Bondage wives

Outwardly, most Americans maintain the strait-laced middle-class look that belies the social ferment behind closed doors.

There is the secret use of drugs, fed by the marijuana syndrome. There is the river of alcohol flooding from door to door under the euphemism of social drinking. Then, of course, there is the advent of sexual fantasies brought to life.

BONDAGE WIVES is the story of one young woman, Marilyn, who gradually discovers that other people have some startling and perverse fantasies they are desperate to play out. And she finds that she also enjoys them. Her story is a mirror of a way of life behind many closed doors. No facade, no regrets. Indeed, to Marilyn, her behavior and fantasies become a norm.

BONDAGE WIVES -- a novel of fiction for entertainment. A page from our restless society as food for serious thought.


Dave waited at the doorway of the hotel room for a moment while the bell-hop placed the bags on the floor at the foot of the bed and drew back the drapes, exposing the lovely view of the Florida beach and the sparkling blue of the Gulf of Mexico beyond. The bell-hop returned to the waiting couple, smiling, his hand not quite outstretched.

"Here you go." Dave shoved a dollar at the kid.

"Thank you, sir." The smile showed that the amount was not exceptional, but acceptable anyway. The boy walked down the long hallway, back toward the lobby.

Dave turned to Marilyn laid one hand low on her back and looked into her blue eyes. "Here we go!" He swept the girl into his arms and carried her across the threshold.

"Ohhhh!" Marilyn gave a small gasp as her new husband's arms held her easily. She knew Dave was strong, knew what his body could do, but was still surprised at how forceful he could be.

Dave lowered her and she turned to look around the room. "Oh, this is nice! So pretty. And right on the ocean, with the beach right..." His arm pulled her in, stopping her words with a kiss.

"I love you," Dave held her with both hands in the small of her back, his body tightly placed to her, pressing in firmly.

"Dave, oh, Dave. I love you so much." Her mouth parted at the movement of his probing tongue and she accepted the mounting passion of his kiss, responding to the desire she sensed in the man, melting to him easily, naturally, her tongue pressing to his as he explored her mouth. "Mmmmmm, yes," she murmured, "yes."

Dave's hips leaned out, shoving his crotch to her. One hand glided, over her butt and he let her feel the rising hardness of his cock. "I want you." One hand slid over her left tit.

"Yes, yes. Oh, Dave." Marilyn pushed against her husband, moving her hand on his back, her hips pivoting very slowly against his body. For six months she had been his, been his lover, taken his love, and the thrill kept growing each time they were together.

And now they were married; it was all legal, proper. They could do anything. Anything!

Dave's hands were all over her, everywhere, touching where they had touched many times before, but with a new depth of feeling now that they were man and wife.

Three hours from the wedding ceremony and now only minutes from the consummation, from her opportunity to give herself totally to the man she loved.

"Dave. Dave! Take me. I'm yours. All of me, every part." Marilyn crushed herself to the man, trying to touch as much of him as she could.

"Oh, Marilyn. You'r so beautiful. Beautiful." He caressed his wife's long blonde hair. His lips parted and he began another kiss on her bright red lips. He knew her body well. He had married her for the splendid sex she gave him. For the way she satisfied his physical desires.

Dave's hands found both big breasts and fondled them heavily. The blouse and bra felt stiff, clumsy under his fingers and he began to tug at her clothing, wanting the naked flesh to touch him, to complete his arousal.

"Why don't you pull the drapes?" Marilyn whispered. "Give us some privacy." She began to undo her blouse.

The room opened onto the beach, just a small concrete patio and two steps separating them from the sand. Dave pulled the drapes closed, a dusky pale light filling the room after the bright sunshine.

Marilyn took off her blouse and bra. Usually she didn't need a bra, her breasts stood up high and firm on their own. But she wanted to be very proper for her wedding. A tan slope of skin spread down nearly to her nipples, picking up again across her stomach, accenting her slim waist. She slipped out of her shoes and tugged down the zipper at the side of her skirt. The skirt fell away easily. Her long legs were sheathed in panty hose, the same shade as her tan.

Dave laid his jacket over the back of a chair and loosened his tie. He sat on the chair to take off his shoes, then stood and removed tie and shirt quickly, eyes all the time on the young woman as she undressed. Marilyn was twenty, the figure full, hips rounded, legs sleekly tapering. His desire rose as her round butt came into view, peaking when she stepped free of the panty hose and turned, fully naked, to face him, her smile soft, quiet, full of love.

Many times Dave had seen the naked body. It always sent the wild excitement streaming from his crotch. His balls tingled as he crossed the room and took the nude form in his anus, drawing the large, bared breasts to his chest, leaning in, kissing the blonde with deep passion, his hands on her butt, holding her close.

Marilyn dissolved in desire. Her hands caressed the broad back, her body shuddered with the feeling of the man's passion, his arms like steel bands looping her, holding her close to his naked torso. Throbs of lust pulsed from her snatch. She clung to him, quivering, wonderfully happy.

"Let's go to bed." Dave broke the embrace and undid his belt. His pants fell to the floor and he stepped past Marilyn in just his shorts, the front all stretched out from his hard prick.

Marilyn pulled the covers away and lay out on the cool yellow sheet, arms raised, smiling, her legs apart to invite the man to enter her, to take her body, to possess her completely to fuck her.

Dave gazed down at the woman -- his wife -- as he slid his shorts from his hips. His trapped dick sprang up, tall and stiff. Naked, he leaned forward, put one knee to the bed and crawled to the waiting girl. His hand caressed one boob as he lay down.

Marilyn smiled as her husband moved to her, touched her bare body. His mouth found her lips and she took his advancing tongue swiftly as he lay on top of her, his big, hard cock digging slowly for her pussy.

"Dave. I love you. Take me. I want you to. I love you. Dave, Dave. OH!" He entered her cunt suddenly, his whole prick penetrating with one brisk jab. Her desire soared and she clung to him, arching against his regular thrusts, taking his screwing easily, accustomed to his moves, his tempo, his wishes.

"Ohhhhhhh. I love you, Dave." Lust poured in warm cascades as the man's dick did its wonderful work. His hands were on her breasts, his mouth kissing desperately, ravishing her, her entire being responding now, responding to her husband as he made love to her. Magnificent love.

"Dave. Dave, Dave. Oh. Oh, God. So good. Oh. Don't stop. Not ever. I love you. Oh. Forever." She moaned, gasping as her twat heated. Her clit began to throb as the man's crotch hit against it, their bodies tightly touching from mouth to thighs, engaged in sensuous pleasures.

Marilyn lifted her knees, giving the man more of her pussy. She wanted him to have every bit, all of her, nothing held, back. Not now. They were mated.

Her family had opposed it, but Dave was so strong, so dynamic, so masterful, that he had overwhelmed her and she had said "yes", first to sex and now to marriage.

As she felt his body above her, his dick all inside her, the force of his body plunging into her, Marilyn knew she had been right. Dave was the perfect man for her.

She raked his back softly with her fingers, feeling his muscles clench as his fucking took on more force.

"Ohhhhh, Dave." Marilyn's voice turned husky as her need for the man deepened, her lust turned to insistent pounding in her twat. "Dave. I love you." Her body quivered under his heaving dick, under his driving muscles. The long tool gouged into her body again and again. Marilyn mounted on a flight of wild desire until orgasm took her. Quivering, she came under the man, under her husband, her body filled with sexual beauty, her legs tight to his sides, her cunt flaming as his rigid prick filled it over and over. An arrow of pure desire sped from her cunt and she sank into a shuddering, thrilling moment, coming with full, intense enjoyment, her pleasures overwhelming her. She felt his body tense, sensed the new urgency in his drives and knew he was coming, knew her husband was at the pinnacle of his desires, knew that she had given him the ultimate pleasure.

"DAVE!" She clawed at him, shoved her hips, met his heaviest drives solidly and kept coming as he came with her, their bodies a thrashing pair on the bed.

"Marilyn. Oh, God. God!" He held her tightly and hammered in the last few thrusts, his body glued to her warm flesh. "OH!" He grunted twice and fell to her, going suddenly slack, kissing her deeply. "I love you. Marilyn, so beautiful. All the time. So beautiful. Beautiful." He stroked her breast with one hand.

Marilyn held him with both arms, kissing his face and neck. "I love you. Oh, Dave. You're my husband. We're married. Married! We can do this... we can be together all the time. Every day. Oh!"

"And every night." He gave her a couple of slight shoves with his dick before he pulled out.

"Mmmmmm." She sounded disappointed, at most hurt as his organ left her body.

Dave lay beside the lovely blonde, looking slowly up and down the nude form. In his life he'd made it with several girls, but not one of them had nearly as perfect a body as Marilyn's. The sight of it always turned him on. It did now, too. He touched one nipple lightly with three fingers, barely applying a little pressure.

Marilyn turned toward him, offering her body again. Giving him all of it. All he wanted. "Dave, I love you." Her hand slid down his chest, stopping just short of his dick. "I love you. You know that." She touched his cock lightly. "And I'll never say 'no' to you. Not ever. That's a promise." She squeezed his prick.

"Marilyn, Marilyn." He drew her close, pressing her hand firmly over his equipment as he kissed her boobs. "Your... so wonderful... turns me on. All the way." His teeth nibbled at a nipple, feeling it turn firm, then hard as his tongue stroked it. "You're so exciting. So great to look at. To touch. So sexy, sexy... extra sexy... extra sexy sexy." He ran his hand down over her snatch. "I just want to make love to you all the time."

Marilyn felt his rod begin to thicken and closed her fingers around it, wanting to make it hard again, wanting to feel it inside her body, all the way up her pussy. A creaminess came into her box and she moaned, his finger finding her clit, rolling it, making it turn warm as it began to pulse with active desire. The prick in her fingers stiffened more and she rolled to him, turning on her side so their bodies touched as they kissed.

He held her close, moving his hips slowly, rotating the rising cock against her belly. Hardness entered the shaft and he let her feel it. A groan of passion seeped from his throat and he held her closer, bearing in with his hips, forcing the rigid meat to her warm, willing flesh. His hand groped in and touched the delicate pinkness of the flesh around her snatch.

Marilyn raised one knee to give him room en room to touch her with his hand or to enter her with his cock.

Suddenly, Dave had both hands and his mouth on her tits, kissing, feeling, pinching, fondling the full, firm mounds. Marilyn rolled on her back, smiling, small gasps coming from her as his kiss and touch raised her passions. His mouth tried to swallow one titcompletely, jaw lowered to take in more flesh, the tongue like a demented snake all over the nipple.

"Marilyn," he sighed deeply. "Marilyn, you are so beautiful." Dave propped himself up on one elbow to look at his bride. "I love you." His finger traced the outline of her breasts, then slithered down to touch the cunt again, just one finger probing at the stiff tab of flesh.

Marilyn's lust swam thickly between her legs. Her pussy was engulfed with desire, with real need for the man, for his body... for his cock!

"Let me look at you." He rose above her, almost sitting up on the bed. "You are so sexy!"

"I love you." She touched his powerful hard-on.

"Let me look at you." He did not move away from her pressing fingers. "Walk. Just walk across the room. Naked. Just like this." He fondled a boob. "Let me see you. See all of you. I want to look at your body. Your beautiful, naked, sexy body." He kissed her boob.

"Dave, yes. Of course." Marilyn swiveled on her tail and swung her lithe legs to the floor, giving the man -- her man! -- a sight of her butt as she rose.

Turning, Marilyn stood with legs together, the dark nipples against her pale flesh matched by the darker triangle of hair that marked her cunt. She smiled, raised her hands behind her head to separate her breasts and make them look even bigger and firmer, then began to walk around the bed. She crossed the room, turned and walked back, looking at her husband all the time, eyes going from his stiff prick up his solid torso to his brown eyes and dark brown hair, then back down -- very quickly -- to his hard dick again.

Marilyn waked almost to the draperies, then turned and stood still, legs apart to display her snatch.

"Marilyn!" He gasped the word, desire suddenly urgent, hammering right in his balls. "Come here. Oh, Marilyn. Oh. I love you. So much." He sat on the edge of the bed, arms up, palms out flat, beckoning her to him.

Marilyn went to him quickly, ready for his love, for his body, for the sex she wanted so badly. Sex with the man she loved.

Dave's hands closed behind the blonde's back. His fingers slid over her round cheeks, digging into the flesh. He leaned forward and planted his mouth right on the standing girl's cunt, tongue probing for the clit.

"Ohhhhh!" Fresh flashes of lust sped from her box as Dave started to eat her out. A fresh seep of cunt-juice started and she spread her legs, stretching to get them as far apart as she could, loving the feel of his mouth and tongue, wanting more, desire raging now, filling her with bright waves of pure happiness.

"I love you. I love you!" she said eagerly, caressing his arms and shoulders.

Dave's tongue licked strongly, leaving a moist trail from her cunt up past her navel. He licked up toward her breasts as he pulled her to the bed. The springy feel of her slim waist aroused him deeply and he tumbled her so she lay flat, almost leaping on her to lie between her legs.

Marilyn felt the hard rod go up her snatch and knew she was going to come. She went with the feeling, helpless with lust, melting under her husband's driving strength, his digging cock raising magnificent waves of passion from her steaming box until she shrieked, called his name and came, all her muscles thrashing, arms flailing in the air, body tense, twitches of shining fire along every nerve.

She sloped from the frantic peak, aware that Dave was still there, still fucking hard, his cock all the way up her cunt, his legs driving his hips faster and faster, a flurry of short, desperate jabs.

"Dave. Dave! You'r so strong. I love you."

He moved up to a new angle, striking down more steeply, the top edge of his dick dragging over her clit. A new passion began to grow between her legs. Marilyn moved below her husband, letting him feel her, letting him touch her breasts, his short kisses, his long, dense thrusts, the full length of his tool moving regularly up and down in her slick pit. "I love you. Dave. I love you. I love your body. I love your cock. Your cock. I love your sex... your body... your cock... cock. Hard cock... I love you when we fuck... fuck... fuck me, Dave... oh, hard. Fuck with your cock... fuck me... Dave... oh... Dave... fuck..." Marilyn became breathless, her body wracked with new, faster drives of desire, her husband plunging with all his strength into her, his splendid body working, driving his great prick, his magnificent tool, the tool that created such shimmering beauty, so much heat, the tool that she loved, that brought her to another smashing climax, her back arched, tits aching with lust, cunt screaming as the fires of physical release burst to blazing, as her clit exploded, as Dave's cock hammered in, as his body... his muscles... his cock... cock... Cock! FUCK!!!

Dave came with a passion that was almost agony, his cum torn from his balls, ripped out, scorching though his dick, blinded by the force of his orgasm, sent into a frantic series of jolting ecstasies by Marilyn's body, shredded by the furious need, by his intense passion for her beautiful form... her body... her tits. Her cunt!! YES!!

"Ohhhhhhh, Marilyn! OHHH!" He crashed into her cunt until he fell exhausted, streaming sweat, on top of the body he loved -- loved enough to marry.

"Oh. Dave!" Never had she felt so completely satisfied. Never had she felt so much a woman.

Marilyn held the man tenderly, cradling him, caressing the body that gave so much enjoyment.

"I love you, Dave. So much. And forever."

"Yes." He took her in his arms and they lay very quietly together.


The bellboy pulled the drapes. "Nice view from here, sir. All across the beach."

"Yeah. Nice." Carl handed the kid a dollar and slung his suitcase onto the bed to start unpacking. "I'll call you if we need anything, kid." The first thing Carl unpacked was a full quart of bourbon.

"I can get you some ice, sir."


"And a couple of tall glasses. Bar glasses, kid," Brenda said quickly. "I hate drinking out of those damn glasses in hotel bathrooms." She sat on the bed and started to take off her shoes.

"Right away." The bell hop left.

"Room looks just the same as it did five years ago. Doesn't it, honey?" He picked up some underwear and stowed it in the dresser.

"No. They've done it all over. New drapes, new carpet, new furniture. Even the bed's in a different place."

"Well, it seems like the same place. It's the same room and everything."

"It's a hotel room, Carl, like all the others." She ran a hand through her short black hair.

"You didn't think that the first time we were here."

"That was five years ago. On our honeymoon."

"You liked it then."

"I'd have liked a sleeping bag on the ground, Carl." She rose, came around the bed to him and gave him a short kiss, just touching lips Brenda was short, her body sleek; very trim, breasts like apples, and just about as firm. Dark eyes, her olive skin heavily tanned, face lean, alert. "And you wouldn't have knowing the difference between a sleeping bag and Buckingham Palace."

"Yeah." He smiled at the memory.

"Christ, you were all hands and arms... and stiff cock, too." She turned and walked to the dresser.

"It'll be like that again, Brenda. You'll see. We'll get the magic back. The prick magic."

"We'll see." She put some of her clothes into the drawer, carefully separating her, clothes from her husband's. "This whole trip was your idea."

"Look, I had the time coming, and got that bonus, so it seemed like a good idea." He tossed his socks on top of his underwear.

"I just hope it is." Brenda lit a cigarette and took a very deep drag, holding the smoke.

"It will be. You'll see. We'll have a great time."

Brenda let the smoke out very slowly. "Maybe."

"Just try to enjoy it, Brenda. We haven't been away for a long time. Too long."

Brenda moved more clothes into the drawer from her valise. She hung a couple of dresses in the closet.

Carl slid back the wide sliding glass door that opened onto the beach. The sound of surf and the lively smell of the sea drifted to them.

"Where the hell is the kid with the ice?" Brenda took another deep drag on her cigarette.

"He'll be along in a minute. Just look at that. Just beautiful." Carl stood looking over the sea.

Brenda answered the tap at the door.

"Here's your ice, ma'am. And the glasses." The kid had them on a tray and set it carefully on the desk across from the bed. He stood standing for a moment.

"Hey, Carl. Give the kid a buck." Brenda shoveled ice into the glasses.

"Oh, sure." Carl dug out a dollar and handed it to the boy.

"Yes, sir." Nice smile followed the words.

"Thank you, sir. My name's Tim. If you want anything, just ask for me. Anytime."

"Okay, okay." Carl watched the boy close the door.

"Here you go." Brenda handed Carl a stiff drink. Her own was just as strong.

"To the second honeymoon." Carl lifted his glass.

"The second honeymoon." Brenda clinked her glass with her husband and took a good long pull.

