Hot to trot daughter

The majority of today's men and women live in an overcrowded, competitive, noisy world. Most are put into slots and walk on a treadmill -- going to boring jobs, living in carbon-copy houses, socializing with the same people. Their desperation is reflected in the rising rate of divorce, alcoholism, drug addiction, and at times is frighteningly released through violent and seemingly unmotivated crime.

The fictional characters in HOT TO TROT DAUGHTER are desperate people, like their real life counterparts. Bored, frustrated, unhappy, they seize at the first opportunity for release. In their need, they cast aside morals and scruples, determined to be only for the moment, to grab at pleasure before it is taken away.

HOT TO TROT DAUGHTER is a novel about the desperation in so many of us -- and the extremes to which it may drive us.


Sally Powell arched back, expecting something to happen from the rigid tongue in her cunt. She was sitting on Gordy's face, letting him eat her out to the ultimate. But nothing very much was happening for her. It had been a dry run so far.

"I think you'd better fuck me," Sally called down to the slurping Gordy.

Gordy had trouble hearing her. Sally's thighs were pressed against his ears. Besides, his mouth was too full of pussy for him to reply.

Sally became impatient. "Damn you, Gordy," she snapped, "this is no free lunch. You give it to me the way I want it, or I'll find somebody who can. There are plenty of other guys around who'd give anything to make it with me."

On the verge of striking out with the only chick he knew who would put out for him, Gordy finally listened. Reluctantly, his pussy-juice-smeared face emerged from the well of Sally's tawny thighs.

"Aw, shit, Sis," he sighed, "I thought we could do the whole trip before I got around to slipping my dick into you. We ought to save the best for last. We've got all day. Mom and Dad won't be home until late tonight."

Suddenly nervous, Sally glanced at the clock. Although there was plenty of time before their mother and father returned, she didn't like to be reminded of them. Not that they were bad parents. It was just the feelings Gordy's mention of them aroused in her. It was all so complicated.

What would Mom and Dad do if they discovered that Sally regularly got it on with her brother? Raise the roof, undoubtedly. And yet, there was more to it than that. Subtract Mom from the situation and Sally was even more emotionally at sea. If it was just Dad who found out, Sally knew that she would wind up blurting out her true feelings. For it was really not her brother she was hot for. At some time during the confrontation she realized that she would not be able to restrain herself from telling her father that it was actually he that she yearned to fuck.

Nobody knew Sally's secret but herself. Who could she tell?

Occasionally she considered sending a letter to Dear Abby or Ann Landers asking for advice. But, when she imagined the probable answer, she quickly dropped the idea. "Dear Daddy's Girl," it would say. "You must seek help at once. Your clergyman, a social worker, a trusted school teacher..." Blah-blah-blah. The typical adult crap. No thanks, Sally always concluded.

Sally could just picture it. "Mr. Johnson, I hope you don't mind that this doesn't have anything to do with geometry," she would approach the only teacher she could stand, "but I have this uncontrollable urge to get it on with my father. At night I lay awake imagining what his big dick would feel like inside my tight pussy." If she tried something like that, the next morning she'd wake up looking out at the world through the bars of an institution.

So Sally was forced to deal with her problem on her own. And the next best thing to her father was her brother. At least when she looked into Gordy's face she could see a lot of Dad. And it didn't seem out of line to assume that her brother must have inherited his huge cock from their father.

"Come on, Gordy," Sally urged, "get on top of me. I want to feel your prick in my cunt. Please fuck me."

"You really want it bad today, don't you, Sis?" Gordy smirked from between the frame of his sister's spread thighs.

Sally felt like telling him to go straight to hell, but bit her tongue. For the fact was, Gordy had it right on the money. She did want it bad. So, instead of letting her mouth get her in trouble, Sally replied by grasping her brother's stiff prick with her hand and tantalizingly drawing the foreskin back and forth over the fiery head.

When Sally finally spoke, it was to huskily chant, "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me."

Gordy got the message and stopped playing it cute. Slipping out from under his sister's crotch, Gordy rolled over and knelt between Sally's long legs. His cock was straight out in front of him, ten inches of twitching meat. At the tip was a tiny pearl of lubrication. His egg-sized balls were tightly encased in their smooth sac, already preparing to fire their creamy cum.

Placing his hands inside the crooks of Sally's knees, Gordy drew her legs up and apart until there was a fleshy corridor to her cunt -- a cunt that was lusciously gaping. The silken blonde hair curled at the puffy sides, melting into pink lips that parted in a juicy invitation. At the center was an open gash that looked as if it were filled with peppermint candy.

"Are you ever going to get around to fucking me, or are you one of these freaks who just likes to look?" Sally chided sarcastically.

Gordon rolled his eyes in obvious appreciation of his sister's female charms, pleasing Sally in spite of her impatience to get it on.

"You're something else," he said with genuine sincerity. "You really spoil it for me when it comes to all the other chicks at school. You're the best."

Sally liked a compliment as much as anybody, even if she knew that Gordy couldn't get to first base with any other girl but her. Giggling at her brother's kind words, she wriggled her ass and flexed her open cunt toward his straining hard-on. When she saw his eyes bulge and his prick jump with excitement, Sally couldn't resist placing her fingertips over the ridges of her twat and pulling the sides so far apart that it seemed as if her pussy would suck Gordy's cock inside under its own power.

"Put it in, baby brother," Sally crooned. "Put your big prick in my cunt and fuck me until I scream."

Gordy fell forward, his swollen dick appearing to capsize the rest of his lean, teenage body. Penetration was immediate, the knotty head of his cock surging up the moist canal of her hot fuckhole. When Sally felt her brother's soft balls rubbing against the bottom of her crotch, she automatically began squirming her ass, giving back as she was taking in a classic fucking motion.

His cock had become so soft that she easily closed her lips over the whole thing and nuzzled his balls. He felt her warm spit engulfing his wilted cock from the head to the root, but although it was a pleasant sensation, nothing happened at first. Gordy knew, however, that his sister was anything but a quitter. If anybody could get his cock hard again, it was Sally. Sometimes he thought she could give a statue a hard-on.

While she sucked her brother's cock from stem to stem, Sally cupped his nuts with one hand and slipped the fingers of the other into the sweaty crevice of his ass. Sally knew all the tricks to liven up a reluctant prick. Squeeze the balls. Probe the asshole. And, most of all, don't stop sucking.

Gordy had a hot flash and started to sweat. There was a funny feeling deep in his asshole. His loins twitched and his hips began to rotate slowly.

"You're getting hard, brother dear," Sally reported with a mouthful of growing dick.

Gordy moaned. His blood was rushing to his groin so fast that it made him dizzy.

"Mmmmmm, [missing text]." Sally continued to note his progress. She couldn't say more because the head of Gordy's cock was jammed deep in her throat now.

Pushing her brother flat on his back, Sally really went to work on him. Her lips became a red blur, pistoning up and down the throbbing shaft of Gordy's electrified prick. At the same time, her tits rubbed sensually against the sensitive inner part of her spread thighs. Although Sally's tits were not especially large, their flesh was unusually firm, and her erect nipples were nothing short of spectacular. "Oh, God, I admit it," Gordy groaned, "You've got me hard again! Like a rock! If you don't stop, I'm going to came right in your face!"

Sally pulled her mouth off of her brother's revived boner with a smack of her lips and a triumphant smile creasing her face.

"I don't like to be the kind of big sister who says I told you so," she purred, "but I told you so."

Gordy was hardly offended. His prick felt more alive than it had when he had fucked his sister in the cunt. Now, promised entry into the exquisite tightness of her asshole, he was chafing at the bit like a horny stallion.

"How do you want to do it?" Sally asked. "On my back or on all fours?"

"Get on your hands and knees," Gordy instructed. "Spread your cheeks so I can see everything. It really turns me on when you do that."

In an instant, Sally was positioned like a bitch in beat, her ass high in the air and her thighs spread apart. Then, reaching behind, she grasped the cheeks of her ass and pried them open so her exposed asshole and cunt were staring Gordy in the face.

What Gordy saw was female perfection. From the triangle of her pussy, wispy strands of silken hair climbed up the pink ravine of her buns like golden threads, ending in fuzzy down just beneath her tailbone. Not only was Sally's cunt an irresistible magnet, her cherry-red asshole begged just as insistently to be fucked. She was simply breathtaking.

Gordy moved forward, his dick straining. However, before he got down to the business of fucking his sister in the ass, he pushed his face between her buns and lapped his tongue from the base of her spine to her clit. On the way back up, the tip of his tongue lingered at her asshole, gently forcing its way inside about a quarter of an inch. Even with this slight insertion, the sweetness was mind-blowing.

Now the head of Gordy's cock replaced his tongue. He centered the fiery knob on the glistening rosebud of his sister's perfect asshole and gave a shove. Sally gave a little yelp as her brother's cock entered her narrowest opening, but the way she wiggled her hips made it clear that she wanted him to plunge deeper without delay.

With his thick tool in his hand, Gordy carefully fed inch after inch to his sister's cock-hungry asshole.

"Oh, more, more," Sally yipped after every push. "Mmmmm, that's it. It's starting to hurt. Hurt sooo gooood."

"It's halfway in, Sis," Gordy reported.

"All the way! The whole thing! Ram me, Gordy! I want every inch of your, strong cock in my ass!"

Gordy winced at her devil-may-care attitude. "This is going to hurt you a lot more than it hurts me," he said through gritted teeth.

"I'm going to hold you to it!" Sally exalted.

"Do it!"

Gordy's hips buckled, rocketing his ass-locked prick forward. The remaining five inches disappeared inside his sister's bunghole as Sally bellowed from the wondrous pain.

This was the way she liked it best of all. If a cock was merely comfortable in her ass, then it wasn't enough. Most people get their kicks with a margin of safety, but Sally was just the opposite. She knew, for example, that ten inches of stiff prick crammed up her asshole was probably dangerous, but that was what made it worthwhile, to her way of thinking. If other people wanted to play it safe, that was their business.

As her brother fucked her ass to the absolute hilt, Sally reached between her legs and grabbed his balls. With expert fingers she stuffed them as well as she could into the yawning slash of her cunt. When Gordy's nuts were inside as far as they could go, Sally squeezed her cunt muscles and trapped them within, exerting incredible pressure.

Consumed by the fires of lust, Gordy grabbed his sister's tits, holding on to them if he were afraid she would buck him off her back. He didn't just squeeze Sally's tits, he bruised them. And then, with the erect nipples pinched between his thumbs and forefingers, he pulled the elastic buds of flesh until they were at least an inch in length.

Getting it three ways at once, Sally still screamed for more. She wanted the dick in her ass to split her in two. The smoldering balls in her cunt to ignite. The pinchers at her tits to rip her nipples off.

Yes, Sally was getting there. At long last she could feel the beginning stages of the climax she had been seeking ever since putting the make on her brother. There was that tell-tale tingling sensation marching across her loins like a small army of ants. It wouldn't be long. Finally, Sally was going to come.

As always, Sally was greedy. She wanted her climax to occur simultaneously with her brother's. It was always best to be pushed over the edge at the same time she was being swamped with hot, spurting jizz.

Driving, herself toward the finish line, Sally moved her body as though she were trying to shake her limbs from her torso. With every inch engulfed, Gordy's buried cock was whipsawed in her ass by Sally's wild movement. He could feel the cum rising in his loins as if his legs were hollow.

"I'm gonna come!" Gordy blurted. "I hope you're ready, Sis!"

"Just give me a few more seconds," Sally answered. "I'm almost there."

To hold her brother at bay, Sally stopped all movement, temporarily freezing her body. Left to her own devices, she gave herself the final push into the pit of orgasm, smashing the fat part of her thumb against her agitated clit and grinding until sparks seemed to fly.

"Now!" Sally shrieked with pulsing excitement. "Come in my ass! Fill me with your hot fizz! Oh, God, I'm ready!"

As her voice trailed off, Sally started moving again. As her hips thrashed from side to side, her torso bobbed up and down like a buoy in stormy surf. Zigging and zagging at the same time, her asshole seemed to tie her brother's buried cock into knots. His churning nuts became fireballs. It was time for brother and sister to come as one.

Gasping as if he had been kicked in the stomach, Gordy felt his cock explode with such force that the flesh seemed to curl up along the sides like the metal of the barrel of a backfiring pistol. However, his gasps were drowned out by his sister. Sally's screeching response to the scalding mass that flooded her ass was blood-curdling.

It the boiling cum in her guts was like molten lava, the effect of Sally's own climax was like thousands of needles poking into her skin. She wriggled, she jumped, she writhed and lurched. Breathless, her raw lungs were a vacuum. She was sweating bullets. She was gloriously perched on the highest mountaintop on earth.

And then, when her brother's cum finally stopped spurting, Sally came sliding down that mountaintop. She fell and fell, quickly plunging into a valley of velvet. There she languished in the lush afterglow of a superior fuck.

Through with their fucking and sucking, brother and sister curled up together, their faces nestled in each other's sticky crotches. As she drifted off to sleep, life was temporarily perfect for Sally. If only she could hold this moment forever.

Rut she would eventually wake up to the same old frustrations, the climax for which she had fought so hard gone with the. Wind. To make it worse, Gordy would be leaving for his basketball camp, absent for two weeks and depriving her of her most reliable safety valve. Give Sally Powell twenty-four hours and she would be on the verge of jumping out of her skin once again with horniness.

It's that way when a girl is so young and has the hots for her own father. You can relieve the itch for a while -- but never permanently. Sooner or later you have to do something about the ache in your cunt.

Something drastic.


It was Thursday morning. Gordy was off at camp and Mom had gone to visit her sister for a couple of days, leaving Sally alone in the house with her father. Getting ready for summer school, Sally ducked into the bathroom to brush her teeth and surprised her father while he was taking a quick shower before he went to work.

"Is that you, hon?" Dad asked over the rush of the water.

Sally stammered something unintelligible, her eyes riveted to an opening in the shower curtain. She could see right in. Her father was soaping his cock, pulling it straight out in front of him with his fist, while his other hand cleansed his balls with a stroking massage. Sally could feel her pussy melting. She knew she had to leave immediately or something terrible might happen.

"Something wrong, sweetheart?" Dad called, but there was no answer. When be poked his head through the split in the shower curtain, his daughter was gone. Unaware of the tension in the air, he put his head back under the water and resumed bathing. Soon, he was singing in a hoarse voice, Sally gone from his thoughts as he ran over some things in his mind that he had to take care of at the office today.

Having fled down the hall, Sally locked the bedroom door behind her and sprawled on the bed with her legs spread. Her cunt was on fire. Quickly her panties were bunched around her thighs and her fingers were crawling in and around her sopping twat.

After some fumbling, Sally found her clit. As she vigorously fingerfucked herself, her thumb pressed the magic button until she was grinding it down to the bone.

"Please, God, let me come," Sally prayed frantically. "I won't ask you for any more favors for a week if you'll just let me come."

It was no use. Worse, there was a knock on the bedroom door.

"Sally, you in there?" Dad called.

Sally yanked her sticky fingers from her cunt and pulled down her skirt. "Uh, I'm just getting ready to leave," she answered unsteadily.

"Me, too," her father answered. "Just wanted to say goodbye. Don't forget, I'm working late again tonight, so don't wait up."

Sally breathed a deep sigh of relief when she heard his footsteps moving away from the door. Not moving a muscle, she waited on the bed until he had left the house and she heard the car rolling out of the driveway. Only when she was sure her father was gone did Sally feel that it was safe to get up and face the day.

Sally was taking geometry in summer school to make up for a D-minus she had gotten during the regular term. Mr. Johnson was a good teacher who made a subject she had previously hated come alive for her, but today Sally couldn't concentrate to save her life. When she was called on, all she could do was mumble and apologize for her lack of preparedness.

Sally couldn't wait to get out of the classroom and be by herself so she could think. However, just before the bell rang, Mr. Johnson told her he wanted her to remain after the others had left.

"There's something bothering you, isn't there, Sally?" Mr. Johnson asked when they were alone.

Sally looked away, but her teacher's penetrating brown eyes wouldn't leave her alone. "No, really, it's not anything," Sally lied. "I'm fine."

Mr. Johnson surprised Sally by taking her chin in his hand and turning her face toward his. He was a handsome man, looking more like a movie star than a school teacher.

"Call me Ted," he said, laying on the charm. "You know geometry isn't the only thing I can help you with. If something personal is bothering you, I'd like to help. Something tells me you're the kind of girl who relates best to an older man."

