Mother gets a whipping

Who can judge a person's reactions during stress situations? The prisoner of war who gives in to his captors' demands, the kidnapped heiress who joins forces with her abductors -- both must act without past experience to guide them. The end result can be either a very negative or a positive experience.

In MOTHER GETS A WHIPPING, Lola Mitchell finds herself in just such a situation. Held captive, then degraded and forced to perform abnormal sexual acts, she nonetheless finds within herself hidden resources, and strength of character she never realized she had.

Although Lola suffers through an unspeakable horrible experience, she comes through with her sensibilities intact, knowing she is more of a woman.


Lola Mitchell drove home with a big smile on her face. She had managed to get an appointment at the beauty parlor, and she could see the scene now. She'd slide in through the back door, creep into the main room where Flint would be sitting in his favorite chair, reading the newspaper. She'd sneak up behind him, put her hands over his eyes and say, "Guess who?"

Lola sighed with happiness as she swung the car off the freeway. It was so wonderful being engaged to a policeman. Flint was so tail and commanding and just perfect. And he never bothered her with sexual demands.

He was even wonderful with her daughter, Yvette. Yvette needed a father, she'd been wild and undisciplined until Flint came along. Now she was much better behaved. She shivered when she thought of Yvette's father. Some men were so disgusting sometimes. But not Flint, of course.

She parked the car, then checked her reflection in the mirror, making sure she looked as beautiful as she could. She might be just over thirty years old, but her face still said she was early twenties.

She crept around the side of the house and opened the back door, moving quietly through the kitchen, giggling to herself.

She got to the door of the main room and stopped, puzzled at hearing strange sounds.

There were moans and groans and it sounded as if Yvette was begging for something. She frowned and pushed the door open.

The sight that met her eyes made her blood turn cold. She gasped.

There, on her back on the floor, was her teenaged daughter, Yvette. Her legs were up and out, spread around Flint's naked, jerking body as he rammed his cock in and out of her pussy. And Yvette was begging for it, clutching at Flint, thrusting her ass up so that her pussy could get more of his cock.

"Flint!" Lola screamed.

Flint looked up, saw Lola and rolled off Yvette at once. Lola had a glimpse of his enormous thick cock before he got to his feet, maintaining a steel-hard grip on her arm.

Yvette screamed, her hands going down to her pussy, rubbing it as she writhed on the carpet. "Mommy, you bitch, what the fuck are you doing! I want his cock! Flint, Flint, please! Come fuck me!"

Flint pushed Lola into a chair.

Lola screamed, her flared skirt flicking up over her thighs as she fell, still shocked and gasping. His cock seemed even bigger now that it was so close. She'd never dream of taking something that big into her pussy. It was nearly a foot of thick prick meat!

"What are you doing?" Lola gasped as Flint pinned her in the chair and turned to Yvette, who still lay on the floor, rubbing her pussy.

"Get the fuck up, you stupid slut!" he snarled. "Get me the handcuffs and a gag. And the bonds."

"Yes, Flint, yes!" Yvette gasped, rushing to the other side of the room.

Suddenly Lola saw that Yvette's ass was red with welts. There was a whip lying on the floor, a long-tailed whip with a short, thick, leather covered handle. She gasped and tried to scream, but Flint had a tight grip on her and his other hand was around her neck. His cock throbbed so close to her face that Lola thought she'd be sick.

Yvette rushed back, her long, dark-blonde hair streaming behind her. She had some handcuffs and some black leather strips.

"Gag her!" Flint snapped.

"No!" Lola croaked, but Yvette was already slipping one of the black leather strips ever her head.

Yvette tightened some straps, pulling the thick leather strip tight over her mother's mouth. Lola was still more furious and baffled than afraid, but fear crept through her as Flint pulled her arms behind her chair and clicked the handcuffs onto her wrists. She struggled, but he ran a rope through the join of the cuffs and fled it to the bottom rung of the chair.

Lola was trapped, her arms straining paifully. In her fear and rage, she kicked out at Flint, but he grabbed her ankles and bound them to the front legs of the chair.

Flint pulled back and stared at her while Yvette slid her arm into his and cuddled up to him, pushing her hot little cunt against his thigh.

Yvette was dressed in a tiny little red slip that hardly covered the welts on her red ass, matching red stockings with garter belt and high heels.

"Fuck," Flint said, "we gotta do something about this."

"Sue, honey, but right now, I just gotta have you cock!" Yvette moaned, spreading her legs around his thigh, rubbing her pussy against him in the most depraved manner possible. "Come on, darling, please, Mom ain't going nowhere. Gimme you cock, you know what a bad girl I've been!"

She mewled and slid her hand over his fucker, kissing and nibbling at his cheek.

"Wait a fuckin' moment!" Flint snapped. "When's the next time she's gonna be meeting anybody?"

"This time next week, darling, when she has her hair done again," Yvette gasped. "You know she don't go anywhere. Now come on, honey, I need your cock!"

"Yeah, right!" Flint gasped. He grinned at Yvette. "Might as well go for it, right?"

"What do you mean, darling?" Yvette purred, rubbing her cunt against his leg, her hands gripping his massive fuck-rod.

"I trained you, I can train her, right?"

"Darling, honey, no! You promised, it's me, only me! Come on, not her!" Yvette slid down his iron-hard body, sliding her hands over his cock, gasping and moaning as she licked and sucked the length of his body. "Come on, darling, you know I can give you everything you want. Not her, she's a fucking ice queen. Come on!"

"You shut the fuck up and do what you're told!" Flint snapped, sliding his cock in and out of Yvette's mouth.

"Yes, yes, darling, I will! But you don't want her, you know you don't, you want me!" Yvette wailed, then slid her mouth right down his cock, taking it all in until her throat bulged.

"Get your fuckin' mouth off my cock until I tell you to put it there!" Flint growled, sliding his hand into Yvette's blonde hair.

She sobbed, shaking her head, cramming more of his cock into her mouth.

"Take it out now or I'll show your mother how I turn bad girls into good girls," Flint said softly, sinking his cock deep in Yvette's sucking throat.

Yvette gave a muffled scream, but her hot mouth stayed on his cock, her pussy raking up and down his thigh.

"Okay, whore, you asked for it!"

As the terrible depravity unfolded in front of her, Lola wept. As she watched Yvette's lovely young tits bulging in the top of the little slip while her mouth slid around on Flint's cock, Lola knew she should have brought the girl up with more discipline. She should have known men would be after those swelling tits, that tight waist and sensuous ass.

But the depravity of the scene that Lola had witnessed so far was nothing to what happened next.

Flint gripped Yvette's soft blonde hair and shoved her mouth off his cock, throwing her back across the carpet.

The little blonde screamed, crawling over to the whip and picking it up in her trembling fingers.

"Oood girl," Flint said softly as Yvette crawled back to him, carrying the whip and whimpering in submission.

Lola watched in growing horror as her daughter crawled up Flint's legs, kissing at his flesh as she moved.

Gazing up at Flint in adoration, Yvette licked the whip handle, kissing it before she held it up for him and worked her soft lips back over his cockhead.

Flint took the whip. Yvette held his massive cock and ran her mouth over it, sucking his prickhead, kissing and licking up and down his cockshaft.

"Tell me why you were bad," Flint said, his eyes on his little slave.

"I must do what you say all the time!" Yvette wept, sobbing and sucking his cock. "It was bad to ask you not to fuck Mommy, I mustn't do that. I'm sorry, darling, but I love you so much, I can't bear to think of you fucking that bitch!"

She slid her mouth over his cock, taking the whole length of it in as she wept and sucked.

"You take what I give you!"

Yvette's head bobbed up and down on his cock as she nodded frantically. Her fingers played with his balls.

Flint held the whip and ran it through his fingers. "So, show your mother what a good little girl you can be."

Yvette's mouth slid back up Flint's cock. She held his cockshaft and stood up slowly, her legs stretched tight. Soon she was bent at the waist, her ass sticking out, barely covered by the hem of the little slip.

"Please, darling, punish me for being so bad!" she gasped. "I'll do anything for you, anything, if you just don't go away!"

"Turn around to let Mommy see," Flint said softly, his cock swelling in Yvette's sucking mouth. "And pull your slip up, you know you must do that..."

"Yes, darling, yes! I will!" Yvette moaned, turning so that Lola was staring right at the stretched cheeks of her daughter's ass.

Yvette reached back and pulled her slip up, showing the full whipped mass to Lola's horrified gaze.

"I'll be so good, I'll come for you!" Yvette moaned.

"I know you will." Flint lashed Yvette's back.

Yvette moaned and slid her mouth down his cock, taking it all in, then pulling back, runnning her soft lips over his swollen prickhead as she clutched his cockshaft for dear life.

Right before Lola's horrified eyes, the whip swept through the air again, but this time the tip bit into Yvette's asscheck.

The little blonde screamed in pain, slamming her throat down on Flint's cock, taking it all in, her ass jerking in agony. A strip of red appeared on her curved ass-flesh.

The whip curled in the air. It landed on her other asscheek.

Yvette's scream was muffled by Flint's cock, but it was still loud enough to be heard. Her whole body pulsated in agony, her ass and legs trembling.

Lola stared, hardly breathing as Flint lashed Yvette's ass. She was going out of her mind with rage and tenor, but even more than that, she couldn't understand Yvette. Her daughter was screaming in pain, but she was sucking Flint's cockhead, sucking it as if it was the most wonderful thing in the world.

And Flint was smiling as he whipped her daughter, his rock-hard cock sliding between Yvette's lips as she wailed. His eyes were glazed with lust. His arm swept up and back, curling the whip with practiced skill.

"Ahhh, yes, darling! Yes! Whip me! I was so bad!" Yvette screamed, clutching his cock, sucking the head of it. "I'll come for you, darling! Whip my ass! Whip my pussy! I'll do it for you! Please, whip me, yesssss!"

Yvette screeched with pain and desire as the leather whip lashed into her an.

"Okay, you little whore, show me why I oughta keep you!" Flint roared, lashing right between Yvette's thighs, whipping it deep into her pussy.

"Aaaaah, yes, darling, yesssss!" Yvette screamed, her ass trembling.

She screeched and wailed, sucking his cock deeper, her legs trembling as she thrust her ass out.

The whip lashed into Yvette's flesh, then right down the center, beating into her ass-crack and pussy. Yvette's screams got louder. She jerked, her mouth running over Flint's cockhead, her hands pulling at his cockshaft.

Suddenly Yvette gasped, pulling off Flint's cock, her lips working the swollen flesh, kissing it.

"Yes, darling, I'm coming for you!" she gasped. "Ooohhh, whip me! I'm coming! Just for you, darling! Just for you! Aaaggghhh!"

Lola watched her daughter orgasam. Her disgusting, perverted daughter was coming while her ass was being whipped and her mouth was full of Flint's cock.

"Yes, yes, darling, yes!" Yvette wailed, falling to her knees, still fucking at Flint's cock as she cradled it. "I came for you, darling! I promise I'll be a good girl from now on, I promise!"

"Spread, whore, show me!"

"Yes, darling!" Yvette gasped.

She foil on the carpet. She moaned, rubbing her whipped ass, spreading her legs, showing the darker hair of her pussy mound to Flint and her mother. She eased the little slip back up to her waist and lay back, her legs spread wide open. Her whipped ass seemed to glow with the marks.

She slid her hands down her legs to her ankles and held them. "Is this how you want me, darling?"

Lola strained at the handcuffs, the metal cutting into her wrists. She swayed in the chair, almost upsetting it. She pictured herself describing this scene to a judge.

Flint held up the whip and waited, the tail curled in his hand.

Yvette gasped, her thighs trembling. "Yes, darling, yes if you want, yes, I'll come for you again, I will!"

"Good," he said. "Show Mommy what a good girl you are."

He flicked the whip out. The tail lashed right into Yvette's spread pussy. She screamed and jerked on the floor, her little slip flicking around her waist, her legs trembling.

"Come for me!" Flint commanded, lashing her again.

Yvette screamed as a tiny red line appeared on her inner thigh. She clutched her ankles, her body rocking in her agony. But still she kept her pussy open for him, her legs spread as wide as they would go. The whip tail lashed onto her other thigh.

She screamed. Then the whip lashed her clit and Yvette let out an unearthly wail as she climaxed, heaving up and down, her asscheeks tightening.

"Yes, darling, see? I'm coming for you, I'm coming! Whip me again, whip me, yeeess!"

Lola felt sick. She saw drops of Yvette's pussy juices as the whip lashed her clit. Lola vowed that she'd beat Yvette black and blue when she got out of this. In horror and desperation, she fell back in the chair, sobbing helplessly.

"Yes, yes, darling!" Yvette screamed. She clutched her ankles harder, pulling her ass up, spreading her thighs even wider. "Ohhhhhhh, [missing text]."

[missing text] of control in the little blonde's cunt. He bellowed with his relent, his strong hands holding Yvette tight, his cock pounding into her cunt as a flood of cum burst out of his balls and rushed up his cockshaft. A hot stream of jizz burst out of his cock, deep into Yvette's sucking cunt.

"Ohhh, darling, yesssss!" Yvette wailed. Her pussy sucked at his cock as the gushes of cum poured into her cunt. "Shoot, darling, shoot!"

Her pussy throbbed with lust as another thick wad of cum burst out of Flint's cock and splashed all over her pussy walls.

"Uuubhh, fuuuuck!" Flint bellowed, his thrusting cock pouring more gobs of thick creamy goo into Yvette's jerking pussy. He filled her cunt with his cum, ramming into her writhing pussy with all his force as he shot wad after wad of spunk.

Lola stared, wanting to scream. Then she noticed that her skirt was riding up in her struggles. More and more of her thighs could be seen and there was nothing she could do to bring her skirt down again. Then she saw cum clinging to Flint's cock as it drew out of Yvette's cunt before pounding back in again. There was more cum in Yvette's pussy hair and the sight almost made Lola sick.

"Yes, darling, yes!" Yvette screamed as the final thrusts of Flint's cock filled her cunt to overflowing with jizz.

He slowly relaxed, his ass jerking a little, his cock sliding in and out as Yvette clutched him and gasped with pleasure.

"Ohhhh, I was so good, darling, wasn't I? Tell me I was good, please!"

Flint moved his cock around in her cunt, getting another low moan of submissive pleasure from the little blonde. "Are you sorry for your bad behavior?"

"Oh, yes, darling! You know I am!" Yvette gasped, clutching him light. "Oh, darling, come on! Let me suck your cock hard again, please!"

"And are you gonna help me with your dumb broad of a mother?"

"Yes, darling, anything you want! I'm sorry I was bad, but I want you so much," she sighed, rolling him onto his back. She ran her hand over his yummy cock, then leaned over and licked at the still-hard shaft. "Just tell me what you want!"

She sank her mouth over his prick, taking it in, licking the cum away.

"Mmmmm!" Flint turned and looked at his captive in the chair. "I think we'll take her upstairs. I've always wanted to fuck her in that bed of hers."

"Yes, darling!" Yvette sobbed, her lips caressing his cockhead, her tongue flicking over the cummy flesh.

Lola gave a muffled scream. There was no way on earth she would let Flint fuck her now. She'd rather die.


Lola struggled as Flint got up and came toward her. Yvette hung on his arm as he leaned over the trembling Lola.

"You like that, honey?" he asked, running his finger over the leather gag. "You like to watch me fuck your daughter? Just nod if you do."

Lola screamed, but nothing except a muffled whimper came out. Her struggles had made her skirt ride up even farther and her shapely thighs were showing.

"You wanna know why I'm marrying you?" he asked softly, running a finger over the gag, grinning at Lola's helplessness. "To get hold of Yvette. Yeah. You're a stuck-up bitch, don't want a cock anywhere near you, right?"

He chuckled and his hand slid over Lola's neck, heading for the open neck of her blouse. His hand stopped at the soft swell of Lola's cleavage. "Okay, Yvette," he said, "let's see how obedient you can be."

"Yes, darling, yes?" Yvette gasped.

She came forward, her eyes still a little red from crying.

"Show me her legs," Flint said.

