Chains for linda

A question often asked by those who deal with psychological problems is: What is normal? The answer to that seemingly simple question will probably never be answered.

The people within a particular society usually are well-aware of what is considered acceptable behavior for them. And therein lies the problem of the main character of this novel.

Linda is a woman possessed of deep and abiding passions, passions which control her life and lead her to overstep the bounds of acceptable societal behavior time and time again. In her search for physical satisfaction, the fiery blonde is helplessly driven to take her pleasure where she can, risking everything for the promise of gratification.

CHAINS FOR LINDA -- the story of one woman tormented by her needs and the fear that she is abnormal. Her tale is a lesson to our society, and food for serious thought.


Linda's aunt almost exploded as Tony's cock kept digging into it. Her arms went up around his moving, thrusting body, her legs spread wider and she took every bit of the big, hard dick into her pussy. Swarms of hot desire pulsed from her clit. The man's sturdy body drove the prick steadily, his force growing as her desires neared their peak.

"Oh, Tony. Oh, God, yes. Fuck me. Oh, all the way. I want to come. Come!" She clung to him, knees high, snatch blazing as his cock slammed in. The fire swept along her nerves and she gasped, sensing his wild lust, loving the feel of his fierce desire for her body.

"YES!" Linda started to come, a rush of surging passion suddenly loose in her crotch. "Tony. Tony!" She almost crushed him down as the full power of her climax roared through her body.

Linda came steadily, loving every second of the pleasures the man created in her cunt. Streams of happiness ran from her clit. "Tony. TONY! YES! YES!!" The man's cock did its magic again. They'd been making it for three months now and every time seemed to get better. And better.

"OH, GOD!!" Linda gasped as Tony kept fucking. His body on her tits was a mass of moving lust-driven muscle, his flesh writhing to hers, his cock hammering in. She felt the force of his drives increase and tried to tighten her cunt around his dick to give him more pleasure, trying to make it as good for him as he made it for her. Her feet went toward the ceiling and she took the full weight of his body as his fucking became intense.

"Tony, Tony, oh, God, Tony. All the way. In me. Yes." She grabbed his ass with both hands and drew every inch of his dick into her wet pussy. His face was inches from hers and she saw the raging passion in his dark eyes, felt the wild stabbing lust drive him into the billowing pleasures. His cock sent a flood of hot cum into her tight snatch.

"God damn!" he grunted, slamming into the twat, his whole body behind every drive.

"I love you, Tony." Linda snuggled closer, and sprawled low on his belly.

"Mmmmmm, yeah." One arm slid around her shoulders. The other reached out to the nightstand for his cigarettes.

"I love your body, too." She traced the line of his right arm with one fingernail.

Tony slid a cigarette from the pack with his lips, lit it slowly, took a deep drag and lay back, a small smile making tiny creases at the corners of his mouth.

"You are so handsome and strong and nice... and good in bed, too." Her finger traced the lines of muscle over his chest. The skin was smooth and warm, darkly tanned.

Tony took her hand in his and brought it to his mouth, kissing the fingertips lightly, each tip getting a hill, separate kiss. His lips pursed against her palm and he blew out a tiny line of smoke.

"Ohhhhh," Linda giggled, her hand tingling. The end of Tony's tongue made a tiny moist spot on her palm. "That's sexy." She snuggled down so one breast touched him high on his right side. "You're just so sexy. Tony."

"So are you, honey. Really." He touched one nipple lightly, just brushing it with a finger, flipping slightly to his side to look at her more closely.

Linda smiled, blue eyes dancing as she saw the way the man looked at her.

Tony brushed one strand of blonde hair back from her forehead and kissed the smooth, pale skin down to her slim nose. "You're beautiful." He kissed the nose again. "But you know that."

"I like to hear you say it. You sound like you mean it."

"I do mean it." He kissed her lips, just lightly at first, then with some real feeling.

Linda opened her mouth, slipped a hand to his back and there was a moment of real desire between them.

"See what I mean," he said slowly. "You're sexy. Sexy as hell." He took a drag on his cigarette as he lay back.

"I'm glad you say that. I want to please you, Tony. Keep you happy."

"You do. All the way." He smoked slowly, looking at the ceiling.

"I'm glad. I want to please you all the time."

"You do. Sometimes I just think about you -- just for a few seconds and I get all turned on."

"You do? Really?" She propped herself on her elbow, looking at him eagerly. "You just think about me and you get turned on?"

"Sure." He smiled, one hand dropping casually on her boob. "You're great in bed, Linda. You really are. I just have to think about you for a second and I want you."

"Oh, wow! That's great!" She hugged him. His ashes spilled onto the sheet.

"Hey, take it easy." He brushed them to the floor. "Don't want to get us burned up."

"I'm sorry." She helped out with the tidying up, her breasts swaying low, brushing his belly as she leaned across him. "I was just so excited by what you said. I didn't know you did that. Thought about me that way."

"Oh, sure. I do it a lot."

"I just never knew." Linda lay back beside him. "I know guys think about girls a lot."

"Sure do I," he said, grinning.

"But you think about me. ME." She kissed his face from chin to hairline. "That's great. I love you, Tony. Oh, yes. Love, love, love, love, love."

"Easy, easy," he said smiling, one hand trying to protect his cigarette.

"How often do you think about me?"

"Well, I don't know, really. I don't keep count or anything."

"Well, about."

"Every day, for sure."

"Oh, wow!"

"Two, three times, some days."

"Do you mean that? Really?" She looked closely at him.

"Sure thing. I love you, remember. I think about you a lot. All the time, almost."

"Oh, Tony!" She hugged him. He got his cigarette out of the way just in time.

"I have to try to think of other things, but it's hard to do. I want to think about you a lot, Linda." He crushed out the cigarette in the ashtray on the nightstand.

"I think about you, Tony. Just about every minute." She caressed his back and shoulders. "I dream about you, too. Dream about you pretty much every night."

Tony lay back, one arm under her head.

Linda wriggled closer to him, touching her nude body all down his side. "What do you think about with me?"

"Well, different things. Like sometimes we've gone someplace, and I like to remember what we did and what you said. Or sometimes we're going to do something and I like to think about what's going to happen. Stuff like that."

"I think about that, too."

"And I think about going to bed, too. I think about that most of all."

"Oh, Tony. I'm glad. I want you to want me. Really I do."

"I do, Linda. You should know that by now."

"Oh, I know. I do know it. But sometimes, well I..."

"You what?" he prompted.

"Sometimes, well, I think, maybe you just go to bed with me because... because I'm available. Like a habit."

"No. Not so. No way!"

"I know. But sometimes, well, I think that well, you sort of... might want somebody else."

"No. I want you. Just you and nobody else."

He hugged her to him.

Linda turned so her breasts pressed to his chest.

"I know, Tony. I just get a little scared, sometime. I don't want to lose you."

"You won't."

"I think that when we're married it'll be better. I won't get so worded then."

"You don't have to worry now. Not about anything. I love you."

He pulled her closer for a kiss, his tongue gently probing as she started her lips and yielded to his advance.

"Mmmmmmm, oh, Tony," Linda sighed, clinging to the man with one arm, her freehand gliding over his broad shoulders.

"I love you," he whispered softly.

"Yes, oh, yes... Tony. Love me. Yes." Her lips worked softly on his face.

"Yes." One hand cupped her large breast, the thumb rolling the bright pink nipple like a marble. A tingle of desire pulsed through her and the nipple began to get hard.

"Tony, I love you." She held him, casing her breasts closer to him, loving the feel of his fingers on her clit.

"This is what I think about most, Linda. Doing with you, holding you, kissing you, touching you. Touching you all over." He fondled both breasts as his tongue advanced deeper into her mouth.

"Ohhhhh," she sighed, desire beginning to rise within her again. "Ohhhhhhh!"

Tony's fingers crept lower on her body, moving down over her stomach, reaching for the lovely, warm mound of her pussy, the fingers gliding through the honey-colored hair, touching the delicate flesh softly, feeling for the clit.

"Tony." His finger found the tab and she soared on a brisk flash of lust. Her legs spread and his hand pressed down firmly. Desire heated her crotch, and spread up to her tits.

His kiss was deeply passionate, his tongue reaming into her mouth, his body gliding onto hers as he bore her down on the bed.

Linda moved under him easily, eager for his body, for his cock. Her hands reached for his hips, fingers on the warm skin as she groped for his prick.

"Yeah." He turned his hips upward slightly. "How about giving me a little head, honey?"

"Oh, yes!" Linda's fingers surrounded the dick and she held the partly firm hunk of flesh lightly, bending her head toward the man's crotch as he sprawled back on the bed.

"Get it nice and hard for me, honey." He stroked the long blonde hair as it fell over his belly.

Linda parted her lips and let the tip of her tongue dart swiftly on the round, smooth head of Tony's cock. The pink flesh glistened with moisture for a moment before her lips kissed it end she sucked it into her mouth.

She took it all, rolling the dick with her tongue, one hand stroking the balls slightly as the meat became firm. Her lips pulsed along the shaft and she sucked the cock slowly, loving the feel of the prick on her tongue, the delicate skin like a velvet sheath around the swelling maleness.

"Ohhhhh, yeah!" Tony gave a deep sigh, spreading his legs.

Linda clamped her lips tightly to the rod and pulled straight up, drawing the tool higher, just the way he had taught her. She knew the wonderful things he could do with his stiff dick and she wanted him to get hard in a hurry.

Not that Tony was her first lover. She'd had other guys. But nobody did what Tony did. Nobody fucked like Tony.

The cock was almost all the way stiff and Linda bobbed her head swiftly up and down on the warm pole.

"Great, honey. Real nice head." He held her head in place with one hand, arching his lips slightly.

Linda gagged for a moment on the large rod, then relaxed and got it all into her throat. His balls were heavy in her hand and she fondled them carefully. The nest of coarse, black crotch-hair brushed one cheek as she want down on the dick.

"Oh, yeah!" Tony's hips flexed and he fucked up into her mouth for a moment. "Bitchin!"

"Mmmmmmm." Linda twisted her head around, licking and sucking the full length of the man's dick.

Tony groped to feel her breasts again. Even hanging straight down they were firm. Both nipples were hard. He pinched them and lust swarmed from her clit.

"Hey, come here." Tony pulled her from his crotch, turning her so she lay half on his body, tits to his chest.

"I'll suck it more, if you want. All the way."

"No. That's fine. Maybe some other time." He kissed her, forcing his chest to her tits, almost crushing them.

Linda slid her crotch over his hard tool, pressing her clit right down on his stiff prick. Passion surged wildly and she spread her legs, almost straddling his rod.

"Do you want to sit on it?"

"If you want me to. I'll do anything you say, Tony. I love you." She kissed him.

Tony wrapped both arms around her and rolled over, mashing Linda to the mattress.

She smiled, tilted up her hips, spread her knees and his dick filled her pussy easily.

"Oh. I love you." Her hands on his butt pushed the rest of his prick into the warm, damp tunnel.

Tony fucked slowly for a moment, taking his time, adjusting his position to be a bit higher on her body.

"This is what I think about. Fucking." He moved his hips back, drawing most of his prick from her cunt.

Linda quivered all over as he began a slow, deep thrust, the full length of his hard cock entering her waiting snatch slowly, filling her with desire, with pleasure, her clit ready to break into flames as his crotch pressed onto it. His hands found her boobs and his kiss added to the fires smoldering in her flesh. His tongue moved at the same tempo as his dick, back and forth, gliding, slithering, plunging until she shuddered with lust.

"Oh, Tony. Oh. Love me. Love!" She glued herself to him, trembling as she sensed the rising passion in her box.

Her hands were everywhere on him, back, shoulders, ass, sides, gripping, touching, pulling at his body, wanting more, wanting every bit of him, every last portion of his body.

His cock created a deep climax, streams of passion rising to cascade through her cunt. His strength overwhelmed her and she sank into the whirlpool of desire, crushing his torso with both arms, almost screaming with pure physical happiness, the heavy throbs of lust matching the hard drives of his pounding dick.

"OHHHHH!" She nearly roared, her passion raging as he fucked and fucked and fucked.

"OHHHHHH, TONY, TONY. LOVE ME. I WANT IT. I WANT YOUR LOVE. YOUR LOVE. YOUR COCK. COCK!" Her lust swelled, burst like a flooding river and she cried out with total joy.

His kiss stopped her cries. She clung to him, her body filmed with sweat. "OH. OH, GOD!"

"You liked that, huh?" He grinned, slowing his thrusts.

"Yes. Oh God. It was perfect. Like a dream. Only better. Oh, Tony. I love you." She kissed him desperately, all her love in her embrace.

Tony almost stopped, just moving slightly in her cunt.

"Did you?" Linda asked, speaking almost shyly.

"Not yet. I've got a ways to go." He lay still against her.

"Oh, I'm glad. You're so strong. So beautiful. So good."

"I warned to make it good for you."

"Oh, you did. You did!" She kissed him again. "You always make it good. It's perfect with you, Tony."

He began to screw again, slow, deliberate strokes.

"Mmmmmm, oh. Yes. Do it. Go all the way."

"You know, I watched you while you were coming."

"You did?"

"Yeah." He moved faster in her pussy. "You looked so... almost wild."

"That's the way I felt. Because of you. Because of your cock. I sure do love your cock, Tony." She reached between their crotches and touched the dick as it slid into her twat.

Tony held himself up on his arms, almost a push-up position, watching his dick as it moved in and out.

"You are sure gorgeous. Sexy. Sexy, sexy body. Sexy tits. Sexy cunt."

"Sexy cock." She formed her fingers into a circle around the moving prick.

Tony rammed into the circle, hammering until she took her fingers away. "You know," be said, "I was talking to one of the guys at work the other day." The strokes slowed way down.


"He was talking about screwing."

"Oh." She hoisted her legs a bit higher. "He was saying that be likes to tie the girl up."

"Huh? What?"

"Yeah. With ropes. Tie her up and then climb on and screw. Says it's a great turn on." Tony fucked very slowly, just an inch or two of his rod moving back and forth.

"Yeah." He lay, on her again, fingers on her nipples, rolling them very slowly around. He rotated his crotch, bearing down on her clit. "Sounded real sexy the way he talked about it."

"Uh, maybe." She was very doubtful. Tony started to let her feel more of his dick, curling up his hips to keep the pressure on her clit. "Maybe we could try it. How about it? I tie you up and then put try big hard cock up your tight pussy and fuck the hell out of you." He let her feel some strength with his drives.

"I don't know, Tony."

"How about trying it? If we're going to get married, we should find out what we really go for in bed first. Shouldn't we?" He put real power behind his drives.

Linda responded to the force of his moves, desire starting to increase again between her legs, put there by his long tool.

"Well... I don't know. Tony. It's kind of scary."

"Oh, come on. Just once." He slammed into her cunt.

"Oh." The lust jolted her.

"I want to. I want to try it. Just once. See what it's like. Tie you up and then fuck and fuck and fuck." He began to sweat from the effort.

"Well, okay."

"Linda." He kissed her passionately, his hips suddenly stopped. "I love you." He jerked out of her snatch.

"I... I don't want it to hurt."

"Hey, it won't hurt. I promise. It's just for fun anyway." He heaved himself to the side of the bed and swung his feet around to stand up.

"Hey, yeah. It's for fun! Sure." She was maddenly eager to try it.

"Right. Just for a change." His dick stuck up close to his belly as he stood beside the bed.

"What do I do?" She sat up, looking at him -- nearly six feet tall, dark and handsome, with smoothly sculptured features, a nicely muscled body that got her excited very easily. But it was what he could do with the body -- and with the cock -- that really got to her.

"You don't have to do much of anything, I guess. Just sort of lie there."

"With you up inside me? I can't just sit still, Tony. You know that."

"Yeah." He grinned at her. "Well, we'll just have to see what happens, then." He turned toward the door. "I've got some rope in the kitchen."


"Yeah. Clothesline, really." He went into the living room.

The kitchen of Tony's small apartment was really a closet with a stove and refrigerator built in. The rope was in a drawer beside the refrigerator and he uncoiled it as he walked back to the bedroom.

"Here we go." Most of the rope fell in a tangle on the floor.

"All that?"

"Well, that's the way they sell it. Twenty yards at a time. I'll just use a little bit." He untangled the lengths slowly.

Linda looked at his stiff prick. "Well, okay." She smiled and lay back. "As long as it's just for fun."

"It's for fun." He held up the rope, smiling down at her. "Lots of fun."


Linda watched closely as Tony stepped right up to the edge of the bed, holding the rope high in trout of his chest.

"I guess I start with an arm." He reached for her and she picked up her arm, offering her wrist.

"Yeah. That's it." He would the rope once around the wrist, then took another turn. "Is that okay? I don't want to make it too tight."

"No, that's okay." She adjusted the rope slightly on her wrist, nudging it slightly higher.

"And now..." He looked at her, puzzled. "Yeah?" She half smiled.

"Well, this guy said that it's neat if you tie the wrist to an ankle. Sort of forces her to spread her legs wider."

"I spread wide open for you anyway. You know that. Sometimes it feels like you're trying to split me in half. Right up the middle."

"Yeah. Sometimes it feels like that tome, too." He ran a length of line down to her leg and wound it twice around the ankle.

"I don't see how that makes me spread wider." The rope lay slack beside her on the bed.

"I think it goes this way." He shoved her foot up toward her butt, drawing the rope tat.

"Oh. I get it." Linda jammed her foot higher, heel right under her tail.

"Yeah." Tony hauled her wrist down, making it touch the foot. "Hell, I'm going to have a lot of rope left over." He drew it tight, tying foot and hand together.

"I guess you do the other side the same way, huh?" She moved right hand and foot together.


"Yeah. That'll force my legs apart. If you get on top, anyway." She pressed her knees together.

"Hey, bend your back up for a minute." He shoved the coil of rope under her.

Linda bent as told and lay back when the rope passed below her back, the line right on the top of her ass.

Tony walked around the bed, cock still very hard, swaying stiffly as he did.

"Sure looks sexy." Tony crouched over her pussy, stretching out his legs, hands flanking her shoulders as he held himself above her. He lowered his crotch until the hard-on touched the cunt.

"You're on your own, Tony. I can't do much tied, up this way. I'm really pretty helpless."

"Yeah." He looked right into her eyes. "Yeah! You are. Helpless!" He lay down on her, cock over the box. "Really helpless." His hand worked between them and he took a grip on his dick and stuck it up the spread pussy.

"OH!" Linda felt a swift pang of desire as the man's rod filled her cunt.

"Yeah!" Tony started to fuck, driving steadily into the slick passage. His hands grabbed her thighs and he bore down, his weight on her crotch.

"Tony. My God." She wriggled under him, her tits alive with bright desire.

"You like it?" He screwed rapidly.

"I... yeah. I kind of do. I can feel you, feel your cock. It's so big. Like a baseball bat or something. Way up inside me. Oh, yeah. Oh, so big. And hard. Hard. Oh, Tony. Yes. Oh, yeah!"

"Incredible!" His whole cock drove into her cunt. His arms forced her legs to spread wider and he plunged into the pussy with everything he had. Raw lust pounded through his crotch.

"Tony. Tony!" She gasped, feeling the savagery of his drives, his body wild as he crushed her to the bed. She planted her feet into the mattress and shoved back against his massive thrusts. The cords tightened into her flesh.

Breathing heavily, Tony heaved into her body, ramming frantically, his dick iron-hard, aching with dense lust. His fingers bit into her legs.

"Tony!" Linda gasped, her passion flooding from her cunt. "MY GOD!" She felt him pound into her cunt. His prick tore through her delicate snatch.

"Oh!" He grunted and began to come, hard jolts of pleasure ripping through his balls. "Oh, shit. SHIT!" He roared as the orgasm engulfed him with flaming heat. "SHIT GOD DAMN!" His body thudded into her, beating into her hot snatch.

"Tony. TONY!" She screamed as his cock slammed up her box. "OH!"

"JESUS!" Tony's dick poured waves of gism into the slick pussy. "GOD DAMN!"

"Oh, Tony. Oh."

"Shit! Oh, God damn. Fuck!" He collapsed to her.


"I... God damn!" He grinned as he started to kiss her. His mouth covered her lips completely and his tongue rammed for her throat. His hands mashed her tits.

"Fantastic!" He hugged her. "Christ, I do not believe how good that was. Shit!"

