Chained trained nurse

Immoral people capitalizing on the innocence of others to achieve their goals -- a story as old as man. The Bible, history books, law books -- all chronicle episodes where one individual has been manipulated for the sake of another.

And when the victim is young and innocent, the story is so much the sadder.

The young nurse in this book is the victim of immoral people. A frigid woman, she finds herself caught in a complex web of depravity and perversion she never dreamed existed. And, after being forced to endure one humiliation after another, she becomes little more than an obedient animal to her captors.

CHAINED TRAINED NURSE -- the shocking story of an innocent womn learning the sordid truth about herself. A story which holds a lesson for our uncaring society.


"Get your hands off me!" Josephine Grieb snapped as she slapped Jake's hand away.

He just grinned and leaned back in bed, his leg cast shaking a little.

Josephine pulled her uniform down and made sure it was correct. It was a good thing Jake was leaving in a few days. He'd been trying to get into her panties since he'd come in. There were rumors that he'd gotten several other nurses into bed, but not Josephine. She finished checking his pulse and left.

Jake was someone she really hated. He just assumed that women wanted to fuck him. Not that he wasn't good looking -- he was. That dark hair and strong jaw line were things that many nurses had gone stupid over since he came into the hospital. But not Josephine. She checked to see that her lovely blonde hair was piled up on her head properly before she went into the nurses' station.

She got a bit of a shock, because Perry was there, the one doctor she really liked. He was easily as good looking as Jake, and they had even been out on a couple of dates. He'd behaved like a real gentleman, he'd never even hinted about sex. But Josephine knew that would come up before long, and she had stopped dating him.

It was better not to give men false hope. She was never going to marry, or even have sex, so it was better not to lead men on. Well, no more than was natural. She knew she was beautiful, and there was no harm in playing on that. Men gave a girl lots of nice things when she was beautiful and, if she handled it right, she didn't have to give anything back in return.

"Hi, Josephine," Perry said as he came in.

"Hi, Dr. Calhoun," she replied formally. Josephine was big on keeping the right attitude at work.

"Er, Josephine," Perry said, a little nervously, "I've got tickets for that concert you mentioned." He looked at her while the other two nurses in the station giggled a little.

"I don't think so," Josephine said.

"Well, think about it. It's three weeks away," Perry said. "Just let me know."

"Sure, Dr. Calhoun," Josephine said as she handed her report in.

She didn't think about anything to do with Jake or Perry during the next week. Jake left, still trying to slide his hand up her thighs, and Perry was as attentive as ever, but that was all.

A few days later, Josephine went on late shift, followed by four days off, so she was really looking forward to the rest when she came out at eleven after her final shift. She walked through the parking lot to her car, thinking of the shower she was going to have at home and then the nice long sleep -- when a car door opened just in front of her.

She ignored it, and was about to step around it when a hand reached out and grabbed her.

"What?" the she gasped.

But she was in the back seat before she knew it. A hand stuffed something into her mouth, and another set of hands wound something around her face. She was brutally turned and her wrists were bound, all before the car reached the exit. Josephine screamed into the gag, but she was forced to the floor and the guard at the check-out didn't suspect a thing. The car roared off into the night.

Josephine lay on the floor, moaning and twisting, but none of it did her any good. She was terrified, looking up at the two men who sat in the back seat, their legs spread around her, but she couldn't see much at all. Once, the light moved over their faces and she knew that she hadn't seen either of them before.

She had no idea why she had been abducted, but she knew the fate of most girls who were, and she trembled and shook with the most terrible fear. Being raped would destroy her. She wasn't like other girls. She couldn't recover from something as horrible as that. She lay on the car floor, weeping with terror, her uniform riding up over her legs.

The car turned into a drive and into a garage. Josephine was hauled up and pulled out of the car. The side door of the house opened and she was hustled in, through a corridor and down some steps into a basement. The light went on -- and she had an even worse shock.

She was in a torture chamber!

That was the only way to describe the racks of whips, the machines and other terrors all around her. She quivered and trembled, looking around her as the male figures moved in the dim red glow.

Then she saw Jake, and things got clearer.

At least, she knew now who'd abducted her. There were two other men and a woman, though Josephine wasn't sure if she'd been in the car. She was a sluttish-looking girl, with dark brunette hair down to her shoulders. She was dressed in a little white dress through which Josephine could see the outline of her slip, bra and panties.

Josephine shivered harder. She knew what women who dressed like that were like.

Suddenly she felt one of the men who held her run a hook through the ropes that bound her wrists. She gasped, looked down, and suddenly her arms were being hauled up on the end of a rope that ran through a pulley in the ceiling. She screamed into the gag, and she was suddenly hanging there, her arms painfully stretched, her white uniform riding up over her thighs.

Jake came up and grinned at her, his dark features looking diabolical in the red light.

"Well, hi, Nurse Josephine," he breathed. "So good of you to come."

He reached behind Josephine and pulled the knot on the gag. The material dropped away and Josephine spat out the handkerchief that had been crammed into her mouth.

"You let me go!" she snarled, "or I'll scream!"

"Go ahead," Jake said, staring at her, his dark eyes running all over her body. "This place is sound-proofed. People scream a lot in here, and we don't want the neighbors asking too many questions. Go ahead. It's just that..." He cut Josephine off as she started to draw breath. "I get real pissed at bitches who scream for no reason. Think about it!" He turned away and swung back. "Leg looks real good, right?" He grinned, showing her his leg without the cast.

He came closer and Josephine felt a real shudder of fear. He ran his hand over the front of her uniform, gently caressing her tits. She struggled and moaned, her body aching painfully at the touch of a man.

"This is purely personal," hs said. "Women don't turn me down. You got that? I fuck what I wanna fuck -- and I'm gonna fuck you. Every fuckin' which way!"

He grinned and slid his hand down, over Josephine's stomach, toward her pussy. She screamed and closed her legs tightly. He just ran his fingers into the gap of her thighs, pushing a little, not bothering to make her open them.

"Soon you'll spread your legs and beg me to do whatever I like to you," he murmured. "But I can wait. Lemme show you what happens to little girls who disobey me. Denise over there?" He flicked his head in the direction of the brunette who was sitting in a chair, her little dress well up over her thighs, showing the tops of her black stockings. "She disobeyed us today. Lemme show you how it goes with disobedient girls. Then I'm sure you'll want to do what I ask."

His fingers went to Josephine's hair and started pulling the clips out. He knew exactly what he was doing, and in no time at all Josephine's lovely blonde hair cascaded down her back. She was particularly proud of her hair. It was naturally blonde and fell right to the crack of her ass. Now it made her shudder as Jake ran his fingers through her hair and grinned sardonically at her. Suddenly, without another word, he laughed and walked away, ignoring the bound, moaning blonde.

"Okay, whore, get up!" he snapped at the brunette.

Pouting all over her sexy, rather than beautiful, face, the brunette stood and faced Jake, ignoring Josephine just as he did. The other two men waited in the shadows.

"Come here," Jake said.

Denise walked to the middle of the floor, her long legs strutting arrogantly in her six-inch heels. She posed and pouted, sliding her hands over the front of her dress, pressing it into her pussy.

"What did you do this afternoon?" Jake asked, still ignoring Josephine, but doing it all for her benefit.

"I told him to fuck off," Denise said, nodding her head arrogantly at one of the men in the shadows.

"Who?" Jake snapped.

"Buck," Denise said.


"Because I didn't feel like fucking," Denise said, and blew out a bubble of gum.

"What the fuck's that got to do with it?" Jake asked.

The girl ignored him and blew another bubble. "You don't tell us when you fuck and when you don't," Jake snarled. "You fuck when we tell you to -- got that?"

Denise blew another pink bubble and sneered. "Take that dress off!" Jake ordered. Denise didn't seem too upset at that. She sneered again and reached for the top button. The dress was low cut, so as soon as she got the button undone, the lacy top of her bra started to show. Josephine turned her eyes away and started to sob.

Unfortunately, that brought one of the men right to her. He leaned in, his mouth close to her ear.

"Watch what goes on, honey. Jake gets real pissed if you don't."

"No, I won't!" Josephine wailed as Denise opened the wide belt of her dress. "This is perverted, I'll see you all go to jail for this!"

The man chuckled and slid his big hands around Josephine's slender neck. Then he gripped the top of her uniform and yanked.

Josephine screamed as her uniform parted, the buttons ripping down to below her tits.

"Stop that! Keep your hands off me!" She gasped in utter horror as the man reached into the top of her slip, into the cup of her bra and gripped one of her tight little nipples. "No, you can't do this, no!"

But he twisted his fingers hard, the terrible pain shot all over Josephine's body. She screamed and jerked on the ropes, her arms straining desperately.

"Watch what happens, and I won't do that again," the man said, sliding his hand back, out.

Anything was better than having a man touch her, particularly on her tits. Josephine twisted around just in time to see Denise ease her dress over her ass and let it drop to the floor. She stepped out of it and tossed it away, spreading her legs and pouting nastily at Jake.

Josephine almost burst into tears as she saw what Denise was wearing. Any doubts she might have had about the horror she was in were finally removed. All Denise had on under the dress was a little black lacy top that doubled as a bra and let her luscious tits swell out of it in all directions, a matching pair of panties and the black stockings, held up by a suspender belt. She knew she was sexy and flaunted it, spreading her legs, running her fingers over her panties.

"So, what's it gonna be, fuck-face?" she asked, her voice ringing with sarcasm.

"Something to whip you back into shape," Jake said. He went to the wall and picked out a thin cane, over four feet long and so thin it trembled in his hand.

Denise gave a low moan as she saw it and her fingers spasmed on her pussy, rubbing it through her black panties.

"You gonna go easy?" Jake asked, tapping the cane in his hand.

"I only go easy for real men," Denise breathed, her eyes on the cane, her fingers digging deep into her cunt. Arrogantly, she blew another bubble.

"Good," Jake said. "Get her, boys!"

He turned away as the other two men grabbed Denise. She sneered at them as they hustled her over to an apparatus Jake had pulled out from the wall.

The thing made Josephine want to throw up. It ran on wheels and had leather bonds all over the base. It had a bar across it at about waist height. There were cranks and wheels that looked as if they could alter it in a lot of ways. But the thing that made Josephine tremble worse than anything else was the bar itself. The bar pivoted and had handles at either end -- but right in the middle of it was a massive dildo, made of shiny metal. It swung from the bar as the machine rolled into the middle of the floor.

When Jake kicked the base, the wheels sprang back up and the machine settled down on the stone floor. Buck and the other man held Denise close to the horrible thing and pulled her legs open.

"You get your hands off me!" Denise shrieked. But they had her ankles and suddenly bonds were around them and she was lashed to the machine, her legs spread wide, her lovely legs shaking in the high heels and black stockings. She gripped the top of the bar and turned, snarling at Jake as he walked up with the cane in his hand.

"You shit-head!" she snarled and sat down, her legs still in the bonds. "Now whip my ass!"

Buck grabbed her long brunette hair and pulled. "Let go of me, you shit-head, you fucker!" she screeched.

He heaved her up by her hair and pulled her forward until her pussy was pressing into the end of the metal dildo as it rocked on the bar.

"You do that again and you'll be in real trouble," Buck promised her.

"You shit-headed, dumb fucker!" Denise snarled, but she didn't try to sit down again as he let go of her hair.

"Put the dildo up you," Jake said.

"Fuck off!" Denise sneered, turning her head to him, blowing another bubble. She saw the thin cane lashing in at her ass. "You shit, you... aaagggbhh!"

The cane lashed into her panties. She jerked, the bubble gum spat out of her mouth and landed somewhere in the darkness.

"Get it up you!" Jake snapped as Denise moaned and rubbed her tight ass-cheeks.

Josephine hung on the ropes, breaking out into a cold sweat. She could see that there was a thin red line on Denise's heaving ass and her panties had torn a little where the cane had landed. Denise still moaned and rubbed her ass, her luscious tits heaving in the lacy top she wore.

"Get your hands away!" Jake demanded. "Make me!" Denise screamed at him. Jake spun to the side so fast it made Josephine's head spin. The cane whipped up and then down, right across Denise's tits before the brunette could move. Denise screamed in horror, her hands going to her tits as Jake turned again and lashed her ass. She screamed louder, another red line appearing on her ass-flesh as her panties ripped a little more.

"Get it up you!" Jake snarled, lashing Denise's ass again.

"All right, I will!" Denise screamed, her body jerking against the bar. "Just let me, and I will!"

Jake stopped, the cane hovering above her ass.

Denise moaned and reached for her panties. She pulled the crotch away from her pussy while she turned the bar with the handle at one end of it. The dildo swung up between her legs.

Josephine choked as she watched. The horror and depravity were worse than anything she could have imagined. And the other man was back, standing close to her, making her tremble with fear.

"Watch this," he said. "You oughta learn what you get for fucking up around here."

Josephine watched, her tits heaving inside her torn uniform as Denise pulled the head of the enormous dildo to the lips of her pussy. She was moaning softly as she pushed the curving steel prick at her fuckhole. She gave a lurch and the dildo worked into her cunt an inch or so.

"Ohhhh!" she moaned in a strange combination of pain and horrible desire.

Now that the head of the dildo was in her cunt, she took her hand away from her panties and put it on the other handle. Then, groaning and gasping, she twisted the handles as she forced her cunt down over the curving metal shaft.

Josephine shuddered and felt sick as she saw how the cane had lashed thin lines of red pain across Denise's tits. Denise's tit-mounds were about the same size as Josephine's, and the bound nurse couldn't help but think about the agony that the cane could give her. But all that seemed to swirl in her head and vanish as she watched the groaning brunette ram the thick steel dildo up into her cunt.

As the fuck-shaft penetrated, Denise was forced forward, bending at the waist over the bar. She leaned on the handles, groaning harder as she forced her thighs a little farther open. She rammed the dildo into her spasming fuck-hole until the massive shaft filled it and her clit rubbed on the metal swelling where the dildo met the bar.

"Ready to suck cock and say you're sorry?" Jake asked, running the cane over the stretched material of Denise's panties.

"I ain't sucking his cock!" Denise snarled.

"You're gonna suck him off and promise not to be such a little shit again," Jake said, and he lashed the cane into Denise's ass.

"Aagghhh!" Denise screamed, fucking on the dildo, twisting the handles, shuddering as her ass jerked and her panties ripped a little, bit more.

"You ever had your ass whipped?" the man whispered into Josephine's ear.

"Stop it, stop!" Josephine wailed, jerking on the ropes, her open uniform flicking around as her tits bobbed.

The man laughed and ran his hand over Josephine's twitching ass, caressing it through the uniform. "You'll learn," he said.

"No! Aaagghhh!" Denise screamed as the cane lashed into her ass, ripping another strip in her panties. Her glowing ass-cheeks jiggled as she fucked herself on the dildo.

"Suck cock!" Jake snarled and whipped Denise's ass hard, the cane bending before it flicked away.

"Uuuurrhh! Fuck off, fuck off!" Denise screamed, her tits heaving out of the lacy top, swinging in her seething agony.

"Suck cock!" Jake demanded again and lashed her with all his force.

Denise's panties split almost right across and there was a smear of blood on the tattered flaps as she rammed her cunt down on the metal dildo. Her scream echoed around the torture chamber and her body spasmed, her cunt sucking at the dildo. She gasped desperately and her legs trembled as she fucked her pussy up and down on the curved metal rod.

"Suck cock!" Jake demanded and whipped her again.

"Aagghh! Fucker! You fucking, shit-faced, asslicking... aaaagghhh! You shit, shit, shit!" Denise screamed, her pussy slamming up and down on the dildo as she fucked herself faster and harder.

"Suck cock!" Jake insisted, whipping the cane in with hard strokes, beating the screaming Denise until she was lurching and jumping on the dildo in endless agony, her ass a crimson mass of pulp.

"Never, not if he was... asaagghh! Shit, not if he was the last... aaggghh! Fuckin' man alive!"

It was then that Josephine saw the real horror. For Denise was coming, building up for an orgasm. The disgusting little whore screamed each time the cane lashed into her ass, and her panties were more or less whipped off her. But her crimson ass with its hint of blood lurched up for the cane each time it lashed in. Her screams were becoming more and more guttural and her pussy fucked up and down on the metal dildo with growing speed and frantic lust. The metal cock was glistening with her pussy-juices each time she slid up the length of it, and her hands twisted the handles viciously to ram the metal cock harder into her spasming cunt.

"Fuck off, fuck off!" she screeched, jerking up, her cunt spasming desperately on the dildo. "You couldn't... uurrgghhh! Fuck, fuck you, fuck you, fuuuuuck!"

Suddenly, with a screech of lust that ripped right through Josephine, the little brunette climaxed on the dildo as the cane whipped into her ass. She lurched up, her ass begging for the thin cane. It lashed in, beating her climaxes to new heights. She gasped and screamed incoherently, her body shaking, then tensing as hard as the metal rod in her cunt. She held tight, screaming as the cane lashed her ass five more times, beating the agony through her in constant waves. Then she gave a final scream and fell forward across the apparatus, her tits heaving as she gasped for breath.

Jake stopped the whipping and slid the cane over the whipped cheeks of Denise's ass instead, stroking the twitching ass-flesh. "How about some cock-sucking now?" he asked, his voice heavy with lust.

"Ohhh yes, yes, I'll do it!" Denise moaned, her pussy still moving on the dildo as she came down.

Then Buck was in front of her, his massive frame and balding head incredibly threatening in the dim light.

"Take his cock out," Jake said, sliding the cane over Denise's ass.

Denise didn't fight anymore. She let go of the handles and reached for the tight front of Buck's pants. Her fingers worked at the zipper, pulling it down while her ass continued to heave her pussy over the thick hard dildo.

Josephine shuddered as she hung on the ropes, her whole body throbbing with pain and terror. She knew she would rather die than handle a man's cock. She'd never really seen a cock. Even the only time she'd fucked, she hadn't seen it. The boy had taken out his throbbing prick, pushed it into her pussy and rammed her into the bed, his cock fucking to the depths of her cunt. Then, just as the most amazing excitement had begun to pulse through Josephine, he shot his cum-load and pulled out, mumbling something. It had been so disgusting that Josephine had vowed then never to fuck again. And she hadn't.

But now she was forced to watch Denise reaching into the front of Buck's pants and puffing his cock out. His cock made Josephine shudder, for it was massive and hard.

Denise fingered the thick cock-shaft, moaning a little as she leaned down for it. Instantly, the cane lashed her ass and she screamed again, jerking on the bar.

"Wait!" Jake snapped. "You take three strokes before you can suck it."

"You fucker, you stinking fucker!" Denise rasped.

"Four strokes," Jake said, and he gave her one of them.

