Neighbors in bondage

The seething passions that lurk within many individuals are often hidden beneath a veneer of normalcy, exposed only under extremely trying and tempting conditions.

The woman who, after a few drinks at a party, takes on all corners, male and female alike. The man who, during the strip show at a stag party, climbs up on the stage with the girl and performs with her in front of his friends. The couple who, under group pressure, reluctantly join the neighborhood wife-swappers.

Laura Benton is one of these outwardly proper and quite normal people. But within her a love of degradation and a desire to be debased lies coiled like a snake, waiting only for the proper stimulus to arouse it.

NEIGHBORS IN BONDAGE -- a fictional story about a society that refuses to face many of its real problems.


"Where do you want me to put it, Mrs. Benton?"

Laura thought, in my cunt. Up my ass. Down my throat. You can put it anywhere you want! She could see the hard swelling of young Brad Wilson's huge cock bulging in his jeans. Teenaged boys amazed her. How quickly the got hard, and how long they stayed that way.

But with great effort, Laura managed to break that train of thought. She turned, smiling faintly, and saw Brad was holding a heavy moving carton marked "pots & pans". "Er, that goes in the kitchen," she said. "On the counter... anywhere you can find room."

He nodded and started down the hall. Laura's flashing eyes followed, drawn like magnets to the width of his powerful shoulders, the narrow taper of his waist and taut, tempting ass cheeks cased like sausage in tight blue denim.

Brad was in his late teens, Laura guessed, a full grown man in every way that really mattered -- but still with that look of boyish innocence that excited her so. Now is not the time to think about that, she had to tell herself sternly. That's why they'd had to move.

"That's about it," Brad said, as he came out of the kitchen. "There's only one more box in the truck. I'll bring that and you'll be all moved in."

Not hardly, Laura was thinking. Everything still had to be unpacked and put away. Stacks of boxes littered every room. But she managed to smile and say warmly, "Thanks, Brad. It was so nice of you to help."

"Hey, what are neighbors for?" He shrugged his broad shoulders and dodged around the couch and TV left by the living room door.

Laura heaved a long sigh, swelling her full, sharply coned tits imprisoned in a snug fitting halter top. It had not been so pleasant packing to leave the last place they'd lived. By then it was all over the small town... juicy gossip about what Laura did nights with the Walters teenaged son when her husband Rod had to work late. Neighbors all just stood and watched while Rod and Laura loaded the rented truck, whispering slyly among themselves, anxious for them to move. Then Laura had to smile. Actually, she'd done far more with young Stan Walters than even the nagging busybodies knew.

A bunch of pious hypocrites, Laura raged in her mind. The mayor never hid the fact that he took his beautiful blonde young secretary on frequent out-of-town trips. Girls in the steno pool at the plant where Rod worked took a lot more than dictation from big executives. And most thought it more amusing than sinful when the balding minister of the local church hired a sexy young choir director, who could not sing three notes without having one off-key.

People winked at shit like that. Older men, especially important older men, were expected to have and enjoy sex with young women. Morris Walters, who owned the store where Laura worked, thought it was fine when he fucked her in his private office -- but he flipped when he learned she was doing the same thing at home nights with his handsome teenaged son.

At thirty-five, Laura's need, her wild craving for sex, was stronger than it had ever been. And it kept getting stronger. Her husband Rod couldn't keep up. Twelve years of marriage had dulled his senses and his desires... at least for Laura.

"This one says sheets and blankets," Brad said as he came in with the last box. "I guess it goes in the bedroom?"

"Ah, yes. That will be fine." Laura's head jerked as her mind snapped back to the present. Then she found herself gazing fondly at the rippled muscles of Brad's strong arms. He carried the heavy carton as though it weighed nothing at all.

"You want it on the bed?" he called in a husky voice.

Oh, yes! Laura answered in her mind. I want it on the bed. On the couch, or even on the kitchen floor. I just WANT it! I want your young cock. I want to suck until it's ready to explode. Then I want to squeeze it with my steaming cunt and wring it dry.

"Er, no..." Her voice sounded distant and unsure. "Not on the bed. I have to make it."

Brad turned after setting the box on the floor, smiling at the way she'd stressed the last two words. "I could help you make it," he said. A bright gleam in his dark eyes told Laura Brad was not as innocent as he first looked. But then he dug a sheet out of the box, shook it open and spread it on the bed.

Laura stepped close and whispered warmly in his ear. "I think you should rest first. We've been working hard." Her teasing fingers danced down his chest and cupped the hard swelling at his crotch.

"Uuunnngh." Brad squirmed, moaning in startled delight. "Yes, hard. Sooo hard!" His prick felt like a pick handle. It burned right through his jeans and warmed her palm.

Brad's long arms circled her waist, pulling her closer, mashing her heaving tits flat on his broad chest. His big hands cupped the domes of her trembling ass cheeks, squeezing roughly as he ground her quaking pussy mound against the beat of his throbbing cock.

"Ooooh, Brad," she cooed with flowing warmth. "Do my tits. Maul my tits with your strong hands!"

He rasped an anxious breath and brought his hands around to grasp firm cones of flesh, crowned with nipples so hot and hard that he could feel them through the silky cloth of her halter top.

"Take it off!" she said. "Squeeze my bare tits and suck my burning nipples!"

"Aaaaahhh," he sighed. He fumbled with the knot and finally her luscious tits broke free, full and smooth and creamy white. Brad gazed for an instant, eyes drawn to wide-ringed, berry-red nipples, rigid with desire.

Then the scent of smoldering cunt oil reached his nose. "Hhhuuunnngh!" Brad's nostrils flared, sucking in her musky aroma of lust. He dove forward, lips spreading in a snug "O". Laura arched her back, heaving her tits up to meet the lunge of his eager mouth.

"Hhhaaa," she moaned as he sucked hard on one firm nipple, twisting the other between his thumb and first finger. He turned it like a radio dial, fine-tuning the heat of her desire. "Aaahhhhh!" she wailed, swelling her tits with rapid gasps of breath and pulsing surges of blood heated to near boiling.

"Bitch," he hissed, pulling his lips from her ruby nipple. Wet from the lashing of his tongue it sparkled like a precious gem. "You like that don't you?"

"Noooo," she moaned with eyes half closed. "I don't like it... I LOVE it! Suck my tits. Squeeze them both and suck until my pussy boils!"

"Aaaarrrggghhh!" The rich scent of her was getting stronger, swirling like a thick, but unseen, fog. Brad could hardly catch his breath. The smell of steaming cunt burned deep in his throat.

He lunged for her left tit, attacking it like a starving dog would swallow raw meat -- chewing hungrily, thrashing with his tongue, pulling with his lips.

Laura shook from the heat of his savage attack. He'd sucked her left tit half into his mouth, all his straining lips could hold. The right one he had locked in the steel grip of his hand, squeezing and bulging her nipple like an overinflated balloon. "Oh God," she cried. "Good!"

Brad had never sucked, or squeezed such beautiful tits, full and firm, crowned with nipples that blazed like burning lumps of coal. He pushed her backward, blind with the madness of his desire.

Laura's trembling knees hit the edge of the bed and she tumbled backwards. Brad fell with her, without missing one suction pulse on her swollen tit. "Ooooppphhh!" she gushed beneath him. "Aaaahhh!" Now, with him on top, she could really feel the throb of his hot young cock.

"I want it!" she moaned in a voice weak by his crushing weight. "I want to suck your big fucking cock!"

Brad howled a cry of delight, grinding his hips against hers. Laura arched and squirmed beneath him, cursing his jeans and her tight white shorts that kept her from feeling the full heat of his lusty prick.

Her frantic squirming tossed Brad like a boat on a stormy sea. He bucked and writhed, driving her down with powerful thrusts of his hips, only to be wrenched up again and twisted by the frenzy of her desire.

"Shit!" she screamed through gritted teeth. "Get out of your Goddamned clothes... then strip me naked so I can really feel that huge cock of yours!"

Brad rolled to the side, gasping for breath. His hands fumbled with the buttons of his shirt. He wanted to just rip them off, but, Lord, if he did, his mother would have a shit-fit!

Laura tugged at his belt and then popped the snap of his jeans. She opened his fly slowly, letting her fingers drag teasingly on the hot swelling within.

Brad's cock lunged towards her, straining like a tiger trapped in a net. His tight shorts bound it in cruel restraint. "Hhhmmmmm," Laura purred. It looked bigger now than she'd dared hope. At least nine inches, maybe ten. "And it's so fucking hot," she gasped, pulling down on the elastic band of his shorts.

His cock sprang free, twitching and jerking before her eyes. Its thick head gleamed ruby bright, swollen with the blood of lust. A net of blue veins along the cock pulsed, echoing the frantic rhythm of his heartbeat.

Laura slid off and stood at the foot of the bed, pulling to help Brad squirm free of his clothes. A thick mat of curly cockhair spread wide around the root of his prick, gleaming with the wet heat of wild desire.

Balls, nearly the size of her fist, quaked in their loose sac, swollen and strained by a waiting flood of hot cum. Smiling, Laura wet her lips with an anxious tongue watching as Brad sat up and shrugged off his shirt.

"Hhhmmmm!" His chest was covered with hair, gleaming and as soft looking as lamb's wool. "I like a man with a lot of hair," she said, "especially around the root of his cock!"

Brad sat on the edge of the bed, legs spread and stretched wide, arms slanting back to support his weight. Laura pulled off his shoes and socks, heaving her proud tits with each huff of breath.

Then she smiled and dropped her white cotton shorts, wiggling free with a wave-like motion of her flaring hips. Brad sat gazing like a young kid on Christmas morning -- thrilled by what he saw, but not yet ready to believe it was real.

"You've got some body, Mrs. Benton."

She beamed proudly. She'd worked hard keeping herself in good shape, eating right and exercising to keep her muscles firm. Too many women her age just let themselves go. They ate like pigs and then had to wallow in loose-fitting clothes. Not Laura.

She cupped her warm tits, pinching the nipples and circling them with her thumbs until they were swollen hard as stones. Then she spread her fingers wide and slid them down slowly toward her twitching cunt.

Taut flesh rippled over her ribs, rocked by each excited little breath she took. The small, sleek dome of her stomach curved invitingly, sloping down to the dark, seething pussy between her legs.

Laura's wide collar of cunt hair gleamed from the warm spread of her lusty juices. Thick, dark and soft, it had a sheen in the afternoon light like the fur of a wet seal.

She combed it with the spread fingers of one hand, then hooked a finger and wiggled it into her steaming cunt slit. Brad watched, entranced. He saw a gleaming drop run down her finger, slow and smooth as warm syrup.

"Aaahhhh," she said, letting her head sway with the throbbing rhythm of her desire. Her finger snaked up beneath the nub of her clit, lifting it, peeling it from its protective sheath.

Brad's long cock jerked and twitched, tormented by the show this sexy older woman put on for him, working her hips in spiral waves, teasing her blood gorged clit until it was swimming in a rush of warm oil.

"Oooooh, look," she cooed in mocking sympathy. "Your poor little prick might shake itself to pieces."

Little? Goddamn, no woman had ever called his cock little before! Most of them gasped, wide-eyed with fear. "Bitch," he snarled, "if you want it bigger, suck it. Suck it hard!" He rocked his hips, taunting her with its trembling length.

Laura dropped to her knees, her flashing eyes wide with desire. A burning itch flared deep in her throat. God, it was the most beautiful cock she had ever seen! Long and hard and throbbing with power.

Brad hooked his legs and locked her warm body in a scissors grip, squeezing so hard she could barely breathe. "Go on," he said, "suck my little cock. I'll bet you choke before you can swallow half of it."

"Oooooooh?" Her lips pulled into a circle. He hadn't stopped to think that Laura learned to suck cock before he was born. She had been timid about it at first -- probably like young girls Brad knew -- afraid of gagging and drowning in a silver flood of hot cum.

But Laura had learned, probably before he learned to walk. It was like swilling beer, seeing who could drain a foaming mug first. She couldn't try to swallow the usual way. She had to relax her throat, tip it just right and then let it flow.

She grinned expectantly, but still felt a nervous twinge. Taking in all his hot cock would be more like trying to swallow a full beer... mug and all.

It was so thick at the root, she could barely close her hand around it. She swayed it back and forth before her lips, flicking his cum slit with her tongue, lightly at first, then with vicious, probing dire.

"Aaaarrrgh!" Sparks from her wet tongue ripped the full length of his heaving prick. He felt shuddering jolts in his jism-swollen balls. For a second he thought he might spurt off in her face. "Aaaaahhh-hhhaaaa!" he wailed in tormented delight.

But Laura knew about hot young cocks. They were quick to get hard, even quicker to spurt the first time, swollen and strained by the flood of young lust. She tightened the grip of her hand on the base of his huge cock, squeezing it in a clamp of warm flesh.

"Hhhuuuuunnngh..." Brad's eyes bulged and sparkled with tears forced out by the mounting pressure within. God, it felt like his balls might explode!

A soft wet circle snagged itself on the sponge tipped knob of his cock. Sleek as fur, her lips spread and slid down over the bulging ridge, pulling tighter to hold the hard prick below. "Aaaahhhh!" Brad moaned, closing his eyes and rolling his head like he had a broken neck.

That was all the hottest girl at school could take of his long cock, the soft swollen head and a few inches of pulsing, blue-veined prick. He gasped and moaned, thinking he might choke on steaming cum that felt backer up clear to the base of his throat. "Aaagh, shit!" he said. "Let it go. Let me spurt and shoot you full of gushing cum!"

Laura shook her head no and increased the suction of her teasing lips, sliding them up and down while her tongue writhed and tingled the ridge of his cockhead now deep in her mouth.

"You cocksucking bitch, I can't stand it!" Her hand still squeezed like a vise at the root of his cock. Burning pulses surged along the shaft of his prick.

"Hhhhmmmmm," Laura hummed, in rhythm with her wild desire. She pumped her lips, sucked in her breath and collapsed her cheeks to increase the sleek pressure on his cock.

Brad moaned and wailed in agonized delight. Spurred by his tortured cries, Laura's lips moved faster, reaching and sucking to pull in more of his tortured prick.

When her sucking lips met the choking grip of her hand, curls of cockhair tickled her nose. "Agghhh..." She almost had him all! She released the strangle-hold her hand had on him, and plunged for the root of his cock.

The tight wet hollow of her throat quaked in fearful expectation. As her fingers slipped free from his cock, his boiling flood coursed upward with a mighty surge. She felt it ripple between her lips.

"Mmmmhhhh?" she moaned, but the sound was stopped by the plug of his hard cock. It jerked against the wet grip of her throat, straining soft flesh as the first gushing spurt jetted out.

"Yyyuuuummmmm!" Hot and bittersweet, it splattered in the squirming tube of her throat. Her throat muscles rolled and pulled in joyous waves, begging for more.

It came faster than a driving rain! Fat gushing spurts sprayed her throat as Laura wiggled and buried her sucking lips in his dark tangle of cockhair. "I'm cumming too!" she screamed, but the sound had nowhere to go in a throat jammed full of jetting cock.

Brad felt the sting of her warm breath on his spurting cockhead. The sensation convulsed him into spasms of joy. He pumped with his hips and hammered still deeper, slamming her parted lips with the rock-hard hairy base of his cock.

"Hhhhmmmmmm!" Laura cried. The sound rumbled in her throat, teasing the shaft of his prick as it plunged in and out with sudden fury.

Her thoughts became a twisted blur. First she felt pain, the brutal grinding against her lips and the terrible strain so deep in her throat. Then she felt slow waves of pleasure as slick jism eased the driving force of his prick.

"Oh, God." Brad bottomed his cock in the damp cave of her throat and twisted his hips, rocking froth side to side to increase the delightful pressure of her slithering throat.

Another explosive surge shot a spray of thick cum in deep, oozing like a lava flow. "Aaahhhh!" Brad thought that was it. He'd shot the last of his boiling load. He fell back flat on the bed, shivering with the aftershocks of complete release.

Falling backward wrenched his cock hard against the roof of Laura's mouth. The heated frenzy of her orgasm had only begun, and she sucked hungrily to get another delicious spurt.

"I'm dry!" Brad said, when the sucking tension of her lips became too intense.

Laura knew he couldn't be dry. Not yet. Not until the wild fury of her lust had faded. She ran her fingers up his chest, found his rigid little man nipples with her thumbs and screwed them in tight circles.

"Aaayyyeeee!" Brad's cry came shrill and loud. He felt a burning pressure in his chest, then tingling waves of blinding pleasure sparked upward to his brain. "Eeeyyyaaaahhhh!" He shot off another spurt and Laura eagerly sucked it down.

One hand slid back down his chest, dragging through Brad's thick hair like a rake. He felt the burning tracks she left and winced as she circled his taut little nipple faster and faster.

With her free hand, she reached below her chin and cupped his balls. "Huunnngh?" he moaned. They felt drained, empty and shivering. But Laura squeezed one, then the other, with tender fingers strokes, lifting and then pulling and applying subtle pressure.

"HHHHAAAAAA!" the boy gasped with an explosive roar. He felt a wrenching tightness in his groin. His muscles tensed like steel straps, and pulsed in tight little waves. Brad's face twisted in a knot of pain and he pushed with all his strength, but he had nothing left. Not even a drop to quell the sucking hunger of the crazed woman, still pulling madly on his dripping cock. "I... I can't!" he moaned. His head rolled and his arms went slack, like a puppet with broken strings. "I'm through! I'm finished. I've cum enough. All I can."

"Mmmmmmmmm!" Laura shook her head and took a toothy grip on the root of his cock.

"Yyyyeeeooooow!" he wailed. It felt like she might bite it off!

Laura now had both hands on his balls, tugging gently with her fingertips, squeezing with a soft lingering rhythm. "Aaaayyyaaaa!" Brad moaned. He felt another swelling wave of liquid fire.

"Yyyyuuuuummmmm!" Laura's sucking lips pulled and twisted. Her tongue thrashed like an enraged viper, streaking up and down the base of his cum-slick cock.

"Holy shit!" He felt the burning flow swell up and steam toward his pulsing cockhead. "Hhhaaarrrggghhhh." Jolts of ecstasy shook Brad's cock. Echoes of the impossible pleasure filtered up to his mind. He writhed in a dream world of delight.

Laura shivered with mounting waves of joy. Each gush of jism sent her into a wilder frenzy of sucking joy, feasting on the hidden strength Brad never knew he had.

At last the hidden well of cum ran dry. Laura fell limp, gasping for breath. "Oooooh, good!" she whispered as his cock slipped out of her mouth.

"Good? My God!" Brad could still not think clearly. "I... I've never cum so long... or so hard!"

Laura smiled, her cheek resting on his thigh, her eyes locked on his gleaming cockhead only inches from her chin. One silver drop remained, shining like a pearl. She flicked it off with her tongue, swallowed and said hoarsely, "Just wait until I get that big fucker in my cunt!"


Rod Benton drove home feeling tired and worn after a disappointing day of job interviews in the strange new town. Nothing right now. Maybe in a week or two. We'll let you know... was all he heard.

He parked at the curb behind the big rented truck and sat for a moment, hunched over and puffing dejectedly on a cigarette. Except for a neatly folded stack of thick furniture pads, the truck bed was empty. At least Laura had accomplished something.

"Hi!" a bright, bell-like voice rang almost in his ear. "You must be Mr. Benton."

"Er, yeah." Rod turned with a start and found himself being studied by a pair of misty, jade-green eyes. "Who are you?"

"Cindy Wilson," the girl replied. "I live in the green house across the street. My brother has been helping your wife move in."

"Oh," Rod said. Oh, God! he was thinking. Not again. Not before we even get unpacked. "Er, how old is your brother?"

"Nineteen," she said. "A year older than me." Cindy had a wise, seductive smile and a knowing look in her flashing eyes. But, what the hell, kids grew up quick these days.

Cindy's well-curved, but not fully-ripe, figure was packed in a pair of faded, skin-tight jeans. She stood with one gently flared hip slanted toward him in a seductive pose and she leaned forward from the waist, so that he could not help but look down the open front of her filmy blouse.

Rod wet his lips as he gazed into the creamy valley between two firm young tits just ripe for sucking. "You want a beer?" she asked with a sly, kittenish grin. "I'm sure Mom has some in the fridge."