"I knew you were strong, but... my God!"

"Did you like it? Did you?"

"I kind of did, yeah. It was different. And you almost broke me in two."

"Oh, God. I'm sorry." He pulled out of her cunt. "I didn't know. I got all carded away. It was like nothing that's ever happened to me before." He got up, cock shimmering with cunt juice and cum.

"I didn't mean to hurt you."

"It didn't hurt, Tony. Not really. But it was awful hard."

"I'm sorry. It felt so good. Felt great!" He fumbled with the knot. "And the harder I did it the better it felt." He started to slide the rope from her wrist.

"I'm glad. You sure sounded happy when you came."

"I was. Christ, I felt it all the way down to my toes. It was incredible. Just too perfect." He took the rope all the way off. "Fan-tas-tic!" His grin spread.

"That's good." She smiled up at him, flexing her wrist and stretching her leg out flat on the bed.

Tony went to the other side of the bed and unbound her hand. "I thought it would be different, but I didn't dream how good it would be. Wow. It was so fucking great!"

"I'm glad. Tony. I'll do anything to please you. I love you, you know." She lay flat on the bed.

"Yeah. I know. I love you, too." He got a cigarette and lit it, sitting on the side of the bed. "That was sure something else. Wow. I can't get over how good it felt. Shit, like my dick was on fire or something. And my balls. Jesus."

"I love your dick." Her hand slid over the tool. "And your balls."

"You're sure I didn't hurt you?"

"No. Really you didn't. Mostly it was just that I didn't know what to expect."

"Yeah. Neither did I!" He took a drag.

"I thought it would be like before, just making love, only a little different position." Linda lay back, one hand carelessly laid on his thigh, close to the crotch.

"So did I. But it sure worked out different." He smiled at her. "Different and great!" He touched a breast.

Linda looked at him for a moment. "You know, you seemed different, too. When you were doing it."

"Uh? Different how?"

"Well, it's hard to say, exactly. Sort of, not stronger, but more... I don't know, more aggressive, somehow. Sort of like you were taking over."

"Taking over?" He sounded puzzled and let the smoke trickle, from his nose for a moment.

"That's not quite it. I don't know how to put it." She wrapped an arm around his waist and laid her head against his hip. "Do you still love me?"

"Sure. Wow, love you a lot, honey. Really." He bent and kissed her lightly.

"You uh, well, you won't tell anybody about this, will you?"

"Oh, hey, no. Of course not. It was just that guy at work talking about it the other day that got me to thinking about it. No, I don't talk about what happens with us. That's personal. I mean, the guys know I've got a girlfriend and all, and I suppose they figure we're making it and all like that, but I don't ever tell them anything."

"That's good. I don't mind doing it, but it is, well, kind of unusual, and I wouldn't like to get a reputation or anything bad like that."

"Don't worry, you won't." He smiled and nuzzled his face between her breasts.

"Hey, careful. You're getting ashes all over me." She pushed him away playfully.

"Oh, sorry." He blew at the few stray grey flakes, whisking them from her tit.

"Would you tie me up, then you try to set fire to me. Wow. Some husband you're going to make." She sat up.

"I'm a first class hunk of husband material." He kissed a nipple briefly. "Steady, sober, reliable, and great in bed."

"Well, the last part's true, anyway." She started to get up.

"Hey, where go, babe?"

"Bafroom," she baby-talked.

"Okie-dokie," he replied in the same patter.

Linda took two steps to cross the small bedroom. The bathroom was even smaller than the kitchen, just a shower, toilet and little sink all jammed together.

She cleaned up quickly, paying attention to the smear of sex-juices on the inside of her thighs, then went back to the bedroom. It was empty.

"Hey, where are you?"

"Out here," Tony called. "I wanted a beer. How about you?"

"No, thanks. But I could use as bite of something." She went nude into the living room. Tony's nude form decorated the kitchen area nicely. She walked up to him, gave him a kiss and reached for the refrigerator door.

Tony popped the top of his beer can and stood firmly between Linda and the refrigerator. "You're going to get fat on me, aren't you? Like all the other broads. Keep that great figure just long enough to lead some poor bastard to the altar, then wham, it's eat, eat, eat all day."

"Women do that because their husbands can't give them what they really want." She pushed him aside.

"Oh, and what is that?"

"You know damn well." She opened the door. "You sure don't have much besides beer."

"I eat out a lot."

Linda found a remnant of chicken leg -- she'd fixed it for him a couple of days before. "I guess this'll do." She shut the door and started to gnaw.

Tony swigged some beer, looking at her. A trickle of beer spilled over his chin and down his chest. "Shit." He looked around for a towel.

"Here. Let me." Linda crouched and licked up the trickle with her tongue, leaving a wide, moist streak from his stomach up to his collarbone. She kissed the drops from his chin, then gave him a soft, messy kiss.

"Nice. You're real handy to have around." His arm circled her waist and he pulled her close for a longer kiss.

Linda rubbed her tits on his chest. She knew he was good for another fuck that night. And she wanted one. She tasted his beer on his lips and licked at than, tongue all soft and damp.

"DO you really love me?" Her tongue kept sliding on his mouth. She pressed her bare pussy to his thigh.

"I sure as hell do." He pushed his crotch out, touching the dick to her side.

Linda slid her snatch on his leg, spreading her thighs so they almost wrapped around his. Her finger covered his dick, massaging the limp flesh slowly.

"What are you frying to do, get me turned on?" He sipped some beer.

"Damn right." She took the can and swallowed a large mouthful. "I want cock. Big and hard."

She pulled his prick briskly.

Tony took back the can and leaned against the wall, legs spread. "Well, you know how to get it." He drank some beer slowly.

"I sure do." Linda fell to her knees, mouth ready to surround the tool. She slurped it all in quickly, burrowing with her nose into the crotch hairs. The dense smell of a strong, active male filled her nostrils and her tongue lapped at his prick rapidly. The flesh at his hips and butt was pale and her hands caressed it slowly, the skin smooth and soft to her touch, the flesh beneath it firm. She touched his balls with one hand mid felt a pang of desire spin from her clit. Desire started to crowd her pussy and she pressed her face to the man's crotch, swallowing his slowly swelling meat.

"You're getting good at that, honey." He caressed her head with one hand and drank beer with the other.

One hand stayed with his balls. The other crept up over his lean belly and touched onto his chest. The feel of his strong muscles started the cream oozing in her cunt.

Linda sucked faster, wanting the dick to get all the way hard, hard enough to fuck. Hard enough to make her come. Come and come and come.

Her pussy was dripping now and she tugged lightly on Tony's nuts. The shaft was hard to her lips, a real firmness pulsing through it. "Ohhhhh." She forced it into her throat.

"I love it when you do that." Tony pressed his dick into her, one hand at the back of her head to hold it steady as he began to make slow fuckstrokes.

Linda nut one hand to her snatch, touching her clit to start the desires flowing briskly. His hips kept pushing more of the hard meat into her mouth.

"You know," Tony said, "I'd like to try that bondage bit again. See if I can get you to come."

"Mmmmmmm." Cunt fluid began to flow.

"How about it? I'll fuck you just like usual, if you want. But that was so neat before I'd like to try it again."

"Ohhhh, yeah." She kept twisting her mouth around the long prick. "Anything for you."

"Great." He put both hands to the sides of her head.

"I want you, Tony. My body wants you. Wants your prick." She pressed her naked torso to his, mashing the tits on his chest.

His kiss was instantly passionate, both arms grabbing her, one hand right on the ass to haul her to his stiff tool. The tongue dug into her mouth.

Her tits ached beautifully, a throb of need in each pink nipple. She stood on tip-toe to feel the dick with her pussy.

"Ohhhmmm, Tony." She melted to him, lust gripping them as they kissed, hugging tightly.

"Oh, Jesus!" His voice quivered with desire.

"I'm yours, Tony. Every bit of me. Take me. Take me. Oh!"

"Yeah!" He almost growled, lust throbbing from his balls. "Let's get into the bedroom. Now." He took her hand and almost pulled her from the kitchen.

"How do you want me? Like before, with my hands on my feet?" She sat on the bed, looking right at his cock, wanting to feel it crash into her box.

"No. I thought maybe if you just lie down flat. On your back. That way, maybe I can fuck you better. I want to make you come."

"Oh, yes. I want that, too." She stretched out on the mattress. "I want that, Tony." She smiled up at the man.

Tony found the rope on the floor. "Put your arms up. Spread. Like this." He held his hands over his head, arms widely spaced, the rope dangling from one hand.

"Oh, yeah. Sure." Linda put her hands back, sliding lower on the mattress to avoid the headboard. "Is this right?"

"Yeah. That's it. Just hang on now." Tony wrapped the rope around one wrist, making three turns before tying a double knot.

"Is that too tight for you?"

"No. That's okay." Linda kept smiling at the guy.

Tony went to the other side of the bed, looking for the other length of cord. He found it tangled in the sheets and yanked it free. He made the same kind of tie, securing the rope to a corner of the bed frame.

"Now, I guess the legs get the same treatment." He tugged one foot toward a corner of the mattress and crouched to put the rope around it.

"Oh. You'll be able to get so far up into my pussy this way, Tony. Hurry up. I can't wait. I want to feel it."

"So do I." He fixed the end of the rope to the bed frame, making sure the knot was very tight.

"This will be so sexy, so good. Oh, please. Hurry up." Her hips pressed into the bed, the thighs squirming as her pussy began to turn warm.

Tony tied the other leg to the frame, pulling it out so the twat was split, showing all pink and moist.

Linda arched her hips toward the guy, smiling, her tongue rolling over her lips slowly.

"Yeah." Tony stood at the foot of the bed, looking down at the tied blonde. He tugged lightly on his dick to get it back up to full size, then knelt on the mattress and began to crawl toward Linda.

"Tony. Oh, Tony. Love me. The way I love you. I love all of you, Tony."

"Sexy!" He planted his hand right over her snatch.

"Oh!" Lust jumped to heat at his first touch. "Yes. Yes!" She began to writhe as his fingers played on her delicate pussy-flesh. "Tony!" A gasp came when he touched her clit.

"God damn!" He grinned, lying on top of her, sticking the end of his prick toward her twat.

"Tony. In me. Yes. Oh, yes, yes, yes."

The dick entered slowly, the heat increasing as the man's rod penetrated deeper. She felt his weight bear down on her clit, flames of passion licking all over her crotch. "Tony. Oh. Tony. Tony! Tony!" She arched up against him, trying to get leverage with her shoulders. Her arms were of no use; her legs could not help. She had, to please the man only with her cunt. "TONY!" Lust hurtled along her nerves as he started to fuck.


"OH, GOD!" Tony struck down into the stretched hole. His cock felt all the way in, every last bit of the tool surrounded by wet pussy. He leaned to her, touching her tits with his body. His hands felt out her arms, touched the rope and be bore down, fucking with heavy strokes, hips swiveling to touch the dick all around inside the snatch.

"OH!" Linda began to rise to climax, her body brimming with delight, the cock burning through her tight twat, her tits bursting with pleasure, his body doing wonderful things to her, her whole cunt one mass of hot lust.

"Tony. Oh. Yes. That's it. There. Like that. Now. Do it. Hard. Make me come. Make me come. Make me come with your cock." She strained at the bonds, wanting to hold him, wanting her anus around his splendid, strong torso, wanting to love him, love him. "OH!" She began to get off, arching to the driving dick, body tense, the ropes at her ankles biting in as she tried to crush her legs round his hips.

"TONY!" She gave a short, high scream, cunt boiling with ecstasy. Exquisite joy danced along her nerves. "OHHHHH!" She shrieked with total passion, cunt blazing now, dripping with juice, her arms aching as she pulled against the bond.

"OH!" Tony grunted, hitting into the box. His hips curled, muscles flexing as he drove right up the tight center of Linda's snatch.

"OHHHH!" She shuddered, the force of his screwing pounding her into the bed. She lay helpless with desire, body slack now that the howling peak of her orgasm was fading.

"Tony. It was sooo goood!"

"It's so great, Linda. Shit, like a fucking dream. Oh. Oh, shit. Shit!" He heaved into the woman, lust powering his frantic drives. "LINDA!" He shouted, digging into the box, ripping at the flesh, his cock a mass of urgent sexual need, achingly hard, ready to explode.

"Tony. Fuck me. Hard. All the way. I love you." She felt the power of his desire and yearned to hold him, to touch him with her hands.

"GOD!" He put his head down and just fucked. "SO HOT!! SHIT!!!"

"Tony. Come. In me. Let me feel it. Let me feel you come. Come!" Her pleasures mounted again, rising steadily as the man hit into her hot snatch.

"Oh, Linda! Jesus. I love you!" He mashed himself to her nude figure, his kisses wild, as his dick slid faster and faster in the light tunnel. His hands grabbed for her breasts, crushed the nipples, then groped to her shoulders, hanging on as his fucking took on a deeper intensity, his body hunched, ready to spring into the full glory of climax.

"Oh." Linda breathed deeply, gasping with pleasure, loving the feel of the man on her, in her, his arms crushing her to him, his cock creating endless waves of total joy in her cunt. "Tony. Tony. Tony!" The screwing almost hurt. She knew she would come again, any second now, and just let his cock do it, let his great prick bring her to the smashing peak, the high, urgent, aching release of her pulsing desires. "NOW!" She felt the pressure swell, then shrieked as his prick pounded up her cunt. "NOW! NOW. HARD!"

Tony hammered with his prick. His body tensed, nerves pulled to breaking.

A new kind of lust, deep, dark, raging, almost animal, roared out of his cock. He felt the full savagery for a moment, then lost control. His lust took charge, driving him faster, harder, reaming the cunt. His arms bore down, his cock shrieking with heat, with pressure, with total lust, physical need running wild through his body.

"SHIT. OH. OH, FUCK. SHIT!" He bellowed, body rigid for a long shimmering moment, then his hips flexed, slammed and the flood of gism seared through his cock.

Linda felt the plunging force of the man's climax and came with him, driven to ecstasy by his having male strength, the power of his body, of his hips, of his naked cock sending ha into a billowing world of pure pleasure.

Linda came with long, trembling bursts of joy. Her breams tingled and she shook with enjoyment. Her muscles twitched, pain sliding around the edges of her climax, adding just an extra edge to the pleasures.

"Son of a bitch!" Tony cried, overwhelmed by the climax. "Oh. Oh, Jesus!"

"Tony," she gasped, drained, going all limp under him.

"My God!" He kissed her desperately, prick still moving in the cunt to take the final bits of happiness. "Linda. Oh. Oh, so great. Shit, I love you. So fucking much. Oh." He ran his hands over her breasts and down her sides.

"Oh, Tony. Tony, yes. Love. Yes, yes, yes." She wanted to wriggle against him but did not have the energy. His fucking had worn her out.

"Linda. I do not believe it was so great!" He kept kissing her, hands everywhere on her body. "So perfect. God, I love you. Yes!"

"I came, Tony. Oh, so good. You did it. You were so strong. So strong! I didn't know any man could be that strong. So much force."

"Oh. I didn't hurt you, did I. I didn't mean to. I just got carried away."

"No. You didn't hurt me. Well, just a little, right at the end. But that made it better."

"It did?" He eased from her snatch.

"Yeah. It's not anything to worry about." She smiled at him as he rolled to lie beside her.

"I won't be so rough next time."

"No. I liked it. I liked feeling all of your strength. It was just a surprise. I mean, I knew you were strong. But that was incredible!" She kept smiling at him.

"Look, I'll get these ropes off you." He sat up, swiveling on his butt, reaching for her arm.

"We've got to do this again sometime, Tony. It was so super-terrific! Yeah!"

"We will. Don't worry about that. I'm not going to forget this ever. Not for my whole life." He untied the wrist, leaving the rope in place on the bed frame. He got up, freed a leg, still leaving the rope attached to the bed, then went to the far side and unbound Linda completely.

"Oh." She curled slightly, rubbing one wrist with her fingers.

"Does that burn?" He crawled on the bed beside her.

"No. Not really. Just a little stiff. That's all. But it was worth it. It was so great." Her arms circled his shoulders and she pulled him down to her for a long, soft kiss.

"I love you, Linda." He snuggled beside her, "I love your face, your hair, your body, your pussy. I love every little bit of you." One hand groped the blanket from the floor.

"I don't know what part of you I like most, Tony. I love it all. But your prick goes pretty close to the top of the list." She let him put his arm under her head, nestled close to his warm body.

"I love you." Tony kissed her tenderly.

It took a while, but they finally managed to get to sleep.


Linda was only able to get time to visit Tony on weekends. By Friday night, he was horny enough to kill.

He picked her up at her house, broke nineteen different traffic laws getting to his apartment, hustled her inside and started to paw at her breasts.

Linda was eager also. She started to strip the instant she heard the door close behind them. His groping hands got in the way, but she didn't mind. Not one little bit. She loved the feel of his fingers groping for her tits.

The blouse hit the floor, she popped open the bra, let it flutter to the floor and turned to the bedroom.

"Linda! God, I want you so much." He caught her by the arm, turned her around and started kissing the boobs.

"Tony. Oh, yes. Yes. I love you. Yes!" She offered him her tits, made a present of her entire body.

"Odd. I'm all turned on right now." He shoved his crotch to her thigh, backing her against the wall. His mouth met hers and they hugged desperately.

"I love you. Oh, God. Tony." She raked his back with her fingers, lust beginning to warm her pussy rapidly.

"Oh." He moaned, tongue probing way into her mouth, fingers twirling the nipples to throbbing hardness.

Linda shoved her tits to him, pressing them against his grasping hands. Her legs spread and his thigh jammed against her crotch. The flow of sweet juice began, his leg tightly pressed, her clit feeling his strength.

"I dream about you, Tony. Dream about your body. All naked and hard. Right with me. In me. Oh!" The pangs of lust got stronger.

"I want you. Right now." His hand clamped to the front of her pale green capris, fumbling all over the tender snatch.

"Yes." Her hands tried to undo the snaps on her capris.

Tony planted his palm on her warm stomach and slid it inside the panties, right over the lovely pussy.

"Ohhhhhh!" Linda melted with the first feel of his fingers. "Tony!" Her body thrashed with passion. She rotated her crotch against his fingers, aching with physical need for him, for his body. For his cock!

"Linda," be growled, probing into the twat.

"Tony, Tony," she sighed, managing to get her capri's rolled down past her box.

"Oh, God!" He grabbed both bare cheeks and hauled her against him, lifting her from the floor. "I want you." She was frantic with lust, tearing at his shirt, trying to bare his chest to touch her pounding nipples.

"Jesus!" He turned, carrying her into the bedroom. It was only a few steps and he placed her on the bed, bending down, shoving her back crawling on top of her. He opened his fly with one hand and got out his hard prick.

"Linda, Linda, oh, Linda!" He lay on her, thrusting with his hips. "I can't wait. Not any more." He found the pussy and dived right in.

"Tony!" She gasped with the feel of all his dick suddenly ramming into her. Her capris tangled around her ankles, too knotted to get off now. Her hands tugged up his shirt, baring the chest. Her nipples hummed as they touched his solid torso. She got his pants down past the hips, touched the butt, then just lay still, loving the feel of his great prick in her steaming cunt.

"Tony, now. Love me. All the way." She spread her thighs as far as she could and let the man fuck.

Sudden beat flared from her snatch. She felt the raw force of his lust and began to come, short, flaming spurts of desire racing from her crotch. His fingers dug into her tail, almost pinching as he tugged her up to meet his swift thrusts.

"Oh, Jesus. Shit. Oh. Linda. Yes. Yes! YES!" He came, drilling her with powerful strokes, spraying thick juice.

"Tony." Her mouth hurt where he crushed it with his lips, jaws wide apart, tongue crazy as it flicked and probed.

It was less than a minute from his first penetrating thrust. He fell slack on her, breathing heavily.

"Yes." She caressed his head lightly.

"Oh, Linda. God. I want you so much. All the time." He withdrew from her pussy and rolled to one side.

"I know." She let her legs slide together.

"I wanted to wait. At least until we were naked."

"That's all right. I liked it. I liked feeling how much you want me." She turned toward him, drawing up one knee. "It's exciting, Tony. To have you want me so much. I can feel it. I can feel it all through your whole body." She touched his moist prick softly with one finger. "It proves you love me."

