Daddy's slave

A question often asked by those who deal with psychological problems is: what is normal? The answer to that seemingly simple question will probably never be answered.

The people within a particular society usually are well-aware of what is considered acceptable behavior for them. And therein lies the problem of the main character of this novel.

Gloria is a girl possessed of deep and abiding passions, passions which control her life and lead her to overstep the bounds of acceptable societal behavior time and time again. In her search for physical satisfaction, the fiery blonde is helplessly driven to take her pleasure where she can, risking everything for the promise of gratification.

DADDY'S SLAVE -- the story of one girl tormented by her needs and the fear that she is abnormal. Her tale is a lesson to our society, and food for serious thought.


Mr. Travis tugged off his trousers, stroked his big, flaccid prick and stepped into his daughter's bedroom.

Stepping to the side of Gloria's bed, he was burdened with strong pangs of guilt and horrid shame. But Ben Travis was beside himself with unfulfilled lust and sexual anxiety. He had been after the luscious cunt of his daughter ever since her mother had passed away. That was only two years ago, but Travis had not forgotten his beautiful wife. What made matters worse was that Gloria looked just like her mother, only a much younger version of the blonde beauty that Travis had married.

Gloria was indeed a blossoming beauty. Although she was still a teenager, her body was lusty and curvy -- and all of her curves were in the right places. Her pert, ripe tits were quite well developed for a girl of her tender years. Moreover, Gloria possessed a gorgeous set of crimson nipples which stuck up and poke provocatively out of the thin cotton blouses that she liked to wear. Her finely tapered waist led to a perfect pair of creamy taut asscheeks and long, lithe legs. Gloria's body was, in a word -- perfect. So was her face. She had the most lovely, big blue eyes that Travis had ever seen. A wide, kissable mouth that always wore a broad smile. Cute, turned-up nose. Small cars, hidden by long, straight blonde tresses.

If Central Casting were to order up a lovely, young, exuberant, fun-loving cheerleader-type who lived and breathed youthful beauty, wholesomeness and vitality, Gloria Travis would be it.

Travis had awakened in a cold sweat, with a raging hard-on. He had been dreaming about his lovely daughter, dreaming that he was fucking her, ramming his hard prick into her blonde-haired pussy. Fucking her furiously the way he used to fuck her beautiful, sexy mother. Taking his daughter's precious virginity, popping her cherry.

Travis knew that his daughter was still a virgin. He didn't even allow her to date -- much to her dismay.

He had taken a cold shower, and his hard cock had softened under the streaming water. He had tried desperately to take his mind off of his lovely daughter, who was sleeping soundly in her bed. But it was impossible -- Travis couldn't control himself. He just wanted to look at his sleeping daughter and maybe stroke his prick a little bit. At least that's what he kept telling himself as he stepped to her bedside, his cock in his hairy fist, and looked down at his daughter.

Carefully, he stroked her long blonde hair, pushing it away from her angelic face. He could hear her breathing lightly. The sound seemed to turn him on, to get some primeval sense stirring within his cock -- which was fast becoming big and hard. Unable to resist the temptation, he tugged the blanket from her shoulders and pulled it down to the foot of the bed. She stirred a bit, but kept right on sleeping.

Travis' heart skipped a beat as he stared, his eyes, transfixed, at his daughter's ripe tits. Even when she was sleeping, her tits stood upright, the crimson nipples pointed and facing the ceiling. His eyes traveled down her thin waist and lit on Gloria's enticing pussy. Pretty soft curly hair covered her cunt, pretty blonde cunt hair that held his complete attention. Travis had always harbored a serious fetish for blonde hair, especially blonde cunthair. His prick began throb and quiver as he glared at Gloria's pussy.

God! he thought. More than anything in the world, Travis wanted to fuck his daughter's beautiful cunt.

He shook his head, trying to shrug off the forbidden thought. It would be a terrible thing to do. Fucking his helpless young daughter was simply too perverted and wrong. Travis was a church-going man. Even thinking about committing incest with his lovely daughter was a terrible sin. But Travis had to admit that he really wanted to fuck the girl. He told himself that he would fight against the urge to ram his hardening prick into his daughter's ripe, untried pussy -- her precious, virgin, blonde haired cunt.

Travis sighed and turned abruptly. It wouldn't hurt to turn on the light switch and catch a quick glimpse of his daughter's naked body. She always slept in the nude and, when she began to notice that her father was prone to staring at her whenever she was undressed, she had stopped going around undressed in front of him. As a result, Travis hadn't seen his daughter naked for well over a year. He was dying to look at her beautiful body.

Flicking on the lamp which stood on the table next to Gloria's bed, Travis turned slowly and peeked at his sleeping daughter. His initial feelings were of shame and disgust with himself for peeping at Gloria's beautiful naked body. But the more he eyed her glorious young body, the more excited he became. His prick did a monstrous cock-stand and hung out from his pelvis like an enormous flagpole. God! he thought. What a beautiful girl! An incredibly sexy woman, just waiting to be fucked!

Her pussy-mound looked so damn enticing and fuckable, and Travis was aching to slide his prick into her tight virgin cunt and take her cherry. If only Gloria weren't his very own daughter, he'd show her what it was like to be fucked properly.

Suddenly, without warning, Gloria's pretty blue eyes blinked open, once, twice -- and the third time, her eyes stayed open. She stared wide-eyed at her father's raging hard cock which wagged above her. His prick throbbed visibly and looked menacing.

Gloria had never seen a hard prick before, and she was stunned by the sight of her father's lengthy cock-stand. Thick, long blue veins stood out on the surface of his blood engorged prick, and he stood as still as a statue, his heart pounding and his brain racing with lustful thoughts. For a brief moment, their eyes met. Gloria's eyes were full of fear; her father's eyes were glazed and full of lust and desire.

"Wh-what's happening? Is this a dream or what? I... I don't understand? Daddy?"

Her body was tensed in fright, and with the sudden realization that she was stretched out naked and uncovered in the harsh glow of the lamp, she instinctively reached down and covered her cunt-thatch with her hands, leaving her ripe, upthrust tits exposed to her father's view.

Travis stared intently at his daughter's lovely tits, then averted his glance from her questioning eyes. A sudden rush of passion overcame him and set his prick to bobbing and throbbing with need -- the need to rape his daughter! He tried desperately to fight off the urge to fuck Gloria. He knew in his heart that it was an unthinkably perverted desire that welled up in his aching loins. But he simply couldn't help himself. He wanted to fuck her. He needed to fuck her! He had to possess her ripe young body.

"Father!" she demanded anxiously. "Please, answer me! What's wrong with you? You look so... strange! You... don't look at all like yourself." That was an understatement. Travis had never appeared before his daughter with a raging hard-on before. There was no use in trying to stifle his debauched desires. He wanted to fuck Gloria, and there was no stopping him, now that he had seen her in all of her naked and enticing glory.

"Forgive me, Gloria. I love you dearly, but I can't help it. I must have you, my lovely daughter. Forgive me," he said tenderly as he climbed upon the bed and took her in his arms.

He planted a wet kiss on her lovely neck and moved, his fingers to her ripe tits, rubbing her nipples and squeezing the erect crimson buds, causing her nipples to tighten and point skyward, responding automatically to her father's gentle caresses.

"Daddy, don't... don't do that. I beg of you. It... it's not right, Daddy."

"I know it's not right, but I don't give a damn. I have to fuck you, Gloria!" he blurted.

Bending his head down, his lips parted and he sucked one of her taut crimson nipples into his hot mouth, slurping the succulent tit-bud and making wet, lewd sucking noises. At the same time, he slipped his hand down her tiny waist and furled her downy, blonde cunthair around his thick fingers. He lightly caress her pussy-mound with his palm and fingers, then, without warning, he carefully slipped his middle finger down to her pussy-opening, massaging her tight young slit with the tip of his slowly penetrating digit.

Gloria peered at the ceiling with eyes full of shock and wonder. Her father's caresses felt sexy and wonderful, but it was so wrong! This was incest! Her friends had talked about having incestuous desires for their brothers, and she had listened with disbelief. But this -- this was her father who was molesting her virgin body! And that, it seemed, was even worse! How could her daddy do such a wicked and perverted thing? He had always been such, a nice father, so kind and loving. It made no sense. Was this a nightmare?

When her father parted her cuntlips with his probing finger, she knew, that it was no nightmare. This was no mere expression of fatherly love. This was raw, unbridled sex. She quickly jerked to the side, uttered a low, guttural mewl and tried to come to her senses and reason with her father.

"Daddy, you can't do this," she said sternly but softly as she tried to squirm out of his tight embrace.

Undaunted, her father used his vastly superior strength to hold her in place on the bed, sprawled out and naked. Slipping a second finger into her cunt-opening. Travis began to expertly manipulate her pussy-lips, gently parting her outer flaps to afford easy access to his probing fingers. He caressed her pink cuntlips methodically and expertly, and she responded instinctively. Her cunt began to secrete juice, and his fingers became slick and wet with her cunt-nectar, making it much caster for him to finger-fuck his naked daughter.

"I... I hope you won't hate me for this, Gloria," he muttered huskily. "But I want to fuck you. I simply can't help it. I must fuck you! Maybe someday, you'll understand and forgive me."

"I-I just don't... understand, Daddy," she murmured as she felt his middle finger slicing into her tight wet pussy.

She knew that it was utterly useless to try to fight him. Her father was a big strong man, and he seemed intent on fucking her. She only hoped that he would be happy with fingerfucking her tight pussy.

Travis reached inside her pussy and gripped his daughter's clit between his fingers. He pinched her clit gently and tenderly, and her little love-button spasmed in his grip. Her clit hardened and grew erect. It was slick with pussy-juice. In fact, her cunt was leaking thin rivulets of cunt-nectar now. Pussy-juice streamed down her creamy thighs.

Gloria arched her back, intending to pull away from her father's caressing fingers. But to her immense surprise, she discovered that moving about only brought on intense waves of pleasure -- sexual pleasure that filed her cunt and coursed through her veins, exploding in a passionate fire burst in her befuddled brain. She knew that it was wrong to be enjoying this erotic pleasure, but she had no control over her behavior.

"Oh, Daddy," she cooed softly. "It... it feels so good. I never thought it could feel like this. I-I don't know what's come over me!"

"I love you, Gloria. The only woman I've ever loved more was your beautiful mother. I haven't fucked another woman since she died, I've been aching to fuck you ever since. I have to fuck you now!"

"Noooo!" she wailed, full of agony and honest fright. He couldn't do that! "Get off me, Daddy. Don't do it! Please!"

Her cries of protest were useless. Instead, her anguished appeals seemed to excite her father even more. He plunged his fingers into the deep recesses of her cunt, pushing aside her soft, pink pussy-lips, slick with cuntjuice. His fingers probed about within her hot, slick, untried pussy, rubbing lasciviously across her pussy-lips and gripping her sensitive, lust-filled clit. Cuntjuice churned about inside her young virgin cunt, causing his fingers to slide about easily inside her pussy.

"Ohhhhhh," she mewled in a throaty groan that seemed to reverberate off the walls of her bedroom.

She was getting turned on in a big way, and wave upon wave of passion flooded her young pussy, causing her clit to throb in anxious anticipation. Gloria had never even masturbated before. She knew that her friends often fingerfucked themselves, but she had always considered it sinful and naughty. She had no idea that getting finger-fucked could feel so damned good.

"Ohhhh, Daddy! Your fingers feel so damn good in my... in my pussy!" Gloria could hardly believe her own words. She had never spoken lewdly before. But as she felt her father's thick, strong fingers manipulating her undulating pussy-lips and gripping her sensitive, erect clit-button, she began to lose control of her emotions. She suddenly felt like -- well, like a woman. A full-grown woman! What would it be like if my daddy fucked me? she wondered. Would it feel good?

She didn't have to wait long to find out. Her father spread her thighs apart, leaving his fingers embedded in her seething cunt, and moved between her legs. With his free hand, he stroked his hard prick, moving his hand up and down the turgid shaft. Slipping his thumb under his bulbous blood-filled cock-knob, he got up on his haunches and held his prick up for Gloria to see.

"Look at my prick. Gloria. Look at it, darling," he instructed her calmly. "I'm gonna put my cock in your cunt and fuck you with it."


The glazed-over look in her father's eyes told her that there was no way that he could be dissuaded from fucking her virgin pussy. He looked like a man possessed. And he was possessed with lust and passion, which controlled his every move at this moment. Nothing could stop him from ramming his prick into her tight virgin cunt and fucking her furiously.

Gloria shouted in a last attempt to bring him to his senses! "Daddy, don't fuck me! It would be incest, and I won't let you fuck me willingly. I'll resist you, and that would be rape. You wouldn't rape me, your own daughter, would you, Daddy?"

"Yes!" With that sharp reply, he guided his prick toward her cunt, parting her pink, slick pussy-lips with his fingers as his cock approached her seething, steaming cunt. "You want me to fuck you, damnit! You're hot and horny and you're dying for me to fuck you! Maybe it is rape, but that's just too fucking bad!"

She twitched and struggled beneath her, but his weight was too much, and his strong body impeded her weak efforts to stave off his onslaught. His mighty, throbbing cock penetrated her and slid in a couple of inches. She wriggled beneath his crushing body, but it did no good. She was so wet and slick that it was relatively easy for his cock to slide into her tight cunt mouth. But even though she was soaked with cunt-nectar, his cock stretched her untried cunt-muscles and she felt a gut wrenching pain in her unfucked pussy. His prick was too big!

"Aaaggghhh!" she wailed. "Stop? Please! It... it's hurting me! You... your cock... it's too big!"

"Shut up!" he rasped harshly. "Goddamnit, I told you it would hurt at first. But just try to relax and it'll start to feel good... real good!"

Gloria shook with fear and flailed about on the bed. Her father had never spoken so ruddy and roughly to her before. It didn't make sense -- he was acting like a monster. She knew that he must be completely out of his mind, and she could do nothing to stop him from raping her virgin pussy. He was too strong and in his present condition he seemed like a very dangerous man who could explode into violence at any moment.

She did as she was instructed, steeling her nerves and trying desperately to relax as his rock-hard cock sluiced inch-by-inch into her seething pussy.

"Mmmmmm... your cunt... it feels so nice and tight. Damn! I haven't felt so good in years!" he stammered huskily.

Travis gasped for breath and shook with passion. He thrust his mighty cock forward, impaling her virgin pussy on the staff of his huge, hard cock-stand. He jerked his hips, slamming more of his prick into her steaming young cunt, filling her pussy with his throbbing cock. His cock-knob spasmed and, sliced into her tight, untried cunt, wedging its way deeper and deeper into her heated slick pussy.

Gloria began to buck beneath his cock thrusts. She was beginning to respond lewdly to his sexual onslaught, his raping of her virgin pussy.

She felt ashamed and humiliated at engaging in the depraved and sinful act of incest with her very own father. But what was even worse, she was beginning to feel an unusual stirring in her cunt as his prick reamed its way along her cunt-walls, massaging her pussy-channel and churning up her slippery hot cuntjuice.

She writhed about beneath him, jerking her taut hips forward to meet his mighty cock thrusts, emitting sounds of breathless pleasure and ecstasy as her father fucked her with his hard, throbbing prick. His prick sluiced in and out of her tight pussy, rubbing her tender and sensitive pussy-walls, and, occasionally, pressing against her erect clit button, which grew harder and stiffer with each lewd cock-thrust.

The base of his hard prick raked across her erect clit when he pulled back and prepared to plunge his cock into her hot cunt again. She hissed and moaned with erotic pleasure at the depraved stimulation that his hard cock provided her hot cunt. Here clit spasmed uncontrollably and sent a quick series of pleasurable sensations pulsing along her cunt-channel.

"Oh God! Your cock feels so good in my virgin pussy! Fuck me some more, Daddy! It's nice... just like you said it would be!" she blurted.

Gloria no longer had any control over her mixed emotions. She knew that it was wrong and sinful to enjoy the incestuous raping of her pussy, but somehow she couldn't control herself. She enjoyed getting fucked by her father. He had a huge hard cock and he sure as hell knew how to use it!

The Bible said that he would burn in hell for fucking his daughter. But Travis was not at all worried at the moment. And Gloria summoned up the weak rationalization that if her father didn't care, neither did she. All that mattered right now was that she was hot and horny and getting a royal fucking. Her first fucking! So what if it was her father's prick that was reaming out her cunt so magnificently!

Cunt-juice, wet and slippery, was streaming down her creaming, sweaty, white thighs, lubricating her father's lengthy cockshaft as it rammed steadily and relentlessly into her tight, needy cunt. Weird noises came from her cunt. She focused her hearing on the sounds, cocking her ear to listen. It was the sound of fucking -- so strange, so lewd, so damn sexy! A twinge of pain suddenly came from the inner depths of her cunt and she held her breath, waiting anxiously for the painful sensation to pass. Hoping that it would subside quickly.

She could endure the pain silently no longer. "Aaaiiiee! Oh my God in heaven!" she blurted. "Daddy, something's wrong! I swear! Something's dreadfully wrong! The pain is so... so terrible. I... can't stand it... much longer!"

"That's all right!" he answered breathlessly not missing a single cock-stroke into her seething pussy.

Out-wrenching, mind-rending pain scared through her cunt and exploded like a dozen firecrackers in her aching head.

"It's your cherry, Gloria," her father explained quickly. "I'm breaking through your hymen, darling. Your virgin days are almost over. You are soon going to be a real woman!"

"Anaiiiee!" she wailed as he rammed forward, embedding his cock-knob in the very depths of her tight, spasming, aching pussy channel.

