The family gets it on

It was Henry David Thoreau, in Walden, who remarked, "The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation." This statement appears to be just as true today as it was then. Perhaps it is even more valid today considering the pressures and frequent monotony of today's world.

The majority of today's men and women live in boring circumstances, and when the opportunity for change rises, they are often quick to seize the chance. For the characters in this story, the opportunity is one which many would consider perverse and deranged for it is one of incest. But it provides a release and a need. All morals and scruples are cast aside in a moment of madness -- a chance to grab pleasure before it is taken away.

THE FAMILY GETS IT ON -- a novel about the quiet desperation in so many of us -- and the extremes to which it may drive us.


Rona sat at her dressing table and brushed her hair. She saw her husband, Bob, step up behind her and wrap his arms around her until his hands clutched her tits. He pressed his lips to the softness of her bare shoulder. His lips felt hot and moist and they sent tingles up and down Rona's spine. He kissed her several times and then whispered in her ear.

"Let's get into bed and fuck," he said.

Rona smiled at his image in the mirror. Bob tried hard to be romantic, but he failed miserably. It wasn't that he wasn't a good and considerate lover. It was just that when it came to whispering sweet things in her ear he was a flop.

Not that words really mattered to the highly sexed wife and mother. What mattered was Bob caressing her tits and pulling her long dark hair off her face. He dabbed his tongue over her ear and once again whispered in her ear.

"Let's fuck, hon."

She held her hands over his and felt the strength of them on her tits. Tiny tremors coursed through her body and her pussy began to throb with need. Bob was wearing only jockey shorts. When he pressed up against her back, she felt his prick against her sensitive flesh.

For the hundredth time she wondered if other women were as easily aroused as she. She and Bob had been married long enough to have teenaged twins. Other women became bored with their husbands, but not she. Bob turned her on as much or more than he had when they'd been newly weds. She was ready to fuck anytime and anyplace. Her problem was that Bob complained that she wore him out.

She wondered if her daughter would be as highly sexed as she was. She didn't worry about Jamie. It didn't matter how horny boy were. But for girls it was different. Even now, with the sexual revolution, it wasn't as easy for girls to have hot pants as it was for boys.

She'd always been too embarrassed to discuss the problem with her friends. When they did discuss sex, most of them complained that their husbands wanted too much of it. She usually just sat and listened. If she'd, told them she wanted more than Bob they'd have thought she was crazy.

Now Bob slipped his hands inside her robe and squeezed her naked tits. He continued kissing her neck and ears as he kneaded her heavy jugs.

"You know you're dying for it," he said, biting her neck.

She held his hands over her tits. "I'm always dying for it," she said.

"That's because I married a child bride," Bob said, pushing her robe off her shoulders and biting her ear.

It was true. She had been young when they'd married. But lots of girls married young and quickly fell into housework and recipes. She liked all that and enjoyed raising her children, but sex was a vitally important part of her life. Maybe too important.

She took a deep breath and threw her head forward while Bob massaged her neck and shoulders.

"Why'd you stop feeling me up?" she said. "If I keep it up you'll never come to bed."

"I'm trying to fight it," she said. "What do you mean, fight it?"

"I'm trying to not give in to my desires." Bob snorted. "That'll be the day."

"No, I mean it, I think I need sex more than is natural."

"It's natural for you." He returned his hands to her tits and flicked her nipples back and forth with his thumbs.

"But don't I wear you out sometimes?"

"Yep, but who's complaining?" He suddenly pushed his shorts down and stepped out of them. His cock stood out from his hairy crotch and belly and his balls framed it. As usual Rona's cunt twitched when she gazed at his cock. Was there anything more fascinating than a stiff prick and bulging balls? She doubted it.

She turned around on the seat and gazed at his mushroom-shaped cockhead. The skin was pulled tautly and a drop of cock-fluid escaped from the tip. Her mouth watered. Was thee anything more delicious than a mouthful of cum?

She rose up, her robe dropping to the floor and faced him.

"Unless you want me to jerk off, you better get it while it's hot," Bob said.

"Oh, okay," she giggled, moving toward the bathroom. "But first I've got to pee."

"You've always got to pee," he said, climbing into the bed.

She sat down on the toilet seat and released a trickle of piss. She watched it fall into the toilet. Even the simple act of peeing excited her pussy.

Sometimes she was able to come when she wiped herself. Bob teased her, telling her she'd wear it out when she vigorously wiped up the residue of piss on her cunt. But she liked the feeling and used the opportunity to masturbate.

"You wearing it out?" Bob called out now from the bed.

"Be there in a minute, hon," she said.

She wiped herself one more time and examined her clit. It stood up at the top of her slit. It scorned bigger than most. Not that she'd ever examined another woman's clit. But everything she'd heard about the little female cock told her that hers was extraordinarily large. Maybe that was why she needed so much sex. Even the feel of panties rubbing against her joy-button, as she called it, made her almost come.

She flushed the toilet and rose up. She quickly washed her hands and returned to the bedroom. She did a little dance as she turned out the lights and then climbed into bed.

Bob pretended to be asleep. He snored loudly and she pulled on his arm.

"Wake up, darling," she said. "Your sweet wife is here with a horny cunt."

He opened his eyes and with an exaggerated yawn he took her into his arms. "I thought you'd left town," he said.

He kissed her, his mouth open and his tongue jabbing hotly all over the interior of her mouth. She clung to him, her arms wrapped around his back as she snaked her tongue in and out of her lips.

He suctioned her tongue into his mouth from the root. It hurt, but, he wasn't sadistic. He knew she liked a little pain once in a while. It turned her on.

He leaned over and hovered over her, grab bing her tits in his hands and sucking her nipples until they stung. Rona laced her fingers through his hair and encouraged him to suck harder.

His face was buried in her voluminous tits. Ever since she'd developed as a young girl, men had found her tits incredibly erotic. It wasn't just that they were big. They were firm and high and even without a bra her nipples pointed toward the ceiling.

Rona knew that some women didn't have much feeling in their tits, but she had lots of feeling.

Between my clit and my tits, no wonder I'm always horny, she thought.

Now Bob climbed over her and dropped his prick between her thighs. She felt the heat of him against her pussy-lips. Her strong thighs were spread wide and she felt him groping around her cunt.

"I'm gonna put the fire out, honey, don't you worry," he said.

"Yes, fuck me!" she sighed.

She wiggled her ass and tried to help him insert his cock inside her cunt, but he pulled back. "No, not so fast," he said. "Suffer a little."

"Oh, honey, why'd you stop?" she whined.

"I want you a little hotter," he said.

"But I'm hot now."

He gazed at her with a tiny smile. "When you're real hot, you're an incredible lay."

He made her lay down flat in the middle of the bed with her arms and legs wide-spread. He crouched between her legs and rubbed the tip of his prick against her tits and up and down her cleavage.

He left her nipples wet with fuck-oil while he caressed her taut belly. He combed his fingertips through her thick, curly muff and over her velvety hot inner thighs.

"You're driving me crazy," she said, writhing her ass on the bed.

"That's the way I want you."

"Touch me here," she said, pointing to her cunt.

"Soon," he said.

"It itches," she moaned.

"Don't whine," he said, tracing a line from her thighs to her belly and up to her tits with his prick. "You sound just like Jodie when you whine."

"She's my daughter," she said. "I ought to sound like her." She let out her breath in a deep sigh.

"Don't worry, I'll let you suck my cock," he said, leaning down and planting his lips over one of her nipples.

"When?" she said, excitement in her voice. "First I want to drive you a little crazy."

"You already are."


Rona licked her parched lips and wriggled her ass. She tried to catch his prick between her legs, but he pulled back and sat on his haunches.

"You're driving me crazy," she said in a husky voice. "Why won't you fuck me?"

"Soon," he said.

She reached for his prick. "Give me," she giggled.

"You've got it," Bob said, rolling onto his back.

Rona climbed to her knees and took her second favorite position. She leaned over and greedily rubbed her cheeks and lips against his prick and balls.

"Did I tell you Rick's coming to stay with us for a while?" Bob said.

Rona shrugged off the news. Bob's bachelor brother came to stay with them periodically. "No, but I'm not surprised," she said, taking his prick inside her lips.

Bob raised his ass and fed her more of his dick and the horny brunette slid the ring of her lips halfway down his shaft. He reached for her tits and crushed them in his fists. She sucked contentedly, taking in more and more of his fuck-stem with each thrust of her lips.

She licked up and down from his cock-tip to the root of his prick-trunk and caught his knob inside her lips. Some of his salty cockjuice clung to her lips and tongue. She relished the taste and feel of his maleness.

Some of her friends had told her they couldn't stand the taste of a man's spunk. She never told them she loved it. She didn't want them to think she was freaky or something.

In her heart she thought, there was something wrong with her. Was it normal for a woman to crave cock so often? Was it normal for a woman to need fucking almost every day and to love cocksucking as much as she did?

Her head whirled as a million thoughts filled her mind. She held Bob's cockshaft with one hand and ran her tongue from his cock to his balls. She lightly licked the hairy wrinkled mass with her moist tongue.

She carefully sucked one of his balls into her mouth and thought about her brother-in-law, Rick. She had never told Bob, but his brother had come on to her several times. She didn't want Bob to know. He'd be furious at his younger brother.

Rick was an ex-football player who never grew up. He made good money as a salesman, but he went from woman to woman and never became really serious about anyone. Bob disapproved of him. He said he was still living his glory days of college football. Rona knew Bob was right, but she liked Rick for his swaggering ways and his love of life. And if he didn't want to grow up, she didn't blame him. Being grown up brought responsibility and Rona envied people who didn't have responsibilities.

Now she gently pressed Bob's prick to the roof of her mouth and held his spit-soaked balls in her hands. He kneaded her tits and groaned occasionally, and she dabbed the tip of his tongue up and down his fuck-shaft.

"You never get tired of sucking my cock, do you?" Bob said.

"No," Rona said. "Do you get tired of sucking my cunt?"

Bob hesitated a moment. He didn't want to hurt her, so he lied. "Nope," he said, tousling her hair. "Never met a cunt I loved so much."

"When did you met a cunt last that wasn't mine?" Rona said, gently sucking his other ball into her mouth.

"Not since I married you," Bob said. If he cheated occasionally and even grew bored with his sexy wife, he didn't want her to know it.

Rona repressed a sigh as she vigorously licked the underside of his shaft. He was a charming liar. She knew he had to be bored with her on occasion. Those things went two ways and much as she loved him there were times she craved a new and different lover.

Like Rick. More than once she'd fantasized about how it would feel to make love with her husband's brother. The family relationship would add to the excitement. And she was sure Rick was a cocksman. Women were always chasing him. She didn't know a woman who wasn't crazy about him.

Bob writhed his ass on the mattress, but her tongue followed him relentlessly. "You let me know when you want to fuck," she said.

"That feels good," Bob said. "Don't stop."

She continued to kiss him with her tongue and lips and teeth and she dragged her teeth lightly over his thick, pulsating cock-stem. Bob took her head between his hands and pumped his prick more deeply into her throat. She pulled back and took a deep breath. Then she suctioned him almost all the way into her throat and held him there a moment before releasing him.

"Oh, baby!" He shoved his prick so far into her throat she felt herself gag. When she spit him out, he sat up.

She roiled onto her back.

He climbed over her and his prick shot against her hungry cunt.

"Stick it in, quick!" she hissed. "Get your hands out of the way!"

"Oh, God, you're going in from the wrong angle! Here. Here's the hole!"

"I know where the fucking hole is!" He stabbed his cockhead against her pussy again and again, but continued missing the mark. Rona was frantic with desire and was afraid be might come before he got inside her.

"Stick it in here!" she hissed.

"You're so fucking wet, no wonder it's sliding around!"

He finally got inside her and fucked her mindlessly while she clawed at his back. He humped her like a machine and she rocked her ass and almost savagely met his thrusts.

She felt his cock swell inside her had her a strong cunt muscles gripped him. That to and cunt hairs meshed and blended and they french-kissed frantically.

"Don't stop!" she cried, thrashing her ass up off the bed.

He slowed his stroking, corkscrewing his dick into her body in order to get the maximum friction on her clit. She ran her fingernails up and down his upper arms and wrapped her strong legs around his back.

His eyes were shut and he grimaced as he controlled his orgasm. The veins on his neck bulged and perspiration dripped down his face and soaked his hair.

His pelvic bone rasped against her clit and his cock felt like a hot poker inside her pussy. She felt her orgasm well up inside her as he dicked her and she felt faint with desire.

He waited for her to come and then he released the flood of jism that threatened to burst his balls. He grunted over and over as his spunk poured out of his cockhead and into her cunt.

At the end he trembled and shot forward one more time. His cock still felt hard and Rona came a second time.

"Dear God, it's good!" she sighed weakly. "Leave it inside me for a minute."

He put his full weight on her body and she tightened her pussy-muscles around his still hard prick. "If I fall asleep you just push me over to my side of the bed," he said.

Rona giggled and bugged him to her. "You're killing me," she said. "When you get off me I'll be flat as a pancake."

Bob raised his chest and gazed down at her with mock surprise. Bending down, he kissed her briefly on the lips and rolled off her body. He was snoring in less than five minutes and Rona lay awake, wondering if Rick would come on to her again.


The twins adored their uncle and loved it when he came to stay with them. On the day of Rick's arrival, Jamie went to a basketball game, but Jodie stayed around the house and greeted him at the door.

"How's my favorite niece?" he said, leaving his suitcase in the front hall and taking the blonde teenager into his arms.

"I'm fine, Uncle Rick," Jodie squealed. He picked her up in his arms with ease and the curvy girl giggled and clung to his neck.

"Where's everybody?" Rick said, putting her down. They walked arm in arm into the living room.

"Jamie's at a basketball game," she said. She and her twin were almost inseparable. "He didn't want to go, but he had to. We both love when you're here." She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him full on the mouth.

"Why don't you come upstairs with me and help me unpack?" Rick said, and together they moved from the room and into the hallway where Rick retrieved his suitcase.

Once they arrived in the spare bedroom, Jodie jumped onto the bed and watched her uncle move around the room. She loved the way his muscles rippled. She thought her father was the handsomest man in the world, but her Uncle Rick was second best. She brought her knees back to her chest and held her arms around them. God, it was great to have such a sexy young uncle. She and Jamie were so lucky.

"Mom said I should keep you company until she comes home," the busty little blonde said.

Rick threw some shorts and undershirts in a drawer and stood for a moment eying the teenage girl. "I swear you get prettier all the time," he said, his eyes boring into her tits. "And with that figure, you're going to have to stop teasing your old uncle." He grinned and Jodie blushed. "You must drive the boys crazy with those boob."

"Now that you mention it, there is something I'd like to talk to you about," she said. She could always talk to her uncle about her problems. For some reason he understood her better than anyone. Even Jamie, who she adored. But Jamie was only a kid too and Rick was an experienced man of the world.

"What?" Rick said, hanging up a pair of pants in the closet. "I'm listening, baby. What's on your mind."

Jodie tugged at a long strand of golden hair and rocked her ass back and forth as she studied her uncle. "It's kind of a silly problem."

Rick finished unpacking and moved his suitcase to the top shelf of the closet. He sat down on the one chair in the room and lit his pipe. He stared at her through a cloud of smoke, his eyes narrowed and his cheeks caved in as he puffed: "Tell me what it is, honey," he said. "If it's a problem of yours, it's not silly."

The timbre of his voice assured her. His voice was deep, like her father's. Deep and masculine and almost, sort of sexy. Jamie's voice was deepening with age and he sounded something like them. But sitting here on the bed listening to her uncle gave the teenage girl butterflies in her tummy. Butterflies she'd never felt before.

Now she took a deep breath and looked down at her hands. She twisted a ring she wore on her index finger and continued averting her eyes. "It's about boys," she began.

"Isn't it always?" he said with a sparkle in his eyes.

Jodie looked up. "Are you laughing at me?"

"No, I'd never do that," Rich said. He puffed his pipe and assumed a serious expression. "Come on, honey. Tell your old uncle all about it."

The teenager avoided his gaze. "I don't know if I can," she said.

