Raped nurse

It is hard to conceive in this day and age, and especially in our Western society, that individual human beings could be treated like mere chattel and worse.

Unfortunately, however there are examples to be found all around us. Migrant workers have long labored for a pittance, and are beaten or thrown out of their jobs if they protest their meager wages. Sharecroppers are forced to turn over as much as half their produce to large landowners to pay off an ever-increasing debt whose termination they may never see.

And then there is Lisa Murray, a young nurse forced to enter the degrading, shadowy world of a sex maniac's hostage. She and a fellow nurse, having to accept the favors of men they despise, sink into a pit of shame and debauchery with little hope of escape.

RAPED NURSE -- a novel of warped men and the girls they use to satisfy their sinful cravings. A message for today's society.

The publisher


"Dr. Granger. Dr. Granger. Please report to the burn ward."

Lisa Murray heard the crisp, mechanical sounding voice as she pushed open the large glass entrance door at the hospital and walked into the lobby. She squinted her eyes for a moment, trying to get used to the sudden bright light. Glancing down at her wristwatch, Lisa noted she was fifteen minutes early for the night shift.

"Lisa," the young blonde heard a woman's voice call out from behind her. Looking over her shoulder, the big-busted nurse saw it was Marilyn Nesbett. "I shouted at you in the parking lot but you kept right on going," the brunette huffed out as she ran up to her friend.

Lisa tried to smile. But she found it difficult to act pleasant now. Her mind was a whirlpool of wild passions and emotions. The last thing she wanted was to end up in some bitch session with anyone.

"Hey, cheer up. Chad's not the only man around here, you know," Marilyn said in a low whisper as she leaned into her friend and gave her a reassuring pat on the arm.

"I don't want to talk about it," Lisa said, turning away and starting for the first-floor nurses' lounge. Lisa strode through the large lobby, then broke into a run as she heard Marilyn protesting behind her. It was all she could do to keep from breaking out into tears as she turned and ran into the nurses' lounge. Thank God no one was there. Lisa stumbled to the dressing area and took a good look at herself in the floor-length mirror. Even emotionally torn as she was now. The blonde could see an attractive, exciting woman. Why had Chad dumped her?

Lisa raised her chin slightly and cloned her eyes until there were two dark slits under her long lashes. She had high cheekbones and glowing skin. Especially now in her high emotional state, Lisa's face and neck seemed to radiate a kind of highly-charged glow that made her even more attractive. She seemed to burn with an intense, inner fire that flickered high, then low with her changing emotional state. Her full, red lips seemed now extraordinarily exotic. Her shining blonde hair was pulled tightly back and tucked under her cap.

Lisa looked at her complete body next. Her large tits, pushing out and forward like two ripe watermelons against the tailored white uniform; her rounded, well-fleshed hips; her full firm buttocks curving gracefully against the white silk pants; all this suggested a warm, sensuous woman who needed a man.

Why did he leave? Lisa thought, shaking her head then burying it in her hands as Marilyn opened the door and walked into the tiny roam.

"Hey, honey. Pull yourself together. I just bumped into the man out there, and he wants to see you," the brunette said. She'd walked up to Lisa and put her arms around her friend's waist, pulling the sobbing blonde tightly against her body.

"Wh-who?" Lisa sobbed.

"Dr. Chad Duvalier," Marilyn said, her voice revealing her displeasure in giving that news.

"Oh God! I can't see him now," Lisa said in a panic, pulling away from her friend.

"He's not gonna wait all day, honey," Marilyn said, putting her hands on her hips. "Look, Lisa. I know it's not easy to see him. But at least give him a chance to explain. I know he's been acting like a rat. So you caught him screwing some nurse."

"She's not the only one," Lisa blurted as she wiped away the tears and looked intensely at her friend.

"But what can you do? You're not married to him. All right, so you two've been going out for the past year or so. But he's a man, Lisa -- a free man," Marilyn said. "You can't expect him to stay faithful to you without a ring. And besides, most men don't do that anyway with a damned ring on the finger."

"What does he want?" Lisa asked after several seconds of silence passed. She felt a twinge of emotion and curiosity hit her at the same time. It had teen almost one month since she'd caught Chad with the girl in his office. She'd told him in no uncertain terms to take that fat cock of his and fuck himself with it. She didn't need him. She'd be able to find any man she wanted. Of course, Lisa hadn't dated anyone since that fateful evening.

"I don't know what he wants. Go out there and find out," Marilyn said, reaching behind her and pulling the exit door open.

"I-I still don't know why he left me," Lisa stammered as she walked toward the door.

"You threw him out of your life. What did you expect?" Marilyn asked as she motioned for Lisa to get out into the corridor.

Lisa smiled sadly at her friend's explanation. It was true. She was acting like a spoiled teen-age prom queen whose gown had just been ripped on the dance floor. It was Chad who had pressed for marriage and Lisa who had refused. Yet she made demands on him as if she were married. Lisa wanted all the benefits of marriage without a license. She saw just what a stupid idea that was.

Stepping into the long corridor, Lisa turned and started walking toward Chad's office. Just as she passed a door leading to the cafeteria, Lisa saw Chad turning from the side corridor into the main hallway. Both of them stopped dead when each caught sight of the other. Lisa felt the blood rush to her face while her heart began pounding. She'd hardly seen Chad ever since she'd stormed out of his office three weeks ago. All that time Lisa had tried to drive the image of Chad out of her mind -- and nearly succeeded. But now the same powerful feelings that swept over her when the two of them were alone were washing over her lush body now. Lisa could feel the blood easing down into her pussy, swelling her cuntlips and warming up her snatch and Chad broke out into a broad smile and sauntered over to her.

"Long time no see, Lisa," Chad said, stopping a few feet in front of her.

Oh God, touch me! Lisa screamed mentally as she felt her body sway forward. Her mind grew light and buzzy as she felt her cunt moistening. She was blushing furiously and she knew it. Lisa could feel the heat in her cheeks that increased when she realized Chad was enjoying this little scene. He sensed what was going through her mind as he stood only inches away from her hot pussy.

"Yes. I haven't got much time to talk," Lisa said, trying to speak normally. Her throat was tight and dry from the sexual excitement that was rippling through her body. She couldn't help but remember Chad's expert fucking and the way his mouth could -- no, she couldn't think of that now. They were through!

"Let's go into my office. Really, Lisa. I've got something to tell you. It can't wait," Chad said. His smile turned into a serious look. The blonde swallowed hard, then nodded quickly. Just as Chad was tuning around, Lisa glanced down and noticed that the knob of his prick was pressing against his pants. Was this the big important talk he wanted to give her in his office? Was he getting tired of his little number up on the second floor, and now wanted some experienced pussy to liven up his balls? Well, he'd have another think coming. Lisa swore she'd cut him down if that's what he had in mind.

Then she thought about her panties which were sticking to her crotch. They were damp and gooey, moistened by the hot pussy juice that had oozed from her cunt. She could feel her soaked cunt hair, the tight curls matted against her puffy labes.

They finally came to Chad's office and walked in, looking carefully around to make sure no one had noticed them. Even though fucking went on regularly in the hospital, it was done with discretion. It was one of those cases where everyone knew what everyone else was doing. But no one actually saw it.

"All right. What's so damned important?" Lisa asked between her teeth as she closed and locked the door behind her. She kept her right hand gripped tightly around the brass knob as a kind of moral support. She purposely made her voice cold and cutting. Lisa wanted Chad, but she wanted him on her own terms. She couldn't let him know what a raging furnace her pussy had turned into. She couldn't let him find out that her long, hard nipples were swelling up and pressing stiffly against her bra.

"It's two things, actually," Chad said, moving quickly behind his desk and flicking on the study lamp. The darkness of the room was partly broken by the bright, concentrated glow of the lamp. A bright pool of white light washed over the large oak desk while the rest of the objects stayed hidden in the shadows. Books lined two walls of the tiny office that had only two chairs besides the one behind the desk for furniture. It was a typical chief resident's office.

Yet how much wonderful fucking had gone on in there. As Chad shuffled through a pile of papers on his desk, Lisa closed her eyes and gave herself over to the hot, lush feeling sweeping her body. She remembered how the two of them crawled over one another, rubbing their hot, sweaty skins together as the minutes ticked away. Lisa giggled, thinking back to how her ass used to show rug burns all the time.

"Here it is. We've got some problems coming up on your floor tonight," Chad said, handing a piece of paper across the desk toward her. The blonde opened her eyes and shook herself out of her trance. Maybe this call to the office was just a professional one. Maybe. If it were, Lisa knew she'd scream. She felt her emotional tolerance collapsing. How could he ignore her. It was as if he'd completely forgotten about all those times they'd shared together in this worn!

Lisa wiped her sweating hands on her pants and reached out to take the paper. She noticed that it was a patient report.

"What's so unusual about this. Everybody has one when he comes in," Lisa said angrily, tossing the paper back on the desk.

"You didn't notice the name of the patient. The police shot him tonight, and they're bringing him in Art Decker," Chad said, looking into Lisa's widening eyes.

Lisa's mouth dropped open. A cold chill of terror and revulsion crept up her spine as she remembered what the papers said about this sex murderer. He'd been terrorizing the city, breaking into homes at night and sexually molesting women. Age didn't matter to this man. Old and young, the women were often raped in front of their husbands, then murdered brutally by the laughing man.

"He's coming into surgery tonight, then onto your floor for observation. There will be police protection, of course. But you'd still better be careful. He's got two brothers the police say were in on this whole mess with him. They know he's here. God only knows what they'll do to get him out," Chad said, shaking his head as he handed the paper back to Lisa.

The blonde took it and studied the information, wondering what she'd done to deserve this.

"You said you had two things to talk over with me tonight. What's the other?" Lisa asked as she folded the paper and slipped it into her pocket. Chad was still sitting behind his desk, rummaging through the paper mess on his desk.

"Yes," Chad said, looking up and staring hotly into Lisa's eyes. The blonde felt her titties swell and her cuntal muscles squeeze shut under that strong stare. She recognized it as good old lust, the kind of look he'd given her just before he reached up and started unbuttoning her uniform.

"Look, Chad. All that's over. I haven't changed my mind," Lisa said, sighing deeply as she started to turn around to go.

"Hey, wait a second," Chad said, rising from his chair and moving quickly up to the woman. Lisa sucked in a ragged breath as she felt Chad's strong fingers wrap around her slender arms. She felt his hot, wet breath against the back of her neck. Lisa's cuntlips fluttered teasingly as Chad began to speak.

"Listen, I know I can't explain away what happened that night. It's just natural for me to be attracted to other women. That's just the way I am. Anyway, Lisa, you're the one who said we both should go out more. You kept on saying that we'd been seeing too much of each other," Chad argued, drawing closer to her. Lisa could feel his crotch brushing against her asscheeks. The blonde closed her eyes and held her breath, picturing that big, thick cock of his pressing up against the fly of his trousers. The woman fought the urge to reach back and rub her hands over the telltale bulge in his crotch.

"It's just over," Lisa almost shouted, shrugging her shoulders and walking toward the door. She had to get away from him or she'd give in.

"Like hell it is. I can smell you, baby," Chad said thickly as he tightened his grip on her.

"You-you filthy..." Lisa cried out, struggling in vain to get away. She struggled not only against Chad, but against herself as well. Lisa knew that a good part of her wanted the young resident's prick shoved up her snatch. But her pride just wouldn't allow it.

"Look at me. Look at me and tell me you want to get out of her," Chad said, whirling the blonde nurse around and suddenly letting her go.

Lisa reached back for the doorknob for support as she focused her eyes on Chad. There was that strong-featured, nearly square face with high, angular cheekbones that had attracted her in the first place. The way his black eyes sparkled with excitement and lust was quickly arousing Lisa.

"Let me go," she said. But the tone of her voice gave her away. Chad smiled broadly at Lisa, then wrapped his strong arms around her slender waist. This time Lisa didn't do anything to fight him off. Lisa turned her chin up and saw Chad's handsome face slowly descending to hers. "Please, don't, Chad," she protested weakly. Then all sounds were made impossible as their lips met. Slowly, hesitatingly, Lisa opened her mouth and received Chad's tongue. She sucked in his tongue, fighting back with hers. Their bodies ground together, rubbing slowly back and forth as hot spittle flowed from one mouth to the other. Lisa let out a low moan as she felt Chad's hot, fleshy tongue sand across her cheeks and over her tongue. Lisa could feel Chad's hands slowly crawling up her sides, squeezing into her soft flesh as they gradually made their way to her tits.

"Lisa, Lisa, I've missed you," Chad whispered as he pulled away and looked deeply into her eyes.

The blonde was too hot to talk. Her breath came in quick, short pants as she felt Chad's fingers sliding up her silk uniform and press into her forty-inch tits.

"Ohhhhhh," she moaned as she leaned against the door and closed her eyes.

Chad stepped back and started undressing. Lisa watched him silently, feeling her blood racing around her body even faster when the doctor's broad, hairy chest came into view. She swore she could see the muscles rippling across hit rough skin as he reached down and started unbuckling his trousers. Chad kept his eyes glued onto hers as he shoved his thumbs under the elastic waistband of his white cotton briefs and pushed both his pants and shorts down to the floor.

Lisa's eyes widened with lust as she stared at Chad's lush, dark, soft-haired balls that swung gently back and forth while he lifted his right leg and slipped his trousers and shorts off.