She felt something tearing somewhere deep in her cunt. Her stomach churned over and emitted strange groaning noises. She felt sick for an instant, but then her cherry tore and her father's prick sliced through the thin protective piece of flesh which had held her virginity safe for eighteen years.

"Aaaaggghbh! Oh! Goddamnit! Fuck!" she screamed.

She was shrieking obscenities continuously into her father's ear, yelling and snorting and gasping for breath as she bucked and writhed about, wriggling her hips to best enjoy his rapier-like cock as it sluiced into her raped cunt. Her pussy dripped cunt-nectar and made lewd sucking noises as it clamped down on his turgid, hard-fucking cockshaft, gripping his lengthy prick tightly and holding his cockknob captive in her seething cunt. Her head shook back and forth as the most delightful feeling in the world struck her, hitting her hard, slamming through her hot cunt and her throbbing clit, wracking her body with delicious and delightful sensations.

"Damnit, Daddy! Your cock feels so nice and hard in my pussy. Fm a woman now! You've taken my cherry! Good Lord! What a wonderful feeling? You... you did it, Daddy, you did it! You fucked me and made me a real woman!"

"Shut up and keep fucking, Gloria. I can't listen to you now, girl. I'm gonna cum soon," he snorted coldly, his eyes, staring straight ahead over her shoulder -- staring into the void and seeing nothing.

He fucked her furiously, pounding his rock-hard prick into her seething, gripping cunt, ramming his cock-shaft into her hot young pussy, panting and grunting and groaning with lust. He bent his head and sucked her nipple. Her tits were ripe, taut and delicious, with nipples that were made to be sucked. Sucking her nipple into his mouth, he groaned and slurped hard. She winced in pain as his teeth gripped her crimson nipple and tugged at the lovely titbud, pulling her nipple and areola out from, her lovely, white tit-flesh. Pain mingled with pleasure and she gasped with sexual delight.

"Oh, Daddy! Bite my nipple! I love it! I love it!" She arched her back, affording his lips easy access to her pleasure-filled nipple.

Her father quickly responded by sucking her nipple into his mouth and biting down on the tender and sensitive tit-bud, sending a searing, pleasurable sensation running through her.

She shook and shrugged, panting and grunting.

"Here it comes, Gloria!" he snorted. "I'm gonna shoot my load into your pussy, sweetheart. Get ready, because I'm gonna be cumming... any second now!"

"Oh, Daddy, go ahead! Shoot your cum into my pussy. I can't wait! Do it, Daddy! Shoot your cum into my cunt!" Gloria was startled at her own lewd language -- startled and excited at the same time. She had never spoken so crudely before, but she found it very titillating to speak like that.

Her pussy was boiling and her father's cock stirred her cunt-juice, making her pussy slick and wet. And hot! Gloria's cunt was on fire, burning with lust and desires. She ached for passionate release, and yet she was young and naive that when her orgasm began to build in her pussy, she had not the faintest idea what was really happening.

She became frightened and wondered if something was wrong with her. Her head became light and visions spun about in her dazed and confused brain. Was she going mad? Was she losing it? Surely, it wasn't natural to feel such wanton, unusual passions, especially when she was committing incest with her father!

The hell with it, she thought. She pushed all feelings of guilt and shame back into the furthest recesses of her wind. She couldn't be bothered with ugly thoughts when she was luxuriating and nearing the throes of a powerful orgasm. She let the wives of passion rush through her well-fucked pussy, closed her eyes tightly and clenched her teeth in delicious anticipation.

Suddenly, her father shrieked -- a long, low, drawn-out yell that frightened and thrilled the teenaged girl. She automatically clenched her cunt-muscles tightly when he screamed, clasping his throbbing prick, holding his cock in a veritable vise-grip of unbridled passion and wanton lust.

"Unnggghhh! Mmmmph! Mmmmppphhh! Unnnggghhh!" he grunted huskily, and his body stiffened. "I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Hold tight, Gloria!"

Gloria used all of her strength to tighten her muscles and grip his turgid, spasming prick between her juicing cuntlips, clasping down on his cockshaft as he shot a thick load of white-hot jism into her cunt. Her mind reeled with unknown lust and passion as her father's cum washed her cuntjuice and her red cherry blood, forming a strange viscous mixture that seeped around her father's cock-knob, churned about inside her pussy and drooled slowly out of her cock-filled cunt.

Again her father grunted lewdly as he pressed forward, impaling her wilt on his spasming, spurting cock. Her cunt was filled to the brim with his spraying cock, and cum splashed about inside her hot, steaming, churning pussy.

"Aaaggghhh! Yeah, Gloria! Fuck me, baby! Fuck me!"

She fucked him hard and fast, humping up and down on the sweat-drenched sheets, bucking and writhing, moving back and forth, grating uncontrollably, meeting his cockthrusts with her hot, slick pussy. His spewing prick shot jism throughout her cunt, bathing her cuntwalls with sticky cum. Her cunt was boiling and her orgasm began to hit her. The wondrous, never-before-experienced, passionate sensation started deep in her seething cunt and began to build into a powerful, mindboggling orgasm.

This was it! she thought. This was what it was all about -- this was real fucking! She loved her father for opening this new fantastic world to her -- the thrilling world of sex and lust!

At that moment, her father was the most wonderful man in the world. His pounding, spurting prick rammed deep into her cunt, and she writhed about, clasping her tight cuntmuscles around the spurting prick which filled her pussy with cum.

"Ohhhh, Daddy, I think... I think I'm... cumming, too!"

Her orgasm hit her like a ton of bricks. A powerful, wonderful, fantastic sensation wracked her body, causing her cunt to quiver. Her pussylips were swollen and turned crimson red, her clit spasmed and her thighs shook. The muscles in her cunt tightened and loosened quickly, responding instinctively to the wondrous feelings that welled up in her seething cunt. She was floating on a sea of stormy passion, fucking and jerking her hips forward, milking her father's prick-slit with her clenching cuntwalls, sucking the cum out of his cock and taut balls which clenched into a leathery sac beneath her slick, gripping pussy.

"Ohhhhh, Daddy," she gasped. "This is... this is so wonderful. I never thought anything could feel so damn good... so fucking good!"

Her mind was dazed from the fucking. Her father's spewing cock felt so big and his cum filled her pussy and made her feel like a grownup woman. She was dripping with sweat, and her long beautiful blonde hair was all askew, damp and twisted around her lovely neck. She flailed her head back and forth, whipping her drenched hair across her father's strong hairy chest as she experienced her very first mindboggling orgasm.

Could anything be so beautiful as being fucked? she wondered. Could any other man be as good at fucking her as her wonderful father? It didn't seem possible.

Suddenly, her father lifted his weight off her, placing his sweaty palms on her luscious tits for support. He pressed down on her tits and pulled himself up, taking in deep breaths of air. His face was contorted, and sweat dripped off of his chin, dropping on to her ripe upthrust tits. A small drop of sweat fell on her nipple, and she swooned seductively. She had no control over her wanton emotions and lustful desires. She wanted to fuck again.

"Daddy, fuck me again. Will you, please?" She stared into his glazed eyes, but she didn't like what she saw. He looked angry and nasty. His lips were pursed, and he bared his teeth like a mad dog ready to attack. Slowly, menacingly, he raised his arm and, in a flash, he brought his open hand down, smacking her sharply across her cheek.

"You filthy little bitch!" he snorted.

"What's wrong?" she blurted as her face turned bright red and shiny from the slap. "What did I do, Daddy?"

"You seduced me, you shameless little cunt!" he shouted. "You made me fuck you! That's incest! It's crude and nasty and sinful. What the hell's the matter with you, anyway, Gloria? Didn't I bring you up right? Didn't I teach you to be clean and decent? Well, girl, speak up, damnit!"

He slapped her again, and she fell back on the bed, clutching her cheeks in her hands, her mind filled with confusion and frustration.

She couldn't believe what her father was saying. She hadn't seduced him -- or had she? For an instant, she wasn't sure what to think. But she quickly sorted it all out in her mind and, angrily, she retorted: "Daddy," she replied with a firm shake of her head, "it was you who seduced me! You raped me! I told you not to fuck me! I told you that it was incest! I said that it was wrong, but you insisted! You raped me!"

"Shut up! I'll hear no more of your insolent lies, Gloria, you filthy fucking slut! You're not fit to live in this house any more! You disgrace the memory of your beloved mother!"

If looks could kill, Gloria would be as dead as a doornail. She stared into his cold, uncaring eyes. He glowered at her, his eyes like daggers, cutting and slicing into her, splitting her in two. She shuddered with fear.

"Look at you, begging me to fuck you again, shaking your tits at me like a wanton hussy, like a Goddamned whore on the street should have suspected something when you said you wanted to start dating boys. Now look what you've made me do -- fuck you! How disgusting!"

His features hardened and his jaw protruded, giving him a threatening, almost inhuman appearance which scared Gloria half to death.

She gathered her nerves together, swiftly sorted out all the facts in her mind, trying desperately to reconstruct the events which led up to her father fucking her and taking away her precious virginity. She had to try to reason with her father to make him see the truth. It was awful to see him looking so distressed and acting so nastily toward her. She had always gotten along well with her father, and she couldn't stand the thought of him blaming her for the fucking -- the fucking which he, disregarding her protests, had in fact initiated.

"Don't you remember, Daddy?" she said. Her voice was calm, and she spoke deliberately. This was no time for timidity, she thought as she addressed him. "You came into my room. I was sound asleep. You turned on the light, and when I woke up, you reached down and grabbed me."

"I won't hear any more of your stupid and outrageous lies, Gloria!" he rasped. "You called me into your room. You said that you were having a nightmare, and you asked me to lie down beside you and hold you. When I did that, you grabbed my prick and jerked me off. Then you shoved my prick into your cunt and made me fuck you. It was disgusting, and I hate you for it! You're nothing but a little slut and I won't have you in this house spoiling the wonderful memory of your mother -- who I loved so much. I'm going to send you away. Your Uncle Richard is on the board of directors of an academy, that handles problem children like you. They'll take care of you and teach you how to live and act decently -- like your mother would have done, had she lived long enough."

Gloria was flabbergasted. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. Was her father going insane? What the hell had gotten into him? He had always been so reasonable before. It made no sense at all.

"But, Father..."

"Shut up! I won't listen to another lying word from you, you little slut! What you made me do was despicable, and now you'll have to be properly disciplined, at your Uncle Richard's school. You can go to hell for all I care. The way that you behaved this evening was disgusting and shameful!"


The taxicab deposited Gloria in front of a large, white, stone mansion with marble stairs. Four huge carved marble columns formed a balustrade in front of the enormous oak door.

The pretty teenager stood perfectly still, holding her bags, her wide blue eyes surveying the mansion that housed the school which was to be her home. It looked like a nice well-kept building, but all of the shutters were closed, and, somehow, the mansion had a strange, forbidden aura about it.

The place gave her the creeps.

"Hey, what the hell are you doing out here?" said a deep growling voice from behind her.

A clammy, long-fingered hand clamped down on her shoulder, the sweaty, hairy fingers digging deep into Gloria's tender flesh. Quickly, she turned and looked into the chest of a very tall, angular man. Glancing up higher, she looked into his face. He had extremely sharp features and looked as if he were chiseled from stone. His face was pale and expressionless. A deep long scar traversed one cheek, running from just above his thin nose to the middle of his wrinkled neck. He wore a dark pair of wraparound sunglasses that hid his eyes, a dirty pair of blue denim coveralls and a wide-brimmed straw hat, tilted so far to one side that it appeared ready to fall off his narrow face.

"What's your name, girl?" he asked in a deep, guttural voice that betrayed no emotion. He spoke like a robot -- an unthinking, unfeeling machine, incapable of sincerity or trust.

"I-I'm Gloria Travis," she stammered in reply. "I just got here a moment ago. I'm supposed to see... uh... uh... my Uncle Richard... Havermayer. My Uncle Richard Havermayer."

"Follow me," the tall cadaverous man said abruptly, speaking in a cold monotone. The man led her up the marble stairs and opened the door to the mansion. "Wait right here," he said. "Don't move -- just wait." Then, he went back out the door.

Gloria stood still for a few anxious moments, waiting. But no one seemed to even know -- much less care -- that she was even there.

All of a sudden, she heard a low chuckle coming from directly above her. Spinning her upper torso around and turning her head, she glanced up the stairs and caught sight of her Uncle Richard, who at that very moment was descending the long staircase.

Uncle Richard bellowed a low throaty laugh, casually puffing on a big cigar. He shook his head -- and smiled!

"Uncle Richard! Thank God you're here. Please, help me!"


Uncle Richard led Gloria up the stairs and down a long hallway. The door to one room was slightly ajar, and Gloria peeked inside. She didn't have time to see much, but what she did see startled the girl.

Inside the bare room, a girl of about Gloria's age was tied to a T-shaped bar. Her wrists were bound with thick rope and she was completely naked, facing forward, her tits jutting upward. On her nipples were shiny steel clamps. There was a long rubber hose stuck up the girl's cunt. A handsome red-haired man with a broad chest and sinewy arms stood over the tortured girl. He was berating her with crude obscenities, screaming in a threatening tone of voice. The girl was weeping and shaking her head back and forth as if denying something.

"You fucking slut! Whore! Bitch cunt! You'll have to be disciplined again, Dorothy. You know that... don't you, cunt?" the man was saying.

"But, I... I didn't do anything wrong, sir! I swear to you! I did nothing wrong!" the helpless girl protested. "Please don't whip me any more, sir!"

Uncle Richard hustled his niece along the corridor, staring straight ahead and paying no mind to what was going on in the room with the partially open door.

Gloria looked up at her Uncle. "Uncle Richard, what's going on in that room that we just passed? It... it looked as though some girl was..."

"That's none of your Goddamn business, Gloria! YOU have your own problems to worry about, so don't waste your time feeling sorry about the other unfortunate girls who are enrolled at the Academy. Whatever punishment they receive in our school is for their own good. They are all being trained to behave properly. If the students here -- and keep in mind, you are a student here, too -- if any of the students here break the rules or misbehave in any way, they are severely disciplined. The teachers are given a free hand to punish the girls at the Academy however they see fit. None of us butts into their business."

Uncle Richard led her into a big comfortable room with a wooden four-poster bed in the middle and chairs in the corners. Gloria shook with fear when she saw a long thin birch cane lying on the bedside table.

"But, Uncle Richard, that girl was being abused... terribly abused. She was tied up to some weird contraption, and she had some kind of clamps stuck on her nipples. It looked as though she was in frightful pain. And that man -- he seemed to enjoy hurting the girl. He looked mean and..."

"Shut the fuck up, girl!" Uncle Richard said harshly. "Now, you listen to me, Gloria. Even though I'm your uncles you tan expect no special treatment from me. You will be treated in the same manner as the other students here at the Academy. If you disobey, you will be severely disciplined. No one will help you. If you behave and listen to instructions, no harm will come to you! Now, get your ass into the shower. You were stupid and vile enough to allow Prince to fuck your cunt, you didn't exactly get off to a good start here."

As he pushed her into the shower and turned on the water, Gloria protested loudly: "Uncle Richard, will you please help me?"

"I told you to shut up!" Uncle Richard shouted as he shucked off his clothes and stepped into the shower. "You just don't know how to listen, do you, Gloria? Now, you must be disciplined, and since no one else is around, I shall have to punish you myself."

Gloria knew at once that it had been a most foolish outburst. She looked up at the big man, her eyes pleading with him.

"I-I'm sorry, Uncle Richard. I didn't mean to talk to you like that, honest. Please forgive me."

"On your knees, you foul-mouthed little slut. No one talks like that to me!"

Uncle Richard was not in the habit of accepting criticism -- Gloria knew that much about him. She obediently knelt on the floor of the shower stall. The water fell on her tits and soaked her hair as she knelt. At least she was able to take a shower and clean her pussy. She felt so humiliated and unclean. She cupped her hands, filled them with water and rubbed her pussy. She rubbed vigorously and slipped her fingers into her cunthole shoving aside her cuntlips to allow herself access. She had to clean her tight young pussy.

Suddenly, she felt Uncle Richard's firm grip on her head. He was standing directly over her, twining his thick, strong fingers in her long blonde hair and pulling her face toward his groin.

She had thought that he was going to help bathe her, but now, the ugly truth finally dawned on the kneeling girl. Her uncle was leaning forward, bending his knees slightly and pulling her head toward his cock.

"Wh-what are you doing, Uncle Richard?"

"I'm about to have my cock sucked, Gloria. By my very own niece! Doesn't that sound like fun!"

"No!" she blurted. "You can't make me suck your prick! I won't do it!"

"Suck my prick nicely and I'll forget what you did with that bitch!"

He pulled her hair roughly, forcing her to look up at him through the water drops that came off of his wet body. He looked mean and nasty and full of evil. His teeth were clenched as he leered at her wickedly.

"Look at my cock, Gloria," he said as he forced her face and tightening the painful grip that he had on her lovely wet hall.

She winced in pain and looked at her uncle's cock and balls. He was well hung, she had to admit. His cock was longer and thicker than her father's prick, and his balls were big. Water from the shower streamed down the tip of his mighty cock, giving the impression that he was pissing water. His cock scared her. She certainly didn't want to suck it.

Shaking her head, she defied the man: "I won't do it, Uncle Richard! I refuse!"

"Suit yourself, Gloria. If you want to be difficult, I'll simply have to force you to suck my prick. I can wait a while, but only a short while -- like, a few seconds."