Sally started to tell him that it was just that time of month, but when she opened her mouth, the lie wouldn't materialize. Ted Johnson's eyes were just too penetrating. It was as if they could see right through her, Sally had the uncomfortable sensation that her mind was being read.

"It's sex, isn't it?" The handsome teacher's voice cut right to Sally's bones. "You want to give yourself to someone but you think it's wrong. You're afraid of what other people will think because of who he is."

Sally hung her head in shame, certain that her secret was out. "Yes," she whimpered. "Please don't tell anyone."

Mr. Johnson lifted Sally's face to eye-level again. "Don't worry," he said. "I'm afraid I'm in the same boat."

Sally's heart jumped to her throat and lodged there. What was he trying to tell her? "I-I'm afraid I don't understand," she managed to stammer.

He told her that he had locked the door and instructed the janitor to be sure nobody interrupted them during their little "conference". Then he added, "I know you want it now, Sally. I can feel the heat from between your legs."

Sally couldn't deny that in spite of her fear, her pussy was boiling.

Mr. Johnson's fingers traveled the rest of the way up Sally's bare thigh. Now they were pulling aside the crotchband of her panties, then tracing the moist ridges of her exposed pussylips.

"You're wet," the teacher said approvingly. He slipped his index finger inside Sally's cunt and worked it around.

"Please," Sally moaned, but by this point she didn't know whether she was pleading for him to stop or to go further.

"I'm just as turned on as you are," Mr. Johnson said as he steadily fingerfucked Sally's sopping twat. "Unzip my pants and you'll see what I mean."

For the first time, Sally gazed down at his crotch. It looked like he had a crowbar in his pants. In a blinding flash, curiosity and desire overcame her and her trembling fingers flew to his bulging fly.

The zipper screeched open. Stuffing her hand into Mr. Johnson's trousers, Sally jumped from the pulsing warmth she felt. Gripping the hard meat, she pulled it out, marveling at the size of her teacher's erect cock. When she finally saw it unsheathed, it was even bigger than she had anticipated.

"Would you like to suck my prick, Sally?" Mr. Johnson asked.

Clutching the giant, blue-veined hard-on in her hands, Sally looked down at the mallet-sized head and felt her tongue pass hungrily over her lips.

"Oh, yes," she moaned, the last of her restraint evaporating. "I'll suck your prick all the way down to your balls and let you come in my mouth, Mr. Johnson, if that's what you want me to do."

"Ted," he reminded her. "Call me Ted."

So it was Ted. Suddenly he was no longer Sally's geometry teacher, but a fantastically hung lover. A stud with a stallion's cock. The bulbous head passed through Sally's lips and there was no turning back.

While Sally deep-throated Ted's huge tool, he quickly and efficiently undressed her. When Sally was naked, Ted drew her down to the floor, positioning his body so his face was between her legs and he could eat her pussy while she was blowing him.

In the classic sixty-nine position, teacher and student sucked and chomped at each other's crotches until their slurping filled the room. Finally, Ted could hold the cum in his balls no longer and warned Sally that he was about to erupt in her mouth.

Striving to make a good impression, Sally took the whole load without choking and swallowed every gooey drop. As the fresh jizz warmed her belly, she released Ted's drained cock and rolled over on her knees with her sleek young ass in the air.

His prick still hard, Ted moved in behind Sally and drew the head of his cock down her spine from between her shoulderblades to her tailbone, raising goosebumps. Now the crown of his dick slipped into the crack of her ass, nuzzling her asshole before inching down to the succulent folds of her cunt.

"Rub your cock and balls all over my pussy," Sally urged. "Play with my cunt before you stick your prick inside and fuck me. Make me really hot, Ted."

Ted was an experienced, thoughtful lover. A young girl's cunt was like a musical instrument to him, and he had reduced enough of his students in his time to be able to play one like a virtuoso. Fitting his prick along the crack of Sally's ass, he pushed his crotch flush with hers, applying just the right amount of jiggling pressure so his hairy balls rubbed and tickled her clit.

"Feel good, darling?" Ted asked.

"Mmmmmm," Sally responded dreamily. Nobody had ever bought her so close to coming so fast. When she closed her eyes she could almost imagine her most cherished fantasy had miraculously come true and her father wag fucking her.

With an experienced eye, Ted looked down at Sally's cunt and saw that it was red as a beet. The lips were engorged with blood. If ever he had seen a girl who was ready to be fucked, it was Sally.

"I'm going to stick my prick inside you now," he said. "You want it, don't you?"

"Oh, yes! God, yes!" Sally cried. "Please fuck me!"

"How do you want it?"

"Hard! Give me your whole cock at once!"

Ted chuckled. That's what he liked best about fucking teenagers. They were so eager. What was the use of being blessed with such a big dick if you couldn't experience the thrill of ramming it to the hilt into a tight, young pussy with a single thrust?

Grabbing Sally's tits to steady himself, Ted put everything he had into a mighty surge. Driving forward, his huge cock seemed like it would never stop sinking into Sally's soft cuntflesh. Her pussy was so deep. Even after he had penetrated her to his balls, Sally's twat seemed to extend Ted's prick an extra inch, taking the head to hot depths it had never before visited.

Her cunt gloriously stuffed with cock, Sally began moving her ass, rolling her hips from side to side.

"Oh, baby," a breathless Ted panted, "where did you learn to fuck like this?"

"It just comes naturally," Sally answered. "Some girls are just born knowing what to do with a man's cock inside them."

While he fucked her, Ted's large hands pawed. Sally's tits. He could completely engulf one in each hand, squeezing them in a way Sally had never before experienced. Soon her tits were sending out advance warnings of an impending climax that were almost as powerful as the signals from her blazing cunt.

"How is it for you, darling?" Ted asked, grinding his thick dick in Sally's pussy and practically milking her swollen tits.

"I'm almost there," Sally moaned. "Just keep doing what you're doing and I'll come so hard I'll rip your cock off."

Savoring her lewd vow, Ted picked up the pace. He'd sized Sally up as a prime piece of ass from the first time he'd seen her cross her long legs in his class, but he'd never expected anything this choice. She was so hot he had trouble remembering that he had seduced her and not the other way around.

Faster and faster Ted's cock pumped, taking full advantage of its extraordinary length with its long strokes. When his cock plunged forward, the lips of Sally's pussy were pulled all the way inside her gash. When it pulled out, the lips were tugged so far from her crotch that they resembled the blood red petals of a camellia in full bloom.

A fire ignited at the core of Sally's being. Swiftly, the flames built, until finally they were lapping at her soul. There was an inferno within her. She was coming.

"It's so good. Sooooo gooooood," she moaned. "I'm coming so hard!"

At just that moment, Ted's cock plunged in all the way and exploded. The cum that instantly swamped Sally's fuck-hole was like gasoline poured on an already raging fire. Crackling flames became a sheet of white heat.

Wriggling like she was being roasted alive, Sally lurched forward with such frenzy that the cock in her cunt withdrew with a loud pop. Still spurting, it gushed the rest of its hot load all over her ass and across the backs of her thighs. Added to the cum that poured from her unplugged pussy, it turned her crotch into a creamy, dripping mess.

"That was too much," Ted panted, staring in awe at the writhing girl before him.

"But not enough!" Sally replied with astonishing determination. It seemed impossible that her sexual appetite could remain unsatisfied after such an intense fuck. Yet there she was, bolder than ever, reaching for Ted's softening cock. The hunger in her eyes was not just a plea for more action, but an uncompromising demand. Ted Johnson felt his nerve leaking from his body like air from a punctured balloon.

Maimed by Sally's animalistic lust, the teacher reflexively backed away. However, moving like a crab, Sally relentlessly tracked him until, finally, he was backed up against the blackboard with no place to go. Trapped.

Sally literally crawled up Ted's body, her fingernails gorging into his belly as she drew her face to the crux of his thighs. His prick was completely limp now -- as much from anxiety as fatigue -- but Sally took it in her mouth as eagerly as if it were as hard as a rock.

"I can't take any more," Ted protested.

Sally just kept on sucking. While she tongued his prick from the head to the root, she squeezed his balls unmercifully. Then, not satisfied with that, she stabbed a finger into his asshole and reamed him out.

Surprisingly, it was Ted who noticed that he was no longer protesting. It was as if he were a witness to his own seduction, watching himself succumb to the kind of girl he had always prided himself on being able to wrap around his little finger.

For the first time in his long career of seducing his students, Ted Johnson found himself completely dominated by one of his intended conquests. He had told Sally to stop, and she had responded by cramming his limp cock into her mouth and sucking it until it had no choice but to harden. Incredibly, the hard-on now growing between his legs had nothing to do with his own desire and everything to do with hers.

And now, as Ted Johnson's prick grew to its full length down Sally's throat, his hips began moving as if they had wires attached to him and he was her puppet. Now he wasn't merely providing her his stiff cock to suck, he was fucking her mouth, and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

Sally's lips tugged back and forth as the hard-on they engulfed pistoned under its own team. The pressure grew in Ted's balls until it was excruciating. A couple of minutes before his nuts had seemed empty. Now they were boiling with hot cream. He couldn't hold it. He'd have to give Sally what she wanted.

When Ted's straining prick jumped in her throat, Sally spit it out at just the right instant and took the whole load of cum right in her face. Wagging her head from side to side, she let the spraying jism splash against her forehead and cheeks. It dripped from her eyebrows and nose. Thick gobs drooled down the sides of her face like white tears and splattered from her chin onto her tits.

Ted was shaking like a leaf as he watched Sally take her sticky face in her hands and smear his cum all over herself. He had to admit it. She was too wild for him. Where did he go from here with her?

The tension in the situation was heightened by a knock on the door.

"Mr. Johnson," the janitor called, "you through in there? I've got to lock up now."

"My God," the teacher hissed, "what if he finds us in here?"

All of a sudden, Sally was calm. In fact, eerily calm as she lolled back on her elbows with her legs spread, her golden cunt gaping.

"You told me we didn't have to worry about that," she purred.

"Please," he begged. "Put your clothes on and clean up."

"What's in it for me?" Sally asked.

"I'll give you an A in geometry," the teacher offered desperately. "You don't even have to come to class any more. In fact, I'd rather you wouldn't."

Rising to her feet, Sally strolled over to her clothes, giving the perplexed teacher one last flash of golden beaver as she bent over to retrieve them. While Mr. Johnson did his best to hold off the janitor, she took her time wriggling into her skirt and blouse, smirking all the while as if she were telling herself a private joke.

"For Christ's sake, wipe your face, that cum's a dead giveaway," the teacher gasped when Sally was almost dressed. Still smirking, Sally put her wadded panties to her face and blotted up the last of the jizz, then stuffed the panties into her purse with an obscene wink.

"A souvenir," she chuckled as Mr. Johnson cringed.

"Okay, let's go," the teacher whispered as the janitor started banging on the door again. "If we're lucky he might not notice anything."

Sally's eyes dropped to Ted Johnson's crotch and she laughed. "He will if you don't stuff your cock back in your pants, stud," she said, and then started for the door on her own without looking back.


With a guaranteed A in geometry and no need to attend class any more, Sally had the mornings to herself. The day following the incident with Mr. Johnson, she pretended to leave for school and then came back home, planning to use the free time to think. At this point she was a very confused young woman.

When Sally walked through the front door the phone was ringing. Before she could remind herself that she was supposed to be in school, she answered it.

"Hi, Sally," the familiar voice on the other end said. "Is your mother, there?"

It was Aunt Jane, her mom's sister. Something funny was going on.

"Isn't Mom with you?" Sally asked. "I thought she was supposed to be spending a couple of days with you?"

There was an awkward silence on the other end of the line.

"Gee, that's the first time I've heard anything about that," Aunt Jane finally replied in a perplexed voice. "I just got back from San Francisco myself. Are you sure your mother said..."


Aunt Jane nervously cleared her throat. "Well, I'm sure there's some perfectly logical explanation. When your mom comes home, tell her I called, will you?"

Before Sally could prod her aunt about the "logical explanation", the phone clicked dead. It was clear that something was wrong.

Burning with curiosity, Sally went to her parents' bedroom and looked through her mother's things for a clue. The diary she found under her mom's lingerie seemed as good a place to start as any. It turned out to be the jackpot.

"June 26," the last entry read. "I'm as excited as a girl. Just imagine, two whole days and nights with the man of my dreams, and no one to bother us. I wish Jane wasn't in San Francisco so she could cover for me, but I don't think anything will go wrong. Just remembered. Got to remember to pack my diaphragm. I hate it when Frank has to use rubbers when we fuck... Oh, there he is at the door. Got to go. When I get back I expect I'll burn these pages up with a description of what went on."

Astonished that her mother was having an affair, Sally leafed back in the diary for more incriminating evidence.

"May 12. Frank was really good tonight. His wife's had her period all week so he was completely rested up for me. He fucked me in every hole before he finally pooped out. As I write this, I can still taste his sweet cum in my mouth. I don't think I'll brush my teeth for a week."

After reading a few more explicit entries, Sally's shock turned to arousal. Her mom was really getting it on. Sally knew she should feel sorry for her dad, but somehow she envied her mother for having the courage to go for it. She wished she had that much courage.

One of the entries in the diary mentioned the Midtown Motor Lodge. On an impulse, Sally decided to go there. Maybe her mom and this Frank were there now -- fucking. Closing her eyes, she could envision their naked bodies writhing in the twisted sheets, her mom's hairy cunt filled with pumping cock.

Taking some money from the secret fund she had accumulated from baby-sitting, Sally took a cab to the Midtown Motor Lodge. The diary had mentioned 14-G as "our room". When she arrived at the motel, Sally rented 13-G from the bored clerk.

The walls were practically paper-thin. When Sally let herself into her room she could hear the bedsprings squeaking from next door. Then moans -- unintelligible at first, but increasingly clear.

"Oh, baby, wrap your legs around me," a man's voice said.

"Deeper! Deeper!" a woman replied in a frenzy. "Fuck me deeper!"

Sally recognized the voice immediately. It was her mother.

Sally found a vent. Through it, the voices came laud and clear. On a hunch, she took a dime from her purse and unscrewed the grille. Poking her head through the opening, Sally saw that her hunch was right on the money. There was a similar vent on the opposite side of the wall. She could see clearly into room 14-G...

They were fucking like there was no tomorrow. Her mom and this man Frank. He had a jackhammer technique, pistoning his stiff prick in her cunt with long, powerful strokes. Sally's mother was groaning with delight, begging for more.

"I'm going to come," Frank panted. "How do you want it?"

"Pull out and spray all over my tits," Mom answered. "I already told you. You knocked just when I was getting ready to look for my diaphragm and I forgot to put it in my purse."

Suddenly his cock was out of her cunt. Sally hungrily licked her lips at its immense size. She couldn't help being proud of her mother for her good taste in men.

Frank's prick shot off like a geyser. Cum shot through the air in a silvery jet stream and then splashed all over her mom's generous tits. When the spurting ceased, Sally's mother spread her fingers over her tits and smeared the fresh jizz all over them.

Sally couldn't believe how turned on she was. This was the first time she had ever watched another couple fuck. Her mother had not had enough of the big, strong cock either and was already positioning herself for another variation of no-holds-barred fucking.

"Oh, my God," Sally whispered under her breath, "I didn't know Mom liked it in the ass."

Sally's mother was on her knees, giving her lover and, unknowingly, her daughter, a perfect view of her spread hindquarters. Her fingers slipped into the crack of her ass, and clutching the plump globes, pulled them apart as far as they would go. Asshole and cunt flared, each glistening with damp arousal.

Sally's mother's peeled-open crotch bristled with jet-black hair, as dark and thick as her daughter's was blonde and wispy. Framed by the V of her widespread thighs, her lush tits dangled down, the tips capped by pointy nipples.

"What a beautiful woman," Sally breathed huskily. She knew that if she were a man she would not be able to resist her mother's feminine charms either.

Her mom's body begged to be used. If anybody was aware of that, it was her lover. Frank had moved in behind her, his hand at his groin as he guided his hard-on toward the throbbing entrance of her tight asshole.

Fuck her! Fuck her! Sally mentally screamed, her emotions abroil. Fuck my mother in the ass with your big prick, you lucky stud!

As if he had heard Sally's silent command, Frank powered his hips forward, the pale cheeks of his ass squeezing into a thin line as he thrust his hard cock into her ass. "All of it!" she demanded. "Give me your whole cock in my ass!"

