Daughter and mother in bondage

Who can judge a person's reactions during stress situations? The prisoners of war who give in to the captors' demands, the kidnapped heiress who joins forced with her abductors -- both must act with past experience to guide them. Both must make decisions in a vacuum, without benefit of familiar people or situations to guide them. The end result can be either a very negative or a positive experience.

In DAUGHTER AND MOTHER IN BONDAGE, Christine Bixby finds herself and her daughter in just such a situation. Held captive in a neighbor's basement, she not only meets her captors' sexual demands but, to her horror finds herself responding to them. Christine and her child are forced to indulge in acts that are not only forbidden by society, but also by their own moral code. Yet, in spite of their shame, they turn the experience into a positive one, uniting them as a family.

This is a shocking story, the story of one family's reaction under stress. Yet who are we to judge their response?


"Wh-what are you doing?" Anna Bixby stood in the hot garage, the two patches of silk covering her nipples growing damp from her perspiration.

She stepped back, one hand pressed over her mouth while the other stretched behind her. Eyes wide, the young teenaged blonde was moving away from the two brothers in front of her.

"What does it look like? You keep parading that ass around here like that, then expect us not to notice?" Brad Rudd said, pushing his greasy fingers through his short-cropped black hair.

"Yeah, been watchin' that ass wiggle under those bikini bottoms," Ed Rudd added, his eyes narrowing as they zeroed in on the small blue patch barely covering the triangle of blonde cuntal hairs growing on her virgin mound. "You can't tell me you don't want it... want it real bad."

Ed was rubbing his crotch, slipping his fingers back and forth over his fly! Anna shook her head from side to side, still backing away from the two Rudd brothers.

It had been a joke. That was all. She wanted to tease them, to trot on over while her mother was out shopping and tease the two new guys in the neighborhood. But this was going too far!

Brad had closed the garage door shut. There was the smell of dirt, gasoline and oil. And hardly a breath could be drawn in the stifling garage! Sweat was already starting to trickle down from under her arms and staining her bathing suit.

"So now, you're gonna put out... gonna pay up for all the advertising," Brad said, reaching down and tugging his sweat-stained white cotton T-shirt from his Levi's. Ed did the same, both bothers starting to strip in front of the girl.


Horrified, Anna pivoted and rushed for the closed door, curling her fingers into two fists and beating wildly in the wood.

"Help me! Oh help me! Oh God, somebody come here and help me! They're going to rape me! Oh God, rape! Rape!"

Anna was screaming at the tops of her lungs, the sounds of her fists beating against the door echoing trough the large garage.

Ed moved first, rushing toward the young girl and pulling her away by the wrist. He yanked her back hard. Anna let out a sharp cry, her legs tangling over one another. Struggling to keep her balance, she steadied herself, then tugged backward, trying to break the harsh grip of Ed's fingers on her wrist.

"No! Oh no! Lemme go!"

Anna slipped over something disgustingly greasy while her hand banged against the big blue pickup truck to her right. Again she tried tugging her arm free of Ed's grip. Her long blonde hair splashed and tangled around the base of her throat while her tits jiggled from the violence of her struggle. The brothers were licking their lips, enjoying her struggle, her whimpering cries, her hopeless desire to break free of them.

"You ain't goin' nowhere 'til we've had a good taste of your pussy."

"No, no! Don't do that to me! You don't understand!" Anna gasped, stopping her struggle for the moment and pushing the hair from her eyes.

She looked wildly from one Rudd brother to the other, hoping they would believe her.

"I've never done anything like this before! I swear!" she cried, her voice tight with fear.

Hot tears were starting to well up in her eyes as she stood there half-naked in front of this pair of savages!

"Come on, baby, kids half your age are puttin out," Brad said, laughing at her distress and walking over to her.

"No, no, I swear it! Oh don't make me do it! Oh please, don't make me do it!"

Anna hoped someone had heard her frantic pleas and would come rushing through the door to save her.

Brad took one arm while his brother held onto the other, both of them guiding her away from the door.

"No, oh noo..." Anna gasped. Her voice was strained as she felt them push her toward an old couch in front of the pickup truck.

"That's your bridal bed, baby. Take a good look at it," Brad taunted.


Again Anna tried twisting away, jerking one knee up and trying to kick Ed Rudd in the crotch.

"You're crazy! I'll scream!"

Brad stepped back, letting her go while Ed continued to hold onto her by the shoulders.

She felt Ed's strong fingers digging into her flesh, twisting her around to face him. What she saw horrified her. Ed had one hand up in the air, his fingers spread widely apart. Before she could shout once more, his hand came down in a broad arc, slapping hard across her cheek, then coming back, the knuckles bruising her chin.

"Uhhhhhhhh..." Anna's head snapped first to the right, then to the left, the force of the blow stunning her.

She felt her muscles relaxing, her resistance collapsing. In a daze she felt them pushing her onto the couch, felt fingers on her tits, on her ass. They were taking off her bikini, slipping what little clothing she had on from her body.

"Ohhhhh..." she groaned.

Her top went, then finally her bikini bottoms, wadded up and tossed in some corner.

"Man, she's somethin' else. She's got a set of jugs on 'er like Raquel Welch!" Ed panted, his face red with rising lust.

"And, man, she's a real blonde. Look at that! Christ, that's a hot little hair pie. Wonder if she'd like to have somethin' big and hot and thick stirrin' around inside there?"

Anna drew one hand over her eyes, moaning softly, shifting her asscheeks over the scratchy material of the dusty sofa cushion. She was naked, stripped of her bathing suit!

Slowly coming out of her daze, Anna felt panic spreading through her mind and body. They were going to rape her, going to fuck her right there in the garage! Pushing through the fog dulling her senses, she jerked up, hands flailing in front of her as she slipped one leg off the couch and tried to escape.

"Get... back!" Ed said, slapping her hard across the face, then taking her by the shoulders and shoving her down on the couch.

"Man, this little cunt's gonna be more trouble than she's worth," Brad said, trying to hold her flailing legs still. "Gotta rope this one... sorta like ropin' a steer. Come on."

Anna tried to slide off the couch when the two brothers began moving away. Ed came back and gripped her hard by the shoulders, shaking her so violently that her head snapped from side to side. She kept screaming, her knees buckling, her arms flopping from the violence of the motion.

"Stupid bitch! You don't know when you've had enough, huh?"

A hard slap across the face ended Anna's resistance. With a muffled groan she collapsed in a heap onto the sofa, her arms draped over her face.

Anna had no idea how much time had passed. When she managed to see through the fog again, she felt something harsh wrapping around her wrists. Rope! They were tying her up, binding her!

"Oh no!" she gasped.

Blinking her eyes and twisting her head around, Anna saw piles of rope at the foot of the sofa. Ed had one piece of quarter-inch line that he was wrapping around both her wrists. She snapped back to consciousness immediately, jerking both legs up and planting her feet squarely and hard against Ed's shoulders, nearly knocking him off balance.

"Uh! This little bitch doesn't deserve the couch," he said, knocking her feet away and tightening the ropes around her wrists.

"Yeah, the fuckin' workbench is good enough for this pig."

"No, don't... unhhhhh... don't..."

"I'll never come back here! I promise. I won't come back here again."

"You'll be back, you'll see. As much as you keep screamin' down the walls, slut, you'll be back for more of our cocks." Brad slipped one arm under her shoulders, lifting her from the sofa while Ed kept her ankles together.

Anna jerked her legs as best she could, bending her knees while twisting helplessly in their grip. She was writhing and bucking like some trapped animal, fighting for her life.

The Rudd brothers grunted, hauling her like a sack of potatoes from the sofa to a large workbench near the front door.

"Nooo!" she screamed.

"Shut the fuckin' slut up!" Ed growled.

Anna let out another cry of agony as Brad tightened the double slip knot around her wrists. The rough hemp bit into her flesh, making her wince in pain. She looked from one man to the other, wondering how they could do something like this to her, a complete stranger! She didn't know them, and they had only seen her once or twice in the backyard.


"Goddamn it! I've got something that'll shut the little bitch up!"

Brad unbuckled his belt, then stripped off his jeans.

Flashing a look to one side, Anna saw him pulling off his dirty underwear, his hefty prick rolling out and nearly touching her face. She flinched, letting out another cry for help while Ed kept her pinned to the splintery rough wood under her.


Brad smiled. "Swallow this. Maybe this'll make you hot and heavy for us. Lots of girls turn into cock hounds the second they get a good taste of prick!"

Someone was pressing fingers hard against her jaw, forcing her mouth open. And then Brad was shoving his filthy, foul-smelling shorts into her mouth!

Anna gagged, closing her eyes and feeling her throat and chest tighten in disgust! The shorts were in her mouth now. Anna tried twisting around, tried jerking her head away. But both Ed and Jack kept her steady.

"Tape it down around her head. Then we'll be ready for more action," Ed suggested.

Brad moved away for a second, coming back with a roll of white masking tape. There was the ripping sound of tape being pulled from the roll. And then Anna felt the sticky substance being plastered around her skull, wrapped tightly around her face to keep those awful-tasting shorts embedded in her mouth!


"Man, she's a feisty slut," Ed commented, tossing the roll of tape to the floor.

"Get her fuckin' legs. Then we can get a good tap on the little bitch and find out if she was tellin' the truth about bein' a virgin," Brad suggested, checking the ropes around her wrists, then pulling her arms back until they stretched over her head. "What you doin'?"

"Makin' sure this one gets the full effect," Ed answered, picking up a two-foot piece of half-inch line. Looping the rope around the rope binding Anna's wrists together, Ed tugged the piece back, affixing it to one strong leg of the bench.

Anna grit her teeth together, grinding them as she felt the muscles and tendons pull back and stretch from the move. The backs of her legs scraped painfully over the splintery wood as she twisted helplessly, still trying to break away from these animals.

"Ohhhh yeahhh, nice, nice..." Brad grinned.

Ed stood up from his crouching position behind her, staring down at her full thirty-four-inch tits, the hard red little flubs capping them, the gentle, sensuous swells of her belly and thighs.

Even on her back Anna's firm, round asscheeks pillowed out to either side of her hips. She was a devastatingly lovely girl, a young woman whom men looked twice at. Now she was roped in a small garage in South Pasadena, helplessly tied up while two men were going to rape her!

The spit wadded up behind the shorts, making her twist her head to one side and swallow her saliva. She knew she would drown if she weren't careful. Forcing down the terror, Anna took deep, calming breaths, wriggling her fingers to insure circulation in spite of the tight bonds.

A sharp splinter bit into her right buttock. Flinching, she shifted position, wondering for an instant just what it would be like to have a prick in her. Then she wondered what on earth she could be thinking of. The ropes and the beating must have addled her mind!

"Ohhhh, man, I've jacked off uglier broads than this one," Brad moaned, working his fingers over his rapidly stiffening cock.

"Think about it later. Come on, gimme a hand with this," Ed said.

The two men worked slowly, talking about Anna's cunt, wondering if she was a cherry. Ed looped one rope around her right knee, taking the free end and pushing it under the workbench to his brother on the other side. Brad finished the job by looping that end around her left knee, drawing the line tightly enough so that Anna wouldn't be able to close her thighs. Ed slipped more quarter-inch line around the girl's ankles, drawing them back until the balls of her feet touched her asscheeks.

"Let's finish this up and get down to business, man," Brad said, saliva flecking his lips as he took in the girl's firm, young body. Anna cringed under his gaze, feeling so dirty that she could have died!

"Okay, get more rope and we'll make sure she can't move a muscle... except those important ones," Ed added, his thick lips curling up into a smile.

Anna closed her eyes, feeling hot tears oozing out from under her long blonde lashes. They were bustling around her, sliding more ropes under the bonds fastening her ankles together. She grunted in pain as Ed tugged. Two ropes were fastened to the bonds of her feet, the free ends being pulled and tied to the bench. Anna was bound firmly, trapped, barely able to move.

"Gonna get me a little hair pie now," Brad said, pushing his brother to one side and crawling up onto the bench.

Anna jerked her head up, her eyes wide and round as she stared above the jutting mounds of her tits at the big man between her legs. A frightened cry escaped from around the choking gag as she twisted her wrists against the chafing ropes. She tensed her thigh muscles, trying to clamp her legs closed.

"Hey, wait..." Ed exclaimed.

"Come on, man," Brad retorted, slapping away his brother once more. "That's my jockeys, in her fuckin' mouth. I get firsts on this one, brother. Don't worry. There's gonna be plenty to go around on this one."

Anna trembled with revulsion, jerking her head from one side to the other while straining her muscles against the ropes until they cramped. A sickening shudder shivered through her body when she felt Brad's callused fingertips smoothing over her white, shivering flesh. He was going to touch her where no man had ever dared! Her mother had told her something about sex, and she had learned a good deal more from school. But now she was going to discover sex first hand, right there in the garage, thanks to the Rudd brothers.

"Man, go for it, then. You keep at her while I get ready," Ed said, pulling open his Levi's and shoving them down to his knees.

Anna flashed a look at the younger Rudd brother as he stepped from his jeans. He was wearing a pair of sweat-stained white jockeys.

She could see something hard and big pressing up against the front piss-flap of his shorts.

Two pricks! Two cocks ready for her cunt! Anna dropped her head to the bench with a thud, whimpering through the gagging jockstrap while strands of her blonde hair clung damply to her cheeks and forehead. Never would she have guessed that she was going to lose her virginity so brutally to these animals!


"Nice cunt... and, man, she might be gettin' hot," Brad said, passing the palm of his hand over her cuntal curls.

Anna flinched, tightening her asscheeks, feeling her smooth ass flesh rubbing over the splintery wood. Brad was teasing her, barely touching the curled tips of her pussy hairs. Anna tugged at the bonds imprisoning her wrists once again, her fingernails biting into her palms. No, this couldn't be, it just couldn't be! She couldn't feel excitement now, not when these men were about to fuck her!

"Ohhhh, man, I can feel some heat comin' outta there. Gotta find out for myself for sure," Brad said, pressing the flat of his hand gently against her cuntmound.

Anna groaned, her shoulders rubbing against the workbench top. She felt violated by that horrible touch. Why couldn't she pass out, faint rather than have to endure this degradation?

"Go for it, man, eat up that muff!" Ed encouraged.

"Don't have to tell me how," Brad whispered, his fingers digging into the muscles of her inner thighs.

Anna groaned. She watched as Brad's head moved down, down between her spread thighs. He was going to put his mouth on her cunt! He was going to tongue her, going to suck her!

Anna screamed through the gag again, jerking her ass up as much as she could, trying to twist her cunt away from his mouth. But Brad held her firmly, the ropes groaning from the movements of her body.

Anna felt his breath blowing on the curls of her pussy. He was touching her lower belly with his tongue now, drawing the warm moist tip along the fringe of her pussy hair, then sliding it down, down one side of her pussy.

She could feel his nose pressing against her pussy mound, and she let out another shuddering groan of revulsion.

"She don't like you too much, Brad," Ed commented with a chuckle.

"Give 'er time."

Anna struggled, trying to scream. His tongue... that tongue was licking her now, licking up and down the undersides of her legs, then sliding up to the bottom junction of her cuntlips. He was spreading her asscheeks apart a little farther, his jagged fingernails scraping her sensitive, sweaty asscrack while his tongue poked and teased her outer cuntlips.

No, this is vile, filthy! Anna told herself again and again as Brad persisted in his mouth-fucking of her pussy.

His fingers now drew up to either side of her cunt, spreading it open, tugging the lips stickily apart. Anna let out another groan, her tendons ridging against her thigh flesh.

"Ohhhhhh, yeahhhhh..." Brad gasped.

And, as the seconds ticked by, a subtle change was happening. Was it the ropes? Was it the feeling of helplessness, the knowledge that there was nothing she could do about what was happening? Anna didn't know, and would never really understand why she gave into Brad's tonguing. Maybe it was the smooth, silky rub of his lips as they forced her cuntlips apart. It was a sensation she had never imagined.

There was a such a hot, tingly sensation, a kind of itchy thrill that was getting more intense and more concentrated with each passing second. She began straining upward in her bonds, the ropes groaning again while her belly seemed to swell with excitement.

"Yeah, man, knew she couldn't resist my tongue... man, I got the hottest mouth in Pasadena," Brad said, pulling back for a second while rubbing her clit.

It was as if someone had set fire to her pussy! Anna groaned, bouncing her ass against the workbench, hating herself for feeling the wild rush of sensations coursing through her body, scorching her veins. She felt the hot juices of her pussy flooding out, wetting down her cuntal curls as his tongue began licking and lapping at her cuntlips!


Brad was doing more than just kissing her pussy now. He began stiffening his tongue, fucking it into her hot little hole, touching all the most sensitive spots of her pussy.

Anna stiffened, her muscles tensing. But then a hot thrill washed over her the moment his tongue touched the base of her stiffening clit. Then any thought of fright or embarrassment washed away, evaporated under her rising arousal. Anna felt her body turning on to what was happening. The horror was melting away, disappearing under the oral ministrations of the elder Rudd brother.


