Daughter degraded

Who can judge a person's reactions during stress situations? The prisoner of war who gives in to his captors' demands, the kidnapped heiress who joins forces with her abductors -- both must act without past experience to guide them. The end result can be either a very negative or a positive experience.

In DAUGHTER DEGRADED, Cindy Williams finds herself in just such a situation. Held captive, then degraded and forced to perform abnormal sexual acts, she nonetheless finds within herself hidden resources, a strength of character she never realized she had.

Cindy Williams suffers through an unspeakably horrible experience, but she comes through with her sensibilities intact, knowing she is more of a woman.


"Oh, my God!"

Cindy Williams leaned against the barred window, peering up through the dirty glass at the evening sky. It seemed so quiet, so peaceful. She could make out the Big Dipper just beyond the last iron bar. If only she could be outside, outside where she'd be free from those... those animals who had taken her!

Cindy closed her eyes, fighting back the tears. Clenching her fists and pressing them against her thighs, she remembered the horror of being kidnapped, of being dragged from the parking lot in front of the Lucky's Supermarket on Lincoln Avenue in Santa Monica. Hadn't anyone seen her, heard her cries as the three men shoved her inside and drove off? And then how they touched her, feeling her tits, shamelessly shoving their hands under her skirt, reaching for her pussy. It had been her panties that had saved her from being completely humiliated... that and the rough orders barked out by Jack, the driver.

Throughout the long trip up to this deserted house, Cindy tried to make them understand. Her mother was a widow. She had some money, but certainly not enough to merit a kidnapping! It was then she learned off-handedly that there were other girls here, girls like her who had been swept off the streets and taken up to this retreat for... for what?

Cindy sighed, turning away from the window. Once more the teenaged blonde began to pace in her room -- ten feet wide, eleven feet long, and just enough head space for her to stand up in. There was the smell of stale beer and cigarette smoke in the room that made her wrinkle up her nose. When she had first been thrown in here, she had beat her fists against the door, the walls, hoping something in this rotting house would give way and she could escape.

But the walls were stronger than first they appeared. And they were up somewhere off the Angeles Crest Highway, away from any nearby homes where people might become suspicious and call police.

She sat down on the dirty wooden floor, holding her head in her hands. What did they want with her? None of them said anything after Jack had barked out his orders for them to leave her alone.

They had hustled her out of the car, pinning her arms behind her while nearly dragging her up the stairs and shoving her into the home. It was a large house, one of those three-story Victorian homes that wealthy rail barons used to build in the eighties and nineties. Cindy's room was downstairs somewhere.


"Shut up, slut!"

Cindy jumped, holding her hands to her throat as she heard the cry followed by a slap then muffled cursing. The last epithet was ended by a choked sob. What on earth was going on here? It was too unreal for her to believe! This was the twentieth century. Things like this just didn't happen! She was going to start school again in a few weeks. Summer vacation had been a gas, especially those three weeks at Lake Elsinore with her mother. Somehow she'd managed to get rid of her mother and had sneaked off with Bobby Dennis. How they had kissed and felt each other. Of course, Cindy didn't let him do anything, although she knew he wanted to. She could still remember how he humped up against her, pressing his groin up against her crotch, rubbing her tits with both hands while panting into her neck. At times he shook all over. Cindy knew what was happening. She knew by looking down at his pants afterward and seeing that large wet stain just below his fly. He had cum, shot his wad in his shorts. Once or twice she had cum too. What a scary feeling that was, feeling her cunt opening and closing.

She had had to use the greatest restraint to keep from snaking down her shorts and letting him stick his thing in as he'd wanted to! But she had been firm, remembering her mother's words about throwing her out if she were ever caught doing something with a man before she was eighteen. It was a hard promise to keep. And now, what good did it do her? Those men would have raped her in the back seat it the driver hadn't said something.

Cindy smoothed her skirt down over her knees, trying to think of something else. The dark room, the oppressive smells, the terror of the unknown, all nearly pressed her to the floor. She couldn't let herself fall into depression. There was still hope, hope that they would let her go without harming her.

Once again she thought of Bobby. He wasn't the greatest guy in the world. His face was still a little pimply, and he was so awkward. But there was something in his eyes, something about the way he touched her, that told Cindy he would make one hell of a lover later on.

Just for an instant she wished she could be back at the lake, back in Bobby's arms. Would she let him touch her... there? Would she let him push down her panties, stick his cock into her? He had asked her several times, the last time nearly raping her. It was only her firmness combined with his over excitement that had saved her cherry from being ripped apart. The next time... well, now Cindy wondered if there would ever be a next time!

Cindy moved on the floor, feeling several loose pieces of sharp wood biting into her thighs. Strangely she enjoyed the sensation, somehow coupling it with images of Bobby and the lake. "No, no, take it away!"

The cry from the other room made her shiver again. What was happening in this terrible big house? Cindy stopped, her heart beating rapidly as she listened for more sounds. There were shuffling sounds followed by slamming doors. They were here doing something terrible, of that she was sure.


Her cuntlips started to swell. Cindy bit her lower lip, her nostrils flaring, her flesh glowing with a strange warmth, the same kind of warmth aroused by Bobby and his magic fingers. She had played with herself before, sliding, her fingers into her pussy, dipping them into her tight fuzzy hole and playing with her clit until she came! But this was something different -- the kidnapping, the terrible house, all those cries of anguish and pain coming from somewhere within. Cindy started moving her hips from side to side.

Did she dare? Hiking up her short black skirt, Cindy hooked her fingers around the waistband of her pink nylon briefs and shucked them down to her knees. She gasped as cold wood chips touched her sensitive labes.

Cindy winced, raising her tight little ass up in the air, hugging her waist, feeling her knees scrape on the rough wooden floor. She listened for more sounds. Nothing but silence. Good. She eased her ass down again, shuddering as the slivers bit, her cuntlips. It was evil to do this... so evil and yet so good! Her heartbeat quickened, her pulse raced while her skin flushed dark pink.

Cindy straightened up, wiggling her hips to position the slivers against her clit. Reaching down, the girl managed to touch herself in just the right places, working the wood chips against her clit. Cindy closed her eyes for a moment, digging her fingernails into her thighs as a particularly powerful spasm shot through her virgin cunt.

She was a virgin, but with powerful sexual feelings. She gasped when another contact was made. Her long blonde hair swept over her shoulderblades, her knees bent even farther while she spread her legs apart. One jagged sliver a little longer than the others creased her clit. She raised her ass, lowered it, then raised it again, rubbing the object over her clit.

Fucking. Yes, she was fucking herself, doing all those things her mother had warned her against. But, of course, that was mainly meant to keep her from getting pregnant. That was how her mother... married with a "bun in the oven" as her father used to say.

But something inside her told her differently. When she was out with boys, when she heard the facts in sex-education class, when she talked over things with her girlfriends, Cindy felt her mother was wrong.

They talked about guys, about how some of them had super-big cocks, and others who weren't that endowed. Cindy secretly hoped that Bobby had at least six inches or so. Once she had slipped her hand down between his legs, felt the beating of his cumming cock against his jeans. It had seemed so big, so strong, so hot and wet! At that point, Cindy had nearly slipped her shorts down, slipped them down and asked him to fuck her. Thank God, the moment passed!


Cindy rose and fell, beating her fleshy ass against the floor. Her body was becoming hot, her nipples stiff and itchy, scratching against the stiff material of her bra. How she wished Bobby were here, here with that stiff cumming cock of his. Cindy could see herself opening up to him, letting him touch her all over, letting him slip her panties off, slide her bra off, pin her to the floor with his thick-muscled legs and fucking her until she cried for mercy.

Crazy, obscene images of people fucking in all sorts of positions flashed through her mind as the girl worked herself up more and more. Sweat ran down her forehead, made her clothes stick uncomfortably to her flesh. Her tits jiggled maddeningly in her restraining bra-cups while the big muscles in her thighs and ass cramped. The tiny room echoed with the wet slapping sounds of her buttocks against the floor.

"Oh yes, yes!"

This was worse, much worse than the feelings she had when she was playing with herself at home in the dark. If someone were to come now, come in and see her, Cindy knew she wouldn't be able to stop. She would let him watch, maybe even let him... she thought once more of that time in the van, of how those men pawed her, their callused fingers bruising her flesh. One of them had nearly pulled her panties down. He had managed to rub his thumb against her cuntlips once.

Her mind reeled. Her nostrils flared while a strange hot dampness broke out over her upper lip, around her nipples, over the tops of her feet. Her back was straight, her head thrown back, her eyes tightly closed. Cindy worked her cunt against the splinter under her. The edge was cutting deep, nearly reaching her cherry. Could she burst her cherry with this?

No, that was silly. She was going to wait for Mr. Right, the one man who would sweep her away and... Cindy laughed bitterly, stopping her fucking movements for a second and staring around her. Mr. Right? She would be lucky that they all didn't fuck her at once. She was going to get fucked here, fucked by all of them. Something told her that.

And oddly that thought made her gasp with something like excitement. She started the up-and-down fucking movements again, bobbing like some kind of merry-go-round horse. Her clit was slick with juice. She kept fucking at it even after a tiny orgasm swept through her pussy. There was more, more to follow.

Cindy tossed her head from side to side, loving the sensation of her hair whipping across her face, tangling around her throat. Every kind of sensation was welcomed now. She was completely alive, free of all restraints. Cindy gasped with delight. A whore. Yes, her mother had called women who played with themselves sluts and whores! Certainly they weren't the moral kind of woman her mother had hoped her daughter would become.

"Oh whore, whore."

The word brought a shiver of excitement to the young girl. She threw back her shoulders, refusing to stop as the rough edge of the splinter cut at her. She rolled her thighs in a counter-rhythm, forcing her clit across the piece of wood. Then another mini orgasm erupted, making her lurch back and forth. She was still full of lust, of desire, panting and sweating. Cindy was chilled to the point of numbness as her nerves became overloaded with sensation. With only the tip of the splinter in her slot, she swung her body from side to side.

Cindy thought of Bobby, thought of his fingers, of his cock. Yes, she wanted to be fucked, really fucked by him. His image floated in front of her eyes. She thought of him and worked her hips faster and faster. The girl dug in her cunt with her fingers, feeling her cherry with her fingertips. "Ohhhhhh!"

With one final wrench, she was through. A powerful shock raced through her body, knocking the wind from her. She fell onto her side, her legs drawn tightly up against her belly, her knees digging into her tits.

"Oh God, God..." Cindy whimpered, sobbing quietly.

The night sounds swelled around this dank, silent hole. Somewhere nearby she could hear coughing, sobbing. They were the sounds of a prison. If only she could talk with some of the girls, find out what kind of place this was.

Her helplessness made her angry. How dare these men try to manipulate her, deprive her of her freedom, of her happiness. She thought of her mother, sitting at home alone, wondering where her daughter was. There would be hours, perhaps days and weeks, of anguish before Cindy could return home.

Angry, the girl wished she could kick down the door, scratch off the faces of the men who had forced her into this.

Suddenly, as if in answer to her prayers, Cindy could hear the sounds of footsteps. Someone was coming. She raised herself up from the floor, brushing aside several stray strands of blonde hair.

She stiffened, throwing back her shoulders as the doorknob rattled. There was the jangling sounds of keys, the sound of a bolt shuttling back, the creaking of the swollen door as it opened.

"Where... where am I?"

Cindy felt her courage failing her the moment she peered up at Jack. What did he want? Money, information about something? What? It made no difference at this point, she felt. Something told the girl, he always got what he wanted. Cindy looked up into his cold blue eyes.

"Don't matter," he said, wiping the back of one hairy hand across his lips.

He had been drinking. Even where she was she could smell the rancid odor, of beer on his breath. Jack was big -- at least six three, close to two hundred pounds, every ounce solid muscle. He was wearing a red flannel shirt opened to the navel, revealing his hairy chest and well-developed pecs. His dirty Levi's clung to, his narrow hips, revealing the sharp outline of a fat, long cock.

Cindy swallowed hard, instinctively shrinking back from the heavily endowed stud. He had come here for one reason, she felt. The air between them thickened with excitement, sparkled with electricity, as Jack kept staring down at the helpless blonde teen.

"Why am I here?"

Jack sneered, his thick sensuous lips curling up. Under his black moustache she saw a double row of white, square teeth. Everything about him spoke of raw, animal power -- the power of a coal miner, the raw strength of a lumberjack, or of a soldier trained to kill brutally.

Cindy felt fear. As he stood a step closer, she drew back, one hand covering her throat while the other stretched back behind her. The window light caught the young man's face and upper torso. The sweat on his face made his long black hair glisten. His forehead wrinkled and the skin round his dark eyes tightened. Tiny fires in the centers of his eyes spilled along the high cheekbones and longs nose. He hadn't shaved for several days. The sweat made the stubble stand out.

"Please... tell me..."

"I'll tell you shit, baby," he growled, kicking the door shut.

Cindy jumped, scooting back until she hit the far wall. There was nowhere to run in this tiny, cramped room!


"Please don't hurt me," Cindy whimpered. Jack laughed derisively, reaching down, rubbing the outline of his dick. It seemed to have grown longer, thicker than before! Was it her imagination? Surely he had to have more than six inches! Something that big, that thick, belonged more on a horse or donkey than on a human being! Cindy hugged her tits protectively, watching as a dark stain appeared at his crotch.

"Don't matter one way or another, does it," he said, rubbing his stubbly chin.

He was such a big man, such a powerful person to stand up against. Cindy shivered, wishing she could disappear in some hole, go away, flee from this animal who was going to brutalize her.

"Oh no, no..."

He was approaching her. His body seemed to fill the room. He lay one heavy, callused palm on her shoulder, pushing her back with such a force that her head struck the floor with a thud. Cindy sucked in a breath, dazed but not too dazed to realize her skirt had hiked up from the blow. Reaching down, she tucked the hem back over her knees modestly. She sucked in a deep breath, afraid of the man.

"No, I ain't gonna hurtcha... too much." Jack unbuckled his belt, sneering down at her. He wanted to use the belt. Cindy could see that in the way he fingered the leather, clutching the buckled end tightly, wrapping the leather around his knuckles until they whitened. But he paused, hesitating.

"Oh please don't... don't."

She stopped, realizing that her pleas were infuriating him more.

"Sit up."

The command was sharp, authoritative. Cindy stared at him, her fingers working over the floor. The smell of beer from his mouth was almost nauseating. She hesitated, clinging to the floor for protection. Strands of her hair fell over her eyes.

"I said, sit up!"

He reached down and grabbed a handful of her hair. No one, not even her mother in a rage had ever treated her like this! The pain made her scream, made her think he was going to snatch her bald!

She jerked one hand up to her scalp, clawing at the offending fingers as Jack kept tugging at her hair. Her hands flailed at him, beat at the large man, her knees scraping over the floor as he dragged her several feet away from the wall. Her mouth was struck by the side of his boot, her lower lip cracking. Cindy tasted blood.


Jack growled. All her courage evaporated, replaced by the presence of this man and all the horrors he stood for. Cindy shuddered to think of what he and his buddies could do to her.

"First thing you're gonna learn around here's that you jump when I say somethin', understand?"

He let her go, wiping his palms on his Levi's, watching her as she crawled back. Cindy saw that smile and instinctively knew it was the smile of a true sadist. She had heard about men and women who enjoyed hurting other people. Jack was an animal -- a sadistic animal, a man who enjoyed placing his booted foot on the face of his victim and pressing down until the skull cracked. That image made Cindy cry out.

He raised one hand over his head, watching her cringe, watching her shrink against the wall again.

"No, no!"

As she lay cringing against the wall, he advanced. Cindy saw his hard-on tenting his Levi's, saw the dark stain increase around the tip of his aroused nine-inch cock. His eyes sparkled with an eerie glow. He had the hungry, fixed stare of a sewer rat as he focused on her.

"Oh God, God," she moaned.

She trembled, terrified. Jack was smiling, that awful, broad sadistic smile of his. Those teeth -- they reminded her of the fangs of a wolf, ready to tear apart her throat! Even as she flattened herself, trying to draw herself into a ball, his hand came down. It seemed as if everything had suddenly gone into slow motion. The fingers cut through the shadows. There was a soft whooshing sound as his hand neared her face. Then there was the sensation of the blow followed quickly by the report of that slap and the feeling of pain across her right cheek.

The force of that blow made her head snap to one side, her long blonde hair splashing over her face. Her body rolled half over, one leg folding over the other while her tits jiggled.

Cindy felt as if the world were exploding around her. He had backhanded her, his knuckles smashing against her jawbone, knocking her over. Her arms flailed out, her neck cramping as her head shot back in the other direction. Jack had nearly knocked her unconscious. One more slap, lighter than the others, made her head snap back, striking the wall with a thud.

"Come on, bitch."

She whimpered, opening her eyes, seeing the room spinning before her. Her cheeks stung from the three blows, her head throbbed. The knowledge that he could be brutal, that he could savage her and there would be no one to run to for help, terrified her. Only dimly was Cindy aware that this possibility created asexual thrill that was intensified by the fear she felt.

Jack let her cry quietly for a second. But the excitement in the tiny room was building quickly.