"That's nice," Carl said slowly after his second sip had gone down his throat. "Nice." He leaned toward his wife. "You're nice, too." His arm reached around her waist. "Damn nice." He kissed her.

Brenda gave the man another short kiss, touching him just a little more firmly with her mouth this time, the lips, tightly closed.

"Hey, hey. What kind of a kiss is that?" Carl tried to get a good solid kiss going.

"It's the kind of kiss that says I want to finish my drink and go have a swim." She turned and moved away.

"I wanted to... to make love to you, Brenda." He took a hefty swallow of his bourbon. And another. "I wanted to do that right now. It's supposed to be like our honeymoon. You didn't want to go swimming then."

"That was five years ago, Carl." Brenda pulled off her sweater over her head and unhooked her bra. She dropped the clothes on the bed, turning toward the man.

"Brenda, I... I want you." He moved to her, one hand cupping over the dandy nippled tit, the flesh very firm to his crushing fingers. "I want you now. Please." He kissed her, holding her bare torso to him. "Brenda, you can go swimming later. Christ, you can go swimming any time you want."

"And we're married. You can make love to me any time, too. Day or night." She twisted out of his grasp. "But now I want to swim." Blue capris clung to her trim legs. She opened the side zipper and shed them swiftly, standing near the middle of the room in just her pale blue panties, the deep tan unbroken down her back.

"I want you, Brenda. Please." Carl's arm circled her waist from behind and he held her butt to his crotch. "I want you. Your body. Can you feel it? Feel how much I want it. How much I want your body?" He pressed his stiff prick to her tail.

"Yes, Carl. I can feel it." She sounded bored, almost ready to yawn. "I can feel your big, hard prick." She slid from his grasp. "But I want to finish my drink and have a swim. Then maybe... I'll be in the mood." Brenda lit another cigarette.

"Oh, Brenda, please. Please." His hands slid under her panties, feeling for her pussy.

Brenda set down her chink and took a fresh drag on her cigarette, holding it in her lips while she played with her hair. Her husband was fondling her clit slowly with one hand while his other fondled her right tit. She took another drag and a sip of her drink before she moved away from the groping hands.

"Brenda!" He lunged for her, dragging her panties to her knees. "Oh, God. I want it so bad." Carl dropped to his knees and plunged his face to her snatch.

Brenda calmly stepped out of her panties and stood still for a moment, drinking bourbon in lady-like sips as her husband ate her cunt.

"Oh, that's enough. People can see us." She turned away and closed the drapes. "Get up, Carl."

"Oh, Brenda," he moaned desperately. "Please!" Carl ripped open his fly and hauled out his cock. "Look. Look! See how much I need you? How much I want you?" He yanked off his shirt and shoved his pants to the floor, "I've got to have you. Now, now, Brenda!!" He struggled out of his tangled pants and shorts.

"I wonder... should I wear the yellow suit? ... or the green one, with the white daisies? ... or the blue one? ... that goes with the sky and the sea. Yes. I think the blue one." She leaned over, digging through the clothes in the dresser.

"Brenda!" Carl yelled. Naked, he flung himself at the woman, digging for her asshole with his dick.

"NO!" She whirled and slapped his face hard.

"YES! NOW!" He zoared at the woman, shoving her down on the bed. "YES!" He leaped onto her nude form, digging for her hole with his prick. "I want it! Now!"

"Carl. Carl!" She tried to shove him off, flailing at his arms and shoulders with her hands. "No. Get off me. OH!" He entered her, slamming in with his dick. "OH!" She felt the stiff meat tear into her snatch. "Get off!!" She howled and spasmed with her legs and body, rolling free of his heaving frame.

"BRENDA!" Carl grabbed the woman by one arm, slammed her back on the bed and slapped her hard across the face twice. "BITCH!" he growled, "I'll show you. Tie you up so you can't get away from me." He sprang from the bed and grabbed for his other suitcase beside the desk.

"I want a swim, Carl." Brenda started to get up. "You stay there, damn it." He dropped the case on the bed and fucked it open. The case was filled with lengths of rope, handcuffs, straps; a whole traveling kit for the bondage master.

Carl selected three lengths of clothesline from the case and kicked it to the floor.

Carl rose on his knees above the prone figure. "You know what happens when you say 'no' to me." He stretched the sash-cord between his hands.

"Carl, I... I just wanted to have a swim first." She shrank back into the bed, drawing away from the powerful figure looming over her. His naked body seemed to fill half the room as he leaned toward her, his hefty figure, muscles still hard, mostly from his exercises in bed, filled her with fear, with a kind of panic... and with a kind of lust.

"Now we'll see whether you want to get fucked or not." He snatched up one arm and skillfully tied a length of rope to the wrist. He bound the other wrist with a second length of cord, then got off the bed and pulled the free ends of rope toward the head, bending to tie them to the frame, spreading the woman's arms wide above her head.

"Carl... please, Carl. You don't have to do that." She tried to squirm away. "I'll be good. I'll let you take me. I'm your wife. You can have me any time. Please. Please." He drew the ropes tighter.

"God damn right you're my wife. I get to fuck you any damn time I want to." His cock was very hard, up close to, his belly as he came around and crouched between her legs. One hand jammed the end of the third hunk of rope under her hips. He brought it up and made a loose loop of it around her waist, tugging to make sure it was tight.

"Now." He fell on top of the bound figure. One stab sent every inch of his cock up the pussy.

"Ahhhhhhh!" Brenda gave one shriek of pain as her husband's tool tore into her tender cunt. Her arms strained at the restraints. Her legs thrashed helplessly as he started to fuck, the entire force of his body bearing down right into her box.

"There. How do you like it? How do you like being fucked?" He hit in as hard as he could. "How do you like having a man up your cunt?"

"Ahhhhhhhhh... ohhhhhhh... Carl... Caaaaarrll." She melted into passion from the force of his driving prick. His body weighed heavily on her, his full weight carried by her slender frame. "Carl." She moaned with real desire, loving the feel of the massive drives, of the raw muscular force, of her own helpless position under his domination. Carl was in control, control of her body, of her sex, of her pleasures.

Brenda yielded to him, surrendered to her own lust and the spasms of climax started to beat on the walls of her smooth pussy. "Oh, Carl, fuck me. Please. I need it. I need you. I need your cock. Your cock!" Juice and heat spread swiftly in her snatch. The flesh creamed around the man's pistoning rod. The beats of passion came closer together.

Carl grabbed the loop of rope around Brenda's waist with both hands and started jerking her up to him as he screwed. He was strong enough to break her in half.

Brenda loved the force of her husband's love making, loved the passion he unleashed against her, loved knowing that she could still arouse him to such a frenzy, that her body, after five years of marriage could still drive him wild.

His yanking arms and battering cock made her desires spin, her cunt turned to pure desire.

She twisted up to him with her hips, taking all he could give her, taking the full force of his reaming drives. He ground his prick into her body, crushed her to him, the rope across her back cutting in.

Brenda came, deep, almost agony-filled moments of beauty, of pure feeling, total pleasure. Exquisite pain streamed from her cunt. She called his name, moaning, gasping, barely able to breathe.

Carl bore down, sweat glimmering on his shoulders and back as he neared his orgasm. He hauled up on the rope, forced the woman close to his body and shot the first boiling batch of jism all over inside her pussy. More ball-juice poured out, a river of passion-cream, drenching the steamy snatch. Every muscle flexed as he got his balls oft grunting with each bolt of cum that sizzled though his thick cock. His wife's cunt was dripping with juice before he slowed and let her go limp under him.

"Ohhhhhhh, Carl," she sighed heavily. "Carl. I love you." Her thighs caressed his flanks. "What a man."

"God damn right." He pulled out of her twat and sat up. "You were good." He untied one hand.

"Not as good as you."

"But you really got into it this time. Not like you were pretending at all."

Brenda sat up, checking around on her body for damage. Nothing to speak of. "I... it gets easier with practice."

"I guess so. Gets better for me, too." He stood up beside the bed. "I told you we'd get the old magic back. Just like the first honeymoon. Like you were my bride again."

"I guess so." She stood up. "Do you want to shower first?"

"No. Go ahead. I'll just have another drink."

"Okay." Brenda lit a cigarette and looked at her husband. Five years ago he'd mounted her with no equipment except what hung between his legs. And she'd come with him, splendidly, great sex, with no ropes, no little games. She took a deep drag. Now she wasn't sure she could come with a man -- any man -- unless they had the ropes and chains and all the rest of the stuff.

But when they did it, together, all out, it was just magnificent what happened. Even if it hurt; even if some people thought it was kinky.

Brenda loved it. The way she loved Carl. For the sex he could give her. She smiled as she let more smoke out of her lungs.

"Open the drapes. Let's get some light in here. And some aft." She went into the bathroom, leaving the door wide open.

Carl took a healthy swig of his drink before he slid the drapes apart and opened the door. "Honey, I'm going to skip the shower for now; just hit the beach." He fumbled in the dresser for his trunks.

"Go ahead. I'll be out in a minute."

"Sure." He pulled up his bathing suit. "Bring your drink along." He headed out to the beach.

"Will do." Brenda looked, at herself in the full length mirror, admiring the trim form, the quick muscles that kept up with Carl, that took all he could dish out. Smears of their sex-juices spread down the inside of her thighs. She began to run the shower.

In a few minutes she was ready, halter and short red shorts on, drink in hand, cigarette going, Brenda went out to join her husband on the beach. And in the next room, Dave curled one arm more snugly around Marilyn's shoulders and they fell into a nice doze.


Marilyn woke on the morning after her wedding night feeling very relaxed, completely happy. The night had been everything she had hoped, even dreamed it would be. Dave had taken her three times after dinner, making love to her until she thought she would never stop coming. The last hour was one long blur of pleasure, his cock so hard, so big, for so long, going in and out, touching around inside until she could hardly see.

Dave's arm lay over her side now and she snuggled closer to him, pressing softly to him as he slept. She was married. Married to Dave. She would have him for years and years and years. It still didn't seem real to her.

He stirred slightly, rolling away, his hand dragging over her breast. She lay very still, enjoying his light touch.

"Marilyn?" he asked.

"What, honey?" She leaned close, looking into his brown eyes, smiling warmly.

"Morning." He barely made a sound.

"Good morning." She kissed him.

"What time is it?" He moved away a few inches. "I don't know. It's morning. That's all that counts. It's our honeymoon."

"I know." He threw back the covers and swung his feet to the floor.

"Did you sleep well?"

"Just great, honey." I have got up and walked to the bathroom. Marilyn watched his naked figure disappear around the corner. In a moment she heard the splash of his pee into the toilet. "Honey," he called to her, "why don't you call room service? Have them send up some breakfast. As long as your Uncle Frank's paying for this trip we might as well get his money's worth."

"Uh... okay. What do you want?" Marilyn climbed out of bed.

"Eggs. Over well. Sausage and pancakes. And about a gallon of coffee." The trickling of piss stopped.

"Any toast?"

"No. Just what I said... You have whatever you want." He began to run the shower.

"Okay, honey." She got room-service on the phone and placed the order.

She put on her night-gown and pulled open the drapes. A dazzling late-morning sun streamed in. She slid open the door and the breeze filled the room.

Marilyn stared over the sea for several moments, very happy.

Dave came into the room, naked, rubbing his hair with a towel. "That's a great shower, babe. You ought to try it."

Marilyn let the front of her night-gown spread as she faced her husband, offering him her body.

"Did you order breakfast?" he asked, slinging his towel onto the bed. "I'm starved. You gave me one hell of a work-out last night." He flashed her a quick smile as he went to the dresser.

"They said it would be just a few minutes. I ordered a large pot of coffee for us. I hope it's enough."

"If it's not we can get more." Dave put on his shorts.

"Well... well, I'd better get ready." Marilyn went into the bathroom, closing the door carefully.

Carl rose groggily from the bed. A litter of ropes and chains spread on the floor around them.

Brenda still had a pair of handcuffs on one wrist where he'd left them. He felt exhausted from their session. He'd been trying half the night to come, working until sweat coated them both. Finally the thunder had happened in his balls. But it was a long way from what he'd wanted. Good, sure, but not with the fire that he remembered from before. Not with the easy joy of their honeymoon, either.

Carl padded into the bathroom and started to take a leak.

The sound of water hitting water woke Brenda. She ached, her back and legs sore from her husband's incessant pummeling. But it had been worth it. He worked his ass off and she felt the full glory of sex, every bit of it, completely consumed and deeply satisfied. She left the handcuffs dangling on her wrists as she went into the bathroom. She looked at the man's naked back and butt as he finished pissing.

"Good morning," she said softly.

"Uh, yeah." He did not even glance at her, just reached around and started running the shower -- full blast.

"You were a tiger last night. Incredible." She hugged the man, leaning to touch her body to his bare back. "One hell of a man, and all night long." She touched his cock. "I love your dick, Carl. And your balls. Love everything about you."

"Yeah." He slipped away from her grasp into the shower.

Brenda turned and sat on the toilet. "I don't know when I've been so satisfied. This was a great idea. Second honeymoon. Great!"

"Yeah, I guess it was." He let the shower wash over him, the water taking some of the weariness from his muscles.

"Do you want me to scrub your back... or something?"

"Uhh... not this morning. Get on the phone and get some breakfast started. Just coffee and orange juice for me." He spread some soap slowly down his chest.

"Okay. Guess that's a good idea."

Orange juice, toast and coffee was a quick order. Tim showed up with it before Carl was out of the shower.

Brenda asked: "Who is it?" when the tap came at the door.

"Breakfast. It's Tim."

She dropped the towel she'd been holding to cover her body and swung the door wide open, displaying her nude form to the teen-ager. "Good morning."

"Uh... uh..." Tim gulped twice. "Good morning." His eyes glanced every where on the woman.

"Bring it right in, Tim."

Tim got his composure back right away. This wasn't the first woman who'd come on to him. But she was the best looking and youngest.

Tim turned sideways, held the tray in one hand and slowly edged into the room. "Did you sleep well?" He stood right in front of her.

"Yes. Very well." She smiled at the kid. Blond and tan that said he spent every spare minute on the beach.

"Where do you want it?" Tim eased his hips toward her. "The tray."

"Oh... over there. Just plunk it down on the dresser."

"Right." Tim let his chest just brush over one tit as he moved. He set the tray down and started to pour the coffee. "Do you want anything else?" He looked right at her pussy.

"No. Not just now. Thank you, Tim. I'll call if I need any other services."

"Certainly." He smiled broadly and turned to go. "Just anytime, mam." He winked and closed the door.

Brenda laughed, muffling the noise with one hand. The kid would be turned on all day now. And he'd sure as hell hop with any requests for attention from her room. There was not one chance in hell that he'd get anything more, not even a look.

She lit a cigarette and sipped at the coffee.

Carl came out of the bathroom, a towel wrapped around his middle very high on his torso.

"Oh, Carl, don't cover yourself like that. I want to see you. Look at your lovely body." She pulled the towel away. "There. That's better." Brenda handed him a cup of coffee.

"Thanks." He sat on the bed to drink it. "What do you want to do today? Swim? Play golf? Tennis? Or just stay here and fuck?"

"Take it easy, Brenda. I just woke up."

"I want to see you up. See you up all the way. I want to see your cock up. I want to feel your hard prick up inside my cunt. I want to feel you fuck me. I want to feel you come. Come in my cunt."

"Brenda, let me finish my breakfast, okay?"

"I want it, Carl. I want sex. I want all you can give me."

"Later, all right?"

"Now, now! Fuck me now, Carl. Be a man for me. Be a man, Carl. A real man. Now. In my cunt. Now!"

"Knock it off Brenda." Carl had to push her aside to get up and get some orange juice.

"Oh, sure. You get to do it whenever you want, but when I want some action I don't get it."

"Shut up," he said quietly. "Just shut your mouth." He swallowed some juice. "I'll fuck you. Fuck the shit out of you later. First I want to hit the beach." He finished the glass in one long swallow. "I mean it. Later." He opened the dresser and fished out a bathing suit. "I'll tell you when." He pulled up the suit and opened the drapes.

"Damn nice day out there. Let's try to have some fun." Carl slid back the door and walked into the bright sunshine.

"Shit." Brenda poured herself a second cup of coffee and lit another cigarette.

Marilyn made a final adjustment to her brief bikini and went back to the bedroom. "Uh, honey, is... is this okay?"

Dave looked at her. The suit was three triangles of yellow silk held together with string. Two triangles barely covered the nipples, the third, a bit larger, just hid her pussy.


"Do you like it?"

"Like it? Christ, it's the sexiest thing I've ever seen. Fantastic."

"I... I won't wear it if you don't want me to. I mean, if you think it's too daring or shows off too much of me. I want you to be proud of me... proud to married to me."

"God damn." He walked slowly around the woman. Her tail was concealed by another triangle of yellow silk, the cloth clinging tightly to the curves, showing all that there was to show. The split between her cheeks showed slightly at the top. "Incredible." He caressed her round tail.

"Can I wear it? Can I?"

"Just this once. I want everybody to see how bitchin sexy my wife is. But not after this morning."

"Oh, Dave. Thank you." She put her arms around his neck and kissed him, her breasts sliding on his chest.

Dave traced the outline of her figure with his hands. He was in his trunks and he started to get turned on. His fingers traced the strings that held her small suit in place. Dave's arousal grew. The front of his suit moved out, the bulge of his dick showing clearly.

"You'd better take it off, Marilyn."

"Ohhh, you said that..."

"Take it off so I can make love to you." He pressed his bulging crotch to her leg.

"Dave! Oh!" Her arms clasped his body closer, his skin cool against her flesh.

"How do I get you out of this thing?" His fingers fumbled with the string across her back.

"This way. It's just sort of a bow." She reached around with both hands, her breasts looming ahead, tightly pressed to his body. "There." The string came undone and she moved back an inch to peel the cloth from her tits.

"Oh, Marilyn." Dave's head ducked and he began to kiss one tit. The nipples stood up almost instantly.

Marilyn peeled the cloth, from her crotch. It fluttered to the floor. His fingers found her pussy and she soared instantly into full pleasure.

"Marilyn," Dave moaned and bore the girl to the floor. His cock sprang up to full size and he lunged right into her waiting snatch, desperate to come, riding a crest of sudden lust that seized his balls. One thrashing plunge, two, three and Dave felt the billows begin to break in his nuts. "Marilyn! OH GOD!" Sharp spikes of sheer delight leaped from his dick. He was there, fucking full force, body tightly plastered to the blonde's splendid figure.