As Sally watched with bulging eyes, Frank gave her mother what she wanted. His balls clenched in their contracting sac as his prick stabbed to the core of her ass.

With every thrust, Sally's mom was chanting, "Fuck me!"

Sally had never seen anybody enjoy something so much. What a woman she thought.

"Your ass is so tight. I can't hold it much longer," Frank warned. "Do you want me to pull out again?"

"All the cumin the world in my ass isn't going to knock me up!" she laughed lewdly. "Fire away, stud!"

"You asked for it, Mama," Frank responded through clenched teeth, and let fly.

Sally craned her neck in the narrow enclosure in the wall, attempting to get a clear view of the moment of ejaculation. Although she was thwarted in her attempt, what came next was an even more gratifying spectacle.

Squeezed unbearably by the combined pressure of the woman's spasming asshole and the volume of his spurting cum, Frank's cock was forced to withdraw as soon as it had finished shooting. At last Sally had an unobstructed view of her mother's just-fucked asshole -- and it was breathtaking. Excess jizz bubbled to the surface of the unblocked opening and then spilled dawn the insides of her thighs, contrasting beautifully with the suntanned flesh. Sally had never seen such an erotic sight.

"Had enough?" Frank asked after the woman had fallen to her side with her hand between her legs.

When her mother shifted her hips, Sally saw that she had her finger crammed up her asshole and was working it around in the warm cum.

"Enough? What do you think, Frank?" She purred.

Frank wiped the sweat from his brow. "Whew, you're something else, babe," he gasped. "Are there any more like you at home?"

Sally's mother abruptly sat up, her finger popping out of her ass as she fixed her lover with a withering stare.

"I've already warned you about that, Frank," she snapped. "Leave my family out of it. What goes on between you and me is strictly between the two of us. When I leave here I go right back to my husband and kids. They're all clean as a whistle. Believe me, I've seen to it. I'm the only fuck-up in the family."

"Okay, okay, I didn't mean anything," Frank begged off. "I was just trying to make a little conversation."

Sally's mom's expression turned to an icy glare. "Listen, honey, the last thing I expect out of you is conversation. We're here for one reason and one reason only -- and you know what that is."

Frank wiped his brow again. "Yeah, I guess I do," he sighed.

"Then stop yakking and get to it," Sally's mother said. "I want to get in one last fuck before I go home, and it'd better be a good one."

"Where, do you want it this time?"

All at once her angry expression melted. Suddenly she resembled a carefree teenager, gleefully exploring the wonderful new world of sex.

"Fuck my mouth," she said. "Don't just put your prick in there and expect me to suck it. Really fuck my mouth. As hard as you can. Give me everything you've got."

Frank gazed down at his cock. "I'm kind of soft," be said apologetically.

"You won't be for long," Sally's mother laughed, and then flopped onto her back, opening her mouth wide.

Frank crawled on top of her, his half-hard cock dangling in his hand. With his legs astride his partner's curvaceous torso, he pressed his crotch against her face and penetrated her mouth with his cock.

"Mmmmmm," Sally's mother gurgled with a throatful of spongy prick. "Good. Goooooood."

Now her tongue began lapping. The slurping started softly at first, but quickly became so loud it sounded like surf splashing against the shore.

Frank couldn't help being profoundly affected. As his cock hardened, his ass began to twitch. Then his hips swung into motion and he was fucking Sally's mother in the mouth, just as she had ordered.

Tremendously excited by the power her mother had over this man, Sally unconsciously slipped her hand between her legs and began fingering her agitated cunt as she watched the action. Before long, her masturbation was so frantic that she had ripped her panties. But she didn't notice, and she certainly didn't stop. In fact, she soon had four fingers clawing within her foaming pussy and her thumb hammering against her throbbing clit.

Her caution dissolving, Sally moaned aloud. Fortunately, her mother's guttural groans were so intense that Sally's indiscretion went unnoticed.

Frank fucked her mother's face harder and harder. His cock had taken on a new life, throbbing with the vigor of a teenager's tireless tool. When all was said and done, this was what always made him come back for more, Sally's mother made him feel like a kid again.

Frank rammed his thick cock to the hilt, feeling his balls pinch against her partner's chin. His ass rotated in a wide circle so his dick would ream out her soft throat. When he closed his eyes it was easy for him to imagine that he was fucking the deepest cunt in the world. A cunt with teeth and a raspy clit the size of a tongue.

"Oh, baby, am I gonna come!" Frank gasped.

"Do it, do it," Sally whispered hoarsely from her hiding place. "Drown her with your hot, sweet jizz."

She felt as if she had a vital stake in what was going to happen -- as if through some magic contained in her voyeur's eyes he was going to come in her, too.

The inevitable occurred with a howl from Frank that must have been heard ten rooms away. Suddenly his balls were jumping up and down, pumping cum as fast as humanly possible.

Sally saw her mother's cheeks swell until they resembled a pair of balloons. Then they burst. A creamy torrent of cum cascaded from her lips, so powerful that it pushed Frank's cock out into the open. Shimmering jism splashed all over the two lovers. The smell of fresh jism filled the air, so strong that even Sally's nostrils flared. What's more, Sally swore that she could taste it.

On their bed, her mom was finally satisfied. "Guess I'll take a shower," she said to an exhausted Frank, shaking her head like a wet dog so that globs of cum flew off in a shimmering spray. "Don't want to go home smelling like a whore."

Frank chuckled tiredly. "Good thing you're not. I could never afford you."

Sally's mom leaned over and planted a sloppy kiss on his cheek. "Flattery will get you everywhere," she laughed. "Next week?"

Frank scratched his head. "I dunno. My wife's been talking about a vacation."

Sally's mother shrugged. "Well, let me know so I can work something out if you're not available."

Frank suddenly bristled. "What are you getting at? Do you have somebody else on the string?"

Sally's mother looked him straight in the eye. "That's for me to know and you to find out. Let me just leave you with this thought in case you've gotten into the habit of taking me for granted. I love my husband and I'm not faithful to him, so that should give you a big fat clue where you stand if you don't deliver."

While both Frank and Sally tried to analyze her statement, she got up and left for the bathroom, saucily wiggling her ass as she sashayed across the room.

Pulling her head from the hole in the wall, Sally rearranged her disheveled clothes and prepared to leave. In the aftermath of her discovery of her mother's secret life she was more confused than ever. Now she really had some heavy thinking to do.


Shunning a cab, Sally decided to walk borne, even though the Midtown Motor Lodge was several miles from her house. She needed time to be alone and sort things out, and a long walk seemed to provide the perfect opportunity to do so.

However, Sally's thought processes were hopelessly garbled and with each step she only became more bewildered about the things that were happening in her life. Eventually she became convinced that she needed some outside help. If only there were somebody she could trust to whom she could pour out her feelings.

Trust. That was the key word. She winced as she thought about what might have happened if she had confided in Mr. Johnson. Adults. Who could figure them out? They all had their games to play.

If only, Sally thought, she knew a grownup with whom she could come clean. Somebody who wouldn't judge her and didn't have anything to hide themselves. Somebody without an ax to grind who could afford to be objective about somebody else's problems.

Just when Sally was wondering if such a person existed, she noticed that she was walking in front of a church. In contrast to the much newer buildings surrounding it, its worn stone facade and rolling green landscape provided a restful oasis in the midst of the adjacent hustle and bustle. Uncontrollably drawn to the peaceful scene, Sally swerved from the sidewalk and began walking across the grass toward the chapel.

"Can I help you, Miss?" a friendly-looking man asked.

At first Sally assumed he was the custodian because he was lugging a garbage can, but then she noticed his black shirt and turned-around collar.

"You have a beautiful church," Sally said, wistfully, her tone hinting that she wished she belonged.

The minister looked at the stately old building and then back at Sally, as her skirt blew around her legs in the gentle breeze. "Yes," he said, "God has been very generous with us. Are you sure I can't help you with something, young lady? That's what I'm here for."

Sally stared back at him with searching eyes. Was he the person for whom she was looking?

"Yes," she replied impulsively. "I would like to talk to somebody, if you have the time."

The minister smiled warmly. "Of course," he said. "Let's go to my office where we won't be disturbed."

He led Sally to a comfortably furnished little nook that seemed more like a den than a minister's office, locking the door behind them.

"All right," he said when they were both seated, "I'm all ears."

Nervous, Sally crossed her legs, then just as quickly uncrossed them, unsure of where she should begin. She was so distracted by her thoughts that she did not notice that her skirt had hiked up to her thighs from the jerky movement of her lower body.

"Relax," the minister said gently. "Let's start by introducing ourselves. I'm Reverend Murray."

"Uh, I'm Sally Powell." Once again Sally shifted her legs, still unaware that her skirt was creeping up her thighs.

"And what seems to be troubling you, Sally?" Sally took a deep breath and then let it out.

"Sex," she blurted.

The reverend didn't even raise an eyebrow. "That seems perfectly natural under the circumstances," he said evenly. "A young girl like yourself. Your body developing and all. I can certainly see that you're on your way to becoming a beautiful woman."

For the first time Sally noticed that he was staring at her legs. Blushing, she attempted to pull her skirt down, but he sprang from his chair and stopped her by grabbing her wrists.

"There's no need for that," Reverend Murray said quickly, his voice hoarse. "Don't let this collar fool you. I like to look as much as the next man."

Sally could see from the sudden bulge in his crotch how true this was. He had a hard-on.

"In fact," the reverend continued in his hoarse voice, "if you don't mind, I'd like a little better look."

Sally couldn't believe what was happening. In fact, she was so stunned that she offered no resistance as Reverend Murray took the hem of her skirt and rolled it the rest of the way up her thighs. Before she knew it they were both looking down at the triangle of her cunt straining beneath the pale blue crotch of her flimsy panties.

The minister hooked a finger under the elastic and pulled the bottom panel of the panties to one side, fully exposing Sally's pussy. The lips were trembling quickly turning from pink to red. The gash down the center was already crimson -- and wet.

"You're a real blonde," Reverend Murray said with a smack of his lips. "So many young women dye their hair nowadays. Myself, I prefer a natural look."

He stuck his finger inside Sally's cunt. Then, withdrawing it, he passed it under his nose, finally tasting it.

"Sweet," he sighed. "A man dreams of eating a sweet, young pussy like yours."

Sally didn't know what to say. The possibility of a surprise encounter with a horny preacher was something which had never crossed her mind.

Reverend Murray dropped to his knees like he was going to pray. However, his altar was Sally's golden pussy. Putting his hands to her knees, he pushed her legs apart until her skirt was bunched around her waist and her crotch was gaping. The pungent scent of damp cunt filled the room.

Slipping his fingers under the elastic, the reverend took the crotchband of Sally's straining panties in his fist and ripped it to shreds. Bruised by his flexing knuckles, Sally's twat throbbed as though it were begging to be eaten.

Now the reverend lowered his head and inserted his face into the well of Sally's thighs. With a moan, she felt the lips of his mouth pressing against the lips of her cunt. Then his tongue -- long and raspy -- squirmed inside her wet hole. She couldn't help it -- her hips started to move in a gyrating response.

Reverend Murray knew exactly what to with his tongue. Not missing a trick, his oral snake thoroughly explored the spasming cavity of Sally's pussy until it had stimulated every hidden pleasure point. Sally had never had her cunt eaten so expertly. She was coming already.

The reverend knew it. "This is just the beginning of what I'm going to do for you," he confidently told Sally when he finally came up for air, her pussy juice dripping down his chin like honey.

"Oh, God, anything," Sally whimpered, her senses short-circuited by orgasm.

"Take my pants off," the reverend said. "I'm sure you'll be pleased by what you find waiting for you."

It was one of the classic understatements in Sally's life. It turned out that Reverend Murray was outfitted with the most fantastic set of cock and balls she had ever seen.

Bunching his cock and balls as well as she could in her trembling hands, Sally stared down at them in awe as the meat spilled over and between her fingers.

"I've never seen such a big prick," Sally gasped with wonder. "I don't even think I could take half of it in my mouth without choking, let alone in my pussy without being split in two."

"You'll get your chance at both, my dear," Reverend Murray chuckled. "Not to mention your tightest opening of all."

"My ass?" Sally bleated in disbelief, suddenly frightened. "No, it's impossible. I could never let you fuck me in the ass... not with that monster. It'd kill me!"

"There's only one way to find out for sure," the reverend chuckled, this time sounding more than faintly evil. "Sometimes, it's best to tackle the most terrifying obstacles right at the beginning. That way they don't have a chance to build up in our minds and seem more formidable than they really are. It's just a case of mind over matter."

Sally knew that she should try and run, but suddenly she was hypnotized by Reverend Murray's piercing blue eyes. His gaze was satanic. If there was a devil, it was he.

"Take off all your clothes, Sally, and kneel on all fours like a dog," the reverend ordered. "I am going to fuck you in the ass."

"Yes sir," Sally muttered, hearing her own voice as if it were drifting toward her down a tunnel. "Whatever you say, sir."

In an erotic daze, Sally got to her feet and stripped. Naked, she posed for her new master, filling his eyes with the perfection of her beautiful young body before she dropped to the floor with her flanks spread like a bitch in heat.

"Spread your cheeks, my dear," the reverend directed. "Let us check out the dimensions and decide if they are, as you initially supposed, impossible."

Gasping the cheeks of her ass with her trembling fingers, Sally dutifully yanked them apart, baring her pulsating asshole. It felt like a hot coal beneath the base of her spine as the reverend inspected it with his burning eyes.

"A beauty, my dear," he pronounced. "Absolutely flawless. Like a jewel. A red, red ruby. It will be a rare privilege to stick my dick in it and fuck it."

Now he came forward, his hand extended. With a crisp jab, he stabbed a stiff finger up Sally's asshole. As she wriggled with surprise, he clawed the digit within her, scraping her anal floor with his sharp nail until he drew blood.

"A little lubrication never hurts," he explained with amusement.

Sally reveled in the pain. She wanted him to hurt her. Hurt her bad. Hurt her good.

"Fuck me!" she begged hysterically. "Fuck me in the ass with your huge cock!"

"Certainly, my dear," the reverend coolly replied. "I can understand your impatience."

His finger ripped out of Sally's bloody ass, leaving the scarlet hole temporarily gaping. Quickly, he moved in for the kill, his sword-like cock securely, in his hand. The barbed head crushed against the opening, pulsing with power.

"Now!" Sally cried.

"Now, indeed," Reverend Murray chorused, and plunged his cock into her succulent asshole.

"Oh, God! Sweet Jesus, I can't believe how much it hurts!" Sally cried as inch after inch of stiff, thick dick rammed up her ass. "More! More! More cock!"

"Gladly, my dear."

Reverend Murray buckled at the waist, flinging his prick like a discus into Sally's ass. Still, Sally wasn't satisfied.

"All of it!" she screamed at the top of her lungs. "I want every fucking inch of that monster up my ass!" She was already coming harder than she ever had in her life.

The reverend gritted his teeth, and with a shuddering thrust of his loins, gave Sally what she craved. The last three inches of his immense prick disappeared. Even he was surprised he had done it.

Now the real fucking started. The continual rocking of the hips. The grinding, constant movement. The pistoning cock-strokes and excruciating friction. The moans and sweat and breathlessness. All of it leading to the inevitable conclusion.

"Come!" Sally shouted. "Fill my ass with your hot, sweet cum!"

"Oh, yes!" Reverend Murray hissed in anticipation and then let go, his eyes rolling back in his head as his cock erupted in the depths of Sally's ass.

The jizz was like boiling oil as it flooded Sally's insides. Although it was scalding, she couldn't get enough of it. When the reverend's cock seemed to be slacking off, she wrenched it with her anal muscles, wringing every precious drop from the flagging tool.

At last the reverend's balls were dry. Delirious with joy, Sally swiveled around the instant his spent cock shrank from her asshole and took it in her mouth.

"You can't go soft on me now," she muttered with a mouthful of prick. "YOU promised to fuck me in the mouth and cunt and, Goddamn it, I'm holding you to it."

Reverend Murray gurgled something unintelligible. His cock was doing his talking for him now, immediately responding to Sally's expert sucking. The hot blood that flowed in a torrent to the crux of his loins was like molten steel, hardening the instant it hit his dick.

Sally clasped her hands on his ass and began moving his hips. Once the proper rhythm was established, the reverend no longer needed her assistance. His pelvis was grinding and thrusting in a reflexive fucking motion, his stiff prick jerking in and out of Sally's cunt-like mouth.

