Lashed and licked landlady

Who can judge a person's reactions during stress situations? The prisoners of war who give in to their captors' demands, the kidnapped heiress who joins forces with her abductors -- all must act without past experience to guide them. All must make decisions in a vacuum, without benefit of familiar people or situations to guide them. The end result can be either a positive or a negative experience.

In this story, Donna Fairchild finds herself in just such a situation. Held captive by her tormentors, she not only meets their sexual demands but, to her horror, finds herself responding to them. Donna is forced to indulge in acts that are not only forbidden by society, but also by her own moral code.

LASHED AND LICKED LANDLADY a shocking story of a young woman's reactions under tremendous stress. Yet who are we to judge her actions?


Donna Fairchild recognized the truck that ran her off the road. It belonged to the Wiederbold brothers, the guys she had just served with an eviction notice. All four of the brothers were on board, and the gorgeous blonde's heart beat fast with fear as she desperately tried to keep her expensive car from hitting their awful black truck. She grimaced as she skidded to a stop. What the hell did these creeps think they were doing, running her off into a ditch? She was going to put the damned idiots in their place, and then she was going to see that they got into a lot of trouble. Donna started yelling the moment she jumped from her car.

The first word never made it out of her mouth. Gary Wiederbold, the oldest of the four brothers, was already waiting for her, a thin, evil smile on his face. He slapped her hard as she opened her mouth.

"Bitch," he said quietly, backhanding her hard enough to make her knees buckle. "You lousy, stuck-up, sexy bitch. You're going to learn not to fuck with the Wiederbold."

Donna opened her mouth to scream but Gary slapped her again. This time a thin trickle of blood dripped from the corner of her lush, red lips. Then, before Donna was fully aware of what was happening, he pulled off his belt and hit her with it. Donna screeched in pain as the biting leather cut through her skirt to sting her ass and thighs. Gary slapped her again to shut her up, then grabbed the collar of her blouse and ripped it to pieces.

Donna gasped with shock and panic as buttons scattered everywhere. She tried to wrap the blouse back around her body, but Gary slapped her so hard that she fell back against her car, then lashed his belt against her knuckles with a loud, painful snap. Before Donna could recover, he ripped both sleeves of her blouse away.

"Stop this!" Donna managed to scream at last.

Her expensive blouse had been reduced to rags. "You're making a big mistake, mister! You creeps aren't going to scare me into changing my mind, and now you're in more trouble than you ever bargained for!"

"We don't want to scare you, sexy landlady," Joel Wiederbold, who weighed at least three hundred pounds, called from behind her. "We just want to fuck around with you a little bit, maybe see what kind of a stuck-up princess you are with jism on your pretty face and a cock stuck up your little ass."

Donna started to scream, but the moment he saw her open her mouth, Gary slapped her again. This time he hit her so hard that she started to fall. Gary grabbed her by her silky blonde hair and pulled her roughly back up to her feet, then swung her away from her car and into the side of their filthy black truck. She staggered back out from the impact, and as she did, Gary swung the belt against her tender ass.

Donna did scream then, but she cut her cries short when the four brothers started laughing, realizing that they were getting off by making her scream and suffer. She tried to edge her away around the side of the truck, but Gary caught her by a handful of her golden hair and held her in place while he flogged her ass with his big leather belt.

"You bastard!" she hissed. "Don't you know how important I am in this town? You're all going to be in jail for the rest of your lives!"

"A bitch like you is good for just one thing," Gary growled, and with a jerk of his muscular arm, he dragged Donna by her hair around to the front of his truck. "That's spreading her legs and her lips for men. Your daddy didn't teach you very well, and he made a big fucking mistake when he left you all his money when he died. But now you're going to learn about your true talents, little miss landlady!"

He threw her face-down over the hood of the truck, and Donna squirmed frantically against the hot metal. John and Brad, the youngest of the Wiederbold brothers, stepped quickly in and grabbed her wrists. Before Donna knew what was happening, they had stretched her arms out over her head and tied her wrists to the rear-view mirrors that jutted out from either side of the truck's short hood.

"You bastards!" Donna shrieked, staring at the awful Wiederbold. "This is your last chance, you stupid creeps! You better let me go now! Anymore and the whole lousy bunch of you are going to be in jail for the next twenty years!"

"Shut up, bitch," Gary said mildly, and yanked her skirt up over her ass. "Somebody shut the silly little princess up. Find that letter, John. Read it to this sexy piece of shit while I fuck her ass off."

"Nooooo!" Donna howled when she heard Gary's zipper. A moment later, he stepped around the curve of her hip and shook his prick in her face, and then she screamed even louder.

Gary's cock was huge. It was perhaps a foot long and his cockhead was the size of one of Donna's fists. There was a pearly drop of pre-cum leaking from his big dark piss-slit, and Gary wiped it off on Donna's cheek before be stepped back any from her.

"She likes that big prick," Brad said with stupid laugh. He pulled out his own cock, a filthy fat hunk of meat that was no more than an inch or so smaller than his brother's. "Well good news, Miss Fairchild, 'cause we all got big ones for you. Half the girls in the county know about the big Wiederbold boys."

Donna shuddered with revulsion at the slimy coolness of Gary's fuck-lube on her cheek. It trickled down over her tightly shut lips, and the sensation of it drooling over her mouth made Donna want to vomit. Worse yet was the pounding realization that the brothers were really serious. They were going to rape her. Donna didn't think she could stand to be raped by all four of the big, dirty Wiederbolds.

A moment later she felt the head of Gary's big cock brushing against the fragile lips of her cunt, and it was all she could do to stifle a scream of terror.

"Look at that," John shouted gleefully, pointing at the sexy squirming of Donna's body as she tried to wriggle across the hot hood away from the relentless advance of Gary's monster prick. "You were right again, Gary."

"That's right," Gary said, teasing Donna with his cock now, rubbing it against her quivering pink cuntlips, then pulling it away just when it seemed he was about to raw it home. "You see, landlady, you really should feel honored. We've trained a lot of bitches in our time, but we've never fucked with one who was older than twenty. Sort of a rule with us, because we like them young and tender. Fuck, you're ten years over our limit, so we made a special exception just for you!"

"Of course you are sexier than any other bitch we ever raped," John said. "And Gary said he had the feeling that you hadn't had much in the way of cock, even if you are thirty years old."

Donna burned with shame and anger at the way the horrible men were talking about her. The worst thing of all was that both things John had told her were true. In her whole life, she had only been fucked once, by a professor at the university her father had sent her to. Before they had fucked, Donna had thought she loved the older man.

After be had broken her cherry with his smelly, filthy cock and filled her up with his disgusting jism, she had never wanted to see him again. Since then, she had occasionally necked with men heavily enough to get their cocks into the open, but every time she saw a prick she felt disgust, and she had never let another man fuck her. At thirty, Donna was probably less sexually experienced than most of the young girls the Wiederbolds played their gangbang tricks with.

"Just look at this body," Gary growled, reaching under Donna to grab her proud, pointy-tits. "You ever see tits this big on a little bitch like her? You ever see tits this bouncy on a thirty-year-old cunt? Her ass is as tight as a high school girl's, and her pussy is so tiny and pink you'd think it never got fucked. And we never had a bitch with as pretty a face as her. Besides, she's going to be a real challenge. We're going to have to work hard to bring out the slut in Donna."

Donna wanted to scream at the way the brothers were talking about her. It was as though she was some animal they had bought at auction. And they didn't seem afraid at all that someone might drive down the road and see what they were doing. They acted as if they had every right in the world to be raping and brutalizing her.

Brad and John and Gary talked about her body and face, comparing her tits and ass and pussy to those of the teenage girls around town they had gang-raped. Donna recognized some of the names and wondered why the girls had never turned the awful brothers in. Then she wondered if she would be able to bear the humiliation of admitting that she had been gang-raped by all four of the leering, filthy Wiederbolds.

"Hey, bitch, let's see if you feel as good as you look." John stepped in and grabbed one of Donna's tits, sinking his fingers into it. "You're a sexy cunt, all right. Too bad that you're such a stuck-up little rich bitch."

Donna clenched her eyes tightly shut as Brad and John stepped up to maul her tender body. Gary was still playing his cock over the quivering lips of her cunt, poking the bulging head into her just hard enough to make her jump and wriggle. All three of the men laughed at the way the sleek little blonde jerked and squirmed, and they pinched and pawed her tits and legs and ass and stomach to keep her writhing constantly atop the hot hood of the dirty black truck. Only Joel stood apart, and the panicked blonde wondered why the biggest of the Wiederbolds hadn't joined in on the assault.

"Fucking beautiful bitch!" Gary gasped, leaning down over her back to bite and lick his way across her cheek and throat. "We're going to fuck you until you can't stand up, little landlady! A bitch as sexy as you should have been spreading her legs for men her whole life! You've got a lot of lost time to make up for!"

Suddenly Donna wished she was ugly, even though she had always flaunted the fact that she was the most beautiful woman in town. Even when her father had sent her to college in the city, she had been the most beautiful woman on campus, and Donna had used her looks to get everything she wanted. Now it was like she was having to pay for all those things her sexy face and body had gotten her.

Donna's eyes were big and round and crystal blue. Her lips were full and red. Her hair curled halfway down her back, colored like spun gold and silky to the touch. She had the face of a Southern belle, and her inheritance from her father let her play the role to the hilt. She even had a hint of a Southern drawl in her voice.

Her body was as perfect as her face. Donna was a small woman, no more than a fraction over five feet tall, but she seemed to have four feet of legs alone. She had the kind of legs that men dream about -- long and slender and flawlessly tapered from her lush hips to her tiny ankles. She had a perfect ass, a tight little bubble that jutted out as tight and firm as a schoolgirl's.

Her waist was so tiny that even a small man could have circled it with his fingers. Her tits were big, though, standing out like a pair of twin globes high on her chest. Her tits were shaped like perfect cones, and they didn't sag an inch. Her nipples were rosy and enormous, sticking out over an inch when they were fully erect, which they almost always were. Even now, through the cotton of her plain white bra, their impressions could be clearly seen.

Gary ripped the bra away, tumbling her lush tits out into Brad's and John's waiting hands. They laughed at the sight of her long nipples, and in a moment, they were both pinching and tearing at the hard, tender buds. At the same time, Gary pulled her white cotton panties down around her knees, revealing the creamy cheeks of her ass and the furred, pink lips of her tiny cunt. Her panties had already been stained with his fuck-lube. Now he banged his cock directly against the soft cleft of her pussy.

"You're about to get fucked, landlady," Brad whispered down into Donna's ear, then licked his way around the shell-like rim and down deep inside. "Remember what it feels like not to have a cock between your legs, 'cause it's going to be a long time till you feel like that again."

"Okay, fuck me then!" Donna cried out. "Just remember to wake me up when it's over, because I'm sure none of you little boys can keep me interested enough to stay awake! Go ahead and rape me, but don't expect much!"

"Bitch!" Gary growled as he bit and slobbered his way over the back of her neck. "By the time we're through with you, you'll be begging for cock from every man you see."

Donna opened her mouth to argue, but then she felt Gary line the fat head of his cock up with the tiny slit of her pussy. She caught her breath, her muscles tensing.

Gary's giant cockhead dwarfed the tiny pink mouth of her pussy, and he wrenched her thighs as wide apart as he could before he thrust forward.

"Bitch!" he screwed. "You dried-out, worthies, tight-cunted whore! Open up your pussy, you worthless slut!"

Donna thought she was going to die. Her legs felt as though they were being dislocated, her pussy felt as though it was being fed a log. Gary's big body crunched her tiny frame against the hot metal of the truck. She was being burned and buried and torn in half all at the same time. She bit her lip to keep from screaming, but she grunted at the terrible impact of Gary's cock against the tight, dry lips of her pussy.

"Fuck her, Gary!" Brad screamed, slapping Donna's face to keep her eyes open while his brother tried to fuck his huge cock inside her. "Split her open like the old bag she is! Fuck her tight old pussy to pieces."

Donna wriggled like a dying worm and tried to pull herself away from Gary's murderous cock. Her sensitive nipples and tender stomach burned from the heat of the truck's hood. Her face stung from the repeated slaps from Brad and John. But the worst pain of all was coming from her tiny pink pussy. It felt like Gary was drilling out a new hole inside her, and Donna was sure her body was about to burst wide open.

"You little bitch!" he screamed, grabbing his belt again and lashing it down against her creamy, tensed asscheeks. "Open up, you little whore, 'cause I'm coming in no matter what!"

Donna wanted to beg for mercy as the delicate pink lips of her cunt spread wide around the huge girth of Gary's cockhead. She wanted to tell, the Wiederbold brothers that she was too small for the size of cock Gary was trying to fuck her with. It wasn't her fault, she was only a little over five feet tall, and her pussy had hardly ever been fucked.

The smallest Wiederbold was Brad, and even he stood six feet tall, weighed two hundred pounds and had a cock that stuck out at least ten inches from his hairy balls.

Donna clamped her asscheeks as tight as she could, contracting her pussy until it was as tight as a tiny pink fist. She swore to herself that she was going to fight the brutish brothers to the bitter end.

Then Gary hammered his enormous cock home.

Donna's eyes shot open, bulging almost out of her head. Her mouth formed a wide, perfect circle, and it took every ounce of will power she had to keep a scream from ripping out. She arched her back as though she had been stabbed with a knife, and strained her arms against the chains that bound them until her muscles rippled and her wrists, were bleeding. Her cunt and ass cramped as Gary's cock flicked up inside her, and she went limp beneath him. With one savaging lunge, he drove his foot-long cock all the way inside her tiny cunt.

"You asleep yet, landlady?" Gary asked, grinding his hips to gouge his giant cock around inside her stuffed pussy. "Have I got your fucking attention yet, you stuck-up cow?"

Donna gasped for air, unable to breathe with such an enormous log of flesh buried inside her. She could feel Gary stirring her internal organs as he pound his cock around in her straining pussy. Her pussylips pulled around the stalk of his cock like a stretched rubber band.

"She looks like a fish out of water," John said with a laugh, and he flopped his fat, dripping cock against Donna's cheek. "Look at that sweet mouth gasping! I think I'll let her gasp around a mouthful of meat!"

Donna tried to snap her mouth shut when she heard his words, but John slammed the palm of his hand against her temple, and with her head pinned against the burning hood of the truck, he stuffed his cock between her lips. Donna almost vomited at her first taste of his dirty, leaking cock, but he only giggled at her and fed her more of his prick. Donna had never sucked a man's cock, and the taste, smell and feel of John's throbbing prick were worse than anything she had ever imagined.

Gary was raising welts on her creamy ass with every lash of his big leather belt. While he beat her, he drew his monstrous cock slowly back out of her cunt.

Donna breathed a deep sigh of relief. It felt as though a log was being pulled out of her. Her lungs worked again, and she gulped one desperate breath after another. Finally only the fat head of Gary's prick was still buried inside the straining lips of her cunt. But then he thrust forward again.

Donna's tiny body scooted six inches along the hood of the truck with the savage violence of Gary's fuck-thrust. Her hardened nipples scraped over the burning metal of the truck. John had to grab her head to keep her lips from sliding off the end of his cock. Donna's beautiful face twisted with the pain, and she wasn't able to stop a long, painful moan from escaping her cock-stuffed lips.

"Sounds like she's feeling it now," Brad said with a giggle. He pulled Donna's long blonde hair back away from her face so that he could have a perfect view of both the cocks fucking her helpless body. "Or maybe she's just having a nightmare."

Donna wished that it was a nightmare, that she could wake up safely in her bed at home and forget all about the pain and degradation of the horrible double-fuck. Gary started fucking her fast and hard, moving his foot-long cock in and out of her dry, clinging pussy like a sex-crazed piston. Every stab of his cock inside her felt like the thrust of a sandpaper-wrapped baseball bat. Her legs kicked helplessly out at her sides and her asscheeks tightened and relaxed in a hopeless battle to expel the huge cock.

Donna could feel the scratchy hair of Gary's crotch with every vicious plunge of his cock inside her, and she knew that she was taking his full twelve inches of fuck-flesh. Her sexy asscheeks shuddered with every impact of his crotch. His balls swung up to hit the fluttering pink lips of her pussy.

Gary fucked her as hard and violently as he could, and it felt to Donna more like she was being beaten with a hammer than fucked with a cock. She was pushed forward with every devastating collision between his huge, muscular frame and her tiny, sexy body.

"Fuck me back, you worthless slut!" Gary screamed, beating her ass and fucking her cunt with equal fury. "Aren't you good for anything, you fucking stuck-up cow? I've fucked little girls who knew how to shake their asses better than you do! Fuck me back, you sorry cow!"


Donna lay limp against the burning hot hood of the truck, determined to do nothing to make the horrible rape enjoyable for Gary. Her ass felt as though it had been torn to shreds by his leather belt. Now he was flogging her back as well, working his way up methodically from her ass toward the graceful curves of her shoulders. Her cunt felt as though it was being fucked with a lit torch, and she wondered if she was going to be fucked to death out here on the road like some kind of common tramp. Still she refused to bow down to the will of Gary and his awful pack of brothers.

John was using her mouth like a fuck-toy, yanking her head back and forth on his dripping prick. Donna didn't try to fight him, but she kept tongue pressed to the bottom of her mouth and let her lips fall wide open. John slammed his cock down her throat until her upturned nose was buried in a musty forest of crotch hair and his balls draped over her chin. Donna couldn't help but contract her throat around the choking rod of muscle, and John fucked her gullet as though it was another pussy.

"Rule number one, little landlady," Gary rasped, laying one red welt after another down across her creamy white back. "You might as well memorize it. A slut's duty is to give her men the most pleasure she can with her whorish body. Brad, show her what happens if she doesn't."

Donna burned with anger and shame at Gary's words, but she didn't care what Brad did to her. Gary and his evil brothers might be able to break her body, but they were never going to be able to break her spirit.