He began to rub his cock into her face, pulling her head forward and twirling his firm fingers around in her hair, causing her unbearable pain. Her scalp was aching and she felt terribly abused as he ground his cock and balls into her face.

She felt a sharp blow to the side of her head. He had really hit her hard, but she couldn't move. He had a firm grip on her hair, making it impossible for her to avert her head from his blows. Again and again he hit her with his hard fist. At the same time, he rubbed his cock across her face. Squeezing his cock, he rammed his cock-knob lewdly into her eyes. Then he stuck his cock-tip into her nostrils, then shoved it at her mouth.

As he rubbed his prick across her closed lips, he spoke matter-of-factly.

"I do believe, you should accept the consequences of your misbehavior and suck my cock. That's not really such a terrible punishment. I could just keep on hitting you, Gloria. But I think you'd prefer to suck me off."

Gloria shuddered at the thought of being beaten any more. Timidly she opened her mouth and her uncle's flaccid prick slid right in.

"That's a good little slut," he said, gloating and chuckling as he began to grind his hips forward. Her mouth was open and his cock began to harden inside it.

"Suck my cock, damn you!" he exhorted as he slammed a fist into her cheek. "Suck my prick. I want you to suck it until it gets nice and hard in your fucking mouth. I'm going to face-fuck you, Gloria, face-fuck you until I cum right in your sucking mouth. Then I'm going to make you swallow my cum -- every last drop of it, do you understand?"

Haltingly, unwillingly, Gloria nodded her head in acknowledgement and began to pump his cock into her mouth. She stroked his lengthy, snake-like prick between her ruby lips. His prick was long and slick, and felt strange inside her sucking mouth. She was disgusted at being forced to lap her Uncle Richard's cock, but she definitely didn't want to get hit again, so she went about the crude task, licking his bobbing cockshaft and slurping his deeply embedded pricktip. It grew in her mouth and began to slip deeper and deeper into her oral cavity. Water from the shower ran down his prick and into her nose, and she nearly choked in the process biting his cockshaft unintentionally.

"You Goddamn stupid whore!" be rasped as he slammed into her face with his fist again and pulled her hair. "If you bit my cock again, I'll make you wish you'd never been born! Now get on with it! You've got a job to do, bitch blowjob!"

He laughed crudely and thrust his hips forward again, filling her mouth with his stiffening prick. His cock was indeed growing quickly as she slurped his prickshaft. She sucked his lengthy cock harder. It began to fill her mouth even more as she sucked. When she pulled her mouth back, she looked closely at his prick. It was patterned with thick blue veins which swelled as he stabbed his prick into her mouth.

Uncle Richard's cock was really getting hard now. His cock-knob was bulbous and hot as it bounced off the insides of her mouth. She grimaced from the pain, and tears filled her big, bright-blue eyes. His hips humped back and forth in a rhythmic pattern as he ground his cock into her face-face-fucking her brutally, forcefully.

Her jaws began to ache terribly as his prick speared her face. It felt like his huge hard cock pulling apart the very bones in her face. She felt like gagging and spitting his crude cock from her mouth, but she knew that he would merely hit her and make her suck him some more. So she fought back the urge and kept right on sucking his mighty throbbing cockshaft, twirling his prick around with her tongue and taking in air at the corners of her mouth whenever she had the opportunity to catch a quick breath.

"Yeah, that's a good little cocksucker, Gloria. I knew you had it in you to give your Uncle Richard a fine, first-class blowjob, bitch! Now suck the underside of my prick. There's a real sensitive spot there, just beneath my knob. Suck and lick my prick right there."

Her tongue lashed out obediently and she lapped at the spot just beneath his throbbing cockhead. His hardening cock had grown to immense proportions in her sucking mouth. She intermittently sucked his cock-knob and licked his prick-stalk. The blue veins that lined his cockshaft were thick and almost purplish in color. His cock spasmed and bobbed about, slamming forcefully against the inside of her sucking, slurping mouth, filling her oral cavity to overflowing. Gloria made lewd gloppy, wet slurping sounds as she sucked his cock deep down her throat.

His right hand palmed her cheek, rubbing her skin and feeling her mouth, the side of which was puffed out of shape, full of her uncle's stiff, hard prick.

"Unnnggghhh! Yeah, Goddamn little cocksucking harlot! Blowjob artist! Prick slurping slut!" Uncle Richard kept hissing crude curses at the cocksucking girl as she knelt before him, sucking and slurping his lengthy prick down her tortured, aching throat.

His prick bobbed and throbbed and bounced about pounding against the walls of her throat, stretching her mouth open wide, pulling at the muscles in her mouth. The pain in her stretched jaws was agonizing, but Gloria refrained from complaining. It would do no good, anyway, she figured. Uncle Richard was overwhelmed with lust, and nothing could stop him from ramming his rock-hard, hot prick into her face. He face-fucked her brutally, luxuriating in the feeling of power that he held over his sucking niece.

"I'm going to cum soon, Gloria," he said seriously. "And when I shoot my load, I expect to see you swallow my cum eagerly. I want you to gulp all of my cum down into your stomach." He grunted and groaned, savoring the blowjob that the helpless girl was busily giving his hard, pounding cock. "Unng-ghhh! Goddamnit, you do give a hell of a blowjob, you fucking slut! Best blowjob in the whole Goddamned world, bitch! Ummmm, yeah! Aaaggghhh!"

His hips became taut and firm and his prick sliced between her clasping lips, slamming hard and fast into her deep throat, banging and pounding against her cheeks and puffing them out grotesquely. He smiled, shook his head fiercely and let out a low howl: "Ooooh, fucking son of a bitch! What a cocksucker! Damn! Hell! Shit!"

His voice grew louder and louder and he berated and insulted his niece with disgusting obscenities, prodding her mouth with his rapier-like cock, pounding his prick into her face with the speed of a jackhammer. He was ramming his cock into her hot, wet mouth as her lips slurped at his prick and her wet tongue raked along the sensitive, throbbing underside of his prick-shaft. His cock was huge now, and his knob twitched rhythmically. He shuddered and groaned, his thigh muscles flexed, and he came, shooting his hot salty jism into her throat.

Gulping hard and fast, sucking the cum from his spasming cum-slit, the degraded girl strove determinedly to swallow his load of cum. His jism tasted salty as it washed across her tongue, filling her mouth.

The pretty teenager felt wretched, used and abused in the worst way, humiliated and degraded by her Uncle Richard.

"Swallow my cum, bitch!" he snorted crudely. "Drink it all down, deep down into your stomach. Yeah. Ummmm, what a nice cocksucker you are. It's going to be great having you here at the Academy." He spoke exuberantly, enthusiastically, lecherously, and in a way that frightened the wretched kneeling girl.

Afraid to disobey her uncle, Gloria gulped and slurped his slippery jism down her throat. Her stomach rebelled when the cum slid down her throat. She wrenched her mouth free of his spewing cock and coughed, spitting out what remained of the cum in her mouth. The water from the shower washed the mouthful of jism down the drain and Gloria stared at the goo as it mixed with the water and disappeared.

Uncle Richard was absolutely furious. He kicked her hard in the stomach, and more of his cum came up and drooled out of her tortured mouth, dribbling down her chin obscenely. She felt so terribly ill and totally overwhelmed by this dreadful situation.

Her uncle was a very mean and nasty man, much cruder and worse than she had ever imagined him to be. He seemed to possess not an ounce of concern for her well-being. He didn't even care how badly he hurt her. She doubled over when his foot slammed into her stomach, holding her mid-section and gasping for air as the water poured down on her. Cum-juice dribbled from the corners of her mouth, running lewdly down her chin and trickling slowly down her neck. Unexpectedly, she sneezed and even more cum spewed from her nostrils. She was a mess and she knew it. Never had she felt so horrible.

And never had she hated anyone the way that she now hated her. Uncle Richard for abusing her and forcing her to suck his cock.

"Clean yourself up." Gloria said calmly. He sighed, took a deep breath and stepped casually out of the shower, reached for a towel and began to rub his cock and balls dry. "You did a fairly good, job of cocksucking. But unfortunately, you failed to swallow all of my cum and keep it in your stomach. That wasn't very smart, Gloria. You'll simply have to learn to do much better in the future."

Gloria was stunned. What the hell was he talking about -- 'in the future'. Did her evil uncle plan to face-fuck her another time? Was he really that cold and callous? Could he really be so cruel and uncaring? Her brain was wracked with terrible thoughts. Would she be consigned to this dreadful school that they had the audacity to call an academy? What was going on in the room that they had passed on the way to the shower? It sure looked as if a poor innocent girl was being tortured in there? Would that kind of ill-treatment be meted out to her, too?

Then Gloria stepped out of the shower, and her Uncle Richard threw a towel at her.

"Dry off. Mr. Maxwell will be in to see you, shortly. Let me give you a word of warning: Mr. Maxwell is the headmaster here at the Academy. His word is law, and he doesn't like impudent young girls. He can be ruthless. And, mind you, it would be a serious mistake to cross him. He will explain everything to you. Now good bye, and good luck. I shall be checking on your progress periodically. I have a very special interest in you, my dear niece. Anyone who can give such a good blowjob warrants special interest." And with a laugh, he turned and left the room.

Gloria stepped over to the window and peered out. She saw the tall cadaverous man prowling the grounds. Running by his side was Prince, the fierce German shepherd.

It appeared that the tall thin man and Prince were guards. Gloria realized that it would be a most difficult task to escape from this horrid Academy. But she decided that no matter how difficult it was, no matter how long it took, she would manage to escape -- somehow -- someway.

"I'll escape," she said with self-assurance.


"Don't count on it, Gloria," came the stern, cold voice of the headmaster, who, unknown to Gloria, had stepped softly into the room.

He was appraising her ripe young body with his piercing eyes. Glancing at her long blonde tresses, still damp from her shower, he moved forward and stroked her hair between slender fingers. Gloria was repelled. She stepped backward, but he followed. His eyes traveled to her ripe upthrust tits and her lovely crimson nipples.

"My, my, you're a tasty morsel, aren't you, darling. A real nice piece of ass just ready to be fucked. Isn't that so, Gloria?"

"No, that's not true!" she blurted indignantly. "I'm getting the hell out of this madhouse. I'm not going to put up with you people. This place is no academy -- it's a terrible torture chamber, and I'm checking out. Now!"

She dashed for the door, but the man stuck out his foot and tripped her, sending her tumbling head over heels. She lay in a puddle of naked flesh, crumpled up in the corner of the room.

The man strolled forward, exuding confidence. Smiling widely, he let out a barely audible laugh, reached down, and picked up a long thin whip from the bedside table. He flexed the whip, bending it between his hands, then held it high over his head as he glowered down at the cringing girl.

"I'll have to give you a few lashes for showing disrespect, Gloria," he said as he brought the lash down across her exposed tits.

The whip raked across her creamy white tits, cutting into her tender nipples, sending an electric-like shock coursing through her tortured body.

"Owwwwww! Owwwwww!" she shrieked. "Don't... don't hit me with that whip! It... it hurts!"

"It's supposed to hurt, Gloria," he spoke in a monotone that betrayed no sympathy for her plight. "That's what whips are for -- to sting the flesh of the victim. You, my dear, are the victim."

With that, he snapped the whip through the air again, slashing out at her upthrust tits.

Gloria writhed about as the whip descended and crashed across her tits again, sending a searing, mind-boggling ache pulsing through her nipples. She tried to dodge his whip thrusts, but it was impossible to escape the lash as it rained down on her tortured body.

Finally he threw the whip aside and with a barely perceptible nod, beckoned her to rise.

Gloria shook her head from side to side and wept quietly. She was in shock. This man scared the daylights out of her. She wondered how he could whip her tits so cruelly at one moment, and then appear to be nice a moment later. She was totally confused. Tears streamed down her contorted, anguished face and she hunched up in the corner, hoping that somehow the wall would swallow her up. Hoping that someone would rescue her from this bizarre man.

"I'm growing impatient, Gloria," the man said as he stretched his hand out, offering to assist her in getting up from the floor. "Come on, now. I'd hate to take drastic measures with you. You look lovely, but I haven't finished inspecting you yet."

"I don't want to be... inspected," she replied weakly. "All I want is to get out of here. And for you to leave me alone. I don't want to be beaten any more."

"I won't beat you, Gloria. I just whipped you a little bit to show you that I mean business. You must learn to respect me, girl. My name is Mr. Maxwell. I'm the headmaster of the Academy. What I say goes. Do you understand?"

When she didn't answer at once, he gestured toward the whip, an unspoken threat that he would commence whipping her again if she refused to cooperate.

Gloria grimaced. "All right! Okay! Anything but that! Please!"

She looked him over carefully. Maxwell was big and broad, with a thick muscular frame and arms the size of a weight-lifter's. He was of medium height, but his body was so sinewy and powerful that he looked huge. He was definitely no one to mess around with. And the way he had wielded the whip was demonstration enough that this man was accustomed to brutalizing women. His eyes were luminescent green, almond-shaped, unusually big. His hair was well-groomed, jet-black and fell just below his ears. His nose was large but attractively shaped. His mouth looked cruel and small. On the whole, he was quite attractive and looked like he went to serious lengths to stay in fighting shape.

When Gloria's gaze fell to his lower body, she gasped audibly at the sight of his crotch. His pants had a big bulge in them -- the bulge of his huge prick. She realized at once that Maxwell had gotten turned on by whipping her.

Maxwell noticed her shocked look. He acknowledged it with a thin grin which barely showed his straight row of perfect white teeth. Again he offered his hand. This time, she took it. He pulled her up from the floor and smiled again. Then, without warning, he flung her onto the four-poster bed which dominated the room.

Gloria bounced on the mattress and came to rest on her haunches, covering her tits with her palms. She knew that it was a ridiculous gesture -- he had already seen her ripe tits -- but she didn't know what else to do. Her natural reflexes caused her to attempt to hide her nakedness.

Without speaking, Maxwell crossed the room, opened a drawer, and pulled out four three-foot lengths of rope. He walked to the bed, shoved Gloria over backwards and wrapped one of the ropes around her right wrist. He expertly tied a tight knot in the rope, tossed it around the bedpost and wrapped it around and secured it, again tying a knot. Then he moved to the other side of the bed, gripped her other wrist and began to tie it to the other bedpost.

His actions were methodical, rapid, and obviously well-practiced. This Maxwell character knew exactly what he was doing, Gloria figured.

"You don't have to tic me up, Mr. Maxwell. Honest, I won't try to escape."

Gloria could be a very convincing liar at times, but this time it didn't work. Maxwell saw right through her and told her so.

"I can't stand liars, Gloria. I heard you say you plan to escape the first chance you get. But you're not going to get the chance. Nobody escapes from the Academy. You will leave here -- if you are ever allowed to leave -- only when I say it is okay. And when you do leave the Academy, you will be sold to someone who will appreciate your abilities -- your slavish devotion and your sexual talents."

"Wh-what are you, saying?" she queried in disbelief. "You can't sell me! I'm a free person. I'm not a slave!"

This man was absolutely stark-raving mad! What the hell did he think he was doing, anyway?

"My dear girl," Maxwell said as he bound her ankles to the bottom bedposts. "You will be trained to be a docile, obedient slave. You will learn to please your owner in any manner they may desire. There are plenty of people who require the services of the. Academy. They are willing to pay enormous prices for girls of your beauty and quality. You'll learn everything you need to know to please your master, whomever he may be. I'm sure you'll bring a nice price when you are trained and disciplined."

Gloria couldn't believe it. Things like this simply didn't happen in the twentieth century. She stared at him with wide-open, unbelieving eyes that showed her shock. She was beyond crying.

Maxwell read her thoughts immediately. "Gloria, Gloria, Gloria," he said condescendingly. "I know exactly what you're thinking. 'It's against the law to sell young girls into slavery.' Isn't that what you're thinking at this very moment?"

He tugged at the buttons on his shirt, baring a muscular, hairy chest. Then, he unzipped his trousers and pulled, them down and off.

"Yes, that's exactly what I'm thinking, Mr. Maxwell. What's more, I'm thinking that you're crazy... a madman!"

"Well, I really don't give a shit what you think, Gloria, because right now I'm going to fuck you." When Gloria's eyes opened wide with fright, Maxwell nodded, sighed, shrugged and climbed on the bed. "I'm going to start your training right now by raping your sweet young cunt while you're bound. Many of our clients like to buy girls they can tie up and fuck. Lots of people get off on bondage and domination. Did you know that?"

"No! It's disgusting. It's sick!"

Maxwell shot her a patronizing look, shook his head disgustedly and said, "Little girl you've got a lot, to learn. That's why we're not gonna waste any time with you. I'm gonna start your training right now." He reached forward and parted her pink pussylips with his fingers. "Nice cunt, sweetheart," he said approvingly. "Yeah, you've got a nice tight little cunt -- made to order for fucking. Suppose I try out your pussy right now?"

Gloria detested the man. She struggled with her bonds, but he had tied the ropes around her wrists and ankles in such a way that the more she struggled, the tighter the bonds gripped her flesh, cutting into her skin and cutting off the circulation of blood through her limbs.

Maxwell knelt between the frightened girl's creamy thighs, his cock wagging in front of her. He motioned for her to take a look at his prick, which throbbed and bobbed before her eyes.

"Do you like my cock, Gloria? It's a nice big healthy prick. What do you think?"

"I hate it!" she hissed loudly. "It's disgusting. I'd rather have anything in my pussy than your ugly prick!"

"Oh well, I'm really sorry that you don't appreciate my cock, Gloria. You will have to learn to love cocks before we can sell you to a customer."

"I don't like any cocks, you evil bastard!" she spat. "Especially your prick, you sadistic son of a bitch!"

