Tortured sisters

Immoral people capitalizing on the stupidity of others to attain their goals -- a story as old as man. The Bible, history books, law books -- all contain examples.

Sammy and Amanda, sisters, are the victims of immoral people. They find themselves caught in a web of depravity and perversion they never dreamed existed. And, after being forced to suffer one humiliation after another, they become little more than obedient animals catering to the whims of their captors.

TORTURED SISTERS -- the shocking story of two sisters who get what they deserve while learning the sordid truth about human nature. A story with a lesson for our uncaring society.


"Are you ready?" asked Sammy.

"I think so," said Amanda, turning, making sure her short dress fit just right. "Do I look okay?"

"You sure do," said her sister, "now let's get out of here."

"Just a minute," said Amanda, and she rearranged her neckline to show the swelling curves of her tits. "Fuck, I get nervous even now."

Sammy laughed and gave herself a final check in the full-length mirror.

There was no real need for either of them to worry. They were probably the most devastating pair of blondes in the city, and they knew it. It was Friday night and they were going out to the bars to pick up some unsuspecting man.

The trap would be set almost the same way each time. The two of them would cruise the bars, waiting until they spotted the man they wanted. Then they would make sure they met him. All the man knew was that suddenly two stunning women were talking to him, paying him a lot of attention, and his head would start to spin.

As the two girls laughed and chatted, pulling the information they wanted out of the unsuspecting man, he would take in their high thrusting tits, the shapely curves of their asses, and wonder if he was really being propositioned by two such beautiful sisters.

That depended on his answers. Usually the girls avoided a man who lived in their neighborhood or anywhere near it. The perfect man was some wimp from out of town, on vacation and looking for a good time. There was an almost endless supply of them.

The man would wonder how much better his luck would get when they asked him if he was interested in a threesome. Some of the wimps even shot in their pants when Sammy suggested that. Certainly none of them had ever turned such an offer down. In the taxi, half-drunk, the wimp would find himself in a game, blindfolded as a joke and led up the stairs into the sisters' apartment. Giggling and urging him on, they would lead him down a set of stairs and then all he knew was a blow on the head and darkness.

When he woke up, he would be naked, lashed to the bars of a cage, manacled and staring at the worst horror of his life. Gone were the soft girls in their short skirts and tight blouses. In their place were two of the most dreadful dominatrix's he had ever seen. In their leather and tight boots, they would put him through a weekend of torture, humiliating him at every turn, chaining him to the floor and whipping him as he helplessly tried to jerk off to please his terrible mistresses. As his cum finally jerked out on the stone floor, they would laugh and beat him harder and then make him lick it up.

Sammy would never let a man touch her, except for allowing him to lick her ass when she was particularly aroused. Amanda liked to be licked; she often lay back while the wimps sucked her hot pussy and Sammy lashed them with rising fury. But that was all. No man would ever stick his cock into their soft cunts or tight little assholes, and certainly never between their soft pouting lips.

There had been a mistake once, and that perhaps explained Amanda's nervousness. One of the men wouldn't give in. He swore and yelled, at them, whatever they did, and he somehow escaped the first night when they thought they had him safely chained up.

That had been a real panic. Normally when they were finished with their wimps, they would re-blindfold them, drive them to some dark alley and dump them out. The wimps didn't know where they had been, and most of them were so ashamed of being beaten up by women that they just crawled off and said nothing. Certainly, none of them had ever been to the police, and so the girls were free to find their next victim. But a disaster like that could have blown everything.

But nothing happened. No police came, and in another two weeks they were back in business, their wimps screaming for mercy as loudly as ever. They had even become bolder, getting men who were stronger, and still imposing their will on them. So far, apart from the one man, they had never failed. And this weekend another disgusting male would get his just desserts.

They hit their favorite bar first. It was a typical singles bar. Soft lighting, a group playing, dancing, and fast bartenders. Sammy and Amanda hung around the bar, well aware that most of the men around were looking at them very carefully. Several times, a pair of men approached, but Sammy sent them off very fast. They weren't what they were looking for.

They left and tried another bar. They saw him I once. He was tall, he wore glasses and looked as if he'd just got off the bus from some small town upstate. He grinned around nervously and almost swallowed his drink, glass and all, when Sammy and Amanda smiled at him. The closer they got, the more flustered he got. He was perfect.

"Hi," said Sammy, flicking her short skirt until he got a glimpse of her stocking tops and tap pants underneath. She sat beside him, crossing her long, shapely legs while he stared and gasped at the two of them.

"Er -- hi!" he said, grinning nervously; "Er -- can I get you a drink?"

"Ohhh, thanks," said Amanda, sliding in on his other side with practiced skill. "Gin and tonic, please."

Frantically he waved at a cocktail waitress. "And you?" he asked, almost dropping his beer in his excitement.

"Vodka gimlet," said Sammy, and leaned in a little closer to him so that he could get a good view of her tits.

"Er -- yes," he babbled and gave the order. "You from around here?" Amanda asked, playing with the top button of her short black dress.

"No, I'm just in for the weekend," he said, staring at her tits.

Sammy chuckled to herself. It couldn't be going better.

"I suppose you're looking for a good time," she teased, sliding up to him and crossing her legs slowly, letting her skirt slide up, almost as far as her stocking tops. "I mean, most men from out of town are."

He gulped, taking a drink of his beer to cover up his nervousness. "I-I was told this was a good place to meet people."

"You mean to pick up girls?" said Sammy, sliding her hand up his arm and giggling.

Normally they would take a little more time over this, draw the man in slowly so as not to make him suspicious, but this one was so easy there was no point in hanging around.

"Er -- well..." the man spluttered, taking a drink and spilling some of the beer down his chin.

Sammy looked at him in disgust. He was a particularly nasty specimen of a man, and he was going to pay for that. All weekend.

"Oh, my name is Sammy," she said, covering the man's confusion as he dabbed his handkerchief over his chin. "This is my sister, Amanda."

"Oh, hi," he said. "My name's Jack. Jack Michaels."

"You want to come and play a bit?" Sammy asked, grinning at him.

"You-you mean -- you and your -- sister?" He stared at the two of them.

"Yes, me and my sister," said Sammy seductively. "We like to share a man sometimes. A real man like you."

"B-But..." the man stammered. His face was flushed and his whole body quivered.

"You must be from upstate," said Amanda, laughing. "This is New York, baby, it's different."

"By God, it is!" the man gasped. "You mean that the two of you want to... with me?"

"Do we have to spell it out?" said Sammy, letting a note of annoyance creep into her voice. That usually did it. None of the men wanted to see the chance slip by.

"W-Well yes, yes!" the man said quickly. "That sounds wonderful!"

"It's not just wonderful," said Amanda, leaning in and taking him by his hopelessly out of style tie, "It's the best. We're the best."

"Oh. Yes. Yes," the man said. "W-Well, yes," he added lamely and tried to drink his beer, but he wasn't concentrating and again, some of it went down the front of his polyester sports jacket.

"Come on then," said Sammy and got up. Jack was so easy. In the taxi, he allowed himself to be blindfolded with no trouble at all. Most of the men tried to demand a kiss at least from the girls, but he just let them cover his eyes and sat there giggling to himself like the hick he was. Sammy put his glasses in her purse. It was always fun to crush them as the last act before they threw their men out. If they didn't wear glasses, the girls would often rip out the zippers of their pants, making it even more embarrassing for them to get home.

Sammy paid the taxi-driver, and the two of them led Jack up the stone stairs and into the house. They opened the door and cased him through it into the hall.

"Careful now, there are some more steps," said Sammy as they put him on the top stair leading down to the dungeon.

"Ooooh, they're steep!" said Jack, reaching for the stair rail and crawling his way down. "When do you show me?"

"Just a minute," said Sammy, giving his arm to Amanda and picking up the hard, lead weighted rubber club.

"This is gonna be great!" said Jack as he stepped into the dungeon and waited.

Amanda flipped the lights on and Sammy raised the club. Then it all went wrong. As Sammy lashed the club down, Jack side-stepped and ripped the blindfold off. With an almost lazy motion he swung around, caught Sammy by the arm and swung her around so that her arm was behind her back.

She screamed and struggled, but he was suddenly a lot stronger than they had thought. In one movement he grabbed Amanda and slung her into the small barred cell they used to hold their prisoners.

"What the hell..." Amanda yelled as she stumbled into the stone wall.

She turned, but, still holding Sammy, Jack slammed the barred door shut and slipped the lock.

"Let me out of here!" Amanda screamed. She grabbed the bars and shook them, but the cage had been built to hold men, and she only managed to rattle the inch-thick bars.

"Let go of me!" Sammy spat as Jack tossed her lightly over his shoulder.

She beat at his back with her free hand, but he ignored that and threw her none too gently over the padded bar of the main restraining apparatus they used.

"Stop that!" she screamed, but Jack grabbed her arms and pulled them down as she hung, bent at the waist over the bar. "Leave me alone!"

Jack slipped the restrainers over her wrists with practiced ease and tightened them until Sammy was stretched out.

He grabbed each of Sammy's ankles and pulled them apart, lashing them to the legs of the apparatus so that she was utterly helpless. Her legs were wide-open and her short skirt only just covered the tops of her white stockings. They were stretched very uncomfortably and the bar cut into her slim waist.

"Let me go!" she screamed. "What are you going to do?"

Jack walked over to the cage and opened the door. Amanda cowered back against the wall, wishing suddenly that the two of them had never started the whole thing. But it was too late for that. Jack grabbed her wrist and hauled her out of the cage, kicking and screaming. He dragged her over to the rope that hung from the ceiling and tied her hands to it, tightening the slip-knot over her wrists until she moaned with pain. Then he took her ankles and tied them to the ring bolts in the floor, leaving her legs as wide-spread as Sammy's. Finally he went to the wall and hauled on the rope, heaving Amanda up until she was stretched out, her feet only just touching the floor and straining against the ring bolts.

"What are you doing!" Amanda screamed in terror. "Let me down, we haven't done anything to you!"

"Not yet, you haven't," said Jack with a grin. "But you were going to, weren't you?"

He turned the steel bar that Sammy was pinned to until the two sisters were next to each other, and only the fact that Sammy was bent so far at the waist stopped them from staring into each other's terrified eyes.

"Now, let me see," he went on. "I don't think that's quite right."

"What are you doing!" Sammy screamed again as he cranked the front of the apparatus upward and her arms and head were lifted until they were parallel to the stone floor.

She moaned, thinking of all the times she had cranked some poor helpless wimp to that very position and now it was happening to her.

Jack tightened the ropes until Sammy was stretched almost as painfully as Amanda, her body bent over at the waist, her ass sticking out helplessly over the bar.

"That's good," said Jack and took his jacket off.

Suddenly he wasn't the wimp in the bar, but the kind of strong, commanding man Sammy and Amanda were secretly afraid of. Now he stood in just an open-necked shirt and slacks and grinned at them.

"You two had a real good time, didn't you?" he said. "Well, this weekend you pay for it. All of it. You'll get the full picture later, but, for now, I think it's time for a bit of fun. Don't you?"

"Leave me alone!" Sammy screamed. "I didn't do anything to you, we weren't going to do anything to you, honest, we weren't!"

Jack just chuckled and walked up to Sammy. He ran his hand over her back, which made her break out in a desperate cold sweat.

"Stop that!" she screamed. "No, not that, no!"

She shrieked in absolute horror as he took her short skirt and flipped it up over her helpless ass.

"Very nice," Jack commented. "And I like the pants. I wonder if they'll be a problem?"

He ran his hand over the thin silk of Sammy's expensive tap pants.

"No, I don't think so for now. Anyway," he went on and leaned closer to Sammy. "It's fun to make your way in slowly, don't you spec?"

"Oh please, leave me alone!" Sammy sobbed. "Please!"

Jack chuckled and chucked her under the chin. "Oh, you were so nice when your victims begged for mercy, weren't you? Now it's your turn."

Both the girls gasped as they heard this. How had Jack learned their secret?

"Oh no!" Sammy gasped in utter terror as Jack walked casually over to the wall.

There, laid out in neat lines, were all the whips the girls used. Slowly Jack ran his eyes up and down the long line. They varied from thin birch rods to leather cats with knotted tails.

"Which one would you like, my little girl?" he asked.

Sammy realized he was talking to her. She moaned in horror and wept.

"Oh well, we'll try this one," said Jack, taking the longest and thinnest birch rod down from its holder.

"Oh help!" Sammy gasped, staring at the horrible thing.

"Boy!" he said. "Will we have some fun tonight!"

He advanced on Sammy and went behind her. "Oh God!" Sammy gasped, staring at Amanda. "Stop him! Stop him!"


"Shit," said Jack, surveying Sammy's helplessly bound body, "this is better than I thought!"

He ran his hand over Sammy's tight ass cheeks. "No wonder guys couldn't wait to get inside your pants!"

"Leave me alone!" Sammy shrieked, tossing and heaving over the bar. "I'll get you for this, I will!"

Jack laughed. "Oh no, it's me who's gonna get you!"

Slowly he walked around Sammy, watching her all the time. She certainly made a great sight, bound over the bar. Her short pleated skirt was up over her tight, swelling ass cheeks, leaving her white tap pants, with their red edges, stretched tight over the wonderful curves of her ass-flesh. Below that were her stockinged legs. Both the girls had wonderful legs, and they made the most of them. Sammy's thighs were stretched out by the bonds around her ankles, and her calf muscles also strained, made more exquisitely shapely by the high heels she wore. Just below her panties, the white frilly garters kept her pale mesh stockings up, and they were the final delicious sight for Jack. He took Sammy's skirt and lifted it even farther, up to her waist, running his hands over her tap pants again.

"Fuck, this'll be great?" he said.

"You let me go!" Sammy screamed, but Jack just stood back and looked at her.

"Can you see you sister's ass?" he asked Amanda, who was hanging on the ropes, so terrified she couldn't speak. "I said," Jack almost shouted, "can you."

"N-No," said Amanda, and tried to stop herself from bunting into tears.

"We can't have that," said Jack. "You must be able to see what I'm doing to her."

He went over and slid one of the tall, wheeled mirrors over until it was behind Sammy's ass and showed the softly sobbing Amanda everything that was going on.

"Now," said Jack. "They tell me you started on your men like this."

His hand raised the thin cane over Sammy's helpless ass.

"Oh God!" Amanda sobbed, watching her sister as she wriggled and tried to crane her head around to see what was happening.

There was a slight swish, and the cane cut a thin deep line into the white silk of Sammy's pants.

"Aagghhhhh!" Sammy screamed, heaving on the bar, her hands pulling helplessly at the leather bonds that held her. "Ohhhh, you beast! You bastard! Stop it, stop it, uuurrrggghh! Oh no, no, stop!"

She screamed again as the thin cane cut across her pants and deep agony burst out in her ass.

"I believe you whipped your men like this, didn't you?" asked Jack as he laid into Sammy's ass with greater fury.

"Stop, ohhh stop!" Sammy begged him. Her body was burning, and with every stroke of the cane, fresh eruptions of agony burst out in her whipped ass. She struggled, twisting on the bar.

"Don't you whip those men like this?" Jack asked, laying the cane across Sammy's throbbing ass-flesh.

Hanging on the ropes in mortal fear, Amanda saw that Jack had the most enormous bulge in the front of his pants. It looked like the biggest cock she had ever seen. Most of their victims had very ordinary cocks, though some of them had swelled to bigger sizes as the girls tortured and whipped them. But this one looked like nearly a foot of stiff fuckmeat, and Amanda knew that she and her sister would face it before long. She trembled at the thought, but she knew that Sammy would find it even worse. Sammy couldn't stand the touch of a man, she would die rather than have that thing stuck into her.

Jack lashed the cane across Sammy's ass, getting another deep howl from his victim.

"You know, you're a stupid bitch," he said conversationally, "I ask a simple question and you won't answer. Now, wasn't this the way you started on your men?"

"Uurrrggggg!" Sammy screamed. "If I say yes, will you stop?"

"I make the bargains around here, little girl, not you," said Jack, whipping the helpless blonde again. "Now, wasn't this the way you started?"

"No, stop it, stop it, aaaghhhh!" Sammy screamed, the whip exploding into her asscheeks with desperate agony. "I won't give in, I won't. Aaaaggggghhhh!"

She heaved on the bar, her whole body jerking in pain.

"Can you see this okay?" Jack asked Amanda as she wept, her arms aching from the strain of carrying her body.

"Y-Yes," Amanda said. "Please stop, please! I'll do anything you want, even fuck you, but please stop!"

"My, my, my!" said Jack with a grin. "How about that, big sister? Seem like a good bargain to you?"

He lashed Sammy's ass with extra fury. "Aaaaghhhhhhh! You bastard, you creep, you shitfaced -- eeekkk! Oh stop, stop!" Sammy sobbed.

Her breathing was difficult, her body ached and throbbed from the beating, and she couldn't believe that this was happening.

"Would you fuck me if I stop this?" Jack asked, laying the cane across her tap pants, driving another thin line into the silk.

"Stop it, stop!" Sammy begged. She couldn't fuck him, she just couldn't! However hard he beat her, she wouldn't give in and let a man stick his horrible cock into her cunt.

"Well," said Jack, and the surprise in his voice was very clear. "You hate men that bad, huh? That's too bad, 'cause I'm gonna have you any way I want this weekend, and a friend of mine, too. Maybe others, who knows? But we'll start slowly. Much more fun this way."

He whipped Sammy in a series of hard, sharp blows, getting more screams of agony from her.

"For the moment, just let me know when you're willing to undress far me slowly and do everything I say." He whipped the cane through the air and landed it with terrible precision across Sammy's swollen, agonized ass-cheeks. "Don't hurry, I love whipping bitches like you."

Sammy screamed and struggled, the agony in her ass growing out of control. She stared at her sister, hanging from the ropes, and knew she would have to give in soon and undress for this terrible man.

"Aaaaaagggghhh!" she moaned as the cane beat another dreadful surge of agony across her ass. "All right, I'll undress for you, honest I will! Only please don't -- uurrrrrggghhh! Please, please!"

"And this is how you beat your men at first, right?" Jack asked, laying the cane across Sammy's hot ass once more.

"Yes, yes!" Sammy confessed, the pain surging over her body and breaking the last of her resistance. "Yes, we did, we -- aaghghhhh! Yes! Yes! Yes!"

"Oh good," said Jack. "Now, let's get you ready for the next act."

He went back to the instruments hanging on the wall and came back with a thick-studded leather collar attached to a long chain.

"Now," he said as he slipped it around Sammy's neck. "Just to make sure you don't try anything stupid."

Sammy sobbed and moaned, while Jack took the chain from the collar and ran it through another of the ring bolts the girls had put into the floor. Then he padlocked the end, and Sammy was effectively chained to the ring.

"Now remember to put on a good show," said Jack as he came back and looked, at the bound woman. "I got the biggest hard-on of my life, and I want it to have a lot of fun tonight."

To Sammy's utter horror, he ran his hand down from her neck and into the top of her tight blouse. His fingers ran over the inner curves of her magnificent tits and she screamed at the touch.

"Oh, God, no!" Sammy moaned, trying to get away from him.

The horror she felt about men got worse as he felt for the clip of her bra and flicked it slightly. Jack let go and pulled his hand back out. "Plenty of time for that," he said with a grin.

"Now to let you up."

Sammy sobbed as she felt him undoing the bonds that held her ankles and wrists. If he touched her again, she would faint, she knew it, she couldn't stand it.

"Now, stand up," said Jack, and he went over to the sofa from where the two girls had often tormented their victims and sat down.

Slowly Sammy got to her feet, trying to avoid Amanda's weeping eyes. She turned to face Jack as he sprawled there, the horrible bulge in his pants even more evident than before. She rubbed her ass through her short skirt, but it didn't do much good. The pain was slowly going away, but it still throbbed at every touch.