Yvette leaned over her mother, her eyes flaring. "You bitch, Mom? You had to come home early, didn't you? Well, now you gotta take this, but you won't take me away from Flint, whatever you do, got that?"

Lola struggled, but the handcuffs held her captive, and again she only managed to add to the ache and throb in her wrists.

"You wanna see her legs, darling?" Yvette cooed as she straightened up and smoothed her long blonde hair down. She pouted at Flint and slid the hem of her slipup for him. "Mine are better. What the fuck do you want hers for?"

"DO as you're told!" Flint snapped.

"Yes, darling, yes!" Yvette turned back to her mother. She reached down and slowly begat to slide the hem of Lola's skirt up her thigh.

Lola screamed, trying to close her legs, trying to stop her daughter from doing this horrible despicable thing. Her skirt then went up, showing her thighs until her panties could be seen under her tights.

"Mmm, yeah! Fuck, she has got good legs," Flint said, standing over his fiancee and grinning wildly. "Now, show me her tits."

Lola went berserk, struggling helplessly. She could see Flint's cock getting harder, pointing right at her. She knew he was enjoying her helplessness, but she vowed to get her revenge.

Yvette reached for the neck of her blouse, and Lola screamed harder, throwing herself back, toppling the chair. She wailed as Flint gripped the chair in his enormously strong hand. He pushed it back upright and laughed.

"Okay, let's get her broken in a bit first. She don't really know what's happening, right?"

"Hey, darling, are you go ingto..." Yvette whispered, clutching him, sliding her stockinged leg up his.

"You got it," he said.

"Can I do it to her, everytime she gets your cock?" Yvette moaned, rasping her fingernails over his chest. [missing text] of the chair. He pulled the rope free and told Yvette to undo Lola's undies.

Lola screamed into the gag as Flint hauled her up until her arms were free.

Then he set her down on her feet and gripped her hair. "Walk up the stairs, bitch, I'll get real pissed if I have to carry you."

Lola was out of her mind with a fear and rage. He gripped her and pulled her to him, staring into her eyes as she breathed heavily.

"Last chance, bitch. Walk upstairs, or I'll whip the shit outa your ass before we even start!"

Lola knew he was just bluffing. She jerked her arm away, turning to run for the door.

He grabbed her before she'd taken one step. He threw her over his shoulder.

Lola struggled all the way up the stairs, pounding at his back with her handcuffed hands, but it didn't help. He ignored her, grunting once as she caught him solidly in the middle of the back. She looked up and saw Yvette coming up behind them, carrying the ropes that made Lola's stomach heave.

Flint carried her to her bedroom.

"Now, you nasty bitch!" Flint snapped, throwing Lola face-down on her bed.

She tried to jerk up, but Flint pinned her down. He straddled her, his full weight on her back as he leaned down and unzipped the handcuffs.

There wasn't any relief for Lola and, what was worse, she could see it all in the mirror. Flint was grinning, lashing the ropes around her wrists. She could feel his enormous hard cock pressing into her back. That made her feel sick, but soon she was gasping even harder as Yvette pulled one of the ropes out and wound it around the top post of the bed, pulling her arm out until it was pulled tight. Soon both of Lola's arms were pulled to the limit, stretched out toward the two posts at the head of the bed.

Lola burst into tears as Flint climbed off her. There were hands on her ankles, lashing ropes around them. Lola jerked up suddenly as her ankles were pulled out toward the foot of the bed. Her thighs were spread wide apart until the tendons on the insides of her thighs were aching with pain. She screamed again, then buried her face into the bedclothes and wept bitterly. She was utterly helpless, her arms and legs pulled out to the limit, her body open for anything Flint wanted to do.

"Well, that looks better," he commented. "Now, show me her ass, Yvette."

"Yes, darling," Yvette purred.

Lola wept and wailed as she felt her daughter pushing her skirt up over her ass, revealing the stretched curves of her legs, the tight material of her tights and her panties beneath.

"They've sot to go," Flint said.

"Oh, yes, darling, I'll do it!" Yvette exclaimed.

Lola trembled to think what Flint was talking about, and she risked a glance in the [missing text]. She wished she hadn't. She couldn't see what Yvette was doing, but she could see Flint's cock and it was even bigger than before, Lola was sure of that.

Then Lola felt something cold and metallic on her back. She lurched as Yvette used a pair of scissors on her tights. Lola screamed, fooling Yvette tearing at her tights. They began to rip easily as Yvette tore the tights away in great handfuls until she ripped off the last of them from Lola's ankles.

"Yeah!" Flint gasped. "You lied, honey, those legs are as good as yours. Fuck, where you think you got them, hey?"

"Oh, darling, come on, you know mine are better," Yvette whimpered, moving her hands over her thighs, spreading them, trying to turn Flint on.

"Get the rod," Flint said. He leaned over the weeping, struggling Lola and ran his hand over her lovely tight asscheeks. "You know, you're even better than I thought you were. Fuck, you got a body on you that would turn any man on."

Lola wept, her face buried in the bedcover. "Look at me, bitch! I wanna make sure you understand this!"

Lola kept her face down, her twat making the cover wet as she gasped for air.

Then she screamed as Flint grabbed a handful of her lovely dark-blonde hair. He hauled her head up until she was staring at him in the mirror.

"You gotta learn to obey, bitch!" he snapped, jerking her head hard. "I'm gonna whip this lovely little ass of yours. And Yvette's gonna be sucking my cock, if you wanna watch. Then I'm gonna take the gag off and ask you if you're gonna scream. You better give the right answer, okay?"

Lola didn't believe him, it was too terrible to think about. She lay there, weeping bitterly, out of her mind with fear.

She heard Yvette come back in, heard her daughter giggle. She felt Yvette pulling the sides of her panties into the crack of her ass, revealing the luscious globes as she jerked on the bed.

Lola was bent at the waist and her ass was sticking up, naked and ready. She risked another glance in the mirror.

What she saw froze her.

Flint was standing over her, a thin rod in his hand that was poised over her ass. And there, on her knees, was Yvette, her fingers running over Flint's massive cockshaft, her lips pouting and kissng at it.

Lola screamed into the gag, seeing the rod lash downward. She jerked on the bed as the thin rope whipped into her tight asscheeks. Her muscles went rigid as she writhed against the ropes that bound her to the bed.

He whipped her ass again, a little lower than the previous stroke, beating another thin red line of agony acres hr white face. Lola tossed like, a rag dolls he wbipped her ass a third time.

"Mmmmm, darling," Yvette crooned, sliding her lips over Flint's cockhoad as he lashed her mothers jerking ass again. "Do you want to shoot in my mouth, or wait?"

Flint gasped as he whipped the struggling, jerking Lola. His cock swelled in Yvette's sucking mouth, throbbing, as he lashed Lola with another vicious stroke.

"Bring me off, bitch!" he bellowed, lashing Lola's ass with all his force.

"Mmmmmm, wicked darling!" Yvette mowed, sliding her mouth deeper onto his cock, sucking gently on his massive cockhead, her fingers butterflying on his shaft. Yvette knew just how to play him, keeping her mouth moving slowly on his prick while she watched him lash her mother's ass.

"Yeahhh!" Flint yelled, giving Lola's red, whipped asscheeks a final stroke. "You got that, bitch?"

Lola sobbed, her jaw burning terribly and her flesh burning with pain.

"I asked you if you got that, you bitch!" Flint yelled. He whipped her ass again.

Lola jerked, nodding her head in desperation. "Good," Flint said with satisfaction. "Are you gonna scream when I take the gag off?"

Lola shook her head with equal desperation, staring into the mirror, watching her daughter slide her soft lips gently over Flint's cockhead.

"Good! 'Cause you get six of those if you do, got that?"

Lola nodded quickly.

"And they feel like this!" Flint yelled, whipping Lola's suffering ass.

Lola screamed, jerking in pain and horror as he lashed her ass six times. Her large, luscious tits pressed into the bed as she writhed to the searing agony bursting in her ass, surging all over her body. At the end of the six lashings, she was sobbing, her face back in the bed covers, her whole body aching with pain. He eased her mouth off his cock. "You're very obedient."

"Thank you, darling!" Yvette gasped, working her mouth back down his cock for a moment before she pulled away from his throbbing fucker.

"You think your mom will wanna suck this?"

Yvette giggled. "I bet I could make her."

She squeezed his cock, rubbing the swollen shaft gently.

"Oh yeah?" Flint said, squeezing her tits. "Yeah, I can wake her," Yvette replied. "SO, what do I get if [missing text]?"

"What do you want?"

"I wanna watch her get what I got, honey, how you broke me in!" Yvette hissed, then kissed his cock hard.

"You couldn't stop coming, you horny little cunt!" Flint gasped, his prick thrusting at her hand as she jacked it even harder.

"That's what I want!"

"Deal!" Flint pulled away from Yvette and went to the bed, climbing onto it and sitting, his back against the pillows, his legs over Lola's stretched arms. He gripped Lola's hair. "You gonna scream?"

Lola shuddered. Her ass burned, her whole body ached, and Flint's enormous fucker was just inches away from her face. She shook her head as hard as Flint's grip would allow.

"Yeah, good! I'm gonna take the gag off. You scream, bitch, and you'll be so sore you won't believe it. Got that?"

Lola nodded and, to her incredible relief, he pulled at the straps holding the gag, freeing her mouth. She gasped, breathing freely, her face wet with sweat, the smell of the leather still in her nostrils.

Flint chuckled and held his massive cock. His grip on Lola's hair tightened as he ran the swollen tip of his prick over her face.

Lola gave a shuddering moan. She wanted to scream so badly, but the thought of the consequences stopped her. The massive head of Flint's cock slid over her cheek, then over her tightly closed lips. She gagged, almost throwing up on her precious sheets.

"You're gonna suck me off, bitch!" Flint growled, sliding his cockhead over Lola's lips.

Lola tried to twist away, but Flint's cock slid easily against her face, lubricated by the sweat and the horrible fluid leaking from the tiny slit at the top of his cock.

"Don't you wanna suck my cock?" Flint teased, running his prick over Lola's cheeks.

"Please, Flint, please!" Lola gasped, keeping her lips away from his cock. "I-I can't do hat! I'll die! It's horrible, perverted! Please, I won't tell anybody about the beating, really I won't!"

She moaned as his cock slid back over her mouth and she had to close it rapidly.

"Look in the mirror, honey." Flint twisted Lola's hair.

Lola's head was jerked up and she saw Yvette, standing there, caressing the terrible rod that Flint had whipped her ass with.

"No!" Lola gasped, her voice hoarse with terror. "She wouldn't!"

"Wouldn't I, Mommy?" Yvette giggled, sliding the whip-tip over the aching cheeks of Lola's ass. "I do what Flint says and he says whip your ass until you suck his cock!"

She ran the tip of the rod down between Lola's spread legs, rubbing it softly, caressing Lola's pussy with it.

Lola shuddered. She gasped as Yvette continued the slow rubbing, running the head of the rod over her pussy. Lola wanted to scream as she felt the touch of the whip on her sensitive clit bud. Terror mid fear shuddered through her, but the touch of the whip also brought a strange feeling she had never felt before. Her pussy trembled and shivers of a deep dark passion pulsed in her pussy.

"You gonna suck my cock, bitch?" Flint asked, slapping her across the cheek with his rock-hard cock.

Lola hissed as the hard flesh of his cock beat at her face. His prick was so hard and heavy that it felt like a club hitting her.

"Suck it, bitch!"

"No, no! Not that! Never?" Lola wailed, her voice rising in anger and tenor.

"Suck it!" Flint said softly, gripping her hair harder.

"No!" Lola gasped.

Suddenly the rod lashed her ass, and she jerked, screaming, as the agony rushed out of her whipped flesh. She gasped, jerking around, trying to see Yvette.

"I'll kill you if you do that again!"

"Oh, Mommy, how macho!" Yvette giggled and whipped her mother hard, lashing Lola's ass.

"Aagghh!" Lola screamed, as Flint's cock pushed at her mouth. "No, no, please, Flint! Not that! You can have me if you want, but not like this, not -- Aagghh!"

She writhed as Yvette whipped her aching, throbbing ass.

"I'll have you any way I want, whore!" Flint snarled, pushing his cock at Lola's mouth.

"No! Please?" Lola wailed, tossing on the bed, her blouse becoming damp with the sweat of her pain and fear. "No, please, Flint, not -- aaaggghhh!"

She jerked and screamed as another lashing stroke whipped into her ass.

Yvette whipped her mother again, giggling, as she slid her fingers under the hem of her slip, rubbing her sopping wet pussy as she whipped Lola's crimson ass.

"Ooohh, Mommy, I'm gonna whip your ass because you're sucking my man's cock, you bitch!" she giggled and lashed hard. "So start now, Mommy, it'll hurt less!"

She laughed, moaning with lust as she rubbed her hot little cunt. Her fingers slipped and rolled on her freely flowing pussy juices and the thick gobs of Flint's cum cream that oozed out of her spasming fuck channel.

Yvette lashed her ass and Lola knew she'd have to surrender to this terrible depravity. Agony soared through her, intensifying with each stroke. She couldn't take much more, but she still had no idea how she could put her mouth around a cock, particularly one as big as Flint's.

Lola moaned with pain, then began running her lips over the massive pole of his cockflesh, shuddering with horror.

"Yeah, come on, bitch! Suck it like it's our wedding night!" Flint chuckled nastily.

Yvette whipped her aching ass. Lola clamped her eyes shut and parted her lips. Her mouth moved over his thick fuck-pole.

"Yeahhhhh!" Flint watched Lola's lips part and his cockhead push at her front teeth. "Come on, whore? Suck it! Take it all in!"

Lola sobbed, jerking under another assault from the thin rod.

Flint pushed and her jaws widened to allowing his cockhead to push into her mouth. She tasted the juice running from his prick-slit. It was a little salty and sticky. She gagged, but managed to hold the vomit down.

"Wider!" Flint growled, gripping Lola's hair hard. He hunched his ass up off the bed and his cock pushed at Lola's sobbing mouth.

Agony surged over her as Lola opened her mouth. There was nothing else she could do. She gagged as Flint pulled his enormous thick cock in, running it right in until it filled her mouth and the tip thrust at the back of her throat.

"Yeah, not bad!" he growled, fucking harder, pushing his cockhead at Lola's throat. "Come on, open wide for hubby, bitch!"

Lola screwed around the thick fuckmeat filling her mouth as the rod lashed her ass, proving that Yvette hadn't been lying -- she was going to whip her as long as she sucked Flint's cock. Her muffled screams rushed out as Flint pushed his prick at her throat. Her throat spumed and throbbed, and she knew she would throw up if he pushed his horrible cock any deeper. Her mouth was full, crammed with Flint's cock, yet he wanted to get more.

"Come on, bitch, think of sucking my cock on our wedding night! Going down on me to please me!" Flint thrust harder. "You're gonna take it all in, bitch! Ram your lips right down until my fucking cock-hair tickles your nose. Now, do it!"

Lola's throat spasmed. She knew she was going to die. If he pushed it any further, she'd choke!

Yvette whipped her ass. Flint heaved up off the bed. Lola gagged and gasped, her throat spasming as another inch of Flint's cock pushed in. Just as her stomach heaved, Yvette whipped her ass and the pain sent the bile back.

Flint pulled his cockhead back until he was running it over Lola's trembling ups. "Yeah, you'll do it, but we'll have to use a bit more persuasion!"

"Oh, please, Flint! Please!" Lola wept. "Don't hurt me anymore, please! I did what you wanted!"

Her lovely dark-blonde hair was all over her face. Her blouse was opened enough for Flint to see her bra, and her little skirt was up over her ass, showing the whole expanse of her whipped flesh to his sadistic eyes.

Flint chuckled. "You didn't do what I wanted. You gotta learn to take my cock right in, honey, right into your throat. Yvette can do it, you want her to show you again?"

"No, no, you beast! I can't do that!" Lola wept, struggling on the ropes, rocking the bed with the force of her struggles.

"You will," he said, stroking his massive fucker across her mouth, teasing her with it. He laughed. "Hey, Yvette, gimme some clips."

Just for fun he smacked Lola across the face with his cock again.