She spun and tugged at her bonds, but the ropes only became tighter than ever, digging into her flesh.

"Well, now. Since you hate him so much, maybe you should restate your feelings about my prick," he said, wagging his thick hardening cock in front of her startled eyes.

Gloria detested Mr. Maxwell, hated the head master with a passion. The thought of him fucking her, no matter how nice his cock was, made her sick.

"Okay, okay. You have a lovely cock, Mr. Maxwell. Is that what you want to hear? Your cock is beautiful!" She pouted and turned her head to one side. Tears were balanced on her lower lids, and one broke loose and tracked down her cheek.

Maxwell had no sympathy for the distraught young girl. Women to him were mere sexual objects to be played with and abused for the erotic pleasure of men. He stroked his hardening prick, jerking the palm of his hand along his cock-shaft, rubbing his prick to an erection.

Gloria watch Maxwell jerk off. Her wide eyes were full of wonder as she watched him stroke his long, hard, blue-veined cock. Blood rushed through the veins on his cock, and his hard-on grew and grew before her very eyes.

Finally, he slid forward on the bed until his cockhead was only inches from her cunt. She tried to jerk away, but pain shot through her wrists and ankles. The ropes which bound her were knotted so tightly that she could move only a few inches in any direction -- and even then, it hurt.

Maxwell bent down, placed two incongruously tender kisses on her tits and licked her nipples reverently. Then, without hesitation, he flung his hips forward slightly and his pricktip passed between her pink pussylips, wedging its way into her tight cunt. His cock-knob was bulbous and rock-hard, and he shoved it forward, worming deeper and deeper into her cunt.

Gloria jerked about on the bed, but was severely restrained by her tight, chafing bonds. His prick was sliding into her pussy inch by inch.

Maxwell pumped his hips four times in quick succession, and each time that he threw his hips forward, another inch of his cockshaft penetrated her tight young cunt.

"Damn!" Maxwell exclaimed huskily. "Your cunt is really tight! This is gonna be a real pleasure, Gloria. Yeah, damn! You'll make a client of mine a real fine sex-slave some day -- after you've been properly trained, of course."

He chuckled, sighed and reared back, then pummeled forward with terrific force, plowing his turgid cock into her pussy.

"Good God, how I hate you!" Gloria spat. She was furious with the depraved man. He was so cold and calculating and violently vicious. Mr. Maxwell really seemed to enjoy his forcible rape of her young pussy. And he seemed to thrive on the humiliation and degradation involved in raping her cunt.

The man gloated openly, happy that he was brutalizing this helplessly bound young girl. He was proud of his rampant masculinity and his handsome face, and most important, proud of his raging cock which sliced into her pussy, rubbing her cuntwalls and stretching the taut muscles in her constricted pussy. She flexed her cunt-muscles, attempting to close her pussy-channel to thwart the entrance of his thick hard cock, but still it wormed inch by inch into her cunt.

Pounding his prick mechanically into her creaming pussy, he sneered and cursed: "Take that, you dumb little cunt! Take my hard prick into your cunt, bitch! Fuck me! You're a slave in-training, and I'm your master. I'll teach you how to fuck, you little slut! When I'm finish with you, you'll be a fine sex slave! Uhhgghhhh! Yeah! Nice, hot pussy... ripe for fucking my cock! Unngghhh!"

He jammed his prick deep into her cuntal depths, his cockshaft stirring her slippery cunt nectar until her pussy began to steam and boil.

"I hate you! I hate you! You're a sadistic butcher and I can't stand you!"

"I love it, Gloria! Your screams are music to my ears, sweetheart! It excites me and makes me want to hurt you even more!"

Gloria knew that Maxwell was a very dangerous man -- a man who had total control of the sordid situation. He was fucking her rapidly, soundly, slamming his prick in with a fluid motion. She dared not rile him, she decided. There was no telling what he might do to her.

Her thoughts drifted back to the room that she had passed with her, Uncle Richard -- the room with the door slightly open. She hadn't imagined anything. That girl was being tortured -- systematically tortured by one of the Academy's so-called teachers. Her mind flashed on the wicked nipple-clamps that bit into the victim's tender tit-tips, and she shuddered.

She would resign herself to her fate, accept the brutal raping, and hope for the best. There was nothing else that she could do at this point. She was caught in a web of wicked, sinister intrigue. A slave-in-training, Maxwell had called her! What a revolting thought!

"Damnit! Fuck me back, you slut! Fuck me back or I'll whip the living-daylights out of you, cunt! Come on now! Cooperate with me. Obey me! I command you! Fuck back! Now!"

He emphasized his command by biting her nipple -- digging his perfect, straight teeth into the tender flesh that surrounded her erect little nubbin, gnashing his teeth on her sensitive areola.

"Owwww! God, nooo!" she shrieked in agonized pain, writhing about in her restricted position. "I'll do it!"

She bucked forward, timing her swift pelvic thrust perfectly so that she met his pounding hard cock as it slammed into her steaming pussy.

A strange feeling overtook her as she dung to his prick, clasping his meaty cockshaft with her cunt-muscles. She broke out into a cold sweat and her body ached in a weird way. Suddenly, it dawned on her -- she was getting hot!

This crude vile headmaster was a virile stud of a man -- an expert cocksman. He knew his way in the strange, primordial world of sex. There was no doubting that.

His prick throbbed as his lengthy cockshaft rammed its way into her heated pussy, and her cuntwalls were massaged briskly by his reaming cock. Pussy-juice churned around in her well-fucked cunt, and she became hornier with every powerful stroke.

"Ohhhh," she sighed as she began to respond instinctively to the fucking. "Ohhh, damn!"

She was confused and beyond understanding what was happening to her. But it was unmistakably exciting her, raising her sexual energy and lust to heights she had never before imagined. Somehow, being tied up and raped by the masterful fucker, Maxwell, was turning her on in a big way!

His cock-strokes were expertly timed to sluice into her cunt with treat effect. She certainly didn't want to enjoy being raped by Maxwell's raging prick, but she simply couldn't help herself. She was fast being carried away on the wings of unrestrained passion. It was frightening to lose control of her emotions -- especially to lose control to such a wicked and brutal, man as Maxwell.

"Unngghhh! Aaaagghhh! Yeah! Hot fucking cunt! Goddamn! Son of a bitch in heaven!" he grunted obscenely. "You're doing fine now, bitch! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"

She followed his commands, followed blindly, unable to comprehend the mixed emotions which swirled about her befuddled brain. Her, thoughts were mixed -- pain and pleasure, humiliation and degradation and, could it be? Yes -- joy and rapture. She jerked her hips forward to receive his deeply penetrating prick. His cock sliced between her cuntlips, spreading her pretty pink pussy-flaps wide to accommodate the thick base of his prick-stalk.

"Ohhhhhhh," she sighed weakly.

Without thinking, she began to buck and wriggle her hips as best she could in her restraints. She was fucking for the man, obeying his lewd commands and his depraved desires, giving in to his demands on her body. It didn't seem possible, but she truly enjoyed being fucked against her will. Raped! That was what he was doing -- raping her cunt. But now that she began to respond to his brutally pounding prick that snaked in and out of her cuntjuice-slickened pussy, she had stopped struggling against the forcible entry of his prick. She was getting into the fucking, responding to his cock-thrusts with eagerness, with pleasure.

"Mmmppphhh! Unnnggghhh! Yeah! Fuck me!"

"That's good, Gloria! Damn hot pussy! I knew you'd come around, you little fuck machine. Little slave bitch! Whore! Two-bit slut! I'm gonna fuck you silly, cunt! Fuck you into everlasting oblivion! Teach you to please your master with your cunt! Your tight, hot cunt!"

"Yes, Mr. Maxwell, teach me to fuck! Do it! Fuck my cunt! Make me cum!" she snorted breathlessly.

The horrid nightmare of being raped by Maxwell's hard cock seemed to dissipate rapidly as his rapier-like prick sluiced in and out of her hot, itching cunt. Her pussy leaked cuntjuice as she writhed about on the bed, moving and bucking and humping to receive the utmost pleasure from his cunt-reaming prick.

"I'll make you cum, Gloria! But... that's not... really important," he grunted haltingly. "What's important is that you manage to... pleasure me, to make me... cum!"

He grimaced and continued fucking her, moving his hips in a gyrating pattern that thrilled her and sent chilling sensations through tier cunt and up the length of her spine. Waves of erotic rapture broke in her head, and she closed her eyes and in the deep dark recesses of her brain, saw blinding flashes of bright purple light.

It was as if there was a big purple spotlight spinning around in her head, disorienting her and making her lose track of time and place. She momentarily forgot the sordid circumstances, the wretched condition that she was in at the moment. She dreamed that she was in the arms of same kind and wonderful lover, fucking her handsome young lover with a passion that could not be described in words. She dreamed that she was floating high up in the air, fucking and fucking, lost in space.

"Fuck me, you slut!" came Maxwell's nasty voice, tinged with anger. "Open your eyes and look at me, you slave bitch. Acknowledge your master, cunt!"

The rude awakening brought Gloria swiftly back to the harsh reality of the moment. Maxwell was raping her, slamming forward and impaling her cunt on his rock-hard cock. He was churning the cuntjuice in her pussy, stirring up her passion and lust in such a way that she had lost control over her own body.

She was fucking him back with mighty pelvic thrusts, pressing her cunt onto his cock as he shoved forward, moving his powerful rock-hard cock swiftly in and out of her hot pussy. Her cunt felt like it was burning up from the lewd friction caused by his slicing cock as it dug into her pussy. Erotic fantasies intermittently filled her brain, but they were soon diminished by his crude, obscene curses and exhortations.

He screamed into her face: "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"

She looked into his eyes, trying desperately to discern some empathy or compassion. There was none. The man knew how to fuck a cunt, all right. But he appeared to possess no true emotions. He fucked her properly, bringing thrilling, mind-bending sensations every time his prick slid into her pussy. But he fucked her mechanically -- almost like a robot.

This wasn't how she had envisioned fucking. This wasn't what she wanted at all. Nevertheless, she enjoyed it. Her cunt boiled and steamed, and she could feel gobs of cuntjuice streaming out of her tight cunthole. She was fucking him back like he had commanded, and much to her dismay, she was enjoying it! Loving it! Thriving on the wonderful sensations that flooded her well-fucked cunt.

"Unnnggghhh! Aaaggghhh! Mmmmppphhh!" she panted and grunted as she threw all of her energy into the fucking, trying to derive the most sexual satisfaction possible from Maxwell's throbbing cock.

She could hear lewd sucking noises emanating from her grasping tight cunt as her pussy-muscles flexed and damped like a vise-grip on Maxwell's thick cock. She managed to clasp his cockhead with her pussy, holding his prick-tip captive in the depths of her cunt as he groaned with pleasure and let out throaty grunts of joyous passion.

"Mmmppphhhhh!" he groaned huskily and jerked his head up. Giving her a confused look that mixed a joyous, almost boy-like grin with startled almond eyes that were wide open, he drawled, "Goddamn, girl, you learn fast! Your cunt's just sucking away at my cock. Good girl! You're doing fine! Shit, I'll have you whipped into shape in no time. You're a nice prime cunt!" He laughed lightly at some inside joke and grunted as he thrust forward, running his prick into her tight sucking cunt.

She was aching to reach a climax now. She didn't give a shit whether Maxwell was raping her. All that mattered was her orgasm. She knew it would shake the living daylights out of her when it finally hit.

For a brief instant, she looked up at her wrists and was shocked to notice that her hands were all puffy and swollen, probably, she surmised, from lack of circulation. The ropes that were tied around her slender wrists were really chafing her skin badly and her ankles were sore, too. But she had no feeling at all in her arms or feet.

Giving it no more thought, she concentrated her efforts on fucking, writhing and bucking beneath Maxwell, fucking the crude man with all of the enthusiasm that her tortured body could muster. It was exciting to be bound and dominated and brutally raped. It was bizarre and it hurt like hell -- but it was very, very exciting.

Mr. Maxwell moved his hips vigorously, fucking his prick into her cunt in a staccato-like fashion, reaming out her cuntwalls, which were all slicked up with cuntjuice. His mammoth prick sluiced in and out of her sucking, clasping cunt. His balls slapped lewdly beneath her asscheeks.

"Fuck me! Fuck me! Do it, Mr. Maxwell!" she pleaded. Her voice was tremulous and tinged with anxious anticipation.

She longed for the thrilling orgasm that she was sure was building in her hot juicy cunt.

She jerked about on the sweat-dampened sheets, panting and groaning erotically.

Maxwell was fired up by her pleas. "Okay, bitch!" he snorted. "It won't take long now. I-I'm about... ready to cum... myself. Your cunt is so nice and tight! Damn hot, little pussy!"

His prick felt like a burning sword as it sliced into her seething cunt. She was exhausted from the fucking, but she kept jerking forward on his throbbing cock. His cock-knob bobbed about inside of her stretched cunt, bouncing off of her cuntwalls and penetrating deeply into her cuntal depths, churning her slippery cunt-butter. Her channel was well lubricated, and his cock slid in and out rapidly and easily as he fucked her tight pussy.

His prick had forced her cunt-muscles to stretch to accommodate its enormous size. Her cunt-slit was wet and slippery, and cuntjuice streamed down her trembling thighs. Her whole body shook and her clit spasmed from the powerful fucking.

"Ohhh, Jesus," she panted, inhaling quick breaths of air. "Your cock... your cock! It's amazing! Good God Almighty! Mr. Maxwell, your cock feels sooo damned good! My pussy... my pussy is on fire!"

"Shut up and keep fucking, you slut! Damnit! Fuck! Son of a fucking bitch. What a tight, hot cunt!"

Gloria found herself excited by Maxwell's obscene exhortations. Her clit throbbed, and she focused her concentration on her wondrous clit-nubbin. She could feel his lengthy prick slipping along her erect love-button, raking her pussy-channel and sending shivers and chills running up and down her pussy. He was wracking her body with passionate delight and joyous sensations she had never before experienced in her life.

All of a sudden, without even, a hint of warning, Mr. Maxwell plunged his prick deep into her cunt, remained still and shuddered violently. He let out a long, low inhuman moan that sounded as if he were dying, and with, one powerful thrust into her steaming pussy, he let loose his heavy load of jism.

Gloria shivered, and her legs and arms twitched. Her cunt throbbed uncontrollably, and she felt her cunt being bathed with his slimy cum. His hot load of jism tickled her clit and splashed along her pussy-channel, coating her cuntwalls with sticky, gooey cum.

Her pussy twitched and an orgasm rocked her body, sending spine rattling, mind bending sensations of passion throughout her cunt as she came.

"Aaaahhh!" she wailed in a shrill cry that filled the room.

She was caught up in the intensity of the orgasm, the wonder of it all, the thrill of the ultimate moment. Her luscious tits heaved as she took in a deep breath of air which rushed down her throat and filled her lungs, giving her additional strength and energy.

His spurting prick slammed and pounded into her cunt, mixing around her cuntjuices and reaming her pussy-walls which constricted as his cum washed through her cunt hole. She instinctively, pulled at her bonds, causing, her to wince in pain as the ropes dug sharply into her wrists and ankles.

"Aaaaggghhhhh! Yeah! Fuck! Fuck! Godamned hot, tight cunt! Tight little pussy!" he cursed as he shot his wad of thick jism into her pussy.

He was jerking about on top of her, sawing his prick into her cunt, spraying cum along her pussy-walls, shooting a huge load of jism into her seething, steaming cunt. Her pussy spasmed and clasped his cock, milking the cum out of his spewing prick. He whispered hoarse obscenities into her ear as he came, his body shaking and his prick quivering as his cum-slit shot white-hot jizz into her hot pussy.

She felt completely fulfilled by the orgasm which had struck her, shaking her body and sending bolts of electricity through her pussy.

All of a sudden, her thrilling sensations, the chilling nerve-wracking passion that had only moments before filled her cunt, began to dissipate. She shook and quivered, trying to regain her composure.

But Maxwell was not quite finished with her yet. His prick kept slamming into her cunt, spewing more and more cum, which washed her tight cunt-tube and filled her pussy hole. His fucking motions grew less and less fierce and powerful as his balls released the last few drops of its cunt-juice into her pussy. Gloria's cunt felt all wet and sloppy. Pussyjuice combined with cum-juice, and her pussy made strange obscene sucking sounds as her cunt-muscles constricted and milked his cock, pulling the last of his cum from his balls and prick.

"Ohhhh! Hot damn, what a good fuck! You've got such a nice cunt, Gloria!" he exclaimed. "Made to order for fucking. Shit! Son of a fucking bitch! Yeah!"

He moaned and grunted lewdly is the rest of his load spurted into her cunt. Then he reined totally, immersed in the joy of afterglow, the passionate release that came from raping the ripe girl. He gasped, sighed and slid away from her. His prick flopped out of her cunt and hung in front of him, oozing cum. He looked down at his drooling prick. Then he turned to her and shook his head, a wide lecherous grin pasted to his face.

"That was nice, Gloria. Very nice! You've got a real tight cunt, and most important, you know how to use it! I came hard. I think you'll make a good student here at the Academy. You've got plenty more to learn though."


Maxwell tugged on his trousers and pulled on his shirt. As he stood before the spread eagled and bound girl on the bed, he lit a cigarette and took a long draw, then exhaled a thin stream of smoke. He wore a smug expression and looked totally content with himself and his depraved little world inside the Academy.

Mopping his brow with handkerchief, he shrugged and spoke to Gloria: "Yep, you did real well. We'll have to work on you a lot more thought to prepare you for sale. Our clients demand much more than a cunt to fuck. You'll be trained in all aspects of sex."