"Aagghhh!" Denise screamed, her fingers tightening on Buck's cock, her ass pulsating with fresh agony.

"Count for me," Jake said, whipping her again. "Aagghhh! Two!" Denise screamed, jerking on the dildo. "Uurrrhhh! Three! Ohhh, fuck, ohhh, aaagghhh! Four!"

"Suck!" Jake yelled as he whipped her ass hard. Denise gave a scream of horrible passion and her mouth sank down over Buck's swelling fucker, taking it in until fully half of it was inside her lips. The cane lashed her ass and she sucked at the swollen fuck-meat, her mouth and hands working on it in a frenzy as she fucked herself on the dildo.

As for Josephine, she hung on the ropes, vowing to herself that however much they whipped her, she would never give in to them. Never!


The cane lashed into Denise's heaving, crimson ass and the little brunette screamed around the throbbing cock-meat filling her mouth. Her cunt sucked at the thick metal cock stuffed up it as her ass jerked to the beat of the cane.

"Suck!" Jake yelled, lashing the cane in, his eyes feasting on Denise's shuddering body.

Denise wailed, her fingers running over Buck's cockshaft as she sucked on it. Her mouth sank down as another vicious blow lashed her ass, and her throat bulged with cock. She moaned and jerked, her hands running over Buck's balls, her ass writhing.

"Yeah!" Buck yelled. "Fuck it, I'm gonna come! Watch the bitch, I'm gonna come!" He gasped and gripped Denise's dark hair, ramming his cock between her lips as hard as he could.

"Suck him off!" Jake demanded, lashing the cane into Denise's ass with all his strength.

Denise's bubbling scream rang out around the torture chamber as she slid her mouth down the root of Buck's cock, taking it all in as it swelled in her throat. Her head pumped, her body jerked and Buck was rearing with lust as the cum boiled out of his balls.

"Jesus, she can suck!" Buck yelled, his cock fucking in and out of Denise's throat.

"Why the fuck do you think we keep her?" Jake yelled, whipping Denise as hard as he could, the cane flicking off her ass with each blow.

Denise tossed wildly, her little black panties ripped and torn by the cane, her ass a mass of beaten flesh. But her mouth sucked at Buck's cock with incredible power, her throat pulsing on his shuddering prick-head.

"Yeah!" Buck roared, gripping Denise's hair for all he was worth as the jizz shot out of his balls. He bellowed with release, shooting thick wads of cum into her sucking throat.

It all became a nightmare for Josephine as she hung there on the ropes. She could see Denise's body heave as she took the strokes of the cane on her ass, and she could hear the roars of lust as Buck unloaded his cum. And then she saw the milky jizz, running out of Denise's mouth and over Buck's cock-shaft as he yelled and shot. Then Josephine saw Denise heave up, grinning wildly as she took a stream of cum all over her lips. The cane lashed her ass and Denise screamed, but it was a scream of such terrible lust that Josephine almost threw up.

She watched the little brunette rub her mouth over the cum-shooting cock-head, screaming as the cane whipped her, taking shots of thick white cum all over her lips and tongue. One jet of jism gushed into her mouth and Josephine saw her swallow, taking it all down her throat. Josephine heaved and wretched, almost throwing up. She knew she would rather die than do that. No pain on earth could make her take a man's cum-load in her mouth.

Denise moaned, running her mouth over the swollen cock-head that still drooled cum out over her lips. She moaned and licked, sucking at the wet cock-flesh, taking the gobs of cum back in that had run out of her lips. The cane lashed her and she gave a terrible scream of lust, ramming her cunt down on the dildo.

"Ohhh, fuck, Jake, fuck, just a few more! I wanna come, come on, just a few more!"

"Beg!" Jake snapped, and he lashed her ass.

"Please, yes! Jake, whip me, hurt me! Come on, you fucker, you know what I need, yesssss!" Denise screamed as the cane lashed her ass and she rammed her cunt down on the dildo. Her mouth ran down the length of the still-hard cock, taking it all in as she spasmed on the bar. "One more, please!"

She took a final stroke of the cane and collapsed across the bar, sobbing and moaning, her mouth moving over the cock-head, licking up the last drops of cum.

Josephine shuddered and then screamed as Jake turned toward her. She broke out into a cold sweat as he walked up, tapping the thin cane in his hand.

"You gonna behave?" he asked.

"I'll put you behind bars!" Josephine hissed. "This is rape! You'll do twenty years!"

He grinned and stroked the cane in his hand. "I don't think so," he purred. "But you go on believing that, it's fine." He ran his hand over the front of Josephine's uniform and she jerked away from him. "Stay where you are, bitch!"

"Get away from me!" Josephine screamed as she kicked him, her toe smashing into his shin.

He winced and pulled away, glaring at her. "Mistake, bitch," he breathed. "Tie her legs down, boys."

"No!" Josephine screamed, jerking as wildly as she could as Buck and the other man came toward her. Buck was looking very self-satisfied after his blow-job and he grabbed Josephine's lovely blonde hair hard, pulling her head back as she screamed at him.

"Shut the fuck up!" he snapped, and he ripped the top of her uniform open farther so he could see down to the swell of her tits.

"Stop it, or I'll... aagghhh! Stop it!" Josephine shrieked, but the other man had her ankle and was pulling it out. "Noooo!"

He slipped some kind of leather strap around her ankle. She screamed as her leg was pulled open until her thighs stretched painfully. She tried to bring her other leg over, but the man had that one and lashed it as he had the other leg.

"Tie her up good, Russell," Jake said, stroking the cane in his hand. "I wanna hear her scream!"

Josephine wailed and broke into tears as Russell pulled on the rope that held her ankles and stretched her legs so far apart she felt she would break in two. Both her legs ached, and there was nothing she could do to close them and protect herself. She screamed and twisted, staring at her tormentors, who just grinned at her helplessness.

Denise was pulling herself up off the dildo and moaning with pleasure as she did. She slid the metal cock down and out of her steaming cunt, then bent down to take the bonds off her ankles. She rubbed her ass and looked at Jake.

"Fuck, Jake, you sure lay it in," she said.

"You'd rather I tickled you?" he asked, his eyes on the bound Josephine.

"No, but fuck, at least let me get a new pair of panties," Denise moaned, rubbing her crimson ass.

"Sure, doll, you know where they are," he laughed.

Denise got up and walked slowly over to a closet, her legs trembling, her hands rubbing her whipped ass-flesh.

Jake came up to Josephine.

"You're gonna have to beg me real hard to make me stop," he growled, his gaze running over the torn neck of her uniform. "I'm gonna whip you into shape, bitch, enjoy every inch of your fucking body. Shit, you drive me outa my mind!" He reached for the top of her uniform, his strong hands gripping the two sides.

"Please, no, please!" Josephine screamed.

But he yanked, tearing the uniform open down to her wide belt. Her lovely tits pushed out in the top of her slip and the large bra she wore. He quickly uncipped her belt and almost tore it off. She wailed pitifully in a last attempt at playing on his better judgement, but he just grinned and ripped the front of her uniform right to the hem. Buttons flew off in all directions and the bound nurse screamed in horror, her lovely body revealed as he tore her clothes off.

Jake ran his hand over Josephine's thighs and she screamed in disgust, pulling back as hard as she could, but it wasn't any use. She was too tightly bound to stand a chance of getting away.

"Fuck," he said. "Tights. They'll have to come off. Gimme a knife!"

"What? No!" Josephine wailed as she saw Buck pulling out a small, sharp pocket knife.

"Keep the fuck still!" Jake snapped, "or I'll cut you, you stupid bitch!"

Josephine stared down and trembled as Jake lifted up her slip and slid the knife blade into the top of her tights. She held her breath as the knife cut into her thighs and cut down, past her panties, slashing the tights away. Jake cut down over her thigh, then went up and cut down the other leg. He gripped the torn material and ripped, tearing the tights away in large pieces, ripping them down to Josephine's bound ankles. She wept and sobbed, but she stayed still, terrified of what he might do with the knife.

"Fuck!" he gasped. "What a pair of legs!" He let the slip hem drop and stood back to admire Josephine. "Jesus, I could fuck a hole in a steel door just looking at her. I mean, fuck, look at those legs!"

The two other men laughed and Josephine hung her head, weeping and sobbing.

Denise came back in a fresh pair of black panties, still rubbing her sore ass, her legs still shaky. She tried to sit down on a chair, but her ass was too sore. She moaned and stood up again, her hands trying to cool her ass down.

Jake laughed and walked around the bound, weeping Josephine, who hung on the ropes in just her slip, panties and bra. "You kicked me!" he snarled.

"You bastard, you let me... aagghhh! Aagghh!"

Josephine's scream rang out as Jake lashed the cane into her ass, right across her tight ass-cheeks. She still had her slip and panties on, but the cane bit right through them and sent the most diabolical surge of agony down her legs and up into her guts. Suddenly she knew why Denise had been screaming. She twisted, her body aching, her stomach twisted into knots.

"I'm gonna teach you, bitch!" Jake snarled, pushing his face at Josephine's as she gasped, pulling at the ropes. "You're gonna beg to get fucked!"

"Never!" Josephine screamed, pulling helplessly at the ropes.

Jake grinned again and reached for the neckline of her slip. The lacy material didn't hold for more than a second against his hard grip. It parted, ripping down to her waist before he stepped and ran his hand over her bra.

"Beg me to take your bra off!" he whispered.

"No! You bastard, let me go!" Josephine screamed, twisting to try and get out of his grasp.

"Get me the cat, Denise," he said as he handed the cane to Russell. "Now, bitch, beg me to rip your bra off!"

"No!" Josephine cried. "You let me go!"

"Beg me," Jake said softly, standing very close to her. He took hold of her slip and eased it up, over her luscious ass with the single red line across it under her panties. "Beg me!"

"No!" Josephine hissed back at him. "Never! Not if you were the last man on earth!"

Jake nodded. There was a light swish and Buck whipped the cane into her ass. Josephine lurched, screaming on the ropes, her whole body aching with pain. The ends of her long blonde hair were catching in the cane as it lashed into her ass, giving a little jerk to her head that was more frightening than painful.

"Beg me," Jake whispered, running his mouth over her neck and throat.

"Please!" Josephine sobbed. "Please, don't do this to me!"

"Beg me!" Jake said, his mouth running over her cheek. His hands were tight on her waist, holdin her slip up out of the way of the cane. He slid his cock-bulge over her lower belly, just above he pussy-hair.

Josephine shuddered in almost as much horror as pain, for she could feel the massive thick swell of his cock-bulge rubbing against her. The cane lashed her ass and she lurched against his thick cock-shaft, her lovely body making his prick swell and throb even harder.

"Beg me," Jake whispered into Josephine's ear as her scream died away.

Josephine hung on the ropes, wailing and sobbing. She knew suddenly that she couldn't hold out against the agony and horror much longer. Her ass burned with horrible pain.

"Please, no!" she whispered as Jake's mouth moved over her cheek and finally met her sobbing lips.

"Beg me!" he urged, his hands tightening on her waist as the cane whipped into her ass.

"Oh, please, don't make me!" Josephine sobbed, tossing helplessly, her hair catching in the cane, her scalp hurting like her ass, though nowhere near as much.

"Beg!" Jake hissed, and he slid his lips over hers as the cane whipped into her panties.

"Please, take my bra off!" Josephine screeched, breaking the kiss very suddenly.

"Please, tear my bra off!" Jake snapped.

"Aagghh!" Josephine screamed as the cane whipped into her ass once more. "Please, tear my bra off, whatever you want, please!"

Jake grinned and leaned back a little, reaching for her bra. His hands brushed her tits as he gripped the cups and tugged. But that wasn't the worst of it. Her bra was new and strong, and it held out against his brutal yanking, jerking Josephine's body painfully around on the ropes. She screamed as her shoulders were jerked around, but he ignored her protests, tearing at the straps of her bra until they finally started to give.

"Shit!" he barked. "What the fuck are your bras made of, bitch?" He yelled with rage and gave a great heave, finally ripping Josephine's bra apart.

Josephine wailed and dropped her head in shame as her tits emerged. They were wonderful tits too, just the right size for her body, young, swelling on her rib cage with no support from the bra. Her nipples were tight and crinkled, the areolas small and almost the same color as the tight little buds.

"Fuck!" Jake gasped. "Have you ever seen a better pair of tits, boys?"

"Mine are just as good!" Denise snarled, holding her tits for the men, pushing them out. "Fuck it, they're just as good as hers!"

Jake laughed and squeezed Josephine's lovely tits. "Maybe you two can fight it out later, Denise," he said. "But right now you just shut the fuck up an let us get on with it."

Denise sneered and moved away, lying on her stomach on the sofa, because her ass was still far too sore for her to sit down.

"Fuck," Jake breathed, running his hands over Josephine's heaving tits. "I gotta shoot off between these!" His breathing was getting ragged as he squeezed and played with her tit-mounds. "You ever had a tit-fuck, babe?"

"No," Josephine moaned, her blonde hair sweeping across her back as she moved.

"Strictly a cunt bitch, huh?" Jake said, his mouth on her neck, his cock-bulge pushing at Josephine's pussy. "Tell me, you ever sucked cock?"

"No, not that, please!" Josephine wept. "I can't do that, it'll kill me!"

Jake laughed and twisted one of Josephine's nipples, tightening his grip until she was moaning in added pain. "Nobody ever died of a blow-job, honey," he said softly, "and I'm gonna prove it."

His hand was moving down her body. Josephine twisted, but her bound legs were helpless to close and stop his dreadful hand from sliding between them. His fingers slid over the tight crotch of her panties and Josephine gave a low, guttural moan of horror. Her thighs shook so badly her legs gave out, and she hung from the ropes on her arms for a moment. Terrible spasms of pain shot out of her cunt as Jake's fingers probed and felt her spread pussy.

"Please, let me go!" she begged. "I was wrong. I won't say anything, honest, I won't! Please!"

But his fingers probed into her panties, easing her pussy-lips open, playing with her hard clit through the material.

"What you'd really love to do is fuck me first and then suck me off, right?" he said, his mouth close to her ear, his horrible cock-bulge pushing against her helpless body.

"No! Please, I can't take this!" Josephine cried. "Take what?" Jake breathed, his teeth nipping at her ear.

"Sex!" Josephine wailed in desperation. "I can't take it! I hate it!"

Jake laughed and twisted her pussy-lips through her panties. "Well, shit," he laughed, pulling his mouth away from her neck, "we just gotta teach you what you been missin'. Right, boys?"

Buck and Russell laughed, but Denise got up off the sofa and strutted over, her long legs still trembling a little from the whipping.

"I don't care what you do to the bitch," she said, "as long as I get mine! Shit, you bring her in and suddenly I ain't gettin' any. Got that?" She stood defiantly, her hands on her hips.

"You'll get yours," Jake said, grinning at the other two men. "Right, boys?"

"Right!" Buck laughed.

"Sez you," Denise sneered and turned away. "Russell," Jake said nastily, "I know you wanna see this bitch broken in, but could you shut that slut up? I mean shut her fuckin' mouth?"

"Sure, Jake," Russell said easily, grinning in the dim light. "Come here, bitch!"

"Get the fuck away from me!" Denise snarled, turning away and strutting off.

Russell grabbed her and pulled her around to him. "We can do this easy or hard, cunt!"

"You aren't man enough to do it!"

"Yeah?" he yelled as he hustled her across the floor toward a pair of crossed beams that had a great many leather bonds on them.

"You shit-faced fucker!" Denise shouted as Russell twisted her into the beams. "You can't get it up hard enough for me, shit-face!"

She screamed and struggled as Russell heaved one of her arms up one of the beams and flipped the bonds around her wrist.

"You fuck-faced jerk! You'll come whipping me!" Denise yelled as he pulled her other arm up and lashed it to the beam.

Josephine stared despite herself as the depraved scene unfolded. She almost forgot Jake's fingers on her cunt and his mouth running over her neck as she watched Russell lash the screaming, spitting Denise to the beams. Soon the dark-haired bitch was held completely like a letter X, her arms and legs outstretched. Her large tits heaved out of the little black top she wore and her stockinged legs strained to free themselves.

"You shit-eatin' fucker!" Denise screamed. "Come on, come in your pants! Show me what a wimp you are!" She laughed as Russell picked up another cat from the rack on the wall and strolled toward her. "Cock throbbin' a bit hard, hey, fucker? Come on, shoot in your pants!"

Russell stood watching her, stroking the cat in his fingers as Denise screamed endless obscenities at him.

"Mmnnn, I tell ya, that Denise, she's a real whip whore," Jake murmured against Josephine's neck. His fingers tightened on her pussy-lips, working them harder through her panties. "What a cunt, can't get enough. Now, honey, I just gotta get into your panties. I mean, shit, I had a hard-on the moment I saw you in the hospital, and it ain't gone down yet!"

"No, please, don't rape me!" she breathed through her sobs.

"Rape?" Jake laughed. "You're gonna beg me to fuck you. Now, how about it?"

Josephine knew what was coming, but she couldn't fall that low. "No!" she wailed, "I can't! Let go, you... aagghhh!" She swung and jerked as the cane lashed into her ass. "No! Please, please, I... aaggghhh!"

Jake chuckled and his fingers probed into her pussy, stroking her cunt-flesh as the cane whipped in again. "Beg me!" he insisted. "I love to hear my chicks beg."

"Aagghhh!" Josephine screamed as another vicious blow lashed into her ass. She twisted around to see Buck pulling the cane back, lining it up for another stroke. "God, no! Please, no... uurrgghhh!" She jerked, her resistance breaking under the agony. One more stroke, and she broke. "All right, I mean... please, please... aagghhh! Please do it!"

"Beg me to fuck you!"

"Yes, please, fuck me, please!" Josephine screamed, gyrating on the ropes.

"There, see?" Jake whispered. "Easy, wasn't it?" He laughed and rubbed his fingers into her pussygash again. "Now get wet."

Josephine shuddered with fresh horror. She knew what he meant, all right. But she knew she'd never get even mildly excited under this horrible rape. She twisted against him, her pussy throbbing with dry desperation.

"Get wet!" Jake snapped.

"I can't, I... aaggghhh! Oh, please, God, help!" Josephine screamed as the cane whipped into her ass.

"Get wet!"

Jake pulled his hand away from her cunt. He ripped at her slip, tearing the shredded garment away in a few jerks, leaving her hanging there in nothing but her panties. She sobbed and pleaded with him as he picked up another cat and came to her with it.

"No, oh, God no!" she wept, staring as Jake slashed the cat tails down to the floor and then up, right between her stretched legs.

They bit into her panties, right over her pussy. She jerked, screaming as the agony pulsed out of her cunt, throbbing right through her body.