Lola shuddered, gasping at the sharp pain in her cheek. She heard Yvette giggle and wondered what terror awaited her.

The bed bounced as Yvette climbed up on it and leaned over, her hand pressing into her mother's back.

"Here," she said, giving Flint two small paperclips, the ones with enormously strong metal jaws.

"What are you going to do!" Lola screeched, staring in horror at the clips.

"Well, we can put them here, Mommy," Yvette said brightly, taking one of the clips and sliding the jaws over the soft inner flesh of Lola's arm. "They hurt a bit."

Lola screamed as the metal jaws clamped down on her arm, the pain rushing over her.

"No! Stop!" Lola wailed, trying to shake the clip off.

"Oh, Mommy, you think that hurts." Yvette giggled and took the clip off. "You wanna feel what they're like when they're on your nipples?"

"What!" Lola screamed, gasping, pulling at the ropes, her mind swirling at the horror.

"Yeah, on your nipples." Yvette grinned. She leaned over and took hold of Flint's massive fucker, rubbing it on her mother's mouth as she turned and knelt by him. "You wanna see, Mommy?"

"No, stop! This... this is disgusting! I'll have you both after this!" Lola wailed, her eyes fixed on the clip.

"Come on, Mommy, let me show [missing text]," Yvette purred, easing the top of her little red slip down. She leaned back against the back of the bed and spread her thighs wantonly, sliding a hand over the front of her slip, rubbing her pussy through the semi-transparent material.

"No, no! Not that, no!" Lola sobbed, breaking down in front of her daughter. "I'll try to take it again, I will, just let me try!"

"Say it! Say you'll try to suck my gorgeous cock right down your throat!" Flint demanded, rubbing his swollen cockhead over Lola's lips. Lola shuddered, but she could see Yvette, leaning back, the clip in her hand, playing the open jaws over her own tight little nipple. She knew that the two of them would stop at nothing and something inside her crumbled.

"All right. I want to suck your gorgeous cock right down my throat!" Lola wept.

"Okay, try," Flint suggested, pushing his prick-head at her mouth. Lola did her best, but she had never sucked a cock. She felt Flint's prickhead push to the entrance of her throat and the tensed, knowing she was going to fail.

"Take it in!" Flint growled, holding his cock and gripping Lola's dark-blonde hair.

Lola moaned. For a second her throat and opened his enormous prick pushed in. Almost instantly she gagged, her throat constricting, her head jerking up as she almost vomited.

"To ugh shit, baby," Flint said, letting his throbbing fiancee pull her mouth off his cock. "You're gonna need a lot of pain to get it tight."

"No, please, no!" Lola moaned. "Let me try again!"

Her ass still burned with such pain that she would have tried all night to get Flint's cock in her throat to avoid more whipping.

"Look, Mommy, you gotta see how it's done." Yvette giggled. "Gimme the other clip, darling."

Flint grinned and gave his slut the second papercip. He kept one hand on Lola's hair and the other on his cock, rubbing his thick prickhead slowly over Lola's lips, enjoying every moment of her degradation.

"You see, Mommy, you do it like this." Yvette slid the clip over her nipple.

She held it there for a second, moaning in expectation. Then she let go of the clip. She lurched as the paperclip clamped hard on her nipple, squashing it almost flat. She began rubbing her pussy hard. With her fingers blurring on her clit, she took the other clip and slid it to her other soft, swelling tit.

Yvette gasped and came, shuddering, as the spasms of lust poured out of her pussy. She let the clamps snap onto her second nipple, her fingers digging at her cunt.

"Aagghh!" Yvette jerked in pain and lust. Slowly leaning back against the top of the bed, the clips swinging from her nipples. She gasped and rubbed her tits, moaning a little.

"Good girl!" Flint growled, rubbing his cock over Lola's lips.

"Now I'll show you how to take a cock, Mommy!" Yvette gasped, kneeling over Flint's prick. "Watch this!"

"Oh, no!," Lola whispered.

She had seen Yvette sucking Flint's cock before, but she had been too disgusted to really watch. Now she was trapped, Flint's fist twisting in her hair, her head pulled up. She closed her eyes as Yvette's soft lips ran over Flint's cockhead.

Flint slapped her hard across the face. "Watch it, bitch! Or I'll get Yvette to whip the fuck outta your ass while she's still got the clips on. That makes her meaner than hell!"

"Damn right, daring!" Yvette whispered, holding his cock, running her soft lips over his throbbing prickflesh. "You better watch the artist at work, Mommy. I'll suck him off, then whip your ass until he's hard again."

Yvette giggled and pulled at the clips on her nipples, moaning, as she moved her mouth down over the massive head of Flint's fucker.

Lola watched in rising horror, seeing in terrible close-up detail exactly how her daughter sucked cock.

Yvette held the clips on her nipples, twisting them, pulling at her tits as she worked her mouth down Flint's massive prick. He held his cock for her, his eyes alight with lust as Yvette swallowed his fuck-rod an inch at a time.

"Oh, God!" Lola moaned, watching as Yvette's throat started to bulge with the enormous thickness of the cockhead pushing into it.

Yvette's moans got louder. Her head started to pump up and down as she worked her way down the last inches of his ten-inch fuck-rod.

"Fuck, this chick can't do nothin' without coming!" Flint gasped, heaving upon the bed. "Jesus, don't bring me off, bitch! I wanna shoot in your mommy's mouth! Yeaaaah!"

He laughed and let goof his prick as Yvette's mouth plunged down on the last inch and swallowed all of his fuck rod, taking it right in, her lips rubbing in his cockhair, her fingers twisting the clips on her nipples.

"Fuuuuuck!" Flint gasped and lay back, staring at Yvette's mouth as she moved up and down on his cock. "Jesus! She was born to fuck, you know tat?"

He slapped Lola across the face to make his point.

"Wake up, bitch! Can you see what she's doing?"

"Yes, yes!" Lola wailed, her cheeks stinging from the blow.

"Yeah, but you don't know what she's really doin', do you?"

"No, I-I don't really know?" Lola sobbed, trying to save herself from another slap.

"She's opened her throat. She can suck me like this for hours and not make me come, you see that?"

"Yes, yes, I see it!" Lola trembled in a combination of shame and terror as she saw her daughter's soft mouth moving up and down on Flint's fucker.

Yvette was swallowing his cock effortlessly, her throat bulging, then working up the length of his fuck-rod until her lips sucked at his cockhead, lines of saliva running down his cockshaft. Then she'd plunged down again, taking the whole length of the massive cock-rod, still working the clamps on her nipples. Yvette's gurgles and moans of lust burst out from around Flint's cock, and it was obvious to Lola that her daughter was coming in constant spasms, caused by the incessant pain and the feel of Flint's fucker in her throat.

"I tell you!" Flint gasped. "She can make me come in seconds if she wants! Obhh, fuck, she's a genius! So, bitch, what's it worth?"

"What's what worth?" Lola wailed, trying not to watch her daughter sucking Flint's cock.

"You gotta suck me off, bitch. If Yvette does it now, well, fuck, you gotta get me hard again and all that. Fuck, it might take hours! And shit, you're gonna be real sore at the end of it!" Flint grinned and slid his free hand over Yvette's back, down toward the crack of her ass. "I just gotta touch this bitch's pussy or ass right now and she'll go outa her mind. Then she goes crazy, fuckin' crazy."

"What do you want?" Lola wept.

"Honey, you've got to suck me off."

Yvette gurgled, easing her mouth up his cock until her lips were around his cockhead again, her mouth drooling over his flesh.

"I gotta have my pussy and ass sucked if I don't get to suck you off now, darling, I'm so fuckin' hot!" Yvette wailed. "She's gotta suck me, or else?"

She moaned, her mouth going crazy over Flint's cockhead, her lips pouting and sucking, her tongue flicking out over his flesh, her saliva streaming down his shaft. Her fingers pulled at the clamps, rolling her nipples.

Lola was too shocked to think for a moment. She shuddered at the thought of doing anything so disgusting as sucking her daughter's pussy. Her head spun. "No, no, that's impossible! You perverts!"

"Oh, God, darling, bring me off!" Yvette screwed, plunging her mouth down the length of Flint's swollen fuck-rod. Her tits bulged and she screamed around his fuck-meat, her body pulsating with passion.

"Yeah, bitch! You get to do this later!" Flint roared, gripping Lola's hair.

He spanked Yvette hard with his other hand, then slid it into the crack of her ass, working her asshole and pussy, rubbing the little slut's twin holes as she spasmed and came harder and harder. He leaned back as Yvette's mouth spas med around his cockhead, urging the cum from his balls. Jizz surged up his cockshaft, heading right for Yvette's throat.

"No, no, please!" Lola screamed, staring, as she watched her daughter pulling at the nipple clips, working her tits over as her throat sucked and spumed at the enormous fuck rod buried within it. She watched Flint thrusting up, his cock swelling and jumping as the jizz rushed up it.

Then Lola saw Yvette jerk and scream in ecstasy easing back as her mouth was filled with Flint's cum.

Yvette's head pumped up and down, working the shaft and her own tits, taking the rushing spunk, filling her mouth with it. Flint roared, spanked his little slave again, as her mouth was filled with his cum.

"Yeah, yeah!" Flint bellowed, his cock jerking as it shot streams of hot fuck juice into Yvette's mouth. He spanked her, then rolled her clit in his fingers.

Yvette moaned with ecstasy, then her mouth was back on his cock.

Lola wept, her head still pulled up in Flint's fran grasp. Not a drop of Flint's cum had escaped Yvette's sucking mouth. The disgusting white gao was pouring out of Flint's cock-slit and her daughter was moaning with pleasure. Yvette's cheeks were full of the stuff, Lola could see that. She sobbed with horror.

"Ohhh, yeauu!" Flint fell back against the headboard, gasping with pleasure as Yvette continued her slow sucking, moving her mouth over his cockhead.

She had taken her fingers off the clips and was holding his cock, concentrating on sucking the last of his cum. Moans continued to emerge from around Flint's enormous and still-stiff cock.

"Fuck, honey, that was the greatest!" he gasped.

Yvette giggled and slowly eased her mouth off his cock, grinning at him.

Lola shuddered, seeing that her daughter's mouth was still full of cum. She hadn't swallowed any of it. Yvette laughed, opening her mouth wider, showing the strings of spunk cm her teeth and tongue and lips. Then, still grinning wildly, Yvette moved closer, nearing Lola's face.

"No!" Lola screamed. She tried to pull away, but Flint had her hair and she couldn't move more than an inch or so. "No, not that! No, you couldn't, no!"

But Yvette's lips were on her cheek, leaving a smear of cum as they dragged over her skin. Lola screamed again, but the horrible sticky stuff was smeared over her nose to her other cheek. Lola knew she was going to be sick, particularly when Yvette giggled and ran her tongue over her cheek.

Yvette moved lower, across Lola's jaw and then up.

Lola struggled, but Flint gripped her hair with two hands and there was nothing she could do to stop Yvette's mouth from meeting hers.

Lola tried to scream, but cum was gushing into her mouth as Yvette kissed her. She clamped her jaws closed, but Yvette pulled away and took one of the clips off her nipple.

"Open up, or get this, Mommy!" she snarled, cum dribbling from her lips. She didn't wait for a reply. She pushed her mouth back down on Lola's.

Lola resisted. There was no way she was going to open her mouth. With cum running on her lips, her jaw still remained resolutely closed.

Before she knew what was happening, Yvette pushed down into the top of her blouse and a sudden, frightful pain gripped her left tit, just where it swelled out of her bra. Lola screamed, her mouth opening.

In an instant Yvette spat thick gobs of cum into her mother's mouth.

"Yeah, take it, bitch!" she yelled, spitting out more cum as Lola jerked in agony, her tits burning, her arms struggling against the ropes.

Yvette laughed and pulled the clip off Lola's tit, kissing Lola's cheek and neck, pushing out the last of the cum with her tongue, smearing it all over her mother's face.

Lola sobbed. Suddenly Flint gripped her chin. "Swallow it bitch! You gotta lot of that stuff to swallow, so get used to it!"

He pinched Lola's chin as the helpless mother sobbed. The stinking, sticky stuff stuck to her teeth and tongue, then with a sob of submission, she swallowed. It took her several tries, but she got the thick gobs down, her saliva cleaning her mouth slowly. But nothing could cleanse her mouth of that sticky, salty taste. It was horrible.

"Yeah!" Flint crowed. "Now, how about you getting up and stripping for me? I ain't even seen your body yet."

"No, please, don't make me do that!" Lola wept, staring at his cock.

His prick had gone down a bit after he'd shot in Yvette's mouth, but it was already surging up again.

"Listen, bitch, I'm getting pissed off!" Flint snarled, slapping Lola hard across the face. "You can get up and strip, or get your was whipped until I say my cock's hard enough to fuck you! Or until Yvette says it is, and you know how she loves to whip ass!"

"All right, I'll do it!" Lola babbled.

"Say it nicely, Mommy," Yvette purred, running her mouth over Lola's check, kissing her. "Tell us how much you wanna strip and how much you wanna be fucked by Flint's lovely cock. Come on, Mommy, get me jealous!"

Yvette held up one of the little paperclips and Lola almost fainted.

"All right, please let me strip for you! Please, I want to be fucked by Flint's lovely cock so much, please!"

Lola broke into sobs of shame.

When she was standing again, her ass, wrists and legs ached. She wiped her face with the sleeve of her blouse, but the cum seemed to be rubbed in rather than coming off.

Flint lay back on the bed, stroking a thin cane, the long-tailed whip beside him. Yvette was leaning back with him, playing with his cock, stroking his almost-hard prick. Her nipples were red and swollen, and she rubbed them occasionally, giving a low moan of satisfaction.

"Oct on with it, slowly, get me excited," Flint said.

With her fingers trembling uncontrollably, Lola unbuttoned the top button of her blouse. She unbuttoned the next one, and her blouse opened, showing the join of her white bra.

Yvette rubbed Flint's cock, grinning at her mother.

"Look, Mom," she giggled as Lola undid the next blouse button. "He's getting turned on already. I think he wants to fuck you."

Yvette leaned over, kissing the tip of Flint's prick.

Lola sobbed quietly as she undid the last button of her blouse and pulled it out of the waistband of her skirt. Flint was staring at her, his cock swelling even harder in Yvette's skillful hands.

"Take it off."

Lola slid the blouse down her arms and let it fall.

"No!" Flint snapped as she reached for the bra clasp. "Take the skirt off first."

Lola shuddered, then unzipped her skirt. She opened her belt and pushed the little pleated skirt down over her hips, revealing her panties. She stepped out of the skirt and put it over a chair.

"Come here," Flint said, lust surging in his voice.

Lola walked over, her legs feeling unsteady. "Bend over here!" Flint snarled, his cock throbbing in Yvette's hands.

He pointed to the side of the bed and Lola moaned, but she did as she was told, bending over until her tits were close to him. It was an awkwurd position, her back hurt, but she knew better than to complain.

"Take it off." Flint ran his hands over the outside of her bra, feeling her thrusting tits through the lacy material. "Yeah!"

Lola unzipped her bra and let the cups fall away from her tits.

"Oh, fuck!" he exclaimed, moving his hands over Lola's thrusting mounds. "These were worth waiting for. Fuck, I'da shot in my pants if I'd seen these, right, bitch?"

He grinned at Yvette who giggled and slid her mouth over his cock, kissing and licking at it.

Flint played with Lola's tits, squeezing them as his helpless fiancee sobbed, tears running down her lovely face. "How about you take your panties off and get onto my great big dick?"

Lola broke out into a sweat as she realized she would have to fuck Flint. And with her daughter watching. The thought of that massive cock up her tiny pussy made her cringe. Then she saw the whips.

"Yes, yes, I'll do it!" she whispered. "Nah, come on!" Flint twisted Lola's nipples. "Let's have a bit more enthusiasm, you bitch!"

He twisted Lola's nipples harder, his fingers clamping on them until pain pulsed through her tits. The pain got worse, surging into her guts.

"Yes, please, darling! I want to fuck your cock!"