"What to you mean?" she said, blushing.

Now that the fucking was over, Gloria resumed her deep-felt hatred for Maxwell. She knew that he was depraved, and she suspected that he was a bit of a loon -- a very dangerous loon, at that. She decided, however, that the best thing to do was to go along with this bizarre game and seek some avenue of escape. It would be difficult, but where there is a will, there is a way she figured.

"Well, darling, sex-slaves must be well versed in many ways. They must be able to endure painful torture without passing out, and they must..."

"What?" she said, astonished at the calm way in which he spoke of torture. "You're going to torture me?"

"Not now, Gloria. Now I have other business to attend to, but I will leave you to attend your first class. Madame Hilda will be along in a few moments. Don't go anywhere." He departed, leaving the door open.

Gloria despised Maxwell, and she didn't find his little parting quip humorous at all. Her limbs were aching from being tied so tightly to the bedposts.

"That fucking asshole!" she cursed as she heard him strolling down the hallway. "Shit, if only I can get out of this insane place. I'd fix his ass. I'd tell on him and the cops would close this place up real fast. Then, I'd..."

Detecting the presence of someone else in the room, she raised her head and looked into the cold, calculating eyes of Hilda. Her face was flushed with embarrassment as she beheld the annoying intruder. It seemed as if she would never be allowed any peace in this wretched place.

Hilda was a singularly ominous figure. She stood motionless for a thoughtful second, her condescending smile in place, her leering eyes intent on the bound and naked girl. Her teeth gleamed in the harsh light of the room. Green eyes glimmered with youthful exuberance, becoming brownish close to the pupils. High arched, exaggerated eyebrows rose in a long half-moon above her penetrating eyes. She had unnaturally long lashes, jet-black and finely textured, and voluptuously ruby red lips, full and seductive.

She was a tall, well-sculpted woman, the type who had the world-wise look of a much older person than her actual age. Her features were lovely, but beneath her heavy make-up, upon closer examination, Hilda's face was sharp, angular, extremely sensuous. She had the air of a sexual animal, a woman who lived and breathed with passionate fury.

Her long hair was swept back over her ear on one side and almost covered one eye. A thin neck led to very high, closely spaced tits which jutted up naturally and pointed skyward. Her tits were full and scented with a sweet-smelling perfume. She wore a black leather corset-like blouse that tied up the front and served to exaggerate her already ample bosom, pulling her tits together and upward, making a deep cleavage. A short leather skirt came almost to her asscheeks, leaving little to the imagination. On her feet she wore black pumps with pointed tips and her legs were sheathed in sheer black nylon stockings.

The woman's lips curled a little and she spoke softly: "My name is Hilda. You are to follow me at once. Get up!"

"But I can't," Gloria said weakly, turning her head toward her bound wrists and ankles. She looked back to the woman for some type of sympathetic response to her plight -- no such luck.

"I'll give you ten seconds to get free and on your feet, Gloria," she said unblinking. "Now get moving."

Gloria looked into Hilda's dark eyes with utter disbelief. How in the hell did Hilda expect her to get up when she was bound hand and foot? It made no sense! Nothing in this crazy Academy made any sense! "Damnit! I can't go anywhere all tied up like this!" she blurted indignantly.

Hilda strode purposefully and expressionlessly over to the closet in the corner of the room and produced a thin birch cane. She patted the cane in the palm of one hand while gripping the opposite cud in her fist. Shooting a threatening look of distaste in Gloria's direction, she moved forward. Abroad cruel sneer came across her ruby lips as she approached the frightened young girl.

"I don't like your tone of voice, sweetie. I don't care for the way you just spoke to me. I simply must punish you for your indiscretion, Gloria. You must learn to treat your superiors with more respect."

Gloria cowered before the imperious raven haired beauty. She knew that she was in big trouble now. The thin birch cane looked like it could really sting if it were used as a whip -- which obviously was its purpose.

"No, please," she begged in a barely audible whimper. "I'm sorry I spoke to you that way. Honest, I am. Forgive me. I beg of you. Don't whip me with... that awful thing."

"It's too late for apologies, my dear." Hilda remonstrated, her voice as cold as ice. "I'll whip you. I'll sting your young flesh with this birch whip. Then you'll be sorry."

Hilda's voice carried the air of unmistakable authority. Her evil intentions would not be changed by any amount of pleading. She was bound and determined to give the helpless girl a good whipping, and nothing would dissuade her. It was obvious that the beautiful, enigmatic woman enjoyed her domineering position. Her smile telegraphed it.

"You spoke harshly to me, Gloria. That was very unwise, as you will soon discover."

Hilda assumed a haughty, cold demeanor. Her expression was fierce and full of inexplicable hate.

"Ohhh, I don't think I could stand being hit by that cane. Please accept my apology."

Gloria pouted and whimpered. A teardrop formed in the corner of her eye and hung there like a dewdrop on a leaf, waiting to fall.

"Shut the fuck up, Gloria!" the towering woman screamed as she raised the birch rod high over her head and brought the whip whistling through the air, slashing across the girl's creamy white thighs.

The whip stung Gloria's flesh, and she cringed as Hilda raised the whip and struck her again, this time slashing the thin birch rod across her exposed tits.

"Owww!" she shrieked as the birch whip descended on her tender tit-flesh.

She flinched, and her body twitched, but there was no way that she could ward off the blows. Again the birch whip snapped through the air and landed with a crack, on her tits, flicking across one erect nipple. She writhed and twisted on the bed, but the ropes held her in restraint and she couldn't escape the brutal whipping.

"You little bitch! You haven't the faintest idea what's in store, for you, do you? You're just a slave, cunt! You'll be taught to obey without complaint. You'll be whipped and beaten, and fucked. You'll be raped and abused. Your body will be treated like a mere sex object. Then you'll be sold to the highest bidder -- sold as a sex-slave?"

"Why are you telling me these things?" Gloria asked. "You must be as mad as the other people here!"

She lay panting on the bed, gasping for breath and trying to regain her strength. She knew that she would need all of her youthful energy to endure the pain of the cane, and she wanted to keep Hilda talking so that she would cease beating her so cruelly.

"Fuck you!" Hilda snarled as she let loose with the birch cane again, this time slashing her across her cuntmound. She was a merciless bitch, and the look on her face showed that she enjoyed tormenting the helpless, bound young girl.

Writhing about in her bonds, Gloria's face was contorted in a mask of pain and degradation. The pain was getting to her now, but as she glared into the dazed eyes of her beautiful tormentor, she knew that pleading for mercy would be a waste of time. Hilda wasn't about to stop whipping her until she was good and ready.

The whip descended on her cunt again, raking roughly across her cuntmound and stinging her erect clit. Gloria's body twitched and throbbed with horrible pain. She couldn't take much more of this ill-treatment. She thought that if Hilda kept whipping her pussy, she would surely pass out from pain.

"Stop! Please stop! I'll do whatever you tell me! I'll never speak rudely to you again... I promise. But please, stop whipping me. My pussy is burning up!"

"Well, I'll fix that right now," Hilda said, dropping the cane.

She leaned forward and began to smack Gloria across her face, raining open-palmed blows on the young girl. Gloria's face reddened from the blows which rattled her teeth and made her wince.

"Whore! Slut! Slave bitch!" Hilda yelled as she continued to slap the girl. "They'll break you in good and proper here. They'll teach you to obey. But first you must learn to obey and respect me, you stinking slut. You're gonna suck my cunt, bitch. Right now!"

"What? What did you say? You must be mad!" Gloria's eyes widened.

Hilda's eyes were glazed over with lust and passionate anticipation. She rushed forward and loosened the ropes that bound Gloria's wrists.

"Free yourself, slut!" she commanded harshly.

Gloria was stunned, but she managed to take the ropes off her wrists, throwing them to the floor in disgust. She rubbed her sore, chafed wrists until the feeling came back. Then she went about the task of untying her ankles. When she got her feet free, she rubbed the flesh to restore feeling.

Just as she was beginning to recover from the constricting bonds that had hurt her wrists and ankle so badly, she turned around and spotted Hilda coming at her with the birch cane in her hand.

The woman grabbed her by the hair and dragged her off the bed. Gloria's ass bounced hard on the floor, and she looked into the woman's hard, cold face. Hilda was grinning lewdly, baring her teeth and gripping the riding crop in her fist. She flexed the cane threateningly and ordered Gloria to crawl forward as she stretched out in a big chair in the corner of the room.

"Crawl... slave bitch! Crawl your ass over here and service my cunt! You're gonna get your first taste of my sweet pussy! Hurry up, or I'll give you a whipping you'll never forget! What you got before was just a sampling of what I can do to you. Crawl, bitch, crawl!"

Hilda meant business, and Gloria was in no shape to argue with the demented woman. Her strength was sapped from the caning she had received, and the circulation in her limbs was only beginning to come back. There was no way that she could fight the stronger woman, so she crawled on her hands and knees toward her.

Stretching back in the big chair and assuming a comfortable position, the woman spread her thighs apart and laughed cruelly.

"Take a good look at my cunt, slave bitch, because you're gonna suck it! Yeah, you're gonna suck my pussy -- my hot, juicy cunt!"

Gloria blanched and turned her head away from the sight of the woman's jet-black cunt thatch staring her in the face.

"You don't really expect me to suck your cunt, do you?" she said, frowning.

"You're damn right, slave bitch. And you'd be well advised to obey my command at once!" With that, the evil woman lashed out with the riding crop, catching the girl across her shoulders.

Gloria winced in pain and fell to the floor, face-down. She next felt a sharp pain in her back and, straining her head to look up, she realized that Hilda was digging the pointed heel of her shoe into her back.

Hilda smiled wickedly and hissed: "How do you like it under my feet, slave bitch? That's right where you belong! Yeah! How does it feel to be round under my heel?"

"It... it hurts something awful! Please, don't do that any more!" she pleaded. Her face was contorted with pain and she was crying a stream of tears as she spoke.

But the woman paid her to mind. Instead she thrust her leg forward, sticking her foot under Gloria's face. Hilda rubbed her shoe into the girl's face and commanded, "Lick it, slave bitch! Lick my shoe!"

Gloria couldn't believe that anyone could be so mean and sadistic. She wanted to tell the woman to go to hell, but just as she was about to speak, the evil birch cane fell across her shoulders again. The pain was unbearable, and the girl knew that she had to give in to Hilda's demented and perverse demand. Her tongue fucked clit, and she licked the dust from the woman's shoe. She felt sick to her stomach, but she didn't want to give Hilda any excuse to whip her any more.

Hilda laughed demonically. "Shoelicker! But that's enough of that, slave bitch! Now, you get to taste my sweet cunt, you lucky little slut! Up on your knees and worship my twat! Now!"

Gloria raised herself painfully to her knees and spoke weakly: "Please, please don't make me do that."

"Eat it! Eat my cunt, slave bitch!" the wicked Hilda commanded harshly. "Lick my pussy real nice now, or I'll give you another taste of my cane! Suck my cunt!" She grabbed Gloria by the back of her head and pulled her face into her steaming cunt. She rubbed her pussy into the girls mouth, jerking forward in the chair. "Lick it now!" she ordered as the cane descended again and again on the girl's naked shoulders.

The pain was top terrible for her to bear much longer, and Gloria wanted to conserve some of her strength in case a chance to escape availed itself. Resignedly, she bent her head forward and lapped tentatively at the woman's hot cunt.

As soon as her tongue flicked across Hilda's clit, the woman's pussy began to churn up cuntjuice. The sexy response came so quickly and unexpectedly that Gloria was shocked.

"Lick my cunt, slave bitch! Yeah! Ohhhhhh, yeah!"

The wicked woman, shoved her cunt into Gloria's mouth, rubbing her slick gleaming pussy-lips across the kneeling tortured girl's lips. She wriggled her hips frantically as she luxuriated, stretching back comfortably in the chair and reveling in the joyous sensations that came from having her juicy cunt sucked worshipfully by the frightened naked girl.

Hilda relished the fact that she was dominating the cuntsucking girl. Her angry and reckless attitude increased, and she whipped the obedient girl, lashing her naked shoulders with the cane when she least expected to be hit. As the cane cracked across the girl's back, Hilda cackled like a witch. She gloried in her power, and her ecstatic contortions increased the pressure that was building in her clit. Her pussy convulsed and spumed as the abused young girl worked her tongue in and out of her cunt.

"My clit! Suck my clit, you asshole! That's what I want now!" Hilda commanded in a cruel and demanding voice. She pushed the girl's head down further with the end of the birch cane, positioning Gloria's sucking mouth directly over her erect clit.

Gloria ached from the whipping. At this point, she would obey any command to avoid being struck by the cane again. Her tongue snaked timidly out of her mouth, and she lapped Hilda's stiff clit-button. She could feel Hilda's clit throb and twitch against her tongue, and cuntjuice streamed from the woman's hot churning pussy. She felt Hilda thrust her hips forward a little and, sensing that she had tossed her head back and could not at the moment look down at her, Gloria stole a glance up at the demented woman's contorted face.

She was stunned to see that Hilda was rubbing her full tits, pinching her nipples between her fingers. A hot, dreamy look came over her face as she immersed herself in unrestrained lust. Peering lower, Gloria watched the woman's tight stomach muscles working, pumping in and out furiously as Hilda writhed about uncontrollably in the chair. Then the girl's gaze fell upon a closer target -- Hilda's cunt!

She tickled the woman's clit with quick, flicking tongue-lashes, using the very tip of her long tongue to stimulate the woman's button.

Hilda's cunthair was soaked with pussyjuice. This was one hot bitch! Gloria thought as she licked the woman's throbbing clit, raking her tongue across her cunt-slit.

Suddenly, the inexperienced young girl began to feel hot. She tried to fight it off, but all of the signs were unmistakable -- her cunt was getting hot and juicy, and a familiar tingling sensation welled up in her pussy.

How in the world could she get turned on by sucking this nasty woman's cunt? She tried to put these disconcerting thoughts into the back of her mind as she resumed concentrating on sucking Hilda's clit. But she noticed that her cuntsucking seemed somehow morel willing -- almost eager. She enjoyed the fact that she was turning Hilda on so much.

Gripping Hilda's taut asscheeks, she plunged her face into the woman's cunt and sucked at her clit, slurping down the woman's cuntjuice as she went about the vile but erotically exciting task of eating Hilda's pussy. "Oh! Oh! Ohhhh!" Hilda responded. Her pussy contracted and she bounced about on the chair, her cunt pressed hard into Gloria's mouth. "Yeah! Goddamn good little slit sucker! Shit! You know what... you're doing... my little... slave... bitch!"

Gloria worked feverishly to bring the woman to the point of climax. Her tongue slid deep into Hilda's cunt, then eagerly lapped at the woman's glistening pussy-lips. Ever so gently, she gripped Hilda's cuntlips between her teeth and pulled the sensitive skin away from her cuntal sheath.

At first she was afraid that, she might hurt Hilda's cunt, but Hilda obviously loved this lewd type of stimulation. The woman gasped with erotic pleasure and writhed about freely in the chair, using sexual body language to express her profound approval of what Gloria was doing.

Gloria found that she derived a strange sense of satisfaction that she could manage to satisfy and stimulate such a sexually oriented woman as Hilda. Inwardly, she complimented herself on her ability to suck the woman's cunt so expertly.

She returned to the woman's clit next, wrapping her lips around it, pulling the erect, throbbing clit away from her cunt, holding it tightly between her lips, and after a few seconds, allowing it to snap back into its fleshy cuntal sheath.

Hilda responded eagerly to this lewd manner of sexual stimulation, gasping for breath, grunting with pleasure, emitting a series of short moans that excited Gloria and goaded her on.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Yes! Yes! That's... oh so good! Yes, my slave bitch! Yes! Oh!"

The woman jerked back and forth, but allowed Gloria to control most of the heated action. She no longer gave instructions, but merely lay back -- twitching, jerking and moaning -- and enjoyed Gloria's licking, lapping and sucking mouth. And much to Gloria's surprise, she enjoyed it, too!

"Mmmmppphhh! Aaaggghhh! Yeah! God, yes!" Hilda blurted. She grunted with obscene delight at having her cunt sucked so eagerly and expertly.

Her cunt was moving forward rapidly now, pummeling quickly into Gloria's sucking mouth. She was cumming, and Gloria increased the speed of her cuntsucking.

"Ohhh! Yes! Suck my cunt, you slit-sucking whore! Lick my twat! Worship my twat, slave bitch! Eat my pussy up! Eat it up! Eat it! I-I'm... c-c-cumming!"

Hilda's orgasm rocked her. Her sexual desires were at a fever pitch as she hunched her hips, pressing her cunt forward so that her cuntlips were engulfed by Gloria's sucking mouth. She was filled with lust as her clit throbbed with intense excitement.

Gloria was turned on by the way that Hilda cursed as she came. It was perverse and humiliating, but nevertheless it made Gloria hot. She felt good inside, satisfied with herself for the fantastic job she had done sucking the woman's juicy cunt. Hilda was such a sexy bitch that Gloria imagined it was a major accomplishment to suck the woman to an intense orgasm. And somehow, when Hilda spoke crudely to her, it heightened her own passion. She nibbled at Hilda's pink clitbutton as the woman writhed about in the lovely thrill of climax.

Hilda gasped, moaned, grunted and snorted. Then her muscles loosened and she collapsed in the chair.