"No, oh God..."

Her head was clearing. She rubbed her fingers over the long red marks on her cheeks, watching as Jack reached down and opened the tops of his dirty jeans.

Reaching down, he gripped the zipper tab and pulled down, the Levi's halving and revealing thick tufts of black cock hairs. He spread his legs farther apart to make the material stretch even more tightly against his body, making his prick appear larger than ever!

Cindy quivered, her eyes widening as he reached down and shoved his pants down, down over his narrow hips. She could see the base of his cock even in the dim light. It was two or more inches across, barely visible under the thick matting of cock hairs.


She found herself holding both hands to her mouth, her eyes riveted to his crotch. He was still sliding down his jeans and still the tip of his prick hadn't come into view! Then finally she saw the bulbous, spongy head. All of those thick, meaty nine inches of dickmeat sprang up, released from the prison of his jeans. Jack's prick was huge. Donkey-dicked size, some of the girls in her high school would say with a nervous giggle. Cindy knew cunts were elastic, could stretch to accommodate almost any size cock. But she was a virgin. The biggest thing that had been in her pussy was her index finger! And he was going to rape her with that thing! He would split her in two, kill her with his cock!

Cindy shook her head from side to side, moaning with tenor as Jack slipped out of his trousers, then unbuttoned his shirt and shrugged it off his massive shoulders.

"Oh please, don't... don't, I... I never did anything like this before. You're going to... to hurt me if you... you touch me like that," she stammered, her mouth dry as cotton.

Jack hesitated at the girl's plea. He scratched his chin again, smiling down at her.

"A fuckin' virgin, huh? I didn't know there were some of 'em around after twelve," he said, chuckling.

His cock seemed to harden at the thought that there was a virgin cringing in front of him, covering her cunt and tits protectively with her tiny hands.

"Please, don't... I'll do anything else. My mother will pay you... anything, but please, please don't touch me with... with that thing!" she begged, her voice dropping off at the end. Cindy was holding her hands together in front of her face in prayer fashion, her face, a mask of tension, of tenor. Jack reached down and scratched his leathery, hairy balls.

"I don't give a fuck whether you got your cherry or not!" he snapped.

Cindy watched with growing horror as he moved his fingers up and down his, vein-roped prick, the shaft slick with pre-cum oozing from his piss-slit.

"Fact, it'll probably be a real trip. I ain't fucked a virgin since I tapped my cousin back in Ohio," he said, his cock hardening.

Cindy watched his balls draw up. If only she had a knife, something to defend herself with. She could cut him, cut off that awful wonderful dick and free herself. And, yet, at the same time she wanted to stretch out one hand and touch it, feel it, feel that long hot cock throbbing against her working fingers. Her crotch was filled with a wild throbbing, one that surpassed the tightness and heat of only moments ago. What was happening to her?

Sobbing, confused at her own cunt reaction to this approaching animal, Cindy moved, pressing against the wall. Once again she clenched her fists, pressing her knuckles against the floor. The girl could feel splinters digging into her ass. She was dizzy with fright. He was going to rape her.

He moved closer, his fat cock waving, striking his thighs. His thighs were muscular and hairy, looking like tree trunks. Cindy realized her tits were swelling, her nipples taut, straining against the cups of her bra. A sharp spasm passed through her cunt, making her clit tingle. As more juice flowed from her body, her thighs shuddered. She knew then that her entire body was alive, alive to anything that touched it. Her mother was right. She was a wicked girl, a young woman who was turning out to be a hard case, a slut!

Jack raised his hand again, keeping it high. The watch on his wrist glistened. Cindy waited, her flesh crawling. Then his arm came down. She screamed and, as if on cue, she heard someone else moan in the big house.

The hand crashed down on her head, striking her hard enough to daze her. Again he reached down and gripped her hair. As Cindy groaned, her eyelids fluttering, Jack dragged her to the center of the tiny room.

"Oh, oh, ohhhh!"

He was pawing her tits, struggling with her blouse buttons. Cursing under his breath, Jack ripped the garment open, a shower of buttons striking the floor. Cindy cried out, her small hands trying to cover her exposed bra. The young man knocked her arms away, reaching down and finding her elastic bra strap. He pulled hard. The cups cut deeply into the soft flesh surrounding her tits. There were more tugs, followed by another tearing sound. He had ripped her bra off, throwing it away.

"No, don't."

Terror gripped her heart like an icy fist. This was it. There was no denying what was happening now and what would follow.

"You're gonna get a real treat, baby. Most girls I know'd give their fuckin' right arms to get a toss in the sack with me. You're gettin' it for free."

"Stop it... stop!"

He dropped to his knees, still holding her tightly by the wrists. He shoved his face against her white tits, his mouth cupping around one of her stiff, red nipples.


He was hurting her, hurting her badly. She felt his teeth scraping her areolas, felt his tongue flicking against her nipples while he sucked hard. Her cunt walls knotted up in sexual tension, the muscles spasming at each flick of his tongue. He was mouthing her nipples, sucking, covering them with spit while his fingers gripped her wrists cruelly.

His teeth bit into her tender areolas now, tearing into the spongy peaks, sending daggers of delight through her tits. As her fear mounted, sweat oozed from her pores, slicking down her white flesh. He moved up closer, his sweat running down her belly. It trickled into her cunt crack, mingling with her pussy juice.

That volatile mixture made her cunt explode with a power that nearly sent her crashing across the room. Forceful, it knocked the wind out of her. Her thighs tensed, flexed, tightened while her ass rose from the floor. She pressed her belly against his, instinctively rubbing her body against Jack's.

"Yeah, baby, you want it bad, don'tcha? You been tryin' to get away, when all the time you wanted this, really wanted my dick, right?" he hissed.

"Oh, no, no, I don't... don't want to do this. You're forcing me."

"Tell yourself anything you want, baby. All I know is that you're one hell of a hot little lady," Jack whispered, going back to her tits.

Cindy wanted to tell him he was wrong. Yet something inside told her she really wanted his mouth on her thighs, wanted to feel those teeth bruising the tender muscles and tendons there just as they were nibbling her nipples right now. She needed those sharp teeth between her legs... even deeper, perhaps tearing at her clit, sucking and tearing at her cunt until she couldn't think any more.

"Ohhhhhh, God!"

Cindy pulled back. But Jack wouldn't let go of her. He held her wrist with one hand while he jammed his palm between her legs, forcing them apart. Cindy screamed, trying to kick him. Her head snapped from side to side while her eyes widened with terror. She felt him cupping his fingers around her crotch, his thumb slipping into her moist crack.

"Oh God, God in heaven, help me!" she screamed, her legs jerking apart.

Cindy's ass danced on the floor as Jack slipped his fingers in a little deeper. He found her cherry, pressing the tips of his fingers against the piece of flesh until Cindy was shouting with agony. Her face was red, her cheeks flushed and sweat trickled down from her forehead. The pain was terrible! He was going to tear her cherry away with his fingers! It was awful, humiliating. And then there came another pain, another degradation. Jack slipped his thumb against her clit, crushing it under his jagged nail.

Cindy screamed. The young blonde snapped back her shoulders, her body bouncing off the wall and back into Jack's arms. She could hear another helpless girl screaming in sympathy as Jack continued to torture her.

"Nice, baby, real nice. I dig the way you move," Jack grunted.

Cindy kept on screaming, trying to close her thighs over the big man's hand. He kept pinching her clit, rubbing it against his thumbnail, making her scream and scream until her voice gave out. Finally Jack pulled out his hand, leaving the girl exhausted, defeated. She sagged backward, hitting her head lightly against the wall.


Cindy was breathing softly now, tears staining her flushed cheeks. Nothing in the world could have prepared her for this horror. She stared heavy-lidded at the big man in front of her, then dropped her eyes and stared at his fat, long cunt splitter. His cock was still erect, the thick blue veins throbbing against the outer skin. A few drops of pre-cum oozed from the piss-slit, hanging down in long gooey strings from his dickhead.

Slowly Jack put his hand back over her cunt, squeezing it, pressing his fingers into her soft, hot moist flesh. Cindy closed her eyes tightly, her jaw set firmly. She could feel her cuntal muscles convulsing under that pressure, could feel her pussy walls knotting up, rubbing against one another in a milking fashion as he teased her.

"You're ready, baby," Jack said.

He pulled his hand away, making a soft sucking sound. Throwing her on her back, he slid up onto his knees, shoving her thighs apart.


Cindy struck the floor hard when he threw her down. The force of that blow stunned her for the moment. She felt him crawling on top of her. Desperately Cindy clenched her thighs, feeling the unwanted electricity sparking in her slit. Strangely enough the terror receded for the moment. And yet she felt she had to show her fear.


Jack flung himself on her belly, prying her legs apart with his knees. Cindy's eyes were shut. Tears oozed from under her closed lids. Her mouth was pulled into a tight scar. Her jaw tightened. She bit her lower lip until she could taste blood. She was going to lose her maidenhead here... not in the arms, as she had once thought, of a loving husband. But it would be with a rapist, a crazy man who was bent on raping her, on taking the last shred of dignity away from her.

"Oh God, God!"

"He ain't around to help you, baby. There's just me and you... and a couple a more cunts around here to keep us happy."

Cindy concentrated on the strange things going on in her body. Her tits were swollen, her nipples hard. Jack was pinching her, rolling the nubs between his thumbs and forefingers while sucking on the flesh of her neck. She could feel his dick sliding up and down over her pussy crack, the full length of it throbbing against her clit while his balls dragged over her perineum. His balls were filled with cum. Of that she was fully certain. He was going to stick that thing in her, spilt her wide open, hurt her with his prick. And for some reason the thought of him doing that to her sent delightful chills rushing up and down her spine.

Jack raised up for a moment, propping himself up with one hand while he raised the other over his head. He hit Cindy twice across the face. Her head snapped to the right, then to the left. Her long blond hair tangled around her throat, splashed across her face. Again and again he hit her, his eyes sparkling with wild delight, his face reddening with lust. She was in the arms of a true sadist, a man who enjoyed larding himself over people, who loved crushing those who were weaker under his boot.

"Damn, baby, you and I are gonna have some fuckin' times around here, I can see that," he panted.

Jack was bunching up, drawing his cock down along her cunt until only the head was touching her cuntal crack. Cindy knew he was getting ready for the big plunge. She felt hips slide over hers, then move up. His hairy ass quivered, tensing, getting ready to pile drive his cock into her pussy.

"Oh no, no, you're going to kill me with that thing! Please, please, don't... oh God."

Jack flexed his ass muscles, tensed his thighs, then drove down with all his might.

It was as if that thin wall of flesh had been pierced with a rusty spike. Cindy tensed, the backs of her legs torn by tiny splinters. She felt the rushing sensation of his cock slipping past her outer labes, stretching them to the tearing point. Then there was that terrible pain again as his blunt dickhead banged against her cherry. That membrane was defying him. Jack grunted, slapping her again.


Her thigh muscles tensed as she felt him drawing back, bracing, then shove down hard once more. Again his cockhead struck the cherry. But this time Jack didn't give up. He pushed his knees harder against her thighs, rolling her ass up, angling his cock while shoving as hard as he could.

Cindy thought the world was coming to an end. Explosions seemed to go off in her head while brilliant multi-colored lights popped behind her eyes. And all the while the pain, that awful tearing pain, grew worse and worse. Sweat dripped off Jack's forehead, splashing on her belly and tits while his cockshaft bent at the middle from the pressure. Something had to give.


With a tearing sensation rippling through her body, Cindy felt her cherry rip free of its anchorage.

"Oh nooooo!"

The veins stood out in her neck while raspy, choking sounds came from her mouth. It was gone, really gone! With another cry, Cindy nearly passed out from the sharp, hot pain racing through her cunt. Every muscle in her body seemed to cramp as Jack drove his dick all the way in. All those nine thick hot inches slipped into her young pussy, his fat cock fitting tightly.

Cindy waited, waited for unconsciousness. But it never came. Something strong, something that refused to give in, kept her going. She lay there, spread open, almost split in two. He was all the way in her fuck hole, imbedded to the base of his shaft. That terrible rape created a force that sent shock waves through her pussy, into her tits and belly, making her head ache and her brain spin.

"Fuckin' A, baby. You ain't bleedin' much," he said, checking with his fingers. "And you're still hot to trot. I dig that. I dig a bitch who don't like to give up even when she's just lost her cherry."

He was mocking her, laughing at her while fucking her! She could have scratched off his face, torn his eyes out. Yet she lay there, speared by his fat dick, her mind just as torn as her former cherry.

"Now we're gonna have the rest of the fun," he said, fingering her tits, then smoothing his rough hands over her thighs.

Cindy cringed at his touch... shrank from it, yet at the same time wanted more of it. Slowly he began to fuck her, drawing his cock halfway out, then slipping it back in all the way. Cindy grunted with each fucking forward thrust, feeling her cunt walls shrinking back behind his retreating dickhead, only to be shoved apart when Jack shoved it back in once more.

In and out, in and out, faster and faster the big stud fucked her. His hands moved up, holding her shoulders down hard against the floor while his cock fucked her soppy hole.

In spite of herself, in spite of the terror still present, Cindy responded hotly to this violent fucking.

"Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!"

Her tits jiggled each time Jack's hips pounded against her thighs. He was fucking her harder, faster. He slammed into her again and again, stretching her young cunt. Soon the pain from the torn roots of her cherry faded, replaced now with a wild wonderful sensation of lust.

"Fuck it out, bitch. Come on, move that ass! Move it around!" he snarled, his breathing becoming labored.

He slapped her ass hard, his fingers leaving long red marks against her flesh. At the same time Jack bit the side of her neck, nearly breaking the flesh. Cindy screamed with pain, drawing her hands up and curling her fingers into fists. She beat his chest, pushed up, did anything she could to drive the man away.

But it was useless. He was just too big, too insistent, too bent on fucking her, on huffing her with his dick.

"Oh yeah, baby, yeah, milk my cock! Come on, milk it good!"

Her body was betraying her, giving her away! She felt her pussy muscles spasming, actually grabbing onto his pumping dick and holding on while his bells tightened in their sac, getting ready to pump out that rich man-cream that would eat through her cunt walls like acid.


Cum, jizz. They were words her girlfriends used to giggle about in school johns. They talked about different ways they could get their boyfriends off without worrying about getting knocked up. That was the least of Cindy's worries now.

"Yeah, yeah."

As he rode her, Cindy tightened up, her cunt clutching at his pounding dick. He was panting as she started to match his wild pistoning. The next cry that came from her mouth was a cry of greed, of need. She wanted Jack, wanted him as she'd never wanted anything else! If only her mother could see her now, see what all those years of careful moral upbringing had brought her! This fine little girl, the best little girl in the world as her mother loved calling her, was now whoring herself, embracing a stranger, helping a rapist violate her!


Cindy held on tightly. No longer did she want to beat him away, to drive him off her body. She was too much in heat, too high on her own sex trip to stop him. Nothing could have stopped her. A bomb crashing through the roof would have gone unnoticed as she clawed her way through the red fog settling over her brain. Cum, climax, orgasm... all those strange words drifted through her confused mind as Jack entered the final round of fucking.

"Bitch, fuckin' slut, whore!"

He hit her again, this time his knuckles bruising her right cheek. Then he fell on top of her body, his hairy asscheeks rising and falling rapidly, glistening with sweat. He was fucking her wildly, getting ready to dump his load into her cunt! Cindy's body rocked and jiggled with each terrible forward thrust.

And then it happened. She felt the first bursts of cum burn into her pussy. It was the first time, the very first time, she felt that wonderful spraying sensation, the feeling of her cunt being filled with jizz. She held on for dear life as Jack thrust forward hard, driving his cock up her slit, spilling the last of his fizz. She felt the white milky stuff overflowing her cunt, spattering her thighs and the lower crease of her ass.

Cindy kept him prisoner with her legs and arms, working her ass instinctively from side to side, rubbing her clit again and again against his hot, still throbbing dick until flashes of fire raced through her cunt. Showers of sparks rained into her pussy as her clit throbbed and quivered, gripped in the throes of her first massive climax.


Cindy kicked out one leg, twisting her body as much as she could under his sweaty weight. Again and again the throbbing pulses of her orgasm tore through her cunt, knocking the wind from her lungs, leaving her weaker and weaker with each dying spasm. Finally it was over. Jack grunted, then pushed away, searching for his pants.

Cindy lay still, watching him dress silently. Even when he stepped over her without looking down, she watched him. What had happened to her? Why had she suddenly become a willing victim, wanting more pain, wanting more hurt, wanting him to stay with her. If only she had the courage, the will to prop herself up and beg him to stay with her. She needed him, wanted to feel his arms around her, holding her, touching her while his dick fucked out her hole.

"Good fuck, baby. We'll see how you make out later with the others."

The others? Reality crashed in on her like a bomb. She didn't move, afraid the slightest twitch would inspire some awful act on Jack's part. The desire for him to stay was gone now. She only wanted him to leave her alone. She had to sort out all the confusing, conflicting feelings now racing through her mind.

