Mom's rape cure

While the innocent are no strangers to violence, and never have been, the recent upsurge in criminal activity has taken a particularly grim toll of the unsuspecting bystander. And the reasons for their molestation's have been more sinister.

Today's newspapers are filled with stories of oil company executives kidnapped for political purposes, of young heiresses taken to insure the extortion of foodstuffs from their wealthy parents, or diplomats gunned down in foreign capitals because they represent views of a government hostile to some particular minority.

Some of these acts have been committed in the name of same cause whose philosophy is probably suspect and whose means of executing same are sordid. All this is done because, supposedly, the end justifies the means. Additionally, there are the crimes that bring monetary gain to the perpetrators, and suffering to the victims. But in either case, it is the guiltless individual who suffers.

The story of Tish Rancher is a case in point -- an innocent woman suffering at the hands of cruel and depraved people. Her story holds a lesson for an uncaring society.


Suzy Flancher lay on her back and soaked up the warm Florida sun, her eyes closed to the sky. Laughter came from somewhere up the sugar-sand beach, maybe from her brother, Matt, and the girls he'd located at the resort motel already.

From the other side, she could hear the low tones of her father's gentle voice as he talked soothingly to her mother and flipped shells into the tiny ripples of surf.

She started to sweat suddenly. She could feel the panties and halter of her yellow-and-green striped bikini becoming damp with it. Her young, ripe breasts seemed to swell firmly in the halter cups and stretch toward the sky, as if wanting to break free of the hot cloth confining them.

She parted her thighs slightly, and she could feel her virginal cuntlips bloat inside the panties, slick and moist with heat, and surprisingly sensitive.

She opened her eyes and sat up quickly, looking out over the ocean. She worked her mouth. She could taste it again. She could feel the sensation of it filling her mouth and throbbing and then spurting the thick, syrupy wads that had coated her tongue and burned at the back of her throat.

She shivered in the heat of the sun and its glare from the white sand, as if ice had been plunged against her spine. She swallowed and swallowed, even though there was nothing in her mouth left to swallow.

"Honey? Suzy? Are you all right, Suzy?"

Suzy stopped swallowing. She sighed heavily, her full tits heaving firmly on her chest. Her eyes closed again. She could feel the prickling sensation along her thighs of the bum the sun was giving her already.

"Yes, Mom," she said quietly, not looking around, not wanting to see the look of panic in her mother's eyes.

"Are you sure, Suzy?"

"Mom, I'm just fine!"

"Tish, leave her alone," her father said quietly. He raised his voice with false joviality and displayed the grin that was too ready lately. "Want to race me out to the reef and back again, Suzy?"

She looked around and smiled at him wanly. "No, thanks, Dad. I think maybe I'd better go back to the room, though. I'm starting to burn. I can feel it sneaking up on me."

She rolled over and got to her knees, her long yellow ponytail swinging from the back of her head and making a shimmering webbing of gold in the bright sunlight. She picked up the towel she'd been lying on and shook the sand from it carefully.

"Back to the room?" her mother asked, her voice still tinged with alarm. "David, I'm going with her."

"No, you're not," he said firmly. "You stay right here with me. She's probably right about the sun, Tish. She and Matt have been out most of the morning, while we stayed in bed."

He put his hand on his wife's shoulder and smiled comfortingly. She sat up quickly, shrugging his hand away.

"Matt..." she said, looking up and down the beach without really seeing anything. "Where's Matt? He can go back to the room with you, Suzy. Where's your brother?"

"Mother, stop it," Suzy whined. "I'm a big girl. I can go back to the motel by myself."

"But there might be someone..." Tish started, her voice rising again. David had cut her short with a grab and shake of her arm. She jumped back from him in her seated position and nearly screamed with fright. "Don't grab me like that!"

David held his hands up placatingly. "I'm sorry, honey -- I'm sorry. Calm down, sweetie, I didn't mean to scare you. Look, Tish, she's just going right over there -- just back to the room. We can watch her all the way. There's nothing to worry about, Tish. I'll watch her. You just lie back down and rest again. Come on, honey."

Tish bit her lower lip, her fine, even teeth nearly cutting the soft flesh. It was a sensual lip, even when trembling. Her eyes were blue, and her hair was tawny, a little darker than her daughter's.

Her tits were full and widely spaced, her thighs firm, her ass tight and round inside the taut, stretchy material of her white suit. Her features were pretty and young-looking, and she didn't look anything near thirty-six.

At least, she hadn't. Not before the night of terror ten days ago. Now she held her thighs together and her arms over her breasts, and her eyes were slightly sunken. Her lower lip was nearly raw from the way she chewed on it.

Tish closed her eyes finally, letting her husband's hand stay on her shoulder this time. She squeezed her eyes tightly shut. She tensed into her self for a moment and shivered once.

"I'm all right now, David," she whispered.

"That's my girl," he said, praising her excessively. He looked at his daughter and winked with a nod of his head. "Be sure to lock the door behind you, honey."

"Yes, lock it! Lock the door, Suzy!" Tish cried, bolting up again.

"I will, Mom. You lie here and don't worry about me."

She smiled at her mother and backed away quickly, finally turning to half run toward the motel cottage they were staying in. She saw her older brother splashing out in the ocean, having a fine time with three girls and another boy.

Suzy paused before the cottage door, the key in her hand. Her fingers trembled a moment, and her mouth went dry.

Damn her! Now she's got me doing it!

She rammed the key into the lock and twisted it, shoving the door open and stepping boldly inside the dim, coal cottage. Despite the show of bravado to herself, she shivered again and glanced around quickly, her senses alert.

The fear was unreasoning. But it was there. Her mother kept it there. There was no question in Suzy's mind that her mother had been far more affected by the night of terror than she had.

She made certain the door was locked. The air conditioner whooshed cool air into the cottage, filling the two bedrooms and the living room kitchenette combination.

Suzy couldn't help crossing over to her parents' bedroom and looking inside. Their things were in it. That was all. In the living room, her brother's stuff was arranged neatly at one end of the daybed. She went into her own room, looking first, and felt an undeniable relief at confirming there was no one else in the cottage with her.

She stripped off her bikini after closing her door and got under the shower to rinse off the salt and sand. While she dried herself, she looked at her body in the mirror, holding the towel aside.

Her eyes went up and down her figure. She saw the ripeness of her youth, the firmness of her tits, the nipples pink and rubbery.

She studied the pinch of her dainty waist, the flare of her mature hips. She saw the inviting roundness of her pert ass and twisted her torso slightly to get a better look at it.

She saw the dampness from the shower on her blonde cunt hair and the way her mat of hair really hid nothing of her pussy. The puffy lips showed clearly through the thin patch, and they began to swell apart slightly as she watched them.

She stared at the juncture of her thighs and felt the tingling sensations of heat throb through her young body. She tried to imagine what it would have looked like.

What it would have looked like if he'd fucked his hard, strong cock between her cuntlips and into her virginal pussy and had spurted his syrupy cum inside her young cunt instead.

She closed her eyes and shivered again. She didn't know why she shivered, why she felt so tingly all over tight now. She didn't know why she'd felt so damp and moist in her pussy on the beach a few moments ago.

Had it been the sun? Or had it come from inside, from the desires she couldn't help feeling?

The towel slid from her fingertips to the floor. She stood in front of the mirror with her legs braced apart slightly and her eyes closed, and she slid her hands along her inner thighs until they met at her cunt.

She cupped her soft, silky crotch and squeezed, unable to suppress a small moan. The pink nipples stretched from the ends of her tits and grew to ruby darkness.

Oh, why? Why hadn't he fucked her hot young pussy instead!

Sucking in her breath, Suzy turned from the mirror and went out of the bathroom and stretched out on her bed. She closed her eyes again. She kept her hand cupped between her thighs.

She parted her thighs slightly, her legs bent at the knees. She tried not to feel the sensations beginning to run through her body, but she couldn't keep them from coming.

She arched her spine and made her firm tits stretch upward from her chest. She licked her lips and tossed her head from one side to the other, knowing she shouldn't be doing this.

She couldn't keep the image of his cock from coming to her mind again. It bloomed there, big and stiff and pulsing redly at the end. The slit at the tip opened and closed, and she could see vividly the shiny, oily stuff oozing from it and clinging to the red glans.

She could see the balls, tight and rounded, nestled up under the root of his tremendous, throbbing prick. She could see all the bumps and veins again, and the way it jerked in his fist as he held it toward her face.

She tossed her head and let out a small city, trying to rid her mind of the unforgettable image. The tip of her finger slid up and down her cuntal gap as if it had a mind of its own.

The silky flesh sucked and popped with the wetness seeping from her virginal cunt hole. Her pussy became hot and bloated, the dainty lips puffing aside.

Her hips lifted and shivered. She clenched her tight, round asscheeks, and she couldn't keep the tip of her finger still. It slid and roamed over the puffy flesh of her cuntlips and nosed through the silkiness of her draining cunt honey.

The stuff was beginning to flow in obscene quantities from her virginal hole now. She couldn't stop it. It coated the tip of her finger and all the satiny flesh between her cuntlips.

Her clit strained from the top of her cleft, and her fingertip touched it once. Electric sensations shot through her and made her dry out and jerk her finger away from her clit.

She balled the sheet in her fists and groaned, her hips still raised, her ass free of the bed. Her pelvis tipped and rocked, and her pussy muscles squeezed and sucked almost angrily from being deprived of the sensitive stroking.

She moaned and shoved her ass downward, sinking it into the bed, and her legs jerked wide apart. She clapped her hand back over her cunt and squeezed the whole area of her crotch tightly in an attempt to make the tingling, throbbing sensations stop.

Rut they wouldn't, and she was soon shaking her cunt up and down. Her finger extended again, sinking into the soft, enfolding flesh with a sticky sound.

It probed into the satin folds of her cunt mouth. She felt her big pussy muscle contract wildly and try to capture her finger and suck it up into the sweet, slippery tunnel.

She groaned hollowly and let it happen, her hips shuddering. The tip of her finger entered her cunt mouth, and the virginal muscles pulsed and shivered.

She slipped it in and fucked herself with it until a stab of pain made her stop. She gasped, her eyes shocking open. Her cherry!

She shivered and couldn't keep from probing gently again. She felt the taut tissue stretched over her vaginal tunnel, and little sparks of pain stabbed through her whole middle.

"Ohhhhh, God..." she moaned softly. "He would have killed me!"

She sucked in her breath and visualized the big cock ripping through the tight barrier and plunging to the back of her spasming cunt tunnel.

But despite the little jabs of pain, she couldn't keep her hips from twisting and shaking. Her thighs clamped tightly about her hand, capturing it, keeping her fingertip imprisoned in the soft, hot, silky folds of her spasming cunt mouth.

Her muscles sucked and pulled at her finger, and she twisted the probing digit around and around just inside her pussy mouth. Then it went deeper.

"Ah!" she cried sharply. "I broke it!"

She shivered wildly, and the fear and horror that had been on her mother's face and in her voice that night thundered through her and made her jerk her finger from her spasming hole.

There was the pain again, startling her. She looked at her finger. There was no blood on it, only slippery cunt honey. She lifted up and spread her thighs wide and looked into her cunt hole fearfully, holding the lips aside with her fingertips.

It was still there! She could see it!

Bent nearly double, she gazed at her cunt for a long moment, really looking at it for the first time. She saw the pinkness, the wetness of her slick juices, the little quivers of her muscles.

She saw how bloated and puffy her cuntlips were, how the blonde curls waved and stretched from the outer surface as her heart pumped and her pussylips alternately swelled and shrank.

She saw the little button of her clit stretching from under its tented hiding place, the tip red and throbbing. She touched it experimentally and felt electric shocks surge through her body.

"Ohhhhhh, God!" she whispered.

She ran her fingertip along one side of the little root of her clit and then the other, and the tips of her tits swelled redly, becoming hard and rubbery.

But the most thrilling discovery was the ragged hole in the taut, pink membrane of her cherry. She understood what had happened now. Her finger had gone through the hole into the silky, wet recesses of her cunt and hadn't broken her cherry at all!

Spreading her cuntlips wide with the fingers of one hand, she bent far over and saw her pussy mouth stretch open. She placed the tip of her finger into it carefully, aiming it for the fringed hole.

She saw it go through. She felt the first joint wriggle against her virginal cunt walls on the other side of the barrier, and her twat spasmed and contracted all over.

"Ahhhhhh, God!" she cried tightly, falling onto her back again, keeping her hand braced tightly against her pubic bone.

Her hips lifted and shook. Her cunt squeezed and sucked at the foreign invader into its silky depths. She pushed her finger up her cunt a little farther, and her tits swelled from her chest with unbearable heat.

"Ahhhhh, God!" she cried. "This is what it would have felt like! Only more! So much bigger!"

She squeezed her eyes shut, and the image of his cock flared in her mind, huge and throbbing, bursting with passion and syrupy sperm, the head swollen and broad and fucking up into her virginal body.

She churned and thrashed on the bed and made her finger writhe and twist inside her cunt. She fucked herself with wild abandon and great caution at the same time.

Every time her finger threatened to rupture her cherry, the pain made her gasp and take greater caution. But the sensations building up inside her body were not to be denied.

Nor were the memories of that night she and her mother had been at home and her mother had answered the door. Two of them had burst into the house, drunk or high on something and absolutely wild.

The first one grabbed her mother and held her tightly. The other one whipped through the house and found Suzy and dragged her into the living room.

Tish screamed with terror as she watched Suzy's blouse ripped from her chest. And then she screamed again as her dress was yanked to her waist and her panties were tipped off.

Suzy didn't know why the one attacking her hadn't raped her cunt. Maybe it was because he had trouble undoing the tricky catch on her tight shorts.

He'd grabbed her tits in his hands and squeezed them. Then he'd pushed down on the tops of her shoulders and forced her to her knees, working his prick out of his fly at the same time, jacking it hard and throbbing with his fist as he cupped the back of her head and brought her face-to-face with the first steel-hard cock of her young life.

"No! No-No!" Tish had screamed.

Suzy had seen her from the corner of her eye. The other one was bending her mother over the arm of the couch, belly down, making her naked, tight ass flare up and back.

He got between her legs and kicked them apart, listing his fat prick to hardness, staring down into the deep, shadowy cleft of her asscheeks.

Then he'd surged forward, aiming his cock toward Tish's pink-brown asshole Suzy remembered the way her mother's neck had stretched forward and her head had lifted.

She remembered the look of startled terror on her mother's face as the fat cock pushed in and in at the little hole and then popped through the tight anal ring and fucked up Tish's ass.

"Yaaaaaaagh!" her mother had screamed. That was when Suzy's mouth had become full of prick. Hard, throbbing, salty prick. The head slipped between her soft lips and filled her mouth.

The veins and bumps rippled over her tongue, and the swollen, velvety cockhead reached for the back of her throat, bumping there, nearly gagging her.

"Christ, what a tight asshole!" the man fucking her mother's ass cried.

"Ahhhhh, stop! You're killing me!" Tish screamed.

"Suck it, you young bitch -- suck my cock!" the other growled at Suzy, cupping the back of her head, forcing her mouth on and off his prick, forcing her mouth to fuck him.

Suzy wriggled her fingertip in the depths of her virginal cunt and remembered it all vividly. Her head tossed back and forth. She couldn't keep her tongue from sliding between her soft, swollen lips as if it were the big prick fucking her there again.

She moaned and switched her ass over the bed. She remembered the way her mother's round asscheeks flattened and rounded again as the man's thighs banged against them with powerful thrusts.

She remembered the sucking sounds coming from her mother's ass as the fat prick fucked hi and out of it and pulled her pussylips open with each inward lunge.

She could taste the trickle of cum bursting through her senses once more, burning at the back of her throat, coating her tongue and lips and the roof of her mouth.

She remembered the grunt of satisfaction from the one pounding his hips against her mother's ass. Then the wail of her mother as she knew the explosion from his full prick was coming and was going to flood her dark, clinging ass tunnel.

"Oh, no-o-o!" Tish groaned, now sobbing. "Oh, God -- God, no!"

"Here it comes, bitch! Right up your asshole! Get ready! Ahhh, that's it! Squeeze my prick tight! Ha-a-a, ya cunt! You're coming with me, ain'tcha?" he laughed wildly. "Like all that meat up your ass, don'tcha? Come! Come!"

"No-o-o!" Tish moaned, lifting her head, the sound nearly a bovine mooing. But there was a thrilled quality to the sound, and Suzy couldn't help turning her eyeballs to the side to watch.

Her mother's ass was shaking! Her pussylips were bloated and puffing down from the bottom of her crotch, and they were dripping with cunt honey!

"Mmmmmmm!" Suzy moaned in the back of her throat, unable to say any more because of the way her mouth was stuffed with draining, throbbing prick.

"Yaaaaaaagh!" Tish cried, her groan blending with the growl of completion from the man fucking her.

"Suck it up with your spasming asshole, bitch!" he yelled, jamming his thighs tightly against her asscheeks, his cock throbbing and jerking inside the dark tunnel.

Sperm hosed from his prick. It bolted up Tish's ass, flooding the soreness away. He fucked back and forth, and the motion made sperm bubble from the tiny hole and make sucking sounds of wetness in the room.

Suzy saw the whitish syrup run down her mother's crotch to her pussylips and cling to them. She could see her mother's cunt mouth sucking and spasming as she came in spite of herself, and Suzy felt her own pussy and asshole tingle unbearably.

Then her attention went from her mother's spasming body to the feel of the bucking cock in her mouth. She felt the glans swell and throb at the back of her throat. She felt the stretch of hard prick in her mouth, the bumping of hard balls against her chin.

Then it came. Bolting, jetting, hosing -- flooding her mouth, searing the back of her throat, filling her emotions with dizzying jolts of lewdness.

"Arrrrgh, drink it! Every fuckin' drop, baby! Ahhhhh, what a cocksucker!"

He grabbed the back of her head and mashed her face against his abdomen. His prick fucked into the back of her throat, going around some kind of corner there, and she felt the throbs of jism bolt straight into her belly.

"Ahhhhh, Suzy! My daughter! Ohhhhh, don't do that to my daughter!" Tish cried, over and over.

"Shut up, bitch, or I'll do it to you!" the man growled, jabbing his fat cock up her ass with punishing lunges.

He pulled his prick out. Sperm dangled from the end of it and smeared over Tish's asscheeks. He pushed down at the middle of her back and held her flailing body there. He put his fingers on her pussy mouth and spread the lips wide, cackling over the wetness seeping from her hot hole.

He began to aim his cock and fuck her there while Tish screamed with outrage, as if it would be worse to have her cunt raped than her asshole.

Suzy felt the drained cock slip back up her throat and from between her compressed lips, and she tasted the pungent sap that drained onto her tongue.

That was when the door opened. That was when Matt and her father came in from their Friday-night shopping at the hardware store. Her father had a gallon bucket of paint in his hand.

Matt had a roller with a broom handle attachment. The two men looked around. David swung the gallon bucket. The side buckled against the ass-fucker's head. The lid flew off, and thick paint flew in huge gouts over the man, over Tish, the couch, the rug and walls and David himself.

Matt made a baseball bat of the roller handle and whacked the other one on the side of his skull. The stick cracked in half and flew into a lamp, crashing it to the floor. The man grunted and crumpled where he stood, his prick wobbling and still draining sperm, the stuff trailing over Suzy's swollen lip and naked tits as he went down.

Suzy tossed her head on the bed and shook that part of the memory from her mind. She backed up and saw the cum bubbling from her mother's asshole again.

She tasted the wads of it bolting into her mouth and could nearly feel the throbs of the ejaculating cock once more. She remembered the sight of the drooling prickhead nudging into the hot, slippery folds of her mother's spasming pussy, and she wriggled her finger in her cunt one more time and came violently.

"Ah! Ahhhhhgh! Ohhhhh, God!" she cried tightly.

Her hips arched and shook. Her asscheeks clenched. Her pussy spasmed and pulsed around her finger, and she imagined it was his cock bucking and jerking there instead of in her mouth this time.

Her legs quivered along the bed as she came hard. Her hand squeezed her cunt tightly, and her finger stretched as far through the hole in her cherry as she could make it reach.

She nearly blacked out with the intensity of it. She heard a buzzing sound that grew loud and then faded again. When it was finally gone, she slipped her finger from her tingling pussy mouth and felt the wetness of her honey streak along her thigh.

Like sperm, she thought.

She twisted her head to the side and groaned with shame. She had come very hard. She shouldn't have come at all. She should have been horrified by the memory, just the way her mother was.

Just as she'd done a few moments ago on the beach, her mother went frantic with the memory. On one level, Suzy could understand why her mother did that. But on another level, she wasn't so certain why.

Tish had come. She'd orgasmed wildly. A decent woman wasn't supposed to come when she was being raped up her ass, but Tish had done just that. There wasn't any doubt of it in Suzy's mind, and she had to wonder if that was what terrified her mother so -- the knowledge that she had been so shamefully indecent.

Suzy hadn't come. But the man had fucked her mouth instead of her cunt or whole. Would she have come too, just as indecently and wantonly as her mother had?

Suzy opened her eyes and shivered. She felt the wetness of her pussy juice drying on her finger and inner thigh, and she was afraid she knew the answer.

