Stepmother in ropes

Who can judge a person's reactions during stress situations? The prisoner of war who gives in to his captors' demands, the kidnapped heiress who joins forces with her abductors both must act without past experience to guide them. The end result can be either a very negative or a positive experience.

In STEPMOTHER IN ROPES, Lynn Williams finds herself in just such situation. Held captive, then degraded and forced to perform abnormal sex acts, she nonetheless finds within herself hidden resources, a strength of character she never realized she had.

Lynn Williams suffers through an unspeakably horrible experience, but she comes through with her sensibilities intact, knowing she is more of a woman.


Lynn sensed the boys didn't like her from the beginning. It wasn't a hatred she felt, but more a dislike. Before she married their father a few months ago, they had seemed to be good boys, always polite with her, even showing some affection.

The marriage changed all that.

In the past month, Lynn had helped get them out of trouble with store owners, stores they had shoplifted from. So far she had managed to keep them away from the hands of the authorities by paying for the items they had stolen, talking the managers out of pressing criminal charges. Until now, she had not told their father, wanting to prove to herself she could handle the little devils.

She had not realized the problems she would have the day she became their stepmother. The problems began a week after the wedding. She had been called to school for a talk with the principal about the increasing truancy of the brothers. She learned at that time Billy and Tony had been in trouble often throughout the year. At first the school authorities did nothing, believing the boys were a displinary problem because of grief over their mother, who had passed away in the last year. But their delinquency progressed until they were caught in a restroom with a young girl.

Lynn was shocked to learn the boys had been attempting to rape the girl. Billy, a year older than his brother, had removed the girl's panties while Tony stood by playing with his cock, trying to get the girl to hold it.

At first Lynn thought about telling Jake, her husband, and letting him handle it, but she thought better of it. She wanted to show him she could take the troublesome boys under her hand and control them. Besides, Jake was deeply involved with his job, getting ready to make a swing through four states, visiting the company's plants. It was a trip that would take at least a month, and Lynn wasn't looking forward to being alone, knowing she would have troubles with the boys.

As troublesome as they were, Lynn loved them. Young boys could be rambunctious and filled with piss and vinegar. She had brothers who used to torment her day and night, so she knew what monsters boys could be.

Lynn was younger than her husband by ten years. She had gone to him a virgin, knowing nothing about sex. Sheltered most of her life, she found on her wedding night a new discovery. As much as she had thought of being fucked, yearning for it, it had been a disappointment for her.

For one thing, lake was much too fast to give her any sort of pleasure. His cock was enormous, and it had hurt her. It felt as if his cock had ripped and torn her cunt to shreds, and his prick seemed to fill her all the way to her throat. She had not come, had not even started to feel pleasure, before he was squirting thick cum into her. Now, after only a few months of marriage, she hated it when Jake came to her with that monstrous cock, all stiff and swollen, ready to thrust it into her tender cunt.

Lynn was always passive when he fucked her, which seemed to be every night. She lay on her back, feeling him plunge his cock into her cunt with hardly any regard for her at all. He plunged a few times, then came, filling her cunt with that horrible stuff, made a few groans, then rolled off and turned onto his back, snoring almost immediately.

She hated it.

Rather, she hated the nights when he fucked her.

Being married was what she enjoyed. If only she didn't have to put up with that huge cock each night, Lynn thought she could be very happy.

Lynn drove Jake to the airport that morning, kissing him goodbye and telling him she would miss him. Jake patted her rounded ass, telling her to keep it hot for him. She waved as he boarded the plane, then drove home, thinking her ass was never hot. Perhaps if he were more gentle with her, his cock not so big, she could enjoy fucking. Maybe instead of cringing when he approached, waving that big cock proudly, he would fondle and caress her a bit breasts. Maybe then her cunt would become wet and slippery, and his cock wouldn't hurt her.

Pulling into the driveway, she stopped outside the closed garage door. As she got out of the car, she heard her stepsons inside the garage, giggling.

Just knowing they were up to some mischief. Lynn sneaked through the house and peeked into the dim interior of the garage.

Lynn's heart almost stopped.

Billy and Tony had their pants down, and they were playing with their cocks. At first, horrified, Lynn felt a twitching sensation between her legs. If only Jake's cock was that size, she thought.

She must have made a gasp or some sort of noise. The two brothers saw her, but they didn't miss a beat with those tight fists. They giggled and arched their hips toward her.

"Wanna feel it?" Billy laughed lewdly. "It sure does feel good, Lynn. My cock is all nice and hard."

"Sure," Tony giggled. "Can't you see she wants to cop a feel of cock, silly?"

"Shame on you!" Lynn said, with a noticeable quiver and hoarseness in her voice. "Pull your pants up right this minute and get in the house, both of you!"

"You can't tell us what to do," Tony said. "You're not our mother."

"Yeah, you're just a stepmother," Billy said sarcastically. "Who do you think you are? We can tell Dad all kinds of things about you, make him throw your ass in the street."

Lynn seethed. "Get upstairs to your rooms, right now!"

Seeing her anger, they pulled their pants up and walked into the house, brushing past her. It was Tony, the youngest, who suddenly shot his hand toward her cunt as he squeezed past.

Lynn yelped, jerking her hips back. Furious, she slapped him hard across the face.

Tony glared at her. The mark of her hand made a red spot on his cheek.

"You're gonna be sorry you done that, Lynn," he growled. "You're really gonna be sorry."

Lynn watched them go up the stairs, shivering from the tone of Tony's words. She had no doubt that he meant it. She felt afraid of them for the first time.

She was a slender woman with deep brawn hair and dark eyes. She was extremely attractive, but didn't seem to know, it. Her tits were bold and round, perfectly sized for her body. Her waist was narrow, and her ass looked tight and shapely. Her thighs were slim, smooth as cream. She was not strong, and she knew that the boys could overpower her easily.

Watching them disappear up the stairs, Lynn trembled and started for the kitchen, wanting coffee as she tried to get her thoughts together. There had been something wicked in the tone of Tony's voice, something that chilled her.

As she sipped her coffee, she sensed someone behind her. Turning, she saw Billy and Tony standing there. "I told you two to stay in your room, didn't I?"

"Sure you did," Billy said. "But we don't have to take any shit from you. You're not our boss and you're not our mother. We can do anything we want and you can go piss up a rope."

"Billy, that's enough of that." Lynn noticed he had a rope in his hands.

"This rope," Billy said, grinning as he held it out to her. "You can piss up this rope."

Lynn could not deny the fear that flooded her body. She stared at the rope as if it were a viper. Tony moved toward her, and she saw he had a rope in his hands, too. She started to stand up, but they were too fast for her.

Billy raced behind her and held her shoulders tight, with his brother wrapping his rope about her, tying her to the chair.

Lynn gasped, her eyes enormous with fright. The rope cut into her tits as Tony wound it about her body and the back of her chair. They wrapped it three times around her, with the rope cutting above and below her tits, and one strand smashing her nipples. She couldn't move, no matter how hard she struggled. When Billy knelt at her feet, she tried kicking, but he caught her legs and tied her ankles to the legs of the chair.

Lynn felt frustrated tears running down her cheeks, tears of fear and humiliation. Just as she started to say something, a wide cloth gagged her.

Billy and Tony stood back, admiring their handiwork.

"You don't like it if we jack off, huh?" Billy sneered, pulling his cock from his pants. "You don't have any choice now. You can't get loose and you can't say anything."

Lynn's eyes glazed as she saw him pulling his cock from his pants, and she saw Tony doing it, too. Frightened as she was, her tits aching from the tightness of the rope, she couldn't take her eyes away. Each cock looked almost identical, but Billy's prick seemed to be larger.

To her surprise, Lynn felt her cunt twitching. She wasn't sure if it was from pleasure or because she felt degraded, being tied up this way, helpless. She couldn't pull her eyes away from them, watching the two boys pumping back and forth on those hard, cocks.

"Look at this, Lynn," Billy said. "Don't you wish you had this cock in you? I bet you'd like to fuck this cock, wouldn't you?"

"Naw, she wants to suck mine," Tony said. "Right, Lynn? How would you like it if I fucked your face? You look like you can give a great blow job. I've noticed your mouth and lips ever since I first saw you. You have cock sucking lips, you know."

Lynn began to sob, tears running from her eyes, yet she couldn't stop staring at their cocks. Her body was trembling, feeling a mixture of fear and strange excitement at the same time.

"Wanna see her tits?" Billy asked his brother.

Lynn tried to shout at them. She wanted to tell them if they stopped this now, she wouldn't say anything to their father when he got home. But all she could do was make incoherent, muffled sounds.

"Yeah, let's look at her tits!" Tony exclaimed.

Lynn closed her eyes in shame as she felt their hands moving about her tits, feeling them. The boys felt and squeezed her tits through her dress and bra. Then she heard a cutting sound and she opened her eyes. Billy was using a kitchen knife to cut away the top of her dress. She moaned in shame as Tony adjusted the rope on her nipples.

"Hey, look at those tits!" Tony said. "You ever see such pretty tits, Billy?"

"The finest ever," Billy replied. "Hell, Tony, they're the only tits we've ever seen."

"What about the pictures?"

"That don't count asshole," Billy sneered. "These are real, live tits we're looking at."

"Let's feel them again."

"Go ahead," Billy replied. "She can't do anything about it. Play with her tits all you want. Me, I'm gonna peek, at her cunt!"

Lynn thought she would faint. She kept her eyes tightly closed, unable to stop the flow of her tears. She no longer tried to say anything, but moaned softly, feeling so helpless, tied this way to the chair. There was no way she could stop them. She was at their mercy, and what they were saying frightened her horribly.

She felt Billy's hands pushing at her skirt, and she felt Tony's fingers twisting and pulling at her nipples. The head of Tony's cock brushed her upper arm, leaving a trail of moisture on it. The wetness of his cock seemed to sear her flesh.

Billy shoved her skirt as high as he could, but found it impossible to get it past her hips; she was sitting on it. He lifted it instead.

"Aw fuck, she's got panties on," he snorted.

Lynn could feel his eyes staring up her raised skirt as she felt Tony caressing and squeezing her flaked tits. She sobbed.

"Cut them off," Tony urged.

She felt the knife sliding under her panties, then it sawed through the thin material. As her panties flapped to one side, exposing the dark curls of her pussy, Lynn felt is if a cold breeze had wafted over her cunt.

"That's better," she heard Billy say. "Tony, look at that hair, would you? No girl in school has a bush like this. The only problem is, that's all I can see. She's gotta have a cunt here someplace."

"Feel for it," Tony laughed, squeezing her tits, pressing his cock against her bare arm. "Hey, Lynn, you ever get fucked in the armpit?" He giggled crazily, trying to press his cock into her armpit. "You like to fuck, Lynn? I bet you give the old man a great fuck, huh?"

Billy was running his hand into the hair of her cunt, and Lynn's ass jerked when his finger slipped down and made contact with her clit. It felt as if he had touched a match to it.

"Oooommmm!" she groaned, trying to wiggle in an effort to remove his finger.

"She likes it," Billy said, grinning up at her. "You like being felt up, don't you, Lynn?"

Her eyes bugged out as she strained against the ropes, unable to move more than half an inch in any direction.

Billy stroked her thighs, his hands light on her flesh. He caressed the hair of her cunt, but didn't try to feel her pussy again. Although her ankles were bound securely, her thighs remained together, and he couldn't get to her cunt.

Tony turned her tits loose and came around to peer under her lifted skirt, his eyes huge, glowing in excitement. Her arm felt as if it had been blistered by the pre-cum juices that seeped against it. Realizing there was no sense in struggling against the ropes, Lynn sat slumped, feeling degraded and humiliated.

The brothers felt her legs and cunt hair, becoming more and more aroused. She could fed their cocks rubbing against her legs now. They were jacking their cocks, she could tell.

"I sure would like to see her pussy," Tony said, his voice low and hoarse with, emotion. "You don't think she'll tell on us, do you, Billy?"

You're Goddamn right I'll tell, Lynn promised herself. I'll call your father as soon as I get loose. I'll catch the next plane and leave you little shitheads to your fucking perverse thrills.

"Naw," she heard Billy say. "She likes this, can't you tell, dummy? She really likes us feeling her, looking at our cocks. She's just a cock-hungry bitch, that's all."

"You think we could fuck her?" Tony asked.

"Probably," Billy said. "She probably gets fucked all the time when Dad is home."

Lynn wanted to scream. Liar! Fucking little punk liars! She had never been fucked by any man but Jake. She didn't like it when he fucked her, and she wouldn't like it if any other man fucked her, either.

Tony was trying to feel between her closed thighs, trying to get to her cunt. Billy was standing up again, gazing at her tits, stroking his cock slowly.

Lynn opened her eyes. Billy's cock was almost touching her face. She cringed, yet seemed mesmerized by his young cock. She could see his piss hole, opening and closing as be stroked that hard prick.

"Let's jack off on her, Billy," Tony said, giving up his search for her cunt and standing next to his brother. "Wanna come on her?"

"Why not?" Billy agreed. "We can come on her fucking tits and she can't stop us."

Lynn watched, horrified, as the boys started to jack off rapidly right in front of her eyes. Her tits strained out, nipples hard, feeling excitement in spite of her fear. Her eyes darted from cock to cock. She struggled against the tight ropes helplessly. She didn't want them to come on her, not on ha tits or any place on her body. All she wanted was to be let loose so she could hide her shame.

Their fists moved fast and faster, both of them arching their hips close to her tits, Tony to the right, Billy on the left. She felt Tony press the wet head of his cock against her nipple. She began to sob again, her eyes closed. She listened to them grunt and gasp as they pulled on those young cocks. All she could do was sit there and hope they would get it over with quickly. She wanted to run to her room and cry with humiliation. The faster they came, the quicker she could run.

"I think I'm gonna come!" Tony groaned. "You think, but I know I am," Billy said. Lynn felt the hot squirts of come splash over her nipples and the creamy flesh of her tits. The tears came hotter and faster as they came on her, and the feel of their slippery come seemed to be burning holes into her titflesh. Ha face turned red with shame, with helpless terror. Squirt after squirt of cum juice spattered her beautiful tits until they were drenched.

At last, they were done. Lynn sighed.

She waited.

One of the boys untied her gag, and she ran her tongue over dry lips, keeping her eyes closed.

"Please, let me go," she pleaded softly. "Untie me and we'll forget it. I won't say anything to your father if you let me go right now."

"Fuck you, cunt," Billy said.

"Yeah, fuck you, cunt!" Tony smirked.

"Please, don't be so mean to me," Lynn begged. "I've done nothing to you, have I?"

"You slapped me!" Tony accused. "I can't let you bitch me and get away with it!"

"Slap her back," Billy said. "She can't stop you now."

Lynn looked up at the boys fearfully. "I won't ever slap you again, Tony. I promise."

"Maybe we better let her loose," Tony said, seemingly afraid of what they were doing to her.

"Sure, after I piss on her," Billy replied.

"Oh, God! No!" Lynn said. "Not that! Please, don't do that to me!"

"I can if I wanna." Billy laughed and began to piss on her come-smeared tits.

"Qhhh! Please! Please!"

Tony, seeing his brother pissing, lifted his cock and let go with a golden stream on her other tit. Lynn felt the stinging piss on her tits, gritting her teeth against this final degradation. She couldn't look at them, couldn't watch them piss on her tits. She was afraid they would interpret it as pleasure on her part.

The boys, laughing loudly, pissed from tit to tit, the streams crossing. She felt piss running from her tits, soaking her dress, getting her thighs wet. There was a strange sensation between her legs.


Feeling more degraded than ever in her life, Lynn was, nevertheless, grateful when the boys untied her. With downcast, shy eyes, she tried to adjust her ripped dress as best she could, feeling the garment soaked with piss.

She waited, sitting for a moment longer, wondering why she didn't run from them. Then, shocked, she realized she was waiting to be told when she could leave. She could hear her stepsons talking, but there was such a roaring inside her head, she couldn't make out any of their words. Peeking shyly she saw them leaving the kitchen.

Then she gave a sigh of relief. She pressed her hands over her face and began to sob.

She didn't know what to do, where to turn. That strange feeling she had felt when they came on her tits and then pissed on them was gone. She felt disgust, blaming herself for letting this happen to her. She could have fought them. She could have resisted, yet she had sat passively and let them tie her up and perform those humiliating things to her body. Confusion ran through her mind.

Slowly, like a zombie, she walked up the stain to her room, where she bathed for a long time, trying not to think. The hot water soothed her body, but did nothing for her bruised emotions. An hour later, as she was dressing in frisk clothing the telephone rang. She stood shaking. If it was Jake, what could she tell him?

She answered it after six rings.

Billy and Tony had been caught in a department store, shoplifting some cheap items they could easily have paid, for. She was asked to come to the store.

Lynn didn't know what to do, but she didn't have much choice.

If she refused to go to their aid, Jake would be very angry with her. He had, after all, left them in her care. Jake wanted her to run the house and his family like any mother so he could devote his time to his growing career. If she valued her marriage, she had to confront the store manager, attempt to get her stepsons out of the problem and try to punish them as Jake expected of her.

Approaching the department store, Lynn trembled, fearful of entering. Billy and Tony were in there, and she dreaded facing them after what they had done to her.

The manager was kind with her, giving the boys a stern lecture on shoplifting and what it could lead them to, then he released the boys to her, promising not to contact the authorities unless they were caught again.

Billy and Tony acted contrite and sorry for their act, but once they were out of the store, alone with Lynn, they changed completely around.

"That old fart," Billy scoffed. "We would've gotten away with it if he hadn't come along at that time, huh, Tony?"