Rick rose up and slipped his shoes off. He climbed onto the bed and sighed deeply. "That's better," he said. "You don't mind, do you? It was a lot of driving and I'm bushed." He took her hand and kissed it lightly before replacing it on her lap.

A shiver went through the teenage girl's body and she quickly glanced at Rick's face. He looked perfectly composed and relaxed. He continued puffing on his pipe, but now his eyes were closed.

"I'll try," she said, her voice cracking slightly. Rick was stretched out and she noticed suddenly how tight his jeans were. He was a tall man, and muscular for his height. The way he was lying gave emphasis to the mass between his legs add the teenage girl shivered as she gazed at it.

She found herself mesmerized by his crotch. Suddenly he opened his eyes and turned to her. He smiled and she saw in his expression love and tenderness and she knew she could trust him and tell him anything.

He put his pipe down in the ashtray next to the bed and took her hand. "You know you can tell me anything," he said softly. "There's nothing you can say that would shock me. You kids are like my own."

"I know, Uncle Rick," Jodie said. She licked her lips and breathed deeply. "It's just that sometimes I get funny feelings and I think about doing things that I'm not supposed to do until I'm older."

Despite himself a tiny smile crossed Rick's face. "You're talking about sex, aren't you?" Jodie looked away and nodded. "Yes, about sex."

"Sounds pretty natural to me," Rick said gently.

"But it's wrong to think about what I think about," the blonde teenager whispered.

Rick sat up and put his arm around her shoulders. He drew her closer and patted her head. "You're becoming a woman," he said. "You sure look like one. At your age it's natural to be getting certain, how shall I say it, feelings."

"It scares me."

"What about Jamie?"

"What about him?"

"How's he handling his feelings? Boys his age are always horny."

"I... uh... don't know," Jodie stammered.

Rick continued patting her hair, but he moved his free hand to her thigh and left it there. "You mean to say you kids don't talk about sex? As close as you are?"

"Oh, we talk about it, but... oh, don't ask me about Jamie, please!"

"Sure, baby, sure," he said, stroking her thigh.


"Nowadays kids have a lot of temptations," Rick said, interrupting her. "It's not easy to resist. I know. Especially girls." He gazed down at her and hugged her against him. "Especially a girl who looks like you, honey. You're a dish if I ever saw one."

"Thanks, Uncle Rick," Jodie said, her voice quavering. His hand felt funny on her thigh. She knew he was only, comforting her, but she had strange butterflies in her pussy now as well as in her tummy.

"What about your friends?" Rick said.

"Most of them are still virgins."

"Or so they tell you." Rick chuckled.

Jodie shot him a glance. "What do you mean?"

"What I mean is girls only tell the truth to other girls who are fooling around too. That's the way it is."

"But how do they know who else is fooling around?"

"There's a look a girl gets," Rick said. "I can't explain it, but a girl's peers know even if adults don't."

"You mean they look different?"

"If that's what you're worried about, no, they don't look different to the world at large."

But they do to girls and boys their own age. "There's a look, I can't explain. Take you. You look like just what you are. A pretty little virgin." He kissed the tip of her nose and squeezed her thigh.

"Mostly it's with this one boy," Jodie said. She leaned against Rick and closed her eyes. It felt so good and safe in his arms.

"What about one boy? Is he your boyfriend?"

"Sort of," Jodie said, almost afraid to move when Rick pressed his thigh against hers.

"What's the problem, baby?" Rick said, kissing her hair and nuzzling her neck.

"He touches me sometimes and it feels funny and, I don't know, it's like I want him to touch me some more."

"Sounds natural to me," Rick said.

"And I get real wet down here." She pointed at her crotch. "And I think maybe I shouldn't let him touch me there, but sometimes I do." She blushed crimson and turned away.

"Oh, baby, baby," Rick said. "You're experiencing the arrival of womanhood. Don't fight it. It's a wonderful thing to feel those sensations you're describing."

Jodie fidgeted next to him on the bed. She had the same feelings now that she had with her boyfriend. Her pussy felt very wet and hot and kind of ached. It wasn't a pain, exactly, but it sort of hurt.

Rick brought her hand up to his face and kissed her palm lightly. He dabbed the tip of his tongue on one of her fingers and she flinched. An electric spark seemed to be passing between them and it frightened the teenage girl.

"What should I do Uncle Rick?" she said. "Well, you could take a cold shower, but they never worked for me," he said.

"Don't tease me!"

"I'm not teasing, honey," he said, taking her into his arms and sliding his hands down her back to her rounded ass.

A hot feverish feeling coursed through Jodie's spine. Rick left his hands on her plump asscheeks and squeezed them through her tight blue jeans. She felt his fingers on her asscrack and then realized one of her hands was resting on his fly. She was feeling his genitals through his jeans. Although she knew she ought to take her hand away, she left it there and felt his male essence throb.

The teenage blond felt dizzy and she clung to her uncle and let the wildly erotic sensations rage through her. When she opened her eyes, Rick was staring at her through half-shut eyes.

"You sweet baby," he whispered, pressing his lips to hers and plunging his tongue into her mouth.

The room went around and the teenager felt faint as she boldly filled his mouth with her tongue. She thrashed it around and explored his mouth and responded to the feel of his hands on her ass.

She moved her arms around his neck and returned his hot kisses, and their tongues dueled continually as their passion increased. She felt hot all over and the ache in her pussy increased. Even her tits felt tingly, and she felt her nipples stiffen inside as the tight confines of her bra.

She didn't know exactly how it happened, but suddenly her jeans were unzipped and Rick was tugging them off her feet. Now he hovered over her and cupped her nylon-covered asscheeks in his big hands. Wild chills and thrills shot through her as her beloved uncle caressed her plump round butt.

"Uncle Rick!" she gasped.

"Baby, baby, baby!" Rick said as he pulled her panties down her lush asscheeks.

He clutched her bare butt and her excitement increased wildly. Suddenly he was touching her in all her most secret places. Places where even her boyfriend hadn't touched her.

"Lie down, honey, lie down," Rick said.

The teenage girl gazed up at him. "What are you going to do, Uncle Rick?" she said.

"Oh, baby, I'm going to help educate you to the world of grown-ups," he said. "I'll help you, I swear it. I'll help you, Jodie."

"Yes, help me," the little blonde said as her sexy uncle ran a series of hot wet kisses over her face and throat.

Her head reeled when he lifted her tee-shirt and pulled it up to her neck. When it was off, when she was naked except for her bra, Rick stroked her round tits and taut belly while he kissed her again and again.

He cupped her tightly packed bra-cups and she felt her nipples burn. "Yes, yes, Uncle Rick!" she said. "Touch me here and here and here!"

Her pussy lubricated more than ever and his hands fondled and stroked and caressed until she thought she'd climax right on his hand. She was caught up in a whirlpool of sexual feelings and she raised her ass up as if to offer herself to him.

His strong hands reached around and unhooked her bra. "Uncle. Rick!" she cried. "Oh, God, Uncle Rick, this is wrong, isn't it? I'm so confused!"

"No, it's okay," Rick said as he peeled her bra off her tits. He gazed wide-eyed at her bare boobs. He touched them, squeezing the youthfully resilient melons and pinching her nipples. "It's natural for this to be happening," he said. "I'm your uncle, honey. You can trust me not to hurt you."

"Oh, I do, Uncle Rick, I do!" she said.

"You're so lovely, baby," he said, leaning over and touching the tip of his tongue to one of her tits.

She trembled all over at the intimate caress. She was embarrassed by the wetness between her legs and wondered if he'd noticed it. The lips of her cunt were puffy and hot and hurt in the way they always did when she was turned on.

Now she opened her legs to his hand and he gently caressed her torrid gash. "Nice wet pussy," he murmured, fingering her slippery cuntfolds. "Sweet pussy. I'll make you feel so good, honey. Better than you ever felt before. I'll make you feel better then when you masturbate. But you must promise you won't tell anyone about this. People might not understand."

"I promise, Uncle Rick," she said. "Just don't stop touching me like that. I feel so funny. When you touch me there, I can't explain it, it's just so nice."

"Like this?" He fingered her pulsating clit.

"Oh, yes!" she gasped. Tremors shot through her entire body and she was disappointed when he stopped.

"I'll make you feel better than that," Rick said. "But you must tell me you want me to. You must be sure you want me to make you feel wonderful. Because men are different from boys. Once a man starts something, he can't stop. It's too painful and injurious to his private parts. So you must be real certain you want me to go on. Do you, Jodie? Do you want me to go on?"

"Oh, yes, please!" she said.

Rick pushed her legs farther apart and gazed with hot eyes at her golden-fringed slit. Her cunt-meat gleamed wetly and she bit her lip to keep from moaning.

She watched her uncle rise up and quickly strip his clothes off. When he was wearing only his shorts, he climbed back onto the bed and sprawled between the teenage girl's legs.

"You've got a beautiful pussy," he said, holding her cuntlips open and stretching her cunt wide.

"Do I really?" the blonde said. "Oh, Uncle Rick, I always thought it was ugly."

He smiled and dabbed a fingertip up and down her slit. "You're so wet and excited, honey. There's nothing like a virgin cunt." His nostrils flared. "Why, you've got the cunt of a woman, did you know that?"

"Do I really?"

"Yes, darling," he said, lowering his face and pressing his open lips to her pussy.

She twitched uncontrollably when his tongue and lips touched her cunt. She involuntarily bucked her ass and pushed herself against his mouth. Her head rolled from side to side and when she next gazed down at him, his cheeks were wet with her love-juice. Still, he fluttered his tongue hungrily up and down her yawning slit and forced the tip into the mouth of her pussy.

"You're delicious," he mumbled through a mouthful of teen cunt-meat.

"I think I might faint," the teenager sighed. "You won't faint," Rick smiled, flipping his tongue over her clit and sending darts of wild excitement through her crotch.

"I've never felt like this before," Jodie said.

"Didn't your boyfriend ever do this to you?"

"No, he only touched me here. I never let him do this."

"But you like it?"

"Oh, yes, I love it!"

"I love it too, baby."

All feelings of right and wrong and good and bad were swept away. The teenage girl felt and responded and felt some more. Nothing that feels this good can be bad, she thought.

Suddenly Rick lifted his face and scrambled out of his shorts. He climbed over her and in a whirl of excitement he penetrated her. The little blonde hardly knew when it happened. One minute she was gasping at the slight feeling of pleasure when he pushed inside her body.

Her eyes popped open with surprise as her uncle's prick stretched her pussy almost to the point of splitting her in two. Or so she thought. His face didn't look like the face of her uncle. His lips were pulled back over his teeth and he was perspiring heavily. A lock of hair fell over his eyes and he was breathing shallowly.

Then he suddenly grinned and for a moment he left his cock imbedded inside her without moving.

"Well, honey, you're a woman now," he said.

"We're fucking aren't we, Uncle Rick?" she said.

He began stroking his thick ramrod-stiff prick in and out of her hungry little cunt. "Yes, baby, we're fucking."

In the beginning she felt a slight irritation when he thrust his dick in and out of her widespread cunthole. But the friction of his shaft against her clit made her forget the pain. As his prick soared high inside her body, she rocked her ass and fucked back.

Her tits jiggled and she raised her legs and attached them to his waist. She felt like he was riding her, as if she was an animal and he was her mate and he was riding her and riding her to oblivion.

She instinctively met his thrusts and the bedsprings creaked and tiny animal cries escaped her throat. She felt her pussy grab at his prick and he grunted and speeded up his strokes.

And then she was falling and falling and falling in space and it was like nothing she'd ever experienced before. "Oh! Oh! Oh!" she heard herself gasp. She thrashed her legs in the air as her orgasm engulfed her. "Oh, God, Uncle Rick! Fuck me! Fuck meeeeee!"

She slammed herself against him and brought her legs down and planted her feet on the mattress. She rammed her cunt at his rapidly stroking cock and wailed in high-pitched little shrieks as he hammered his dick into her inflamed cunt.

Somewhere in time she felt her uncle release hot jets of jism into her gash and she heard him grunt unintelligibly as he pistoned his cock more deeply inside her succulent mouth. She felt a moment of panic when he roared loudly and his strokes were so furious she thought he would tear her pussy in two.

She breathed easy when he finally collapsed on top of her. She loved the feel of his weight on her body. She held him in her arms and kissed him, feeling older than he that moment. Older, and yet more vulnerable.

When he rolled off her and gazed into her eyes, they kissed. He looked solemn when he held her cheek lightly with his big hand and peppered her face with kisses.

"Sorry?" he said softly.

"No, I loved it," she said. "And I'm a woman now," she smiled shyly. "Thanks to you, Uncle Rick, I'm a woman now."


Rona set out one morning on a ritual she frequently enjoyed. She had a secret way of masturbating which she employed with regularity. It was a secret from everyone but her son and he was an integral part of it.

The first time she'd sensed she was being watched was when the twins were younger and Jodie was at the beach with her paternal grandmother. Rona had thought Jamie was in the back yard playing and she climbed into bed and enjoyed an hour's self-manipulation.

It was when she was almost through that she sensed she was being watched. Climbing off the bed quickly, she moved to her closet and while passing the door noticed she'd left it slightly ajar. Two little eyes peered in at her, but she never let the boy know she saw him. The fact that Jamie was watching made her even hotter. And after that first time she always left he door open just a little when she masturbated and she always knew when Jamie was watching.

She began her ritual by showering and dabbing perfume and body lotion over every inch of her body. She'd had sex with Bob that morning and it had been good. It was always good, but she had a nagging fear that he was getting tired of her despite his protestations to the contrary.

Now she sat at her dressing table, a sheer negligee barely covering her nakedness. By gazing in the mirror, she could see Jamie crouching down on the floor outside her door.

She shivered with excitement and carefully made up her face. Rick had gone off somewhere with Jodie. Those two seemed to be closer than ever, even to the exclusion of Jamie. Rona didn't think much about it. Girls Jodie's age always got crushes on older men and Rick adored both her kids. Still, they were spending a lot of time alone together.

She shrugged and thought about how Bob had made love to her that morning. He'd taken her from behind and fucked her fast. She loved fucking in that position. He was able to penetrate her deeply and she could feel his balls on her clit. But he had left for work before she had had enough. Lately her pussy itched even after she came. She needed so much sex. More than seemed natural somehow.

The house was very still and when she rose up and walked to the bed she saw Jamie hiding in the shadows of the hallway outside her door. She held her forehead as if testing herself for fever. Thighs quivering with anticipation, her cunt already wet, she untied her negligee and twirled around, making sure Jamie got a good look at her body.

She knew it was wrong to tempt her teenage son this way, but she loved it. In any event, she knew he wasn't a virgin. He'd confided in Bob and Bob had told her. He'd lost his cherry when he was younger and about time too, according to both his parents.

She dropped her negligee to the floor and stared at her reflection in the mirror. She studied her naked body and from the corner of her eye she saw Jamie staring at her.

She knew she excited her son. More than once she'd caught him staring at her tits and ass. Now she held her shoulders back and raised one hand to her tits. She gently caressed herself. She dragged her fingers from one tit to the other and slowly licked her lips as she tickled her nipples with the tip of a fingernail.

Then she used both hands to lift and then drop her tits and run her fingers nervously over her belly and down to her muff. She touched herself all over, spreading her legs and fluttering her fingers over her gaping pussymound. She paused to savor the sensations and still managed to gaze at Jamie through the mirror.

She was sorry she shouldn't see the expression on his face. Just knowing he was there watching her made her pussy itch. But if she could see the hot expression on his face, that would really turn her on.

Lifting both arms, she watched her heavy tits rise up. She ran her fingers through her long dark hair and piled it on top of her head for a moment. She pushed her pelvis forward. Her cunt-bush was thick and dark and the hair grew down her inner thighs. In the beginning Bob had loved it. It had been years since he'd mentioned it, but then, like everything about her body, he was probably bored with her beaver.

When she thought she'd teased Jamie and herself enough, she climbed onto the bed and rested on her belly, forcing her cuntlips open and giving Jamie a good look at her ass. She pushed her butt back, aware that he could see her pussy from this position too. He now had the same view that Bob had had this morning when they'd fucked.

Rolling onto her back, she moved both hands to her pussy and pried her hairy outer lips open. Her tits heaved as she breathed more rapidly, and her nipples were like two little spikes. Writhing around on the bed and moaning for Jamie's benefit, she thrust two fingers into her pussy-hole and used her free hand to pet her tits.