"No, I don't think so. Not right now." Rod wet his lips again with an anxious sweep of his tongue. What he wanted to do was grab her and see if Cindy was all she pretended to be. The last thing he wanted was to have a beer and meet her folks.

"It's all right," she said. "Mom's gone to work. She's on swing shift." Cindy tossed her head and stroked long, soft hair that gleamed like spun gold in the setting sun.

"What about your dad?"

She laughed and stroked her hair again. It fell to her waist and the smooth dome, of her tempting pussy mound. "He left years ago," she said.

"That's too bad." Rod's cock had begun to swell.

"Yeah, it is. I'd like to have a man around. I mean a real man. My brother's nice, but he's just a kid." The way she looked at him then sent a fresh rush of blood to his straining cock. Bright dots of sweat beaded above his eyes. "Are you sure you don't want a beer?" Cindy asked. "You look awfully hot."

"I am." Rod hadn't been that hot in years.

Laura still excited him, but not like this. Not for a long time. Rod could have used his prick for a baseball bat.

Cindy crossed the street and went up the walk ahead of him. Her taut little ass swayed temptingly, full and finely curved, caressed by a silken fall of sun-gold hair. "Whenever Mom has a man over, she makes me stay in my room," Cindy said like a pouting child.

"That's too bad, too," Rod said, but he wasn't surprised. Few women he knew, including his own sexy wife, could stand competition from this little blonde bitch.

She closed the front door and turned to face him, heaving her proud young tits with a heavy sigh. Rod's thick cock gave a heated surge in reply. "Then she turns on the stereo real loud," the sexy blonde said, "but I can still hear."

Rod had to smile. He could see her alone in her room, so young and so horny, straining to hear. "It sounds real nice," she said. With another wistful sight. "Better than what young guys I know can do."

"It takes practice," he told her.

"I guess so. The first guy I went with shot off in his pants. The next sprayed cum all over my cunt hair and never did get it in."

Rod gave her a nervous grin, thinking that he might do the same thing. She came forward and snaked her arms around his neck. "I'd sure like to see what a real man can do," she cooed in a syrupy voice.

"Would you?" He cupped her firm young tits and worked her nipples between his fingers. She wasn't wearing a bra. He could feel her thick nipples swell and burn through the filmy veil of her sheer blouse.

Cindy moaned with her eyes half closed and ground her swaying hips against the giant stiffness of his eager cock. "It's so big and hard," she purred, dropping her hands to tease his overheated prick.

Rod sucked in a gulp of air and strained to hold the huge load boiling in his balls. Cindy kept one hand on the shaft of his cock and reached down to finger his swollen balls.

"Hhhmmmm." The sound came from deep in her throat, warm and restless. "Your balls are so big, I can hardly hold them both."

His anxious hands ran down the front of her blouse, undoing buttons to free her heaving tits. They swelled full and proud, upthrust as though begging to be sucked.

Rod bent forward with a hungry groan and circled one sweet berry-red nipple. Then he pulled, sucking hard and drew her tender flesh through the narrow ring of his mouth, like squeezing toothpaste through the neck of the tube.

"Hhhooowwweee," Cindy cried in shuddering surprise. Her body trembled while she tugged at his belt to free his enormous cock. It radiated a glowing heat like red-hot steel.

He dropped his free hand and opened the front of her faded jeans. The heavy scent of heated curt oil rose to his nostrils, thick and sultry warm like jungle mist.

"Aaaahhh?" She tensed with anticipation and squirmed her golden-haired pussy mound.

Rod pulled down her thin silk panties and let them fail. He spread his hand in her broad patch of blonde fleece, damp with the heat of her desire. She tugged excitedly at his fly, feeling the throb of his lust-crazed cock. Whimpering softly, Cindy gripped his long prick and stroked it gently at first, teasing her hand up and down.

"Hbhuuuunnngh!" Rod's passion flamed, by her feather-light touch. He began to rock his hips in counter rhythm with her strokes. His tongue spell in tight circles around the nipple sucked deep into his mouth. His thumb and first finger moved in a furious blur to maul the other ruby nub of flesh. Twisted waves of spiraling delight brought wails of joy to Cindy's gasping mouth.

Rod eased her backward, toward the couch, holding his breath and fighting the urge to shoot off when she tightened her grip on his cock and slammed it with savage fury. Her hand blurred and slapped hard against his groin.

"Hhhhaaaaa!" Rod felt a blinding urge boiling in his ball sac. Cindy held it in a loose grip, fingering his swollen balls as softly as bird eggs cupped in a downy nest.

When she felt the edge of the long couch against the backs of her knees, Cindy sank down slowly with a moan of mounting delight. Rod bent with her, still sucking one tit and finger-flailing the other.

The strain became too much. Cindy's damp little tit popped from his lips, gleaming with his spit. For one tense moment Rod stood above her, shucking off his clothes and leering with long frustrated desire.

Cindy fell back on the couch naked and shivering with nervous expectations. His cock swayed over her. Blue veins along its sides pulsed surges of blood to its swollen, crimson knob.

With her green eyes glued to the sight of Rod's prick, Cindy's head swayed in time with the heaving cock she hungered for. "Let me suck it first," she begged. "Let me pull on your hot prick with my mouth."

"Later," Rod gritted through clenched teeth. He could not have held back another five seconds once his cock was between her hot sucking lips. He spread her legs with his hands and knelt between her feet, eyes still fixed on the wide gold collar of silken hair that fringed her steaming little cunt slit.

Cindy smiled and rocked her hips in tight spiral. "You really want it, don't you? You're hungry for my little blonde cunt."

"Hhhuuurrrgh," he answered, with a lunge. His hands reached out, feeling blindly for her tits while he buried his face in her damp, lusting pussy.

"Ooooohhhh," she moaned.

His lips spread wide enough to swallow the whole thing, and he chewed on her juicy cunt with greedy hunger. "Hhhmmmmm!" Her sweet cunt honey wet his tongue. He gasped down a breath, filling his lungs with her heated cunt scent. He nearly choked on its cloying thickness. "Hhhaaargh, uuuummmph!"

Cindy writhed and twisted in a frenzy of pleasure. She arched her back and squirmed to meet the thrusts of his lapping tongue.

Rod dug and screwed his tongue deep in the seething canyon of her tight cunt. He pressed his tongue to the side and let it slither down one wet wail, then turned his head and raked the other on the backstroke.

"Eeeeeyyyyyy!" Her piercing cry rattled inside his skull. Trembling and bowing to his frantic urges, he tongue-lashed her again. He twisted in deeper this time, until his upper lip fell wet and soft on the bulging nub of her honey-soaked clit.

"YYY... AAAAAHHHHH!" Her clit burned from the mouthing he gave it, twisting and spinning it with his tongue as it drew back. "Oooooh, fuck me. FUCK ME NOW!"

He burrowed deeper, mauling both firm tits while he sucked and stroked her seething clit with his rough wet tongue. "Hhhaaaahhhh! I can't stand it!" she cried. "I need your hot cock. Get it in me. Now. Shove it in. Fuck my cunt. Oh, please -- fuck. FUCK!"

Her breathing stopped. Her lips spread wide as if to scream, but she had no air to make the sound. Cindy writhed in silent torment. His tongue rammed the tip of her clit and glanced off, sinking deep into her shivering cunt. Faster and faster, it stabbed and dived and snaked back to strike again.

"Aaaaahhh... I'm coming," she moaned, weak and rasping for breath. "You're making me cum with your mouth!"

Rod's cock trembled with the urgency of his need. He felt the heat of each burning pulse. Her slender legs clamped his cheeks and she pressed her hands to the back of his head.

"More," she pleaded. "Eat my pussy! Suck my little slit dry!" Waves of satisfaction, like a bath of warm oil, spread over Cindy's squirming young body. It felt as though her skin had caught fire. Crackling jolts of white-hot joy seared her nerves. Hot breath hissed from her lips. Cunt oil gushed from her tongue-whipped pussy. "Hhhooooo. OOOOHHHHH!" she cried. "Christ, I'm coming again!"

Her blonde head rocked from side to side. Waves of silken gold hair swirled around her face. She arched her body, taut as a bent steel spring. Slow tremors began to rise from the depths of her cunt, from the snug dark hollow far beyond reach of his maddening tongue thrusts.

"Oooooo," she moaned. "OOOOHHHHH!" Then her fuck nerve snapped. She felt a sharp, stinging pain that melted into a flood of burning joy. Cindy fell limp, unable to move or make a sound louder than a low moan. Soft tremors rocked her weakened body, rolling aftershocks from a nerve-grinding orgasmic explosion.

She lay with her eyes tightly shut, watching blue white flecks of light sparkle in the vision of her mind. Some twinkled softly like distant stars. Larger ones blazed across the black field of blind delight, like comets with long and fiery tails.

Before Cindy could catch her breath, Rod eased forward, his huge cock bobbing in his hand. She lay with her legs spread wide, one up on the padded back of the couch, the other hanging limp down to the floor.

This spread the snug pink lips of her drooling cunt slit. For a moment, Rod knelt above it, staring down through narrowed eyes. He'd never seen a more perfect little pussy. Richly padded above with golden hair, it seethed with the honey of her cum, sweet and wet. He leaned forward and supported his upper body weight on his elbows. Her head still tossed, blonde and slinky-soft below his face.

Instinct guided his burning cockhead. It slid down one velvety thigh and nudged the edge of her squirming pussy. She uttered a soft whimper and then held her breath. Rod leaned closer and caught her lips with his. "Hhhaaaa," he sighed, before sealing their mouths together in a sucking embrace.

"Hhhhhmmmmmm," she hummed softly, deep in her heaving chest. Hard-nippled tits pressed warmly against his chest. And he twitched his hips to one side, centering the heated bulge of his cockhead between her slithery cunt lips.

Cindy gasped and squirmed when she felt its spreading strength. Rod tightened the seal on her lips. His were still wet with cunt honey, and when he pressed down hard she could taste her own sweet pussy.

"Hhhhhhmmmmm?" she purred and pressed her tongue into Rod's mouth. His tongue felt wet and rough, and it still held traces of her musk. She licked it top and bottom and on both sides, savoring this new delight.

He rasped an impatient breath and pushed her tongue back with his. Now Cindy got an even stronger taste of her own cunt. Oh, she was thinking, make it last. But Rod's tongue stabbed rapidly in and out. She sucked and tried to hold it, savoring the traces of her sweet juice.

"Mmmmmhhhhhh," he said, pressing down with his hips.

Slick and wet from the furious lashing of his tongue only a minute before, the puffed pink lips of Cindy's cunt parted willingly to receive the red knob of his throbbing cock. But for size, it was like a mouse trying to swallow a banana.

"Hhhheeeeee?" she cried, twisting the tense sound into a question mark. "Easy... please. Your damn cock is so huge!"

"You haven't felt my cock yet." All he had in was the head. She gripped the red sponge mass and squeezed it with the soft damp mouth of her waiting fuck tunnel.

Rod pressed harder, easing in two inches of rigid prick. Its unyielding strength spread the slick walls of her cunt slit. A tense pounding throbbed in his cock. Echoes beat at his temples. Rod could only catch breath in short gulps. His lungs burned and his heart clanged like an engine running out of oil.

"Ooooooh, more!" Cindy said. "Give me more cock!"

Rod gave her more, another three inches of blue veined prick. And he smiled, watching her mouth twist and her lips pull tight.

"It's easier now... I'm getting used to it," she whispered with relief.

He grinned and slammed in clear to the thick root, slapping her pussy mound with his groin. "Aaaayyyeeeeaaah!" she cried. It felt like Rod was trying to split her in two as his cock speared depths of untried delight. "Holy shit! I've never had anything in so far!"

Cindy trembled and could not breathe. It was like being cut with a super-sharp knife. At first there was no feeling of pain. No feeling at all except the slow spreading warmth. Then she felt a cruel stab.

The swiftly parted muscles of her cunt rippled and tensed, but they could not contract. They remained spread and strained by the thickness of Rod's hot cock. "Nnnnooooo!" she moaned. He was easing out of her by then. Waves of muscle closed behind his retreating cock. Cindy grabbed a needed breath and braced for his next plunge.

"Hhhiiiii!" It came faster than she expected. Rod slammed down again, spearing her seething cunt with all his strength.

"Hoooohhhffff..." Both gushed hot breath as their bodies collided. Recoiling, they both gasped in air. "Ppphhhoooffff!" He slammed down again.

Rod's hips blurred above her. He rammed and twisted, using his cock like a drill, boring and twisting deep into Cindy's tight little cunt.

She squealed and cried in wild delight. Already he'd gone deeper than anyone ever had before. His driving thrusts touched nerve ends no one ever reached. Unfamiliar pangs of pain and pleasure jolted and burned.

"More," she begged. "Ram it in. Rip my cunt. Oh, Rod, fuck me. Fuck me good!"

His long cock spiked in and out of her grasping cunt, whipping her warm juices to a thick froth. It bubbled from her pink lips and dribbled from her slit. "Hhhuuuuunnnngggggh."

Cindy's snug little cunt seethed with delight. She finally caught the rhythm of his demanding thrusts, relaxing slightly as he stabbed in. That sent rolling waves of soft friction up his fast sinking prick. Then she pulled tight, squeezing his big cock with all her young strength as it pulled back. Sudden crests of pleasure ripped his senses then. Taut and wet, her cunt muscles heaved and jerked in joyous spasms.

Laura was more skillful. Her cunt performed with the well-trained precision of a mature and experienced woman. Cindy thrashed with the wild enthusiasm of her unabashed youth. His wife's slinky cunt rippled in perfect harmony with the pulse of his thrusting cock. Cindy's cunt squirmed in joyous discord. Laura purred towards orgasm with the sleek assurance of sophistication. Cindy came at it with the greedy fervor of immaturity.

"HHHHAAAAA!" the blonde girl cried at the top of her lungs. "Aaaaahhhh!"

Rod's eyes gushed tears from the searing pressure mounting in his balls. His breath hissed like steam, spraying Cindy's face with a fine mist of his saliva. He more of this lusty young bitch, but even the tight knot in his gut couldn't hold his explosive charge of jism much longer.

"Harder!" she whined with her eyes tightly closed. "Ram my cunt. Stuff it full. Oh, Rod, yeah! Do it! Do it all! Make me cum again!"

A burning drop of jism squeezed through the hard knot of his self-control. He felt it slip through. He felt it gush and swell as it filled and flowed through the cum tube quaking along the bottom of his hard-beating cock.

It spurted from his cockslit deep in her pussy. Cindy felt the spraying warmth and twitched with shocks of ecstasy. "Yes, now!" she screamed.

"Let it come! Let it gush! Fuck my cunt. Oh, Rod... yes... FUCK ME FULL!"

One gush widened the path for more. A larger wave boiled up, hot and slick and silver-smooth. It sped from balls to cock in a split second of searing pain. Rod winced from the steaming pressure of his release. Then the tension broke. Thick cream jetted from his cocktip. Like molten lava, it oozed and flowed in deep.

Cindy's little cunt sleeve relaxed in the heat, then jerking muscles gripped his cock harder than ever before. She pulled and sucked at his prick with rolling tremors of cum-slick cunt.

"Ggggrrraaahhhhh!" Rod jetted off another silver spurt. Then another. Ripping spasms of liquid fire came faster than he could count. His spraying cock flashed and jerked. He saw Cindy's beautiful face twisted by the agonies of extreme delight. Her lips pumped in a silent fury. And then he imagined her cunt slit was another seething maw, now bubbling with cock whipped froth, a mix of her musky honey and his thick cum.

Rod scooped his arms beneath her knees and pulled her legs above his head. That way, her hips tilted up to meet his jackhammer thrusts at the ideal angle. His sputtering cockhead sank even deeper than before.

She gave a soft whimper of submission. It hurt at first, a stinging pain never felt before. But that gave way to a strange new flood of trembling warmth. "Ooooooh," Cindy gasped, her strength almost spent.

Rod's cock bottomed in her heaving pussy and he screwed his hips, chafing her pussy mound with a coarse pad of cockhair as he fired his last shots.

Typhoon winds of joy slowly settled to a blissful calm. They both basked in the warmth of inner delight. Rod's breath became more even, and Cindy cautiously opened her eyes.

His craggy face looked smoother now. Lines of worry and care had been erased by the tide of pleasure flooding between them. Streaks of silver flashed at his temples stirred by the beating of his pulse.

"That was good!" she whispered happily. "It was the best I ever had!"

Rod shook his head like a stern father. "No," he told her. "It was just the best so far."


Brad Wilson thought he heard a car stop in front of the house. He turned to Laura who was naked and smiling, slowly licking the silver sheen of his cum from her lips, and asked nervously. "When is your husband coming home?"

"Later," she said in a soothingly calm voice. "Much later." Actually, Laura didn't know when Rod might get home. And she didn't care. All she could think about was Brad's hot young cock and how good it would feel in her cunt. She stroked it lightly with her hand.

"Hhhmmmm," he said, forgetting about the sound of the car. His cock gave a twitch. It was getting hard again.

Laura slid her hand between his legs and cupped his balls, rolling them one against the other. His long prick twitched again, filling with a fresh rush of blood.

For a moment Laura's mind strayed. Funny how nature keeps things in balance. Her husband Rod had tremendous control. She could have sucked and teased his cock for an hour, working all her skillful tongue tricks, but he wouldn't cum until he was ready.

Brad, though, had no talent for holding back. A few swift strokes and his young cock gushed like a broken pipe. But he didn't need self control. Before she could completely catch her breath, his hot young prick would be ramrod straight and ready to go again. It didn't matter to Laura which way it came... long or often. She liked either one. But what she liked best was both.

A sly grin curved her lips. It wouldn't be hard to keep Brad fucking until Rod got home. Once the kid got a feel of her sleek pussy, he'd want more. And more still. She smiled openly, thinking ahead to the look on Rod's face when he walked in and saw his wife balling her brains out with a lusty young stud.

That happened when she was fucking the Walters boy. An accident that time. The kid was so horny and she was so hot, they both lost track of time. Rod came in when Laura was on top, reaming her cunt on nearly a foot of hot young prick.

For a moment, he'd stood in silent shock, unable to believe what he watched. Waves of Laura's shining black hair bounced in time with her demanding cunt thrusts. Faster and faster, she slithered her cunt up and down that huge cock.

Moans of pleasure grew louder as the speed of her frenzied fucking increased. The sound became a piercing wail neighbors could hear three houses down.

Rod yelled, "You stinking bitch! You fucking, unfaithful whore..." But she couldn't hear. Neither could the kid who bucked beneath her, twisting and churning his big blue-veined cunt ripper.

Laura leaned forward, unaware then that Rod was in the room. The creamy white cheeks of her ass bobbed before his eyes as she squirmed forward to change the angle of the hot young prick in her pussy.

Rod's cock flamed with sullen rage as he watched his wife twist and squirm, joyously spearing her cunt on that long, glistening teenaged prick. He'd told her later that it was the most infuriating, and the most exciting thing he'd ever seen. Her brown-lipped little shithole tingled with the memory of what Rod had done in the heat of raging lust.

"Fuck me," she whispered softly now to Brad. "Fuck me good!" Her hand tightened and pumped faster on his cock. She could feel each straining pulse as fresh blood hammered toward its bulging head. "I love your big cock," Laura purred. "I want it in me... in as deep as it will go."

Brad moaned softly, his eyes half closed in sheer delight. Warm surges of pleasure spread and flowed from the hairy root of his cock. Laura's hand thumped faster and faster, becoming a blur before his dazzled eyes. "Oooooh," he said. "Nobody can beat me as good as you!"

He lay sprawled on his back, arched and bucking to meet her cock-squeezing hand. It thumped like a hammer at the bottom of each demanding stroke. Then Laura hooked her little finger and snagged it in his swaying ball sac.

"Aaaaaahhhh!" Brad felt wrenching stabs of pleasure each time she stirred and jiggled his balls, never slowing or breaking the blurred rhythm of her driving hand. "Hhhaaaaa!" While Brad's back was arched and strained with flaming desire, Laura slid her free hand beneath the hard, muscled cheeks of his writhing ass. Then she hammered him down with the fury of her cock beating hand. The first time, she squeezed one firm dome of his ass. On the next stroke, she teased her fingers into the seething cleft between them.

Brad cried. "Oooooohhhhhhaaaaaa!" and was driven down by the furious beat of her hand, tight on his steaming cock. Then he felt her fingers squirm and tingle the dark, tightly drawn lips of his ass. "What are you doing?"