"OH!" Dave came, fast rushes of wild pleasure loose through his stomach. His legs flailed as he drove right up the middle of the cunt, spewing cum in a sudden hot shower, every nerve alive, the desperate pressure taking charge of him until he was drained.

She tried to stay with him but his swift rush of passion peaked and fell away before she was ready.

"Dave." She kissed his face, clinging to him as be slowed, then stopped moving. "Oh, Dave. Was it good for you?"

"Yeah. Oh, God yes. So fast, too. Christ, I just got started and wham! All over." He started to withdraw.

"Oh. I wanted it, too." She moved her hips to him.

"Marilyn." He tried, moved his cock inside her, but the rod kept shrinking and slipped out of the slick tunnel.

"Mmmmmm." Marilyn pouted for a second when the tool abandoned her, unsatisfied.

"I'm sorry, babe." Dave sat beside her on the carpet. "It'll be good for you next time. I promise. I just got so carried away. You turn me on so much... just looking at you. It was so good!"

"That's okay." She kissed him softly. "I'm glad my body excites you so mpch."

"It does. I don't want to look at anything else. Ever." He kissed her and they sank to the floor for a moment.

In their rush, neither had noticed that the drapes were open, the sliding door ajar.

Brenda noticed. She was headed for the beach when she saw Dave mounting the girl. She moved closer to watch, looking at Dave's naked body. She got a glimpse or two of his dick. Nice size.

Brenda looked until Dave got up, then hurried away, a nice creamy warmth all through her box.

Dave got to his feet and helped Marilyn to stand. He put on his trunks and watched while she got into her tiny bikini. "Let's go swim." He turned to the door.

"That's okay. Nobody looked. They're all way down on the beach. Let's go." Dave stepped into the sunshine, Marilyn right behind him, her body glowing in the light.

Dave carried their towels and gear and they walked side by side to the edge of the water, Marilyn very aware or the looks the men gave her, their eyes hungry as they scanned her form.

Dave put his arm around her and drew her closer. "That's so everybody'll know I'm with you. With the sexiest, most beautiful girl on the beach."

"Dave. Oh, thank you." She leaned in and kissed him briefly on the cheek. They picked a spot and settled down.

Brenda watched them closely, her eyes stripping the suit from Dave, revealing the body she'd seen fucking just a few minutes earlier.

Carl's eyes were glued to Marilyn. A jolt of lust sped through him and he looked intently at her, right at the big tits and nice snatch. Be one hell of a challenge, he thought, to take her away from her husband on her honeymoon.

Brenda looked more closely at Dave. Sure be worth trying to get him in bed, she thought. Just for an hour. Maybe see if she could come with a man without all the bondage gear and everything. Sure be worth trying to do. She rolled to her back and shoved the top of her two piece suit lower on her boobs. Low enough so that the tips of the nipples showed slightly. That damn blonde was going to be one hell of a lot of competition. Brenda let more nipple show.


"Honey, where's the sun tan oil?" Marilyn asked.

"Oh, here." He handed it to her, glancing again at Brenda. More nipple showed. Almost the whole of her tit was sticking out. Dave smiled again.

Marilyn sat up to spread the oil down her legs.

"Do you want to do this for me, Dave?"

"No. I'd better keep my hands to myself for a while. Unless you want me raping you right out here."

"Well..." she smiled. "If it wasn't for the other people, I wouldn't mind."

"Later, okay?" He stroked her shoulder and ran one finger lazily down her arm.

"Any time, Dave." She smeared more oil down the other leg, making the smooth tan sparkle.

Dave looked over at Brenda. He'd always been fond of looking at beautiful women. She was sure built. Her legs looked like they could hold on and hang tight and go forever.

Dave shook his head sharpiy. "Uk, hey, I want a swim. Want to come along?"

"Not right now. I just got the oil all over me. I'll just lie here. You go along."

"Okay. Be back in a few minutes."

Marilyn watched blur until he was swimming away. She lay back, eyes closed, toasting nicely in the warm sun.

Brenda watched the man closely, admiring how well he moved, how strongly he swam. Eyes on him, she rolled to lie face down, undoing the top of her bikini to bare her back.

"Carl, spread some of that oil on me, will you?"

"Sure thing." He drizzled some onto her brown skin and spread it slowly with his hands, the finger tips reaching down to touch the sides of her breasts. He spread the cream down her spine, right to the edge of her tail, fingers moving under the tight green fabric for an instant before they traveled up her sides for another grope of hee tits.

"That's fine, Carl. Thanks." She stopped him when his gliding hands had succeeded in making her nipples firm and starting a nice pulse of desire in her cunt.

Brenda watched as Dave swam a hundred yards or so out, then turned and headed back in.

Brenda watched as he came closer, water streaming from him. He carried himself well, casually proud, very self-assured. She smiled and picked up her head, enough to show off her breasts.

Dave turned and started to walk toward Marilyn. He saw Brenda and changed course slightly to pass closer to her. His wet suit clung closely to ibis ass and crotch.

Brenda reached back and started to fasten the top of her bikini. She rose into a half crouch. Her fingers slipped and the skimpy top tumbled to the sand. "Oh!" She tried to reach for it, not attempting to cover her bare boobs.

Dave stopped, took two steps toward the woman and picked up the piece of cloth. "Here. You lost this." He smiled broadly, looking right at her breasts.

"Oh thank you." She rose upright on her knees and took the cloth, shaking the sand out very thoroughly before she tried to put it on. After all, she had seen him totally naked, so he might as well have a look at her breasts.

Dave liked what he saw. His view included a black line of crotch-hair just above the bottom part of her suit. He also saw Carl, stretched out a couple of feet past Brenda, coated with sun tan oli.

"Thank you for picking it up for me. If the breeze had caught it, I don't know what I would have done."

"That's okay. My pleasure."

"Thank you again." She lay down on her back, one knee up, legs well apart, more dark hair showing.

"Well... uh, I'd better get going. Nice to see you."

"It certainly was." Brenda winked one eye, then closed them both.

Dave, puzzled by what she meant, went back to. Marilyn. He grabbed up a towel and patted a few stray drops from his face and torso. "The water's fine, honey. You ought to try it."

"I... okay. I guess I will." She let him help her up, turning around slightly to make sure her little suit covered what it was meant to cover... It did... barely.

"Let's go." She made a little skip, run down the beach, her boobs jouncing from side to side, every man for a hundred yards staring.

Carl was one of the men. He got up when he saw Marilyn move and followed, saying be wanted to try the water. He moved along the beach, looking at the bouncing boobs and the swaying, almost naked ass.

Marilyn was several yards ahead of him and he moved quickly to close most of the distance, arriving in waist deep water just after she did.

"Ohhhh. It's nice, Dave. Oh. I like it." She dipped herself and began to swim slowly, head up to keep her hair sort of dry. "This is nice. So warm. Feels soft all around me."

Dave swam beside her.

Carl made a few powerful strokes with his arms and swam off shore of the couple, eyes right on the blonde girl, following her movements closely.

Marilyn swam a bit more, then stood on the bottom, water to her waist.

"God. Marilyn." Dave stared at his wife. Her suit had vanished. The small bits of cloth had turned transparent, clinging right over her nipples, hiding nothing at all. "Jesus. You'r naked."

"Oh!" Marilyn shrieked and crouched so the water covered her chest.

"My God. Oh, Christ." Dave looked around. There was several people near them but nobody seemed to have noticed.

"I'll go get a towel from our stuff. On the beach." He pointed toward the shore. "Just... just stay here. I'll run. Just be a minute."

"Oh, Dave. Hurry. Hurry!" She stood with only her head showing, watching as he dove into the surf, swimming for the shore.

Carl had noticed the entire scene. He moved up beside Marilyn. "Nice day."

"Oh!" She jumped. "Oh, uh... yes it is. Nice." She did not look at him, just hunched lower in the water.

"Sure is pretty around here. Lots of nice scenery." Carl moved closer, almost touching her with his leg.

"Yes. It's nice."

"I like it a lot." Carl moved around in front of her.

"So do I... so do we. I'm here with my husband."

"On a honeymoon?"

"Yes. Yes, our honeymoon?"

"That's nice." He moved a step closer.

Marilyn moved a step back, lost her footing and leaped up suddenly, her whole body visible to the man. His hands shot out, caught her low on the sides and held her. Held her very close.

"You've got, to be careful. Sometimes the currents can get tricky." He held her so her boobs showed above the surface, his eyes hungrily devouring them.

"I... I guess you're right." Marilyn tried to duck away but he held her firmly, his chest almost on her tits.

"There are sharks in these waters sometimes, too." His chest touched her tits, pressing them lightly.

"Please... I... uh..." She squirmed to get out of his grasp.

"I am just trying to help. To make sure you don't fall." Under water, his crotch pressed to hers. He held it there.

"Please don't. My... my husband... he'll be right here. Any second now. Please. Please let go of me." She jerked loose from one arm.

"There, you see. You almost fell again." He drew her to him, touching her from belly to feet with his legs and crotch.

"Please, please." She thrashed against him but he held her firmly, both hands right on her butt. "Don't..."

Carl let her feel the hard bulge in his trunks. "No. No!" Panic raced through her.

A sudden wave washed over them. Marilyn went down, feet swept away. The man was with her, on her. His mouth took a kiss as they fell into the deeper water, his hips moving between her legs. He held her down, right on the sandy floor of the ocean and pressed against her pussy with his hips, driving the rigid swelling in his trunks into her, tearing the delicate fabric that clung over her match. Both of his hands tore at her breasts. The fabric gave and his fingers were at her bare flesh.

Marilyn was drowning. She struggled free, thrashing to the surface.

"Help!" Her voice cut through the air. The man's fingers groped into her cunt. "Help! Help!" The hand left her. She was alone in the water, screaming. Men came running, crashing into the waves. One man reached her, scooped her into his arms and carried her naked body to the beach.

Dave ran to his wife, flying down the beach when he recognized her voice. "Marilyn! Marilyn!" He flung himself to her. "Marilyn! My God. What happened?"

"She must have gone under. Started to drown," said the man who had carried her out of the water. "Maybe got a cramp or something."

"No. No. He tried to... rape me. Oh, God. Dave."

"Rape you? Who? What the hell?" He leaped up.

"Not me, buddy." The rescuer took a step back. "I just hauled her out. Heard the yelling and saw her put there all alone and went after her."

"No. No, Dave. Not him. The other man."

"What man? Where? Where is he? I'll kill the son of a bitch!" Dave looked around, fists ready.

"She was alone out there, man. I couldn't see anybody near her at all," the rescuer said.

"Oh, God." Marilyn huddled on the wet sand, trying to hide her nakedness.

"Hey. Hey, has anybody got a towel or something?" Dave looked around.

"Here. Here, use this." Brenda pushed through the small crowd, a beach towel spread between her hands. She draped it over Marilyn and helped the girl to cover herself.

"Oh, thank you. Thank you so much." Marilyn drew the striped cloth closely around her body.

"That's okay, honey," Brenda said softly, "we'll take care of you. It'll be all right now. Everything will be fine." She crouched beside the whimpering figure and put a comforting arm around her shoulders, eyes on Dave's crotch. "I'll take you back to your room now. You just lie down for a while. It'll be all right..."

"Somebody tried to rape her," Dave said.

"She needs some rest and quiet," Brenda said, helping the girl to get up. "Some sleep. Maybe a good stiff drink, too."

"I... uh, yeah. Thanks... uh..."

"Brenda," she said smiling. "I'm in the room next to yours. I saw you coming out earlier." She led Marilyn up the beach.

Dave followed close beside his wife, one arm supporting her as they moved toward the room.

"I'm going to call the cops. That motherfucker's going to jail. Forever!"

"No," Marilyn said. "No, Dave. No cops."

"But why not? What the hell? He tried to rape you."

"I know. But they, they'd ask questions. About... why I was naked out there. What I did to... to make him approach me... I don't want to see them. And he didn't... hurt me. Just scared me."

"Who was it? Who?"

"I don't know. He was tall. Very tall. And strong. And dark. Black hair... and that's all."

"But... what was he wearing?"

"Just... just a swim suit. Dark green... or dark brown, maybe. I can't tell. It was underwater and all happened so fast."

"I... okay," Dave said. "But if you see him, just tell me. I'll kill the bastard. I swear it."

"He's probably gone by now," Brenda said.

"I guess you're right." They were at the room. "... Brenda, thanks a lot." Dave helped Marilyn inside. "I'll bring back the towel later on, okay?"

"Oh, any time. I've got lots of them." She moved away, toward her own room. "No hurry."


Carl pulled the door shut behind his wife. "I want your ass," he growled. "I want to fuck your asshole." His naked body leaped to her, throwing her to the floor.

"Bastard!" Brenda swung at him, missed but rolled away. "You'll have to take it! Do you think you can?" She jumped on the bed, almost spitting the words at him. "Just try and get it."

Carl was at her in a second, grabbing for her hips. His hand caught the bottom of the suit and it tore away in his hands. "Bitch." He sprang at her, dick up nice and hard, ready for fucking. "God damned whore." He tried to slap her but missed. Brenda lithely darted away, moving beside the dresser. "Cunt!" He thrust one hand for her, got a bit of an arm and yanked her so she sprawled. He tore off the top of her bikini and spun her around on her tail, dragging her toward the bed. "Fucking whore! Slimy cunt!" He hurled her across the bed, grabbing one ankle as she sprawled face down. "I want your ass. Now!" He pulled her feet over the end of the bed.

"Bastard! Son of a bitch." She twisted around on the bed, thrashing, trying to hit him with her fist. "Son of a bitch!" One punch landed on his head, another on his shoulder.

"Shut up." He grabbed the arm and twisted it behind her back, shoving her down to the bed. He got up on top of her, straddling her legs with his knees. From the nightstand, Carl grabbed a pair of handcuffs and clicked them around Brenda's right wrist, wrenching the arm up so she gasped with sharp pain.

Carl yanked the shackled wrist down and got her leg spread with one knee.

"Let me go. Bastard! Let me go!" She clawed at him.

"Hold still!" His hand slapped twice across her butt.

"God damn it!" Brenda shrieked.

"Shut your fucking mouth." His hand hit into the round cheeks savagely, two bright pink spots showing quickly.

"Aaaahhhhh!" She cried out in genuine pain.

Carl forced her arm lower, snapping the other half of the handcuff to her right ankle. "You dumb whore! Sleazy cunt!" He took a firm grip on her other arm.

"Carl, no. No. Please, no. Oh, God."

"Shut up!" He slapped her hard again.

"Carl!" she sobbed.

The man clamped another pair of handcuffs to her wrist, drawing the arm down, fastening it securely to the other side.

"You mother-fucker," she said slowly. Brenda lay on her side, breathing heavily, her right wrist against her right ankle, left wrist to left ankle, the metal cuffs biting into her flesh, tight over the bone.

"I saw you, you fucking bitch. Out there right on the God damned beach. I saw you with your boobs all hanging out. For that dumb shit." He spread her bound legs wide with his anus and wiled the woman to her back. "Now I'm going to fuck your ass. Fuck until you scream." He crawled between her legs, tilting her butt higher. "I'll split you in half. Right up the middle. Break you open with my cock."

"Just try it. Shit eater!" She spit at him.

Carl moved up, rolling Brenda's torso over until her butt was almost straight up in the air.

"Harrraaausshhhhh!" She hissed at him like a cat treed by a bear, her hole clamped tightly against his entry.

Carl held his dick in one hand and dug in against the tight opening. He leaned down, pressing against her and forced his prick to go in.

"ANt!" She screamed as the thick tool tore into her tender flesh. Every inch of the rigid spear plunged right inside.

Carl drove his dick down savagely, ripping at the tunnel. His arms braced beside her head, holding her writhing body still, her bound arms and legs close along his sides. His butt heaved rapidly and he fucked the asshole with all his strength.

"You son of a bitch!" Brenda shrieked at her husband. His dick hammered in, the pain growing as he pumped in, his hips slapping against her buns. "Bastard. Bastard! Mother fucking asshole. Shit head!!!" She tried to get her hands to him to claw his skin.

Carl was like an animal as he fucked. Violent force drove his cock into the passage again and again.

Brenda writhed, her butt in torment from the savage pounding. "Carl! Carl!" She hissed, spitting at him. "Son of a bitch. OH!"

"WHORE!!!" He roared, smashing with his dick into the woman. "BITCH!!!" Carl's prick plunged desperately into the tight tunnel. "CUNT!" His voice was a thick grunt as he began to come.

Vicious blows with his body followed, his muscles strained as he heaved against the battered tail.

Brenda shrieked, real agony alive in her butt, her flesh shredded by the tenific pounding. Her screams filled the room. She felt the steady drives rip through her and howled in pain, Carl's massive drives almost breaking her in half. "No!" she wailed hoarsely. "Nooooooo!"

"Fucking whore!" Carl finished his fucking and pulled away, his body glistening with sweat. "Slit!" He spat on her as she slumped to her side.

"Oh, God, Carl. Oh." She curled into a clumsy heap.

Carl turned sharply and went to the bathroom to wash. When he came back, still with water from his shower clinging to him, he took off her handcuffs and sat on the bed beside her.

"Carl. Oh. You're so strong. Oh. I love a strong man. I love it with you. So strong." She pulled him to her, stretching out on her back, drawing one hand over her firm breast. "SO strong. Such a man. A real man." She kissed him on the mouth. "I love you. I love your strength. Your power. I love you."

Carl cupped his fingers aver her tit and felt the nipple become firm against his palm. His mouth went to the other tit and got that nipple fully firm, the tongue busy around the dark button of flesh. A stirring came into his balls and he kissed down his wife's belly to her crotch. His tongue found the clit and she moaned softly, then louder as he pressed down.

"Carl! Carl!" Sharp flashes of lust sped from her cunt as her husband's tongue moved oyer it. The session in her ass had hurt, but it had also shown her the raw force of the man's lust. "I want you, Carl. Oh, God. I want you. I want your strength. Your cock. Oh, God. I want your cock, Carl. Your big, hard cock. I want it. Oh." Her hips moved up, her legs spread. Brenda moved her pussy below his mouth, slowly making a loose circle, turning slowly enough so his mouth could stay with her. Her hands caressed his back, sensed the power lurking in his body, traced the clean lines of muscles along his arms, across his broad shoulders. Her lust rose steadily, a burning entering her twat as she touched his body, felt his power, sensed the force within him.