His strong fingers sank into her thighs just above each knee. He was spreading her apart inch by tingling inch while his tongue flicked in and out, in and out of her convulsing pussy.

Anna started shifting her hips from side to side, feeling the rub of her cuntlips against one another. Each move was new, each motion an experiment for her as she felt the tingly thrills centered in the head of her clit. She had guessed fucking was one of the best things a person could do in this world, but she had never imagined that it could be like this!


"Hey, man, she sounds almost like she's gonna go," Ed warned.

"Don't worry. We'll take care of that," Brad reassured his brother, pulling back for a second and picking several blonde curls from between the gap in his front teeth.

Anna relaxed, her breathing becoming shallow, uneven. She could still feel Brad's awful tongue flicking in and out of her cunthole, touching those slick fold and hollows, then sliding up the insides of her outer cuntlips until it was touching her clit! That tiny sex center throbbed and pulsed under the slightest touch. She twisted her ass up, her muscles straining against the thick ropes while Brad kept licking her clit again and again.

"Baby, you got juice comin' outta you like there was no tomorrow," Brad commented, pushing one hand down between her legs.

Anna groaned, feeling his fingers corkscrewing into her pussy, then slipping out. He looked at the slickness coating his fingers, then moved his hand up to her nose. Anna smelled her pussy, smelled the pungent aroma of her cuntjuice. Wincing, she turned away, ashamed.

"Yeah, you got it comin' outta you. You need prick," Brad said, his voice husky.

"Maybe she needs two -- you know, at the same time," Ed suggested, stepping out of his shorts. He scratched his balls, his long ten-inch cunt-splitter wagging back and forth.

"Let's calm the bitch down first," Brad replied.

They were talking about her as if she were some piece of meat, a whore they had paid to satisfy their own perverse desires. Anna twisted again in the ropes, fearing for her safety as Brad gave her a final cunt-lick and slid off the workbench.

"What you got in mind?" Ed chuckled.

Brad inhaled deeply, sucking in his lower lip and biting down as he looked at the girl thoughtfully. "Remember that chick down in Encino? The one who liked..."

"Yeah, yeah." Ed said, his eyes narrowing. "Then you do it. Man, I gotta calm down, or I'm gonna shoot my stuff all, over the place."

The girl in Encino? What were they talking about? Anna jerked her head up again, ignoring the pulling agony of her bound arms.

Ed drew a pack of Benson and Hedges from a drawer, tapping it against his hand. Slipping one cigarette into his mouth he lit it, flinging the smoking match to the floor.

Anna could smell the acrid aroma hanging in the air, mixing with all the other foul smells in the garage. It was getting difficult to breathe. The mounting excitement had added degrees to the already sweltering temperatures inside. It was like making love in an oven!

"It's pretty fuckin' hot in there already," Ed commented, pulling the cigarette from between his lips and letting out a thin blue-gray stream of smoke.

The smoke drifted into her eyes, making her cough and turn her head away.

"She could be a lot hotter, man..." Brad smiled. Brad's comment made Anna's body chill.

She would put nothing past these men. As little as she knew them, the girl guessed they were capable of anything. And now Ed was standing by her side, drawing the cigarette from his mouth a second time and blowing the pungent smoke in her face again. Her eyes stung and burned! Her nostrils felt as if someone had poured acid in them!

"This'll make you less willin' to fight us," Ed said, lowering the cigarette down to her right thigh.

Anna saw what he was doing. She whimpered, tugging at the ropes, the muscles cramping in her legs and arms. She could feel the heat coming from the burning cigarette, feel the pinpoint of warmth just above her right knee.

Glancing up, Anna saw that horrible, obscene glitter in Ed's eyes. He was enjoying this, loving the way she was whimpering, fighting against the ropes hopelessly while that cigarette came closer to her flesh.

There was a moment's pause, a second when Anna thought he would take the horrible thing away. A warm ash fell from the cigarette, making her flesh quiver.

Ed smiled, that awful, crooked smile, then he took another draw from the cigarette before lowering it quickly to a spot just behind her knee.

It happened so suddenly that Anna didn't feel pain. Everything was so unreal, so nightmarish. And then came the realization, the horrible thought that she was being burned alive. She heard the sizzling sounds of the nearly invisible hairs on her legs being singed from the burning cigarette.


Her forehead creased while beads of cold sweat broke out. A tremble shook her body as if someone had touched her with a live electric wire. There was a feeling of intense cold, then of numbness, and then finally of the heat searing her flesh.

Even through the filthy shorts Anna's screams of agony could be heard. Her bones rattled, feeling as if they would shatter from the intense pain.

Ed kept the cigarette there on her flesh for a moment, slowly drawing it around, around and down toward her pussy. He was careful not to really damage her flesh by lifting the burning cigarette at times to give her some respite from the pain.

Brad smiled. "Man, goin' for the cunt? Don't burn it out, man. We still gotta tap the damned thing."

Ed was humming, not paying attention to his brother as he watched the burning trail of his cigarette against Anna's reddening flesh.

The smell of singeing flesh filled her nostrils. Her flesh, hers! Whimpering, tears streaking her flushed cheeks, she pulled and twisted against the ropes until she was certain they were cutting through her flesh and drawing blood. This had to be some horrible dream, a terrible nightmare from which she would awaken in the safety of her bed. People didn't do these kind of things to other people. It couldn't be happening!

The agonizing, burning pain approaching her cunt told her it was all too real. Anna struggled against the gag, her tongue pushing against the dirty shorts as that cigarette approached her cuntlips. Where Brad had so deliciously and teasingly tongued her pussy, now his brother was going to burn it out!


The ropes strained against Anna's knees as she tried to close her thighs. Grunts of agony slipped past the gag while more tears rolled from her eyes. Ed's humming became more sporadic as the red glowing cigarette neared his objective.

Anna prayed that God would strike down these men before they burned out her cunt.

They were going to scar her forever, destroy her pussy in the name of a few moments of pleasure.

"Ohhhhh yeahhhhhhh..." Brad gasped. At the last moment Ed moved the cigarette down, laughing softly as it hissed out in the combination of sweat, cuntjuice and saliva just below her pussy.

Anna sighed, her muscles unclenching. She fell back to the table, laughing hysterically through the gag while rubbing her ass over the workbench in relief. She had nearly lost control of her sphincter, had nearly soiled herself in that tearing fear of being sexually mutilated by that cigarette. All those stories about girls being tortured, their broken bodies being discovered weeks later by hikers, filled her mind as Ed had moved that cigarette up to her cunt. Now Anna hoped the torture had stopped. Perhaps they would even let her go.

Ed looked at the hard, black coal at the end of his cigarette and chuckled.

"Man, hottest little virgin I've seen around town," Brad said.

"Yeah, well, I'm gonna find out if she's cherry or not," Ed grunted, wedging himself between her bound thighs after having crawled back up on the table.

Anna felt his fingers twisting into her pussy. She jerked her thighs to the right then to the left, grunting through the spit-soaked gag as she felt Ed's finger scraping along the slick membranes of her pussy.

"I... uhh... I feel somethin' down here," he said, screwing up his eyes as he slipped his two fingers up to the second joint. Anna arched her back, her eyes cinched tight as she felt that obscene probing, then felt his fingernails pushing up against her cherry.

"Looks like she don't like havin' you fuckin' around with her cherry."

"You ever find a virgin who did... at the start?" Ed countered, flashing an amused look at his brother before going back to the work at hand.

Anna tucked her ass back as best she could, the ropes binding her ankles and knees preventing her from much movement. She was trapped, trapped in this horrible position. No one could help her! Again she cried through the gag, begging the men in her muffled cries not to break her cherry. But her whimpers only excited Ed and Brad.

Moving his hand in deeper, Ed told her to get ready for the popping.

"It's gonna hurt like hell, baby, but then it's probably gonna be the last pain you'll feel down there."

Anna fought with every bit of strength she had, pulling hysterically at the ropes, bouncing her ass on the workbench, tugging her arms so violently that she thought she felt something pop in her shoulders.

There was a moment of relaxation, and then Ed shoved down hard and firmly.

It was as if someone had driven a spear into her belly! Brilliant lights exploded in her head while a jagged knife of pain stabbed into her brain. Her legs trembled while her ass pranced wildly over the jagged splintery workbench. Never had she experienced something so agonizing in her life. Her very soul was seared by the stabbing pain.

And Ed still kept his fingers in there, twisting them around and around, making her sob through that awful gag.

"Uhhhh... man, she was tight... still is. She'd probably snap off our pricks right now. But... uhh... but gonna leave my fingers in for a while 'til her cunt loosens up."

Anna sagged against the bench, feeling so violated, so soiled by these two men! Her mother had told her only a husband should go this far. With that idea Anna had fantasized about some man, some shadowy figure, who would sweep her off her feet and carry her away to some hidden spot where they would consummate their passion.

But reality had stepped in -- Ed and Brad Rudd, strapping her down, violating her, raping her in this terrible way!


"Take it out... uhhhhh... oh God, take it out!"

Tears streamed from her eyes as Anna felt those horrible fingers twisting around inside her tightening cunt. The gag had slipped, falling to one side of her mouth as she cried out to the men tormenting her.

"You dig it, bitch. You like havin' your cunt reamed out this way. I can feel you, baby, can feel your cunt milkin' at it!"

"No, no," she sobbed, closing her eyes and shaking her head from one side to the other.

But it was true! Lashed to the workbench, Anna began to notice strange changes in her body. No longer was fear the most important sensation. As her body twisted in the thick ropes, while her ass shifted from side to side over the splintery table top, Anna began to feel a soothing warmth in her cunt, a warmth that excited her. And Ed was increasing that warmth with his fingers scraping it around her hole, gouging it against the walls of her pussy while his knuckles kept brushing over the round, red tip of her clit!

She tightened her thighs, raising her buttocks slightly off the table top, rocking her hips. It was then that she realized she was juicing, actually spilling cunt juice from her pussyhole and wetting down Ed's probing finger.

"Man, hot, real hot..." Ed gasped.

"No more!" Anna wailed. "Oh please, don't do anything more to me!"

Anna sobbed with humiliation as Ed's finger slipped out and began trailing along the puffed outer limits of her cuntlips.

Ed smiled. "There's a lot more for you, baby, a hell of a lot more. And me and my brother are gonna show you the limit."

Anna twitched, jerking in her tight ropes as his middle finger continued its ticklish trail along her pussylips. She groaned long and loud, raising her head up, then banging it hard against the workbench.

Sparks of delight flashed through her cunt, then shot up her spine to her brain, freezing out any thoughts except those of fucking. Yes, fucking. Anna's addled brain could think of nothing except having those men fucking her! From an innocent girl she had turned into a rutting slut, a whore bound and gagged who wanted as much prickmeat as she could get between her legs!

"Uhhhhfhfhhff... ooohhhhhh!" she groaned.

"Get that gag back on 'er. I don't want the bitch shoutin' down the walls when we get into her," Ed suggested.

Anna felt Brad move the shorts back over her mouth. She swallowed hard, shaking her head violently, trying to knock the gag from between her lips again.

"Gettin'... uhhh... gettin' looser down there," Ed said, moving his fingers around.

She could feel his jagged fingernails scraping teasingly along her slick pussy walls, feel him stick yet another digit in up to the second joint. It was like getting fucked! She pushed downward, moving around, feeling her bare soles pressing up against her jiggling buttocks.

How Anna wished she could throw her arms around the big man and hold him! And yet she knew they were making fun of her, tormenting her, and there she was wanting them to do their worst!


Her tight, narrow pussy was slowly getting broader, wider, opening up for the big man as his dirty fingers kept moving around inside her. There was a weird sense of regret sweeping over her as the pain kept on decreasing. The thrill was building, the wonderful, hot, electric thrill between her splayed thighs.

Tugging at the ropes once more, her cunt straining down at those probing fingers, Anna secretly knew she wanted those men to rape her. Some dark force inside her had been tapped, had been touched and let loose. She now wanted not only to be fucked but hurt as well.

Brad saw the lust in her eyes and bent forward, clamping his teeth on her nipple and biting down hard.

Anna screamed through the gag, arching her back, her eyes rounding as Brad's teeth cut into her tit flesh! The pain seared through her brain while the big stud kept biting and snarling.

He would tear off her tit! Anna panicked, feeling her sphincter once more threatening to lose control as Brad bit harder into her nipple. Hot sparks of delight and pain mixed together, showering into her cunt and making her twist and writhe in a strange dance of lust and agony.

"Mmmmm, man, she's hot all right. She loves havin' her tits bit. Gotta try the other one," Brad whispered, pulling away and rubbing her injured nipple.

Anna whimpered through the shorts stuffed in her mouth, staring wide-eyed at the big man who was eyeing her. His eyes were black and hard, like those of an animal about to attack! Then his head dropped. Sucking in a deep breath, Anna tried to prepare herself as she felt his teeth bit on her left nipple. Then he bit down.

Anna moaned.

He was squeezing her other tit painfully with both hands until she thought her sore nipple would pop off. But still the worst pain was coming from the teeth sinking into her left tit tip. She curled her fingers once more, digging the nails into her palms until they nearly bled while her arms twisted awkwardly in the resenting ropes. More splinters stabbed cruelly in her naked ass while Brad continued to bite on her nipple.

"Yeah, crazy! This little number's hotter'n a mink ready to fuck," Brad said, pulling away and wiping his lips with the back of one hand.

"Come on, Brad. Come on and get on with fuckin' the bitch. I want in too," Ed complained, rubbing his sore, aching prick.

"Okay, okay. Can't take too much of this fuckin' around myself. It's gonna be good havin' something that tight and wet around my prick. Man, ain't had that for a long time."

The fingers in her seepy cunt tunnel suddenly slipped out, making Anna gasp. Brad was positioning himself between her thighs, getting ready to fuck her. Raising her head slightly from the table once more, Anna saw his big cock. Drops of something were oozing from the broad slit at the head. Mentally she measured the length of that cock sticking straight out from Brad's hairy, muscular groin. Jesus, his cock would split her in two!

Anna closed her eyes and mouthed another childhood prayer as Brad edged forward, placing his hands on her inner thighs and spreading her legs farther apart. The ropes cut more painfully into her arms as he did so.

"Goin' in, man, gain' all the way in, baby. You're gonna dig this."

Anna shook her head, her eyes bulging from their sockets. It was going to happen. It was really going to happen! She pranced her ass maddeningly up and down, banging her asscheeks against the workbench top while trying again to close her legs, but the ropes kept her knees wide apart.

"Keep her steady, man," Brad said, wrapping his fingers around his prick.

"Gonna do somethin' better than that," Ed commented, crawling up behind Anna and taking the gag from her mouth.

"Oh no, don't... you don't understand! Please, I don't want this..."

"I didn't take this fucker off so you could talk," Ed muttered, crawling around her until his balls were dangling over her mouth.

In a second she felt the pressure of his cock against her upper lip. Anna shut up in a hurry, her nostrils flaring while she thought of what he was about to do. Suck him! She knew he wanted her to suck him off! She had heard that a few of the girls at school did things like that. It was one way they could satisfy their boyfriends without worrying about getting knocked up. But to Anna it had sounded disgusting them and it sounded disgusting now!

Ed held her head, moving it around, back and forth so her lips would rub against the full length of his prick. He was groaning, telling her he'd knock the piss out of her if she tried biting him. Ed's threat was more than enough for her. Groaning, she submitted.

"Ohhhh, it's somethin' else feelin' her breathin' against my balls," Ed moaned, throwing back his head and closing his eyes as he moved his hips, dragging his cock over her mouth. "Come on, lick it, baby. Get that tongue and wiggle it back and forth over my fuckin' prick."

Anna felt her stomach turn over. She opened her mouth a little, feeling Ed's prick pressing against her front teeth. Tentatively she pushed her tongue out, wiggling the tip of it up and down over his thickly veined cock, listening to Ed's vile grunts of pleasure as he bounced his groin on her face.

"Oh man, man, man!"

"I said hold the bitch, Ed. I'm goin' in," Brad said impatiently.

"Oh yeah, yeah," Ed muttered, coming down from his sexual high and wrapping his fingers around her long blonde hair.

Anna felt him ease up on his mouth jabbing, pulling at her hair, keeping her steady while Brad edged farther between her thighs. She shuddered, feeling Brad's hairy hot body sliding up, up closet to her pussy.

A long low moan came from her as she felt his prickhead pressing up against her cuntlips. Brad grunted, shoving forward, leaning over her body, while his brother's huge cock kept pressing against her teeth.

"Come on, come on," Brad muttered, his jaws set in determination while his muscles tensed from the effort.

Anna shrieked.

Her tight, little fuckhole resisted for one more second. Then the muscles finally gave way. In one horrible moment Anna felt that boring mass of Brad's stiff cockmeat fucking its way into her. Her legs jerked, the muscles spasming, pulling against the ropes holding them in place.

Anna opened her mouth to scream, forgetting momentarily about that cock poised for entry over her mouth. Ed drove in, sliding his prick into her mouth.

