Horny loving babysitter

Most of us lead two lives -- real and fantasy. The housewife imagines herself leading a life of luxury, surrounded by jewels and furs. The businessman imagines himself away from the rat race, painting or fishing by a quiet lake. The schoolboy dreams of becoming a famous athlete. And then there are sexual fantasies -- wild dreams that we seldom expect to come true.

Is it best to suppress our desires and fantasies, or to bring them out in the open and act on them? Does their repression lead to sickness, or does their fulfillment bring shame? No one has yet been able, to answer these questions satisfactorily.

In this story the characters have decided not to repress their sexual desires and fantasies and for some of them they must suffer the consequences, while others find ultimate happiness.

HORNY LOVING BABYSITTER a story that deals with a sexual dilemma that confronts us all in one form or another. We cannot pass judgment on the solutions of others. We can only look at them with an open mind, seeing how some members of our society face the problem.


"Yes! Oh, your cunt, Madeline, I love it! Rub your cunt against mine!"

"I want your tits, Madeline, honey," Mandy Porter moaned, dropping her mouth over one of her best friend's huge tit-globes.

"Yes, suck my tits and clit-fuck me!"

Madeline's tits were hot in Mandy's mouth. She sucked hard on her nipples. Naked, the two females rolled on the bed, a ball of twisting flesh, until Mandy was left on top. Her hands felt Madeline's soft asscheeks and moved up and down her luscious tits. She placed her hand between her thighs, then surged her fist into Madeline's juicy, succulent cunt.

Madeline responded by arching her hips up and fastening her mouth to Mandy's hanging, swinging tits. She scissored her legs wider to feel more of the fist in her pussy.

Mandy leaned over her and kissed all the way down to the tilt of her stomach. She licked her warm tongue into Madeline's navel, then moved farther down to the crest of her pussy. Her tongue pushed through the entangled jungle of Madeline's pussyhair until it pricked life on her exposed, throbbing cut, then the flat of Mandy's tongue slurped down the center of the pussy and pushed in.

"Yes! Oh, yes, Mandy, darling, take me!" the other girl cried hotly. "Take me, but give me your pussy, too!"

She grasped Mandy's hips and tried to pull the girl's cunt over her own face. Mandy wriggled free of her hands and continued to eat at Madeline's pussy.

"Please, darling, I want your cunt!"

"No, not right now, honey," Mandy mumbled. "Just let me suck and fuck you. God, you taste so good! I love it!"

She used her tongue to pry the lips of Madeline's succulent pussy open. A flash of pink and a small trickling of milky juice dripped down into the crevice of her asscheeks. Mandy saw how Madeline's pussylips were thick and swollen from feminine hunger. Eagerly, she ran her tongue down those swollen lips, and felt Madeline twitch in anticipation. Forcing her pussy open farther, she saw her second layer of cuntal lips fold out to receive her stinging kisses. While she hungrily kissed her friend's beautiful cunt, Mandy ran her hands up and down her inner thighs, testing their softness, patting the soft cheeks of her ass.

Madeline went wild, twisting her body until she was on top of Mandy, her legs over her friend's shoulders, her pussy jammed against her face. She could see Mandy's tongue leaping at her pussy, the girl's head twisting from side to side, licking at her cunt.

"Ohhh, baby, ohhh, just a little bit more," Madeline cried. "I'm close, so close! I'm gonna come real soon!"

"Give it to me. Pour out all that sweet honey into my mouth!" Mandy urged. "Show me how much you like me to suck your cunt!"

The words set off a thousand electrical charges in Madeline's mind. With a vengeance, she thrust her cunt hard into Mandy's slavering face, slipping and sliding her creaming pussy silt over the plunging, driving tongue and lips of her beautiful friend. Harder and harder, she drove her cunt against Mandy's pleasure-giving tongue.

Then, with a shriek of bliss erupting from her constricted throat, she felt her aching clit vibrate to a mind-blowing climax. She came suddenly. The bed rocked, and she exploded into moans and sighs of complete satisfaction.

When it was over, they lay side by side in the bed, gasping.

"God, that was good, Mandy," Madeline breathed. "Listen, Tommy's folks aren't home tonight, and I'm going over there later. He's got a fuck movie. Want to go with me?"

"Can't," Mandy sighed. "I've got to babysitter for the Reeses. I need the money for fall tuition."

"Well, suit yourself." Madeline shrugged.

"Besides," Mandy laughed, "Tommy Pell doesn't have enough cock for both of us."

Madeline giggled. "He's got friends. Oh, Jeez, look at the time. I've got to go. See ya!" She scrambled from the bed and into her clothes.

Madeline had barely been gone five minutes before Mandy's hand wandered down to the soaking folds of her own pussy. Madeline was right, she needed a cock. She had only been fucked once since school had let out.

She was about to hunt for her vibrator, when she heard the back door open.

"Who is it?" she called.

"It's Fred," came a familiar voice from the kitchen. "Just wanted to borrow some ice. Our fridge is on the blink."

"Sure, go ahead," she shouted, lying back on the bed.

She smiled to herself, thinking her brother-in-law probably wanted the ice for a drink. Since Beverly was gone for the day he could sneak a drink and watch a Sunday afternoon football game. She liked Fred. And while she didn't dislike her sister, Mandy never understood how a guy like Fred could marry a narrow-hipped, flat-chested, complaining bitch like her sister.

She sighed and leaned back as she heard the door slain downstairs.

Listlessly, she moved around on the bed, her hands roaming over her naked body. The dark nipples of her tits started hardening. She lifted the huge bulb of one tit until her nipple was by her lips. She tongued it, making it rise even farther. She opened her mouth and sucked at it.

Within moments, her body was bathed in uncomfortable sweat. The room was stifling. She decided to go downstairs to get a cold drink. As she passed the downstairs bathroom, she decided that what she really needed was a cooling shower. Shrugging the robe from her shoulders, she pushed the door open and stepped into the bathroom.

In front of the commode stood Fred. He had just finished pissing and was shaking his cock.

In surprise he turned to her, his hand still holding his prick, his eyes glued as he ogled her nakedness.

Her body mesmerized him. Her tits were heavy and they stood out like separate full melons. They seemed to have no other purpose than to be squeezed, caressed, and savored for their ripeness. Her hips were solid, firm, and her thighs were succulent in their shapeliness. Their fullness made delicious curves where her flesh came together at her crotch. Her flesh brushed together there, and he could hear the soft sound of skin against skin between her legs. Sounds like that could only come from the hot body of a young female.

Mandy was equally mesmerized. She had no idea Fred's cock would be so gigantic. The sight of the bulbous knob at the end of his prick made her completely forget that she was almost totally nude herself.

"I... uh," he stammered, "...john's aren't working right... we called the plumber... I thought..."

His prick began to grow rigid until his prickhead was throbbing with pent-up passion.

Mandy couldn't think of anything to say. "I was going to take a shower," she blurted. "I'm hot." His cock utterly fascinated her.

"I am, too... now," he said, throwing all caution to the winds and beginning to pump his hand on his pulsating cock, making it bounce and throb in front of his body.

Mandy could feel the juices from her pussy squeezing through her cunt lips and sliding down the inside of her thighs.

"Why are you doing that?" she asked, her hands unconsciously moving across her own body, her fingers playing in her pussy's soft folds.

"Because," he murmured, "looking at you like that turns me on so much. Your body is beautiful, Mandy. I've watched you take sunbaths in the backyard when no one was home. Then I'd run upstairs and fuck Beverly without even taking off her clothes."

"Would you do that to me?" she asked, her voice barely a whisper.


"Fuck me?"

"No." His hand was moving faster now.

"Why not?" she said, bending a little so she could shove two fingers up her cunt.

"God, Mandy, I can't... your sister..." he stammered.

"Jesus, your cock is so big... so hard so beautiful. I want to feel it... feel it ramming up inside my little pussy, driving clear up to my tits. If you stick it up in me I won't tell anyone, no one need ever know."

It was all the invitation he needed. He flung his clothes off in a frenzy of lust. He curled his fingers over the flimsy fabric of her robe and tore the garment from her body in one violent thrust.

She needed no urging. She threw herself backward on the carpeted floor, spreading and raising her legs in invitation.

Instantly, he was on his hands and knees before her. "Oh God, what a cunt! What a beautiful cunt!"

His warm breath blew up into her pussy slit. Mandy felt her cunt lips spreading in delight as his hands clutched her thighs and his fingers moved over her hot skin. His lips closed over her pussy mound, sucking her clit to a throbbing, rigid erection. His mouth sucked hard, eagerly. His tongue stabbed and slobbered and flickered in and out between the pink cuntal folds framing the slit of her soft, bulging cunt mound.

She grunted in surprise as his tongue did the work her fingers could never do. He licked downward over her tightly puckered asshole. Then his tongue was in her asshole, hot, like a tiny poker probing its puckered sweetness.

Her cunt flowed like a river of hot juices as he slipped his nose, then his tongue, into her slippery pussy.

Mandy gasped, and the gasp became a tiny scream. Her eyes rolled wildly, staring at the ceiling and her own toes wriggling in joy high above her.

She was being eaten by a man and she loved it. Her body was twitching and shaking with lust and desire. He began lapping away harder at her cunt. It wiggled and stuck out a bit more, like a tiny tongue that wanted to exchange licks with his. He sucked it and felt warm fluid flow from her pussy channel. He knew she wanted it, knew she was ready, knew that his young sister-in-law was more of a woman than his wife.

He swallowed the juices from her pussy as fast as he could lick them up.

She was shaking, quivering, moaning, just second away from a shattering orgasm. He raised up on his knees, bent her legs by the ankles far back over her head, and moved his dripping, bobbing prick within an inch of her soft pussy.

"Yes!" she squealed. "Oh, God, yes, give it to me! Give me your wonderful, incredible cock!"

He nudged the swollen, bulbous head of his prick in between the softly pulsing lips of her pussy. He saw her eyes blaze, her nostrils gape, her mouth drop open. A soft scream came from her throat as he rammed his big cock, balls deep, into her velvet cunt.

Her soft inner surfaces, so soft and tender, clasped his cock all the way. He had to force its way through the grasping, moist tightness.

"I'm comin' in, baby," he gasped.

"Yes! Fuck me, Fred! Fill my hot hole with that big cock!"

"You ever had one this big, honey?"

"No, no, but I want it," she wailed. "Fill my cunt with it, lover!"

He rammed her, filling her pussy with his horse-prick. "You got it, baby, all of it."

"I know, and I love it!" she panted, her breath coming in quick, short gasps. "I love cock, do you hear me? I love cock!"

Between the raw passion in her voice and the pounding of her hips, she was driving him wild.

Exquisite sensations shot through her hot cunt slit as Mandy felt her brother-in-law bury his massive prick in the depths of her pussy. She reveled in its extreme heat and hardness, in his thorough penetration of the steaming fuckhole between her legs.

The yielding flesh of her cunt's soft little folds molded easily around his thick cock as it pulled nearly out and then rammed forward again, all the way into the flowing crack of her pussy.

He jerked it in and out as fast and as hard as he could. Mandy raised herself to look down between their sweating bodies to watch him fucking her sweet, quivering cunt. It slid and slicked in and out, all wet and shining with her cunt juices.

"Is it good?" he asked. "Is it good, baby? 'Cause I'm fucking the shit out of you!"

"Yes," she gasped. "Fucking's wonderful. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!"

Propping himself above her on his hands, Fred pulled his slippery prick back until her sexy body housed only the flaring silken crown between the lips of her ripely swollen pussy mound. Then he began moving his hips in slow, gentle circles, teasing her, with his prick just inside the opening of her cunt.

She hunched upward with her hips, straining to reach it. Her thirsty cunt tried to grab his cock back all the way inside her. But he kept it where it was, just parting her cuntlips. Her eyes filled with tears of frustration, and she chewed her lips. Her hands slapped the rug and she shoved herself toward him, pushing her cunt up his cock like a hot wet tube. It sheathed the smooth warm length of his prick and tried to suck it farther in.

Again he withdrew, backing it away from her ever so slightly.

"Damn it, damn it to hell?" she shrieked, a rage in her voice that almost frightened him. "Stop it... fuck me. Give me your cock, you fucker. Fuck me!"

He shoved his long, thick fuck column all the way into her quaking belly, sending it deep in a blind search for her womb.

Mandy sighed out a long breath of pleasure. Then she was twisting convulsively beneath him, straining to apply action with her strong inner cunt muscles, to suck his prick deep up her hot fuck channel and get every inner surface caressed by his prick.

The luscious sensuousness of her body jerked as she screwed herself onto his cock. She threw her hips up to him wildly, slapping his sweaty belly with hers. Her cunt became a slushy, flowing swamp that surrounded and bathed his impaling cock with warm liquid heat.

The fires of lust that flared up deep inside her hunching pussy and trembling belly were drowned in the sudden rolling waves of her orgasm. She quivered and twitched, juice and cum drowning his cock.

She shrieked, her voice a high-pitched wail as she came. Her orgasm was so intense that her contorted face showed pain.

His cock was on fire with the rising swell of fluid coming from his balls. Harder and harder, he slammed his body against hers. His pubic hair nestled against hers as the hilt of his fuck shaft slammed again and again into her yielding, writhing body.

At the last second, he jerked his painfully throbbing prick out of her juicy cunt slit and sent cum squirting up over her belly and right up to her fat bulging tits.

In shock, she struggled and slithered away from him. She watched, fascinated, as the milky cream flooded her belly and tits. Smiling, she took a great gob of it on her finger and licked it. She loved it. She scraped more from her tits and swallowed it.

She moved back to him and took his cock into her mouth, squeezing the last of his turn into her mouth.

"Jesus, I love it. I love cock, and I love fucking. I don't ever want to stop."

"I don't either, now that I've started," Fred chuckled.

"Then we can do it again?" she asked breathlessly.

"Mandy, honey, your old brother-in-law will give you cock all summer long."

"Then let's go upstairs and do it right... on a bed."

Fred grinned sheepishly. "I'm afraid I might not be able to get it up again, honey."

"Wanna bet?" she chuckled. "You just wait and see. Your little sister-in-law gives the best blow job in town!"

They were barely on the bed before Mandy was all over him. Scrambling on top of him, she closed her soft lips around his gigantic cockhead. Her face became flushed with the exertion as she gobbled his prick. She closed her eyes in concentration as he slid his fuckshaft back and forth between her parted lips. As he moved his long prick in and put of her throat, he was amazed at how much of it she could take. Harder and harder, he pounded it to her, with Mandy eagerly gobbling every thrusting inch.

Her mouth suddenly came off his cock and her tongue started flicking at his balls. Then her head burrowed deeper between the cheeks of his ass, and he could feel her warm tongue plunge deep into his asshole. He cried out and nearly came from the incredible sensation.

He groaned with pleasure, and his prick got hard as a rock. She crept back up to his prick and slipped it smoothly into her mouth. She guided his hips, turning him over until he was above her. He looked, awe-struck, down at her mouth. His cock kept slipping deeper and deeper into her lovely throat. She was taking it, almost all of it. He started working his hips back and forth, fucking her mouth as if it were a cunt.

And then, to make things even sweeter, she inserted two fingers in his asshole and ground them around and around.

"Oh, shit, don't do that!" Fred bellowed. "I'm liable to come again too soon!"

She rolled him over again and began teasing his prick. He groaned as he felt her tongue on his big cockhead, running all over the surface and slipping into the tiny eye in the tip. Her mouth was so warm, so soft, so wet. She started sucking, very gently, taking more and more of his fiery cockshaft down her throat. Her fingers were running all up and down his thick fucker, tickling it and teasing him into a state of excitement he hadn't thought possible.

Then, just as he thought he was teetering on the brink of orgasm, she slid his cock out of her mouth. His prick was swollen, angry purple, just about ready to burst with lust. Clear sticky cum was flooding out of it, running down his cockshaft to soak his dark bush of pubic hair.

"Jesus, come on... suck it... what are you doing now?" he groaned.

Mandy just smiled and opened her mouth again. This time, she licked in long, loving slurps, laying her tongue down at the root of his cock and sliding it up to lick the hot juice that coated it. She licked the sides, then licked down the top of his cockshaft to the bulging vein at the base.

Fred was almost out of his mind with lust when she finally put all of his prick in her mouth again. This time she really sucked on it with a vengeance, hollowing her cheeks out and pulling his jerking fuckrod inward until she had the whole thing in her mouth and her pretty nose was buried in the cock hair at the bottom of his belly.

She began pumping her lips on it, pouting them out to massage his hard cockmeat while her tongue worked it over inside. She even used her teeth, nipping him lightly with them, and giving an extra shivery thrill to the joy he was getting from her sucking and licking.

Her hand was in on the action, too, tickling his balls and making his hairy ball sac shrivel up with hot lust, then pressing the rim of his asshole lightly in a way that seemed to make his prick even harder.

"You like it, Fred? You like your big cock all the way down my throat?" she cooed.

"Yes, dammit, yes, yes, yes! Have it, you little bitch! Suck it! Suck it some more!"

He started moving his hips frantically up and down on the bed, thrusting his prick in and out of her mouth while she continued to pump on it and lick it and nibble it.

His whole body shivered convulsively. He gripped her by the shoulders and shoved his prick brutally between her lips, farther and deeper than ever, and felt a tickling glow bulking up that suddenly exploded in a series of hard hammering pumps as he blasted hot cum into her sucking mouth.