"I love you. So much." He touched one tit.

"I know. I hear you say it. But when I can feel it, feel all of you desiring me, that's so lovely." She cupped her hand under his balls.

Tony pulled her over for a kiss. His arm held her and he touched to her crotch with his dick. They lay on their sides, her hands on his back and butt.

"I want to make love to you all night long. All night."

"Yes. Oh, Tony. It's so beautiful with you. I never knew sex was so wonderful until you showed me."

"You are so good, Linda. Better than anybody in the whole world."

"Mmmmmm." She nuzzled onto his neck.

"Hey, we'd better get out of our clothes now, before we get all carried away again." He sat up, struggling to get his shirt off over his head.

Linda sat on the edge of the bed, fingers busy untangling her capris and panties. Tony stood up close to her, crotch at eye level and she took a careful look at his prick as he shucked off his shoes and stepped out of his slacks.

"Oh, Tony. You are so beautiful." She hugged his hips, resting her face on his tool.

"I'll be so glad when we're married. Then we can do this every night. Not have to wait." He touched her blonde hair, lightly pressing his rod to her face. "I love you."

"Tony. Oh, yes. Let's love each other forever and ever." Her lips softly brushed on the hanging end of his dick.

"Hey, I'd better wash that. It's kind of messy."

"I don't mind. It's you. All part of you." She sucked in all of his prick, nesting her nose in the curly pile of coarse crotch hair.

"Linda. Oh, yes." He let her suck cock for a minute, standing with one hand on her hair, the other fondling the soft, pale skin of her shoulder. "You are just beautiful." He crouched and kissed her lips softly. "Beautiful. And I love you." He swiveled and sat beside her on the bed, taking off his socks so he was totally nude.

"Tony, you will love me forever?" She put an arm around his shoulders.

"At least forever. Longer!" He took her in his arms, a kiss that started with just their lips lightly brushing, swelling into a passionate embrace, his torso twisting to touch her boobs squarely, her hands on his arms, their tongues passing back and forth.

Tony put one hand on a tit, let the other find her clit and added pressure with his tongue.

"Ohhhh." She quivered with pleasure, one hand running over Tony's chest. She pressed her palm flat to feel the firmness of his belly, then let the fingers drift to his crotch. The cock was rising steadily and she wound her fingers around it, savoring the growing strength, the power of the shaft increasing as her fingers tightened into a good grip.

His thumb kept rolling her clit until it floated like a ball bearing in warm oil. One finger eased into her pussy and she groaned, the dick hard in her hand, warm, her skin tingling as she touched lower, almost down to the man's nuts. His tongue filed her mouth and she sensed his lust, her own lust smell, her pussy dripping now, his finger touching way up inside, the thumb jamming on her clit until the bit of flesh almost shrieked.

"Lie down." Tony's voice was breathy. "Just lie out flat. Let me eat your pussy." His hands guided her back on the bed.

Linda stretched out, turning to move toward the center of the mattress. His hand did not leave her cunt.

"Ohhhhhhhhh, Linda." He rose slightly, still touching her clit and looked down. "You are so sexy. Christ, you're like one of those pictures in the magazines."

Linda smiled, spreading her legs. "Am I, really?"

"Oh, God, yes. With those big tits and that great snatch." He bent and kissed the right breast.

"Tony." Her hands glided on his shoulders, running through his crinkly-curly hair, touching onto his neck, his shoulders, his back. "Love me. I want you. Tony." She lifted her hips.

Tony's mouth tried to swallow the tit. His tongue flicked all around the nipple, sending rays of happiness through her.

His hand touched the other boob, smothering it as his tongue kept working.

Linda wiggled with desire, his hands and mouth making light sprays of lust spring from her snatch. His mouth shifted to the left breast, hand on the right one now, as she moaned, her body filled with urgent longings.

The first climax had not been satisfying. It was just a sort of warm-up. Now she felt her nerves begin to burn with passion and knew that their love-making would be splendid.

"Tony, Tony, Tony."

His tongue lapped softly down her belly and she stretched her thighs as far apart as she could. His thumb left her clit and she sighed, then gasped as his tongue touched the button.

"Ohhhmmmm!" Tony's face pressed against her pussy.

"Yes. Love me. Oh! Oh!" Lust soared as she felt his lips move in a delicate kissing pattern on her box.

Tony swung his kg over her thigh and crouched low ever her crotch, his mouth glued to the warm, damp cunt. His tongue licked over the clit.

"Yes!" She shuddered with lust, hot desire racing out of the crotch as he kept kissing, kept pressing down on the throbbing flesh. His tongue almost got her off. She thrashed, arms loose, clawing the air as the pressures swelled, rolling through her body, urgent messages of lust hurrying on the nerves.

"So good! Tony. Tony!" Linda grabbed his head, shoving her crotch up to his pressing mouth. "Tony!!"

Tony rubbed his nose on the clit.

"Ahhhh!" A wild gasp sprang from her throat. Pleasure gushed out of her cunt. "Tony!" Her body arched, her butt clear off the bed. "Yes!"

Tony's hands grabbed for her tits, mashing them down, fingers tight on the nipples.

"Tony. I want to come, come!"

"Ohbhh." He started to crawl onto her, hands flanking her sides. He lay down, dick right on the eager twat.

The cock pressed into Linda's body.

Linda came with the first thrust, arching, almost lifting the man, her legs throbbing, blood pounding out of her cunt, out of her head, a roaring all through her body as the cock stoned to fuck, fuck with solid strength, the man on her, in her, digging, driving, the dick hot, hard, like steel, plunging through her flesh.

"TOOOOONNYY!" She raked him with her fingernails, digging into the solid shoulders. She flamed, her crotch one wide field of hot joy.

Lust buried her, smothered her, drowned her. Linda howled, totally overwhelmed by the magnificent sex.

"Ohhhhh, God!" She dissolved under him. "Love!"

Tony kept screwing. His torso pressed down the tits. His tail kept curling under, thrusting the prick all the way up her pussy.

"You're so good, Tony. Oh. I love you. I love your cock!" She tightened her snatch around his great rod.

His thrusts slowed, lost their power.

"Did you? Did you come, Tony?"

"No. Not yet." He pulled out of the twat.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong. It's great." He rolled away to one side.

"Did I do something?" Linda sat up, looking at him.

"No. You're great." He touched a tit. "I just wanted to... well, tie you up again. Just a little." He pinched a nipple lightly.

"Oh. Oh, yes. I'll do anything for you, Tony. Just anything." She rolled to him, one arm slung over his chest, breast touching his side.

"And I... I'd like to put it up here." He touched her tail. "Go inside you from the back."

"Oh." She had never done that before.

"Please, Linda. Just this once. I want to try it. See what it's like."

"I... okay." She managed a small smile. "But I've never done that. Not ever."

"I did once. I kind of liked it." His fingers squeezed one tail-cheek. "I liked it a lot." He could not hide his grin.

"Oh, Tony." She hugged him. "I love you. You can do anything you want to with me. With my body." She wriggled her pussy against his thigh.

"You're beautiful." His lips found her mouth and he rolled, bearing her to her back. "I'll do it for me, then spend the rest of the night just making you happy." He started to get up.

Linda stared at the hard dick, glimmering with pussy-cream. "What do I do? I want to make it good for you." Her eyes did not leave Tony's dick as he went to his dresser.

"You just have to lie there. Just face down." He took several lengths of rope from the drawer. "I made these up in case you said yes."

"I'll always say yes to you, Tony." She smiled, watching his hard-on sway as he crossed the room toward her.

Tony looped three of the hunks of rope around his neck so the ends dangled down his chest. He stretched the other between his hands.

Linda watched the muscles in his arm bulge as he pulled at the rope. She swiveled her hips, turning to lie face down, head twisted to keep looking at the prick. "Is this right?" She stretched her hands and feet toward the corners of the bed.

"Yeah. That's it." He squatted to loop one hunk of rope around the wrist and tie it off to the bed frame.

Linda craned her head around to keep watching his dick as he went down and tied off one foot, then the other. The rope seemed to be tighter than the other times, almost biting her skin. She watched as Tony went up and tied off her left hand, then stood looking down at her.

"Sexy!" He put one knee on the bed and leaned toward her butt. "So God damned sexy." His hands glided all over her tail. He crouched between her split thighs, opening the crack with both hands. The hole showed tight and pink, neatly crimped all around.

"Oh, yeah. Bitchin' sexy ass." His fingers kneaded the cheeks. "Sexy, sexy ass." He took his dick in one hand and leaned down toward the opening.

"Tony. Don't hurt me." Her voice quavered just a bit and she strained, trying to look at what he was doing. His weight pressed to her butt and she tried to relax, spreading her legs just slightly more.

"Just hold still, honey. Just take a minute now. Relax."

"I will." She felt his chest on her back. Linda lay out, not able to see the action. She felt the heavy warmth of his body crush her.

Then the spreading warmth flowed from her ass hole. His dick pressed tightly, the heat spreading around on the flesh.

The end of his cock was in.

"Oh." A pinching line or pain flashed from the hole.

"Easy, honey."

More cock glided in, the rod huge, like a telephone pole, stretching her tail, almost tearing.

"Tony. It's hurting. Please, take it easy."

"Just relax. It'll be okay. It feels so great. God. So hot. And tight. Shit, I can't believe how tight it is."

She felt the pain grow as the rest of his post shoved in.

"Oh. Ow!" She tried to twist away from the rod. Her arms strained at the rapes. The cord bit sharply. She wiggled her legs and the ankles were sharply pinched by their ropes. He had tied her with absolutely no slack.

"Tony. Please. It hurts."

"Hang on. It won't take long." Tony started to fuck, long, full strokes. He held himself on his arms above the butt, thrusting steadily, legs spread wide.

"Oh. Oh!" Linda moaned as the heat increased, the pressure burning in her tail. The cock sent an ache right through her. "Tony. Please."

"Hold still." He grabbed her hips with both hands, forcing her to support his weight as he kept fucking.

"OH!" The pressure of his arms shoved her into the mattress, pulling her arms and legs tighter against, the bonds. Her wrists began to ache; the ankles hurt, skin burning from the rope.

"Tony. Tony. Please!" She tried to twist her tail from under him but his arms held her with a strong grip.

"Just hold still. Damn it. I'm almost ready to come. Hold your ass still." He fucked harder, the drives almost brutal.

"Oh, God." Linda bit at the sheet, her head thrashing as the pain in her butt swelled.

"Oh, God. Yes. Yes!" His dick hammered up the slick passage, slicing into the ass.

Tony started to sweat. Heat gushed around his reaming dick. "Fucking great asshole!"

"Oh, Tony. It hurts!"

"Just lie still, damn it." He crushed her to the mattress, hammering with his cock until the roaring started, crashed from his balls and he came ripping into the ass, shooting hot cum all over the channel.

"Tony!" Linda gasped, writhing with sharp pain streaming from her battered tail. "Oh. Stop."

"Shit. God damn." He twisted into the butt, taking every possible bit of pleasure. His chest slid on her shoulders. His hands gouged her hips. "Oh! YES!"

"Oh. Tony." She tried to relax, struggled to force her body to go limp.

Finally the man lay still, breathing heavily.

"Ohhhh, Linda. That was so great God damn. Just so fucking perfect." He popped his prick from the circle.

Linda relaxed, a delicious coolness replacing the pain.

Tony rolled to the side. "You are just so great." He kissed her shoulder and the back of her neck.

"Tony, please untie me. It hurt. And you tied me up too tight. It's hurting my arms and legs."

"Oh, hey!" He was instantly sorry. "Honey. I didn't know. I'm sorry. Oh, God. I didn't want to hurt YOU."

"Just take the rope off me." Some anger showed.

"Oh, sure. Right now." He sprang to the right wrist, fingers fumbling in their hurry to release the arm. "I'm sorry, Linda. I thought it was just like before. That wasn't too tight, was it?"

"No. But this time it was." She did not look at him. The arm came free and she bent it toward her head, relaxing slowly.

"I'm sorry. You should have told me when I put them on." He rushed to get the foot loose.

"It was okay then. It was after you started screwing that it started to get painful. When they pulled tighter." Both feet were free and she curled her legs up, twisting onto her side, pulling her knees up toward her boobs. Some pain still lingered in her butt.

"I'll make it good for you." Tony had trouble with the last knot. "I promise. We'll just do it the old fashioned way -- just plain screwing," He tugged and finally the card yielded. "There you are." He kissed her hand just before she drew it away.

"And when you -- did it. It hurt. It hurt an awful lot."

"I'm so sorry, honey. God, I didn't mean to hurt you." He crawled toward her.

"I told you it hurt. I told you and told you. But you just kept doing it."

"I heard you. But I couldn't help myself. I lost control. Linda, God, it felt so good. So damn good. All the way through. I just had to keep going. I had to do it. Had to." His arm circled her shoulder and he kissed her lightly on the fingertips. "It hurt, and you didn't stop." She pulled away. "I'm sorry, honey. It won't happen again." He rolled to her, taking her into an embrace, one arm on her tits.

"I can still feel it hurting, Tony." She lay very still, not responding to his touch.

"Honey, I am so sorry. It won't happen again. I promise. I don't want to hurt you. I love you. I love you so much." He kissed her full on the mouth.

"Tony, I... do you promise that it won't happen again? Promise me for true and for always?" She looked straight into his eyes.

"Yes," he said sincerely. "I promise." He kissed just the very end of one finger. "I love you." His eyes looked deeply into hers. "I love you, Linda. Forever."

"Tony." Her arm circled his waist and she turned to him, letting her breasts glide to his chest. "I love you."

"Ohhhh, Linda." He started a kiss that melted them into a tangle of arms and legs.

"Let me make it good hr you." His hand explored down her belly and found her pussy. "Let me love you."

"Yes! Oh, Tony, yes, yes, yes." She cried to him as he started to make love.


Linda and Tony were late for the party because she changed her mind three times about what to wear. She wanted to look nice to meet Tony's friends. He kept telling her the dark yellow sweater looked fine, but she was still nervous about it all when they pulled up in front of the big old house.

Tony walked beside her up onto the porch. "Just relax. They're just friends of mine from work. Nice people." Tony rang the bell.

"I hope so. I want to make a good impression." Linda fluffed her hair for the ninety-ninth time in ten minutes.

"You're perfect." Tony smiled and gave her a small kiss on the cheek just as the door opened.

"Oh, hi." The screen swung open. A woman stood outlined by the light inside. "Tony, right?" Her voice came clearly through the early evening.

"Right. You must be Brenda." Tony took a step forward.

"Sure am, honey." She stepped back. The light slanted across her face, highlighting the narrow snub nose. Her black hair lay in a tight series of short laps close to her neck from behind, just barely curling under her ears at the sides.

"Come on in." Brenda stepped back more to give them room to pass, her eyes not leaving Tony for an instant.

Linda stuck close to Tony as she walked into the living room.

The furniture was all heavily stuffed, two couches facing each other with an armchair at each end to make an open rectangle.

"Brenda," Tony said, "this is Linda."

"Oh, hi, Linda." Brenda gave the blond about half a second's worth of glance, then gazed at Tony. Her voice sounded very warm and cordial. "Glad you could make it."

"Thank you. I've been looking forward to the party all week." Linda smiled, stepping forward. She looked at Brenda's off-the-shoulder blouse and was glad her sweater was tight enough to show off her frontage nicely.

"Hey! Tony!" A man's voice boomed from the back of the house. "Nice to see you."

"Hi, Carl." Tony turned toward the man as he came into the room.

"Glad you made it." He shook Tony's hand vigorously. "This must be Linda."

"Sure is."

"Hi. I'm Carl." He shook Linda's hand.

"Hi, Carl." Linda looked at him closely. Broad shoulders, bull neck, hefty torso, the knit shirt clinging at the sides where it slid over his hips.

"Hey, Tony. She's prettier than you said. A lot prettier."

"Thank you." She almost blushed, not so much from the compliment as from the way Carl's eyes kept staring at her sweater. They seemed to burn right through the cloth.

"Look," Carl said. "Come on out in back to the rec room. Al's there, with Karen. You guys can get a drink and get acquainted." He looked down at Linda, coveting her body with a long gaze before he turned and moved toward the back of the house.

Tony let Linda go past, following the man, then walked behind her, Brenda close on his heels.

The recreation room had modern furniture, low couches, lots of extra-large pillows, all in bright colors. A fireplace filled one end of the room, a bar flanking it along one side.

"What'll you have?" Carl went behind the bar.

"Beer," Tony said.

"Just a beer for me, too." Linda usually didn't drink at all. But she wanted to fit in, to be like the others.

"Tony, you know Al, don't you?" Carl said, nodding at a couple seated near the fireplace.

"Oh, sure." Tony went to the guy, hand outstretched.

"Is this Linda?" Al stood, uncurling six feet of lanky frame from the low couch. He looked at the blond, smiling, his curly coppery hair taking on a light glow from the spluttering fire. "She's gorgeous, man. Where you been hiding her?" Al took two steps toward Linda, eyes busy all over her body.

"Hi," Linda said shyly, not able to keep looking at Al. His eyes were hazel, dancing with light. When he came up to her and took her hand she managed to look at his face, the chin, mostly, too shy to look at anything else for very long.

"I'm glad you could come, Linda." Al held her hand for a moment longer than usually required for a handshake.

"I'm Karen." The brunette got up, looking poisoned daggers at Linda.

"Hi, Karen." Linda moved toward her, smiling. "I sure do like your outfit." She wanted to make friends. It wasn't her fault that Al had made a fuss.

"Here you go." Carl handed them both glasses of beer.

"Oh. Thank you, Carl." Linda took the glass and held it delicately, not sure whether to take a sip or wait or what.

"Sit down. Come on." Carl gestured to a couch. "Thank you." Linda sat, looking at Tony, waiting until he sat beside her. She looked at him, very aware of the way Al's eyes were boring through her sweater. And that didn't make much sense because Karen had bigger breasts. That was very clear from the tightness of her blouse. And Karen didn't have a bra on, either. The nipple showed very plainly enough the clinging cloth.

Linda didn't want to make any kind of a scene, so she clamped both eyes on Tony's face and hunched her shoulders to hide her own figure.

They talked for a while, mostly the men talking, and that mostly about work. They kept mentioning people she didn't know. Linda drained her glass and held it for about two seconds, then Carl jumped up and got her a fresh beer.

The second beer went down faster and by the time Carl had given her a third, Tony was on his second and she was starting to relax a little.

But she kept feeling Al's eyes roaming on her form. She caught his glance from time to time. Caught similar looks coming from Carl, too.

It was hard to explain the men's glances. Brenda was very nice looking, with great skin, all pure white, plunging into the low top of her blouse just as the breasts started to swell to fullness. The pale skin next to the black hair made almost a dramatic contrast. And Karen was super-stacked.

Linda moved closer to Tony, snuggling against his thigh. He put his arm around her shoulder, leaning back on the couch. She felt better, but the new position stretched her blouse tight over her tits. She caught Al's look. And his smile.

She had had other guys smile at her that way and knew just what it meant. It was a sexual smile. No other way to read it.

The smile made her nervous and she shot a smile back. From the way his face lit up, she knew that he had read her smile the wrong way.

Al leaned toward her. "How about another beer?" he asked, all his teeth showing. "Or maybe something stronger."

"... no. Thanks. I'm fine." She looked at the floor.

"Oh, go on," Carl said. "Have another!" He grabbed her and went to the bar.

Linda muttered a small "Thanks," and sat back. "Oh, you men!" Brenda stood up, sounding irritated. "All you ever talk about is work. Business and work and it's boring." She moved toward the fire, her hips swaying suggestively.

"Well, what do you want to talk about?" Al asked.

"Sex!" She whirled, facing Al, hands planted on her hips. Metallic gold capris clung like shiny skin to her hips and thighs.

Linda sat right up when she heard the word -- sex.

"You men can at least talk about it," Brenda said, swaggering toward Al, hands still on hips.

"Even if you can't do it."

"We can do it, too, Brenda." Al grinned at her, one hand cupping ova his crotch.

"Like hell." Brenda planted herself close to Al, her crotch at the level of his face.

Carl came from the bar and handed Linda her fourth beet. She took it and swallowed a quick me.

"Hey, Carl," Al said, loudly, "can't you keep Brenda happy?"