"Never mind," she purred sweetly, tugging on the hot, hard-swollen length of his cock. The middle finger of her hand below reached out while his back strained into an arch. Then, she hammered him back, thumping and twisting her hand in his thick pad of curly cockhair.

"Yyyyaaaaahhh!" Laura's rigid finger speared his ass and wiggled into his squirming shithole. "Hhheeee!" He felt pain from her probing fingertip, but that melted into clinging spasms of pleasure as she wiggled deeper. "Ooooohhhh!"

Double jolts of increasing pressure noted Brad's writhing guts. He babbled tense, meaningless sounds of wild delight, thinking first that he might cum from the heated fury of Laura's handjob... then, that she might loosen a river of hot shit with the wiggling finger shoved deep in his ass.

"Fuck me!" she said firmly. "Fuck me now!" Her voice dissolved into a pleading wail. She fell on her back with her legs spread wide, pulling him toward her with the hand, locked and still pumping hard, on his cock. "Nnnnooooow," Laura begged in a lust-crazed voice of tortured desire.

She could feel the steaming juices boiling in her cunt. Hot and slick, it convulsed with hunger for his cock. Waves of tense anticipation rocked her hips as the swollen head of it drew near.

Guiding his prick inside her, she used Brad's swollen cock head to stir the thick broth bubbling from her pussy slit. She worked it around and around, straining the drooling lips of her cunt. And behind, she repeated that same motion with her ass-tingling finger.

"Yyyyyeeeeaaaahhhhhhh!" Brad's heated cry echoed off the walls and rattled the window glass. Oh, God! Laura tensed and missed one stirring beat. What will the neighbors think? But she didn't care. She was past thinking of anything except the rigid power of Brad's long prick.

"Give it to me," she begged him tensely. "Stab it in! Rip my cunt with your hot cock!"

He felt her pussy lips seethe and pull on his burning cockhead. And he felt her hand still locked hard on his long handle of hot cock, twisting and stirring it deeper into the slippery warmth of her wet pussy.

Brad wanted to hold back. No hot bitch had ever begged for his cock, and he wanted to savor the tense joy of Laura's pleading wails. But he could not restrain himself another second. From the boiling pressure in his quaking balls, he knew he might spurt at any moment, and he wanted to do that in deep! He lunged down on her with a frenzied gush of hot breath.

It swirled the long waves of black hair billowed around Laura's face. Her expression contorted, twisting with sudden pain. "Christ," she moaned.

His weight forced all the breath from her lungs. Open-mouthed and gasping, she writhed from the sudden heat of his long cock. It burned her shivering cunt canal and sparked jolts of writhing delight.

"Hhhhuuunnngggghhhh!" Brad drew back and rammed her again.

Laura managed to gulp half the needed breath of air. She felt dizzy, her mind twisted by spiral spikes of ripping heat. "Hhhhoooo!" Her pussy squeezed and pulled with undulating waves of clinging warmth. "Fuck me?" she cried. "Fuck me deep and hard!"

Brad needed no coaxing, but she rammed and twisted the finger she still had shoved up his ass. "Aaaayyyhhh!" He jerked forward and jammed his hot cock even deeper in the tight-walled tunnel of her squirming cunt. He bottomed in her with a wet thump! Thick, hot oil gushed and bubbled from her slit.

"I'm going to cum!" Brad cried, gritting his teeth and trying to hold back, wanting to prolong the heated joys he felt churning in the older woman's cunt. "Christ, I can't hold it!"

He could hardly believe the steaming pressure swelling in his tortured balls. Only a minute before, he'd thought sure that Laura had sucked him dry. But from somewhere, she'd stirred another massive charge. It sprayed thick and silver-white, hot as steam jetting from a geyser.

"Aaaahhhhyyyeeee!" Laura felt his first gushing spurt burn deep in her pussy. With eyes clamped shut in the heat of ecstasy, she rocked her hips with blurring speed and viciously spiked her finger up his ass.

"Aaahhhccck!" Brad slammed down on her again, squirming to escape the wiggling finger that augered into his shithole. His cock bottomed in her seething cunt. Stinging pain burned him from behind, and spasms of joy swelled to fill his mind as he spurted hot jism again and again.

"I can feel it," Laura moaned. "I'm swimming in sticky cum!"

Brad's fleshy prick whipped his hot jism to a silver froth. It greased his long cock, flowing thick and warm and silky smooth. Faster and faster his hips blurred, his cock stabbed each time he rocked his ass. "Hhhaaaayyyy!"

"More!" Laura said. "I want MORE!"

"Bitch!" he moaned. "That's all I've got!" But then she squirmed a second finger up his ass. "Yyyyaaaaahhhhhhhh!" He jerked away from the stabbing pain, twisting and thrusting with savage strength.

"Huunnnggg... good!" Laura said with a wet-lipped grin. "Oh, good! Get it in me, Brad! Fuck me. Fuck meeeee!" Her breathy voice tightened into a piercing wail. Flashes like sheet lightning blazed before her eyes. Thunder rumbled in her ears from the slap of his hard, muscled gut drumming down on her begging cunt.

Electric tension twisted her nerves. Muscles shivered. Bones ached. Her mind became a steaming blur. "Oh, God!" Laura cried. "I'm cumming, I'm cumming so hard!" Rippling cunt muscles pulled on his cock, milking it dry. Sucking waves rolled up and down his cock, wet and slithering soft.

Pressure eased in his trembling balls. A last feeble spurt dribbled from his cocktip. Laura gasped, rolling her head. Her whole body pulled tight like a harp string. "AAAGGGHHH!" Something snapped and she fell limp.

Brad's firm muscles softened like butter in the sun. He felt a warming glow. He barely had strength to breathe. Soft little aftershocks quivered his long cock, deep in the clinging wet grasp of Laura's cunt.

"Again," she whispered hoarsely. "Fuck me again!"

"I'm drained," he moaned, "Completely dry. I gotta rest!" It was all he could do to mumble in a weak voice.

"Oh, shit, no kid your age is ever dry!" Laura tightened her cunt hold on his cock and pulled with pulsing waves of slithering heat.

To Brad it felt like sucking on a stopped-up straw. His ears began to ring, and in his balls, a nervous, dry trembling began. "I can't!" he cried.

But Laura knew he could. She cupped his aching, trembling balls and warmed them in her palm, teasing the shivering orbs with her wavering fingers. "Ooooohhhhhh?" he rasped deep in his heaving chest.

Her snug pink cunt lips clamped at the base of his cock. "Uuuunnngggghhhh?" Brad said. Laura's tight grasp held all the blood throbbing warmly in his long prick. While the rest of him felt drained and limp, his cock stayed hot and steely strong.

"I can keep your hot young cock hard all night," she said, squeezing down on his blood engorged prick with quivering rings of cunt muscle working slowly toward its swollen tip.

"But, I'm burned out... too tired to move." Even the clinging demands of her sucking cunt annoyed him now. His frayed nerves trembled, and his voice was fractious.

"I'll move for you," Laura said, and she squirmed from beneath his crushing weight, still cling hard and strangling his aching cock.

"Oooooh, shit," he replied, falling limp on one side. She twitched the two fingers in his shithole and softly milked his balls with the other hand. "No, I'm not ready!"

"Oooohhh?" Her wet lips caressed his ear. Warm breath tingled his jagged nerves, and her squirming tongue danced in slow circles like the fingers spiraling in his ass.

Laura's gleaming black hair spilled across his chest as she tumbled Brad over on his back. Nimble as a gymnast, she rolled with him, keeping his half weakened cock snug in the grasp of her seething cunt sheath.

She swayed above him, dangling her swollen breasts just beyond reach of his lips. Her thick ripe nipples pulsed invitingly each time she tensed her demanding grip on Brad's long cock. He flicked out his tongue and lashed one teasing nipple.

"Hhhmmmm," Laura purred, dipping her shoulder to smother his lips with a mound of hot tit.

"Ssshhuuuulllp." Brad spread his lips wide and sucked her in, rasping her taut nipple with his wet tongue. It throbbed in his mouth like a beating hart. The two fingers wedged deep in his ass pressed hard, trapped by his grinding weight. "Hhhuuugggh!" he gasped.

Laura moaned from the tugging pressure on her tit and felt his cock give a surge of swelling warmth. She pulled and squeezed with her soggy cunt, rocking her hips in tight circles above his upraised prick.

"Good!" she said, dragging her tit from his mouth. She sat back on the root of his cock, grinding and squirming as it grew to fill the swampy hollow that steamed between her legs. "I... I knew you could do it!"

"You cock-raping whore!" he growled. "This time I'll rip your dripping cunt... fuck it until it's numb!"

She smiled and wrenched her hand away from his ass. She slackened her grip on his aching halls at the same time and traced two crooked fingers paths up his chest. Her thumbs circled his tense little man-nipples while her fingers clawed into the hairy pits beneath his arms.

"Aaaagggghhh!" He arched beneath her, driven by twisting shocks of joy. Brad felt his throbbing cock swell hard enough to strain the damp walls of her clinging cunt. "Bitch," he hissed, "you're going to get it now!"

He bucked his hips and levered up with all his strength. Laura's head bobbed and her body swayed like a rodeo bronco rider. His cock became a burning pillar of fire, firmly anchoring her to his heaving loins.

She moved her thumbs faster and faster around the rock-hard little nipples on Brad's heaving chest. His hips bucked faster in the wild heat of frenzied desire. He cupped her bobbing tits with his strong hands, squeezing her tender flesh, shaping them to sharply pointed cones. Then he began to circle her bulging nipples the same way.

Laura felt warmth spread across her chest, smooth and thick like melted honey, then spiral shocks of electrified fury. "Aaahhh!" she moaned as the intense heat of increasing joy burned and melted its way to her seething cunt.

Fresh cunt oil dribbled on Brad's broad pad of cockhair. Her pussy lips drooled and clung to his prick, sucking with sharp pulses of demanding lust. "Oooooh, yeah!" she gasped. Words and breath came in explosive bursts, as he hammered faster and faster to batter the smooth wet lips of her thrashing cunt.

"Fuck... Me... Harder... Faster!" The words came in time with the slapping rhythm of lust-crazed flesh, a grinding, twisted sound of extreme passion.

Deaf and blind to the rest of the world, their two bodies pitched and tossed. Their voices wailed, sounds twisted and intertwined, increasing to an untamed howl of frenzied delight.

Brad flogged her dripping cunt slit with all the heated strength of his long prick. The sudden violence of his thrusts pitched Laura forward. She felt her tits squashed flat in his grasping hands while her white, round-domed ass bobbed and twitched with a restless yearning.

Her husband Rod entered the room just then. He fell weak against the door frame, stunned and gaping. In a half whisper of shock he said, "What the shit?"


Laura heard nothing but the demanding slap of Brad's meaty young loins and the gushing, slurping sounds that answered from her steaming slit. The speed and savage violence of his cunt-ripping assault increased.

Not for an instant did Brad pause to think the lusty bitch astride him was old enough to be his mother, or that she was married and usually fucked by a grown man. All he could feel or think about was the sweltering lust of her sucking cunt. It pulled and strained with soft pink lips as he drew back with his long prick. Then it squeezed with the slinky friction of wet velvet when he slammed back in.

She rasped some cruel obscenity each time he bucked and battered her puffy cunt lips. Then with in-drawn breath, she murmured jumbled sounds of joyous expectation when he pulled back for the next cunt-reaming thrust.

Rod had guessed what was going on all the time he was fucking sexy little Cindy. He knew Laura better than to think she and a lusty young stud would be unpacking and arranging dishes in the cupboards. But seeing it, watching that huge, hat young cock rip in and out of his wife's juicy cunt made his passions flare.

He first felt a chilling rage. His limp hands balled into fists of stone. But the longer he watched, the more his feeling warmed. Laura's smooth-domed, tight-lipped little ass bobbed so invitingly before his eyes.

Rod thought Cindy had drained his balls and wrung out his middle-aged cock like a wet rag, but watching the two of them -- his wife and this hard muscles, well-hung young kid -- made his angry prick burn.

Brad released his mauling grasp on Laura's soft tits and snaked his long arms around to her ass. He clawed the firm cheeks of her jerking ass, clamping one in each wide stretched hand as he squeezed and pulled them apart.

Now as their two bodies rocked, fused by the heat of his long cock, the round brown lips of her little shithole lay bare, throbbing and pulsing with forbidden desire.

Brad remembered well the stinging shock when first worked a finger up his ass... then the maddening swell of molten pleasure that scented to flow from her wiggling finger tip. He slid one hand into the smooth cleft and toyed with its dark lips.

"Hhhhuuuuhhhh?" Laura twitched her ass and squeezed to clamp it shut. The heat of Brad's hot thick cock was enough, at least for now. "Not yet," she gulped in feeble protest. "I... I... I'm not ready for that!"

"Neither was I," Brad growled back without missing a beat. He circled his long middle finger around the dark ring and felt it squirm beneath his touch.

"I... I... I..." Laura's stuttering protest tightened into a piercing wail. "Eeeeeeeyyyy-eeeeeyyyyyhhh!" Brad twisted his rough fingertip like a drill, spreading her puckered and clenched little shit lips. "You bastard!" she roared as he augered it in. "You ass fucking punk!"

The bed and Laura's twitching shithole faced the door. Rod had a perfect view. Brad's thick cock kept up its beating throb, wet and shining with the warm oil that gushed from Laura's cunt. And above that, Brad's finger squirmed deeper into the tight little tube of her ass.

Laura reeked a lusty scent. It flowed from her seething pussy, pumped out by each stroke of Brad's huge cock. Thick and low, it seemed to drift like fog in a swamp. Brad sucked in the smell with each rapid breath. His nostrils flared and his lungs burned from the sticky-sweet scent if cunt.

Rod caught a whiff of it over by the door. And with it, he breathed in the rank, raw stench of her tortured ass. That oozed and flowed to flood the room as Brad reamed her ass as hard and fast as he could.

Laura cried, "Noooooo!" But the sound came weak for lack of breath. Waves of sharp pain rippled up her spine. It rattled in her skull, loud and ringing like a cymbal crash. Then it flowed back soft and warm and made her clinging shithole squirm.

"I love it!" Laura squealed. "Ream my ass! Stab it... shove it full... oooooh, fuck and double FUCK!"

She threw herself down on Brad's bulging cock and screwed her hips against its thick root. Then she heaved back with her ass upraised and spiraled her ass on his wiggling finger.

If thick black smoke had spewed from her shithole, she would not have been surprised. It felt that hot. Her innermost nerves flamed and twisted, convulsing with double waves of lusty desire.

Rod could stand it no more. Watching them had swollen his cock to a long burning wand. It bulged in his pants, hot and throbbing with furious desire, until he stripped naked to set it free.

His prick lanced up at a sharp angle. Blue veins ribbed its length, pulsing in silent fury and the long prick still glistened, sleek and wet with cum and oil from little Cindy's tight young cunt.

A slow grin erased the look of rage that had twisted Rod's face when he first walked in the room. The blue-steel glare in his eyes had hazed with the steaming heat of his desire. He walked silently toward the bed, beating on his throbbing cock with one hand.

"Aaaaahhhhh!" Laura moaned as she squirmed back for another finger-reaming. "Hhhhoooo!" as she squirmed down again on Brad's big prick. "Hhhhuuuuuhhhhh!" The finger twisting in her shithole sent joyous tremors up Laura's back. "Wwwwhhhhaaaaa?" she questioned, when she squirmed and it wasn't there.

Rod kept thumping his swollen prick as he reached out with his free hand. Slowly, but firmly, he pried Brad's finger from the frenzied squeezing of his wife's dark ass hole. It tumbled and thrashed, frantically grabbing at sudden emptiness.

"Hhhhhaaaarrrggh!" Laura rocked back again, her puckered shithole begging to be rammed.

Rod's grin pulled into a wicked curve and he angled his swollen cockhead toward her hole. "Yyyyyaaaaeeeeehhh!" she cried when she felt its smoldering warmth. "Aaaaggghhh!" she yelped when he worked it in.

Brad never stopped to think what was going on. He thought it was Laura's hand that dragged him from her ass. Denied that soft dark place, he dug between her legs to find her clit.

The ruby knob of Rod's thick cock strained the taut lips of Laura's ass. "Yyyy... eeeehhhhh!" Her small waves of pleasure crested sharply and became a raging storm. It was Rod. It had to be.

No kid's finger could ream her ass like his big prick.

Laura tensed with nervous anticipation. He'd gotten hot, really hot, when he found her fucking the Walters boy. In a raging blind fury of blood lust, he'd crept up silently behind her and brutally raped her ass, stabbing and twisting with deep thrusts, sparked by savage revenge.

She'd thought then she might faint from the grinding pain. Rod had screamed curses loud enough to deafen her. And he'd gripped her thighs with cold, cruel hands, dragging her back and holding her so she could not escape or ease the pressure of his angry stabs.

"Aaaaaahhhccckkk!" Laura gushed. It was happening again and it felt so good!

Brad Wilson tensed and gasped. "Oh, God!" At the sound of Rod's angry howl, he'd jerked open his startled eyes. He saw the angry glare of the man behind Laura and the twisted smile that curved his lips. "Oh, shit!" he whined in a trembling voice.

Being so startled, Brad forgot his search for Laura's greasy little clit. His hand pulled away, dragging through the wet dark fleece that fringed her cunt.

"Don't stop!" she hissed, and she dragged his hand back to her steaming slit.

Brad could feel the glowing heat of his own cock as animal instinct kept it pumping, despite his fear and apprehension. Her soft cunt lips pulsed and squeezed in harmony with his driving thrusts. He could feel them too, clinging and dripping wet with warm oil. Then she guided his probing finger up to the tense nub of her clit.

It seemed to be swimming in swirling waves of thick juice. Brad brushed it lightly with his fingertip and felt it twitch and spark with joy. "Rub it good," Laura whispered hoarsely. "Roll it around like you did the nipple of my tit!" And she circled his nipples with narrowing rings of intense desire to show him exactly what, he should do.

"Ooooo... wwweeeeee!" Brad's eyes glazed and he forgot about Laura's husband who was ramming her ass. He dug and pawed through her cunt hair and swirled his finger around her tingling clit.

Laura purred deep in her throat. Both big cocks rammed in and out, each perfectly out of time. Rod's in. Brad's out. Brad's in. Rod's out. And with the blurring speed of their jack-hammer thrusts, she barely had time or strength to breathe.

"You stinking slut!" Rod growled. "Fucking your hot pussy on that teenybopper cock? You want cock, bitch? I'll give you more prick than you can stand!"

Laura rocked between them, limp and helpless as a rag doll in a whirlpool. Her arms fluttered like broken wings. Her head jerked back and forth with the violence of each new thrust. Waves of her soft, sleek black hair rolled back and brushed Rod's chest with their teasing caress. Then they pitched forward as his cock rammed and twisted in the tight tunnel of her ass. A silken cascade fell around Brad's face.

Rod's hands curved hard and cold as meat hooks and snagged her thighs from behind. He jerked her back away from Brad's heated stabs and frenzied clit nipping, stabbing viciously until his matted cockhair grated the soft flesh of her spread cheeks.

"Iiiiiyyyyeeeee!" Laura shrieked in sudden pain. She moaned softly from the spreading warmth of satisfaction. With a sly grin, she squirmed her ass one half beat more on Rod's big cock.

That broke the rhythm of Brad's demanding lust. When he hammered in again, Rod was spiking her from the rear. Kept apart only by a thin wall of slithering cunt flesh, their two swollen cockheads collided deep inside.

Hard as they were, both thick pricks buckled... warped for one split second by the force of their collision. Like two wrecked cars, they skidded crazily. Laura wailed a wild cry of passion that flamed them both.

They double-rammed her again and again, battering their cocks together like two dueling mountain sheep. Laura moaned and cried, and wondered how much she could take. Rod was hotter than he'd ever been before. And Brad no longer fumbled like an awkward young boy.

"Hhhhaaahhhh!" she gasped, savoring the heat of their lusty competition. She drew her hands from Brad's rock-hard little nipples and dragged them down his chest, while he twisted her clit and rammed breathlessly in and out of her seething cunt. With one hand, she pawed between his legs, feeling the thump of his hairy cockroot each time it slammed up against her cunt. With her other hand, she reached around back, over the arm that Rod had taut as a steel band to hold her thigh.