"He's my darling, you cunt, Mommy!" Yvette screamed. "You call him master!" Flint said. He twisted Lola's nipples until she wailed in pain. "So, let's try that again."

"Please, please!" Lola choked. "Please, Master, can I fuck your cock?"

Her tits were aching from Flint's brutal hands.

"Better," he said, giving her tits a final twist. "Okay, fuck-meat, get on it and put it right up your tight little cunt!"


"Please, Flint, not with her here!" Lola wept, her tits still aching from the twist of his brutal hands. "Please, this is supposed to be something special between us! Please, send her out!" Flint laughed and gripped Lola's hair, pulling her face close to his. "She stays, bitch! And she does what she likes, got tat?"

"Please, Flint, don't do this to me!" Lola begged, trying to get away from his grip. He held her bent over the bed, her mouth inches from his chest.

"Ask Yvette to stay and watch you fuck my great big cock!" he chuckled, pushing Lola's head down toward his thick cock.

"Please, Flint, don't! Aagghh!" Lola screamed as the long tail of the whip cut into her ass, burning a line across her ass-flesh. She jerked and Flint let her turn her head a little. Yvette wiled the whip, ready for another blow. "I'll -- no, no you can't! I'll -- aagghh! Bitch, you bitch!"

Her daughter cut her again with the thin whip tail.

Flint tugged on her hair, and the sobbing Lola was pulling close to his chest. She moved her hands behind her to save her suffering ass.

"Get them down?" Flint snarled, pulling at her hands, but Lola avoided him.

He twisted Lola onto her, back. She screamed, but he was on her in a moment. Despite her defiance, he pulled her arms back and crouched on them, trapping them behind his knees. He gripped her hair as she tried to scratch at his ass and back. His cock hovered over her face as he crawled toward the edge of the bed, dragging Lola until half her body was hanging over the edge of the bed. Now she couldn't pull her legs up, she didn't have leverage. She screamed and struggled, but her arms were pinned and she could hardly move.

"Do it!" he snapped.

She screamed as she watched Yvette curl the whip over her head and lash out. Until the last moment Lola didn't know where it would hit. Then agony ripped through her luscious, thrusting tits.

"No!" she screamed as her tit-mounds jerked and a thin red line of pain appeared across their soft swelling surfaces. "Aagghh! No, no, Yvette, I'll kill you, no -- uurrhh!"

In terrible agony, she twisted on the edge of the bed, her hands tearing at Flint's ass and back, her tits throbbing as the whip lashed into them.

"Come on, Mommy! Beg me to stay! I'd love to watch you and Flint fuck!" Yvette giggled as she lashed her mother's tits again, the swinging leather making them jerk viciously as another red line of agony surged through her tit-flesh.

Lola screamed, staring at the whip as it lashed in, beating her tit-mounds. Thin red lines appeared in her creamy tit-flesh and the agony was almost unbearable. But she was determined not to give in and let Yvette watch her fuck Flint.

"Shut the fuck up, Lola, or it's the gag again!" Flint snarled.

The whip lashed her tits, and Lola reared.

"Yeah, better, now, come on, you cunt!" Flint growled, taking hold of his cock and rubbing it slowly over Lola's terrified face. "Beg Yvette to stay before I come all over your face."

He grinned as Lola sobbed and twisted, trying not to scream as the whip cut her swelling tits.

"I reckon you aughta do it," Flint said, rubbing his rock-hard cock. "I'm a horny fucker, but I shot a lot tonight. It'll take a time to get ready again. And you know what Yvette's like with the whip. Fuck, she loves to use it as much as get it, you know that?"

Lola moaned in agony, twisting and heaving, trying not to scream.

It wasn't the pain that broke Lola in the end, it was the thought of Flint shooting cum all over her face. Even the whip wasn't as bad as the thought of getting her lovely face covered with more of his cum. She'd get her revenge on Yvette, she vowed, as she broke and wept.

"Yes, yes, let her stay!" she whispered, her feet digging at the carpet.

"Nicely now," Flint teased, his cockhead just above Lola's mouth.

"Please, let Yvette stay and watch me fuck your..." Lola moaned.

"Good!" Flint rolled away, lying back on the pillows and waiting for her.

Lola rolled to the carpet, crouching by her bed, rubbing her tit she moaned, trying to ease the pain, but then found that a strange thing was happening. There was a warmth in the pain. Something she had never felt before.

"Oct up, Mommy." Yvette giggled, standing over Lola, her finger pushing into her pussy. "Flint likes to get his cunt when he wants it. He gets really nasty if he don't. So, get up there."

Yvette prodded her mother with her toe. Lola crawled up, her body ringing with pain. Moving ever closer to the heaving monster of Flint's cock. Her cunt and tits rang with pain as she stroked Flint's thighs, her eyes cast down, unable to face his mocking glare.

"Don't you just love cock, whore?" He ran his cockhead over Lola's tummy and she shuddered with horror.

"Yes, yes, I do!" she wept, her body spasming in horror at the thought of having to shove that massive fucker up her tight cunt.

"Then get it up you, bitch!" Flint chuckled, grinning wildly.

Lola took hold of his massive cock.

Yvette, with the whip in her hand, grinned as she watched her mother guiding Flint's throbbing cockhead between her thighs and against the swollen gash of her cunt.

Lola shuddered as Flint's cockhead pushed at her tight entrance. Lola knew her pussy would be dry, it always was. Nothing had ever excited her enough for her to allow a cock to slide into her pussy easily. She moaned and pushed down on his hard prickhead, holding the cockshaft.

She tried to force her pussy over his cock. Her cunt ached with pain as she shoved down and the first inches of Flint's prick pushed into her fuck channel.

Flint growled with lust, shoving his cock up into her cunt, scraping her pussy walls with his massive fucker. His cock was wet with so much pre-cum juice that it was easier than Lola had expected, but still his swollen, rock-hard prick sent spasms of pain rushing out of her cunt walls. His prick stretched her pussy to the limits, scraping against her cuntlips as it pushed deeper.

"Yeah!" he growled. "Love it, huh?"

He took hold of Lola's tits, rubbing the whipped flesh, twisting her nipples.

Lola screamed, jerking and rolling, her cunt slamming down on Flint's cock, taking it all in until his cockhead rammed into the top of her cunt-hole.

"Aagghh!" she wailed, gasping, as he lurched up and twisted her tits again, his fingers tightening on her nipples.

Her cunt spumed around his cock and the strange warmth she'd felt earlier exploded and rushed through her body. She gasped, rocking on his cock, her pussy-walk sucking at the massive prick that impaled her, her tits throbbing with pain.

"Hey, bitch, you like that, huh?" Flint yelled, his cock throbbing deep in her cunt.

"You're horrible, no!" Lola wailed, her pussy sliding up and down on his enormous prick.

"Then why the fuck you gettin' wet?" Flint demanded, twisting her tits again, rolling her nipples as Lola began to fuck his cock.

"Ahhh, it's not true!" Lola wailed, jerking up and down on Flint's prick, her pussy throbbing around his fuck rod.

But it was true, and she knew it. Where there had only been pain, there was now a rising throb of passion. Her cunt was getting wet, and Flint's cock was sliding in the soft sheath of her pussy with ease. She moaned, gasping, as the passion spread.

"Oh, God!" Lola wept, sobbing as her now very wet cunt worked faster on Flint's prick.

"Come on, bitch! Tell me how turned on you are!" Flint yelled, twisting her nipples hard.

Lola screamed. Her pussy gripped his cock as a terrible dark passion surged over her. There was nothing she could do to stop it, it was too strong for her.

"No!" she wept. "No, it's a lie!"

"Go on, Yvette, do it!" Flint yelled, gripping Lola's hair suddenly and pulling her down until her mouth was against his chest, her wails of passion muffled by his hairy flesh. He trapped her legs with his, and Lola felt her cunt spasming with horrible lust as he shoved his cock deep in her fuck-hole.

"Oh, please!" Lola forced her cunt back down on his thick cock, her cunt taking it in effortlessly now and craving for more.

She wept and shuddered, hating herself for this terrible betrayal. For the first time in her life, she was getting turned en by fucking. She wailed and writhed, but nothing stopped the urges of passion that came from the ramming fuck of Flint's cock in her cunt.

Lola had no idea what he meant until the whip cut across her ass. Her pussy plunged down again, filling her cunt with hit cock. Her scream rang around the room, but it was more a scream of surprise than pain. Her ass throbbed. Her cunt rammed down on Flint's fuck-rod, taking all ten inches into her desperate fuck-hole. She shuddered, breaking out in a sweat.

"Hey, Yvette, do it! Her cunt gets tighter when you whip her!"

"No, you bastards, no!" Lola wailed, as he waited for another blow of the whip.

She screamed when it came, her ass jerking wildly, the pain rushing through her. Her cunt throbbed and sucked at Flint's cock, and an explosion of lust burst in her guts. She writhed on Flint's hard chest. Her ass arched up, holding still, as the whip curled and lashed across it.

Lola hunched, her cunt slammed down on Flint's cock as the first orgasm of her hit, bursting in her pussy. She screamed, bucking on Flint's dick, her cunt trying to take more of the enormous, swollen cock, her tits rubbing against Flint's chest, her mouth slobbering on his shoulders. The whip lashed her again, and another climax burst in her pussy.

"Hey, watch the bitch go!" Flint yelled, thrusting his cock up into her pussy. "Come on, Yvette! Really give her the works!"

"Noooooo!" Lola wailed.

The whip lashed her ass each time she jerked up in her increasingly frenzied fucking. Her pussy erupted in constant spasms of orgasm, each climax forcing her to fuck faster on Flint's cock. She gasped, biting Flint's neck in her lust, her pussy fucking faster and faster until Yvette couldn't keep up the pace of the whipping.

The explosions of lust surged again as Lola's pussy spasmed around Flint's massive hunk of meat.

"No, no, please -- ooohhhh!"

Her ass exploded as the whip lashed it, her pussy going out of control. Screaming with lust, she pulled up, until just the head of Flint's cock was inside the spuming entrance of her pussy. She rocked and jerked as the whip lashed her ass for six vicious blows. At the sixth one, the climaxes burst wide open.

Lola gasped, her cunt sliding don on Flint's cock taking it all in, her body going limp as she collapsed across him. She lay on his chest, groaning and gasping, her pussy throbbing gently around his fucker.

Flint chuckled, gently rubbing her crimson ass. "You didn't make me come. What do you do now?"

Lola sobbed. "You bastard!"

"Honey, ya gotta satisfy your man," Flint said softly, sliding his cock deeper into Lola's gently throbbing pussy. "If you hadn't been so fuckin' determined to get yourself off, you wouldn't have jerked up like that, held your fuckin' ass out for the whip, you bitch! If you'd stayed on my cock, I would have come!"

"Stop it, stop it!" Lola moaned, working her warm soft cunt on his throbbing cock. She knew he was telling the truth, his prick was so close to shooting, she could feel it in her curt. "I hate you!"

He growled and thrust up at her cunt, his cock fucking all the way into the sucking hole of her pussy. "Bring me off! And make it good, or else!"

"Please, darling," Yvette said. "I'm all horny too. If I can't have your cock, I wanna be sucked!"

Flint ginned. "You mean you want your mother to suck your pussy while she gets me off?"

"Yes, it's only fair!" Yvette giggled. "I got her off -- the bitch couldn't get enough of the whip. She's gotta please me!"

"No!" Lola gasped. "No, you can't ask me to do that -- that's incest!"

"Tell ya what," Flint said moving his cock around in Lola's fuck-hole. "You can either suck Yvette's pussy or take another whipping. Shit, you're gonna need somethin' to get you going again."

"No, don't say that! I'll make you come!" Lola moaned in horror, starting to work her cunt up and down on Flint's cock, trying to get him to cum.

But he knew what she was doing and he chuckled, twisting her nipples until she mowed and stopped.

"Which is it?" he asked, pinching her tits. Lola's mind seethed with horror. She locked at Yvette. She knew the little bitch would whip her again, or make her suck her disgusting little cunt. Her pussy shuddered around Flint's cock and her tits ached as he twisted her nipples.

"Make up your mind, bitch!" It was the thought of more whipping that broke Lola. It was the horror that she might come if Yvette whipped her ass. "I'll do it! I'll suck her cunt, but I'll kill her when I get hold of her!"

Flint took the whip from Yvette. "Don't that just scare the shit outa you?"

Yvette giggled and stood upon the bed, then pulled the remains of her slip off, tossing it aside and spreading her legs.

"Get up, Mommy," she purred.

Lola trembled with disgust and shame as she slowly raised her head.

Yvette giggled, straddling Flint's body, her ass pointing at his head. Shamelessly she spread her legs wider, gripping her mother's hair and pulling Lola down, drawing her mother's mouth down on her hot pussy.

Rage and shame fought in Lola as her mouth came closer to Yvette's hot wet pussy crack. She could already smell her daughter's lust and it disgusted her.

"Give me a good one, Mommy!" Yvette whimpered. "Or Flint will whip your tits."

She pulled Lola's head to her cunt and slid forward. Lola wailed as she was bent over backwards, her tits thrusting up between Yvette's spread thighs. Yvette gripped her hair harder, rubbing her cunt on her mother's face.

"Suck me, Mommy!" she gasped, her cunt pouring juices all over Lola's face.

Lola thought she was going to die of shame. She felt Yvette's cuntal hair rubbing on her cheeks, the hot gash of Yvette's pussy running over her mouth, Yvette's clit throbbing at her lips.

Yvette was going berserk with lust, gasping and moaning, her thighs trembling as she shoved her cunt on Lola's mouth.

"Come on, Mommy, make it good! Make it real good!" she demanded, her pussy throbbing harder.

Lola tried to suck at the hot wet flesh all over her mouth, even as she shuddered with shame. Yvette yelled at her to do betters so Lola sucked the hot flesh in, running her tongue over Yvette's clit.

"Fuck it, she's useless!" Yvette moaned, her straddled legs trembling as she rolled her pussy on Lola's mouth. "Come on, Flint! Give her a bit of encouragement!"

Lola jerked, her body trembling. She tried to scream, but Yvette had such a grip on her hair that nothing except a bubbling moan came out. She spasmed wildly, then jerked, as the whip cut across her tits, beating into her nipples with horrible force.

He may have been on his back on the bed, his cock deep in Lola's cunt, but Flint still managed to lash Lola's tits with the whip tail. He laughed and lashed her again, his cock fucking deep in her pussy.

"Yes, Flint, yes! She does it better, whip her again!" Yvette demanded, mashing her cunt on Lola's mouth. She gasped, her cunt rolling on her mother's face, her tits heaving with passion.

The whip cut her tits and Lola began fucking just as she had done when Yvette was whipping her ass. Her pussy was spasming, sucking at his cock harder with each whip stroke on her luscious mounds. She sucked Yvette's cuntlips into her mouth and bit, chewing at the spuming flesh, her tongue rasping over the hard bud of her daughter's clit. Suddenly she gripped Yvette's thighs, pulling her closer, ramming her daughter's cunt at her mouth. She was going to get revenge on the little slut.

"Aahh, Mommy! Yes!" Yvette screamed, fucking harder at Lola's mouth, her pussy spuming and pouring juices as Lola bit her. "Do it, Mommy! I'm coming!"

Lola was furious, this wasn't the revenge she'd wanted. She yelled into Yvette's pussy, but the whip cut her tits, and the spasms of growing lust made her head spin. Hex cunt sucked at Flint's cock, fucking faster and harder, and this time Lola knew Flint was going to come. He was keeping up with the pace of her fucking, his cock swelling deep in her fuck passage.

She moaned, gripping Yvette's thighs, shoving her mouth against Yvette's cunt, biting harder and harder on her clit.

"Yaaahh!" Yvette screamed as a rush of climax erupted through her. She rammed htr pussy back, her legs bending as she kept her pussy on her mother's mouth. "Ohh, suck me. Mommy! I ain't come like this before -- fuuuck! It's wonderful!"

Lola couldn't stop herself, her lust was taking over. The whip lashed her tits and her cunt throbbed on Flint's fucker, taking it right to the end of her cunt. It was too much. At the next stroke of the whip on her tits, her pussy exploded and she came, sobbing in shame, helpless in the grip of her own depravity.