"Noooo!" she wailed, but the cat swept in again, beating her pussy and inner thighs red.

"Get wet!" Jake commanded, whipping her hard, the cat tails lashing into her flesh with incredible ferocity.

Josephine screamed and jerked, her body hanging from the ropes, aching all over. She spasmed, her cunt throbbed and suddenly, in her desperate terror, she started to piss. She had no idea how it started. The warm piss ran right through her panties and down her legs as she sobbed in pain and shame. There was nothing she could do to stop it. The pissing went on until there was a puddle on the floor.

Jake stopped whipping her pussy and laughed as she hung there, pissing down her legs, her head hung in desperate shame. Buck laughed too, but he lashed her ass with the cane. Josephine screamed again and her piss poured out of her cunt in short streams.

"Fuck, so you're into that!" Jake jeered, watching as the stream of piss finally gave out. "Well, we're broad minded here. We take all kinds, right, Buck?"

"Yeah, that's right," Buck chuckled. "I'd better drink me some beer."

He laughed and Josephine sobbed, wondering what he meant.

"Golden showers, huh?" Jake laughed, stroking Josephine's face, his cock-bulge pressing into her pussy again. "Sure, honey, we can give you that, anytime!"

Josephine wasn't sure what he meant by that, but she knew it would be terrible. She hung and sobbed on the ropes, wishing she were dead.

Jake pulled at her panties, easing them away from her belly. "I gotta get my hands wet with your piss," he said. "You gotta pay for losing control."

Josephine just moaned, too horrified and ashamed to resist as he ripped her panties off, making short work of them and tossing them aside. He held his piss-wet fingers up to her nose and Josephine winced, pulling away.

"Smell that," he said, sounding disgusted. "Smell your piss, baby!"

He rammed his fingers at her nose and Josephine sniffed the foul odor of her own piss. She shivered and wept.

"Beg me to fuck you," he said, stripping his pants off.

"Please, fuck me!" Josephine wept.

He peeled off his clothes fast and his enormous cock jumped out at Josephine. She shuddered and moaned, knowing she couldn't get something that size up her cunt. He held the massive hunk of cock-meat and ran the swollen cock-head over her pussy-slit, rubbing her clit gently.

"Let's see how this goes in," he said as he eased it to the trembling entrance of her fuck-hole.

He pushed, but even with the piss that was still there, Josephine's cunt-walls were dry, and his cock-head only went in less than an inch. But that appeared to satisfy him for a moment.

"Yeah!" he breathed, heaving his fucker in again, sinking nearly half his cock-head into her cunt.

Josephine moaned her body stretched out to the limit, her cunt throbbing and aching under the terrible invasion. And still there was less than an inch of Jake's prick inside her pussy.

"Get it up you," Jake breathed, "or else you get what Denise is getting!"

Josephine raised her eyes and saw that Russell, who had been ignoring the screaming, snarling Denise, had turned back to her. He swung the cat. Denise screamed harder at him, lurching on the cross beams, her body heaving in the bonds.

Russell's hand swept up, and the cat tails lashed through the air and bit right through the little black lacy top Denise wore, bouncing her lovely tit-mounds all over her chest. She gasped and screamed, jerking against the cross beams. The cat lashed her tits again, ripping the top.

"Shit! You mean you ain't come yet, dick-head? Aagghhh! Shit, come on, come in your pants, limp-dick! Aagghhh! Fuck, yeah!" She screamed and twisted, her dark eyes glaring, her hair flicking around over her shoulders.

"Get my cock up your cunt or your tits get it!" Jake warned, heaving his cock at Josephine's spasming, tightening cunt.

Josephine screamed, staring at the screaming, sweating Denise. Denise's tits were already whipped crimson, and she still screamed obscenities at Russell. Josephine shuddered, for she knew she would die if anyone did that to her tits.


Josephine lurched and screamed as the cane whipped into her ass, her hands pulling desperately at the bonds. As she heaved, Jake's cock thrust at her pussy and another inch of the cock-shaft went in, stretching her pussy-walls until she was sure she was going to split wide open. Jake's cock felt even larger now that it was inside her cunt. She moaned, squirming and screaming as the cane lashed her ass.

"Yeah!" Jake chuckled, his hands around Josephine's neck, stroking her hair as he held his cock in her cunt and made her fuck herself on it. "Shit, you feel good, honey, real good!"

"Aaggghhh!" Josephine screamed as the cane whipped her suffering ass-cheeks again and her movements jerked her cunt down another inch or so on the massive cock-rod slowly impaling her. "Please, no, please!"

But Jake's cock worked deep into her cunt, filling her fuck-channel with massive thick cock-meat. She gasped, her hair tossing wildly as the cane whipped her and her spread legs spasmed.

"Shit, she's tight!" Jake groaned, fucking deeper, almost filling the throbbing hole of Josephine's pussy. "Shit, she's gonna bring me off real soon the way she's going!" He heaved at Josephine's cunt, ramming almost to the bottom of her tight little fuckhole. "Fuck, at least she'll be greased when I shoot!" He laughed and pulled Josephine's suffering mouth to his, kissing her as he raped her, his cock churning in her pussy. "Come on, bitch, get wet without pissing!"

Josephine moaned as he reminded her of her shame. Then the cane lashed her and the pain soared through her body. Her scream rang off the walls and her jerking cunt took the last inch of Jake's cock. She gasped, pulling at the bonds, but she was utterly helpless, and Jake could fuck her as he liked.

"Jeez, don't stop whipping the cunt, Buck!" Jake gasped, his ass tightening as he fucked his cock deep in Josephine's spasming cunt. "We gotta get her wet! Fuck, it's good, but it'll be un-fuckin'-believable when she's wet!" He gasped, one hand on Josephine's neck, the other running over her tits, stroking the swelling flesh as he enjoyed her suffering.

"No, please, don't whip me, please!" Josephine screamed, jerking around as the cane lashed her crimson ass-cheeks. Spasms of agony rushed out of her ass and her cunt shuddered around the enormous cock filling it.

"Then get wet, honey!" Jake laughed and rammed his cock at her cunt so hard he would have lifted her off her feet if they hadn't been tied down.

Josephine flinched as the cane whipped her ass, and she broke into loud sobs of horror and pain. But there was no way out for her. The cane whipped her tight ass-cheeks and Jake's cock slammed into her cunt, filling her fuck-passage. Her blonde hair tossed wildly and her tits heaved and she screamed at the top of her voice, her body spasming helplessly.

But something strange was happening to her. The spasms were not as bad as before. The pain soared and bit into her body, but even that was easier to take. She gasped and wept, her whole body twisting out of control, her cunt suddenly sucking at the enormous cock filling it. The thin cane lashed her ass and she undulated, her pussy sliding over the cock-shaft that was filling it.

"Ah-ha!" Jake yelled, ramming his prick deeper, heaving Josephine up on his rock-hard fucker. "Keep it up, Buck! She's getting wet!"

Josephine wept and sobbed, screaming as the cane beat her sore ass. But the pain wasn't as bad as the shame. She knew Jake wasn't bluffing -- she was getting wet and she didn't know why. She was bound and raped, and her cunt was getting wet! She hung her head, trying to avoid Jake's dark eyes.

He gripped her nipple hard, rolling it in his fingers until she gasped with the added pain. "Yeah, getting off on it, hey, honey?"

"Nooo!" Josephine cried, knowing she was going to get whipped anyway. "It's horrible, perverted, noooo!"

But Jake just laughed and kept fucking her until he was roaring with pleasure and lust. "Yeahhhh, do it, Buck, do it! I'm gonna shoot, gonna cum right up this whore's cunt!"

He laughed and twisted Josephine's nipple, grabbing her neck and pulling her helpless mouth to his.

Josephine sobbed louder as she was forced to kiss her tormentor. His tongue probed between her lips. She clung to the ropes, her pussy throbbing as his cock speeded up, scraping over her cunt-walls in a rising fury. The cane whipped into her ass and her scream came out muffled through Jake's diabolical laughter. He kept his mouth on hers, laughing and fucking, the cum boiling in his balls.

"Yeah!" he yelled, heaving Josephine up on his cock and holding her there as his fuck-rod twitched in her cunt. "Here it comes, honey, lots of cum for you!" He bellowed with release, his cock throbbing and swelling as the jizz burst up it.

Josephine screamed to the beat of the cane lashing her ass. Her pussy spasmed on Jake's cock, sucking at it in a frenzy of pain -- and something she had never known before. Sharp spasms of excitement rushed out of her cunt, soaring higher as Jake gripped her neck hard and shot his first jet of cum high in her suffering pussy. He held her, bellowing and heaving, his cock shooting cum while Buck whipped her ass every time Jake's cock fucked into her cunt and shot jism.

Cum gushed over her pussy-walls, wet and hot, and Josephine screamed louder, suffering the horrible degradation. But the spasms in her pussy got stronger until each thrust of Jake's cock and each hot shot of cum sent a wild tingle through her. She hung on the ropes, moaning and screaming, her arms aching, her ass throbbing with pain, his big prick ramming deep in her cunt. Cum oozed out of her cunt and down her thighs as Jake growled and shot the final great gobs of his fuck-juice. His grip on her neck slowly slackened, and the slamming fuckstrokes of his cock slowed.

"Yeah!" he growled. "You might get into this stuff, bitch!"

"No, please, don't say that!" Josephine wept, still impaled on his cock, her pussy throbbing around the stiff prick. "I hate you, I hate you!"

He laughed and twisted her nipple, pulling his still-hard cock out of her cunt. "Nowyou learn to suck cock, honey!"

Josephine gagged as she twisted on the ropes. The tingles in her cunt still rushed through her, but she knew her moment of truth had come. She would die rather than suck a man's cock. It was as simple as that. She hung on the ropes, waiting for her fate, listening to the horrible screams of perverse lust that Denise gave as she jerked on the cross beams.

"Yeaaah! Fucker!" Denise screeched thrusting her tits out as the cat lashed into them. "Come on, do it, whip me, jerk, make me come!"

Russell growled and lashed the cat across her heaving tits. The flesh was crimson with deeper points of red where the knots in the cat tails had lashed her. Her little lacy top was just about whipped off, but she still heaved her tits out, screaming for more.

Josephine hung on the rope, her legs spread wide, and watched in her horror.

"Come on, bitch, come if you want!" Russell bellowed, lashing Denise's tits brutally.

"Harder, harder, fuck-face! Come on, jerk! Are you a man, or just a shit-faced cock-sucker? Huh? Whip me, whip my tits!" Denise heaved and jerked on the cross beams, her arms and legs jerking, her pussy thrusting out each time the cat tails lashed her heaving tits.

"You cunt!" Russell yelled, lashing the cat up into Denise's cunt, beating into her tight black panties.

"Do it then! Whip me, whip my cunt, my tits... aagghhh!" Denise heaved, screaming at the top of her voice, her panties wet from her pussy-juices. "Come on, shoot in your pants, fucker!"

Russell went into a fury of lust and rage, lashing the cat into Denise's tits and cunt, swinging viciously, beating her in a constant tattoo of pain. He roared and whipped her bound body, watching as her dark hair flicked around and her cunt thrust out for more.

"Do it, do it, yeah!" Denise screamed, jerking wildly as she came.

Then, as the cat whipped in and beat her pussy and tits in turn, she gave an unearthly shriek of passion and heaved upward in the ropes, her body rigid, taking the lashings without moving an inch.

"Bitch!" Russell roared, lashing the cat into her bound body for all he was worth.

For ten strokes, Denise held still, screaming at the top of her voice, her body rigid, thrust up for the whip as it slashed across her tits and up into her cunt. Then she gave a single screech of pain and collapsed on the cross beams, gasping and moaning softly.

Russell chuckled and strolled close to the moaning, gasping brunette. He draped the cat tails over her heaving, mashed tits and lifted her chin with his hand.

"So, am I enough of a man for you, or do you want another one?" he asked harshly.

"Ohhh!" Denise moaned. "Ohhh, yes, Russell, yes, you did it to me!" She moaned and her pussy twitched. "Ohhh, Russell, what do you want? I wanna give you anything you want!"

Without speaking, he gripped the top of her little black panties and yanked. They pulled out and split at once, the flimsy black material tearing away in strips.

For the first time, Josephine saw Denise's cunt and gasped, even in her pain and suffering. Denise's pussy was shaved, with just a tiny triangle of hair on her pussy-mound. The swollen lips of her cunt were wet with her juices and whipped into a dark red mass of flesh. Her inner cunt-lips were just as red, and the cunt-gash pulsated as Russell ran his fingers over it.

"Ready to get fucked, bitch?" he demanded.

"Ohhh, yes, Russell, yes!" Denise moaned, twisting on the beams, thrusting her cunt out at him. Josephine couldn't help but be fascinated by the disgusting horror of the whole scene. Denise moaned and twisted as Russell stripped his pants off. Her hot whipped cunt pushed out to him and her large firm tits heaved up and down, the nipples hard and crinkled in the middle of the red, sore mass of titflesh. The remains of her little black top still hung on her, ripped and torn to shreds.

Russell pulled his shirt off and moved between Denise's bound thighs. Josephine caught a glimpse of his cock as it thrust at Denise's fuck-hole, and she shuddered. It was another monster cock, and she knew she would have to fuck it before she escaped from the hell she was in.

Denise screamed with horrible desire as Russell's cock eased into her cunt, stroking her spasming cuntwalls as it filled her. She pulled at the bonds, moving her hot wet fuck-hole up and down on the swollen cock-rod. Russell chuckled and thrust, ramming his prick into her cunt until his cock-hair rubbed over her shaved pussy-lips.

"Uurrhhh!" Denise gasped, her dark hair all over her shoulders, her pussy jerking and thrusting on his cock. "Russell, fuck me hard, fill me up! Ohhh, shit, Russell, come on, any way you want, come on, hurt my tits!" she moaned, her body tense, demanding every inch of his fucker.

Josephine's disgust rose as she watched, but she had run out of time.

Jake slid the cane over her tits as Buck let the rope down. It was a relief at first, but her legs were still spread wide and there was nothing she could do except stand there and let her arms down, moaning as the blood surged back into them.

Jake pulled the bonds from her ankles and pushed her to her knees on the stone floor, which was still wet from her piss.

"Okay, doll, time to suck some cock," he said. "And Buck here's just bustin' for it. Right, Buck?"

"You got it," Buck chuckled.

Josephine saw Buck, naked, the cane in his hand. His cock stood out, and she trembled, knowing this was where she had to suffer more than ever before.

"No," she breathed, "I won't do it. I won't do that. It's disgusting!"

She crouched on the stone floor, her arms over her suffering tits, her lovely blonde hair tangled down her back and over her shoulders. She could smell her piss, and it was cold on her knees.

"Sweetheart, you're gonna suck some cock," Jake said smoothly. "Now, you gotta choice, easy or hard, it's all the same to us. So, suck!"

Buck's cock pushed at her lips and Josephine pulled her head away in horror. "No!" she screamed. "No, I won't do it!"

Buck gripped her hair and held his cock-head at her mouth. "Suck it!" he ordered.

"No!" Josephine screamed, pulling out of his grip, her hair almost tearing out.

She sprawled across the floor, screaming and wailing, smelling her piss. She crawled, her hands and knees scraping on the stone, her whole body heaving as she sobbed. She came up against Jake's legs and collapsed back to the floor, still sobbing her heart out.

"Get up, you stupid cunt," Jake said.

Josephine lay there senseless until the cat lashed across her lower back and ass. She jerked, screamed and rolled, but not in time to avoid another stroke that lashed over her thighs and into her cunt. She twisted in her horror, weeping and moaning, her hands trying to protect her helpless body.

"Get up!" Jake snapped as he lashed her ass hard. "Aagghhh! All right, I will!" Josephine gasped, rising to her knees.

Jake waited as she struggled up, the cat tails running through his fingers, his cock getting hard again very rapidly. Finally Josephine faced him, her eyes down, her legs trembling.

"One last chance, honey," Jake said. "Go over to Buck and ask him to let you suck his cock."

"No!" Josephine mumbled, her eyes down. She was terrified, but she couldn't let herself sink to that level.

"Okay, bitch!" Jake snapped.

Josephine wailed and struggled as he grabbed her, twisting her around. Buck gripped her other arm, and she was helpless. She could hear Denise wailing and screaming in ecstasy as Russell reamed her tight cunt out with his massive cock, but all Josephine could see was the machine Jake and Buck were pulling her toward. It had a curving wooden back, and beams reached out from each corner. There was a headrest at one end.

She fought every inch of the way, screaming her head off, but it was no use. She was slammed on her back across the curving top of the machine, her body arched upwards, her tits pushing up. Her head was pulled back onto the headrest, and her arms were stretched out along the top set of beams and lashed down. Then her legs were spread wide open and tied down in the same way to the beams at the other end of the machine. She was bound helplessly, arched upwards, her legs tied open, making her vulnerable to anything the guys wanted to do. She could lift her head, but it was such a strain on her neck muscles that she had to let it fall back onto the wooden headrest. Her lovely blonde hair hung to the dirty floor in terrible tangles.

She looked up, and Jake was standing over her face, his cock jutting over tier lips.

"Ready?" he asked.


He pulled out a small version of the cat. The tails were only about two feet long, but they were thin and very tightly knotted. He draped them over Josephine's heaving tits and she moaned, closing her eyes, wondering how she could endure such suffering.

"Let's warm 'em up a bit and get those nipples out," be said, lashing the cat into Josephine's lovely tit-mounds.

Josephine screamed and heaved on the wooden machine top. Her arms pulled desperately at the bonds, but they were thick leather and far too strong. Her tits heaved over her rib cage as the cat lashed back across them, the thin tails biting in hard, the knots leaving small points of deeper pain. Josephine's screams got louder and she struggled and jerked, her legs kicking in the bonds, her ass thumping up and back onto the wood.

"Noooooooo! You bastard, you bastard!" she wailed as the cat tails lashed her tits, concentrating on her nipples. "You beast! You aren't a man! You're an animal! A real man wouldn't do this... aagghh!" She twisted her head, trying to keep up her resolution not to suck cock.

Jake whipped her hard, the strokes lashing back and forth until her tits were one crimson glow. But, more important, her nipples stood out, hard and crinkled, burning with pain. Then he stopped, his cock throbbing even harder over Josephine's face, his chest heaving in his raging lust.

"Yeah!" he breathed. "Now we'll see what you can take, you skit-headed little cunt!"

Josephine stared up at him through eyes blurry with tears, but she could see the things he held in his hand all right. They were clamps, small, with serrated jaws and a screw that controlled them. There were five or six of them, and Josephine shuddered even in her pain at the thought of what they might be used for.

Very slowly, Jake took one of them and put it over the crinkled bud of her nipple.