When the door slammed shut and she was alone again, Cindy continued to see him, to feel him in her. Oozing cum and blood dampened her cunt. She wondered then why she had reacted the way she had. As she tried to figure out her emotions during the rape, another concern intruded into her thoughts. Could she withstand the onslaught that was sure to come later? And what about her mother? What awful torment was she going through at this point? Surely she had noticed by now that her daughter was overdue from coming home from the market. Cindy drew both hands to her mouth and stifled the sobs that racked her body.

Back at home, Rhoda Williams had problems of her own. Her daughter was late coming home and she was about to set out, to look for her. But the phone had rang just as she was about to leave the house. Rushing back to the ball, Rhoda picked up the receiver, expecting to hear her daughter's voice at the other end.

"I want to suck your cunt."

She froze, her mind going black as the awful word still rang in her head.

"I wanna suck your cunt, baby... stick my tongue up there and wiggle it all around, taste some of that sweet juice. Man, oh man, you're gonna dig it, wiggle that ass around when you sit on my face. Shit, then you're gonna cry out, want more, reach back and try to grab hold of my dick when..."

"Stop it! Who is this? God, who is this?"

Rhoda was trembling, her fingers barely able to hold onto the phone as those terrible words came pouring out.

"Man, you ain't gonna be able to stop that pretty ass of yours once I get my lips on your cunt. Yeahhh!" The voice trailed off into a soft sigh. She could hear same fumbling at the other end of the line, imagining what the caller was doing. "Yeah, I'm gonna suck real good and hard, flicking my tongue over your clit before I..."

"Don't do this. If you call again I'll phone the police!" she said.

Why couldn't she hang up? She was thirty-seven, a mature woman, a woman who after her ugly divorce had vowed she would never have a thing to do with men. She had a fine career as a legal secretary with the possibility of going to law school with her employer's aid. Cindy was a fine girl who got good grades at school. Her income was comfortable, even a bit lavish. And yet something had been missing from her life, something that this anonymous phone caller was touching, rousing from its long sleep. In spite of the suddenness, of the total un-preparedness, Rhoda was feeling the stirrings of sex for the first time in nearly ten years.

"Then I'm gonna back off, do real nice things to your body."

"Stop this now!"

"You can hang tip right now... if you want." Why couldn't she? She was a mature, intelligent woman. She was past her mid-thirties, but she still turned heads on the streets. No lines or blemishes blotted her face or body. Youthful looks was something that ran in her family. Nothing sagged, nothing indicated her real age. At times, men mistook Rhoda for Cindy's older sister. Her firm thighs, long legs, perky attitude, firm ass and high riding tits all bespoke of a woman in the prime of her sexual life. There was an exuberance, a freshness in her glance and walk that attracted men. And yet she shied away from them, refused passes, ignored their fumbling plays for her attention. She was determined to make herself a career, shelter her daughter from men, from men like her former husband who had tried to drag her into the dirt.

"The bastard," she had muttered at the end of the divorce proceedings, for bringing his girlfriend there to meet Cindy... right under the eyes of the court and lawyers! That had settled it. No more would she trust men. No more would she... and yet now she was panting, feeling her body melt under her business suit as she listened to those awful words coming from the phone.

"Then maybe I'll start touchin' those tits of yours... nice, big tits. Start calmin' 'em, suckin' 'em as hard as I sucked your cunt."

Who was this? It scorned to be someone who knew her, or had at least seen her. She thought of several men who would be this cowardly.

"Then maybe I'll start playin' with your cunt again."

Rhonda was panting hard, almost babbling, feeling dizzy as heat concentrated between her legs. Her knees were growing weak. Holding the sweaty receiver between her ear and shoulder, Rhoda leaned against the doorway to the kitchen, closing her eyes, trying to get that throbbing itch between her thighs under control. She wished she could touch herself now, could... but that was out of the question. She had to hang up, to get rid of this pervert!

"Then maybe I'll get back to your pussy with my mouth. Yeah, I dig eatin' out pussy."

"I'm going to hang up, to..."

"Then why don'tcha?"

He laughed softly at her dilemma, telling her again how he was going to eat her cunt.

"My cock's real dark at the tip... real dark and big. You'll feel it slippin' in 'cause it'll stretch you. You haven't been fucked much, I bet. I'll stretch you with my cock 'til you squirm and cry and..."


With the last ounce of will power, Rhoda slammed the phone down, clinging to the doorway, trying to catch her breath.


"I'm so glad you could come," Rhoda said breathlessly, holding the front door open.

"No problem. What's wrong?"

Brad Dennis walked into the house, straightening his tie as Rhoda closed the door behind him.

"It's Cindy, Mr. Dennis. I... I just don't know what to do. She's gone... at least, she hasn't come home from the store. She's never this late and I... well, I'm worried," she confessed.

Desperate for help, she had called Brad Dennis.

He was her employer, a criminal lawyer who had been practicing in Beverly Hills for nearly eight years. Rhoda looked upon him as more than a boss -- a friend, confidant, and lately, as a potential mate, although she would never admit that to herself, let alone to Brad Dennis. She stood by the phone, glancing at it, feeling guilty as she wrung her hands and watched Brad's face darken with concern.

"Have you called the police?"

Rhoda nodded her head, sucking in a deep breath. Even now while talking with him, she felt her knees weaken once more. The feeling between her legs -- that itchy, hot feeling that raced up and down her thighs -- was coming back. Lately it came back whenever she stood near the man. Even now while talking about her missing daughter, Rhoda felt excited, turned on by Brad.

"But they said they'd have to wait twenty-four hours before they did anything. Lots of girls run away, they said. Cindy wouldn't run away. She was too happy, too..."

Rhoda couldn't finish her sentence. Thoughts of what her daughter might be going through terrified her. There had been stories of women disappearing off the streets, of young girls getting picked up, never to be seen again. She thought of these stories and moaned, sitting down on the edge of the sofa.

"That's all right. I've got some friends down at the station. Maybe I can get something going," Brad said, putting a comforting arm around her shoulders.

Rhoda felt her pussy contract at that heavy, hot touch. She leaned against him for comfort. But the touch of his body, of his chest against her shoulder, made her heart skip a beat. He patted her gently, then rose and walked to the phone. Calling someone, he mentioned Cindy's name, the place where she'd last been seen, and all other information Rhoda could provide him.

"Well, nothing like having some favors owed to get things done," he said, smiling broadly down at her.

"Mr. Dennis... are they going to do something?" Rhoda asked, rising from the couch and clasping her hands in front of her.

"They're going to start looking around right now. Don't worry, Rhoda, and stop calling me Mr. Dennis. I feel like I'm your doctor."

"Sorry," she said, lowering her eyes, feeling her cheeks flush a deep red.

"You know, I worry about you and Cindy living alone like this," he said, spreading his arms out. "I don't mean financially. I know how much I pay you. But you don't even have a dog, a gun you could protect yourself with."

"Nothing's happened around here for years," Rhoda replied, appreciating his concern.

Brad Dennis was so handsome, so masterful! His dark hair, blue eyes, trimmed beard and moustache accented the rugged features of his face. Rhoda knew he had a fine body as well as a fine mind. He worked out at the men's club nearly every day. She knew because she had had to call him there often, interrupting his weight-lifting class.

Sometimes at night often Cindy was asleep and the house was quiet, Rhoda would fantasize at night, rolling her body around on her large bed upstairs while sticking her finger in and out of her sucking cunthole. It was then she thought of Brad, thought of how he would feel rolling on top of her, holding her down with his hands and legs while trenching out her cunthole with his fat dick. It was then when she wished she hadn't made that silent vow in the courtroom as her husband made a fool of her.

"That doesn't mean something can't happen tomorrow. I wish you'd buy something... at least a German shepherd pup or something."

Brad was sitting down next to her again, stretching out on the sofa, loosening his tie. Tufts of black body hair curled around the collar of his pastel dress shirt. Sitting down, Brad unconsciously hiked his trousers tightly against his crotch.

Rhoda lowered her eyes, caught the swell pressing against the gray material of his pants. She blushed, he was so big, much bigger than her husband was! Another flash of guilt. How could she be thinking about sex, about something that would only remain a fantasy when her daughter was still missing?

"You know, I miss something like this. Hell, I'm so busy with meetings I don't really have a place to come home to... at least not this comfortable."

"Oh, I do what I can."

He was becoming personal, close. She could feel his body warmth against her side, feel his touch. Rhoda closed her eyes as a particularly powerful spasm passed through her cunt. Her lips were swelling with blood, puffing out as more juice seeped from her hole. A drop of sex butter trickled maddeningly through the tangled thicket of her pussy, dripping onto her thighs. She moved her logs, rubbing her cuntlips against her clit. It felt so good, so dangerously, awfully good!

"You know, you've been good to have around the office. You've been with us for several years, but only now I've noticed you," Brad said, still not looking at her.

Rhoda dropped her eyes again. That bulge, that outline of ibis cock, was growing. She was sure of it! It was growing, becoming longer, thicker! Her cheeks were turning a darker and darker red. "And I hope you've noticed."

Rhoda gasped. His arm snaked around her shoulders, drew her closer while a hand chucked under her chin. He was drawing her close, holding her tightly. She struggled, feeling like a tiny bird held in the claws of a large cat.

"I... I don't think we're doing the right thing..."

Rhoda couldn't finish the sentence. Heat concentrated in the fuzz-colored, juicy mound between her legs. It had been so long, too long, since a man had touched her there, had said or done anything that would make her feel like this now. Perhaps it was the excitement of the phone call she'd received earlier. Perhaps it was the tension, the worry over her lost daughter.

In some mysterious way her flesh seemed to glow because of his touch. He was unfastening her blouse, kissing her lightly on the neck. Her head fell back as she moaned. Her blouse parted, his hand going inside and playing with the bra cups while she squirmed her ass on the soft cushions. Rhoda felt a sudden glow wash over her.

"Ummm... don't... I..."

"Yes, you do, Rhoda. You want it, want it bad. I've seen you, watched you in the office," Brad said, his voice expressing confidence.

Rhoda opened her eyes and stared up at him. He was so handsome, so self-assured. His hands moved under the bottom edges of her bra cup. She felt fingers touching her soft tit flesh, her nipples! Rhoda gasped, snapping her knees together rubbing her thighs against one another. More juice bubbled out from her hole, wetting down the nylon crotch panel of her panties.

"Oh yes, yes," she gasped, feeling her defenses crumbling. At the sound of Brad's heavy breathing, at the touch of his tongue as it flicked into her car, Rhoda felt her clit swell.

A knot of tension formed between her belly and cunt. They shouldn't be doing this. They should be waiting for a phone call from the police, possibly even patrolling the neighborhood for her daughter. Perhaps Cindy was over at one of her friends' homes, although Rhoda was relatively sure she'd phoned everyone Cindy knew. Maybe... oh God, his touch was so good, so overwhelmingly good!

Glancing down, she saw one hand was between his legs. She watched carefully. He was deliberately rubbing his dick, making it longer, harder, thicker. The outline was throbbing against his fingers now. A long wet spot appeared, blotching the material of his dress trousers. Rhoda sucked in a deep breath. It had been such a long time for... for this!

"Let's go upstairs, hummmmm?"

Rhoda nodded, feeling as if she couldn't move an inch. Brad understood. Scooping her up in his powerful arms, he moved through the living room, carrying the panting woman up the stairs, down the long darkened corridor into her bedroom.

Rhoda felt so odd, so strange. It had been so fast, so sudden. How could she have fallen this easily after she had so carefully built up her walls against men? The walls must have been crumbling long before this.

"In here," she gasped, nodding toward her bedroom door.

Images drifted in front of her eyes. She felt herself being lowered to the bed, felt him fumbling with her bra, pulling it off, slipping her skirt down her hips. Soon her body was stripped of all clothing except her juice-soaked panties.

Glancing, Rhoda saw Brad's body -- those thick muscled, bulging biceps, the thick matting of hair that ran down the center of his chest, fanning out just above the elastic waistband of his jockey shorts. She could make out his dick bulging against the piss-flap, pushing the loose pocket of material out. It was larger than she'd thought, much bigger!

"You don't know it, but I've been waiting for this for a long time," Brad said, his voice husky.

Thumbs under the waistband, he slid his shorts down.

His cock sprang out... blood-heavy, long, throbbing with lust. Rhoda's eyes widened as he walked up to her, his big hands stretched out in front of her.

"Take it!"

Something had come over him, a sudden change, a veil that seemed to have darkened his eyes, changed him completely from the patient, understanding individual to a brute animal.

He was on the bed, the mattress sagging down where he was kneeling. She slid a bit toward him, her fingers digging into the mattress. He was rubbing his cock. A strange smile crossed his lips, one she'd never seen before.

As each second passed, Rhoda became more and more apprehensive. She had never thought a man could change so rapidly. Of course, her husband had become passionate while making love. But never, never had he had that spark of evil she now caught in Brad's eyes. What a surprise!

"I said... take it!"

He reached out, sliding the fingers behind her head and pushing her face up against his groin. Rhoda choked, smelling his crotch, feeling the hairs tickling her nostrils. His cock pressed hard against her upper lip, rubbing back and forth, his balls brushing over her chin. The woman gasped again, raising both hands, pressing her fingers against his groin, trying to catch a breath of air!

"Yeah, that's it, Rhoda, that's it," he sighed, rubbing his cock over her mouth.

Rhoda kept her lips shut tightly, feeling confused, disoriented.

"What are you... ughhh, what are you doing?"

Rhoda had never particularly enjoyed giving head, even when her husband had been relatively patient in the beginning. Later, he just shoved his dick down her throat, holding her face against his groin while he hunched hard and fast, spilling his cum in her mouth while she choked, gagged and coughed. Brad seemed to be going the same way.

"Come on. All women like giving head. It's a good way for them to start," Brad said, his fingertips pressing hard against the sides of her head.

Rhoda struggled at first, then stopped, realizing there was nothing she could do. She could feel his dick rubbing over her lips, flattening them while his cockhead slipped closer and closer to her mouth. She felt his balls swing against her chin, felt his fingers stiffen while his breath began to catch.

"Take it."

Reluctantly, feeling more fear than she had in a long time, Rhoda opened her mouth. Brad had her now in a sitting position, her hands limp at her sides while her face was pressed to his groin. He inched back, his thick-muscled thighs shaking with excitement. He drew his cock over her lips, making it perpendicular to her mouth. The moment Rhoda opened her mouth, he flexed his ass muscles, shoving in his dick halfway.


Rhoda gagged, closing her mouth around his cock without biting him. The salty, bleachy flavor of his oozing pre-cum made her swallow, then nearly gag while Brad shivered and groaned. He was calling her all sorts of names, telling her he was going to do all sort of things... much in the same way that obscene phone-caller had done. He inched forward again, pressing his flat belly against her nose and chin. She felt one hand reaching down to her jaw, pressing hard against where the upper and lower bones met. The pain was too great. She had to relax again, open wider, admit the full thick length of his cock.

She was gagging, her stomach bucking, threatening to turn over from the sudden intrusion. Brad hadn't waited to be gentle. He shoved in, his cock sliding over her tongue, the head touching her tonsils and finally the back of her throat.

"Come on, baby, move your tongue. That's it, Rhoda, move it over my dick. Come on, I wanna feel you enjoying this, sucking it in," he whispered hotly.

It was almost as if she were drowning, holding her head underwater. Somehow she managed to suck in air through her nostrils and around the sides of his hammering dick. Brad didn't seem to care whether she gagged on his dick or not. He kept sliding it in and out, faster and faster, telling her to work her tongue over the ridge that ran along the underside of his dick, then ordering her to suck around the place where the foreskin had been cut away.

"Mmmmmm, yeah, move it, move that damned tongue! Ohhhh man, suck me good, Rhoda, suck me good! Yeah, gimme that great kind of head I always thought you would."

Just like a man. He was so kind and considerate at the office, almost too, much the gentleman. Never in her life would she have believed him capable of performing this way in bed! He was acting like some kind of animal. Now he was fucking her mouth, stuffing her with his dickmeat, rubbing his hairy belly against her face and relishing the way he was degrading her by this very act.

She was choking! He was holding her face too tightly to his belly, keeping his dick lodged too deeply in her throat. Rhoda panicked! Jerking her arms up, she dug her fingernails into his bully, making long red marks on his flesh.

Brad grunted, but still held tightly on to heat, his cock throbbing against her cheeks and tongue. Rhoda could feel her throat contracting around his cockhead, squeezing the meaty bulb, actually milking it as he drew his cock back and let out a long, shuddering groan. He was close, on the brink! Just a little more of that hot wet friction, just a little more of her tongue flicking against the sensitive underside of his prick, and he'd be spraying her mouth with his jizz.

"Man, baby, man, stop it!"

He grabbed her head and pushed her away, his cock springing away from her pouting lips. Rhoda crossed her eyes, staring at his fat dickhead. It had turned a dark shade of red, almost purple.

She was panting, gasping for air as his fat prick jerked against her nose. She could smell herself, smell him.