"Open the neck of your blouse!" ordered Jack.

With trembling fingers, Sammy took hold of the lacy string and pulled it open. She could see the triumph and lust in Jack's eyes as he watched the blouse fall away, revealing the swells of her his in the white half-cup bra.

"Open it right to the waist," said Jack, and Sammy did as she was told, revealing more of her luscious tits to his hard gaze. "Pull it out of the waistband."

Sammy pulled her tight blouse out of the waist band of her skirt and spread the sides, showing him her swelling tit-mounds, only partially concealed by her bra.

"Why don't you show me your cock?" she whispered, playing the tease as she did in the bars.

Jack grinned and sprawled back on the sofa.

"I do what I want when I want. You just want me to jerk off." He grinned. "Maybe I will, later. All over, your face, would you like that?"

Sammy gasped and almost passed out at the thought of anything so terrible. The idea of a man's cum on her face was more than she could bear. That would be worse than being fucked!

"Take it off!" snapped Jack, bringing her back to the terrible reality she faced.

Sammy slowly eased the blouse off her shoulders and down her arms. There was no more playing for her. Soon she stood before him in just her bra and skirt.

"Hmmmm, nice," said Jack slowly. "Now the skin."

"Oh, no." Sammy whispered.

Slowly, she reached for the clasp of her pleated white skirt and undid it. Gasping with terror, she let it slide down her wonderful legs to the stone floor. At a nod from Jack she stepped out of it. Now she was reduced to her tap pants, bra and stockings, while the highs heeled pumps made her legs look even more desirable.

And there was no doubt that Jack found her desirable.

"Shit," he whispered. "You look better all the time."

He looked at her for a while.

"Turn," he said, "slowly."

Sammy moaned at the thought of him getting such a full look at her body, but there was nothing she could do. She turned as slowly as she could, showing him once more the luscious curves of her legs, her slim waist and the swelling of her tit-mounds. She stood before him with the chain wrapped around her body, crossing between her tits and down around her legs.

"Yeahhhh!" he said. "That's great. Now the bra."

"Oh no, please not that, please!" gasped Sammy, covering her tit with her hands.

"Sure," said Jack. "I can always put you back over the bar."

That threat was more than enough. Her hands were almost out of control as she unclipped the bra and held it over her swelling tits for a moment before she let it drop.

"Ohhhh yeah! Fuck me!" said Jack in wonder. "Hold them, play with them! Go on!"

He picked up the cane, and Sammy didn't hesitate. She reached up to her wonderful tits and held them. Both sisters had tits that drove men crazy. Sammy's were a little bigger than Amanda's, but both pairs stood out from their bodies, needing no support at all. The bras they wore were to tease their victims, nothing else.

As Jack stared at her, Sammy played with her tits, rubbing them, running her nipples between her fingers. It wasn't so bad. She did this a lot of times; torturing the wimps who crouched at her feet, chained down and unable to put their hands on her tits. She would make them beat off as she let them stare, then whip them for getting cum on her stone floor.

Now it was dreadfully different, but she couldn't stop. With only her panties left, she played with her tits until Jack nodded and told her to stop.

"Now, go over to your sister," he said.

Something told Sammy that things were about to get a lot worse. She shuffled over, dragging the chain across the floor. Jack got up and came over with her.

"Now, undo the top of her dress," he ordered.

It was unreal. Neither of the sisters could believe it as Sammy reached up and unclipped the top of Amanda's short dress. Silently she begged forgiveness of Amanda as she watched the dress drop open, revealing Amanda's tiny bra.

"Open it until her tits are out."

"Oh God!" Amanda whispered. "Oh, please, Sammy, don't do it, please!"

"You wait till you get the shit whipped out of you and say that," spat Sammy viciously. Without any more hesitation she pulled Amanda's dress open to the waist and waited.

Amanda tossed on the ropes, her short dress flying up, showing more of her legs. As if in a dream, she heard Jack tell Sammy to undo her bra.

"No!" Amanda screamed. "Don't do it, Sammy, don't do it! I'll never forgive you if you do that, never!"

She tried desperately to heave herself upward, but the ropes around her ankles held her very securely.

Sammy reached out and unclipped her sister's bra. Now Amanda hung there, her magnificent tits thrust out to Jack's lustful gaze.

With a grin, he slid her dress up until her legs were totally revealed.

"Fuck me! As good as your sister's!" he said.

"Oh boy, is this gonna be fun! Don't leave me now, will you?"

Amanda burst into tears as she saw him pick up the thin cane. He came back toward them, flicking it in the air.

"I dunno," he said thoughtfully, running the trembling length slowly across Amanda's tits. "What do you think? This, or one of the cats?"

The surge of horror in Amanda's throat prevented her from breathing, let alone replying to the terrible threat. She stared at the cane. They had used it many times, but it was as if this was the first time she had seen it. It tapered, ending in a thin round line, no more than a quarter of an inch in diameter. No wonder their wimps had screamed so loudly when it cut into their asses or their bound cocks. And no wonder Sammy had screamed so loud.

"Oh well, if it doesn't work we can always try again," Jack said with a laugh. "Now we're gonna see just how much you love your sister. You said you wanted to see my cock, well here it is!"

To Sammy's utter horror, he slid his zipper down and took out his rock-hard fucker. It looked even bigger than it had in his pants. There had to be a foot of smooth hard flesh, so thick it would bust either of their pussies apart if he shoved it into them. And at the end, a massive bulbous cockhead that throbbed with the most incredible lust. At the tip of his piss slit, a drop of fluid appeared as Jack ran his hand down his fuck shaft and grinned at the two girls.

"Now, this is the way it is," he said. "I gotta shoot my load or I'm gonna bust. I'm just a horny fucker, and you two are gonna help me feel a lot better. I'm gonna whip your sister's tits until you suck me off. It won't take long, I'm as horny as a dog with a dozen bitches in heat around him. So get on with it and your sister won't suffer too much -- yet."

He grabbed the chain and forced Sammy's face close to his.

"If you don't," he said, "if you can't bring yourself to do something so terrible, well, I'll be real pissed, and what you went through on the bar will be nothing. Get me?"

Sammy could only gasp and stare at the terrible fuckrod standing out from Jack's loins like a flagpole. Her head spun and she couldn't believe that he would put her into a position like that.

"Kneel, bitch!" said Jack and forced Sammy down.

Her stockings tore on the stone floor as she knelt and came closer to the great throbbing monster of Jack's cock.


"Oh, please, Sammy, do as he says! Please! Ohhh, no aaaaggghhhh!"

Amanda screamed as the cane slashed across her jutting tits. She heaved on the ropes as the thin red line of pain ran across her nipples and over the white flesh of her tit-mounds.

"Do as he says, please!" she shrieked as the cane lashed in again and another red line grew on her plump ass.

Helplessly the blonde swung on the ropes, trying desperately to avoid the swinging cane as it cut across her flesh, but there was no escape for her.

"Suck my cock, baby," said Jack with a grin as he lashed Amanda again. "Come on, you dumb slut! Sooner or later you'll be up there getting your tits whipped and she'll have you in her grasp. So do it, cunt, suck me off!"

His arm slashed across Amanda's red and throbbing tits, getting another desperate scream from the bound woman.

Sammy knelt, the collar seeming to get tighter around her neck as she stared at the enormous cock bouncing right in front of her face. It pulsed with lust, and another disgusting drop of fluid ran down his cockhead, to be replaced by yet another one, slightly creamy, opaque. She couldn't do it! She could not take something like that in her mouth. His purplish, bulbous cockhead would hardly fit between her lips, it would fill her mouth, stretch her cheeks, and when it shot all that cum, it would choke her! She couldn't do it! She looked up at Jack.

"You bastard!" she screamed. "I won't do it, I won't!"

She sank back on her heels and stared in utter hatred at the man.

"Well," he said, "let's hear from your sister, shall we?"

He lashed the whip, across Amanda's tits, driving her nipples into her tit-flesh for an instant before the crinkled flesh buds bounced out again. Already Amanda's tits were a mass of crimson, beaten skin. At each stroke of the cane, they bounced up or down, whichever way Jack angled the whip.

"You want her to suck me off?" he asked Amanda.

"Oh God!" Amanda moaned. "Do it, Sammy, do it! For me, ohhh no, no! Fuuuckk, you cunt, suck him!"

She writhed on the ropes, her arms pulling at the rest of her body.

Sammy looked up at her sister.

"You know I can't!" she screamed. "I can't stand a man near me, I'll die!"

"You bitch! You bitch!" Amanda screamed as the whip cut across her tits again. "I'll get you, I'll fuckin' get you when it's my turn! Suck him -- aaaagghhhh! Oh God, no more, please!"

She heaved upward on the ropes and sank back down. Her little black dress top had fallen back and was getting in the way of the whip. Jack stopped and hauled Sammy up by the chain.

"Go push that dress back out of the way," he said.

Sammy sobbed and went over to Amanda. Slowly, she reached up and pushed the lacy black silk out of the way of Amanda's heaving, beaten tits.

"You bitch! You can stand there and let me get the shit beaten out of me!" Amanda stared at her sister with half-fury and half-pleading. "I'd do it for you!"

Sammy's fingers trembled as she pushed the dress round to Amanda's shoulder blades and made as sure as she could that it would stay there. She couldn't look her sister in the eye.

"You don't understand," she said defiantly. "You just don't like men, I can't stand them, I can't do it! I can't!"

"Back here!" snapped Jack, and Sammy turned, leaving her sister helpless on the ropes again.

"You bitch! You sit! I hate you! I hate you!" Amanda screamed as she watched Jack push her sister back down to his feet and line the cane up again. She stared at the thin line of wood as it trembled and then slashed across and into her tits. "Ouuurrrgghhh!"

"Just get your sister to suck my cock," said Jack lightly as he whipped her again. He leaned down to Sammy and grasped her by her long blonde hair. "You hurry up, slut. I'm so fuckin' horny I'm gonna bust. You fuckin' get on with it!"

He whipped Amanda's tits with another vicious blow, and the helpless woman's screams echoed from the stone walls.

"Your men scream that good?" he asked Sammy, and slapped her across the face when she didn't answer. "Did your men scream that good?"

"Yes!" Sammy shrieked. "Yes, they did, now leave me alone! I won't suck your cock, I won't!"

She struggled away on the floor, ending up as far away from him as the chain would allow her, crouched on the cold stone, holding herself, trembling with fear and disgust.

"Ohhhh God!" Amanda screamed. "Let me do it, I'll suck you off, honest, I will, I'll do it! Please!"

Jack flopped whipping her and stood for a moment, his cock jumping and heaving with lust. He looked at the two blondes, making up his mind.

"Well, now, this wouldn't be the right way to do it, but I gotta get my cock sucked." He went up to Amanda and leaned close to her. "I bet you could learn to suck cock for a long time and not make it come -- like when I had your sister up there and was whipping her. Sound good?"

"Yes, yes," Amanda whispered. "Let me down and I'll do anything you say, anything!"

"Good," said Jack. "You'll have to forgive me, but I have to make sure your sister is properly hung up while we do this."

He looked around the dungeon. There were a great many pieces of equipment, and he wasn't sure which one he wanted to use. In the end he picked a massive rectangular metal frame. Not only could Sammy be strung out nicely from its corners, the whole thing could also be turned over and back again. So he could have Sammy horizontal, or upside down, or anyway he wanted her.

"Too bad, little sister," he chuckled. "I gave you your chance and now you'll have to learn the hard way."

He got the frame positioned as he wanted and went back to the cowering, helpless blonde.

"Up," he said, dragging her to her feet by the chain.

"Stop it, please!" Sammy wept, all her fury gone in the surge of tenor running aver her. "Oh don't do it! Please don't do it! I can't help it, I just can't have sex with men, I can't!"

She struggled as he hauled her over to the frame. Many of her victims had hung on that frame, pleading with her as she whipped their asses, and when she was in a particularly vicious mood, their cocks and balls. Sammy loved to see a man's helpless cock bounce as the whip landed across it.

She screamed as Jack fled her wrist to the leather loop hanging from the top corner of the frame. Sammy was pulled up almost off the floor by her one arm. Then he took her other arm, lashed that to the other side and pulled Sammy right off the floor until she hung almost as Amanda was, but with her arms outstretched like a figure Y. She moaned and wept, but Jack just laughed at her and walked behind her tossing, heaving body.

Sammy groaned in terror as he grabbed her ankle and pulled it out until he could tie it to the bottom corner of the frame. Then came her other foot, lashed to the far corner until Sammy hung in the frame like a big letter X, utterly helpless. Then he ran his hand down the front of her white tap pants.

"Oh boy, that's nice!" he said. His fingers reached the top of her blonde pussy-mound, hardly protected by the thin silk of her pants.

"Leave me, oh please, leave me!" Sammy sobbed.

Jack ran his fingers slowly lower, while Sammy's body tossed and writhed in almost mortal fear. Inch by inch, he ran down the inside of her panties, over her pussy hair and to the very top of her cuntal crack. He looked up into her staring eyes.

"Get used to it, whore," he said. "There's a lot coming and we'll see if you die or not, won't we?"

"Oh let me go, stop it!" Sammy shrieked as his fingers slowly ran lower, between the lips of her pussy, pushing her panties into the swelling red opening. "Stop it!"

Jack grinned and very slowly ran his fingers even deeper. Then he grunted in surprise and grinned at Sammy.

"Fuck me! You're fucking wet, you little whore, you'll fuckin' wet!" He grinned at her and his cock bounced. "I've a good mind to rip these panties off you and fuck you right here."

"Stop it!" screamed Sammy, her whole body bathed in cold sweat. "Stop, I can't stand it! I can't!"

She dropped her head, tears running down her cheeks as his fingers played with her pussy opening.

"Oh well, it can wait," said Jack. "But I can't." Abruptly he stopped fingering Sammy and turned to where Amanda hung. "Let's get you down. I can deal with this cunt later."

He lowered the rope, and Amanda moaned in relief as the strain came off her arms and she dropped to the stone floor, cradling her sore tits. Slowly she caressed them, feeling the beaten flesh respond to the soothing touch of her fingers. Then she felt Jack put a collar around her neck, also with a long chain attached.

"Can't be too careful," he said and went to her ankles.

She moaned and pulled her knees under her, still cradling her crimson tits.

"Get up," said Jack.

Amanda struggled to her feet, almost losing one of her high-heels as she did so.

"Take off the dress," said Jack. "It's got in the way enough, tonight. Slowly."

Amanda couldn't pull the dress over her head because of the chain, so she allowed it to drop past her legs and onto the floor. She stepped out of it and let Jack take in her wonderful body. In many ways it was difficult to tell the sisters apart. Amanda's tits were a little smaller then Sammy's, and her ass was perhaps a little smaller and tighter too, but that was about all the difference anybody could see.

Amanda stood before him in nothing but her thin, pussy-hugging black panda and her black stockings. The only time she had let a man see her this way before wag when he was tied up and unable to get at her. Now the man staring at her could do as he liked.

"On your knees!" snapped Jack, his cock throbbing out from his loins like a gun about to explode. "I gotta get rid of this load before I can even think!"

Amanda sank to her knees. She almost vomited at the thought of what she was going to be forced to do, but anything would be better than getting whipped again. Anything at all -- even taking a mouthful of cum.

Jack took one look at the blonde kneeling at his feet, and put his throbbing cock to her lips. He moved around slightly so that Sammy could see it all from her painfully stretched position on the frame.

"Watch it, cunt," he said. "You're gonna do it before long, you see."

Sammy gasped and sobbed as she saw her sister reach out and take the full thickness of Jack's cock in her hands.

Then Amanda put her soft red lips to the throbbing head of Jack's cock. He grunted with lust and his cock jumped in her hands.

"Lick it!" he ordered.

In mortal fear, Amanda flicked out her tongue and ran it over the head of a man's cock for the first time. It wasn't as terrible as she had expected. Warm and hard, it heaved at her mouth.

"Lick off the slit!" snapped Jack. Amanda moaned as she let her tongue clean off the drop of pre-come fluid oozing from his cock. It didn't taste so bad either, slightly salty and gooey.

"Now take it in your mouth." Closing her eyes, Amanda steeled herself. The lingering pain in her tits was more than enough to remind her of what would happen if she even hesitated. Slowly, she opened her jaws and ran the hard bulbous head of Jack's cock into her mouth. It was so hot, so enormous, it filled her mouth, thrusting into her cheeks as he moaned in lust.

"Suck it, bitch, suck it!" he groaned. Amanda did as she was told, sucking gently on the heaving, twitching monster. She licked along the underside, feeling his prick respond, jump at the touch of her lips and tongue. Jack gasped and shoved his fucker deeper into her virgin mouth, listening to his victim moan as his huge cockhead came up against the muscles of her throat and slammed into them.

"Suck it, cunt!" Jack roared. "Suck it!" He heaved his cock as deep as it would go.

Of the almost twelve inches, over six of them were still outside Amanda's lips, and she was already gagging as his cockhead fucked at her throat. Desperately she reached up and held his throbbing cockshaft, trying to stop the terrible invasion of her mouth.

"Shit!" Jack bellowed. "I gotta train you, cunt. You're gonna suck all of that down, you hear me? All of it when I've got you trained."

He leaned beck, groaning in lust as Amanda sucked frantically at his huge fucker, trying to do her best and escape any more whipping.

"Take it!" Jack roared. "Do a good job and I won't put you up on the ropes again, bitch. Suck it, and take it all. You lick up any that gets out."

Amanda felt his cock go out of control. Jack hadn't been fooling when he said he was bursting to come. He grabbed handfuls of her blonde hair, heaving her face closer to his fuckrod as it jumped and heaved in her mouth. His hips beat in and out with a rising fury of lust as the cum surged round in his balls, waiting to shoot out.

"Rub my balls!" he roared. "Rub them! Make it good, cunt, or else!"

With the fear rising steadily inside her, Amanda slid her hands up and caressed Jack's heavy ball sac. She felt his body heave as she worked his balls, and heard him moan with lust as his cock grew another inch inside her mouth and rasped harder against her throat muscles. As she squeezed his throbbing nuts, she felt the cum splash out of them, then squirt down the tube in his cock. In a sudden wave of terror, she tried to pull her head away, despite the warnings she had been given. But it was too late.

The first jet of hot, white fluid hit the back of her mouth.

"Ooooohh! Yeahhhh!" Jack bellowed, his hips heaving at her face as his cock emptied huge gobs of jism into Amanda's mouth. "Suck it all down, bitch! Suck it all down!"

His fingers buried deep into her hair, and he rammed his cock in, roaring as more and more of his thick white goo pumped out into Amanda's helpless mouth.

Amanda moaned in disgust as the big spurts of fuckjuice exploded into her throat. The thick salty taste almost made her throw up. It filled her cheeks and squeezed out of her lips before she remembered the terrible threat from Jack. If any of it fell, she would have to lick it up.

Suddenly she was swallowing it as fast as she could. Frantically she licked his spurting fuckrod, taking the white goo down her throat, running a desperate finger up over her chin and forcing the gobs that had escaped back into her mouth. Anything rather than the whip. On and on, his spurting cock went, pouring endless streams of cum between her lips, over her teeth and tongue.

"Ohhhh yeahhhhh!" Jack shouted. "That's not bad, cunt, that's not bad at all. You'll be an expert by the end of this, a real expert. Suck it all up, whore, all of it!"

Amanda did as she was told. When the first shock was over, sucking cum down wasn't so bad either. The juicy white fluid stuck to her teeth and cheeks, but her saliva soon washed it off. She clung to his thick fuckrod as the streams of cum slowly subsided down to a trickle. Jack leaned back and gave a low murmur of satisfaction.

"Good," he said. "Now lick it real clean and don't stop until I tell you to."