"I keep her happy all the fucking time, man." He grinned at the black haired young woman, then reached over and grabbed her butt. "Isn't that right, honey?"

"Oh, you do okay." She turned from his touch, smiling at him. Then smiling at Tony.

"Okay? Is that all?" He put some fake anger into his voice, stepping closer to her.

"Yeah. Okay. That's all." She wiggled her hips widely as she walked toward Tony. "I bet he can do it better." Her hand snaked out to caress Tony's face.

Tony pulled away -- about one-sixteenth of an inch.

Linda drew back, almost spilling her beer. She clutched for Tony's arm.

"How about it, Linda?" Brenda asked. "Is Tony good in bed?"

"Uh... yeah," Linda mumbled, wiggling closer to Tony.

"Sure he is." Brenda stroked Tony's face with both hands, advancing her crotch until it almost brushed his nose.

"Hey, hey. Take it easy." Tony pulled back a few inches, not trying to take her hands from his face.

Carl stepped up behind Brenda and curled one arm around her waist. "You're supposed to save that kind of thing for me." He pulled her back with his arm, his hand drawing the front of her blouse lower.

"I just wanted to put a little life into the party." She shoved her tail to his crotch, arching her chest forward. One tit popped into clear view, the nipple a shimmery bright pink. "Somebody has to get this thing started." Her hands reached back, groping for Carl's ass.

"You're right." Carl leaned down, nuzzling at her neck. His free hand came around and covered the bare boob, fumbling at the nipple.

"Tony... we... we'd better go," Linda whispered. Carl and Brenda were right in front of them and she had a clear view of the action.

"... yeah. Maybe so." Tony started to put his glass down on the floor.

Brenda's other tit came into view.

Carl cupped the boobs with both hands, pushing them up so they looked fuller. "How about that, Tony? Aren't those great jugs?" He pushed the breasts toward Tony.

"Uh, yeah. They sure ate, Carl." He stared at them.

"How about it, Al? How would you like to get your hands on that pair of knockers?"

"Wow. They are sure nice!" Al stood up, moving toward Brenda, reaching for the tits.

"Here. Take a good look." She slipped from Carl's light grasp and stripped off the blouse over her head, standing bare to the waist, the firelight making her pale skin glow with pink and golden lights.

"Tony, we've got to go," Linda whispered urgently.

"How about a quick feel?"

"Sure!" Brenda pulled back her shoulders, making her breasts rise, spread, the firm flesh looking sleek, the round nipples pointing sideways, surrounded by a ring of light pink skin that blended into the white flesh.

"Great!" Al covered the right boob with his hand and stood very close to Brenda.

Brenda pressed her crotch to the man's thigh.

"Tony. We've got to go!" Linda stood up, trying to edge past the touching pair.

"I bet mine are larger." Karen stood up, fumbling with the top button of her blouse. The button parted, the slopes of two large tits appeared. More flesh showed with the second button. "Al always says how big my tits are. And how much he likes them." The third button was the key. It opened and nearly all of Karen's big pair appeared. "How's that?" She drew back the blouse, baring both jugs.

"Yeah. Great big tits." Carl stepped to her.

"They're firm, too." Karen shrugged off her blouse and let it flutter to the floor. Her tits stuck straight out, the nipples wide, twin circles of puckered flesh the size of half-dollars. "Real firm."

"Yeah." Carl pushed his hand right down on the left boob. "For sure." He touched both breasts.

"Tony. Come on." Linda eased past Brenda.

"What's your hurry?" Al held her with one arm on her waist. "Party's just getting started."

"Yeah. Don't run off, Tony." Brenda turned, thrusting her naked chest at the man.

"Tony has all of that that he wants from me!" Linda grabbed her fiance's arm and hauled him toward the far end of the room.

"What's the matter, Tony? Can't you get it up?" Carl took one hand from Karen's boob and waved.

"You didn't say it was this kind of a party, Carl." Tony stood looking at the four exposed tits.

"I want you to stay, Tony. You're cute." Karen swayed toward him. "Real cute."

"Look, we don't go for this kind of thing. Okay?" Tony backed away.

"For what kind of thing, Tony?" Karen cooed, moving right up to him. "Don't you like sex?" She planted her boobs right on his shirt front.

"Yeah. Sure. Of course I do." He backed into the wall.

Karen crushed her tits to the man. "I want you to stay, Tony. Please." She touched his face, wriggling the tits tighter to him.

"Tony!" Linda glared at him. "Let's go."

"Yeah. Okay, honey." He tried to get away from Karen without touching her boobs.

"I bet Carl's right," Brenda said loudly. "I bet Tony can't get it up." She walked toward him.

"He can so!" Linda said, defending her man. "He can do it real good."

"There's one way to find out. Isn't there?" Brenda's hand groped Tony's crotch. "Have you got what it takes?"

"Sure." He pulled away, shoving her arm to the side. "But it's not for you. It's for Linda." He turned, almost at the door.

"You can just watch if you want to," Carl said. "How about it, Linda? Have you ever seen screwing? Up close? Real live screwing?"

"No." She turned away.

"You want to watch. Don't you, Tony." It was not a question.

"Not tonight."

"He's just scared, Carl," Al said.

"Think about that." Carl stood at the side of the door. "Just think of what the other guys win say when they find out you can't get it up."

"You bastards." Tony looked at them, his hands curling into fists.

"We'll do it, too," Al said. "You know we will." He put a hand on Karen's tits, touching both women at the same time.

"Tony..." Linda looked at him, fearful, trembling.

Tony looked at the men. Al was taller and Carl was heavier. He couldn't light them. Not both at once. "Just what all goes on, anyway?" His hands uncoiled.

"Tony." Linda clung to her man, both hands gripping his arm tightly.

"It's just for fun, honey." Karen looked at Linda and caressed Al's thigh. "Just for fun." Her fingers roamed over the man's crotch.

"Linda and I are going to get mated. We don't make it with other people. Not ever."

"Hey. Nobody said you had to." Brenda touched Carl's crotch. "We can stick with our original partners."

"Tony. I'm scared. I want to go borne. Now." Linda tugged at his arm.

"Let her go, Tony. You can fuck Brenda if you want to..." Carl fondled the black-haired woman's tits with both hands.

"Or you can fuck Karen," Al offered, one hand on the brunette's pussy, fingers crawling over her tight capris.

"Tony. Let's go." Linda was very scared.

"I tell you what," Carl said. "Brenda and I will start it off. You just sit and watch. If that doesn't get you in the mood, nothing will." He kissed a nipple lightly.

"Yeah. Maybe Linda's really frigid or something, Tony. Better find that out before you get married." Al led Karen toward a couch.

"You don't have that much choice, Tony."

"Yeah." Tony looked at Linda. "It's just to keep them happy, Linda. I've got to or they'll make it hell for meat work. Okay?" His arms held her lightly.

"If-if you have to." She stood very still, shrinking from his touch. "But I don't like it."

"I don't either, honey. But... but, I have to." He hugged her for a moment, then let her go when there was no response.

"Okay. Then that's settled." Brenda moved to the bar. "Everybody gets another drink. Then we do it." She poured a stiff batch of bourbon for herself and slugged it back in one gulp.

Carl fixed drinks including beers for Tony and Linda.

Tony led Linda to a couch facing Al and Karen. They sat side by side, the beers untouched on the floor, his arm around Linda's shoulders.

Brenda turned out most of the lights. The fire glowed and flickered, then splashed higher as Carl slung another log on it.

"How do you want it, honey?" Brenda stood between the two couches, facing the fire.

"It'll have to be on the floor." Carl pulled the coffee table out of the way.

"Oh, yeah! I love it on the floor." Brenda started to take off her gold capris.

"Oh, my God, Tony. They're really going to do it." Linda clung to him tightly.

"We sure as hell are." Brenda tossed away the capris. Black bikini panties rode low, just barely above her pussy, clinging tightly over her hips and ass, the flimsy fabric tight enough to show the outline of her snatch.

Carl tugged his shirt over his head. His chest was wide, dark curly hair crawling in two dense patches. A swath of dark hair swarmed over his belly, plunging into the top of his pants.

Linda closed her eyes and turned her head away. Al pulled Karen closer, hands touching slowly around on her breasts, running over her stomach to touch her crotch from time to time. Her hands were roaming on his chest and sides, with an occasional trip to his pants.

Carl took a key from his pant's pocket and went to a tail cupboard at the far end of the bar. He unlocked it and swung back the full length double doors.

Inside was a full set of bondage gear. The firelight flickered on black leather and gleaming steel bands, on chrome hand-cuffs and thick chains, on wide belts and dangling narrow straps.

"Jesus!" Tony gasped, staring at the large assembly of equipment.

"Oh! OH!" Linda allowed herself a peek. She gasped, deeply frightened by the display. The gear hung on the inside of the doors as well as filling the cabinet itself.

"I told you the kind of action go for," Carl said.

"Let's really show them what it's all about," Brenda said, starting to twirl her nipples in her fingers.

"We sure will." Carl picked up a length of thick hemp rope and turned toward Brenda. "Strip," he ordered.

Brenda rolled the tight panties lower on her hips, the cloth sliding under her palms, turning into thin hands. The black hair over her pussy showed at the top, then the twat appeared as she pushed the panties to her feet. Rising, she turned to face Tony, smiling right at him. She kicked the panties away and stood totally nude. Two fingers touched her cunt and she spread the delicate flesh to show off the bright pink interior.

Tony stared at the bare snatch just a foot or so from his face. He pulled Linda closer with one arm.

Carl came up behind Brenda, the rope stretched between his hands. "You ever seen real live fucking before, Tony?"

"Uh, no. Never have," He kept looking at Brenda's box.

"Then this will be a real education." He made a large loop with the rope and passed it over Brenda's head, his hands drawing it tight just above her breasts.

Brenda reached back, grabbing Carl's butt, wriggling her naked cheeks to his legs. She lifted her arms to let Carl pass another length of rope around her, this one passing just below her tits. "Make them good and tight, Carl." She touched her nipples, twirling them until they stuck up firmly, throbbing with desire.

Carl crossed the lengths of rope behind her back, then ran the long ends over her shoulders, crossing them at the front of her throat, then drawing them down between her boobs, forcing the jugs apart. He pulled tighter and the flesh bulged around the cord.

"Tighter, Carl." Brenda pinched her nipples until they hurt slightly.

"Like this?" He tugged; the rough rope bit in.

"Oh, yes. That's it." She wriggled beck against his torso, arching her chest forward to draw the bonds even tighter. "I love it when it hurts."

Carl made a double knot in the small of her bat, then touched around to play with her breams.

Brenda fumbled with the man's belt buckle. "Get me started, Carl. Turn me on but good." Her fingers grabbed for his swelling prick in his pants.

Carl's hand went to her cunt, touching all over the dark triangle, one finger probing barely inside. His thumb found the clit and bore down sharply.

"Ohh. Oh, yes." Her pussy turned all creamy and she moaned with real passion.

Carl's other hand joined the first in playing with the snatch.

"Oh, Carl, Carl." Her twat was wet now. She popped open the belt and tried to pull down the zipper.

"Not yet, honey. Get my shoes off first." He pushed her roughly toward the floor.

Brenda fell to her knees and swiveled around. When she got out of the way the bulge in Carl's pants showed clearly. A full hard-on stuck down toward his right knee. His loafers came off easily and he held up his feet one at a time to let Brenda slide off his socks.

Brenda reached up and ran her hand lovingly along the large bulge.

"You really want it, don't you?"

"Oh, yes, Carl. All of it." Her hand grasped the rod firmly. "I want it inside me. In my cunt."

"Lie out on the floor. Right close to Tony and Linda. I want them to have a good close look."

Brenda dropped to her back, arms stretched over her head, legs spread. She arched her breasts up toward Tony and the ropes made the flesh bulge. Carl went back to the cabinet and got another length of rope. He came back to Brenda and crouched above her head, winding the rope around both wrists to hold them together, then tying it off to the leg of the couch. "That's to keep her hands out of the way, Tony. Otherwise she goes crazy for my body. And you can see better, too." He stood facing Linda, just a few feet in front of her and dropped his pants, shoving the shorts down with them. His cock sprang right up, thick, heavy, swooping out of a swarming mass of dark crotch hair.

Linda caught just a glimpse of the prick and gasped. It was thicker than Tony's, but not as long. But looked more powerful, almost threatening, and darker, almost maroon, with the broad end almost glistening. The balls were half-hidden by the tangled hair. More hair swarmed down the legs. The thighs were massive, powerful, like the rest of the man.

Linda tried but could not keep her eyes closed. She kept staring at the hefty dick.

"Hey, Linda," Al called out, "if you don't like his pecker, how about taking a look at mine?" He opened his fly and hauled out his mostly stiff prick pumping it with his fingers to get it all the way hard. The shaft showed in front of his pants, bright pink, the end widening as his hand moved faster.

"Al knows how to use it, too. Real good."

Karen's fingers delicately traced the outline of the man's tool.

Linda looked at Al's organ for a moment, then gave her attention back to Carl's crotch as the man turned and bent toward Brenda.

"You want same head?" Brenda asked.

"No. I'm ready to fuck." He spit on his hand and smeared it on the end of his dick, then crouched over the naked figure, hunching as he lowered his body, stretching out to bring his cock to the cunt.

Carl's torso touched her tits first, forcing the ropes to cut in. He leaned down, making her bear most of his weight and pain spread through her boobs where the gouging ropes touched.

Carl used his hand to fuck just the end of his dick into the ready cunt, then took his hand away and skillfully curled his hips under, moving all of his dick into the warm box with one long steady push.

"Ohhhhh." Brenda melted under the stroking prick. His crotch touched her clit and the lust pumped briskly. She arched her body to him, wanting more cock.

Carl started to fuck with slow, steady thrusts, moving his arms to the side, pressing down on the tied tits with his chest.

Brenda moaned, real passion flowing as the man screwed with growing strength, his body touching hers all down the front, their legs meeting past the knees.

Carl spread his legs, then held himself up on his arms, only his dick touching Brenda. He looked up at Linda. "Can you see it, kid? Can you see my cock going into her cunt?" He moved just the end of his rod around, allowing the blonde to look between their bodies and see the action.

"Uh... uh..." She could not quite speak, but her eyes were glued to the crotches as Carl began to thrust with greater speed. His eyes found hers and they looked right at each other.

"How about it, Linda? You want to try my dick? Just for a change? See if I'm better than Tony. How about it?" He grinned, stabbing with his whole tool into Brenda's cunt.

"Uh... uh, no." She could not take her eyes from the man.

"You can fuck me, Tony," Brenda said. "I'd love to find out how good you are." She smiled up at the guy.

"No," he said coldly, but his eyes did not leave her tits and crotch.

Carl lay on Brenda again, his ass pumping faster. One hand groped under Brenda's tail, hefting the woman's crotch up to meet his drives.

Brenda responded, lifting her knees to flank his sides, allowing more rod to go into her slick box. Lust started to grow in her crotch and her clit began to burn. The man's crotch slapped on it with each heavy thrust and she felt her cunt start to run with juice.

"Hard, Carl. Oh, hard!" She moaned, head tossing on the floor as passion began to break loose between her legs. His torso crushed her tits, the ropes digging into the tender flesh and she began to come, the full rush of lust bursting from her crotch as her feet went toward the ceiling. She gasped and moaned, lost in the brisk delights.

Carl's hands gouged into her butt -- cheeks and she felt him heave her from the floor, dragging her out until the ropes at her wrists cut in. He held her tightly, digging with his prick until she came, almost howling with pleasure.

The climax faded but the high pleasure kept flowing as the man fucked faster.

Carl bent back, looking right at Linda as he fucked. His body wavered, then he spread his legs, and held himself nearly upright, fucking Brenda steadily as he looked right into Linda's eyes.

Linda felt helpless, lost and frightened. The man's plunging dick seemed to be just inches away, his massively strong body moving well, his arms holding the woman off the floor, her legs tightly gripping his body.

Carl's eyes seemed to bore in, penetrating the way his cock went into Brenda's snatch. The look on his face was pure lust, raw male desire.

And she began to respond to it. Just a small rustling thrill, but she knew it. It seemed as though Carl was fucking her. Her, not Brenda. Like his cock was in her pussy, all thick and hard and hot. Carl bent lower, still looking at Linda. His body tensed, then the hips thrashed faster, the ass bunching into knots.

Linda watched and saw the man start to come, looked at his body, at his driving dick, at his powerful arms. And at his eyes, the eyes burning right through her, slicing, stripping her, baring her flesh, exposing her cunt. His cock slammed in like a piston and he grinned savagely.

Carl growled, his body hunched, hands clawing into Brenda's solid flesh, cock tearing into her wet pussy. His balls ached beautifully for a long, perfect moment, then he grunted and shot the first batch of cum right into the cunt.

His breath came in short gasps. His eyes never left Linda, not for a second. His body flexed, his hips driving rapidly as he streamed gism into the writhing snatch.

"OH! OH, SHIT!" He gasped at the peak of his climax, the shaft of his dick glistening as he kept humping.

Linda shivered as she watched the orgasm.

Carl lowered Brenda's tail to the floor. His dick slid free, shiny with ball-juice and cunt-cream.

"How did you like it, Linda?" Carl went upright on his knees.

"I... uh..." She was not able to form any words.

"That good, huh?" Carl smiled at her as he got to his feet.

"Like hell, Carl," Al said quickly. "Wait till she gets a look at me. She'll forget all about you." His hands fondled Karen's large breasts as he looked at Linda.

"Ohhhhh, yesss." Karen swiveled, dipped her head and staffed to lick. Al's dick like a lollipop, tongue all moist as it stroked the shiny pink end.

"Hey, Carl. How about untying my hands? I want to watch this." Brenda struggled to sit up.

"Sure." He bent and easily undid the knot holding her to the couch.

"Thanks." Brenda sat up, taking the ropes from her wrist as Al started to massage Karen's crotch.


Al's hand made a moving lump under the tight cloth. Karen slung her legs up onto the couch and the hand glided down over her pussy.

Watching Carl and Brenda had turned them both on. She was ready for screwing, just as ready as Al. "I want it, baby. I want your love-pole." She turned to her back, stretching out, brown hair falling on his lap, covering his stiff prick.

"God damn right, you want it." He touched her twat lightly, working his fingers inside the warm passage.

"Show them how good you are, Al." Her hand lifted his shirt and tickled his belly and chest.

Karen's cunt began to throb as the man's fingers dug inside. She spread her legs and pushed down the top of her capris. Al's other hand twisted a nipple until it began to pulse with quick desire. The heel of his hand mashed her clit and the lust started to swirl freely all through her body. Her legs moved, sliding all around as the pressures built in her snatch. Her hands were all over his torso, almost ripping at his shirt. He used his free hand to get his chest bare, then twisted the other nipple until the brunette writhed with real passion.

"Yeah. This is going to be good." Carl sat on the floor behind Brenda, pulling her bare figure back until her butt nestled close to his crotch and he could reach around easily to play with her still tied knots and moist pussy.

Linda watched, fascinated, as Al pushed Karen's clothes down, exposing her crotch. He leaned in to start finger-fucking the girl briskly and Linda felt a thrill of desire ping from her own clit. Her grip on Tony's arm tightened and she leaned forward for a closer look, not aware of what she was doing.

Al's finger plunged all the way into Karen's twat. The girl moaned, twisting her hips to get more, pleasure. Al eased his lap from under her head and stood up, hard-on thrusting out of his fly. He took off his shoes and socks quickly, then stood up and shoved off his pants and shorts, standing so Linda had a full-front look.

The cock was longer than Carl's, but bot as thick. The shaft looked almost waxy, pale flesh with dark veins coiled down the sides, dipping into a tangle of coppery hair that crowned the base of his dick.

Al's torso was smooth, almost looking shaved; only a few wiry hairs decorated his chest.

Linda stared at the dick, almost hypnotized by the active lust present in the room. She saw Karen sit up to tug off her capris.

"Put it in me, Al. I'm all ready for you." She reached out and touched the naked man's butt.

"Take it easy. You'll get plenty." Al looked at Linda.

Linda kept looking at the dick, trying to decide if it was longer than Tony's. She wasn't sure. For a moment she even forgot what Tony's tool looked like.