"Ohhhhhhh." Brenda sighed deeply, heavily aroused by his hands, his mouth. "Ohhhhh, Carl, Carl. Yes." His tongue touched lightly on her most delicate flesh. His teeth played with her clit and she felt the desire of her body turn her cunt all creamy. "Carl!" Her fingernails raked his back.

Carl's teeth closed firmly in her crotch-hair. He jerked his head up sharply.

"Oww!" Brenda sat up, needles of bright pain across her snatch. "Damn it! That hurt!"

Carl yanked the curly dark hairs from his teeth. "I'm going down to the bar to get a drink." He stood up.

"I'm the man around here. We fuck when I feel like it. Not when you've got a hot pussy." He started to get dressed.

"You... you... you..." She leaped up, standing on the bed. "You slimy prick. You low, dirty son of a bitch!"

"I'll fuck you later, kid. Take it easy." Carl had his pants on and reached for a clean shirt. "I'll give you the kind of fucking you want, but when I feel like it. And not one second before."

"You shit eating mother-fucker." Brenda lit a cigarette and stormed into the bathroom. "DROP DEAD!" She slammed the door so hard the room shook.

"See you later, honey." Carl pushed his shirt-tails into his pants and left the room.

Dave tucked the blanket tenderly around Marilyn. "You sure you, feel okay, honey?"

"I'll be all right. Just need to get some sleep. I want a nice long nap. Then I'll be fine."

"I'll sit over here. In case you wake up and don't want to be alone."

"No. That's silly. You go... oh, play golf or take a swim. I'll be fine when. I've had some time to rest."

"I'd rather stay here with you."

"No. Go... go down to the bar. It looked nice when we walked by yesterday. Quiet and everything. Have a beer. And stop worrying about me." Marilyn yawned.

"I... well, if you're sure you'll be okay."

"I'll be right here. You go on. Have a nice time. Talk to people. Relax."

"Well... okay. I will. I've got to take this towel back to... what's her name."


"Yeah. Brenda." He picked up the towel and stood looking down at his wife. "I won't be long."

"Take your time. I'll sleep for a couple of hours."

"Okay." He leaned down and kissed her cheek, then her forehead.

A few steps down the hall and Dave knocked on Brenda's door.

The knock found Brenda sprawled across her bed. A long bath had helped her calm down after Carl left, and she smoked a cigarette as she lay still.

"Who is it?"

"It's me. Dave. From next door. With the towel."

Brenda spread her legs. "Come in. I don't think it's locked."

"Here. Thanks a lot for..." he stopped, about two steps into the room, staring at the naked figure on the bed.

"Just put it on the table, will you, Dave? Over there." She pointed to the far side of the bed.

"I... uh... I, uh... uh, yeah... sure." He kept his eyes down to the floor as he moved to the small table.

"How's Marilyn feeling?"

"Oh, fine. Just fine. She had a long bath and a drink and now she's sleeping."

"That's good for her. Awful shock."

"Yes. Well, I guess I'll just say thank you again and take off." He walked quickly toward the door.

"How about a drink, Dave?"

"Oh, uh... no. No thanks, Brenda. Maybe some other time."

"Would you fix me one, Dave? Please?" She half-way sat up, firm breasts separating nicely.

"Well... I..." Dave tried to keep his eyes off of her body, but had little success.

"Please. Just a little drink. The bottle's right over there." She pointed to the dresser. "With the ice and everything right there. Please?" She smiled right at him, her entire face glowing.

"Well... uli... okay." He went to the dresser. "Thank you. That's awfully nice." Brenda stubbed out her cigarette and lay back.

"You were nice to us. To Marilyn. My wife." He stressed the word wife very heavily.

"You fix one for yourself, Dave. I don't like to drink alone very much."

"I should be getting back to my wife."

"I thought you said she was asleep."

"Well, she is. I just want to be with her. In case she wakes up." Dave took the drink over to Brenda. "Maybe some other time. When your husband's around."

"Oh, him!" She snarled and took a long swallow of her drink. "He's never around, much. Not when I need him." Brenda ran the bottom of the glass down over her snatch. "It helps to cool me off. But not enough. There's only one thing that cools me off enough, Dave. Only one thing." She looked right into his eyes. "A man!"

"Brenda, I... I've got to go. It was nice of you to help my wife so much. Very kind." Dave backed toward the door.

"Not yet. Don't go yet." Brenda stood up. Drink in hand site advanced toward him. "I don't want to drink alone."

"Look, Brenda, I'm a married man. I love my wife. I love her very much."

"She's asleep, Dave. And I'm awake. Awake and alive. Ready for you. Now."

"No." His hand found the doorknob. "Brenda, you are an attractive woman. If you'd come along when I was single, I'd have happed into bed with you in a minute. But I'm married now and that's different. I'm sorry." He opened the door. "Ill see you around." Dave closed the door and went quickly down the hall.

"Men!" Brenda spat the word. "Bastards." She drained her drink and lit a cigarette. "Bastards. Every one of them." She called room service and ordered a new bottle of bourbon and a bucket of ice.

Three short taps on the door. Brenda slid the pillow under her rear end and stretched her thighs apart. "Come in, Tim." She prepared a smile.

"Tim went off duty about half an hour ago. I..." He saw her, naked as the sky. "I'm Bob." He was rattled for about two seconds.

"Oh!" Brenda lost her smile instantly. "Oh, I... I see. Yes." She looked at him. Tall. Very tall. Early twenties, dark curly hair. Nice build, too. "Bob." She smiled.

"Yes." He looked at her steadily, holding the tray with one hand.

"Put it over here, Bob. On the nigbt stand. By the bed."

"Sure thing." He walked casually toward her, a smile curling up one corner of his mouth.

Brenda watched him put down the tray. "I need something else, Bob."

"What is it?" He stood beside the bed, hands at his sides.

"I need a man." She arched her back to shove her breasts at him. "Are you a man, Bob?"

"Yes," he said simply.

"Do you want to fuck me?"

"Yes." He said it more loudly, with no hesitation.

"Strip." She lit a cigarette.

"Sure thing." He slipped off his bell-hop's jacket.

Brenda watched as the man undressed. The shoulders were his own, not part of the jacket. The white shirt covered a chest, broad, with swaths of dark hair swirled across both sides, a broad column of hair down the stomach, diving into the top of his pants.

Trim waist. His pants dropped. Nice round butt. The pants came off. Good sturdy legs.

Bob shoved down his shorts. Nice hunk of man-meat dangling in front of some heavy balls.

Bob put one knee on the bed and reached for her breast.

"Do you want some head, Bob? To get started?"

"If you want to, sure." His hand closed over her left tit, the fingers massaging nicely.

Brenda's hand stroked down his flat middle. Firm, solid muscles under the tanned skin. She took the prick in her fingers and bent her head to kiss the sheathed end. Her tongue touched the little slit in the very tip and the flesh started to grow in her hand. Brenda's mouth covered the tool, sucking lightly, her lips moving in a moist caress along the delicate skin, feeling the hardness swell through the shaft. She touched Bob's balls lightly, then swallowed all of his thickening meat and sucked vigorously.

"You do that real nice." Bob's hand stroked down her back and over her cheeks.

The full hard-on filled her mouth. Brenda took it into her throat, pulling skillfully with her lips as her tongue danced along the middle of the long rod.

"Do you want me to eat your pussy?" He groped between her cheeks. "I eat pussy real good."

"Fuck me." Brenda lay back on the bed.

"You called it." He rolled onto her, sliding his dick down to her crotch. His hand guided him into her, moving the organ into Brenda's cunt.

"Ohhhh, yes!" Brenda arched up to his intruding prick. "Fuck me. OHHHHH!" Wild spasms of lust swept through her as the man started to screw.

"Shit, you were sure hot and ready." Bob plunged his tool directly up the center of her sweet tunnel.

"You're good, Bob."

"So are you." He fumbled with her tits.

"Kiss me."

"Right." His tongue slithered into her mouth. Brenda soared, sheer physical desire speeding along her nerves, "Bob, Bob!" Her hands clutched at his ass and he gave her harder thrusts. His prick filled her snatch. Her hands roamed over his back. "Bob." She gasped with delight as he moved up to a steeper angle and humped faster. "Yes. Oh, God. Yes. Yes!" Her body tensed and she bent up, shoving with her hips against his regular drives.

"Hey. You're a bitchin good lay." He moved more strongly, his prick creating bright flashes of sexual happiness along her nerves.

"Ohhhhh. Bob. You're so strong. Oh. Fuck me hard. Oh. I want it. I need it. I need it so bad. Oh! Fuck me!"

Bob stroked rapidly, reaming with a short twist of his hips at the end of each stroke.

"Yes. Like that. Fuck me, Bob. Yes!" Her body tensed, clearing the bed as his arms gripped around her thighs. "Bob. Oh, God. Yes. Yes!" Lust blossomed, a glowing rush of heat filling her crotch, her whole torso. "Don't stop. Oh, Bob. Don't stop. God, don't stop. Fuck me!"

"You like it, huh?" He grinned down at her and let her feel more sharp jabs with his stiff prick.

"Oh. God. Shit. Fuck me. Fuck! Hard! HARD!" The climax roared through her, long waves of sheer passion springing from her clit. Her pussy boiled with desire as the man's prick plunged all the way in. "OHH!!" She cried out at the wild beauty he created inside her. "BOB!! OOOHHHH!!"

Bob kept his dick going until she slowed her frantic movements. "Did you come?" He knew she had.

"Yes," she sighed happily. "Oh, Bob. You'r so good." She caressed his chest.

"So are you, honey..." His tool slithered around as he got into a better position. "Bitchin pussy." He screwed with new vigor, holding her legs close to his sides, her feet way up beyond his back. "Great body. Real tits. And one hell of a cunt." The full length of his rod moved in and out as he took greater enjoyment with the woman. "God damn. Yes. Fucking great piece of ass." He shoved into her with all his strength. "Shit. Oh. God damn. Son of a bitch. That is so fucking hot."

"Christ. Son of a bitch." Bob tore in with his prick, his balls ready to burst. He moved only for himself now. "God damn, yes! Son of a bitch. Oh, damn. Yeah. Oh, shit, yes. Yes." His tool sliced into the hot snatch. Desire crested in his nuts and Bob felt the rush of climax blast from his rocks. Cum streamed out. His head dipped and he fucked right into a flaming orgasm.

"ARH! ARH! ARH!!" Bob grunted as the last moments of his passion made a few slower strokes to take the final moments of enjoyment, then pulled his dick out of her pussy and lowered the woman's legs to the bed.

"You're good." He bent and kissed one breast. "One hell of a great piece of ass." Bob got off the bed, standing beside it.

"You're good, too, Bob. Damn good." She propped herself on one elbow. "No nonsense, just jump on, screw and jump off."

"That's what you wanted, wasn't it?" Bob pulled up his shorts and tucked his moist prick inside.

"Yeah. That's what I wanted." Brenda lit a cigarette.

Bob started to put on his shirt, his eyes enjoying the sight of her darkly tanned form. "I'm off duty at eleven, if you want to spend some more time in bed."

"That's okay. I'll just car room service and see what shows up. I was kind of expecting Tim today."

"Tim's a nice kid. But just a kid." He pulled on his pants. "I think a man is what you really need, not a boy."

"Maybe so. You sure rifled the bill, Bob."

"Thanks." He zipped up his fly slowly. He stood on one foot, then the other, to get into his socks and shoes. "I meant what I said. You're a damn good fuck."

"So are you." She got up and fixed herself a drink.

"Oh, by the way, you have to sign for the bottle. Tab's right there on the tray."

"Sure." Brenda signed, adding a ten dollar tip for the waiter. "Here." She handed the chit to Bob. "I'd have made the tip more, but my husband might notice."

"That's okay. Anytime. My pleasure." Bob went to the door. "Oh, hey. What's your name, anyway?"

"Brenda." She smiled at him warmly.

"See you around, Brenda." He returned the smile and left.

Brenda took a small sip of her drink. She leaned back against the wall, very contented. She had come. Come all the way. No toys, no ropes or chains. Just a man; plain bare-assed-naked fucking. That's what got her off. A man, a man who didn't even know her name. A stranger had made her come.

Now if she could only find some way to get the same kind of satisfaction from her husband.


Dave drained his fourth beer and set the empty bottle back on the bar. "Well, hell. I guess I'd better check on my wife." He turned to the man next to him. "Nice meeting you, Carl."

"Same here, Dave," Carl said pleasantly. "Take it easy."

"I will." He turned and walked from the bar.

"You do that," Carl called after him. They had met and made chit-chat over a couple of beers, talking weather and sports and bull-shit like that. Carl knew exactly who Dave was; he'd seen him on the beach with Marilyn. Nice guy, he thought. Going to be almost a shame to fuck his wife. Carl smiled and ordered another beer. Going to be a lot of fun to fuck that stacked blonde, too.

The hotel was quiet as Dave waked back to the room. Inside the bedroom, the drapes were pulled.

He closed the door softly.

Marilyn had turned in her sleep, throwing back the covers. Her body was bared almost to her crotch, her big breasts stuck right up, the nipples dark pink against the snowy skin.

Dave stood at the side of the bed, looking down at his sleeping wife. He smiled. A stir passed through his balls and his smile spread. Dave began to take off his clothes, moving slowly and carefully, making no noise as he undressed completely. He looked again at the woman, his wife. Beautiful. One hand gently drew back the covers, exposing all of her body. Marilyn turned one knee slightly outward, showing a batch of rosy skin at her pussy.

Dave got a hard-on just looking at her.

Bending close to her, his dick brushed across his belly. He put one knee on the mattres and started to crawl in beside her.

"Mmmmm? Ulihhhh?" Marilyn turned her head toward him.

"Hi, honey." Lust throbbed in his rocks when his skin touched her warm flesh as he stretched along side her.

"Oh!" Marilyn gave a small cry and sat up.

"What's the matter?" Dave sat up and put an arm around her shoulder.

"Oh. Oh, you frightened me, Dave. I... I didn't know who it was." She pulled the sheet up to cover her boobs.

"It's okay. It's me. Your husband, remember?" He took the sheet and moved it down.

"Dave, I... I'm not in the mood." She covered herself again and moved away from him.

"Honey, hey." He slid against her again. "Look. I want to make love to you. I really want to. Bad." He pressed his dick to her thigh.

"I... not... in a little while. Later on. Okay?" She swung her legs over and sat on the edge of the bed, sheet tugged around her shoulders.

"Honey. Hey, I'm sorry I scared you. I thought it would be a nice surprise for you. To find me right there, all ready and everything." Dave crouched behind her, stroking her head and back. "I really want you... I really do." The feel of her kept arousing him.

"Dave, not now. Please." She got up and walked away.

"But why?" Dave asked her.

"It... it was... was that man. He... when he... did what he did... it scared me."

"I know. But you said you felt okay. Just wanted to rest. You said that, Marilyn." He turned her around and held her shoulders firmly.

"I... it... please... Dave. Later." She tried to turn away but his arms held her firmly.

"I want you." He pressed his hips forward so she could feel his erection on her belly. "I want you now."

"Dave. No!" She slapped him.

"Now!" He shoved her down, tearing the sheet away. She fell, sprawling naked on the thick carpet.

"God damn it." Dave fell to her, lunging to hold her flat to the floor. "Marilyn. Oh, God." He stabbed with his prick for the snatch.

"NO!" She screamed and rolled away.

"Damn it!" He grabbed at her, got her hips and forced her out face down. "I'm your husband, God damn it. I've got a right. I've got a right to fuck you." He tried to roll her over, a wild lust hammering at his crotch. "Alight!"

"No. No! Dave, please no. Let me alone." She tried to crawl from him.

"Slit." He hurled himself against her. His arms grappled on her chest, holding her in place. Her struggle increased his lust.

"NO!" She roared, fists flailing at his head and shoulders. "NO. Oh. No. I hate you. God. I hate you, hate you, hate you." Her voice was shrill. "I hate you, hate you, hate you, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate!!"

Dave grabbed her thrashing hands and brought them to the floor. "SHUT UP!!"

"NO!" She spit at him. "ANIMAL! FILTHY ANIMAL!!"

"BITCH!" He slapped her hard across the face.

"Ohhhhh!" Marilyn crumpled into sobs. "Dave. Oh... God... oh... leave me alone." Large tears slid over her cheeks. "Dave... hate you. Hate you. Bastard. Animal. Thing!" She turned away as he slumped to the floor. "Bastard." She shook violently with her sobs. "Hate you. Forever."

"God damn," Dave said slowly as he stood up. "Crazy bitch." He shook his head and picked up an old pair of jeans. "Some fucking honeymoon this is!" He stuffed his wilting dick into the jeans and buttoned the fly. "Son of a bitch!"

"Get out. Go. Go to hell. I hate you." She did not look at him.

"I'm going for a walk." He slung back the sliding door and strode out onto the beach. "Stupid dumb cunt!"

"Ohhhhhhh!" Marilyn wailed. "Ohhhhh, God!" Her cries carried through the evening air after him.

Brenda heard the last words of the argument. She peeked around the drapes in her room in time to see Dave walking rapidly away across the sand. It took her a few moments to get dressed. She followed the man, moving quietly.

Brenda's bare feet moved noiselessly over the soft sands. Dave slowed his pace and Brenda let the gap increase. When he stopped, she stood still, watching.

The man sat on a small rise of soft sand. After a moment Brenda went closer. "Nice evening." She stood near him.

"Hm... yeah." He glanced at her, then looked over the waves again.

"How's Marilyn feeling?" Brenda now beside the man.

"Oh, she'll be all right, I guess."

"You don't sound like you care very much one way or the other."

"I don't right now." He was silent for a minute. "We had a fight."

"Oh. I see." She put her arms back and leaned against them, pushing her chest out, so her tits separated and stood clearly outlined by her blouse. "Lots of married couples fight, Dave. You'll get over it."

"Maybe so."

"What was it about?"

"About... oh, just sort of silly, I guess."

"You don't have to talk about it if you don't want to, Dave. But sometimes it helps. Especially to talk to somebody outside objective and all that."

"It... it was... about sex."