"Mmmfmmfffffff!" Anna was horrified, almost biting down on that terrible cock fucking her mouth. But she remembered their threats and she knew the Rudd brothers were more than capable of carrying them out.

With another groan Anna resigned herself to the horrors forced upon her, feeling that hunk of prickmeat filling her mouth quickly, the fat head brushing over her tonsils while some strange flavor began washing over her mouth.

"Ohhhhh yyeahhhhhhh! Nice tight pussy, nice hot cunt," Brad sighed, jabbing his prick rapidly in and out of her pussy, rubbing his fingers almost tenderly along the outer edges of her cuntlips.

Anna sighed. Her tongue moved up and down the underside of Ed's cock. Spittle frothed around the stretched edges of her mouth, dribbling down to her chin. His balls were mashing against her cheeks, the aroma of his unwashed crotch triggering her into yet another higher state of sexual arousal.

"Suck it, baby, suck it like a fuckin' lollypop," Ed moaned, bouncing up and down while still holding tightly onto Anna's hair. "Yeah, that's your lollypop! Suck it dry, suck my tubes dry!"

Anna was going out of her mind. Being raped was one thing. But this sucking, the way she was wriggling her tongue back and forth, actually exciting that animal above her, making him slid more of his cock into her mouth until that awful, purple, blood-hot head was banging the back of her throat, was driving her over the edge.

"Uhhhghghhhhhh..." she groaned. And Brad! Shock wave after shock wave of lust and pain slammed through her body as he began sliding his prick all the way up her cunt! Anna twisted as much as she could, the ropes creasing her flesh as the big stud squeezed inch after hot, throbbing inch into her cunt.

Anna felt her cuntlips puckering inward, felt the juices flowing from the depths of her cunt to ease the entry of his fat cock.

Brad was puffing and wheezing, his muscular hairy thighs pressing against hers while his hands slid up her belly, past her navel, then up to her tits once more. Her nipples still hurt, and when he touched them, she nearly fainted from pain.

But Brad ignored her discomfort, squeezing her tits, making her red long nipples pop up between his fingers as he fucked more and more of his prick into her.


It was as if her belly were swelling up to the bursting point, about to explode with all that cockmeat being pushed into her! Anna took a deep breath, exhaling it wetly around that cock in her throat, then she sucked in more air! The throbs inside her body kept her senses alive no matter how desperately she wanted to lose consciousness.

When Brad touched a particularly sensitive spot in her cunt, Anna jerked violently, feeling her pussy muscles cramp painfully around his invading cock. Ed stopped his fuck-thrusts for a moment, hearing his brother grunt. He twisted his fingers tightly around her hair and threatened to snatch her bald if she didn't cooperate.

"Come on, baby, loosen up, loosen up," Brad muttered, smoothing his fingers up and down her tits. "You get looser down there and you'll have a better time."

Brad shoved in hard once more, inhaling a deep breath and pushing down and in for all he was worth.

Anna shrieked, feeling as if Brad were tearing her right down the middle. Anna cried again and again, hating that awful cock fucking her, and yet wanting it stabbing her cunt. It was so hard to believe that her pussy was taking that big cock! And he wanted to push all of it in, all ten inches of it!


"Come on, baby, come on!" Brad urged.

Ed was going wild on top of her, sliding his ass from side to side. Anna thought she was going to drown in her own spit. Only the increased pain and tension between her legs kept her from concentrating on what was going on in her mouth. She breathed with wheezing, gasping sound, the sucked-in air burning the insides of her nose while Ed kept fucking her mouth with his cock. Down that plum-like prickhead went, banging against her tonsils, beating the back of her throat while more and more of his sour-tasting jizz coated her mouth.

Anna tried more than once turning her head away from him. But Ed held her tightly, his fingers yanking at her hair, reminding her that he was still in command.

"Man, gonna shoot pretty fuckin' soon," Ed muttered, his head falling back while he began pumping his cock in and out of Anna's mouth.

Brad smiled. "Yeah, know what you mean. Hold off if you can. It'll be wild if we shoot together and fill this little bitch up with cum."

Anna writhed helplessly under Brad, agonizing under the pressure of his fucking cock. Brad had pushed more of his cock in. But it was only when she felt his balls squeezing up against her groin that Anna knew he had shoved all of his cock into her cunt. He had fucked her all the way! All of those ten thick inches were inside her pussy now, throbbing and jerking against her warm, moist cunt walls.

Anna shivered, concentrating on that warmth, feeling how strangely full she was! She felt as if her belly were full of prickmeat! Brad shivered on top of her, then muttered something, tensing his thighs and starting to pull back.

"Nooooo!" Anna gasped.

It was so wild, so strange, to feel his prickhead sliding back. For a while Anna could feel the extent of the soreness inside her cunt. And then that feeling disappeared. Now all she could feel was the incredible emptiness left behind that retreating prick. If only she could speak, she would have begged him to slip it back in.

Brad laughed at her grunts, sliding his cockmeat out until only his thick, throbbing cockhead remained grasped by her pussylips. Then, with another guttural grunt, he began sliding his cock back in, the head of his prick stretching her pussyhole. It was the wildest feeling of her whole young life.

Anna felt Brad's hands crawling up along her belly now, pinching her flesh, bruising it, while Ed slowed his fuck-thrusts, keeping time with his brother's cock, watching as his balls threatened to boil over at any second. And Anna lay there, roped, helpless, waiting for the end of her terrible ordeal.


"Ohhhhh, nice, nice... it's gonna be real nice when I shoot off down your fuckin' throat," Ed moaned, increasing the speed of his throat-fucking as his brother began fucking Anna's cunt with increasing speed.

"Yeah, yeah, and gonna be real nice when I dump my load in her pussy... a nice, hot, virgin pussy," he said with a laugh, feeling another spasm in the girl's cunt.

"Fuck her, fuck her, fuck her," Ed gasped, his eyes wide as he watched his brother slide his prick in and out of Anna's pussy, then dropped his eyes down to the girl's opened mouth.

Anna was going out of her mind. They were fucking her mindless, fucking the morality her mother had so carefully instilled in her. The faster Brad's cock shot into her cunthole, the hotter she became, twisting her ass as much as she could against those awful ropes.

The head of Brad's prick slid back and forth faster and faster, the wet friction burning her cuntlips while her clit sputtered madly. His hairy balls kept slapping against her upturned asscheeks. How good it was to feel those rushes of cool air blowing against her thighs as Brad kept fucking her harder and faster, the brutality building as he became more excited.

"Man, go for it," Ed groaned, watching the excitement build in his older brother's face.

"Can't hold back much more, man she's so fuckin' hot and tight I'm gonna pop off... you get ready, fill up her Goddamned throat with your jizz," Brad ordered.

"No problem there, brother. She's gonna choke on my cum!"

The obscene, threatening words drove Anna higher and higher. She could picture them -- she, trapped on the workbench, her body stretched and roped with Brad fucking her up front and Ed crouched over her head, filling her mouth with her prickmeat. Again and again Anna tried shaking the image from her mind. But it burned itself in her brain, making her cunt hotter, wetter.

"Uhfhhf! Uhhhfff! Uhhhfff!" Anna gasped and grunted, tears of joy and horror rushing down her cheeks as she felt Brad's prick swell inside her. Or was that her imagination? Did cocks actually get bigger inside a woman when they were about to unload?

The thought that Brad's ten-incher was actually swelling inside her sent a flash of incredible delight shooting up and down Anna's spine. Her whimpers were becoming louder sobs as she began realizing, as much as she hated these men, that she was enjoying what they were doing to her.

The constant pounding fuck-thrusts of Brad's prick inside her had built up sensations she had never thought existed before. The continual sawing in and out of her pussy was driving her mad, sexually insane! It felt good, better than anything she had ever felt in her life!

"Ohhhh yeahhhhhh!" Brad gasped, his hands flat against her tits, squeezing them, making her nipples hurt.

"Gettin' ready, Brad?" Ed moaned, his face bloated by lust. "Shit, I'm ready to fuck this little bitch's face into putty!"

"Go for it, man, go for it!" Brad cried in a strangled voice.

It was going to happen. Anna could feel the tension building. All three of them were teetering on the brink of an abyss that would swallow them up in a wild, shrieking storm of sexual craziness!

Ed was twisting his fingers harder in Anna's hair, pulling it until tearing sounds mixed with her cock-muffled throaty groans. But Anna didn't even feel the pain now in her scalp. All her attention was focused on her cunt and her tits.

Brad was kneading her tits cruelly, his fingers pressing in hard while his cock hammered relentlessly against Anna's clit. He was rubbing against her clit faster and harder while Ed's prick pistoned into her mouth.

Brad was gasping now, crying out something insane while jerking his body from side to side. She could feel something terribly hot and wet spattering against the insides of her cunt.

Brad was cumming, spraying her insides with jizz. Ed saw his brother climaxing and went wild, sitting on Anna's face hard, releasing the jizz that was tightly packed in his ballsac.

Anna felt one wad, then another, and then a third shooting from Ed's piss-slit, spattering against the back of her throat. At first she constricted her mouth and throat, trying to keep the awful stuff from dribbling into her belly. But then she realized she would have to swallow if she didn't want to choke. Again and again Ed kept firing that bleachy-tasting stuff into her mouth, grunting and groaning as loudly as his brother while his balls kept pumping out more and more white-hot cum.

Her mind was shattered. That throbbing, itchy sensation in her cunt finally overwhelmed her. Bucking, thrashing, swallowing the cum still shooting from Ed's piss-slit, Anna came with a violence that stunned her.

Her shouts of ecstasy sent vibrations shooting through Ed's cock, making his climax much more intense. Brad held tightly onto her, riding her like a cowboy rides a bucking mare.

For Anna, the whole thing was madness, insane. The sensations coursing through her veins blotted out every thought. She was hot, wet, milking, her body bucking against the workbench again and again.

Then finally it was over. Ed's prick stopped shooting those awful spurts of cum down her throat. With a grunt he pulled away, smearing the remaining droplet of cum on his prickhead over her cheeks, laughing when she grimaced.

Brad was pulling out, his fingers sinking into he soft white flesh of her thighs while gouts of jizz trickled out from between her stretched cuntlips. Anna shivered, feeling the wide-flared head of his cock slipping back, her elastic cuntal membranes shrinking back behind it.

"Uhhhhhhh..." she groaned.

"Man, somethin' like this we gotta tap all the time," Brad said, resting his hairy butt on the balls of his feet. He wiped his forehead with the back of one hand, stroking her thighs with the other. "Fuck, I could take care of this little bitch in another hour... but she's gotta be back home before her old lady suspects somethin'."

Ed smiled. "You know, I bet the old lady wouldn't mind gettin' tapped herself... she's a pretty damned good looker... nice ass, tits..."

"You... you leave my mother out of this," Anna said weakly, the sour taste of jizz in her mouth still there.

"We'll do whatever the fuck we wanna. Now you just keep your damned little mouth shut, or I'll have to stuff it again with my prick," Ed threatened, yanking her hair out again and making Anna squeal with pain. "Better."

"Ooofffff!" Anna gasped.

"Okay, let's untie her and let the slut go home," Brad said, stepping into his Levi's.

Anna lay there, groaning as she felt them slipping the ropes from her knees, from her ankles, then finally freeing her hands. She sobbed quietly, rubbing her chafed wrists against each other. How good it felt to have her arms at her sides, instead of stretched behind her head.

Whimpering, Anna sat up from the bench, rubbing her forehead, feeling the jizz and juice still oozing from her cunt slit. Brad tossed her a dirty rag, watching her with a sneer as she carefully dabbed her violated cunthole. Raped! Yes, that's what had happened to her! She had come over here just to tease the boys and she had wound up being raped.

"Don't say anything, man, just don't say anything," Brad said, pointing a warning finger at her.

Sniffling, wiping her nose with one finger, Anna slipped on her bikini tops and bottoms, modestly sliding the three tiny patches over her tits and cunt.

"Okay, out," Brad said, moving to the side door and unlocking it.

Anna cast a baleful glance over her shoulders, then shuffled from the garage.

How different everything seemed as Anna walked up her driveway. In a way everything was the same -- the two-story brick house, her mother's small rock garden, the cracked pane in the window of the back door. And yet how different everything was.

She had been fucked. Her cherry had been torn from her in a brutal way and she had taken a prick in her mouth! Putting one hand to her lips and feeling her stomach bucking, Anna rushed into the house, moaning while tears streamed down her eyes and rushed once more down her flushed cheeks.

After several days had passed, her mother Christine noticed the change in her daughter and tried several times to find out what the problem was. Of course Anna was silent, changing the topic or shuffling from the room.

Christine would have pushed the matter further, but she was haying problems of her own. It had been nearly three years since Jack's death, three long years without having a man's touch, a man's caress. For awhile she thought raising Anna would be enough. Then, when that seemed lacking, Christine had gone out and found herself a part-time job at the local library. But soon that too showed its emptiness. A man -- Christine knew that's what she needed. As much time as she spent with Anna and the job at the library, Christine knew something else was missing.

Now as she sat alone at the kitchen table staring out the window at the two young men across the way, Christine knew what it was. Her fingers tightened around the spoon stirring her coffee, her heart pounding savagely as she thought about Jack, about the way he held her, about the way he fucked her! It was only a short leap of the imagination to thinking about those young boys across the way and how they were built, about how they would...

"No!" she gasped.

That was foolish. They were young enough to be her sons. She had met Mr. and Mrs. Rudd only briefly. They seemed always so busy, always going away, letting their sons have the run of the place. Christine disapproved of that, but her disapproval always melted under the growing delight of watching those men work on their truck, their chests bare, sweaty, sexy.

Christine rose from the table, trying to fight down that damned tingle in her pussy. It was getting worse and worse! She was afraid she would turn into some kind of nymphomaniac if she didn't get some kind of relief soon. All she could think about lately was cock -- hot, hard, throbbing prickmeat, a prick that would ease into her aching pussy, rub against her clit, give her the much-needed relief she wanted.

"Ohhh God!" Christine passed one hand over her burning forehead, leaning against the refrigerator.

She struggled for control, feeling the slippery juices ooze from her pussy and wet down the narrow crotch panel of her panties. As she moved, she felt the silky material pull stickily away from her cuntlips.

Then she heard the sound of a car pulling away.

Staggering to the sink, holding tightly onto the cold porcelain, she saw Ed, the younger brother, pulling away, flashing a look at her kitchen window. Christine ducked away from the window, pivoting and holding one hand to her chest to calm her wildly beating heart, "Must... must get control of myself... must..."

Her knuckles whitened as she tightened her grip on the sink. Slowly Christine turned around. She could hear the soft strains of rock music coming from her daughter's bedroom. Anna had been moping around the house. It was doubtful she would be going outside. Christine could sneak out of the living room without anyone noticing and go over and...

"Oh, Christine, grow up!"

The attractive blonde sucked in her lower lip and bit down, feeling fiery, itchy thrills racing up and down her legs. Her tits seemed to be growing, swelling in the confines of her bra while her nipples felt hot and sticky as if they were roasting in a hot, sticky syrup. Again she passed her fingers over her forehead, feeling dizzy. This had to be the worst attack of horniness she had had in a long time.

Get a grip on yourself, Christine told herself, sliding her shaking hands down her thighs and feeling that tender itching grow more acute. Then a delicious hot thrill washed over her flesh. It was wrong, so wrong! Again the thought that she was seducing someone who could have been her son crossed Christine's mind. Somehow that thought excited rather than repelled her.

There was one more moment of hesitation. Then another shock wave of lust rippled through her cunt, and Christine closed her eyes, letting out a small groan. She couldn't stand this much more. She would go out of her mind with lust soon.

Opening her eyes, Christine moved like a woman possessed. Her fingers rested on the brass doorknob, tensing, twisting it, opening the back door. Christine stepped from her house and closed the door behind her. Again she looked up, almost feeling her daughter's gaze.

She reached the leafy border hedge between her property and the Rudds'. Through the foliage she would see Brad's thick-muscled body as he leaned over the front right fender of the truck, his head buried in the engine compartment. Again she thought about turning back, even as she stepped through the bushes.

"Hello." Christine had tried to sound natural, non-committal as she stepped behind the young man.

Brad grunted something, his hands twisting around in the engine compartment. There was the sound of metal against metal, then the young man pulled his head from the engine compartment and turned around, a broad smile on his face.

Christine found herself stepping back, her voice catching for a moment. The ripples of lust between her legs increased as his bright eyes seared her very soul!

"I'm... I'm Mrs. Bixby," Christine said, clearing her throat.

"Yeah, I know. My mom said something about meeting you," Brad said, stretching out a greasy hand.

Christine took it, feeling his strong fingers clamping around hers. She winced, drawing back her hand.

"I... I thought I'd come around and introduce myself. I mean, being next door and all that..."

Her words died on her lips as Brad's smile made her pulse quicken. Now, she realized she shouldn't be here, shouldn't be standing here while her pussy seeped hot juice into her panties! A light breeze raised the golden strands of hair from her shoulders, and she turned to leave.

"I'll come back later... obviously your father and mother aren't home and..."