Karen sat on the edge of the couch, legs apart, the deep pink interior of her pussy peeking out through the nest of hairs. She looked right at Tony and stuck a finger all the way up her cunt, smiling, teeth flashing, boobs jiggling slightly as she rocked back and forth on her finger.

Tony returned her smile, hoping Linda didn't notice. He hoped Linda didn't notice the way his crotch bulged. His dick was so hard it hurt, trapped in his pants.

Linda's eyes stuck right to Al's dick.

The man walked over to the open cabinet and picked up a wide leather belt with two loops hanging from it. A row of metal eyelets circled one edge of the belt, chrome rings dangling from some of them. "Put this on, Karen." He tossed the belt at her feet. "We'll show them what it's really all about."

Karen leaned down, grabbed the strap and stood to place it around her body, holding it low on her belly as she fitted the first narrow strap through one of the three buckles.

Al came over to her holding a batch of shiny chains with one hand, the ends dangling loose.

Karen got the other two narrow straps fastened, cinching the belt tighter, a small crease of flesh bulging over the top and bottom edges. "Is that tight enough, honey?"

"Looks good." He pulled firmly at the wide belt. "Yeah." His fingers picked out one length of chain and threaded it through one of the rings at the side. He let it dangle while he put another chain through the opposite ring.

"Oh, Al. I'm hot for you. For your cock." She played with his balls as he pulled one of the chains between her legs, adjusting the chilly links to flank one side of her snatch, the chain reached a hook in the back and he clipped it into place, repeating the moves with the other chain as she spread her legs.

The chains shone brightly beside the pussy, spreading the flesh so that the cunt showed clearly, the passage into her body neatly visible. The cunt glowed, all pearly and damp with cream.

"I need some grease for my prick. How about it, Brenda? Is your pussy still juicy?"

"It sure is," she said eagerly, sliding toward him on the floor, legs spread. "Put it right in there, Al." She lay back, head on Carl's crotch, tits arched toward Al.

Al sank to his knees, then crouched between Brenda's legs, moving closer to her box. He stretched out, licking at a tied boob as he put his dick on her snatch. His hips curled back and his dick plunged into the wet pussy.

"Oh, Al. Yes. I love your body." Brenda coiled her legs swiftly around his hips and clasped her arms around his shoulders, hugging him to her boobs until the ropes started to hurt again.

Al let his rod sink all the way into her, then pumped three times, the full length of his dick going in and out with each shove.

"You can have me all the way right here." Brenda held him to her, gripping with her thighs.

"Later, honey." Al stopped moving. "I'll fuck you until you scream and then start in all over again. That's a promise." He jerked up sharply, breaking the hold of Brenda's legs.

"I'll be ready and waiting for you, Al." Brenda scooted back to her position close against Carl. His hand curled around and toyed with a nipple as she caressed his thigh.

Linda watched the casual moves of his meat. A whir of genuine sexual excitement passed through her pussy and she breathed a little faster, watching Al's nude form as he advanced on Karen, cock shimmering with the sex fluids from Brenda's love-hole.

"In me, Al. Oh, hurry. Please." She flopped to her back on the couch, one leg down, foot flat on the floor to spread her crotch for his first thrust.

Al climbed to kneel between her legs. He looked over at Linda. "Last chance, honey. You want to gel this nice stiff dick instead of Karen?"

Linda almost let a yes slip out, but gulped and managed to shake her head.

"Okay. You're missing a great chance." He lowered himself toward the brunette. His hips disappeared between her thighs. His butt slipped lower.

Karen moaned with happiness as Al's long rod slid into her waiting twat. Her hands caressed his back and moved down to touch his tail as he started to move up and down, fucking slowly, building heat in her spread snatch. She clutched at his ass with both hands, hauling every inch of his prick into her body. His chest smashed on her tits and she gasped as the passion surged to dense beauty between her legs.

As he screwed harder, the links of the chains began to bite into the tender flesh beside her box. She pushed up to meet his steady drives, wanting more pressure, more feeling -- more pain.

Al gave it to her. His body began to drive with real force into the cunt. His fingers found the dangling loops on the wide belt and he pulled up, forcing the chain to dig in with more pressure. His arms held her and he fucked with greater force, the power of his legs behind the thrusts as he began to heave, his rod like iron, digging into the smooth tunnel.

The muscles on his arms bunched and he hefted the woman's back from the couch, heaving her up toward his thrashing figure, her tits almost flattened as he bore down, forcing every inch of his hot cock into her steaming pussy.

"Al. Oh, Al. Yes. Like that. More. Oh, all of it, all. Ah! Hard. Hit me, Al. I want it hard. Hard!"

He bent his back, lifting her higher, her shoulders clear of the couch as she clung to him, almost groaning with heavy passion, breathing in short gasps, her body raked with tongues of ecstatic fire, her crotch hurting from the digging chains and the pounding dick.

"AL!" Karen shrieked, starting to howl as he bore down, heaving her body higher, holding her off the couch, only her feet touching as she arched to him, loving the feel of his great strength, his powerful prick hammering into her, tearing into her delicate pussy until she screamed, the full roaring climax pouring from her bruised crotch, her clit a point of pure fire, her breasts tingling, throbs of total lust drenching her as she came.

Al's muscles did their splendid work and she felt the orgasm pound through her body. Her arms crushed his shoulders and he picked her up, holding her with the loops from the belt, his legs shuddering as he levered her up, then turned and started to fuck standing.

Karen grabbed for him with her legs, twisting them up to circle his hips as he thrust up, the chains digging in, her weight bearing down, her legs aching, her cunt almost ready to explode with pleasure.

And Al started to come. She knew the wildly urgent stabs of his dick and she tried too clamp her cunt around his ramming dick. The pleasure kept dancing through her.

The first rush of his climax ripped out of his balls, raged down his dick and he fell to her, flailing with his hips, forcing her down again -- falling, tumbling, his hands gripping the loops, his dick shooting hot gism, the juice boiling into her cunt. He grunted, heaved and hammered into the snatch, gouging all the way up, his body tense, legs straight, spread wide, his balls almost hurting as he got off, gasping as he lunged all the way up, fucking solidly, billowing lust flowing through him from head to knees.

"AHHH! GOD DAMN!" He twisted in, grinding with his prick to get the last full moments of pleasure. "KAREN!" He forced his cock all the way up the wet cunt again. "OH, YEAH!"

"AL!" She held on to him, aching and winded and happy. "Oh, Al. Yes."

Al lay still on top of Karen, his back heaving as he gulped air. A film of sweat showed across his shoulders and down his spine.

Linda was breathing deeply, too. Her mouth hung open, her body rigid as she leaned forward, eyes wide open. "My God," she whispered to herself.

Al pulled out of Karen and rolled to one side, grinning over at Brenda, then looking at Linda with an even wider smile.

"Oh, Al. You, know just what I want." Karen stroked his head softly.

Linda's eyes did not leave Al's prick. The organ shimmered, all wet, almost dripping from the session.

Al stood up slowly, his prick still mostly hard. "Hey, Tony. How about it? You climb on Karen and see if you can ride her the way she likes it."

"Uh... no." He took a good look at Karen's cunt before he said no. His balls were saying yes. They ached all the way through.

"Or, you can have me, Tony," Brenda said, "it's your turn."

"Uh, no. Thanks." He wanted to get up to leave, but he knew there would be no way to hide his hard-on.

"But you've got to fuck, Tony," Carl said. "Or can't you get it up after all? Like we said all along."

Tony wanted to pull out his stiff dick right there and show them. But that would upset Linda and lead to all kinds of complications. He knew if he showed it, he'd have to put it into Karen or Brenda -- maybe both -- and then Linda would really be pissed.

But the damn thing wouldn't go away. How the hell could it, with two naked women right there, almost begging for him to fuck them?

"Well, hell. Fuck Linda, then." Carl turned and clamped a hand on Linda's knee. "You'll do it for him, won't you, honey? Sweet blonde thing like you." He inched his fingers toward her crotch.

"I... we..." She wanted it, wanted it desperately, but was frightened. Afraid of what Tony would do. Afraid of his not being able to do it at all. And afraid of her own feelings. There was a strange kind of pressure, something new, starting to build. Build right in her body.

"Carl... I... we... uh..." She stammered but could not speak. What she wanted to say was yes. YES! But she just didn't dare.

Brenda got to her feet. "Come on, Tony. Show me what kind of a man you are." She moved toward him, smiling, fingers gliding over her crotch.

"I want it, Tony. I want to feel your cock." Karen got up and advanced toward him.

"How about it, Tony?" Al asked, moving closer. "Are you up to it?"

"I'm up to it, Al. Damn it. We didn't ask for any of this." The women were in front of him and his eyes darted from pussy to pussy. "This was just supposed to be a party. Shit."

"It is a party, Tony. A sex party." Brenda started to crouch at his right knee -- well away from Linda.

"Maybe Linda'd like to take us both on," Al said.

"... no." She did not dare look at the men. Her arm tightened on Tony's shoulders.

Carl turned suddenly and sat beside her -- very close. His arm reached out, curled around her shoulder and his bare thigh pressed to her leg. "How about it?"

"Carl. Leave her alone. Damn it." Tony turned, glaring at the man, fingers forming a fist. "Just leave her alone. I'm warning you. Leave us both alone."

"That's up to Linda. Isn't it?" He pressed his leg more firmly to hers.

"No, it's not. Just back off, Carl. Now." He leaned toward the guy, showing his fist. "Lay off!"

"Okay." Carl leaned back but kept his leg in place.

Linda tried to pull toward Tony but she was wedged tightly between the men, Carl's leg keeping up its steady pressure. Warmth from his flesh passed onto her skin. She felt the tingle travel to her crotch, riding right from her clit. Her nipples began to hum, stretching against the inside of her bra.

"You want it, don't you, Tony?" Brenda's fingers began a slow crawl up the inside of his leg. "You want to make it with me."

"And with me." Karen squatted and began to let her fingers dance on his knee.

"Maybe you gals could rape him," Al suggested. "Oh, yeah. Hey! That's a great idea!" Karen's fingers gripped the middle of Tony's left leg. "We'll rape him. Tear his clothes off and stuff his dick into our cunts." Her hand got closer to his crotch. "How about it, Brenda? You feel like raping him?"

"I sure do." She groped for his dick. "Hey! He's hard. Got a real big one, too."

"NO!" Tony leaped away, almost jumping over the back of the couch.

"Oh, Tony." Karen lunged for the bulging crotch with both hands.

"NO!" Linda shoved the girl back. "Keep your hands off him. He's mine!" She hugged Tony around the waist.

"Not for long." Brenda began to claw at his crotch, both hands pawing at the fly, feeling the thick tool through the cloth.

"BITCH!" Linda swung at Brenda, striking her on the back of the head.

"Ow! Hey." Brenda pulled back, not really hurt.

"Just let go of him. Both of you." She pushed Karen back a foot or so. "Leave him be."

"I got a good feel of that dick. No wonder you want to hang onto him," Karen said. "He feels just super!"

"He is." Linda gave Karen a smug little smile. "And he's mine." She hugged her man tighter. "All mine."

"Let's go honey." Tony started to get up. He knew Linda had seen his big dick all stiff in his slacks. As he rose his prick pressed against Brenda's face as she kept hugging him around the waist.

"And this is mine, too." Linda grabbed for Tony's erection.

"Hey!" He jumped as though stung.

"Mine!" She hung on to the crotch, fingers clamped right on the shaft.

The feel of his sturdy meat aroused her. A quick rush of sexual passion traveled through her.

"Linda. Jesus!" Tony tried to get away from her grip. He was nearly standing and she kept clinging fiercely.

"God damn," Al said, "she sure as hell wants that wang."

"Give it to her, Tony," Carl said. "Go on."

"Linda. Let go." Tony managed to jerk away. "Mine. And I want it." Linda lunged for him, wrapping both hands around his hips. She caught him off balance, just as he started to step from the couch and he fell. She hung on and he went down on the floor, her arms tightly wound to his hip, fingers feeling for the large organ.

"Shit, Linda. Cut it out."

"I want it. I want it, Tony. Now." She was frantic with passion, her desires breaking loose as she felt the stiff, familiar tool. "Tony. Do it. Show them how good you are. How strong you are. Do it. Put it in me." She fumbled with his zipper.

Tony rolled to his back, sliding away from Linda. "What the matter? Have you gone crazy?"

"Tony. Please. Show them. I want them to see how beautiful you are. How great you are in bed. Oh, Tony. Tony." She wailed, crawling after him. "Please. Please. I want it. I want to feel it."

"You can have mine!" Carl stood up, pulling on his dick.

"Or mine." Al moved toward the blonde, fingers yanking at his meat.

"Do it, Tony!" Brenda urged.

"Yeah, Tony. You've got to, now," Carl said. "You've got no excuses left. Linda's begging for it. If you don't do it, it means you can't do it. Can't get it up."

"Tony! Please!" Linda buried her face in his crotch.

"Well... shit!" He pulled down his zipper. "Tony." Linda dove into the opened fly, fingers fumbling for the dick.

Karen and Brenda cheered, clapping their hands as they came up closer to watch the action. When Tony's dick appeared they ooohed and ahhhed loudly, bending in for close looks.

"You've got to get all the way naked. Both of you." Al reached for Linda's butt, stroking it softly.

"You can tie her up if you want to," Carl said. "Use any of that gear. All of it."

Tony struggled to his feet, dick showing clearly. "Tony. Oh, Tony. Please, hurry." Linda tugged her sweater off over her head and flung it away.

She popped open her bra and shucked it off, turning to let the men see her nice tits.

"You bastards. All of you." Tony started to undress, turning his back on them.

"Are you going to tie her up, Tony?" Brenda asked.

"No. It's going to be fast. Just as fast as I can make it. And then we are getting the hell out of here." He took off his shoes, then moved away to remove his pants, leaving his shorts on, dick poking through the fly.

"Oh, Tony. I want to see your ass, too," Karen sobbed. "I want to look at your gorgeous, naked body. All of it." She stifled to tug at his shorts.

Linda got out of her capris and stood to remove her panties, looking right at Tony as she uncovered her pussy.

"Hey. She's a real blonde!" Al cried. "Bitchin' cunt." He reached for it.

"You do that again and I'll kill you, you shithead." Tony shoved Al out of the way.

"Just window-shopping," Al said, taking a step away.

Linda saw the men looking at her, looking right at her naked snatch and her lust swelled swiftly. She put a finger up her twat the way Karen had done and her box turned wet instantly.

"Tony, Tony," she said breathlessly, "put your dick in me. Oh, all inside me." She dropped to the floor, sprawling, finger pumping her cunt slowly.

Tony shoved down his shorts, feeling foolish with all the people watching him. He was glad his dick stayed hard, though and looked down at Linda, trying to forget about the audience. He crouched, then lay out on top of her.

"Oh, Tony! Ohhhh!" Linda felt the touch of his rod and dissolved in passion. Desire flamed in her pussy and she wrapped her arms around the man's shoulders.

The others drew in close -- very close.

Tony entered Linda's cunt with a steady push. He lay close to her, trying to keep as much of their screwing from the watching eyes as possible.

Linda soared into ecstasy with the first stroke. Her nerves flared, flesh pounding with pleasure as Tony started to fuck, his cock as great as usual, his body touching all over hers, his hands crawling to her tits as he added some pressure. She touched down his back, then got a hand to each cheek of his ass and pulled more of him into her, taking all the cock she could get, wanting more, more pressure, more heat, more pleasure, more sex!

He kept screwing, hard drives, right up the middle, no technique, just raw fucking. He wanted to come. Come and get it over with. His drives took on more power and he started to bear down, forcing himself to climax.

Linda came, long rolling waves of total bliss roaring from her cunt, breaking over her tits, sweeping to her head. Her legs went up and she lost herself in lust, drowned in the deep passion, her body stretched by the desires.

She saw Carl and Al close to her, their naked bodies looming above her. The sight of their pricks sent her into spasms of flaming joy. She tried to cry out but no sound came, only a hoarse gasp, air rasping as she kept coming.

Tony was ready, almost set to burst, his cock all hot in her pussy, his balls aching as he neared his peak. He just kept humping and made it happen, made his body surge into the raging pit of pleasure, his cum streaming as he thrashed at Linda's body, both hands squeezing her tits.

"OH! YES!" Linda managed to gasp before her nerves jumped faster mid she started to come all over again. "OH!"

Tony made three final jabs with his prick, then pulled out and stood up.

"Oh, no," Linda wailed. "I wanted more. Oh, Tony."

"Get up and get dressed." He looked for his clothes.

"Tony. It was so good. Just like always. It was just perfect." Linda got to her feet slowly, aware of Carl and Al close to her, their eyes all over her tits and twat.

"Hey, you did real good, Tony," Carl said. "How about a beer? Or a drink?" He moved toward the bar, eyes still on Linda.

"No. We're getting the hell out of here."

"What the hell for?" asked Al. "Shit, we're just starting to get warmed up."

"Right," Karen added.

"And Linda said she wanted more. If you won't give it to her -- or can't give it to her -- then she'll just have to turn to one of us." Carl got himself a beer.

"How about it, Linda?" Brenda asked. "Now that you've tried it, how do you feel about sticking around for the rest of the evening?"

"I... I did kind of like it." She smiled at Tony. "But I always like it with him."

"I can see why," Karen said. "He's real nice to look at. And, he sure knows how to screw. No nonsense, just climbed on and humped. Wow!"

"Here. Have a beer." Carl shoved a foaming glass at Tony. "Relax."

"Uh... well..." He looked at Linda. "Do you want to stay? It's up to you."

Al and Carl were close to Tony. She could see three naked men with one glance. The throbbing returned to her cunt. "I... yes. I want to stay."

"Great!" Al shouted.

"Here's your beer, Tony." Carl pushed the glass into his hand.

"Now we'll really get down to fucking!" Carl drained his beer, winking over the top of the glass at Linda.


Linda shifted her glance from Carl to Tony's shuffling a couple of steps toward the couch. The whole idea of group sex frightened her -- and excited her at the same time. She felt a nervous rush of beat flash along her nerves and looked at Tony again. He set his half-drained glass of beer on the coffee table and fumbled to get a cigarette out of his shirt pocket.

"Can I have one of those, too?" Linda asked quietly.

"Sure." He passed the pack to her.

"Thanks." Linda stuck a cigarette in her mouth and looked around for a light.

Tony lit a match and touched it to his cigarette, then reached over and lit Linda's. "So what happens now?"

"We fuck. What did you think?" Brenda moved up to him, took hold of his hand and dragged on his cigarette, turning to let one nipple brush his chest.

"I know that. But who does who?" Tony pulled a bit away from the woman.

"You can do me, Tony." Brenda eased closer to him, a breast flattening on his torso.

"Or me." Karen moved up, leading with her tits. "Or both of them," Carl put in. "If you've got it in you..."

"I stick with Linda." Tony moved closer to the blonde. "We go together. With each other. Nobody else."

"Okay. But you're missing a great chance. And keeping some sweet-looking pussy from the rest of us." Al started to walk toward Linda.

Linda put her arm around Tony's waist, standing very close to him. But her eyes stayed on Al -- right on his dick.

"How about it, Linda? Are you going to tie yourself to Tony tonight?"

"I... uh, yeah. I guess so." She wanted to stay with her man, but she wanted some of the other action, too.

"She can always change her mind later on," Carl said.

"Sure she can," Brenda agreed. "And besides, Al, you've still got me." She moved to him, hips swaying. "You gave me just a tiny taste before. Now, I want the whole thing." She planted both boobs right on his chest.

"That sounds good to me." He placed his hands on her back and pulled her close, forcing the cords to bite into her breasts.

Brenda wriggled to him, adding to the pressure. Her nipples turned hard and she grabbed Al's butt to pull his crotch against her belly.

"Give me some, head. Show these folks how good you can suck cock." Al pushed on her shoulders, pressing her to her knees.

Brenda went down easily, her cap of black hair hiding his crotch. Her lips spread and she ducked her head down to get the dangling end of the dick into her mouth, then slurped in the whole organ, resting her nose in the coppery crotch hairs.

"Yeah. That's real nice." Al spread his legs and placed both hands beside Brenda's head.

On her knees, Brenda swayed back and forth, holding the meat firmly with her lips, tugging it way out until she felt some firmness start to build in the shaft. One hand fondled the man's balls and she moved her tongue softly on the end of his prick.