Slowly, Sally fell back, drawing the reverend on top of her. Now his crotch was flush against her face, battering her as his cock pistoned between her clutching lips. Raising her legs, Sally guided her lover's hand to her gaping pussy and crammed his fingers inside.

"God, you're so hot," Reverend Murray gasped. "I can't believe it. I'm going to come again already."

Sally responded by swallowing his prick to the hilt and bucking her cunt so vigorously that it engulfed his entire hand to the wrist. She was coming like mad, and the only thing that could improve on it would be a fountain of fresh jism in her waiting mouth.

Already pushed out onto a sensual limb by Sally's unbridled horniness, Reverend Murray was sawed off by her latest actions. Recoiling like a high-powered rifle, his cock blasted away, instantaneously drenching Sally's mouth with its liquid ammunition.

She responded with a deep, all-powerful thirst, gulping down each creamy spurt. There was no swelling of her cheeks because she was drinking it all. Every drop of hot, sweet cum. And coming all the while herself.

Once again the reverend was drained. But Sally was not discouraged.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" she asked with a lewd grin as she fondled the reverend's deflated cock and balls.

"I can't fuck you any more," he protested wearily. "I'm no kid any more. You'd better find somebody your own age if you want to fuck this much, young lady."

Sally laughed. "Do I have to remind you who originally put the make on who, Rev?" she teased.

He hung his head, "I didn't know what I was getting into," he sighed. "I had no idea you were so... so."

Sally grinned mischievously. "Hot to trot?"

"S-something like that."

"Poor baby." Sally slowly stroked the reverend's flabby foreskin over the spongy head of his cock and gently squeezed his balls.

"L-let go," Reverend Murray insisted, but his voice was quivering and without conviction.

Sally picked up her stroking, literally jacking off the trembling clergyman. To increase the effectiveness of her hand-job, she spit on his dick and created the kind of lubrication that could not help but remind him of what it would feel like to bury his tool in the hot recesses of her wet cunt.

"You're getting hard," Sally taunted. "What are you going to do about it?"

The reverend looked away, twisting his head so violently that the veins and sinews stood out on his neck.

"Go ahead and look," Sally kept after him. "What are you afraid of? At your age you should be proud you can get it up so many times."

Finally Reverend Murray did turn back, but to look Sally straight in the eye. "You're evil," he hissed. "An evil girl."

"Then what does that make you, Rev?" Sally chuckled.

Reaching out with her free hand, she cupped the minister's chin and pulled his head down so he was forced to look at his cock. It was twitching with hardness. When Sally removed her grip, the erect cock danced in mid-air under its own rigid energy.

Now Sally dropped back on her elbows, spreading and sticking her legs up so her knees were straddling the reverend's head. Reverend Murray was staring uncontrollably at the golden teenage pussy that was spread like an erotic feast before him.

"Fuck me," Sally purred. "Stick your big cock in my tight cunt and fuck me." She paused, letting her words sink in before she applied the clincher. "When was the last time you had the chance to fuck a teenage pussy, Reverend Murray?"

The preacher drooled. "Witch," he muttered, spit trickling from the corners of his mouth.

"Fuck me," Sally repeated.

She flexed her cunt, beckoning him. Honey colored juice spilled from her yawning twat and oozed down her sleek thighs.

Reverend Murray tried to fight it, but it was no use. His self-control was no match for the fire in his groin. All he had to do was look down to realize the truth. His cock was standing straight out, bigger and harder and stronger than he had ever seen it. From the waist down he felt as if he were a teenager, too.

The reverend's hand was magnetically drawn to his hard-on. He gripped it, letting it pull the rest of his body forward.

Now he was on his knees. The head of his cock trembled at the gates of Sally's beautiful young pussy, then passed through the flared lips. Sally wrapped her long legs around him. She rolled her hips. They were fucking.

It was a classic fuck. Both partners threw everything they had into it. The strokes of Reverend Murray's cock in Sally's cunt were long and sure. While he fucked her he sucked her nipples. In response, she fingered his hot, sweaty asshole.

They started slowly, but eventually built up to a fever pitch. As the clergyman's stiff dick pistoned in and out of Sally's pussy, her legs gradually rose until they were draped over his shoulders and the lips of her pussy were squashed in the hollows of his crotch.

"Come in me!" Sally urged excitedly at the crucial point. "Come in my cunt!"

On cue, Reverend Murray rammed his cock to Sally's squeezing depths and howled with sweet release as his jizz-laden balls turned inside out. His prick became a firehose, spurting with incredible force. He had never produced so much cum, and Sally had never taken so much.

The jism surged to every nook and cranny of Sally's cunt. Then, when it had super-saturated her cunt, it reversed the direction of its flow and rushed out into the open. When Reverend Murray's prick withdrew, it was immediately followed by the floodtide of his cum.

This time when the fucking was over, even Sally was convinced that Reverend Murray's cock was a lost cause. Thinking about how sore he'd be, she laughed as she picked herself up off the floor. He'd be bowlegged for a week.

While Sally dressed, the reverend looked away, his eyes tightly closed. It was no use, though. Even the Bible-thumping sermon he would give this Sunday condemning the temptations of the flesh would not be able to cleanse his memory of the delights of Sally's naked young body. From now on he was a threat to the virginity of every girl in his congregation.

As for Sally, another experience with an older man had made her come mightily, but in the final judgment left her more confused and unfulfilled than ever. Wasn't there anybody in whom she could confide her innermost feelings without putting her pussy on the line? If every adult she approached was as horny as she was, how could she ever hope to receive any guidance about dealing with the emotions which troubled her so?

For down deep, Sally knew that it was still her father she wanted to fuck. The others were just substitutes.

As Sally walked away from the church, she realized that the answer to her dilemma was not there. But it was a big world. Somewhere out there was the answer. It wasn't going to be easy, but she had to keep looking.


With her brother off at camp, Sally found life at home harder and harder to take. She felt so cut off from the rest of her family. If only there was somebody close to her to whom she could turn.

At times Sally wished she were a little girl again. Then she could snuggle up to Mommy or Daddy and all her fears and cares would vanish. But this was impossible now. Every time she looked at her mother she remembered her naked with a cock in her. And, of course, her father aroused the most unacceptable feelings of all.

Sally had stifled having wet dreams about her dad, imagining him fucking her in every hole. When she would awaken with her ears ringing with orgasm, her hand was invariably between her legs, her fingers squirming in her cunt or ass.

Her mom noticed that something was wrong.

"Something seems to be bothering you, dear," she said to Sally one day. "You're so withdrawn lately. At first I thought it must be your period, but it's lasted too long for that. What's wrong, sweetheart?"

"I don't know," Sally muttered. "Just the blahs, I guess."

"Maybe a change of scenery would help," her mother suggested. "After all, Gordy got to go to camp."

Sally looked up, thinking that her mother was right. "But where could I go?" she asked.

"Well, your Aunt Jane is always asking me when you two are going to get together. Maybe this weekend would be a good time."

Sally agreed that it sounded like a good idea. She and Aunt Jane had been very close when she was younger, but in the past few years they hadn't, seen much of each other. When she was a little girl Sally had always been able to go to her aunt with her problems. Perhaps the time was right to revive this relationship.

Although she was a beautiful woman, Aunt Jane had never married. She enjoyed her independence and was always looking for new and different things to do. The more Sally thought about it, the more she decided that her aunt might be the one person she could open up to at this crucial point in her life.

That Saturday night, a bubbly Aunt Jane fixed a delicious dinner and delighted Sally with story after story about her latest adventures. She was into hang-gliding, yoga, jogging, and a dozen other interesting things. While they talked, Aunt Jane continually filled Sally's wine glass, never once treating her niece as anything less than an adult.

Giddy from the wine and conversation, Sally's problems temporarily left her mind. Just being around her lively, lovely aunt seemed medicine enough for what ailed her.

"Gosh, you're beautiful," Sally dreamily interrupted one of her aunt's stories while they were sitting cross-legged on the floor in front of the fireplace. "I wish I could be like you."

"Well, thanks, Sally," Aunt Jane replied, obviously pleased.

Leaning forward, the woman embraced her niece and kissed her. Lightheaded from the wine, Sally found herself shifting her lips and impulsively returning her aunt's kiss on the mouth.

"Mmmm, that tasted good," Aunt Jane giggled like a schoolgirl when they came up for air, apparently tipsy herself. "Where did you learn to kiss like that?" Then she paused and giggled some more. "Did you know you used your tongue?"

Sally was sober enough to know that she should be embarrassed, but she wasn't. Instead she let her eyes rove over her aunt's gorgeous body, imagining what she would look like naked. Then, in the midst of her inspection, she noticed that she could see up Aunt Jane's short skirt.

"What are you looking at?" Aunt Jane tittered.

"Don't you wear panties?" Sally answered, craning her neck for a better look between her aunt's shapely legs.

"Never could stand them," Aunt Jane replied without batting an eye. "Would you like a better look?"

Before Sally could respond, her aunt drew her legs up in front of her and slid her skirt up around her waist. As her niece gawked, Aunt Jane opened her thighs. All of a sudden Sally was staring at the most beautiful cunt she had ever seen.

"There's no hair," Sally blurted. "Is it that way naturally?"

"Of course not, you silly goose, I shave it," Aunt Jane merrily answered as her hand dropped into the well of her thighs.

Her long, manicured fingers slipped into the crimson gash of her exposed pussy and pushed the lips apart. The pink interior glistened with moisture. Sally felt her own cunt melt at the sight of it.

Sally's mind reeled as her aunt removed her skirt entirely. The way she felt was unmistakable. She was hopelessly turned on.

"Don my pussy excite you?" Aunt Jane asked.

"Yes," Sally admitted.

"I knew it when you kissed me. Would you like to eat me out?"

"Please!" Sally gasped with arousal.

"Then let me strip you and I can eat you at the same time. I love blondes."

Naked from the waist down, Sally's beautiful aunt closed the distance between them and began unbuttoning her niece's blouse while she nibbled at her with soft baby kisses. When Sally's bra was off, Aunt Jane cupped her petite teenage tits and swiftly tongued the nipples into red hardness.

Automatically, Sally returned the favor, pulling her aunt's sweater over her had. Aunt Jane's braless tits were as firm as they were large, seeming to be constructed of marble. The nipples were like strawberries, already so engorged that they needed no stimulation to make them bloom, but Sally licked them anyway.

"Your tits are just like Mom's," Sally murmured. "They're just beautiful."

"Have you and your mother been getting it on?" Aunt Jane asked.

Now Sally was embarrassed. She blushed. "Of course not," she said. "I've never... never."

"Made love to another woman?"


Aunt Jane chuckled seductively. "If there's one thing I dig more than blondes, it's virgins. Come on, let's get that skirt off and get it on. I'll take you places you've never been before."

After removing Sally's skin, her aunt went to work on her panties, inching them down her niece's hips with seductive slowness. Sally's cunt came into view. As her panties were pulled down her legs, her thighs automatically spread. By the time she was completely naked, Sally's pussy yawned in juicy invitation.

Before tossing the panties away, Aunt Jane pressed them to her nose and inhaled the essence of her niece's cunt.

"I don't care much for panties for myself, but I love them on other people," she said, her nostrils flaring from the funky scent.

"Are we going to sixty-nine?" Sally asked excitedly.

"You'd better believe it. Would you like to be on top, bottom, or side by side?"

"On top," Sally answered impulsively. "Could I sit on your face?"

"Mmmmmm," was Aunt Jane's reply. She was already stretching out on the floor.

Sally got on top of her aunt, turning her back to her face as she squatted over her head. With her sopping crotch gaping, she slowly lowered herself, giving Aunt Jane a perfect view of her succulent cunt.

Before full contact was made, Aunt Jane's tongue eagerly flicked out, expertly catching Sally's flexing clit and drawing a gush of fresh pussy juice. When the lips of Sally's cunt finally squashed flush against the lips of her aunt's mouth, the resulting kiss was indescribably wet.

Sally shivered uncontrollably from her first feel of another woman's mouth on her pussy. The sensation was definitely different from when a man sucked her twat. There was no awkwardness. Everything meshed perfectly from the initial touch. Sally could not have done better had she been physically able to eat her own cunt. She just hoped she could perform half as well when it came to the job she was expected to do on her aunt's exquisite honeypot.

Now Sally turned her full attention to the treasure between Aunt Jane's legs. Bending over, she spread the sleek thighs and gazed hungrily at the feast spread before her.

With no hair in the way, Sally could see everything. The surface of her aunt's cunt was glassy smooth. When she delicately spread the outer petals, the clit surged out into the open like a miniature hard-on. In a sparkling moment, the tip of her tongue met the magic button and there was no turning back. All of a sudden Sally felt as if she had been born to be a lesbian.

Sally's tongue began to roam. From her aunt's clit, it wriggled into the gash below. The sticky juice made her tastebuds dance. Moaning with delight, Sally quickly penetrated. Before she knew it, her tongue was squirming to the spasming depths other aunt's beautiful cunt.

It was a sixty-nine as only two women could bring one off. There was no need to worry about a sudden eruption interrupting the action as there was when a man's cock was involved. Both partners started coming right at the beginning and held it without stopping. For Sally, enjoying her first lesbian encounter, it seemed like the most natural act in the world.

They must have eaten each other's cunts for twenty minutes without stopping. By the time Aunt Jane brought this chapter of their lovemaking to a close, the pussy juice had trickled from their mouths all the way down to their tits.

"Why did you stop me?" Sally huskily sighed. "I was just getting warmed up."

"Would you like to fuck me, darling?" her aunt asked.

Sally's eyebrows rose with delighted surprise. "How?" Her voice was vibrant with anticipation. After what Aunt Jane had showed her so fat, she hadn't the slightest doubt that anything was possible.

"Have you ever heard of a dildo?"

Sally said she hadn't, but she was certainly eager to correct her ignorance.

"Just sit tight, I'll be right back," her aunt said. "You're getting your Christmas present early this year."

When Aunt Jane returned she was fondling a shiny coil of black rubber that was at least a foot in length. At first Sally thought it must be a hose of some kind, but then she spotted the blunt ends. She blinked her eyes in awe. Could it possibly be what it looked like? It seemed too good to be true.

Kneeling before her niece, Aunt Jane offered the device to Sally.

"Is this supposed to be what I think it is?" Sally panted with excitement.

"Well, why don't you just tell me what you think it is in your own words?" Aunt Jane said.

"It-it looks like a... two-headed cock," Sally sputtered in wonder.

Aunt Jane nodded. "Got any guesses how we might put it to the best use?" she asked with a straight face.

Sally held the dildo by one end and dangled it in front of her. "Whew," was all she said.

Aunt Jane was already reclining, sticking her long legs up in the classic fucking position.

Once again Sally would be the dominant partner. Clutching the dildo in both hands so that it was rigid, she guided the far end toward the gaping target of her aunt's hairless cunt. Contrasting vividly with the pink flesh, the black bulb slid between Aunt Jane's parted pussylips and disappeared inside her. Inch after inch quickly followed until half the dildo was gone. Grasping the free end, Sally squatted astride her aunt.

"Mmmm, I love to watch." Aunt Jane murmured from below. "Stick your half in your cunt. Do it slowly. I love the way the juice shines on the rubber."

Spreading the dangling lips of her twat with the fingers of her free hand, Sally drew the ebony knob within her. Her cunt instantly spasmed with excitement, then widened to take all the cock it could get, caring not what it was made of.

It was all Sally could do to keep from just ramming herself with her half of the dildo. But once again Aunt Jane cautioned her to take it slowly. So, painstakingly, Sally inserted an inch at a time, watching along with her aunt as her honey dripping pussylips left their glistening mark on the hard, black rubber which passed between them.

Finally there were only a couple of inches of dildo left for Sally's pussy to swallow. Her haunches were trembling from the tension of squatting.

"Okay," her aunt said. "Drop all the way down. Let's get it on!"

Sally's cunt slid down the rest of the pole, meeting her aunt's awaiting pussy with an erotic squish. The hips of both women, began to gyrate simultaneously. As Sally leaned down to soul-kiss her aunt, Jane clasped her hands over her niece's tits and rubbed her palms over the turgid nipples. Down below, the inner sloshing from the rocking rhythm of their mutual penetration filled the room. They were fucking each other, cunt to cunt.