"Most are." She lay back in the sand.

"You're probably right. But, I don't know. Maybe husbands don't have rights."

"She said no huh?"

"Right. Loud and clear. Maybe I did come on awful strong, but hell, I... well, I wanted her a lot right then. An awful lot."

"Nothing wrong with that. It's really a compliment when the guy wants you so much he attacks you. Marilyn will learn that after a while."

"I sure hope so. Christ, I... never mind."

"Get it off your chest."

"I... I still want it. Real bad."

"Hold on. Let her stew awhile. She'll hate you for a bit, then start to miss you. But that takes time, Dave."

"I don't know, Brenda." Dave brushed sand from his jeans.

"How about a swim? Cool you off. Feel nice."

"Well, it does sound like a nice idea. But I haven't got any trunks. Just these jeans."

"So swim in them. No problem is there?" She got to her feet, standing close in front of the man. "Or you could skinny-dip. It's dark out here, almost nobody around."

"Oh, hey. No."

"It would sure feel nice. Get all naked and splash in the water." Brenda undid a button of her blouse. "Come on. Come on, Dave! Let's do it." Another button. Her breasts showed clearly. The third button parted; the fourth. She was bare to the waist.

"Brenda, take it easy, look, there's people over there. They'll see us..."

"So what?" She let one tit brush his bare chest. "Or don't you dare?" The other breast pressed to his skin. "I'll bet you're chicken." She smiled right at him.

"Hey, I told you. I'm mated. Remember?"

"Dave, we're just going to swim! My goodness, what a dirty mind you've got." She started to take off her shorts.

"Brenda! Wait!"

"I dare you." She shucked off the shorts and stood naked in front of him. "Oh, hey. Look... I..."

Brenda chanted as she danced into the flow of the waves. "Dave's a chicken. Dave's a chicken."

"Take it easy." Dave waded out toward her, water sloshing around his ankles. "Brenda, look, I..."

"Chicken! Chicken!" She splashed water at him.

"Hey, cut it out!" He smiled at her, laughing when the cool water splashed on his torso. The last glow of twilight clung around her. A hunk of moon shed a silver light, picking out the drops on her tits like diamonds.

Desire crept into his balls again, his need for sex, for a woman, returning with gathering strength.

"Come on, Dave!" Brenda slashed out farther, the waves curling around her tail.

Dave admired her trim body for a moment. His rocks made the decision for him. "Okay." He shoved down his pants, yanked them off, threw them up onto the beach and ran naked, after the woman.

"Hoooooraaayyyy!!!" Brenda cheered as she saw his nude form running toward her, the cock flopping from side to aide. "You did it!"

"You started it!" He grinned as he caught up with her. A wave broke on his dick and he shoved Brenda under. She grabbed his arm and dragged him down, water covering them as they tumbled toward the sandy bottom. Dave's hands touched her wet flesh. He felt a breast for an instant.

They broke to the surface together, her hand on his chest.

"Isn't this nice?" she shouted.

"Riht!" Dave swam more slowly, enjoying the feel of the waves and the casual touch of Brenda's arm as it brushed against him. He slowed more, then stopped and brought his feet to the bottom. "We'd better not get too far from our clothes." Water came up high on his chest.

"Maybe so." Brenda stood close to him, working to hold her head above water. Her hands found his hips and she raised up higher. "Now, aren't you glad you joined me?" Her breasts touched his chest.

"I am. Yes." His dick started to get hard. "Uh... maybe we'd better get on back. Huh?"

"Let me get my breath for a second, okay?" She wrapped one arm around his shoulder and clung to him, dripping boobs pasted to his body.

"Hey, look, Brenda, I... uh." Her skin was warmer than the water. His arousal deepened. His cock got stiffer.

"Just let me rest for a minute." She raised her legs, tightened her grip on his neck and slung her thighs around his waist. "Just hold me. Let me catch my breath."

"Brenda. I'm a married man."

"You keep telling me that. I'm a married woman."

"But... but this is my honeymoon. I was just married yesterday."

Dave's cock was all the way up, lust alive in every inch. He resisted for a moment, then yielded to her pounding crotch and pulled the women to him with both arms, returning her kiss. Her thighs tightened into a solid grip on his sides and his tongue explored deeply into her mouth. The waves swirled around them as they stood locked with passion.

"Brenda!" His mouth dove for her cunt. They fell, rolling under the waves, her legs holding him, his hands all over her slick skin. She slipped and felt his hard dick shove against her belly. They broke apart and leaped gasping to the surface.

Dave lunged for her, took her in both and and kissed her passionately, his prick shoving against her stomach.

"I want you in me," she whispered. Dazzling desire swarmed through her cunt.

"Oh, God. God."

"My room. Hurry." She started to swim along the beach, back the way they had come.

Dave angled in toward the shore, looking for their clothes. It was fully dark, the moon and a few stars the only light. There were several small lumps on the beach but in the darkness he couldn't tell whether they were clothes or what. Dave splashed up onto the sand, dick still fully hard. He crouched to hide his hard-on and searched for his pants. Nowhere. He walked slowly along, head down, investigating different mounds.

Brenda came up to him, dripping from the sea. "Where are the clothes?"

"I don't see them."

"Help me look, damn it." He turned toward her.

Brenda saw his rigid prick. "Dave."

"God, I can't wait. Not any longer." He took her in his arms and bore her down on the hard-packed sand, right beside the water.

Brenda dissolved when she felt the strength of his desire. "Yes. Dave. Take me." His hands were at her breasts, fondling her already hard nipples. His body pressed onto her. Their wet bodies slithered together.

He entered her, his cock moving suddenly into her pussy. Sharp needles of lust surged through her flesh. His dick touched way up into her cunt and she began to come, the wild passions possessing her instantly as the man fucked.

"Ohhh!" She raked him with her fingers, groping for his ass, trying to pull all of him into her snatch. "Now. Now!" Her body went taut, arching to his driving tool. An ache filled her from cunt to tits and Brenda came, a full climax streaming from her wet crotch. "Yes! OH!"

Dave's lust seized control and he fucked. He had to get his rocks off too. The woman moved under him, her flesh warm, alive, her twat hot, tight around his prick. His body crushed her to the sand. His cock raged for release, his balls screamed for an end to the massive tensions. The climax hit him like a fast fist, driving from his balls down the full length of his cock; his cum spat out, thick clumps of juice leaping into the slithery box. Short spurts came, one with each desperate punch of his spouting dick. Dave grabbed her, held her with all his strength and loosed a flurry of final drives before he slumped away to the sand.

Neither of them spoke. They lay, not touching, just resting under the moon, the waves breaking softly nearby.

After a long while, Dave propped himself up on one arm. "We'd better find our clothes and get the hell on back."

"You're right." She sat up, not looking at him.

Dave looked out over the ocean. He'd never thought he would be unfaithful to Marilyn; she was so gorgeous he never expected to need to. And now he'd fucked another woman on the second night of his honeymoon.

Brenda kept looking down the beach. "It was good, Dave, I liked it."

Dave looked across the ocean. After a while he said, "So did I." He got to his feet. "Let's go."

He moved along slowly, looking for their clothes. His eye caught Brenda as she got to her feet the moon light fell across her breasts.

"I'll help you look." She stayed several feet away.

Dave kept bent over to hide his crotch from her. He moved along the beach slowly.

"Hey. Here. I've found my shorts." She held them up.

"Good. My pants can't be too far away." He went closer to her. "There. That's them." He picked up the jeans. He shook them out and put them on.

"Here's my blouse, too."

"Okay. Let's head on back to the hotel." He walked along, a few feet in front of her, leading the way back.


Marilyn sobbed until there were no tears. She thought her life was ruined, her marriage destroyed. Not married even two days and her husband had walked out. Slapped her to the pound and walked off.

Marilyn had wanted to let Dave make love to her, but she was startled. And then he came at her like the man on the beach. He tried to rape her.

Marilyn looked in the mirror. She looked puffy, almost bloated. No man would want her looking like that.

She jumped. What if... what if she... she could not let a man touch her? Not ever again? Her heart began to pound at the thought. Not even, Dave! He had frightened her before. What if that happened again? What if it happened every time?

Panic swept her for a second. She sat on the rim of the tub, trying to get her mind to stop whirling so fast. It might be true, she thought. Maybe she would always scream if a man tried to make love to her.

For a moment she almost screamed. The memory of Dave helped her to become more calm. She loved him. She would have to do anything -- anything -- to hold him, to keep him for herself.

Marilyn stood up and started to fill the bathtub. If she was going to be able to be with a man, she would have to start looking like someone a man would want to be with would want to take to bed.

As the bath finshed, she brushed her hair carefully. She lowered herself into the warm water and stretched out, letting the warmth surround her, relax her tight muscles, soothe her fears.

The bath helped. She felt much better when she got out. She put on some, make up, pulled a loose, sleeveless green shift over her naked frame and walked into the warm evening, strolling across the sand, looking for Dave.

Carl saw her walk past his room. He pulled back his sliding glass door and followed her along the sand.

Carl moved closer. The loose dress bid her sexy figure, but his memory of her in the invisible bikini was what he needed.

Marilyn walked slower, looking for any sign of her husband she thought the had seen him turn toward the right when he went. Dave had actually headed to the left. Marilyn was going in the opposite direction.

The darkness came in close around her. She stopped and looked around.

"Nice evening, isn't it?" Carl came up closer to her, smiling slightly.

"I... uh, yes." She looked at the man. "Oh! You."

"Take it easy."

"Oh. No. No!"

"I don't want to hurt you." Carl's hand clamped over her mouth. As she tried to twist away, he grabbed one arm. "Hold still. I won't hurt you."

Marilyn tried to wrench free, but he was too strong; his hand kept her from screaming for help.

"What's the matter?" Carl whispered harshly. "Don't you like men?" His crotch shoved against her body. "Or don't you like sex?"

Marilyn strained against the confining arms. A small, terrified whimper crept from her throat.

"Shit." Carl stuck his face close to hers. "You must make your husband real happy, then." His crotch bulged with a stiff rod. "Bet he just loves you all the time." He crushed her to him. "Frigid bitch." His voice was harsh.

Marilyn's eyes filled with tears.

"Great big tits and you can't stand for a man to touch you." He let the blonde feel his cock on her leg.

"What does your husband have to do? Get down on his knees? Beg you for it? Beg to get into your panties?"

Marilyn moaned, a tear rolling across one cheek.

"Or does he have to rape you? Throw you down and force you to do it? Is that it?"

Both eyes spilled tears.

Carl grabbed her hand and forced it to his dick. "Feel that? That's a hard cock. And you're going to get used to it."

Marilyn yanked her head away. "No. No!" She gasped.

"Yes!" Carl growled. "I'll show you what fucking's really like." He tore at her dress.

"Hel..." Carl's hand cut off her feeble shout. He grabbed at her, spun her around, both hands down on her tits. His prick dug at her tail.

"Learn to take it, honey. Learn to please a man. A real man." He pulled at her dress. She twisted more and they fell together to the soft sand. The loose dress rode up as he clawed at her, revealing her crotch.

"No. Oh, please God. No. Please. No!" Marilyn tried to crawl away. The man was on her, forcing her down, his hands on her, on her legs, on her tits, on her pussy. He hiked her dress up to her neck. The folds came over her face, almost smothering her. She rolled, still trying to get free. His hands pushed her to her back and he was above her, lying between her legs, the hard bulge of his cock against her sensitive snatch. "Oh! NO!" Her voice vanished as his hand covered her mouth.

"Bitch. Bitch!" he growled.

The man was like Dave, Marilyn thought. The same kind of dominating drive, the same urgent need. And she was doing the same thing. Trying to get away. Trying to run, to escape the man's lust. Maybe the man was right. Maybe she was afraid of men. Maybe when it got to be such passionate desire she could not handle it. Maybe, just when her husband wanted her the most, just when he had the greatest need for her, she would panic.

At that rate, Dave wouldn't be around as a husband very long. No man would.

Marilyn forced herself to breathe very deeply and to relax, commanding her body to be still, to stop resisting the man.

"Hey. Yeah. That's better." Carl held her firmly but relaxed some of his strength.

"Don't hurt me. Just don't hurt me."

"You're learning slowly. But you're learning. We'll make you ready for your husband yet." Carl rose on his knees and pulled his belt from the loops. His pants sagged on his hips. "Just so you don't get any ideas."

"What are you going to do?" Marilyn stared at the wide leather strap.

"This is so you'll know who's boss. I'm the man and I'm in charge. The man is always in charge." He reached for her arm. "Put your wrists together."

"What do you want? Why don't you just... just do it?"

"I will. You'll get screwed. Don't worry." He held her wrists crossed over her head and wrapped the belt tightly around, drawing the strap through the brass buckle twice before he wrapped it crosswise to hold the girl's arms securely.

"What... what's that for?"

"To show you that you're helpless and that I'm the boss. You have to do what I say." Carl pulled off his shirt. "You have great tits." He ran one hand over them as he opened his fly and shoved his pants around his knees. The cock stood right up.

Marilyn lay below him, stretched out with her arms over her head, the dress bunched at her neck. She made herself look at him, look at his big prick. The man seemed to be ten feet tall as he gazed down at her, the body looking very dark, almost charcoal in the partial moonlight. As he bent toward her, an animal force seemed to radiate from him, shimmering out of his crotch.

The man was on top of her again. "Please. Oh, God." She shook with terror.

The man entered her. His cock filled her cunt. One rapid jab put all of his hard tool into her body.

"Yes." Carl made several slow thrusts with his rod.

There was no pain. Marilyn managed to raise her knees, moving to get more comfortable on the sand.

"There." Carl lay still, his prick completely inserted into her pussy. His chest pressed firmly against her tits.

Carl looked down at the pretty face just inches away. "How do you like it? How do you like having a man in your snatch? How do you like having a big stiff cock up your cunt?"

"It... it's okay." She turned her head away.

"Look at me!" He stabbed with his prick.


"Try to enjoy it. Maybe if you learn to like it with me, you'll be good with your husband." He moved his dick around, rotating his hips. "Feel that? That's my cock. A man's cock. Learn to like it. Learn to take it. Take a lot of it."

"Is that better for you? Do you like that better?" He struck in harder.

"Try to come. Try to get all turned on. Turned on by my cock." He moved up higher, sliding in at a new angle.

"But, I... I'll try." She closed her eyes and tried to imagine Dave on top of her, tried to imagine that her husband was fucking her. Marilyn relaxed and there was just a bit of warmth through her pussy. His hands were on her breasts, the fingers pinching her nipples, a bit of pain, where his fingers pinched. And a bit of enjoyment, too.

"Do you like that?" Carl asked. His prick slammed in.

"Uh... yes." It was not quite a lie.

"I told you you'd learn to like it." His hips drove down steadily. His dick filled the box.

"Look at me," he said. "Open your eyes and look at me." He held her chin with one hand. "I want you to know who's fucking you." He drove faster. "My name's Carl. Carl!"

"Carl," Marilyn whispered. The man's strength, the force of his desire, began to make her more aroused. "Oh."

"Yeah. Feel it. Feel my cock." He shoved in full strength. "Feel it."

"Feel it!" He crouched close to her. "Feel it."

"Oh." There was a whisper of real lust from her clit.

"Now." His hips rose, fell and he began his final moves. Fucking steadily, pressing himself to her full length. Carl humped into the peak of his lust. Shimmering clots of pure desire crowded around his dick. His balls ached and he thrashed in with his prick. "Now! OH! NOW!! NOW!!" Three low grunts and he came, heavy rushes of hot cum drenching the blond's cunt instantly. His pleasure whirled and he shoved all, the way up her tunnel until it dripped ball-juice.

Marilyn felt the raw power of the man. She lay helpless under him, eyes right on his face, looking at the cruel smile, staring at the cords in his neck, the bulging veins on his forehead. The look frightened her and aroused her. Her body had done that, had made him feel like that, had created that much lust in him. Her body had driven him to a fury of passion.

That must be what Dave feels, she thought. And I've got to try to satisfy him. Got to!

"Ahhhhh!" Carl lay on her, breathing deeply. "Not too bad. For a first time." He kissed one tit.

"What?" Marilyn lay completely still.

"You're learning. But you've got a long way to go." He slipped his tool from her twat.

"What do you mean?" The fear started to return.

"Well, you've stopped screaming and trying to run away. But you didn't come. Didn't even try. Did you?"

"Uh... uh, no. No."

"I can always tell." Carl stood up. "But you will. You'll come and come and come before I'm through with you."

"But... but you came. That's all. You'll let me go now. Won't you?"

"Hell, this was just a sort of waem up." He pulled on his pants.

"But... but I..."

Carl started to take the belt from her wrists. "I told you that you had a lot to learn. I'm a fucking good teacher." He threaded the belt through the loops around his waist. "You'd better get up."

"I... I just want to go back to... to my room."

"Still afraid of it, huh?" He took her arm to help her up and kept holding on firmly.

"I... I just... Carl, no. Please."

"Yes." He began to lead her along the beach. "I've got lots of nice thihgs to show you. Lots of toys and games for us to have a good time with." Carl held her firmly by the arm and waist as he directed her back toward the hotel.

"What... what are you going to do now?"

"Show you what real fucking is all about. Teach you how to please a man. Any man. Even your husband. It's high time you learned that, honey."

"But, I... He likes me. Dave loves me."

"For how long? With what I'm going to show you, you can hang on to him forever. He'll never want to look at another woman." Carl's hand glided over her ass. "And you will like it too. Be better than any kind of fuck you've ever had."

"But... I don't love you. I love my husband."

"This isn't love, kid. This is fucking. I didn't say one damn thing about love. Did I?"

"Think of it this way. You're doing this for him. For your husband. To please him. Just like you learned to cook or keep house."

"I... uh... that's not the same thing, really."

"And remember. You don't have much choice, either." His fingers bit into her arm tightly. "Ow. That hurts."

"Just remember that." He led her away from the edge of the water. "Besides, I won't touch you after today. It's just for a little while."

"Listen. It's just bodies. Just screwing. That's all. You can try to get something out of it or you can fight me. I'll still get what I want. So it's up to you."

"I... well..."

Carl stopped moving. "You might as well say yes."

"I don't have any choice. Like you said."

"Okay." He took his hand from her arm, just walking beside her. "We'll have one good session and then you can go on back to your husband."

"Where... where will we go?"