She came furiously every time she masturbated and thought about it, and the memory shouldn't even make her hot. It should revolt her. It should make her gag and feel sick. It should terrify her, just as it did her mother.

But the memory of that hard, spurting cock her mouth had sucked on so hard didn't do that to her at all, and she felt ashamed.

"Ohhhhhh, God," she moaned softly, rolling to her side, clamping her thighs tightly together, pressing in against her offending, betraying cunt.

The lips tingled. Her mouth still fluttered from the strong orgasm. She shut her eyes again and wished the sensations would go away and not haunt her.

The last thought in her mind before she fell asleep was the question she couldn't stop asking herself: What would his cock have felt like fucking into my cunt?


A moan woke her. It was faint, nearly inaudible. She wondered if she'd heard anything at all, and then she heard it again. There was something about the quality of the moan that sent a chill through her naked body.

She lifted up from the bed and listened and heard it again. It was her mother. The sound brought memory rushing back. It was the same chilling kind of moan her mother had emitted when there was no doubt that she was going to be raped.

It came again. Suzy heard her father's voice, soft and soothing. Suzy sighed. Her mother was at it again, remembering. She got off the bed and picked her bikini up from the floor. She started to slip into it, until she felt how clammy the air conditioner had made the damp material.

She selected a pair of tight shorts from her dresser instead, and was searching for panties when she heard her father's voice turn impatient and strained.

She listened again. She heard him talking, but she couldn't make out the words. She cracked open the bedroom door and saw that their door wasn't closed all the way. She heard her father distinctly then.

"Tish, you've got to stop this!" he groaned. "God, look at it! Honey, I love you and need you, and it's as stiff as a board! You said you could do it. That's why we came back from the beach. You can't keep telling me you can and then turn me away when you get me like this! Christ, I can't take much more, Tish!"

"I'm sorry, David!" Tish wailed. "Oh, God -- cover it up! Don't make me look at it!"

"We can get under the covers. Tish -- you won't have to look at it then," he gasped.

"But I'll still feel it, David -- f-fucking up my... into my pussy... ohhhhh, I can't, David, I just can't do it yet!"

Suzy sucked in her breath. In spite of herself, she felt her pussylips grow warm and bloat apart again with quick heat.

Shame coursed through her. How could the sound of her mother's pleading not to be fucked make her hot!

The shorts dangled from the tips of her fingers. Her tits heaved on her chest. She felt her asscheeks quiver and clench tightly at the thought, and she sucked in her breath again and again, knowing that the sight of her mother being fucked up her ass had been intensely thrilling after all!

Daringly, Suzy slipped through the door and tiptoed across the living room, carrying her shorts with her. She cast a quick glance at the front door to make sure Matt wasn't anywhere around.

Just in case he might be, she stepped quietly into her shorts, puffing the tight garment up her legs, wriggling her hips to get the shorts over the round globes of her asscheeks and snugging them up over her excited cunt.

Her tits were still bare, and she thought about hurrying back to her room for a pullover, but the sound of her father's voice stopped her.

"Damn it, Tish, I need a fuck!"

"David, I can't! I'm sorry, honey!"

"I've never been this horny in my life, Tish, I swear it!"

"Don't press me, David! It isn't fair! God, what kind of animal are you! It's only been a few days -- you can't be that horny!"

"It's been nearly two weeks since it happened, Tish," he countered, his voice scratchy. "And it had been a week before that since the last time we had a party. We were going to have one that night, remember?"

"No! I don't remember!" Tish cried. "I don't keep a calendar of when we fuck!"

There was a moment of strained silence. Suzy edged closer, her heart pounding. She couldn't help but take sides while she listened. At first, she'd agreed with her mother. But now she wasn't so sure.

She put her eye to the partly open door and could see them. They were lying on the bed. Her mother's suit wasn't even off. But her father's trunks were, and his cock soared like a pipe from his loins, stiff and trembling with heat.

Tish sat up suddenly, leaning on one arm. She looked at her husband's towering cock and then turned her head away with a gasp, covering her mouth with her hand.

"God, David -- put it away! Don't make me look at your cock any more!"

"Goddamn," he swore softly. "You used to like to look at it. You used to kiss it and fondle it and guide it into your hot pussy as if you couldn't get enough of it. You used to... ohhhhh, Tish, do that, at least!"


"Play with it, honey! That won't remind you of what he did. Ohhhh, jack me off! Do something, Tish! I ache all over! God, honey, my balls."

"No, no!"

Suzy looked at the towering prick and watched it jerk and throb and pulse. She licked her lips and couldn't keep from trying to slide her hand into her shorts to fondle her pussy.

They were too tight around her hips to let her hand into them. She unhooked the waist catch and unzipped the fly and pushed them down over her naked ass so that her cunt was bare. She cupped her hand under her crotch and stood there, at the cracked door and played with her pussy again, the shorts wadded at the tops of her thighs.

She wished she were in there on the bed next to her father. She'd play with his stiff prick all he wanted!

The thought spun through her head as soon as the desire hit her. That was terrible!

Play with her father's cock? Jack him off the way he wanted? Let his beautiful, towering prick be the one to rip through her taut cherry and fuck to the back of her virginal cunt?

Suzy shivered wildly and nearly moaned aloud with the illicit sensations soaring through her body. Something had happened to her since that night. Never before had she thought of sliding her hot, sucking cunt down around her father's cock.

She should be feeling the things her mother felt now. She should hate the sight of a stiff prick -- fear it. But she didn't, and she couldn't help it.

Right now, she could feel the warm, sticky flow of her cunt honey leaking from inside her sweet tunnel again. It coated her squeezing fingers and ran into the palm of her hand.

Would it be as shameful to want to suck his prick off for him? She knew how now. She'd done it once. She'd done that to a raping, vicious cock. What would it be like to suck off her loving, sweet father's prick and swallow down his wads of jacking hand increased.

Tish sucked in her breath and held it. She watched his fist slide up and down his prick. In spite of herself, her nipples began to stiffen.

"Oh, David..." she said softly.

"Ohhhhhh honey -- I'm so horny!"

With his free hand, he reached slowly and gently forward. Tish watched him. His fingers just touched the end of her nipple, and his hips began tossing on the bed as he fucked his cock into his jacking hand.

When Tish sucked in her breath, he took his fingers from her nipple, not wanting to frighten her again. He held her hand. Then he slowly drew her hand toward his middle.

"Help me, Tish," he pleaded softly.

Her fingers touched his throbbing cock. They nearly wrapped around it and began jacking it for him. She opened her eyes wide, and her lips parted. A thin squeal came from her mouth.

"Eeeeeee, no!" she cried, trying to yank her hand back.

"Now! Now!" David cried, lifting his hips. "Honey, touch it again! Just touch it! Ahhhhhgh!"

Suzy stared. She watched the cum bolt from his prick. The glans swelled and pulsed redly. The big eye at the tip opened wide. White syrup shot wildly from it and arced through the air, spattering on her mother's wrist.

"Ahhhhhgh!" Tish cried wildly, jerking and pulling, trying to free her hand from his tight grip. "Ahhhh, honey, I'm coming!" David cried tightly, thrashing on the bed, his prick spewing endless streams of jism.

Tish looked at her wrist. She saw the strings of cum dangling from her. Horror twisted her face, and she screamed again. "It's running down her chin!" she cried. "Oh, God! God!"

Suzy's pelvis jerked and rocked. She felt another orgasm whip through her young loins. The flavor burst through her senses again as she watched her father's sperm stream from his prick. She smacked her lips and swallowed, just as she had when the stuff had bolted into her mouth and spurted from between her lips and dribbled off her chin.

That was the sight her mother was remembering. It was what made her scream again and jump from the bed and hold her arm before her as if it had been dipped in burning acid.

"Ah! David! You bastard!" she cried.

David groaned and jacked the last of his orgasm from his prick and then rolled across the bed toward her, trying to comfort her. She danced away from him, holding her arm before her, rushing into the bathroom and locking the door behind her.

Suzy leaned against the doorframe and shuddered, feeling the cunt honey drip into her hand. She watched her father's shoulders slump. She saw him lie back on the bed. She heard the sound he made, half-groan, half-sob of anguish. She wanted to rush in and comfort him, but she knew she didn't dare. She stood there, her shorts bunched around her thighs, her naked ass pouting and her pussy dripping. She felt very sad. Her mother was being ridiculous. She was putting him through agony.

Just as she was going to slip back to her room, the front door opened and Matt came in. She whipped her head around and looked at him. He stopped dead in his tracks and looked at her.

He swallowed. His eyes bulged. They roamed up and down her naked body, taking in the firm, red-tipped tits once again. But this time, he was getting a good look at her hot little ass, the deep deft between her silky cheeks. And he saw the blonde hairs curling out from behind her pussy-squeezing hand.

"Suzy..." he gasped finally. "Sis..."

Suzy went bright red all over. How terrible could things get! Not only had she thought about fucking her father, but she'd been caught with her shorts down, masturbating -- by her brother!

"Oh!" she squeaked tightly.

She spun around and ran for her room. The bunched shorts hampered her movements, and she stumbled and sprawled on the floor. Her hands flew to catch herself. She ended up on her back, her legs parted, her cunt pointing right at her brother's staring eyes.

He gasped. The blue trunks around his hips bulged suddenly as he came over to help her up. He looked right down into her naked twat and licked his lips nervously.

"God, Sis..." he whispered with a choking sound.

He wasn't looking at her face. He was looking at her open, wet, quivering cunt. Suzy couldn't keep from looking at the solid line of his swelling prick.

They stayed that way for a long moment, and then their eyes met. "Matt..." she whispered.

"Ohhhhhh, Sis!" he gasped softly. "God, I never realized before what a sweet piece of... God, what am I saying!"

Suzy gasped. With great effort, she closed her thighs and scampered to her hands and knees and made straight for her room, knowing that her brother was staring at the jiggling firmness of her naked ass as she went.

She closed the door and felt her heart pound. She yanked up her shorts, zipping and locking tern, afraid what might happen if she slid them off to put on panties first and Matt followed her into the room.

Her fingers trembled uncontrollably as she yanked the pullover down over her swollen, hard tits. Her nipples jutted against the fabric in full revelation of her heat.

She went to the bed and sat carefully on the edge of it, knowing that she'd become the most perverted, despicable girl there ever was. She folded her hands in her lap and rocked back and forth, letting little moans escape her dirty lips.

She shuddered. Her whole body jiggled and quivered with the force of it, because there was no doubt in her mind at all what would have happened in the other room.

It wouldn't happen right now if he came into her bedroom. But it would have happened out there if he'd made the move.

She'd have opened her virginal cunt to her brother's raging cock and would have let him fuck her senseless!


"Go set it up with this guy Elsworth. Want to come along with me, honey?"

David was just getting up from the breakfast table when Suzy emerged sleepily from her bedroom. Sunlight streamed in through the front windows, and the Atlantic glittered with it.

"No... I don't want to go out yet, David," Tish answered hollowly. She sat in her chair. She looked at her folded hands when she talked. She had eaten only a few bites of her breakfast.

Suzy stopped and looked at them a moment. Her mother seemed worse. Her father tried even harder to be jovial. Matt was already outside, and Suzy was glad of that. She wasn't sure she could face him again for a while.

"Hey, there she is!" David said buoyantly. "The sleepyhead decided to get up today after all." He smiled affectionately at his daughter and held out his arm to give her a hug. "You're about two haunt behind your brother this morning. He's on the beach already." His eyes flicked up and down her. "Looks like you're ready for another day of it too."

Suzy yawned broadly and gave a little smile and yielded to his strong embrace as his arm went about her naked waist. She was in her bikini again.

"You can take Suzy with you, David," Tish said, still looking at her hands.

"Sure, how about it, Pumpkin?"

"Take me where, Daddy?"

"Well, here's the deal. This isn't just a vacation for me. As things worked out, I was going to have to go to Miami anyway to check out a line of goods being imported that we might stock at the store. So, this is what you call a working vacation for me, but I'll be gone only two days -- three at the most."

"You should put it off, David," Tish said tightly. "I don't want you leaving me here. Why can't I go with you?"

"Tish, it's only a hundred miles up the road," he said firmly. "And it's just business. You can't go with me to the meetings. You'd have to sit in a motel up in Miami. Here, you'd have Matt and Suzy to keep you company and watch out for you."

He exhaled heavily, as if tired of explaining it over and over. "Now, I'm going to arrange for you and the kids to go fishing for the next two days to give you something fun to do. I know Captain Elsworth from the last time we were down here for a meeting. He's a nice old guy."

"Fishing, Daddy? You mean on a charter boat? Out in the Gulf Stream where the sailfish are?" Suzy asked, awakening quickly. "Oh, wow!"

"Yep," David grinned, hugging her to him again and looking expectantly at his wife.

Tish raised her eyes finally and sighed. "All right," she said quietly. "All right, you win."

"That's my girl," he said. He went to her and bent down to give her a peck on her cheek. She withdrew from him, and he couldn't hide the dark expression that crossed his face. He turned from her and looked at Suzy. "You ready to go?" he asked abruptly.

"She needs to eat something first."

"I'll eat later, Mom," Suzy said. "Can I go like this, Daddy?"

He grinned, looking her up and down again. "Absolutely, honey. Everybody else shows it off down here, and next to going nude, that's the best way I know to get the tan you're after."


"Oh, for God's sake, Tish! Lay off! Nude, naked, bare-assed! The girl's got a beautiful body. She should be proud of it. Ifs healthy to be proud of it!" He spun angrily toward the door. "Come on, Suzy," he said, yanking it open.

Suzy hurried from the cottage, squinting against the bright sun and glaring sand. She had to run to keep up with his long strides until he slowed down and waited for her.

"Daddy, I don't understand it," Suzy said quietly, looking at him, feeling as if she should throw her arms around him and hug him comfortingly.

"I don't either, honey," he said, shaking his head. He looked at her a long moment. He held open the car door, then slammed it shut. "Let's walk. Hell, it's only down at the marina."

They started off, trudging through the sand. He took her hand and squeezed it and swung it between them, gazing thoughtfully at the pound.

"Honey, I've got to ask this!"

"What, Daddy?"

He stopped and looked at her. "Did -- was there something else that happened that night? Something I don't know about? Something that would have upset your mother so much more than it apparently has you?"

Suzy looked away. She licked her lips. She didn't know what her father knew. It came to her mind to tell him that her mother had come hard with the man's cock up her ass, but she couldn't tell him that.

"He -- he just did it to her, Daddy," she said haltingly. "Up her -- you know, in her rear." She couldn't keep from clenching her buttocks tightly when she said it and thought it. She shivered slightly and stood closer to her father.

"I don't get it," he said after a moment, shaking his head again. "I just don't get it."

Suzy looked at him. Poor Daddy! she thought.

He can't take much more of what she's giving him!

They went on to the marina. Most of the boats were out for the day, including Captain Elsworth's Missy. There was a girl behind the counter at the tackle shop.

She looked up when they walked in. She was sitting on a stool reading a magazine to while away the time. The store was empty of people but full of every conceivable trapping of the fishing trade. It was the kind of place a die-hard angler believes his heaven will look like.

The ceiling was draped with fishing nets and cork floats. The supporting pillars were studded with shells and starfish. Mounted giants leaped and churned along the walls, some a little faded by time, all dusty.

The shelves filling the middle of the building and all available comets displayed every possible lure and hook and rod and tackle box, hardware item, reel and piece of gear. Above it all, two big-bladed fans turned slowly and kept the air moving.

"Can I help you?" the girl asked.

She was in her late twenties, Suzy guessed. She was quite pretty, in a rustic sort of way. Her hair was sun-bleached auburn, having goldish highlights. It was pulled back smoothly and held at the back of her head with a piece of red yarn.

Her eyes were greenish -- open and warm. They flicked over David and then seemed to linger on him. She smiled, her lips soft and narrow, her mouth wide.

She slid from the stool and stood behind the counter, and her tits thrust against the clinging fabric of a green pullover. She wore no bra. Her nipples showed clearly at the ends of the pointed cones.

"I wanted to charter the Missy for my wife and two kids for tomorrow and the next day," David said, "but I see Captain Elsworth's gone."

The girl's gaze still lingered on him. Reluctantly, it seemed, she turned her head and looked at a blackboard on the wall behind her. There was a chart painted on it, a record of the boats and the charters.

"He's out for the day," she said. "But he's free for the time you want him. I can put you down for the two days if you want."

"That's fine," David said, looking into her eyes when she turned back and leaned part way over the counter. Suzy noted that his eyes dropped to the points of the firm tits nestled atop her folded arms, and a funny feeling passed through her.

"We usually have to take a deposit," the girl said. "You'd be surprised how many people come in and want to charter a boat and then don't show up. By the time it's clear they aren't going to, ifs too late to go out. The guys have missed too many trips that way, so they want me to take a deposit."

"Yeah, I believe it," David smiled. "The world's getting full of bastards."

"Daddy!" Suzy blurted.

The girl laughed. "Don't worry about it, honey, I hear all kinds of language in here. And I see most of the bastards, too, but I can tell your dad isn't one of them."

"Wouldn't you know," David said, patting his back pocket. "I didn't bring my wallet." He thought a moment. "It's on the dresser back at the cottage. I hope your mother didn't go out and leave it there unguarded."

"Not a chance," Suzy said darkly. "You saw what mood she was in."

The girl's eyes shifted quickly from one to the other of them. She leaned a little farther over the counter, all but laying her firm tits on it in open display.

"That's all right," she said. "Ill trust you. Aren't you going with your family?"

"Got to go to Miami on business," he said. "Look, ah..."

"Carol," sue said.

"Look, Carol, I'll bring the deposit later today, all right?"

She hesitated, then smiled. "That would be fine," she said softly. "We get busy over the lunch hour. It's quiet again about three."

David looked straight at her again and swallowed. "Three's just perfect," he said.

The girl laughed gently, but Suzy didn't understand why. "Not always," she said, looking up at him, sort of batting her pretty eyes.

David flushed. He gave his name. Suzy's forehead wrinkled with puzzlement, and then she felt that funny feeling again. She chanced to glance at an item behind the display case that was near her father's waist, and she saw the unmistakable bulge of his cock inside his pants.

The funny feeling turned to shivery tingles, and everything fell into place. She sucked in her breath quietly and looked at the girl again and then at her father, and the glances they were giving each other had unmistakable meaning now.

They were going to fuck!

Suzy was hardly aware of the next five minutes or what the two of them talked about. She felt stunned. She walked woodenly out of the marina store with her father.

The girl's enticing smile and pretty face floated across her mind. She glanced at her father furtively and tried to picture the two of them in bed somewhere, naked and fucking. She thought of her mother next, and all she could see was the agony and the rejection in her face that had made her so drawn-looking lately.

They were nearly back to the cottage before Suzy was able to take a deep breath and accept what was going to happen. Her father needed a good fuck. She'd seen that for herself yesterday. Carol was pretty and clean and nice, not a trampy whore. It would be good for her father to fuck her.

Suzy felt tingly all afternoon. She watched the way her father tried to make everything pleasant and right for her mother and the way he was rejected at every turn, and she began to feel that her mother deserved whatever he did with Carol.

He finally looked at his watch. "I've got to go back to the marina, Tish," he said. "Captain Elsworth is due back about now. If he isn't, I'm going to wait for him, so I don't know how long I'll be."

Tish said nothing for a long moment. "Matt's out there," she said finally. "I'll go lie on the beach with him."

"Fine," David said.

"I think I'll take a nap again, Daddy," Suzy said, stretching. "You don't need me to go with you again, do you?"

He looked relieved. "No, that's fine," he said.

Suzy waited until her mother walked solemnly. He turned and left, toward the beach, and then she slipped around the side of the cottage and ran under the cover of the buildings after her father, her heart pounding, her cunt tingling madly.

She paused behind a dense clump of hibiscus, panting harshly from the run, and saw her father just going into the store. She wondered where they were going to do it. Or if they were really going to do it at all. Maybe it had just been all in her imagination.

She saw the room that had been added to the back of the marina store. The whole structure was ancient and sun-baked and weathered, with additions tacked onto it on three sides. But from her memory of the inside of the store, she knew the one addition hadn't been part of it.

There was a gnarled, thick hedge of hibiscus and seagrape around most of the room, and she knew it would screen her from anybody passing by. She ran for it and crouched under the window there, her heart pounding wildly.

What was it she really felt? Curiosity? Shameful lust? Or... envy!

"Ohhhhhh, God!" she moaned softly, already clamping her hand around her crotch. Envy! Yes, envy! She was jealous! Her father was going to fuck his hard prick into Carol's sweet, willing cunt and pump his load into her.

She was going to moan with heat under his pounding hips and soothe the ache in his balls for him, and there was no denying that Suzy wanted to be the one to do that for her good, sweet father!

She heard their voices suddenly as the door to the room opened. Suzy strained to hear.

"I can't believe this," David said, his voice husky and soft.

"You don't have to believe it, honey," Carol whispered. "Just do it! Oh, my God -- I can't believe it either!" she laughed nervously.

"But why, Carol? Why me?"