Sally had never known such sweet passion. With every thrust she directed with the artificial prick, she received one back. The more she fucked her aunt, the more she was fucked back. No man had ever been able to do anything like this for her.

The female lovers started fucking at a peak frenzy and then got wilder from there. The orgasms they felt were shared, neither Sally nor her aunt knowing where her own body and sensations ended and her partner's started. Through it all they kissed each other all over and explored with their fingers. The lush aroma of sex hung over them like an erotic cloud.

"Oh, darling, I could fuck you all night," Aunt Jane moaned.

"You may have to," Sally answered. "Do you like it in the ass?"

"The deeper the better. I thought you'd never ask. Let's switch holes right now."

"We can lubricate each other with pussy juice," Sally suggested.

"My little niece is learning fast," Aunt Jane chuckled as she popped her end of the dildo out of her thoroughly fucked cunt, Sally quickly following suit.

Each lover snagged a handful of the plentiful nectar from her own cunt before moving her sticky fingers between the wide-open cheeks of her partner's ass. Soon, both Sally and her aunt were reaming each other's asses with three fingers a piece, widening and greasing their tightest holes for the upcoming double-fuck.

"Okay, your ass is good and loose," Aunt Jane said, slushing her busy fingers around for emphasis. "How's mine coming along?"

"Just feel," Sally giggled mischievously. She stuck the rest of her fingers inside her aunt's asshole and made a fist.

"Oh, my God!" Aunt Jane shrieked with glee. "Nobody's done that to me in years. I'd almost forgotten how good it feels."

"Is there anything you haven't tried?" Sally asked with unconcealed admiration, unplugging her fist from her aunt's ass.

"If there is, I'm still looking for it," Aunt Jane replied.

"God, I envy you!" Sally gushed.

"Don't envy me -- fuck me," Aunt Jane purred in reply. She picked up the gleaming dildo and thrust it at Sally. "Fuck me right in the ass with your big black cock, lover."

Then Aunt Jane squirmed tantalizingly away and rocked back on bet shoulders, holding her spread legs aloft by the ankles. Between the cheeks of her ass, her fist-enlarged asshole throbbed in readiness, the opening at its center as large as it would ever be.

Advancing toward her aunt with the stake-like dildo in a cross-handed grip, Sally moved in for the kill. There would be no restraint this time. The instant the far end of the dildo was centered with Aunt Jane's asshole, Sally rammed for all she was worth. So deeply did the dildo penetrate that she had to pull some of it out so she would have enough left to brutalize her own cock-hungry ass.

Now Sally fell on her back also, balancing herself on her shoulders with her uplifted legs resting against her aunt's. Reaching down, she found the puckering knot of her asshole with the free end of the dildo and stabbed herself as hard as she could. The passage within was swift and greasy. Quickly the cheeks of her ass were bumping against Aunt Jane's, with only a narrow band of black rubber showing between the two women.

They lowered their legs, Sally's on the inside and her aunt's on the outside. Their hips began to move, jerking the dildo inside their asses. Their screams of joy filled the room.

They fucked and fucked, coming even harder than when they had had the dildo in their cunts. Rolling over repeatedly, the female lovers traveled to one side of the room and back again, the shared rubber cock, never ceasing its deep thrusts in their asses.

When the fucking finally slacked and exhaustion set in, Sally and her aunt shifted positions so they could fall asleep in one another's arms. Even then the dildo still connected them, emerging from the globes of their asses and bowing in a slimy arc from asshole to asshole.

After she closed her eyes and began to dream, what Sally had suspected all along was confirmed. She was in heaven.

Even though Sally dreamed continuously of sex, for once there was no hint of her father, in her mind's eyes. The focus of her lust seemed to have left him behind as she entered a new phase of her life. It seemed clear that the solution to her problems was to become a lesbian, just like her beloved aunt. Even as she dreamed, Sally knew that she couldn't wait to wake up and start fucking her new lover all over again.


Sally awakened with a smile on her lips and an itch in her cunt, ready to start the new day with sex. However, when she rolled over and tenderly reached for her lover, she saw that she had been put to bed and Aunt Jane and the dildo were gone. She called out, but there was no answer.

Getting up, Sally discovered she was alone in the apartment. A note said her aunt had gone to the store for some groceries. Just as Sally was deciding whether to take a bath, the phone rang.

At first Sally wasn't going to answer it, but when the phone continued to ring she reasoned that it might be important and changed her mind. Immediately, she wished she hadn't.

"Hello... hello. Who is this?" the achingly familiar voice on the other end said.

Sally didn't know how to respond. Taking a deep breath, she hung up on her father without identifying herself.

The phone began to ring again. Sally didn't know whether to throw it out the window or flee the apartment. What could Dad want? she thought with crippling anxiety.

At last the ringing stopped. Although Sally knew that the rational thing to do was wait until Aunt Jane returned and simply ask her why her dad had called, she also knew that she was terribly afraid of what the answer might be.

Sally didn't want to start snooping, but she couldn't help herself. She found what she was looking for without half trying. It was in the closet.

Her dad's clothes. She recognized them immediately. There was no doubt about it.

Painfully spurred on, Sally rummaged through her aunt's desk. In the top drawer she found several letters written in all-too-familiar handwriting. Her father's.

In the letter she forced herself to read, her dad was raving about Aunt Jane's decision to shave her cunt. "I can't get it out of my mind," he wrote.

"I'm trying to write some life insurance and my mind wanders to that beautiful, smooth twat of yours. I have to force myself to keep from chasing the client out of the office and racing over to your apartment so I can eat you out. God, I love you so much. Sometimes I'm ready to give everything up and go out and find a desert island we can be stranded on."

Sally was sickened. It was all she could do to keep from running into the bathroom and vomiting.

Just then Aunt Jane walked through the door with a bag of groceries in her arms and a big smile on her face.

"How's my favorite niece doing?" she cheerfully asked.

Sally wheeled to face her aunt, turning on her like a wounded animal. "I hate you!" she seethed. "You filthy bitch!"

Aunt Jane was so surprised that the grocery bag dropped along with her jaw. "What in the world...?" she gasped.

"You told me you were a lesbian and I believed you," Sally hissed. "I wanted to be just like you."

"I never told you any such thing," Aunt Jane recovered her wits enough to protest. "I swing both ways."

"Yeah, I know," Sally snarled with disgust. She crumpled the love letter she had been reading into a ball and threw it at her aunt, wishing it was a rock.

"Oh, my God," Aunt Jane gulped, realizing what had happened. "You know... about your father and me."

Sally had nothing more to say. Barging past her sobbing aunt, she charged out the door and fled down the stairs. Once she hit the street, she mindlessly ran until her burning lungs forced her to slow to a walk.

Hatred of adults consumed her. She wanted to humiliate them, bring them to their senses. The bastards! The lousy fuckers!

A man walked by. He was about forty. He glanced just enough at Sally to qualify him as an instant object for her revenge.

"Hey, mister," she said as she caught up with him, "want to have a good time?"

He looked at her with suspicion. "What do you mean?" he muttered.

Sally put her hands on her waist and cocked a shapely hip in his direction. "What do you think?" she purred seductively.

"Are... are you a... a..." he sputtered, unable to say the word "whore". He scuffed his feet and blushed.

"Do you want to fuck me or not?" Sally boldly propositioned him.

At first it seemed he would run away, but then the abrupt tenting of the front of his pants told Sally she had hit a home run.

"How much?" the man asked.

"How much have you got?" Sally replied, seizing the man's trembling hand and flattening it against her cunt.

The deal was set. Sally was to get a little over a hundred dollars for her first trick. They went to the nearest motel and stripped to fuck.

"My God, you're young enough to be my daughter," the man said as he surveyed Sally's naked body, his hard-on a frozen rope in front of him.

Sally fell to the bed and spread her legs, taunting him with her golden cunt.

"Do you have a daughter?" she asked.

"Yes," he admitted.

"Have you ever wanted to fuck her?"

"Y-yes," the man confessed nervously, his voice flickering like a lightbulb in a thunderstorm.

"What does she look like?" Sally asked as she fingered her pussy. "Is she a blonde, too?"

The man nodded. "But she's not as pretty as you are," he panted. "Not nearly."

"What's your name?"


Sally thought it was a dumb name.

"I'll call you Daddy," she said impulsively.

Sally caught the lips of her pussy with her fingertips and spread them apart as far as they could go.

"Come here and fuck me, Daddy," she cooed. "Stick your big, strong cock in my cunt and fuck me until I scream."

He came to her with his prick in his hand, so excited that his mouth was watering. "Lucy," he called Sally. "I hope you'll understand."

Looking into his glazed eyes, Sally realized that he had temporarily slipped off the track of reality. Something had snapped in his brain and he thought he was actually going to fuck his daughter.

Sally couldn't have been more pleased. She had pushed him over the edge. She'd play out his incestuous fantasy to the hilt -- and then lower the boom.

"My cunt is screaming for your cock, Daddy," she crooned. "Come on, stick it inside me and fuck me. I want your big prick in my tight pussy as much as you want to give it to me."

Kneeling between Sally's straining thighs, her trick brought the fiery head of his rigid cock to the yawning entrance to her pussy. He penetrated cautiously, apparently afraid of hurting her.

"Are you a virgin, Lucy?" he asked. "Is Daddy your first man?"

It was all Sally could do to keep from breaking up with laughter.

"Oh, yes, Daddy," she said, clinging to her role.

"I'd never let anybody fuck me but you. I know I can trust you." She paused, her eyes twinkling.

"But can't you shove a little harder, Daddy? I want your whole cock in my cunt all at once. I want to feel your balls squashing against my ass."

"It'll hurt," her make-believe father warned.

"It wouldn't be the first time if it didn't," Sally replied.

To speed things up, she thrust her pussy forward. Whether "Daddy" liked it or not, at least half of his prick was abruptly engulfed by her cunt.

"You're so... so tight inside," he moaned in awe.

Wrapping her legs around him, Sally slammed their crotches together and took the rest of his cock, not forgetting to keep her pussy muscles clenched so it would seem like she was cherry.

"Want me to move my ass, Daddy?" she coyly asked. "Then I'll really give you a ride."

He nodded, leading Sally to suspect that his wife was one of those frigid women who wouldn't push back. Poor chump, she thought as her hips rocked and rolled, whipsawing his hiked prick in her spuming pussy. As they fucked, Sally's "father" laid his cheek against her tits.

"I can't believe you've grown into such a beautiful young woman," he panted. "You're going to make some young man very happy some day."

"I don't want any other man but you, Daddy," Sally cunningly protested.

He began sucking her nipples, so excited that he gnawed them with his teeth. Sally didn't mind. In fact, the pain was the first thing that had stirred her since they'd started fucking.

"Bite me, Daddy," she urged. "I like it when you chew on my tits. It hurts sooo gooood."

The teeth encircled one of her nipples and sank into the tender flesh around it. All of a sudden, a surprised Sally found herself coming, and begging for more. She should have been more careful.

"You like it too much!" Her make-believe father jerked his face from her mangled tits. "You act like you've done this before. Lots of times." His cock froze in her pussy.

"Oh, Daddy," Sally squealed, "how can you say that? Don't stop. Keep fucking me. You were just getting ready to come. I could feel it. I want my cunt full of your hot cum!"

"How could you know I was going to come unless you've fucked before?" her "Daddy" charged. "And why aren't you bleeding between your legs? Where's your cherry if you're a virgin?"

"I broke my cherry in the bathtub to be ready for you," Sally lied desperately. "I didn't want anything to stand in the way of your beautiful cock."

"Liar!" He slapped her.

"Please," Sally whimpered through split lips. "I just wanted to satisfy you. To give you the best fuck you've ever had."

"How many others have there been?"

"I swear you're the first," Sally moaned, grinding her hips to try and make him come, certain that the only way to get over this rough spot was to have his cock jetting in her pussy.

Another slap crashed home.

"Whore! Tramp! How many!"

It was all too real for Sally now. She had outsmarted herself. In her confused mind it was no longer some dumb trick who had his cock in her pussy, but her angry father.

"Please, Daddy," she pleaded. "I swear that all I ever wanted was make you happy. The others were... were... just practice."

"Then you admit it?"

"Yes," she sobbed. "But I did it for you. Please don't stop fucking me. I want it... bad. I need it!"

"I'll give it to you all right, you filthy piece of trash!" He breathed deeply, but it seemed to be fire instead of air. "Oh, yes," he seethed, "I'll fuck you all right. Do you know what rape is?"

Sally jerked her head up and down, mentally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.

"Well, that's what I'm going to do to you, you rotten little bitch. It's the best you deserve."

"You're right!" Sally cried. "Rape me, Daddy... pleeeease!"

With his cock still buried in her cunt, Sally's "father" grabbed her by the throat and began strangling her. When his prick started moving again, its character was completely changed, sawing like a saber-toothed blade within her. Then, without warning, it ripped from her pussy and stabbed into her ass, instantly drawing blood with its brutal surge.

"Don't stop!" Sally wailed. "This is what I deserve!"

The vicious cock yanked from her asshole and plowed back into her cunt, a barbed jackhammer.

"More! More! Deeper! Deeper!"

The man on top of Sally was an animal now, sweating like a pig and grunting like an ox. His vengeful cock would no sooner jam to the depths of one fuck-hole than it would rip to the surface and plunge into the other. Ass and cunt. Cunt and ass. Back and forth, over and over again. Sally was screaming at the top of her lungs from the crossfire of an incredible double-fuck.

The angry red cock tore out of Sally's asshole, but this time it didn't smash into her cunt. When she saw its head glowing like a chunk of charcoal, she knew that the time had arrived.

"Come! Come all over me, Daddy!" Sally howled.

It happened on command. The stiff dick jumped at her and exploded. A torrent of scalding cum splashed against her face and then moved dawn her body in a continuous stream, drenching her tits, coating her belly, and swamping her cunt and thighs. She dug her fingertips into her body and rubbed the jism into her tingling flesh, all the while begging for more.

But if in Sally's mind a perverse fantasy was coming true, the spell was broken for her partner seconds after his cock was drained.

"You're not my daughter," he declared in a tinny voice as he shook the fog from his brain. "You're not my little girl!" His voice had quickly risen to an outraged shout.

"You're crazy!" Sally yelled back in outrage.

But as soon as the words were out she realized the truth. The rage-filled man before her was the one who had come to his senses first. And now he had jerked her back into reality.

The kinky father-daughter game was over. She was a whore. He was a trick.

"You filthy cunt!" the man seethed. "They ought to take your kind and line them up against a wall and shoot them down like dogs."

"Then what would horny, middle-class clowns like you do with your money?" Sally shot back.

She was on her feet now, face to face with her accuser. Deftly, she reversed their positions, pinning the angry man between herself and the bed. When he tried to hit her, she blocked the blow and shoved him backward. As he bounced on the mattress, she moved in on top of him, summoning more strength than she knew she had to hold him down.

"I'm glad you like rape," she hissed, spraying his face with a fine mist of spit. "Because now you're going to find out what it's like from the other end."

The man couldn't believe what he was hearing.

But the determination twisting Sally's features told him that it was real.

"I'm going to rape the living shit out of you," Sally promised.

"But I've got the cock," the man answered. However, his faltering voice was utterly lacking in conviction.

Sally took his limp prick by the head between her thumb and forefinger and held it up like a freshly caught fish.

"You mean this thing?" she laughed derisively. "It may be attached to your body, sucker -- but it's mine to do with as I please. You couldn't get it up on your own right now if your wife depended on it."

Now she hunched over, slipping the wilted dick between her tits and pressing them together to hold it there. She began to rub, slowly at first, then gradually increasing the friction.

"You're getting hard," Sally taunted. "Try and stop it. I dare you."

The man gritted his teeth and rolled his eyes, but his dick just got harder between Sally's chafing tits. When he gave up, his face was chalky as his blood continued to rush to his imprisoned cock.

Sally lengthened the strokes she was applying to his cock, no longer merely fondling it with her breasts, but actually tit-fucking it. The fiery head was poking all the way in the open, in perfect position for Sally to drop her mouth and begin sucking it while she continued to pump the shaft with her jugs.

The man writhed on the bed, his balls coming to a boil. Beads of sweat broke out on his forehead. His breath came in windy gusts.

Letting her tits fall away from his shaft, Sally took his whole prick in her mouth, deep-throating it to the root. Quickly she established the plunging rhythm of a full-scale mouth-fuck. The man's cock wasn't just hard now. It was steel. Throbbing steel.

