Eager little sister

Every society is marked by an adolescent stage. A growing-up period. A time when each young member feels he or she is infinitely more daring and modern than the adults ruling the establishment, those he often rebels against. Nowhere is this phenomenon more marked than in an open society such as ours.

Many an adult has smiled in nostalgic remembrance of the time he snuck out back to enjoy a forbidden cigarette or beers. The time he challenged another boy to a drag race. The time he threw a firecracker in the school john.

Judy Stone's story is that of a teenage girl growing up in her own way: breaking the moral code she has been taught, flaunting her body in open rebellion. Reveling in any and every new wanton experience. Indeed, Judy makes a world of her own, where hedonism becomes the standard.

EAGER LITTLE SISTER, she is growing up, going over the threshold into young adulthood. She is learning to see her parents as people. This is the story of one teenager's coming of age in our society.


Judy Stone stood on the second floor landing, looking down over the crowd of boys and girls as they ate lunch.

It was a lovely, warm spring day, and most of the students chose to eat outside in the student center. Somehow, Judy was not hungry, and her lunch remained in her locker. She had not been very hungry the past few days. Her mind had been and still was on other things, more exciting things.

Beneath her were two boys, two boys she had seen only a few days ago. She knew them, of course. One of them she knew very, very well. Their names were Robert Mason and Rick. Rick was Judy's brother. He was only a year older than her, but always seemed to know so much more. Not that he was wise or anything like that. He just seemed to know the answers to things she didn't.

Judy idolized Rick. She loved him deeply and there was nothing she wouldn't do for him. Fortunately, her brother never took advantage of her worship. That is, he didn't in some derogatory manner. He had always treated her nicely, never arguing with her. And Judy was somewhat jealous of his popularity with girls.

She had always been jealous of him, wanting him to herself, but she knew that that could never be. She wondered about her feelings for him often, and she felt it could be wrong. But wrong or not, she could not deny her feelings. All she could do was conceal them.

Judy did not know Rick and Robert, his best friend, were underneath the stairs where she stood. And she was not really seeing the boys and girls below. Her eyes were open, but they held a vacant expression. It was what was in her mind that caused this vacant expression.

Not quite a week ago, after school was out, she had almost stumbled upon Robert and Rick as she walked past the dumpsters in the back of the school grounds. She had not seen them in the beginning, only heard voices. At first the voices made no sense to her, then a few words came loud and clear.

"...pussy," she heard.

For a moment, startled, she didn't under stand. The next word she heard caused her to gasp with full understanding. Fucking!

Judy stopped in her tracks. A warm flush spread over her face, a flush of embarrassment. She glanced about but saw no one. Wondering where the voice came from, she glanced at the trash receptacles. They were pulled perhaps three or four feet away from the wall of the building, and garbled whispers came from that direction.

Stepping closer, she strained her ears.

"Do you really like to touch me?" she heard a feminine voice say.

The reply was a simple grunt.

Curious, with a strange excitement bubbling inside her slender body, Judy moved close enough to peer around the edge of a container. Her breath caught, and she shoved a small fist to her mouth to choke back the startled gasp.

Leaning against the wall of the building was a girl she knew slightly. The girl was about her age, perhaps a few months younger. Her name was Susan. She was a very pretty little girl, with golden hair that was usually worn in twin ponytails. However, the girl had always seemed extremely shy with others. Right now, though, she wasn't at all shy.

Susan was leaning against the building, holding her skirt about her waist. She was looking down, her hips arched forward with her weight braced by her shoulders. Her feet were perhaps a foot and a half apart. Judy noticed the expression on Susan's face; it was one of intense excitement.

There were two pairs of hands feeling Susan's golden, smooth thighs. Judy could not see who the hands belonged to. With choking amazement, Judy saw one of those hands pull the crotch of Susan's panties to one side, and she stared, almost fascinated, at the almost hairless little pussy of the girl.

"See," a boy's voice came to Judy. "I told you she had hair on her pussy."

Judy looked at Susan's cunt, and then she saw the sparse hairs. They were so golden they were almost invisible.

"I bet your sister don't have hair on her pussy," the first voice said.

"Wanna bet?"

Judy's breath sucked in and her eyes popped wide. The voice was very familiar to her, and she leaned farther to peer around the container.

It was her brother!

Judy's first instinct had been to run, to get away before they caught her spying on them. But then the first boy -- still out of Judy's sight -- said: "Touch her Susan won't care if you feel it."

Judy heard her brother ask: "Can I, Susan? Can, I touch it?"

"Sure," Susan said, then giggled shyly. "I don't mind."

Judy watched her brother move a finger up and down the slightly puffy lips of Susan's pussy. There was a sudden response between her own slim thighs, a tingling sort of feeling that made her want to touch herself there. She had experienced the same feeling before, but not so strong.

She gasped as her brother's finger moved up and down the slit of Susan's cunt. She heard Susan giggle childishly, and she also saw the perceptible movement of the girl's hips.

"Let's take her panties down," Rick said, his voice strange to Judy. "Let's take her panties down, Robert."

Now Judy knew who the other boy was. Robert and Rick had been close friends for two or three years now, always together.

She watched them pull Susan's panties down, letting them dangle at her spread knees. Susan continued to maintain her posture, her hips arched forward, sweet pussy fully exposed to the two boys. The tingling sensation between Judy's thighs became very strong, and she pressed her legs together, but that only made it burn hotter than ever.

Susan giggled often, her eyes watching the boy's hands as they touched her twat. Now and then she wiggled as if they were tickling her. Judy could almost feel their fingers between her own thighs.

"I want..." she heard Susan stammering with shyness in her voice. "Wanna feel better. I like it."

"I know what you want, Susan," Robert said, giving a low laugh. "You want me to do it or Rick?"

"Let Rick do it," Susan said, her face turning crimson. "I want Rick to do it. You done it before, Robert."

"What's she talking about?" Rick asked.

"She wants you to stick your finger in her pussy," Robert replied. "Go ahead... she likes a finger in there."

"Are you sure?" Rick asked, doubtful. "She looks kinda little to me."

"Aw, she likes it, Rick," Robert urged. "I've had my finger up her pussy lots of times. Go on... put your finger in."

Judy could hardly breathe. She was doing everything in her power to keep from dancing about. The sensation between her thighs was making her mind reel. There was a very powerful pulsation there, a throbbing feeling that was not only deep inside but also around the whole area of her crotch. It seemed to radiate outward, spreading to her shaking thighs and the cheeks of her tight, sweet little ass.

She watched her brother poke tentatively at Susan's pussy, then his finger was gone. It seemed to have simply disappeared inside the girl's pussy all the way to his knuckles.

"It sure is wet and hot," she heard her brother say in his strange voice. "Tight, too."

When Rick pulled his finger free, Judy saw the lips of Susan's cunt clinging to it, then it was out. His finger glistened wetly.

"She sure is pretty there," she heard him say. "I've never seen anything so pretty before."

Then Rick did something that caused Judy to almost fall backwards.

Rick, without a word, suddenly darted his face forward and kissed Susan's cunt.

"Oooo!" Susan giggled. "That was nice. Rick. Kiss me again... there."

Rick pursed his lips and pressed them to the golden-haired twat, kissing it longer this time. When he drew back, there was the loud smacking sound of his kiss.

"Hey, that was okay!" Robert said. "I never thought about that before."

"I just wanted to kiss her," Rick said, suddenly embarrassed at what he had so impulsively done. "I don't know... I just wanted to."

As though Rick had one-upped him, Robert said: "Watch this."

Judy saw him fumbling at the front of his pants, then his cock was out. Judy stared at his prick with huge eyes. Until now all she knew of a cock was that it was long and became hard when a boy was excited. She had certainly never seen one. She was fascinated by Robert's cock. The thickness of it surprised her, and the head was so swollen she thought it must be very painful.

"Pump it, Susan," he said, taking the girl's wrist and placing her hand on his prick.

Susan wrapped her fingers about Robert's cock and began to jerk back and forth. Judy's legs trembled and she felt very weak. There was a noticeable itch in the palms of her hands, and she fought off the almost overwhelming urge to join them, to feel that big cock herself.

"Take your cock out, too," Robert said, puffing a bit. "Take yours out and let her jack you, too."

"Aw, she don't wanna touch mine," Rick said.

"Yes I do," Susan giggled, her fist working on Robert's cock a little faster. "I want to touch yours. Come on, Rick... you touched mine. It's only fair."


Judy watched her brother pull his cock from his pants. She gazed at it, then at Robert's. She decided then and there that Rick's cock was the prettiest, the biggest and hardest. It wasn't, of course, but he was her brother and she wanted him to be the best of all at everything.

Susan reached out and took Rick's prick in her other hand and began to stroke on it. Judy watched with enormous eyes. Susan was pumping on both hard cocks, and it appeared as if she were enjoying it. She listened to the two boys grunt and moan, and now she could not stop herself from pressing a small fist into her crotch. The burning sensation was ever so delicious now.

"Oh, I don't know if I can..." she heard Robert grunt in a thick voice. "I don't know if I... oh, shit! I gotta..."

Judy saw the white cum spurt from the tip of his cock, and before she could see where it went, there was another one. Now she saw that the stuff was splashing onto Susan's smooth thigh. She also saw that her little fist was jerking faster.

"Ooohh, damn!"

It was Rick's voice, but Judy didn't lift her eyes to his face. She had never heard her brother use such words before. She was anticipating what he would do. She hoped he would squirt stuff from his cock the way Robert did, only more so.

Susan pumped faster on his cock, still hanging on to the cock of Robert. White globs flew from the head of Rick's prick, and then he spurted fast and furious. Judy did not see where the jism landed; her eyes were hot on the flare of his piss-hole.

"That was better than doing it myself," she heard her brother saying.

"Susan does it for me all the time," Robert bragged. "I never have to jack myself off."

Judy found the strength to move away, to walk on home. As she walked, she thought of what she had seen, the things she had heard. There was something very exciting about this, something that seemed to get inside her.

Many people turned to look at the girl as she walked slowly, deep in thought.

Judy was a small girl, with an extremely beautiful face. Her face was almost painfully sweet, pure with innocence. It was the kind of face people wanted to reach out to, to cuddle and take care of. Everything she wore emphasized her beauty. That day she had worn a pleated skirt and white blouse. The white blouse was not tight, but her nipples could be seen. The pleated skirt bounced gaily as she walked, her little ass writhing in a natural manner of graceful, fluid motion.

Judy had coppery-red hair, a color that glowed and glistened in the light. Normally, a girl with that hair coloring would be fair of complexion, but Judy was tanned lightly. There was not a blemish on her smooth flesh anywhere. Despite her small size, she was perfectly developed, flawlessly shaped.

Her brother Rick, only a year older, towered a full head over Judy. But she liked that.

Judy had large brown eyes, eyes that sparkled with youthful excitement, the sheer pleasure of living. She had a habit of glancing at people in such a way many considered seductive. But with her sweet face, it was not interpreted that way. Her nose was small, and her mouth full and lips moist. They were soft lips, like velvet.

Now, standing on the second-floor landing at school, looking out at the throng of students, she was once more remembering that day. She had felt herself jealous of Susan, jealous that Rick had touched her between the thighs, jealous because the girl had jacked Rick off... and not her.

Judy didn't want any girl touching her brother, not that way. If Rick wanted that -- needed it -- she would be more than happy to help him. But she didn't know how to go about letting him know. She considered simply and boldly telling him what she had seen, then bluntly saying she would let him touch her, that she would make his cock spurt. But she couldn't bring herself to do it.

What Judy didn't know was that as she stood on the landing above Rick and Robert, the two boys were looking up. They were discussing her as they looked up her dress. If she had been aware of this, quite possibly she would have run off blushing.

What the boys were looking at was Judy's sweet smooth thighs, the way her ass swelled out and the tight fit of her panties. Since she was standing with her feet slightly apart and one knee hooked between the railings of the banister, they could also see the crotch of her panties. She had worn a pair of white panties today, and the material did not conceal the very small dark shadow of her scant cunt-hair. Also, her pussy made a tantalizing lump in the crotch of her panties.

The boys were talking about wanting to look at and feel her, the way Rick had done with Susan.

As she stood there, unaware that they were talking about her, looking up under her dress, it suddenly came to Judy who Susan was.

Susan was Robert's sister!

For the rest of the afternoon, Judy was on pins and needles. Knowing that Susan and Robert were brother and sister, she felt she could now devise some method to let her own brother know she was available for lewd things. She felt a relief, a relief that had been hanging over her since that day, yet not quite enveloping her.

After school she ran home, knowing her parents would not be there. Both of them had jobs, and often they didn't come home until seven or eight at night. If they were going to be later, they always called.

Now, she thought as she burst into the house, if only Rick will come home instead of hanging out at school the way he did much of the time.

With anticipation bubbling hotly inside her exquisite body, Judy ran a hot bath. She washed herself. After toweling dry, she placed perfume in strategic areas of her body. She had never used perfume before, but she wanted her brother to be attracted to her. Somehow, she managed to keep from overdoing it. She dressed in a becoming dress, discarding the idea of shorts. Instinctively, without any knowledge of how to be seductive, Judy managed to convey her availability to Rick anyway.

She heard him as he entered the house, and her heart leaped inside her chest. With a lump in her throat, she went out to meet him.

"Decided to come home for a change," she said, her voice odd, and she had to struggle to keep a tremor out of it.

Robert glanced at his sister. "Anything wrong with that?"

Judy glanced down at the floor, shy. She had not intended to sound bossy. That was the last thing she wanted to sound like at this moment. Rick saw her crestfallen expression.

"Aw, don't get mad, Judy," he said.

"I'm not mad, Rick."

"You look nice," he said.

Judy brightened, lifting her eyes. She clamped her hands behind her and swayed her hips childishly. "Do you really think so?"

"Like the man said... good enough to eat."

With a laugh, she skipped to him, stood on tiptoes and kissed his cheek. She had not kissed her brother in years, and now she was glad she had done it.

"What was that for?" he asked.

"You're the best brother in the whole big world!" Judy smiled at him. "I've got the best brother of all!"

For a moment Rick didn't say anything. He just looked at his sister. He was looking at her as if he had never seen her before. "You're different," he said.

"How am I different?" she countered, looking down shyly.

"Well you smell good, for one thing," he said, peering at her. "You look different, too. I don't know how different, but different. Aw, you know what I mean, Judy."

"Do you like me?" she asked in a shy voice, looking at him from lowered lashes.

"Sure, I like you. You're my sister, aren't you?"

"I don't mean that way," she pouted. "Do you like me better than any other girl in the whole world?"

"How am I supposed to like you?"

"Well..." She shuffled one foot on the carpet. "I don't know. I just kinda thought... well, that you liked me better than other girls."

"You're acting funny, Judy," Rick said.

"Is something wrong with you?"

"No," she said, then in a whisper: "Yes, there is something wrong with me."

"You better tell the folks," he said. "You might have to see a doctor."

"I can't tell them what's wrong with me," she replied. "And I certainly don't need to see any damned old doctor."

Rick's eyes widened. "Did I hear you say 'damned'?"

Judy placed her hands on her hips and stamped her small foot. "Yes, you did, Rick Stone! I said damn... damn, damn! I'll say it again, too!"

"What's wrong with you?" he asked again.

"Why don't you open your damned old eyes and take a damned good look, damn you!" she shouted at him.

"You're dingy," Rick said. "I don't understand what you're talking about."

"I'm talking about pussy... and fuck and... cock... and..." Her voice trailed off and she blushed a deep red. But her eyes continued to glare at her brother. Rick stood there, mystified and surprised to hear the words his sister was shouting at him.

"Yes!" she said, her courage taking hold again. "I said cock and pussy and fuck and fuck you!"

She whirled and fled from the room, going to her bedroom and flinging herself facedown onto the bed, tears in her eyes.


Rick stood for a while in the living room. None of it made sense to him. He went to her bedroom door and knocked.

"Judy?" he called out.

There was no reply.

"Judy? Let me talk to you," he said through the door.

"Go away!" she yelled. "Go away and and... fuck yourself!"

He tried the doorknob, but it was locked. "Open up and let me in, Judy. Let's talk about this."

"Go play with Susan."


But Judy did not reply. She had shouted that at him in anger. She had not intended to let him share in her secret, to let him know she had spied on him that day. She sat up, staring at the door. Finally, she went to it and unlocked it, then flung herself facedown on the bed again.

Rick opened the door and entered.

His sister's feet were toward him, and when she had flung herself down, the skirt of her dress flew to the lovely cheeks of her ass. Her slender, shapely thighs were fully revealed, as well as the tight panties that covered the sweet swells of her asscheeks. For a moment, Rick stood and gazed at the beautiful view, then moved to the bed and sat down on the edge of it.

He looked at his sister's lovely thighs and the tight way her panties fit. He could see the attractive crease of her asscheeks where they met her thighs, and felt a tingle in his balls.

"What did you mean about Susan?" he asked, his voice low and slightly shaky.

"You know," she sobbed, not looking at him.

"No, I don't, Judy."

"I saw you!" she sobbed. "I saw you at school."

"What did you see?"

"You and... and Robert," she said, her voice muffled by the pillow. "And Susan is Robert's sis... sister!"

For a moment Rick didn't say anything. Then, tentatively, he reached out and touched her lower leg.

Susan felt his hand on her calf and she began to tremble. She waited for him to say something, but he didn't.

"You don't... you don't..." she began, stumbling over the words she wanted to say. "Oh, Rick! Why? Why did you do that to her?"

"Well, gosh..." he said. "Judy, you know how it is. I mean, a guy... a guy just has to... well, boys do that."

"Sure they do," she agreed, "but girls? Do they do it, too? I mean, is Susan the only one?"

"She's the only one I've... you know."

Judy turned over swiftly, glaring up at her brother. "You don't need her!" she said, her words hissing. "You don't need to touch her that way."

When Judy turned over, her dress remained past her hips. Rick found himself looking at the tightness of his sister's panties. Again he saw the bulge of her tantalizing cunt, the dark shadow of her sparse hair. Judy's legs were open slightly, and he was sure he could see the slit of her pussy.

"Why are you looking at me that way, Rick?" she asked, her voice suddenly thick. "Do I look any different than Susan? Ant I a freak or something?"