"Okay, baby, okay, now we have a little fun." He slid off the bed, telling her to stay there as he rummaged through her drawers. What was he looking for? It was almost like watching a thief searching through her room and being helpless to stop him. Then he pulled out a pair of nylon pantyhose from the third bureau drawer. Twisting it into a tight rope, he stretched it thin between both arms, holding it up as he approached her once more.

Rhoda shrank back, scooting up until her head banged against the headboard.


He was standing there twisting the panty-hose tighter and tighter. The heavy swing of his cock thrilled her. Rhoda wasn't used to being around cocks. She had forgotten how beautiful they could be. Of course she couldn't really tell Brad how she felt or show him what was going through her mind. But still the sight of his fat cock made her cunt hotter, itchier, achier. As Brad bent over her, he told her to touch his balls. She did, feeling her heart skip a beat. They were heavier than she ever remembered her husband's being.

"Yeah, feel good, right? Filled with cum, baby, for you."

Rhoda shivered. He lay the pantyhose down on the bedstand, then moved back, spotting her bathrobe.

"This is a hell of a lot better for what I've got in mind," he said, sliding the belt out. "Give me your hands."

She did as she was told, feeling the silk belt go around her wrists, snugged tight. She was on her side now, already helpless as a kitten, the belt being so tight it nearly cut the circulation off to her fingers. Brad was bending her knees back, panting heavily, the full sway of his cock brushing against her buttocks.


He was binding her, tying her up so she couldn't protest against anything he did to her. He pulled her wrists and ankles together, then wound the silk stockings around her ankles. Finally he fastened both wrists and ankles together with the pantyhose, cinching the assembly together with two double square knots. He rolled her back onto her spine again. The soles of her feet were pressed together, each ankle bound to one of her wrists. She couldn't possibly close her knees or roll away.

"You dig it?"

"It's... it's terrible. I don't... don't know if I like this," she gasped, lying through her teeth.

Of course she liked it. Her husband had never suggested doing this in all the years they had made love together. Apparently Brad was an expert in bondage. He was admiring his handiwork, trailing his fingers along the flesh of her inner thighs and smiling as her skin puckered up into goosepimples at that light touch.

Rhoda shivered again, tightening her ass muscles and moving her ass slowly over the bed. Helpless, helpless in her own house, in her own bedroom, and made that way by her boss! She sucked in a lungful of air through her flared nostrils, feeling sexier than she had felt in years.

"Now I'm gonna have some fun... and if you relax, you'll probably enjoy it too."

He was kneeling between her bound legs, holding one knee in each hand and spreading them slowly apart. He started kissing first one thigh, then the next. Lower and lower he slid his tongue, licking the salty perspiration off her white, shivering thighs.

Rhoda moaned, prancing her ass around the squeaking mattress, silently begging for him to take care of that terrible itchy ache pulsing between her legs.

"Oh, oh, ohhhh!"

His mouth dropped dangerously close to her cunt, his tongue flicking out, touching her skin with feathery caresses, leaving a long silver trail of spittle on her flesh.

Rhoda was going crazy, whimpering with lust, straining against her silk bindings. They cut into the flesh of her wrists and ankles. A tingly thrill of being helpless, of being bound naked, made her heart pound fast. Her tits jiggled, the nipples becoming hard and red, aching to be touched, sucked, kissed!

Brad groaned, reaching up with both hands as if he could read her mind. He was touching her tits, rubbing the heavy under swell of her tits, pinching the white resilient flesh until Rhoda cried out and arched her back. She writhed on the mattress, her long blonde hair fanning out all around the pillow as she edged up to climax.

Climax! What a wonderful word, that was! She was going to cum, going to pop, while Jack fucked and sucked her!

Just the thought of fucking drove her wilder than before! He was thumbing her nipples now, rubbing them until they were throbbing in time to the beating of her clit. And all the while he was sliding his mouth down, down toward the musky smelling furry blonde thicket just below.

Rhoda felt his hot breath blowing through her feathery cuntal curls. He was close, so close. Then he felt his nose pressing against her clit, felt his lips touching the puffy outer edges of her labes. Now he was tonguing her, licking her like a dog!

Rhoda squeezed her asscheeks together again, doing her best to raise her crotch up, press it against his face, give him more of her slick cunt to eat.


He was mouthing her, sucking hard while flicking his tongue over the slick folds and hollows of her pussy again and again. He pressed his nose against her clit, purposely rubbing it back and forth, pressing that dainty squiggle of flesh down, then letting it pop back up again. He knew how to arouse a woman, to turn her into a raging beast while she couldn't do anything about it.

Rhoda was bound, bound and helpless, enjoying herself all the more for the restraints holding her prisoner. The headboard clattered against the rear wall as her body writhed beneath Brad's ministrations.

Rhoda felt his teeth nibbling along the edges of her cuntlips. Rhoda couldn't help herself any more. She screamed, digging her fingernails into her buttocks, wailing for more stimulation. He sucked harder, spreading her legs farther apart. The tension peeled her pussy open, exposing more dark-red moist cuntmeat for him to feed on. Brad groaned as he ate her out.

The big blonde woman went mad with lust, closing her eyes, imagining Brad were some kind of Cossack raping her brutally. Her cunt was dripping with juices, tense with delight, aching for some kind of satisfaction.

"Maybe I should leave you like this now hanging up there, waiting for me," he said.

"No, oh nooo!"

No, he wouldn't do that! That would be the cruelest of tortures, having worked her up to this kind of sexual fever pitch then leaving her high and dry.

"Yeah, I could sit here and watch you go crazy while I jerked off. You'd watch my dick get good and fat, shoot off, and there wouldn't be a damned thing you could do about it."

"No, no, don't say things like that," Rhoda gasped, feeling her mind spin around.

She would go mad if he did something like that. Not even her husband did that. He had always satisfied her... about the only good thing he did.

"Yeah, that wouldn't be all that good for me either," Brad conceded, chuckling at having discovered just how hot and eager his secretary was.

He went back to eating her out, growling, pursing his lips together and sucking hard while digging his fingernails against her fleshy thighs and working them apart. It was heaven for Rhoda. Never before had someone done this for such a long time. Her husband had eaten her cunt many times but he had done it only as a preliminary to their lovemaking.

"Oh no, no, nooo!"

Brad seemed to enjoy oral sex thoroughly. He was sucking her hard, tonguing her avidly, using his mouth and tongue as if they were tiny cocks all fucking her at once! Just when she thought she was going to pop off in that wonderful sucking mouth of his, Brad pulled back, wiping the spit and cuntjuice off his mouth.

"Good, baby, good, Rhoda," he said, dropping down and kissing her passionately, driving the tongue he had used on her cunt into her mouth.

Rhoda gagged, smelling her pussy on his cheeks, tasting her cunt on his lips. And yet, how good it was, how everything seemed to mix together, mingle in one wonderful sensation of fucking, sucking, kissing. She moved again, wiggling her ass, feeling the silken bonds rubbing against her wrists and ankles, touching her thighs. If only she could, move her hands, touch Brad, touch his balls, touch his dick!


He could tell Rhoda was getting close, getting close to cumming, to losing what little control she had left. He reached down, holding his cock in one hand, pressing the fingers hard into his throbbing meat. Twice he had nearly popped off, spraying his load against her prancing ass. Brad had wanted to do this to his secretary for over one year now. He had bided his time, waiting for the right moment. It had come unexpectedly with the disappearance of her sluttish daughter. It had come after months of preparation, of daring.

"Ohhhhhh God!"

Brad moved down and kissed her tits. Rhoda went wild, arching her back, trying to shove a nipple between his teeth. The big man laughed at her plight, moving back. She thrashed feverishly in her bonds.

"You're a real hellcat, aren't you?"

He was breathing with difficulty now, opening his mouth wide and covering her aching nipple with his lips. Rhoda screamed. She felt the hot spit trickling down her side, heard him smacking hungrily, sucking with a passion. She had read about these things, read about how some men specialized in doing this sort of thing, sucking off women, driving them half-crazy with their tongues and lips while leaving, the flicking aspect of sex as the very last act. Apparently Brad was one of those men. Now she could understand why some women went after this sort of thing. A man could control the pressure, playing a panting woman as if she wore a finely tuned instrument. And all the while she knew his cock was there, dangling between his legs, brushing up at times against her just waiting for the right moment to be shoved in.


Now his dick was slipping back, sliding toward her swollen cuntal mouth. He centered the purplish bloated head of his cock over her slit, then stiffened his legs, angling his body sharply against hers. She knew he was going to fuck her, fuck her hard!

"Ohhh, yesssss!"

When his dickhead hit her cuntlips, Rhoda exploded, arching her back once more, supporting her upper body on her shoulders. Her face was a mask of intense concentrated lust, her jaw quivering while moans of delight came from her throat. She pranced her ass up and down, gasping for it, demanding more stimulation's, more of his mouth, his dick.

"Oh yeah, Rhoda, yeah, you want this, you want it. You wanted me to suck your cunt, and now you want my dick in it."

For a second, just for a second, something triggered a thought in ha mind. There was something familiar now about that voice, something familiar about that sentence. What was it? God, she couldn't concentrate, couldn't focus her mind on what was being said. All she could think about was his cock starting to spear into her pussy, spread apart her itchy, slick cuntal walls while his balls dragged over the bottom of her cuntal mound!

"Fuck... fuck!" Rhoda cried.

She was saying that wonderful word, pronouncing it shamelessly, begging her boss to fuck her, to take her and do what he pleased with her. She was his slave for as long as he could take care of that awful hot pressure throbbing between her legs.

"You bet, Rhoda, you bet," Brad answered.

He lunged fast into her cunt. Rhoda cried out, thinking the world was coming to an end. Bright lights flashed in front of her while her head throbbed. She threw her body from side to side, her blonde hair tangling around her throat. She whined. She felt desired, beautiful, helplessly bound.

And that thing inside her! When his cock was deep, really deep, she could feel it like a fire against the knotted mouth of her pussy. The way she was tied made it hard for her to move in the way she might have enjoyed. But her restricted movements were at least as exciting as being completely free. She found that by tensing the large muscles of her ass his dick gave her more friction. "Ohhhhhhhh God!"

"Like it, huh? Enjoy this, baby? Enjoy having my dick trenching you out?"

"Yes, oh -- fuck me... harder!"

There was no boss/secretary relationship any more. The only thing that existed was Rhoda and Brad, two individuals going mad over one another. "Ohhhhhhhhh fuck!"

She could feel his dick rubbing against her clit faster now, could feel his body shivering. Once or twice he had to tell her to stop moving, stop her twisting and jerking, or he was going to pop off right there. She didn't want him cumming... not yet. Rhoda was close, desperately close. Bu she wasn't ready to lose her load yet.

"Oh God!"

Brad had her other tit in his mouth now. As he sucked the tender nipple, she writhed. Her clit was pulled tightly down each time he fucked into her cunt, his balls slapping against her upturned buttocks. And then as her belly seemed to fill with dickmeat, Brad bit teasingly around her nipple.

Rhoda babbled and jerked her wrists and ankles until the pain made her excitement rush along all her nerve endings. She groaned Brad's name as he worked his powerful hips with a building tempo. The juice seemed to erupt from her cunt. She felt it leaking between her asscheeks, sucking her ankles, wetting the sheet beneath.

Rhoda ground her hips around hungrily, wildly, straining as hard as possible. She was going to cum. She was going to climax now. It would be so good, so hot and good!

"Brad... oh God, you're sooooo good!"

It was funny how getting fucked by someone made her feel so close to him, even though he had done this to her without asking. His masterly manner, the way he brutalized her, made her dig her nails against her palms, opening her mouth for him to kiss. Brad kissed her hard, his tongue fencing with hers.

When Brad held his cock just inside the convulsing folds of her cunt, Rhoda quivered. Her ass was just hanging there and trembling, waiting for his cock knob to be speared into her cunt. She cried and twisted her hips from one side to the other.

The silk belt and twisted pantyhose burned her skin. Her shivering muscles bucked helplessly as Brad raked pure pleasure from her soft cuntlips. Her clit was swollen and hot, pulsing with a raging tickle that jolted cries of delight from her throat.

"Ohhhhhhhh God, God, God!"

Rhoda's thighs were smeared with cunt juice. Her wrists and ankles had welts where the silk hat cut. But as each wild storm of ecstasy washed over her body, the pain seemed like a delicate sensation. She was enjoying the pain, jerking her arms and legs harder to let that pain blend with the vicious fucking of Brad's dick.

"Now!" she screamed.

Rhoda was only a second away form madness. Then the second passed and she went crazy, gripped by the power of her orgasm. She felt Brad's cock jerking around, banging against her convulsing pussy. He was shooting, spraying his load into her.

Rhoda closed her eyes and tried to picture his prick bouncing around inside her, the dark head spitting out wad after wad of the thick white cream, filling up her hole while his balls rested against her buttocks.

Again and again, terrible spasms ripped through her cunt, making Rhoda jerk and twist hard against the mattress. Her cuntal muscles spasmed, gripping Brad's cock hard, milking it at least twice for each wad his dick shot out. For several minutes Rhoda's cunt was hot, wet, clenching, milking his hot cock.

When it was finally over, she collapsed, feeling drained, almost dead. Brad eased his cock out of her, rolling her on her side and untying the knots at her wrists. She felt him undoing the silk tangle, throwing the hose and belt to the floor.

"Better than I ever thought it would be," he muttered, sitting on the edge of the bed and stroking her naked, cum-smeared thighs.

Yes, perhaps. But now Rhoda thought of Cindy, and that thought destroyed what happiness she could have had now. Cindy was in trouble Rhoda was sure of it.


Several hours passed and no one came for her. Cindy lay in the small cell, trying to clean herself as best she could with her torn blouse. Her thighs were smeared with blood and an as she lay on the floor, staring up at the dirty ceiling.

What awful thing had happened to her! She had been raped, violated, her dignity ripped from her. But was that really true? When Jack had held her down, premed his dirty fingers against her shoulders and pushed his knees against her thighs.

Hadn't she felt that thrill, that secret lust sensation that made her pussy hot, slick and easy to fuck?

"No!" Cindy covered her face with both hands, rolling onto one side and sobbing quietly.

That awful thought came back again and again. She had let him touch her, had actually enjoyed the beating, the slapping around, the pulling of hair and the resulting degradation that preceded that awful, brutal rape. Rape? She had to keep telling herself it was a rape. How could she face herself, her mother, her friends, if she were to acknowledge the fact that she had encouraged him... to do that terrible thing to her?


Cindy tensed, drawing her knees up against her tits and scooting backward. Gathering the remnants of her clothes to her tits and belly, she edged up against the far wall, her scalp crinkling with terror as the door opened once more.

It was the other two men who had kidnapped her, standing there, smirks on their faces.

"Jack said you're a pretty good fuck. I'm Don. This here's Joe."

Don was thin, blond with a dark beard framing his Germanic face. Joe was stockier, thickly built, packed with muscles, his dark-brown eyes sparkling with vitality. He was holding straps of leather in one hand, tapping them against his thigh.

"What... what do you want?"

The words were ridiculous. Cindy knew what they wanted and that thought terrified her. She drew her legs protectively under her ass, her eyes shifting from one to the other, wondering what they had in store for her.

"I ain't had me a woman in more 'n five days," Don said, rubbing his lips. "Joe and Jack, they get all the cunts that come through here."

Cindy raised her eyebrows. All who come through here? What was going on? Headlines raced through her confused brain. She remembered hearing her mother talking about girls being kidnapped, who were later found beaten and raped. The girls used to talk about their ordeal, mumbling something about several rapists. Of course the outraged families didn't press the matter. And, considering how many rapes and murders were going on in Los Angeles at the time, the news quickly became old and forgotten. But now it reared its head and Cindy could hear those conversations of her mother, could see the headlines screaming out about the fate of those unfortunate girls. Cindy was going to become one of them. She knew it the moment she saw those cocks pressing against the tight-fitting faded jeans on those men.

Don kicked the door shut, then started fumbling with his pants. Joe did the same, working the jeans down over his thick-muscled thighs. In a moment they stood near her, their cocks hard, rigid, ready to plow into her soft warm pussy.

Cindy gasped as Joe came at her, one hand stretched in front of him. She stared at their dicks -- both narrower than Jack's but as long and hard. And they were all tightly muscled. Her blood began to surge strangely through her body. More torture, more humiliation. She scooted back along the wall, feeling her ass pressing against the corner.

"Come on, baby. From what I hear, she ain't the shy type."

It was Joe who grabbed her by the arm and hauled her out.

Cindy cried out, her right arm nearly jerking out of the shoulder socket. Her tits slapped together while her knees slid painfully over the splintered floor. Scrambling forward to keep her balance, Cindy managed to make it to her feet, dropping her torn clothing to the floor.

Joe smiled. "She might really dig leather, you know? Lots of broads do after they get a taste of it. Jack says you're gettin' a good hot taste of it later."

What did Joe mean? What did those terrible words whispered in her ear mean? He was behind her now, cinching her tits with leather straps. He pulled tight so her shoulders were drawn back. Her tits rose like boulders, solid and smooth and white. The nipples were already distended.

Cindy groaned, trembling at this unreal terror. As he lashed her belly next, opening her legs and bringing the leather between them, Cindy felt her cuntal muscles contract.