Sally knew from experience that he was getting ready to come. With a wicked gleam in her eye, she abruptly stopped the blow-job and released the straining hard-on from her mouth.

"Don't stop?" her victim begged. "Please don't stop!"

Sally slapped him.

"P-please," the man blubbered, a five-pronged welt on his cheek. "Have mercy."

Sally chuckled like a witch. She squatted over his groin, centering her hovering pussy with the twitching cock below. She came down with a swoop, gathering the prick between her thighs and sucking it into her cunt.

As she fucked her victim, Sally continually abused him, physically and verbally. Raining insults and slaps, she reduced him to a cringing wreck. Only his pussy-locked cock stood up.

Sally's hips were a miracle of movement, bouncing up and down end swishing from side to side at the same time. This made her cunt a whipsaw. And it made her victim's cock feel like a ticking bomb.

The bomb exploded. With calm efficiency, Sally removed the spurting hard-on from her twat and watched as the man shot off in mid-air. Sally laughed hysterically. She hadn't had so much fun at the expense of another person since she could remember.

When the humiliating ejaculation was over, Sally jumped to her feet and scooped up her trick's clothes.

"Here," she snapped, throwing the wadded bundle at him. "Now get the hell out of here."

Stunned, he fumbled with his trousers.

"I said now!" Sally barked like a drill sergeant.

"But... I-I'm naked."

She grabbed the poor fool by his shoulders and wrestled him off the bed, shoving him toward the door. Crimson from head to toe with humiliation, the man opened the door and slunk toward the outside world bare-ass naked. Sally's mocking laughter followed him until he was halfway across the motel parking lot and curious passers-by were honking their car horns and yelling at him.

Alone, Sally felt in high spirits. Since the motel room was all paid up, she got back into bed and watched some television, thinking how nice it was to be by herself between the sheets. If it had been a classier place she'd have ordered something from room service.

Gradually her hand slipped between her legs and she savored the exciting feel of her fingertips against her cunt. She played with herself until she [missing text].

"Screw everybody else," she said aloud after her self-induced climax had wrapped her in velvet. "Who needs them?"


Sally napped. When she awakened it was twilight outside and the evening news was blaring on the TV.

As she rubbed the sleep from her eyes, she realized that she couldn't stay at the motel very much longer. Where would she go? Back to Aunt Jane's? Never. Home? Her mother was undoubtedly hysterical wondering what had happened. She couldn't face that.

The party was over.

Then Sally remembered the hundred dollars she had earned for turning her first trick. She could just take off if she wanted to. When she ran out of money she could simply turn another trick.

But where should she head? The big city scared her. She could see herself vowing old before her time, the worn-out plaything of fat, middle-aged tricks. And what about a pimp? She'd probably have to get one and held probably beat her.

On the other hand, a small town was definitely out. If she tried whoring in uptight middle America, she'd probably wind up in jail.

The more doubts she had, the more Sally's thought turned to her family. In spite of everything she still loved them, she guessed. And they would be so worried about her if she vanished without a trace.

Still, she had to get away for a while. Maybe she could compromise.

"Gordy," she said aloud in a tone of discovery. "I could go see Gordy at his camp. I'll send the folks a message that I'm all right when I get there."

An hour later, Sally was on the bus, traveling toward the mountains and South Hills Basketball Camp. Getting off at the nearest town, she got directions, and walked the last three miles on a dusty road in the dark of night.

She ran into somebody just outside the entrance to the camp. At first she thought he was one of the boys attending the camp but when he stepped out of the shadows he seemed much too big for that. In fact, when she saw how tall he was, Sally was at first stunned by his size. Then she recalled the camp advertised that it had college all-American basketball players on its staff and guessed that he must be a counselor.

"What are you doing around here?" he asked gruffly.

Sally stared up at him, trying to find his face in the darkness. He had to be almost seven feet tall.

"My brother," Sally said uncertainly. "I'm looking for my brother."

The counselor's laughter started at his knees and worked all the way up his huge frame. "You're one of those hot pants chicks from that girls' camp over the ridge, aren't you?" he said.

"No, really, I'm looking for my brother," Sally insisted. "His name is Gordon Powell. Do you know him?"

"Sure, I know him. But I didn't think that little wimp had it in him to hustle himself a cute little piece of tail like you."

"You've got me wrong. I'm his sister. I came to visit him. Honest."

"How dumb do you think I am?" the counselor scoffed. "If you were really his sister then you'd know this place is off-limits to you. This is an all boys camp. No chicks allowed. Just the nurse, and they keep her under lock and key. Even the counselors can't get to her."

Sally realized she had miscalculated, but she had come too far to turn back. "Can't you smuggle me in?" she said, adopting her sweetest tone. "I'll make it worth your while."

"Hmmmm, I'll bet you will." The counselor grabbed her wrist and pulled her against him so her tits crushed against his hard belly. "Maybe you'd like to start by sucking my cock."

Sally sensed that he expected her to respond to his outrageous proposal by pulling free and running off into the night. But she'd cross him up. After all, it wouldn't be the first blow-job she had ever given to get what she wanted. Besides, her curiosity was getting the best of her. Was this stud's cock as big as the rest of him?

"Sure," Sally purred, "stop manhandling me and I'll suck your prick."

When he let go of her arm, she slowly knelt, unzipping his fly with her teeth. His cock was even bigger than she had expected. It was a good thing.

He was so tall she had to bend it down to get it into her mouth.

"Not bad," the counselor said when he had gotten over his surprise at how seriously his little joke was being taken. "What else do you do?"

"Anything," Sally replied with a mouthful of stiff dick.

"No kidding. Ever pull a train?"

Sally didn't know what he was talking about, but told him, "Sure," anyway. Whatever it was, how bad could it be?

"Okay, tell you what, babe," the counselor chuckled. "After I get through coming in your mouth, you pull the train and I'll get you in to see this little Gordon Powell creep if that's what you want."

Sally indicated that it was a deal and then stepped up her cocksucking to get the first hurdle out of the way. Of course, she was eager to taste the cum too. She planned on swallowing every drop.

She quickly got her chance. The counselor's huge hard-on surged down her throat and erupted with a cascade of molten cum. Even his volume of jizz was abnormally large, but she managed to drink it all down.

The counselor was impressed. "You're the first chick who's ever been able to swallow every drop without gagging," he congratulated Sally. "Something tells me things are going to work out really fine. C'mon, we've got a train to catch."

Sally was on pins and needles, not knowing what to expect as she followed the counselor, who told her that his name was Arnie and that he was a second-team all-American at a big college in the South. Sneaking around the fringe of the camp, they finally came to a weather-beaten barracks where the counselors bunked. There were about six of them hanging around inside, all of them almost as big as Arnie. They jumped to attention when they saw Sally.

"Who's the chick, Arnie?" a human skyscraper asked.

The others just gawked. As Sally read the horniness in their expressions, she began to wonder if she was doing the right thing after all.

"This is Sally, boys," Arnie said. "She's gonna treat us to a train ride."

Just like that a fly unzipped, the jeans opening so fast that they seemed to come apart on their own. The blue-veined boner that surged a foot out in mid-air belonged to the giant who had spoken. His cock was even larger than Arnie's. The other hard-ons which quickly appeared nearly as large.

Suddenly Sally knew all too well what "pulling a train" was.

"This is a gang-bang, isn't it?" she said in a whisper.

"It ain't spin-the-bottle, baby," somebody laughed, and then they all closed in on her.

Arnie and someone else held Sally down, while a third monster stripped her by ripping her clothes to shreds.

"Who gets to fuck her first?" somebody whooped.

"I ain't waitin' for nobody!" came a defiant response.

"Me, neither," several men chorused.

"Then bury her, boys," Arnie laughed. "She's got more holes than one. Be my guest."

The cocks surrounded the sprawled and naked Sally like a circle of deadly spikes. There was nothing she could do but submit.

Resigned to her fate, Sally decided to face it with style. Leaning back on her elbows, she threw her legs apart and boldly opened herself up.

"Go ahead and fuck me!" she challenged. "All of you at once if that's how you get your kicks! Everywhere? Mouth, ass, cunt, tits! I want it all! Fuck me any place you can stick a cock, you damn animals!"

Just as she finished screaming, a huge cock surged into her open mouth. When it had completed its brutal thrust, wiry pubic hair was scratching Sally's lips.

Now a prick flattened against Sally's breastbone. Its owner roughly grabbed Sally's tits and squashed them against his jiggling tool, creating a makeshift cunt on her chest.

Down below, somebody lifted Sally's legs up in the air, stretching them in a wide V. Her pussy and asshole were gaping.

Like the horn of an enraged bull, an immense hard-on viciously gored Sally's ass. There was no warning, no preparation, no lubrication. Just an animalistic surge that threatened to tear Sally in two as the thick, long cock kept shoving until its barbed head was knifing into her guts. In addition to the savage dick in her ass, Sally could feel her own shit gurgling within like molten lava. It was an excruciating sensation. It also made her come on the spot.

Then there was her cunt. It was peeled open wide enough to take two cocks. This was exactly what happened.

Sally couldn't believe it. Two cocks were competing side by side inside her cavernous pussy to achieve the deepest penetration. And then -- squish! -- one cock popped ahead of the other and rocketed into the velvet glove of Sally's womb, while the other squirmed halfway down her cunt. Sally came again, the climax from her cunt intersecting with the one from her ass deep within her.

Sally was taking five cocks at once. There were two left. Blindly, she reached out for them, offering hand-jobs to the stragglers. They immediately accepted.

The pricks Sally gripped were so thick that she couldn't close her fingers around them. When she stroked them, it strained her wrist to travel the length of their shafts.

Counting Arnie, there had been seven guys in the barracks. Now Sally was servicing them all. Seven guys. Seven cocks. Sally was pulling the proverbial train up the steepest of grades and flying.

Climaxes bombarded her, coming from every direction at once. An army of cocks meant an army of orgasms.

The prick fucking Sally's mouth ramrodded down her throat. The one nestled against her chest rubbed the insides of her compressed tits raw. The hard-on fucking her asshole provided endlessly exquisite agony. In her cunt, two cocks continued to fight for dominance, taking turns at the right to her spasming womb. And in her pumping hands, meat was being beaten at a rate which blurred her clutching fingers.

Her vision blocked by the hairy crotch spread across her face, Sally closed her eyes and used her imagination to re-create the reality of her incredible performance. In her mind's eye she saw her naked body, stuffed with squirming cocks. She had to admit, she was beautiful!

She was also greedy. For cum. She yearned to bathe in it -- inside and out.

Unable to speak with almost a foot of hard cock fucking her mouth, Sally boosted her thought waves to their highest frequency. Come, you bastards! she screamed mentally. Inside me! All over me! Now, you sons of bitches! Give me your hot, sweet cum!

She thrashed her hips. She squeezed every muscle. She sucked and writhed and flailed, doing anything and everything she could manage to make the pressure exerted by her jizz-starved body on the cocks of her seven lovers unbearable.

And then, suddenly, there were results. The prick stuffing Sally's mouth lurched an extra inch down her throat and shot its wad with a jackhammer thrust. Scalding cream poured in an unbroken stream into Sally's stomach, making her glow internally with its incredible heat.

When the first cock came it was like a trigger for all the others. They all strained at once, jumping with tell-tale expansion.

The hard-on in Sally's ass erupted, swamping her bowels, and it seemed to draw the cum from the two in her cunt.

Its spurting completed and its spunk swallowed, the dick in Sally's mouth withdrew. Her head freed, she lowered it just in time to take a faceful of jizz from the upper cutting boner fucking her tits.

Now Sally went to work mopping up, jerking off the two pricks in her hands. Her fists pistoned back and forth between the cockheads and the balls -- up and down, up and down.

When they were ready to come, Sally bent the two pricks inward, aiming their heads like nozzles at her writhing, naked body. When they discharged, the hurtling cum splashed her with syrupy thwacks, splatting her bare flesh and then oozing down her body to collect in a hollow, nook, fold or crevice.

Slimy with the cum of seven cocks, Sally reared up from the floor, an obscene spectacle. She was screaming in joy, announcing to the universe that her fuck-ignited senses had propelled her above all else in creation.

The seven young men who had just gang-fucked her watched Sally with amazement.

"God, Arnie, where'd you find this bitch?" one of them asked in wander.

"You guys aren't gonna believe this," Arnie answered.

"Are you kidding?" The speaker gestured toward Sally, who was now spread eagled on the floor, fingering her jism-drenched ass and pussy and tasting the results. "Nothin' I heard about this chick would surprise me after this. Why, she a nun or something?"

"Almost as far-out," Arnie grinned. "You know that little twerp, Gordy Powell?"

The others nodded with recognition.

"Well, get this. This chick claims to be his sister."

A chorus of laughter filled the barracks. It seemed that Sally's brother had a reputation in the camp as being hopelessly square.

"What a waste," somebody snorted. "Man, if I had a sister like this, I'd fuck her every chance I got. Look at her. She's just been fucked by seven guys and she's got half her hand stuck up her cunt. I'll bet Gordy Powell doesn't even know what it's for."

Sally heard them. "Bastards!" she shouted. "Leave my brother out of this?"

"You ever spread your legs for that little wimp?" one of the counselors taunted.

Sally yearned to put him in his place with the truth. But she knew if she revealed that she and Gordy fucked all the time, the counselors would never leave him alone. The ragging he would have to take would be unmerciful.

Sally got to her knees, cupping her tits and once again offering her body to the counselors. "Forget about my brother and fuck me some more," she told them. "I've only pulled your train one way. I thought I signed on for a round trip."

It worked.

"Oh, man, this chick is just too damn much!" Arnie exclaimed, stroking his suddenly jutting cock. "I can't resist. Let's go around one more time, boys, and then let her brother have her, if that's what she wants."

Sally smiled inside. She had out bluffed them. Now all she had to do was fuck them all again. It would be easy.

She went to the nearest bunk and reclined. One legs was up, the other draped over the side. Her cunt was pulled apart, the blonde hair bristling as pussy juice and left-over cum leaked down her dangling thigh.

Sally looked around the room. Seven hard-ons greeted her.

"Who's first?" she asked.

Somebody came to her. She took him on top of her, scissoring her legs around his waist as his stiff cock plunged into her open twat. Their hips started to move and their asses rolled.

As they fucked, Sally relaxed and let whatever was going to happen go ahead and happen. While the hard-on in her cunt sawed away, she felt a tickling sensation inside her. It grew, until finally it became wonderfully unbearable, as though there were a feather swishing within her womb.

The match-up was perfect. As Sally climaxed with a shiver, the man fucking her shot his wad. Hot cum poured into the pit of her cunt. The jizz that wasn't sponged up by the thirsty tissues of her pussy bubbled to the surface and oozed down her thighs. The drained prick withdrew. The first fuck was over.

The second stud was more energetic than the first. He was the kind who liked to drill with his tool rather than just stroke. Since his dick was extraordinarily long, Sally swore that she could feel its head bumping against the base of her spine. Within a couple of minutes. Sally and her partner were coming simultaneously. The sweet aroma of his syrupy cum reached her nostrils and made them flare as the latest discharge of jism between Sally's legs splashed both inside and outside of her tireless cunt.

Number three was an ass-fucker from the word go. He jammed his cock up Sally's shit-pit, and kept on gouging until both he and his partner were moaning with orgasm. The sticky cum he spurted seemed to bind the two like glue, and at last, there was too much of a good thing, and the excess cum forced them apart.

The fourth cock returned to the well-worn groove of Sally's cunt. She lifted her legs high in the air, then tilted them over her head, grabbing her ankles and holding on as she was fucked. The prick splitting her pussy used every inch of its length for its thrusts. After a dozen or so ten-inch surges, Sally was coming again. The jism gushed into her after a final lurch of the hard-on in her twat.

The next fucker was more than just a cock attached to a body. As Sally felt herself shafted once more by a plunging dick, fingers and lips busied themselves all over her naked body. She was roughly soul-kissed. Her nipples were pinched into miniature spikes. And best of all, while the prick in her cunt pounded away, a whole fist barged its way into her asshole and thrillingly brutalized her. At the end of her fifth fuck within mere minutes, Sally found herself coming two ways at once as the molten jizz scalded the depths of her pussy and knuckles bruised the ultra-sensitive lining of her asshole.