"Gosh, Judy," he grunted. "I don't know what to say. I never seen you like this before."

"Then you better take a damn good look, Ricky," she snapped. "Because you'll never get another look at me this way if you touch Susan again!"

Rick looked at his sister. There was anger in her dark eyes, but something else, too. "What did you say?"

"I said, I wouldn't let you look at me this way ever again if you touch Susan," she said, her voice no longer hers.

"I don't understand, Judy."

"Then let me explain," she said, placing her warm palm on his thigh. "Whatever Susan can do, I can do."

Excitement flared in his eyes. "You mean it, Judy?"

"Try it and see," she challenged.

"I can... touch... touch you? The way I touched Susan?" He didn't believe it. "You'll let me touch you that way... down there?"

Judy lifted herself up on her elbows, looking at him. "Yes," she said. "You can do everything with me that you do with Judy. Oh, Rick! Don't you see I love you! I'd do anything for you!"


She waited, hardly breathing. She felt anticipation swelling in her chest, and she choked back a sob when she realized Rick still didn't believe her.

"Oh, Goddamn it!" she snapped. She grabbed his arm and pulled it forward, placing his hand on her thigh a few inches from her cunt. "Touch me! Touch me like you touched Susan!"

"You're sure?"

"Touch me!"

She felt her brother's hand move up her thigh. She shivered, heat coming to the surface of her exquisite body. Still on her elbows, she watched his hand move toward her cunt. As his fingers moved to within half an inch of her twat, Judy opened her thighs wider. Then Rick had his palm cupping his sister's pussy.

"Ooooooo!" Judy whimpered. "Oooohh, that feels... ohhhh, Rick! I like it!"

She writhed her hips as his fingers caressed the tight band of her panties. She felt something like a searing heat scorch her pussy. Rick moved his fingertip up and down her bulging slit. He discovered that what he was seeing was indeed the outline of his sister's cunt.

"That isn't the way you touched her," Judy said in a low, throaty voice. "You put your finger inside her."

"Well, Judy... are you sure?"

"Yes!" she demanded.

With a trembling hand, Rick pulled the crotch of his sister's panties to one side. He peered down at her puffy cunt. The hair, very little of it, was as dark or darker than the hair on her head. The pink lips were fully visible. Being very careful, almost afraid Judy would change her mind, Rick began to press his middle finger between those succulent pussylips Judy moaned softly as she watched his finger slip in deeper. There was a fullness there, a feeling that both thrilled her and frightened her. For a brief moment she experienced a sharp pain, then it was gone. She was amazed at the change, at the most delicious feeling she had ever felt in her young life.

Rick's finger was inside her cunt now to his knuckles. Judy stared between her thighs, surprised at how easily this had happened.

"Ohh, Rick!" she whimpered. "Ohhh, it so good!"

Rick was no longer hesitant with his sister. He had become even more excited than with Susan.

With her dark eyes glowing, holding herself up with her elbows, Judy stared at her brother's finger so deeply embedded inside her bubbling, tight pussy. The sensation was so glorious her mind was reeling. She began to writhe her sweet little ass on the bed, finally arching her hips up.

"Oooooo!" she cooed with pleasure. "Oooooo, Rick. Oh, golly!" Her hips began to jerk up and down instinctively, the wet, tight lips of her cunt riding his finger. She continued to gurgle softly. "Ohhhh, yes, Rick! Golly! Ohhh, I like it!"

Unexpectedly, with her eyes wide in surprise, Judy suddenly shuddered. Her pussy convulsed strongly, and she came almost violently.

"Oooooo! Ahhhh!" she wailed, her hips writhing crazily as she came. "Ohhhh, that's... that... ohhhhh, Ricky!"

Judy sprawled back, her small tits heaving up and down. Her expression was that of wonderment and delight. Rick slipped his finger from her clutching twat and gazed her. The crotch of her panties slipped almost back into place, with one cute pussylip still revealed. His cock strained inside his pants, throbbing harder than he ever remembered it.

A few moments later, Judy turned her face toward him. Her eyes fell upon the bulge in his pants and a smile spread over her sweet fact. "Look," she murmured. "That's the way you were with Susan."

Rick gave her a shy smile.

Judy was not hesitant as she reached out to run her fingertip along the swelling bulge. She felt his cock lurch against her fingers. "Take it out, Ricky," she asked in a soft, but excited, voice. "Take it out and let me see it."

Rick pulled the zipper of his pants, then drew his throbbing prick forth. Judy gazed at it with huge eyes, the smile on her face growing.

Sitting up she leaned close, peering at his prick. The head was very swollen, very smooth looking, with a hole in the end. There was a bead clinging to the hole. She saw a vein running along one side of his cock. With a low gurgle, Judy grasped his prick in her hot little hand. She closed her fingers about it, squeezing her brother's cock hard. The hotness of it, the hardness, the pulsations that came from it to her hand, thrilled Judy. As she had seen Susan do, Judy started pumping on her brother's cock. She was licking at her lips, her eyes big and shining, as she stroked his cock.

If Susan could make Rick's cock spew, then so could she, Judy thought. She would make it happen even better for her brother. She would show him she was better than Susan, show him he had no reason to play around with her. Judy had told her brother she would do anything for him and she meant it.

Her small, hot hand gripped his prick tightly, sliding up and down the way Susan had done it. Rick grunted a few times and was beginning to arch his cock upwards against her jacking fist. It was fun, Judy thought, holding his cock this way, but there was an idea forming in her mind. If this was a good feeling for her brother, then she thought of another way he might like even better.

"Ricky," she said softly, excitement in her voice. "Would you like to..." She lifted her eyes to his face. "Would it feel better for you if you... if I let you... Ricky, touch it against mine!"

Rick looked at his sister, his own eyes smoldering with excitement. "You mean... between your legs?"

Judy released his cock and sprawled back on the bed again. She spread her smooth thighs wide, clawing at the crotch of her panties. "Yes! Touch it there!"

Once more Rick gazed at his sister's pussy. Then he moved between her thighs. Judy held her panties to one side and he grasped the base of his prick. When the head of his cock touched the puffy lips of her twat, Judy gave a small, loud yelp. "Ooooooo! Rub it there!" she urged. "Golly, Ricky that feels better than your finger! Rub me with it!"

Rick rubbed the swollen, dripping head of his cock up and down the bubbling slit of her cunt. Judy twisted her hips about in pleasure. She had her hands up past her head, watching his face with interest.

Judy could not remember when it happened, but somehow the head of his prick was suddenly between the lips of her twat. For a long moment she lay still, feeling the way her cunt was stretched. It was a sensation that was even better than his finger. Rick was moving up and down, and the head of his prick was moving into her pussy very, very slowly, as if he were afraid.

"I think... I think," Judy whispered in awe. "Oh Ricky! I think we're... fucking!"

Rick was far too busy to reply. He was holding himself up with his hands, watching his cock slowly slip into that wet heat of her cunt. He was as awed as his sister but the feeling was so good he wasn't about to stop now. He was losing control now, and hardly realizing it, he gave a stab into her cunt.

"Ohhhh!" Judy grunted as a sharp pain cut through her. "Oh, Rick! I don't think... I not sure about..." And the pain was gone, gone as quickly as it had evaporated wben he shoved his finger into her. And as before, Judy felt wave after wave of ecstasy taking its place. "Oh, golly, golly!"

Judy felt a fullness in her cunt that was sending shivers up and down her partially naked body. It was a strange feeling, but a feeling that sent her mind reeling with almost overwhelming ecstasy.

"Is it in me?" she asked in a hushed voice. "Ricky, did you stick it in me?"

"I think so," he replied. "Yes, I did!"


They had been still, but now the sensations were so great they began to move their hips, and Rick had his cock all the way inside his sister's gripping cunt. They writhed and twisted, plunged and bucked. Rick could no longer hold himself up, and had fallen on top of his sister. Judy wrapped her arms about him, spreading her legs as wide as she could in an effort to get more of his hard, throbbing cock into her burning pussy.

Their breathing came in gasps of delighted surprise and ecstasy. Judy held her brother tightly to her chest with her arms, her hips twisting and bouncing. She closed her smooth thighs against his hips, and met his lunges with powerful upward thrusts of her own. There was a tingling deep inside her body that was unlike the one she felt with his finger. It seemed to Judy that her cunt was forever stretched, forever penetrated farther than anything she could think of... and she loved it!

"It feels... I feel..." she whimpered. "Oh, Ricky! You're doing it to me! Golly, you're fucking me! Ohhhh, we're fucking! Fucking! I think I... oh, yes! I love it, Ricky. We're fucking and I love it!"

Ricky could not speak. He was plunging in and out of her wet, clasping cunt with short, hard strokes.

"I'm gonna..." Judy whimpered, hugging him tightly to her heaving tits. "Oh, golly, I'm gonna do it... again! Oh, yes! I'm gonna do it again!"

Judy's pussy went into spasms even more powerful than before. She came in a shuddering gasping way, her body jerking as the ecstasy shot through her. It seemed as if her whole body was coming, her mind coming. Yet, even as she came, her hips continued to jerk about uncontrollably, banging up and down fiercely as her brother kept up his stabbing motions.

Suddenly Rick yanked his cock free of her tightly clutching pussy.

"No!" Judy wailed. "No, Ricky! Don't do that! Why did you take it out of me?"

She felt a warm wetness on her belly, then another and another. She felt her brother rubbing his cock along her belly, felt it throbbing, then she understood. "Ooooooh, you, too! You did it, too!"


Rick rolled from his sister, panting. Judy lifted her head and looked down. Glistening jism spotted her panties and lower belly, lying there hotly. She gazed at his cum, thinking she had done something for her brother Susan had not. She felt very pleased with herself. She lay back on the pillow, her skirt past her waist, the jism still glistening on her panties. Judy felt very good, and there was a delicious glow to her flesh.

For a long time they lay there, talking about what they had just done. Both were pleased to have accomplished this amazing thing.

Rick admitted to his sister about things he and his friend Robert often did concerning girls. He told her how they would stand under the stairs at school and peek up their dresses. Judy giggled naughtily about this, and asked if he ever did this to her. When Rick told her he had, Judy shivered in a delicious manner. It pleased her to know that he had been doing this.

"You can look up my dress all the time now," she said to him. "Now that I know you're doing it, I'll even make it easier for you."

They giggled in a naughty delight. Then seeing it was almost time for their parents to come home, Rick left his sister in her room.

Judy took a warm bath, her flesh still glowing. She was about as happy as any teenager could possibly be. She no longer felt jealousy of Susan. Rick had put his cock into her pussy, and that was something he had not done to Susan. She felt Rick would not have to let the little girl jack him off ever again. He didn't need that -- he could fuck Judy when he wanted. Jacking off was child's play, she thought as she got into bed. Fucking was not.

Judy didn't feel like a little girl as she went to sleep. She wasn't a child any longer. She had been fucked!

Judy couldn't concentrate on her classes.

Since she had gotten out of bed that morning, her mind had been on what she and Rick had done the night before with each other. She did not feel any guilt, any shame. Apparently her brother did not either, because he joked with her and teased her until their mother had to put a stop to it.

Between her classes, Judy looked for her brother. She stayed near the stairs just in case he should come by. She was prepared to let him peek under her dress. She was prepared to do anything that would give him pleasure. She was wearing her prettiest pair of panties, with attractive lace on them.

So far she had not seen Rick among the chattering, laughing students. Usually she caught glances of him, but now that she was deliberately watching for him, she couldn't find him. She stood on the second-floor landing, looking out over the student center for him during lunch period. And still she didn't see him. However, she had caught one boy peering up at her, and a blush crept over her face when she realized he was looking up her dress. Moving away from the railing, she went to her next class with a sad feeling.

After fucking Rick the night before, she felt he was now ignoring her. He had told her he usually spent his lunch period in that one place, peeking up girl's dresses, but he wasn't around today.

After school was out, she waited for him. When she didn't see him, she walked to where she had caught him and Robert with Susan, but he wasn't there, either. Starting home, she remembered that he often stayed at the gym, shooting a few baskets. Turning around, she went back onto the school grounds and headed for the gym.

He was there.

He was wearing his shorts and running up and down the court, dribbling the ball and shooting. There were a couple of other boys with him. Judy climbed the bleachers about halfway and sat down, watching. She rested her chin in her hand, her eyes on her brother as he ran back and forth. Rick saw her and wave, and she was pleased to be recognized by him. Before he wouldn't even look her way when he was playing basketball.

Half an hour later, the other boys took off, and Rick came over to her, sitting a few bleachers below her. He was sweating from the workout.

"I've been looking all over for you," she said.

"I've been busy today."

"I thought..." Judy blushed slightly. "I thought you... after last night, I thought..."

"Judy, you're my sister," he said. "I can't spend all my time with you."

"Oh, Ricky!" she said, tears coming into her sparkling eyes. "I thought you loved me!"

"Judy, you're my sister," he said again. "I can't go around school with you. That would be freaky."

"You said you wanted to... to peek at me."

Judy noticed the direction of his eyes. Her tears stopped and a hesitant smile started on her face. Rick was looking at her knees. He could see part way past her skirt, see the smooth creaminess of her slender thighs. Slowly, Judy opened her knees, letting her brother gaze between them. She felt a small shiver flow through her as she sat there.

Rick gazed between his sister's thighs, looking at the tightness of her panties. His cock was beginning to swell inside his shorts. Judy scooted her little ass forward and, after glancing about to make sure they were alone, spread her legs very wide.

"I'm peeking now," Robert said in a slightly husky voice.

She noticed he was not wearing a jockstrap. The head of his cock was becoming visible, and she fixed her dark eyes upon it. "You're getting a hard-on, Ricky," she murmured softly.

"Who wouldn't?" he replied, his eyes showing his growing excitement. "Looking up your dress would give the whole male population at school a hard-on."

Judy giggled. "Do you think so?"

He nodded his head.

"Would that make you happy, Ricky?" she asked.

He grinned wickedly at her. "...imagine, every guy here walking around with a hard cock, just by looking, at you."

"You want me to do that?"

"Make their cocks hard?" he countered. "I'd love it!"

"Okay," she said softly. "I told you I'd do anything you want of me, remember?"

Ricky pulled the crotch of his shorts to one side and his now hard cock lurched free. Judy stared at it, delighted as before. Her pussy began to pulsate in a nice way, becoming even more moist. "You're making my cunt wet," she said. "You keep my cunt wet, Ricky."

"Wanna fuck?" asked, stroking a fist up and down his prick.

Judy looked around again, swiftly. "Here? Suppose someone saw us."

"Who cares?" he replied. "Maybe they could take their turn after I finish."

Judy looked at his face and realized her brother meant it. He really wouldn't care if some other boy fucked her.

"Do you want that, Ricky?" she asked. "Would you want another boy putting his cock in my pussy? It wouldn't make you mad?"

"I wouldn't get mad. I'd kinda enjoy it." Judy shuddered. She didn't understand him. She wanted nothing to do with another boy but if that would make Ricky happy, make him love her then she would do what he wanted. Feeling shy, her eyes darting about the empty gym, she pulled her dress to her waist and, lifting her compact ass, slipped her panties off. She sat there, two bleachers above her brother, her legs wide, succulent pussy sweetly revealed.

"Wanna fuck now?" he asked, his cock throbbing in his fist.

"I gotta pee first," she said.

"I'll go with you."

She held his hand as they went to the end of the huge room. Two doors leading into restrooms were there, and Ricky pulled his sister to the boys' room. Judy did not resist. She saw the rows of urinals along one side, the stalls at the end. With a feeling of embarrassment, Judy sat on one of the toilets and pissed into the bowl. Ricky stood in the doorway, watching. After she finished, he said: "Let's fuck in here."

"The floor is dirty," she protested.

"Don't worry." He slipped his shorts down to his knees and sat on the toilet she had vacated. His cock stood up strong, throbbing with a bead of pre-cum at the piss hole.

"See? All you gotta do is sit on it, Judy."

She giggled as she straddled his hips. Holding her skirt about her small waist, she lowered her cunt to his cock. She felt her brother's prick stab into her slowly, and she cooed in delight. Judy sat down until the full length of his prick was buried into her tight, hot, wet pussy. She sat there for a moment, savoring the ecstasy of having him in her again.

"Come on, fuck me, Judy!" he urged, holding her hips. "Bounce up and down on my cock!"

"Ooooo," she whimpered as the ecstasy boiled inside her sweet, shapely body. Judy moved up and down on his lap, the smooth muscles in her thighs working in subtle motion. She lifted and lowered her pussy, riding his cock with soft squeals bubbling from her throat. She placed her hands on his shoulders to trace herself, leaning forward to kiss him in her passion.

Judy slipped her small tongue into her brother's mouth. The way he sucked at it increased her steaming passion. She bounced her rounded ass up and down, grinding against him by instinct. The ecstasy was the only guide she knew or needed. Judy loved the way his cock stretched her pussy, the way it stuffed her. She could feel her brother's cock all the way in her stomach. Her tiny asshole puckered and flexed as she writhed and twisted on his cock. The sensitive nipples cupped inside her bra became swollen and very sensitive. Her nerves were on fire, burning and melting with the pleasure that flowed like sweet, boiling syrup.

"Oooo, Ricky, Ricky!" she yelped in a small, tight voice. "Ohhh, I love this! I love the way your cock fills my pussy! Ohhhhh, I love it! Oo no, Ricky... Ricky, I think I'm gonna... come!"

Ricky couldn't reply. He gritted his teeth as his sister gyrated her sweet little ass about, fucking up and down on his hard, throbbing prick in a wild, abandoned manner.

Judy gave a low wail of ecstasy as her cunt convulsed about his cock. Her small body shivered as she came, and she began to grind her pussy even more furiously against his prick. She came long and hard, and when she finished she could hardly move. Every must, every, bone in her sweet body seemed to have become like thick fluid. She slumped forward against him, panting, glowing.

She felt her brother's hands move up and down her trembling thighs. She loved the way he caressed her, the way his hands felt on her naked flesh. She shivered as his hands moved along her smooth asscheeks, his fingers tracing along her warm, enticing ass-crack. She sat there for a while, feeling his cock throb inside her still-pulsating pussy, then she sat upright.

