Naked horny family

Most of us lead two lives -- real and fantasy. The housewife imagines herself leading a life of luxury, surrounded by jewels and furs. The businessman imagines himself away from the rat race, painting or fishing by a quiet lake. The schoolboy dreams of becoming a famous athlete. And then there are sexual fantasies -- wild dreams that we seldom expect to come true.

Is it best to suppress our desires and fantasies, or to bring them out in the open and act on them? Does their repression lead to sickness, or does their fulfillment bring shame? No one has yet been able to answer these questions satisfactorily.

In this story the characters have decided not to repress their sexual desires and fantasies and for some of them they must suffer the consequences, while others find ultimate happiness.

NAKED HORNY FAMILY -- a story that deals with a sexual dilemma that confronts us all in one form or another. We cannot pass judgment on the solutions of others. We can only look at them with an open mind, seeing how some members of our society face the problem.


Dottie Baker hadn't seen her cousin in a year. "He's sure no kid anymore," she whispered under her breath.

Steve had filled out and broadened, with muscles rippling across his tanned back where the shoulder blades used to stick out. And he must have been four or five inches taller. However, the change Dottie noticed most was between his legs.

The bulge in his tight bathing suit left nothing to Dottie's imagination. He was hung, she realized. Hung like a horse!

"Ready for a dip?" he asked her.

"Is anybody else coming along?" Dottie said, feeling her pussy tingle.

"Alice mentioned something about it," Steve said, referring to his sister.

"Well, she can join us later," Dottie quickly answered. "After all, she sees you every day. But it's been a year since the two of us have been together. We've got some catching up to do."

"Sure," Steve agreed, doing some looking of his own.

Dottie wore a two-piece bikini. Her tits filled the plunging halter and the skimpy bottom of her suit cut into her crotch like a knife.

Dottie had done some growing up herself. In the last year she had sucked her first cock, then several more to go along with that one. And, although she was still technically cherry, she planned to do something about that too.

"How about the pond?" Dottie suggested. "There's plenty of privacy there."

"Sounds good to me," Steve replied, a husky edge to his voice as he gave Dottie's curvy body another once over.

Hand in hand, the cousins slipped away. A grove of trees and an undergrowth of dense brush shielded them from the rest of the family.

"Well, here we are," Steve said nervously, looking back and forth between the sparkling pond and his scantily clad cousin. "Like we used to say when we were little kids, last one in's a rotten egg."

He started to edge toward the water but Dottie didn't follow. When Steve turned around his mouth flew open. She was stripping!

"Another thing we used to do when we were kids," she coyly explained, "was skinny-dip."

Her halter fluttered to the ground, causing her tits to swing in exposure. The nipples were pink and hard. The telltale bulge between Steve's legs swelled.

"We're, uh, not as young as we used to be," he choked as his cousin stood half-naked before him.

"I know," Dottie murmured, licking her lips while she stared at the throbbing evidence of Steve's arousal.

She wriggled her hips and the patch of cloth gave way and fell down her thighs. All at once her pussy was out in the open. Partially shaved so the hair wouldn't show when she wore her bathing suit, her curly bush was a perfect triangle.

"Like me?" she asked bluntly.

"You're a knockout!" Steve breathlessly replied.

"Bet you're not so bad yourself," Dottie purred.

Steve gulped. "You want me to strip too?"

"Why not? You've seen what I've got. Now it's my turn to check you out."

"Gee, I-I dunno," Steve stammered. "It might be... well, kinda embarrassing. See, I'm sorta..." He couldn't finish.

"Turned on?" Dottie boldly asked him.

Steve sheepishly nodded.

"Then here, let me give you a hand," Dottie smirked.

While she spoke she'd closed the distance between Steve and herself. Now she had her hands inside his trunks, pushing them down.

But his cock stretched the fabric stubbornly, snagged on it. She tugged harder and suddenly the trunks came off with Steve's hard-on surging free. Dottie trapped it against her belly and rubbed.

"Mmmm, this is more like it," she sighed. "We're not going swimming, are we?" Steve muttered.

"Only if you like getting your cock sucked underwater," Dottie teased.

She slumped down onto her knees. Her tongue flicked out and caught Steve's balls. From there it licked up to the shaft of his jutting prick.

"Nobody's ever blown me before," he admitted.

"No problem," she chuckled. "I have enough experience for the both of us."

Steve moaned when Dottie took his cockhead in her mouth. "Feels even better than I thought it would."

"This is just the beginning," Dottie slurped. "Because when I go down on a guy, I don't stop until I've swallowed every inch."

"What do I do?" Steve nervously asked.

"Just stand there. The rest'll come naturally."

Then Dottie bore down when Steve's cock head reached her throat she momentarily gagged on its bulk, then relaxed her muscles as she wallowed. After, that it was easy. She didn't let up until she'd taken him to his balls.

"Gee, I didn't think you could really do it!" Steve rasped. "God, my whole cock's in your mouth."

