Nurse in bondage

It is hard to conceive in this day and age, and especially in our Western society, that individual human beings could be treated like men chattel and worse.

Unfortunately, however, there are examples to be found all around us. Migrant workers have long labored for a pittance, and are beaten or thrown out of their jobs if they protest their meager wages. Sharecroppers are forced to turn over as much as half their produce to large landowners to pay off an ever-increasing debt whose termination they may never see.

And then there is Peggy Martin, a young nurse forced to enter the degrading, shadowy world of bondage. She has pursued her own pleasure to its limits and then finds there is more. She sinks into a pit of shame and debauchery with little hope of escape.

NURSE IN BONDAGE -- a novel of a warped man and the woman he uses to satisfy his sinful craving. A message for today's society.


Peggy hadn't intended to spy on the two of them fucking. It just happened that way. She was making her nightly rounds at Mercy Hospital on the third floor when she looked into what she thought was a spare room. Inside, on the bed, bare ass naked and fucking away merrily, were her best friend and one of the interns.

It wasn't anything she hadn't seen before. The pressures of the hospital life made them all hornier than hell. It was one of the few emotional releases they were allowed, and all the staff took what pleasure they could fit into their busy schedules.

Peggy watched Denise writhing around on the small bed, Dr. Luke Hanson's muscular ass pumping in and out. She felt the familiar stirrings in her own crotch. How she wished it were she under that man! She could almost feel his long, hard, driving prick reaming her out. Her cunt began to churn and ache with its need. The sounds coming from the pair as they fucked their brains out only made matters worse.

"Ummm, oh God, Luke, you're so big in me!"

"Damn, it's you who're tight! If I didn't know better, I'd think you were some sort of precious virgin."

"Maybe I am a virgin," the woman teased. He laughed. "I know better. Unless they've developed cherry transplants, I'd have popped yours a year ago. No, you've got the hottest, tightest, clutchingest cunt I ever had wrapped around my prick."

"You say that to all the girls."

"Just the ones I fuck!"

Peggy wanted to laugh but her cunt was beginning to really trouble her. She loved the way Luke fucked. The two of them had gotten together -- in this room, even -- many times to while away the boring night hours. She would have normally just walked away and left Denise and Luke to their pleasures. But tonight she just couldn't. It had been a rough day. The doctors had yelled at her, the patients had all been bitching, and it had been too long since she'd felt some of that long, hard cock inside her twat.

She had to watch, in spite of herself.

Second-hand sex wasn't all that great, but it was better than none at all. She propped the door open so she could look in and watch all the hot and heavy action inside. Unconsciously, her hand drifted to her crotch and she began rubbing up and down over the crisply starched uniform. There was a slight crackling noise as she rubbed harder and harder across her agitated, hidden pussy lips.

She hated herself for watching the way Luke's body arched, then straightened in one convulsive motion to drive his prick deep up the woman's flowing cunt. The two should have been given what little privacy they could find in the hospital. The sight of them screwing was too much for the spying nurse.

She edged into the room so she could get a better view. She could see the long, rigid cock spreading apart the pinkly scalloped inner pussy lips. They were grinning lewdly, puckered out to accept that cock in an erotic kiss.

The smacking noise as he fucked her filled the room. The spying woman guessed it was sheer heaven accepting every inch of that wonderful prick. Her hand flew faster across her own snatch. The wetness was slowly spreading from her cunt hole and dampening her panties. Before long, a silver-dollar-sized spot had appeared on her white uniform. It would be embarrassing trying to explain that if the supervisor came by.

What the hell? She was horny and she was getting the most erotic sight short of actually being fucked herself.

She pulled back the curtains around the bed to see all that was going on with the pair. Luke's body was wiggling harder and harder to shove his cock into her greedy cunt. The fuck juices were leaking out around the plug of his cock to dribble down across his balls.

Peggy thought his cock and balls were on fire they gleamed so with the woman's cunt sauces. The plum tip on his prick was barely visible through the pink of the cunt lips but all the thick stalk underneath was pulled out, only to be reinserted in the grasping cunt.

"Faster, darling, fuck me faster! I... I'm shaking all over! Your cock is burning me up!"

Luke didn't answer. He simply fucked her faster. The woman's body began to writhe underneath his. The noise of their fucking echoed throughout the empty room and made Peggy even hungrier for cock. She had to have something to fill that void between her legs.

She uncomfortably moved from one foot to the other. The thick, heavy juices from her agitated twat were dribbling down the inside of her thigh. The tiny river of lust tickled and stimulated her more than and cared to admit. She didn't know if it was watching the two screwing that had gotten her so hot so fast, or whether it had been the tensions of the day trying to break free. It didn't really matter.

She was ready to fuck and there wasn't a cock to be seen that she could have fucking her softly yielding cunt.

Her fingers worked their way into the elastic band of her panties. She found her damp bush, the tangled mat of her pussy mound, the fleecy forest of desire. She stroked back and forth until she was gasping for breath. For a brief second, she worried that the two fucking away on the bed would hear her and demand to know what she was doing spying on them.

Then she saw she didn't have to worry. It would take an atomic bomb explosion before they'd notice anything else but cock and cunt running together hard and fast.

Peggy felt her weak legs turn to rubber as her finger penetrated her cunt. The long, slender finger parted her cunt lips, then drove in deep. The velvet hung walls of her cunt were rippling with lust. How she wished it were different and she was the one getting fucked!

Her finger flew in and out of her needy cunt. The juices leaked out around the plug of her finger. Everything conspired to make her even hotter. The tiny volts of sexual electricity zinging into her body made her come alive and the sight and sounds of Luke and Denise fucking were destined to make her even hornier.

Luke was mumbling, "You're squeezing down on me so hard! God, you might flatten my cock!"

"No way," she softly moaned. "You're too biiiig! So Goddamn fucking big inside my cunt! Fuck me, fuck me good!"

Peggy saw the man make an especially hard stroke into the woman's cunt. Denise arched her back, thrust her cunt down around the impaling spike of his prick and screamed at the top of her lungs. Her orgasm was both visible and audible.

All the while she was sexually peaking, Luke fucked with all the strength in his body. He kept her at the maximum human pleasure for longer than Peggy would have thought possible. She began to envy Denise this lovemaking. Luke was giving her a fucking like so few of them ever received. Usually all they had time for was a quickie to take the edge off their sexual need.

He was making this a long, thoughtful, thorough fucking she would warmly remember for some time to come. And Peggy found herself hating her for it. How she wanted to be pinned under the doctor's bulky body, feeling his muscles flexing, accepting the full length of his cock all the way up into her twat.

That was, living! All she was getting was one skinny finger stuffed into her twat. It wasn't the same.

She was gasping from the finger fucking, however. She added a second finger in her cunt. It stretched her inner membrane a bit more, gave her a trifle more pleasure.

She gripped one of her pussy lips and stroked along its turgid length. The bolt of pure pleasure rocketing into her body came close to igniting her own come.

She staggered backwards until she could prop her ass against the other bed in the room. The curtain the two had partially pulled around their bed kept them from seeing her, although she still had a pretty fair view of all the action.

She saw Denise raise her knees and lock her ankles behind Luke's back. This pulled him into her cunt with even more force. Her ass lifted off the bed and she writhed around like a fish out of water. She was demanding all the cock he could deliver.

And he delivered all eight inches in one powerful rush.

As he buried his cock deeper and deeper into her flowing twat, Peggy knew she wouldn't be satisfied until she could get some of the action herself. Nothing less than Luke's eight inches of cock fucking her needy cunt would do. She would go mad from lust if she didn't get it -- and soon!

"Oh, ohhhh! Luke darling, I can't take any more! D-don't! No, oh sweet Jesus, nooooooo!"

Denise came again. Her entire body reacted to her orgasm as if she'd stuck her finger in a light socket. She went rigid and then shuddered. Her legs tightened until the spying nurse thought she would crush Luke to death.

It worked, however. She got his prick buried even deeper into her seething cunt. Her entire body suddenly went limp in spite of the man still fucking powerfully into her manhole.

"Luke, please, no more. No more! I mean it. I've got to get back to the ward and make my rounds."

"Damn. It's always this way. The Goddamn nurses get off and I'm left high and dry."

He rolled off her and sat on the edge of the bed. Peggy had to control herself to keep from whistling in awe at the sight of the man's prick. It was so tall and proud and virile. It was a real pussy-pleaser.

Denise quickly dressed, tried smoothing out the wrinkles in her uniform and failed, and then said to the doctor, "I'll be back, Luke, to finish. I promise. My God, I wouldn't turn down such a lovely cock as yours! And I hate like hell having to leave you."

"Yeah, I know. Duty calls. Always at the worst possible time, too."

"You're sweet. But listen to the PA. They're calling me."

Outside, in the halls, they were paging Denise. She was required for surgery immediately and they would certainly come looking for her if she didn't show up.

"Gotta run, Luke. And thanks."

"Okay. See you around, Denise." The doctor sat on the edge of the bed, looking down at his crotch. In a low voice, he complained to himself, "And how long before I can get this hardon into my jockey shorts?"

Peggy saw her chance. She pulled back the curtain and said in a low sultry tone, "I can help you out. No one's wanting me for surgery. And I'd love to see how you operate!"

Luke jerked around, surprised to find there was anyone else in the room. "Jesus, where'd you come from?"

"A cabbage patch," she coyly said. "And you call yourself a doctor. I thought that was one of the first things they taught you in med school."

"I mean, oh hell, forget it." He hadn't missed the wet spot on Peggy's uniform, nor its location. He knew her cunt was churning with frothy desire. His boner was aching something fierce. The two of them together could solve all manner of mutual problems.

Peggy hiked up her skirt to reveal her passion-soaked panties. The doctor's eyes widened a little and he said, "What a sorry condition. I am going to prescribe for you, my dear."

"Oh, I hope what you prescribe is long and hard and round and able to reach all the way in to where the problem is."

"It is, believe me, it is!"

He clutched his cock in his hand and waggled the acorn-tipped staff at her. She licked her lips at the sight of his prick. It was just what the doctor ordered!

She wasted no time jumping onto the hard bed and spreading her legs as wide as she could. The uniform got in her way. She hated having to wear the damned thing. It wrinkled easily and was forever getting horrible stains on it.

But now she was glad she wore a garter belt and stockings rather than those hideous panty hose. She stripped off her panties and her cunt was widely exposed to his driving probe of solid cock flesh. She wouldn't have had it any other way.

"Go on. If you like what you see, pleasure me!"

"Peggy, my sweet young thing, I love what I see." And he did. Her gash was rimmed with flame red hair lighter in color than the coppery mane on her head. It was as if she had a burning bush lurking between her legs. The creamy white flesh of her thighs beckoned him on.

But it was the dew drops of cunt juice glistening in her bush that convinced him how needy she was. He wasted no time rolling back over and pinning her to the bed with his weight.

She moaned softly and reached out, her arms encircling his muscular body. He felt even better crushing her down than she'd thought possible. Her tits crushed down inside their encasing bra cups and made her gasp with pleasure. His heavy chest rubbed seductively up and down across her body as he positioned himself. She loved it, wanted more.

The knobby tip of his cock pressed firmly into her agitated cunt lips. For a moment, he didn't enter her cunt. He simply hung there, poised and waiting until she built up a little anticipation for his mighty battering ram of cock.

Then he gently entered her. This excited her more than anything else he could have done. Sure, if he'd rammed hard and fast into her on the very first stroke, she'd have loved every inch of his cock. This way, however, stirred her passions even more. She came to want his cock with all the desire locked in her tender, young body.

"Fuck me good, Luke, fuck me as good as you can!"

"I try to please!"

"You are! I love that prick of yours in me! God, she was right. You are biiiig in a woman's cunt!"

"So my little nurse was peeping on us, huh? This calls for something special to teach you it's no good just watching."

She felt his balls wetly slap against her upturned ass. He was completely inside her twat now. She twitched just a little and allowed his cock to dance and jerk around inside her. His prick was swelling inside her. She thought it might pop at any second.

She needn't have worried. He had iron control. And he was teasing her with it. He started stirring around, using his cock like it was some sort of erotic stirring spoon.

She felt him touch against every part of her cunt. The juicy walls were actually trembling at the lightest touch from his hot rod of cock.

She felt like a string pulled taut and ready to break. The sexual tensions in her trim, young body were almost more than she could stand.

"It feels so damned good in me! Ride me, ride me hard!"

Her hips burst into a frenzy of motion. She crammed her cunt down around his prick in a vain attempt to get even more prick inside her needy, achingly greedy cunt. The thick purpled hood seemed to expand inside her and threatened to tear her apart.

She loved it. She wanted more.

He was being stubborn. He began pulling out of her clutching cunt. There was a liquid slushing noise as his prick broke the intense vacuum formed between his cock and her cunt walls. With only the hooded glans left in between her pussy lips, she felt a sudden hollowness that threatened to drive her mad with lust.

"Fuck me, damn you! I need you so!"

Her entire body was tensed and sweaty now. She had to have that cock, long and hard and forcefully driving into her pussy. Nothing less would do.

He pistoned back into her body with a slow stroke that nearly drove her out of her mind. The friction wasn't too intense. But his thick prick twisted and stretched her cunt walls as he buried himself to the hilt in her cunt one more time.

Then, without warning, he snapped his hips back. Her cunt was empty once again. Before she could complain, he drove in and began fucking her with short, fast strokes designed too fully build up the joy in her body. The friction of the rapidly moving prick lit hidden fires of passion she had only been dimly aware existed.

She felt as if she were falling. Clutching at the doctor's back helped. She pulled him closer. The weight of his body against her aroused tits was almost enough to make her come. But the main pleasure she was receiving was centered between her legs.

His cock was igniting the powder keg of her desire with those rapid, teasing stokes. He burned away the lubrication of her fuck fluids and then it was simply cock against cunt. Faster and faster he fucked her. The fires of desire leaped and licked at her guts.

Each stroke was designed to bury the man a little deeper into her belly. The speed never slackened. He was fucking her full-out now. But the depth increased until he was grinding his crotch hard against hers at the end of every stoke.

Her fingers ripped and tore at his shin. The passions wracking her were too intense for her to handle. She came.

Her scream ripped through the silence of the hospital. But no one heard or cared. It wasn't that unusual at night to hear screams from patients. And when it wasn't repeated, it was automatically put into the "don't bother" category by anyone who happened to hear.

But Peggy cared. She was more alive than she could remember. And it was the doctor's cock that was doing it to her. She shivered every time his burning rod of prick fucked deep into her seething hot cunt. The ecstasy of the fucking made her come again.

And then she felt the telltale throb in the man's prick. He was nearing the end of the line. It wouldn't be long before he got his rocks off.

She decided to help him along. He had eased the intense longing she'd felt as she watched him fucking Denise. The least she could do was make certain this was enjoyable for him, too.

Tensing her stomach muscles, she clamped down hard on his bidden prick. She felt her cunt collapsing along his entire length from balls to the purple knob at the end of the cock. Relaxing, then tensing again, gave a massaging action that doomed the man.

He couldn't help himself. He jetted out gallon after gooey gallon of his white-hot jism.

The first touch of that fiercely heated man seed set off Peggy again. Wracked by orgasm, she moaned and thrashed around under the man until they were both exhausted.

She opened her eyes and looked up at him. She said, her voice still husky from the fucking, "You're fabulous."

"And you're no slouch, yourself. God, the way you clamped down on me, I thought you'd smash me flat."

She reached between their legs and pulled out his limp, deflated cock. "I must have done something to it. This sure isn't the fucking tool you had when we started."

Luke laughed and slipped off the bed. "I hate to fuck and run, but, like Denise, I've got patients to attend to."

"You can attend to me again." Peggy spread her legs a bit wider so he could see her flaming red bush.

He licked his lips, then said, "Hell, what's another fifteen minutes? And how many times do I get to eat a snack as tempting as this!"

It was closer to a half-hour before he left the exhausted nurse on the bed.


"I still say Luke is better," declared Peggy. "I don't care what you say about Victor or Michael. Luke is a damn sight better in the sack than either of them!"

"Oh, I don't know about that," said Denise, rocking back in her chair. The half-eaten sandwich in front of her was being neglected while she argued the finer points of lovemaking with her friend.

"I do. I've fucked all three of them. Luke is a lot better."

"Better, maybe, than Doctor Wilson?"

Peggy had to stop and think about that. She had often wondered how good a lay Doctor Arthur Wilson was. The man seemed so cold, so aloof. There was a virility about him that excited not only her but the other nurses as well.

And not a one of them had ever screwed the man.

"How should I know? But I'd like to find out," Peggy admitted.

"Wouldn't we all? I remember the first time I saw Doctor Wilson. He might have been a God descended from above. Tall, distinguished looking, so damned capable! No man should be that capable! I almost melted. I wanted him to take me in his arms and..."

"And nothing," declared Peggy. "Screw his arms. I wanted to feel his prick fucking me!"

They both laughed. That was exactly the way the man affected all the nurses. And he was the only one of the doctors who'd never fooled around. Peggy didn't even know if the man was married or not. He went about his business in a professional way, never showing the strain of surgery, cool and like some distant block of granite.

"Yeah, I have the same feeling. But what the hell? There are others around who are probably as good, maybe better."

"That's rationalizing," Peggy told her friend. "I'm going to go out and see if I can't find out what he's like firsthand. Up close and personal, as they say on television."

"That's what they say, but that's not what they mean."

"That's what I mean!"

"Well, you've got a chance, at least. You're assigned to him this week, aren't you?"

Peggy's green eyes sparkled. "Yes," was all she said but there was more meaning in that one word than if she'd talked for an hour. They both knew she was going to do her damnedest to find out what Doctor Wilson was like in the sack.

"You'd better get to it, then. I hear he's a stickler for punctuality. And you've got to make the rounds with him."

"Ooops, you're right. See you. Afterwards!"

"Dreamer." But Denise envied her friend. If anyone could crack the polar exterior of Doctor Wilson, it was her hot friend.

Peggy ran down the halls and came skidding up in front of Doctor Wilson's office. She boldly went in and saw him. Her heart lurched a little in her chest when he looked up at her. There was a penetration to his stare that cut right to her very soul. The eyes were gray and cold, like chips of an iceberg. He was all business and he expected everyone around him to act in the same manner.

"You're late, Miss Martin. Never mind. Let's see how the patients in the ward are doing."

As he moved to leave the room, Peggy made sure she crushed against him. Her hand lightly touched his crotch. She felt a huge cock lying there, dormant and unstirring. For a fleeting second, she wondered what it would take to wake up that sleeping giant.

