Disciplined daughter

A question often asked by those who deal with psychological problems is: What is normal? The answer to that seemingly simple question will probably never be answered.

The people within a particular society usually are well-aware of what is considered acceptable behavior for them. And therein lies the problem of the main character of this novel.

Cindy Farmer is a girl possessed of deep and abiding passions, passions which control her life and lead her to overstep the bounds of acceptable societal behavior time and time again. In her search for physical satisfaction, the fiery blonde is helplessly driven to take her pleasure where she can, risking everything for the promise of gratification.

DISCIPLINED DAUGHTER -- the story of one girl tormented by her needs and the fear that she is abnormal. Her tale is a lesson to our society, and food for serious thought.


Pretty little Cindy Farmer thought she was pretty clever. She was the first girl under the age of nineteen to become a member of the high school gang, the Jet-Savers. She was as tall as an nineteen-year-old, as curvy as a nineteen-year-old and, as it turned out, as sexy as a nineteen-year old.

At first the older girls laughed at her for even dreaming of becoming a Jet-Saver -- the female arm of the Jetsons, a gang of senior high boys who preferred orgies to baseball. The tough Jet-Savers, in their leather jackets and tight denims, scoffed at Cindy and ridiculed her. She was only a tenth-grader, beneath them, too naive, too young. But Cindy proved them wrong.

She hounded the older girls so often that they finally -- laughingly -- agreed to let her try to pass their initiation tests. Every chick had to undergo the same trials before she could become a Jet-Saver. Cindy proudly and confidently accepted the challenge.

To the girls' surprise Cindy passed every damned test. She stole a teacher's wallet, the first test. She spit into the face of a female teacher, the second test. She defied school and parental authority without flinching or crying like a baby, the third test. Then came test number four, the biggest and the most secret.

Sworn to secrecy, Cindy had to suck the cock of every member of the Jetsons. The vital test took place in an abandoned warehouse, supervised by the Jet-Savers. The guys lined up against a wall and Cindy had to kneel before them, one at a time, and blow them until they shot their wads down her throat.

Feeling frisky and looking foxy, Cindy attacked the test with her usual verve and enthusiasm. Without batting an eye, she knelt dutifully before each guy and took his prick out. She licked and lapped and sucked each cock until the guy was groaning with tremendous release. Then she crawled over to the second, guy, then the third, the fourth, the fifth. Her sexy young mouth sucked and sucked her throat gulped and gulped hot jism. The Jet-Savers looked on with growing admiration as the young girl blew fifteen cocks in a row.

After the fifteenth prick had pumped its creamy come into her mouth, Cindy got to her feet feeling proud and accomplished. She grinned lewdly at the older girls and wiped jism away from her pouting young lips and jutting tits.

She felt older after eating fifteen stiff cocks, and she haughtily claimed her membership in the Jet-Savers. The older girls laughed together but accepted her into their raunchy club. Cindy was happy.

But she never got to enjoy that membership. She had come into a secret organization after it had been active for almost four years. She didn't know it, but the Jetsons and the Jet-Savers were into more than private little orgies. They had branched out into pornographic film-making. The Jetsons and the Jet-Savers starred in these hot flicks and they made money hand over fist -- until the bust.

Cindy was home on that Friday night, preparing for her first orgy. Now that she was a Jet-Saver she could join in the fun. She told her parents she was going to a church service across town. In her bedroom she removed her bra and panties and wore only a short mini dress for the exciting occasion. That's when the juvenile authorities showed up at the door.

Cindy's mother and father were shocked to their roots when they learned the sordid details about what was going on at school behind their backs. As law-abiding, God-fearing people, they felt it was their duty to punish their daughter in some way. All the Jetsons and all the Jet-Savers were in jail. But Cindy was too young.

Mr. and Mrs. Farmer inquired of discreet friends what they might do with their naughty little girl. The answer was the Fairfield Home for Wayward Girls, about a hundred miles away. Regina Fairfield, they were told, was a reputable woman of about fifty years of age with great experience dealing with unruly girls. Her late husband, it was said, had been a policeman for twenty years.

Cindy learned much later that Mr. Fairfield had never been a policeman. Until his death in 1980 he had been an executioner -- the man who pulled the switch to the electric chair on condemned criminals in the state prison.

When it came time to ship Cindy to her home away from home, her parents were abject but determined. "This is for your own good," her father assured her, giving her a farewell kiss.

Her mother hugged her and cried a few tears and sniffled. "If you had only been a good girl Cindy. Now see what you've brought on yourself? Please do well at the home, darling. Mrs. Fairfield is there to teach you all the things your father and I can't."

No matter what her mother and father said about Regina Fairfield, Cindy hated the woman's guts even before seeing her. Once she saw the lady, she hated her more.

She arrived at a country estate that seemed to be miles from everything. Huge black gates swung open and closed behind the car with a clang of finality. Cindy noticed with some misgivings that the gates and the fences were all electrified.

The big car pulled up to a huge mansion-like home. Cindy was ushered through more gates that were always locked and apparently electrified. Inside the house, the doors were locked securely behind her. Cindy felt uneasy.

Two young women appeared in white starched shirts and black miniskirts and knee high leather boots. They escorted her upstairs to a rather plush dormitory of about fifty beds. She was shown her bed and locker and her luggage was deposited there. She was permitted to go to the bathroom when she said she had to take a piss.

In the bathroom was a girl, younger than herself, who looked absolutely spineless. She looked weak and fearful and meek. It was then that Cindy realized that so far every girl she'd seen there looked the same way.

"What kind of place is this?" Cindy asked the girl after she took her leak. "You look frightened."

The girl was frightened. Her dark eyes shot a hurried glance ceiling ward and her lips quivered. Cindy looked up and saw a closed circuit camera. "Well, I'll be damned," she murmured. "Big Brother watches."

"It's no joke," the girl whispered, pretending to wash her hands at a sink.

"I can see that," Cindy muttered. "But why are you so chicken? Cripes, it's just a home run by a little old lady. And you didn't get here because you're a sweet little thing. Where's your balls? Everybody looks so damned docile around here!"

The girl gasped to hear these words. She turned and hurried away from the newcomer. But as she passed Cindy, she rasped, "Obey. Obey her. God -- obey her!" Then she was gone.

Cindy wondered about that for a moment. Then she peered up at the eye of the watchful camera. She grinned defiantly and stuck her thumb to her nose. Then she walked out of the bathroom.

The two matrons walked her out of the dormitory and down the stairs to the private offices of Regina Fairfield who was waiting for her.

The woman stood up behind her huge oaken desk when Cindy was brought to her. Cindy looked her over. She was fifty all right, as thin as a rail and a titless wonder. Regina Fairfield was wearing a uniform of some kind, a starched, well-pressed shirt tucked tightly into the same color greenish pants, well-creased. Around her slim waist was a thick, two-inch wide belt. Her black eyes were wild-looking, her neck skinny, her thin mouth tight-lipped. To Cindy she looked like a woman who might have run a female concentration camp in Nazi Germany.

"Welcome to Fairfield, Cindy," Mrs. Fairfield greeted. Her eyes probed the girl's, looking for something.

Cindy stared right back at her, her chin held high. Anger rose in her and her taut young tits rose, too, as she breathed hotly. "Save your God damned welcomes," she snarled. "Who do you think you are? What kind of a place is this anyway? All these girls should be home with their parents, no matter what they did. What right do you have to keep us here?"

Surprisingly enough, Regina Fairfield smiled. Cindy didn't like that smile. It looked evil. She'd rather the woman got mad.

"Every right in the world, my dear," the woman said slowly and softly. "I have the authority right here, signed by your distraught parents. They have placed you in my care and I intend to care for you whether you like it or not."

"Fuck you?" Cindy blurted.

The woman laughed and her dark eyes sparkled with something that looked like absolute glee. Cindy couldn't understand that. There didn't seem to be any anger in this creature. Just slow methodical calculation. Something icy ran up and down Cindy's spine.

"Fuck," Mrs. Fairfield said, as if tasting the word. "An interesting term. All you young girls use it these days. Do you like to fuck, Cindy?"

"That's none of your fucking business!"

"On the contrary, child. That is my business. You are here for sexual misconduct, are you not? Oh, yes, your sex-life is my business."

"It is not!"

"I see in your file that you sucked off fifteen boys. Ambitious of you, wasn't it?"

"I refuse to talk to you about things like that," Cindy countered. "That's my private life."

"Wrong," Regina Fairfield said calmly. "Totally wrong of you, Cindy. You do not have a private life here. For the duration of your stay with us your private life is the life I'm going to give you."

Cindy's fury mounted and her tits rose and fell with her labored breathing. She had meant to remain cool and calm and show this bitch just who the boss was, but something was radically wrong now. Regina Fairfield was in complete control of the situation because she wasn't losing her cool. Not at all. She looked frozen.

"Another tough one," one of the matrons said.

"Yes," Mrs. Fairfield agreed, eyeing Cindy up and down. "But we know how to handle tough chicks here."

"Can I go now?" Cindy asked. She wanted to appear bored with them, bored and uncaring.

"You don't go anywhere around here unless I say so," the woman said evenly. "You go when I tell you to." Her eyes took on a luster as she added, "And you come when I tell you to."

Cindy caught the inflection in her flat voice. So that was it! She felt proud of herself. She looked around the room, through the windows, then back to the woman.

"What's going on here? You're talking about sex. There are no men around here. What are you into? Lesbianism? Well, go ahead, lick my cunt all you want. I love it!"

The woman and the matrons simply stared at her. Cindy didn't know that she was digging a hole for herself as she gave away her thoughts.

"I can smell sex a mile away, lady," she sneered. "I can tell a dirty old man a block away. I wasn't born yesterday. If you think you can threaten me with fucking or lesbian sucking, you've got another thought coming. Sex doesn't scare me."

Her mind flashed on the frightened little girl in the bathroom. "Is that what you use for punishment on these little chicks? Shit! Sex hasn't bothered me much since I started fucking years ago!"

"Yes," Regina Fairfield said with a crooked smile, "a woman of the world, aren't you?"

"A regular swinger," one of the matrons giggled.

"A real hard-ass," said the other.

Regina Fairfield straightened her shoulders and said, "I run a tight ship around here, Cindy. Some of the girls behave and never learn about my discipline methods. But I can see you want to get right to it."

"I don't give a damn what you do to me," Cindy retorted. "You don't scare me. I ain't one of those meek little kids you have here."

"We'll see about that," Mrs. Fairfield said with a smile. "I certainly can't have you influencing the others with your rebelliousness. I guess we will have to teach you a lesson right away. We like order around here. We do not tolerate upheaval and disobedience."

"Shove it up your ass," Cindy said.

The woman heaved a sigh. She came around the desk and Cindy thought she might slap her face. But she didn't. She grinned at Cindy. "Bring her along, girls," she said, and walked by. The two matrons took Cindy by the arms and Cindy was amazed at how strong their grip was. Were they dykes? Or what? What in hell was going on around line?

She was led out of the luxurious offices and across a plush carpet to a rear door. It opened onto stairs down which Cindy was half-led, half-pulled. At the bottom of the steps was another door. This opened, to Cindy's amazement, upon a luxurious rumpus room.

Even as she was yanked across the plush carpeting, Cindy noted that the renovated basement was beautiful, furnished well with comfortable overstuffed chairs and sofas. The walls were papered in pink, and the lighting seemed dimly red.

The two matrons led Cindy across the room to what looked like a huge square of wood full of holes. She soon discovered what the holes were for. She was placed with her back to the large platform. Her wrists were manacled above her head to the board, then her ankles were cuffed. The cuffs were fur-lined.

"We don't like to leave any marks," Regina Fairfield said with a slow simile.

Cindy found herself spread-eagled on the board, her arms and legs stretched wide, like a big X. "What are you going to do to me?" she demanded, still defiant. Her blue eyes shot sparks, she was so angry.

Mrs. Fairfield chuckled. Cindy eyed her with new suspicion. What was the old bitch laughing about? What had Cindy gotten herself into?

Cindy saw the woman nod her head at one of the girls. The matron went across the room to a side door and gripped the knob. Genuine fear began to rise in Cindy as her fertile young imagination started to work. What was behind that ominous-looking door? A man? Some kind of sexual pervert that Regina Fairfield used to rape disobedient girls? Or was she to be whipped? What?

The matron opened the door and leaned inside and called out something. Cindy's eyes stared hurtfully as her heart raced behind her rapidly rising and falling tits. She shot a glance at the wicked-looking supervisor of the isolated home and wondered what perversion burned in her mind. Cindy was sure of one thing -- this had something to do with sex. Mrs. Fairfield seemed much too interested in the sex-lives of her prisoners.

So Cindy braced herself. Okay, she said to herself, bring it on. I don't give a fuck what you do. You're not going to frighten me. At least you'll never know if I'm frightened!

"Like a fox," Regina Fairfield murmured, and her coal-black eyes fixed on Cindy's. She gave another nod of her head and somehow the board Cindy was cuffed to began to tilt backward, further and further. When she was in a prone position, the whole apparatus began to noiselessly sink to the floor.

Cindy stared in disbelief as the two matrons knelt beside her. They bent over her and opened the front of her dress. They exposed her luscious, pink and white tits and slowly caressed them, teasing her nipples until she wiggled.

"What are you doing?" Cindy spit angrily.

"Get your fucking hands off of me! You have no right to touch me like this? Stop that!"

Cindy's head snapped back and forth she glared at each girl. She warned them, yelled at them, cursed them, but the matrons went on kneading and mauling her proud, jutting tits. It was then that Cindy first noticed something that gave her a weird chill up her back. The beautiful matrons never looked at her face or into her eyes. It was as if only her tits existed, and each girl concentrated on arousing one of them.

"What is this?" Cindy screeched, feeling her tits hardening. The girls' gentle fingers were making her pink nipples stiffen erotically. "Stop this! How dare you! You fucking lesbian perverts? Get your God damned hands off my tits!"

It was as if she had not spoken, almost as if she weren't even there, only her precious tits. Regina Fairfield settled on a comfy sofa and stuck a cigarette into a silver holder. She lit up and blew smoke, her eyes riveted on the hands of her matrons who were slowly manipulating Cindy's taut young tits.

This Fairfield technique had its purpose. It undermined a girl's sense of identity. What the cuffed girl said or yelled or screamed mattered not at all. Everyone else in the room was interested only in her luscious tits. This focus of attention on an imprisoned girl's tits soon forced the prisoner to feel unimportant. In spite of herself, she couldn't help but feel the importance of her tits. She herself was soon concentrating on her tits, slowly teased and aroused and beginning to tingle.

Cindy didn't know what was happening to her. All she knew was that these chicks must be some kind of perverts in the power of the head pervert, Regina Fairfield. Little did she know that there was a profound meaning to the woman's methods.

The matrons' deft fingers soon had Cindy panting. She couldn't take too much of their teasing hands running up and down and over her thrusting tits. Her nipples tingled and her tits buzzed beneath their ministrations.

It was even worse when the feminine hands slipped down her tensed belly to her thighs. Cindy screamed at them as they hiked her short dress up in front. She wasn't wearing panties, as usual. She saw Mrs. Fairfield smile knowingly when she saw Cindy's cute, furry cunt.

"Don't touch me there!" Cindy yelled.

But two warm, female hands met at her pussy, their light fingers dancing over her pussy-lips, cunt-crack and clit. Her clit erected immediately as a fingertip teased it into life. The matrons mauled her tits with one hand while the others aroused her cunt. Cindy's body started twisting under the impact of these touches and feels and strokes. Her tits and pussy began to respond erotically against her will.

"Stop! Stop!" she cried, gasping for breath. "You have no right! Stop that! Get your God damned hands off me! I'll report all of you? I'll tell my father! Ohhh, stop that! You fucking bastards!"

It was no use. The matrons and their leader were all staring directly at Cindy's sweet pussy as it grew anxious and vibrant under their teasing fingers.

One of the matrons then moved up to her cunt and started to lick her wet clit and tease her even more.

Cindy laughed suddenly and her tits jiggled under the relentless licking of their tongues. "What is, this?" she flung at her captor. "You call this punishment? Good God, it feels great!"

If she thought her attitude would displease the woman, she was mistaken. Regina Fairfield and the pretty attendants looked highly pleased.