"You feel it, don't you? You felt it when you walked in and saw me. Oh, God -- I know what you must be thinking of me, David, but you're wrong. I'm not this way -- not really! I'm just so lonely and frustrated, looking after that place for my father. He's in the hospital down in Key West. My husband was killed in a storm off the Tortugas two years ago, and I'm -- just stuck! And once in a blue moon a guy comes along who... ohhh, kiss me, David! Kiss me hard!"

Suzy sucked in her breath at the prolonged silence. Her knees quavered as she slowly raised herself to the level of the window and looked inside.

Her cuntlips bloated and spread apart inside her panties with what she saw -- the way her father had his hand on Carol's firm, pointed tit and his lips mashed against hers.

"Ohhhh, that's what I need!" Carol gasped, sliding her lips from his. "Oh, yes! And you need it too, David, I can tell. There's a problem between you and your wife, isn't there?"

"How can you tell that?" he gasped, watching her hand slide and circle over the front of his pants, over the thick, straining lump of his erect prick.

"It was all over your face. And your daughter's. Oh, I don't know what it is, and I don't want to know. I just know that we need each other right now, and you know it too!"

"God, I can't believe this!" he gasped again.

"I know something else, David. I have a way with knowing people, what they think, what they want. Your daughter -- she'd give anything to be standing where I am right now!"

David sucked in his breath. His pants dropped at the same moment, the buckle and snaps victims of her busy fingers. His prick shafted stiffly from his loins, throbbing wildly.

"What!" he gasped. "That's crazy! My daughter! Oh, my God -- you're something else!"

"All right, don't believe it," she gasped, lifting her pullover up over her bobbing, jiggling tits and casting it aside. "Don't believe anything -- just feel!"

She reached for his straining prick and held it gently in her hand. Her fingers worked over it lovingly, feeling and squeezing, stroking the shaft, testing the sponginess of his meaty glans.

"Ohhhh, just feel!" she gasped. "God, it's so hard! It must really be bad between you for it to be this hard. Oh, David -- come to the bed! Hurry!"

Suzy gasped and squeezed her watering pussy.

Her mouth was dry, and she licked her lips, inching up higher until she could just see over the top of the windowsill.

Carol had her father's prick in her dainty hand. Her tits were firm and painted, and they jabbed into the tops of his thighs as she knelt before him.

Her father's face was flushed. His straining prick throbbed and jerked. He looked down at Carol's hands and face and at the way she hugged his prick against her cheek.

They went toward the bed. Carol straightened up while David sat down on it. She sucked in her breath and made her tits thrust forward. She reached to the back of her head and undid the piece of yarn, and her hair cascaded softly around her face and naked shoulders, a rich, warm color.

She reached for the tops of her stretch pants and pushed them down, wriggling her hips slightly. Her pussy hair was thick and coppery, her cuntlips full and bloated with heat.

Her asscheeks were tight and round and jutted pertly behind her. She stepped out of the pants, spreading her thighs slightly, opening her twat to David's sight.

The meat of it was bright and hot and pink, gleaming with fresh, slippery cunt honey. There was so much juice, in fact, that Suzy could see the gleam of it on her silken inner thigh when Carol stood just right and looked down at David.

"God..." David gasped softly. "You're beautiful, Carol -- stunning!"

She walked the short distance to him, straddling his knees, tipping her pelvis up and toward his face.

"Am I, David?" she asked breathlessly. "Am I?"

Suzy watched her father lick his lips. She looked at his straining cock and saw it throb wildly as it jutted in full erection from his lap. His fingers clenched and trembled, and then he couldn't hold himself back any longer.

He reached out and wrapped his hands around her hips and dug his fingers into her ass flesh and pulled her middle toward his face with a groan of excitement.

Suzy watched. She fairly danced with heat of her own. Her fingers dug and pinched at the bloated, succulent meat of her virginal cuntlips through the material of her bikini bottom.

She saw her father's tongue slip from between his lips. Her eyes bulged. The tip of his tongue disappeared between the succulent, slippery lips of Carol's pussy, and there was a wet, sticky sound as be licked upward.

"Ahhhhhh, God!" Carol cried, tipping her head back.

She trembled all over. The ruby nipples sprouted from the ends of her tits, spiked and rubbery. Her asscheeks clenched tightly with the reflex thrusting of her pelvis.

Suzy's mind spun. She couldn't believe any of it, and yet she knew it was really happening. Her father was licking Carol's wet cunt!

It was something she'd never thought of before. She had sucked a man's prick, but she'd never thought of it the other way around, where a man would suck a woman's cunt.

Apparently, it was thrilling to feel, because Carol groaned constantly as he did it. She cupped the back of his head and pulled his face into her open, trembling crotch, giving him full access to her cunt meat.

Her thighs trembled wide apart, and her belly jiggled with the clenching of her full asscheeks.

"Aghhhh, God! Already!" Carol cried. "Ohhhhhh, I'm coming already, and we haven't even started fucking!"

Her hair shimmered down her back as she shuddered strongly all over and groaned out her orgasm. David's fingers indented the firm flesh of her asscheeks as he kneaded her butt and pulled her spasming pussy down around his tongue.

His lips worked. His jaw moved up and down. His tongue stabbed and darted against her pulsing clit and then fucked all the way to the root into her sucking, running cunt.

Suzy groaned too. She couldn't help it. Her hand shook up and down over her pussy as she felt tingling waves of excitement jolt through her young body.

She had a small orgasm -- a gentle rush of sensation that made her succulent cuntlips flap and flutter over her virginal twat mouth. She could feel the dampness at the crotch of her bikini panties from where her pussy was leaking its honey.

She let out a small whimper as she pushed at the waist of the panties and rolled them down over her round asscheeks. Fresh air wafted over her cunt and made her curls weave and toss and tug at her bloated, sensitive pussylips.

"Ohhhhh, God! Wonderful! David, it was wonderful! So quick! Ohhhhh, God, I'm glad you came back!"

Carol gasped again and again. She bent over at the waist, her upper chest resting against David's head, her tits pillowing against his face. Her hair hung down over her face and his shoulders, and she shivered again as he smoothed his hands up and down the sides of her hips.

"I'm glad too, Carol," he whispered hoarsely. "I hate to see any one need it so badly."

"Oh, you need it too," she gasped. "Look at it -- look at it throb! So stiff! So hard! Oh, David, I owe you one first. And then we'll fuck together!"

She didn't give him a chance to respond. She slid to her knees between his legs, taking his prick in her hand. Her tits pointed into his inner thighs, the nipples disappearing into the flesh of them.

He held his cock in her hand and ran her fingers up and down it lovingly. She pushed at his chest gently, wanting him to lie back.

"Carol, you don't..." he choked.

"I want to!"

She tossed her shimmering hair from the side of her face, and Suzy could see everything clearly. She caught a glimpse of the shiny, clear oil that had seeped from the tip of her father's trembling prick.

Carol's tongue flicked out and lapped it off his glans and made the red, spongy cockhead throb and pulse.

"Ah!" David gasped sharply. He tossed his head and reached out with his hand. "You don't have to! Ohhhhh, you don't..."

He sucked in his breath. It seemed to catch in his throat. She had opened her mouth and pursed her lips. Her tongue was out, and she had made a trough down the length of it.

She fitted her cupped tongue to the underside of his shaft and drew up with it as she sucked her mouth down over the head and took his pulsing prick deeply into her mouth.

"Yaaaaaaah, God!" David cried sharply, his hips bucking upward with a quick, reflexive jerk.

Suzy's fingers swirled over her naked pussy now. The juice was pouring from her quaking hole, and she smeared it over her bloated lips and her trembling clit and soaked her blonde pubes with it.

A great storm seemed ready to engulf her. She felt her abdomen quiver all over with sensation and her heart pound, and a strong emotion swelled in her mind.

She pursed her lips and watched Carol's head bob up and down over her father's prick. She flicked her tongue in and out of her mouth and saw the shiny wetness on her father's cock and the way the stalk pulsed and jerked with readiness to erupt.

The emotion in her mind filled her, swamping her with the meaning of itself, until she moaned and shivered all over with total shame.

Carol had been right! Suzy did want to be there where the girl was! She did want to be the one sucking her father's cock!

"Ahhhhhhh, God! Here it comes! Oh, Christ -- I'm going to explode! Here -- here it... now! God, now! Yaaaaagh!"

His hips bucked up high, his ass lifting off the bed. His thighs trembled violently, squeezing in at the sides of her tits. His balls rattled and jumped as his prick stretched to the back of her sucking throat and exploded there.

Sperm splashed into her mouth and spurted from between her lips in white streams, dribbling over his abdomen and coating his pubic hair. His head tipped back, and his muscles bulged as the wide, sucking mouth drew his cum from him.

Suzy licked her lips and swallowed. She choked. She could taste it again. She could feel it splashing hotly into her mouth and burning down her throat.

She could feel the slippery cockhead pulsing and spewing in her mouth and could feel the bumping, pulsing balls on her chin once more.

Her fingertips bore into the silky flesh of her virginal pussy meat and pressed the electric button that sent her flying into a wild explosion.

Her knees quivered and threatened to give way altogether and send her writhing to the ground. Her nipples stretched into the fabric of her halter and threatened to rip light through it.

Her asscheeks clenched tightly and shuddered, making her swirling hand bump into the wall of the building and press all the harder against her spasming pussy meat.

She didn't close her eyes this time. She kept them wide and bulging. She didn't want to miss any of it. She saw the way Carol's throat worked and gulped as she drank down her father's spurting sperm.

She watched the way the girl cupped her father's balls in her hand and rolled them up against the base of his cock and squeezed the cum from them.

She saw the way Carol's flaring ass trembled and weaved, as if the girl were having a small orgasm from just sucking and drinking at the spurting prick.

"Haaaaagh!" David shouted again, his throat open, the sound strong and ringing and full of the release of tension and frustration.

His arms gave way, and he collapsed onto his back, gasping for breath, his chest heaving. He blinked rapidly at the ceiling as if trying to keep it in focus.

His hips jerked upward one more time, and then his ass settled slowly back to the bed. Carol continued to suck and swallow, her tongue and lips moving gently now, her hand fondling the emptied sac of balls.

Then she drew her lips from his red prick and licked them, smiling broadly.

"You needed it too, David," she said softly, resting her cheek against his inner thigh. She sighed. "It's been a long time since I've done that. I liked it. I have to do it more often. The trouble is, so many men are bastards about it. They want you to suck their cocks so they can feel they've dominated you, degraded you, made you into something they'd just as readily piss on. Only they want to piss sperm on you instead of urine."

Suzy shivered once. She couldn't help but make a face. She knew exactly what Carol was saying. It had happened that way to her, and there had been a level of her mind that had known it.

"How do you know I'm not that way too?" David asked, cupping his hand around the back of her head, letting his fingers trail gently through her silky hair.

She lifted her head and looked at him, smiling again. "A girl can tell."

He turned his head. "I didn't think I could let anyone suck my cock off again."


"Because of what a guy did to my..." He cut himself off and turned his head back to look at her. "Just because," he said.

Carol didn't press him. She took his prick in her fingers again. She played with it gently. She kissed the tip, her lips soft and moist, and it stretched to full erection once more.

"It's time, David," she whispered. "I want you to fuck me now."

"Yes," he whispered back.

She got to her feet. She moved her legs to the outsides of his, making her pussylips part widely aid her cunt hole open to his eyes. He looked into the silk wetness of it, and his prick throbbed readily.

She reached down and guided his cock, tipping her pelvis back and forth, coming down against him, until his prickhead was centered between her bloated, wet lips.

"All the way up," she gasped. "Clear to the top!"

She sank down slowly. Suzy watched her father's prick disappear into the girl's body. It went smoothly, slickly, throbbing and jerking all the way, bucking inside her grasping cunt.

"Ahhhhh, God!" Carol gasped, tipping her head back again.

Her tits thrust forward. David lifted up and dipped his head, sucking the stretched, ruby nipples between his lips, running hiss tongue over the full, firm flesh of them.

"Oh, my God! Your cunt -- it's so hot! So wet and silky! Oh, Christ, I've nearly forgotten what a hot pussy feels like!"

"That long, David? Has it been that bad for you? Oh, God -- then feel mine. Feel it all you want to! Fuck all the way up it, David! Make your wonderful prick buck and jerk into my pussy walls and get the feel of a cunt that wants your hard prick!"

She sat down on his lap fully, sucking his cock into her cunt clear to his root. She gasped and stayed there for a moment, her tit tips pulsing, her pussy squeezing and sucking around the hard shaft, getting the feel of him right back.

"I love it -- I love it!" she gasped. "It feels so... good, David! I love your hard prick fucking up my cunt!"

"And I love fucking it there! Damn, but your pussy's tight, Carol!"

"I told you, David -- I don't do this very often. Not nearly often enough. Would you believe me if I told you it's been nearly two months since I've let a man fuck me?"

"That long!" he gasped.

"I swear it, David. And he was lousy! He didn't want to fuck me -- not me. He wanted a hole to masturbate his prick off, and he used my ass!"

"Oh, God!"

"He was a bastard too. He fucked my asshole and called me filthy names while he did it, degrading me, using me."

"Why did you let him?"

"Because it... oh! Ohhhhh, my pussy's on fire! Fuck me, David! Fuck my pussy and then fuck my ass! I love it up my ass! But not cruelly -- not with meanness! Ohhhh, I can't stop!"

Her hips weaved and swiveled, going in circles. Her asscheeks rolled on the tops of his thighs, and her legs squeezed against his hips.

She lifted them and wrapped them around his waist, locking her ankles at his back. Then she began a twisting, bobbing movement as she fucked his hard cock.

Suzy watched it all. She listened. She was learning many things from Carol. She nearly cried out with the intensity of her envy. There was no denying how she longed to have her father's prick fucked all the way up her virginal pussy right then.

She spread her knees. She held her cuntlips wide apart. She extended her middle finger and made it writhe at the mouth of her drooling, spasming pussy.

She nearly whimpered with the need to slide her finger into her cunt again, and she jabbed and probed at her cherry, seeking the elusive hole through it.

She glanced back through the window. Carol had her hands on the tops of his shoulders now. She pushed up and down. Her ass lifted up and down, and her pussy slid all the way up and down his standing cock.

Her cunt mouth juiced and drooled. It sucked and snapped with wetness as his cock ran in and out of the inflamed hole. Her belly filled and went empty with each down-and-up movement of her body. Her tits bounced up and down on her chest, pointing firmly, brushing against him, sometimes buffeting his face softly.

Her head tossed back and forth, and her hair flew. Her tongue licked out over her lips again and again, and groans of animal delight came from her throat.

"Ohhhh! Ahhhh! Fuck me, fuck me! Harder! God, I love it! I need it! Ohhhhh!"

"God -- oh, God!" David gasped, watching her tits bounce before his eyes.

He watched the spread of her satiny cunt as it sucked down around his flaming prick. He watched the juice spurt from her tissues, the way her pussylips indented and blew apart with each long thrust in and out of her cunt hole, and he felt his balls bump up and down against the edge of the bed.

His cock and balls were soaked with her cunt honey. The stuff flowed from her, and every time she came back down on his cock, the grasping ring of her pussy muscle scraped the juice coating his shaft and pushed it down on him in rings of syrup.

She became so active, so enthralled with the bounding movements up and down his cock that she nearly came off it several times, her cuntal ring nipping his prickhead.

"Ah!" she cried sharply. "Now! Ohhhhh, fuck it up my asshole now! David, I want you to!"

"Oh-h-h, I can't!" he groaned. "Not that way, Carol! Not... ohhhhhh, my God!"

She had bounded up. Her pussy had sucked off the tip of his prick. The stiff organ throbbed wildly, just under her crotch. She put her hand between them and grasped the slippery spear. He could see the protruding nub of her pulsing clit at the top of her wide-open cuntal cleft.

She tipped her pelvis slightly and came back down gently, centering his wide cockhead right at her asshole.

"Eeeeee, it's going in!" she squealed with passion.

Outside, Suzy gasped and stopped trying to fuck her finger up her pussy. She hadn't gotten it there yet. She kept stabbing into her cherry and jerking with the resulting pain.

She stared with bulging eyes. She was taken back in time to that night. She remembered the sight of the man's cock fucking up her mother's asshole.

Now she watched her father's cock press in and meet resistance and then pop through the tight anal ring. She watched the whole shaft sink into Carol's ass as the girl sat down slowly on top of it, skewering herself on the mighty spear.

"Yaaaaaah!" Carol cried, tossing her head back, settling all the way down -- clear to his balls.

"So tight!" David cried. "God, it must be killing you! Ohhhh, don't do it, Carol! Put me back in your pussy!"

"I love it! Don't you love it? Don't you like fucking me up the ass? Ohhhhh, say you do! I want you to like it! I want you to come in my ass -- big and hard! Flood my ass! Ah! Oh, God -- I'm going to come again! In just a second. Ohhhhhh, come with me, David! Squirt your big load up my ass!"

"I don't want to be a bastard!" he cried. "Not with you -- not with any girl!"

"You're not, you're not! You can't be! You -- ah! Ahhhhh, I'm coming! Now! God, yes! Ahhhhhgh!"

Carol screwed her asshole down around his thrusting prick and spasmed at it with her tight anal ring. Her clinging, dark tunnel sucked at the shaft and drew his sperm in spurting gobs from his balls.

"Oh, God!" David shouted. "Arrrrrrgh!"

His hips shot upward. He drove his prick all the way between the shuddering cheeks of her firm ass and blew his wad forcefully into the squeezing darkness.

Suzy watched it happen. She remembered the way it had happened with her mother, and a squeal of lust escaped her swollen lips. She had stopped trying to fuck her finger up her pussy. She couldn't get it through the hole in her cherry successfully.

Instead, she had taken the slippery, juice-coated digit on a probing search for her own little pink-brown asshole. The moment her father's cockhead had pressed against Carol's anus, Suzy's finger had pressed against her own.

The cunt honey lubricating her finger had made the insertion slippery and quick, and her finger was plugged up her ass clear to her palm.

She literally danced when the pair inside came, bobbing up and down with each spasm of her own cherried asshole. Orgasm ripped through her young body with incredible ferocity, and her anal ring threatened to nip off her finger at the base.

"Nnnnnngh!" Suzy squealed tightly, trying to keep her mouth closed and the sound trapped in the back of her throat.

Her tits sprouted inside the cups of her halter, the nipples threatening to pierce right through the material. Her head spun. Her vision went blurry.

She'd never believed anybody could come so hard. She felt her body being tossed violently by orgasmic spasms, and she could see what was happening with her father and Carol on the bed too, and she now understood why her mother had come so hard with the cock up her ass, even though it had been a raping cock.

Mommy! You couldn't help coming! she cried inwardly, her knees finally giving way. She sank to the ground and trembled uncontrollably, jerking and twitching so constantly she had to yank her finger from her asshole to make herself stop.


The boat rocked gently on the deep-blue surface of the ocean. It lifted and paused and then sank again, rocking once more. There was a hypnotic rumble of powerful engines at idle, and spume hissed away from the prow as they trolled slowly back and forth.

Suzy sat in the swivel chair and held the rod between her thighs, as if it were a flexible prick she had grown overnight. She looked over the stem and saw the trail of their wake become serpentine, pushed and distorted by current and wave and wind.

She was in the starboard chair. Matt was on the other side. Their lines were run up on clothespin snaps to outriggers that angled out from the sides of the boat.

Captain Elsworth had explained it all to them, a grandfatherly, chuckling grin on his leathery, whiskery face. He'd used, a stubby, stiff finger to demonstrate the way a sailfish whapped the bait with his bill to kill it and then swam back to swallow it.

"When he strikes, see, the line comes out of the snap out there on the outrigger. The slack in the line makes the bait go still, just as if it were killed. Then he comes back and takes it, and gives you a dang good tussle." He chuckled wetly and reached out with a broad hand to tousle Matt's hair and clump him on the shoulder.

"Do you think we'll really get a sail, Captain?" Matt grinned excitedly.

"Well, they're out there, Matt. We'll sure give it a try. We'll make your dad sorry he didn't go with you." He slapped his hands on his fish-stained pants and chuckled again. He looked around at Tish. "Can I get you a beer, Missus? Nice and cold? It's gonna be a hot one today."

"No, thank you, Captain," Tish said, shaking her head. She was sitting in one of the back chairs. Her line was between Matt's and Suzy's, and he had her rigged for anything else that might strike.

"Sure now? Coffee? Cold water? Anything at all?" He grinned down on her, looking at the line of sweat on her forehead. "You sure look like you could use a beer to me."

"All right," Tish said finally, smiling for the first time ma long while.

Captain Elsworth chuckled and went below into the cabin after checking their heading against the auto-pilot. They could hear him clanking around in the ice box.

Matt turned around and grinned happily at his mother. "He's a neat old guy, isn't he, Mom? I really like him! Hey, where's your big wahoo, Mom? Sure you got any bait out there?"

"The same place your sailfish is, Son," Tish said, smiling again.

Suzy watched them quietly. It was wonderful to see the transformation coming over her mother. It was the first day she'd looked even half alive in two weeks.

She was wearing white shorts and a yellow tank top. Her arms squeezed in at the sides of her breasts and made them full and firm. The wind tugged through her hair and gave her a carefree look that took away the lines of fear and agony that had been on her face for too long.