Amanda held his cock and licked at it, taking the last of the oozing drops on her tongue and sucking them down. Her eyes were almost closed, but a horrible fascination filled her as she watched his cock twitch and jerk at her lips. To her surprise, Jack's cock didn't go down as the last of his fuck-juice squeezed out of it. The men they had imprisoned had all gone the same way -- chained to the floor and made to beat off, their cocks had collapsed like pricked balloons the moment the cum shot out. But not Jack's. She licked and sucked it, slowly, feeling the hardness as it held up, even grew a little under the slow caress of her tongue.

"Not bad," said Jack approvingly as he watched the young blonde take his cock back into her mouth. "Now I can think. We'll have to teach your sister a few manners, shan't we?"


Taking Amanda with him, leading her by the collar around her neck, Jack went over to the wall and slowly walked along the array of whips and chains.

"What do you think?" he said. "We've really got to teach your sister some manners."

"Oh please, let us go!" Amanda begged, her blonde hair falling across her face. "You can fuck me again if you like, but please let us go!"

Jack just laughed and took down a cat with its knotted leather ends.

"Bend over," he said, pointing to the sofa.

"Oh, please..."

"Bend over if you don't want a full dose of it!" snapped Jack, and Amanda stifled a sob. Her tits were still burned from the whip, but she knew it would be worse if she refused. Slowly she bent over the back of the sofa, her tight black panties outlining every curve of her ass. Her black stockinged legs strained as she held onto the pillows and gasped in fear and agony.

"Ohhhh, no, please, I've done all you -- aaagggghhh!" Her legs kicked up at the dreadful lash of the knotted whip.

"Did that hurt more than the cane?" Jack asked, whipping it into Amanda's heaving ass again.

"Aaaggghhh! I don't know, I don't know!" Amanda sobbed. "Please, please, uuurrgghh!"

She almost fell off the sofa, but pulled herself back in place as Jack yanked on the chain. Her ass burned with terrible agony as the knots of leather bit into her skin, driving deep spears of pain into her body.

"I've got to know, you silly little slut!" Jack said, laying the whip into her again.

"Yes, yes, it hurts more!" Amanda babbled as the whip crashed across her tight ass-cheeks again. "It does, it really does!"

"Oh good, then we'll try this on your sister," Jack said. "Now get up!"

Sobbing and clutching her whipped ass, Amanda got off, the back of the sofa and straightened up. She rubbed her flaming flesh as she stared at her tormentor.

"Now," said Jack, "what else?"

He was just turning back to the wall when the phone rang.

"Hi," he said, grinning as he pulled Amanda around to face him and pushed her back to her knees. "No, it's fine."

"Help!" Sammy screamed.

"Silly cunt's just screaming for help," said Jack. "Yeah, they would talk to you, but they're all tied up right now."

He laughed and put the receiver down. "Come on, you!" he snapped and hauled Amanda up and almost threw her toward the door.

As he passed Sammy, hanging in the frame, he ran his hand over her tits. She moaned and tried to pull away.

"Stupid shit-faced cunt!" he said. "That's something else to see you about."

Sammy hung her head and wept. Her arms were painfully stretched and her whole body ached with the reminder of the whipping she had been given. She listened as Jack and Amanda went up the stairs and across the hall to the front door. Then she heard Amanda give a low scream of fear and her sobbing kept up all the way back into the room.

Sammy shivered. She lifted her head and saw them come back in. Then she screamed.

With Jack and Amanda was the man they had tortured all those weeks before and who had escaped. She seemed to remember that his name was Ken. Now she knew what had happened. They had been set up. And after what they had done to Ken, she knew she couldn't expect any mercy.

"Well," said Ken with a great big satisfied grin on his face. "Lookee at that, all trussed up and ready to party. Hot time in the old dungeon tonight!"

He tossed a heavy bag onto the sofa and walked over to Sammy as she struggled and wept.

"How's it goin', bitch?" he asked, running his hand up the inside of her thigh, over her stocking top and over the thin silk of her panties. "Fuck, she looks good!"

"She won't do a thing," said Jack, "not even to save her sister from getting whipped."

"Well, is that so?" said Ken, turning and gazing deep into Sammy's eyes. He ran his hand over her tits as she moaned and tossed against the bonds.

Sammy didn't know why they had taken him in the first place. He wasn't the wimp type, with his broad shoulders, strong legs and dark, good looking face. She also remembered that he had the biggest cock either of the girls had ever seen. They had never managed to get it hard, but she could see that it was hard now as it thrust against the front of his jeans. It looked as if it was going to be easily as big as Jack's stiff fuckrod, and the thought of getting raped by either of those monsters made Sammy gasp in fear.

"Okay," said Ken, "I've waited a long time for this. You fucked either of them yet, Jack?"

"Just a blow-job from this one," said Jack, pulling on Amanda's chin. "She'll do anything to avoid a whipping, so she shouldn't be too hard to train, but she can't take more than a few inches, gags like crazy."

"Oh, we'll see to that," Ken said and grinned. He went over to the sofa and picked up his bag. "Just a few things I thought we'd need that you don't have."

"Oh God!" Sammy moaned as she saw him take out a pair of metal paper clips from the bag.

Smiling, Ken walked over to Sammy and ran the closed jaws of the paper clip over her shrinking flesh.

"Shit, kid," he said, and Sammy saw that he was breathing heavily as he stared at her swelling tits. "You're gonna get back everything, you hear, everything. And you're gonna give in, you're gonna do anything I tell you to do by the end, you and your fuckin' sister. Got that?"

"I won't, I won't, ooohhhh no, no!" Sammy stared in horror as Ken pulled the jaws of the clip open and ran them over the flesh of her wonderful tits.

"What? I thought you liked pain," murmured Ken. "Or do you just like handing it out? Can't take it, huh?"

The open jaws of the paper clip roved around Sammy's helpless nipple while she struggled and broke into a cold sweat at the hard contact of the metal.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do it, honest I didn't!" Sammy moaned as the clip moved slowly over her flesh. "I'll make it up to you, I'll buy hookers for you, as many as you -- aarrgghhhh!"

Her body heaved upward, shaking out of control as the clip snapped shut over the flesh of her right nipple. She shuddered as she fell, sweat running down her back.

"Doesn't it feel great?" asked Ken as he opened the jaws of the other clip, moving it in the same slow, deadly fashion over Sammy's left tit. "Ohhhh, can't you just feel it now?"

"Ohhhh, please!" Sammy wailed, her eyes glazed in pain as she looked at the clip. "I'll give you anything if you'll stop!"

Ken laughed and let the jaws of the clip slide over Sammy's other nipple. "Lying bitch! YOU wouldn't beg me to fuck you, would you?"

"Ohhhh, I can't, I can't, I can't -- eerrgghh!" Sammy tossed and writhed as Ken let the clip go. Moaning, Sammy slumped on the ropes. The deep agony surged in constant streams from her nipples, which felt as if they were being crushed flat. She hung there, the clips dangling from her tits, her face a mask of pain.

Ken walked away, leaving his captive hanging in the most terrible agony of her life. He grinned at Jack as he pulled Amanda toward him. "The two of you left me with clamps around my balls, didn't you, huh?"

"Oh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" Amanda sobbed. "It was wrong, we won't do it again!"

Ken laughed and threw the helpless girl across the table, forcing her face down. He wrapped the chain around one of her legs so that Amanda couldn't move and slid his hands inside her panties.

"Shit," he said, "I gotta unload too. You wanna go at that one? Then we can start properly."

"Yeah," said Jack, "why not? I'll try this out for starters."

He drew the cat through his fingers and went over to Sammy as she moaned in pain, the clips bouncing with every desperate heave of her tits. He looked at the bound woman and glanced back to where Ken was running his hands over Amanda's stretched ass-cheeks.

"Boy, are you gonna pay!" he said.

Sammy gasped as his hands went down and ran inside the hem of her pants.

"Pity," said Jack, "such nice pants."

He gave a great heave and the material parted, tearing down one of the seams until it broke. Sammy sobbed and stared as Jack reached up and took a handful of the other side of her lovely new panties and ripped them down the other seam, tearing the delicate silk away until Sammy was left with only her stockings and high-heels on.

"Shit," said Jack.

He stepped back and looked at Sammy's pussy. Both girls had perfect cuntal mounds, covered in curly, light-blonde hair. The swelling flesh covered and protected a prominent pair of pussy-lips that parted slightly to show just the hint of their clits.

"Fuck me!" said Jack. "That's nice, real nice and I'm gonna fuck it."

"No, no, don't please, don't!" wept Sammy, almost forgetting the agony in her tits as the greater fear of getting raped surged through her head.

"I'm gonna whip you until you beg me to fuck you," said Jack with a grin, "or I can't stand it any longer. Then I'll fuck you, anyway. If you beg me to fuck you, I'll take those clips off."

Sammy sobbed. She stared in fascinated horror as Jack stepped back and lined the whip up, playing with it, tossing it in the air. Past him, she saw Amanda, bent over the table as Ken took his cock out and ran it over her panties.

"Get up and take them off," ordered Ken, going behind her and undoing the chain.

Gasping for breath, Amanda staggered up and grabbed for her panties, trying to escape more punishment.

"Slowly, whore," snarled Ken, "wait there!" He strode over to the wall, and Amanda sobbed as she watched him. With a gasp ofterror, she saw Ken take down a small, thin whip, very good for close-quarter pain.

"Hands behind your back!" he snapped as he walked over.

"Please, I won't..."

"I said, hands behind your back!" Ken snarled. "If you goon learning as slowly as this, I'll have to get real brutal with you."

"Y-Y-Yes," Amanda stammered, and put her hands behind her back. This only served to push her luscious tits out, and Amanda could see Ken staring at them.

"Pull your shoulders back," said Ken, and Amanda moaned as she did as she was told, thrusting her tits out farther. "When I tell you to take anything off or put it on, you do it slowly to please me, got that?"

His hand swung back and the thin leather whip cracked across Amanda's nipples.

"Aaagghhhhh! Yes, yes, I'll do it for you!" Amanda screamed as the thin line of pam erupted over her body.

"And you better look like you want me to fuck you or there'll be more," said Ken and the whip slashed into Amanda's tits again.

"Uuurghhhh! Oh yes, I'll do it!" Amanda promised, her tits heaving with agony.

"Good, now show me," said Ken.

Amanda's head spun as she rubbed her tits, nursing the heated flesh. Ken nodded, and she knew she couldn't hesitate any more. She slid her hands down over her slim waist to the top of her panties. Remembering what he had said, she smiled at him, posing as she eased her panties down, sliding them slowly down her legs, trying to look as if she wanted to get fucked.

"Not bad," said Ken as he watched Amanda step out of her thin black briefs. "Open your legs and show me your pussy."

Terrified, Amanda did as she was told, sliding her legs apart and pulling her pussy-lips open for him to look at.

"Fuuuuck!" murmured Ken. "I thought they were good, but I didn't get my hands on them last time."

Both men roared with laughter at this.

"Over the table!" ordered Ken.

Amanda bent at the waist and spread her legs, the mortal fear of the whip driving her to do things she would never have considered even a few hours ago.

"Now beg me to fuck you," said Ken, coming up behind her and running his cock up and down her cuntal crack.

"Ohhhh please, please fuck me!" Amanda moaned, tears flowing down her cheeks.

She braced herself, and at that moment, Sammy gave an unearthly scream and gyrated on the ropes.

"Ohhhhh, God, no!" she sobbed as Jack lined the cat up once more and drove it upward, right between her legs. The knotted leather straps crashed into the tops of her inner thighs and right across the most sensitive parts of her pussy-lips. Two or three of the strands beat right onto the exposed tip of her clit.

"Shit, this is nice," said Jack.

He lined the cat up and then started the most brutal whipping. The whip was never still, it circled, slashing upward, beating red lines into Sammy's upper thighs and right into her soft pussy-flesh, then on up until it circled around, swept close to the floor and crashed up into Sammy's cunt again.

"Aaaaghhhh! You shit! You fucker!" Sammy screamed as her body exploded in agony.

With each heave of her tits, the clips bounced and pulled at her already burning nipples. Each crash of the whip made her feel as if they were being pulled out of her tits. The pain seemed to roar in her ears as she stared in horror at her tormentor. His arm circled, leading the whip between her wide-open legs, jerking it as the slap of the leather on her skin rang around the room. Slowly Jack caressed his cock as he watched the white flesh of Sammy's inner thighs go slowly bright-pink with the beat of the whip.

Sammy was too horrified and in too much agony to care what was happening to Amanda. Amanda's horrified face, with tears running down it, stared at the tip of Ken's hard cock as he ran it over her pussy-lips.

"Get wet," Ken ordered. "If I can't get up there easily, I'll whip YOU until I can!"

Amanda moaned and tried to bury her face in the table top. Every toss of her head rattled the chain and made her realize how helpless she was.

Ken leaned down and whispered in her ear. "How would you like to have me whip you like Jack's whipping your sister? I could do that, do it until you're wet for me. I'll give you ten seconds."

Amanda moaned as his huge hard cock worked up and down her cuntal opening. She would be forced to stay there while he beat the pain into her little cunt, and then he would ram his enormous cock into her. That huge terrible, male...

"Six, seven, eight, wellll, hey-hey!" said Ken as his cock slipped on the sudden moistening of cunt-juice running down Amanda's pussy-lips and over her thighs. "That's more like it!"

Amanda sobbed. Then with a sudden lunge, Ken drove his cockhead past Amanda's soft pussy-lips.

"Oooohhhh!" she moaned as her fuck channel walls stretched at the massive contact. A cock wasn't like a dildo, it heaved and throbbed as his cockhead penetrated another inch into her tight pussy. Her cuntal walls tightened and twitched around the invading monster as Ken leaned back and slowly drove his prick deep into her helpless body.

"Yeahhhhh!" he murmured as his huge, stiff fuckrod rammed into Amanda's pussy. "Ohhh, that's more like it, baby! That's more like it! Fuck, they've got tight little cunts!" He roared across at Jack. "You wanna try it!"

"I'm gonna, in a moment," called Jack, his arms still swinging as he beat the knotted leather into Sammy's trembling flesh. "This one's tough, she really hates the thought of a cock up her. Fuck, she's a bitch."

Amanda sobbed and moaned as the full length of Ken's cock rammed into her cunt. His massive fuck-pole was going to burst her body apart, she knew it. Her legs trembled as she threw herself forward on the table, flattening her body to try and spread the terrible force of the fucking she was getting.

Over on the frame, Sammy tossed and heaved, screaming in a constant wail of agony. The clips on her tits bounced around, and Sammy's crushed nipples sent waves of agony busting out of her tits.

"Beg me to fuck you and this stops," said Jack, whirling the whip around and into Sammy's thighs and pussy again.

"I can't, I can't!" Sammy screamed, sobbing out of control as the agony erupted over her body. "I can't!"

Jack laughed and whipped the cat up into her cunt again. He stroked his cock.

"Let him do it, Sammy!" Amanda screamed. "It's better than whipping, let him do it."

"I can't!" Sammy shrieked and almost tore the leather straps out of the corners of the frame.

The pain surging all over her body from her beaten pussy and the clips on her tits were doing strange things to her. The eruptions of agony were fading into each other, spreading in waves, working down her legs, urging something she had never felt before in her agonized cunt. She saw Jack, his arm swinging, his cock standing out like a flagpole as the terrible whip crashed up into her legs again.

Amanda gave a groan of pain. Ken's massive fucker was pounding into her cunt faster and harder with each stroke. As it fucked faster, it swelled, heaving in her pussy, rasping over her cuntal walls, driving arrows of fresh pain into her body.

"Fuuuuck, I'm gonna shoot?" moaned Ken as he lunged into Amanda's hot pussy. "I'm gonna shoot my load!"

His cock started going out of control, fucking in and out of Amanda's cunt like a steam piston.

Ken still had the short whip. Roaring with the lust of his rising come, he leaned back and lashed the thin leather across Amanda's ass-cheeks as his cock pulled back out of her pussy. Up went the whip as he rammed in again, and then the thin line of agony beat into Amanda's ass to the beat of his frantic cock.

Screaming in agony, Amanda heaved on the table, her ass thrusting up and down to the crash of the thin leather. She felt his cock explode inside her, the cum rushing down his cockshaft and pouring out into her throbbing cunt. As the spurts of hot jism spattered late into her pussywalls and the whip lashed across her ass again, Amanda felt her whole body go out of control. She tossed and screamed with an awful, roaring passion.

"Ohhhh, yeahhhh, take it, whore!" Ken shouted as cum shot out of his cock and mashed into the heaving walls of Amanda's pussy.

She screamed as she felt the whip lash her ass and his cock slam into her tight pussy, cum shooting out, oozing down her cunt-lips and out over her stockinged thighs. On and on, it went, Ken pounding at her cunt as he whipped her, and white jism still spurting out all over her cunt until her cuntal hair was wet with heavy gobs of fuck-cream.

"Fuuuuck me, look at that!" Jack yelled as he whipped Sammy and her body twisted and heaved in the frame. "The cunt's coming, look at her!"

There was no doubt about it, even to Amanda's tear-clouded eyes. Sammy was heaving on the bonds like a woman gone berserk. Her guttural screams burst out with each lash of the whip and her legs strained to open more as the leather crashed into her helpless body.

"Stop, stop!" she screamed as her thighs pulsed to the beat of the whip, her tits heaving in a passion. "Ohhhh, stop! Ohhhh, you, I'll whip the shit outa you when I get hold of you! Ohhhh, shit, shit, shit!" Sammy had no idea what was happening.

Each time the whip landed on her pussy the explosion of pain and lust almost sent her out of her mind. It was as if all her hatred of men was gathered into her pussy and the whip beat it out into the open.

"Beg me to fuck you!" Jack shouted, but Sammy was too far gone to hear anything. She hung on the ropes, twisting and writhing to the song of the whip.

"Oh God!" Amanda moaned as slowly the heaving power of Ken's come subsided. He stayed, his cock deep in her cunt as he gave her a last lash across her ass-cheeks and let his hips slowly stop fucking the bound blonde.

"Not bad," he said. "But then, we haven't put you to the test, yet."


Ken took the clips off Sammy's nipples, and untied her ankles. Then he undid her wrists and tossed the unconscious woman over his shoulder and onto the sofa. She lay there, breathing heavily and murmuring to herself. Ken sat in a chair and waited, watching Amanda as Jack ran his hands over her tight ass-cheeks.

The young blonde trembled as his fingers reached deep into the crack of her ass.

"Look at you," said Jack, "cum all over your thighs, go and wash off."

"Yes, yes, I will!" Amanda gasped, getting to her feet as fast as she could. "There's a bathroom..."

"Yes, over there," said Jack with a grin, "Ken told me."

Amanda struggled across the floor and into the bathroom, holding the chain up away from her feet. Once inside, she closed the door and leaned back against it, sobbing. The shame and humiliation she was going through were almost too appalling to think about.

Amanda slowly levered herself off the door and went over to the washbasin. Mechanically she ran the faucet, and splashed water over her thighs and up into her sore pussy, washing all the traces of cum away. It was all the fault of that terrible Uncle George of theirs. When Amanda and Sammy were teenagers, they had gone for the summer to his home in the country. For a long while he stayed away from them, but then there was that night when he had come into their bedroom drunk, tied them both up and raped them. Both of them, several times before he let them go.

That had done it for Sammy. Never would she let a man touch her after that, and all her life was spent trying to get even for that night.

Amanda turned and looked at her whipped ass in the mirror. Her tight ass-cheeks were a mass of dull red flesh, and the lines of the cane streaked across her wonderful tits. She would truly do anything to avoid that again.

When she came out, both men were standing by the sofa, waiting for her. Sammy was still out cold.

"Well, now, sister," said Ken with a grin. "This little whore looks as if she'll be out for a while, so we'll have some fun with you and leave her until she wakes up. Come here."