"You didn't come!" she yelled. "I didn't feel you come, Ricky."

"I almost did," he replied, cupping the small cheeks of her ass, his fingers digging into her firm, springy flesh.

Judy slowly began to pump up and down on his cock once more. "I'm gonna make you come, Ricky. I want you to come, too. I want to feel you come."

"In your pussy?"

"Why not?" Judy wiggled faster. "It would be better than taking it out like last night."

Judy whipped her ass up and down in a frenzy, desperately wanting her brother to spew jism into her body. She wanted cum inside her more than anything in the world. Last night she had felt a little vacant because he had come onto her panties and lower belly. She felt as if he had withheld a vital something from her. This time, she resolved he was not going to take it away. She was going to get it into her body. His jism was a treasure to her, a treasure she wanted no one else to have but her.

Judy slammed up and down on his cock so fast and hard, it suddenly slipped free. She came down again, and it speared someplace between her cunt and asshole. She yelped and thrust a hand between them to grab his cock, greedily trying to stuff it back into her burning cunt.

"Wait, Judy," Ricky grunted.

She looked in puzzlement at him, holding the base of his prick in her fingers, her cunt hovering only an inch away.

"Stand up," he said.

Confused, Judy got to her feet. Ricky gazed at her. "Hold your dress up. Judy."

Wondering what he wanted she pulled her dress to her waist.

"Spread your legs."

She did, standing before him spread wide Rick ran his hands up her thighs, then around her lips, and cupped her asscheeks. "I'm gonna give your pussy a kiss," he said.

"Oooo, the way you kissed Susan's..." Judy arched her hips forward, her eyes bright with pleasure as her brother leaned toward her. She felt his lips press her pussy and she sighed. She could feel his mouth pressuring her distended clit. And as he kissed her cunt and pulled away, she gurgled in delight. She started to ask him to give her cunt another kiss when an idea suddenly came to her.

"Now you," she said in excitement.

"Now me what?"

"You stand up and let me sit there." They exchanged places, and Judy sat on the toilet with her brother before her, his cock hard and glistening with the juice from her cunt. The head was huge, it seemed to her, and it was seeping a clear liquid. She lifted one hand and cupped his balls, fondling them gently. With her eyes gleaming, she leaned close and planted a moist kiss upon his dripping piss-hole. Then she looked up at her brother.

"Do you like that, Ricky?"

"Oh, Judy!" he grunted. "That was nice. Kiss my cock again."

She pressed her lips to the swollen head of his prick, holding them there in a long, wet kiss. Her lips parted slightly, and she tasted the moisture of him. A startling thing happened to Judy at that instant. The taste of the clear fluid seeping from his piss-hole sent her mind reeling with intense pleasure.

"Ooo, Ricky!" she squealed, grasping his cock in her other hand and looking up at him with dewy eyes. "I like that! Oooo, you taste good, Ricky!"

"Put it in your mouth, Judy!" he urged in a thick voice. "Put my cock inside your mouth!"

Judy sat gazing at her brother's cock. It gleamed with the slippery moisture from her cunt. She didn't understand how she could get his prick into her mouth, but decided if it would go into her cunt, then surely it would fit into her mouth. Besides, that quick taste of him had sent her emotions soaring. She wanted more of it, much more.

"I'll lick it first," she said, running her tongue out. She probed the tip of her tongue at his piss-hole, and again her mind reeled in ecstasy. Closing her warm lips about the tip of his cock, she flicked her tongue around his piss-hole. She felt a tremor in his balls, and began to twist them lovingly. Opening her lips wider, Judy found she could easily enough take that swollen head between them. Her tongue licked at the smoothness, and she made soft, gurgling sounds in her throat as she sucked the head of his prick.

But it wasn't good enough for Ricky. "Take it all in your mouth, Judy!" he gasped. "I wanna see what it feels like with all my cock in your mouth."

Judy's dark eyes were turned up toward her brother's face, her lips stretched. She didn't see how she could take any more of his cock, but she moved her beautiful sweet face forward.

Rick, overcome by the sensation of his sister's wet, hot mouth on his prick, grabbed her by the side of the head with both hands. He began to thrust his cock in and out, filling her more and more. Judy's dark eyes blazed up at him, desire and willingness in them. She sat there, still, her lips stretching on his throbbing prick, and let her brother stab back and forth. More and more of his prick entered her mouth, and she began to enjoy it. She could feel the powerful throb of his cock against her lips and tongue. As it went deeper and probed at her throat, she found her nose buried by the wiry hairs at the base, his balls resting on her chin.

Rick held her face in his hands, looking down at her glowing eyes as he fucked her mouth. "Ohhh! Judy! This feels good! Your mouth is wet and hot! Oooohh, I like this! You've got my cock in your mouth... I'm fucking you in your mouth, Judy!"

Judy gurgled a reply, her eyes flashing her pleasure up at him. Her ecstasy of having her brother's cock in her mouth caused her pussy to twitch in a burning way. She could taste her cunt and his cock at the same time, and it sent a hunger racing through her. She wanted to lick and suck at his prick, but he was fucking back and forth so swiftly, all she could do was hold still and let him. Still holding his balls, she ran her other hand around to cup one of his flexing asscheeks. She found as much ecstasy in being fucked in the mouth as she had by taking his cock up her cunt.

"Fuck you, Judy," he grunted. "Fuck you in the mouth! Golly, I like this as much as your cunt!"

Judy detected a change in the way his cock felt in her mouth. There was a stronger, faster pulsation on her lips, and it seemed as if his prick was becoming bigger and harder.

Suddenly Rick gave a yelp, his cock deep in side her mouth. He started to pull free, but Judy clutched at his balls and ass tightly, preventing him from pulling out.

"Let go!" He yelled. "Let go, Judy! I'm gonna come! Turn loose!"

But Judy clung to him desperately, her eyes filming over. He was not going to take it away from her this time.

His prick jerked, and a splash of jism spurted from the tip of his cock. It coated her tongue, and the taste of it sent Judy's mind reeling insanely. She gulped and swallowed his cum, then caught another squirt. Again and again her brother shot into her mouth, coming like a fountain. Judy's pussy exploded, and she came even more powerfully than before. She groaned in ecstasy as she came and as her brother flooded her mouth. She could feel his balls drawing up in her hand, and she lovingly fondled them while he came in her greedy mouth.

She could not swallow fast enough and some of his pearl-white cum escaped her tight lips to run warmly to her chin. She held only the head of his cock between her lips now, her tongue licking in a frenzy at his dribbling piss hole. She continued to come in an overwhelming way, her body shivering.

Rick finally managed to pull his cock from his sister's clinging lips, and she followed it with her tongue racing around his piss-hole. Then she let him go, looking up at him with shining eyes. "Was that good, Ricky? Did you like that?"

"It was great, Judy."

"Ohhh, Ricky!" she said with feeling, hugging her arms about his hips and holding his ass. She pressed her beautiful young face against big cock and balls, loving him. "I love you so much! I don't care if you are my brother, I love you!"

Rick stroked his sister's hair, feeling tender toward her at this moment. "We better go, Judy," she said after a moment. "Some one could come in and see this, you know."

She released him and stood up. "I thought you wanted me to give all the guys a nice hard-on," she teased him. "Are you changing your mind?"

"Hell no," he snorted. "It would be a blast!"

She picked up her panties where they had been dropped. She started to slip them on, then with a giggle, dangled them on the door of the stall. "There. That will make a few boys wonder, won't it?"

Holding his hand, feeling the cool air flowing about her naked cunt under her dress, they left the gym. The school grounds were deserted by this time and as they walked away, they laughed and teased one another.

Rick deliberately flipped his sister's dress up in back, revealing her sweet, round ass. Judy giggled and jumped, shoving her dress back down.

"Some one will see me!" she yelped, laughing.

"That is some pretty ass, Judy," he laughed and tried to flip her skirt again. "Let them see it."


The next morning, Judy was dressed and prepared for school. She lingered in the house, waiting for her brother. They had never actually walked to school together in quite a few months. But it was different now, she felt. Surely Rick would walk with her after what they had done with each other.

"You still here?" he asked as he came into the room where she waited.

"I wanted to walk with you," she said, smiling at him.

"Aw, Judy," he frowned. "You know I can't walk with my sister. What would the guys think?"

"But Ricky..."

"You don't want me to be a sissy, do you? Those guys will call me one if they see us together. Guys just don't hang around with their sisters."

Once more she felt tears coming to her eyes.

She looked at her brother, her heart filled with love for him. She didn't understand any of this male thing he talked about. Sisters didn't mind being with their brother at least none she knew of. Why did a guy hate to be seen with his sister? It was dumb, stupid, she thought. Judy did not know that boys of her brother's age didn't want anything to do with girls at least most of them. They were wrapped up in boy things, and had no time for girls. But Ricky was different, she felt. She loved him, loved him passionately.

"Now don't start crying," he said.

"I want to walk with you," she replied stubbornly.

"Aw, Judy," he mumbled, not wanting her to cry. He shuffled his feet about on the floor.

She miffed, looking at him through tear-stained eyes. "Ricky," she said in a soft voice. "I'll let the guys peek under my dress. That is, if you want me to."

"You'd really do it? If I walk to school with you, you'll do that?"

She nodded, blushing.

"I'll tell you what," he said, becoming interested now. "You take your panties off first."

"Sure, right now."

Judy lifted her skirt and shoved her panties down. She stepped out of them, holding her pleated skirt about her waist. Rick gazed at his sister's succulent cunt for a moment, then smiled, saying: "Don't wear your panties today."

"Don't wear my..."

"You wanna walk to school with me or not?"

Judy tossed her panties to a nearby chair and let her skirt drop. She knew she would be embarrassed if anyone saw she was not wearing panties, but if this was what her brother wanted, she would do it.

On the way to school she tried many times to take his hand, but he always drew away. She walked at his side, feeling the morning air breezing underneath her skirt. She felt strange to have her ass and pussy naked, knowing that anything could happen. She could stumble and fall, her dress flying high. Everyone would see she was naked under her clothes. She'd die with humiliation, she felt.

At the gate to the grounds, Rick started to run off to meet friends. Judy grabbed his hand quickly. "Give me a kiss," she begged.

"Aw, Judy," he protested. "You wanna ruin my fucking reputation?"

"What about my reputation if someone sees me naked this way?" she retorted with a trace of sudden anger at him. "I'm doing what you asked me to do... kiss me."

He pecked her check and then raced away.

Judy walked slowly toward her classroom. She found it pleasant to have the air around her creamy little ass and, scantily haired twat. It gave her a delicious sensation and she decided to do it again. Ricky wouldn't have to ask her; she would go without her panties and surprise him.

Judy was careful to keep her knees together all morning long. She was terribly afraid someone would see under her skirt.

During the lunch period, she did not hang about on the second-floor landing as usual, looking for Rick. After what he had said about boys peeking up at girls, she wasn't going to take any chances. Instead, she took a carton of milk and sat on the benches in the student center.

She noticed Susan coming toward her, and for just a moment she felt dislike for the pretty blonde girl.

"Hi," Susan said cheerfully as she sat next to Judy. "Is it okay if I sit with you?"

"I don't care," Judy replied.

They sat there without speaking, but Judy felt Susan was anxious to talk to her. She didn't know the girl very well, only having seen her about the school.

"Our brothers are over there," she said, pointing a finger. Judy looked and saw Rick and Robert grab-assing with a group of boys.

"They talked to me earlier," Susan said.

Judy felt jealousy stab inside her. She turned and looked at the pretty girl. "What about?"

Susan began to giggle, a flush growing on her face. "They wmnna play with us," she said between giggles.

Judy didn't understand.

"You know," Susan giggled, hiding her mouth behind a hand. Her blue eyes flashed wickedly at Judy.

"I don't know," Judy said.

"They wanna play with us... under our dresses!" Then Susan went into deliciously wicked giggles of pleasure.

Anger came to Judy. Ricky must have been talking about her, she thought. If he told what they had been doing together, she would hate him. She stared at Susan.

"I won't," Judy began.

"Aw, come on," Susan pleaded. "They play with me that way all the time. Robert wants to see your pussy, and Rick said it was okay."

Now Judy blushed a furious red. It was a mixture of anger and shyness. The anger became the stronger of the emotions. She turned to Susan and stared at her. "Do you want to let them play with us?"

"I love it," Susan confessed. "I really feel good when they touch me."

"Okay," Judy replied, taking a deep breath. "I'll do it."

"Rick said you would," Susan said. "They want us to meet them over in the tall bushes next to the teacher's parking lot after school."

Judy spent the rest of the school day in a furious anger toward her brother. She couldn't concentrate on her studies, but it didn't really matter. She was an outstanding student anyway. At the end of the school, she had almost made up her mind to go straight home, and the hell with Ricky. Yet, when school let out, she found herself walking toward the teacher's parking lot. There were still cars there and she sat on a nearby bench to wait. A few teachers came by and those that knew her waved. She waited for half an hour, and finally the lot emptied of cars.

After she had waited long enough, she decided the others weren't going to show up, and she got to her feet and started toward the gate.

"Where you going, Judy?"

She turned and saw Robert and Rick walking toward her. Behind them a few paces was Susan. She waited.

"We've got a good place," Rick said as they approached. "No one can find us and we can do what we want." He took his sister's hand and began pulling her with him.

There was a tiny opening in the tall, thick shrubbery, and Rick got on his hands and knees and crawled in, telling his sister to come on. She looked around and saw they were the only ones there. Getting down on her hands and knees, she started through. A soft giggle from behind came to her.

"You didn't wear panties," Susan said.

A hand moved along her thigh and she turned her head to see Robert behind her. He ran his hand over the naked creaminess of her asscheek, and Judy flushed, rushing through the opening after her brother. She found him waiting in a small clearing about eight feet square. They were totally concealed from pry ing eyes. She had never noticed this area before, but she didn't explore as much as Rick.

She sat on the soft grass and pulled her knees to her chest, watching Robert and then his sister come through. Susan kept up her childish giggles, sounding more naughty all the time. With all four in the clearing, it was a bit crowded. She saw Susan's panties as she hugged her knees up to her chest.

"Show Robert your cunt," Rick said suddenly without warning.

Judy shook her head. There was a deep flush of embarrassment on her beautiful face. Without hesitation, Robert pulled his cock out and began to jack on it. Rick did the same, and she looked from one to the other. She felt herself becoming excited, seeing those two cocks swell into hardness. Susan opened her blouse, revealing two very small, but very shapely tits with pale pink nipples. Susan flipped her panties off, still giggling. She then sat with her legs spread out before her, caressing her almost hairless cunt as she watched the boys jacking off.

"Come on, Judy," Rick insisted. "Open your knees so we can see your pussy Susan is doing it and we're doing it."

"No," Judy said, shaking her head. "But you said you'd do anything I wanted," he reminded her. "If you don't wanna play this way, then take your ass home. And you better not say anything about this."

"Oh, Ricky!" Judy sobbed. "Do I have to? Why can't we be by ourselves?"

"Go on home, little baby!" he said, turning his eyes to watch Susan working a finger in and out of her twat. "I'd rather play with Susan anyway."

Judy let the warm tears flow from her eyes freely. She didn't want her brother mad at her. She wanted to do the things that gave him pleasure. In a shy way, she let her knees drop apart, feet crossed before her. Her dress was high, and her snatch became revealed.

"Play with it like Susan is doing," Robert asked, pumping on his thick, hard cock. "Play with your cunt and feel yourself up, Judy."

Judy quickly decided if this was what her brother wanted her to do, then she would do it. Flipping her skirt to her waist, she thrust a finger up her cunt and began finger-fucking herself. "This is childish," she said. "This is what little kids do." She was talking out of anger at her brother, and also with a desire to let Robert and Susan know she had more worldly knowledge than they.

"Is that so?" Robert asked, pumping faster on his swollen cock.

"Yes, that's so," she snapped at him, rubbing up and down on her clit. "Older kids fuck! They fuck each other and even... kiss each other's things."

"Oooo, Judy!" Susan giggled. "You really been fucked?"

"Sure," she bragged. "Ricky fucks me all the time, don't you, Ricky?"

"Damn right!" he grunted. "Hey, let Robert stick his cock up your twat, Judy! Let Robert fuck you!"

"Damn right!" Judy agreed, flashing her eyes angrily at her brother. "Come on, Robert, fuck me! Let's stop this childish jacking off and fuck!"

"I wanna watch!" Susan squealed. "I wanna watch Robert fuck you, Judy!"

"Get a fucking crowd if you want," Judy replied, sprawling on her back, legs wide apart. "Come on, Robert, don't waste that cock! Shove it up my cunt!"

Robert was excited. His cock stood out thick and hard as he got between Judy's thighs. "You sure, Judy?" he asked. "You sure you wanna fuck instead of jack off?"

"Fuck me, damn you!" she hissed at him, grabbing for his prick. "I want that big cock in my pussy! Fuck me with it and let my brother jack off! He can come on the fucking grass... he can fuck his fucking fist... he can kiss my fucking ass!"

She lifted her hips and shoved Robert's cock to her pussy. As the swollen head penetrated her cunt, Judy gave a gurgle of pleasure. "Ohhh, Robert! I love your great big cock up, my little, tight, hot cunt! Golly, it's bigger than Ricky's cock! Ohhh, I'm just gonna love getting fucked by your big, sweet prick! Fuck it to me. Fuck that cock to my hot pussy, Robert!"

She looked at her brother, her dark eyes glowing with the desire to make him angry, jealous. She would show him how much she loved fucking another boy instead of him. She began to grind her pussy against Robert's prick, the rough material of his pants tormenting the softness of hr inner thighs. She grabbed him by the shoulders and began to fuck in a frenzy.

"Oooooo, Robert, give it to me!" she yelped. At first she had been saying those things out of her desire to make her brother jealous, but now it was because she was bubbling with ecstasy. "Fuck it, Robert! Really fuck it for me! Oooo, what, a cock! Golly, I love your big cock up my little twat! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!"

Although she was boiling now, her tight ass whirling furiously, she saw her brother reaching for Susan. Again, jealousy filled her as she saw his hand move toward her cunt.