"It's been too long without you, honey," Chad said in a low growl as he finished undressing. He smiled teasingly at the panting blonde as he slid his hands over his powerful hips and cupped the weighty bulk of his cock and balls. He squeezed the pliant flesh, pressing in on the base of his thick-shafted meat as he massaged his balls and dick over and over. He tilted his head back and opened his eyes as a pleasing ache formed in the pit of his belly. Lisa licked her lower lip with unbearable excitement. She wanted that thickening cock shoved in her cunt, in her ass, in her mouth. It didn't matter. Only now did she realize just how much she'd missed that prick. The woman watched in fascination as the great weight of Chad's oversized cockshaft lurched, twitched, then started to arc upward. It thickened and stiffened more and more as Lisa felt her cuntlips thickening.

Slowly, the blonde reached up and started unbuttoning the top of her uniform. She couldn't stay dressed while the resident was standing only inches away jacking off. He was moaning now, his left hand sliding up the length of his hard cock. Lisa groaned and shook her head.

"No, don't Chad. Let me do that," she cried out. This was the first time since that night when she showed any interest in him.

"I was wondering when you'd finally come around," he said, looking at her and smiling weakly as sweat poured down from his forehead and trickled into his eyes and mouth.

Lisa kept her eyes on Chad's pointing, twitching dick as she shrugged off the uniform top and reached back to unhook her straining bra strap.


Lisa lay on the floor, her legs spread wide apart, her plump cuntal slit hidden only by the thin material of her panties. There was a damp spot on the crotch, spreading wider and wider as her cunt quivered with erotic excitement. The blonde reached up and lightly trailed her fingertips across her full titties. Lisa had removed her bra earlier and tossed it on the desk before she'd slipped off her trousers and lay down on the carpeted floor. The blonde closed her eyes and felt a tremor of lust ripple through her body as her fingers traced across her nipples.

"Oh God, Chad. Shove that wonderful cock in me," Lisa cried out shamelessly. She felt a raging fire sweeping over her body. Perspiration coated her body with a glistening layer of moisture. She stared at Chad's cockhead. There was an opaque drop of pre-cum forming at his piss-slit as the big man kneeled between Lisa's widely spread legs.

"Mmmmmmmmm," Lisa groaned deliciously as Chad reached down and caressed her nipples. He made them quiver and grow taut. Lisa responded by reaching up and stroking his massive cockshaft lightly and teasingly. She sent shivers of excitement rippling through Chad's body.

"Jesus, honey, that feels good."

Chad swiftly slipped his hand under her leg band, worming his fingers up until they were running through her furry cunt-hair. Her cuntal curls were moist and matted. Lisa arched her back as she felt his fingers finally discover her hot, fleshy slit. She groaned, feeling him start to finger-fuck up and down the entire length of her hot furrow. She loved it when he tweaked her hard clit, then moved down to the soft, buttery entrance to her cunt. She found herself groaning loudly and shamelessly as Chad's finger-fucking increased in intensity. She ground her legs against his hand as he slipped two fingers into the hot hole. She rolled her head from side to side, digging her fingers into Chad's dick as she felt tiny orgasmic explosions ripping through her pussy.

"Hey, take it easy, babe," Chad protested.

But Lisa couldn't hear him. She moaned louder as she felt his fingers slipping deeper and deeper into her wet, grasping cunt. She started pumping her hips violently back and forth, forcing Chad's thick, hairy fingers even farther up her eager snatch.

"Oh God, fuck me, fuck me!" Lisa groaned.

"Not so soon," Chad gasped, pulling his fingers out of her gripping pussy with a loud squishy pop. The blonde moaned in disappointment. Then the groan changed into a howl as she felt him begin to suck her nipple. She felt that hard nubbin scrape against his teeth, only to be sanded and washed over by Chad's tongue while he sucked hard on the surrounding hard flesh. His hands plowed into her wet cunt, pressing down and in while his sucking increased. She screamed with unspeakable delight, raising her asscheeks and bouncing them over the carpeted floor.

"Please, please," Lisa begged, aching for a fuck. For the first time in a month, the blonde felt incredibly alive and filled with excitement as Chad sucked harder and harder.

Lisa groaned as Chad pulled her cuntlips apart and she felt a rush of cool air blow into her snatch. Her cuntal muscles contracted suddenly because of this sudden rush of air.

"Ahhhh," Chad sighed, pulling his mouth off Lisa's nipple finally. The blonde raised her hands and ran them through Chad's dark, curly hair. He was licking her sweaty skin, and every lick sent tremors rippling over her goose-fleshed skin. Now he was lapping at the flesh between her two thunderous tits. Chad reached up with both hands and pressed Lisa's giant boobs against the sides of his face, flicking his thumbs across her hardened nipples while he licked and sucked.

"Oh," Lisa moaned as Chad began moving toward her drenched pussy, licking and lapping at her hot flesh along the way. He was giving her a wild tongue bath, slavering her skin with layers of hot spit. Lisa groaned when she felt his thick tongue digging into her navel, plowing through that sunken bit of flesh while he continued caressing her tits.

"Ohhhh, God," Lisa shuddered as Chad began sucking at her cunt-mound. His tongue was teasing that sensitive flesh. He lapped slowly up and down her lower belly. Then he raised his head slightly and left only the wet, hot, pointed tip of his tongue trail along the edges of her furry box.

Elsa grit her teeth together and dug the back of her head into the thick carpet. The cords of her neck stuck out and her mouth shot open as she felt that killing teasing ripping her apart. Chad's tongue circled around and around her shuddering snatch, refusing to move one inch closer.

"Don't tease, oh, God, don't!" the blonde begged.

"Oh baby, baby," Chad whispered, puckering up his lips and blowing through the forest of wet cuntal curls.

"NOOOOOOO!" Lisa cried. The gentle foreplay was driving her up the wall. She'd go crazy if he didn't start plowing that cunt-splitter through her snatch, soon.

"You're too hot," Chad sighed, pulling his mouth away from her pussy and moving up toward her mouth. Lisa opened her eyes and saw his dickhead bobbing closer and closer to her mouth. "Suck on it, baby. I know you've been dying to wrap your lips around it. God, honey, I've mined athat mouth of yours."

Lisa raised her head and opened her mouth. She was too hot to argue. She knew Chad was right. The blonde needed a cooling down period before a fucking. She didn't want to climax just when the doctor parted her wet labes with his dickhead.

Chad pushed down and forward as Lisa started to kiss around his hairy crotch. She raised both hands and fondled the man's heavy balls and twitching cock. Lisa almost came right there and then as she watched Chad's big hard-on jerk with every light movement she made with her fingers. The thick vein running down under his cockshaft throbbed angrily as the big man's nuts rose higher and higher, pressing angrily as the big man's nuts rose higher and higher, pressing tightly against the fat root of his prick.

Finally her lips moved to the tip of Chad's throbbing cock. She slid her lips slowly over the taut, hot skin of Chad's cockhead. The doctor groaned and his body swayed slightly from side to side and she gave that dick tip tiny sucking kisses. She coated the head with her saliva, swirling her tongue lightly over the piss-slit and licking up a drop of jizz that had leaked out.

"JESUS!" Chad whispered hotly as he struggled to keep his balance.

Slowly Lisa drew in more and more of his cock. She felt her cheeks puffing out as she tried to keep her teeth from scraping the throbbing sides of his dick. At the same time the blonde nurse stroked Chad's fuck-sacs. She knew she was exciting him terribly. But the big, hot man somehow managed to avoid coming as Lisa sucked and sucked.

Finally she managed to engulf all of that steel-hard shaft. With a little difficulty, Lisa stroked the sides and sensitive bottom of Chad's prick, paying special attention to that throbbing blue vein. Chad groaned, clutching at Lisa's long blonde hair, forcing her mouth against his hot groin. He rotated his hips around and around, churning his cock inside her mouth and nearly gagging Lisa as he felt himself roaring to a climax.

"Suck it, suck it," he whispered, tilting his head back and fucking Lisa's mouth as his fingers dug into her hair. He was going out of control. His thighs slapped against the woman's lips and nose, his balls swinging forward and slapping her chin as his dick rammed faster and harder down her throat.

Lisa excited the doctor more by moving her fingers under Chad's balls and up his hairy ass until they found his puckered asshole. As Lisa kept sucking away at his ramming dick, she slid her forefinger into the tight hole. Chad gasped but didn't protest as the finger shoved deeper into his shithole.

Lisa could feel his prick starting to leak pre-cum juices more freely now. His cock was throbbing more rhythmically, and his breathing was becoming irregular. Lisa enjoyed this kind of power she had over the doctor. But at the same time, she didn't want him to shoot off in her mouth. She was giving him a great deal of pleasure now. But her cunt was completely unattended. She needed Chad's big cock sliding deep into her pussy.

"Please, don't come like that," Lisa gasped as she pulled her head from Chad's bobbing prick. Chad gasped out loud, fighting down the desire to blow his load into the air.

"All right," he grunted, positioning himself so his big cockhead was poised inches from Lisa's cunt. Her cuntlips gnawed hungrily against each other as a thick trickle of pussy juice seeped out of the dark wet slit and oozed down into her ass-crack.

"Come inside me now," she begged. "Slip that prick up inside my cunt!"

Almost frenziedly, Chad positioned himself for the initial thrust. His hairy, sweaty body towered momentarily above hers. Lisa looked up between her tits and saw his thick, long cock. Chad's balls were drawn tightly up against the base of his dick now. Then Chad slowly lowered his cock toward her seething cunt.

"Oh God, it's so big and hard," Lisa crooned as she spread her legs further apart to accommodate the panting doctor. She felt his slippery cockhead parting her cuntlips and burrowing into the folds of her swampy box. His thick shaft brushed over the hairs that lined the inner folds of her snatch lips as he kept shoving into her.

"Uhhhhh," Chad grunted as he pushed himself deeper into her. Lisa moved her hips, changing the angle her cunt made with Chad's big dick. He was halfway inside her when her cuntal muscles spasmed. They tightened down on him, strangling his sliding cock.

"Fuck, fuck," Lisa cried, feeling her snatch muscles relaxing again and letting more of Chad's long, thick prick in. She felt her insides stretching to accommodate the big shaft. She tensed, waiting for that fat cockhead to reach the bottom of her cunt. "Oh God, more, more!" Lisa cried as she felt the hairs on his big balls scratching her asshole.

"God, you're good and tight," Chad rasped as he pressed the fat root of his dick against her crushed outer labes. He was finally all the way inside her!

Lisa sighed happily. It was a strange, wonderful feeling to have that fat cock inside her. Her belly was on fire. Her clit throbbed crazily.

"Don't move!" Chad suddenly cried out. "What's wrong?" Lisa grunted.

"Just... don't... move..." he grunted back.

Lisa held her breath. She could feel Chad's cock trembling inside her. It vibrated wildly against her clutching, slick cuntal walls. She knew he was close to coming and was fighting back the urge the same way he'd successfully done earlier.

"Lisa..." Chad choked.

"I can't help it. It feels sooooo good," she confessed in a hoarse voice, thrusting her hips up to impale her cunt even more.

"Jesus, you're so good yourself, it's hard not to fire off now," Chad said in a thick voice. "Your cunt's so good and fine and tight."

Lisa couldn't hold back any more. Her cuntal muscles clenched down again. She lifted her ass in the air with wild, feverish movements. Chad moaned and gasped as he matched her hunches with thrusts of his own. She was writhing, clamping her cuntal walls against his pulsating dickhead as her pussy muscles still grabbed and pulled at the big dong.

"Shit!" Chad groaned.

Lisa stopped moving and loosened her grip to allow his cockhead to glide out of her. She let the tip of his hard-on rest between the small inner lips of her snatch. It was rubbing lightly against her clit, teasing her toward a climax as more jizz leaked out of his piss-slit. She clenched her teeth together and suppressed a howl that would have set them both rocketing off into climax.

"Lisa, baby. You're gonna make me come. I don't want to shoot off now, baby. We've been apart too long for that to happen right away," Chad complained.

"I can't stop," Lisa said again. She didn't have any control over her passions. She fucked like a mink, swallowing up Chad's big dick with her hot box.

Chad reached down and held her hips tightly with both hands. Lisa protested, but she couldn't fight the sheer animal strength in his powerful body. He grunted, sweat dripping off his flushed face and dripping onto her neck as he struggled for control.

Chad started to fuck her slowly with long, tantalizing strokes. Then he began pumping faster, his rock-hard cock scraping against the wet walls of Lisa's cunt.

"Ohhhh, you bastard! You son-of-a-bitch!" Lisa cried, reaching up and digging her fingernails into Chad's back. She raked his skin with her nails, making him cry out in pain and surprise. But no matter what Lisa did, Chad didn't stop his fucking or break his rhythm.

"FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!" Lisa cried out with every powerful downstroke. She felt the air being forced out of her lungs as his arms wrapped more tightly around her. Their skin rubbed together, gliding on a thin layer of hat sweat as the darkened office was filled with the sounds of fucking.

Lisa moved her hips in perfect rhythm to Chad's fucking. Her cuntal lips clasped his pounding prick as she spread her thighs further apart and wrapped her legs around his hammering hips. The balls of her feet bounced off Chad's hairy ass as his hunching became wild.

"COMING," Chad grunted.

Strands of sweat-soaked blonde hair clung to Lisa's flushed cheeks; her pussylips were stretched and battered more and more. Her tits were pressed down by Chad's powerful chest. She felt sparks of delicious excitement sputter out around her crushed nipples as his body hairs sanded across those taut, brown nubbins. Chad began caressing her body, clawing at her sweaty flesh first, then racing up to caress her hair as he hammered and pounded his balls against her ass.

"HOLD IT!" Lisa cried. If only Chad could keep from spraying his jizz for a few more seconds they could both experience the mind-burning sensation of a mutual orgasm.

Chad tried desperately to obey the screaming blonde. His body was coated with sweat now. Every muscle in his body strained with the effort to keep the jizz in his cock and balls for a few more seconds. The sounds of his balls slapping against Lisa's sweaty ass-crack made his mind whirl with unspeakable pleasure. He gave up. He couldn't stop the forces that were at work down in his crotch now. He fucked Lisa with wild abandon, pumping his hips violently to bring on the release of that aching, itchy feeling gripping his cock and balls.