Suzy had decided that it was more than the bright sun and the fresh air. She was certain Captain Elsworth had set her mother's mind at ease.

The old guy was warm and sweet. There was absolutely nothing ominous or threatening about him -- nothing that her mother would have to worry about. It would be inconceivable to fear a sexual attack from him or even an untoward glance or touch.

Suzy felt it. She was sure her mother felt it. She was sure the freedom from fear was what made her mother smile again.

She studied her brother a moment. Matt's hair was brown, like her father's, but it already seemed to be bleaching from the sun. He wore his cut-offs and sneakers. His chest was bare and becoming deeply tanned.

He looked over at her while she was studying him, and their eyes met briefly. Suzy looked away, feeling her heartbeat trip suddenly. She took a deep breath and felt her tits push out against the halter over them.

There'd been no remark between them about the way he'd caught her peeping at her parents and masturbating, about the way her open pussy had snapped and sucked at him while he'd gazed right into it.

In fact, she'd barely talked to Matt at all since that had happened. He'd been too busy with the girls he'd discovered to come into the cottage for anything but eating and sleeping.

Yet, she hadn't forgotten about the moment between them. She'd thought about her brother just last night, in fact, wondering what he would be like when he fucked a girl.

Would he be one of Carol's bastards? The kind who tried to dominate and force? Or would he be more like her father -- sweet and gentle.

The boat rocked, and there was a moment when she wasn't sure if it had been the boat or another spell of dizziness.

What was wrong with her! Why was she so shameless! She'd wanted to run in and stroke her father's horny prick until he came. She'd wanted to suck it off and swallow his cum. She'd wondered how blissful it would be for her father to be the one to pop her cherry and fuck his cock back into the depths of her yearning cunt.

And then she'd begun thinking that way about her brother. When she'd tripped and fallen on the floor with her legs splayed open and her sucking pussy pointing right at his staring eyes, she'd thought about his fucking her for the first time.

Then, last night, after watching her father and Carol -- she'd thought about Matt fucking her again.

And now... just now, seeing him sitting over there with his young, muscular body all bronzed and tight...

Suzy shivered slightly. She had to get hold of herself. She had to stop thinking that way. A girl just didn't go around dreaming about being fucked by her father and her brother -- especially when she'd recently been forced to suck off a rapist's cock!

"There he is, Suzy!" Captain Elsworth cried suddenly.

It all happened very fast, with confusing and unexpected suddenness. She was jolted from her thoughts by his voice. She looked around and saw him at the wheel, turned in the seat so that he could look over the stern and watch the baits swim.

His finger came up, stubby and thick, pointing.

His whiskery face split with a big grin and a command for her to pay attention. She heard or felt the line as it was jerked from the clothespin at the end of the outrigger.

She whipped her head back just in time to see a white rolling of the water, and then there was a powerful yank on the rod that nearly jerked the whole apparatus from her hand.

The reel sang as the line played out, and she gave an excited squeal and began cranking ineffectually as fast as she could.

"Don't reel! Let him take it! Just keep the rod up, Suzy, and let him run!"

She tried to do everything he said. He set the pilot and came back to her. Matt talked excitedly and held his rod in readiness, eager for one to hit his line. Even her mother got in on it.

The sail jumped and shook his head, leaping far out of the water, the huge dorsal fin fully extended and shimmering in the bright sun.

Suzy's heart raced. She tried to take Captain Elsworth's instructions. The fish darted back and forth and ran toward the boat and away from it, making more line sing out.

Matt and her mother reeled in on the captain's orders so that their lines wouldn't become fouled. When he told her to reel, she reeled, but for every foot of line she brought in, the strong fish took two.

She fought and fought. She sweated. Her arms screamed with fatigue, but Captain Elsworth wouldn't help her or let Matt help her either. It was going to be her fish and hers alone.

The battle seemed to take forever. She got the beautiful fish alongside the boat once, but when Captain Elsworth reached over the side with his gloved hand to grab its bill, it raced toward the Bahamas again with a new burst of energy.

"Wear him out, Suzy!" the captain cackled. "Atta girl!"

"He's already worn me out!" Suzy cried happily.

"Aw, you can do it! Hang in there, honey!"

She kept at it, long beyond the point she'd believed she could. Once more, she got it beside the boat, and Tish leaned over and exclaimed at the sight of it, but it darted away again.

Matt appeared by her side, grinning, shoving something toward her. "Here, Sis, I brought you a Coke."

Like an idiot, she nearly reached for it. "Get away, you fool!" she cried, laughing, her arms aching as they never had before.

With the pitching of the boat and the swiveling in the chair and all the activity, she was conscious of the way her tits were heaving and jiggling inside her halter. One strap had slid from her shoulder, and her right tit was nearly ready to bounce free of the cup.

Her panties had been scooted around her waist, too, and she glanced down once while Matt was hovering over her to see that the leg band had been yanked around so far that her right pussylip had puffed through the opening!

Her blonde curls gleamed in the sunlight, and the edge of the panty leg was wet from the way it was digging into the pinkness of her cuntal cleft.

She knew that Matt was staring at her again. That was why he was hovering over her. He was getting himself a good look at her tit and her twat!

She was helpless to do anything about it. She had to hang onto the rod for dear life or lose it overboard. Captain Elsworth, if he was aware of her problem, wasn't taking advantage of her. He kept watching the fish and the line, and he would hurry back to the wheel every so often and alter the boat's course.

She became aware of Matt's crotch. It was right above her shoulder. He was drinking the Coke he'd teased her with. The cut-offs bulged. A pitch of the boat rocked him against her, and she felt the solid, thick mass of her brother's cock against her shoulder.

She couldn't help but suck in her breath. He looked down into the lap she couldn't close because of the fishing rod and gazed at her twat. He looked into the loose cup of her halter, too, and she knew he could see her pink nipple at the end of her tit. She knew it because she could see it herself.

She couldn't make any adjustments herself. She sure wasn't going to ask Matt to make them and she didn't dare call her mother over to cover her up for fear of setting her off again.

And then she wondered why she would bother covering up her body from her brother's heated gaze. He'd already seen everything she had. Her naked tits jiggling on her chest as she lay on the floor, her spread pussy draining its slippery honey.

And besides, she now had company in her shame. If it was unspeakable for her to dream about being fucked by her brother, then it was just as unspeakable for her brother to stare at her exposed body and get a straining hard-on. He pushed his cock against her shoulder, again and again, more times than the boat made him push it there.

"Keep it up -- keep the rod up!" Captain Elsworth whooped.

She gave a tug, much too hard. The line went totally slack, and the rod whipped backward. She went with it, banging against the back of the chair. Her ass slid forward in it, and she would have slid out onto the deck if it hadn't been for the butt of the rod that was socketed in the front swivel.

Her thighs spread wide. Her pussy centered around the haft of the rod, and the pitching of the boat drove her cunt slit around the rod and made her clit rub heatedly against it.

"Ahhh!" she cried out, her eyes popping open. Her thighs shuddered. The fishing rod was like a hard, thrusting cock soaring upward between them. It fitted all along her slit, pressing inward. She gasped again and felt tremors sweep all through her young body and couldn't believe she was actually coming, right there in front of all of them.

The entire cuntlip popped free of the leg band of her panties. It trembled and flapped and sucked at the wooden pole, and her suddenly spasming pussy slobbered honey all over the handle.

"Ohhhhhh..." she gasped again, feeling shame wash all through her. Matt was watching. His prick jerked against her shoulder with unmistakable recognition of what she was doing just then.

"Awwww, dang it -- he's gone," Captain Elsworth groaned. "Well, ya can't get 'em all. You okay there, young lady?"

Suzy straightened up as quickly as she could. She dropped her hand furtively into her lap and hooked a finger around the leg band and pulled. Her cuntlip puffed back into the panties. She jerked at her shoulder strap, and the halter cup hid her jiggling tit again.

She couldn't help looking at her brother's crotch. It was right there at her shoulder. She saw the thick line of his cock, and her mouth went dry.

"Aw, Sis!" he groaned, imitating the captain. He held the Coke over his lap. He bent over as if he had a terrible pain and stumbled to his chair and sat in it. "Aw, it gets me -- right in the gut!"

"Matt, stop that," her mother said, coming behind Suzy, hugging her and giving her a kiss. "That's too bad, honey. But maybe you'll hook into another one today or tomorrow, huh?"

Suzy smiled at her mother. Captain Elsworth took the rod from the socket and put it in the holder at the side of the boat, clucking.

"Well now, you sure gave that fish something to remember into next week," he chuckled, grinning broadly, patting her shoulder with good humor. "Ready for another one?"

"Not for a while, Captain!" Suzy gasped. "I'm pooped!"

"Well, you go on down in the cabin and make your brother give you that Coke and take a breather. I'll circle back and run out the lines and see if we can't pick up his uncle." He stuck his tongue between his teeth and sputtered with laughter, his eyes twinkling.

Suzy staggered toward the hatchway and nearly fell into the cabin. She couldn't believe how weak she felt after the strenuous workout and the short but fierce little orgasm.

The boat heeled slightly. She let the motion flop her onto her back on the side berth. She sighed heavily, her pussy still trembling from the hard rubbing it had taken.

The doorway darkened, and Matt came down. He made a production of getting her a Coke, grinning all the while, watching her, looking between her legs as if hoping to see her naked pussylip again.

Suzy took the cold can from him, sitting up. She had to look straight ahead at his crotch as he stood in front of her. His prick had deflated, but there was now a small spot of wetness on the shorts, right where the fleshy cockhead would be leaking it.

"Something wrong, Sis?" he asked, glancing down. He saw the spot. He looked up quickly. "Well, what do you expect?" he asked, whispering, his smile suddenly gone. "I couldn't help getting a stiff one, the way your twat and tit were hanging out like that."

"You sure looked," she chided.

He grinned slowly. "Damn right. I looked the other day, too, when I caught you. Hell, I'm only human! But at least I didn't let a fishing rod make me come."

"Oh!" Suzy cried, flushing all over. "Stop talking like that!"

"Why?" he asked, sitting beside her. "I think it's great, watching your little pussy come. That's what you were doing there in front of their door. Having yourself a nice little party, weren't you?"

"I was not!" Suzy cried, jerking her head around.

"Aw, bullshit. Hell, I've been watching you, Sis. That guy did something to you -- inside, I mean. He woke you up. The other one put Mom to sleep, but he woke you up and made you start thinking about it, didn't he?"

"Matt, shut up," she said abruptly, starting to stand and flee from the cabin and the truth he'd seen so clearly.

He pulled on her arm, keeping her seated. "Don't run away from it, Suzy. That's what Mom's doing, and it isn't right. You're curious as hell now -- so what? That's normal! And there's nothing wrong with flipping your pussy off when you get horny, either. I do it to myself all the time. Shit, with a piece like you living with me, I can't help but be horny all the time."

She looked at him, speechless. She couldn't even think of anything to say. He was grinning at her. No, that wasn't right. He was smiling warmly, being sincere for maybe the first time since she could remember.

"I saw you yesterday, you know," he said.

"You what? Saw me what?"

"You know what. Behind the bushes at the marina. Really giving that sweet little pussy a working over."

"Why you -- you..." she sputtered.

He laughed softly and put his arm around her, his hand dangling right over her tit. He kissed her cheek quickly, his lips cool from the Coke.

"I went in and checked out that stuff after Dad left." He shook his lingers. "Damn! Real nice!"

"Matt, you're terrible!" she cried in a hoarse whisper. "Just awful!"

"AW come on! The old man deserved whatever he got from her. Mom's been putting him through hell, and you know it. I don't hold it against him. You must not either, since you stayed around and watched and sort of joined in, huh?"

Suzy stiffened with bluster. She looked into her brother's eyes. She let out her breath, and her shoulders slumped. She didn't even mind when the tips of his fingers rested on the slope of her tit and pressed inward slightly, testing the resiliency of it.

"No," she said finally. "I don't hold it against him. I knew it was going to happen that morning. It took me a long time to get used to the idea, but then... well, I guess I agree with you, Matt."

He made a thoughtful face. "Sis, what really happened that night? How come Mom's so screwed up about it and you're not?"

"She came," Suzy said, taking a deep breath, glad to be rid of the information at last. She had never felt closer to her brother than she did at that moment.

Usually, he was a torment to her. Or he had been up until a few months ago. Then he'd started going out with Wanda Parks, and he'd changed, becoming more civil to her. Right now, he was more understanding and decent than she'd thought he could be.

"She what?" Matt blurted.

"She had an orgasm!" Suzy said, turning her head and looking at his chest, too embarrassed to look into his eyes. "He raped his thing up her butt, and she had an orgasm!"

Matt put his hand under her chin and lifted her face, looking into her eyes. "Are you sure of that, Sis?"

"Yes!" Suzy lowered her voice, wondering why she felt it necessary to shout and snap at him. "I saw it, Matt. She squealed and shook all over, and I just know she came. He teased her about it. He laughed at the way she was coming, telling her how much she was liking what he was doing to her."

Matt sucked in his breath. "Oh, wow," he breathed softly, releasing her, slumping back against the padded fold-down portion of the bunk. He sipped at his Coke and stared thoughtfully through the sliding window at the low mass of the Keys on the horizon.

She looked at him. "What's the matter, Matt?"

"You know those girls I've been horsing with at the motel? Well, one of them is a psych major, and..."

"In college?" Suzy blurted.

"Yeah," he grinned. "Didn't know your brother was making out with old women now, did you? No," he laughed, "not really! But I've been talking to her. About Mom, you know? About the effects."

"Matt, you shouldn't!"

"Ah, hell -- they're never going to meet each other. Anyway, she said she was raped when she was twelve, and she said it messed her up for a long time. She went into psych and has done a lot of reading to try to find out why, and she said that once she figured it out she hasn't had any hang-ups since."

"But she's a different person, Matt. There isn't any necessary connection between..."

"It was guilt, Sis. She liked it! Not the rape part -- just the fucking. She wanted more. Kind of like you, I guess. Only she wasn't supposed to want more. Her mother was an old Victorian kind who hammered guilt into her every day. She figures if her mother hadn't died of cancer that she'd be screwed up still."

"Well, I didn't like having his cock down my throat, I can tell you that, know-it-all."

"That's different, I guess. It woke you up though. You can't deny that. And I'll bet Mom's ranting has made you feel guilty about that, hasn't it?"

Suzy looked away. "Yes," she said softly.

He fell silent again. "You know what?" he said finally. "I've got one of those crazy ideas. It'll never happen, of course, but it'd be interesting to see what the effect would be if it did."

"What's that?" Suzy asked.

Matt sucked in his breath. His pelvis tipped up reflexively, and his cock throbbed in his pants. "For you and me to get Mom alone and just..."


"... fuck her!"

"Matt!" Suzy squealed.

"Yeah I know," he gasped. "But just think about it, Suzy. With you there and me being the one to dick it to her, instead of sonic nasty bastard she knows doesn't care about her, if I could make her come again, then she couldn't hide it."

"Ohhhhhh, that's terrible, Matt!"

"She'd have to admit to herself that it was enjoyable and there's no shame in having it be enjoyable, get me?"

"You're as awful as I..."

Suzy clapped her hand over her mouth and stared at him with wide eyes. He looked at her for a long moment and then smiled slowly.

"As terrible as you are?" he asked. "Is that what you were going to say? Why, have you been thinking the same thing? Tell me, Sis -- have you?"


"You've been thinking about helping out the old man, then, is that it? Wrapping your sweet little pussy down around his prick and giving him a big come? Is that why you watched him make it with that babe in the marina? Huh? It is, Suzy! Admit it!"

"No, no!"

"Bullshit, it isn't. Aw, hey, Suzy, I think that's terrific of you," he said warmly, forcing his arm around her shoulders and pulling her body against his.

She tried to free herself of his embrace. She was having hot flashes all over. She gave up the struggle finally and leaned against her brother's naked chest, her breasts heaving.

"All right, you smarty pants -- all right! Yes! That's what I've been thinking! I feel so sorry for him, Matt!"

"I know, Sis," he said softly, still hugging her. "I do too. And I feel sorry for Mom, too."

"She couldn't help coming with that thing in her butt."

"It's called a prick, baby sister. You're not that damn innocent." He looked at her. "Hey, that implies something. How do you know she couldn't help coming? Have you been fucked up the ass too?"


"Then what?"

"I thought you watched me yesterday," she charged.

"Your finger?" he asked after a moment of thought. "You fucked your finger up your ass?"

Suzy couldn't look at him. She shivered all over and nodded quietly. "There wasn't any way to keep from coming."

Her head was against his chest. She was looking toward his lap. She saw his cock thickening and jerking in his cut-offs, and she had an insane desire to reach into his lap and feel the line of her brother's prick and play with it and get to know it.

"God, I'm getting a hell of a hard-on," he whispered.

"I can see that," she said.

"Does it bother you, Sis?"

"I-I guess not. I guess you can't really help it."

"It's what guys do."

"I know."

"Are you still cherry, Sis?"

She sucked in her breath. "You, shouldn't ask me a..."

"I'm not. And I'm glad I'm not."

She lifted her head. "Wanda?"

"Uh-huh," he smiled. "She's really great. You know, at first I thought like every other jack about it -- getting a piece of ass, you know? But it's different now. I really love her."

"Then you're -- this idea of yours... it's not just to get apiece of ass from your mother?"

"Aw, come on! Was that the way you thought of it about Dad?"

"Well, there you are, then."

"And me, Matt?" she asked softly. "I saw the way you looked at me in the chair a little while ago -- and on the floor the other day. I-I could have sworn."

He turned her face around again, making her look into his eyes. "Suzy, I swear to you that this is the truth. You turn me on. You're pretty, you're built fantastic, and I've beat off over you a hundred times in the past. I'd love to fuck you -- any time, anywhere, even right this minute. But above all, I like you -- as a person. I like Mom, you know? Not just because she's my mother. She's a great gal. Or, she was. I want to see her be one again. And if there's anything I can do to help, I want to, don't you understand?"

Suzy nodded. "I feel the same way about you and Dad, Matt."

"But it's naughty to want to fuck us, is that it? I say that's bullshit. I saw the way you looked back at me the other day. I think you'd have let we fuck you, and you'd have loved it. All I had to do was make the move, isn't that right?"

She giggled. "Yes! Oh, I couldn't believe myself, Matt! I went into the bedroom and shook all over!"

"Well, don't shake. Don't run away from it. I mean, what the hell? Who would we be hurting?"

"You'd be hurting me!" she laughed, pushing herself from his embrace with a playful slap against his chest. "That cherry in my pussy hurts when I poke it with my finger!"

The doorway filled with shadow, and they both looked up quickly. "Say, what's going on down here?" their mother asked. "The lines are out again. Aren't you two going to fish any more?"

They glanced at each other, their hearts pounding. "Sure, Mom!" Matt said cheerfully. "I'm just comforting Suzy -- being a big brother to her, you know? Jeez, what a baby."

Tish laughed at the way Suzy squealed and hit her brother. She came down into the cabin, a good smile on her face. She sat at the table and looked at her children as if seeing them together in a new light.

"Did I ever tell you two how much I love you?" she asked quietly. "You've been wonderful all this time."

"Aw, cut it out, Mom," Matt said, squirming slightly.

"Cut it out," she repeated, laughing. "I'm going to give you a big kiss, that's what I'm going to do."

She got up and went to her son. She bent down.

The full tits in her tank top sagged firmly forward.

Her lips puckered. Matt sucked in his breath, and Suzy was all too conscious of the plan he'd just talked about.

He lifted his face and bent forward. He raised his arms. Suzy watched their lips meet, and her pussy tingled between her thighs.

Tish had intended for the kiss to be a motherly peck. Matt's arms came around her back and held her bent over. His mouth opened. He kissed her fully, startling her.

He held her there, his hand working at the nape of her neck. Then his hand slid around to the side of her chest, and Suzy watched with tingling horror as he turned his palm upward and cupped the full mound of his mother's tit and squeezed gently.

Tish made a sound in the back of her throat and struggled erect, gasping. "Matt!" she cried, blushing all over.

"I love you too, Mom," he said softly, smiling handsomely at her. He put his arm around his sister's shoulder and hugged her. "So does Suzy, Mom. And we're not ashamed to say so, either." His hand deliberately covered his sister's tit and massaged it.

Tingles shot all through Suzy's body. She felt her pussy tunnel squirm all along its length. She sucked in her breath, which only pushed her tit more deeply into her brother's hand, and she looked right at her mother.

"Matt stop it!" Tish cried. "What's the matter with you!"

"I just feel lovey today, Mom, that's all. It's a good day, a happy day. You smiled for the first time in two weeks, and that's made both of us happy, that's all. Don't you like for your children to love you and kiss you?"

"Not like that!" she blurted. "Matt, you take your hand off her, right now!"

"But Mother -- I like his hand on my tit," Suzy said, feeling vibrations of approval tremble through her brother's fingers. "Didn't you just now? Didn't his hand feel good on your tit?"

"Now, just a darn minute!" Tish cried, gasping.

"I know you did, Mom. I saw you. I watched you. You liked it."

"I did..."

"And I felt your lips, Mom," Matt said. "You enjoyed it."