Mandy groaned and twisted her lovely ass around as if she were having an orgasm herself, as if her mouth had become a sort of second cunt that could give her all the tingling thrills of the original. She was guzzling his hot fuck cream, sucking it and swallowing it greedily, but there was so much of it spouting from his cock that she couldn't handle it all. Little dribbles of sticky, translucent juice flowed down over her full lips as it splashed into her mouth.

Fred was having an orgasm that didn't want to quit -- every time he thought his balls were easing off, his cock would give an extra hard burst and start all over again.

At last, Mandy pulled her mouth away from his prick, licking the salty cum from her lips. She couldn't wring another drop out of it, no matter how hard she sucked, and she felt it going soft in her mouth as his climax subsided. When she was sure she could get no more of his musky jism from his deflating cock, she scooped the excess that had fallen onto her huge, swaying tits and spooned it into her mouth with her fingers.

"God, you're unbelievable!" Fred gasped, watching her actions. "You're a sex machine!"

Mandy smiled down at him, and then motioned with a finger toward her pussy. "You got another come, Fred. Now how about me?"

He fingered her cunt, which was matted to her thighs and cuntal lips with perspiration and juice. He sunk three fingers into her luscious pussy slit. They separated her pink outer cunt lips and delved slickly into her juicy fuck hole.

"Ohhhh, yes, Fred," she crooned. "Put your whole fist in there! I love it!"

"You want it all?"

"Yes, yes, lover, all of it! Like that! Ram it in clear up to your wrist?"

He did. He couldn't beieve it. His whole fist was ramming in and out of her cunt, and his wrist was rubbing the hard button of her clit.

Her pussy raised upward to capture more and more of his fist inside. And soon she was climaxing. Her face was contorted, drugged with lust. She seemed to be in such utter ecstasy that Fred couldn't help but be happy for her.

Her cunt was on fire. Her curly pussy mound couldn't seem to get enough of his thick fist. Her tits quivered and her creamy asscheeks thrust her pussy back and forth over his hand in a fanatical rhythm.

And then she whirled herself around, making his hand slip from her cunthole.

"Now eat me! Eat me, lover, eat the hell out of me! And then fuck me again!"

Fred dived his face into her crotch, mashing his lips, teeth and tongue into her cunt silt. The pleasure was too much for her. She arched her back violently, pressing her cunt into his experienced mouth. Her eyes were glassy with the heat of her climax.

"Yes, yes, you fucker!" she hissed. "Give it to me! Suck my clit, you big fucking tomcat! Oh! Oh! Yeah! Agh! Fuck, suck, prick, cock, stilt, piss! Oh, I love it! Fuck me to death, you hot bastard!"

She rolled her pelvis. Her white, smooth back made a curve of delight as the hot tongue of her lover sought and moistened the soft folds of her spasming cunt.

"You like pussy, don't you? Huh? Huh?" she said over and over, her wild thighs hunching madly. Her man-hungry cunt drenched Fred's mouth with hot, wet pussy juice. "Don't you love it?"

He moaned into her cunt slit like a wild man, his eyes wide and delirious.

"Now, now!" she cried. "Now stick your big prick in there and make me come some more!"

Quickly, Fred disengaged himself from the warm, moist folds of her pussy. Then his stiff prick was wedging between her quivering thighs and his ass drew back for the ultimate lunge.

It was perfect timing. Just as he plunged inward, she came again. Then his own cock, drawing in and out with tremendous speed, throbbed for release. He could feel his heavy balls whacking into her ass.

He climaxed suddenly. His cum shot out and she sucked his cock in with, her frantically clutching cunt. Juice dribbled over their thighs and she managed to bend forward and lick it.

When she finished, she looked up, smiling into Fred's eyes. "You're good, lover. You're real good."

"You are, too," he said, looking down at her still-quivering body, and remembering her words. "We'll make great part-time fuckers, won't we?"

She smiled, then laughed. "You bet your sweet ass we will!"


Mandy bated to baby-sitter, even though the Reeses' little two-year-old girl was no problem. It had been four hours since Barney and Jo Ann Reese had left, four hours of total boredom. After putting the little girl to bed, she had read for a little while, and finally turned on the television td see if there was anything interesting.

Madeline had called twice to tell her what a good time they were having at Tommy's.

"Phil Carlisle is here, Mandy."


"So, he's out by the pool with a hard-on! He'd really like you to come over, Mandy."

"I can't, and you know it."

"Jesus, honey, what a boring job... babysitting!"

Mandy hung up on her.

She heard the Reeses' car, and turned off the television set. Suddenly Barney Reese appeared in the doorway, carrying his wife, Jo Ann.

"I'm afraid we had a little too much to drink, Mandy," he told her sheepishly. "Jo Ann passed out."

"I'll give you a hand, Mr. Reese."

Together, they got Jo Ann into the bedroom. When he started undressing his wife in front of Mandy, she just naturally helped.

When the woman was naked, Mandy couldn't help but stare. She was beautiful. Barney Reese saw her look.

"Beautiful, isn't she? But damn little good she'll do me tonight."

Suddenly he was behind her. Mandy could feel him rubbing against her ass. His cock was hard, and it felt huge and wonderful.

"Mr. Reese, I-I'm your baby-sitter," she stammered.

"I'm Barney, and you're also a woman... a very desirable woman," he murmured huskily.

Oh shit, she thought, what the hell is going on?

Her stomach tightened as he grabbed her thigh and squeezed. He slid his hand up her thigh, tickling and stroking. Mandy exhaled sharply, but still made no move. His breath jerked out in desperate gasps.

"I wanna fuck you, Mandy."

She kept her body stiff as his hands probed and stroked and fondled her thighs and asscheeks. The room heat was smothering her now, and she felt funny. Her stomach tightened again as he moved a hand up and grabbed her tit. He gasped and twisted her soft, resilient flesh, then rubbed and mashed it.

She bit her lower lip, but her nipples responded to his hand and swelled in his frantic grasp. She jerked backward slightly when he moved his head down. He kissed her fiercely as he continued to fondle her body. His kiss felt good exciting. She reined a little and opened her mouth. He was grunting as he kissed her, and she let his tongue wander in her mouth. Bath his hands moved around to her ass. He ground his savage kiss into her mouth and squeezed her asscheeks, slamming her body against his and holding her there.

Then he roughly put both hands on her shoulders and shoved. Mandy resisted for an instant, then sank down onto the soft bed. He fell down with her, kneading her tits through the blouse she wore, then nuzzling the sensitive skin of her throat and neck. A hand poked around her thighs, stroking and pinching. Mandy lay still, breathing heavily.

"You want it, dammit, I know you want it!" Barney hissed.

Mandy fought with herself for only a brief moment, then sighed. "All right, Barney, yes, I want to fuck you. But not right here on the bed, with your wife passed out beside us!"

"Why, not? Wouldn't that be kinky?" he chuckled.

He tore at her clothes until she was naked, and then quickly got naked himself.

Mandy couldn't believe she was doing this, but she couldn't stop it. God, she was horny!

Then Barney was over her body.

He bit her nipples, and a mild, stimulating pain shot through her tits. Her thighs moved slightly. He slid up her body and mangled her lips with his. Eagerly she opened her lips and let his tongue play with hers.

She felt his naked body, wiry and muscular. His hand cupped, then twisted her heavy tit. Another hand shot to her pussy-slit. He kissed her, and this time she moved her tongue into his mouth. Slowly, she rubbed her hand down over his back. She hugged him to her, crushing her big, aching tits against him, her pointed nipples sharp with exhilarating, bursting pain.

She clamped her nails into his back and bit his tongue. They began working together. Faster! She kissed and tongued him, rubbed her tits against him, and streaked his back with her nails. She bit his lower lip and tasted blood.

"All right, you bastard, fuck me!" she finally gasped. "But hurry! I've got to get home!"

"Damn," he panted, his face flushed with lust, "tell me what you want, baby. Tell me what turns you on!"

"Play with my tits," Mandy moaned, pulling his hand down and placing it on one of her melon-like globes. "Play with 'em and tease 'em, while I suck on your cock."

"Yeah... oh, yes!"

She dipped her head to his crotch and pursed her lips over the knob of his cock. He had a good cock, long, and thick, and hard. It made her pussy tinge just to look at it. Tiny droplets of pre-cum had oozed from his pisshole. She tongued them into her warm mouth and swallowed their musky sweetness. Laying her tongue against the underside of his prick, she opened her lips as far as they would go and started to bury his cock in her mouth.

She let saliva drip out of the corners of her mouth and dawn across his cockshaft to lubricate it as it slid into her throat. He could clearly see his cock enter her mouth in slow stages.

"Oh, Jesus!" he exclaimed as she approached the hairy root of his prick with her lips.

Then her nose buried itself in his crotch hair and her chin rested against his nuts. He was balls deep in her throat. No woman had ever sucked his prick so thoroughly. He could feel his prick knob far in the depths of her throat as her cheeks hollowed in a powerful sucking action that threatened to pull him, balls and all, into her.

Mandy could hear him moaning. His hips started thrashing beneath her face. His balls were churning in her hands.

"Oh, shit!" he moaned.

She kept the full length of his cock buried in her throat, and sucked him off. When his hands paused in their kneading of her tits and then started tearing at them like demons possessed, Mandy knew that he was directly on the verge of his climax.

She slid one hand over his ass from behind and the other under his balls. With an index finger from each hand she found his asshole.

When the throbbing in his cock was at its absolute peak, she jammed both index fingers far up his ass.

It more than had the desired effect. At once she felt his milky fuck juice jet into her mouth and cascade on down into her belly. She pulled her head up slightly from his spewing prick as the second spurt started so she could taste and savor the musky flavor of his cum before swallowing it.

When the gushes from the cock reduced themselves to mere dribbles, she tongued his prickhead clean and looked up into his face. Barney looked down at her with total adoration in his eyes and a wide smile of satisfaction on his lips.

"You're wonderful," he sighed. "My cock's never been sucked like that before." He took her face in his hands and kissed her, running his tongue into her mouth and tasting the sweetness of his own cum.

"Now I'll eat you," he said.

As his lips moved down from her tits over her belly, Mandy couldn't resist moving her own hand toward his sleeping wife's body.

"Oh, yes, that's it, Barney, lick me all over!" Jo Ann crooned.

Mandy found the sleeping woman's pussy and spread her cunt lips eagerly. As she felt Barney move between her legs, Mandy shoved two fingers into Jo Ann Reese's cunt. The woman moaned slightly, but Barney paid no attention.

Through half-closed eyes, Mandy could see him crouching between her legs. She could feel the flat palms of his sweating hands pushing against the softness of her inner thighs, holding them wide apart. Her throbbing cunt was open to him. She watched with held breath as his head lowered slowly, closer and closer to her pussy.

"Eeeeggghhhh!" she cried, her body convulsing as his moist lips closed over the soft cunt mound at the base of her belly. His face disappeared from her view into her, soft pussy hair as he planted hot kisses on her still-closed fuckhole, his tongue flicking snake-like at her quivering fuck passage.

Mandy's elbows pressed tightly against her ribs and her head lolled uncontrollably from side to side as his hot, searching tongue shot out, its flicking tip circling her quivering, erected clit.

Barney's lips sucked, drawing her warm, soft flesh-folds deep, deep into the hot cavity of his mouth. His tongue continued its maddening licking against the straining button of her throbbing clit. Mandy groaned deep in her throat as his probing tongue tip worked its way up and down the length of her narrow pussy hole.

Barney started at her lower belly and pressure his way dawn, down over the elastic-rimmed opening of her cunt and into the crevice of her flexing asscheeks. He stopped momentarily to tease the tight, puckered ring of her shithole.

Her hips ground wildly now, soft moaning, groaning sounds erupting from her lips.

"That's it, you bastard," she hissed, "eat me up good... suck me, you wonderful cunt lapper!"

"That does it, you little bitch," he growled, moving up over her body.

He grabbed her by the back of the legs and lifted her ass high. He rotated his hips until she felt the dampness of her dilated cunt lips caress his cockhead.

"Yes!" she begged. "Yes, you fucker cock! Give me cock!"

He had no trouble finding the hole between her puffed and swollen pussy lips with his prick, but once he tried to gain entrance, he came up against resistance. He was delighted when he realized that her wet and hungry pussy was tight. He applied more pressure to the next thrust, and succeeded in shaving about an inch of his prick inside her pliant young fuckhole. The wet flesh surrounding his cock squeezed him hard as he battered back her defenses.

"Hurry up! Harder! Ram me, you prick!" she cried.

Hungrily the walls of her pussy at him, kissing his cock wetly and massaging him simultaneously. He shut his eyes and shoved again. This time he buried his cock up to the midway point. Still another four inches to go. What pleasure! What a glorious young body!

When she felt his prick probing and then poking his way in, Mandy waited for the final push, the completion of his taking her. But she was too impatient to wait for him to go it alone. She heaved her body upward onto the cock that half impaled her. She dug her hands into his ass and pulled herself up. She grunted and moaned and couldn't get enough of him into her. His thick pulsing prick was stretching her pussy tight.

Barney felt the pressure of her cunt and the sudden thrusting of her hips up on him. He lost all reason. He became a fucking machine. He humped her. He shoved his cock all the way in and his balls danced against her asscheeks. Again and again, they banged her. He sunk eight inches into her hot wet cunt and began to fuck her furiously.

"I'm in, I'm in!" he moaned.

"I know! Now fuck!"

He drove the entire length of his prick up into her tight cunt hole. Grunting, he ground the root of his prick into her cuntal meat.

Mandy whimpered and strained to draw even more cock into her belly. It was good so good! Her cunt was on fire with the need to feel his prick shooting. Her asshole opened and closed in involuntary spasms.

"Shove that fat cock up me, you motherfucker! I want to feel you tear into me and flood me with all that cum! I want you to ream me out, dammit! Give it to me! Don't hold back! All that cock is mine. I want it, want it right up the cunt! Give it to me, you fucker!"

Instead of answering with words, Barney let his cock do it for him. Faster and harder he shoved his prick in and out of her hot pussy. Over and over again, he tortured himself with the delightful friction as her cunt jacked him and sucked him at the same time. He could feel the spunk boiling down in his balls, and knew that his sizzling fuck juice would soon be on its way up through his throbbing prickshaft and then flooding her moist cunt.

Mandy was straining now. She was almost there, and yet there was something blocking her way. She just couldn't make it. Then she knew the answer. She needed to feel him shoot into her. She needed his orgasm to trigger her own.

Consciously, she tried to contact the muscles in her pussy. She squeezed him with all her might, especially on the inward stroke. Then she heard him gasp and felt the base of his cock twitch and begin to jerk violently. It worked. It would be any second now.

"Now, now! Let it loose, lover, let it fly!"

"Goddamn bitch, take it! Here's the hot cum you wanted, take it! Swallow it up in your cunt! Oh, ah, ohhhhh! Baby! Honey!"

And then she felt the first shot of hot cum slam into her cuntal slit. Up against her warm insides his boiling fuck juice came, flooding her. Gobs and gobs of milky white liquid shot high into her belly. It felt as though he were coming in her throat instead of her cunt.

"Come on, lover, shove that prick to me! God dammit, make me come!" she wailed. "Make me come!"

The last syllable wasn't out of her throat when Mandy felt the contractions of her own orgasm begin. She thrashed her legs about and humped for all she was worth. She banged her body against the wildly fucking cock still shooting in her. The deepest waves of her orgasm were just reaching the crest, and then her mind exploded into a rainbow of lights and stars.

When she came back to reality, Mandy real jized that Barney was in the bathroom, showering.

She looked over at his beautiful sleeping wife, and smiled.

Gently, she parted Jo Ann's legs until she could see the wet, pink crevice of her inner cunt. She curled her tongue and ran it up and down her gooey cunt slit.

"Yes, oh yes, Barney, darling," the semiconscious woman moaned, "eat me, eat my pussy!"

Hearing Jo Ann's ecstatic cries sent jolts of erotic sensation coursing up and down Mandy's spine. She became lost in desire.

With a little cry, she dove into the woman's luscious flesh and let her mouth go wild. She heard a moan of total lust from above, and immediately Jo Ann's body began bucking and thrashing. Mandy's arms went under her and grappled to hold her closer. Her brain turned to fire, her kisses ran rampant. She abandoned herself to total desire.

The moaning body in her arms bounced and jerked and tensed and strained. She had a difficult time keeping Jo Ann cradled the shrills of excitement which reached her ears added fuel to the flames of her hunger. Fluttering hands went to her neck and the back of her head, pushing and pulling in gasping manipulation. The world of delicious curves and flesh bucked and swirled, slapped and tormented, fed and denied. She thought she would go completely insane with happiness.

Then Barney's wife cried out in thrilling anguish, "I'm there, darling... I'm bubbling clear over the top! I'm comminnngggg! Oh, Barney, you've never eaten me so good!"

Her body jerked to a soaring climax. Then it softened and she went limp in Mandy's arms.

Mandy raised up with a smile on her face. Jo Ann had passed out again.

She was dressed by the time Barney came back into the room.

"It was great, Mandy," he grinned. "Come on, I'll take you home."

"Oh, I'm staying overnight at a friend's," Mandy said, and gave him Tommy Pell's address.

The front door to Tommy's house was unlocked, so Mandy went on inside. She found Madeline in the living room.

"Hi," her friend said, "glad you finally made it. Great party!"

"Is Phil still here?"

"No," Madeline replied. "But he got his share. God, the two of them wore me out, and Tommy's still in the bedroom wanting more."