"Come on, hang around. They'll be home in a while, I think. Got some coffee in the house," Brad said, wiping his hands on his Levi's, and nodding toward his house.

"Well, all right... just for a moment."

Christine thought everyone in the neighborhood was watching as she followed Brad into the house. There on the kitchen counter was a small coffee pot half full. She was about to approach it when something happened that she would never forget.

"Please... you're hurting me!" she screamed.

Brad had grabbed her by the elbow and wheeled her around. Christine felt her breath quicken as she stared into those brilliant eyes glistening with excitement and arousal in front of her.

"That's the whole idea," Brad said, his voice thick with emotion.

"No, oh please, I made a mistake. Tell your mother I'll come back later when I know she's home and... and when things are safer."

Brad only smiled at her poor choice of words, holding onto her other elbow and drawing her closer to him. Christine struggled, her skin flushing from a wild fever within.

"Just like her daughter," Brad muttered. "What?"

"Nothing, baby, nothing. Believe me," Brad said, his fingers fanning out on her arm.


"Nooooo!" Christine gasped.

It was hard to fight Brad, difficult to push him away when part of her wanted him so desperately. When he pulled her from the kitchen to the basement door, Christine struggled, thinking at one time that she could simply jerk her knee up, catch him in the crotch, then wheel about and run for safety.

But none of that happened. When she could have escaped, she simply twisted in his arms, feeling the excitement rising more and more in her mind and body.

"Down here!"

Brad took her by the shoulders, shoving her past him and down the first two steps.

Christine hesitated only for a moment, realizing there could be no going back. Brad blocked the stairway with both hands, his thick-muscled body cutting off the daylight streaming in from the kitchen. Turning, she began descending the stairs, trailing one hand along the wooden banister, smelling the damp, dank air of the cellar.

When she reached bottom, Christine stopped, one hand to her chest, the other still lingering on the banister. Behind her was Brad. Just before reaching the basement, Christine heard the door close and lock above her. Trapped! The thought shot through her mind as she stood there in the semi-darkness.

Brad brushed past her for the moment, stretching one arm up and clicking on a small yellow lights.

Christine blinked, narrowing her eyes, as Brad approached her.

"You came over for a little action, huh? I saw it in your eyes, man, a little action," he breathed, holding her by the upper arms once more.

Christine let out a whimpering gasp, her forehead wrinkling as she felt his fingers bruising her sensitive flesh.

"No, not at all," she began, tilting her chin back defiantly. "I just came over to see your mother, pay a neighborly call, and if you don't let me go right now, I'll have to tell her."

Brad's lips curled into a smile, his hold on her arms tightening.

"You didn't come over for no cup of sugar, baby. You wanted prick, and that's what you're gonna get -- after a while."

His words seared her brain. Christine tried pulling back, but Brad was too strong.

"My brother and me built something for somebody else," he said, his smile indicating some sort of secret. "But now, well hell, it don't matter who the fuck gets into it."

"What are you talking about?" Christine said, still trying to keep her voice even while terror leaped in her veins. Her sandaled feet slipped on the concrete floor while her eyes darted about, searching for some escape route and finding none.

"Over here."

Brad pulled her, twisting his head around every now and then.

Christine was losing her courage fast. They moved from beneath the yellow circle of light toward one wall. Christine could make out something, a large frame -- like object standing just in front of her. Brad turned away from her for a moment to check out the contraption.

"Wh-what is this?"

"Somethin' you're gonna like. It's meant to make you listen to me... me and my brother, that is, in case you got any kind of funny ideas about gettin' away 'til we're through with you."

This was mad, insane! He was talking like a lunatic.

"I don't know what your game is, but I've had enough of this!" she snapped, yanking free of his loose hold, then wheeling about and heading for the stairs. Perhaps with enough bravado Christine felt she could pull off her escape.

She was wrong. Brad grabbed her again, jerking her back, snarling at her.

"You ain't gonna leave this basement 'til I'm good and ready to let you. My brother's gonna be home in a sec. 'Til he gets here, we're gonna have us a good hot time."

"No, oh no!"

Christine twisted in his arms once more, this time with a growing conviction that the Rudd brothers were really going to hurt her.

"Damned cunt!" Suddenly Brad let her go.

Christine fell back, one leg tangling up in the other. As she stumbled, her arms stretched out for balance, Brad advanced, striking her hard across the face with the back of his hand. "Uhhh... ooohhhh!" she moaned.

The stunning blow had its effect. Christine jerked, her arms flailing in the air. She fell, sliding on her side, her chin striking the cracked concrete.

"Come on."

Christine felt Brad helping her off the floor, hauling her up like a sack. He was draping her over one arm, dragging her to that wooden device. Now, she could make out the thing much better. It was a sturdy wood frame raised up from the floor by another larger wooden frame. Two large iron rods were attached that enabled the inner frame to rotate. It reminded Christine of the vanity mirror on her dresser.

Tied to the corners of the upper boards of the inner frame were thin leather thongs.

The sandals slipped from her feet as Brad shoved her forward, barking at her to stand up. It was almost impossible for her to straighten her body. The force of that horrible blow had knocked the wind from her. She could still feel the slap across her face while her head pounded and throbbed from her violent fall.

"Come on, don't be such a fuckin' cry baby! Come on, up we go!"

The fog was clearing from Christine's mind quickly. She looked up at the frame, her lower lip trembling while tears began to burn in her eyes. This was some horrible device of torture. She could see that now. Now she realized the Rudd brothers were sadists, men who enjoy inflicting pain on others.

Brad sensed her hesitation and pushed her forward hard, his hand nearly punching her between her jutting shoulderblades.

"Ohhh!" Christine gasped.

"You listen to me good, baby. You cooperate and you won't get hurt... much. You fuck around and I'm gonna clean up this fuckin' basement with you."

Christine stopped, staring at him and realizing Brad wasn't joking. She nodded in fearful agreement, fearing what would happen next.

There was some sort of locking device, preventing the inner frame from rotating as Christine carefully stood on a narrow board, turning around and facing Brad. It was so strange! She felt like a picture, framed by the heavy wood on either side of her. He moved around the device, checking the wood, shaking it at times and nearly knocking her from the floorboard.

Satisfied, Brad bent down and told her ta spread her legs. Christine did as she was told, tightening her fingers around the sideboards as Brad began tying thongs around her ankles.

"Oh God, God," she whispered, closing her eyes and feeling the thin leather strips being fastened to her ankles, keeping her feet tied firmly to the floorboard.

"Now for your arms."


"Come on, stretch 'em up 'til your fingers touch the top... to either side, just like your legs." Christine felt so vulnerable as she held her arms high over her head.

Brad stood in a chair, tying double figure eights around her wrists. In a few moments she was helpless, her arms and legs spread, wrists and ankles tied securely.

"Now for a little fun. You ever see somethin' like that before?" Brad asked, stepping off the chair and moving around to the front. "It's a little machine invented sometime back in the fifteen century in England. They used to use it to get info outta some prisoners. My brother Ed and I saw it in a picture book once and we thought we could have a little fun with it." Brad paused, putting one hand on the frame. "I didn't think about you for it... but what the hell."

Christine sucked in a nervous breath and held it, tensing her arms and legs as she felt her body moving down and around. Her head was moving toward the floor while her feet were coming up. She felt the weight of her twisting body increase on her ankles and wrists as she quickly became parallel to the floor. Around her, Christine heard the wood creaking from the movement.

"Yeah, yeah, just like I figured it'd work," Brad commented.

"Oh nooooo..."

He stopped the movement. The leather thongs were tightening around her wrists and ankles, cutting off the circulation to her toes and fingers, making them chill from the lack of blood.

Again and again Christine begged Brad to let her go. She would say nothing if only he would let her out of this horrible contraption. Christine twisted her head around, staring tearfully up at him, her hair hanging down toward the floor.

"No way, baby, no way."

He was enjoying this, loving her discomfort. The inner frame made another turn. The wood creaked and her head edged closer to the floor.

Christine could feel her tits rolling up in her halter toward her chin while the blood rushed to her head. At least the tension in the leather thongs eased on her ankles and wrists. Now she found herself supporting her body on the palms of her hands as her feet pointed right at the beamed ceiling.

"What are you going to do?" she gasped, her hair fanned out under her on the floor.

"Just what you think," he answered cryptically.

There was a delicious air of anticipation, of suspended excitement as Christine shifted her weight, feeling her ass rubbing against the center wood beam that ran up and down the full length of the inner frame for support. It was a strangely delightful sensation to feel those tiny splinters scratching against her asscheeks. Christine wondered about that sensation, wondered why it was making her pussy itch and throb again when by rights she should only feel disgust and fear at what was about to happen.

"Uhhhhhh..." she groaned.

But deep in the core of her belly she felt the familiar tightening of sexual excitement, felt the hot tension building in her cunt while her nipples itched and stiffened teasingly.

Now more than ever she wished Brad would tear off her halter and short shorts to see how swollen and hot her pussy was. It was so terrible how this device was turning her into a rutting, perverted whore. But there was nothing Christine could do about it. The feeling was there, overpowering her, overwhelming even her natural feeling of fear and disgust at what the savage young man was doing to her!

"Gettin' hot... real hot?"

Her pussy itched while her cuntlips were steadily swelling, the frothy, rubbery edges rubbing together! Christine closed her eyes and fought with herself as she tightened her crotch in a wild attempt to put out the awful raging fire of lust. But all she did with that movement was increase the desire.

"Want something hard down there, baby? Want something good, and hot and, hard shovin' into your cunt?" Brad asked, a hard mocking tone in his voice.

"No, no, you're sick... you don't know what you're doing!"

Christine did her best to keep up appearances. But the raging lust pulsing through her cunt was winning out fast.

Brad reached forward, opening the front of her shorts, then pulling down the side zipper. Christine twisted helplessly around, feeling him tugging those shorts up, up to her knees until he had completely exposed her panties.

"Uhhhhh, yeah, nice hot pussy... you got it comin' outta you good... nice juice," he said, bending forward and pushing his face into her panty crotch.

"Ohhhhhh!" Christine winced, feeling the pressure of his nose against her pussy mound. He was smelling her, smelling her like some kind of dog. She felt the subtle rub of the silken crotch panel against her cuntlips, felt Brad pushing his nose up into her pussy and rubbing the panty material against the slick folds and hollows of her cunt. It had been so long, so very long, since a man had done that to her! Christine felt a wave of lust sweep over her, tingling every nerve ending in her aroused body. She pulled and twisted at the leather bonds restraining her.

"Man, you got it comin' outta you like you gotta have dick... you gotta have it, your whole family, right?"

Her brain couldn't comprehend the words. The only thing that could ease her distress and satisfy her pent-up lust was a prick! That's why she had come over here. If Christine could have admitted it freely to herself, she would have realized a situation like this was inevitable.

"Get them tits free."

He was bending down, squatting next to her head while untying her halter. In a moment her halter top was gone, her tits having rolled up and slapping against her chin.

"Ohhh, no..."

He was stripping her, taking off her clothes slowly, taunting her with comments about her body.

"You're like a teeny-bopper, baby. Nice, nice skin, nice tits, nice cunt, nice everything. You're gonna be one hell of a fuck when I get through with you."

Christine moaned again when she felt his warm fingers slipping under the elastic leg band of her panties. She felt the material pulling away from her pussy, felt it rubbing over her clit as he yanked upward. There was a tearing sound.


In two swift moves both her shorts and panties were gone, torn from her body!

Christine pulled at the ropes again.

"You can hardly wait, eh, baby? You gotta have somethin' in you now? You gotta wait."

There was the sound of leather scraping against the rough material of his Levi's. Christine turned around as she watched Brad sliding his black leather belt out from the loops, holding the buckled end in his hand.

"No, oh no!"

Christine jerked and tugged her body violently, feeling the leather thongs cutting into her wrists and ankles. If there were some way she could break free! But the restraints were too strong. She hung there helplessly, her ass pressing against the wood.

"Okay, baby, now we warm you up."

The frame moved again, her head dipping a little lower until it was nearly touching the ground!


Christine's head seemed to fill with concrete, her heart beating faster while a dull buzzing sound filled her eats. The thongs around her ankles hurt. Her buttocks tensed as she wondered where the first blow would land.

"Good white skin," Brad muttered.

Oh God! Christine flinched, feeling the cool leather trailing along her legs. She felt the belt sliding down past her knees, edging past her hipbones, then touching her lower back. She curled her fingers into two fists, the palms still pressed against the overhead board to support her body.

"Nice, nice body."

Christine felt her muscles starting to spasm as she waited breathlessly for the first bone crushing blow to come.



The blow came with the fury of a brushfire, making her body twitch, then it snapped to the left while her wailing cry echoed within the cinderblock walls of the basement. The black leather bit into the flesh just below her left buttock, burning the white flesh with a dry smacking sound, leaving a small red welt.

Christine thought he had touched her with a torch! The burning sting brought tears to her eyes as she arched her body, her tits rubbing against her chin.

"Uhhhhhhhghghhh... oooohhh..."

An animal! That was the only word that could describe Brad Rudd! Animal! He had trusted her up in this horrible device. And now he was beating her senseless with his belt while she remained bound and upside down in this wooden contraption!

"Have another one, baby, somethin' to keep you warm in winter."


Brad paused for a while, rubbing the bottom of his chin with one hand while he studied her smooth back, the full swells of her tight, rounded asscheeks. Christine blinked away the tears and watched him licking his lips, as if he were a wolf about to pounce on her. She sniffed, shaking the blinding tears from her face and tensing her muscles. Yes, she was getting ready for the next blow, the next stinging attack of that belt. She watched the belt hanging from his hand, the tip trailing over his boots.

Her heart was beating hard when Brad tensed his arm, drawing the belt up from the floor and over his head.


Even as Christine sobbed, the shadow of Brad's arm cut across her belly and ass. She trembled violently, gooseflesh dotting her skin. Christine saw the arm jerk up a little more.

Closing her eyes and biting down hard, she heard the leather sizzling through the air. There was a rushing sound as she clenched her buttocks together. And then there was that same burning, stinging pain she had felt on the back of one leg. Only now the belt had chewed into the plump flesh of her asscheek. It was a stinging blow that sent her body jerking forward, the thongs groaning as they restrained her. More tears burned her eyes, rolled back into her hair as Brad laughed at her distress.

"Having trouble, baby? Having trouble with the belt? Man, lots of cunts have trouble with it at the start. But they come around pretty soon."

"Oh please, please, you don't know what you're doing to me. This is awful," she sobbed, shaking her head.

Her arms and legs hurt her in this awkward position! God only knows how much longer he would keep her in here, hurting her, taunting her. Christine blinked again clearing her mind. She had nearly forgotten why she had come here in the first place. Fucking. Of course.

Subtly she began moving her hips from side to side and found, to her surprise, that the movement was more than pleasurable. She was feeling the same hot tensions she had felt earlier. Only now the beating and the bondage had added something delicious adventure.



The word sent shivers rushing up and down her spine. Again there was the sound of leather rushing through the air, the sizzling, hissing sound that made her tense and cry out in anguish.

A pause, then the stinging heat tore through her asscheeks once again and spread quickly to her cunt. It was as if a lightning bolt had sliced into her pussy, burning her membranes while her clit absorbed a powerful charge of delight!

"Yaggghghghhghh..." Christine whimpered as Brad made criss-crossing attacks on her supple asscheeks.

Brad's breathing turned into labored wheezing while the sound of that black leather belt hissing through the air mixed obscenely with her cries.

Time and time again Christine swore she wouldn't scream, wouldn't cry as the leather burned and seared her ass. But Brad was a master, striking her where it hurt, then going lighter on another part of her body so she wouldn't become numb to his attacks. And then it was back to the injured spot, the leather caressing and burning her flesh until Christine thought she would pass out from the agony!

And then the beating stopped.

Christine opened her eyes, looking up at the big man. He was sweating profusely, perspiration staining his face and chest while the black leather belt hung to one side. He was studying her, his free hand roving up and down the bulge in front of his pants. Her head ached and throbbed from the awkward position of being hung upside down!

"Oh please, please, don't keep me this way please," she sobbed, her voice turning into a wail as Brad stretched out one hand toward her.

At first Christine thought it was going to be some new torment, some awful torture that would drive her mad. Instead, she heard the wood groaning, then felt the inner frame moving clockwise.

She closed her eyes and murmured a prayer as she felt him righting her body. In a moment her hair tested on her shoulders and down her back.

"Ooooohhhhhhh..." she sighed.

Christine twisted her wrists in the leather thongs, restoring some of the circulation to her fingers.

"Cockmeat, baby, hot cockmeat," Brad muttered, his hand toying with his zipper.

Christine knew she should look away. Even under these circumstances she should show this awful man that she wasn't the rutting whore he thought she was.

But Christine couldn't help herself. She found her eyes riveted to his crotch, felt her flesh crawling with delight as she watched his fingers tighten around the zipper tab, then pull down. His Levi's halved. Brad pulled out his ten long inches, those inches of cock that sooner or later would squeeze their way into Christine's hot, throbbing pussy.

