Chained, whipped librarians

Who can judge a person's reactions during stress situations? The prisoner of war who gives in to his captors' demands, the kidnapped heiress who joins forces with her abductors -- both must act without past experience to guide them. The end result can be either a very negative or positive experience.

In CHAINED, WHIPPED LIBRARIANS, both a young and a mature woman find them themselves in just such a situation. Held captive against their will, degraded and forced to perform abnormal sexual acts, each nevertheless finds within herself hidden resources and a capacity for change she had never known she had.

Both Ellen Carver and Prudence Stark endure unspeakable experiences, yet each emerges from them an emotionally richer and more satisfied woman.


Letha Gerard sat naked on a stool in the bathroom of her suburban condominium. She spread her long shapely legs and slid her hands down from the taut plane of her trim belly to the softly padded dome of her pussy mound.

Slender fingers teased through a broad wedge of blonde cunt hair. With the fingers of one hand, she parted the puffed outer lips of her juicy pink pussy slit.

With the long middle finger of the other hand, she teased the moist bud of her tingling clit. Letha climaxed with her fingertip.

"Oh, God," she moaned, still trembling. "I need a big cock!"

Letha was thirty-two, widowed three years before by a motorcycle accident that took the life of her sexy and extremely well-hung husband. She had never fully recovered from that loss, and no one knew what tormenting need there was in her simmering pussy.

Letha had gone to work at a branch library, where she was strictly supervised by a prudish bitch with a rigidly old-fashioned moral code.

No makeup was allowed, and only "sensible" shoes -- cloddish things with thick stubby heels. Nothing was supposed to distract male library patrons from studious pursuits. Letha had even been scolded for smiling at a man checking out books.

She'd have told the bitchy head librarian to take her job and shove it, but work, was hard to find. So Letha suffered and played the role of frigid prude during working hours and maintained an air of rigid respectability whenever anyone who might report misconduct was around.

It hadn't been too difficult at first. Crushed by the death of her loving husband, Letha found comfort retreating into a cocoon of sexless propriety. But now her period of mourning was over.

Letha grinned lewdly and plunged her long middle finger deep into her cunt. She groaned as her cunt muscles shivered and squirmed, squeezing her finger in a pliant vise of moist flesh.

She fucked the probing finger in and out and whirled her thumb on her distended clit nub, cumming again after just a few quick strokes. Her anxious pussy was seething, strained by a need for the thrilling hot sex she'd done without for too long.

But Letha still needed her job, at least until she could find one where the rules were less restrictive.

Relaxed by the tremors of two self-induced orgasms, Letha grinned. She was pleased with the plan she'd worked out. It was so daring that a prim and proper librarian would never be suspected.

Letha turned on the hot lather machine her husband had used. Watching its spout gush creamy foam made her squirm, it looked so much like a jetting cock. She cupped the flowing hot lather in her left hand and smeared it all over the blonde bushy mound of her cunt. The hot cream made her pussy lips quiver with desire. Letha was so horny that she had to take several deep breaths to steady her hand. Then she took a razor and shaved her seething cunt.

Purring softly, she put on a black leotard. It hugged her lithe body and sleek curves like a second skin. Letha adjusted the snug-fitting top so that her firm, sharp-peaked tits thrust proudly nude through twin round openings she'd cut and hemmed for them.

An open V she'd cut in the crotch of the slinky black suit exposed the smooth hump of her newly shaved pussy. Letha smiled and opened a bottle of the clear gummy liquid actors use to put on false beards and mustaches.

She brushed the sticky goo all over her denuded pussy mound, not minding the brief chill or mild sting of the wet glue. Then she carefully put on a furry black muff shaped to match the wedge of her own missing cunt hair.

Letha had cut and shaped the pussy toupee from the black mink collar of a coat found on sale in a charity thrift shop. It was an essential part of her disguise. Who would expect a mousy blonde librarian to have shimmering cunt hair blacker than coal?

Next Letha put on a long black wig that covered her own tightly coiled hair. Soft bangs fell over bet forehead and a raven cascade swept down to the small of her back. She brushed the wig until it sheened like a crow's wing.

Tinted contact lenses made her pale-brown eyes look vibrant and sky-blue. Letha's anxious smile curved wryly.

She hardly recognized her reflection in the bathroom mirror. A black sequin-trimmed bandit's mask with slanted cat-like eyeholes covered the upper half of her face, disguising it completely.

Letha next slipped on long black cavalier boots that reached up over her knees. Their slender spike heels added four inches to her already-impressive height.

Then she shrouded herself in a flowing black silk cape and put on a long blood-red false fingernails. She picked up a black leather satchel and slipped unseen out of her back door to vanish into the dark of the night.

Careful to say out of the moonlight, Letha moved silently toward her destination two blocks away. She thought more about poor Jim Carver with each stealthy step she took.

In the last few weeks he'd checked out several books and medical journals -- everything the library had on the subject of frigid women. At other times Letha had waited on Jim's stiff and tight-lipped wife, Ellen, who read nothing but religious books.

It wasn't hard for an attentive librarian to figure out what was wrong in their marriage. Nor was it hard for a daringly restless widow to come up with a cure unlike anything likely to be found on public library shelves.

Letha crept up to the Carvers' side door. Silent as a shadow, she went to work with a lockpick, using techniques she had learned by reading a police handbook on burglary. The cheap lock yielded quickly, just as the book said it would.

She took a deep breath of the cold night air and slipped quietly inside. Using a penlight, Letha found the hall and then the Carvers' bedroom. Her heart beat like a trip-hammer. The forbidden thrill of it made her pussy throb with heat.

The bedroom door was slightly ajar. Letha peeked in and saw the couple sleeping soundly in twin beds set on opposite sides of the room. The situation was as she'd expected.

Letha went to the wife's bed first and quietly opened her satchel. She took out two lengths of black nylon cord and carefully bound one around each of the woman's wrists. Then she looped the loose ends around the bedposts and slowly pulled the slumbering woman's arms above her head.

Ellen Carver stirred slightly while Letha was cinching the knots tight, but did not wake up.

Very cautiously, she pulled away the bedcovers. Mrs. Carver shivered and stirred again, Letha held her breath until the woman settled again. Then she took out two more lengths of cord and bound the woman's ankles to posts at the foot of the bed.

Letha couldn't help noticing that Ellen Carver had a luscious ripe body, but she'd hidden her voluptuous curves under a baggy flannel nightgown. Letha vowed to take care of that later.

Letha wadded up a ball of silky black cloth, gently eased open the woman's slack jaw and then quickly stuffed in the gag. Ellen's lush body stiffened and swelled with a choked-off scream. She started in shock and tried to sit up, straining the cords around her wrists and ankles. Her dark eyes flared wide with a look of stark terror.

Letha placed a strap across the woman's gaping mouth and tied it behind her neck to keep the gag in place. Ellen's face was whiter than the sheet under her head. Muffled grunts of fury came from her gagged mouth.

"Shhh! Don't be frightened," Letha said. "I'm here to help you." She kept her voice soft and low and made it far more breathy than her normal tone.

Mrs. Carver could not believe that a fearsome specter masked and cloaked all in black meant no harm. Waking up bound and gagged was the most terrifying experience of her whole life. Her body trembled and shivered.

Letha flashed a smile, meant to be reassuring, and turned her attention to the tall and strongly built forty-year-old man asleep in the other bed. She slipped off her long black cape and let it fall.

Ellen saw two naked tits with hardened nipples and a spread of sheening black cunt hair that seemed to glow in the pale moonlight. The haunting black form pulled back the sheet and blanket that covered Jim Carver. He slept nude, sprawled on his back with one hand curled around the shaft of his flaccid cock.

Letha saw right off that it was a prick of very pleasing proportions. She slipped into bed with Jim and eased his hand away from his cock. Her warm hand closed around it and stroked it with a teasing, slow rhythm. Letha wanted to delay his awakening as long as she could. His cock began to pulse warmly in response. Letha heard him breathe a heavy, dreamy sigh. His wife made muffled sounds of distress.

The black-wigged and masked beauty said, "Shhhh!"

Then she bowed and softly kissed the head of Jim Carver's big cock with her puckered lips.

He moaned in dreamy delight. Letha licked and swirled her tongue over the blue-red knob of cock almost fully hard. She circled her lips and sucked his prick in, gliding down the long prick-shaft to its hairy root. Letha wanted him to awaken with his cock spurting as it would in a wet dream. Her soft lips snugged and sucked while her tongue rippled along the tender underside of his upright cock.

"Aaggghhh!" he roared, shocked from sleep by the surging force of jetting cum. "What the hell?"

The lewd pleasure didn't stop abruptly as it did when he awakened from a wet dream. A woman swarm and yearning lips were still pulling hard on his gushing prick. He could hear her making wet gurgling noises as she happily swallowed his cum.

"Ellen is that you?" His sleepy voice rang with joy. "You're finally sucking my cock like I've begged you to all these years?"

Jim Carver looked up and blinked, gazing first at his wife bound and gagged in her bed on the far side of the room, then at the masked raven-haired woman whose beautiful face was bobbing up and down on his wet prick.

"Ohhhh, baby! I don't know who you are or where you came from, but you're the answer to a horny man's prayer. My frigid wife has never sucked my cock, not once in twenty years of marriage."

"Hhhmnun," Letha cooed, delighted to bring a man such long-awaited pleasure.

She had learned young in life to savor the taste of salt-sweet cum and thrill with the hammering throb of a hot prick lodged deep in her young throat.

Carver cried, "Suck it, sweetheart! Drink my cum and drain me dry! Oooh, God! You've got such a great mouth. I want to cum in you again and again!"

From Ellen came the muted sound of jealous rage. She could hardly believe that a beautiful, raven-haired temptress had broken into their home to perform unthinkably obscene acts with her husband. Nor did she want to believe that he enjoyed it so very much.

It took Letha almost a minute to suck Jim's overloaded balls dry. All the slithering hot come she'd swallowed made her unbearably horny. She hadn't fucked a man for three years, but Carver's throbbing big cock hadn't been sucked at all until that night.

She spread her trembling legs wider apart and worked her head deeper into his hairy crotch. As his sated cock weakened in her throat, she could push down on him farther. Letha strained her mouth wide and sucked his quaking balls into her mouth.

His voice rasped with deep groans of rapture. "You see that, Ellen? This luscious bitch is eating my cock, balls and all!"

Prudish Mrs. Carver snarled and struggled in shock, enraged by the nightmare of depravity she still didn't want to believe.

Letha's cock-hungry throat milked Carver's delighted prick-shaft. Her swirling soft cheeks and wiggling tongue teased his balls with tantalizing strokes.

"Jeezus! She's heating up another load already. I can feel the pressure. God damn! Ellen's frigid cunt could never do that!"

Letha splayed her fingers and slid them up Jim Carver's broad, hairy chest. Then she curled her thumbs around his rigid nipples and twirled them until he bucked and raged with joy.

"Hhhooo! Having my little man-titties whirled is pure raw pleasure! My worthless, cold wife never does that either!" His cock swelled so long and hard in her throat that Letha had to let his balls pop from her mouth as her head was pushed back.

She kept a hand on his chest to tease one taut nipple then the other, swaying back-and-forth. Her other hand came down to cup and tease his wet balls.

"Ooooh, shit! I'm cumming again already. My cock is throbbing and my balls feel turned inside out. God, I love pumping cum into your beautiful face!"

Letha liked it, too, and if her pussy weren't so hot, she'd have gone on sucking after Carver's second orgasm just to see how many times she could tongue him to a gushing climax in one night.

Her slithering, cum-glossed lips kept up their exquisite suction until she'd swallowed his last drop of silvery hot spray and felt the last trembling aftershock of his second orgasm of the night. Then she raised her head up and licked her smiling lips.

"Now you're going to fuck the masked phantom of your dreams," Letha said in a low and sultry voice she'd practiced to disguise her own.

"I'm-I'm not sure I can get it up again. Christ, I'm forty years old and long out of practice because I've got a frigid wife."

"I'll have you hard again in no time," she assured him. Letha straddled his taut-muscled loins and inched forward on her knees. She raised his rubbery cock shaft and pressed the tender underside against the warm soft slit of her mink-furred cunt.

"Ooooh, your pussy is wet and hot as a swamp! I couldn't get that much heat from Ellen if I set her cunt hair on fire!"

His wife huffed and raged, thrusting her tongue and straining her bonds in a frenzied effort to work the stifling gag from her mouth.

Letha saw that Jim was staring at her proud tits and said, "Don't be bashful. Reach up and give them a good feel. I know my tits aren't as big as your wife's, but they're firm and overflowing with warmth."

Carver clamped an eager hand on each proudly peaked cone and twirled her cherry pink nipples hard.

"Ooooh, Jim! Keep it up! That sends fiery little shocks of pleasure all the way down to my cunt!"

He sighed and moaned, thrilled beyond anything in his wildest dream. "Ooooh, my lovely fuck-phantom! You're hotter than my wife ever was!"

Ellen's angry breath hissed louder and she popped the gag out of her mouth.

"The curse of our Lord Jesus is on you now, James Carver! Have all the fun you can now with that lascivious witch because you're going to burn forever in hell's fire, and you'll never touch me again as long as ye shall live!"

"Oh, shit," Jim said in a small strained voice that only Letha could hear. "I hoped my taunting would make her jealous and turn her on. Lord knows I've tried everything else in the book."

Letha grinned wryly and said, "I know... don't worry, I'll take care of her for you when we're through. You'll both be happy and fucking each other to orgasm when I leave."

"That would be a miracle," he said bleakly. "Ellen has never climaxed. Not once in her whole life."

"She will tonight," Letha promised. "I'm going to leave just enough juice in your steamy hot prick to pleasure that poor woman right out of her mind!"

Letha felt horny enough to fuck Jim's big cock until it wouldn't even wobble, but she couldn't be that selfish. After all, the head librarian said it was her duty to assist the reading public every way that she could, and both the Carvers, had valid library cards.


Jim Carver's cock swelled fucking-hard again in less time than either of them had dared hope. Letha purred and cooed. She hadn't lost her touch in three long and lonely years of widowhood.

Ellen looked aghast. She'd never seen her husband's great cock so long and throbbing hard. Sight of its fierce surging strength repulsed her now more than ever before.

Her mother had taught Ellen to endure sex rather then enjoy it. She'd been taught, that spreading her legs was a wife's grim duty, not her greatest pleasure, and Ellen had lived all her life by that code. Usually she submitted to sex in stony silence, gritting her teeth and clamping her tight dry cunt against intrusion. All of Jim's efforts at foreplay were sternly rebuffed. "Get it in and get it over with," were the most endearing words she'd ever spoken in bed.

She was shocked by the beautiful black-clad temptress fawning and drooling over her husband's stiff cock. Pearly bright rivulets of cum dripped from the corners of her upturned lips. Ellen simply could not believe that a woman would so happily take that slimy stuff into her mouth. But there she was the overflow dribbling down. It fell on the bitch Goddess' tits, a silver white gloss to lubricate nipples teased and squeezed by Jim's eager hands.

Ellen's heart raced and her temples throbbed like two jungle drums. Her breath hissed like steam from a pressure cooker. Emotions she would not admit to were about to explode.

"Let go of my husband!" she screamed. "His cock is mine and bound to me by our marriage vows!"

Jim snarled, "Ellen, shut up! You didn't want it until now. Just keep your mouth closed and watch what a real woman can do."

Letha reared up with a glossy-lipped grin and pushed the tip of Jim's cock into the buttery mouth of her black-furred pussy slit.

He gasped in pleasure, feeling the quaking pulse of a hungry cunt.

"No!" Ellen cried. "He's mine until death do us part!"

"So die a little, you frigid bitch!" Letha shouted. "Watch me drop myself hard on your husband's stiff cock!"

Letha, twirled her ass, thrusting the head of Jim's cock into the moist hollow of her honeysweet cunt. Three long years she'd been waiting for that.

Her eyes winced shut and her cum-glazed lips let out a shrill squeal of delight. She held her breath and dropped all her weight on him.

"Oh, God... I've waited three years for a cock that would thrill me like yours!"

"And I've waited all my married life for a pussy as seething, hot and slick as yours. This is only the second good piece of ass I've had in my whole life!"

"The first was me," Ellen said hopefully. "On our wedding night." She remembered vaguely how hot her pussy was then. When Jim tore her stubborn cherry, her wringing tight channel filled quickly with gushing blood.

"Oh, God, no! I thought I'd killed you. There was blood all over the mattress and you fucked back with all the passion of a dead body!"

Letha was leaping and bounding up and down on his stiff cock, delighting herself with a dozen different kinds of fucking. One time she swiveled her hips around to the right, the next time she twisted like a left-hand thread. Sometimes she lunged forward, sometimes she arched back.

Her rippling cunt clenched tight. When Jim's cock was rooted to the hilt, her pussy quivered and squirmed all around him. Then her cunt went teasingly slack as she drew back.

Letha used all of her best moves in various combinations, a lunge forward and left with a strangling tight cunt. A pull back and to the right with a feather-light touch. No time did she drop her sweet hot pussy on his spearing cock stalk in quite the same way.

Jim Carver's eyes glazed with delight. His frigid wife had only one move and that was no move at all. He arched his body under Letha's varied thrusts and added a few changes of his own.

One time he would bow his back and hammer his cock in while she was dropping hard upon him. The next time he would twist his ass into the mattress and deny her the pleasure of his stiff cock as long as he could.

He screwed to the left while she screwed to the right, then he screwed right with her and made the slithering friction of their perfect unison a mouth watering delight.

"God damn!" they both cried as though with one voice.

"You've got a great cock!" Letha screamed. "You've got an even better pussy!" Jim shouted back. "I'd have divorced that bitch years ago, but the family fortune is all in her name."

Ellen strained at her bonds. "Your father was a whore-fucker who died without a dime to his name!"

"Yeah," Jim said with a blissful grin on his face. "And so was his father before him. But they both died happy in their old age, and that's more than I thought I'd ever do!"

Letha smiled, greatly pleased with the progress they'd made already. Her wringing pussy had felt the hammering throb of a fiercely hot prick -- just what she needed.