Mandy giggled. "I laid Mr. Reese tonight, but I could handle some more."

"Help yourself," Madeline sighed, and then realized what Mandy had said. "You laid the guy you were babysitting for?"


Madeline laughed. "Maybe it's not such a bad job after all!"

"Madeline!" Tommy shouted from the bedroom.

"God, Mandy, go give him a little. He's insatiable! It's dark in there... he'll never know it isn't me."

Mandy could see the door to the bedroom standing open about a foot. The closer she got to the room, the wetter her cunt got.

By the shaft of light from the hall she could see Tommy's long, muscular body lying nude on the bed. A look approaching pain was on his face. His teeth were biting his lower lip as his hand worked furiously at pumping the shaft of his cock.

Mandy sighed when she saw his prick. His cock was shorter than Phil's, but it was nearly twice as thick. His big hand barely encircled its shaft.

She moved quickly into the room, closing the door behind her. Both their bodies were only silhouettes in the near-darkness.

"I thought you were never comming back honey. Look, I'm sorry I hurt you. I won't do it again, I promise. I ache for your sweet pussy, I really do."

He thought she was Madeline. Mandy smiled to herself in the darkness. For some reason the idea of her deception added thrills to what she was about to do... Without answering him, she moved across the floor and slipped into the bed beside him.

The feel of his body against hers quickened the flow of juices in her cunt. She could feel them as they escaped her pussy and soaked her cuntlips. She moved harder against him and encircled his cock with her hand, pulling him on top of her. Spreading her, ample thighs under his hips, she guided his prick to the furry mat that partially covered her pussyslit.

She sighed at the size of his cockshaft. Carefully, she nuzzled his cockhead up and down between her cuntal lips, ending at her clit. She spread her legs wider apart and gyrated his hardness around and around her tiny, pulsating fuck bud.

"Ohhhh," she groaned, her mind on fire with the anticipation of his prick.

"Damn, that feels good. Let me, put it in, honey. Let's fuck some more."

"Yes, yes," she mumbled, her voice low, throaty, the words barely understandable.

She moved his cockhead down until it was directly in line with the entrance to her pussy hole. She wriggled her ass from side to side, lifting her hips slightly, until his huge cockhead split the lips of her cunt. She groaned with joy at the suddenly different sensation his cock gave her pussy.

"Now," she moaned, her voice again barely more than a whisper in her throat.

Slowly his hips began a circular motion, moving forward a fraction of an inch with each completed circle. Even though there was absolutely no resistance from Mandy, as his prick entered her easily, it felt as though the lips and walls of her cunt were being spread so far that they would be ripped apart.

His cock seemed to have a life of its own as it leapt and throbbed. He could feel the sticky juices of her willing pussy coating his prick like a glove.

Then he was fully inside her, his crotch grinding against hers in an up-and-down motion. He reached under her head and cupped the fleshy softness of her asscheeks with his hand.

Suddenly her whole body responded to his impaling cock. She became a coordinated mass of pulsing flesh. She was coming. She could feel it.

"Oh, ohhhh, shit, shit!" she groaned, loving the shock, beating a tattoo on his ass with her heels and grinding her clit against him. Mewling sounds erupted from her throat as she bounced her swollen tits against his chest and tore like a frenzied wildcat at his back with her nails.

"Are ya comin' already, honey? Is it good? Is it, huh?" Tommy gasped, his mind filled with the wildness and passion that seemed to surge from her body.

Mandy answered him with her body instead of her voice. Her come had been good, almost complete in the wild sensations it had caused all through her body. But it was only the beginning and she let him know it. She tightened her thighs and wound her legs tightly around his hips. She lowered her own hips and ass into the mattress until his cock was barely inside her cunt. Then she drove her hips upward like an avenging pile driver, impaling herself completely on the hugeness of his fuckpole.

He responded in kind, tightening his ass and ramming his prick in and out of her sopping cunt. With his hands he kneaded her bouncing tits as though he were trying to tear them from her chest.

Her head flew from side to side on the pillow, her long hair flying against his head and shoulders. She felt a scream erupting in her throat. She bit her lip until she tasted blood. Her hips came alive as they pounded her cunt over his willing, thrusting prickmeat.

"It's good. Oh shit, it's good, so good!" Tommy wailed, feeling his balls slapping against her asshole.

Mandy came again, the joy of it shaking her whole body down to the very marrow of her bones. And still she didn't stop. Her brain was on fire with the heat of the prick in her cunt. She went faster, pounding his cock even harder, trying to urge him to match her rhythms.

When he didn't, she rolled him over and straddled him. Up, down, went her ass, pounding him into the mattress until he could only lie beneath her, enjoying the sudden fury of sex that had captured her.

Her mind continued screaming at her: fuck! Suck! Sex! Cock! Cunt! This was what she had longed for all the time. This was happiness. This was freedom, kicks, everything.

Sweat and cunt juice flowed from her body, soaking both of them, as again she had an orgasm. This time he matched her, his cock swelling, his cockhead throbbing with a heat that seemed to sear the far inner walls of her cunt.

"Ohhhh, it's good, fantastic. I can feel it clear up to my throat," she panted, tears staining her cheeks. "Don't stop! Oh, God, don't stop!"

In answer, his lips searched hers and he kissed her hard and demandingly. Her mouth answered his with equal fervor. She rolled her moist, warm tongue against him as he filled her body with his cock. It made a wet smacking sound as it slid in and out of her sopping, wanting hole.

Both their bodies began to perspire profusely as they frantically pursued each other. Her hips were insistent as they pounded against his. Her hairy cunt lips seemed like two wet claws as they squirmed and struggled to keep his rigid hardness deep inside her body.

Harder and harder, her body come forward, meeting each and every one of his pounding thrusts. He shoved against her, and when he knew he could go no further, when he felt her rock-hard pelvis directly against his own bone, he set himself hard against her and moved slowly, hips gyrating with precision in order to bring her to her fullest peak of satisfaction. She countered by matching his rhythm and motion with her own hips, and letting him know the pleasure he gave her by moans and little gasps from her throat.

His cock was good. It felt very big and full, as Barney's had been, in her cunt. But the power, the emotion, and the need behind it, were far different, far better.

"I love it," she sighed. "I love fucking!"

"I love it, too," Tommy panted.

She relaxed in the feeling of her own juices pouring out from around his prick and sliding down over her taut asscheeks. Her eyes were open, but they seemed to see nothing as they stared right through him, finding their point of concentration in some dim vista far beyond their straining, tormented bodies. Her convulsive movements quickened and her back arched even more to send her soaking pussy even harder against him. He sensed her complete arousal, and held himself in check until she could attain fulfillment along with him.

But it did no good. He was coming. He couldn't stop it.

He thrust his hips forward with all the pent-up passion she had built within him. He felt her softness close around him, driving him to a quick peak of passion.

Mandy sensed it, and quickened the rhythm of her hips to bring herself to the same white heat that comes just before fulfillment.

"Hurry," Tommy gasped, "hurry! I can't wait any longer!"

"Go ahead!" she urged, throwing her head back and arching her body until her massive tits seemed about to leap from her body into his waiting mouth.

"I'm there!" he rasped, his voice tight with passion. "I'm coming! I'm coming good, so good!"

"Now!" she screamed. "Go ahead, now!"

"You got it, baby! You got my jizz!"

"Jesus, it feels like a thousand pricks all at once in me!" she gasped, her hips afire with the pressure from his straining cock.

Together they felt the complete flood of final satisfaction as their bodies released. They held each other in the ebbing flow of delight.

Soon after his come, Tommy fell away from her body and Mandy tip-toed from the room.

"Like an animal, isn't he?" Madeline said. "Yeah, wild. You ought to talk him into fucking us both at the same time."

"I will, if you'll tell me about Barney Reese."

Mandy smiled. "I'm just staffing to investigate this baby-sitting business. I'll tell you all about it tomorrow!"


Outside, the storm had gotten worse. Mandy lay in bed, smiling to herself and fingering her already hot, soaking pussy.

He would show up, she knew it. It had been in his look when he had told his wife that the rain was just coming down too hard, and that Mandy had better call her mother and tell her that she was staying aver.

"Are you sure it's all right, Mrs. Johnson?" Mandy asked.

"Of course it's all right, Mandy," Tim Johnson had told her, running his hand down her back to her ass when his wife looked the other way.

Mandy had seen the beautiful bulge in Tim's pants. She made the phone call.

Now she was probing her pussy, waiting for him to sneak into her room.

"Come," she moaned, "come and fuck me good, Tim Johnson!"

As if in answer to her moan, the door opened and closed again quickly.


"I just wondered if you were all right," he whispered.

"I could be better."

He chuckled, and the bedside light came on. His cock was already hard and poking the front out of his pajamas. He reached down and yanked the sheet from her body.

"Jesus, you're built!" he rasped, obvious lust choking his throat. "We've never had a babysitter like you before, Mandy."

She chuckled. "And you probably won't ever have one quite like me again."

He threw aside his pajamas. His cock was rigid.

"What do you like, honey? Whatever my little babysitter likes, she gets tonight."

"I love cock," Mandy cooed. "But I want you to eat me first."

Her breath caught in her throat as she watched his head lower to her tits and felt the wetness of his lips on her nipples. She moaned. She couldn't help it. In seconds his lips were blazing a warm, wet trail down her slim body, over her belly, and on to her thighs.

"Oh, yes, yessss," she purred, "like that. I love it when you do that."

"Gonna get to your sweet pussy, honey. I've got a crazy yearning to taste you."

Mandy almost cried out aloud as his lips descended through her pubic hair to the entrance to her cunt. His tongue holly caressed just inside her outer pussy lips, and she shivered with delight. He licked at the inner surface of her cunt. His wet tongue found her clit and it was erect. He drew in the hard little nub of flesh and bit it gently.

Immediately, her hot body responded. Her hands closed over his ears, holding his head firmly in place between her thighs, as if afraid that he might suddenly take his mouth away from her cunt.

Tim's lips sucked greedily at her clit. His hands reached for her luscious tits and squeezed them as he mouthed her aching pussy. He tweaked her spongy, throbbing nipples. He sucked her cunt, and the hairs of her pussy matted with her juice as it ran into his mouth.

And then she heard her own voice gasping, as if from far off. "Suck it! Suck it good! I want to come all over your mouth! Eat my pussy, eat it!"

A round ball of flame grew in her belly as she twisted her head from side to side on the pillow. She was deep in the abyss of sexual desire. She was on the brink. Just a little more. She groaned as she felt her approaching climax.

And then a cry wrenched from her lips as her body arched into a bow and her cunt ground against his mouth. Her whole body shook violently as her cunt juices flowed and she came wildly.

Tim moved up beside her on the bed. "You liked it, didn't you, baby?"

Mandy found herself nodding.

And then he was moving between her thighs. She could feel the hardness of his cock move down across her belly and through her cunt fur. It felt wonderful.

Then he was running his massive prick up and down the gooey crease of her cunt slit. Her beautiful face deepened to a brick-red when she realized that her hips were responding to the stimulus of his hard cock. Tim nodded silently. He smiled and reached over and took her hand, placing it on his jerking, throbbing cock.

"Oh, God, you're so big," she whispered, fondling his rigid fuck shaft.

"Too big?" he growled.

"No, oh no!" she murmured. "I know I can take it. Give it to me!"

"It'll only hurt a little bit, baby," he said, spreading her legs and lifting them high. "You really want it, don't you?"

"Yes. Yes, dammit, yes!"

He grabbed a pillow and shoved it under her hips so that her lush asscheeks stuck up in the air. He spat in his hands and then massaged his cock with the spittle. Then he moved forward.

"Just rein," he panted.

He pushed his huge prick against her cuntal opening. He spread the lips of her pussy with his hands and began to urge the head of his massive cock inside.

"Oh! Oh! Ohhhhh!" Mandy moaned wildly. He grabbed her firmly by the hips and shoved into her tight, hot pussyhole. He could feel the fiery heat in her clasping cunt, and forgot everything but the intense pleasure that surged through him. He gave a savage lunge and sank his giant fuckrod into the young girl's pussy.

In turn, Mandy gave a wild scream.

"Oh, my God, yes!" she cried. "It's fantastic! Oh, please, fuck me!"

Tim slammed in and out of her young, juicy cunt, ramming his big cock viciously as deep as he could get it. His prick swelled and throbbed as Mandy moaned and sobbed with delight beneath him.

He could feel her soft tissue tearing, and that excited him even more. He slammed in and out of her cunt-hole until the ache in his balls was unbearable. Then he erupted in heavy spurts of cum. His prick jerked again and again inside its warm prison. Perspiration dripped from his body down onto her tits as he pumped the last of his cum into her cunt.

Then he was still.

But Mandy wasn't. Her hips were maneuvering wildly up and down. All she felt was pleasure in her pussy, and she was fucking him back.

It was all Tim needed. His cock remained hard, and once again he established the rapid rhythm of fucking. When he learned over her, his chest mashing against her soft tits, Mandy cried out to him to fuck her harder, still harder. With fierce joy, she curled her arms and legs around him, embracing him with a strange, dark ecstasy.

"Come, baby, come!" he urged. "Pour your sweet cream over my cock!"

And she did come. Mandy writhed and struggled like a wildcat, coming more times than she could remember.

And still he didn't stop. It seemed like the more she came, the hotter he got and the harder his prick became.

"God, you're fantastic," she moaned.

"I'd be even more fantastic if you'd suck it up a little."

Mandy quickly slithered her hot cunt off his prick and flipped him over onto his back.

Hungrily, she kissed the fiery head of his prick, taking it into her mouth and inching her lips halfway down his massive cockshaft. Her tongue swirled as she slowly worked her lips back up to his cockhead. Tim groaned at her expert ministrations. He knew this female had sucked a lot of cock before.

Mandy freed his balls, licked, kissed and sucked them. "Mmmm, good... heaven," she moaned, tickling them gently with her fingertips.

Then, with a sudden, quick movement, she dove her mouth back onto his cock, sucking it down her throat, diving her warm lips all the way down to he base. She let it slip from her mouth slowly, a fraction of an inch at a time, her hot tongue titillating all his sensitive nerve ends. A ragged goon tore from Tim's throat.

"Oh, Jesus, baby, that's too good!" he gasped.

Mandy gobbled his cock back into her mouth. Warm, caressing lips, juicy lips, sank slowly down his cockshaft, making it throb, tingle. When she reached his prick base, she held all his pulsating prick meat in her throat, moaning softly around it. She tickled his balls again with her fingertips. He mussed her hair up, running his fingers through it while lying there with his prick down her throat to the root.

Her fingers tickling at his balls seemed to tap out a message to him, and he hunched down to grasp her narrow, slender shoulders. He pulled his cock out slowly, almost to his cockhead.

Mandy gave a quick lick to the deep ridge between his prickhead and shaft. Then he slid his prick slowly back down her throat. She moaned her approval and he slid his cock in and out again, not so slowly. Then he was fucking her face and she was taking all of it with stifled, jubilant moans.

Tim felt his balls tingle and knew he was about to come. And he didn't want to, not like that, and pot quite, yet. But his pause in the mouth-fucking brought an urgent whimper from Mandy. She wanted his cock, his cum, and she wanted it now!

So he went at her again, slamming his big, burning prick into the soft, juicy warmth of her mouth, sliding it back and forth, back and forth. Her suctioning lips caressed, clung to every pulsating inch of his big fucker, her mad tongue swirling, darting. His balls began to tingle again. He growled, mouth-fucking her harder, grasping her soft, feminine shoulders.

Then his cum struck the back of her throat. She answered his animal growl with a soft but impassioned moan. He filled her mouth with steaming jism and heard her gulp as she drank all of it down hungrily.

He held his prick down her throat, letting it soften slowly. Mandy was whimpering quietly.

When he pulled his cock free of her mouth, she quickly kissed it. A droplet of cum clung to his piss slit and she licked it off. She ran her tongue around her full lips, looking up at him with wide, hungry eyes.

"It... it isn't over?" she said, her voice a whisper.

"Do you want it to be?"

"No!" she cried vehemently.

"Neither do I," he answered. "I want to see you again."


"Come see me in my office tomorrow to... uh, pick up your check."

"Mr. Johnson?"

"Yes, Louise?"

"Your babysitter is here."

"Yes, Louise, send her in and cut that check. I'll buzz you when I need it."

"Yes, sir."

Five seconds later, Mandy stepped through the door and locked it behind her.

"That was great last night," she smiled, shrugging out of her blouse and moving toward his desk, her bare tits jiggling delightfully in front of her.

"I'm afraid last night was all we get, honey," Tim replied. "My wife heard us. You screamed out loud. I'll buzz for your check."

"No, fuck me first!"

"Are you crazy?"

She was fumbling for his zipper. Suddenly, she had his cock out... He tried to slip from her grasp, but she had already covered his cock with her mouth and it was getting hard.

"No, baby, we can't..."

When his cock was completely rigid, Mandy stood and removed the rest of her clothes. "Fuck me!" she cried.

"No, baby, we can't..."

Mandy threw herself an his desk. She lay on her back with one heel pressed tightly to the slit of matted pussy hair between her already throbbing thighs. With her hands she massaged the straining whiteness of her up thrust tits, kneading and pulling on them until it looked as though she would rip them loose from her chest.

"Ohhhhh," she groaned aloud. "I can see big, fat, hard cock fucking in and out of me when I press my heel into my own pussy. I love to play with my tits. I love to stretch and hurt my nipples."