"You're being insolent, Matt Flancher!"

"And you're being evasive, Mom. So what if you like it? You should like it. I'm your son. I love you. I care about you."

"That makes no difference, young man!"

"That makes all the difference, Mommy," Suzy said quietly. "I know too -- remember?"

Tish looked at her daughter. Her mouth opened and closed. Her wide eyes slowly slid aside, her gaze lowering. Her tits heaved with her quick breathing.

"Yes," she said hollowly, whispering. "I remember."

She looked as if she were going to slip back. Suzy felt Matt nudge her. As if of the same mind, they both stood. They both hugged their arms around her and held her tightly, and for the first time, Suzy knew she could really go through with it. She could really help her brother fuck their mother.

"Oh, I-I'm... I'm all right, kids," Tish gasped finally, trying to fight her way out of their embrace. "I just... it's been so..."

Her face crinkled up. She sobbed. A harsh, choking sound that shook her body. When she came up for air finally, she came up smiling.

"All right, you pests," she laughed softly. "I enjoyed it. There! But don't do it again, you hear?"

Matt smiled back. "I can't promise a thing like that, Mom. I liked it too, you know. That's a nice boob."

"Oh, you're outrageous!"

The boat lurched forward suddenly, the engines roaring. They felt the boat wheel off to the side. Captain Elsworth stuck his head into the hatchway.

"Matt, you want to come up and reel in these lines? Looks like a boat in trouble out here."

They looked through the window. There was a small boat adrift in the Gulf Stream. There were two men in it, waving their arms.

Tish sucked in her breath and stiffened and put her hand to her mouth. "Oh, I don't want them aboard!" she cried softly. "I don't want them to come on this boat!"


Captain Elsworth pulled the Missy alongside and hailed the two men. One was a giant. At least, his body was huge. His chest was a barrel, and his arms were as thick as Matt's thighs. He had a small head for the big body, and there was a witless expression to his face.

The other man was thin and wiry, with dark, curly hair, a hooked nose, thin lips and a bony jaw. His eyes had a steelly glint. He took the rope that Captain Elsworth tossed him and hooked it around the bow cleat of the small runabout.

The two men climbed aboard the Missy. "Engine conked out," the small one said to Captain Elsworth. "Everybody else seems to be heading back to shore for the night."

"I was just about to," Captain Elsworth said, grinning jovially at the two in his open way. "Good thing for you boys I hadn't, or you'd be on your way to England. This old stream runs fast."

"Yeah, Pops, it does. How about this tub, does it run fast too?" the small one asked, his eyes like polished carbon now.

The smile went off Captain Elsworth's face, and the old man tensed.

"Fast enough, I reckon," he said. "You boys in a hurry to get somewhere? I can't tow you all that fast, you know."

"You don't need to tow us at all, Pops. All you gotta do is head this tub south a little bit."

"My dock's berth," Captain Elsworth said uneasily. "Up to Loon Key, at the marina there. May be I'd best check around on the ship-to-shore and see if there's somebody else around going your way."

He moved over to the cabinet on the other side of the console and started to open the door to get at the radio. He cast them another uneasy glance, then looked at Matt and swallowed.

"Like the Coast Guard, Pops?" the wiry one said. "Or maybe you got a shark gun in there, huh? Boo, check it out."

The big ape went up behind Captain Elsworth and shoved him out of the way the way he'd push a gauze curtain aside. He opened the cabinet door wide and revealed the radio there.

"S'just a radio, Jody," he said, his voice oddly high for such a cavernous chest and thick throat.

"See a gun in there, Boo?"


"Bust the radio, Boo." There was a smash of rock-hard fist on delicate electronics. "Where's the gun, Pops?" Jody asked.

"Don't have one!" Captain Elsworth cried angrily. "What's going on here! This is piracy! You can't do this!"

Jody grinned. His teeth were very white and snarled into an ugly, sharp-edged jumble behind his thin lips.

"You gonna stop us, Pops? Come on, now, where's the gun? You got one. All you fishing guys got guns. You tell me, or I'll sic Boo on you."

Boo grinned and puffed out his chest, looking dangerously idiotic.

"You leave him alone!" Matt said as threateningly as he could. He was standing in the hatchway, all too aware that his mother and his sister were cowering out of sight below, their presence yet unknown to the two men.

He licked his lips. He might be able to take Jody, although you could never tell about the wiry ones. They could surprise the hell out of you. But Matt knew it was suicide to try to go up against an ape like Boo, and that was why he trembled.

Captain Elsworth didn't tremble. Not with fear. Only with outrage. "I picked you two up out of the ocean, and you're treating me like this!" he raged. "Get off my ship! I won't stand for it! Get off now!"

Jody snorted and pushed past him, facing Matt.

"Outa the way, kid, I'm going below to find the gun." His eyes widened as he peered around Matt's body, and a wicked grin split his face. "Well, well! A couple of pussies down there! Nice cunts, Boo, come look!"

"You bastard!" Matt cried, launching himself at Jody.

Just as he'd feared, the wiry man was quick and strong. He knocked Matt's fist aside and drove his own into Matt's belly. It felt like a flying piston. White heat seared through Matt's belly, and he barfed immediately, tears stinging his eyes.

He crumpled over and rolled on the deck, gasping for breath. He heard his mother's shrill scream and could have cried for what was going to happen to her again. And to his sweet, virginal sister.

"You rotten damn..." Captain Elsworth shouted with rage, moving forward.

His cry ended with a grunt. Boo had wrapped his powerful arms around the old man's chest and squeezed the breath from his lungs. He started going white. There was a cracking sound, then three more, and he bellowed weakly before Boo dropped him to the deck, where he crumpled in a heap, his eyes closed.

"God, you've killed him!" Tish screamed, her hand to her mouth, her face a mask of terror. "You've killed him!"

"Naw," Boo grinned, flexing his arms and massaging his knuckles. "Hey, Jody, you said it right! Nice pussies! We gonna fuck 'em, Jody, huh? We gonna fuck 'em? I like fuckin'!"

Jody bent down and looked at Captain Elsworth, probing at his chest. "You squeezed too hard again, Boo! Damn it, you gotta cut that out!"

Boo's face went slack and stupid. "Did I kill him, Jody?"

"He's no damn good, I can tell you that."

"Want me to dump him over yet?"

"No! Just take the wheel and make sure we don't hit anything."

Jody went down into the cabin. Tish and Suzy cowered away from him. He looked at them, staring lustfully at Tish's jiggling tits and at Suzy's bikinied body. Then he looked through all the cupboards and hatches until he found the .38.

"Junk!" he snorted, shoving it into his belt. He stood up and looked at Tish and then at Suzy. He ginned again. "Come here, baby," he said, crooking his finger at Tish. "You, Momma -- come here."

"No! No, don't touch me!"

"Cut the sniveling, Goddamn it! You want me to let Boo fuck his big cock into your little girl there?"

"Oh-h-h, no! Please, no!" Tish cried.

Jody grinned. "Then come here. You gotta set an example, Momma. You gotta show your kids it's smart to cooperate. We're going on a little trip, see? Just as soon as it gets a little darker, we're gonna head under the Overseas Highway into Florida Bay, over on the other side of the Keys. We're gonna head for one of the Ten Thousand Islands and meet some people there and do a little business. And all this time, you and your kids aren't gonna let out one little peep, isn't that right?"

"Yes! Yes, all right! Anything you say!"

"That's the way to be, Momma. What's your name?"


"Tish," he said. "I like that. It's nearly fits. You got nice tits, you know that? Come here and give me a feel of them."

"Ohhhhhh, please..." she moaned.

"Come here!" he thundered. He reached out for her and wadded her thin tank top in his fist and yanked.

The material shredded. Tish squealed, welts appearing on her back and sides. Her tits bobbed free and jiggled firmly on her chest. Jody stared at them and licked his lips.

He seemed to enjoy the look of terror on Tish's face. He reached out again, gripped her wrist, and twisted, forcing her chest to heave outward and her tits to shove forward toward him. He covered one with his spread hand and grabbed it, mauling it roughly.

"Ahhhh! My arm! My tit! You're hurting me! Ohhhh, don't hurt me!"

"Nice tits," he grated, a sneer twisting his lips. "For an old bitch, you're no bag rack, that's for sure. How's your ass, baby? You got a tight ass too?"

"Ah, God!" Tish cried with shock, trembling all over, going suddenly weak. Her knees gave way at the thought of being raped up her ass again, and she crumpled to them at his feet, sobbing.

"Get over there, you cunt!" he cried, shoving her hard and making her sprawl on the side berth. She curled up and sobbed and tried to cover her naked tits with her arms.

Jody looked Suzy up and down. "What's your name, cutie?"

"Mister, please don't do anything to my mother," Suzy choked, going toward him. "She can't -- she can't take it again."

"Again?" he asked, cocking his head and screwing his face up. He looked at each of them, his eyes narrowed. Then he grinned evilly. "Well, now -- that's a switch. The girl protecting the momma. She got hers and now you want to get yours, is that it? You got a hot little pussy between her legs that's just drooling to be fucked?"

"No! No..." Suzy choked.

"Lemme see it, cutie."

Suzy sucked in her breath. She looked into his eyes. She shivered with what she saw there. Then she pushed down her bikini panties and bared her blonde-furred, virginal pussy to his hard, cold, lustful eyes. She trembled all over. She didn't want this again. No matter how much she'd thought of being fucked in the past few days, she didn't want it this way -- of from an evil man like him.

Jody stared his fill. His eyes searched up and down her puffy slit. He saw the trim lines of her thighs and the sweet undercurve of her crotch where it tucked under her body and went back to meet her ass.

He twirled his finger, and Suzy turned around, hobbling slightly from the way the panties were caught at her knees. She heard his intake of breath. Then she shivered when she felt his hand pass over the round, tight swells of her asscheeks.

"Goddamn," he said huskily. "Baby, that ass just begs to be fucked."

Suzy heard the rasp of his zipper, and she saw her mother nearly come apart with terror.

"No! No, not her! Don't fuck her ass!" Tish cried frantically.

She tried to get up. Jody snarled and slapped her solidly, spinning her back to the berth. Suzy turned around and saw that his cock was thrusting from his fly, thin and long and hard.

"Oh, God!" she cried. She tried to hobble away. She didn't know where to. She only wanted distance between them.

"Come here, you pretty-assed cunt," Jody growled, clamping an iron grip around her arm. He yanked her to him and breathed in her face with foul breath.

He hooked his fingers into the front of her halter and pulled outward until the catch snapped. The material burned into her flesh and made her cry out with pain.

Her tits shot free and jiggled on her chest, and Jody stared at them. He cupped her ass with one hand and mauled her tits with his other, holding her body against his.

"Nice tits, cutie, beautiful ass! God, am I gonna fuck that hot little ass! Get over there! Belly down next to Momma and let her get a good look at what's gonna happen if she doesn't stop that Goddamn sniveling and straighten up!"

She twisted and pushed and bent her body. She slammed down on the berth just inches from her mother's trembling legs, her tits flattening against the coarse material.

She gasped and felt him hook his hand under her belly and lift, making her ass soar upward. He yanked the bikini panties the rest of the way off her legs and kicked her legs apart, getting in between them.

"No, no!" Tish cried, shaking all over, her eyes wide with horror. "Don't fuck her ass! Please don't!"

Jody jacked his cock stiff, all the while feeling Suzy's round cheeks, dipping his fingers into the deep cleft, tickling them across her pink-brown asshole and dabbling into her pussy flesh before drawing them up again and smearing her asshole with slippery cunt juice.

"What an ass, what a tight little asshole! You gotta be cherry in your asshole, baby, you just gotta be! But not much longer! Jody's gonna take care of that right now!"

"Don't fuck her!" Tish cried. "Here! Here, Jody -- fuck my pussy! Ohhhhh, stick that long prick up my pussy, Jody. Here, I'm taking off my shorts for you, see?"

Tish twisted around on the berth next to her gasping daughter and worked her shorts and her panties down her legs and off. She stretched her legs in front of her and fanned her hand over her naked twat, opening the lips with her fingers.

"Here, Jody! See my pussy? Ohhhhh, come fuck my pussy, Jody -- not Suzy's ass!"

"Mommy! Ohhhhh, Mommy, you don't... Mommy, it's all right! I'll be all right!"

Jody looked at Tish's bared cunt and cackled. His long prick jerked. He licked his lips, and his black eyes glinted with lust.

"That's right, baby," he said. "You keep on playing with that pretty cunt of yours while I fuck this sweet ass. That'll be terrific as hell! Masturbate while I fuck your daughter, and we'll have a great contest to see which one of you comes harder! Ha! That's tremendous!"

"Ohhhhh, you bastard!" Tish cried.

"Shake that pussy, bitch!" Jody roared. "Make it come, you hear me?"

"Mommy, do it!" Suzy gasped, feeling his hands yank her asscheeks apart painfully to expose her trembling asshole.

She could feel Jody staring right at the center of her butt, just as if the quivering little mouth was a bull's-eye for his gaze. She heard a wet sound, and then a saliva-slick finger was screwing around in her asshole, going into it.

"Ahhhhhh, God!" she gasped, unable to keep from bucking and jerking and thrashing sideways.

"Ohhhhh, don't do that to her!" Tish cried again, breaking out into a dry sobbing that was full of frustration.

Suzy's head was turned toward her mother. She could see over the firm thigh right into her mother's open pussy. Tish had her fingertips on her cuntlips, still holding them apart. Suzy saw the pinkness of her mother's cunt mouth, the wetness there that was making the tissues gleam.

She saw something else just after Jody had begun screwing his finger into her asshole. She saw her mother's pussy mouth twitch and pulse and grow quickly wetter.

Then she closed her eyes and gasped, feeling her own pussy do the same thing. She couldn't help what it was doing. It writhed and churned all along its length, the sensations growing with each inch that Jody's finger screwed up her asshole.

"Ahhhhhh, God!" she cried. "Ohhhhh, Mommy..."

Tish sucked her breath deep into her lungs. Her tits swelled outward. Her forehead wrinkled, and she looked at her daughter's young, innocent face.

"Suzy!" she gasped, her voice a whisper. "Ohhhhh, Suzy -- don't like it!"

"I-I can't help it, Mommy!"

Suzy looked into her mother's eyes, and some kind of understanding passed between them, a common bond that was stronger than any they'd ever had so far.

Apparently, Jody missed it all. He was still wheezing and gasping and staring into the little hole he was preparing for his hot cock. He sucked his finger out of Suzy's ass with a pop.

"God, baby -- here it comes!" he growled.

He smeared saliva over his prickhead and aimed the long tube with one hand while he pushed down in the middle of her back with the other, holding her solidly to the berth.

"Start flipping that pussy, bitch!" he snarled at Tish.

"Mommy -- do it!" Suzy whispered gratingly to her mother.

Tish looked from one to the other of them. She chewed on her lower lip until it was nearly bloody again. Her eyes became hollow and sunken, and her tits heaved with her rapid breathing.

"Oh!" she gasped. "Oh, God! God!"

"Do it, Mommy!"

Her fingers twitched. They slid. They went up and down the slick groove of her twat, once, and then again.

"Ohhhhh," she moaned hollowly.

Then her fingers circled over her pussy mouth, massaging the fleshy lips, making juice flow into them and over them. Suzy watched and swallowed and saw her mother's clit stretch from the top of her swollen cleft.

"Yeah-h-h!" Jody breathed huskily. "Keep doing that, baby! Make that pussy wet and shivery!"

He pressed forward. The tip of his thin, slippery cock centered right at Suzy's asshole.

She sucked in her breath and tensed all over. Her anus spasmed and shivered wildly. Her asscheeks trembled in his hands. Her pussy tunnel squirmed and squeezed juice from its slippery depths, and she could feel her twatlips bloat fully and spread wide apart and tingle with sensation.

"Ahhhhh, Mommy!" she cried, her eyes popping open.

"Suzy! Ohhhh, honey!" Tish gasped, her hand swirling up and down over her heated pussy flesh.

"Ahhhhh! It's going in! It opened my asshole and popped inside, Mommy."

"Ohhhhh, I know, honey -- I know!"

"Now it's -- ohhhhhh, it's running up my ass, Mommy! So far! So long! Ahhhhhhgh!"

Suzy gasped and shook. Her thighs trembled, and her pussy drooled gallons of creamy cunt juice. She nearly fainted from the sensation of it.

It was much different than being fucked by a finger. The cock was hard and stiff and long. It went up and up, into her body, stuffing her ass full.

The veins and bumps of his cock rippled aver the tight, virginal ring of anal muscle and sent jolts of sensation shooting through her body. She could feel the wide head, full and velvety, stretch into her clinging, dark tunnel, and she knew completely now why her mother had come, why Carol had gone so wild atop her father's cock.

He wasn't even in her ass all the way, and she felt as if she were ready to come already. Her eyes hooded, and saliva drooled from the corner of her mouth and soaked into the fabric of the berth.

"Mommy... ohhhhh, Mommy!" she gasped, her little body writhing and twisting under the stuffing insertion.

"Ohhhhhh, don't come for him, Suzy! Don't come!" Tish cried.

"I'm not going to be able to stop it, Mommy!" she cried.

"Ahhhhh, God!" Jody gasped. "What a tight, sweet asshole! What a fucking ass!"

He gave a final push and sent his cock all the way into her ass, the fronts of his thighs mashing her buttocks and flattening them. His balls spanked up against Suzy's pussylips with a wet sound, and the barrel of the gun in his pants was a hard lump at the outer curve of one cheek.

"Here we go, baby!" he cried heatedly. "Now we start fucking! Whip that pussy, bitch! Lemme see the juice spurt!"

He stared at Tish's open cunt and her swirling fingers. He placed his hands on Suzy's asscheeks and began pulling his cock backward. The whole long length of it rippled and pulled at her virginal asshole and made shudders pound through her body.

"Ahhhh, God!" Suzy cried, her ass shaking shamefully.

She saw her mother watching her. Her mother's eyes were on her ass and on Jody's cock. When the length of it appeared, wet and red and coated with juice, her fingers tore at her pussy mouth with undeniable heat.

"Oh! Ohhhh, it's fucking you, Suzy! I can see his long cock coming out! It's going back in! Ohhhh, darling -- I know what you're feeling! I know how terrible it is!"

"Ahhhhhh, Mommy, I'm going to come!"

"No, you mustn't! You shouldn't! You can't! It would be shameful to come!"

"But it feels... so good, Mommy! Ah! Ahhhh!"

"Don't come, Suzy!" Tish cried, swirling her hand over her straining clit, her face red, her lips parted and swollen. Breath pumped in and out of her lungs, and her tits heaved.

She fucked a finger quickly up her pussy, sloshing it around in the wet, sucking meat. Another finger went in, then a third. Suzy's eyes bulged as she watched her mother's pussy mouth stretch wide and take all her fingers.

Juice poured from the hot, sucking hole. Her mother's hips began to twist and toss, and her thighs trembled.

"That's it, baby! Fuck that cunt! Beat it off! Make it come! Ahhhhh, what a couple of hot fuckers! God, my cock's jerking already!"

He pumped back and forth, puffing and blowing. His prick became a shaking piston in Suzy's ass. The friction built quickly and began to make her asshole burn and tingle unbearably.

"Ah! Ahhhh, Mommy! I'm going to come!"

There was a noise from deck side, a muffled thump and a groan. Suzy heard it, but she couldn't look around. Her mother didn't hear it. Her head was tossed back and her eyes were closed for the moment as her fingers fucked in and out of her distended cunt mouth.

"Alt God!" she gasped. "I'm going to come too, darling! Ohhhhh, it's been so long since I've come! Ohhhh, why didn't I let your father fuck me the other day! He was so horny! I was so horny! Ahhhhhh, God, it feels so good to come again!"

"Ohhhhhh, Mommy -- his prick's bucking and jerking in my ass! It's spitting! Ohhhh, I can feel it hosing and spurting hot sperm all the way into me! Yaaaaaagh, I can't stop it, Mommy!"

Suzy shuddered and bucked. She shoved her ass backward shamelessly, sinking down over his cock.

She heard Jody gasp and puff. She felt his stretching, jerking cock gave a final quick lunge into her and the tight, screaming spasms of her anal muscles as they wrapped around his cock and sucked the sperm right out of his balls.

"Arrrrrgh!" he growled, hosing his cum into her virginal ass, flattening her buttocks with his thighs.

"Ahhhhh, me too!" Tish cried.

Her pelvis lifted high. Her hips rocked and shuddered. She could barely keep her eyes open, but she did, and she watched her daughter's face twist up with the blissful agony of orgasm. She watched the long prick thrust all the way into her young buttocks, and she could see by the throbbing and pulsing that hot cum was squirting up her daughter's asshole in torrents.

Orgasm ripped through her starved body. Her pussy muscles sucked and pulled at her fingers. She felt terribly shameful again, coming this way, masturbating herself to orgasm while her daughter was being raped up her sweet young ass right before her eyes.

But she couldn't stop it. If she were being shameless about it, then so was Suzy, and she wasn't alone with her shame any more.

"Mom -- Suzy..." Matt croaked. "Ohhhh, you bastards! Get your foot off me, you Goddamn ape, and I'll kill you both!"