Then Doctor Wilson said, "Please keep your hands to yourself, Miss Martin. Business, and I don't mean monkey business, is what we're here for."

"Of course, sir." She felt like a little girl being told she had to stay after school.

The inspection tour of the ward went quickly, efficiently. The man was almost like a robot. But no robot ever exuded the sex appeal he did. His capable hands probed and touched and felt all the right places on the patients. Peggy wistfully wished she could have been a patient just to be on the receiving end of one of those caresses.

Only once did he show any emotion. One of the patients had died. He ran a strong hand back through his thick graying hair, then said, "Shit." It was so low she could barely make it out.

The man had a human lurking under the shell of duty. She knew she could break through it if she kept trying. The rest of the inspection did not please her, though. No matter how subtle or how blatant she was, she couldn't get a rise out of the man. He seemed totally impervious to her charms. Peggy hated to come right out and ask, "Why don't we find an empty room and fuck?"

That was so crass. Besides, she had the uneasy feeling that Doctor Wilson would see her fired if she ever said a thing like that to him.

No, she had to find the right button to push.

But what was it? He was so dominant!

"Try to keep your libido in check, Miss Martin, as you finish the rounds. I'm due in surgery in twenty minutes." He spun and stalked off, head held high and dignified. Peggy sighed as he marched away. She's struck out worse than she had since she was in high school and just learning the ways of men.

"Well, hell," she said to herself. "I got myself all hot and bothered and for nothing!"

Her cunt was sluggishly flowing out its lust for the man of iron and ice. Since she was going to get no satisfaction from him, she'd have to find another remedy for her gnawing lust. Glancing at the list of patients, she found a man who would be good medicine for her.

He was alone in a double room, his leg in a cast. Other than the leg injury, he was in perfect shape -- and bitching about inactivity.

"Good evening. And how are we tonight?" she said sweetly.

"Good evening," he mimicked. "How are we this evening? We are damned sick of just lying around and watching TV, that's how we are." He crossed his arms defiantly, as if hoping she'd argue with him.

"I agree."


"You need some recreation. So do I. See anything you like?" She made a point of bending over so that her ass was pointed directly at the man. She wiggled it just enough for him to get the full impact of what she was saying.

"Hell, yes!"

"So do something about it!"

His hand snaked under her skirt and began worming its way up her white-stockinged leg. She spread her legs apart a little more a he found her snatch. She moaned softly when his fingers closed on her soggy bush. He was giving her exactly what she needed after striking out with Doctor Wilson.

And, if he were as bored as he sounded, this would certainly brighten up his dreary night.

She let him run his hands over the smooth flare of her ass, then backed up so that he was able to pull her panties down over her behind. She kicked away the useless cotton panties and turned to face him.

Lifting her skirt, she exposed her flowing snatch for his appreciative gaze. "Isn't this better than TV?"

"That's better than anything!"

"What are you going to do about it?" she asked him. Her fingers were already running under the cool shoots and the absurd dressing gown he wore to search out the man's prick. When she found it, the cock was long and hard and ready to bury itself in her cunt.

"Not much, dammit. I can't move very well."

She saw that was true. The heavy leg cast held him firmly to the bed. He certainly wouldn't be able to fuck her with all the skill and expertise that Luke had used. She'd have to do something about that.

In a smooth movement, she spun in midair and planted her ass firmly on the man's crotch. The long pillar of his cock poked up between her legs. She remained sitting on his lap for a moment while she rearranged her skirt. She didn't want anyone walking in on them and wondering what was happening.

This was perfect. She lifted her ass and then dropped back down on the man's prick. It slipped easily into her well-greased pussy. She was facing the door, sitting up, with the cock firmly embedded in her cunt. And he could lie back and simply enjoy while she fucked herself on his prick.

"Is this okay?" she needlessly asked.

"Christ, yes! My God, it's been so fucking long!"

"Yes, it does feel long. Very long inside my cunt!"

"No, no, no! So long since I had a woman! Do it! Go on and do it!"

She smiled and began a slow twisty motion around his impaling cock. She loved the way it seemed to clutch and twist the inner membrane of her pussy. It was tearing her apart inside -- and she wanted more of it!

"You're so big in me! I can't believe it!"

"You can't believe it! Lady, if you don't fuck yourself fast, I'm gonna cream just like a kid getting his first piece of ass. It's been that long, believe me!"

She believed him. He'd been in an auto wreck and had spent almost three months in the hospital. He was about ready to leave and she couldn't think of a nicer going away present than this.

Bouncing up and down pulled his cock out of her cunt, then stuffed it back in. She tensed her stomach muscles and felt her cunt walls collapse around his prick. It was throbbingly hard and swollen inside her. She fancied she could feel the contours of that huge prick.

Tensing and relaxing her pussy walls, she let his cock dance wildly in her cunt. The big blue vein on the top of his cock was hammering fiercely against her tender cunt. She could tell every time his heart beat out an excited pulse. His cock was making her come alive, transmitting his vibrancy to her.

"Here we go!"

She began really fucking herself on the man's cock. Turning and moving, she ran up and down the pole of his prick until she felt the tiny embers of her lust flaring into fires. Then the fires burst into flames that threatened to consume her totally.

"Hard to keep control," he mumbled. "Your cunt's so tiiiight!"

She couldn't even answer him. She had her eyes screwed tightly shut and was enjoying this to the maximum. His cock was delving deeper and deeper into her closely guarded cunt until she was almost sobbing with the pleasure she got.

Never could she remember having needed a man's cock in her so much. The tensions and frustration of her job had built up to the point where she needed this release from her every day realities.

The cock was the soothing, exciting medicine she required to keep her sanity. And if it helped the man at the same time, so much the better.

"D-don't come, not yet!" she begged. "Gotta get... get off! Let me feel that sweet prick of yours all the way!"

The juices from her agitated cunt oozed out around the man's thick cock to trickle all over his balls and her ass. The tickly sensation spread as the thick oils lubricated her entire ass. She was burning up from searing desire rampaging in her cunt. The oils helped soothe it a little.

But the inner need remained.

She turned and twisted until she came. The skin had been stretching tighter and tighter around her snatch. As the man's cock came rushing into her cunt, it pulled the skin taut around her clit. The tiny organ had been poking out to see what was happening.

As she drove the spike of hard manmeat into her seething hot, steamy pussy, the clit snapped to rigid attention. She felt as if a red-hot poker had been jammed into her body.

Her cunt convulsed and rippled the entire length of the man's prick. She gave him the fucking of his life. Not only was she virgin-tight, she was hot and oozing out her lust via the thick fuck fluids from her cunt.

"Can't hold it back," he muttered. "Want to but can't!"

She felt the hot blast of his jism splatter into her agitated cunt walls. His cock leaped and bucked wildly as he spewed out his creamy load into her hungry cunt.

The first feathery streamer of his jizz was enough to make the woman gasp in reaction. As the second spurt hit her sensitive cunt flesh, she came.

Her body went berserk. She thrashed around the pole of cock shoved up her pussy until she was exhausted both physically and emotionally. By the time the ice and iron grip of orgasm had left her, the man's cock had deflated and lay limp between his legs.

He was gasping for air and smiling. He said, "This is the best damn therapy I've gotten since I came to this hospital."

She smiled back, telling him, "We try to please."

But Peggy was feeling the gnawing sensation returning to her belly. The fucking had been good; it had been necessary. But it simply wasn't enough. She was too hot for it to fully sate her rampaging desires.

She'd have to find other, less worn out fields to harvest.


Peggy Martin walked her rounds in the hospital, scheming how she could get into Doctor Wilson's pants. His cock was dormant. She wondered if the man ever felt anything like lust. She wondered if he ever felt anything. Period.

He was such a cold fish. A good doctor, sure, but never really reacting to any of the hot tail bustling around the hospital. Peggy couldn't remember ever hearing a single nurse brag about balling him.

It would be such a waste if he turned out to be a fag. But she didn't think he was. The talk would have raced through the hospital grapevine even faster tan if he'd finally screwed one of the nurses. No, Doctor Wilson was just a remote, aloof man. And she would have to find out what turned him on.

Thinking about seducing the doctor had made her even hornier. The pressures she felt were mounting by the minute. The brief fucking with the patient in the leg cast had taken a bit of the edge off her needs, but not much. He hadn't been able to last long enough to really satisfy her lusty needs. She sometimes wondered if she were a nymphomaniac. Her sexual drive was always in high gear.

But she'd looked it up in some of the reference books and decided she was just oversexed rather than a full-fledged nympho. Nymphomaniacs couldn't stand to be without cock and lots of it. But they didn't enjoy fucking. They fucked and fucked and fucked, but it didn't really turn them on.

She enjoyed the hell out of a man who was a good lay. Peggy could have balled all day and all night and still begged for more -- not because of some sick hang-up, but because she enjoyed it immensely.

There had to be something in the world that pleased Peggy more than a good fucking. She just couldn't think of what it was.

Especially at that moment. Her crotch was crawling alive with sensation. The emptiness was enough to drive her mad with desire, in spite of the recent fucking. She leaned against a wall and idly ran her fingers over her cunt. The crisp crinkle of starched uniform told her to be careful.

It wouldn't do to have the area around her match all dirty and wrinkled from diddling herself. She let her fingers drift up under her skirt for a moment. She found the right spot to press. Her pea-sized clit was ready and willing to respond.

A sharp knife of sensation cut through her belly. She felt weak in the knees and sagged down a little more. But she knew this wouldn't do. This wasn't the right time or place to masturbate. Better to find some stud's cock and let him fuck her long and good.

She tried to compose herself as she walked to the duty desk. The old crone on duty had stopped thinking about sex twenty years ago and wouldn't be any help for her. Not directly, at any rate.

"Is Luke on duty tonight?" Peggy asked. "Luke Hanson? Let me check." The shriveled prune of a woman ran her finger down a list, then shook her head. "Sorry, Miss Martin. You're out of luck. You'll have to find someone else to... service you."

The acid tongue and the look of disapproval froze Peggy for a moment, thin she said, "That's all light I'm sure I can find some other doctor."

"I'm sure you will." Again, the disapproval. Peggy wondered how people like that nurse ever got by in the world. To them sex was something dirty, something to do with the lights out and with your eyes tightly closed so you couldn't see how awful it was.

Peggy felt sorry for her.

Almost as sorry as she felt for herself. With Luke off, she would have to find some other intern to help her out. Or would she? Running over the list of patients, she finally found one who looked like a natural to her. He was just the type who could help her out of her sexual need.

She pushed her way into the boy's room. He was only sixteen and had been in the hospital for over a week with some undiagnosed illness. He didn't feel bad but he was unable to stand up without getting dizzy.

For what Peggy had in mind, he could lie on his back and they'd both get their kicks.

"Good evening, Jimmy. How are we tonight?"

"Bored." But his voice conveyed that he was glad to see her. She could feel his eyes hungrily caressing her trim, young body. She was pretty and she knew it. From the top of her coppery-covered head to the tip of her toes, she was a knockout.

She'd made sure her blouse was unbuttoned an extra button. She didn't like having to wear the damn thing. It was always too stiff and starched. And it didn't show off her womanly charms at all while it was buttoned.

As it was, the bulge of her boobs pressed outward enough to interest the teenager. She pulled her shoulders back. This caused her tits to ooze out even more. The creamy white slopes disappeared back into the shadow of her blouse but the job had been done.

She could see the stirring of the boy's cock under the sheets. She perched her pert ass on the edge of the bed and primly told him, "I'd better check your pulse."

His pulse was racing if she'd actually recorded it, the boy's doctor would have immediately prescribed tranquilizers for his hyperactive condition.

Peggy thought the reaction was perfectly normal. Her cool, slender fingers stoked up and down the boy's arm, then carefully went to his leg.

"I think I'd better check all your reactions. You seem... tense... tonight."

"Check all my reactions? Uh, sure, if you want." His eyes never left the swell of her tits. She was almost falling out of her blouse now. She had managed to get another button unfastened. Silently she cursed having to wear a bra on duty. It would have been so much better if she could have let her boobs fall out.

The boy would have pounced on them, mouthed them, sucked in the nipples, made them grow, made her gasp in pleasure. Still, she was getting to him. Almost as much as she was responding to his youth, his innocence.

Her fingers slipped under the white sheets. She found naked thigh and stroked it. The flesh turned bumpy from gooseflesh. He was restraining himself by will power alone. When she found his cock, it was swollen and ready to fuck.

"What's this?" she asked. "How unusual."

Her fingers circled his prick and began stroking up and down its length. The bumpy skin flowed smoothly under her grasp as more and more excited blood hammered into his cock. Soon, all the folds of flesh were filled and his cock was jerking with every heartbeat.

"I can take your pulse here. Would you like that, Jimmy?"

"I... I never had that done before."

"This is a special technique. All my own. It's not approved by the staff here so you must never tell anyone. Agree?"


She moved closer to him so that he could reach her tits. Quietly, she said, "If you want to reach inside my blouse and fondle my boobies, I wouldn't mind. It might make my taking your pulse even more exciting."

His hand reached out, hesitant at first, almost as if he might bum his fingers. Then he became bolder. His grasp on the snowy slopes of her boobs made her feel good. The hand pressed down into her jugs and sent a bolt of carnal lightning blasting into her chest.

"That's right, Jimmy. Feels so good!"

"You can say that again!"

His fingers worked under the cups of her bra.

She snuggled closer and he lost his nervousness. Fingers caught up the tiny tips of her tits. Taking her nipples between thumb and index finger, he began rolling the resilient nubbins of flesh around in tiny circles.

"Oooooh, Jimmy, Jimmy! That's nice! Do you like it as much as I do?"

"Uh, sure, I guess so."

"You don't sound positive of that. Let me help you out." Her fingers tightened around his cock. He gasped. "There. How's that now?"

"Super! Do it some more! Gosh, I never thought I'd be getting this kind of treatment in the hospital."

"Has any girl ever felt you here before? Like this and this and this?"

He swallowed hard before he answered. "Yeah, of course. I'm no virgin! I've been around."

She knew he was lying. But it made him feel better to deny his lack of sexual experience. She could sympathize with him. No man liked to have a woman think he wasn't a super stud. And Jimmy wasn't even a man -- he was just a teenager.

But she would see about changing that.

"Go on, then, Jimmy. Feel my poor little titties all you want. And I'll just suck on your cock!"

"S-suck me off!"

His hands tightened on her knockers. She groaned as he pressed his thumbs down hard into her nipples, crushing them into the softness of her titflesh. She felt excited blood hammering into her boobs now. Any second, they would surely explode. It wasn't possible for any more blood to inflate those already huge tits.

Yet it happened.

And it was all because of the way the teen treated her boobs. His fingers gripped with fierce intensity on the sides of her snowy white cones. Red marks were left wherever he touched her. And they burned, burned with the wonder of a boy's first fumbling attempts.

She moved the sheet back and found his cock standing firmly at attention. She pulled his rigid prick toward her mouth. First, though, she let her hot breath reach out and caress his cock. This sensitized already sensitive flesh. She watched in amusement as the tangled mat of his bush stirred sluggishly from her hot, gusty breathing.

Then she couldn't restrain herself any longer. The plum-tipped cock in her hand was too taste tempting. She had to sample it.

Her ruby lips closed over his glans. She didn't suck him all the way into her mouth. She wanted to play with that lovely cock a little while before giving him the full treatment.

Her tongue flicked out and lightly danced across the piss-slit at the end of his cock. She teased and tormented him with the rough, pink tongue until he was silently struggling on the bed. She could tell he was having a hard time keeping control.

The way his cock was dancing around told her he might not be a virgin, but he certainly hadn't had much practice at sex. He was entirely new to getting head, if she was any judge.

When she had tortured his cock with her tongue long enough, she pursed her lips into an "O" and sucked. She pulled inch after inch of cock into her hot, wet mouth. All the while, her tongue swirled and worked feverishly against his prick.

"God, I... I never thought it would be like this!" he blurted.

She didn't answer him. She didn't want to take her mouth away from his sweet prick. There was the usual odor of an aroused male in her nostrils. This spurred her on. And the taste was making her into a raving sex maniac. She had to have more.

Greedily, she gobbled down his entire cock. The rubbery tip bounced off the roof of her mouth, then sailed down into her throat. She was no Linda Lovelace, but she could take all the cock a man could offer. With the teenager, there was no real problem.

He wasn't anywhere near as well hung as Luke or her other lovers. But she wasn't complaining. She needed what he had. The innocence and naive reactions thrilled her as much as if he'd been a couple inches longer. She felt a power over the prone boy that she seldom felt otherwise.

She was in control. She was calling the shots. Whatever she wanted, he would do. The adrenaline through her arteries made her come more completely alive than she could remember being in a long time.

And all because she was giving a blow job to an inexperienced teenage boy!

She pulled her head back, cradling his prick with her rough tongue. He was moaning constantly now, as if he were in pain. She knew better. Whatever was wrong with him, it wasn't pain. He was experiencing more pleasure than he ever had before in his short, young life.

"I feel like it's on fire! My cock! Your mouth on my cock! It's on fire!"

She laved his length with her tongue again. She made sure his prick was well attended to before she let it pop from her lips. Every single inch of skin had been kissed or licked, lightly nipped or tongued, before she allowed his cock to fall from her mouth.

She looked at the long, purple-topped cock. It was glistening from her saliva. It never looked more tempting to her. She saw the prick begin to jerk and buck hard. It wouldn't be long before his cock erupted a creamy fountain of jism from the end. The boy's control was slipping.

"Hang on a while longer, Jimmy, and I'll guarantee you that you'll never forget it!"

"I... I won't forget this... I never got head from a woman before. It's great!"

She merely smiled. She was getting her kicks from this. Why bother telling him she started sucking him off because of her own burning sexual needs? It would only confuse him. Let him think she found him irresistible and his cock the best nectar. She dived back down to suck some more on his prick. The taste was so heavy with male musk she almost came. Her nostrils flared at the smell. It was like nothing else in the world and, like nothing else in the world, it turned her into a sex maniac.

Sucking harder, she pulled the end of his rubbery cock into her mouth. She used her teeth to lightly mark the sides of his prick. Not enough to hurt, but more than enough to stimulate. She immediately let her soft, wet lips soothe away any possible hurt.

She could tell he was fighting back the rising tide of his jism. The way his balls had tensed up told the story. She could see the hairy little sac containing his balls bouncing around as if they contained something alive and fighting to escape.