Ellen Carver was beside herself with jealousy. In the silvery glow of moonlight filtering into the room, Letha could see sweat beading on her brow. Her body was heating with rage. Once she finished with Jim, Letha planned to turn the heat of Ellen's anger into fiery passion -- and have more thrilling hot sex herself while she was at it.

Jim grunted and moaned vigorous animal sounds of lusty delight. The phantom beauty was lifting and dropping her cunt on his cock, writhing and twisting to ream her silky cunt tunnel this way and that.

"Wh-what can I call you?" he asked joyfully. "I don't even know your name."

"It's best that you don't," Letha replied. "Just call me the Phantom."

"Call her a slut!" Ellen snarled. "Call her a whore and a cock-thieving bitch!"

"Oh, yes!" Letha agreed. "That's even better. I love it when a man talks dirty to me!"

"Do you?" Jim asked with a twisted grin. "Then you must be a slut just like my wife said. A wanton cock-crazy cunt!" He arched and hammered into her cunt harder with each word he spoke. Letha confessed willingly, "That's what I am. A woman has to be a lewd bitch to dress like this and go prick-hunting in the middle of the night."

"Yeah, and you probably like it best when the cock you find gets rough."

"What?" He was jarring her with his reaming up-thrusts.

"You like cock best when it's beating on your black-furred cunt like a piledriver!"

"Oooooh, yes!"

"Well, I can't give you real stabbing thrusts while you're on top," Jim replied.

He grunted, arched high and pitched her off. Letha howled and fell on her back next to the wall.

"Don't take your beautiful cock away from me!" she moaned.

"I'm gonna give it right back to you, bitch! I'm really going to give it to you now!" He tumbled her into the middle of the bed and hunched over her on his knees. "First we have to get your legs up..." He lifted her legs, encased in shiny black boots with long, dagger-thin heels. "Hook your legs over my shoulders!"

Letha cried, "God, you're bending me double. Breaking me in two!"

Carver grinned, poking his head between her upraised knees and lunging forward. That raised her black-clad ass off the bed and slanted the mink-furred slit of her cunt perfectly for deep reaming thrusts.

His big cock bored in and plunged deeper than before.

She groaned. "Oooh please, be gentle! You're in soooo far now!"

"And that's just how you like it, bitch! I can see it in your beautiful blue eyes."

Jim Carver was using his cock like a battering ram, spiking and twisting with powerful deep thrusts. His hard-muscled loins slapped on her mink-padded pussy. The hairy thick root of his cock spread and teased her pussy lips.

"Oh, Jeezus!" Letha squealed, her eyes wide. She'd forgotten how far a man's cock could reach when her ass was lifted and hex pussy angled for deep assault.

"What you like is what you get," Jim said. "Take it, bitch! Take it all! You hot-fucking whore! Your pussy is even better now. It's gone screw-crazy and it's trying to climb my cock!"

"I can't help it! You're killing me with your prick!"

"What better way is there for a night crawling whore to die?"

"Yes! Batter me with your cock! The more it hurts, the better I like it!" Letha's hot pussy convulsed with thrilling spasms.

"I had a girlfriend in high school," Jim recalled with rasping breath. "Before I met Ellen. We used to fuck under the bleachers on the footballs field and in the backseat of my dad's car."

Ellen cried, "Jim! You told me I was your first and only love."

"I told you the truth. I didn't love her, I just fucked her. She liked it hard and deep like this lewd bitch. Is that who you are? My horny high school sweetheart, back after all these years to feel my cock?"

"No," Letha said. "We've never fucked before."

"But there is something vaguely familiar about you. The curve of your lips, the shape of your chin."

"Just fuck me!" Letha cried. "It doesn't matter who I am."

"It does to me. I'm going to pull off your mask and have a better look at you!"

"Nooooo! If you do that, I can never come here again!"

Jim's hand was already on the sequin-trimmed edge of her black mask, but he let go and left it in place.

"I do want you to come back," he said. "And I want you to cum right now!"

"Yes, ooooh, yes! Drill my pussy and make me cum! God, it's going to be the climax I've waited for so long! Give me cock! Fuck me, you horny bastard! Make me cum if you want me to come back!" Letha's long legs arched over his shoulders. She kicked on his back and spurred him with her sharp heels.

Jim roared. "Damn you!"

He fucked harder and faster, punishing her with deep reaming thrusts that pained her cunt into rapturous waves of wringing delight.

"You mysterious bitch! You luscious hot pussy! You cock-crazy cunt! I'll never get tired of fucking you!"

Ellen Carver burst into tears. "Oh, Jim! Don't give your love to that lewd bitch!"

"Who said anything about love? It's my cock and my cum she wants! Isn't that right, cunt?"

"Yyyeeeesssss!" Letha's voice shrilled into a scream. The trembling in her pussy pitched itself to a frenzy. Rings of muscle, soft as silk and strong as steel, clenched Jim's plunging cock. "Fuck me full! I want to feel jism! I need the heat and force of your gushing flow! Fuck me... flood me!"

"What you want is what you get," Jim said with a grimace of delight. He was trying to hold his hot blast of cum another few seconds to enjoy the exquisite tension that made his cock quake and bum. But the wringing suction of her slithering cunt was more than any man could endure.

He arched high and rammed in with a roar. Quicksilver cum erupted almost at once. It spit from his cock slit in gushing bursts.

The fiery tip of white-hot pleasure burned deep. The simmering cream slathered the walls of her writhing pussy. It rose around his plunging prick, delighting them both, making the friction between pussy and cock more entrancing than ever before.

Ellen Carver was screaming almost as though she'd climaxed herself. She arched her back and swayed her ass around in a spiral of lonely desperation.

"Fuck me, Jim! Fill my cunt until jism dribbles from its hot lips. I want every drop!" Letha screamed.

"No!" Ellen wailed. "Save some for me!"

"I won't let you, Jim. I want jism. I want it all!" Letha shouted.

"You greedy bitch!" Ellen screamed.

"I want it, and I've got it!" Letha shot back. "Your frigid cunt can just simmer in its own juices."

Jim's fiery fuck-thrusts began to weaken. He was running out of breath and felt that his weary balls were almost drained.

"That's about all there is, Phantom."

"No, I need more and I know how to get it!" Letha snaked her arms around his waist. With one hand she parted the checks of his ass. With the other she wiggled a finger into his puckered shithole.

"Ooooh!" Jim moaned.

No one had ever done that to him before. It felt like she was reaching for the root of his prick from the inside. His guts wrenched, his ass squirmed and his balls brought up another burst.

"Ooooh!" Letha moaned. "I love your liquid fire! More, big fucker! Give me more!" Letha finger-fucked his ass with frenzied strokes.

His ass was still writhing, clenching and squirming on her finger. And his cock was still spurting cum when the rest of his body neared the point of complete collapse.

At last, Letha felt his final spurt. The glorious contractions of climax were winding down. Her well-fucked pussy began to relax. As the grip of her sucking cunt lips began to weaken, jism cock-whipped to a white froth, bubbled from her black-furred pussy.

She could feel the warmth and wetness flow from a pussy satisfied for the first time in three years. Jim's weight fell on her chest. Letha eased her legs apart and let them slip off of his shoulders.

They just stared into each other's eyes, both too weak and breathless with satisfaction to speak. Ellen was breathing as hard as either of them, but hers was the rasp of bitter frustration.

"Do you still want your husband's jism?" Letha called across the room when she'd caught her breath.

"Yes, you bitch! But you didn't leave anything for me!"

"I'm sure we can find some," Letha said consolingly. "A big load of simmering hot cream."

Jim groaned. "Don't make a promise you can't keep."

"How about it?" she asked the bound woman. "Do you want to suck jism from the cunt Jim just fucked?"

"No!" the wife fumed. "I'm not a lesbian!"

"Neither am I, but after a hard pussy pounding there's nothing better than the pull of another woman's soft lips. The teasing caress of a tender tongue."

"Ugh! I wouldn't even put my mouth on a clean pussy that was pure."

"Mine's clean," Letha said. "Freshly bathed with scalding hot cream. And it's pure, Ellen. Pure pleasure! We'll do some sixty-nine. We'll suck each other. I'll show you how it's done!"

"Don't touch me!" the woman screamed. "I'd rather die than touch my lips to your lascivious cunt!"

Letha said coyly to Jim, "I want her to suck my cunt and swallow your cum. Are you man enough to make her do it? She won't be reluctant to suck cock after she's gotten a taste of hot jism."

"Yeah, but if she doesn't want to..."

"I want my cunt licked clean, and you said what I want is what I get."

"Er, yeah. I did say that, didn't I? Ellen, open your God damned mouth! It's time it did something besides bitch!"


Letha crossed the room and stood by the head of the other bed. Ellen Carver glared with both fear and loathing in her dark eyes. She was breathing hard, heaving her lush tits under the flannel of her frumpy nightgown.

"First that has to go," Letha said. "I want to see what you really look like."

She bent down and took a pair of bandage scissors from her kit. They were ideal for cutting off unwanted clothes.

Jim watched with a bemused grin as the beautiful masked Phantom began cutting his wife's ugly nightgown from the hem between her bound legs to the point of her quivering chin.

"She's ruining my nightgown!" Ellen cried.

"It doesn't matter. After this, you're going to wear sexier outfits to bed. A filmy black baby-doll would be nice. Something low cut to show off those luscious big tits you don't like to have touched."

Ellen groaned. The gleaming chrome scissors had just reached her crotch. She felt the press of cold steel against her shivering skin.

"Hhhmmm," Letha said admiringly, "your cunt hair is almost as black and silky as mine. And what a thick, hash and luxurious bush it is! I can hardly wait to bury my face in your hairy crotch!"

Ellen hissed and her body strained. The black strands binding her wrists and ankles creaked and groaned. She shivered, tossing her head in despair.

The scissors snipped up the length of her belly and cunt over the woman's huge tits. They passed through a deep soft cleft, a narrow canyon of creamy warm flesh.

"You've got tits like two over-inflated balloons," Letha said with a smirk and a swipe of her tongue. "And what delicious-looking big nipples. They're as big and ripe and plump as cherries!"

Ellen cringed, blushing with shame and shivering with revulsion. When the front of her nightgown was open completely, Letha grabbed the heavy cloth and yanked it out from under Ellen's trembling body.

"You're beautiful in the nude!" she said. "I can't believe any woman would want to hide a body like that."

"I don't believe in making a spectacle of myself."

"A spectacle? You're an extravaganza! A veritable feast of luscious curves!"

Ellen whimpered. "Do-do you think so, Jim?"

"I always have. Too bad you never wanted me to enjoy the bounty."

"I want you now! Please make her stop! Don't let her do this to me!"

The black-clad woman with her haughty sharp tits exposed was climbing up on the bed. She straddled Ellen's strickened face and spread her dripping wet cunt. A pearly drop of jism fell on the tip of Ellen's nose.

"Ugh!" she snarled, shaking her head violently to dislodge it.

Letha lifted her knees and fanned the woman's dark-brown hair around her head. Then she knelt back and pinned the soft waves beneath her knees, binding her so that Ellen couldn't toss her head.

"If you want that bead of cum off your nose, you'll have to lick it," she said.

"I won't! I-I can't. My tongue won't reach that far."

"Ooooh, then I'll have to drop some on your lips."

Ellen cringed and clamped her mouth tightly shut. Letha made humping motions and jiggled cum from her over-filled cunt. Gleaming drops dotted Ellen's tautly indrawn lips.

"Open up," Jim said. "Get used to the taste. You've got twenty years of not sucking my cock to make up for. You're going to be living on a diet of hot prick from now on."

Ellen made fierce gurgling noises through her closed lips.

"Make her open her mouth, Jim. Your precious cum is running off her lips. I want her to taste it, not waste it."

"How the hell can I make her open up?"

"Look in the black bag. I'm sure you'll think of something."

"Oooh, yeah! My God, that leather satchel is a storehouse of kinky treats. What the fucking hell is this? An eighteen-inch rubber prick with a head on both ends?"

"Two heads are better than one," Letha told him. "As you can see, one appears to have been circumcised. The other had not. Which end do you want, Ellen? A bald headed cock like mine or one that wears a big cowl of foreskin?"

She wouldn't answer.

"That must mean she wants both," Letha said. "Bend it double and we'll soon see which end she likes best."

"Both? Oh, hey... she's got a real tight cunt. I'm not sure there's room for one shaft this thick."

"Then bend it like a U and give her one end up the ass. That should be a real thrill for her."

"No!" Ellen cried, forgetting that cum had puddled all over her clenched lips. "Don't put that awful thing in me! I've never had anything in my ass."

"You've never fucked your wife's luscious ripe ass?" Letha asked sadly.

"Hell, I have trouble enough getting into her cunt!"

"You won't have any trouble now. She's tied real tight. Tonight you can make up for all she's denied you."

Carver laughed wickedly. "That's going to take longer than one night! Get your cringy ass and cunt ready, bitch, you're about to get it in both ways at once!"

He bent the long dildo double and it started to purr, vibrating lewdly in his hands.

"Bending the shaft turns it on," Letha said, her eyes flashing behind her mask.

"It'll turn her on too," Jim said. "We've got to get some toys like this, Ellen."

Sticky-sweet cum was splattering all around her mouth, and twin pulsing fake cocks were being pushed into her pussy and ass.

Letha saw the woman's chest swell to power a blood-curdling scream. She squatted low to muzzle Ellen's wild cry with wet cunt. The woman sputtered and gagged, choking not only on the force of her trapped scream but also the slimy hot taste of jism.

"Hhhmmm! That's one way to get her mouth to move. Keep driving that double dick in. When it's rooted deep. I think her tongue will pop out."

"I don't know..." Jim began haying misgivings. "Look at the way she writhes and squirms. Those cords are chafing her skin. What I can see of her face is like a tight knot. She must hate me already."

"She probably does. And if you stop now, she always will. We've got to take her beyond pain to pleasures that she's never known."

"I sure as shit hope you're right!" Carver pushed the twin purring cocks in until the bottom of the U-bend was snug in the cleft between Ellen's writhing pussy and wringing tight ass. Her pussy was so shocked by stimulation that honey simmered from her slit and glossed her dense tangle of black pussy-hair.

"That's more juice than I thought she had!" Jim said.

"It's nice to see, but she's still keeping her mouth closed, Jim. Make her eat my cunt. Make her taste your cum. I know she'll want, more after that."

"Well, let's see what else you've got in that leather toy chest of yours. Hmmmnn, a cat-o-nine-tails. I haven't seen one of these since I was in sixth grade in a super-strict private school."

"Don't you think she deserves a few lashes?" Letha asked wickedly.

"Yeah, about twenty, I'd say. One for each year she's made my cock suffer."

"Go to it, Jim. Whipped pussy is like whipped butter, softer, sweeter, and easier to spread."

"Yeah!" He hurled his arm back and the nine leather tongues of the lash all hissed. Ellen cringed, and Letha could feel the woman's clenched lips squirm expectantly in her wet crotch.

The cat came down on the dome of her cunt with a loud crack. It was a whip specially made for mild discipline, with light thongs that would sting and smart but not permanently scar the skin.

"Harder, harder!" Letha said. "She hasn't licked my pussy yet."

"Come on Ellen. All the years you've been bitching at me, I thought your tongue would never stop wagging."

He lashed higher up and stung her big tits. A fan-like pattern of red welts blazed on her creamy melon-sized tits.

Ellen gave a muffled cry.

"That almost did it, Jim. I felt her tongue wiggle."

"Eat that pussy, Ellen. Show the Phantom what a big mouth you have!"

"Whip her pussy again. That dildo is making her cunt bulge. If one of the knotted tips hits that, she'll think her pussy and ass are both on fire!"

"Ha-ha!" Jim's arm blurred forward. The biting tongues of leather fanned all over Ellen's anguished pussy, but missed scoring a direct hit on her clit.

"Again!" Letha cried.

"Ooooh!" Ellen's muffled voice roared.

That time the stinging lash had hit her clit dead-center. Her lush body arched and writhed.

"Whip those big ripe nipples, Jim... left, right, left, right!" Letha chanted like a drill sergeant and Carver was happy to oblige.

Each crack of the lash made Ellen's body quiver more violently.

"I could shield your tits," Letha told her. "I could cover them with my warm hands." She did that and began to knead the lush tits, whipped hot until her large nipples felt like glowing embers.

Letha flicked her swollen tit crowns with the sharp points of her blood-red artificial nails. To Ellen it felt like live wires spitting sparks. Heat unlike the sting of the lash came from the flicking fingertips. It flowed into Ellen's heaving chest and made her moan with joy.

"There, you see? Your nipples are like magic sex-buttons to help turn you on. Whip her clit again for me, would you, Jim?"

"Oooh!" Ellen moaned. She shook her head even though that pulled her hair, trapped under the Phantom's bent knees.

"Would you rather have me kiss it?"

Ellen didn't know. It all seemed like hideous torment to her, but the black-clad woman's whirling fingers were sending delightful shocks of pleasure down her spine. Poor prissy Mrs. Carver feared pleasure more than she did pain.

"Lick my cunt, Ellen. Then I'll lick yours. My one tongue is much nicer than the vicious cat's nine."

Ellen's lips cringed, but her tongue wiggled out. It was flooded over with warm jism seeping down from above. The breathy-voiced woman bunched astride Ellen's head gave a raptured cry.

"That's it! Eat me! Thrust your tongue deep. Don't mind the taste of Jim's cum. You'll get used to it after a couple of gulps."

Ellen's mind rebelled, but her body didn't want any more whipping. She thrust her tongue with grim determination. Letha's delighted wail shrilled loud and long.

"Ooooh, Jim! Thank you. You made her do it! She's eating me and sucking your cum!"

"I just don't believe it!" Jim watched entranced, his cock starting to twitch and throb.

"I'm going to return the favor by licking her hot and wet for you. She'll be ranting and raving and begging you to fuck her by the time your prick gets hard again."

"You'd better hurry then. Seeing my luscious wife get hot is giving me a hard on that won't quit!"

"Ooooh, yes! And she's going to love it, aren't you, Ellen?"