She stroked her fingers slowly in and out of her cunt and moved her fingers from one tit to the other. She swayed her body and thrashed her legs in the air. And she was certain she heard Jamie suck in his breath.

She wet her fingers with saliva and pinched her nipples. She twisted the turgid little blossoms and corkscrewed her fingers deep inside her pussy.

Her head rocked back and forth on the pillow and she added a third finger to her cunt. Without any warning, she came, and her pussy closed around her fingers as she clenched it tight.

Tiny grunting sounds came out of her throat and when her orgasm subsided she savored the sensations by squeezing her thighs around her hand.

Rolling onto her side and facing the door, she brought her cunt juice-soaked fingers to her mouth and slowly licked them clean. The taste and smell of her own sex was exciting, but, more than that, she knew that Jamie would find her actions incredibly erotic.

She returned her fingers to her dripping cunt and moved her hands back to her face. She inhaled the strong pungent smell and gluttonously sucked each individual finger into her mouth.

Pretending she was sucking a cock, she took three fingers into her mouth at once and slid them in and out in imitation of a mouth-fuck with a cock. When her fingers were licked clean, she returned them to her cunt and began the ritual all over again.

She had an impulse to jump off the bed and run to the door. She wanted to take her son's hand and bring him into the room and make love with him.

Out in the hall Jamie unzipped his fly and brought out his prick. He usually wound up masturbating whenever he watched his mother jerk off. Ever since the first time the most exciting thing in his life was when be watched his mother jerk off.

He curled his fingers around his prick and watched as she reached into the drawer next to the bed. She withdrew a big pink rubber dude. Jamie had seen her use it before. He became mesmerized when she fucked herself to orgasm with the artificial cock. He preferred when she used her fingers, but watching her fuck herself with the rubber cock turned him on too.

The teenage boy thought about the first time he'd caught his mother jerking off. Even at that age, he jerked off regularly. On the fateful day when he'd caught her masturbating, he sank down to the floor outside her partly open door and jerked off while he watched her. It was the first time he'd seen a grown woman's pussy. It was true his mother walked around naked when he and his twin sister were little. But she stopped letting him see her naked when he was about eight even though she and Jodie still bathed together.

His dream was to fuck his mother. He knew it was more fantasy than dream. His mother would never, ever let him fuck her. But it was his secret fantasy and in all his wet dreams he was fucking his mother.

Sometimes he jerked off and pretended his sister was sucking him off. Jodie was getting prettier every day and she was built a lot like their mom. He thought about his sister as he watched his mother insert the tip of the dildo into her pussy.

And what a pussy! he thought as he skinned his dick. He jerked off slowly so as not to blow his wad too soon. Once in a while he came before his mother was through jerking off and then he started all over again, getting his dick hard. It was better to wait and jerk off slowly while he watched his mother twist around on the bed. Shit, it was swell to have such a sexy mom. None of his friends had moms as sexy as his. Some of them were pretty, but none of them had figures to compare with his mother's. A few of his friends had crushes on Rona and one had the hots for Jodie.

Now Rona clenched her thighs closed around the rubber dildo and rocked her ass back and forth on the bed. When Jamie thought she was glancing toward the door, he pulled back into the shadows. But then Rona trembled visibly and his eyes widened as she shoved almost the entire dildo into her juicedrenched snatch.

Jamie watched and pumped his prick as his mother rubbed her clit and pulled on damp tendrils of cunt-hair. She arched her back and pumped her ass off the bed. Jamie almost cried out when she tilted her ass up and moved a finger inside her asscrack.

She stabbed a fingertip into her asshole and the teenage boy gulped at the sight of her puckered little bung. The areas around her brownie was darkish pink and there was hair surrounding it. His mouth opened automatically. He wondered how it tasted. Did his father ever suck his mother's asshole? There were so many questions he wanted answered.

He himself had never sucked a girl's asshole, but he'd sucked a few cunts in his day. Now he salivated at the sight of his mother's gash.

Some guys didn't like to suck a girl's cunt, but Jamie liked it. But what he loved even more was the taste of a raunchy pussy. He liked when a girl got real excited and when the juice just oozed from her cunt. Sometimes when they got real excited and rubbed real hard the juice got white and frothy and that was when it tasted best.

From this distance it was hard to tell if his mother's cuntjuice was frothy and white, but it didn't matter. He wanted to shove his face right up her twat. He wanted to lick up all the juice leaking from her cunt and he wanted to bring her off with his tongue on her clit.

What if she ever discovered him watching her? Just the thought made his skin crawl. He broke out into beads of perspiration as he watched her fuck herself, with the dildo and finger her asshole. He pulled back slightly into the darkened hall. Best not to be caught even if it meant not seeing as well.

Now Rona tossed the dildo to the side and lay with her legs spread wide in the air. She had both hands on her cunt and she thrashed her legs wildly.

She thrust two fingers into her twat and Jamie beat his meat more forcefully. There she goes! he thought as Rona rubbed her clit with one hand and frigged herself with the other.

The teenager watched his mother lift her ass up off the bed and thrust her fingers into her snatch. Now instead of caressing her clit she used her free hand to fondle her tits.

Jamie licked his parched lips when his mother pulled and pinched her nipples. He'd had hundreds of dreams where his mother had let him suck her tits. He gulped and swallowed the quickly accumulating saliva. He wondered then for the first time if Jodie would let him suck her tits. They weren't as big as his mother's, but they were bigger than most. What he really loved was jerking off and sucking a big tit at the same time.

The intrusion of his twin sister into his fantasy about sucking his mother's tits made him dizzy. Now Rona frigged three fingers into her gulch and stroked and caressed her tits and the boy's balls jerked in their sack.

She moaned out loud too and that excited the teenage boy even more. He loved when his mother got so excited she screamed. That only happened when she came and that was why he liked to prolong his own orgasm until after she came. Once he came at the same time she came and he missed her screams. After that he was always careful not to blast off until she did.

He watched her pussy suck greedily on her fingers. She moaned softly and shut her eyes tight and started shouting. "Now! Now! Oh, you fucker, fuck! Give it to me!" she cried. "Fuck me! I'm coming! Fuck me!"

In the hallway the horny teenager squeezed the root of his prick and narrowed his eyes as the first sensations of his climax coursed through him.

Not yet! he thought as he tried to suppress the inevitable.

And then, so quickly he almost missed it, his mother picked up the dildo and shoved it into her pussy while she rammed her fingers into her bung.

She kicked her legs in the air and her tits flopped from side to side. She screamed as she came and the next thing Jamie knew his fingers were covered with his gummy spunk.

When he opened his eyes, his mother was still thrusting the dude and her fingers into her two holes. But now she was frigging her cunt with her fingers and shoving the dildo all the way into her asshole.

Jamie bit his lip to keep from crying out. He'd never seen anything like it. His mother's asshole opened up big. Bigger than he'd thought possible. The thickness of the dildo stretched it and he clutched his limp prick as he watched the wanton act.

He felt dizzy again and his knees ached from kneeling in the same position for so long. He was about to rise up and tiptoe away from the door when he saw something that made him freeze.

His mother's lips were open and she was taking the dildo that had so recently been in her cunt and asshole into her mouth. She sucked it vigorously and lovingly and rocked her ass and brought her knees up to her tits. She shut her eyes tight and Jamie watched with a strange feeling in his chest as she slid the ring of her lips halfway down the soiled dildo.

When he was sure she couldn't see, Jamie closed the door all the way and ran down the hall to his room.

After he left Rona tossed the dildo aside and sat up on the bed. It had been a successful session. She'd come a dozen times and given Jamie a good show. What more could a mother do? She thought with a giggle.


Losing her cherry changed Jodie's life in more ways than one. Petting and regular making-out weren't enough anymore. The teenager craved cock now and craved fucking.

She thought about letting her boyfriend fuck her. But she wasn't that, much in love with him and when she caught him out with another girl she decided against it.

There was something else that bothered her. Could Jamie tell she'd lost her cherry? Uncle Rick had said a girl looked differcnt when she lost her cherry. If that was the case then she had more than Jamie to worry about. Maybe her folks could sense the change in her too.

She gazed at herself in the mirror for hours at a time and tried to see if she had changed. As far as she could see she still looked innocent and young and virginal. She decided not to worry about it. If her family could sense anything different about her there was nothing she could do about it anyway.

One evening when the adults were all out Jodie lay on her bed listening to a new tape and thumbing through a magazine. The weather was especially warm and the air conditioner in her room was out so she went downstairs and stretched out an the sofa in the den.

She flipped on the television set and settled down to watch her favorite show, aware in some part of her mind that her nightgown was sheer and she should have wrapped herself in a robe.

It's too damn hot, she thought. In any case even though her mother discouraged it, she and Jamie still ran around half-naked in front of each other.

She became absorbed in the television show. She was barely aware that her nightie had crept up to her thighs and her tits almost poured out of the top as she turned onto her side.

She heard her brother walk into the kitchen and open the refrigerator.

"Bring me a Coke, please," she called out.

She rolled onto her back and smoothed down her nightgown. If she folded the material in a certain way her cunt-muff didn't show too much.

Still when Jamie walked into the room he snickered. "Man, you're looking good," he said.

She glanced down at her tits. Her nipples were clearly visible through the sheerness of her nightgown. "It's too hot upstairs," she said, extending her hand. "Where's my Coke?"

"Here," he said, handing her a can of Coke. "Move over."

She moved, her legs to the side and he sat down at the opposite end of the sofa. "You're drinking beer," she said. "Mom'll kill you."

"She'll kill you too for going around dressed like that," her twin said, moving his tongue lewdly over his lips.

"Oh, stop that," Jodie giggled, covering her tits with her hands. "You're making me self-conscious."

Jamie gulped his beer and gazed from his sister's boobs to her snatch which was still visible through her carefully arranged nightie. He wet his lips and put his beer can down. He placed his hand on the calf of her leg and she giggled shrilly and pulled her leg back.

"Your hand's wet and cold!" she said.

"That's the only part of me that's cold," be chuckled.

She smiled, twisting her body seductively and letting her legs fall open very slightly. "Are you showing off to me?" she said. Her tits rose and fell as her breathing quickened.

"Maybe," her twin brother said.

He moved his hand back to her calf and then inched his fingers up to her thigh. The teenage girl sat up and moved around until she was sitting next to him.

She took his hand and played with his fingers. "Are you horny?" she said, tracing her forefinger over the palm of his hand.

"Yeah," he said.

The twins has always been honest with each other about sex, but now that Jodie had lost her cherry to her uncle she was hesitant about telling her brother. She didn't know why, but she had a feeling Jamie would be jealous.

Now she took Jamie's hand and brought it around her shoulders. "I'm hot," she said.

Jodie stared at the television screen. "Hot like in temperature or hot like in horny?"

The teenage girl giggled. "Maybe a little of both."

"Who're you making out with now that you broke up with Chuck?"

"No one."

"No wonder you're horny."

Without thinking the teenage girl blurted something out that would change her relationship with her twin brother forever. "Are you offering to fill in for Chuck?" she said.

Jamie let his fingers trail down to the slope of her tits. Without taking his eyes from the screen he pressed his thigh against her. "Maybe you could say that," he said.

Jodie's heart pounded as she tried to control her voice. She didn't want Jamie to know just how excited she was. No matter what happened she wanted him to think she was a virgin. That seemed more important than ever.

Suddenly Jamie's free hand was slipping inside the hem of her nightgown while his other hand slipped inside the top. He touched her bare tit and stroked her silken thigh and eventually touched her jutting nipple.

"That's feels nice," she said.

"You won't tell Mom, will you?"

"Of course not!"

She moistened her lips end he leaned over and kissed her. The kiss began tentatively, but soon each teenager explored the nectar of each other.

Jamie was the first to increase the pressure of his lips on hers and to snake his tongue into her mouth. Then they were locked together, their lips fused in a passionate kiss. Jodie wrapped her arms around his neck and savored the sweetness of his saliva on her tongue.

His hands were all over her, on her tits and thighs and even on her ass. She twisted around until she sat on his lap and opened her thighs in silent invitation.

He clutched her tits with one hand, gently at first and then more insistently. He caressed her lust-stiffened nipples and explored the contours of her globes.

He dragged his lips from her mouth to her neck and from there to her ear. He tongued her ear and nibbled her lobe and all the while his hand expertly caressed her.

She gasped when he plunged his tongue into her ear. There seemed to be a direct link from her ear to her pussy. Or maybe it was the way he was touching her tits. Maybe the link was from her boobs to her pussy.

"We won't fuck because you're still a cherry," he said, his mouth becoming more and more demanding.

Jodie shifted her ass on his lap. "We can do everything else," she whispered. "We can make each other feel real good without fucking."

He snickered. "I know all about that," he said, kissing the slope of her boobs. "I just thought I'd say it."

One hand continued stroking and caressing her tits. His hand was inside her nightgown, moving from the heavy underside of her boobs to her deep cleavage.

They kissed again and again, tiny hot kisses mixed with long, deep, french kisses. At one point she broke the kiss and stared deeply into her brother's eyes.

"I'm so horny, Jamie," she said.

"Me too, Sis," he said.

"I never felt like this before," she said.

"I won't hurt you, Sis," he said. "I promise." At last he moved his hand into the gulch between her legs.

She gasped. "You're touching my cunt!"

"Yeah." He looked solemn.

"It's real wet, isn't it?"

"Yeah, real wet."

"It's because I'm so hot," she said, clinging to his neck.

His fingers touched her most intimate parts and she let her legs fall open to give him easy access to her cunt folds. She kissed his neck and ears and fondled his hair as he explored her juicy snatch.

"Let's lay down, Sis," he said in a hoarse voice.


"Yeah, why not?"

"What if the folks come home? Or Uncle Rick?"

"Yeah, you're right." He thought for a moment. "Let's go up to your room."

In less than a minute they were off the sofa and dashing up the stain to Jodie's bedroom. They climbed onto the bed and the teenage girl raised her ass so her brother could slip his hands under her butt.

"Aren't you going to take your clothes off?" she said.

"In a minute."

He pushed her nightgown up to her waist and stared at her naked cunt. The slit between her thighs yawned open and he licked his lips and sucked in his breath.

Jamie glanced down at her cunt and saw that her cuntflaps were open and the interior of her gash was exposed. It was moist and pink and her clit stood up at the top like a tiny hard on.

"Can I kiss you there?" he said.

"You mean on my pussy?"

"Yeah." He grinned down at her and she instinctively moved her hands to her cunt.

She wondered if he would be able to tell she wasn't a virgin if he kissed her down there. She hesitated so long he thought she was frightened.

"You don't mean to say you never let a guy kiss you down there when you made out?" he said.

"Oh, sure, I've done it a lot," she said.

He reached over and kissed her, pushing her nightgown up to her neck and fastening his lips to one of her nipples. "Well, if you've done it before you can sure as hell let me kiss you there. It feels good, doesn't it?"

"Yeah, sure, it's terrific," she said.

He dipped one of his fingers into her honeypot. She held her breath and exhaled sharply. He moved the very tip of his finger over the hairy outer lips of her cunt and gently pressed three fingers over her bubbling flesh.

He rubbed his fingers up and down, touching her clit and every nook and cranny of her snatch. A pool of cuntjuice coated his hand and it leaked continuously out of her hot turned-on hole.

The teenage girl gasped loudly when he speared another finger into her cunthole and wiggled it around. His finger felt like a small cock.

How she wanted him to fuck her! But then he would know she wasn't a virgin and he'd want to know who got her cherry. She couldn't tell him it was Uncle Rick. She just couldn't.

She sighed deeply when he left his finger imbedded inside her without moving. Her succulent flesh sucked on it and together they pulled her nightgown over her head and she was naked.

Now he climbed over her and covered her tits with his lips and tongue and fingers and she clutched his hair and guided his mouth on her boobs. His fingers encircled her melons and he nibbled her white flesh and her pink nipples.

He took a nipple between his teeth and whipped the tip with his tongue. He moved his lips from one tit to the other and she wrapped her legs around him and writhed with desire.

Now he moved a hand back to her pussy and wedged two fingers into her hot hole. He thrust them in and out and rubbed them against her clit with every stroke.