Tish's eyes popped open all the way. She lay there with her hand halfway up her cunt, spasming and shuddering, having a powerful orgasm, and her son was watching her do it.

Shame flooded through her again. She yanked her fingers out of her pussy and trailed juice all over her thighs. She clamped her legs shut and tried to hide from his sight.

Not that he was going to come down and punish her or revile her. He couldn't move. He was flattened on his belly on the deck, his head hanging through the hatchway, his chin resting on the top step. He gasped harshly as the air was squeezed from his lungs by the big foot Boo had in the middle of his back.

The ape was staring down into the cabin with Matt. His mouth was hanging open, and his lower lip drooled saliva. The most monstrous cock Tish could have ever imagined vaulted against the front of his pants, looking like a pole jutting from his groin, and there was a huge circle of dark wetness spreading all over his fly.

"Awwww, you're fuckin' 'em already, Jody, and ya didn't even say! I wanna fuck 'em too, Jody! Can I, Jody? Huh, can I?"

He didn't wait for an answer. He reached down and lifted Matt by the back of his shorts, just as if he carried a light duffel bag, and he swung Matt through the hatchway before him and lumbered down the steps.

He stood there, holding Matt, who was bent in the middle and squirming around, trying to grab onto something or get his feet on the floor.

Boo looked down at Suzy's flared, round ass and drooled. He saw the sperm leaking from her asshole around the imbedded shaft, and his huge cock throbbed.

"She a good fuck in the ass, Jody? Jeez, ya really filled her up with stuff, didn't ya? It's gonna drip on the floor, Jody."

He reached between Jody's and Suzy's legs with a thick finger and caught the dripping string of sperm on it.

"Come on!" Jody growled at him, slapping his hand away. He looked at Boo's pants. "What the hell'd you do, dummy, piss in your pants again?"

"Naw!" Boo grinned. "I blew my wad in 'em, just from watchin'." He looked at Tish's cunt and tits. "I'm gonna fuck her pussy, Jody is that all right? She's got a hot pussy, and it took all those lingers in it, so it can take my prick, can't it?"

"Yeah, Boo. It can take your prick. Go ahead and fuck her pussy!"

"Oh, boy!" Boo bellowed, filling the cabin with sound.


"Eeeeee!" Tish screamed, cowering against the corner of the berth. "No-o-o-o!"

"Put me down, you Goddamn ape!" Matt shouted, swinging helplessly from his grip.

Boo obliged him, but not in just the way Matt had meant. Boo lifted him with an outstretched arm, the way a normal person might hold a cat but by the scruff of the neck, and he slammed Matt down on the dinette table.

The supporting leg gave way, and the cleats pulled out of the wall hooks. The table crashed down into its recess in the seat framing, where it normally went when the dinette was converted into a double bed.

But the cushions, which detached from the backs of the dinette seats, weren't there, and the jarring crash stunned Matt and kicked the wind out of him again.

He lay there and groaned. Boo wasn't the least interested. He was working at his belt and pushing his pants down over his thick, hairy legs, grinning idiotically at Tish while she cowered in the corner and screamed herself hoarse.

Jody pulled his saturated prick from Suzy's ass. He snarled. He reached out with snakelike speed and slapped Tish hard, and she stopped screaming abruptly.

"I said don't do that, Momma," Jody whispered, his voice very loud in the sudden stillness.

"Don't let him fuck me, Jody," she whispered back, unable to speak any louder. She trembled all over. Her eyes stared widely.

Jody cackled. "You want me to stop him? You gotta be kidding, Jody."

"Ohhhhh," Matt moaned, writhing on the table.

Jody looked around. "Better tie him up first, Boo."

"Aw, Jody -- why'nt you tie him up? Look at my hard cock, Jody! It's gonna blow again, and I want to stick it in a nice soft pussy when it blows this time." He grinned witlessly, holding his cock.

Suzy stared at the cock. It was unbelievable. It was as thick as her wrist. It didn't look long because of the girth, but it had to be ten inches or more. The sight of it made her tremble all over and gasp with fear for her mother -- and herself.

"I said tie him up, Boo!" Jody commanded.

"Naw, I'm gonna fuck my dick into her soft pussy before it blows again, Jody," Boo said.

Jody made an animal sound and put his hand over the butt of the .38, threatening to draw it and use it. Boo watched him.

"Ya gonna shoot me, Jody?" he asked, his mouth hanging open.

They looked at one another. Boo held his stiff, thick cock in his fist and waited to be shot. Jody snorted after a moment and let his hand fall away. He glanced through the windows at the growing darkness and then looked at his watch.

"All right, Boo, I'll tie him up," he said.

"Boy, Jody!" Boo puffed. "I thought you was gonna do it! You had me scared there! I thought you really meant it, because I know how Kermitt's been trying to get you to get rid of me real hard this time, and I thought you was gonna do it. How come Kermitt don't like me, Jody? I never done any hurt to him."

Jody rolled his eyes and stuffed his cock back into his pants after wiping it on Suzy's naked ass. "I'll handle Kermitt, Boo," he said.

"But how come, Jody?" Boo insisted.

"Because you keep wanting to fuck his sister, Boo!" Jody said curtly. "Now, you lay off her this time, you hear? You go ahead and fuck these nice pussies here all you want to, Boo, and maybe you won't try to fuck Fay again, huh?"

"Aw, I like Fay, Jody. And she likes me too, I know she does!" he grinned energetically, jacking his cock as he thought about her.

"Yeah, yeah -- sure, she does, Boo. Look, draw that curtain over there, huh? We gotta keep the cabin closed off for when we head past the Keys."

Boo licked his lips happily and reached out and drew the curtains over the windows, his big cock weaving and bobbing stiffly from his huge, hairy body.

Jody went to Matt and yanked his arms behind his back and wrapped a length of rope around them, pulling it tight.

"Ah!" Matt yelped, glaring defiantly. "You wait, you bastard. I'll kill you for this."

Jody looked at him expressionlessly. Then he slapped him hard, making his head whip to the side. With a grimace, Jody yanked and jerked until Matt's cut-offs came off his legs, his cock flopping limply to the side of his leg.

"You're overdressed for the party, kid," he sneered. "Besides, maybe you won't be so eager to jump overboard now, huh?"

He cackled and made Boo guffaw. He watched Boo approach Tish, who had begun whimpering and cowering again, and then he went up the steps to the deck.

The engines gunned, and the boat heeled hard far a moment. Boo grinned broadly and held his thick cock and pointed it at Tish.

"Oh, boy -- is my dick gonna blow hard in your soft pussy! I seen how you put all those fingers in it at once, makin' it nice and big. Most girls, they can't take my big prick, and they yell a lot, but I know you can take it without yellin'."

"Boo, don't!" Tish cried. "Boo, you can wait until we get to wherever we're going and then fuck Fay, can't you?"

"Jody don't want me fuckin' Fay. He says Kermitt'll kill me if I fuck his sister. I don't know why he would. He fucks her, and nobody seems to mind about that!"

Tish stopped squalling and blinked. "Kermitt fucks his sister, Boo? Is that what you said?" she gasped.

"Yeah," Boo grinned. "All the time -- right out in front of everybody, too. Awww, I, like Fay! She's nice to me. You gonna be nice to me too?"

There was a threat in the question. For all his feeble-mindedness, Boo was aware of the terror his hulking frame could evoke.

"Mommy!" Suzy whispered fearfully. "Oh God, Mommy -- be nice to him! You saw what he did to Captain Elsworth! Mother -- you've got to."

Suzy watched. Her asshole tingled. Sperm drained from it. She shifted on the berth to make room for Boo, her naked body trembling.

He picked Tish up by her armpits and looked down at her jiggling, heaving tits. He looked at her pussy. She gasped and whimpered, staring into his small eyes as if transfixed.

Boo turned around and sat on the berth, his cock sticking upward from his lap. He lifted Tish as if she were a sawdust doll, holding her above his lap.

Boo's big cock jerked, and he giggled. "It's gonna blow!" he cried.

He sat there. Tish's legs were on either side of his. Her pussy was spread open. Boo was looking straight into it. It was nearly two feet above his cock.

He grunted. A stream of cum hosed from the tip of his cock and sprayed up against Tish's open cunt, washing around the puffy lips and the pink meat and dripping back into his lap.

"Oh, God!" Tish cried, feeling the hot stream spurt against her twat, feeling the terrible flood of it, as if a hose of warm water had been turned against her.

She looked down at the trembling stump of his cock and groaned again, imagining what it would have felt like if the big prick had been inside her cunt when it had gone off like that.

Suzy crawled over to where her brother was, looking steadily and with awe at the sight of her mother's dripping cunt, seeing the spatters of Boo's sperm on her belly and inner thighs and the way it drenched her mother's spread pussy.

She reached out with her hand blindly. "Ohhhhh, Matt!" she whimpered. She hadn't looked where she was reaching. She reached right into his lap.

Her head whipped around. She saw she was holding onto her brother's cock and balls, and she sucked in her breath.

"Untie me, Sis!" Matt whispered urgently.

"Ahhhh, boy!" Boo bellowed happily. "Lemme in that soft pussy before it blows again!"

He brought Tish downward, twisting her body back and forth, his tongue between his teeth with concentration.

"Ahhhh!" Tish cried. She gasped. She tossed her head back. "AHHHHHHGH!" she screamed throatily.

Boo screwed her down on his cock. There was no other way to describe it. His pole jutted upward, soaked and coated with the fallback of his shower of sperm. He was twisting her torso back and forth, forcing her open cunt down over the end of his prick.

"Oh boy -- ohhhhh, boy!" he gasped. "Ya took it all! I knew you could! Ohhhh, look how your belly lumps out now with all of Boo's big prick in it! Ahhhh, what a nice soft, tight pussy! Aw, it's gonna make my cock blow real fast and a whole lot!"

Tish choked. Her eyes bulged from her head. Her body rippled and shuddered all over. Her tits jutted from her chest toward his small head, and her mouth opened with silent screaming.

Boo began lifting her up and down, making her pussy fuck his prick. Her belly arched and filled and sucked hollow again, and her head fairly wobbled on her neck.

She turned it finally, looking at her children with open mouth and slightly crossed eyes, and sound bubbled from her throat.

"Ahhh -- h..." she moaned mindlessly.

"Mommy!" Suzy cried, tightening her fingers around her brother's prick. "Matt, look! Ohhhhhh, God!"

Suzy shivered hard and clapped her other hand over her own pussy, feeling the squirming and tingling there. She stared at the monstrous cock skewering into her mother's cunt again and again, and she shuddered again, unable to keep from wondering what it felt like to be fucked by such a pussy-stretching cock.

"Ahhhh, it's all going in me!" Tish cried finally, her voice hoarse. "It's stretching my pussy so wide it feels like one of you is coming out of it again! Oh God -- my children! Watching me be fucked by a tree! Ahhhhhgh, I can't... I'm going..."

"Oh, Mommy -- it's all right!" Suzy cried. "We understand! You can't help it, Mommy! Do it -- do it!"

"Au! Ah! Ahhhhhhgh!" Tish cried. Her nipples stretched from the ends of her tits, hard and deep red. She sucked in her breath. Her eyes closed. She seemed to be gathering herself up for a monstrous spasm.

"Oh, boy! I'm gonna blow!" Boo bellowed, banging her up and down on his lap faster and faster, her face going red, his nostrils puffing harshly.

Incredible sucking sounds filled the cabin. Wetness spurted from Tish's pussy, showering over her inner thighs, coating his hairy belly and matting the fur on his legs.

"Unh! Unh!" Boo grunted, mashing Tish's split twat down over his cock. He trembled, snapping his jaw as if biting at invisible gnats. His huge balls trembled and pumped, quaking between his meaty thighs.

"YAAAAGH!" Tish cried.

"Come, Mommy!" Suzy cried.

"GOD, I AM!" she bellowed back.

Her pussy sucked and drew. The big, stretched muscle at the mouth of her cunt spasmed until it pained her, trying to diminish the girth of the root bursting through the opening.

Sperm gushed into her cunt, having really nowhere to go but into her womb. The huge cock throbbed and pulsed at the very depths of her vaginal tunnel, and she felt as if she were being fucked by the jets of cum that hosed into her.

"Aw, it's squeezin' all around my cock!" Boo cried. "God, what a soft pussy! Ohhhh, boy!"

He grinned hugely when he was finished. Tish slumped limply against him, moaning. Boo lifted her pussy off his prick, and a flood of sperm washed out of her hole and bathed his balls.

"Oh, boy," he said, looking at Suzy and Matt. "You gotta see the way her pussy took all my prick. Look! Looka this! See it? Watch close!"

He handled Tish's limp body easily, turning her around so that her back was to him and her front to her children. He draped her loose legs over his again, and he looked closely at her hair and her back as he fucked her split crotch down over his cock one more time.

"Ahhhh -- ohhhh!" Tish moaned, her head sagging.

"Ya see?" Boo grinned. "Ya see my cock go up her? It's all in there. Oh boy, is it all in there!" He fingered her tits and placed his big hand over her belly, nearly covering the whole of her middle with the meaty spread of his palm. "See her belly swell up?" he grinned.

He fucked her up and down his prick. Suzy and Matt stared and gasped at the distortion of their mother's stomach.

It lumped out, all right. The line of his cock was magnified in thickness by her flesh and muscles. Her pussy mouth was stretched unbelievably. Her cuntlips were bloated up like two sponges, nearly turned outward by the filling girth of his cock root.

Her clit stuck out from the top of her cleft like the bud of a flower, and it throbbed and pulsed mightily. Her tits jiggled firmly on her chest, and her asscheeks slapped against his meaty thighs as he bounced her body up and down and fucked his cock with her open cunt again.

"Hey, come on," Boo said like a happy kid. "This is fun! You do it! Yeah, lemme see what it looks like when you two do it!"

Suzy gasped. Her fingers clutched around her brother's prick. She felt a sudden throb go through the limp shaft, and it began to swell in her fist.

"Matt!" she gasped, looking around at him, finally tearing her eyes from the sight of her mother's stretched, fucked cunt.

He was staring at his mother's stuffed hole, seeing all the wetness and pinkness, the way it quivered and shook and sucked around the thick root imbedded there.

He ran his eyes over her swollen, hot tits, the ruby nipples, the slack expression on her face, the way her mouth was slack and open and her eyes filled with terrible lust.

Then he looked at Suzy, running his eyes over her naked tits, the flare of her bare ass and hips. He remembered the sight of Jody's long thin cock running in and out of his sister's asshole, and he couldn't help what was happening to him now.

"Suzy -- oh, God, Sis! Your hand... Mom's pussy... honey, I can't help it!"

She looked at his swelling cock as it nosed up through her fist, and her pussy trembled wildly. "He wants -- Matt, he wants us to fuck!" she gasped softly.

"I know, Sis!" He struggled with the rope around his wrists and winced with the way it dug into his flesh. "God, I wish I could get my hands free!"

"I could -- we could pretend to be... oh, Matt, maybe I could sit on your lap and wrap my arms around you and undo the rope! He wouldn't be able to see. And then we could -- we could..."

Her voice trailed off. She saw the same expression in his eyes that she felt inside. He sighed with her.

"So much for that idea, Sis," he whispered. "I can't do anything against that ape. Even if I could, there's Jody. And now he's armed. Honey, it's hopeless!"

"Hey, over there!" Boo said thickly, now holding Tish back against his barrel chest. He wasn't bouncing her up and down on his cock. He was frowning around her at them. "I ast ya to do like I'm doin' here. I ast ya nice, didn't I?"

"Yes!" Suzy cried. "Yes, Boo -- you asked us very nicely."

"Well, don't make me have to tell you. I don't wanna get mad. I don't never like to get mad. I do things when I get mad, and then Jody yells at me. You guys are gonna get me in trouble if you don't go along with me, 'cause I'm gonna get mad."

"All right, Boo -- all right!" Suzy said placatingly. She looked into her brother's eyes and shivered all over. "Ohhhhh, Matt."

"We've got to, Sis -- we've got to fuck!"

"I know! Oh, Matt -- my cherry... you're going to fuck my cherry out of my pussy! Ohhhhh, Matt!"

He smiled bravely. "I could think of more horrible things to be forced to do, Suzy."

"Oh, God!" she cried softly. "My own brother!"

"You get going, now!" Boo rumbled, a hint of anger entering his voice.

"I-I'm just putting some cushions under him, Boo," Suzy said quickly. "This table top's hard on his butt." She reached for one dinette back, and unhooked it and fitted it into its place while Matt rocked his body sideways. She did the same with the other one. Boo watched her carefully, one big hand covering both Tish's tits at once and squeezing them.

"Can I untie his hands, Boo? Jody made the rope too tight. It's hurting him."

Boo licked his lips, seeming to be considering it. "Naw!" he said finally, frowning quickly. "I ain't that dumb. Don't try to pull no tricks on Boo, or I'll fuck your butt like Jody did and hurt ya."

Suzy cringed and had trouble swallowing. "All tight, Boo -- no tricks! I promise!"

He grinned broadly and chuckled. He began lifting Tish up and down his cock again, making her pussy meat suck in and out of her body.

"Get on him, get on him," he said, nearly chanting it like a kid.

Suzy looked at her mother. Her eyes were slightly glazed. She opened her mouth and moaned.

Suzy helped her brother position his legs over the edge of the improvised bunk. She sucked her breath deep again and again, her pussy tingling and watering despite herself. She was just ready to climb into his lap and spread her virginal cunt wide over the head of his cock and impale herself on it when she saw that he wasn't stiff enough any more.

"Matt?" she questioned, looking at him.

"I can't help it, Suzy! Goddamn it! Everything's suddenly all wrong! Mom's over there being raped by a tree trunk, and I've got to just sit here helplessly and watch it happen! Oh, Sis -- I wanted so much to fuck you the other day! And even just a little while ago, before we picked up these bastards. But now... God, it's just all wrong now!"

"Matt, we've got to!" she cried urgently.

"You're being forced to, Suzy! Don't you understand what it means? It means you're being raped! It's my cock, but he's doing the raping, and I just can't let it happen to you, Sis!"

"I'm gettin' mad!" Boo bellowed.

He shifted forward, wrapping an arm around Tish's belly and holding her tightly against him. He stood. Tish tipped over in a horizontal position, her tits hanging down, belly rounded over Boo's massive arm, her cunt plugged by his stiff cock and her body tightly locked to his.

Boo moved across the boat with his powerful tight arm raised and his hand outstretched. He grabbed Suzy's arm high up and lifted her from the floor and shook her.

"I said to fuck your pussy down over his cock!" he roared.

"It's not her fault, Boo!" Matt cried quickly.

Boo looked, swinging Tish aside as if her body were an extension of his cock. He stared at Matt's soft cock. He grunted. He let Suzy go. He grasped Matt's prick in his meaty hand, dwarfing it. He shook it, and the head whipped back and forth limply.

"It ain't hard," he said stupidly. "How come it ain't hard? You don't like fuckin'? Maybe you need some help, huh? Here, Miss -- suck on it a little. Fay does that to her brother and makes him hard. Sometimes he blows into her mouth, too."

He swung Tish around again and put his hand on the back of her head and shoved her face into Matt's lap, urging her to suck the cock hard.

"Mom!" Matt cried, feeling her hair tickle all over his belly and thighs, feeling the silk of it drape over his prick and balls. She puffed hot breath into his lap and moaned.

"Ohhhhh, Matt -- my own son! Matt, forgive me! I've got to! No, no -- ohhhhh, my God, I want to!" she cried.

She reached for his prick. Her hand wrapped around it. She moaned and stared at her son's beautiful young prick. Her mouth opened, and her tongue slurped out, sucking his prickhead between her lips with lustful, shameful hunger.

"Ahhhhhh, Mom!" Matt cried huskily, his thighs trembling.

Suzy sucked in her breath. Her mother was wild. She sucked and pulled at Matt's prick as if she couldn't get enough of it. She moaned constantly, rolling his balls with her fingers.

Her ass began to weave in Boo's lap, and her pussy made sucking sounds around the thick root of his prick. She lifted her head, her lips tight and round, the prickhead sucking from between them with a pop.

"Ahhhhhh, I can't help it! God, I'm depraved! I'm done! This is the end! I'm being raped, and I'm sucking my son's cock, and I'm loving it! Suzy -- Matt..."

Suzy rushed forward and hugged her mother tightly. "It's all right, Mommy! It's all right! When you've sucked him hard, I'm going to fuck him, Mommy, and I'm going to love it too! Ohhhh, we can both love him, Mommy! Remember how it was just a little while ago -- just the three of us, all hugging and kissing and loving each other? That was good then, and it's going to get even better!"

Tish groaned and looked into her daughter's eyes. She licked her lips. "Suzy," she croaked. "Honey, I love you!"

"I love you too, Mommy!" Suzy tipped Matt's prick toward her mother's mouth as if feeding a pacifier to a baby. "Suck it, Mommy," she said softly.

Tish moaned and opened her mouth and sucked the swelling cockhead deeply into her mouth again. She slurped and licked, bobbing her head and moaning, her eyes closing.

Suzy looked into her brother's eyes and saw that he was looking back. "Sis..." he gasped.