Now, while she burrowed between his legs, Steve reached down and brushed Dottie's long, brown hair. At first his touch was hesitant, but then he discovered how willing she was to have him set the tempo of her suction. By moving her head, he could also move her lips on his prick.

"Oh, yeah," he groaned. "Suck my cock!" Dottie's head was solidly in his grip. He rocked it to and fro so she tugged at his hard-on. And his hips churned in response. He was fucking her in the mouth!

Picking up more confidence with every cock-thrust, Steve called down to Dottie: "Just keep it up and I'll come right down your throat."

His words were music to Dottie's ears. Anything less than a bellyful of his cock's hot, sweet juice would be a disappointment. For her, a blow-job was a waste of time unless she devoured every drop of a guy's jizz.

And now with Steve's prick straining toward eruption, she made sure he'd deliver. Squeezing his balls, she primed his supply of cream.

A finger up his asshole didn't hurt her cause either.

"You want it as much as I wanna give it to you," Steve steamily declared. "So here it is, Dottie. All the cum you can drink!"

His crotch bucked against her face, his cock pouring its thick juice down her throat. Dottie gulped as fast as he shot his wad, almost climaxing herself from the feast of liquid warmth.

Soon Steve's spurting slowed to a dribble. But Dottie wouldn't release his cock until she'd milked out every last bit of jizz. She doubled her suction, still pumping Steve's balls and finger-fucking his asshole.

"You've sucked me dry," Steve groaned.

Reluctantly, Dottie allowed his prick to leave her mouth. Her disappointment fled when she saw that, although Steve's cock may have been drained, it remained hard, hard enough to fuck her!

Dottie fell back on the grass, lifting her knees. Then, slowly, her legs parted. As Steve stood there watching her cunt spread, his cock twitched and throbbed as if it might burst its taut skin.

Her thighs now yawning, Dottie reached between them and stretched her pussy lips open even wider. With her pink cunt splitting the center of her hairy triangle like a fresh wound, her cunt honey leaked down, then soak of her ass.

"Fuck me, Steve!" she urged. "Stick your big prick in my pussy and fuck me!"

Steve was very horny for her juicy pussy, yet something held him back. "Jeez, Dottie, I dunno," he choked. "A blowjob's one thing. But actually going all the way is taking some kinda chance. What if somebody caught us?"

"Bet they'd be damned jealous," Dottie saucily answered, running a fingertip up the groove of her cunt and tickling her clit.

"Maybe so," Steve said. "But what if the shit hit the fan worse than either of us've ever seen it before? This isn't just kid stuff, you know."

"Well, if it isn't, then why are you acting so much like a scared little boy?" Dottie cut in.

Steve took a deep breath and gulped: "Don't you know? Can't you figure it out?"

"Oh, that," Dottie smirked. "I'm willing to forget about it if you are."

"How can I?" Steve croaked.

"Try," Dottie coned, pushing the sides of her pussy together so the juices bubbled out.

"Wish I could. But it's no use. I'm still."

Steve interrupted himself to take his deepest breath yet. As he did, Dottie anticipated what she'd say to ease his mind about their being cousins.

But Dottie was wrong. Incest wasn't what had Steve on the ropes at all.

"I'm still cherry," he coughed as though he were in pain. "Everything else I just said was bullshit. I was only stalling. I'm not worried about anybody else. But, fact is, the only one I'm afraid of is me. Afraid I'll make a fool of myself if I try to fuck you."

Dottie laughed out loud.

"See, I told you," Steve snapped. "You're making fun of me already."

Getting a hold of herself, Dottie insisted: "No, no, that's not it at all. I'm the one who ought to be nervous about getting fucked."

"What for? You must've put out for plenty of guys."

"But I only went so far," Dottie answered, catching her cousin by surprise.

"What about, the way you sucked my cock?" Steve countered. "You sure knew what you were doing then."

"And that's as far as I've ever gone," Dottie said.

"You mean?"

Dottie nodded. "When it comes to my cunt, I'm just as cherry as you are, Steve."

"Naw, I can't believe that," he mumbled.

"There's only one way you can be absolutely sure, though," Dottie cooed.

"Yeah, guess maybe you might be right about that," Steve admitted when she pulled apart her pussy for him.

Dottie knew that he was hers. And, within the moment, he'd dropped to his knees. Gripping his cock, he automatically drew a bead on Dottie's waiting pussy.

She reached for Steve with her long legs, drawing him to her. His hips slipped easily between her thighs, bringing his cockhead just shy of her flexed pussy lips.

Dottie panted with anticipation. "Stick it in. Your cock in my cunt. Stick your beautiful cock as deep in my hot cunt as you can fuck me with it. Your cherry cock in my cherry cunt!"

Steve's crotch lurched, sending his prick straight into its juicy target. Dottie lifted her ass off the ground and pushed back until her pussy felt as if it might burst at the seams from all the cock meat it had abruptly taken.

"Ooooh," she squealed, "your cock feels bigger on the inside than it looked on the outside! What a hunk!"

"You want the rest of it?" Steve asked anxiously.