"Yesss!!" Flint bellowed, his cock churning in Lola's cunt. "Fuck, you got it, whore! You're a whore!"

He lashed Lola's tits, the cum surging in his balls, rushing to escape.

"Fuck, I got ya both, you bitches!" hey said and the whip swept beck, lashing Yvette's heavy ass. "I got ya both!"

"Yes, you fucker, yes!" Yvette screwed, going berserk as she came, her ass throbbing to the beat of the whip, her pussy rolling on her mother's face. She took another blow, her ass throbbing, her pussy pouring juices over Lola's face as she climaxed shamelessly.

"Fuuuuuck, I'm coming!" Flint bellowed, his cock throbbing as the cum rushed out of his balls and up his shaft. "Ohh, you whore, you fuckin' whore!"

He roared with release, his cock shooting streams of hot jizz into Lola's cunt, his ass arching up off the bed as he lashed Lola's tits and Yvette's ass with the whip.

Lola felt her head spinning as her pussy erupted with lust, taking the gushing cum, throbbing and sucking at Flint's shooting cock.

She sucked and chewed at Yvette's pussy, gripping her daughter's thighs is she savaged her cunt. Roaring climaxes poured over her, and Lola wept with shame, but nothing stopped her orgasm. It surged to the shooting beat of Flint's cock and the lash of leather on her tits.

"Yes, yes, Mommy, yes!" Yvette screamed as she came, her cunt throbbing between Lola's teeth.

The whip lashed her ass and her climax peaked. She screamed with the most terrible satisfaction, then started to collapse, falling to the bed, her moans of satisfaction echoing in the room.

But Lola wouldn't let go. She was determined to punish her daughter. She kept chewing on Yvette's cunt as the climaxes burst in her pussy and tits. She followed Yvette down, twisting to he side, her mouth clamped to Yvette's pussy. Her pussy sucked at Flint's cock, dragging the cum out of it. Already gobs of his cum were running down her thighs, but she didn't care. Then the whip lashed her tits as the last gobs of cum shot out of Flint's cock, deep in her cunt.

Lola's scream of final satisfaction burst out from around Yvette's cunt as the climaxes shattered inside her. Suddenly she didn't have the energy to punish Yvette. She fell with her daughter across the bed, her pussy still sucking at Flint's cock as the cum dribbled out of it, her mouth still on Yvette's cunt.

Lola had no idea how long it was before she came around. Vaguely, she heard Yvette moaning. Gradually the mist cleared, and she realized she was lying on the bed, still gently sucking Yvette's pussy while her cunt worked softly around Flint's cock.

Guilt, shame and rage rushed over Lola. She pulled away, getting off Flint's cock. She rushed to the door. Then she turned and rushed back to the bed, her hand out.

"You had your fun, you bastard! Now give me the key!"

Flint rolled over on the bed. "Tell us how much you enjoyed that."

"Don't be stupid!" Lola snapped. "It was disgusting, depraved! I only did it because you whipped me and I've got the marks to prove it! The key!"

Flint chuckled. "Last chance."

"The key!"

Flint picked up the bedside phone and dialed.

Yvette grinned at her mother, rubbing her insatiable pussy gently.

"Yeah, get me Alice," he said. "The key!" Lola snapped.

"Hi, Alice. Got a real one for you here. Bring a couple of guys, they can enjoy her on the ride in. Yeah, you know where. See ya'." He grinned at Lola as he put the phone down.


Lola felt a new surge of fear as the sound of a car pulling into the driveway came to her ears. She tried to free her hands, but the cuffs were on. Flint and Yvette had made her put on one of her most expensive coats, but that was all. She was naked underneath. She was also threatened with the gag if she screamed, so she sat in silence out the sofa in the main room, her head spinning with humiliation.

"They're here!" Yvette said brightly.

She was dressed in a little white dress that was already semi-transparent and did nothing to hide the curves of bet body underneath. Lola could see her daughter's bra and panties, and she shook her head in disgust.

"What is it, Mommy? Don't you like it?" Yvette teased. She pouted and slid the hem of her little dress up her thighs, showing her stocking tops and her creamy thighs. "Most people like it a lot. But then, they wanna fuck me."

She giggled and spun around, posing for the three people who came in.

Lola saw that they were police officers, two men and a woman. Her heart trembled.

"Stand up!" Flint snapped as he came in behind the other three.

Lola knew better than to disobey. She sprang up and waited, trembling all over.

"This is the one, Alice," Flint said.

"Mmmm, nice," Alice replied, and suddenly there was a riding crop under Lola's chin, shoving it up.

Lola lifted her head unwillingly to see a tall, dark-haired woman, her police uniform tight on her curvaceous body. The woman's hair was lush and jet black, her eyes the same color, her lips a deep red, her body sensual, her tits thrusting at the front of her uniform.

"You pick 'em good, Flint," Alice said, sliding the riding crop across Lola's neck. "So this one needs the same treatment that bitch got, huh?"

Flint chuckled, leaning against the wail.

"Let's go then," Alice said, her sensual lips glowing with pleasure.

Instantly the two men with her came forward and grabbed Lola's arms.

"One yell out of you and you know what to expect!" Alice tapped the crop on her thigh.

Lola shuddered, twisting in the steel grip of the two cops, her body trembling with fear.

"I'll drive," Flint said. "So you can really enjoy yourselves on the way in."

"Sure, honey," Alice purred, her eyes running all over Lola. She parted the coat with the riding crop, staring at Lola's long legs. "Maybe several times around the block."

Lola was hustled out of the house. There was a police van in the driveway, and she was forced into the back of the van. Alice climbed in, Flint and Yvette got into the front and they started off.

Lola sat in the seat between the two cops.

Alice tapped the cop on her thigh, then leaned forward and snapped the cuffs off Lola's wrists. "Well, get on with it, if you want her! We ain't got all night."

"Riiiight!" one of the cops snarled.

Lola screamed as she was twisted around and forced to her knees.

The cop grabbed her hair and opened his pants, hauling his cock out. "Suck it, whore!"

The van rocked and rolled. Lola screamed and tried to twist away, but the cop pulled her hair and rammed her mouth onto his heaving prick.

"Suck it!" he yelled.

"No!" Lola screamed, clamping her mouth shut.

A curtain opened and Yvette grinned. "We told you, you're gonna have to use force!"

"No!" Lola wailed, but the second cop grabbed her, pulled her to her feet, her body still bent over, her mouth on the first cop's cock. The first cop gripped her hair, forcing her face into his crotch as her coat was flung up over her ass, revealing the crimson, whipped mass of her ass-flesh.

"Suck it!" Alice snapped.

The riding crop touched Lola's ass.

Lola wailed into the cop's crotch as the riding crop lashed her ass.

The agony was unbearable. Lola screamed and slid her mouth down the cop's fucker without another protest. Her ass throbbed horribly as she slid her soft lips over the swollen cockhead.

"Yeah, that's better, bitch!" the cop growled. "You wanna be fucked at the same time?" Alice asked, leaning over Lola.

Obediently Lola bobbed her head up and down on the cop's cock.

"Good." Alice smiled. "Fuck the bitch!" Lola's mouth was rammed harder onto the first cop's cock as the second cop got behind her ass and slid his prick into her pussy.

"Fuck," he growled, "she's wet!" Alice laughed. "That's Flint's cum you're riding on!"

"The fuck it is," the cop growled, sliding his massive cock into Lola's quivering fuckchannel. "I know a turned-on cunt when I fuck one!"

"You jerking me around?" Alice asked. Lola winced as she felt the woman's hand on her ass.

"Feel her," the second cop said, pulling his cock out of Lola's cunt.

Lola sobbed, sucking at the first cop's cock, sliding the hard flesh in and out of her mouth, licking it. She held his cockshaft, running her lips over his cockhead, moaning in rising passion as she felt Alice's fingers probing her curt.

"Wow!" Alice purred, sliding her finger into Lola's cunt. "You ain't kidding. She's as wet as her fuckin' daughter ever was." She slid her finger out of Lola's trembling pussy and sniffed it. "Jesus! This could be fun!"

Lola moaned, her mouth sliding down the first cop's cock, taking it right to the entrance of her throat. She could feel the cop's cock getting harder every moment. She caressed his prickshaft, making sure she didn't get another whipping.

But there was something else, something Lola felt very ashamed of. She liked the feel of cock in her mouth. It was long and hard, something really bit to suck on.

"Can I fuck the bitch now?"

"Sure," Alice purred, then sat on the bench seat on the opposite side of the van.

The second cop grabbed Lola's thighs and slid his cock back into her cunt, his thick prickhead rasping over her shivering pussy walls as he rammed in, right to the end of her fuck-hole. "Yeah!" he growled, his prick churning in Lola's depths. "Fuck, she's real tight!" Alice spread her thighs, running her fingers over the tight crotch of her black panties. "Enjoy her, boys. She won't be good for much after the cells have finished with her!"

She rubbed her pussy through her panties, gently caressing her cunt-flesh as she watched the two men rape Lola.

Lola sobbed harder as she was being doublefucked. Her mouth was rammed deep onto the cock with each thrust of the fucker ramming into her cunt. Her heels slipped on the floor, and she would have fallen if it hadn't been for the hands gripping her thighs and hair. Her throat spasmed as the cop's cock thrust in for a moment, then withdrew. Her head spun with the thought that she might have to deep-throat another cock. She'd only managed to do that with pain before.

At the same time, her amt was throbbing and trembling as the second cop's cock fucked deep inside her cunt-hole. His fuck-rod plunged in and out of her pussy. His hands gripped her thighs until they hurt, and his loins slapped into her ass with each thrust, sending flashes of pain through her whipped flesh. Her moans were louder as the cock worked her pussy. The pain and fucking were turning her on. Her throat opened as she took more of the first cop's prick while her pussy thrust back for the other invading prick.

"Fuck it, boys! I think we've got another nympho on our hands?" Alice laughed, rubbing her cunt dreamily as she watched. "Give her a good one! Let's see if she comes."

"You bet, Alice!" the second cop growled, fucking Lola's cunt out with his swollen cock. "Fuck, she's so sweat, so tight!"

Lola screamed in fury, trying to pull her mouth off the first cop's cock, but he held her, shoving his prick in even deeper, fucking her throat again. She sucked and jerked, her throat taking his thick prick easily.

Alice knelt beside the moaning, sucking Lola. She slid her hand into the coat, reaching for Lola's tits. Her dark hair caressed Lola's ear as she took hold of the blonde's nipples and rolled them gently.

"Fuck, you're just like your daughter, you know that? We pull in a screaming bitch and soon we've got Miss Gang Bang on our hands. Can't get enough, takes the whole fucking precinct to keep her happy."

Alice laughed as Lola moaned. "Yeah! Come on, bitch! Show us what you are!" She twisted Lola's nipples viciously, pulling at her, rolling the tight buds.

Lola screamed as the pain pulsed out of her nipples, her body rocking and jerking to the beat of the double-fuck. Alice knew just how to twist her nipples to the rhythm of the cocks fucking her so that the pain and lust mingled once more.

Lola moaned in desperation, but her bbdy was responding, throbbing harder, her pussy spasming, pouring out juices to lubricate the cock reaming it. Her throat opened, taking the massive fucker deeper until her lips brushed against his zipper, her tongue running all over his swollen cock. Compulsively she pulled back, sucking his massive prick, her lip, sliding on her saliva, her moans of passion ringing out over the purr of the engine and the rattle of the van.

"Come on, bitch, you love it!" the second cop yelled, ramming his cock to the hilt into her pussy, filling Lola's cunt to the brim with rockhard fuck-ness. His fucker slammed in and out, frictioning Lola's pussy-walls, rubbing them into another frenzy of passion.

"Come on, bitch, come for us!" Alice purred, playing with Lola's tits, pulling at her nipples.

The guttural moans escaping from Lola's throat got louder as the passion singed out of her pussy as her mouth was being slammed by the cock, her throat sucking and spasmrng on the cockhead. Then he pulled back, gasping with lust, her mouth working on the rock-hard cockhead.

The cop yelled, slamming his cock back into her mouth. "Fuuck! She can suck too! Fuck, she's gonna bring me off!"

"I hope so," Alice sighed. "What's she sucking it for if she isn't bringing you, off?"

She laughed and twisted Lola's nipples hard. Lola buried her mouth back on the fuck-rod, taking it into her throat. Spasms of pleasure coursed through her and her throat went wild on his thrusting fuck-meat. At the same time, the second cop slammed his cock into her pussy, reaming her fuck-hole.

"Jeez, the whore's too fucking good! She's bringing me off!"

"You jerk, you always cum fast!" Alice yelled. She twisted Lola's nipples. "Make it good for them, you little whore!"

The swelling mass of Lola's tits was red and sore from the pain. She screamed as surges of passion burst out of her pussy from the ramming prick that filled her fuck-channel. Yet, she was determined not to come in this degrading place, in the back of a police van, being double-raped. But the pulse of the cock in her mouth turned her on, and she sucked it easily, her throat spuming around the hard flesh, her fingers playing with the inch or so of hard prick that protruded from her sucking lips. She pushed deeper, taking it all in, feeling the cock swell.

The cop gripped Lola's hair compulsively. "Fuck, she's gonna get a mouthful!"

He jerked, his cock shuddering in Lola's throat.

"Yeaaahhh!" the second cop bellowed, fucking his cock in Lola's cunt as the cum burst out of his balls and into her hot wet pussy. He gasped, his cock blurring in and out between Lola's cuntlips like a piston gone mad. "Here it comes baby!"

His prick shot a massive spurt of cum deep in Lola's tight cunt. The sensation drove Lola out other mind. Her cunt spumed as the first rush of climax burst over her. Hot jizz gushed into her pussy. Her moans got louder as her throat spasmed, and a stream of cock-juice spewed into her mouth.

"Yaaahh!" the cop yelled, his cock spurting streams of white jism. "Fuck, ohh, fuck!"

His grip on Lola's hair slackened as he slumped back on the seat, his cock shooting streams of turn into her sucking mouth.

As the first jet of cum hit Lola's throat, Alice twisted her nipples harder. Her mouth slid down on the shooting cock with a bubbling scream, strings of cum running from her lips back to his balls as she worked it over, her mouth going berserk on his fucker.

"Jeeezuuuus?" the first cop yelled, watching as a jet of his cum splattered Lola's lips.

Lola moaned with climax, her ass jerking back for more prick.

Both cops stared glassy-eyed as Lola sank her mouth back over the cockhead, sucking the cum into her mouth that had oozed out of his piss slit and all over her lips.

The second cop yelled, filling Lola's fuck-hole with another stream of cum, jerking, his orgasm pouring into her throbbing, wet fuck-hole.

He gasped, gripping Lola's thighs, his cock starting to go limp, the stream of cum slowing, his thrusting prick smearing jizz all over Lola's cuntlips.

Lola gave a gurgling moan as she felt the two streams of cum start to slow. Her pussy still throbbed and her throat wanted more cock. But already both cocks were getting soft. She sobbed, sucking harder, but the first cop just slapped her and told her to slow down. She did as she was told, sucking at his slowly softening prick wide her cunt worked at the other one.

Alice leaned in again, still playing with Lola's nipples.

"Want more, bitch?" she asked, then laughed softly.

Lola was jerked back to reality. She moaned, trying to stop the helpless surges of passion as she pulled her mouth away from the first cop's cock.

"No!" she sobbed. "That was disgusting, horrible!"

Alice laughed. "You come with me!"

The van was still jerking and rocking as Flint drove furiously. Lola was sure he had watched as she dropped to her knees.

"Come here!" Alice snapped.

Lola looked up and saw the dominatrix sitting on the bench, her uniform skirt pulled right up and the wet crotch of her panties. She slid her fingers over the thin material. She eased the lacy strap of her garter belt out until it pulled the top of her black stocking away from her thigh.

"Come suck pussy, bitch!" she hissed. Lola saw the riding crop beside Alice. She was just waiting for her to refuse. Lola looked at the two cops, who were sitting on the bench behind her. One of them was playing with his cock, while the one she had sucked had put his prick back in his pants.