"My... my God!"

Her lower jaw slackened. Never had she seen any cock so big, and so beautiful as that prick sticking straight out from between his stained jeans! Again and again Christine tried pulling her eyes away from the sight. She tried reminding herself just what kind of person Brad and Ed Rudd were. The stinging flesh still smarting from the belting blows should have been reminder enough. But still Christine couldn't help but stare at Brad's prick, stare at that tight pink skin stretching against the blue veins throbbing with lust.

"Goddamned cock-happy cunt. Thought you was one of those. You and your fuckin' daughter."


Christine hadn't heard much of what he'd said. Had Brad mentioned Anna? No, that was impossible. Anna was too shy, far too reticent to come over here and do anything with these horrible men!


He was going to hit her again! She could see it in his eyes, hear it in his voice!

Christine watched, her flesh tingling as his arm cocked once more. He lashed out with a fury, the belt striking across her tits, the leather chewing down hard.

"Yagghghghhh!" she wailed.

The next blow fell over her right nipple, making Christine think he was about to tear the nub from her titflesh. She jerked her ass back, her lower spine striking the broad beam of wood.

"No, don't... don't!"

Again Brad stared hungrily at her, licking his lips. The belt fell down hard once more across her thighs, then up around her cunt.

Christine felt her belly muscles tighten, then cramp, as the belt dug into her sunken navel.

"Yagghhh... ooohhhhno, no! You're going to kill me!" she screamed.


Again came the stinging blows, one raining down after, another.

Her legs trembled, her ankles jerking in the leather restraints. He was concentrating the blows on her feet, the end of his belt lashing at her ankles, her toes. It was as if someone were pouring burning gasoline over her feet. And then he was back up around her belly. A particularly harsh blow sent the tip of that awful belt into her cunt!


For a while the world went black around her. Christine had never felt such an all encompassing pain in her life! It was as if he had stabbed her with a rusty blade, twisting it around and around in her belly.

Her knees jerked up as her brain exploded into a myriad of colors and sounds. Snapping her head back, feeling the sweep of her long blonde hair across her upper back, Christine let out a series of shrieks as another blow fell.


The shrill power of her screaming cries rang off the walls, drowning out Brad's obscene comments on her body. It felt as if she would die here on this contraption.

"Uhhhhhhh..." she groaned.

Brad lashed at her again with renewed frenzy.

Christine screamed more loudly, her chest tightening, her body twisting and jerking, spasming from the increased savagery of the blows. He was beating at her tits, the leather belt stinging her spongy red nipples.

But now, the reaction Christine had was something other than pain. It was arousal, a kind of excitement that confused her as well as pleased her.

The belting stopped again.

This time, Christine guessed it was for good. She heard the belt fall to the floor. She felt cunt juice running out of her like a river of molten lava. And then Brad was standing up to her, his prickhead pressing against one injured thigh.

Christine groaned, her wrists twisting in the thongs, her ass tensing, relaxing, then tightening again while her thighs rubbed against one another. She was feeling desire for him, wishing that he would hurt her some more then rape her. She wanted his prick, wanted that fat cock pushing into her quivering pussy, touching her clit, arousing her, fulfilling her wildest fantasies!


"Fuckin' whore. Bitch-whore. That's what most of you Goddamned widows are fuckin' bitch-whores who gotta have prick. You'd probably crawl through fuckin' shit for a half-cocked fuck," Brad muttered through clenched teeth. "Well, you're gonna get one hell of a fuck, baby. When me and my brother get through with you, you won't be able to walk for a week!"

But Christine envisioned being fucked by the Rudd brothers.

Christine's joints began to hurt. The strain on her wrists and ankles grew worse as her arousal increased. She was rutting, rutting like a slut. But she didn't care.

And now he was moving around, moving to her backside. Christine shook the blinding stupor from her mind, following him as best she could with her eyes.

"Jesus Christ, you got one hell of a fine ass, baby... no sagging, no nothin'... nothin' but a fine piece of ass," he whispered.

Christine flinched once more. He was slapping her with his hand, his fingers burning her asscheeks, hitting those same areas his belt had reddened earlier. Her buttocks burned! It was as if her asscheeks had caught fire.

"Bitch! Bitch!"

Her asscheeks heated, turning scarlet under those awful blows. The blazing warmth of her injured ass radiated now to her cunt. There wasn't the brutalizing agony of the belt now, and the juice began frothing up between her swollen cuntlips, streaking her inner thighs, rushing down to her ankles. Finger marks appeared on her ass where Brad's hand hit again and again. Christine clenched her asscheeks together until they ached, until the muscles of her thighs began cramping from the tension.

"Ow! What are you doing to me? Oh God, take it out, take it out!"

The attack had suddenly changed. The beating had stopped. Those slapping hands were gone. In their place was one finger, one awful finger screwing into her asshole!

Christine could feel his fingernail pressing into her shitter, almost cutting the wrinkled flesh surrounding the tight little hole. Christine's eyes widened and rounded, her mouth opening while panting, sobbing breaths came from her throat.

"Oh no, no, nooooo!"

She bent her knees, trying to writhe her body away from the invading digit. It was obscene, horrible! No one had ever done this to her.


Brad screwed his finger up to the second joint!

Hot flashes of sensation bolted down to her cunt, making her clit stiff. She thrust her ass forward, trying to get away from that probing finger. But the thongs around her ankles and wrists kept her in place. She was going nowhere, and Brad kept up screwing her with his finger in the ass.

"Nice, huh, baby? Oh yeahhhh, nice to have a finger up your ass," he moaned, drawing up behind her.

Christine felt her teeth chattering. That finger kept skewering her, twisting around and around in her bowels while his other hand was now crawling through her dampened cuntal thicket. She felt her cuntlips trembling, swelling hotly because of the subtle pressure against her pussy.

And then he was rubbing her clit, barely touching the red, rounded tip with one hand while wriggling his finger in her ass!

"Oh. Ohhh! Ohhhhhhhh!"

"Gonna fuck you in the butt, baby. Yeah, gonna ram my prick right up your ass. I'll let Ed finish you off in the cunt," Brad whispered in her ear, biting down hard on her earlobe.

Christine let out a sharp cry, tugging at the thongs around her wrists until she thought the leather had cut through the flesh. That couldn't happen, to her! It was impossible! She wasn't a pervert! He couldn't be thinking of shoving that monster up between her asscheeks and into her bowels! It would kill her!

"No, no!" she screamed.

There was the sound of scraping behind her. Brad had a small box in his hands. In a moment she felt him holding onto her waist, drawing up behind her.

Something very hot and very slick was rubbing up between her thighs. She could feel the backs of her knees being touched by his legs. Fucked in the ass! She could tell he was going to do it! Christine could feel his prick rubbing up there, slithering up between her legs. And there was nothing she could do about it!

"Oh God, God!" she gasped.

His fingertips tightened around her hips. Then Christine felt one hand move down, spreading her asscheeks apart for his prick. Again she jerked her thighs, receiving a hard slap across the back of her head for her efforts.

"Try that again and I'll knock you out, bitch. You'll come to with a prick up your ass and it won't be that pleasant."

Christine waited, panting. Then she felt that slick head wedging up into her asscrack, touching her injured asshole.

Brad grunted in her ear, panting while adjusting his standing position behind her. His hold tightened. Then the pressure against her shitter increased, his knees pressing harder into the backs of her legs.

Christine grunted, her head snapping back, her eyes cinching tight while another whimpering cry escaped from her lips. "Uhhhh..."

The pressure turned to an agonizing pain quickly as the blunt head of his cock pressed down and in. Christine screamed louder, her body shaking violently while the rim of her asshole was being driven up into her bowels. "Take it, bitch, take it all!"

The pressure against her shit-chute relaxed only for a moment, then increased as Brad braced his prickshaft, holding it rigid against her ass.

Christine let her ass relax. With a groan of defeat, she sagged in her bonds, feeling that huge lump of prickmeat squeezing past her loosened asshole muscle.

"Yagggghghhhhhh!" she screamed.

In a second the big head of his cock was past the tight little sphincter, burrowing into her bowels. Christine bounced savagely in her bonds, her big tits slapping wetly together while her belly bowed out from the tension in her ass.

And yet, in spite of the pain -- or possibly because of it -- she almost cried out her desire to feel that prickhead raping her pussy. She wanted to feel the hard thing in her cunt, not in her butt! Fucking, yes! Raping, yes! But not in her ass -- her pussy, her hot, aching pussy!

"Uuughghhh..." she groaned.

Brad dropped one hand from her hip. She felt his hand slide up, up to one of her tits. He was squeezing it, pinching her nipple while driving more of his cock into her shitter. Christine squirmed, moving her ass back toward his belly. Gradually the pain that had torn through her ass was disappearing as her asshole stretched to accommodate that huge prick.

"Yeah, baby, that's it, relax and take it. Fuck, I knew you'd get it cm once I got my prick into you," Brad whispered, stroking her tits and pushing yet another inch of cock into her cunt.

Christine closed her eyes and wept. Shamed, degraded! And she knew there was more, much more to come before she would go home to lick her wounds.


"Uhhhh... nice, man, nice... don't it feel real nice havin' somethin' real big shovin' up into your Goddamned ass?"

"Oh... it... it hurts," Christine gasped, her head tossing from side to side, tangles of her blonde hair splashing over her shoulders.

The wooden inner frame creaked dangerously, straining as Christine's body whipped about from the ass-fucking force. Brad's fat cockhead was sinking into her ass, making her belly swell, sending painful cramps shooting up and down her thighs.

"Ohhh, you're so nice and hot down there, baby, nice and real hot."

His fingers fanned out against her thighs now, his jagged fingernails scraping along her flesh while his knees pressed more firmly against the backs of her legs.

Christine snapped her head back again, sucking in another shuddering lungful of air, yanking against the leather thongs restraining her. There was nothing she could do about this! Strapped in the inner frame this way, she could only scream out her pain and degradation.

"Uhhhhhh..." Christine gasped.

He had stopped, pausing for a moment, catching his breath as Christine begged him not to hurt her. And then he was pulling back, reversing his action, making her feel as if some awful mouth were sucking hard at her shitter.

Christine's face blanched as she pulled and yanked at the wrist-restraining thongs. It was like taking a shit, shaming herself publicly! Her body was doing all sorts of strange things as Brad began sliding his throbbing cock farther and farther out of her slitter.

"Ohhhhh nice, nice..." Brad sighed.

He stopped just as his hot and heavy prickhead was popping out from her tightening sphincter.

Christine closed her eyes and shoved back, instinctively trying to get rid of that wretched intrusion. Nothing helped!

The pause this time was shorter than the last. Again came Brad's grunt of satisfaction. Again Christine felt his fingers tightening around her hipbones. And then he was squeezing his cockmeat into her asshole once again.

"Yyyeiiikkeeeee!" Christine squealed, feeling her cunt go into tremors of need.

She wanted that cock up her pussy, rubbing up against her clit. It didn't belong in her shitter, causing her all this discomfort. If only she could tell him that without sounding too much like some rutting nympho.

Once or twice Christine had opened her mouth to say something, but then another inch of Brad's prick chugged into her resisting shitter and her words turned out to be only shuddering groans. Sweat coated her body, making her smooth white flesh shine under the lights while Brad slipped his hands up to her tits again. Her big hard-tipped tits were in his hands, feeling the pinching pain. More heat came to her crotch. The round, firm white mounds of her ass flexed against Brad's belly now, flexing as if she were looking for more of that lewd fullness threatening to split her asshole wide open!


"Good, baby, real good." Brad smiled.

The sliding action was repeated, faster the third time, and yet faster the fourth. Brad was panting against the back of her neck now, at times biting her flesh, licking behind her ear while pile driving his cock harder and faster.

Christine panted, panted like some animal in heat. Her mind was going blank. All she could think about was that she was being fucked, fucked fast and hard in the ass by one of the biggest cocks in the world! And now her cunt was reacting! Her cuntlips slipped back and forth, juice bubbling out and oozing down her trembling thighs. She could feel the warm liquid circling around her bound ankles as Brad's fat prick pistoned harder and harder. There were times when she could feel Brad's balls swinging up against her asscheeks, slapping against her violated buttocks while his hands held more tightly onto her.


Her eyes glazed with lust and rolled up into her head while her nostrils flared with wheezing breaths. Christine felt her asshole stretch to the tearing point as all the vulgar thrills in the world seemed to concentrate in her cock filled ass.

She wanted it all to happen at once now -- the pain in her tits, the slick sliding sensation in her shitter, the piercing delight raking through her cunt. She wanted it all to come to a climax at the same time.

She moaned, jerking her body around, hearing the rattling sound of the inner frame striking its supports. As best she could, Christine hunched her ass back and forth in fast strokes.

"Oh man, man..." Brad gasped.

Christine thought she heard that truck coming back. Ed! There would be two of them now, two Rudd brothers to torment her. She let out a high-pitched scream as Brad shoved his prick into her shitter hard.

He was mashing her tits, squeezing her injured nipples as hard as he could while rubbing his groin against her ass. He was getting ready to unload. Christine could tell he was getting ready to shoot out his load of cum into her tight, hot ass!

"Nooooo!" she screamed.

She gagged as a combination of pain, delight and shame shot through her. At the same time Christine felt her pussy spasm, the itch that had bothered her becoming an overwhelming throb. Her orgasm was only a second away.

"Ahhhhh!" Brad moaned.

Then she felt Brad's prick begin jerking in a rhythmic cadence. He was cumming, filling her asshole up with his vile spunk!

Christine couldn't hold back any longer. With a wailing cry she cut loose, her head snapping from side to side. Her hips gyrated, jerking back, pressing her asscheeks up against Brad's belly while her face flushed from the wild excitement. Saliva slicked the corners of her mouth while her tongue darted around.

Her eyes cinched close. When Christine opened them again, she saw the basement through a kind of mist while more and more spunk shot into her asshole.

"Ohhhhh baby, baby, that's somethin' else. Come on, start clenchin' that butt," Brad said, slapping her asscheeks with one free hand. "Come on and squeeze my prick with your shitter. Yeah... ohhhh, that's real good, that's the way I like to feel my cunts takin' me on! Come on, milk it, milk it real goooood!"

It was awful what she was doing! And yet Christine couldn't help herself. Hanging there from that awful frame, she kept squeezing her sphincter muscles around his cock, feeling it throbbing back, feeling it start to slide back on its thick coating of jizz.

"Oooohhhhh..." Christine gasped, curling her fingers and digging the nails into her palms.

It was as if a thousand burning needles were pricking her clit while someone was sucking on her ass. It was awesome having her cunt and shitter stimulated at the same time.

Christine gasped and moaned and squealed with delight. Even now as Brad began sliding his prick out, she wanted to have that cock still in her, still forcing the bowel lining open, still chugging back and forth in her ass until she thought she would rip in two.

"Uhhhhhh... no, no."

Brad paused for a moment, then slid his cock all the way out.

Christine bit down on her lower lip and wept with shame and frustration. His withdrawal was interrupting the rhythm of her on-going orgasm. It was sending too many hot signals rushing up and down her spine. She jerked her body again, her tits swinging wetly from side to side, her belly swelling out, sucking in, then swelling out again as sweat trickled down her tits and gathered in a small pool in her navel. Her overloaded brain felt shattered as she fought to keep Brad's fat-headed cock wedged in her asshole.

But of course Brad had his way. She felt that wide flaring cockhead slip out, felt him start to back away.

Christine ground her teeth together, swearing as her empty asshole fluttered with sensation. It was as empty now as her convulsing cunt. She jerked and twitched as Brad stepped away, pounding her body from side to side, pulling at those awful leather thongs biting into her wrists and ankles.

A bubble of air escaped from her cunt while Brad's cum oozed from her slitter, down the backs of her legs to her feet. She was coming down slowly from her sexual high. Gradually, gradually her, muscles relaxed, her arms straightening, her knees bending slightly. It had been awful -- and yet wonderful in a strange way. How good Brad's prick had felt inside her ass. Never had she even thought about being fucked in the ass. Her husband had fondled her firm buttocks many times, of course, but he had never suggested doing something like that to her. Now, as jizz oozed from her shitter, Christine wondered why. Getting fucked in the cunt was far better -- but ass-fucking was fun too!

"Hey, Ed, come on down here. Got a surprise for you," Brad called up the stairway as he hitched up his Levi's.

Christine opened her eyes, rolling them up toward the beamed ceiling as she fought to regain her breath. She swallowed hard, shaking her head to knock the sweat burning into her eyes.

"Door's locked. Use your key!" Brad called out from below.

There was the sound of rattling, then the sound of the door opening. Christine held her breath as she hung from that horrible frame. There would be two of them now. That would be worse for her, she knew. Sighing, Christine moved her wrists as much as she could in those bonds, tightening her muscles as she heard Ed plodding down the stairs.

"Whew, man, you been fuckin' this broad?" he asked, pausing at the foot of the basement stairs and wrinkling up his nose.

"Can you smell it?" Brad asked, a smile crossing his lips.