"You mean I don't have it all already?"

"A few more inches to the dame!" Dottie begged. "Pop my cherry."

Impatient to lose her virginity, she locked her legs around her cousin's waist and yanked his crotch toward hers. As his cock lanced farther into her pussy, there was sudden pain, a sharp, searing pain.

Knowing exactly what it was, Dottie whimpered: "Oh, it hurts so good. Just what I've been waiting for."

And then the pain gave way to a liquid rush of sticky warmth. Dottie eagerly put her hand to her fucked cunt and her fingers came back just the way she wanted them to smeared with blood.

"It's done!" she cried. "My cherry's popped!"

It gave her a high that made her dizzy with ecstasy. That thrill, along with her cousin's hilted cock in her ruptured pussy, had her climaxing on the spot.

"I'm coming! Coming already from my first fuck!" she said breathlessly.

However, if Dottie expected Steve to be excited by her orgasm, she was wrong. Instead, he was abruptly downcast, his cock losing its edge in her cunt.

"What's the matter?" Dottie asked, confused.

"Knew I'd mess up," Steve muttered. "I haven't even gotten started and it'd all over for you."

"All over?"

"You came. You don't need me to fuck you anymore. I might as well have stayed cherry if I can't do any better than this."

Dottie realized then that he thought girls were the same as guys, that they came just once. It was all she could do to keep from breaking up with a fit of the giggles. But she knew that wouldn't do.

She whispered: "Just relax. It's not over yet."

"Aw, it's no use," he snorted in disgust with himself.

"Trust me," Dottie soothed.

She began rocking her discouraged cousin in the cradle of her thighs. This forced his cock to resume its movement in her cunt. Squeezing her pussy muscles, Dottie soon had him at peak hardness again.

But Steve remained wary, mumbling: "Doesn't feel right. I know you're just being a good sport."

"You might be surprised," Dottie answered.

Then she took one of her cousin's hands and guided it to her pussy.

"Feel around my pussy," she told him.

His fingers began stiffly exploring between her legs.

"Up higher," Dottie suggested.

Steve probed at the top of her cunt, his fingers loosening as though oiled by pussy juice.

"Right about where your cock's going into me," Dottie panted with anticipation. "There's something there I want you to feel. Something special."

Without understanding what he was searching for, Steve found it anyway. His cousin jumped beneath him, moaning out loud as her cunt spasmed around his buried cock.

"What was that?" Steve gulped with surprise.

"My clit!" Dottie swooned. "You just gave it a helluva buzz. I came again just like that."

"You don't have to lie to make me feel better," Steve replied. "I know you're already finished coming."

"Am I? Well, then just keep rubbing my clit while you're fucking me and we'll see."

His curiosity sparked, Steve immediately found her clit again. This time he clasped the meaty button between his thumb and forefinger.

"Go ahead, pinch it for me!" Dottie urged.

Steve put on some pressure.


Suddenly he was squeezing it and Dottie writhed beneath him, her cunt tugging wildly at his prick. Even Steve was now convinced that she'd really climaxed.

"Nobody could fake that," he rasped with wonder. "You can come as many times as you want to, can't you?"

"Just as many times as you can make me," Dottie sang. "Now more, more, more. Keep me coming until I have a pussyfull of your jizz."

"That won't be long," Steve grunted. "Not the way your cunt's pulling at my cock."

"Then pour it on!" Dottie urged. While Steve continued fucking her and mauling her clit, Dottie pulled his head down to her tits. His tongue immediately went to work, lapping the jiggling mounds. Then his mouth settled on a nipple and he slurped like a hungry baby.

"Mmmm, that's it," Dottie groaned. "Suck me, suck me."

Steve's spit ran down her chest as he bore down on her tit. Then in his eagerness, he accidentally used his teeth on her tender nipple.

"Sorry," he apologized.

"For what?" Dottie bubbled. "Feels good when you bite me. Do it again. Yes, bite me, bite me!"

Needing no further prompting, Steve sank his teeth into the spongy flesh around the nipple. He twisted Dottie's clit again and his huge prick rammed deeper into her cunt than ever.

"I'm flying!" Dottie gasped. "Coming so hard it feels like I'm flying."

Her ass rose and fell to match the thrusts of Steve's cock. Her cunt felt severely tugged by his pinching fingers every time she bucked. Above, his teeth chewed on her nipple to the same rhythm. The result was a mixture of agony and ecstasy that even Dottie couldn't stand for long.

"Hurry up and come in me! I need your cum in my pussy now! Now! Now!" she begged.

Dottie had cried out so loudly that Steve was forced to clap his free hand over her mouth to keep any of the rest of the family from hearing her. So there was an abrupt stillness, except for Steve's own hard breathing and the squishing from his pumping prick in his silenced cousin's wet pussy.

Then he slid his hand off Dottie's mouth just enough to let her speak, but not so far that he couldn't muffle her again if she was too loud.

"Okay, I'm gonna come," he told her. "Think you can be quiet?"

Nodding, Dottie gasped: "I'd cut off my tongue for a pussy full of your jizz."