"Yeah," Tony replied. "Up his!"

"Now don't talk that way," Lynn admonished, trying to exert some influence over them, but her voice sounded shaky. "It isn't nice."

"You can piss up a rope," Billy said, making Tony snicker. "You don't own us, Lynn."

"That's right," echoed Tony.

Lynn didn't like the way they talked. Telling her to piss up a rope had been the start of that degrading experience this morning, and she didn't want a repeat of that! Maybe if she kept her mouth shut, they would leave her alone.

At home, the boys, she saw gratefully, went to their rooms upstairs. She gathered up the soiled laundry, planning on doing the washing. The washing machine and dryer were set in a small room near the garage, and she would feel safe from her stepsons there, she felt. Loading the washer and turning it on, she leaned over it, not wanting to go back into the house. She was afraid Billy and Tony would be downstairs.

"Oh!" she screeched suddenly.

The boys had come up on her silently, and one of them had flipped her skirt up before she knew they were there. As her face burned with embarrassment, Lynn fought to shove her skirt down.

"Oh, fancy panties, stepmother dear," Billy said. "Real fancy, wouldn't you say, Tony?"

"Yeah, all lace and nothing else."

"Don't, please," Lynn begged, yet trying to sound firm, but failing miserably. "Haven't you done enough for one day?"

"Naw," Billy said. "We're just getting started, Lynn. Don't you wanna play with us? You're supposed to make us happy, aren't you? Mothers always make their boys and girls happy if they're real mothers."

Lynn, still facing the washing machine, closed her eyes tightly, tears already starting to sting them. She had her hands balled into tight fists, resting on the lid of the machine.

Suddenly she felt a rope being placed around her right wrist, jerking her hand back. The rope was secured, then lifted up and tied to a wall hook above the washing machine. Her left hand was tied the same way. She struggled against the ropes, then she felt her skirt being lifted up from behind again, and now she had no defense against it.

"We just wanna see your fancy panties, Lynn," Billy said, "They sure are the prettiest panties I've ever seen."

"I wanna feel them," Tony said.

"Don't!" Lynn groaned. "Don't touch me, please!"

She kicked her feet around in an attempt to keep them away.

"Tie her fucking feet!" Tony said. "She's gonna kick one of us in the fucking balls."

"She kicks me in the balls and I'm gonna beat her fucking ass," Billy said. "But let's tie her feet anyway."

Lynn made feeble efforts to stop them, but they held her legs firmly as a rope was looped about her ankles, then pulled off to the sides and secured. Her legs were parted, her crotch open and vulnerable. She felt her skin being lifted to her waist, pinned between her stomach and the vibrating washing machine.

She trembled in shame when a hand began to stroke the cheeks of her ass, another on the back of her thigh. Chills floated up and down her flesh.

"Lynn has a nice ass. Don't she, Tony?"

"Real smooth ass," Tony replied, squeezing the springy cheek of her ass. "Let's take her fucking panties off, Billy."

Lynn slumped against her bonds, tears running down her cheeks for the second time this day. She was totally helpless, unable to stop her stepsons. They had her tied up until she couldn't move. Her hands were up past her head, tied to those damned hooks, and her feet were spread wide. The washing machine vibrated against her flat stomach. She had no choice; she had to accept whatever they were going to do to her, and she hoped it was quick. She wanted to get this over with as fast as she could.

"We can't get them off her legs," Billy said. "Cut them off like we did this morning."

Billy left to get a knife. Lynn thought if she was alone with Tony, she could talk at least one of her stepsons out of this wicked thing they were doing with her.

"Tony, why are you doing this?" she asked. "It's wrong you know. Why are you humiliating me, cutting my clothes off and tying me up like this? I haven't done anything to you boys, have I?"

"You better shut up," Tony said. He gripped his stepmother's ass, squeezing and feeling, fondling the creamy, smooth swells of her ass. "Billy said if you tried to stop us, we'd have to keep you tied up all day and night. And you better not tell Dad, or we'll make it real hard on you."

"Oh, God!" Lynn moaned, knowing she couldn't talk Tony out of it. Her body trembled, the cheeks of her ass tightening involuntarily.

"I've got the knife," Billy said. "Take your hands out of her panties. I don't wanna cut you by accident."

Lynn felt the knife sawing at her panties, then they fell to the floor between her spread legs. She was naked from the waist down, and her face was flaming with shame as they looked her firm ass over.

"That gives me a fucking hard-on," Billy said. "Hey, Lynn, you ever let Dad assfuck you?" He giggled lewdly. "I bet you really go for a cock up your pretty ass, don't you?"

Lynn could not reply, her throat was constricted and dry. She felt their hands caressing her naked ass. Her body twitched spastically, jerking, as she tried to pull away from them.

"Wanna see her asshole, Tony?"

"Yeah, let's take a look at her asshole," Tony said. "I heard you can tell if a girl takes it up the ass by looking at her asshole."

"Yeah, I heard that, too."

Lynn felt the cheeks of her ass being parted, and she clenched them tightly, but it did no good. Tony pulled one asscheek and his brother the other. They exposed her asshole, squatting behind her and peering at it.

"Still looks tight to me," Billy said.

"See if you can stick your finger in her ass, Billy."

"Please, don't!" Lynn groaned, her asshole becoming very tight against the invasion. "I've never... never done anything like that before. It's horrible... shameful! Please, don't do this to me!"

"Shut your fucking mouth, Lynn!" Billy growled as he started poking his finger against her asshole.

Feeling the pressure against her asshole, Lynn held her breath, steeling herself for the expectant pain when he shoved his finger into her ass. The pressure grew as Billy pressed the tip of his finger harder.

"Ohhh!" Lynn moaned as Billy's finger penetrated her virgin asshole. "Take it out! Oh, God... take it out!"

"She's kinda tight," Billy said, ignoring his stepmother's plead. "I don't know, Tony. Maybe she hasn't had a cock up her ass!"

Billy worked his finger in and out of Lynn's asshole, fucking slowly. She could hear her stepsons gasping and panting in their perverse pleasure. She refused to acknowledge the swelling of her clitoris, or the moistening of her cunt. She wiggled her naked ass around, trying to dislodge Billy's finger. All her wiggling did was excite the boys, making Billy fuck his finger faster into her ass. She was surprised to find it no longer hurt. The slight burning sensation even felt somewhat pleasant to her.

"She likes it!" Tony said, half giggling. "Look at her shake her ass, Billy! I think Lynn goes for assfucking, don't you?"

"Sure looks like it," Billy replied, thrusting his finger deeply into Lynn's asshole, wiggling it about.

"My cock is gonna explode," Tony said in a husky voice. "I gotta get it out of my pants."

"So take it out," Billy said, more interested in watching his finger sink deeply into his stepmother's asshole. Her asshole gripped his finger, the tissues sucking on it as he pulled back, then sinking inward with his finger. "I think our loving stepmother would love a cock in her hot asshole, Tony. She's sure tight, and it feels like she ain't gonna turn my finger loose."

Tony had jerked his throbbing cock from his pants, squeezing it in his fist, watching Billy fingerfuck Lynn's ass.

Lynn's ass twisted in an effort to dislodge Billy's finger, but the more she twisted, the faster he fucked her asshole. Realizing she was providing them with erotic excitement by her movements, she held her body stiff and still. Even that did her no good; Billy fucked her ass just the same.

She slumped, held upright by her straining arms. The sobbing sounds she made were soft, almost inaudible. Her shame was intense, her hopeless position frightening her more than anything she had ever felt. Her tits were uplifted by her raised arms, and shame flooded her when she felt her nipples swell, tingling as they pressed into the cups of her bra. She could no longer ignore the sensitive pulsations of her cunt and clit. Something exciting seemed to happen as Billy rammed his finger in and out of her asshole, becoming more brutal. Trying to control her fast breathing, Lynn gasped softly. Her ass was writhing slowly. The pleasant feeling, starting in her asshole, was creating a warmth in her thighs, her cunt and her tits.

No, I don't want this, she screamed in her mind. I can't stand it! Ooooh, please, please. What's happening to me? Why does this feel good? Why does it feel like I'm going to come? This is insane... I can't come! Not this way, not with a finger up my ass! I can't! I just can't!

"Ohhhh, I don't want to..." Lynn groaned, then her cunt exploded.

The convulsions of her climax sent heat waves up and down her body. Her cunt lips moistened, her clit throbbing sweetly. Her asshole sucked on Billy's finger. She moaned loudly in agonized ecstasy. Her ass twisted, grinding and going through a series of bumps like some stripteaser on a well-lit stage.

"Hey, I think I made Lynn come!" Billy gurgled. "I think she's coming, Tony!"

"How can you tell?" Tony asked, driving his fist back and forth on his cock.

"Her asshole won't turn my fucking finger loose? I think Lynn is cuming. Feel her cuming."

Tony slipped his free hand up his step-mother's thigh. He cupped her hairy cunt, feeling it oozing with wetness. Experimentally, he worked his middle finger into her pussy.

"Oh, don't!" Lynn groaned. "Don't do that to it! Not there! It's wrong, Tony!"

Tony was awed by the heat surrounding his finger, the wetness and how easy he could shove his finger into her cunt. Lynn's cunt was convulsing about his finger as her orgasm drew on and on.

"I think you're right, Billy," Tony said. "I think you made her come." Lynn's orgasms slowly receded, but when Tony pulled his finger out of her cunt, with Billy taking his out of her asshole, Lynn felt herself come again, although it was a mild orgasm and nothing like the boiling one earlier.

The boys stood behind her, looking at her naked ass and thighs.

"I think Lynn is bullshitting," Billy said. "I think she likes being tied up."

"Sure looks like it, Billy. Do you think she and Dad do it this way?"

"Maybe," Billy replied. "But I can't see Dad being that brave with a woman."

Tony's, cock continued to throb outside of his pants. He was standing close to his stepmother, and he began to rub the seeping head of his cock against her thigh, then over the cheek of her ass.

"What are you up to, Tony?" Billy asked.

"Nothing, just rubbing my cock on her, that's all."

They talked about her as if she wasn't there. Lynn's embarrassment was more pronounced because of it. She was just a plaything for them.

"Let's piss on her fucking ass," Billy said. "Oh, no!" Lynn screamed. "Don't make me ashamed any more! Don't do it, please!"

"I can't piss with a fucking hard-on," Tony said.

"Then I'll do it!" Billy replied, taking his cock out of his pants. His prick was half hard. He shoved it up to his stepmother's creamy naked ass, sliding it into the hot crack between her cheeks.

Lynn held her breath. She tried to clench her ass cheeks, but all she succeeded in doing was squeeze the head of Billy's cock. She quickly relaxed.

Billy slipped the head of his cock up the hot crack of her ass, laughing as he let loose with a stream of piss, soaking her asshole.

"Oh, God!" Lynn wailed, feeling his piss stinging her asshole.

"Too late, Lynn. I'm gonna piss on your fucking ass whether you like it or not."

He drew back a few inches, swinging his cock and pissing on her ass cheeks. Lynn felt piss running down the backs of her thighs. She was sobbing with humiliation, her head hanging down between her upstretchtd arms.

"Hold her ass open!" Billy shouted.

Lynn felt Tony's hands parting the cheeks of her ass, then the sting of Billy's hot piss splashing upon her tightly puckered asshole. It was horrible, yet it gave her such a strange feeling.

Her body seemed to be betraying her, ignoring all those frantic signals her mind screamed out. As her mind protested this vile treatment, her body was accepting it, and not just accepting it passively, but with writhing joy. Her cunt was throbbing once again. Her cunt swelled, becoming sensitive, and her tits bulged the cups of her bra, almost driving her out of her mind with unwanted pleasure.

She felt the gushing stream of piss diminish, then trickle down over her asshole. She sighed with relief when it was over. Then Billy gave a final spurt of piss, his cock almost touching her asshole.

"Ohhh!" Lynn groaned.

"Let's undress her," she heard Tony say. His voice excited. "Let's get her naked, Billy."

"We can do anything we want with her. You want to see her without clothes on, go ahead."

Lynn felt the knife go to work, cutting her dress from neck to hem, then the sleeves. The ragged dress was pulled from her, and Tony unclasped her bra. The restraint her tits had been under, swollen painfully, fell away and she sighed softly.

"Look at those tits!" Tony gurgled with delight. "They look better naked, don't you think, Billy?"

"Tits always look better naked."

"Let's take her upstairs and tie her to the bed," Tony suggested.

"What for?"

"I wanna fuck her."

Hearing the youngest boy say that, Lynn began to struggle violently against the ropes. She pleaded and begged, but she was also aware of the increase of her cunt's throbbing.

"We better make sure she don't give us no trouble then," Billy said. "Let's tie a rope around her neck so she has to go with us."

Lynn felt a rape being looped over her head, tied, with two ends hanging loose. Once that was accomplished, they untied her arms and legs. Her muscles were sore from being in that arms-lifted position for so long.


Led by Billy, trailed in back by Tony, Lynn was held firmly between them. If she tried to jerk in either direction she would choke herself.

She was being led on a rope through the kitchen into the living room, and up the stairs. She had but not one stitch of clothing on.

She could feel Tony's eyes on her ass.

Watching her asscheeks roll and ripple as she stumbled along.

Climbing up the stairs behind Billy, Lynn attempted to walk stiff-legged, keeping her ass from twisting as it always did when she went upstairs. She didn't want to excite them any more than they were. She wished her cunt would stop that rippling sensation. Her pussy was betraying her, she could feel wetness dripping along her inner thighs, seeping from her hair-lined cunt. A flash of steamy heat crawled up her body as she choked back a sob.

She was going to get fucked by her youngest stepson if she didn't come up with something to stop him. Maybe even Billy would fuck her. But what could she do against them? She couldn't fight them fist to fist, although she wanted to. All that would do was earn her a beating, she was sure.

Hanging her head in shame, she saw her dark pink nipples arching up in hardness.

Billy led her into her huge bedroom. She looked around, seeing familiar objects, yet finding them strange, not recognizing them. Her eyes fell on the enormous bed, a four poster with cannonball tips. It was a heavy bed, a firm bed. She had lain on it many times with her husband, the father of these wicked boys, taking his huge cock. Jake had purchased the bed as a wedding gift for her.

Tony climbed onto the bed at her side, staring at her bushy cunt, seeing the pink lips of her cunt and her clit. He ran his hand through Lynn's soft cunt hair and along the hotness of her cunt, stroking almost gently.

Lynn shivered, and her hips jerked at his touch. She moaned into the gag, her eyes darting fearfully from boy to boy, then firing upon Tony's very hard cock. It was not enormous like his father's cock, but it appeared to be just as devastating.

Billy sat at her other side, playing with her tits, twisting and pinching her nipples harshly. Lynn groaned when Billy pulled her nipples, stretching them. When he pinched them between his fingers, a sharp pain shot through her tits. Her scream was muffled by the gaging, but her pain showed in her wide, frightened eyes.

"Well, Tony, are you gonna fuck her or play with it?" Billy asked, "If you're gonna play with her fucking cunt, move over, and let me fuck her."

"I'm gonna fuck her," Tony said. "I just wanna feel her up a little first."

"Come on, stop messing around and fuck her!"

"Okay, okay," Tony said, climbing between his stepmother's spread thighs.

"You be still. Lynn," he said threateningly. "I'm gonna pull your fucking tits off if you don't be still."

Tony pressed his cock into her cunt.

Lynn screamed a muffled protest as she felt her cunt stretch around his hard cock, sliding into her pussy slowly. Tony watched his cock enter his stepmother's cunt, his eyes glowing with pleasure, holding his breath as the wet heat of her pussy surrounded his prick. Stupidly Lynn wondered if he had ever fucked a girl in his house before.

Tony shoved his cock all the way in her pussy, a few hairs at the base of his cock mixing with the thick, luxuriant mat of her cunt hair. Lynn was certain his cock was as huge as his father's, stretching her pussy, stuffing her full. She twisted her head from side to side, groaning in protest when Tony started thrusting his cock into her cunt, fucking her swiftly, not at all concerned about her.

She tried to lie still, not move a muscle, but to her horror, she felt her ass moving. She twisted her ass on the mattress, side to side, then the tears started flowing again when she couldn't help humping her ass up and down to the rhythm of Tony's plunging cock.

She was fucking him! Her cunt was very wet, despite her desire to get his cock out of her pussy. She felt Billy squeezing her tits, the pain mingling with an increasing sensation of pleasure, pleasure that her mind fought against.

"She loves it, Tony!" Billy grunted as he dug his fingers into her tits hard. "Look, she's moving her ass! Lynn goes for a good fuck, I think. Maybe Dad don't give her enough cock, huh?"

"We will!" Tony grunted, slamming his cock into her pussy, hard, making slapping sounds. "We'll give her all the cock she wants, right?"

"Fucking tight!"

Lynn was crying openly, tears running down her cheeks, eyes open but unseeing. Her naked ass rolled and churned with Tony's cuckthrusts. She was fucking back at him, feeling pressure growing hot between her slim thighs, wondering if she were going crazy.

Billy started sucking on her tit, drawing her nipple deep into his mouth. Lynn felt her clit tingling as his tongue licked, his lips sucking her nipple harshly. Then Billy was biting her sensitive, tender nipple, chewing on it with his teeth. The burning pain of her nipple seemed to radiate down to her cunt, causing a series of waving motions on Tony's cock.

Lynn couldn't believe she felt a slowly growing pleasure at their rough treatment. She had never enjoyed any sort of pain before, but this was different. With Tony's cock fucking into her cunt, the pain seemed to create an erotic effect within her naked body. She twisted her hips as Tony fucked her, his balls slapping against the checks of her ass.