"Fuck me hard, Robert!" she called in a strangling voice. "Ooo, you're gonna make me really come! Oohhh, you're so fucking hard... so hard up my cunt!"

Robert was panting and puffing on top of her, and Judy turned his shoulders loose and clawed at her blouse. Somehow she managed to free her springy, shapely tits. "I want to feel you against my titties!" she groaned in passion. "I want to feel you on my tits!"

Robert had his hands down and was holding her squirming naked ass tightly as he plunged his prick in and out of her gripping cunt. He was blowing hard near her ear, and she wrapped her arms about him, lifting her legs, closing them around his bouncing ass.

"Fuck the piss out of my pussy, Robert!" she urged hotly. "Fuck it... fuck my hot cunt! Fuck it... fuck it! Oooooo, I love it, Robert! I love your big, hard cock fucking my hot cunt!"

Judy became so intensely aroused she was no longer looking at her brother as he felt up the pretty little blonde. She was throwing everything she had into this fuck, and her small body was shaking violently as she approached orgasm.

"I'm gonna come!" she squealed, holding Robert tightly as her small ass went into a frenzy of motion. "You're gonna make me come! Fuck me! Come with me! Oooo, please, please, come in my pussy... my twat... my snatch... my cunt! I want it! Ohhh, I want you to come in my cunt!"

Judy boiled over, her small body shuddering as a squeal of ecstasy blasted from her mouth. Even as she came, she felt Robert's prick being pulled free.

"Nooo!" she wailed, clawing at his ass to hold him inside her. "Don't take it out! I want you to come in my pussy! Leave it there... Leave it in! Come in my cunt!"

Robert suddenly gave a lunge, driving his cock deep into Judy's spasming pussy. He hold himself there, grunting as he spewed cum up her cunt. Judy squealed at she felt him splashing about the walls of her tight, hot pussy. When she knew Robert had finished coming, she shoved him off.

He pulled his prick free of her gripping twat and sat back, heaving from the effort and pleasure. Judy looked at his prick the way felt glistened with the moisture. Then she turned to her brother.

Rick was finger-fucking the blonde girl and she was working on his cock. They had their eyes toward her, and they were hot. "Why don't you stick your cock up Susan's little sugar-cunt Ricky?" she hissed. "Maybe you'll like her sugar-cunt better than mine. Go on, fuck the little blonde cunt!"

"Golly, yes!" Susan agreed hotly. "I gotta get fucked someday, don't I? Fuck me, Rick!"

Judy lifted to her elbows, her pussy exposed and moist. She watched as Rick dropped his pants while Susan sprawled on her back, her blonde pussy revealed. At this moment she seemed to have lost her anger toward Rick. She became interested in watching him fuck Susan. Robert was forgotten by her as she turned to watch.

Rick moved between Susan's slim thigbs and, taking his cock in his hand, began to press the swollen head into those puffy lips. Suddenly Susan yelped.

"That hurts!"

"Don't worry," Judy said. "It won't hurt long. Let him stick that cock in you. It beats finger-fucking any day."

Susan gave a bleat as Rick's prick stabbed into her cunt. Then she lay still, holding her breath. Finally, in a small voice she said: "Don't put any more in, Rick. I don't think I'm big enough."

"Hell, it's all in now!" he said.

Susan's eyes widened. "It is? You really have it all in my pussy? You're not telling me a lie, are you?"

"Every fucking bit of his cock is up your cunt, Susan," Judy confirmed. "Now you can be fucked like you should."

Judy watched her brother's naked ass bob up and down, and once more she felt excited. She couldn't find anger for him at this moment. Watching his ass bounce turned her on. She sat up, leaning close, peering at the way his asschecks bunched. She reached out and began to fondle his working ass.

"Hey, great!" Rick snorted. "I like that, Judy!"

"Fuck her, Ricky!" she urged. "Fuck her little blonde pussy! Give her a good fuck! Fuck the shit out of her little ass!"

Susan was gurgling in pleasure now, wiggling her ass about as Rick plunged swiftly. "I like it... Ohhh, I like it! You're right, Judy, it is better than a finger! Ohhh, Ricky, fuck it for me!"

On a sudden impulse, Judy leaned down and planted a hot, moist kiss on her brother's working ass. The grunt of pleasure that came from him caused her to do it again. Then she was moving her lips from cheek to cheek, smearing his ass with moist, eager kisses. She reached between his thighs and cupped his balls as he fucked Susan. Her tongue began to lick about the flesh of his thighs, then over his asscheeks. Finally, clutching at his balls, she ran the tip of her tongue up and down the split between his asscheeks. This seemed to spur Rick into greater efforts, and Judy felt as if she were being slapped in the face by his ass. But she never lost contact there with her moist, now eager tongue. She flipped the tip of her tongue up and down the crack of her brother's ass, knowing it was creating more ecstasy for him.

Judy slipped her slender body downward until she was behind her brother's bouncing ass. Leaning low she saw his cock thrusting in to the almost bairless cunt of Susan. She saw the way those pink lips stretched about Rick's hard cock, clinging to it with hot tightness. His balls flopped in his efforts. Pressing her face close, Judy began to kiss at her brother's balls as he continued his energetic fucking of the young girl. She held his hips in her palms, her fingers digging into his flesh as her excitement bubbled inside her sweet body.

Judy licked her moist tongue about his balls as he banged up and down, finally taking him into her mouth. Her face was lifted and lowered by the motions of his ass, but she held his balls in her mouth, sucking at them with her nose almost buried into the crack of his ass. Her pussy was pulsating eagerly. She writhed about, pressing her snatch against the grass, making soft murmuring sounds as she sucked his balls.

"Oooooo, ahhhh, yes!" Susan whimpered as she clutched Rick about the waist, her legs lifted in the air as she shot her little round ass up to meet his cock. "Oh, this is good! I love it! Fuck it to me! Rick! Ohhh, fuck that cock to my cunt!"

Judy could hear Robert, but she didn't look at him. She felt his hands on her ass, though, and gave a pant of pleasure when a finger slipped between her smooth thighs and entered her boiling pussy. Judy worked her creamy little ass up and down as Robert finger-fucked her. She sucked even more frenziedly on her brother's balls.

Robert was puffing and snorting now, his cock driving faster and faster into the hot tightness of Susan's gripping pussy.

"I'm gonna come!" Judy heard him shout, then felt him stab hard into Susan's cunt, his body going stiff. She pulled hard at his balls with her lips. "I'm gonna come, Goddamn it! Oohhhh, shit, shit, shit!"

"Me, too!" squealed Susan, her little ass twirling powerfully. "I'm gonna come, too!"

Judy writhed her ass as Robert thrust his finger in and out of her tight cunt, but she knew she would not come. That didn't matter to her at the moment; this was for her brother. She wanted him to enjoy this more than anything else. She felt his balls draw tight in side her wet mouth, but she held them fast as he came. She did not release his balls until she was certain he was finished.

Getting to her knees, she made Robert remove his finger from her pussy, then she knelt there and looked at her brother as he puffed and gasped for air. Susan remained on her back, legs wide, her pink pussy twitching. The expression on her pretty face was that of awed ecstasy.

"Oh, golly!" Susan finally whispered. "That was something! How come you never fucked me before, Robert? It feels better than what we've been doing with each other." It was finished now, and Judy wanted to leave. She looked at Rick, and he lay there with his eyes closed, peaceful. She turned and slipped through the opening of the shrubbery.


Judy moped about the house, sulking. Once more she was angry at her brother. She was jealous because she thought he was being selfish. She told herself he wanted things his way, only his way. She felt he didn't really like her even though she was willing to do anything he wanted. She loved Ricky with her whole being, but that did not stop this feeling of jealousy.

She felt her brother preferred Susan to her, that he enjoyed fucking her better. Judy could not understand why he would prefer one cunt over another. To her they were the same. If anything, she considered her pussy to be the better of the two. Those things she had said while Robert fucked her in the shrubbery had been an attempt to make Ricky jealous. Oh, she had certainly enjoyed fucking Robert, there was no doubt about that. She enjoyed fucking better than anything else, even school.

If it weren't for Ricky, Judy would seriously have considered being Robert's steady girlfriend.

But Judy didn't want anyone else; she wanted her brother and no one else.

At six that evening Ricky came home. Judy was still fuming at him, and pouted when he tried to talk to her.

"What's wrong with you, Judy?" he asked, genuinely puzzled by her behavior.

"Nothing," she replied in a childish voice.

She had bathed after arriving home, and was wearing a pair of shorts that revealed the crease of her rounded tight ass, slit up each hip to expose the lace of her panties. She had a red bandana tied over her shapely little tits, and her nipples made two sweet buttons against it.

"Didn't you like it?" he asked her.

"You did, that's for sure!" she retorted.

"You fucked Robert," he said.

"Because you told me to, damn it!" She stamped her small foot. "Only because you told me to fuck him!"

Since that was true, Rick had no comeback.

They said hardly another word to each other. When their parents arrived home from work, all Judy and Rick did was glare across the room at each other. Their parents, seldom paying any attention to their children, didn't notice the cold attitude. Before bedtime, Judy and Rick were informed that their parents would be getting up earlier the next morning, Saturday, and would be gone the weekend. That was fine with Judy. The way she felt, she didn't want anyone around. She didn't even want Ricky around her. She wanted to be miserable alone.

In her bed that night, she cried herself to sleep. She didn't understand her brother at all. Here she was, eager and willing to give him everything he could want from a girl, and he was blind to it. Boys were dumb, she thought. They were the dumbest things an earth.

The next morning, Judy was up early. She prepared breakfast for Ricky, not feeling hungry herself. She moved about the house in her frilly nightie. It was a becoming gown, hanging just below her waist. It had been bought for her two years ago, and she had grown since. It did not matter that she wore no panties. Ricky had seen everything she had already. Nothing mattered to her any more. If Ricky preferred Susan to her, then nothing at all mattered.

By the time she had breakfast ready, he was in the kitchen. She looked at him, his hair tousled, still looking sleepy. For just a moment she almost melted with love for him, but caught herself in time. She was determined to stay mad at him.

As he ate, he looked at his sister with interest. She could feel his eyes on her body as she moved about the kitchen, cleaning up her mess. She shivered underneath his eyes, and a warm glow came over her but she would not make up.

After she finished at the sink, she turned and faced her brother. Immediately she saw his cock. He had shoved the waist of his pajamas down and his prick was standing up hard, the head swollen. Her breath caught in her throat and there was a nice sensation between her thighs. She stood at the sink gazing at his prick. Her thighs became weak and she leaned on the sink. Her posture caused her hips to arch forward, and since her gown was so short, her scantily haired pussy was fully revealed to Ricky's hot eyes.

"Gosh, Judy," he said in a low voice, taking his cock in his hand. "You're pretty!"

If he had not said anything, she might have given in then, but his voice broke the spell. She stood upright and flounced from the kitchen, shaking her ass at him. "Go stick your hard-on up Susan's cunt!"

Judy made her bed, then her brother's. It was a habit of hers, and not from a desire to please him now. After that, she went into her parents' bedroom and made their bed. Finished with that, she looked around for something else to keep occupied with. Her eyes fell upon some pictures lying on a nightstand. Curious, she walked to them and picked them up.

Judy gasped.

There were two pictures, both of them in full color. One was a picture of her father, completely naked. He was lying on the bed, and the picture had been taken from the foot of the bed. His cock was very hard, and his balls were hairy. She gazed at it for a long time.

The other picture was of her mother. Her mother was standing at the side of the bed, one foot cocked up on the mattress. She too was naked. Her big tits stood tall and proud, with dark nipples. Her legs were held wide open and she was holding the thick dark hair of her twat away from the pink lips.

As she was staring at the pictures, Ricky entered the bedroom. "Whatcha got, Judy?"

"Look at this," she said, holding the pictures out to him. Ricky gazed gazed at them, his eyes big. "Gosh, look at Mom's tits! They sure are big ones, huh?"

"I wonder if there are any more pictures of them around here," Judy said, opening the nightstand and searching. She found a thick packet of pictures. With excitement in her eyes, she sat in the middle of her parents' bed and began taking them from the envelope. Ricky crawled onto the bed with her.

"Look," Judy said, handing him a picture. "That isn't Daddy with Mom."

It depicted their mother, again naked, on a bed with some strange man. She was leaning over him, and her mouth was stuffed with a hard prick. Almost all of the man's cock was in her mouth, her lips close to his hairy balls. She was looking into the camera, her eyes flashing pleasure.

There were perhaps three dozen pictures of their father and mother fucking and sucking with other men and women, people Judy and Rick had never seen before. One of the pictures in particular captured Judy's attention.

It was her father with another man. There were other pictures of him and some man doing things at the same time to her mother, but this was not her mother with them. It was a girl not even as old as Judy. What was amazing was that the little girl was on her hands and knees, her tiny tits almost nonexistent. The strange man was behind her, and the camera showed quite plainly that his cock was buried into her tiny asshole. The man at the little girl's face was their father and her mouth was gobbling his cock with obvious enjoyment.

This same young girl was in another picture, one with two women. One of the women was their mother. What was surprising about this one was their mother was licking this pretty little girl's pussy. Squatting above the little girl's face was the second woman and she looked suspiciously like the little girl. Judy discovered it was indeed mother and daughter by the writing on the back of the photograph.

"I've heard about things like this," Judy said, her voice quivering with excitement.

"I have, too," Rick said. "I thought it was just stories people made up."

Judy's cunt was wet and hot by this time, and Rick's cock was harder than ever. The pictures excited them tremendously. Judy stared at the one of her father on the bed, his cock very thick and long. "I wonder..." she said in a soft voice.


"I wonder if Daddy would..." she flushed. "Forget it."

"Look at Mom's cunt," Rick said. "She sure is hairy around her pussy. I bet she's a good fuck."

"Do you think so?" Judy asked, not at all jealous over that comment. She peered at the picture of her mother. "I think you might be right. She looks kinda hot to me, too. Ricky... would you like to fuck Mom?"

"Yeah!" he grunted, grabbing for his cock. "I'd like to put my prick in her twat and fuck her!"

Judy giggled. "I bet Mom would love your cook in her snatch!"

"Would you fuck Dad?"

"Ooooo, I'd love it!" she squealed. "He has a beautiful cock!"

Judy's determination to stay mad at her brother had been wiped out by the pictures and discovering that their parents were involved in fucking other people. She looked at. Rick's prick then reached for it.

"I wanna suck it, Ricky," she said in a low voice. "I wanna taste your cock in my mouth!"

Ricky laid back as his sister leaned over him. She ran her tongue up and down his prick as she pulled his pajama bottoms down. With her moist, hungry tongue, she made his throbbing cock glisten. Then she went after his balls. She knelt on her knees and licked his balls and prick, making soft mewling sounds in her throat. She felt his hand running up and don her thighs, and scooted her ass in his direction.

As he fondled her creamy ass and felt her wet, pulsating cunt, she closed her lips about his prick and began sucking up and down on it.

Suddenly she pulled her mouth off his prick. "Turn over, Ricky!"

Without questioning her, he rolled to his belly. Immediately, Judy began to smear hot, wet kisses over the tightness of his ass. She ran her tongue into the crack and probed about for his asshole. She found the pucker of his asshole and licked at it furiously, grunting and whimpering, as her passion soared. Her small hands clawed his asscheeks apart, and she peered at her brother's asshole. With a soft cry of delight, she pressed her open lips to it and gave his asshole a suctioning kiss. Again she fluttered her tongue about his tight hole, trying to press the tip into it. Ricky wiggled and gasped in pleasure, arching his ass into her face.

"Ohhh, Judy, that sure feels nice! Golly, lick my asshole, Judy! Ohhhh, you can almost make me come by licking my asshole!"

Judy slipped her hand underneath him and began to pump on his cock as she licked and sucked his asshole. She knew it felt good to him, but it also felt very, very good to her. Judy loved everything about her brother's body.

"Let me, Judy!" Ricky cried out. "Let me do that to you!"

Judy clutched his cock tightly, her lips around his asshole and her tongue licking in a frenzy.

"Let me lick your asshole, Judy. Come on... I wanna lick your asshole!"

Reluctantly, she turned him loose. Ricky rolled to his back and said: "Sit on my face, Judy. Sit right down on my face and I'll lick your asshole!"

Judy straddled his face and lowered her crotch to him, facing his throbbing prick. Rick watched his sister's sweet ass come close to his face, the pinkness of her cunt and the tightness of her little asshole making his mind reel. Judy sat down and gasped in pleasure when she felt her brother's tongue licking from her hairless cunt to the tight pucker of her asshole.

"Ooooo, Ricky! Lick it for me! Suck my asshole! Ooooo, your tongue is so wet! Suck me... suck my cunt... suck my ass suck all of me!"

She wiggled her creamy little ass into his face and stared hotly at his throbbing prick. She leaned over and began to pump his cock swiftly, twisting her ass about with intense ecstasy.

Unable to restrain herself, she leaned over and began to gobble at his cock, spreading her thighs along his head, writhing her pussy on his chin as he probed eagerly at the hole between her asscheeks. They began to pant and shudder with pleasure. Rick wrapped his hands around his sister's hips and pulled her tight, pretty asscheeks wide apart to get at her asshole better.

Judy clung to his asscheeks, her pretty face bobbing up and down on his cock in a desperate, hungry way. Her eyes were wide open, but she couldn't see much. They were filmed over with passion, with the sweetness of the ecstasy of it flowed like lava in her veins. Rick was trying to fuck up into her sucking mouth, but the best he could manage was a twisting, writhing motion. Judy squirmed and shook her ass into his face, feeling herself boiling into an amazing orgasm.

Through all the delicious sensations running through her body, she felt her brother's tongue slip into the tight heat of her asshole. He was thrusting it in and out as she swallowed his cock with groaning delight. As his tongue stabbed in and out of her asshole, it triggered the steaming orgasm deep in her belly and Judy erupted with a long, mind-shattering orgasm. Almost simultaneously, Rick's cock throbbed into a spewing discharge that filled her mouth time and time again with thick, pearl-white cum. Judy gurgled in ecstasy and swallowed in a gulping way. She drained his prick of jism and ended her own orgasm about the same time.