"NOW!" Lisa cried. Her face contorted into a grimace of pain under Chad's merciless thrusts. Then Lisa felt her clit throbbing and beating with wild orgasmic contractions. She felt a strange, hot wetness suddenly rush over her body as something hot and sticky splattered against her cuntal walls. Lisa dug her fingernails deeper into Chad's back as she raised her hips and pound them against his hot, hairy groin. "Oh God, fuck me! Jeeeeesus, fuck me!"

Chad began howling and yelling as he churned his stiff prick in her cunt. Squirts of thick, white jizz shot out of his cock and filled Lisa's cunt as the two of them howled through their mutual orgasm.

Lisa gradually felt herself drifting back to earth. As the final gentle spasm rippled over her cum-filled pussy, she opened her eyes and looked around the room. Lisa sighed happily and ran her fingers lightly over Chad's sweaty back.

"Christ, baby, I thought you were going to tear me apart," Chad said in a thick voice, lightly kissing her neck then flicking his tongue in her ear. Lisa mumbled something, but Chad didn't hear what she said. He closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.


"Is that him now?" Lisa asked the tall, dark-haired policeman standing next to her. There were four policemen on the floor that night. The other patients were moved to the opposite end of the floor, clearing out of the large ward at the west end of the corridor.

"Right, ma am. He just came out of surgery. You shouldn't have too much trouble with him. He just got a bullet in the right leg. The doctor said he'll be well enough to be transferred to the city jail hospital tomorrow morning," the policeman said, glancing around the empty, darkened ward nervously.

Lisa followed his glances with nervous glances of her own. After their fucking, Chad continued to warn Lisa of the possible danger of having Art Decker in her ward that night. His warnings finally made her so nervous, she was about to call in sick and let someone else take her duty that evening.

"You think there'll be any trouble here?" Lisa asked as she peered down the corridor and saw the green-clad surgical technicians wheel the gurney down the hall toward the ward where she and the policeman stood.

"That's what we're here to stop," the cop said. He turned and looked at Lisa, noticing that his comment hadn't calmed her down any. "Look, ma'am. We don't think anything's going to happen. We've got patrols out looking for his brothers. Word's out that they're heading up to San Francisco. This is just to make sure they don't try anything if they're still in town."

"I hope so," Lisa sighed as the gurney passed by her. She picked up the chart that hung from the side of the cart. Instructing the technicians where to put Decker, she conferred with the surgeon concerning his night orders. The policeman who'd been talking to her moved up to the hospital bed where Art Decker had been moved. Lisa felt immediate relief. There were two patrolmen in her ward, several more along the corridor, two by the elevator, and others in the lobby and parking lot around the hospital.

"Ma'am, he's waking up," the young patrolman called from the corner where Decker had been put.

"And call me any time you've got questions, Lisa," Dr. Hammond said as he closed the metal cover of the chart and handed it back to the nurse. "This is a star patient," the surgeon whispered, winking and patting her lightly on the shoulder as he turned and walked toward the elevator.

"Thanks," she sighed, raising her eyebrows as she turned on her heels and walked quickly to Decker's bed. The blonde felt her skin crawl as she approached the still form. Decker was a man who had terrorized a large section of Los Angeles for over a year. Everyone agreed that he was mentally ill. The scenes of sexual mutilation and degradation perpetrated by him and his brothers had been enough to make everyone certain of his mental illness.

When she walked up to the bed and peered down at Decker's face, Lisa was amazed that she didn't see something twisted and sickening staring back at her. Actually, he looked rather meek and respectable, certainly not like anything she'd imagined.

"Something wrong?" the policeman asked, noticing Lisa's hesitation and surprise.

"No. It's just that he doesn't look like..."

"Like a killer?" the policeman interjected. "I know. That's how he and his brothers got into homes and apartments, even when people were warned about him. He looks like the kid next door. Everybody trusted him. But don't worry, ma am. That's the right man, all right."

Lisa felt her skin crawl again. She thought about the descriptions of what some of the victims looked like after the attacks -- tits cut off; cunts bloodied and beaten; women who'd been forced to perform humiliating acts of bestiality with their own pets in front of their crying children and horrified husbands. Then Lisa noticed Decker was awake and looking up at her. She sucked in a sharp breath and stepped back, covering her tits protectively with the chart.

"Okay, Decker. We've got you in here for the time being. You don't try anything, and you'll he fine. There's nothing better I'd like for you to do than by something," the patrolman said. "I knew one of the women you and your scum-bag brothers took care of. I'm just hoping that you try something tonight," he added in a quivering, threatening voice.

Lisa glanced at the angered patrolman, then shifted her eyes to Decker and was horrified to see a sneer twisting its way across the man's thick lips. She saw the patrolman's eyes widen, then his hand slip quickly for his holster.

"Don't," she whispered, reaching down swiftly and grabbing him gently around the wrist. "He's not worth it."

The patrolman sighed and relaxed, standing back and wiping the sweat off his forehead.

"You're right. I'm not going to blow my career because of a turd like that," the patrolman said, closing his eyes and getting control of himself.

Lisa sighed, then looked back at Decker. She could see something gleaming in his eyes. It was a look of hatred. His expression, earlier so innocent and boyish, was one of an unearthly, horrid sneer. His upper lip curled back and revealed a row of long, white teeth that gleamed even under the dim light in the ward. If he weren't strapped in the bed, Lisa swore that he'd jump up and rip her apart with those teeth.

"Feeling better?" Lisa asked evenly, amazed that she could act so professionally under his madman's steady gaze.

"Yeah," he hissed, closing his eyes and rolling his head to the side.

The blonde was thankful he wanted to sleep. She couldn't take him awake.

"I've got to see about the rest of the patients. We've had to move them around. That never does them any good," Lisa said to the young patrolman as she motioned to the teenage nurse's aid to follow along.

The two women moved from room to room, examining every patient quickly, trying to push out the nagging terror that something horrible might happen tonight.

"Judy, why don't you go downstairs and grab a cup of coffee. Bring me up one when you're through -- black," Lisa said as they finished with the last patient.

"All right, Miss Murray," the young aid said, relieved to get off the floor for a few minutes. Lisa went back to her station, signing the reports and finishing the night orders as the policemen patrolled the corridors and ward. Gradually, she began to feel calmer about the situation. After all, it wasn't all too terrible. There were enough guards on the floor to throw back any assault.

Then there were the thoughts of what happened between her and Chad earlier.

"Urnmmm," she sighed, realizing her thoughts were wandering. She looked around to see who had noticed her daydreaming. The police talked in soft voices to one another or yawned sleepily. Lisa went back to her work, but slowly drifted back to those minutes that evening when she and Chad were scooting around on the floor of his office. She could feel his hot, sweaty, hairy skin sanding over her belly, tits and crotch. She could still taste his salty spittle pouring into her sucking mouth as he blew his wad into her pussy.

Lisa sighed, forcing herself to concentrate on the work in front of her. She'd have plenty of time to think about what happened in her home. All she was thankful for now was that relations between her and Chad were normal again. In fact, if she could slip away sometime tonight, there might even be a repeat performance. He was on call tonight, sleeping in his office on the first floor. She could slip out for one reason or another and...

"Who's there?" Lisa suddenly heard one of the officers in the corridor call out threateningly. Lisa felt her blood freeze and the hair on the back of her neck stand up when she heard that question. The blonde felt like suddenly diving under the desk.

"It's only me," a female voice chirped.

"Oh, it's all right officer," Lisa said, settling back in her seat and nearly fainting with relief as she recognized Marilyn's voice. "What're you doing up here? You're on duty."

"I know," Marilyn said, sitting down in a chair next to Lisa. "I left the floor for a second to find out what happened," the brunette giggled.

Lisa felt her face flush a bright red as she turned away from her friend.

"Nothing, really," Lisa said softly.

"Nothing? You call seeing an old lover for over an hour nothing? What did you talk about?"

Lisa raised both hands to her cheeks. She was on fire just thinking about what went on in Chad's office earlier.

"Come on, girl. Now what happened?" Marilyn giggled.

Lisa turned around and smiled broadly, nervously playing with her golden hair as she told Marilyn the details of what went on between her and Chad. When she was through, Lisa looked closely at Marilyn, almost breaking out into loud laughter as she saw amazement register on her friend's face.

"Well, honey. I always knew you were a hot number. But you really turned on in style tonight," Marilyn said, breaking into a nervous giggle and embracing her friend. The two women kept on chatting for several minutes, their conversation suddenly interrupted by the same patrolman who'd challenged Marilyn.

"Who are you?" he asked two men dressed in green baggy shirts and trousers. They had surgical caps on their heads and masks covering their faces.

"Here to pick up the gurney," the first man said as they walked easily past the line of officers in the long corridor.

Lisa heard the explanation and reached out, grabbing Marilyn's arm tightly.

"What's wrong?" the nurse asked.

"They took the gurney back up with them after they brought down Mr. Decker. They know that," Lisa said, rising from her chair and watching in agonized horror as the two men walked freely into the ward. They could be from surgery, coming down here by accident. The crew in surgery was awfully drifty. But even they knew what floor to find their equipment.

Lisa moved around the desk and started to walk to the young patrolman she'd spoken with earlier. He was standing against the opposite wall, talking with his partner. Three other policemen were standing nearby.

"Is anything wrong?" he asked, noticing Lisa's nervous manner. The words hardly got out of his mouth before the room was filled with a loud explosion. The blonde stopped dead only three feet in front of the patrolman. She saw his eyes widen in surprise as his body jerked back and crashed against the wall. There was another explosion. This time Lisa screamed, dropping to the floor and covering her ears. She looked up and saw the young patrolman grabbing a bloody spot on his shirt. His eyes were closed, and trickles of blood, oozed out of his nostrils and the corner of his mouth. He slid down the wall slowly, his cap falling off and toppling to the floor. He crumpled into a bleeding heap next to it.

"Oh God!" Lisa shrieked, crawling over to the wounded officer as more explosions rang through the room. The other patrolman had dived behind an empty bed and was wedged into the corner where Decker and the two green-clad men were. She could hear the sounds of shattering glass and clanging metal mix in with the horrible blasts of gunshots as bullets whistled through the air.

"Help... me," the young patrolman begged as Lisa reached him. Grabbing him by the arm, she pulled him across the floor, trying to keep as flat as she could. She had to get him out of that room and stop the bleeding. Her sense of professionalism took over and defeated the natural urge to run and hide until the battle was over.

Lisa noticed the policemen crouching in the corridor, tiring almost blindly. The glass windows surrounding the nurses' station had all been shattered by bullets. Fragments of glass lay blanketed the floor. As the fight continued, Lisa reached out and swept her escape path clear with her hand, dragging the moaning patrolman behind her.

"Get back," the policemen warned.

Lisa looked up again and saw two officers shot down shortly after they warned her. Their bullet-ridden bodies slumped to the floor.

"Take it easy," Lisa said, pulling the policeman into the shattered nurses' station behind her. Marilyn was crouched down in the one corner. Her arms were pressed tightly against her face while her legs were hunched up against her chest. Bullets thudded into the wall above them as shouts for help filled the corridor. "Help me with him, Marilyn," Lisa said, grunting as she let go of the wounded man and crawled over to the medicine cabinet.

"God, what's happening!" Marilyn cried out, lowering her arms and looking wildly into Lisa's eyes.

"Never mind. We're all right here. Let's do something about him or we'll lose him," Lisa said as she pulled out packs of gauze and broke them open.

"I'll get something to help with the pain," Marilyn said, still cringing with terror as she pulled the drug bottles and syringes out.

The two women worked frantically over the fainting patrolman as the wild battle raged over them. Lisa managed to stop the bleeding, and while they worked feverishly, the shooting stopped.

"What's happened?" Marilyn whispered tensely as she looked at Lisa.

"I don't know," Lisa replied, stopping her work over the patrolman.

"Don't!" Marilyn whispered as the blonde nurse started to peek over the desktop.

"I'll be careful," Lisa said, reassuring her friend with a slight pressure on her arm.

The blonde pushed her head up slowly until she could survey what had happened. At first, all she saw was the glass scattered on the floor and pieces of hospital linen that had literally been shot off spine of the vacant beds. Then she saw the other policeman. He was sprawled on the floor face-down. A thick, clotting pool of blood was slowly forming on the polished floor under his belly. His gun was still tightly gripped in his right hand.

Lisa fought the desire to scream out and turned her head toward the brightly lit corridor. There were three policemen who had fallen on top of one another. The entire ward was suddenly shrouded in silence, broken occasionally only by terrified moans from the patients in the other rooms.

Lisa was about to tell Marilyn to get up and drag the patrolman out when she saw something moving in the corner. She squinted her eyes and saw two fingers in green slowly rise from behind three hospital beds that had been overturned and used as bullet shields. Behind them was Art Decker, leaning against the rear wall of the ward and leering at Lisa.

"My God, they've killed them all," Lisa exclaimed in a hoarse whisper.

"Come on, I think we're okay," a young blond man in green said as he signaled his brother to drag Art out into the open.

"What is it?" Marilyn whispered from the floor.

"Get down," Lisa said as her heart pounded wildly with terror. She was certain they were going to be butchered by those maniacs. "They're free."

Marilyn's eyes widened in horror. She covered her face with both hands and moaned softly to herself as the three men walked closer to the station.

Lisa looked around desperately for something, anything that could be used as a weapon.

"Okay, girlies, up. We're goin' on a trip," the blond Decker brother said to Lisa and Marilyn when they reached the nursing station.