She abandoned his cock and went lower to suck in the hairy bag. Pressing her tongue against the side of it, she felt the tumbling and churning inside. He was like a boiler ready to blow up on her.

"Don't do that! I can't keep it back much longer!"

She reluctantly left his sac alone. She loved the feel of the bristly hairs against her tongue. The frenzied churning going on inside made her even more aware of how aroused she'd made the youth. That was her reward. That and not much else.

Starting to give him head, she thought he would continue fondling her tits. He'd stopped when it became apparent that he was struggling to keep from coming. Her jugs were inflated with her aroused blood and there was no way she could get the teenager to fondle them. He was gripping the sides of the bed with an intensity that threatened to put his fingerprints into the metal.

"It's coming! I-I'm comiiiing!"

She looked up and saw the first liquid spurt of the boy's erupting cock. Quickly, she clamped her mouth over the spewing geyser to catch as much of his precious cum as she could.

Sucking, she milked him of every last drop of his jizz. Only when his cock began to wilt did she let up.

The teen was sobbing emotionally. It had been an exhausting experience for him.

She carefully licked up all his cum, even the drops that had shot out into the air, then pulled the sheets back up over him.

"That should take care of our little therapy for this evening."

The boy's breathing was slowing down to normal. "I never thought it could be that good. Will... will I get more therapy? From you?"

Peggy smiled. "We'll see, Jimmy. If you're cooperative with the doctors when they take all the tests, we'll see."

"Oh, I will be, I will!"

She imagined he would.

She left still feeling vaguely unfulfilled. Peggy knew she needed cock and lots of it.

But where to find it?


"Well, well, Miss Martin," came a familiar voice from behind her. "I see you're still pioneering new techniques for treating bedridden patients. Was it successful?"

Peggy turned and saw Luke Hanson standing in the hallway. He wasn't dressed for duty. He had on a knit shirt, which fit his well-muscled frame like a second skin. The bulge of his chest and arm muscles had never looked more appealing to her.

"Luke! What are you doing here?"

"You mean, what am I doing spying on you giving our young patient some tender loving care?"

"Well, that, too."

He smiled disarmingly. "Old Doc Wilson had an emergency call and went running off. Dutiful Luke Hanson was on call and so I'm pulling a double shift again. And again and again, so long as I'm dumb enough to leave my phone number at the desk."

"I'm glad to see you!" Peggy blurted.

"Ho, ho! So the truth comes out. Nurse Martin has the hots for rising young intern Hanson, eh?"

She looked at the vee of his trousers. She laughed. "I see you are on the rise. How much of the scene in there did you catch?"

"Unless it was a double feature, I caught the main attraction. My, but you have such a sweet, sucking mouth. I'd just love to do some research with you on it."

"I'd rather do some in-depth probing."

"Gotcha. Let me dump this case history I was preparing and we shall go and find an empty room and begin on our civilization-saving researches."

They made their way to the end of the ward. Peggy had already checked and found which rooms were empty. It seemed to her that more and more of the hospital beds were empty now. It wasn't that people weren't getting sick; they were. It was that they could no longer afford the medical care charged by the hospitals.

For her, that was just fine. She was overworked as it was and the tensions of her job were always falling heavily on her shoulders. And with a few spare beds, she and Luke -- or one of the other doctors -- could take a break that was sure to refresh.

The doctor's hand cupped her buttock as he guided her through the door. She wiggled her ass just enough to let him know that the attention was noticed and appreciated.

"That's what I like," he said. "A wiggly-assed nurse."

"What? You don't like them wiggly-assed and willing?"

"Sure. And wanton and wanting what a young stud like me has to offer." He opened the fly of his pants and let his prick leap out. It was racehorse eager to get going.

She wet her lips with the tip of her tongue at the sight of his prick. It had never looked better to her. The huge head was throbbing with visible lust for her. She wanted to drop to her knees and worship in front of it. To take it into her mouth and suck like she had on the teenager would be ever so much more satisfying.

Luke was a man. He knew all there was to about fucking and sucking. He wouldn't come in a giant rush. Not until they'd both gotten their kicks from it.

"Ah, I see the problem. She doesn't know if she should continue sucking on the handsome cock or whether I might be induced into stuffing it into some more interesting place."

"Like where?" she teased, moving closer to him. She pressed her crotch firmly against his prick, then began a slow up and down rubbing motion intended to show him exactly where she wanted his cock.

"There's always the usual place. You know. That cunt where you seem to want it. But I don't think I'm going to fuck you up the cunt. Or face fuck you, either."


"Keep cool, my hot one. I was thinking of exploring the tender territory between those lovely asscheeks of yours." His hands moved behind her to cup her ass and pull her in closer.

She shuddered involuntarily. He wanted to fuck her up the ass. She'd never taken a man's cock up there before. What would it be like? Would he hurt her? Rip her apart with that huge battering ram of cock?

"I see some hesitation on your part. All I can say is, tough shit! I'm gonna fuck that lily white ass of yours and it doesn't matter to me what you think about that!"

He spun her around and had her bent over the bed before she could react. He hiked up her dress and pulled down her panties to unveil her smooth, silky white ass. A cool hand pressed into the fevered flesh, then stroked over the curves.

"So nice. Yeah, ever since I saw you walking down the hall, I knew it was going to end up this way. I'm gonna fuck the living hell out of this sweet ass!"

"No, Luke, don't! I... I've never had a man's cock up them before. You'll hurt me!"

"Ha! We'll have to see about that." She tried to turn around, to reason with him. She was horny. She wanted nothing more than to feel his cock fucking her cunt with long, smooth, powerful strokes. But this! This was sick!

He held her firmly to the bed. As she tried to close her legs, she found his feet placed inside of hers. She was spread wide and couldn't move to close her gaping cunt.

"You just stand there and I'll do all the work. You just enjoy the feel of my cock!"

She gasped when his prick came sailing up into her cunt from behind. The blunted nose-cone of his cock speared deeply into her twat. She went limp and fell forward onto the hard bed. This was what she'd wanted! He had just been playing with her!

"Go on, Luke darling, fuck me good! My little cunny needs it!"

"My cock needs some of that fuck fluid you're dishing out. Ummm, this is nice and hot and tight." He stroked back and forth a few times making sure he had coated his cock liberally with her cunt juices. "But it's not where I want to be!"

He pulled out of her cunt with a wet plop. She started to protest, then gasped and caught her breath. The thick girth of his cock pressed between the twin globes of her asscheeks searching for her anus.

"Don't! I beg you, Luke, don't fuck me up the ass!"

"I'm a regular old back door man. Love to butt fuck the ladies, I do!"

She felt his cock slipping smoothly into the humid canyon between the meaty slabs of assflesh vee. When he found the bottom of the me, he started hunting for her tightly puckered anal sphincter. It didn't take him long to find it.

She gasped again when she felt the head of his cock pressing hard into her asshole. She was tensed up and reluctant to let him take her this way. She won her cherry for a taillight. She wasn't about to endure him fucking her in this way.

"Relax, honey. It's not so bad. You'll actually enjoy it. Take my word for it!"

She shook her hair. It made a wild halo of coppery red all around her head. She didn't want this. She hadn't even asked for it -- she never would, either.

But he wasn't going to stop. No matter how she struggled, he held her firmly pinned to the bed. With his hands on her asscheeks, pulling them apart, he controlled her well. She couldn't even close her legs. His feet were still positioned in such a way that he prevented such a move.

The blunt glans nudged harder and harder into her chary asshole. She felt the slippery head of his cock moving into her. The muscle wasn't designed to keep out such an insistent male invader up her butt. Finally, when the muscle resigned and relaxed, she was suddenly filled with searing hot cock that burned her guts.

She screamed. She couldn't help it. One second, she was fighting off his cock. The next, it was surging hot and fast into her asshole. The burning sensation passed and she felt real pain. She knew he had ripped her delicate inner membrane to ribbons. She'd bleed to death. There was no other way of explaining the pain she felt throughout her guts.

But he pain went away quickly. It was replaced by a warmth such as she had never before known.

"Ummm, it... it's good," she finally admitted.

"I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so. Just relax and go with the flow."

She took his advice and found it worked. The more she relaxed, the nicer the feeling of that cock rammed all the way up her back was. She wasn't torn and bleeding. That was simply a residue of the friction of his sudden entry up her tightly held asshole.

"It's so biiig in me. Your cock is filling me to overflowing!"

"Just wait till I give you the sexiest enema you ever got!"

The words thrilled her. To have him come in her ass would be so completely different!

She began wiggling her ass, gently at first, then with rising confidence. The thick, stiff prick inside her stirred lazily as she began rotating her ass around it. Her powerful anus periodically clamped down around the man's cock, but she didn't mind that now.

There was a loose feeling to her bowels that had never existed before. She wasn't sure if she liked that or not. She knew she did like the nearness of his cock, the warmth, the vibrant lust locked up inside it.

When he started to pull out of her tight asshole, she cried in pain. It felt as if her guts were following his cock.

"Relax," he cautioned. "Relax and I'll be back."

She tried. It wasn't easy. She let the prick slip from her ass until only the purpled hood of his glans remained inside her hangman's-noose-tight asshole. Then he came surging into her again.

This lit her inner fires. She came alive and moved with him. Without even thinking she rammed her ass back to meet his forward stroke. Their bodies wetly smacked together as his cock vanished all the way up her rectum.

"God, so tiiiight," he moaned. "Even tighter than your cunt. And that's damned tight!"

He began fucking her ass with all the power in his body. She loved every second of it. Same parts were close to being torture. Whenever he pulled that mighty prick from her, it felt as if the vacuum would cause her to collapse.

And then he fucked into her again. That was worth any amount of torture. She started rubbing her ass against his legs. It amazed her how well the curve of her butt fit his crotch. Just as if they were cut out and made for this type of butt fucking. She really got into the fucking when his cock started spiralling and twisting into her.

"More," she begged. "Give me all you can!"

"Shit! It's hard! You're clutching down on me so damn hard!"

"It's your cock that's hard!"

He didn't argue and for that she was grateful. She lost herself in the wonderland of sensations rippling through her young body. She thought she'd felt everything in the way of sex. Before, it had repulsed her to think of a man cornholing her. Not now. She knew the full joy of having that meaty prick sailing deep and fast into her asshole.

She stretched her arms out straight over her head. Every time he slammed hard into her ass, she pressed down into the bed. This crushed her tits, still held in the confines of her bra. Stimulated across her tits as well as up her ass, she felt the sexual energies flowing in her body.

When she reached the point where the tensions were too great, she let go and came.

It was a bigger climax than she'd ever experienced before. She didn't know if it was because she had been so uptight before the doctor had come, or if it was due to the unique new way of fucking he had shown her.

She didn't care. All she wanted to do was enjoy.

The woman began tossing her head from side to side. She could press her face down into the coolness of the white sheets. This kept the sweat from beading up on her forehead. Her entire body was staining, sweat-covered, hot.

Her tits felt like balloons, which had been overinflated. Gripping a double handful of sheet, she gripped and stretched, then rammed her ass back to meet the incoming freight train that was his fucking prick.

"More, damn you! Burn me up with your cock!"

"You're burning me up! That asshole is even hotter than your cunt. I don't know how you do it, but I love it! Shit, I never thought buggering you would be this good!"

His hands stroked along her sides, outlining her ribs, pressing into her belly as he gripped her to pull her body into his. She spread her legs even wider. This tightened her asshole even more around his prick. He was driving hard and fast into such a small-diameter hole now that the friction seared both his cock and her asshole.

She started rotating her ass in the direction opposite to the way he was drilling into her. The two motions produced the most erotic sensations the woman had ever felt.

Every time he spread her inner membrane was both torture and delight. The friction against her rubbery, stretchy rectum filled her with warmth that spread like wildfire up her spine to explode with blinding light in her brain.

She came.

It was the most intense sensation she'd ever in her life. Sure, she had tried all kinds of sexy things. She'd thought she was experienced in to ways her body reacted.

This was different. It filled her guts in surprisingly unique way. And she couldn't get enough of that cock filling her to overflowing.

Running it in and out of her bowels was sheer delight. She loved the way it pressed into the rubbery inner membrane and moved her guts in new enchanting ways. The patterns inside were as old time. By the way his cock pushed her around wasn't.

It was something to make her remember the night for a long, long time. She shivered as his cock pulsed wildly inside her ass.

Tightening her muscles, she clamped down firmly on his prick. He gasped and she felt his immediate reaction. She knew it must feel like noose around the head of his cock the way she tightened her muscles. It made her smile a little thinking she was giving him even a portion of the joy he was giving her.

"Don't do that! I... I almost came!"

"You wanted to give me an enema, didn't you?" she asked. "I'm trying to help you out! I want to feel that jizz of yours splashing into my bowels and whitewashing them good!"

"Shit," was the only comment he made.

His hips went berserk. He pulled out of her tightly held anus and then rammed in, deeper than before. It felt like he was going to drive that spike of cock into her so far it would come out her mouth.

But that was okay. She could suck on the end of it while he continued fucking her. This was just about perfect. And to think she hadn't wanted him butt fucking her!

His fingers slipped under her thrashing body. When she realized he was seeking out her clit, she almost came. His fingers pressed firmly into her cunt-juice-drenched flesh. And when he did find the tiny little pillar of erectile tissue, she sobbed in an emotional outpouring.

"Like that, don't you? That clit of yours is bigger than any other chick's I ever fucked. You must be an ultra-hot one!"

She didn't know about that. The size of her clitoris had nothing to do with the way she reacted. But his finger fucking lightly across her most sensitive organ was getting to her.

It was as if two white hot pokers were being jabbed into her guts. He was greeking her with long, smooth strokes. Every time his cock vanished into her asshole, she felt a burning surge blast through her body. And now his fingers were giving her an equally intense lightning bolt of pleasure as he diddled her clit.

He had her caught between two immensely exciting sources of pleasure. And he played her like a fish caught on a line.

"My... my belly! I'm burning up. It's like napalm inside me!"

"You ain't felt nothing yet. Just wait till I really fuck you!"

She didn't believe he could fuck her ass any faster. She was wrong. He exploded in a wild frenzy of activity that made her ass burn with an inner fire that refused to be quenched. And his fingers rolled her tiny clitoris around until she was gasping, unable to catch her breath.

Her entire body erupted in a blaze of orgasm. He kept her on the ultimate pinnacle of human experience until she was drenched in sweat and emotionally and physically exhausted.

Then he came.

The surge of his jism into her ultra-sensitive asshole reunited her fires of passion. They rocked through a mutual orgasm until she felt the enema of his own leaking out around the plug of his cock.

He was slowly deflating and leaving her asshole empty and burned out.

But she didn't care. He'd given her what she needed. She wished she could simply curl up and go to sleep. But both of them were on duty and doctors and nurses didn't neglect their patients.

Not for long. And then only to go knock off a quick piece to keep their sanity.


"That good, huh?" asked Denise. "I've never been fucked up the ass, either. Sounds super, though. Do you think Luke would...?"

Peggy laughed at her friend. "Denise, Luke would fuck a hole in the wall if he was horny enough. And that's all the time!"

"Sounds interesting, very interesting."

"It is. I mean, God, how can I describe what it was like? At first it hurt like hell. Then, after he got going, I forgot all about that. Sort of like having your cherry popped, you know? There's some discomfort but it doesn't hurt after you really get into it."

"You're making me horny just talking about all that fucking. And he makes me cream just thinking about what he might be like fucking me in the ass."

Peggy turned and saw Doctor Wilson striding along the halt. She felt a momentary pang. The doctor's very presence was magnetic. He was such a commanding personality. Everyone in a room looked at him and expected him to take charge. He would, too. He had that kind of personality.

"I wish I could spend just fifteen minutes with him."

"You have."

"Not that way, Denise, I mean, you know! The two of us, fucking, maybe. Or hell. I'd suck him off, if I could!"

"Shush, here he comes."

The two nurses looked busy as Doctor Wilson came up to their station. In his deep, booming voice, he said, "Miss Martin, please come with me. There's a patient I want to check."

Denise shot a quick look at Peggy. The silent communication asked more questions than either could answer.

The primary question was: Did Doctor Wilson have something other than medical business on his mind this time?

The answer, as Peggy quickly found, was "NO!" The man simply wanted to check out a patient who'd been in a coma for a month. He dispassionately checked the chart, then pencilled in "DNR".

Peggy looked up at the doctor and asked, "Do Not Resuscitate? You mean, if he dies, don't bother trying to bring him back?"

"You're a nurse and that's exactly what I mean."

"Doctor," she said, placing her palm against his broad chest, "isn't it hard giving orders like that? Don't you feel any tension? A tension that needs, easing?"

He glared at her coldly. "Yes, it is hard and no I don't need your aid, Miss Martin. Please restrain yourself and concentrate on your duties."

With that he was gone, leaving Peggy feeling vaguely uneasy. The man wasn't human. He couldn't be and react to her obvious overtures like that.

And she wanted him more than ever.

She didn't understand it. That was just the way it was. She wanted him sexually more than she had any other man. No matter what it took, she would get him, too. How or where she didn't know. Not yet. But she would. She had to.

Sighing Peggy went back to the nurse's station where Denise stood guard. She shook her head and signaled failure.

"Shit," Denise said. "I'm beginning to think it's impossible. If you can't make him sit up and beg, no one can."

"You're overestimating my powers, I think."

"You don't see what effect you've got on the interns and doctors. There's hardly a male in this hospital that doesn't have the hoots for you, Peggy. You just don't see it, you're so busy chasing after Mr. Stoneface."

"But Doctor Wilson is so... so dignified!"

"And maybe impotent. Think on it. Why else would he shut down a chick like you. There are interns going around walking on their tongues, they're drooling after you so hard. Hell, even Luke says he worries about getting into elevators. Doesn't want the doors to close on his prick."

Peggy smiled. She was feeling horny and she wished Luke was around, but there seemed to be no easy remedy for her horniness. As much as Denise said the other doctors lusted after her, she wouldn't have most of them, no matter how bad off she got. Most of them were complete slobs.

"Hey, girl, let's forget this and go find ourselves a nice dark corner and a couple interns who are as hard up as we are. We could grab a quickie and be back before Doctor Wilson noticed we were gone."

Peggy would rather have gone with Doctor Wilson. She was getting a real thing about him. She wanted him more and more.

"Sounds like a good idea but my heart's just not in it."

"That's not what goes there and you know it. Look, Peggy, there's a really horny patient down in 770. I bet he'd take us both on and still beg for more after we'd finished."

"I doubt that."

"Wanna bet? Your next shot at Luke that I'm wrong?"