Billy took his mouth from her tit, and the pain lingered from the chewing he had given her tender nipple. She felt him move, and she tried to turn her head, her hips still thrashing along with Tony's cock.

Billy slipped his pants off, then his shirt, and Lynn knew he was going to fuck her next. His cock stood out in thick hardness, the head almost purple in swollen smoothness. He was on his knees, looking at her body and jerking his fist back and forth on his cock. Lynn couldn't take her eyes off it, swallowing with a dry throat.

Billy pressed his cock into her hand, closing her fingers around it. Lynn surprised herself by clutching his cock tightly in her fist. Billy held her hand around his cock and tried to make her jack him off, but Lynn refused. She held his cock tight, but she wasn't going to jack him off.

He began to fuck her fist instead.

Feeling Billy's cock throb in her fist, Lynn moaned. Her hips began to move faster, fucking at Tony's cock. She couldn't help herself. She could feel every inch of Tony's cock plunging into her cunt, and to her horror, her cunt was responding by gripping his prick tightly, her ass bouncing in its limited movements.

Her eyes were glassy as she watched Billy fucking her fist. She tried time and again to fight the insane passion that was growing in her body. Yet, she held Billy's cock as hard as she could, feeling it slide in and out, and Tony's cock was increasing in speed. She knew they would come, and when they did, one cock would squirt into her fist, the other up her cunt.

With his cock pumping into her fist, Billy started to pinch and pull her nipples again. The sharp pain shot through Lynn's body, sending pleasure through her. She felt an orgasm swelling deep in her cunt, and she attempted to stop it, not wanting to give her stepson the satisfaction of making her come.

"I'm gonna come!" Tony grunted, crashing his cock hard into her cunt, his pelvic bone bruising hers. "I'm gonna come, Billy!"

"Shoot it up her fucking cunt," his brother said. "Cum in her fucking hot cunt! I'm gonna cum in her fist!"

Tony plunged his cock hard into her cunt, his body going stiff, his face lifted up and contorted in a grimace. Lynn pressed her cunt up hard against him, feeling the throbbing spurts of his come splashing against the satiny walls of her cunt. As Tony came flooding her cunt with come juice, her cunt gripped his cock hard, then she writhed in convulsions of orgasm.

She whimpered through the gag, wanting to scream oat her disgust, her ecstasy, her embarrasment. As she came, her cunt sucking at Tony's cocky draining his young hairless balls, Billy gushed hot, thick come juice into her tight fist, smearing her palm. She started sobbing as her cunt went through, for the first time in her life, a series of ecstatic multiple organs. When they removed their cocks, Lynn's body went limp. She closed her eyes, feeling so ashamed that she wanted to die then and there. Despite her sense of shame, her humiliation, she had enjoyed it. Her cunt felt empty and lost now that Tony's cock wasn't in it, and her hand held a pool of Billy's come juice. Her naked tits heaved up and down as she panted, wishing they would at least remove the gag.

Billy and Tony looked her naked body over as she lay in misery. Lynn's humiliation came not from being helplessly tied up for their enjoyment, or from her naked condition. It came from her knowledge that, she had participated in fucking with them. She had not wanted to, but something drove her to move her hips, to squeeze her fist.

"She's a good fuck, Billy," Tony said, grinning as he stared between her legs. "Lynn is a damn good fuck."

"Better than your fist, huh," Billy teased. "I guess anything is better than your fist."

"Are you gonna take a turn with her?" Tony asked.

Billy was looking at Lynn's eyes, seeing the fright that returned to them. Lynn groaned, trying to tell them to remove the gag. She twisted against the ropes.

Tony and Billy watched her thrash about, grinning.

Billy tugged at the hair of her cunt, hurting her. She lifted her hips, trying to ease the pain. His evil laugh made her fear more pronounced.

Tony was sitting back on his heels between her legs, watching his brother.

Lynn felt Billy's fingers slide along each side of her clitoris. At first it felt good to her, but then he pinched the tender bud, making her cry out against the gag. He turned to look at her, then pulled painfully at her clitoris. He tried to pull her ass off the bed, using her clitoris as a handle.

Tormented tears flowed from her eyes as she moaned. Lynn arched her hips up in an effort to avoid the pain, and Billy pulled harder yet, grinning at her wickedly.

He was starting to hook his finger into her cunt when the bedside telephone rang.

The boys jumped, startled by the unexpected sound.

"You better answer it," Tony gasped.

Billy lifted the receiver.

"It's Dad," he whispered. "He wants to talk to Lynn. What can I tell him?"

Lynn's eyes bugged out as she strained to scream through the gag.

Tony clamped his hand against her mouth, pushing her head back. "Shut up!" he hissed. "Don't try to scream!"

"She's tied up right now, Dad," Billy said into the phone, smiling. "I'll tell her to call you, sure."

Lynn felt defeat. If only she could, have made enough noise to cause Jake to become suspicious. She had missed her chance.

"You ever try that again," Billy said, staring into her eyes, his face close, "and I'm gonna really hurt you, bitch!"

"Yeah, me too," Tony warned. "You're just a fucking cunt bitch, Lynn! We can do anything we want with you and there's not a fucking thing you can do about it."

For emphasis, Tony leaned down and bit her nipple, hard.

Lynn groaned, trying to scream past the gag. The pain became worse as Tony started chewing on her nipple. She knew he would leave teeth marks on her tit, and if they were still there when Jake came home, what could she say?

"Wanna let her go now, Billy?" Tony asked. He saw Lynn's hands turning a bluish color, the circulation cut off. I didn't know how long she had been tied, but it looked as if it was time to let her go.

"Not yet," Billy said, gazing at her hairy cunt.

"If you're gonna fuck her, you better hurry up," Tony said, becoming worried about her discolored hands.

"Tony, sit on her stomach and hold her cunt open for me," Billy said. "I'm gonna piss in her cunt."

Lynn's eyes bugged again. Piss in her cunt? Horrible, the most horrible [missing text].

She saw Tony straddle her stomach, his small ass cheeks parting a bit as he sat down. She felt his balls resting against her flesh, and she moaned.

Tony leaned over and pulled the sensitive lips of her cunt apart. Her hips trembled, knowing what was ment. Never had she been treated so disgustingly. If only they would simply fuck her, then let her go, she could accept that -- not like it, but accept it. But Billy and Tony weren't satisfied with fucking her; they wanted to degrade and humiliate her. That was where their enjoyment was, in abusing her body and mind in the most perverse and horrible manner they could devise.

She thrashed.

A hot stream of Billy's piss splashed against her cunt, drenching her crotch. Tony giggled as he watched Billy pissing on her cunt. Lynn began to cry again, softly, her hips still. She couldn't move her cunt away from the spray of Billy's piss. The hot piss stung her clitoris, and to her horror, she could feel it starting to throb.

"Piss in her fucking cunt!" Tony yelled squirming his ass on her stomach. He slipped his ass and balls up and down, and Lynn could not resist watching. Tony lifted his ass a little, shoved it back in excitement. Lynn caught a brief glimpse of his asshole just before he sat down on one of her abused tits.

"Open her fucking cunt bigger!" Billy screamed.

Tony, rubbing Lynn's nipple against his ass, pulled the lips of her pussy wide.

Lynn sobs increased as she felt the hot piss going into her cunt. Piss dripped and ran down between the cheeks of her ass when her cunt was filled. She felt Tony's asshole clutching her nipple, and through her sense of humiliation, she felt his asshole becoming hot on her tit, so hot that it seemed to sear her rigid nipple. Her pussy hair became soaked with Billy's piss, and soon, her naked ass was resting in a pool of piss.

The stinging stream of piss went on and on. Her brain was filled with a roaring sound, hearing her stepsons laugh, but their conversation didn't come through to her. The only thing she knew for certain was they were talking about, or rather, about her cunt, calling her names like bitch and cunt and cocksucker.

Lynn didn't know when they left her alone.


When awareness came to her, she found her arms and legs had been freed. She lay on the piss-soaked bed, rubbing her wrists. Her ankles and wrists were sore, and they had left her gag on.

Removing the gag, she licked at her dry lips, her face covered with tears. She had not passed out, but shi had drifted off. She remained on the bed, naked, her crotch covered with pin, the mattress wet under her ass.

Lynn sat up, feeling the ache in her wrists and ankles. She caught sight of her reflection in the mirror above the dresser. Her normally well-kept hair was mussed, her cheeks wet from crying. The palm of her hands felt slippery, and she took a moment before realizing why. In disgust, she wiped her hand on the bedspread, feeling her thighs still wet from Billy's piss.

Her legs wobbled as she went into the adjoining bathroom, running the tub full of almost-scalding water. Climbing into the tub, she ignored the heat of the water, sitting down, with the water almost covering her shapely tits. She leaned back as the hot water, soothed her tits and aching cunt. But the only real damage to her body was the pain of her ankles and wrist. Red marks showed where the ropes had been tied, and there were bruises on her, nipples and the creamy whiteness of her tits, but that was all.

She stayed in the tub until the water became cool, then she toweled herself, her flesh glowing a healthful pink. It was past time for her to start dinner, but she didn't want to go downstairs and face her stepsons.

She felt a deep shame, as if she had been, at fault. Did something show on her, in her eyes, on her body, that would make those boys abuse her?

Lynn had heard that some women loved being abused, tied up and fucked, all kinds of things done to them. But she wasn't one of those, she was certain. She never had liked pain.

All her life she had been perfectly respectable, dressing fashionable. She had been treated with respect, never drawing an obscene comment from anyone. She was quite proper in demeanor and behavior. She had attended church regularly, and she was thought to be one of the most proper women in her social circles. She had never been treated with anything but the highest of respect by everyone.

Her lady-like behavior was what had attracted her husband. It also kept away the men who wanted a more earthy-type woman. Some men were afraid of her, feeling that her respectability was a threat to their masculinity.

Lynn, afraid to face her stepsons, remained in her bedroom, brushing her hair, putting on her subdued makeup. She changed the sheets on the bed, but there was nothing she could do about the mattress. Maybe she could buy one just like it, and then lake would never know.

She shocked herself. But of course she would have to tell him about his sons! She could not allow them to get away with all this.

What Jake would do, she had no idea, but it didn't matter. She had to get away from them, but the thought of divorce from her husband, the father of those evil boys, was something she refused to entertain.

She went to bed around nine, sleeping on the dry side of the bed, grateful that Billy and Tony had not returned to torment, her again.

Lynn was sleeping soundly early next morning, so sound that she did not feel the ropes on her wrists and ankles. The boys went about it as gently as they could.

She was on her stomach, deep in sleep. This time, they looped a rope across her waist, tying it underneath the bed. And, not being satisfied with just spreading her feet and tying her ankles, they also tied her thighs, then secured that rope to the bed frame.

She woke up screaming.

Billy and Tony were pissing all over her back and into her hair, spraying her creamy body with hot piss from head to knees. They were laughing with delight, streaming hot piss all over her, but mostly directly upon her curvy asscheeks. She felt piss running along the crack of her ass and down over her cunt.

"Please don't!" Lynn screamed, struggling against her bonds and finding herself secured. "God, don't do this to me! Why are you treating me so badly?"

"We're just letting you know how much we love you, Lynn," Billy said. "We piss on you because we love you so much."

"Yeah," Tony said.

Lynn decided not to let them know how she felt. She was not going to cry, knowing that to do so would excite them. She was not going to do anything that would encourage them. If she accepted it and refused to cry, lying still and passive, maybe they would lose interest in her.

"She's not moving," Tony said, his cock streaming piss along the crack of her ass.

"Don't worry about that," Billy replied. "That just shows how much she loves getting pissed on. Ain't that right, Lynn? You love it, don't you?"

Her naked body trembled, but she refused to answer.

Thankfully, they finished pissing.

She lay spread-eagled, her eyes closed. Her hair was drenched in their piss, as was her back, ass and thighs. She became aware that they had tied her waist and thighs this time, and that frightened her even more. It meant they were up to something, something even worse than what they had done yesterday.

Hands moved about her ass, hands that ignored the piss glistening on the enticing cheeks of her ass. She felt her ass being parted and a finger rubbing her asshole. Something rough was being shoved into her ass, but she bit into her tongue to stop the cry of pain.

While Tony held her ass spread wide, Billy was stuffing a rope into his stepmother's asshole, with knots spaced about an inch apart. The rope was not very thick, but the knots felt painful going in. Lynn counted six knots, then there were no more.

Then a hard, cool object was thrust into her cunt, penetrating her pussy deep, the fit being very tight. She didn't experience any pain, though. The thing up her cunt was secured by some sort of belt contraption, holding the device firmly inside.

She felt the need to shit, the rope in her ass filling her. Desperately she clenched her asshole, unwilling to shame herself by shitting before her stepsons. Besides, she knew the sensation was caused by that damned rope in her ass.

"You think it will work?" Tony asked.

"Pull it out and see," Billy answered. "We can put it up her ass again."

Tony grasped the few inches of rope that dangled out of Lynn's asshole. He pulled gently at first, causing Lynn to moan despite her resolve to be silent.

The first knot came free. Then Tony jerked hard. "Ohhhhh!" Lynn yelled.

The knots being pulled from her ass sent a strange sensation through her body. Somehow it felt good. Shocked that she could respond to this deviant action, she could not deny the thrilling pleasure it gave her.

"It works!" Tony exclaimed.

"I told you it would. Now put it back in her fucking asshole!"

Tony stuffed it into Lynn's ass, knot after knot. Lynn found it felt as good this time as it had when he jerked it out. She could not stop moaning or the upward jerk of her ass. The object inside her cunt felt sort of pleasant, too.

"Lynn," Billy said, "If you promise to be good and not try to take these things out of your cunt or asshole, we'll let you loose for awhile."

Lynn closed her eyes, shivering. She nodded, then whispered, "I promise."

They released her, arms first, then waist, thigh and ankles.

Lynn rolled over, looking at them. The boys were naked, looking quite pleased with themselves.

She felt strange sensations between her legs, the hard thing inside her cunt and the knotted rope stuffed into her asshole. She tried to deny the tingling of heat between her thighs and between the cheeks of her ass.

Billy tweaked her nipple, then pinched it hard.

Lynn winced with pain, but her dark eyes stared steadily into his.

Billy pinched her other nipple just as hard, and still she didn't cry out. She had gasped softly as the sharp pain went through her tits, but that was the only sound she made.

"Now come down and fix breakfast for us," Billy said.

"My robe," she murmured. "Let me wear my robe at least."

"Naw," he replied. "You gotta be naked." Lynn's face flamed with shame. Getting to her feet, she found it was difficult to walk. She had to keep her legs spread apart, so she moved in an awkward, straddle-legged way. It was shameful, too, being naked before her stepsons. They made her go first down the stairs, and she listened with a flushed face to their comments about her ass. The few inches of rope that stuck out from her asshole could be seen, and that seemed to excite them very much.

By the time they arrived in the kitchen, the boys had very hard cocks. That was enough proof to her just how excited they were. She tried to keep her eyes averted from them as she went about fixing breakfast.

When she set the platter of eggs and sausages on the table, they made her butter their toast too. She was being treated not as their stepmother, but as a slave.

As they ate, she was forced to stand between them hands at her sides. Tony pinched a cheek of her ass very hard, leaving a bruise on her smooth, creamy skin. Billy pulled at her cunt hair. What was worse, they did it at the same time, so she couldn't jerk away from either boy.

When they finished eating, Tony began to bite at one tit, his brother the other. The sharp pain shot through her, and suddenly, the rope was yanked from her asshole.

"Ohhhh!" she yelped, covering her mouth with her hand, her eyes enormous.

The knotted rope puffing from her asshole so quickly had, unbelievably, caused her to come. Her cunt closed tightly about the object inside it, gripping and clutching. Her body trembled as she came, her hips jerking back and forth in an involuntary fucking manner.

"You like that, Lynn?" Billy asked, holding the rope up for her to see. "That made you come, huh? Did your cunt explode, Lynn?"

"No!" she hissed.

"Bullshit!" Billy snorted. "You came, all right. Why were you pumping your ass, then."

She wanted to make a nasty retort, but she knew it would only earn her more torture.

"Come with us," he said, pushing his chair back.

She went, but unwillingly.

They led her into the garage, and her eyes became wide. Sometime during the night they had arranged the garage into something resembling a makeshift torture chamber. The car had been backed out, and the garage door was down, much to her relief.

She saw the hooks on the walls, knowing that they were for her. A barrel, dirty and rusty, was positioned in the center of the garage, with hooks pounded into the floor. They were for her arms and legs, she realized.

Fear went through her naked body. They meant business now. She started to turn back into the house, but her arm was grabbed roughly by Billy. His fingers cut into her soft, tender flesh beneath her armpit, making her wince in pain.

"You aren't going anywhere, Lynn," he said. "You're gonna stay here with us, and you're really gonna enjoy what we plan on doing to you."

She was afraid to resist when they pulled her to the wall where the hooks were. They secured her arms high above her head, then spread her legs wide, her ankles secured to the bottom hooks.

She was not uncomfortable, but she was very vulnerable. Her crotch was spread, the pink lips of her cunt exposed. The way her arms were stretched up, her tits tilted toward the ceiling, making them look fuller.

She watched her stepsons with fearful eyes as they opened a small trunk. They removed two clips, the type a person finds on a clipboard. Immediately she began to shake, yet she also felt a tingling sensation in her nipples. To her horror, her nipples lifted into hardness. As they approached with the clips, she twisted her body, unable to free herself.