Her breath came faster and her tits heaved as she panted and moaned. Her orgasm took her by surprise and the intensity of her feelings overwhelmed the teenage girl.

"Good come, Sis?" he said, still moving his fingers in and out of her gulch, but more slowly now.

"Terrific," she sighed.

A flicker of embarrassment crossed her face when he got to his feet and began stripping his clothes off. She knew she was being silly. She'd seen him naked many times. But this was different. This was sexual and they both knew it.

As if aware of her feelings, the boy slowly unbuckled his belt, unzipped his fly and pulled his jeans and shorts down to the floor. He stepped out of them and his boner curved up toward the ceiling.

She gazed at it with something like awe. By the time he took his shoes and socks off and climbed back onto the bed, she was no longer embarrassed. She was just horny.

He rolled onto his side next to her and she closed her eyes tight.

"Hey, why don't you look at it?" Jamie said.

The blonde teenager gagged and shook her head. "I don't want to look," she said. She lifted her lids slowly and giggled again. His cock was an inch from her face and she squealed. "What are you doing?" She purposely pretended to be more innocent than she actually was.

"Shit, you've sucked a cock before," he said.

"But you were going to kiss my pussy."

"You got off without it," the boy grinned. "Now it's my turn. Go ahead and touch it."

"Well, okay..." She extended her hand and touched his dick. She flinched and pulled back and then curled her fist around his shaft. "It's so hard," she said.

"That's the way it's supposed to be," her brother said. "Squeeze it like that. It feels good."

She clutched his prick and pumped it. She tried moving only his cock-skin up and down his pole the way Uncle Rick had taught her. Jamie's prick was too hard. The skin was pulled tautly over his rod and she was unable to move it.

Suddenly Jamie gasped and a thick blob of whitish fluid shot out of the tip of his prick and almost hit the ceiling. It flashed back down onto her cheek and the second spurt hit her directly on the chin.

She left her hand on his exploding prick and watched Jamie's face as jet after jet shot out of his piss-slit. His milky jism covered her fingers and she had a wild impulse to lick it off.

She didn't want him to think she was perverted so she restrained herself. Instead she continued jerking him off until he was through coming and lay down next to him while he recovered his breath.

"I'm sorry," he muttered, gasping for breath.

"What for?"

"Cause I came so soon," he said.

"I liked it," she said, wiping her face with the sheet.

"But now you won't be able to give me a blow-job."

"Why can't I give YOU a blow-job while it's soft?"

He blinked a few times. "Yeah, I guess you could, but I don't know if it'll get hard again."

"I could try," she said shyly.

"I've got a better idea," the boy said. "Lay down."

The blonde stretched out on her back and her twin brother climbed between her legs. He pushed her thighs apart and before she could protest he was lowering his lips to her gulch.

"Oh, Jamie!" she sighed, grabbing his head as if to push it away.

Instead she guided his lips over her snatch. He licked up and down and from side to side and she laced her fingers through his hair and moaned with excitement. He plunged his tongue into her lava-filled pussy-hole and lapped it over her blood-engorged clit.

He swirled his tongue over her little nub of passion and swallowed down her thick, slimy cuntjuice. When she crashed forward and began moaning loudly, he knew she was coming again.

She bucked her hips and ass like a machine as her ecstasy engulfed her. Her thighs were wet with perspiration and she clamped them around his face as if to hold him there forever.

His tongue moved unceasingly on her gash and he reached up and grabbed her tits in his hands. When she could take no more, when another orgasm would have been too much, she made him stop licking.

"Urn, yummy!" she giggled when he raised his head and gazed down at her.

Her brother clutched his dick. "Will you give me a blow-job now?" he said.

"Sure," the teenage girl squealed, sitting up and pushing her hair off her face.

"Not too hard," Jamie said as he took her place on the bed. "It's sensitive after a guy comes." He held his prick protectively with his hands.

"I'll be careful," she said. "Do you think I'd hurt my own brother?"

She stretched out on her belly and sniffed at his dick and balls.

"You can play with my balls too," Jamie said.

"I know how to give a blow-job," she said. "Yeah, I'm beginning to think you know how to fuck too."

"I do not," she said, but in her heart she wondered if somewhere along the line she'd given herself away.

Now she reached out and cupped his relaxed balls in her hand. She squeezed them tightly and he grabbed her wrist. "Easy, Sis," he said. "A guy's real sensitive there."

"Oh, are you?" she said, trying to sound innocent. Uncle Rick had told her about the man's sensitivities and she knew balk were specially sensitive after a man comes. Or was it before?

"Suck my dick and touch my nuts rest carefully," Jamie said. "I can tell you're a virgin by the way you grabbed my nuts. Shit! I've got to teach you everything, don't I?"

She glanced from his face to his rapidly stiffening prick and a smile lit her pretty face. "I'm so glad you're my brother," she said. She lowered her lips to his prick and kissed the tip. "Honest I am."

For a long time she sniffed and licked the tip of his prick. A steady stream of whitish fluid kept leaking from the tiny hole and she extended her tongue and licked it off.

He flinched when she darted her tongue from his piss-slit to the root of his tool. She used soft fluttery strokes of her tongue, grateful that Uncle Rick had taught her what a man likes.

"DO you like the taste?" Jamie said.

"Yeah, I love it," she admitted shyly.

"You can suck my dick anytime," he chuckled.

"Well, thanks a lot," the teenage girl giggled, pursing her lips and fastening them to his cockhead.

After sucking hard for a moment she slipped her moist hungry lips over the flared rim under his cock-knob. Her brother grunted and she moved down until half his shaft was in her mouth.

She mouth-fucked him, taking his prick halfway into her mouth and using her tongue to lash the tip. With each thrust her lips slid further down his pole and she played gently with his balls all the while.

"More!" Jamie gasped. "Take more!"

A strangling sound escaped her throat and she took a deep breath before inhaling the rest of his shaft into her throat. She released it quickly, but then sucked it in again. A lovely feeling engulfed her. She had taken almost his entire fuckpole into her throat without choking!

She responded with her entire being. She had never felt so female and so sexual. She slid her pursed lips up and down his ramrod-stiff dick from the tip to the point where her nose nestled against his cock-bush. And she never once gagged or even flinched. She knew then she was a woman at last. A raunchy cockloving woman.

She felt his balls fill with jism and her brother tugged on her hair and begged her to let him fuck her. With one hand he toyed with her tits, but the blonde teenager had no intention of releasing him from her mouth. This time she wanted his come in her mouth. She wanted it on her teeth and gums and the roof of her mouth. She wanted to gargle with it and save it on her tongue. She wanted to drink and drink...

Now Jamie grunted loudly and gripped her head in his hands. She almost choked at that point, but her head merely spun around as he thrust his dick balls-deep into her gasping throat.

Now every jet of spunk blasted into her sucking mouth. She struggled to swallow it all. His load seemed endless, but she gulped and sucked and gulped some more. Still he pumped and thrust and stroked until her jaws ached. When at last he was through, when he fell back exhausted, she climbed over him and swallowed the last of his load while she caressed and fondled his face and hair.

"That was the best blow-job I ever had!" Jamie said breathlessly.

"See how much fun you can have without fucking?" Jodie giggled.

He lay resting and she climbed back between his legs and took his limp prick into her mouth. "Hey, Sis, you're killing me," he said.

She licked his prick and balls while she teased him deliciously with her fingers.

"Do I really?" the teenage girl said.

Jamie lifted his head from the pillow. "Really what?" He dropped his head back when she suctioned his prick into her mouth.

"Give the best blow-job you ever had?" she mumbled, her mouth filled with dick.

He chuckled. "Sure. I wouldn't lie about something like that."

"Someday..." she paused.

"Yeah?" Jamie said, his eyes glittering. "Someday maybe I'll let you fuck me."

He snickered and pulled her on top of him. "Hey, Sis, how about now?"

"You can't, you're not hard!"

"That's the time to try it," he said, sitting up and pushing her dawn onto her back.

A feeling of panic raged through her. "No, I can't!" she hissed.

"Aw, Sis, I won't hurt you."

"But then I won't be a virgin anymore."

"And about time too."

He eased her onto her back and spread her legs apart. Her heart beat fast and she tried to think of a way she could logically make him stop. In the back of her mind she knew he wouldn't be able to penetrate her with his soft cock. But still one never knew about those things.

He held his cock in his fist and pumped it, trying without success to get it hard again. His face flushed, he lowered his knob to her gash and she shifted her ass nervously.

"Here I go, Sis," he said, clenching his teeth and easing the tip of his prick against the wet open lips of her teenage pussy.

He played his cockhead over her petal-like folds and touched her clit. She sighed and shivered when he held his prick-knob against her clit and then gently rubbed it back and forth.

"You're right, it won't go in!" Jamie hissed.

"I think it's best," his sister said, holding her arms out to him. "This way I've still got my cherry."


Rona felt a sharp attraction for her brother-in-law. She'd always found him sexy, but now she found him more than sexy. She found herself drawn to him in a way she knew was deeper than a mere physical attraction.

Having an affair with him was out of the question. He was her husband's brother and it just wasn't right. On the other hand he was there in her house and it would be convenient for both of them.

She tried to drive it from her mind and even flirted outrageously with her son whenever Rick was around. It seemed to turn Rick on to watch her in action. She could tell by the way he gazed at her and even Bob noticed her. He was amused by it and that annoyed Rona. She wanted to make him jealous, but he only told her to act her age.

One morning she slept late. She and Bob had fucked before he left for work and she lay in bed naked with blankets and sheet twisted and most of her body exposed. She noticed that Bob had left the door slightly ajar, but she didn't care. She liked being seen naked by her son and if Rick saw her too that wasn't her problem. Now she rolled sleepily onto her back and watched her tits wobble around her chest. She gazed at the triangle of hair between her legs and the taut flatness of her belly.

It was then she sensed she was being watched. It was more a feeling than anything, but she rolled onto her side, her face away from the door, and purposely mumbled as if she were sound asleep and dreaming.

She arranged her legs in a way that would force her pussy to gape open. If it was Rick, and she hoped it was, she wanted him to see it her juicy gash. If it was Jamie she had nothing to hide.

She heard a sound and knew the door was being opened wider. She lay perfectly still, but her blood raced. Whoever it was was walking into the room. Whoever it was was falling for the bait.

She felt a presence next to her bed after a few moments. She buried her face in the pillow and flung one arm out to expose her right tit. Not knowing who was standing next to her bed watching her made the experience more arousing. And who could fault her for sleeping? It was natural, even though usually by this time she was dressed and downstairs.

She parted her legs a few more inches and hugged the pillow. Shifting her ass up she gave her viewer a better look at her snatch. She felt whoever it was move to the side of the bed and ease himself down next to her. She took a deep breath and waited. Dear Lord what would happen next?

And then she sensed whover it was bringing his face closer and closer to her pussy. She felt warm breath on her beaver and had a distinct feeling she was about to be eaten.

By now she knew it was Rick. Jamie would never do this. He felt safe spying on her when she masturbated, but he would never come right into her room and sit on her bed.

It had to be Rick and the horny wife sighed and shifted her ass again as she taunted her playboy brother-in-law. Lately he and Jodie had become so close it was amazing he still noticed the girl's mother.

And then his mouth was on her cunt and she gasped in her pretended sleep. She felt the pressure of his tongue on her cunt, opening up her outer lips and landing with gentle pressure on her inner folds.

Sighing softly, she turned onto her back and let her legs fall open. She threw one arm over her eyes and felt him lick the petal-like skin of her slit from her clit to her asshole. He moved her engorged clit up and down with what felt like the very tip of his tongue and she spread her thighs even wider to give him complete access to her sex.

Now she felt him climb onto the bed and crouch between her splayed legs. He pressed his lips firmly against her split cuntlips and worked his tongue up and down and around her excited pulp.

Suddenly a hand was clutching one of her tits and she opened her eyes to see Rick's head moving back and forth over her cunt. He gently took her clit between his teeth and pulled on it and then tickled the tip of his tongue over her gushing cunthole.

Her eyes were wide open now and she gasped. "Rick! What are you doing?"

He gazed at her, his lips coated with her love-fluid. "I couldn't resist it, it looked so damn good," he said, squeezing her tit.

"Well, I hope Bob doesn't find out," she said, rolling her head back and pushing her crotch at his mouth.

"Don't worry about him," Rick said, locking his lips to her entire snatch.

She rotated her hips and he moved with her, his lips fastened wetly to her clit. He met her eyes and she giggled and smoothed her dark hair as she watched him suck her.

Whatever will be will be, she thought as he darted his tongue into her gulch. "Actually it's not a bad way to wake up," she said.

"Best breakfast I've had in a year," he said. "That's not saying much for your sex life," she said.

"You know better than that."

"I do?" she teased.

"I hope you do now," he said.

He sat up, wiping his lips with the back of his hand and only then did Rona notice he was half-undressed. He wore only a tee-shirt and he pulled it off his head and climbed over onto the bed next to her.

He took her into his arms and they kissed and she tasted her pungent tasting juice in his mouth. He crushed her tits with his chest and lay on top of her for a long while while they passionately french-kissed.

She moved her hand between them and searched for his dick. When she found it, she stroked his shaft and tickled his balls. He rolled onto his side facing her and she played with his already erect dick as she stared into his eyes.

"Did you know it was me?" he said.

"How come?"

"If it wasn't Jamie, who would it be?"

"Oh, Rick, you're terrible!"

"Hell, it happens in the best of families." He uttered a soft groan and took her right tit in his mouth.

He nursed on her boobs for a while and then she crawled between his legs and explored his cock and balls. He raised his head to watch, leaning on his elbows and grinning.

"Take it in your mouth," he said softly.

She gripped his cock with both hands. "That's exactly what I was about to do."

She lowered her lips to his dick and continued pumping it while she took his cockhead into her mouth.

"Oh, fuck, that's good!"

Her hair fell forward and tickled his thighs. She slid the ring of her lips down to his cockroot and then dragged them back slowly, using her teeth this time.

"Don't bring me off," he said. "I'm going to fuck you in the ass."

A chill coursed through her. She loved taking it in the asshole. She spit his cock out and climbed back over the bed, sitting on his chest and totally exposing her gash.

"I love getting my asshole reamed," she said.

He snickered. "You're certainly not shy," he said.

"That's one of the nice things about balling a woman my age," she said.

Rick flushed and turned away: "What does that mean?"

Rona thought of her teenage daughter and almost stopped breathing. "Nothing," she said, leaning over and kissing him. "Stick it in my asshole, Rick." She wrapped her arms around his neck. "Just don't tear anything." She slid down between his legs and took his prick into her mouth. Her cheeks bulged as she inhaled him and then she released him and kept only his bloated knob in her mouth, resting on her tongue.

Her tits tumbled heavily with every movement. He took her into his arms and kissed her hard and then turned her face down on the mattress.

"Take the position," he said, running his hand over her asscheeks. "What a lucky guy my brother is."

"You're the lucky one now," Rona said, spreading her legs and grabbing a pillow to rest her cheek against.

She felt him stick a finger into her butt and wiggle it around. She heard him mutter something and she closed her eyes and savored the feelings raging through her.

He wet his fingers with her cuntjuice and stuffed two of them into her bung. She moved a hand down to her cunt and began playing with herself. The combination ignited her and she slowly teased her clit while her brother-in law loosened her butt-hole.

She fell forward when he fitted his cockhead into the widened entrance to her asshole. The initial penetration always took her breath away. There was always the possibility that he would go in the wrong way and hurt her.

She held her breath as he wedged his cockhead into her hung and gripped her hips hard with his fingertips. He grunted and lunged forward and he was inside her and it hurt like hell, but she loved it.

"Oh, God!" she hissed, burying her face in the pillow to keep from crying out.

"Push out," he said.

Only half his shaft was inside her so she felt her butt-muscles stretch as he dropped the last few inches into her brownie. And the feelings drove her wild with excitement when his dick filled her bowels.

He began moving his cock in and out of her hung slowly. Each new thrust loosened her up and totally aroused her. Her entire body felt alive and she shivered as the spasms of her first orgasm raged through her.