Letha bent down, trailing the long black hair of her wig across the woman's writhing groin. She pulled the pulsing artificial prick out of Ellen's densely haired pussy. The buzzing in her ass stopped. Ellen heaved a sigh of relief.

But then warm lips sealed and sucked on the whipped bud of Ellen's clit and her body convulsed into tremors of joy she could not have imagined before. Her frenzied thrashing bent the exposed end of the dildo and started it humming in her ass again.

"Ooooh, God! I do like what you're doing to me!" Ellen sobbed. "You're turning me into a shameless wanton just like you!"

"You'll need a lot of practice to be like her," Jim said. "Her pussy knows every trick in the book!"

"Yes, it does," Letha said. Reading was part of a librarian's job, but she liked field research a lot better. She bored into Ellen's begging wet cunt with her tongue, then reared back and clamped her own hot cunt on Ellen's gaping mouth.

"Ooooh!" Ellen purred, getting used to the musky, salt-sweet taste. The woman's silky soft black cunt hair teased and tantalized Ellen's lips. It felt sensuously luxurious, like mink. Ellen hungrily dug her tongue into the wet, burning cunt and sucked on its puffed lips with all her might. Letha shrilled ecstatically. It felt like her eyes were being sucked back into her skull.

"Oh, Ellen! For a frigid wife who didn't taste cunt until tonight, you sure catch on fast!"

"I've got to make you cum and cum hard so you'll leave my husband to me!"

"That's the spirit! Make me cum before you do and I'll let you have him. He's working up another great boner that's going to drive one of us absolutely wild!"

"I want it!" Ellen snarled. "I'm going to whip your clit harder than he whipped mine!"

"Hhhooo, yes... what a tingly hot tongue you have! But yours is already whiplashed to the point of orgasm. You're going to cum first and climax all over my face!"

"No, your vicious mink cunt is going to cum all over my mouth. Your contractions are going to fill my mouth with Jim's tasty jism. Then he's going to fill my cunt and forget you ever lived. I watched all the clever ways you whirled your ass around to delight him. I can do those things as well as you. Maybe better! I have the tight cunt of a faithful wife... not the sloppy wet cunt of a whore!"

"You bitch!" Letha snarled, restraining a smile. She had Ellen going now and knew that she would give Jim Carver the great fuck he'd been waiting all his married life for.

"Your cunt is only so tight because it doesn't know what to do. You weren't even worth fucking until the Phantom got hold of you."

"Jim's cock is mine!" Ellen wailed. "You might have me bound hand and foot, but I'm going to bite your clit off and leave your pussy as cold and dead as mine used to be."

Letha screamed. The woman had really chomped down on her tender bud. Shocks like searing hot lightning bolts stabbed into her cum-filled pussy and made it gush like an oversized cock slit.

Ellen kept her teeth clenched, but spread her lips wide to suck in cum with her gulping breath. It gave her the wild look of a rabid dog. Her mouth foamed with silver-white froth and she still wouldn't release the Phantom's trapped clit. She lashed it with her tongue, back and forth, up and down. Letha screamed and howled, climaxing not once but three times on Ellen's face.

"Enough?" Ellen asked.

"Yes... oooh, God yes! Eat my cunt, but don't bite it off!"

Letha's sensitive bud of nerve ends had never been so ravaged before, her climaxes with another woman, never so intense. She had used fear and pain to inspire the once-frigid wife, now it was being used back on her.

"Please, I'll leave! Just let me go! God, you've made me climax three times already! You win... I know how much you want Jim's cock, and he does too!"

Ellen enjoyed her swelling sense of power. It didn't matter that she was bound spread-eagled on her bed. With a cry, she let Letha go.

Letha's clit was nipped bloody, sucked viciously hard and tongue-flailed to a fourth great climax that left her knees so weak she staggered home like a weary old drunk. She had to pause and rest several times, leaning against a shadowed wall.

Jim Carver was balling his wife's brains out by the time Letha had collected her things. Ellen was screaming joyously, bucking her hips and wiggling her finger up her ass.

"You're going to cum and cum again," she groaned as Letha went out the door into darkness. "You're going to give me more jism than you gave her if it takes us all night!"

At home, Letha tumbled into bed with a delighted sigh. She didn't have strength enough left to remove her bizarre costume. She threw herself down with her high, black cavalier boots on and fell asleep wondering if the lewd Phantom would ever find courage to strike again.


At the branch library's check-out desk the next morning, Letha's pale-brown eyes looked dazed behind the glasses she had to wear for close work. The head librarian looked askance at her condition.

"I hope you weren't dissipating yourself last night," she said sternly. "The reading public deserves our best efforts, you know."

"Dissipating myself? Oh, no! Serving our library patrons is my only real pleasure."

The tight-lipped, silver-haired bitch cast Letha a doubting glance and stalked away -- no doubt to watch her from some hidden vantage point.

It was hard for Letha not to smile more than was allowed. After some rest and a chance for her sharply nibbled clit to cool, she felt the lingering aftershocks of orgasm, first with Jim Carver and then with his bound wife. It had been fun, and the lonely widow, stuck all day behind a dreary check-out desk, knew that she must soon venture into the night again. Her restless pussy had been pleased but not satisfied. Not by a long shot!

Her efforts to appear calm and efficient became more difficult when Ellen Carver came in to return an armful of religious books.

"These aren't due yet, but would you please check them off. I'm up to my limit on the number I can have out at one time, and I need some new books today."

"Of course," Letha said, straining to use her official voice. "I'll check these in now and you can take out any other six books you desire."

Letha felt a chill. Was it just her imagination, or was Ellen Carver looking at her with knowing dark eyes? Her heart leaped into her throat when the woman asked, "Don't I know you?"

"Er, well... I have worked behind this desk almost three years, and you are a regular patron."

"I mean somewhere else. The country club? A charity ball perhaps?"

Letha had to clench her teeth to keep from laughing out loud.

"I don't think so," she said tersely. "Nobody gets into the country club or attends charity balls on a librarian's salary."

"I suppose not." Ellen Carver leaned forward and whispered confidentially, "Do you have any good books on sex?"


"Yes, you know... different positions, different techniques."

"Well, we do have a few marriage manuals in our adult section. Those shelves aren't open to everyone, but I can get a key and let you into the room."

"Would you, please?" Mrs. Carver asked eagerly. "And one other thing... is there a young woman working around here who has blue eyes and long black hair?"

Letha chilled and shook her head. "N-no. No one like that."

"She has a very pretty face, much like yours," Mrs. Carver persisted.

"I-I don't know anyone who looks even a little like me."

"What a pity! I wanted to invite her to the country club. Some stuffy friends of mine would do well to meet her."

"I'm afraid I can't help you... except with sex books, of course. Right this way, ma'am."

In the small, windowless room where books on adult subjects were kept locked beyond reach of curious young hands, Ellen Carver turned and eyed the helpful young assistant librarian again. There might be a sinuous, lithe body beneath that bulky tweed suit, she thought, and the dishwater-blonde hair in a prim little bun could have been covered by a long black wig. And the glittering blue eyes she remembered they might have been an illusion created by silvery moonlight.

"Do you by chance have silky black cunt hair, soft as mink?" Mrs. Carver asked bluntly.

"Ooooh! Er, no, I don't."

"I want to see. I know I've seen that wry little smile before!" Ellen turned on the cowering librarian, "I just know you have cunt hair black and silky as mink, and sexual instincts to match."

By then, Ellen Carver had pulled Letha's prim white panties down. Her cupped hand felt her bald pussy mound.

She cried, "Oooh, my God! You don't have any cunt hair at all!"

Letha's mind raced to improvise. "My favorite man likes to pretend that I'm a very young girl. He calls me Baby Cunt, so I keep my pussy shaved for his pleasure."

Ellen's face blushed red. She gulped, then fingered the bald pussy again.

"What a sweet thing for a young woman to do! I've just learned how important it is for a woman to please her man."

Ellen worked a finger into Letha's shaved pussy slit, making it squirm with tremors of desire.

"I've also learned that two women can pleasure each other," Ellen said. "I can feel your baby cunt seething and squirming. Would you like me to lick and suck it to a climax for you?"

"Ooooh, Christ... no! I get sharp looks and a scolding from the head librarian if I even smile too much when I'm checking out books."

"Don't let the old bitch bother you. I'm president of the library board of trustees. I'll have her out of here on her ass if she so much as raises her voice. I want to suck your cunt! There's something wildly exciting about a baby-bald pussy!"

"Ooooh!" Ellen's finger was sinking in deeper and Letha was afraid the woman would recognize the cunt she'd been forced to eat the night before.

"At least let me lock the door," the librarian said.

"No, there isn't time. I'm hungry for cunt because I've just learned how delicious it can be."

Mrs. Carver forced Letha to her knees with hands amazingly strong. The librarian gave in with a sigh, arching her back over a pile of books that had fallen to the floor. Ellen Carver, once a frigid wife and still president of the library board of trustees, bent over her, soft lips smirking with a wolfish grin.

"Last night my husband and I were visited by a beautiful Phantom dressed all in black," she said. "At first I thought it might have been you in clever disguise. But no, you're much too timid. You don't want me to eat your cunt, do you?"

"No, I could lose my job!"

"Not with me as your loving patron. I could have you made head librarian just by snapping my fingers... as easy as licking your cunt!"

"Ooooh!" Letha could not help responding when the woman's sinewy tongue wiggled into her cunt. It plunged deep and then curled back to circle around her bulging clit.

Letha screamed. "My pussy is coming and my ass is on the line!"

Ellen's whipping and plunging tongue fired a climax of intense grinding contractions that made Letha forget the library's strict rule about talking in hushed tones.

She bucked her hips off the pile of books and screamed. "Eat me! Suck my cunt and make me cum!"

Mrs. Carver burrowed her head into the smooth pussy.

"Cum!" she said through lips glossed with seeping fuck honey. "Cum with me, you timid little bitch!"

"Ooooh! I can't help it!" Letha's deep writhing contractions of pleasure had begun.

It was then that the door to their private sex chamber burst open.

"What in God's good name is going on here?" the head librarian's frosty voice demanded.

Letha's face paled, despite the hammering pulse of her orgasmic contractions.

"Sex education?" she suggested.

"You're fired!" shrilled Prudence Stark as her assistant sprawled on the floor, bucking her cunt into the mouth of a dark-haired woman with a mouth like a suction pump.

Ellen Carver reared her head up, lips curved maliciously, dripping with honey fresh from Letha's cunt. "She isn't going to be fired, but you might be if you don't get your ass out of here! I've found this library has a piss-poor selection of books on sexual pleasure, so I've launched my own research project. If you know what's good for you, you'll get back to the main desk and order some books that will help horny people!"

"Yes, of course. Right away. There are many titles available that I didn't think fitting, even for adult minds. But now that I know your wishes..."

Prudence Stark recognized the president of the library board of trustees, even though she never expected to see Mrs. Carver in such a compromising position. Nervous and blushing, she hurried out of the room and locked the door behind her.

Miss Stark sat at her desk, anxiously wringing her hands with more on her mind than ordering sex books to please her employer. Prudence was a confirmed lesbian who took pains to hide the fact because of her position. She never mixed library business with personal pleasure, but she'd seen Letha Gerard's baby bald pussy and thinking about it made the tall, silver-haired dyke's clit tingle. She wanted to clit-fuck her young assistant in the worst way.

Getting tongue-fucked to three great climaxes in the library's adult section did nothing to increase Letha's powers of concentration. It made her widowed pussy more anxious for cock than ever.

Letha also felt a subtle change in her usually strained relationship with Miss Stark. The older woman was almost too friendly. Twice she made round-about inquiries. Was Letha lonely in widowhood? And then just before closing time, Miss Stark asked Letha if she would like to have dinner with her that night.

Letha had to assume it was because of her obviously close relationship with Mrs. Carver. She never would have dreamed the frosty old bitch had the mad galloping hots for her smooth pussy. It wouldn't have, mattered if she'd known. What Letha needed was a cock. The bigger the better.

Just two minutes before the library was due to close, an anxious-looking young man hurried in. Letha was straightening up the check-out desk, getting ready to leave, when he approached.

He was nineteen, she knew, by glancing at the library card he presented. His name was Richard Sims. Six feet four inches tall, weight two hundred and thirty-five pounds. A strapping big hunk with a ruggedly handsome young face.

"I know it's late, but I just got off work," he whispered urgently. "And this is real important to me."

"I'll be happy to help you," Letha said with a warm smile.

"Do-do you have any books about s-s-sex?" the young man asked in a low voice.

"Not right now there was a woman in earlier who checked out all we have on that subject." Letha grinned.

"Damn!" Richard Sims said dejectedly.

"I know the head librarian has ordered more," Letha told him. "They'll be in next week."

"That won't help me. I'm getting married this weekend."

"Oooooh, I see."

"No, you don't. I'm-I'm still a virgin and the girl I'm going to marry isn't. She was engaged to this other guy before me, and he... well, he taught her a lot of things I don't know. I'm going to make a fucking fool out of myself on our honeymoon."

Letha made a note of the address shown on his library card. "Will you be home this evening?"

"Oh, yeah... why?"

"Well, I'll go through all the books that were returned today. If I find something that might help you, I could drop it off at your apartment."

"Hey, that would be great! I really appreciate it!" He smiled and softly pinched her check. "You're a doll! A real doll!"

"Thank you," she said, beaming. "And don't you worry about a thing. I'll make certain that you enjoy your honeymoon!"

Letha decided against wearing her Phantom outfit that evening. It might be too much for a young virgin male to accept. Besides, she wanted to fuck completely nude and feel his strong hands all over her body.

But she did need to disguise herself. Richard didn't look like the kind who could be persuaded to fuck a mild-mannered and apparently innocent assistant librarian. A wiser and more experienced woman was what he needed.

She pasted on her black mink pussy wig, and then put on a black wet look vinyl mini-skirt. No need for panties with what she had in mind. Letha was hoping Rich had a cock as big as the rest of him. Thoughts of a huge thick prick made her shiver with excitement all the time it took her to get dressed.

Letha put on her long black high-heeled cavalier boots and a clinging tube-type top that came up barely far enough to cover her firm, sharp-peaked tits witch were already heaving expectantly. She put an her long black wig, brushed it smooth, then hurried out of the door.

Sims lived in one of those swinging singles apartment complexes. Letha was propositioned three times on her way to his door. The last offer came from a great-looking guy about her own age. He said he loved her blue eyes. She smiled and said, "Some other time," carefully making a note of his apartment number. Letha planned to visit him on her way out if Richard Sims' hot virgin cock didn't measure up to expectations.

She knocked on the door. It was answered by a young man she'd never seen before. Probably Rich's roommate.

"Er, is Richard here?" she asked.

"No, not right now, and you're here three hours early, but that's all right if it doesn't cost extra. Come in." He grabbed her arm and pulled Letha into the apartment. "The party's a surprise. We don't want Richard to see you standing in the hall when he comes back."

"Wait a minute -- what party? And what shouldn't cost extra?"

"Richard's bachelor party. Aren't you the whore his father hired to break the boy in?"

Letha's mouth gaped in shock. There were fifteen young men lounging around the living room, most drinking beer, all looking extremely horny and staring at her.

She thought, What the hell? Why not go along with the gag?

"I don't like being called a whore," Letha said. "But I did come here to teach Richard a few things."

"Ooohh, baby... you can teach me any time! How about a quickie before the guest of honor gets backs?"

"Cool it," said the guy who answered the door. "Rich gets her first. It's his party. After that, we'll all take turns."

"Wait a minute..." Letha whirled toward the door. A brawny big hulk was leaning against it.

"Too late to change your mind, sweetheart. The guys are all counting on you."

"We're gonna do more than count on her," someone else said with a wicked cackle of laughter.

"Let's get her into the bedroom and make her ready," said the guy who answered the door. He was a craggy-faced six-footer with unruly blonde hair and a rampant bulge that threatened to break the crotch of his designer jeans. "My name is Dick Williams," he said. "LONG Dick Williams, the guys call me. I'm going to be Rich's best man at the wedding, so I get you when you've taught him a few tricks."

Letha shivered. Fifteen horny young males were more than she bargained for. About fifteen times more! They swarmed around her, all excited, pushing and shoving, forcing her into the bedroom in a tide of male flesh.

A big waterbed dominated the room. It had been stripped of sheets, blankets and the mattress pad -- right down to the clear, gleaming vinyl of the water bag.

"We knew there'd be a lot of jism spilled tonight, so I made the bed easy for clean up. Op your back, baby. The chains are waiting."

"Chains? What chains?"

"That was part of the deal. Rich's old man paid an extra fifty for a lady who likes it rough."

"No, I don't want -- I mean, you don't understand! Stop pushing me! Leave me alone. Ooooh!" She fell back screaming and sprawled across the bed.

"The S&M whores all put up a little fight first," some guy said. "It's part of the act. You know, like they don't really want it."

"I don't!" Letha cried. But four sets of rough male hands had grabbed her arms and legs, spreading them wide toward the corners of the bed.

"This has gone far enough!" she cried.

Other hands tore at her clothes. The tube-type clinging top and her mini-skirt were both unceremoniously yanked off.

Naked except for her high black boots, Letha struggled in vain. Four lengths of silvery stainless steel chain ran from the sturdy bedposts. Two at the head ended in manacles sized to fit a woman's slender wrists. They snapped shut with a bone-chilling clank. She kicked and struggled uselessly against the strength of two leering young men who stood at the foot of the bed. They held her flailing legs wide apart and napped larger locking bands around her booted ankles.

"Guys!" she protested, half out of breath, "Let me go! I'm not the whore you're expecting. I'm a librarian!"

That brought a raucous peal of laughter from the men. Long Dick Williams laughed louder than most. "A librarian!" he howled. "That's funny! That's real funny!"

"It's true!"

"Yeah? Well, check-out this little volume!" Long Dick opened his fly and hauled out the prick that earned him his nickname.

"Ooooh, my God! They should have called you Killer!"