She rolled from her brother, panting with effort. She sprawled there, legs wide, shapely tits heaving up and down. Rick lay beside her, one hand high on her thigh, his fingertips near her still-throbbing cunt.

After a long time, she got up. Standing beside the bed, looking down at her brother, at the pictures that were spread all around, she smiled. Again the love she felt for him burned strongly. "Take a shower, Ricky," she said. "And let's take a walk."

"What for?" he asked. "I'd rather stay home and fuck."

"Come on," she pleaded. "We have all weekend to fuck. Besides, I wanna go for a walk. I wanna talk about something with you."

Ricky took his shower and pulled on a pair of cutoff jeans, the legs frayed. Judy removed her gown and slipped into a short skirt and blouse, leaving her bra and panties off.

By noon the day was quite warm. As they strolled toward the park, Rick did not object when Judy took his hand in hers. Reaching the park, they sat on the grass in the sun for a while. There were not many people in the park, only a few older couples and one or two small children. The playground itself was empty. Judy got to her feet and pulled her brother up. "Let's sit on the swings," she said.

Judy sat in a swing and began to moving slowly back and forth while Ricky sat on the grass before her. He waited for her to talk. He knew she would when she was ready. As she swung, her short skirt would fly up and he found he had an excellent view of her naked ass.

"Open your legs, Judy," he said. With a giggle she did, and he began gazing at her cute pussy and sweet little ass.

Finally she slowed and stopped the swing. Getting out of it, she sat next to him. "Ricky, do you think they would do it?"

"Who would do what?" he asked. "Do you think Mom and Dad would fuck with us?" she asked.

Ricky peered at his sister. "How would I know that?"

"Would you really like to fuck Mom?"

"Yeah!" he grunted. "I'd love to feel her hairy cunt on my cock. I'd like to see what her pussy tastes like, too."

"I know," she said with a soft giggle. "I was wondering the same thing about Dad's cock."

"One thing we know," Rick said. "He sure looked as if hee liked that little girl sucking him off."

"I kinda like the one where Mom was sucking the girl's pussy," Judy said.

"You do?" be asked, surprised. "Have you ever kissed a cunt before?"

"Of course not," she replied. "But I'd kiss Mom's cunt if she wanted me to."

"Aw, Judy," Ricky said with a frown.

"We're dreaming, that's all. You know they hardly ever say anything to us."

"I know. And now I think I know why. They're too busy fucking and sucking with other people. They probably think we're just little kids."

"Well, it would be nice to fuck Mom."

"Dad's cock is awfully big," she said wistfully. "I wonder if I could get it in my pussy. I'd surer like to give it a try."

"Get back on the swing," he said suddenly.


She sat in the swing again and watched as her brother went behind her. She expected him to push her, but that wasn't what he had in mind at all. She felt him pull her skirt up in back, and she glanced about fearfully.

"Ricky! Someone will see us!"

"Who cares?" he replied, pulling at her hips until she was dangling her naked little ass over the swing. She felt his cock probing at her pussy, and clung to the chains with both hands.

"Ooooo, Ricky!" she cooed when his prick slipped into her pussy.

He held her hips, plunging his cock in and out of her hot twat, fucking her vigorously. Judy didn't care now if someone did see them. But the nearest people were over a hundred yards away, and besides, it was exciting to her to be fucked in the daylight in the middle of the park.

"Nice and tight!" he grunted behind her. "You sure have a hot, tight cunt, Judy!"

"I love your big cock, Ricky!" she replied with feeling. "Oooo, I love it so much! Fuck me, Ricky! Fuck my hot tight cunt! Golly, I love your cock to pieces! Fuck it, Ricky! Fuck that wet, hot pussy!"

"Yeah! Yeah!" he grunted, banging his prick into he cunt. His cutoffs were rough against her naked ass, but Judy loved even that. She didn't mind if he brushed her smooth asscheeks, bruised her tender, hot pussy. As long as he fucked her and not Susan, Ricky could do any fucking thing he wanted with her body.

"You're gonna make me come this way!" Judy squealed excitedly. "Ohhh, you'll make me come, Ricky! Ooooo, fucking in the open! I'm gonna come like crazy!"

"Me, too!"

He pumped furiously into his sister's pussy grunting as he held her hips back. Judy sensed her brother's impending discharge, and she gurgled with ecstasy, anticipating the spurting flow of his cum up her cunt. Her clit was throbbing crazily and the lips of her hot pussy clutched at his prick with delighted desperation.

"Oohhhh, there!" she yelped, her small body shuddering as she exploded. "I'm coming, Ricky! Ooooo, I'm coming so much! Hurry... hurry and come in my pussy! I want you to come while I come! Hurry oh, please, hurry!"

She heard a loud grunt from him, then her pussy was flooded with thick cum. She was sure she could feel his jism splashing about in her cunt, and it sent her mind reeling dizzily.

She made soft mewling sounds, sounds that grew as the intensity of her pleasure bubbled hotly in her sweet, young body.

Finally Rick let her go and slumped to the grass weakly behind her. As he let her go, the swing began to move gently back and faith. Judy clung to the chains to keep from falling out. She rested her cheek on her hand, her eyes closed as her body glowed deliciously.

After a while they started home, walking slowly, still a bit tired. They held hands like lovers, and glanced at one another often. They did not need words to explain what they felt.

When they arrived home, they turned and embraced as soon as the door was shut -- two small teenagers who felt something both frightening and very good. They were growing in mind, growing sexually, but they were still two very young teenagers, with a great deal to learn.


Like two young lovers, Judy and Rick spent the afternoon together. Judy was very happy to have him to herself, not sharing him with Susan. She thought it strange to feel jealousy over that pretty little blonde girl, but not at all when Rick stated he would enjoy fucking their mother and tasting her pussy.

Perhaps, she thought, she was jealous because Susan was the first girl he had felt up. Perhaps she felt he preferred Susan because she was less inhibited, more willing. Maybe her cunt was hotter, tighter, wetter. Judy didn't know what it was, but she still felt jealous of the girl.

Judy took every opportunity to touch her brother, to caress his body in some manner. She remained near him all afternoon, unable to keep her hands from him. In youthful innocence, but with an imaginative mind, Judy revealed portions of her body to Rick at every chance. In this way she managed to keep his eyes on her, keep his cock upright in stiff readiness. She took delight in seeing that sweet lump in his cutoffs, and her cunt was in a constant state of dewy heat.

They discussed again the telltale photographs they had discovered, and Judy became even more excited. The size of her father's cock was twice the size of Ricky's, and she would dearly love to try it. She was certain that enormous prick would never fit in to her very young, very tight pussy, but she wanted to make the attempt anyway. Her erotic mind was bubbling with impossible ideas, and she vocalized them all to her brother. Rick, in turn, became as excited as his sister.

"Mom's cunt sure is hairy," he laughed. "I'd probably get lost in that thick hair."

"Probably," Judy giggled. "But think how good it would feel being lost there."

"Dad's cock would rip you from asshole to belly-button," Rick said. "That is one fucking monster!"

Judy giggled wickedly. "I'd love it!"

Most of their conversation concerned how much they would enjoy fucking their parents, but now and then they talked of their own cock and cunt. Judy cupped and caressed Ricky's prick through his pants, shoved her fingers up the leg of his cutoffs and stroked his hairless balls. They were like two little children being naughty, and it thrilled them to the point of intense excitement.

Judy moved up behind her brother as he stood at the kitchen sink drinking a glass of water. She hugged him tightly about his waist, pressing her small luscious tits against his back, writhing her pussy into big ass. She kissed his neck wetly, mewling with happiness. One hand slipped down to squeeze his cock, and a finger went up his leg to probe along the swollen head.

"I love your cock, Ricky," she murmured in a voice that was becoming hotter. "I love your cock so fucking much! Ooooo, I could play with it all day long."

Dropping to her knees behind him, she began to kiss moistly at the back of his thighs. While she kissed them, she slipped her hand in to his pants and fondled his throbbing prick and hairless balls. She could feel her brother trembling against her lips. She darted out her small, wet tongue and licked up and down his thighs, savoring the taste of his flesh.

Finally she opened his pants and pulled them down to his feet. With one hand around him, stroking back and forth on his stiff cock, she caressed his flexing asscheeks with the other. She drew back to gaze at his ass, thinking it was a beautiful ass. The flesh was white against the light tan of his legs and back, and it appealed to her erotic nature. She planted an open-mouthed, moist kiss on one asscheek, then on the other. Her mind was bubbling with delicious pleasure and her body was boiling. The little nipples of her tits were rigid, tingling nicely. The lips of her young cunt swelled between her thighs, and her rounded sweet ass flexed sweetly.

Judy began to lick at her brother's asscheeks, her tongue making it glisten with moisture. While she ran her tongue all over his ass, she gripped his cock hard and pumped on it, thrilled by the way it throbbed in her fist.

"Oh, Ricky," she whispered, her lips close to his ass, her tight fist pumping. "I love you so much! I love all of you! Your cock is so hard and sweet, and your ass is really lovely! I like to feel your ass against my lips, my face and I love kissing it, licking it!"

Ricky grunted a reply, moving his ass backwards to his sister's face. "Your tongue feels good on my ass, Judy," he grunted. "Nice and wet and so fucking hot! Lick my ass some more, Judy! Lick my ass! Kiss my ass run your tongue all over my ass!"

"Ooooo, yes!" she gurgled with steamy urgency. "I'll lick your ass all over! I'll run my tongue all over your sweet ass!"

Gripping his cock firmly as she jacked back and forth on it, she lapped the flat surface of her tongue all over his quivering asscheeks. Her breathe was hot as she breathed against him, and her cunt was twitching crazily. Using her free hand, she opened her top and let her nipples brush at his thigh as she licked his ass.

"Oooo, sweet ass!" she murmured as she kissed and licked. "Oh, such a sweet, sweet ass!"

Ricky wiggled his naked ass into his sister's face, gasping hotly as her tongue moved up and down, licking from his thighs to the cheeks. His prick swelled into even more hardness, dripping from his piss-hole. His balls flopped about from the jacking motions of her fist.

Susan pulled her face from his ass, peering at it again with hot, misty eyes. The expression on her beautiful face was that of a young girl experiencing an intense, uncontrollable erotic desire. Ricky was now leaning on the sink, his ass shoved back to her face. Judy could barely see his puckered little asshole there, and it seemed to wink an invitation to her. She pulled one asscbeek apart and gazed at his tight asshole. His tongue licked over her lips with eager anticipation. Her own tiny asshole clenched and sent a delicious thrill through her loins.

With a throaty mewl, Judy moved her face to his ass again. She planted a kiss directly upon her brother's asshole, then snaked her hungry tongue out. She lapped at his asshole slowly, then rapidly. She felt Ricky tremble with excitement, heard his gasps of delight. She began to probe the tip of her tongue there, making short fucking motions with it. She applied pressure and was delighted when her tongue slipped into that tight asshole. Her fist jerked on his throbbing cock faster as her tongue began to fuck her brother up his clenching asshole.

Rick was twisting his ass into his sister's face, groaning with the ecstasy she produced within his ass and on his cock.

"Oh, Judy! Lick my asshole! Ahhh, jack my cock and lick my fucking asshole! Ohhhhh, your tongue feels like it's way up my ass! Gosh, you're fucking my asshole with your tongue, Judy!"

Judy's reply was an ecstatic groan as her tongue delved as deeply as she could get it. Stabbing her tongue into his asshole, she held it there and tried to wiggle it about. But his asshole clutched so tightly on her tongue she couldn't do much wiggling. She was sure her tongue was at least an inch inside his ass, and she went back to fucking him with it. She pumped furiously on his cock as she tongue fucked up his ass. Her little cunt was steaming and quivering, her clit so swollen it was almost painful, but in a delicious way. Her pink nipples felt as if they would explode as they brushed at his thighs. Her small body shook gently with ecstasy. Soft, excited mewling sounds gurgled from her occupied mouth.

"Judy, Judy!" Ricky gasped. "You're gonna make me come! Ohhh, that's good, Judy! Fuck my asshole... jack my hard cock! I'm gonna come pretty fucking quick! Lick my ass... jack my cock!"

Judy's tongue went into a frenzy of stabbing motion, delving far into his asshole, and her fist pumped almost violently at his throbbing prick.

"Oh... oh, soon!" Ricky shouted. "I'm just about to come! Ohhhhh, yes... there!"

With an abrupt motion, Judy pulled her tongue free of his asshole and jerked her brother about. She sat down on the floor swiftly as she pulled at his prick, her eyes hot on the swollen head. She held her mouth wide open, and as he started squirting, she caught his cum in her open mouth.

She held her mouth about three inches from his spewing prick, her fist pumping, holding it aimed at her mouth. Rick could see with a blurry vision the way his cum collected inside her wide open mouth. Judy had her tongue far out and it became coated with the thick, pearl-white jism as her mouth filled. Some of it dripped from the corners of her moth and clung to her chin.

Judy swallowed when he stopped spurting, and then slipped her tongue all over the jizz-wet head. She lapped at his piss-hole, licked up and down the sides, then sucked at his balls. Again she moved her tongue up his cock and finally closed her lips about that smooth head, licking at it lovingly.

"That was something, Judy," he grunted as he gasped for air. "That was really something."

She fondled his cock and balls, sitting on the floor before him and looking up. "Did it make you feel good, Ricky? Did you really like that?"

"Gosh, yes!"

"You really like the things I do with you, don't you, Ricky?"

He placed a hand on top of her head gently. "You're damn right I do! You've got some of my cum on your chin, Judy."

She giggled then ran her tongue out to lick it away. "I love your cum," she murmured. "You're delicious! Your cock is so sweet and when you come I almost go out of my fucking mind."

Later, she prepared a small dinner for them.

Judy was too young to know how to cook very well, but she managed adequately with cans and frozen, foods. After eating, she cleaned up the kitchen, then joined her brother in the living room. He was still naked, and she looked upon him with love shining in her eyes. She gazed fondly at his cock and hairless balls. Perching on the arm of his chair, she dropped an arm about his shoulder. Leaning down, she kissed his cheek. Rick turned and pursed his lips, and she gave him a lingering kiss.

Ricky placed his hand on her smooth, warm thigh. Judy still wore her skirt, but her top hung open so her flawless little tits were revealed. Her nipples had remained rubbery hard, and her pussy continued to tingle with warm pleasure.

She took his hand and moved his palm up her slender thigh, caressing it along the inside surface where she was most sensitive. Judy brought her brother's hand high on her thigh and brushed his fingers through the soft, sparse hair of her cunt.

"You do like my pussy, don't you, Ricky?" she asked. "You really do like my cunt?"

"I sure do, Judy," he replied, moving his fingers by himself now, feeling up and down the warm little slit. He traced a finger along the moist lips, gently agitated her swollen clit.

Judy twisted her little ass on the arm of his chair, placing a foot on the cushion and the other spread out. She pulled her skirt to her waist and looked down at his fingers feeling her snatch.

"Do you like to fuck me?" she asked. "I mean, do you really like fucking me?"

"Damn right," he said, working a finger into the dewy tightness of her pussy.

"You're not just saying that, are you?" she asked, almost pleading. "You really think I'm good? Am I a better fuck than Susan?"

"What's this thing about Susan?" he asked, slowly finger-fucking her. "You sure act funny about her, Judy."

"I don't want her to become your girlfriend," she said with eyes becoming moist. "I want to be your girlfriend."

"She's not my girlfriend. I don't even have a girlfriend."

"But you're always with..."

"She's still not my girlfriend," he said. "She's fun to play with, fun to fuck with, that's all."

"Aren't I fun to fuck with?"

"Sure," he said, looking up at her. "You're more fun to fuck, Judy."

She smiled at him, her eyes shining with pleasure. She hugged him tightly, pressing his face against one small, springy tit. Ricky opened his mouth and began to suck at her nipple slowly but with pleasure. His finger kept up a slow insinuating thrusting movement that had Judy writhing her wet ass on the arm of the chair. She held the back of his head, playing her fingers through his hair as his tongue flipped about her sensitive nipple. She was making soft mewling murmurs of delight.

"Ooooo, Ricky! Oh, Ricky, suck my tit! That makes me tingle all over! Oooooo, I love it... love the way you suck my tit! I love your finger up my pussy, fucking in and out! If you don't watch it, you'll make my cunt come all over the fucking place!"

He sucked hard at her nipple, pulling it deep into his mouth and lashing it with his tongue. He chewed gently on it, and his finger began to move faster in and out of her slippery cunt. As good as it felt to Judy, she wanted to feel his cock stretching her young twat, wanting it up her cunt and fucking her.

"I wanna fuck!" she whimpered, "I want your sweet hard cock up my pussy, Ricky! Ooooo, I want that hard prick way inside my hot cunt!"

She slipped from the arm of the chair and, placing her feet on either side of his hips, she squatted above his throbbing cock. She held his shoulders as he grasped the base of his prick, then she lowered her steamy little pussy down.

"Oooooo!" she murmured as the swollen head of his prick penetrated the tight wetness of her cunt. "I'll never get enough of your hard cock, Ricky! I love it so fucking much! Golly, it fills my pussy! Can you feel the way my cunt throbs on your cock, Ricky! Can you feel it?"

"It sure is a hot cunt!" he replied as he watched his sister settle completely upon his lap, his cock buried all the way.

"It's your hot cunt, Ricky," she said, leaning forward him to kiss his mouth. "That hot pussy is yours, anytime you want it. Oooohhh, fuck me, fuck me!"

She bounced her rounded ass up and down, writhing in a grinding motion. She began to pant with pleasure as she bobbed her ass, twisting it now and then with a soft squeal of ecstasy.

Rick caressed along her smooth thighs with his hands, his eyes glowing as he peered at the way her almost hairless pussy devoured his hard cock. He felt about her taut asscheeks, fondled the tightness of her asshole, sending Judy into peals of giggling pleasure. She shivered as she banged up and down, mewling as ecstasy flowed hotly through every nerve of her sugar-sweet body.

"Hot pussy," Rick grunted as he squeezed his sister's tight asscheeks. "Hot fucking cunt Judy, your cunt is so fucking-hot and tight on my cock!"

"Fuck it, Ricky!" she cooed. "Fuck that hot tight cunt! Golly, fuck it good!"