"She likes leather, Joe," Don said, standing in front of her.

Don squeezed and pinched her tits, rolling her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers and smiling with satisfaction as her face became a mask of twisted pain.

"You dig it, baby? You like this, bein' strapped down, tied up? Lots of cunts dig it," Joe said, his lips becoming flecked with spit as his excitement grew. He hunched forward, rubbing his cock into her sweaty narrow asscrack.

Fucked in the ass! No, no, she couldn't take it there. His dick would tear her bowel lining, kill her! Cindy panicked, wiggling her ass away.

But Joe was stronger. He pulled back on the leather reins, hauling her back against his body.

"Tie her tightly, Joe."

Both men were on her. Don kept pinching and squeezing her nipples, at times dropping his hand and trying to guide his dick into her hot, dripping cunt hole.

Cindy felt the fumbled attempts, felt his dickhead rubbing hotly against her cunt.

Don was too excited, too worked up to guide his dick skillfully into the girl's snatch. Instead he kept rubbing the head against her clit, pinching her nipples until Cindy squealed with pain and pleasure.

"Don't! Oh don't!" she panted, throwing her head back.

She looked up at the ceiling, her eyes glazed over with tears as both men fondled her body. She was a victim, an innocent torture victim, snatched from the protection of home and society so quickly and thrown into these perverted cums.

Her belly and cunt were a riot of conflicting sensations. Revulsion and lust, terror and desire washed through her, wave after wave, confusing her more and more. Her sexual heat rose, the inferno in her pussy intensified.

Joe was squatting down behind her, pressing his knees against the backs of her legs and spreading open her asscheeks. He was molding the firm, heavy flesh of her ass. His cock was oozing precum.

Cindy felt the slickness rubbing over her asshole, her asscrack. No, no, he couldn't fuck her there! Her feet danced on the floor, her asscheeks jiggled while Joe eased up to her.

For one mad moment Cindy thought about having both of their cocks worming their way through her body pounding in and out. It would be like having two Jacks fucking her at once. The blonde teen knew what one had done to her, had made her pussy feel like! Imagine having two clicks hammering her body, having two sets of balls pumping their heavy loads of jizz into her.


How could she be thinking thoughts like that? They were horrible, awful ideas, put in there by some dark evil force.

Don pressed his dick against her belly, grabbing her head with both hands and kissing her hard. He was rubbing and scraping his teeth against hers while still trying to stick his dick into her cunt. Suddenly he cried out, his belly slapping hard against hers. Something very hot was streaking across her belly.

"Waawwwwhhhh fuck!" Don screamed.

He was cumming, spattering his cum on her belly and tits. She whipped her hips against his against her will, feeling the leather sawing back and forth, working into her cunt. The leather cut into her pussy, sawing closer to her clit with each jerk of her hips.

She knew what she was doing. There was nothing in the world that could tell her otherwise. She felt that her clit swelling. She moaned, hardly able to breathe as Don clung to her thighs.

Joe was working his dick into her butt, rubbing the head of his cock against the tightly puckered flesh of her asshole. Even in her high state of arousal, Cindy couldn't let him touch her there, couldn't let him stick his dick into her ass.

"Come on, baby, loosen up, loosen up for me," Joe whispered, flicking his tongue in one ear.

Her tits rose and fell. The nipples strained against Don's grabbing fingers. His cock against her belly kept pumping out more and more jizz, sucking down her already wet flesh. The perverseness of his act began to kindle her own bizarre cravings. She wanted everyone in the room inside her, even Jack.

Cindy closed her legs and flexed her thighs, rubbing her clit against the leather. She whipped her hips, and the juice-slickened leather gouged and scraped her clit.

Joe was muttering something behind her. And then he popped, shooting his cum all over her asshole without having managed to worm his dickhead inside.

"Fuckin' bitch!" he muttered, digging his fingertips brutally into her assflesh, spraying out his load, jerking against her body.

Cindy felt dizzy, having been thrown from one man to the other. She felt like some kind of ping-pong ball that had been beaten from one side to the other. She was being drowned in hot creamy jizz. They were trying to fuck her silly. And they were bungling it! Only Jack seemed to know what he was doing.

After the final throbs of their orgasm passed, Don and Joe backed away, letting the leather left to the floor. Cindy managed to stay standing, her hands fluttering over her body, wondering how she could clean herself up.

"Go on, wipe up," Don said, kicking the pile of her torn clothes at her.

Cindy bent down carefully, picking up her blouse and wrapping the material around her right hand. She dabbed her body dry. When she dropped the other hand, cupping it over her cuntal mound, she realized her fingers were wet with juice. She was still hot, not having cum during the last terrible episode.

"My God, what am I becoming," the girl whispered to herself, throwing the dirty torn blouse away.

Cindy felt she was growing up fast, understanding the mysteries of her body and that of a man's in a very short period of time.

"Having fun?"

Jack's voice boomed through the room, sending a shiver tip Cindy's spine.

"Hey, man, we... were just foolin' around," Joe said, shuffling his feet nervously.

Cindy saw the sudden change in Joe's and Don's attitudes. There wasn't that bravado, that cockiness of before. There was no doubt in her mind who was the boss around here. And that knowledge terrified her.

"Come on, let's get er out into the front room," Jack muttered, kicking the discarded leather straps to one side.

Don jerked his head to the doorway. Never before had Cindy felt so vulnerable, so naked. She covered her tits and cunt as best she could and shuffled from her tiny cell.

As she walked down the dingy corridor, Cindy thought she could hear sobbing behind several other doors. They were locked, she was sure. How many other girls were here, tied down, kept here for, God only knows, what?

"Okay, in here," Jack said, entering the living room.

When Cindy walked in, her eyes widened. The room was like a photographer's studio... two light reflectors stood opposite one another near a torn sofa. Don went on ahead, adjusting one of three light stands, the casings all pointing toward the middle of the room. On a small stand to the right was an old tape-recorder. A fresh reel had obviously just been put on. The motor hummed, ready to go.

"Wh-what's going on here?" Cindy asked, her heart skipping beats.

"What do you think? You're gonna be a star," Jack said, fingering her long blonde hair.

Cindy felt her flesh crawl. Instinctively she knew what they were going to do to her. She was going to be a star, all right -- a star for some porno pictures, forced to commit indecent acts for their pleasure and profit! It made her sick.

"Get on the couch... on your hands and knees," Jack ordered, the lump in his pants growing long and thick once more.

Reluctantly Cindy did as she was told, still trying to hide her tits from their prying eyes. Her hands and knees pressed into the filthy torn cushions of the sofa, puffs of dust rising from the material and burning into her eyes. Cindy sneezed, turning her head away. There was a foul stale smell coming from the couch, smelling as if someone had used it as a urinal at one time.

"Ready? Got the camera ready? The tapes?"

Don and Joe moved around the couch. Don adjusted the lens and checked the angle while Joe stood behind the tape recorder, his eyes glowing with excitement.

"Lots of dudes are into S&M nowadays, know that?" Jack said, sitting next to Cindy.

Cindy felt awful kneeling in this obscene position. Behind her, she could hear the camera clicking. They were taking pictures of her ass, of the few tufts of blonde cunthairs that curled up just behind her perineum and pointed at her asshole. The weight of her tits pulled sexily at her upper chest, the nipples brushing against the worn material of the filthy cushions below.

"They jerk off over pictures like these... some blonde chick being beat up or something," Jack muttered.

He was reaching down to a large leather pouch that hung on his belt. Snapping it open, he pulled out a switchblade. Jack examined it, whistling.

Cindy knelt there, her eyes focused on the knife, her breath coming in short pants. She had heard of movies where people had been really killed for effect... where young girls had been murdered for people who enjoyed watching that sort of thing.

Cindy dug her fingernails into the couch cushions, trying to muster all the courage she could. Please, God, please, don't let this happen to me!

Jack pressed a small black button and the six-inch blade snapped out, the cracking sound chilling Cindy's blood.

"Hit the tape."

Cindy heard the clicking of a button and knew she was now being recorded. She could only imagine just how lucrative this field was. How many other girls had been put through this? Once more Cindy thought of the headlines telling of young women found beaten and dumped in canyons near Los Angeles. She shivered with revulsion, knowing she would be one of those victims now.


Jack was running the point of the knife along the sole of Cindy's right foot. She gasped, her toes curling protectively. If she wouldn't have been so frightened it would have tickled.

Jack held the black wood handle in the easy, accustomed grip of two fingers and his thumb. It was apparent he had been through this before. Glancing to the right to make sure Don had the camera on him, he moved the knife in a broad angle, slicing a thin line across Cindy's right buttock.

Cindy screamed, throwing herself violently against the back of the couch. She started to get up. But Jack was ready for her, grabbing her by the back of the neck and forcing her back down. Whimpering, her face flushed and wrinkled with worry, Cindy tried to inch away from the sharp pain.

"Oh no, no, please!" she whispered, her shoulders shaking with terror.

Behind her, the tape-recorder picked up her uneven breathing, her pants of fear, her pleas for mercy. This was going to be a good tape, a good filming session for Jack and his cronies.

"Oh, please put that knife away!"

Jack licked his lips. The cut had made a small flesh wound. He loved watching Cindy shaking with terror, enjoyed seeing her flesh crawl, her nipples grow long and turgid. Fear and pain and pleasure-related somehow in the same way as love and hate. When pushed to the ultimate, the body goes haywire and what would be thought of as agony suddenly becomes delight. Jack had seen it happen time and time again, and, he was still fascinated by it.

"Wh-what are you going to do to me?"

She heard no answer. The silence was more maddening, more horrifying than the mast terrible answer she could have imagined. She didn't dare look back at Jack. She tried closing her eyes, blocking out the scene going on behind her. But that was impossible. She could hear the men breathing heavily, hear the whirring of the tape recorder as Jack inched closer behind her.

Cindy held the side of her face against one of the pillows. Jack licked his lips as he studied the firm, round white swell of her buttocks. The quivering in her ass muscles made the smooth globes move tightening, relaxing, then tightening again.

Jack breathed a little harder. His deep, uneven breaths seemed to fill the room.

"Get that ass up higher, bitch," he barked, slapping her ass hard with one hand.

Her asscheeks jiggled, flashing hot under that attack. Cindy cried out, biting the pillow, edging her knees up under her tits and angling her ass up when all she wanted to do was sink out of sight, to disappear, to die rather than listen to him.

Slowly, reluctantly, Cindy brought her knees up farther, raising her buttocks in the air. The wet, sticky line of her pussy crack was exposed.

Cindy heard another click of the camera.


"Now, baby, now you're gonna get it."

Jack's voice was trembling, growing deep with each passing second. Was it for the benefit of that tape turning around and around behind them or was he getting into this, getting off on tormenting her? Cindy guessed it was a little of both.

"Oh." Her eyes widened, her jaw slackened as she felt the tip of the switchblade slide across one asscheek.

Cindy trembled. The arc it followed went from the outside, then moved up toward her waist. He trailed it back and forth there before bringing it down to the curve where her ass met her thigh. The pressure increased as the sharp point slid closer and closer to her pussy.

Mentally Cindy tried to picture what was happening, how the knife was moving along her body, touching her flesh. She curled her fingers, digging them into the couch cushions, tearing at the material as she tried to prepare herself for the ordeal ahead. She wanted to weep, to wail and beat her fists against the couch, to become hysteric. But she knew that the slightest move would put the knife blade through her skin.

Cindy's pussy opened in an uncontrollable spasm as the knife traced along the outer line of her labes. She felt the steel edge pushing aside the blonde cuntal curls, teasing her sensitive flesh. The soft, moist vulnerability of the area terrified her. Was he going to cut out her pussy? Cindy felt a trickle of juice ooze from her slit. It was so confusing! What had happened back there in that room with her and the others was still stoking her pussy hot. She thought of the two men, thought of what they had done to her and had wanted to do to her -- she shivered.


She lurched forward. A sharp chill froze the center of her pussy. The flat of the blade was pressing against her wet slit, rocking back and forth from her clit down to the bottom junction of her cuntlips. Cindy's pussy clamped down hard on the offending knife, her labes cutting themselves on the razor-sharp edge of the blade.

"Yeah, that's it, bitch, come on, move that ass," Jack said, slapping, her ass again for emphasis.

Cindy whined, her head snapping back, the muscles in her arms and legs tensing, pushing against her flesh as the cold blade slid up and down.

Jack wasn't doing anything to her cunt. He wasn't going to cut her up, slice up her pussy. She was doing the damage herself! Her cunt spasmed against the rocking knife! She felt the muscles of her cunt convulsing, forcing the fleshy labes shut, forcing them to cut themselves on the big switchblade.


Her back arched, that position presenting her open cunt eagerly to Jack's stare.

"Yeah, come on, you Goddamned slut. You protect that pussy like it was gold. But, man, when you get hot, you can't wait 'til somethin' comes in to take care of that itch, huh?"

"No, no, it's not true!"

His awful words bit her pride, making her feel lower than the most vile insect on earth. Slowly she became aware of the juice stinging and burning the tiny slits on the edges of her pussy labes. The juice dribbled across the tiny wounds, making her lust increase to a frenzied level. She was feeling lust, desire, an incredible sensation of sexual arousal and all due to this torture, to this degrading humiliation!

Cindy shook her head. What was happening to her was so confusing.

Cindy fought with herself. It just wasn't right! Nothing that was happening to her was right. But she didn't have to flow along with this perverted current, didn't have to encourage these men to do more to her. She could maintain her dignity, her pride, her sense of control. She didn't have to be wagging her ass like she was doing now, feeling the juices flowing from her cunt and wetting down her shivering thighs.

But that was what was happening! Cindy was finding out her body was doing things, strange things over which she had little control.


Cindy's pulse raced. She opened her eyes, looked over her left shoulder and saw Jack hovering over her. He had pulled open his Levi's and was stroking that long, thick cock of his. She remembered it, remembered how it plowed through her cunt, ripped her cherry to pieces, filled her body with such a hot fullness she had nearly passed out with that forbidden joy. And now, now he was going to fuck her again, fuck her with a difference. There was real pain involved now, real danger with that switchblade still playing over her pussy.


Cindy felt the tip of the dagger playing around the folds of her clit. The searing sensation was inseparable from the thrill of the direct clit-touch. The thought of that sharp, cold blade playing with her cunt drove her wild. Cindy wanted to draw her knees together, to rub her thighs together, bring her off. But instead she kept her thighs spread widely apart, bobbing her ass up and down while Jack played with her clit.

"Ummmm! Ahhhhhhh!"

Cindy's cuntlips were on fire. The constant rush of pussy juice across the wounds was like salt rubbed into cuts. Her head was throbbing, whirling around from confusion. She kept thinking about him shoving the knife into her, killing her.

Cindy felt a rising warmth on her cheeks, her tits, even on her belly. The fiery stinging sensation in her cuntlips and the fear of Jack's knife wound her excitement higher. Cindy hated herself as she thought of his next action. She felt like a whore for having enjoyed fucking with this man and his friends. And all the while they were planning to make a profit from this, showing her pictures all over the smut shops in L.A. and probably throughout the country.

"Yeah, baby, come on, make love to the knife, fuck it, fuck it the way you fucked my dick, the way you wanted the others to fuck your cunt. Shit, you ain't nothin' but a Goddamned fuckin' nympho!"

"No, no, that's not true!"

Tears gathered under her closed lids, oozing out and rolling over her cheeks. No, no, she wasn't all those things. She was a good girl, her mother's little girl. These awful men had confused her, disoriented her with their violence, with their fear inducing conduct. Once she was outside, free of their influence, she would be the same moral young woman she had always been.

"Sure it is, baby, sure it is. Shit, the way your cuntlips are swellin' up, hell, it's like I been fuckin' you for an hour."

To prove his point, Jack stuck in his right forefinger up to the second joint, wiggling it around, scraping the slick insides of her cuntal mouth with the callused tip.

Cindy cried out, her head snapping back while her belly sagged down. The cords stood out in her neck while her thighs shivered with delight. Yes, she was hot, hot enough to fry that finger in her own juices!

"Yeah, good hot little cunt," Jack muttered, scraping his jagged fingernail over the hot, slippery cuntal tissues before pulling it out with a pop.


Jack moved back to the knife, dragging the tip of the blade back, back, stinging a groove down to the edge of Cindy's cunt mouth.

Don moved the camera in, taking several shots of the knife point touching her labes, moving back, then sliding up to her clit. Buzzing, spinning flashes from her pussy slackened off a bit when Jack moved the switchblade over to the rounded curves of her buttocks.


Cindy actually shoved her ass back at Jack. The tip of the knife slipped around the rim of her cunt, then glided past the puckered gray/pink ring of her asshole. He was playing her expertly, touching all the right buttons, turning the young woman into a willing victim. Never before had she done this kind of thing. And, yet, after only a few terrible sessions with these maniacs, Cindy was turning into a pro!


Jack was concentrating on her asshole now. With a sudden flash of modesty Cindy wanted to hide her aroused cunt from the men, and especially from the lens of that camera. She shot a quick look over her shoulders at the men. Jack was still stroking his long, red prick, oblivious to her cunthole.