Fourteen other young males ringed the bed, all of them pulling down zippers and digging out cocks. Long ones, short ones, thick and thin. Letha's eyes darted nervously from one to another. There had to be ten feet of throbbing, hot prick in the room. And every inch of it was cumed at her.


"God damn!" Long Dick exclcumed. "Check out her cunt hair. It's soft and silky as mink!"

"Well, Mr. Sims said he was going to hire the best pussy in town for his son's pre-nuptial initiation," said another brawny young male with wavy black hair and a lewd grin. He and Long Dick were both running their hands over Letha's mink-collared cunt.

"I could get off just sliding my cock around in her minky black muff," Long Dick told them.

"Why don't you?" someone suggested.

"Yeah, why not? That won't fuck up her pussy for our virgin boy." Long Dick climbed up on the bed between her chained legs. He looked at her sharp-jutting tits and their rosy nipples, tensed hard. "A couple of you other guys want to rub your cock on her budding tit crowns."

There was a lot of pushing and shoving on both sides of the bed before it was decided who would have that pleasure. Naturally, it turned out to be the two biggest guys in the room well-hung hunks with bulging muscles and hard swollen cocks near the equal of Long Dick's awesome prick.

Dick hunched on his knees and humped cock at her -- a solid foot of steel-hard prick. Delighted sighs came from his drawn lips as the silky dense fur tantalized the tender underside of his mighty cock-shaft.

Letha's pussy started to simmer and squirm, seeping damp warmth and a rich, musky scent. She wondered how long Long Dick would ream in content just teasing his cock on the furry top of her cunt mound.

The two other guys were pumping ten-inch pricks at her tits, tingling her gorged nipples with their bulbous, purple-red cock head. Letha's breath came in quick shallow gasps of fear and excitement. She'd never seen so much cock in her whole life.

Their cock-humping started wave motions that tossed and swayed the waterbed beneath her. Letha's lithe body moved with the undulations. Glowing warmth filled her cock-teased nipples and made them tingle with outrageous delight. The men see-sawed back and forth, rubbing hot prick on hot tit until her nipples burned.

Letha's clit bulged from its outer sheath, still extremely tender from the vicious nipping it received the night before. Long Dick's cock radiated heat like a branding iron. He seared the tip of her tingling clit with each gliding thrust of his big cock-shaft.

"Get her good and grinding-hot for our guest of honor!" someone said.

"She's fucking-hot right now," Long Dick announced. "Look at how she humps her cunt at me! She's gonna make me cum and I haven't even got in her yet!"

"Me too," moaned a tit-mauler. "The way her nipples rub my cockhead is too much!" He grunted, straining to hold the heat in his swaying balls.

Long Dick couldn't do that. He smelled sultry hot cunt honey with each breath he took. He gasped loudly and let his cock fire. Silver-white streaming jism shot high and splattered at the base of her tits.

The other two saw that and couldn't hold themselves any longer. Their cocks spit cum across her chest as though trying to drown one another. Guys all round the bed began jacking their stiff cocks. Quicksilver cum sprayed on Letha's writhing body from all sides. Grunts and moans of lewd pleasure thundered in her ears. Two guys on opposite sides, near the head of the bed shot creamy cum all over her face. Letha moaned, but her tongue leaped out and lashed round to lick down what she could.

"Hey, hey... we got us one who likes the taste!" Long Dick said delightedly.

"She better like it," said another. "She's gonna be fucking and sucking for three days straight."

"Three days!" Letha cried with a wet-lipped moan. "I can't do that -- I have to go to work!"

"You are at work, whore!"

"B-b-but I told you, I'm a librarian!" Letha squealed with a mouth full of silvery jism.

"Oh, yeah. Ain't it lucky we all got library cards. This is one hot little number I'm real anxious to check it out!"

By then, the rainstorm of jism had begun to slacken off. Letha felt a few random and weakening spurts and then it was done. Her whole body was slathered with sticky hot cream. It seeped warmth into every pore.

"Shit, we sure made a mess of her. Somebody get a wet towel and wipe her off."

"Hell no, let's all rub it in. I read somewhere that jism is the best body lotion. Keeps a woman's skin real soft and warm."

"Oh yeah?" Long Dick said. "Where the hell did you read that?"

"Where else? At the library."

They all laughed and began a thirty-handed massage that covered every exposed inch of her cum-smeared skin. Fingers kneaded, and palms swirled around, all of them rubbing in slimy hot cream. Letha had never been fingered and felt up so thoroughly. Her tits were a major attraction. Her bounding pussy mound was another.

Someone said, "Hurry up, guys! I just glanced out the window and saw Richard's car pull up."

"Rubba-dub-dub, two cum-glazed nipples and a greasy clit nub," a guy chanted.

Three, Letha knew she could handle. But fifteen of them? No -- it would be sixteen when their honored guest arrived. She could hardly believe what was happening to her.

They left Letha writhing and moaning on the bed and rushed to greet the groom-to-be.

"Surprise!" their voices all rang.

She heard Rich say, "What the shit?"

"This is your bachelor party man!"

"I guessed that... but why have you all got your cocks hanging out?"

"Oh, because we all been too busy to undress," Long Dick told him.

"Undress? Undress for what? I know you guys aren't queer."

"We aren't virgins either," one guest said with a chuckle.

"Hey, guys... don't rub it in."

"Ha-ha, we already did. And your lack of sexual expertise is going to be well taken care of!"

Rich seemed to be incurably naive. Letha lay chained to his bed and heard the boy say, "Oh, did that librarian come by with a book for me?"

"A librarian?" Long Dick laughed. "What is it with librarians?"

"Don't laugh. She was real helpful and real pretty in sort of a shy way. Soft blonde hair and pale-brown eyes. I know she was interested and I was going to try to get some sex lessons when she brought the book to me."

Letha grinned warmly, pleased that he'd been attracted to her even in the frumpy guise of a librarian. She wondered what he'd think when he saw her now.

"Forget the timid library bitch, old buddy. We got a real hot number to coax that virgin cock of yours to manhood. Get your clothes off, guy. Somebody open the champagne. The best bachelor party ever is about to begin!"

Rich walked into the bedroom naked and completely bewildered. Then he saw Letha lying chained on his bed. Her lithe body seemed to glow with a mysterious sheen. Long, coal black hair framed her pretty face. Blue eyes like deep pools sparkled at him. Virgin or not, his cock started swelling hard the moment he saw her. Hanging limp between his muscle-rippled thighs, Rich's seemed to be hardly more than an average-sized cock, but as it swelled, it made Letha's eyes bulge.

One of the guys said it for her, "Hhhoooee, shit! Long Dick just lost the title! Look at that fucker!"

"Thirteen and three-quarter inches," Rich said, beaming proudly. "And it's never been used. What do you think of that, sweetheart?"

Letha was too stunned to speak. Her lips trembled but no sound came out.

An eager guest said, "Get it in her, Rich! Don't be bashful. She's nothing but a fucking whore."

The shy expression vanished from his face. Rich climbed up on the bed between her chained legs. Crouched on his knees, he cumed his enormous cock at her. Its blood-engorged head looked like a doorknob to her dazzled eyes.

Bulging veins, like blue snakes, laced the long prick-shaft where they quivered with a restless pulse. Letha gave a worried cry -- his cock was four inches longer than any she'd ever felt!

Letha cowered, wincing like a timid virgin, knowing he would reach depths no man had ever plumbed.

"Be gentle," she pleaded anxiously. "I've never been fucked by one that big before."

Long Dick laughed. "Whores always say that. Just give it to her. She's plenty hot. Ram it in, buddy. Stick it to the hilt!"

"Oh!" she moaned.

Rich hunched over her on hands and knees. His back arched, but his long spear of flesh was still pressing hard on her pussy lips. He gave a grunt and a mighty thrust. Letha's eyes started and her lips parted with a shrill scream.

The guys watching all cheered. "Fuck her, Rich! Fuck her good! Ram all the cock you can into her hot cunt!"

"Ooooh!" Letha moaned, her eyes watering from the stabbing shock of pain that seemed to hammer on the base of her spine and rattle every bone in her body. Rich, was banging her mink-furred pussy so hard that she couldn't think at all.

The waterbed mattress swayed violently. His enormous prick plunged into her wringing depths like a fiery sword. It scorched nerves and strained muscles never touched before.

Her shocked wet pussy writhed in dismay, strained to the point that she thought its sleek walls might be torn apart. His breath rasped and his cock pumped like the piston of a locomotive.

Letha didn't stop screaming until she ran out of breath. Looking down, she watched his hefty cock pull out another thrust. Its cunt-gorging length bore traces of blood. She wept and sobbed, wincing her eyes shut so as not to see more of his fearsome cock-shaft. It slammed into her again, relentlessly.

"My first pussy! My first piece of ass!" Rich said, as though he could hardly believe his good fortune. "I just hope the bride-to-be has a pussy as sleek and tight and hot as this whore."

"Won't either one of them be worth a shit after fucking that flagpole of yours," said one of them.

Being a virgin, Rich couldn't stand the thrill of fucking for very long. His huge balls began to quake and burn with a big load. Letha knew it was coming by the way his young body tensed.

His breath hissed in her face and his reaming cock swelled even larger in her anguished cunt.

"I've got to unload!" Richard shouted. Then he dropped on her and came with a roar.

Her pussy trembled and squeezed his fiery prick-meat. His cock surged and her voice rose even higher. Then he shot liquid heat in deep, like a hot lava flow.

Letha cringed and shuddered as she took each searing blast. It gushed with force in places where cum had only dribbled before. Her cunt writhed, thrashing in slick cum like a drowning sailor in a storm-tossed sea.

Each blistering hot wave sparked a convulsion of pleasure. Letha's cunt ached so that she thought orgasm was impossible, but her strained pussy was cumming through the pain. Her shrill cries now sounded like a siren's wail.

"God damn!" said Long Dick. "I think the whore enjoyed it as much as he did."

"Maybe more! Listen, to her scream!"

"And look how she pumps her hips!"

Letha wasn't voluntarily moving a muscle. Her cunt was in convulsions fired by searing hot pain and the overwhelming force of pleasure. Her hips were bounding, her ass flying clear off the mattress as the waterbed pitched and tossed like the North Atlantic in a mid-winter storm.

There seemed to be no end to his jism supply Rich fired all that a normal man would, before even catching a breath. Then he gasped, ground in, and gave her more.

Letha felt her smoldering depths fill with cum, a fast-rising tide of slippery cream. It greased his horrendously long prick and made the searing heat friction something her strained pussy could bear.

Instead of pain, she felt an eerie sensation of spreading liquid heat. His huge cock slipped freely in her wringing-tight cunt. Letha began to grunt and moan, too breathless to screw.

"It's good now and getting better," she said. "Fuck me, Rich! Fuck me hard! I really want you to enjoy your first time."

"I'm enjoying it already!"

"But you will even more. And don't worry about that wife of yours having been fucked before. Believe me, no woman has been really fucked until she feels a cock the size of yours!"

Richard laughed.

"I still am frightened some," Letha said between shuddering hot blasts of cum. "I know I'll have to suck your cock and I don't think I can swallow it all."

"Shit," Long Dick said. "I've never found a woman who could eat all of mine."

"Don't get too anxious for her to try," Rich said. "It's my party and she's mine until my dick won't stand."

"Christ, that could take all night," another voice complained.

"That's why we got a party planned to last three days," Long Dick said. "The rest of you guys might as well get drunk and then sleep it off. You're sure to wake up before Rich and I are through."

Letha moaned, part with pleasure and part with fear. Rich's violent eruption of cum was finally slowing. But there were fifteen cocks waiting, each one swollen harder by watching the gyrations of her wild climax in chains.

Sixteen cocks in a line three days long seemed more than even a real whore should have to cope with.

Rich sagged breathless when he'd fired his last shot.

"Okay, baby. That's it. That's all I got." His cock quaked with dry aftershocks.

Quicksilver cum gushed from her over-filled hole as his cock weakened a little. It was like opening the flood gates of a dam. Slippery hot cum ran down to wet the crack of her ass and puddle under its cheeks. The flood of jism made it squirm. Letha winced and muttered a prayer, hoping that Richard was too young and innocent to think of fucking her there. But then she realized one of the more experienced youths would surely suggest it -- when they'd all fucked her pussy weak, they would start thinking about a tighter and more enticing hole.

Letha found herself cringing, longing for the loneliness of widowhood, and the boredom of a dreary job at the library check out desk. By the time all the horny celebrants were through with her in three days, she doubted that she'd even be able to sit in her chair.


Rich caught his breath, rolled off the bed and stood beside it looking deeply pleased, his monster cock sheened with cum. Drained and sated, his prick started to sag, shrinking back to something nearer normal proportions.

Long Dick said, "Okay, guys, unsnap her chains from the bedposts and help our luscious librarian to her feet."

Letha heaved a sigh of relief. "Are you letting me go?"

"Go? Are you kidding?" Long Dick laughed heartily. "No, whore. You're going to cum! You're going to cum and cum and keep cumming."

"I'm not a whore!" Letha sobbed. "I really am a librarian. Richard knows me."

"I never saw you before in my life."

"Not like this, but..."

With the ends of her four chains freed from the bedposts, Letha was pulled off the bed and onto her feet so roughly that she cried out.

"Get down on your knees," Long Dick told her. "Our buddy Rich has never had his prick sucked, and who knows when his little wife will work up courage enough to try swallowing all he's got?"

"Yeah, and we don't want him to wait..."

Hands pressed on her shoulders from behind, forcing Letha onto her knees. They pulled the chains connected to her wrist cuffs so that her arms crossed in her lap. Then they circled the extra length around her waist and chest, pulling tight so that she was bent back, teetering on her knees. They snapped the loose end of her wrist chains to the shackles locked around her ankles.

The leg chains were raised and looped around her neck, pulled snug and run beneath her arm, then crossed just below her heaving tits and yanked down to snap onto her wrist cuffs. Letha could hardly move.

Her tense, cum-glazed body was pulled forward by one set of tightly wrapped chains and wrenched back by the other. Long Dick looked at their helpless prisoner with a warped grin. "Okay, librarian... it's time to open the branch upstairs. There's still a lot our guest of honor needs to learn."

"Nungh!" Letha said with teeth tightly clenched. Then she shuddered, remembering how she and Jim had forced Ellen to open her unwilling mouth to eat cunt. Could this bunch be any less demanding?

She cringed, wondering if telling them to take off her long black wig would do any good. Richard Sims would recognize her then, but would that make any difference to a horny young man who wanted his cock sucked for the first time?

Probably not. He might like filling the timid throat of a librarian even more than face fucking a lowly whore. And to say anything at all she'd have to open her mouth. He stood right before her, smiling down, his half-limp glossy cock in hand.

"You better take it in before I get fully hard," he said.

Letha winced her eyes shut and shook her head, thinking about almost fourteen inches of thick cock swelling hard in her sleek throat.

Long Dick whispered to another guest, "That whore puts on a great act. Saying she's a librarian and pretending she doesn't want to suck cock!"

"Yeah, but who wants to watch a shivering bitch with her mouth tightly closed?"

"Nobody, and she knows that. We've got to make her open up. A little pain before pleasure is what she gets paid for. Bring in that package of plastic clothespins I brought."

"What are you going to do, hang up her clothes?"

"No, I'm going to hang upon her mouth." Rich wagged the cum-dripping head of his cock across her quivering lips. "The other guys will enjoy making you open your mouth. Why don't you do it for me before you set hurt?"

Letha's tightly closed eyes leaked tears. Fear of his huge prick wrenched her throat with tension. She couldn't swallow all of even a normal cock now. She shook her head and spattered the tears streaming down her cheeks.

That really impressed Long Dick. "What a performance! Pretending she's frightened enough to cry."

Another guest handed him a box of brightly colored plastic clothespins -- a dozen, red, yellow, blue and green. Long Dick opened the springy jaw of a red one and swept aside her long black hair to let it close on her left earlobe.

"Oh!" she moaned, tossing her head to shake it off. The pain from her pinched ear was only annoying, but Letha sensed it was a warning of worse to come.

"Please," she said tensely. "Pain will only make my throat tighter. Don't hurt me. Take the chains off and let me relax, maybe then I'll be able to suck his cock."

"We don't want you relaxed, bitch. We want all of your fuck openings tight with shivering fear," someone said. "That's the only way you'll be able to give pleasure to a normal-sized guy after Richard and Long Dick get through."

A blue plastic clothespin was clamped on the lobe of her right ear. Letha tossed her head in despair, dull pain boring into her skull.

Long Dick said, "Now, let's see what other places we can find. How about this perky little nipple?" A green clothespin pinched the tender bud and brought a shivering scream from Letha's drawn lips.

The pinching jaws stabbed pain into her chest like a dull knife. She twisted and trembled, chained in a tangle of wrapped coils too tight to let her shake off the nipple-nipping clothespin.

They put a yellow one on her other nipple, pinching it tight to spark pain like another knife. Letha's throat clenched, so dry and strained she couldn't swallow her own spit. The Long Dick fingered the clamp mink covering her pussy mound. He parted her cringing pussy lips, teased her clit up and clamped a red clothespin on its head.

"Eeeyow!" The bite felt worse than Ellen's clenched teeth. It was inhuman and unrelenting -- constant, steady pain.

Letha pumped her hips in an agonized frenzy. She remembered an old move man in a tropical river. He came out with sucking leeches hanging on his chest and back. It was brought to mind by the pain she felt now. Letha shuddered and moaned, thinking of slimy leeches sucking on her proud tits.

"She still won't open up," Long Dick said in amazement. "I've got seven clothespins left in the box. How many do you guys think it will take to make her beg to suck cock?"

Bets were placed on all numbers from one to seven, like a football pool. But this was a pool of unbearable pain, and Letha imagined herself drowning in it, dragged down by the weight of sucking leeches with needle-sharp jaws.

The mouth of a clothespin was pressed into the left side of her narrow cunt channel and left to pinch on its puffed lip. She blubbered and moaned, but couldn't make words. Letha's throat felt scorching-hot, like a chimney.

Another pin clenched her right pussy lip. Writhing cunt contractions clacked the two together, and the one nipping her clit heaved up and down.