She raised her chest and rested on her hands and Rick reached around and played with her tits while he speared her butt. At intervals she rubbed her clit, but she was too excited to do more than wait for the next explosion in her pussy.

At the end she gasped and screamed when his cock exploded inside her bung and together they rode the waves of their mutual incestuous lust.


Now it was Jodie who felt neglected. Rick and Rona began spending a lot of time together. In the house they talked and giggled privately and together they took up tennis. Or so they said. Whenever they would go off swinging their rackets, Jodie wondered if they weren't actually going off somewhere to fuck.

Even Jamie was neglecting her. He had a new girlfriend and the teenager found herself turning to her father for comfort and company.

One Saturday morning she was sitting at the breakfast table with Bob when her mother and uncle dashed in giggling. They had a quick cup of coffee and then Rona tied her cardigan around her neck as they rose up.

"Fix lunch for your father, will you, baby?" she said, as she kissed Bob goodbye. "We have the court in five minutes and I don't want to waste a second of it. Your uncle's been beating me lately." She shot Rick a teasing glance which didn't escape her daughter.

Bob nodded as Rick followed on Rona's heels out of the house. "You don't have to stick around for my sake," he said.

"I don't mind, Daddy," Jodie said, chewing on her toast.

Bob sipped his coffee and continued reading his newspaper. His reading glasses slipped down his nose and he glanced up at Jodie. "Feeling blue, honey?" he said.

"Jamie's got a new crush," she said with a sigh. It was true, but that wasn't what was troubling the teenager.

"And what else?" he said. He was too wise to be deceived.

Jodie rose up and took their plates to the sink. "Nothing else, Daddy," she said.

"Does it have something to do with Uncle Rick?"

She flushed as she rinsed the plates under the hot water. "No, I told you, Jamie's got a crush."

"He's your brother," Bob said gently. "He's not your boyfriend."

"I know." She sat down again and Bob's eyes flickered over her tits.

"You sunbathing today?" he said, taking his glasses off and rubbing his nose.

"Yeah, that's why I'm wearing this." She tugged at her bikini top. She hadn't realized how much of her tits showed.

"Don't try to cover them up," Bob smiled. "They're quite lovely."

"Oh. Daddy!"

"Well, they are, baby," he said, pushing his cup away. "Maybe I'll join you in the yard."

She cocked her head and smiled nervously. "Are you just being nice to me or do you really want to sunbathe?"

"A little of both."

She rose up and as she did when she was small she plopped down onto his lap. She settled down, her arms around his neck and hugged him. "You're the best daddy in the world," she sighed.

She kissed his cheek and then suddenly he turned his face and she was kissing his lips. "I'm sorry, Daddy," she said, her cheeks turning pink.

She met his gaze and neither of them laughed. He cupped her chin and with a ragged groan he kissed her mouth. She responded instinctively by sending her tongue soaring into his mouth. He sucked on her tongue and gently fondled her tits through her skimpy bikini top.

She shifted her ass around and he widened his thighs and she felt the bulge between his legs. "Oh, Daddy, we're kissing," she said.

"I guess so, baby," he said.

"It feels funny."

"It'll be our secret."

"Yes, our secret."

He chuckled as he stroked her thighs. "You always did love secrets."

She took a deep breath and her tits threatened to burst the tiny cups of her swim suit. He squeezed and caressed her nubile mounds and she opened her mouth and accepted his tongue.

"I'm not a virgin, Daddy," she whispered. "I'm not surprised," he said.

"I can feel your cock, Daddy," the teenager said.

"I know, honey," Bob said. "You're sitting on it."

She giggled. "It's getting hard."

"You ought to feel it from this end."

She deliberately wiggled her ass on his lap. "If you take it out I'll play with it."

"Oh, you will, will you?" he chuckled. "And who taught you to play with a cock?"

"Please take it out, Daddy."

"I never could refuse you anything." He knew what they were doing was wrong and it was his responsibility because he was older and wiser and the parent. But he couldn't help himself. He and Rona had a good marriage, but lately the sex with her bored him. Happily she wasn't too demanding lately. He knew she and Rick were probably making it and he didn't much care. But the feel of his teenage daughter on his lap made his dick throb and he couldn't resist her.

He moved his hand to his crotch and she shifted her weight so he could reach his zipper. He tugged it down and took her hand and moved it inside his fly.

She brought his dick out and squeezed it hr her tiny fist. She wiggled around and held on to his prick and they kissed again. His hands were all over her and she clung desperately to his dick and managed to pump it up and down. But the position was precarious and eventually he put her down and rose up.

"Take that thing off," he said and the teenage girl peeled her bikini bottom off.

He grabbed her again and pulled her back onto his lap, but now he was able to fondle her naked pussy and lush ass. She felt all quivery and wet and she shut her thighs around his hand and pursed her lips as he plunged a finger into her cunthole.

"Ooooohhhhh, Daddy!" she sighed.

"Should Daddy give you a come?" he said.

"I want you to fuck me."

"Oh, baby, I will!"

They kissed again, hot kisses and wet kisses and all the while their hands were all over each other. The teenager's twat was getting wetter by the minute and his finger slid eagerly into her cunt.

Suddenly he was lifting her up and she was touching his dick. "Sit on it, baby," he said.

She felt helpless to stop now and she placed one foot on the chair and used it for leverage as she positioned her pussy over his up thrust dick.

It was difficult to fuck in this position, but father and daughter were too excited to care.

He rubbed his cockhead against her gulch and she pushed down, trying to force it inside her.

She was in a frenzy of passion, but Bob lifted her up by the hips and sank his thick fuckpole all the way into her teenage twat.

"It's in!" she gasped.

He gritted his teeth and held onto her hips as he moved up and down on the chair. He was buried to the hilt inside her and her tongue lolled out of her mouth as the wild sensations in her cunt erupted.

"Daddy, we're fucking," she said.

"Move your ass, baby," he said.

She bounced up and down, clinging to his neck. But it was he who was doing the fucking. It was, he who was holding her hips and moving her bodily up and down his fuckpole.

It felt so good to the teenage girl she forgot everything in the world except her father's dick. She whimpered with delight when his cock rasped against her lust-stiffened little clit. When Bob clamped his lips over one of her tits and sucked hard, she rocked in a frenzy of lust.

"Daddy, I'm coming!" she gasped.

"Let it out, baby," he said.

"Oh, yes!" Her blonde hair flying, she rocked her head from side to side as the wondrous sensations flooded her senses.

As she came her cunt gripped his prick, but Bob used every ounce of control he could muster. Now that he was finally fucking his adorable daughter, he had no intention of dropping his load so soon.

With the expertise that only maturity can bring, he continued pumping his cock into her teenage gash and the overheated girl gurgled with excitement. At one point his cock was in so deep, she thought she felt him in her throat.

Every ounce of her being trembled with sexual need. Fucking her father was as good as fucking her uncle. Maybe even better because she loved her father more.

She clung to him, laughing and crying and having one orgasm after the other and he held her tight and soothed her when she could take no more.

"Relax, baby," he said, kissing her tenderly.

"Oh, Daddy, it's so good!"

"Daddy's here," he said, untying her bikini top. "Daddy's here and he's going to fuck his little girl again."

She slipped from his lap and he rose up. Hand in hand they left the kitchen and walked upstairs. They went into her bedroom and he closed the door and he held her close as they felt each other's heartbeat.

The teenager sat down on the bed and her father moved with her. He stood before her and she found his prick a few inches from her face.

"Get on the bed, Daddy," she said, and Bob climbed onto the bed and lay still while she stared at his dick through narrowed eyes.

He pushed a pillow under his head and reached for her. "Come here, you little darling," he said.

She untied her halter top and fell over on top of him. They rolled around on the bed like two strong young animals. For a moment Jodie felt there was no age difference and no familial barriers.

"You're a dishy kid," Bob said, stroking her hair.

She bent down and took his cock in her hand. It had softened slightly, but she stroked it gently and bent over to kiss the moist tip. Bob sighed when she darted the tip of her tongue over his silken-skinned cockhead.

"Oh, fuck, I can't believe I'm letting my own kid give me head," he said as she took his prick-knob inside her lips and chewed it lightly.

"I love giving head," she said, her tongue darting and probing and licking with feathery strokes.

"Take it in deeper, baby," Bob said, clutching the delicate back of her neck.

"I will, Daddy," she said, closing her mouth around his tool and twisting her lips as she sucked.

With loving lips, she drew it into her mouth. His cock stirred at her touch and she felt it harden in the wet warmth of her eager mouth. A look of utter contentment crossed his face and the teenage girl smiled and resolved to gin him the best blow-job he ever had.

She not only remembered everything Uncle Rick had taught her, she remembered what Jamie had liked too. Now she cupped her father's balls and fondled them carefully. She knew they were sensitive and easily bruised. The tiny little marbles inside his ball-bag jumped around and the feel of the skin covering his balls fascinated her.

A man's sex was much more interesting to the teenager than a woman's. She thought her own pussy was rather boring and didn't understand why boys found it so fascinating. The most exciting thing was turning a man on. She creamed her panties just feeling a cock get stiff in her hand. She wondered what Jamie would say if he knew she had fucked their father. She felt strangely grown up now, almost womanly, since she'd fucked both her sexy uncle and her father. Jamie was still a kid in many ways. He fucked lots of girls, but they were just kids. She had the experience with adults. Jamie was still a boy.

She thought about the way her boyfriends fumbled when they felt her up. Grown men were much more fun. They didn't fumble. They knew exactly what they wanted and what she wanted too. She sighed, slipping her lips halfway down her father's fuckpole. Boys were so dopey. She much preferred men her father's age.

Now Bob reached down and clutched her tits while she munched on his dick. She squealed and combed her fingertips through his cock-bush and spread her legs.

She shifted her body around so her father could reach her cunt and he quickly moved a hand between her legs and stroked her twat. It was amazing how quickly she became turned on. She'd come so good downstairs in the kitchen and yet she was hot all over again.

She moved one leg up so her cunt gaped open. Bob found her excited little clit and took it between two fingers. He squeezed it gently and she swirled her tongue eagerly up and down his prick. Her body tingled all over. Fucking her father was the most exciting thing that had ever happened to her.

He groaned now and forced a finger into her pussy. She spit his prick out and buried her lips against his ball-bag. Father and daughter were silent. Words seemed unnecessary. His cock strained upward and she tilted it back to take it in her mouth.

His erection seemed to be growing. She thought about the terminology. Erection. Hard-on. Hard-on was raunchier. She liked the word. Erection was so clinical.

She automatically licked the oozing tip of his prick while she ran her hands teasingly inside his inner thighs. Uncle Rick had taught her that a man likes the same things a woman likes. She loved when a man caressed her sensitive inner thighs so she assumed her father did too.

She felt, him trembling and she did too. Everything was so new to her, but he seemed to be trying everything for the first time too. And in a way it was true. She was his only daughter and this was their first time together.

She knew what a huge step this was for him.

"Don't be sorry, Daddy," she whispered, pressing his saliva-moistened prick to her cheek.

"I'm trying not to, baby," he said.

Suddenly he took her head between his strong hands and plunged his dick into her throat. The feel of the teenager's tongue and lips on his fuck-meat made him forget all the taboos he'd learned all his life.

The blonde teenager gazed up at him, startled by the sudden intensity of his thrusting. Her eyes smoldered and she held her head perfectly still as he ravaged her mouth.

And then he was pulling her up, guiding her lithe body next to him on the bed and he was inside her and they were riding together toward a crest of total passion.

His cock soared inside her snatch and she wrapped her legs around his waist and let all the wonderful, incestuous sensations wash over her. For the first time she felt they were truly one. Her body merged with his. Their juices mingled. He felt young and powerful and animal-like and she felt more like a woman than ever.

The fuck surpassed her wildest dreams. They kissed hotly and Bob plunged his tongue in and out of her mouth as he plunged his dick in and out of her cunt.

"Fuck!" he gasped, riding her like a bronco.

They moved together as one in the tempo of love, the age-old lusty tempo of two bodies in tune. And then it became even more wonderful when he rolled over and pulled her on top of him and she straddled him while he directed the fucking.

She wiggled her ass and her tits flopped around as he rammed his dick into her twat. He held her hips and she moved in a way that tightened her cunt on his dick.

"Fuck, baby, fuck!"

"Yes, Daddy, yes!"

Without missing a stroke he was on top again and fucking her faster and harder. Each time he pulled out his prick rasped against her clit and with each stroke he filled her love tunnel more deeply.

His face was taut and his concentration intense as their mutual orgasm approached. She knew they would come together. It was inevitable. It would be the perfect ending to the perfect fuck.

He grunted when the fire erupted in his loins and when she fell his jism spewing into her body she came too. He rode her more fiercely than before. His strokes were almost brutal. But the ferocity of his thrusts only spurred her to new heights of passion and her teenage cunt gripped his dick in a strangle-hold.

"Oh, Daddy!" she swooned at the end when he collapsed next to her. "Oh, Daddy, that was super!"


Rick left on a sales trip and Rona missed him. She fidgeted around the house for several days and tried to make Bob take her away for a weekend. He wouldn't leave the house for some reason and insisted on taking Jodie with him wherever he went.

Bob and Jodie spent so much time together that Rona found herself looking to her son for company. It had been weeks since she'd set up a scene for him to spy on. Somehow she couldn't work up enthusiasm for teasing him. She wanted more than his eyes on her as she jerked off. She wanted the boy in bed with her. She could no longer deny it.

One day the Black family sat at the breakfast table and Bob and Jodie talked about the art exhibit they were going to that day. Rona noticed Jamie looking sad and she filled his cereal bowl with his favorite fruit and squeezed his hand.

She tried to tell him with her eyes that they would spend the day together, but the boy averted her gaze. Rona cleared her throat and tried to get Bob's attention, but he was too involved with Jodie to notice.

She busied herself around the kitchen, scrambling eggs and making toast and when everyone had been served she poured herself some coffee and sat down next to her son.

"How come you're only having coffee, Mom?" he said.

Bob took that opportunity to look up. "She's got to watch her figure at her age."

Rona's lips tightened as she sipped her black coffee. There was a moment of silence during which Jamie noticed the hurt expression on his mother's face.

"Mom's got a great bod," he said, stuffing a piece of bacon into his mouth.

"Yes, Daddy," Jodie said quickly. "I just hope I look as good as mom when I'm her age." Bob burst out laughing and even Jamie stifled a snicker. The teenager clapped her hand over her mouth. "I didn't mean it that way," she wailed. "Honest, Mom. I didn't."

"Sure you did," Bob snickered. "For an old broad she doesn't look too bad." He reached over and smacked Rona lightly on the cheek.

"Thanks a lot, you two," Rona said. "I'd like to remind you, husband of mine, that you're older than I am."

"Yeah, but it's different for men," he said.

"Only if you think so," she said tightly. She knew he was teasing her. Why then was she becoming angry?

She stared down at her coffee cup and Bob pushed his plate back. He glanced at his watch and then at his daughter. "We'll argue another time," he said. "What do you say we go, honey?"

Jodie nodded vigorously and wiped her lips daintily with a napkin. "May I please be excused, Mom?"

Rona stared at them for a moment, first at her husbad and then at her nubile daughter. "No, not yet."

Jodie had been half out of her chair and her smile froze on her face as she sat down again. "You're not mad at me because of what dad said, are you?" she said.

Bob groaned and pushed his chair back. "Hey, Rona, don't be so damn sensitive."

"Don't tell me what to do," Rona said. She kept her hands in her lap and twisted her wedding ring nervously.

"You're really mad," Bob said, leaning over and extending his hand to her.

She ignored him. "Make sure you are home in time to do your homework," she said to her daughter.

"Don't have any," Jodie said. "Besides, Jamie and I are gonna study together later."

"Can she go now?" Bob said.

There was a moment of absolute silence during which time Rona was formulating a plan. Two can play at this, she thought. He's got the girl and I'll take the boy. Fair is fair and if he and Jodie are having an incestuous relationship there's nothing I can do to stop it now. Why not enjoy myself too? I've denied myself long enough.

She pushed from her conscious mind the fact that she'd been having an illicit affair with her brother-in-law. Somehow that didn't seem to matter now. What mattered was that she was going to have her teenage son all to herself today. In her own house and her own bedroom and her own bed.