"Good girl," Steve panted.

Dottie squeezed her pussy muscles around every inch of his hilted prick. She could feel his balls burning and churning, ready to explode. When she reached down and stroked them, it was like pulling the trigger on the sexual rifle between her cousin's legs.

"Ahhh, I'm shooting it!" Steve blurted, his cock firing bullets of jism into Dottie's cunt.

Now it was her turn to quiet him down. As his prick gushed in her pussy, she sealed his mouth with both hands, pushing with her open palms into his face. Dottie stifled her own wails of joy by biting her lip hard.

They climaxed together for what seemed like an eternity, neither of them breathing for as long as it lasted. Then, even after Steve's softening prick was drained and her cunt was leaking from all that cum, Dottie didn't allow her cousin or herself to speak until she was sure they could trust themselves.

"Mmmm, what a fuck," Dottie sighed, finally breaking the sweaty silence. "What a way to lose our cherries. And nobody knows we did it."

Steve nodded with relief, certain she was right.

But it wasn't that way.

For neither cousin had noticed the shadow in the bushes had been there for several minutes. Long enough for the intruder to have seen plenty.

"I still don't believe it," the intruder whispered under the rustling of the leaves. "Steve and Dottie... fucking... God! They'd kill me if they knew I saw them."


"Alice, have you seen Steve and Dottie?"

Alice told her mother that she didn't know where her brother or cousin were.

"Well, do you think you could go hunt them up? Your father wants Steve for the softball game and Dottie could give us a hand mixing this potato salad."

"Sure, Mom," Alice agreed, leaving immediately.

Actually, it was just the chance she'd been waiting for to sneak away and have a cigarette. Her trusting parents had no idea she smoked, and meanwhile a nicotine fit was eating her up inside.

She spotted a grove of trees up ahead. As she recalled there was a pond there. She could sit there with her feet in the water and smoke to her heart's content. Ah, that'd be nice, she thought. These family picnics were fun, but sometimes she needed a break. She didn't blame Steve and Dottie for slipping off.

Alice passed between the two biggest trees, walking carefully so she wouldn't step on anything with her bare feet. Then she heard a low moan that paralyzed her with fear. Then she saw where it was coming from.

"Dottie," a stunned Alice gasped.

She spotted someone familiar in a clearing in the bushes. Dottie's face was crushed against somebody else's crotch, but Alice couldn't see who. But the other person was definitely male.

"Dottie's got his thing in her mouth!" Alice muttered under her breath. "That must be what they call a blow-job. Jeepers, wonder who she's doing it to?"

"Oh, yeah," the boy groaned. She knew that voice! "Suck my cock!"

"Steve," Alice choked, almost fainting as she identified her brother.

"Just keep it up," Steve moaned. "Keep blowing me this good and I'll come right down your throat."

Alice automatically shifted her head to get a better view of the action. Now she could see her brother and cousin were both naked. Kneeling before Steve, Dottie swallowed his cock whole while squeezing his balls and fingering his ass.

"You want it as much as I wanna give it to you," Steve declared, as if echoing Alice's thoughts. "So here it is, Dottie. All the cum you can drink."

Alice watched with awe as her brother strained with obvious release. Dottie gulped as fast as she could while Steve's cock fed her its spurting juice.

She found herself licking her lips. Her hand dropped to the crotch of her cut-off jeans, feeling the heat of her young pussy through the denim. Alice sighed with fascination.

She felt her hand unzipping her cut-offs and made no attempt to stop it. Then she was touching her panties. They were wet but it was even wetter inside them when Alice touched the sticky warmth of her bare cunt.

"Feels so good," she murmured as her middle finger tested the depths of her juicy pussy.

Playing with her pussy for the first time, Alice couldn't help but be aware of how much she'd missed by being such a straight arrow. So far in her young life, smoking cigarettes had been her only regular vice. Playing with her cunt, she realized, was a lot more fun than tobacco.

Although she was almost the same age as her cousin Dottie, Alice had always acted and looked much younger. Now, though, with her unused cunt finally drooling and twitching, she was growing up fast.

She came. It happened just like that. Alice's first climax ever. Pussy juice ran down her forearm as she jerked her finger up her cunt.

Her legs weak, she slumped to her knees in the bushes. Some twigs snapped. The noise brought her out of her orgasmic funk. Holding her breath, she could only pray that Steve and Dottie hadn't heard.

Alice sighed with relief when she saw that they were too wrapped up with one another to pay attention to a few stray sounds.

While Alice had been fingering her cunt, they had finished the blow-job. Now Dottie was on the ground with her legs spread and her pussy yawning. She'd just told Steve she wanted him to fuck her. He was stalling, though, despite the stiffness of his cock.

Alice quickly grew impatient. She was dying to watch them fuck. She couldn't imagine what was the matter with her brother. Then Alice heard Steve admit he was cherry. But before she could react to that surprise the real bombshell was dropped.

"I'm just as cherry as you are, Steve," Dottie revealed.