"No!" Josephine gasped. "You couldn't do that, you couldn't!" She raised her head in horror, staring at the clamp, her neck aching with the strain.

"I could," he said softly, and he twisted the screw on the clamp.

The jaws bit her nipple and pain rushed out. It was nothing like as terrible as the cat pain, but it made Josephine jerk and moan.

Jake left the clamp where it was and took another one, sliding it over her other nipple. She wept and pleaded with him, but he twisted that one too, tightening it until it bit nastily into her nipple.

"Please, Jake, please!" Josephine wept.

But he took the clamps and walked around the machine to her heaving pussy. She twisted as far as she could, pleading with Buck, who just grinned and waited, totally ignoring her. She jerked and sobbed as she felt the tiny metal jaws running over the outer lips of her pussy. Jake pushed the shivering cuntflesh between the jaws and tightened the screw.

"Ohhh, God!" Josephine screamed as fresh pain surged out of her cunt.

But Jake wasn't finished. Another clamp went on her other pussy-lip and got tightened until it stayed clamped to her shivering cunt-flesh even when Jake pulled hard on it.

"Please, Jake, no!" Josephine sobbed, but he ignored her and screwed the first pussy-clamp tighter.

The pain really started. Josephine screamed and wept, jerking on the wooden machine top, her body aching with the horrible pain rushing from her cunt.

Jake slipped string through the handles of the clamps and pulled it out, along her bound legs, toward her ankles.

Josephine shrieked in agony as he pulled the string really tight and lashed it around her ankles. Now her pussy-lips were pulled open, and every jerk her legs made yanked on the clamps.

"Uurrhhh! No! Please!" she wailed as he took the remaining clamps and slid his fingers over her stretched inner cunt-folds. "Oh, no, you wouldn't!" He looked up at her. "Suck cock, honey!"

But Josephine still couldn't give in. She sobbed and dropped her head back onto the headrest, her lovely tits heaving, the clamps on her nipples flopping about. She wailed as two more clamps bit into her inner pussy-lips with pain much, worse than those on her outer ones. She begged, promising anything except that she'd suck cock as Jake put string through the clamps on her inner cunt-lips and pulled that out to her bound ankles. The clamps dragged a little on her inner cunt-lips, scraping the skin until a tiny smear of blood oozed out. Jake noticed that and twisted the screws again, biting the jaws in until they didn't slip any more.

That sent Josephine jerking and screaming even more, for the pain in her cunt doubled. She twisted and begged for mercy, but Jake just checked the clamps and laughed at her.

Then he slid his finger between her stretched cuntlips and over her clit, rubbing it gently. It moved easily on the juices her cunt was producing, and Josephine gave a lurch of horror as she felt it. Her legs jerked and the clamps bit harder into her pussy-lips.

"Getting wet, whore! How about that!" Jake chuckled. "Come on, bitch, come on!"

Josephine didn't know what was happening to her. The pain jerked and throbbed out of her cunt as his finger rubbed her clit. The strings pulled at her ankles, puffing agonizingly at the clamps on her inner and outer pussy-lips. But his finger sent spasms of horrible pleasure rushing out of her clit. They beat in her cunt and mingled with the pain, rushing over her until she was heaving and jerking, her screams low and gutural.

"Come on, bitch, come for me!" Jake laughed, fucking a finger into Josephine's open cunt.

"Nooooo!" Josephine sobbed.

She strained against the bonds, her arms pulling for all they were worth, her legs shaking. But all she managed to do was send more agony through her pussy as the strings jerked at her cunt-lips. And Jake's finger worked her clit, driving the strange spasms deeper into her guts.

Her pussy was throbbing and jerking to the demands of his finger rubbing her clit. It didn't matter that the strings pulled at the clamps on her cunt-lips as her legs jerked; it just sent the strange spasms surging even more strongly. Her tits heaved, the clamps on her nipples flicking about, sending their own pain through her body. She gasped and moaned, the pain submerging under the erotic pulses running from her clit. He twisted his finger in her cunt, stroking her shivering pussy-walls, and she gave another deep moan of dark passion.

"Come on, honey, that's a good girl," Jake chuckled, keeping her pussy throbbing as he rubbed her clit and worked her tight little cunt. "Come on, whore, I wanna hear you come!"

"Nooooo!" Josephine wailed, but the spasms suddenly got stronger, surging up over her. She screamed in horror, her legs jerking, the clamps pulling at her pussy-lips. She lurched up, her pussy pouring juices over Jake's fingers.

"Noooo! Please, no!"

But the spasms caught up with her. She wailed, shook, and her whole body pulsed with a release she'd never known before. She screamed and fell back on the wooden machine top, her body still throbbing with disgusting pleasure.

"Not bad, whore," Jake said, his fingers slowing down on her hot cunt. "Ready to suck cock yet?"

"No, never!" Josephine sobbed, terrified, but also ashamed of herself for the weakness of that strange spasm. She knew it was probably an orgasm, and the idea that she had climaxed in such a degrading way was more than she could handle.

Jake came around to her head, his cock seeming to the bound nurse to be twice as big as before. "Let's see how much pain you're really into," he said, reaching for the clamps on her nipples.

Josephine tensed. But, at that moment, the cum burst out of Russell's balls as he rammed his cock to the hilt in Denise's sucking cunt. He bellowed with fuck-lust, and Denise screamed even louder in depraved passion.

Jake chuckled. "Would you believe that little whore?" he said to Buck and stopped, his hand on the clamp around Josephine's nipple.

Josephine lay there, tense, waiting for the added pain, Jake's massive cock laying across her suffering face. He and Buck laughed and joked about Denise's insatiable sexual appetite.

For the first time, Josephine felt even more humiliation at being ignored than she had at the degradations heaped on her in that den of depravity.


"Yeah!" Russell roared as he heaved Denise up on the cross, his cock pouring cum into her spasming pussy. "Jeezusss!"

He kept gripping the cross beams as he rammed his cum-shooting prick up the girl's hot wet cunt as hard as he could.

Denise's dark hair flicked all over the place as she came, her body thrust out on the beams, heaving and jerking in endless ecstasy. Her screams of lust rang around the room and her body pulsed with each thrust of Russell's cum-gushing cock.

"Uurrhhh!" she gapsed, coming hard, cum dripping out of her cunt and down her thighs. "Come on, Russell, fuck the shit outa me! Come on, jimmeeeee!" She screamed and jerked, her steaming cunt sucking at Russell's cock as it shot another hot stream of jizz into her fuck-hole.

"Enough for you, bitch?" Russell yelled, still shooting his spunk into her cunt, his chest heaving. "Hey, enough for you, bitch?"

Denise threw back her head and laughed with ecstasy as she came beautifully on his big fucker. "Do it again, shit-face!" she challenged him. "Do it again!"

"Bitch!" Russell bellowed, twisting Denise's nipples hard, his face contorted with rage and lust. "I'll give it to you again!" He jerked his cock in her cunt, twisting her nipples as hard as he could.

Denise screamed in delight, coming harder, her pussy sucking at his cock. "You can't get it up again, fucker -- don't kid yourself!"

As Russell roared and slapped the screaming Denise across the face, Jake grinned at Buck and slid his cock-head over Josephine's sobbing mouth. "Y'know," he said, "sometimes I don't even believe that little cunt, Denise. I mean, shit, how does she do it?"

Buck laughed and Josephine wept. She kept her mouth closed, despite the pain in her pussy and tit from the clamps, vowing that she would never let that huge hunk of cock-meat into her mouth.

Russell growled and pulled his cock out ol Denise's cummy cunt. His prick had gone down a little and was covered in fuck-slime. He gripped the beams that Denise was bound to and climbed up them until he could ram his slimy cock at her mouth.

"Suck it, hard, bitch!" he snarled. "Or your tits suffer!"

Denise sneered, still twisting on the beams, struggling to get free, still coming in sharp waves of passion. "You couldn't get hard if I got every hooker in town to suck your cock!" she said. "Don't blame me for your soft prick!"

Then she took the thick fucker in and sucked at it, licking the cum off.

Josephine heard the horrible struggle going on and wept over the depravity, but new problems were just starting for her. Jake kept his cock running over her lips and reached for the clamps on her nipples. His rock-hard prick jerked as he took hold of the clips and played with them a little, easing Josephine's titmounds about.

"Ready to suck?" he asked.

Josephine couldn't open her mouth or his cock would have gone in. So she moaned and shook her head.

Jake chuckled and twisted the screw on one of the clamps that flicked around on her nipples.

Sudden, terrible pain gushed through Josephine's tits. She heaved and screamed, but Jake didn't even try to push his cock into her open mouth. He just kept it playing over her lips as he grinned down at her and reached for the other nipple.

"Just tell me when you really wanna suck cock," he laughed.

He twisted the other clamp, and Josephine thought her head would explode. Her bound body jerked and her legs spasmed and pulled at the clamps on her pussy, sending extra agony through her body.

"Oh, God!" she wailed, agony tearing through her tits and into her guts. "Please, no, no!"

"Ready to suck?" Jake asked again.

"Nooooo!" Josephine wailed, shuddering, her eyes closed, her determination weakening.

"Hey, Buck, gimme that little whip, you know, yeah, that one," Jake said. He stopped back a little and ran the tail of it over Josephine's mouth. "Open your eyes."

Josephine opened her eyes, tears rushing out of them.

"You wanna see what I can do with this?" Jake asked.

"Nooooo!" Josephine screamed, tossing helplessly on the apparatus. The whip was short handled, the tail long, thin and plaited leather. It made her guts twist just to see it.

Jake lashed the whip over Josephine's bowed body and right between her thighs. The tip lashed into her clit and, since it was unprotected because her pussy lips were pulled back, the agony burst out of the contact twice as hard as normal.

She tossed and screamed, her whole body on fire with pain. But the touch on her clit, vicious though it was, set off a terrible tingling in her cunt. She closed her eyes again, weeping sadly.

"So, ready to suck?" Jake asked for what seemed like the hundredth time.

"Nooooo!" Josephine wailed, but she knew her resistance was weakening. Nobody cquld put up with that amount of pain for long. She shivered, her whole body damp with sweat.

Jake chuckled and reached for the clamps. Then he gave each of the screws another twist.

"Aaagggh!" Josephine screeched, her body tossing out of control as the agony throbbed through her, leaving her almost helpless.

The agony was more than she'd ever known. It exploded in her guts, twisting from her nipples and pussy. Then Jake whipped her clit, and she knew she was lost. The eruption of pain burst through her cunt. She arched on the wooden top of the apparatus, her body twisting and shaking.

"Ready to suck?" Jake chuckled.

"Yes, yes, yes!" Josephine screamed, breaking down completely.

"Beg, cunt," Jake said, taking his massive stiff prick and slapping her across the face with it.

His heavy cock slapped into her face like a club, and Josephine screamed, her head ringing.

"Please, let me suck your cock!" she begged. "Please!"

"You sure?" Jake laughed, slapping his cock across her face again.

"Yes, please, please, let me suck your cock!" Josephine wailed. Her body throbbed in agony, her pussy-lips aching as they were pulled around with each movement of her legs.

"Okay," Jake said, "if you're really sure."

He slid his cock at Josephine's lips and her helpless mouth opened to take it.

Jake's prick was massive and thick, horrible, just as she had known it would be. But it wasn't intolerable. It was almost a comfort to have something to suck on. It distracted her from the pain in her nipples and cunt. The clamps were still on and it was obvious Jake wasn't going to take them off yet. Josephine's nipples throbbed as if the jaws were biting right through them. And her spasming legs pulled at the clamps on her pussy-lips, showing her clit with each movement she made.

"Yeah!" Jake chuckled as his cock slid between Josephine's soft lips.

"Not bad, honey, you might make a good cock-sucker yet. Yeah, gimme a real good time. I get real pissed at bitches who fuck up a blow-job." He swung the whip and laid the tail down Josephine's heaving stomach and right between her cunt-lips.

Josephine moaned and sucked, her body aching, her mind spinning with the horror of it all. The thick cock-head filled her mouth, drops of pre-cum rolling out of it and over her tongue. The drops were salty and sticky, mixing into her saliva easily. But the pain in her tits went on, and her throat tightened as Jake pushed his cock-head at it.

"Suck better, bitch!" Jake snarled, lifting the whip over Josephine's helplessly bound body.

He pushed his cock-head at her throat and Josephine gagged, her stomach heaving. Her body jerked up and a terrible terror of choking surged through her.

"Suck deeper, cunt!" Jake yelled, lashing the whip into Josephine's clit again.

The pain burst out, throbbing through the bound nurse. She gyrated helplessly on the apparatus, her throat opening for a moment, taking some of his cock-head before she gagged and choked.

"What's up, bitch? Don't like cock in your throat?" Jake asked, pulling his prick out of Josephine's mouth and running it over her lips.

"Please, Jake, please -- I can't take it any deeper!" Josephine sobbed. "And please, let those things loose a little -- they hurt!"

"Asking a lot, ain't we?" he asked, running the whip tail through her pussy-lips, drawing it slowly up. "You deep-throat my cock, babe. I really like that."

"I can't!" Josephine sobbed, twisting on the apparatus, her body aching horribly.

"You'd be surprised what you can do when it hurts enough," Jake said softly. "I mean, fuck, I've had bitches try to swallow my balls along with my cock." He laughed and Josephine trembled, knowing he had no pity at all in him. "So suck, baby! Come on, give nice Uncle Jake a suck!"

He fucked his cock back into her mouth and rammed it to the tight entrance of her throat. Josephine gagged and spasmed, her stomach heaving.

He lashed her pussy, the whip cutting into her clit like a searing hot iron. Josephine's scream bubbled out around his cock as she took an inch of his hard fuck-meat into her throat for a moment before her spluttering throat forced his cock out again. She turned her head, gasping for breath, tasting bile.

"Suck, baby," Jake taunted her, heaving his prick back at her throat and lashing the whip between her pussy-lips.

The agony erupted in Josephine's cunt as the thin leather bit her clit. Her pussy thrust up and her legs jerked, pulling at the clamps on her pussy-ups, spreading more pain through her bound body. Her throat hurt, but he rammed deeper and the throat muscles opened, spasming around his cock-head.

"Not, bad, honey," he said. "Ready for another one?" He held the whip up over her heaving tits and waited.

His cock bobbed at her mouth and Josephine shuddered, her eyes on the terrible whip. But her pussy ached with more than pain. The cut of the thin leather had set off the tingles again, and each time the whip lashed her, the tingles got stronger. But the tingles from the whip surged up into her tits and made the agony of the clamps more bearable. Her pussy jerked, on fire with a mixture of agony and slow, throbbing desire.

"You beast!" she wept. "How can you do this to me?"

"Like this, cunt!" he snarled as he slammed his cock back into her mouth.

This time, he didn't mess around. He fucked his cock into her throat as the whip curled through the air and bit into her clit. Josephine's scream bubbled out from around his cock-meat as her throat opened and she took another thick inch of prick. His cock-head stayed in her throat as he whipped her clit again, driving the leather in hard. Josephine screamed and twisted, but this time there was no doubt about the rising passion that burst out of her whipped clit. The rushing throbs of desire pulsed through the pain, up into her tits until her nipples throbbed with a horrible, demanding desire. She moaned and sucked, her throat opening to take more of Jake's cock. He lashed her pussy again, and she spasmed and took more of his cock, her lips sucking hard at the monstrous cock-rod pushing through them, her long blonde hair dragging across the stone floor below the apparatus.

The disgusting pleasure surged harder, rushing through her body as another lash of the whip almost drove her out of her mind. She screamed, her throat opening, her body arched to the limit, her tits throbbing and heaving, her arms pulling at the bonds.

Jake laughed and pulled his cock back out of her throat and ran the jerking prick-head over her lips. "Yeah!" he breathed, staring down into Josephine's wide eyes. "You're a real whip-bitch, you know that?"

Josephine moaned and sobbed, her mouth sucking at the tip of his cock.

"Makes it easier, right?" Jake chuckled, dropping the whip tail back between Josephine's widespread legs.

Josephine sobbed and wept, but her pussy lurched up at the plaited whip tail as it dragged over her clit and she moaned, giving herself away.

Jake chuckled and slid his cock into her mouth a little and pulled it out again. "Come on, honey," he crooned. "Tell me how good it feels. I'll whip your hot little pussy while I shoot all over your pretty face. Won't that be nice?"

Josephine shuddered and sobbed in shame as her pussy stifi jerked at the whip tail being dragged slowly over her clit. "Please, no!" she moaned. "Please, don't do this!"

But Jake just grinned and pushed his cock back into her mouth. "I'll make you beg one of these days," he snarled, lashing the whip into her clit, beating it right between her shivering thighs.

Josephine screamed and took his cock into her throat, fully two thirds of the massive fucker between her lips. Her throat spasmed, sucking at the thick cock-head as it rubbed and surged deep. Her neck bulged as Jake roared with lust and lashed her clit hard, his cock cramming her throat, fucking in and out.

The agony surged from her clit, but the delicious desire was surging with it. Josephine's head spun as she twisted and heaved, throbbing passion rushing up into her tits. Her throat opened wider and the full length of Jake's cock sank in shame rushed over her, but there was nothing she could do to stop her pussy from drooling as the whip lashed over her body and into her clit.

"Yeahhhh, whip-bitch!" Jake yelled, fucking his cock deep into Josephine's throbbing throat. "You can't get enough of it either, whip-bitch, whip-bitch!" He lashed Josephine's clit in a fury of lust, his cock throbbing deep between her lips.

Josephine tossed helplessly, grabbing at the bonds that held her, her legs spasming in her surging pain and lust. She hated Jake, hated herself, hated everything -- but she couldn't stop the lust that beat out of every contact of the whip on her clit and the sensations of the clamps on her nipples. As she sucked at Jake's prick, her tongue ran over the heaving cock-flesh in a fury of depraved desire she was helpless to stop. Her cunt was lurching up as the whip lashed in. She could feel herself do it and still couldn't stop.

"Yuurrhh!" Jake roared, lashing the whip into Josephine's clit as his throbbing fucker slammed deep into her throat, pulsating as the cum rushed around in his balls. "I'm gonna fill your fuckin' mouth with jizz, whore! How about that?"

Josephine hardly heard him. Her tits heaved as the throbbing excitement rushed from her whipped clit. Passion boiled in her guts, making her gasp and sob, her throat spasming around the thick plug of cock-meat in it. Her cunt was running juices, and she could feel drops splatter onto her thighs as the whip lashed lower, over her clit and into the trembling entrance of her fuck-hole.