Lola crawled across the rocking van floor and slid her mouth over the white flesh of Alice's upper thigh. She could smell the heat of Alice's pussy as she moved into the wet black hair of the policewoman's pussy.

"Suck cunt, whore!" Alice hissed, thrusting her cunt out at Lola's face.

Lola moaned and pulled the crotch of Alice's panties away, from the black-haired woman's pussy. She spread the puffy lips of Alice's pussy open, revealing the red gash between, which was streaming with juices. She flicked her tongue out and licked the inner gash gently, her horror at the humiliation rising steadily.

Above Lola, the curtain opened and Yvette smiled.

"Nearly there," she called.

"Once more 'round the block, Flint!" Alice yelled. She gripped Lola's hair. "Get me off before we get there this time, bitch, or I'll use the crop on your tits."

Lola buried her face between Alice's thighs without another thought. Desperately she sucked the fragrant gash into her mouth and sucked at it, nipping Alice's clit and rasping her tongue around the hot flesh.

"Mmm, not bad!" Alice snapped, spreading her thighs wider, shoving her pussy at Lola's mouth. "Do it, bitch, do it!"

Lola sobbed, her mouth deep in Alice's cunt, her tongue flicking over the red flesh while she sucked the clit deep into her mouth. She could hear and feel Alice getting excited, her pussy pouring juices, her fingers gripping her hair harder.

"Come on, bitch! Finger-fuck my ass!"

Lola was almost sick at the thought. She almost stopped sucking for a moment, but Alice's fingers lightened in her hair and she ran her tongue desperately over the spasming pussyflesh in her mouth.

"Get on with it, bitch! Do you wanna make me come or do you wanna watch your tits bounce?" Alice snarled, her cunt mashing at Lola's face.

Lola sobbed and surrendered, her mouth going down onto the hot wet flesh of Alice's cunt. She slid a finger into the crack of Alice's ass. It was already wet from all the pussy juices and saliva, so Lola had no difficulty at all finding the crinkled hole of Alice's ass. She pushed as she sucked, and her finger slid into the tight little hole at once.

"Yeahhh!" Alice gasped, jerking her pussy and ass at Lola. "Finger-fuck me, bitch, fuck my asshole!"

She moaned while Lola worked her finger deeper, rubbing it over the trembling walls of her shitter.

"Right in, bitch, or I'll make you suck it out!"

Sudden savage passion burst through Lola. She screamed, sucked Alice's pussy into her mouth and bit at it. At the same time she slid another finger into Alice's ass and worked them both over the hot tight walls inside. But she already knew what the result would be.

Just like that little tramp Lola had for a daughter, Alice jerked up and screamed in lust, her legs trembling, her pussy spanning as Lola's teeth rasped over the red flesh of her cunt-bud and she speared her fingers in her ass.

"Yeah, yeah, do it, bitch!" Alice screamed, her uniform tossing wildly around her luscious body. "Come on, that's not bad! That's not bad!" She gripped Lola harder, her pussy exploding with lust all over Lola's face. She screamed and climaxed, gasping with passion, her pussy grinding on Lola's mouth.

Lola rammed her fingers deeper, working in Alice's ass as hard as she could. She sucked wildly, biting Alice's clit, chewing the darkhaired woman into a screaming fit. The savage passion that had erupted in Lola burned on, intensifying as she brought Alice to the screaming top of her climax and over. She sucked Alice's cunt as the policewoman gasped and sighed with satisfaction. Lola rolled her clit between her lips, vowing revenge, her tits throbbing in raging passion.

Yvette looked through the curtain once more. "Fuck me, she did it!"

A hand pulled Lola back by the hair, away from Alice's pussy. For a second, she stared at the head of the second cop's cock as he gripped her hair tightly.

"Yeah!" he growled, then a stream of cum burst out of his piss-slit and all over Lola's face.

"Hold still, bitch, and lick it up!"

Lola screamed and tried to pull away.

Gobs of cum burst over her lips and cheeks as the cop's cock spewed cum all over her face, even over her eyelids. Lola moaned and licked at the sticky goo, taking what she could get and swallowing it.

Her face was still covered with jizz as the van slowed down. The cop rammed his cock into her mouth, making her suck off the last oozings. Lola obeyed, fighting between her fury and raging passion. Sudden spasms of orgasm burst over her as she tasted the cum. She felt even more ashamed of herself.

The doors at the back of the van opened.

Lola was pulled away from the cock and hustled into the police station with cum all over her face.


There were two lines of cells and nothing in the hallway except a table and chair.

Lola shivered.

"Come here, bitch!" Alice snapped, then pointed with the riding crap.

The two cops let go of Lola's arms and she wiped some of the cum off her face as she wafted to the spot on the floor where the trembling tip of Alice's riding crop was pointed.

Suddenly there were yells, and several men pushed against the bars of their cells, leaning out, trying to grab hold of Lola. She almost passed out with fear, but there was also a rising fury in her, and another sensation, one she hated, a twitching in her pussy at the sight of so many men desperate to fuck her.

"Take your coat off!" Alice paraded around. "Hey, guys, you can go. I can handle this."

The two cops left.

Lola felt more rage surge in her as she let the expensive coat slide off her arms. She put it over the chair-back to a chorus of hoots and cheers.

"Come here, babe, taste my cock!" one man yelled.

"Fuck it, honey, can't ya see I wanna be nice to you?" another inmate bellowed, his face alight with lust.

"Walk, show them!" Alice ordered.

Lola walked up and down the aisle between the cells, her eyes on the far wall, her legs shaking so hard that she could hardly stand. From everywhere hands reached out to her, and the men called and yelled.

"Up against those bars, bitch!" Alice crowed, lashing Lola across the ass with the riding crop.

Lola screamed and turned on her tormentor, but Alice slammed her against the cell bars before she could get her balance.

Instantly the two men in the cell grabbed Lola's arms and held her, reaching for her tits.

Cuffs we ached to her ankles and her feet were pulled out and locked to the bars. She screamed as Alice added two more cuffs to her wrists. Now Lola was straddled against the bars, and the two men could get at her as they liked. Their hands ran over her tits and down toward her pussy.

"Like that, bitch?" One of the men grinned, his dirty, stubbled face alight with lust. "Hey, you want my cock?"

He stroked Lola's pussylips while he undid his pants and pulled his rock-hard cock out.

The other inmate laughed, then rammed his mouth over Lola's tits, sucking and biting at her nipples until the helpless blonde was wailing with pain.

The riding crop lashed her ass. Lola screamed, jerking against the bars, her hands pulling at the cuffs.

"That was for fighting me, cunt!" Alice snapped. "Want another, or are you gonna shape up?"

She lashed Lola again.

"Aaagghhh! No! I won't do it, I won't?"

Lola screamed as the two men played with her body. Her tits ached as the one prisoner shifted his attention to her other nipple, biting and chewing at it in his lust.

"You wanna fuck her, you shit-scum?" Alice smiled.

"Yeah, yeah, come on, please, Miss!" the prisoner stroking Lola's pussy gasped, while his other hand frantically rubbed his cock.

"Suck pussy, you fucker!" Alice laughed. "You wanna fuck it, you suck it!"

Lola sobbed in horror as the prisoner sank to his knees and pushed his face between the bars until be could stroke his tongue in her hot pussy crack.

"Hey, Miss, gimme a break! There's cum in here!" the prisoner moaned.

"Lick it, or beat off!" Alice snapped, pushing the riding crop through the bars and lashing him across the shoulders.

"Fuck, you cunt!" he roared, but he stayed where he was and his tongue probed into Lola's pussy-crack, licking at her soft, pulsating flesh.

"Go on, you, give her tits a good suck!" Alice snapped at the other prisoner. "But don't you dare bite too hard, fucker! I'll beat your balls to a pulp!"

She lashed him across the shoulders to make her point.

His tongue swirled around Lola's nipples as he sucked more of the luscious hot flesh into his mouth. Lola could see the front of his pants bulging with his huge cock as he sucked and caressed her tits.

She moaned and tried to pull back from the bars, but she could hardly move.

The two prisoners licked and sucked at her tits and pussy.

It was horrible and disgusting, but a deep, depraved passion was already surging in Lola. Her thighs trembled as she pushed her cunt at the prisoner's mouth. Her tits throbbed as the other prisoner sucked them. She turned her head to watch Alice striding around, lashing at the hands that pushed out through the bars of the other cells. The whip cracked as a hand was pulled back, and an occasional howl of pain echoed around the cells.

It bit Lola with horrible force that she wanted to humiliate and whip Alice if she ever got the chance. A strange jolt of passion shot through her. She came, gasping with lust at the shudder of release.

The man sucking her tits grinned at her.

"Yeah, you're really into this, right bitch?" He chuckled and bit her tit, making Lola gasp with the agony that mixed with her passion, sending another surge of lust churning through, her pussy.

"Okay, get on with it? Fuck her if you want!" Alice laughed. "But make it fast, I gotta lot of horny fuckers here!"

"Yeahhh!" the man sucking Lola's cunt yelled.

He leaped up, pushed the other prisoner out of the way and slid his cock between the bars and against the hot wet slit of Lola's pussy.

"Fuuuck, some cunt!" he yelled, reaching through the bars and pulling Lola's face close. "Kiss me, bitch!"

His foul breath stunned her, and Lola twisted her head away, her cunt throbbing around his hard cock as it slammed in and out. She could feel that he was as hot as hell, and he was going to shoot really soon.

The crop lashed her ass.

"Go on, honey, kiss him! Give him what he wants!"

Lola screamed, her pussy constricted in a spurn of lust. She gritted her teeth as the prisoner gripped her hair and tried to pull her around. He gasped as his cock churned in Lola's cunt. He obviously hadn't fucked a woman in months and his cum was about to burst out.

"Kiss him!" Alice yelled, lashing Lola. Lola screamed and jerked, her pussy sucking wildly at the prisoner's cock.

All the other prisoners were staring, their mouths wet, their hands either working their cocks openly or rubbing the crotches of their pants.

"Kiss him!"

Lola screamed and gyrated against the bars, but she could feel that the prisoner was coming, his cock throbbing out of control in her cunt. A sudden shudder of pride burst in her guts. She wouldn't kiss the prisoner!

The crop lashed her ass hard, but the prisoner was yelling like a banshee, his cock surging in Lola's cunt, the cum bursting out of it in a shower of white lust.

"Fuuuuck!" he roared, his cock pissing up into Lola's fuck channel. "Fuuuuck, she's so tight, so fucking tight!"

His cum burst out of his piss-slit.

"Kiss him!" Alice screamed in rage, whipping Lola's mashed ass with the crop.

Thick crimson lines of agony were spreading across the deep red glow of the flesh, but Lola wasn't giving in.

Lola's wail of pain and lust rang through the room as the prisoner shot the last load of his cum in her cunt and pulled away for the second man. As he jerked his cock out of her pussy, her cunt spurned, trying to keep it inside.

She moaned, and her thighs trembled. Her cunt rubbed against the bar as the second prisoner fucked his cock at her cunt and pushed it in at once.

The sensation of having another hard prick raping her cunt sent Lola jerking back and gasping. Shudders of the most depraved desire flowed in her guts, and her cunt sucked at the prick in a fury of horrible desire.

The prisoner laughed as his cock sank into Lola's sucking pussy. He reached out for her hair.

"You wanna kiss me, honey?" he growled, pulling her in.

Lola screamed and twisted away, her scalp hurting. But her determination was rising. They might rape her, but she wasn't going to kiss them! The prisoner's cock throbbed and churned in her cunt, and she knew he was going to come soon as well. She felt another surge of satisfaction. She knew she could take the beatings Alice gave her. She tightened her pussy muscles together around the cock.

The prisoner yelled, sweat breaking out on his forehead. "Fuuuuck! Come on, bitch, kiss me!"

"Kiss him!" Alice screwed, lashing Lola across the ass.

Lola's cunt was already sucking hard at the cock, and the lash of the riding crop sent her pussy into spasms, gripping the prick in a viselike grip as she jerked back and screamed.

Lola shook as the rage of another orgasm rushed over her. She gasped, the lust burning in her ass, her pussy sucking harder at the cock throbbing inside it.

If Lola's cunt hadn't been so lubricated, the prisoner's cock would likely have been torn off by the twitching, lightening muscles of her cunt. He gave a couple more fuck-thrusts and bellowed with lust as the jizz poured out of his balls.

"Fuuuuck!" His hand twisted Lola's tits as he came, shooting huge gobs of cum in her cunt.

"Kiss him!" Alice screamed, whipping Lola, but it was way too late.

The prisoner was shooting cum, his cock jerking, his throat gasping. His cock slammed to the top of Lola's cunt end stayed there as it throbbed and shot, cum spewing into her pussy.

"Kiss him!" Alice screamed in a terrible rage as the riding crop nearly broke over Lola's ass.

Lola's scream rang out, but it was a scream of triumph as much as pain. She jerked and her pussy sucked the last of the cum out of the prisoner's prick.

In a rising surge of triumph Lola hung on the bars, staring up at her wrists that were bloodstained. She laughed, her cunt sucking at the prisoner's cock as it slid out of her cunt.

"Come on, big boy! Get it up again!" she jeered, cum running down her thighs.

Alice leaned close. "Not bad, bitch! But don't think you can beat me! I'll get you into shape, you wait!"

Lola pulled at the handcuffs, the rage boiling harder into her guts as Alice unzipped her ankles. She was going to get Alice! She had vowed it once before and now the vow was stronger. But she had learned. She gasped, and waited.

But Alice wasn't taking any chances. She left Lola's wrists cuffed to the bars and went to one of the cells.

"Okay, Mickey, Gilbert, you wanna get some brownie points?"

"Sure, Alice," Mickey said.

"Go get her and shove her ass into number tour!"

Lola twisted her head as she saw the two young, tall, strong prisoners coming for her. The men took the cuffs off and pulled her across to another cell. Her eyes flared as she watched Alice standing there, stroking the riding crop over her thigh.

Lola gasped as she was pushed against the cell.

"You bastards!" she hissed.

The men laughed and one of them ran his hands over her tits.

Alice pulled her hand away from Lola's ankle. "Here, you do it, Mickey, she's got cum all over her legs."

She wiped at her hand in disgust and shuddered with horror.

As Mickey laughed and slid his hand down her legs to the cuff on her ankle, Lola shuddered. Already hands were working on her ass from inside the cage and strange twinges of pain and passion pulsed out of the contact.

They cuffed Lola's hands to the vertical bars of the cell and watched, laughing as the two prisoners in the cell grabbed her tits and ran their hands over her whipped ass.

"Okay, you two, fuck her in the ass!" Alice snapped. "But be fast about it. And get out and tie him up on the empty cell there."

Alice waved at a very good looking young prisoner in one of the cells. He shivered and went white.

Lola felt hands on her ass. She gasped and almost broke, wanting to beg for mercy, to offer to fuck them with her pussy not with her ass.

"Hey, Miss," one of the prisoners yelled from inside the cell. "Can I whip her ass? Fuck, it's so neat!"

"You can do what you fuckin' like as long as you don't put the bitch in a hospital!" Alice turned, staring at the young prisoner Mickey and Gilbert were hauling out.

The other prisoners were quieter now, waiting for their turn. But their eyes were glued on the beautiful blonde as she hung on the bars.

The tail of a belt lashed Lola's ass. It stung. Lola moaned, but the pain was already stimulating her.

"Come on, bitch!" the man yelled, lashing her again, the leather flicking hard into Lola's ass. "I'll whip the shit outa YOU!"

Lola moaned and jerked, thinking that the man wanted her to scream so he could feel good when he fucked her. The belt lashed her asscheeks again, and she let out a bubbling scream of pain, her ass twitching.

"Yeah, that's better!" the prisoner growled, lashing her hot ass-flesh.

Her ass was boiling with pain and lust. She gasped, trembling in shame, hoping to the depths of her soul that she wouldn't come and disgrace herself.

But suddenly she knew the pain wasn't enough to make her come. She also needed a cock rammed into her pussy to really bring her off. She screamed for the prisoner as he whipped her.