Like two snakes, her hands curled and crawled to find their balls. Brad's were easy. She could glance down each time her head rocked forward and see them flopping in their hairy sac. She scooped them into her palm, working her fingers to tease and excite him even more. At the same time, she searched blindly for her husband's swaying balls she could feel slapping against her ass.

"Aaaaahhhh!" Rod said when her fingers closed around his swollen balls. A frantic urge to cum made his eyes bulge as she juggled his balls with wavering fingers. "Not now, bitch!" He tried to drag her hand away. He felt nowhere near through ramming her hot little ass!

But Laura kept a firm grip and thrashed his balls until he felt crushing throbs of pain. "Aacccckkkkk!" he cried. Salty tears swelled at the corners of his narrow, rage filled eyes and dribbled down his ruddy cheeks. "You ball-ripping bitch!" Rod screamed.

"Hhhhoooooooo," Brad moaned, sinking into a swirling pool of unknown delight.

Laura gurgled meaningless sounds as she quaked between them. Her burning passions swelled and flamed, fanned by the fury of two cocks clashing deep inside. She twiddled Brad's balls and twisted Rod's.

The lust-crazed kid had little control. Rod could hold back and withstand much more. She could sense the difference pulsing in two sets of balls, and she wanted to bring them both to the irresistible peak of orgasmic release at exactly the same instant.

She cooed sounds sweet and soft as a lullaby to Brad, when the fury of her husband's ass fucking cock tipped her forward. She cursed and wailed through grinding teeth when the delightful swelling of Brad's long prick rocked her back.

"Oooo... hhaaa... ass fucker, I'll mash your balls!" Her gleaming hair flashed like satin. It became a sleek blur as the two stabbing cocks rammed faster and faster. Laura's whole body seemed to burn... first with smoldering warmth and then with blazing pain.

Her fingers sensed pulses of desire in the two hairy sacs of balls she held. Rod's bulged and steamed from the pressure he held trapped within. Brad's shivered as if they were about to explode.

"Aaaahhhh!" she moaned. "Hhhaaacccckkk!" Laura winced and wiggled a finger between Rod's legs, still milking his swollen balls.

She felt the coarse hair deep in his sweaty crotch, and she wiggled through it, squirming to find the dark lips of his ass. "You like ass fucking, you bastard?" she asked as her head rocked back. "Hhhooooo, Brad -- baby, you're sooo gooood!"

Back she rocked in an ebony swirl of soft black hair. Her finger hooked and snagged the lip of her husband's ass. "Shit dipper," she howled, "how do you like it?"

"Yyyyyaaaaahhhhh!" Rod's startled cry filled the room. Her finger wiggled side to side and spread his puckered lips.

"Stink-fingered slut!" he groaned. Ass reaming was the one delicious torture he could not resist for more than a few seconds. His gut clamped instinctively, and the hold on his steaming charge of cum fell slack. "Ggggrrraaahhhhh!"

Laura wrenched Brad's balls as she felt Rod's cock swell with a flood of boiling cum. A tremor of joy tingled her palm. She'd done it! They were both surging with hot spurts of jism.

"Oooohhhhh... hhhooooo!" One quaking cock gushed in her cunt. The other blazed liquid fire up her ass and both of them pumped faster in the wild frenzy of impending release.

Laura shook and trembled from the gushing waves that rocked her front and back. Faster and faster each stream of silver heat burned toward the other. Her twitching nerves twanged like guitar strings. Blue-white bolts of light crackled before her misty eyes. She stiffened, momentarily rigid, and then squirmed in rapture as twin pricks of lust thundered front and back, lifting her and driving linked and cross-linked in a perverted chain of obscene desire, three bodies thrashed and moaned as one. Laura's probing finger sank and squirmed to its last knuckle in the dark chasm of Rod's ass where it touched off sparks of jolting pleasure.

Brad's fingers swirled around Laura's rigid clit in a writhing frenzy. Twisting flames of frantic delight blazed from her nub and engulfed her whole body. Rolling spasms of rapture gripped the thick cock spurting in her cunt. Laura felt weak and let herself sink to meet its demanding stabs.

Brad felt the milking suction of Laura's sleek pussy and went half out of his mind. Maddening pressure swelled each time she squeezed and slid down his prick. Then he felt a shivering burst of satisfaction when he gushed deep in her seething cunt.

Rod felt the tight friction of Laura's trembling ass. When she lunged to spear herself on the hot young cock below, his long prick slid out to its very tip. Her dark ass ring clamped on the swollen knob of his cock, fighting and pulling to suck it back in.

He rocked forward, powered by vengeful desire.

The thick, blue-veined shaft of his prick spread her tight dark ass hole and strained in the snug, rolling grip of her shitter. Slick with jetting spurts of cum, his cock slammed wet and hard with the force of raging frustration. The more brutally he fucked her ass, the louder she wailed in screaming bliss.

Laura could no longer tell pain from pleasure. She sensed Rod's sullen rage by the biting growl of his voice, and knew by the vicious fury of his ass fucking that he wanted to punish her. But his frenzied ass fucking only amplified her joy.

Shock waves rumbled up her spine and left a blistered path of tingling nerves. Searing heat like the head of a giant match flared inside her skull. If it hadn't felt so good, she might have fainted from the pain. "I'm cumming!" she cried. "Oh, God... I'm cumming!"

Rod reamed and twisted, doing all he could to make her shiver in grinding agony and cry out for forgiveness. But it was too late for that. Later, he thought, when we're alone. Then I'll fix this wanton bitch. I'll fix her good!

At the same time, he felt steaming surges of pleasure. The way her little shithole squirmed and hugged his throbbing cock, the way she moaned and babbled and rocked her hips to meet his angry thrusts... he'd never loved or wanted her more.

"Aaaaahhh... hhhhhaaaaa!" Rod fired his last blazing spurt. His balls heaved, Laura's fingers teased, but they came up dry.

"Hhhooooo," she moaned when she felt its empty throb. But Brad's young cock still pulsed with flooding vigor. His gushing cum bubbled from her cunt slit and dribbled on his trembling groin.

Laura ground herself down on the damp mat of his rough cock hair. Her pink cunt lips pulsed and the raw nub of her clit bulged and slithered in the dripping overflow. "Hhhaaa. HHAAGGHHH!"

They were through. Weak and breathless, Rod let his sagging cock slip from Laura's ass. She tumbled sideways and sprawled across the bed between the two men. "Oh, that was good... the best I ever had," she told them.

A sudden blush reddened Brad's cheeks. "Aah, er... I guess I'd better be going," be said nervously, not daring to look at Laura's husband on the far side of her. "Er, well... it was nice meeting you," he babbled as he searched anxiously for his clothes. "Mrs. Benton... Laura. You too, Mr. Benton."

By then Brad was headed out the door, his pants only half on. He stumbled awkwardly, and Rod had to strain to keep from laughing. "Sure, Brad," he called after him. "We'll have to get together again sometime."

Laura still quaked with the blissful aftershocks of her double orgasm. Several minutes went by before she had breath to speak. Finally she looked at Rod, forced a weak little grin and asked haltingly: "You're not mad?"

Rod's eyes narrowed and he said, "Mad? No, hell... I'm not mad. I'm ass fucking furious!"


Cindy Wilson felt warm with an inner glow long after Rod left the house. She'd watched from the window, her blonde hair gleaming in the faint light of the setting sun, as he crossed the street with strong, determined strides.

She smiled and felt her confidence swell, watching him dodge nimbly between his car and the empty rented truck. That morning when the truck first arrived, Cindy had seethed with envy.

First she saw Mrs. Benton -- Laura -- her full figure and shining raven hair. So beautiful and so much a woman. Then, peering through a slit in the drapes, she'd watched Rod Benton climb down from the cab of the truck, strong and distinguished looking. Cindy had known then what she must do to prove herself a woman too. She had to have Rod Benton.

It wasn't that she lacked for sex. She had her pick of guys at school. When she leaped and pranced in the short gold skirt and tight black sweater the cheerleaders wore, a thousand young male eyes stayed glued to her every move.

But they were just kids, even the seniors who thought they were such hot stuff. Cindy felt more like a woman, she had for a long time. And she wanted a man. A real man. Someone strong, confident and controlled.

Why that urgent need? Why the restless yearning, when with just a wink and a smile she could have any hot young cock she wanted? Suddenly she knew. There was an aching void in her life that only a man could fill. And not just any man. Not Rod Benton or anyone else, but the man she knew better and loved more than any other.

With a trembling hand, Cindy picked up the phone and dialed a number she had memorized. She tossed her long blonde hair aside and cradled the receiver close to her ear. The phone rang once. Twice. Three times. Still no answer. Cindy drew in a nervous breath. What if he wasn't home. And what would she say if he was? Suddenly she felt like a little girl again, not like a woman at all.

"Hello?" a gruff male voice said at last.

"Hi," she answered with a nervous tremor that turned her voice to a pitiful squeak. "It's me Cindy."

"Cindy, what the hell? I mean, how are you, honey?"

"I'm fine," she said with a vixenish grin. "Just fine." She could still feel echoing throbs of a long, thick cock deep in her hungry cunt.

"Then what is it?" he asked. "I wasn't expecting you to call."

"I know, but I have to talk to you."

"O.K., talk." Impatience crackled in his voice. The dapper, dark eyed man on the other end of the line gazed hungrily at the busty young redhead lounging on the couch beside him. He rolled his eyes in an open gesture of frustration, covered the mouthpiece and whispered to her, "Just a minute."

"I don't mean on the phone," Cindy said. "I need to see you... talk face to face."

"Honey, we can't do that. Not right now. You know your mother wouldn't like it."

"She's at work," the young blonde said. "She won't be home until after midnight."

"I can't come there," he said firmly.

"Then I'll come to your place."

"No," he snapped harshly. Then his voice softened. "I... er, well... I've got company."

"Oh," she answered with a bitter chill. "And I guess she's more important to you now than I am?"

"No, it's not that, but..."

"Please," Cindy begged. "It's important. I have to see you."

The man sighed. He never had been able to resist that sorrowful tone of her voice. He could almost see the look of pleading urgency in her eyes. "All right," he said. "I'll be therein a little while."

"I knew you would!" she gushed excitedly. "Thank you, Daddy. Thanks a lot!"

Cindy smiled as she hung up the phone. Her confidence came swelling back. When her father said he had company, he meant that fiery red-haired witch from the office where he worked. She took a long breath and swelled her firm young tits. She'd show them. She'd show them both!

Brad Wilson stumbled into the living room, around the piles of boxes and jumbled furniture dropped here and there. At the front door he paused, rasping for breath, listening to the babble of angry voices from the bedroom.

He knew all hell was about to break loose, and he wanted nothing more than to get away. Far away. His parents had argued in the same tone before his father left. With them the trouble was not enough sex. He'd heard his father rage and call his mother "icy pants" more times than he could remember.

Brad pulled up his pants and quickly buttoned his shirt. The Benton's bitter quarrel was getting louder, and he heard Mr. Benton call Laura a "stinking whore" as he ducked out the door.

With them the trouble was too much sex. Halfway down the walk Brad heard Mr. Benton call Laura a "slut" and a "nympho", and then a sharp crack like maybe he'd hit her. Brad sighed and took a long breath. He didn't understand adults. Not at all. He needed to be with someone nearer his own age. And not his sister. Not her of all people. Shit, her head is messed up worse than mine, he thought.

And no wonder! As soon as Cindy's girlish figure began filling out, their father lectured her constantly about how rotten young guys are, how all they wanted was to feel and fuck. Of course, his dad never used the word "fuck", not with precious little Cindy. He got around it by saying stupid things like, "get fresh" and "go all the way". Even like that, he made having sex sound like an awful sin.

But then at night in their bedroom, Brad would hear his dad say terrible things when his mother wasn't all hot to trot. It didn't make sense. Of all of them, Laura Benton was the most honest and put-together person he knew. At least she knew what she wanted and how to get it.

Rod Benton grabbed Laura by her long black hair and jerked her off the bed. She cowered before him and he gave her a stinging backhand slap across her face. "You stupid cunt!" he roared. "What are you trying to do, get us run out of this town before we even unpack?" He slapped her viciously again and let her fall, sinking weakly to her knees.

She bowed over and shielded her face with her hands, whimpering softly while Rod paced angrily before her. His long half limp cock swayed like a meaty pendulum, dark and crusted from the ass reaming he'd just given her.

"Rod, please... don't hit me. I... I just can't help it when I get horny and you aren't around."

"Yeah? Well you'd better still be horny," he said. "I'm going to tame that kid-crazy cunt of yours once and for all!" He circled, behind her and Laura winced, thinking she might get hit again.

Instead she heard a soft hissing sound. "What are you doing?" she asked, too fearful to turn around.

"I'm getting a hunk of rope off one of the boxes you and that teenaged cunt-fucker brought in."

"Rope? Why a rope?"

"To tie your fucking hands.... so you can't fiddle with my balls or do any other damn thing to maker me cum before I'm Goddamned good and ready!"

She felt Rod loop the rope around one wrist and pull it behind her back. Then he grabbed the other arm and wrenched it behind her. The rope burned when he cinched it tight and knotted it securely.

"That hurts!" Laura whined. Her wrists felt raw and her shoulders strained from the pull of the rope. The biting pain brought tears to her eyes. But with that, deep inside, she felt a strange raw feeling of excitement. Rod had never been so angry or so forceful before.

He stepped before her and snarled, "Did you suck his hot young cock?"

Laura shook her head although she knew it was pointless to lie. Rod could read her like a book. "Don't lie to me you bitching fucker! You sucked his big prick, I know damn well you did!"

"All right, yes! I sucked his young cock and I fucking loved it. I'd suck it again if he was here. I'd gargle his hot jism and spit it in your face!"

Rod trembled in silent fury. She was taunting him, he knew that. But Laura didn't know what a dangerous game she was playing. His cock had swelled harder than an oak limb, with pulsing blue veins. Having his wife's arms tied behind her gave Rod a swelling sense of power. Too often, Laura tried to take command. She was a manipulator, and a good one. No more. "You're a slave," Rod said. "MY slave. My fucking COCKSLAVE!"

"Yes, Rod," she answered meekly. It seemed too dangerous to taunt him further. With the mounting tension of excitement, Laura also felt dull pangs of fear. Her whole body trembled, arms bound cruelly behind her back.

"See this?" Rod asked. He waved his blood gorged cock before her widening eyes. "That's COCK. MY cock. And you're going to suck it, slut. You're going to suck it good!"

"Sure, honey... anything you say."

A large mirror leaned against the wall at the foot of the bed. Later, when the house was set up, it would hang above their dresser. Now it gave Rod a perfect side view of his throbbing cock and his wife, with arms bound and lips reaching to suck him in.

Laura glanced sideways at the scene, first at herself tied and trembling, then at Rod's massive hard-on swollen with lusty rage. Seeing it, seeing herself in the mirror, somehow seemed less threatening, like watching an X-rated film. But the rope and the pain that sprang from it were real. In this film, Laura knew that she would be the star.

Rod curled his fingers in her long hair and jerked her head straight to face him. "You want to look? Look at this!" He flogged the thick shaft of his cock with one tightly curved hand. Its crimson knob bulged full and glowed with burning warmth. He swayed it side-to-side with his frantic pounding, slapping his hand against his hairy loins. Laura swayed with it like a timid bird hypnotized by a snake.

"SUCK!" Rod said. That broke the spell. He freed his lusty cock and gripped soft handfuls of silky black hair on both sides of her head.

"Aaaahhhh!" Laura gasped. She felt trapped. Cold pulses of fear and the hot flush of surging desire throbbed together from her racing heart.

Rod eased forward and pulled her head to meet the cum slit of his cockhead.

Laura's lips spread in a tight "O". Her tongue flicked out to the crusty flake of silver dried beneath his slit. Wet by her tongue, it began to flow. She could taste it, salty and bittersweet. "Hhhmmmm!"

She forgot the pain sparking from her wrists and circled the swollen ridge of Rod's cockhead. Her arms pulled against the biting rope. She wanted to pump his long prick, but she could not move.

Laura dipped forward, but Rod snapped her head back. "Not yet!" he insisted. "Do just the head first. Suck it good and lick it clean!"

"Hhhmmmmm... hhhmmm," she purred obediently. What else could she do? The fists balled tightly in the hair below her ears were like lumps of stone.

She could move her eyes, and she grabbed a quick sideward glance at their obscene performance in the mirror. She could see Rod only from the waist down, strong muscles bulging in his legs, his cock out stiff and strong as a steel beam.

"Mmmmmxnhhhh," Laura sang in her throat as she swallowed his pulsing red cockhead. "Eeeeyyyhhhh!" His prick had the sharp, stinging taste of moldy cheese. Laura's tongue recoiled.

"I said, SUCK!" And Rod pulled her head forward until she had no choice but to sample the pungent flavor of his hot prick.

"Uuuuummmmm!" Her tongue did a fearful dance, touching lightly and swiftly moving on. The tangy flavor of ass-dipped prick burned in her throat. "Yyyyuuuummmm," she gurgled warmly. The bitter taste excited her now.

"You like it, don't you?" Rod asked. He could feel her craving when her lips rolled in hard sucking waves. Then he pulled her hair and wrenched her constricted lips off his ruby bright knob.

The powerful suction broke with a smacking sound. Laura's lips quivered, begging silently for more. "Look at it!" he commanded her. "Check the mirror so you can see it all! I want you to remember what it looks like when it's all shoved down your throat!"

She gazed at the power of his heaving cock reflected clearly in the glass... half with gnawing hunger, half with nagging fear. Rod had never bound or tried to restrain her before. The sensation was completely new. Laura's dark eyes deepened in thought. This could be the wildest, most thrilling moment she'd ever shared with him, or it could be the most painful and horrifying. At that moment, she didn't know which.

"Show's over!" Rod barked. "Now it's time to eat!" He yanked on her hair and guided her quaking lips back to his waling cock. But this time he didn't stop with just the cockhead.

He dragged her forward with slow, steady force, filling her mouth with his hot prick. The straining, blood-swollen knob rammed the back of her mouth. Her tongue tubed like a trough to hold him from below, and she could feel waves of energy throbbing in his cum tube. They rolled in hot dry ripples, emanating from his prick.

Laura half choked from the grinding thrusts that hammered the back of her mouth. Each gasping breath she took burned her lungs with the steaming scent of hot cock. Laura felt dizzy from lack of breath and from the swirling rushes of excitement.

"More?" Rod asked, taunting her as she had often taunted him.

"Yyyyaaaa." Laura could not speak. She could barely wiggle her tongue. Her whole mouth was rammed full of cock, and Rod kept pressing in more. He pulled down roughly on the hair at the back of her head, straightening the path ahead. She felt her throat begin to strain and smolder from the burning force of his hot cock.

"Gggrrruuuuugh!" Laura began to gag. Jerking spasms shook the damp walls of her throat. The clinging pulses only flamed him with more intense desire. Rod pressed harder and pulled on her hair until her lips mashed flat in his furry pad of prick hair.

"Now suck, you miserable bitch! Suck my cock until you choke!" He pumped his hips and jerked her head back and forth and savagely fucked her gaping mouth.

Laura uttered a guttural cry, but the sound stayed trapped inside. Her tits swelled and trembled, red nipples burning from the strain. Her cunt pulsed with jealous waves. And her ass still tingled from the brutal reaming of his thick prick.

She knew the feeling, knew it well -- the churning warmth that burns like a fuse toward the massive charge of explosive orgasm. But never had her senses burned with such searing joy.

Rod beat faster with his raging cock, slamming it deep and twisting it hard. "Hhhhaaaa," Laura gasped in a sucking frenzy. If her hands had been free, she'd have grabbed his balls and milked them until he couldn't hold his gushing flow.

She wanted, needed a thick shot of steaming cum to set her off, to free her from the torturous delight of dangling on the brink. "Aaaahhhh," she whined.

Rod's long session with Cindy had drained the hammering urgency that usually thundered in his aching balls. Fucking his wife's snug little shithole had taken his last drop. It was anger and the heat of rage that filled his cock now. He felt the swelling sense of power that comes with complete control. He could fuck her sucking lips forever! He thought Laura shivered. Her soft white skin blushed red with burning desire. A sweltering fog hazed her vision. The mirrored reflection of Rod's long cock became a speeding blur, as he drew back and hammered into the depths of her throat faster and faster. Faster than her misty eyes could follow.