Steve was, of course, stunned. But not any more than his eases dropping sister.

Alice had often mocked herself by imagining she must be the only one her age who was still a virgin. Now, to find out that her cousin Dottie was also stilt cherry was incredible!

"That could be me about to get fucked for the first time," Alice panted.

Before long Steve was down between Dottie's legs, his cock finally in her cunt. Alice fantasized that it was she who was being fucked.

When Dottie's cherry was broken, Alice felt a searing spasm of pain between her own legs. And when Dottie climaxed, Alice did too without being touched. By the time Steve and Dottie had finished she was as drained as they were.

Then, abruptly, Alice came to her senses, as she heard her brother and cousin talking about how lucky they were not to have been caught. And, after having felt so in tune with the action, Alice realized that she was sitting on a keg of dynamite.

"I still don't believe it," she muttered, referring to her own reckless eavesdropping. "Steve and Dottie... fucking... God! They'd kill me if they knew I saw them."

She knew she had to leave before they noticed her. But in her haste the bushes seemed to close in on her. Feeling trapped, Alice panicked and thrashed at the surrounding branches. By the time she got control of herself, it was too late.

"What's that?" Steve blurted, leaping to his feet.

In one last attempt to escape, Alice struggled to claw her way free of the bushes. Still unzipped, her cut-offs were snagged all the way open and pulled down past her thighs to reveal her stained panties. Above, her t-shirt was ripped across the front. One of her girlish tits was exposed, slashed with a bloody scratch.

This was how her brother found her. Suddenly Steve stood over her, still bare-assed from fucking Dottie.

"Who is it?" Dottie called.

"Jesus, it's my sister!" Steve gulped. "Half undressed! We must've blown her mind. I'm not sure she even knows where she is anymore."

But, in reality, Alice had a solid fix on the situation. For with the appearance of her naked brother, it had all come into focus for her. All at once the last thing she wanted to do was leave. Steve's big cock and round balls had her cherry pussy spasming with desire.

"Don't move," she told her brother, freezing him. "I know exactly where I am and what I'm doing."

"Okay, Sis," Steve gulped. "What do you want to keep your mouth shut?"

Alice didn't waste any words. "Fuck me too!"

Now it was Steve who looked like he didn't know where he was.

And Alice kicked away her cut-offs. And ripped the torn t-shirt from her tiny tits. Then, finally, wriggled out of her damp panties so she was completely naked.

"Since you're popping cherries, how about mine?" she said.

Her legs parted, exposing her cunt with just the slightest wisps of hair. It looked like a little girl's pussy except for one thing -- drooling, glistening pussy juice.

Then, when Alice pulled open her cunt, another feature surfaced. She had a clit that was at least twice the size of normal. Poking out from her cunt's summit it looked like a miniature cockhead, shocking in contrast with the rest of her girlish body.

"Christ, what a pussy!" gasped Dottie.

She was there now, standing beside the glassy-eyed Steve above the spread-legged Alice.

"Oh, she wants it. Wants it bad," Dottie continued, her eyes riveted between her female cousin's yawning thighs.

Steve recovered enough to stammer: "What should I do?"

Without hesitation, Dottie told him: "That's easy. Fuck her. If you don't, I just might go down on her myself."

That brought Steve completely back to life. "Oh, no!" he hissed. "You're not turning my sister into a horny girl."

"Then you'd better take care of business," Dottie said.

"You heard her, Steve," Alice called up to her brother. "It's either you or her."

"But you're my own sister," Steve choked. "Don't know if I can even get it up for you."

"Maybe a blow-job would help," Alice suggested, scrambling to her knees.

"Jesus, what can you know about that?" Steve muttered.

"Just what I picked up from watching Dottie suck your prick," Alice said. "It always pays to learn from an expert."

Dottie giggled in response to her cousin's compliment. "Go ahead, Alice, make me proud of you."

"With pleasure," Alice replied.

And then her mouth, was on her brother's cock. His prick was still limp, easy for her to swallow whole.

"Suck as much as you can," Dottie encouraged her. "And play with his balls. You'll get him stiff before you know it."

Alice fingered Steve's nuts as instructed. She cupped and squeezed them. Steve's hips began to jerk, while his stirring prick made his sister's cheeks swell.

"Oh, that's it, you're getting there," Dottie bubbled.

Now, without any reminder, Alice remembered something else she'd seen Dottie do when she had been blowing Steve. The finger went up his asshole.

"That a girl!" Dottie whooped with approval. "God, it's almost like watching myself give head. You've got it all down perfect, Alice!"

Dottie's praise meant a lot to Alice. And now, courting more, she proudly displayed Steve's revived hard-on by releasing it for all to see.

"Mmmmm, you did it. Alice, honey, you really did it," Dottie sighed with admiration. "Now that's a hard-on just made for fucking."

In a daze, Steve slowly glanced down at his crotch. "Yeah, guess it is," he mumbled.

Touching his jutting cock as if he weren't sure it belonged to him, he slumped to his knees. His sister reclined on a bed of vegetation now, waiting in the classic fucking position for Steve's rigid cock in her cherry pussy.