And then Brad picked up the box of firecrackers, lit one of the smallest, and stuffed it up her pussy as Gary backed away.

"No!" she screamed around John's big cock, her eyes going wider with terror. Her pussy clamped tight around the little firecracker a she tried to put it out or expel it from her body. "Nooooo!"

Her sleek, sexy body bucked a foot up off the truck when the firecracker exploded. When she banged back down against the hot metal hood, she shook her sexy ass around as if she was fucking the biggest cock in the universe. Her lips squeezed tight around the mushroom-shaped head of John's cock and she took every inch of his fat rod down her throat without a bit of urging, licking the underside of his prick every bit of the way.

"She sure as fuck ain't sleeping now!" he groaned, and used her ears for handles as he moved his cock around inside the tight, wet sheath of her throat.

Donna couldn't stop shaking. Tears were running down her pretty cheeks in rivers. Her breath whistled in and out in ragged, shallow bursts. She waved her high, creamy ass in wide desperate circles as she tried to grind out the awful, burning pain of the firecracker.

"Light another one, Brad," Gary said, rubbing the dripping, foot-long shaft of his cock. "I don't think the little whore's learned her lesson yet."

"Nooooo!" Donna cried, shaking her head desperately as she lathered John's cock with her tongue and lips. "Nooooo! Please no!"

"Did I hear the bitch princess say please?" Gary asked with a wide smile on his face. "John, pull out your cock so I can hear her."

John muttered a protest, but he pulled his spitsoaked cock out of Donna's wetly clasping mouth. The sexy blonde dropped her head limply against the hood of the car once her mouth was freed of the throbbing meat gag. John slapped his cock against her pretty face, letting fuck-lube and spit drool down over her nose and lips and chin while he gently hunched his cock up the length of her face. His sweaty balls draped over her chin almost like a beard.

"Did you say please, cunt?" Gary asked, lashing the belt down over Donna's back and ass as she wriggled helplessly against the hood of the truck.

"Yes!" Donna hissed, able to think only of how much she hated the man.

"Yes what?" Gary asked, and Brad and John laughed wildly as he whipped her back with his leather strap.

"Yes, sir," Donna said, her voice shaking with the horror of degrading herself in front of the horrible men.

"Are you going to do everything we tell you to?" Gary asked. His voice sounded so reasonable that it seemed to Donna that she would be foolish to disagree with him. But still the belt left trails of burning tot pain across her bowed back and shuddering ass.

"Yes!" she whispered, her face red with the shame.

"Louder!" Brad shouted, his lighter in one hand a firecracker in the other. "Will you suck our cocks as good as you can? Fuck us as good as you can? Help us fuck your ass?"

"Yes!" Donna cried, knowing that she couldn't stand another explosion inside her poor, shattered cunt. "Yes, I'll fuck you and suck you the best I can!"

"Louder!" John yelled, fucking his dripping cock all over her pretty face, smearing her perfect features with trails of sticky fuck-lube. "Will you suck our asses and drink our piss and fingerfuck yourself while we take pictures?"

Donna tried as hard as she could not to say yes. They were talking about awful, perverted things now, much worse than just being raped in her mouth and cunt and ass. She couldn't let the horrible men strip her of every shred of her dignity the way they had torn away her blouse and panties. Then she thought of the terrible pain of Gary's belt across her back and ass, and the unbearable agony of the firecracker exploding inside her. She knew that she would do whatever the brothers wanted.

"Yes!" she screamed, her voice cracking. She twisted her head to look at Gary. "I'll do whatever you want, the best that I can! But it's only because I know you can hurt me bad. But I still hate it! And I hate you, too!"

"But what do you hate most?" Gary asked with a laugh, slashing the belt down against her squirming, shackled body. "Ask for something, you frigid little whore. Say, please fuck me with your cock, or please stick a firecracker inside me. Say one, bitch, and that's the one we'll give you!"

Donna stared up at the big man. None of the Wiederbold brothers even had a job, and Gary, the oldest of the four, was almost ten years younger than her. But they were her masters. It didn't matter how much money or power she had, because any one of these men could break her to their will with their strength and their cocks and their cruelty.

Her skirt was torn to ribbons and puddled on the small of her back. Her panties were tangled around her knees. Her blouse and bra had been reduced to rags. She was all but naked, staked out on display by the side of the road. She'd been raped in her mouth and her cunt, been whipped with a belt until her back and ass were a mass of welts, even had a firecracker exploded inside her. She realized suddenly that whether she liked it or not, until they decided to let her go, she was the slave to these men.

"Please fuck me with your cock!" she whispered, cursing herself for being unable to keep the quaver from her voice. "Please fuck me with your big cock!"

"That's good, bitch," Gary said with an evil grin. He nodded to Brad and John. "Light this sorry old cow up, Brad. John, why the fuck were we evicted?"

Donna opened her mouth to scream, but John shoved his cock inside her before she could make a sound. She felt the tiny firecracker being shoved deep inside her, and that was the first time she noticed that the first explosion had brought forth a bubbling current of cunt-cream.

"It seems we've got an open cesspool," John said, then groaned with pleasure as Donna whipped her tongue desperately over the head of his cock and squirmed her lips up and down the cockstalk. "We've let over seventy percent of the shingles fall off our roof and let our grass grow higher than three feet tall. Oh, and we've got wrecked cars and broken refrigerators and shit like that laying all over."

"Well, at least we don't have a firecracker stuck up our cunt," Gary said with a laugh, and then Donna's world exploded.

The explosion filled her tiny, tender pussy with fire. Another rush of cuntjuice flooded her battered pussy, but it seemed like fiery lava as it coursed through her. The Wiederbolds laughed and joked as pussyjuice dribbled down from her cuntlips to stream down her trembling white thighs and sizzle against the sun-baked gravel.

Donna shivered uncontrollably, waves of freezing cold and blazing heat crashing through her sexy body. Her eyes glazed over with agony. Sweat poured off her squirming, sexy frame and gooseflesh rose in pebbly sheets over her arms and tits and stomach. Her nipples turned bright red and poked out even longer and stiffer as they filled with blood. She wriggled on the hot truck hood as though she was dying.

Without warning, Donna started pissing, and until she heard the brothers laughing and felt the hot flush of piss splashing down her trembling thighs, she didn't even know what was happening. Then she burned with shame, certain that she could sink no lower than this. She was even more horrified when Gary cupped his hands under the yellow flow and splashed handfuls of her piss back over her welted, shapely ass and her bowed back. When the piss started burning into the crimson welts, she had to bang her head against the hood of the truck to keep from screaming.

Gary plunged his cock back inside her, and Donna bucked and trembled like a caged, wild beast as his foot of cock impaled her. She heard him groan with pleasure at the slippery wetness he encountered inside her pussy and at the friction her helplessly contracting cunt applied to his ravaging prick.

Donna jammed herself back on the big cock, unmindful of the ripping pain of having the oversized prick bludgeon its way inside her, thinking only of how the fat prick could grind the burning agony of the firecrackers from her cunt. Gary wrapped his big hands around her waist and jerked her back and forth like a rag doll, and Donna squirmed against him with every ounce of strength left inside her tortured body.

She slavered like a hungry dog over John's meaty slab of cock, lathering it with her tongue and hollowing her cheeks in an effort to drain his cum out of his heavy balls. John had stopped fucking her throat and was soaking up the pleasure of having the high class beauty suck his cock like an eager schoolgirl. He reached down with one hand to squeeze her tits, pulling them back and forth across her chest like rubbery play-toys and pinching her nipples until she grunted with pain.

Donna bounced and twisted wildly between the two men, her slim body on fire with pain. She was terrified of them now that she knew what they would do to her. From now on, she would do whatever they demanded, and she cursed herself, feeling disgusted at letting them turn her into a submissive little slavish lap dog, but she couldn't stand much more pain. She felt as if her body had already been destroyed, sacked by some invading army. And they were already raping her in two holes at once. She had precious little dignity left to defend.

"Bitch!" John screamed, pistoning his hips again and wrapping his hands in her lush, golden hair. "You fucking dirty old cow! Milk me, bitch! Milk some fucking cum!"

A moment later, he pulled back and Donna's mouth was filled with salty, disgusting jism. She felt a splashing against the roof of her mouth and then she was choking. Another blast hit on her dancing tongue. Donna squirmed her mouth tightly shut around the pistoning stalk of John's cock and tried to hold all the filthy cock-cream inside her mouth. With the next shot, her cheeks were swollen and cum was oozing out to drool down his prick.

Donna didn't want to swallow the filthy cum, but she knew she didn't have any choice. She almost threw up the first mouthful she swallowed. The taste was so salty and musky that she didn't think she could stand it. The second mouthful went down easier. Then she was just milking the dregs of John's jism away, each taste a little more watery than the last, the taste of the cock-cream slowly giving way to some new, sharp taste that she couldn't quite identify.

And then she knew exactly what it was.

Her body shook with convulsions as she tried to breathe around the quart of piss John was drowning her in. Her mouth opened wide around his pissing cock, and as much of the stinking yellow fluid fountained back out over her elegant face as drained down to her stomach. She could hear Gary and Brad laughing at her, and she burned with shame.

"That's what you're good for, you sexy bitch." John pulled his cock out of her mouth and sprayed the last of his piss all over Donna's beautiful face. "Cum and piss! A sexy bitch like you is meant to be a dumping ground for whatever her men feel like dumping!"

Donna turned her piss-soaked face away from the leering, ugly man, unable to face his open contempt and easy mastery. Her beautiful blonde hair was matted with his piss and her face was soaked and stinking. Piss had drained up her upturned nose and she was snorting and coughing and squirming.

Donna's cunt was still burning from the explosions of the two firecrackers. Her drooling pussycream felt like liquid fire as it coursed over her injured cunt, and her tiny cunt was still throbbing uncontrollably from the pain of the blasts. Gary's cock felt good as it smashed its way through her injured cunt, grinding out the terrible, burning pain.

The fucking felt great to Gary, too. He smiled down at the sexy blonde bitch with an expression of knowing contempt as she twisted and bucked against him. Her cunt was wringing on his cock like a wet sponge now, and it was all he could do to keep from blowing his load up her pussy. He almost had her now. He'd shown her who the boss was. Now he just had to prove to her what a slut she was after that, the sexy little bitch would be his private slutty fuck-toy.

"Slut!" he whispered sweetly into her ear, crushing her tiny, doll-like body beneath him and biting and licking his way over her long, graceful throat. "Dirty little whore! That's all you are, isn't it? Tell me or I'll get another firecracker!"

"You bastard!" Donna whimpered. She could hardly hold back the tears. "I'm a slut! I'm a dirty little whore!"

"Keep saying it," Gary said, fucking her harder and faster, grinding her body painfully into the unyielding hood of the truck. He bit her flawless white throat until he drew blood. "Keep telling me what a bitch you are. What a worthless cunt you are. Tell me that all you're good for is taking big hard cocks."

"I'm a slut," Donna said, trying to block from her mind the laughter and insults of the men. "I'm, a worthless bitch. The only thing I'm good for -- oh, you're fucking me so hard -- is taking a big cock up my pussy or down my throat!"

Suddenly Donna felt strange. Her clit kept getting hotter and hotter, even as the burn faded from the rest of her pussy. There was a slick, wet feeling over the rest of her cunt, and an itch that only the fucking of Gary's cock seemed able to scratch. She felt lightheaded. It seemed as though she might be floating, or even dreaming.

Gary fucked into her as though he wanted to smash her delicate, sexy body to pieces. His cum was boiling up through his cock, and he couldn't hold it back anymore. He smashed Donna flat against the hood of the truck and fucked her like a maddened animal, then he dug his hands underneath her and tore at her tits until Donna had to scream with the pain.

"I'm a lowly slut," Donna said, having to try with every ounce of her will power to keep the growing feeling of excitement from showing in her voice. "I'm only good for sucking jism and getting my pussy fucked and taking a whipping when I do something wrong."

She screamed again when Gary's jism splashed up inside her battered cunt. She trembled and whined, and every muscle in her sexy body tensed with the burning pain that boiled through her ravaged pussy. But there was something else, too, and Donna felt sick and disgusted with herself, because she knew that the feeling was pleasure.

"The only thing I'm good for is swallowing piss," she said, her voice trembling with barely contained emotion. "I'm a dirty, lowly slut, and I should be spending my time spreading my legs for a man. I'm a slut, and it's a slut's job to service her men in any way they want. I'm nothing but a worthless whore!"

Gary pulled his cock from her battered pussy, pointing and laughing at the gooey mix of cum and cunt-cream that drooled down her trembling, silky thighs. Then he propped his cock in the crack of her ass and pissed all aver her welted back and creamy asscheeks. Donna shivered with the pain of the salty piss burning into the welts, but her cunt went right on squirming.

"My natural position is on my back with my feet up in the air," she said, and the worst part of all was that she had begun to wonder if she wasn't telling the truth.


"Turn her over," Gary said as he wiped his sloppy prick clean over the perfectly rounded curves of Donna's ass. Before Donna knew what was happening, Brad and Gary had turned her over onto her back and retied her hands to the truck's mirrors.

The hot truck hood burned her welted back, but Donna clamped her mouth tightly shut. She had never had an orgasm in her life, but she had nearly had one while Gary was fucking her. She didn't understand how something so horrible could have happened, but she knew that she wasn't going to let herself get out of control again. She had been raped and hurt and degraded beyond relief, but no matter what happened she wasn't going to let herself become a willing plaything for these monsters.

She looked down at her pussy and gasped at what she saw. She had half expected it to be covered in blood and blown to ragged pieces, but the truth was even more shocking. Her cuntlips had been delicate, powder pink folds when Gary had first torn her pantics down to her knees. Now they were red and fat and peeled back to reveal the inside of her pussy. And the inside of her cunt was just as shocking. It was colored a deep red and milky white, and her cunt was throbbing with rhythmic contractions, like a tiny dancer on an empty floor. Donna felt a red blush of shame cover her face. She didn't want to believe that her pretty little pussy could have been turned into such a sluttish cunt.

"Looks good, don't it?" Gary asked, noticing her humiliated expression at the sight. "Brad, get down here and fuck this whore."

Brad didn't need to be asked twice. Gary made her watch as the youngest and smallest of the Wiederbold brothers stepped between her dangling legs. For an instant, she thought about closing her thighs to his advance, but then she remembered the firecrackers. She lay still and unresisting as Brad stepped up between her thighs and fucked his cock inside her, Gary leaned down and watched with a smile as Donna's pretty face tightened at the pain of being fucked by another giant cock. Brad slid his prick all the way inside her with one steady relentless thrust, and Donna's cunt stretched painfully to accept the full ten inches of wrist-thick prickmeat.

Donna winced as Brad shoved his cock all the way inside her, then tensed as he pulled it back out. It turned Gary on to see Donna's beautiful face twisted into expressions of fear and pain and disgust.

Donna felt as though her degradation was complete now. The second of the four Wiederbold brothers was fucking her. She guessed this officially certified the attack as a gang-bang. She knew now that she could never bear to tell anyone what had happened to her, but she could imagine Gary and his brothers bragging to their buddies about how they had gang-raped the stuck-up blonde bitch who thought she owned the town. The terrifying thought occurred to her that their friends might try her out too, that for the rest of her life she might live in terror of being grabbed off the street and raped. She realized then that she would have to take her money and move tar away from the town.

"Get the cooler out of the truck," Gary said to John, and his words jerked Donna back to reality.

He turned to her a moment later. "Fuck my baby brother back, you sorry whore!"

Donna groaned with exhaustion and disgust and bucked her hips up to meet Brad's punishing cock. Every punch of his cock inside her ravaged cunt felt like the push of a clawed hammer, but she squeezed her pussy tight around his prickhead and urged her ass up off the burning truck hood in rhythm to his battering thrusts.

"You can do better than that, slut!" Gary growled, nodding to John to put the cooler down beside him. John pulled off the lid and pulled out a beer before he walked away. "Get those long, slutty legs up around his ass! And tell him you love it! Go on, tell him you love it!"

Donna wanted to spit in Gary's hateful face, claw out his beady eyes, but instead she lifted her long, silky legs and wrapped them tightly around Brad's pistoning ass. She trapped his hips between her thighs and crossed his hairy ass cheeks with her calves, and Brad groaned with pleasure and fucked her even harder. Donna's sleek, sexy body was jolted with every battering lunge of his ten-inch cock, but she didn't stop heaving her hips up to meet him, and she kept pulling him toward her with all the strength in her long, lean legs.

"You're so good!" she groaned, sickened with herself at surrendering to Gary's power, but unable to conquer her fear of the big man and his brothers. "Oh, Brad, you're so good! Oooohhhh -- fuck harder, you fucking stallion! You're making me feel good! Oh yes fuck me harder!"

Donna moaned with pain when Brad followed her instructions. He stabbed his cock into her tenderized pussy with a maniac's speed and strength. Gary laughed at her pain and brought a can of beer out of the cooler. He looked his bitchy blonde landlady over one more time before he popped the top.

She belonged to him now, though she didn't know it yet. Her blonde hair was matted with piss and sweat, but she was still beautiful. Her red lipstick was smeared all around her mouth, and there were slug-like trails of fuck-lube and jism all over her face. But she was still beautiful. She was soaked in her own sweat. It glistened on her anguished face and ran a river between her proud, pointy tits.

But she was the sexiest woman Gary had ever seen. And she was halfway to being his personal sex slave.

"Open up," Gary said, tipping the beer in her direction. "Time for some refreshment."

Donna stared at the can of beer as though it was a poisonous snake. Her body jolted farther up on the hood of the car with every eager plunge of Brad's cock inside her. She still urged him forward with her logs and murmured soft words of encouragement into his ear. He leaned down over her, crushing her doll-like body hard against the hot metal. His hands found her tits and mashed them flat against her chest, then twisted them until they looked like twin corkscrews, but her eyes never left Gary and the can of beer he held out to her.