She screamed a throttled cry. Her head bobbed on its own to meet his jabbing thrusts. Rod slid his fingers from her hair and let it flow in silken waves, timed to the frantic rhythm of her jerking head. He let his hands slide to her shoulders, and down the front of her heaving chest, fingers spread to hold her creamy breasts. He gripped them firmly with his thumbs hooked to grind her rigid nipples.

"Aaaaacccchhhhh!" Laura's twisted senses went berserk. Honey gushed from her cunt like blood from some ghastly wound. Seething tremors forced out dribbles of creamy jism shot deep in her ass. She writhed in tormented delight, squirming and teetering on the verge of a massive orgasm.

But Rod still would not fire the shot needed to end the agony of expectation. "Cum," she cried in the silence of her tortured mind. "Make me cum with your hot jism!" He saw the furious hunger blazing in her eyes. He smiled, and he still held back.

Laura tugged at the rope to free her hands. She thrashed with the primitive fury of a trapped animal. And then she felt the oozing flow from her shithole. She made a gurgling sound of triumph. She spread her firm cheeks with the fingers of one bound hand, and strained until she could wiggle her middle finger against her dark puckered lips.

Rod mauled her huge tits with his grasping hands and raked her nipples with his thumbs. Sharp stings of pleasure shot from them and the raging frenzy of her sucking lips increased. He could not slam or twist his thick cock deep enough to satisfy her wolfish hunger.

Laura's squirming finger worked its way up the tightly crimped tunnel of her ass. New shocks of bliss burned upward toward her brain. She writhed as the crest of the wave passed through the depths of her seething pussy. She felt her breasts swell from the inner glow, despite the milking pressure of Rod's demanding hands. She rocked her head and sucked on his cock like a drowning swimmer gulps for air. Her tongue lashed the dry tube on his underside.

"Hhhuuurrrggggh!" It took all of Rod's self-control to choke back a gushing spurt. Laura nibbled with trembling lips and rolled her wet tongue in sucking waves. He tensed and hissed through grinding teeth. "Hhhhhmmmmmgh." He couldn't hold it!

She felt a tremor in his balls as they slapped against her chin. She had him now. His cum tube swelled like a ruptured gut. "Yyyyeeeeah!" The steaming pressure came with more force than Rod had ever felt.

Laura gulped and savored the sticky-sweet taste. Then like one who's just taken a dangerous drug, she tensed and waited for its effect. The upward surge of passion from her ass crashed head-on with Rod's molten stream. Flaring heat like a rocket's blast seared her nerves and made her cringe with joy.

"Whbhhaaaa!" she cried, slurping down more slick cream. "Aaaawwwggghhhh."

They rocked and quaked together, fused cock-to-mouth in the longest, wettest, wildest burst of ecstasy either of them had ever felt.

Laura gave a final shiver of joy and let his sagging, sucked-dry cock slip from her lips. One gleaming drop clung to the lip of his slit and she licked that off with a parting kiss.

Only then did she remember her hands were still bound. And only then could she look up and see the green fire of vengeful wrath still blazing in Rod's eyes.

"More?" she quaked.

He jerked her up by the hair and smiled as he said, "Yeah... more. Much more!" He spun her around and shoved to send her sprawling backward on the bed.

She gazed up through frightened eyes and whispered, "Oh, God..." His cock was getting hard again already!


Brad walked to the burger joint in the shopping center four blocks from the house. A bunch of the kids from school hung out there. He'd probably meet someone he knew. Besides, he was hungry. Now that his nerves had calmed from the frantic joy of fucking Laura Benton, he felt an awesome rumbling in his gut.

Todd Dillard and Gil Hooper were sitting in the corner booth, the one that gave a good view of any tit-jiggling chick who came in the place. Brad gave them a wave and stood drumming his fingers on the counter until the sour looking waitress served up his burger, chocolate shake and fries.

Gil said, "Shit, what happened to you?"

"Looks like he took a bath in a cement mixer," Todd quipped. Brad just shrugged and sat across the table from his two friends. When he first left Laura's house, he'd been bursting to tell someone -- anyone -- how he'd been sucked and fucked by that sexy older woman. Now he wasn't sure.

All the guys did a lot of talking. More talking than doing, Brad suspected. They all knew it was mostly shit, but they all did it just the same. It made them feel important. But fucking Laura Benton while her angry husband reamed her ass -- shit, that was so wild even his best friends wouldn't believe it.

"I'm just tired," Brad said. "I've been helping the new people move in across the street."

"Oh, yeah? I came by there an hour ago and the truck was empty then. Where have you been?" Gil asked.

"There's a lot to do inside."

"I'll bet there was!" Todd shot him a sly grin. "Her old man didn't get home until just a while ago. I saw him going in the house when I drove by."

"No shit?" Gil seemed impressed. "Were you alone all day with that foxy lady? What'd you do, Brad... come on?"

Todd sniffed the air. "Is that fresh pussy I smell?"

Brad said, "Shit, you can't tell the smell of cunt from a greasy cheeseburger."

"Ho! Listen to him. The pussy gourmet. Tell us Brad, did she let you eat her cunt?"

"Er, no," he said in a sullen tone. Then his eyes flashed and a taut smile wrinkled his lips. "She was too busy sucking my cock."

"You're shitting us," Gil said flatly.

"No, I even shot off in her mouth. She loved that, slurped it down -- like this!" He took a big gulp of his thick shake and licked the sweet taste from his lips.

"Now I know you are shitting us!" But Gil wasn't sure. A twinge of envy entered his voice. He remembered seeing Mrs. Benton, her big proud tits and smooth-domed pussy mound. One quick glimpse had made his prick throb with heated desire.

"Then what?" Todd wanted to know. He had a doubting look in his narrowed eyes.

"Then we fucked. And I mean, we FUCKED!" Gil picked his feet up off the floor and shouted, "Whooooa! Now the shit is really getting deep. I should've brought my hip boots!"

"We did!" Brad insisted hotly. "Twice... the last time with her on top, bouncing like a fucking rubber ball."

"Only twice?" Gil sneered. "Hot young fucker like you could only go twice?"

"Well, we might have done more, but her husband came home."

"Oh, sure. And he got pissed. He pulled a gun and killed you both... and that's the end of this fucking fairy tale."

"No, it's the God's honest truth. He was there. Her husband. And he was fucking her ass before I even knew he was in the room."

Gil rolled his eyes and said, "It's gotta be true. Nobody would make up anything so fucking crazy!"

"I know one sure way to find out," Todd said. "When lover-boy here goes back tomorrow, we'll both go with him."

"Yeah," Gil said as he wet his lips. "I was just thinking the same thing. If the lady likes two cocks at once, she'll go ape-shit when she gets three!"

Cindy Wilson brushed tiny beads of cold sweat from her forehead and smoothed her silky blonde hair. Peering through a narrow slit in the front drapes, she saw her brother Brad leave the Benton house, so clumsy with excitement that he almost fell down the porch steps.

She gave a sigh of relief when he turned toward the shopping center. That meant he was going to the burger joint and he wouldn't be home for quite a while. That suited her plan perfectly. She had to have time alone with her dad.

His sleek little sports car pulled to the curb minutes later. He'd left the family car for Mom to drive -- a stuffy old station wagon -- and picked out the gleaming new roadster the next weekend.

He'd taken her for the ride that first day, and Cindy remembered how her long golden hair fluttered in the wind as they roared along with the top down. She also remembered how her dad kept glancing at her with a strange new look in his bright eyes.

Despite the difference in their ages, Cindy thought they made a perfect looking couple. Her dad was tall and darkly handsome, and seeing the way he smiled at her had sparked a restless yearning she knew was sinfully wrong.

That long smoldering desire flared as he came up the walk. "Hi, Daddy!" she said at the door, her long hair shining like freshly minted gold.

"Hi, doll. How are you?"

"I'm fine... come in."

He looked around anxiously when she closed the door. "Now, what's so important that you had to see me tonight?"

Cindy's pretty face twisted slowly into a knot of grief. Tears like little pearls beaded in the corners of her eyes. "I need you, Daddy," she sobbed. "I want you to come home!"

Dan Wilson hugged his daughter and tried to comfort her with soothing words. She only sobbed more desperately and held him tight with her strong, young arms. "Honey, I just can't. You remember how it was with your mom and me."

"Yes," she said with afresh rush of tears. "But she misses you too. It might be different now." Her firm young breasts pressed hard against his chest. Her flared hips quaked in rhythm with her sobs.

That was different! Cindy had seemed like such a child seven months ago when he and Rhonda had agreed to split. Pretty, but awkward and shy. She'd grown and matured a lot since then. His golden haired little girl had become a very desirable young woman. And now she was tempting him, teasing him with her body. Dan couldn't help it. His hungry cock began to swell.

He fought the sinful urge to maul her proud young tits and grind his throbbing cock against her swaying pussy mound. God, how often had he warned her about that? About horny young guys and what they would want to do.

Dan forced himself to pull away. "Cindy, listen people don't change."

"Yes, they do!" she insisted. Her arms twined around her father's neck. "Look at me. I was such a stupid kid when you left. I know more now. A lot more!" She pulled herself close and ground her aching pussy mound against the straining fury of his swelling prick. "I've learned an awful lot!" Rod Benton had been her best teacher so far, but, far back in her mind, Cindy felt slyly sure that her own father would be even better.

"You been fooling around?" he asked sharply.

"Oh, a little..." She flashed a teasing grin and twisted her shoulders to rub his chest against her finely coned tits.

"With who?" Dan demanded. Damn, it, was hard for him to keep his hands off her... his own daughter, a sweet little angel-faced blonde now coming on like a fucking whore!

"With a couple of guys at school. Friends of Brad's, first Gil, and then Todd. Neither one of them was worth a shit!"

"Cindy!" Dan Wilson pulled back and slapped her across the face. "Don't talk like that! And don't act... don't even think..."

"Daddy, I don't understand you at all. You got pissed and left Mom because she doesn't get hot. Now you're pissed because I do!"

"That's different," he said with a sigh. "You're still a kid, even if your body is grown up."

She smiled through a veil of tears and cupped her hands beneath her blossoming young tits. "Do you like my body?" she asked. "Mr. Benton sure did."

"Benton? Who's he?"

"The new man moving in across the street."

"You've been with him too?"

"Yes, Daddy, I've been with him." She mocked his cautious choice of words: "I fucked him. I FUCKED him GOOD!"

"Oh, my God!" Dan Wilson's mind reeled with twisted desires. The first was to punish his willful daughter. "Come here!" He grabbed her arm.

"Whaaaat?" Cindy trembled as he sat down on the couch and threw her across his lap.

"You know what. You know damn well!" Dan lifted up his daughter's short skirt as he had when she was a little girl. And he pulled down her clinging bikini panties. "You're going to get the good spanking you deserve!"

"No, Daddy... please!" She squirmed across his lap until one knee was settled firmly in her crotch. She could feel the heavy pressure mashing her rigid clit. It excited her immensely.

Dan Wilson gazed wide-eyed at the bare cheeks of his young daughter's well-rounded ass. The way the light was hitting her ass cheeks, he could see fine golden hairs. Like the soft fuzz of a juicy peach, but more delicate and gleaming bright.

It took all his force of will to raise his hand and deliver a stinging whack. "Yyyyooooow!" Cindy cried, writhing from the pain, grinding her clit harder against her father's knee.

A blushing, hand-shaped welt blazed on one creamy cheek. Dan swatted her again and reddened the other side, his hand moving now in a blurring arc. "Oooooowwwwww!" she wailed each time he slapped her sultry flesh. Fuck oil gushed from Cindy's steaming slit. And when she squirmed, she could feel the massive swelling of his cock. It was exciting him as much as it was her. Maybe more. She'd never felt such a viciously hard prick, and she could not wait to see it!

"No, Daddy... no! I'll be good! I really will!"

"Ha!" He spanked her again. Both sides of her quaking ass glowed cherry red. Dan found it hard to breathe. He could feel damp warmth oozing from his daughter's pussy. It had soaked through the leg of his pants and warmed his knee.

"You've been a very naughty girl!" he said as he brought down his stinging hand again.

"I... ooowwwww... I know, Daddy. But I'll be good for you, I promise!"

"Will you?" he asked doubtfully. It was a game they were now playing. They both knew it, and they both enjoyed it. Cindy had grated her clit against his knee until she shivered on the verge of a grinding climax.

Dan felt his cock throb with sinful desire, but the ritual of punishment flushed all thoughts of guilt from his mind. The normally repulsive word incest never entered his head. Cindy was his daughter. She'd been bad, and she had to be punished. That's all there was to it.

He reached beneath her flailing arms, cupped her firm young tits and squeezed them hard. "Did Gil and Todd do this to you?" Dan could feel her rigid nipples burn through the thin fabric of her blouse.

"Yes," she gasped. "Oooooh, yes... they did. They both love to squeeze my tits."

"What about this Mr. Benton?" He continued to milk her pointed cones, drawing tender rolls of flesh toward the bulging warmth of nipples, burning with intense desire.

"Rod? Oooooohhh... hhhmmmmmm! He did even more. He undid my blouse."

"Like this?" Dan stood up suddenly, lifting his daughter with hands capped firmly on her tits. He spun around and threw her face up on the couch. Kneeling beside her, his racing fingers peeled open the front of her blouse.

His next breath seared his lungs. Cindy's tits heaved, bare and begging, before his eyes. Openmouthed, he fell on one. Wet lips slid over the soft cone. Sucking breath pulled and shaped it in his mouth. Then his tongue swirled around her tingling nipple.

"Noooooo!" she moaned, arching her back and moving his hand to grasp her other tit. "Not like that, not near as good. Ooooooh," she gasped. "Daddy, you're the best! Do it more. Suck my tits. Suck them both!"

His head swayed to the other side, lips pulled tight to catch just the nipple of that tit. He pulled and raked it with circling thrusts of his tongue. Then he spread his hands at her sides and pressed her creamy tits together until he could suck them both at once.

"Aaaaahhhh!" She writhed and groped with her hands. One fingered the taut muscles of his neck, pulling his head down harder on her sweltering breasts. The other found his knee and snaked up his thigh. At the top, she fingered the huge swelling of her father's cock.

"Ssssshhhhhh!" He rasped a startled breath. Cindy moaned and fumbled with the zipper of his fly, dragging it down and teasing his trembling cock at the same time. "Oooooh, Cindy," he said, raising his lips just enough to speak, "I can tell that you have been a very naughty little girl!"

"Yes, Daddy yes, I have." His slacks fell and bunched around his knees, and Cindy tugged at the waistband of his shorts to free his monstrous cock.

He felt a steaming surge and had to fight to keep from shooting in her hand. "How naughty have you been?" He stood up and towered above her, glaring down with a hungry look of intense desire. The fact that their lust was strictly forbidden made it all the more exciting.

"I... I've done this," Cindy said in a repentant tone. She slid off the couch and knelt before her dad, lips reaching like a snug wet sleeve to cover the long shaft of his cock.

"Hhhh... have you?" he gulped when she sucked him in.

"Mmmm... hhhmmm." She nodded her head, raking his bobbing cock gently with her teeth.

"Aaaaahhh... aaand this?" He rocked his hips to pump in two inches of his rock-hard shaft.

"Mmmmmm... hhhhhmmmm!" she purred with delight.

"Damn you!" he roared in a flaring rage. "My sweet little honey-haired girl is a cocksucking whore!" He jerked back and rammed the full ten inches of his raging cock into her mouth.

"Uuummmggghhhh." Cindy tilted her head and let his hot prick slide into the clinging hollow of her throat. Her tongue curved to lick the throbbing cum pipe she felt pulse with glowing warmth. Her hands grasped his ankles and slid up his legs, velvety soft on the hard muscles of his quaking thighs.

Dan capped his hands over her ears and held her firmly while he worked his prick deep in the dark grotto of her throat. "Uuuunnngh. Unnnnngh! You naughty, naughty girl!"

Cindy found her father's swaying ball sac and squeezed his aching balls. He wailed as though stung by a searing electric shock, and his cock pumped faster to become a frenzied blur.

"Gggguuuuugh!" she gushed, her mouth and throat stuffed full of throbbing prick. But her fingers danced with lewd desire, fanning his sinful lust... not for a moment thinking, or caring that sucking her father's cock, coaxing his balls to fire deep in her throat was so shamefully wrong in the minds of most people.

"Yyyyyaaaahhhh!" Despite his age and his experience, Dan could not resist the sucking fury of his daughter's mouth, or the skillful finger strokes that sent waves of heated joy arcing to his brain. He gushed his held-in breath and released the knot of torment at the root of his prick. A geyser of hot jism gushed and splattered in her throat, rolling in thick waves, whipped to a creamy froth by the stabbing frenzy of his thick cock.

"Aaaaahhhhhh!" Dan cried each time he jetted off. "Uuuuunnnnng!" he gulped, in the brief moment it took his balls to convulse and ready another load. Cindy moved with the tense rhythm of his demands. She adored the obscene power of her father's enormous prick. "I... I guess you've had it in your pussy too," he said as he dribbled a last weak shot.

"Mmmmhhh... hhhmmmm," she chuckled wetly. Her lips were still sealed on his cum-slick cock. It was still hard and shivering with raging lust.

She drew back her lips and tossed her long blonde hair. It flashed in the soft light like a flowing river of gold. She eased her fingers from his balls and slid them the full length of his silver creamed cock. God, it was a beautiful thing, so long and still so bulging hard. She could feel the blue veins throb with the rapid pounding of her father's heart.

She smiled wickedly and spun around, bending sharply at the waist, flicking up the short skirt to bare her red-welted ass. "But I've never had it here, Daddy. I saved my naughty little shithole just for you."

His dripping cock throbbed with a savage beat, like the war drums of a primitive jungle tribe. Sodomy and incest combined? No act he could imagine was more steeped in sin. And nothing he could think of could have excited him more!

Cindy's teasing fingers spread the cheeks of her reddened ass to show the snug dark circle of flesh that waited and pulsed so temptingly.

"Aaaarrrggghhhh!" Dan abandoned all pretense of punishment. No games now, only the tight, clinging friction of his beautiful young daughter's virgin ass.

"Hhhaaa. HHHHAAAAA!" Cindy's head snapped back from the sudden force of his thrust. She felt her quivering ass lips strain as they were pushed in and shoved apart by the soft cushion of her father's enormous cockhead.

Behind that she felt the wet heat of his rigid prick. But for being slick with cum, it would have ripped her tight little ass hole. As it was, it glided in creamy smooth, and burning hot!

"AAAAAHHHHHH!" Cindy had never felt such delightful agony. The tight little tube of her ass hugged and squeezed her father's searing cock, pulling and sucking just the way she had worked her lips.

Dan felt the seething fury. His eyes glazed and flooded with tears of unrestrained delight. No mouth, no cunt had ever worked his cock with such frenzied waves of joy. He grunted hoarsely. Just a few deep stabs and he felt ready to fire again.

His ball sac slapped her when he bottomed in her ass. It sounded like his hand such a short while before. The irony of that warped his mind. Then she was his little girl. Now she was just HIS!


Laura cowered on the bed wide-eyed and still, like a deer being stalked by a stealthy mountain lion. Her bound wrists lay in the hollow of her back, arching her body.

Rod paced angrily at the foot of the bed, flogging his wet cock with his right hand. It loomed hard and long, ready for anything. His wife's timid helplessness inflamed his lust.

"You know what's going to happen, don't you?" Rod shouted in an angry voice. "That fucking kid is going to brag to his friends. They'll talk to other kids. Pretty soon it'll be all over town... Laura Benton is a kid-fucking whore!"

"No," Laura said weakly, "Brad won't say anything."

"Like shit, he won't. When I was that age, if I'd fucked an older woman as great looking as you, I'd have shouted it from the roof tops!"

"He won't," she whimpered softly. Her shoulders ached from the tug of the rope. Laura pushed with her feet and rolled on her side to ease the pain.

Laura squirmed uncomfortably, her eyes glued to the throbbing beat of Rod's long cock.

"What's the matter?" he asked. "Does the rope hurt your arms?"

"Yes," she whined. "When I'm on my back, it does."

"Well, let me help you." He came around to the side of the bed behind her and jerked at the knot that bound one wrist. When it pulled loose, he hauled the rope toward the heavy wooden post at the head of the bed, pulling her bound wrist that way. Then he looped the rope around the past on the other side and pulled it back.