Planting one final worshipful kiss on the woman's lovely cuntmound, lathered up with pussy-nectar and saliva, Gloria sat back on her haunches and looked admiringly into the woman's face. Hilda's eyes were closed and her nostrils were flared as she breathed deeply. She cocked her chin haughtily and luxuriated in the relaxing sensations that washed over her.

As Gloria gazed awe-struck into Hilda's rapturous and beautiful face, she tried to sort out her conflicting emotions. When she had sucked Hilda's cunt, she had been transformed into an eager and willing clit-snapping, cuntsucking sex-slave, whose pleasure was derived from eating the woman's pussy to a thrilling climax. She wasn't pleased with her own lewd behavior, and she was as confused as could be. There had to be some explanation, and as she stared into the contented face of the resting woman, she thought that she could understand.

Hilda was a real woman -- all woman. This gorgeous perfumed beauty was in the absolute peak of lovely physical condition. She was a sexual savage who, it seemed, enjoyed greater ecstasies, unimaginable passions, deeper spasms, longer agonies than most mortal women could possibly know. Her arrogant physical and sexual confidence was proudly displayed in her haughty demeanor and domineering character, which came to her naturally.

Hilda's eyes flickered and she rubbed them as though she were waking from a dream. She sighed sensuously and peered down at Gloria. The kneeling girl thought that she sensed a momentary glimpse of sympathy from the woman -- a flash of understanding and, dare she even think it -- love.

"Did... did you like it?" Gloria asked timidly. "Did you like the way I sucked your cunt?" She longed for approval in the worst way.

Hilda simply sneered, baring half of her teeth, which glistened white mid perfect in the light. She thrust her foot into Gloria's face and rubbed the sole of her shoe across the girl's mouth.

"You have my cuntjuice all over your lips, slave bitch," she said cruelly as she wiped the sole of her shoe in Gloria's face.

Gloria felt like a damn fool. Hilda was just as sadistic and evil as before. The beautiful raven-haired bitch gloried in her power, and was never at a loss for ways to abuse and humiliate Gloria. She cried and sat motionless on the floor, enduring her degradation.

"What the hell's the matter with you, slave bitch?" Hilda demanded as she swiftly stood up.

The girl gave her a sad, forced smile. "Nothing. I'm just confused, that's all."

"Well, pull yourself together, slut. Get up and follow me, or you'll taste my cane again. You wouldn't want another whipping, would you?"

"No, I wouldn't want tat," Gloria said as she rose from the floor.

Smack! Smack! Three powerful openhanded blows, sent Gloria crashing back to the floor. She hit with a dull thud. It seemed that no matter what she did, she was destined to be ill-treated.

"Follow me on your hands and knees, slave bitch! That's how all of the students get around the Academy -- on their hands and knees. If you're caught standing, you'll be severely punished. Now crawl behind me! I'm taking you to your first class, and you're already late, you foolish girl."

Hilda broke out laughing as she strolled down the hallway, with Gloria crawling on her hands and knees behind her.


Upon crawling into the room where her first class was to be held, Gloria was taken aback to see what was happening. It was a shocking sight that set her heart to racing.

Two young girls were locked into heavy wooden stocks. The medieval devices consisted of thick bonds with three holes cut into them. Their heads were stuck through the middle holes, and their hands were stuck through two smaller holes on either side. They appeared to be kneeling, but from Gloria's point of view, all she could see were their anguished, tortured faces and their sweaty hands.

It was an awesome and frightening sight to behold, and Gloria flinched and shook violently. What in the world was going on here? she wondered.

Her eyes lit on the imposing figure of the would-be teacher, who obviously dominated the strange scene. He was tall and well-built. He had medium-long styled hair and was hard muscled with the powerful arms of a professional athlete. His eyes were dark and penetrating as he looked in Gloria's direction and caught her stunned expression. He had an arrogant sneer on a face that was quite handsome in a rugged sort of way. He exuded extreme self-confidence and appeared smug and proud of his healthy body and handsome features.

Gloria realized that the man must have spent a great deal of time exercising and lifting weights. Such bodies come from exertion and a daily regimen designed expressly, to build huge muscles. He carried a long rubber-tipped stick -- the type that teachers use to point out things on blackboards.

"Well, hello there, young lady," he said. His eyes roamed up and down her lithe naked body, taking in her firm tits, taut asscheeks and succulent cunt. His lecherous, shining eyes glowed with obvious satisfaction as he appraised her body. "You're rather well-endowed for a young girl. What's your name, sweetie?"

"Gloria," she answered politely.

She tried to size up the bizarre scene. This man was treating her rather nicely, but when she glanced over at the girls who were bound in the stocks, she knew that this was not a kind fellow. Even so, his pleasant manner seemed to catch her off-guard. Perhaps he liked her and wouldn't treat her as rudely as he did the others.

"Well, Gloria, welcome to the class. My name is Mr. Bradford." Turning to address the girls who were locked into the stocks, he instructed calmly, "Say hello to Gloria, girls."

"Hello, Gloria," they said in unison.

Gloria smiled weakly, shrugging her shoulders in acknowledgement of their greeting. When she looked closely, Gloria noticed that the other girls lips and cheeks appeared to be coated with some sticky, shiny liquid which had apparently dried on their faces. Their cute faces showed extreme embarrassment and docility.

She wondered what was going on in this bizarre classroom. A large assortment of strange-looking devices lined the walls and filled a table which was pushed into a darkened corner. A harsh light shone down from the ceiling, flooding the center of the room with heat. The girls in the stocks were perspiring profusely and seemed to be quite uncomfortable. It looked very painful the way they were restrained, immobile in the stocks.

"Step this way, Gloria," Bradford instructed coolly.

He led her toward the bound girls and introduced them as Sharon and Madge. Both girls had short tangled hair, damp from sweat and hanging in total disarray. They smiled meekly and nodded when they were introduced.

"I was just teaching Sharon and Madge the proper way to suck a man's cock. Isn't that right, girls?"

"Yes, Mr. Bradford," they replied, again speaking in unison.

"They've learned the basics and are quite adept at cocksucking. Now, Gloria, suppose you give it a try."

Gloria was flabbergasted. It didn't seem possible that he could discuss such a crude topic as cocksucking with such a calm, soothing voice. She didn't know what to think or say. Her face was contorted with confusion and her heart skipped a beat. Did he really want her to suck his prick, right then and there, in front of Sharon and Madge? Was the seemingly pleasant and gentlemanly Mr. Bradford as evil and diabolical as the other people that she had met at the Academy?

Gloria didn't have to wait long for an answer.

"Get down on your knees, Gloria. You're going to suck my prick, whether you like it or not. Disobey me and I'll lock, you up in the stocks like the others. Down! Now!"

Reluctantly, she knelt before Mr. Bradford. She wore a horrified expression, and a big dewy teat formed at the corner of her eye as the ugly reality of the situation finally dawned on her. Bradford was intent on forcing her to suck his cock, and she was obliged to obey or be thrust into the dreadful stocks. "Unzip my trousers!" he commanded in an icy tone.

Her trembling fingers came up, gripped the man's zipper and pulled it down. She was quivering from head to toe.

"Take out my cock!"

She hastened to obey his vile command, reaching inside his pants and gently tugging out his thick, meaty prick. His cock flopped out and dangled obscenely in front of her startled eyes. As expected, the man had a healthy, large cock, the tip of which was round and solid. His prick appeared to be partially hard, but Gloria had no way of knowing for sure. She looked closely at his lengthy, sinewy cockshaft. Rope-like veins ran the length of his cock. The veins seemed thicker and longer than any she had seen before. His cock kind of frightened her.

"Take my prick and stroke it, Gloria!"

She hefted his cock in her palm and with her other hand began to finger his prick, running her soft hand along the entire length of his tumescent cock, fondling it gently.

All of a sudden, Bradford raised the rubber tipped stick and brought it down with a crack across her bare shoulders, whacking her twice in quick succession.

Gloria screeched and flinched as the stunning blows struck her. She gasped in pain and outrage and fell backward, releasing his cock and sliding down to the floor, trying to evade the next blow. She failed to move swiftly enough, and as the stick struck her again, she slumped over. She rolled over onto her belly and the stick cracked across her asscheeks, the muscles of which flexed and pulsed under the beating.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! He was beating her relentlessly, mercilessly.

"You stupid cunt!" he snorted. "Stupid fucking slut! You're no smarter than those other two assholes. Get up on your knees and suck my prick! Now!"

She raised herself painfully to her knees and looked into the cold, grimacing face of Mr. Bradford, who stepped forward, his prick wagging obscenely. Quickly she bent her head and went about the vile task of sucking Bradford's stiffening prick. He was getting very excited, and when she stoic a quick glance at his face, she saw him smirking, reveling in his dominant role.

"Suck my cock, you dumb cunt! And suck it right, or you'll be sorry! Suck!"

Gloria emitted a piteous, frightened moan as she leaned in and wrapped her ruby lips around Bradford's bulbous cockhead.

His virile cock began to throb the moment her lips touched it. It began to harden at once from the stimulation of her lips. She could actually feel the thick, rope-like veins on his cockshaft filling with blood from the heated excitement of her mouth.

Bradford's cock seemed to be hanging from a stallion instead of a mere mortal man. It had to be over a foot long when it was stiff, and maybe four inches in circumference.

"Yeah, that's right," he said throatily. "Get into sucking my prick, bitch!"

He began to pump his cock savagely into her sucking mouth, impaling her on his raging, hard blue-veined cock. For a moment, the only sound that could be heard was the slapping of his turgid cock between her lips.

"Give me a good blowjob and things will go easier on you, slut! Suck my cock lovingly, you little oversexed whore!"

Every muscle in his body tensed as he plunged his prick in and out of her wet mouth. She gripped his cock between her lips and sucked harder, doing her vtry best to please the man. Her mouth was wide open, but it took great effort and she endured tremendous pain from his mighty cock stretching her small mouth.

Bradford smirked triumphantly, panting and grunting crudely as he face-fucked the helpless girl who knelt abjectly before him, her mouth filled to the brim with his rock-hard cock. He face-fucked her rapidly, ramming his prick forward relentlessly, pitilessly, mercilessly. He pressed his balls against her chin as she licked and sucked his cockshaft in earnest, hating every moment of it, feeling degraded and humiliated at being forced to do such an obscene thing.

Gloria was filled with self-loathing for being caught in the web of such a disgusting and perverted situation, over which she had no control.

"Suck it! Suck my cock, you rotten little pig! Suck my prick until I cum in your mouth, whore!" he rasped as he brutally and painfully fucked his cock in and out of her slurping mouth.

He watched her lips work on his prick as he snickered at the terrified look in the girl's tear filled eyes, forcing her to suck his bloated prick as it pulsated from the rivers of hot, scorching blood that raced through the wide veins on his stalk.

Blushing furiously, Gloria stared at the thick base of his cockshaft and felt utterly debased as she watched his meaty shaft of prick-meat slicing between her sucking lips. His balls flapped lewdly under her chin. The damp pungent odor of his heated crotch filled her nostrils as she sucked his mighty prick. She deftly worked her tongue around his bloated prick-tip, tickling his cockslit with fucking motions that caused the man to tense his thigh muscles and gasp with erotic delight.

"Yeah! That's right, bitch! Do a good sucking job on my prick, you filthy harlot! Give me a good blowjob, bitch!"

His swollen, turgid cock pounded like a piston into her slurping mouth, raking along the insides of her mouth and stretching her oral cavity to the maximum. He was screaming wildly, screams of passion and pleasure that shook his entire body and made his cock throb and bob about in her mouth.

His cock grew larger and larger, until the very tip of his prick began to wedge its way into her throat, cutting off her air.

She gagged but kept sucking. She knew damn well that if she suddenly stopped sucking his prick, he would resume beating her with the stick. She definitely wanted no part of that, so she stifled back the urge to gag and kept right on sucking. She was turning green and looked for all the world as if she wanted to throw up.

Licking along Bradford's blood-engorged cock-stalk, she managed to gasp in a few quick breaths of air, and that kept her from retching. She knew, however, that she couldn't keep sucking much longer. Her jaws ached terribly from being stretched by the onslaught of Bradford's rampaging prick.

"I love it, bitch!" he shouted. "Yeah! Urnmmppphhh! Aaaggghhh! Yeah! Good fucking blowjob! Suck it! Suck my cock!"

The incredibly thick head of his prick rammed into her throat and she gasped. It seemed physically impossible for her to be sucking the entire length of his rock-hard prick, and she felt curiously proud of herself for being able to accomplish so bizarre an anatomical feat. She had gotten over the initial shock and revulsion at being so rudely exploited and abused. Now, although she still hated Bradford for making her suck his turgid cock, she found herself getting into the blowjob, trying new and different ways of sucking his prick. Tickling the tip of his cock, as he drove his thick and lengthy cock-shaft into her mouth, she could feel his muscles flex and hear him moan lustily. His thighs were tightened and his sinews stuck out boldly on his twitching legs.

Gloria flushed with excitement and continued her lewd sexual ministrations, sucking his prick with unbridled passion, fucking her wet, hot tongue across his throbbing prick-tip and running her tongue along the length of his cockshaft. She tongue-massaged the big, thick blue vein that ran from the base of his cock to the edge of his cock-knob just under his prick. The base of his prick pumped blood toward his cockhead, which was now swollen, turgid, hot and hard. She pressed her tongue against the sensitive blue vein and raked her teeth gently across his throbbing cock-meat.

He gasped and moaned long and low in response to the blowjob. "Ohhhh! Hot fucking damn! That's it! Shit! Fuck! Piss! Go for it, bitch! Suck my prick! I'm... I'm almost there!"

He pushed forward with a brutal cock thrust that filed her mouth. His balls slapped her chin and dangled obscenely from his crotch, emitting that strange pungent aroma that she had noticed earlier. It smelled sweet and sexy, and she increased her long wet slide up his turgid cock.

His body suddenly tensed and with one final lurch forward, Bradford shot his load of cum into her mouth.

The force of the blast of jism into her mouth shook Gloria furiously, but with great determination, she managed to keep her lips clamped tightly around his spewing cock. She leaned forward and gulped down his scalding flood of jism eagerly, slurping at the tip of his bloated cock-knob, milking the cum from it.

"Unnnggghhh! Unnnggghhh!" he grunted and panted, every muscle in his body rigid, his eyeballs bulging out from the pressure of the orgasm. His body twitched with passionate pleasure and he rocked back and forth on his heels as Gloria slurped down his heavy load of sticky cum.

When his cock twitched violently, signaling her that his balls and cock had been emptied of jism, she relaxed her vise-like grip on his prick and slipped her mouth off of his seeping cock.

"That was nice," he complimented her. "Now, make sure you've drunk all of my cum. Lick the tip of my prick. You wouldn't want to waste any of my jizz, would you?"

Gloria nodded in agreement and lapped the oozing cum from the end of his cock, tonguing his piss-slit lasciviously, tasting his salty jism, swirling it around in her mouth and swallowing it.

"Well, what do you say, Gloria?" Bradford asked with a cruel sneer pasted to his handsome face.

Picking up the cue, she quickly responded: "Thank you, Mr. Bradford."

"Good girl," he said with a smile as he grabbed her arm and led her across the room.

Methodically, he opened one of the stocks and removed Madge. She seemed quite thankful to be so unexpectedly granted freedom from the restraining stock. Rubbing her stiff sore neck, she stepped aside and knelt on the floor next to Bradford.

"Get in," he instructed Gloria. "You must spend some time in the stocks now." His cold, authoritative voice sounded ominous ad serious.

"B-but, I thought..."

"Fuck you, bitch! I don't give a flying fuck what you thought! Now do what I say!"

Gloria put her hands through the hand-slots and placed her head into position, and Bradford closed and locked the stocks in place. He laughed loudly and sauntered out of the room, pulling up the zipper on his trousers. Madge followed him obediently, crawling on her hands and knees.


Gobs of cum leaked obscenely from her pussy hole. She felt unclean.

"All right, let's go, Gloria," Uncle Richard said calmly as he stepped into the room a few moments later. He unhooked the stocks and pulled Gloria to her feet.

She looked terrible. Her pretty hair was a mess, and her body ached from being confined in the stocks. She shot her Uncle Richard a look of loathing. He responded by slapping her across the face, jarring her teeth with the wicked blow.

"What the fuck's your problem, cunt?" he snorted. "I just took you out of the stocks and you look at me like I'm the devil or something. You should be more grateful."

Gloria had no patience left. She was prepared to speak her mind, no matter what sort of punishment she would receive.

"You fucking bastard!" she hissed. "How could you keep me in this evil place? My God!"

Uncle Richard smiled, puffed on his cigar and replied, "Well, Gloria. You must have had it coming." He shrugged and shoved her roughly to the floor. "Now I'll have to clean you off, damnit! Shit, girl, you're more trouble than you're worth."

He stepped over to the corner of the room, unraveled a garden hose, screwed it into a faucet and turned the water on full-blast.

The water splashed all over her body, and Gloria shivered from the cold. Goose-bumps formed on her flesh as the man hosed her down.

"Spread your legs, bitch," he snarled. "You want to get your cunt all cleaned up, don't you?"

"Yes," she quickly blurted.

Perhaps if her pussy were washed out, she wouldn't feel so creepy. As she spread her thighs apart, exposing her cunt, Uncle Richard stepped forward and without hesitation rammed the nozzle into her cunt. The water splashed into her pussy, shooting in concentrated streams. It hurt terribly, and she flinched and waved her arms in the air, gesturing for the man to stop.

"Let's get your cunt real good and clean," he said cruelly as he began shoving the nozzle deep into her cunt.

Gloria flailed about on the floor, but no matter how fast she moved, her Uncle kept air top of her, shoving the nozzle deeper and deeper into her cunt.