"No!" she whispered after a moment. There was still hatred and defiance in her eyes.

"I thought we had an understanding, you sorry cunt," Gary whispered. With the quickness of a striking snake, he looped a single strand of twine around her erect right nipple. When he jerked it tight, Donna screeched with pain. "Now open up, you worthless old cow! We don't want you passing out from dehydration!"

Donna thought that he'd torn off her nipple. The pain was so sudden, so biting, that it was almost unbelievable. She hadn't eaten all day, and she had sweat so much that thirst was raging through her like an uncontrollable river. But she knew that in the terrible heat, with her stomach empty, the first swallow of beer would start her down the road to drunkenness. And she knew that once Gary managed to get her drunk, she would be lost.

"How sexy do you think you'd be with one nipple, cunt?" Gary asked pleasantly, and Donna let her mouth fall open.

Gary slipped the strand of twine off her nipple. Brad was still mauling both her tits as he pulverized her cunt with his big cock, but the relief from the strand of twine almost made Donna cry with gratitude. Gary tilted her head up off the hood of the truck before he started pouring the beer down her throat.

"Hey," he said when he saw the twin streams of the sparkling liquor pour down from the corners of her mouth, "don't play with me, bitch! You drink this shit down or I'll light a match to those big fat nipples! This shit costs too much money to be fucking around with it!"

Tears glistened in Donna's eyes, but she started gulping down the beer. Gary fed it to her patiently, waiting for her to swallow the beer mouthful by mouthful. It was almost impossible for the beaten blonde to drink in the position she was bound in, but Donna tried as hard as she could. By the time she finished the first beer, she was starting to feel lightheaded.

"Oh yeah," Brad said, fucking his cock into her faster and faster while he slobbered his way from one firm full tit to the other. "Oh yeah! The landlady's making me cum, Gary! The whore's making me cum real good!"

Gary had just opened the second can of beer, and Donna was in the middle of a swallow when Brad started to go crazy. He fucked his cock like a jackhammer into her injured pussy, flogging her cunt while he pounded her small, sexy body back and forth across the hood of the truck. Donna tensed her long, lean legs tight around his fast humping ass, trying desperately to slow the force of his fucking. He was twice her size and five times as strong. She didn't have a chance.

Suddenly Gary jerked back on her hair, pulling her mouth wide open. He upended the can of beer over her face, and before Donna knew what was happening she was drowning in a river of cheap beer. She twisted wildly, trying to escape from the killing stream of beer, but her sleek sexy body was trapped and there was nothing she could do but take the brutal fucking and the beer bath.

She felt the blistering hot spray of Brad's jism inside her and she screamed around a mouthful of foaming beer. It felt as though her pussy had been set on fire. She shivered as though she was in shock, jerking spastically back and forth on the impaling staff of Brad's jism-spewing cock. Gary emptied the second can of beer and shook a third one before he jammed it inside Donna's gasping mouth and popped the top. When the violent fountain of beer shot down her throat, she was taking fire at both ends at once.

Gary emptied the third can down her throat and Brad unloaded the last of his jism inside her at almost the same instant. Donna felt limp against the hood of the truck, unmoving and exhausted. She saw John waving his huge hard cock through the air and she knew he was going to climb between her legs and carry on the awful gang-bang, but she didn't seem to care.

The beer that Gary had fed her was starting to buzz through her brain. She knew that much more would tip her over the edge into drunkenness. Even that thought couldn't arouse her. She felt drained and dispirited, her body and spirit broken under the weight of their cocks and cruelty. She spread her legs as John stepped toward her.

Pearly wads of cum and cuntjuice rolled down the wet lips of Donna's maltreated pussy, staining her silky inner thighs and trailing down her ass and legs to plop onto the hot gravel. John grinned and plopped the head of his eleven-inch cock into the middle of her swampy cuntslit. Then be fucked his cock inside her.

"Fuck me, you dirty whore!" he shouted, grabbing her ass and digging his fingernails into her tender, silky skin. He pummeled her cunt with his big prick, scooting her up the truck hood until her head hit the glass of the windshield. "Come on, move your ass, you lazy slut! You want another fucking firecracker?"

With tired anguished moan, Donna lifted her legs wrapped them around his hairy ass. She wriggled her hips as much as she could, but with his hands holding her up off the truck and his finger's buried like claws into her soft asscheeks, she couldn't move very much. And her cunt was starting to get puffy and numb from all the abuse it had taken. It was hard for her to squeeze it around his cock as he fucked her.

Gary opened another can of beer, and Donna had already opened her mouth when she saw him take a drink from it. She realized that the beer wasn't for her. Instead, Gary climbed up on the truck's hood himself and straddled Donna's beautiful face. When his sweaty, hairy balls rubbed over her wet, parted lips, she knew what he wanted.

"Suck them in, whore," he said, slowly lowering himself down on top of her. "Wash them good, bitch. I haven't taken a bath in a while."


Donna thought she was going to be sick as Gary's filthy, dank asscrack lowered down on top of her face. There was an odor about his crotch that was made up of so many individual filthy smells that Donna couldn't identify them all. His balls were a sweaty, hairy mass of wrinkled flesh atop her mouth. It was all the sexy little blonde could do to keep from throwing up at the sight and smell and feel of so much filth. Still she opened her lush lips wide and held them open patiently as Gary stuffed his balls into the satiny cavern of her mouth.

"Oh yes," Gary said as she began to gently suck his balls, as she washed her tongue wetly over the crinkled flesh. He ran his hands over her bulging checks and made tiny, involuntary movements of pleasure. "Do it, you worthless bag of bones. Suck those balls and I might even forget that you're just a thirty-year-old bitch with a little girl's body."

Donna wanted to cry, but instead she lathered her tongue over the bag of balls that filled her mouth. All she could taste was sweat and filth, but she sucked and washed as though it was the only thing in the world she really wanted to do. Gary groaned with pleasure and settled his ass dawn over her face, and Donna trembled with humiliation and disgust. He pulled the cheeks of his hairy ass wide apart, and Donna's face was buried in the foulest pit she could imagine.

All she could smell or see was the filth-crusted crack of Gary's ass. All she could taste was the dirty bag of his balls. And still she had to fuck her ass up against John's shattering cock and try to flex her sore pussy in rhythm with his fuck-thrusts.

Donna's mouth filled with spit as she washed Gary's dirty balls. Her mouth was so stuffed with his sac that spit drooled down over her chin and cheeks, and the Wiederbold brothers laughed and called her names. She was nothing but a whore to them, she thought sadly. She wondered if she was ever going to be the same after this horror was over.

"Good job you bitch," Gary said, and the other boys laughed while Donna moaned at the depth of her degradation. "You cleaned the appetizer real good. Now it's time for the main course."

"No, please, no!" Donna moaned as Gary moved down over her face. His balls dragged over her lips, then toppled off the end of her chin into the delicate hollow of her throat. "Gary, please! This is too much! Oh please, Gary, please, please, please, haven't you done enough to me?"

"I like the sound of her begging," Gary said, his eyes glistening with pleasure at the thought of the power he held over and the depth to which he had already humbled her. "But I've got the feeling I'm going to like her tongue up my asshole even better. Wash the crack first, you slutty little whore. And do it good if you want to keep your nipples."

"Noooooo!" Donna cried out like a lost soul as Gary squirmed his ass into place over her mouth.

Donna couldn't draw a breath with her face buried in the dank crevice of Gary's ass. The stench was too awful, it stole away her breath as soon as she tried to draw it in. His muscular asscheeks clamped tight around her pretty cheeks and he ground down on her head with all his weight, forcing her face farther and farther in to the shitty crack. Donna could feel the dank wetness of his ass smearing over her cheeks and lips and nose, and she wished she could die.

Gary's hands closed around her tits, and for a terrible moment, Donna thought that he was going to loop the twine around her nipples again. Instead, he settled the hard, dripping length of his cock into the valley between her lush tits, then smashed the silky mounds together around it. When he started fucking his big cock through the satiny valley, rubbing his odorous ass all over her face, Donna knew she was in hell.

She was taking on two cocks at the same time again, only this time instead of fucking her in the mouth, the second cock was using her tits as an alternative pussy. She could feel the filth from Gary's ass smearing her face as he fucked his cock back and forth through the silky fuckhole he had created, and she tried not to gag as she parted her lips and flicked her tongue out for the first time. She knew that she would never be able to live with herself after this, but anything was better than the torture they had shown her they would use.

"She doing you?" John asked, using his cock to beat the doll-like, perfectly curved body of the ravished blonde landlady. "She licking your shitty ass clean?"

"Spic and span," Gary said with a groan of pleasure, grinding his ass into her face as he rubbed a red groove through the creamy flesh of her tits. "Hey, Brad, stop that fucking jacking off. If you want to cum, use this sexy little whore to do it. That's what she's here for."

"Yeah, come help me," John said. "She's big enough for ten cocks down here, and besides, we've got to ream her out for Joel."

Donna had almost forgotten about Joel, and she cried out with weariness at the thought of having to take on another man. She cried out with horror when she felt John and Brad yank her legs wide apart and Brad step up beside John in front of her. Suddenly, she realized what John had been talking about.

John and Brad pushed their big cockheads together against the puffy, swollen lips of Donna's ravaged pussy. Then they fucked forward.

Donna screamed into the tight crack of Gary's ass, and she went right on screaming as the two men tried to fuck their cocks into her tiny pussy. Her legs felt as though they had been broken and her pelvis seemed to have cracked. Her cuntlips were pulled to the point of ripping by the two jumbo-sized pricks. But the two brothers kept pushing steadily forward.

She felt first one cockhead and then the other pop through the tearing outer lips of her cunt. After that, she knew the two evil brothers would be able to fuck their cocks all the way inside her. She began to shake like a spastic, no longer in control of her own muscles. Her body sparkled with sweat, and Gary moaned with pleasure at the way her sweat greased the silky path he was fucking through her crushed, tender tits.

Donna gasped as Brad and John fucked their cocks fully inside her. She felt every fold and cranny in her cunt straighten, felt the organs of her body being pushed aside by the immense intrusion. Her cunt fought the unnatural penetration every inch of the way, tightening like a strong wet glove against the assault, but their cocks overwhelmed her. In the end, her pussy went lax against their onslaught.

"She didn't rip!" Brad screamed out with simpleminded pleasure. "We did it and she didn't bust open! I thought for sure she was going to be like that Rhonda girl!"

"She ripped a little," John said with a smirk, pulling his cock back through the skin-tight fuckhole and seeing a little pink mixed into the thick white broth of jism and pussy-cream. "Just more lube. Fuck her, baby brother, fuck her into the dust."

Donna cried out in agony and despair as the two men began to fuck her. They set up a rhythm so that one was pulling out just as the other was slamming home, and it seemed to the ravaged little blonde that they were beating her to death with their cocks. Each new jolt sent another wave of pure agony crashing through her sweating, squirming body. And the friction was unbelievable. It felt as though they were fucking every inch of her cunt at once, and her clit was burning with the constant friction.

Donna bucked sporadically, her movements more instinctive twitches than anything else. She couldn't have fucked Brad and John back now if they had threatened to skin her alive -- her muscles just wouldn't work anymore. Her whole world was a murky haze of pain and filth. It took her a full minute to remember that she was supposed to be licking out Gary's ass and start whipping her tongue over his shitter.

The taste of his ass was even worse than Donna had expected, and the gorge rose high in her throat as she moved her tongue down his hairy, shifty asscrack. It was like licking out a sewer, and Donna felt certain she had sunk as low as a woman could as she washed his asscrack clean. Still, the horrid taste of his shit helped divert some of her attention from the pillaging double-fuck of her pussy. Donna would hive done anything to take her mind off that whirlwind of pain and horror.

Donna could feel Gary's big cock dripping fucklube all over her tits, and knew he was close to cumming. He dug hid fingers into her silky tits until the creamy flesh bulged up between his fingers. He mauled her tits into different shapes, pulling and twisting them while he fucked his cock between them. Donna lay limp beneath him, accepting it all. There was nothing she could do to fight him.

Brad and John were fucking her faster and harder now, and Donna's legs were kicking out weakly, as though she was trying to swim away from them. Her cunt was pouring fuckjuice in a desperate, hopeless effort to ease the wrecking double intrusion. Brad's and John's cocks stirred her pussy-cream, and the two loads of jism that had already been slopped inside her into a fine bubbling broth. That broth was tinged with pink now as they fucked her cunt to tatters.

"Up my ass now, slut!" Gary growled, whipping his ass back and forth over Donna's soiled face as he fucked the silky tunnel he had formed between her lush tits. "Stick that slutty pink tongue up my asshole and pull out some nice goodies!"

Donna was broken almost beyond caring, but Gary's wards still made her a little sick. She had cleaned his asscrack almost clean, but her face was damp with filth and her mouth felt as though it would never be clean again. She knew that his asshole would be even worse. Donna uttered a tiny moan of absolute despair as she fucked her soft pink tongue up the clenching black bud of Gary's nasty, shit-caked asshole.

"Yes!" Gary screamed as he felt her tongue fuck up his asshole. A moment later, her soft, lush lips damped tightly around the filthy pucker and started to suck, and Gary felt his jism boiling out from his balls. "Suck it, you dirty whore! I'm going to cover your slutty big nipples in cum!"

Gary let go of Donna's battered tits and grabbed his jerking cock just as the first ropy strand of jism fired out. The first shot fell across the quivering white hollow of Donna's stomach. It filed up the tiny cup of her navel and reached the golden bush of her cunthair before it vanished. Gary aimed his cock down at the sexy little blonde's tits before the next eruption came. The second blast splattered over her long right nipple, capping it with sticky white jizz. The third spout blanketed her left nipple under a shiny varnish of jism.

Donna drove her tongue deeper and deeper into the humid crack of Gary's ass while he covered her chest in cum. She squirmed her lips wetly around the puckered, muscular ring of his asshole, sucking away the humid sweat of his shitter. Her tongue and mouth felt crusted with shit, but the thought that she was almost finished drove her on. All the pain, all the terror and all the degradation would be worth it if the nightmare would just end. She lapped every bit of filth she could reach out of Gary's clasping shitter, then kissed the winking bud as though it was her best-loved thing in the world. She kept on kissing his asshole until he had wiped the last of his jism off on her cum-plastered tits.

There was a strange feeling in her double-fucked cunt, one that had started with a burning tickling in her clit. Donna gasped for breath when Gary swung down off her, trying to drive the horrible feelings away.

"Look at that slutty face," John said, driving his cock into her fucked out pussy as though he wanted to fuck her to death. "Looks like somebody made her get down in the mud and root like a pig."

"Looks like somebody made an ass-licking whore do what should come naturally," Gary said. He opened another can of beer and upended it over Donna's gasping, shit-stained mouth. "Drink this down, you stuck up little cunt!"

Donna tried to do what Gary asked, but it was almost impossible to swallow with Brad and John fucking their cocks into her. Each man reached under her to grab an asscheek, and they lifted her up to meet their savage cock-thrusts. Donna moaned weakly in pain as they raped her sweet pussy with their giant slabs of cock.

Gary emptied the last of the beer on her face, then crumpled the can and looked down on her. His cock started to get hard again at the sight. Donna's beautiful, movie star face was streaked with dark brown shit. Her tits were plastered silver with drying cock-slime. Her eyes were glazed, and her mouth hung limply open as Brad and John pulverized her tiny pussy. Her flat stomach was swollen with the girth of the two massive cocks.

Donna's body shook with every bruising impact, but she was almost limp with exhaustion. She was barely conscious. The heat and the fucking and the torture had taken a terrible toll on the sexy little blonde. Physically, she was broken. All that was left was for them to break her will.

Brad and John started cumming at the same instant, and Donna cried out in agony as their burning jism boiled up inside her tattered pussy. She squirmed weakly against the awful pain, but that only made the hellish tickling inside her cunt grow more intense. She embraced the fiery pain of their burning jism, and prayed that it would incinerate any feelings of pleasure inside her.

Brad and John flooded her cunt with so much jism that streams of gooey fuckjuice rolled back out over her red pussylips and down into the tensed crack of her ass. Her pussy was like a swamp, so saturated with jism and pussyjuice that it couldn't soak up anymore. The smells of fucking were so thick that Donna couldn't smell anything else. Random flashes of pleasure danced through Donna's violated, sexy body. Donna breathed a sigh of relief that she hadn't cum during the hideous gang-rape.

"You ready yet, Joel?" Gary asked as Brad and John pulled their cocks from her cunt.

Donna gasped and turned to look at the giant man.

"Yes, I believe I am," Joel said in a curiously high voice. "Thank you for saving her asshole for me."

With a flick of his wrist, he tore the long metal antenna off the hood of Donna's car. With his other hand, he unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock.

"No!" Donna screamed, finding the energy in her beaten body to kick her legs and pull at the chains that held her wrists. "No! I can't take anymore! I can't take anymore! Oh please, Gary, please, I can't take that!"

Joel was almost seven feet tall and he weighed over three hundred pounds. But it wasn't fear that she might be crushed that drained the will from the sexy blonde and turned her into a groveling slave. It was the cock that swung between Joel's legs.

"Don't worry," Joel said as he stepped up beside her. "It's not too bad until you pass the foot mark. That means you get the first, twelve inches free."

Donna screamed even before he brought the car antenna slashing down.


The first lash of the antenna made Donna shake with agony. Joel had slashed it down against the satiny little hollow of her stomach, and it was as though he had drawn a line a fire along her creamy skin. Donna moaned and cringed against the unyielding metal of the trucks hood, but there was no escape from the giant man and his cruel metal lash. The next blow came across her stiff nipple, and Donna couldn't hold back the scream of pain.