She bounced faster, grinding hard upon his embedded prick. Gleefully she wiggled her little ass, mewling with intense pleasure. It seemed as if she could feel something burning deliciously in the pit of her stomach, a burning sensation that would engulf her anxious body in a devouring flame. Her eyes filmed over, rolling about. She gasped for breath, her sweet little tits quivering. They were so firm and tight, they did not jiggle, but her nipples swelled even more.

"I wanna feel your cock squirt, Ricky! I wanna feel it squirt up my cunt! Ooooo, I love it so much when you come in me! Come every where in me! I wish you could come in my mouth and my pussy all the time, at the same time!"

She slammed her tight ass down and held her crotch hard against him, feeling the throbbing cock deep inside her burning, clutching pussy. She could feel his hairless balls against her hot little ass and hurriedly reached behind herself to grip them. She pressed his balls in to the crack of her spreading asscheeks and held them against her puckered asshole.

"Ooooo! Oh, oh, oh!" she groaned loudly. "I'm gonna come, Ricky! Oh, I gotta come!"

Her pussy squeezed at his prick, convulsing powerfully. Her whole body shook and she threw her lovely head back, eyes closed, bottom lip clenched between her sparkling white teeth. Her pussy went into overpowering spasms around his throbbing cock and she squealed and yelped with absolute ecstasy, her cunt grinding and grinding until she slumped against her brother, heaving as if she were choking.

It seemed a long time before Judy recovered any strength. Finally she leaned back and gazed happily into her brother's eyes. "That was the best yet, Ricky," she whispered. "I thought I would never stop coming."

At that moment the doorbell rang.

"Oh, shit!" Ricky yelped.


She scrambled from his lap, noticing that her brother's cock was still very hard. She quickly buttoned her top and smoothed her skirt over her hips and thighs. "Hurry, Ricky!" she urged. "Put something on. I'll answer the door."

She waited and listened to the bell ring again, looking back at her brother anxiously. He quickly pulled on his cutoffs that had been on the floor, and when he was back in the chair, she answered the door. "Hi," said Robert.

"Oh, it's you," Judy replied, relieved and at the same time disappointed. She didn't really like Robert very much, mostly because he was the one who started her brother doing those things with Susan. She was disappointed because it was him, and relieved that it was not someone who would interfere with her and Ricky.

Without waiting to be invited in, Robert moved past Judy and said hello to Ricky.

"What's happening?" he asked, sitting down on the couch.

Judy heard her brother reply, and flushed.

"Oh, just hanging around and fucking."

Robert laughed. "You're lucky to have your folks gone for the weekend. Me and Susan can't do much since ours are home."

"Why didn't you bring your sister?" Ricky asked. "We could have some fun."

"Aw, she got in trouble with Mom. Mom spanked her for something, and she's been jailed in her room this weekend."

Rick laughed. "I bet that warmed her cute little ass up."

"You're kidding," Robert laughed. "Susan's ass is always hot. A spanking sure can't make it any hotter."

"I know what you mean," Judy heard her brother say. "Judy has a hot ass, too, you know. She just about fucked the shit out of me today."

Judy found herself becoming angry at him. She didn't want her brother saying those things. What they had between them should not be talked about. She stood leaning against the wall, glaring at Rick.

"Since Susan got into trouble," Robert said, looking at Judy, "I haven't had a piece all day. I had to jack off again. That sure gets tiresome, especially once a guy knows what a pussy is like."

"I know what you're talking about," Rick replied. "I don't have to jack-off any more because Judy is always ready for my cock."

"You're lucky your parents are gone so much," Robert said, still looking at Judy. "You can fuck almost any time you want."

Judy's anger boiled. They were talking about her as if she wasn't there. She felt her brother should be more protective of her. She was a good girl, and here he was making it sound as if she were like Susan. She glared at her brother as he told Robert what she had done for him in the kitchen, licking his asshole and jacking him off into her mouth. It was the last straw, and she stamped a small foot with anger.

"Goddamn you, Ricky Stone!" she shouted at him. "Can't you ever keep your fucking mouth shut?"

"Aw, Judy," he said, contritely.

"You motherfucker!" she screamed at him. "If that's the way you feel about me, then I won't ever, ever let you fuck me again! I won't even kiss that silly old cock of yours!"

"Aw, Judy," he said again, blushing as she lashed at him.

"You know what you can do, Ricky Stone? You can just kiss my fucking hot ass!" She twirled and lifted the back of her skirt. She waggled her naked, round ass at him, turned her head over her shoulder, stuck her tongue out, then ran to her room.

She was determined never to let her brother touch her again. She was not ever going to feel his cock or let him fuck her. He could just go fuck Susan if that was the way he was going to be. She paced about her room, fuming at him, her mind insisting she would never so much as let him see past her knees again.

Then her door opened. She turned and started to scream at Ricky, but the words stopped. Her eyes widened. Both Ricky and Robert stood there, their cocks standing from their pants and hard as a rock. Her eyes became glassy and her pussy almost went into sweet spasms as she looked at those hard pricks.

"Allright," she whispered in a thick voice, "if that's what you want, then that's the way you get it, Ricky." Feeling desire bubbling in side her body, she began to remove her top and skirt. Standing naked before them, she spread her feet and arched her pussy out, running her hands between her thighs. "If this is what you want, come and get it, you two motherfucking bastards! I'll fuck both of you! I'll fuck both of those cocks until you can't stand up! Come on, cocksuckers! What the fuck are you waiting for... or are you afraid of one little old hot cunt?"

Judy sat on the edge of her bed, her ass hanging over with her legs spread wide. Her lovely little cunt was dewy and puffy, her clit swollen. "Well, who's first?" she challenged. "Cane on, don't be afraid of one little hot pussy? There's only one of me and two of you. Surely the, two of you can do what you'd like with my body? I can't stop you, you know."

She was pleased to notice her brother was hesitant now. But Robert wasn't; his cock jerked about, dripping from the piss-hole. He grinned at Judy as he came into the room. "I'll be first," he said.

"That's fine with me," Judy replied and lay back, lifting her legs high in the air and spreading them wide. Her pussy was fully exposed, her cunt gleaming, the cheeks of her ass parting to reveal the tiny pucker of her asshole. "Come on, stick it up my cunt, Robert! Fuck the piss out of my hot, tight, wet pussy."

Robert probed at her cunt with his cock, and as it slipped into the steamy tightness, Judy gurgled and called to her brother: "Well, come on, Ricky. Don't you want some of me too? I've still got my mouth, you see. You know how good I can suck your cock! Come on, I'll suck that hard cock and let Robert fuck my pussy!"

Ricky slipped onto the bed at his sister's head, his prick dangling, dripping.

"Take your fucking clothes off, both of you," she hissed. "If I gotta be naked, so do you!"

The boys swiftly stripped themselves naked, then Robert plunged his cock back into Judy's cunt. She placed her feet on his shoulders and turned her head toward her brother's prick. She sucked it deep into her mouth and gurgled softly as he began to fuck back and forth. With both cocks inside her steamy little body, Judy found her anger being replaced by erotic ecstasy. She gobbled hungrily at her brother's prick as he banged her mouth, and her sweet little ass twisted in delight as Robert fucked her pussy.

Suddenly she pulled her mouth off Ricky's prick. "Time to change, guys," she yelped. "Switch places! I'll suck Robert's cock and you can fuck my pussy, Ricky! Come on, hurry the fuck up before I come without a cock in me!"

The boys quickly did as she asked, and she began to suck greedily on Robert's wet cock as her brother stabbed into her tight, boiling cunt.

"Damn, you suck good!" Robert grunted, watching her devour his hard, throbbing prick. "You're a better cocksucker than Susan! Suck it, Judy! Suck it!"

Hearing Robert say that sent Judy into shivers of delight. She wanted to be a better fuck and cocksucker than the blonde little girl. She wanted her brother to know she was better, and hearing it from Robert might convince him.

Again she made the boys change places. Judy quickly got to her hands and knees, presenting her sweet little ass to Robert and told Ricky to sit in front of her face. She grabbed his prick with her mouth as soon as he was in place, and began to suck vigorously on it as Robert stood on his knees behind her, banging furiously into her gripping pussy.

Feeling two hard cocks plunging into her body at the same time had Judy coming very quickly. She shook her ass in the air and sucked hard on Rick's prick. She growled and mewled and gurgled, trying to make them come too. She held her shoulders up by a hand on each side of her brother's hips and bobbed her lips up and down his cock in a frenzy, shaking her round ass to and fro on Robert's cock.

After she came, she made them change places again.

"And I want you to come!" she shouted in passion. "I want a cock spurting up my pussy and one in my mouth! I want you to come at the same fucking time!"

She raced her mouth up and down Robert's cunt-smeared prick as she slammed her cute ass back against her brother's stabbing prick. Her tongue flew wildly about the swollen head of Robert's cock, licking away the seeping moisture as she struggled to make him come into her mouth. She could feel a second orgasm steaming to an explosion in her small, luscious body. She shivered and shook violently, twisting her lips about Robert's cock as she groaned softly.

"Oh, I'm gonna come!" she heard her brother growl from behind her. "I'm gonna come in your fucking cunt, Judy!"

She shook her rounded ass furiously as he banged deep into her pussy, then she heard him yelp and there was that delicious filling sensation of his cum as he came into her. She gripped Robert's prick hard with her hot lips, her tongue fluttering in a frenzy at his dripping piss-hole, and suddenly her mouth filled with thick, sweet jizz. Both boys were squirting cum into her at the same time, and Judy went almost out of her mind. By the time they finished, she was so weak she couldn't stay on her hands and knees.

She slumped from them, sprawling on her stomach between the boys, her rounded sweet little ass quivering and glowing with ecstasy.


Judy woke up late the next morning. She stretched in glowing luxury, and her leg brushed a body next to her. Turning, she saw her brother sprawled on his stomach, sleeping peacefully. Judy smiled as she remembered last night.

Her small, lithesome body felt very good. There was a delicious throbbing sensation in and around her pussy. It was a light throb, just enough to let her know it was there. She squeezed her thighs together and mewled softly. Cupping her flawless little tits, she squeezed her fingers into the spongy flesh.

Rick and Robert had fucked her silly, she thought, giggling in a hushed way. It was a real gang-bang, with her getting the best of it. They had fucked her in her pussy and mouth so many times she lost count. She had swallowed quarts of cum. But it made her glow with delight. Her thighs were sticky where the boys had come slipping from bed, she went into the bath room and showered.

Half an hour later she was back in bed cuddling close to her brother. He was still on his stomach, still sleeping. Judy ran her hand over his asscheeks, along the back of his thighs. She slipped her hand between his thighs and fondled his balls.

Despite the thorough fucking he and Robert had given her the night before, Judy's body demanded more. She was alive with tingling and wanting more and more of those erotic delights.

She brought her fingers up from his balls, over the curve of his ass, then dug them between the cheeks. Ricky stirred in his sleep when she probed at his asshole. Judy giggled softly as an idea came to her. She pressed gently at his asshole with the tip of one finger and felt her brother respond by lifting his ass slightly. She heard him groan as her finger pressed a bit harder.

"Uhh!" Rick grunted.

Judy's finger had slipped into his asshole. For a moment she remained motionless, feeling the tightness of his asshole around her finger. Then she began to move it in and out, fucking him. Ricky was awake now and was moving his ass up and down with her finger. But this wasn't the idea Judy had.

"Ricky," she whispered. "Turn aver." He turned, her finger coming free of his asshole. She grabbed for his cock and was delighted to find it hard. She pumped it with a tight, hot fist, smothering his face with moist kisses. Ricky felt of her tits, squeezing the springy flesh, then working his hand down to her little cunt. Judy lifted one knee and spread her legs as his finger stabbed into her pussy.

"Ricky," she whispered thickly, "I wanna fuck again. Fuck me, Ricky."

He started to climb on top of her, but Judy held him off. "No," she giggled. "I want it this way!"

She rolled to her stomach, wiggling her ass at him.

He started to climb on top of her, shoving his cock between her thighs.

And again Judy stopped him.

"I want it up my ass!" she squealed. "I wanna get fucked up the ass, Ricky!"

"You sure?" he asked doubtfuliy. "That's the only place left," she mewled, shaking hat cute ass. "I've had a cock in my cunt and in my mouth. Now I want a cock up my asshole."

Judy pulled her knees underneath her body, her lovely smooth ass lifting in the air. She waggled it prettily at, her brother, her pink asshole tantalizing. Rick moved his cock against the creamy cheeks of his sister's ass, leaving trails of sticky moisture on her flesh. But Judy wasn't in a playful mood at the moment. At any other time she would have loved to play and feel and kiss for a while, but right now she wanted his cock up her asshole before she changed her mind.

Reaching between her thighs, she grasped his prick and brought the swollen head against the tight pucker of her asshole. Holding his cock, she pressed her ass back against it. There was a dull, aching pain there, but it wasn't bad at all.

"Push, Ricky!" she squealed. "Push!"

Ricky, his eyes gazing between the spreading cheeks of his sister's ass, watched as she struggled to get his cock inside that impossibly tiny hole. He held her hips in his hands, almost afraid to push against her.

But Judy wasn't afraid; she wanted his cock up her asshole desperately. She shoved her ass hard against his cock, whimpering. It felt as if she were trying to get some huge, blunt instrument into her asshole, but she loved the pressure.

"Help me, Ricky!" she urged him. "Help me get your cock up my ass! Please, please! I wanna feel your hard cock inside my asshole!"

Gripping his sister's trembling hips, he pushed forward. He could see the swollen head of his cock pushing at the hot tightness of that pink hole. It didn't feet like it would go in. Her asshole was too small. It was too tight.

"Ooohhhh!" Judy squealed.

Rick saw his prick slip into his sister's asshole.

Judy held her breath, feeling the head of his cock stretching the tightness of her asshole. She didn't move, but her small body shivered. "Ohhh, I think it's in, Ricky! I think your cock is in my ass!"

"Just the head, Judy," he said.

"Is that all?" she murmured. "It feels like a ball bat! Oh, golly, it's really up my ass, Ricky?"

"It's in there."

"Ooooo! Shove more in me!" she yelped, wiggling her ass now. "I want more in me! Put it all in my ass! Ooooo, Ricky, stick your cock all the way up my asshole!"

Gripping her hips, Ricky slowly worked the rest of his throbbing prick into Judy's asshole. Finally it was in all the way. He could feel her asshole clench around his prick, flexing like some milking hand.

Judy gurgled with delicious, strange pleasure. Her eyes were closed and her face expressed her new-found delight. His cock felt so huge inside her little asshole, so big. And it felt so good. There was a deep, stretching, burning sensation there, a sensation of exquisite pleasure that was so different than having a cock in her cunt or mouth. Different, but ever so good.

"Fuck me!" she yelped, wiggling her tight little butt at him. "Fuck me now, Ricky! Come on, fuck me up the ass! Screw my asshole! Ooooo, please fuck my ass! Golly, I think I like it! Fuck me now, Ricky!"

She gurgled when she felt her brother begin to thrust his throbbing, swollen cock in and out of her clinging asshole. She shivered and pumped her ass with him, meeting his inward movement with a back thrust of her shapely little ass. She cooed and giggled and whimpered, shaking her ass now and then swiftly.

"I love it, Ricky!" she groaned against the bed. "Oooo, I love it... your cock in my ass! Oohhh, your cock is so hard! It feels so good in my asshole! Fuck it for me, Ricky! Fuck it hard, fuck it fast! Ohhh, fuck my ass! Fuck me up my hot asshole!"

Ricky was grunting with effort, his eyes glazed as he watched his cock glide in and out of his sister's gripping asshole. She kept up a flexing motion with her asshole, a motion that squeezed and relaxed, squeezed and relaxed.

Judy was not aware of this unique phenomena. It was involuntary on her part. It was reflexive and not under her control. Her asshole squeezed as he withdrew, relaxed as he entered. Judy mewled in delicious pleasure, a smile fluttering about her pursed lips.

"Oooo, Ricky, Ricky! Ohhh, golly! Your cock really stretches my asshole! Give it to me... fuck it to me! Fuck it, Ricky! Ohhh, golly, fuck my tight, hot asshole!"

She wiggled and waggled her shapely little ass. Tremors shot through her, shivering the smooth flesh. The whole of her naked little body was tingling with a heat that was almost devouring her. Her cunt was pulsating, twitching as though it were jealous of her asshole. Her tiny clit was swollen into a rubbery stiffness. She began to gasp in a struggling manner as she felt an orgasm steaming to a head inside her body.

She felt her brother banging into her asshole a little harder and faster, heard him grunting. It seemed as if his cock had become harder and thicker, longer. It seemed to fill her asshole completely, stretching the gripping tightness. Judy could feel every ridge, every groove, every throb of his cock with the ring of her asshole.

Then she exploded.

Judy gave out with a long wail of pure ecstasy as she came. Words tumbled from her mouth, but they made no sense. "Fuck... asshole... motherfuck... cocksucker... cunt-eater... pussy... prick cock..."

Ricky strained against her shapely, writhing asscheeks, his prick buried all the way up her convulsing asshole. He grunted in a loud, strangled voice. Then his prick spewed jets of thick cum up his sister's asshole.

Later, after her second shower, Judy's body glowed all day long. Her asshole throbbed in such a delicious way she could not resist clamping her asscheeks frequently. The pressure enhanced the thrilling ripples of pleasure that throbbed throughout her small, sweet body.

Ricky had gone off someplace and she was alone in the house. For the moment she didn't mind. She was happy with her feelings and her thoughts. There was no way Susan could please her brother the way she could.

Again she looked at the pictures they had found, taking them to her room and spreading them out on the bed. They excited her, seeing her parents fucking and sucking with men and women, and especially that cute little girl. Her mother's face buried between those slim thighs, her mouth pressed greedily against that small pussy delighted Judy. She looked for a long time at the picture of her mother in the bedroom, one leg cocked on the bed and her hairy cunt fully revealed.

It was the sound of the door that broke her concentration. Thinking it was Ricky coming home, she left the pictures spread out on her bed and went out to meet him.

It was her mother.

"Oh!" Judy gasped, remembering the telltale pictures all over her bed.