The two women started to get up when bullets started to crash into the ward once more from the corridor. Lisa and Marilyn shrieked and dove behind the desk once more as the Decker brothers lurched to the left.

"Okay, coppers. You want two dead broads in here?" the blonde shouted out as he dove across the doorway to the ward and slid into the nursing station. He plowed against Lisa, knocking her roughly to the floor. She tried to crawl away from him, but it was hopeless. He reached out and grabbed her by the right arm, forcing her to her feet as he scrambled up and pressed his side to the wall. Pinning her arms tightly behind her, he shoved her roughly into the doorway and crouched behind her.

"DON'T SHOOT!" Marilyn screamed. She gritted her teeth and held her breath, waiting for the bullet she knew was about to shatter her skull.


Lisa was aware of the helpless expressions she saw on the officers in the corridor and Marilyn's whimpering behind her. Claude and Hank Decker negotiated with the police for three hours while the two women crouched in the doorway-right in the line of any fire if there were going to be any shots fired. They wanted a car and three hours head start before the police started looking for them. They promised to let her and Marilyn go safely once they were sure no one was after them.

Lisa kept wanting to shout out for the police to shoot. At least then she and Marilyn might have a chance of crawling away. But the cops didn't want to take any chances. Besides, one of their own men was in that ward bleeding to death. And unless they agreed to the Decker brothers' terms, more lives would be lost than if they held out.

In the end the city provided them with a car, some clothes and money.

"You ready to travel, little brother?" Claude, the blond brother who had held Lisa so roughly earlier asked as he motioned with the gun for both women to get up and start walking.

"Yeah, yeah. Let's just get the fuck out of here," Art whispered, wincing with pain as he leaned on his two brothers' arms and started limping out of the ward. "We'll have two real pros taking care of us now," he said, laughing softly, then groaning as bolts of pain shot up from his fresh wound.

"Take it easy, Art. We'll be out of here in a few minutes," Claude said, grunting under the weight of his muscular younger brother.

Lisa turned around as she rose from the floor, helping Marilyn to her feet.

"Let's go, girls. The car's waitin'," Claude said gruffly as he pointed the muzzle of his pistol at Lisa's head.

"Ohhhh, God," Marilyn whimpered as she held tightly onto her friend's arm. The two nurses walked slowly down the corridor toward the elevator, anticipating more shooting.

But everything went along smoothly. They walked down the steps to the first floor and out the lobby. Ever step of the way their path was closely watched by the police for any opportunity to get them away from the Decker brothers. But the two brothers who carried Art so carefully also watched for any signs of trouble from the police.

"Open the door, blondie," Claude growled as they stood at the main entrance.

The rest of the trip was like a bad dream. Lisa and Marilyn walked quickly to their car, the Decker brothers closely behind them with guns pointing back at the main entrance. They walked backwards, making sure no one was going to interfere with their getaway. Claude and Hank literally threw their wounded brother into the back seat with Marilyn and Lisa while they slipped into the front seat.

"Where are you taking us?" Lisa asked in a quivering voice as Claude reached down and turned on the radio. He twisted the tuning knob until he found a news station. The two men ignored Lisa for the moment, listening to the reporter's account of what had happened at the hospital.

"We're famous, brother," Claude said, laughing and slapping Hank on the back.

"Never mind that," Art said from the rear seat. "Like blondie asked, where you goin'?"

"Don't you worry about it, Art," Hank said, turning around and looking at the three in the rear seat. Lisa could tell all the brothers were cut, from the same cloth. There was the identical leer on his face she'd seen on Art's earlier that evening. There was that same cold sadism gleaming in his deep-set, steely blue eyes that glowed in Art's Hank's. They were a family of killers.

"We got us a cabin up in the mountains, near the Spahn ranch. Shit, it took us days just to find it. The cops will never find us there. We can rest up before we head on down to Mexico. Claude here's workin' on a deal with some guy to smuggle us over the border secret-like."

"How did you get past all the police in the hospital?" Lisa asked, breaking into the conversation. She had to know.

"Blondie's kinda curious, eh?" Hank asked, resting his head on his hands and sneering at her.

"That was easy," Claude said, driving faster as the car sped out of the city limits. "We knew Art'd be brought over to Central Hospital. We picked that up on Hank's radio. We just got there before the cops had a chance to put up the big blockade outside. Then it was just a matter of time. It's easy to sneak around in a hospital if you look like you belong there. We borrowed some of those operating room gowns from the laundry and kept on walkin' around till we heard that Art was in your ward. You know the rest."

Lisa groaned and held tightly onto Marilyn as their Monte Carlo sped down the deserted highway toward the Decker brothers' mountain retreat. Far a while the blonde prayed the police would follow them. Then she remembered their threat -- they'd kill her first, then Marilyn if they even suspected that the cops were following them.

As Claude suddenly turned the car onto a narrow mountain road, Lisa hoped the police would lag behind until the Deckers were safe in their cabin.

Claude followed the twisting road for twenty minutes, nearly driving the car off the road as he tried to keep the car going at fifty.

"Shit, you're gonna kill us before we get there, Claude," Hank yelled at his brother.

"My leg's killin' me," Art complained as Claude turned onto a smaller gravel road.

"You bring any drugs?" Claude asked. The car slowed down as it threaded its way through the thick mountain forest.

"Yeah. I grabbed some stuff from that medical cabinet before we split. Blondie here and her friend are gonna come in real handy for a while," Hank said as Claude pulled the car up to a small shanty at the end of the road. Lisa peered but of her window. The thick trees and overgrowth surrounding the tiny building seemed to hide it well. The road leading up to it was so narrow and its entrance obscured by bushy trees that Lisa was sure the police would miss it. Even if and when they found it, the Deckers would probably be gone. And she and Marilyn? Lisa shuddered as Claude climbed out the front seat and opened her door. She didn't want to think of what they'd do to the two of them.

"Get him inside," Hank said to Lisa and Marilyn as he followed the two women closely behind. "Hide the car behind the place."

The four of them entered the tiny, dark cabin. A strong, stale, musty odor hit Lisa's nostrils as she and Marilyn dragged Art to a cot at one end of the cabin. The furnishings were sparse: one table, three chairs, a small fireplace at the other end of the cabin, two other cots near the fireplace, and a pile of several pots, pans and tin dishes scattered around the floor near the table.

She and Marilyn laid Art gently on the cot. Lisa turned around and faced Hank. He stood up the table, both hands pressed against the edge while he smiled obscenely at the two women. Only now did Lisa get a really good look at the oldest Decker brother. His eyes sparkled with an almost unnatural intensity as he kept on staring at the two women. Lisa noticed a long, jagged scar that extended from his ear to the corner of his mouth. He was still wearing the operating greens he'd stolen from the hospital. But even with the loose-fitting material covering his body, Lisa could tell he was big-framed and muscular.

All that power for cruelty, Lisa thought as she felt her skin crawl with horror. Then she thought of the descriptions of the Decker brothers' victims, and Lisa had the urge to get up and run shrieking from the cabin.

"Thought you'd never get in," Claude said as Hank threw open the door and stomped in. "Got the car stashed?"

"Cops'll never find it," Hank said, wiping his mouth with, the back of his hand. Hank was the largest of the three brothers although he was the middle one in age. His long, almost greasy black hair hung down in his eyes almost constantly. He had a full, thick moustache that drooped down over the corners of his mouth. His shoulders were wide and thick, supporting two thick, muscular arms that looked as if they could break people apart easily. Thick matting of hair covered his chest and arms.

"Let's eat," Hank grunted, throwing one thick leg over a chair.

"Let's make sure the broads know where we stand first," Claude said, curling his upper lip into a sneer.

"Oh God, leave us alone!" Lisa pleaded as she watched Hank and Claude walk up to her and Marilyn. Claude stopped and reached in his pocket for his cigarettes.

"Smoke?" he asked Lisa, shoving the pack under her nose.

"No," she said, raising her hand protectively over her tits. She watched as the blond man lit his cigarette, then flicked out the match and tossed it on the floor. Suddenly she felt something fly by her face. There was the sound of a sharp crack, followed by a cry of pain. Claude had struck Marilyn hard across the mouth, sending the brunette sprawling onto the wooden floor. Lisa started to bend down to help her friend, but felt Claude's strong, ape-like hand gripping hers tightly and forcing her down to her knees. He laughed, then knocked her on her ass.

"Please, you're hurting me," Lisa wailed.

"I know. We'd do a lot more, but we need you for our brother. We wanna let you bitches know what to expect if you try anything funny."

Hank moved up next to his brother then turned facing Marilyn. The brunette had just pulled herself up to a squatting position when the big man drove the toe of his heavy boot into Marilyn's belly with a sickening thud. Marilyn screamed and fell back, vomiting on the floor as the two men laughed.

Lisa felt a scream building up inside her as she watched her friend. She started to crawl toward the cot when Claude noticed what she was doing.

"Gag her," Claude said to Hank as he stooped down and caught her under the arms. The blonde struggled helplessly as the two brothers ripped her uniform off. She felt their powerful fingers tearing away her clothes. They laughed and made lewd, frightening comments about what they were going to do to her pussy.

After stripping her, Claude and Hank dragged her across the dirty cabin floor to one of the cots near the fireplace. Pressing her roughly on the cot, they stuffed a foul-tasting rag in her mouth while Hank grabbed her hands and stretched them high over her head.

"What are you doing?" Lisa wailed as the big man pulled her arms down and tied them to either leg of the cot under her head.

"Let's take care of her now. We've got another nurse," Art said, propping himself up and watching what was happening. Lisa saw the insane glare in his eyes. Lisa felt her heart pounding as she saw Claude and Hank pondering their younger brother's suggestion.

"Naw, no good. We might need both of 'em later. We'll wait," Claude finally decided.

Lisa breathed a sigh of relief, then gasped when Claude took the cigarette out of his mouth and brought it down to her tit. Hank had moved around to her feet and was holding her legs widely spread apart.

"Sure you don't want a cigarette?" Claude asked, laughing as he lowered the burning cigarette toward Lisa's thigh.

Lisa tried to pull her legs together and roll away from the cigarette. She yanked her arms first to the left then to the right, pulling at the rope wrapped around her wrists. It was useless. She was tapped. Lisa cringed away as she felt the heat of the cigarette slowly grow more intense. She could smell the strong odor of the tobacco drifting into her nostrils.

"Mmmmm," Lisa wailed through the gag. The glowing cigarette end was reddening the skin of her outer cuntlips. She writhed more desperately. A little sob escaped past the foul rag stuffed in her mouth.

"Gonna give us any trouble, honey?" Claude asked, sneering obscenely at Lisa.

The blonde shook her head violently back and forth. She closed her eyes, fighting back the tears that welled up in her eyes. Terror of what was to happen and fear of the singeing pain of that cigarette gripped her heart. In the background she could hear Marilyn whimpering.

"If you cause us any trouble, we'll do more of this to you," Claude said, touching the cigarette to her skin, then dragging it toward her pussy.

Lisa's body arched upward and trembled like a leaf. The cords stood out in her neck as she strained to be silent. The line of pain moved closer to her cunt. With a whispering crackle, the first curly hairs on her snatch lips burned. The smell of singeing hair added to the odor of the tobacco.

Oh God, please let me die now, Lisa thought as the pain became more intense. The blonde nurse felt as if hot coals had been dumped over her cunt. She shuddered again, straining every muscle in her body against the hands around her ankles and the ropes around her wrists in a vain attempt to scramble away from the searing pain.

"God, don't do anything more to her. Oh please, she said she wouldn't cause you any trouble," Marilyn wailed from the other side of the room.

"Shut up, bitch," Claude said, pulling the cigarette off Lisa's trembling body.

The blonde nurse sighed in relict relaxing and falling back to the cot. She gasped for breath as Claude reached down and pulled the gag out of her mouth.

"You read the papers much? You ever read about how we took care of some of them dumb broads?" Art chuckled as Claude moved around to her head and untied her arms.

"N-no. I'm too busy to read papers," Lisa stammered, unsure of what she should say to keep Art happy and his brothers off her back.

"Hank here's the knife man," Art said in almost a high giggle.

Lisa turned around and stared blankly at the big, black-haired man. She watched closely as Hank walked slowly over to the pile of pots and pans around the table and bent down, fishing around noisily until he found what he was looking for.

"My baby," the big man said, puffing out a leather pouch. Lisa didn't have to wait long to see what was in it. Unsnapping the top, Hank pulled out a long knife with an ornamented ivory and silver handle.

Lisa gasped as she watched him walk over to her cot and sit down on the edge. Claude had gone over to Marilyn and towered over her, warning the brunette not to make any noise.

"I've done a lot of things with this baby," Hank said, running his finger lightly over the dull side of the shining metallic blade lovingly. There was something almost erotic the way Hank treated that knife. Lisa watched him like a hawk. He was capable of driving that weapon into her naked belly at a moment's notice.

"OOOWWWW!" Lisa cried out suddenly. The knife cut through the air in a broad arc and sliced a thin line across Lisa's forearm.

The blonde tried to inch away from the sharp pain, covering her slight wound with her hand and backing up on the cot. Sweat broke out on her forehead when she saw how delighted Hank was with her terror. He licked his lips while blood oozed from that stripe on her right arm.

"Turn over, baby," the big man ordered, wiggling the knife for emphasis.

"What are you going to do?" Lisa asked. She winced under his hot, evil stare and drew her hands up to her neck instinctively for protection.

"Do what I tell you to, bitch," Hank said.

Lisa didn't want to argue anymore. She just wanted this nightmare to end, even if it was only for a few minutes or hours. She rolled onto her belly, clutching the edge of the cot in terror. She didn't dare look back at the older Decker brother. She could see his big shadow moving on the floor of the cabin as he moved around on the cot.