Billy clipped one to her nipple. It was so tight, so very tight. Her nipple hurt horribly. Tony attached a clip to her other nipple. Lynn felt tears running from her eyes. The pain became excruciating. Billy and Tony looked at their handiwork, pleased to see how much pain they were giving her. Although her tits ached, she could not resist glancing at their intensely throbbing cocks. She felt herself becoming excited, fighting against unexpected arousal and losing the battle.

The hard object inside her cunt was still in place, and she felt her clit growing.

The boys noticed it, too. From his pocket, Billy pulled out a clothespin.

"What are you going to do with that?" Lynn asked, her voice shaking.

"Put it on your cunt," Billy grinned.

"Don't!" Lynn gasped, watching him open and close the pin. "Please don't, Billy! It will hurt too much! Do something else to me, but don't make me hurt any more!"

Tony laughed. "Now she's begging for cock!"

Grabbing at straws, Lynn nodded eagerly. "Yes, that's right. Fuck me instead!"

"You're not as much a goody-two-shoes as you pretend, are you?" Billy laughed.

Lynn, with her face burning in shame, gasped. "You can fuck me, both of you. I'll let both of you fuck me, but please don't hurt me any more! I'll make a bargain with you. Turn me loose, and you can do anything you want with me, and I'll never say anything to your father. We can all have some fun, can't we?"

"We're having plenty of fun, Lynn," Tony said, his eyes going up and down her perfectly shaped, slender body. "Besides, we can fuck you anytime we want. All we have to do is tie you up and do it."

Lyhn sobbed. They were cruel to her, did horrible things to her body she never dreamed of, yet, she realized, she wanted more. It was crazy! But there was no denying those multiple orgasms she had experienced. The pleasure of those orgasms were the most fantastic she had ever experienced.

"I'll do things for you," she sobbed, watching Billy shove that clothespin toward her cunt. "I'll do all kinds of things for you. Just turn me loose and I'll show you. Please, let me do things for you."

Billy clamped the pin on her cunt hair then pulled. Pain shot through her cunt. She arched her hips to ease the pain, but he pulled again, and the pin slipped off her hair, strands clinging to it. Once again he attached it to her curd hair, leaving it there a moment while he helped his brother.

Lynn looked down to see them tying a cord to the clips on her nipples, then up past her shoulders, securing the cord to nails in the wall. Her nipples were pulled up very tight, aching from the stretching.

She tucked her chin to her neck when Billy squatted between her feet. He removed the pin from her cunt hair, then clipped it to her clit. The pressure on her tender clit caused her to cry out in pain.

Billy had drilled a small hole in the clothespin and now he attached it to a nail a few inches below her spread-out crotch, making it pull at her clitoris, but not enough to pull the pin off. She felt her clitoris stretching just as her nipples had been stretched.

Pain shot through her body, starting at her tits and burning to her cunt. She twisted, but the cords held tight. She could feel the hard object jabbing inside her cunt. And, to her terror, she felt her cunt becoming very wet, so wet that it was dripping around that thing in her cunt.

Standing back and looking at their handiwork, Billy and Tony gripped their cocks, jerking them slowly, their eyes shining with excitement.

"Please, turn me loose!" she begged.

The pain seemed to increase, but in proportion to unwanted pleasure. Lynn couldn't understand her reaction. How could pain and pleasure feel so good!

"I'll fuck you both... just turn me loose and I'll show you. I'll be very good to you."

They ignored her, looking at her tortured body with gleaming eyes, their cocks standing up in hardness. Lynn kept looking at them, seeing the heads of their pricks swollen, beads of pre-cum collecting on their piss holes. The pain on her clit and tits became pleasure.

She wiggled her hips, not trying to pull free, but finding out if movement was going to increase her pleasure above and beyond the pain. Her hips revolved lewdly, making the boys giggle with delight. She was exciting them with her lewd movements. She also knew she was starting to like making them excited, making their young cocks throb in hardness.

Suddenly she thought of her stepsons fucking her again sent rippling eagerness through her naked body. It was sheer insanity, but now she wanted them to fuck her. She wanted her stepsons to fuck her again and again!

Tony moved toward the garage door, and when she saw him starting to lift it, she yelped. "No! Don't open the door, Tony! Someone will see... oh, God, don't!"

The door went up.

"Ohhh!" Lynn groaned, shutting her eyes. A young boy riding past on his bicycle glanced into the garage, and his eyes popped, as he swerved to avoid running into the streetlamp.

Tony and Billy laughed, then the door was jerked down again, making the garage dim. Lynn's face was burning in shame, knowing the boy had seen her bound to the wall, naked. The biggest surprise of all was her body's reaction -- she had come! Her cunt went into tight convulsions just as she closed her eyes and before the door closed.

The throbbing of her clit sent shivering waves of pleasure through her. The humiliating exposure had caused her to have a very ecstatic orgasm.

Once the garage door was shut, Billy squatted between her legs. He unstrapped the tack that held the hard object in her cunt. He pulled it out, then shoved it back into her pussy again. Her stepson was fucking her with it. She closed her pussy against the assault, but it did no good. The thing went up and down, penetrating her cunt, stretching it.

She wiggled, but it only gave Billy encouragement. Lynn began to moan, unable to stop herself. She arched her cunt outward, wanting it up her pussy, the friction sending sparks of pleasure through her lower stomach.

She was close to coming again, but Billy removed it and tossed it into the corner.

She yelped as he pulled the clothespin from her clit, replacing it with his mouth. No one had ever placed their mouth on her cunt before, and she stared in surprise down at him. His young face was buried in the thick hair of her cunt, his lips sucking hard at her aching clit. His hands slipped down her thighs to her asscheeks, cupping them and pulling her cunt into his face hard.

"Ooo, what are you doing?" Lynn yelped, feeling Billy's tongue slide into her cunt. "Oh, don't! That's horrible, Billy! Don't kiss me there."

Billy pulled back, looking up at his stepmother, squeezing her ass. "Who's kissing? I'm going to suck your cunt, that's all."


Lynn stared down at her oldest stepson, seeing his face between her thighs, almost buried in the lush triangle of her cunt hair. His fingers dug into the firm flesh of her naked ass, pulling her cunt tight against his mouth. His tongue twirled about her stiff clit, licking it even as his mouth sucked.

She wanted to protest, but her body was again betraying her, her cunt oozing sweet juices. When she tried to form words, all that came from her were moans and gurgles. She twisted her ass, but she didn't know if she was trying to dislodge Billy's mouth from her cunt or if she wiggled with growing excitement.

"No," she moaned as Tony started stroking her tits, pinching her nipples painfully. "Please, no."

Ignoring her, Tony closed his teeth around her nipples, biting it hard enough to give her a stinging ache. Her hips jerked, smashing her cunt against Billy's face, his tongue sliding between the soft, steamy lips and inside.

Tony went from one tit to the other, chewing and licking and sucking. Below, Billy lapped her crotch, squeezing her clenching ass, his fingers digging into her warm ass crack.

Lynn closed her eyes in an effort to blot out what was happening to her. She started sobbing softly, sobbing because of that weird combination of pleasure and pain. She didn't want to feel pleasure, but there was no way she could stop it. Her hips churned in circles, then jerked back and forth, smashing her hairy, hot cunt against Billy's mouth.

Tony, chewed and sucked at her tits relentlessly, biting more than chewing. Sometimes the pain in her nipples was almost too much, yet there was pleasure, too. When Tony was sucking one tit, his hands were clenching the other, sending a strange, delicious ache through both tits at the same time. When Tony chewed at her nipple at the same time that Billy bit her clit, Lynn felt as if her cunt would explode!

Although it felt good when Billy darted his tongue into her cunt, it felt just as good when he nibbled her clit.

She was moaning now, softly, but with increasing intensity. Her body jerked spastically, no longer trying to get her cunt away from Billy's sucking mouth. Now she was trying to grind her cunt against his face. The erotic tingling flowing up and down her body was demanding an orgasm. Her moans became groans of delight, her sobs a plea for more.

Twisting as best she could, Lynn wailed when Billy thrust his tongue into her cunt, probing deeply, dragging his tongue out and up to suck at her clitoris. When one of his fingers brushed over her tight asshole, Lynn's head spun. If she weren't tied to the wall, she would have fallen on her ass, thrashing about, her cunt trying to ride his tongue now.

"Look at her wiggle!" Tony said, his tongue pressing at a nipple. "Suck her cunt, Billy! She loves it! Wow, she's trying to fuck your mouth!"

"Oh... ohhh, please!" Lynn wailed. "Please, I can't stand it!"

Tony suddenly lashed at her tits with an open hand, sending fire through them. "Shut up, you cocksucker!"

"Don't, please!" Lynn begged, her tits aching. "Don't hit me... them! Lick if you want to, suck them if that's what you want but don't hit again, please!"

Tony snickered. "I'll slap the shit out of your fucking tits, if you don't tell Billy you love what he's doing to you."

"Ohhh, I can't!" Lynn sobbed, her hips churning. "I can't say it!"

"Sure you can," Tony replied, drawing back his open hand for another swing.

Lynn stared at his palm, her tits still stinging. Her hips continued to jerk and twist and squirm as Billy sucked and licked at her swelling cunt.

"I... I love it," she moaned. "Love what?" Tony demanded. "What Billy is doing," Lynn whispered as her face flushed.

Tony lifted his hand higher, threatening her. Quickly Lynn shouted: "I love the way Billy sucks my cunt!"

"Better," Tony said and began to suck her tits again.

The ecstasy was flooding her now. "Suck my cunt! Suck my cunt, Billy! Eat my pussy... tongue me up the fucking cunt! Suck hard, real hard! Ohhhhh, give me some tongue! My cunt wants more tongue! I'm hot, so very hot! Fuck my cunt... tonguefuck my wet pussy!"

Tony snickered, and Billy gave a muffled laugh between her thighs. Lynn could hear the words pouring from her mouth, unable to stop them. Her face burned with shame, her crotch beating against Billy's face urgently. An orgasm was swelling in deep in the pit of her stomach.

Tony was biting at her sensitive nipple again, and Billy was plunging his tongue into the slippery, heated depths of her cunt swiftly. His hands dug into the firm, spongy cheeks of her shapely ass, a fingertip moving over her puckered asshole.

"Ohhhh!" Lynn screeched. "Ohhh, so... hurry! Oh, God, hurry! Make it quick! I'm going to [missing text]."

Her body arched forward, her cunt pressing hard into Billy's face. His tongue went deep inside her steaming cunt. She shuddered as she came. Her cunt clamped around Billy's tongue, squeezing on it as her orgasm seemed to increase in power. Ecstasy burned through her naked body, almost making her cum. Her lovely face was contorted with agonized ecstasy.

Billy's eyes gleamed up at his stepmother, his tongue pounding into her gripping cunt, fucking her with all his power, feeling her come into his mouth. He squeezed her tight asscheeks. Her hairy cunt clamped on his tongue tight and hot.

Tony was sucking hard on her tit, pulling and squeezing the other as though trying to tear it from her body. The excruciating pain, somehow, became mindless ecstasy, and Lynn's hips whipped around, back and forth. Her toes seemed to curl, and her mind spun dizzily.

She did not pass out, but she was close to it. With tremors of ecstasy rumbling through her, she was hardly aware when. Tony pulled away from her tits and Billy stood up in front of her. His face was glistening from the juices of her cunt, his eyes bright with triumph.

"You liked that, didn't you, Lynn?" Billy asked, breathing hard. "I sort of figured you'd like having your fucking cunt sucked. I bet I can lick your pussy better than Dad, right?"

Coming out of her weak dizzy feeling, Lynn said in a whispery voice: "Jake doesn't. I've never been sucked before. It's a vile and filthy thing that Jake doesn't go for. It's perverted, and I don't like it! Please, don't do things like that to me anymore."

Her eyes focused on Billy's face, seeing the wetness of her cunt on his lips and chin.

"Dad's never licked your cunt? He doesn't know what he's missing; you have a real sweet pussy. Just like eating candy."

Billy rolled his eyes and licked his lips. Running his hand through her cunt hair, he dug into her pussy, then lifted and smeared the wetness across his lips. Suddenly, he grabbed the back of her head and smashed his pussy wet lips against hers, thrusting his tongue into her mouth.

"Now, wouldn't you say that was some sweet cunt, Lynn?" He laughed.

Lynn tried to spit, but couldn't. "You you... Goddamn you, you fucking asshole!" She was shocked by her words, and now, seeing the anger in Billy's eyes, she wished she could take them back. She was in no position to call him names.

Billy's face turned mean, and he was ready to punch her, but he changed his mind. "Aw, I'm not gonna hit you, you fucking cunt! I've got better plans for you."

Relief flooded her body.

Tony and Billy released her feet, then stood up to untie her wrists.

"What are you two going to do to me now?" she asked, her voice shaking. "Haven't you done enough?"

"It's gonna be a long time before we finish with you, cocksucker," Billy replied. "Dad is gonna be gone over a month, and you belong to us until then."

Lynn was roughly shoved toward the dirty barrel. A shudder of revulsion shot through her body. She struggled for a moment, but her strength was no match for them. She was bent over backwards, her feet tied and her hands stretched far past her head and secured to the hooks.

She was uncomfortable. Her legs were spread again with her ass hanging over one side of the barrel, her head over the other. Her hair was brushing the floor. She looked at them, seeing them upside down, trying to understand what they would do next. Their cocks were very hard, precum dripping from the piss holes. Lynn tried to ignore the twitching of her cunt, the hardening of her clitoris.

"I'm gonna stick my cock in her fucking cunt now," Billy said, stroking his hard-on meaningfully, "I'm gonna fuck her silly."

Tony stood next to his brother, caressing his balls, gazing down at her.

Naked and stretched over the barrel, she felt unwanted desire and shameful pleasure at her helplessness. Her cunt was wet, very wet. It throbbed, the hair-lined lips becoming puffy again.

Billy's cock, at the moment, seemed as huge as her husband's. She could almost feel Billy plunging his cock up her cunt already. In fact, she was anticipating it, yearning to have that hard cock fucking her. Lynn was confused. Why did she suddenly want to be fucked by her stepsons? She had never been overly erotic in her entire life. And now, tied up like some slave, her body was craving those young, hard pricks. Her cunt was demanding to be filled, fucked and flooded with come.

Billy, still stroking his cock, moved out of her sight and between her spread thighs. She felt his hand massage her inner thighs, climbing up to her cunt. He cupped her pussy for a moment, giving it an almost gentle squeeze.

The head of his cock pressed against her cunt.

"Ohhhh," Lynn moaned.

The swollen head of Billy's cock penetrated the slippery lips of her cunt, stretching them, going into her. The deeper his cock went, the more Lynn liked it. She no longer tried to fight the feeling of pleasure.

She moaned as her stepson fucked his cock in to the hilt. Her pussy felt marvelously sensitive, and she could even feel his balls pressing at the checks after ass. Her cunt was stuffed, a feeling that excited her enough to cause her flesh to ripple with anxious shivers. She wanted to scream at him, to tell him to fuck her, to fuck her fast and hard and make her come and come and come. But she remained silent.

"You are tight, Lynn," Billy grunted, feeling his stepmother's cunt grip his cock greedily. "Tight, hot and wet cunt!"

Lynn's hips wiggled against the restraining ropes, trying to press her cunt against him. His balls felt so delicious on her ass cheeks, so hot and good.

Billy stood between her thighs, his cock deep, not moving. He was enjoying the gripping feel of her pussy, the flexing of her cunt around his cock.

"You know what I'm gonna do, don't you, Lynn?" he asked, stroking her smooth, flat stomach, her hips and thighs.

Lynn heard herself whisper. "Yes."

"Then why don't you say it?"

"Oh, please don't ask me," she gasped. "I can't use such words. It's embarrassing to me."

"Bulishit!" Tony said, standing at her head. Lynn looked at her youngest stepson upside down, seeing his cock throbbing, his balls full.

"It's true!" she insisted.

Billy suddenly pinched the flesh of her hip, making Lynn yelp.

"Okay! I will, just don't hurt me anymore," she groaned. "Start talking, cunt!"

"You're going to... to fuck me," she said, blushing. "You're going to fuck me." Saying such words, with Billy's cock throbbing between the lips of her hairy cunt, Lynn felt excitement. Her cunt clenched around his cock, and she talked in a louder voice. "You're going to fuck me... fuck my pussy!"

"And that's what you want, right, cocksucker?" Billy demanded.

"Yes! Yes, I do!" Lynn screamed. "I want you to fuck me!"

"Fuck you with what, bitch?"

"Your cock!" she screamed. "Fuck me with your cock!"

"That's better." Billy giggled, puffing his cock out and then thrusting it into her cunt hard, smacking the sensitive lips of her cunt.

Lynn gasped as his cock stabbed into her cunt, fucking her, her cunt being scraped by that hard shaft. Pleasure flowed through her crotch, pleasure in having his cock inside her, fucking her. She tried to pump her hips, wanting to slam her cunt onto hip cock. Her back was arched painfully over the barrel, yet the pain mixed with the sensations of pleasure. The harder Billy fucked her, the better she liked it.

Her vision was hazy, her eyes rolling, but she could see Tony's cock and balls upside down. It appeared as if his cock was straining toward the ceiling. She saw clear juice sliding down the underside of it. And now she hoped her youngest stepson would fuck her when Billy finished.

"You ever suck cock, Lynn?" Tony asked, his fist squeezing his prick. "You ever had a nice, hard cock in your fucking mouth?"