"My room. I've got everything we need there."

"Oh." She walked in silence beside the man. She felt dominated, overwhelmed by his strength, the force of his personality, the aggressive approach.

"It's over there." He pointed to the hotel. "That's my, our rooms."

"I know. I'm right next door."

"Don't worry. The only thing I'll do to you tomorrow is smile."

"It's like our room next door. Just the same." Carl closed the door, locking it securely.


Carl grabbed her wrist and yanked her close to him. "Look! The biggest thing you've got to learn is just to do what the man says. Never question. Just obey." He shoved her back. "Now strip!"

"Yes." Marilyn turned her back and lifted the loose dress over her head.

"Damn nice." He looked her over. "Turn around. Look right at me."

Marilyn faced the man, eyes down, head hung toward her chest.

"Just beautiful. Big tits, smooth skin, nice tiny cunt. Great!" He walked over to her and caressed her breasts with one hand. "Did your husband take your cherry?"

"OH... no. It was... somebody else."

"Then you know something about men. Looking like you do, lots of guys must have come onto you. Come on real strong."

"Yes. They did." She did not look at him.

"How many of them got up in here?" He touched her snatch. "Before your husband?"


"So your husband was number three and I'm number four." He turned toward the bed. "Fix me a drink. Get one for yourself, too."

"I don't want one."

"I didn't ask you. I told you. Fix a drink. For both of us. Just do what I tell you."

"Yes, Carl." She went to the bottle on the dresser. "There's no ice."

"We'll drink it neat." He pulled off his shirt and sat on the bed.

Marilyn poured bourbon into both glasses, about two inches in Carl's and about two sips in hers. "Here we go." She gave him the glass.

"Thanks." He tossed down about half of the booze. "Suck my cock." He lay back on the bed.

"But... your pants... I..."

"Damn it all to hell. Are you that fucking stupid? Just pull down the zipper and suck my prick. It's easy, honey. Just fucking do it. Slit."

Marilyn went to her knees and gingerly touched the man's crotch. Her fingers found the tab of the zipper and tugged at it. It caught and she pulled harder. No movement.

"Oh, Christ," Carl said, sitting up. "Here. Like this." He opened the fly and took out his prick. "Suck it. You can manage that much, can't you?"

"Yes." Marilyn put her lips around just the very tip of his meat, barely touching the soft skin for a moment she let just a hair more of the tool into her mouth.

"God, honey. Suck it. Get down there! Right on it." Carl shoved her head firmly to his crotch, placing the whole cock into her mouth. "Shit, I sure feel sorry for your husband."

Marilyn began to press her tongue against the limp dick. She'd done this for Dave sometimes and he always said how much he liked it.

Marilyn sucked harder, determined to see what kind of reaction she could get from Carl. He'd let her know whether she did a good job or not.

Some thickness entered the shaft and she tightened her lips and pulled, stretching the tool out, up from his crotch, making it get firmer, thicker, the flesh swelling steadily now as she worked at it.

"That's better. Yeah. Just keep doing that." He moved his hips around, sliding up into her mouth.

The cock got longer. It touched into her throat and she made herself swallow all of it.

"Not bad." Carl pushed the blond head from his prick and sat up. "Now let's see how you like some games." He pulled out his special case and opened it up. "Stay on your knees. Put your hands behind your back." Carl undid his belt and shoved down his pants. His hands stretched out a length of electrical wire, copper sheathed in brown plastic. Bending behind the naked woman, Carl put a couple twists of wire around one arm, bound it to the other arm, then bound around both wrists, not quite cutting off the circulation. "There. Now turn around. On your knees." He planted his fists on his hips as he watched her clumsily maneuver into place.

"Suck my cock." He shoved his tool to her face.

"Get me all turned on. Just with your mouth."

The prick was about half-hard. She struggled and got it down her throat again, holding it for a moment before she started to sway back and forth, stroking the full length from base to end.

"There. You see. You're learning." He mouthfucked the girl. "That's starting to feel nice." He gave her a few deeper shoves, his cock completely hard now. "Not bad at all." He rammed it all the way down her throat.

Madly gagged but held on, flicking her tongue around on the broad head until it flared widely.

"Yeah!" Carl held her head with both hands, plunging into the moist pit slowly.

"Suck my balls." He took his dick from her. "Get them wet." He leaned ahead, lowering his nuts of her nose. "I want your spit to drip off my rocks. Suck them!" He held her by her hair, forcing her face between, his legs. "Lick those balls. Lick!"

Marilyn's tongue crept out, touching the crinkled pouch surrounding the man's nuts. She let her saliva flow, covering the slithering round testicle completely before she started in on the other.

"Nice work." Carl spread his legs farther to give her room. Her face pressed up between his legs. Lust coiled inside his balls as she kissed them.

"That's enough." Carl walked away. "Look at me." His thick hard-on stuck up close to his belly. "Look at my cock. Look right at my big cock." He faced her, just a few feet away, her face on a level with his crotch.

Marilyn stared at the tool. She looked only at the organ, ignoring the rest of the man. She tried to think of it as Dave's cock, but it didn't look the same.

"Do you like it?"

"Yes." Marilyn saw only the prick. Not Carl's prick, just a prick. A man. A man deeply aroused.

"Do you want it?"

"Yes." Marilyn wanted what it meant. She wanted the desire it stood for, desire for her. For her body.

"Get up."

Marilyn struggled to get to her feet, the wire biting in on her wrists as she moved.

Carl came up and stood close, close enough so the tip of his cock brushed against her belly and his chest touched her tits. "We ought to get you turned on a little." He spoke softly, a small smile moving on his lips. His chest swayed from side to side, gliding on her nipples. "Do you like to be turned on, Marilyn?"

"I... yes. I do." She managed a small smile.

"That's good. Because I am really going to try to get you nice and hot." His fingers started to roll her tits around, massaging gently, pressing lightly on the nipples.

"That's coming along now." He left one hand to work on her breasts and held his cock with the other, guiding it until the tip rubbed against her clit, pressing down on his thick shaft, sliding it into her batch of crotch-ball. "How's that?" He rotated the cock-end on her cunt.

"It's... nice. Oh." One thin flash of live pleasure pinged from her cunt. And then a second followed. The third was stronger. Marilyn quivered for a moment. Her nipples started to become firm. His fingers moved faster. More pressure came to her clit from his prick.

"Kiss me," Carl whispered. "Make it real." He touched around her pussy with his dick.

Marilyn closed her eyes and touched her lips to Carl's.

"Make it reall." His tongue tried to pry into her mouth. She let her lips part, opened her teeth, and took his tongue. Warmth began to spread through her cunt. His prick touched her clit again, his fingers pinched on her tit. The man's tongue probed strongly. Marilyn responded to his moves, slithering her tongue on his, her body starting to come alive under his caresses. There was a force -- real passion in his kiss -- and she responded to it, leaning against him.

The head of his cock pressed into her snatch. His thumb rotated her clit. Her desires rose swiftly.

It all felt so good. So sensuous. So sexy.

Marilyn's mouth began to stir by itself, returning the kiss, answering his desires. Her nipples became firm, almost throbbing under his touch. Her cunt pulsed with physical desire.

"Mummmmm." She wanted to cling to him but her hands were bound. Her whole body advanced, melting to the man.

Carl took a quick setp back. "Bitch!" He slapped her hard across the face.

"Owwwww." She fell to the floor.

"That's to let you know who's boss. I give you pleasure, I take it away. When I want to. When I want to. It's all up to me. It's always up to the man." He walked away.

Marilyn twisted around and looked up at him. Her pleasure went away instantly.

"Get up. Get up and sit on the bed."

She did as she was told, sitting on the very edge of the bed, back to the man, looking over her shoulder at him.

"That's good. Just sit there. Nice and still." Carl took two coils of hemp rope from his case. Crouching, he made a noose and slipped it around the woman's left ankle, drawing the rope along to the foot of the bed. He tied it there very securely. The other ankle got the same treatment.

"Now spread your legs. As far as you can. Really stretch." He pulled her leg toward the head of the bed and tied it off to the metal leg.

Carl climbed to the bed, straddling her hips with his feet. "Suck my cock. Get it hard again." He shoved his dick between her lips.

Manly licked at the tool, sucking for a moment until the stiffness returned. Her legs were stretched, her pussy gaping open between her thighs. She felt totally helpless.

"You're getting better." He got down from the bed. "Or maybe I'm just getting hornier." Carl went to the other side of the bed, crawled over and started to untie Marilyn's arms. Her movements had tightened the wire and he had to tug at it to get it loose.

Marilyn massaged her wrists when they were released.

"Lie down," Carl said. "Get on your back. Arms out over your head. Straight out."

Carl's fingers threw loops of sash-cord around the wrists, brought them together, circled the ties with more cord, then tied the arms down to the bed frame.

Standing beside the bed, Carl looked down at the woman. "Yeah. That's the way a woman should always be. Just stretched out, all naked, just waiting for a man to come along and fuck her."

Marilyn looked up at the man. She was frightened again. The man was so changeable, his moods shifting almost in a second. All she wanted now was for him to come so he would let her go.

Carl went around and stood between her fled legs. "Does your husband eat your pussy for you?"


"I bet he doesn't do it like I do it." Carl crouched, planted his knees firmly and ran a hand up the inside of her thigh. When one finger touched the delicate pink flesh he dipped his head and kissed gently down to her clit from her belly. His lips parted and he kissed over the pussy, tongue barely flickering among the hairs. His other hand crept to the snatch, touching lightly on the crescent-moon folds of flesh that flanked her love-hole.

One finger went inside and Carl's mouth closed over the clit, tongue darting to lick at the bit of flesh. A finger from the other hand went in and Carl parted the cunt with his hands and sank his whole face right in, licking deeply up the soft channel.

In spite of herself, Marilyn felt her twat began to warm under the caressing mouth. His teeth nibbled at her clit and she felt passion stir deep between her legs. A moan escaped from her throat and her hips began to move, writhing as the man ate her box.

"You like that?" His tongue glided back and forth on her clit.

"Yes. Yes, Carl. I like it." Real desire started to build in her cunt. Her nipples throbbed, nice and hard, changing from pink to red without any touching.

Carl sent one hand up and found a tit. His fingers pressed the firm nipple down and played with the flesh until it came back up again. His tongue made fuck-moves into the cunt and his nose pressed against the clit.

"Ohhhhhhh." A shudder of deep arousal passed from her head to her thighs. A steady pounding started in her twat. Heat sped though her flesh. "Yes. Oh. Ohh! Yes!" She lifted her hips, pressing her pussy to his mouth. Her tits burned with pleasure, the nipples filled with a wonderful ache as his fingers crushed them. Her cunt creamed.

Carl kissed the cunt, rolling it with his tongue. He started to crawl up, kissing along her belly, moving above her, his knees between her legs.

"Carl, Carl. What's happening to me?"

"I told you you'd like it." He lay with his dick across her twat. His hips curled back and he dragged the full length of his rod across her cunt, bearing down hard when he slid it forward.

"Carl!" Lust flew along her nerves. His hands found her tits and crushed them. His body pressed her to the bed, his weight bearing don.

"OHHHH!" His cock slid into her cunt. The whole length of his hard organ went in. Marilyn melted, dissolved in physical passion. Lust blazed everywhere as he fucked her. His cock touched all around inside her snatch, angling to touch every part of the smooth passage.

"Oh my God. God!" The pleasures crowded out of her crotch. Thick billows of pure enjoyment swelled, crested and broke all through her. Spasms of bright lust swirled in her head. She writhed, pinned by his body, held by the ropes. She wanted to hug him, to pull him close, to touch his powerful body, feel his muscles as they moved, as they gave her so much happiness.

"Carl! Carl. Oh. Oh! OH!" Marilyn knew she was going to come, knew the man was going to bring her to a shimmering climax. The heat in her cunt boiled. Fire raced along her legs. Her arms strained against the bonds. Her torso heaved, at the powerful lust. His steady thrusts did not change, just kept giving her wonderful delight.

"Carl." He kissed her. His cock drove in faster, more strength behind the drives. His tongue moved in at the same tempo as his dick.

Marilyn drowned in pleasure. His body touched her everywhere. His prick brought her to the rim of a blazing climax and skillfully pressed her over into the wild torrents of ecstasy. She tried to scream, to cry out, but his mouth pressed tightly and smothered her shrieks of passion. Fire streamed from her clit. Every nerve burned; her legs flailed and her breasts shook with the depth of her lust.

"OHHHHHHHHU! GOD!!!" He rose above her, slamming with his body, straining to pound in with his prick.

"Carl!" The long orgasm drenched her. Sweat poured over her smooth skin. She came and came and came, consumed by the force need, the overwhelming passion.

The hammering peak of desire passed. Carl kept fucking, strong thrusts, his butt strongly behind each drive.

"Carl. Oh. It was... oh!"

The man slowed but kept screwing. "You see what a man can do for a woman? If he wants to?" He pulled out of her cunt. "If he wants to. It's all up to him. You remember that the next time your husband wants to make it with you. You remember that and do just exactly what he says."

"Carl, I will. I will. Oh. It was... it was perfect. Just perfect." Her tits rose and fell as she breathed deeply.

His hard cock shimmered with her cunt-juice as he crouched between her knees. "You're good. You've got a tight snatch. Lively. I could feel it moving around my dick." He touched her cunt with two fingers. "Bitchin tits." He kissed both boobs, opening his mouth to slide his tongue all around the nipples.

"Now I'm going to show you how a man really fucks." Carl got up from the bed. He took a long swig of bourbon straight from the bottle.

"I am going to split you in half. Right up the middle." He stood over her.

Fear mingled with desire as Marilyn looked up at the powerful man. A film of sweat glinted on his chest under the thick mats of dark hair. Her eyes fastened on its prick.

"I'll break you in two with my cock."

"Take me," Marilyn whispered, tilting her twat to him.

"Ydu're learning." Carl checked the ropes holding her legs.

"Just try to stay with me. That's all. Just try!" His cock jammed into her cunt. His hips slammed it all the way in, shoving hard, forcing the dick higher up the tunnel.

When he started to fuck, brutal slams came from his body. His legs splayed on the floor, feet spread, braced on the carpet. His dick ripped up the tender pussy. Every bit of hisforce lunged down, hammering at the woman.

The fucking hurt. His hands on her tits brought ribbons of agony streaming. Her flesh shrieked but she could do nothing. She had to lie there, tied hand and foot, helpless under the man's savage attack.

Carl's body thrashed. His cock slammed in, cut in, beat against the flesh. His full weight crashed behind every stab.

"Ohhhhh. God. Oh. No!" Marilyn's head snapped from side to side. She felt the full power of the man. Knew the full force of his virility. His muscles clenched, flexed, kept driving the cock full speed up her cunt. Sweat streaked him, spread in small trickles down his chest. Ths hands cupped under her shoulders, raising her tits to him, bending her double.

Carl's lust raged. The fury of his balls kept him plunging. His body release. His cock burned as he fucked. Raw physical need commanded him, drove him to a frenzie. His arms ached from crushing the blond.

Marilyn screamed. Torment drenched her. Her cunt was a vast pit of pure agony. She shrieked until her mouth was dry. Her voice cracked.

"STOP!!! GOD!!! NO!! CARL!! NOW."

Carl kept fucking. Every nerve howled with savage pleasure. His legs kept him moving. His cock kept sending out great rivers of enjoyment.

Pain ran through Marilyn's flesh. She could not cry out any more. She lay on the bed, writhing under the man, desperately hoping to make him come. That would stop him. If she could just manage to give him what he wanted, to give him more, more sex, more pleasure. She forced her cunt to move around the gouging dick.

A new, primitive feeling began, riding through the pain, swelling darkly until she could almost taste it. A new lust, deep, filled with terror and longing. Carl's cock created the heavy, pulsing desire right in her snatch. It spread like a stain, like ink on white velvet until she lost herself in it, until the dark pleasure overcame her, took possession and she began to come.

The feeling was naked, savage, totally physical. Elemental desire, male for female, surged and Marilyn lost herself, went blind as the wild enjoyment raced through her.

"Carl!! OHHHIH!! GOD!!! CARL!! OHHHH!!!"

An explosion ripped through them Carl heaved, grunted like a wild creature and surged with total lust into the body, into the woman, his cum scorching as it sped through his plunging cock. His hips bent and he gasped, lunged and sent more boiling jism into the hot fuck-pit. The heavy cream leaped from his prick, drenching the cunt. His balls flamed from the impact of the orgasm.

Marilyn howled as the man fucked her. The passion ripped through her cunt, sliced from her cunt right through to her head. Her flesh shrieked from the total pleasure, the incredible ecstasy. The man was a pile of muscles above her, his cock driving right into the center of her whirling desires. She tried to call his name but no sound came. Her eyes stared above her, seeing only bright rainbows.

"God! Damn! Yes!" Carl made the last few crushing drives and slumped exhausted to the woman's sweaty body. He gasped for air, back heaving above her, his arms limp along her sides.

Marilyn lay stunned, the fury of their lust still ringing through her mind. She could not move, could not speak.

They lay together for several minutes, breathing deeply.

Finally, Carl pulled his dick from the battered pussy and got up. "There! Now that's the way a man really wants to fuck." He took a swig from the bottle.

Marilyn looked at him. He had ravished her. Raped her. Fucked her until she screamed and wanted to pass out. And she had loved it. Loved the force, the bare power of his body, of his naked cock. The power of his lust.

"Carl. Oh. It was... God. Incredible."

"Tell your husband about it. Maybe he'll do the same thing some time. If you show him how." Carl bent and untied her hands.

Marilyn drew up her legs when he released them.

"Like you, honey. I scared the hell out of you this afternoon. But I gave you a chance and you loved it."

"Yes. Yes, I did." She curled up slightly to ease the slow ache in her twat. She thought of Dave. He was good in bed. And she loved him. Very much.

But this man had come along. On the second day of her honeymoon. And she went with him. Came with him. Came like she had never come before.

Her eyes went over him again, resting on his prick. Not so different from Dave's, she thought. It was how he used it. How he... he dominated. Took charge. That was it!

Carl had taken charge of her. Dominated her. Made her come to his room. Forced her to have sex. And forced her to come.

He had done it all.

Marilyn breathed a sigh of relief and stretched slowly oh the bed. Carl had done it. She just didn't have any choice.

Carl handed her a drink. "Here you go."