Hank licked his lips as he stared at her firm, round asscheeks. Lisa's buttocks quivered and moved, tightening and relaxing continually until it looked as if the blonde were actually inviting Hank to do something with her ass.

Hank breathed harder. His deep breaths seem to fill the room. He carefully moved around the cot, spreading Lisa's trembling legs and kneeled between them.

"Up on your knees, baby. You're gonna pay like every bitch pays Hank," the dark-haired man growled.

Lisa had little choice but to obey him. Slowly she brought her knees up, raising her asscheeks in the air. Lisa waited. She kept thinking about the headlines in the newspapers and what the Deckers did to their victims. The blonde was certain Marilyn and she would fall to the same fate. The only question was when.


Lisa didn't have to wait too long to figure out what Hank had in stare far her. She could feel the cold metal tip of the knife slide across her asscheek. The blonde let out a tiny, terrified moan and trembled. Hank drew the blade lightly from the outside of the shaking buttock up toward her waist, then slowly down to the curve where her ass met her thigh. He wasn't cutting her. But all he had to do was increase the pressure a bit and that threatening blade would become an instrument of destruction.

"Uhhhh," Lisa moaned as she felt the big man apply pressure and the blade slide closer to her pussy. Lisa wanted to cry, she wanted to scream out in terror. But she knew that any kind of reaction like that would give Hank reason to assault her with his knife.

Lisa sucked in a deep breath as the knife trailed lightly across the outer line of her snatch lips. The combination of the cold tip and the fear that Hank would slice off her labes made the woman shudder and moan almost uncontrollably.

"Looks like you dig that, eh, baby? You like to feel Hank's knife slicin' around your snatch?" the big man sneered as he dragged the blade through her forest of matted blonde pussy hairs. Lisa bit her lower lip. Her face wrinkled up into a mask of terror and anticipation.

Finally Hank lifted the knife. Lisa sighed and almost collapsed on the cot. She relaxed her muscles and sank down slightly, her tender nipples touching the top of the cot.

Then suddenly she tensed again. There was a thrilling chill freezing the middle of her snatch.

The flat end of the blade was pressed against the slit from her clit to her vagina. Lisa felt her pussy shudder then clamp down on nothing. The razor-sharp edges of the blade bit into her pussylips, miraculously not cutting away at the fat, spongy cuntlips.

"Enjoying it, honey?" Hank mocked as he carefully rocked the knife down, pressing the tip harder against the hood of her clit. Lisa gasped again. She felt something strange happening to her. The pressure on her clit was generating pleasurable shocks through her shuddering box. Her back arched, making her show her pussy even more eagerly to Hank's steady stare.

"Hey guys, she really digs this kind of shit. Ain't seen too many who like it this way," Hank chuckled as he rocked the tip of the knife back and forth on her clit.

The constant touch and chill of the blade sent sparks of incredible delight through the terrified woman. Slowly, Lisa became aware of a growing tightness and hotness in her pussy, especially a hotness where the blade of the knife touched her snatch. The blonde nurse shook her head back and forth as if she were arguing violently with someone. This couldn't be happening to her! Not to Lisa Murray. She wasn't some kind of sex freak who turned onto this kind of thing. No. NO! Yet there was the proof of her dribbling pussy, oozing cunt juice that covered the blade of that rocking knife. There was the proof of her stiffening nipples. She could feel her flesh crawling with unspeakable, unnatural delight as Hank kept playing with her swampy box with that knife.

"God," she cried out, fighting back the tears as the cunt juice flowed out of her fuck hole and trickled down her thighs. She kept fighting with herself as Hank laughed obscenely behind her. Her pulse raced faster and faster as her breath came in short, shallow pants.

Lisa then noticed Hank was hovering over her. He'd untied the green operating pants and shoved them down to his knees. Now he was stroking his eight-inch long cock. Juice dribbled freely out of the purple, slick dickhead. Hank used it as a lubricant as he swirled his thick, hairy fingers around the tip and slicked down his throbbing shaft. The rope-like veins wrapped around the cunt-splitter pulsated with excitement while Hank continued to move the knife around Lisa's pussy.

"Ahhhh," she grunted. The tip of that knife finally cut lightly through the membranes surrounding her stiffened clit. The pain was more intense because of the cunt juice leaking into it.

But somehow the agony mixed in with the electric thrill of Hank's knife-massage. The result was a sensation that was far beyond pleasure. It made Lisa's pussylips explode into a hot sexual fire. The constant rush of pussy juice across and into the cut was like salt rubbed into welts. But strangely, Lisa found herself welcoming the pain.

Oh God, he's going to cut my clit off, Lisa suddenly thought. But strangely again, that idea made her cunt juice flow even faster. Lisa felt a rising hotness around her belly and nipples. The fiery sting in her cunt plus the terror that Hank might suddenly fly out of control and slice her to pieces added to her sexual excitement. Lisa hated herself for the feelings that swept over her. She was actually wanting more pain, more of Hank. She thought of that big, fat dick drooling inches above her and prayed God that he'd shove it in her anywhere.

Hank chuckled again, dragging the tip of the knife back. The buzzing flashes from her clit slackened. But the fear of Hank slicing her pussy apart remained. Involuntarily, Lisa shoved her ass back at Hank. The tip of the knife slipped from her cunt, then past the puckered ring of her shithole. Lisa suddenly felt ashamed of herself. She was actually crouching there like a bitch dog in heat, backing into a man who'd kill her without thinking twice about it. He was staring at parts of her she'd reserved for only the most intimate moments with special men. It was humiliating and degrading to be in this obscene position in front of these howling men.

Yet at the same time Lisa knew that her body was hungry for that big, red-knobbed cock. She wanted Hank to jam his cock into her hungry hole. Her slick, tender cunt rumbled with excitement as she thought of Hank's dick and how it would feel sinking into her super-heated fuck tunnel.

"Ohhhh," Lisa groaned as she felt the knife poke at the brown wrinkled skin surrounding her asshole. Lisa gasped again from that sudden cold contact. The pin-prick stabs from the blade forced the rubbery ring of her shitter inward. The blonde cried out as she felt the tip of the knife barely breaking that slick skin around the hole. Terror made her shiver with the same forbidden delight she'd felt earlier. For a second, Lisa thought of Hank's red, rubbery dong jerking above her and wondered if he had plans for her shitter.

"Yeah, baby, yeah," Hank grunted out. He was panting heavily now. She could feel his sexual excitement radiating out of every pore of his body. He was still jacking his cock up and down while he stared at her. His fingers moved over the cum-slicked thick shaft faster and faster. He poked the tip of his knife into the puffy outer edges of her snatch lips again. Then he moved it back up to her buttocks. Lisa cried out over and over, knowing that she was bleeding somewhere back there. But her excitement was growing too fast and hot for her to care. She rolled her hips from side to side, arching and thrusting her sliced asscheeks back at the big man.

"Yeah, babe. You turn onto this. You really do," Hank growled deep in his throat.

Lisa clawed at the material covering the cot. She felt the cuts stinging like tiny fires in her violated flesh. The entire area blazed with heat and stinging pain. Lisa's sweat trickled into the bleeding cuts, making them burn and itch with a strange delight. She felt the oily sweat rolling down her thighs, mixing with her cunt juice then trickling downward toward her knees. Her body shook and glistened under the dim light of the cabin as Hank's breathing grew more shallow and irregular.

"You fuckin' bitch. You've been waitin' for someone like me to come around and take you down a couple of pegs, ain't ya?" Hank said breathlessly. His speech became more desperate as the seconds ticked by. The humiliating sting of his sentences heightened Lisa's excitement even more. She suddenly wanted to be crushed in the dirt by that big apelike animal towering over her. She wanted to be called every name in the book, then degraded beyond words in front of all those men. "You want cock so bad, don't you? Well, baby, you're gonna get a cock like you never had between them legs before."

Lisa felt the blind stabs of his cock against the bleeding sides of her cunt. The bulbous head of his prick slithered under her cuntlips, making the blonde nurse cry with a yelp of pain and delight. The drops of jizz leaking out of the fat head seemed to set her clit on fire. Lisa rolled her hips forward, hunching her back and growling deep in her throat. Lisa screamed out as she felt his cockhead lodge in her cunthole.

"AHHHHH!" she cried, swaying back and forth as she tried to stab her pussy onto his big dong.

"You can't wait, can ya?" Hank sneered, hunching forward slightly. Lisa bore down to help him get in more easily. Her aching inner cuntal walls hurt as the big man hunched his dick in further and further. That long, thick dick slipped into her snatch finally like a greased finger. Her thick cunt juice lubed her pussy while her relaxed muscles welcomed the big man's invading prick.

Once Hank's cock went halfway into her dripping hole, he let go of her hips and shifted his grip to her big tits. His fingers dug into the flesh. Lisa cried out with delight as she felt his powerful hands milking her big jugs, then slide down until his thumbs were sanding hard across her stiffened brown nipples. His dick and his tit-squeezing were turning her into a sex machine. Lisa felt shocks of pleasure shooting out from her nipples and racing down to her tortured cunt.

"Bastard, bastard," Lisa growled out under her breath as she felt that big shaft sink even deeper into her body. She loathed that big man bunching over her. She despised him and his brothers for doing this to her. The dog-style position made her feel cheap. Yet she still couldn't ignore the mindless pleasure she was getting from this obscene fucking session. She was enjoying this pain and humiliation. Lisa tried to hide this reaction, if nothing else but for Marilyn's sake. She didn't like the idea of her friend watching her getting fucked like this. But Lisa feared even more the possibility of Marilyn blabbing all around town the fact that she actually enjoyed her torture. Her career would be at stake.

Chad, Lisa thought as tears welled up in her eyes and finally spilled over onto her flushed, hot cheeks. How could she even be thinking about how wonderful this humiliating experience was? Chad, so forgiving and handsome and intelligent. Chad, who could never understand her reactions to Hank's torture at this moment. And she had the nerve to criticize him for fooling around with some cheap nurse. If only he could see her now!

"Fuck, she's good and tight," Hank growled.

Lisa shook the thoughts out of her head. They were too painful to dwell on now. She'd think later, if she could. Right now, she found herself hunching back against the big man. The full length of his cock was buried in her fuckhole now. She could feel her sliced cuntlips stretched unbearably by the big man's fat cock. She felt the thick dickhead beating against the sides of her pussy like a big drumstick.

"No, no," Lisa cried, clenching her fingers into two tight fists as she tried to fight down the using tight, hot feeling burning her cunt. But she felt her pussy muscles contracting them relaxing as Hank fucked her long and slow.

"Ohhh," Hank crooned, digging his fingers hard into her tit flesh. His body hunched tighter against Lisa's until the two of them were almost glued together with sweat, jizz and pussy juice. He twisted her nipples viciously and bit the back of her neck in a fit of lust as his dick rammed faster and harder into her snatch.

Lisa sobbed. The fingers twisting her aching nipples made her tits ache. She cried out again, terrified that Hank would rip the tender flesh off.

"Oh, God!" Lisa cried as Hank clamped his teeth harder on the nape of her neck. She threw her head back. Her lower jaw slammed down and she let out a long, high-pitched animal howl as the room was filled with the loud squishing sounds of his brutal attacking. She lifted herself up with her arms while she kept on swiveling her ass. The blonde felt the need for her cunt to be released from the sexual tension that gripped it now.

Hank's flat, hairy belly slapped loudly against Lisa's blood-flecked ass. She could feel the wiry hairs scraping against her skin. Scratchy curls of his hair poked against her asshole, making that little cut around her rectum itch and burn crazily. Lisa thrust back harder against Hank's pounding cock. Her ass swirled, weaved and bounced faster and faster as the two of them shot closer toward climax.

"Come, come," Lisa found herself begging as Hank's thrusts nearly knocked her off the groaning cot. The big man's fingernails clawed at her sensitive nipples. Lisa sobbed with the pain. The combination of the unbelievable stretching in her cunt and the tearing agony around her nipples was overwhelming. All she wanted was to have the feelings racking her pussy increase until the pain and the swelling, spinning knot of delight and tension building in her belly swept over her.

"Bitch, bitch, bitch!" Hank cried. His head was thrown back and his eyes shut tightly as his hairy ass pumped forward harder and harder. Sweat rolled down his face and out from under his arms, matting down the thick body hairs as his fucking became a frenzied beating. The two of them growled like two animals as they trembled on the brink of a powerful orgasm.

"AHHHH," Lisa cried. She cursed and drooled, rolling her head from side to side. She clawed at the cot under her hands while she drove her shoulders forward. Her throbbing, thunderous tits needed more manipulation. The twisting, scratching agony in her nipples was like the fire that raced through all her nerves now. Somewhere in the background Lisa could hear Marilyn groaning in disbelief. Right now, Lisa could care less. She couldn't care if they carved her friend up in front of her now. She was close to climax, close to blowing her load with a sexual explosion she'd never felt before. The pile-driving thrusts of Hank's cock and the woman's bucking and arching made the cot slide and scrape across the wooden floor. The supports of the cot groaned under, the added weight and pressure of their fucking as Lisa and Hank soared to their inevitable end.

Lisa growled again like a bitch. The knot of lust in her crotch was getting bigger and bigger. She could sense that it was about to explode. Suddenly she loved the excitement, the cock and the hands that were causing it. She moaned as she thought of the big, hairy man crushing down on her.

"Now, baby, now!" Hank rasped.

Lisa tried to hold off. The great blast furnace of strange, chilly heat in her cunt increased. She could hear the loud squishing of her juices between the loud slaps of his belly on her ass. With just a little more swiveling, Lisa knew she could come.

"Yes, yes," Lisa pleaded. She gritted her teeth. She didn't have enough energy for growling or gasping now. She thought only of that thick, ramming rod and felt her mind slipping away.