Long Dick pinched another on the middle of her quivering lower lip. It jiggled and touched her chin, puffing her mouth slightly open with its weight and pain. He clamped another and another on her lower lip, dragging it farther down.

"It's gonna take a whole damn dozen," moaned a guy whose bet was just lost.

The last pin was being clenched onto her lower lip. It sagged down, turned inside out by the dangling weight.

"Her mouth looks more like a pussy when the wet inside shows," a delighted guest observed.

"Yeah, a pussy with teeth!"

"Go on, Rich. Get it into her. Can't you see her mouth is open?"

Letha's pained cunt writhed with spasms so much like a climax that she had to moan. Orgasm by ordeal. Her nipples surged and swelled as they would being fondled by a man's demanding hands.

She cried, "Unnnn, Christ... I'm cumming!"

"Climax by pure pain," Long Dick marveled. "I read about it once, but I didn't believe it."

"Hey, what you musta been right. Just ask our librarian!"

They all laughed, watching her in the throes of solitary orgasm. Thrilling convulsions swept aside her sense of pain. Though chained and cruelly abused, Letha had escaped into rapture.

But it was all too brief. Letha's shocked scream of delight deepened into a moan. Tremors of ecstasy spiraled into pulses of unrelenting pain.

Long Dick said to her, "Tell you what I'm gonna do!" He sounded like a carnival barker. "I'm gonna take off a clothespin for every inch of cock you can swallow."

Letha nodded anxiously and fluttered her tear-streaked eyes. They blazed with heated desperation. She strained her jaw wide and sucked her lips around Rich's enormous cockhead. It was awkward with her lower lip dragged so far down by the pinching weight of the dangling clothespins.

"That's about two inches," Long Dick announced. They freed her ears and the throbbing in her skull eased.

She gulped and pressed forward. "Two more inches. Three!"

Long Dick pulled the clothespins off her lower lip in reward. Letha sighed and sucked harder.

His enormous cock wedged hard at the back of her mouth. It seemed three times the size of the narrow channel he was pushing to enter. Letha moaned, her face taut with concentration. She knew she had to will her body to rein. She'd overcome pain, and now she must conquer fear. "God damn, look at her go!"

The last clothespin came off her lower lip. Then the one pinching the left side of her pussy. Letha felt a rush of exhilaration. Her swollen lips encircled and sucked on his delighted prickshaft, pulling him deeper with each anxious gulp.

She craned her neck to straighten her throat. It filled with the throbbing heat. Rich's heart seemed to be beating in tandem with her own -- wild and fast.

"Oh, baby... you got a great mouth! What a hungry whore you are!" Rich exclaimed. "I'm glad that librarian didn't show up. She could never match you for pure lewd pleasure!"

Letha would have laughed if her throat wasn't stuffed so brutally full. She was dizzy and short of breath. The plug of hot prick in her airways made it impossible to get more. A chilling paw of new fear fell upon her.

Her throat wretched, trying to expel the huge cock. But Rich clamped his hands back of her head and kept pushing in.

"Oooooh!" she cried with a strangled voice. The clothespins had been removed -- all but the one pinching her clit. Long Dick had gotten so excited watching her cunt-lips near the thick root of his friend's cock that he forgot about that one.

It was just as well. Letha had started to enjoy the relentless tingling sensation that it sent into her cunt. The contractions of another orgasm began. Her mind blanked, forgetting the horror of being unable to breathe.

She'd swallowed all but the last inch of Rich's big cock, delighting him and amazing his friends. Most of them were watching raptly, jacking off because they couldn't wait for their turn with the raven-haired whore.

Letha heard the drumming slap of curled hands on hard-muscled loins. She heard anxious gulps and moans. It was like lewd music to her ears. She burrowed to the hairy root of his cock and got a rousing cheer, then she reared back, grabbed a quick gulp of air and lunged forward again.

Her throat was open enough to make swallowing all that hot cock easier now. She felt proud and relieved and insanely excited at the same time.

How could she like sucking cock after all they'd done? Why did she care about pleasing young men so demanding and cruel? Letha didn't really know. She rocked back and forth on her knees, cooing and purring when her throat was briefly clear enough to emit sound. Letha sucked with demented fervor. So what if they wanted to keep her prisoner for three days?

Her need for cock had started her daring exploits, why not enjoy what she'd found? A forest off hot pricks and a lake of sweet cum. She would revel and fuck like a wanton slave. It couldn't be worse than the boredom of her library job.

"Hhhooo!" Rich sighed. "She's gonna make me cum! I'm boiling up another big load!"

"After three days with a whore, you think he'll have anything left for his honeymoon?" someone asked wryly.

"It won't take her three days to teach me all I need to know about women. I'll take the third day off and rest up for my new wife."

Letha rocked and bobbed her head, envying the young girl about to marry such a great cock. That twinge of jealousy made her even more anxious to enjoy it all while she could. Rich felt the hunger of her sucking lips and had to let go.

"Hargggh!" he roared, clamping his hands on her head again, thrusting deep as his cock shivered and shot its hot spray.

"Don't keep it buried too long," Dick said. "She doesn't have any taste buds down there. Ease back and give her a couple of shots in the mouth."

Rich did that, liking the way her lips curled when she tasted his cum. It was thick and rich tasting. Rich tasting -- she wanted to laugh, but he plunged deep again and gagged her with wet cock.

Jism filled her throat. It puffed her cheeks. His cock was a fountainhead of cum. It kept spurting when her mouth couldn't hold any more. Her throat gulped wildly, but she couldn't swallow it all either.

His cream was so thick that it took a long time going down. Silvery dribbles appeared at the corners of her sucking lips. Her frenzied bobbing jarred them off. They dropped on nipples still red and sore from the pinch of clothe spins. The cum felt like a soothing ointment.

She let her mouth gape and dropped a big glob on her clit which was still pinched by the clothespin wavering lewdly between her bent and chained legs. Glossed with slickness, the clamping jaws lost their grip on her buttery clit-nub.

They snapped with a click and the clothespin fell on the floor between her knees. Letha felt a thrilling surge of relief. The terrible tingling tension was gone from her clit. It spasmed with delight. She thought the sensation must, be something like a man straining to hold his cum, then suddenly letting go. Exquisitely painful pressure, the wondrous, relief.

After the triumph of sucking such a huge prick, she was ready to fuck again. Again and again. She felt womanly proud and wantonly horny. Her whole body blushed with the head of desire. Ellen Carver had only learned to satisfy her husband, Letha felt confident that she could thrill a whole gang.

She swallowed shot after shot of sticky sweet and delicious cum. The overflow ran down her chin, splashed on her tits and dripped into her lap. Letha hoped they would massage it all into her smooth skin as they had before.

The guys jacking their cocks were delighted by her lewd wet gurgling noises, her tremors of orgasm and her rabid hunger for jism. They thrilled her by spraying on more. Jetting cocks hosed her smiling face with silvery cream.

Others sprayed on her heaving tits. They anointed her belly and slathered her black-furred pussy mound. They creamed her thighs and lathered her back with the sexy hot spray.

Letha enjoyed an all-consuming climax. Hot cum was always her most delightful sex-trigger -- to feel the wet spurts striking her inside and out was almost more thrilling than she could stand.

Her orgasm went on for what seemed like hours. Gasping, sweaty and drenched with cum, she settled back on her haunches with a weary sigh of delight.

Long Dick said, "What a cocksucker she is! I can hardly wait for my turn."

"You want to take it while my throat is still wet?" she asked with a smug little grin.

"Yeah, I want to... but we arranged this little party for Rich. We gotta make sure that his married life gets started out right before the rest of us have our pleasure with you."

"Jeeeeez!" said the husband-to-be. "I've been fucked and sucked. What else can a guy do?"

Long Dick laughed good-naturedly. "What else? He doesn't know. He needs education. It's time to check out another part of the library... a part best reached by going in the back door."

Letha cried, "Ooooh, no! Not my ass. Not with a cock that big! Some of you smaller guys, all right, but..."

"Some of you smaller guys help me lift her up on the bed," Long Dick said. "We don't even need to readjust her chains. Just tip her forward on her face with her ass in the air."

"I've got to rest a few minutes. One of you can start with her pretty little ass and maybe loosen it up for me a bit," Rich said.

She was pitched forward on her face into a puddle of cum still on the waterbed mattress. Letha gurgled and moaned, her ass twitching expectantly.

"What length cock you want to start with?" Long Dick asked. "We've got sizes from six to twelve."

"I was hoping for a four or a five," she said in a quavering voice.

"A four or five?" Long Dick laughed. "What part of the library do you work in? The children's room?"


They released her Saturday at noon when the revelers reluctantly ended their orgy to dress for the wedding. Letha went home and slept soundly, curled on her side. Both her pussy and ass were too sore to let them touch the mattress.

She slept all day Sunday, bone-weary after three days and nights of virtually nonstop sex. Even when she had dozed off at the party, some guy had a cock in her. Sometimes more than one.

Monday morning, Letha called in sick. She told the head librarian that she had a sore throat, vaginal cramps and distress of the lower intestine.

Miss Stark had been quite sympathetic. "Stay in bed and get lots of rest. That's the best thing for you."

Letha was still weak and weary-eyed the following day when Miss Stark saw her standing behind the check-out desk instead of sitting in her usual chair.

"My dear, sit down," the stately, silver-haired woman said.

"Er, no... I'm all right. But I'd rather stand."

"No, no! In fact, the way you look, I think you should lie down. Come with me, there's a couch in my private office."

"All right." Letha restrained a grin. The power that Ellen had given her over Miss Stark was working wonders.

She'd expected to be lectured severely for taking time off sick, not escorted into a private office and asked to lie down. But then Letha had no idea how secretly horny her boss had been since seeing her luscious pussy mound shaved smooth.

"Take off that bulky tweed suit," Miss Stark suggested with seeming concern. "It's much too warm for a day like this and it looks to me like you have a fever."

Indeed she did. Letha's body was still radiating heat from all the cocks that had filled her ass, pussy and mouth for three days, and her skin shined from all the creamy jism that massaging hands had rubbed in.

Letha stretched out on the comfortable wide couch wearing her panties and bra and a pink slip. Miss Stark locked the office door behind them and said: "So we won't be disturbed." Then she called her assistant working at the main desk and said, "Hold all my calls. I'm... I'm in conference. It's a personal... I mean, a personnel matter."

"You don't have to go to so much trouble for me," Letha said. There was something unsettling in the woman's gray eyes.

"My dear, it's no trouble at all. Your health is my only concern." Miss Stark sat on the edge of the couch and held Letha's hands in hers.

"I'm all right, really. I-I should be getting back to work."

"I've had another girl covering the check-out desk for three days. A little while longer won't matter a bit. I want to get to know you better."

"Get to know me?" The tone wasn't like the icy Miss Stark she knew.

"Yes, my sweet. Much better! Ellen Carver isn't the only one attracted to you." She put her hands on Letha's firm tits and fondled them gently through bra and silky pink slip. Letha gasped in shock.

"Lie still," the older woman insisted. "I know you enjoyed lesbian sex with the president of our board of trustees. Now I want you to enjoy it with me."

"Oooooh," Letha moaned. Sex with anyone was the furthest thing from her mind right then. There wasn't a muscle or nerve anywhere in her body ready for even the slightest stimulation.

"I've loved women all my life," Miss Stark said. Her hands slipped down to Letha's slender waist, then drew together on the dome of her pussy mound.

Letha shivered, not wanting to be touched by even a woman's soft hands.

"I like playing the man's role..."

"Miss Stark!"

"Call me Prudence." She hiked up Letha's pink slip and pulled down her panties. "I haven't been able to think of anything else since I saw your adorable little pussy without any hair at all. It's like a baby's cunt. I know it's an awful thing to admit, but that makes me unbearably horny. I've done nothing but dream about fucking you."

"Prudence, I haven't dreamed about fucking these last couple of nights -- I've had nightmares about it! I wasn't sick those three days, I was held prisoner by a bunch of horny young men."

"Oooh, you poor dear," Miss Stark stroked Letha's trembling pussy consolingly. "They must have abused you terribly."

"Abused and, overused."

"I'll make you feel better. I can feel your sleek little cunt responding to my tenderness already."

"That's shivering fatigue you feel. I need sex right now like Custer needed more Indians."

"After that terrible ordeal, you need a woman's gentle and understanding love more than ever. Men are such beasts, but I'll make you forget all about that."

"I don't want to forget, God damn it! I just want to rest. I spent three days in chains."

Miss Stark flashed a chilling grin. "Is that what it takes to excite you?"

"No!" Then Letha smiled. "Well, I mean it was exciting... in a strange sort of way, but..."

"You needn't explain. I understand." Miss Stark slid off the couch and went to the file cabinet behind her large desk. She bent down and opened a locked bottom drawer.

Letha could only see her head and upswept crown of silver hair above the desk top. For the first time she realized how stunning the woman really was. So tall and stately, a face with finely carved classic features. Nicely dressed and properly made up, the woman would be dazzling.

"I've been long devoted to the pleasures of bondage and discipline," Miss Stark said matter-of-factly. "At times that is the only way to satisfy my craving for the younger, more timid little pussies that I find so delectable."

Miss Stark arose smiling, holding a pair of wrist shackles and a set of leg irons in her hand.

"Ooooh, no!" Letha cried, leaping off the couch.

She bolted for the door, not caring that she had nothing on over her lacy pink slip.

She rattled the locked door, twisting and yanking the knob.

"It won't open without the key," Miss Stark said. "And neither will these!"

Prudence grabbed Letha's left arm and wrenched her hand behind her back. The handcuff whacked her wrist and the jaw whirled around to snare it. Letha screamed.

The glowering head librarian yanked her away from the door by pulling on her bound wrist. Letha stumbled and turned. Miss Stark grabbed her right arm, twisted it behind her, and snapped the other cuff closed.

Letha warned, "I'll scream!"

"Go ahead. My office is soundproof and as you can see, it has no windows."

She pulled Letha back toward the couch. Letha's primly coiled blonde hair came loose with all her thrashing. The long hot showers needed to ease pain after three days of bondage had rinsed the dulling toner from her hair. It shined bright as gold, long and silky in its radiant splendor.

"What beautiful blonde hair you have." Prudence Stark stroked a hand down her back. "And what a trim little ass. I'm sure those awful men were delighted with you."

"Yeah, they were."

"Now you know I insist the women who work here dress so as not to display their natural appeal." Miss Stark pushed Letha back and down on the couch. With hands cuffed behind her back there was little she could do to resist.

The leg irons were a pair of broad, locking bands joined by three links of chain to the ends of a solid steel rod. With the ankle cuffs locked in place, the two-and-a-half-foot-long rod would keep her legs spread.

Letha kicked and squirmed, wrenching her shoulders and chafing her shackled wrists. Prudence grabbed one leg and clamped it beneath her arm while locking the hand in place. Then she caught hold of the other.

"No!" Letha moaned, still weak from her three-day ordeal.

Now her legs were locked in steel restraint, spread for pleasure that could not be denied.

Miss Stark smiled with a predatory gleam in her usually cold, gray eyes. She began to undress, slow and sinuous in her movements, like a stalking cat. Her tits were firm and surprisingly full, topped by large nipples. Her tall body as slender, almost sinisterly slim. The long rippling muscles suggested strength and endurance. Her cunt hair was a long and slender wedge of the purest silver. It adorned a sleek mound and curved deep between her slender long legs.

Prudence stood over her, smiling in the triumph of wicked delight. She cupped her hands gracefully beneath her tits and slowly circled her nipples with teasing thumb strokes. They swelled hard and pulsed as she moaned in anticipation.

Then she slid her hands down to her silver cunt hair and fingered her clit. Her moans came louder and faster. A stubby thick nub emerged from her narrow wedge of shining silver cunt hair. Her clit had swelled to the size of a man's thumb tip. An eerie big nub that gleamed with damp warmth.

"My clit will delight yours," she said with a cat-like smile. "That bud of nerves is the center of sexual pleasure in all women. You will feel the heat and tingle of delight without having to suffer vile penetration."

Letha moaned, strangely entranced by the older woman's big clit. It pulsed and surged like a man's cock getting hard.

"Men are so beastly crude," Miss Stark went on. "They only think about violating a woman's innermost reaches with their awful pricks. They too often ignore that wonderful little button of pleasure so easily reached. That's why I'm still a virgin as far as sex with a male is concerned. I've never let a man touch me, and I've shown countless young women the path to unsullied pleasure. They've all forsaken the penis for pure rapture without penetration."

Letha thought, she's a lesbian evangelist. A missionary of all female sex. What a waste! What a crying shame. And still a virgin at her age! A miracle of modem times.

Prudence took a long pair of gleaming library scissors off her desk and began to cut open the front of Letha's pink slip. The cold blade reached her panties and severed them too. Then they cut between the cups of her bra.

"Now the beautiful neophyte is prepared for the worship at the Temple of Lesbos."

Miss Stark knelt between Letha's spread legs, eyes locked on her freshly shaved pussy. She'd lathered it and shaved off silky blonde traces of stubble only that morning.

"Yyyuuunnnm!" the older woman said, bringing her silver-crowned head down.


Letha's cunt had been sucked more times than she could count, but never quite like this. Prudence Stark's tongue had a feathery touch, and a talent for finding nerves normally sheltered from stimulation.

"Passion in its purest form," the head librarian exclaimed.

The head librarian! That made Letha giggle. Miss Stark did give great head!

Letha had thought her pussy was weary beyond pleasure and in dire need of rest, but the swirl of a clever tongue made her clit tingle with pulses of joy. The honey she thought had been drained from her exhausted cunt hole began to flow afresh.

Prudence slid her hands over Letha's sharp tits and whirled her jutting nipples. The blonde writhed beneath her, arching and moaning with delight. Pleasure flowed through her veins. Letha raised her ass off the couch to ease pressure on her cuffed wrists, and to feel more of the lesbian's enticing tongue.

"You'll never want a rough man to touch you again," Miss Stark said. "I will convert you and spare you from male degradation."

Artful cunt sucking only made Letha want to feel cock again, but her lips curled with a sly smile.