"I can do that for you, Tony," Karen offered, smiling right at him.

"... that's okay." He turned Linda toward the couch. "Let's sit down, honey." The display was starting to arouse him.

The show was getting to Linda, too. She sat next to Tony, their hips and thighs touching. Her arm crossed his shoulder. "Do you want me to do that, Tony?" she whispered. "I will if you want me to." She wanted to do it, wanted to suck cock, to take Tony's dick in her mouth and get it all hard and long. Tony's -- or anyone's.

"Maybe, later." He looked closely at Brenda. Glimpses of Al's prick showed, the shaft looking thicker each time she swayed back.

Brenda let the tool go into her throat, her nose brushing Al's pubic hair with each forward move of her head. Both hands played with his rocks now, tugging and rolling the nuts briskly.

As his rod stiffened, Al started to make slow fuck-strokes into Brenda's mouth. His hands held her head steady and he thrust directly into her throat.

Brenda put her thumb on her clit to begin her own arousal.

"Okay. That got me going." Al made a few final stabs, then walked away from Brenda, his hard-on gleaming.

Linda looked closely at the firm rod as he walked past, a flicker of lust churning in her pussy. Her hand tightened on Tony's shoulder and she leaned against his warm, naked body.

"Do you want it extra-rough this time, Brenda?" Al asked, not looking at her.

"I always want it rough." She stood up, still massaging her clit with one hand. "The rougher the better."

"Great!" Al went to the equipment cabinet.

"Do anything you want, Al." Brenda's fingers brought desire to a high glow through her body.

"I sure as hell will." He took a set of handcuffs from a shelf and held them until the chromed metal shining in the firelight. He found another pair beside the first and held them both over his head as he turned around.

"Get on the couch, Brenda."

"Oh. I know." She almost leaped to the couch, sitting with her knees close to her chin, thighs apart.

"That's it." Al crouched beside her and took hold of one hand, pulling it to her ankle. The cuffs snapped on easily.

"Oh. We've done that," Linda said. "Hey, Tony. You did listen to what I told you." Carl walked over to them, a fresh beer in his hand.

"Uh, yeah. We tried it," Tony admitted glumly. "How was it?" Carl stood in front of Linda. "It was okay -- I guess," Tony said softly. "I was asking Linda." Carl smiled at the blonde. "I liked it. It kind of hurt, but not much. More clumsy than anything. But maybe we didn't know how to do it very well."

"It does take some practice." Carl smiled and sat beside her, not close enough to touch her, but close enough to reach out for a tit easily -- if he wanted to. And he wanted to.

"Watch close, then," Al said. He had the other pair of handcuffs on Brenda and was tilting her back a bit to bring her tail into view.

Brenda spread her knees, hands firmly held at her ankles. She smiled up at Al.

"That's like we did it, Tony. Just the same." Her fingers dug into his shoulder.

"I guess so." He kept looking at Brenda's pussy. The position also showed her asshole and he kept glancing at it.

Al stroked his dick briefly to get it up to full size, then, lay between Brenda's raised knees and started jabbing for her snatch. He got it on the third try and she moaned as his rod jammed all the way in.

His fingers found her nipples and pinched as his butt began to ram his long pole into her cunt. The fingers bit in and he bore down, adding pressure with his chest to tighten the rapes, his fingers pinching harder, cock slamming into the box.

"Oh, Al. Yes. Hurt me. More!" She pressed her legs against his heaving sides, trying to arch her tits to him, wanting more of the slicing pain.

Al gave her what she wanted, hammering with his dick, feet braced against the couch for more leverage, his hands like steel claws at her tied breasts.

"OH! AL!" Brenda began to groan with the surging pleasures, her jugs twin piles of agony, her cunt on fire from the pounding cock. She writhed, helpless in her bonds, her body aching, all hot, fire in her nipples, flames leaping from her clit. She gasped, then shrieked, her voice shrill as she began to come, taking the punishing drives of Al's dick, loving the hot torment on her tits.

Al hunched, slamming into the pussy. He tore at her tits and she screamed. Her voice rang through the room.

His powerful thrusts curled her higher, the ropes stretched taut, cutting in all around her sides and back. Al plunged his cock all the way up the cunt and Brenda howled with desperate passion.

"OHHHHH!" She gasped, her climax at a raging peak, every nerve shredded with heavy pleasure, the ecstasy almost unbearable.

Al grabbed her thighs with both hands, close to her crotch and pulled to slam her against his driving prick. His arms pried the legs apart, stretching them to the sides, his whole body behind each massive thrust. Sweat spread down his back, small trickles merging along his spine.

Brenda started to come again, her cunt all fire, pure heat streaming through her flesh. She yelled with passionate enjoyment and came, raked by the breaking joy, her pussy creamy, melting under the man's drives.

Al kept fucking full-strength blows into the snatch, reaming her until she gasped and started to go limp under him.

"Ohhhh, God. Al!" She smiled up at him, deeply satisfied. The skin around her nipples was cherry red from his pinching.

Al's back and butt shimmered with sweat. He let his grip on her thighs relax, then pulled suddenly from the twat. "I want your asshole." His hands pushed her knees toward her head.

Linda watched, eyes riveted to Al. Her fingers bit in heavily on Tony's shoulder. Lust began to churn in her cunt.

Al's cock was coated with Brenda's juices as he curled her butt higher, spreading the cheeks with both hands as he started to rise on his knees, aiming his dick right for her tight hole.

One hand guided his prick and he put it right in, a small sigh escaping from Brenda as she felt the tool split her asshole.

Al leaned down, hands flanking her head as he pressed his hips to her rear, forcing more of his dick inside, making her take most of his weight.

Brenda managed to part her legs a bit more and smiled up at the man. "Do it. Hard."

"Right!" Al pulled back, most of his dick showing, then buried it in her ass with a solid stroke. His hips flexed as he screwed steadily, spreading his feet for more leverage, slamming into the ass, all his strength in each blow.

Al went up and down like a precision machine, fucking briskly, loving every second of his pleasure. Brenda's springy body took his drives well, moving to meet the thrusts. Her tight hole clamped to his hot dick and he soared in pure happiness -- the physical delights rich as they poured from his balls, fingers of passion tingling everywhere around him.

He had given her what she wanted and now was moving just to please himself, to take all he could get from her body.

Brenda grinned up at him savagely, mouth drawn back to show all her teeth. She stayed with him, matching every move.

Al hit in with more force and felt the first rush of climax start to build in his crotch. He kept moving, making the passion swell to its full force, wanting the soaring release, almost desperate for the heavy rush of orgasm. His body tensed and he slammed in, ripping into Brenda's asshole.

A high crest of desire swept from his cock and he clung quivering just at the rim of ecstasy, then heaved down and the great mass of passion soared, his balls howling as he shot a river of cum into her ass.

Every muscle clenched and he got off with hard drives, the gism almost torn from his nuts, nearly hurting as it sped through his aching cock into the hot fuck-pit. He lunged, stabbed with his prick and hosed the hole until he roared, the pleasures alive on each nerve.

Al hit in with his final strokes, then fell to Brenda, breathing heavily.

Linda's fingers left scratches on Tony's shoulder. Her cunt ached for sex and her chest heaved, heart beating wildly as she leaned forward, watching Al anti Brenda intently.

"Pretty good, huh?" Carl asked. He put his hand on her boob lightly.

"Oh, yes. Great." She did not pull away from his touch.

"Do you want to try that, Tony?" Karen did onto the end of the couch beside him. There was very little space and her thigh rode up on his.

"Uh... I..." He tried to twist away. "You want something." Karen curled her fingers around Tony's hard-on.

"No!" He jerked away, shoving Linda against Carl.

Carl grabbed one breast tightly and put his other hand right over Linda's pussy.

Karen leaned in, still grabbing for Tony's prick. She pushed him back, tits to his belly, fingers all over his tool. He struggled to get free.

"Oh, Carl." Linda tried to get out from under Tony's back and away from Carl's moving fingers. He found her clit and bore down sharply.

"OH." A flare of lust went off and she turned to him, looking at his thick rod closely.

"Let me eat your pussy," Carl muttered. "Oh. Tony!" Linda managed to wriggle away. Tony rolled from the couch, his arm shoving Karen away.

"Oh, I want your cock, Tony." Karen fell on top of him, lunging with her mouth toward his dick.

Carl grabbed for Linda's hips, got a good grip and rolled her on the floor to her back.

"No. Tony's mine." Linda reached for the brunette's leg, trying to pull her away.

Karen got her lips around Tony's prick for a moment, then he shoved her aside and rolled away quickly.

"They sure are hard to get started." Al stood up, his cock partly wilted.

Carl tightened his grip on Linda and managed to plant his face on her snatch.

"Oh!" She gasped, partly with rear, partly with desire.

"Damn it, Carl. Let her alone." Tony started to get to his feet but Karen yanked him down, leaping for his dick again.

"Shit. Get away from me, you crazy bitch." He slapped her face from his crotch.

"I want cock!" Karen's arms forced him flat to the floor.

Carl's mouth kissed rapidly all over Linda's box. The tongue found the clit and he licked strongly.

"Ohhhh." Linda felt her lust come to a quick boil. Her hips writhed with the growing pressures in her cunt.

"Carl! You asshole! Get away from her." Tony dragged himself toward the man, Karen clinging to his hips, mouth still trying to surround his tool. "You son of a bitch!"

Carl's finger went into Linda's cunt and she melted.

"Mother-fucker!!" Tony lashed out at Carl, landing one glancing blow on the man's shoulder. His second blow was stronger and Carl pulled away quickly.

"Okay. You eat her out then." Carl got to his knees.

"I'll kill you for that." Tony tried to rise but Karen kept clinging to him, her mouth all over his dick and balls.

"No, Tony. No. It's okay. Don't fight." Linda started to get up. "It's all right. He didn't do anything."

"He ate your fucking pussy! You call that nothing?!"

"Please, Tony. Please." She almost fell as she stood, moving to get between the men.

Tony stood still and Karen swallowed his dick.

"Karen's sucking your cock and I don't want to kill her. She's just horny. We all are." She put a hand on Tony's chest. "Please, Tony."

Tony shoved Karen from his crotch.

"Aw, shit." Tony relaxed slightly, his fist turning back into separate fingers.

"Let's fuck, Tony." Linda went to him, legs spread, pussy ready for anything. "I want it. Bad." She pressed her crotch to his leg, moaning as she rubbed her clit against his firm flesh. "Please. Oh, God. I need it. Tony!" Her hands raked his back as he tried to pull him to the floor.

"You better do it, Tony," Carl said. "I'll give her what she wants if you don't."

"Don't you touch her, Carl. Not ever again."

"Take me, Carl." Karen crawled to him.

"I want sex, Tony. Hard." Her hands were everywhere on him.

"Do her the way I did Brenda," Al said. "I'll even give you the handcuffs." He helped Brenda to roll up into a more comfortable position.

"No way. I fuck the way I want to. And when I want to." He shoved Linda away sharply.

"Tony!" Linda wailed, moving after him. "Oh, please. Anyway at all. But I need it." She pressed her crotch to his leg again, rocking around to crush her clit. "Please!" she begged, desperate for his prick.

Carl stood still as Karen's mouth worked on his organ.

"Oh, Tony. Tony!" She tried to climb up his body like a tree, hoping to be able to sit on his dick, to force him to screw.

"Hell, Tony, you'd better get at it or I'll have to help her out myself." He took one pair of handcuffs from Brenda and started to remove the other.

"Oh, Al. Can you?" Linda turned toward him hopefully.

"Sure, honey." The cuffs came free and he stood, smiling right at Linda.

"The way she's turned on, she may need both of us, Al." Carl winked at Linda.

"Tony, you can fuck me -- if you want a change from blondes." Brenda sat up, turning to show him her tits and twat.

"You've got to fuck one of them, Tony. Get started." Carl took his prick out of Karen's mouth and moved a couple of steps toward Linda.

Linda looked at the heavy tool and a new wave of desire pulsed right from her clit. "Ohhh, God!"

It was hard to keep from leaping at Carl.

Carl looked deeply into her eyes. "Do you want it?"

"Ohhhh!" Linda whirled with passion.

"I warned you, Carl," Tony said threateningly. "It's up to Linda. Maybe she wants to see if another man can give her what she really wants. What she needs." He took a step closer to the blonde.

"I give her plenty!" Tony took Linda's arm and pulled her close to him, touching one tit solidly, hand spread to let Carl see the gesture clearly.

Linda's breasts heaved with excitement. She trembled as she looked at Carl's dick. He took another step, his body looming in front of her, totally male, totally arousing, his hard-on looking gigantic, raising her lust to an animal fever.

"I want it," she sighed.

"Let her do it, Tony," Brenda said. "Hell, it's just for one night. For fun, really."

"Fun!" Tony almost spit the word.

"She wants it, Tony." Carl came closer, running his fingers along his shaft.

Carl's eyes burned into her. She shuddered with lust, shaking with basic physical need -- need for cock.

"Linda. If you do, I'll fuck Karen. Right here, with you watching. I'll make you watch. Watch while I make love to her."

"Tony, yes. Oh, yes!" Karen said happily.

"How about it, Linda?" Carl stood very close to her, less than an arm's length away.

Karen stepped up closer, ready to jump at Tony. Linda stared at the large dick. Her bean beat wildly. Lust took charge, raging out of her frantic pussy.

"Ohhhhh, God!" She growled as she turned toward Carl. "Hard!" She reached for his cock.

"Bitch!" Tony pushed her toward the man. "God damned whore."

"Oh." Linda stumbled to Carl, clutching at his torso. He caught her, held her, pulled her tits to his hairy chest and touched her pussy.

"Yes," she hissed, melting to the man, his naked body inflaming her roaring desires.

Carl put both hands around under her butt and lifted her from the floor.

Linda wriggled her wet pussy to his belly as he carefully moved her toward the couch. Her crotch was on fire, her body torn with desperate need. She sighed as he placed her butt on the edge of the couch and spread her legs as far as she could.

"You asked for it." Carl crouched over her, holding his dick firmly. He bent and stuck the end to her twat, then let her feel his rod with one long, slow push.

"Ohhhhh!" Linda mounted to climax with the first thrust, her pussy bursting into billowing pleasure as the thick prick dug all the way in.

Lust crowded her crotch and she climaxed, flames snapping along her nerves, every inch of her body ravished by the powerful tool. His body bore down and she arched to him, bent up to take his drives, to feel his great strength bring her to a glorious peak of ecstasy.

Carl fucked strongly, his body pressing to her, mashing her tits as he plunged his rod into her eager snatch.

Linda moaned, gasping, at the full splendor that swept her. She clung to Carl with both arms, loving the feel of his sturdy cock in her hot pussy.

"You motherfucking asshole." Tony watched as Carl kept screwing Linda.

"Tony. Do it to me. Like you said." Karen clung to him, sliding her tits on his chest, both arms around his neck. "I'm hot for you. All horny for your prick, Tony. Please." She wriggled her crotch to him.

"Okay, Karen." He touched her big tits. "I'll show that bitch." He stroked the nipples to get them hard.

Carl pulled out of Linda and stood up, grinning broadly.

"Did you come, Carl?" Linda asked.

"No. Not yet. Hell, we've got a long ways to go." He turned to sit beside her on the couch. "A hell of a long ways." His fingers pinched a nipple firmly.

"Ohhhh." A throb of lust spasmed in her snatch.


Karen smiled at Tony. "Do you want to tie me up? I really kind of go for that." She took one of his hands and placed it on the dangling loops from the wide belt that circled her waist. "I'll show you lots of things to do with the ropes and chains. I know all about that stuff." She touched his dick.

"I just want to fuck." Tony reached for her cunt.

"Okay. But it's lots of fun with the gear." She spread her legs to let him feel her box.

"Just fucking, okay? And not so much talk." He looked past her to watch Carl touching Linda's breasts.

"Are you watching, Linda? Take a good look. From now on, that's all you're going to get from me. Just looks." He started to bend Karen backwards, moving her toward the floor.

"Hey, man," Al said, "put some ropes on her. Hell, you don't get a chance like this all the time. Take advantage."

"No. This is just to get back at Linda." He pushed Karen lower and she cooperated by stretching her legs out and lying back. Her tits stuck out.

"He doesn't look as strong as you, Al," Karen said. "Maybe he's not up to using the chains and all."

"I'm up to it." He pushed her flat with one hand and crouched between her legs.

"At least grab hold of those handles, Tony. Use what's right there." Al went to the bar for a beer.

"Maybe I will." Tony eased himself on top of Karen, snuggling his dick to her twat.

"I like it hard," she said, stroking his back. "The harder the better."

"You'll get it." He pushed his dick into her pussy.

"Oh, yes." Karen's knees lifted and her hands slid to his butt. "You're good, Tony. Nice and big."

Tony started to fuck, craning his head around to look at Linda. His ass rose and he pulled most of his cock out of the hole to let her see the action.

Linda turned her head slowly away. "Al, would you get me a drink, please?" She made a large point of not looking at Tony.

"Sure thing." Al fixed the beer for her.

Tony looked down at Karen. "Oh. You're good. Tight. Tight and slick. Tight all around my cock." He fucked faster. "Yes. Hot. God damn, great pussy." He spoke loud enough for Linda to hear every word clearly. "I sure do like your pussy, Karen." He touched a breast, thrusting farther up her cunt.

"I like your cock. You sure know how to use it, Tony." She joined his game, making sure Linda heard it all. "It's big and stiff. Real hard. A real man, Tony. Yes. Fuck me. Hard. You can fuck me any time you want." Her hands grabbed his cheeks, hauling him closer to her crotch.

Linda looked at Carl beside her. "How about it? I could sure go for some more of your cock." She touched his tool.

"And I want more of your pussy." He ran his finger down her belly and touched her clit.

"Take me." She flung her arms around his shoulder.

"I want you all tied up this time."

"Oh, yes. The way Al did Brenda. I want that. I want to feel you fuck me until I scream."

"I will. Don't worry about that." He got up slowly and walked toward the cabinet.

Tony grasped the hanging loops around Karen's waist, and started to pull her up toward his chest, rising slightly, trying to heft her from the floor.

"That's it. Let me see how strong you are." Karen wrapped her legs around his waist and tightened the thighs into a crushing grip.

A flash of lust sprang from his balls and Tony heaved at the straps, puffing her clear of the floor, her feet high over his back his fret sliding on the smooth linoleum.

He fell, crushing her and she shrieked with desire.

"More. All of it. Hit me, Tony. With your cock. I want you to hurt me. Now. Please." She scraped her fingernails over his shoulders. "Bitch!" He slammed with his cock, trapped between her legs.

"Yes. Like that. Hard. Make me scream." Her nails raked again.

"Hurt me, Tony. Oh." Karen's lust started to rumble.

"Jesus. Christ." He rammed into her, hands again pulling on the loops, trying to twist free of her legs. She held him, her thighs muscular, her lust adding to her strength.

"Oh, Tony. Yes. Oh, hard. Fuck me. OH!" She gasped with fiery passion alive in her flesh, her clit ready to explode. Her nails dug in, gouging into the firm muscles of his back, ripping at the skin.

"Son of a bitch!" Tony fucked faster, locked to her with passion, his body writhing with pain and soaring ecstasy.

She was squirming wildly under him, her tits sweaty, slipping over his chest. She clung like glue, stuck to him, arms like steel hands, legs bearing down.

The orgasm rocked her, her body all tense, cunt thrashing with spasms of animal pleasure, his dick gouging through the tight passage, raising massive waves of pure ecstasy. "Tony, Tony, Tony," she moaned breathlessly, his arms holding her off the floor, her hips slamming up in tight curls, trying to get more pleasure, more cock.

Tony began to come into the writhing cunt, his arms straining as he moved to hammer into the tight box. He fell heavily, mashing her under his pounding body. She screamed, a shrill cry of pain and passion torn from her throat.

He kept coming, a river of hot juice raging from his dick. Her nails kept ripping down his back, onto his butt and he felt real pain as the last of his gism erupted.

Karen rolled suddenly, turning them both over. She wriggled on his dick, sliding all around. "Tony. That was wonderful."

"Jesus Christ!" He went limp on the floor.

"I always make sure her hands are tied before I try to really fuck her," Al said.