She sucked on Jake's cock, feeling it ram into her throat. The whip lashed her clit and suddenly, without warning, the pulses of lust burst like explosions in her cunt. Her throat opened and spasmed around his prick as she came, her bound body heaving on the apparatus, her clit throbbing. Jake roared, lashing the whip into her clit and fuck-hole harder, his arm swinging wildly. Josephine arched up, her body taut and waiting, her thighs spread, quivering as her pussy pulsed.

Jake bellowed as his climax broke loose, his arm swinging the whip into Josephine's spasming clit, splashing more drops of her flowing cunt-juices away. His balls rolled and tightened as the cum rushed out of them and up his cock-shaft. He started lashing Josephine's spread pussy faster, his cock pulsing in her throat.

Josephine's cock exploded with horrible lust as the shots of his cum burst into her throat. Thick fuck-cream backed up into her mouth, and her thighs trembled as the whip lashed her pussy. Her scream bubbled cum out over her lips, the salty taste of the jizz on her tongue. Her throat spasmed around Jake's cock-head. He pulled his cum-shooting cock back, gushing cum into her mouth and filling her throat.

Josephine gurgled, swallowing for the first time, taking the slippery cum down her throat while more cum spurted into her mouth. Jake's cock jerked in her mouth, shooting more jism out, running it over her tongue and down into her throat. She swallowed cum again, her head spinning as the whip lashed another erupting orgasm out of her pussy. Her thighs trembled, dragging on the clamps that bit into her pussy-lips.

"Take it all, bitch, take it all!" Jake roared, whipping Josephine as the cum poured into her mouth.

He reached down and took hold of one of the clamps, twisting it on Josephine's nipple as he shot fuck-juice and lashed her heavmg cit.

Josephine thought she was going to pass out as the extra agony pulsed through her nipple. But it was mild beside the agonizing lust rushing out of her pussy. With each lash of the whip, each shotof Jake's cum, fresh surges of climax burst in her bound body.

"Fuck! Yeah!" Jake yelled, his arm slowing as the shots of his cum diminished. "Jesus, Buck, you'll love this mouth! I tell ya, it's somethin' else!" He lashed Josephine's cunt, his cock crammed to the depths of her throat. "Yeah! That's it!"

He suddenly twisted the clamp off Josephine's nipple.

Everything shot into a single mass of pain and lust in Josephine's head. She thrashed around violently, her body on fire, her nipple tingling as she came, pain rushing through her. Jake's cock fucked into her throat once more, the cum dribbling out as he moaned and came down. He lashed her cunt again. But it was a soft blow, and it left Josephine where she was.

That was the problem. As the clamp twisted off her nipple, Josephine had exploded into an orgasm she thought would break her right open. But it didn't. She just surged and hung, waiting for more.

But there wasn't any more. Jake's cock throbbed a little in her mouth, cum oozing out of it, but it wasn't enough to even excite her. And the blow of the whip did nothing for her tingling pussy. The ache in her nipple continued and the throb in her cunt went on, but her orgasm was slipping, sliding painfully away. She moaned and sucked harder at Jake's cock-head, but that didn't help.

Jake chuckled and ran his softening cock over Josephine's slimy lips, laughing at her as she sucked at it, still moaning and heaving on the apparatus.

"Had a good time hey, babe?" he asked.

"Noooo!" Josephine moaned, her lips running over his cock-head. "Nooooo, that's a lie, a lie!"

"You teffing me you didn't come?" Jake demanded, sliding his cock-head over her mouth.

"How could you say such a thing?" Josephine wept, sobbing as she licked his prick. "I did it because you whipped me, you beast! What do you want?"

"You came, bitch, you came!" Jake snarled, leaning down over the bound nurse.

"Nooooo! Liar!" Josephine screamed, her thighs straining at the bonds.

"Tell me you came, bitch!" Jake snarled, taking hold of his wet cock. "Tell me real fast, you lying bitch, or you're gonna get it all. I got a real head on!" He held his cock over Josephine's face.

She had no idea what he meant, but it didn't matter. Nothing would make her admit she came. That would sink her into the deepest pit of depravity possible.

"I'm not a liar -- you are!" she cried.

"You sticking to that?" Jake asked, his cock moving over her face.

"You stinking liar!" Josephine yelled. "I hate you, I hate you!"

"Good!" Jake chuckled.

Josephine knew something was going to happen. She tensed, waiting for the pain. But it wasn't pain -- it was something much worse. A stream of hot piss burst out of Jake's cock and splattered all over her pretty face.


For a second, Josephine didn't believe it as the steam of hot piss gushed over her face.

Then she wanted to scream, but she couldn't open her mouth. Desperately, she twisted her face in the stinking stream of Jake's piss. Piss was everywhere, running her eyes, over her cheeks and down into her lovely blonde hair. Her tits heaved as she gasped for air, and she pulled at the bonds in rising desperation. And then she had to open her mouth to gasp for air. Foaming piss ran into her throat. She choked and gagged, gasping for air. She swallowed some of the bitter piss and nearly vomited it back up.

"Like that, bitch?" Jake asked, lifting his cock and pissing over Josephine's tits.

"Please! No, not this!" Josephine wailed, her head turned as her stomach heaved and she gasped for breath. The piss burned in the tiny cuts on her nipples where the clamps bit. The horrible taste of piss was in her mouth and throat, and she sucked air in as the stream ran over her tits and shoulders.

"Then tell us how great it was to come, fuckmeat!" Jake snarled, aiming his cock over her face for an instant.

Josephine sobbed as more piss hit her mouth. "Noooo, noooooo!"

"Shit!" Jake growled. "I'll break you, bitch. I'll make you crawl across the fucking room for cock!" He slapped her across the face with his partially hard prick, squirting piss over the floor and her face.

Josephine screamed and took more piss in her mouth, but the stream was declining and Jake was grunting and sneering in disappointment that she hadn't confessed to him. He growled once more, pushed his cock into her mouth while the last drops of his piss ran out of it, and then pulled back.

"You tell us, bitch, and then you can have a shower," be said.

There was nothing Josephine wanted more than a shower. She smelled like a urinal. The piss was in her blonde hair, all the way to the floor. The stinking stuff clung to her face and body, getting cold against her skin, making her shiver in horror. But she wasn't going to confess to Jake or anybody else, even though the pain in her nipples burned terribly from the clamps and the piss. She gasped and looked up at him.

"Fuck off!" she snapped, using language she would never have even thought of a few hours ago.

Jake laughed, though there was real anger on his face. "Okay, cunt," he said as he turned away. "Do what you like to her, Buck. Fuck the bitch to hell and back!"

Buck laughed and stood over Josephine, his cock-tip sliding over her lips. "You wanna guess where I'm gonna stick this?"

Josephine moaned, almost regretting her decision to defy Jake.

"It's going right up your ass," Buck said. After all she'd been through, it was strange even to Josephine that she screamed in such horror. The idea of doing what faggots did sent shivers of disgust all over her. She twisted her face away, sobbing and choking.

"But that don't mean you can't suck it for a while," Buck laughed as he pushed his cock at Josephine's mouth. "You want the clamps off?"

Josephine knew it was no use trying to stop his cock from getting into her mouth. She moaned as she submitted, taking his stiff, throbbing fucker in, sucking gently.

"Yeah, not bad," he growled, twisting the clamps on Josephine's nipples. "But fuck, lady, you stink! You know that?"

Josephine sobbed and closed her eyes, making her throat relax as he fucked his cock into it. It was easier to get the thick cock-shaft in now, and it almost helped get her mind off the horrible taste of piss that lingered in her mouth.

As Buck mouth-fucked the helpless Josephine, Jake strolled up to the beams where Russell was ramming his prick deep in Denise's throat. The little brunette nympho was gurgling as she took his cock, rapidly getting the long fucker back to full hardness.

"Sorry about this, Russell," Jake said, "but I need this bitch."

"Well, shit, cunt, you look like you got away with something," Russell said, pulling his cock back over Denise's lips.

Denise sneered at him. "Why don't you go beat off, jerk?" she demanded. "I wouldn't wanna take advantage. You know, like you having time to get it hard again, prove you're a man that way." She laughed as he slapped her face, first with his cock and then with his hand. "Fuck off, asshole. Go on, bet you can't jerk off and then fuck me. Bet you can't, jerk-dick!"

Russell snarled and pulled away from her, his chest heaving.

"You really let this bitch get to you, don't you?" Jake said pleasantly as he pulled at the bonds holding Denise to the beams.

"Cunt!" Russell spat.

"Sure," Jake said. "But she's the hottest piece of ass you'll ever get, so don't damage the merchandise. Get what I mean?" He pulled Denise's wrists free and she pouted at him, sliding one hand over his chest.

"Jake knows how a real man treats me," she purred, reaching for his cock.

"And don't you get above yourself," Jake warned. "You're just a cheap slut, and you know it."

"Oh, yeah," Denise breathed, stroking his cock. "But I make you come more than any two other cheap sluts, and you know that."

Jake growled and sank his hands into her dark hair. "Come here," he said. "I gotta job for you!"

Denise followed him over to the apparatus where Josephine lay on her back, moaning as she sucked Buck's cock. He pushed and her throat bulged as she twisted a little, gagging on his massive fucker.

"You ready for her ass?" Jake asked.

"Yeah," Buck said, churning his cock around in Josephine's throat. "But, fuck, you were right, Jake. She takes it in the mouth pretty good, too." He heaved and rammed his prick into Josephine's throat to the hilt, his cock-hair rubbing over her lips.

Josephine gurgled and moaned, her body gyrating as she was forced to swallow the full length of Buck's prick. Her throat spasmed, her legs shook and the clamps on her pussy-lips pulled, sending sharp shivers of that strange lust she'd felt before rushing in her cunt.

"Tell you what -- we'll get her ready, and then you fuck her in the ass," Jake said.

"Sure, Jake, sure," Buck said easily, watching his cock slide in and out of Josephine's sucking lips. "I gotta long way to go before I shoot. But, fuck, if I come, well, shit, we can start again." He laughed and rammed his cock-head back into Josephine's throat.

Josephine sobbed and moaned, the pain in her tits, the stink of Jake's piss and the humiliation of it all working on her, driving her to fresh floods of tears. She sucked on the big prick in her mouth, waiting nervously for what they would do to her next.

They lifted her legs. She wasn't sure who it was, but it didn't matter. She moaned and then screamed as they forced her legs up and out, over her head and then back down. Every muscle and tendon stretched painfully as her legs were forced down on either side of her head and lashed to the bonds holding her arms. Her ass was heaved upward, the clamps on her pussy-lips pulling as her legs were stretched. Her whipped and bruised flesh stretched tight as she sucked on Buck's cock, waiting for the horror of having her ass fucked.

Then she jumped and jerked as she felt a mouth running over her pussy, softly licking her wide-open cunt. She moaned around Buck's cock, but he kept the enormous plug in her mouth and worked it deeper, back into her throat.

"Hey, you like that?" Denise giggled as she licked her way over Josephine's cunt-slit. She giggled harder as Josephine's stifled groan escaped from around Buck's cock and slid her tongue on the hot wet cunt-slit. "I like having pussy, but fuck, if it's sex, I like it!"

Josephine moaned and jerked, shame and horror surging over her as the pain and ache in her body throbbed on and on. There was nothing she could do to stop Denise's tongue from running over her clit, but the disgust at another woman touching her made her tremble and sob. She pulled at the bonds, sucking at auck's cock, her legs straining as hard as they could against the leather straps.

But Denise knew what she was doing. Her expert tongue ran in Josephine's cunt-crack, licking softly until Josephine showed the first signs of real arousal. Then, as the blonde's pussy started jerking up for her tongue, Denise giggled and played with their captive, teasing her clit, then stopping, twisting the clamps on her cunt-lips.

Josephine groaned and gasped, her body on fire, squirming in disgust. Denise's tongue flicked over her clit, driving sharp pangs of excitement through the bound nurse. Josephine jerked up against the leather straps, her mouth sucking hard at the enormous fuck-pole buried in it.

Denise stopped sucking Josephine's cunt and moved down, her soft mouth moving over the stretched and whipped cheeks of Josephine's ass. Her teeth nipped at the tight, crimson ass-flesh while she licked at it, caressing as she went. And she kept her fingers on the clamps, pulling at them.

Josephine was going out of her mind. For the swirling emotion didn't stop when Denise left her pussy, it got higher. The pulses of pain from her whipped ass carried sharp flashes of lust with them, lust that fed on the pain and got higher every moment. She knew that her ass was jerking for Denise's mouth. She was betraying herself once more, sliding into the pit of perversion they held open for her. Her wide-open pussy and ass throbbed while she sucked at Buck's prick.

Then Denise's tongue dove into the open crack of Josephine's ass and flicked over her asshole.

Josephine gasped, her body thrashing around in horror and terrible lust. Shame washed over her, but it was nothing to the surging passion from that single flick of Denise's tongue on the crinkled entrance to her shit-pit. Denise did it again and Josephine's throat opened, taking Buck's cock in to the hairy hilt.

Denise giggled and licked, probing into Josephine's tight ass with her tongue, licking over the spasming entrance. Her hands pulled Josephine's ass-cheeks open as she plunged her tongue into the open hole of Josephine's shit-pit.

Josephine gasped again, her body tossing in desperate lust, her asshole throbbing as Denise's tongue roamed over it. Denise was pushing her tongue in, right into her shit-pit, and the bound nurse was sure she'd die of the shame. Instead, she came, surging on the wooden apparatus, climaxing helplessly, her body shaking, her ass heaving up for more of the obscene caresses Denise's tongue gave her tight little shit-hole. Her legs trembled, pulling at the bonds and the clamps on her pussy.

"Sheeeit!" Buck growled, watching his cock slide into Josephine's wildly sucking mouth. "Maybe I can't hold out! Sheeeeit, man, she really sucks when she loses it!"

Jake roared with laughter, watching as Josephine thrashed around, helpless in the grip of her own lusts. Denise expertly kept the bound nurse coming, her tongue flicking in Josephine's ass, then up to her quivering pussy, licking and sucking at them both.

"Come on, bitch, tell us how you love to come!" Jake teased.

Buck pulled his cock out to Josephine's lips. "Well, fuck-face?" he snarled.

"Nooooo!" Josephine wailed, thrashing around, pulling at the bonds that held her to the apparatus. Her body stretched and heaved, but the bonds only creaked. "Fuck off, fuuuck off!"

"Shit, you stuck-up, cunt-faced bitch!" Buck roared, gripping his cock hard. "You tell us, fucker, or I'll jack off over your face and piss on you like Jake did! You lying shit, tell us!"

But Josephine was well beyond reason. She screamed as his cock bobbed at her lips. Her whole body was burning with shame and lust, heaving and thrashing around. But nothing stopped the rushing orgasm that consumed her. Her pussy and ass were so sensitive to Denise's mouth that every flick of Denise's tongue sent more explosions of depraved passion over the helpless nurse.

"Fuuuuck offff!" she screamed.

Buck rammed his cock back into her mouth.

Josephine sucked at the thick cock-knob, her tongue working over it, helplessly demanding the load of cum in his balls. Her pussy throbbed, running some juices into Denise's mouth, but mainly down into the crack of her ass. Denise's tongue worked down, licking into the ass-crack, playing over the spasming ring of muscle around her shitter.

Denise worked a finger into Josephine's ass, twisting it slowly, working at the shivering ass-walls.

At the same time, her mouth worked up and over Josephine's pussy, licking at her spasming red clit.

And, once again, she twisted the clamps on Josephine's pussy. Josephine thought she was going to die. Her ass and cunt were exploding with arousal as Denise's finger worked into her shitter and twisted around. Climaxes pulsed over her, shaking her to the core of her being. Her throat opened, taking Buck's fucker in effortlessly.

Russell leaned on Jake's shoulder and laughed with him. "Fuck, looks like she'll take a load off Buck," he said. "It's gonna be up to you and me to fuck the bitch into submission."

"Hell of a job, but somebody's gotta do it," Jake chuckled.

Josephine spasmed, her ass throbbing as Denise's finger slid in and around, working her throbbing asswalls. Her ass seemed to be incredibly sensitive, reacting to everything Denise did, sending throbs of orgasm all over her.

Denise giggled and looked up at Jake. "I get her for this," she said.

"You gotta get in line," he said.

But Denise plunged her mouth back over Josephine's heaving pussy.

Then Denise worked a second finger into Josephine's ass and the helpless nurse went berserk, leaping around in the bonds, her ass heaving and sliding over the invading fingers. At the same time, her throat spasmed around Buck's cock and he lost control, his raging cock slamming in as far as it could go as the cum boiled around in his balls.

"Yuurrhh! Fuck, the bitch is driving me crazy!" he yelled. He reached down and grabbed the clamps on Josephine's nipples, twisting them as he released streams of hot cum up his heaving cock-shaft. "Jeeeezus, here it comes!"

Josephine trembled and twisted, and her long, piss-wet hair tossed as she felt Buck's cock swell and throb in her mouth. She felt disgusted and horrified, but the shame was even worse. The pain from her nipples exploded through her, working with Denise's skillful mouth and fingers to send her into another screaming orgasm as the jet of cum burst in her throat.

"Yeah!" Buck yelled, twisting the clamps on Josephine's nipples viciously as he pumped out his cum-cream into her mouth. "Come on, bitch, take it -- I wanna see my cum!" He pulled his cock back, letting the jets of white jizz pour all over Josephine's lips. "Suck it, bitch, suck it all down!"

Josephine didn't know what was happening to her anymore. In a depraved swirl of lust, she took gobs of Buck's cum in her mouth and tasted them, running the cum over her tongue as it poured out. Her tits heaved at his hands, begging for more pain from the terrible clamps -- and he gave it to her, twisting the jaws, pulling Josephine's lovely titmounds outward.

Even with the smears of blood around the clamp jaws, Josephine's orgasm raged on. Her pussy spasmed as Denise's tongue ran over her clit and into her fuck-hole, licking in a fury of depravity. Denise's fingers twisted and scissored in Josephine's ass, driving more hot surges of climax into the bound hole. Josephine's mouth was full of fuck-juice, and her body arched and heaved as the terrible surges of climax poured through her.

"Fuck! Yeah!" Buck bellowed, taking one hand off the clamp on Josephine's nipple. He gripped his cock, spurting more jets of cum over her lips and face, laughing and yelling with release. "Fuck, you look good, lady!" He fucked his cock back into her mouth for a moment, then pulled it out again to squirt more cum over her lips.

Josephine moaned, taking the white cock-cream over her lips, breathing through the sticky strands.

Her body tossed wildly as another spasm of orgasm burst in her pussy and Buck's stream of spunk slowed to an ooze, running out of his pissslit and all over her mouth. But her orgasm wouldn't stop. She tossed and jerked, pulling at the bonds, her mouth sucking desperately at the jerking cock, trying to milk more cum out of it while Denise's finger worked in her ass.