Amanda shook with fear.

"Put this up you," said Jack with a grin, handing the terrified girl a huge vibrator.

It was nine or so, inches long and curved like an enormous cock. On the end with the controls were a set of straps, and Amanda knew them all too well. They had rammed this vibrator up the asses of many of their wimps, whipping them until they begged for mercy. Now it was her turn, and her stomach twisted in deadly fear.

"Oh, please, not this!" she whispered. "I'll let you fuck me, but not..."

"Open your legs!" snapped Ken, pulling out the cat.

"Oh, no, I'll do it, I didn't mean..."

"Open your legs! I'm gonna teach you to obey at once if I have to whip your ass to shreds!"

"No, please!" Amanda gasped, tears running down her cheeks as she stared at the terrible whip. "I'll suck you off, honest I will!"

"You bet you will," said Ken, "now open your legs."

"No, oh please, please!" Amanda moaned, fear rising in her like a tide.

Jack strode behind her and grabbed her elbows. The vibrator dropped to the floor and she found herself staring at Ken, her arms pulled tight behind her back. She could feel Jack's hard cock pressing into the crack of her ass as he lifted her slightly off the floor.

"Open your legs!" said Ken, and the whip sang through the air and cracked across Amanda's heaving tits.

"Ohhhh God!" she moaned, falling back against Jack in her agony. Her tits burned like hot coals as the whip lashed at them again, adding countless tiny red marks to the general crimson glow on her tits.

"Open your legs!" snapped Ken, whipping her again.

As fast as she could, Amanda slid her feet apart.

"Close them again!" Ken shouted, his face a mask of fury as he whipped her helpless tits.

"Ohhhh God, ohhhhh!" Amanda wept.

She twisted in Jack's hard grasp, but there was nowhere to go. As the whip cut into her pussy-flesh with another terrifying jolt of pain, she slowly spread her legs, gasping as the whip landed with no respite and her tits ached from the dreadful punishment.

"Slowly, that's better!" snarled Ken as the whip slashed Amanda's heaving tit-globes. His cock was standing out, a massive pillar that Amanda knew was going to rape her very soon.

Jack lowered the blonde the inch or so until she could stand. Her legs were wide-open, to the point that her pussy-lips were pulled apart, just enough to show a hint of her hard little clit bud beneath.

"Now we have to make sure you know to obey every time," said Ken, and the whip cut upwards, as it had done into Sammy's cunt.

"Uuuuurgggghhh!" Amanda screamed as the bunched and knotted leather cut into her wide open pussy. Her legs trembled and her hips twitched at the awful beating. "I'll do anything for you, anything if you'll stop whipping me!"

Her body rolled and heaved under the assault, but Jack had her in a grip of steel and she was held utterly helpless. With a final flourish, Ken slashed the whip between her trembling inner thighs and stopped.

"Ohhh, thank you, thank you!" Amanda gasped.

She almost fell as Jack let go of her elbows. Her thighs and pussy felt as if red-hot coals had been rubbed all over them, but there was also a strange sensation with the pain, an awful kind of deep burning lust that Amanda had never felt before.

"Now, shove that up you," said Ken, and this time Amanda bent down as fast as she could to grab the vibrator and run it to the entrance of her spasming pussy. "And remember to please us!"

Amanda gasped. Slowly, she ran the huge fuck pole over her trembling pussy-lips. With a sudden inspiration, she walked a couple of steps and leaned against the back of the sofa on which Sammy was still asleep. There she spread her legs wider and leaned back, giving the two of them an even better view of her open pussy.

"Is this right?" she asked, her eyes wide with fear.

"Not bad," Ken conceded. "Now fuck yourself with it, slowly."

Gasping as the massive head of the vibrator slid over her pussy-lips, Amanda tried to force it into her cunt. There was some lubrication left from the cum still deep in her pussy, but it was hard work. The smooth shiny skin of the vibrator scraped over her pussy-walls, rasping at her delicate flesh.

"Right up," said Ken, standing back and watching the helpless blonde trying to get the imitation cock up her cunt.

Amanda moaned and pushed, but the vibrator wouldn't go any farther. Her dry pussywalls squeezed in on it, and the slightest push now sent waves of pain up into her stomach.

"Oh, please!" she gasped. "Please!"

Ken walked over to her and ran his fingers over her nipples, slowly rubbing them, caressing her. "I'd hate to have to whip you again, but if you don't get wet and get that up you, I will."

Amanda stared into his hard eyes as his fingers played with her nipples, slowly increasing the pressure on her delicate tit-buds. She gasped, and incredibly, found herself getting wet just at the domination of this man.

"Ohhhhh!" she sighed, and the huge vibrator slid another inch into her pussy. Her own walls spasmed and clutched at it, and more lust sprang out of her body, feeding the strange, depraved desires he felt. She leaned down and the imitation cock eased in farther, half of its terrible length was now inside her fuck channel.

"Shall I tell you what we're gonna do?" Ken asked as he closed his fingers tighter on Amanda's nipples, getting a low moan of pain and lust from her. "We're gonna double-fuck you. Jack wants your ass and I haven't had that mouth of yours yet, so we decided the vibrator should go up your pussy."

Amanda moaned. Her cunt burst in huge waves of desire at the very thought of being so brutally raped. Her pussy-walls dilated, clutched back at the vibrator as another two inches vanished into her spasming cunt. Her blonde hair tossed as she swung her head in rising lust and the plastic cock stretched her cuntal walls until she was sure they would split.

But they didn't. The vibrator slid in the last inch or so and rammed into the entrance of her womb. She moaned and leaned back against the sofa, her legs spread wide to the invading plastic cock.

"Now strap it in!" ordered Ken.

There were more moans from Amanda as she took the bindings and ran tern round her ass and hips and between her legs. She joined them and felt the huge vibrator slowly churning in her pussy as her cuntal muscles worked it over.

"Stand here," Ken said.

Amanda lurched up and staggered. She trembled uncontrollably as Ken leaned down and took the straps, tightening them until they forced the dildo higher into her already deeply invaded cunt.

"Oooohhhhh!" Amanda groaned as the vibrator rammed harder into her fuckhole.

Then Ken switched it on. The huge thing started rolling and heaving in her cunt. She gasped and leaned forward, nabbing at Ken for support as her knees went weak and the lust burst out over her whole body.

"Over the back of the sofa!" ordered Ken. Amanda turned in a swirling dream of pain and desire and bent over the padded surface until her face was almost at Sammy's tits. She moaned as the churning her cunt sent sweat bursting out all over her body.

Ken reached out and pulled Sammy unceremoniously off the sofa and onto the floor. She fell in a limp heap, still asleep.

"Shit, I'm gonna have that whore when she wakes up," Ken commented as he almost jumped onto the sofa and lay on his back, his massive cock sticking up into Amanda's face.

She knew what she had to do, and she didn't hesitate. She held the throbbing shaft in her hands and slowly ran her wonderful lips over his thick, purplish cockhead. She felt it jump and heave at her mouth, the warm hard flesh getting harder as she licked it.

To her utter horror, his cock running over her lips sent more of those messages of disgusting lust through her body. There was something unbearably exciting about a man's stiff fucker. The thick shaft pushed at her lips, and she let the whole of his cockhead in, sliding it between her teeth, running her tongue over it. She could fed Ken's excitement as he moaned and thrust upward, trying to get more prick in her mouth, but she resisted, knowing somehow that he would be even hornier if she played with him.

"You bitch!" he mooned contentedly. "You learn fast, whore! Keep this up and we won't whip you so much."

Amanda moaned and ran her face farther down on his enormous fuckrod. She would never be able to take all of his cockshaft into her mouth, the head would be right down in her stomach. She would gag and vomit.

She licked at his throbbing prick, feeling the veins on the sides of his cockshaft heave and tighten as Ken's lust pumped more blood into his already iron-hard cock.

"Ohhhh suck it, baby, suck it! Lick it all off, ooohhhhh yeahhhh! You ain't bad, whore," leaned back on the sofa, letting the blonde work her mouth round his stiff prick.

Suddenly Amanda kit the touch of Jack's hands on her ass. There was a squirt of cream and his fingers spread it over her ass-cheeks and deep down into her tight, puckered asshole. She gurgled with a new and desperate fear. She could never take two such big cocks in her ass and pussy! The vibrator churned away in her cunt, stretching her cuntwalls to their limit, and now Jack was going to rum his own stiff fuckrod into her virgin ass!

"Now, relax, little girl," said Jack, as his cock slid over her ass. "I'm just gonna fuck the shit outa you, nothin' big."

The two men laughed.

Amanda lunged down on Ken's cock in terror, taking more of it in her mouth than she knew was possible. Almost three-quarters of his rampant fucker was deep between her sensuous lips, thrusting at her throat as she moaned and gurgled.

She felt the first thrust of Jack's cock against her shiner entrance. The tight bud of flesh opened under the assault, aided by the slippery cream.

"Uuuuurrrggggg!" Amanda groaned, her throat full of Ken's cock, as the first inch of Jack's stiff fucker worked its way into her tight brown asshole.

The massive pole of cock-flesh rubbed against the thin wall between her pussy and ass, rasping against the throbbing vibrator. Amanda screamed, a deep guttural moan of pain and desire as Jack thrust deeper and his cock slid several inches into her ass and came up against the tight ring of muscles.

"Relax them, bitch, or you know what you get!" Jack warned.

Amanda groaned, her ass heaving up attic twin assault. Jack thrust, but her asshole resisted and he pulled back. He picked up the thin cane and held it across Amanda's asscheeks, still slowly pushing his cock at her shit-hole.

"Relax," he ordered, and the swish of the whip cut into Amanda's ears a split second before it landed across her ass-cheeks again.

"Uuuurrggghhhh!" she groaned, and her mouth slammed deep onto Ken's cock, almost swallowing it whole.

"Hey," said Ken, "keep it up, Jack! She goes crazy!"

The thin whip slashed into Amanda's asscheeks as he rammed his cock harder and slid it past the protecting ass muscles, deep into Amanda's tight little shitter.

Amanda screamed, her voice muffled by the enormous cock slamming into her mouth. Her body seethed with pain and lust. The two cocks working against each other in her pussy and ass were exploding their terrible strength all over her. She felt as if she was climbing, soaring as the three hard pricks rammed into every fuckhole, stretching and rasping their way deep into her body.

"Ohhh, fuck me!" Jack yelled as he grinned at Ken, lying there in luxury on the pillows. "You gotta try out this ass, it's great!"

His cock slammed in, getting another deep moan from Amanda. The cream was spread all over the walls of Amanda's shitter and his hard cock slammed in and out with no resistance, just the trembling and clutching, of Amanda's ass muscles. Slowly, Jack's pace increased as his cock went out of control, spasming in the grip of her tight little hole.

"Fuuuuck, I'm gonna shoot soon!" Jack groaned. "Right up this cunt's ass!"

His hips speeded up the great ramming fuck and his arm blurred as he slashed the whip across Amanda's trembling ass-cheeks, just missing the shaft of his heaving cock each time.

Amanda gasped and wept, the agony burning through her body as the two real cocks in her built up to shoot. Her ass and pussy throbbed and exploded with desperate, roaring lust at each deep fuck of Jack's swelling prick. She sucked Ken's cock, feeling him thrust up on the sofa, trying to get his stiff fuckmeat right down her throat.

"Suck it, suck it!" he roared, his hands grabbing Amanda by her long blonde hair and forcing her face deeper onto his thick shaft. "Take it all down, I'm gonna shoot!"

Sammy stirred at that moment and moaned, opening her eyes, her hands running down to her whipped pussy.

"Where am I?" she asked, then gasped as she saw her sister, bent over the back of the sofa with Jack slamming his cock deep into her unprotected ass while he slashed the whip across her heaving ass-cheeks. Sammy moaned and grabbed at the chain, pulling at it, trying to get the collar off her neck. "Stop! Stop it!"

Ken grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up.

"Aaaghhhh, no, let me go!" Sammy screamed.

Ken held her by the hair and grinned at her. "Watch this," he said, "'cause you'll be doing it before too long."

His cock heaved up into Amanda's mouth and the triple-fucked girl moaned as it rammed in inches farther, stretching the muscles of her throat until his terrible swollen cockhead forced its way in.

At the top of each huge mouth-fuck she was being forced to give, Amanda could see Sammy, staring and weeping, but Amanda wasn't bothered about her anymore. The three cocks and the stinging whip were making her come. Deep guttural moans escaped from around the stiff fucker in her mouth, and her ass writhed shamelessly, reaching up as the whip slashed down across it.

"Uuuuuurrggggghhhh!" Amanda groaned as her mouth filled with Ken's hard warm cockmeat and she tasted the pre-cum juice running out of his piss-slit.

Behind her, Jack was going into a frenzy of lust as his cock beat into her ass and he whipped her faster and, faster. He couldn't get the full force of a swing into the stroke because he was so close, but the sting and bite of the whip were more than enough to drive Amanda out of her mind.

"Sheeeiiiitttt, I'm coming!" Jack roared, and his cock swelled and spurted as the first jets of cum splashed into Amanda's hot ass.

At the first white-hot gush of jism, Amanda screamed and went wild, ramming and heaving on the sofa. The climaxes tore through her with a fury that burst all her restraints. To her utter horror, she found that she was swallowing Ken's cock right down her throat at each huge, deep mouth fuck. With gurgles and moans, Amanda sank her mouth deep on his fuckrod and felt it heave with the first spasms of orgasm. Her fingers played with Ken's balls, and she knew they were about to give up their load and splash it all over her mouth.

"I'm coming!" Ken yelled. "Take your mouth off my cock and shoot it all over your sister's face when I tell you!"

Through the deep mists of her raging come, Amanda heard him and knew she had to obey.

Sammy screamed, struggling to get away.

Ken held her by a handful of her blonde hair and grinned at her as the cum burst out of his balls and along his cockshaft.

"Too late, bitch," he snarled, "hold still!"

"No, no!" Sammy moaned, trying to tear herself away from his grasp.

Without pausing Ken leaned over and slapped Sammy hard across the face.

"Take it, bitch, take it!" he roared. "Now get your mouth off my cock, whore, let her have it!"

As Amanda slid her mouth off his heaving prick, her screams of lust rang round the room. With her mouth no longer blocked by his huge fucker, she yelled in release as Jack's spurting cock rammed deep into her ass and the whip lashed another thin line of agony and ecstasy into her ass-cheeks.

"Ohhhh God!" Amanda screamed as the jets of cum suddenly shot out of Ken's cock, leaped through the air and splattered into Sammy's hair. "Aaaagghhhh!"

Amanda screamed in triumph as she grabbed his cock and let the next spurt of white goo splash over Sammy's mouth and nose.

"Taste it! Taste it!" Amanda screamed as the next jet hit Sammy's full red lips.

Sammy screamed, and some of the cum ran between her lips and almost made her throw up. The salty, sticky taste was awful, and more of it spattered out of Ken's heaving prick and washed over her eyes and cheeks.

"Ohhhh no, no no!" Sammy moaned as more jism ran into her mouth. Spluttering and heaving against Ken's iron grip, she tried to get her face away, but more and more of the goo pumped into it.

As the two cocks throbbed and heaved in her ass and cunt, Amanda went over the top of her surging come and almost collapsed with the incredible release of tension. She moaned as she held Ken's still-shooting cock, watching the cum pour out over her sister's face. Gobs of the goo were running down Sammy's chin and dropping onto her tits and belly, and still Ken lay there, roaring with delight as his jism rushed out.

Jack gave a great heave as the last of his cum spurted into Amanda's ass. He leaned down, reached under the heaving blonde and caressed her trembling tits.

As her rolling come faded, Amanda found the slow working of Jack's hands wonderfully arousing. As the cum stopped pouring out of Ken's cock-slit and just bubbled at the top, running down his twitching shaft, Amanda leaned back down and licked it off, feeling her arousal getting stronger as she sucked the white goo into her mouth.

"Aaahhhhh!" Ken sighed in delight. "Shit, this chick knows how to do things!"

He lay there for a long time, still holding Sammy's head. She moaned, too terrified to even try and clean the come away with her hands. So gobs of it just sat there, running slowly down her nose and mouth.

"Now you lick my cum off your sister's face," he said to Amanda.


Sammy pulled back violently, breaking Ken's hold on her chain.

"No, stop it!" she wept, struggling to get to her feet, her once-proud face a mask of terror and fury. "You bastards, leave me alone!"

Ken grinned as he swung himself off the sofa. Almost effortlessly he took the chain and yanked Sammy back to the floor.

"You'll pay for that, you little shit!"

"No, leave me!" Sammy shrieked. She clutched her hand to her face, trying to claw his cum off it. She didn't get the chance. Ken was across the floor and had her arms behind her back instantly.

"Come on," he said to Amanda, holding Sammy on her knees, one arm holding her wrists at the small of her back, the other holding her blonde hair.

Amanda moaned. The vibrator still churned away in her pussy. "Please, can I take this out?"

"No," said Jack and casually lashed the cane across Amanda's heaving nipples.

She wept, clutching her tits as she turned and crawled across the floor to her sister, who was held in Ken's merciless grip.

"Lick her clean," Ken said. His cock thrust at Sammy between her shoulder blades, and she could feel that he was already getting hard again.

White and trembling, Amanda looked deep into her sister's eyes. She could see the fear surging there, but there was nothing she could do. Any refusal and she would be whipped again. Amanda flicked her tongue out and licked a glob of white jism from Sammy's cheek. Sammy gasped and her chest heaved at the touch.

"Go on!" Ken twisted Sammy's arms harder and she moaned and her head dropped forward.

Amanda licked up more of the cum, taking the long strings of it from her sister's face and mouth. The salty taste now seemed familiar, almost welcome, and the thick gobs ran easily over her tongue and down her throat.

"Now kiss each other!"

Sammy burst into tears and struggled again. "Don't! Don't!"

"Shit!" snarled Ken, "I've had it with this little whore. You, get the cum off her tits. And bring me some rope, Jack, will ya?"

Jack opened one of the drawers in the large wardrobe. He took out a long length of rope and came back.

Amanda gasped as she looked down and saw that a lot of Ken's cum had fallen across Sammy's tits. Tears welled up in her eyes, but she knew that the whip would beat her for any refusal, so she bent even farther and licked at the drops running slowly down the smooth curve of her sister's tit-mounds.

"Oh stop it, stop it!" Sammy groaned in horror as she saw her younger sister licking at her soft, inflamed tit-flesh.

Amanda closed her eyes and licked at the white sperm, getting closer to Sammy's nipples as she went.

"All of it!" said Ken.

Then Jack wound the rope around Sammy's arms, pulling it in until her elbows touched behind her back and she wept with pain. This thrust her tits out until they presented the most perfect target for Jack and Ken.

"Now suck her nipples," Ken ordered.

He gave Sammy to Jack, and went back to survey the rows of whips.

Sammy shook from head to toe as her sister sucked on her stretched nipples. The swirling of her sister's tongue sent shudders of fear and awful lust through the kneeling woman. She moaned and struggled, but Jack held her tightly.

"Now lick lower," Jack said. "You've cleaned her tits."

Tears poured out of Amanda's eyes as she slowly licked across Sammy's fiat stomach. Some cum had landed there, and she licked it up.

Sammy's body heaved as she gasped, weeping with terrible frustration and rage. Her legs trembled, her knees almost bouncing on the carpet as she tried to hide her desperate arousal.

Jack's cock got harder by the second. "Now lick lower!"

Amanda sobbed. She knew what was coming, and a terrible lust grew in her. Her pussy dampened and rolled around the vibrator as her muscles clutched and heaved at it. Amanda had always had a deep, hidden, desperate desire to kiss and suck her sister's tits and pussy. Now she was ordered to, and she choked and gasped.