"Yeah, man, hot pussy. Can smell it all the way up the fuckin' stairs. She's somethin' else?" Ed asked, wiping his mouth with the back of one hand as he stared at the trussed-up bitch.

"Good tight ass. Got 'er there. You got the cunt if you want it."

"Like a brother who looks out for me," Ed replied, hitting his older brother playfully on one shoulder, then walking slowly, almost swaggering up to Christine.

She watched with rounded eyes, feeling new strength surge in her as she surveyed the younger Rudd brother. Ed was more handsome than Brad, having short-cut blond hair and facial features that reminded her of those pictures of Viking warriors.

"Looks like you've left the marks of your affection," Ed said ironically, observing the long red marks on her thighs and ass.

"Had to heat up the meat. That's what I told her," Brad said, threading his black leather belt back through his pant loops.

"Yeah, not bad. She's a good-looker too," Ed sighed, putting one hand on the outer frame, then slipping it around.

Christine's eyes followed him, watching him. "No!"

He was pushing the inner frame down, spinning it until she swung forward, her body bowing out from the structure. Once again the leather thongs held her wrists and ankles prisoner, chewing into her flesh. The weight of her body was her own tormentor.

Ed stopped the rotating frame when it was parallel to the floor, her body sagging toward the concrete.

Christine let out a groan, her spine feeling as if it were going to snap while her neck was in agony. She fought to find some position that wouldn't hurt her so much. But the sagging weight of her body was too great. She cried out, her long blonde hair hanging down while her muscles knotted and cramped.

"Glad we built this Goddamned thing. Poor baby, looks like she don't like havin' her body this way, man," Ed said, rubbing his chin with one hand. "I was buyin' some shit for the Fourth of July. Let's say we celebrate it a little early... and give this broad some relief. Bet we can make 'er snap up in no time."

Ed struck the frame hard with his fist, making it shudder, making her body sway in those awful bonds and hurting her spine even more.

Christine groaned, her wrists twisting in the leather. Too afraid to look up, she sagged there in her bonds, waiting for yet another scene of torment.

Ed rushed up the stairs. Overhead she could hear the floor squeaking with his weight, could hear Brad's labored breathing next to her. He was becoming aroused once more.

Christine prayed this would all end. Then the stairs squeaked. Once more she took deep calming breaths as Ed thudded down the wooden basement stairs with something in his hand.


She watched as Ed fished something from his pocket -- two long cylinders covered in red paper. He was bending down to her right now, sliding under her bowed body. She could feel the touch of his hand against her tower belly, then feel it sliding down to her pussy.

"She oughtta get a... bang outta this," Ed said, his voice muffled by a chuckle.

Then the awful thought that those things might be firecrackers crossed her mind. She trembled, straining as much as she could against those awful leather thongs. Nothing I could prevent the brothers from doing as they pleased.

"No, you'll tear me apart... oh no, no, don't!"

Christine was getting frantic as she realized what was going to happen. This wasn't a mad dream. The frame, the Rudd brothers, the firecrackers were all too real. She could feel Ed inserting them between her swollen cuntlips. It was easy to shove something into her cunt now because of all the lubing juices that had frothed out from her most recent ass-fucking.

"Uhhhhhh..." she groaned.

He twisted them around slowly, purposely shoving the little cylinders all the way in, then pulling them halfway out, moving the firecrackers down toward the bottom junction of her cuntlips. Ed studied the wicks, twisting them tightly together, then pulling out a pack of matches from his shirt pocket.

"No!" Christine gasped.

There was the cracking sound of a lighting match followed by its acrid odor.

Christine winced as she felt the sudden sharp heat of the match near her pussy. Then there was that sound, that horrible crackling sound of those fuses igniting, burning quickly with lightning speed as Ed scurried out from under her.

"Oh no, no, stop it, stop it!"

Her cries were the cries of the damned! Christine bounced and jiggled in her bonds, the frame creaking and groaning under her weight. The fuses were burning short and fast.

Christine cringed and struggled against those steadily burning fuses with a growing horror. Yanking and tugging against her painful bonds, Christine knew there was nothing she could do. Tensing, praying again, she quivered as the heat grew more and more intense.


For a moment the fuses sputtered, making it appear as if the firecrackers wouldn't go off. Christine was about to heave a sigh of relief when the powder ignited and the room was filled with the report of the twin explosions.

"Yaggghghghghhhghhhhh!" she screamed.

Christine felt as if someone had set fire to her body! Her spine straightened, then bowed while her arms and legs pulled at the restraining thongs. Millions of burning needles stabbed at her clit and tits while the smell of burning cunthairs filled her nose. They had set her on fire, burned her as if she were a witch! Her head snapped from side to side, her blonde hair splashing over her face while her body thrashed madly in the restraining frame.

"Eaaagghghghh!" Another screaming, throat-tearing cry, and then everything went blank.

The fires of hell had scalded her. In a moment all was calm as Christine sagged in her bonds.


The woman had no idea how long she had lain there. When she blinked her eyes open and came to, Christine saw they had righted the frame. She was once more in an upright position, her arms still high over her head and spread out, fastened to either end of the inner frame. Sobbing, she dropped her head and looked down, seeing several frazzled cunthairs burned back. There was still some pain from the fire. But nothing permanent in the realm of damage had been done, it seemed. In spite of all the woman could still feel a rutting warmth radiating all over her cunt. The firecrackers, if anything, had increased her sexual arousal!

"What are you going to do? Oh please, let me go from here. Please. I promise I won't say anything," Christine begged, hoping at least in one part of her mind the brothers wouldn't listen to her. Something perverse was twisting her thoughts, making her relish every bound moment of this horror show. She saw the twisted smiles on their faces and felt another twinge in her cunt. Yes, they were going to hold her there yet a little longer. Ed hadn't satisfied himself yet, and it appeared that Brad had a hard prick he wanted fucked into her cunt again. Christine shuddered -- from arousal, not from fear as she hung there, naked and exposed before the brothers.

"Let's hose the bitch down first... gotta clean her off and maybe cool her down. Can't have her burnin' up our dicks," Ed said.

"Yeah... let's get the garden hose up there," Brad said, shoving a box to one side and standing up.

Christine watched as Brad stretched one hand up to a high shelf, nearly toppling from the crate as he pulled down a coiled green hose with a large brass nozzle on one end.

"Fuckin' nearly broke my neck on that one," he said, pushing his hand through his black hair while his younger brother uncoiled the hose.

"Ohhhhh..." Christine groaned.

What were they talking about? She watched with growing interest as Ed unraveled the hose while Brad held the nozzle end, pulling the long green tube over to a double wash basin near the water heater.

"Called those sewer unplugger guys the other month to clean out the drain. Good thing I did," Brad said, nodding toward a round small drain some five feet in front of the hanging Christine.

"Hose down the pig, then we fuck the shit outta her," Ed said, reaching over and turning one of the spigots on all the way.

Christine heard the hissing of water filling the hose. A few sputters coughed at the nozzle as Brad directed the end at her. Suddenly a blast of hot water splashed hard against her ribcage. Tensing her muscles, pulling at the cutting thongs, the woman opened her mouth in surprise, only to be rewarded for that error with a throatful of water.

"Yaghghgh... no, no..."

She twisted her head to one side, her blonde hair tangling wetly around her ears and throat while she coughed violently to rid her mouth of the water. The woman struggled to keep free of that awful spray as Brad played it up and down over her body.

"No, oh noooo..." she cried.

It was hot, very, very hot. The steaming jet of water roared and splashed all around her, sometimes missing her body entirely, other times hitting her squarely in the belly like a fist and knocking the wind from her. Brad was moving the stream up and down now, at times hitting her ankles with it, making the inner frame groan and start to tilt back. At that moment her body would bend out and down, pulling hard and painfully against her wrists and making the young woman cry out in agony. Then Brad would direct the stream up at her wrists, righting her once more. They altered that way, confusing the blonde, making Christine scream with pain and fear.

And then Christine found Brad directing the stream down at her thighs, moving it up until it was hitting her cunt! The stinging droplets were like needles, almost as severe as those firecrackers that had exploded between her pussylips. The water hit her like a hammer, opening her cuntlips and setting off a lewd flash of fire in her clit. Christine pulled and yanked at those ropes, her open mouth letting out a weird cry of delight.

The blast of water was hot enough to make Christine squirm. She rolled and jerked against the framework, trying to slide her cunt away from the moving stream. Again her long hair tangled around her neck, catching under her shoulders while that delicious stream was starting to lick her into high arousal.

"Uhhhhh..." she groaned.

Brad shot the water straight up between her long thighs. Christine closed her eyes, tensing her arms, feeling herself actually hunching back at it. How that blast of hot water was like a tongue, licking into her pussy, touching her clit, stimulating those nerves that had been teased for too long! Yes, fucking, fucking, she was fucking a stream of water!

"Ohhhhhh yes, yes..."

Christine gasped, her slick body swinging like a pendulum under the pounding stream. Her flesh reddened more and more as the water struck her hard on her belly, her tits, her thighs.

"Keep it up there, man... yeah, she likes it around the cunt and tits," Ed said, watching in fascination as the woman reacted to his brother's torment.

Desperately Christine tried to keep her face away. But there was no chance for her. She had to stand like that, her arms and legs helpless while the water splashed teasingly over her body. All the muscles in her body worked as water splashed into her nostrils, her eyes, her mouth.

Clouds of steam began rising from under her feet from the combination of hot water and cold concrete. The hose blasted now against the woman's tits. She felt her nipples driving into the flesh of her tits under that attack. The frame rattled even more as Christine threw her body to the right, then to the left. She felt her tits aching with lust. If only they would turn off the water and take her. Yes, take her, fuck her there in the dirt, in the basement like some kind of animal. For, that was what they were. Animals! Rutting animals! They should fuck like them.

"Go for it, baby..." one of them muttered.

Christine was panting as much from excitement as from the heat of the hose. And her breathing became more labored as the heavy flow of water landed on her clit and cunthole. She was moving her hips again, letting them hunch up and down in a shameful fucking movement. It was an insane heat, a wild arousal! Her head lolled forward, then fell back while the streams of water bounced off her tits, then struck at the base of her throat before going back to her pussy.

"Ohhhhhh fuck, fuck," she moaned, her whispers drowned out by the hissing spray.

It was horrible, horrible and yet delightful.

She could feel an orgasm building up in her cunt. Yes, an actual climax because of that rushing water splashing so wonderfully around her pussy and clit. It wouldn't be long before those delicious contractions would tear through her mind and body. She hoped Brad would stop when she started to cum. If they kept on, the woman knew she would surely go mad with lust.

Christine twisted her hips around, actually seeking out the stream now. It was starting to feel more and more erotic. Then mass of feelings in her crotch increased, burning to a pinpoint of concentration. How deliciously the water beat at her clit, softening but yet rising as Christine writhed to get the flow onto the mouth of her pussy.

And then it was gone. The water was spattering the wall to her right. The sudden halt of the heat in her cunt made the rising wall of excitement inside her slip. And then the stream was back, sending her higher than before. Brad was taking careful aim with the hose, seeing what was happening to her.

Again the hose blasted onto her tits. Christine felt the water lingering around her nipples a little longer this time, forcing the rubbery tips up to her face. The full swell of her tits throbbed strangely under that hot flow. It was time for her to cum! She could feel that horrible throbbing growing worse and worse, matching the beating of her heart! Groaning, Christine tensed herself, rubbing her thighs together as best she could in that spread-eagled position to bring herself off.

She could have cried with frustration. Brad now played the hose between her outspread thighs. Only the reflected drops hit her cunt now. The water bounced from her flesh, washing down her hips and ass. If only she could spread herself for the vulgar stream, let it enter her pussy freely, fuck her as she wanted the Rudd brothers to fuck her!

"Go for it!" Ed shouted.

Orgasm! Climax! It was there, just out of reach. Christine strained for it, jerking her thighs up and down madly. The entire top of her pussy seemed tied in muscular knots of hunger, waiting for that last push over the edge.

"Yaggghghhhhh!" she screamed.

It was as if someone had stabbed her in the back. A jolt of cold water hit her cunt dead center. Christine screamed, her world crashing down around her in shambles. It was horrible! Her cunt clenched like a fist. The woman could almost hear the walls slapping together as they clamped down on emptiness. That icy stream flowed even harder than the hot stream! Christine couldn't believe, what was happening to her. The climax that had begun was now held in suspension, happening and yet not happening. The freezing water immobilized her cunt, holding it at the unbearable height of each pulse for seconds at a time. She couldn't even let her other muscles feel the tearing waves of cum until the ice blast moved from her cunt. Ed had twisted the spigot over to the cold water, had purposely held her at this terrible level, laughing at her as she twisted and writhed in agony.

"Uh! Uhhh!" she grunted.

When the stream blasted over her nipples, Christine thought the water would strangle her. She fought with all her strength to grab short, panting gasps. Her entire chest tightened, battling against the awful chill of the water. She heard Ed and Brad laughing together now, their sounds clattering off the cinderblock walls as she screamed for release.


Christine was completely out of control. She wanted to scream again and again, but the water and gut-wrenching power of her orgasm kept her from doing much. Dangling there, yanking on the leather thongs, agonized by the cunty attack on her nerves, the woman felt her mind fading out from reality. The water splashed up and down, now growing warmer again. Oh, oh, that was all she needed! With a wild animal cry of joy, Christine came -- came with a fury that took the wind from her. Screaming, gasping, coughing and sobbing, she experienced a cum that had to be the most powerful she had ever had! And all this brought on by a dual stream of water!


How tight her slick skin seemed. The goosebump hardness of her tit tips hurt, the wrinkly areolas tightening until the whole surface of the tit hurt. Christine still bounced on the leather thongs, rutting away, gasping and crying out from the obscene delicious lewdness tormenting her. How good, how indescribably good!

Then the room darkened in front of her ass she faded into the full roar of her climax. Soon the water dropped from her body, shut off, the hissing turning into a gurgle at her feet as the puddle around her slowly disappeared into the round drain.

Christine shook her head, the wet tangles of hair splashing around her neck and shoulders. She just wouldn't be able to take much more of this!

"Shit, let's fuck 'er and get this over with, man. I'm so fuckin' hot I could burn my Goddamned shorts up," Ed said, unfastening a green garden hose from the spigots behind him.

"You got it, kid," Brad said.

Ed walked up to her, reaching up and unfastening the thongs around her wrists. Christine nearly pitched forward from the sudden release, feeling her muscles ache oh so painfully as her arms came down to her sides. She leaned against Ed as Brad untied the thongs around her ankles. She was off! Oh thank God! She was off that horrible thing off and leaning against this awful man who was going to fuck her mindless!

"Oh please... please..." she moaned.

"Man, listen to her. She's beggin' for it now! Don't worry baby, I'm gonna fuck your cunt just the way you like it," Ed said.

Ed carried her across the slick floor, slipping at times, muttering curses. Christine hung draped over one shoulder like a lifeless corpse, feeling sensation gradually restored to her as his fingers tightened around her naked thighs. Brad was coiling up the hose as he eyed Ed hauling the woman over to an old rotting mattress half propped up against the water heater.

Throwing her to the floor, Ed slid on top of her, his legs pinning her to the ground. It was uncomfortable, painful. Her head banged against the concrete several times while her thigh muscles cramped. At times Ed kicked her shins with his booted feet while his fingers pinched her tits cruelly. But Christine just didn't care! She was hot, her body having been violated in so many ways. The belt, the assfucking, the firecrackers, and finally that awful watering down. She was rutting, rutting hard, wanting only to be fucked.

"Ohhhhh..." she moaned.

"Go for it, Mama!" Ed urged.

She felt his fingers snaking through her cuntal thicket, the callused fingers tugging at her pussylips, the touch a hell and a heaven for her. And then Ed was reaching down, opening his fly, pulling out his prick. The touch of that thing, the feel of his cock's hardness and heat made Christine curl her spine and threw back her head. She was babbling nonsense, jerking her knees up, rubbing the backs of her feet against his lower back as she opened her legs for the young stud.

"Fuck me, fuck me!" she begged.

"Man, she's so hot for it she's practically cryin'. Go on, stick it in the bitch!" Brad said.

"Take it, slut!" Ed roared.

Christine felt his fat hot cockhead centering aver her fuck slit. His knees pressed against the sides of her thighs, spreading her wide open. In a moment the woman found Ed's prickhead, squeezing into her cunthole. She sobbed, her eyes widening; her fingers curling and the nails cutting into the back of his neck. It was as if someone had pricked her cunt with thousands of needles. The touch of his prick burrowing through her swollen cuntmeat was almost like the fiery explosion of those horrible firecrackers. Frantic with lust, Christine tensed her asscheeks, prancing them on the filthy, oily rags while kicking both legs high in the air. The muscles in her belly cramped while inch after inch of cock fucked into her hungry, hot pussy.

"Fuck... fuck me... oh dear God, fuck me... fuck me goooooooood!" she moaned.