"What are you going to do?" Laura's voice had a dry rustle, like dead leaves. Rod said nothing, but snared her other wrist and jerked it above her head. He tied it tight, one arm pulled toward each side of the bed. The he bent down out of sight. "Now what?" Laura wondered.

"More rope," he muttered, pulling the binding off another box. "I'm going to spread your fucking legs and tie them to the foot of the bed."

"No!" Laura kicked her feet in an effort to keep them free, but Rod's raging strength was far too much. In a moment he had her bound and completely helpless, spread-eagled on the bed, twitching and jerking like a rabbit in a snare.

"There!" he said with a grim smile. His gleaming cock heaved expectantly.

"Now what?" Her voice quaked, her lower jaw trembled. Rod still had another piece of rope. A short one, thick and strong, made of rough brown fiber. "What's that for?"

"A whip!" He doubled the heavy rope and held the two loose ends in his hand, whirling the loop above his head. It whined through the air like an angry bee. Naked, with his huge cock hard and throbbing, and the loop of rope twirling high above his head, Rod looked like an obscene cartoon cowboy. "AAAAAGGGGHHHHH!" he roared.

The thick loop of rope blurred and snapped and stung Laura's tender flesh. "Oooooow!" she cried, jerking her head and watching in horror as a red welt rose in a loop around her dripping, defenseless cunt. "OOOOOOWWWWWWW!"

He hit her again just as the searing pain from the first lash reached her brain. Rod hit her again and again with the biting rope, maybe half a dozen tunes, so fast that neither of them could keep close count.

The maze of red welts spread to cover Laura's heaving breasts, her smooth belly, her quaking pussy mound. Between neck and knee, no part remained untouched. The tangle of red lines on white skin looked raw, like veins in a bloodshot eye.

Laura's piercing cries came faster and faster, a new loud scream of pain before the echo of the last had faded. Rod marveled at the sound. It was the same as she made when she neared an exciting sexual climax.

Her lusty wailing made his cock ache with raging desire. Veins webbed along its sides bulged and swelled, like the muscles in the arm he used to wield the heavy rope. "AAARRRGGGGH!" He hit her again, his arm weak, his whole body trembling with the heat of intense joy.

Strangely, Laura felt pleasure more than pain. When the searing bite of the rope became more than her mind could bear, her brain tried to block it out, to pretend that it wasn't there. Her body became numb, then vibrantly alive again. Fuck oil gushed from her cunt like water.

In some twisted corner of her mind, the hissing loop of rope had become a giant cock. She writhed in aching joy each time it burned her skin. She screamed tense cries of passion each time it drew back for another vicious strike.

"Ooooooh," she moaned in a warble of sheer delight. "Rod, I love it! I love your big cock!"

"Whaaaaa!" The rope fell slack by his side. His prick gave a mighty heave, flaming the knob with bulging lust.

"I can't get enough of your huge prick!"

"Is that why you fuck with those punk kids?"

"Yes!" she shrieked. "Having them only makes me want you more."

"You want more, you'll get MORE!" He leaped up on the bed and knelt down by her head. "Bitch!" he hissed. "I'll give you more cock than you can stand!"

"Yes, yes," she begged in a gasping voice. "Do it. Fuck me! Fuck me hard. Make it hurt! Oh, Rod, it HURTS SO GOOD!"

Rod spread his legs astride her face, his jerking cock throbbing only inches from her lips. Laura could feel the heat of his sweltering lust. She'd never seen him so excited! His trembling balls sagged in their warm sac and touched her nose. She breathed deeply of the pungent man-scent and reached out with her tongue.

"Hhhhhmmmmmm," he moaned. Laura tipped back her head and sucked one throbbing ball, rolling it in her wet mouth with the auger of her tongue. "Mmmmhhhhh!" Laura shifted to the other side, pulling with outstretched lips. "Aaaaahhhhhh!" she heard her husband gasp.

"I want your cock!" she cried.

"And you'll get it!" He reared back and plunged blindly for her wet mouth.

Laura twisted to receive his heated thrust. Still it didn't go in straight. His swollen cockhead made one cheek bulge and then glanced off, sinking into the waiting hollow of her throat. "Hhhhooooo!" She loved to suck a burning prick!

Her lips pulled tight, wavering with delight. Her tongue rolled and snaked out for his hairy root. With him above her, facing her feet, his immense prick was at exactly the wrong angle for a smooth entry. Laura had to tip back her head until she thought her neck might break.

All the familiar delights came to her upside down. Instead of plowing the roof of her mouth as it usually did, his burning cockhead raked the floor. "Mmmmmmmmm," she gulped. Rod bent down then and that pressed the bottom of his cock hard against her upper teeth. Laura had to twist her neck even more to keep from biting it half off.

It was the smell of his wife's cunt that drew him down. The scent rose thick and slow, eye-smarting strong, in musky acrid waves. Rod spread his tips wide and nibbled Laura's dense spread of damp pussy hair. It reeked the scent of lust. Damp and soft, he pulled her tangled hairs with his teeth.

"Yyyyyaaaahhh," she said Laura felt barbed spikes pulling between her widespread legs. She jerked and felt the answering tug of ropes that bound her down.

Rod continued his hungry mouthing while he rocked his hips to fuck her mouth, slow, even strokes at first, faster as his passions swelled. "Yyyyuuuummmm!" Fuck honey dribbled from her slit, sweet and sticky-smooth.

He lapped at it like some desert beast too long away from the waterhole. "Sssllluuuup!" Her tangy flavor burned his tongue. Laura writhed beneath his rasping tongue, squirming against the pull of the ropes just as she had when she felt the first bite of the rough whip.

Rod spread her soft wet pussy lips with a wiggling thrust of his tongue. Then he licked and lashed back and forth in the creamy slather at the mouth of her slit.

"Hhhhooooo!" Laura's hot breath bulged her cheeks and hissed out around the hairy base of his cock. He had it all the way in -- all the way down her clinging wet throat.

Laura mumbled cries of joy from the neck twisting strain of his driving thrusts. His thick cock fur scrubbed her lip like a scouring pad when he spiked and twisted in writhing delight, feeling the gasp of her wet throat.

"HHHHHHAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!" He inflated her cunt with the heat of his savage breath. "HHHHUUUUMMMMM!" It stung the sensitive lips of her fucked-out pussy.

Laura answered by sucking more furiously on his driving prick. Her throat moved in rolling waves. Rod's tongue lanced out and he stabbed her pussy a half beat off the rhythm of his spearing cock.

Her tense nerves pulled tighter in jerks. Murmurs of joy rumbled deep in her heaving chest. Laura arched her back, pulling against cruel restraint, and pulsed the snug tube of her cunt around his thrusting tongue.

I want your cock! she screamed inside her mind, I want you to cum and flood my throat with spurting jism! But she lay bound and helpless, resigned to the fact that Rod would do with her as he damn well pleased!

She knew when their intense climax did come, it would be the greatest yet. That thought made Laura dizzy with expectant delight.

Cindy led her father down the long hall to her bedroom at the back of the house. He knew the way, of course. How many times had he gone that route to tuck her in when she was small? Now he followed with his lusty cock stretched long and powerful.

The golden sheen of her long blonde hair paled as they entered the darkness of her room. Dan quietly closed and locked his daughter's bedroom door, watching entranced as the last faint sliver of light narrowed to flash on the glaze of cum that had dribbled down her smoothly tapered legs.

"Now..." she said, turning to face him, spreading her arms to curl around his neck, " I want you to fuck my cunt!"

He felt a sharp pang of guilt, but only for an instant, only until the firm warmth of her tempting young body pressed against his.

Her soft belly snuggled against his upraised prick, pushing it back until it stood trapped between them. Dan felt his own sultry warmth. He moaned and tangled his grasping hands in the waves of blonde silk that flowed down her back.

Cindy hummed throaty sounds of animal delight. The way she sounded, the way she tensed and squirmed her eager body against his rigid prick, the way her musky woman-scent flooded the room, it was impossible for Dan to think other as a young girl. And no way could this lusty cunt be the innocent daughter he remembered.

He dug his hand between them and fingered her soft, blonde-furred pussy mound. Cindy said, "Hhhhhmmmmmm... Daddy!" and eagerly spread her legs, lowering one hand to guide his probing finger to her slit.

"You little witch," bemoaned. Then he hooked his finger and snagged her clit. He tweaked it up and down, rolled it side to side, then spun it in an ever-tightening circle.

"Hhhhaaaaaa," she gushed, "Hhhhhoooo, Daddy!"

He winced at the sound of that word, some distant echo from his conscience. The throb of his fast-beating heart quickly drowned it out. "Call me Dan," he insisted weakly.

She laughed softly, deep in her throat. "Sure... I'll call you Jesus Christ if you want... as long as I can have your big cock!" Her straying hand curled around it and teased softly up and down.

"You're a BITCH!" he hissed. "A beautiful, prick-teasing little bitch!"

"I know what you want... I know what you've been hungry for so long!" She stroked with a firmer grasp, bulging a wave of foreskin over the hot knob of his flaming cock.

"Hhhhhaaaaaahhhhh!" Dan rasped out a hot breath as she tightly drew back his trembling cockflesh.

God, if his indifferent wife could see them now! Once, when his cock was aching as hard as it was now, Rhonda had coldly turned her back and curled in a tight ball.

"What the hell am I supposed to do with this?" he'd asked, dragging her cool hand to his hot prick.

"I don't give a damn what you do with it!" Rhonda had said. "Slam it in the closet door. Fuck your secretary. Go out in the yard and fuck the dog... just don't bother me. I have an awful headache!"

The stupid bitch! She had no brains to ache. When he left her to fuck with the hot-blooded young redhead who typed and took dictation, Rhonda screamed and cried in bitter wrath. Then she hired some bitch lawyer who went, for his balls on the way to his bank account.

Dan had laughed bitterly when he saw the settlement Rhonda had the shyster bitch draw up. He read it all, twice and said, "This is the first good fucking I ever got from you!"

Cindy's wavering fingers tugged his straying thoughts back, to the present. "Mom must have been crazy to let you go," she purred in warmth and admiration. "I'd have fucked that cock until you couldn't walk!"

"Don't talk..." He didn't want to be reminded. He circled her clit again until all Cindy could do was wail and tremble with shivers of joy.

"Oooooo, fuck me!" she moaned and threw herself backwards on the bed.

It took Dan a moment to find her. The furniture wasn't the same as before. His groping hands first touched her tits, firm cones of proud flesh pulsing with warmth from within. He stroked them, pulling and drawing his fingers toward red nipple crowns, thick and hard and burning with wanton desire.

"Oooooooh," Cindy cried in the gloom. "I'm ready... I'm ready NOW!"

Dan felt his way down to her legs and spread them wide. Cindy gasped and waited, feeling the narrow bed sag down when he knelt between her smoothly tapered legs.

The strong scent rising from her juicy slit pulled on his cock the way a magnet would draw a hot steel bar. It flexed downward, guided by her hand. Her dripping warmth engulfed him. Soft outer lips parted with quivering joy. A snug ring of taut flesh then squirmed and pulled to suck him in.

It was the warmest, wettest, tightest little cunt he'd ever fucked. It grasped with trembling waves. It pulsed and strained, eager and uncertain. It had never held a cock as hot and hard as his was then.

"Cindy," Dan said with a lusty roar. He let his full weight fall on her, his back arched only slightly to cushion the shock of his stabbing thrust.

Cindy's spread legs jerked up and locked around his waist in a grinding scissors-grip. She wanted no cushion. Her hot young pussy wanted all the prick he had to give. "Hhhhhooooo," she cried in gushing ecstasy. "It's so long and fucking HOT!"

He rocked back and viciously spiked her again, not wanting to hurt her but needing to feel the full depth of her seething pussy.

"Oooooohhhhh!" Cindy could hardly catch half a breath between his driving thrusts.

"Damn! You fucking little whore!" It took all his strength to make her purr, one swift, deep reaming jab after another, and still she whined and begged for more!

"Go, Daddy, go!"

He didn't give a damn now what she called him. He just wanted to fuck her eager young cunt-fuck it hard and deep like it had never been fucked before. His hairy loins slapped furiously against the upraised valley between her legs. He ground and twisted at the bottom of each stroke, wrenching her clit when he did.

"Hhhhheeeeeee!" Cindy squealed. It felt like someone twisting a giant screw. Ripping threads wound deep inside her. And each time, the grinding force increased. She gasped and chanted when she could, "Fuck, Daddy. Fuck Daddy. FUCKDADDY!" As he beat faster, it became one word. "FUCKDADDYFUCKDADDY!" Then a jumbled wail.

When the sound of her cries rose toward a fevered pitch, Dan eased the tight knot of control at the base of his cock. He rammed it deep and let fly a searing burst. Hot jism flared from his cock and left a heated trail.

Cindy felt the splattering flood. God, she didn't know where it came from. How could a man hold so much? How could he fire again, so hot and so fucking fast? She couldn't count the rippled spasms that filled her pussy.

Her cunt boiled with the fiery cum. It made slurping noises when Dan drew back, hissing like steam when he stabbed in. Hot cum became a froth like egg whites whipped thick and smooth. It puddled warmly beneath her upraised ass, and she squealed when he rammed her down into his sticky goo.

"Hhhhhhheeeeeeeoooooooh! I'm cumming. I'm cumming too!" In the darkness, her thoughts blazed. For an instant she saw Rod Benton's face, as she had that afternoon... but the hammering magic of her own father's cock was even more delightful than the fucking she'd had that afternoon. Rod had been right when he said it was just the best so far!

Rhonda Wilson got off work at midnight. She walked quickly to the car, hoping to avoid George, the maintenance man so hot to get in her pants.

"Hey, Rhonda," he called after her, "let's go grab a beer!"

"I'm not thirsty," she said without looking around.

"Then let's fuck!" he said.

"George, you can fuck-off! I need your cock like Custer needed more Indians!"

He walked away mumbling, "Frigid bitch!" And Rhonda winced. It wasn't fair! Just because she was divorced, all the men at the plant seemed to think she had a constant cunt ache, that she would happily drop her pants for any ass hole who asked.

Then sadly she thought, my pussy does itch! Like the old saying, you don't think about what you have until it's gone. She wanted her husband Dan. She needed that big prick she had so stupidly ignored once too often.

There had been men in her life since -- several -- but not one worth a shit compared to what she had before. "Oh, fuck... I was such a selfish, stupid bitch!" she cried when she closed the car door. "I'd give my ass to have him back!"

That's the one thing she had never, never done. Let Dan fuck her in the ass. He wanted to. He'd tried several times, but she'd squirmed away in disgust.

She couldn't help it. Her upbringing had been so strict. Rhonda had thought back to her childhood many times during her months alone. And she realized now that her mother's stern lectures had completely turned her off. As a virgin bride she had been properly fearful of sex. Her mother said it hurt, and it sure did. And after that everything went from bad to worse. Damn, she thought, if I could only do it all over again.

But it was too late for that. Dan probably never wanted to see her again. She couldn't blame him. He had his red haired bitch. Why would he want to give her another chance?

Rhonda fingered her restless cunt through the slacks she wore to work. Well, if I can't have Dan, there is a way I can have a cock like his. She smiled and rubbed harder on her drooling slit, thinking lewd thoughts of her young son Brad.


Rhonda's heart leaped into her throat when she saw Dan's new red sports car parked in front of the house. Something's happened, she thought. One of the kids has been hurt!

She ran across the lawn toward the door. Small, cold breaths of fear chilled her lungs and made her racing heart shiver. Outside the door, she paused a second to collect herself. Rhonda took a long, calming breath. Then she smoothed her silver blonde hair.

"What happened?" she asked as she burst into the room. "Dan, what's wrong?"

Her ex-husband smiled stiffly. He was sitting cross-legged on the living room couch, looking calm and in control. And very sexy, as always. Rhonda's thumping heart now beat with a new rhythm.

"Nothing's wrong," he assured her. His smile softened. Dan looked more friendly now than when she had first burst into the living room. He was thinking of his daughter Cindy, comparing her with his ex-wife.

Rhonda's hair didn't have the gleam of pure gold. The years had streaked it with silver. She was more full-breasted than Cindy, and her hips flared more dramatically from her narrow waist.

"You're looking good," Dan said simply. "Damn good!" He liked the flashing veins of silver in her long hair. And his lips moved, hungry once again for her large, thick-nippled breasts.

"I'm sure you didn't come by in the middle of the night just to tell me how I look," Rhonda said. Her tone was cool, the words quite crisp. Rhonda bit her lip, wishing she'd given him a warmer greeting.

"Er, no." Dan searched for words. He couldn't tell her the truth. Not the whole truth. Not yet. "Cindy called, said she wanted to talk. She sounded pretty upset, so I came over."

"Upset? Upset about what?"

Dan searched her eyes, her expression for some hint of her inner thoughts. "She misses me," he said finally. "She wants me to come home."

"Oh." Rhonda let the small word drop like a brick from the top of a ten story building. "And what do you want?" She stood near him now, looking down, wondering if he would mind if she sat beside him.

"Oh, you know me," he said lightly. "What I always wanted."

"Aaaah, yes." Rhonda threw herself down beside him on the couch. "Dan," she blurted, "oh, Dan, I was such a fool! I got so tired working and raising the kids. I... I let you down. And I'm sorry!" Rhonda coiled her arms around his neck and hugged him nervously. The sudden warmth of him made her pussy juices flow wet and free -- a wonderful sensation she had missed for far too long.

"That was then," he said without a trace of bitterness. "It's now I'm wondering about." One of her softly swollen breasts had mashed itself flat in the hollow beneath his left arm. The other leaned temptingly across his chest. Dan cupped the creamy tit and squeezed it warmly, working his fingers toward the thick nipple at its peak.

"Now I need you. I want you. Oh, Dan, I want you so much!" Rhonda warmed instantly to his touch. She pulled her shoulder back and pressed her full breast more firmly into his grasp.

"Do you?" he asked doubtfully. He found the side zipper of her slacks and pulled it down, working his hand across her sleek panties toward the slit of her cunt.

"Yes! Oh, God, yes!" she rocked her hips to meet his probing fingers.

He worked his hand up, inside the elastic and down through her damp tangle of cunt hair. "How much?" he asked, sliding one long finger to the mouth of her drooling gash.

Rhonda squirmed and her mouth trembled. "I... I can't tell you how much. Let me show you!" She arched strongly, stabbing his finger into her juicy slit, clinging and writhing while she worked her way out of her clothes.

"I can't remember the last time you got this hot!"

"It's not the last time," she assured him. "It's the first. The first of many! Oh, Dan, take me back! Just take me. Do anything you want!"

"Anything?" he asked on an in drawn breath. Her searching hands had found his naked cock. His raging heat had dried the thick oils from his daughter's pussy, but the sheen and the scent of her remained.

"Yes, anything!" Rhonda took a deep breath. She caught the scent of cunt, but never would have dreamed where it came from. She jerked her hand excitedly up and down his gleaming cock.

"Aaaaahhhhh," Dan said. He'd wondered at first if this woman could ever excite him again. She had at first, of course, in the early years of their marriage. Then things just went to hell. But now all of his old feelings came surging back.

"I can still make you hot," she purred happily. "I can still make your big prick throb and glow like a burning log!"

"Yeah, you can," he had to admit. His cock ached from the searing strain of blood her flailing hand pumped into his ruddy prick. "If you want it... EAT IT!" he told her.

Rhonda gulped. She'd never cared much for cocksucking. It was wrong, sinfully wrong, her mother had often said. So what? Her mother was full of shit! She spread her lips and closed them warmly on the swollen head of his hot prick.

"Hhhhhhooooo," she said. She had done it once or twice. Only to please him. When he'd rammed it in, she almost gagged. Now she pulled and sucked hungrily with soft wet lips as sleek as fur.

A tangy, biting flavor filled her mouth. She knew it was the taste of another cunt. It had to be. But she didn't care. She'd show him she was better. She'd win him back! Rhonda bobbed her head in a silver-blonde blur.

"Yyyyyyuuuuuummmmmm!" she crooned, slurping down the smooth, sweet taste of cunt. "Mmmmmmmmhhhhhhh!" Too bad she hadn't sucked him more before. She loved the power of that throbbing prick. It swelled and burned in her wet throat and filled her mind with clouds of lusty steam.