As she spoke, she turned her head from side to side on the desk, making sure that she was capturing Tim's attention.

In spite of himself, Tim was mesmerized, hypnotized, by this gorgeous young creature. She was a hot one, all right -- and a delightful one to watch.

Mandy let out a little cry of frustration and turned over on the desk. She lay on her stomach, pressing the rigid bud of her clit tightly against the wood, attempting to put out the fire that raged there.

Her hands burrowed down between her body and the desk top, groping at the throbbing mass of her pussy hair. Her legs scissored open, her feet dangling down on either side. She could feel her own moist pussy silt palpitating against the tip of her fingers which drew the narrow hole open, exposing the lips of her pulsing cunt to the warm air beneath her body.

"That's my pussy... see it?" she breathed.

"It's beautiful! It's mine and I love it! I love to feel myself. I love to suck... to fuck... I love my cunt!"

With a loud groan, she sunk her middle finger deep into her moistened pussy mouth. She held her breath, and inserted another finger, drawing her knees up to a kneeling position, with her luscious ass high in the air.

Then she jammed four fingers into her pussy in an effort to find relief. It still wasn't enough. Putting the weight of her upper body on her forehead, she reached up and behind her with her other hand. In desperation, she searched her wet cunt slit and rammed a consoling finger deep into the puckered hole between her moon shaped asscheeks. She gasped aloud as, in her haste, her fingernail dug into her soft, fleshy cunt walls, sending a sharp jolt of pain through her quivering body. She stilled for a moment, then took up a wildly writhing, passion-releasing rhythm.

Her full tits hung down, her nipples brushing the desk.

It was more than Tim could stand.

He picked her up and carried her to the leather sofa. Then he was kneeling between her legs. As he kissed the swollen, throbbing tits she held out to him, his hands found the soft warmth of her inner thighs and began to move. One worked on her silky warm skin, circling, massaging, and the other drove through her pussy hair to touch the boiling moistness beyond.

Mandy groaned as his hands and mouth worked at her willing flesh, tasting and feeling the lust that filled her body. Almost immediately, he felt her cunt-opening and closing on his hand as she pushed one tit into his mouth and the other against his cheek.

He lifted her and sat down with one leg on each side of her, his thighs widely spread and his prick jerking impatiently between them.

He pulled her up over his thighs until her tits were against his face and her cunt slit hovered, dripping, over his cock.

"Fuck," he said.

"Fuck," she said, reaching down with both hands and guiding his massive cockhead to the gaping mouth of her cunt.

She moaned as he took her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers and squeezed. His prickhcad parted her gooey cunt lips. Tentatively, she moved her hips around and around. She felt him start to slide into her.

His prick was so huge, he almost took her breath away. She let her weight go and tried to rein. His prick was splitting her. She closed her eyes, ground her teeth together, and took another few inches into her belly. He was hurting her, filling her pussy with pain. But she wanted it. She wanted his cock.

She completely let herself go and felt all his huge length of fuckmeat fill her cunt-hole. She forgot the pain and concentrated on his fat cock. She looked down and smiled happily when she saw the base of his thick fuck tool, jerking like a hammering piston at the top of her pussy-slit.

"You're in me," she sighed happily.

"Damn near all of it," he moaned. "All right?"

"Wonderful! Fuck me! Fuck my pussy!"

Slowly, Tim began to fuck. She watched his long fuck rod, slippery with juice from her cunt, glide out, then bore smoothly back into the depths of her swollen fuckhole. She felt his hot pricktip open her tight inner folds, then felt the folds come together as he pulled back for another stab.

The discomfort had long since passed now, to be replaced with a wanton pleasure that was rapidly taking control of her body and senses. Her leg muscles were moving on their own volition as she bounced up and down on his pulsating cock in a race for satisfaction. She felt his mouth still on her fleshy, up thrust tits, moving from one to the other, and she closed her eyes as low moans of delight rumbled in her throat.

There was no longer any thought left in her mind except the wonderful pleasure of being impaled Tim Johnson's long, hard cock.

He stroked his massive fuckshaft up and down, in and out of her heated young pussy; suddenly thrusting with longer, harder strokes that drew his cock nearly out of her tightly sucking hole on the outward movement, and then plunging upward into her gaping pussy until he felt her widespread ass crack pressing into his sperm-bloated balls again.

With a guttural moan, he lowered his right hand, and his fingertips traced down the tightened flesh of her asscheeks until he found the small puckered opening of her moistened asshole.

Mandy moaned, but deep inside she felt only a masochistic pleasure. Her ass muscles nibbled and sucked at the rigid outstretched finger as if to pull it deep inside her bowels.

"Yesss, do it! Do it to me, lover!" she wailed. Tim listened to her gurgling moans and thrust his finger even harder up into her tight asshole. He worked it around and around inside, stretching the hot, rubbery softness wider and wider.

"Now you're with it, baby," he growled. "Now you're really with it."

"I know... I know," she cooed in his ear, mashing and rubbing her heavy hot tits into the wiry hair on his chest. "I love it... it's fantastic... both holes... both at once. Oh, shit, don't stop... don't ever stop! I love it!"

The naked girl's moans of delight erupted continuously from her throat. Tim smiled in satisfaction, his mouth still glued to her nipple as his long, hard cock increased its tempo in and out of her heated cuntal sheath. Then he felt her begin shamelessly grinding her ass back onto his finger, and he methodically explored inside her warm, spongy asshole, sending new and stronger sensations of delight throughout her body.

Mandy was lovingly impaled between his pulsating cock deep inside her quivering cunt and his finger shoved up inside her tightly clutching asshole. The thought made her squeal with passion. She began a faster twisting motion that rocked her back and forth, wantonly riding up and down on both his long, hard cock and his rigid finger.

His mouth became more frantic on her nipples as he brought his free hand around to where his cock was sliding in and out of her bouncing pussy. Mandy felt him fondling her soft pussy lips and she shivered all over with ecstasy. He continued caressing them until her widening cunt seemed to gape in hungry desire, swallowing the entire length of his hotly throbbing cock as he plunged upward into the very core of her body.

"Oh, shit!" he cried suddenly. "I'm almost there, baby! Can you get it! Can you?"

"I... I think... so!" she gasped.

"Hurry, baby, hurry! I'm gonna come!" he cried. "Hurry!"

Mandy, too, was about to reach orgasm, and was impatient to have his tongue deep in her mouth. Opening her lips, she sucked. Moving her legs higher, almost to his shoulders, she worked her inner cunt muscles on the fiery cock expanding and contracting within her.

She was a mass of lust, and her cunt blazed with delight, overpowering all other thoughts except his magnificent prickshaft buried up inside her boiling pussy hole. She was only vaguely aware of his hand running over her asscheeks like searing tongues of fire.

His mouth, his hot, frictioning... this was it! This was the ultimate in love! This was what she had been waiting for!

And then suddenly, she heard his choking voice and felt his long, hard prick swelling even larger. The ecstasy was more than she could stand. Her nerve endings began shooting out in a shower of heat.

She was almost there... so close. Reaching for it, grabbing it in a screaming shriek of passion, her body went wild.

"There... there... there!" Tim bellowed, sinking his teeth into her lip.

Tears stung her eyes. But there was another kind of warmth, another kind of stinging flooding her cunt. Moaning, she tightened her legs, squeezing with all her might, digging her nails into his back, and pumping her sopping wet cunt hole onto his cock.

"Oh, God, that's it... that's it... it's good, baby... so fucking good!" Tim cried out, bucking up into her, his tautly corded muscles rippling.

Mandy forgot everything except the thick jism deep in her pussy. Her clit, it seemed, was a tuning fork, playing the notes of a glorious tune on her thighs, her belly, and her front and rear holes.

"All! All of it! Fuck it up my belly, darling! Fuck it all into me!" she wailed.

Humping, slamming his cock into her dripping pussy hole, Tim bit down hard on her nipples, drawing blood. But Mandy didn't care. She could no longer help herself. No longer could she resist the exquisite sensations of a stiff prick triggering her ultimate release. She was coming... alive with wonder at having Tim's big cock filling her cunt.

She held his face, his nipping teeth, to her tit, closed her eyes tight, and fucked and fucked and fucked her insatiable pussy over his cock.

"Did you... did you make it?" he panted. "Yes! Oh, God, yes! It was beautiful, darling! I love you!"

"Huh?" Tim said.

"I said, I love you!"

"Yeah... yeah, I love you too, honey. I love your pussy." He hesitated, clearing his throat in obvious discomfort. "You're really a terrific girl, Mandy, but I can't see you again. I doubt if I'll be able to use you as a babysitter again."



"You heard me. You'll figure out something to tell your wife and you'll call me again. And when you do, Tim, I'm telling you ahead of time I'm going to use your house for a playpen while you and your wife are on the town."

"You little bitch!"

"No, Tim," Mandy laughed. "The little pussy that you love."


"You sure the Johnsons aren't gonna come home early and catch us, Mandy?" Tommy Pell asked.

"I'm sure," Mandy replied. "And the kid is sound asleep upstairs. There's just the three of us... you, me, and Phil."

Phil Carlisle sat, his eyes big as saucers, his hard cock in his hand. He couldn't believe this was happening. Mandy had called that afternoon and said she was babysitting for the Johnsons. They could party.

"You sure this is cool, Mandy?" Phil asked. Mandy laughed and answered his question by pulling the flimsy fabric of her blouse taut across her huge tits and taking a deep breath. The firm surge of her tits leapt outward.

Tommy smiled. She did have a fantastic body, and she knew how to choose clothes that enhanced it. He turned on the stereo and dialed until music filled the room. Then he sat down in a chair across from the sofa and prepared to watch and enjoy.

Mandy started to move, cat-like, toward Phil. There was something erotic, carefully perverted, and fantastically stimulating about the way she undulated her incredible body.

She began slowly, languidly, moving her lithe form to the music that by now totally pervaded the room.

Her figure was voluptuous, svelte, gracefully flowing as she moved. Her hands played with her body, first caressing her big tits, cupping them, squeezing them until her nipples grew and hardened, straining to break through the filmy material that encased them. Then her hands pressured downward to her waist, teasing, fleeting, and farther down... to her crotch and then stroked her cunt mound as her hips ground back and forth in the suggestion of fucking. Her massaging lingers worked her skirt up and up, to reveal more and more of her beautiful, finely-muscled legs and thighs.

Phil sat like a statue, staring at the sight of Mandy's crotch. His tongue flicked around his lips in anticipation.

Then her actions grew more demanding, her fingers more frantic. Her face contorted with obvious desire. Her skirt was now hiked over her hips and the full beauty of her long legs and thighs, was revealed.

Only the thin wispy material of her panties covered the dark hair of her cunt mound. She moved closer and closer to Phil, pushing her twitching pussy to within an inch of him.

Suddenly, she flung the skirt from her body. Her huge tits swayed beneath a gauzy layer of cloth. Her movements were wild now, her pelvis working faster and faster in the fucking motion.

The blouse she wore had a thin row of buttons down the front. Phil swayed forward, his fingers trembling as he worked the buttons.

Suddenly all the buttons were undone and the blouse fell off. Her tits pushed upwards in two great, white globes. They bulged above her bra in high jutting beauty. In comparison to the rest of her body, they were so large as to seem almost grotesque.

Then her bra was gone.

Her tits brought an audible gasp of shock from the two young men, springing so whitely into view in the shadowed dimness of the room.

Mandy turned, and pulled Phil's head down, kissed him long and hard. Her hot pink tongue explored his mouth. His hands moved up and grabbed a tit each. He had short hands that plucked and stroked eagerly.

"Suck 'em, suck my nipples," Mandy breathed.

Phil lowered his greedy mouth. She saw blood spring into a bite his teeth made on the swell big under surface of her right tit.

She didn't make a sound.

Then he let her tit go with a slurping sound, and brought his head around, his eyes wide and goggling. He looked, unseeing, over at Tommy.

"C'mon, get naked," Mandy insisted, her hands going wild on Phil's clothes.

He shrugged out of his shirt as she worked on his pants and shorts. Then he was naked, his cock rock-hard and jutting angrily from his groin.

"Jesus, Mandy," he moaned, "you really gonna fuck both of us?"

"Hell, yes," she exclaimed. "That's one of the fringe benefits of this baby-sitting crap... a place to fuck!" She was on her knees, openmouthed, in front of his bobbing cock.

Phil felt her fingers on his ankles, massaging gently as they moved up his legs in slow, lazy circles.

"You've got a fantastic body," she cooed. "Firm, and yet soft in the right places."

"Jesus, Mandy," Phil croaked, looking again at Tommy sitting in the chair.

"Big balls," she purred. "I'll bet there's a gallon of cum in them."

"Why don't you find out, baby?" Tim said from across the room.

"I will," she giggled. "Very soon."

She had covered all of his body except the immediate area around his groin. His prick was pulsing and erect from the sensations that crept deliciously through his body from her fingers.

She was teasing him, and he knew it.

"You teasing bitch," he said, reaching for her. "Let's fuck!"

"Soon," she purred. "I want to taste this first!"

His eyes became glazed as he looked down at Mandy's lowering head. Down, down it went, and deeper went his prick into her throat. He couldn't move. He didn't want to. He just watched.

And then she hit bottom and the pleasure was excruciating, mind-boggling in its intensity. Her nose ground into the wiry pubic hair above his cock while his balls bumped her chin.

Then she surprised him even more with her ability. While his prick was sunk to its full length in her throat, she opened her mouth wider. Her tongue began bathing his balls.

It was sublime. It was wild. Phil cried out with the instant heat of passion that it caused in his cock and balls.

And then she started bobbing up and down. On each down-stroke, she again took the full length of his driving prick into her throat. Her mouth, as she dove and sucked, threatened to unhinge his mind.

"Jeez, oh Jeez! Can you suck a cock!" he cried.

The pleasure that filled him as she sucked him was immense. He felt as though his veins would burst from the boiling blood that thundered through his quivering body.

Finally, he felt the detonating point approaching. His hips drove to meet her diving head, trying to give her mouth more and more cock meat. Her hands stopped their cupping, squeezing motion and, for a moment, left his body. Then her fingers were between the cheeks of his ass. He spread his legs wider for her entrance.

There was no prelude and very little warning. Mandy stationed two fingers at his quivering asshole and shoved. They sank clear into his asshole, and the fireworks started.

Phil jolted the first glob of sticky cream into her throat when a third finger joined the initial two. A surge of absolute animal passion and satisfaction ripped through his body.

He shook, convulsed, tossed, tumbled and churned through what seemed like a lifetime of sensual relief, and her lips and hands didn't leave him until he was an immobile mass.

Slowly he felt himself coming back to reality and he fought it with everything he had, trying to hold onto the fantastic feeling.

When he finally realized that he couldn't hang on to it any longer, he opened his eyes and grinned at her.

His cock was still rock-hard, Mandy was glassy-eyed. Tiny drops of cum bubbled from the corners of her mouth. She smiled at him and sucked them into her throat.

"Now, let's get to the bed," she cooed. They scampered to the bedroom and dived onto the plush mattress. Phil buried his prick balls-deep in her hot cunt the minute they hit the bed.

"Yes! Dick me, Phil! Fill my little pussy up with cock!"

"Jesus," Phil moaned, "I never fucked such a hot pussy!"

"Give it to me!" Mandy wailed. "Stick your beautiful cock clear up to my tits!"

And he did. He fucked her with a vengeance, driving his steel-like fuckpole again and again into her gooey softness. Mandy matched him stroke for stroke, hunching her pelvis up to meet his downward thrusts, her cunt channel hungrily swallowing the hard length of his virile young cock, until at last she was on the brink of a mind-blowing climax.

"I don't think I can take much more!" she suddenly cried in his ear. "I'm so close! So close!"

"Then get ready, baby, 'cause I'm coming, too!" Phil answered hoarsely, and with a frenzy he drove his big prick into the depths of her quivering, sucking hole.

She writhed, bucking, up against him, demanding that he give her more, more cock. Her long nails tore into the flesh of his back, leaving long, red gashes in their wake.

Then she screamed through her orgasm, her pussy juice gushing out until her clasping fuckhole overflowed and the bedspread beneath them was soaked.

And till she wanted more. "God, don't stop!" she shrieked. "Keep on fucking me, dammit! Fuck meeeeee!"

Phil pulled his cock from her cunt and shoved a pillow under her ass. Then he split her legs wide again, raising them high into the hair. With her thighs spread open and elevated so that her ass rested on the pillow, he knelt before her, between them. The massive head of his still swollen cock hovered at her pink cunt mouth, which glistened with the juices of her first come. He inched forward and his meat started to sink into her soft cavern.

Slowly, his cock glided in, pushing against the upper wall of her pussy. Thrusting deeply, he let his weight fall forward as he rammed his giant cock up against the uppermost end of her cunt, almost into her womb. Her cunt muscles were tight and ready, stretching as his hot fuck knob pushed its way past. Her long legs wound around his back.

Holding her impaled on the stiff cock, he began to jack himself off with her whole body. Mandy moved upwards while, he held her entire body in his two strong hand and moved his massive prick. In her position she let her body hang loosely from his hands, hanging into his mammoth fuckpole. It filled her sopping cunt completely.

"I love it! I love it! Yes, yes, do it! Fuck me!" she wailed.

Phil thrust into her cunt again and again, as she moaned continuouly with pleasure, feeling ripped wide-open. She bucked against him. As he moved in and out of her cunt, little electric fingers seemed to scratch her intensely, tickling her cuntal walls. She held her legs wide-open, her body tense and arched as he shoved into her fuckhole hard and steadily.