Slowly her mouth slid down the soft skin of Sammy's belly, on and on, until she touched the top of Sammy's furry pussy-mound. There she paused, moaning, waiting for the order that would take away any lingering doubt as to what she had to do.

"Lie on your back," Ken said.

He stood by the sisters, another whip in his hand. It was actually the thinnest birch they had been able to find. It trembled in his hands.

Amanda found herself on her back, looking up at Sammy's pussy, and the two men beside her.

"Open your legs, Amanda, and play with yourself," Ken said.

Amanda found it was very hard to disguise her lust as she obediently slid her knees apart and ran her hands aver the smooth flesh or her thighs. She still had her stockings on, and she ran her fingers over the wet crack of her cunt and deeper, onto her clit. She gasped and bit her lip as desire pulsed through her.

"Don't make yourself come," Ken warned, "if you come without permission, you'll get whipped."

Amanda moaned. She slowed the speed of her fingers, trying to keep the level of pleasure down.

"Now, bitch," said Ken to Sammy. "I've had it. You've asked far everything you've got, and I'm about to up the ante. I'm gonna whip the shit outa you until I get what I want. Hold her, Jack."

"No!" Sammy shrieked, but the thin cane swung back and cracked across her thrusting tits.

The terrible sound echoed from the walls of the dungeon as Sammy heaved and arched her back at the eruption of pain from her nipples. The whip lashed, and her flesh jiggled as it beat a thin red line across her heaving tit-mounds.

"Open your legs, your sister is going to suck you off!" ordered Ken.

"No, don't, I won't I -- aaaggghhh!" Sammy screamed as her body contorted again under the dreadful power of the whip.

The thin wood bounced off her tits, leaving another tight line of pain behind. Sammy sobbed and pushed back at Jack as it swished in again, but she couldn't get away. Once more, her tits erupted in agony and her helpless scream rang round the room.

"Open your legs, whore!" said Ken, flicking the whip over her heaving tit-jugs, his cock hard again as the woman twisted and writhed in agony. "You deserve this, cunt, and don't forget it! I'm gonna get you for every man you tortured!"

"They were fucking wimps!" Sammy shrieked as the whip landed again. Her tits were crimson with pain and her breath heaved as Jack bent her head even farther back and laughed at her.

"I bet they were." He grinned. "You didn't want to risk it with real men, did you?"

Sammy sobbed, then screamed again as the whip cut across her nipples, bouncing her tits over her chest. She found it hard to see now as tears filled her eyes, but she could make out the cane ant swung up and across her chest, exploding more unbearable agony through her.

"Open your fuckin' legs!" Jack roared. He bent down and picked up his whip from the floor, and Sammy almost fainted in desperation. Still holding Sammy by the hair, Jack stepped to one side and lined the whip up on her ass.

"Ohhhh, do as they say!" Amanda pleaded. She moaned as the rising passion of her fingers over her wet pussy-flesh threatened to send her into a helpless climax.

Sammy screeched in utter agony as Jack whipped her across her ass. Ken lashed her tits and her body contorted as she tried with to escape the terrible beatings.

Jack forced her higher so that he could get a better shot at her ass.

"Open your legs, whore!" Jack snarled. "If you don't do it in a moment, I'm gonna string you up so I can get a real shot in at you!"

Sammy screamed as the two whips beat her exposed flesh. She panted and heaved. She was utterly disgusted that this pain, inflicted by men she despised, should make her come with more power than anything she had got from humiliating them. She screamed, her body contorting as the thin canes lashed her to a frenzy of uninhibited passion.

"Open!" Jack roared and, suddenly unaware of what she was doing, Sammy's knees slid apart a little on the carpet.

"Farther!" Jack shouted, and screaming and sobbing, Sammy let her legs open wider and wider until they were spread enough for Amanda to get between them.

"Now crawl forward, over Amanda's face!" Jack yelled, giving Sammy a last lash of the whip.

He head spinning, her mind a crawling mass of conflicting desires, Sammy wriggled forward until her pussy was right over Amanda's face. She bucked and heaved as Ken lashed her tits, and then both the girls heard the command they knew was coming.

"Down!" ordered Ken. "Open until she can suck you!"

Sammy couldn't even scream. Sobbing and weeping, she felt the first touch of Amanda's lips on her pussy. The cane lashed across her tits, forcing another helpless scream from her. Slowly, she spread her legs farther, and felt Amanda's warm mouth sucking her hot pussy. The terrible climaxes surged up in her until she shook and gasped, trying to stop them.

"Suck her good, bitch!" Ken whipped Sammy's tits, watching them bounce up and down to the slashing drive of the thin cane. His cock stuck out, hard and ready. He stroked it slowly as he watched them.

Amanda felt Sammy giving in to the surging lust crashing over her. Sammy's legs opened wider and her hot pussy slid over Amanda's mouth, spuming and jerking with lust. Neither of them wanted to admit what was happening. Amanda felt the flood of Sammy's pussy-juices running down into her mouth and knew that all the repression's were breaking down in both of them.

Amanda groaned and her legs stretched apart as her lingers forced the vibrator deeper into her wet pussy, ramming the huge imitation cock into her guts.

For Sammy, the twin pressures of Amanda's mouth on her cunt and the whip on her tits were driving her totally out of her mind. All her pent up emotion was spilling helplessly out of her as the pain and deep sensual sucking combined to drive her into a climbing series of orgasms.

"Go on, you cunts!" roared Ken. "Go on, bring her off! Come, you bitches, then we can really have some fun!"

His hand swept up and slashed the whip across Sammy's tits, leaving another line of agony in the crimson mass of pulped flesh. Sammy didn't care any longer. Her mouth opened and her guttural screams of release beat out across the room.

"Aaaaggg, ohhh, fuuuckkkk!" she screamed, "Oohhhh, fuuuuckkk, fuucckkk!"

Her tits heaved up to meet the whip, and her legs spasmed as they rammed down on Amanda's face.

Jack pulled her hair back, leaned down and kissed the helplessly climaxing woman.

It was a shock to both of them. For a split second, Sammy thought she would vomit at the feel of a man's mouth on hers. Then all the disgust exploded into raging lust. Her groan, as she kissed Jack, almost made him shoot cum over her tits again, it was so depraved. He held her there, letting her frantic little tongue flick out, trying to get deep into his mouth.

On and on, Sammy climaxed, heaving and screaming at the terrible explosions of lust ripping her body apart.

"Fuck!" yelled Jack. "I can't let this go!"

He swung one leg over Sammy's shoulder. His huge cock stood out, inches from her mouth. Ken held the whip for a few seconds as Jack grabbed Sammy's hair in both hands and rammed his cock into her mouth.

"Uuurrrrgggg!" Sammy screamed as his prick rammed between her teeth.

The feel of the huge, male cock made the bile rise in her throat and almost choke her.

Then, once again, Jack raised the pressure on her. He moved forward, thrusting Sammy's head back and down until her tits were thrust up, clear of his legs, and Ken could get the whip on them again.

The thin cutting edge of the cane lashed across Sammy's nipples and her body heaved as her mouth opened wide and Jack rammed his cock into her throat. Amanda's mouth on her cunt, the whip on her tits and Jack's huge cock ramming into her throat, were just one great male fuck-weapon ramming into her, forcing, raping her with the terrible demands of men. And to her eternal shame and disgust, it made her orgasms deeper and even more explosive.

As she felt her sister thrashing and heaving in undisguised lust above her, Amanda went into her own terrible series of climaxes. Her fingers blurred over her clit as shudders ran right over her body, driving deep into her guts. Desperately she rammed the vibrator into her cunt, feeling the hard humming cock drive more and more spasms of lust out of her heaving pussy-walls. Her moans of desire were muffled in the wet hot flesh of her sister's cunt, while her legs spread wider and wider as she tried to ram a finger up her cunt, alongside the great heaving vibrator.

"Shit!" yelled Jack as he fucked his cock deeper and harder into Sammy's mouth. "Don't stop whipping her, Ken, she needs it!"

He bent further, forcing Sammy's face down, ramming his cock in until her throat muscles opened wide enough to take him all. Then he pulled his cock right out.

"Aaaaaghhhhh!" Sammy screamed.

She gasped as the whip cut into her tits. Holding her hair, Jack turned himself so that he could force his cock in from above her head and thereby watch the whip cutting into her helpless tits. It also improved the angle for him, and his cock rammed right back into Sammy's throat, sliding deeper than it had ever gone before.

Sammy moaned and screamed as her helpless lust burst over her in still-growing waves, and there was nothing she could do to stop the force of the cock diving deeper into her mouth. She twisted, and her tits heaved as the whip beat into them. Her thighs trembled as gushes of her pussy-juices rolled down over Amanda's chin and into her mouth. The sisters were climaxing in deep screaming heaves, and the two men watched and took in the growing surrender.

"Ohhhh, shit, I'm gonna shoot!" yelled Jack. "Suck, bitch, it's your first cum!"

His cock pistoned in and out of Sammy's mouth as he held her hair and forced his cock deeper and harder into her mouth.

Below Sammy, Amanda gave a great heave and screamed as she fell back to the floor, working her pussy over as she came down from the terrible explosion of her climax. She kept her tongue working on Sammy's clit as her sister climbed the last peak and shattered into her own final waves of orgasm.

The jets of Jack's cum burst into Sammy's mouth. As the huge gushes of jism fined her cheeks, Ken whipped her tits to the heave of the massive releases of Jack's fuck-cream.

"Yeahhhhh!" Jack roared. "Take it all down, bitch! That's what you really want, isn't it?"

His cock poured out thick creamy cum until Sammy gagged, and gobs of it escaped from her lips and ran over her face.

"Oh shit! Shit! Shit!" Jack gasped as his spurting fuckrod filled Sammy's mouth, and he pulled back a bit to watch his jerking piss-slit shoot more of it over the heaving blonde's luscious lips.

Ken lashed her tits harder and faster until she screamed and collapsed back against Jack, her mouth still licking at the cum now dripping and oozing from his cock. Jack held her until his cock was finished, and then he let her down to the floor, turning her onto her stomach and untying the ropes. Sammy lay panting and sobbing, her world in shreds.


"Now you fuck me, bitch," he said.

"No!" Sammy shrieked. "No, I can't! Wait! No, no!" Her struggles were feeble as she tried to escape the iron-hard grip of the man she had once so brutally beaten. As she wept and pleaded, Jack came over to help. He had left Amanda, her collar and chain padlocked to one of the rings in the floor, her cheeks tear-stained as she watched the further humiliation of her sister.

Jack held Sammy as Ken climbed onto the padded leather bench. His huge cock stuck up like a skewer, and Sammy shuddered at the sight of it. That was going to ram into her helpless little pussy! It would split her apart! She would never be able to stand the pain!

"Okay," said Ken. "That's about right, so get on my cock, whore!"

She watched his massive purple cockhead of his stiff shaft. Screaming and writhing in terrible fear, Sammy was pushed over Ken's legs until she straddled him and his cock ran up the soft flat surface of her belly. Her clit pushed against his balls, and she could feel them turning in their sac as Ken gave a grunt of satisfaction and grinned at Sammy.

"Now stick it up you!" he ordered.

"I won't!" Sammy screamed. "I won't fuck a man, I won't!"

"Stupid bitch!" Jack commented as he grabbed Sammy's leg.

"What are you doing?" she gasped, staring down to where he was lashing the leather thongs round her ankles and making sure they were tight on the bar of the bench.

Sammy went sick with fear. These two men knew all about the machines. That bar was used to stretch their victims tightly to the bench, their legs straining, their crotches painfully forced against the hard leather bench top. Then they would be forced forward, often screaming with the pain until Sammy could get the whip to connect with their helpless asses.

Sammy clutched at her stomach and felt sick. "Got it," said Jack as he took Sammy's other foot and bound her by the ankle to the bar.

"Now fuck me," said Ken, almost chuckling at the blonde's helplessness.

"No, I won't!" Sammy whispered, her terror choking her voice.

"Fuck this!" snarled Jack and his arms shot out, lashing the thin cane across Sammy's tits.

"Aaggggghh!" Sammy screamed and almost thrust herself right off the bench. Her legs trembled and her hands went up to protect her whipped tit-globes.

"Look, bitch," said Jack, "fuck him or I'll beat the shit outa you!"

"No, I won't! You can whip me all you like and I won't do it. I won't!" Sammy stared at the two men, her body still heaving with the pain of the whip on her tits.

"You know something?" Ken said. "I think she means it. I think this little cunt would rather be whipped than fuck."

He reached up and forced Sammy's hands away from her tits, letting his own rough palms rim over the beaten skin.

"Is that the way it is?" he asked softly.

"Leave me alone!" Sammy gasped. She tried to get him to let go of her tits, but she didn't have the strength to push him away.

"Lift her up," said Ken. "We'll get to the proper training later."

"You fuckers!" Sammy screeched as Jack grabbed her under the arms and lifted her up.

Her cunt came away from Ken's legs and Jack shoved her, with almost no effort at all, higher and over the huge stiff pole of Ken's cock.

"You shit suckers!" Sammy screamed as the hard tip of Ken's cock ran over the warm bud of her clit.

Her pussy was sopping wet from her previous orgasm, and there would be nothing to stop Ken ramming his cock all the way up her helpless cunt.

"Oh God!" Sammy screamed as his cockhead slowly forced its way past the tight lips of her pussy.

She struggled, leaning down on Ken's chest, beating at him with her free hand. Her legs strained to the fullest extent to stop his massive fuck pole sliding any farther into her vulnerable pussy. Her ankles pulled and strained at the bonds, but they couldn't move more than an inch against the bars.

There Sammy stayed. Her legs pushing down, her arms straining against Ken's chest, her pussy raped by a couple of inches of Ken's fucker. Ken grinned at Jack. "Wind her down."

"No!" Sammy screamed.

As Jack forced the bars holding her feet lower, she knew she would be slowly impaled on Ken's rampant cock.

"You bastards, you ass licking creeps, you're a pair of -- aaaghhhh! Oh no!"

She moaned as Jack turned the crank on the bar and the worm gear inched it down. With rising desperation, she strained her legs, but the bar pulled harder, and another inch of Ken's cock slid into her wide-open pussy.

"Stop it!" Sammy wailed. "I'll get whores for you if you want, I'll buy them for you, but stop, stop!"

"Oh, you're much more fun than a whore," chuckled Ken. "And I ain't doin' nothin'. I'm just layin' here, I can't help it if my cock is just where you put your cunt."

The two men laughed, and Jack gave the handle another turn.

"Ohhhhh!" Sammy moaned as her legs were pulled out again, and more of the horrible fucker worked its way into her pussy.

Screaming and straining, she pushed down against Ken's chest, but he just laughed and lay there.

"One more," said Jack, and the screw forced Sammy down again. She had no free hand left to beat at Ken's chest. It was all she could do to save herself from sliding right the way down on his massive cock in one go.

"Oh shit!" Sammy groaned as the bar moved once more and her legs pulled the rest of her body deeper onto Ken's cock.

Sobbing and straining, she tried to resist, but there was nothing she could do. Slowly, inch by inch, Jack wound the bar down, forcing Ken's cock deeper and deeper into Sammy's wet slippery cunt. She moaned as the full thickness of his enormous fucker spread her pussy-walls, scraping against them, sending thrills of pain and horrible lust all over Sammy's body. Another turn of the screw, and the head of Ken's cock forced its way up against the entrance to her womb.

"Oh no, oh fuuckkk!" Sammy yelled.

Jack turned the screw again, getting a yell of pure agony from Sammy as her pussy stretched to take in the last inch of Ken's cock.

"Ohhhh, you shit, shit, shit!"

"You're gonna do all the work," he chuckled, "I'm just gonna lay here and enjoy the view."

With a last turn, Jack forced Sammy tightly onto Ken's hips until she could hardly move. She wept and struggled, her pussy invaded by the biggest cock she had ever seen.

"You beast!" she moaned, pounding at Ken's chest with her fists. "I'll get you, I'll get you for this!"

"Oh no, babe," he said, "I got you. Now I'm just gonna lay here, so the sooner you get to work and get me off, the sooner you'll, be out of this problem."

"You fucker!" Sammy yelled and tried to rake Ken's face with her nails.

With one hand, he grasped her wrists and held them down. With his other hand, he delivered four stinging slaps across Sammy's face...

"Don't you even think of that, bitch!" he snarled. "If you play ball with me, you might even get to sleep on a mattress tonight. I can always hang you up and let you swing for a few hours."

"Ohhhhh!" Sammy sobbed. She clutched at her face as he let her arms go, then covered her tits as Ken's cock was forced high into her cunt. She stared at him, determined to wait him out and make him fuck her. She wasn't going to bring him off.

Jack unshackled Amanda and let her get to her feet. She was in a bad way too, crying almost hysterically as she tried to pull away from her captor. As she wept and begged, Jack pushed her over until she was only a few feet from her sister.

Amanda stared in bewilderment as Jack handed her the thin cane.

"Whip your sister," he ordered.

"W-W-What?" Amanda stammered, staring at the horrible weapon, the vibrator in her pussy sending horrible desire through her body.

"Whip your sister," Jack repeated. "And whip her hard and good so her ass goes up and down and she brings Ken off!"

"But I can't do that!" Amanda wept. Her hands shook as she turned the cane over, watching it with awful fascination.

"You know," said Jack thoughtfully, walking over to the wall and picking a braided leather cat from it, "the one thing I really know about you is that you can't stand pain."

He ran the cat through his hand, staring at the terrified woman.

Sammy gasped and wept as she struggled to stop herself moving and giving any pleasure to Ken.

"If you refuse to whip your sister's ass," said Jack, "then I'll have to do it. We can't leave poor Ken there much longer, his cock's gonna explode. If I have to do it, then you're in for a lot of pain before I'm finished with you."

"Oh please, don't make me!" Amanda whispered.

He walked behind her and Amanda almost fainted with fear. She stared at Sammy. Then Sammy gasped as Ken pulled her downwards until her face was only inches from his.

"Do it!" Ken ordered.

Amanda shook uncontrollably as her arm went up. She saw Sammy's ass, raised up by the grip Ken had on the chain around her neck. She looked at Ken as he grinned at her. Timidly, she raised the cane and slapped Sammy's ass. The blow didn't even raise a weal, and Sammy just moaned slightly.

Amanda screamed.

Jack lashed the cat across her ass, making her leap into the air and almost lose her balance.

"Whip her!" he shouted. "Don't just tap the little shit!"

"Don't do it," Sammy begged, but Amanda was too terrified to disobey the men. She raised the cane again, and this time the slap of the contact with Sammy's ass could be heard around the room.

"Ohhhh!" Sammy moaned. Her eyes clouded over with more tears and her ass bucked slightly, sending Ken's cock fucking up and down in her cunt.

"Better, but harder!" Jack ordered, slashing the cat into Amanda's ass again.

"Aaaggghhhhh!" Amanda screamed. "All right, I'll do it!"

She wept. Her arm swept up, the cane slashed into her sister's ass-cheeks and Sammy's scream echoed from the walls.

"Eeeeergggg!" Sammy moaned as her ass slammed down onto Ken's cock and then bucked up, giving him a great sucking fuck from her tightening cuntal muscles. His massive fleshy fuck-pole rammed deep into her cunt and slid back.

Amanda let her have it again, her arm blurring as she saw Jack out of the corner of her eye, the cat raised, just waiting for her to fail.

"That's better," Jack snarled, "now let her have it as her ass reaches the top, and keep on doing it!"

"Aaaagghhh! Oh fuck, fuck!" Sammy screamed as the whip cut more lines of red flaring pain into her already beaten ass.

Her body spasmed and she knew she would be forced to make Ken come deep in her cunt, there was no way out.

Her body heaved as the cane bit into her ass and she felt Ken's cock sliding deep in her cunt, forcing her cunt-walls apart, squishing over her flesh, making her gasp with the most terrible lust.