"Feels like I'm dreaming," Steve mumbled.

With one hand on his cock, he reached out with the other for his sister's cunt. Her pussy lips quivered from his caressing fingertips, more juice trickling into the crack of her ass. At the top of her pussy her oversized clit throbbed. "But this is real, all right," Steve sighed after tasting his sticky fingers. "No dream ever had a pussy this sweet."

"My pussy's even tighter than it is sweet," Alice called up.

Steve took a deep breath. He even closed his eyes. Then, at last, slipped his cockhead into Alice's wet cunt.

With contact between prick and pussy finally made, Alice eagerly pushed back. When her slender ass left the grass in a bucking lurch, at least half of her brother's hard-on was abruptly forced into her young pussy.

"Ooooh, it's even better than I thought it'd be!" Alice swooned.

"It's just starting, honey," Dottie called from the sidelines. "Wait'll you have his whole cock in your cunt and he busts your cherry. Then you can stop worrying about your virginity and throw everything you have into being the best piece of ass you can."

"I'm raring to go!" Alice declared.

"You heard her, Steve," Dottie said. "Rip her, stud, rip her! Rip that little cherry to pieces!"

When Steve hesitated, Dottie swatted him on the ass. Catching him by surprise, the impact drove his loins forward. His thrusting prick abruptly filled his sister's cunt to his balls as Alice was smothered under his falling weight.

Then, unable to resist helping out, Dottie knelt directly behind Steve and leaned down toward the arch of his thighs. Unaware of her increasing involvement because his eyes remained closed, Steve reacted with gasping surprise when her sucking mouth was suddenly tugging at his balls.

"Shit!" he blurted out, his eyes flying open.

Now, while his cousin gobbled his balls, he was staring directly into his sister's freckled face, so close to Alice that their noses touched. Her expression was startling, a mask of pain.

"God, I'm dying... just dying," she groaned, her hot breath blowing against Steve's features.

"I'm sorry, Sis," Steve stammered. "You're not ready for this yet."

But despite his apology, his cock didn't stop stabbing into Alice's pussy. Dottie kept sucking his balls, wriggling a finger she'd added up his asshole to drive him on.

"Wish I could quit, Sis," Steve choked. "But, damn, it's too late."

Alice screamed in his face. He had to slap his hand across her mouth to keep her quiet. She bit his fingers and writhed beneath him as though she were frying.

Then, all at once, there was a calm. Steve cautiously slipped his hand from Alice's mouth. She was pale but this wasn't what startled her brother. Her rubbery grin did that.

"Y-you okay, Sis?" he anxiously asked.

"Just perfect," Alice murmured. "At last I'm a woman."

"You mean?"

"Yes, you did it, Steve. Popped my cherry. I came so hard when it happened. So fucking hard!"

Now Steve became aware of the seeping moisture around his cock. He reached down between his sister's legs. When he looked at his fingers they were dripping with Alice's fresh blood!

Then she wrapped her legs around Steve's waist. Pulling his crotch flush with hers so his cock was buried in her cunt, she began churning her hips.

"It's my turn to do all the work now, though," she said. "So watch out!"

Using her scissoring legs with astonishing strength for a girl of her slight stature, Alice abruptly rolled her flabbergasted brother over onto his back. Bobbing up above him, she perched squarely on his crotch so his ten-inch cock was straight up her cunt.

Having been thrown aside by the violent change in fucking positions, Dottie looked on and sighed with envy.

"Just because I'm on top of things doesn't mean I can't use some help," Alice called. "Why don't you get back to sucking Steve's balls while I ride his cock?"

The offer didn't have to be repeated. Dottie was right there, pushing her face right under where Alice's pussy grasped at the root of Steve's hard-on.

Although Alice had suggested that she resume sucking Steve's balls, Dottie couldn't resist trying something else first. Her tongue automatically lapped the stretched lips of her cousin's nearly hairless pussy, then flicked that abnormally large clit.

"Oooooooh, Dottie, you devil!" Alice squealed.

She jumped with surprise, her cunt rising to the head of Steve's standing prick. Then back down the meaty pole she slid, with Dottie's tongue waiting for her. Her clit licked once again, Alice jumped a second time.

A pattern was quickly set, with Dottie's talented tongue providing the momentum that kept Alice's rising and falling cunt in gear. As she fucked up and down on her brother's cock, Alice's pussy juice splashed in her cousin's face. Dottie was so turned on that she crammed her hand between her legs and started finger fucking he own cunt.

"God, I'm coming... coming so much!" Alice gasped.

"Me, too!" Dottie answered from below.

"Then it looks like Steve is the only one left," Alice panted.

"Want me to switch to his balls now?" Dottie asked.

"Suck 'em all the way down your throat if you can," Alice coarsely rasped. "Make the bastard come like a son of a bitch in my cunt!"

"You'll think you're sitting on a volcano by the time I'm through with him!"