Phil watched her panting mouth as he jerked in and out of her pulsing cunt, answering her wanton groans with groans of his own. Then, suddenly, her second come was approaching and she felt stuffed with cock. He kept up his fuck-rhythm, never slowing it for a second, his hands under her hot little ass, squeezing the ripe flesh and pressing her hard against his rampaging prick.

"Ready, baby?" he gasped.

"Ohhhh, yes, yes, yesssss!" she screeched, unable to contain her body's wild gyrations.

Phil was treating her roughly, and she loved it. He had shoved her legs up around his neck and her weight lay heavily on her shoulders. His hands were holding her tits so hard that his fingers were almost buried in their soft flesh.

"Come, come, come!" she shouted, her voice thick with unbridled lust.

And then she jerked, then jerked again and again, uncontrollably. Phil couldn't take his eyes off her. The sight of her beautiful face contorted in all-consuming release brought on his own climax.

With a scream, he fell on top of her and came in a cascade of hot foaming cum, shooting in her cunt with an even greater force than the last time. Her climax joined his as she quivered on his jerking, spewing cock, clutching herself to him violently.

His body fucked hers with a steady vigor that rammed his massive cockhead deep up within her hairy cunt.

His pounding weight crushed the soft cheeks of her ass down into the mattress. The bedspread rumpled beneath her so that her ass was being rubbed raw on the ridges of the cloth. She didn't care. She twisted and jerked in her attempt to get more and more of the thick length of his wonderful slick prick up into her convulsing fuckhole.

Sweat formed on their bodies and ran off to stain the bedspread and puddle beneath them.

Then, panting and gasping in total fulfillment, they fell into a tangled heap on the bed.

Phil, paying no attention to Tommy standing by the bed with his hard cock in his hand, finally levered himself off Mandy's body and moved into the bathroom.

But Mandy didn't move. She lay quietly, a smile on her face as if her thoughts were in another world.

Tommy looked down at his swollen cock. It seemed so hard that it would soon explode and sent his blood splattering around the room. Then he looked down at Mandy's glistening pussy triangle and the pink, gooey-wet slit of her cunt. White droplets of Phil's cum oozed from her gaping cunt lips.

"Want some more?" he grinned sheepishly.

"Why do you think I invited the two of you over here?" Mandy laughed.

"Great! How do you want it?"

"Watch," she said, and dropped to her knees in front of him.

She put both hands on his cock, end to end, and there were still two inches of shaft and his huge, bulbous prickhead protruding free toward her mouth. A tiny drop of cum oozed from the eye in his cockhead. She speared it with her tongue and savored the delights of salty, male cream in her mouth.

"God, you're big," she moaned, tonguing his cockhead.

"Suck it!" be groaned, placing his hands on the back of her head and guiding his prick between her lips.

She took it gladly, gurgling in delight as she felt his giant cockhead stuff her throat and spread her lips. She hollowed her cheeks as he withdrew and sucked lovingly on the fuckrod.

Then his hips mashed forward, sending the head and shaft deep into her throat.

Back and forth he moved, thrusting his hips, pummeling her face with his prickmeat. He placed her hands, on his balls, urging her to knead and play with them.

Wanting more, wanting to see and feel him more, Mandy sanked a finger between his asscheeks and tickled his asshole. His asscheeks opened. She thrust a finger into his shitter.

Tommy nearly creamed in delight as he felt first her finger enter his ass and then, when he lunged, his cock nearly disappear in her face. The head of his prick was nearly all the way down her throat. He'd never had a girl take so much of his cock in a blow job before, and it thrilled and excited him.

"Jesus, you suck good," he croaked. "I love to fuck your mouth, Mandy. I love it!"

His words redoubled her efforts. She cupped his balls in her other hand. Faster and faster, she fucked his asshole with her finger in time with her bobbing head. She didn't know which was best; feeling his hardened cock against her tongue or thrilling to his bone-hard cockhead ramming the roof of her mouth and the tract of her throat.

She could feel the juices seeping from her cunt, running down her asscheeks and puddling beneath her. Her cunt was on fire. She took her hand from his balls and slipped it down to her own crotch. In one motion she curled her index finger and rammed it into her sopping cunthole. Furiously, she finger-fucked her cunt while her mouth worked on his cock.

Tommy saw what she was doing. "Mandy, honey, I want your cunt. I'm coming, baby... I want your cunt on my cock!"

"Yes, yes!" she cried. "Cock! Give me cock!"

He raised her to her feet and turned her around. He bent her over. "Grab your ankles and hang on tight!"

He looked down. The cheeks of her ass gleamed against the tanned lushness of her thighs and back. His cock bobbed in front of her perfection. He ran his cockhead up and down her cuntslit. Her pussy flesh was wet and pulpy. It gave easily to his pressure. He cased his prickhead into her cunt, but before he could do more, Mandy rammed her ass backward, impaling herself on the full length of his fuckmeat.

He felt the pressure of her contracting cuntal walls on first the head of his cock and then the shaft. She tensed her thighs and then her asscheeks. Hc reached around her and cupped the hugeness of her tits where they hung beneath her. Her nipples were hard and hot in his palms.

Mandy reached for her own cunt and stimulated her clit with three rampaging fingers. She groaned aloud with rapture as she felt his cock withdraw and reenter in long, hard, even strokes.

It was only a fee minutes until their bodies shook violently in mutual orgasm. Her juices flowed like a river from her pussy, filling the palm of her hand.

His come was equally fantastic. His cock rammed with jack-knife thrusts inside her tight pussyhole, coating her belly with flaming-hot cum.

Slowly, they both subsided, his prick making a slurping sound as it slipped from her pussy slit.

Mandy turned and kissed him, sucking on his tongue as if she could pull his whole body into hers through his mouth.

"Hey," he laughed, "take it easy."

"You were terrific, both of you... terrific fuckers!" she smiled.

Just then the telephone jangled on the bedside stand. Mandy slithered from Tommy's embrace and wiggled across the room to answer it.

"Hello, Johnson residence."

"Thanks a lot, Mandy!" It was Madeline Devine. "You have a party and you don't invite me? And after I let you fuck my boyfriend the other night!"

Mandy laughed. "Don't get bent out of shape, Madeline. I'm baby-sitting at the Reeses' on Friday. Get a group together and we'll really have a party!"

She hung up and turned around. Both Tommy and Phil were hard again.

"Now let's get down to some real fucking," she said. "This time, I want both of your cocks at the same time!"


Mandy sat, naked, on top of the piano, fingering her hot cunt and watching the action. In front, of her in the Reeses' living room, there were fourteen other young, beautiful bodies in various stages of undress. When she had put out the word about the party, everyone had showed up, even some she didn't know. It was fantastic. The party had started slow, but now it was beginning to heat up, fast.

"Get it on, everybody!" she yelled. "The Reeses get home at two in the morning!"

She shrieked with delight when, across the room, she spotted her friend Madeline. The beautiful girl was wearing only a crooked smile and a pair of patent leather, sandals. She was posed in a drunken and bawdy display of her cunt and tits atop a table. She was stark naked.

"Hey, everyone," she cried, "take a look at this!" And, as a group of males congregated around the table, she launched her cunt and belly into her own version of the dance of the seven veils. Only without the veils. Again and again, she teetered dangerously, but always there were volunteers who rushed forward, to right her, to encourage her further. On and on, she danced, her tits swaying delightfully.

Then, at last, she tired the dance and let herself fall into the eager arms of one of the waiting males.

"Jesus, do I have to wear myself out dancing?" she laughed! "Doesn't someone want to fuck me?"

The young naked boy who had caught her roughly tightened his grip and pinned her long, lithe body against the wall. His hands gripped the wall on both sides of her and his mouth fell hungrily on her neck. She cried out softly as he pushed against her, lifting her a little. Then he pushed against her harder, his hands white, gripping the wall. One of her hands flew up around his neck, clinging to his broad shoulders, while the other dipped between them and grasped his rock-hard prick.

"Fuck me!" she begged. "Give me this beautiful hunk of male meat!"

With an animal growl, the young man rammed his cock up Madeline's pussy. Eagerly, she hunched back, screaming her encouragement. All the people around them clapped their hands and egged them on.

He began fucking against her, into her, holding her and pulling her down as be thrust. Her hands crawled over his back, tight and wild. Her breath came in quick little gasps, urging him to fuck her harder, faster.

His back arched and straightened with the effort of his fucking as he drove his throbbing fucker far up into the depths of her pussy.

The people closest to them moved in. Six of them the covering their bodies with kisses and caresses. The young man pound his cock into Madeline's sopping fuckhole in a strong, rhythmic pace. His head fell back and he gasped with pleasure as another girl's lips played over his back and neck. He felt several hands playing down his sides and between his thighs tickling his balls and the shaft of his plunging prick.

One brunette, small but possessing an enormous pair of dark-tipped tits, pushed the pair away from the wall. She slipped in behind and raised herself to straddle Madeline's back as she was being fucked.

She pulled Madeline's head back and covered the girl's open mouth with her own. The handsome young man groaned and rammed Madeline harder as he watched the two females' tongues flicker into each other's beautiful lips and then probe, long and hot with desire, the inner sweetness of their mouths.

Madeline bucked on him, wriggled on him, screamed and shouted out words, that were inaudible. The other girls lifted her until his cockhead grazed the lips of her pussy and then let her fall down on it. His giant cock rammed up into her, and she grunted with each stroke. Again and again, the girls repeated the motion, lifting her and then drooping her solidly down on his upright prick.

Several other girls stood nearby watching the erotic scene, dreamily manipulating their clits or touching the wet pussy lips of the female beside them.

The young man was obviously in heaven, being attacked on all sides by luscious female flesh. Hotly he squeezed Madeline's tits and nipples, and she pinched their ends herself as if urging him on. He pinched and fucked, harder and harder.

She wriggled her ass as she slid down his cock, then cried out as she began coming. The other girls sighed softly, their hands sliding sensuously over her writhing body. The young man moved his hands down to her hips and pulled her up and down on his insatiable prick. He pushed his cock relentlessly into her coming cunt. Beads of sweat farmed on his face and were kissed away by the attending females.

Suddenly Madeline screamed and her arms flew up wildly, involuntarily, like a bound bird trying to fly. The other females lifted her from the young man and carried her away. His prick still stood red and throbbing, a giant hot torch demanding pussy. The girls came to him, almost in a line, and knelt before his prick, one at a time. Each used her mouth and hands fervently on his cock, trying to please it, trying to pull from it his hot, juicy cream.

From her position on the piano, Mandy was avidly watching all the fucking and sucking going on around the room as she manipulated her own pussy. Suddenly Phil Carlisle appeared beside her. He was still dressed and drinking a can of beer.

"Looks like we've got a real winner of a party," he quipped.

She shook her head in disbelief when she saw that he was still dressed. "Aren't you going to join in?"

Phil laughed. "I was saving it all for you, baby."

"I don't believe that for a minute," she chirped. She ran the muff of her cunt across the bulge of his still-clothed cock. "If you'll pull it out, I'll throw my asshole over it!"

"Later, honey," he sighed. "I'm getting my kicks just watching for the moment."

Just then a buxom blonde strolled up to them. "Aren't you going to say hello, darling?" she said to Phil.

"Hello, Cleo." He grinned, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her close. Their mouths met in a passion hate, tongue-lashing kiss.

So intent was Mandy on watching the couple, that she didn't even notice as a young man came up behind her and took hold of her ass. She barely had enough time to get a good grip before he rammed his giant cock up her cunt from the rear. Mandy gasped as she felt his stiff cock enter her, her eyes still focused on Phil and Cleo.

"It's been a long time, lover," Cleo breathed into his mouth, rubbing her huge bare tits against Phil's chest.

"Yeah. Too long."

"Fuck me, darling!"

"Okay, but not out here. I need some place more... private." He linked his arm through hers and started toward the bedroom.

"Why, that bastard," Mandy hissed, turning her face to the boy who was reaming her from behind. "What's your name?"


"Well, Carl, you can have some more of me later. You grab Cleo. I want Phil!"

Mandy pulled off the young man's cock and tugged him behind her.

"Cleo, this is Carl he wants to fuck your brains out."

The big blonde shrugged. She and Carl went on into the bedroom. Mandy turned to Phil.

"Me first! I'm the hostess, remember?" Phil laughed. "Okay, let's go." By the time they got into the bedroom, Cleo and Carl were already wildly fucking on the bed.

Phil turned Mandy on as his hand started to roam over her supple ass. She groped into his pants and took hold of his prick.

"How come you're not naked like the others?" she asked.

"Don't bitch, honey," he replied. "Just be glad you got my first hard-on of the night!"

"Whoopee!" she cried, as he swiftly propelled her to a long, low velvet chaise in the corner of the bedroom and pushed her down.

Swiftly, he scrambled out of his pants, then lay down beside her. As he slipped an arm under her shoulders, Mandy pressed her mouth hungrily to his pushed her tongue into his mouth. They started to finger each other wildly, Phil ramming his fingers into her cunt and strumming her clit while she stroked his cock and tickled his balls.

Then with a lurch, she clambered up and straddled his hips. Lying flat on his back, Phil's prick was pointing up proudly. Mandy wasted no time in gripping his throbbing fuckrod and driving her juicing cunt down over his cockhead.

As he pushed into her, he reached up and tugged her tits down until she was lying flat on him. Then up and down went her ass as she fucked herself on his prick. One of his hands snaked around behind her luscious ass cheeks, and his index finger slithered deeply up her asshole. Accompanied by shrieks of delight from Mandy, he fucked her ass with his hand in the same tempo as his cock filled her cunt.

Mandy moaned and fucked like a wild woman. Beneath her, she could feel his free hand tugging and squeezing her tits.

"That's it, baby, that's it," Phil rasped, as she bounced on his impaling cock and fingers.

"Now, now!" she shrieked. "I'm ready for your cock in my ass flow. Ream my ass with your beautiful prick!"

Phil pulled out of her pussy and sent the full length of his cock up her ass in one jolt.

"Oh, Jesus, yes, yesssss!" Mandy wailed. "Oh, shit, I knew I could take a big one up my ass!"

"You got it, baby," Phil groaned, lunging his cock up her ass channel like a mad bull.

Mandy was loving it. Her ass bounced back and forth on his cock in rhythm to the two fucking near the bed. She started talking herself through a climax.

"I'm getting the... shove a little harder, Phil, honey... oh, shit, heaven's on the way. I'm close, so close... there, there, oh, God, I'm commmiiinnnggg!" As she came, she jammed her ass back over Phil's pulsing cock.

He growled. "Keep your ass moving, baby. I'm next! Yeah... hey... like that! Just like that! Ohhhh, she sheeeeiit, that is the sweetest! I'm close, baby... let me eat you a little!"

"Yes!" Mandy chirped, pulling her asshole off his prick and flipping over on the soft chaise. She spread her legs and raised them high as sbe pulled her cunt open for his lips and tongue.

He put his hand between her legs and pressed. Mandy began to moan, pressing her pussy against his hand. Phil spread her soft cunt lips apart and felt the hot wetness as it seeped from her body. His fingers found her cunt tunnel and probed gently until they were inside her. He withdrew his hand quickly and bent his head down, his lips grazing her downy pussy hairs as he plunged his face between her legs. His tongue found her cunthole and went deep, causing her to cry out. Her muscles tightened. She felt her whole body begin to shake uncontrollably.

Hungrily he licked and sucked at her pussy, tasting the sweetness of her juices.

"Ohhhh, lover, that's wonderful... so wonderful!" she groaned. "Please, please, don't stop!"

Her body began to writhe more violently beneath him. She clasped her legs around his back and pushed him down, burying his face deeper between her legs.

Phil became intoxicated with the taste and smell of her cunt and began to suck harder and harder. His talented tongue darted in and out of her, fucking hotly all around her cunt and down the insides of her thighs. Suddenly his mouth came down on her clit and his tongue began to fuck the hard little button back and forth rapidly, sucking and puffing until she was driven almost wild.

Her body became a violent mass of raw sensation as she thrashed wildly, trembling in ecstasy. She wanted to cry out, but through caught in her throat. She could only moan incoherently as she grabbed at his head and pushed. He could feel her muscles tighten even more as her body suddenly went rigid. She could feel her orgasm begin deep within her body, could feel her cunt begin to throb.

She felt as though her insides were going to spill out, that everything inside her was attached to the orgasm she could feel overtaking her.

"Ohhhhh, my God!" she shrieked, as Phil again took her clit firmly between his lips and began rolling and sucking.

For a few seconds she remained suspended at the edge of a high cliff, held only by a thin fragile thread. Then the thread broke with the next movement of his lips. Her climax exploded through her body, engulfing every feeling, every muscle in its fury. Her body shuddered uncontrollably as she felt the waves of relief overtake and consume ha.

"Now! Oh, my God, now! Fuck me!" she wailed.

Phil rose up quickly and spread her legs wider, plunging his cock deep into her waiting flesh.

"Good, baby?" he rasped.

"Yes, oh, yesss! Oh, Phil, your cock is so fantastic!" she cried.

She felt her inner muscles tighten around his cockshaft and begin to milk him, drawing every ounce of fluid from his body. The boiling cum shot out of his prick in violent spurts, pelting her insides, mixing with her own hot liquid.

Her body tightened when she felt him inside her like a hot poker tearing her body in two. Her cunt muscles grabbed at his prick and pulled it deeper until she felt completely filled with hot flesh. She came again with short, violent spasms, reaching a peak even higher than the one before. She was completely overpowered by the sensations that lifted and whirled her.