"Harder?" Jack ordered, and lifted the cat again.

Her head spinning with terror, Amanda put all she could into whipping her sister, swinging the cane up and beating it with all her force into Sammy's writhing ass.

Sammy's screams became continuous as she heaved up and down as far as the bonds would let her, giving Ken the most delicious fuck of his life. He lay there, holding Sammy's head and watching the cane zip in and out.

"Oh boy, when she gets whipped it does the most incredible things to her cunt," he gasped.

"Almost sucks me off each time! Go on, cunt, I do it, do it harder!"

He managed to stay still, but it was obvious his stiff cock was straining to shoot, and it was all he could do to stop himself from ramming it as deep as he could into Sammy's cunt and fucking the daylights out of her.

As she lashed the cane into Sammy's ass faster and harder to Jack's constant commands, Amanda could see that his cock was hard again, despite the blow-job Sammy had given him. He stroked his prick as he watched her, and Amanda knew he was going to fuck her. She gasped with new fear, but the thrill of it all surged up too, and the terrible vibrator still rasped over the soft walls of her pussy, driving her crazy with lust.

At the next blow of the whip, the overwhelming mixture of pain and lust blew away Sammy's control. Her ass surged upward, slamming to a halt as the bonds around her ankles bit in and held her. Then her cunt slammed down onto Ken's cock, and there was no disguising the scream of release she gave.

"Ohhhh shit!" Sammy shrieked. "Oh shit! Oh shit! Shit!"

Desperately, Amanda tried to whip her sister faster, swinging the thin cane up and down with redoubled fury. Behind her, she could see Jack as he stepped up, swinging the cat, looking closely at her.

"Come on, bitch!" Ken yelled. "Admit you're coming!"

He forced Sammy's head up and ran his hands over her ills as she writhed and heaved, her ass ramming up and down on his cock, rising to a blur of flesh as her seething lust overwhelmed her.

"Oohhhhh, stop it, stop!" she begged as her body disobeyed her and spasmed in climax. "Ohhhhh God!"

She moaned as her cuntal muscles tightened and rolled over Ken's cock, sending it jerking and heaving towards another come.

"Faster!" snapped Jack into Amanda's ear. Her hands lifted and slashed down as fast as she could, and still Sammy's ass rolled and twitched in rising fury.

Amanda was having trouble breathing as she whipped her sister faster and faster, getting into the swing of the cane, matching the desperate heaves of Sammy's ass. She hardly noticed that his free hand had strayed down to her pussy and was rubbing her clit to the beat of the whip, shoving the plastic cock deeper into her cunt, sending her into a surging, heart-pounding lust as her eyes went gassy and she watched her sister crashing over into the final surges of climax.

"Ohhhh, yeahhh!" Ken called out. "Ooohhhhh riiiggghhhttt! You got it babe, you got it, I'm gonna shoot!"

His hips thrust up to meet Sammy's cunt as it slammed down, and the two of them went into a screaming, yelling, mindless fuck of utter abandon.

Sammy felt Ken's cock go out of control in her cunt. The whip sang into her ass and, the raging sea of orgasm closed over her as the jets of hot white cum burst into her pussy. Her screams rang around the room as Ken seized her tits, wringing them as hard as he could while thick ropes of jism poured out of his cock, smashing into Sammy's hot cunt, squeezing down and out of her pussy-lips.

"Aaaggghhh! You beast!" Sammy screamed as the rolling, crashing spasms of lust rattled her whole body.

Finally, with a great heave, Ken shot the last great rope of fuck-juice and dropped back onto the leather bench.

Still Sammy needed to fuck his cock. Her hips humped up and down, slowing as her own lust faded.

At a command from Jack, Amanda stopped the whip, but Sammy didn't even seem to notice that. She moaned and came down from a peak as she never known existed. Slowly the vast cock in her ant softened, and she fell down across Ken's chest, still breathing heavily as she felt the sweat running between her tits and down her back. Cum oozed down her thighs and her stocking taps were soaked. For the first time in her life she had been completely satisfied, and she had no idea how to react to it.

Then the dreadful reality broke through again. Amanda screamed as Jack took her and forced her face-down over the table. Without any wait at all, he rammed his cock right up her ass, slamming her body into the edge of the table.

As she watched her sister's humiliation and rape, Sammy burst into tears. That was how it had all been done. Force, rape, pain and the most dreadful humiliation. She forgot about the way she had treated men. Ali she could see was the horrible way she and Amanda were suffering. As she wept, she tried to hide her face.

Ken chuckled. "I guess we'll have to stay here until Jack's finished and he unties you. I'm gonna teach you who you really are."

"Ohhhhh God!" Sammy sobbed.

She could hear Jack's roars as he fucked Amanda and Amanda's screams of pain as his cock slammed into her ass, running up and down the thin membrane through which the vibrator gave her the most complete double fuck.

"Ohhh fuck, these are a pair of great whores!" Jack shouted as he fucked faster and harder into Amanda's cunt. "Fuck, she's I great!"

"Ohhhh no!" Amanda whispered as the rasping fuck sent her cunt and ass spasming in a new come.

She had been right on the edge, her fingers had taken her almost there, and now the ramming piston of a man a cock was doing the rest. Amanda sobbed, her back arched, her fingernails dragging over the rough wooden surface of the table as her ass slammed backward at Jack and she came.

"Ohhhhh, you bastard! You fucker!" she moaned, her cunt spasming in the incredible force of the climax.

"Cut it out, cunt!" Jack roared. "Admit you love it, go on, admit it!"

His cock slammed into Amanda's hot wet shitter and she knew he was going to shoot. He leaned down over her, his cock pumping like the pistons of a locomotive gone berserk.

"Take it, cunt!" he bellowed, and his cum jerked out of his balls and shot high into Amanda's guts.

Amanda screamed. Her head went down onto the table as her ass closed around his cock, draining every last drop of cum from it as her demanding body climaxed in a red-hot surge of lust.

"Shhhheeeiiittt!" Jack sang as his cock drained into Amanda's asshole and the last of his jism poured out, squashing into the trembling, heaving walls of Amanda's shit-channel.

He waited until it was all done and Amanda was drooped over the table, her chest heaving as she wept quietly, her tears running over the wooden surface. He pulled out mid then took the still rolling vibrator out of her cunt.

"Go on and untie your sister," he said.


"Shit, I've had enough for one night," Jack said, surveying the two cowering women clinging to each other on the floor, "my poor little cock's been sucked dry by those two bitches."

"Yeah, why waste it, we got all weekend." Ken went across to the girls and stood over them, grinning as they trembled. "You wanna sleep on a mattress tonight?"

"Yes," said Amanda, terrified. "You want it, you carry it," said Ken. The two girls were forced to carry Amanda's mattress down the stairs and, into the tiny steel barred cage. Before they left them, the men not only padlocked their collars and chains to the bats, but slapped wrist and ankle chains on them, too.

Miserably they lay down beside each other, the chains clanking and wondered if they would actually be allowed to sleep.

The heavy door clanged shut, Ken switched the lights out and total darkness fell.

For a few seconds they tried to talk and reassure each other, but they both fell into deep dreamless sleep almost at once.

They woke up when the door scraped open and Jack stood there in a long robe, his cock sticking out of the front like a pole.

"Fuck, I'm horny," he said. "Always horny in the morning, and this morning I can fuck either of you. Or both. Ain't life wonderful?"

"W-What?" Sammy gasped, trying to pull back against the cold bars of the cell.

She glanced at Amanda, saw the deep-red lines on her ass and tits, saw the cum caked onto her thighs and remembered all that had happened.

"Now I had you last, didn't I?" said Jack thoughtfully, staring at Amanda. "So it's your turn, my little fuck-doll. Come to Daddy."

"Oh no!" Sammy wailed. The tenor mounted, and she wept, gazing down at the still painful whip marks on her tits and ass.

"Come on," Jack said. He took the chains off Sammy's ankles and wrists, but left the one around her neck.

"Oh please, don't!" Sammy wept. "Now now, please!"

"Oh shut the fuck up!" said Jack, and Sammy cowered back as he grabbed her chain.

With a desperate silent plea to her sister, Sammy was pulled out of the cage and over toward the benches and ropes.

Jack flung Sammy face-up on a padded bench with a great many restraints all around it. Sammy sobbed and gasped.

"Pull your legs up!"

Sammy was so uncertain and afraid. Once her legs were over her head and spread to those bonds, Jack could fuck her anyway he wanted. Her ass would be sticking out over the edge of the bench and she didn't want to think about what would happen next.

"No!" she suddenly shrieked. "No I won't do it!"

Jack grabbed her ankle and heaved her legs right back and then down, pressing until Sammy groaned in pain. When he thought he'd got enough pressure on it, he pulled her ankle towards the bonds around her head and lashed it there with the leather bindings.

"Ohhh God!" Sammy moaned. Her body ached already, and she knew things could only get worse. "Leave me alone. Didn't you get enough last night?"

"Me?" Jack chuckled as he took her other leg and bent it back. "I never get enough. I gotta fuck so many times a day I lose count. And I don't like jerkin' off, so hold there and let me have that little honey pot of yours."

"Oh please, you know how much I hate it!" Sammy moaned. "I can't stand getting... having a man..."

"Fuck the living daylights outa you," Jack finished for bet as he lashed her other leg to the bonds on the other side of the bench. "Tough shit, baby, you shouldn't be such a nasty little whore. Now will you lie still or do I have to tie your arms down?"

He walked around Sammy, taking a good look at her wonderful body, stretched out for him. Her head was almost over the top of the bench and her ass stuck up, open for him. Sammy's legs were spread wide, bent almost as far down as her face and lashed to the metal restraints.

"Yeah," he said, "that'll do."

Sammy screamed as he went to her trembling ass and ran his hands over her ass-cheeks, probing the stretched crack between her legs.

"Oh don't!" she sobbed.

His fingers came up, running over her pussy mound and down over her clit. Slowly he worked her flesh, grinning up at the helpless girl all the time.

"Fuck," he said, "you two got the greatest bodies I ever seen. I get hard just thinking about that."

His finger probed at the entranced to Sammy's pussy, running in and out.

"Now get wet for me, honey," he crooned. "If you don't wet, my cock gets sore, and then I get real sore, and you can imagine what I do then."

With terrible menace his finger moved in and out of the tight lips of Sammy's pussy.

"I-I can't!" Sammy wept. "I can't get like that, I don't like it, I told you!"

She struggled and tried to pull herself up off the bench.

"Get wet, you cunt!" Jack said, the anger in his voice rising. "I got a real hard-on here, I gotta sink it fast or I'm gonna burst."

"I can't! Stop! Stop!" Sammy moaned, her pussy shrinking from the awful contact.

"Whip her," Ken said as he came though the door in a loose robe. "She'll get wetter 'n' hell then."

"No!" Sammy shrieked.

Suddenly she reached up and grabbed Jack's cock and balls, pulling on them, trying to screw them off.

Jack roared and snapped her hands away in one motion.

"You'll pay for that, bitch!" he snarled. "You'll pay real good!"

Jack grabbed her arms and was lashing them to the restraints that held her ankles. When he was finished, she was spread out for him with no protection at all. He turned the gears on the bench and experimented, tilting Sammy's ass upward and her head down until her mouth was just level with his cock as he stood over her.

"Yeah," he said softly and Sammy saw his huge fuck-weapon twitch as it brushed against her lips.

She gasped and tried to pull away, but the bonds held her firm.

"Now your tits," Jack murmured as he took one of the clamps and put it around Sammy's right nipple.

For a second, Sammy was almost relieved, it didn't hurt as much as the terrible paper clips had. But then Jack tightened the clamp, and the tiny jaws, with their little teeth, bit into her flesh.

She moaned as the sharp pain rushed out over her tits and into her chest. Jack turned the clamp again, and Sammy screamed, heaving upward as the jaws bit harder.

"Better," Jack said softly, attaching the other clamp to her left nipple.

It was attached by a thin wire to the first one and Sammy sobbed as she saw the awful thing spreading around her nipple bud.

"Good," said Jack.

He pulled on the jaws to see that they wouldn't come off. Then he picked up the thin whip. Sammy screamed as she watched his raise the thin leather right between her spread legs. Slowly his left hand slid up and down his cockshaft as he waited, letting Sammy writhe and scream in an agony of expectation. His massive cockhead slid inches from her lips, and she knew Jack was going to try and rape her mouth with it.

He whipped her across her spread pussy-lips, the knotted end of the leather landing right on her clit.

"Aaaaaggghhhh!" Sammy yelled.

She heaved up on the bench as the agony exploded from her tight little fuck-bud. Her legs strained in desperation, and she groaned as she saw him raise the whip again. The clamps on her nipples burned into her flesh and the awful, driving lust she had felt the night before started heaving through her body. The whip cracked across her cunt and Sammy screamed, her mouth opening as Jack's cock slid just past her lips. His cock muffled her cry until it pulled back and the whip crashed into her cunt, sending shivers up her thighs.

Jack slid his huge piece of fuckmeat back between her lips, and Sammy almost gagged at the terrible invasion. The thin whip cut across her clit once more, sending waves of agony all over her body. Jack's cock began to slam deeper into her mouth, sliding to the back of her throat with each slash of the whip.

Sammy moaned and screamed as the surging pain and lust rose to consume her. She wanted to bite Jack's cock, bite down on it hard, until he screamed like she did.

"Shit!" Jack gasped as he whipped the thin leather into Sammy's clit. "This drives me outa my mind! Take it, bitch, I'm gonna shoot soon!"

He bellowed as the cum rose in his balls. She felt the whip speeding up, cutting across her pussy and occasionally working over the soft flesh of her inner thighs until they were as red and sore as her ass was.

"Shit!" Jack yelled. "Suck my cock, bitch and take it, take it!"

His arm rose and fell as he pumped his stiff cock into Sammy's mouth, shoving it deeper with each thrust, beating at her throat as she struggled and wept, screaming around his cock with each slash of the leather.

Sammy felt her ass go out of control, her whole body spuming as she came. The whip cracked across her clit just as the first jet of Jack's jism burst into her mouth.

"Aaaaaaghbhh! Fuck!" Sammy screamed, her voice muffled by his spurting fuckrod, and the jets of white jism splashing into the back of her mouth.

She heaved against the bonds, her pussy spreading for the whip, begging for another stroke to set her surging higher, jerking to the pace of the hot fuck-juice bursting into her mouth.

"Eat it, eat it!" Jack demanded as he heaved his cock deep into Sammy's mouth and felt her throat muscles tighten and then spread to take his invading fuckrod.

As he lashed the whip across her pussy with rising fury, the bound blonde sucked his cock into her spasming throat to the hilt. Her hot tongue flicked out, over Jack's balls as he roared and thrust, cum bursting from his cock in streams.

"You bitch!" he roared, watching the knotted leather tail of the whip cut across Sammy's thrusting clit. His cock jumped and heaved, pouring the last jets of his fuck-cream into the helpless blonde.

Sammy felt his cock slide deep into her throat, felt the splattering cum bursting deep into her stomach and the whip driving her to a crescendo of lust. Her muffled screams rang around the room as the whip thrashed her clit and ass and her orgasm rolled on, driving her into helpless tits of raging desire.

Slowly Jack pulled his cock back, making Sammy suck and lick his cock-tip clean. She lay there, letting the dribbles of white jism run over her lips while he stopped whipping her and leaned down, running his fingers over her beaten clit.

"Fuck me," he said. "Ken was right, you get fuckin' wet when you're whipped. This is gonna be fun!"

Sammy moaned in shame as his finger slid into her sopping wet pussy. She lay there, her hips pushing, her curt yearning for something to make it come again.

"Wait there, bitch," Jack said with a grin.

"I got just the thing for you."

"Leave me alone!" Sammy begged.

Jack laughed and waked away, his cock still more than half erect, swinging from his loins.

Sammy lay on the bench. The pain from her bound nipples and the ache in her cunt echoed through her until Jack was standing above her again.

"Look at this, baby," he said.

It was the biggest dildo the girls had. It was a foot long, thick as a man's arm and hard, harder than most cocks. Sammy stared at it as the fear broke out again.

Jack grinned at her as he tilted the bench, leaving Sammy with her head up this time, and her ass at level with his cock. He grinned and pulled the wire between the nipple clamps, and Sammy moaned, tossing on the bench as desire rolled out of her bound flesh.

"Now wouldn't you love this up your ass?" Jack asked Sammy, grinning down at her.

"Oh, God, you wouldn't!" Sammy moaned. She pulled at the leather bindings as Jack grinned at her, running his huge prick over her sore clit. Sammy jumped and heaved as the tip of the dildo reached the puckered entrance to her ass. "Don't do it, please! Whip me again if you want, but don't do that!"

He ass bucked upward, but Jack didn't care. He just let the tip of the dildo wait until Sammy's ass came down again. Then he rammed it into her.

Sammy's ass almost exploded as the huge imitation cock rammed into it. Jack had lubricated it very well, and the massive bulk spread Sammy's ass walls, rasping up and down as Jack pulled it almost out and rammed it back in.

"Aaaaagggghhh!" Sammy sobbed as the huge plastic cock fucked her helpless ass. Spasms of agony, mixed with the lust, exploded deep in her guts.

Jack grinned, slamming the rod back into the bound woman's ass as he slowly worked his cock back to full hardness. "Now you'll know what your sister felt with two cocks up her."

"Oh, you bastard! You fuckin' shit-eating bastard!" Sammy moaned, tossing on the bench as her body betrayed her yet again and started those endless surging orgasms.

"Shit," murmured Jack, "you're ready enough now, you bitch, you whore!"

He picked up the leather whip and lashed it across Sammy's tits, driving the tiny teeth of the nipple clamps deeper into her flesh.

Sammy screamed as the deep, roaring agony burst out of her tits and, ran down to meet the thrusting pain from her raped ass. The whip curled through the air and lashed back across her tits, a new thin red line of agony forming on the flesh.

"Fuck!" Jack muttered and gave the dildo a final shove.

It buried itself into Sammy's ass and he lashed the bindings round it, leaving Sammy impaled on the massive weapon. He picked up the whip again and set his cock at the entrance to Sammy's hot little cunt. His cock was as hard as ever, pushing its way into her soft, inviting asshole. He lashed Sammy's tits as he shoved, getting the bucking woman to drive his cock deeper into her cunt with her frantic thrusts.

"You piss-drinking fucker!" Sammy screamed as she heaved up and down, her tits thrusting up for the whip as it cut more and more delicious lines of agony across them. Her pussy spasmed round his invading fuckrod, sucking the huge cock into her wet channel. "You cunt, you fucker! Leave me alone, leave me, stop, stop, stop!"

She couldn't say any more. Her mind was going berserk as the rolling come burst in fresh waves over her, and all she could do was scream and moan as the whip beat her tits and the jaws of the clamps tore at her tit-flesh.

Jack leaned forward and took the wire between the clamps. Brutally he pulled Sammy's tits out, whipping the leather around her taut nipples, listening to her endless screams of orgasm. Her pussy and ass were out of control; she was bucking and heaving in helpless ecstasy.

She felt Jack's cock jerking in her cunt as he began to come, and the whipping increased, driving her climaxes into another dimension where pain and pleasure became the same thing and her pussy clutched at Jack's cock, demanding all his jism.

Jack pulled on the wire, heaving Sammy's tits around as he lashed them and cum surged down his cockslit and out high in Sammy's cunt.

"Admit it, bitch!" he roared. "Admit you love it, come on!"

His arm lashed the heaving woman to the spurting pulse of his come.

"No, no! No, stop it, stop fucking me, I hate it, I hate it!" Sammy broke into desperate sobs of shame as her cunt sucked greedily at his shooting cock, and her tits thrust up wantonly for the whip.