"Yeah, not bad, whore!" Buck laughed, playing his partially hard cock over Josephine's lips. "You're getting better. You might even learn to give a good blow." He laughed cruelly. "What's it like to come, cunt? Can't stop, right? Whore! Cunt! We got you, ya stuck-up bitch!"

"Nooooo! It isn't true!" Josephine screamed, tossing and moaning as Denise's mouth worked on her helpless pussy.

"You telling me you're not coming?" Buck snarled, running his cock over her lips.

"I'm not! You're a liar!" Josephine cried, shame and horror bursting inside her. Her ass jerked as Denise worked another finger in, ramming up hard, filling her asshole until she was screeching again with pain and lust.

"Tell me you're coming, you stupid cunt!" Buck raged, holding his cock, working it over her face. "I got just a big head on me, fucker!"

Josephine knew he was going to piss on her and tried to twist away, sobbing and moaning.

"You're coming!" Buck insisted.

"No, no! I can't!" Josephine screamed, torn between two impossible fates.

Buck roared with disgust and laughter as he started pissing all over Josephine's face.

She screamed, getting more of the foaming piss into her mouth, twisting, gasping as she tried to avoid it.

But this time, she really was coming -- and Denise made sure she kept coming. Sucking pussy and finger-fucking Josephine's ass, the little brunette nympho worked the screaming blonde over expertly, never letting her orgasm subside.

"Nooooo! Oh, God!" Josephine whined, twisting in the stream of hot piss, feeling more of it running over her neck and into her hair.

She tossed and trembled as Buck gripped the nipple clamps once more, twisting them, directing his stream of piss down, over her tits. Pain shot out as the clamps bit harder on her nipples and the piss burned in the cuts, but it only sent her higher. Her beautiful face was covered in piss that was washing the last of Buck's cum away. The hot piss ran into her mouth as she gasped for breath and screamed in the depraved lust consuming her.

Nothing would stop the surging orgasms -- she was helpless in the grip of the depraved perverts who had captured her.

"Yeah, you gotta learn, cunt!" Buck snarled. "You're coming, coming! You hear?"

Josephine was so far gone she hardly noticed the piss anymore. Her whole body twisted and throbbed to the beat of Denise's nmuth and fingers and the vicious twisting of Buck's fingers on the nipple clamps. Her tits jerked as they were pulled out by the nipples, and pain shot through her tits as Buck turned and crushed them in his strong hands. And the gushes of piss ran all over her face and her mouth as she gasped and came.

"Fuck!" Buck growled as his piss ran out. He flicked his cock, sending the drops all over Josephine's face and tits, then pushed the hunk of cock-meat back into her mouth. "Clean it off, whore!"

Josephine sucked his cock, no longer caring if there was piss on it. Her mouth tasted of the horrible stuff anyway. The spongy cock-head felt horribly wonderful in her mouth as she sucked at it, her tears running down her face in her shame. She couldn't believe she had sunk this low, but Denise kept sucking on her clit and finger-fucking her ass -- and the intense orgasms rolled on. Then Denise stopped, sliding her fingers out of the slippery wet hole of Josephine's ass. Josephine screamed and jerked, her ass squirming for something to fill it, and Denise chuckled.

"I reckon you can get your cock in there now," she grinned at Russell.

"Yeah, I reckon," he breathed, his chest heaving, his eyes on Josephine's jerking, bound body.

Josephine sobbed and struggled, her lips still around Buck's softening cock, her body aching and crying out for more depraved sex. She hated herself lesperately, but there was nothing she could do to save herself.

Russell slid his finger into her ass and she screamed, sobbing and jerking in fresh, depraved desire.

"Ooooh, you silly bitch!" Russell laughed. He slid his cock into the crack of her ass. "Beg for it, and I'll push it right up your ass."

"Nooooo!" Josephine whined, her mouth still around Buck's cock-head. "I hate you -- hate you all!"

She closed her eyes, weeping helplessly. She had sunk as low as she was going to go. Nothing would make her beg for a cock up her ass. Nothing!


Russell laughed and pushed his cock-head at the quivering hole of Josephine's ass. The hard cockknob spread the tight ass-ring and sank in about an inch. It was a lot bigger than even Denise's three fingers.

Josephine tensed and howled as her ass-muscles spasmed in pain, throbbing over the invading cock. "You bastard!" she screamed. "Get away from me!"

Russell laughed again and twisted the metal clamps on Josephine's pussy-lips. She jerked at the fresh pain, sobbing and moaning as she struggled helplessly against the bonds.

"Come on, you little cunt, beg me!" Russell demanded, twisting the clamps on Josephine's sensitive inner pussy-lips.

"Nooooo!" Josephine wailed, smelling the horrible piss that was still on her face and matting her hair. "You cowards -- you lousy cowards!"

"Shit, Russell, just fuck the bitch!" Jake snarled. "She's gettin' to be more trouble than she's worth!"

"Not with an ass like this, she ain't," Russell growled, ramming his cock into her tight asshole.

With all the pussy-juice that had run down into her ass-crack along with Denise's saliva, his cock sank into her shit-pit very easily.

But it hurt. Josephine moaned and jerked, her ass-muscles sucking and spasming as his huge fucker sank into her guts. Russell took his time, working his cock in slowly, enjoying every twist and twitch of Josephine's bound body.

"Fuck!" Russell growled. "This one's got a great ass!"

He roared with fuck-lust and rammed his cock in as far as it would go.

Josephine felt as if she'd been skewered on a pole so massive it was close to ramming up into her throat. She screamed as her ass-guts were filled with the big fuck-rod. It scraped over her tight ass-walls, making her jerk as he churned his prick around in her shitter. She grabbed for the bonds, wailing and gasping.

"Fuuuuck!" Russell laughed, ramming his cock in and out of Josephine's ass while he twisted the clamps on her inner pussy-lips. "Shit, what a hot ass!"

Josephine closed her eyes, sobbing hopelessly. And it wasn't because of the horror of her situation. It was because the sensations in her ass were doing exactly the same things to her as everything else had done. They were turning her on. The pain shooting from her pussy-lips only made things worse, and the flicking of the clamps on her tits added still more fuel to the fire. The orgasm that had faded while Russell slammed his cock in was now surging again -- and they all knew it.

Russell fucked her ass hard and worked the clamps, stroking her clit with a free finger. Josephine sobbed and shuddered, perverse passion taking her over once more. The hatred she had for herself at being so weak got stronger, but she was helpless in the grip of her raging lust. She sobbed, her lovely mouth open, gasping for breath, her tits heaving around, the clamps tossing on her nipples.

Then Denise appeared over the bound nurse, a big grin on her face, her legs spread. There was cum on the inside of her thighs, some dried, some still gooey. The shaved lips of her pussy were red from the whipping they'd had, and very wet with all the juices running over them. Somehow she still had her little top on, though it was ripped all over and only just hanging around her tits.

"I think I deserve a little suck for all the nice things I did for you, sweetheart," she purred, thrusting her pussy over Josephine's horrified face.

Josephine had a sudden surge of disgust at the thought of sucking another woman's cunt. But she was too far gone already, pulses of passion were surging from her ass and pussy, and she had no fight left. Denise spread her thighs around the bound nurse's face and the pressure of the wooden headrest got harder on the back of Josephine's neck. Denise rammed her pussy down. The red slippery cunt-flesh slid over Josephine's mouth, and the juices smeared all over her face. She gasped for breath in the suffocating embrace of Denise's crotch, sucking in some air through her nose. She tasted the cum, smelled the odor of Denise's fuck-hole as she licked up the slime, her tongue running all over Denise's cunt-slit.

Denise giggled and played with the clamps on Josephine's tits. "Suck nicely now," she said as she pushed her cunt harder on Josephine's face. "I can always tighten these a bit." She pulled Josephine's tits outward on the clamps.

Josephine gurlged in the pain. The rushes of lust from the savage churning of Russell's cock in her ass worked in Josephine's head, sending her screaming and moaning in a terrible conflict of pain and passion. Her tits ached and throbbed, pulses of divine agony coming from her nipples as Denise played with the clamps, twisting them around, pulling on the sensitive tit-flesh.

And all the time, Denise's cunt heaved over her mouth, pouring juices. Josephine sobbed and licked at the hot red pussy-flesh, still straining to free herself. She tasted jism from Denise's cunt, and the brunette's own pussy-juices. She gasped for breath, her nose deep in the crack of Denise's ass. And all the time, the surging desire rose. Her asshole clutched at Russell's cock, driving him out of his mind.

"Uuurrhh! Fuck, this ass really works ya, you know that?" he growled, fucking into the shuddering depths of Josephine's shit-hole. He pulled on the I clamps biting hard at Josephine's pussy-lips, and the helpless blonde screamed into Denise's cunt. "Shit, you hurt the cunt and she goes wild! Hey, bitch, try this!" He heaved on the clamps, tearing at the flesh of Josephine's pussy-lips until the serrated metal jaws began to tear free. "Yeah! She's gonna bring me off!"

Josephine screamed into Denise's cunt, sheer agony surging through her fuck-hole. Her pussy-lips felt as if they were being pulled off by the terrible clamps. Her flesh ached and throbbed, but the pain made her ass clutch tighter at Russell's cock and sent spasms of excitement burning in her pussy. She jerked and screamed, her mouth full of Denise's cunt-meat, her face streaming with cum and pussy-juices.

As Russell bellowed with lust and rammed his cock deep into her ass, Josephine went wild. In a fury, she sucked Denise's clit and pussy-lips into her mouth and chewed at them, savaging the wet cuntflesh, biting with all her force.

"Aaghhh, yeah!" Denise screeched, ramming her cunt even harder into Josephine's face. "That's it, bitch, that's it! Bite me, hurt me! Come on, I wanna come with you!"

Russell's cock was swelling in her ass as the cum got ready to break loose in his balls. At the same time, he pulled and twisted viciously at the clamps on her pussy-lips, tearing at the flesh in his excitement.

It all boiled into a terrible, depraved experience for Josephine. Her ass spasmed under the raging fuck, her pussy burned with pain and gushed juices as her passion surged out of control. Her tits thrust up at Denise's fingers, her nipples feeling just about torn off as the disgusting brunette twisted the clamps. And Josephine still had to gasp for breath, sucking in cum and Denise's pussy-juices as Denise's cunt rolled on her face and the hot wet pussy-flesh slid on her mouth. Josephine screamed and tore at the girl's pussy in her raging lust, her teeth biting harder with each eruption of perverse passion. Her entire body was throbbing with climax, heaving on the wooden apparaius, her arms and legs straining to get loose.

And still she came, helpless in her depraved enjoyment of the unthinkable.

"Fuck!" Russell yelled, his cock jerking in Josephine's shit-pit, his cock-head scraping her delicate shitter-walls. "I'm gonna shoot -- right up her ass!" He took his fingers off the clamps, leaving Josephine's twitching legs to do the work of pulling them on her pussy-lips. He gripped the cheeks of her whipped, sore ass. "Yeah! You got an ass full of jizz coming, bitch!"

His head flung back and his cock speeded up, blurring in and out of her slurping asshole.

But Josephine hardly knew what Russell was doing. She could feel the orgasm pulsating out of her ass, but all she knew was the surging agony that sent her climaxes higher and higher, and the feel of Denise's cunt on her mouth. She bit and chewed, sucking and licking in her lust. Her hands strained to get free, not to save herself, but to pull Denise's cunt harder down on her face and bite it right off.

But Denise just came harder, screaming with orgasm, jerking on Josephine's face.

"Oooooh!" she gasped. "This is sex, baby! This is the real thing!" She undulated and came again, shuddering and moaning. "Oooh, baby -- now a real treat for you!"

Josephine didn't hear that either. Her ass shivered as she felt Russell's cock throb out of control, fuck ing to the depths of her shit-hole. She was one seething mass of climax, helpless, her whole body on fire.

"Take it!" Russell yelled, shooting a stream of hot cum deep in Josephine's ass.

He heaved and jerked, his cock shooting thick wads of cum into Josephine's quivering ass-guts. He gripped her ass, twisting his hands viciously, scraping at the whipped ass-flesh.

As the hot jizz shot into her guts, Josephine felt her ass-ring tighten and grip his cock, demanding it all. The slimy cum flooded her shitter, covering her ass-walls as Russell's cock fucked in and out, shooting all the time. Her ass-cheeks throbbed with pain, but that no longer meant anything to her. She came harder, soaring up to a level of lust she'd never dreamed existed.

Then, suddenly there was a flood of warm liquid on her face. She screamed and gasped into Denise's cunt, biting harder at the red cunt-flesh. The stream ran over her face, and she suddenly realized that Denise was pissing on her and coming at the same time. For a moment Josephine struggled, but she was so trapped by the bonds and her insane lust that she could only scream and take it, trying not to swallow more piss than she had to.

"Ooooh, like that, darling?" Denise moaned, working her pussy on Josephine's mouth, coming as she pissed. "I love doing this! It's so much fun to piss when you come, right?" Her tits tossed wildly in the remains of the little top she wore, tearing the flimsy fabric even more.

Josephine moaned and struggled, but the piss still ran down her face and into her hair. Her orgasms were breaking up into sharp surges of pain, erupting in her guts with each fuck-thrust of Russell's cock. Her ass ached, and she sobbed as he twisted her ass-cheeks and shot the final thck wads of his jizz. The stream of Denise's piss was slowing, though it still gushed out of her cunt in a steady downpour.

"Oh, man!" Russell yelled, fucking his cock right into the depths of her cum-filled ass. He held his cock there as the cum oozed out, and his cock quivered and started to soften. He gave Josephine's ass-cheeks a fmal twist and slowly pulled his glistening fucker out of her shitter, groaning with satisfaction the whole time. "Jesus, that was good! With an ass like that, this whore don't need a cunt!"

He roared with laugher and flopped into a chair. Josephine moaned and sobbed as Denise's piss stopped. The terrible brunette finally drew away and smirked down at the bound nurse.

"Betcha learned somethin' tonight," she said, rubbing her pussy where Josephine's teeth had bitten deep into the skin.

Josephine just moaned and sobbed, her body aching, throbbing with pain.

"Lady," Jake said, "you stink! You gotta get washed."

He started puffing at the bonds, and Josephine sobbed with relief, thinking she would do anythiftg for him if he would just free her. Her body was so cramped it took her nearly a minute to get her legs down and roll off the top of the apparatus. They were all watching her and didn't stop her as she tried to unscrew the clamps hanging from her tits and pussy. But her fingers were so badly affected that she couldn't turn the screws, and none of them helped her. Sobbing and weeping, the horrible smell of piss in her nostrils and mouth, Josephine struggled, the feeling slowly and painfully coming back into her hands until she could unscrew the clamps and free her nipples and pussy.

There were smears of blood on her nipples and cunt, and she caressed them tenderly, moaning and weeping as her tormentors watched her. The stone floor was cold on her feet. She shivered with the evaporating piss all over her, and she wished she were dead. The lingering pulses of climax still tingled in her body, but they'd sunk beneath the ache and throb of pain that filled her whole being.

"Okay, bitch, time to wash you off," Jake said as he grabbed Josephine's wrist.

Josephine didn't have the energy to fight. She allowed herself to be led over the stone floor to a drain in the middle. She was shivering a little, wondering what was going to happen, and she didn't notice the rope until it was around her wrists.

"Oh, please, no!" she whispered.

But her arms were pulled up and she was suddenly almost hanging on the rope, her legs on either side of the grating.

"Piss again," Jake ordered.

"Please, don't," Josephine moaned, pulling at the rope.

"Piss!" Jake snarled, picking up one of the thin rods.

Josephine actually wanted to piss, but she was still horrified at the thought of doing it in front of her tormentors. She shivered and turned her head away.

"Piss!" Jake snapped, lashing her ass with the rod.

Josephine screamed, heaving on the rope, her ass burning as another crimson stripe appeared on the whipped curves of her buns. But she still couldn't piss.

"Do it!" Jake snapped as he whipped her ass, the sound of the rod on bare flesh ringing around the room.

Josephine's long blonde hair, soaked with piss, still reached almost to the top of her ass and flicked as the rod beat past the ends of it. She screamed -- and her bladder let go. Piss ran down her legs, shaming her as she hung on the rope and wept. The stream of amber piss ran into the drain and trickled away as they all cheered and laughed at her.

"Good," Jake said, and he picked up a lawn hose.

"Oh, God, no!," Josephine moaned.

He held the end and advanced on her. The nozzle came closer and she whined, pulling helplessly at the ropes.

Jake squeezed the nozzle handle and the stream of cold water struck Josephine full in the face. She screamed and jerked, swallowing some of the water, but it was a lot better than piss. The cold shock almost stopped her breathing, but it went on, gushing into her face and pouring down over her sensitive tits. She held still, taking the stream into her back and her hair. It was horribly degrading, but at least her hair was being washed. The cold bit into her, making her shiver as the water ran over her. It streamed down her legs and into the drain.

Jake moved closer, turning the nozzle and aiming it up, into Josephine's cunt-gash. Josephine shrieked as the cold water beat into her clit. Her legs trembled, and she tried to close them, but opened them fast when Jake snapped at her. The water pulsed on her pussy, washing her down, sending shudders through her body. She moaned as they all laughed, watching her suffer in the stream of cold water.

Finally, Jake was satisfied. He turned off the water and admired the shivering, sobbing Josephine.

"Not bad, for a bitch, that is," he murmured. He ran his fingers over Josephine's jaw and down over her aching tits. "So, what's it like to come, my lovely?"

"Fuck off! I didn't come!" Josephine blurted. She knew he would hurt her again, but it didn't matter to her anymore. She didn't know why that was. Perhaps, she thought, it was just that she wasn't afraid anymore.

Jake's eyes narrowed. "You lousy little bitch!" he snapped. "You come when anybody touches you!" He gripped Josephine's nipples and slowly increased the pressure, twisting the sore buds as he tightened his grip.

"Ahhhh!" Josephine wailed, heaving on the rope, her tits thrusting out at him.

He knew exactly what he was doing, rolling her tits as he watched her. At once, the pulses of pain turned to that depraved lust she'd known before. Her pussy pushed out and her thighs spread as the forbidden excitement surged over her.

"Noooo, you bastard, you shit!" she screamed. Buck and Russell laughed as they watched her orgasm again. Buck pointed a video camera at her, recording every twist of her naked body.

"If you want, one of us can whip your ass for you," Jake said, twisting Josephine's nipples slowly, watching her like a hawk.

Josephine glared at them, her tits throbbing with pain and lust. She came again, shuddering on the rope, blushing with shame, her face hot and red despite the cold of the water drying on her.

"Leave me alone!" she sobbed.