Hard and hot as his huge cock was, Dan felt nowhere near ready to come. Sweet little Cindy had seen to that. He smiled, knowing that this would be a long and very special night for his ex-wife. He had one old score left to settle, and thoughts of that made his cockhead tinge with raw delight!

"Fuck me!" Rhonda said, dragging her lips from his cock just long enough to speak the words. She covered his hand with hers and made him maul her slithery clit. It bulged full and warm from its protective folds of skin, and jagged sparks of need stabbed through her when he twisted it and worked it up and down.

"Oh, yes!" she cried after another sucking cock stroke. "You make my pussy burn! Fuck me, Dan. Fuck my hungry cunt!"

He smiled to hide his chilling thoughts. It wasn't her eager cunt he wanted. It was her ass. Her virgin shithole. He was thinking about that and what her fucking divorce lawyer had tried to do to him. "I'm going to fuck you," he said calmly. "I'm going to fuck you in a way you'll never forget!"

"Do it!" she cried. "I want you. I want you back!"

"And back is where you're going to get it," he said. "Turn over!"

"Whhhaaaat?" Rhonda gulped in fear, but she did as she was told. She knew she had no choice. She lay face-down before him on the couch, her whole body quaking with frightful expectation.

"Now reach back and spread your cheeks," he said firmly.

She gasped and curved her fingers on the heavy domes of her ass, easing them apart to show a tight, dark ring of muscle, tormented by thoughts of what was to come. The feel of his enormous prick still burned in her throat.

"Relax!" He wiggled a finger at the lips of her trembling shithole.

"Hhhhuuuuggghhh?" How could she relax? Even a tiny finger made her squirm. What would happen when she felt the power of his big cock? "Hhhhhhoooooo!"

The pain had eased. Rhonda gasped in relief and raised her ass to feel more of his wiggling finger. It jangled her nerves and made a tinkling sound like little bells. "I like it!" she croaked in wander. "Ooooh, I like your finger up my ass!"

"Then see if you like this!" He jerked his finger out and prodded her ass with the head of his big prick.

She groaned loudly. God, it burned like molten steel. It pushed and spread her puckered lips. It swelled and strained the squirming tube beyond. "Oooooh, God!" she cried. "Oooooooh, slit! Dan! Dan, please... it hurts!"

"Oh, yeah?" He didn't care. "Like what your bitching lawyer tried to do to me?"

"Yes, I guess... oh, shit! Dan, I'm sorry!" He was maybe half inside. She could feel the taut sleeve of her ass writhe in tormented delight. The first wave was pain, then spreading warmth. Her shithole burned and begged for more.

She got it! Dan lunged and drove it clear to the root, twisting his damp pad of prick hair hard against the upraised softness of her ass.

"HHHHHHHAAAAAAA!" she yelled.


"You like it..." he said in a voice half-choked with surprise.

"Yes. Oh, shit... YES... I love it! Drive it in! Rape my ass with your big prick. Do it. Do it hard. Do it anyway you want!"

Dan dove at her with a quick series of deep thrusts. Rhonda felt her eyes bulge and fill with tears from the fury of his spearing prick. "Hhhhhhhooooooo," she said in a low moan of mounting joy. "I love your hot cock!"

"Even when it tastes like cunt?" he asked.

"Yes... yes. It's even better that way! Ooooooohhh!" Her voice warbled in time with his ass-ripping stabs.

"That was Cindy's cunt you tasted," he said.

"I don't care!" She didn't. Rhonda's newly awakened passions blazed intensely. "You can fuck her... fuck anyone you want... as long as you come back to me!"

Her pleading wail melted the last icy nerve in Dan's body. He fucked harder and faster than before, driving, and twisting and hearing her scream with savage delight.

Rhonda had been shocked at first, thinking that Dan had fucked their daughter. But like his big cock slamming in and out of her ass -- once she got used to it, it made her mind swirl in a cyclone of lusty desire.

And his frank confession eased her mind in another way. Because as good as Dan was with that big cock of his, Rhonda still yearned to fuck with her young son!

Brad got to the burger joint the next day at noon. Gil and Todd were waiting in the corner booth. Lewd grins curved their lips, and warm juice dripped from the burgers they were wolfing down.

"You're late!" Gil said, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. He was a big kid. Not tall, but heavy and strong. Todd looked more like a limber whip.

"Couldn't help it," Brad said. "I was watching the house. Mr. Benton didn't leave until just now."

"Must have been a hard night," Todd said. "Hard on that sex-pot wife of his."

"Yeah," Brad agreed. "I watched them say good-bye, and it looked like she'd been through her wringer."

"Haaa, haaa," Gil laughed. "Just think how she'll look when he gets home!"

Laura took a warm shower when Rod left, and gazed curiously at her reflection in the bathroom mirror as she dried herself with a fleecy white towel.

The red welts from her beating the night before had faded, but could still be seen. Her skin tingled from the memory of that experience. At first it hurt, hurt like bloody hell! But she had warmed to her feeling of helplessness, and to the lusty frenzy of desire it inspired in Rod. He had never been more brutally demanding, or more satisfying to her savage needs.

She dressed and started to straighten up the bedroom. She unpacked a few boxes, arranged things on the closet shelf and then took the empty cartons out back. When she reentered the house, Brad Wilson and two kids she'd never seen before were waiting in the living room.

"Oh, Brad..." she said, looking uncertainly at the other two. "I wasn't expecting you."

He looked down, avoiding her eyes, and he shuffled his feet. "I... we thought you might need some help. This is Gil and Todd, friends of mine from school."

"Gil... Todd," she repeated. "I'm pleased to meet you. And, yes. Oh, yes! I can use all the help I can get."

"We thought so," Gil said. He'd appointed himself leader of the group. "Brad here told us all about you."

"Oh, did he?" She seemed unconcerned. Laura walked back to the bedroom and continued unpacking. With Gil in the lead, the other three followed.

Gil was rough looking, built strong and hard, like a linebacker, or a wrestler. A tangle of coarse dark hair filled the open vee of his shirt collar.

Todd looked more like a snake, long and lithe. He watched her with darting, deep-set eyes and gave her a sly, knowing grin when their hungry gazes met.

Brad seemed out of place. He looked younger than the other two. Less certain. More unsure. She had the feeling that he'd rather leave than take part in what the trio had planned. That shy uncertainty is what had attracted her to him, beside his flesh and handsome young good looks.

She liked young boys not only for their strength and vigor, but also because she could mold them, shape them, make them do exactly as she wished. But this time, Laura had a feeling the experience would be completely different.

Laura had left the ropes coiled and hanging on the bedpost. Red marks still burned around her wrists. Gil spotted the signs right away. "Looks like the lady likes it rough," he said.

"Hey, yeah..." Todd grabbed a coil of rope and fingered it anxiously.

"Don't get the wrong idea," she told them. Gil came forward with a menacing look in his eye. Laura backed away.

"Grab her!" Gil said.

Any reluctance Brad might have felt vanished in a flash. He grabbed her roughly from behind, one arm circled low around her waist, the other hand cupped hard on one full tit.

"Aaaaagggghhh!" Laura cried. She tried to struggle free, but his grip was far too strong. She writhed excitedly and felt her pussy juices start to flow.

Gil sniffed and laughed. "I told you so. Smell that cunt!" Laura was wearing shorts and a flimsy halter top. He grabbed the cloth in the soft valley between her tits and jerked it off, despite Brad's mauling grip on one heaving boob, with a quick snap.

"What..." Laura squirmed in Brad's strong grasp, blindly flailing her arms. Tod snared her wrists with a loop of rope and pulled it tight.

"Want her spread-eagled on the bed?" Todd asked.

"NO!" Laura shouted. She wasn't ready for that again so soon. Not with three of them.

Gil agreed. "No, if we tie her down like that, it'll be too hard to get at her pretty ass!"

Laura felt a nervous wave in the cramped tube of her shitter and her pussy seethed with warmth. "Put her on her side," he said. "Tie both arms to the top of the bed on one side, and tie both legs on the other side at the foot."

"Nooooooo!" Laura protested. Hot breath gushed from her lungs when Brad squeezed, lifting her. Then he dumped her on the bed. "Please, no!" she cried, but it was too late. Todd already had her wrists securely bound.

Gil stepped in and pulled off her shorts, panties and all. Laura's bare pussy mound quaked, damp and warm in its flood of strongly scented oil. He wet his lips and watched while Todd circled the bed to tie her feet.

Laura's wet-eyed look of fear excited the young trio. Her lips quivered in silent desperation. Her ass hole twitched and squirmed, and her pussy kept pumping its musky flow.

"I want that cunt!" Gil announced to them all. He began stripping off his clothes. His chest heaved with excitement like a hairy barrel, and his thick cock bulged with glowing warmth.

"I want her mouth!" Todd said. He was stripping too. His cock sprang out fully erect, long and thin like a willow limb.

"That leaves her ass for me," Brad said. He was behind her, and he sounded pleased. Laura's begging asshole was the one tight place he hadn't tried.

Gil pumped his cock with one hand, waving it before Laura's eyes. In its mat of thick, coarse, sweat-soaked hair it looked dark and strong, like the exposed root of an oak tree. He sprawled beside her on the bed and shoved it in. Even though her cunt was primed and pumping honey, Laura felt a ripping pain. Gil's wasn't the longest cock she'd ever seen, but it was surely the thickest. Her straining cunt lips ached as they took it in.

She opened her mouth to vent the steaming pressure Gil had sparked between her legs, but Todd was there, his long cock in his hand, and he rubbed it up and down across her lips.

"Uuuunngh... unnnngh." He had a bitter taste, rank and strong. The head of his cock was soft and gleaming crimson, the long shaft beyond looked pale and hard like stainless steel.

Todd said, "Open wide. Pretend I'm a doctor, and I'm here to take your tonsils out." Then he laughed and rammed his long, trembling hard-on into her mouth.

"Ggguuuurrrppph!" Laura cried. His first gliding stab went straight to the place that made her gag, "Gggrrruuugggh." Laura frantically twisted her neck to make a clear path, fighting back the wrenching tightness in her throat.

Gil's thick prick plowed in and out, making sticky, squishing sounds. Laura winced from the burning pain and felt her ass hole shiver. The way the bed sagged down, she knew Brad was positioning himself behind her.

She thrust herself forward, straining against the ropes, spearing herself on Gil's stocky cock. "Hhhhaaaaa," Laura cried, half in pain, half in fearful expectation. The knob of Brad's hot cock was wedged firmly between the creamy cheeks of her ass. She wailed, searing Todd's willow prick with her hot breath. Brad's big cock was bone dry and burning hard. Tears welled up in her eyes as he worked it in.

Gil held one of her tits. Todd had the other.

Brad grabbed a handful of silky raven hair and nibbled wetly at the back of her neck. "Hhhhaaaaaahhhhhh... eeeeeeyyyyy," she cried, answering their three completely different strokes.

Drumming hips beat on her tender flesh. Gil's vicious cunt thrusting came short and fast. Brad played a slower tune, long and smooth like a slide trombone. Todd chose to hardly move at all. He stabbed in deep and trembled while she sucked with furious hunger on the length of his shivering prick.

Laura quickly forgot pain and humiliation. She swirled in a fog of triple delight, rocking and pumping and timing her moves, wondering if she'd be clever enough to make all three cum in one blinding spurt.


Todd came first. She felt him tense, strained by the pressure of his steaming load. He'd only had his cock sucked twice before, both times by timid lipped girls who would only nibble on its knobby head.

This woman's throat was a clinging vise of wet velvet. It pulled and sucked with rolling waves. Her tongue flicked and snapped like a whip. Finally Todd could not keep still. He pumped and slammed and twisted his wispy cock hairs against her lips.

"Hhhhaaarrrrrggghhh!" Todd growled, eyes shut and teeth clenched tight. "Hhhhuuuunnnnggggh!"

His cock hissed like a high-pressure hose, and its stinging spray shot deep. Laura gulped and made gurgling sounds as she drank his searing load.

Gil went next. He'd fucked a lot before, but never with a mature woman whose cunt muscles danced with the rhythmic precision of a ballet troupe. He heard Todd grunt and wail in wild delight. He felt Laura's body squirm more wildly than before. God, how that woman could fuck! Slithering friction drove him crazy. Wet, sucking sounds slurped from her gushing cunt. She pulled and squeezed until he couldn't take it any more.

"AAAAAGGGGGHHHH!" Gil's first cry was rough and thick as the root of his cock. "HHHHHUUUUURRRGH!" His hot flood ran thick, hot and salty-sweet, scalding her cunt flesh. Laura could almost taste it. And, she thought, soon I will!

Brad held out till last. When he did fire his load, his throbbing beat and guttural cries were the most powerful of all. He fucked deep into the grasp of her writhing ass, held on hard, and milked her tit while he pumped her full of spurting silver cream.

"Hhhhoooooo," Gil said when they'd all fired their last shot. "Now let's shift around." His great-girthed cock was already getting hard for another go. But he paused, wondering. "Hey? How many different ways can three guys do it with one pussy, one ass and one set of sucking lips?" He wasn't good at math.

"At least six," Laura said. She'd been thinking about it since they first walked in.

Laura felt drained. It got rough toward the end. They took longer and longer to cum each time, but finally she had fucked, sucked and ass-pleased them all in every combination they could think of.

She dressed in fresh clothes when they left, poured herself a stiff drink and slumped down on the living room couch, too worn out to move or even think about unpacking.

Before she'd had even a moment to rest or collect her thoughts, a firm knock sounded on the front door. "Oh, God!" she said aloud. "Rod was right. Somebody talked?" the knocking sounded stern, frighteningly official.

Laura straightened her hair and managed a weak smile as she opened the door. "Yes?" she said in a quaking voice.

"I'm Rhonda Wilson," the woman said, "Brad's mother."

"Ooooh, yes." Laura felt an icy chill.

"I know you must be busy, unpacking and all, but I thought at least I should say hello."

"Er, why thank you," Laura said with relief. There was no sign of trouble in the woman's eyes. Her hair glinted with streaks of silver and her smile beamed as brightly.

"Would you like to come in?" Laura asked. "The house is a mess, but..."

"I understand. Sure, but I can only stay a little while. I have to be at work by four. I'm on swing shift at the plant."

Laura closed the door, eyeing Rhonda Wilson from behind. She had a full and inviting womanly figure. Soft looking and very feminine. Laura tensed and felt the first shiver of new excitement.

"Er, I just poured myself a drink," she said. "Would you like one?"

"Maybe a small one," Rhonda said. "I can't drink much and expect to work."

Work was the furthest thing from Laura's mind. When she handed Rhonda her drink, she wondered if the other woman could read her thoughts. About the only thing Laura hadn't done recently was eat another woman's juicy cunt, and that restless yearning made her tongue slide wetly across her lips.

"My place is a mess too," Rhonda said. "My husband is moving back. We were divorced, maybe Brad said..."

"I think he might have mentioned it."

Rhonda shrugged and smiled. "Well, anyway... he's coming home, and I'm so glad."

"I'm happy for you," Laura said. She felt even more pleased for herself. If Rhonda and her husband had just made up, then surely they'd been fucking long and hard. That made Laura's mouth water. The only thing she liked better than fresh, sweet cunt was one just fucked and drooling salty cream.

Rhonda caught the look of hunger that burned in Laura's eyes. The day before she might have missed it, but Dan's passionate fucking had reawakened all her senses.

She felt a nervous twinge. Rhonda had never done anything with another woman before. She'd thought about it and wondered a lot, especially when she was alone. A woman might be more tender and understanding than a man.

"We must be sharing the same thoughts," Laura said.

"What?" Rhonda gulped and blushed.

"That neighbors should get to know each other. Especially two women. We have so much to share."

"Oh, yes." Rhonda looked flustered. Laura was a beautiful woman, full breasted, and with all that long, black shining hair. She knew now why Brad had been so eager to help her with the heavy chores of moving. And she couldn't help wondering if her handsome young son had helped himself to something more. Dan would, she knew that. He loved to run his hands through a sexy woman's long, soft hair. Rhonda smiled excitedly, hoping that she might get to see one of them fuck this sexy witch, or better still, both at once.

Laura leaned close and said, "I love your blouse." But it was really the heaving tits it held that drew her interest.

"Oh, thank you. But it's really nothing special." Laura took a pinch of fabric, between her fingers. "The material is so, soft and, sleek."

"Aaaah, yes. I like to go braless and let it rub my nipples. It makes them tingle."

"I can see that." Rhonda's nipples were bulging now, firm and full of excitement. "And I know the feeling." She slid her hand up and circled Rhonda's rigid nipple.

"Hhhhmmmmmmm!" her new neighbor purred. "I just love a woman's touch!"

"Me too," Laura said in a damp and sultry voice.

Rhonda moaned and cupped both of Laura's big tits, milking them with slow and expert strokes. "Hhhhhhaaaaaah," they both said, and then like two puppets worked by the same master, they both began stripping off their clothes.

"I guess because a woman has tits, she knows best how to excite another set," Rhonda said. Her hands closed warmly on Laura's naked tits, tugging softly to swell and draw her nipples out.

"Ooooooh, yeah! And a pussy too. Nobody knows how to fiddle a clit just right unless they have one of their own!"

"Hhhhhhmmmmm," Rhonda said. Laura's legs were spread in open invitation. She wanted to slide her hand down and work it in her juicy slit, but she also wanted to keep up the double excitement of sucking pressure on her tits. "Yyyyyuuuuummm!"

Rhonda dropped her hand and lashed Laura's nipple with her tongue. "Hhhhhoooooo!" the raven haired beauty cried. She had to crane her neck to get her sucking lips on one of Rhonda's tits.

Her thick nipple swelled and burned from the teasing magic of a woman's tongue. At the same time, Laura squirmed her hand between Rhonda's legs. She was shy about that at first, but when Laura wiggled her finger into her slit, Rhonda moaned and eagerly spread her legs as wide as she could.

"Lie down," Laura said, "I want to eat some juicy pussy pie."

"Ooooohhhhhh," Rhonda moaned. It was all more exciting than she had dared hope. Laura's squirming finger set shock waves of burning pleasure spinning deep inside her open slit.

Rhonda laid back and spread her legs to expose the dripping lips of her sweet cunt. Laura swung around and knelt astride her face. She thumbed the nipples of Rhonda's tits to make the other woman squirm and squeal with joy. Then she buried her face in Rhonda's sultry cunt. "HHHHHAAAAGGGH!" Rhonda gasped.

Laura's tongue shot out like an arrow and hit the bull's eyes of her clit, a stubby nub simmering in its own sweet sauce.

Sucking cunt had never excited Laura more. It satisfied a deep and special craving. She'd learned a lot in the last two days. So had Rod and Brad. Both had now sampled the joys of dominance, and Laura knew she would never be able to manipulate or have her way with them again. With Rhonda she could, and Laura savored the delights of being slave one minute, master the next.

"Suck mine!" Laura said, and she lowered her dripping cunt on to Rhonda's waiting lips. "Hhhhhmmmmm, good! Now give it to me with your tongue. Whip my little clit!"

Rhonda's tongue needed no urging. It flashed out and dug in the wet slit of juicy flesh above her face. She found Laura's swollen nub and flicked it back and forth.

"Hhhhhaaaaaa," Laura gasped. It felt so good. Rhonda knew exactly what to do!

The black-haired beauty's head bobbed down and she began her own hungry tongue mauling. When she rolled Rhonda's clit in a tight circle, the other woman did the same. When she pried her tongue deep between drooling lips of cunt, Rhonda did that too, tongue-fucking with unrestrained joy.

"I... I'm getting SO HOT!" Rhonda gasped between juicy nibbles. "I... Ieeeeeyyyyyaaaaaay! I'm going to cum!"

"Meeeeeee toooooooo!" Laura answered when she came up for a breath of air. The taste of hard fucked cunt burned sweet and strong from the tip of her tongue to the depths of her soul.

The two women lapped and sucked and squirmed together on the couch, one above the other. Roth cunts bucked with the rhythm of joy. Their low moans tightened as their passions flared. One shrieking wail followed the other, the shrill sounds of rapture.

"Aaaaaaahhhhhh," Rhonda said with relief when the crest of the passionate wave had passed.

"That's it... I'm through."

Laura gave her a final lick and said, "Me too -- at least for now."