"Confess!" Jack shouted as he beat Sammy, slamming his cock into her cunt.

He wanted a confession before his spurts of cum trailed off and his cock softened. Cum oozed out of Sammy's cunt, spreading down her legs as she screamed and moaned in the dreadful, degrading passion of her orgasm.

"Confess!" Jack yelled as his cock jumped for the last time and stayed buried in the warm cunt-flesh.

Sammy gave long sobbing groans of satisfaction and slowly came down, ignoring every demand for the truth from Jack.

"Sheeeit!" he said, then gave Sammy a last lash of the whip. "You won't give in, will you?"

"You fucker, I hate you!" Sammy spat at him. "I hate men, hate you, hate their cocks and I'll never beg for it, never!"

Jack looked down at her and his cock slowly slid out of her cunt.

Sammy grinned. She would never confess and he would go crazy, because that was what he wanted and he couldn't get it.


Ken shoved Amanda into tile kitchen and she stood there shivering, through, it wasn't cold. She crossed her arms over her tits and stared around. Still half-asleep, she looked at Ken as he walked over to the counter top and picked up the thin cane.

"Not that, no!" Amanda pleaded, her blonde hair tossing in fear. "I'll do anything you want, but don't whip me! Please?"

Ken laughed, and Amanda could see his huge cock swinging as the front of his robe came open.

"I'll suck you off," Amanda pleaded, "please, let me suck you off!"

In utter shame, she sank to her knees and crawled across the floor to him. Her hands reached out and slid inside his robe, while she sank her mouth over his throbbing cockhead.

"Oh, please!" Amanda murmured, her mouth taking in as much of his prick as she could. "Come in my mouth, please."

She looked up at him while she sucked his prick, and Ken looked down and laughed at her. He let her suck deeper and harder on his cock.

"Later for that, honey," he said with a grin. "Right now, you get up and bend over the table."

"Oh no, please!" Amanda begged, sliding her mouth down his fuck shaft, sucking for all she was worth while her tongue flicked over his stiff cock-flesh, trying to make him shoot. Even another load of cum in the mouth would be better than the whip. In fact, it wasn't so bad, it gave Amanda a sense of power to know that she could make it spurt out of stiff cocks while men howled for her body.

"Let me suck you off," she begged, "or you can fuck me if you want, anything, anything!"

"Let me explain something to you, shithead," Ken said, letting Amanda suck his cock as hard as she wanted. "When you two whores got hold of me, you beat the shit outa me and kept on doing it for hours, didn't you?"

"Yes, yes, I'm sorry. It was Sammy, honest it was, I don't hate men, I love them, let me show you." She caressed her tits, running them over the hard muscles of his legs.

"Tough shit, baby," said Ken. He ran the tip of the cane between Amanda's tits. "But I'm a great guy, I'm gonna give you a break. You get over that table without me having to drag you. You stay there while I give you ten strokes of the cane, without moving or trying to kick out, and I'll leave it at that. You refuse, and I'll whip your ass, your tits and your pussy until I get tired of it."

He leaned back, holding Amanda's head in, while he ran his cock between her luscious red lips.

"Take your time, think about it."

Amanda sobbed as he sucked his cock. The alternatives were too terrible to think about, and yet the offer was clear. She had to get over the table and take the ten strokes willingly or she would be tortured beyond endurance.

"Yes, yes," she muttered and slowly got to her feet, tears rolling down her cheeks.

She looked at Ken and he gazed back at her, and a deep thrill passed through Amanda.

With a gasp of surrender, Amanda turned and bent at the waist, spreading her legs and holding onto the far edge of the kitchen table, her ass slowly writhing up and down as she waited for the sudden pain to come. Fresh tears welled up in her eyes as she waited.

"Well, that's very good," said Ken and his voice was husky with passion. "I'm gonna be an even nicer guy. Run your hand down, play with your pussy. If you come, you'll get extra treats."

Amanda gasped and moaned, sliding her hand under her body and down to the blonde curls of her pussy hair.

She slid her legs even farther apart, and Ken waited while she slid one finger into her pussy, which, to Amanda's shame, was already damp. Then she ran her fingers over her clit, rubbing it, feeling the passion surging out.

"Very good," said Ken approvingly. He leaned over the softly moaning blonde. "You'll make a wonderful sex-slave for me, won't you?"

She mowed and her body heaved on the table as endless slave-lust surged through her.

"One!" said Ken.

"Oooohhhh!" Amanda sobbed as the cane cut into her ass.

Her fingers blurred over her cunt as the deep agony throbbed through her. But already it felt different. It was right that she should be punished, and right that a man like Ken should do it.

"Two!" said Ken, and the swish of the cane ended in the crack of the thin wood on Amanda's tight ass-flesh.

"Ohhhh, God!" Amanda screamed, and her ass shoved high in the air while her fingers ran in and out of her wet cunt. "Oh, I'm so sorry for what I did! So sorry!"


"Ohhhh! Yes, yes, I'm sorry, punish me for what I did, punish -- aaaghhhhh!" She heaved on the table as Ken counted out the fourth stroke.

"Five!" said Ken as the cane whipped another thin red line into Amanda's ass. He watched, running his hand over his hard cock as the blonde rolled and heaved in growing lust. "Six!"

"Ooooggghhhh!" Amanda screamed, her ass beating up and down out of her control. Her fingers urged her clit on, working it up towards the climax she could feel building. "Ohhhh, I was so bad! Whip me! Punish me, I deserve it!"

"Seven!" The cane bent nit beat into the young woman's flesh.

Amanda heaved upward again, her mouth contorting in an agony of desire.


"Oh yes, sir, yes!" Amanda wept as the surging come ran over her.

"Nine!" counted Ken and, the cane made Amanda's ass a mass of whipped, red flesh.

"Oh, I need two more to come!" Amanda suddenly pleaded. "Please, give me two more!"

She worked her pussy frantically as she waited for the cane, her climax hanging on Ken's decision.

"Ten!" he counted and the cane laid into Amanda's throbbing ass again. "Beg me for more. Promise me anything!"

"Ohhh yesssss!" Amanda screamed, her fingers beating at her pussy. "Yes, I'll do anything for you, aaaaghhhhh! Oh yes, one more, one more, please sir! One more! Aaagghhhh yes! Yes!"

She came, her fingers beating over her pussy, her legs trembling with the force of her climax. She moaned and rolled on the table until she had given herself all the pleasure she could and her pussy felt utterly satisfied. She got up to face Ken, her face flushed with such a depraved desire that she could feel him react to it, see his cock jump and heave.

"I was going to wait," he said, "but..." He didn't have to say any more. With a moan of surrender, Amanda sank back to her knees and took his heaving cock in her mouth. She worked her luscious red lips over his throbbing cockshaft and ran her fingers up and down it, butterflying them over the flesh, holding him at the point of coming without letting bun go over.

"Oh, come in my mouth, sir!" she whispered. "Come all over my face! Make me lick it up if you want -- anything, anything!"

She moaned as she took his heaving cock deep into her throat. Her hand worked at his twitching, jumping prickmeat. She heard Ken groan with lust as the cum bubbled in his balls and surged out. Then Amanda knew how much he wanted her. She swallowed his cock, feeling his stiff cock-flesh jump and pulse as the cum shot down and burst into her mouth.

The first shot drove her into another climax. Moaning and spuming, Amanda licked at his salty fuck-juices, running her mouth back as her hand pumped until thick ropes of jism were bursting over her lips and running down her chin, dropping onto her tits and her flat tummy between.

"Ohhhh, is that good, sir?" she murmured as cum ran over her tongue and down into her throat. "I want it to be good for you, sir!"

She looked up at Ken as he thrust his cock into her mouth and groaned with lust.

"Good?" he roared. "Oh fuck is it good! Suck it down whore, suck it down! Suck me down! Yeaahhhh!"

His cock jumped as shots of jism plastered over Amanda's face until she sank his heaving cockmeat back into her throat and let the rest of his cum run straight down into her stomach.

"Fuck, kid," said Ken as he ran his hands through Amanda's blonde hair. "That was the greatest!"

Slowly, Amanda let his cock slip out of her mouth, her fingers still holding it, caressing his still-hard flesh as she gazed up at Ken. She ran a finger over her tits, picking up the drops of his cum and licking them off.

"Can I get you breakfast now, sit?" she asked, pouting and licking her fingers.

Ken grinned. "You sure can. And help yourself, you deserve it."

"Thank you, sir," Amanda said as she got up and went to the refrigerator.

She made Ken breakfast. It seemed so right that she should be doing all this for him. As she put the pancakes and bacon in front of him, she reached down and ran her fingers over his cock, feeling it stir into life at once. She got him the coffee and put the pot beside him.

"Please sir, could I take a shower and put some clothes on? I'll put on ones you'll like, I promise." She slid her hands over his cock once more and smiled at him.

Ken looked at her. "Don't make a run for it. Remember, we have your sister."

"Oh, I won't run for it, I promise, sir."

Ken reached up and pulled Amanda's head down to his and kissed her. She nearly passed out, and went weak at the knees. The very thing she wanted him to do and he'd done it. She was panting with desire as she went off to the bathroom.

After the shower, she looked at herself in the mirror. She had never looked so wonderful, so desirable. Even the whip lines across her tits and the crimson glow of her ass made her look better. Her tits seemed to stick out even more arrogantly, demanding caresses and cocks shooting all over them. Her tight, swelling asscheeks moved with a new desire and certainty, and her long, shapely legs strutted as she went into the bedroom, rubbing her hair dry.

She set her hair, making sure her long blonde curls tolled over her shoulders in cascades of shining light. Then she tried to decide to wear a simple black slip that just reached the tops of her expensive seamed black stockings. The slip had tiny buttons between her tits that reached almost to her waist, so Ken could get at them instantly if he wanted to. The tiny black panties and the five-inch-heeled shoes completed a picture of sensual loveliness. She made herself up quickly, already breathing hard with the thoughts of getting back to Ken. When she got back into the kitchen, Jack was there, talking angrily to Ken.

"Fuck," he snapped, "that cunt won't do anything! Whipped the shit outa her, fucked her till she couldn't stop popping her lid, and still she won't do a fuckin' thing!"

Amanda walked over to Ken and stood beside him.

"Does this please you, sir?" she asked, posing for him, sliding the hem of the slip up so that he could see her white thighs above her stocking tops. "I'll change until I do have something that pleases you," said Jack. "How the fuck do you [missing text]?" Ken chuckled and ran his hand over Amanda's thighs, caressing her, pushing almost as far as the tight silk of her panties. "Sure, you look great, baby. Go on like this and I'll have to fuck you again after breakfast."

"Anything you want, sir," whispered Amanda, shaking with desire. "I'm here to please you, sir."

"I could use some more coffee," he said.

"Yes, yes, sir!" she said and took the pot to the stove and started some more.

"Hey, bitch, what about me?" snarled Jack, his voice sounding really nasty.

"I do what my master says," Amanda said, spinning around at Jack. "And only my master. You can't even master my sister."

"You shit!" roared Jack, leaping to his feet. "I'm gonna..."

"Sit down and listen to me," said Ken very calmly. "She's right. She's my slave and she only does what I tell her to. She can tell anybody else to go fuck themselves unless I tell her otherwise. Now listen, are you prepared to tie that bitch downstairs to a bed and leave her until tomorrow night? Not touch her?"

"What?" Jack said, looking at Ken as if he'd gone crazy.

"Just do as I say and I guarantee I'll show you how to make that whore beg to suck your cock. Deal?"

Jack looked at Ken and then at Amanda as if they had some sort of conspiracy going.

"We'll have some of the gang over," said Ken, "so they can see the wonderful conversion."

"You know something I don't know?" asked Jack.

"I know something you should know and don't. Now, are you taking the deal or do you want to try it your way?"

Jack looked at Ken for a long time.

"Okay, I'll go for it, but if you fuck up, I get her." He jabbed his thumb at Amanda.

"Sure," said Ken easily. "But I don't fuck up. So, what do I get if I'm right?"

Jack grinned. "The use of my boat whenever you want it."

"Okay," said Ken, "that's pretty good. And to show you what a sport I am, and because you won't get to fuck that bitch below until tomorrow night, I'll lend you Amanda until then. Amanda, you're to fuck Jack any way he wants until then, got that?"

"Yes, sir!" Amanda replied, coming over to Jack. "I'll fuck anybody you tell me to. You look like you need to get rid of another load."

She slid to her knees and ran her hand over Jack's rapidly hardening cock.

"Yeah," he said, working his hand over her swelling tits, "get over that table."

"Why don't we tie that sister of hers out first," Ken said. "Then we can fuck Amanda and make her watch."

"Shit," moaned Jack as his cock stiffened and Amanda bent down, licking her tongue aver his stiff prick-flesh. "Just as I get it up."

Ken laughed and got up. "What bed would be best to hold your fuckin' sister?"

"Oh, I think her bed," Amanda gasped, getting up. "It's brass, and you can tie her arms and legs to the posts."

The three of them hauled Sammy out of the cage, and carried her upstairs as she kicked and screamed and called Amanda all the names under the sun for betraying her. They shoved her into the bathroom and made her take a piss and shit while they waited and then took her into her own bedroom.

Sammy shrieked and moaned as they tied her arms and legs to the bed, spread-eagling her. She lay there, totally naked, screaming up at them, expecting another desperate rape.

Ken grinned. "If you stop screaming, we won't gag you, but I'm pissed off with you whimpering at every fucking thing."

Sammy stopped screaming.

"You'll stay there until we come to get you," Ken said. "Now Amanda is going to show you what happens to good little girls around here."

Amanda gave Sammy a long hard stare. Her whole body trembled with lust. She went up to Ken and slid her hands into the front of his robe.

"What do I have to do, sir?" she asked. "Take your panties off," he said.

"You shit!" Sammy screamed as she saw her sister step back and pose for the two men.

Slowly, Amanda slid her panties down her legs and stepped out of them. She walked back to Ken.

"I think my pussy's wet enough for you, sir. If it isn't, you'll have to punish me." She spread her legs so Ken could slide a finger into her cunt.

"That's wet enough," he said as his finger plunged into her fuck-channel. "You're a total whore, aren't you?"

"Only for you, sir," Amanda gasped, hanging onto him, her hand shaking on his shoulders. "I only fuck when you tell me to, sir, only you."

Her hips shook as her pussy spasmed on Ken's hand.

"Oh sir," she moaned, "you made me come! I'm sorry, slit, please forgive me!"

Before Sammy's horrified eyes, Amanda shook and moaned in the grip of the mast depraved climax. Sammy saw Ken lean forward and whisper in Amanda's ear as his fingers dug into her pussy and rolled her clit, sending her into higher and higher spasms of lust.

"Now everytime you come without permission, I shall have to punish you," he said.

"Oh yes, sir, yes, yes!" Amanda shrieked, her pussy jerking and spawning on Ken's skillful fingers. "Oh everytime, everytime, sir!"

She sobbed and fell across his shoulder, gasping for breath.

Ken let her come down before he made her stand and wait for him. He went over to the table beside Sammy's bed and pulled it out. Then he sat down on it.

"Get on it," he said to Amanda.

"You dumb little shit!" Sammy screamed as Amanda came over and climbed up on Ken without a murmur of protest. "Do you know what men are? Do you remember Uncle George?"

"Sure," Amanda said easily as she slid her hot cunt over Ken's cock and let her cunt swallow it in one long thrust. "Ooooh yeahhh, I remember Uncle George, almost made me come, now these guys make me come all the time."

She bent forward and slowly ran her cunt up and down the stiff shaft of Ken's fuckrod.

"You want her ass or mouth, Jack?" asked Ken.

"Ass," Jack said, and Amanda moaned.

Jack brought over the hand cream from Sammy's dressing table and squirted it onto Amanda's ass. She gasped and thrust herself back for more of it. Slowly, he worked it in, watching Amanda as she fucked Ken and moaned at the rising passion his thick cockshaft burned into her cunt.

One of Jack's fingers slid into Amanda's shitter.

"Ohhhhh, fuck me!" she moaned, heaving her ass back at him. "Put another one up, ohhh, please!"

"You wimp, you sold out!" Sammy yelled. She pulled herself as far up as the bonds would let her, staring at her sister about to get double fucked.

Jack rammed another finger into Amanda's ass and listened to her moan. Then he pulled out and creamed his cock, while Amanda and Ken fucked slowly, their mouths locked together in a passionate embrace.

"Ready?" Jack asked.

As the tip of his cock thrust at her brown shit hole, she lunged back, moaning, capturing the head of his prick. Her mouth clung to Ken's neck as she kissed and licked at him, heaving her tits at his chest.

"Shove it up me!" she yelled. "I want both of them, come on!"

Her hips beat at Jack as he rammed his cock at her ass, penetrating more than three inches in the first thrust.

Amanda screamed with uncontrolled depravity, her orgasm exploding over her as the double-fuck rammed her pussy-walls apart, and the thin line of flesh between her two fuck-holes throbbed and heaved at the double invasion. "Fuck me, oh fuck me!" she moaned as the two men slammed their cocks into her, matching their thrusts to the pulse of her climaxing body. Her fuck-holes sucked at their cocks, driving both of them into rising surges of lust.

"Jesus Christ!" roared Jack. "The little cunt's gonna make me shoot!"

"Ohhhhh, shoot up me, shoot cum all over me! I wanna be fucked, ohhh, I wanna be fucked!"

Her body rolled to the beat of the lust that had been let loose in her. Exploding bursts of come drew endless screams from her as her body moved and performed for the men with primeval lust.

"Fuck me, whip me, do what you like, but make me come!" she moaned, her mouth wide open, seeming to beg for a cock to shoot over her lips. "Oooohhhhh yesss, yesss! Ham your cocks up me, fuck me, beat me, make me come!"

Jack's cock swelled as the jism surged out of his balls.

"You bitch!" he roared. "You fuckin' little whore! I'm coming, I'm gonna shoot!"

Amanda looked down at Ken as he lay under her, his cock slamming into her cunt. "Ohhhh please, come now! I want you to come together, I'll get you hard again. But come!"

Ken looked at the beautiful blonde spasming above him, her climaxes making her cunt close around his cock like the most demanding mouth in the world. She was sucking the cum from him.

"You bitch," he whispered, "you know you can make me come any time you want to. I'm coming now, you wonderful whore, you bitch!"

He ran his hands inside the neck of her slip, breaking two of the buttons off. His fingers closed on her nipples, twisting them, as Amanda screamed and thrust her tits at him, shrieking in utter ecstasy as the final bursts of climax erupted like a volcano inside her.

Hot jism burst out of Jack's cock into Amanda's ass. He roared like a bull, thrusting his cock deeper and harder into her sucking shithole. Thick ropes of cum trickled out of Amanda's ass as his cock emptied its load, and she screamed with the force of the fucking. Her ass-muscles clamped around his cock, sucking the last drop of jism out of it.

Then Ken's cock squirted, his cum rushing into Amanda's cunt as she held her tits for him, moaning in lust as he rolled her nipples harder and harder with each shot of jism.

"Ohhhhhh!" Amanda screamed. "Ohhhhh yes! Ohhhhh fuck me, hurt me, hurt me, yes!"

With a final shriek of release, she sank down over Ken as he gave her nipples a final twist and the last of his cum poured out.

"Make me feel like that and I'll do anything for you!" she whispered to Ken.

Ken grinned.

Jack moaned and pulled his cock out of Amanda's ass.

Sammy pulled herself up on the bed and yelled at her sister.

"You whore! Traitor! You gave in to a pair of fuckin' men! You stupid slut!"

Amanda raised her head and grinned at her sister. "This ain't nothin' kid. You wait till later."


The next two days were torture for Sammy. She was left tied to the bed, alone for most of the time. She was allowed occasionally to go to the bathroom, and several times Amanda would come in with one or both of the men and fuck them in front of her. Amanda's submission to the two, brutes drove Sammy crazy, particularly as Amanda seemed to be getting off on it so much.