"Yyyyeeesss! How marvelous it is to learn new ways. Eat me, Prudence... make me cum."

A plan had formed in her mind. She would feign conversion to passion without the penis -- that way she'd never be suspected when the Phantom struck again.

Prudence tongued and sucked her new devotee to an orgasm that built, slowly, the taut spasms increasing with almost unbearable suspense. When the tremors peaked and wrenched, she let out a scream, but Miss Stark kept sucking and twirling. Letha's jarred senses soared.

Then while her bald-shaved pussy was still in the throes of thrilling contractions, Miss Stark lunged forward like a man. Sleek musk, fresh from Letha's cunt, dripped from the woman's smiling lips.

"My luscious little treat," she said. "That was only foreplay. Now I'm going to clit-fuck you to rapturous joy!"

She dropped on her captive and there was an immediate spark as though an electric current had passed between them. Their cunts had touched.

Miss Stark pumped her slender hips and intensified the pressure until Letha was moaning and thrusting back. Their two buttery cunt buds swarmed and squirmed all over each other.

Letha's sharp gasps voiced her delight. She hated being chained and used by the older woman as much as she'd hated being held a helpless prisoner by the young men at first, but she warmed quickly to Prudence Stark's impassioned thrusts. The silver-haired librarian was a consummate master of clit stimulation.

Their clits raged with shocking sensations of pleasure, boiling more wet honey from both of their cunts. The office smelled like a whorehouse on a busy Saturday night.

The blonde's pussy convulsed into spasms of wringing wild pleasure meant to entice a man's cock to explosive eruption. But there was no man's cock. Not even a plunging finger her cunt could get a grip on.

Letha moaned, enjoying the sensations of climax as they came together. Both wailed raptured cries, hugging and kissing with passion, grinding their hips with lewd fervor.

Miss Stark kept up her twisting and grinding thrusts, prolonging the throes of shared rapture several minutes longer than even the most virile man could.

But she had no cock, and she delighted Letha without fully satisfying her. Letha could have screamed: I need a cock! but restrained her cry of frustration because she didn't want Prudence to have even a hint of what was in her mind.

Instead, she grinned contentedly, catching her breath only long after Miss Stark had exhausted herself and stifled her hips.

"I knew you'd like it," the head librarian said with a beaming grin. "Women don't really need crude men. We're better off without them."

Letha was thinking: If you only knew! The delirious aftershocks in her empty cunt were unfulfilling without a man's cock to feel the contractions and respond with its own pulsing.

"Now shall we try some sixty-nine?" the head librarian asked. "I'm anxious for you to suck my big throbbing clit, so that you'll never hunger for the bestial abuse of a man spilling his seed in your pretty throat."

The blonde sighed. "Yes, let's do that. I've never seen a clit as big and swollen hard as yours. I want to suck it and make you cum."

Hours passed before Miss Stark had sated, her hunger for baby-bald cunt and released the weary blonde assistant librarian from her restraints. They'd shared a dozen cock-less climaxes which had brought wracking sighs of satisfaction from the older woman's lips. Letha had made the same breathy noises, but hers were toned with increasing frustration.

Back at her desk, Letha looked up Dick Williams in the library card file. Long Dick Williams and his friend Rich's longer cock would have been better for her purposes, but Richard Sims was off on his honeymoon, delighting his young wife.

"Hello?" came Long Dick's curious voice when he answered the phone.

Letha spoke in the low, breathy tone she felt certain he'd remember from their three-day revel.

Surprised and delighted, Long Dick said, "It's you!" But then his tone cooled. "If you're drumming up business, I can't afford an expensive whore right now."

"What I'm going to give you won't cost a thing. I'm a librarian, remember? My services come free with your card. All I want first is a favor."

"What kind of favor?" Long Dick asked.

Letha explained, "I have a female friend with the same problem as Richard. She's still a virgin, a simply stunning older woman who doesn't know what she's missed."

"Send her around any time," Long Dick said cheerfully.

"That isn't possible in her special case. She's so timid and shy that we must bring the pleasure to her..."

Letha went on to explain her devious plan. There were things even a head librarian had to be taught.


The basement of Miss Stark's elegant Victorian home had been turned into a parlor for secret lesbian pleasures. There, she reigned like a high priestess on the Isle of Lesbos, where in ancient times female homosexuality was practiced with all the fervor of a primitive religion.

Prudence Stark had her own devoted following, mostly young girls still shy of boys but with bodies that felt restless with natural curiosity. Some had responded to her preachings and clit ministerings with unfailing devotion. Prudence loved them. Others gave in to more unnatural impulses -- Miss Stark enjoyed them even more. She had a darker side, a need for physical conquest and control stronger than that of the most unflinching rough male.

Gloria was a sultry redhead, one of Miss Stark's most devoted disciples until she had been attracted to and seduced by a college freshman football star. A girlfriend of Gloria's had related the news to Miss Stark in lurid detail the day before.

Now Miss Stark had had Gloria brought back to the basement temple by force. Her fiercely devoted followers had ripped off the redhead's clothes and bound Gloria naked to the rugged cross that was their revered symbol of suffering. The towering, foot-thick main timber had been carved to look like a huge circumcised cock. Simulated veins, stained darker than the shaft, stood out in bold relief.

The cross arm was also intricately carved, each side looking like a four-foot-long prick with a wrinkled cowl of foreskin partly drawn back by erection. Just the sight of that ominous symbol was enough to send shivers of fear into a girl.

But Gloria now feared it only because of the wrath of her livid high priestess. The redhead had felt a prick plunging in deep and had learned to like it a lot better than the female pleasures she'd been taught to revere.

Miss Stark paced the chilly stone floor. A long black whip trailed along the floor behind her. Her knuckles paled with strain as she clenched the whip's black wooden handle.

It, too, was also carved to look like an ominous cock. She poked Gloria's fiery, red-furred pussy mound with the huge knobbed head of the whip handle.

"You've fallen from grace!" the bitch Goddess declared coldly. "You've given yourself to a man. You're unclean and unfit to warship with the others in this hallowed place!"

Gloria was tightly bound to the cross, her arms spread wide, her feet fled one over the other with a circulation-stopping rawhide thong. Though pained and frightened, the girl snapped back at her regal tormentor.

"Yes, I gave myself to a man! And I will again. All your preaching about pure passion between women is pure crap! A thick hot prick is better than your big clit. Ten times better!"

"You irreverent little bitch! You've been deluded and despoiled, driven by shame to worship the instrument of your destruction!" The whip curled back in a high arc and then flew forward in a sinuous curve.

It lashed the cringing redhead's luscious young pussy. A red welt blazed like a fiery tongue of flame. Tortured contractions wracked her soft cunt. A shrill scream tore from the writhing girl's drawn lips. Before she stopped screaming, the lash had hissed and cracked again. Bound to the cock-shaped arms and main spar of the cross, Gloria twisted and squirmed, sobbing in terrible pain.

It was at this moment that Letha met Long Dick in the alley back of Miss Stark's house. She stepped out of the shadows in her black Phantom's outfit, swirling her silky long cape.

Long Dick grinned wryly. "Oh, my God, the caped crusader!"

They heard Gloria's shrill scream rising from a barred basement window.

"This isn't a laughing matter," Letha told him. "The head librarian fancies herself to be the high priestess of lesbian love. She's got a dozen devoted young girls for followers, and she's punishing one who's just fallen from grace."

Letha had been listening outside the window, waiting for Long Dick to arrive.

"The girls are all virgins... except the one being whipped."

"Let me guess," Long Dick said. "The bull dyke high priestess with the whip is the one you want me to fuck."

"You've got it. Or maybe I should say, you're going to get it. But not until I've given her a taste of the lash."

Long Dick heard the whip cracking and the girl's tortured cries.

He shuddered, shook his head and said: "To crash a weird party like that, I think I should have a costume as kinky as yours. At least a mask."

"I've made you a black hood like ancient executioners used to wear. The rest of your costume should be just the way God gave it to you."

"Naked?" Normally brash and confident, Long Dick was beginning to feel uneasy.

"Of course. What could frighten and then please those tender maidens more than the sight of a huge stiff cock? Hurry, get your clothes off and I'll suck it steely hard for you."

He grinned lewdly, starting to undress. "You talked me into it."

When he stood naked except for the black executioner's hood, Letha dropped to her knees and sealed eager lips on the knob of his cock.

They could hear the whip cracking and the girl's tortured wails as Letha bobbed her head, swaying the radiant, coal-black hair of her long wig.

"Ooooh," he moaned. "Still hungry for cock after all we put you through?"

"More than ever," she assured him. "And it pains me to think of so many young virgins being deprived."

She went back to sucking, thrilled by his throbbing cock and pleased with her bold plan.

"I think I'd rather have you. No timid virgin could fuck a foot of hot prick the way you do!"

Letha pinned and slowly raised her head, leaving his cock wet with spit and throbbing hard.

"I wish I could make you cum in my throat and swallow your jism. But I want that proud silver-haired witch handling the whip to get a full load her first time."

"Yeah," he said with anxious anticipation. "Let's go. I want to hear her scream like that girl she's been whipping."

"This way. I've already picked the lock on the back door."

It was dark in the old house, but the eerie wails guided them to the basement stairs like a beacon. Letha went down first, tiptoeing, to keep the high heels of her long black boots from clicking on the stone steps.

Long Dick followed close behind. His heart was thundering, making his thick cock pulse with excited desire. First he saw the pretty young redhead bound to the cross at the far end of the room. Her ripening body was criss-crossed with a tangled patchwork of blazing red welts that flamed fiery bright like her pussy hair. Her head swayed in writhing anguish and tears streamed down her, creamy-smooth cheeks. All eyes were on the weeping girl. Her tall, white-robed tormentor glared hotly.

"Now tell us the truth!" she demanded. "You hated what that young man did to you!"

Gloria raised her head. Her green eyes fluttered, streaked with tears. She was facing the stairs and was the only one who saw the ominous pair creeping down. A vengeful grin curled her soft lips.

"I loved it!" she said in a weak but defiant voice. "And so will you!"

It wasn't hard for Gloria to figure out what the two silent intruders had in mind. The masked raven-haired beauty, caped and clad in clinging black, carried a cat-o-nine-tails in her right hand, while the hooded man had a huge cock that strained with a hammering pulse.

"No man's vile organ of degradation will ever touch me," Miss Stark declared. "I'd sooner be bound to the cross and have my tender skin whipped off!"

"We'll see!" Letha snarled. Miss Stark whirled and gave a startled cry. The white-robed young virgins shrieked in alarm.

Prudence Stark's long arm arched back to lash out with the whip at the masked woman whose proud tits and slinky black muff of cunt hair were proudly exposed. But Letha's shorter cat-o-nine-tails struck first.

Nine sinewy leather thongs with double-knotted tips fanned across the woman's chest, ripping the front of her filmy white gown and leaving a spidery web of stinging welts on her naked flesh.

Miss Stark screamed and dropped her whip. Her white gown, her symbol of purity, was being ripped off. The filmy cloth ripped and tore into tatters each time the vicious cat struck. She staggered back toward the cross, blushing red as her welts. She'd just seen the man with his huge naked cock aimed at her like the barrel of a gun.

"Oooh, my God!" she cried. "Stop them, girls! Don't let them do this to me!"

Gloria shouted down from the cock-shaped cross. "Leave them alone! The bitch has lied and selfishly kept us all for her own pleasure!"

The timid young virgins gawked and trembled, but none made a move to intervene. Sight of a man's naked cock weakened their knees. Some were breathless with anticipation, others torn between natural instinct and the strict teachings of their lesbian mistress.

Letha flailed the nine-tongued lash with a practiced hand. The knotted tips tore Miss Stark's long gown from her body. It slipped from her hunched shoulders and fell to the floor. She turned, beaten to her knees and embraced the huge round shaft of the carved wooden cock for support.

"Ooooh, please... dear God, make her stop!" the shuddering woman screamed.

Letha smiled. "Look at her! In pain and anguish, she clings to the wooden symbol of male strength."

Bound to the cross above Miss Stark's head, Gloria eyed, the huge prick of the hooded man standing just behind her raven-haired savior. It was almost twice the size of the pleasing prick that led her to yearn for more than sex with another of her own kind.

"Give it to her!" the whipped redhead cried. "Fuck the proud bitch! Bloody her cunt and make her beg for more!"

The white-robed virgins all gasped, rising to their feet for a better view. Long Dick's cock was throbbing fiercely, but he let the vengeant Phantom play out her final scene.

"Cut that girl off the cross," Letha told the virgins.

They moved as one. They were used to taking orders from a woman. One girl pulled a metal pin from the base of the cross. The long shaft and its cock-shaped cross arms hinged back. The other girls gently walked it down, laying it flat on the cold stone floor.

A knife flashed in its flickering torchlight and the cords that had bound Gloria's arms and legs were severed. The redhead was helped to her feet by sympathetic girls who kissed and licked her stinging wounds.

They ignored Miss Stark, who was hunched and blubbering at the hinged base of the folded down cross.

Letha said, "Tie her to the cross in Gloria's place... but bind her upside down. Spread those long, elegant legs wide and bind her ankles tight to the heads of the cocks she's taught you all to fear."

Four young virgins hastened to do as they'd been told.

"No!" Prudence Stark cried. "You can't do this to me! I am your salvation from everlasting shame. Through me you will know pleasure and remain forever inviolate."

Her once-devoted followers laughed and cinched the binding cords around her spread legs tighter than they needed to be.

"Now pull her arms above her head," Letha told her new subjects. "Bind her wrists to the root of her cock-shaped cross."

Miss Stark cried out. Although she'd bound and whipped many of her less-than-willing subjects, the silver-haired beauty had never experienced the sickening fear of restraint herself.

She winced and screamed, shedding tears of abject terror as the throng of virgins yanked her arms above her head, crossed her wrists, and bound them to the base of the cross.

"Please kill me. Cut my throat! I'd rather die than suffer the stab of a man's cock."

Long Dick strolled through the crowd of white-robed virgins.

"Let's cut out all the bullshit. The silver haired bitch Goddess of knowledge has told you all that sex with another woman... or women... is enough to satisfy all your needs." The innocents all nodded.

"Well then," said the proud owner of the mighty cock. "I would like you all to treat this lithe and lovely bitch to all of the female pleasures she can stand. Kiss her with thrusting tongues. Suck her tits. Eat her cunt. Lick the soles of her feet. Do everything she'd taught you. Listen to her delighted gasps and moans... then listen to her shrilling screams of pleasure when I ram my cock into her. After that, if even one of you thinks the licking and sucking and timid clit-fucking of another woman is enough, then I'll-I'll..."

Letha grinned. "You'll turn in your library card?"


Like a swirling white cloud, a dozen teenaged virgins descended upon their bound mentor.

She was used to domination. To be bound, licked and sucked by her former supplicants sent shivers of terror rippling up her spine.

They had been taught well. A dozen probing and lashing tongues knew all her points of pleasure. They fondled and teased Prudence Stark to one grinding lesbian climax after another. It was pleasure forced upon her.

Miss Stark strained not to respond. She dreaded and reviled restraint.

"Leave me alone!" She screamed.

The girls she had taught to love tits and cunt delighted in preparing their mistress for the ultimate sacrifice. Wrenching spasms of climax chafed her bound wrists and ankles. Blood seeped and her welts blazed. The wet tongues of eager young girls teased and stroked her smarting wounds until she could no longer tell pleasure from pain.

Miss Stark knew they were preparing her, heating the untried depths of her cunt and making every surface nerve tinge in readiness, for she could see that fearsome, throbbing cock dangling over her head. It swayed lewdly, swelling larger each time she was tongued into the throes of another climax. The white-gowned virgins were feasting on her, yet all the time furtively eyeing the huge prick that was to be her undoing.

Letha motioned back the white-robed virgins with a flick of her menacing, nine-tongued lash. Then she grinned at Long Dick.

"Give it to her! The education of our head librarian is about to begin!"

Prudence Stark clamped her eyes shut, too frightened to watch. Long Dick stood between her bound legs, his huge prick hot and ready.

Her lips curled into a trembling grimace. "Don't do this to me!" she screamed. Letha cooed: "Poor Miss Stark!"

Whipping her silver-haired virgin cunt and watching the tongues of a dozen girls bring the woman to one climax after another had heated her simmering pussy so that slick honey dripped and flowed between its puffed lips.

She straddled the woman's head and seated her drooling cunt slit on the woman's lips. "If you can tongue fuck me to a climax as blissfully satisfying as what I get from a man's cock, then I'll tell him to spare your virgin pussy."

Prudence began licking, sucking and thrusting her tongue with the fierce passion of desperation.

"Ooooh, that's good!" Letha purred, swiveling her hips and pressing her black-furred pussy to meet the head librarian's cager tongue. "But it's not good enough! Better get your cock ready to show the poor bitch what she's missed all her life."

"No!" Prudence Stark cried, her straining voice muffled by a furry black cunt.

Long Dick straddled the main beam of the cock-shaped cross and knelt between the writhing woman's bound legs. He pressed the bulbous, knobbed tip of his cock to the tight narrow gash of the head librarian's silver-fleeced cunt. The narrow channel, whipped and licked hot by so many tongues, was gushing a flood of cum juice.

Her cunt lips shivered and her body strained, creaking the tightly bound thongs that held her legs apart. Miss Stark's convulsive reaction could not have been more intense if a red-hot branding iron had been pushed between her legs.

She screamed and sobbed, the sounds wetly muffled by Letha's delighted cunt. Yet she sucked with a fervor, pistoning her tongue into the slithering hot pussy. Pussy hair soft and sensuous as black mink tickled her lips. She tried with every trick and lewd technique she knew to bring the black-clad beauty to a climax satisfying enough to spare her precious maidenhead.

"Whooooeee!" Letha cried, feeling the contractions of climax begin. "Fuck me, you lewd bitch! Ram your tongue deep and twist it! Yeah! Ooooh, yeah! That's good. That's great!"

Miss Stark groaned. Letha raised up just enough to let her speak.

"Does that mean you'll spare me?"

"Yes," Letha said with a smile. "I love the way you eat cunt so much that I'm going to save you."