Her mouth attacked Steve's nuts. Along with her deep suction, she added the squirming presence of her tongue. Immediately she could feel the increasing male heat, as her cousin's supply of jism neared the boiling point.

Meanwhile, up above, Alice jerked her pussy nonstop along the length of Steve's straining hard-on.

"Come, you bastard!" she called to her brother. "Come in my pussy!"

Alice plunged down, squeezing every inch of Steve's prick in the vise of her cunt. Just below, Dottie sucked, his balls as if she were determined to rip them out of their sac.

And Steve, silent for a long time except for his gusting breath, croaked: "Take it, Sis! All of my cum!"

His ass sprang into the air, throwing Alice on top of him. When he sagged back to the ground, his sister crouched over him, jogging her cunt up and down as fast as she could to milk all the jizz possible from his spurting cock.

Then there was Dottie. Having released Steve's balls, now she was lapping up the excess cum as fast as it leaked from Alice's fucked pussy. And, of course, she continued to deeply finger her own pussy so she could climax right along with her cousins.

Finally, after a shudder, Steve was suddenly as still as a corpse. His drained cock slithered out of his sister's cunt. It was instantly replaced by Dottie's mouth, as she began eating Alice out.

"Mmmm, something tells me things are just getting started," Alice said as the female tongue went into her creamy cunt. "Just think, I've had my first boy and now my first girl. What a trip!"

She rolled off of Steve, landing on her back with her legs spread. Dottie feasted between her thighs, while swiveling around on top of Alice. Within seconds she was getting her cunt eaten too, as the female cousins, began a lesbian sixty-nine.


"Steve! Hey, Steve!" somebody hollered. "You anywhere around? C'mon, boy, we need you for softball!"

Sprawled on the ground, an exhausted Steve didn't stir when his name was called. But, curled in their sixty-nine, Dottie and Alice jerked away from one another's pussies when they heard the all-too-familiar voice.

"That's my dad," Alice whispered.

"He's coming closer, too," Dottie noted.

"If he finds us like this, we're dead," Alice gulped. "What'll we do?"

Dottie calmly answered: "Simple. Give your dad what he wants." She laughed. "Steve's going straight from balling to softball."

"Steve's practically out cold!" Alice cried.

"Leave to me," Dottie said.

She scooted away from the interrupted sixty-nine and hovered over Steve. When she yanked his head up by the hair and his eyes rolled open, his expression was as glassy as if he'd been drugged.

"Snap out of it!" Dottie hissed.

Steve blinked when Dottie abruptly slapped his face. But it was something else which really brought him around -- his father's loud voice.

"We need your glove and bat in that game, Steve. Now, come on, stop farting around and get your butt out here. That's an order, boy!"

"Jesus," Steve gasped, "the old man's practically right on top of us!"

"Then put this on," Dottie said, smacking her cousin's bathing suit against his crotch, "and go hit a home run for me."

"What about you and Sis?" Steve asked, hurriedly slipping into his trunks.

"We'll, uh, be switch-hitting -- if you know what I mean," Dottie chuckled.

Catching on, Steve spat: "Shit, you damned dykes," as his eyes shifted from his naked cousin to his naked sister.

But there was nothing he could do about it now with his father at the edge of the trees. All he could do was get to his feet.

"All right, Dad, I'm coming," he called.

"About time," his father snorted. "What're you doing in there, anyway, jerking off?"

"Aw, Dad," a pained Steve answered as he reluctantly stumbled through the bushes, "lay off me, will ya? I was just getting some sun and fell asleep."

"Just giving you a little bit of the old needle," father said to son when Steve appeared. "Now, let's go get 'em, kiddo. Our side's down four runs!"

Dottie and Alice sighed with relief as they heard them leaving. "Poor Steve; Daddy won't let him grow up," Alice said sadly.

"I'd say the two of us more than made up for that today," Dottie smirked.

"Not without doing some growing up ourselves," Alice noted. "After all, Steve isn't the only one who lost his cherry."

"He is," Dottie kept smirking, "the only one of us, though who has to go play softball. Good thing we girls have our own game to play while he's gone."

Reminded that just moments before she'd been carrying on like a hardcore lesbian, Alice blushed. "M-maybe we'd better go," she stammered.

"The only place we're going," Dottie shot back, is right back down on each other's pussies.

"I didn't know what I was doing before," Alice protested.

"Then I'll just have to refresh your memory," Dottie leered. She pushed Alice down to the grass then kissed her on the mouth. Alice tried not to respond, but her tongue darted toward Dottie's throat anyway.

However when the kiss was broken, she still said: "It's wrong. Wrong to do it with another girl."

"And okay to fuck your own brother, I suppose?" Dottie mocked in reply.

"At least Steve is a boy," Alice croaked. "What we did was natural. But this thing with you is... is..."

She lapsed into an uncontrollable sigh as Dottie's tongue lapped across her small tits. Her nipples were red and stiff, perking with arousal.

Dottie sucked one, then the other. Alice's thighs automatically separated. Slipping his hips between them, Dottie pressed her furry crotch against her cousin's almost hairless pussy and began thrusting.