"Nice, bitch, nice hot young bitch," Jack said, greasing down his cock with his pre-cum.

Cindy was shaming herself. Her body was hungry for his hot, thickly veined cock. She wanted to have Jack jam his prick into her sucking, hungry hole. The tender tissues were still raw from the brutal fucking he had given, her earlier that night, but she still wanted to be touched by dickmeat, stretched by his cunt-splitter. It was so confusing, contradictory to everything she had been brought up to believe! But there it was nonetheless. Cindy couldn't deny the feelings racing through her mind and body.

"Fuck it out, bitch, fuck it out!"

Jack now poked the rim of her asshole with his knife blade. He wasn't cutting her, not disfiguring her. But the possibility of that excited Cindy, excited her terribly! The pinprick stabs forced the ring of her shitter inward, nearly breaking the tender flesh. For an instant Cindy let herself imagine the knife was the probing of Jack's dick in her ass.


Jack was panting now, actually panting as if he had been fucking her for hours! Jack gripped his dick, his fist moving on his slippery prick faster and faster. He poked the tip of the blade into the puffy furred outer edges of her cuntlips, then slid it back around her buttocks to her convulsing shitter. The tape recorded all her cries, her whimpers, his muffled curses about how much a slut she was.


Cindy rolled her hips from side to side, arching and shoving back her asscheeks. The cuts on her pussylips burned. Her entire cuntal area blazed with heat and stung pain, mingling somehow in some mysterious way to create the most wild sense of sexual pleasure the young girl had ever felt!

"Bitch! Goddamned little pig! You dig this, dig lettin' me fuck you with this knife! Shit, you can't get enough of this damned blade!" Jack barked.

"No, no, it's... a lie!" she panted, her breathing becoming as shallow, as raspy as his.

Cindy's flesh sang with delight, sweat trickling into the cuts, making them burn and itch. She felt the oily, slippery sweat rolling down her thighs, mixing with her cuntjuice. Her body was shining with perspiration, tiny rivers of it running down from her armpits, leaving shiny, snakelike traces on the sides of her tits.

"Man, can't take this no more," Jack muttered, putting the knife to one side and inching up behind her.

Cindy knew he was going to fuck her, fuck her doggie style. She didn't care at this point. His terrible words, his curses, the way he'd treated her with that knife, had turned her world upside down. All that was left for her to do was let him have his way. Perhaps later, when everything died down, she'd think of a way to escape him, get away from this awful man. But now there was only submission!


Cindy felt the stabs of his cockhead against her cuntlips. The conical head of his dick dithered between her labes.

"It ain't gonna be the same as when I popped your cherry," Jack grunted, wrapping the fingers of one hand around his cock and guiding it in. "No, it's gonna be better. Ain't nothin' holdin' you back now, baby. It's you and me, bitch, you and me."

The salty drop of pre-cum on the head of his cock set the girl's clit on fire. It seemed to burn her like acid. She rolled her hips forward, feeling, the jiggling of her plump firm asscheeks.

Cindy hunched, groaning and gasping. His cockhead finally lodged itself in her cunthole, working around the puffy labes as if reaming out her snatch.


"Fuck, you feel good and hot and wet inside," Jack muttered, both hands on her hips now.

Was that for her or for the tape? She didn't know, didn't care. Right now all the blonde teenager knew was that his dick would tear her cuntflesh.

Cindy bore down to ease the fucking. Her inner cuntwalls spasmed, almost hurting even more than when Jack had broken her cherry.

Jack leaned forward now, putting his hands higher on Cindy's hips.

"Yeah, fuckin' A, yeah..." he sighed, pressing his fingertips into her flesh.

"Oh don't, don't..."

His long thick cock glided into her furry cunt, juice bubbling out around the edges and seeping down her thighs. Inch after hot, pulsing inch disappeared into her hot hole. The fat ridge that ran down the length of Jack's prick throbbed hot and heavy now, filling up inside with his cum, getting ready to shoot at the right moment into her sucking hole.

Once his cock was halfway into her dripping cunthole, Jack let go of her hips and shifted his grip to her tits. His fingers dug into her firm tits and kneaded them. The girl felt an aching lust explode in them, telegraphing even more desire down into her violated pussy.

How she hated Jack, hated him for what he was doing to her. She hated him yet needed him, feeling his cock sliding deeper into her pussy. But even more she hated herself. The doggie position made her feel more degraded than ever. The worst part of the act was that her body was responding so willingly, so hotly. She was actually enjoying the pain and insult of this fuck.


He was on her like an animal, like a dog in heat. He could kill her at any point. And yet she was encouraging him, offering him her ass, her cunt, growling with unbridled lust.

"No, no, no!" she screamed, tossing her head from side to side.

Cindy felt her long blonde hair whipping over her whitened knuckles as he kept fucking her. She found herself bunching back against him harder. The whole length of his cock was in her cunt channel now, stretching up into her belly. She felt his dickhead move around, revolving, stirring up things inside her pussy.

"No, no!" she whimpered, trying to stop the awful chain of thoughts building inside her mind. She tried to clench her cunt muscles tight enough to stop his driving fuck.

"Man, she wants more. Man, she wants to feel all of it!" Jack groaned.

Jack knew she was enjoying this more than protesting against it. He twisted her nipples viciously, leaning forward and biting the back of her neck.

Cindy cried out at the pain of those teeth nearly breaking her flesh. She sobbed, the bruising fingers on her nipples making every ounce of her tits ache. She wished for one mad second that he would tear the aroused nubs off her tits. That would stop the fierce heat sensations they were sending to her cunt.


Jack bit down harder. His teeth clamping on her neck made Cindy throw her head back, made her cry out, growl with pain and excitement. She raised herself up, continuing the constant swiveling of her ass. She needed to feel that wonderful release now.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck!"

Jack's belly slapped loudly against Cindy's ass. She felt the wiry hairs of his cockbush against her asshole. Every scratchy curl seemed to find some little clit, some inch of aroused flesh to stimulate. The itching, burning sensation in and around her cunt and ass drove her half mad. Cindy shoved back against the man's pounding cock like a wild woman, her ass swiveling, trying to increase the already crazy friction in her cunt.


The room echoed with the slapping, wet sounds of their fucking. Like animals in heat, beasts locking together for momentary satisfaction of perverted pleasure. The combination of the stretching in her cunt tube and the gouging pain around her nipples tormented her mind. All she wanted was to have those feelings increase until the spinning knot of tension between her legs swept over her.


Jack cursed and slavered. Cindy clawed at the pillow, driving her shoulders downward.

"Ohhhhhhh God!"

She was close, shamelessly close. Yes, yes, all these awful manipulations were driving her up the wall, driving her over the edge once more into climax!


For one moment Cindy thought of some of the boys at school. How would they look at her if they knew she were behaving like this, growling and howling at the dick reaming her out, disgracing her? She had had the reputation of being a little Miss Goody-Two-Shoes. Well, she would have something to tell them now, something that would make their hairs stand up on end!


It was almost like a battle, a struggle on the narrow squeaking couch. The wooden frame under them groaned, threatening to crack and give way under their weight.

"Fuck it out, bitch, fuck..."

Jack's voice was cut off. He was letting out strange strangled cries.

Cindy knew he was on the brink, about ready to fire his load in her cunt. It would be just like the last time when he filled her pussy with his man cream, when she flexed her cunt muscles, milking the sides of his cumming dick.

How good it felt, how wonderful it was sensing the wads of jizz spattering against her cuntal walls! There could be nothing in the world to describe that sensation! Even under these circumstances that moment of insanity, that instant when both of them toppled over the edge of reason and flew into the crazy world of orgasm was wonderful. It almost made this terrible ordeal worthwhile.

Cindy was growling like a bitch... a low, harsh sound that tore at her vocal cords. The whirling knot of lust in her crotch was about to explode. She hated the excitement, the cock and hands that caused it, and the man who rode her with vicious fuck thrusts. Each one was making her body shake, making her tits shiver and rock while her nipples still were twisted and torn.

"Now, bitch!"

Cindy tried to hold off. The hot furnace blast of heat between her thighs grew and grew. She could hear the squishing sounds of his dick slurping through her cunt, hear the sounds of her wet pussy flesh rubbing continually against his dick.

She was close, as close as he was! As much as she hated him, as much as she wanted to tear off his face, Cindy needed Jack now. She needed him to take care of that awful pulsing itch threatening to blast through her pussy with atomic force!


It was her voice, her voice joining his, warning him she was about to pop! The camera clicked, the tape-recorder hummed.

And, yet, all the girl could think of at this moment was that razor-sharp edge of arousal she was teetering on now. The tension had built up in her pussy until her cunt was clamping tightly around his cock. Cindy gritted her teeth. She had no energy for growling or gasping now. All her will was focused in her cunt, pinpointing around the pistoning rock of Jack's dickmeat!

Her climax was just a fraction of a second away from bursting, from ripping through her muscles, Cindy knew Jack's dick was ready to go off now. All she had to do was wait for the spurt and then his cock would be hard and throbbing. She wondered if she could snap his prick with her cunt muscles. Her cunt certainly seemed strong enough for that feat.


Cindy felt his dick thickening. The pounding bet of his cock thrusts slowed for just an instant. Then suddenly they resumed, more furious than ever.

Jack was growling like a mad dog, his body shivering, shaking, becoming more violent than it had when he fucked her before. Savaging her in this way was an obvious turn-on. The still photos couldn't possibly capture the rage, the lust he was throwing into this sexual mania.

With a furious jab his cockhead banged in. Cindy felt the blunt point stab in. She held on, clawing the dirty couch cushion.


Jack slammed his belly against her ass, his fingers leaving long red marks on her thighs and butt. A lava-like blast of jizz fire hosed against her cuntal membranes.

Cindy felt the huge gush of hot spunk splash, burning into her convulsing pussy walls. She gasped, blowing out the long breath she had held. Her pussy walls crashed in, holding tightly onto his exploding dick.

The tape was picking this up, all of it. Later she would hear herself, hear her own excited pants, her gasps, the unmistakable sounds of her delight in being raped this way.

"Fuck it! Fuck it!"

Jack was finishing up his cum. Men did it so fast! But Cindy was right in the middle of her climax, growling and snapping and panting like a dog. Her hips swerved uncontrollably. Cindy heard herself screaming. Jack bent down once more and bit her neck again. Another blast of cum shot up her snatch.

The terrifying impact of her climax ripped outward from her cunt. It was so overwhelming, so overpowering! It was far greater, more intense than the last one.

The flesh around her pussy and asshole was on fire. After each shivering throb of her cuntal walls, the ripples left her feeling empty until the next internal blast. Cindy sobbed, feeling his spurting, jabbing dickshaft. Her body had betrayed her. It was milking more and more cum from the big man's swinging balls.

God, God, she wanted more, more, so much more!


Jack pulled away after the last few shots, wiping the head of his bloated dick over her scarred ass.

Cindy fell forward, her arms collapsing under her head. Every inch of her body ached from the tension and beating she had received. "Got it all?"

Jack was steadying himself, sucking in lungfuls of air. Cindy covered her face with both hands, feeling her cunt still quivering, trembling, the walls rubbing together against the slick coating of jizz.

"Yeah. It oughtta go well in Texas. Man, them freaks out there in Dallas go nuts when they see broads like this," Don said, checking the camera.

Joe snapped off the tape-recorder.

"That little baby brings us in a lot," Jack said to Cindy, hitching up his pants and zipper.

"Now... now will you let me go?" Cindy asked, feeling as if her world had turned upside down.

"You haven't even begun here yet, baby. Hey, what's your name anyway?" Jack asked, tucking in his shirt after having slipped off the couch.

"Cindy," the girl whispered, wiping a stray tear from her cheek with her knuckles.

"Nice... nice. Think we'll use it for these shots. Sounds kinda innocent... they'll dig it, really like it."

"What's that?" Cindy gasped, her scalp crinkling with terror as she heard an unearthly scream echo through the house. She drew herself up from the couch, folding one leg over the other, feeling more cum oozing from her fuckhole. There was another scream, then another. She noticed that Don was missing.

"Damn, he's probably watching that damned movie again. Hey, come on, you'll probably like this," Jack said.

The big stud hitched one arm under her and pulled the protesting girl off the sofa.

Cindy steadied herself, feeling the warm trickle of cuntjuice and cum oozing down her thighs. She had become accustomed now to exposing herself in front of these men. Modesty was something of the past, something that had been erased by Jack, by that leather fuck a few moments ago, by that knife, and finally by the gang leader's fat dick reaming out her hole. No, there was no modesty left in her mind. There was only a will to survive to best these men, to come out on top.

Steadying herself mentally, Cindy followed them out of the living room, past all those suspiciously locked doors to a larger room at the end of the hall. As they entered it, Cindy guessed it must have served as a dining room in happier times. Now, it was empty except for several wooden folding chairs, a table and a projector whirring away at the back.

Cindy narrowed her eyes, seeing two big men and a slim dark-haired girl on the makeshift bed sheet screen before her. Her hair was cut short -- straight and black -- and combed over her forehead in bangs. As the image came into focus, Cindy saw the girl as Asian-Japanese or Chinese. Her tits were small -- full and purple-tipped. Her belly was flat, her ribs somewhat visible. Her hips flared and her stomach tapered to the close cropped black V of her pussy.

She wore a dazed smile that became more unfocused as the two men took her. One man bent down, squeezing her jaw hard so her mouth stayed open. He forced her to her knees, swearing violently at her. Then, opening his pants, be pulled out a seven-inch dick and shoved it into her mouth, bouncing on the balls of his feet. The other man stretched out on the floor, his cock extended.

On closer examination, Cindy saw the two men were Don and Joe, obviously enjoying their part in this epic. As the young girl sucked, she was led back to where the other man lay. And while Don raised her hips to move her cunt over his dick, she kept on sucking, not missing a beat.

"Drugged," Cindy whispered, watching this horror.

"Sure," Jack said, chuckling. "First I thought you might need some... help. But hell, you're a natural for this kinda shit."

Cindy held her hands to her face, feeling her cheeks flush hot as the young girl in the movie became more and more involved in the two men. She was bouncing up and down like a puppet, her cunt splitting open. Then jizz began to spurt from Joe's dickhead, spattering her lips, spraying all over her face as he pulled out his dick to show the audience he was really cumming. The girl weakly raised one hand to protect herself from the hot spray. But he knocked her hand away, purposely shooting his jizz into her eyes, nose, mouth, down her throat, onto her tits.

Don kept pumping his cock into her cunt after Joe had finished. Joe staggered around for a few seconds, then came back, belt in hand. He raised the leather, dangling it in front of the girl. Though drugged, the young teen knew what was going to happen next. Even though the film was silent, Cindy swore she could hear the girl screaming as the leather cut through the air, finally biting into the girl's right cheek. Don reached up just in time to hold her into position, keeping her fastened to his crotch, his cock buried up to the hilt. Just then the film broke.

"Damn!" Don muttered.

"Got you worked up, huh? Don't worry," Jack said, flicking on the lights. "You'll get your chance with her just like you get your chance with all the others."

Cindy felt sick to her stomach. These men were smut movie producers as well, using these girls for their own pleasure as well. No wonder some of the girls they found on the roadsides were half-dazed. After they'd been through the mill, they were suffering from shell shock.

"And you'd be surprised who our customers are," Jack said, leading the girl out. "Good straight types, you know, San Fernando Valley guys... with the wife and kiddies and all that shit. Man, they eat this kinda shit up. Don't know how they hide it from the family, but that ain't our business."

"No, oh God, no," Cindy said, clapping her hands over her ears. She didn't want to hear about their sick little operation. All she wanted to do was go home.

"There's nothin' you can do about it, so just relax and enjoy it. We got somethin' else goin' in a while. Take 'er back and let or calm down... and don't fuck with her, Joe."

Rhoda was frantic. It was the following morning and still no Cindy. Brad had spent the evening and left early, reassuring her, even suggesting that Cindy might have run away.

No, no she wouldn't, Rhoda said to herself, calling the authorities again and again until she finally badgered them into agreeing to launching some sort of search for her.

That afternoon dragged by slowly. Rhoda called in sick, sitting by the phone, waiting for the police to call. It was nearly eight that evening before it rang.

"Yes? Have you found..."

"You got a nice, hot cunt. I want to fuck it, take my dick and stick it all the way in 'til you scream."

Rhoda jumped to her feet, one hand to her throat. Her daughter was missing, possibly dead, and here she was listening to an obscene phone call!

"Stop it, whoever you are! Listen to me, I'm in no mood for this. Just stop it!"

Her hands were shaking, her body shuddering as the whispering voice continued, telling her how good her pussy was, and how he was going to fuck her so hard she wouldn't be able to walk for a week.

"And then I'm going to eat out your asshole, stick my tongue up that tight little bung and..."


Rhoda wheeled around, slamming the receiver down hard on the cradle. She backed away, hugging her body tightly with both arms. It rang again. The woman started for the phone, stopped, then started again.


"Then I'm gonna bite those tits... bite 'em, suck 'em in my mouth 'til..."