"Oh, thank God!"

"I'm going to save you from a life of frustration with orgasms never quite complete. Fuck her!" she said to the hooded accomplice.

"Oooooh!" Miss Stark wailed. "Christ, I've only given you an inch!" Long Dick said, delighted by the writhing, tightness and quivering fear of her sleek cunt. "I haven't even reached your cherry."

Miss Stark moaned. Letha had pressed her cunt back to the woman's lips, loving the way her hot breath gushed into her wet cunt.

When Long Dick's mighty cock pressed on her cherry, the anguished head librarian's tongue shot out like a spear. As the pain in her cunt increased, every muscle and nerve quaked with revulsion.

"Shit, she's got the toughest cherry ever to come under my long prick. It's like her cunt was sealed with saddle leather!"

"It's had so long to thicken," Letha said. "Just keep pushing. I love the way pain makes her tongue thrust. She's eating cunt better now than ever before!"

Long Dick pushed hard. His face reddened and his cheeks puffed. His broad back strained.

"It's like trying to fuck your way through a brick wall!"

Prudence Stark's eyes filled with tears. The pain of her tortured membrane was intense, but she hoped the stubborn web of flesh was strong enough to prevent deeper violation.

Long Dick reared back and for one joyous moment Miss Stark thought he'd given up. Then he lunged with a hip thrust that powered his cock like a battering ram. A muffled scream erupted beneath Letha's mink-furred cunt. Yet still Miss Stark's leathery maidenhead wouldn't yield.

Long Dick arched back again. This time he drilled and twisted, thrusting with all his might. There was another cunt-muffled scream as the stubborn cherry strained thin under the head of his cock.

He recoiled and rammed her again, a series of quick jackhammer thrusts this time. Long Dick could feel the fleshy barrier open a little wider with each one.

Prudence Stark was half out of her mind. The pain and the vile indignity were even worse than she'd imagined. She could feel the pulse in the head of his cock. It surged and strained the writhing walls of hex narrow cunt.

Then Long Dick yanked his quivering hot prick all the way out. He took a deep and determined breath, rammed and rammed into her silvery pussy from six inches back. The force and pain of violation came so fast that at first Miss Stark didn't realize what had happened. She felt his cockhead strain her entrance gate, then she felt a brief but needle-sharp stab of pain that, made her toes curl.

And then she knew. Her eyes flared wide and tears flooded down her cheeks for cherry had been torn, split asunder by one vicious thrust. His awesome cock was deep in her convulsing cunt.

The force it took to ram through her stubborn cherry carried Long Dick's twelve-inch cock to the hilt. It drove deep where no man had been before. Her once inviolate pussy-hole was a whirlpool of agonized flesh, clinging and swirling in spasms of complete shock.

He grinned and drew back slowly. Her emptied cunt contorted itself, squeezing and straining to seal the awful wound. Miss Stark could feel the sticky heat of stale virgin blood seeping into her ruined temple.

Then the hooded assassin of her purity pushed in again. His enormous cock head tore her ruptured hymen even more. He was pushing slowly this time, savoring her wild contractions of pain and insufferable shame.

Miss Stark's lovely lithe body was still and lifeless. Only in the narrow channel of her ravaged cunt was there motion, a raging storm of pained contractions she could not control. Long Dick began fucking her with smooth gliding strokes. He knew this willowy, silver-haired blonde was going to be a great fuck once she got used to the idea.

Letha tired of having her cunt licked by a tongue stunned into weak trembling. She stood up and joined the hushed group of young virgins circled around the cross. All of them were breathing in quick, shallow gasps. Some because of fear, more because of excitement.

She noticed that several of the girls had raised the hems of their long gowns and had slipped a hand under to fondle their own clits.

They could all hear Miss Stark's anguished cries. She screamed, blubbered and moaned in time with Long Dick's spearing cock thrusts. Screams came when he powered in. The tormented blubbering erupted when he was rooted deep, making her tear-streaked gray eyes bulge. Then she moaned when he drew back.

"His cock is much larger than most," Letha told the girls, "it brings more pain at first and more pleasure later."

Gloria, the only one of them who'd seen or felt a man's cock before that night agreed with a nod that swirled her fiery red hair.

"He can fuck me anytime!" she declared.

Letha grinned. She had to raise her voice. Long Dick was fucking faster now, slapping his hard-muscled loins on Miss Stark's tender pussy mound. It made a cracking sound almost like the whip she'd used.

"I've arranged for you girls to have a wonderful assortment of pricks to pick from. My young friend wearing the hood and ramming your former high priestess knows a group of horny young males hung with cocks of every different size and shape you can imagine. We've invited them to join us later. Every girl who wants to can try several and find the type she enjoys most."

"I want a short one that's really thick!" one girl said. "That's what my brother has. I peek when he's talking a shower, and his thick, stubby prick makes me drool!"

"I want one shaped just like the dildo I use... about seven inches and this big around!" She circled her thumb and first finger into an O.

Miss Stark moaned as other eager young virgins voiced their preferences. She'd lost them all, along with her cherry. They were chattering excitedly and urging Long Dick to fuck her harder and faster.

"We like to watch!" one girl said for them all.

Letha did too. Turning on Ellen Carver and watching her fuck happily for the first time in her life had been a real thrill. And watching Miss Stark be cock-cured of her lesbian obsession was even more satisfying. Before the long night was over, all fifteen of the party guests would fuck her at least once -- when they weren't busy deflowering young virgins.

Miss Stark grunted and gushed tears each time Long Dick drove into her. She opened her eyes and glared at his hooded face, then down at the blood-smeared length of his awesome cock. Her stubborn cherry now seeped blood from its ragged wound -- a flood, compared to the spotting of younger and more tender girls. Each thrust pained her tattered seal. It felt like the thrust of a fiery lance.

Her wringing tight cunt clenched and swirled. She began to moan, too weak and breathless to power any more screams. As Long Dick kept fucking harder and faster, the sounds deepened and her chest heaved.

Letha knew the woman's cunt was heating up, responding as a woman must to deep reaching pleasure. In just a little while, Miss Stark would no doubt be screaming again, wracked by the intense contractions of her first real climax.

But just watching would never be enough for her. Letha asked: "Who wants to be the first virgin pussy I've ever sucked?"

"I do!" said half a dozen voices at once.

The masked Phantom grinned delightedly. "What a feast this is going to be!"

Girls were already forming a line.

"Eating sweet cherry cunt is about the only sexual pleasure I haven't enjoyed. I just hope there's time to get to you all before the boys arrive."

Her style of cunt sucking and tongue-fucking was more forceful and demanding than their former mentor's. Letha knew that she had to prime their innocent pussies for real fucking -- a task that she greatly enjoyed.

The tart-sweet tang of virgin fuck honey was the most savory stuff she'd ever taste. She gulped and slurped her way from one luscious little cunt to the next, telling them all quite honestly that feeling a cock inside would be even better.

Miss Stark's eerie wails stressed the point. Although she felt the stabbing pain and deep humiliation of a man's ravaging big cock, she couldn't understand her pussy's response. It began to squeeze and slither warmly along the shaft. No longer intent on keeping him out, she felt it welcome his cunt-straining prick-shaft with eager spasms.

This brought more anguish to her mind -- the feeling that her own body had betrayed her. Taken by force, it had become a willing victim.

"It's going to be great when you climax," Long Dick said. "Your cunt is already one of the most lively I've ever fucked."

"Ungh!" she groaned.

"And you're going to love it when I fill your bloodied pussy with cum. It'll soothe your torn cherry and flood you with a feeling like liquid fire."


Miss Stark tossed her head in dismay. Her lips quivered and her anguished eyes fluttered weakly, now drained of tears. It was happening, the tremors of orgasm she knew well from her wide-ranging lesbian experience!

But the exquisite tension kept building, surpassing anything ever done by a woman's tongue or clit. Her body was wracked by the strength of her shuddering tremors. Her dizzied mind soared higher. Her voice tensed and she began to scream with a steadily rising pitch.

"I'm cumming!" she cried as though that couldn't be. "I'm cumming harder than ever before!"

"Yeah, my reluctant lovely: I can feel it! Your sucking sweet cunt is going to milk a quart of cum out of me!"

"Yes! Ooooh, I want it! I want you to cum with me! I want you to make our climax complete!"

Long Dick grinned behind the hood that covered his face. His conversion of the lesbian priestess was almost complete. His anxious hot breath rasped. He fondled her welted tits, twirled her tingling nipples and kissed her hard, thrusting his tongue out through the mouth slit in his hood.

Miss Stark sucked on it like a demon. She couldn't help it. Climactic spasms had driven her to distraction. She arched her silvery cunt as much as her tight restraints would allow. It didn't matter that biting thong chafed her wrists and ankles. She'd been fucked far beyond pain, made to soar into an eerie world of unknown and previously unthinkable delights.

When Long Dick suddenly tensed and drove into her with an especially deep grunt, Miss Stark shivered in anticipation. Then she felt a scaring hot blast.

Jetting cum made her watery eyes start, then glaze with delight.

"Ooooh! It's filling my pussy and making it burn!"

"Soon the slickness will make it feel even better. I can fuck your tight cunt even harder and faster when its wringing tube has been well greased."

Prudence Stark couldn't believe the volume and force of his ejaculation. Nor could she believe the thrilling heat it sent surging through her veins. Her hands balled into fists. Her toes curled sharply. Every muscle in her lithe body tensed and shuddered with joyous strain. Her scream became a warbling cry of delight, reaching a fever pitch. Then she gasped and jerked. The glorious peak had passed. Her body twitched, relaxing and settling deep into a quivering bliss.

"Oooofr, God! That was great! What an orgasm! What a wondrous thrill it was!"

Long Dick said: "Glad you liked it, you're about to get more."

His friends, the other fourteen party guests were filling down the stairs, each one wearing a Halloween mask and nothing else. They were all naked and their cocks were all hard.

Letha grinned and picked out a big one. After all, she had invited a couple of spares.

"There's just one rule at this little party I've arranged," she told the new arrivals. "Everyone must fuck the guest of honor at least once."

"Is she a classy whore like you?"

"No, of course not," she answered with a peevish grin. "She's the head librarian!"


Letha arrived late for work and sleepy-eyed the next morning. But she didn't think it would matter. The primly dressed blonde didn't expect to see the head librarian at all. Miss Stark had been fucked thirty times when Letha lost count, and the woman was still begging for more.

But there she was, sitting at her desk, regal and stern-faced as ever. Two men in their late thirties sat facing her. Letha's eyes lingered on the one with flashing blue eyes and dark wavy hair.

She wished there was some way she could get to meet him, but it could not be while he was busy talking to Miss Stark, looking serious and taking notes. Letha headed for the check-out desk, hoping the head librarian would be too busy to notice her coming in late.

No such luck! Miss Stark looked up as Letha passed her open office door.

"That's the young lady I was telling you about," she said to the two men. "Letha, come here please!"

Shit! she was thinking. I'm going to be balled out for coming in late -- and in front of that great looking guy!

"Yes, Miss Stark?" she asked, feigning innocence.

"I want you to meet Detectives Barton and Collins from the police department," Miss Stark said with a sly and knowing look in her eyes.

"The police?" Letha felt a pang of fear, but she recovered quickly.

"What's up? Did somebody steal a book?"

Detective Collins was the one with dark wavy hair and gleaming blue eyes that Letha found so attractive.

He said, "No, ma'am, it's more serious than that. We're investigating a charge of gang rape, fifteen young men all wearing Halloween masks and led by a female described as a black Phantom."

Letha managed a wry little grin. "A phantom?" she repeated.

"Yes," said the other detective gravely. "She's described as being your height and weight, with long black hair that might have been a wig, and pussy -- I'm sorry, I should say pubic hair -- soft and silky as black mink."

"It was mink!" Miss Stark insisted. "I know furs and I know what was pressed to my lips when she forced me to orally copulate. When her pussy -- er, I mean when her pubes got hot I caught the scent of glue actors use to put on false beards and mustaches."

Collins gave Miss Stark a strange look. "With the other strong scent usually associated with that area, I'm surprised you even noticed."

"I did! And I know what I'm talking about. I direct the library's Little Theater group. I also happen to know that Letha Gerard has shaved herself in that area as one would have to before applying false pubic hair."

Now the handsome blue-eyed detective could hardly choke back his startled laughter.

"Er, aaaah... and just how is it you happen to know such an intimate detail as that?"

"Because I found her fornicating orally with the president of the library board of trustees!"

"Ridiculous!" Letha said hotly. She knew Ellen Carver would also deny the charge.

"You have no proof."

"Yes, I do -- these pictures, taken by our security surveillance camera."

Miss Stark spread three glossy black and white prints on her desk. They showed Letha and Ellen in different postures of lewd pleasure.

Letha's heart sank. Miss Stark's conversion was apparently not as complete as she'd hoped, and now the bitch was after her ass.

"Well, I-I did get it on with Mrs. Carver," she admitted, "but that hardly makes me a phantom leading a gang of naked rapists wearing Halloween masks."

"No one mentioned them being naked," said Detective Barton. "How did you know they were?"

"Er, well," Letha couldn't answer. She decided to counter-attack instead.

"Miss Stark hasn't told you the whole truth. She locked me in steel restraints and sucked my cunt right here in this room. Too bad there isn't a surveillance camera in here. We'd have pictures of her clit-fucking me too!"

"Preposterous charges!" Miss Stark said coldly. "You have no proof at all. It's my word against yours, and I think we both know whom the officers will believe."

"There's proof! Make her open that bottom file drawer. That's where she keeps her kinky toys."

"I'll open it gladly," said Miss Stark, and she did so with a flourish.

"As you can all see, it contains nothing but library files."

Letha groaned. Miss Stark had wisely bidden her restraints somewhere else before calling in a complain. She was grinning like a cat.

"I'm certain you'll find her bizarre costume and the cat-o-nine-tails I described if you search her apartment."

Detective Barton asked Letha: "Will you let us look around your place?"

"No, I will not!" Letha said sharply, blushing with guilt.

"Then we'll have to get a search warrant. That shouldn't be too difficult when we show the judge these pictures," Barton told her. "Put the cuffs on her, Collins."

Collins smiled at Letha. "I'm sorry, but I have to do this."

"Hold it!" said another male voice. Letha turned and saw another plainclothes cop, older than the other two.

Miss Stark smiled. "This is Captain Flynn. Have you interviewed all the girls whose names I gave you?"

"Yes, ma'am... and I think it's you we should be putting the cuffs on you."

"Me?" Prudence shrieked.

Captain Flynn gave a grim nod, "Twelve of the girls I talked to all said they were nowhere near your house last night. They don't know anything about a gang rape -- yours or theirs -- but they gave me the name of a girl you didn't mention, Gloria..."

"No!" Miss Stark's face couldn't have paled faster if her throat had been cut.

"Gloria said that you bound her to a cross and whipped her. She's got the welts to prove it. She also says that you've forced her to perform lesbian sex acts on at least a dozen different occasions. She says that if you're going to press charges, so will she. The boys in the pressroom at headquarters are going to love this one!" he added.

"I-I want to drop all charges," Miss Stark stammered.

The Captain said: "Well then, we don't have a problem. Let's go men, we've got a lot more serious crimes to solve."

Letha heaved along sigh of relief. Detective Collins gave her a lingering glance as he left he office. He grinned and winked a flashing blue eye. Her heart leaped into her throat. She wanted very much to meet him again.

Letha spent a restless day at the check-out desk, glancing tip anxiously every time a man approached. She was hoping Detective Collins would come back. She was thinking: I wouldn't mind if he handcuffed me. I wouldn't mind at all if he was taking me somewhere besides jail.

An uneasy truce kept Miss Stark at a distance, but the haughty bitch had tried to make serious trouble. She had obviously enjoyed being fucked, but apparently couldn't or wouldn't admit it to herself. Letha decided she would have to come up with another plan -- just what she didn't know yet.

It was after dusk when she walked into her apartment and reached out for the light switch near the door. A strong male hand grabbed her arm and wrenched it behind her. Letha parted her lips to scream, but his other hand clasped over her mouth.

She heard the clatter of handcuffs. The cold, locking band circled her wrist and snapped shut.

"Be quiet and you won't be hurt!" said a rough voice. Then her other arm was wrenched behind her and both were cuffed together.

Only then did he turn on the light and let her see him.

"Detective Collins!" she exclaimed, not so happy to see him now. "Am I under arrest?"

Collins grinned. "No, just under investigation. An unofficial investigation. I've been off duty for two hours."

"Then why the handcuffs?" she said nervously. "You scared me half to death."

"Sorry. I thought the Phantom would have nerves of steel. I found your costume... and your diary."

"You read my diary?" Letha blushed, angry and ashamed.

"Sorry again, but I couldn't put it down. It's better than any fuck book I ever read. I had to jack-off three times before I finished the best parts."

"And that wasn't enough to satisfy you?" she asked.

"It hasn't been enough for a long time. I haven't had good sex since my wife left me. And not much before that. She didn't like being a cop's wife."

"I think we can take care of that. If you'll just take these handcuffs off..."

Collins shook his head. "No, not yet. I felt something strange when I was about to put the cuffs on you this morning and it got stronger when I read your diary. I never realized it before, but I've always wanted to have a beautiful woman in helpless restraint. I thought about it a few times, but never dreamed a woman would enjoy it. Not until I read your diary. In fact, there are a lot of things I didn't know a woman would enjoy."

He was guiding her toward the bedroom and Letha made no effort to resist.

She asked, "Such as?"

"Ass fucking," he replied. "I wanted to bugger my wife's asshole all the time we were married -- and her ass wasn't nearly as cute as yours. She wouldn't let me do it, but you can't stop me."

In the bedroom, he bent Letha over the padded back of a velvety chair.

"Oooh!" she moaned.

Collins was breathing heavily as he knelt down and stroked his hands through her silky hair. He coiled the golden strands around a rung between the chair's front legs and made a knot so that Letha was bound by her own hair, unable to straighten up. Then he circled behind her and pulled two lengths of black nylon cord from his pocket Letha thought they looked familiar.