He kept shouting at her as he pumped the nozzle of the hose into her pussy: "Yeah, let's get your cunt all cleaned up, bitch! We can't have you walking around with your pussy filled up with cum, can we?"

"That's enough! Please!" she shrieked as the hose pummeled her pussy, washing cold water through her cunt and causing her to shiver from the cold, wet jet-stream that coursed through her young, abused cunt.

Finally, Uncle Richard pulled the hose out of her cunt and turned off the water. He laughed and puffed on his cigar.

"My, my, Gloria. You look like hell again. Shit! It seems like every time I see you, you've just been raped. You just never learn, do you? You just can't keep your cunt away from cocks!"

"What are you talking about?" she responded. "Good God, Uncle Richard! Have you gone absolutely insane?"

Uncle Richard's face flushed with anger and resentment. His features hardened and he stepped forward, kicking the girl in the side.

She flinched in pain and rolled over, clutching her aching side. The pain from the kick was unbelievable. She saw stars and blacked out for a moment.

When she came to, the pain began to subside and she felt a firm tugging on her neck. She was stunned to discover that her uncle had put a dog collar on her. He stood over her, tugging her by the leash he held in his hand.

"You seem to like to behave like an animal, so you'll simply have to be treated like one," he snorted as he tugged on the leash and pulled her forward.

The dollar bit into her neck, and she scrambled forward on her hands and knees.

"Where... where are you taking me?" she asked meekly as she fought back her tears.

"To the torture rack, where you'll be severely punished for your lewd behavior," he replied coldly.

She bit her lip and broke out crying. What more could they do to her?

The torture chamber that housed the rack was a dreadful-looking place. Located in the basement of the mansion, the chamber room was like a medieval dungeon. The walls were of gray stone, several feet thick. A small window with steel bars was the only way for air to get into the room. In the center of the torture chamber was a long, heavy wooden table with rods at either end and a crank used to pull the rods apart, thus stretching the unlucky victim.

Gloria gasped with fear as her eyes took in the dreadful diabolical rack. "Y-you're not gonna put me on that thing, are you?" she said, wide-eyed.

"Why, yes, my dear little niece. You must be punished, and this is as a good a way as any. After you're tortured on the rack, perhaps your behavior will improve."

Uncle Richard had a threatening leer on his heavy face. He walked over to a control panel and pushed an intercom button.

Leaning forward, he spoke into a hidden microphone: "Maxwell, this is Richard Havermayer. I have your newest student down here in the dungeon. She must be punished for her filthy behavior. I think you'd enjoy assisting me."

"I'll be right down," Maxwell said through the loudspeaker.

Gloria didn't like the tone of Maxwell's voice. She imagined that the cruel headmaster was rubbing his hands together with evil delight as he thought of torturing her.

"Okay, Gloria, climb upon the rack," Uncle Richard instructed coolly. "Don't be difficult, now."

"You're out of your ever-loving mind!" she screamed. She backed around the rack and out of reach.

Uncle Richard strode purposefully to a wooden cabinet, opened it, and took out a cat-of-nine-tails -- the most menacing torture implement Gloria had ever seen. Nine thick black leather thongs hung from the end of a heavy leather handle that was a foot and a half long. He fondled the nine thongs in his hand, running the leather strands through his fingers.

Staring at Gloria with half-glazed eyes that were slitted like razorblades, he stepped forward and lashed out at her with the whip.

She dodged the first whip-stroke, but she was not quick enough and the cat-of-nine-tails slashed across her tits.

"Owwwwwww!" she shrieked as the whip landed on her naked ripe tits. Her sensitive nipples stiffened and pointed skyward at the touch of the leather tendrils. "Stop it, Uncle Richard! You don't know what you're doing!"

"I know exactly what I'm doing," he replied as he whipped her repeatedly. The cat-of-nine-tails slashed across her naked tits with brutal force. "Yeah, I love it!" Uncle Richard shrieked with glee. He was in a frenzy as he whipped his wretched captive.

Gloria looked into her Uncle Richard's icy cold eyes. They told her that she was wasting her time with vain pleas for mercy. Her Uncle Richard relished whipping her. He looked like a madman, driven with diabolical lust and sadistic passion. Driven with the urge to whip and humiliate his niece.

Again and again the evil whip slashed across her tits. She flinched with every blew. Her face flushed with pain and her muscles twitched as she steeled herself to receive the lashing strokes from the horrid whip.

Dashing around the rack, she managed to escape the man's next blow. She leaped onto the rack, jumped down on the other side and had a clear path to the door of the dungeon, which was partially ajar.

Her eyes lit on the door and she dashed toward it, looking back and seeing her Uncle Richard stumbling and falling hard on the floor in his haste to thwart her escape.


Once outside, she stopped for an instant to catch her breath and decide which way to run. To her left was a dead-end. She was forced to turn right and take her chances. She spun on her heels and ran forward about ten yards, then dashed around the corner -- running right into the arms of the headmaster, Mr. Maxwell.

"Well, well," he sneered as he gripped her arms and squeezed her biceps cruelly. "What have we here? Gloria, are you trying to escape? That isn't a very smart thing to do."

Moments later, Maxwell dragged the horror-stricken captive into the dungeon.

"Look what I found outside," he said to Uncle Richard. "Your naughty little niece... she was trying to run away."

"That little cunt is really gonna get it now!" Uncle Richard rasped. "She thinks she can get the best of me, but she's got another thing coming. Let's bind her to the rack."

"Okay by me," Maxwell replied.

Together, they lifted her onto the rack and strapped her wrists and ankles to the rods at either end of the heavy wooden torture table, binding her face-down on the rack.

Gloria sobbed and shook her head saying: "Please! Please don't butt me," she whimpered piteously. "I'm sorry I tried to run. Please forgive me."

"It's a little late for apologies, Gloria," Maxwell said with a broad grin. "We're gonna stretch you out a little."

Uncle Richard cranked the handle. Gloria's body became taut. Her muscles were stretched and stuck out in bold relief on her naked body. The pain was intense.

"Ohhhh, God! It hurts so much! No more... please!" she wailed.

But the men paid her pleas of anguish no attention. They cranked the handle until she was stretched tightly, spread-eagled and naked on the rack.

Gloria didn't think she could stand the agonizing pain much longer.

Then, Maxwell pulled out a paddle made of oak. He smiled lecherously and brought it down hard on her asscheeks. Whap! Whap! Whap! The paddle smacked her supple ass, causing her flesh to jiggle and redden under the blows.

"My God! My God! The pain! It's... it's unbearable. Stop! Please!" she shrieked.

"Yeah, give it to her good, Maxwell," Uncle Richard said. "Whip her ass! Give the little bitch a good paddling!"

"You bet," Maxwell replied enthusiastically as he struck her quivering asscheeks with the paddle.

Gloria's ass-flesh was burning up from the relentless paddling. Her ass was held in place on the rack, and she was stretched out so far that she was unable to move. Painful sensations coursed through her body and exploded in her tortured brain.

Her tormentors were loving every minute of the beating that they were giving her, and she feared that they would never stop. Her face was flushed a crimson red and tears poured down her cheeks.

Good God! she thought. Will this nightmare ever end?

Whap! Whap! Whap!

"Owwwww!" She let out a long, loud, blood-curdling scream of pain and terror.

Suddenly, the beating stopped. As she slowly came to her senses, she felt her Uncle Richard moving a thick, hard steel object into her cunt. The object slid past her cuntlips, spreading the flaps of her juicy pussy. Her cunt-muscles constricted involuntarily, but Uncle Richard kept shoving the steel object up her pussy. Inch by inch, it wormed its way into her cunt. It felt cold, thick and hard.

What in the world was it? She was afraid to ask, but her unspoken question had to be answered.

"How does it feel to have a cattle prod shoved up your cunt, Gloria?" her Uncle Richard asked lewdly.

"Ohhhh, nooo!" she cried. "You can't do that to me! You... you'll kill me! Please! Stop!"

"No way, slut," Maxwell chimed in, his voice husky with lust. "You deserve to have your pussy fired-up by the prods."

She couldn't believe that the evil men would really turn the electric cattle prod on while it was imbedded in her pussy. The mere thought of such a wicked torture made her flinch and shudder. But she knew that Maxwell and Uncle Richard were sinister and sadistic men, capable of just about anything.

Uncle Richard worked the thick blunt tip of the cattle prod up her tight cunt, ramming it slowly along her pussy-channel and jiggling the instrument so that it would slide all the way up her cunthole. The cold metal that touched her tender pussylips made her shiver and flinch as the cattle prod probed deeper and deeper into her cunt, opening her pussyslit wide to accommodate the crude instrument. Finally, the prod was buried to the hilt in the depths of her cunt.

"Now she's ready for the full treatment," Maxwell said coldly. "She'll really love this."

"You can't do this!" she screamed.

Tears poured down her contorted face and dripped onto the rack. In her fright, she almost blocked out the pain which coursed through her stretched body. But her wrists and ankles hurt terribly from the straps which bound her, cutting into her tender flesh.

"Hit it!" Maxwell exclaimed.

Uncle Richard hit the switch. A bolt of electricity spread through her cunt, and she screamed in agony. She writhed and twisted in desperation on the dreadful, stretching rack. She felt as if an electric eel were worming around inside her tight cunt. The pain was endless and unbearable as she shook and jerked spasmodically, a look of undisguised terror on her contorted face.

Suddenly, the pain lessened until she felt a thin trickle of electricity streaming through her tight young cunt, rippling across her cuntlips and flashing along her taut cuntwalls. She much preferred the steady stream of light shocking electricity to the big jolt she had received before. But she was no longer in control of her body. It was as though some strange demon had entered her cunt and made her twitch obscenely.

Her cunt began to seep pussy-juice from the electric stimulation that tickled her tingling clit. She remembered that dampness served to conduct electricity. She concentrated all of her energy on trying to stop her aunt from churning up cunt-butter -- but it was a futile gesture. Her pussy was boiling from the tingling sensations that coursed through her tight cunt.

She felt helpless. Her eyes were bugging out of her head, and she grimaced and winced in pain as the cattle prod stimulated her cunt obscenely and brutally. She sobbed and flailed about in agony on the evil torture rack.

Above her, the two men chuckled and made lewd remarks: "Look at tile hot little cunt! She's dripping with cuntjuice. She loves the cattle prod. Hot damn! The little slut is digging the hell out of it!"

"Yeah, she's all hot and horny, the little piglet," said Maxwell as he strode forward. He shucked off his pants and stood before the frightened girl, his cock wagging obscenely in front of him, his balls hanging down. "Give me a good blowjob and I'll tell your Uncle Richard to turn the cattle prod off," he said with a wicked, thin-lipped sneer.

"All right! I'll do it! Please... please turn that awful thing off. My cunt is burning up!"

"Are you sure, Gloria?" he taunted. "Tell me how much you want to suck my prick."

"I want to suck your cock. Please let me give you a blowjob, Mr. Maxwell. I'm dying to give you a blowjob! Please!"

Maxwell stepped forward, gripped his flaccid prick and rubbed his cock over the girl's lips. He smiled appreciatively as her tongue lashed out and licked the tip of his soft prick, causing his cock-knob to bob and turn red as blood gushed along the rope-like veins on his cock and into his bloated cock-knob.

"Okay, she's going to cooperate. Turn off the prod," he told Uncle Richard with a self-assured nod.

Gloria gasped with relief as the electric current stopped coursing through her pussy. "Ohhhh, thank you," she said. "Thank you so much."

Her cunt spasmed for a few moments as the aftershock dwindled and died away.

"Suck my cock, slut!" Maxwell hissed as he slid his prick between her lips.

A dreamy look appeared on the headmaster's face as she licked his cock-stalk, running her tongue along his prick and flicking her tongue under his sensitive, bloated crimson cockhead. He flexed the muscles in his thighs and pressed forward, puffing his hands on her head and shoving her mouth down on his stiff prick.

"Yeah, go to it, cocksucker," he taunted lewdly. "Suck my cock nice and hard! Ummmmm! Yeah! Shit! Fuck!"

His hips jerked forward and his body swayed back and forth as he responded to her lapping tongue as it stimulated his prick. Maxwell's cock swelled inside her sucking mouth and he moaned crudely.

Gloria slurped his cock-knob deep into her mouth and flicked her tongue along his mighty cockshaft as he face-fucked her. Gulping and slurping and licking and lapping at his hard cock as it grew swiftly in her mouth, Gloria heard Uncle Richard grunting lewdly and pulling down the zipper on his trousers.

She wondered what he was planning to do to her. Since she was busy sucking Maxwell's cock and her body was stretched to the limit facing down on the rack, she knew that it would be virtually impossible for the man to fuck her cunt. But what else could Uncle Richard have in mind?

The wicked cattle prod was pulled from her tight cunt, making a lewd sucking noise as her cuntlips gripped at the hard, thick instrument of torture. Her pussy was still burning up from being electrocuted by the nasty cattle prod, and she still had no control over her spasming cunt-muscles. Perhaps Uncle Richard was going to jerk off while he watched her suck Maxwell's cock. Surely there was nothing else he could do to her at the moment.

"Suck my cock, bitch! You're not paying enough attention to your job, slut! Suck my prick!"

Maxwell pushed her head down and shoved his cock deeper into her hot, slurping mouth. She was doing her best to please the wicked, sinister man, but her mind was wandering, thinking about what her Uncle Richard was planning to do. She put her Uncle Richard out of her mind and concentrated on giving Maxwell a good blowjob.

His prick was throbbing and bouncing about inside her mouth as she licked and lapped his huge prick. Maxwell rocked back and forth on his heels and plunging his cock into her sucking mouth. His huge clenched balls slapped at her throat as he grunted and plummeted forward, impaling her mouth with his mighty, throbbing, blue-veined cock.

Suddenly, Gloria's eyes bugged out and her hips quivered. Her sphincter muscles tightened instinctively. She spit Maxwell's cock out of her mouth and screamed, "Uncle Richard! What... what are you doing to my asshole?"

"Finger-fucking it, you dumb slut!" he responded crudely as he worked his middle finger past her constricted ring of asshole muscles. "We've got to get your ass ready for fucking, Gloria. One can't be too careful about breaking in a virgin asshole, and I assume that yours is virgin. Am I right?"

"Y-yes!" she blurted. "But..."

Maxwell was impatient. He twined her hair around his powerful fingers and pulled her down roughly, gyrating his hips and pushing his rock-hard cock into her mouth.

"I said to suck my cock, you stupid fucking wench. Do you want to feel the cattle prod reaming out your cunt again?"

Gloria shook her head vigorously and resumed sucking his hard, stiff prick, slurping his cock between her ruby lips and deep into her mouth. Maxwell tugged at her hair, and her scalp ached from the rough treatment. She sucked his cock as hard and as fast as possible, slurping lewdly as it sluiced in and out of her mouth. Maxwell was fucking her mouth brutally, and it was disgusting to be forced to obey his obscene commands, but she sucked his cock eagerly. That was, the least of her problems at the moment.

What really bothered her was the thought of Uncle Richard trying to fuck her tight virgin asshole. She had never even dreamed that men did such vile things to women. Was he just kidding when he said he was preparing to ass-fuck her? It didn't seem possible -- her asshole simply wasn't wide enough to accommodate a stiff hard prick. And, she recalled, Uncle Richard's cock was pretty damn large.

Surely he was just taunting her cruelly. But as his finger wormed its way into her steaming shit-chute, she knew that he wasn't kidding. She put all of her energy into sucking Maxwell's cock and tried to forget about the finger that was wriggling into her bung.

"Yeah!" Maxwell hissed. "Good cocksucker! Damn hot little mouth you've got, bitch! Suck my prick nice and hard, you whore. Cocksucker! Unnnggghh!"

Gloria felt like two cents waiting for change. She reflected on what was happening -- it was difficult to believe. These two evil men -- one of whom was her very own uncle -- were methodically abusing her.

Maxwell writhed in ecstasy as he neared an orgasm, his prick slicing in and out of her sucking mouth. Uncle Richard groaned huskily and stroked his massive cock-stand as he pumped his middle finger into her asshole, opening her nether-hole wider and wider as he wormed in his digit knuckle-deep.

Gloria flinched and her ass-muscles tightened around his finger, clamping down on his knuckle and spasming.

"Hey, Maxwell! She's got a real tight asshole. A virgin asshole -- just like she said. Hell, I can't wait to fuck her in her tight little ass. Her tight little butt was made for fucking!" Uncle Richard spoke enthusiastically, his voice pitching higher and higher as he contemplated fucking his niece's virgin asshole and stroked his prick to a giant erection.

Meanwhile, Maxwell was brutally fucking her face, thrusting his hips forward rapidly and slicing his cock into her mouth. Gloria slurped long and hard on his stiff prick until he began to jerk spasmodically and moan.

"Ohhhhh, yeah! Unnnggghh!"

He came all of a sudden, without warning, taking Gloria completely by surprise. His cum gushed from his piss-slit, filling her mouth with the scalding fluid. His jism shot between her sucking lips and splashed against the roof of her mouth, sticking in gooey gobs. She gulped down his hot load as fast as possible, working her throat instinctively, trying to swallow all of his cum before he stopped writhing about and became angry at her for failing to appreciate his spewing wad.

"Swallow my cum, slut! Slurp it all down your throat! Drink my cum, you cocksucking harlot! Drink it! Yeah!" he shouted as he pumped his cock into her mouth. "Milk my prick, bitch! Milk it!"