"That's it, Miss Fairchild," Joel said, his eyes alight with an unholy lust. "You think you're a pretty tough bitch, don't you? Well I love hearing beautiful women scream. If you try to be tough with me, you just might get hurt real bad."

He lashed down with the car antenna again, sending an explosion of pain through Donna's other nipple. Then he hit her across the stomach a half dozen times, striping her velvety skin with vivid lines of red.

Donna squirmed slowly and painfully against the hood of the truck, too exhausted to resist but unable to stop the instinctive drive of her tortured body to try to escape the pain.

She clamped her mouth shut, her eyes sparkling with tears and blazing with anger as Joel lashed her sleek, sexy body. They had tortured and debauched her beyond the limits of what any woman could be expected to endure and remain sane, but Donna refused to surrender. She wasn't going to scream for the amusement of some fat creep with a freakish cock. She couldn't stand the thought of submitting to that final indignity.

"You better scream," John said with a chuckle. He stepped up beside Donna's head and played his sticky, half-hard cock over her gasping face. "He's just going to hurt you more if you fight him."

"Fuck you!" Donna gasped, looking from John to Gary to Joel. "Fuck you all, you lousy bastards! I'm not going to scream for you!"

"You'll scream now," Joel said, still whipping her as he stepped between her spread thighs. "You'll scream me to sleep now, you bitch!"

The same instinctive urge that kept Donna's battered body squirming atop the hood of the truck gave her the strength to clamp her legs together as Joel tried to bull his way between them. He grinned as her knees clamped around his hips, then threw down the car antenna and wrapped his giant hands around her silky legs.

"Spread those legs, Miss Fairchild," Joel said politely as he tore her to pieces. "Spread them wide so a real man can get at your pretty little pussy. Oh my, look at that nasty hole. Looks like somebody gave the stuck-up princess what she's been asking for so long."

Joel pushed her legs up until they pointed out from her hips at right angles. Donna hadn't done the splits since she had been a cheerleader in college, and even then she had never tried to stretch her legs as far as Joel was stretching them now. The muscles and tendons along her inner thighs were stretched past the breaking point. Pain shot like lighting up through her sides and across her back. Her asscheeks felt as though they were being ripped apart.

"You're like a sweet little doll," Joel said, hooking her knees over the edges of the truck's hood to hold in them in place. He stroked his giant hand almost gently over the tiny red pouch of her cunt and down across the tiny ring of her asshole. "You're a sweet little doll. You've got a doll's face and a doll's body. Scream for me, Miss Fairchild. Scream like the pretty little doll you are."

Without another word, Joel stretched her cuntlips painfully apart with one hand and grabbed the stalk of his cock with the other. Donna's breath caught in her throat when she felt the huge head of his prick press against the swollen lips of her tattered pussy. Even with her legs spread past the breaking point, the tortured little blonde didn't think Joel could make the monstrous cock fit.

And then Donna screamed for him. Joel threw himself up on top of the hood of the truck, on top of Donna's small, sexy body. The truck sagged forward on its worn shocks as Joel's body came crashing down. Donna's battered body wasn't equipped with shocks though, and he smashed her flat against the metal of the truck's hood.

Three hundred pounds of fat and muscle backed Joel's thigh thick cock as it came pushing down into the swollen folds of Donna's cunt. First the outer lips of her pussy tore open, then the inner muscles fell lax before the mammoth intrusion. A foot and a half of cock fucked into Donna's body in one hellish rush, and then Joel's huge body crashed down on her.

After her first scream, Donna's world went black. She felt, as if in a dream, Joel lifting his hips and pulling a foot of his cock back out of her. She bunched back as if stabbed with a knife when he fucked it back in. His hands clamped around the proud thrusts of her pointy tits, and he pushed them together so that he could bite and suck on both of her inch-long nipples at once. He squirmed his huge body down against her, driving the air from her lungs.

"The landlady's taking it," Brad said, jumping happily from one foot to the other as he wiped his cock clean against Donna's hot flesh. John was still wiping his cock over her other cheek, and both men were getting hard-ons once more. "She's taking it all, Gary! Oh man, she isn't much taller than his cock but she can take the whole damned thing!"

Donna moaned as Joel demolished her with his prick. She rocked back and forth underneath him, her body smashed by his weight and her cunt shattered by his freakish cock. A thin trail of saliva dribbled from the corners of her mouth, and her eyes aimed white as they rolled back in her head. She was breathing fitfully, and her arms and legs kicked out in random movements. When Brad lost control of himself and spilled a load of cum all over her fouled, pretty face, Donna didn't even flinch. Cockcream poured into her mouth and over her face in gummy waves.

Joel threw his body high into the air and landed on her with a huge crash. He fucked her as though he was doing a series of belly flops into a swimming pool. Each time he threw himself into the air, most of his weight would leave Donna's sexy, captive body and most of his cock would leave her reamed-out cunt. Sometimes only the head of his big prick would still be buried in the desperately clinging folds of her pussy. But then he would come crashing back down, crushing the tiny, ravished blonde and filling her whole body with the massive length and girth of his fuckmeat.

Donna's head tilted limply to one side, and John pushed his thick cock between her lips as his cum started to shoot out of his piss-slit. Wave after wave of frothy jism splashed into the gorgeous blonde's mouth, but it drooled back out over her lush red lips just as fast as John pumped it in. Her body shook with the force of the inhuman fucking she was taking, and there were stray groaning noises coming from deep in her throat. She didn't even notice the jism mouthwash John was giving her. Finally, he cursed with disgust and pulled his cock from her mouth. He cleaned it off with a handful of her silky blonde hair.

"Do something, Gary," Joel said. He paused to bite down on her nipples, then looked back up again. "The whore's taking a fucking nap! Snap her out of it!"

"Nap my ass," Gary said mildly, pulling another beer out of the cooler and shaking it hard before he opened it. "We fucked her unconscious. How about giving her treat when she comes around?"

"Anything to make you happy, dear brother," Joel said, throwing himself up into the air and crashing down on the unconscious blonde beauty once more.

Gary pushed the fountaining can of beer between the fucked-out landlady's limply parted lips. For long moment, nothing happened as the beer poured into her mouth, but then the sexy blonde was coughing and spluttering and trying to turn her head away from the alcohol geyser.

Gary followed her shaking head with the can, pouring the beer down her throat to the very last drop. By the time he opened the next can, Donna's eyes were filled with tired, pain-drenched awareness.

"Good morning," Gary said with an evil smile.

"Please stop now!" Donna moaned, her big blue eyes vacant. "I can't take anymore Gary! I really can't! You're fucking me to death, don't you understand? You can keep the house! You know I'll never talk about this? But haven't I been punished enough? Haven't you done enough?"

"You feel like a gutter, don't you?" Gary asked with a smile, pouring half the second beer down the beaten beauty's throat before letting her come up for air. He loved the way she winced with agony every time Joel smashed down on top of her. "You feel like a sewer, don't you?"

"Yes!" Donna whispered, tears running down her face as she began to cry again. This time she cried loudly, like a badly beaten child, and her body shook with her sobbing. "Yes, I do! Oh please, please help me!"

"Say it, then." Gary winked at his brothers and waved Brad and John closer. "Tell us what you are."

Donna stared up at him with a weary, beaten expression. She realized now that this was just a further humiliation, another shameful degradation to be heaped atop all the others she had suffered. She closed her mouth for an instant, then realized that there was no point in resisting.

"I'm a sewer," she said, unable to keep the whimper from her voice. She cried helplessly now, cried like a baby. They had broken her completely, and she wished that she was dead. They had turned her into just the kind of cringing plaything they wanted. "I'm a gutter! I feel like an open sewer! Just something dirty and worthless! Something to dump things in and beat and make fun of! I'm nothing but a sewer."

"That's right," Gary said with a grin, pointing his half-hard cock right at her face. "You are."

The beaten, beautiful blonde didn't even try to turn her head when Gary's spray of piss slapped her in the face. She didn't close her mouth or eyes. And even if she had tried to turn away, it wouldn't have mattered. Brad, and John started pissing on her a moment later. Three strong streams of burning piss pelted her face.

John grabbed her carefully by her hair and turned her head until she was looking straight up. Then all three brothers stepped in closer and let her have it at close range. Gary pinched her under her chin until she opened her mouth wide, and then all three Wiederbold brothers aimed their piss right into the warm, dark hole. Donna swallowed their piss as fast as she could, but in an instant the trio had turned her beautiful face into a decorative piss fountain. The piss flowed down over her perfect features like stinking gold.

"Oh my!" Joel shouted, looking at the triple piss shower his brothers were giving the enslaved sexy blonde. "Oh my! Get ready, Miss Fairchild, I'm going to cum!"

"This ought to be good," Gary said, draining the last of his piss down into the beaten landlady's wide blue eyes. "I'll bet she's never felt anything like this before."

Then the first bolt of Joel's cum blasted up inside her. Donna screamed, blinking burning orange piss from her eyes as she looked down over the squirming length of her tortured body. As she did, another blast hammered inside her and she almost doubled up with agony.

Joel's cum blasted into her like grapeshot, propelled by the huge cannon of his cock. Donna yelped helplessly as she felt it slam into the back of her cunt, then sizzle into the tender, tattered flesh as it drooled back through the rest of her pussy. By the time the fourth blast had exploded into the deepest recesses of Donna's cunt, frothy jism was pouring back out over her pussylips in a gooey wave.

Joel laughed as his cum spilled back out of the sexy blonde's pussy, and he scooped up, handfuls of the slimy cock-cream and smeared it all over her body. There was cunt-cream and traces in the sticky muck as he lathered it over Donna's tits and stomach.

"Pull it out and let her see what a shot's really like," John said. "Come on, Joel, do it before you start running low."

"Certainly, brother," Joel said, his face a mask of dreamy pleasure. He slopped a handful of his cock-cream on top of the golden mound of Donna's pussy hair, then slid off her and pulled his huge cock from her pussy. "Open wide, Miss Fairchild. I'm going to try for your mouth, but my aim might be a little off."

Donna gasped with relief when Joel pulled his cock out of her. Her cunt felt as though someone had drive a truck inside it and spent half the night ramming into the walls trying to finds good spot to park. Her savaged pussy felt like there was still a cock inside it. She had never imagined that she could feel so open down there, and she wondered if this was how women felt right after they had given birth.

Then Joel's cock erupted again, and she stopped thinking about anything. The cum arched up an impossible three feet over her body, and it looked to the ravished beauty like one huge sperm cell, the head fat and gluey, the tail flailing back like a tadpole's. She was so amazed at the size of the cum-wad that she watched it, unmoving, as it came crashing down onto her face.

"Bull's-eye!" Brad cried happily.

Donna's head slammed back hard against the hood as the wad of jism exploded over her face. The huge gooey glob hit her right across the bridge of her nose, and for a terrible instant, Donna thought her nose was broken. She was stunned front the impact of the hugh cum-wad, and shook her head like a dazed animal as warm tacky jizz drooled down all over her pretty face. An instant later, a second streamer came crashing down.

Donna's red lips were smashed painfully against her teeth, and then her mouth was flooded with more sticky cock-cream than it could hold. Cum ran into her upturned nose in twin, rushing rivers. Donna spit jism and sneezed jism and swallowed huge gluey gulps of sticky cum. Her eyes were burning with cum, but she managed to blink them open just in time to see the third geyser splash down. It exploded off her forehead like a fragmentation bomb, and it dropped a curtain of cum over Donna's eyes that glued her long lashes tightly together.

Joel milked more cum out of his monstrous, jerking cock. He had already drenched Donna's beautiful, haughty face with oozing cum. Now he plastered her tits and stomach with an even deeper coat of slushy fuck-slime. By the time he let the last fat droplets of cum drip from his still-hard cock, Donna's slim, sexy body was soiled from her blonde hair to her blonde cunthair. Joel slapped the fat head of his cock against Donna's drooping pussylips, then looked up at his brothers.

"If you're satisfied now, could you turn Miss Fairchild over for me? I'd like to fuck her ass now."

At first, the words refused to penetrate Donna's clouded mind. Even as Brad and John loosened the thin chains that bound her wrists and Gary grabbed her hips and flipped her over onto her stomach.

Donna wasn't sure what was happening. Then the fog of sex and pain and shame and booze parted a little and the meaning of Joel's words struck base. When the giant man's strong hands pried her lush asscheeks apart, she knew what was going to happen.

"Oh no!" she cried softly to herself, her tears loosening the gluey cum blinders that sealed her eyes shut. She stared down vacantly at the ground as Joel propped the head of his cock against her tiny, virgin shitter. "Please stop! Can't take anymore! Can't stand it! Oh please, I can't stand it anymore!"

"Do her!" John yelled. He picked the belt up off the ground and slapped it viciously across Donna's already-welted back. "Fuck that dirty asshole wide ope."

"No!" Donna moaned softly as Joel began to lean against the tiny bud of her asshole. "No! No! No, no, no!"

It felt as though she were being impaled on some huge wooden staff. It felt as if her asscheeks were being pushed apart by a huge wooden awl. It felt like she was shitting out her whole stomach at once. Instead, she was being fucked up her virgin asshole by afoot and a half long cock, and Donna wondered if that wasn't worst than any of the things she had imagined.

Her tiny shitter tensed tightly shut against the horrible slab of meat, but Joel's cock was slick with a slippery mix of fuckjuices and stronger than a length of lead pipe. The head of his cock was five times the size of Donna's tiny asshole, but as he pressed forward, smashing into her the unyielding metal of the truck hood, the path of least resistance began to open. His brothers whooped with excitement as the very tip of his cockhead fucked into the trapped landlady's virgin shitter.

Cramps tore through Donna's sleek body, making her squirm and twist like a dying butterfly as Joel pinned her with his massive prick. Cramps froze her creamy asscheeks into silky walls of shuddering granite. Cramps flared up through her back from the overwhelmed muscles of her shitter. Cramps twisted up through her stomach and down through her trembling thighs. Even Donna's toes and arms tensed uncontrollably from the inhuman pressure of Joel's cock against her asshole.

She pressed her face against the hot metal of the truck's hood and prayed for unconsciousness. She could feel each muscular ring inside her ass pop as it tore loose under the irresistible force of Joel's mammoth cock. She felt her tiny asshole stretch to ten times its normal size by the thigh-thick stalk of Joel's prick, felt it reach the bursting point as he drove his huge cock head deeper inside her.

There was an audible pop as the full, fat head of Joel's cock fucked into Donna's overwhelmed asshole. A moment later, there was a long, loud farting noise, and the Wiederbold brothers all laughed mockingly and called Donna dirty names. The crazed little blonde wriggled frantically for a moment, then fell limp and exhausted against the hood of the truck. She heaved a tiny sigh of sorrow, tears running down her checks. Joel had torn his way into her shitter.

"Now do it!" John screamed. "Belly-flop the bitch! Give her eighteen!"

"Seventeen and a half," Joel said mildly. "She's so fucking tight. I've never ass-fucked a virgin before."

Black spots were dancing in front of Donna's face, but Gary stooped down beside her and started rubbing ice from the cooler all over her face. She wanted to kill him for keeping her awake through this horror, but she couldn't even muster the energy to call him a name. The pain radiating out from her torn shitter bad paralyzed her. She could barely even draw a breath.

She felt a rush of air as Joel launched himself off his feet. Then she felt his cock stabbing down inside her, not just a little bit at a time, but inch after pain drenched, ass-ripping inch fucking into her body.

Joel's cock fucked deeper and higher up inside her, powered forward by three hundred pounds of pressure. It tore through Donna's shitter like a sharp knife through half-melted butter. Donna thought she could feel it ripping through her stomach, poking through her lungs and up between her shoulder blades. Then Joel's body crashed down on top of her and she didn't know anything for a while.

When she came to, Joel was fucking her ass to pieces. Her shitter felt like it was filled with lava, and each plunge of Joel's huge cock up her ravaged asshole made a wet, slurping sound. Gary had emptied the ice water from the cooler on her face, and Donna gasped and sputtered weakly. Joel fucked her nearly to death with his cock while Gary opened another can of beer and poured it aver her open lips.

"She's so damned tight," Joel muttered. "So tight. I'm not going to last long. Oh my, I'm cumming! Oh my, you sweet little stuck-up whore!"

Donna could feel his prick poking around inside her deeper than any man's cock was meant to reach, and she was certain that there was no way she could be fucked so completely without some kind of damage being done. Even with Gary pouring ice water all over her face, she couldn't seem to come more than half awake. Everything around her seemed blurry and strange, and the voices of the four Wiederbold brothers seemed to be coming from very far away.

The first bolt of Joel's jism knocked Donna's head against the truck's windshield. The second filled stomach with a fire that burned her up.

Joel fucked his big cock back and forth as fast as could through the ruins of the little blonde's shitter. Blood from the spots where he had torn her streaked his giant cock. Now his cum frothed out over his cock too, dribbling in a pink mix to the hot gravel.

Donna moaned and muttered under her breath, her eyes fixed and her spit dribbling unnoticed down over her chin. Joel pulled his slimy cock out of her torn, sloppy asshole and walked around to her face, and she looked at his blood-stained prick with vacant, beaten eyes. Her asshole still felt like it was being fucked by his big prick.

"Lick it clean, Miss Fairchild," he said mildly. "After all, it is your mess."

Donna's pink tongue flickered weakly out from her month, licking any the streaks of blood and shit and cum from Joel's awful cock. Tears ran down her pretty face at this final degradation. They had fucked away a lifetime of decency in one afternoon. Donna knew that licking the blood of her own torn, raped asshole was the final admission that the Wiederbold brothers were her masters. The taste of shit and jism and unwashed cock was nothing compared to that.

But at least it was over. They had gang-raped her until she didn't have the strength to move, tortured her until every inch of her body burned and ached with pain. They had ravaged her cunt and asshole and drained the piss from their cocks all over her face and body. But at least they were done. Even now Brad and John were unchaining her hands from the mirrors. She wasn't even going to drive home right away. She was just going to lie down in her car and rest for a while. Maybe even sleep.