Strings of drool oozed from the corners of her lips while her nostrils flared with lewd excitement. Ed began fucking fast and hard into her, at times fucking his cock in deep, at other times barely moving it, rocking his hips from left to right so the woman could feel his prick stirring her insides. It was mind-boggling. Christine held onto him, forgetting how he had laughed at her, how he and his brother had injured her. Now the only thing she thought of was that wonderful cock fucking into her.

Ed dropped his head, kissing her wildly, raising' his hands and tugging at her long blonde hair while driving his tongue deep into her throat. The woman whimpered passionately into Ed's opened mouth. How his tongue flicked almost like his prick was fucking her cunt. She was thrashing madly on the rags now, forgetting about the bruises on her body, about the burns on her thighs. The only thing Christine could think of was the fiery itch, her cunt turning more and more desperate with each passing second.

"Cummmminnnnngggggg!" she screamed. This had happened so quickly, so violently.

Ed was squeezing her, fucking her cunt mercilessly with his prick. And she was cumming. It was good, so very very good. Christine knew she would never be the same. Thrilling jolts of lust exploded star-like in her cunt, shattering her pussy, her brain. Another spasm rocked her body, then another. Ed was away from her mouth now, sucking first one nipple, then the other, pinching her flesh, fucking his prick into her. He let out a yelp and slammed his hips against hers in a bone-crushing blow. Cumming! Yes, he was fire hosing his jizz into her. Again and again Christine felt the blobs of white-hot cum splashing against her cuntal walls.

"Ooohoohohohhh!" she yelled.

The violent animal-fucking movements of the youngest Rudd brother continued for the next few seconds, each one more violent than the former. Christine held on, kicking and scratching and biting as the power of her own climax continued, taking her breath away. Oh, it was so good, so shamefully good! Christine found herself wishing it would never, never end!


It was over! Christine lay on the pile of rags, cum oozing from her cuntal slit. Stretching one hand over the woman drew one of those pieces of cloth over her cunt, feeling the material barely touching her cuntal hairs. Shifting her position slightly Christine drew her legs up as she eyed the two Rudd brothers. They had had their fill with her. Dear God, she felt as abused as a whore at a sailors' debauch. The places where all the whip and burn marks were hurt her terribly now. As she lay there thinking of the way Ed and Brad had treated her tears came to Christine's eyes.

"Awwww, come on, baby, come on," Brad said, noticing the streaks down her flushed cheeks.

"Keep... away from me," Christine said, wincing back as he came up to her.

"No need to get pissed off," he said, kneeling down next to her and wiping the tear from under her right eye. The touch of his hand made Christine heart contract. Was it excitement or fear, fear that he was going to do something else painful to her before letting her go.

"Please... I just want to go home," she whispered a tremor in her voice.

"Your daughter wasn't so fuckin' anxious to get home when we had at her," Brad said.

What? What had he said? Christine felt as if someone had touched her head with a live wire. She slid back, drawing her legs under her asscheeks while staring at him with widened eyes. Anna? Her daughter? Had she been here?

"You're lying," she hissed through clenched teeth, her eyes shifting from one man to the other. Brushing away several strands of her blonde hair, Christine shook her head from side to side. "Anna would never come over here -- not without any permission. She has a good sense of morality and and..."

Her words died on her lips as she stared at the two brothers. The mocking looks in their eyes, their twisted smiles, told her she was ignoring the facts. Of course, Anna had been moping about the house for the past few days. She had thought there was some other reason, perhaps the flu. But now... now thinking about it, Christine realized what Ed and Brad were saying must be true.

"She was one hell of a fuck. Didn't wanna get her cherry popped for the longest time," Brad said, rubbing his fingers over his chin.

"Yeah, you must've really put the fear of God in that little girl about getting fucked," Ed added, laughing as Christine jerked her head around and stared at the laughing blond.

"But we took care of that. Man, by the time we got through with that little girl, she couldn't wait to have more dick in her."

"Liar!" Christine shouted, feeling the blood pounding through her head. No, no, they couldn't be talking about her little girl.

"Liar, huh? Man, she couldn't wait to have us fuck her by the time we worked the little bitch over," Ed said, pushing his face against Christine's.

"Cock, lady, dick!" Brad said, rubbing his fingers over his crotch. "You been pretty good. And your daughter's not bad either. When she gets a little experience behind her, fuck, she'll outdo you every time. She's got a hungry cunt, lady, a real hungry pussy. And it's good and hot and tight too."

"No! You animals!"

Those obscenities! Those Rudd brothers, standing there, laughing at her while they talked about her and her daughter in that horrible way! Christine felt a little sick as she lay there in the rags, listening to their horrible words!

"And, man, she kept moanin' and twistin' around," Ed said, his eyes showing he was remembering how Anna kicked and bit and scratched when she came. "Man, I thought she was gonna have a fit or somethin' when we started with her. She's like you, man, likes havin' herself beat up a little before..."

Christine couldn't take it any more. With a growl, she leaped from the pile of rags, her hands outstretched, her fingers curved like claws. Hurling herself onto Brad, she began attacking him as hard as she could, scratching at his face, kicking him with her bare feet while calling him every filthy name she could muster.

"Bitch!" he snapped.

Brad reached around and pinched both nipples hard, the resulting pain taking Christine's breath away. She paused only for a moment, staggering back, then returning with renewed energy. Her tits jerked from side to side while her naked thighs shivered, from her movements. How she hated them! Dear God, how she wanted to consign them to the deepest pits of hell as she struck out at the elder Rudd brother.

"Dumb slut!" Brad cried, fending off Christine's attack.

Through her splashing hair, Christine saw his right arm cock back. She knew what he was going to do but somehow didn't mind. It all didn't matter. She had to fight back, strike back for her honor, for her daughter's honor. Grabbing onto his black hair, Christine pulled and tugged, hearing the young man cry out in pain. Good, she was giving him a dose of his own medicine. She found herself laughing almost hysterically, hanging on, tugging and kicking and clawing as Brad sought to knock her away.

His fist found its way just under the last rib, plowing into the soft spot of her lower belly. Lights flashed and buzzers went off in her head as that big dirty fist bruised her stomach. The force of that terrible blow sent Christine reeling back, stumbling over her own two feet and tumbling back onto the rag pile. Shaking the stupor from her head, Christine scrambled weakly to her feet once more, pitching herself at the elder Rudd. She was still screaming, still wanting to rip their faces off for what they had done to her and her daughter.

"Knock the bitch out," Brad said, knocking the hair from his eyes.

"Dumb move, baby, dumb."

Another fisted blow, this time to her chin. Christine let out another sharp cry as her head snapped back, bright stars exploding behind her eyes. Christine cried out, feeling her knees bending, feeling them touching the cold cracked concrete of the basement floor. Again the woman tried getting up. But her strength was gone. Her belly ached, it was becoming difficult to breathe, and her mind was whirling around and around. A set of hands grabbed her shoulders, pushing her back.

"Oooofffff!" Christine cried, feeling the back of her head striking the floor.

Someone was on top of her -- Brad. He was kneeling on her chest, exerting so much pressure that Christine was certain he would break her sternum. Her hands fluttered weakly to his legs, then dropped to her sides. Breathing was becoming impossible! Her breath rattled in her throat.

"Uhhhhhhh..." she moaned.

Christine groaned again, staring up wild-eyed at her tormentor. They were going to kill her! Christine was sure of it. And then Anna would be orphaned, left alone to men like this. Again she struggled, then fell back to the floor, her breath coming out in a long, shuddering gasp. The room blackened around her.

When she came to, blinking her eyes, staring around her, Christine could see they had moved her. They had roped her up again, her arms stretched high over her head and spread apart, the wrists attached to the legs of the buzzing water heater some four feet behind her head. Her asscheeks were pillowed out against the cold floor. Her ankles, meanwhile, had been bound together, several hammers attached to them to keep her in place.

"Uhhhhh..." she moaned weakly.

Something was going on to her right. There were sounds of a scuffle. The Rudd brothers having at it over her body to see who was going to be the next to fuck her? No. There was someone else there, a third person fighting them. A woman. No, no, a young girl! Oh dear God, it was her daughter, Anna!

"No, no, leave her alone!" Christine shouted desperately, turning half around, trying to jerk her hands free of the rope binding them to the water heater.

"Leave me alone! Stop it!" Anna shouted.

Anna was struggling between the two men, her halter having been torn off before, her big its slapping together while her blonde hair splashed across her face. She was crying, her legs slipping around the still-wet and slippery floor while Ed was trying to pin her arms behind her.

He would manage to get one arm down against the small of her back only to lose it as she twisted her wrists around and tried beating her fists against Brad in front of her.

"Come on, baby, come on, look at your old lady. Man, she's been havin' one hell of a trip with us. Both of us fucked around with her. And now... man, we thought we'd take on both of you at the same time. Two cunts, gettin' fucked at once -- mother and daughter act. Ain't seen somethin' like that since we went down to T.J. back in July," Ed said, twisting her right wrist around savagely.

"Eaaagygyghhhhh..." Anna screamed.

Anna's face blanched, her body bending at the waist as the young blond stud twisted her wrist halfway around. The pain shot up her arm, making the girl bend both knees and nearly fall to the floor. Her forehead brushed against Brad's crotch while Ed reached around and finally trapped the other wrist.

"Good, real good," he gasped, straightening the young girl.

"Oh my God, leave her alone!" Christine wailed, tears blurring her eyes.

"Don't worry about that, baby. We got somethin' here that's gonna be real nice for the two of you. A real duo, dynamic style -- like Batman and Robin," Brad said, chucking the terrified blonde teen under the chin, then moving away toward Christine.

"You know, your mother's a real hot number -- like, you," Ed taunted, twisting her wrists a little more when the girl struggled against him. Anna's face showed the terrible pain shooting through her wrists and arms.

"Yeah, she couldn't get enough dickmeat, man. And when we was workin' her over -- sheeeit, she was just like you, wantin' more pain, more hurt before we stuck somethin' good and hot and heavy into her. You're both alike, you two," Brad said, bending over and rubbing the backs of his fingers up and down the undersides of Christine's stretched-back arms.

"You'll pay for this," the older woman hissed through her teeth.

It was awful! Shame and horror and compassion were rolled up into one in Christine as she flicked back her eyes and saw her daughter struggling half-naked against this horrible man. They would show Christine and Anna no mercy. Of that she was certain.

"We worked somethin' up here for you two," Ed said, pressing one knee up against the small of Anna's back and shoving her forward.


"Yeah, somethin' the Germans had during the Concentration Camp period. We was readin' about it in 'Soldier of Fortune'. Thought we'd try it out," Brad added, reaching down and unfastening the ropes around Christine's ankles.

The older blonde woman moaned as she rubbed her sore, chafed ankles together. She had been roped so often, so many times today! And now there would be at least one more time, this time with her daughter as a witness. If only she could die right now before having to expose her shame in front of Anna!

"Over here."

Brad took Christine up from the floor, holding her tightly after having untied her wrists from the ropes affixing her to the water heater. To make sure she wouldn't bolt, he had slipped a double figure eight around both wrists, leaving her bound arms to hang in front. With a false sense of modesty, Christine covered her naked pussy with her fingers.

"What... what is this?"

Christine heard her daughter's voice in front of her. Anna was some ten feet ahead. Both of them were being lead to a part of the basement she hadn't seen before.

"My mom thinks we're makin' furniture or something -- you know, to sell at the swap meet. She ain't seen the rest of the shit," Ed said, shoving Anna forward.

Christine saw her daughter stumble forward, tight herself, then fall to the floor. She lurched forward instinctively to help her, but Brad pulled her back.

"And my old man's so fuckin' drunk half the time he don't come down here no more. I think he's scared to," Brad added, a smirk crossing his lips.

"Come on, baby, come on and strip. We've gotta get this fuckin' show on the road. You wanna show your old lady just how much you can take, right?" Ed snarled, bending down and curling his fingers into Anna's long blonde flowing hair.

"Yagghghhh!" Anna yelled.

"Oh, oh, let her go!" Christine shouted, again trying to break free.

Ed was twisting her daughter up from the floor by the hair, jerking her to the right, then to the left, enjoying the pinched, painful expression on her face.

"Noooooo!" Anna protested.


There was the sound of a slap, a wail, then silence. Anna sobbed quietly, undressing meekly under their stares while her mother watched from behind. Now Christine could see what was going on.

There were two high-backed wooden chairs, oak probably, facing one another in the far corner of the basement. From the first they had reminded her of the kind of chairs used to electrocute convicted murderers. That impression was confirmed when she noticed several wires leading from the armrests and leg areas of either chair.

"It took us a while to figure out this thing... cross circuits and all that shit. But we kept thinkin' about a couple of broads who'd like havin' this kinda thing around... kept thinkin' about cunts like you sittin' down there and gettin' a real hot seat before gettin' fucked. Man," Brad said, letting out a long, low whistle while rubbing his fingers again over his prick, "that was enough to keep us goin'. When we're through with you two we're gonna see if we can market this damned thing -- you know, down in West Hollywood at the Pleasure Chest or somethin'. There's lots of folks out there'd dig havin' this in their place."

"What are you going to do with us," Christine asked as evenly as possible.

Again the blood began rushing through her veins as she surveyed the two wired chairs. An idea began to rise, one that took her breath away as she looked at the black wires dangling from the wooden chairs.

"Have a seat, baby."

Brad escorted Christine to the chair to the right, setting her down and telling her to put her hands flat on the armrests. Ed was still struggling with Anna, tearing off her white silken panties, then slapping her several times to calm her down. Finally the girl gave in, sobbing, her head lowered, the blonde hair curtaining her face and hiding the tears rolling down her cheeks. Christine bit her lip, wishing she could say something to her daughter as Ed shoved the girl into the chair.

"Why couldn't you just let us go?" Christine asked as Brad moved behind her, threatening her with the rope he had unfastened from her wrists.

"Just shut up and enjoy it, baby."

There were leather straps around the legs of the chair and the armrests. Just like in the prisons Christine through to herself as she felt Brad binding her tightly to the chair. Ed was doing the same thing to her daughter Anna. In a moment both women were strapped into position, their arms and legs pinned to the wood. Christine shifted her ass against the cool smooth polished oak, the feeling not too unpleasant as she sat there, waiting for the inevitable.

"Now for some of the fun." Brad said.

Brad disappeared behind Christine's chair. She could hear the soft brushing sound of wire against wire. And then he came back around, holding several wires on whose ends were attached small clamps. Without saying another word, he began attaching them to her body. Two were attached to her nipples, the sharp cold teeth of the tiny pincers making Christine gasp.

"Oh, Mama, no, no!" Anna cried.

Anna saw what was happening and struggled in her chair, her wrists and ankles twisting in the leather restraints. Her head snapped back as Ed came around and attached two small silver pincers to her nipples, laughing at the girl's startled expression.

"No, oh noooo!" Anna cried again.

"Let her go... ughhhh..." Christine gasped.

There was another clamp, this one attached to both cuntlips near her clit followed by a second just below. The little teeth were doing strange things to her. In spite of herself, Christine felt that awful itchy heat starting up in her pussy. It was happening all over -- the abuse, the pain, the arousal! Had she no limits, no shame?

"Nooooo!" Anna yelled.

Anna kicked and screamed, her head hitting the back of the oak chair while Ed attached the pincers to her young pussy.

"And now for the final one."

Moving between Christine's legs, spreading her asscheeks apart with one hand, Brad shoved a wire up into her asshole, pushing the horrible snaky thing in as far as he could get it.

"Nooooo!" Christine screamed at the intrusion.

It was her daughter Anna again, screaming and sobbing as the same thing was done to her. Wired, totally! And now Brad was moving a small black box up to her. What new horrors awaited her and her daughter?


"It's a control box," Brad explained, seeing the look of curiosity on Christine's face.


"Here, we're gonna show you. Your daughter's got the same thing -- kinda like a kid's transformer for a train set."

Ed had pushed a similar black box with a white dial onto the right armrest of Anna's chair within reach of her fingers. Someone had turned on a small portable generator stowed in a closet behind Christine. The faintly pleasant aroma of heated wires began filling the air around her.

"You see, you control the juice to your daughter," Brad explained, pointing to a blue wire leading from her chair to Anna's. "The more you turn the dial this way, the more she gets."

"And the same thing over here," Ed said, pulling back Anna's hair to show her the dial. "You wanna give your old lady a jolt, you turn it this way."

"Ohhhh, please, I don't wanna."

"Come on, I'll show you," Ed said, reaching down and putting her fingers on the dial. He twisted them around clockwise, and immediately there was a slight rise in the humming of the generator behind her. Christine tensed, feeling something very strange, something very warm and pleasant coursing through her body. Electricity! Her daughter had sent a rush of electricity through her!

"Uhhhh..." Christine moaned.

Fuck juices were flowing inside Christine while her nipples straightened, turning a darker red. And her asshole! Oh, it was like having a warm licking tongue up there, licking and stretching her ass guts while a pair of lips sucked at her shitter rim! It was all so deliciously obscene! Christine wiggled her ass in the chair, pressing the backs of her legs against the legs of the chair while her wrists twisted in the leather.