Rod Benton came home smiling. He parked behind the rented truck and saw Cindy come bounding off the porch across the street.

"Guess what?" she said when her blonde head filled the window beside his face. "My dad is coming home!"

"Hey, that's great," Rod said. "I've got good news too. I got a job today!"

"We should both celebrate," Cindy said with a flashing smile.

"Yeah, I think we should." Rod got out of the car, his eyes flicking up and down Cindy's soft young curves. "Is anybody home at your house?"

"Yeah, my dad is. He's unpacking still."


"I guess I should go help him," Cindy said. "He really misses me."

"Yeah, I'll bet he does." Rod watched sadly as she ran back toward the house, a lively spring in her young stride.

"Guess I'll go give Laura the good news," he called after her.

"Yeah, do!" Cindy shouted from her front porch. "And you'll get to meet my mom. She's been there all afternoon." With that, she turned and hurried into the house, smiling like she had more in mind than helping her father unpack.

Rod walked into his house smiling the same way. "I'm home!" he shouted. The living room was empty... except for the lingering scent of wet cunt. He sniffed and smiled. Damn that Laura, she never missed a chance.

"We're in the bedroom," Laura called from the back of the house. She and Rhonda were talking while she put away a few things.

"Guess what?" he said, leaning casually against the door frame.

"What?" Laura asked. She knew by the look on his face that it must be good news.

"I got a job!"

"Honey, that's great!" Laura circled his neck with her arms and flattened her tits on his chest in a clinging embrace. "I'm so proud of you!"

Rod smiled over her shoulder at the woman sitting on the bed. She looked a lot like her daughter. Older of course, more filled out, and there were shining streaks of silver in her tawny hair.

"Oh, Rod -- this is Rhonda Wilson from across the street. Brad's mother."

"And Cindy's," she said.

"Yes, I can see how much you two look alike." Rod gave her a warm grin. "Glad to meet you."

"Nice meeting you too," Rhonda said. "But I guess I should be getting home."

"Er, I don't think there's any rush," Rod said.


"Cindy was just going in when I got home. And I think she has things... ah, pretty well under control."

"I see. Well, then, if you two don't mind, I guess I'll stay here. I've got an hour before I have to leave for work." Rhonda spoke calmly, but she felt a jealous wave creep down her spine. Then a ripple of desire surged back. Rod Benton and the look in his eye really turned her on. What the hell, let Dan have his fun. Rhonda thought she might enjoy hers even more!

"You probably want to change," Rhonda said. "I'll wait in the living room."

"It'll only take a minute," Rod told her. He felt his cock getting hard, sparked by the restless look in Rhonda's eyes.

Laura wasn't blind. She saw their sly glances, and she read the meaning as clearly as if it had been printed in a book. "No need to leave," she said. "Just close your eyes."

"Well, O.K. If you're sure it's all right."

"It'll be fine, won't it Rod?" Laura said. She winked and smiled at her husband, and she watched his cock swelling hard.

"Oh, yeah... fine. Just fine." Laura's willingness amazed him.

Rhonda closed her eyes. She made a big show of keeping them tightly shut, wrinkling her smooth soft skin. But it was a deeper crease that caught Rod's heated gaze as he began to undress, the soft cleft between Rhonda's tits.

Her sheer blouse was unbuttoned halfway to her waist, and the sleek thin fabric only misted his view of her bulging nipples. Rod peeled off his shirt and let it drop. Then he started toward her as he unbuckled his pants.

His giant cock leaped out only inches from Rhonda's tightly closed eyes. Laura gulped and felt a forbidden thrill, seeing her husband's throbbing hard-on so close to the other woman's face.

Rod stroked it with his hand. Trapped blood gleamed ruby bright in its quaking knob. Rhonda could almost feel the heat of his long prick as he teased it closer to her lips.

"All right," Laura cried excitedly. "You can open your eyes now!"

Rod jerked in surprise. His long cock heaved in the grasp of his hand. That was the first thing Rhonda saw. "Oh, my GOD!" she moaned. Her eyes fluttered in disbelief, but her lips moved with hunger she could not hide.

"Go on, suck it," Laura said. "I can see how much you want to."

"But... but he's your husband!"

"And you're our neighbor," Laura said as if that explained everything.

"Oh, yeah... and what are neighbors for?" She spread her trembling lips and closed them softly on the head of Rod's big prick.

"Aaaaaaahhhhh," Rod sighed, and Laura smiled as though she could feel the rigid warmth of his prick in her mouth. It excited her to watch how the other woman's lips worked. Not as smoothly as hers. Laura knew from their talk that Rhonda was still a little timid about sucking cock. Well, she'd learn. Rod would teach her! Laura felt in control once again.

"Hhhhhoooo... Ooooooh!" Rod said as her trembling lips marched up the shaft of his throbbing cock. His hands reached out and brushed aside the silky fabric of Rhonda's blouse, digging for the creamy tits in the transparent veil.

"Hhhhheeeeeeee," Rhonda squealed, burning his prick with her nervous breath. He'd found her thick nipples and twisted them between his fingers. "Eeeeeeeyyyyyyooooooo!"

Rhonda's sultry juices flowed. She squirmed from the rush of inner, warmth. Never had she thought she would ever do such a thing -- suck a man's hot cock while his wife looked on. Her mind had been clamped shut, just as her eyes had been. But now with Laura's teaching and her coaxing, she felt completely open, and so deliciously alive!

Rhonda squirmed her lips to the hairy root of Rod's thick prick. His matted cockhair tickled her nose. For a minute she thought she might sneeze. Exploding pressure made her eyes and her tits bulge.

Rod mauled her heaving tits and screwed his hips to reach the inner depths of Rhonda's soft wet throat. He could feel the long tube of quaking muscle ripple with waves of delight. He began to pump in and out in time with her sucking warmth.

"Ggggrrrraaaaahhhhh," Rhonda gulped with her mouth stuffed full. Her senses blurred, distorted by the heat of lust. Close up, she saw Rod's hairy groin through shimmering waves like a mirage.

Laura watched through eyes wide with excitement. Her lapping tongue squirmed in her mouth and hungrily wet her lips. She couldn't get by just watching any more. With a squeal of glee, she began to strip herself bare.

On knees trembling with desire, Laura knelt by the edge of the bed and thrust her face between them. Turning her face to the left, she saw Rod's swollen balls pulsing in their loose sac of hairy skin. Turning to the right, she caught the scent of Rhonda's seething cunt.

Laura decided to take what was ready and work later on the rest. She tipped her head and flashed out her long tongue to swirl Rod's flopping balls. At the same time, her hands went to Rhonda's waist to help free her from her clothes.

Rod felt the blinding delight of double suction. Rhonda's bobbing head became a silver streak as she sucked furiously on his long cock. And Laura's clinging lips had grabbed him from below, pulling on his balls like she wanted to swallow them whole. "Hooooooollllly shit!" he cried.

Laura ran her hand up Rhonda's thigh, fingers drawn by the warmth of her steaming slit. "Aaaaahhhhhhhhhh," came Rhonda's cock-choked sigh. She sucked with new wild fury when Laura fingered her clit.

With a growl, Rod lunged and stabbed deep into Rhonda's throat. He thought his balls might explode from the swelling force brought on by the milking pull of Laura's lips. A thick gush of cum escaped from the delightful torture of her grasp.

It flowed the length of his cock in a burning swell of increasing strain. Nothing he could do would hold it back. He didn't even try. Rod cried again in a wailing voice and let it go, driving with his hips, powering out one blast and pumping up another.

"Grrruuuuuggggg." Rhonda gulped and took down half his load. The rest foamed and dribbled from her lips. Laura felt it slick and warm, like sweet hot syrup on her cheek.

His next blast was even bigger. Rhonda nearly choked. Her throat heaved with rasping spasms of furious delight. She had his raging gusher capped now, and she didn't want to waste a single drop.

Laura's probing finger squirmed into Rhonda's juicy cunt slit. The tight, rolling waves of her pussy tube pulled it in, wet friction pulsed warmly, grasping like an unseen hand.

"Oh, God!" Rhonda cried when she'd sucked Rod completely dry. "I want your big cock in my cunt! I want it so bad!" Then she felt a cold twinge. "But it's time for me to leave for work."

Laura groaned, "Oooooooh..." They weren't half through. "Do you have to go?"

"No," Rhonda said. "But I should call and jell them I'm not coming."

Laura smiled and thought, Oh yes you are. Before this night is done, you're going to cum like you never have before!


It took a lot of talking to make Dan Wilson want to cross the street. "Go on, Daddy," Cindy said. "You should get to know our new neighbors. Mom's still there. I guess she decided not to go to work."

"Oooooh?" That sparked his curiosity.

"Brad says Mrs. Benton is really nice," his daughter told him. The gleam of fresh cum flashed on her smiling lips. "She has sexy black hair that's as long as mine. And tits! You should see her tits!"

"Yeah, maybe I should..." Fresh young cunt like his blonde daughter's was good, but a turned on woman his own age might be even better; "...but what about you? Don't yow want to come along?"

"No," Cindy said after some thought. Rod Benton really turned her on, so did her sexy father, but at the moment she had another idea. "With all you grown-ups, I'd just get in the way."

"I don't want you to get lonely," Dan said warmly.

"Oh, I won't," Cindy assured him. She knew Brad and his friends would be coming over soon, and she was anxious to see what they had learned from Laura Benton.

It took a loud knock for them to hear it. "God," Rod said, "I hope that's not the cops or some complaining parent!" Things in this new neighborhood were going so well, even better than he'd have ever dreamed.

"It's not," Rhonda said. "It's my husband Dan. I recognize his knock."

"Oh, well then maybe you should answer the door," Laura said. They were all naked and still short of breath from the roaring climax that still gave off quaking aftershocks.

"I guess so," Rhonda said. "Have you got a robe or something I can slip on?"

Laura said, "Why bother? It's your husband, and the sooner we all get to know each other, the better."

Rhonda nodded and went to answer the door. Laura's widening smile went with her. Dan Wilson was hot all the time, his wife had said. And Laura knew that, for a long time, he wasn't getting what he wanted at home. That thought excited her.

Rod watched her leave the room, and his half-hard prick swayed with the same rhythm as Rhonda's shapely ass. He was thinking how much he wanted to fuck her silver-haired cunt, and wondering if her husband Dan might like to watch. "Hi!" Rhonda said, peeking around the partly closed door. The street outside looked empty, so she let the door swing wide.

"Jeeeeezzzzus Christ!" Dan said. He blinked in disbelief. The wife he once through was frigid stood naked just inside the door. She was smiling, and there was fresh warm fuck honey dripping down her leg.

"Come in and meet Laura and Rod," she said. "Yeah, I will. I can hardly wait. I've heard so much about them both."

Laura whispered urgently to her husband, "Rod... please, hurry!"

"What?" He turned and saw her smiling, holding the coils of heavy rope.

"You want it that way?" he gasped in surprise.

"Why not?" Her grin grew wider. "And I think Dan will like it too."

"You sultry bitch!" he said. If his cock wasn't already throbbing for Rhonda's silver pussy, he'd have slapped her down and fucked her silly. As it was, he just grabbed a hold of the rope.

Rhonda closed the door, and teased her husband's aching cock while she helped him out of his clothes. Dan appeared then in the hall, and her eyes danced excitedly between, two fast swelling cocks. Oh, she was thinking, I wish there was some way I could have them both.

Later, she decided. Right now she felt sure that Laura was preparing some special treat for her husband, and she had an itching hunger for Dan.

"Er, hello," Dan said. "I'm your neighbor."

"So I've heard." The two men exchanged knowing glances, each noting that their cocks were almost perfectly matched. Both long. Both hard. Both getting harder with each beat of their racing hearts. "Aaah, where's Laura?" Dan asked.

"Oh, she's tied up," Rod said. "In the bedroom at the end of the hall."

"Tied up? You mean like busy?"

"Not busy yet," Rod said. "Why don't you go see her and say hello?"

"Yeah, sounds like a good idea." In a way he wanted to hang around and see what Rhonda would do with Dan's throbbing cock. But even more, he wanted to see what Laura Benton would do with his.

He found her tied face down in the middle of their huge bed, arms and legs spread and pulled tight toward the four corners. Someone had stuffed a pillow under her hips. Laura's ripe, curved ass was upraised and twitching before his eyes. He watched the taut ring of dark flesh squirm and he gasped in a quick breath.

"Dan?" she asked. She couldn't turn her head quite far enough to see.

"Yeah, it's sue..." In times past, he'd dreamed about doing this to Rhonda when she rejected him. Spread her and tie her to the bed so he could do as he damn well pleased. Especially ass end up. God, how he'd hungered to fuck the ass of that frigid bitch!

Laura had guessed all this from the talk she had with Rhonda that afternoon. And anything a man wanted, she wanted even more. Rod had taught her that when he first knotted the rope around her wrists. Her senses had burned with new and previously forbidden delights.

She gasped anxiously when she felt the bed sag down between her widespread legs. She gulped breathlessly when she felt the heat of his long cock sliding up the creamy inner surface of her thigh.

"Don't be too rough," she pleaded when its swollen head centered itself warmly in the straining cleft of her ass.

"I'll do as I fucking well please," he told her. His voice grated like a file on hardened steel. His first impulse was to stab it in, to ream her helpless ass as hard and deep as he had always dreamed of doing with Rhonda. But another urge held him back.

Raping her ass right off would only thrill this wanton neighbor bitch. It would be better if he made her beg for it. Dan bent down and lightly kissed one cheek of her ass.

"Hhhmmmm," Laura said. And "Hhhmmm!" when he kissed her ass on the other side. Then he hooked a long finger between her legs and wiggled it into her drooling cunt slit. "AAAHHHH!" Laura thought she might go crazy before she ever got a feel of Dan's hot cock.

He swirled his hand and stirred her lusty juices to a froth. Dragging his finger up the crack of her ass, he wet her dark ring with a slow and circling stroke.

"Ooooooh, good," she cried. "Get it wet, then get it in! I want your cock!"

"You'll get it when I'm ready," Dan said. His cool words had a stinging bite worse than the loop of rope Rod had used the day before.

Dan's teasing finger eased back into her seething cunt. Laura writhed and rocked her hips, trying hard to spear herself at least on that. But the tugging ropes denied her even that small satisfaction.

"I want it!" she cried. "I want your Goddamned cock!"

He laughed and wet her ass lips once again. "Hhhuuunngh!" Laura moaned. "For God's sake... GET IT IN!"

"I want to make sure you're really ready," he said in a taunting voice.

"Ready? Shit, my asshole is on fire!"

"Good." He prodded her with the head of his cock, nudging the center of her seething ring.

"Aaaah! That's it, now fuck me you ass-teasing bastard!"

Dan reared back and slapped one creamy ass cheek with the flat of his hand. "Watch your mouth!" His arcing hand flew back and hit the other side.

Stinging pain made Laura wince and gasp for breath. "You sonuvabitch!" she cried. "When I get a hold of your prick, my ass is going to bite it off, just like it does with a little turd!"

"That's big talk from a hole that has no teeth!" Dan slipped both hands beneath her and slid them upward toward her tits. They were full and warm as he expected, crowned with nipples as hard and hot as volcanic rock.

Laura wailed a broken cry of joy. She loved the way he worked her tits. Her nipples burned, and, for an instant, she forgot the raging thunder in her ass. That's when Dan stabbed her with his heated prick.

It spread her taut wet lips with sudden force. They parted and strained to cover the head of his cock. Then they closed in pulsing waves that ran up his long cock.

"HHHHAAAARRRRGH!" she gushed. Her back arched in a wicked curve and she screwed her hips to tighten her grip on Dan's ass-hungry prick.

"Hhhhhuuuuhhhhh!" God, did he like what she could do. Rhonda had accepted hot cock in her ass. Cindy had liked it and made that plain. But Laura... this steaming bitch really loved having her shithole reamed!

It was no wonder Rod tied her down. Laura's rocking waves of joy would have smashed his balls if she were free. "OOOOHHHH," she moaned and quaked and drove at him with her hips as much as the tight strands of rope would allow.

Dan pumped his cock with grinding force. Laura quaked and twitched her ass to meet each driving thrust. They gasped for breath in unison and chanted lurid sounds of joy.

Rhonda listened and said, "Let's watch!"

"Sure," Rod agreed, without a moment's thought. He was anxious to see what his wife could do with another cock the equal of his.

Rhonda shivered at what she saw. Dan's thick cock gleamed like a red hot spike. She could see, she could almost feel the clinging friction of Laura's ass. Her dark lips oozed in and out in the brutal frenzy of their savage lust.

"I can't stand just looking!" Rhonda said. She darted forward and leaned over the edge of the bed. Her outstretched arms circled Dan's waist, her hands mashed flat between his groin and the heated domes of Laura's ass. She squirmed her fingers into his crotch and held his throbbing balls.

"Aaaaahhhhh," Dan said when he felt the milking friction of her fingertips. "Easy. Christ, you'll rip my balls right off!" But he didn't slow his driving rhythm.

Leaning over the foot of the bed bared the naked splendor of Rhonda's ass. In the few moments they'd had to talk, Laura said their new neighbor had just learned the joys of ass fucking and Rod decided it was time to give her another lesson.

The next time Rhonda was driven back by Dan's pounding hips, Rod stuck out his cock and let it throb in the soft white crack of her ass.

"Hhhhuuungggh?" Rhonda gasped. She wasn't used to that hot feeling yet. Rod pressed forward, slowly sinking in. Then he circled his arms around her waist and pawed eagerly at her dripping slit. She squealed with pleasure.

Rod lashed her nubby clit and let his thick cock slip down between her legs to catch some of her gushing flow. Fuck honey ran from her cunt like sweet goo from a broken jar. Wet with her warm oil, he drew his gleaming cock well back and aimed it at her bobbing ass.

"AAAAHHHHHH!" Rhonda cried when he eased it in. "OOOOOH, HOT BURNING SHIT! How did I ever get along without this?" She squealed with new found joy, and screwed herself backwards to take the full length of Rod's mighty prick.

"Uuuuuunnngh!" He felt her ass cheeks squirm against his hairy groin. He pulled on her thighs to hold all his cock in her pulsing shithole, and he worked her clit round and round with the tips of his thumbs.

"I'm cumming!" Rhonda wailed. Her hands clamped harder on her husband's balls.

"I am too!" Dan couldn't hold back, not with his wife's hands tugging on his aching balls while Laura's tight little shithole hungrily pulled on his cock.

"Me too!" Laura moaned. Her ass hole shivered from the searing length of Dan's heated cock. It ripped and stabbed and pumped her full of burning delight.

Rod beat his cock into Rhonda's ass in time with the chain-linked trio's cries. She squeezed out a breathy moan. "Ooooh, I just love your big shit dipping prick!"

But Laura felt spasms even more intense. It was like it all came from and came back to her. She felt the heated throb of Dan's cock pulsing in her ass. And by twisting her head around, she could see the mirror leaning against he wall. She could feel and she could see Rhonda's hands grasping Dan's flopping balls, and she could see how her new neighbor shivered in reflected bliss.

Behind her, Rod ripped in and out of Rhonda's ass, faster and faster as the heated pitch of their joyous moans increased. "Fuuuuuck, I'm cunning!" Rod grunted, under terrible strain.

Laura tensed expectantly. They were all so tightly linked, it seemed to her that Rod could spurt and fire directly up her ass. "Hhhhooooooo!" she yelped. She did feel a splattering burst. But of course that came from Dan who was so happily stabbing her ass.

Rhonda shook between them. She could feel both men throb and gush their floods. Rod's cock spurted its searing bursts in the squirming hollow of her ass. At the same time, she could feel Dan's balls heave and pump hot jism into Laura's seething shithole. She felt like hot meat in a steaming sandwich of lust.

Minutes later the jolting spasms slowed. Both men gasped and trembled, their cocks pulsing as if to hold tight to their last spurts of joy. Laura let out a long, low moan, of satisfaction and Rhonda till that sound. Then the four of them were [missing text]. They fell around Laura on the bed, all panting hard and rocked by the ebbing tide of blissful relief. "Welcome to the new neighborhood," Dan said when he had breath to speak.

It's not just a new neighborhood, Laura was thinking. They'd all just moved in to a whole new world! But that kind of thought was too heavy for her to handle right then. She pulled against the tugging ropes and then asked breathlessly, "What can we do next?"


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