Rhoda slammed the receiver down again, running her fingers through her hair, looking around the room in despair. Her daughter was being searched for by the police. She couldn't keep the phone off the hook. They might call.

It rang again. The blonde woman turned away, bending half over, sobbing. It was some time after the telephone stopped ringing that Rhoda heard knocking at the door.

"It's me, Brad. I just wanted to check on things here," he said, entering the hallway.

Rhoda felt relieved. She was about to tell him of the phone calls, then decided against it. If it rang, then she'd have Brad pick it up.

"Yes, oh nothing's come in. They haven't called. I think I'll go crazy if I don't hear something from them soon," Rhoda wailed, sitting on the edge of the couch and putting her head in her hands.

"Don't get upset. The cops are good at this sort of thing, missing kids. I'll bet Cindy's having a good time right now. She's going to walk right through that door in a while and..."

Rhoda wasn't listening to him any more. Something clicked in her mind, something that had clicked before but hadn't fully aroused her suspicions. It was Brad's tone of voice, the phrasing, the cadence. In a shock of realization, Rhoda knew that the obscene caller was Brad!

She looked at him, her eyes wide, uncomprehending. Why had he done it? Why had he humiliated her like that, calling her all those awful names? Certainly he had done almost the same thing in bed last night. Why did he have to have the extra thrill of saying dirty things over the phone?

Brad stopped, his eyes narrowing. He folded his hands over his knees and nodded his head slowly up and down.

"You know, don't you?"

Rhoda felt thrills of fear and excitement rush up and down her spine. The woman wiggled her ass back, drawing her knees together and smoothing down the light cotton dress over her legs. Rhoda wanted to order him out of her house. But he was her boss, had tried to help her. Besides, was making a dirty call all that terrible?

"I like doing it, like standing there in the booth or laying there at home calling you, telling you what I'm going to do... and then doing it."

Rhoda felt her heart skip a beat. He couldn't be serious. Not with all the things on her mind.

"There's nothing you can do to bring Cindy back. She'll come around. But right now, there's nothing wrong with..."

"No, no, get out of here! I won't have it, not with my daughter missing, not with..."

She stopped short. Brad's face was red, his eyes wide with anger.

"Na one turns me down. No one."

The words were spoken quietly, but with a force behind them that made Rhoda shiver. He stepped up to her, grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her from the chair.

"You're in my blood, Rhoda. And I'm gonna fuck you tonight whether you like it or not."


Instinctively she wheeled around, twisting in his grip, slapping him hard across the face. Nothing deterred him.

"You like action, bin? Want to fight? Okay, you got it."

He was changing again. He was turning into a maniac as he pulled her through the living room into the kitchen.


Rhoda tried hooking her ankles around tables, bending over at the waist and pulling back. But it was hopeless. Brad was too strong, too determined to have his way. Screaming, Rhoda found herself being dragged down the creaky wooden stairs that led to the small basement.

"Now, we have our fun."

He was holding her against the cold cement block wall with one hand pressed against her chest. With the other hand, he curled his fingers around the bodice of her dress. He tore at her, ripping her clothes from her body, peeling her bra and panties off until she was stark naked! Rhoda screamed again, silenced by a sharp backhanded slap across the right cheek. Her head snapped to one side as the world darkened before her eyes.


Rhoda was half-dazed while Brad moved her around. First the big stud carried her to where a wooden ladder lay propped against the stairs. Finding several pieces of half-inch line, Brad examined them carefully, seeing if they would do.

"And when I'm through with you, you won't be able to piss for a week," he repeated, dragging a large wooden table up to Rhoda.

He laid her across the table, her feet barely touching the cold concrete basement floor. The woman shivered, the dampness chilling her flesh.

She felt his hands on her right leg, felt ropes being wrapped around her ankle. In a moment the woman felt him pulling her leg out, stretching it until it was perpendicular to her body. Rhonda groaned, stretching out her hands and holding onto the opposite end of the table for balance.

Brad had tied a square knot around her ankle and was now tying a figure eight that was to hold her ankle to one of the rungs of the ladder. The tension from that awkward position of her leg nearly split her body in two. She could feel her cuntlips puffing apart, exposing more of her dark red moist cuntmeat. She bent her left knee a little, her foot sliding on the floor while her tits hung down and slapped against one another.

"Wh-why are you doing this to me?" Rhoda wailed.

Her fingers clawed at the table. She was close to letting go of the table. If the happened, Rhoda would pitch forward, her body twisted, and she would probably break her leg.

"Because I enjoy it," Brad answered simply.

He took another piece of half-inch line and wrapped it around her wrists, using a longer piece of rope to fasten her bound hands to one of the table legs.

She heard the sound of leather sliding against material. Peering over her shoulder, Rhoda saw him holding the belt by the buckled end. She shivered, widening her eyes, begging him not to hurt her.

"Oh please, please, you've been so good to me, you haven't done anything like this before. Don't..."

Her words were cut off by the hissing of the leather belt cutting through the air. Rhoda jerked her head around, stared wide-eyed at the wall and braced herself for the cutting sensation of the belt.

It came, numbing all thought in her brain. There was the force of the blow, followed quickly by the sharp hot pain radiating to all parts of her body. She yelped, pitching forward, banging into the table. Twice she tried jerking her leg off the ladder. But the ropes held firm.


Again and again the belt slashed through the air, the leather forming criss-crossed red marks on her jiggling ass.

Then the belting stopped. She sank against the table, her left knee hitting one of the table legs. Her long blonde hair curtained her face. Then she felt something, something she would never forget all her life. Brad was jamming his fingers against her asshole. He was pushing in, driving up into her.


It was obscene, unspeakable what he was doing! Rhoda clawed the table, her arms knotting with muscles Rhoda didn't know she had. Her knees and tits shivered. A strange fire started in the rim of her asshole as he moved the finger in and out. Her hips went back, offering more of her ass to him. It was incredible, but it was true! That belting, that leather beating against her flesh had started a fire in her cunt that now spread up to her butt!

The muscles in her left leg cramped, nearly sending her pitching to the floor. Brad yanked his fingers out of her asshole. Rhoda felt as if her guts were ripped out with them. What was happening to her?

"Nice ass, nice..."

He was bending down, opening his mouth, touching her ass with his tongue. Rhoda shivered again. He was doing exactly what he told her over the phone -- eat out her ass, touch her with his tongue. He was sucking around the gray/pink flesh of her shitter now, prying her stretched asscheeks apart with his hands.


A hot thrill made her clit quiver like a struck tuning fork when Brad stiffened his tongue and shoved it up her shitter.

Then he was standing up, grabbing her hips.

Rhoda arched her back slightly, feeling his dick move, up, up her thighs, up toward her shitter now wet with his spit.


With a sudden, piercing pain his cockhead found her. Rhoda yelled, her scream bouncing off the concrete walls. She felt the blunt head of his cock pressing against her asshole. Her tits jiggled, slapping together while sweat broke out on her forehead and trickled down from under her arms. Her face was a mask of concentrated agony as the fat head wormed its way in, stretching her shitter lips.

"Unnnnnhghhoooo!" Rhoda screamed louder.

The tight ring of her shitter was being driven up into her belly. She clawed at the table again, splinters driving into her fingertips as the muscles in her ass and the backs of her legs cramped from the hard, brutal fucking.

"Ohhhhh yeah, nice and tight," Brad sighed, slipping his dick back a little, then shoving it forward.

Rhoda curled her spine, her head snapping from side to side. The muscles around her asshole felt as if they were tearing. And, yet, at the same time Rhoda's cunt almost cried out to feel that cockhead ravaging her ass now. She wanted to feel that hard intrusion inside her cunt, not her asshole!

"Unnghh... ooooohhh!"

Rhoda felt the obscene slickness of his cock as it entered her ass. The end of his dick felt slippery, it seemed to be reaching farther and farther in her shitter. The blonde woman eased the tight grip of her ass on the head.

"Gettin' into it, huh? Yeah, I told you you'd dig it," he gasped.

"No, no, never!"

She was lying. The pain was there, the fear was there. But still she couldn't help it when her ass moved back, when she squirmed, rubbing her body against the hairy belly behind her. She was turning onto this, enjoying the awkward position he had tied her in, enjoying this bizarre sex scene.


Rhoda moved her ass as sensuously as she could. The slow invasion of Brad's hard cock in her ass hurt her. Oh, once more she thought that if she could show him how well her cunt could wrap around his cock maybe he'd slip his dick into her pussy. Surely he couldn't have forgotten how good it was to fuck her!


That dick was splitting her wide open. Rhoda felt the pain of his ass-fucking reaching higher and higher in her ass, spreading to all parts of her body. That wide head seemed to go on forever. Rhoda twisted and clawed, hot tears rolling freely down her cheeks. Her legs hurt terribly, the ropes cutting into her ankles. Now both hands covered her tits. The fingers pinching the stiff red nipples so hard as he twisted them.

"Oh yeah, yeah, move it! Move it real good like that," he hissed.

Rhoda felt a sudden casing of pressure in her ass. The big greasy head had finally slipped past the tight ring at the mouth of her shitter. Rhoda managed to straighten her left leg, just starting to take some of the agonizing strain from her limbs.

It was too soon. Brad had started to pull his cock back out. Her legs and arms spasmed, nearly sending her pitching to the floor. The reversed tugging was like a giant vacuum sucking at her ass. There was a vulgar outward stretching of her asshole that shot wild sensations of lust up and down her spine.

Rhoda bit her lip. She couldn't even sob now, not with that fat bar of dickmeat rubbing back and forth in her asshole. She shoved her ass toward him, looking for some relief from the sucking in her shit-chute.

"Yeah, yeah, move it, move it!" Brad cried, sliding one hand away from her hanging, jiggling tits and slapping her ass hard.

The woman cried out again, feeling completely torn. Her round, firm asscheeks flexed against his flat belly, looking for more of that wild fullness threatening to split her ass wide open!

"Oh no, no, take it out! Ohhhhh, you're going to kill me with that horrible thing!"

Of course Rhoda didn't want him to slide his dick out of her ass. It was a wonderful, wild, stretched feeling that was making her pussy throb like a festering wound. She didn't care if he fucked her in the cunt. It would be nice if someone were to take care of her pussy as well as her ass. But this, this wild, wonderful sensation was worth the strange, empty feeling in her snatch.

The sliding of his cock as it moved deeper in her shitter sent shivery hot thrills through her ass. Rhoda felt her bowels filling with the big man's dick. It was like a steady, growing load of ironhard heat in her ass. She thought his cock would have to stop. Surely there couldn't be as much in there as she felt.

Then the woman remembered the previous night, that wonderful fucking when he drove her mad with his dick. Yes, eight or nine inches of cockmeat sliding in and out of her cunt. And now he was going to stuff all of it into her ass, shove those thick throbbing inches of hard dickmeat up her ass!

Rhoda cried out, clawing at the table once more. No, it couldn't be done! He'd tear something, hurt her, kill her with that cunt-splitter!

But still his cock kept entering her. Rhoda's rectal nerves were sensitive to the fucking in her ass. She imagined the thick bar of cockmeat in her ass growing and growing until it was the size of a cannon. The big man's dick felt as if it were some spear impaling her.

"Please, oh please!"

She was begging him to stop, pleading with him to ease up. But her pleas only excited Brad more.

Then Brad started to withdraw. Rhoda sighed. For a while the blonde thought he must have pulled a foot of dickmeat from her ass. The nerves in her shitter were protesting all the way.

And then he started forward again. Rhoda pitched forward, arching her back. The strange fullness inside her bowels was starting to excite her all over again. It wasn't quite like the heat that rose in her cunt when she was milking her pussy muscles around a dick. It was a sensation all its own.


Brad's dick went deeper, past where the last stroke had stopped. Rhoda inhaled sharply, her moans becoming louder, longer, deeper. The head of Brad's dick went up and up, making Rhoda feel as if her entire body were being pierced by his fat cock.

"Oh yeahhhh..." he sighed.

Brad was fully into her now, his dick root pressing hard up against the stretched ring of her asshole. She could feel his fat balls rubbing up against her buttocks, feel his crotch moving up and down against her snatch. He was leaning over her, covering her like a carpet.


Then he was sliding out once more. Rhoda thought the lewd suction in her asshole would drive her crazy. The tempo of his ass-ripping dick increased. Rhoda tried squeezing her shitter tight around him, trying to drag out more sensations from him. The woman didn't care bow much it hurt her now. She just wanted his dick to drive into her until the spinning ball of heat in her belly exploded!

"Go on, baby, move that ass! Come on, move it! Move it good and fast!" Brad panted.

He was slapping her again, beating her ass until the jiggling white cheeks were red with finger marks. She wanted to feel the sharp hot sting of those slaps, feel his fingers slapping her globes as his cock chugged through her bowels.

He was sliding back again, her insides trying to follow his dick out. Brad was shoving back and forth, gradually speeding up his cockstrokes until Rhoda thought the tissues of her ass would catch on fire. The hot friction in her ass was maddening.

As the ramming length and speed of his strokes grew, Rhoda could feel the drag of her cuntlips milking more juice from her hole. Heat made her clit tremble, vibrate wildly. The hot, cunty feeling built up quickly, becoming as important as the jabbing meaty piston in her asshole.

"Unnghh! Unnghh! Unnghh!"

Rhoda grunted each time his dick drove into her shitter. All the pain and pleasure in her body was focused on her asshole. The stretched ring seemed to draw all energy from her body. Rhoda was panting, her mind quickly bleaching out. She knew she was being fucked hard and fast, fucked by one of the strongest, thickest, longest dicks in the world. And she didn't care what happened in her ass. The thrills racing through her body made her think only of cumming, of climaxing, while Brad kept on fucking her that way.


The rigid bar of cockmeat seemed to slow a bit. Then with a sweaty slap of his flat belly on her asscheeks Rhoda felt him go at her again. For a while Rhoda was sure he was going to hurt her, really hurt her with the way he was fucking her. Surely his pounding, his fat dick stretching her like that would tear something, send her to the hospital.

But nothing of the sort happened. Instead she was wiggling her ass like a crazy woman, wanting it all to happen at once. The pain in her tits, the juicy sliding of her cuntlips, the tearing thrusts in her ass, all combined to drive her crazy.

Brad grunted behind her. His cock pulled out, sucking her guts down. Only the head of his dick stayed in her asshole. Rhoda felt the flaring lobes of his cockhead pull at her asshole lips. She was hunching her ass back and forth now in fast, fluttering strokes.

"Yes, oh yes! Yes, yessss!"

Rhoda hunched her ass back and forth in fast, fluttering strokes. With a heavy grunt Brad rammed his cock deep into her ass. Rhoda felt her lining stretching to the tearing point. Had it torn already? No, she didn't think so. But now, his dick hit her like a freight train. She screamed, feeling a cataclysm of fire explode in her ass. He was cumming, shooting his wad up her shitter!


The thick, spurting masses of the big man's spunk burned the lining of her asshole like burning gasoline. Rhoda felt her cunt snapping shut. Her ass grabbed at his cock. She convulsed, her body swaying dangerously back and forth. Once more she thought she was going to slip down to the floor, her right leg bending as much as it could, the rope still holding her ankle fast to the ladder rung.

Her tits mashed under his hands. Her face went slack, reflecting the conflicting emotions doting in her brain. All the woman could feel was the cum spewing prick up her ass and the earth-shattering power of her on cum. Rhoda was cumming, feeling her cunt exploding. The lightning-like jolts of sexual heat in her cunt amplified the sensations in her ass.

"No, oh noooo!"

That moment came, driving her wild, making the woman think the world had crashed into her cunt. She wailed and screamed, especially when Brad reached down and stuck his right fore finger into her pussy. She felt her cuntal muscles snap shut on that wild invader, felt them tugging hard at his finger, nearly pulling it out of joint. She was wildly happy now. Her pussy was convulsing, snapping shut, opening, then closing hard again on that wriggling finger. And all the while jizz was dribbling out of her asshole, oozing down her buttocks.

Slowly the two of them came down from their mutual climax. Brad pulled back, slipping the wide flare of his dickhead out. Rhoda ground her teeth, feeling her cunt and asshole flutter. She felt so empty when he withdrew his softening dick!

"Wasn't all that bad, now, was it?" Brad muttered, smoothing his fingers over her body.

"Please, let me down. Please..."

"Should leave you like this all night. I probably could get it up again in about a half hour or so and fuck you silly."

The thought of being tied up like this for a while, of having him fuck her again in this obscene position sent a flutter of excitement through her cunt. No, she had her daughter to think of. She had surrendered enough to her lusts. Now there was Cindy to think of. Yes, she'd go out and search for her!


Brad sighed and reached out, untying the rope binding her right leg to the upper portion of the ladder. Rhoda sighed, bending her knee, feeling the blood rush back into her flesh with a hot, tingly feeling. Soon she was untied, resting against the table. Brad was still rubbing his crotch against her ass.

"You and I are one of a kind, Rhoda. I knew that from the beginning. You dig this kind of thing, and I like giving it. We're gonna have some good times together later on, whether you realize it or not."