"Okay. Bring on your sexual superman. I want to see who you think could even come close to wearing us both out."

Denise smiled and dropped her clipboard. This was more like her aid friend.

They made their way down to the end of the wing and found room 770. The man inside was dangling in a weird contraption. Peggy gave his chart a quick glance and saw he'd been in an accident and had been in traction for almost a month.

"SO, two hot bushes tonight, eh? Better and better!"

"Aren't you the eager stud," Peggy said.

"And you're the hot one. Foxy, too. Come an over and sit on my cock. Or sit on my face if you prefer that kind of action."

"How about us doing both? At the same time?" Denise asked.

The man's cock gave a visible jerk under the sheets. His one leg was dangling from the overhead bar and his other was stretched out to one side, held down by straps so he couldn't move from the waist down.

"I see you're not paralyzed, at least. What do you want, Denise, heads or tails?"

"I want to feel his tongue working inside me. You take his cock. I found out last night how hard it is getting around all that plumbing they've used on him. You have to dangle your ass down while you hang on to the overhead bar."

Peggy studied the setup and decided her friend was right. But that would only make it more challenging. She was up to anything. And horny enough to fuck herself on a doorknob.

The man whistled in obvious appreciation of a lovely ass as Peggy stripped off her panties. For the thousandth time, she was glad she always wore a garter belt and stockings. It made fucking like this so much easier. She could stay almost completely clothed, being naked only where it counted.

"Go on, baby, swing up on the bar and lower your ass onto my cock." He pulled back the covers to reveal his burgeoning hardon. As the nurse watched, his cock stiffened and grew even longer.

She hoisted herself up and straddled his waist. She was facing him as she stood on the bed so he got a lovely view of her gaping wide cunt. Then she was squatting down over his prick, using the bar to hold herself steady.

She surprised herself at how easy this was. The purple hood of his prick shot straight into her hot little box. She sighed and began moving from side to side working the cock around in her seething cunt. Her pussy walls were trembling in anticipation of a dynamite fucking.

And she wasn't going to be disappointed.

Denise laughed aloud. "See? You're getting all you can handle right now. And just wait till I start. But he's tireless, I tell you. Just wait!"

"You two sound like you're betting on me being able to outlast you. Is that it?"

"That's it, super stud. Just hang in there and I win."

"Another go at me, I hope?"

"We'll see, we'll see. Now how about using that mouth of yours for something besides talking?" Denise hoisted herself over the man's head and lowered her snatch down to where he could run his tongue along her turgid pussy lips.

She sighed in contentment as his rough, pink tongue stabbed out and found her flowing gash. The tremors quaking into her body mounted as he tongued her cunt lips faster and faster. He didn't drive his tongue into her cunt hole. Not yet. He wanted to build up her passions before that.

The bristly feel of her cunt lips against his tongue made the man even hornier than before. With a hot nurse wrapped around his prick, slowly fucking herself, and another one sitting on his face, what more could he ask for?

And people said hospitals were dull places! He couldn't have disagreed more!

Denise began shaking uncontrollably as the man explored her snatch with his tongue. He started as far forward as he could reach. His tongue pulled up little spirals of bush and left them to cool and dry. Then he found her meek little clit hiding in its sheath of protective flesh.

Teasing it out was a moment's work. Then he swirled around it like a berserk tornado until the nurse was finally gasping for breath. She had to hold on to the overhead bar or she'd have fallen off the bed. He wanted to laugh at her but he was having too much fun eating her out.

He pressed firmly into her cunt lips with his tongue, then savored each and every drop of cunt juice leaking out from between the rigid flaps. He sucked one cunt lip into his mouth and let the juices flow out. The salty tang of an aroused woman made him warm all over.

Most of all, it made his cock turn and throb with renewed life. He felt it dancing around wildly inside the other nurse's cunt. This was living! He had two hot foxes all to himself!

Let those kids take dope. He could get high on sex. Never had he gotten fucked while eating out a woman's pussy at the same time. He had troubles concentrating, but he knew he liked it. He liked it a lot.

"God, your tongue is all over me," moaned Denise. "Stuff it into my cunt! Tongue fuck me!"

He didn't even bother answering. He'd let her have it when he was ready. Right now, he drove back along the gooey gash until he found her puckered asshole. His tongue shot out, cock-hard, as he stabbed and went surging into her asshole.

She came. It had been building up inside the nurse's belly, but she hadn't thought it would hit her so fast. It felt like lightning bolts. It filled her with desires she had hardly thought remained inside her body. His tongue's light touch on her puckered anus was all it took to set her off.

And when he began tongue fucking her ass, she found herself shivering and coming like a machine gun firing.

"I... aaaiiieee!"

"God, Denise, you didn't take long," muttered Peggy. She was still fucking herself, slowly, deliberately, on the man's upright cock. The man was well hung, but she needed a lot of fucking before she would ever reach the pinnacle of orgasm her friend had.

She allowed the man's prick to twist and turn inside her as she swung to and fro. He was pinned to the bed by the elaborate traction equipment. She had to supply the motion he couldn't. But his prick was firm and throbbingly virile.

She liked that. And she knew she, too, would come like her friend when the time was right.

"I... my b-body is burning up all over! And because of his tongue up my ass! Shit, now I know what you m-meant Peggy!"

She shook as if she had some form of palsy. Her entire body was quaking from the reaction of having the man's tongue slipping in and out of her asshole.

"Into my sweet little cunt! I need it there! Ohhhh!"

He decided it was time she got what she so obviously desired. He allowed his tongue to slide free of her clutching hot asshole and move down her quivering cunt lips. When he found her cunt mouth, he slipped his tongue between the pussy lips and into the depths of her twat.

The woman went wild with lust then. She was no longer able, to simply squat over his face. Her entire body was alive with desire. She had to get even more of his tongue into her cunt. She shoved her hips down strongly into the man's face. This allowed his tongue to shoot up even farther into her cunt and give her wondrous stabs of pleasure such as she'd never felt in all her life.

Jaw cracking, the man did his damnedest to make certain she had nothing to complain about. His tongue licked and lapped up all the flowing fuck fluids dribbling from her pussy. He caressed the velvety soft walls of her cunt, then pushed even deeper into her belly.

She came again. This time he was almost drowned from the flood of her frothy juices gushing out from her excited twat. But he didn't care. He was having the time of his life.

What more could a man want besides a woman sitting on his face while another one ably fucked herself on his prick?

He felt the vague, uneasy stirrings in his groin. Peggy's self-fucking was beginning to rob him of his control. He felt his balls tightening up and preparing to flood her pussy with a searing load of jism. Fighting this dawn was hard for him.

Keeping control on his rampaging emotions was difficult. Sex to him was both physical and mental. The physical aspects he could handle easily. But he was so damned excited at the thought of both eating out a chick and fucking another at the same time, he could barely keep himself held in check.

The tide of his jism burned fiercely as it tried to escape the pressure cooker that was his balls. Steely will kept it in its place. He didn't mind the way his balls tumbled and lurched in their hairy bag. Better there than erupting out all over himself.

But the woman's words got to him. She was saying over and over, "God, oh sweet God, fuck me hard! I need you fucking me hard all the way up into my Goddamn cunt!"

Peggy had closed her eyes and was concentrating on the sensual feelings rippling through her body. She could control the tempo of the fucking. It gave her a feeling of power just like when she'd sucked off the sixteen-year-old boy.

She was in control. She called the shots. It both excited her even more and gave her a wider choice of what she could do. All the time, when a man fucked her, she had to passively accept what he had to offer. Now she could experiment, improvise and see how well her body responded to various moves, different positions.

Hanging onto the overhead bar, she drove her hips down firmly onto the man's steely hard prick. It rocketed up into her softly yielding cunt and shot burning sparks of desire throughout her belly. Gasping hard every time she felt the cock enter her cunt, she discovered a new way of arousing her hidden desires.

There were any number of points along her cunt where a man's cock hardly ever touched. These nerves were ultra-sensitive. By turning and dropping in just the right way, she could rub the prick against these tender areas. It made her passions soar like a bird flying on the wind.

"Never felt this before," she mumbled. "So good, so Goddamn fucking good I can't believe it!"

The man could have told her it was true. His prick was feeling even more swollen than before. Her cunt muscles closed all around his cock and threatened to either crush him flat or burn him to a charred nubbin. He didn't relish either fate but was willing to dare it in exchange for such a wondrous fucking.

"Gotta keep going. Just gotta do my best," she sobbed.

Tears of emotion ran down her cheeks and left salty tracks. Her tits rose and fell heavily as her breathing became harsher, more frenzied. It seemed as if she were sucking in liquid fire with every breath. Her entire torso was aching, aching and burning and throbbing with desire.

Her hips went berserk. She crammed the prick into her greedy cunt as hard and fast as she could. An obscene noise filled the air. Even time she broke the immense vacuum formed behind his prick by her cunt, there was a wet, sloppy, smacking noise.

None of them cared. The sensations were all that mattered. Her pussy lips were tingling with the friction of his cock spreading them apart. Her cunt hole was clasping hard around his prick as the nurse's body heaved up and dawn.

"Coming, I-I'm comiiing!" she shrieked.

The man gasped involuntarily. He hadn't believed it possible that the nurse's cunt could grip his cock even harder. When she came, the convulsions in her cunt threatened to smash him to a bloody pulp. He couldn't believe this was happening! A hot chick was begging him loud and clear for his tongue all the way up her cunt. And another was fucking herself better than he'd ever fucked any chick in his life. And both were demanding more, ever more of his precious gifts.

All he could do was his best. That's all any man could supply in the circumstances. And it worked.

Denise came again, a torrential outpouring of her inner oils dribbling down onto his chin. He tried licking her cunt as clean as he could. She was gushing out more than he could handle.

But the sudden convulsive jerk of his cock told him he was getting off. He sucked in his breath giving Denise an added thrill as he came. A fountain of his white-hot jism blasted into Peggy's hungrily awaiting cunt.

And then he was so tired he couldn't stay awake. The two nurses had completely exhausted him.

Denise got off his face while Peggy slipped over and began mopping up the jizz trickling from her cunt. He heard their voices, as if from a distance, saying, "I win, Denise. We wore him out."

"Okay, smart-ass, you won fair and square. But next time, just you wait!"

As he drifted off to sleep, the man smiled, thinking of that "next time".


"You've only got two more days on the same shift as Doctor Wilson," pointed out Denise. "Do you think you can get him to jump into bed with you by then."

Peggy shook her head. "I don't know. I didn't think it would be all that hard when I started. Now I don't know. He's such a cold fish. I'd swear he doesn't have any emotions at all, but I've seen him reacting to some of the patients. It's like he gives them exactly what they need and no more."

"I wish he'd give me what I need," sighed Denise.

"Same here. But I'm scheduled to be in the operating room with him this evening."

"A biggie or one of those piddly little operations he does all the time for nothing?"

"A charity case, I think. Something as complicated as an ingrown toenail. Hell, a doctor as good as he is could do the operation in his sleep."

A Peggy said it, she began thinking. Sure, Doctor Wilson was good. The operation was a snap.

He could do it without even half-thinking about it.

Most of the other doctors let an intern do it for the practice.

Why, Doctor Wilson could do the operation even if he were being sucked off by the hottest redhead on the floor!

And that's exactly what Peggy vowed to do. She was going to suck off the distant, aloof Doctor Wilson while he was operating. He wouldn't dare stop and tell her to fuck off. If she did it right, only the two of them need ever know what had taken place.

She felt her cunt beginning to water just thinking about giving him head. To creep under the table, slip up under his operating gown and find his fly, then open it and let his prick dangle free. Sucking on it would be a snap from then on. She could do it and Doctor Wilson probably wouldn't miss a single stitch.

He was that good.

And she'd show him how good she was. After that, he couldn't possibly deny her when she got horny. He'd know she wasn't just some ordinary lay. She was special.

"Better run and scrub up, Peggy. And get that faraway look out of your eyes. Doctor Wilson likes everyone to be on their toes in the OR."

"Don't worry, Denise. I'll be ready. And I assure you, I'll keep them all on their toes. Especially Doctor Wilson."

She hurried off to prepare for the operation. It was so simple she wondered why the operation hadn't taken place in a doctor's office. She shrugged as she passed into the scrubbing area. It was one of those rare opportunities that would open whole new doors to sex for her.

In the operating room, Doctor Wilson and the others were already assembled. The student nurse was going to be handing him all the instruments. Peggy's role was purely supervisory. She had every confidence that the student nurse would do everything to perfection. She had the right kind of mind, didn't get flustered and actually seemed to dig seeing people sliced open.

"All right, crew, this is an easy one," Doctor Wilson said. "I want everyone to take it easy, though. The simple ones have a way of getting messy if someone goofs. And I want no mistakes. Let's begin."

The patient was wheeled in on the go-to-Jesus cart, firmly strapped down by the intern and then readied by the student nurse while Peggy watched. The sheet covering the patient fell over the table and hid the doctor's legs and crotch from the others in the OR.

It was a perfect setup for her.

At the first chance, she dropped to her knees and crawled under the table. It was spooky thinking that the guy just a few inches above her head was being cut on, then she forgot all about it. In front of her eyes was her goal.

She gently lived Doctor Wilson's gown and ran her fingers up the inside of his leg. Instinctively, he widened his stance. She had all the room she needed now to unzip his pants and let his limp prick tumble out.

The cock was about the size of her thumb. She wondered what it would turn into as she sucked on it. Maybe this was why the doctor refused to ball any of the nurses: he wasn't very well-hung.

But as she stuffed the prick into her mouth, she realized that wasn't true. The cock slowly stirred and grew in size until she had trouble keeping it in her mouth. He was a good eight inches long, maybe more by the time his cock had risen to full erection.

His hardon was a massive one. Not only was Doctor Wilson long, he had a lip-stretchingly-huge girth. She had to maneuver a bit more to get her mouth into position where she could engulf the end of his prick.

She heard his voice, distant, saying, "I, uh, seem to be a bit shaky today. Would you, ummm, check everything I do, Doctor Marrick? I don't want to lose my head."

Peggy smiled. The doctor was being cool about this. He was going to let her continue sucking him off. It probably was as big a thrill for him as it was for her. It gave the operation a brand new dimension that it lacked before.

She inhaled and smelled the musky odor of an aroused male. He was responding to her in a big way. There was no mistaking that. His prick was beginning to jerk and throb with its own life.

Pressing her tongue into the underside of his prick, she could feel the distant heart throbbing away. She licked slowly down the sensitive underside until the man's legs began to tremble. She smiled and kept it up. She wanted to punish him for not allowing her to do this sooner.

It served him right!

Her lips closed on the cleft head of his prick. The tiny flap of skin dangling under the piss-slit was the most delicate portion of his prick. She gave it special oral attention until the cock was dancing frenziedly in front of her nose.

She tired of licking and lightly nipping at his cock. She started licking down the sides of his prick until she came to the tangled jungle of his pubic hair. Nuzzling her nose into his bush, she managed to get close enough to lick his balls.

The loose sac of flesh dangled under the huge prick. As she tongued it wetly, roughly, with just the tip of her fucking tongue, it began to harden. The skin contracted as his arousal mounted. Soon, there was only a tiny globe holding his churning nuts.

She sucked this into her mouth and gently gnawed on it. She could feel his balls tumbling around in this pressure cooker of his sex.

In the distance came his agitated voice, "This is getting out of hand. I seem to be blowing it, so to speak."

Blowing it, indeed. She was the one giving him the blow job! And never had he received a better one. She'd bet any amount of money on that!

His lead-heavy balls were controlled a little by the way she licked and tongued them. Soon, though, she tired of this. She wanted to sample the end of his prick. Leaving the balls behind, she kissed back up the stalk of his prick until she came to the ugly purpled knob mounted on the end of his fuck stick.

Her lips closed over the glans as if she were dying of thirst and this was her only hope for water. Her tongue darted all over the stubby end of the man's prick, lightly touching here, pressing there, until he was dancing from one foot to the other.

"Can't seem to keep my thoughts straight. Take over, Doctor Marrick. I'll watch. Might as well make this amateur night in the OR."

The operation might be amateurish but the head she was giving him certainly wasn't. She knew she'd never done better. And she also realized how he appreciated it. When he turned the operation over to his assistant, he didn't back away from the table.

If he had, she would have been exposed. Instead, he stayed close so she never let the end of his prick slip out of her mouth.

She decided to give him a real threat then. She tried to stuff the end of her tongue down his piss-slit. It wasn't possible and they both knew it. It also gave them both a hell of a sexual charge simply in the attempt.

"Good work," Doctor Wilson was saying. Peggy couldn't tell if the words were directed at her or the other doctor. It didn't matter. She knew she was giving him the best blow jab ever. That was all that mattered to her.

Her head began bobbing up and down on his prick. When the bitter drop of pre-cum beaded at the very tip, her agile tongue quickly wiped it away. She made a face around the shaft of cock entering her mouth. It left a lingering, ugly taste in her mouth.

She knew, however, that it would soon be washed away by the creamy tide of the doctor's hot cum. How she loved the taste of manseed! She would do anything to get a mouthful of it. To let it roll over her tastebuds, stimulating her, making her into a complete woman!

That was living.

She was going to live life to the fullest that night. And she'd make certain Doctor Wilson went along for the ride. She owed it to him for letting her get by with giving him head in the OR.

"Careful, careful," he said. "Slow and easy. Yes, just like that!"

He might have been directing the other doctor. She knew he was telling her the tempo of face fucking she could accept. She was moving slowly, with great deliberation. Inch after slow inch of his prick vanished into her mouth, almost choking her.

She backed oft her teeth dragging on the sides of his cock. The ugly red marks were soothed away by her soft lips. The nurse knew she was giving him exactly what he wanted by the way he stood, the way he thrust his hips forward, the way his cock was pulsing rhythmically.

"Good work; very gooood!" the man was saying. Peggy assumed he meant her. What did he really care about the operation? The other doctor could handle it perfectly. No matter what was going on just inches above her head, the sucking nurse knew that the doctor was speaking directly to her. She was doing a good job. He was saying so.

"I love the way you do that," he cooed, almost silky smooth.

She'd finally penetrated the man's icy, aloof exterior. All it took was a little sucking on his prick!

She tightened her lips around the end of his cock and really sucked. If he thought he was getting good head before, she'd make sure he knew what it could be like if she really put all her abilities to work.

His fingers came down and rested lightly on the back of her head. He finally decided that he could take this liberty, that the others in the operating room wouldn't see him guiding her head in exactly the rhythm he desired most.