Alice stroked the young prisoner as he pulled against the cuffs that bound him to the bars. His feet were spread, but brazenly Alice stripped his pants down as far as she could, then sucked his cock. "Come on, Joe, get it hard for me!" she crooned.

The prisoner gritted his teeth, but his cock was responding to the expert caresses Alice gave it. It was swelling, getting harder, the cockhead jerking a little as his shaft got harder.

"Good boy," Alice purred. She stroked his fuck-rod, pulling at it as the prisoner growled and groaned. "Okay, Joe, let's get it real hard! We don't want to give her a soft cock, do we?"

She laughed and squeezed his balls.

The prisoner's eyes bulged, but his cock still swelled, becoming ten inches of stiff meat.

"Yesss!" Alice hissed.

Suddenly she pulled out a set of leather straps that she slid expertly around his cock and balls and pulled tight. Joe groaned, and his ass jerked as his cock and balls were painfully restricted.

"Good!" Alice purred, stroking his face. "That'll keep you hard. Don't want to get any of that horrible spunk in my pussy, do we?"

Alice pulled her skirt up, showing the long curves of her legs. She removed her panties. The black bush of her cunt was already wet with her cunt juices as she stood up on her toes, sliding the prisoner's cock to the entrance of her ravenous cunt.

"Yeah!" she hissed, sliding her pussy over the hard rod, gasping with pleasure. "Ooooh, now for a nice ride, eh, big boy?"

The prisoner groaned and thrust his cock harder at Mickey's cunt, his eyes closed, his chest heaving.

"Hey, Mickey, come on! Fuck her ass!" Gilbert yelled and grabbed the belt from Mickey's hand.

Mickey laughed and unzipped his pants, puffing his cock out and advancing on Lola's crimson ass. The blonde heaved against the bars, moaning softly. He pushed his fucker into the tight crack of her ass and worked his cockhead against the trembling, tight entrance of her shit pit.

Lola shivered. Her ass muscles were trembling and spasming painfully. Fear rushed over her. She tensed, waiting, wanting once more to beg for mercy. But she could see Alice fucking her hot cunt up and down on Joe's cock, her hands around his neck, but still holding the riding crop. Alice's eyes were closed.

Lola gritted her teeth and hung her head.

Mickey shoved his cock at her ass. He grunted, feeling for the tight hole, his cock angling painfully between Lola's whipped asscheeks.

"Fuuuck, I gotta get it wet!" he growled, and aimed his prick between Lola's thighs and into the crack of her pussy. His cockhead slid easily in the mess of mini and Lola's pussy juices. He laughed and pulled his cock back, working it into the hot crack of Lola's ass again, pushing it at the trembling entrance to her shitter. "Now I got her!"

He shoved hard.

Lola jerked and stiffened as his rock-hard cockhead pushed at the tight ring of muscles guarding her ass. They tightened in panic, but Mickey had the leverage and enough lubrication now. He fucked in again and Lola's ass muscles stretched in pain as his cockhead pushed in a little, stretching her shitter horribly.

"Yea!" he growled, easing his cock back and pushing in again. "Come on, you bitch! You got bigger things coming outa there, so you can take my fuckin' cock!" He slid his hands around her and grabbed her tits, twisting and pulling at them. "Push back at me, bitch, or your nipples are gonna hurt!"

Lola groaned as his fingers tightened on her nipples and his cock fucked into her ass. His cockhead was already past the entrance ring of muscles and the thrust the prisoner gave fucked his thick prick deep into her guts, filling her pussy.

She jerked, pouring from the rasping of his cock in her ass.

But, to her absolute horror, Lola knew she was on the brink of another come. She moaned in shame, her head down, her eyes closed, but she knew she wasn't going to escape another one.

The prisoner withdrew his cock until his prickhead was all that was inside her shit pit.

"Okay, fuck-meat!" he growled. "Now for the ride of your fuckin' life!"


Lola groaned as Mickey rammed his cock back up into her spuming shitter. He bruised her ass with the force of his fucking, his hands gripping the bars as his cock worked to the depths of her shit-pit.

"Fuck!" he growled. "She's got a great ass too, guys, you wanna fuck it!"

"I'm gonna, you jerk!" the other prisoner snapped. "Now get on with it, fuck the bitch!"

Lola moaned as Mickey fucked her ass with long hard strokes, his loins slapping against her sore asscheeks at the peak of every heave. She was bent forward, her high heels scraping on the stone floor, her arms straining against the cuffs that held her to the bars. The cuffs slid down as she bent, metal rasping on metal, until her upper body was almost horizontal and her lovely tits swung under her with each movement.

She gritted her teeth, glancing at Alice as the sadistic policewoman fucked her hot cunt on Joe's prick. Joe gripped the bars, white-faced, his body straining in pain.

"Uuhhggg!" Mickey roared, his cock ramming to the depths of Lola's shit-pit. "Fuck, this is great, boys, this is great!"

His stiff, hard prick worked over Lola's shifter walls, scraping at the delicate flesh, while his hands worked her whipped ass, almost tearing at the flesh in his lust.

Lola groaned, but already the fire in her ass was turning to passion under the brutal assault. Her asshole churned and sucked at his cock, and the grip of his hands on her asscheeks was sending agonizing fires through her body.

Suddenly she had more than that to worry about, for two prisoners named Matt and Gil were standing there, grinning at her. Matt worked his hand under her body and twisted her tits while he opened the front of his pants and pulled out his long thin cock.

"Alice says we can have you," he chuckled. "So suck cock, bitch! You're gonna get it at both ends!"

A surge of fury rushed over Lola. She came very close to jamming her jaw shut and telling him to fuck off. But she was bound and helpless, so she opened her mouth and let him slide his cock in. It was the longest cock she'd taken, eleven inches of hard meat, but thinner than any other she'd known. So it was easy to slide it into her throat and let him fuck her mouth as he wanted, working her throat muscles over his throbbing cockhead, making him growl with rising lust.

"Fuuuck!" he roared. "This chick can suck cock, boys!"

He gripped Lola's hair and fucked her mouth harder, ramming his prick into her throat with long strokes, matching the thrusts of Mickey's cock in her ass. Lola's body started to throb with the doublefuck she endured. The cock in her ass slid to the depths of her shitter, then pulled out until just the cockhead was surrounded by her shivering, pulsating ass muscles. Then, with a roar, Mickey slammed his cock back in, filling her guts, her ass walls shuddering with horrible excitement.

But that was only part of it. The pain from her whipped ass and tits, where Matt twisted her nipples as he slid his cock deep in her throat, was priming her deep, dark passion. Her throat opened for his cock, taking it to the hilt as she sobbed and moaned.

Her arms strained in the cuffs, as she jerked with each fuck-heave. She swallowed Matt's cock, taking it right in, vowing revenge the moment she got the opportunity. Her blonde hair tossed as her body gyrated against the bars, her tits throbbing with pain and lust.

"Yeah!" Matt yelled, twisting Lola's nipples, pushing his cock deep into her throat, watching with delight as the helpless blonde took it all in. "Fuck, what a bitch!"

His ass started to pump harder as his fuckrod vanished into Lola's sucking throat.

"Jeezus!" Matt roared. "I'm gonna shoot!" At the same time, Alice slid her curt over Joe's prick, working him, grinning into his eyes as he pulled helplessly against the bonds, his sore cock deep in her sucking cunt.

"Oh, yess!" Alice hissed, rubbing the riding crop over his face. "Don't you just love to fuck me, hey?"

Her tight skirt was up over her ass, and her creamy asscheeks tightened and loosened with the surges of lust.

Joe gripped the bars, his chest heaving, his young, good-looking face drawn tight under the pain. "I'll get you one day, you cunt!"

"You can't even get bail!" Alice sniggered, then came, her cunt sucking at his cock, her tits rubbing against his cheat. "Oooohhh, there's nothing like fucking a cock when you know it can't shoot! Ohhhh, fuck!"

She came again, rubbing her pussy against his prick, her body trembling with orgasm. Her ass jerked, slamming her cunt down the length of his cock until he growled with the pain. Then she eased up, stroking his face with her hand, the riding crop pushed down between their bodies, running past his bound cock.

"Ready far another ride, big boy?" she cooed.

Joe gasped.

"You want your prick whipped?" Alice whispered, stroking the riding crop over his cock and balls in the tight lather straps.

"Yes!" he growled. "I'm ready for another ride, Miss!"

"Oh, what a spoilsport. You know how I love to whip cock, such disgusting things, right?" She clung to his neck again. "Never mind, I'll just have to make do with fucking you, right?"

"Right, Miss," Joe snarled, shoving his cock up into her cunt in rage.

Alice smiled and fucked her pussy harder on his cock.

"Wow, wow, wow!" Matt yelled as his cock fucked to the depths of Lola's mouth and the cum began to boil out of his balls. "Ohhhh, fuck! I'm gonna shoot now, I can't stop!"

His cock jerked in Lola's throat and she moaned as the thin, but rock-hard fucker plunged between her lips.

"Ooohhh, ready for it, babe?" he bellowed. Lola's body went out of control as the two cocks plunged in and out of her body. The seething passion from the double-fuck and the pain from her tits and ass had set off endless climaxes. She moaned, her throat spasming around the fucker as she, felt the cum rush up the shaft and erupt into her throat. Matt yelled, pumping his cock between her sucking lips like a madman, his balls slapping her chin, his hands twisting her nipples viciously.

Great gobs of fuck juice pumped deep in Lola's throat.

He wasn't the only one coming. Mickey's cock throbbed deep in Lola's guts, swelling as he lout control, his balls throbbing with pent-up lust. He took his hands off Lola's ass and gripped the bars, ramming his cock into her ass as hard as he could, churning it deep in her cunt. Suddenly, he yelled, and his fuck-rod shot a hot stream of cum into Lola's shuddering ass.

Lola trembled in a series of climaxes, the shooting cum splattering her ass walls and streaming all over her throat. She sucked and swallowed, the thin cock almost blurring between her lips. Mickey's fingers twisted her nipples hard, setting off more orgasms, as he thrust his cock at her throat. Streams of cum sank into her stomach, strings of it running on her tongue.

"Yeaaahhh!" Mickey roared, lurching against her, his cock pouring cum, one hand slapping her ass, the other holding to the bars of the cell as he shot his last gobs of fuck juice. He gasped, sliding his still-hard cock in Lola's ass, working it back, covering her ass walls with cum as jizz dribbled and pulsed out of his piss-slit. He gasped, spanked Lola's ass again and leaned against her, his ass still pumping slowly.

"Come on, you jerk, get the fuck outa there!" another prisoner yelled, pulling Mickey away from Lola's ass. Hip cock was out and he plunged right to the depths of Lola's ass in one heave. He groaned with lust, pumping his cock in and out hard and fast.

Lola hardly noticed the cock slamming in and out of her ass. Her legs trembled and her arms strained at the cuffs, but her whole mind swirled in the grating surges of orgasm that wracked her body. She moaned, sucking at Matt's cock until it began to soften and he pulled it out.

"Not bad, whore!" he grinned and smacked her across the face with his prick.

Lola moaned, jerking against the rails as Mickey's cock worked in her ass.

Then Matt gripped her hair and pulled her head up. He held his cock, working it over her mouth.

"I like to watch my cum shoot all over faces!" he growled. "You like cum on your face?"

Lola slid her lips over his cockhead, sucking at it in a combination of rage and submission. She sucked at the swollen cockhead.

"Yeahhh!" she gasped, working his shaft slowly, pushing his cockhead just past Lola's lips, but never allowing it to work deeper into her mouth. "Ooohh, fuck, I like it like this?"

Still working her hot cunt over Joe's fucker, Alice gasped as another surge of orgasm pulsed through her. She hung around his neck, working her pussy on his cock as the climaxes shuddering in her pussy made him groan.

"Ohhh, don't you love to fuck me?" Alice chuckled. She ran the riding crop over Joe's neck, grinning wickedly at him, her widespread legs braced by her high heels. "Tell me how you love to fuck me!"

"Fuck off you bitch!" She grasped his cock, jerking deep in her hot pussy.

"What was that?" Alice snarled, pulling off his cock. His fuck-rod was a full ten inches, swollen and raw in the leather bonds. "Fuck off!" he gasped, his face white. Alice took the riding crop and smacked his ass. "Tell me how much you wanna fuck me," Alice hissed, "or I'll whip your balls to a pulp!"

"You bitch, I'll get you!" His eyes closed, his balls bouncing under the blows of the riding crop.

"Tell me!" Alice snapped, lashing harder. "Aaahhh! All right, I wanna fuck you, bitch!"

Alice laughed and lashed him across the thighs a couple of times.

"Just say everything I tell you to say, big boy," she cooed. "Now beg me to get back on your cock."

"Please, Miss, get back on my cock!"

"Why, certainly big boy!" Alice laughed and slid her hot cunt back over his swollen, aching cock, taking it back in, her fuck channel twice as excited from the whipping. She clutched his hair and came, her cunt pumping on his prick. "Don't worry, big boy, I'll finish with you in a moment."

Spasms of lust poured over her. She came, her pussy gripping his cock.

"Yessss!" she hissed. "Yesss, just a bit more, big boy! Just a bit more!"

The prisoner fucking Lola's ass began to come. He gripped the bars of the cell and fucked his cock harder and faster into Lola's sucking ass. His face ran with sweat, his cock fucking deep in the tight sheath of Lola's shithole.

Lola stared at the cock fucking her mouth.

It slid in, between her lips, just for a moment, but didn't go deeper. She knew Gil was going to shoot on her face, but she suddenly realized that she could control the man fucking her ass. He couldn't come if she tightened her shitter muscles around his cock.

Suddenly Lola sucked her mouth down on the cock bobbing at her lips and her ass sucked in hot spasms at the one in her ass. Both men gasped and roared, taken by surprise, their lust surging.

Gil gripped Lola's hair and pulled her head back, gripping his cock, working it over her lips.

"You do as I say, bitch!" he roared, pumping his cock harder, his cockhead rubbing against the blonde's mouth.

"Okay, shit-head!" Lola gasped. "But I can give you a better time than a jerk off!"

She laughed and licked his cockhead as his hand worked his prick harder and faster.

"You shut the fuck up!" hey cried, pumping his cock, his piss-slit already drooling drops of pre-cum juice.

Lola's ass spasmed around the cock fucking deep in her guts while the prisoner gasped, the cum ready to spew.

"Fuck it, Gil!" he gasped. "You oughta let her do it! She's incredible!"

He yelled with lust as he lost control, fucking his cock in Lola's shit-pit, his ass jerking faster and faster as the cum finally rushed out of his balls.

"Ooohhh, yeah, yeah!" he bellowed. "I'm coming, yeaaahhh!"

"Fuuuck, shiit!" Gil yelled, holding his cock, smearing it over Lola's pouting lips. "Ooohhh, shit, shit!"

He let go of his cockshaft.

Lola gurgled with delight as the shaft plunged into her throat. Even with the pain in her arms and the ache all over her body, the feel of a cock sinking into her mouth sent her into spasms of climax. She sucked at the prick, her tongue working over the stiff flesh, her throat spasming on Gil's swollen cockhead.

"Jeez!" he yelled. "If my old lady could suck like this, I wouldn't be in here! Oh fuck! Oooh, here I come!"

Lola felt the cum rushing out of both cocks, filling her ass and mouth with more cock cream. Gil gripped her hair and held his cock deep in her throat, his cum pumping out, filling her stomach with the sticky goo.

"Ooooh, fuck!" he gasped. "She can blow better than any bitch I met!"

He moaned with releasing lust, clutching Lola's hair, as his cock sank deep in Lola's throat.

At the same time the other prisoner was yelling as his cock shot streams of cum into Lola's shuddering ass. The hot wet spunk gushed all over her guts. He was gasping, then laughing as he watched Alice pulled her wet cunt off Joe's cock.

Lola moaned as the cocks pumped cum into her mouth and ass. She eased her mouth back, sucking Gil's cock gently as the stream of cum slowed, milking it of every last drop of cum. He was leaning back and moaning now, totally under the control of her expert mouth. His cockhead pulsed as it shot, the cum spurting all over Lola's throat, running over her tongue.