"Turn her over," Gary said.

Donna's heart froze and she uttered a long, high wail of despair as Brad and John flipped her over on her back and locked her wrists back up to the rear-view mirrors. While they worked, Joel and Gary pulled Donna's legs wide apart and tied her feet to the far corners of the front bumper. Donna moaned weakly with pain and resignation as she lay spread-eagled on the hood of the truck.

"Now let's see about all these nasty violations," Gary said brightly, following his brothers back to the cab of the truck. "Maybe once you give the place an inspection, we can get you to change your mind."

"Let's drive around a little bit first, though," John said. "So we can show off our new toy to everybody who knows her."

"Why that's such a very nice idea," Joel said, climbing onto the bed of the truck. "I think that would be a very nice thing for you to do."

Donna cried as the truck started up, feeling the harsh afternoon sun beat down on her brazenly displayed naked body. She felt like some kind of hunting trophy that had been put on exhibition so her owners could get congratulated by all their buddies.

She guessed that was exactly what she was. The rape and torture weren't over yet, and she was beginning to wonder if they ever would be.


They drove around for almost an hour with. Donna chained on the hood of their truck. The trip was a long, foggy nightmare for Donna, but three or four times she spotted people she knew, and once or twice she was certain they had seen her as well. One woman who Donna was certain had seen her was Cathy Toben, whose husband owned a chain of supermarkets. In Cathy's face, Donna had seen a mix of revulsion and contempt, but there had also been something else, and that something looked like excitement. Donna remembered hearing that the Wiederbold brothers got all their groceries for free, and she wondered if Cathy had ever been subjected to anything like this.

More than a dozen times, voices had called out to the Wiederbold brothers. Donna had burned with degradation every time someone had called out to ask who she was and one of the Wiederbolds had shouted back that it was the rich landlady who had thought she was queen of the town. Once Gary had even stopped the truck and let some huge, dirty fat man come over and stick his fingers up inside her fucked-out cunt and asshole. Gary had fed her another beer while the man was feeling her up, and by the time she had swallowed the last of it. Donna's head was swimming. The man asked if he could fuck her, but Gary had told him no.

Donna moaned with relief when the truck coasted to a stop in the Wiederbolds' filthy backyard, then giggled hysterically at the thought that she was relieved to be at the home of the men who had tortured and raped her.

To her surprise the Wiederbold brothers walked away from her when they got out of the truck. She moaned gratefully and closed her eyes. Maybe they would leave her alone for while and let her get a little rest. She would be alright if she could only rest for a little while.

Suddenly Gary was standing at the front of the truck with a big green garden hose in his hands. His brothers were gathered around behind him, waiting. Donna tensed at the sight of the garden hose, knowing what Gary was going to do and burning with shame at the thought of it. She didn't even rate a shower around here, she thought sadly. Just hose her down and get started on covering her in filth again.

The first blast of cold water hit her between the legs, and Donna's heart skipped a beat at the freezing rush of water. Gary played the water up and down her long, tapering legs, then pushed the stream up higher, over the quivering flat plain of her stomach and the twin, sharp peaked mountains of her tits.

Donna shivered at the sudden cold, gooseflesh coursing down over her arms, tits and stomach in a single, solid wave. Her teeth chattered helplessly and she looked from one Wiederbold brother to the next.

"Got to get you good, whore," Gary growled softly, stepping in close to her and playing the swift stream of water back down over her sexy, shivering body. "Got to clean you real good for what we're going to do next."

Donna knew what was coming now, and she had to bite back the scream that wanted to bubble out over her lips.

Gary let the water pulse through her golden blonde cunthair, then let it beat a steady tattoo over her swollen red pussylips. Finally he plunged the nozzle up inside her cunt and let the water fill her up.

Donna gasped with pain as the water fountained inside her. Joel stepped up with a bottle whiskey and jammed the mouth between her lips. Donna shook and coughed, trying to jerk her mouth off the bottle and her cunt off the hose, but there was nothing she could do to stop the two brothers. Her tattered cunt filled with numbing, ice-cold water, and a steady stream of burning, blinding whiskey gurgled into her empty stomach.

Gary yanked the hose from her cunt and plunged it into her ass, and Donna squeaked with the shock of getting an ice-water enema. The freezing water washed out the tiny wounds from the savage fucking that Joel had given her and flushed his drying jism back out of her ass. At the same time, Joel was force-feeding her more and more of the whiskey, making her swallow it until her lips and tongue felt thick and useless and her throat and stomach burned like fire.

"She's a beautiful bitch," Gary said. "I don't know, boys, what do you think about keeping her?"

"Can we do that?" Brad asked, jumping up in the air with excitement. "Can we keep one for good?"

"She is rather old," Joel said in his whiny voice, pouring another shot of whiskey into Donna's waiting mouth. Donna gulped down the liquor happily and waited for the next mouthful. "While she is the most beautiful bitch we've ever played with, I would remind you that she has at best ten to fifteen years of prime sexiness left. Who wants a fifty-year-old slut?"

"Fuck it," John said, stepping around to the end of the truck with Gary just as his older brother shut off the hose. "We can always throw her out later. Ten years with a cunt as fine as this one's worth a hundred with most of these little teenage sluts we've been fucking around with."

"And think of the money," Gary said with a thin smile. "All the property and stocks and bank accounts her fucking father left her. Fuck, I might even marry the slutty whore."

"Yeah," John said. "Get it all signed over to you, then kick her out without a nickel to her fucking name. That'll teach her for fucking with us!"

Donna started laughing again, and she could barely stop to take another drink of whiskey when Joel poured it down her throat.

"Joel has a bigger cock," she said, and then giggled again, rolling her head from side to side. "But I guess you are the oldest."

"Maybe you can marry all four of us," Gary said while the others laughed at Donna and called her filthy names. "Would you like that? Marry all five feet of us?"

"Five feet?" Donna was momentarily puzzled. Then started laughing. "All five feet! Oh shit! All five feet of big, hard cock!"

Memories of her rape and torture flooded back over her drunken mind and she started to cry. They had fucked her over and over again with their big cocks. For some reason the thought of all those inches of throbbing, dripping prickmeat started a burning itch inside her sore, battered pussy. Donna cried harder at the thought that she was losing control of herself, at the degradation of getting excited in the presents of her rapists.

Then Gary did something that brought a cry of shock and amazement from her bruised lips. He dropped to his knees between her legs and plunged mouth onto her pussy.

"That feels good doesn't it?" Joel asked, his voice low. He gave her another shot of whiskey and then took a huge swallow for himself. He held the whiskey in his mouth as he lowered his face to hers, and Donna knew what he was going to do.

She jerked and trembled as Gary's tongue and lips went to work on her swollen pussy. A moment later, she felt another mouth working on her soft inner thighs, and she gasped at the realization that John had joined his older brother at sucking her pussy. Then Joel's mouth clamped down over her moistly parted lips and her throat filled with another load of whiskey.

Donna felt as though she was floating through the air as the whiskey burned its way down through her stomach. She knew that she was close to passing out from being drunk, and that Gary and his brothers had purposely brought her to this state so that they could further humiliate and enslave her.

Joel's tongue twisted around hers as he drooled his spit into her mouth. At the same time, Brad draped himself over her silky stomach and fastened his lips to one of her hard nipples while he worked over the other with his fingers. Gary and John had each plunged a finger up her swollen asshole, and Gary had a finger slicing up into her cunt. Donna felt her hips bucking involuntarily up off the hood of the car, and she wasn't able to stop it.

The whiskey had stolen her will, and now Donna was helpless against the rising wave of excitement that splashed through her body. Brad was working over both of her nipples with his strong fingers, pinching and tweaking them while his tongue drew shivery wet designs all over the quivering, silky hollow of her stomach.

Joel was better at kissing than any man she had ever dated. His tongue seemed to massage every inch of her mouth at once. Donna started kissing him back, her tongue and lips drawn into action by the passion with which he was kissing her. When his mouth pulled away from hers, she cried out in disappointment, but she sighed with relief a moment later when his skilled tongue whipped over the tip of her upturned nose and then flicked down over her cheek to her chin.

There were no words in her vocabulary to describe what Gary and John were doing to her. She had simply never felt anything like it before. There were a total of six fingers pistoning in her sloppy cunt, and five more fucking her swollen ass. John was squirming his mouth over her swollen pussylips, massaging the fragile folds of flesh. At the same time Gary's face was pressed deeper into her cunt, and his tongue was doing things to her that she would have never imagined were possible.

"Do you love this?" Joel asked as he bit his way softly across her graceful throat and beck up over the curve of her chin toward her mouth. "Tell us if you love it. Hearing you say it would make us happy."

"I love it!" Donna moaned, her words slurred from the booze and thickened with lust. As drunk as she was, the admission made her burn with shame.

A small, sober part of her mind cringed in humiliation at the way she was degrading herself in front of her captors. "I love it! Oh guys, I really love this! I -- oh fuck, shit, piss, damn, what are you doing to me? Oh fuck, I think I'm cumming! I think I'm fucking cumming, you lousy bastards!"

Gary's teeth bit down hard on the buzzing nub of her cunt and his tongue flickered at lightning speed back and forth across the tiny, trapped bud. A climax crashed through the helpless, sexy blonde. She jerked her hips six inches off the truck's hood, arched her tits up into Brad's molesting hands and whipped her tongue into Joel's mouth the instant he clamped his lips back over hers. Things were exploding inside her that she had never even known were there. It was the first orgasm she had ever experienced, and Donna loved it.

"We got her!" John shouted, raising his sloppy face from Donna's marshy cunt. "We made the bitch cum!"

"We've only made her cum once so far," Gary said, grabbing him by the scruff of his neck and plunging his face back down into the humid gash of Donna's cunt. "You can start patting yourself on the back when we reach ten."

"Here," Joel said, taking a break and tipping the bottle of whiskey upside-down over the squirming little blonde's open mouth, "have a little drink."

Donna guzzled down the whiskey while she gasped for breath.

Her whole body was trembling with the aftershocks the orgasm. She arched her tits up off the truck hood and Brad responded by pushing the lush cones together and slurping at both of her long, hard nipples at the same time. She tried to squeeze her thighs around the heads of the two men who were sucking her off, but whined with frustration when the chains around her ankles kept her from moving her legs more than a couple of inches. She lapped her tongue eagerly over Joel's dirty, bearded face when he leaned back down to kiss her.

"You dirty bastards!" she whispered, tears still sparkling in her eyes. "What are you doing to me? What the hell are you turning me into?"

"A whore, my dear Miss Fairchild," Joel said with a smirk before he smashed his lips down on her once more. "Just a fucking sleazy whore. Don't worry, you'll love it."

Donna tried to jerk her face away from him when he kissed her. After a moment, though, she forgot why she was doing that and whipped bar tongue up to meet his as they squirmed their lips together. A few moments later, another orgasm crashed through her curvy, doll-like body and she bucked and twisted until the chain popped loose from her right ankle. She wrapped her leg tightly around the back of Gary's head.

Her third climax came the first time John fucked his tongue up the tender chute of her asshole. She came again when Gary pinched her clit with his fingers and blew into her cunt at the same time. After each orgasm Joel gave her another shot of whiskey, and by the time she had cum the ninth time, she thought that she was in love with all four of the brothers and she hoped that somehow she really could arrange to marry them all. Finally, after what seemed like too short a time, Gary had the others unfasten the chains and dump her onto the ground.

"Can you do something for me?" Gary asked pleasantly when she had tumbled into the long grass of the yard. He wiped her pussy-cream from his face and leaned down close to her. "Do you think you could walk somewhere for me?"

Donna nodded, not trusting herself to speak. She wasn't sure whether she wanted to tell Gary that she loved him or hated him, so she just nodded and pushed herself to her feet. Every part of her body hurt horribly when she did, but she did her best to ignore the pain. She took one step before the cramps tore through her legs and stomach and made her fall flat on her face.

She tried to get up and she fell again, pain shooting through her slender, sexy body from a hundred different places. After she fell the third time, Gary told her that it was okay to crawl, and she licked the top of one of his dirty boots to thank him. Even crawling sent bolts of hellish pain shooting through her body, but she knew that she had to do whatever Gary and his brothers wanted. Whenever she got off track, they kicked her in her sides and ass to get her going back in the right direction. Before long, the drunken, broken landlady started to smell something awful.

Donna slipped one hand back under her body as she crawled, scratching her long fingernails over the puffy, sex-drenched lips of her cunt. Her whole crotch was a sloppy mess again, but this time it was from the waves of pussy-cream that had seeped from her cunt while Gary and his brothers were making her cum. She moaned with lust at just the thought of their hands and mouths pleasuring her body, and she fucked two fingers up inside her swollen pussy. An orgasm shuddered through her body the instant her nails scratched over her buzzing little cunt, and she fell back on her haunches as flaming pleasure sizzled through her swampy little cunt.

"You really love that, don't you, whore?" Gary asked, nudging her chin with the toe of his boot.

"I love it," Donna said breathlessly, rubbing both bands over her cunt now that she had stopped moving. She licked Gary's filthy boot again, then dragged her swollen lips dirty leather. "I love you, too! I all of you so much!"

"What a slutty fucking cow," John said with a laugh. He kicked her hard, first in one tit and then in the other. "Get your ass moving, you slutty old pig! Your wallow's just up ahead!"

Donna didn't see it until she fell into it, and even then it took her a few moments to realize that they had made her crawl into the cesspool that had helped to get them evicted. The stench was so bad that she could barely breathe, and as she tumbled helplessly forward, her face dipped under the muddy muck of the filth pit. When she came up, vomit was rumbling in her throat and her face was caked with muck.

"You bastards!" she cried, far more sober than she had been just seconds before. The filth of the pit burned into her injured flesh like some corrosive acid. "You dirty, motherfucking creeps!"

"We never even knew our mother, actually," Joel said, grabbing Donna by her filth-crusted hair and dragging her up far enough for him to lock a spiked metal collar around her throat. "So we certainly didn't fuck her. Since you're a bit older and more mature than we are, I was rather hoping you could be the mother we never had."

Donna slid back into the muck, crying helplessly in shame and despair. She could smell shit and piss and things that stank even worse. The metal collar around her neck was connected to a chain, which was connected to a big steel anvil.

"And the first thing you can do for us, mom," Gary said as he unzipped his pants and pulled out his long, dripping cock, "Is return the favor we did you back on the truck. Who knows, if you suck us all off real good, we might even let you have a couple of hours sleep."

Donna cried helplessly as Gary pulled her back out of the pit by her blonde hair. But she opened her mouth, and her tongue was wagging even before the dripping head of Gary's cock pushed past her sex swollen lips.


"Good morning, Miss Fairchild," Joel said from the window early the next morning. "I hope you slept well. We'll be out in a minute. We just have to eat a little breakfast first."

"No," Donna said, lying at the edge of the muddy pool of filth, her hands propped out in front of her to keep her head from sliding under. "No more! Please, please, don't let them hurt me anymore!"

The harnessed landlady had had to stay awake all during the night. The chain that was attached to the metal collar they had hooked around her neck was far to short to allow her to leave the cesspool, and there was nowhere inside the sloping, muddy banks of the filth pond where the water level was low enough for her to lie down without drowning.

After Donna had sucked and swallowed the cum out of all four of the brothers, she'd had to hold up her pretty face while they pissed on her. After that she had to stay on her feet all night long, pacing the pool of scum. She was afraid to sit down because she was so exhausted she might fall asleep. And even walking was torture, every muscle in her beats body singing with agony at each step she took.

Just an hour before, as the sun was first peeking over the horizon, she had fallen down again. When she tried to stand beck up, her legs wouldn't hold her weight. Since then she had been holding herself up with her arms and biting her nipples to keep awake. She pressed her chin to her chest and chewed on the pert tits until she moaned with pain. Her nipples were crusted with the filth of the cesspool, and Donna almost vomited. But pain was the only sure way to keep awake.

"Hey, whore, I got something for you," Gary said, walking out to the edge of the cesspool. He stopped at the edge of the pool the farthest away from Donna and clapped his hands impatiently.

"Move it, you lazy little pig! Us working folk have to get up early to get the day's work going. We can't lie on our asses all day like spoiled, rich-bitch landladies."

Donna was crying as she pushed herself back into the pool of muck. Every muscle in her sleek sexy body had been pushed past the limits of its endurance. It seemed to her as though she had been in bondage for years, not just hours.

"That's good!" Gary grinned when she finally dragged herself up beside him. He reached out his foot and caught her right nipple between two of his toes. "Now pull down my underwear!"

"No more," Donna said, her voice shaking with fear and weakness. Tears ran muddy tracks down her filthy face. "Please, no more! I can't take it, Gary! You're killing me! Please let me go now! I'll give you anything!"

"Pull down my underwear," Gary said, pinching her nipple with his toes until she buckled from the pain. "Only now I want you to do it with your mouth instead of your hands."

"You're never going to let me go, are you?" Donna asked in a sad, small voice, but she caught the waistband of his dirty shorts between her teeth and pulled them down without waiting for an answer.

"Open your mouth now," Gary said, pointing his limp cock at her and squatting slightly. "And cup your hands right here." He pull Donna's delicate hands under his ass. "Perfect. Now don't move, little whore, or I'll have to stick another firecracker up your smelly little asshole."

Donna kept her mouth wide open as Gary's piss started spraying. She swallowed as much of it as she could and let the rest cascade out over her chin without concern. Gary grunted and squatted lower as he showered her waiting face with his piss. Donna wasn't even surprised when the first turd trailed out of his ass to plop into her hands.

"You shitting on her?" John called out the window. "Fuck, Gary, I wanted to see her first shit-shower, you fucking jerk!"