"OHHH," Lisa cried in surprise. She felt a fraction of that tension building in her belly slip away and ripple through her muscles. Her body shuddered. Lisa could feel that Hank's cock was ready to shoot off now. All she had to do was wait for the first squirt. Lisa felt that she could snap his prick in half with her pussylips when the thick fizz shot out. The blonde screamed out something incoherent, then clamped her box tight.

Hank's cock thickened. The pounding beat of his thrusts slowed for a second. She wanted to slice off his cock the way he sliced her ass and pussy. The blonde wanted to degrade him the way he humiliated her.

"NOW," he cried. With a furious jab, his cock knifed in hard. What followed was a long, hard spurt of something hot and sticky spattering against her cuntal walls. Lisa gasped, blowing out a breath as she felt her cuntwalls crash in from the explosion.

"ARRGHHH," Lisa screamed. Her snatch grabbed more tightly at Hank's shooting dick than before. Her hips swiveled more violently as Lisa heard both herself and Hank screaming and groaning. She could feel him nibbling at the skin of her neck while another blast of cum shot deep into her pussy.

"Shit!" Hank grunted, banging his chin like a hammer against her neck as Lisa kept on screaming and trembling, under the force of her own climax. She could feel it ripping though her nipples, her fingers, her knees. The skin around her cunt and asshole was on fire as more and more jizz packed into her match, then spilled out and oozed over the violated skin. Her pussy milked more and more cum from Hank's balls as she silently begged for more.

Finally the fuck was over. Hank rested for several seconds, feeling the last ripple of orgasm tear through his softening prick. He shuddered, then slowly straightened himself up and pulled his shriveling cock out of Lisa's slick hole.

"Ain't seen anything like that for a long time," Hank said, wiping the sweat off his forehead.

"I wonder if this one's as lively," Claude said, looking down at Marilyn. The brunette had watched her friend in a fit of horrified fascination. Only now did she realize that everyone in the room was looking at her. She raised her hands protectively, clutching the top of her uniform with her trembling fingers and pulling it tightly to her tits.

"I won't cause any trouble! Really, I won't," Marilyn said, smiling sickly at Claude, then at Art and flank. The air grew thick with lust as the brunette shrank away from the big blond Decker brother. "No, don't," the woman cried.

Lisa mused herself from her stupor and turned around toward the screams. She saw Claude stripping her friend violently while Hank held her long brown hair in his hands, yanking back on it occasionally. Lisa groaned in sympathy for her friend, then collapsed into a semi-unconscious state bathed in humiliation and pain.


"Where are you taking us?" Lisa asked as Hank roughly shoved her in the back seat of the Monte Carlo after Marilyn. It was midnight of the following day, and they were leaving the cabin quickly.

"Never mind. We don't know. Just got to get out," Hank muttered, throwing the woman into the rear, then sliding the seat forward and crawling into the passenger's side. Art was in the rear, moaning and holding his wounded leg while Marilyn sat half in a daze on the other side. Lisa soothed down the remnants of her uniform and brushed back her hair as she peered out her window into the pitch-black night. "Goddamn it, Claude, get the hell out here," Hank shouted out the open window toward the cabin.

"Comin', comin'," the big blond said, running out the opened door and clattering down the steps to the car.

"We gotta get out of here," Hank said nervously, looking over his shoulder as Claude started the car and backed quickly out to the gravel road that ran from the cabin to the twisting paved mountain road.

"Police after you?" Lisa asked sarcastically as Claude shifted quickly into first and tore down the narrow road.

"Better shut up big tits. I used this little mother on you real nice last time. The next time you might not be so lucky," Hank said, flashing the big knife in front of Lisa's face.

The blonde nurse gasped, then turned her head and peered out the window. After Hank had finished with her, he helped Claude and Art work over poor Marilyn.

Poor Marilyn, Lisa thought, turning around and looking at her friend. The brunette's uniform was as ripped and dirtied as hers. Her hair hung in tangled masses over her face as her body swayed lifelessly in the lurching car. Claude had raped her in the ass while Hank tried to get a hard-on by making the brunette suck him off. When he couldn't get stiff, he started pissing into her face. Lisa could still remember Marilyn's screams of disgust and terror as the warm yellow stream of urine splashed over the brunette's flushed cheeks and nose.

Then when both brothers finished with Marilyn, they turned on her viciously, kicking her in the chest and belly until she finally stopped screaming and lapsed into unconsciousness. Fortunately, both women were left alone for the rest of the night.

When Lisa awoke the next day she found herself tied down to the cot. Only able to move her head, the blonde could see Marilyn fled to another cot on the opposite side of the room. She was finally able to rouse her friend and ask her if she was all right. Other than suffering from bruises and hysteria, Marilyn wasn't badly injured. Then Lisa realized that the Decker brothers were gone. She prayed that they'd never come back. Even if they were to starve in the cabin or die of thirst, it would be better than living one more hour with those three maniacs.

As the hours passed, the cabin grew hot and stifling. The mountain nights were cool, but the days were like the interior of a furnace. Lisa sweated freely, groaning with discomfort as she struggled with the ropes that bound her.

After several hours of struggling, the blonde thought she was making progress at freeing herself when she heard footsteps approaching the cabin. She recognized them as belonging to the Decker brothers. Her heart sank like a stone.

The rest of what happened was still a mystery to Lisa. She managed to put together a few fragments. The two brothers took Art out for a little air. They left him in a clearing and went hiking above the cabin, searching for any signs of police. They left him with the radio that received police calls. Sometime after they left Marilyn and Lisa, Art picked up a call that indicated the police were searching for them in the area.

Art tried to call his brothers. But they were too far away to hear him. When they finally returned, he screamed out the news, sure that the cops were only a few steps behind them. They ran back to the cabin, packed so quickly, and hopped in the car. Lisa was sure they didn't have any plan of escape. None of them had an opportunity to contact their man to arrange a secret border crossing. They were caught with their pants down in this move.

"You can't just drive around without a place to go. The cops'll be out on the highway lookin' for this car," Art whined from the rear seat.

"Don't you think I know that?" Claude snarled. "Hey, you change this dressing before we left the cabin?" the big blond asked Lisa.

"Hm? Yes, he's got a fresh bandage on it," the blonde answered, shuddering at the prospect of this conversation with one of the Deckers. She preferred it when they forgot about her and Marilyn.

"He's gettin' to be more trouble than he's worth," Lisa heard Hank mutter under his breath. She looked at Art whose eyes were closed. She wondered if he heard his brother's comment.

"Never mind. We'll talk about that later," Claude whispered in a low voice as he steered the car down the dark, twisting road to the highway.

"We've got to ditch this car," Hank said as they sped down the paved mountain highway. "The cops'll pick us up in no time."

"There's an all-night diner just north of where this road cuts into the coast highway. Plenty of cars to pick from there," Claude said as he drove cautiously up to the main road.

Lisa sat quietly as she saw the lights of the diner grow brighter. People, she thought happily to herself. Even if she and Marilyn were helplessly tapped, there was something comforting knowing that life went on normally even if she couldn't be part of it.

Claude pulled into the large parking lot behind the restaurant. There were many parked cars and trucks, some with drivers sleeping in them. The big blond turned off the lights and engine, then stepped out of the car and looked around.

"Not too many people outside. I'll look around to find something. When I give the signal, you all move fast," Claude said, poking his head into the opened driver's window.

Lisa watched Claude saunter through the parking lot, looking into the parked cars for keys.

"Lisa, what'll happen to us?" Marilyn finally whispered to her friend.

"Just hang on, honey. They'll find us," Lisa said reassuringly.

"Sure they'll find you," Art said, sneering as he kept his eyes closed. "But it's how they'll find you that ought to make you worry," he said, chuckling deep in his throat.

Marilyn's eyes widened with horror and she let a tiny gasp escape from her mouth as she turned away from the younger Decker brother and pressed her forehead against the window. Lisa felt her skin crawl as she thought over what Art said. So far the brothers kept her and Marilyn alive. They were useful. So far.

"Hey, let's move it," Hank said in a low whisper. Lisa looked through the front window and saw the big blond standing by a parked white Chevy van. He was waving his right hand frantically, indicating they should hurry up.

"And don't try anything cute," the black-haired Decker brother said, pointing his pistol at Lisa first, then Marilyn. "We don't have much to lose if we blow you away here. After you knock off a couple of broads, two more don't make any difference."

Lisa nodded nervously, then opened her door and helped Art out of the car. Marilyn followed closely behind with Hank next to her, jamming the barrel of his gun into her side. The four of them walked quickly across the darkened lot up to Claude.

"Some clown's left his keys under the seat. Let's move," Claude said, throwing open the doom.

Marilyn and Lisa crawled in the back of the van with Art. Whoever owned it put a lot of work in fixing up the rear section. There was a tiny kitchen space at one end, while the rest of the area was thickly carpeted and fitted with a tiny singe bed. The two nurses laid Art on the bed, then squatted down on the carpeted floor as Hank and Claude crawled into the front seats.

"Let's go. We'll hunt up a place to crash along the way," Hank said nervously, peering out the window toward the diner.

The big van pulled quickly out of the lot and onto the coastal highway. Lisa didn't know how long they'd driven, but guessed it had been over an hour when she felt the van slow down.

"What do you think?" she beard Hank ask Claude. The blonde crawled forward until she could see out the front window of the van. The brothers had stopped in front of a long, white clapboard farmhouse. She looked around and realized that the place was relatively secluded. Lisa could see some movement inside the brightly lit, cheerful-looking building. She wanted to scream out and warn whoever was inside. The blonde knew that an unbelievable horror was about to be inflicted on those innocent people inside.

"We'll have to make it work. Whoever owns this van knows it's been stolen by now and they've probably called the cops. With the other car back there, even the dumb fuzz's gonna figure out what happened. We'll have to lay low somewhere for a couple of days before we make a break for the border. There's plenty of places we can store this thing here," Claude said, turning the van into the gravel drive and puffing up to the side of the farm house. He turned off the engine and dimmed the lights.

"Okay. We don't wanna get them worked up till we have to. Don't know how many's inside. You two broads are gonna go in first with Art. Tell them that he got hurt bad in a car accident. Hank, you go in, too. If it looks okay, come out and let me know. Then we'll see what happens," Claude said with an obscene chuckle.

Lisa felt her blood freeze as she thought of what they'd do to those people inside. At least she and Marilyn were necessary for their brother. Whoever lived in that farmhouse would be disposed of as quickly as possible.

"Move it, bitch," Hank said, reaching back and hitting Lisa hard across the right cheek. She caught her balance, then crawled over to Art and helped him off the couch. She, Marilyn, Art and Hank walked up to the front door and knocked.

"Remember, no funny business," Hank said in a whisper as he touched a threatening bulge in his jacket pocket.

Lisa brushed back her blonde hair nervously as she heard someone walking up to the front door. A hand brushed away a white cotton curtain that hung over the square window in the door, and Lisa found herself looking into the face of a young, pretty red-headed girl. She smiled, then unlocked the door and opened it.


"It's my -- uh, brother. He's been hurt badly in an accident. This man picked us up and was going to take us to a hospital but then Art started to look worse. We had to stop. Do you mind if we come in and lay him down?" Lisa asked, feeling ashamed and horrified that she was the instrument of this teenager's probable destruction.

"Of course. Where did the accident happen? Golly, there's nothing around here. Where were you coming from?" the girl babbled out excitedly as the four walked into the brightly lit living room. "You want to use our phone to call an ambulance. There's a hospital about twenty-five miles away from here."

Lisa thanked the girl and dragged Art to a long couch in the middle of the living room. The younger Decker brother was playing his part well, groaning and acting half-conscious as the two women laid him down.

"You don't look too good either," the girl said to Lisa.

"We were knocked around, too," Lisa said, giving Marilyn a glance.

"Don't you want to use the phone for the ambulance?" the girl asked a little nervously as she watched Hank apparently examine the living worn and adjoining kitchen.

"Hmmm? Oh, yeah. Say, you don't live here alone, do you?"

"With my father. But he's out visiting friends tonight. I could call him, if you want," the girl said. Lisa could tell that the girl was getting a little alarmed at Hank's strange actions.

"Naw, that's okay. Where's the phone?" the big man asked as he towered in the doorway leading to the kitchen.

"In the dining room by the dish cabinet," she said, moving toward the doorway.

"I'll find it," Hank growled, walking into the darkened room. Lisa breathed a sigh of relief and relaxed. She looked around the living room and was struck by its rustic charm. It was like something out of a western movie set. The furniture was done in a kind of early western American style. Pictures of horses and mountain scenes hung on the walls. Over the doorway to the dining room were two hunting rifles crossed over each other. There were two chairs on either side of the couch, a rocker to the right and several wooden bookcases lining the walls.

"What kind of accident was it?" the girl asked after several minutes of silence went by.

"Car," Lisa said loudly, realizing her discomfort was obvious.

"Are you nurses?" the girl asked, examining their torn, dirtied uniforms closer than before.

"Uh, yes. In fact he was driving us down from our cabin up in the mountains when we had this accident. We've both got the duty tonight," Lisa said, realizing how idiotic the story sounded.

The girl wrinkled up her forehead as she heard the explanation.

"You changed at the cabin for work?"

"We were late in leaving. We..." Lisa started to say. Just then Hank walked back in the living room.

"They'll be here in a couple of minutes. Mind if I get out of here and back to my van a sec?" he asked the girl.

"No, please," she said, obviously relieved that he was leaving the house.

Hank walked out, flashing a warning look at Lisa. The blonde nurse shifted her eyes down to the floor, avoiding the girl's inquiring stare as the big man ran to the van. Lisa shifted her feet nervously on the polished wooden floor. She heard the van door open, then slam shut. It was Claude getting out. There was the sound of running feet getting closer to the house. Bath she and the girl stood up, both trembling with terror as the sounds of two men's boots thudded across the wooden porch. Claude and Hank burst into the living room simultaneously.