She shook her head violently, staring with terrified eyes at his cock. Being fucked by them was one thing, but making her perform such a vile act sent revulsion through her body. She tried to answer Tony, but all that came out were garbled, choking sounds. Her eyes widened as Tony shoved his cock forward, brushing the wet head of his cock with her face. She felt the wetness smear her forehead, getting into her hair. Billy was fucking her cunt faster now, banging harshly against the tender lips of her pussy and her swollen clitoris. His balls banged against her ass, his hands digging into her hips. She could hear him panting in pleasure as her cunt gripped his cock with slippery, wet heat.

She turned her head slightly. Tony's seeping prick slid along her cheek. She felt the hardness of his cock, the searing heat burning her cheek as he rubbed his prick against his face and neck. He was gripping her tits with both hands, squeezing than until sharp pain shot through her chest.

Tony squeezed harder on her tender tits. "Come on, you cunt! Suck my fucking cock! I bet you can really give a blow job!"

She groaned, repulsed by his cock so close to her mouth.

"I'll tear your fucking tits off if you don't suck my cock!" Tony demanded, pinching her nipples hard.

Taking his hand off one tit, Tony grabbed his cock and smashed the dripping head against her clamped lips. When he turned her tit loose, Billy slapped it hard.

"Suck him off, cocksucker!" he snarled, roughly ramming his cock into her cunt. "Suck his fucking cock! You'll love a hard prick in your cunt mouth!"

Lynn opened her mouth to scream in pain, and Tony drove his cock into her mouth and a sound came out. Lynn gagged as Tony's cock fined her mouth, her head between his thighs. His cock felt enormous, the largest thing she had ever had between her lips. Her lips were stretched wide around it.

Although her eyes were glazed with humiliation, she saw Tony's balls a few inches away. Her mind rebelled against what was happening to her, but her body was not only accepting it, but demanding it. With Tony's cock in her mouth, it seemed to increase the ecstasy in her cock-filled cunt.

Tony didn't move for a while, giving his stepmother time to become accustomed to his cock. But Billy fucked her cunt ruthlessly, his hips scraping the inner smoothness of her creamy thighs.

"Tastes good, don't it?" Tony asked, looking down at her face, her lips stretched around his cock. "My cock really tastes good, right Lynn? I bet you just love having my hard cock in your fucking mouth, don't you?"

Lynn's mind screamed a protest, but her mouth began to salivate. She moved her tongue experimentally. There wasn't, much room, but she pressed her tongue against his cock. Staring at his balls just above her eyes, seeing the crack of his ass, Lynn realized, to her surprise, that she didn't mind having a cock in her mouth.

She lifted her head a bit, causing Tony's cock to push a little deeper into her mouth. The hot throbbing of his cock made her tremble. Her lips closed around his cock, trying to squeeze it just as her cunt squeezed Billy's cock.

As the two boys became more excited, they fucked her faster and deeper. Billy's cock was fucking brutally into her cunt, and Tony fucked into her mouth so fast and deep she could hardly breathe. His hands kept clutching her tits hard, and the pain seemed to make her become more receptive to their abuse.

Lynn wondered, vaguely, if it was the pain that excited her, or the two cocks fucking her at the same time. She felt the two cocks become harder and thicker. Her pussy responded to Billy's strong thrusts with a gripping, squeezing tightness. She reacted to Tony's cock by closing her lips as tight as she could around it.

Her cunt exploded.

Lynn gave a loud, muffled groan as she came, her cunt pressing up at him as best she could. She shoved her head up, smashing her nose against Tony's hot balls, trying to pull his throbbing cock into her throat. Her orgasm shot like wildfire through her crotch. Time and again, she came. The spasms caused her cunt to contract hard around Billy's cock, the sucking sensations clawing at it. Tony stabbed at her mouth faster, his balls hitting rapidly against her chin.

"I'm gonna cum," Billy groaned. Lynn felt Billy's cock unleash his boiling cum juice. It spurted powerfully into her cunt, splashing about the walls. She moaned ecstatically as his cum juice sent her into orgasm again, her pussy going through multiple contractions for the second time in bet life. Her body writhed with ecstasy, and she sucked on Tony's cock swiftly. Her tongue attempted to lick it, but his cock had become so swollen and she was in such an awkward position that she could only let him fuck her mouth.

Startled when Tony came, she fell the thick come splash into her mouth. She choked and tried to get her mouth off his cock, but Tony held her face tightly, his cock spurting thick come into her mouth. She tried not to swallow. But her mouth filled so much she thought she would choke on his come. She had no choice but to let it run down her throat. Her tongue became coated with come juice.

Billy slipped his cock from mouth. "You came in her fucking mouth, huh, Tony? You shot your load down her cocksucking throat! How did you like that, cunt face?"

Lynn's cheeks glistened with come, her lips glossy with it.

"Let me go now, please," she asked politely.

"Sure," Tony said. "In just a minute."

He was still standing at her head, and Billy was still between her spread thighs.

"Don't, please!" she begged. "Please don't!"

A stream of piss splashed upon her thoroughly fucked cunt. Her hips writhed as she was drenched by Billy's piss. She felt her cunt respond to the piss, her hairy lips opening and closing, her cunt hair matted with it. Her clit seemed to erupt into an orgasm, surprising her.

Then Tony let go with a stream of golden color piss directly into her face.

Lynn clamped her lips tightly, groaning a protest at this degradation. The hot piss against it cunt and in her face embarrassed her to the point of blushing. She tried turning her face away from the stream of piss, but Tony followed her. He pissed on her cheek, arching his cock to piss on her tits, then back into her face again. Her hair, still dragging on the floor, became soaked in piss, too.

They kept pissing on her. When Billy drew his cock downward to piss an her thighs, then back up to her stomach and down to her cunt again. Lynn came again. Her cunt contracted with spasms of orgasm, and she turned her lace back into the steam of Tony's hot piss, feeling it spraying over her clenched lips. When Tony moved to piss onto her tits again, she moaned, wanting him to keep pissing into her face.

The boys giggled lewdly, drawing designs on her body with golden piss. When they finished, they shook their cocks, sending the last drops onto her flesh, then they wiped their piss holes on her skin. Billy rubbed his cock on her creamy smooth inner thighs, and Tony wiped his prick on her forehead.

Only then did they turn her loose, leaving her still arched over the barrel as they went back into the house.


Lynn got to her feet, feeling shaky. Her hair hung wetly about her shoulders, her face, drenched in piss. The piss ran down her body as it trickled to her feet. Her cunt was filled with cum, and the taste of Tony's cum lingered in her mouth and on her tongue. She felt so humiliated, she wanted to cry.

None of it had been so bad, though, as when they had opened the garage door and that kid on the bicycle had seen her, naked and helpsless, tied to the wall. She didn't understand why she had come at that precise moment.

Any woman, bound up and being tortured with whips ad clothespins, should be insane by now. Yet Lynn found only pleasure. She had been tortured and fucked in her cunt and mouth, cum spewed into her body from both ends, her tits bruised and her cunt aching, but all she felt was that strange feeling of gratification.

She entered the house, feeling more exposed than ever. She was still naked, of course, but her emotions had been exposed. She had enjoyed being fucked by Billy, enjoyed taking Tony's cock into her mouth. And, she confessed to herself, she had even enjoyed having Tony come in her mouth. She rolled her tongue around, still tasting his come juice. That was her biggest surprise; she had enjoyed -- no, loved it -- when he came in her mouth. That first spurt wasn't so good, but the more he came, the better it tasted. The throbbing of his cock as he came had burned sweetly between her lips.

Entering the living room and going to the stairs, she saw her stepsons sitting on the floor, watching television. She gazed at their backs, then quickly started up the stairs. They had paid no attention to her. Lynn felt disappointed. They had abused her, used her for their own pleasure, now they wanted nothing to do with her.

Sinking into the tub, her body aching, Lynn felt she should be angry as hell with them. Yet she was hurt because they had not so much as looked at her when she came in. She should call their father, tell him what was going on, but she couldn't bring herself to phone him!

Drying her body, she saw a number of bruises on her smooth flesh, mostly on her flawlessly shaped tits. She ran a finger over them, caressing the bruises almost tenderly, lovingly.

She went into her bedroom and lay down on the enormous bed, her body fidgety. She opened and closed her legs, shoving her tits into the mattress. She relived the things her stepsons had done to her, and she wished they would come to her now, fuck her and let her suck those cocks.

She ran her tongue over her lips, pressing her cunt into the bed, legs tight together. She began imagining what she would do with those two boys if they came to her. She felt her face grow warm as her imagination became more and more erotic. She felt ashamed of herself, but even in her shame she wanted more of them.

She fell asleep, still wondering about the abrupt changes in her mind and body.

The ringing of the telephone by her bed woke her up.

Goggily, she placed it to her ear and said a sleepy hello.

She woke up quickly when she heard the sound of her husband's voice.

Panickly, she looked about the room and saw she was alone. She could tell Jake now, beg him to come home, tell him she could not handle the boys. She wanted to tell him the things they had done to her, the things they could still do to her if he didn't come home immediately.

Instead, she found herself telling him everything was fine, the boys behaving very well. As she talked on the phone, she heard the boys racing up the stairs.

Seeing them enter the room, eyes glaring with threats, Lynn trembled.

"They're here, if you'd like to talk to them, darling." She held out the phone to Billy. "Your father wants to talk to you."

Billy's anger smoldered on his young face as he greeted his father. His expression changed when he heard his father congratulating him on obeying his stepmother.

"She's nice, Dad," he said into the phone. "Tony and I sure like her. She's the best mother a boy could have."

When Billy hung up, he looked at Lynn, perplexed. She lay back on the bed, still naked, her now-dry hair fanning about her lovely face on the pillow. She crooked one knee, her cunt showing, and she placed one hand on her tit. Her eyes gave him a warm look and a smile curled on her moist lips.

Tony, too, looked in surprise at his stepmother.

"You didn't tell him about us?" Billy asked.

"No," she whispered.

"Why the fuck not?" Tony demanded. "You had your chance."

The boys were still naked, and Lynn gazed at their young cocks and balls. She licked her lips suggestively.

"I'm not sure," Lynn whispered, caressing her naked tit as she looked at them, hoping they would get harder. "I just couldn't. Maybe when he comes home, I'll tell him."

Tony and Billy looked at each other suspiciously.

"Why wait?" Billy asked.

"Because..." Lynn licked her lips again. "Because I want to... I want you to fuck me, that's why."

"Well, kiss my ass!" Billy laughed. "That, too," Lynn murmured.

It was then she saw their cocks lifting, swelling into hardness.

"I don't believe it!" Tony said. "You mean you like what we're doing to you?"

"I... think so," she admitted.

"Well, kiss my fucking ass!" Billy said again.

Lynn's face burned. "I said I would. I said I'd kiss your ass, Billy."


"Turn it around and I'll prove it," Lynn whispered, her hips writhing gently.

With a hoarse laugh, Billy turned his back to his stepmother, arching his naked ass toward her face.

Lynn lifted her head and planted her lips on one cheek of his ass, giving him a wet kiss. She darted the tip of her tongue out, licking his ass cheek lightly.

Tony watched, his cock throbbing at full hardness now. He climbed onto the bed, spreading his stepmother's thighs. Lynn made no resistance now. With her lips kissing Billy's ass, she reached for Tony's cock and pulled it to her cunt.

"Fuck me, Tony," she murmured, glancing at him, then starting to kiss Billy's ass again. "Fuck me, please."

She hissed as the swollen head of Tony's cock slithered into her cunt, her lips lifting to meet it. She crushed her moist lips to Billy's ass, her tongue lapping his ass wetly.

Tony thrust his cock into her tight cunt, and Lynn moaned and shoved her cunt upward, taking his cock deep. When Tony began fucking her, she ran her lips and tongue all over Billy's asscheeks, to the base of his spine and up and down the crack of his ass. Her hips churned, thrashing with his cock. Billy leaned over, his hands braced on his knees, waggling his ass against her face.

Lynn could hardly believe she was licking a tight, teenaged ass and taking another teenaged cock, doing it of her own free will.

Tony's cock plunging into her cunt felt good, very good. She lifted her ass arching her pussy to him, grinding her hips. The filling of her cunt created an intensely hot sensation between her thighs, and the heat of Billy's ass against her lips and tongue sent shivers of lewd ecstasy through her.

She could feel herself building toward an orgasm, and she churned frenziedly with Tony's cock. Her tongue raced up and, down Billy's squirming ass. Her orgasm grew and grew. She moaned in pleasure.

"Ohhhh," she whimpered. "Ohhhhh, I want to come! Fuck me, Tony! Fuck me hard!"

With the sensation of impending orgasm, she jerked her mouth away from Billy's ass, grasping Tony's hips and churning violently, swinging her crotch up and down in a frantic attempt to come. She was so close, so very close.

"Fuck me!" she screamed, jerking his cock into her pussy hard. "Fuck me, fuck me! I want to come... come so badly!"

Billy was watching them fuck, seeing how frantic his stepmother was. Her ass banged in furious thrusts, her pleas to came loud.

Tony grunted and slammed deep into her cunt, splashing her with come.

Lynn went wild, her ass bucking frantically, "Na, not now!" she screamed. "You're coming too soon! You've got to make me come, Tony!"

But it was too late; his cock flooded her, with squirting thick come, then Tony slumped on top of her. Lynn, sobbing with frustration, lay with her legs wide apart, her arms spread out.

"Damn, damn it! I didn't come," she moaned. "You came too fucking fast! Qh, please, make me come! Billy, you fuck me! Please, fuck me!"

Tony rolled off, panting.

Billy crawled between his stepmother's thighs, and before he could push the head of his cock into her cunt, Lynn shot her hips up, driving her cunt onto his cock hard. She wailed as she fucked him, her legs shooting into the air and waving, her neck arched back, face tormented with wild, erotic need.

"Fuck it, fuck it!" she screamed, thrashing about on the bed, making it hard for Billy to stay between her legs. "Fuck my cunt! Fuck my hot pussy! I've got to come... or go out of my mind. Please, make me come!"

Lynn pulled her legs high, her ass doubling upward until Billy was almost standing, plunging his cock into his stepmother's cunt hard, his balls slapping her asshole.

Lynn churned, crying in frustration, her orgasms so close, yet so far away. She beat on the bed with her fists, biting so hard on her lip she tasted blood.

Tony sat with his legs crossed, watching the frantic fuck. Lynn had come so easily before, and he didn't know why she didn't come now.

Billy thrust harder and deeper into his stepmother's searing cunt, grunting loudly.

Lynn began to beat furiously against the mattress, tears streaming from her eyes. Her naked, uplifted ass jerked wildly as her orgasms swelled in agonizing pain. She tried to devour Billy's cock with her cunt, yearning to pull it deeper and harder to her pussy. Her sobs became loud. She could feel Billy getting ready to come.

"Don't cum! Don't cum! I... can't! Don't come yet! Oh, Goddamn, Goddamnit! Shit, fuck, piss, make me come!"

"I gotta..." Billy exploded into her cunt, gushing powerful spurts of thick come into her clutching cunt.

Lynn screamed her protest as her pussy filled, her ass shaking in wild movements, her fists pounding, head twisting, hair fanning her pretty face as she willed -- tried to will -- her cunt to orgasm.

She failed to cum.

Billy pulled his glistening cock out of her drenched cunt, falling to his side, gasping.

Lynn dropped her ass to the bed, curling up on her side, and cried with frustration.

"Why? Why can't I come?" The deep throbbing scalded her cunt. Her clit was so hard and swollen, it ached. Her pussylips seemed to open and close, as though her pussy was trying to ask for more cock. Her naked body twitched, and the more she tried to strain it, the more it twitched.

She felt a hand on her back.

"Go away!" she snapped. "Just go the fuck away!"

"Aw, let's leave the cunt alone," Billy said, getting off the bed. "We fucked her, and we can always fuck her again later."

Lynn watched her stepsons leave through the haze of her tears. She wanted to call them back, plead with them to make her come. They liked to hear her beg, she knew. It excited them when she begged to be fucked. Yet, she kept her mouth shut, making a firm resolve to tell their father.

After the boys left, she searched frantically for the telephone number where Jake was supposed to be. It was nowhere around. She jerked open drawers, scattering various items about the room.

"Fucking punk kids," she snarled under her breath. "Don't know how to make a girl cum. I'll fix them, the lousy assholes!"

She stood in the clutter, sobbing, frustrated, calling her stepsons every dirty name she could think of.

Flinging herself on the bed, Lynn began to fingerfuck her cunt viciously.


Lynn was left alone by her stepsons for a few days.

It puzzled her. Were they tired of her already? How could that be? she thought. They had only been fucking her two days, tying her up and fucking her against her will.

They were gone a lot, too, and she had been expecting calls constantly to get them out of trouble. She was also expecting to be abused at any moment, to have them sneak up on her, grab her when she least expected it, then tie her up a some lewd, helpless position and abuse her.

She had mixed emotions. On one hand she wanted them stay away from her, but on the other hand she found she missed the things they had done to her.

Then, a few days later, as she came down the stairs, her stepsons grabbed her swiftly by her arms.

"I thought... come on, guys," she said. "Enough is enough. Please, don't start it all over again."

Ignoring her, she was taken into the den. Worried, she looked about, wondering if they had arranged some unseen methods of torture in the den, but the room was dim, the drapes pulled over the double sliding doors.

Tony turned her arm loose and flicked the light switch.

Lynn saw what they had done, and her eyes went wide. She cringed against Billy's restraining hand.

"No! God, no!"

In the center of the floor, they had somehow secured an enormous rubber cock to it. A foot or or so on each side were hooks embedded into the floor. The rubber cock was really huge, larger than her husband's cock. It was, or looked to be, a good foot long, with an intricately shaped head that looked real.