"I'm just having her catch it for me!" Gary shouted back. "Don't worry, you dumb asshole! We'll even let you be the first one to bomb her!"

Donna trembled with shame and disgust, but she didn't move her hands away until Gary had dropped his last tiny turd on top of the stinking pile in her hands. Then the degraded blonde beauty swallowed her last mouthful of piss and waited for his next instructions.

"Smell it," Gary said with a nasty smile.

Donna ducked her head and sniffed the stinking brown pile. The stench almost made her vomit, but something strange was happening to her, too. Her cunt seemed to be tingling with something that felt almost like excitement.

"Good," Gary said with a laugh. "Now stick your fucking nose in it."

Donna had to swallow a scream of outrage, but she knew that any act of defiance would only spur Gary to debauch her even more violently. She pushed her upturned nose into the moist pile of shit, realizing fully for the first time that she was utterly in the power of Gary and his evil brothers. She was nothing but a beautiful, classy puppet for them to use any way they wanted.

"Oh yeah," Gary said with a throaty sigh. He turned his back to her and spread his ass cheeks wide. "Now dump that shit in the pool and lick me clean, you scuzzy little whore!"

The soiled, sexy blonde pulled her nose from the shit and dumped it into the muddy water. She pushed her pretty, fouled face between Gary's asscheeks with a tiny moan of sorrow, her tongue wagging out from between her lush, pink lips as her cheeks slid into the dank, hairy crack of his ass.

"You see, you and those rich fucks you run with haven't seen fit to give us plumbing out here!" Gary growled. "So we need a fucking cesspool! Nod your head if you understand that, shit-sucker!"

Donna nodded her head as she licked his asshole clean.

"Good," Gary said brightly when he turned around. "Now let's see about number two on that old eviction list. Something about tall grass and weeds, wasn't it?"

Gary unfastened the big metal collar from around her neck, but before Donna could breathe a sigh of relief at being free, he had knocked her onto her stomach and pressed his foot against her head. The sultry little blonde stayed as still as she could while Gary hosed her clean. This time, when he plunged the nozzle up her cunt, Donna felt shameful burst of shivery pleasure, and when he poked it up her shitter, she couldn't keep from squirming weakly along the ground. Gary hosed down her face and hair last, and the freezing-cold water actually woke Donna up a little as it flushed the scum and filth away.

"Here you go, tramp," Gary said pleasantly. From the other side of the pit, John cursed him for pulling Donna out of the pit before he got a chance to piss on her, but Gary waved him off and kept talking to the little blonde.

"We made this special for you right after we read that eviction notice. It used to belong to our uncles horse, but we modified it a little bit."

John had finished using the pit, and he stepped up to pull Donna's hands behind her back while Gary fitted her with the bridle. Donna moaned helplessly as Gary tightened straps of leather around her throat and shoulders, but even when he wrapped lines of leather around her lush tits, making them stand up even higher and pointier than ever, she raised no word of complaint. When he made her open her mouth for the bit, she started crying again, but that only made John laugh and twist her tits harder. The last thing Gary did was drape the long leather reins over her back. A moment later, Donna saw what the harness was for.

"The problem, Miss Fairchild," Joel said primly as he pushed a lawnmower toward her, "is not with the mowing mechanism itself. It continued to mow the grass quite well, in fact. But it just won't move forward anymore, and frankly, none of us were overly interested in fixing it. Since you've expressed such a deep interest in our grass and weeds, however, perhaps you would care to provide the locomotion."

"No!" Donna whimpered, hanging her head in defeat as Joel and Brad wheeled the big riding mower around behind her and Gary climbed into the driver's seat. "Please don't do this to me! I can't take anymore! Why don't you just kill me and get it over with."

"The only way you'll die around her is if we fuck you to death," John said, kicking her ass as he started buckling her to the big riding mower. "You might notice that we made one other adjustment to the mower for you. See where the grass comes out now?"

Donna turned her eyes toward the side of the big mower, and when she saw what John was pointing out to her, she hung her head in defeat.

They had arranged the mower so the cut grass would be spit out all over her as she dragged the mower forward.

"Well let's go, whore!" Gary shouted. He picked a long, thin whip up off the mower and pulled back on Donna's long leather reins. "You've got a full fucking day ahead of you! The sooner we mow the fucking lawn, the sooner you can help us get those fucking shingles you're crying about put up on the roof!"

Donna ducked her head and tried to crawl forward, but she couldn't budge the big riding mower an inch along the weed-infested ground. She cried with frustration and fear when Gary cracked the whip by her ear, but she didn't have the strength to pull the mower.

She was worn to the point of collapse. Every muscle in her body had been pulled and twisted and torn by the horrible day of rape and torture the men had put her through. And even if she had been well-fed and well-rested, she was still only a small woman. The riding mower itself probably weighed close to a hundred pounds all by itself, and Gary, sitting on his ass in the driver's seat, was easily more than two hundred.

"Move your ass, you worthless whore!" Gary screamed, and this time he lashed the metal-tipped whip against the creamy flesh of her ass. "Pull this mower, you spoiled little cunt! It's about fucking time you had to sweat a little!"

Donna screamed at the bite of the whip. She dug her feet into the ground and grabbed thick handfuls of weeds to pull herself forward. And slowly, impossibly, the mower started to move. Gary turned on the blades the instant the mower started to budge.

The first cut grass spit into her face with stinging, burning force, and Donna clenched her eyes tightly shut. Gary lashed her ass and back with every inch she crawled forward, and he yanked on the reins until the bit tore into the corners other mouth, but Donna didn't stop moving. She pulled the mower as though she really was the beast of burden Gary and his brothers were using her as, unmindful of the painful pull of the harness on her shoulders and tits and neck.

"The landlady's mowing the yard!" Brad screamed. He was jumping around wildly in front of Donna, his cock hanging out of his open fly. "We ain't never had one that could mow the lawn before! That's how we sent Betsy Ross to the hospital!"

"Let's make it a little more interesting, then," Gary said, drawing blood on her ass with a particularly vicious lash of the whip, "Climb on top of the bitch and fuck the shit out of her!"


Donna couldn't believe she was hearing right. She almost paused in her pulling of the mower, and the only thing that kept her going was the fear that once she stopped, her tortured, exhausted muscles would never get the heavy weight moving again. Gary couldn't expect her to keep crawling across the yard with Brad on top of her, driving his huge cock into her aching body.

A moment later, she felt Brad's knees settle down on top of hers and she realized just how serious Gary was. And when he pushed his cock inside her it was as though be had stabbed her guts out with butcher knife. Donna was certain she was going to topple over at any second.

Instead, incredibly, she struggled forward faster. It was as though she was being driven forward by some primitive instinctual drive. Every thrust of Brad's huge cock inside her cunt seemed to make her move that much faster. He reached under her to maul her lush, dangling tits, and even as she screamed in pain, she seemed to pick up speed.

Gary dropped his whip and watched as she pulled him and the mower across the yard. Even now she was the sexiest bitch he had ever seen. She was dripping with sweat and stained green from the grass and weeds. Her hair hung around her face in stringy clumps, and her features were screwed up in a tight mask of pain and exertion.

Her back was bowed under Brad's weight, and she was almost falling over every time he stabbed his fat cock up the tiny pink slit of her cunt. Gary hated the stuck-up blonde bitch. Now he knew for sure that at heart she was nothing but a rutting little whore. He also thought that she might be the perfect match for him and his brothers.

Every move Donna made rewarded her with an explosion of agony. Her hands slipped and she fell face-first into the dirt, but she still kept scooting herself along the ground on her knees. Her cunt was rippling around the impaling staff of Brad's cock, and her pussy was getting wet with fuckjuice.

"Whore!" Brad muttered as he fucked her and mauled her tits. "Dirty whore! Squeeze that pussy, you sleazy cunt! Fuck me back, you slimy cocksucker!"

Donna moaned, and the throaty sound of her voice shocked her. It was less the sound an exhausted and degraded woman would make than the deep, hoarse cry of a woman being well-fucked. She burned with shame as her ass started to grind back against Brad's fat, hammering cock. Every time he thrust his cock inside her, his stomach hit her asscheeks with a wet, solid smack. Her pussy-cream was even starting to drool down from the lips of her cunt, smearing her inner thighs with white stains of lust.

Donna cried with shame, knowing that an orgasm was building inside her. She had dismissed the multiple orgasms the men had forced on her the night before as the product of all the booze they had made her drink. Now she realized that the climaxes they had wrought on her drunken body had paved the way for more to come, these without the aid of liquor. She banged her head against the ground as hard as she could in a wild attempt to drive the lust from her body and scrambled even faster over the ground.

However fast she crawled, though, she couldn't outrun her own arousal. Spidery fingers of icy pleasure danced across her stomach, making her squirm and twist. Brad smashed her nipples as hard as he could between his fingers and bit at the back of her neck like some kind of rutting animal. Everything, even the agony of pulling the mower, was making her hot.

Her cuntjuice rolled down to soak Brad's cock and drip from his hairy balls. Her creamy, squirming thighs were all but painted with the slippery fuckjuice. Donna grunted like a pig with every thrust of Brad's cock inside her. She wished again that she could die. That was the only way she could hope to escape the orgasm that was already shooting bolts of pleasure through her.

"Whore! Dirty whore! Dirty sleazy whore!" Brad screamed. "Dirty sleazy slutty whore!"

He started fucking his cock into her even faster and harder, rocking Donna's tiny, sexy body. The force of his fucking knocked her hands out from under her again, and this time she could barely keep moving as her face hit the ground. He yanked her tits back and forth across her chest as though he was trying to tear them off. Then his cum started spurting up inside her.

"Cumming!" Brad bellowed, beating his sexy little landlady into the dust with his big cock. "Cumming in the dirty whore! Cumming in her dirty cunt!"

Donna's thighs trembled under the pressure of Brad's wild fucking. Her whole body shook with her own boiling passion. Her cunt went into spasms as his jism flooded inside her. It milked Brad's cock, tugging and flexing and wrapping itself tightly around him. Her tiny clit burned as though it had been doused in gasoline and set on fire.

"Bitch!" Brad shouted again, pulling his cock out of her pussy while it was still spurting jism. He let the last few weak shots splatter over the struggling beauty's creamy ass, then wiped his cock clean over the white expanse of one trembling thigh. "The landlady whore can really fuck, Gary! And she never stopped moving, not even once! She's a lot fucking better than any of the other bitches we ever brought here!"

"Jump on, John," Gary said quietly. "Let's see just how tough the stuck-up little princess really is."

Donna was trembling with passion, suspended just an instant from a mind blowing climax. Her ass flexed with rapid, muscular contractions. Her pussy kept leaking fuck-cream, mixed now with the jism Brad had shot inside her, and her cunt was popping open and shut like the mouth on a fish. She could barely pull herself forward with the sunbursts of lust that were flaring through her.

She pushed her ass up and back toward John as he settled the knobs of his knees painfully into the hollows of her own. She knew that the first stab of his cock up inside her cunt would drive her over the the edge and stop the maddening, burning itch she was feeling inside.

Then she felt the hard drive of his eleven-inch prick, and she screamed in pain and frustration instead of pleasure. He was shoving his cock up her ass, not her pussy!

"Ride her good, John," Gary said, leaning forward on the mower to get a better look at his brothers cock in the sexy little blondes shitter. "Ride her like the fucking nag she in."

"Fucking yes," John said, thrusting his cock all the way up her ass with a single vicious lunge. "I'll fuck her until she doesn't know which side is up."

Donna's legs almost slid out from under her as John started fucking his cock up her tender asshole. Pain flared in her straining back and down her trembling thighs as he pummeled her sore shitter again and again. Each pounding thrust seemed to jolt her body harder. Donna lowered her head and squeezed her eyes tightly shut, trying to forget both the burning need in her cunt and the dreadful pain of the ass-fucking.

And strangely, as she dragged the mower across the yard and endured the beating of John's cock in her asshole, she started getting hotter.

It was as though the itching heat that blistered out from her clit through the rest of her pussy began to merge with the agonizing blaze of pain John's assfucking was causing her. Her head began to swim, and she bucked and ground her ass back against John as though he was fucking his cock into her cunt instead of her asshole. After a few seconds, the confused blonde slave didn't know where the cock was fucking her. The burning heat in her cunt and asshole had merged so completely that there didn't seem to be any difference.

"Oh yesssss!" she hissed, scrambling forward over the lawn while she humped her ass wildly back on John's cock. "Oh yessssss! Fuck me, you bastard! Fuck me as hard as you can!"

"You dirty whore!" John gasped, hammering his cock into her reamed-out shitter with every ounce of strength he had. "You're making me cum, you filthy little slut!"

Donna screamed with pleasure as John's cock shot one wad after another of greasy fuckjuice up her asshole. Then she screamed with disappointment as he pulled his still-hard cock out of her and wiped it clean over her quivering, creamy ass. Once more she had been suspended just an instant from orgasm.

She pulled the mower across the yard with demented strength, frenzied witch her need for a climax. The was almost completely mowed already, but in her delirium, Donna didn't even know where she was going anymore. Her body burned with exhaustion and lust, and she was burning with the very last reserves of her energy with her wild crawl across the lawn. The lust that was bubbling through her squirming, sexy body blazed even hotter as pain and weariness began to drag her down.

"Your turn, Joel," Gary said with a grin, and then leaned back to watch.

Donna never knew what hit her. One moment she was tugging the mower over the weed clogged ground and the next she had been flattened underneath a mountain of human flesh. Her knees and arms shot out from under her.

A thousand different kinds of pain flowed through the sexy blonde's tiny body. Her hands and feet pawed desperately at the air as if she was still trying to push herself along the ground. Her face turned blue as Joel's tremendous weight kept her from breathing, and her tits felt as if they had been smashed flat beneath her. Her cunt felt as though it had torn loose and been fucked all the way into her throat. The world began to swim wildly in front of her eyes.

She was about to cum.

Joel jerked his cock from her cunt and pulled himself up over Donna's limber, captive body. Donna whined like a starving animal as her cunt and asshole were left empty once more. Then Joel tore the bit loose from her mouth and slapped her across the face with his huge slab of fuckmeat.

Donna thought that he wanted her to suck his prick, and she opened her mouth as wide as she could to give it a try. Instead, he hit her again and again with the mammoth stalk of cock, slapping her lips, nose, cheeks and forehead. It felt like she was being hit with a big meat billy club. Every slap of his huge cock stunned her, and soon she had been beaten all but senseless by Joel's fat prick.

"You're so beautiful!" Joel whispered as he beat his cock over her dainty features. "A pretty little doll! I'd like to beat you to death with my magnificent cock!"

Joel started breathing harder and harder as he whipped his enormous cock against the little blonde's face. Fuck-lube slopped from his piss-slit, covering Donna's perfect features with more greasy slime than most normal men shot when they climaxed. His cock smeared the slop all over her, until it looked like Donna's face had been covered with honey. The cool slick prick-lube just made slapping her with his cock that much more enjoyable.

Joel hit very inch of her face with his big cock, and he hit her harder and harder as he got closer to cumming. He poked her in the eyes with his huge cockhead, leaving puddles of juicy pre-cum to glue her eyelids shut. He slapped her cheeks until they burned red from the beating and glistened under a blanket of sticky fuck-lube. He bounced his cock off her chin and he slapped her lusty lips until blood trickled down from where he had split them.

He poked his cockhead into her delicate, shell like ears. Before long his pre-cum was pouring down the back of her neck. He liked hitting her upturned nose the most of all, and he beat it until it was swollen and Donna was blowing fuck-lube bubbles from both nostrils.

"Oh my!" he whispered. "Oh my. Get ready, Miss Fairchild! I'm going to blow my load all over your beautiful face!"

Donna could have never gotten ready for the beating that followed. It was like she was getting the slimiest, tackiest facial any woman had ever received.

By the time it was over, Donna's hair was clogged with heavy streaks of cum, her open mouth was a brimming pool of cock-cream and her face and throat were shrouded in a solid mask of white jism. She blinked and her wide blue eyes stared out from a face of jellied white goo. Joel had to move all the way down to her tits to find a clean spot on her skin to wipe off his cock.

"Start moving, you lazy slut," Gary said, and Donna tried.

Nothing happened.

Gary hit her with the whip, but Donna was finished. She barely had the energy to breathe, much less pull the mower. The burning lust in her cunt was as strong as ever, and even the stinging sensation of Joel's cum drying on her face and the crack of Gary's whip on her tender flesh seemed to feed the fire that was burning in her cunt.

Gary threw the whip aside in disgust and dropped down beside Donna in the grass. He stared at her cum-plastered face with a frightening mix of contempt and affection, and Donna felt herself getting hotter just looking at him. It was the most horrible thing she could imagine, but just having the man who had led her rape and torture look at her was turning her slutty body on.

"You're almost ready to cum, you worthless old nag!" Gary whispered. He tore a handful of grass out from the ground and held it under her mouth. "If you can't mow the grass, then eat the grass like the old barnyard whore you are! Do it, bitch, at least try to be good for something!"

Donna trembled with disgust as she lowered her cum-plastered face to his hand and gathered up the grass with her tongue. The other men laughed at her, but that just made the fire inside her cunt burn even hotter. She rubbed her thighs together desperately as she chewed and swallowed the grass. It wasn't any good. She needed to be fucked. She needed something hot and hard and huge inside her.

"Keep eating," Gary said, pulling more grass out of the lawn and holding it out for her. Donna pulled it from his hand with her lips and tongue and chewed it slowly before she swallowed it. "That's it, you poor little bitch. Finally found somebody who wouldn't take any of your shit, didn't you? Poor little bitch. At least you got to find out what a slutty whore you really are. Want me to stick some fingers inside you?"

"Please sir!" Donna gasped around her mouthful of grass. Gary pulled up more grass and held it out for her to take. "Please stick some fingers in me!"