"I felt you come, Tony. Oh, I felt it all inside my cunt." She kept moving heir crotch on his prick.

Tony just lay there, trying to catch his breath.

"How was he, Karen?" Brenda asked. "For real."

"Well, he was pretty good -- once I got him going. But he sure didn't last as long as I wanted him to." She let the dick slide from her cunt and slowly got to her feet. "He's real strong, though. With some practice, he'll be as good as Al. Almost."

Tony rolled to his side, his back a mass of red welts from her fingernails. "Shit. That stings like hell."

"It'll go away. Just take it easy for a few minutes. She's done that to me a few times. Makes you a member of the club." Al handed Tony a fresh beer.

"Thanks." Tony managed to sit up and take the cold glass.

"Okay, Linda," Carl said. "It's time for the main event." He held up a set of chains. The links were dull blue steel. Leather cuffs were riveted to the ends of each length.

"What... what do I do?" Linda stood up, facing Carl.

"Just do exactly what I tell you to." He walked toward her, holding the chains high over his head.

"Okay, Carl." Linda went to meet him, her tits bobbing softly as she walked.

"Give me your hand." Carl grabbed her wrist as she lifted it and slid one of the leather cuffs around it, fastening the brass buckle swiftly, making sure it was very tight. He dropped the arm and a length of chain clanked on the floor. The other wrist got the same treatment, the chain trailing down as Linda lowered her arms.

The links felt heavy, the cuffs tight. She looked at the man and sensed the power of his body as he looked at her. A pulse of dark lust began to beat inside her cunt.

"Go down on me! Suck my cock!" Carl said it like an order.

"Yes." Linda obeyed immediately, dropping to her knees, planting her mouth on the heavy dick and licking it in with her tongue.

Carl ran another length of chain around her neck, drawing it tight, pulling her face close to his crotch, forcing his rising dick into her throat. She gagged for a moment, then swallowed and worked easily along the shaft. Hardness swelled the roped and she sucked faster, her head moving around as Carl pulled on the chain.

Brenda clicked out two lamps and only the gold and red light from the fire lighted them, dancing over the naked figures.

Carl swayed back and forth slowly, stroking into Linda's mouth with his hard dick.

Brenda slipped up behind Tony. "Let me put a little salve on your back. It'll take away the sting." She sat on the floor, legs out straight flanking his hips and butt.

"Okay." Tony leaned forward.

Brenda spread the salve smoothly, using just her fingertips to follow the lines of Karen's scratchings.

"Hey, that's nice. Cool." Tony relaxed a bit.

Carl took a step back from Linda. His dick stuck up close to his belly.

Linda stared at the rod, feeling her desires rise. In the flickering light it looked darker, more powerful; his body looked larger, much stronger. The ends of the chain around her neck hung almost to her tits. She stayed on her knees, waiting for the next instruction.

Al pulled Karen to him, turning her to sit on the floor in front of him between his legs, one hand on his beer glass, the other idly cruising over her boobs. They were across the room from Tony and. Brenda. Carl and Linda were in the middle of the floor between them.

The firelight played over Linda's breasts, turning the skin to a glowing gold, the nipples to ruby. Her hair took on glints of amber.

Her eyes sparkled with sexual desire.

Carl stepped up close to her, his dick throbbing with powerful lust. One hand grabbed the chain at her neck and pulled it tight, forcing her to stretch upward. He grabbed a handful of blonde hair and forced her face against his balls.

Linda licked at the rocks, sticking her tongue out, the coarse hairs drabbing on it as she lapped back toward the thick curving root of the dick where it swept into the man's body. The musky smell added to her arousal and she moved her lips to kiss the hanging rocks.

"Eat 'em, baby. Eat my balls." He jammed her head into his crotch more tightly, forcing her to swallow the nuts. They filled her mouth completely until she gagged and tried to thrash away.

Carl kept her there, mashing her moving lips to his dick, pulling her hair until it hurt, a wide circle of ache spreading through her scalp.

Suddenly, Carl snatched the chains on her arms. He pulled her and she fell backward, sprawling on the floor. He dragged her several feet across the hard floor, yanking on the chains until her arms were taut behind her head, the shoulders taking the full force of his pull.

Linda saw Al and Karen watching, Karen playing with Al's dick, he moving his hand on her tits. She looked to the other side and saw Brenda slip a hand over Tony's cock. Tony did not seem to mind at all.

Linda arched her hips, spreading her legs. "Take me, Carl, fuck me hard."

"I will. When I'm ready." He let the chains drop to the floor and went over to his supply cabinet.

When he turned to face her again he held a pair of antique leg irons in one hand and a shiny black leather belt in the other. The leg irons were once used to keep slaves in the holds of ships; they were still rusty but very usable. The belt had narrow strips of leather hanging from it, some of them tipped with shiny chrome spikes.

Carl crouched between her spread legs and fitted one end of the leg iron around her ankles, fixing it firmly in place. A length of chain about two feet long stretched to the other rough iron circle and he swiveled and bound the other ankle securely.

Carl left the belt on the floor between Linda's knees and went around, taking firm grip on one of the arms chains, pulling it to a leg of a couch where he fastened it with a padlock. The other arm got the same treatment, leaving Linda flat on her back, her arms straight out from her shoulder. The chains were tight, so tight she could not lift her arms or move them along the floor.

Linda saw Tony's hand reach around to touch Brenda's tit. She arched her shoulders, lifting her breasts toward Carl. "Do you like my breasts, Carl? Are they nice and big? And firm?" She wanted to make Tony jealous. As jealous as she felt of Brenda.

"Yeah," Carl said. "Bitchin knockers." He picked up the leather belt and crouched between her legs over her pussy.

His hands slid the belt under her back as he leaned down and kissed her snatch.

"Ohhhh, yes!" Linda felt the flickers of pleasure dance from her crotch and tried to shove up toward the kissing lips.

Carl's fingers brought the ends of the belt together on her belly. Her desires increased as his mouth pressed more firmly on her cunt. A moan of deep pleasure slid from her throat. His fingers brought the belt into a tight grip on her middle, the flesh bulging above and below as he pulled hard before clicking the buckle closed.

More pleasure bloomed in her cunt as he started to draw the narrow strips of black leather around her pussy, flanking the entrance with two to a side. His tongue found her clit and she soared on pure enjoyment, hips writhing, snatch all hot and creamy as the man began to tighten the straps, pulling them roughly under her butt, stretching them right through her crack, tugging them out to the side, the leather biting into the delicate flesh, almost pinching.

The four straps slipped under the tight belt with difficulty, Carl jamming hard to get them through so they lay limply down on the floor, two bright chrome spikes gleaming wickedly in the flickering firelight. The remaining leather strips were nearly four feet long.

Carl bent to her pussy with his whole face, one hand going up to massage a nipple as his tongue darted and flicked right on the spread pink cunt.

"Ohhhh!" She felt his tongue start into her box, his nose bearing down on her clit.

Desire leaped and Linda went with it, writhing on the floor, helpless in the chains -- and helpless with passion. Physical desire took full control of her and she shoved her crotch to the man.

Carl wriggled a finger into her cunt and she almost came, gasping with pleasure.

The finger worked in farther and his teeth found her clit. She screamed with enjoyment, head thrown back, neck tensed, all the cords standing out. His hand bit down hard on a tit and Linda came, a full rush of hot juice gushing into her pussy, body rigid, every nerve singing with pleasures.

The teeth bit down and she arched into a high blaze of lust, her body trembling as she got off. He was finger fucking now, fast and hard and she loved it, loved the feel of his hands, his mouth all over her pussy.

The teeth clamped and there was pain. The fingers cut into her tit and there was more pain.

Linda howled with delight, straining against the chains, her body alive to every tiny move, the pain adding the perfect edge to make the pleasure more intense.

Her body arched and she kept coming, the man making fresh waves of enjoyment sweep from her clit.

Carl kept it up until she went limp on the floor, drained, her body filmed with tiny droplets of sweat.

"Okay." Carl sat on the floor, not touching her. "Oh. Oh, Carl. That was... perfect!" She gazed up at him, eyes dreamy with desire and happiness.

"Now for some fucking." He turned slowly, leaning over her, looking down her bound form from tits to crotch.

"Yes. Oh, yes, Carl. Yes." She tried to get her legs farther apart for him but the fetters held her firmly.

Carl stretched out, holding himself on his arms clear of her body until he was full length, then slowly lowered his hard prick to touch on her warm snatch.

Linda felt his weight press down and smiled up at him, looking right into his eyes. His hands left the floor and she had every ounce of him on her.

His chest mashed her tits, the hairs digging into the skin as he shifted up slightly.

Carl put the end of his dick to her clit and twirled it with his hand for a moment, then let just the tip glide into the moist passage.

"All the way, Carl." His face was just inches from hers and she saw the lust rising right in his eyes and his dick advanced, moving in like a log in a quiet river, filling her gradually with thick, heavy, totally hard cock.

All the dick went in. His crotch touched to her clit and he put some pressure down, twisting slightly. Pleasure started to rise again and she moved slowly under him, wanting a new thrust of the rod to add to her enjoyment.

He pulled back just as slowly as he had gone in.

Linda glanced over to see if Tony was watching.

He was, but his arms were moving to touch Brenda's boobs; her arms all over his torso.

"Fuck me, Carl!" Linda said loudly. "I want every bit of your super-great cock."

"Okay, honey!" He grinned and slammed down, heaving with all his weight behind the drive.

"Ahhh!" The strength of the thrust startled her. And raised more desire from her pussy.

Another drive followed swiftly, just as hard as the one before. She tried to move to meet the thrusts but he moved faster, slamming into her. His fingers found her nipples and he twirled them as his fucking kept up, his hips moving now at a brisk, steady pace. Linda managed to adjust to the tempo and smiled, her lust returning as the force of the man bore down.

Linda responded to the physical power of Carl's body. He moved with practiced skill, his dick touching all around inside the twat, his legs pumping steadily, fingers tightly gripping the tits. The nipples began to burn, then to ache as his fingers bit in.

Linda remembered the pain that helped with the pleasures just a few minutes before and began to want that again -- and more. She shuddered with desire and her flesh began to warm all through, her legs moving slowly at the saint rate as his deep thrusts.

"Yes," she sighed, almost gasping with the lust that started to stream from her clit. His crotch was pounding the tab of flesh wit each thrust and she arched, wanting more, needing more pleasure, more force -- more man!

Pleasure began to take over as his dick massaged her pussy, his crotch rolling lightly on her clit at the bottom of each full thrust. A thumb turned each pulsing nipple and her desire began to crowd along her nerves, swelling steadily as he kept fucking.

Carl knew exactly what he was doing and moved his dick and fingers with experienced skill to give her more pleasure. His hands left the boobs, gliding down her sides to grasp the straps. He took a firm hold and slowly started to pull.

The leather tightened more at the sides of her cunt, pressing deeper into the delicate flesh. His arms moved up toward her head and the straps cut in more.

The power of his thrusts increased.

Carl pulled and the leather cut into her pussy, gouging the skin, biting in deeply. Pain from the pinched flesh swept through her, almost canceled out by the pleasure that swept from her clit as he shoved against it. A quick flip of his hands wrapped the straps around his wrists and Carl pulled as hard as he could, jamming his dick all the way up the box.

"Ohhhh! Ahhhh!" Linda writhed in agony and bliss. Her body was torn between pleasure and pain. The cock created bright heat; the straps made lines of stinging agony ram through her.

"Carl!" Her voice was a strangled cry of fear and lust. She began to feel the great force of his body pounding against her. The cock tore into her cunt. The full animal force of the man's strength was behind each blow.

He kept up the tormenting pressure of the straps and added more force to his drives.

Raw lust ripped through her. Her crotch was a mass of torment and ecstasy. Her clit shrieked for release, for a shattering climax to end the urgent pressures.

A savage sexual need welded them together.

Carl fucked with naked physical fury, driving with every bit of strength he had, hammering into the cunt.

Linda felt her body bend, felt her nerves stretch, then shred as the man rammed, his prick ripping into her flesh, slicing her cunt with fire.

His hands pressed on her boobs, pulling the straps tighter, his fingers gripping the metal spikes firmly.

Massive lust overwhelmed her. She screamed, mouth wide open, throat tense, her voice shrill as she shrieked in pure ecstasy and total pain.

The climax exploded in her cunt. She felt the man on her, in her, pressing, bearing down, his chest crushing her, dick shattering her cunt, the pain everywhere in her crotch, the sharp pleasure like live electric fires on her nerves.

Primitive lust, dark and sweaty, roared from his balls. His cock was a mass of white hot iron striking into the thrashing cunt.

Linda came and came and came. The savage power of the man sent her into a totally animal kind of sex. Same secret, unknown vat of desire raged loose and she kept on coming as he hit into her with his great, hard, hot cock. Sweat drenched her. Her cunt shrieked with agony and she arched it to the man, wanting more.

Carl put the metal studs to her nipples and jammed down hard, forcing them into the flesh. She screamed and thrashed against the bonds, body all tense, shuddering with agony.

He brought himself to climax, pounding, more bull than man, body hunched, hips moving with enormous strength, his cm suddenly boiling out of his balls, scorching through his cock.

Carl put his head down, gouged the metal into the tits and came with a low roar, his mouth wide open, legs apart, dick thundering as he got off, filling her cunt with gism.

Linda's screams and Carl's bestial roar filled the room.

He hosed the battered pussy with cum. He grunted, stabbing with his prick until all his ball juice shot out.

Sweat ran in large trickles from his back and sides as he slumped on top of the blond, gulping air desperately.

Linda let out a long moan as the man relaxed his punishing grip on the straps and his cock stopped pounding her snatch.

For a long time there was no sound in the room except the labored breathing of the sweaty couple.

Gradually, Carl picked up his head, then slipped his tool out of the box and rolled to one side. He gleamed with sweat from neck to knees. His dick lolled thickly over one thigh.

Linda's breasts heaved as she took deep breaths. A lovely coolness swept her crotch as the man rolled from it. She turned her head, looked over at Al, saw his dick all nice and hard in Karen's fingers and groaned.

"More!" Linda stuck out her tongue at Al in open invitation. "I want more! More cock. More man!"


Lust was loose in her and she twitched her hips provocatively at Al, warning the red-haired man to mount her. Mount her and fuck her right into the floor.

Al pushed Karen's hand from his rod and leaned forward.

"No, Al," Karen said sharply. "I want it. Now!" She grabbed his dick again.

"I think it's time for an orgy," Brenda said. "I know I sure as hell need a session with a stiff packer." She ran her hand along Tony's erection. "How about it?"

"Sure." Tony touched her pussy.

Carl sat up slowly. "Brenda, you want to eat some wet pussy?"

"Yeah!" She licked her lips eagerly.

"I thought you were about ready for a bit of that." Carl got to his feet. "Brenda, you can eat out Linda while Tony fucks you. And Al, why don't you stick your dick in Linda's throat and eat Karen's pussy?"

"But I want cock!" Karen complained.

"You'll get it, honey." Al moved toward Linda on his knees.

"I... I want a man," Linda said, "not a woman."

"You don't have much choice, honey." Brenda crawled toward the blonde, her tongue moving slowly over her lips until they were glossy.

Al reached Linda first and swung one knee over her torso, straddling her boobs. He settled slightly, pushing his dick down toward her face.

Linda opened her mouth wide and picked up her head toward the dick. Her tongue reached for the swollen end, and she felt the warm slickness of it, as it went into her mouth. The man leaned forward and more of his rod went into her, touching her throat. The hardness of the shaft against her tongue started arousal humming in her cunt.

Brenda crawled between Linda's legs, hunching to lick down the stomach to the crotch. The leather straps exposed the cunt nicely, the hairs stuck back with sex-juices. Her mouth kissed down to the clit.

"Tony, get around in back. You're long enough to go up my pussy from the rear." Brenda spread her legs as she began to lick around on the twat.

"Okay. You called it, Brenda." Tony went around behind the woman and brought his crotch close to her up-tilted butt. He reached under to find her pussy and held his hand there to guide his dick into the hole. His crotch touched against her trim butt and be stuck his dick into her twat and started to fuck lightly.

"Oh, yeah. That's great." Brenda buried her face in Linda's cunt and reached up to play with the blonde's tits.

Linda closed her eyes and pretended it was Carl. Or Al. Or even Tony. Some man, anyway, instead of Brenda, licking at her box.

That helped and her pleasures increased. She even managed to get some enjoyment out of Brenda's fingers all over her breasts.

Al started to pump his dick in and out of Linda's mouth. He reached around and pulled Karen to the floor. She got the idea and sprawled with her feet toward Linda's shoulders, knees raised as she scooted closer.

Al bent down, stretching out over Linda, feet back almost to her knees. He made quicker strokes into Linda's throat and bent his head to kiss Karen's pussy as she wriggled it under him.

"Ohhh. Nice." Karen melted with pleasure as the man pressed his face against her clit.

Brenda's pussy started to rub tile as Tony's cock got farther in and he moved faster. Her clit burned nicely as his finger poked around on it. His other hand cupped a tit, making the firm nipple tingle.

As Brenda's pleasures grew, she added some passion to her work on Linda's crotch, letting her tongue slide on the tender flesh, licking skin and leather, touching from clit downwards, then lapping back up the other side.

Tony screwed faster, adding wane energy to his strokes as his enjoyment began to swell. He leaned over Brenda's back, one hand pushing firmly on her clit and got a finger to Linda's box, pushing inside below Brenda's tongue.

"Ohh." Linda liked the new sensations and wriggled her crotch around.

Brenda took a hand from Linda's boob and added it to the crotch, touching right in beside Tony's hand. Tony put both hands to Linda's cunt and so did Brenda, forcing the snatch to spread to take four fingers. Her chin tolled on the blonde's clit.

"Ahhhh." Linda melted with the lovely pressures. Her ups tightened around Al's dick and she sucked harder, her cheeks dented as she felt lust sweep from her crotch.

Al's mouth vanished in Karen's crotch. He licked her cunt vigorously.

Karen grabbed Al's head with both hands and forced it more tightly to her box. "Oh. More. I need cock. Please." Her legs pointed toward the ceiling, toes curled with desire. She got a dose of tongue in her pussy instead.

Brenda felt the pressure in her cunt turn to heat and snuggled back against the driving prick. Her legs spread and more rod entered her snatch. She put one of Tony's hands to her clit and he obliged with added pressure from his dick as he rolled the bit of flesh quickly.

"More, Tony. All of it. I'm almost there."

Tony put a hand to her left boob and crushed it firmly.

"Ohhhh." Brenda moaned with desire, her fingers sliding in Linda's cunt as her own pussy blossomed with pleasure.

The climax came as a fast rush of wet heat, her snatch drenched as she gasped and shoved her tongue into the twat. Spasms of climax raked her and she clamped her box tightly around the hard tool and gasped, the full orgasm racing to her head, needles of ecstasy darting all through her body.

"Oh, Tony!" She jerked from the pussy and shoved herself against the man, grabbing around for his ass to pull him even closer.

Tony fucked steadily, groping clit and tit until he felt the woman relax.

"I need cock!" Karen shrieked. "Cock!"

"So do I!" Linda stopped sucking the dick. "In my cunt."

Al started to move down Linda's body.

"NO. Fuck me!" Karen clawed at his head, trying to drag him back. "ME!"

"I'll fuck you." Tony pulled out of Brenda's cunt and started to crawl past Linda toward Karen.

"Tony!" Karen shouted his name happily. "Yes. Oh, yes. I want your cock. I want to feel it." Her lust was steaming and she spread her legs and lifted her arms, welcoming the man.

Tony paused for a moment beside Linda, watching closely as Al put his prick into the wanting pussy and started to screw.

"Ohhhhaaaa!" Linda quivered with desire as the man filled her desperate cunt with hard manmeat. His smooth chest glided on her tits and she soared into pleasure.

Tony flipped suddenly to his back, stretching out beside Linda on the floor. "Get on top of me, Karen. I'll last longer that way."

"Oh, yes." She lunged for him. His hips were near Linda's shoulders, his feet stuck out past the blonde's head.

Karen crawled over him, straddled his crotch, took the prick in one hand, held it upright and sat down, filling her pussy.

"Yeah." Tony stabbed up, thrusting strongly. His hands grabbed her big tits and he fucked with short strokes.