His prick vanished between her lips as she sucked in more and more of his cock. When the rubbery tip bounced off the roof of her mouth, she knew she'd have to take his entire cock. Nothing less would please him.

The insistent pressure on the back of her head made her gulp, then begin swallowing his entire eight inches. When the top of his cock passed her tonsils, she knew she had it made. For a long moment, the cock seemed to hang in the back of her throat.

Then he was firmly lodged in her windpipe. Every time she swallowed, her Adam's apple would bob up and down caressing the sensitive underside of his cock. She knew it was getting to him from the way his cock began to really dance around.

The movement became so great, she could no longer hold him in her throat. Besides, the gag reflex was beginning to work on her. She didn't want to choke. Not now, not with the most virile, commanding, dominant man she'd ever seen expecting the best from her.

"Keep going. Good, very goooood!"

Her bobbing head sucked up the end of his prick again after she had recovered from having it all the way down her throat. Face fucking herself with long, demanding movements, she let the friction build between her dewy lips and his jerking, fully aroused prick.

It didn't take long to get the man off. Her sucking combined with her dancing tongue did the trick.

The first spurt of his jism shot all the way to the back of her mouth. The creamy white jizz splattered on her tonsils and then dribbled down into her throat. This wasn't what she wanted. She pressed her tongue firmly over the end of his gushing cock and smeared every last drop of his cum against her tastebuds.

Only in this way did she get the full pleasure from his cum.

And then it was all over. His cock turned limp and fell from between her lips. No longer a fully man-sized fucking tool, it had gone back to sleep. It was hardly larger than when she had first seen it. Barely longer than her thumb, it was almost funny looking.

Peggy slipped back under the operating table, glanced about to make sure that the attention was elsewhere, then rose to stand beside the patient. She slipped her mask back into place and none could tell what had happened.


"Very good work, Doctor Marrick. Please see to the post-op, nurse. And Miss Martin, a word with you after the others have gone. I want to talk with you about your OR procedures."

She felt a tremor pass up and down her spine. What was he going to say to her? Was he mad or had he enjoyed it and wanted another taste of the sweet loving she could give him?

Whichever, a cold wave shot into her cunt and made her shiver a bit. She could feel herself beginning to get all hot and agitated by the time the patient had been taken from the room. This was the moment of truth. She'd see now if the doctor was human or not.

He spun and faced her, his eyes flashing angry black. "Goddammit! I've never seen such a stupid thing in all my life! Sucking my cock while I was trying to operate! I might have killed that man!"

"I doubt it," Peggy raid, suddenly more sure of herself than she'd been before. The man's demeanor was frightening, but she felt herself responding to him on some elemental level. She wanted him to order her, command her.

And she couldn't understand why.

"Oh? And what makes you say that?"

"You're too good a surgeon to goof it up."

"Well, thank you, Miss Martin. I'm sure the board of examiners will be happy to have you sit in judgment of all the malpractice cases. You are going to have to be punished for this. And I mean punished!"

The words thrilled her strangely. She understood the man wasn't going to ask for her to be fired. This was different.

"What did you have in mind?" she asked the raging doctor.

"You will address me as sir! SIR! Do you hear that!"

"Yes, sir. By the way, what's your first name? I don't think I've seen it listed anywhere."

"Arthur," he said in a weak voice. Then he snapped, "I want to see you immediately in OR 13. Immediately, for your discipline."

He stalked from the room. His words left her confused. Discipline? What did he have in mind? She couldn't begin to guess because he wasn't going through the normal channels for disciplinary action.

A board of directors would have to convene, look over her record, take depositions from all concerned, and then pass judgment on her. Doctor Wilson seemed intent on doing it all himself.

For that, Peggy was thankful. Whatever he did to her, it would be fine. Just as long as she was with him.

She tried to analyze what she really felt about the man. He was so forbidding it almost scared her. Yet, that was part of his sexual appeal. He wasn't the pushover Luke was. All she had to do was snap her fingers and Luke would ball her.

Arthur Wilson was a different sort altogether. She couldn't make him jump through hoops like she could other men. If anything, he was the one doing the commanding -- and she was willingly obeying. That had to be the reason she was so hungup on the doctor. He either ignored her feminine charms or was immune to them.

That gave him power over her that she enjoyed having over other men. He would never be her pawn.

She hurried from the OR, hung up her gown and went down the corridor in the direction of OR 13. She had to see what he was going to do to her for sucking him off during the operation.

"Hey, Peggy, how'd it go?" came the voice from behind her. She turned to see Denise hurrying along the hall.

"Uh, good, Denise, real good. I, uh, have to go see Doctor Wilson about what I did during the operation."

"Huh? Did you goof it up? Christ, as easy as it sounded, I thought you could all do it standing on your heads."

"Well, this does have something to do with my head. Look, Denise, I'll tell you about it later. Please. I'm in a big hurry."

"A big hurry, huh? Sounds like maybe you finally broke through the ice baffler and got a rise out of good old Doc Wilson. What about it, kiddo? Did you?"

Peggy flushed. Denise was momentarily surprised, then laughed. "I'll be damned. You did get to him! Good going!"

"Don't say a word to anyone. Christ, Denise, I may lose my job over this. I've got to talk to him about it right now."

"Sure, sure. But I'll bet it was worth it. Wow, you actually scored the great stony one!"

Peggy wasn't certain if Denise would keep the gossip to herself or not. The woman was intent on spreading the good news. Of course, it might lose Peggy her job -- or any nursing job, ever -- but that was hardly a consideration to the woman.

Peggy almost ran into the empty operating room. Standing there, his arms folded across his broad chest, was Doctor Arthur Wilson. If storm clouds ever took human form, they'd look exactly as he did. The heavy brows were furrowed and his expression never wavered.

"Miss Martin, you have much to answer for."

"Look, I can explain it all, Doctor Wilson. It was like this..." That was as far as she got. He crossed the room with surprising speed and grabbed her upper arms. Lifting her into the air like she was a rag doll, he deposited her on the operating table.

"Silence! You will be quiet when your master speaks!"

"Master?" she asked, confined.


She bit down on her lower lip. The man's eyes were glowing with an inner light she'd never seen before. This was a giant play he was acting out. And she guessed it was a sexual one. She had pushed the right buttons during the operation, but she wasn't sure she was willing to take the consequences for the monster she had put into motion.

He shoved her flat on her back on the table and hastily fastened the straps around her lush, young body. She struggled then. She didn't know what he was going to do but she didn't want any part of it.

"Let me up!"

"Silence, cunt. You have offended me and you must be disciplined. Harshly disciplined!"

The words rang in the empty room like a bell tolling. She felt gooseflesh spreading all over her arms. When he began stripping off her clothing, she knew this wasn't going to be anything like a verbal reprimand. He was going to take his punishment out on her sexually.

He was going to rape her.

She fought against the broad leather straps as hard as she could. It did no good. They were fastened too firmly across her upper arms and belly. She kicked and twisted, trying to free herself that way. It did no good.

He put up the metal stirrups used for a gynecological examination and firmly fastened her ankles to them.

She was stripped naked to the waist, her legs held up over her head in such a position that her cunt was widely exposed to the mad doctor. She'd never felt more helpless in her life. No matter what vile, horrible thing he wanted to do to her, he could.

Screaming wouldn't help. The operating rooms were all soundproofed. And at this time of night, the OR wouldn't be scheduled for use. She was as cut off as if he had her on some desert island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

"What are you going to do to me?" she stammered.

"Strip you naked, slave. Or maybe I'll leave the garter belt and stockings. Yes, those I will leave on you. They please me, even if your vile cunt does not!"

"Wh-why are you doing this to me?"

"Call me master, slave! I am doing this because you have failed in your duties and must be disciplined."

He finished stripping off the uniform and cast it aside. She was completely naked now except for her garter belt and stockings. She was held flat on the table, barely able to raise her head and look between her spread, elevated legs at the other end of the examining table.

She was as helpless as a woman can be and totally at the doctor's mercy -- if he had any.

"Yes, now to punish you."

She cringed as he lightly touched one of her nipples. She hated herself when she felt excited blood pounding into that fit and expanding the nipple. She shouldn't respond sexually to him. Yet, she was and in a big way. Even her cunt was overflowing with its thick sauces.

"Yes, that's the way I like to see my slaves respond to my touch." He continued lightly scratching her boobs with his fingernail. It didn't hurt. If anything, it tickled. And that was worse than if he'd torn out huge bloody chunks of her flesh.

She was getting hotter and hotter waiting for him to do whatever it was he had in mind. She struggled futilely against the broad leather straps on the table. She knew from experience it was impossible to free her legs from those hideous stirrups. She had been through too many coldly impersonal cunt examinations and she knew she was trapped.

"Go on, struggle. It makes my cock hard watching you." He ran down his fly and let his prick slip out. The limp worm rapidly changed into a long, rigid fucking tool. There was no doubt that he was sexually stimulated seeing the woman naked and helpless on the table.

"Wh-what are you going to do?"

"Rape you, perhaps... But is it rape when the master gives his devoted slave what she's been craving? Perhaps you will look at this as a reward. I don't care."

He moved and stood between her legs. On the end of the table, he towered high above her. He seemed to take on the proportions of a God. Never had she seen a prick so huge.

Then he dropped to his knees and moved forward. She twisted and turned her hips as much as she could. There was some movement possible, but not enough to keep him from plunging his cock balls deep into her cunt.

She gasped and almost fainted as his huge cock rammed into her hollow twat. She had been feeling such conflicting emotions, it took her completely by surprise. She both wanted him to fuck her and let her go free.

When he actually drove his prick all the way up into her juicy cunt, this decided her. She loved it. She didn't care what he did to her. As long as he fucked her long and hard and deep.

"Please, oh, master, master! Give it all to me!"

"So, the slimy cunt loves it, oh? Very well. I will give it to you!"

He began a gentle back and forth fucking that belied the tone he used. And then he burst into a frenzy of motion. His prick rapidly burned up all her fuck fluids he was drilling into her cunt so fast and hard. The motion of his cock head against her pussy walls drove her wild with desire.

"Fuck me, master, fuck me good!"

He grunted and doubled his efforts. She didn't think if was possible to feel so good after being in such a helpless plight. His thick cock was splitting her pinkly scalloped pussy lips and diving deep into her guts. And she loved it. She wanted more.

Then he was gone. All that was left was a hollow, achingly empty cunt. He had pulled out and wasn't fucking her any more.

"NO!" she cried. "Don't stop! You can't do that to me!"

"I can and I will. Slut. Did you think your master would really give you the privilege of feeling his prick buried in your slimy twat?"

He took off the broad, tooled leather belt he wore. He doubled it and gave it several whacks across his hand. The resounding slapping noise filled her with dread. Was he going to beat her with that horrible strap?

He did.

Once, twice, he laid it across her heaving belly. If left ugly red welts on her once-soft, tender stomach. Then he was strutting around, lording it over her.

"You liked the pain, didn't you? I'll show you pain!"

He pulled out a roll of adhesive tape. He placed two wide strips over her turgid nipples. It didn't hurt when he put it on.

When he ripped if off, she thought he had yanked off her nipples with it. Over and over, he repeated this scheme on various portions of her body. Some of her pussy fur was ripped free of her body. He did this to her erect little clit and she came.

The orgasm surprised her. She hadn't expected such a reaction from the pain he was meting out to her. But come she did.

When he placed a broad strip of the adhesive tape along her cunt lips, then yanked it off in one wild motion, she came again. She didn't understand how the pain in her pussy lips and clit and tits could bring her off. It did. That was all she really knew for sure, she was so confused.

"The cunt loves it, doesn't she? Doesn't my slave love it? Tell your master that she loves this!" He placed a long strip of the tape over her bush and pulled it off, coppery red hairs sticking to it.

"Yes, master, yes! I do, I DO!"

"Ha! I was right!"

And he leaped to the table and stroked gently over her agonized cunt. He seemed to like the sticky feel of the tape left on her bush because he dropped to his knees between her legs again. She felt the tip of his still erect boner pressing into her tortured body.

"Fuck you! I will fuck you, my slave, fuck you good!"

He began hammering his prick into her softly yielding body. Once again, Peggy found herself caught off guard. She had thought the merest touch of the man's prick would have revolted her after all he'd done to her.

It didn't when he fucked her deeply, she came.

The orgasm almost ripped the top off her head. Never had she been so turned on by a man. And this was a man who was torturing her, making her feel pain! She couldn't figure it all out. There was too much rattling around in her head, in her tender, tormented body.

The welts across her belly hurt horribly. The places where the doctor ripped off the adhesive tape were stinging. There was even a dull ache throughout her cunt. She couldn't handle all of it. She was certain the dilemma would drive her out of her head.

Then he really started fucking her with his long, impossibly hard prick. It wasn't the light, feathery touches he had used earlier. This was a real fucking. A fucking like only a man can give.

His cock drove mercilessly into her juicy cunt. She gasped when she felt it separating her inner membranes, then corkscrewing around inside her. He was making certain she was getting the maximum turnon possible from this fucking. Nothing less would do.

"Like it don't you, slut?" he snarled.

The words confused her more. How could the doctor give her the gift of his fine cock, then insult her?

The nurse struggled feebly against the restraining straps on the table. She knew it would do no good, yet she felt she had to do something to show him she didn't like what was happening to her.

Then why did she mutter, "Fuck me good! I love you! I love that huge prick of yours!"

She didn't know. The entire world was too confused a place for her to figure out at that moment. She hated the humiliation he was dishing out to her and she wanted more. It was too much for her to handle.

The cock fucking her well greased cunt was something she could understand. That was common, enjoyable. The pain and torture he was giving her was something she would have to work out slowly.

"No. I won't give you my precious cock. You have done nothing to deserve it."


He stood, towering over her again. Then he began jerking off. His hand flew up and down his rigid cock until a white spurt of cum shot through the air. The first gooey bullet of jism lilt beside her head. The next smashed mindlessly into her face. By the time he had finished, her face was covered with his jizz.

"There," he said, as if that explained all. He jumped down from the table and left without so much as a backward glance at the naked nurse.

"Stop, please don't leave me!" she cried out. "I love you, master! I'll do anything you want! Just don't leave me."

She cried for almost an hour before falling asleep.


Peggy didn't know how long she lay on the operating table, strapped down and dressed only in her garter belt and stockings. It could have been a couple hours, it might have been all night. She awoke, feeling tired and aching all over.

The circulation in her arms had become sluggish from the broad leather bands. They had never been intended to be left on for long periods of time. Used to restrain temporarily violent patients, usually a strong sedative did the trick and the straps could be removed.

She struggled briefly against her bonds and decided it was futile. No amount of wiggling would free her. She would just have to wait until someone came and found her, then released her.

The thought that someone would actually see her in this horrible state made her feel a little faint.

It was so degrading. And she would never be able to hold her head up with dignity in Mercy Hospital again. There was simply no way. She would be lucky if she could get another job in any town, much less a burg like Williamston.

Doctor Wilson had fixed her but good. He had disciplined bet, all right, as well as ruining her career.

The hell of it was that she didn't care. She didn't mind being tied up. The demeaning position on the operating table, with her cunt so widely exposed, was not that bad. She didn't even mind his jacking off in her face.

She loved the man. No matter what he did, she loved him. Somehow, the more he abused her, the more she tried to please him.

She wanted him. She wanted to please him in the worst way possible. And he had simply turned and walked out on her.

She had to get him back.

No matter what he asked of her, she'd do it. The commanding air he had about him was what she had been searching for all these years.

She could make any other man do what she wanted simply by snapping her fingers. Luke was a good example. The intern had the hots for her. All she had to do was promise him a little fuck and he would almost literally roll a peanut down the hallway with his nose to get to her. He was like some elemental animal in perpetual rut.

She enjoyed the sex with him. He was a good fuck. But it was too easy. All men were too easy to get.

Except for Doctor Wilson.

His aloofness had been a goad to her. She had set him as a goal like she had all other men. When he didn't immediately bow to her wishes, he became an obsession. She had to have him, no matter what. And when she finally got him to fuck her, he wouldn't even give her his prick.

He'd come in her face.

Her cunt wasn't good enough for his cock.

She hated him for that and loved him at the same time. Peggy was too mixed up to really figure it all out. She just knew he had humiliated her -- and she wanted more of it, as long as he was the one doing it to her.

"Have a nice sleep?" came the doctor's booming bass.

She struggled to raise her head. The caked jism on her face cracked a little and began flaking off as she turned to see Doctor Wilson standing in the doorway, hands on his hips.


"Good. Let's go to the therapy room."


"Because I said so," he snapped.

He undid the straps. She had intended running as fast as she could from him if she ever was freed. She found she couldn't move her cramped muscles.

Besides, could she bear the humiliation of running through the halls of a big hospital wearing only a garter belt and stocking? She didn't think so.

Better to wait and see what Doctor Wilson had in store for her in the therapy room.

"Here is a hospital gown. Put it on and cover that obscene nakedness of yours." He watched, a quirky smile on his face as she donned the awkward garment. He pointed to the door and simply said, "Walk."

When they got to the therapy room, Peggy was surprised to find it deserted. She glanced over at the wall clock and saw it was 4 A.M. She hadn't realized it was so late. She had been sure she'd lain on the operating table for at least twelve hours. Instead, she had been there less than three.

The room was filled with all manner of looming, stainless steel implements. Never before had she realized how much like a torture chamber this appeared. Some of the gadgets could be changed over to instruments that would have made a medieval torturer chortle with glee. A shiver passed up her spine as she realized this was why Doctor Wilson had brought her here.

He was going to torture her again.

She tired to run. He easily caught her and threw her to the floor. Sitting on her, he pulled out that ever-present roll of adhesive tape.

"You shouldn't have done that, you dumb cunt. Now I'm going to have to discipline you again."

He grabbed her slender wrists and pulled them together behind her back. Two quick circles of tape and her hands were bound tighter than any rope could have done. Every time she tried pulling her wrists apart, the tape stretched just a little and shrank in size until it was as if threads were biting into her flesh.

The doctor wasn't satisfied with this. He commanded, "On your knees!"

She finally managed to get her legs under her and rise to her knees. With her hands bound behind her as they were, it was more difficult than she would have thought.

With her hands only inches from her ankles, he pulled off long strips of the white adhesive tape and fastened her wrists and ankles together. She was now bound in such a way that she couldn't stand or walk.

"Now, off with that gown," he ordered.

"I... I can't take it off. You've tied my hands."

"You will call me master, dammit!" he flared.