She glanced up through her long lashes and smiled at her husband. "You're both excused," she said, reaching over and taking Jamie's hand in hers under the table.

Jamie shot her a surprised look when she squeezed his hand briefly and rested her hand on his thigh. His face turning red, he looked down at his plate as Rona smiled sweetly.

"Maybe Jamie and I will think of something interesting to do too, as long as we're not invited to the art exhibit," Rona said.

"You don't want to go," Bob said impatiently. "You're not interested in modern art."

"Neither are you," Rena snapped back. She gazed at her daughter. The teenager was tying the arms of a cardigan sweater around her neck.

"It'll really help with my art classes," Jodie said. The girl had a talent for drawing which her parents were trying to nurture.

"Well, go on," Rona said, moving her hand along her son's thigh until she felt the stirring in his fly.

Jamie's nostrils flared. "I'll keep you company, Mom," he said softly.

She lifted her now cold coffee and gazed at him over the rim of the cup. She took a deep breath and took a sip. "That'll be nice, Son," she said. "Your old mother feels a little blue today."

Jamie grinned nervously. "Hey, don't you start that," he said.

Bob pushed his chair back and picked up his plate. He put it in the sink and bent down to kiss Rona goodbye. "Don't be so damn sensitive," he said. "No one's sixteen forever."

"Thanks for reminding me," Rona said dryly.

"Well, bye Mom," Jodie said. She wore short shorts and a tight tee-shirt. Her hair was fixed in a ponytail and she looked utterly adorable and knew it. She felt guilty about spending so much time alone with her father. She tried to sound like everything was normal, but there was a feeling in the air that they all silently acknowledged.

When Bob and the teenager were gone, Rona rose from the table and cleared the dishes. Her fingers shook as she rinsed the plates. Jamie rose up and helped her, but mother and son didn't speak for a while and the silence hung in the air.

He sat down when the table was clear and Rona stacked the dishes in the dishwasher. Then she too sat down and once again rested her hand on his thigh.

"Do you sense something going on between us?" she said, her voice quavering.

"Yeah, I think so."

She stroked his thigh and her fingers grazed the bulge between his legs. "I know you watch me sometimes," she said in a soft voice.

He sucked in his breath. "Oh, Christ!"

"Don't be upset, Son," she said.

Her lips were parched. She moistened them slowly and started again. "I like when you watch me."

The boy said nothing and she took his hand and squeezed it. She brought it up to her tits and held it there a moment. It was an intimate gesture rather than a sexual one, but it quickly turned sexual.

"Jesus, Mom!" Jamie hissed.

"Your father and I have been married a long time," she said.

The boy's lower lip quivered. "You're not getting divorced, are you?"

Rona smiled. "Oh, no, darling," she said.

"It's just that sometimes when people are married a long time they get bored with each other."

He took a deep breath and knotted his brow. "I'd hate it if you and dad split up."

"That won't happen, darling," Rona said, taking the boy's hand and kissing his palm. He flinched, but didn't pull away. "Your father and I still love each other and we love you and Jodie more than you'll ever know. Sometimes your father's insensitive though." His hand rested on her lap now and she felt the heat of his fingers on her cunt. "But I shouldn't burden you with my troubles." She sighed.

She dropped the boy's hand and rose unsteadily to her feet. She stood over him and touched the nape of his neck. Jamie gazed up and a tiny smile creased his face.

"How long did you know I was watching?" he said.

She leaned over and breathed hotly in his ear. "Come with me, darling, and I'll tell you when I first saw you watching me."

The boy's face a study in confusion, he rose up and let his mother lead him out of the room. Rona's breathing was shallow as she led him up the stairs to the master bedroom. She could have taken him anywhere, but she deliberately chose the room she shared with Bob.

Once there she closed the door and leaned against the wall, her heart pounding wildly as she gazed hotly at her teenage son. "Did you ever jerk off when you watched me masturbate?" she said in a sultry voice.

"Sure, all the time." He stood next to her dressing table.

"Even when you were little?"

He grinned shyly. "Yeah, even then. I thought you were the sexiest lady in the world."

"And now?"


"Darling," she giggled, crossing the room and reaching his side.

"Now I think you're sexier than ever, Mom," he croaked.

She began unbuttoning his shin, moving her fingers slowly and deliberately and kissing the corner of his mouth. When his shin was open, she slipped her hands inside and touched his muscular chest and tiny nipples.

"Come to mother," she whispered, pulling his shin out of his jeans.

"Jesus, Mom, I want to!"

"I know you do, Son, and so do I."

He struggled to open his belt buckle. She giggled when he flushed and helped him undress. When his jeans and shorts were off, when he was totally naked, she remained dressed and gazed with quiet approval at his sexual equipment.

"Oh, darling!" she said, throwing herself against him and kissing him.

He held her tentatively and she bent down and weighed his balls in her hands. She balanced them from one to the other, testing their heft and letting her warm breath bathe his prick.

His cock strained, half-hard and half-soft. Half-boy and half-man. She brought her lips to within an inch of his cock-bush and then she straightened up and began stripping.

As she took each article of clothing off, she told him how handsome he was and how she craved him and how turned-on she became when he watched her jerk off. As she spoke and when she was almost naked, she watched the way he stared at her emerging tits and she knew that what she was doing was right for them.

He gaped open-mouthed when she pulled her panties down and almost shyly exposed her thick black cunt-muff. She knew her body was ripe and full the way only a woman's body can be. It was true she no longer had the firm body of a teenager. But what she had was much better. She had the body of a woman who known love and sex. She had the body of a ripe sexual being who had given pleasure and taken it many many times.

She stood before him, her arms at her sides, offering herself to him. At that moment she didn't look like the mother of teenage children. She looked like the epitome of woman with her full mature tits and her constantly open cuntflaps.

She was self conscious about the fact that her cuntfolds stuck out of her slit. As a young girl her little slit had hidden her womanhood. No longer. Now the raw sexuality of her showed. There was no hiding it. And from the look in Jamie's eyes, he appreciated her ripeness.

Rona stifled a smile. Jamie's cock twitched with excitement as he stared at her body. His eyes raked over her tits and pussy and when she moved slightly he examined her ass. It occurred to her that in all the times he'd seen her naked and watched her jerk aft he was never able to see her body well.

Now's the time, she thought, taking a deep breath and watching her boobs flop forward on her chest. Now she extended her hand. "Come, darling, let's begin," she said, sitting down on the edge of the bed and patting the heavy velvet bedspread next to her. "Sit down and let's make wonderful love, Jamie." She took him into her arms and they kissed for a long time.

She stroked his thighs and let her fingers trail lightly over his up thrust cock. "Mother will show you how to make love to a woman," she said. "A woman likes to be made love to slowly. I'll tell you what drives a woman crazy and what teases her. Oh, we'll do everything! We'll touch each other all over and feel so good!"

She took his hands and moved them to her boobs. He cupped them with his fingers and rubbed his palms back and forth over her nipples.

"Feel how stiff my nipples are getting?" she said. The boy nodded. "That's because of the way you're touching me," she said. "Oooooh, it feels so good when you touch me that way."

She leaned back on the bed and watched him fondle her tits. Her hands didn't remain idle for long. She let one slide over and touch the length of his dick and when he continued fondling her boobs she put more pressure on his shaft.

"Touch and tease," she whispered, her finger fluttering up and down his fuckpole. "Touch and tease a tit and a cunt and touch and tease a cock, darling."

His finger dug more forcefully into the pliant flesh of her jugs. "Am I doing it right?" he said.

"Perfect," she said, jerking his cock-skin slowly up and down his pole from the root to the tip.

When she reached the base of his dick, she squeezed it slightly. On the upstroke she pulled his cock-skin partway over his cockhead. He stared at his boner as he fondled her tits, seemingly fascinated by the way she teased it.

"I think I'm gonna come," he said, biting his lip and releasing her boobs.

"Can you get hard again?" she said.

"Yeah, I think so."

"Then come on mother's hand," she said, guiding him onto his back and straddling his thighs.

She pumped his prick, licking her lips with excitement and unaware that her long dark hair was flopping over his thighs. After a few more strokes he came and she directed the flow of his spunk over her tits.

Each jet hit another area of her boobs. One of them hit her cleavage and slowly inched down to her belly. She waited until he was through trembling and she sat back on her haunches and massaged the jism into her knockers.

"See how mother is using your cream?" she said. The boy opened his eyes and watched her as she rubbed the whitish gluey liquid into her jugs.

"Jesus, Mom, you're something," he said.

"This is nothing," she said. She leaned over and kissed him, snaking her tongue over his lips and plunging it in to his mouth. "I've got a lot more to show you."

Deliberately moving sensuously, she pushed two pillows behind her back and sat leaning against the headboard with her legs spread wide. Her feet were planted on the mattress and her pussy-folds peaked out, obscene in their lushness.

"Now, I'm going to teach you how to pleasure a woman," she said, prying her purplish-brown cunt folds open to reveal the shocking pink interior of her gash.

She pointed to her clit and knew from his expression he had never seen a love-button so close up. "You know what this is, don't you?" she said.

She ran her fingertip up and down the slimecoated folds of her pussy and the boy sniffed and nodded his head. She reached for his hand and sensed his reluctance.

"You've gone down on your girlfriends haven't you?" she said.

He nodded slowly. "Yeah, but I never saw a pussy like yours," he blurted out.

"I take that as a compliment," she said, taking his hand and forcing him to touch her. "Look at me, Son," she said and the boy met her gaze with anxious eyes.

"I never saw anything like it," he repeated dumbly as he touched her torrid pussy-folds.

"Touch me here and here and here," she said, leaning her head back and closing her eyes. It would be good. She could tell by the way he was touching her. Of course he was nervous, but the way he dipped his finger right into her honey-pot told her the boy would be a good cocksman.

"My fingers you," he said with a proud grin.

She wiggled her ass. "You bet it is," she said. "I can feel it all the way inside me." She tilted her ass up and forced more of his finger into her slit. "Now when you move it in and out make sure you touch my clit. Yes! Yes! Like that! Oh, darling, finger-fuck me! Finger-fuck me!"

He thrust his finger in and out of her gulch and the horny mother threw her head back and fondled her tits. Jamie gazed at her wide-eyed. It was a dream came true for the teenager. He prayed his cock would get up again. When he was this excited, he had trouble controlling himself. Damn! he thought as he fingered his mother's pussy. God damn, please, God, let it get up again!

"Slower, Jamie," she whispered. "Touch and tease, remember? Not too hard. There's no feeling when you do it too hard. Just go slow and easy and remember, a woman's not like a man. She needs more time and special attention."

She glanced down at his hand. The sight of her son's hand caressing her pussy made her weak with excitement. How many times had she masturbated while Jamie watched? How many times had she jerked off to the rhythm of Jamie's heavy breathing?

She trembled slightly and moved her hips forward to meet his thrusting fingers. "Suck it baby," she said, biting down on her lower lip and grimacing. "Suck mother's cunt."

He plopped down on his belly and she laced a finger through his hair as he inched closer to her snatch. How she wanted his tongue on her scalding pussy-flesh. She held her thighs wide apart and watched his lips approach her gash. Her breathing remained shallow as her excitement increased.

Still, she wouldn't let him bring her off. "A woman likes to wait until her orgasm is so overpowering it just bursts out," she said. "You lay down, darling, and let mother make you hard again."

His face shiny and wet with her pussy-juice, she eased him onto his back and lowered her face to his still-soft prick. She easily took the whole thing into her mouth and wet it down with her saliva. She moved her lips from the flared rim under his knob to the base and pressed her nose lovingly into his cock-bush.

She whispered endearments to him as she licked and he groaned as his cock twitched and stirred in her eager mouth. Either God answered the teenage boy's prayers or Rona had a very talented mouth. Within ten minutes his dick was completely stiff again and Jamie grinned proudly.

"I knew you'd be able to do it," Rona smiled, hugging his cock to her tits. "Oh, baby, we'll fuck now. Oh, yes, your cock is just right for fucking. Nice and hard and your balls are full of cream." She licked all over his prick and balls and held his cock against her cheek. It felt warm and silky and she wasn't able to resist taking it back into her mouth.

The boy couldn't believe his mother was actually sucking his prick. He couldn't believe she was in bed with him, naked, and they were about to fuck. He pinched himself, but he didn't awaken. It wasn't a dream at all. It was a wonderful fantasy come true.

"I just can't stop sucking you," she said, sliding her lips halfway down his cockshaft.

She squeezed a drop of fluid out of his pisser and licked it off. She repeated that a few times and then squeezed down on his cock-root. The boy groaned and reached for her tits. He clutched them in his hands and she held his dick in her fist while she moved up and let him suck briefly on her boobs.

And then Rona somehow lost control. Jamie pushed her onto her back, spread her legs wide and thrust his dick all the way into her cunthole. She was not only surprised, she was pleased by his aggressiveness.

"Yes, darling, yes!" she sighed.

He surged into her and she took him and milked his cock with her strong cunt-muscles. She raked her fingernails over his back and he slammed into her again and again with a force that took her breath away.

"Coming!" he gasped, his dick pounding her in a frenzy and his jism shooting hotly in to her slit. "Coming, Mom!"

"Me too, darling!" Rona cried. "Me too!"


Months went by and the Black family became divided into two camps. Jamie and Rona and Jodie and her father. Rona was an intelligent woman and she knew they were headed toward danger so she made an appointment with a psychologist.

After six visits, during which Rona told him all about her affair with Jamie and her suspicions about Jodie and Bob, the therapist began giving her some advice which Rona took very seriously.

He told her the two camps had to end, that they had to become a family again. He didn't chastise her for her affair with Jamie, but he told her not to depend too much on the boy for sex. As Jamie grew up he would seek girls his own age to sleep with and then Rona would feel hurt and lonelier than ever.

He told her to spend more time with Jodie. He said that teenage girls go through many phases, among them an incredible attachment phase for their fathers. Jodie was undoubtedly in that phase, but it was lasting too long.

He told Rona to let Jodie know she loved her. Women traditionally favor their sons and men their daughters. It's totally sexual, he said and very normal. Nothing to be ashamed of. But, there should be limits set and it's usually up to the woman of the family to set them.

After her eighth visit the psychologist told Rona she was perfectly healthy and to return only to let him know how things had gone at home. Other than that she needed no further treatment. In her heart Rona wasn't so certain, but she promised the therapist she'd try.

Since her affair began with Jamie, her sexual appetite had increased. Rick came around occasionally and they continued their torrid affair. But he was basically a playboy and Rona needed continuity in her life.

She became more obsessed with sex than ever, but discouraged Jamie and the boy began seeing a little redhead with pigtails and the biggest tits Rona had ever seen.

Rona made a date with Jodie one Saturday to spend the day together. When Jodie expressed surprise, Rona told her it was time the women in the Black house became better friends.

"First we'll have a little drink," Rona said to her daughter on the appointed day. "You're too young, but since it's just us girls we'll have a little white wine."

"This is nice, Mom," Jodie said, wrinkling her nose as she sipped her wine. "How come we're doing this?"

Rona gathered her thoughts. "I just thought it would be nice," she said. "I've got an idea. Let's see if some of my clothes fit you. When you were little you always liked to dress up in my clothes. Now we're almost the same size. I think you're old enough to share clothes with me now, don't you?" Rona smiled tentatively and breathed a sigh of relief when Jodie sat forward, eyes shining.

"That'd be neat, Mom," she said. Rona casually refilled the teenager's wine glass, but her fingers shook as she sipped her own. There were silences between snatches of conversation and Rona realized just how long it had been since she'd spent time alone with her daughter.

"Drink up," Rona smiled crookedly. The wine was making her dizzy. She had only black coffee for breakfast. She brought her feet up on the sofa and gazed with glazed eyes at the teenage girl.

Jodie finished her second glass of wine and held her glass out for a third. She giggled a lot, but other than that Rona could see no sign that her thinking was limited by the booze. She refilled her glass.

"Cheers," the older woman said, draining her glass. "Here's to mothers and daughters."

The smile disappeared from Jodie's face. Even in her wine-induced fog Rona knew something was wrong. "What's the matter, darling?" she said. "Did I say something to hurt your feelings?"

"No," Jodie said in a tiny voice.