Billy removed his belt from his pants, a leather belt with a lethal-looking buckle. He swung it around in a threatening manner.

Tony came back to stand at his brother's side.

"What are you going to do?" she asked, her voice shaking with fear, gazing at the rubber cock. "Don't hurt me, please. I haven't done anything to you guys. Don't hurt me."

"We won't, Lynn," Billy said, swinging the belt around menacingly. "But only if you do exactly as we tell you. You mind what we say, and you won't get hurt."

Lynn shivered, once again controlled by two teenaged boys with sadistic desires. It was a world of insanity, a world she never thought existed. No one had ever wanted to hurt her or abuse her in such fiendish ways. But she had never known anyone like Billy and Tony, either.

"Are you gonna do what we tell you?" Billy asked, tapping the belt lightly against her ass. "We're not gonna wait all day for your answer."

Lynn shut her eyes, holding her head down shame, her fists clenched at her hips. Biting her lips, she nodded.

"That ain't good enough, cunt," Billy said, hitting her ass hard. "You gotta tell us not just move your fucking head!"

"Yes," Lynn whispered softly.

"You wanna get hurt bad?" Billy demanded.

"God, no!"

"You gonna do what we say, then?"

"Yes," she gasped.

"Make her do it now, Billy," Tony urged. "She's gotta promise first," Billy said, swinging his belt against Lynn's ass, hard enough to sting.

"I do," Lynn murmured, flinching, her ass cheeks clutching from the slight pain.

"Do what?" Billy said in a harsh voice, swinging the leather belt above her straining tits.

"Ohhh, don't, please!" Lynn moaned. Billy lashed out at her tits.

Her tits stung, especially her nipples that had taken the brunt of the belt.

"I-I promise. Oh, God, I promise!"

"You're learning, Lynn," Billy said, pleased.

The belt continued to flick about, threateningly. From lowered eyelashes, Lynn watched it warily, anticipating another blow.

"Squat down right where you are, bitch," Billy said.

Lynn sank slowly, her knees bending, her head still lowered in passive shame. She squatted, her knees together, the hem of her skirt covering her feet.

"Pull your fucking dress back, cunt," Billy snarled and swung the belt against her knees. "Pull your skirt way back to your ass!"

Her hands shook as she obeyed, refusing to look up at Billy. Her long thighs were exposed as she pulled her skirt to her waist.

"Open your fucking knees, cocksucker!"

Lynn spread her knees, but not wide enough to suit Billy. The belt crashed down on her sensitive flesh, and she quickly widened her knees. The crotch of bet panties was exposed.

Then she hung her head in shame, something Billy didn't like.

"Sit up straight, asshole!" he demanded. "Sit up straight and make your tits stick out. And don't try to close your eyes; you gotta keep them open and look at us."

Lynn straightened her back, arching her shapely tits out, nipples straining. She remembered that she had not put a bra on this morning, something she never failed to do previously. She glanced at her tits, seeing her nipples swell against her light, cotton blouse. Her face flamed with shame, yet she was acutely aware that her cunt was starting to throb and pulsate and that the tight crotch of her panties was starting to become moist as her pussy seeped.

"Keep your knees wide, fuck face," Billy said, reaching down to open her blouse. He didn't open the buttons, but grabbed her blouse and jerked. Buttons snapped and rolled to the floor, and her tits stood out, beautifully naked, her nipples painfully swollen.

A few feet from her, Tony had pulled his cock from his pants. He wasn't touching it, but letting it stand up in hardness. Lynn gazed at his cock. She wanted it, wanted Tony's cock inside her cunt, fucking her, or in her mouth so she could suck it, taste his young, sweet cum again. She wanted to crawl to him, on her hands and knees, take it between her lips.

"Stick your finger up your cunt, Lynn," Billy said, trying to drape his belt around her nipple. "We wanna see you fingerfuck your hairy cunt."

This was almost the most humiliating thing they had forced upon her. The worst was pissing on her. Now she was being forced to stimulate her own cunt, perform lewdly for their pleasure. She had no choice but to obey. Sliding the crotch of her panties to one side, revealing her cunt, Lynn moved her other hand down and beneath her ass.

Billy and Tony giggled when she slipped her finger into her cunt. For a moment Lynn just sat there in her lewd position, finger inside her pussy. Then she slowly worked her finger in and out. She wanted to close her eyes, try to hide in some way, but she was, afraid to close them, afraid of that belt Billy continued to hold in his hand.

Her pussy clutched at her thrusting finger, and she began to feel a throb of pleasure. Lynn felt disgusted with herself, yet the sensation of erotic, shameful pleasure was starting to warm her almost-naked body. She moved her finger faster, making soft sounds.

"Fuck that hot cunt, Lynn," Billy snorted, his eyes glowing as he watched. "That's the only fuck you're gonna get... your finger!"

"Stick your finger in your mouth!" Tony said, excited enough to squirm. "Suck on your finger, Lynn!"

The pink color on her face turned brighter, almost a fiery red now. Her eyes took on a glazed expression, but she pulled her finger out of her cunt and lifted it to her mouth. She hesitated only a moment, then plunged the slippery finger into her mouth, sucking it. The hot, creamy taste of her cunt coated her tongue. She sucked at the finger a moment, then was told to put it in her pussy again.

"You can stand up now," Billy said, "and take your panties off."

Thinking they were going to fuck her, Lynn stood and rolled her tight panties down. She clutched them in her fist, waiting for more directions.

"Now your skirt," Billy said.

Lynn stood naked before them, wearing her blouse, but it flapped open, showing her tits. She was told to turn around, and she did.

"Show us your asshole," Tony said in a thick voice. "I wanna see your fucking asshole."

Lynn leaned over, arching her rounded ass, pulling her creamy asscheeks apart. She couldn't see them now, and she closed her eyes.

"Stick a finger in your asshole!"

Lynn couldn't stop the shaking of her body. All it did was excite the two boys more than they already were, she knew. She had to obey them. If she didn't, her ass was in a very exposed position for that dangerous belt.

She moved a fingertip over her puckered asshole, then pressed it inside gingerly, moaning softly with a mild pain, but more with humiliation. She held her finger deeply inside her tight asshole, hoping she would not have to fuck her asshole with it.

"You can turn around now."

She opened her eyes as she turned, her fingers slipping out of her asshole.

"Suck your finger now," Billy said in an evil way, his eyes glowing in perversity.

"Oh, not that!" she said, horrified with the idea.

The belt swung, slapping her thigh hard. She yelped in pain and quickly shoved her finger to her mouth, revulsion burning her face. She shivered as the finger that had been up her ass entered her mouth.

Billy had taken his cock out of his pants, too, and she stared at the hardness of both pricks, trying to concentrate on them instead of this vile act she was forced to do. Yet, there was a response between her thighs. Her cunt was burning now, thoroughly wet, the juices running down her thighs.

She felt the heat of burning shame flow down from her face, her neck and tits, hot with degradation. I'll suck my fingers suck the juice of my pussy... the taste of my asshole, when they make me do it. I'd... oh, dear God! I'd suck a cunt if they shoved my face into it! I'm so disgusting, such a shameless piece of shit!

"Sit on that rubber cook," Billy said, indicating the brutal-looking thing on the floor. "Sit down on it and stay there."

Lynn looked at the huge dildo fearfully. It would tear her cunt apart, she thought wildly. It would rip her pussy to pieces, but she had to do it. She stepped over the object, slowly lowering her ass. At their instructions, she had to keep her back straight and hold her tits at the same time.

She felt the head of the rubber cock touch her cunt. She stopped moving, looking at them with pleading, tearful eyes.

"Do it, you cocksucking cunt!" Billy screamed. "Use your hands, if you have to, to spread your cunt, but that's all you use them for."

Lynn parted the hair-rimmed lips of her cunt and slowly eased her pussy onto the rubber cock.

"Oouch, it hurts!" she moaned.

"Shut up, and fuck that cock, bitch!"

Lynn's face contorted with agony as she took more and more of the enormous rubber cock into her cunt. Her pussy stretched widely, more than ever in her life. The pain was searing, tearing through her cunt like a dull knife.

The boys watched her with glazed eyes, their expressions showing cruel pleasure, their cocks throbbing from their pants. Tony had lifted his balls out, too, and Lynn stared at them.

Tears came to her eyes as she took more of that huge cock into her cunt. The tears were from the pain, not from any sense of shame now. Her cunt hurt, hurt terribly. Yet she kept moving it down onto the hard, rubber prick. She was squatting with her knees wide, unable to go down any farther.

"That's enough!" she sobbed. "I can't take any more! Oh, it buns! Please, let me get up!" They didn't respond, but came to her and tied her hands to the hooks at each side of her hips.

Once secured, Lynn made a feeble attempt to lift her ass; she could move it no more than an inch. She was securely impaled on the cock, her wrists unable to move. Groans escaped her mouth as the pain kept burning through her tormented cunt.

Her eyes started to close, but Billy flicked the end of his belt at her tits, making them sting.

"Keep your fucking eyes open and look at us, you cunt-face bitch!"

About half of that thick rubber cock was in her pussy, and it felt as if her body was being split in two, starting with her pussy. Excruciating pain seared every part of her flesh.

When the two boys began to fondle their cocks as they watched her misery, Lynn felt a... bit better. Seeing them jacking those hard cocks helped her a bit. In fact, the pain inside her thoroughly stretched cunt began to feel better, almost good.

Tony came to her. He ripped her thin blouse from her body, tossing it across the room. He stood behind her, rubbing his cock through her hair and leaning over to squeeze her tits. Lynn moved her head, twisting it, feeling Tony's cock against her head, sliding between her shoulder and neck. The heat of his cock felt good to her.

Billy stood in front of her, his cock looked as hard as the artificial one stuffed into her cunt. He had his fist around his prick tightly, pumping back and forth slowly Lynn licked her lips, her head moving toward Billy's cock, her lips opening.

But Billy pulled away from her.

"No, you're not gonna suck my cock yet," he taunted, letting her lips touch the head of his prick.

When she snaked her tongue out, he pulled away, but not too far. He allowed her to lick the very tip of his cock, wiping away the seeping fluids on his piss hole. She strained to get her lips around his prick, and she would have fallen on her face if her wrists had not been tied. She arched as close to Billy's cock as she could.

"Please, Billy," she pleaded. "Let me have it in my mouth. Let me suck it for you."

"You got a cock already, cunt." He grinned wickedly down at her.

"You got a big rubber cock in your cunt, that's all the cock you need."

"It isn't!" she moaned. "I need a real cock, Billy! Please, let me off this horrible thing! You can do whatever you want with me, but with a real cock, please!"

His fist moved on his prick, enjoying the way she begged, enjoying the idea of a thick rubber cock up her pussy, tied to it for as long as he and Tony desired.

Tony was rubbing his cock against her neck and though her hair, his fingers digging painfully into her tender tits.

Lynn began to cry, crying with frustration and pain and humiliation, crying with shame, with her need for them, their cocks, the lewdness of it... and the pleasure of it all, too.

"I-I have to use the bathroom," she gasped.

"So piss, who gives a fuck?" Billy said. "Piss on the fucking floor for all I care."

Lynn gasped. "I will. I'll piss on the floor. Turn me loose and let me up, and I'll do it."

"Naw, you gotta piss right where you are." Tony moved from behind her, his cock straining. "Yeah, Lynn. If you gotta piss, you gotta do it our way."

Lynn's shame deepened. It was degrading to have someone watching her piss. But she felt the need to piss strongly. Her cunt felt as if it were being sliced in half, and she had to piss, and she was even more embarrassed to piss in front of them.

"Piss, cunt!" Billy said, standing next to his brother, both of them staring between her spread knees at her cock-stuffed cunt. "Piss right now or I'll beat your fucking tits with my belt!"

Fearing the pain of the belt more than shame, Lynn began to strain, trying to piss. The thick thing in her cunt seemed to prevent it, but she strained more, and a trickle of piss came from her cunt. That seemed to let the flood start, and golden piss spurted from her pussy, splashing across the floor and pooling at her feet. She thought she would die with shame and she even made an attempt to stop pining but failed.

Billy and Tony gazed hotly, watching her piss, stroking their cocks again.

Before she finished pissing, both Billy and Tony arched their cocks forward, squirting come into her face. Lynn groaned as the hot come splashed about her face, her eyes, lips and even into her hair. She opened her mouth, trying to catch some of the thick come on her tongue, but they made sure she didn't.

Her cunt, no longer pissing, suddenly clutched at the thickness of the rubber cock, squeezing it as a boiling orgasm shot through her. She moaned loudly, raising her cumedrenched face toward the ceiling, her ass trying to wiggle from side to side.

"Ohhhh!" she wailed, shivering with the ecstatic convulsions attacking her cunt. "You made me cum! You made me cum!"

Her face was soaked in cum juice, her tongue trying to taste it, but that was impossible. Her cunt clutched tightly around the thick, artificial cock, her asshole tightening. The orgasm burned through her until she thought it would never stop. She wailed and yelped and gurgled, come juice rolling down her face, dripping on her tits.

She wasn't even aware when Billy moved behind her or that Tony was holding his cock up to her face. The stinging of their piss popped her eyes open. Billy was pissing into her hair and across her shoulders. Tony was sending a stream of hot piss into her face and over her tits.

Her orgasms intensified, making her body shudder and glow. Her cunt was caught up in a storm of orgasms. She was growing weak, yet she was impaled deeply by the rubber cock, unable to sit down or pull up.

She was relieved when it was over. She didn't think she could take any more orgasms. Her cunt ached from so many, and her pussy was so sensitive now, it hurt.

Billy pulled the drapes wide from the double glass doors, flooding the den with sunlight.

"What are you..."

"We've gotta do some things, but you're gonna stay right here with your new cock up your cunt."

"But what if s-someone sees me?" she asked in panic.

"If any one asks for you, we'll send them around back to the patio," Tony laughed.

"Oh, please!" Lynn moaned. "Don't you dare... they'll see me like this!"

"That's the idea," Billy said.


Lynn sat on the thick cock, her face coated with come juice and piss, her hair matted with it. She struggled against her bonds, trying to get loose. She watched the sliding doors to the patio with frightened eyes.

She had no doubt that her stepsons would do as they said. They seemed to take a special delight in placing her in such embarrassing situations, such as opening the garage door and letting that kid on his bicycle see her tied up and naked. She wouldn't put it past them to drag kids off the street and show her to them. She wouldn't put anything past them.

She felt the piss underneath her feet, and she tried to position her body to a more comfortable position. Her foot slipped in the piss, and she cried out in pain as another inch of that long, thick rubber cock entered her already filled cunt.

Trying to bring her foot back into position, she slipped with both feet, then screamed as her ps went down, and the fake cock was fully buried into her cunt. The pain was excruciating. The cock seemed wider at the base than the head, and her cunt felt as if it had been sliced apart.

Her pussy quivered, and Lynn screamed again, although not with pain so much as with ecstasy. When she had slipped and buried that long, thick cock into her cunt, she came, came with a surprising heat. Her cunt gripped the rubber cock, her clit smashed by the shaft.

Her screams turned to moans as her orgasm began to recede.

Lynn began to cry. Being so humiliated, so degraded by her stepsons, was starting to feel good to her. The idea of some stranger looking into the den suddenly appealed to Lynn. It was a pleasant fading to think of someone peeking in and seeing her at the mercy of those teen-aged boys, her cunt stuffed by that artificial cock, her face soaked with piss and come juice. She found herself taking pleasure in being sexually embarrassed, in being bound helpless.

She sat, impaled on that huge cock for a long time, wishing Billy and Tony would return, untie her, then fuck her until she was senseless with ecstasy.

She tried to get her feet beneath her, to get a grip on the piss-wet floor. As she eased her aching cunt up the rubber shaft, she found she could almost lift her cunt off it. She strained at the ropes, closing her eyes with pain. Gritting her teeth, she pulled hard, almost dislocating her arms from her shoulders. But she managed to pull her cunt off it. Not all the way, but almost.

The muscles in her arms were stretched to their limits, and her hips were shaking with the effort. She was about to lose her balance again. Not wanting to slip and fall onto the enormous cock again, she eased her hips back. Somehow the head of the rubber cock moved slightly, and her eyes went wide with sudden fear. The smooth rubber head of the cock had slipped away from her cunt and was now touching her asshole!

Again Lynn strained, trying to get her cunt back onto the thing not wanting that huge prick to plunge up her ass if her feet slipped again. That would certainly tear her apart. She couldn't get her cunt into position, but she had to do something, and do it quick. Already her feet were sliding in the piss!

Gritting her teeth, she cased her asshole onto the rubber cock, her eyes closing as tears came from them. She felt the pain as her asshole spread, opening more than she would have thought possible. Very carefully, she eased back and down. A searing pain shot through her ass when the head of that cruel thing slipped through the clenched ring of her asshole.

Lynn groaned, holding herself as still as she could. But her feet were still sliding, but slowly. If she didn't get more of that obscene cock in her ass, she might fall, stabbing it all the way up her asshole.

Very slowly, her toes digging at the floor, Lynn eased her asshole down onto the thick prick. Hot tears of pain flooded her eyes until she couldn't see. She was biting her lip, groaning.

Finally she was in a stable position, except the cock was deeper up her ass. The pain was about to kill her, but she had no choice but to endure. What seemed like a long time to her, but in actuality was only minutes, the searing pain seemed to diminish. Then it began to feel good, the way her asshole stretched, half filled by the rubber cock.

She heard the boys returning, and she tried to turn her head to see them.

"Please, let me up now," she begged. "This thing is going to kill me."