"That's it, baby, you got it. Now maybe you wanna give your daughter a taste of the same medicine," Brad said, pushing her fingers on the dial.

Christine looked straight ahead, her eyes meeting Anna's. The girl was terrified, her fingers still on the dial. She could read the mute terror and horror written on her daughter's face. No, no, Mama, don't, don't do it to me, the girl seemed to be screaming. What made her twist the dial around? Were sensations coursing through her body, some desire as perverse as the boys? Christine didn't know, would never understand. All she knew was that her fingers tightened around the tiny dial and twisted it around. There was another change in pitch in the generator behind her.

"Ooooofffff!" Anna moaned.

The girl snapped back against the chair, her fingers straightening, tensing, trembling from the electrical surge rushing through her body. There was an expression of wild surprise on Anna's face while her legs shivered and the small wires jiggled back and forth.

"Oh my God!" Anna gasped.

Anna was bouncing on the chair, her tits jiggling up and down, the nipples turning a dark red while the pinchers held their positions. Something wet was oozing from her daughter's tiny red slit. Piss? Cunt juice? Christine couldn't tell.

Christine couldn't stand this any longer. She twisted the dial back to the off position and sighed with relief as Anna sagged back to the chair. In a moment she felt the buzzing warmth that had coursed through her body also end. Beads of cold sweat broke out on her forehead. Was this what was going to happen? The Rudd brothers were going to encourage mother and daughter to electrocute one another? Yes, this was something the Nazis must have thought up for their victims!

"Now, we're gonna get started," Brad said, checking Christine's attachments, then stepping back and putting her fingers once more on the dial. "Since, your daughter won't do anything, mother goes first."

Christine fought the big man's fingers without any luck. He forced her fingers to turn the dial, forced the current to flow from the generator up to Anna's body.

"Uhhhhhh." Anna moaned.

Again she saw the result. Anna's eyes widened, her knees jerking apart while her cheeks danced on the wooden seat. Her fingers were clawing the armrest while her tits jiggled like vanilla pudding against her chest. A low moan came from the girl's throat as electricity warmed her body.

"Like it? Like having something good and warm inside?" Ed taunted, watching as the girl's fingers moved hesitantly toward the dial, pulled back, then slid up again. "Go on, give your old lady a taste of her own medicine!"

Christine tensed, watching as Anna moved her hand over the dial. There was another change in generator pitch. And then the fuck juices flowed once more. How the clamps on her nipples seemed to weigh them down. Then the thing in her ass seemed to push up like a finger, a prick fucking its way up into her shiticr while tiny teeth nibbled at her clit.

"Uhhhh..." Christine groaned.

It was a flow of electricity, this one a little stronger than the first. Opening her eyes once again, Christine saw the glazed look on Anna's face. The girl was going out of her mind. Cuntjuice flowed from her pussy slit and down her thighs while her nipples seemed to turn purple.

"Oh God!" Anna gasped.

Another increase in the flow of electricity. Her daughter had to be going out of her mind! What on earth was wrong with her? Her eyes felt glazed and wide while spit began oozing from her mouth and down her chin. Her nipples were blushing darker red, stretched down by the clamps. Her belly tensed and rippled with lust while her spread cuntlips were slick with fuck juice. Christine's mind was going blank, blank with everything except lust and hate -- hate for her daughter for doing this to her, lust to make the sensations more powerful for both her and Anna. Everything was all mixed up, confused, wonderful. Her fingers tightened around the dial and turned it another notch. Immediately she heard a harsh, high pitched squeal from her daughter.


Anna was jerking and twitching, her head snapping from left to right while her hands yanked hard in the leather restraints. Her ass moved back and forth rapidly against the smooth chair bottom in fucking movements while the wires jiggled violently all around her body. Christine watched this and felt her excitement grow. Yes, she was doing this to her daughter, her own daughter. And somehow that knowledge made her excitement all that much more violent! Sucking in a deep breath, she turned the dial yet another notch, hearing the yelping cries of Anna.

"Give it back to her, man, give it to her!" Ed shouted into the girl's ear.

There was another change in pitch.

Christine jerked in the chair, feeling her pussy shivering from the electric jolts. How her cunt and tits itched so with that awful torment. Was Anna feeling the same thing? There was another increase in the flow. Yes, this was the perfect torture, the victims tormenting one another.

"Yaggghghghhhhh..." Christine yelled. The room smelled like a generator factory while the little engine behind Christine whirred away. The woman jerked and bit down on her lower lip. Her temples throbbed. She was hearing ringing, buzzing sounds in her head while her tits jumped around. All the muscles in her belly and thighs knotted from the electrical impulses rushing through her body. And her nipples! Oh, it was as if someone were trying to chew them off! Twice she looked down to make sure they weren't being torn off by some terrible monster chewing on her tits.

"Uhghghhhhh..." Christine moaned.

Fucking. Yes, even now she thought about it, thought about having the brothers on top of her, one fucking her ass, the other fucking her cunt. Another jolt of electricity. Her ass seemed stretched to the tearing point. Christine wondered if someone were secretly squeezing his meat up her shitter, nudging her stomach with his prickhead while all that electricity was singeing her pussy hairs!

Christine found herself twisting the dial another notch, sending her daughter into another plane of agony. Anna's face became a blur while her fingers curled and clawed at the armrest. The chair squeaked as it moved slightly over the floor. She jerked and twitched and shot from side to side like a spastic madwoman, her eyes wide, bugged out, an expression of wild insanity on her whitened face while her hair tangled around the base of her throat.

There was another surge, and Christine thought she would pass out. She was pissing on herself, losing control of her body as Anna flicked the dial over yet another notch. It was like being struck by a train traveling open throttle on the tracks. Her tits and belly and cunt and asshole were being stabbed again and again by red-hot pokers! She could hardly draw in air to feed her twisting, jerking body.

Another increase! Her bones rattled, threatened to be crushed while more saliva sprayed from her mouth. Her lips turned purple while her nipples seemed to be sparking from the overload given her by her daughter. And yet something else was happening, something that made her mind explode with disbelief. She was cumming! Yes, she was climaxing right there in front of them while electricity fried her body!

Staring heavy-lidded at her daughter across the way Christine saw the same thing was happening to Anna. The young girl was cumming, her body alive with sexual arousal while tormented by the flow of electrons. Christine gave the dial yet another twist, nearly sending Anna through the ceiling with a new rush of power. The girl shrieked, her body twisting and nearly tearing through the leather thongs holding it in place. With another yowling screech, the girl suddenly went limp, knocked unconscious by the powerful flow.

"Yet this slut keeps on going," Ed said, nodding in Christine's direction.

Knocking the teen's hand away from the dial he twisted it up two full notches. It was enough nearly to kill her, Christine thought. But her orgasm increased with the flow of power! Cry after rutting cry erupted from her mouth as she felt her climax merge strangely with the electricity, taking her breath away.

"Oooooohhhhh!" she howled.

Christine felt herself become a buttery mixture of tits, ass, cunt and asshole while wave after wave of climax overwhelmed her. Sobbing as the tremors erupted again and again in her body, she twisted on the seat, tugging at the thongs, hoping against hope that her climax would last on into eternity.

"That's enough, man," Brad said.

The power surge stopped. It was like being dropped to the floor! Christine twisted her thighs up once more, squeezing out the last pulsing itch from her climax, then settling back down into the chair, drained. They had done the ultimate. What more was there to do?


Anna remained unconscious for another few minutes. Ed left her sagging there in the chair while he and his brother unfastened Christine's bonds.

She slipped forward, stopping herself from hitting the floor by pressing down with both feet. A horror. A first-class horror no one would believe! And she could see from Brad's and Ed's eyes that her and Anna's ordeal was not yet over.

"You know, we ain't seen a good lesbo scene for a while. Another mother/daughter act?"

"You... no, no, that's too much!" Ed suggested.

Christine felt her mind collapsing at what the two men were proposing. Weakly, she fought against the arms hauling her up from the chair, dragging her acrbss the uneven cold basement floor to her still-unconscious daughter.

"Come on, baby, come on, lick your daughter's pussy. Get it on your face, bitch... come on, lick it on down," Brad said, shoving Christine to the floor.

The woman fell to her knees, nearly fading into unconsciousness from the pain of her fall. Staring up, she saw her daughter's young, tight little pussy fringed with blonde cuntal curls still damp from the fuck juice that had flowed from her pussy. She could smell the arousal, the same delicious aroma that had flowed from her own cunt. Gingerly she bent her head forward, rolling up her eyes once and seeing Ed and Brad grinning hellishly at her.

"Go for it, baby."

Anna's blonde-haired pussy glistened excitedly. Through the thick growth of tangled hair Christine could see the red gash of the daughter's cuntlips. It seemed so impossible that something as dreadful as this was happening. She stopped, unable to go any further.

"I... can't," Christine said.

"Sure you can. No problem," Ed told her.

With that, the woman felt a hand push up against the back of her head, forcing Christine down into the fuzzy bush before her.

Christine stirred, her asscheeks sliding forward on the puddle of cooling cuntal juices. Her head tilted back while her lips parted, emitting a quiet sigh that sent shivers up and down Ed and Brad's spines.

"Lick it!" Brad demanded.

The smell became stronger as Christine did as she was told. Her head dropped down a few more inches, her nostrils flaring from the few hairs stretching out toward her face. Licking her own daughter's cunt. She had never done anything like this before. Christine smiled. Of course, she had never done anything like this before, but she found it all pleasing.

Another soft cry from her daughter. Yes, Anna felt those lips brushing over her pussy hairs. The girl stirred once more, her right hand dropping into her lap while her eyelids fluttered. Christine lowered her head a little more, her tongue drawing along the swollen outer edge of her daughter's cuntlips.

"Mmmmmm..." Anna moaned.

"Nice to see a family together like that," Brad mocked.

"Ohhhhh." Anna writhed a little.

It was horrible and yet somehow wonderful hearing her daughter's moaning gasp above her. Gently, softly, the woman began licking her way in and out of Anna's cunt. The girl stiffened, twisting in the thongs as she peered down and saw what was happening.

"No, no..." Anna protested weakly.

"It's alright, darling. We don't have a choice, do we?" Christine said, sliding her hands around the plump yet firm cheeks of her daughter's tensing ass.


Anna began to get up from the chair. But the restraints held, her firmly in place. Her knees jerked toward one another, but her legs still remained apart. Christine moved her right hand up, massaging the young girl's hot little cunt again and again.

"Come on, let's get 'em down on the floor. I think this one's hot enough to let go," Ed said, reaching over Anna's left shoulder and releasing the wrists straps.

In a moment Christine found her and her daughter back on that awful pile of rags, the young girls trembling pussy poised over her. They were in a sixty-nine position, Ed and Brad standing to one side. Brad raised one foot, pressing his boot heel against Anna's back and shoving down. In a flash, Christine found her daughter's pussy shoved down hard against her lips. The curly cunthairs tickled her nostrils while the slick flesh actually moved against her lips and front teeth. Anna cried out, tried squirming away, then gave up as Brad shoved down once more, threatening to break hef back if she tried to squirm away from her mother's mouth.

Christine let out a shuddering moan, then began flicking her tongue in and out of her daughter's cunt. In a moment she felt the same licking sensation, the same kind of tonguing around the base of her hardening little clit. How good it was! Spreading her legs farther apart she felt her asscheeks squirming in the heap of rags. As she moaned, Christine reached up, using her fingers to pull the tender pussylips gently apart above her flicking her tongue in and out, she found her daughter's tongue doing the same thing. She could feel Anna panting into her pussy, feel her nose pressing up against her clit! Her tiny sex spindle popped out, throbbing and hard and wanting to be touched again and again!

The two women held tightly onto one another, their bodies bumping, hips rubbing against chins and cheeks, while tongues fucking into cunt.

"Come on, man, they're hot enough to fuck," Brad said.

Christine felt a pair of hands settling on her shoulders, pulling her away from her daughter and dragging her back toward the water heater. It was Ed, his prick straight out, wagging in her face. Anna was screaming from behind. Brad was on top of her, hitting her hard across the face with the back of one hand, his knees painfully pressing down on her upper arms. He was saying something about sucking prick. Yes, he was going to make her daughter lick his cock before fucking the young girl's cunt.

"No, oh, no, I won't!" Anna yelled.

There was another slap, then the quavering cry of the young girl.

"All the way, baby, all the way down your fuckin' throat!" Brad growled.

Christine watched in horror as Brad's fat cock slipped between her daughter's lips. Anna was still sobbing, but her cries were now muffled by that long thick cock. Tears stained the sides of her face while Brad grunted like an animal, feeding her more and more of his hot prickmeat.

"Now for you," Ed said.

Ed shoved her down hard to the floor, the back of her head striking the concrete. Dazed and naked, Christine was about to let Ed fuck her when she heard Anna cry out once more.

"No, oh no, you're hurting me! Mama, Mama, he's hurting me!" she yelled.

The cry moved Christine into action. Pushing Ed off, Christine scrambled to all fours, her tits hanging from her chest and jiggling rapidly while she moved toward her daughter and Brad. God! It looked as if he were about to fuck her in the ass! Anna had been flipped around, her legs spread out while her ass was tilted high in the air. Brad was kneeling behind her, spitting on his palm and wetting down his fat prickhead.

"Get away from her!"

Christine threw herself onto the elder Rudd brother with the fury of an animal, clawing his neck and face while trying to pull him back.

"Get the slut off me!" he cried, knocking Christine back with one savage blow.

Grunting, the woman tumbled back like a snowball, finding herself caught in the arms of Ed Rudd.

"Come on, bitch, we got some catchin' up to do."

"No, no!"

Anna continued to scream. But now Christine had other problems on her mind. Ed flung her back to the floor, grabbed a yard stick leaning against the nearby water heater, then kicked her around until she was on her belly. Still feeling the blow of the boot against her left side, Christine felt another, sharper blow. It was the yardstick, swishing up, then wooshing down in a broad arc, slapping cruelly across the lower, softer part of Christine's buttocks. Before Christine had a chance to cry out, a second blow came, then a third, making her scream with agony.


"Open those legs, baby!" Ed demanded.

When she refused, Ed kicked them apart, bringing the yardstick down with a vicious slash that curled it around one cheek, then finally brought it down hard around her pussy. Christine let out another sharp cry of agony, snapping back her head and writhing her body like a snake over the dirty basement floor. She kicked out one leg frantically as if to rid herself of the pain. Ed changed sides and, with an equal skill, repeated the last blow. With the last beating stroke, Ed didn't touch her asscheeks at all but struck upward inside the thigh. Christine shrieked with agony, going into tremendous gyrations of pain.

"Now, you ain't gonna gimme no problem," Ed said, throwing the yardstick away with a clatter.

The rest was a sad conclusion to a terrible nightmare. Ed was on top of her the way Brad was on top of her daughter. In the background she could hear Anna's grunts, her fading cries as that animal fucked her daughter's shitter. And Ed had rolled her back on her ass, kicked her legs up and fucked her brutally. How he liked hurting her, biting her neck and shoulders, slapping her at times while pausing on an upstroke, pulling her hair until some of it tore from the roots. And whenever, she cried out, whenever Christine showed pain she felt him shuddering on top of her. Yes, Brad and Ed loved hurting people that was what they lived for!

And then the horror show was over. He had cum violently in her, his balls unloading their last into her sucking cunt. When he lumbered off the woman, zipping up his pants and tucking in his T-shirt, Christine rolled onto one side and brushed the hair from her eyes. There was Anna, raped, brutalized, her body covered with bruises and welts and dirt.

"Take your slut and go home, baby. And don't even think about tellin' our folks about what happened. It's gonna go bad for you if you do," Brad said, shaking a warning finger at Christine as she gathered her sobbing daughter in her arms.

"No, I promise, no..."

Somehow they managed to dress, ignoring the awful taunts of the Rudd brothers.

"Come back again, baby, real soon," Ed called as Christine trundled up the stairs with Anna.

"Yeah, my cock's gonna be itchin' real soon too," Brad added.

"Ohhhh, Mama; what've we done?" Anna whispered as they stepped outside.

Christine looked around. No, there were no neighbors staring at them. Thank God for high fences! She held her daughter more closely than ever, picking her way carefully through the shrubs to her own backyard.

"We'll think of something, Anna. Don't worry. They won't touch us," Christine said, feeling something stirring in her mind. No, they probably wouldn't touch them if they kept their guard up. But wasn't it true she enjoyed having this happen to her? And Anna -- wasn't she feeling the same thing? It was all so confusing, so mixed up! How she had loathed those awful men! And yet she could see them now, standing over her, beating her, fucking her, and her lpving every horrible second of it! What had happened to her? What had happened to her daughter?

"Ohhh, Mama."

That would be answered later. Right now, Christine knew she and Anna had to rest, had to have time to sort things out.

"Don't worry, baby, things will be alright," she said, opening the back screen door and gently pushing Anna through the doorway to the kitchen.

Yes, things would be alright. Somehow, some way, she would make things alright. Christine said this to herself even as she turned around once again and glanced at the rooftop of the Rudd house. How odd. In spite of everything the woman found herself smiling.


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