"Good," Mrs. Fairfield said. "I'm glad you like it."

Cindy frowned as she looked from the matrons and the women to what they were doing to her aching tits and squirming cunt.

"This is it?" she panted, her tits and clit quivering. "This is why you brought me down here?"

Cindy's eyes, slightly gleaming, searched the faces of her captors. New doubt gripped her senses. Her suspicions soared, but no one answered. Three pairs of female eyes watched her soaked pussy churn and twist and hump.

Regina Fairfield finally smiled and asked, "How many orgasms have you had in a series?"

"What?" Cindy gasped. A laugh escaped her throat. "Oh, for Christ's sake, is that what you're up to? You're gonna torture me with orgasms? That's hilarious! Be my guest! You wanna see me come? Well... here!"

Laughing erotically, Cindy arched her back and screwed her saliva-coated pussy round and round on the lapping tongue. Her eyes closed and her sexy mouth fell open loosely as wave upon wave of exquisite pleasure coursed through her hot belly. Her cunt flooded violently as she came wetly and happily.

Cindy shrieked as the matrons' tongue got her off. Her hot cunt felt totally ravished by her tongue. The other matron came up and started to lick her clit as the other moved to her asshole. Her whole body vibrated and jerked wildly as she came profusely.

Cindy's senses reeled as they always did when she came. Being an orgasmic young girl, she thoroughly enjoyed her comes. Now her smile revealed the exquisite pleasure she was enjoying as the two matrons' tongues attacked her juicing, writhing cunt.

"Ohhhh," she moaned softly, giving herself completely to this greatest of female pleasures.

She often moaned this way when she came, marking the climax of her shuddering orgasm. Under normal circumstances she would simply bathe in the afterglow of her erotic pleasure. But now her curvy young body could not collapse in shivers of ecstasy. The matrons' were still licking her pussy and asshole.

"I came!" Cindy shrieked, trying to twist her cunt away from their crazy tongues. "Stop! I came! You saw it! Ohhh, stop them!"

The two matrons' crowded between her open legs and stuffed their wet mouths into her wrenching crotch. Cindy's pretty head rocked helplessly on her shoulders. She gasped and grunted as the hungry girls ate her drenched pussy.

"Wh-what are you doing?" she panted, her wrists and ankles tugging at their cuffs. She forced her heavy eyes open and saw the matrons and Mrs. Fairfield gazing steadily at her convulsing pussy. "What kind of people are you?" she gasped as the duo of matron tongues assaulted her cunt. "Stop them... please!"

Cindy had had her cunt licked plenty of times, but only until she came. No boy had ever sucked her clit or lapped her pussy once she got her cookies. What was happening to her now was completely new, weird, and a little scary.

"Stop them, stop them!" she pleaded. "Ohhh, no more!"

One of the attendants whistled. The two matrons groveled at Cindy's defenseless cunt. They bared their teeth, and started to nibble on her tender flesh of her pussylips, fuck-hole and clit.

"Oh, no!" Cindy gasped. She lifted her head and peered wide-eyed over the thrust of her heaving tits at the brutal girls biting her cunt.

The new feelings were more than she could stand. They naughtily bit her glistening, quivering clit and nipped it lightly. The sensation was fantastic. Cindy's head fell back with a thump. Her eyes rolled. Her tits lifted and arched. And her crotch trembled uncontrollably as their teeth nibbled her ass-cheeks, pussy-lips and clit.

"Oh, my God!" she gasped as she felt what was really happening to her. Unlike the sex to which she had become accustomed, there was no blessed relief after coming, no sweet after pleasure. She realized that she was still coming and the power of her orgasm was excruciating.

Her eyes closed and her tongue lolled out of her drooling mouth. Her whole body jumped and jerked as the vicious matrons nibbled her most sensitive flesh. Her cute ass jerked to escape their teeth, butt the movement only pushed her stiff, wet clit into the mouth of the other girl. She screamed.

"They'll rip it apart!" she shrieked. "Oh, dear God, they're tearing my pussy to pieces!"

"Not at all, my dear," she heard Mrs. Fairfield say calmly. "They're trained, you know."

"Why are you doing this to me?" Cindy sobbed, her constant orgasm boggling her mind. "Stop them! Please! I can't take any more!"

"But they've only just begun, Cindy," the woman taunted. "You're the little sex-fiend. Enjoy it. Surely you like your pussy eaten."

"Please!" Cindy gasped, coming wildly. Her cute young fuck-hole flushed with copious liquid which the nibbling girls constantly drank out of her. "I'm still coming! Ohhh, stop them! Please! I'll be good! I swear!"

"What's this?" Regina Fairfield laughed. "Don't you like our method of discipline? I don't think you've learned your lesson yet. You're a feisty little bitch, apt to upset our little applecart here. We can't have that. I think we should go on a little longer with the punishment."

"No, noooo," Cindy wailed.

Then great rushes of intense cunt-pleasure stopped her words. She gagged as her hot pussy jerked and humped helplessly under the relentless doggie onslaught. Tongues and teeth worked together at her asshole and cunt to drive her out of her mind. Her lovely blonde pussy creamed hotly.

A low whistle sent two of the dogs back up to her tense young tits. Cindy gasped as their tongues licked her bursting nipples and she came harder on the larger dog's voracious mouth.

"No more!" she choked. But the nibbling and munching and licking continued. The girls were tireless, eager and excited.

Five minutes went by. Ten. Fifteen. Cindy thought she'd die of pure pleasure. She couldn't stand this high pitch of sexual joy. Her young body and mind weren't equipped to handle such an intense degree of erotic pleasure.

Her hot ass tossed around. Her tits jerked and trembled. Her belly tightened end heaved as her burning cunt wrenched and humped and drooled lots of cum.

Cindy's asshole quivered against nipping teeth and a licking tongue. Her pussy churned violently as it produced more and more joy-juice.

They watched steadily as the young girl's curvy body twisted and turned, jerked and arched. They watched coolly as Cindy's tits heaved and tossed. They watched with interest as her sopping cunt dribbled an endless supply of hot, silky fluids.

After forty-five minutes of this incredible torture, the hapless, breathless girl looked like she was going to pass out. Her body relaxed and limp and the two girls drank deeply from her leaking pussy. When her cunt was fresh and pink again, Regina Fairfield got to her feet and stood over the girl. The girls were called off and the woman smiled with satisfaction.

"Do you think you can behave today?" she asked.

"I will!" Cindy gasped, shuddering from head to toe. "Please! No more!"

"This is just the beginning, Cindy if you misbehave again, you will find that we don't tolerate disobedience here. You have been entrusted to my care. When you leave here you are going to be a different girl, or my name isn't Regina Fairfield. Do you understand my meaning?"

Cindy managed to get her eyes open. She gazed up at the tall, stern woman and panted, "Yes, yes, please... let me go."

Mrs. Fairfield grinned crookedly. "Very well," she said slowly. "But don't think for one minute that you have me fooled, young lady. I've dealt with incorrigible teenagers like you before. I know your type. You'll be in trouble before the day is out. You're a wiseass, Cindy, a conceited, proud little bitch who needs plenty of discipline."

A nod of the woman's head sent the pretty matrons to Cindy's sex-drenched body. They unshackled her wrists and ankles and helped her to her feet. Her knees buckled but the two strong females kept her up.

"Come along, baby," one of them said.

Cindy was helped out of the room and up the stairs to the dormitory. The two matrons guided her to her cot and stretched her out on it. They said something to her but Cindy couldn't hear them. Her ears were ringing after an orgasm like that.

Slowly, very slowly, Cindy's senses returned to her. Two young girls came into the dormitory, a cute redhead and a foxy brunette.

"Oh, hi," the brunette said as she and her friend approached Cindy's bed. "You must be the new girl."


"I'm Sheila. This is Connie."

After quick introductions, Cindy sat up on her cot. "Where did you two just come from?" she wanted to know.

"Upstairs," Sheila said.

"Upstairs? You mean there's another floor to this place?"

"Oh, yes. This place is huge."

"What were you doing up there?" Cindy asked.

"Painting," Sheila replied. Seeing the frown on the new girl's face, she explained. "We have art classes here. Music classes, too."

"And dance classes," the redhead put it. She struck a seductive pose that was supposed to represent a ballet gesture.

Cindy couldn't believe her eyes or her ears. "Have either of you ever been downstairs?" she asked.

The redhead immediately turned and walked away. The brunette almost did, but she paused and peered at Cindy. "We don't talk about that," she murmured.

"Don't talk about it!" Cindy screeched. She leapt to her feet and glared at the girl. "Are you nuts? Do you know what happened to me down there? What kind of a joint is this? The God damned place is run by a witch and a group of Nazi cheerleaders! If she did to you what she did to me, I don't see why."

"Stop!" the brunette screamed. "You're the one that's crazy! I told you we don't talk about that! You want to get me into trouble? You self-centered bitch! Is that all you can think about is yourself?"

Sheila's outburst thoroughly confused Cindy. "I-I don't understand," she stammered.

"And you never will if you don't shape up!" Sheila fired at her.

Cindy wanted to argue. Her pouting lips parted but no words came out of her sexy mouth. Her blue eyes darted between the brunette and the redhead across the room. How strange they seemed! Afraid? Yes, she decided, these poor girls were frozen with fear.

Cindy didn't know it, but it wasn't fear that kept the girls' lips sealed. Not at all. It was secrecy.

"That will be all girls," a voice said from the doorway.

Cindy's eyes widened as the two matrons from downstairs approached, looking sharp and capable. "Oh, no," she whimpered, remembering their vicious attack on her cunt.

Sheila and Connie quickly vacated the dormitory. The two matrons moved up to Cindy. The taller one said, "Sit down, Farmer."

Cindy perched her little ass on the edge of her cot and peered up at her keepers with dread. A slow, rising fear kept her mouth shut.

"You'll never learn, will you?" the matron said.

"I-I was just talking to them," Cindy answered.

"They told you not to talk about downstairs. Now shut up and listen. We'll tell you this only once."

The matrons sat to each side of Cindy, hemming her in to get her undivided attention. The spokeswoman of the duo said, "This is Dormitory A. Over there is Dormitory B."

She pointed out the window and Cindy looked outside. In the distance, near another building, she saw about twelve pretty girls happily playing volley ball.

"They graduated from here," her teacher said.

Cindy couldn't believe her eyes. How could those girls be so happy in this place? And what about those classes upstairs? Sheila had made the place sound like a nice girls' school. The chicks across the way made it look like a fun resort! Yet Cindy had been shackled in a luxurious basement where two wild girls had munched her tits and cunt. It made no sense to her.

"This is crazy," she said.

The matron doing the talking fumed. Her green eyes flared and her pointed tits thrust in her white shirt. "I said shut up and listen! You would have learned all this in Mrs. Fairfield's office the moment she arrived. But no, you're a wise little bitch who thinks she knows it all. When we tell you to shut up -- shut up!"

"No!" Cindy shouted, getting to her feet and pulling away from them. "Who the hell do you think you are? I want to go home! Let me out of here! I'll report every fucking one of you!"

The matron looked at her partner. She smiled. "What do you think?" she asked.

"Why not?" the other replied.

Cindy frowned at their coded conversation. Her frown deepened when both matrons looked up at the ceiling. Cindy followed their gaze and saw more of the cameras tucked in corners of the large dormitory ceiling. A small red light flashed three times. A signal, Cindy realized. But what did it mean to the matrons?

A second later she found out. The matrons grabbed her slim wrists and pulled her across the cot, pinning her down. One hiked her dress way up and plastered her mouth against Cindy's surprised pussy. The other mauled her tits and kissed her mouth hotly.

Cindy gasped through the raunchy kiss. It took her a moment to realize what the women were doing to her. Then she struggled against them -- and against her own sudden, overwhelming feelings. The strange session with the dogs had left her body helplessly susceptible to sex. Her tits ached beneath the matron's caressing hand. Her pussy wanted to hump at the other woman's mouth because she was tonguing Cindy's wet cunt.

The tit-loving matron broke the fiery kiss and rasped, "Why not just relax and enjoy us?"

Cindy's blushing face reddened even more with anger. "Get the fuck off me! You fucking lesbians!"

"We aren't lesbians, you asshole," the matron woman said rather calmly, smiling. "We're just here to teach you a little obedience. You have to learn to accept things as they are here at Fairfield. Surrender, Cindy, and start living a good life."

Cindy couldn't believe her twat. A slithery wet tongue, soft and feminine, drilled into her open pussy; she kicked at the pussy-sucking woman and shoved the other away from her aching tits.

"You fucking bastards aren't gonna rapes me!" she screamed hotly, twisting to escape their clutches. She never made it.

The soft, feminine women used their hidden strength and easily subdued the struggling teenager. They pinned her to the bed and, instead of attacking her sexy body the way Cindy expected, they both looked upward. Cindy saw the red light flash once.

"Okay, Miss Bitch," one of the matrons said. "Come with us."

They pulled Cindy to her feet effortlessly and once again the girl felt fear. These apparently gentle women were terribly strong when they needed to be.

"Wh-where are you taking me?" Cindy gasped as the attendants dragged her down the length of the dorm.

"Now where do you think?" the matrons sneered. The other chuckled lewdly.

"No!" Cindy screeched as she was pulled through the door. "Not that again! Please! No!"

"That's not going to happen to you again," her captor said. "That didn't work, did it? You're still a wise little bitch. We have something better for the likes of you."

Cindy screamed and kicked all the way down to the dangerous rumpus room. By the time the trio reached it, Cindy was sobbing.


Cindy was propelled into the room and the big door closed with a sharp click that sent chills up the girl's spine. As she was forced across the room Cindy saw Regina Fairfield on a sofa, slowly smoking a cigarette in her silver holder. Cindy saw her only a moment from the corner of her eye, for the matrons pushed her rapidly to the large platform with the holes in it.

Now Cindy discovered why there were so many holes in the board. The platform was lowered to the floor. Cindy was forced down on her hands and knees. Her wrists were shackled to two different holes than earlier. Her knees were bent by the matrons and her ankles cuffed to two more holes. Cindy found herself on all fours, unable to lower her tits or straighten her legs. Her ankles were shackled far apart. Her thighs made a wide, upside down V.

"Let me go!" Cindy screamed, tugging fruitlessly at her bonds. "You'll pay for this! All of you! You crazy son-of-a-bitches! I'll get you for this!"

She was manacled facing the room and she saw Mrs. Fairfield nod her head at one of attendants. The willowy blonde strutted across the room and pulled the side door open. A very beautiful, raven-haired woman appeared, dressed like the other matrons in a starched white shirt and a brief black skirt. She had enormous tits that really spread the V of her shirt. "Oh, my God! No!" Cindy cried. She wasn't dumb. She put two and two together quickly. Here she was cuffed in a doggie position.

Alarmed, Cindy looked at Regina Fairfield. As angry as she was, as outraged and horrified, she swallowed her arrogant pride and whimpered, "Please, Mrs. Fairfield. Not this."

"You brought it on yourself," the woman said simply. "We must have discipline here. You can see that, can't you? I mean, what kind of a place would this be if all you wayward little girls were permitted to continue in your brash behavior? It would be chaos. I run an orderly home here. I'm sorry Cindy, but you deserve this. Maybe it will teach you a lesson."

Regina Fairfield's dark eyes moved to the tall matron and she said, "Proceed."

She would have pleaded for mercy then, but her words froze in her constricted throat as she witnessed the most incredible thing she'd ever seen.

What were they going to do?

On all fours she could plainly see the matron's soft, gentle hand tenderly beginning to caress her.

"Oh, my God," Cindy breathed, feeling what the beautiful woman was doing to her. "Fucking perverts! Filthy bastards! Oh, God!"

The woman's deft fingers expertly manipulated her until Cindy was wet.

"No!" Cindy screeched, realizing the truth. She looked at Mrs. Fairfield and at the cool, calm and collected matrons. "How can you do such a thing? What kind of people are you? Please. Stop this! This is dirty! This is evil! Ohhh, please, nooooo."

Regina Fairfield smiled at the sobbing girl. "Filthy? Evil? Really, now, Cindy. What a way for a young girl to talk. Is this any more filthy or evil than a teenager sucking off fifteen cocks in one sitting?"