He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her across the floor to a whirlpool bath. Two quick twists of the controls and the water was swirling and merrily bubbling in the pool. Peggy had always liked the soothing, hot water swirling around her before. Now, she wasn't so sure she wanted to get into that pool.

It could be deadly the way the man had set the controls. She couldn't be sure but he seemed to be in a murderous rage.

"Why are you doing this to me -- master!"

"That's better. If you won't take off that absurd gown, I must do it for you."

He advanced with a razor sharp knife, made a sudden lunge and neatly cut off the fasteners at the back of her neck. She had been sure that he would slice her. He hadn't even nicked her tender flesh.

Naked again, except for the garter belt and stockings, she huddled on the floor worrying about what he had in mind.

When he began undressing, she became more interested. He tossed aside his shirt to reveal a broad, hairy chest. Tiny strands were turning grey. This gave hint an imposing, dignified air. And when he stripped off his pants, his boner was evident.

The long steely erection poked out in front of his crotch. His cock was bouncing around in obvious lust. The only thing that worried Peggy was, lust for what?

Was it for the torture he could mete out to her or was it actual lust for her seductive body? She didn't know. And that was what scared her more than she ever had been before. None of this had gone the way she had planned.

When she'd sucked him off in the operating room, she thought one of two things would happen. He would either fire her or fall so madly in love with her, they could ball forever.

She never figured he would end up torturing her. Or disciplining her, as he put it. Some discipline!

The worst part was that she liked it, wanted more, and demanded more.

"Into the water, slut." He put his hands under her armpits and easily lifted her. With a twist, she was dangling over the churning water. Then he simply dropped her into the whirlpool bath.

Peggy was more or less ready for what came next. The suddenness of the hot water against her skin made her feel as if she'd been scalded. She knew this was a passing effect. Still, it shocked her. And trying to keep her head above the level of the water so she wouldn't drown was another big problem she had to cope with. Without hands to balance or hold her body upright, she was like a cork caught in a turbulent stream.

Spluttering, she managed to surface and find one of the low shelves in the water where patients could sit and enjoy the swirling hot water. Getting her knees up on it kept her from going back under the surface.

Then Doctor Wilson was in the water with her. He pushed through the frothy hot water and grabbed her by the tits. She sucked in her breath and closed her eyes. This was both painful and so delightful she couldn't put it into words.

The joy rocketing down into her chest came from the man's fingers pressing into her nipples. In spite of everything, she found herself aroused. Her nipples had grown long and hard. When he touched them with his fingers, she had gotten even more sexually aroused.

But the pain contrasted with the pleasant feeling of a man fondling her tits. The hot water had sensitized her soft, satiny skin to the point where almost any touch would be painful. And he didn't simply fondle her tits, he gripped them with fierce intensity.

"So nice, those tits," he murmured. "Why should a slut like you enjoy such lovely tits?"

He started rotating them in different directions. For a moment, the nurse thought he was going to rip them off her chest. Then he sighed and tried to relax. The soothing water was having its effect and what he was doing was no worse than what any other man had ever done to her.

It was only her expectations of what evil he might do that caused her to tense up.

The way his fingers shoved her rock-hard nipples down into the marshmallowy soft titflesh was so nice she felt like drifting off to sleep. The water whirled around her tits, caressing them, fondling them with feathery, wet fingers that relaxed. And then his hands pressed firmly into her boobs, stimulating her, making excited blood pump harder and harder into them.

Her nipples grew until she was certain they would pop. When he took her nipples between thumb and forefinger to tweak them, she almost came. The sexual tensions in her body had been building. Everything he had done was of a sexual nature and he was getting ready to fuck her. She was certain about that.

Her hands may have been bound behind her back but he could still spread her legs wide and drive that fuck stick of his into her cunt. He planned on fucking her in the soothing, swirling water while she was bound and helpless.

And she wanted it -- NOW!

"So you like this, eh? You want more?"

"Yes, oh, yes! Anything, master, anything you can give me will be fine!"

"So, let's see."

He easily lifted her by her boobs and carried her to the opposite side of the pool. The buoyancy helped, otherwise he would have torn her tits from her body with the move. Then a finger strayed down through her coppery red bush to find her cunt lips.

Stroking back and forth, he gently parted her pussy lips to expose the pinkly scalloped, sensitive inner cunt lips. She was gasping for breath as he stroked back and forth over them. Tiny bolts of electrical joy shot through her cunt and into her belly. He was being so gentle in turning her on. This was more like she was used to in lovemaking.

Then she screamed.

He had maneuvered her directly over one of the water jets. She felt steaming hot water smashing into her sensitive cunt lips. He held her in place so she couldn't thrash away.

Laughing loudly, he said, "You like that? You like the feel of the water churning through your slimy cunt?"

"Stop it, stop it! It's burning me up!"

"No, it's not. That's cold water. It just feels hot to you."

She tried to quiet down. Then she realized he was right. It was the sudden shock of feeling the water jet against her most sensitive flesh that startled her. And the water was hot in the pool. Somehow, her body had gotten confused and thought she was being scalded.

The nurse hated the man with all her passion. He shouldn't do things like that to her. She hated him.

But if she hated him, why did she still want his prick fucking long and hard and deep into her pussy?

There didn't seem to be any easy answer for that one. She drifted with the current until she braced her back against one wall of the pool. She was still having troubles hanging onto the sides with her hands bound as they were. She finally floated up and then begged him, "Fuck me. I need that cock of yours fucking me!"

"Call me master."

"Master! MASTER! Fuck me, dammit! I need it!"

"So you do, so you do. Let me show you how it can really be when a real man fucks a woman."

His hands slid smoothly around her silky flesh and he pulled her into the center of the pool. He was in a half-crouch and easily supported both their weights. He positioned her over his lap so that his cock was pushing powerfully up toward her cunt. She opened her legs even though it was painful in her hip and shoulder joints.

But it was sheer heaven when she felt his cock drive warmly into her juiced up cunt. The floating motion in the pool of water, along with the warmth, made her feel all cozy and comfortable. She could almost forget the way her hands were tied behind, her back and to her ankles.

He bounced up and down a few times to get his cock working in her twat. She wished she could reach out and put her arms around his neck for support, to show him how much she cared. She loved him more than any other man in the whole wide world and she wanted this fucking to be the best she could deliver, no matter that she was tied up.

She tensed her cunt muscles around his cock. She could feel the thick head of his prick expand slightly under her cuntal caress. Then he was puffing out of her. She felt empty, alone. She had to have his cock inside her pussy again.

It shot into her. She twisted and turned so that the prick entered her cunt in delightfully new ways. With the soothing water swirling around their joined organs, it was better than she would have imagined possible.

The water trickled by her cunt lips, then shot past the man's cock and balls to make him groan in pleasure. The water whirling around was a brand new adventure for her. She could forget the way her hands were bound. She could even forget her fears about being tortured by the doctor.

"You like this, don't you?" he asked.

"I love it!"

"It'll get better. When the water finally washes away all your cunt juices, my cock will begin rubbing your cunt raw. You'll scream in agony each time I fuck you. You'll beg me to stop because of the friction. Wait and see."

She didn't really believe him. The water could never wash away all her fuck fluids. They were too thick, too copious. He was just trying to scare her again.

Then she felt his prick fucking even harder into her cunt. She felt a tiny pang of doubt then. The lubricants she had always relied on to grease her love tunnel were being washed away just as he said. The man's cock was beginning to chafe and bum as he fucked her. She tried to back away. If only she could have a few seconds without that prick inside her, her body would manufacture enough love juice to make it right again.

He didn't give her the chance.

He drove relentlessly into her cunt. He was fucking her with all the power locked up in his body. And it was turning into agony for her.

The way her cunt lips split apart to admit his prick was delightful at first. Then they were being rubbed and the feeling of getting blisters on them occurred to the woman. Never had fucking been so painful for her.

"Stop it, oh my God, why are you doing this?"

"I like it."

She was crying now. She couldn't help herself. She loved cock, lots of it. And now she was shuddering in pain every time he drove his prick into her washed-clean cunt hole. If he had driven a flaming hot railroad spike into her, the pain couldn't have been worse.

She usually loved the friction of a cock against her pussy walls. The heat would warm her, then cause her to come. She was getting only agony from this fucking.

But, like before in the operating room, she felt a strange new tension building inside her. When the doctor reached down between them and lightly fingered her clit, she came.

All the while he was fucking her, his fingers worked on her sensitive little cunt. Usually this, too, had an ample amount of cunt juice to oil it. Not now. Even this pea-sized organ was vulnerable to unwanted friction.

He gave her all she could bear.

By the time she'd come again, she was positive she would never enjoy sex again. This had started out so beautifully. The water buoyed up her tits and made them float free on the surface. And the rushing water around their crotches had been so nice.

She thought she could have stayed there all day feeling the water wash by her cunt lips and clit.

Then the water evaporated all her natural body lubricants. She was dry, even if she was immersed in the water. When he really got to fucking, she thought immediately of dry humping. That was the way it burned and seared in her pussy.

But she'd come. She had responded to the man's vicious, planned tortures of her tender, young body.

And she loved him the more for it. He was taking the time to figure all this out. Never had a man premeditated a fucking with her. Sure, he was torturing her. That was the hard part for her to take. But he cared. He was showing her with every horrible thing he did to her that he cared.

"Please, master, please fuck me good!"

"Your manhole hasn't had enough, eh? You cunts are all the same. Can't get enough of a real man's prick. Here it is, then!"

He drove his cock mercilessly into her dry cunt. She wasn't able to maintain her position in the water. As the cock shot up into her pussy, she shuddered and came.

Then she was spluttering, trying to get the water out of her nose and mouth. She was drowning.

Peggy blacked out. When she recovered, the doctor was standing over her looking at her with disdain. "So stupid," he said. "I wouldn't have believed even an animal in heat would beg for cock like that."

She wanted to cry and laugh. He had fucked her to climax several times. But had she succeeded? He had done it when he wanted, on his terms, giving her all the pain.

He was still in command.

She loved him the more for it. No easy pushover, Doctor Wilson had maintained his dominant airs and commanding respect from her. She found herself head over heels in love with him. And hating herself for it.


"You look uncomfortable tied up like that. Do you want me to get rid of the adhesive tape?"

She looked up at him questioningly. She wasn't sure if she should agree or not. She was on her knees, just as if she were being prepared to be beheaded by some ancient executioner. Her hands were still firmly fastened behind her and then to her ankles. She wasn't able to move very well.

Tossing a coppery strand of wet hair out of her eyes, she boldly looked up and challenged him.

"Yes. Untie me." Her tone was one of complete command. He only smiled and nodded. Somehow, that was worse than if he'd yelled at her. She found herself anticipating something really horrible being done to her for this impertinence.

She followed his naked, wet figure as he crossed the room to a traction unit on one wall. She shuddered when she saw all the chains and pulleys and straps on the bed. It was something directly out of a torture chamber in some European castle. Sure, it was called a modem tool of medical science. The people who had been in the gadget knew better.

She tried to escape and found the water soaking her adhesive tape bonds made them even stiffer. She could hardly wiggle, much less escape this mad doctor's grips.

"So lovely, yet so stupid," he said to her. "Don't struggle. It will only tighten the bonds on your hands and feet." She'd already found that out the hard way.

"What are you going to do to me? You... you're not going to put me in that?"

"But of course I am," he said quietly, with menace. "You see, I'm going to fasten you spread-eagle on the bed, one hand or foot at each corner being placed in this leather cuff. Then, with all the winches and pulleys and so forth, I will hoist you into the air. You'll still be spread-eagle, of course. There just won't be any bed under that sweet ass of yours. You'll be dangling in midair by only your wrists and ankles. It should be quite painful after the first ten minutes or so."

He grabbed her wrists and pulled her across the floor to the bed with the traction equipment. At one time, Peggy had thought it was neat working in a place with such modem equipment. Now she was wishing she was in some back ward country where a hypodermic needle was the most advanced equipment they could boast.

She found herself totally drained of the will to fight. No matter what she did, the bonds on her hands and feet kept her from effectively fighting back. She was almost resigned to take what the man dished out to her.

And, in a way she couldn't understand, she rather enjoyed the pain. The pain came in waves and gave her a contrast to the pleasures she normally felt when fucking.

Her dry cunt hole in the whirlpool had been like that. She had enjoyed the fucking, expected to love the feel of his prick driving deep into her deepest recess. But he had turned it all around and given her pain along with the pleasure.

She'd come because of it.

Now, he was using the sure movements of an accomplished surgeon to snap the tight leather cuffs around her ankles. With her hands still tied behind her back, fighting him off was impossible.

Then he snipped her hands free. She wanted to fight. There was no circulation in her hands. They were numb, limp. She was his prisoner. No matter how degrading he became, she would have to accept it. That was all she could do in the circumstances.

"There. All spread open wide for me. But you're still lying flat on the bed. Let me give this a few cranks and we'll remedy that."

She felt herself being pulled apart, quartered like some thief of three hundred years ago receiving brutal justice. Then she was hanging in midair, suspended by only her wrists and ankles.

At first, she thought she could take it. Then the weight of her body started putting intense pressure on her shoulders and hips. She was literally being pulled apart at the joints by the man's diabolical scheme.

"So pretty," he mumbled. He began stroking over her tensed, taut belly. Then he moved underneath her and stroked across her asscheeks. They, too, were tensed with the pain and agony of being suspended in midair like that.

"You bastard! It hurts!"

"Of course it does. That's the idea. But soon I'll teach you to enjoy the pain I give. You'll beg me for pain. Not for pleasure but for pain. Just wait and see."

"You give me nothing!"

"Oh, wrong. I'm going to give you my cock. Now. I'm going to stand between those slender, lovely legs of yours, right where your cunt gapes open now, and fuck the living hell out of you. And you'll enjoy that. As you feel the pain in other parts of your body, you'll enjoy that fucking."

The nurse felt panic. She knew that was exactly what would happen. Just seeing the doctor's huge erection had made her cunt begin to drool in lust again. She couldn't stop her traitorous body from reacting. Even the way he had fucked her in the water had made her came in spite of no fuck fluids in her cunt. That didn't count to her body. All it seemed to consider was potential joy.

He climbed up onto the bed and looked down at her. Her tits were heaving up and down as she swung slightly back and forth. She had little potential for movement. With him standing between her widespread legs, his cock so near her cunt, she wasn't even sure she wanted to fight him off. This time he seemed determined to give her all the pleasure she could stand.

It was only fair. The pain lancing across her shoulders and through her hips was reaching the point where she was sure she'd faint.

"See it? See how my cock dances around in anticipation of fucking your tight little cunt? It can hardly wait. I can hardly wait."

His words thrilled her. He wanted to fuck her. And he was going to, even though he was still in command. She was breaking down those bafflers of his and making him do her will.

Or was it that way at all? Was he only using her as his toy? His plaything of the moment?

She couldn't bear the thought that he would simply leave her if she didn't please him enough.

"Fuck me! I need it! Fuck me good with that lovely prick of yours!" she cried out. And, she surprised herself, she meant it. She meant every word that passed her dried lips.

His hands moving over her tensed body were electric. The lightest touch made her gasp and beg for more.

He stroked along her slender legs. The muscles were knotted and tense. His touch seemed to relax them a little. He worked his way up the satiny inside of her thighs, almost to her cunt. He stopped short, teasing her, tormenting her even more.

His hands worked around to her ass. His fingers dipped between the rigid slabs of muscle to find her puckered anus. Stroking across it produced an electric tension in her body.

"Shove your finger into my asshole!" she begged. "Finger fuck my asshole!"

"No, my dear, I won't. There's so much more of your body to explore."

His hands stroked up her spine, then moved around to cup her tits. He pressed down, gently at first, then with increased force until she was sobbing from a strange mixture of pleasure and pain.

The pleasure came from having a man touching her sensitive tits. The way he fondled them was masterful. He knew all the right places to touch to make her come completely alive. But as he pressed down, mashing her tits across her chest, this increased the agony in her shoulders and legs.

He was giving both pleasure and pain with one motion.

"Don't struggle so," he cautioned her. "You might hurt yourself. You are young and flexible. This won't damage you. Unless you fight it."

He began stroking up towards the nipples on her tits. This pulled blood into the nipples and made her think the tiny red fingers of flesh would explode in a wild frenzy of desire. He pushed her boobs around in a circle, made her totally aware of how sensitive they were.

He was a doctor. He knew how to handle his patients. He knew all the nerves in a woman's body and used them to give the nurse all the delight she could stand.

But the pain was there, too. Always the pain. She couldn't escape it in her shoulders and legs and hips.

His hands worked smoothly down across the slightly domed plain of the woman's belly until he came to her still-wet bush. His fingers laced through the thick pussy fur. Stroking it like a small animal, he almost cooed.

"So soft, so lovely. And here is where my cock will fuck you."

His finger shot into her juicy cunt. She hated herself for responding to the man. Yet she couldn't help herself. He was doing everything a thoughtful lover would. He made sure she was primed and ready to receive his prick.

And, she gave her pain along with the stimulation.

"Get it over with. Fuck me, damn you, fuck meeeeee!"

His cock slipped easily into her tight cunt. He surged all the way up until he was buried balls deep. His loose sac containing his balls wetly slapped against her upturned ass. Then he was bouncing up and down to make his cock really sink as far into her juicy pussy as possible.

"Like that? Is this what you want?"


He began fucking her with slow, deliberate strokes. She felt her entire belly come alive. The way his prick touched on the nerves along her cunt walls was a revelation. No man was able to fuck like this. He was turning her into a quivery blob of jello. He was stringing her out such as had never been done before by any man's cock.

He was a masterful lover, a real stud. He knew exactly how to use his prick to the best effect.

She felt his cock slipping out of her twat. The vacuum formed behind it threatened to pull her guts out. She tensed up as much as she could to stop it from leaving her cunt. She failed because her body was manufacturing too much of her foamy fuck sauces.

He began driving his prick in and out of her so that she began gently swinging in her bonds. The added motion drove his prick even more deeply into her cunt. Every time she swung back and he speared deep into her, he ground his bush into hers.

Their crotches erotically mashed together, she felt her clit spring to rigid attention. Every movement was stimulating it. His pubic hair was lightly dragging over the tip of the sensitive little spire. As his cock left her pussy, this tightened the skin all around her clitoris.

No matter what he did, he turned her on even more.

She was openly crying now. No amount of pleasure could ever erase her agony. The nurse's shoulders felt as if they were inches longer now from carrying her full weight. And she knew she would never walk again. Those hip and knee joints were permanently crippled.

But the pleasure!