Gary fucked three fingers into her wringing cunt with one sharp thrust of his hand. Donna gasped with pleasure. Her eyes rolled and her head twisted languidly on her shoulders as the thick fingers plunged inside her. Her pussy twisted around the three fingers, and streams of cunt-cream rolled down, her shuddering thighs in twin tidal waves of lust.

"Keep eating," Gary said pulling his fingers back out of her, and Donna slurped up another handful of grass just as fast as she could.

When Gary fucked his fingers back inside her, he surprised her again by tucking his little finger in alongside the rest, and Donna squealed with delight.

Donna fucked back against his hand. Her ass danced in a wide, frenzied circle and she jerked her body back and forth. Her cunt tightened around his pistoning fingers, squeezing and pulling and drenching them with slippery pussyjuice. Her clit was vibrating as though it was about to explode.

And then Gary tucked his thumb in under his fingers and fucked Donna with his fist, and she went out of her mind.

Donna tore grass out of Gary's hand while her body convulsed and trembled on his fucking fist. Pussy-cream poured down her shaking thighs and green-stained saliva drooled from her lips. She arched up and grabbed her tits with her hands, forcing them up to her mouth so she could bite at her stiff nipples. It was the first sober climax of her life, and it was driving her crazy.

Gary pounded his fist into her spasming cunt, beating her pussy with punches that would have knocked a big man to his knees. He could almost feel the orgasms as they pounded through her helplessly squirming body. And all the time he kept feeding her grass, his cock growing longer and harder as he watched her sweet lips turn green from the weeds she was eating.

He beat her through fourteen orgasms before he climbed on her back and fucked her tight asshole. She came three more times before he filled her humid shitter up with cum, and as he shot the last of his cum in her sweet body, she turned her soiled face back toward him.

"I love you!" she whimpered like a child, tears running down her fouled features. "Please be my master! Please keep me for your pet!"

"We'll see," Gary said with a grin and a shrug, pulling his wet cock out of her asshole and sticking it in front of her face for her to lick clean. "Let's have you help get that roof shingled first. I wouldn't want to get evicted."

Tears ran down Donna's face at the humiliation of his brush-off, but she nodded her head. And once John had unstrapped her from the mower, she stood up on shaky legs and followed the brothers around to the front of the house.


The Wiederbold brothers washed her and dressed her before they took her back outside, but the clothes they had dressed her in gave Donna no illusions about the nature of what she was going outside for.

She was dressed in a tight black corset, black garters and stockings, and six-inch black heels.

The corset left bare the creamy slopes of Donna's tits, and the lacy frill around the top barely obscured her long, stiff nipples. Likewise the silky black panties Gary had slid up over her legs did nothing but highlight Donna's tight, sexy ass and bulging pussy mound. The panties even had a slit in the crotch so that wisps of golden pussyhair peeked through the silky black.

Gary and his brothers made her stand in front of a mirror while they were dressing her, and Donna shivered with shame and arousal as their hands roamed freely over her body. They squeezed her tits, stroked their rough hands over her satiny stomach and smooth legs, pinched her ass and fingered her pussy and asshole. She had to open her mouth and kiss them when they wanted, and before they had finished dressing her, Donna had sucked the spit of all four brothers.

John closed one of her delicate, long-fingered hands over his cock and made her masturbate him while Joel combed out her hair. John made her catch his jism in the palm of her hand, and then Donna had to lick up the fuckjuice while all four brothers watched and made fun of her.

After she was dressed, Gary snapped an elegant, black leather collar around her thin, graceful throat. John snapped silver anklets around her ankles and Joel looped thin leather cuffs around her wrists. Then Gary drew a long silver chain through the loops and all of the cuffs, shackling the helpless blonde hand and foot. He held the end of the chain in his hand, and at the end of it was a long metal spike.

When the men had finished with her, Donna looked at herself in the mirror and her elegant face flushed a deep scarlet. In all of her life, the slender little blonde had never imagined she could look like this.

Gary led her through the house. Donna barely had the energy to walk, and it had been so long since she had worn high heels that every step seemed certain to tumble her flat on her face. But she followed him as he walked quickly through the dark, dirty house.

She didn't scream until Gary opened the door and she stepped out onto the porch. Even then, she only screamed once before she clamped her mouth tightly shut. She guessed that nothing Gary and his brothers did to her could surprise her anymore, but this time she knew she really had reached the bottom of the gutter.

She also knew at last why the Wiederbolds had driven her all over town before bringing her home the night before. They must have invited all of their friends over for a party.

The yard was crowded with men. Donna recognized a lot of them, and every familiar face she saw leering up at her sent another wave of shame and sorrow crashing through her body. The bums who hung around the train station had come, and so had the three men who worked at the town garbage dump. Half the drunks who hung out at Nelson's bar were waiting. Men from both the town's gas-stations were there, and so were the truckers who stopped to eat at Joe's Grill on their way through town.

There were close to a hundred men crowding the yard, and Donna knew what every one of them had come to see. But the faces that broke her spirits completely, reduced her to a shaking, sobbing mess, were right in the center of the front row. The mayor was there with the sheriff and his deputies, and a judge, three bankers and the newspaper editor stood beside them.

"You boys finally made yourself a real catch," the mayor said. "How much do you want?"

The old man had known Donna's father and had bounced Donna on his knee when she was a baby. Now, though, his cock was harder than it had been in years, already dripping pre-cum and jerking with excitement. Donna had been a stuck-up bitch since she had come back to town to run her father's businesses.

She acted like she was smarter and better than anyone else in town, like she was some kind of princess. Seeing her standing on the porch draped in chains and dressed like a whore almost gave the mayor a stroke. At that mount, he would have given everything he owned to have her for his personal slave girl.

"Fuck that," one of the bankers said, openly rubbing his cock-bulge through his pants. "If you're going to sell her, let us all bid. You can have a fucking auction."

A dozen other men raised their voices in agreement.

"Sorry, boys," Gary said, leading her down off the porch and through the tight crowd of men. "Our landlady's not for sale. She taught us all about how dumb it was to sell off your valuable property. But we are red-blooded, American horse traders. And while the little blonde whore might not be for sale, we'd sure as shit be willing to rent her."

Gary walked Donna toward a filthy mattress that lay about thirty feet away from the house. When they reached it, he held the metal stake that hung from her collar-chain against the ground. Joel stepped up with a hammer, and with one mighty blow, he hammered the stake into the ground.

"Show them your tits and cunt, whore," Gary said, slapping her across her face so hard that she fell to her knees. "Don't just stand around looking like some stuck-up cunt!"

Donna tried not to cry, but she couldn't help herself. Tears squirted down her checks in fastmoving rivers, and her slender, sultry body shook with the force of her crying. She bowed her head like the slave she was, unable to bear the lusting, mocking looks of the crowd of men. Her hands tremble as they pushed againist the lower curves of her tits. Men whooped and hollered when they saw her touching herself, and Donna whimpered with unbearable shame at the thought that she really was nothing but a whore, a fuck-toy for a mob of men.

"Ain't so high and mighty now, are you, cocksucker?" one of the deputies snarled.

"Tell me about the fucking zoning laws, you asslicking bitch," the mayor rasped. "This is the business you belong in, you cock-teasing slut, spreading your legs and lips like a bitch dog in heat!"

Donna cried helplessly, shaking at the idea of how completely she had been defiled. Her hands moved slowly over her tits, squeezing and rubbing the flesh through the corset. She stroked the bare flesh of her tits creamy upper slopes, then pushed down the corset to reveal her swollen pink nipples. As the men shouted their contempt and appreciation, she tugged and tweaked her nipples.

"Play with those tits, Donna," the sheriff said. "I haven't seen nipples like that since this little whore I had on leave during the war. Is that what you are, Donna? A little blonde whore? I guess you ain't much more than that now."

Donna whimpered with shame, but her cunt was catching on fire. She tore at her nipples with one hand and trailed her other hand down across her stomach, down over her garter belt and black silk panties. Her legs trembled, and she moaned with pleasure as her fingernails scratched across the swollen lips of her cunt.

It made her sick, but the degradation and the humiliation were turning her on.

"Lie down and spread your legs," Gary said. "Let the guys see your scummy little cunt while you play with yourself."

Without a moment's hesitation, Donna fell back onto the mattress. She dug the heels into the ratty cushion and lifted her ass off the ground as she scratched her nails over her puffy cunt. With her legs spread wide, the slit in the panties pulled fully open, displaying her cunt and the crack of her ass for the crowd's inspection.

Donna worked one hand over her swollen nipples and the other over her drooping red cuntlips as the men crowded, closer around the mattress. Her ass bucked a foot in the air, her silky asscheeks flexing with the tremors of passion that shook her sexy body. She fucked her middle two fingers into the dripping red gash of her cunt and scratched her thumb and her other two fingers over the heavy lips of her cunt. Her cunt was flushed almost crimson with lust, and pussy-cream glistened wetly in the morning sunlight as it drenched her fingers and seeped out to soak her silky black panties. At the same time, she pinched and twisted her nipples as though she was trying to tear them from her tits.

"Tell them you're a whore," Gary said. "Tell them you're a slut!"

"I'm a whore!" Donna screamed, staring frantically up at the multitude of faces that crowded in around her. "I'm a sleazy slut who'll fuck anything that walks. I do everything! Just tell me what you want! Ohhhhhh shiiiiiit! I'm cumming!"

Donna could hear the names the men called her, and the insults that made her writher with frenzied excitement. Her ass shot a foot into the air and she tucked her chin into her chest so she could tear at her silky tits with her teeth. She grabbed her cuntlips with both of her hands, twisting and tearing at them as if she wanted to rip her pussy open. She found the tiny bud of her clit and yanked on it until it peeked out between the swollen lips of her pussy. She tore at it wildly in full sight of the crowd of men, the fucked three fingers from her other hand up the tight channel of her shitter with one savage thrust.

"Cow!" someone shouted.

Donna wailed with the battering force of the orgasm that was twisting her insides into knots.

Donna clenched her right hand into a tight little fist and started forcing it up inside her spasming cunt.



Every insult she heard made another climax rattle through her squirming body. The sleek little blonde caught her right nipple between her teeth and bit down until she left deep marks all around the rosy nub. She fucked her asshole with four fingers while she plunged her fist deep inside her wriggling cunt. She snapped at the air like a rabid dog, her eyes glazed and her chest heaving.




"I am!" Donna screamed, pounding her fist into her cunt as though she wanted to beat herself to death. "Whore! Pig! Nasty, nasty bitch! Okay, you lousy fuckers, I am a slut! I am a slut! Oh please, please no, I am a slut!"

"Knew hall the time in your heart, didn't you?" Gary asked. He nodded to Joel and the big man stepped up beside the mattress.

"I'm sure you all know the story about how Tom Sawyer managed to have the painting done on a white picket fence without doing a bit of work himself," Joel said. "My brothers and I have a similar problem we would like your help in solving. It seems that we are to be evicted unless we can repair the shingles on our roof. But in this hot weather, it really is too much of a job for just the four of us. We are reasonable, though. Wt don't expect you to help us for free."

"That's right," John said. "You lay a shingle, you get a fuck. Line right up, boys. Lay as many as you think you can manage."

For a moment, there was silence as the crowd of men looked at the writhing, sex-crazed blonde beauty. Then, as one, they raced for the ladders.

Donna moaned with lust and horror at the thought of being gang-banged again. This time there would be a hundred men fucking and mauling her tender body. Donna fucked her fist inside her cunt and waited for the first man to reach her.


One of the railroad bums was first, and he had his stiff cock sticking out from his open fly while he was still thirty feet away from her. Donna fell back against the mattress, burning with fresh shame at the realization that the men who were stripping and abusing her never seemed to bother with taking their own clothes off for the rape. They just unzipped their pants pulled out their cocks, and started fucking. It made Donna feel even more like some worthless whore, like a sex-doll to be fucked and tossed aside.

"Open them legs, whore!" the bum shouted, and Donna spread wide her long, sexy legs.

Donna grunted with discomfort as he fucked his cock fully inside her with a single thrust. She curled her long legs around his humping ass and guided his filthy hands to her tits as he drilled her pussy wildly.

"Oh yeah, whore!" the bum moaned, slobbering all over her face, then dragging his fat, spongy tongue over her skin to wipe up the spit. "You're a good one, ain't you? Yeah, you really know how to use that slutty cunt!"

Donna wanted to die at the thought of how completely Gary and his brothers had defiled her, but her cunt squirmed wetly around the bum's stubby cock. They had pushed her so far down into the gutter that she was lower than the cheapest whore. A hundred strangers were going to fuck her, and all they had to do for a shot at abusing her sexy body was put a shingle on the roof of a house. But the thought of how completely she had been disgraced made the sleek little blonde tremble with arousal.

Her cunt worked over the bum's cock. With each thrust of his stubby cock, her cunt squirmed wetly, squeezing and tugging in an effort to bring them both to climax. Her cunt contracted hard around his cock. Her velvety wet pussy walls massaged his prick with shivery delight. Her clit buzzed with ecstasy as the short, fat cock rubbed over it, but before she could cum, the bum stiffened and blew his load of jism inside her.

The next man was the deputy who had insulted her earlier. Donna kept her legs spread open wide for him, but he shook his head and sneered at her in contempt. Before Donna knew what was happening, he had pulled out his nightstick and slapped it hard across her springy tits.

Donna rocked with the sudden agony, trying to drag herself away from the deputy but unable to escape because of the chains that draped her body. The deputy hit her again and again, whipping the nightstick against her shuddering white ass and trembling, silky thighs. He clubbed the backs of her knees and Donna crumpled to the ground, tearing pain running up and down through her legs.

She looked at Gary and his brothers for help. They just nodded and smiled. Donna cried out with, the awful realization that they were going to let these men do anything to her that they wanted.

"You almost got me fired, shit-licker!" the deputy growled, smashing his nightstick down against Donna's flat stomach. "Do you remember that, you ass-sucking whore? You cost me a fucking raise, you dirt-eating cunt!"

He slammed the nightstick against Donna's proud tits, making her convulse with agony. Then he whipped his arm around underhand and slammed the stick against the slit of her pussy, and Donna screamed in anguish. With a practiced ease, he whipped the stick up and around into her side, bruising her ribs and silencing her scream. Then he whipped the stick back up against her cunt, filling her body with unbearable pain.

Donna thought he would stop hitting her, but he only pounded the nightstick against her harder. He flogged her ass, tits, legs and cunt with the weighted stick. Pain flared through her tortured body from a thousand different directions. Donna thought he was beating her to death. It seemed impossible that he could beat her so hard and for so long without her losing consciousness, but then she realized that the deputy was very skilled in the use of the club.

"This'll teach you to fuck around with somebody's living!" he screamed, pummeling her tiny, sexy body with his nightstick. "This'll teach you to keep your month shut and stay in your place like the whore you are!"

Donna felt like a broken doll, pain knifing from so many parts of her body that even breathing made her and tremble. She dropped her face to the deputy's boots and licked the shiny black leather. As he beat her upthrust ass and cunt, Donna licked his dirty boots clean.

"That's right, you cocksucker!" the deputy screamed, reversing the nightstick in his hand and grabbing Donna by a handful of her blonde hair. "Lick my boots! That's where you belong, fuck-bag! Licking a man's boots and spreading your slutty fucking legs!"

Donna screeched in pain and surprise when the deputy fucked the nightstick up her ass. At the same time, he pulled her head up off his boots and smashed her face into the front of his trousers. Donna could feel the hardness of his cock against her cheek, and she squirmed her lips over the big bulge, moving her tongue over the deputy's cock through the cotton of his pants.

Donna gasped and wiggled on the nightstick while the deputy smeared her face all over the front of his pants. He was slamming almost a foot of the unyielding club up her bulging shitter, beating her from inside. Every jab of the stick inside her sent lightning bolts of pain crackling up her back and down her legs, and she wondered, in a daze, if just having him hit her wouldn't be better.

"Pull my zipper down!" the deputy snarled, pulling his shit-stained nightstick out of her asshole and wiping it clean on the creamy flesh of her ass before tossing it aside. "Use your lips, you shifty bitch! And you fucking better not bite me!"

Donna trembled with shame a she flicked her tongue over the tab of his zipper. Her cunt was beginning to get wet again, and she rubbed her injured thighs together as she caught the tab between her teeth and pulled it down quickly. She licked her way back up the outside of the deputy's pants before she stuck her face inside the metal ridged cavern, and then she tried desperately to lick her way into the fly of his underwear.

She heard the footsteps of another man approaching, but with her pretty face buried inside the deputy's pants, she couldn't see who it was that knelt down behind her and fucked his cock up into her reamed-out asshole. She grunted with shock as he sliced a good-sized cock all the way up her shitter in a single lunge, and she shook when his stomach smacked hard against her lusty asscheeks. She was lathering the front of the deputy's underwear with her tongue, trying to keep him happy as she tried to free his cock, but the jolting thrusts of the man in her ass were knocking her around too much for her to manage it.

Suddenly Donna's questing tongue touched hot, bare cockflesh, and she nuzzled her lips against the fly in the deputy's shorts. She squirmed her lips over a section of prick, trying desperately to find the cockhead and pull it free. With the man behind her knocking her around like a rag doll, it was so difficult that Donna cried in frustration. But every inch she traveled down the deputy's pulsing cock, she licked him with her tongue, massaged him with her lips and tried to make him happy. When she finally reached the blooming head of his cock, she almost came just from her relief.

And an instant later, the deputy did cum.

His cock was still inside his pants, and Donna gripped the head of his cock with her lips as tight as she could to keep it from jerking free. She knew that the deputy would do something awful to her if she let him cum in his pants, so she sucked down his jism as quickly as she could, squirming her lips farther and farther down over his prick to keep from missing even a single drop. His jism was the foulest tasting she had yet to swallow, but she slurped down every last drop. When the deputy finally kicked her away, she licked her lips, sick to her stomach but hungry for more.