"Hnnnh..." Boo grunted, peering down, watching Tish suck on her son's cock. His prick began throbbing mightily inside her tight, stretched cunt again, and a grin of happy lust spilt his face.

Matt began to redden. His prick was stiff as iron now. His mother's head bobbed up and down, her lips stripping his hard prick, her tongue slithering all along the bottom of it.

"Sis!" he gasped. "Sis, I'm going to come! My God! I'm being sucked off by my mother! Ohhhhh, Sis..."

"Nnn! Nnnnnn!" Tish groaned in the back of her throat. Her ass shook against Boo's belly. Her mouth was a vacuum pump around her son's cock.

She shuddered violently and squealed in the back of her throat, coming violently.

"Ohhhhh, boy! Her pussy's squeezin' my prick again!" Boo cried, now holding her against his belly with both hands around her hips.

"Suzy, I'm coming!" Matt cried suddenly. "Ahhhhhgh!"

There was a wet spurting sound. Sperm shot from Tish's lips. She swallowed and gagged and sucked her mouth off the flowing prick.

"Ahhhhhh, God! I sucked off my own son! I loved it! God, I'm coming again! Fuck that big cock into me, you raping ape!" she cried, tossing her head, shaking her skewered ass back against him for more.

"I'm gonna blow!" Boo bellowed.

His hips arched forward and shuddered. His massive buttocks clenched tightly and shook. Sperm hosed from his prick and flooded up into Tish's womb again, and Tish cried out with the sensation of it and sucked the last drops from her son's spurting prick.

Suzy watched it all happen with wide, staring eyes. Her pussy was aflame. She couldn't keep her hands away from it. They swarmed over her cuntlips and clit and sucked through the wet meat.

"Mommy, I want to fuck my brother now!" she cried, feeling wild and shameless.

Her mother lifted her head and looked at her daughter. Sperm oozed from her lips and trailed down her chin and dripped off, and Suzy couldn't help but wonder if her mother hadn't seen exactly the same sight two weeks ago, when cum had been running off her chin.

Boo staggered backward slightly, pulling Tish with him. Matt's red, wet, trembling prick spired high. Suzy looked at it and sucked in her breath and knew she couldn't wait any longer.

It suddenly didn't matter that this was her brother's prick. In fact, it was better that it was his prick. It was better that her mother had worked it over first, because they could now share the shamelessness and guilt of their unbridled passions.

"Ohhhhhh, Matt, Matt! My sweet brother! Fuck me, Matt. Fuck my cherry out of me! I want you now! It's not rape now! Fuck me, sweet brother!"

She lifted her leg high, facing him, straddling his thighs. Her virginal pussy spread wide, the thin covering of golden fur gleaming with her wetness.

Her brother stared into the depths of her cunt again, and she saw the look in his eyes -- the same as it had been the other day.

"Matt, you want to fuck me now?" she cried softly.

"Yes! God, yes, Sis!"

"Ohhhh, Suzy -- turn around!" Tish groaned, still swallowing and licking her lips. "I want to see it happen!"

"Yeah!" Boo agreed, his legs braced apart now, his balls dangling far beneath Tish's open, stuffed, draining cunt.

Tish held onto the edge of the bunk, her face only inches from her children's genitals. Sperm still dangled from her chin. She panted with lust and kept her ass in motion against Boo's belly, her cunt still sucking up and down his prick with excited quivers and spasms.

"Ohhhhh, Mommy..." Suzy moaned. "Yes -- yes! I watched you suck him off. You watch me fuck him! We're both guilty, Mommy! And I'm going to come hard! Ohhhhh, you watch me come hard!"

Breath hissed in and out of her lungs. She reversed her position on her brother's lap. She stood with stiff, braced legs, her virginal cunt mouth just an inch above his pulsing, still-oozing cockhead.

She spread her pussylips with her fingers, opening her cunt wide to her mother's sight. "Look, Mommy! See my cherry? See it in there? Watch it, Mommy! Watch my brother fuck my cherry out of me!"

She sank down. The velvety, slippery cockhead touched her incredibly bloated pussylips. She arched her pelvis with trembling, uncontrollable little jerks until she felt that his glans was centered at her spasming pussy mouth.

"See it, Mommy?" she gasped.

"Yes! Yes, honey! Ohhhhhh, God!" Tish groaned quaveringly.

She stared fixedly. She took one hand from the bunk edge and thrust it between her thighs, rolling her clit with the tip of her finger, puffing and gasping, hunching up and down as she tried to get Boo's big cock to fuck her harder.

Suzy shivered. She glanced over her shoulder at her brother, looking into his eyes. "Matt -- God, Matt, I love you!"

"I love you too, Sis!"

"You ready?"


Suzy pulled her puffed pussylips apart as far as they would go and let her knees bend. The slippery cockhead nosed into her silken flesh and made her vaginal cunt mouth stretch. She moaned. She felt her cherry go terribly taut.

"Ahhhhh!" she cried sharply.

"Fuck!" Boo gurgled, unable to wait to see it happen himself. He reached out and pushed down on the top of Suzy's head hard, staking her young body atop her brother's cock.

"Yaaaaagh!" Suzy cried, her eyes popping wide.

Pain shot through her pussy. She felt the taut cherry rupture. She felt the stretching of her pussy flesh, the give of her soaked, honey-covered cunt walls as her brother's cock rammed deep into her virginal body.

Her butt flattened atop his thighs. Her pussy mouth sucked and spasmed around his root, and her clit shot from the little tented hiding place at the top of her cleft.

"Ahhhhhgh!" she cried again. "Mommy, I'm fucked! Matt's cock is fucking me! It's all the way up my pussy, Mommy! Ahhhhhgh, I love it! God, God!"

"Ohhhhh, Suzy, I see it, there's some blood! Ohhh, my baby, my sweet, virginal baby! Both my babies! Ohhhhh, you're fucking each other! Kiss -- I want to kiss you!"

She scrabbled at the bunk material and made Boo lean forward slightly. Her face hovered over the juncture of her children's united organs.

She ran her eyes over the swollen cuntlips, the light fuzz on her daughter's pussy, the straining clit. She gazed at her son's balls and the way his stiff cock throbbed up into his sister's virginal pussy.

She groaned loudly and surged forward and opened her mouth, pursing her soft lips, thrusting her tongue out. She kissed the whole area of her daughter's fucked pussy. She licked at the honey-coated root of her son's cock. She sucked his balls between her lips and rolled them in her mouth, her nose burrowing into the soft, silken folds of trembling pussy flesh.

"Fuck, fuck!" Boo chortled. "Oh boy -- ain't it fun to fuck?"

Suzy couldn't help herself. She flexed her knees up and down. Her pussy lifted and fell on the spire of her brother's throbbing prick.

She could feel the deep thrust of it, the wide stretching of her pussy walls, the way the velvety, mushroom-headed glans bare into one slippery part of her pussy tunnel and then against another part.

She shivered and shook and twisted all around in his lap, making her buttocks slap against his thighs, using him shamelessly, using his stiff, trembling prick for an organ of bliss while her mother's lips sucked and pulled at her clit and her twat petals and drove her insane.

"Ahhhhh, God, Mommy! I love it! I'm going to come! Ohhhh, I don't care if he is my brother, I'm going to come! I'm going to squeeze my pussy all around his wonderful prick and come, and I'm going to make him come too!"

"Ohhhhh, Suzy -- Suzy!" Tish cried, sucking and pulling at the wet flesh of her daughter's twat. "Do it! Make him come in your pussy! Ahhhhh, blow up my cunt, you big ape!" she cried. "Fuck me full until I slosh inside!"

"Yeah, yeah!" Boo grunted, getting his eyes full of all of it. "I'm gonna do it again!"

He grunted and shook. His cock expanded the tight, slippery mouth of Tish's throbbing pussy again. Her hand swirled over her clit. Her whole body trembled and heaved, and she groaned into her daughter's wet twat until she blew bubbles there.

"Mommy! Mommy!" Suzy cried heatedly. "I'm coming! Ahhhhhgh, I'm coming!"

She grabbed her tits and squeezed them hard, shuddered mightily, her asscheeks clenching and squeezing at her brother's belly, her tight, silky pussy sucking upward and stripping his prick.

"Suzy!" he moaned. "My God! I'm coming in you, Sis! I can't stop it! Your cunt's going wild around my cock! Mom! Ohhhhh, suck my balls while I come, Mom! Yaaaaagh!"

Suzy felt his prick stretch inside her tight pussy. She felt the jerking throbs of it, the bucking of his dancing prickhead. She felt the hot, slippery jets of his sperm hosing into her virginal body, and she nearly fainted with bliss, weaving back and forth.

His cum jetted from her cunt mouth, spurting around the shuddering pole of his prick. She felt her mother's tongue there, lapping and licking, sucking it all up as it came from, her spasming pussy mouth.

"Oh, boy! Boy!" Boo gasped breathily. "What a great fuck! Oh, boy!"

He was puffing. His thick legs were trembling. He hugged again and again, then took his arm from around Tish's belly. His prick sagged downward and began to wilt inside her cunt.

Her pussy squeezed and sucked, but she began to slide off his cock. He gave her asscheeks a push, and the oiled pole sucked out of her hole. Her stretched cunt flesh slapped together as he staggered backward and sat heavily on the side berth and huffed again.

Tish couldn't stand. Her legs wouldn't hold her. She went to her knees in front of the bunk, her face still buried in her children's crotches.

Her spread pussy disgorged a sloshing puddle of cum on the floor, as if she were pissing it from her hole. Her cunt trembled and spasmed, the distended muscles trying to quiver back to their original shape.

She groaned heavily and slipped her hands under her daughter's buttocks, making Suzy tip her pelvis upward. Her tongue slithered part way into her daughter's tight pussy alongside her son's trembling, oozing cock, and she licked all the sperm she could get from the tight union.

She lifted upward. Suzy's pussy slid along the shaft until it popped off. Tish opened her mouth and covered the pulsing hole, sucking hard.

"Ohhhhh, Mommy!" Suzy gasped, feeling quivers shake all through her body. She turned her head and looked at her brother. "Matt -- she's sucking your sperm from my pussy! Ohhhhh, she's drinking it all down! Mommy! Ohhhh, Mommy, it feels -- good!"

Suzy sucked in her breath and looked down and saw her mother's tipped face. She felt the slithering tongue wash up into her cunt hole and swirl around.

Her clit stretched and tinged from the top of her cleft again. She brought her fingers to it and masturbated, gasping, shivering all over as her mother sucked her young, hot pussy into another orgasm.

"Ahhhhhhh, Mommy! You're making me come! I love it! Ahhhhgh!"

She shuddered violently, leaning back against her brother's chest, feeling his lips kiss the side of her face as he peered over her shoulder and watched.

She opened her eyes right at the last. She looked straight ahead and saw Boo. He was sitting on the berth with his legs open. He was watching too. His big, massive, thick cock was lifting again. She looked at it and shivered with primitive sensations, and then she saw that he was looking into her eyes with a lustful grin on his face.


"Boo, come get this bastard and take him below," Jody ordered, sticking his head through the hatchway. He let his eyes roam over the naked flesh and the puddles of sperm. "You fucked out yet, Boo?"

"Yeah, Jody," Boo grinned broadly. "For a little while. I blew and blew, Jody. She's sure got a soft pussy, and she took all my cock in it, too. Aw, boy, I feel good, Jody!"

He got up, weaving slightly, unaware of his nudity. Suzy could hear them talking when Boo went on deck. It was pitch black outside now, and there was a dim light coming from the console. She heard scuffling sounds.

"Be careful of him, Boo!"

In a moment, Boo appeared in the hatchway wish Captain Elsworth. He was holding the old man by his armpits. Captain Elsworth was conscious now, but it pained him every time he took a breath. Boo brought him down into the cabin and set him on the side berth with startling gentleness.

Boo stood back and looked at him. His big cock waggled in the old man's face, still leaking, still shiny with Tish's drying cunt juice.

Boo turned around and grinned. "I gotta go back up," he announced, as if they were all friends now. "Jody wants me up on deck. I gotta close the door, because we're just about to go under the bridge into Florida Bay."

He went up the steps and shut the door, locking it. Captain Elsworth groaned, obviously in pain. Suzy went over to him and knelt beside him.

"Oh, what can I do, Captain?" she asked.

He smiled at her, wincing. "Nothing, honey," he said. "Got cracked ribs. They'll mend, just as soon as we get out of this." He looked at her young breasts for the first time, and there was a sweet gentleness in his eyes. "I'm so sorry," he said. He looked around the cabin, seeing the puddle of sperm, the red, open pussy between Tish's thighs that she wasn't even trying to close up now. "My God, my God," he whispered softly.

Suzy put her hand on his arm. "We're all right, Captain. Really, we are. You couldn't have stopped any of it."

Matt slid off the bunk and turned his back, to Captain Elsworth. "Do you think you could undo this knot? I can't feel my fingers any more."

The old man puffed and grunted with pain. His fingers worked a long time at the knot. He swore softly, but he finally got it undone. Matt groaned and rubbed his wrists.

There was the sound of a car horn in the direction of the boat's stem. Captain Elsworth sighed. "We're into the Bay now. No chance left to get help. We're stuck, I'm afraid."

"Isn't there anything we can do?" Matt asked. "Maybe I could swim for it!"

The old man shook his head. "If a hammerhead didn't get you, Son, the current would. We can hope he doesn't know where he's going and runs aground. It's all mud flats and grass beds around here, and he's heading into some shallow bights. But I'm afraid that's a slim hope. I watched him. He can handle it all. If only he hadn't found the gun..."

"Is there a knife, a club -- anything?" Matt asked.

The old man shook his head. "The fish billy's back at the stern, in the bait box. That's all I've got, Son," he said apologetically.

The door opened. Jody looked down at them and sneered at the way they were all bunched around the captain.

"Looks like a mutiny, Pops. You know what they do to mutineers, don't you?"

"Same thing they do to pirates!" he snapped back.

Jody laughed thinly. "Don't bug me, you old fart. I've got to figure out what to do with all of you after we land. See -- you know too much now, get me?" He laughed again, closing the door.

Tish looked after him, her mouth open.

"H going to kill us," she said hollowly.

Captain Elsworth put his hand on her arm gently. "Me, maybe. And maybe your boy." He couldn't bring himself to suggest what they would do with her and Suzy. He didn't have to. Even Suzy understood. "But don't give up. We'll think of something."

"What?" Tish said, her voice hollow. There was a small smile on her face. "Matt's no match for them. Your ribs are cracked. Let's be honest with each other, Captain. That's the least we can do now."

The old man looked at her a long moment, then winked at Suzy and Matt. "There's some fightin' gal there, kids," he said. "Whatever happened down here wasn't all bad, because your mom sure looks different than she did this morning."

They both looked at their mother, then at each other. The old man was right. They had their mother back!

"We can't out-muscle them, maybe," he said, getting a crafty look on his leathery face. "So we gotta outwit them and make them use their strength for us instead of against us -- and their squabbles."

"And their passions," Tish added, squeezing his arm. She looked at Suzy. "Do you understand me, honey?"

"Yes, Mom," Suzy said, her pussy tingling reflexively. She remembered the sight of Boo's big prick and the look in his eye when he'd watched her come in her mother's mouth. "Yes, I understand, Mommy!"

The boat churned through the shallow waters of the night. After some time, the engines slowed to an idle. Matt knelt on the bunk and pulled the curtain aside and looked out.

"I see a light," he said. "Looks like a lantern. Yes, there's a tent. One -- no -- two people, male and female."

"A boat?" Captain Elsworth asked. "Is there another boat?"

"I don't... yes, there it is, on the other side of a clump of mangroves." He pulled his head back in. "We going to swipe it?"

"I don't know, Son."

They were barely drifting forward. There was the mushy feel of the prow burrowing into the mud bottom, and the forward motion stopped. Jody worked the engines and made the stem swing around closer to the island. Voices came to them as ropes were tossed and snugged up and tied to stout mangrove roots. The door opened, and Boo grinned down.

"Everybody out," he said jovially.

They filed out. Jody was ashore. He stood with Kermitt. They were arguing nastily with each other.

"... stole a fucking boat!" Kermitt roared. "Dumb son of a bitch!"

"What the hell was I supposed to do, you asshole! Float to England? Maybe you got that turkey for us on purpose, huh? You and the rental bastard had it all figured, huh?"

"Cut it out, Jody! How would we get the stuff Miami, huh?"

Jody pointed a stiff finger. "What the hell you got tied up over there, an elephant?"

"It's hot. They'd be looking for it, and you know it. That's why we rented yours, remember? But now, you dumb asshole, we got the Coast Guard out looking for a missing charter boat. You sure as hell can't hide that big thing under the mangroves!"

"Well, what was I supposed to do, Kermitt?"

Fay spoke for the first time. Like her brother, she had dark hair. Unlike him, her build was slender and willowy, while his was stocky and muscular.

She had small tits, tight little cones on her naked chest. Each of them wore briefs and nothing more. Her hair was mussed. His cock was full in the pouch of his briefs.

"Come on, Jody, let's not argue about it any more," she said quietly. "I don't feel like arguing. You could have taken the boat in and had the engine fixed and come back tomorrow, that's all. We'd still be here. Hey, come on -- let's have fun instead of arguing, huh?"

"Sure, you'd still be here tomorrow," Jody said darkly, looking at her, his eyes flicking over her naked tits and her panties.

She leaned against him, running her hands over his shoulders and chest, making a cooing sound. "I'm the one who should be mad, Jody," she pouted. "You came just at the wrong time. Kermitt and I were having a lovely fuck when we heard your old boat coming along."

Jody snaked his arm around her slender waist. "Fine, let's us finish fucking then, baby."

Kermitt glared. "Get your hands off my sister," he said.

"You need a change, old buddy," Jody grinned. "Why don't you go knock off one of those pussies I brought you. Break 'em in. I got it figured with them. We take them back to Colombia and sell 'em to that one-eyed bastard -- what's his name?"

"The Indian?" Kermitt asked, looking through the dim light at Tish and Suzy for the first time. He smiled. "Yeah, why not? Couple thou each maybe? Shit, I don't know what girls bring. They dogs?"

"For Christ's sake, go look, touch, and fuck! Hell no, they're not dogs! Couple of queens! Do I bring you lousy merchandise?"

Kermitt squinted through the darkness and went toward them, eyeing up Suzy and then Tish and then favoring Suzy again. He squeezed her tit and felt her ass.

"Damn!" he said huskily.

"Watch it, buddy," Matt snarled.

"Fuck off, punk," he growled. "Better yet, lemme see you fuck your mother. This your mother? Sure, she is." His face went nasty. "Get fucking, kid, or I'll use your cock for shark bait."

He pushed Suzy toward the light. Jody and Fay had come over, and Jody was snickering. "You better get it up, punk. Kermitt's nastier than I am, and you'd better believe it."

"That's hard to believe," Matt said insolently. He looked at his mother, and she looked at him. And turned fully to him and went up against him and curled her arms around his neck, pressing her naked body against his, kissing him.

"Fuck me, Son," she said. "We'd better do what they say."

Kermitt cackled sharply. "Hot damn! You talk my language, Momma!"

"The name's Tish," she said, turning her head toward him and looking at him boldly, lifting Matt's hand to her tit and making him cup it. Hers went to his cock and balls, and she fondled him openly.

"Man, oh man!" Kermitt whooped, looking at Jody. "This is really something! Hey, Momma, how about if I fuck your daughter, huh?"

"Why don't you ask Suzy." Tish said, arching her brow at him. "I'm only her mother, not her keeper."

Kermitt whooped again. Fay thought it was funny too. Even Jody grinned. Boo stood there like a bear and grinned from ear to ear, not quite sure what he was laughing at. He kept looking at Fay and licking his lips.

Suzy sucked in her breath and watched her mother. She'd never seen her quite so cool and calculating before. She looked at Kermitt and couldn't help the way her pussy throbbed. He was rather handsome.

From the corner of her eye, she saw Captain Elsworth try to edge out of the circle of light. Fay saw him too.

"Hey, where's the old man going?"

"Nowhere," Jody said threateningly. "Right, Pops?"

Captain Elsworth sighed. He came back, holding his arm around his ribs. "I thought I'd leave you kids to your games," he said wistfully, "and just take my cracked old bones to bed."

"No way, Pops!" Jody jeered. "You get fucked too, right girls? Everybody gets fucked tonight, for tomorrow we may die!" He laughed and hugged Fay's slender body to him, passing his hand over her tits so that her nipples popped springily erect. "Let's get on with it, kid," he said to Matt. "We're all watching you become a real by-God motherfucker!"

Kermitt went into the tent. He brought back blankets and spread them on the sandy ground, grinning. He pulled Suzy with him and waited for Tish and Matt to get down and fuck.

"Ready, darling?" Tish asked her son, still fondling his balls. She glanced down and whispered to him. "You're going to have to get stiffer than this, sweetie. Don't worry. It's all right, honey. This is one time I want you to really fuck Mommy, okay?"

"All right, Mom," he gasped, following her to the blankets.

"Uh -- hiya, Fay," Boo said, grinning and nodding, going up to her sheepishly and watching Jody slide his hand into her panties. "Boy, it's been a fun night, hasn't it?"