"Hey, she's got it up her fucking asshole!" Tony said. "How did that happen?"

Billy looked, then began to laugh. "I don't know how she did it, but I bet Lynn likes it up the ass more than in her cunt!"

"I don't!" she screamed. "Please, let me up. It hurts terribly."

"Don't be a fucking cry-baby, Lynn," Billy said. "You love it and you know it."

"I hate it!" she spat, trying to sound convincing. "I hate what you two are doing to me, making me ashamed of myself this way."

"If you keep talking, we're gonna, have to stuff something in your mouth," Tony said.

"Well," Billy said, pretending to think on it. "We could stuff a cock in her mouth, but she'd like that too much."

"We could gag her again," Tony offered. Billy bent down and loosened her wrists a bit, giving her more movement, perhaps two inches. "See if you can lift your ass now, Lynn."

She tried, and found she could raise her ass but not completely off the rubber cock.

Tony giggled. "Fuck it with your asshole, Lynn. Let us watch you fuck that thing with your asshole. You like getting fucked in the ass, so have yourself a good time."

"I won't," she hissed. "I won't do any such nasty thing. Turn me loose right now, damn you."

"Fuck you, cunt-face!" Billy snapped. "You can't do anything about it. Don't threaten us! We'll stuff your cunt and ass and mouth with rubber cocks and make you go out in front, naked!"

Lynn believed him. Her stepsons were capable of doing just what they said. The neighbors would see her, and many of them would probably enjoy seeing her degraded. She knew most of them thought her snobbish and stuck up. They thought she was too aloof, much too good to associate with them. She was too prim and proper for their tastes.

"I'm gonna stuff her mouth with cock," Tony said, stroking his prick. "I'm gonna make her suck me off."

"Let's make her fuck that cock with her asshole first," Billy said.

"Please!" Lynn pleaded. "Let me suck your cock, Tony. I'll suck it so good for you. You can cum in my mouth like before... but let me get off this thing first."

Billy grabbed her head, twisting his fingers into her hair, pulling it painfully.

Lynn screamed as he pulled, causing her body to lift up. Her ass slipped up the rubber cock.

"I'll do it!" she screamed. "I'll fuck the Goddamn thing with my asshole! Turn my hair loose; I'll fuck it anyway you want me to!"

Billy released her. "Start fucking!"

Lynn stared at him with hot eyes of anger, then she began slowly pumping her aching ass up and down, fucking the thick object slowly. Her asshole burned, and she loosened it, making it easier to slide up and down.

"Feels good, don't it, Lynn?" Billy said.

She answered sarcastically: "Yes, it feels good."

"Faster!" Tony demanded. "Fuck faster, show us you really like it!"

Lynn whipped her naked ass about, plunging up and dawn, riding the thick thing with her hot asshole. The faster she hunched, the better it felt. Soon, the burning friction turned in to pleasure, and from that to ecstasy.

Now, with her stepsons' watching, she wanted to degrade herself for them. She wanted them to keep her tied up, use her body in any way they could think of piss on her, he came on her face, in her mouth... fuck her up the asshole, between her tits, her mouth.

Sensations of boiling ecstasy shot through her cunt and asshole and her expression was turning into one of intense delight.

She slipped her ass up and down, taking more of the thick rubber cock into her asshole. She held her head high, looking at them, seeing their pleasure as they fondled their cocks.

Lynn wanted to suck those cocks, those young balls. Steaming heat was starting to build up inside her cunt and asshole. She was on the brink of an orgasm, and she began to plunge her ass up and down with frenzied speed.

Billy and Tony watched Lynn degrade herself, her naked curvy ass whirling in movement. She could only take about three inches of the rubber object into her ass and she made the most of it. Humiliating herself before them created more ecstasy in her naked body. Her bright, shining eyes looked pleading, wanting them to do something to her with those young, hard cocks. She didn't care what they did, as long as they would do it.

Her asshole burned as she fucked up and dawn. Her clit was painfully hard, juices seeping from her fiery cunt. She wanted a cock in her cunt, fucking her even as she fucked her ass on the rubber cock at the same time.

As if reading her mind, Billy stepped forward, shoving his cock to her mouth. Greedily, Lynn closed her hot lips around it and began to suck in a frenzy, moaning, her ass still twirling and bouncing. She was so excited she no longer felt the pain of her stretched and bound wrists. The only things she felt were the excruciating ecstasy in her asshole and the hard cock throbbing in her mouth.

Her head jerked back and forth, but Billy was not close enough for her to take it all into her mouth. She groaned in frustration, trying to suck all of his cock into her mouth, but Billy kept tormenting her by holding back.

She felt Tony at her side, squeezing her tits painfully, and the pain seemed to urge her to greater efforts. At last, to her delight, Billy cupped her cheeks and moved closer, ramming his cock into her mouth hard and fast.

Lynn felt the swollen head plunge to her throat, and her eyes rolled with hunger. As Billy started fucking her mouth, Lynn whimpered in delight and sucked as hard as she could. Her ass riding the rubber cock faster and faster. Tony pinched her nipples harshly, making her cry out around Billy's cock.

Her stepson's cock filled her mouth, precum dripping over her tongue. She swallowed. The heat of his cock, combined with the pained sweetness of her impossibily stretched asshole, sent her mind spinning with erotic ecstasy.

Tony squatted at her side, feeling her creamy ass as she plunged up and down. He shoved his other hand down between her spread knees, grasping her swollen clit between finger and thumb. He pinched it hard, pulling and stretching her cunt.

Pain rippled through her body, the pain of pleasure. He pinched the puffy, hairy lips of her wet cunt, and Lynn found herself shaking violently as she erupted into an explosive orgasm. As her cunt convulsed, her ass rode the rubber cock, and she attempted to bring the come up from Billy's balls with her tongue and lips.

As she came, Tony mashed her cunt, causing her orgasm to be drawn out in the most exquisite manner. With Billy fucking her mouth brutally, smashing her lips, the smooth head of his cock probing her throat, Lynn's mind whirled dizzily with fantastic ecstasy.

Her ecstasy was lifted to impossible heights when Billy's cock spurted.

"I'm gonna cum, you fucking cunt! I'm coming in your cocksucking mouth, fuck-face. Eat my cock, asshole! Suck up my cum!"

The creamy, bubbling come juice splashed into her threat, causing Lynn to choke for a moment. By the time she recovered, his cock was spewing thick sweetness all over her tongue and hot mouth.

Lynn gurgled as she swallowed, her eyes closed, dreamy in her ecstatic state. She closed her lips tightly around Billy's cock, her tongue lapping at his piss hole to get every precious drop of his come.

As Billy pulled back, her lips clung to his cock, stretching it. She moaned in protest, not wanting him to take his prick out of her mouth. Her orgasm had become a series of convulsions now, one after the other.

Billy slipped his cock from her mouth, rubbed the head about her chin, then stepped back, grinning. "You sure like to suck on a fucking cock, Lynn," he said. "I guess you're learning a thing or two."

"My turn!" Tony yelped, jumping to his feet, his cock waving about in hardness, precum dripping from the swollen head. "I'm gonna fuck her mouth now!"

"Yes!" Lynn hissed. "Your turn! Give it to me, Tony! Ohhhh, let me taste your sweet cock! Fuck my mouth, baby! Oooooh, I'm so fucking hungry for your cock!" Her eyes slimed, up at him. When he darted his prick toward her face, Lynn snaked her tongue out and lapped his cock head. "Oooooh, I hope your balls are full!"

"Enough to drown you," Tony laid, grabbing the back of his stepmother's head and crushing her face to his cock and balls.

Tony squirmed his crotch against her face. Lynn mewled is his dick tickled every inch of her mouth.

"Fuck me with your hot mouth, Lynn!" Tony shouted. "Fuck my cock with your hot cunt mouth! Fuck it fuck it?"

"You gotta hot fucking mouth, Lynn!" Tony groaned. "You gotta mouth made to suck a cock! It's better than your fucking cunt!"

The words sent shivery pleasure racing about her naked flesh, her eyes once more rolling about with steamy dreaminess. What she was doing -- forced to do -- thrilled her. She loved it, loved every second of it. She found it exciting to be degraded this way, forced to fuck such a strange object, to suck cock, to be pissed on.

He was hurting her head by jerking at her hair. Her lips were being bruised horribly by the force he used in pulling her mouth onto his cock.

With a loud grunt, Tony came in her mouth.

Lynn's cunt immediately convulsed into orgasm again. She tasted his come juice splashing into her mouth, her throat working to swallow, burning sweetly as he came time and again.

Tony kept jerking her face against his cock as he came, groaning in ecstasy, filling her mouth with bubbling cum. Lynn felt as if her whole body was in orgasm, starting with her cunt and asshole and working up to her cum hungry mouth. She sucked hard on his cock, drawing up every drop of cum from his sweet balls still smacked against her chin. A is disappointment when he could no longer cum in her mouth.

Slipping his cock from her mouth, Tony stepped back, looking at her face. Lynn had always been a very lovely woman, but now it seemed that her face radiated with a beauty that any woman would die to have. Her eyes sparkled, and there was a smile on her puffy bruised lips. Her eyes had a dreamy quality about them, and her ass, still impaled on the rubber cock, seemed to shiver. Her cunt was glistening wet front the oozing juices, evidence of her erotic ecstasy.

"Untie her if you want to," Billy said from the couch where he had sat watching. "She's probably tired now. We don't wanna cause too much pain or bruise her. Dad might ask questions."

As Tony knelt to untie her wrists. Lynn found she didn't give a damn if her husband found out what she was doing. He could take his big cock and shove it up his own ass.

After her wrists were free, she continued to squat, that cock still up her asshole. She rubbed her wrists that were almost raw from her stretching.

"You don't wanna get off that fucking rubber cock, Lynn?" Billy asked. "You like it that much in your ass? You're sure turning out to be a hot cunt, you know that?"

Lynn looked at him, her eyes unable to conceal the wet heat of her body. She placed her hands on her knees, waiting.

Tony and Billy sat side by side, looking at her obscene position. They could see her cunt spread wide, see the rubber cock up her asshole, and knowing this made Lynn tremble with pleasure.

"Let's piss on her again," Tony giggled.

"Why not?" Billy laughed. "She likes being pissed an, I think."

Lynn watched them stand and come toward her, her eyes darting from one cock to the other, feeling herself becoming warm with anticipation. She licked her bruised lips, anxious to accept further degradation. She felt her cunt twitch.

Standing in front of her, Billy and Tony lifted those beautiful cocks, and both sent streaming piss into her face at the same time.

The hot piss on her face, jetting into her already twisted hair. She felt rivers down her neck and over her tits, dripping into her cunt hair. They brought the streaming piss to her lips at the same time, and Lynn almost came again. Piss entered her mouth, and a moan came from her.

Her mouth opened wide, her tongue out. "Look at that," Tony giggled. They pissed into Lynn's open mouth, their pleasure intense. Lynn's began sucking, her mouth filling with hot piss from both cocks. She swallowed with some difficulty because her truth was still open. Her cunt twitched a few times, and then she came.

By the time the boys finishded pissing on her, she had swallowed some of it, but most had soaked her body.


Lynn watched them as they turned back to the couch, still sitting with her asshole impaled by the rubber cock. She looked at their naked, tight ass cheeks, her tongue licking her bruised lips.

Billy and Tony sat again on the couch, watching her, looking at her obscenely posed body. They made comments about her, about her tits, her hairy cunt, her asshole. But she wasn't listening to them; she was trying to understand what had happened to her, why she had, almost overnight, changed into this new person. And now, with this enormous rubber cock stuck up her ass hole, she wondered if she would ever see a cock shed couldn't take.

In public, she would be that same woman of earlier, but she would never again be away from Billy and Tony. She would be, in private, their very own whore. She would eagerly do whatever they asked, no matter how perverse. They could tie her up in any position and abuse her until she was exhausted.

It was the abuse and humiliation she wanted. It brought out her long-dormant desires, her boiling, greedy hunger to fuck them, to suck their cocks off, to have them fuck her up the ass, and best of all, to piss on her, in her cunt, ass, face and mouth. That was the climax to everything they had done to her, a climax, that she wanted more than anything else.

She didn't want to think about why she loved the abuse they heaped on her. She didn't want to know anything about it. She wanted them to keep it up, to always shame and degrade her... because it made her feel better than anything she could remember to her life.

"You gonna sit on that rubber cock the rest of the day, Lynn?" Billy asked, his voice taunting. "Come on, get off the fucking thing; I've got an idea that you're gonna really like."

A tremor rippled thorough her as she slowly lifted her ass. Her thigh muscles ached from being in her squatting position so long. Her asshole lifted up and off the rubber cock, and her legs were weak as she stood up. Her asshole continued to pulse, as if still stuffed with the rubber cock. Her naked body, face included, was drenched in piss, and it was pooled about the rubber thing between her feet. She stood with her head down bashfully, hand clasped over the hair of her cunt. She waited for his order passively, yet her body was eager.

"You're gonna lick and suck that rubber cock now, Lynn," Billy said.

Lynn lifted her head. She looked at her stepsons, then down between her feet. She felt a sudden disgust, and she shook her head. She exerted her will, trying to defy them. That thing had been up her asshole for over two hours and piss was all around it.

"You're gonna love it, Lynn," Billy snickered. "And shake you head as much as you want, but you're gonna do it anyway."

"Please, Billy," she whispered. "That's vile! Don't make me do that. I'll do something else. Make me do anything but that!"

"Get down on your fucking knees, cunt!" he snapped.

Lynn's body jerked, and she saw the anger in his young eyes. She slipped to her knees in the puddle of piss, feeling revulsion flood her mind.

"Lick that thing," he said, his voice menacing.

Lynn began to cry in shame as she lowered her face. The lower she went, the more her ass stuck up, the smooth asscheeks parting. It felt as if her asshole expanded to take a cock. She glanced at them, and she saw they were getting a hard-on again. Maybe, she thought, if she went through with this disgusting act for them, they would tie her up again and fuck her in the cunt or asshole and mouth together. That was what she wanted to do.

"Lick it you bitch!"

Lynn's ass jerked and she stuck her tongue out, barely touching the rubber cock with the tip. She felt the belt slap across her ass, and she moaned and placed the flat surface of her tongue on the rubber cock and licked it frantically, bringing from another blow of the belt. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she tasted shit. She made a face, but kept licking.

"Lay down in the piss, cunt!"

Lynn obeyed swiftly before he could strike her uplifted ass with the belt again. The piss was slippery, mingling with her already-wet flesh. Her naked ass quivered as she licked quickly at the rubber cock, tasting her own shit.

"Suck it!" Billy demanded.

Lynn closed her mouth around the enormous rubber head. She couldn't take much into her mouth, but what she could, she sucked with a grimace of distaste on her pretty face. She could definitely taste shit on the obscene thing now. The biggest surprise was that she found herself enjoying it. It was crazy, completely insane, but she was enjoying her stepsons watching her humiliate herself in this disgusting manner.

It was so exciting, Lynn found her cunt bubbling with a burning heat again. She had thought she would be unable to come for the rest of the day, no matter what they did to her, yet she was bout to achieve an orgasm again.

With the swelling sensation of impending orgasms inside her cunt, and glancing from the corners of her eye to see how excited her stepsons were, their young cocks fully hard again, Lynn started sucking the rubber cock faster, getting more of it into her stretched mouth. She arched her cunt against the floor, grinding it into the piss, her creamy asscheeks clenching in pleasure.

She began to moan as her orgasm kept swelling like a balloon as she sucked almost frantically at the rubber cock.

She could barely get the huge head into her mouth, but she sucked as though it were a real cock, her naked ass grinding against the piss-wet floor.

When she came, she pressed her cunt hard against the floor, mewling softly as she tried to take more rubber cock into her wet mouth. Her orgasms sent exciting heat through her body. She thought she saw a flash of bright light, but it was only her brain exploding with ecstasy.

As her orgasm diminished, she lay in the piss, her lips wrapped around the rubber cock, waiting to be told that she could get up.

Her body was a mess, her hair plastered by piss to her scalp. There was a smile on her face, a smile of shameful pleasure. The flash of light came again, and she realized Billy was taking pictures, of her wallowing in self debasement.

"Wanna take a look?" Billy said, pointing at the instant picture had taken.

She looked at them, making a face of disgust. Billy had caught her licking the rubber cock, her naked body fully revealed. There was one take from behind her back, showing the enormous cock stuck up her asshole, but not with her hands tied to the hooks. She looked at her stepson quizzically.

"Insurance," he said. "You try to tell Dad what we done with you and he'll see these."

Fire flared in Lynn's eyes, and she almost struck out at him, but she caught herself in time. It was a dirty trick.

"I didn't tell him on the phone, did I?" she reminded him.

"This is just to make sure," Billy said.

"But someone else could see them by accident." Lynn didn't like the thought of such pictures floating around.

"No one will," he said. "Except Dad... and then only if you try to tell him about Tony and me."

Lynn straightened up. She wasn't going to say anything to their father, but she sort of liked the idea that they were afraid she would. It was something she could hold over them, just as they held those pictures of her.

"Do you mind if I take a bath?" she asked.

"Why?" Billy snickered, "You look all right. A bit pissy, but all right."

"Please," she said.

"Sure, go ahead," he said, waving his hand.

Lynn held her head high as she walked away from them. Her ass rolled and twisted sensuously, invitingly.

In her bath, she lay back and let the hot water soothe her aches. She pulled the cheeks of her ass apart so the water could get to her pained ass hole. She was bruised here and there, and she hoped the bruises would be gone by the time Jake returned from the business trip.