"Worthless cow!" the deputy growled, kicking Donna so hard in her stomach that she almost passed out. "Don't even know how to suck a cock!"

Donna pitched forward on the mattress, her beautiful face pressed tight into the dirty fabric. The man on her ass fucked her hard, pounding into her without regard for the damage he might be doing her.

He grabbed a fistful of hair and jerked her head back until the muscles in her neck sang with pain. He rode her ass like a rodeo star trying to break in a high-spirited filly. Donna twisted and bucked with the piercing agony, finally clamping her ass tight around his cock in a desperate effort to make him cum.

Two men were running toward her, and Donna groaned with exhaustion. She had only made it with three men, but already she felt as though she been fucked half to death. There was no way that she could ever survive almost a hundred more pawing and fucking her helpless little body.

The man fucking her ass gasped with pleasure, yanking on Donna's hair until she thought he was going to break her neck. His cum shot deep into her bowels, setting her bruised insides on fire, and Donna felt her earlier lust start to kindle inside her once more. She bucked back against him, flexing her injured shitter as tightly as she could around his jerking cock. Even when he pulled away, Donna's ass moved in wide, slow circles, her cunt and shitter spasming for cock.

Donna yelped as the first of the next two men hit her. He was a good-looking kid. Donna thought that he was the best-looking man to rape her yet, and then laughed hysterically at having had such a strange thought. He lay down on the mattress beside her and pulled her over on top of him. Donna straddled him happily as the itching heat of her lust smoldered inside her cunt.

The second man was as dark and swarthy as the first was blonde and pale, but he was no less handsome. Donna moaned with pleasure as he knelt down behind her. She had never been fucked in her cunt and asshole at the same time before, but after taking two cocks inside her cunt at once, she couldn't imagine it being very difficult. She grunted with pleasure when the dark-haired man fucked his cock up the swollen channel of her well-lubricated asshole.

The men battered her between them like a piece of meat, and Donna writhed and trembled as they slammed their cocks savagely inside her. She had thought that because they were young and good-looking they would be gentler than the older men who had ravished her, but the truth was that they were even worse. The swarthy boy fucked her asshole until she thought he had torn her open. And the blonde boy was even worse, wrapping his hands around her proud, pointy tits and using them as handles to make her fling herself up and down on his hard prick.

Another man ran up to her, cursing with frustration when he saw that she was already being fucked in both her cunt and asshole. He straddled the boy who was making her ride his cock and wrapped his hands in Donna's blonde hair. She opened her mouth wide and let him fuck his long cock into her throat.


With three men fucking her at once, it was hard for the tiny, sexy blonde to keep track of everything that was happening to her. She worked her pussy and asshole as well as she could over the pair of boyish cocks, flipping her hips back and forth as much as she could against the battering they were giving her lower body.

She munched and nuzzled the cock fucking her throat, pumping on the foreskin with her lips the same way she would have with her hand. She moved her tongue over the bulging cockhead, gathering up fuck-lube.

The little blonde was overwhelmed by the three big men who were fucking her. They knocked her first in one direction and then another, their cocks knifing through her fuckholes and their bodies battering her senseless. Donna sucked and fucked them wildly, her blonde hair flying and her lithe body trembling with passion.

The first one to blow his load was the handsome blonde, and Donna screamed with pleasure around her mouthful of cock when his jism shot up inside her. She impaled herself on his cum-spitting cock, her tits bouncing up and down wildly as she drove herself along the heated length of his prick.

Donna came with every explosion of spunk up inside her grasping pussy. She bucked her ass wildly back and forth between the hard-fucking men, slobbering all over the spit-drenched cock of the man who was fucking her mouth. The good-looking blonde reached up to grab her tits, and Donna screamed out in ecstasy when he crushed them in his fists.

More men were approaching by the time the man fucking her ass started to shoot his burning cum up Donna's battered shitter. The sexy little blonde pushed herself back savagely on his spouting prick, wriggling her hips in a wild dance of frenzied lust.

Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked at the cock in her mouth and suddenly that one was erupting too.

Donna swooned as three cocks filled her with fuck-slime at once. Jism filled her mouth, coated her asshole and drenched her squirming pussy.

The men fell away from her and Donna licked her lips clean of cum just as one of the men who worked at the dump reached her and tipped her over on her back. He fucked his cock into her scummy pussy without a moment's hesitation, tearing down the front of her corset to expose the full, perky-bullets of her big nippled tits. He slurped almost one whole tit inside his mouth as he started fucking his cock inside her.

More men were coming toward her, and Donna felt her hands freed from the chains and fitted around throbbing, heated stalks of cock flesh. Men knelt down on the mattress at either side of her head and slapped their dripping cocks down over her face.

Donna opened her mouth just in time for a cock to spear down her throat. A moment later, the prick pulled back out and her head was twisted to the other side to swallow another prick.

The dump man stopped eating her tits, and a moment later, the air rushed from Donna's lungs as a man sat down hard on her stomach. A long, thin cock settled into the valley of her cleavage and hands smashed her creamy tits together on top of it.

Donna gasped when the man pressed his thumbs against her long nipples until they were flattened into the lush flesh of her tits. An instant later, he was shoving his cock through the satiny valley of tit-flesh he had created.

Donna could hardly breathe with all the men working her over at once. She didn't know how many men were abusing her body, and wasn't sure of all the different things they were doing to her. The dump man doused her sloppy pussy with his cock-cream, and when he pulled away, someone twisted her hips painfully around to the side. Cocks fucked up her cunt and asshole, and Donna gasped as she was double-fucked for the second time in minutes.

Cocks fountained in her mouth and against her face. The man fucking her tits slopped sticky jism all over her chest. Someone grabbed her panties away and used them to mop some of the excess cockcream out of her scummy little pussy and asshole, and then the men made her suck them clean. The second pair of double fuckers shot fresh jism inside her, one after another, and Donna came too. Jism exploded through her fast-pumping fingers and poured down her slender arms in a bubbling froth, then someone made Donna lick her fingers clean.

For awhile they made Donna bend down on her hands and knees, and men took her two at a time, one using her cunt or asshole while she sucked the other man off. Some of the men took off their belts, unable to resist beating her sexy tight ass as it wriggled high off the bed. Donna came hard while they fucked her and came even harder when they beat her. She couldn't hide her orgasms, and the men mocked her for every shuddering climax that shook her body.

A dozen men fucked her from behind while she sucked the jism out of another dozen. By the time the twelfth man pulled his slimy cock out of her reamed-out asshole, Donna collapsed weakly against the mattress. She still wiggled her ass high in the air, though, and one of the bankers hit her with his thick oak walking stick before the men turn her over on her back.

Donna stared up at the men as they came to ravage her broken body, but her cunt still spasmed and wiggled and her hips bucked up to receive their cocks.

Then the police chief spread his asscheeks and sat down on her face. Donna lathered his dirty shitter with her tongue as she masturbated him. The chief farted on her face and Donna climaxed as the horrid stench filled her lungs. A moment later, she felt the chief's cock tremble in her hands as her tits were coated with heavy wads of jism.

Donna kept her legs spread and her mouth open as the next two men came for her. She did the same for the two after that, and the two after that. Sometimes three men would take her, the third fucking the scummy valley between her cum-soiled tits.

They fucked her until Donna's cunt and asshole were numb. Her sexy, creamy body was splotched with jism and dotted with bruises. She bucked her ass weakly off the mattress. Even when the men pulled her roughly up off her back, she still wiggled and twisted as though she was getting fucked.

The men made her crouch down like a baseball catcher, and Donna cried from the awful pain that knifed from her cunt and asshole as she bent down low. The muscles in her legs and back screamed in protest, and gooey jism poured from her fuckholes.

The men made her catch the cooling fuck-fluids in her hands and smear it all over her body. Donna came as she rubbed the cooling goo over her stiff nipples and her trembling thighs. Some of the men whipped her with their belts while she bathed herself in their cooling spunk, hitting her back, ass and long, lean legs.

It was a few hours before the men were tired of her. By then Donna's body was frosted with cockslime. The men had ripped away the rest of the corset and most of the stockings, but the garter belt still hung around Donna's tiny waist.

John announced that the roof was finished. Donna breathed nigh of relief at the idea of the gang-bang finally ending. But when Gary announced that the rest of tin fucking would be done on credit, Donna came again at the expectation of further abuse.

Now that they had fucked out her pussy and asshole, the men started holding a little contest to see who could use her sexy body to get off in the most inventive way.

The men turned her body this way and that, poking their cocks into ever recess they could find. The men were still using Donna's mouth, though her tongue and lips were too numbed by all the sucking she had done to move much, and the men had to content themselves with fucking the still-tight tunnel of her throat.

But there were other holes on her face, and as the men grew bored with her, they took great pleasure in fucking the tips of their cocks into her ears and against her quivering nostrils. They flooded Donna's ears with so much cum that she was terrified they would fuck her deaf. And she almost choked to death a half a dozen times from the rivers of gooey jism they shot into her sexy nose.

The men fucked her through the night, trying more perverted things on her body with each passing hour. She had a dim memory of three men sticking their cocks inside her pussy at the same time, but she wasn't sure how that could have been possible. She remembered all too well the bowl of dog food they had made her eat, rubbing her face into the rancid stew and then making her lick the filthy bowl clean.

As the sun peeked over the horizon, the men got Joel to step up to her. None of the Wiederbold brothers had fucked her during the gang-rape, and Donna was shocked to see him. Then she heard what the men had asked for, and she cried out hoarsely.

It was while Joel was pushing his huge cock down her throat that Donna passed out. The next time she opened her eyes the gang-bang was over.

But her life in bondage was only beginning.


Donna wasn't able to walk for three days after that twenty-four-hour gang-bang. And it was a full two weeks before Gary or any of his brothers made her fuck them again though the very next day she was having to suck their cocks dry of piss and cum. By the end of the two weeks, Donna was almost back to full strength and even her pussy and asshole had shrunk back down to about their normal size. But her life hadn't returned to what it had been before she had tried to evict the Wiederbolds.

Gary had ended up making Donna marry Brad, both, because he thought it was funnier that the princess of the town should be married to a half-wit, and because, as he had told her with a regretful grin, he wanted to keep his own options open.

It didn't matter what was on the wedding certificate anyway. Donna belonged equally to all four of the Wiederbold brothers. She spent her nights with whichever brother happened to be the horniest, and some nights they made her sleep on the floor in the center of the house so they could take turns visiting her throughout the night.

The ceremony had been at the farmhouse, and Donna had been the only woman in attendance. The reception had gone on for three days, but Donna was tougher by then, and she'd been out of bed within a week.

"Hey, landlady, get the fucking bacon out here!" Donna roused herself from her thoughts and plucked the last of the bacon out of the pan. She froze for an instant when she heard a female screaming for mercy in the dining room, trying to decide whether she felt sorry for the girl or was just jealous of the attention she was getting. She pushed the thought away with a shake of her pretty head, knowing that thinking too long about things like that would only confuse her.

A lot of things confused Donna, and she wasn't sure whether it was the constant fucking and torture that made it so hard for her to think, or if the Wiederbolds were doing other things to her that she didn't know about. She didn't care much, except when one of the brothers would make fun of her for not remembering something from her old life, or when one of the men she used to make deals with came over to fuck her.

When Donna came out of the kitchen with the bacon, Joel had the new girl sprawled on her back across the table and was fucking his big cock into her tight pussy. The new girl was named Cassie, and she was one of the prettiest girls Gary and his brothers had brought in for fucking since Donna had lived here.

She had dark hair and huge tits, and she also had the biggest, sexiest ass that Donna had ever seen. But she wasn't nearly as beautiful as Donna.

The looks the Wiederbold brothers gave Donna when she carried in the bacon told her that they were getting ready to give her a workout again.

Donna was glad. The only thing worse than when they all fucked her was when they left her alone. The first few days after they pulled a new girl, they would fuck and torture the new girl constantly. They used Donna in their games, making her eat out the girls and forcing the girls to fuck Donna with a strap-on dildo, but they used all their hard-ons on their new captive. After a few days, they always tired of the new girl, and then they would either let her go or sell her to somebody.

The guys had been fucking and torturing Cassie for over seven days, and Donna was burning with lust. This morning she had put on the sexiest red teddy in her closet and a pair of lacy red panties. She even tied a red ribbon in her blonde hair.

Donna set dawn the bacon between Gary and John, almost laughing when she saw that Brad and Gary had put fried eggs on top of Cassie's big brown nipples and were stabbing at them with their forks.

Thick yellow yolk was running all over the brunette's big tits, and she jerked and yelped every time a fork poked her pebbly nipples.

"Help me!" Cassie moaned pitifully, rolling her big brown eyes at Donna. "They're fucking me to death! I can't take it! Please, please help me!"

"Fucking big-titted crybaby!" Gary growled, standing up and shoving Cassie off the table. The eggs slid off her tits and Joel's huge cock slipped free of her cunt. "Watch this, you dumb cow! Watch how a real woman takes a cock!"

It took Donna a long moment to realize that Gary was talking about her.

Joel lay on the table, pointing his monstrous cock straight in the air, and Gary helped Donna up on top of him. It was hard, with a hobble bar between her knees and handcuffs around her wrists, but Donna slowly lowered herself on Joel's enormous prick. She turned and flashed the girl on the floor a smile as she pushed her ass all the way down on his cock with a single, smooth thrust.

"Fuck him, Donna," Gary said, cupping his hand under her chin and sticking his tongue between her moist lips. "Fuck him good, you sleazy old whore! Fuck us all!"

Donna burned with shame and pride as she fucked herself up and down the length of Joel's throbbing cock. Her slim, sexy body trembled from the effort.

Gary's hands closed around her bouncing, pointy tits, mauling them through the red silk of her teddy. Donna moaned in pleasure as his hands closed tightly over her perky tits, and then she screamed with ecstasy as he fucked his cock up her ass.

"Yesssssss!" she hissed, throwing her head back and wailing with lust. "Yesssssss! Fuck me hard! Fuck me as hard as you can!"

Donna glanced down and saw Cassie staring up at her with wide-eyed awe. She wondered what she must look like to the young girl, thrashing and wiggling between two giant men, fucking almost three feet of cock and begging for more. Her face was flushed and her eyes were sparkling. Her hair had fallen into a wide tangle around her shoulders and she glowed with the joy of being fucked by two huge cocks.

"Here's some more," John said with a laugh. He and Brad were standing in front of the table, sticking their hard, dripping cocks into her face. "Open up, dreamgirl. Time for your morning milk."

Donna grabbed one cock in each hand, and she smeared their leaking prickheads all over her face before she started stuffing them into her mouth. She switched back and forth between the two meaty pricks, taking them down her throat until she gagged and tears sparkled in her eyes. Within a minute, both of the big cocks glistened from tip to base with the gorgeous blonde's saliva.

She was pleasuring four cocks at once, sucking and fucking almost five feet of throbbing, dripping prick. She switched her mouth back and forth between Brad's and John's cocks faster and faster, jerking on both cocks with her long-fingered, delicate hands.

Gary grabbed the top of her teddy and ripped it open, spilling Donna's full, pointy tits into the open. Donna gasped with disappointment over the loss of one of her favorite outfits, but an earthy rumble of carnal pleasure at the thought of Gary stripping her clothes from her body made her tremble and cum.

She had found out weeks ago that being draped in rags could reduce her to a quivering, cumming mass. Having her clothes hanging in shreds around her sultry little body turned her on more than being completely naked or dressed in the sexiest outfit she owned.

Gary pinched her nipples until Donna squirmed in a frenzy of lust. He pulled on her nipples until her tits stretched far out in front of her, then pushed her tits together so hard that Donna moaned in pain. She bounced her ass back against him faster and harder with every new hurt he inflicted, and in moments she could feel his cock begin to jerk inside her asshole. Then Joel's cock was tensing in her cunt.

"Cumming!" Gary bellowed, spreading his fingers over the blonde's proud tits and closing his hands into tight, powerful fists. "Look at this, you little bitch-girl! Look how a real slut can make her men cum!"

Donna trembled like an injured deer as Gary blasted his jism up inside her. She was climaxing with him. Then Joel's cum blasted up inside her with the force of a hammering fist, pounding her pussy with bruising force. She almost tumbled over off the table as one climax crashed into another within her small, perfect body. An instant later, Brad and John were climaxing too, drenching her face in jism.

Dazed and confused, Donna thought that this would be the greatest moment in her life. All five of them were cumming at the same time, all four of her wonderful masters. Burning jism boiled up both her clasping fuckholes, and her shimmering pussy-cream poured back out of her cunt to cover the cocks and balls of both men.

Donna pulled John's cock out of her mouth and opened her lips as wide as she could, pumping on John's and Brad's cocks as she let them bathe her face in cock-slime. She wiggled her soft pink tongue out over her lips, catching as much of the salty fuckjuice as she could, and when the two brothers' orgasms began to weaken she pulled their cocks against her fevered flesh and smeared their jism into an even coat all over her elegant features.

"And that's what it's like, you worthless whore!" Gary growled down at Cassie. He patted Donna's creamy ass, then lifted the sleek little blonde off his brother's prick and held her in his arms. "Show her how, landlady! Show her how to do all the nasty stuff we taught you! Put on a show for us!"

"Will you fuck me again if I do?" Donna asked as he put her down on the floor.

"Fuck you and beat you and make you beg," Gary said. "Make this bitch cum until she can't see straight. I want to watch."

Donna nodded, smiling dreamily as she slid down on top of Cassie. She hoped they would fuck her really hard later, and beat her until it really hurt. She wanted to beg and cry, and feel the hard pull of ropes and chains against her body.

Donna couldn't remember much of her old life anymore, and she was forgetting more of it every day, but she didn't care. She knew everything she needed to about being a slave and a whore. She didn't need anything else.


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