Everyone laughed at that and Cindy's pretty face flushed redly. Did everyone know that she had blown fifteen guys in order to join the Jet-Savers? She suddenly regretted her behavior. If she hadn't wanted to be like the big girls so badly, she wouldn't be in this position now.

"Why are you doing that?" Cindy sobbed. Tears stung her blue eyes and they sparkled wetly. No one answered. No one had to. Cindy knew all too well why she was shackled in such a position. The reality of the incredible situation boggled the girl's mind. Tears streamed down her pretty face as she looked back to Regina Fairfield.

To her amazement, Mrs. Fairfield smiled, untouched by Cindy's pitiful position or her whimpering words. "You will soon find out," she said.

Such a remark only confused Cindy further. But all she knew at that moment was that her heart felt like it would burst right through her tightened tits. She was so afraid.

"That will do," Regina Fairfield said.

Two matrons moved the platform, turning it on an unseen pivot. It swung slowly around until Cindy's ass was pointing to the audience. One of the matrons raised her dress way up onto her slim back, exposing every inch of her luscious ass and cunt-flesh. All eyes admired the girl's rosy ass-cheeks and furry young pussy.

Cindy began to weep openly. Her pride and arrogance would not help her now, nor would her bitterness or rage. Shackled to the platform with her ass and cunt exposed so boldly, she knew she was at the mercy of these depraved females. So she cried like a little girl.

Her hot tears fell to the platform as two matrons stretched out on their backs and wiggled until their faces were just under her tits. They opened her dress and bared her pink tipped tits. Lifting their heads, they extended their tongues and began to lick hornily at Cindy's quivering tits.

"Ohhh, nooo," Cindy whimpered helplessly. "What are you trying to do to me?"

The matrons said nothing. They raised their faces to her hard, young tits and sucked her nipples into their hot mouths. Cindy gasped and caught her breath as the soft, sexy mouths gently sucked on her nipples until they were spiking and tingling. Cindy shivered all over. When her tits were sucked, it affected her cunt and the women knew that. There was a method to their horny madness. They sucked her delightful teenaged tits until Cindy was panting and her pussy started getting moist. "Ohhh, nooo, you bastards," she cried, feeling her fuck urge erupt in her belly.

She didn't want to act like she enjoyed the fucking bitches, but she couldn't keep her ass still. The intense pleasure-feelings in her aching tits streamed through her body, right into her defenseless little pussy. Regina Fairfield lit up another cigarette and coolly watched the girl's sweet cunt squirm and turn erotically.

"I think she's ready," the leader said.

"Let's find out. Go ahead and lick her cunt." Cindy caught her breath as she felt a wet tongue touch her cunt. She gagged when the girl started licking thirstily into her open, helpless pussy.

"Get her nice and juicy, girls," Max said.

She felt the girls tongue enter her wet fuck-hole even deeper. She couldn't help herself. What was a girl to do when two luscious females were hotly sucking her nipples and another one was tonguing her cunt-hole? She simply went wild.

Gasps and moans escaped her constricted throat as her whole body responded unwillingly to the onslaught. Her beautiful tits quivered excitedly in the sucking mouths of the two horny matrons. Her pussy started humping with unwanted pleasure against the licking of the girls tongue. She tried to deny her pleasure, tried to hold back her orgasm. She choked, she gagged again, she sobbed -- then all hell broke loose.

"Nooo!" she shrieked.

Her whole body started jerking violently and her hot ass and pussy twisted hornily as she came. At the psychological moment, female hands caressed every inch of her tingling flesh while female mouths sucked fiercely on her aching tits. The matrons tongue slipped up into her fuck-hole and wiggled around inside until Cindy thought she'd come until she died. Her orgasm was excruciating.

"Now that's wet?" Max gasped, seeing Cindy's pussy soaked with cunt-juices.

The matrons continued sucking Cindy's thrusting, quivering tits and laved them all over with their saucy tongues as the other matron continued to eat her pussy.

The tit-sucking and cunt-licking had rendered her helplessly horny. Boys had often done that to her, too. Her body always responded to such stimulation. Max came up behind Cindy with a big dildo strapped to her and slipped it into Cindy's wet pussy. Still her mind rebelled against this depravity. Never had she lusted after three girls.

But here was her new reality, as mad as it seemed. And here she was, hopelessly shackled in a doggie-position. Cindy knew that she had to fuck her, that her captors wouldn't set her free until she came again. She sobbed because of her fate.

Max kept fucking her harder and harder. The big dildo-cock found her pussy and speared up into her body with a powerful thrust that made Cindy's head swim.

"Oh, no!" she shrieked as she felt the amazing thickness of the dildo. She hadn't expected such thickness or force.

With her young mind spinning and her senses reeling, Cindy helplessly fucked back on the rampaging dildo strapped to the matron. Out of her head with horniness created by her tormentors, she unwillingly but hotly screwed her pussy back and forth on the drilling dildo.

"Ohhh, mamaaaa!" she cried, shivering with ecstasy as the matron ravished her hot pussy with the dildo. "Oh, ohh, ohhhhh... it's so fucking big...! Ohhhmmmm, I can't believe it! Ewwww, she's fucking me so deep...! My cunt's on fire...! Ohhh, give it to me! Fuck meeeee!"

The rigid dildo ripped into her cunt and the cock-head banged her womb. Cindy squealed, her tits tightened up and her pussy clenched like a horny mouth around the savage cock. She came violently and the onlookers watched her fucking young body go crazy. Cindy was fucking for a good come now, humping her ass and pussy furiously on the drilling, plunging dildo.

Cindy didn't know what she was doing. She was smothered in exquisite sexual feelings she wasn't used to. She gasped and moaned and whimpered hotly as she came. She surrendered helplessly to her overwhelming pleasure and came wetly all over the slip-sliding dildo that was ravishing her pussy. Her violent orgasm slowly subsided, even though the matron continued to fuck in and out of her soaked cunt. Her mind cleared enough for her to realize that the matron was fucking her hotly.

"I didn't know she was so aware of it," Regina Fairfield remarked, watching the action.

"She is alert, isn't she?" Max said. "Too bad she's such a rebellious little thing."

"We'll change that," Mrs. Fairfield said with promise in her voice.

Cindy heard these things but she couldn't work up enough breath to respond to them. Something weird was happening inside her tight, squishy cunt. The more the matron fucked her with the big dildo, the harder and faster she moved. "Fuck her good," the woman purred. "Just keep the dildo moving in her. That-a-girl. Good girl. Keep going. Fuck her hard. Sock it to her."

The unexpected orgasm boggled Cindy's young mind and her whole body was racked with the pain of intense pleasure of the big dildo pounding into her hot pussy.

Her pussy came wetly on the drilling, pounding dildo. Her fluids, hot and silky, squished from the edges of her cunt, forced out of her coming body by the thickness of the dildo raping her cunt. The creamy liquid squirted from around the pistoning dildo and leaked down her inner thighs, tickling her.

"I'm coming too much!" she cried. Huge waves of violent feeling rippled through her shaking, shuddering torso.

She came and came on the stabbing dildo until the matron was finished pumping into her delightful pussy. Then Max backed up and removed the dildo from inside of Cindy. Cindy collapsed the best she could in her position and quivered all over as she sobbed. Her lovely cunt dripped her own hot fluids onto the wooden platform. Quivers shot through her body.

"Oh, ohhh, ohhhh," she groaned, quaking helplessly. "Please... no more... let me go... I'll be good... no more."

Regina Fairfield nodded her head. A matron unshackled Cindy's wrists and another freed her ankles. Cindy fell onto her back and grasped her aching tits. She rubbed them and her pussy and whimpered meekly before the group of captors.

"Are you ready to behave yourself?" Mrs. Fairfield asked her.

"Yes, yes!" Cindy gasped.

"We'll see," the woman said, and walked out of the room.

They did see. Cindy's resolve to be good around here lasted exactly two hours, during which time she laid on her cot getting her breath back. Then, at supper in the large, well furnished dining ball, she forgot her promise.

She sat at a table with six other pretty girls and looked at them all hatefully. "How can you sit still for this treatment?" she challenged. "How can you eat so peacefully when you know what's going on? I don't want this fucking food! I want to go home with my parents! I want to sit in my own chair and eat my own food, where I belong!"

Hidden cameras swiveled and focused on the cute blonde raising a ruckus in the dining hall. Suddenly strong hands gripped her arms and lifted her right off her feet. Cindy was dragged, kicking and screaming, out of the dining hall.

"Wait! Wait!" she screamed. "I'm sorry! I won't do it again! Let me go back and eat! I'm sorry! I forgot!"

Regina Fairfield met them in the corridor. She strolled up to them and smiled at Cindy. "Such a nuisance," she said.

"I'll behave!" Cindy cried.

"I'm sorry," the older woman said evenly. "You're a bad influence on the other girls. Bring her along."


Cindy was surprised when she wasn't led to the rumpus room. She was half-dragged down the long corridor, then another that branched off to the right. At the end of it she saw a big door. There was something strange about it. As she was pulled closer and closer, she realized what it was. The door had no knob on it, just a big hole for a key.

Regina Fairfield unlocked the door and Cindy was shoved inside. It was a white, padded room with a single light bulb overhead in a wire cage. The single window had bars on it.

Cindy staggered and whirled to face her jailers. "What's the meaning of this? Why did you put me in here?" she cried.

Mrs. Fairfield answered. "You'll spend the night here!" she announced. "You can't be trusted on the dorm with the other girls."

"No, please!" Cindy pleaded. "I don't want to spend the whole night alone!"

"Oh, you won't be alone," Regina Fairfield assured her. The door closed abruptly, cutting off all sounds.

Cindy peered around her and felt terribly alone. She sank to the floor and began to weep. There was no furniture at all in the strange room. Of course, the floor could serve as a bed. It seemed to be one huge mattress.

Drying her tears, Cindy tried to decipher Regina Fairfield's strange remark. What did she mean that Cindy wouldn't be alone?

Cindy was still pondering this small mystery when the door opened suddenly and there stood Mrs. Fairfield with a few of her assistants.

Two attendants entered and, without a word, stripped Cindy of her dress and walked out with it. Instinct made Cindy cross an arm over her pointed young tits. Her other hand covered her furry little cunt. She looked sweet and Regina Fairfield smiled.

"You're such a fine looking girl," the woman said. "It's too bad your attitude is so atrocious."

The remark puzzled Cindy. Nothing in this place seemed to make sense to her. Mrs. Fairfield's voice sounded almost friendly, as if she secretly liked Cindy.

"Perhaps by morning you will be able to eat in the dining hall with the others like a nice young lady. You may even get to sleep in the dorm tomorrow night. It depends."

Regina Fairfield laughed, and closed the door. Cindy heard the key grate in the lock and a shiver ran up and down her spine.

She started to feel a little horny. Even though she didn't want to she began to play with herself. She figured that while she was alone she might as well enjoy herself and get herself off.

"Ohhhh," she moaned, sinking heavily to the floor.

Cindy's eyes rolled in her head. Her unused hand unconsciously cupped her aching tits and played with them as she continued to play with herself using the other hand.

With her fingers rubbing her clit, she began to get very wet and close to an orgasmic release. She continued to rub her wet pussy until her whole body began to shake and shiver as she came and hot cunt-juice poured out of her twisty cunt.

She felt a little relieved so she decided to fall asleep. Not long after she fell asleep she heard the door open and saw the matrons enter the room.

The matrons giggled and one asked, are you ready for breakfast with the good girls?

"Yes! Yes!" Cindy gasped.

"Okay," said the other attendant. "Let's see how good your word is. Come on, get on your feet. You can rest on your own bed until breakfast time, then we'll see if you've learned anything yet."

Cindy was escorted to a huge washroom where she was bathed by two attendants who took an awful long time to wash her ass, and pussy. But Cindy was too worn out and afraid to protest.

Later, when Regina Fairfield visited the dorm, she found a quiet, meek Cindy Farmer. Cindy had learned why all the girls the Fairfield Home for Wayward Girls were docile, obedient and subdued.

"And how are you feeling this morning?" Mrs. Fairfield asked with a smile.

"Just fine, Mrs. Fairfield," Cindy said softly.

The woman's eyebrows shot up. "Well, well, what a sweet girl we have here!" she exclaimed. "Now what do you suppose wrought such a drastic change in the girl?"

She was teasing and the matrons knew it. As the woman giggled and kidded her about changing, Cindy inwardly seethed. They hadn't broken her spirit -- they had simply forced her to conceal it.

"I'm sorry if I caused you trouble," Cindy said to Regina Fairfield.

"That sounds good," the woman said, but her eyes challenged the girl.

"I mean it," Cindy said earnestly.

"Then you won't mind a little test of your sincerity, will you?"

"A-a test? What kind of a test?"

Regina Fairfield's beady eyes focused on the nightie the matrons had dressed her in after her sexy bath. "Show me your tits," she said.

Cindy's first instinct was to tell the woman to go fuck herself. But she checked this urge. She didn't want any more discipline!

Swallowing her pride and her anger, she lifted the small white nightie way up on her body. She arched her back and wiggled to hike the material way up above her ripe, jutting tits. She displayed her naked tits and sweet pussy to the view of all concerned. It was embarrassing for Cindy because there were lots of girls in the dorm, as well as the matrons and Mrs. Fairfield.

This struck Cindy as odd. The other girls just gazed at her, like the matrons and the leader. They didn't seem to be moved by Cindy's distress at all, as if they, too, wanted her to show her naked body. It was weird, like everything else at Fairfield. "All right, girls," Regina Fairfield said.

Two attendants leaned over Cindy's curvy young body. One started to lick her tits, the other licked her cunt. Cindy once again felt like cursing and kicking. But she bit her lower lip and let the perverts suck her tits and clit. All the while, Regina Fairfield watched for signs of rebellion. Cindy hung in there until, beside herself with heat, she came violently on the tongue of the woman sucking her pussy. Mrs. Fairfield looked satisfied.

"You're learning," she said, "you're learning." She turned on her heels and walked away.

The two matrons stood up and walked away, too. One of the other girls came over to Cindy and smiled and purred, "It's time for breakfast."

Cindy said nothing. She got to her feet and dressed in shorts and halter. Slipping her small feet into sandals, she moved with the group of girls out of the dorm.

In the dinning hall she sat quietly and ate like a lady. She was famished. After two more cups of coffee, she got up and followed some chicks out of the dining hall. The girls moved through a door into the bright sunshine and green grass. But a tough-looking matron with tight, pointed tits poking in her white shirt stopped Cindy.

"You haven't earned that right yet," she said. Cindy smiled. "Sorry," she said, and turned and walked back to the dormitory.

Alone, she stretched out on her cot with her hands laced behind her head. Her blue eyes twinkled as if she were day-dreaming about something juicy, like a stiff cock. But she wasn't. She was planning her revenge against these mother-fuckers!


Cindy didn't know what form her revenge would take. What could she do? She was a prisoner, a sex slave, her pussy a toy for other women. All she knew was that someday, somehow she was going to do something about her intolerable situation.

I'll get even with you fucking bastards, she thought heatedly. I'm not like these meek little chicks around here.

One thing Cindy was sure of was that she was going to have to start being clever. Every time she spoke her mind or acted like a free person -- bam -- off to some damned room with horny matrons! How would she ever get any revenge if she had to spend her days and nights fucking dildos that were strapped to matrons?

Cindy's young mind whirled with all sorts of fantastic ways to get even with Regina Fairfield and her band of lesbian attendants. She day-dreamed about the day she would be free. She would come back here and blow the fucking place apart! Why not return with a group of chicks like the Jet-Savers someday? Boy, could they ever turn this joint in a shambles!

But Cindy's burning thoughts, no matter how juicy and satisfying, were no help to her now, and she knew it. She tossed on her cot and worried her lower lip. Her tits and pussy were still buzzing from the mouths of the two lusty matrons. Cindy's eyes twinkled. Everyone had seemed satisfied when she had surrendered to that pussy abuse. Mrs. Fairfield had walked away as if happy. Maybe that was the secret for now -- pretend to be submissive.

A slow smile lifted the corners of Cindy's sweet mouth. Yes, that's what she would do. She would go along with this raunchy little game. She would make believe she was beaten and repentant. And, all the while, she would wait for her chance to get even.