That was where it was at for her. She tried to concentrate on her cunt and nothing else. The man was a stud second to none when it came to fucking. He drilled directly in between her pussy lips and filled her to overflowing with his hot, long prick.

"More! Give me moooore!"

He laughed at her. "You like this, eh? I thought so. You will enjoy it and then... then comes the pain!"

She knew he spoke the truth. He wasn't the kind to give her pleasure without also offering the other side of the coin -- pain. Horrible, abject, degrading pain.

He was the master, she the slave. That was the way it was. And she didn't care. She was getting all the cock she could handle. That was what mattered, not the pain that went with it.

He began swinging her to and fro in larger arcs. Her widespread legs were quivering as he gripped them to push her forward. Releasing her let her entire body come hurtling down around his prick.

One instant only the purpled head of his prick was visible between her pink, ruffly cunt lips. When her body swung into his crotch, his entire cock vanished into her heated, steamy depths.

She felt each stroke as if it were the first of her life. The man was filling her with more cock than she could take. Stretching her delicate inner membrane with his huge girth, she thought he was going to rip her apart. And when she really began swinging hard, she was certain he would rip her apart all the way to the chin with his fleshy cock-sword.

His breathing had become deeper, harsher. He closed his eyes to concentrate on what he was doing to her. He wanted this to be perfect for him. Nothing less would do, especially with such a willing subject to experiment on.

She watched in fascination as the change came over him. His face softened a little and she knew he was enjoying the fucking.

The nurse wished she could say the same without reservation. The feel of the man's huge prick driving into her needy cunt was nice. It couldn't be beat. But why did he have to suspend her in midair like that? And the leather cuffs on her wrists were cutting into her tender flesh. If that had been all, she could have enjoyed the hell out of it.

The ache in her shoulders and arms had turned into raging pain. The only thing worse in the world was the feeling from her knees and hip joints. That was agonizing, almost agonizing enough to make her pass out. She grimly hung on and thought only about the joy she received from his prick.

When he came, his cock spewing forth its creamy load into her hungry cunt, she shuddered with him. The feel of that white-hot jism set off a come of her own.

Then it was over. The most intense come of her life and it was over so damned fast!

She realized what had happened. The pain had blotted out the joy too soon. But the climax wouldn't have been so good if it hadn't been for the pain in the first place. That gave her something to contrast her delights with. That contradiction made her feel fuzzy headed, confused and at the point of suicide.

She just didn't know what to expect next.

Perhaps that was why she was so attracted to Doctor Arthur Wilson.


She sagged limply in the traction unit. She was feeling the red curtain of pain surrounding her like a wool blanket. Her mouth was cottony and her head was about ready to split open from a headache. And those were the minor things.

The pain lanced harshly into her shoulders and down into her chest. Each breath was agony such as she had never endured before. The woman struggled a little and found out this only caused more hurt.

She stopped doing that and tried to decide what she really felt. Simply doing that made her head spin wildly.

Her shoulders were being pulled apart. The sockets ached with an intensity she thought reserved for the dying. Her arms had to be inches longer now than when she'd been strung up. The cruel leather cuffs cut brutally into her wrists and shut off all circulation.

Then there were her legs. She was spread-eagle and dangling. This put incredible pressure right on her crotch. She was certain that the slightest added effort on the man's part would split her right down the middle. Never had her cunt hurt so badly.

She sobbed as she raised her head and looked at her legs. They were beginning to swell from the lack of circulation. The leather cuffs around her ankles were too tight by far. Dangling as she was put all her weight across her hips. This gave an added pain for her cunt.

And still, she felt warmed by the man's fucking. She was too confused to figure that out. While he had been swinging her back and forth, driving his prick all the way into her cunt, she had loved it. She could forget all about the agony she was experiencing.

He was a master cocksman. Simply feeling his prick nudging into her soft pink pussy lips had been the highlight of her young life.

But why did he do these terrible things to her? She didn't know if she could come up with an answer to that. And there was another question she wanted to avoid if possible.

Why did she like this? She was getting off being humiliated and tied up like a side of beef. The worse he acted towards her, the more she loved him.

It was a question, which she didn't want to find an answer for. The very core of the woman's soul would have been laid bare if she had. It went to her innermost being and what she desired most from fucking.

"Ready for another little gambit?" he asked lightly. He stood beside her, almost face to face.

"N-no! Let me down! I hurrrrrt!"

"Oh, I'm sure you do. That is only part of your punishment, slave. You have offended me. Now you must pay the penalty. And it is one that I require, not the hospital and their bureaucrats."

"What did I ever do. To deserve all this torture?"

"What? My, my, I thought you would have remembered. Such a short memory you have, slave. Do you remember creeping under an operating table, opening nay fly and then sucking on my cock?"


"So you beg for it again? Very well. Suck on my cock, slut!"

He stood up on the bed and thrust his limp prick at her face. She wanted to reach out and touch it, fondle his balls, make it come alive. She couldn't because of the way she was bound.

"What? You spurn my cock! How dare you, slave!"

"Please! I... I can't reach it with my mouth. You've got me tied up too well!"

"Always quick with the excuse, aren't you? No more! You will be punished for this, I promise you!"

He reached down under the bed and picked up the broad leather belt he had used on her in the operating room. She cringed when she saw it. If he started hitting her with it while she was dangling from the traction equipment as she was, he could inflict great pain.

The strap rose and fell in one quick motion. It landed with a sick smack across her belly. She flinched but had nowhere to go. She absorbed most of the blow on her tender skin.

It left a huge red welt that seemed to glow with an inner light. The pain rocketed down into her belly, her cunt. And strangely, she felt her twat beginning to drool again. The pain was causing her to respond the same way that pleasure did.

She cried. There was no way she could avoid the repeated blows he was landing on her naked body. And she was coming alive sexually because of it. It was too perverted for her to bear. She blacked out.

When the world came back into focus, she felt incredible pain in her wrists and ankles, her hips and shoulders. Then she realized it was because she was no longer strung up on the traction rig. She was sitting on a table, her hands bound loosely behind her.

The sudden relief at being freed from that torture rack quickly passed. She opened her eyes and realized what he had in mind for her.

The doctor stood in front of her holding a huge phallic-shaped tube. It would more than fill her cunt. She was afraid that, if he jammed it up her pussy, it would tear her apart.

"No, not up my cunt! Not with that jar!"

"Ah, yes, definitely. And that's only the beginning, my cocksucking little slave."

She fought. But it did no good. He shoved her backwards on the table. She tried crossing her legs and closing her cunt to his invasion. He was too strong for her. She passed out again, as the cold, thick jar was crammed into her cunt.

As consciousness came back, she knew pain. Her guts were being rearranged in new and different positions. That huge jar inside her twat was doing it to her. Then she realized he had promised her more. What? How? She was scared that she would find out too soon.

"Back again to stay?" he asked. "Now you will suck on my cock. You have everything you could want. Your cunt is filled with a round, hard object which no doubt pleases you more than any cock could. And now your face will be stuffed with my cock!"

He jumped up on the table, his legs on either side of her body. His prick dangled inches from her face. She wondered if she should mouth it, suck and give him head once more. He had promised more pain. True the pain in her cunt was bad, but nothing like she had come to expect from the doctor.

"Suck, dammit, suck!"

As she leaned forward, she heard an electric swing click. The table on which she was seated began vibrating, slowly at first, then with greater speed.

The soft vibrations were intended to soothe people with back problems. It didn't soothe her; it hurt like hell. The jar rammed into her cunt began dancing around and threatening to cut her in a million places. She groaned and tried to accept it.

Then she felt the belt smash into her back. The cold words, "Suck my cock" told her all she needed to know. If she didn't suck on his prick, he would continue whipping her.

The tables quivering and making the jar drive deeper and deeper into her twat hurt, but the belt hurt more. She decided to make the best out of this sorry situation. He couldn't last forever. He had to give up on her before long. Then she could rest. She hoped.

"Okay, I'll suck on your prick."

"Call me master, you dumb cunt! Can't you remember anything!"

He beat her several more times with the belt. When his rage subsided, she leaned forward. The pain mowing into her pussy again made her came close to blacking out. She grimly hung on. Sucking on the man's cock had been a thrill the first time.

It would be again.

It had to be. She'd go mad with pain, otherwise.

Her tongue looped out and pulled his balls toward her lips. She sucked them into her mouth and lightly tongued them. She could feel his nuts stirring weakly inside. He wasn't turned on enough to get really excited. Not yet. But she would make him want her mouth all over his prick. She'd show him what a real cocksucking woman could do.

The table caused her teeth to chatter. Once she nipped his hairy bag and he bellowed out, "Do that again and you'll be sorry!"

She believed him. He was capable of inflicting the worst pain possible on her tender body. She wanted to avoid that at all costs.

She would be more careful in the future. She tried not to let her teeth hammer together because of the vibrating table. It was difficult to do; it was even more difficult controlling her nervousness. She surely didn't want to make a wrong move. He would punish her instantly.

The welts on her belly and back burned with intensity that she had thought only acid wounds could achieve. She tried to ignore them but found each breath she took reminded her more and more of them. But she knew they would multiply if she failed to pleasure this evil madman. He had to get his rocks off or he would punish her even more severely.

She tongued his balls until she managed to get a tiny moan from his lips. Then she began sucking even harder. She felt the skin begin to contract into a hard, tight little sphere. Still, his prick wasn't hilly erect. It was only half-stiff. She would work on it in a moment.

At that instant, she wanted to make sure his balls were churning up enough lava-hot jism to satisfy her lustful taste for it.

"Keep going, slave. That feels good. You suck cock real good!" he complimented her. She almost cringed as she heard the words. She was certain a stinging blow would land on her back. He didn't pass out compliments without pain accompanying it.

She was surprised pleasantly this time. He didn't swing his belt. She relaxed a little and kept sucking on his hairy little bag. When his balls started dancing around inside, she moved to his half-erect prick.

One long, loving kiss and she was sliding up and down the entire length of his prick. She pursed her lips and then really sucked on his cock. She fastened onto the side of it like a lamprey eel. She didn't bother letting go until she had left ugly red teeth marks in his aroused flesh.

"Bitch!" he shouted. "How dare you mark your master with your teeth!"

He began beating her with his belt but it had been worth it. She continued sucking on his prick the best she could, what with the beating and the table shaking her teeth together.

Soon, his arm tired and he was no longer punishing her with the leather strap. She fought her way to the end of his cock then and sucked it in. She wished she could have used her hands. If they had been free, she could have cradled his balls while she was mouthing the end of his glans.

As it was, she had to be content with simply pulling the purpled knob into her mouth using only her lips and tongue. Sucking harder brought the quivering tip of his cock into reach for her. Lips closing around it, she ran her head forward on the still semi-rigid prick.

"That's the way I like it," he told her. "Face fuck yourself!"

She couldn't do that. His prick still wasn't steely hard enough for such active fucking. But she could suck and she did. She gave his prick all the joy it could handle. He was gasping and dancing around from one foot to the other. That told her she was doing everything just right for the doctor.

She felt his cock hardening against her tongue. More and more excited blood was hammering into it every second she left her mouth fastened to the end.

Changing her tactics slightly, she tried to raw her tongue down the man's piss-slit. She couldn't do it. She knew it. He knew it. But it excited both of them simply trying. Her tongue wormed and wiggled against the pin-prick hole until it began to expand slightly. She knew this was a sure sign that it wasn't long before the man came again.

She hurried along with her blow job. She wanted to push him to the brink as quickly as possible. Nothing less than a perfect job would satisfy her. She wanted to prove to her master that she could obey his every wish and do it properly.

"That's the ticket," he said. "The bitch is learning how to suck on a man's prick. Good, very good!"

The words cheered her as if she'd been told she'd won a sweepstakes and would never have to work again the rest of her life. She was living only to please him now. Sure, he'd beat her. But she had deserved it. She should have been disciplined severely for what she'd done in the operating room.

It showed he cared for her. Otherwise, he would have totally ignored her. She had that much to be thankful for. He thought enough of her abilities to want to train her.

She bobbed her head back and forth so that she sucked harder on more of his cock. The tangy taste of an aroused man came to her tastebuds. She managed to nuzzle her nose into his thick bush. This gave her the added bonus of being able to smell the musky odor.

She was happy. Even if he didn't look at her again, she was content that he cared for her at the moment. Hadn't he taken the trouble to make sure she had something in her cunt before starting? Could he really know it would hurt her this badly? And with the table shaking as it was, it ground the jar even more brutally into her softly yielding cunt. But he couldn't know that.

He was just trying to do what was right for her. She knew it. She believed, that with all her heart.

"Keep sucking, damn you, you slimy cunt! I want to feel something! Not just your slobbery mouth all over my prick, I want to feel. FEEL!"

She redoubled her efforts to please him. How she wished she could use her bound hands! But it was not to be. She had to use only her mouth to give him the best head ever.

She started face fucking herself. With her lips pulled into an "O", she clamped firmly down on all sides of his cock. The way he stretched her lips to the breaking point with his huge girth pleasured her. She loved a man who was totally a man.

A big cock wasn't all there was to fucking, but it went a long ways. That the doctor had everything else was an added bonus for her. She loved his taste, she even loved the taste of discipline he meted out to her with growing brutality.

Her nerves were all firing out messages of pleasure. The pain heightened her senses. Without the pain to cleanse her system of all the old feelings, she would never have been able to experience the orgasmic highs with Doctor Wilson.

The thick purpled hood on tap of his prick spread. He was nearing orgasm. She wanted nothing better than to suck and suck and suck up all his pearly white jism. Her teeth scored the sides of his prick, making it ugly red. Then her soft lips soothed and healed any wounds she might have created. That was the best way of getting him off.

Pain, then pleasure. She was certain he understood that message. After all, he was expert at giving it. He could receive, too.

She felt his cock stiffen even harder until she thought it would snap. Instead, it began dancing and jerking hard against her tongue. She licked and stroked the underside until his prick exploded in a wild frenzy of climax.

She caught the first spurt across her tongue. The salty, tangy taste of an erupting man pleased her. She greedily sucked up every drop as it spewed from the end of his cock. Her tongue was coated with his gooey seed. She hungrily wanted more.

By the time his prick had begun to deflate, she had had her fill of his creamy cum. The limp cock fell from between her ruby lips. She licked up all the stray droplets of cum speckling his bush. Then she licked her own lips to remove the last of the taste-tempting heat.

He jumped off the table and looked at her in amazement. Then he said, "You can't get enough, can you, slut?"

"No, not if it's you!" she blurted out. "I love you! Do what you want to me!"


He gripped Peggy under the arms and pulled her off the vibrating table. As the vibrations stopped, so did the jumping bottle rammed all the way up into her cunt. She almost passed out. As long as it had been shaking in time with the table, it hadn't bothered her all that much.

Standing on her feet moved the jar in ways she didn't like to consider. It was ripping her delicate cunt walls. She was certain she would end up bleeding to death.

And when he reached over to her coppery-hair-rimmed cunt and gripped the bottom of the bottle, she almost passed out. He didn't simply pull it straight out. He turned and twisted it around inside her before yanking it out.

"I don't want to create a vacuum inside you that could kill you, you know."

She vaguely remembered the stories of the Hollywood star so many years ago who had killed a woman using a soda pop bottle in just that way. It hadn't killed her ramming the bottle up her cunt, it had killed her when it was pulled out. Air embolism was the technical term.

Peggy shuddered, thinking that might have happened to her. She vowed from that instant on to never have anything but a man's fleshy prick stuck up her cunt.

She didn't realize how prophetic that was going to be.

"Walk, slut, walk and don't you dare stagger in the halls. If you do, you'll really be sorry!"

She tried to walk as straight as she could. Her eyes were unfocused and blurry. She had almost walked out into the halls without a stitch of clothing on. Doctor Wilson had stopped her to put a dressing gown over here bare body. It felt scratchy and rough next to her skin. It had been hours and hours since she had had anything on, except for leather cuffs or bonds of adhesive tape around her wrists.


"Back to Operating Room 13. I want to conduct a little experiment there. Just you and some friends of mine!"

She didn't like the tone of his voice. But he couldn't really do anything to her. His prick was depleted and he couldn't get it up for some time.

Whatever Doctor Wilson was, he wasn't a superman. No human could get a hardon again fast enough to cause her trouble.

And she was right -- no single man could.

He guided her down the hallway, a hand on her ass. When she tried to go into an elevator, his fingers gripped her left asscheek and squeezed down hard. She was still wobbling around so his finger shot out and found her asshole.

This straightened her up. The suddenness of it made her pause. When his finger began working its way up her butt, she knew there was no escaping this man. He had her totally at his command when his finger began flexing back and forth in her anus.

"This is to keep you quiet," he said.

She moaned, then bit back her request that he finger fuck her ass. That would have been overheard by the nurse at the desk. And Peggy didn't want old Prune Face to know how much she wanted any attention she could get from Doctor Wilson.

"Good. You're behaving nicely, slave. Don't fuck it up now by doing something dumb."

He ran her into the OR and over to the table she remembered with such loathing; the stirrups were still up on the table. Nothing had changed in the hours they had been absent. It was a good thing he had come back and gotten her. She couldn't imagine a crueler fate than being fastened in that gynecological torture machine.

"On the table. NOW!"

His finger left her asshole with a wet plop. She almost staggered and fell over the table. She hadn't wanted anything to do with the table, not ever again. But now it was almost inviting.

She managed to ease her butt up onto it. Sitting took all the pressure off her still aching hip and knees. Her shoulders were still hurting abominably but she would live. If only he would leave her alone for a few minutes so she could recuperate.

He shoved her flat on the table and began fastening the straps around her body. With her hands pinned under her back, she had to arch her spine to keep from experiencing intense pain.

"My hands! Don't leave them underneath my body like that!"

"Very well. But you must promise to cooperate in my little experiment."

"Yes, yes! Anything! Just don't hurt me any more!"

He laughed harshly. "Hurt you! I wouldn't dream of inflicting any pain on my research assistant."

She didn't like the sound of those words, but she was in no position to complain. Even when he fastened her wrists in the leather cuffs on the table, she didn't complain. A faint cry of disbelief escaped her lips when he spread her legs wide and hoisted her ankles up into the metal stirrups again.

How she hated this tablet! It was so degrading being widely spread open and exposed for anyone who wanted to fuck her. Her cunt lips actually hurt from the separation of her legs. But she kept her silence. She had made a deal with him. No complaints in return for his not binding her hands under her body.

She was beginning to wonder about the wisdom of that bargain when he ripped the thin gown from her body, leaving her stark naked on the table.