"I found that remarkable satchel the Phantom used," he said with a smile. "Including a set of lock picks. Did you know that mae possession of burglary tools is a felony in this state?"

"So is sodomy!" she replied.

"Yes -- illegal entry in both cases."

He bound Letha's ankles to the back legs of the chair. She was getting dizzy. Blood hammered into her skull because she was bent over head-down, and her belly hurt from being bent sharply over the back of the chair. In the mirror over her dressing-table she could see Collins removing his clothes.

First his sports jacket, then his shoulder bolster -- the sight of that sent a shiver down her spine -- then his shirt. He had a broad and hairy chest. She liked that.

His slacks slid down, but she couldn't raise her head high enough to see the bulge in his undershorts.

"How how big is your cock?" she asked.

He just said: "I think you'll be pleased."

"Since you're planning to fuck your cock up my ass, I hope it's a small one."

"No. I'm afraid the young man called 'Long Dick' in your diary has been put to shame again. If your recorded estimates of length and girth are correct, mine is at least equal to the shaft of one Richard Sims that you so much admired."

"Ooooh, my God! I didn't think there could be two cocks like that in the whole worid, much less in the same town."

"Rich is my nephew. Big cocks run in the family."

"Your nephew?" she croaked, her pulse racing.

It was bad enough that he'd read her dairy. Now Letha knew he must have had a first-hand report from the bachelor party.

"Yes, and I'm sorry that I had to miss your performance as a high-priced hooker. Given the nature of the gathering, I didn't think anybody would want to have a vice cop hanging around. But I can assure you, all the boys were suitably impressed. Rich most of all!"

Letha shook her head sadly.

"What's the matter? I thought you'd be pleased to know how much you thrilled them all."

"It's-it's nice to know, but ever since I first saw you, I've been hoping we could develop a normal relationship."

He laughed. "What's normal in this day and age? I've been a vice squad detective for five years, and things I've seen would curl your cunt hair."

Collins approached her from behind, stark naked, his enormous cock twanging hard. He raised the back of her tweed suit skirt and pulled her pure white panties down. Letha moaned as he pressed a bulbous big cock head into the trim little crack of her ass. The radiating heat made the puckered rim of her shithole seethe and squirm.

She could feel that his hard prick was well-greased with lubricating cream and after the delightful ordeal of his nephew's bachelor party, her ass was far more resilient than reluctant.

"Ooooh!" she cried, wringing her ass tight.


"Your ass is pure pleasure to me!" he said with a grunt, giving her another few inches of greased cock.

Letha yowled and yanked her head up, forgetting that he'd knotted her hair around a rung between the chair's front legs. She shivered and sank back, her belly heaving where it was crimped by the back of the chair, her ass strained by the monster cock of her widow's dreams.

"I need a prick like yours," she whined through quivering lips when he rooted it deep.

"And I need a woman who understands that a vice cop's desires are not what most would consider normal."

He began fucking her ass with slow, gliding strokes so they could both enjoy the slithering friction to the utmost.

"I'll take a life sentence!" Letha's delighted voice cried. "I want to fuck you forever... a sex life-sentence without possibility of parole."

Collins drilled and twisted his enormous cock into her ass, thrilled by her writhing contractions. Knowing now that she could not only accept but enjoy his perverted desires made her all the more thrilling.

He spiked in and felt her asshole swirl around his prick.

"You're better than any high-priced whore," he moaned. "And I should know. I tried a few when my wife left me."

"I'll never leave you!" Letha cried with passion. "I'll delight your big cock night after night. I'll worship your prick! I'll suck it hard when you get tired. I'll find fresh young pussies for you to fuck when it gets bored!"

"You sound like the ideal wife," he said.

"I will be! You'll see. Your every wish is my desire. Just give me cock -- give it to me hard and deep. Drive it, twirl it at the root. Ooooh, yeah... ravage my ass with that big fucker!"

Detective Collins came three-tenths of a second after her final plea. He spiked in his full length, felt her shudder and heard her scream. His cock jetted cum like a broken fire hose and she shrilled with delight each time she took a stinging hot deep spurt.

He caught his breath. "Does that all mean that you want to marry me?" he asked suddenly.

"Oh yes! I want first cum on that monster cock. But there's one small problem..."

"What's that?"

"I-I don't know your first name."

"It's Dick," he said. "What else could you call a detective with almost fourteen inches of cock?"

She shuddered and screamed as his searing hot cum shot into her ass.

"Oh, Long Dick... eat your heart out. You've been out-fucked again!"

"Now you be kind to that boy," Dick Collins said. "He's my cousin and it's not his fault he came from the cock-poor side of the family and was only gifted with a puny twelve inches."


Miss Stark was on edge all day, unable to concentrate on library business. Losing her precious virginity and being fucked repeatedly the night before had disordered her mind. The thrill of unwanted pleasure confused her completely. Her own body had betrayed her strictest beliefs, and she simply could not admit that she'd enjoyed what those young men did to her.

She realized now that it had been a mistake to involve the police. Her own deviant sex secrets had come perilously close to public exposure. Prudence was shocked and deeply hurt when none of the girls so heinously violated along with her would press charges, or even admit that a crime had been committed. She refused to believe they'd all enjoyed losing their purity. Even though they'd given themselves willingly, their chorus of scream and tortured wails still echoed in her mind.

At noon, she saw Cindy, a beautiful young blonde member of her lesbian cult who'd been working on a term paper the night before. She missed out on the savage debauchery that defiled the other girls and their sacred temple.

Cindy had come to the library on her lunch hour to get books she needed for her research. Miss Stark helped her find them and then invited the girl into her office. The cute little blonde grinned strangely when Prudence kissed her and fondled her budding young breasts as she had many times before.

"I thought after what happened last night that you'd be more interested in finding a man," Cindy said. "Or maybe a horny high school boy."

"You know about last night?" Miss Stark asked, blushing.

"Everyone does. All the girls have been talking about it. The guys too. They're delighted to have a dozen more eager cunts on campus. Some of the girls are fucking right now instead of eating lunch."

Miss Stark trembled in horror. "Oh, my God! My sweet, innocent girls. At least I still have you, Cindy. I want you to come to my house tonight. I'll help you with your term paper and we'll make love with the pure and tender passion that only two women can share."

"Forget it!" the girl said bluntly. "My paper is almost done and I have a date with a great looking guy tonight. I know he wants to fuck me, and I'm not afraid any more. Gloria and the other girls all say it's a lot better than just rubbing clits and eating each other's cunts."

"Gloria!" snarled Miss Stark. "That lewd little bitch!"

Cindy just shrugged and flounced out of the librarian's office.

At the door she turned and looked back. "If you want a big hot prick tonight, my boy friend has a brother in college who likes getting it on with older women. I could set you up."

"Get out of here!" Miss Stark screamed. "I never want to see you or any of the other girls again!"

"That's good," said the impudent young blonde, "because the feeling is mutual. We all want cock. Especially Gloria, she's going crazy trying to find one big enough to please her."

"Uuungh!" Miss Stark raged, slamming her office door. Then her lips curled into a devious grin. She sat at her desk and called the high school. Using her authority as head librarian, she was able to have Gloria brought to the phone.

"Gloria," Miss Stark said very sweetly. "I must talk to you."

The redhead told her: "Everything's cool. If you don't make trouble, neither will I."

"It's not about that, Gloria. There's a friend of mine I want you to meet."

"If it's another dyke, forget it."

"I'm talking about a man, a distinguished college professor doing research on adolescent sexual behavior. He's interviewing young girls recently... initiated, shall we say."

"Oh, shit! I don't want to talk about sex. I want to do it! I've gotta find a cock as big and beautiful as that one that got you your first time."

Miss Stark winced, remembering all too well.

"Professor McKane has one, I can assure you. And I know he'll want to do more than talk. He did with me, and I know he likes beautiful young girls even mere."

"He's really got a big one?" Gloria asked.

"Ooooh, yes! Girls at the college where he teaches call him 'Horse Cock' McKane."

"Hhhmrnrn, when can I meet him?"

"Tonight at the temple. I won't be there, but he'll be waiting for you at eight. I'll leave the back door unlocked for you."

"I'll be there," Gloria said excitedly. "But where will you be?"

"Oh here... I have a date."

"With a man?"

"Most definitely with a man!" Miss Stark was grinning slyly, planning the costume she would wear as Professor McKane. A man's suit, a wig, a beard and a mustache. And, of course, a realistic artificial cock... the biggest one she could find.

If her fallen virgins wanted to feel prick, Miss Stark was going to give it to them. She planned to have Horse Cock McKane interview them all.

It was near midnight when Letha and Dick Collins parked in the alley behind Miss Stark's old Victorian home.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Collins asked.

"Yes, I'm sure. She has to be up to something. Calling in the police didn't satisfy her, and she obviously hasn't learned to enjoy sex the way a woman should."

"Yeah, but I've found one who does," Collins said. "And I'd rather be home in bed fucking you right now."

"You've fucked me front and back four times already," Letha replied.

They kissed in the dark shadows, thrusting their tongues back and forth. She fondled the huge prick she'd fallen so madly in love with. "Hhhmmm," he growled. "Keep that up and I'm going to fuck you again right here in the front seat of the car."

Before Letha could answer, they were both jarred by the sound of a hissing whip crack and a girl's shrill scream.

"That's Gloria's voice coming from the basement," Letha said. "What the hell is she doing here?"

"I don't know, but it sounds like fun. Let's find out."

They both leaped out of the car and went up the back steps. The door was unlocked, and they lost no time getting into the darkened house.

Letha led the way to the basement stairs. She hadn't bothered with her Phantom disguise since Miss Stark had seen through it anyway but she had worn her high black boots and a wet look mini-skirt along with a clinging black sweater that showed the proud thrust of her firm tits.

As they reached the head of the stairs, they heard Gloria's voice cry from below.

"Nnnnooo! God! Please... don't stick that awful big cock in me again! You know I can't stand it! It must be sixteen inches long!"

Letha stopped. "Sixteen inches? This I've got to see!"

Then they heard a strange man's voice laugh.

"What's the matter, sweetheart? I was told you were anxious to find a cock big enough to please your faithless cunt!"

The whip cracked again. The sound echoed up the stairwell like a rifle shot, followed quickly by Gloria's tortured scream.

"Yes, I want a big cock. But not that big! It's-it's inhuman!"

"All men are inhuman," the deep voice declared. "They ravage and despoil women with their beastly lust."

Letha didn't recognize the cruel male voice. Miss Stark's experience with the library's Little Theater group had given her considerable skill.

Clad in a somber black suit, white shirt and tie, she paced the floor trailing her long whip. The fly of her suit pants was open and a grotesquely huge prick was standing rigid, swaying lewdly with each step she took.

Letha stared and whispered, "My God... it is sixteen inches long!"

Collins replied softly: "And the girl was right. It is inhuman. I've seen one like it before on the shelf of a sexual novelty shop that caters to cruel dykes like your Miss Stark."

"I wonder where she is?" Letha asked as they began tiptoeing down the stairs again.

"I don't know, but let me handle the lanky sadist in the black suit."

Collins drew his revolver as the whip hissed and cracked on the soft flesh of Gloria's ripe ass. The girl was locked in a pillory, a T-shaped wooden frame of heavy timbers with holes cut in the cross bar to enclose a victim's neck at the center and her wrists at the ends. The height was such that Gloria had to stand bent forward, her ass in a perfect position for a merciless whipping.

"I loved the way you screamed and sobbed when I ravaged your pussy with my heinous cock. I'm going to enjoy ramming it up your ass even more. You'll never want a man to touch you when I'm through."

"You're through right now!" Collins said sharply. "Up against the wall, you're under arrest!"

"What the hell?" Miss Stark cried in her natural voice. Shock made her forget the role she was playing, and the violence of hurling the long lash had loosened her artificial beard and mustache.

Letha grinned and snapped two pictures with her pocket flash camera.

"Just in case you haven't learned your lesson and try to make trouble again."

"You bitch!" Miss Stark snarled, pulling off the dangling artificial hair. "I was only teaching ibis girl to fear and hate cock as any decent woman should."

"And we're here to teach you to love it," Letha said, "... as any real woman does!"

Miss Stark dropped the long whip and staggered back with an anguished gasp.

"No, not again!"

Collins had holstered his gun and opened his fly to draw out something the woman feared more than his .38 -- the long barrel of his big cock.

Letha freed Gloria from the pillory. The gorgeous young redhead straightened up with a thankful sigh, rubbing her neck and wrists where they'd been chafed by the blinding wooden yoke.

"You're Mrs. Gerard, the assistant librarian," the girl said in surprise. "And you must also be the Phantom. I recognize those high black boots." She smiled and wiped tears of relief from her eyes. "You really saved my ass this time!"

"It's a pleasure to save an ass as pretty as yours. And an even greater pleasure is waiting for you, Miss Stark!"

Letha yanked off the man's wig and revealed the head librarian's own silver hair.

Tugging on it like the reins of a rebellious black stallion, she pulled Miss Stark back to the stout frame of the pillory.

"Aaagggh!" she cried. "Don't lock me in that thing backwards. I'll be forced to bend the wrong way!"

"You've always been bent the wrong way. I'm just trying to straighten you out," Letha replied savagely.

She took a pair of scissors from the pocket of her mini-skirt and dropped to her knees. Then she deftly cut open the pants legs of the man's suit Miss Stark wore.

"First we have to get you undressed."


Prudence was bent over backwards, her neck and wrist locked in her own pillory. She quaked and trembled, staring teary-eyed at the ceiling above.

The cold scissors clicked mercilessly and stripped the lithe, beauty stark naked except for the harness supporting the grotesque artificial cock and balls.

"Why would any woman so stunningly beautiful want to dress and act like a man?" Letha asked. "And why would a woman with a sleek tight cunt like yours want to have a cock sticking out instead of sticking in?"

She cut the harness straps and caught the big false prick as it fell. It spurted slick cum-like cream when she squeezed the oversized mechanical balls.

"I'll be damned... it works like a water pistol."

Letha turned it on Miss Stark's heaving chest and shot a big charge of the silvery cream between her tits. She rubbed it in and fired more.

"Hhhmmmm, it makes your skin silky soft," she said. "Dick's hands will glide so smoothly when he's fucking you."

"Nnnooo!" Prudence whined. "My pussy is much too tight for a cock the size of his!"

"Well, I'm going to grease it so you'll be just right."

Letha squeezed the ball sac and sprayed lubricating cream all over the woman's cringing cunt. She rubbed it in deep with teasing finger strokes that made Miss Stark so anxious and fearful that she could hardly breathe.

"I can't fuck bent over backwards like this. My feet will slip. I might break my neck!"

"Don't worry, I'll be right behind you... down on my knees to wiggle my tongue up your ass!"

Letha crouched behind her, reaching around her waist, parting her pussy lips and whirling her big clit while licking and tongue-teasing the puckered rim of her ass.

Collins had stripped himself nude. He stood before her and pressed the head of his big cock into her narrow slit.

Miss Stark groaned and rocked back, only to be driven forward again by the sparking tingle of a tongue wiggling into her ass. Her cunt responded to the strain of entry almost at once. The surging waves of unwanted pleasure took her breath away. She gasped and moaned, gritting her teeth and wincing her teary eyes almost shut.

"Ooooh, dear God... I do like it! My pussy feels like it's on fire!"

"Mine does too!" Gloria said. "And I'm only watching."

"Dick will have time for you later," Letha promised. "He'll show you that a man's cock gives more pleasure than pain -- after he'd given Miss Stark a lesson long over due!" She burrowed back into Miss Stark's delighted ass and heard the woman cry out in rapture.

"Ooooh, give it to me!" she begged. "Both of you! Let me feel all of your awesome cock! Ram it deep and make me a believer!"

In all the times she'd been fucked the night before, Miss Stark had not felt such extreme and deep-reaching delight. She wailed anxiously and pumped her hips towards the man's big cock. It pulsed in her depths like a beating drum. Tremors of shocking pleasure radiated outward.

"I'm cumming!" she cried. "I'm cumming already!"

"And you will again and again before I'm though. Letha was thoughtful enough to drain all the urgency from my balls before we got here. The hard on I've got now will last for hours."

"Hours?" Miss Stark screamed as her first climax began.

"Two or three at least. Maybe four. Right now I feel like I could fuck your sleek cunt all night!"

"Yes... oh, yyyeesss! I want you to. Fuck me long and hard. Fill my pussy and clear my head. Make me the woman I was meant to be!"

"Save a little for me!" Gloria cried. "I'm getting so hot I can hardly stand it! Ooooh, God, I want a big cock that fucks so deep!"

Letha kept her wiggling tongue deep in Miss Stark's ass, loving the way it shivered convulsed with wringing spasms when Dick powered his big cock in. It was a strange kind of closeness they shared now, lunging and thrusting at each other with another delighted female between.

She knew then their new life together would never be considered normal -- but neither would it be dull or frustrating. While so many are plagued by their own fears and inhibitions, they'd found a thrilling new kind of freedom.

Never again would she wear a mask to hide her impulsive desires. Lust was nothing that she needed to be ashamed of. Life was for living, to be enjoyed. And never had she enjoyed it more... sharing her passion as a woman, not a Phantom in bizarre disguise.

It took Dick Collins three hours to completely satisfy Miss Stark. After her first great series of climaxes, they released her from bondage and they fucked joyously on a velvet chaise lounge in the basement temple.

Letha devoted herself to licking Gloria's wounds and preparing her tawny-haired pussy for Dick to fuck next. Dawn was breaking by the time the weary pair arrived back at Letha's apartment.

"You still want to marry me?" he asked.

"Fuck me and I'll think about it," she replied coyly.

Dick was undressed, in bed and in her in just under a minute. Letha's body writhed joyously with his.

She cried, "Yyyeeessss! Ooooh, yyyeeessss!" each time he thrust the big cock she'd come to adore.

Later, when they were nestled warm and relaxed in each other's arms, Letha said, "There's just one condition..."

"Oh? What's that?"

"I get to come to your bachelor party."

"All right," he agreed with a lewd grin. "Along with any other horny librarian you happen to know I've developed a great hunger for higher learning!"


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