For the next few days Cindy was a model prisoner. She obediently did everything she was told. She gave no one a hard time and even made a few friends in the dorm and in the dining hall. But behind her forehead she was plotting and planning, ever wary and alert for the opportunity to wreak revenge. She even thought that if she was really good, Regina Fairfield might give her out side privileges like some of the other girls. Then she might be able to escape!

Actually, Cindy was fooling no one but herself. Regina Fairfield was not stupid. During one of the counsel meetings she held often in her office, she laughed upon reading Cindy's file report.

She gazed at the five matrons sitting before her and said, "I see Cindy Farmer has suddenly and miraculously turned into a fine young lady."

Laughter filled the room. Every matron there could readily see what the cute little girl was up to. Many girls had tried conning the staff and Mrs. Fairfield.

"She's up to something, all right," one of the attendants said.

"Of course," Regina Fairfield replied. "Escape probably, if we give her outside privileges."

"Or revenge," another matron put in wisely. "She's a tough one, that's for sure. Under her pretty exterior burns a resentment. I can see it in her eyes sometimes when she doesn't know anyone is looking at her. It's like a snake waiting to strike."

Regina Fairfield digested that information for a moment. Then she hummed through her tight, thin lips and tapped Cindy's file with a long, unpainted fingernail. "Let's find out what she's up to. Next Sunday will be the real test."

"Yes, Ma'am," a few matrons responded.

Cindy learned about Sunday on a Friday. She was sitting on her cot when the two girls on each side of her bed excitedly talked about visitors' day.

"Sunday?" Cindy said, feeling a new excitement well up behind her taut young tits. "Gee, do you think I'll get to visit with my parents?"

"Are they coming?" one girl asked. "I don't know," Cindy replied. "Do they even know about it?"

"That's up to Mrs. Fairfield," the other girl told her. "I guess if you've been behaving she'll let your mom and dad know and then they can come visit you."

Cindy mulled that over. She was sure she'd been fooling everyone for days now. Maybe Mrs. Fairfield would call her parents, too. What if she did? What would Cindy do when she saw her parents? She thought about that for two days.

On Sunday morning all the girls dressed in their finest. The dormitory looked like a room full of cute little angels. Cindy smiled as she looked up and down the long room. She couldn't help wondering what the horny Jetsons would do in a place like this. The dorm slept fifty girls but at any one time there was usually about twenty. Cindy peered at all the young tits and cute asses and sweet pussies and giggled to herself. The Jetsons could have a field day around here!

Cindy was excitedly imagining some of her roommates fucking like crazy when two matrons entered the dorm. They walked up and down the bed with clipboards and announced the names of the girls who would be visiting outside today with their parents.

To Cindy's complete surprise a matron paused at the foot of her bed and said, "Farmer. You can visit with your parents between one and two o'clock." Then she walked on to the next bed.

Cindy struggled to hide her overwhelming shock and delight. "Thank you," she murmured for the matron's sake. The matron glanced at her partner and winked. The other smiled slightly. But Cindy saw none of this. She was burning up with excitement.

She stretched out on her cot and breathed deeply. Her blood rushed through her veins. Her heart beat wildly behind her thrusting young tits.

She couldn't believe her luck. Mrs. Fairfield must be nuts, she thought brazenly. That dumb broad! Boy, did she fall for my little tricks! What a numbskull! And here I thought she was one of the smartest women I'd ever met. Why, she's a piece of cake!

Cindy leapt from her cot. Her fingers trembled as she stuffed her jutting tits into a teeny-weeny black bra. This was the chance she had been waiting for. By God, she would show these bastards a thing or two!

At one o'clock Cindy was in a small line of girls at the front door of the Fairfield Home for Wayward Girls. She was almost breathless with anticipation and she kept getting on tiptoes to see over the girls in front of her, trying to spot her parents out on the vast green lawns.

A tall, willowy matron unlocked the doors and the girls filed out into the bright sunshine. Cindy pushed her way past the girls, almost jumping with excitement. Her sparkling blue eyes searched the area, darting here and there. She saw girls embracing their mothers and fathers, and her own eyes looked around desperately. Then she saw them. Her parents were beneath a shady oak tree, waiting near a newly painted table with picnic benches.

"Mom! Daddy!" Cindy shrieked. She broke into a run, her tits jiggling and ass swinging as her legs carried her as fast as they could.

Tears filled her eyes and started to fall long before she reached her parents. She threw herself into her mother's arms and sobbed uncontrollably, shaking violently as if she were having a tremendous orgasm.

"Ohh, mommmm," she cried.

Her father's brow knit in a worried frown and he pressed up to his wife and daughter and put an arm around them both. "Cindy," he murmured. "What is it?"

"Oh, Daddy!" she wept, turning her tear streaked face to him. She reached out and grabbed his arm. "Help me," she sobbed. "You have to get me out of this place, please, please! I can't stay here any more!"

"But, darlin..." her mother stammered, shocked.

"Oh, Mom! Daddy!" Cindy cried. "Listen to me!" She quickly looked around to make sure there were no matrons within earshot. She pulled at her parents to make them sit with her, then she burst out, "You wouldn't believe what's happening in here. Girls! Oh, how can I tell you? They make us do filthy things with girls! Sexy things! Oh! I know how this must sound, but you've got to believe me!"

"Now, honey," her father said, patting her hand, "calm yourself."

"I can't!" Cindy shrieked. "There's nothing to be calm about! Listen to me, please! These are filthy, dirty people. Mrs. Fairfield is the worst! They get their kicks watching us girls get raped by females!"

Mrs. Farmer blushed profusely. "Cindy! I will not have you speaking about such dirty things!"

New tears flowed from Cindy's eyes as she gazed at her outraged mother. Hopelessness filled her heart and, in desperation, she turned to her dad.

"Daddy," she sobbed, "you have to listen to me. I'm not making it up! They torture us!"

"Cindy... really now."

Cindy's shock registered in her pretty face, her mouth fell open and her eyes darted from her mother's face to her father's. "You don't believe me! My God! You don't believe me!"

Mr. Farmer's eyes traveled to her wrists, checked her bare arms, studied her face. Cindy understood the look of incredulity she got from him.

"It doesn't show!" she screeched. "They use fur-lined cuffs so we don't get marked in any way!"

"But, vicious girls?" her father said slowly, doubt written all over his face.

"Oh, Daddy, listen! Not those kind of girls! They torture us with, with... Ohhhh, Mother, can't you take a walk for a minute?"

"She cannot!" her father barked angrily.

Cindy got flustered. "I-I'm sorry. All I meant was maybe she shouldn't hear what I'm trying to tell you."

"I'm staying right here," her mother said, drying her tears. "Mrs. Fairfield warned us that you might be unruly. She tried to get us to wait a little longer before seeing you, but we were so desperate to visit you. Now look!"

Cindy had no choice but to ignore her mother completely. She knew she had to get through to her father. "Daddy, please listen to me. The girls torture us with dildos! With their tongues and hands! Oh, I can't spell it out! It's too embarrassing and humiliating! Use your imagination!"

Mr. Farmer head was shaking dolefully. With great sadness in his eyes, he said, "I've heard you say some pretty bad things lately, Cindy, but this has to be the limit. Is there nothing you won't say just to get out of here? Mrs. Fairfield is doing all she can to help you. We get reports, you know. That's what we're paying her for. We've read them all, how you've been a constant rebel and a source of disharmony around here."

"Oh, my God!" Cindy gasped, seeing the writing on the wall. Regina Fairfield wasn't so stupid after all!

Cindy couldn't give up though. "Look at the gates!" she cried desperately. "They're all locked!"

"Well of course," her father said as if she had brought up a pretty dumb subject.

"But the fences are electric!" Cindy screeched.

"Yes, we know. Mrs. Fairfield..." Cindy was on her feet, her tits heaving and face flushed. "What kind of parents are you?" she yelled. "Are you gonna believe me, or her? How can you sit there like that when your own daughter is telling you she's being tortured?"

"That will be all, Cindy," a voice said from behind her.

Cindy whirled and faced Regina Fairfield. Two matrons took her arms and quietly led her away. They half-dragged her, smiles on their pretty faces so that on looking parents, such as Cindy's, would see that the unruliest of girls still got tender loving care.

Cindy hollered and screamed all the way, calling over her shoulder to her mother and father. But soon her voice died behind huge, locked doors. Regina Fairfield turned to Mr. and Mrs. Farmer with a look of great compassion on her thin face.

"I'm terribly sorry about this," she said calmly. "But I did warn you."

"Yes," Mrs. Farmer said weakly, drying more tears.

Mrs. Fairfield went on. "I tried to tell you that it is best to wait until after the ninety-day program has a chance to take effect. A visit of this kind is usually traumatic. I really am sorry you insisted oncoming today. I certainly cannot refuse you that right, but it has been my long experience that girls like Cindy need a great deal of time and much love before they are ready for a visit."

Mr. Farmer felt it necessary to defend his presence here. "I think I agreed with your letter," he said. "But Mrs. Farmer wanted so much to see Cindy. I understand now that we should leave her totally in your care."

Regina Fairfield smiled. "Good. Then let us proceed with the ninety-day program. As I said in the beginning, I will inform you when you can visit Cindy. Trust me. I've transformed many girls here, Mr. and Mrs. Farmer, with outstanding results. Now if you cannot bear it, then I suggest you take Cindy home with you today."

"No, no," Mrs. Farmer said quickly. It gave her the shudders to recall her daughter's recent outburst. Girls, indeed!

"You have carte blanche," Mr. Farmer added. "Our original agreement stands. We place Cindy entirely in your capable hands. Please help her."

Mrs. Fairfield turned to her attendants and said, "See that Mr. and Mrs. Farmer are made comfortable before they leave. Get them some coffee. Whatever they want."

She walked away across the thick, rich grass. Doors opened before she got to them and she marched into the huge mansion. The doors closed and locked behind her.

She entered her office where three matrons stood around a chair. Cindy was in it, her shoulders slumped, her pretty face in her hands. She was weeping and shivering. She looked whipped.

Regina Fairfield stood in front of her and leaned her bony ass against the edge of the desk. She crossed her arms over her flat chest and said, "Now then."

Cindy raised her eyes to the woman's placid face. Cindy looked dumbfounded. "They didn't believe me," she said in a hoarse whisper.

"Did you expect them to believe wild stories like that?" Regina Fairfield said with a smile.

"They're true!" Cindy gasped.

"But unbelievable," the woman said calmly. She stuck a cigarette into her silver holder and lit it up. She gazed at the quivering girl and said, "Do you remember your first days here? You wondered why we didn't punish you with horny boys or raping men. Remember? And you were shocked when you found out that we use our girls."

"Yes," Cindy said weakly.

"Well, think about it. Whose parents would ever believe a girl was being tortured by girls? That's why I use them here for discipline reasons. No parent can believe such a thing especially from a wayward girl whose already been in a lot of trouble with her lies. You see, your parents are used to you lying to get your own way. I simply capitalize on that fact."

Cindy's eyes flashed. Her pink tongue slithered across her dry lips. She swallowed and said, "You're evil."

"Perhaps," Mrs. Fairfield said simply, "that's how you feel now. But you'll change your mind -- if you're lucky."


"Yes, Cindy, lucky. If you will open your mind. If you will stop acting like a know-it-all. You're only a young girl. You don't know everything there is to know. You only think you do. You've been under the influence of the real evil, boys and girls like the Jetsons and the Jet-Savers. They're all radicals, you know. Misfits and rebels who think they can punish their parents, teachers and clergymen by behaving as raunchy as possible. That's, no way to fight the system."

Regina Fairfield might as well have said nothing. Cindy frowned deeply, not understanding the woman's meaning at all, she could only whimper helplessly, remembering that neither her mother nor her father believed her when she had tried to tell of her terrible plight here at Fairfield.

"You're really quite naive, Cindy," the woman said. She reached behind her and lifted a sheet of paper from heir desk, passing it to Cindy. "This is why your parents won't believe anything you say. All parents get this in the beginning."

Cindy took the paper into her trembling fingers and blinked her tear-filled eyes to read the print. The announcement explained everything to Cindy.


Dear Parents:

We fully understand your feelings about your daughter being placed in the Fairfield Home for Wayward Girls and we sympathize. At this same time, however, we wish to assure you that all the love and care possible is being taken to help your little sin.

Fairfield has a 90-day program designed to help change your daughter's character defects. We suggest you place her entirely in our care for that trial period of time. Usually, a girl improves greatly in those ninety days, so please be patient. Remember that the alternative is Juvenile Hall or worse.

In the beginning your daughter will attempt every trick she knows to dissuade you from leaving her here. She will use devious tears and cunning arguments and even outright lies, just as she has been doing at home to deceive you all along. We strongly advise that you take what she says about Fairfield with a grain of salt.

It has been our experience that girls will use the electric fencing as evidence of their cruel imprisonment. We do not share with these young people the fact that the fences are electrified to keep out males, young and old, who would love to storm the walls for immoral purposes. The gates are kept locked for the same reasons. These children are entrusted to us, therefore we must take every measure to protect them from the seedy side of life they have already been tainted by.

Give us ninety days, dear parents, and let us help your little girl to become the kind of person you so desperately wish her to be. If after ninety days your daughter has not improved, we will be the first to admit defeat and advise other methods of correction.


Regina Fairfield

The paper slipped out of Cindy's hands. Tears streamed down her pretty face. Her body sagged in the chair. "You bitch," she sobbed.

Regina Fairfield laughed. "Take her downstairs," she said.

"Downstairs?" Cindy rasped as two matrons helped her to her feet. "You mean... No! Please! Not that again!"

"But you need it dear," Mrs. Fairfield said.


Cindy had to be disciplined. It was a part of Regina Fairfield's tried and true methods of dealing with incorrigible teenaged girls. The woman knew what she was doing even if Cindy -- and dozens of parents -- didn't.

Cindy was strapped to the now-familiar board, stretched out spread-eagled and stark naked. A signal from Regina Fairfield sent the matrons in. Cindy gasped to see the three girls. She struggled and whimpered as the heartless attendants walked to her defenseless tits and wide-open cunt. The girls got very excited at her ripe, jutting tits and started licking the hell out of her stinging, tingling nipples. Her pussy got very wet very fast and Cindy squirmed against the unwanted pleasure.

Regina Fairfield stood over the girl and watched the activity with cool disinterest. As if she couldn't even see the girls, she peered at the girl in her charge and said, "You learned too early how to use your sex as a weapon. Sex is not to be used in rebellion against your parents. Sex is the most beautiful gift God has given us females. It is to be enjoyed, cherished and relished. It is not a weapon, Cindy."

Cindy tried to wrench her burning pussy away from the relentless, tongue of the girl but she couldn't. She stared wild-eyed up at the woman and shrieked, "What the fuck are you talking about? Make them stop! You crazy bitch! I hate you!"

Regina Fairfield smiled at the girl. "You have lovely tits, Cindy," she said, calmly, eyeing the girl's ripe, thrusting tits. "And your pussy is darling. You must be very proud of your body. Most of my girls are when they come here. But you've been misusing your goodies. You know that, don't you?"

"What the fuck is this?" Cindy cried, gasping as two of the matrons tongues put her tits on fire. Her cunt felt like it would burst with pleasure if the girl didn't stop nibbling her clit!

"Why won't you listen?" Mrs. Fairfield said, shaking her head dolefully. "Open your ears, child, and learn something for a change. I know what you've been doing with your tits and pussy -- and maybe even your cute little asshole -- but do you? Do you realize that you've been going about your rebellion the wrong way?"

"Stop talking about my body that way!" Cindy cried, trembling all over. "Get these God damned girls away from me! Ohhh, stop them!"

Her nipples spiked beautifully as the girl's tongues lashed them viciously. Faster and faster the tongues moved, just as the tongue between her puffy cunt-lips moved faster. Her cunt churned roughly as she gasped for breath. In an effort to escape this intense pleasure, she jerked her round ass up off the board. The girl immediately transferred her vicious tongue from her wet pussy to her cute, pink asshole. Cindy shrieked and dropped her ass back to the board.

She choked as the three girls licked brutally at her sensitive nipples and clit. How much of this could a young girl take?