Lola looked up at him, her back arching, her arms straining. She grinned and eased back, taking his cum over her lips for a moment, getting a final yell of lust from him as he watched his white goo pouring over her mouth. Then she sank her lips back down, sucking the last gobs out of his piss-slit.

At the same time her ass sucked even harder at the other cock, which still spewed out the last of its cum into her spasming ass. She lay against the bars, trembling with shudders of orgasm, her body aching with pain, her mouth and ass still full of cock.

"Take her down!" Alice snapped.

The prisoners obeyed at once, pulling their cocks out of her mouth and ass.

Lola wanted to be able to stand up and face Alice, but the ache in her body was too much and she fell to her knees the moment the cuffs came off her wrists and ankles. She moaned and rubbed her shoulders, but Alice wasn't going to give her any rest.

"Get up, bitch!" she snapped, then lashed the crop over Lola's back.

Lola gasped, rage surging up in her, but she was too weak to resist at that moment. She got up, her legs unsteady in her high heels. She knew the five-inch spikes flattered her legs, but now they were too unsteady to hold her up properly and she wished she could take them off, but she also knew Alice would never allow it.

"Come here, bitch!" Alice sneered. She grabbed Lola, hustling her along the line of cells.

"Well, lookee here," Alice purred, pushing Lola against the bars of another cell. "It's good old Fuckhead."

The man in the cell was massive, fat and sullen, sitting back on his bench, scowling and marling at the whole world.

"You know what Fuckhead's in for?" Alice cooed in Lola's ear. "He's waiting for transfer. Raped three women, on parole. Sentenced for rape, and he had a gun. I mean, he's going down for life, baby, and yours is gonna be the last piece of pussy he sees." Alice laughed. "So, don't you think you oughta give him a last fuck?"

Lola gasped and trembled. The hulk in the cell looked terrifying, a mass of flesh, sweaty [missing text].

"Don't wanna answer me, huh?" Alice chuckled. Then, before Lola knew what was happening, she unlocked the cell door, swung it open, pushed Lola in and slammed it shut again. "See how you like screwing Fuckhead!"


Lola almost fainted as the immense, fat, slobbering heap of flesh stood up and stared at her through a dirty beard that reached halfway down its chest. She fell back against the bars, hearing the laughter and taunts of the other prisoners. Alice leaned back on the table to watch.

Meathead started to laugh, a deep wheeze that sent more quivers of terror through Lola. His massive chest heaved as he pulled his belt out of his pants and wrapped it around his fist, all the time staring at his victim.

Meathead slumped back on the seat and struggled with his filthy pants. Then Meathead pulled his cock out and something in Lola broke open. Meathead's cock was tiny, only a few inches long, even though it was as stiff as a board. Suddenly he looked pathetic as he shuffled toward her. She stifled a giggle as he lifted the belt and lashed it across her shoulders.

"Sit down, bitch!"

The lash of the belt was painful, but nothing compared to the strokes that Lola had taken, and all it did was break the last control over her haze of rage, she did something she would never have dreamed of doing earlier that evening. With perfect aim, she kicked right on his balls with the shoe toe of her shoe.

He howled, lunging for Lola, the belt lashing her to her knees. He roared in pain, lifting the belt again, using both hands to try and beat Lola senseless.

For a second, terror overcame Lola as the enormous man beat her down. But her head cleared fast, her rage surged again, and she reached up, grabbing his balls in one hand, twisting for all she was worth.

Meathead howled louder, lashing her shoulders. She twisted his nuts, driving him across the cell. His howls turned to screams as his balls were twisted and crushed in Lola's furious grasp. He tried to lash her again, the belt hanging in the air, but he lost his balance.

With a sickening thud, his head hit the stone wall. He moaned, rolled, bit the floor, his head lolling as he gasped for breath.

Instantly Lola stood over him, her high heel at his throat, digging in. He tried to move, but he didn't have the strength to grab at Lola's ankle.

Lola stared at Alice who was at the cell door, trying to look as if she was still in command.

"Get me out of here, bitch?" Lola snarled, twisting her heel in Meathead's throat.

"What the fuck for?" Alice taunted. "You wait till he wakes up, he'll kill ya!"

Suddenly the whole cell block was silent.

"Before he wakes up, I'm gonna drive my heel into his neck and kill him," Lola said, twisting harder.

Meathead gurgled and moaned, his legs spasming on the floor.

"So fuckin' what?" Alice sneered. "You wanna do time for murder?"

"I'm not supposed to be here." Lola smiled. "Unless you wanna explain why I'm here to your bosses, the judge and jury."

She knew she had Alice. An inquiry into what an innocent housewife was doing in a police cell, her flesh whipped raw, raped and beaten by prisoners, would bring the entire police department down.

Alice snarled, but she reached for the keys and unlocked the cell door.

Lola took her heel off Meathead's neck and left him there, groaning and tossing on the floor.

"Now get the fuck over there," Alice snarled, but she sounded uncertain.

In one movement, Lola grabbed Alice's hair, twisted her around and slammed her into the table.

"Listen, cunt, we've got some things to settle!" She grabbed the riding crop out of Alice's hand.

"You stop that! What the fuck! Gimme some help, guys, or you're in trouble!" Alice screamed, but even all the prisoners had retreated to their cells and closed the doors. They knew it could be trouble to be mixed up in this cat fight.

Lola found the cuffs and clicked one of them around Alice's wrist.

"You bitch, I'll kill you," Alice screamed, but she couldn't break Lola's grip.

Suddenly the cuffs were clicked around a leg of the table, and Alice was helpless. She tried to pull herself free, but the second cuff clicked round her other wrist.

Alice screamed and struggled for all she was worth, but she was held down on the table, her body spread face-down.

Lola felt a flood of wonderful revenge surge over her. She grabbed Alice's ankles, cuffing them to the table legs until the policewoman was spread-eagled, her body tossing wildly.

"I'll kill you!" Alice screamed.

"You bitch, you ain't going anywhere!" Lola laughed and pushed the short black skirt up over Alice's jerking ass. "Not bad for a cop."

Lola chuckled, enjoying herself enormously as she ran her hands over Alice's trembling flesh.

"Stop it, bitch!" Alice screamed, her ass [missing text].

Lola pulled one of Alice's black garter straps away from her thigh and let it slap back in, laughing as Alice swore at her again.

"Let's see your tits, huh, lady?" Lola giggled and climbed up on the table, grabbing Alice's hair, puffing until Alice's arms strained painfully against the cuffs that held her to the table legs.

Lola pulled Alice's jacket aside, only left with her shirt, ripping the buttons off it, keeping her grip on Alice's hair with her other hand.

"You fucking bitch! I'll kill you!" Alice wailed as her tits spilled out.

"Nat bad, whore!" Lola laughed, running her hands over Alice's tits, enjoying the policewoman's terrified struggles. She twisted Alice's nipples until Alice moaned with pain and gasped, her face going white. "I'm gonna whip your ass to shreds, bitch!"

Lola slid off the table.

"No, you can't no, you can't!" Alice screamed, craning her neck as Lola picked up the riding crop.

"Who thinks this cunt should get her ass whipped?" Lola asked, parading up and down the line of cells, slapping the crop against her thigh.

"Yeahhh!" several of the prisoners snarled, staring at Alice as she struggled on the table.

"Okay," Lola said, then turned, her high heels pivoting on the stone floor.

"No, no, you can't, no -- aaaggghhh!" Alice screamed as the riding crop lashed into her jerking ass.

Lola let her have it with all the force she had, whipping Alice's ass until the once perfectly white globes were a crimson mass of pulped flesh. Alice screamed endless wails of pain, screams of rage that turned to pleading long before Lola's fury was anywhere near satisfied.

Finally Lola stood back, her tits heaving, her fingers working over her wet pussy, her eyes glazed.

Alice no longer was weeping and sobbing. Her body hardly twitched. She was almost unconscious. The skin of her ass was split in several places and blood oozed out. Her face was white.

She walked over to where Joe still hung on the bars and ran her hand over his cock. "You wanna shoot in her mouth?"

"Fuck, I'd do ten years extra for that!" he gasped, pulling against the cuffs, his chest heaving with emotion.

"I don't think you'll haveto do anything." Lola laughed, taking the cuffs off his wrists and ankles.

He rubbed his sore flesh, grinning as Lola reached down and fondled his cock, pulling the leather straps off it, slowly easing his cock and balls free.

"Kiss me, big boy, I like the way you fought the bitch," Lola murmured.

He kissed her, their mouths clinging together as she pulled the bonds off his cock, gently caressing his prick in her expert hands.

"Careful lady, I'm so fuckin' horny!"

"Sure." Lola giggled. "But you gotta promise to fuck me later!"

She ran her eyes over his wonderful, young, strong figure and her pussy went wet with desire.

He gasped. "Sure, lady, you got it. Anything you want!"

Lola laughed, leading him back to the moaning Alice by his cock. She picked Alice's head up by her hair again and grinned down at the once-proud woman's tear-stained face.

"You're gonna suck cock, bitch!" she snarled.

"No, please, no, I can't stand cum!" Alice wailed. "I can't stand it! I can't, I'll die!"

"Go ahead, die if you want!" Lola said. "But your ass is gonna get it until you suck him off, bitch! And you know how I love whipping your ass?"

"No, no, please, anything, but not that," Alice begged.

Lola laughed and Joe pushed his cock at the woman's mouth. Alice screamed, twisted any, then screamed in utter agony as the riding crop lashed her an, beating into the already pulped mass of flesh.

It only took three strokes before Alice's mouth sank down over Joe's cock. He gaped, thrusting deep into Alice's throat and the helpless policewoman gagged, choking on his thick meat.

"Suck him, bitch!" Lola snarled, lashing Alice's struggling ass again.

"Aaaghhh! Help!" Alice wailed, her mouth running down over Joe's cock again, her whole body twisting in agony.

The men in the cells stared, many of them rubbing their cocks. A stream of cum gushed out over the stone floor as Lola lashed Alice.

All of them watched as the screaming, toeing Alice took Joe's cock into her mouth and sucked it, her body squirming in horror.

"Fuck, I ain't gonna be able to hold out long!" Joe gasped. "She got me so fuckin' hot, the bitch!"

"Oh, fuck, honey, just shoot when you want!" Lola laughed, whipping Alice's helpless ass. "I'll give you a real blow job later. If you give me a real fuck!"

"Jesus, I'll fuck you all night, lady?" he groaned, his cock speeding up in Alice's sobbing mouth.

"You got it! Now come all over her face! Let the bitch have it!" she roared with enjoyment, whipping Alice's ass as Joe grabbed the policewoman's hair and shot streams of cum into her mouth, then all over her face.

Alice nearly passed out. She jerked in absolute tenor as the hot gushes of jizz splashed into her face ad ran over her lips. Her screams got muffled as Joe rammed his cock into her mouth and shot more hot fuck juice into her throat.

Joe groaned with pleasure, his balls shooting out all the spunk he'd had held in for so long.

"Oooooh, yeah, yeah!" he gasped. "Oh, fuck, that feels good, shooting in this bitch's mouth!"

He held the screaming, wailing Alice tight, pouring the pent-up cum over her mouth, her cheeks and eyes. As a final insult, he rubbed his cock over her face, smearing his cum over her cheeks and into her mouth as the last dribbles of jizz ran out of his piss-slit.

"How you like that, cunt?" He pushed his cock back into her mouth and made her suck him clean. He pulled his cock out and Alice's head dropped back onto the table.

"I'll get you two!" she moaned, trembling at the horror of having cum all over her face.

"Sweatheart, we aren't even supposed to be here," Lola said, grinning at the bound policewoman. "I'm taking Joe with me, putting up his bail and you're gonna drop all charges. If you got any sense. You don't want me explaining how I got to meet him in court, do you?"

Lola laughed and picked up her coat.

"Come on, big boy," she said, nodding at Joe.

He pulled his pants up as Lola put her coat on, and they headed for the door.

"Hey, Miss," Mickey called from his cell. "You think you could lock us back in? Then they can't blame us for what happened to her."

Lola locked all the cells even blew a kiss at Meathead who was slumped on the floor of his cell starring blankly at her.

"Now for my daughter and that fiancee of mine!" Lola hissed.

Lola slammed the car door as she got out and strode up her driveway, Joe close behind.

Lola smiled as she saw Flint coming dawn the stairs with a packed suitcase in his hand. Behind him, Yvette crouched back, terror on her face.

"Now listen, Lola, don't try that shit on me," Flint said, blocking her way.

"Yeah, right!" Lola snarled, then lashed him with the riding crop. "Where's that fuckin' whip?"

"You're not getting it!" Flint snapped, still standing between Lola and Yvette.

Lola lashed his shoulders, but he didn't move and she stopped, admiration in her face.

"So, you can take it!"

"You're not gonna get hold of Yvette. I trained her, so you deal with me!"

Lola stepped back into the living room, waiting as Flint and Yvette came down and joined her. Yvette still crouched behind Flint, her little white dress in disarray, crumpled and creased.

Lola tapped the riding crop in her hand as she watched him. He suddenly looked desirable to her again but who also wanted Joe, and she wasn't going to give anything up [missing text].

"She's got to be disciplined," Lola said. "Sure, but she's my slave," Flint replied. "She's my daughter and I discipline her!" Lola snapped. "I'm gonna need you to get more little sluts like her to discipline!"

"Ah I see," Flint said, his hands on his hips. "And what about him?"

He nodded at Joe.

"He's mine!" Lola snapped. "At least until I get him off the charges."

Flint grinned. "So you wanna train little bitches like Yvette."

"And fuck any man I want."

"We could get a deal going here. Training bitches take more than one."

"Try me!" Lola snapped. "Come here, girl!"

"Please, no, Mommy! No, lease!" Yvette moaned.

"Do as your mother said!" Flint pushed the helpless little blonde forward.

Yvette shrieked in horror as she fell to her knees at her mother's feet.

"The whip?" As she held out her hand.

Flint opened the suitcase and took it out. "Please, Mommy, no! Please, I only did what Flint wanted, please!" Yvette wailed, clutching Lola's ankles.

"Try kissing your way up my legs and we might get somewhere!" Lola took the long-tailed whip from Flint.

Instantly Yvette did as she was told, running her mouth up over Lola's skin, kissing her mother's flesh, moving up toward the hot gash of her cunt.

Lola turned to Joe. "You in on this?"

"What can I do, lady?" he grinned. "You put up my bail."

Lola grinned and sat in a chair, letting her coat fall open, puffing Yvette's head deep between her thighs. "Suck my cunt and learn!"

Yvette obeyed at once, running her tongue over Lola's pussy, licking up the cum that still oozed out of her mother's cunt.

Lola slid her legs up onto the chair arms, her whipped ass thrusting out arrogantly as Yvette licked and sucked her cunt. "Get your ass up and pull that hair up out, of the way!"

Yvette moaned and wept, but she obeyed at once. She straightened her legs, bending at the waist, her mouth close to Lola's cunt, licking and sucking. Her trembling hands reached back and pulled the white dress up over her ass, exposing it for her mother.

Lola lashed her daughter's back and let the tail whip her, cutting into Yvette's flesh.

Yvette screamed, then her mouth sank onto her mother's cunt, sucking for all she was worth.

Lola gave a sigh of pleasure, lust pouring all over her. She whipped Yvette again, getting a real jolt of excitement as Yvette screamed.

"Tell me what a good girl you're gonna be!"

"Yes, yea, Mommy! Be good!" Yvette's ass lurched as the whip curled over her back.

"Aaahhh! Yes, Mommy! I'll be real good!" Yvette screamed.

"Good!" Lola sighed with satisfaction. "Flint, fuck her ass as she sucks me off! You can still get it up, right?"

Flint grinned, pulling his already-hard prick out and pushing it into the squirming crack of Yvette's ass.

"And come here, big boy," Lola said to Joe, taking his cock out and caressing it with her hands and mouth. "Mmmnn! This is gonna be fun!"

With a spasm of lust, she came as Yvette sucked her pussy and wailed at the force of Flint's cock ramming into her ass.


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