And still his cock was granite-hard, continuing to drive relentlessly in and out of her creaming pussy hole.

"Oh, God, God, oh, God!" she chanted over and over, completely lost now to her surging lust.

"Yeah, baby, yeah, yeah, yeah!" Phil hissed hotly in her ear, thrilled that she was responding like a wanton bitch.

They were one, working in precise unison to bring themselves to another mutual climax. Her fingernails raked his back, her thighs squeezed against his waist, her lips and tongue and teeth meshed desperately with his.

Mandy moaned and rotated her ass, clasping her pussy into a tight and squeezing muscle of female sexual lust. Lifting her hips and pivoting her body, she climbed onto him. Pleasurable sensations were completely flooding her now, driving her delirious with a passionate ecstasy that was mind-blowing.

"That's it, baby! Fuck me back!" Phil croaked. "Suck my cock with your sweet cunt!"

Her lips kissed his face, her hands clutching his undulating body, her hot thighs clasping his lunging back. And then she felt it. She was making it yet again.

"Oh, God, fuck me, you son-of-a-bitch!" she screeched. "Fuuuuuck meeeee!"

His giant cock slammed all the way up her cunt. His broad prickhead spread her cunt walls and created a vacuum deep in her guts as it pulled back. For a second, Mandy thought her insides would follow that cock as it withdrew.

Her naked ass drove up and down, wriggling frantically against his hairy thighs. Over and over, his cock plunged deep into her flesh. She began rotating her hips to give even deeper penetration up her cunt.

"That's the way I like it, baby. Do it to me good!" came Phil's hoarse voice.

She ignored it and concentrated on the wonderful feel of his giant prick in her pussy. It stirred buried passions within her. Her belly was rapidly filling once more with liquid desire. It would soon explode and burn like napalm in her guts.

She screwed her eyes tightly shut as she let her body take complete command of the fucking. Her brain was out of gear. Her body was reveling in this, working of its own accord to bring the ultimate pleasure.

Over and over, that cock surged hard into her velvety cunt. The walls of her pussy began to ripple and tighten. Another mind-blowing orgasm was going to grip her in an iron fist at any second.

"Give it to me faster! Faster!" she yelled. "Damn you, faster!"

Her ass pumped relentlessly into his groin. She felt the spike of his cock begin to twitch in a wild dance when it was far up her fuckhole. It wouldn't be long before he started fountaining out his precious cum.

Then she erupted. Her entire body shuddered and she screamed. Her hips drove down hard. Her entire world was that cock fucking her. She could feel its hardness, its heat and steely length.

Suddenly she felt as though she were about to disintegrate in a bomb blast within her belly. She cried out like a wanton slut.

"I'mmmmmm coommmmmiiinnngg! Oh, God, I'm commmiiinnng!"

"Yesssss!" Phil bellowed, his sweat-covered body sliding into her widened and sex moistened pussy hole, burning like a soldering iron, his balls as hard as walnuts, ready to release their gush of steaming hot cum.

Then, just as he slashed his mouth against her eagerly receptive lips, his balls exploded furiously, shooting their charge of milky white jism up through the tight tube of her cunt, sending a squadron of hot, sticky spurts splashing up against the sucking meat of her aroused cunt.

Mandy tried not to scream as she felt this incredible release of hot milkiness into the depths of her belly, and every muscle in her tormented body tightened as though it had tuned to instant steel. She arched her back like a taut bow, her snapping pussy clasping down on the very root of his embedded fuckmeat. She wanted every delicious drop of that wonderful juice.

As she felt the last spurt bathe her insides, a cry of total satiation erupted from her throat, and she collapsed in a heap on his panting, sweat-soaked body.


Mandy awoke with a start to look around the room. Everything was a mess. There were only a few people left, and they were all asleep and naked.

Tommy and Madeline lay on the sofa in each other's arms, his cock still embedded in her cunt.

Cleo, the big blonde, lay on the bar, sound asleep, with swizzle sticks protruding from her pussy.

Phil was asleep with his face still mashed against a tall redhead's pussy, while she sucked another boy's huge cock.

Mandy recognized the boy. His name was Steve, and his cock was the biggest at the party. Mandy had sucked and fucked him earlier, right after Phil.

Then she heard the sound of groans. They came from the den. Quickly, she padded to the open door.

She came to an abrupt halt in the doorway. It was Barney and Jo Ann Reese. They were naked and wildly pawing at each other.

Then Mandy looked up at the wall and saw the clock. It was only one.

"Aren't you glad we came home early, Jo Ann, honey?"

"Oh, yes, yes, Barney."

"I told you you'd dig seeing all those kids fucking each other. We should have joined in, shouldn't we?"

"Oh, Barney, I just couldn't," his wife moaned. "But I want to be fucked now!"

She threw her arms around her husband's neck and covered his mouth with hers. Then, prying his lips open with her tongue, she rammed it deeply into the cavern of his mouth. At the same time, Barney slipped two fingers into her slippery cunt hole.

"You really want some fuckmeat, baby?" he breathed.

"Oh, yes, yes!" Jo Ann chirped. "Give it to me!"

Mandy couldn't believe it was happening right there before her eyes. Jo Ann lay back on the floor and, grabbing a cushion, stuck it under her big, plump ass.

Barney knelt down between his wife's heavy thighs, and Jo Ann reached for his prick as she raised her legs high in the air, exposing the crack of her ass. She rubbed the head of his throbbing prick against it.

"I'd like to stick your big cock in my shit-hole, honey. But first I want a good old-fashioned cunt-fuck!" she gasped as she guided the fat head of her husband's cock into her pussy.

Barney plunged his prick in all the way.

As she watched wide-eyed, Mandy was suddenly very hot. Her cunt was gushing. She turned her face away from the fucking couple, only to find Steve's stiff, naked cock lightly nudging against her lips.

"Suck it, Mandy," he whispered. "Suck it while we watch them fuck!"

Mandy responded eagerly. Dropping to her knees, she opened her mouth and devoured his prickmeat. Then she began licking and stroking his balls and cock with her hot, saliva-coated tongue. She licked it, sucked it and teased it with her teeth. She pumped it with strong contractions of her throat once her sensuous lips had molded themselves around its thickness.

Steve sighed in total bliss as he watched his thick, rigid fuckmeat fill her face. He moved his hips, giving her more, as he felt the hard knob of his prick slide back and forth in her throat. His legs quivered and jerked as his groin throbbed fiercely with an intense desire to fill her head with his prick and her belly with the hot load that was surging in his swollen balls.

"Suck... oh yeah, it's Goddamn good Mandy! Suck on it!" he hissed. "Cunt my cock with your cock-sucking mouth!"

Thrusting with his hips, he shoved the full length of his pounding cock into her greedy face.

The jolt of his thick, hard prick plummeting into her mouth made Mandy gag. Her throat tasted the bittersweet pungency of Steve's seeping cum as her head kept bobbing on his fuckmeat.

He groaned as he felt her tongue work around the ridge of his prickhead in faster and faster swirls. His fingers convulsed tightly in her hair while the hot tip of her tongue applied little shocks to his body through the tip of his cock.

He reached over her back to the smooth cheeks of her ass. Then he probed with his hands and fingers until he felt the wetness in the furrow between them. They quivered at the touch of his fingers. He explored further with his fingertips until he struck her asshole.

"Yes!" she mumbled around the loud sucking sounds as she continued to burrow her face into his hairy crotch.

Stew positioned a finger and shoved. It sank to the second knuckle in her asshole. Mandy gasped around his thick cock in her mouth.

As he made little circles in her shifter with his finger, her ass started revolving in the opposite direction. She reached behind her with her hands and carefully spread the cheeks of her ass. She could feel the pressure of her elastic opening giving way to more of his finger.

"You want my asshole, Steve?" she gasped, pulling her ruby lips from his throbbing cockhead.

"Yeah, let me lie down and you can sit on it." He slid to the floor on his back as Mandy rearranged her body until her dripping, hot pussy and her willing asshole were just over his cock.

"Oh, come, you prick!" came a shrieking female voice from across the room. "I wanna rip the cum from your cock and balls!"

Jo Ann was on top now, madly fucking her cunt up and down over her husband's cock. Then she pulled up slowly, just to the fat tip of Barney's cockmeat. Mandy could see his wife's pussy release droplets of cream.

Even Barney's hairy thighs were covered with his wife's hot pussy juice.

"Come down on it, baby!" Steve suddenly howled from beneath Mandy.

She could feel her asshole softly nudging his huge, rampant cock. Then Mandy saw that Barney and his wife were watching them.

"Yes," Jo Ann said, "fuck him like we're fucking, so we can all watch each other!"

With a flick of his hips, Steve rammed upward. Pushing with all his strength, he finally felt the mouth of Mandy's tight asshole yield to his advance.

"Oh, shit, Steve," she moaned, "that's a lotta prick for my poor little asshole, but I love it. Jesus, I love it!"

"Take it, honey... take my cock up your ass... spread for me!" Steve yelled, driving another two inches of his fuckrod into her ass passage.

Mandy closed her eyes and clamped her mouth tightly shut, the sudden pain in her ass making her groan in pain.

Steve, thinking that she was groaning for more of his prick, stepped up the pace of his jabs into her asshole. He rammed his full length home, fast and furious.

The cock in her shitter was like a hot knife as he gasped and cried out, shoving the full length of his giant fucker up her asshole. It was tight, stretching and ripping his foreskin as he ground into her, but the pleasure of fucking her in the ass was so much more than the pain that he didn't pause in his thrusts.

And then it was all the way in her. Mandy moaned, begging for even deeper penetration. She became a wild woman, begging him for total gratification, demanding it from him. It was as if she had a sexual soul that only his cock could fulfill as she wriggled and bounced her asshole over his prick with a vengeance.

"If you don't slow down a little," he panted, "I'm gonna come!"

"Yes!" she cried. "Come... come! And then we'll come again and again and again!"

"Oh God," he groaned. "Oh, my God!"

"Yes! Pump your cock into me, lover... pump, pump, pump! That's so good, so really good! Fill me up with your hot jizz, lover, fill me, fill me!" Mandy chanted.

Steve tried every way he knew how, but he couldn't bold it back. His ass jerked in crazy, gyrating circles as it always did just before the end. His arms held her tightly as a wild growl erupted from his lips.

His hard-on became even more immense in her ass as his cock started to throb. It shook violently as his first stream hit the inner walls of her ass canal. His thick, white jism pumped into her asshole in spurt after spurt.

Thrust after thrust filled her until there was hardly any room for more. But she wanted more, much more.

Just then, Barney rolled off his wife. "Trade," he gasped. "Let's trade!"

Jo Ann was right behind him. Before Mandy realized it, Steve had squirmed from beneath her and rammed his cock in Jo Ann's hole.

"Oh, yes, big cock!" the woman screeched happily. "Big, beautiful prick reaming my hot hole!"

"Beautiful," Barney said, watching his wife's pussy wriggle over the young man's prick. "Beautiful!"

Mandy wanted more, and Barney's cock was up.

"Fuck me, Barney!" she hissed. "Fuck me with your big cock, like Steve's fucking your wife!"

Barney quickly slid to the floor beside her.

"Gimme a bath first, baby," he growled. "Gimme a real good tongue-bath first, and then I'll fill your little pussy and your asshole at the same time!"

After watching what Steve was doing to Jo Ann, and having her pussy worked up to a fever pitch by the boy's reaming her whole, Mandy was ready for anything. She was even looking forward to giving Barney the tongue bath he wanted, completely up to his asshole.

She reached down and picked up one of his feet and calmly stuck his big toe in her mouth. After she wet it thoroughly, she opened her mouth wide and took all of his toes in. Look big up in the dim lighting, she could see his big prick fatten.

Pulling her mouth away, she repeated the procedure on his other foot. Then, working saliva in her mouth, she started on either ankle and worked up to his knees, her hot slippery tongue feeling slick to his smooth flesh. As she started to tongue his thighs, he could feel her hot saliva on the hairs of his legs. Her big tits were hanging at his fingertips, and as she proceeded upward, he managed to get hold of them. This made her bear down harder as she licked and swabbed her tongue just under his balls.

Barney lifted his muscular thighs in the air to give her more room, exposing his dark asshole. Mandy stuck he tongue as far as she could against his shit-chute. Then she opened her eyes and looked up at his two fat balls. She raised her head and disappeared into her hungry mouth in one motion. She stuck one hand up, letting her long, cool, tapering fingers grasp his bulging prick. She could feel his heart beating through it.

After munching tenderly on his balls, she released them from her mouth and ran her tongue up the length of his big prick. His entire body began to tremble as she took a deep breath and covered half of his thick prick with her wet mouth. Sliding one hand down, she cupped his balls, then lightly rolled the hairy sac in her fingers.

Barney's hands slid away from her tits, and grabbing her head, he got two handfuls of her hair. He pulled her head downward until her nose was buried in his cock hair. He held her there for a few seconds until he heard her gasping for breath. Then he let her hair go and her head shot upward until her mouth came off the end of his swelling prick knob with a sound like a cork popping out of a bottle.

Mandy took a few breaths of air, then stuck her tongue out, letting the tip of it gently brush around the head of his now-crimson prick. She kept circling his cockhead, barely touching it with the end of her tongue. Suddenly she felt a glob of cum touch her tongue. Her mouth quickly slid over his prickhead and she began sucking as hard as she could. Suddenly she felt his hot fuckjuice fill her mouth and she let it trickle slowly down the insides of her throat until it all disappeared.

"Oh, baby, that was the greatest!" Barney moaned. "You sure do give some kind of head!"

"Then do me now!" Mandy gasped, rolling back to the floor and splaying her legs wide. "Cock me! Give me some fuckmeat! Oh, God, I need it so bad!"

Barney put his hands between her legs, kneading the top of her cunt, her juicy pussy lips. Then Mandy lay back and spread her legs wider. She guided his big cock to her cunt and he thrust into her with a moan of wild pleasure. She felt his entire fuckshaft rip savagely up into her pussy-hole. She felt his cock spread her cunt wide open, and bucked up against him to take even more.

As he moved in and out of her, little electric fingers seemed to scratch her insides, tickling her cunt walls. She held her legs far apart, her body tense, and arched as he shoved into her hard and steady. Barney watched her panting mouth and slammed in and out of her, answer big her groans with heavy fuckbrusts.

Mandy began to come quickly, feeling overfilled and stuffed with pussy juice, cum and cock. Barney kept up his rhythm, never slacking off for a moment, his hands under her hot ass, squeezing her full flesh and pressing her hard against his mammoth prick.

"Yes, you big cock, fuck me! Ohhhhh, sheeeiiit!" she wailed ecstatically.

"Here, cunt, fuck my cock!"

"Don't stop! Oh, no, don't stop, pleeeease!"

"Here! Take it deep! Agh! Shit!"

She was so wet and open that his prick glided in and out with ease, swimming in her warmth, rolling from side to side. She put her legs up at his sides, locked her feet behind his powerful back to feel his cock as deep as possible. He lifted her ass to his raging prick, shoving it in and jerking it out. She started shrieking and rolling her hips again, and they came together like an avalanche crashing down a mountain, Barney's cum spurting in her wildly gyrating cunt like a geyser.

Mandy felt his hot jism squirting up in her, and shrieked louder, begging him to keep screwing her, even though he'd already come. But she didn't have to. His cock was still hard as a rock as he continued to jam it relentlessly in and out of her fuckhole. His prick became a weapon, hurting her, fucking her raw. But Mandy only cried out more loudly, sounding like a madwoman, as his giant shaft seared the innermost depths of her belly.

He kneaded her ripe asscheeks, tearing at her tender flesh with his sharp fingernails, digging into her soft ass meat until he drew blood.

Mandy climaxed as he hurt her. In fact, the more he punished her, the harder she fucked.

"Yes, yes, you big cock... do it!" she screamed. "Do it, do it! Hurt my cunt with your big meat! Fuck meeeee!"

Then Barney pulled his cock from her throbbing pussy. Mandy could feel his dripping cockhead close to her asshole. He crushed his mouth over her open, gasping lips. His tongue pushed in, searching in the soft wetness. She dug her nails into his back, raking long red gashes down his naked flesh.

"I'm gonna fuck you, baby... fuck you in the ass!" he growled.

"Yes, yes, yes!"

"You're gonna flip when I ram my prick up your shitter, honey. You'll love it!"

He scraped his tongue over her face, panting. She moaned softly as renewed excitement surged through her. She could only think of this hairy monster on tap of her, demanding her body, taking it totally, completely, cruelly.

Barney reared back and lifted her long legs high in the air. He handled her as easily as a rag doll. He smeared his cock with spit. Then a white-hot pain shot into her asshole. His finger probed and pushed, sending shocks of exquisite agony through her ass tissues.

Then it was gone.

She writhed and moaned lewdly, wantonly. "Do it to me, lover! Quick! Put your fat prick in my ass!"

Two hands grabbed her, and a hard fuckpole pushed at her assbud. Barney breathed heavily as he invaded her asshole. At first, it felt warm and good. Then white-hot flames seared her bowels as his big cock penetrated.

"Jesus Christ, you're gonna tear me apart!" she cried.

His hard thrusts continued as his big prick moved in without stopping. Her body flamed with the pain.

"Oh, God! Ohhhh, Jesus!" she cried. But the pain and pleasure were all one now.