"Thank you." She swallowed it gratefully.

"You can go whenever you want to. I won't be after you again. And I won't say a word to Dave, either."

"I... okay." Marilyn stood up. Her dress was in a heap in the far corner. She shook it out and slipped it over her head.

"So long, honey." He smiled at her.

"Good-bye, Carl." She gave him her smallest smile and left the room.


The moon stood straight overhead, turning the beach to a field of rippling pale pearls.

Brenda looked at Dave, turning her head for a good view. "Hey, look. Don't feel bad. It happened. And it's not your fault. I seduced you."

"You did, yeah. But I let you." Dave moved more quickly toward the hotel. "Hell. I knew it was going to happen. I got one little peek at your breasts and I knew it then."

"So? I gave you the chance to look at them. I wanted to see if I could get you into bed -- and I succeeded. See?"

"Yeah. But..."

"Hey, that's okay. Did I say I didn't like it?" Brenda slowed her walk. "Look, you're good. Real good. Your wife's lucky to have you."

"She sure doesn't act like it."

"She'll come around. You've just got to show her who the boss is. Get her used to it. I know Carl did. He's my husband. He's into bondage you know, ropes and chains and stuff."

"Jesus!" Dave stopped and looked at the woman.

"I didn't go for it at first. But he just threw me down, fled me up, screwed the hell out of me and... now it's great!"

"I don't know... bondage. That's kind of strange."

"Not after you try it a couple of times. You try it with Marilyn. Really do it. Just knock her around and climb on. Be rough about it."

"I... maybe. I'll have to see how things work out."

"You have to do something on your own, Dave. You have to make things come out the way you want them to. It doesn't just happen. You have to work for them."

"Just try it and see. With Marilyn."

"Okay." He walked toward the hotel, moving to keep some distance from the woman.

As they got close to the building, Brenda walked closer to Dave. "I tell you what. You don't tell Carl and I won't tell Marilyn."

"That's a deal," he said instantly.

"You can come to my room for a drink if you want to!"

"No. That's okay. I'd better talk to Marilyn." He stopped a few yards from their rooms.

"You do what I told you to, Dave." Brenda went to her room.

"Okay." Dave waited a minute, then went to his room.

The hotel room was dark; only a bit of light seeped from around the bathroom door. Dave peeled down his clammy jeans and stood naked near the bed. "Marilyn, you in the bathroom?"

"Oh!" She sounded startled. "Yes. Yes, dear. I'll be right out. Just a minute."

"Okay." Dave clicked on the bedside lamp and sat on the bed, facing toward the ocean. The sound of surf was lost in the gush of water from the bathroom.

In a while, the door opened.

Dave turned. Marilyn stood facing him, her body glowing pale and pink from a steamy bath. "Hi, honey," she said with a smile. Her form was nude, only one towel trailing along the floor from her left hand. "I missed you." Marilyn dropped the towel and took a couple of steps toward her husband.

Dave stared at the nude figure. He wanted her the instant he saw her. Brenda's instruction was still fresh in his mind.

"What the hell went wrong with you?" Dave stood up. "I wanted to make love and you came on like I was something that crawled up out of the swamp."

"Dave, I... I'm sorry. Really. It will never happen again. Honest. I'll always do what you want. What you tell me to do. Always!"

"You had God damned well better." He came over and stood close to her. "I'IJ never back off again like I did. I'll break you in half first."

"Yes. I'll always do what you say. Every time. I promise."

Dave liked what he heard, but he didn't quite believe it. It was happening too quickly. It was too easy.

"I'm the boss. Remember that."

"I know. I'm sorry I was so awful. But I had a chance to think about it. And you're the man. Men are in charge. All the time."

"God damn right!" Dave felt pleased with the way things were working put. He decided on a quick test. "Suck my cock!" He said the words like a command.

"Oh, yes!" Marilyn was on her knees in a second. Her hand took the hanging organ and her lips closed instantly around the full shaft. Her tongue massaged briskly over the delicate skin, rolling the dick all around, making it wet, making it begin to rise, to thicken, hardness pulsing into the base where her fingers touched it.

Dave was surprised at how quickly she had followed his order. There was not a bit of hesitation, she just went down and started sucking cock. Brenda was sure right, he decided.

She loved the feel of the rising dick. It meant that she was giving him pleasure, that he was aroused by her. That he wanted sex with her.

And she knew what a really hard cock could do to her. Marilyn wanted to find out if her husband could give her the same pleasure she had found with Carl.

The tool came up to full size and she bobbed her head, taking it into her throat.

Dave took a firm grip on her blond hair with both hands and fucked the pulling mouth steadily until his lust flowed with thick, regular pulses from his rocks.

"Okay." Dave stepped back from the woman. "I'll do anything for you. Anything." She smiled at her husband, spreading her thighs to show bin her snatch.

"You're damn right you will." Dave wanted to see how far he could push his new dominance. "Get your ass on the bed. Now!"

"Yes!" Marilyn leaped to the bed, sprawling on her back, knees raised, ready for his cock to ram into her.

Dave stared at the waiting cunt for a moment. "Not bad." He put his knees on the mattress and crawled between the thighs. His hands spread the knees, shoving them to the side. She hitched up her pussy toward him and he touched it with the end of his prick.

Suddenly, one hard slam put it all into her. Marilyn gasped. The cock ramming in showed her how sore her sessions with Carl had left her. She clenched her teeth and managed to moan, "Yes. Yes."

"God damn right." Dave fucked savagely, trying to hurt her with his cock. He wanted to show her how powerful he was, how much strength he had, how much force he had in his cock, how much driving energy there was in his lust.

"Oh, Dave, Dave. Yes. Oh, yes. Oh. I love you." She managed to relax and take his blows with less pain. "So strong. Oh. Oh, I love you. I love it when you are strong inside me. In my cunt. In me. Oh!" She responded to the force of his body. The power of his lust, the raw hardness of his cock amused her. "Fuck me!" She clung to him with both arms. "Oh, Dave. Hard. Yes. Fuck me hard. Hard!" Her arms pulled his heaving torso close; she shoved her breasts to his naked chest. Desire swept her, her legs spasmed, rising, thrashing above his back. Her tits slid on his skin, the firm muscles making the nipples pound with solid lust.

Dave reared back, and springing free of the twat. "God damn!" He shoved her flat to the bed, arms pinning her shoulders. "Just lie still, damn it. Let me fuck." He stuck his prick back into the smooth pussy and screwed with rapid strokes.

Marilyn spread her legs so he could go all the way into her box easily. "Oh, yes. Fuck me, Dave. Just do what you want. Fuck my cunt!"

"Shut up." His hand slapped across her face. He whipped his dick out of her pussy and jumped from the bed.

"Dave, I... I'm sorry." A needle sting spread through her face. "Just tell me what to do. Anything."

"You're moving around. Squirming and everything. I can't concentrate on what I'm doing." He rummaged through the dresser drawers.

"What do you want? What are you looking for?"

"Something to tie you up with." His desire had pushed him into trying everything that Brenda had suggested. So far everything had worked out like she said it would.

"Here we go." Dave held up some of Marilyn's panty-hose. The long legs trailed limply on the floor as he came back to the bed. "Let's just get your arms tied first." Dave took hold of her left wrist. If she would let him tie her up, he was sure she would really do anything he wanted her to in bed. From now on out.

"Here you go." She held out her arm, not complaining or resisting at all.

"Okay!" Dave smiled as he wrapped one end of a panty-hose leg around her wrist and made a firm knot.

Marilyn looked at her husband's hard-on, only inches from her face as he bound her wrist. She lay back when he tied the arm to one leg of the bed and moved around to bind her other arm. The panty-hose did not cut into her skin, but it did hold her very securely.

"Now let's try a little more screwing." Dave took both feet and pulled until his wife was stretched out on the bed.

"Yeah. God damn. Nice." Dave plunged into the pussy eagerly, taking his time savoring the flow of passion from his nuts. His hands explored her tits carefully, rolling the nipples all around.

Marilyn held still. Her pleasures grew. The front of his crotch rubbed on her clit. Lust warmed, then flared as his digging prick touched every part of her snatch. Her tits burned with enjoyment.

"Put your legs together. Hurry!" Dave separated his knees and shoved her thighs with his hands, closing her twat in a grip around his moving tool.

"Ness them together." He gripped the outside of her legs with his knees, forcing the firm flesh to tighten around his rod. "Shit. Oh, yeah!"

The position was new for her. Marilyn loved the feel, loved the slow pleasures that washed from her pussy. She took his kiss, drawing his tongue into her, feeling his passion increase as he fucked with real strength again, driving in, hard, deep thrusts, thrusts that showed he wanted her, that his passion was building to a peak.

Dave broke the kiss. "Spread 'em!" he snapped. One knee jammed between her thighs. His hands spread her knees.

Marilyn swung her legs as far apart as she could, giving the man room for a good hard fuck. "Yes," she whispered. The cock tore into her cunt. Pain came back, sharp, thin streamers rippling from her battered flesh. The heaving prick created agony between her legs.

"Lift 'em, God damn it." Dave tried to heft up her legs. "Come on. Come on!" He got her thighs under his arms and bent her up, rising over her, his hips slamming his cock deeper into the stretched pussy.

"Oh, Dave. Oh, God. Oh." She clung to his sides with her thighs, the excitment starting to turn to a dark loveliness under his steady hammering. She moaned, gasped, breathed with shallow moans and felt herself begin to come. "Daaaaave!" The sound came from low in her throat, rolling up, out, merging with his grunts. "YES!" She shrieked as the howls of blinding fire filled her flesh.

Heavy sweat streamed from them. The broiling heat surrounded his balls, filled his cock. Lust was a hungry beast in his crotch.

He knew Marilyn was coming; he felt the spasms in her flesh, heard her cries. She screamed, head snapping between her tied arms.

And she loved it! Loved the savage fucking. Loved the wild, muscular drives, the heavy thrusts, the massive virility of the great cock.

Dave crushed her down. The eruption began back behind his balls. Flashes of pleasure singed though his crotch. He heaved, sweating all over, slamming into the overwhelming climax, his body tense, flailing at the tied figure. His muscles flexed, his crotch flamed and he sent the first thick batch of cum into the steaming cunt. His fingers dug into the flesh of her thighs. His body felt the fierce ecstasy. His balls whirled, a hurricane of lust loose, his gism streaming, gushing, tearing through his pounding dick. More cum, boiling as it streaked into the twat. For a moment he could not see, then a million colors ripped through his head and he almost fell to her, gasping for air, his chest heaving as the orgasm finally passed.

"Oh, God." Dave pulled his prick from the wet pussy and slumped to the bed. The splendor of the climax stunned him. "Oh, Marilyn. Marilyn." He grabbed for his wife. "I love you. Oh, God, I love you so much." He wrapped his arms around her waist and began a messy, intense kiss.

"Dave. Oh. I love you. Yes. Forever." She arched her breasts to him. The session had exhausted her. She lay on the bed, very happy. She had sex, the same kind, but with the man she loved. Dave could give her the same deep, total thrill that she had found for the first time with Carl.

"Oh. Oh, Dave. What a man. A man."

His hands slid over her breasts. "You are so beautiful." Brenda had been right, he thought. Just put it to her, hard. Do it and she'll love it. Love every bit of it. "Beautiful." He kissed her boobs, then kissed down her belly to her box.

Marilyn's pussy ached sharply. When he kissed her clit, she moaned and spread her legs, inviting him to begin again if he wanted to.

"Beautiful." His lips moved up over her moist skin to her boobs, then to her lips. "I love you." Dave sat up slowly.

"I love you so much, Dave. So much I can never tell you."

"I'm hungry." He started to untie her wrist.

"How about we get cleaned up, have some dinner and then I'll show you how much I love you?"

"Oh, yes. Yes."

Brenda slept very late the next morning. Carl was already off somewhere when she got up. She showered and put on a skimpy bathing suit and went out to the beach.

She saw her husband sprawled on his back, eyes closed.

"HA!" Brenda clasped both arms around his body and slid her lips to his mouth.

"Uh?" Carl was half-way asleep. He woke suddenly and returned his wife's kiss.

"Good to see you awake. You were almost passed out when I got in last night." She spread a beach towel beside him.

"I was tired. And I drank too much, too." He closed his eyes.

"I sure slept well. Must be the sea noise." She took a very deep breath, causing her tits to strain at the top of her suit.

"Hey, take it easy. I don't feel like chasing off half the guys on the beach this morning."

"Oh, okay. What a grouch." She plopped beside him, stretching slowly to full length in the warm sun. "Sure is a nice day."

"Yeah. It is."

Brenda sat up. "I think I'll go for a swim. Want to join me?"

"No. I want to get some more tan." He picked up his head to watch her go along the sand. When the water came up over her tail he closed his eyes and started to drift back to sleep.

"HEY. HEY!" Brenda yelled at Carl, flicking water from her arms at him. "WAKE UP!" Her voice carried down the beach.

"Oh. You." He relaxed. "How was the water?"

"Oh. Great!" She tossed her head, flicking water from her legs and sides. Her bikini clung tightly to her flesh, outlining her nipples, pressing wetly over her snatch. "You ought to try it. It's just wonderful." Brenda knows what that close to him, almost touching his side with her hip.

"I know something else that's wonderful." Carl's said, glided down her damp arm.

"What's that?"

"A fuck before lunch." He pulled her down to him, one arm holding her across his chest as he kissed her firmly. "How about it?"

"Nice," she said slowly. "Just great." A smile spread over her face and she kissed Carl with lips, tongue, mouth all very active, tongue thrusting into him, licking over his teeth.

"I think we'd better go to the room; it's kind of public out here."

"You're right." Brenda got to her feet. She waited while Carl gathered up their gear, then put her arm around his waist and walked with him to the hotel room.

Carl slid the glass door closed, pulled the drape and dropped the beach equipment to the floor. "Come here." His hand drew Brenda close.

"Mmmmmmmm." Brenda leaned to the man, taking his loving embrace, loving the feel of his muscles as he held her tighter and tighter. Her feet spread apart to get better balance and she moved her crotch toward him.

Carl's fingers moved inside the suit. Brenda untied the small bit of clothing and he peeled it from her. Her bare boobs stuck right up toward him, the tan skin surrounding the dark nipples. His fingers pinched lightly and he bent to kiss them while his hands roamed lower, over her tail, around to touch at her snatch under the damp patch of bikini.

Brenda took the bathing-suit down, opening to her husband.

Carl watched as his wife bared her form to him, his lust swelled as his eyes took in her trim figure, viewed the breasts, looked right at her cunt.

"Brenda!" His hands cupped under her butt and he lifted her, held her to him as he carried her to the bed.

Brenda stretched out one knee turned outward to spread her box. The man took down his trunks. His cock rose swiftly as he leaned toward her, hands covering her tits. His kiss became deeply passionate and Brenda lay back, feeling his weight press her down, his cock against her side, against her leg.

One finger touched down to her crotch, found the clit and she soared, thrashing billows of passion suddenly loosened within her. "Oh! Carl!"

His thumb rolled the firm bit of flesh; the clit moved like a marble in a pool of warm oil. His head dipped and his lips replaced his tongue.

"OH!" The twitches of passion arrived closer together. Her pussy turned all hot and creamy, just waiting for the stiff prick to massage up into it.

"How about I just make love to you? Show you how good I am." He kissed deeply between the folds that flanked her box.

"Ohhhhh. Yeeeeeeesssssss!" Brenda spread her legs as far apart as she could.

Carl turned slowly above her, lowered himself full length to his wife's body and gradually let his cock fill her warm pussy. He put it in by slow degrees until he was tightly pressed to her crotch. He started a kiss and drew back until only the tip touched the passage, then entered again, slowly touching the sides of the cunt with his thick rod.

Lust blossomed out of Brenda's twat. She lay on the bed, quivering with intense happiness as the man created masses of glowing beauty between her legs, his cock making more slow trips up the channel, her passion swelling until she thought she would die.

Brenda came, long, massive pulses of pure loveliness sliding from her crotch to her head. She glided on sheer luxury, the slow fucking still continuing, her body ravished by the unspeakable perfection.

"Carl. Ohhhhlihli!" She sighed, very satisfied.

Carl grinned at her. "You liked that, huh?"

"Ohhhhh. Oh, yes. Yes. It was so beautiful."

"It was supposed to be." He lay still, kissing her lightly. His fingers played with her tits for a moment and he eased up higher on her torso so his cock moved in at a steeper angle.

"Oh." Bright flashes of pleasure spattered from her cunt. Carl began to fuck with quick, short strokes, light drives, just an inch or so of his dick moving back and forth. "Carl. Oh. Oh." Stabs of enjoyment sped like pins down her legs. Her clit vibrated with sudden passion. Brenda gasped again and felt the new climax rise to a fiery sweep of happiness. "Carl. Oh. Oh!" She was there. Her body ravished by the quick moves.

Carl stayed with her until the climax passed. He moved his prick out of her box and lay beside her. "That's the kind of like the way it was on the first honeymoon, wasn't it?"

"Yes. It's a lot like that." Brenda took his hand, carried it to her mouth and kissed it tenderly.

"You're still just as sexy." His hand roamed down over her twat.

"I still love you just as much." She pressed his fingers into the pussy. "Maybe even more."

Carl finger-fucked his wife slowly for a moment, then put two fingers in and fucked with them more strongly. Brenda started to writhe under his touch and his thumb rolled her clit. His tongue lapped at her left tit.

"Carl. Oh, Carl. God. Oh, what are you doing to me?"

"I'm making love to you. This is a honeymoon for us, remember? People make love on their honeymoon." His lips closed around the nipple.

"Carl. That's beautiful. I love you. I love you so much."

"Mummmmm." He nuzzled his way over to the other breast. "How about getting up on top?" His fingers left her box but his thumb still rolled on her clit. "We haven't done that for a while."

"Yes. Oh. I'd love it." She moved around, crawling on hands and knees as Carl lay back on the bed, his cock up long and hard above his belly.

Brenda straddled his hips with her knees, took his prick in one hand and aimed it for her snatch as she crouched. The dick touched her pussy and lust flamed as she let it slide in, settling so she sat astride his body.

Carl put a hand up to each tit, fondled the nipples until they were firm and then began to screw. His body raised her up, pressing his rigid tool deeper into the tight cunt.