"I'm coming!" she squealed helplessly. Regina Fairfield watched in silence as the teenaged girl went wild. Cindy's whole body jerked and wrenched and bucked crazily as the three tongues forced her to heights of ecstasy. Her eyes rolled in her head. Her head rocked loosely from side to side. Her aching tits thrust upward against the lashing tongues. And her soaked pussy twisted hornily as it flooded wetly with silky, hot fluids.

"Ohhhh, noooo," Cindy moaned, and came hornily against her will.

"Why won't you listen to me?" Regina Fairfield then asked.

Cindy hardly heard her. "Let me go!" Cindy cried, bucking against the relentless tongues. "Stop them! Ohhh, no more! I can't come any more! That was enough! Oh! Oh! Nooo, don't make me come! Owwww! I'm commmiiinnnggg!"

Her second orgasm wracked her helpless body worse than the first. It was as if her first come simply prepared her pussy for the next one. Her furry cunt twisted wildly. Her pink tongue came out of her mouth and she clenched it between her teeth and made small animal noises as she came again. Her tits jerked and shivered beneath the onslaught of the two tongues as her pussy creamed wetly. The girl drank deeply from her cunt, her tongue digging right in there after her juices.

"Ohhhh, God," Cindy whimpered, shuddering weakly.

"Are you going to listen to me?" Regina Fairfield asked pointedly.

"No!" Cindy shrieked. "You fucking bitch!"

Mrs. Fairfield grinned at that remark. Then she snapped her fingers. The matrons got down on all fours and immediately resorted to their vicious nipping and licking at Cindy's luscious, exposed, body.

One of the matrons forced her tongue up into Cindy's spread cunt and drove the girl out of her mind.

Her second orgasm never stopped. To her complete dismay -- and later, alarm -- she came and came and came as the three horny girls attacked her tits and pussy, licking all the while. The torture was unbearable. Her cunt drenched with copious fluids as her whole body churned and twisted and jerked helplessly.

This incredible torture went on for a long time. Cindy looked crazed as her head rocked and her pink tongue lolled in her pretty mouth. She thought her tits would burst, that her pink nipples would shoot come like her aching pussy. The thrilling sensations coursing through her weakened body made her mind whirl and spin dizzily.

"Are you ready to listen now?" Mrs. Fairfield wanted to know.

"F-fuck you!" Cindy gasped, wracked with exquisite pleasure. She was obviously in an agony of cunt-pleasure that she couldn't stand.

Regina Fairfield snapped her fingers. Cindy gasped as the three girls mouths stopped eating her body. Her tits heaved, her belly strained for relief, and her cunt leaked silky pussy-cream.

The matrons un-cuffed her wrists and ankles. They flipped her collapsed body over. Cindy made an "oof" sound as she landed on her tits and belly. Strong hands grabbed her wrists and ankles again and manacled them so that she was up on all fours, locked into position.

"No, nooo," she whimpered.

Two matrons got on their backs and wiggled their pretty faces under Cindy's writhing body. They each sucked one of her spiking pink nipples as a third attendant got on her hands and knees behind Cindy's luscious young ass. The third one stuck her cute tongue out of her sexy mouth and applied the tip of it to Cindy's exposed asshole.

"Oh!" Cindy gasped, feeling the wet thing there. "Don't!"

The matron chuckled lewdly and washed her tongue up and down Cindy's tight little ass, taking time to wiggle her tongue-tip into the girl's wiggly asshole. Because it felt so good, the attendant gripped Cindy's ass-cheeks and held onto the writhing things as she drilled half of her slithery tongue into the girl's helpless ass. Regina Fairfield looked on with satisfaction.

As the three females turned Cindy's body into a mass of quivering jello, the woman stepped in front of Cindy and said, "You really should start to listen to us."

"I hate you... I hate you..." Cindy panted as three luscious mouths turned her tits and ass on.

"We're trying to help you, Cindy."

"Help me!" Cindy gasped, trying to look up at her captor. "You call this help? You're raping me! I'm coming and coming! I can't stop coming! What are you trying to do to me? Ohhh, stop that girl from sucking my clit!"

The matron behind her twisty ass caught Cindy's quivering clit between her teeth and sucked on it hungrily. Then she drilled her tongue up into Cindy's wide open pussy and screwed it around up there. Then she dragged her saliva-soaked and come-soaked tongue up to Cindy's wiggly asshole and laved it.

"Are you ready to listen to reason?" Mrs. Fairfield wanted to know.

"No!" Cindy shrieked, coming wetly.

"Very well. Girls. Proceed with the discipline."

All mouths left her tits and cunt and ass and Cindy gasped for breath. She turned her head and tried to focus her glazed eyes. But she knew what the next stage of punishment would be. Hadn't she been through it already?

Regina Fairfield handed one of the matrons an extremely large strap on dildo and asked told her to put it on.

"No! No!" she screamed, cowering. "Don't you dare let that girl fuck me!"

As if she hadn't spoken, as if she weren't scared half to death, as if she weren't shivering with alarm, the obedient matron walked up to Cindy's quivering body and grabbed her ass and forced the big dildo inside her.

Cindy screeched as the big, thick dildo spliced into her pussy.

The thickness of this dildo frightened her as it forced its way up into her tight little cunt. Her pussy-walls stretched for the monstrous cock, then clenched on it like a mouth. She started fucking with power, thrusting all of the long, thick dildo into the hot, juicy cunt.

"Noooooo," Cindy whimpered as she got fucked.

Cindy couldn't stop coming! Her pussy started creaming again the minute the big dildo ravished her pussy.

"You really should give us your undivided attention," Regina Fairfield suggested kindly. "F-F-fuck you, you bitch -- you rotten, no good son-of-a-bitch. Ohhhh, nooooo!"

Regina Fairfield snapped her fingers again. Female hands reached under Cindy's twisting, humping cunt. Cindy felt them there and was dazzled with puzzlement. What were they doing there?

The hands extracted the dildo-prick from her wrenching little cunt. As Cindy felt the big, wet prick leave her pussy and she gasped with relief. Her relief was short-lived.

The matrons guided the huge dildo to Cindy's quivery asshole. Cindy caught her breath when she felt the blunt-end of it nudge her naked asscheeks.

"No! You can't!" she screamed.

The matrons giggled and helped guide the dildo into the helpless girl's tight little asshole. The width of his cock stretched her asshole open. The dildo lodged in her ass. Cindy choked.

With the help of the beautiful attendants, the monstrous dildo-prick was slowly and steadily inserted into Cindy's writhing body by way of her tight asshole. More and more of the long cock disappeared into her bowels. The girl kept trying to fuck right away and the matrons had a tough job getting all of the dildo into the girl's twisting asshole before it fell out.

When it was in sufficiently deep, the two attendants let go and let the other do the work. Instinct took over, as they knew it would, and the horny matron fucked the dildo brutally into the tightest little pussy she'd ever fucked. His massive dildo filed Cindy's bowels with hot cock meal and she whimpered hornily as she came and came. The girl fucked her silly.

Her tight asshole expanded into a big O around the thick dildo-cock and she fought for breath as the crazed girl fucked her in and out of her squishy ass.

This pounding drove Cindy out of her mind. Mouths attacked her tits again and tongues lashed hornily at her stiff little nipples until Cindy was a whimpering mass of hot female flesh, fucking her hot ass hornily on the drilling dildo-cock. She kept coming and screaming as she came, but she couldn't control her responses to this ass-rape. Her cunt seemed to like it!

Breathless and almost weak to the point of exhaustion, Cindy begged for mercy. Regina Fairfield lit a cigarette and calmly asked the girl if she was ready to learn something useful in her life.

"Yes! Yessss!" Cindy shrieked. "Only stop her from fucking my asshole!"

"I could prevent that," Mrs. Fairfield said, "but just on the chance that you are still trying to come, I think we'll let her proceed."

"No, nooo, noooooo!" Cindy wailed as the girl ravished her asshole with the big dildo. Cindy would have cursed the woman again, her and all the matrons in the joint. But no words would come to her constricted throat.

The feeling made her come and come.

Her forehead hit the board with a thud. Her tits jiggled nervously as her heart thrilled to the fantastic ass-fucking.

In her sexual delirium Cindy became a raunchy, hot female. She fucked her asshole hotly on the dildo and moaned passionately as ever fiber of her being responded with pleasure. Never in her life had she ever felt so thoroughly fucked!

A snap of Mrs. Fairfield's fingers made the girl remove the dildo from Cindy's writhing, panting figure. Cindy collapsed, gasping.

"You must learn how to vise your sex, Cindy," she vaguely heard the woman saying. "Sex is not to be used as a weapon. And sexual misconduct is not to be used as a way to get even with your loving parents. You must realize soon that your sexy, luscious young body was meant to enjoy sex, not abuse it. If you must fuck boys and if you must suck fifteen cocks, do so because you like it, not because you want to be tough or rebellious or prideful."

Cindy heard this small speech, and yet she didn't, "I-I-I don't understand," she breathed.

"You will," the woman said firmly. "You will. Just place yourself in my capable hands and I'll teach you everything you have to know to lead a full and happy life without arousing suspicion or fear in your parents."

Was this woman saying friendly things? Was she telling Cindy that sex was okay? Cindy murmured something incoherent. The sucking and nibbling and brutal fucking of her sensitive asshole left her dizzy and uncertain about anything.

"Unshackle her," she heard Mrs. Fairfield say.

Then she felt hands un-cuffing her wrists and ankles. Cindy rolled onto her back and gasped for a cool breath.

"Give her something to drink," the woman said.

A matron lifted Cindy's weakened body up and held a glass of cold water to the girl's parched lips. Cindy drank deeply and the coolness of the clear water revived her somewhat. Her lips quivered and some water dripped onto her luscious young tits. The attendant set her back down on the board and licked the dribbling water up with her soft tongue.

"Ohhhhh," Cindy moaned, feeling the female tongue so tender against her aching tits.

"Does that feel good to you?" Regina Fairfield asked.

"It's -- gentle."

The woman nodded her head and three matrons responded immediately. Three hot tongues and three soft, sexy mouths bathed Cindy's tits and purring young cunt. Cindy couldn't believe the exquisite sensations she received as the three females licked and loved her tits and cunt. She moaned with obvious and willing pleasure.

"Good, good," Mrs. Fairfield murmured, watching Cindy writhe her tits and pussy against the thrilling tongues. "Very good." And she smiled with satisfaction when Cindy's arms lifted and her hands began to stroke two of the females. Cindy's pretty face looked happy as her eyes closed in secret rapture.

"I think she has finally learned something," Regina Fairfield announced. "That will be enough for now. Tomorrow's another day. Take her to the dormitory."

The matrons stopped licking and sucking the moaning teenager and looked up at their boss. "Not to the padded cell, Ma'am?" one asked.

"No. Not this evening I really think she's coming around. She may not understand yet, but she's beginning to learn."

Understand? Understand what? Cindy couldn't get her heavy eyes opened. Her tits and pussy and asshole were all so heavy with sexy feelings. Why did Mrs. Fairfield stop the women from sucking her to a tremendous come? Why did the females stop at all? Weren't they lesbians?

Thoroughly confused and terribly weak, Cindy was helped to her feet and led out of the discipline room onto the elevator. It rose two floors and she was guided in the semi-darkness to her cot where she was tucked in like a little girl. Then she was left alone.

"Ohhhh," Cindy moaned, feeling more thrills in her pussy. She reached down and stroked her furry little cunt. A slender finger stole up into her pussy and she started sliding it in and out. She wanted to come badly.

She felt her blankets move and someone soft and feminine crawled into bed with her. A gentle hand reached down and removed her wet finger from her cunt.

"Shhh," the girl whispered. "I'm Trudy. I sleep next to you."

Cindy frowned even as a gentle hand started playing with her aroused cunt. "No," she rasped hotly. "The girls next to me are Donna and Marie."

"They've been moved to Dormitory A," the girl whispered hotly, kissing Cindy's soft mouth. "I've been watching you. You're very pretty. I'm going to Dormitory A in a few days. I want to suck your pussy before I do."

"I-I don't understand," Cindy stammered. "Why were they moved? Why are you going? Why do you want to eat me? What in the world is going on here?"

"Shhhh, not now," Trudy said hotly, fingering Cindy's squishy cunt-hole. "I'll explain everything tomorrow. Just let me lick your pussy now. God, but it feels soft and wet. The girls been fucking you?"

"You know?" Cindy gasped.

"Of course," Trudy whispered, slipping her head under the covers. "I've been fucked by them, too. Every girl in Fairfield has been fucked by those girls. Ohhh, your cunt is so sweet."

Then Cindy lost her voice. The girl was doing what she needed done. Cindy caught her lower lip between her teeth and surrendered her hot pussy to the nice, sucking chick.


The two girls lost themselves completely in delicious cunt-pleasure. Cindy stretched out loosely and let her legs spread open as the girl named Trudy kissed her way down. She smoothed her sexy young lips over Cindy's flat belly and Cindy lifted her pussy up. She liked how Trudy's tongue felt against her sensitive flesh.

Trudy murmured softly and pressed her hot mouth against Cindy's quivering cunt. Breathing deeply, as if happy to be in a crotch, Trudy stuck her tongue out and slipped it into Cindy's pussy. Cindy whimpered and twisted her pussy round and round as the strange girl ate her.

Trudy licked Cindy's pussy deliciously, tenderly, then sucked on her quivery little clit and licked that, too. The arousing tongue again found Cindy's excited cunt and drilled into it. Cindy gasped as hot come flooded her pussy immediately and she shuddered ecstatically as Trudy buried her tongue in her cunt and sucked hotly. The feelings were fantastic for Cindy.

Thoroughly aroused, Cindy reached over and cupped her hand over Trudy's sweet pussy. Trudy wiggled and panted as Cindy played with her cunt. Cindy toyed with the girl's clit, then fingered her pussy-hole. Trudy loved that and squished her mouth and teeth to Cindy's lovely cunt.

Trudy drank lots of joy-juice out of Cindy's hot pussy, then started kissing her way back up the moaning girl's curvy body. Both cunts were juicy with silky come as Trudy licked her way up to Cindy's thrusting, arching tits. She sucked each of Cindy's spiking pink nipples, then laved her sweet tongue around the girl's throat, making Cindy whimper with pleasure.

Slowly but surely, Trudy positioned herself on top of her new friend. Finally, her own taut tits pressed hard on Cindy's as she stretched out on the panting girl. She squirmed her pussy on Cindy's warm cunt and started fucking motion that made both their pussies very horny. They grew hornier and hornier and their mouths met hot and moist, like their cunts.

Trudy shoved her slithery pink tongue into Cindy's sucking young mouth and twisted her, hot pussy into Cindy's. They clung to one another, panting and moaning softly, and they rubbed cunts faster, each of them getting more and more excited and turned on. Their curvy young bodies got hotter and wilder. Their mashed together and they both humped. It felt so good.

They swabbed tongues and their fingers dug into one another. Trudy squirmed her burning pussy and Cindy fucked her cunt in return. Their pussies twisted and rubbed frantically. Their tits pressed and wrenched hotly against each other. Four pink nipples stood up and the girls whimpered with pleasure.

Mouth-to-mouth and cunt-to-cunt they embraced hornily and rubbed their pussies together so fast and hard that they both began panting and moaning as there cunts were worked into a frenzy. Violently now, they mashed their horny young bodies together and humped hotly, as if they were trying to squeeze, every drop of pleasure out of each other.

They kissed passionately with their eyes closed, oblivious to everything except their mounting joy. They humped and twisted together on Cindy's cot, screwing together to reach the most delicious moments a girl can know. Their cunts wanted to cream.

"Uhhhhhh," Trudy moaned as her hot tongue licked wetly across Cindy's parted lips. Cindy moaned in return and stuck her pink tongue out so the girl could lick it nice. Their cunts squirmed against one another and screwed around until their clits were tingling like mad.

They simply went with the vibrations. Their fucking cunts got hotter and hotter, wetter and wetter. They were both on the verge of the grand moment and they knew it. They embraced hornily, kissed wetly and noisily, and humped their pussies with abandon.

Cindy caught her breath and started to shiver from head to toe. Erotic pleasure coursed through her sensitized young body as the girl on top of her started to tremble fitfully. Great heat built up between them, then they started to orgasm together.