The sixth guy saw what the last guy's fist had done to Sally's asshole, and picked that gaping opening to engulf his eager cock. The hole was temporarily so large that for once an ass-fuck wasn't excruciatingly tight. Without the normally intense friction that a woman is used to when she takes a cock in her ass, Sally had to wait until the cum hit her bowels before her senses exploded in orgasm. It was sloppy, but nobody was complaining.

Number seven was the last but not the least. For the first time Sally noticed a face. Arnie. She had come full circle.

"Fuck me, Arnie," Sally cooed as if they were alone and be was her special lover.

"Jesus, I don't believe you're for real," Arnie gulped, his stiff prick in his hand as he fit himself between Sally's gaping legs. "I've got to hand it to you. I've never seen a chick put out the way you have tonight."

"What's the matter, lover, am I too much woman for you?" Sally teased, flexing her cunt so that it resembled an erotic wound.

Arnie just shook his head in awe. "I'll never forget you," he promised as he passed the knotty crown of his prick between the flared gates of Sally's wide-open cunt.

As he penetrated, Sally lifted her ass and drove back at him, sucking his cock within her. Their hips started to move in tandem, rocking and rolling in the classic fucking motion. The squishing of his pumping prick in her spasming cunt filled the room.

Sally threw everything she had into it.

Her ass was a wonder of movement, driving by her hips so that each cheek was grating independently. The cock inside her cunt wasn't just swallowed up, but chewed. Arnie would tell his pals later that he'd sweat on a stack of Bibles that she had teeth inside her pussy.

The only negative thing about the fuck was that it didn't last long enough. It couldn't with the tremendous, female pressure being applied to Arnie's prick. He had to come. He couldn't hold it.

The jizz arrived in a geyser. Anticipating it at just the right instant, Sally yanked Arnie's straining dick from her cunt and aimed it at her head. As if it were a hose with which she was watering a bed of flowers, she drew the hard-on down her naked body as it spurted, first drenching her face, then her tits, her belly, her crotch, and then back up again so she could suck up the final drops with her mouth.

At last it was over. Coated inside and out with cum, Sally had earned the respect of every man in the room. She had never been so proud of being a woman.


Sally snuggled in the sleeping bag, dreaming sweet dreams of raw sex. She was being fucked in every hole, the cum spurting into her. Without the boundaries of real life, there was nothing to make it stop. The jizz just kept on flowing and she just kept on coming. For someone like Sally it was the perfect way to recuperate.

The counselors had made it easy for Sally. After they had gang-banged her, they had arranged for her to slip undetected into Gordy's bunk by rousting the campers for a midnight wild-goose chase. A snipe hunt they called it. Without warning, the campers were awakened and mobilized to scour the countryside for a nonexistent bird they were supposed to club with flashlights and stuff into gunny sacks. After leading their charges into the middle of nowhere, the counselors abandoned them, leaving them to catch on to the prank and find their way back to camp on their own. It was camp tradition that would have occurred sooner or later anyway, but Sally's presence provided the perfect excuse to pull it off tonight.

Sally had been asleep for three or four hours when the footsteps outside woke her up. She guessed it was three or four o'clock in the morning. Although it was hot and humid in the close air of the poorly ventilated cabin, she was refreshed and ready for whatever would happen next.

A lone boy came into the cabin. It was dark and Sally couldn't make out his features. However, when he spoke, she recognized his voice at once and her heart leapt with anticipation. Her cunt steamed from the same emotion.

"Anybody here?" Gordy called out.

Sally said nothing, planning a big surprise for her brother when he crawled into his sleeping bag. She'd grab his cock and stuff it inside her wet cunt before he knew what was happening. The expression on his face would be priceless.

Sally could hear Gordy kicking off his sneakers and undressing. When he pulled the chain on the overhead light, he was buck naked. To Sally's delight, he had an enormous hard-on. She suspected he was planning to take advantage of his privacy by jerking off. As she hungrily eyed her brother's blue veined prick, Sally licked her lips and felt her cunt bubble with anticipation. Things couldn't be turning out better.

Expecting Gordy to crawl into his bunk to beat his meat, Sally poised herself in readiness. However, to her surprise, Gordy turned and went to the door. Opening it, he poked his head outside and whispered to someone that the coast was clear and it was okay to come inside.

It was a girl. No, a woman -- a tall, beautiful redhead wearing a nightie so sheer that she might as well have been naked. She was about twenty-five and stacked. Her banter with Gordy quickly established that she was the camp nurse.

"Mmmm, look at you," she purred when she saw his hard-on, putting her hand around it and rubbing against him like an alley cat in heat. "If I'd known you were hung like this I'd have made you fuck me right there in the infirmary."

"I'll bet you say to all your patients," Gordy teased, lifting the nightie from her shoulders and taking in her big tits.

"Only the ones with big dicks," she giggled, fondling his balls.

"You're not so bad yourself," Gordy answered.

"Thank God I got that splinter." He leaned down and tasted one of her cherry-red nipples.

She sighed from his lips on her tit. "I wonder if this is how Florence Nightingale got started," she giggled.

Crestfallen, Sally sadly watched the lovers embrace. They shared a deep soul-kiss as their naked bodies ground together. Sally was consumed by envy. To her way of thinking, by all rights it should have been her writhing in her brother's arms.

"Oooooh, I'm ready to fuck," the nurse cooed with a horny squirm. "Which one's your bunk, lover?"

"Over there," Gordy answered, gesturing toward where Sally was hiding as he slipped a knee into the nurse's crotch and rubbed her pussy.

"Ahh, privacy," she murmured as she nibbled on his earlobe, while his fingers explored the crack of her ass. "Being the only chick at an all-boy camp is no picnic. The management watches me like a hawk. Are you sure we won't be disturbed here?"

"The counselors will have those stupid jerks out there on that wild-goose chase until dawn," Gordy told her. "They pull this snipe hunt stunt every year as an excuse to go out in the woods and get drunk. I overheard them talking about it in the cafeteria. As soon as I could slip away without anybody noticing, I doubled back to your cabin on the hunch you were as hot to trot, as I was."

"Whew, some hunch," she panted as she slid her cunt back and forth on Gordy's knee until his thigh glistened with her pussy juice.

"We'll have the rest of the night all to ourselves," Gordy assured her.

"Mmmm-mmmm good. I want that big dick of yours in every hole. Come on, let's get it on!"

The nurse wriggled free, tugging Gordy by his cock. When she reached the bunk, she flopped down in a spread-legged fuck-me position right next to the sleeping bag containing Sally. When she carefully peered out from under the flap that concealed her head, Sally found herself staring into a glistening wide-open cunt. It was so close she could smell it.

Now Gordy's head entered the picture, dropping between the sleek thighs. His nostrils flared from the sweet pussy aroma. It almost killed Sally when she heard him say, "Good God, what a beautiful cunt. I've never seen anything like it."

"That could mean one of two things," the nurse teasingly replied. "You're either speaking from experience, or I'm the first chick who's ever opened up for you and I've just been awarded the Twat of the Year award by default."

"What do you think?" Gordy responded, and then lapped his tongue up the slash of the nurse's gaping slit, ending with a buzz of her erect clit.

"Ooooh!" she squealed. "Either you've been around or you're blessed with beginner's luck. Mmmmmm, you tongued me just right. I came."

"I know," Gordy said, thirstily eyeing the telltale juice that oozed down her inner thighs. "Want me to do it again to prove I know what I'm doing?"

"You better believe it. Only this time, use your whole mouth. Really eat me out. I love that."

As Sally watched, her brother engulfed the other woman's cunt right under her nose. The slurping drove her wild with jealousy. It was all she could do to restrain herself from surging out of the sleeping bag and pulling them apart.

Now Gordy's tongue was all the way inside, reaming the succulent cunt like a cock. The nurse was resting on her elbows, her head thrown back and her mouth agape as she moaned in orgasm. She was so turned on she began playing with her own tits, squeezing the nipples between her fingertips until they were bright red.

"Oh, baby," the nurse declared after her pussy had been thoroughly eaten, "I don't know who you've been practicing on, but she's a helluva lucky girl!"

Sally knew. All too well. Her cunt, so often sucked by her brother's hungry mouth, now felt abandoned. A dried-up relic.

But the worst was yet to come. For now the lovers were moving on to the main event. Gordy was crawling up the nurse's naked body, using her huge tits as handles for his erotic climb. Sally wanted to close her eyes, but she was hypnotized by the sight of her brother's all-too-familiar crotch fitting itself into the creamy well of a stranger's thighs. They were going to fuck.

Sally watched it all. Every movement. A female hand gracefully slipped down between the bare loins and closed its slender fingers around her brother's throbbing cock. Expertly, it drew the rigid girder of meat toward the ultimate target. A lushly flaring cunt eagerly awaited its erotic fate, its open lips steamily inviting penetration. Sally hated herself for admitting it, but it was an exquisite cunt. God, how she wished it was hers.

Now the nurse made contact, sliding the fiery head of Gordy's prick between the fleshy gates of her pussy.

"Fuck me!" the nurse cried.

Her hand flew away like a frightened bird as Gordy crammed his prick inside her with a burst of energy. All of a sudden Sally was looking at a buried cock, its thick root clasped by slimy pussylips as it stabbed to the core of a wriggling woman.

Sally was so close she could hear the squishing. The squishing of a pumping, hilted prick inside a wet cunt. The same squishing her own wet pussy had always made when Gordy fucked her. But now the wet, cock-stuffed pussy belonged to somebody else.

"Oh, God, do it to me!" the nurse squealed.

"Your big dick feels so good in my cunt. Fuck me harder. Harder!"

Sally winced. How many times had she heard herself shout the same thing when Gordy was fucking her?

Gordy's cock was like a piston now, a blur as it pumped in and out of the grasping cunt it was fucking. The lovers were so aroused that each brought a hand into play, the nurse's squeezing Gordy's balls, while his fingers gouged into the pit of her ass. She wrapped her long legs around him, thrusting back as good as she got. Sally was sick.

"Come!" the nurse shouted at the top of her lungs. "Flood my pussy with your hot, sweet jizz!"

Gordy bellowed like a wounded beast as his crotch buckled his body at the center. His cock was totally buried. It was so far in that it seemed to rivet the base of the nurse's spine to the bunk.

Watching with horror, Sally saw the sides of the nurse's cunt swell. Then a creamy film sparkled at the rims. Cum.

"God, there's so much of it," the nurse moaned in ecstasy. "You're drowning me."

The jizz was gushing from the sides of her twat and spreading across the hollows of her crotch. Gordy's spurting cock pulled out and sprayed the last of its syrupy contents all over her tits and belly. When he was finally drained, the nurse rubbed the thick spunk into her flesh. Her cunt was so saturated with cum that it looked as if it had melted.

Gordy's cock remained as hard as a rock in spite of the eruption that has just turned his balls inside out. Her naked body slippery with jism, the nurse wrestled and slithered her way on top of the action, reversing positions. Now she was dominant, straddling Gordy in an obscene squat, her flared loins dripping with male juice.

"I want it in the ass," she said. It wasn't a request, or even an order. It was an announcement.

Gordy laughed. "Nobody's stopping you, baby."

As Sally watched, the nurse took a two-handed grip on her brother's cock and lowered herself onto its barbed tip. As the prick-head disappeared between the cheeks of her ass, there was a muffled squeak -- the unmistakable sound of something big forcing its way into something small.

The nurse tipped forward. Now Sally could see everything in crystal-clear detail. Just under the ridge of the asscheek closest to her, Sally gazed bitterly at her brother's cock, the head missing inside his lover's squeezing asshole. The veins stood out on his exposed shaft in electric blue. His balls were clenched in their taut sac.

As the nurse eased down, Gordy's cock vanished inside her. Sally could either watch or turn away. She chose to watch because she sensed that her imagination might torture her even beyond reality.

The nurse was sitting on Gordy's thighs now, twisting her hips from side to side. She had every inch of his cock up her ass, and acted as though she would greedily take more were it available.

Gordy's head dangled over the edge of the bunk, and he was gasping for air as his eyes rolled back in their sockets. Sweat was pouring off of him. Sally had never seen her brother pushed to this point.

And the nurse seemed to have only begun. Spreading her hands across Gordy's chest, she pumped herself up and down, her ass rising and falling in a blur. Sally had to be honest. She had never treated her brother to an ass-fuck that equaled this one.

All of a sudden Sally realized just how completely she had been caught up in the erotic spell the nurse had weaved. She became aware that her hand was between her legs, fingering her cunt. Her clit was alive, thrusting for satisfaction. She pressed it. Thick goo bubbled at the mouth of her pussy and oozed down her thighs. It was all Sally could do to keep from moaning from the unexpected climax.

As Gordy and the nurse rocked the bunk with their wild ass-fucking, Sally's fingers slipped inside her foaming cunt and stroked the vibrating walls. She was in the midst of a continuous orgasm now. No longer did she yearn to reveal herself and angrily tear the lovers apart. Instead, she had an almost uncontrollable urge to wriggle free of the sleeping bag and join their carnival of love. Her sour grapes had ripened into passion fruit.

But Sally knew, no matter how powerful, she could not allow herself to give in to her selfish impulses. Her sudden appearance would cause more problems than it would solve. As much as it hurt her, Sally accepted that her brother had a perfect right to a private life of his own. She would have to watch and suffer in silence.

And so, limited by her conscience to a secret finger-fuck by her own hand, Sally witnessed the spectacle of raw sex unfolding under her nose without interference. There was no other way. If she wanted to scale the heights Gordy had, she would have to do it on her own.

In the meantime, Gordy's nurse was poetry in motion as she moved her gorgeous body up and down his ass-locked prick. Her long red hair was flying like a mane, her rounded tits jiggling.

"Come!" she cried with crackling passion. "Come in my ass!"

Gordo gasped and then let go with everything he had. As the nurse squeezed his balls, his rising crotch lifted them both in mid-air. Even though it was buried in ten inches of tight female ass, the hiss from his spurting prick was unmistakably clear. He was coming like a geyser.

"Oh, baby, your cum is like fire!" the nurse squealed as her ass filled with molten cum.

Then just as quickly unfilled. The volume of Gordy's jizz was too much for any cavity of a woman's body. It came gushing out of the nurse's ass, pushing out the cock which blocked it like a cork from an exploding champagne battle.

Jumping off of Gordy, the horny nurse knelt by his side and lapped up the cum that had escaped from her ass and spilled across his belly and loins. When she lifted her face, it was covered from ear to ear and from her hairline to her chin with sticky gism.

Now the lovers rested, fitting their naked bodies together in a lazy sixty-nine. From her vantage point, Sally had a perfect close-up view of her brother's beautiful cock being tenderly sucked and licked. It was limp now, and the nurse could easily put the whole thing in her mouth and still have room for his balls. Whenever they were temporarily released, they glistened with a thick coating of spit.

Eventually Gordy got hard again. The sucking changed to mouth-fucking. His nuts, after resting in their drooping sac, tightened and churned. The veins on his cock looked like rivers on a map.

Stroking in and out, the shaft of Gordy's prick became bright red from the friction of his lover's clutching lips. He was going to come again. The nurse yanked her head back and took the load point-blank, wagging from side to side until the spent cum was dripping from planes of her face.

"Where do you get it all?" the jizz-happy nurse murmured with gurgling satisfaction. "God, what a stud you are."

Gordy took his sticky prick in hand and slid it up between his lover's tits. He pressed the pilowy jugs together and began fucking them. Incredibly, his cock jerked back to full hard-on.

"You're unbelievable," the nurse giggled. Then she creamily sighed, "Ah, boys, I just love 'em. Don't ever make the mistake of getting old, lover."

Gordy was stroking his way to a fourth eruption when the scuffling of footsteps outside carried through the closed door. Suddenly the lovers were upright, their sexual pleasure transformed into white-faced anxiety by the surprise intrusion.

"Shit, they're back earlier than I expected," Gordy hissed in alarm.

"Wait, I can hear voices," the nurse whispered.

So could Sally. Along with Gordy and the nurse, she recognized Arnie's. It was the counselors. Probably drunk and looking for trouble, action, or both.

Gordy jumped up and turned out the light. "We've got to get out of here," he said. "If those animals find us like this, there's no telling what they might do."

There was a crash outside, like someone falling against a garbage can. Then a horrible retching noise, followed by raucous drunken laughter. One of the counselors was obviously puking up his booze-soaked guts to the amusement of his pals.

Gordy seized the opportunity to open a window and boost the nurse out of the cabin. As soon as she had hit the ground, he blasted himself to the sill and followed her into the night. All of a sudden Sally was alone again.