"Hello, darling," her mother said, kissing Judy's check. "Did you manage okay while we were gone?"

Judy's face was pink, but she managed to nod her head. She looked out the window for her father. "Where's Daddy?"

"We had some car trouble," her mother said. "He's at the garage with it. I had to take a cab."

Judy wanted to get to her room and scoop up those pictures before her mother found them, but it would look strange if she darted off right after her mother came home. She was very nervous, desperately wishing she had not taken them out of her parents' room. She listened to her mother chatter about what a good time they had, then she followed her mother down the hall. Fear came to her when she saw her bedroom door open, and those damning pictures were in full sight.

She sighed in relief as her mother went past without looking into the room.

Judy started to enter her room but was stopped by her mother's voice. "Judy, come in here for a minute, please."

Shaking, Judy went into hot parents' room. Her mother was sitting on the edge of her bed, peeling a nylon down her long, slim thigh. She had never seen her mother this intimately before. Her skirt was pulled into her lap as she lifted her knee to slide the nylon down, and Judy caught a glimpse of her mother's panties. They were lacy and sexy.

Dropping the nylon to the floor, her mother patted the bed next to her. "Sit down, Judy," she said looking at her blushing daughter. "There's something I want to talk to you about."

Trembling, Judy sat about a foot away from her mother. Her mother still wore one nylon, and Judy could see the garterbelt attachment holding it. Her mother had such long, creamy smooth thighs, she thought. She could hardly take her eyes from them. When her mother turned on the bed to face Judy one nyloned thigh crooked in the mattress with the other foot still on the floor. Judy silently gasped. She could see the crotch of her mother's panties now, and they were so sheer, the dark curls of pussy could almost be individually seen. Judy was so fascinated by this sight she could not tear her eyes from her mother's crotch. She felt a sudden throbbing of her own cunt and had to stifle a moan. She could feel her mother's eyes gazing at her intently as she sat there wringing her hands nervously.

"About those pictures," her mother said in a low, soft voice. "You should not have come into our room, Judy."

So her mother had seen them spread all over her bed after all! Judy trembled with fright, tears bubbling in her eyes.

"Mother, I..." But she couldn't say any more. What could she say?

"Does your brother know about them, Judy?"

Shyly she nodded her head. Her heart thumped like a lead weight in her chest. She sat there, shivering, and despite the fear she felt, she still could not pull her teary eyes from her mother's crotch. She felt her mother's hands grip her shoulders, and with a cry, Judy flung herself into her mother's arms. "I'm sorry, Mother," she sobbed. "I didn't mean to pry. I won't do it again."

Her mother wrapped her arms about the shaking little body, smoothing the soft, dark hair of her head. Judy pressed her face into her mother's surprisingly firm tits, sobbing softly.

"Don't be upset, baby," her mother crooned. "You have nothing to be upset about."

At first the words had no meaning to Judy.

When she realized what her mother had said, she drew back and stared at her. Her mother was smiling, her eyes glittering with a brightness. "It was only a matter of time anyway," her mother said. "We were waiting until you and your brother were older, but I see there isn't any reason for waiting now."

Judy didn't understand and her puzzlement reflected on her exquisitely sweet, innocent face. Her mother laughed softly and hugged her tightly to her tits again, then held Judy away, peering at her intently.

"What did you think about those pictures, honey?"

"I... well. Mother, I..." Judy looked down with shyness.

"Were they exciting to you?"

Judy nodded her head, her face pink.

"Which ones did you like the best?"

Judy swallowed hard, but couldn't find any words to answer. Her mother stood up, still wearing one nylon. She pulled her daughter to her feet. "Come and show me," her mother said, pulling Judy into the hallway.

As her mother entered her bedroom, Judy hesitated, but her mother tugged at her hand. "Come on, honey," she smiled. "Don't be afraid. Show me the pictures you liked best." She stood next to her mother, trembling and not yet understanding what was happening. Her bed was covered with the photographs.

"Show me, baby," her mother said in a strangely husky voice.

Judy pointed her finger. It was the picture of her father on the bed, his cock very hard. "Is that the only one?"

Again Judy pointed. The picture this time was of her mother, leg cocked on the bed, hips arching out and cunt fully exposed. She pointed again, this time to the one of her father and the other man fucking that terribly young girl. The last one she pointed at made her blush even more furiously. It was the picture of her mother licking the little girl's pussy while the girl sucked another woman's cunt.

Her mother separated those from the others and stacked them up, replacing them in the envelope. Then she sat on Judy's bed, spreading her knees, pulling her daughter between them.

"They're my favorites, honey," her mother said. Judy felt her mother's hands sliding down her shaking back, then they were cupping her small, shivering asscheeks. Her mother was looking into Judy's face, and she was queezing the cheeks of her tight little ass. "We had lots of fun taking them, as you can imagine."

As her mother talked, Judy felt her hands go underneath her skirt and cup each naked asscheek. "Why, baby!" her mother smiled. "You aren't wearing panties. That's lovely!"

Judy's mother undressed her, and then Judy was standing naked before her. Although still shy, she was not embarrassed; she was steaming in a hot, liquid way now.

"Are you sure Ricky liked them too?" her mother asked as she slipped a hand between Judy's smooth, hot thighs and unhesitatingly fondled her hairless little cunt. "Did he get a nice hard-on?"

Judy was bubbling with erotic delight as her mother caressed her pulsating cunt, and she gave a soft yelp when her mother's finger slipped up into her pussy. "Oh, baby!" her mother murmured. "You're so wet already... tight and wet! Oh, honey, I bet you have a sweet, hot little pussy!"

"Ricky got a big hard-on," Judy said, wiggling her cute ass as her mother finger-fucked her.

"Did you fuck him?"

"Ooo, Mother!" Judy squealed, reaching out to squeeze her mother's firm tits. "We've been fucking a long time now!"

Her mother mewled with delight and hugged Judy against her. Her finger stabbed in and out of that tight little cunt as her other hand caressed a tight asscheek.

"Baby, I'd love to kiss your sweet little pussy," her mother whispered throatily. "Kiss it the way you saw me kissing that little girl in the picture?"

Judy found herself sprawled across her bed, legs dangling, and her mother's face was between them. She shivered with ecstasy as her mother's hot, wet tongue licked at the insides of her thighs, licking up to her twitching little pussy. Then she jerked as her mother's hot mouth closed about the entire area of her crotch, her tongue lapping up and down.

"Oooo, Mother!" Judy wailed as she wiggled her pussy about. "Ohhh, that's good, Mother!"

The excitement rumbled through Judy's small, delicious body like a steam engine. She grabbed her mother's head and banged her cunt harshly into her mouth, grinding powerfully. She felt her mother's long, eager tongue slip deep into the tight heat of her pussy, then begin stabbing in and out. Her mother's upper lip was pressing and writhing against her swollen clit, and the bottom lip seemed to be in the vicinity off her clenching asshole.

The thrilling sensations boiled inside her trembling body, the excitement of her mother sucking and licking her cunt was too much for Judy. She squealed loudly and began to come. Her pussy went into shattering spasms. It didn't seem as if she would ever stop coming. She thrashed about on the bed, her naked ass jerking up and down as her mother rapidly tongue fucked her slippery cunt, twirled about her throbbing clit, even probed a time or two against her flexing asshole. Each time she came, it was stronger than the last, and Judy wasn't sure she could take much more of it.

Still, her mother continued to grip Judy's shivering ass in her palms, eating vigorously at her seeping cunt, her tongue flying in and out of those sweet, clinging lips then lapping from her tight asshole to her clit, where she sucked, flipping her tongue about the tip.

When her mother finally pulled her smeared lips from Judy's quivering cunt, Judy gurgled with ecstasy. Her eyes shined brightly as her mother sat up on the bed next to her.

"How was that, baby?" her mother asked in a soft voice.

"Oh, golly! Mother, you lick me better than Rick!"

"Oh, so you two have been doing a lot more than just fucking, have you?" Then she laughed. "I see your father and I were wrong, thinking we had to wait until you two were older. It seems you're ready now."

It finally came to Judy. She began to laugh, tickled at how it was turning out. "You mean you and Daddy... you want to... oh, golly, Mother!"

"Just wait until your father finds out what a sweet, hot little ass you are! Oh, honey, he's going to be so pleased! He's been waiting, always talking about what a fine little fuck you're going to be." She laughed. "I can just see it when I tell him. He's going to come right in his fucking pants!"

"What about Ricky?" Judy asked. "Isn't he going to...?"

Her mother interrupted. "I'm going to take that little cock of his and turn it every way but loose! I'm going to give that boy the fuck of his life, suck it off."

She hugged herself. "Oh, baby, I love it! And to think your father and I planned on a couple more years!"

They clutched at one another, hugging and kissing happily. Judy, no longer shy now, fondled her mother's body, playing with her large, firm tits once she had them naked. She sucked at the long nipples, and ran her hands up and down her mother's creamy thighs. She fondled her mother's rounded ass, then tugged her panties off. She sat back and gazed hotly at her mother's hairy cunt, and with a squeal, darted her mouth to it and began to lick and suck furiously.

"Oh, baby, baby!" her mother crooned. "I had no idea you'd suck my cunt for me! I'm so so fucking glad you want to lick my pussy! Lick it, honey. Tongue fuck my pussy!"

Her mother lifted her legs high in the air spreading them out wide and held her ass up from the bed. Judy buried her face hard into her mother's crotcb, running her tongue from her tight asshole, up the puffy, wet slit, over the distended clit. She stabbed her tongue in and out, running her hands about her mother's smooth thighs and round ass.

"Ahhh, honey, honey!" her mother gurgled. "Eat my cunt, baby! Suck Mother's hot wet, hairy pussy! Oooo, sweet darling tongue fuck me! Ohh, honey, you're going to make my cunt come... come with that sweet mouth and tonque of yours! Suck it baby! Fuck it! Lick my hairy cunt and fuck it with your sweet, pussy-licking tongue!"

Judy was puffing with her efforts, her eyes closed as the thick, curling hair of her mother's pussy swirled about her nose and chin. She licked furiously, loving the delicious taste of this hairy, hot cunt. It was as good to her as sucking Ricky's cock, the slippery juices just as tasty as his cum.

"Oh, baby, I'm coming!" her mother yelled loudly, banging her cunt into Judy's face, "I'm coming! My pussy is coming in your cunt-sucking little mouth, darling!"

As her mother had done to her, Judy continued to lick and suck, making her mother's pussy throb with a series of drawn-out orgasms. Only when her mother could not hold her legs in the air and dropped her creamy ass to the bed did Judy pull her sweet face from that hairy cunt. She sat back on her heels, giggling with naughty delight at what she had done.

Her mother sat up tiredly, grinning widely. "Why, I had no idea, Judy. You're a fine cunt-licker. Do you have any other surprises for me? Oh, your father is going to be so fucking happy when he hears about this!"

Again they hugged each other, both almost sobbing in pleasure and happiness. Judy was glowing with pleasure as her mother's firm tits swirled about her face. She hugged her mother tightly.

"I think we better save our boiling cunts for your father and brother, don't you, baby? I mean, we have to let them have some. We can't be selfish, can we?"

Judy giggled. "Oh, they'll get plenty of pussy, Mother."

Her mother slapped Judy playfully on her naked little ass as she crawled off the bed. "I think you're right, Judy."


That evening Judy waited anxiously for her mother to say something to her father. But apparently she had said nothing to him by dinnertime. Judy helped her mother with dinner and then with the kitchen when they finished eating. Her father was in the living room, whore Ricky had sprawled in the floor watching television.

"Did you tell him yet, Mother?" Judy whispered as they loaded the dishwasher. "Did you tell Daddy?"

"Not yet, baby. I want to do it in my own way," her mother replied.

"He won't be afraid or mad or anything, will he?" she asked anxiously.

"Not your father," her mother laughed softly. "He's been waiting for you, baby. All he talks about, as I said, was what a fine little fuck you would be." She laughed again. "He just doesn't know what a precious piece of ass you really are."

"He really wants to fuck me?" Judy had a, difficult time believing it. "I mean, he has you and you're a hot fuck, Mother. Besides, look at all those grown women he fucked in the pictures. Are you sure he wants to fuck me?"

"You can bet on that, honey," her mother said again, patting her small ass. "You'll see."

"But when, Mother?"

Her mother was amused by the anxious anticipation Judy was showing. "Tonight. I promise you, your father will be fucking you tonight."

A few minutes later they were in the living room with her father and brother. Judy sat on the couch, unable to be still. She fidgeted and twisted her ass against the cushions, glancing at her father with desire in her hot, dark eyes. Her mother, teasing Judy, pretended she was not aware of her daughter's anticipation. Finally, however, she sat on the floor at his feet. Casually, she dropped her hand over his cock. "Judy and Ricky love our pictures, dear," she said.

Judy saw the look of surprise come on her father's face and Ricky sat upright quickly, not knowing what was going on.

"They do?" her father said. "Great!"

Judy watched her mother open her father's pants, then she sucked in a breath as his prick was exposed. She glanced at his face, and found his eyes were intently on her. For a moment Judy flushed, but it was a flush of pleasure. Her brother seemed afraid, and it tickled her to know she was in on this before him.

She watched her mother very deliberately begin to jack up and down on her father's cock, lifting one of her knees up and letting it fall wide. Both Judy and Ricky peered at their mother's naked, bushy cunt.

"Judy is in love with your big cock, dear," Judy heard her mother say. Her eyes burned on her father's swelling prick as her mother's fist beat up and down on it slowly. "She would like you to fuck her."

"Is that right, Judy?" her father asked.

Judy giggled, nodding her head eagerly.

"It seems our two lovely children have been fucking each other for sometime," her mother said, leaning over to give her husband's swollen prick a moist kiss on the dripping head. "Apparently we don't have to wait any longer, dear."

She pulled her hand from his cock and scooted her ass across the carpet, the movement dragging her skirt up until she was naked from the waist down. She scooted to her son, and gave him a moist kiss. "Ricky, let's see what you have that gives Judy such a good fucking."

She pulled her son's cock out, and seeing how hard it was, she cooed, "Beautiful, Ricky! You have a beautiful cock! And it's so hard! I'm going to love having it in my cunt!"

Judy watched her mother stretch out on the floor, sprawled on her stomach. Her curvy round ass was naked and lovely. She peered between her out-stretched thighs, at the dark-haired cunt she had licked so hungrily this afternoon.

"Ricky," she heard her mother say, "as much as I've been waiting to have this lovely hard cock in my pussy, I'm going to suck it off first. I want to taste it in my hot mouth, taste it spurting all that delicious young cum down my cocksucking throat!"

She closed her mouth over her son's cock and began to suck vigorously, mewling with intense pleasure. Judy watched for a moment, then heard her father.

"Come here, baby," he said in a thick voice. "Come to Daddy."

With weak thighs, Judy went to her father. She stood at his side and felt him run his hand under her skirt and over her naked little ass. "Suck a sweet ass, baby," he said. "I've been wanting your pretty little ass for a long time."

"Ooo, Daddy!" she squealed, reaching down and taking his throbbing cock in her hand. It was so thick she could hardly wrap her fingers around it. She jacked his cock with pleasure. "You have such a big cock!"

"Suck it for me, Judy," he urged. "Suck Daddy's cock like your mother is sucking Ricky's prick!"

Judy leaned over the arm of his chair, her lips hovering above the dripping head of his cock. She pressed her lips to it and gave his cock a wet kiss. "Oooo, Daddy!" she squealed. "I love it!"

"Suck my cock, baby," he urged, drawing her dress over her naked little ass. "Sack Daddy's hard cock, honey. I just know you're a sweet, fantastic little cocksucker like your mother."

She felt his hands caressing the creamy smallness of her shivering ass. She waggled it for him as her tongue ran over the seeping pisshole of his cock. "Ohh, yes! I'll suck your big cock, Daddy! I'll suck it as good as Mother sucks it! I want to taste your prick, Daddy... taste how hard and hot it is! I want you to come in my hot mouth, Daddy! Will you come in my mouth, Daddy?"

"Yes, Judy," he replied, working his hand past the crack of her tight little ass, moving a finger into the steamy heat of her own. "I'll come in your sweet little mouth! Suck Daddy's cock, honey, and I'll fill that sweet cocksucking mouth of yours!"

"Oooo," she gurgled as her lips opened to take the huge, swollen head of her father's cock between them. The smoothness of it stretched her lips until Judy was afraid she could take no more. Her desperation and desire to suck her father's cock off gave her the ability to suck in about three long inches. Her lips could stretch no more, and her mouth was so full there wasn't any more room. She sucked up and down, mewling with ecstasy as his finger fucked in and out of her slippery pussy. From her angle, she could see his large, hairy balls, and also her mother's mouth devouring Ricky's cock with intense pleasure.

Ricky was leaning back on his hands, his eyes darting excitedly from his mother's bobbing face to Judy as she sucked that enormous prick.

"Oh, Mom!" Judy heard him whisper. "Your mouth is sure hot and wet! Ahhh, you suck me good, Mom!"

"Suck his cock," her father urged her mother. "Suck his cock, darling. Oh, damn, Judy is a fantastic little cocksucker! What a sweet, hot mouth! Ooohh, honey, suck my cock up! What a tight little pussy you have! I'm going to love fucking that pretty, hot cunt, baby!"

Judy was dancing about as she leaned over her father's prick, gobbling at it gleefully. His finger plunged in and out of her rippling cunt so good. The heated fullness of her father's cock thrilled her intensely.

"My sweet, beautiful little cocksucker," her father murmered to her. His other hand was on the back of her head, caressing the silky hair, encouraging her. "Baby, oh, baby! You're Daddy's beautiful little cocksucker, aren't you? Oh, suck my cock, honey! Suck it with your hot, wet cocksucking little mouth!"

There was a loud yelp from Ricky. "Mom, Mom, you're gonna make me come! Ohh, I can't hold it back, Mom! I'm gonna come!"

Judy heard a muffled agreement from her mother, and while her own mouth continued to glide up and down her father's throbbing cock, she watched as her mother's smooth throat began to work.

"I'm coming in your mouth, Mom!" Ricky gurgled. "I'm coming in your fucking mouth, Mom!"