Cindy's body jerked violently and ripples of pure joy vibrated up and down her frame. Her fingernails clutched at the flesh of her friend as she came wetly. Trudy caught fire, too, and her whole body twisted and shook. Their pussies banged against each other as if they had stiff pricks and they fucked hornily for long, wonderful seconds.

"Ewwwmmmmm," Trudy moaned, coming hotly.

"Ummmmmm," Cindy whimpered, coming with her.

Their fucking cunts creamed hotly and their joy-juices mingled to soak their fur. They screwed happily, coming in torrents, then they were clinging to one another and laughing erotically, shivering all over with release.

When the earthquake was over, Trudy lightened up on Cindy. Their pussies didn't squeeze as hard. Trudy tickled the tips of Cindy's nipples with her own. She smiled at her new friend.

"I knew you'd be good," she whispered, her eyes aflame with pleasure.

"You made me feel five," Cindy replied hotly.

They caught their breath and laughed together. Trudy remained on top of Cindy, liking it there. They kissed lightly and wiggled their tongue-tips together.

"You have a sweet cunt," Trudy said. "You, too," Cindy sighed. "I didn't know a pussy could feel so good on me."

Trudy raised up on her elbows, but she kept her hard young tits against Cindy's nice tits. "Did you really like it?" she asked.

"Yes!" Cindy gasped. "Goodness! Couldn't you tell?"

"Well, yes, but -- if you like sex so much, why do you give Mrs. Fairfield such a hard time?"

"What's that got to do with anything? I'm here against my will. That bitch has made me a prisoner!"

To Cindy's surprise, Trudy started laughing.

"You silly dope," she giggled. "You don't understand her at all. She isn't a bitch. Why, she's probably the best friend you ever had!"

Cindy's sexy mouth fell open. "I don't understand," she rasped.

Her open mouth distracted Trudy for the moment. "I can't resist," she murmured, and she stuck one of her spiking pink nipples into Cindy's mouth.

Cindy responded by sucking gently on the rubbery thing and felt the girl begin to twist her pussy against hers again. That felt nice, so Cindy sucked harder. Trudy was apparently a very sexy girl. The more Cindy sucked her tit, the harder Trudy rubbed her cunt against Cindy's.

"Ummmmm, YOU suck tits good," Trudy let her know.

Cindy turned her face away from the girl's jutting tits and smiled at her. "You have nice tits to suck," she whispered.

Trudy studied the girl's face for a moment, then said, "You're a dope, you know it?"

"What?" Cindy giggled. But she pushed the girl off her body, laughing. They embraced side by side and whispered in the night.

"Hasn't Mrs. Fairfield tried to tell you what's really going on around here?" Trudy asked softly, caressing Cindy's tits. "Hasn't she told you to stop using your sex as a weapon?"

That sounded familiar to Cindy. She pursed her lips and thought a second. "Yes, she did say something like that. Just tonight -- while the girls were eating me!"

"Didn't you believe her?"

"It wasn't that," Cindy said. "I -- well, I was coming at the time. And I was angry."

"I understand," Trudy whispered. "I was like that when I first came here. I thought I was being punished."

"What do you mean? I have been punished!"

Trudy got up on one elbow and gazed into the girl's pretty face. "You really don't know what's going on, do you? Do you know what happens upstairs in the art classes and music classes?"

"No," Cindy said. Her brow creased with a frown of growing curiosity.

"Do you know what happens in Dormitory A?"

"No. What?"

Trudy looked troubled. "I guess I've said too much already," she murmured.

Cindy grabbed at her. "Tell me! What's going on around here? What are you talking about?"

"I'd better shut up," the girl said. "Look, Cindy, just remember this. If you give Mrs. Fairfield a real hard time, you can wind up in jail or something. I've seen the tough bitches go. They never did find out what Fairfield is really like. Neither will you if you don't start changing your attitude. That's all Mrs. Fairfield is after, you know. She's trying to help you."

"Help me? Good God, Trudy! I've been shackled and eaten by wild animals! Girls have licked me and bitten me and sucked me and fucked me! Where have you been? Didn't a girl fuck your cunt?"

"Yes," Trudy replied gently.

Cindy frowned deeply at the calm girl. "Weren't you mad?"

"Only at first. Only when I thought Mrs. Fairfield was my enemy, trying to punish me, trying to get me to kiss my parents' asses. But then, well, I learned."

"Learned what?"

"That Mrs. Fairfield has a sort of philosophy. You see, she believes that girls like you and me are the sexiest females around, but that we've gone astray with our willful ways. She's dedicated her whole life to helping chicks like you and me. She wants us to begin to enjoy sex."

"What? Are you crazy? I thought she was trying to teach me to quit fucking!"

"Oh, Cindy," Trudy sighed. "Wake up, will you?"

Cindy started to respond to that, but her words got caught in her throat. She suddenly felt stupid and immature, but she didn't know why. Trudy leaned over and kissed her soft mouth, then whispered, "I'd better get back to my own bed. Good night, baby."

Cindy didn't try to detain her. She was in a state of shock. She heard Trudy crawl into the next cot. Later, she heard the girl gentle snoring. Cindy stared unseeingly at the ceiling, thinking, wondering, puzzling.

Didn't she get in trouble with the Jet-Savers? Didn't her parents find out? Didn't her parents threaten to punish her severely? Didn't they decide to send her to this home for wayward girls? Wasn't she strapped to a board in the basement and licked all over by crazy girls? Didn't a girl with a big dildo fuck her pussy? Didn't a girl with a monstrous dildo on fuck her asshole?

Cindy was thoroughly perplexed. What could Trudy have meant? How could the bitch Mrs. Fairfield possibly be a friend to girls who were being sexually mistreated? That didn't make any sense! Or did it?

Cindy fell asleep with her little head torn by conflicting thoughts. It was fitful sleep during which she tossed and turned most of the night. She dreamed she was running naked through dark woods. Screeching owls and howling wolves chased her. She screamed and screamed as she ran as fast as she could through trees and bushes. Then there was Regina Fairfield, blocking her escape. Luscious naked matrons tied Cindy to a big tree and all sorts of wild animals came to fuck her horny pussy. She came and came, and her whole body vibrated with sex. She awoke in a sweat, her cunt drenched with joy-juices.

When the attendant arrived to awaken all the girls on the dorm, Cindy got up and hastily dressed. She was the first in line in the dining hall and she ate ravenously. Her appetite had increased overnight and she attributed it to Trudy's sucking mouth.

At her table, she looked around for Trudy, but could see her nowhere. Was she already transferred to the other dormitory? What was over there? What did the cute cunt-sucker mean by all that she'd said?

After breakfast, Cindy got to her feet and went up to a beautiful, raven-haired matron. "Excuse me," she said. "Could I see Mrs. Fairfield?"

"Sure," the woman said with a nice smile. "Come with me."

The attendant opened the door of Mrs. Fairfield's office and let Cindy in, then she closed it. Regina Fairfield looked up and smiled. Just the sight of Cindy in her bright mini-dress with her young tits jutting so deliciously made the woman feel good. Cindy Farmer was definitely a sexy little thing. If only she was teachable.

"Mrs. Fairfield, I-I -- gee, I don't know what to say."

"Sit down, Cindy," the woman said, getting to her feet.

Cindy sat and the woman stood near her, studying her face for signs of compliance. She saw what she was looking for. Something had finally gotten through to the rebellious little bitch.

"What is it?" the woman asked.

"I don't know how to begin," Cindy said, fluttering her eyelashes cutely. "I-I think I've been all wrong about you."

Regina Fairfield beamed. Her dark eyes brightened considerably and a thrill of success teased her heart. It was always a special moment for the woman when one of her young charges woke up to the facts of life. It always pained her when a girl remained incorrigible, when a girl had to be released from Fairfield, only to wind up in jail or prison or worse.

Cindy saw the change come over the woman and suddenly she didn't look like a bitch at all. She really looked like a woman who could be a girl's friend.

"Please tell me what's going on around here," Cindy murmured.

It wasn't her request that pleased Regina Fairfield. It was her obvious change of attitude. Cindy Farmer wasn't rebelling now. She looked docile and willing and open-minded. "Walk with me," the woman said.

That was unexpected, but Cindy quickly got to her feet and followed Mrs. Fairfield out of the room. They strolled the corridors, talking. As they walked, girls and matrons passed them, all of them cheery.

"That's another thing," Cindy said. "All the girls here seem so happy. I missed that at first. I thought we were all your prisoners and your attendants. They're such beautiful women and they're very happy, too. Am I the only one around here who's been hateful?"

"Not at all, Cindy," Regina Fairfield smiled. To Cindy's complete surprise the woman put her arm across her shoulders and embraced her as they walked, "There will be others after you. A new girl is arriving tomorrow, in fact. She'll be just as you were."

"What does it all mean?" Cindy asked. "Why is everybody so happy here?"

Mrs. Fairfield smiled broadly and said, "All my matrons were once interns here."

Cindy's mouth fell open and she stared in disbelief at a passing attendant, a tall, willowy blonde who looked good enough to eat in her starched white shirt and little miniskirt.

"These guards were once runaway girls!" Cindy gasped.

"Everyone of them," Regina Fairfield said proudly. "After they left here and got a little older they applied for positions with me. You might say they graduated from here then came back to teach."

"I'll be darned," Cindy breathed, impressed. Then she gazed at Regina Fairfield with new eyes and asked, "But what do they teach?"

"Classes in the art of living," the woman said cryptically. "How to get along in the world when you're sexy, prematurely developed and horny."

She laughed at the expression on Cindy's young face. She took the girl's hand in hers and said, "Let's go upstairs. I think you're ready to see our classes."

They took the small elevator to the floor above where Cindy had never been. There she discovered long corridors and many rooms with walls of glass. Nothing was hidden from view. And what Cindy saw all around her startled her out of her mind.

In every glassed-in room sexy young girls were in various degress of undress and doing an array of sexual things with dildos -- all kinds of dildos!

"Oh, my God!" Cindy gasped.

Her young eyes couldn't move fast enough. There was a little girl, younger than she was, on her hands and knees, gettin fucked royally by a giant brute of a dildo that was strapped to an older girl. There was a room of five naked girls, all of them licking each other! "They're enjoying it!" Cindy gasped.

"Of course."

Cindy's blue eyes darted here and there. "They're willing!"


"But-but -- why? They aren't shackled. You aren't forcing them into this!"

"But they all began where you did, Cindy," Regina Fairfield said. "They were all rebellious little girls and all headed for a life of misery. These are the few who came through here and changed their attitude. If they make it off your dormitory, they learn to use their bodies wisely and with pleasure. No more using sex as a weapon against parents and teachers and clergymen."

"This is -- fantastic!"

"Some of my girls go on to become successes in life," the woman said. "Some become expert prostitutes. Many grow up to become highly successful housewives. They marry the men of their choice and know how to please them. Here they learn how to use their mouths and tits and pussies and asses. We teach pleasure here, Cindy."

The pretty girl was completely dazed. Regina Fairfield smiled and said, "The choice is yours. You can be foolish and try to explain all this to an outsider -- and be judged crazy. Or you can be wise and join us. You can begin to become a very happy, sexual, orgasmic young lady."

Cindy gagged, then cleared her throat. She looked flushed and excited. "This is your music class and art class?" she gasped.

"Yes, Cindy. The music is the rhythm of sexual happiness. The art is the art of fucking without causing yourself or anyone else any problems."

"But why?" the startled, dazed girl wanted to know.

Regina Fairfield's features softened and her eyes moistened as she gazed at Cindy. "Because our society had twisted you young girls enough. Sex has become a crime -- and that's a crime? Why do you think you began your sexual career the way you did? Why do you suppose you sucked off fifteen boys at once? You were trying to find yourself, trying to find your own sexual identity. But you had to do it in criminal and antisocial ways. These girls are learning to enjoy sex and how to enjoy it without arousing suspicion and animosity. If you want to avail yourself of Fairfield's real purpose, you can."

"Oh! I do!" Cindy gasped.


A gentler, softer Cindy was started in the special classes at the Fairfield Home for Wayward Girls. The very next morning, after breakfast, she was conducted to one of the big, comfortable rooms upstairs. There she met her classmates -- Tina, Vein, Alice, Terry, Linda and Susie -- and her new teacher, a foxy twenty-year-old dish named Sandra Fischer. Sandra, Cindy was told, had once been at Fairfield after getting caught making fuck-films.

"Fucking without anger," Sandra said to her class, "What good is sex if you're all pissed off? Why get mad at your mom and take it out on some guy who just wants a good time? Why give your pussy just to get even with your parents? That's dumb. It's time you learned to have sex because it's so juicy!"

Because Cindy was the new pupil, Sandra gave her special help. She took Cindy by the hand, as it were, and showed her the ropes.

"Get naked," Sandra said, and the teacher undressed as Cindy did. Sandra had perfect tits, Cindy noticed. "Okay," Sandra went on with a smile, "lay down on your back. Stretch out there and make yourself comfortable. That's it. Now I'll get the girls."

Cindy watched breathlessly as Sandra opened a door and let in three French girls. Cindy's eyes widened and she gasped, "Why, they look beautiful."

"They are," her teacher laughed. "The big difference is that now you're willing. This isn't punishment, it's pure pleasure."

"Oh, golly," Cindy breathed as the girls approached her.

"Remember how you were shackled?"

Sandra asked. "Put yourself in that position. That's it. Stretch your arms way above your head and get your pretty tits up. Jacques and Francis love tits, as you know."

Cindy held her arms above her head and peered down at her thrusting, naked tits as the girls started licking their pink tongues up and down the slopes.

"Oh, golly," she murmured again as thrills shot through her sensitive tits. Her pink nipples stood up and she turned them to catch their tongues on them. The girls definitely new how to please her. Sandra approved of the progress being made. She smiled nicely at Cindy and said, "You like having your tits licked, don't you? Good girl. Just let them do what you were forced to let them do downstairs. The whole object is willingness. Willingness and enjoyment."

"How strange," Cindy purred thrusting her tits at the licking girls. "Downstairs I thought I was being punished and tortured. Now here I am with the same girls and it's wonderful!"

"You're a delight," Sandra said with approval. Her green eyes shone as she watched.

Cindy's pert tits heave and rise up.

Cindy smiled at the young woman and cooed, "You can lick them, too, if you want to."

That was precisely what Sandra wanted. Cindy's tits were mouth-watering, darling things. Sandra got down on all fours with the girls and captured a pink nipple between her sexy teeth. She nibbled and sucked on Cindy's tit as the girls went on licking away. Cindy wriggled anxiously and moaned as her passion mounted.

Sandra lifted her pretty face from the girl's jutting tit and whispered, "Tell me when you want Bobo to lick your cunt."

"The one with the big boobs? Bobo, huh? That's a cute name for her. Why do I have to let you know?"

"She won't lick your pussy without my command. Up here you have to want it."

"I do!" Cindy gasped.

Sandra giggled and ordered the big poodle to suck Cindy's pussy. The animal immediately wedged his body between Cindy's thighs.

"Spread your legs the way they were downstairs," her teacher advised.

Cindy whimpered with anticipation and opened her lovely legs real wide. Her furry little cunt opened, too, and the girls tongue attacked her pussy with a hunger. Cindy moaned loudly as the girl licked and drilled her cunt.

Cindy's eyes rolled in her head and, just like downstairs only better, she gave herself up completely to the licking and sucking teacher.

"I'll give you something to moan about," Sandra said with promise. She twisted around and rolled Cindy over onto her tits. She hiked the girl's ass up high and got the girl to lick her cunt viciously. As the girls tongue drilled up into Cindy's quivery pussy, Sandra wiggled her own tongue into Cindy's twisty asshole.

"Oh! Ohhh!" Cindy squealed feeling the two tongues thrilling her body. "Ohhhmmmmm what a feeling! Ewwww, do it. Suck my asshole! Lick my pussy! Ohhh, my clit will burst! Ewww, I didn't know sex could be like this!"

Now that Cindy was no longer reluctant to participate in orgies, she let herself go. She dropped her head to her trembling arms and made fists of her hands as extreme thrills shot through her lovely body. Her asshole opened as readily as her pussy. Their tongues ravished her and made her supremely weak with fuck-pleasure.

"I wanna fuck!" she gasped.