But not for long. Led by Arnie, the drunken counselors barged into the cabin. Sally knew what was up. Alcohol had whetted their sexual appetites and they were looking for her.

She didn't resist. In fact, she hastened things along by drawing her naked body from the sleeping bag and inviting them to fuck her. It seemed like a reasonable enough trade for a ride back to town. In Sally's present frame of mind, submitting to another gang-bang was no more significant than shaking hands.

For Sally had made a decision. Probably the most important one of her life. She was going back home. That's where her future was. At last she knew for sure what she wanted and what she must do to get it. Nothing would stand in her way.


Standing in front of a full-length mirror, Sally sized herself up in a last-minute check. He would be here soon and she wanted everything to be perfect.

She was nude, her beautiful young body rubbed sleek with perfumed oil. Starting with her tits, she cupped them and pushed them forward for close inspection. She wished they were bigger, but they were round and firm enough to tighten the crotch of any man. And the nipples, she had to admit, could not be improved upon. They were the color of fresh strawberries, and were as smooth and hard as pebbles.

Now Sally moved her fingertips down her glistening torso, tracing the silken female curves. Her narrow waist flared into hips that were wide enough to leave no doubt she was rapidly developing into a full-blown woman, but were still slim enough to give her body a special teenage charm.

Sally drew her hands across her belly and pressed. To her satisfaction she was flat and hard there. Sally chuckled with confidence, knowing how important the tummy muscles were in first class fucking. The power in the cunt came straight from the gut.

Sally turned her attention to her legs, holding one and then the other at right angles from her body. It was not self-serving of her to be impressed. They were as long and shapely as if they had been turned on a lathe by a master craftsman.

She turned around, looking over her shoulder at her ass. The pink cheeks were just plump enough. Bending lightly forward to subtly part them, she sneaked a peek at her asshole. It was like a ruby in a down nest, so elegantly delicate in its appearance that it seemed impossible upon a fleeting glance that it could completely swallow a man's stiff cock. In other words, just the way a beautiful woman's most intimate hole was supposed to look to the naked eye. Surprise was a crucial clement when it came to good sex.

Sally had saved the best until last. Slowly, she faced the mirror again, dropping her gaze to the reflections of her cunt. As she ran her fingers through the silky golden hair, she licked her lips and sighed.

"I love you," she said to her pussy, as though it were another beautiful woman in the room with her.

Pulling over a chair, Sally sat down and hooked her legs over the armrests. Suddenly she was staring into the core of her cunt. The meat inside was halfway between pink and red. It sucked, making small gurgling noises that seemed to whisper, "Fuck me... fuck me."

Sally couldn't resist. She drilled a finger up her gaping snatch and snagged a generous glob of juice, which she brought to her lips. When she tasted it, she shivered from the sweetness as if an ice cube had been rubbed against her spine.

The doorbell rang. He was here.

Sally had wondered if she would be nervous when he arrived. However, when she arose to answer the door she was calm, cool and collected.

"Yes," she congratulated herself as she nakedly glided toward her rendezvous with fate, "I'm doing the right thing. Exactly. There is no other way."

He was standing there with a horny grin on his face. When the door opened, he found himself looking at an empty space.

"Jane," he said impatiently, "stop playing games."

Sally had flattened herself against the wall, hidden behind the door. Slowly, she exposed a bare leg, extending it in all its long loveliness before her visitor's eyes.

"Jane, is that you?" he asked with a gulp.

"Can't you tell, lover?" Sally answered in the disguised voice that had worked so well over the phone when she was setting up this meeting.

"Y-you look different somehow," came an uncertain response. Then, more rapidly: "C'mon, stop playing games. Come out from behind the door."

Sally withdrew her leg. "My, my," she teased, continuing her flawless imitation of her aunt, "aren't we jumpy today."

He charged through the doorway. Before he could get a good look at her, Sally surged past him from her hiding place and sprinted toward the bedroom. With the element of surprise and twenty-five years on her side, she easily outdistanced him and was waiting on the bed when he huffed and puffed into view.

Her face was not the first thing he saw. In her spreadeagled position, it was hidden as she laid her head on a pillow. It was her cunt, that demanded attention. Framed by her thighs, it was beautiful, blonde and wide-open.

"Hi, Dad," Sally greeted her mind-boggled father in her own voice.

Re tried to turn away, but he couldn't. His daughter's creamy, young pussy was hypnotic. In the deepest recesses of his mind he had long wondered what she would be like stripped for action -- in fact, fantasized about it. But never -- not once -- had he permitted himself to believe he would ever be alone with her like this.

Sally's father heard something that sounded like gusting wind. When he realized it was his own labored breathing, he said the first thing that came to mind to cut it off.

"Where's your aunt?" he blurted. "She called me."

"Are you absolutely sure of that, lover?" Sally chuckled in a perfect duplicate of Aunt Jane's voice.

"Then where is she? What did you do with her?" Now Sally chuckled in her own musical voice, gesturing toward the closet. "Tied up with her own pantyhose," she told her father.

"But why?" he gasped. "What are you trying to prove?"

"Do I really have to tell you, Daddy?" Sally purred.

She dropped a hand between her legs and twisted her forefinger among the wispy curls of her golden pussy hair. The light hit the juice escaping from the slit of her cunt.

Caught in the vise of a guilty conscience, Sally's father managed to tear his eyes away from the honeyed treasure of his daughter's pussy. He looked down. It only made things worse. For now he could see the bulge in hip pants. He had an enormous hard-on.

Sally, of course, could see it too. Her heart raced as she thought about her father's big dick pumping away inside her tight, wet cunt.

However, she remained calm on the outside. This might be the only chance she would ever have to make her dream come true. She must not get overeager and scare her father away before she had him firmly in her trap.

"Daddy, come here and let's talk about it like two civilized people," Sally seductively crooned.

When her father looked up again, she was spreading her cunt with both hands, opening it up for him as wide as it would go.

He wanted to turn away, but he couldn't. Sally's pussy seemed to be sucking him toward her. In addition, his throbbing cock had wrestled control from his brain and was tugging his trembling body forward. There was no getting around it. He had to admit it. The unthinkable.

He wanted to fuck his own daughter.

Sally's father shuffled forward like a punch drunk fighter going forth to answer the bell. When he reached the edge of the bed, the sweet scent of teenage pussy peeled his nostrils open and made him lightheaded.

"Do you like me?" Sally asked, flexing her sopping twat in her father's direction.

"Y-yes," he muttered.

"Would you like to touch me?"

His heart in his throat, he nodded. Then, as though it belonged to someone else, he watched his hand rise and travel the distance to his daughter's cunt. He had never felt anything as soft as his daughter's silken pussy. He was hooked.

"Move your fingers around," Sally told him. "Play with me, Daddy."

They both watched as his hand gently clasped her pussy and the fingers began to squirm. Sally shifted her hips and wiggled her ass from the stimulation, telling him to move his thumb up and a little bit to the left.

"Ahhhh, that's it," she sighed. "You just got my clit. Do it some more, Daddy... make me come."

On cue, two other father's fingers slipped into the yawning gap of her cunt and started moving in separate directions. When his thumb jammed down on her clit, the juice from Sally's twat flowed so freely that it drenched his hand all the way to the wrist.

"Oh, Daddy, I'm coming," Sally moaned in appreciation. "I'm coming so hard. Don't stop."

Her father had crawled all the way onto the bed now. While he finger-fucked her, Sally reached for his straining fly. When she unzipped it, the overstuffed crotch of his shorts bulged out into the open. Peeling away the flaps, she yanked his blue veined prick out in plain sight. It was huge. Throbbing. And in her eyes, the most beautiful thing she had ever seen.

"Daddy, I'm going to suck your cock."

Sally had said the words she had long thought she would never be lucky enough to utter. Then she closed her lips around the fiery head of her father's majestic cock as she unbuckled his belt and pulled his pants down all the way.

It was only a matter of seconds before Sally's father replaced his hand between his daughter's spread legs with his mouth. As he drank in the honey from his little girl's cunt, he thought that never in his life had he tasted anything so sweet.

Completely absorbed in one another's crotches, the two lovers rolled from one side of the bed to the other in their sucking lust. They ate each other side by side, and taking turns on top. Finally, they came to rest with Sally in the dominant position, literally sitting on her father's face as she bent over to deep throat his pulsing cock.

Sally, of course, had been coming all along. Now it was her father's turn. She would see to that with pleasure.

Working her lips up and down his standing prick in a blur, she alternately nuzzled his balls and kissed his cockhead, taking giant swoops and tugs in between. The friction was excruciating.

Sally could sense it was time. Plunging down, she took her father's entire hard-on in her mouth and held it in an oral lock. At the same time, she found his asshole with a stabbing finger and probed to its hot depths.

"Jesus Christ!" her father bellowed from below, and came.

His cock was like a miniature volcano in Sally's throat as it erupted with molten jism. She drank every drop of his hot cum.

"God," her father said when his drained prick was released, "where'd you learn to suck a cock like that?" Then, abruptly, he blushed. "Forget I asked," he stammered. "I don't think I want to know."

Sally laughed. "Are you ready to fuck me now," she asked, "or do you need to rest?"

Her father looked down at his prick. It was like steel.

"Rest?" he snorted. "Are you kidding? You've made me as young as you are. How do you like it?"

"From you," Sally quickly replied, "anyway I can get it."

"Get on your hands and knees and open yourself up," her father said. "I want to see everything you've got."

Like a bitch in heat, Sally positioned herself on all fours and spread her flanks. Her cunt was a cavern of broiling lust. It seemed to reach out to her father's cock and pull it inside her.

It had finally happened. The impossible. They were fucking. Really fucking.

Sally could hardly believe it was true. But the blessed friction of the walls of her pussy against the surging cock within her didn't lie. There was no need to pinch herself to see if this was a dream. Yes, it was real! At long last her father's prick was pumping inside her cunt and they were truly fucking!

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," Sally chanted in ecstasy. "Oh, Daddy, don't ever stop fucking me!"

Now her father rolled them over, fitting his grinding hips between her thighs in the classic fucking position. Face to face, they shared a long, deep soul-kiss while his cock ceaselessly jerked in her spasming pussy. Sally wrapped her long legs around her father, thrusting back as good as she got while she held on for dear life.

When the kiss was broken, Sally's father turned his attention to his daughter's tits. Squeezing them together, he lifted the blushing nipples to his face and sucked them both at once.

"What sweet tits," he said with a mouthful of soft flesh.

"I was afraid they wouldn't be big enough for you," Sally said anxiously. "Are you sure they're okay, Daddy?"

"They're just right, sweetheart," he answered gently, putting her fears to rest.

"Oh, Daddy," Sally squealed with joy, "you know just how to make a girl feel she's beautiful!"

"You are, darling," he said with obvious sincerity.

With everything perfect between them, father and daughter stepped up their fucking motion. His long cock burrowed into her cunt to the ultimate and stayed there, rubbing its head against the ultrasensitive mouth of her womb. Sally had never come so hard. All the others who had fucked her were distant memories in comparison with her dad.

She reached down to his crotch, briefly clutching his churning nuts, before her fingers pulled apart the hairy cheeks of his ass. A stiff finger pronged his asshole, then was quickly joined by two more. The gland at the base of his balls was poked and massaged, doubling his cum supply.

"I'm gonna blow," Sally's father panted. "Hold on!"

His prick lurched an extra inch, penetrating to a depth within Sally's cunt that had never before been reached. As she squeezed her legs around her father's waist, he came like a geyser. His cock would just not stop spurting.

Sally felt the cavity of her pussy fill up with jizz until she was bloated. "I can't hold it all!" she shrieked as her father kept right on coming. "I'm going to explode!"

Just as he stopped coming in his daughter's cunt, Sally's father felt a lush bubbling at the crux of his loins. Quickly, it was a rising swamp. Sally's cunt was overflowing with fizz.

Pulling back, Sally's father gazed lovingly at his little girl's saturated pussy. It was snow-white with his creamy cum. He had never felt such pride.

"Oh, Daddy, I've never been fucked like this," Sally sighed. "I've been waiting all my life for a cock like yours."

They embraced and kissed, the jism squishing between their pressing bodies. As their tongues darted in one another's mouths, each of them was thinking how desperately in love they were with the other.

There was only one problem. What about society's rules? The love between a father and daughter was supposed to be strictly of the hands off variety. What seemed to be the most natural thing in the world to Sally and her father -- the uncontrollable urge to fuck a loved one -- was totally forbidden. What should they do?

When their kiss was broken, they asked each other that question.

"I don't know," Sally's father said. Then his voice firmed up and he spoke with conviction. "All I know is that I never plan to fuck anybody else again but you, my beautiful angel."

Sally, of course, felt the same way. She fondled her father's cock and balls as she told him so. "A desert island?" she suggested hopefully.

"If only it were so simple," her father sighed. "Then what?" Sally persisted. She wanted an answer. She had come too far in making her dream come true to leave the future up in the air.

"Well, first we have to figure out what to do about your mother."

"Divorce her," Sally said without hesitation.

"I owe her something," her father answered. "What will she do without a man?"

Sally told him about the diary she had found, and about Frank, not knowing how her father would react.

He was overjoyed. "And all the time I felt so damn guilty about fooling around with your aunt," he said. Then his mood dipped. "What about your brother?"

"Believe me, Gordy can take care of himself," Sally said with assurance.

Her father nodded, but he remained troubled. "Suppose we do go ahead and run off together. I'll have to give up my job. How will we support ourselves?"

Sally's reply was firm and to the point. "I'll go out on the streets and peddle my ass if that's what it takes to keep us together." Then she giggled. "Actually, the idea of my father being my pimp sort of appeals to me."

Her father shrugged and grinned. "All right honey, you win," he said. "We'll work something out. It's a big world. Somewhere out there, there's a place for us."

It was music to Sally's ears. She felt the deep seated joy that every woman experiences when she had landed the man she loves. It was like a climax without being touched.

Hopelessly in love, Sally took her father's hand and tenderly squeezed it. They would always be together. She knew it. Everything from now on was gravy.

"You know, Daddy," Sally chuckled, "in spite of everything, we still really haven't gone all the way."

Her father did a double-take. "What are you talking about?" he said with disbelief.

"See if you can figure it out," Sally purred, flopping over onto her stomach.

Inching to her knees, she raised her ass in the air. Tantalizingly, she parted her asscheeks. She could feel her asshole burning in the open. In her mind's eye she could see her father's cock straightening out at the sight of it.

"Get the idea?" Sally murmured.

"Oh, baby," her father gushed, tenderly stroking the cheeks of her ass, "are you sure this is what you want?"

"What do you think?"

"It'll hurt."

Sally laughed with a lewd cackle. "It better, stud."

"Okay," her father said. "I'll just stick the head of my cock in..."

"I want your whole prick in my ass or nothing," Sally said, cutting him off.

"You're some woman," he sighed.

"The best!" Sally declared. "Now fuck my ass until I scream."

With nothing more to be discussed, the tip of her father's dick passed between the globes of her ass and flattened against the puckering circle of Sally's cherry-red asshole. She told him to shove. When he did, his cockhead vanished as if her asshole had sucked it inside of itself.

"Deeper! Deeper!" Sally demanded. "Give it all to me at once! Cram me!"

He had to do it. There was a force in Sally's voice that no man could resist. If she wanted ten inches of hard cock rammed up her ass with a single, brutal thrust, it was hers for the asking. Better judgment be damned. She brought out the rapist in a man.

Gasping from the uncontrollable surge between his legs, Sally's father felt his prick rocket forward like a torpedo. The resulting tightness was unbelievable and total. When he looked down, his dick was gone, buried in his daughter's sweet, young asshole.

They fucked until Sally screamed, as promised. But not in pain. For more. No matter how powerfully her father stabbed her tightest hole with his pistoning prick, Sally could never get enough. She was still crying out for his jackhammering thrusts to go deeper when her father could hold it no longer and came in her ass.

The torrent of jizz scorched Sally's insides and mad her howl with sheer joy. She squeezed her ass muscles, keeping it all in.

After the fucking was over, Sally rested in her exhausted father's arms, brimming with the magic of his cum. She was the happiest girl in the world.

Her eyelids drooping, Sally fell asleep in her father's loving embrace. She had a dream, but its meaning was real. She had climbed a mountain. A mountain so tall that she could look out over creation and spit at the world if that's what she wanted to do. Nobody could touch her unless she invited them up on the mountain with her. She would never come down.


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