"Eat him up!" her father shouted excitedly. "Eat your son's cock up! Suck it, darling swallow his cum! Suck his hard fucking cock!"

Still with her father's cock stuffed into her clinging, mouth, Judy saw her mother sit up and lick her lips, grinning happily. "Oh, baby," she gurgled. "That was something! I loved that delicious young cum spurting in my mouth! I've wanted to suck that beautiful cock for a long time... and now I have!"

She turned to watch Judy struggling with her father's throbbing prick. "Ooo, Judy, that's lovely," she said. "That is so beautiful, seeing your father's hard cock in your sweet, cocksucking little mouth! Ohhh, suck it good for him, honey! Your father has wanted this for a long time!"

"And I'm about to come, too!" her father grunted, arching up toward Judy's bobbing face. "I'm going to come, Judy! You want it in your mouth, baby?"

"Mmmmmmm!" Judy squealed, her lips clinging tighter than ever to his hard-on. She moved her lips up and down faster, and then there was an enormous amount of jizz splashing into her mouth. She drew her lips up his cock until she held just the spewing pisshole between them. Her tongue flew about it as she swallowed. Her mind reeled with erotic happiness, the taste of her father's cum was so delicious it made her small body shudder. Her pussy clamped about his deeply buried finger, and she came in powerful waves. She clung to her father's prick with her tongue fluttering at the flaring pisshole until she was certain he had finishqd. Then she gave his cock a kiss and stood up weakly, grinning proudly.

Then all four burst into laughter.

"Well, how about that?" her father said. "All this time your mother and I have been waiting, anxiously I should add. We've been waiting until you two were old enough for, and all the time you've been fucking and sucking every chance you get."

Judy giggled and climbed onto her father's lap. Snuggling against him, she felt his cock against her naked little ass. She wiggled sensuously as he ran a hand up and down her thigh, the other cupping a small, succulent tit. On the floor, Judy and her father watched as Ricky found delight in discovering the treasures of his mother's body.

Ricky peeled the clothing from his mother's body slowly, laughing huskily as each area of interest was revealed. He fondled and licked and sucked at her large tits for some time, burying his face between them to kiss the soft, creamy valley. It was, to say the least, creating an intense arousal in both Judy and her father.

She could feel her father's cock swelling again, growing into hardness against her smooth little ass. Judy writhed her warm naked ass against his prick, shivering deliciously.

Ricky soon had his mother fully undressed and she was now working at his clothing. Judy gazed hotly at her mother's full, firm tits as they swayed with movement, at the round invitation of her ass, the long curling hairs of her pussy. Her own little cunt was bubbling again. But then her cunt was always bubbling. While she watched with excited eyes at what her mother and brother were doing, she felt her father's hands working at her clothing. She twisted and shifted to give him access to all the buttons and zippers, and then she was naked on his lap.

"You, too, Daddy!" she squealed with excitement. "You have to take your clothes off too!"

Judy had to leave his lap so he could get out of his shirt and pants, and she stood watching him with trembling urgency. She was thrilled by the size of his balls, the thick length of his beautiful cock. Her pussy twitched with burn ing desire, her tiny clit very swollen.

Her father gripped his cock in one hand, his hairy balls in the other. He fondled himself as he gazed at his sweet daughter's exquisite body. He took in the small, very sweet-looking tits with luscious pink nipples, the tiny waist and kissable thighs. Then his eyes gazed upon her almost hairless cunt. Those puffy lips were very desirable, very inviting. The tiny tip of her glistening clit could be seen, and he licked his lips in greedy hunger.

"Come here, honey," he whispered in a thick voice.

From behind she heard her mother comment: "I think your father is hungry, darling. He wants to have a taste of your pretty little cunt."

"Oooo," Judy whimpered, flinging herself upon her father. "Yes, Daddy! Taste me! Taste my cunt! Kiss it and lick it and tongue fuck it! Oh, Daddy, eat my pussy for me! Eat it and suck it!"

His hands moved about her quivery body, feeling every place, kissing her hotly. Due to her size, he had no difficulty lifting her to his face. He sprawled back, his head resting on the back of the chair. Judy found herself with a knee on each arm, her crotch in her father's face. She giggled and began to writhe her cunt against his mouth as his tongue darted in and out of her pussy. She loved the way his tongue curled about her distended clit, the way his lips pulled at it. She shook her body as he held her to his face with his hands against her creamy smooth ass.

"Oooo, Daddy, Daddy!" she squealed with excitement. "Oh, I love it, Daddy! You tongue-fuck my pussy so good! Eat me, Daddy! Eat my little cunt, my pussy, my twat!"

She could feel her father's tongue go deep into the wet heat of her cunt, much deeper than her brother's had ever gone. His tongue felt very much like cock in her pussy. Judy wiggled and writhed her pussy into his mouth, squealing in a soft, excited voice.

She began to come. It happened very suddenly, without warning. "Oh! Daddy, I'm coming! Ohhhhh, golly, you're making my pussy come so quickly!"

Her father's tongue raced in and out of her spasming cunt, fluttering furiously, his hands digging into her smooth asscheeks.

The moment the convulsions stopped, Judy suddenly pulled from him, twisting around until her back was toward him.

"Judy, baby," he protested. "Where are you going? I want to lick your cunt some more."

"I want that cock in me, Daddy!" she panted. "I want your big cock in me, fucking me! Ohhh, I want you to fuck me, Daddy!"

Judy placed her feet on the cushions near his hips, grasping his thick cock in her small, eager hand. She settled her pussy against the swollen, dripping head. Easing herself down, she felt as though her pussy was being impaled upon a telephone pole. But there was no pain, just a fantastic feeling of burning ecstasy.

"Daddy, Daddy!" Judy wailed with pleasure as he took more of his cock into her stretching, tight cunt. "Oh, you're so big, so fucking big! I want it... I want every hard inch in my pussy! Oooo, all of it... I want your hard cock stuffed up my hot cunt."

Judy was surprised to find her little pussy managed to accommodate her father's enormouus prick. She leaned forward and peered down. She saw the puffy, stretched lips of her pussy against the base of his cock. She took his large balls in her hand and lifted them, pressing the hairy orbs against her exposed clit, mewling happily. She began to move her crotch up and down slowly, relishing the sensations in her cunt.

While Judy rode up-and-down her father's huge cock, she gazed excitedly as her mother sprawled atop Ricky, her long legs spread wide. She saw her mother's bushy pussy and the way she rubbed it against Ricky's hard cock and hairless balls. She noticed her mother practically covered Ricky completely with her body.

Cooing and squealing in delight, Judy watched her mother slip Ricky's cock into her cunt. Her round ass began to squirm and bounce up and down. Judy was in a fine position to observe her mother's hairy cunt fucking up and down on Ricky's cock, and it created even more ecstasy in her small, hot body. "Oh, Mother!" she gurgled as her father reached around and began to squeeze at her flawless tits. "Fuck him! Fuck Ricky's cock with your hairy cunt! Oooo, I love watching that! Shake your pretty ass, Mother!"

"So good," her mother whimpered as her naked round ass bounced. "God, I love Ricky's sweet cock! Oh, I love having it up my cunt! I've waited so fucking long to get his prick in my pussy!"

"Judy has just about the tightest fucking pussy ever!" her father said. "Such a tight, hot, wet little cunt! Damn, it feels like it's gripping my fucking cock in a vise! Fuck me, baby! Fuck me with your hot little cunt!"

Ricky had reached around his mother's writhing body and was clawing at her firm asscheeks as he thrust up and down to her frenzied fucking beat. He was making sounds, but none of them understandable. His mother, with her tits against his face, was mewling as her naked ass bobbed and squirmed, her hairy pussy clinging to his throbbing hard-on.

The heavy breathing that filled the room removed all efforts for talk. Each of the four was wrapped inside a hot, erotic cocoon. They gave themselves up to the delights of incestuous fucking. Beads of perspiration glistened on naked flesh, and the moist, suctioning sounds of cunts sucking on very hard cocks filled the room.

Judy was coming in a series of overwhelming convulsions, time and again, one after the other. The ecstasy that boiled inside her small body did not allow her to do anything but moan and whimper. "Ooohh... ahhhh, Daddy! Oh, fuck... good... fucking me! Cock in my cunt... fucking me! Daddy is fucking me with his big cock!"

Her mother, too, was in the grip of intense multiple orgasm, her spasming pussy riding her son's cock in a furious banging motion. Her whole naked body shuddered wildly as she yelped and gurgled. "Fuck Mother, baby! Oh, God, your sweet, beautiful cock is making Mother's cunt come and come! Ohhh, sweet, sweet! Come, darling! Let Mother feel your hard cock spurt that sweet cum in her hot, hairy pussy!"

Judy felt her father's cock throb even more powerfully.

"Judy, baby!" he yelped, his hands digging into her small tits. "Your hot little cunt is making me come! Ohhh, baby, I'm filling your wet, hot, tight pussy!"

She felt her father's jizz burst into her clinging pussy, and Judy went into a very long, very powerful orgasm. Her small body shook violently and she squeezed her eyes shut, biting at her lips with ecstasy. Then she slumped backwards against her father, her naked body shivering as she glowed with pleasure, mewling softly, her pussy still in spasms around his thick prick.

From a distance she heard her brother yelling at their mother that he was coming. She wanted to open her eyes and watch Ricky come in their mother's cunt, but they wouldn't open. She gasped for air as her father continued to fondle her small tit in one hand, his other sliding down her shaking body to caress her cunt gently and lovingly.


In the days that followed, Judy and Ricky learned a great deal about their parents. It seemed that they had been involved in sexual activities with others from the day of their wedding.

Their parents had grown up next door to each other, and had begun fucking about the same age as Judy and Ricky. Although they had not been involved with others until after their marriage, it had been discussed often between them.

Their opportunity came about six months after being married, and from there they met others. However, their parents told them, their desire had always been to fuck and suck with boys and girls of Judy's and Ricky's age. Neither of them accomplished this until about three years later. Their mother had discovered a young boy with an intense sexual desire, and managed to seduce him. Somehow, she convinced the boy how much fun it would be if he and her husband fucked her at the same time. Although they had indulged a number of times with this willing boy, they had not found a young girl until meeting the parents of the girl in the picture.

Judy wanted to know why her parents had not let her and Ricky in on this earlier since that was the case.

"We thought about it seriously," her mother said. "But you look so sweet and innocent, baby, we weren't sure of your thoughts about sex. Ricky, though, was getting damned tempting to me. We knew he was jacking that cock off quite often. It was you we weren't sure about."

"Anyway, you know now," Judy giggled. "I'm not as innocent as I look."

"And that's perfect," her father said. "You're one sweet fuck, honey."

"For you, Daddy," she said, climbing onto his lap and writhing her tight little ass, "I'd be anything you want. I'll be your fuck, your cocksucker! Whatever you want."

"And she'll take your cock up her asshole," Ricky laughed. "Judy's a fine ass-fuck!"

"Why you two little devils!" their mother laughed. "What else have you been up to?"

"Well," Ricky said, "I know a boy, this friend of mine that thinks your body is out of this world, Mom."

"Who?" his mother asked quickly. "Would he like to fuck me?"

"That's what he told me," her son replied. "His name is Robert."

"Oh, yes," his mother smiled. "I know him. Why, he should come around. I've seen that sweet lump in his pants."

"Will you fuck him?" Ricky asked.

"I'll fuck his little cock so much," she laughed, "and suck it for him until he'll think he's gone to fuck heaven."

Ricky laughed. "He sure will! Oh, boy, wait until I tell him. He's gonna come in his fucking pants!"

"Daddy," Judy said to her father, "you like little girls, don't you?"

"I love them," he replied.

"Then I have a surprise for you." Judy hugged him tightly, her tight little ass squirming against his cock. "I know a real pretty little blonde girl that loves to fuck, and her pussy is probably tighter than mine."

"There isn't a cunt in the world tighter than yours, baby," he said. "But whoever this blonde pussy is, I'd sure like to fuck her."

"Judy," Ricky said. "Are you sure? You got jealous because I fucked her."

"I'm not worried about that any more," Judy replied. "I know fucking is different than loving someone. I mean, a girl can want to fuck a guy without loving him. Or a boy with a girl. I'm sorry I was so mean to you about Susan."

"You've made up for it," he laughed.

So, Ricky called Robert. Robert and his sister were to join them that evening. Ricky was very secretive on the phone, only telling Robert there was going to be a lot of fun. He didn't mention his parents.

At six that evening, Susan and Robert arrived. At first they didn't understand what was going on when they saw they would not be alone. Robert sat with his sister on the couch, and Judy's mother simply walked up to him, standing a few feet away. She looked down at the young boy with a big smile on her face.

"Robert," she said, "Ricky told me you've been wanting some of my pussy, is that right?"

Robert turned a bright red and shot an accusing look at Ricky. He began to stammer, not making sense. He was embarrassed.

But Ricky's mother suddenly pulled her dress up to her waist and arched her hips for ward. She was not wearing panties and her hairy cunt was fully exposed to his suddenly huge eyes. Susan, too, was startled, but not in the same way as her brother. She giggled and stared at the grown woman's hair-lined pussy with hot eyes.

"Touch it, Robert," she said, moving close to him and spreading her long, smooth thighs. "If you want my cunt, Robert, you've got to feel me up."

"Do it, Robert," Susan giggled. "Feel her pussy. You've talked about it enough. Now's our chance."

"Our chance?" Judy's father asked. "What do you mean, Susan?"

The little blonde girl looked at him boldly. "I'm a fucking machine," she said. "Anyway, that's what my brother calls me. I'd rather fuck than do anything else. I've never had a grown man fuck me."

"You are now, Susan," Judy laughed happily. "Daddy has the neatest cock ever! It's so big, and it's gonna stuff your cunt better than ever. Come on, take your panties off and let Daddy fuck you, Susan!"

Judy watched the little girl quickly strip her panties and pulled her dress up to her waist, moving toward him. Then she looked at her mother, who was pulling Robert to his feet and removing his pants.

"I'm going to give you what you've been wanting, Robert," she said. "You wanted some of my hot, hairy... cunt you're going to get it now!"

"I wanna cock, too!" Judy yelped.

Her mother, without glancing up because she was totally absorbed in Robert's hard cock now, said: "Fuck your brother, darling. Ricky has a hard-on. Fuck him."

Judy and her brother went at each other with a hungry desperation, but their eyes watched everything their parents were doing with Robert and Susan. They saw their mother sprawl on the floor, her dress about her waist and legs wide, bushy pussy revealed. She opened her blouse to expose her large tits as Robert slipped between her thighs, his cock throbbing and dripping.

"Give it to me, Robert!" she crooned, grasping his prick and bringing it to her cunt. "Give me that lovely cock! Shove it up my hot, hairy cunt, baby! Fuck me, Robert! Fuck my pussy!"

As Ricky settled his prick into his sister's tight, hairless pussy, they watched as Susan climbed onto their father's lap, and both were amazed to see how easily the blonde-fuzzed cunt accepted their father's enormous prick.

"She's been practicing," Judy said. "She must have been. Daddy's cock went in so fucking easy!"

Susan giggled and began to bounce ecstatically up and down his prick as he opened her top to get his hands on her small, pointed little tits. "I can take this big cock up my asshole, too!" she squealed in delight. "I wanna get it in my asshole next!"

"You're going to get it every place you want, little doll," they heard their father reply. "In your young, hot pussy, in your tight little teenage asshole, and for damned sure in that sweet, pretty mouth! You do like to suck on a cock, don't you?"

"Oooo," Susan gurgled as her tight little ass twirled happily. "I love sucking cock as much as fucking! I'm a good cocksucker, too! Just ask Ricky and my brother if you don't believe me!"

"I don't have to ask," he said. "I'll find out for myself later."

Grunts filled the air, as did the moist sounds of cunts sucking at hard cocks. Pants and gasps bubbled about as naked asses bounced up and down. The excitement was heavy in the room.

Ricky and Judy kept their eyes moving from their father and mother, never missing a beat as his cock plunged in and out of Judy's gripping pussy.

"Oooo, look at Daddy's cock!" Judy squealed. "Watch him fuck Susan's pussy! Golly, I like this! Everybody is fucking!"

Their mother opened and closed her long, smooth legs around Robert's struggling, naked ass, scissoring them about as she banged her round ass up and down to meet the lunges of his prick. She was mewling with ecstasy. "Fuck it to me, Robert! You wanted my cunt, and now you've got it! Fuck me, Robert! Ohhh, God... fuck the piss out of my hairy pussy!"

Susan, straddling their father, her sweet little ass twirling and twisting, bubbled with delight. "Ooooo, your cock is so big! I love it in my pussy! Oh, I've wanted a man's cock for so long! It's a dream come true... a big, grown-up cock in my cunt!"

Judy, underneath her brother, was kissing at his mouth in a frenzy, her tongue thrusting in and out as her naked ass bounced and writhed. "Ohhh, Ricky, I love you!" she gurgled hotly. "I don't care how many cunts you fuck, I'll always love you! I want you to fuck every pussy you can, but only as long as you give it to me, too!"

The room became filled with moans and cries.

"Fuck me!"

"What a cunt!"

"Ooo, big, hard cock... in my cunt!"

"Woman cunt... fucking me, at last!"

"I'm coming!"

"Ooo, fuck harder! I'm gonna come, too!"

All the words and sounds mingled until they came together. All six were coming at almost the same time, something they considered a bonus later on.

Once they had calmed somewhat, the conversation revolved about other people.

"We have some very good friends that will love you kids," Judy's mother said. "That is, if you want to visit with them some day."

"I do!" Susan giggled. "I wanna get fucked by all of them. Are you sure it would be okay, though? I mean, I'm just a little kid."

Judy's father laughed. "That's it exactly. Some of those men and women will eat you up, you're so sweet."

"I'm ready for it," Susan laughed.

"And so am I," Judy said. "Don't forget me and Ricky, Daddy."

"No way," he said, patting his daughter on her naked ass. "From now on, you and your brother will be with us every time we have a party."

And again all six became entangled, rolling about the floor in naked delight, feeling and kissing at every cock or pussy near their mouths. No one knew, nor cared, whose cock went into whose pussy or asshole or mouth.


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