She would be unable to explain those bruises; some were in awkward places, like between her thighs near her cunt, and there were teeth marks on her cunt, and there were teeth marks on her tit. She didn't remember how those got there. Her lips were bruised, too, made puffy by being banged so hard against the base of Tony's cock.

She could blame most of the bruises on a bad fall, but never teeth marks around a nipple.

The boys left her alone for the rest of the day. She wasn't sure she was glad of that or disappointed. They didn't even make lewd comments as they ate dinner that evening.

They all sat at the dining-room table, conversing like normal mothers and sons. They made no mention of what had been going on. They talked of the coming school year and their friends from across town when they would be seeing again when school started.

In many ways Billy and Tony were just the same as any two teenaged boys. Somehow she had expected them to keep up a running account of tying her up, fucking her against her will, making her perform humiliating acts for their pleasure. She was surprised they had allowed her to dress.

After dinner, she cleaned things up, and the boys watched television.

Later, she found herself disappointed when they went off to bed alone. As she cleaned the kitchen she had been anticipating what they would do with her later, and now they simply went to bed alone.

In her own be, Lynn couldn't sleep. She tossed and turned, wanting her stepsons to do something to her. Her asshole still retained a slight aching feeling, but it felt pleasant to her.

For almost a week, they seemed to avoid her.

Lynn was puzzled, wondering if they might have found themselves some little girl they could enjoy. Lynn found herself feeling jealous, not liking the idea of some girl taking her place with her stepsons. They belonged to her. She was the one they had taught to love this perverse ecstasy. No other girl had a right to them, she thought with jealousy.

Then, out of the blue, they came to her.

She had been resting on her bed, yearning for them, her body trembling with steamy desire.

She tried to finger fuck herself to orgasm, but it had been like the day they had fucked her without trying her first.

She was unable to come.

Her cunt felt raw from the brutal clawing of her fingers, unsatisfied but boiling with heat.

She watched them enter her bedroom, trying not to show her delight. She wore a thin house dress, her body naked underneath. She could barely keep the gleam of delight out of her eyes when she saw the ropes in Billy's hands.

Her cunt quivered and she almost came when she saw the ropes, and her arms moved automatically up past her head, ready to be bound to the bedposts.

"You ready for it again cunt?" Tony asked, sounding so much older. "You ready for the ropes cocksucker?"

Lynn bit the tip of her tongue, her eyes bright as she looked at Billy swinging the ropes back and forth. She did not reply to Tony's question, but her body was answering him by squirming about.

Billy secured her hands past her head as Tony opened and pulled her dress up. Her tits were free, the dress at her waist. She spread her legs, watching Billy loop the ropes around her ankles.

Instead of tying her spread-eagled, Billy climbed onto the bed and pulled her legs high in the air. He looped the rope over the posts of the bed, then pulled a strand to her ass, wrapping it around her waist, drawing it between the cheeks of her ass and over her cunt. She felt the rope cut at her asshole and between the lips of her hairy cunt, smashing her clitoris.

She shivered as her ass was uplifted until her feet were above her head. Clips were again placed on her nipples, biting brutally into the tender flesh. Her legs were so high that she could almost see her cunt. Tony clipped the lips of her cunt, and stinging pain shot through her pussy.

"Do we have to gag you this time, Lynn?" Billy asked.

"No not this time," she whispered, her voice showing her growing ecstasy.

She didn't try to fight the ropes now, although her back hurt from being doubled up this way.

They stepped back to admire their handiwork, removing their clothing.

Lynn watched as they got naked, lewdly exposed body. Their young cocks were growing, not yet hard, but getting there. Her knees were apart, her face between them.

Billy, naked, stood on the bed and straddled her uplifted ass. She watched his cock and balls brush the creamy smoothness of her ass, felt them move about. She wiggled her ass, not much because the ropes didn't allow much movement.

Billy loosened the clip on her cunt and began to jerk his cock, the head of his prick running along the rope and into her cunt hair. A second later, he shoved his cock toward her face, rubbing his dripping pin hole across her lips. Lynn snaked her tongue out, licking at it, the heat in her body increasing. She wanted to take his cock between her lips and suck it off, but he wouldn't let her.

"Put it in my mouth," she pleaded softly. "Stick it in my mouth and let me suck you, Billy."

"Not yet," he said, running his cock over her lips. "You can have all you want later."

"Please, oh please!" she begged, doing just what they wanted her to do. "Let me suck your cock! Please, Billy! You know I suck cock real good! I want it... want to make you come!"

Billy moved off her.

Lynn moaned, watching his cock. Her mouth was still open, her tongue darting lewdly. Billy and Tony stood looking at her. Lynn felt the thrilling pleasure of being tied up in such a lewd manner.

When Billy pulled another rubber cock from his pants pocket, she didn't flinch. It was smaller, much smaller than the one they had forced her to squat on.

She made no protest when he shoved it into her mouth. She took it, closing her lips around it eagerly. He left half of it out, and then lifted his camera, taking a picture of her.

Lynn almost came as the camera flashed.

When Billy showed her the picture, she thought it was the most obscene thing ever. The cock in her mouth looked huge, but what was most disgusting of all was the hot gleam in her eyes as she looked into the camera. There would be no doubt to whoever saw it what she was feeling... pure, unadulterated ecstasy.

Lynn was more aroused...

"Now we're gonna give you some hard cock, Lynn," Billy said, removing the rope from her ass and cunt, loosening it, but he secured her legs wide apart, her cunt still available.

He had left enough slack in the rope to allow her to move her hips, and she tested it. She could lift her ass quite high.

The two boys laughed at her lewd movements. Billy climbed between her legs, his cock thrusting out, fully hard, throbbing and dripping. He smeared his piss hole along her thighs, teasing her by probing the lips of her cunt and then pulling back.

Lynn twisting and thrust her cunt, trying to get his cock into it. She was whimpering passionately, her eyes glazed. She shoved the rubber cock from her mouth.

"Fuck me, Billy!" she pleaded. "Shove your cock in my cunt and fuck me! Oh, please, fuck me! I'm so hot, so fucking hot! I want your cock, Billy! Give it to me... fuck me!"

"Make her shut up, Tony."

Lynn watched Tony climb onto the bed, his cock waving in hardness, his piss hole dripping.

"Shut me up, Tony!" she begged, her eyes fixed on his cock. "Shut my fucking mouth with your cock! Gag me! Gag me with your hard cock, Tony!"

Tony dragged his cock across her face, leaving a trail of hot wetness on her flesh. She opened her mouth and found his balls there. Eagerly she sucked them into her mouth, his cock resting along her nose, the head of his prick almost in her right eye. She sucked his balls frantically, her tongue lashing with wet desire. She moaned about Tony's balls when she felt Billy smash his cock into her cunt. She arched her hips, grinding with a steamy frenzy at Billy's cock, fucking him as he held himself rigid between her tied legs.

Her hips went wild, thrashing her ass up and dawn, grinding in circular motions. She heard Billy laugh at her passionate display. She didn't mind; she was loving it.

She sucked hard and hungrily at Tony's young balls, thrilled by his cock as it throbbed along the side of her nose. She wondered if she could make Tony come off this way, splash his come on her face. The thought sent her cunt in gripping tightness around Billy's cock.

Tony lifted his balls from her mouth, with Lynn clutching at them with burning lips. She moaned and tried to get them back into her mouth, lifting her head. Then the moan turned to a gurgle of pleasure when he shoved the dripping head of his cock into her mouth.

Lynn gripped the head of his prick with her hot lips, her tongue scraping swiftly about the dripping piss hole. Her ass flashed up and down, her cunt sucking Billy's cock as her mouth sucked the head of Tony's cock. With her mashed cunt hard against the base of Billy's cock, Lynn began to grind ecstatically, mewling with hunger.

But once more Tony lifted, removing his cock from her greedy mouth.

"Don't, please!" she screamed. "Give it back to me, Tony!"

Her hips never missed a beat as Tony twisted around to face his brother, seeing his stepmother's hips churning wildly, her cunt hole spreading around Billy's cock.

Lynn, with glazed eyes, stared up at Tony's ass, seeing his balls dangling, his cock rigid as it pointed from his crotch. Tony squatted above her face, pulling the cheeks of his ass apart, exposing his asshole.

"Kiss my asshole, Lynn!"

"Ohhh, yes," she hissed. "I'll kiss your asshole, Tony! I'll lick you in the ass... I'll shove my tongue up your asshole! I'll fuck your tight asshole with my tongue! Oooooh, shove your ass in my face!"

Tony lowered his ass, holding his asscheeks wide apart.

Lynn lifted her face, extending her tongue out as far as she could thrust it, wiggling it as his ass came down on her face.

Tony groaned as her tongue lapped into his asshole, twirling hotly and wetly. Tony pressed his ass down harder, almost smothering his stepmother, his balls on her chin and his cock throbbing on her up tilted tits.

Lynn pressed her mouth against his asshole, sucking at it with her tongue licking. Her emotions soared with erotic lewdness. She moaned and whimpered, her cunt banging up and down. Fucking at Billy's cock. She sucked hard on Tony's asshole, pressing her tongue into it. She felt her mind spin as her tongue entered his asshole.

Tony yelped in pleasure, and she began to fuck her tongue up and down. Tony wiggled his ass against her face as she ran her tongue in and out. His cock was burning on her tits as his balls writhed on her chin.

At last Billy began to fuck her, banging his cock powerfully into her cunt, smashing the lips of her pussy brutally, his fingers bruising her hips as be clutched them. Her ass twisted in a frenzy, bucking up and dawn to meet his cock.

Her tongue raced into Tony's asshole, and she felt him jerking on his cock with a fist. Her lips became hotter, tingling now as she sucked his asshole, feeling it squeeze at her buried tongue. She was close to orgasm, and her hips flew up and down with jerky movements, her cunt burning hotly about Billy's hard cock.

As if from a great distance, she heard Billy shout that he was going to come. The next thing she felt was his cock sending thick wads of jizz into her pussy. The rapid spurts of come spattered the velvety, tight walls of her clit, triggering her own orgasm until her cunt was gripping and sucking hungrily at his spewing cock. His come seemed to sear the insides of her cunt, making her naked body shudder violently.

Along with the cock gushing into her cunt, she felt Tony's asshole close around her deeply buried tongue, then the hot wetness of Tony's come began coating her swollen tits. As he came, Tony lifted his ass a bit, and she quickly grasped the head of his cock as he scooted his ass back along her face. She drank his come juice down like a woman dying of thirst, her orgasms going on and on.

As Tony and Billy sat on the bed, gasping heavily, their flesh glowing with satisfaction, Lynn realized she didn't want to lose any of this. She would have to come up with some way to keep it going with her stepsons after her husband returned.

Someway, somehow, she would...


Jake had been home about a week. Lynn had to go through the motions for him, fucking him when he wanted it. Fortunately for her, he was a once-a-week kind of man. His cock no longer hungered for her. Her stepsons had used that enormous rubber cock in her cunt and asshole many times before their father returned.

She considered asking her husband to fuck her in the ass, but she felt that he would be horrified by the suggestion. Jake was not a man to experiment. To him, fucking was done only one way, him on top and in her cunt. It wit not to be done any other way.

She still received little pleasure from him.

She wanted her stepsons and their ropes. She wanted thorn to tie her up, make her helpless. That was where her erotic feelings were.

Jake did not have to return to the office for a full week, taking the time off to rest from the long trip.

Billy and Tony watched their father closely, warily. They would frown at Lynn as a warning.

Lynn had no intention of saying anything at all to Jake. She had thought she loved him at one time, but now she knew she didn't. However she could not leave. If she did, she would lose Billy and Tony, and most of all, those deliciously humiliating things they did to her. To keep her stepsons, she had to keep their father.

The day before lake returned to the office. Tony managed to sneak her into the upstairs bathroom while his father worked in the den.

Lynn was frightened, afraid they would be caught. Tony didn't tie her up, there was no time for that. He forced her to her knees, and made her suck his cock them he had her bend over and he fucked her up the asshole.

Although he squirted come into her asshole, Lynn failed to achieve orgasm. She now required being tied up to really enjoy sex. But when he pulled his cock out of her asshole and forced her on her knees again, his shitty tasting cock in her mouth, not hard but soft, she felt the tingles of an orgasm beginning. She sucked at his cock eagerly.

"You like to suck my cock after it's been up your asshole, Lynn?" Tony whispered.

She looked up at him, her mouth full of shitty tasting cock, her eyes bright. She nodded as her tongue lapped at his piss hole.

"You want me to piss in your mouth?"

"Mmmmm!" Lynn gurgled, nodding her head...

She gripped his tight ass, then opened his pants without removing her mouth from his cock, pulling them down. She shoved a finger into his asshole, fucking it back and forth, but she had to stop the movement when he started pissing.

She held his cock head with her lips, tasting his sally piss spraying her tongue and into her throat. Her eyes became dreamy as she drank, swallowing swiftly. Her cunt pulsated, almost on the brink of explosion, but not quite getting there.

When Tony finished pissing in her mouth, he pulled her finger out of his asshole, brought it to her mouth.

"Stick your finger, Lynn," he hissed.

Lynn didn't hesitate. She licked her finger, tasting shit on it. And her cunt seemed to explode.

"Now get your hot ass out of here before we're caught," Tony exclaimed.

Lynn left him reluctantly, but not before whispering: "Come with me to the garage tonight after your father is asleep. You can tie me up and piss on me."

"It's too dangerous," he whispered.

"Please," she begged, pressing her hand and dress between her legs, cupping her cunt. "Don't you want to piss in my face and make me suck you off again? You can fuck me in the ass and make me lick your cock. I like that, Tony. I really like that, sucking your cock after it's been up my asshole."

"Maybe," he promised. "Maybe I will."

But after Jake was asleep and Lynn had sneaked quietly to the garage, neither Billy nor Tony was there. She stood waiting for them a long time, even leaning against the wall with her arms and legs spread. She stretched herself over the barrel, imagining that she was bound tightly, with those cocks plunging into her, then the hot piss flowing over her flesh.

But her imagination was nowhere as good as the real thing. It was almost morning when she finally crept back upstairs and into bed with her snoring husband, feeling rejected by her stepsons.

As they had breakfast together, her eyes accused Tony, but all she got from him was a sneering grin, which was missed by his father who was reading the paper.

When their father kissed Lynn at the door, Billy and Tony were already in front of the television, watching stupid cartoons.

Lynn tried to entice them by lifting her dress, showing them that she wasn't wearing panties. Hearing her husband leave in the car, she went so far as to sit between them and the television, squatting with her knees spread, working a finger into her cunt and one into her asshole.

She shamed herself for them, pleading with hot eyes to be tied up, to be abused in some fashion that would excite them. She pumped her fingers into her cunt and drew it to her mouth, licking the cunt juices, then plunging the finger back in, drawing the one in her asshole to her mouth and sucking on it. She did this time and again.

Finally she stood up, went up the stairs and paused at the top to look down at them.

Sighing with frustration, she entered her bedroom. She searched through her drawers, locating a garter belt and nylons that she had not worn in some time. She drew the silky nylons on her long legs, buckling them to the garter belt.

Next, she found a bra, then cut holes in it so her nipples would show. She put it on. With high heels on, she walked into the hall, wearing the exciting garment. She found the clips in boy's room and clipped them to her nipples, feeling the delicious pain starting. She found the enormous rubber cock in a drawer, and bending over, inserted it up her asshole. It was so huge and tight that she could barely move without dislodging it. Taking the smaller dildo, she began running it in and out of her mouth.

Lynn then went back town the stairs, holding a bunch of nylons in her hand.

"Well?" she whispered.

They swung around and saw her.

Lynn turned slowly around so they could see what she had shoved up her ass. Facing them again, she sucked on the oilier rubber cock, her eyes flashing, blazing with deviant heat.

As they watched her, she could see interest starting in their eyes. Spreading her feet, she went into a squat. She winked at them, the cock in her mouth, her hips rotting obscenely. Then Lynn squirted a few drops of golden piss out of her cunt, ignoring the splash on the expensive carpet.

She removed the cock from her mouth, licking it, her eyes glowing with bright invitation.

"What would you like me to do?" she whispered. "Anything, anything at all. Want to tie me to the garage wall and open the door? I'll go along with it. Want me to walk about town with one of these things shoved in me, in my cunt, up my asshole? I'll do it. Want to take a walk in the park, make my dress blow up and show my ass? Let's go."

Billy and Tony stared at her, their cocks starting to lift with hardness.

"You'd do all that, Lynn?" Tony asked.

"That and more," she said, her voice husky with desire. "The only thing I ask is to be tied up sometimes, tied up and fucked in my hot cunt and tight asshole, to let me suck your cocks off, to be pissed on. That's all I ask, and you can do anything with me. Tie me up and strip me naked, bring all your friends in and make me fuck them, suck them off. Bring a girl, for all I care. I'll lick her cunt, drink her piss... if you'll just tie me up and humiliate me."

"Really?" Billy asked.

"I promise," Lynn said, twisting her hips lewdly. "You've made me learn who and what I am. I love being tied up and abused, it makes me cum. It's the only way I can come."

"Well, shit!" Tony giggled. "That, too," Lynn murmured. "What, too?" Billy asked. "Shit," she said. Lynn bagged her body, shivering with eagerness. "Shit on me! Ohhh, shit on me and shit all over my fucking cunt! Oh, please, please! I'm about to come just thinking of it!"

Billy and Tony looked at each other, then burst out laughing.

"Come on, Tony," Billy said. "Lynn wants us to shit on her."

Lynn turned, her naked ass rolling as she rushed to the garage, her cunt already in the convulsions of orgasms.


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