Jake laughed and slid one hand down to her pussy, gripping her sore pussy-lips, pulling and twisting them.

"You wanna be whipped?" Jake asked, his fingers working her raw pussy.

"Leave me alone!" Josephine screamed. The horrible truth was that she needed more pain to reach the heights of lust she'd had before. She was still coming, jerking helplessly, her body hot with lust -- but it wasn't enough. She sobbed and wept, her pussy jerking in Jake's hand, her tits thrusting out at his other hand.

Jake laughed and drew his hands away. Josephine shrieked, jerking on the ropes as the erotic impulses faded and her orgasm shuddered down painfully.

"You're such a little shit," Jake snarled as he turned away. "Forget it. Let's fuck the bitch to death and dump her!"

"Which hole you want?" Buck laughed. "Cunt or ass?"

Jake grinned and went over to a low sawhorse with a narrow padded back. "She's gonna suffer first," he promised.

Josephine hung on the rope and watched as Jake took a massive rubber dildo off a shelf and screwed it into the end of the sawhorse. She didn't have to be told what she was going to be forced to do. She sobbed and wept, the low pulsations of her orgasm still aching painfully through her cunt.

Russell lowered the rope, and Josephine staggered slowly over to Jake as he nodded at her. She didn't have to be told. The rod in Jake's hand was more than encouragement enough. She took hold of the dildo. It rocked and jumped on the tight spring that held it to the horse. She pulled the dildo down to the tight entrance of her pussy and pushed it in.

"Yeah, see, she's learning," Russell said. "You ought to keep her, Jake."

"Fuck, no!" Jake snarled. "She's a stuck-up bitch. No fuckin' use to us."

Russell didn't say anything more, but he took hold of his cock and jacked it back to full hardness as he watched Josephine fucking herself on the dildo.

Josephine felt the massive thickness of the dildo pushing into her cunt. For the first time, she noticed the camera as Buck held it up, the lens watching her every move. She twisted and looked at Jake.

"No, not that!" she moaned.

"Not what?" he asked.

"That! The camera! How can you do anything so stupid? I could use that as evidence in court."

Jake laughed. "I don't think you'll wanna take that into court," he said. "Now get your cunt down on that dick!"

He raised the rod, and Josephine knew better than to argue anymore. She heaved her cunt on the dildo and the massive rod fucked deep into her cunt, running on her freely flowing cunt-juices. The enormous rubber cock filled her cunt, rubbing over her pussy-walls, sending more shivers of erotic delight through her. She moaned and moved, ramming down harder, spreading her legs as the enormous prick sank into her slippery fuck-hole.

"Yeah, watch that cunt go!" Jake laughed. "Come on, baby, lean forward, get your ass up!"

It was a terrible moment for Josephine. She knew what Jake was going to do, and a terrible spasm of wanton excitement pulsed through her. She sobbed and moaned, but she obeyed, leaning forward on the padded sawhorse top, thrusting her ass up, her face going down towards the camera. Her pussy pushed down on the dildo until it was in her cunt to the limit, filling her foaming fuck-hole. Her clit rubbed on the leather top of the horse, and that sent more pulses of lust rushing through her. She moaned, knowing Russell was getting closer with the camera. She buried her face in the padded top of the sawhorse, clutching it, weeping in her shame.

"Fuck yourself!" Jake commanded, tapping her ass with the rod, gently urging her on.

Josephine rolled her cunt on the rubber prick, her clit rubbing on the leather. Her legs shook and she gasped, overwhelmed by depraved lust. Her clit rubbed harder at the leather base around the dildo, inciting raging passion in her. She knew the camera was watching her, and could finally guess why they were taping her, but it didn't stop the lust. Her pussy sucked at the dildo, her clit rubbed on the leather -- and she came, sobbing in bitter shame, her legs shaking, her long blonde hair tossing madly.

But again, it wasn't enough. She needed more. She burst into tears, staring at the camera lens as it coldly scanned her body, raping her as badly as any of her captors had done.

The rod tapped her ass. "You want more?" Jake asked.

"Nooooo!" Josephine whined, her helpless cunt ramming hard onto the massive rubber cock-lance.

"You sure?" Jake asked, sliding the rod on her quivering ass-flesh.

Josephine shuddered, weeping helplessly. But she wasn't going to give in to him. She was determined about that.

"Fuck off!" she yelled.

"Y'know, you're a real stupid bitch!" Jake snarled.


The rod lashed into Josephine's suffering ass. She screamed and jerked, ramming her cunt down on the dildo, her clit rasping on the hard leather of the sawhorse. Horrible pulses of pain and lust washed over her, making her gasp pathetically.

"Bitch!" Jake yelled, and he whipped her heaving ass again.

The camera lens was only a few feet away from her face. Josephine's scream rang around the room as she fucked herself on the dildo, her pussy throbbing over the hard rubber. Her pussy-walls burned and her clit rubbed wantonly on the leather horse top.

"You bastard!" She jerked up, puffing her cunt up, trying to get off the dildo.

"You get back down on that thing or I'll tie you onto it!" Jake snarled, and he lashed the screaming nurse again.

Josephine rammed her cunt back down on the dildo, wailing in horror at the thought of being tied down again. The rod lashed her ass and she surged up to the brink of another depraved climax while her eyes stared right at the camera lens. She knew that if she came, they would always have that surrender to throw at her. The rod lashed her again, and the pulses of climax started. Her tits heaved, her clit rasped on the leather and she started to give herself up to the most disgusting depravity.

"Yeah, come on, bitch!" Jake laughed, whipping the screaming blonde.

"Nooooo!" Josephine wailed as she suddenly heaved her cunt up and off the dildo. She pulled back, staring at the rubber prick, wet with her pussyjuices. "You want me, fucker, you tie me down!" If they had to tie her down, she thought, nothing would be her fault anymore.

Russell grabbed her hair and forced her back to the dildo, rubbing it over her wet pussy-hair. "Get it up you," he snarled.

Jake whipped her ass and she gave in, sliding her hot wet cunt over the dildo effortlessly, taking all of it into her spasming fuck-channel.

"Yeah!" Jake laughed, whipping her again while Russell and Denise lashed her ankles to the legs of the sawhorse. "Now we'll take the defiance out of you!"

Josephine thought they were going to tie her hands down, but they didn't. Not that it gave her any more freedom; with her ankles lashed to the legs of the sawhorse and her cunt filled with the dildo, she couldn't get free in any way at all.

And then, with the camera still aimed right at her, the real torture began. The rod lashed her ass. Her legs spasmed, the bonds giving that extra, horrible surge to her lust. She came, peaking, screaming on the sawhorse, her hands gripping the leather top, her pussy rubbing at it.

Then the orgasm faded. She came down, the pain rushing back. She sobbed and moaned, fucking herself on the dildo, waiting for the next stroke of the rod.

Just when she thought it wasn't going to come, it did, whipping her back to climax, making her scream with lust right in front of the camera. Her legs pulled at the bonds, her tits pressed into the top of the horse and her head rocked, her mouth open and wailing with passion. Her orgasm crested as before and then started to fade.

And the next expected blow from the rod didn't come. Josephine sobbed and moaned, her pussy sliding on the dildo while she stared at the floor in desperation. Her ass pumped her cunt up and down on the rubber cock, trying to send her higher, but it didn't work. She came on down, moaning in the returning pain.

The rod whipped her again. She screamed, deep guttural wails of dark desire, her ass going wild, heaving her cunt up and down, rasping her clit over the leather horse top. She surged to the brink of the orgasm and waited there, screaming in horrible, depraved desire.

But the rod just caressed her ass now, stroking her sore flesh.

"How about it, whore?" Jake demanded, stroking the rod slowly over Josephine's ass.

The delicious curves of her ass-cheeks ached for the pain. Josephine tensed, waiting, sobbing in desperation.

"What about it, whore?" Jake demanded, stroking her ass, driving her out of her mind.

But the camera was there, waiting to record her final side into absolute depravity.

Josephine screamed and twisted on the dildo, turning back to stare at Jake. "You bastard! You stinking bastard! Come on, you wanna do it, whip me, show me what a man you are! Fucker!" She spat at him, but the spit landed short.

Jake just laughed and whipped her ass hard, driving her back to the brink of the orgasm, holding her there as she wailed and gasped, her ass heaving in the most undisguised lust. She gripped at the sawhorse, her fingernails rasping on it as she trembled.

"You can have it -- if you beg real nice!" Jake laughed, stroking the rod over Josephine's heaving ass-cheeks.

"I don't want it! I hate you! I hate it all!" Josephine screamed, her body pulsating with the most terrible desire. She didn't even know that her fingers were twisting her nipples.

"Beg for it!" Jake snarled, and he lashed Josephine with the rod, but only enough to keep her on the edge of coming.

Josephine screeched, gasping and wailing, her body writhing out of control.

"Beg!" Jake demanded, lashing the rod in again. But the camera was there, and Josephine wasn't going to surrender.

She gasped in her raging pain and lust, weeping helplessly, her fingers twisting her nipples, her clit rasping on the leather.

"Fuck off!" she screamed. "Fuck off, all of you!"

"Jesus, fuckin' Christ! I can't stand this any longer!" Buck yelled. "Here." He gave the camera to Russell and grabbed Josephine's blonde hair. "Suck this, bitch!" He thrust his cock at her mouth.

Josephine's wailing mouth took the thick hunk of cock-meat easily. The cock-head sank into her throat, trembling and swelling as her mouth worked at it. Buck gasped, thrusting harder, his prick swelling as Josephine's throat worked it over.

"You cunt!" Jake yelled, whipping the blonde's heaving ass.

The agony brought Josephine back to the brink of orgasm. She tossed and thrust, her pussy ramming down on the dildo, her mouth sucking at the thick prick rammed into it to the hilt. She hardly knew what she was doing as she slid her fingers over Buck's hairy balls, stroking them, urging his big fucker deep into her throat. Spasms of orgasm rocked her, and she thrust her ass back for more whipping, but it didn't come.

Moaning desperately, she sucked cock madly, always aware of the camera hovering nearby. Her orgasm broke suddenly, the pain rushed back in -- and the rod lashed her ass again.

She shuddered and came, hovering there as the agony died slowly away in her ass. She knew now that Jake could play with her, leave her hanging in agony or ecstasy as long as he wanted. Rage surged through her, but her bound legs could only strain impotently at the bonds while her pussy and mouth sucked in desperate, submissive lust at the cocks that impaled her.

Buck growled with lust, ramming his fuck-rod into Josephine's throat as he held her hair. Her throat opened easily with each thrust, taking his thick cock-meat in until his prick-hair rubbed over her lips.

"Yeah!" he rasped, fucking his cock in and out of Josephine's mouth. "You oughta keep this cunt, Jake. She's got potential!"

"Fuck that," Jake said, lashing Josephine's ass with the rod. "She's just a stuck-up bitch! Bitch, bitch, bitch!" He whipped Josephine again, the rod laying another thin red line of agony across her ass-flesh.

Josephine jerked and whined around Buck's cock, her throat spasming in the surging agony and lust, her ass burning with pain. Her pussy rammed down the length of the rubber prick, rasping it over her cunt-walls in another rush of horrible self-abuse. She surged up to the edge of another climax and held there, because Jake didn't whip her again. The pain rushed back over the ecstasy, throbbing in her body as she moaned and sucked, fucking herself desperately on the dildo.

"Shit, this bitch'll bring me off!" Buck snarled, his prick thrusting deep into Josephine's throat. "Yeah, come on, honey, work my balls! Yeah, yeah, just like that!"

Josephine ran her fingers over his heavy balls as they churned the cum around. Her long blonde hair reached to the floor past his legs as he stood over her, ramming her throat with each thrust of his fucker. He was growling and moaning with lust, and she knew he would come soon, shooting more hot jizz into her mouth. Her cunt slammed down restlessly on the dildo before her ass heaved back up, waiting for another blow of the rod.

Jake teased her, running the rod over her tight ass-cheeks, waiting as she moaned and sobbed around Buck's thick fuck-rod.

"You want it, bitch?" Jake demanded, stroking her crimson ass-flesh.

Josephine's ass trembled and jerked, but she whined around Buck's prick and shook her head, even while she sucked at his prick in a raging fury.

"You lying cunt!" Jake snarled.

He whipped Josephine with a vicious stroke, the rod flicking into her ass and bending before it jerked away. But he held his hand still after that, waiting as she screamed and surged close to climax, her body trembling, her pussy and ass going wild for more pain.

And all the time, Russell kept the camera on the squirming nurse.

Suddenly Buck heaved his cock at her lips even harder, his balls churning as his climax hit.

"Ohhhhh, fuck yeah!" he yelled. "You got a mouthful coming, cunt! Make it good, make it fuckin' good!"

He grasped Josephine's hair, ramming his cock deep as his cum-load burst forth.

The rod whipped her ass and Josephine gurgled around the solid fuck-meat filling her mouth and throat. Her ass thrust up, she hung on the edge of another shattering orgasm as Buck's hot cum burst into her mouth.

Buck bellowed, shooting thick strings of cum out of his piss-slit, all over Josephine's tongue and lips. He fucked into her throat for a moment, shooting more cock-cream into the spasming passage while Josephine screamed and heaved, her ass jerking for the rod.

Jake lashed her once, driving her out of her mind with fresh fuck-lust. But that was all she got, and she sucked in desperate fury at Buck's cock as the streams of jizz poured into her mouth. She moaned, sliding her mouth over the quivering cock-head, letting the slippery cum over her lips as her frantic tongue licked it up.

She sobbed in shame, because cum tasted so good to her now she didn't want to swallow it. The hot jism ran out of Buck's cock and over her pretty lips while she licked and sucked, wantonly running her tongue over her cummy lips and his cock-head, taking up all the sticky fuck-juice.

"Like that, bitch?" Jake asked, and he lashed her ass again.

Josephine groaned, her voice gurgling out from around Buck's fucker, the cum bubbling as she breathed. She heaved her cunt down the dildo and filled her mouth with Buck's cock, but even that wasn't quite enough. She came, but still she needed more. And the supply of jism was running out. Cum just oozed from Buck's cock now as he growled and heaved, his cock starting to soften a little.

"Not fuckin' bad!" he exclaimed, his rubbery cock quivering in Josephine's sucking mouth.

"Fuckin' whining cunt!" Jake snapped, lashing Josephine again. "I'm gonna fuck her ass and dump her. You want her mouth, Russell?"

"Yeah!" Russell said.

Josephine jerked her head up, off Buck's cock. There, right in front of her, was the camera, and she burst into tears. She suddenly realized that she'd been sucking Buck's cock like a real whore, moaning and sobbing over it, licking up his cum. And it was all on videotape. She blushed in same, choking a little on the last of Buck's jizz.

"I got enough," Russell said. "She looks like you couldn't satisfy her with a Panzer division. Tanks and fuckin' all!" He roared with laughter and put the camera down. "Good viewing when things get slow, though."

Buck thrust his cock at Josephine's mouth, and she took his long hard fucker, her mouth still tasting of Buck's salty cum. Russell gasped with lust, his prick thrusting deep, right into her throat. She fucked herself on the dildo, sobbing as her ass burned with pain, her clit still rubbing into the leather. She knew that the leather all around the base of the dildo was wet with her pussy-juices, and her frantic heaves were only making it wetter, but she couldn't do anything about it. Her pussy throbbed and she longed for release, but she was the total captive of her depraved lust.

Then she felt a cock nudging into her ass-crack. She knew it was Jake, and she shuddered in horror, pulling her mouth off Russell's cock.

"Let me get off this thing!" she wailed, puffing her cunt up on the dildo. But the bonds on her ankles held her, and she fell back down on the sawhorse, impaling her pussy again.

"You stay the fuck where you are," Jake ordered, and he spanked her sore ass hard.

Josephine wailed and tossed, sure she was finally going to go insane with those cocks in her ass and cunt. Russell grabbed her head hard, forcing his cock back into her throat, holding her there as Jake worked his cock towards the quivering hole of her ass.

Her asshole was even tighter, with the massive dildo stuffed up her cunt. Jake grunted and heaved, his cock sliding in a little on the juices still left in her shit-pit.

Josephine's asshole clenched in pain. She gyrated on the sawhorse, her body erupting with agony as Jake thrust harder, ramming his prick into her ass until the swollen head of his cock was right inside the jerking ring of muscle.

Josephine wailed, her legs trembling, puffing at the bonds in her pain. But Russell held her mouth on his cock and she sucked the massive cock-knob, sobbing and moaning pathetically.

Jake lunged hard and his big cock fucked into Josephine's ass, filling her ass-guts. It rasped over the thin partition between her ass and cunt channels, rubbing at the rubber prick, forcing it harder into her cunt.

"Yeah!" he roared, sliding his prick back, ramming it in again. "Last chance, bitch! Let's hear you beg for it! Let's hear you come!" He laughed and twisted his fingers on Josephine's ass-cheeks, driving the blonde nurse into another shrieking fit of pain and lust. "Yeah, cunt, I wanna hear you stuffer!"

Josephine sobbed, her body on fire. Shudders of strange orgasm rushed through her, sending her head spinning, her throat opening to take Russell's cock. She gasped and sucked cock eagerly as Jake rammed his cock up her ass and twisted her ass-cheeks viciously.

"Shit, I'm gonna fill your ass with cum, bitch!" Jake yelled. "You whining cunt -- you ain't worth shit!"

Josephine shrieked, jerking on the sawhorse, her body trembling, her mouth running down the length of Russell's cock. Her neck bulged as the monster prick pushed into it, and her throat muscles spasmed. She was still sobbing in shame while her fingers played with his cum-laden balls, stroking them possessively.

"Fuck!" Russell roared. "This cunt'll drive you crazy, Jake. You gotta keep her!"

"Shut the fuck up!" Jake growled. "I don't like the bitch anymore. Fuck her, and just shut the fuckin' fuck up!" He gripped Josephine's ass, plunging his cock to the depths of her ass-guts.

"Fuck, I'm coming!" Russell bellowed, his cock churning in Josephine's throat. "You take it all now! I want one as good as Buck got, or your ass is grass, bitch!" He gasped, his climax surging.

"Yeah!" Jake rasped. "Yeah, that's about it!" He twisted Josephine's ass-cheeks viciously, holding his cock in her ass, churning it around in her pulsating shit-channel. "Here it comes for you, cuntface!"

Josephine wailed and screamed, every hole she had full of cock. Russell's thrusting fucker beat in her throat and then suddenly shot thick wads of cum, spurting it almost straight into her stomach. The throbbing surge of her orgasm poured over her as the jizz gushed into her throat.

But it still wasn't enough, even with every fuckhole full. She moaned and sucked cock, pulling her head up, taking the spurts of cum in her mouth, tasting the salty cock-cream as she sloshed it around in her mouth.