They sat across from each other and now Jodie rested her head on the back of the sofa and met Rona's gaze. "You can tell me what's on your mind," Rona said. "I am your mother, you know."

"Oh, Mom, I know I can talk to you, but lately I've had the impression that you don't love me as much as you love Jamie."

Rona's heart pounded. She sat forward on her chair and gazed at her sexy daughter. When did the child grow so pretty? When did her figure turn so lush and sexy and womanlike? Her hair was dark blonde and long and she wore it pulled back in a ponytail. Now tendrils of golden curls escaped from her ponytail and clung moistly to her forehead. Her skin, was like porcelain, but her cheeks were pink with the natural glow of youth.

Rona moved a hand to her face and thought how the girl's lips looked like the hairless lips of a lovely pink pussy.

"Oh, honey, that's not true," she said. "It's just that women... men... oh, I can't think straight now. Too much wine, I guess." She moved her hand to her bead and closed her eyes.

"You mean you love me as much as you love Jamie?" Jodie said, sitting forward, her firm young tits bulging out of her tee-shirt.

Rona felt the folds of her cunt contract and moisten in response to the girl's loveliness.

"Just exactly as much," she said. "And your father loves Jamie as much as he loves you. We just show it differently because of the gender thing."

"I'm so glad we're having this talk," Jodie said. "When can we, I mean try on clothes?" She sat forward again and her innocent face shone with enthusiasm.

Rona rose up unsteadily and placed her empty glass on the coffee table. "Let's go up now and do it."

Once in the bedroom Rona began taking sweaters out of her drawer and throwing them on the bed. "Can I try them all on?" Jodie said.

"Sure, take that tee-shirt off and do it now," Rona said, walking to the closet and rummaging through it. "I've got some skirts that might fit you too. And maybe even a dress or two."

Jodie unself-consciously pulled her tee-shirt over her head and grabbed one of the sweaters. "Wow, Mom, this is swell."

She pulled a purple and white sweater over her head. It was a tight fit on Rona, but even tighter on the teenage girl. Jodie blinked as she glanced down at her big tits and prominent nipples. "How does it look, Mom?"

Rona stared at her daughter's boobs. "Pull it down here," she said, yanking at the front of the sweater. "It's a little tight." She tried to smooth it down over her tummy. "I don't like it on you," she said. "The color's no good." She picked up a pink turtleneck. "Try this one."

Jodie obediently raised her arms when her mother pulled the purple sweater over her head. Rona felt warm suddenly at the sight of her daughter's tits. They were so big and womanly, and they almost fell out of the tiny lace cups of her bra.

Jodie smiled as she adjusted the turtleneck. "Better?"

"Not bad," Rona said, handing her a low-cut black sweater. "Maybe I ought to buy a bra like that." She touched the cup of Jodie's black bra. "It's got good support, but it looks comfortable. Here. Try this one."

"It is," Jodie said. "You can try it on if you want to." She pulled the pink sweater over her head and reached back to unhook her bra.

"Oh, that's okay, dear," Rona said, averting her eyes. "I'll try it later."

Rona fought her urge to try on the girl's bra. She knew in some small portion of her brain that she really wanted to see the girl's naked tits. She'd seen her naked hundreds of times, but this was different. This was sexual. Had Bob ever seen Jodie's tits like this? Had he ever sucked them and made love to that?

Her head reeled and Jodie looked hurt and bewildered. "What's wrong, Mom?" she said. "You looked so sad for a minute."

Rona forced herself to smile. "I have a little headache," she said. "I think I'll lie down for a minute."

Jodie followed her to the bed. "Should I get out so you can sleep it off?" she said.

"No," Rona said. "I won't let this ruin our day. Stay with me. It's just a little headache. It'll go away in a few minutes." She lay down on the bed and curled up on her side.

Jodie climbed onto the bed and lay down facing her mother. "Shall I get you something for the pain? Some aspirin?"

Rona extended her hand to the teenager. "Just having you here with me makes me feel better."

Mother and daughter lay side by side holding hands. Rona handed Jodie a pillow and closed her eyes. "Take your shoes off," she said, pushing her own shoes off.

They fell to the floor and she watched Jodie tout of the corner of her eye as the little blonde sat up and untied her running shoes. She rolled back onto the bed and turned to her mother.

"Mom?" Jodie said softly.

"What, dear?"

"Maybe you'd feel better if you got undressed."

Rona sat up and unbuckled her belt. "Maybe I would at that." She unbuttoned her blouse and when it was off, she began to unhook her bra. She smiled at the young girl.

"If I get undressed, you have to too."

"Hey, this bra is killing me anyway," Jodie said, sitting up and reaching back to unhook her bra. She peeled it off her, round firm tits and flung it to the foot of the bed.

With a girlish giggle that sent a chill down Rona's spine, Jodie wiggled around until her jeans were off and tossed them onto the floor. When she lay down and noticed that her mother was naked except for her bikinis, she smiled shyly.

"I wish I was dark like you," the teenager said. She stared openly at Rona's dark thicket, clearly visible through her bikinis.

Rona was aware of her own female aroma and the slightly fresher fragrance emanating from her daughter. Her blood raced with desires that were totally foreign to her. Desires she had never felt before and which made her break out in beads of perspiration.

On an impulse Rona leaned over yanked her daughter's panties down. Jodie looked surprised, but she didn't object so Rona pulled them off her legs and for a brief moment held them against her nose.

"Let me see you," she said to the bewildered girl, kneeling before her and parting her legs.

"Mom, what are you doing?" Jodie said as Rona moved her hands up the insides of the girl's thighs. She whimpered when Rona's fingers reached her golden-thatched triangle.

"Let me see it," Rona said in a hoarse voice as she moved her face against her daughter's twat.

She opened Jodie's tight cuntlips with her tongue and the girl moaned, but lay beck passively and said nothing. She whipped her tongue over Jodie's clit and moved her hands under the girl's firm-fleshed butt, squeezing her gently.

Roan burrowed in, closing her lips over Jodie's succulent pussy-meat while the little blonde gasped and twisted her fingers in her mother's hair.

Rona gluttonously licked the girl's pink pussy-folds and spread her asschecks open. She brought the teenager a tasty twat up to her mouth and fed at the trough of her snatch.

Jodie sighed and panted as her mother swirled her tongue over her clit and licked up and down the length of her slit. Cuntjuice gushed out of her teenaged pussy and the froth covered Rona's lips.

As for Rona, she savored the taste of her daughter's fuck-juices. She ladled some onto her tongue and held it there before swallowing it down. It tasted almost as good as jism to the wildly aroused wife and mother.

"Oh, Mom, that feels so good," Jodie moaned.

"When I do this, honey?" Rona said, dabbing a fingertip at the girl's asshole. Instead of answering, Jodie nodded her head and writhed her ass on the bed. "Should I stick it in?" Rona said.

"Yes, Mom, yes!"

Rona wet her finger with saliva and carefully inserted it in her daughter's asshole. The puckered hole gave way and she inched it inside the teen's grommet. When her finger was knuckle-deep inside the blonde's shitter, Rona proceeded to lick and suck her pussy with almost total abandon.

Jodie thrashed around on the bed, her firm young body alive and trembling and more delicious than anything Rona had ever tasted. She wanted to bring her off, give her pleasure, more pleasure than she'd ever experienced with a boy or even a man.

When Jodie came, she thrashed around wildly, but Rona kept her lips fastened securely to her clit. Jodie's juices drenched Rona's nose and chin and Rona came from the sheer joy of bringing her daughter off.

Now mother and daughter were ablaze with sexual tension. The orgasms they'd enjoyed only served to make them hotter for more. They both sat up and gazed at each other. Rona slipped her panties off and leaned over, her tits hanging over Jodie's thighs.

They were like two animals stalking each other. They both knew they were tasting the joys of forbidden fruit and in that moment Jodie had never felt closer to her mother.

"That was the best come I ever had," Jodie said, falling into Rona's arms.

Rona held her tight and kissed her and the teenager clung to her and wrapped her arms around Rona's waist. "I didn't plan this. Honey," she said, kissing the girl's brow. "I swear I didn't."

"Oh, Mom, I love when you do that," Jodie said when Rona bent down and took one of the teenager's tits into her mouth.

"Your nipples are like little berries," Rona said, tonguing her tits and pressing her nose against the girl's spongy boobs.

Once again Rona eased the girl down on her back and parted her thighs. Jodie drew her knees back this time and smiled seductively while her mother straddled her.

"What are you going to do, Mom?" Jodie giggled. "Fuck me?"

"Look at me," Rona said, prying her cuntlips open and showing herself to the girl. "This is where you came from, darling. You and Jamie both. Five minutes apart."

Jodie's eyes shone. "I feel closer to you than ever, Mom," she said. "I know it sounds crazy, but I feel closer to Jamie too."

"Darling," Rona said, stretching her body out on her daughter's until their lips and tits and cunts touched.

Their cunts pressed together and Rona felt her cuntlips open wide and wet down Jodie's teenage twat. Their tongues met and dueled lovingly and their juices mingled.

Rona knew she wouldn't ask Jodie to go down on her. If the girl wanted to, she would welcome it. But she wouldn't ask for it. Would she?


Jodie finally told her twin brother she lost her cherry. Since he and his girlfriend had split up she wanted to try out her new sexual exposure on Jamie.

On the day she told him she was no longer a virgin the twins were home alone and the boy took the sexy little blonde into his arms and pressed his crotch against her.

"Feel my hard-on?" Jamie said.

"I'm real excited too." Her face was flushed and her eyes glittered. Her brother was the male she most hungered for, despite all the wonderful fucking she'd done with her father and uncle.

"Let's get into bed," Jamie said, covering his crotch with his hands and grinning proudly.

"Why're you hiding it?" Jodie said.

"I'm afraid it'll split my jeans."

"I wish it would," she giggled.

Hand in hand the twins walked upstairs to Jodie's room. Jamie sat down on the edge of the bed while his sister switched on a dim light.

Jamie snorted. "My girlfriend never let me fuck her except in the dark."

"I like to see everything when I make out," Jodie said.

"When did you get so damn sophisticated?" He touched her thigh and squeezed it lightly. "Shit, Sis, we're twins, but you seem older somehow."

"Girls mature faster, but it doesn't mean anything. You've got what I want, brother, dear." She smiled and pointed at his crotch. "Right in there."

They kissed then and the hot teenager's tongue plunged into her brother's mouth. He sucked on it and closed his eyes, his hands all over her back and one of her tits.

Jodie felt her nipples harden under his caress. "You don't know how long I've wanted to let you fuck me," she said.

"Why didn't you say something? I wanted to fuck you too."

"Oh, I don't know... just kiss me, Jamie. I'm so hot and horny."

"You bet!" He sucked her tongue into his mouth and reached inside her tee-shirt to cup one of her tits. "Your skin's so soft," he murmured, forcing his fingers inside her bra. "It's just like silk."

Jodie moaned with hot desire and when he lifted her tee-shirt up she covered his hands with her own. "Touch me all over!" she sighed.

Her hands weren't idle. She reached inside his tee-shirt and stroked and caressed his chest. "You're getting more hair an your chest," she said.

"Yeah," he smirked proudly. "I think my cock's getting bigger too."

"Honest? Let me see!"

The teenage girl's thighs were damp with her juices. They fumbled together until her tee-shirt was up to her neck and then over her head. Her bra was sheer and her boobs were clearly visible and Jamie eyed them hungrily while she flicked his tiny nipples back and forth.

They climbed onto the bed and Jodie made her brother lay flat while she unzipped his fly. They giggled as she pulled his jeans down. His hard-on thrust up and, out since he wasn't wearing shorts and hit Jodie in the chin.

"It is bigger!" she said.

"Think so?" Jamie said, trying to sound nonchalant.

She ran her hand over his balls and lightly squeezed his cockshaft. "Yes, it's bigger."

The size didn't interest Jodie as much as the thickness of her twin's dick. And his cock head was bigger than ever. Mushroom-shaped and bloated. It had only been a few months since they'd made out and yet how he had changed!

Jodie sat back on her haunches and reached back to unhook her bra. When her tits bounced free, she held them in her hands and offered them to her brother. "Are my boobs bigger than the last time you saw them?" she said.

"Yeah," Jamie lied, taking her hand and moving it to his balls. "I like being touched here."

Jodie flopped down onto her belly and examined his balls. "I think they're bluer too."


"Yeah. I wonder if that means you make more jism."

She used one fingertip to stroke up and down his cock-stalk. She curled her fingers around his shaft and sucked his cockhead into her mouth.

"Jesus, Sis, don't bite it off!" he placed his hands on the sides of her head and watched her swirl her tongue over his cock-knob.

Saliva dripped out of the corners of her mouth as the boy watched his prick disappear inside her lips. When it slipped out, it was wet with her bubbly saliva.

Jodie munched happily on her twin's dick while she combed her fingernails through his bristly cock-forest. She pulled on a few tendrils of hair and felt for the two hard marbles inside his ball-bag.

She ran her tongue-tip, over the seam in the middle of his ball-bag and on an impulse sucked part of the leathery bag into her mouth. Jamie groaned and gripped the sides of her head more tightly.

"Shit, Sis, where'd you learn how to do that?"

"That's my secret," she said, suctioning half of his dick into her throat.

"Go, Sis, go!"

Jodie needed no encouragement. She was soon lost in one of her favorite pastimes. She'd learned a lot about cocksucking from her father and she was anxious to try her tricks out on her brother.

She controlled her gag reflex and managed to hold his prick in her throat to the count of ten. When she released it, she fluttered her tongue around the flared rim under his knob and poked the tip into his pisser.

Her excitement increased as she heard her brother moan and felt his body tense up with passion. He no longer gripped her head, but moved his hips and ass in a way that would give him the most pleasure.

She had no warning before he came. Suddenly her mouth, was filled with his pungent cream and he was shoving his dick aggressively into her throat. His balls slapped her chin and she felt dizzy with excitement. Having a cock come in her mouth was her favorite thing in the whole world!

As for Jamie, his cock continued jerking spasmodically and shooting rubbery spunk into his sister's throat. She swallowed every drop of the pungent-tasting glue and the boy prayed he would be able to get hard soon so he could fuck her.

He needn't have worried. Jodie continued sucking him long after his balls were drained, but he stayed hard. When she finally released him, he glanced down at his prick. It swayed back and forth like a club between his thighs and he snickered when he met his sister's eyes.

"It's still hard," he said.

"I noticed," Jodie giggled.

"You're a terrific cocksucker, Sis," he said. "I love it." She lay down next to the boy and cuddled against him. "Kiss me, Jamie," she said.

"I'll do better than that," the boy said.

"You mean you're gonna fuck me now?" Her eyes glittered with excitement. She eyed his cock suspiciously. "Is it really still hard enough?"

"Touch it and see."

She reached out to touch it, but before she knew what hit her Jamie was climbing between her legs and slamming his dick into her depths.

"Oh, fuck, we're fucking!" he said. Everything happened so quickly Jodie couldn't think straight. She lay back passively and wrapped her legs around her brother's back while he awkwardly thrust his prick into her teenage cunt.

"Don't go too fast," she managed to whisper. "Make it last a long time." She lowered her legs to his ass. "You're in so deep, Jamie! I feel you in me so deep!"

With every thrust he reared back and sliced effortlessly into her soft buttery pussy. She pumped back once she found his rhythm and met him stroke for stroke.

"Fuck me!" she whispered hoarsely. "Fuck me, brother!"

She reached up and bit his shoulder and he pumped in a frenzy. She was just about to reach the sweet release of an orgasm when he abruptly pulled out and pushed her onto her belly.

She instinctively settled onto her hands and knees and twisted her head to watch him pry her asscheeks apart. Before she could protest, he slammed his dick to the hilt inside her bung. The pain took her breath away, but his prick was so greasy with her cuntjuice he had no trouble penetrating her.

The teenage girl crashed through the most intense orgasm she ever experienced. She sobbed uncontrollably as the never-before-felt sensations raged through her.

The pain had long since subsided, but the pleasure increased as he sent his dick soaring high in to her bowels. At one point she felt like taking a giant shit, but she next moment she was riding toward another more wondrous orgasm. She fell forward each time he plunged inside her butt and her entire body trembled with untold feelings and desires.