Sandra laughed erotically. She gripped the horny teenager's cute ass and pried her asscheeks apart with her thumbs. She shoved her slithery pink tongue into Cindy's ass and reamed her with it. Cindy howled with glee as the other girl sucked her cunt and Sandra sucked her asshole. She went to sexual pieces loving every lick of it.

"Please... please," she gasped, whimpering and screwing her ass and cunt around. "I have to fuck. Please, somebody fuck me!"

Sandra withdrew her hot tongue from the helpless girls twisty asshole and licked her lips sensuously. She got the other girl under her writhing body and commanded her to lick her nipples and tits. As the girl scurried to obey, she grabbed a large dildo that was lying close by and strapped it on.

Sandra expertly manipulated her and stuck the big dildo cock into Cindy.

"Oh! I feel it!" she cried, screwing her hot ass. "Ohhh, please, Sandra! Get it in me! Ohhh, my pussy's so hot! Fuck me!"

Sandra smiled happily and squeezed Cindy's waist as she fucked her. The dildo sliced up into Cindy's cunt and filled her fuck-channel. Now she twisted to get more of it, rather than to escape it. She groaned as the thick cock ripped into her womb. The thrill of it made Cindy come wetly, even as she fucked the dildo in and out of her cunt.

"Oh, ohhh, ohhhh!" she wailed, feeling good now. She closed her eyes and licked her lips constantly as she humped her hot pussy back on the drilling, plunging dildo. It felt marvelous!

"This isn't punishment!" she cried, coming hotly. "How could I ever think of it as that? This is -- super!" Cindy didn't know it but Regina Fairfield came by to see what progress was being made. When she walked in, Cindy was whimpering with passion and fucking like a horny slut on the rampaging dildo that was strapped to Sandra. Cindy looked beautiful now, all sensuous and panting and coming hornily.

Mrs. Fairfield nodded her approval at the matron, then spent a few moments watching Sandra slam into the horny teenager's hot pussy. The sounds coming from Cindy told Regina Fairfield all that she had to know. The girl was beginning to loosen up.

Cindy loosened up considerably after that. She spent the hours with the naked Sandra and had a ball with the other girls. Sandra took her turn with them, too. She stretched out beautifully and let the girls lick her tits and cunt and asshole. Cindy got so horny that she started sucking on the girls lush tits.

"Eat me," the girl breathed hotly, displaying her hot pussy for Cindy to see. "Please, Cindy... suck my clit."

Cindy had never done such a thing before. Even the girl Trudy who had slipped into her bed hadn't expected Cindy to suck her cunt. But she wanted her to. And she looked awfully horny and lovely. Cindy found herself crawling over to the woman's pretty pussy on all fours.

Pushing the negative thoughts out of her young mind, Cindy applied her soft lips to the wet cunt of the girl. She moaned hotly to feel the girl's mouth on her pussy. And Sandra's moans encouraged Cindy to eat her out good.

Sandra wanted a real good come and she knew how to help the teenager get her off. She snapped her fingers and the larger poodle mounted Cindy's bent-over body. His stiff prick rammed blindly at her ass-flesh. Cindy choked to feel it trying to get into her pussy. But she didn't want to be fucked right then. She thrust her hand down and grabbed the doggie-prick and helped it into her juicy asshole.

A few moments later the thick, dildo drilled in and out of her tight, twisting asshole and turned Cindy on so much that she chewed into the matron's hot pussy. She went wild on the floor, humping and thrusting her coming cunt as the sweet girl sucked it out. The harder Sandra fucked her asshole, the faster and hotter Cindy licked and sucked the girl's soaked cunt.

"Ohhhmmmm," Cindy moaned, licking her cunt. "I didn't know eating cunt could be so sexy! Ummmm."

"Ohhhmmmm, that was gooooood," the happy teacher told Cindy. "You darling."

The girls sat facing one another and kissed hotly as they played with each other's taut tits. Their fingers teased each other's nipples and their hot pussies leaked their comes.

"It's time for lunch," Sandra murmured, giving Cindy's tits a little lick. "Your music class will be this afternoon."

The girls dressed for lunch. They went together but in the dining hall, Sandra had to join her fellow matrons. Cindy sat with a group of girls she didn't recognize, except vaguely. She was only now beginning to notice faces. She was coming out of her self-centeredness.

After lunch she was shown upstairs again and passed through the heavily locked doors into the reined atmosphere of the special classrooms. She was led to her own class where three other girls were to join her. All four, plus the teacher, Wilma, got undressed and, totally naked, they began to learn.

Cindy's lesson blew her mind. Brought in to the room was a man with a large dick.

"Wh-what do you want me to do?" she asked breathlessly.

Her teacher smiled with a twinkle in her eyes and said, "Suck his dick."

"Golly!" Cindy gasped.

"Will you?" Wilma wanted to know, testing her.

Cindy's reply was a delight. She suddenly giggled and answered, "If he licks my pussy first."

Laughing gaily, the sexy teacher got the man to stick his tongue up and down Cindy's wiggly ass and cunt. Cindy came wildly as the monstrous red tongue lashed her clit. He was right on her spot so she came fast and furiously. Her whole body tossed and turned beautifully as she came and her cunt flooded juicily, dripping the silky fluid over her thighs. The man licked it all up, giving Cindy added pleasures.

She was more than ready to suck his prick then. When the teacher saw her eagerness and horniness, she had the man lay onto his back so the teenager could have free access to his prick. Cindy rolled onto her side with her pretty face just inches from his cock. She began to play with his prick to please him before she would begin to suck it. "Good girl," the matron encouraged her.

"Wouldn't you like that, big prick in your sexy mouth?"

"Yes, yessss," Cindy breathed.

She needed no coaching, no coaxing. Her blue eyes lit up on the huge, throbbing cook in her fist and her pink tongue slipped wetly across her sensuous lips. She pressed her soft mouth to the giant prick and gave it soft licks. She moaned, then took the blunt-end of the big cock into her mouth. Encouraged continually by the watchful teacher, Cindy sucked the guy to orgasm.

Her eyes closed in rapture as her sexy mouth filled with hot come. Her cheeks ballooned out and she worked her face up and down as the prick fucked her throat.

Just the taste of the guy's enormous hard-on turned Cindy on. She started whimpering with heat and blowing the prick for all that she was worth. Her pretty head pistoned and her mouth slid wetly up and down the man-cock. As she sucked him off, her tight little fist pumped his prick, jacking rapidly as her tongue drove the man crazy. This sent his powerful cock plunging into Cindy's sucking mouth and she loved it.

Horny out of her mind, she grabbed the man's hot nuts and toyed with them gingerly, knowing full well that she could get him to bust his balls this way. When she had sucked off all those Jetsons, she had played with lots of hot nuts and it had thrilled her the way the boys' cocks had exploded in her sexy mouth. Now she wanted the doggie-prick to give her that thrill, too. She pushed her face way down and all of the man's hard-on filled her mouth. Her nose pressed against his balls even as she teased them. The man groaned deeply and his whole frame shook. Then his mighty cock seemed to burst open in Cindy's lovely young mouth. Huge wads of thick cock-cream filled her mouth and squirted from the corners. She gulped and gulped as the frenzied prick pumped and pumped.

When the thrilling blow-job was done and she had her breath back, Cindy giggled and asked, "What's next?"

The matron laughed and her eyes twinkled. "You're an eager beaver, aren't you?" she laughed.

"I didn't know school could be so much fun!"

Regina Fairfield studied the happy girl for a moment. "Do you understand now?" she asked.

"I think so!" Cindy replied eagerly. "I've been a bitch! To my mom and dad. To my teachers. To you! I've been a lousy little bitch."

Mrs. Fairfield smiled compassionately and said, "Don't kill yourself with guilt. You're improving rapidly. I see that you like it here."

"I love it here!" Cindy giggled. "I don't know how I could have acted the way I did! How can you be so nice to me after what I've done?"

"Somebody has to be," the woman said evenly. "Someone has to understand the sexual confusions of teenaged girls. This is my contribution to a saner society. I hate to see pretty girls like you using sex in revenge, getting pregnant, VD, or marrying guys you don't really like. It has to stop somewhere. So I opened Fairfield for girls like you. Here you can learn to love yourself, love your cute tits and sexy mouth and hot cunt and erotic little asshole. Here you can learn to use them to the best advantage."

Now Cindy was not rebellious, not angry at this wonderful lady. Now she was goo-gooeyed with respect for Regina Fairfield. And the woman's statements filled the girl with good feelings.

"How can you be so good to me?" she asked, and tears stung her eyes, loving tears.

"What can I ever do to repay you?"

"You can spend the night in my bed," Regina Fairfield said with a sexy smile Cindy had never seen before.

"Oh, golly," Cindy rasped. Her nipples stood up in her dress and her clit started to tingle.

"Will you?" Mrs. Fairfield asked softly.

Cindy swallowed hard and blushed a little, but murmured, "Yes."


Cindy would never forget her night with Regina Fairfield. It was a night any young girl would long remember. It began right after dinner in the dining hall. Cindy was escorted to the private wing of the huge mansion, to the sumptuous rooms occupied by the owner and manager of the Fairfield Home for Wayward Girls.

When Cindy entered, the doors were closed behind her. She was left alone with the kind and considerate Regina Fairfield.

Cindy's eyes widened on Mrs. Fairfield's transparent negligee. Mrs. Fairfield smiled at the half-dubious girl and went up to her and gave her a maternal kiss on the cheek.

"Come right in, Cindy," she said softly, and led the girl to the sofa.

Cindy sat down and noticed that Regina Fairfield had the tits of a twelve-year-old girl. But her cunt was bushy and well-trimmed. She was a skinny woman with boyish hips and slender legs.

The woman saw her eyes scanning and she asked, "Do I turn you off?"

Cindy blushed profusely. "No!" she gasped.

"Don't be embarrassed by my forward question," the woman said kindly. "Some girls are turned off after they see me like this. I'm quite used to it."

Cindy thought her heart would break. She really liked this lady now. "Mrs. Fairfield," she said quickly, "I'm here because I want to be. You've been so kind to me when no one else in the world gave a damn about me. I'll do anything you want."

"Anything?" the woman questioned. Cindy immediately wondered what she had let herself in for, but she stuck to her original statement. "Anything," she said.

"You're marvelous." Regina Fairfield murmured, admiring the girl's spunk. "When I first saw you I hoped it would turn out this way. But I never know. Just before you came here a girl attacked me tooth and claw. We had to turn her over to the proper authorities."

Cindy shivered. "Golly," she said breathlessly, "I might have done that!"

"But you didn't. You learned."

"And am I glad!" Cindy laughed. "Please tell me what I can do to please you."

"Show me your tits," Regina Fairfield said.

Cindy gladly did that -- and more. She lifted her dress up and peeled it right off. She kicked off her shoes and stood before the woman in all her naked glory. Mrs. Fairfield admired the girl's tits, and rounded ass, and furry pussy for a long time.

Cindy saw the look of lust beginning to burn in the woman's eyes. She smiled and said, "I know you want to do something to me. What?"

I want you to fuck me. That was what Regina Fairfield had been waiting for. Cindy Farmer looked absolutely devastated with horniness now. Cindy opened her eyes and cupped her taut tits, gasping for breath.

"I, I wanna fuck to," she whimpered.

"You're going to fuck, Cindy," the woman promised. She moved to a small chest near the sofa and opened it. She lifted out a huge, lifelike prick and dangled it before the startled girl's eyes.

"Wh-what is it?" Cindy gasped, wide-eyed. "What does it look like, silly?" Mrs. Fairfield chuckled. "It's a dildo. A play-cock. Big, isn't it?"

"It's enormous!"

To the naive Cindy, the plastic cock looked as menacing as a real one -- the prick of a fullgrown man! One thing she hadn't done yet, as some of her school girlfriends had done, was to give her pussy to a grown man.

Her eyes widened on the dildo and she rasped, "It looks as big as my father's cock!"

That remark interested Mrs. Fairfield. "Have you seen your father's cock?" she wanted to know.

Cindy blushed and quickly explained that she had seen her dad's prick a few times over the years, the last time being when he was taking a piss with the bathroom door open. He hadn't known she was home from school and she saw his thick prick in his hand as he pissed.

"But I never saw it stiff," she said hastily. "Then why does a big cock like this remind you of your father's?"

Cindy blushed again and a naughty smile lifted the corners of her sweet mouth, then she explained, "Well, I sort of imagined what his prick would look like if it was stiff. You know, I was wondering how it looked and how he could get such a huge thing into my mom's pussy."

"I see," Mrs. Fairfield murmured. Her eyes ran up and down Cindy's luscious young body and she said, "I wonder if your father has had erotic thoughts about you, too. It often happens that way. Something passes between father and daughter and before you know it, they're fucking."

"Fucking!" Cindy gasped. "Me and my dad? Oh, never! That could never happen! He's too religious for one thing. He never looks at me that way! Why, I'd just die if he undressed me with his eyes. He wouldn't even think of it."

"Whatever you say," Regina Fairfield said, and she laughed in a way that made Cindy wonder if her dad hadn't been secretly lusting after her. Some of her girlfriends in the Jet-Savers had fucked their fathers and they reported that it was super.

Cindy stared wide-eyed as the woman strapped the large, veiny toy-cock to her lithe hips. Mrs. Fairfield adjusted the straps until the prick looked like it belonged on her. Cindy's lips fell open as she ogled the long, thick slab of rubber which now jutted out from the woman's pubic area. The prick looked dangerous, huge, breathtaking -- and menacing.

"Goodness," Cindy breathed, "that's big!"

"You wanted to get fucked."

"Oh! Is that what you're gonna do? You're gonna fuck me with that?"

"Just like a man," Regina Fairfield said. Cindy stretched out on the floor, dazed. She gazed at the woman as she stripped away her nightgown. The sight of naked flesh aroused Cindy and the sight of the monstrous cock excited her.

"Yes, yesss, Mrs. Fairfield," she gasped, writhing her ass. "Give it to me. Fuck me if you want to."

Regina Fairfield climbed onto the surrendered body of her latest lover and pushed the rubber cock into Cindy's waiting cunt. The silky fluid in the girl's dog-licked pussy lubricated the gadget as the thickness of it inched up into her pussy.

"Ohhhh, fuck me!" Cindy gasped as the cock entered her horny little cunt. "Fuck meeeee! Ewwww, it's so big! It's so hard! It's so stiff! Oh, ohhh, ohhhh, fuck me goooood! Give it to meeeeee! Owwwww, it's ripping me up the middle!"

Regina Fairfield saw the lust burning in the young girl's eyes and she drilled the cock into her cunt faster, watching Cindy's hot reactions. She screwed the thing into her pussy, and plunged it with powerful thrusts that made Cindy's head swim.

"Ohhhh!" Cindy wailed as the giant cock fucked her hotly. "If my dad's cock feels like this, he can fuck inc anytime he wants to!"

Mrs. Fairfield smiled to herself when she heard the erotic remark. It was just a like a girl of Cindy's caliber to think of her father as she was getting fucked by an oversized prick. But Regina appreciated the girl's feelings and would have said something about it for the child's benefit, but her own erotic feelings were starting to overwhelm her.

"Ummmm," she purred, surprising Cindy, who had never heard the woman utter sensual things.

Each thrust of her hips sent the enormous hard-on into Cindy's tight pussy hard, and this action jolted her own stiff, quivering clit. As the bulging cock-head rammed Cindy's womb, the base of the dildo knocked against her own pussy. This was erotic and pleasing to the horny woman.

Cindy's cunt opened for the huge prick and she threw her pretty head back and wailed as the long cock plunged into her body. "It feels so good!" she shrieked as it filled her tight little snatch. "Go faster! Ohhh, fuck it harder into me! Ew! Ummm! Owww, it hurts nice!"

Regina Fairfield didn't need any coaxing from the horny teenager. The clit-thrills she got from the dildo drove her wild with passion and her pussy flooded even as she fucked the toy-cock into Cindy. Her pumping hips picked up speed and she drilled the prick faster into Cindy's writhing, twisting pussy-hole.

"Oh! Ohhh! Ohhhhh!" Cindy wailed, screwing her horny pussy round and round on the driving cock. "It feels so big and good! Give it to me! Fuck meeeeee! Ewwwwwwww, I'm gonna come like crazy!"

