out, driving her crazy with the intense ecstasy. Each plunge and withdrawal of their lusty boners was bringing her closer and closer to a mind-blowing orgasm. She was unaware that the shrill screams she was hearing were coming from her own throat. She was hurtling over the crest as her unbelievable orgasm engulfed her.

"Yesssssss!" she shrieked. "Fuck me harder! Oh, fuck, I'm coming! Fuck meeeeeee!"

Fucking their hard cocks into her with a perfect rhythm and timing, they were bringing her more orgasmic rapture than she'd ever experienced in her life.

Feeling the woman's hot fuck juices coming all over his prick, Steve exploded a torrent of hot fuck cream into her writhing pussy.

"That's the way, honey!" she squealed. "Cream me good, baby! I'm coming all over your big hard cock!"

At that very moment, her husband's prick unleashed a hot gush of seething jizz deep into her burning asshole. The slippery walls of her asshole were soon quickly coated with his thick, spurting jizz. Trembling violently, the beautiful woman felt her asshole filled to overflowing with his hot creamy cum.

Watching from across the room, Misty could hardly wait for her father and cousin to get new hard-ons so they could give her a double fuck like they'd just done to her mom. Anxious to have one hard prick up her ass while another one was fucking her cunt, she walked over and slipped Steve's thick limp prick into her mouth. Knowing that the sooner she could get them hard again, the sooner they could fuck, she sucked deep and hard on Steve's prick while she lovingly stroked her dad's.

Fifteen minutes later, Misty was fondling two extremely hard cocks.

"Now," she giggled. "Who gets my cunt and who gets my asshole?"

It was almost dawn before the exhausted family finally quit sucking and fucking each other.


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