She felt herself grow dizzy and faint and she lost consciousness for a moment, but then she reawakened and let out a shriek when Jamie grunted and filled her shitter with his gluey jism.

He lay on top of her back, his breathing ragged and his sweaty skin drenching her. She fell flat on her belly and his cock, softened finally, lay nestled inside her asscrack.

"That was the best fuck I ever had!" he breathed.

"Me too."

He raised himself slowly and lay down heavily next to the girl. She reached over and kissed his cheek and he pulled her into his arms. "Aren't you bushed?" she squealed.

"Sure." He chuckled as he felt around for her bung. "Yep, it's still there."

"Well, it sure hurt for a minute there."

"I knew you wouldn't let me do it if I asked you."

"I wouldn't have."

"Aren't you glad I didn't ask?"

"Uh huh," she giggled, idly stroking his limp prick and balls.

They clung together, kissing and licking each other's faces like two kittens and exclaiming at the marvels of their pleasure. Jamie swore there was nothing more wonderful than fucking a girl and Jodie said it was better to be a girl and be the one getting fucked.

She rolled on top of him and locked her arms around his neck. "Should we take a shower?" she said.

"What for?"

"I feel so sweaty."

He licked her nose. "I like a raunchy cunt, especially after it's fucked. In fact, I wouldn't mind licking your cunt right now."

"You wouldn't!"

"Just watch me!"

He climbed between her legs and brought her fuck-stained gash up to his mouth. He flicked his tongue up and down her jismdrenched slit and licked her clit. Electric-like charges engulfed her and the teenage girl opened and closed her legs, clamping his head between her velvety thighs.

He pushed her legs open and opened his jaws wide. He clamped his lips over her snatch like a giant suction cup and the next thing she knew he was trying to force his tongue into her cunthole.

"I can't believe you're doing this!" she said. "Why?" He sucked on her clit lightly.

"Because I'm so dirty."

"After a minute all I taste is my own spit."

"Do you really like the taste of a cunt?"

"It's the best."

She grinned. "And I love the taste of a cock."

"That's the way it's supposed to be."

"Let me suck you too."

"Okay." He shifted around until they were in the sixty-nine position.

She took his prick in her fist and gobbled it into her mouth. He proceeded to eat her, but at the same time he humped his dick into her mouth.

She toyed with his balls and marveled at how limp they were when he was soft and how full they became when his cock was hard. Nature's so incredible, she thought.

The room began to spin as he tongue-lashed her clit. "I don't know if I can come again," she said.

He snickered and continued tonguing her passion button until she came. After her climax subsided, he let his tongue wander wetly over her fleshy girl-meat and over the sensitive area separating her cunt from her asshole.

She twitched all over. Her entire body was super-sensitive to every touch of his lips and tongue and hands. Another climax erupted when he touched her inner thighs with the tip of her tongue and she lay moaning hoarsely after he finally released her.


Rick returned one night when Bob and Jamie were at a father-son banquet and Rona and Jodie were spending the evening together. When they heard him open the front door, mother and daughter hatched a plan.

They had confessed to each other that they had both fucked Rick. Now they decided that Rona would hide in Jodie's closet and watch while Jodie enticed him into her room.

Jodie deliberately turned up her stereo and climbed into bed while she waited for Rick to come upstairs. Rona knelt on the closet floor and tried to get comfortable while her heart beat wildly. To watch her own flesh and blood get her pussy reamed was a fantasy she'd long held. Now that it was about to happen, her pussy throbbed with excitement.

The teenager pushed the covers back and smoothed her pink shortie nightgown. She fluffed up her hair, loose now and hanging down her shoulders. She waited for her uncle to knock on her door and she glanced at the closet to see if she could see her mother.

She couldn't. Satisfied, she watched the doorknob turn and she knew that in a moment her uncle would walk into her room. She lay back on the pillows and pretended she had dozed off.

Sure enough the door opened slowly and out of the corner of her eye the teenager could see her uncle steal into the room. He paused for a moment and glanced at the partially open closet door. His eyes drifted to his niece, asleep on the bed, and Jodie sighed sleepily and flung one leg to the side to partially reveal her golden-thatched pussy.

She buried her face in the pillow to keep from giggling and heard her uncle walk around the bed. His back was to the closet and Jodie was sorry her mother's vision was blocked.

The teenager opened her eyes abruptly when Rick placed his hand over her hips and shook her awake. "What is it?" she mumbled, his hand clamped firmly over her mouth.

"I'm back," Rick said, sitting down on the bed next to her.

"Well, you don't have to cut off my breathing," the teenage blonde said, sitting up and plumping up her pillow behind her. "When did you get here?" She rubbed her eyes and glanced over his shoulder at the closet.

Rick turned his head. "What're you looking at?"

Jodie took his hand. "Nothing. I'm glad to see you, Uncle Rick. Are you going to stay for a while this time?"

"Just overnight," he said. He pushed her nightgown up to her waist and grinned. "Got a little nookey for your old uncle?"

"Urnmmmm, yes," Jodie said, lifting her face for his kiss.

While they kissed Rick lifted her nightgown up to her neck. "Let's get this off," he said, pulling the garment over her head.

"Better?" Jodie smiled, relaxing against the pillow and watching Rick gaze hungrily at her tits and the tangled mass of curls between her legs.

"Much," Rick said. Again he turned his head. "What the fuck are you looking at?"

"Nothing, Uncle Rick," Jodie said, falling into his arms. "Kiss me again."

In the closet Rona watched her daughter stroke the back of Rick's neck as they embraced. She trembled as the teenager placed her dainty hand on the bulge between Rick's legs.

"I've missed you, Uncle Rick," Jodie said.

Rick pulled her back into his arms and slid his hands down to her ass. "I've missed you too, honey."

This time he kissed her more passionately and Rona felt a stab of jealousy for her daughter. She wished it was she being kissed by Rick. She watched him thrust his tongue inks Jodie's wet mouth and held her breath, feeling herself salivate with sexual arousal.

By the time Rick released the girl and began stripping his clothes off, Rona's pussy was awash with juice and she was wedging her hand inside her panties.

In less than a minute Rick was naked and mounting the girl. Rona was amazed at how swiftly he moved and how stiff his prick looked. She felt a little sorry fort her daughter. Apparently Rick didn't believe in many preliminaries when it came to teen-fucking. He simply mounted the little blonde and forced his prick into her pink and white slit.

Rona smiled to herself. Jodie appeared to be ready to be fucked. Preliminaries aside, the teenager squealed as Rick sent his cock slicing inside her pussy.

"What a honey-pot," Rick said.

"Oooh, Uncle Rick, you're in so deep," Jodie said, hoping her mother had a good view of them.

After a few more strokes she forgot about Rona being in the closet and concentrated on the feel of Rick's cock as it slammed into her eager cunt.

God I love to fuck! the teenager thought. She pulled Rick against her tits and snaked her hands under her ass to bring her pussy higher up off the mattress.

Rick changed position by climbing around, his cock imbedded inside her. He pulled the girl on top of him. This was a good position for Jodie and she came as she rode him, directing his cockshaft against her clit and wiggling her ass wildly.

He climbed on top again and speared his dick almost brutally into her orgasm-wet twat. He corkscrewed carefully so that with each thrust his shaft scraped her still-erect clit.

Her fiery little female erection sent her crashing through a series of mini-orgasms and with each one her cunt-muscles gripped his dick.

"Fuck!" Rick chanted again and again. "Fuck that cock!"

"I love it, Uncle Rick!"

"You little ballbreaker, you!"

"I love fucking!"

In the closet Rona frigged herself, panting far breath, her lips parted wetly as she watched the lewd scene on the bed. She pretended it was she being fucked-out by Rick. She pretended his dick was ramming into her and stirring her juices.

She watched as her daughter twisted her legs around Rick's back and clung to him. She became concerned when an expression of pain crossed Jodie's sweet face.

"Please, Uncle Rick!" Jodie gasped. "You're splitting me in two!"

When Rick continued battering her, Rona scrambled to her feet and flung the closet door open. "Get off of her!" she cried, dashing across the room to the bed and climbing on. She grabbed Rick's arm and he groaned at the intrusion.

"Where the fuck did you come from?"

"Get off of her, you monster!"

"Mom," Jodie whined. "Why'd you do that? Why'd you make him stop?"

Within five minutes Rona was naked and telling Rick how she came to be in the closet. Rona and Rick exchanged knowing glances and Jodie gazed from one adult to the other and sucked her thumb into her mouth.

"You're in my room so you can't make me get out," she grumbled.

"We have no intention of doing that, do we, Rick?" Rona said, winking.

"No, we've got a better idea, don't we?" Rick said. "Lay down, honey, and your mother and I will make you feel good."

Giggling nervously Jodie let them position her on her back in the middle of the bed. She watched as they knelt beside her. Rick was the first to swoop down over her cunt and begin eating her. He nibbled her clit and licked up and down her slit and ran a series of hot kisses up and down from her clit to her asshole.

Rona watched as he ate her daughter. This was better than watching from the closet. This was the wildest thing she'd ever done. She remained fascinated with the difference between her loose womanly cuntlips and her daughter's youthfully tight outer folds. Both had a charm all their own and Rick seemed to savor both mother and daughter equally.

Rona wondered what it would be like to have a threesome with Bob. Would Bob ever agree to it? Probably not. Would she ever tell him of her transgressions? No. She couldn't take the chance.

Now she watched her daughter's face. It was sweet and innocent, but her passion made her features woman-like. Whatever apprehension Jodie initially had obviously disappeared now that her uncle was eating her so vigorously.

"How about giving your mother a turn?" Rick said after a while.

"Sure," Jodie said, disappointed that her pleasure was ending, but eager to watch Rick lick her mother's cunt.

"That's not what I meant," Rick said.

Jodie froze. "What did you mean, Uncle Rick?"

He grinned and gazed from Jodie to her mother. "I want you to go don on your mother while I fuck you."

"Oh, Mom, can I?" Jodie said, her eyes shining.

"Of course, darling," Rona said. "Now how shall we do this?"

Rick had the logistics all worked out. He had Jodie stretch out on her back and he had Rona straddle her chest. When Rona shifted closer to the girl's mouth, Jodie immediately began licking her pussy.

Rona shifted her ass around so as not to put all her weight on her daughter's tits. She was excited by the lewdness of the situation and she turned her head to watch Rick fuck the girl.

Jodie's tongue tickled Rona's slit while Rick held his prick in his fist and rubbed his cockhead up and down the girl's barely parted snatch.

"Don't hurt her," Rona said.

"Don't tell me how to fuck."

"Mmmmmmmm, Mom, your hot cunt's so delicious," Jodie gurgled.

Rena turned her head around and wiggled her ass erotically on Jodie's tits. "Am I too heavy, honey?"

"No, I love it."

The teenager gobbled her mother's cunt while her uncle slid his cock-knob from her clit to her asshole and back again.

"Want it in here?" he said, pressing his knob against her bung.

"Stick it in my pussy, Uncle Rick."

The playboy uncle used his thumb on the girl's clit and pressed his bulbous cockhead against her dainty cunthole. She felt the restrictions of her teenage twat give way as his cockhead slipped inside her gash. The girl mumbled something he couldn't understand, but he wasn't interested in her conversation. He was interested in a good deep fuck.

Now that his cockhead had penetrated her gash, he shifted forward and dropped a few inches of his shaft into her twat. Her tender, teenage cuntflesh hugged his dick like a leather glove.

Rick was totally turned on now. He liked the view he had of Rona's ass. He plunged the rest of his dick into his niece's cunt and watched his sister-in-law shift her ass sexily on the teenager's chest. Balancing himself on his knees, he dicked the teenager balls-deep and listened to the slurping sounds she made sucking her mother's cunt.

Rona gazed down at Jodie's mouth. The harder Rick fucked the girl, the more eagerly she licked her mother's pussy. Jodie almost worked her lips inside Rona's gulch and Rona reached down to stroke her clit and hold her outer flanges open.

Suddenly Rick pulled out of Jodie's cunt and the girl moaned at the loss. "Why'd you stop, Uncle Rick?" she said.

"Who wants a cock in the asshole?" he said, grinning lewdly and pumping his dick.

Mother and daughter gazed at each other and then Rona whispered in her daughter's ear. "You go ahead, honey. I don't mind waiting."

Jodie knew her mother was really putting her happiness before her own. She was grateful for that and excited to have her bung reamed.

She was anxious to get started, but Rick wanted her very hot. He made her lay down and he brushed his lips over her thighs and dragged his tongue-tip over her clit.

"Sweet pussy," he said.

Rona lay on her side next to them and caressed the girl's hair as Rick spread her cuntlips open. "Oh. Mom, he's eating me so good," Jodie sighed.

Rona couldn't resist masturbating as she watched. The intimacy of the moment made her head reel. She felt as if her insides were melting, as if her cunt was boiling over with molten pussy-lava.

Rick fluttered his tongue up and down the teenager's slit and probed her clit with the tip. Rona watched him fuck the little hard-on back and forth and hold down the hood of the tiny organ.

Jodie began jerking her hips upward and pushing her cunt at his face. She seemed to be begging him to eat her out or plunge his tongue into her pussy.

"Give it to me in the asshole, Uncle Rick!" the teenager whined, thrashing her legs in the air.

Rona was amazed at the girl's depravity, and glad Jodie was so uninhibited. But instead of sticking his cock into the teenager's cunt, he leaned over and kissed Rona full on the lips.

Rona tasted her daughter's pussy on his lips and tongue. She smelled the girl on his face and reached for him, but he slipped away and returned his attention to his niece.

And then he was inside her pussy and he was fucking her slowly and deeply, easing his prick all the way into her cunt and pulling it out again.

Rona watched her daughter's cunt clutch Rick's cock. The girl cupped her tits and tried to suck one of her nipples into her mouth. Rona smiled. When she'd been younger, she too had tried to suck her own tits. She'd almost made it too.

And then Rick was picking Jodie up and placing her on her hands and knees. The girl stuck her ass up in the air and turned to her mother with a look of utter contentment on her pretty face.

Rona finger-fucked herself while she watched Rick push his cockhead against the teenager's bung. And then he was inside her and Jodie cried out and reached for her mother's hand.

"His cock is in my asshole!" she wailed.

Rona felt as though an electric shock was passing through her body. She beard herself cry out hoarsely as she watched Rick's cock disappear inside her daughter's shitter.

"Don't hurt her!" she yelled.

"Let go of my arm!" Rick said.

"Mom, he's killing me!" Jodie cried.

"Get that big thing out of her asshole!" Rona said.

"Oh, Mom, it hurts!" Jodie cried.

"Push out," Rick said.

Jodie stopped crying and craned her neck to gaze back at her uncle. His cockead remained imbedded in her butt-hole and tears filled her eyes.

"It's good," she whispered to her mother. "It's real good, Mom."

"Yes, darling, yes," Rona said, climbing onto her belly and kissing her daughter softly.

Now that his cock was all the way inside her, the teenager was inflamed with passion. He leaned across her back and reached underneath to caress her tits.

"Your asshole's even tighter than your cunt," he said.

"Oh, Uncle Rick, I love it!"

Rona felt another stab of jealousy as she watched Rick reach underneath and shove a finger into the girl's pussy. "Well, you never did that to me!" she said.

Jodie's entire body trembled as her uncle double-fucked her. Rick ignored Rona now and fed another finger to Jodie's pussy while he slowly reamed her shitter. He pumped carefully, anxious not to hurt the girl's tender tissues.

He pumped faster when Jodie thrashed wildly back at his fuck-hole. He buried his finger inside the girl's cunt and Rona watched him grimace as he sent a burning flood of fuck-oil into her hung.

When fuck's balls were drained and Jodie was lying in a heap on the bed, Rona climbed over and took his shit-streaked prick in her mouth. It wasn't just a question of mother love that made her take his soiled dick into her mouth. It was an insatiable thirst for new kicks and new turn-ons that drove her on. She lay between Rick's thighs for a very long time and brought his prick back to life and when he was hard again he fucked her, slowly and lazily, and that was her second reward.

Jodie watched, lying on her belly and gazing at her mother's face as Rick stroked his cock into her pussy. And the teenager knew the Black family would be okay. Why not they had love, didn't they?


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