"Carl!" The strength of his moves filled her with desire. Her hands crawled over his chest and belly feeling the muscles flex and clench as he fucked her. She touched his prick where it pistoned up into her body. Pleasure swarmed from her crotch, soaring when he touched her cunt.

"Oh. Carl. So good. I love you. I love your cock. Your big, hard cock. Your cock!" Lust took over. Brenda knew she was going to get off. The jumping cock plunged heavily and she was drenched with pleasure. "Oh. Carl. So strong. Fuck me!"

Carl bucked like a bronco, stabbing up into the woman until his balls roared. He heaved up, lifted her clear of the bed, held his butt above the mattress, his legs tense, torso rigid until he came, came with her, right at the same time, both of them lost in lust, driven by physical desire, their bodies locked, her cunt blazing around his throbbing rod, her hands biting into his shoulders. He filled her snatch with gism.

Brenda felt the force of the man's climax and she gasped as her cunt leaped with fire. His fingers clawed at her tits. His dick dug in. Jism streamed over her slick pussy. Her clit wailed with pleasure.

"Shit. Oh. Yeah. Fuck!" Carl clutched at the woman hauled her down close, kissing her as he crammed his dick all the way up her twat and crushed her tits to his chest.

"Oh. God. Brenda. Brenda!" His hips slowed, their frantic driving not needed now. "I love your cunt!" he said slowly.

"I love you!" She gave him the world's best kiss.

Carl put down his empty drink glass and looked out over the dark beach. The moon was slightly more full, but the night was just as dark. He pulled the drapes closed slowly.

Brenda lay on the bed behind him, leafing through a magazine. Dinner that night had been very good -- and she was very relaxed, not caring about anything.

"How about it? Let's have a real all-out session." Carl began to unbutton his shirt.

"I'm all yours." Brenda rolled over, sprawled on her back, arms limp oat from her shoulders.

Carl tugged the tails of his shirt out of his pants and let them dangle while he took off his shoes and socks. Standing, he took off his shirt and flung it on a chair. From under the bed, he took out the case of bondage gear and propped it open beside the bed, checking to make sure it was all ready. When he stood up, he had a length of chain in his hands. "Why aren't you naked, Brenda? I want you all bare assed before we start."

"Okay, okay." She swiveled and sat on the edge of the bed to get undressed, her back to Carl.

"You sure don't sound very eager." Carl shucked off his pants.

"It takes me a minute to get going. Okay?" Her blouse fell to the floor and she popped off her bra swiftly, then took off her skirt and peel down the panty-hose. "There, how's that for naked?"

"Great." Carl stepped out of his shorts and they moved toward each other. Their naked bodies touched and Carl slung the chain around her waist and pulled her close, pressing his crotch forward, feeling the cock begin to rise against her leg. The chain tightened in his hands, forcing her body to press against his.

Brenda swayed her tits across his chest, making the nipples rise and pulse.

"Give me some head."

Brenda kissed across the dense patch of hair on Carl's chest, licked down his lean stomach, crouching lower until she felt his firm prick under her chin. She leaned back and opened her mouth wide, swallowing the firm shaft in one gulp. The chain came up and Carl wrapped it around her neck, making a double circuit before tugging to pull her head into his crotch.

"Suck all of it honey. Get me turned on real good." He tightened the chain until it almost choked her, leaving just enough slack so she could suck cock.

Brenda twisted her head so her tongue could go all over the man's rod, top, sides, licking under to his balls.

"Get up." Carl hauled her up with the chain, making a loose loop of the ends to keep it in place.

"Let's get you fixed up." Carl got some handcuffs from his case and clicked a pair to each wrist. "Now. Lie on the bed. Face up."

"Sure thing, Carl." Brenda took her position, centered on the mattress, arms spread, knees apart.

Out of the case, he took a long coil of sash-cord. Crouching above her, he ran some of the cord under her shoulders, brought the ends around, crossed them between her breasts and pulled them toward the opposite corners of the bed, separating her tits. Mother length of cord made a loop behind her neck, the ends trailed toward her crotch. Carl brought the ends between her boobs, crossed them and let them trail off toward her feet.

"Give me some more head. Keep me hard." He squatted over her, his butt resting on her tits as he shoved his dick into her mouth.

Brenda rolled the meat with her tongue until it stuck up into the air again. The feel of his ass on her boobs started some pleasure moving between her legs.

"You are sure set," Carl got up, cock close to his belly again. "How about we fix your legs up?"

"Anything you want, Carl."

Carl wrapped a length of hemp rope around one ankle and tied it firmly. He put another hunk of rope around the other leg and then crouched close to the floor to tie both to the frame of the bed, leaving the feet at the edge of the mattress.

"I want to try that for size." He crawled to her, lay out and made a few light strokes into her cunt with his dick. "Yeah. That's okay so far. Legs are spread enough for a real good fuck."

"I hope so. I'm starting to get horny just looking at your big hunk of meat sticking out."

"You'll do more than look at it. You'll feel it. Peel it tear you in half." He ran a chain though the loose ring of the handcuff, doubled it and took both lengths and looped them around the top of the bed frame. A padlock kept them in place. On the other arm he did the same action, tugging his wife to the side, making sure the chain was tight, the cuff biting into the wrist.

Brenda was helpless now, ready to receive his cock. The prick held her eyes, swaying as the man turned toward her. The ropes lay loosely over her chest, the ends free on the bed beside her.

Carl took one end, pulled it out, grabbed the other end and tightened the cord so it pressed into her flesh, binding the breasts apart. He pulled more firmly and the flesh bulged around the rope. Keeping the rope taut, Carl brought it to her feet, tying it behind her heel to the rope that held her feet.

The second loop of rope over her chest got pulled more tightly, lifting the boobs toward her head, pulling them up sharply, the rope cutting into the skin as he tightened the ends around the handcuffs on her wrists. The roses criss-crossed her chest, ringing the tits.

"Yeah. That's it." Carl ran his hands over the crimped skin, rolling the nipples on his palms until they were nice and hard. He pressed down, crushing the tits, forcing the ropes to cut in more deeply. He leaned on her tits until she squirmed under his weight. "Great!"

Lust spread out of his nuts as he looked down at the thoroughly tied form. "Are you ready?"

"Yes." Brenda looked right into his eyes. Carl would batter her into a magnificent orgasm.

"Let's go." Carl stretched out along her body, his chest sliding over the tits. He guided his cock to her cunt with one hand and eased it in as he pressed himself to his wife full length, touching her from face to feet. The dick filled the pussy and she bore his full weight.

Carl took Brenda's head in both hands, began a kiss, probed with his tongue and curled his hips back to start his fucking. Three slow glides of the cock filled him with pleasure.

"Now!" Carl slammed in with all his force. His arms clamped to her and he hugged her fiercely, drawing the cords on her tits tighter, slicing her flesh with the ropes as his cock gouged into her snatch.

The sudden fury of his attack sent waves of pain stinging through her body. Her tits became mounds of agony; her cunt ached from the pounding tool. His weight forced her into the bed, drawing the ropes on her arms and legs in so they cut at her. The man was everywhere on her, his passion monstrous, his body desperate as it heaved and fucked.

"OUCH!" The pain tore from her snatch. She gasped, thrashed against his driving strength, strained against the bonds, frantic to escape the torment. "Carl. Carl!"

"God. Yes. Yes!" His hands grabbed her ass and hauled her up, forcing her spread crotch to take more of his pounding rod. He dragged her by force until her torso was clear of the beds holding her with his arms as he fucked, his cock stabbing roughly into the warm box.

The pain was fierce, but the animal strength of the man began to conic through to her. She saw the bulging muscles of his arms and shoulders as he hefted her up. His body glistened with sweat, the chest broad. "Carl! OH! God! GOD!" A flood of passion drenched her. Her cunt pounded as the dick rammed under it.

Carl dropped her and lunged for her with his arms, grabbing under her shoulders, twisting her bound tits up to his chest.

His face was only inches away. Brenda saw the wild savagery of the man's lust in his eyes, in the cruel smile. She felt it with every part of her body, her flesh ravaged by his force. And she felt the same kind of primitive need spring from her own crotch. The heat built to a pounding crest.

Brenda's clit was a single point of blinding light. It spread, dazzled her and she shrieked as her body shuddered with pure ecstasy. The brutal force of the man brought howling masses of enjoyment along every nerve. Her mouth opened to scream but no sound came. Just the flaming pleasure, rippling like an angry sea through every last bit of her thrashing flesh.

The storm of lust swarmed through him. Carl fucked harder, his passion giving him more strength. The woman below him could have been anyone. He needed the sex, needed the brutal drives, the massive pounding, needed her cries. He held her by the ass again, crushing her cunt up to him.

All lust, muscle, and hard cock. Carl slammed into his climax. Hard jolts of raw pleasure sped from his prick. For an instant he clung to a fragment of the real world, then the black whirlpool engulfed him.

Staggering ecstasy exploded from his nuts. Carl roared, battered at the hot flesh and sent a gushing stream of cum into her pussy. The gism felt like it was ripped from his rocks, torn right from the flesh. A deep yell of total enjoyment filled the room. Carl came and came. More dense clots of ecstasy crowded from his dick. The cunt ran wet with his thick juice.

The fury of his climax sent more fresh agony through Brenda's cunt. She felt his cock shred her flesh and tried to scream, tried to cry out but had no energy left. Her own orgasm had left her limp, as helpless as the ropes that cut into her skin. All she could do was lie there, knowing that he would soon slump away, as exhausted as she.

"I love you," Brenda whispered.

"You're great." She caressed her leg carelessly. Later, when he was rested, he took off her ropes and they cuddled together to sleep.


Dave pulled his prick out of Marilyn's curd and sat up between her legs. "Roll over. I want your asshole." His rod shimmered with her cunt juices. "Come on."

"Oh, yes. Yes." Marilyn rolled to her stomach, spreading her thighs.

Dave parted the firm cheeks with one hand, held his dick in the other and brought it to the pink circle that marked her asshole. He pressed the broad tip of his tool to the opening and shoved steadily until the flesh parted and he slid into his wife's butt. "Yeah. Oh, yeah. That's great!" He put more of his tool up the tunnel, easing himself to lie along her back. His hands fumbled under for a grip on her boobs and he screwed the butt lightly, rotating his hips to touch all around. "Nice and tight. Yeah." He fucked with more energy.

"Oh, Dave. It feels so big. Just huge. Oh. Bigger than it does when you fuck my pussy." She spread her legs wider, allowing more of the dick to go in.

"It's tighter than your pussy, too." He let her feel some of his strength. "All slick. Really gets me hot."

"Am I doing it right? Is this what you want me to do?"

"Fine. Just relax and hold still." He humped faster.

"It feels all warm around there for me. Tingly, too." She squirmed, tilting her hips toward him.

"Feels bitchin. God damn. All along my cock." Dave made long, deep thrusts up the soft passage. His fingers played around on her full breasts.

Marilyn snaked one hand down to her crotch and reached up around her pussy to feel his dick as it pumped into her ass. He pressed down with his torso, burying her on the bed. One hand glided down and toyed with her clit and box.

"Mmmmmm, yes."

"Hold still, damn it. You'll make me slip out." He shoved her down flat. "Just let me fuck, will you?"

"I'm sorry. It just felt so good." She lay very still.

"You know who the boss is around here."

"Yes. You are, Dave. I know that."

Dave screwed for a minute, then pulled out.

"What's the matter? Just tell me what to do. You know I'll do anything for you, Dave."

"Nothing's the matter. I just decided to do a really first class job on your ass." Dave stood beside the bed. His suitcase stood next to the nightstand. From it he took a coiled hank of new clothesline. "I got this this afternoon." He ripped off the thin cardboard wrapper and uncoiled the nearly white line.

"Have you got any objections?" He held the yards of rope up for her to see.

"No. You can do anything to me. Just anything." She turned to lie face down again, tilting her cheeks up into the air.

"We'll start up here." Dave twisted some rope around her right wrist, wrapped the line around the arm three times, almost reaching the elbow. He passed it under her neck, wrapped it around the other arm and wrist, then carried it back to the first arm and tied that off to the head of the bed.

Marilyn began to tremble with anticipation, waiting for his body to begin its assault.

Dave ran the line down her side, coiled it snake-like around her thigh and calf, then tied the ankle finally to the foot of the bed.

He cut the line with a pocket knife and twisted a double thickness of cord up the leg, pressing it in firmly so the flesh bulged around it. He carried the line up to her left arm and tied it securely to the wrist before binding the arm to the frame.

"Yeah. That's looking real nice now." He crouched between her legs and stroked his prick lightly until it firmed up.

"Take me, Dave. Fuck me. Fuck my ass." Marilyn strained to force her legs apart. The rope pressed into her, biting at the skin, small needles of pain making light tingles along her thighs.

Dave bent lower, holding his cock until it touched the hole.

One brisk push put his prick into the passage.

"Yeah!" He stabbed all the way up the asshole.

"Fuck me. Oh, Dave. Fuck hard. Oh!" The shaft stretched and she pushed back against his driving hips, taking his shoves easily now, loving the feel of his power as he plunged into her again and again.

Dave yanked his dick out of the tight tunnel. "Move up." His hands pulled at her hips. "Let me go up your pussy for a minute." He nestled close to her rear, one hand dipping under to bring his dick to the cunt.

"Oh, yes. I want it." Marilyn strained to get to her knees. Ropes tare into her arms and thighs and she struggled to let her husband into her box. "OH!" Pleasures shot out of her snatch when the dick came in at a new angle. Several inches of hard man-meat dug into her soft pussy and she felt the desire spread, turning to lust as his hand jabbed at her clit.

"Beautiful. Oh, Dave. What a man. I love you. God!" She sped into a slithery climax, suddenly drenched with happiness as his tool pumped at her cunt.

"YES!" Marilyn writhed, the ropes holding her under him, her body filled with glowing enjoyment -- enjoyment his body, his stiff prick, created.

"You like that, huh?"

"Oh, yes. It's beautiful." She tried to turn her head around to look at him.

"Let's try the other hole again." He switched, shoving into her ass. "Down!" He forced her flat to the bed, fucking heavily, arms around her shoulders to keep her still. "Oh, God. You've got a great asshole. And a great cunt. God!"

Marilyn floated in a pool of gentle pleasure, enjoying the feel of his body, his cock creating warmth inside her.

Dave slowed his drives, moving carefully, concentrating on the physical feelings that rippled along his cock.

Dave brought himself right to the rim of climax, then hauled out of the tunnel, breathing deeply to prevent an explosion.

"Not yet. Not quite yet." He climbed from the bed.

"Is anything the matter, honey?" Marilyn looked over at him. His cock shimmered with her juices.

"No. Nothing's the matter. I just didn't want to come just then. In a little while."

Dave cut another length of clothesline. Crouching over her, he slid the rope under her body, drawing it down low on her waist, close to her hips. Then he turned the ends around, making a half-knot before tugging them down between her cheeks. He took each end and stretched it under the buns, separating the firm globes of flesh, exposing the asshole. His fingers fumbled around her pussy as he tugged the lines under her thighs and crotch, yanking them sharply up so he had enough length to tie them off behind her back.

The cord held the cheeks apart, forcing them wide, showing the hole clearly.

Dave hunched between her thighs, pressing the legs apart with his hands. He pushed his cock into the wide crack and got it into her ass again. The cock went into the opening easily. Only the asshole touched his shaft. The buns added no pleasure. The circle of muscle massaged the length of his shaft as he screwed.

The new bindings created extra pressure. Marilyn lay flat on the bed, her clit rolling on the sheets as her husband screwed faster.

Dave's dick dug through the tight hole into the soft interior. The contrasting sensations inflamed him. His body tensed and he slammed into the woman. The rush of pleasure cascaded over him. He wanted it to last. The deep ache started in his rocks and he fucked harder, faster, hammering at the ass. His arms held her like metal bands. The ropes kept her from moving, the cord around her butt kept the ass spread so all his cock got inside.

Lust filled him; desire pounded from his crotch.

"Dave. Oh. Yes. Fuck me. Oh. I love it. I love you. I love your cock. Your cock! Oh. Such a man. So hard. Yes."

Dave grabbed for her snatch with both hands. His fingers pulled at the tender flesh, stretching it wider.

Marilyn gasped. Pain radiated from her crotch. His thumb got to her clit and the pain turned to sweet passion and she came. One long moan slid from her throat and the wild passions were loose all through her. His hands were everywhere on her crotch, in her twat. She gasped and the flesh was shredded with electric fire.

Dave's arms strained to hold the thrashing ass to him. His body spammed for a moment, then he roared, hammering into the woman, tearing with his prick into the soft ass, ripping at the warm flesh.

"GOD YES!!" His yells drowned out Marilyn's screams. Dave came full force, ramming into his wife, slicing her with his prick, gouging, battering the bound ass until he felt nothing but the primitive driving ecstasy in his cock. The flames whipped along his legs, consumed his body. Cum sizzled through his screaming dick. He was totally gone with lust, overwhelmed with the frantic splendor of his passion.

Massive stabs with his tool brought more enjoyment, the gush of jism continuing until her ass dripped with his white juice.

"MAR-Y-LYN!!" He roared the name and collapsed, suddenly satisfied. He clung to her with both arms, kissing her soft skin as his tool made a few final moves.

His wife's body was warm under him, moving slowly as she breathed. He caressed her tenderly, loving the feel of her flesh. He slid his dick from her ass and touched it softly under to her pussy. "I love you," he whispered. "Forever."

"Oh, Dave, Dave. It was so beautiful. It always is with you. You're so good. So good."

Dave rose to his knees and undid the rope holding her butt apart. He climbed from her and began to take the ropes from her arms.

When one hand was free, Marilyn reached up and drew the man to her for a kiss, turning to touch her tits to his bare chest. The feel of his muscular form rifled her with satisfied happiness.

Dave kissed with feeling, loving the tits as they moved on his chest. His hands groped around and he got the other hand free.

They fell to the bed in a tangled embrace, his hands all over her from head to ass, her fingers exploring freely on his naked frame.

Dave touched the ropes on her legs. He knew that she would always give him great sex. She would do anything he wanted. "Thank you, Brenda," he said silently. His life would be more full, more satisfying because of what she had taught him.

"I love you, Dave," Marilyn whispered.

"Yes." Dave kissed her. "I love you. Forever."

"Forever." Marilyn melted to her husband. "Forever."


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