Regina Fairfield, dizzy with the pleasure of fucking the cute teenager as well as the joy of getting her stiff clit mashed by the base of the prick, fucked the young girl with a strange passion. Her lean, strong body rammed the girl's quivering cunt with each brutal thrust of the thick cock. Faster and faster she fucked the panting, gasping teenager.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!" Cindy moaned hotly. "I'm-I'm -- Ewwww, I'm commmiiinnggg!"

Cindy's shrieks of delight, the hard mashing of her cut into the base of the dildo, and the tremendous kick of fucking like a man, got Regina Fairfield off, too. She came with Cindy and stabbed the big prick into the girls humping, flooding pussy.

Cindy thrashed beneath the fucking woman. Her pussy clenched on the drilling cock and she creamed wetly all over it as rush after rush of exciting fuck-thrills shuddered through her young body.

Mrs. Fairfield propped herself up on her hands and gazed wickedly at the gasping, coming youngster. She smiled erotically and rasped, "You're beautiful this way. You should come more often. You should fuck a lot, but with a love of fucking, not a hatred of your parents."

"I know! I know!" Cindy cried, clinging to the woman as her pussy finished its hot spasms. "Ohhh, Mrs. Fairfield, you're a girl's best friend!"

"Then you'll let me fuck you again?"

"Oh, yes! As often as you want to! I love that big cock of yours!"

And thus Cindy became the present horny mistress of Regina Fairfield. She went to her special classes every day and every night she got fucked by Regina Fairfield's delightful dildo. Night after night she retired to the woman's quarters and stripped naked for her. She surrendered her cunt or asshole and even her mouth. The horny woman fucked the girl in every hole she had.

Cindy learned well after that. And, ninety days later when her parents visited, they couldn't believe the changes in their little girl. Cindy was civil. Cindy was sweet. Cindy was a good girl! Not a dirty word came out of her mouth in two hours! Both her mother and her father were understandably impressed. They simply had to gee Mrs. Fairfield and praise her to the sky. Cindy was a miracle, as far as they were concerned. And Mr. Farmer gave the woman a big fat check.

Cindy continued on at the Fairfield Home for Wayward Girls and became a star student. By the time six months had passed, Cindy was sensuous, quiet, and fucked for pleasure only.

Her last month at Fairfield was spent in Dormitory A where she finally discovered exactly how Fairfield worked. A girl would come in, bitchy and nasty, and she would be disciplined in the basement with the vicious matron's. If she shaped up and became obedient, certain privileges were extended to her. If she did not, she was shipped out, either back to her overwrought parents or to authorities. Those who made it at Fairfield soon learned that Regina Fairfield was not after their modesty or chastity. Regina Fairfield wanted them to fuck freely, without guilt, without anger, without resentment.

On her first night in the other dorm, Cindy got a pleasant surprise. Here she was told that she could now watch the movies.

"What movies?" she wanted to know!

A lovely, sexy matron sucked her tits and murmured: "We have beautiful fuck-films on this dorm. Didn't you know?"

"No!" Cindy gasped licking the girls cunt.

"Fuck-films! Oh, how wonderful! When can I see one?"

"Tonight," the attendant assured her and she laughed so much that Cindy got suspicious. That evening she found out what had tickled the matron so.

Mrs. Fairfield came over to attend the theater with Cindy. "Do you mind if we sit together?" the woman asked.

"Of course not," Cindy giggled. "I'd love to go to this kind of a movie with you." In the theater, just before the picture started, Mrs. Fairfield whispered: "This is a three hour film. The attendants will get you anything you want -- coffee, soda, popcorn, candy, ice cream -- a man."

Cindy laughed. "Three hours!" she gasped. "I didn't know they made such long fucking films."

All of a sudden her jaw dropped and she gasped. She watched avidly as she saw herself handcuffed and ankle-cuffed to the board in the basement of the other building. On and on the movie went and Cindy gasped continually. Never had she seen a girl get fucked and sucked so much! This movie was of her.

She saw herself in the padded cell with that dangerous matron, the one she had to eat out.

She saw herself in her bed with the girl named Trudy. She saw herself at night with Mrs. Fairfield and the huge dildo cock she was being fucked with. It was incredible.

When the show was over and all the girls and matrons were howling and clapping loudly, the woman turned to Cindy and said, "You may have noticed that we don't waste anything around here. Well, we don't waste all those precious moments either. One of the girls gave me this idea years ago. I've been filming you raunchy little chicks ever since."

"Oh, Mrs. Fairfield," Cindy breathed, "you're super!"

That night, for the last time, Regina Fairfield stuck her stiff play-cock into the tight pussy of her favorite student, Cindy Farmer. Cindy's stay at the home was coming to an end. The girl was ready for home, church and society.


Cindy arrived home on a Friday after her parents had picked her up at the Fairfield Home. There were tears of sorrow when she left on Cindy's part, something that surprised her mother. But the surprises were only beginning. Mr. and Mrs. Farmer picked up a new daughter that day, a kind and considerate young girl with the best of manners. It was incredible.

The first thing Cindy did when she got home was do the dishes. Her mother looked at her husband and frowned deeply. How many times had she threatened her little girl with the worst of fates if she didn't help with the dishes. Now here she was, doing them willingly!

Afterwards, Cindy remodeled her bedroom. And the posters of bearded rock stars came down and were tossed in the trash. She cleaned out her dresser, and her closet. In the living room, her startled parents listened to her humming a happy tune, working like a beaver to tidy up her room.

Cindy grew so busy in her room that her mother developed a guilty conscience. She put down the magazine she was reading and joined her little girl. "May I help you, darling?" she asked.

Cindy embraced her mother and kissed her cool cheek. "No, you can't," she said kindly. "You've done enough for me over the years. I can't believe how ungrateful I've been. Forgive me for that."

When Mrs. Farmer emerged from the bedroom, her husband gazed at her and studied her worried face for a moment. "What's the matter?" he wanted to know.

"This is unbelievable," the woman said. "She not only didn't want me to help her in there, she apologized for all the heartache she's caused me."

Mr. Farmer was duly impressed. "That Mrs. Fairfield works wonders," he said. "Cindy's been so kind and sweet. And, you know, she isn't putting it on. She's genuinely changed."

Mrs. Farmer smiled and said, "I guess we're going to have to adjust now -- to a new daughter."

Cindy's new behavior was unmistakable. Even teachers noticed the drastic, dramatic transformation in the sweet teenager. Cindy became a model student and was elected class president.

Mr. and Mrs. Farmer received more surprises. Cindy started bringing boys and girls for them to meet and approve of, something she'd never done before. She no longer hung out with whores and tramps and bitches. In fact, Mr. Farmer was genuinely concerned about Cindy's new friends. They all seemed so ordinary. The boys were shy and the girls were virginal, nothing like the thugs and sluts Cindy used to sneak out to meet.

To allay his concern, Mr. Farmer stopped into Cindy's bedroom one evening to have a fatherly talk with her. Cindy was on her bed, looking rather sexy in a tight little T-shirt and a too-short skirt. But her father averted his eyes from her obvious charms and spoke like a dad.

"Are you enjoying your new friends, sweetheart?" he asked.

"Sure, Dad. Why?"

"I was just wondering. They seem mild compared to..."

"Don't be embarrassed," Cindy said, touching his arm gently. "I know what you mean. But these are good kids, Daddy. I don't want to get into any more trouble."

"That's good, Cindy," he replied. "But I am worried about you in a way. You don't seem to have as much activity as you used to."

"I'd rather keep to myself," she said simply.

"Are you sure? If I thought you weren't really content to live this way..."

Cindy curled her slender arms around his neck and kissed him softly in the mouth.

"Really, Daddy," she insisted. "I'm just fine."

"Well, all right, kitten," he relented. He got to his feet and walked to the door. An hour later, when her mother and father looked in on her, they smiled with pride. Cindy looked like an angel in her bed, sleeping peacefully.

"She's so sweet now," her mother whispered.

Mr. Farmer hugged his wife and said, "And she's happy with us, too. What a change."

Mrs. Farmer eased out of her husband's embrace and went to her own bedroom. Mr. Farmer paused for one more look at his pretty teenaged daughter. His eyes traveled to Cindy's jutting tits, like two pyramids in the sheet. He felt guilty and tore his eyes away.

In his own room he watched his wife remove her dress. He gazed at her big, plump tits stuffed in a stiff, white bra. He leaned over and kissed her cheek and touched one of his hands to her tits.

Mrs. Farmer drew away. "Don't," she whispered. "Remember that we just came from church." She went into the bathroom to finish undressing. Her husband dropped onto the bed and let out a long, weary sigh.

Later that night, much later, the man tiptoed into the bathroom and locked the door quietly. Then he got down on his hands and knees and tore up a corner of the bathroom carpet. From beneath it he lifted a copy of a fuck-magazine. He sat on the toilet, flipped through the raunchy pictures, and jacked off into the water. Then he went back to bed to sleep.

It was a Wednesday afternoon that the inevitable occurred. Cindy arrived home breathless. She had been particularly horny that day in school and she couldn't wait to get home to a empty house. But when she walked into the house, her father was home.

"I wasn't feeling too well today," he explained, "so I thought I'd stay home."

"Oh," Cindy said, and her heart dropped behind her thrusting young tits. "Well, I guess I'd better change."

She went into her bedroom and started undressing. But she forgot to shut the door. She was accustomed to being home alone at this time.

Her father happened to glance up from the paper he was reading in the living room and he looked right into Cindy's room. His eyes went wide and his mouth fell open and his cock erected strongly in his pants. His gorgeous daughter was wearing only her bra and panties.

That's what made his prick throb so violently. Was that really a bra? Were they really panties? Only in the raunchiest advertisements ad he ever seen such teeny-weeny, skimpy things! Cindy's bra was made up of two black see-through triangles, one cupping each lovely tit. Her panties were sheer black, too, a triangle in back over the curves of her lovely ass and another in front covering but not hiding her bushy little cunt.

Mr. Farmer got to his feet without knowing it. He moved to Cindy's door without knowing it. He entered her bedroom without knowing it. And he grabbed his little girl and knocked her to the bed without knowing it. Gripped by an incredible lust, he raped her brutally. Kissing her hotly, tearing her little bra and panties away, he sucked her tits and licked her pussy and finally rammed her cunt with his enormous wet hard-on.

"Daddy!" Cindy shrieked as he fucked her hotly.

He thought that meant she hated this. But she had shrieked because his cock felt damned good in her hot cunt. Her outcry brought him out of his stupor of lust. He stared increduously at what he was doing. But it was too late now to stop. His big prick exploded in his little girl's humping young cunt and he shot his fiery load of jism into her. Cindy screamd wildly on his marvelous cock.

"Cindy! Cindy!" the anguished man gasped. "Oh, my baby! Dear God, what have I done? Cindy!"

But his anguish was wasted. His large cock pumped big gushes of thick cock-cream into Cindy's squirming, fucking cunt and the big splashes of jism made her come wetly.

"It's all right, Daddy," she whimpered, stroking his back as she fucked her pussy harder on his spitting prick. "Don't worry about it. I understand. You couldn't help yourself."

Mr. Farmer jumped at the excuse. "Yes, yes," he rasped, still fucking her cunt hotly, "I couldn't help myself."

He couldn't help himself the next Wednesday either. Or the next and the next and the next! He started fucking Cindy once a week, then twice a week, then three times a week. In the middle of nights he would creep into her room where she would be waiting and he would climb into her bed and fuck her for hours. Cindy loved this new development.

As a result, the Farmer family became one of the happiest on the block. Mrs. Farmer remained in the dark always. But Cindy was delighted with her dad and Mr. Farmer was delighted with his horny little girl. He stopped hounding his wife for pussy because he got all he could handle from Cindy.

Mr. Farmer became so enamored of his sensual daughter that he bought her a car for her next birthday. Mrs. Farmer couldn't believe he went to such an expense for Cindy, but he did.

After all, he reasoned, a man would do that for any sexy teenager who gave him as much cunt as Cindy was giving him.

Cindy was as happy as a girl could be.

When Cindy turned eighteen, she graduated high school with honors. The local paper wrote her up and had to mention that this beautiful teen who had dazzled the whole school had once been a problem child, a misfit, a runaway girl involved with the once notorious Jetsons.

Reading the newspaper account brought memories back to Cindy. The Jetsons and the Jet-Savers were still serving time in prisons for their life-style. Cindy had a lot to be grateful for. She mentally thanked Regina Fairfield for her new way of life. No one in the world would think that the lovely blonde teenager in the newspaper picture fucked her ass off for girls and her father! Cindy smiled to herself with satisfaction. What a way to go!

Mrs. Farmer talked with Cindy one day about attending college. The woman wanted her daughter to become a teacher.

"No, I don't think so, Mother," Cindy said.

Her mother was shocked. "What do you mean? You can at least think about it!"

"Leave her be," Mr. Farmer said. "I think Cindy knows what's good for her."

"Thank you, Daddy," Cindy said with a sweet smile.

Her mother started in again and Mr. Farmer got to his feet. "Want to take a little ride, kitten?" he asked.

Cindy was more than ready for that. She and her father had a nifty little game worked out that they played often. As he drove across town, Cindy curled up and took his cock out of his pants. She pulled the stiff hunk of meat into her mouth and sucked him off until they reached the private little place they'd discovered for picnics and hot sex. Under a big oak tree she gave her daddy her hot asshole for the first time. He fucked her brutally and thrillingly.

After he shot his wad into her churning ass, he gasped, "What made you give me that?"

"I'm going away, Daddy," she announced. Mr. Farmer's mouth fell open. "Away? But -- where?"

"To Mrs. Fairfield's home," Cindy said. "Mother wants me to teach. Well, I want to, too, but not the way she means. I want to help young girls like I was. I'm old enough to be on Mrs. Fairfield's staff now. I can be a matron there."

"Why, that's marvelous, Cindy!" her father beamed with pride. "What an ambition! To help suffering girls! I'm proud of you, darling!"

To prove it, he stuffed his thick cock up into her cunt and fucked her royally. As she came wildly on his spitting prick, Cindy rasped, "Will you drive me there, Daddy?"

"Of course, darling," he said, pumping his load into her heaving young belly.

A week later Mr. Farmer drove all the way into the country as he had done once before with his daughter. Only this time she was not an incorrigible bitch. Now Cindy was a tall, willowy eighteen-year-old with sensitive tits, a cocksucking mouth, a horny pussy, and an asshole that could fuck any sized prick she desired. And she was ready to train troubled teenagers.

Her father dropped her off at the big iron gates. They kissed goodbye and he promised to visit her every week. Cindy liked that and she gave his hard-on a gentle squeeze.

When Regina Fairfield saw Cindy she burst into tears. They embraced hotly and rushed to the woman's quarters where they got naked and fucked around. They took turns fucking one another with Mrs. Fairfield's new dildo, a rubber job with veins and nuts that could be filled with warm water and honey. Cindy went wild when she discovered that by squeezing the toy nuts, the cock shot big streams of sticky goo.

After their private little orgy, Mrs. Fairfield asked Cindy what she was doing there. Cindy burst into laughter. "Don't you know?" she exclaimed.

"Oh! Don't tell me!" the woman cried. "Is it so? Are you, Cindy?"

"You should have known I'd come back to work here," Cindy giggled. "Aren't I the type?"

"Oh, you are, you horny little minx. I'll put you to work immediately."

Cindy thoroughly enjoyed her new work and her new life. She looked scrumptious in her uniform. Her tits were so pointed in the starched white shirt and her cute ass wiggled delightfully in the little black skin. She made a perfect matron.

She worked best with younger girls. She liked their cute cunts, they were so fucking juicy. She was overjoyed with her work and under her care dozens of bitches became orgasmic, happy little girls. Regina Fairfield complimented her many times and even presented her with a huge dildo of her own.

Cindy fared well at Fairfield for many years. Ten years later, at the beautiful age of twenty-eight, Regina Fairfield died and left the home to Cindy. In her new status as owner and manager of the home, Cindy reverted to her real name, instead of her nick-name, Cindy. Thus Priscilla Farmer became the head mistress at the Farmer Home for Wayward Girls -- and she was a fucking success!


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