Karen adapted quickly to his rhythm and moved to increase her enjoyment, rising and falling with his shoves. She tingled wildly from the first instant she felt his hard meat and she began to come with almost no effort. His fingers on her boobs added to the happiness and her cunt became a pit of physical joy, hot and wet around the lovely hardness of Tony's cock.

"Hey. You really know how to do it." Tony fucked as hard as he could, jolting her as she clung to him, both hands gripping his shoulders, her body shuddering with the shimmering climax.

Lust started to move strongly through his rocks. His muscles tensed and more force came into his thrusts.

"Ohhh, Tony." Karen's climax began to fade. She stuck to him, pussy tight around his tool. "I liked that."

"Yeah. I like your cunt." He touched her clit.

"Hmmmmm." Karen squirmed on his rod, wriggling lower, letting her tits dangle to his chest.

Tony reached over and slipped a hand between Al and Linda, fumbling until he found her tit.

Al returned the gesture, groping Karen's tits. He kept his dick moving in Linda's cunt as the woman kept moaning and gasping with total passion below him.

"Hey, Tony," Al asked, "do you want to switch broads?"

"Hell, no. I'm just getting started with this one." He grinned, squeezing both women's tits solidly.

"Okay. Linda's a bitchin' great lay." He moved up a bit higher on her body to strike in at a steeper angle.

"Yes." Linda ached for more force. She tried to shove her crotch at Al's prick but the bonds limited her moves. Pleasure mounted and she sighed deeply, loving the feeling of Al's dick, hot inside her.

Linda noticed that it was Tony's hand on her boobs. "Oh. Oh. God." She saw Al lean over and grope Karen with both hands. A fresh batch of passion sped from her clit. She had never had two men going at her at the same time before. The sensations mashed through her crotch?

Al got hold of the straps and started to pull, not the steady pressure Carl had used, but short jerks, the leather cutting in deeper with each tug.

"Oh, yes. More." Linda started to writhe with pain and passion, legs heaving in the heavy iron fetters. Al added power to his yanks and she moaned with deepening enjoyment. His body pressed on her tits. Tony's hand disappeared and Al's chest crushed the breasts almost flat as his arms kept tugging. Vicious stabs of pain shot from her crotch with each jerk of the man's strong arms. His cock kept her cunt inflamed and she sprang into the full fury of orgasm, body tensed, bowed with the heavy passion.

Flares exploded in her head -- bright, glaring bursts of startling passion flamed from her twat. Every part of her ached with beautiful anguish. For a second she thought she would faint with the savage ecstasy, then the hammer blows of Al's cock sent agony pounding from her clit and she shrieked, her arms twisting, trying to get free.

The cock pounded in, his crotch beating at her clit. He pulled the straps tighter and they seared her tender pussy with pure torture.

Al's face was wild with furious lust, close to hers, his eyes wide, sweat running on the brow and nose. The full raw power of the man's body ragged against her. The naked force of his animal passion broke loose and she screamed as the pain rose to a frantic peak.

The massive cock was a brutal pole slamming into her again and again. The pain was merciless, total torment swelling from her cunt and clit. She howled and tried to break loose but he held her, his climax starting, cum ready to shoot.

Completely helpless under the man, Linda kept yelling.

Al's orgasm rammed from his balls. A river of warm boiled through his dick. He was all lust and muscles, lost in the primitive passion, instinct in total control of his body. His cock was a steel beam, gouging into the hot, soft cunt. The dense pleasures raked him from head to foot. His crotch was a tornado of ecstasy.

Linda gave one last strangled shriek of torment and felt the man heave into the final moments of his pleasure.

Finally he slowed his drives; his hands let the straps go slack. Linda gave a long, quivering sigh and went completely limp, barely able to move even to breathe.

Tony stopped fucking Karen when Linda began to scream. He watched closely as the man punished the blonde, moving his hands carelessly on Karen's bras.

As Al stopped moving, he reached down to touch Karen's clit and started sliding his dick up and down in her box again. The strokes were short and slow, just enough to keep his lust nicely alive.

Karen responded to the moves, rocking slightly back and forth on the sliding tool. "Oh, Tony. You do it so good." Her fingers started to crawl on his chest as she sat nearly upright, bouncing slightly as he fucked.

"Ohhh, God." Linda groaned as Al got up from her. She wanted to curl up her legs and roll to her side but the chains kept her flat on the floor. A dull ache spread through her pussy, replacing the sharp pain.

Tony fucked more strongly, fingers busy on the large boobs as he let his passion start to run.

"Oh, Tony. Do it hard. Make me come. I want to come again. Come with your cock!" She swayed, head tossing as the man's prick created new loveliness all through her snatch. She looked into Tony's eyes and the heat spread up onto her belly. "You're so good, Tony. Oh. Oh, yes." His hips drove up with more strength and she clamped her legs tightly to his sides and rode him vigorously, loving the thrusting rod that made so much swift happiness stream from her cunt.

Karen's nipples turned hard in his fingers and Tony let the rising lust soar, thrusting into the snatch with deeper energy. His legs spread and he almost lifted Karen from the floor, each jolting drive bringing him more pleasure.

The aching need in her crotch turned to pressure, head flowing freely as the cock reamed farther in. She felt the force raise her whole body and let the passion gush wildly, loving the dense ecstasy that shoved through her flesh.

Karen leaned back, neck strained as she began to mount to the final glorious moment. A sudden rush of heat dashed along her nerves and she came, gasping with the live passion, rolling on the thrusting prick, body tense, cunt like liquid fire, the cock hard, hard and hot.

Tony heaved up and began to come right with her, ramming full strength into Karen, his cum ready to streak into the box. A long moment of aching passion bloomed and he leaped, desire rushing from his rocks to his head. Thick gism spouted from his flailing dick and he got off with deep enjoyment, the ripping pleasures clawing from his balls. He crushed the hanging tits flat, mashing the pulsing nipples as he sprayed the box with rich man-juice.

The sex was all physical, just bodies. Tony thrust until his desires faded, then went slack on the floor, nicely pleased.

Karen leaned down to him, brushing her boobs on his chest as she squeezed her snatch around his prick. "You know how to keep a girl happy, Tony."

He smiled slightly. "Yeah. It was a damn good fuck."

Carl got up from his seat on the couch. "You did real good, Tony." He stepped to Linda, looming over her. "But Linda's the star of the evening. How did you like it, honey?" He crouched over her pussy.

"Oh, God." She looked at the man, then turned her head away. Her crotch still hurt. Her arms were cramped from being held by the chains. Her tits ached.

"Now you know what it's like to be fucked, really fucked." Carl touched her clit lightly, just one finger probing softly.

"No." She twitched at the touch. "No more." Linda tried to squirm away from the finger.

Tony slipped his prick out of Karen's cunt. "That's enough, Carl."

"Okay." Carl gave the twat one last light pat before he stood up. "I think we all need a beer."

He started toward the bar.

Linda closed her eyes and drew her knees together, trying to cover her pussy.

The rest of the people followed Carl to the bar. All but Tony. He moved over to Linda and started gently pulling the leather straps from her crotch.


Linda flinched at the first touch, then opened her eyes. "Oh, Tony. Tony!"

"Just lie still." He kept removing the bonds slowly.

"It hurt so much, Tony. So much." A small tear started to trickle from one eye.

"That's okay." He unbuckled the belt from her middle.

"I just want to go home. Please, take me home." She looked at him, almost pleading.

"You seemed to like it enough when Carl was fucking you. And when Al fucked you, too." He spoke coldly to her.

"I... I don't know what happened. I'm not like that. You know I'm not, Tony. It just came over me. Everybody was doing it and... I don't know what happened."

"You looked like you were going crazy." Tony stood up. "Hey, Carl. Take these damn chains off her. She wants to go home."

"In a minute." Carl swigged a big gulp of beer. "Now, Carl. The fun's over." Tony went toward the man.

"Okay, okay. Take it easy." He set his glass on the bar and fumbled in the closet for the key.

"Here you go." He tossed the key to Tony and turned back to the bar.

Tony picked the key up from the floor and unlocked the padlock, from the couch leg. Linda moaned, bending her arm to relieve the cramped muscles.

Tony freed the other arm and helped her to sit up.

"Oh, Tony. I'm so ashamed. I was just awful. I've never done anything like this before. It... it just happened." She could not look at him.

Tony crouched and removed the slave-irons from her ankles.

"Thank you, Tony," she mumbled, drawing her feet up close to her tail. The new position cased the aches in her cunt and arms.

"Do... do you hate me, now?" she asked, barely whispering.

"No. I don't hate you." Tony turned and sat on the couch. He picked up his shin from the floor and dug out the cigarettes.

"But, you... you don't want to marry me." She looked at the floor, trembling with fear.

"I'll marry you." Tony stuck two cigarettes in his mouth and lit them.

"You... you will?" She looked at him, not able to believe what she heard.

"Sure." He handed her a cigarette. "Any girl who goes for sex the way you do -- well, I just want to be around when you really get turned on."

"Oh, Tony!" she gasped with gratitude. "I was afraid you were ashamed of me. For going with the other men."

"Hell, I fucked Brenda and Karen. Liked it, too. So we're about even there." He took a long drag on his cigarette.

"Oh, Tony, Tony. I love you." She went to him on her knees, hugging his legs. Her cigarette ash spilled on his knee.

"Look, Brenda and Karen are good. Damn good. But you are a lot better. Hell, a guy would have to be crazy to give you up, Linda." He touched her blonde hair lightly.

"Oh, Tony. You are so beautiful." Her eyes brimmed with tears as she reached up, trying to kiss him. "I won't ever go with any other guy. Not ever. I promise!" She kissed him lightly on the cheek.

"You damn well better not. Carl and Al got you loosened up, but from now on, you keep yourself just for me." He put a hand on her breast and returned her kiss, his lips softly pressing to her mouth.

"Oh, yes. Yes. I only want you, Tony. You are the only man for me. I love you." She kissed him firmly, one arm sliding around his shoulders as she climbed onto the couch, snuggling close to him.

"Hey, look at the lovebirds." Al walked to them, carrying three beers. "I bet you need this." He handed a beer to Linda.

"Oh, thank you." She took the beer and drank it thirstily.

Tony took a beer and sat back, his arm going around Linda to pull her lose against his side.

Brenda stood close to the fire. "You know, Tony. You never did come in my cunt. You fucked me real good, but it wasn't all the way."

"Sorry about that, Brenda," Tony said. "But you will just have to live without that great thrill in your life. I'm going to stick to Linda from now on. Only Linda." He kissed the blonde.

"Don't say that, Tony." Karen walked toward him. "You're too good not to get spread around. Learn to share." She sat near him on the couch.

"Sorry, Karen. I'm not available." He kissed Linda again.

"I'm available," Al said, putting a hand out for Karen's tits. "You about ready for another round?"

"I'm always ready." Karen took Al's hand and drew it down to a boob.

"So am I." Brenda touch Al's dick. "How about we both go for him, Karen?" Her fingers played with the man's rocks.

"Sure. I can fuck you both." Al touched Brenda's pussy.

"Hey, I wet to get in on this." Carl came up behind Brenda and put an arm around her breasts, pressing his cock to her butt.

"Do you want to get in on this, Tony?" Carl asked.

"No thanks. I'm real happy with Linda."

Linda snuggled closer to Tony. "You can do me here if you want to."

"Let's just watch, okay?" He sipped some beer. "I'll do you later on -- at home. Alone." He touched a nipple for a moment.

"Oh, yes. I'd like that." She tucked her feet up on the couch under her tail, turning to hide her pussy with one thigh.

Karen leaned forward and kissed Al's dick, opening her mouth to roll the tip on her tongue.

Brenda slipped behind Al and dropped to her knees, bending backwards as she eased through the man's legs to lick at his rocks.

Carl skimped to the floor and slid toward Karen. She saw him and turned her crotch toward his face. He planted his mouth high on her pussy, lapping for the clit. When he found it, he licked briskly and the brunette squirmed closer to him. One hand reached out and found Brenda's cunt. A finger went in and his thumb pressed to her clit, rolling it very slowly.

Brenda gave a long moan of pleasure and sucked Al's racks faster, nuzzling closer to his crotch. The root of the man's dick swelled to hardness against her face and her hands crawled up over his butt and back.

"Yeah. That's great." Al began to press his dick into Karen's throat.

Carl shifted around, planting a hand on Karen's cunt as he started to lick Brenda's. His finger glided into the damp passage and his tongue probed all around the pulsing clit.

"Give me some head, Brenda." He pulled her roughly toward his crotch, fingers grasping her hair firmly.

Brenda shifted easily to the other man, stretching on the floor. She took in the heavy rod and started to make it hard, using her mouth skillfully.

Carl planted his mouth back on Karen's twat. One hand groped under to Brenda's tits, the other found Karen's boobs and twirled a nipple firmly.

Brenda reached up and made a circle with her fingers around Al's hard-on, pumping the rod slowly.

"I want to eat some pussy." Al bent toward Brenda, fingers finding a breast as he crouched lower. She swiveled on her butt and spread her legs. His hands flanked her hips and he put his mouth to her cunt.

Carl pulled Karen down to the floor, making her lie down as he lapped her clit until she moaned. He turned to his side, guiding her around and planted his dick against her mouth.

Karen gobbled the organ greedily, taking all of it, feeling it swell slowly between her lips. Sexual pressure rose in her cunt and her hands roamed all around the man's balls and ass.

Brenda squirmed around, trying to suck Al's prick. Her bare butt touched Karen's tail and she pressed against the warm cheeks, mouth reaching for the man's rod. She got a small part of the tip and he shoved the rest of it in quickly.

The women were sandwiched between the men, asses touching, feet pointing in the same direction.

Carl reached over and got a hand to Karen's tits.

The nipples were already hard and he flipped than quickly with thumb and forefinger. His cock got up to full size in Brenda's throat. "I'm ready for fucking."

"Me, too." Al got a finger into Karen's snatch.

"I want it." Karen pushed her crotch against the finger.

Brenda tried to roll to her back, pushing Karen slightly away, her hip resting against the brunettes tail.

"Hey. That's an idea! We can tie them together." Carl sat up, still stroking Brenda's pussy.

"Yeah. Side by side." Al looked over at Brenda.

Carl grabbed Karen's leg and twisted her to her back, shoving her leg against Brenda's, the thighs meeting firmly.

Brenda snuggled slightly toward the brunette.

"Just lie there. I'll get some chains." Carl went toward the cabinet.

"This is going to be great." Al sat between Karen's legs, a hand on each box.

Carl came back with his hands filled with lengths of chain. "Help me out, Al. Put this one around their waists."

Al took the long chain. "I'll make it nice and tight." He let the chain fall over their bellies, stretching it out to their sides. Brenda lifted her back and helped him slide it under her. He grasped it between their bodies and pushed the other end under Karen's back, drawing both ends together between their hips.

"Make another loop," Carl said. "There's enough chain left."

"Will do." Al started to wind the links around again.

Carl put a pair of handcuffs on their ankles, holding the feet together. He clamped a length of chain between the black cuffs and began to twist it around both legs, binding them with a spiral coil of heavy steel. He put three loops close together at the knees, then started up the sleek thighs.

When he reached the crotches, Carl made sure the links touched both pussies, binding the flesh so it bulged around the chain before he fastened it with a padlock to keep them from wriggling free. "How about their hands?" Al asked.

"Cuff them together. Just one arm each. I want them to be able to touch me." Carl handed a set of cuffs to Al.

"Got it." Al took Karen's right hand and Brenda's left and held them together, pulled straight over their heads. He clamped the wrists together, then ran the chain that had held one of Linda's arms around their arms twice and fixed it to the leg of a couch. "That'll hold them."

"It sure will." Carl crouched over Brenda's clit, one finger fucking her slowly. His other hand roamed on Karen's tits.

Al bent to touch Karen's pussy, one hand pinching firmly at Brenda's left nipple. "Which one do you want?"

"I want both. Why don't we switch back and forth?"

"Nice idea!" Al shoved his linger into Karen's box.

"Oh, yeah." Brenda tried to lift her crotch toward Carl but the chains and Karen's weight made it almost impossible for her to move at all.

Carl bent lower, holding his dick as he pointed it at Brenda's cunt. Her free hand touched his shoulder, drawing him closer and he put the stiff tool into the waiting snatch and started to fuck before his torso touched her boobs.

Ha free leg swung over his butt, the heel bearing down, pushing him farther up her snatch as she started to sigh with genuine enjoyment. Her pussy warmed quickly and she dissolved under the man's steady drives, pleasure rising from her clit as his crotch swiveled on it.

Al watched Carl's first few thrusts, then stuck his dick into Karen and started screwing, lowering his chest to flatten her the as his hips flexed briskly downward.

Lust snarled from her crotch. Karen tightened her pussy around the moving rod and her pleasures deepened. She got her hand down to Al's ass and crushed one cheek with her fingers, digging in, hoping to make the man move faster and harder into her body.

She got what she warned. Al's legs drove powerfully, his body bounding on her tits as he put real force into his fucking. Her tit got a feel of pain as his fingers pinched sharply, and she gasped, shoving both tits to him, wanting the full release to sweep through her pulsing flesh.

Carl glanced at Al and started to move at the other man's pace, matching stroke for stroke. The shift in rhythm brought Brenda's box to a boil. She clawed at Carl and started to come, rich joy flooding from her pussy, her clit one bright point of fire. "Oh, God, God!" She writhed with the ecstasy, trying to force her pussy higher. Carl's chest crushed her the. His hands gripped under her shoulders and his crotch pounded her clit until she cried out with hot joy.

Karen came with Al's vigorous strakes driving her farther into passion. She clawed at his ass and the shivers of fast passion streamed from her clit. Glaring rays of pure light plunged through her from cunt to head. Her leg flailed the air over Al's back and she moaned heavily.

Carl slowed his moves, just barely siding back and forth. "Hey. How about we switch? I got this one off already."

"I got Karen off, too." Al pulled out of the pussy.

Carl waited until Al stood up, then jerked free of Brenda and leaped onto Karen, letting her feel the full length of his prick with the first shove. He plastered himself to the large boobs and fucked full strength, holding on to her shoulders as his cock dug in.

Sex juices smeared thickly down the insides of Brenda's thighs. Al spread the glimmering fluids up onto her belly with both hands before he lay on top of her and put his prick into the hole. All of his dick glided in and he rested for a moment, savoring the heat of the snatch all around his dick before he began to screw with very slow strokes.

Brenda responded to the exquisite pleasure. Al's cock wasn't as thick as Carl's, and he wasn't as strong, but he sure knew bow to screw. She knew she was going to be able to come with him. Come beautifully.

He lay close to her, their slightly sweating bodies sliding easily. She rested her hand on his butt, feeling the muscles clench as he pushed into her twat. "That's so nice, Al."

He moved a little faster, still keeping the strokes gentle.

Carl pushed into Karen as hard as he could. His dick began to ache with lust and he grabbed a tit and smashed it as his prick dug in farther.

Sighs and moans rose from the quartet. Bodies glowed with sweat, firelight dancing over the moving backs and tails, on the chained legs and bound arms.

The sighs became gasps. The bodies moved faster, sweat starting to run -- the heat swelled and the men fucked faster.

The room smelled of sweat, cum and pussyjuice.

Carl forced himself to climax, riding Karen until she shrieked and came with him, passion fusing them into one working mass of gleaming flesh.

Al kept up his slow thrusts as long as he could. Lust finally reached a shrieking pitch in his balls and he shoved brutally into Brenda's curt. His forcing blows brought her to orgasm as he filled her cunt with his sticky gism.

Tony held Linda tightly, almost crushing her to his side. The spectacle started his desires bubbling and he brought her head around and gave her a rich kiss, his tongue filling her mouth the way he wanted his cock to fill her cunt. His dick slatted to get hard and he let her relax against the couch.

As the foursome began to untangle, he started to look around for their clothes.

"Let's go on home, Linda. I want to try out a couple of things I saw tonight."

"Oh, yes. Yes, Tony. Anything. I'll do anything you want." She looked at him, love shimmering in her eyes.

"The big thing is -- you don't go with any other guy. Not ever again."

"I won't. I love you too much for that." She smiled at him, meaning every word sincerely.

"Okay." Tony returned the smile. "Now, let's go home."

"Yes." Her eyes lingered on his for a long moment. "I love you. Forever!"


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