Barney gave a final lunge and his cock was totally inside her, swelling and pulsing in her ass. Mandy hoped that this beautiful, sweet fire would never stop, that it would go on and on. Her legs slid around the big man's body and hugged him tight. His huge, swelling cock filled her completely, stuffed her. She strained to get it all. It felt good, so good!

Barney began to withdraw until the head of his prick almost left her ass. Then he plunged back in savagely. Each stroke gave Mandy new, hot, incredible pleasure. A scream tore from her throat. Barney increased his drives, fucking faster and faster. The whole room was spinning for the writhing girl beneath him.

"I'm gonna come!" he suddenly gasped.

"Yes, come, come!" she screamed. "Pour your jizz up my ass!"

He gave a final, powerful lunge, and Mandy felt his wild cock throb deep inside her. She tightened her legs and strained against his body. Then came the hot, wet spurts of cum-juice inside her asshole, flooding her with delightful masculine warmth.

At the same instant, Mandy heard Jo Ann and Steve scream through a come of their own.

God, she thought, why go to college? Why not just make a career out of baby-sitting!


Mandy couldn't believe this was happening. Fifteen minutes before, she had knocked on the door and a good-looking young boy had opened it.

"Is this the Robins residence?"

"Yeah, I'm Johnny Robins. My little sister is upstairs asleep. You the baby-sitter?"


His eyes traveled up and down Mandy's voluptuous form, and a leering grin creased his handsome face. "I was going to football practice, but now I think I'll stick around."

The next thing Mandy knew, they were in the den watching one of Johnny's father's fuck films. He had his hand up under her skirt, and she could see the beginnings of a beautiful bulge in his tight jeans.

Mandy was getting hot, and the movie made her hotter. In it, a beautiful girl was fucking herself with a huge cucumber.

"Do you always try to fuck the babysitters?" she asked, panting.

"If they're as pretty as you," Johnny replied with a chuckle.

He was young, but at this point, with two of his fingers up her cunt, Mandy didn't care.

"How would you like to fuck something like that?" he asked, nodding toward the girl in the film with the cucumber up her pussy.

"Oh, yeah," Mandy puffed, wriggling on his fingers. "It's wild, I'd love it!"

"No sooner said than done." He scooted into the kitchen, and a moment later returned with a huge cucumber clutched in his fist.

"Damn, let's do it," Mandy gasped, knowing this was crazy, but loving it anyway.

He positioned the enormous green vegetable at his fly and wiggled it in her direction, handling it as though it were his cock, teasing her with erotic motions.

Mandy was immediately all over him, teasing, fondling, working her lips on his neck. She unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock. Her hands explored his naked prick and then her lips quickly followed.

Johnny's hands unbuttoned her blouse and then shoved her bra away. When one of her mammoth tits popped free, Mandy left his cock and moved up his body. She directed her hard nipple toward his lips.

"Here, Johnny, suck it... suck it!" she gasped.

Then he was on her, his lips opening to take her nipple, biting lightly, then taking as much as he could in his mouth. His hands were searching, too, and they moved up her thighs.

"Yes, yes," Mandy murmured, her breath coming in short gasps. "I want you to kiss my pussy, Johnny. Now!"

She squirmed around to an almost sitting position as she pushed him downward.

"I want you to eat me! I want your tongue in my cunt!"

"Let me get my fucking pants off," he croaked, casting aside the cucumber and reaching for the buckle at his waist.

Mandy quickly unfastened the rest of her clothes and shrugged them off as Johnny tugged at his clothes. She watched with excitement as he unbuckled and let his jeans drop. And then he removed his shorts and shirt. His cock was half-erect as he stared at her, displaying his fucker proudly.

He took her hand and placed it on his thick prick. She rubbed it slowly, enjoying the excitement of having it grow as she fondled it until it was fully hard and erect, pushing against her belly.

Then he began feeling her tits, kissing them hungrily. The combined feeling of his mouth and hands made Mandy feel as though she were about to melt. She became aware of his fingers sliding along the lips of her moistening cunt. She kissed his chest, running her lips over his taut nipples. It brought a shudder of desire to his body.

He dropped to his knees in front of her and began kissing her belly and navel. Mandy spread her legs and watched as his kisses descended to her cuntal entrance. She trembled as his tongue probed her pussy slit. It moved up and down and then massaged her hard clit.

"Yes, yes! Suck my cunt!" She placed her hands on the back of his head and pressed his face closer to her hot pussy.

Johnny licked and kissed her inner thighs up to her cunt, and then tongued her hairy pussy mound. Mandy could feel her pussy dripping with the moisture of desire. It was running down the insides of her legs as his kissing sounds turned into passionate slurps. The pleasure he was giving her made her legs shake and her hips pump slowly. He might be young, she thought, but he sure as hell knows how to turn a girl on!

Then he stopped. "My turn," he growled, standing up and hugging her, his stiff prick pressing against her furry cuntal mound.

Mandy knew what he meant, and she didn't hesitate. Once on her knees in front of him, she went into a frenzy. She couldn't get enough of his virile young body. First she licked and sucked gently on his balls, causing him to moan with pleasure. Then she clasped the base of his prick in her hand and pulled it down so that his bulbous cockhead was level with her mouth.

"Oh shit, oh shit, baby!"

She heard him suck in his breath when she began taking his prick into her mouth, moving her wet lips back and forth over his cock-ridge. Sometimes she sucked and other times she just moved her tongue back and forth over his heated cock.

"Oh shit, Mandy, your mouth is so good!" he gasped. "That's it... keep sucking, suck!"

"No!" she cried, suddenly sliding her mouth off his cock. "I want my fuckholes filled now!" She scooted down onto the soft sofa and spread her legs wide, snaking her fingers into her own cunt and spreading the lips of her pussy wide for his entrance. She looked down at her own fuck-hole. It was shiny with Johnny's warm saliva. First his tongue had ruptured her cunt, and now she was going to have his telephone pole-size prick buried to its glorious hilt in her aching belly. She could see the giant fuck tool dangling now beside the cucumber he held in his hand.

Her lush tits fell forward, hanging below her against the sofa. It felt beautiful, posing like that. Her cunt stuck out in hairy relief between her thighs, and there was an obscene thrill pounding through her tits.

Then she felt the sofa sag as Johnny climbed up behind her. His skin was hot against hers as his stomach pressed against her asscheeks.

His cock was a long, thick poker irritating her satiny ass. Her cunt was drooling with the thought that she was about to be fucked by the cucumber, Johnny's cock, or both.

"Hold still!" the young man rasped, and then his prick was slipping between her cuntal lips.

Her pussy folds twisted around his cock in total delight.

"Oh, yes, yes, yes!" she cried. "Fuck me! Fuck my brains out! Fuck my pussy raw!"

In and out, in and out, Johnny stroked his big cock into her tight hole. His prick stretched her cunt wide, until it felt like it was torn, burning flesh. It not only felt good and warm and gentle, sawing in and out of her vibrating pussy hole, it felt like it was already going to make her come.

"That's it, Johnny," she moaned. "Oh, God, that's the way I love to be fucked!"

Her hips rolled up and down as she impaled her twitching pussy on the hard meat of Johnny's fuck-stick. Inside, way down deep, it was wonderful. He drove so far into her cunt she thought that he would take her tonsils out.

But it was the outside that was giving her special feeling.

His prick had been zipping in and put of her cunt-hole and thudding down at the end of her sex tunnel. But suddenly all that ceased. His cock pulled free of her pussy depths, and Mandy felt strangely empty. She groaned in agony, wanting him to saw his prick in and out of her and continue the mellow glow of sex she was feeling. She was enthralled with it, drowning in it, and now it was gone.

"Now, now!" he hissed, his muscular body resting heavily on her naked back while his fingers teased and played with her swaying tits.

Then they swooped down on her cunt and he was shoving something beautifully big and blunt and cold against her unresisting cuntal lips.

"Yes, yes, the cucumber, Johnny! Fuck me with it!" Mandy moaned. "Please, fuck me hard with it!"

The size of the cucumber was awesome. She didn't know if she would be able to take it. But once the cold, slick skin pressed against her hot cunt, she began to soar with the tremendous shocks of pleasure pounding through her body.

After the initial shock of such a gigantic thing plunging past her pussy lips abated somewhat, it felt more and more like a cock. Johnny twisted and turned it with his hands as if he were really fucking her. Her cunt was getting stretched so good, Mandy couldn't resist lunging her hips backward, attempting to gorge her hole even more with the rock-hard instrument.

She was being pulled wide, as though she were being torn apart. She felt fuller than she had ever felt before. She was totally stuffed. And still the big phony prick kept ramming into her cunt.

"Aaaaaabhhh," she groaned. She was so full she couldn't move. Her pussy felt like a stuffed sausage. Every tremor of movement of the cucumber set off a series of minor orgasms between her legs.

"Like it, baby?" Johnny rasped. "Does it feel good?"

He was trying to keep his voice calm, but there was no doubt that he was highly excited. His hand trembled as it stroked between her asscheeks, and his cock throbbed fantastically hard. There was something wildly erotic about Mandy's creamy ass with her slightly spread thighs and the huge cucumber sticking out of her cunt that drove him crazy.

"I'm going to do it now, baby," he murmured.

"Yes, that's... that's good," she grunted.

Her body was satiated with the pleasure in her cunt and she wasn't concentrating. But the image she got from his words started new tremors of desire in her pussy. She could visualize his long prick even though he was behind her. A long slick cock just right for reaming her asshole out. And now that her cunt was already full, she ached for even more.

"Oh, Johnny, put your cock in my ass... fuck it for me!" she begged.

"Do you want me to pull this thing out of your pussy first?"

"No! Leave it in! Just fuck my ass while the cucumber is still in my cunt. Fuck it good!"

There was a long pause while the boy absorbed her words. Mandy scrunched her eyes shut and concentrated on the lovely feel of the cucumber between her thick, fat cunt lips. How wonderful it felt! Her asshole was twitching as the same time, anxious to be filled once more.

Then Johnny's face was pressing against the round, full curves of her delectable ass. His breath swept hotly over the moist, tender bud of her shithole, and it started wild chills deep up in her ass. Closer and closer, his hot lips moved between her soft, cushiony asscheeks and finally they brushed over her tight brown assbud.

"Aaaaiiieeee!" Mandy moaned softly. The sensation was fantastic.

Then, a moment later, it was followed by yet another shock. His long, twisty tongue slid into her tight asshole and began to screw her ass in fierce jabs.

Buffeted by the continuing shocks of his tongue drilling her slit chute, Mandy almost fainted when she experienced the shock of movement in her stuffed cunt. His chin was rubbing with full fury against the end of the cucumber projecting out of her pussy. Each movement was like an orgasm. Feeling rippled and rolled through her body and into her nerve endings and skin. She was being turned into one huge blob of ceaseless pleasure.

She didn't know how long she could stand it.

Everything was in second place to the orgasms that seemed to roll over her like waves, mauling her senses and feelings, only to leave her stranded and bruised after they passed over.

"Ohhhh, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck me, Johnny!" she crooned to him.

She couldn't move an inch. She was rooted to the spot, savoring the cucumber in her cunt and his tongue in her ass.

"Oh, oh, oh," she groaned, pushing her asscheeks back to encourage him.

Suddenly her ass was empty. She stopped moving, and the sensations bombarding her senses left her. She was aware only of a dull ache around her cunt, a painful-pleasurable sort of feeling. She was sore there, really sore, and she didn't want to move her thighs an inch, but she hated the feelings of emptiness in her ass.

Now Johnny moved back to her. He stared at her ass, at her wet asscheeks and rosy asshole, and the green cucumber sticking out of her convulsing cunt hole. Her red-lined pussy lips tightened and relaxed spasmodically around it, making the vegetable move in and out in a miniature fucking motion.

His hand played with his naked prick. He was rock-hard. His cock was like a steel bar jutting from his hairy groin. And long. It seemed to have grown inches in just minutes, and he couldn't wait.

He eased forward slowly.

"Ah, ub, ah, uh..." Mandy's breath was a series of ragged gasps. She had no voice left. When his hard, hot prick slid into the very rim of her asshole, she screamed for joy.

Then he was sliding in and out, in and out. His balls pounded the end of the cucumber, driving it deeper and deeper. Mandy was going insane. She heaved and bucked and twisted and came and came and came.

Her cum was running down the insides of her silky thighs. The room was flooded with the musky odor of her unstoppable cum. Her mind was a blaze of feeling and ecstasy that she couldn't turn off.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!" she screeched. And then again, "Fuuuuuccckkk!"

She was being split open. She was exploding into heat and smoke and cum. Her cunt was a cauldron of spitting, boiling lust.

Johnny chose that moment to come, too. He plowed his giant cock into her with trip-hammer blows. His long prick reached for her tits from the inside and bruised the walls of her ass with hard, battering blows that only increased Mandy's insane ecstasy.

She reared back, trying to swallow every millimeter of his prick with her juice-dripping asshole. And at the same time, he spewed his hot cum up her ass, flooding her guts, burning her ass out.

The cucumber was jolted almost completely into her distended dint, and Mandy thought for an instant that she would be ruptured. And she didn't care. It would be that final pleasure. She was high on sex, high on the feelings of her own body surging to the beat of her own incredible sexual responses.

What was happening to her, surged through her brain in an instant replay of heat and lust animal, savage lust. She wanted to be rent from hole to hole, and she was. She felt as though her cunt had torn open and merged with her asshole. She was one non-stop cunt from her throbbing clit to her expanded shit-tunnel.

She felt her ass filling with hot juices from Johnny's cock, and then she sighed and pitched forward on the soft pillows of the sofa. His prick pulled out of her, jerked spasmodically, and shot huge drops of hot cum onto her satiny, creamy skin.

With a deep sigh, they rolled away from each other. Mandy still had the cucumber in her cunt. She reached down and pushed it all the way in until just a little bit of green was showing.

"God," the boy said, "you're still hot."

"Yes, yes, I need more!" Mandy gasped.

"Can you get it up again?"

"What do you think?" he leered.

Mandy looked. His cock was like a steel pole.

"Gimme!" she cried in delight.

As Mandy closed her thighs over the cucumber and wrestled her clit with her thumb, groaning and moaning with pleasure, she rolled from the sofa. She fell to her knees in front of Johnny and closed her mouth over his cock.

Hollowing her cheeks, she sucked and swirled bath his cockhead and the shaft back and forth across her tongue. She laved the ridge around his cock crown and bobbed her wet lips across it until she was sure his prick had reached its fullest length and thickness.

When she held it in front of her eyes, it was so long and thick that she suddenly wanted it instead of the cucumber in her pussy.

She climbed to her feet and squeezed her cunt muscles. The cucumber shot from her pussy with a squishy, plopping sound.

"Let's fuck!" she chirped.

Needing no further encouragement, Johnny picked her easily from the floor and deposited her on the sofa. He stroked his cock, nearly crying out with the sheer beauty of her body. She was lying on her stomach, her long legs spread wide. He knelt and crawled up between her legs. He smelled her pussy scent and closed his eyes, inhaling again, more deeply.

Deftly, he buried his nose in the divide of her asscheeks. He loved the warm, rich, female smell he found there, and Mandy spread her legs a little wider to show him that she liked him being there.

He slid his tongue up and down her ass crease, and then plunged inside, reveling in the way her puckered asshole massaged each taste bud of his tongue. He moved his tongue into the slit of her pussy and then back up to tenderly insert it into her asshole.

She was moving against him now, and he could taste the flow of her juices. She moaned as she felt his talented tongue go far into her ass canal, and clenched her muscles as if she could hold it there forever.

Johnny kept his tongue moving, in and out, and Mandy responded by humping back into his face. She felt his huge cock dangling between his legs and stroking across her feet.

He reached under her and slid a finger into her cunt. It was warm and wet and perfect. She humped up and down, adding to the stimulation she was getting from both holes. He slid another finger into her cunt, and she felt it stretch delightfully to accommodate him. His tongue was still in her ass, his mouth dripping saliva over the warmth of her cunt when, without a word, she suddenly rolled over and pulled his face into her pussy.

Slowly, without any rush and with little effort, Johnny wheeled his muscular body round and gently, ever so gently, inserted the head of his cock into her mouth. He closed his hands over her lush asscheeks and rolled her over until she could plunge downward with her pussy into his waiting, eager mouth.

Mandy whimpered with the effort of trying to take his big cock between her lips. He didn't force her, and she responded by opening her mouth wider until his cockhead raked the back of her throat and part of his cockshaft entered between her lips. She gagged momentarily, but sucked an it with every fiber of her body.

Her down-covered cunt was beautiful above his face. He pulled open her pink pussy lips with his hands and watched as the juices dripped into his face.

He pushed his mouth against her. He sucked and probed until he felt her fuck juice rise to the lips of her pussy and cascade over his chin. Then she was still, but her cunt was still wrapped around his tongue, his chin, and his nose like a soft velvet glove.

Without a motion from him, she moved, positioning herself beneath him. She held his cock in her hand, smiling. Her eyes took on a funny glazed look, as if her body had taken over her mind completely. She placed his cockhead at her cunt opening. It felt like the end of a huge baseball bat, but she closed her eyes and smiled, her legs pulling apart as far as she could make them go.

Her hand came forward, moving the head of his prick around the mouth of her pussy, smearing it with the juices that were pouring from her body. Her mouth was pulled open in a smiling grimace as she pulled his cockhead between the lips of her cunt and, with her hips, continued to bear down on the shaft.