"Well, if it isn't Boo!" Fay laughed. "I didn't even see you hulking around, Boo. How's my big honey?"

"Aw, just great, Fay," Boo choked, damn near stumbling over his own feet with admiration for her. "I been fuckin' and fuckin'!"

"Oh, that's wonderful, Boo," she said, rolling her eyes. "Who's the lucky girl? The little girl?"

"Naw, Fay -- the lady!" Boo blushed. "And she took my whole cock in her soft pussy, too! Aw, it was great, Fay! I blew and blew in her soft pussy!"

"That's thrilling, sweetie," Fay said, her voice turning cattier by, the second, knowing he'd never notice it. "Why don't you go blow up her ass, Boo?"

"'Cause I-I... aw, Fay, you know what I wanna do!"

"You want to fuck me, Boo? Oh, isn't that sweet, Jody? Boo still wants to fuck me."

"Take it easy on him, dummy," Jody warned her.

She chucked Boo under his little chin and clucked. "Maybe soon, Boo," she teased him. "Ohhhhh, such a big hard prick you're getting!" She touched the wide head with the tip of her finger, and Boo's cock jerked and throbbed.

Jody turned her away and warned her again. "You're gonna get it one of these times, dummy. I'm telling you."

"I can handle him, Jody," she said defiantly. "God, stick that long cock up my pussy and fuck me!" She threw her arms around his neck and plastered herself to him.

Tish watched his hand peel her panties from her ass. He cupped her cheeks and drove her down onto the ground, shucking his pants at the same time, his long, thin cock springing toward her uplifted cunt. He drove into her, fucking her hard and fast, and she seemed to like it that way.

She saw Boo hover around and watch, licking his lips, his prick thick and stiff now. She glanced at Kermitt and saw him squirm slightly at the sight of his sister being fucked. He reached out and grabbed at Suzy.

"Ohhhhhh, now, Matt -- now!" Tish cried, lying beneath him next to Kermitt and Suzy.

She went onto her back and spread her legs. She lifted her knees high. She fondled her tits and then slid her hands down between her thighs. She fondled her pussy and spread the lips for her son.

"Suck it, my darling son -- suck Mommy's pussy before you fuck it?"

Matt held his breath. His cock throbbed to hardness. He glanced at Suzy. Suzy gave him a furtive nod of her head. Matt slid between his mother's thighs and gazed into the hole he'd come from and moaned at the wet silkiness of it.

"Suck her good, kid," Kermitt said huskily, his prick stretching in his briefs. He watched steadily.

Matt gave him a show. He didn't need a great deal of encouragement. His mother's pussy was sweet and silky. He inhaled her perfume and then lapped at her slit with his tongue, tasting her honey, dipping back for more.

"Oh, God," Tish moaned quietly, sucking in her breath as if startled. Her belly quivered, and her fingers tangled in his hair. She glanced aside at Suzy and licked her lips.

Suzy knew her mother was liking it. She could tell by now how her mother reacted when she was hot. Her pelvis tipped up, and her pussy opened wider.

Matt slid his hands under his mother's asscheeks and slurped at her wet, slippery slit. His tongue drilled into her pussy hole, and he heard her moan. He could feel the quivering tissue of her cunt mouth, and he knew she wasn't just pretending to like it.

His cock speared down from his crotch. Kermitt watched him closely and could see that Tish was really getting hot. Her clit strained up from the top of her cleft, and Matt sucked it.

"Oh! Oh, God, darling! Fuck me! Ohhhh, hurry and fuck your hot mother!"

He gasped. He scrambled over her. She grasped his prick and jacked it and then aimed it toward her wet, quivering pussy and lifted up. She wrapped her hands around his ass and pulled, and her son's prick sank all the way into her squirming cunt.

"Ahhhhh, Suzy! Ohhhh, darling -- now I know why you came so hard! Ohhhh, Matt, you devil! Where did you learn to fuck so well? God, you're nearly as thrilling to me as your father! Yes! Deeper! Faster! Ohhhhh, darling! Your shameless mother is getting ready to come!"

"Mom!" he gasped. He pumped at her. His prick probed her depths. He felt her muscles spasm around his hard shaft. She had a way of tipping her pelvis as he drew backward so that her big, soft pussy muscle stripped the bottom of his hot cock.

"Mom!" he gasped. "Jesus, Mom! I'm going to come! I'm going to come in my mother!"

"Do it, darling! Ohhhhhh, do it! I'm hot! I'm going to come with you! Matt! My sweet baby, I'm coming! Ahhhh, God!"

She heaved upward, her ass lifting from the blanket. Her pussy sucked and pulled at her son's cock, stripping it. He yelled with her and couldn't stop the jets of sperm from hosing into her cunt.

He spewed and writhed and clung to his mother's tits as if ready to suckle them again.

Suzy gasped. She didn't know exactly what her mother had in mind, but what she'd just done hadn't been a game. She'd come hard and freely, and Matt had come in her.

Her pussy twitched and began to run. She felt Kermitt's hand sweep between her thighs. Then he was pushing her back and getting over her, his cock spearing stiffly into her belly.

"God, that was hot! I love it!" he gasped. "Baby, I'm gonna fuck you hard! Hey, Momma -- watch me fuck your daughter!"

He parted Suzy's bent knees and speared his prick into her open cunt, sinking deep, filling her with hot, throbbing cock.

"Ahhhhh, Mommy! He's fucking me!" she cried.

"He sure, is, darling," Tish moaned, leaning over to kiss Suzy's brow. She watched Suzy's tits shake and jiggle with each quick stroke of Kermitt's cock into her body.

"Come, honey," she said softly. "Enjoy it. You might as well, you know."

"Oh, God -- I am!" Suzy cried, lifting her hips, letting her pussy suck and pull at his hard cock. She gasped and saw her brother's prick came out of her mother's pussy, wet and dripping with cum. She moaned and held out her arms to him. "Matt..." she croaked, her lips soft and wet.

"Yeah! Yeah!" Kermitt gasped. "Ohhhhh, yeah!"

Matt came over to her. His prick throbbed. Suzy reached out and took it in her hand and pulled, her mouth falling open, her lips puming.

"Sis!" Matt gasped.

"I want to suck it, Matt!"

"Ohhhhhh, Sis!"

"Yeah! Yeah!" Kermitt moaned, pumping harder and harder in Suzy's cunt, his eyes wide.

Tish pushed at Matt, encouraging him. Suzy wondered why. Then some glimmer of realization came through to her as she felt Kermitt's cock throb wildly in her tight pussy.

Kermitt was hooked -- hooked on incest. Not just with his own sister, but any incestuous happening. Boo had told them that at the beginning.

Boo had told them other things, too.

Suzy wrapped her lips around her brother's wet cock and sucked, tasting the sweet, heady mixture of his sperm and her mother's cunt honey on it.

"Ahhhhh, Sis!" Matt cried, arching his hips toward her face, looking down at Kermitt, who was just about to blow his wad into her pussy from the excitement of it all.

Suzy nearly swooned. She wished it were Matt's prick inside her. But if it were, then she wouldn't be able to suck it, too -- not at the same time she was fucking it.

She had the answer! Oh, God -- did she have the shameless, perverted answer!

"Daddy!" she cried, fucking her pussy high into the air and making it suck and pull as she pretended.

"Ahhhhhgh!" Kermitt bellowed suddenly, plowing into her, ramming his prick all the way to the back of her spasming tunnel.

His cum hosed into her pussy, bucking and spurting in syrupy jets. His hands mauled her firm tits at the same time. He growled and whimpered and emptied his balls into her sweet cunt until the spasming hole overflowed and drooled onto the blanket.

Suzy drew on her brother's cock until he whimpered. She was dimly aware of some arguing. She heard Jody's commanding voice and then Boo's high whining.

"Get the hell away from her! I told you you couldn't fuck her! You big dumb asshole!"

"I wanna fuck her, Jody! She likes me! I know she wants me to blow in her soft pussy, Jody! Don't ya, Fay? Aw, say ya do, Fay!"

"You big baboon!" Fay squeaked. "Jody, keep him -- KERMITT!"

Kermitt jerked erect atop Suzy. His head whipped around. He rolled off her, sucking his prick from her wet, drenched pussy, springing to his feet.

"Let her go, Boo!" he roared. "Jody, I told you I'm gonna kill that fuckin' idiot!"

"Goddamn it, Boo -- drop her!" Jody bellowed.

Fay squealed and kicked and dangled, helplessly from Boo's arm. Suzy and Matt stared, their beans pounding. They saw their mother mixed into the middle of it.

She had wads of sperm all over her face and neck and chin. It ran from the corners of her mouth, and she swallowed and gulped repeatedly.

"Do it, Boo!" Tish cried, choking slightly on the juiciness in her mouth. "Fuck her! She's teased you and tormented you long enough, now fuck her!"

"You Goddamn cunt!" Jody yelled at Tish, his voice as sharp as his face. "You put him up to this!"

He sprang to his feet and made a threatening lunge toward her. She was half cowering behind Boo, and Boo stood in the way with the wriggling girl in his arm and defied Jody.

"Don't you hurt the lady, Jody," he said. "Now, don't you hurt the lady!"

"You get out of my way, you big idiot, you fucking dolt you mindless slob! You get out of my way! I'm going to rape that bitch's ass bloody!"

"No you ain't, boy!" Boo cried. He pushed out at Jody's chest and sent him sprawling onto his butt. He propped himself up and looked at Boo with utter astonishment and more than a trace of fear.

He reached for the gun in his pants. The trouble was, he didn't have his pants on. They were heaped on the ground several yards from him, and the gun was with them.

"Now, Boo," he said. "Take it easy, Boo."

"You ain't gonna hurt her, Jody!" Boo said warningly again. "She's been real nice to me. She fucked me in the boat and let me blow into her soft pussy all I wanted. She took all my cock up into her soft pussy and didn't never once tell me to take it out."

"So what? So what? You were raping her, Boo!"

"Naw!" he said. "I was fuckin' her with my cock! And just now she came over while you and Fay was fuckin' and told me how you're so mean to me, ordering me around all the time, and she's right, Jody, she's right!"

"I'm just looking out for you, Boo -- that's all!" Jody said, licking his lips. He was going backward on his hands and feet, his butt dragging in the sand. He didn't like the way Boo was so excitable, squeezing the shit out of Fay with one arm and waving the other in the air, pointing at him.

"And she told me Fay really wants me to fuck her, but you're the one who won't let me do it all the time. You told me all day not to, I remember. I don't forget everything, Jody. You just think I do. So, if Fay wants me to fuck her, then you ain't gonna tell me not to any more!"

"She was lying, Boo! Ask Fay for yourself! Fay, tell him! Do you want Boo to fuck you?"

"You ape! You hairy, stupid ape! Put me down! You touch me with that cock and I'll claw it off!" She kicked and squirmed in the solid grip, gasping for air as he inadvertently crushed it from her lungs.

Boo's face crinkled up. He turned around in a circle, looking at all of them, his feeble mind overloaded with all the confusion and the conflicting truths.

"Boo!" Tish cried, going forward to him on her knees. "Boo, listen to me! I was telling you the truth! Didn't I just show you how a girl who likes you should treat you? Didn't I just suck your big, beautiful prick and let you blow in my mouth? Did I complain, Boo? Did I complain on the boat when you blew up my pussy all those wonderful times?"

"Naw, Miss!" he cried, his rolling eyes finally settling on her.

"That's how a girl should treat you when she likes you, Boo. And you said Fay likes you, didn't you? You know she does, don't you, Boo?"

"Yeah! Yeah, she likes me!"

"Then she wants you to blow in her pussy and up her ass and in her mouth and everywhere, Boo! Do it!"

"You bitch!" Fay screamed. "Damn you! You've got everything all twisted up!"

Tish looked into Fay's frantic face as she dangled from Boo's meaty arm. She grinned savagely and whispered: "I hope he rips you open, you cruel bitch!" She reached for Boo's prick and opened her mouth and sucked it as far in as it would go, nearly dislocating her jaw again.

"Awwwww, boy!" Boo grunted. "I'm gonna blow again, Miss!"

Tish jerked her mouth back quickly. "In Fay's soft pussy, Boo!" she cried. "In Fay's soft ass!"

"Yeah! Yeah!" he gasped, throwing Fay to the ground. She landed on her belly. That was all right with Boo. He got to his knees like a lumbering giant and straddled her ass, trying to dip his raging, trembling cock down.

Fay screamed and beat the round with her fists. "KERMITT!" she cried.

Boo drooled from his lower lip. He looked down and knew he was going to realize the dream at last. He was going to blow in Fay's ass and hold her tight and hug her and maybe blow in her three or four times before he put his prick in her cunt and blew there, too.

His prick angled down, and he fell forward over her small, slender body, his bulk completely covering her. A shrill shriek ripped from her lips as the giant cock tore up her asshole and blew wads of sperm into her immediately.

Tish watched with a certain horror, a certain memory that seemed to come from a long time ago in the dim past. She waited for Fay to cry out again, for the slender body to shudder with orgasm under the mountain of pumping, fucking flesh that was Boo's orgasming body. She would have to moan. It was impossible not to come when there was a big prick being raped up your ass -- she knew. Suzy knew. It was impossible not to.

Fay didn't moan. Boo grunted and blew again. Kermitt fell to his knees and sobbed.

"Sis! My sister! You let him fuck you! You promised me you wouldn't let him fuck you! God, I want to die, Fay! That was my asshole -- all mine! You promised, Fay!"

Suzy clung to her brother, watching the fierce rape. She shivered. She wondered how she could ever have let her pussy twitch heatedly at the sight of that monstrous cock. She wondered what private hell her mother had gone through with it rammed and locked up her dainty little pussy -- and in her small mouth!

Jody wasn't as awed as the rest of them. There was only one thing in his mind right then, and that was the .38 under his piled pants. Hell, he'd seen Boo fuck some broad before.

He'd been saddled with the big slob long enough. Boo had outlived his usefulness. When you dealt with drug smuggling, you needed an ape like Boo for protection.

But he'd defied Jody once too often. It was getting to be a strong habit, and it would get worse. There was only one thing to do about Boo.

Jody scrabbled for the gun. He held it in his fist. He went toward Boo and lifted it.

"No!" Suzy cried, wondering if she'd been the only one to see Jody's movements. They were all watching Boo and Fay -- all except Captain Elsworth, and he wasn't in the circle of light any more, having finally slipped away during the fight.

Boo heard her cry. He lifted up and turned round and saw Jody. He grinned broadly, truly happy at last, now that he'd fucked Fay.

The smile left his face just as orange flame spurted from the end of the barrel and the night was filled with thunder.

Boo grunted. He blinked. He lifted his body off Fay, his wet prick sucking her asshole nearly inside out. He looked down at his belly.

"Jody, that bums!" he whined.

Jody shot him again, making him grunt.

"Jody, you're shooting me!" Boo whimpered, struggling to his feet, weaving slightly. "Awwwww, Jody -- don't shoot me no more! I just wanted to fuck her awful bad, Jody!"

"Die, you fucking ape!" Jody gasped, backing away from him as Boo took one step and then another, blood oozing from the holes drilled through the layer upon layer of muscle and fat.

Jody squeezed off two more shots. The bullets whumped into Boo's heavy body, making him jerk and twist with the impact.

"Junk!" Jody cried, looking at the gun with total astonishment. "Goddamn peashooter junk!" He squeezed off the last two shots frantically, sending the lead pellets whizzing past the big target into the night.

Terror etched his face as Boo kept coming toward him. Then, just as Jody was about to turn and flee from the unkillable beast before him, Boo dropped heavily to his knees with a grunt.

"Awwww, Jody -- I feel funny," he said. "Jody, help me -- I don't feel good, Jody..."

He stopped talking. His mouth worked. He turned one way and then the other as if to get some explanation of what was happening to him. His eyes gazed. They dropped. He weaved forward and back and forward again, and then he fell like a log, back stiff, arms at his sides, right onto his face, his small features punching holes in the bed of sand.

Jody licked his lips and looked at Boo for a long moment. He took one step forward. He didn't trust Boo. Boo could be playing a game.

He heard a sound behind him and whirled around, half expecting to see Boo somehow loom from the darkness. Instead, he saw Captain Elsworth's leathery, bewhiskered face grimacing with the pain his twisted torso was giving him.

The twist came undone with speed and force of the arms swinging. Clutched tightly in the broad stubby hands was a lead-weighted fish belly. The end of it made a horizontal arc beginning behind the old man's back and ending with smashing brilliance at the side of Jody's head, and it was the last sensation Jody would ever know.

Kermitt sobbed hysterically, bobbing up and down over his sisters. His hands scooped under her body and lifted, hugging her to him. Her spine bent in a way it shouldn't have, and her head and arms flopped across his lap, and he yowled with an agonizing sound again.

After a long while, they watched him pick up his sister and carry her dangling body to their boat. They didn't stop him. They let him start up and go out into the night.

The engine was a distant gnat sound when they heard it stop. They waited a long time. They didn't hear it start up again.

Captain Elsworth sighed heavily. Matt wanted to help him, but he shook his head. "They need you in there, Son. Go aboard and wait. I'll manage all right."

Matt went aboard. He watched the old man laboriously drag bundle after bundle from the tent to the water's edge and cut it open and let the contents drift away on the tide. Then there were two more bundles. He pulled them into water that came to his waist. He didn't cut them open. He let them float and waded ashore, wincing and grimacing with effort, as if the pain were punishment enough for what he was doing.

He finally came aboard and started the engines and guided the boat through the shallow water. Matt looked back. The island was in the wash of the rising moon. It looked pure and clean again.

Tish came out of the cabin. She hugged her son, then looked into his face. "Take the wheel, Matt," she said softly.

Captain Elsworth didn't argue. He gave Matt the course and let Tish lead him into the cabin. Suzy came out. She shut the door behind her and sat in the seat close to her brother, their arms around one another.

After a time, they heard Captain Elsworth moan from the cabin. They heard their mother cunt a soft, breathy, shuddering sigh of release.

She came out of the cabin a short time later, stepping softly, a sweet smile on her face. The children looked at each other, knowing. She hugged and kissed them both, letting the clean, warm breeze blow through her hair.

"He's asleep now," she said, still smiling, content with life again.

"David!" Tish chirped happily. "What are you doing here! You're supposed to be in Miami!"

"Short meeting," he said, looking at his wife. He watched his children come into the cottage behind her, letting in the sunlight and then blocking it off again. "I thought you were out fishing this afternoon. Didn't you go? Oh, Tish -- didn't you?"

She came up to him and curled her arms around his neck. She lifted her face and kissed his lips, pressing her body against his.

"We went," she said, smiling secretively.

"Well, did you catch anything?" he asked, eyeing her with puzzlement, looking over her shoulder to his children for help. They gave him none.

"Mm-hmm," she hummed, her eyes sparkling. "I caught myself."


"Come here, darling, and I'll show you what I mean." She pulled him toward the bedroom. He grinned crookedly at his children but didn't argue.

He went inside. He turned round and saw her at the doorway.

"Later, children," she said to them. "Much later."

"Later, what?" David asked.

"You'll see, darling," she said, clicking the door shut.

Suzy and Matt stood outside. They looked at each other and smiled happily. "I can't stand it," Suzy whispered, tiptoeing to the door and putting her ear to it Matt followed her.

"Tish!" David gasped. "Oh, God -- Tish! Honey, what happened? Oh, the hell with what happened! You beautiful angel, come here!"

The children listened. Matt pressed his stiffening cock against his sister's ass. She wriggled it against him and hummed softly.

"Tish!" their father gasped again. "Tish, I..."

"Do it, David! Up my ass! All the way, darling! Just for you! Just so you know it's finally over!"


"Give me -- oh, there! Push! Aahhh, yes! Push! Ahhhhgh!"

"My God! Ohhhh, honey, my God!"

"Ahhhhh, so quickly, David! Feel it squeeze? Oh, darling -- darling! I'm going to come! God, I'm going to come! Flood my ass, David!"

"Yes! Yes!"


"Yaaaaaaah! God! God!"

Suzy turned and looked into her brother's eyes.

She licked her lips. Her cunt was sweltering. She put her hand on his cock and felt the stiffness in his pants.

"You never finished sucking my cock off in that pretty mouth, Sis."

"You never finished sucking my cunt, either."

His brow wrinkled. "I never started," he said.

She giggled softly. "You're going to -- right now!"

They hurried into her bedroom, stripping off their clothing, holding each other on the bed. Matt got over her, his face at her pussy, his eyes gazing into the pinkness between her spread thighs.

"Beautiful!" he gasped.

"And hot! Ohhhhh, Matt! Fuck your cock into my mouth!"

He lowered his trembling prick. She took it in her fingers and opened her mouth. It slid to the back of her throat just as his lips covered her whole twat and his tongue fucked up into her cunt and twirled there.

It was like a cock in her. She closed her eyes and imagined it was her father's prick already, just the way her mother promised she could have it fucking into her sweet young pussy a little later.

She sucked on her brother's prick and felt the first threatening bucks, and she opened her throat to receive his sweet, spurting load of cum. She lifted her hips and shuddered, her cunt squeezing around his tongue, and then she began swallowing and swallowing, humming as she did.


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