She clamped her lips down on his cock-knob and slurped out his jism. Cum spilled down her throat, and she swallowed it eagerly. Then he pulled back, his prick flopping from her mouth and dangling obscenely in front of her contorted face, drooling with thick cum-juice. Without hesitation, she snaked her tongue out and lapped gobs of jism off of his piss-slit, swirled his jism on her tongue and slurped it down her throat.

Maxwell sighed and slumped to the floor, completely satisfied. Looking up at her with heavy eyelids, he said, "That was a damn good blowjob, cunt. Damn fucking good!" He gasped and sprawled out on the floor, his prick dripping one last thick gob of cum.

Gloria prepared to rein and garner what remained of her strength. Her body was racked with pain. All of her muscles were stretched to the limit by the wicked rack which held her in place on the torture table. Cum drooled obscenely from the corners of her abused mouth. She gasped for air and closed her eyes tight, trying to shut out the brutal reality of the dreadful situation. She attempted to think of other, more pleasant happenings in her short life.

She thought of her time growing up, being held in her mother's arms, being taken to the zoo by her loving father.

Her loving father! she thought, her eyes blazing, anger welling up in her body. It was her father who had raped her and accused her of seducing him! He was the one who was responsible for her being taken to the Academy! Hell, if it weren't for her father, she would never have been thrust into this awful place. She hated her father with a passion. How could he be so cruel? Did he nave any idea how terrible the Academy really was? Could he possibly know what was going on here?

At that moment, she heard her Uncle Richard breathing heavily over her. And a second later, she felt his bulbous cock-knob pressing against the ring of muscles which protected her tender asshole.

"What are you doing?" she demanded in a shrill voice. "My God, you... you're not going to try to..."

"You bet I am, Gloria!" he replied throatily as he thrust forward, penetrating her tight virgin asshole. "I'm gonna fuck your asshole, bitch! And you're gonna love every minute of it! Get ready, because I'm gonna shove my prick right up between your ass and fuck you real hard!"

"Noooo!" she wailed. "You can't... you can't do that! It... it's disgusting! Stop it, Uncle Richard!"

Tears flowed freely from her wide eyes and she winced in dreadful, mind-boggling pain as Uncle Richard rammed his giant, bloated, throbbing prick into her shitter, gasping and grunting obscenely as he penetrated her asshole with his stiff prick. Her tight virgin bung felt as though it were being torn apart at the seams. His cock was so big that he had to force it past her constricted ass-muscles, which were clenched tightly, trying to block the passageway.

Her sphincter muscles were stretched to the absolute limit by his raging hard cock. She had never been fucked in the asshole before. Hell, she didn't even think it was possible to be assfucked. It was so gross and obscene! And unnatural! Never in her entire life had she ever expected to be so crudely raped.

"Shut up and try to relax," Uncle Richard rasped. "If you relax your muscles, it won't hurt so damn much, stupid. I'm gonna fuck your asshole whether you like it or not, so resign yourself to the fact, Gloria. Make it easy on yourself and relax."

"Nooooo! I refuse! You're a gross and vile man, and I hate you!"

She tightened her sphincter and the pain became unbearable. She winced and flinched and shuddered with fear and pain. She visualized Uncle Richard's bloated, stiff hard cock as it reamed along the walls of her asshole, scraping its way forward, deeper and deeper into her ass-channel.

The agonizing pain diminished somewhat when she flailed her head and used her strength to force herself to retract slightly. Uncle Richard was right! It didn't hurt as badly when she was relaxed. But it still hurt like hell! She despised her cruel uncle for sticking his prick in there. He was a sinister, sadistic son-of-a-bitch.

But all that she could think of was his cock, which at that very moment, was buried deeply in her tight shitter, slithering deeper and deeper into her steaming butt.

"Goddamnit! That's it, bitch! Yeah! Hot little asshole. Shit, you've got, the tightest asshole in the fucking world, I bet!"

Gloria blanched at the way Uncle Richard spoke to her, shouting crude obscenities as he rammed his prick deep into her aching asshole. The pain she felt was excruciating, but when she was able to lessen the tension in her sphincter muscles, she realized that the pain subsided significantly, and his cock slammed forward erotically, rubbing the walls of her ass-channel and sending a weird, overwhelming sensation of lust through her erect spasming clit and deep into her seething cunt.

Perhaps Uncle Richard was right, she thought. Perhaps it really was possible to enjoy getting ass-fucked. It didn't seem possible, but as the pain mingled with pleasure, she began to hunch her ass as much as possible in the restraining rack. Her hip muscles flexed under the strain, and her puckered asshole began to wriggle around Uncle Richard's hard throbbing cock.

The man reached down and gripped her taut asscheeks in his meaty hands, digging his fingernails into her tender flesh and pulling her ass up to meet his cock-thrusts as he sodomized her.

"Hey, now you're getting the hang of it, slut!" he snorted. "I bet you're getting off on my prick buried in your tight asshole. Most women learn to love it. They all hate getting their asses raped at first, but once they learn to relax, they start to dig it. Right?"

He tugged at her ass-flesh, puffing her up and back to make sure that her tight asshole could not escape his steadily stroking prick as he took mighty, lengthy cock-strokes into her pungent nether-hole.

His prick sawed into her asshole. It hurt, but a tingling feeling started to build in her pussy, and her clit throbbed with passion and lust.

"Yes!" she blurted. "I like it!"

She had admitted the truth. His prick did feel good as it sliced into her tight asshole. In some strange, unbelievable manner, she was getting turned on in a big way by having her Uncle Richard's hard prick slamming relentlessly into her shitter, reaming it out brutally.

"I love, it, Uncle Richard! I love it! Go ahead! Fuck my asshole hard and fast!"


All the pain and degradation that she was suffering no longer mattered to Gloria. All that she cared about was the wonderful feelings that coursed through her hot cunt and her tight asshole. Her asshole was being lewdly fucked, reamed out by her Uncle Richard's mighty throbbing cock.

She reflected for a moment on her uncle. He was a crude, debauched, evil sadist of a man. But she had to admit, he really knew how to turn a girl on with his prick. He was a master cocksman. Never had she imagined what it would be like to have her asshole brutally raped! Never in her wildest imagination had she conjured up the delights and joyous thrills that could be attained from being ass-fucked. But her Uncle Richard was doing a real class-A job of raping her shitter.

The pain had diminished to such an extent that she could hardly feel his prick tearing through her sphincter. All she felt was the strange carnal mixture of steamy sexual heat and lusty desire that welled up in her pussy and spilled throughout her body, running helter-skelter to her brain and exploding in a fireworks display within her mind. She grunted and bucked beneath his relentless cock-thrusts as he assaulted her asshole.

His prick was buried to the hilt and could penetrate no further. She bucked and clamped her muscles tightly around his cock-knob, then released the pressure on his prick, then tightened around his bulbous cock-knob again.

That was all it took, and he shrieked loud and long and came. Pounding forward, impaling her asshole on his prick with incredible force, he released the load of jism that stirred hot and heavy in his balls. "Unnggghh!" he grunted as his cum burst from the tip of his turgid cock-tip, exploding inside her asshole, filling her with scalding jism.

As his thick white-hot jism shot up her shitter, she whimpered and writhed about, milking his spasming, spurting prick, sucking the cum from his piss-slit.

"Ohhhh, Uncle Richard," she cooed weakly. "Don't stop now! I'm gonna cum... any second!"

No sooner had she spoken than her orgasm began to swell in her pussy, exploding in her brain like a dozen Roman candles. She jerked her ass hard against his spurting cock, whimpered and went stiff.

"Fuck! Yes! Ohhh, yes!" she screamed, as her orgasm hit her hard, racking her body and filling her cunt with indescribably delicious sensations.

A hot red glow of lusty release spread throughout her body. The climax swept away all of the pain that had ripped through her tortured body, devouring every bit of the degradation that she had felt at being ass raped by her uncle.

She felt fulfilled! Ecstatic! Wonderful! For the first time in her life, she felt like a real full-bodied, red-blooded woman! She felt tired and listless, sexually mauled and spent, blissful and wholly content.

"Yeah! Goddamnit! That was good fucking sex!" Uncle Richard swore as he rose.

His prick slithered out of her hot asshole, and she twitched when his cock-knob sputtered out, dripping a few final splatters of cum on the backs of her thighs.

"Thanks, Uncle Richard!" she blurted.

She felt embarrassed and somewhat ashamed. But she didn't gave a rat's ass -- her cunt was satisfied, and so was her ravaged asshole. Her tiny nether-hole felt all stretched out and it ached a bit.

But she could care less.

All of her muscles ached and her wrists and ankles were chafed and rubbed raw from straining against the leather straps that bound her to the rack.

But none of that mattered.

Gloria felt marvelous, her lust satiated, at least for the time being. She realized that more than anything else, she was a sexual animal.

Maxwell rose from the floor and picked himself up, pulling up his trousers. He chuckled and winked at Uncle Richard, who shook his head and lit a big cigar.

"She's a hot one, ain't she?" Maxwell said. Uncle Richard nodded his assent and cranked the handle of the rack, loosening its hold of the girl and allowing her muscles to flex and relax.

They untied her wrists and ankles and pulled her upright. Her head was spinning and she felt quite dizzy, but the fuzzy feeling in her brain soon cleared and she rubbed her ankles and wrists, bringing them back to life when the blood began to flow to her extremities.

"What happens now?" she asked weakly.

"Your owner will be here to pick you up shortly. Right now, Uncle Richard will take you upstairs, where you will be bathed and properly attired. You must look sharp when you meet your master."

"B-but, who is he?" she inquired meekly. "Who will my master be? Can't you tell me?"

Gloria was horror-stricken and her face was flushed with fear and anger. Maxwell and Uncle Richard had abused her terribly. And now, after giving into their evil and depraved desires, they were going to sell her to someone she didn't even know.

She sobbed hysterically: "How can you do this to me? What have I done to deserve this?"

Maxwell and Uncle Richard exchanged knowing looks, but Gloria didn't comprehend what was going on in their minds. She despised both of them, but at least she knew them. What would her new master be like? Would he be brutal and mean? Could he possibly be worse than these two?

A dozen grotesque images flashed through her mind -- none of them appealed to her. Her life at the Academy was terrible, but the unknown frightened her even more.

What would become of her? She was totally perplexed.

After she had bathed and dressed in a frilly French maid's costume that Uncle Richard had given her to wear, she stepped into the hallway, where Maxwell and her uncle awaited her.

Gloria looking ravishing. She was indeed quite a beauty, a lithe young girl with flowing blonde hair and a perfect figure -- curvy and voluptuous for a girl of her tender years. She had suffered severe punishment at the Academy. She had been forced to commit depraved sexual acts for the sole purpose of pleasing her tormentors. But she had been taught the wonders of sex, having experienced a wide variety of sexual techniques.

She blushed like a bride when Maxwell and Uncle Richard stepped forward and appraised her, complimenting her beauty.

"My, don't you look pretty in your maid's uniform," Uncle Richard gushed.

"Yes, indeed," Maxwell chimed in. "She's as pretty as a picture. I'm sure her new master will love her. Now that she has attended the Academy, our little Gloria is well-versed in all aspects of sex. I can attest to that." He gave a wry smile that lit up his usually stern face.

"So can I," added Uncle Richard. "Now, follow me into our special greeting room. There you will meet your master, Gloria."

Gloria flinched and felt a chilling sensation running up and down her spine. She was speechless with fear.

Timidly, she followed Uncle Richard down a long corridor and into a dimly lit room. It was so dark that she could barely see her hand in front of her face.

In the shadows near the curtains at the far end of the room, she saw a man lurking about. He stood, apparently waiting patiently to see her. He would be her master. Her heart fluttered, skipped a beat and pounded in her chest.

"This is your master, Gloria. You are to serve him obediently at all times, minister to his every sexual whim. He is known to be a highly sexed man who likes his women young and hot. He is quite a bit older than you, but that should make no difference. After all, you have been trained to serve him, no matter who he is."

"But-but, I can't even see him," she stammered weakly.

"And you will not see him -- not yet. Not at your initial meeting. He must try you out first. He has seen you, however, and thus far at least, he is pleased with you."

When Uncle Richard had finished his little speech, he blindfolded Gloria and led her forward. He lifted her gently onto a large couch, lifted the hem of her skirt so that her blonde cunt-thatch was exposed, and stepped aside.

Gloria shivered and shook with fear. She heard the man's feet scraping across the shag carpet as he approached.

She decided, to attempt a greeting.

"H-hello," she muttered, but he did not answer.

She could hear him taking quick, short breaths. She flinched when she felt his damp hand stroking her long blonde tresses and reaching down to caress her ripe, upthrust tits. As his fingers stroked her tits, her nipples responded immediately to the man's touch, puckering and swelling, pointing skyward. She trembled and waited anxiously for his next move.

She felt his fingers running through her cunthair, tenderly stroking her pussy-thatch. She wanted desperately to speak, to take off her blindfold and look at the man, but she was afraid that it would anger him. So she stifled back the urge to confront him. She lay trembling and sobbing slightly.

Then his fingers slipped into her cunt and tenderly pried open her cuntlips. When the unseen man plunged one of his fingers into her twat, she heard an obscene slurping noise that told her that her pussy was dripping with cunt nectar.

She was getting hot and horny from this strange experience.

The man slipped another finger into her slippery cunt and began to probe the inside of her cunt, pressing his fingertips along her pussywalls and gently tugging at her clit-nubbin. Her clit came to attention at the man's tender caress, becoming firm and erect as blood filled her sensitive love-button.

"Mmmmmm," she cooed unexpectedly. She hadn't meant to speak or even utter a sound, but when he began to finger-fuck her juicy pussy, she couldn't help herself. "Ohhhh, yes," she purred quietly, emitting a sexy sound which seemed to spur the man on to more vigorous caresses.

He kissed her lips, snaking his tongue into her hot mouth. Their tongues met and entwined in a passionate kiss that sent tingling sensations coursing through her pussy. She gyrated her hips in a come-hither gesture that was not planned, but just happened.

She wanted the man! Wanted him badly! Wanted his cock in her hot young cunt! She wanted the unseen man to fuck her, right there on the couch! It didn't matter that she was blindfolded and could not see him -- she needed him desperately?

The man's body slid onto the couch next to her, and he took her hand, leading her fingers down his hairy, sinewy thigh. He guided her fingers onto his lengthy cockshaft which throbbed with passionate desire. His breathing was quicker than before, and Gloria knew that the man was getting turned on in a big way.

And much to her surprise, so was she. Her clit spasmed and her pussy leaked cuntjuice.

She gripped his throbbing cock in her nimble fingers and stroked his cock lovingly. His prick responded at once to her passionate touch, cock-knob swelling to monstrous proportions, prick-shaft lengthening and already thickening, the veins swelling as hot blood coursed through them. By the time she had stroked his prick twice, it was rock-hard and ready.

Gasping breathlessly, the unseen man turned and mounted her, deftly slipping his prick past her red, wet, swollen cuntlips and into the depths, of her needy cunt.

She swooned and whispered, "Fuck me! Fuck me!"

And fuck her he did. His prick sliced into her cunt, and she felt her cuntjuice lubricating her pussy-channel, making the penetration of his cock easy and painless.

"Oh, yes," she cooed as his cock sawed into her pussy, raking along her cuntwalls, which rippled at the touch of his mighty cock-meat.

Her clit spasmed and she writhed about on the couch, thrusting her hips up, meeting his every cock-thrust into her heated twat. Her pussy flexed and gripped his plunging prick as he moved forward rapidly, holding his cockhead captive in her seething cuntal depths.

"Unnggghhh! Mmmppphhh!" he grunted loudly as he fucked her with a furious motion, ramming his prick forward and deep into her cunt.

She bucked and squirmed about beneath his prick, relishing his sexual assault. It was so sexy and exciting to be fucked so expertly by a stud of a man who she couldn't even see.

His cock tore into her pussy, stretching her cunt-muscles and sending wave upon delirious wave of passion and unbridled lust through her well-fucked pussy.

When her orgasm struck, she could hardly believe it. It happened so suddenly and came from deep inside her cunt as his cock sliced in and out, sawing and pounding into her tight juicy twat. Her cunt dripped cunt-nectar, churned up by the man's raging hard cock.

"Aaaiiieeee!" she cried, tears of pleasure pouring from her covered eyes, dampening the blindfold and dripping down her cheek, down her chin.

The wonderful climax was the best yet! She swooned in ecstasy.

Then the man stiffened, his cock-knob spasmed, and he came, spurting a powerful jet-stream of cum deep into her cunt. His cock bobbed and he drove forward again, letting loose another torrid stream of cum, filling her cunt to overflowing. Cunt-nectar dripped from her pussy, covering her thighs as it mingled with the man's cum.

She heard him gasp, then speak for the first time. "I love you, Gloria, I love you. I hope you're not angry with me for sending you to the Academy. I just wanted everything to be right. I wanted you to learn all about sex so that we could really enjoy each other. I didn't have the heart to teach you myself. Do you forgive me?"

Gloria tore off her blindfold and stared into the loving eyes of her father!

"Oh, my God!" she gasped in excitement and sheer joy. "Daddy, it's you!"

She blushed furiously and shook her head with disbelief. She hugged him tightly, warmly, lovingly and sexily.

"Y-you don't hate me then?" he asked. "Hate you? Daddy, I love you! And," she added, reaching down and squeezing a gob of cum out of his cock-knob, "I love your cock, too."

"Great!" he exclaimed. Shooting her a lecherous look of passion, he winked. "Then let's go home, darling... okay?"

"You bet!" she replied as she rose from the couch, straightened out her French maid's uniform.

Gripping his hand in hers, she led him out the door.


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