Johnny allowed her to guide his movements, letting her absorb his prick as slowly as she wanted. He had never felt such good, wet warmth encircling his cockmeat before.

At last she had at least nine or ten inches in her cunt, and she was adjusting herself to take more. Slowly, carefully, agonizingly, she moved her hips, allowing another two inches to slide into her. And then, spreading her legs even wider, she settled over another huge hunk of his fuckmeat and began to push on his hips, urging him to start fucking her.

Johnny sensed her actions and slid forward, pouring all of his virile young cock into her. Then he cupped her tits in his hands and began gently rolling the nipples between his fingers.

The stimulation of his cock and his fingers brought Mandy to climax almost at once. He didn't let up. In a few moments her body was responding once again.

She thrust her hips against him, at the same time holding his hands on her tits and smiling up at him. Then she went even more rigid than before, every muscle tensing around the prickmeat that filled her. He felt her body throb and pulsate with the most powerful orgasm he had ever seen a female experience.

His giant cock was buried to the hilt in her lush young cunt, his balls knocking against her asscheeks, as he pushed with all his might against her, forcing her rigid body down as his juices poured into her in palpitating bursts, jetting against the back of her cunt. It only added to the sheer joy of her own total climax.

When their orgasms subsided, Johnny rolled away from her and lay his head next to hers. Silently, gasping for breath, they touched each other's bodies.

"How did you know I would let you do all this to me?" Mandy finally whispered.

"My Uncle Barney told me."

"Your uncle?"

"Yeah, Barney Reese," Johnny grinned. "He told me all about the orgy when you were babysitting at his house the other night."

"Well, I'll be damned," Mandy chuckled, wriggling down his body and encasing his wonderful prick between her lips once more.


The summer passed all too quickly for Mandy. It was time to go away to school, but on the last night before she left, she got her last -- and strangest -- baby-sitting job of all.

"Mandy, this is Beverly."

"Yeah, Sis?"

"I wonder if you could sit far Fred and me tonight? You could stay over, and we could take you to the airport in the morning."

She baby-sat for her sister and brother-in-law that night. After they returned borne and Mandy was getting ready for bed in the guestroom, she wondered if Fred would sneak down and give her a last fuck before she left.

To her surprise, it was not Fred, but her sister, Beverly, who appeared at the side of her bed.

"Are you awake, little sister?"

"Yeah, sure..." Mandy replied hesitantly, not sure what to expect next.

"And probably playing with your pussy to get it ready for my husband's cock."

Mandy's face flushed.

"I know, Mandy," Beverly went on, her voice strangely, low and husky. "And I know why you've been such a popular baby-sitter this summer."

"You don't sound mad."

"Mad?" Beverly laughed. "Hell, no, I'm envious! You're doing all the things I always wanted to do, but could never get up the nerve. Well, now that Fred has told me everything, I figure that, if you can do it, so can I. And I'm going to start tonight!"

"Tonight?" Mandy gasped. "How?"

"We're going to make it together, little sister."

"Us?" Mandy said, her eyes following her sister's lithe body as it moved from lamp to wall switch, to another lamp. She had never realized just how sexy her sister was.

Or had she?

She tried to remember. There was something... and then it was gone.

Beverly's robe was tight across her hips and ass. The flesh beneath the material moved sensuously with each movement of the woman's mature body.

Mandy studied her sister as if she had never seen her before. The younger girl found it suddenly impossible to look at Beverly and not think about sex. When she spoke, her voice was as sexy as her body. Mandy realized that Beverly had it all, body and looks. Even her hair, the way it fell over her shoulders when she turned her head, suggested sex.

Beverly snapped off the last light and moved soundlessly back toward the bed and Mandy.

"Would my pussy be so different from anyone else's, darling?" she purred. "I mean, could you tell it was your own sister's cunt if we were in the middle of a lot of bodies? And if you could, honey, would it make any difference just because it was your sister's? Do you love sex enough that you would go ahead and suck my pussy? Would you suck it because you love sex, Mandy?"

It was now pitch-dark in the room. Mandy could hear but not see Beverly's body moving toward her. Then her sister's hands were entwined in her hair. Beverly's soft pussy hair tickled her nose, her cheeks, then her chin. She could smell the sweet musk rising from Beverly's cunt. It filled her with awakening desire, and Mandy could feel her own pussy cascading juices from between her already slick thighs.

"Would you, Mandy?"

"Beverly [missing text]."

"Would you eat my pussy in the dark even if you know that it was my pussy?"

"Yes... yes!" the younger girl moaned.

"Well, then [missing text]."

Mandy slid off the bed to her knees on the floor. She could feel Beverly's sensuous body moving above her, and she raised her face. The tangy smell got stronger in her inflamed nostrils. She raised her face and felt Beverly's soft cunt lips being mashed into her lips. Her silky thighs spread above her and Beverly's strong hands pulled her head up until all she could breathe and taste was pussy.

The young girl experimented with her tongue. She touched her sister's seething cuntal folds, licked her juice-dripping hair, and nuzzled her nose into the very top of her pussy silt.

"Good... very good, darling," Beverly sighed above her, and pulled harder upward with her hands.

Mandy's tongue drifted between her sister's hot cunt lips, savoring the smell and the tangy flavor.

"Pussy," she moaned. "Pussy or cock or tongue or fucking. All of it! I want it all. I've got to have it. I've got to have it!"

Beverly was almost shocked at her younger sister's eagerness. Then they both fell back onto the bed.

The pounding in Mandy's ears was trapped by Beverly's squeezing thighs. She drove her tongue into her sister's fuckhole, loving the slick skin-on-skin feeling. Her own thighs were being spread, and a finger was inserted into her cunt. Then another, and a third. At the same time, her clit was being massaged by Beverly's expert tongue.

"Oh, God, Beverly," she cried. "I love [missing text]."

"So do I, darling," Beverly sighed. "Eat me, baby... suck my pussy juices!"

Mandy's thoughts chased in dizzy circles as she ran her hands over her sister's lush asscheeks and her tongue between her gooey cunt lips. In the darkness, she imagined Beverly's tanned nakedness around her. She felt her soft flesh against her, her smooth tits rocking against her belly while Beverly's hungry mouth devoured her seeing pussy.

Little firecrackers of color exploded before her eyes as Beverly's tongue did magic things between her thighs.

Fascinated by her own reaction, Mandy's mind zoomed outside her body. She seemed to be looking down at the two writhing, sex in flamed female forms churning together on the wide bed.

She remembered sharing a room with Beverly when they were children. She remembered seeing her older sister undressing and admiring herself in front of the mirror. Her flowering tits and the sprinkling of pubic hair over her pussy had been just enough of a mystery to Mandy that the younger girl loved her instead of envying her.

Again, Mandy remembered all those things about her sister's naked body, and realized that even then she had wanted to do just exactly what she was doing right now.

"Faster... faster!" Beverly urged from somewhere, at the foot of the bed.

Mandy felt a ripple of joy go through Beverly's body as she returned her tongue between her sister's cunt walls. Her tongue found Beverly's clit. She teased and worried it with both her teeth and her tongue, taking her cue from what Beverly's tongue was now doing to her own pussy.

The more Mandy tongued and bathed, the more Beverly's body went into spasms. The older girl clawed and babbled until Mandy knew she was on the verge of orgasm. Her hips began to undulate, then rack back and forth. They seemed to be pleading in their desire.

Mandy found Beverly's tits and kneaded them. They felt as good in her hands as did pressing her tongue into Beverly's furry pussy slot. With a driving singlenss of purpose, Mandy rammed her hot tongue deep, probing with the fiery tip. At the same time, she writhed her own hips as she felt her sister match the insistence of her tongue with her own in the younger girl's pounding pussy.

"Now... oh, God, now... oh, sweet Jesus, now!" Beverly screamed.

Mandy forgot her own need, the fire Beverly had built between her own thighs, in the quest to satisfy her sister.

She parted Beverly's thighs wider and clutched her ass as the ache in her throat for her sister's pussy juices became so intense that she thought she could stand it no longer.

Mandy closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

Beverly's body tensed as if she could sense and feel the approach of the final onslaught.

Then Mandy plunged her tongue went deep, deep, then deeper into her sister's fuckhole as her nose prodded Beverly's asshole and her chin pounded against her clit.

"Yes! Oh, God, yes!" Beverly screeched. "I'm coming, my little baby, I'm commmmiinnnggg!"

An ear-shattering scream erupted from Beverly's throat as she raced to her climax. Mandy's tongue kept exploring with pent-up fury.

Beverly came, but still Mandy labored, grinding her own thighs together.

The older girl tried to jerk away. Mandy clung ferociously, like an animal in heat. Beverly cried out in protest, but Mandy ignored her. She was totally immersed now in her own pleasure.

At last fulfillment welled up in Mandy and, with a shuddering sigh, she released her sister.

"Me you all right, darling?" Beverly asked her.

"I'm wonderful!" Mandy chirped. "By the way... how was I?"

"You were wonderful, fantastic," Beverly whispered, stroking her sister's damp, silken thighs. "You were everything my pussy wanted. Your mouth was honey and fire all at the same time. I loved it, darling. And you loved it. I could tell."

"Yes, I did love it."

"And we're not done yet, baby," Beverly said, chuckling. "Fred?"

The overhead light came on as Fred stood at the foot of the bed, naked, with a huge hard-on lutched in his pounding fist.

"Put it in Mandy, darling," Beverly cried, "and we'll both fuck you!"

Fred was sweating. Just the idea of fucking both sisters at the same time had made his prick rampant. "Want to, Mandy?"

"Yes," Mandy cried, "put it in me, Fred!" The gap in Mandy's cuntal slit widened and the curling hairs around her pussy lips glistened with her juices, making a delectable target. He placed his trembling cock between her lips and pushed. His cockhead entered. He wormed his way up into her, directing the shaft of his prick surely and firmly into her seeping, heated hole.

Mandy gasped in joy. The tip of his cock was probing deeply. She answered his exertions by moving her ass around and around in a circular motion. Then she cried out and gave her ass a downward thrust that buried him to his balls in her belly.

A weird, sobbing series of moans erupted from her anguished throat. Her hands gripped his muscular shoulders. Her fingernails were embedded in his flesh and she thrust herself up and down, riding his prick. The muscles in her thighs and asscheeks hardened and pounded with more power on each stroke.

"Yes, yes, I love it... I love it!" she wailed, feeling herself rapidly approaching a searing climax.

"Come, baby, come!" Fred urged, driving his rampant cock relentless into her gooey fuck hole.

Mandy got a quick come, and Fred pulled out of her. His wife pulled him onto his back and kissed him hotly. As he returned Beverly's passionate kiss, he felt the younger girl's hands on him, caressing, squeezing, massaging. Then she kissed the head of his prick with her soft lips and took it into her mouth. Her hands moved down to his balls and hefted them gently, as if she were testing their weight. The pleasure of her touch rippled through his body.

What an evening, he thought; necking with Beverly while her sister blew his prick!

He worked at Beverly's huge tits and she kissed him again. He covered her tits with his hands and felt her hard nipples tickling his palms.

Mandy's lips left his cock. For a few seconds he didn't feel anything, and then the young girl was lowering her pussy over his hard prickmeat, taking it in one smooth slide up into her belly once more.

Her cunt wasn't built like her sister's. It was much tighter. Fred had an idea that she could take a lot more than even his huge hunk of fuckmeat up inside her. She was on top of him, bouncing, bouncing, and bouncing. She arched her back as he strove to give her as much prick as he could.

Beverly moved away from him, clearing his line of sight. Mandy smiled down at him as she rode him with all the weight and power in her young body. As she bounced, her huge tits jiggled up and down.

Then he felt two, warm, satiny thighs on his checks as Beverly settled into position over his face. He watched tiny droplets of cunt juice roll off the ends of her pubic hair as her cunt came closer and closer to his lips. She placed a pillow under his head.

"I want you to be where I can give it all to you," his wife cooed.

Fred smiled happily and put his arms around her as he lashed out at her tight cunt with his tongue. Behind Beverly, his hands came in contact with her sister's tits. He grabbed and hung on to their massiveness as Mandy pounded his prick into her cavernous, insatiable cunt.

The younger girl was grunting with exertion and passion and Beverly was groaning steadily as all three of them worked toward their peak.

"Beverly, he's gonna make me come!" Mandy suddenly shrieked. "God, he's got a cock! He's gonna make me come!"

Fred concentrated on satisfying the pressure that was building up to a bursting point in his body. Mandy screamed out in ecstatic release and dropped her cunt in one last plunge on his cock. Her hips ground into him as he raised his ass off the bed and drove his cum into her quivering pussy in thick, steady bursts.

As Fred came, he sank his teeth into Beverly's pussy. She screamed and twisted against his face. He felt her shudder through her climax and he swallowed the fruit of it as he sank back into the bed.

The three of them rested wordlessly for a few moments, and then Mandy pushed her sister's head down over her husband's prick.

"Suck him up, Sis. Get him hard and well go again!"

Mandy fingered her own youthful pussy and felt it seep as she watched her sister's dark head bob up and down on Fred's prick. Then, with his cock rising to granite-hardness once more, he reached for Mandy, picked her up and swung her above his head. She descended with her thighs parted like a hinge, and he buried his teeth and tongue into the creamy furrow of Mandy's cunt.

His tongue in her pussy released the rest of the girl's inhibitions about fucking in the same bed as her sister. She began grinding her cunt over his face with a fury. The rush of cunt juice into his mouth told Mandy that she was on the verge of yet another climax.

I can do anything with them, she thought... anything!

Fred pushed his tongue between her lips and tasted the gooey, slick, inflamed walls of Mandy's splayed pussy. He touched and then he licked. He swallowed and licked again. It excited Mandy. She liked cunt-lapping.

"It's good, isn't it, Mandy, honey?"

"Yes," she wailed. "Yes!"

"Your sister's sucking my cock while I'm eating your cunt. Can you hear her?"

"Yes, I hear her... it sounds fantastic," Mandy crooned, feeling her brain swimming with the wonderfully erotic sounds.

He directed the hard tip of his tongue to the little knob of her clit. Her body quivered and she groaned in ecstasy. He licked harder, and suddenly his chin, his mouth, his tongue, all were consumed by the heated folds of her cunt-cavern.

Beverly, excited at seeing her sister bury her husband's face between her thighs and in her pussy, began bobbing her mouth faster and faster on his cock. More and more of it disappeared into her mouth. His prick seemed to expand as her head bobbed. It swelled, got longer and even thicker.

Suddenly his cockhead was in her throat. She wondered just how much of his burgeoning prick she could take this way. She took a deep breath and pressed her mouth down.

His cockknob ground against the roof of her mouth and popped down her throat. She gagged and raised her head, only to dive down again.

She took another deep breath willed her mouth farther down.

Two more inches of his prick slid smoothly between her lips. His crotch hair was almost tickling her nose. She could hear her sister's groans and sighs as Fred's slurping mouth worked greedily on her cunt.

She drew her head off his cock until the ridge along his cockhead was between her teeth. He bucked his hips just about the time she started down again. Farther and farther, the stiff shaft went between her sucking ups. She increased the pace of her bobbing head until she was mouthing his prick furiously.

Then her nose was buried in his wiry crotch hair and she knew she had taken all of his cock down into her throat. She reveled in the wild sensation that roared and throbbed so deeply inside her.

Then Mandy cried out. "I'm there! Oh, Fred, tongue me harder! There... right there! I'm coming! I'm commiinnngggg!"

The tenseness in the man's body and the throbbing of his cock in her mouth told Beverly that he, too, was about to come, was about to shoot a heavy load of cum into her throat and down into her belly.

As the eruption built, Beverly struggled to pull her head from his cock. All but his turgid fuckknob itself had been extracted when two strong hands found the back of her head and his fingers curled in her hair.

Beverly could almost see the spasm move over her husband's body. He had moved his arms around Mandy and captured her head in his hands as the stream of juices poured from the girl's cunt down his own throat.

Then his cockhead began a wild, throbbing rumble in her mouth, and his hands were jamming her face back down over his prickshaft as his hips lurched forward.

His cockhead completely impaled her throat again.

Beverly thought she would faint when the first jolt of hot cum slammed into her.

One hand kept her face impaled, while the other grasped his cock at its base. Fred milked upward against the base of his jetting fuckrod, sending his full load of gooey cum into his wife's throat.

When all his cum was gone, he released her. Beverly rolled her head off his cock and gripped it with her hands. Furiously, she started pounding up and down on his deflating prick with both hands.

"No... no... no," she chanted, as she manipulated his cock back into hardness. "Don't get soft... don't get soft! Stay hard, stay hard!"

Fred turned to Mandy. "I think you better help your sister out."


"She needs a come. Eat her!"

Beverly stopped pumping his prick and shrunk to the opposite side of the bed, lifting her legs and spreading them wide, baring her hairy crotch to Mandy's wide eyes. "Yes, yes!"

The two sisters wildly tongue-fucked each other off while Fred pounded his cock above them.

When they came, he did too, all over their writhing bodies.

"Wild! Jesus, that was wild!" Mandy groaned at last.

"Beautiful," Beverly said, licking her husband's cum off her sister's tits. "Do you mind if Fred and I come up and visit you at school, darling?"

"Mind? Hell, no, I'll love it!" Mandy chirped, and then giggled. "But you'd better wait at least a month."

"A month?" Fred said. "Why?"

"Because it will take me that long to line up some baby-sitting jobs so we can really party!"

All three of them laughed and rolled back together for another fuck.


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