"Oh God!" the girl screamed, falling back into the chair and looking at the men in wide-eyed terror as they slammed the door shut.

"Shut her up," Hank said to Claude as he pointed at the hysterically shrieking girl. The big blonde strode over to her and raised his hand high in the air. Even from where she was, Lisa could hear the whooshing sound of his fist slicing through the air, followed by a sickening, slapping thud as his hand cracked across the girl's skull.

The girl moaned and slowly raised her hand. Lisa walked over to her and wiped the blood away from the corners of her mouth. It would be the last kind thing that redhead would experience for a long time.


"What's your name?" Lisa asked the girl as the three females sat huddled on the couch. Art was watching them closely, his gun trained on them.

"What are you going to do?" the girl asked almost hypnotically as she stared at Art's pistol.

"We're sorry," Marilyn said, sitting on the edge of the couch and taking the girl's hand consolingly.

"But we didn't have any choice."

"She's right. We're as much a prisoner as you are," Lisa said, glancing at the smirking Art Decker.

The girl looked at the two women, then tilted her head down limply and sobbed. Claude and his brother began laughing and slapping each other on the back.

"You animals," Lisa said, watching the girl's face twist around and canton into an expression of disbelieving horror and grief. She stood up and spat in the direction of Hank.

"Stupid cunt," the big man said, wiping the puddle of hot spittle that landed on his cheek. He reached forward and grabbed Lisa by both hands. Clamping his fingers down slowly like a vise, Hank brought her down to her knees, screaming out for mercy. Her mouth twisted open in a cry of agony as he nearly shattered her wrist bones with his powerful hands.

"Tell me how bad you want to get fucked," he said, looking around at his smirking brothers and the horrified women.

"No, no," Lisa said, pulling her hands, trying to break away from Hank's powerful grip. He held her tightly, laughing as he twisted her arms slowly downward. Lisa sank to the floor, begging desperately for him to let her go.

"Go on. Tell me how much you want my cock. Tell me," Hank insisted.

"Oh God, yes. Yes, I want your cock," Lisa cried in a strained voice as she could hear her wrist bones snapping under the strain. One more ounce of pressure and she'd never be able to use her hands again.

"Better," Hank said, letting her go.

The blonde sank to the floor, rubbing her aching hands against her belly. Then she felt something grabbing her hair. There was a violent tug upward. She shrieked in pain as Hank pulled up and back, sending her crashing to the floor on her ass. In a second he was crawling on top of her, filling her nostrils with his stinking, breath. Lisa groaned with disgust as she let him unbutton her uniform and tear it off. She was helpless. She couldn't fight back. Better to let him do whatever he wanted to her.

Hank finished peeling off her uniform and panties, then stood up and towered menacingly over her.

"Let's drag the dining room table in here," he said to Claude.

Lisa stayed on the floor, fighting for breath as terror robbed her lungs of air. She heard the two men leave the living room and struggle with the heavy oak table in the other room. They scraped and banged that piece of furniture against the walls and floor as the two brothers finally brought it into the room.

"Let's get her up on it," Claude said.

Lisa felt herself lifted, then set down on the hard polished surface. Her arms dangled over the sides. She tried to control herself, breathing slow and easy, hiding the nervous flutter that rippled through her belly. She closed her eyes and hoped that lightning would rip through the roof and blast the Deckers away.

Lisa's thoughts were interrupted by the sound of heavy breathing over her. She opened her eyes and saw Claude and Hank peering down at her. Suddenly the blonde felt as if she were on an operating table. Then she remembered the knife. She could imagine the joy they'd have with her.

"OHHHH!" Lisa cried out as she doubled up suddenly. Her knees rose to her tits as her face twisted in pain. Hank had swung his doubled fist down into her lower belly with all his strength. The blow seemed to go past her belly muscles and tear down into her pussy. Lisa gagged. The dull pain seemed to wrench her guts inside out. Her eyes opened wide as she braced herself for another attack.

It didn't come. Hank moved quickly over to Marilyn and dragged her up off the couch. Art had been fingering her tits when his older brother dragged the groaning brunette over to Lisa.

"Come on babe and eat your friend," the big man ordered.

"What?" the brunette cried out in disbelief. Lisa raised her head and looked at the two of them in horror. What he was asking Marilyn to do was sickening.

"I said you're gonna eat out your friend," he growled, pushing Marilyn roughly against the table. She caught herself in time, nearly tumbling over the table Lisa still lay on. Claude grabbed Lisa's legs and pulled her down until her ass barely hung over one edge.

"Come on, baby, a hot lunch's on the table," Claude taunted nastily.

Marilyn looked at Lisa in disbelief, then turned away and shook her head silently back and forth.

"You ain't got much of a choice," Hank said angrily while Claude spread Lisa's legs far apart.

Marilyn still refused. Angered, Hank pulled her roughly away from the table and held her tightly by the hand. He raised his hand high in the air, then brought down the closed fist hard against her cheek. Marilyn shrieked with the pain as blood oozed out of her mouth. He was opening wounds he'd made in the same way earlier. He raised his hand again and again, crashing his fist over and over Marilyn's bleeding face until she screamed that she'd do anything.

He let the groaning woman go. Blood oozed down her chin and dribbled onto her uniform as she staggered toward the front of the table and Lisa's exposed snatch.

"I-I've never done this before," the brunette sobbed brokenly as she stared at Hank and Claude.

"Learn," the big blond Decker brother said, putting both his hands on Marilyn's shoulders and shoving her to her knees. Lisa raised her head higher and saw her friend's broken, twisted, bleeding face level with her pussy. She dropped her head back to the table, wishing she could have a gun just for a second.

The blonde gritted her teeth as she felt Marilyn's lips touched her pussy. She tried to think of anything that would take her mind off this. But Hank, Art and Claude kept making filthy remarks about how much it turned them on to watch two women making it.

"Shit, witch the way that one's tongue keeps fucking inside her snatch. See? Fuck, blondie over there's gettin' turned on," Art said.

In fact, what he observed was partially true. Lisa at first resisted what was happening down on her snatch. The idea that another woman was actually eating her snatch. That idea had never turned Lisa on before. But trapped here in this farmhouse with those maniacs, the blonde nurse felt her body doing strange things. She had reacted crazily in the mountain cabin before under Hank's big knife and cock. Here it was turning on to a woman's mouth. She closed her eyes and gave into a warm lush feeling washing over her juicing pussy. She felt Marilyn's warm tongue sliding up and down the sensitive area between her fat outer labes and her smaller, more tender inner ones. Her clit slowly slid out of its sheath, pepping up and growing stiff and red with blood as Marilyn's mouth magically worked over her swampy box.

"Look. Fuck, her titties are growin'," Hank said.

Lisa could feel her nipples poking up and stretching deliciously as the brunette concentrated her licking on that sputtering clit.

"Ahhhh," Lisa instinctively sighed as she felt her friend's warm lips brush over her clit. Her spread legs trembled with excitement as she felt the mixture of spittle and cunt juice trickle out of her wet slit and ooze down into her asscrack. It was incredible, but she felt herself rocketing up to a big cum. It was the first time she'd ever had anything sexually to do with another woman. Yet here she was, helpless on a table and about to blow her load into her best friend's mouth.

"Okay, enough," Hank said, reaching down and pulling the brunette roughly away from Lisa's wet pussy.

The blonde looked up and saw her snatch hairs sticking around Marilyn's glistening mouth. Marilyn covered her face in shame and turned away, groaning with humiliation. Hank raised his foot and pressed it against the back of the sobbing brunette's head. With a mighty forward thrust, he shoved Marilyn down on the floor, then pressed his heel down hard on her neck. The brunette cried out, her scream turning into a sickening shriek.

"Never cared much for dykes," Hank said, pressing down until Marilyn gasped, then sank into unconsciousness. He took his foot off the limp woman and walked over to Lisa. She stared at him with a mixture of hate and contempt.

"You broads are always talkin' and talkin'. What you got to say now, huh?" Hank sneered.

"What's the matter with you?" Lisa sneered back.

"What do you mean?"

"You can't make it with women, so you and your brothers bait to destroy them? You talk about bating dykes. I think you're just as bad as they are. You can't fuck right, at least without beating someone half to death. You're all sick -- a pack of impotent bastards, the scum of the earth."

"Why you..." Hank said, his face turning purple with rage as he shot his fist high in the air.

"Hang on," Claude said, catching his brother's hand as it was about to crash down on Lisa's belly. "Let's string her up and show her what we do with a smart-ass," Claude said, looking up at the overhead beam running the full length of the living room.

Lisa looked triumphantly at the Decker brothers as they searched around for rope. Whatever they did to her, she knew she hit home with her remarks. They might destroy her, but she had at least some revenge that might.

"Fuckin' dumb bitch," Hank said under his breath as he pulled out a two-foot piece of rope from a tool box that doubled as a window seat. Lisa turned her head around and looking encouragingly at the terrified teenaged girl watching helplessly from the chair. She wanted to give some kind of strength to her. Lisa knew she'd need it later on.

"String her up," Claude said, tying her wrists tightly with the rope. Lisa's flesh around her wrists was still badly scraped from the last binding. This rope cut painfully into the raw skin.

"This ought to hold," Hank said, pulling a longer, thicker piece of rope out of the tool box and throwing it over the beam. He tugged on both ends of the rope to test it, then tied one end around Lisa's hands. She groaned as Hank moved a few steps in front of her, then pulled down with all his weight.

"Oh, God help me!" Lisa cried out as she felt her arms jerked up. Every muscle and tendon in her arms strained agonizingly as the blonde's body jerked up in the air. Hank, Art and Claude laughed as Lisa swung like a pendulum in the center of the living room. The big blond Decker brother finally lowered her until her toes barely touched the floor. Lisa sagged in her bonds as she looked at the leering Deckers. Even Art had managed to stand up from the couch, supporting himself on the back of the piece of furniture. He laughed, then limped up to her hanging, stretched naked body.

"Bitch," he cried out with a lewd gleam in his eye. Claude handed him a poker from the fireplace on the other side of the room. The younger brother slashed the end of the poker across Lisa's body, peeling a narrow strip of skin from the blonde's right tit.

"Ohhhh," she cried out, jerking her body as if an electric current had passed through her. She felt the warm blood flowing down her ribs. It trailed down her belly and filled her sunken navel as the three brothers laughed.

She wished they'd step just a little closer. If she were going to die, she wanted to fight back as much as she could. She wanted to kick at least one of them in the balls and cripple him for life: it was the least she could do for the world.

Hank looked at her, licking his lips with excitement. Brutality always turned him on. Lisa's twisting, bleeding, tortured body hanging in front of him made him grow more excited. He came closer to Lisa, throwing down the poker.

I can do it if he moves closer, the blonde thought as she moved her foot experimentally.

Hank grabbed at Lisa's cunt suddenly, twisting the hairs and her pussylips violently in his fingers. That pulling, tearing sensation ripped through her body like a knife. Lisa brought her knee up automatically as her mouth twisted open and let out a shriek of agony. She'd had her chance to blast his balls with a hard kick. But the suddenness of Hank's violent attack on her snatch destroyed that opportunity.

"Stupid cunt," Art said, spittle flying out in the air as he reached down and picked up his brother's pistol. The sight of Lisa hanging there helpless seemed to incite the younger Decker. Holding onto the grip tightly, he swung the gun high in the air, crashing it across her face, her lips, the tops of her tits. He began pistol-whipping Lisa mercilessly, laughing crazily as he slashed the hand wildly across her bucking body.

"Oh God, stop him! He's crazy. He's crazy. He's crazy!" the girl wailed from the chair as she watched wide-eyed with horror.

But nothing reached Art of his brothers. While Hank and Claude looked on, Art kept on beating the helpless woman. Lisa continued to struggle, tugging and pulling at her bonds. The rough surface of the rope chewed skin from her wrists. Lisa felt her hands going numb as she became bruised and torn. She screamed as the wild-eyed young Decker. He cursed at her in return, occasionally losing his balance because of his wounded leg. Then he would wince, curse his leg and her, then start whipping her with that horrible gun barrel again with more force than before. Her shrill cries echoed off the walls, drowning out the obscenities Art hurled at her.

"Bitch, motherfuckin' slut. I'll kill you. I'll slice off those tits and stuff 'em in your fuckin' mouth before I get through with you," Art shrieked at her, spittle drooling out the corners of his mouth. Lisa stared at him in horror. His eyes rolled sometimes, gleaming as Lisa begged, cursed, threatened and pleaded with him to stop.

But nothing would satisfy the young Decker, it seemed, short of her being beaten to death there in the living room. Lisa remembered again the descriptions of some of the Deckers' victims. Some of the women were cruelly reduced to piles of bloodied flesh. That's what she and Marilyn and the girl would look like -- she was sure of it.

"God!" Lisa howled as she tried to battle with Art. It seemed useless. When she tied to spin around, the wild strokes of the gun barrel slashed across her back. When she hunched up her legs, Art cracked the cold metal across her knee, then beat her tits mercilessly. When at times she actually tried to kick at his wound or slam her toes into his balls. Art laughed, dodging even though his leg was wounded. Then he reached forward and took a hard grip on her cuntflesh, twisting her sensitive labes between his powerful fingers until the blonde screamed out in pain. In several seconds, her cunt was on fire with agony.

Art lashed and beat at her, grabbing her cunt again and again and twisting the labes mercilessly until Lisa found herself losing consciousness. She was going to die. Thank God it was going to be while she was unconscious. At least she wouldn't have to endure the sneers and obscene comments the Deckers certainly hurled at their helpless victims.