He leered at her, then stroked over her quivering body. The flesh under his fingers rippled with gooseflesh.

"Cold? I'll see that you're heated up soon, my dear, darling little slave. Oh, how you'll be hot!"

She cried out when he applied the cold electrical conducting paste to her forehead. He continued smearing it all over her tits, especially on her nipples. Then he fastened on the electrodes.

"Wh-what are you going to do? You're not going to electrocute me, are you?"

"No, no, nothing like that. I just want to record your responses when the experiment begins. These record, not give."

When he fastened the electrodes on her head, it wasn't too bad. But the cold metal made her shiver when he pressed them into each of her nipples.

"I want to see what really happens at the tips of your tits when you have the living hell fucked out of you."

"But... but you won't be able to get it up!" she blurted. Instantly, she regretted it, even if it was true.

"Don't worry about that. I'm here simply to record your responses, nothing more. Others will fuck you. Many, many others will gang bang you."

She went icy all over. When a meter behind her buzzed, she knew he was already recording her responses.

"Very good," he said. "You almost peaked with that one. Fear, I think. Now we will see what pleasure does to you."

She lifted her head and saw a half dozen doctors filing into the room. They were muttering among themselves, then one of them said loud enough for her to hear, "Goddamn, but Art sure as hell has some fine ass up here. I never thought the old boy got his jollies this way. But I'm glad he does!" The others seemed to agree.

"Doctor Reinhardt, will you give her some of the laughing gas?" asked Doctor Wilson. "Not enough to put her out. Just enough so she can relax."

She fought but the man stuffed a gas mask over her nose. She tried holding her breath but that didn't work. She heard the hissing of the gas, then she felt as if she were floating away from her body. She was giddy, a little sick to her stomach.

Then she was completely separate from reality. Nothing about her was real any more. She could see the men gawking at her, one of them even running gentle fingers around her bristly cunt lips, but she wasn't really there. All of it was a product of her drifty mind.

"I think that should do her. She seems to be enjoying the laughing gas. Tell a joke, Doctor."

Peggy heard the words but didn't understand them. But they were funny and she couldn't keep herself from laughing hysterically.

"Enough. I concur, Doctor," came another voice.

"Fuck away, gentlemen. I will monitor her reactions on our valuable electronic equipment."

One of the men chuckled, then asked, "Who first?"

"Suit yourselves. I might suggest that, in the state she's in, you might try as many as four at a time."

There was more laughter, which Peggy didn't understand. But she was feeling so good, she joined in.

Then she gasped. Distant, a cock had prodded into her pussy lips. It was as if those cunt lips belonged to someone else but she was still feeling them, getting the full impact of a long, erect cock fucking into her body.

Then came the squishy noise of a cock reaming out a well-juiced twat. She realized from the waves of sensation rippling through her belly that she was being fucked by someone. Just who, she didn't know. It had to be one of the doctors that her master had brought in.

Her master? She shook her head. She was a free woman. She lived in the United States of America. She wasn't anyone's slave.

But her master had commanded her and she must obey. Otherwise, he would punish her. It was all too confused. She decided to simply lie back and enjoy the feel of the prick fucking her so avidly.

"God, she is a tight one," came a voice.

"Yes, and look at the meters. She's close to an orgasm right now. I didn't know you had that hot a prick, Ken."

Another laugh, then she felt a long, hard cock pressing into one hand. The command, "Stroke it" made her react. A cock in her hand. She could give this man a hand job while the other was fucking her so wantonly. With her legs spread apart, what better thing could she hope for?

Another prick was placed in her other palm. She now had cock in both hands and her cunt. This was living. But still it didn't stop. Another climbed up onto the table and squatted down so that his prick dangled just inches away from her lips. The cock was bouncing and slowly stiffening as she watched. It was getting too hard to remember what she should be doing.

Stroking cock with each hand was nice, but should she suck on this man's prick, too? While the other one was still fucking her tight little cunt? The orders came: "Suck his prick. Hurry!"

She strained her neck and managed to capture just the tip of the purpled knob in her mouth. Her tongue was becoming used to pulling in more and more prick without using her hands. She managed to tease his prick to a semi-erect state, then bobbed her head forward and gulped in half of it.

"Christ, if I hadn't seen this with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed it. Art, you're a genius!"

"I know. Look at her. Wanton and completely willing to do whatever I tell her. She's jerking off two men, letting another fuck her and all the time, she's sucking on a nice, hard prick. She's a marvel of the modem world. And look at the meters! She's already pegging the needles!"

She didn't care if she was pegging needles or not. All she knew was that she had more than she could handle. Her fingers were clamped firmly around jerking, straining prick. Her fingers managed a massage and caress the entire length of each man's prick.

Then she went down lower and began playing with their balls. This made both of the doctor's moan and move, just a little closer to the table. They were obviously turned on by the way she fondled their balls, made their cocks into hard fucking tools and brought them to the edge of orgasm.

"God, I haven't gotten off this fast since I was fifteen years old!" exclaimed one of the men. She felt his prick buck and dance, then hot gooey cum ran down between her fingers.

"SO move out of the way and let me in!"

She barely noticed a brand new prick being shoved into her jism-covered hand. The number of men in the room was growing. She had see five or six come in, and now there were an even dozen.

She sucked harder on the man's prick. He was leaning forward so that he could drive his cock directly into her face. She didn't mind if he face-fucked her. In fact, she liked it, wanted it.

It made Doctor Wilson happy. And whatever made him happy, pleased her. She was his to command. No matter how degrading, if he asked, she'd do it without question.

The man she was jerking off in her right hand came. Another moved immediately to take his place. She was beginning to enjoy this more and more. The feel of the hot, creamy jizz all over her hand stimulated her almost as much as the bucking cock she held lightly between her lips.

Her tongue rolled and caressed the very tip of the cock in her mouth. She wasn't able to suck much harder than she was doing. She needed more and more air. The dizzy feeling was going away but she was still floating a little bit from the gas they'd given her.

When she found her mouth filled with steamy, tasty cum, she knew the man she was giving head to had come. Everything was disjointed and vague to her.

Her entire body was quivering like a racehorse waiting in the staffing gate. Both hands were full of spurting pricks and the cum from the man's cock in her mouth dribbled down her chin. But she got the most out of the man still fucking her cunt.

She relaxed a little bit and let the sensations wash through her body. Her cunt lips turned bright red from the friction of his fucking, then the warmth spread into her cunt. And from there, it burst throughout her body like a spreading forest fire. Her entire body was consumed by the carnal blaze started by the man's prick buried so far up into her juicy cunt.

She tensed her belly muscles a little and felt the contours of the man's cock inside her. The way her cunt walls tightened around him, she thought he was going to come right away. His prick bucked and danced wildly inside her until she was moaning from the added stimulation.

The fucking was reaching the end because she could feel the man's prick expanding until it was swollen past the point where any normal man would have come. But still the nameless man fucked on.

Then it felt as if a firehose had been shoved up her cunt. The fiery hot tide of his jism blasted into her cunt and whitewashed the walls. She screamed then. Her tortured pussy wasn't able to take such a lava-hot outpouring. It was still trying to recover from having the bottle jammed up it while she was sucking off Doctor Wilson.

"Next," came the voice from between her legs. "I've had it. And God, does she ever have one hell of a tight cunt."

"So who wants sloppy seconds?" demanded another.

"Doesn't matter to me. Hell, if Jake says she's that tight, sloppy thirds won't bother me!"

Immediately, she felt another, stubbier prick reaming her out. The men had changed positions to give one the chance to rest. She tried to focus her eyes on the ceiling and failed. Everything was still blurred around the edges.

All that was sharp and intense was the feeling in her body. Where once pain had dwelled, there was nothing but pleasure now. The man -- men! -- fucking her cunt were giving her the ultimate human pleasure. And each of the doctors she jerked off were giving her a little bit of joy. She knew she was pleasuring them and that gave her a quiet sort of bliss.

Blinking her eyes seemed to form an image out of thin air. It was another doctor crawling up onto the table to get a blow job from her. She managed to get the words out, "Hurry, I want your cock between my lips! I need it! I NEED IT!"

"Shit, she's more than ready and willing, she's damned eager for my lovely old prick!"

"Yeah, you old fuck, she's ready for you."

"Up yours, Fred. Your prick's already shot from having her jerk you off."

"Won't be for long. I'm next in line after Matt finishes fucking her. I don't mind sloppy anything as long as her cunt's still nice and firm around my prick."

"God, it is, it is!" grunted the man fucking her. She was lost in a carnal paradise. The dock pressing into her lips had a new taste to it. She didn't know if she liked it or not. But she sampled it along with all the other joys Doctor Wilson had given her in this operating room.

She knew he was the one responsible for this. Him and him alone. She was forever indebted to him for giving her the choice of how many pricks? A dozen? Two dozen? Or more?

It didn't matter. She had two more fountaining pricks in each hand. She was making the men come faster than they liked, but to hell with that. She was the one on the receiving end of the pleasure. That was all that mattered to her.


Peggy had no idea how long she worked on all the men. It might have been minutes or hours or even days. She had all she could handle. And there was no need for her to eat or rest.

She had mouthful after tasty mouthful of jism. She drank more than she had in her entire life. And sleep? Who needed it? She was active enough to wear out fifteen men. That was what counted. That and how well she was pleasing her master.

Doctor Wilson finally called off the gang rape. "Has everyone got his rocks off?"


"You bet!"

"Couldn't be better!" came the answers.

"If everyone's had the chance at the opening of his choice, then split. I'll take care of all the equipment."

"You gonna take care of her, too? Or would you want us to do it for you?"

Peggy loudly protested, "No! I don't want anyone but Doctor Wilson!"

"That answers the question, Vic. Buzz off. I'd say fuck off but your prick might fall off instead. God, what a fucking this has been."

The men left her alone with Doctor Wilson in, the operating room. He silently shut down all the equipment and finally released her from the straps holding her to the table.

"You can cleanup and report back to your next shift. I'll cover for you if you've missed any work. I don't believe you have, though."

"I love you!" she cried out. "I love you!"

"Don't be absurd. We've had a little fun, that's all. Now run along and don't bother me again. This has been pleasant, but I couldn't care less if I even see you again!"

She sat on the table, naked and stunned. She couldn't believe this was happening to her. After all she'd done trying to please the man, he was turning her down. All she wanted was a little more of his prick. That would keep her happy.

And she'd be happy if he was happy.

He was her master!

"Don't go! Wait, I..." But it was too late. Doctor Wilson had already left the operating room. The swinging doors hissed behind him as he passed through them.

She was heartbroken. She could not comprehend that he had left her like this. She'd done everything he'd asked. She had tolerated the pain, even gotten to the point of enjoying what he was doing to her. And it was all to please him!

She silently put on a dressing gown that had been discarded and walked out of the hospital. No one even seemed to notice her. She was so dejected that she thought she might have vanished from human sight altogether.

At home, a cup of coffee built up her spirits a little bit but not enough. She had to find out if Doctor Wilson had really decided never again to see her. It might all be some elaborate joke he was playing on her. She still hadn't quite figured, out his sense of humor.

She rushed back to the hospital and boldly went into Doctor Wilson's office without even knocking. The man was reading a file. He placed it carefully on the table, then looked up at her.

"So? You've decided to come back to me. Of your own free will?"

"Yes, damn you, yes! I need you! I need what you do to me!"

He leaned back in his fancy leather swivel chair and bit down on the tip of his pen.

"DO you understand what you're saying? That you're begging me to torture you again?"

"Yes, yes! Anything!" she pleaded. "As long as I can be with you. I love you, I love what you do to me. All the other men fall over themselves trying to get into my pants. You... treat me differently. You act as if you don't care. But I know you do!"

"You're wrong. I don't give a tinker's damn about you."

"You must!" she sobbed. She fell to her knees and put her face into cupped hands. This was almost too much to bear. He had to care. He had to!

"However, even though I don't care one whit for you, I do enjoy a willing slave. Are you still willing?"


"Shut up, slave! You will speak only when spoken to! And you will always address me as master!"


"Get those hands behind your back!"

Before she could obey, he savagely jerked one of her arms behind her in a hammerlock. Holding her immobile, he pulled out a piece of twine from his pocket. Quickly, he looped this around her wrist, then grabbed the other and similarly bound it.

The twine cut cruelly into her wrists. But she didn't complain. This was what she had wanted subconsciously from the doctor. She wanted to be shown that he cared enough to do this.

"My cock needs attending to. Suck on it, slave!"

"Yes, master. Anything you say!"

She moved forward until she could press her face into the man's crotch. His fly wasn't open.

She looked up expectantly at him. He only glared at her as if saying, "That's your problem. Solve it!"

She figured out how to lower the zipper using her lips and teeth. She managed to lift the little metal tab and then work it between her teeth. A quick movement of her head brought the zipper all the way down its metal track with a metallic hissing sound.

His prick fell out of his pants, limp and needy of attention. She gave that to him. She gave it all she had.

She took the limpness into her mouth and sucked for all she was worth. The man moaned slightly, then took a step backwards. With her hands tied the way they were, Peggy almost fell forward onto her face.

"What?" she asked of the man.

"Suck, damn you, cunt, suck!"

She painfully worked her way forward. Losing her balance once, she toppled over. He made no move to help her up. She fought to get her knees back under her body.

Grim determination was all it took. She vowed to give him the best head ever. And she lumbered back toward his erect cock. The red shaft of prick was gleaming in the dim light of the room. Her saliva had made it glisten with a silvery glow that excited her more than she would have thought possible.

"Suck!" he commanded. And she obeyed.

Her lips closed softly on the very end of his prick. She tasted the greatness of his virility. The male musk odor came to her nostrils. Flaring, she took in an even deeper breath.

Bobbing her head back and forth rammed the prick directly between her lips. She face-fucked herself, slowly at first, then with even greater speed.

The cock bounced off the roof of her mouth, then plunged down her throat. She almost gagged, then caught herself. She couldn't even hint that she didn't want his prick in her mouth. She had to control herself while giving him all the expert oral love she could summon. That was the only way to keep her master happy.

And when he was happy, she was happy.

That's the way it worked.

Her tongue whirled around the very tip of his prick as soon as she pulled back enough. The man groaned renewed pleasure. She knew she was giving him what he wanted. She had to. The thick hood of his glans was expanding under her oral caresses. Her tongue was restless, giving and taking incredible pleasure.

"No more!" he snapped.

"But master! I'm just getting started!"

He took two steps back and she tumbled to the carpet again. Rolling onto her side, she looked up at the man. He seemed to tower over her, a giant among men. His prick was so erect, so firm, so completely virile that she felt her cunt beginning to water.

"On your knees, slut. And then touch your head to the floor in respect for me!"

She twisted and turned until she could get her knees doubled up under her. Then she bent forward to the position a slave takes in front of her master. She didn't like it. She didn't like it at all because she wasn't able to properly suck on his prick.

Then it no longer mattered.

He came around behind her and kneeled down. She desperately wanted to turn and see what he was doing but a cold "Don't move!" froze her to the spot. She had been ordered; she obeyed.

A knife blade ran along the woman's spine. She felt gooseflesh forming under the cold blade of the knife. Then it ran down past her waist and cut open her panties. The snicking noise continued and she felt the cool air from the air conditioner running across her naked cunt.

He had cut away her offending clothes to bare her snatch.

"Bend forward. More!"

As she did, she felt his saliva-wet prick nudge between her asscheeks. He was going to fuck her! She rejoiced. Then she felt his cock drive home all the way up her asshole.

There weren't any preliminaries. He didn't try to ease himself up her ass to give her inner tissues time to adjust to the unusual male invader. He simply fucked her butt with all the strength in his body.

She screamed. It felt as if he had rammed a white hot poker into her bowels. She felt the searing cock begin to move back and forth. A tiny trickle of blood lubricated her asshole.

And through the pain, she felt excitement. She needed this kind of treatment like a flower needs water. All those men who had been namby-pamby with her were forgotten. This was a man. This was how a man made love to the woman of his choice.

"Spread your legs wider," he ordered. "I want to see my prick disappearing into your asshole."

She quickly obeyed, although the pain shooting through her cunt was almost enough to make her pass out. She wanted to do whatever, he commanded, no matter how difficult it was for her. That was the only thing that would make the bound woman happy, content, a complete woman.

"Good, very good. I like seeing my prick vanish up your ass. And God, it's like a noose around my prick. Tighten your asshole, slave! Tighten it immediately!"

He grunted with pleasure as she did as she was told. Even though her insides were quaking with pain, she tensed up and tried to pull his prick deeper into her bowels.

He began fucking her then with long slow strokes designed to push her desires to the breaking point. She felt each and every stroke with her delicate membrane. It was as if he were rubbing her raw.

There hadn't been much spit on his prick when he started fucking her. The butt fucking rapidly wore it off. And without the natural oils from her cunt to grease the way, it soon began to hurt her worse than anything else she could remember.

"My ass is on fire! Don't! Stop it! I... I can't take it!"

"You will take it. You will enjoy it! I command you to enjoy my prick all the way up that shit chute of yours!"

He fucked her even faster. She felt his body slam into the roundness of her ass. Once upon a time, a long time ago, she had enjoyed this feeling. She remembered Luke, sweet, dumb Luke, who had introduced her to the joys of having her ass well fucked. That had been painful at first, then it turned into nothing but pleasure.

This started out joyously, then was subtly changed into agony for her. Everything Doctor Wilson did ended up that way. She wanted out of this but knew it wasn't possible.

She was under his spell. She would do as he told her because only he, of all men, had ever been truly dominant with her. How she hated the men like Luke! She could make them do anything she wanted. All she had to do was offer them a piece of ass and they'd fall all over themselves to get into her cunt.

Doctor Wilson had, been different. She knew from the first who was the dominant one and who was the slave.

He commanded. She obeyed.

"Oh, ohhhhh! My poor, sweet ass! You... your cock inside me is so damned fucking hot!"

She came.

She burned with renewed fury. Her entire body shook as a final orgasm smashed into her. Then she collapsed forward onto the rug, her hands still tied so that she couldn't break her fall.

She banged her nose on the rug. But it no longer mattered to her. She had found the one man in her life who wouldn't bow to her demands. He knew how to command and be instantly obeyed. She not only loved him, she worshipped his cock. He stood, looking down at her. His icy voice said, "Go on, slave. Kiss my shoes."

She considered it an honor that he would ask.

And she knew that if she pleased him, he might grant her the fine gift of his long, hard prick one more time. That was what she lived for now. That and nothing else.


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