Saturday passed into Sunday, and Sammy wondered if she would ever get out of the dreadful place. Suddenly, without warning, Amanda came back in, but with a tall woman whose dark hair ran halfway down her back.

Sammy shot up on the bed, shaking with fear. The dark-haired woman was dressed in thigh length black boots and a black corset that pinched her waist into an hourglass figure. She carried a whip with a singe long tail, and wore a small black cap pulled down over her eyes. She stood in the center of the room, twisting one of her spiked heels into the carpet, and looked at Sammy.

"This the little shit?"

"Yes, Miss," said Amanda. She wore purple stockings with high heels, a tiny pair of matching panties and a purple waist-cincher that pushed her tits up and only covered the lower half of them.

"Untie her!" snapped the woman. "My name's June. Either you obey me or you'll be in trouble."

Sammy stood up and glared at June. She rubbed her wrists, getting the circulation back. In her vanity mirror, she saw that most of her crimson bruises had faded to a dim red glow. Her ass and tits stuck out as if they were ready for more fucking.

"Into the bathroom!" snapped June.

For a moment Sammy was going to refuse, but she had to take a piss, and it would be stupid to make things even worse for herself. She followed Amanda to the bathroom, June pacing behind them, her heels thumping on the floor.

"Into the shower!" June snapped after Sammy had relieved herself.

Again, a shower was something Sammy desperately wanted, so she got in and washed herself from head to toe. She got out and dried her hair and body.

"Back to the bedroom!"

Sammy walked back. As they passed across the end of the passage, she heard people entering, but she couldn't make out how many, or if they were men or women.

"Put those on," June said.

Sammy looked at her for a few moments. It was now clear that she was going to be the main attraction at some new vile and depraved party the men were having. They were going to whip her, rape her and try and get her to beg for her humiliation.

Slowly she slid the stockings on. She would show them. All she had to do was refuse do to what they wanted. Make them rape her -- Jack would hate that.

After the stockings there was only the suspender belt, panties and a tiny bra that showed half her tits. She slid the shoes on and looked at June with great contempt.

"Try me, bitch!" she snarled. "Try to make me do what you want!"

"Oh, don't talk like that, Sammy!" Amanda cried. "Do what they say, it'll be..."

"Shut up, whore!" snarled Sammy. "You give in."

June smiled and flicked the whip through the air, only just missing Sammy's tits. "You'll learn. Now get downstairs!"

Sammy found that her breathing was becoming unsteady as she went down the steps to the dungeon. Once inside, she gasped. There were three more men and two women there. They were partly in shadow, so she couldn't see too much of their faces. In the center of the room stood Jack and Ken, waiting in their robes.

"Ah hah!" said Ken. "Here we have the main attraction."

There was a round of applause for Sammy, and her heart beat unsteadily.

"Okay folks," Ken said with a grin. "Here we have the classic case of the good sister and the bad sister. We will demonstrate the good sister first and then make the bad sister into a good one. Won't we, honey?"

"Fuck off!" Sammy replied. "You can't make me do a thing, shit face, not a thing!"

"Ohhh, what spirit! I like that in a girl," Ken said with another great big grin. "Tie her up."

Sammy didn't even protest as they lashed her wrists together and pulled her up so that she hung from the beam on the ropes. Her arms strained, but she could take it. In fact, the feel of the rope excited her in a strange way, sent flutters of desire into her pussy.

"Now," said Ken, "come here, Amanda." Amanda walked up to him and posed, running her hands over her panties in the most obscene show of lust Sammy had ever seen. No wonder the little whore had given in, she had no control at all.

"You were a very bad girl, weren't you?" Ken waked round her, staring at her body.

"Ohhhh, yes, sir, yes I was!" Amanda gasped.

"Tell our guest what you and your sister did."

"Ohhhh, we kidnapped men and whipped them and made them lick our pussies and asses and awful things like that," Amanda gasped, pinching her nipples as she stared out over the small group of people watching her intently.

"And now you want to say you're sorry."

"Oh yes, sir, yes!" moaned Amanda. "I was so bad, sir, I have to be made to be good, I have to be."

Her fingers slipped inside the hem of her panties and she wantonly played with herself.

"Well, pick but the person you will suck off while June whips you," said Ken, pointing to the audience.

"Oh, anyone you say, sir, anyone!" Amanda moaned, her legs spreading as her fingers played with her hot little cunt.

"Would you like a go, Pete?" Ken asked.

"You bet!" grunted one of the men, and came forward into the brighter light. He was a massive man, broad across the chest and with the thighs of a weight-lifter. He went to the padded chair and sat down, the thick bulge of his cock plainly visible through the blue crotch of his jeans.

"Bend over," Ken said.

"Oh yes, yes, sir," said Amanda, to Sammy's utter disgust. She watched her sister bend at the waist until her ass was sticking way up while her fingers fumbled with the zip on Pete's jeans. Slowly, June walked around until she could whip Amanda and let the rest of the audience watch her. She uncurled the thin whip and cracked it in the air.

Amanda gasped as she pulled the hard thick meat of Pete's fucker out of his pants. It wasn't as long a cock as either Jack's or Ken's, but it was thicker, and Sammy didn't know how Amanda would get her lips round it.

But she had underestimated Amanda. June curled the whip through the air and lashed it across Amanda's ass-cheeks.

"Scream, bitch, scream!" she yelled. "I like to hear my bitches scream!"

The whip lashed across Amanda's flesh, and Amanda gave a low groan of lust and sank her mouth over the hard pole of Pete's fuckrod.

"Scream, you cocksuckin' whore!" June shouted as her arm lashed down and the thin leather cut another line of red pain into Amanda's ass.

"Aaggggghhhh!" Amanda gurgled as ass thrust up for the next stroke and thrashed around in growing ecstasy. She sobbed as the whip lashed her and her mouth bubbled round the head of Pete's cock, licking and sucking at the hard flesh. "Ohhhh whip me! I deserve it, I was so bad, soooo bad!"

Her ass thrust up again, and she rammed her mouth down over Pete's throbbing cock until it filled her mouth and pushed her soft cheeks out.

"Scream!" June shrieked, her arm flashing up and down as fast as she could move it, while her other hand slid over her thighs and up into her panties, where her pussy-juices were turning the thin black nylon damp. "Scream for me, whore, scream for me!"

"Punish me!" Amanda sobbed, and the rest of the words were lost in a deep gurgle as she sank Pete's cock into her mouth, past her throat muscles, deep down towards her stomach. Her neck swelled with the thick hard meat as Pete grunted with lust, his cock sliding in and out of the young blonde's mouth to the beat of the thin leather whip.

Amanda's moans and groans of lust got deeper and faster. Her ass thrust up as her mouth sank down over his cock, swallowing it. The roaring pulse of her climaxes surging over her, Amanda sucked at his fuckmeat, felt it jumping and heaving as Pete's balls let go of their cum.

"Scream, you little shit!" June shrieked, and Amanda's ass heaved and jerked as she came, each deep release exploding within her to the beat of the whip.

"Ohhh shit!" Pete yelled. "The whore's making me come! Take it in your mouth, cunt, suck it all down, suck it!"

He thrust up in the chair, his cock slamming deep into Amanda's mouth as her muffled groans surged around his prick and her ass took all the punishment June handed out. Pete bellowed and thick jets of cum shot out of his cock and into Amanda's mouth.

"Oh yes! Oh yes, sir! Shoot all over me!" Amanda wailed as she let her mouth pull away so that the audience could see Pete shooting his cum between her lips.

Her ass shot up and down for the whip, going up fast so she could get the hardest whipping, while her mouth greedily licked up all the cum that didn't splatter right into her throat. Like the little slave she had become, Amanda sucked and licked at his cock until Pete lay back in the chair groaning, and only dribbles of jism escaped from his piss-slit.

"Now that's our good little girl," said Ken. "Now for her sister."

Sammy snarled at them as they took her down and bound her face-down over the bench. "Do what you like, shitheads. You won't make me beg!"

They took her ankles and tied them out to the legs of the bench, then bound her hands down so that she was lashed very securely indeed.

"You can rape me," Sammy screamed, "but I'll never beg for it! And if anybody tries to fuck my mouth, I'll bite their fuckin' cocks off!" Ken laughed and stood in front of her. "Oh no, little girl, that isn't the way to speak to such nice people. I'll have to teach you some manners."

"Fuck off!" Sammy snarled, craning her head as far up as she could.

Ken walked behind her, and she felt her heart jumping with that strange desire the bonds had given her. Only this time, with a whipping coming, it was ten times stronger. She gasped and moaned, and she knew that her panties were getting wet.

"How about you, Randy?" Ken asked.

Randy was a thin, tall guy, in his mid twenties. He got up and stood before Sammy, sliding his cock out of his pants. It was a long thin one, and Sammy looked at it with utter hatred.

"Stick that in my mouth, sucker," she snarled, "and you know what to expect!"

Randy grinned and slid his hand up and down his cockshaft. "You talk big, cunt, but I seen Ken tame worse bitches than you."

"Fuck off! You couldn't -- aaaggghhhhh!" Sammy heaved up against the ropes as the thin cane cut across her stretched ass-cheeks.

"Ha, go on, cunt," said Randy, "suck my cock!"

"Go fuck yourself!" yelled Sammy.

She thrust her ass up and knew that they couldn't make her do it.

She screamed as the next blow landed, her ass bursting with that mixture of agony and lust she knew and wanted so much. The cane thrashed in again, and the surge of desire roared out of her whipped ass and almost choked her. Each stroke of the whip drove her thin panties into her flesh, outlining the place where the whip landed.

"Jerk off, motherfucker!" Sammy screamed. "Jerk off, you ain't gonna get it from me!"

She moaned as the whip landed again and beat a sharp, triumphant explosion of lust in her ass. Another few lashes and she would be coming. And she could keep coming as long as he whipped her. That would drive them crazy. They couldn't make her give in.

"Aaagghhh! Yeahhhh!" Sammy screamed. "Whip me if you want, it won't help! Eeeggg! Yeahhhh! Feel good, cocksucker? Feel good?"

The cane lashed more surging, agonizing pain into Sammy's ass and she started to come.

Then Ken stopped whipping her.

"Aaaggghhggghhh!" Sammy shrieked.

Her ass thrust up for the cane and it didn't come. Her surging orgasm tried for more, but it couldn't climb where she wanted. She had to be whipped to come. And she wasn't being whipped!

"You shit, you cocksucker!" Sammy screamed as her body writhed, her arms almost pulling out of their sockets as she tried to make herself come.

She rubbed her pussy against the top of the bench, but that was not enough for Sammy. Her eyes almost bulged out of their sockets as she gasped and moaned, her chest heaving as the endless climaxes turned into a deep, desperate pain that did nothing to relieve her demands.

"What do you want, whore?" asked Ken.

To one side, Sammy could see Jack standing there, seeing for the first time what Ken was talking about. Sammy hated them all, hated every man on the face of the earth for doing this to her. Her body heaved and the dull surging pain got worse and worse.

"Fuck off!"

"Suck that cock and you can have anything you want," said Ken. He came over to her and leaned down. "I'll even whip you as long as you like."

"Get away from me! Get your filthy, fucking, filthy -- oh shiiittttt!"

"Suck that cock," said Ken. "Suck it!"

"No, I won't, get the fuck away, no!" Sammy screamed as she saw Randy moving his long thin prick at her mouth. "Get the fuck outa here!"

"Suck it, or somebody else will, and we'll have to start all over again," said Ken.

Sammy stared at the cock, her mouth watering as she saw that it was her way to get what she so desperately wanted. But she wasn't going to give in, nothing would make her suck a cock willingly. Nothing!

"Fuck off!" she screamed, trying to stop her ass from moving up and down.

"Oh, okay," said Ken lightly. "Who wants to suck Randy off?"

"I will," said one of the two girls.

She was pretty, and had a mane of red hair. She came forward and sank to her knees right by Sammy's head as Sammy moaned and gasped with her incomplete climax. The girl slid the front of her short dress open, revealing a pair of small, thrusting tits, and she rubbed them as she slipped her mouth over Randy's cock.

"Whore!" Sammy gasped as the girl's willing mouth sank half the length of the stiff cock into her throat.

The girl rubbed Randy's cock, while her mouth slid up and down his cockshaft. With her other hand, she played with her tits, rubbing her nipples until they stood out, firm rounded buds against the circles of her areolas.

"Like sucking cock?" taunted Sammy.

"Come on, baby," Randy said as he rammed his cock into the girl's mouth. "You can do better than that, suck it down."

The girl gave a low moan and took more of his cock into her mouth. Her hand beat up and down on his cockshaft as he leaned back and shoved his prick in as hard as he could.

"Suck it!" he roared. "Suck it and make me come!"

The pretty redhead sucked at his thrusting fuck pole, her mouth desperately taking as much as it could. Her fingers tightened on her nipples, screwing the flesh until she moaned deeply and sucked another inch or so of stiff cock between her lips.

"Take it, bitch!" Randy yelled. "Take it, I'm coming, I'm coming!"

His hips beat in and out and his cock slid down the girl's throat until he gave a great yell and gobs of jism shot out of his cock and into the redhead's mouth. She took it, letting thick streams of it pound into her mouth while more and more of it ran down her chin and onto her tits, where she rubbed his fuck-juice into her flesh, moaning with lust all the time.

"Shit, that's it!" Randy groaned as his cock pumped and shot until his cum was all gone and the redhead licked his cockhead, her fingers slowly turning on her nipples. "Not bad, cunt, not bad."

He pulled his cock back and pulled Sammy up by her hair. "You'll do that later to me, whore."

"Fuck off!" Sammy said, but she was desperate.

Randy and the girl went away, and the other man was in Randy's place. He was shorter than either of them, but his cock was just as big and hard. He stood there, watching Sammy as he slowly ran his hand over his prickshaft.

"You ready, John?" Ken called.

"Fuckin' right," said John.

The whip landed on Sammy's ass again and her scream rang around the room. Again and again, Ken whipped her until her ass was beating in and out as it had done before, and she was sinking helplessly into the bottomless lust that Ken had created in her.

"You shiv, bastard, cocksucker, dog fucker!" Sammy shrieked as the cane drove her upward until she was weeping helplessly and her climaxes were building to the point of no return. "Leave me, fucker, leave me you motherfucker, leave me!"

Sammy screamed as she stared at John's cock, inches from her mouth. Her head spun. She couldn't think. The orgasm climbed through her helpless body until it was just about to break in those creaming, surging explosions of release.

Ken stopped whipping her.

"You cunt!" Sammy screamed.

Her arms twisted in the ropes, her legs strained as her ass beat up and down, but nothing could help her. Her thighs trembled as she strained to be free, but she was held far too tightly.

"Suck that cock," said Ken.

"No, no, no!" Sammy shrieked, staring at the terrible male prick that was her only way out. "I won't!"

"If you don't, we'll do what we did last time and start again," said Ken.

He slowly and very gently ran the thin cane over Sammy's stretched and red ass-cheeks.

"Uururrrruuugghhhh!" Sammy gasped as she tried to shove her ass up for more of the whip.

Ken just played with her, sliding the thin wood over her, quivering flesh until Sammy screamed with desperate desire, her mouth open, her sobs choking her.

"Suck that cock!" said Ken.

"Promise you'll whip me!" Sammy screamed before she knew what she was doing. She gasped and sobbed.

Ken leaned in close to the thrashing woman. "Do as I tell you and you can have anything you want. I promise, you'll get whipped as much as you like. Now suck that cock."

"Ohhh God!" Sammy moaned.

She stared at the big fucker. She had to suck that, it was the only way. The demand in her body was too great, she couldn't hold out. She was defeated when she had been so sure she was invincible. Slowly, sobbing all the time, Sammy lowered her head and licked the tip of John's hard prick. He grabbed her by the hair and she screamed.

"Beg for it," Ken said as John held her mouth inches from his cock.

"Eeegghhh!" Sammy breathed.

The last humiliation was being piled on her. Gently Ken slid the cane over her ass, rubbing it across her desperate flesh. The flash of lust it brought ripped through Sammy. If she was to be the whore they wanted, she would defeat them a different way. She would suck and fuck them all until their cocks were limp and their arms were too shore to whip her any more. And she would still be demanding. That was the way she would get them.

"Ohhh please!" she whispered. "Please let me suck your cock!"

"Louder!" John insisted.

"Please, please let me suck your cock!" Sammy begged, her mouth diving for his stiff prick.

John let her head down gently over his throbbing cockhead. Moaning and sobbing, Sammy worked her mouth down his cockshaft, taking almost all the length into her mouth. Her throat muscles worked on it, sucking at his stiff prickhead until John was yelling and jumping, his hands buried in her blonde hair, forcing her desperate mouth deeper.

With a lunge, Sammy pulled her mouth back off the cock and screamed, "Whip me! You promised!"

"You get me, bitch," June said, flicking the thin leather whip across Sammy's ass.

Sammy screamed and sank her mouth down John's cock while June leaned back and whipped her ass fast and hard. Sammy's head pumped up and down, John held her as firmly as he could while his throbbing cock jumped and throbbed as it got ready to explode all his hot fuck-juice.

Amanda leaned back against Ken and worked her hand into his robe and caressed his cock. "You sure knew what to do, you wonderful man. Can I suck you off? What would you like?"

"Your sister is a tight little whore," said Ken. "She's gonna try and shoot the lot of us out, you know that? She's gonna be the toughest bitch to handle I've ever seen."

"Oh, I know you can do it," murmured Amanda, running her hands over his chest, her mouth licking and kissing his neck.

"Oh, we can do it," grinned Ken. "You willing to help?"

"Anything you say," Amanda gasped as she felt him slide his hand into her panties. "You're my master, I do what you say."

"Ohhhh, fuck, I'm shooting!" John yelled. His cock jumped and shot hot jism between Sammy's willing lips. She moaned, her ass thrusting up for the whip, her mouth swallowing the floods of sperm John poured out.

"You know," murmured Ken as he nuzzled Amanda's tits, his fingers playing with her clit as she wriggled and came, "I think that after this we should turn your sister over and she can lick out your cunt and ass while you suck me off. Then we'll get down to some real hard fucking and see just how much whipping she really wants. Once I've satisfied that bitch, we can hand her over to Jack and take off for a few days on his boat. Sound good?"

"Oooooh, that sounds wonderful!" said Amanda, her hand sliding over his cock.

"Just the two of us. There'll be plenty of time for more of this when we get back to town."

"Ohhhh yes, anything you say!" Amanda gasped and slid her mouth down toward his cock.

"Don't suck my cock yet!" Ken warned her. "That would be naughty."

"Oh, I'm sure it would be, sir," Amanda moaned as she slid her mouth over his wonderful, hard male flesh.

She sucked him while she heard Sammy scream for more as John staggered back, his cock emptied of cum for the moment. She sucked gently, waiting while Sammy screamed and yelled at the three men turning her over, lashing her legs on either side of her head. Then Amanda got up obediently and spread her thighs on either side of Sammy's face.

"Suck me," she said as Ken climbed up onto the bench and Amanda took his cock.

Sammy looked at her sister, her eyes wild with lust.

Viciously June whipped Sammy right in the crack of her pussy.

"Aagggghhhhh!" Sammy screamed and her mouth was buried in Amanda's pussy.

The whip lashed in again and Sammy licked through the crack of Amanda's pussy to her ass as Amanda moved across her face. Sucking and licking, Sammy soared into the endless climaxes she wanted. Around her stood the guests, waiting their turn to whip and fuck her, while above her, her sister moaned with joy as her pussy spasmed and she sucked Ken's cock deep into her mouth. Amanda didn't care any more who won the battle. She just wanted the wonderful orgy to go on forever.


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