No, no, I won't! she said to herself, clenching her fingers into fists. Cindy. She had to think of Cindy, not of her ass, not of her cunt, not of the feeling that she had just told the biggest lie ever to herself!


The hours dragged on. Cindy had caught sight of one or two other girls being led past her door. She had found several chinks in the wood and she had watched them shuffle by their heads bent low, their eyes glazed with defeat. How long had they been there? The young blonde tried to remember any stories about missing girls in the area.


And then there were those terrible sounds, sounds of the girls crying out for help as those awful men did things to them.

It was maybe three hours after the last episode that Jack came back.

"We got something for you, something you're gonna enjoy. But first come on," he said, taking her by the hand.

Cindy had been back in her tiny room, huddled in a corner, trying to hide herself. It was impossible, of course. She knew they would be coming for her, telling her to do some other perverted act.

Jack dragged Cindy down that horrible long hall again. They passed the front room. There she could see Joe and Don naked, their bodies humping against something. The loud strangled, gagging sounds told her some unfortunate girl was there, her body being violated in some awful way.


He was leading her down wooden steps. It was a fruit cellar or something. Standing where she had been told to, Cindy watched blankly as Jack pulled out several long pieces of rope, then told her to put out her arms. The young man carefully bound each wrist with a two-foot piece of rope, cinching the knot tightly around her flesh, then repeating the action with two more pieces around her ankles.

Bending her back, then telling her to sit on her ass, Jack attached the ropes around her wrists to long spikes driven into the wooden shelves lining either side of the narrow cellar. Next came her legs. Soon Cindy was suspended spread-eagled two feet above the dirty, concrete floor.

Jack nodded, biting his lower lip with excitement. Yes, this was how he wanted her -- bound and helpless, jiggling like a piece of meat hanging from a butcher's hook.

Cindy watched helplessly as the big stud undressed, then fished around in one of the shelves, pulling out a Coleman lantern. Working the levers at the base, Jack managed to get a good bluish flame going.

"You like heat?"

Cindy shook her head violently from side to side, her eyes riveted on the flickering flame.

"That's all right," he murmured, toying with childlike fascination with the lantern. "What I'm gonna do is somethin' I dig. Man, the others up there don't understand. They don't have to. I pay 'em just to help, not to think. But this, man, this is a trip."

He was patting the lantern while staring at her. Cindy cringed. He had something planned. He was only playing with her now -- then when the horror of what he was planning to do became apparent, she shivered. The girl saw his dick rising as he saw her terror growing in her eyes.

"No, oh no, don't... please."

Her tits rose and fell rapidly while her nipples became hard. Why was she reacting this way? She should be begging him not to hurt her, to take that terrible thing away from her. But instead, she was just watching the flame with fascination, watching Jack's dick grow thick and hard, rising slowly up. She wanted to scream at herself, scream at the awful degrading position she was throwing herself into.

Instead, Cindy just lay there, waiting for him to make his move.

"Yeah, yeah."

The sight of the girl's helplessness, of her terror, of her strange sexual need made his balls twitch. The little slut was reacting to this bizarre torture as he'd hoped she would. Cindy was becoming a good little slut, a good little fuck. And before he was finished, she would obey everything he told her to do. Yes, she would make one hell of a picture story he'd sell to the fat old perverts out there.


Cindy sobbed as the weight of her own body pulled at her muscles. She twisted back and forth, trying to ease the strain. A cramp passed from her hamstrings to her biceps. It was awful, painful!

"Good, huh, baby, good!"

Cindy begged him to loosen the rope. But Jack ignored her. He was squatting in front of her, his eyes fastened on her cuntal mound and the round slope of her buttocks. A few hairs along the bottom slope of her pussy curled under her asscheeks. Not even the darkness in the cellar could bide the swell of her ass and thighs.

"Oh baby, baby, I could cum all over you right now," he whispered, trailing his fingertips over her ass.

Cindy shivered, pulling at the ropes once more in a futile escape attempt. She didn't want him cumming all over her. She didn't want to feel his jizz exploding on her body, on her tits, in her ass. All she wanted to do was go home, get out of this insane asylum.

But she was also aroused, her pussy swelling open, dripping with juice. That was something she couldn't hide from Jack. He rose. When he moved closer, she flinched. She knew he was getting ready to carry out whatever insane act he had devised. Horror at what he might do to her was coupled with the growing excitement about what it might be. Jack lifted the glass sheath of the lantern.

"Wh-what are you doing?"

"What do you think?"

His lips curled up into a cruel smile.

"Oh no, don't... don't hurt me. You're going to... oh God, not that! Oh please, not that!"

Suddenly Cindy knew what he was going to do!

Burn her! He was going to put that fire to her flesh, to disfigure her for life!

The girl writhed in her bonds, puffing at the ropes until they chafed at her wrists and ankles. It was insane, crazy! No wonder he didn't want the others to see him. They might have actually shown some type of pity toward her and stopped him.

"Help! Oh God!"

Her face was a mask of terror as Jack moved the lantern from the shelf toward her. He squatted, moving carefully so as not to spill the lantern. Cindy twisted her head around, her eyes wide, her nostrils flaring. Her flesh glistened with sweat while her scalp crinkled with terror. A draft chilled her crawling flesh as Jack slid the lantern under her buttocks. He watched her carefully, fiddling with the key. At times he turned it clockwise, increasing the length of the blue flame.


Cindy cried out, arching her back. She tried spreading her legs apart, pushing them against the rotting shelf wood, trying to raise her buttocks above the licking flame.


"Come on, Cindy, digit. YOU dig it, don'tcha?" He was going to brand her ass. Her screams became louder and louder while her fingers clawed at the air. It was hot, so hot down there! It was hot enough to singe her flesh.

Her eyes were shut tight, her mouth a tight scar while she jerked and pulled at the horrible ropes. She tried twisting her hips again to escape the licking heat. The flame flickered. It was like scalding feather, waving and brushing across her jiggling buttocks. Her cries turned into strangled gurgles as the pain ebbed. Now it was turning into something else, a kind of warmth that seemed to ease her pain and fear.

Her clit was tingling, while her cunt started quivering. The nerves in her pussy raced with the steady licking of the fire.


The blonde girl was changing, changing in her attitude to what was happening under her. Her body wanted more, actually desired more stimulation. She wanted Jack to touch her tits, her ass, her cunt. She bit her lips to keep from screaming out her wild need. What on earth was going on in her mind? How could she possibly enjoy this?

"Get it, baby, get it on."

Cindy wanted him. She felt she had to feel the power of his cock. But it was too terrible to admit this, to shout it out. So all she could do was bite her lips and twist and turn, jerking her hips shamelessly with all the abandon of a hot nympho!

Jack sat and watched, rubbing his cock, feeling it grow hot and hard between his fingers. He had to have her pussy. But he wanted to drag this out, make the girl pant and gasp for sex before he did anything more to her. He had rarely come across someone who was into this kind of shame and torture -- especially a girl this young. But Cindy was a true find and he was going to milk out every second he could from the girl.


He moved between her legs, squatting down. He jerked her cuntlips apart, watching as more juice oozed out, wetting his fingertips. It was so greasy down there he could hardly get a good grip.

"Man, hot, real hot," he breathed.

The fire raked her buttocks, making Cindy twitch and jerk once more. She started to cry. Jack let go, enjoying her humiliation. Then, laughing to himself, he reached down and turned up the flame.


The sudden increase of heat turned a portion of her ass dark red. She groaned, jerking at the ropes and begging once again for mercy.

"You ain't gonna get no help here, baby, no help at all."

Jack swung her hips back and forth. As her ass passed over the fire, a trail of red cut across her asscheeks. He kept her swinging, and she shrieked and screamed, the fire biting deeper.

"Don't do this to me! Oh God, don't!"

Jack was holding her steady now over the fire, spreading her outer labes apart again.

"You dug my cock before, baby, now love my finger."

He shoved a finger into her cunt, his strong grip keeping her buttocks over the fire. He stuck the digit into her cunt, wriggling it around, scraping the slick folds and hollows. Cindy was going crazy. She twisted and raved with agony and delight. The fire was doing strange things to her.

"Yeah, yeah, nice and hot and tight, just like I remember it. Man, you're one hell of a little slut, you know that?"

"I am not!" she sobbed.

But what was she, then? Hadn't she turned into something like a nympho now? And with that twisting finger she was growing hotter.

"Yeah, you dig the pain and pleasure trip. And, man, we're gonna milk that for as much as we can get."

The words made Cindy shiver.


Cindy shot him a glazed expression. Jack snarled, jerking his finger out of her pussy. Dropping to his knees, he crowded between her legs. Moving closer, he reached out and grabbed her hips, digging his fingers into the flesh folds around her thighs. Growling like some kind of crazed animal, Jack drove his cockhead into her cunt.


Cindy squealed and gagged as the fat dick tore into her tight, hot pussy. He was splitting her in half. She threw back her head, letting out strange strangled cries of delight. The pain of this wild assault made her cuntal nerves vibrate. Her breath was choked off. She sighed as Jack's dick plunged ahead, shoving aside her tightly packed cuntal muscles.

"Oh, oh, oh!"

It was wild, mind-splitting. More juice oozed out, lubricating her tight channel, letting the big stud fuck her easily.

"No, no!"

Cindy threw her head back, every muscle in her body taut. She wiggled her hips. As the cock shoved down, her ass was still being raked by the fire. There was no stopping him, no stopping the fucking. The flames of the lantern and the hot, teasing sensation created by his dick was driving her up the wall to orgasm. Her clit rubbed against the sinking cock. The gland was swollen. She thought her clit would burst. And just when her lust threatened to erupt, just when she thought she was going to faint from pleasure, Jack eased off.

"No! Ohhh, God in heaven, fuck me!"

She screamed out the words, wanting to claw him, draw him into her deeper, harder as the fire flickered over her butt crack.

She bit her lip to keep from screaming out those terrible words again. She was shaming herself, rutting in front of this animal. And he knew it, he could tell she loved it, wanted more, wanted more pain, more pleasure! The mixture was heady, mind-blowing. Cindy wanted so much of it!

The flame flickered over her buttocks, singeing some of her curly cuntal hairs. It was more than she could stand. Her passion climbed higher and higher until she felt as if she would never let loose. The pressure built, the throbbing increased until she thought her heart was going to stop. The assault echoed through her cunt, striking every nerve. The pounding drove into her belly.

"Ohhhh!" Cindy was jerking her hips. Spit oozed down from the corners of her mouth. Her eyes were glazed while the flame threatened to scar her jiggling buttocks. How she loved that searing heat -- how she loved the pain, the abuse she was getting! It was all mixing together in her body.

The cock and flame bit into her flesh simultaneously, touching her clit. Finally her orgasm boiled over. Snapping her head back, tensing every muscle in her body, Cindy yelped and threw her head back.

"Fuck it out, cunt, fuck it out!"


It was the strongest, most powerful cum she had had yet. For a while Cindy thought she was going top out from the wild pulsations. She jerked her hips rapidly, keeping up with his assault. As he reamed her pussy one last time, her clit vibrated wildly. The last of her climax bubbled over her thighs and streaked her cuntal mound.

"Yeah, yeah," Jack said, stroking her thighs, stretching her cuntlips, pinching her thighs until the girl yelped in pain. With one foot he slid the lantern out from under her.

Cindy sighed, almost sorry the comforting heat rushing against her buttocks and waist was gone.

"Oh please, please, let me go."

Jack pulled his cock from her hole, wiping it clean with one hand while still toying with her cumfilled snatch. Cindy hung there obscenely, panting like a bitch.

"The boys should come down here with their cameras. That would be great, shooting down here, shooting your cunt hot and dripping while someone was burning the shit outta your asshole. Gotta figure a way to get the shit down here, though."

After some time he pulled his clothes back on, shoving his satisfied limp cock back into his Levi's and zipping up. Untying the exhausted girl, he forced Cindy to march back upstairs. Twice she fell to her knees, her fingers gripping the handrail desperately. She wasn't trying tote difficult. But he kept slapping her on the back of the head when she collapsed, threatening, to "take the boot" to her if she didn't get up and move quick!

When she returned to the living room, she saw a young brunette girl sprawled on the sofa, one leg draped over the back. Cum was sprinkled on her black cuntal hairs while more jizz streaked her cheeks and forehead. It must have been quite a scene. Pictures had been taken. Of course. Have your business and pleasure at the same time! It made Cindy sick.

"You got her clothes around?" Jack asked, eyeing Cindy.

"Yeah, sure. They ain't much good, though, kinda tore up."

"Good enough for her."

Were they going to let her go? She stood in the middle of the room, her eyes travelling to the half-conscious raped girl on the couch, then back to the three men.

"Down, bitch, get down," Jack said, pointing at an imaginary spot on the floor. Cindy knew from experience to obey quickly or suffer the consequences. She dropped to her knees, keeping her eyes modestly turned down. The young blonde covered her tits and cunt once more, feeling their eyes hotly on her.

"Lick those boots, bitch. Come on, lick 'em." Don and Joe murmured something. She could hear them moving around behind her, moving the camera closer. She lowered her face, the hair curtaining her eyes. She was glad of that, glad her long blonde hair would keep her face from the pictures that old men would be jacking off over.


Sticking out her tongue, she moved it over the tops of his black leather boot, tasting the filth that was dusted over the material. She was gagging. Holding one hand to her throat, Cindy kept on licking, trailing her tongue up, up over the small buckle to the right, then up along the strap to where the cuffs of his jeans met the boot.

"Yeah, that's it, bitch, lick 'em clean."

Jack brought the other boot down and hit her against the side of her face with his leg. It was a sign for her to move to the other foot.

"Yeah, let's call this series 'boat bitch'," Jack said, laughing as the girl gagged and choked over his boots.

"Hey, a little more this way," Don said, aiming the camera at her face.

Cindy groaned, covering her eyes, continuing her boot-licking. Jack tilted his foot back, making her wash her lips and tongue over the cracked sole. It was like licking dirty sandpaper. There was a strange, sour smell. God, she didn't even want to guess what he had stepped on, what had dirtied his boots!

"Come on, baby, come to me."

Then suddenly he moved back, hitting her between her shoulderblades. The pain made Cindy flatten herself on the floor, her arms and legs sprawling out as she let out a sharp squawk.

"Get a shot of this!"

With that Jack raised his right foot and placed the heel on the back of her neck. For a while Cindy thought he was going to kill her, snap her neck with his foot. She could hear the camera snapping like mad behind her, could hear Joe laughing, could hear that naked raped brunette moaning with horror on the couch.

Then the pressure was off. Cindy coughed, sucking in air, her face turning red as she pushed the heels of her palms hard against the floor and raised herself up. Shaking stray strands of her hair from her eyes, she looked up at the men. God, how she hated them!

"Good show, bitch, good show. Come on, we gotta let 'em go and get the fuck outta here. We move around, baby, move around. Lots of these old homes around to get into for a while. Hey, maybe we'll get your address," Jack added, smiling savagely at her. "Bet you'd like to see how some of the prints came out."

"Oh God, no, no, no!" she moaned, hiding her face in her hands.

It would be the last thing she wanted to see. Feeling the cum running from her slackening cunt, Cindy sobbed uncontrollably. Someone had thrown her her torn blouse and skirt. Now she was struck with terror, the fear of what she was going to tell her mother.

Back home Rhoda was fighting off Brad. He had dressed and was starting to leave. The woman had wrapped a gown around her lithe body, wishing with one part of her mind that he would go and hoping with another part he would stay. Her daughter was the only thing keeping her sane right now. The police had just called with nothing new to report. They were, it seemed, starting to sound worded.


Brad was on her again, his big hands rubbing over her buttocks, his groin bunching against hers. She felt him pressing into her body, felt his hot breath against the side of her neck. Was he going to tie her up again, slap her around? The thought made her heart skip a beat.

"You want it bad, you..."

"What was that?"

Rhoda pulled away, hearing a soft knocking at the door. Rushing forward, Rhoda pulled the door open and found Cindy leaning against the molding, the sound of a vehicle squealing down the street.


Her daughter was in torn clothing, her cheeks streaked with dirt, tears.

"They... they raped... raped me... they..." she stammered, stumbling into her mother's arms.

"Oh my God, God, get out of here!" Rhoda screamed at Brad.

"I'll call tomorrow," he muttered, brushing past the two sobbing women.

"Inside, inside," Rhoda whispered, pushing the door shut and locking it. She pulled her half hysterical daughter into the living room and sat on the sofa.

"Oh, Mother, they did... awful things to me, they..."

"Shhh, hush, that's all right. You can talk later. Now you're safe at home, safe..."

Her mother's words were comforting, after having endured the sarcasm and insults from those three sadists.

"Oh, Cindy, don't worry, no man's going to hurt you, to touch you again."

Cindy sighed, clinging to her mother.

"The police?" Cindy asked, turning her reddened eyes up.

"Yes, of course," Rhoda said, getting up and starting for the phone. She stopped, her hand on the receiver. Her lips were curling up just for an instant. She caught herself and became serious again. No, she doubted Brad would be calling tonight.

Too bad, Rhoda thought as she picked up the receiver and dialed the police.


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