Then Jake's fucker was jolting in her ass as he roared and twisted her ass-cheeks. His cock throbbed and jerked, then the cum rushed up it and shot out into Josephine's ass.

"Yeah!" Jake yelled, heaving Josephine into the sawhorse with all his force. Cum flooded out of his cock into her ass, his cock throbbed as it shot, filling the depths of her shitter. "Sheeit! If you weren't such a stuck-up cunt, you'd be okay!" He kept rubbing his cock-hair over Josephine's ass-cheeks as he shot his cum-load into her shitrpit.

Josephine's bubbling screams rang around the dungeon as she took cum from both cocks. Her legs trembled in the bonds and her clit rubbed furiously over the leather, driving her into repeated orgasms, none of them quite strong enough to send her over the top into total satisfaction. Her mouth filled with slimy cum and she rolled it around, wanting to taste it to the full before she swallowed it. Her ass quivered and shook around Jake's cock as it poured out the fuck-juice, forcing her cunt even harder onto the rubber prick.

"Fuck-bitch!" Jake yelled. "Tell us how you come, fuck-bitch!"

But Josephine just moaned around Russell's cock, taking his cum-load, the sticky strands running over her tongue and into her cheeks. Gobs of cum slid down her throat, running into her stomach.

Russell gripped her hair, holding her head on his prick as he shot the last thick wads of his cum into her mouth. He gasped with pleasure, keeping his prick pushed deep between her lips as the last oozings of cum ran out of his piss-slit.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," he murmured, his ass tightening and jerking as he drove his cock in and out of the tight entrance of Josephine's throat.

Jake shuddered while he shot his spunk deep in Josephine's ass. He rammed his still-hard fucker around in her ass-guts, rasping it over the dildo in her pussy. He laughed as she moaned and sucked on Russell's prick, her legs shaking against him.

"Liked that fuck, huh, cunt?" he said.

But Josephine just clung to the sawhorse, her body aching helplessly. Everything was faffing away from her, all the passion being swamped in pain. She lay there helplessly while the two men spent the last of their cum in her ass and mouth and pulled away, leaving her alone.

But not for long.

Soon, Jake was back. He threw the remains of her clothes at her and told her to get dressed. He almost ripped her ankles as he pulled the bonds clear and waited. She shivered and wept while she put her clothes on. There was almost a fight between Jake and the other two men, who wanted to keep Josephine there and fuck her some more. But Jake told them to phone for the girls.

Denise pouted and said that she could take care of them all, but Russell went upstairs for the phone.

Jake blindfolded Josephine and took her out to a car. It was a short drive. He pulled her out of the car, and Josephine was about to plead with him not to leave her when she realized he was pushing her into her own car. She pulled the blindfold off and stared at him, her abused body aching horribly.

"Don't try to follow me, bitch," he said, handing over her car key. "And, don't try to turn us in. Think of what we could do with those videos. Right?" He grinned, got back into his car and drove off.

Josephine had no idea where she was or how her car had gotten there. It was utterly dark and somewhere out in the country. Sobbing and weeping the whole way, she drove until she came to a major intersection, and then she found her way home from there.

She knew she would never even try to accuse Jake and his friends of rape. They could make her look very bad with that very revealing video.


Josephine went back to work in a few days, long before she thought she'd be able to. She told everybody she'd been sick and kept very much to herself, vowing to forget the whole terrible incident.

But her body wouldn't let her. The perverse desire that horrid night of rape had unleashed in her came back. She found herself rubbing her pussy in rising desperation, even when she was pissing. In bed at night, she tried to bring herself to the pitch of lust she wanted. But she couldn't do it, not even when she put clamps on her own nipples and pussy. Then she ran into Jake again.

He leered down at her, his strong face alive with lust, and invited her out for the weekend. She pushed him aside and told him to get lost.

"You'll come back!" he jeered as she hurried off. Josephine was shaking all over and almost unable to continue with her work for several hours. Jake continued lying in wait for her, laughing and offering her another weekend like the one she'd had before.

She was close to the end of her tether. She couldn't go back and willingly suffer the degradations that would be heaped on her by Jake and his friends -- but she needed that horrible, depraved sex so badly it made her weak to think about it. Every day she hated Jake more, for she was sure she'd break in the end and go back to suffer that horrible pain, anything for the orgasms it would give her.

Then Perry, one of the doctors, asked her to a concert.

"Okay, Perry," she said. "Fine, I'll go."

She had no idea why she'd said that. It just seemed that anything would help her get her mind off Jake.

She knew Perry was far too nice to do anything as depraved as whip her, or chain her up, or anything else she wanted, but she prepared very carefully for the date. She went out and bought herself things she would never have bought before. And a dress that was slit up the thigh, discreetly, but revealingly. And she made up carefully, making sure her lovely face looked just a little bit sluttish.

She knew her efforts had an effect when she met Perry. His eyes widened a little as his gaze ran down her figure, over the dress and the black stockings that ran down to the high heels that pushed her legs into the most wonderful of shapes. But he was far too nice to comment on it.

As they came out of the concert, there was an incident that Josephine was sure would destroy the entire night.

Jake was waiting for them. He blocked their way. "Hi," Jake said.

Josephine could tell he'd been drinking.

"Excuse me," Perry said and started to push around him.

"Y'know what ya got there?" Jake sniggered, nodding at Josephine.

Josephine blushed and hung her head. The one chance she might have had for a decent relationship was vanishing. If Jake talked too much, Perry would toss her aside at once.

"Yes," Perry said levelly, "I know what I've got here."

"Real bitch, y'know that? Y'know what she wants?"

"Obviously she doesn't want you," Perry said, his gaze hard. "Now, if you'll just get out of my way." He started to push past Jake again.

"Nah, listen, I gotta tell ya about that..."

"Get out of my way!" Perry snapped.

"You listen the fuck to me!" Jake snarled back. "You wanna know what that."

Perry gently pushed him aside. Jake swung a punch.

Josephine didn't see exactly what happened. There was a blur as Perry moved, his arm went up, there was a solid thud and Jake was on the sidewalk, clutching his neck, coughing and gasping for breath.

Perry reached down and pulled Jake up by his collar. "Get the fuck out of here!" he demanded. "And stay out. And keep away from her. Or else! Got that?"

Jake coughed and choked, but he managed to nod.

"Come on," Perry said, taking Josephine's arm. In a daze, Josephine walked past Jake, her legs unsteady as she saw him crouched, still trying to get his breath. He looked up at her, and their eyes met for an instant.

Josephine understood how much Jake wanted her. His eyes made that much clear. Her head spun, but she turned back to follow Perry, her emotions in a turmoil.

Suddenly, she could see Perry in a new light. She had never known he could be so powerful, so masterful. The touch of his hand on her arm made her pussy pulsate with the most delicious, submissive desire.

"How about coming back to my place for a drink?" she gasped as soon as she could get her voice under control.

Perry stopped and looked at her, smiling gently. "Sure," he said. "Sounds great."

The whole idea was crazy, she knew. But, after the way Perry had dealt with Jake, the hope wouldn't leave her.

She got Perry settled with a drink and made one for herself. She'd laid things out, inconspicuously, but ready if her fantasy should come true. She could hardly keep her breathing under control as she slid onto the sofa beside him. The lights were low, the music playing. She let her dress slide up her thighs, showing him the tops of her stockings.

"Thank you for saving me from that horrible man," she breathed.

"Can't let assholes get in your way," he said casually.

Josephine moved closer, letting her perfume waft over him. "You were so strong, so wonderful," she breathed, her fingers sliding over the top of her dress, playing with the top of the zipper that ran right down the front.

His eyes were slightly mocking as they ran over her. "His type are all bluster," he murmured, taking a drink. "They'll bully a woman, but can't take it from a man."

Josephine thought she was going to fall apart. Everything depended on the next few moments, and she had to risk everything. She moved a little closer.

"But you were so wonderful!" she cooed, easing the zipper of her dress down a little.

His smile grew slightly more mocking. He took a slow drink, his eyes on her while she played with her dress zipper. He slowly moved his hand behind her neck as he put his drink down. Inch by inch, he pulled her closer.

Josephine let herself be pulled in until her lips were only a few inches from his. Then she snapped away.

Or thought she would snap away. He seemed to know exactly what she was going to do. His hand tightened instantly, and she jolted to a stop.

"Perry?" she asked in mock shock. "What are you trying to do? I'm not that kind of girl!"

He grinned at her, his hand still keeping her face close to his. "Funny," he murmured. "I had you down as a lovely girl who didn't know who she really was, not as a cock-tease. Oh, well." He let her go.

She jerked back and almost fell off the sofa.

"Pity," he said as he started to get up.

"You're not man enough to take it from me!" Josephine blurted, jumping up. She faced him, trembling.

His mocking smile widened and he stood up, moving very close to her. "I see," he said.

Josephine almost passed out because she knew, from the intensity of his gaze that he did see, and that be wasn't condemning her for it. The desire in his eyes matched hers, and she moaned with expectation.

"So," he breathed, sliding a finger over her mouth, "so I have to take it by force."

"I wouldn't give it to you if you tied me up and whipped me!" Josephine snarled.

"Big words, lady," he murmured, his eyes on hers, his finger on her lips. "I know your kind... all talk. One stroke of a whip, and you'll be begging for mercy."

"Try me!" Josephine gasped, and she bit his finger. She held on, her teeth biting hard, her eyes on fire.

He didn't even flinch. As she kept her teqth clamped on his finger, he reached up and pulled out the clips holding her blonde hair, letting it cascade down her back.

"Better," he said as Josephine gasped in the most terrible ecstasy. "Now, let go of my finger."

Josephine moaned as she obeyed. She looked at the deep marks in his skin, wanting to fall to her knees right there and promise him anything. But she knew she couldn't -- not yet.

"Bend over that chair," he said, nodding at her low-backed arm chair.

"Make me!" Josephine breathed. Her head was spinning. She couldn't decide which path to take -- fight, or total submission.

"Sure," he said softly and grabbed her wrist.

She gave a low shriek as he pulled her to the chair. He must have spotted the ropes she'd left lying unobtrusively in the fireplace, for be had two of them and had her pushed over the chair in no time.

"Fucker!" Josephine spat at him as he grabbed one of her wrists and lashed the rope around it in seconds. "You can't make me do anything!"

She gasped as he put the second rope to her other wrist. He swung the ropes around the two front legs of the chair, lashing them tight, leaving her pulled down over the back, her ass thrust up, her pussy rubbing into the padded chair back.

Josephine was already almost coming. Her most extreme fantasies were coming true. Under his gentle exterior, Perry was a real master, as hard as steel. He would take everything he wanted from her.

She played the game as he took hold of her ankles, kicking and snarling at him while her pussy rubbed on the chairback, sending the most delicious spasms of lust rushing all over her.

"You keep your hands off me, fucker!" she cried. "I won't give in to you -- never!"

"Right, lady," he said softly.

With all her kicking and squirming, he still had her ankles lashed to the back legs of the chair in no time, making her absolutely helpless on the chair back.

Josephine gasped and moaned, pulling at the bonds, her body throbbing with the most wonderful excitement. Her blonde hair cascaded to the floor and her wonderful tight ass jutted up as she waited for Perry to discipline her.

He took his time. Josephine had laid out several rods on the top of a dresser. They were innocent enough on their own, but Josephine hoped he would get the hint, and he did. He opened the dresser and there, inside, were all the whips, bonds and clamps he could want. He didn't say a word, just rummaged through them and then came back with one of the rods.

Josephine choked, her tits heaving, hot rushes of climax bursting inside her pussy. She twisted her neck to look at him, and another flood of cunt-juice rushed into her panties. He slid his hand over her ass, working her dress up, over her stocking tops, revealing the full wonder of her luscious legs.

"Last chance," be said softly. "After this, it's pain every time you fight me."

"Fuck off!" Josephine snarled. "I wouldn't let you do anything to me. I know your type. You'll whip me a couple of times and come in your pants. Fuck, you men are useless, you know that? Shoot once and you can't get it up again!" She wanted to moan that she'd do anything for him, for the touch of his expert hand on her ass was driving her out of her mind.

He laughed softly and worked her dress up over her wonderful ass-cheeks.

"Yes," he said appreciatively, sliding a finger into the edge of her tight black panties and easing them into the crack of her ass. "Beating some sense into this sweet ass is gonna be better than anything I ever did."

"Sense?" Josephine spat. "Just fuck off!"

She strained against the bonds, feeling the wonderful surges of lust breaking all over her. She turned as far as she could and saw him lift the rod over her ass. She gasped, her thighs already jerking as she waited for the blow.

The rod lashed into her ass. She jerked, screaming in a guttural wail as the agony rushed at the lust in her body and erupted into climax.

"Fucker!" she gasped. "You mean fucker!"

The rod lashed her once more, beating the thin line of pain into her ass. She came again, her whole body was trembling as the rushes of fuck-lust burst through her. Gasping and moaning, she rasped her pussy on the chair back through her little panties, shamelessly driving herself into more powerful climaxes.

"Just tell me when you want to obey," Perry said, whipping her ass hard, the rod beating a thin line of crimson agony into her ass-flesh.

Josephine lurched as the unrestrained lust pulsed through her. "Never!" she screamed in weird ecstasy. "Never... aagghh! Yes, never!"

"Come on, lady, I know you," Perry said, whipping her heaving ass-cheeks again. "Just a couple more, and you'll give in."

"Uurrhh! Never!" Josephine screamed as she came, her ass jerking up for the rod, her pussy soaking the chair back.

Perry lashed her ass and her orgasms surged higher. She pulled at the bonds, the very grip they had on her making her climaxes burst harder in her guts. And Perry was whipping her exactly as she needed, the rod beating into her ass at the peak of every heave, just the way she needed it to fuel her lust. She gasped, coming harder, rushing up to the wonderful peak she had never reached during that horrible night of rape with Jake and his barbaric friends.

"Never... aagghh! Yes, yes, oohh, yesss, darling... yess, please, ohhh, please, give it to me, yessss! Aaaggbh! Please, hurt me, I need to be hurt! Yes, darling, please!" Her heaving ass jerked back and the rod lashed it, sending her over the crest she sought so badly.

And Perry could do it to her so easily.

She gasped and gurgled as the orgasm screamed through her and rushed away, leaving her utterly satisfied and desperate for more at the same time.

The rod slid on her ass, stroking her menacingly.

"Ready to obey me?" Perry asked.

"Ooooh, yes, yes, darling! Anything you want, anything!" Josephine moaned.

He pulled the bonds clear of her hands. She moaned with joy and stood up. Her dress slid down over her ass and hands as she rubbed her sore ass-flesh and shivered with perverse excitement.

Perry stood and smiled at her. "I don't believe you mean it," be said softly.

"Ooooh, darling, I do, really I do!" Josephine gasped. "Anything you want, anything!"

"Prove it," he said softly. "Bend back down over the chair and beg me for six more strokes."

Josephine came as she moaned and rubbed her pussy on the chair back. Everything he did showed that he was the perfect masterful man she wanted. She slid her tongue over her lips and bent forward, working her dress up over her whipped ass. Her legs were still bound to the back legs of the chair, and that only gave her an extra pulse of passion.

"Please, darling, give me six more strokes," she moaned, craning up her face to look at him. "You don't know how bad I really am. I deserve so much punishment! Please, whip me, whip me!"

He walked behind her and she moaned with pleasure, thrusting her ass out at him, rubbing it with her hands, pulling her ass-cheeks open for him.

He grinned and pushed her hands away. The rod lashed her ass and Josephine came, screaming in submissive lust, begging for more. Her ass thrust out for the strokes, and she even begged Perry for six more when he finished.

"Please, darling, just a few more! I need them to come again!" she begged.

She got them. They drove her over the crest of her orgasm once more, sending her up to the peak and over until she collapsed once again, weeping with satisfaction.

Perry pulled the bonds off her ankles, and she fell to the carpet, crawling across to him, sobbing with joy.

"Oh, darling, please, let me suck your cock!" she begged.

"Take that dress off!" he snapped. "Yes, yes, darling, but please, let me suck your cock!" Josephine wailed as she slid the zipper down the front of her dress.

She'd meant to tease him with her body, but she couldn't think of that now. Her eyes were on the massive cock-bulge in his pants, and she wanted to suck his cock so badly it was making her mouth water. She pulled herself up, sliding the dress down, revealing the little black slip she wore. Her tits didn't need a bra, and she knew the lacy top of the slip was exciting enough.

"Mmnn!" he said, his eyes running over her figure. "You oughta be whipped just for keeping that gorgeous body out of my reach for so long!"

"Oooh, yes, darling, anything you want!" Josephine cried, falling back to her knees, crawling to him. She held her bared tits, squeezing them for him, showing him their luscious softness. "Whip them!"

"Later," he said, sliding the rod over her rigid nipples. "I wanna see if you suck cock well enough to keep."

"Oh, darling!" Josephine moaned, crawling to him and sliding down his zipper, reaching inside for his cock. "I'll suck you so good, so much, any time, any way you want!" She gasped and gurgled as she felt his enormous, slightly curving cock. "Ohhhh, fuck, it's wonderful!" She pulled his prick out. "I'll show you how I suck cock!" She sank her mouth over the thick cock-head.

She knew she had him the moment she slid his massive hard-on into her throat and worked her soft mouth over it. His expression stayed hard, but his cock throbbed and pulsed in her mouth.

"So, you want me?" he asked, running his hand in her hair.

Gasping and sobbing, Josephine slid her mouth back up his cock, licking at that wonderful hard prick. "Oh, yes, darling, please!"

"I'm very demanding," he said.

"Anything you want," Josephine whispered, licking his prick, out of her mind with passion.

"Total submission," he said matter-of-factly. Josephine came, just sucking his cock-head. "Yes, yes, darling, anything!"

"I need it five, six, times a day -- even more sometimes," he went on, sliding his cock over her lips.

Josephine came again, her most extreme fantasies all coming true.

"Ohhhh, yes, of course, any time, any way you want!" she sobbed. "And you must punish me every time I'm bad! And I'm so damned bad, you don't know how bad!" She sank her mouth down his cock, sucking and licking as she came.

"Oh, yes, I'll keep my little slave in shape," he said softly, his cock throbbing in her mouth. "You can be sure of that. Every time I even think you get out of line, you'll be disciplined!"

Josephine climaxed as she felt his cum burst from his prick. The thick creamy cum gushed into her mouth and she sucked it all in, running it over her tongue in her joy.

"Oooooh, yes!" she bubbled, strings of his white cum running over her red lips. "That's just the way I want it to be!"

"Good," he said as his cum flooded her mouth. "Now we can get down to some serious fucking."


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