"Hey, take it easy, Art. She's slippin' away," Claude warned his younger brother as he watched Lisa's eyelids start to flicker, then droop. "We can't lose her now. We might need her later."

"Guess you're right," the younger brother said, leaning against the back of the couch and panting heavily. Sweat poured down his forehead and formed a puddle under each armpit as he let the pistol dangle from his hand. His sweat-soaked hair was plastered to his skin while blood oozed through the bandage on his wounded leg.

Lisa found herself coming to, something she found both unusual and disgusting. She'd actually been praying for death. Even that was denied her. Her arms ached horribly. Welts sprang slowly up around her thighs and tits, while black and blue marks blotched her face and chest. The blonde felt as if every part of her body had been mined, pulled apart by the maniac now panting breathlessly in front of her.

"Let her down. She's got to take care of Art's leg," Claude said to Hank.

"He can bleed to death," Lisa said almost wearily as the dark-haired brother untied the rope he'd fastened to the solid oak living room door.

"Better not say things like that," Art gasped, limping to the couch and crashing down on the pillows. He raised his leg and pointed at the bleeding spot. "I'll get mad, and there's no tellin' what I'll do when that happens."

Lisa crouched on the floor, her wrists still tied tightly together. As Claude roughly untied the rope holding her hands, the blonde staggered to her feet. She had never felt so deserted and filled with hopelessness before in her life.


"Oh God, my arms!" Lisa moaned as she raised her hands and rubbed her shoulders. She was huddled in a ball in the cellar of the ranch house. It was cold and damp, the air chilling her to the bone. The blonde had been literally thrown down the wooden steps after she'd taken care of changing Art Decker's dressing. Above her Lisa heard the sounds of that young girl shrieking, moaning and begging the men to stop whatever they were doing to her. The cries seemed to last forever, but finally subsided. Lisa had no idea if Art and his brothers mercifully killed the girl, or if she just passed out, about to become the victim of another round of sadism.

"L-Lisa?" Marilyn stammered from another corner of the darkened basement.

The blonde raised her head and peered hard into the blackness. They had flung the screaming brunette down into that hole shortly after they had thrown Lisa downstairs. Neither woman spoke to the other for what must have been several hours. Lisa felt funny about talking to a woman who'd been busy chewing her pussy earlier than evening. And Marilyn felt too shamed to speak to the blonde.

But now in the cold, damp dark basement the terror of what would happen to them in the future broke down any walls between them.

"Where are you?" Lisa asked, lowering her knees and tucking her feet under her ass as she rolled forward and tried to get up. "Oh," the blonde cried, feeling a tearing, ripping ache ripple through her body. The Decker brothers had really done a number on her. They'd managed to bruise every tendon and muscle in her arms and legs. With a lot of effort, Lisa crawled over the slippery cold cement floor toward where she guessed her friend was.

"Over here. Oh God, I'm so frightened!" the brunette cried in a long, high-pitched shuddering whimper.

"If it's any comfort, we're in this together," Lisa said, feeling the sole of Marilyn's foot with her hands. Lisa crawled up next to the brunette then rolled around, pressing her back against the brick wall and grasping Marilyn's hand for mutual comfort.

"And I'm so ashamed," the brunette moaned, choking on her last words.

"Of what? Of what you did? You had to do it, Marilyn, or they'd have killed us," Lisa said reassuringly.

"Maybe, but... Oh God, what's that!" the brunette asked in a hoarse whisper, jerking forward and sucking in a deep breath.

Lisa felt her skin crawl as she heard a noise filter through the locked door above them and drift down into the basement. Then she heard the girl's odes, only this time they were more desperate than before.

"My God! I don't know, but it sounds -- ohhhh!"

Lisa groaned before finishing her sentence. The howls grew louder now, swelling into a chorus of unearthly hoarse wails as the teenaged girl shrieked and shrieked and shrieked.

"What are they doing to her? What are they going to do to us?" Marilyn cried in a high whimper, covering her ears finally and turning away from the blonde.

"God, I hope it's not what they're doing to her there now," Lisa said, looking up through the darkness as the howls and screams mixed together in an obscene chorus of pain and horror for what seemed like an eternity.

The howls and shrieks finally died down to nothing. Lisa found herself panting in that cold corner, her ears pricked up like a hunted animal's for the first sign that indicated the Deckers opening that door above them. Lisa was certain that they'd never see daylight again once those men got ahold of them. Art Decker's wound could be treated by anyone. She could see that realization in Claude's and Hank's eyes when she changed the dressing the last time. Besides, both she and Marilyn would soon become too much of a burden to carry around as they tried to make their break out of the country. The blonde was certain that whenever they got through with the girl upstairs, they'd be coming down for her and Marilyn.

"I'm cold," Marilyn said, breaking her silence and cuddling up to Lisa's warm body. Normally the blonde would have shrank from such close female contact. But the chilling cold was becoming unbearable. Claude had stripped the uniform off Marilyn before tossing her like an empty sack down the stairs after her friend.

"Just come close and forget about anything," Lisa said consolingly, putting her arm around Marilyn's neck and drawing her head slowly against hers. The two women curled around one another far heat and protection as the minutes ticked by.

"Here they come," Marilyn whispered, jerking away from her friend and hunching her knees protectively up to her tits.

"Get the light," Lisa heard Hank say as the sound of heavy footsteps filled the basement. They were coming down to the cellar to finish their filthy work. Lisa shrank against the cold wall, pressing her head against the bricks as she drew her knees up and against her chest. She curled back up into that protective huddled ball as her heart started to beat wildly. Her breathing became shallow and rapid.

"Ohhhh," Lisa groaned, raising her hands and covering her eyes as a bare overhead light bulb flicked on and nearly blinded her with its glare. Slowly the blonde grew accustomed to the bright light and opened her eyes, squinting up toward the stair. Claude was near the top of the relatively short stairway, leaning against the wooden rail that ran along its length. Hank was at the bottom, standing spread-legged with his hands folded tightly against his massive bare chest. Both of them had sick grins on their faces as they stared at the cringing, helpless women.

Lisa didn't want to say a word. She was dying to know what happened upstairs to cause all that horrible noise. But she didn't want to give the Decker boys the satisfaction of relating any of their horrors. They loved talking about their crimes almost as much as they enjoyed performing them.

Lisa suddenly heard that same howl she'd been listening to earlier. This time it was less intense. She looked inquiringly into Hank's face. All he did was smile, then turn around and look up at his brother.

"Your little friend up there's not gonna give us no more trouble," Claude said, chuckling softly as he leaned against the wooden rail harder and stared at the two women.

"What've you done to her?" Lisa asked, feeling anger rising in her.

Hank spun her toward a rectangular wooden table about four feet high that stood against the wall. "Guess they belong to the old man and his daughter, but they're ours for the time being," Hank said as he shoved Lisa roughly against the edge of the table. "Get some rope, will ya?" her ordered Claude.

While the big blonde rummaged through several shelves for the rope, Lisa leaned on the table and tried to collect her thoughts. Then the blonde thought of those howls and shrieks she heard upstairs earlier. Her body shuddered when she thought of the carnage that must be upstairs in the living room now.

"Okay, blondie, you know the score by now," Hank said, pulling her arms off the table and placing her wrists on either side of the right front leg. The big man tightly tied her wrists to that wooden brace, nearly cutting the circulation off to her hands.

When he finished making the final knot, Hank turned around and took a longer piece of line from his brother. Lisa turned her head around to see what was happening and watched with some curiosity as Hank kneeled down and tied one end of the rope to her ankle. She didn't have to wait long to see what he planned to do with it.

Satisfied that his knot would hold, Hank stood up and ran his hands up from her ankle to her inner thigh. Lisa shuddered at this big man's touch as she felt his fingers crawling up to her pussy. But instead of him fingering her snatch or clawing at it the way Art did earlier, Hank simply pulled her leg up and out, making the blonde grunt and desperately move her left leg around to find some point of balance.

"What are you doing?" Lisa panted as she felt him pull her leg out until it was perpendicular to her body.

"Get that rope tied around the ladder," Hank ordered his brother as he held her leg by the ankle in both hands.

Lisa turned her head and saw what he was talking about. A wooden ladder that probably led to a trap door overhead was bolted to the wall against which the table was pushed. It was about two feet behind the leading edge where Lisa's wrists were tightly bound and right in line with her leg.

"The high rung, dummy. Not that one!" Hank said to Claude angrily.

"Careful who you're calm dummy," Claude said sullenly as he took Lisa's leg and rested it on a high rung.

"Ohhh," the blonde groaned. She was being stretched for the kill. Her body ached from the tension that pulled at every muscle and bruised tendon. Her hands were wrapped around that splintery wooden table leg, half-inch hemp line cutting into her already-chewed wrists. Her right leg was pulled up and out as far as it could go without being pulled from the hip socket. Lisa's only point of support and balance was her left leg. She kept hopping her foot around, looking for some comfortable and safe position. There was none. Her back ached from the unnatural position. The low height of the table, combined with the high rung on the ladder her leg had been tied to pushed her ass and pussy high in the air. Lisa felt more exposed now than she ever did in her entire life.

"Okay, let's take care of her friend," Claude said, wiping the sweat off his forehead as he checked Lisa's rope for the last time.

"No, I'll be good. I swear I will," Marilyn cried, covering her face with both hinds as the two men walked up to her.

As they dragged her to the other end of the table Lisa was tied to, the blonde thought about whit was going to happen. This was the final episode in the whole horrible nightmare. What started out to be a normal, routine duty at the hospital was going to wind up in a bizarre murder. She thought of Chad as Claude threw Marilyn roughly against the other edge of the work table, sending the brunette sprawling across the top. The doctor's kind eyes and his gentle touch contrasted measurably to the kind of treatment Lisa had received at the hands of the Decker brothers. Yet the blonde had to admit that there was a kind of thrill she experienced through the ordeal. All that torture and humiliation had touched something deep in her soul, something Lisa never suspected she had in her. Well, it didn't matter now. Everything would be over for her and Marilyn in a few minutes.

"P-p-please," Marilyn stammered as Claude tied her wrists against the front table leg in the same way he bound Marilyn's. There was no ladder to strap her leg to, but Hank used a pipe that ran from floor to ceiling.

The two women stared across the work table at each other. They were both in that grotesque spread-eagle position, laid out for the kill. There was nothing they could do to help themselves. Lisa let her tears fall freely now, rolling out of her eyes and down her flushed cheeks as she thought of her life and the pile of waste it was going to.

"Well, guess we might as well take care of 'em," Art said, wiping the nervous sweat off his forehead.

Something in his voice aroused Lisa from her relaxation. This was it! She and Marilyn were up for the kill now! No more delays! No more fuckings! Everything was over.

Then the blonde realized that the high-pitched wailing she heard was coming from outside. Lisa lifted her head and looked toward one of the half-opened basement windows. It was the sound of police sirens!

"Cops!" Art said, his eyes widening with fear.

The three Decker brothers stood petrified in the middle of the basement as the sounds of the wailing sirens grew louder.

Finally Claude moved, bolting from the group and springing up the stairs.

"Come on! Let's get the hell out of here!" he cried out to his brothers.

"What about them?" Art asked, looking at the two terrified women and the two Dobermans still licking their slick pricks.

"Leave 'em. We ain't got time," Claude insisted.

Art seemed a little reluctant, but Hank grabbed him under the arms and nearly dragged him to the stairs.

Lisa watched in disbelief as the Decker brothers stumbled up the stairs and out of her life. She couldn't believe it! Just a few moments ago she was getting ready to die. Now, miraculously, she was safe. She looked up and saw Marilyn's face. The brunette smiled weakly, then began sobbing uncontrollably.

Lisa could hear the sound of the van starting up and pulling away. But the Deckers were too late. Police cars blocked their escape. The blonde could hear shouts followed by countless volleys of gunshots. The fight lasted for only a few minutes, but it sounded like a battle.

"Don't shoot! Don't shoot! I'm hurt!" Lisa heard Art Decker shout. There were shouts from the police, then the sound of running feet over gavel.

"We're down here! Oh God, we're down here!" Lisa screamed at the top of her lungs. "Damn it, Marilyn, shout! You've been screaming enough for the past few hours. Use your voice now!"

"Here! Down here!" the brunette shrieked.

The two women kept yelling until they heard the sound of the back door opening upstairs.

"Down here! In the basement!" she cried out again.

Lisa sighed with relief when the police stomped down the stairs and peered into the basement.

"Christ!" a tall, dark-haired sergeant exclaimed as he looked at the two bound women.

"Come on. Let's get them untied," another officer said.

"How did you find us?" Lisa gasped as the first sergeant untied her ankle and wrists.

"We knew the van was stolen back at that diner. We found the Monte Carlo and knew it was the Decker boys," the sergeant said. "Hey, get some blankets or something over here," the policeman said to the others.

Lisa murmured her thanks as he handed her a large, grey wool blanket to cover herself.

"We figured the Deckers would want to hide out someplace right away. Seems the rancher who owns this house spotted the van turning into the drive when he was driving home. He said he heard the broadcast over the radio describing what we were looking for. From then on, it didn't take us too long to figure out the rest."

"Too bad you didn't come sooner," Lisa said, looking up the stairs.

"Yeah. By the way, what did they do with the guys daughter?" the sergeant asked.

"I think they took her out to the barn and tied her up," Lisa explained. "We've been through a living hell, sergeant. A real living hell," Lisa said grimly as she walked away from him and toward Marilyn.

The brunette looked up into Lisa's eyes sadly, then lowered her head and covered her face with both hands.

"Is it all over?" she groaned through her trembling fingers.

"It's all over. All over," Lisa said, dropping to her knees and putting her hand comfortingly around Marilyn's shoulder. "Come on. Let's get out of here."


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