"You were saying?" Dottie slurped, once Alice had started pushing back. "This thing with me is?"

"Wonderful, Goddamn you, wonderful!" Alice swooned. "You bitch!"

"Like I told you once before, flattery'll get you everywhere," Dottie answered. "Ready to pick up on that sixty-nine now?"

"Not yet," Alice moaned. "Having our cunts together is just as good. Feels like you're fucking me. Fucking me on the outside instead of the inside."

"Like this you mean?" Dottie said, finding Alice's clit with her own and rubbing the erect buds of flesh together.

"Oh, yes. God, yes!" Alice squealed.

"You're coming, aren't you?"

"Like crazy!"

Then, their loins locked so their clits remained in grinding contact, the female cousins rolled on the grass. Taking turns on top of the action, they cunt-fucked until they were limp with orgasms.

"Mmmm, that was even better than with Steve," Alice admitted. "My pussy's sopping."

"So's mine," Dottie purred. "Sounds like a good time to get back to that sixty-nine again. After all that hard fucking, something sweet and wet will hit the spot."

Alice immediately agreed. "Sit on my face."

Dottie squatted above her cousin's head, dripping female honey onto Alice's features. Then she eased down, her pussy lips meeting Alice's oral lips. Alice's tongue shot up into Dottie's pussy, as long and rigid as some cocks.

"Oh, you're in me so deep," Dottie bubbled.

She leaned forward. Alice's wispy crotch reared up to meet her approaching mouth. Then, as Dottie sealed her cousin's cunt, her tongue did a perfect imitation of a thrusting hard-on.

Now the sounds of hungry slurping took over. Both girls had some of Steve's jizz remaining in their pussies and with the liquid spasms of female cum they soon generated, got them as high as if they'd dived into a wine vat.

Every time the sixty-nine seemed about to run out of steam, one of them would climax again, automatically spurring the other onto another orgasm.

In those magic moments when they came together, it was as though they were the same person. Their bodies seemed to merge, so that neither of them could separate her female partner's erotic vibrations from her own. It seemed to them they could eat pussy forever, as they sixty-nined in what they imagined to be a world of their own.

Sarah Baker had wandered away from the crowd out of sheer boredom. Mixing potato salad and setting the table with a bunch of other women wasn't her idea of a good time. Especially when they were mostly her husband's relatives, and he was off playing softball while she did all the work.

Sarah wondered where her daughter was. She didn't blame Dottie one bit for sneaking off. She just wished she'd had enough spine to do the same thing herself much earlier.

She remembered from previous picnics that there was a secluded pond beyond the ball field. That's where she headed now, anxious for peace and quiet.

But when she arrived at the trees, she heard muffled voices on the other side of the bushes.

"Damn," she muttered, "somebody's already here."

However, when one of the voices behind the bushes turned out to belong to her daughter, she decided to go ahead and make her way to the pond after all. Then, halfway into the bushes, Sarah identified the other voice.

"Alice," she said, naming her niece, her brother Hank's daughter. "Wonder what she and Dottie are up to. I didn't even know they liked each other."

"Ooooh," moaned Alice.

Dottie answered: "Feels so good."

Sarah tingled with curiosity. There was something in the air that quickened her pulse. From the back of her mind there was a warning to turn back. But a much stronger urge pushed her forward.

And, suddenly, her heart stopped. "My God!" she gasped.

Now Sarah knew what was in the air -- sex.

Her daughter and niece were both naked, their young bodies curled into a state of the rankest obscenity. There was no question about what they were doing.

Sarah didn't know what to do. She'd long realized that his sort of thing happened, of course. But until now she'd had no idea of what two females actually did together. Now she was learning fast.

Sarah tried to be disgusted but it didn't take. "They're beautiful together," she sighed, surprising herself.

And then she felt her hand on her cunt. Its heat warmed her fingers through her shorts. Underneath, her panties were clammy with sticky moisture.

"I'm not any better than they are," Sarah panted with self-awareness. "I want it too."

Her shorts seemed to peel away on their own. Then off came her sopping panties. When she looked down at her aroused cunt, its juice was running down her thighs.

For the first time Sarah smiled, chuckling. "Damn, if I were another woman I'd eat me."

Her blouse came off next, then her bra. Stark naked and ready, she tip-toed to where her daughter and niece were sixty-fining and stood over them. But they were so into each other's sweet pussies that they still hadn't noticed her.

Sarah cleared her throat.

Alice looked up first, looked straight up into the arch of a set of sleek female thighs. Under the startling circumstances she didn't immediately move on to the face, remaining fastened on the luscious cunt.

"What's the matter?" Dottie asked, still unaware of the intrusion.

"We've, uh, got company," Alice murmured.

Dottie's head jerked up from her cousin's crotch. Her gaze focused directly on the intruder's smirking face.

"It-it's my mom," Dottie stammered.

"Hope that little fact doesn't mean I'm not welcome, darling," Sarah purred.

Dottie and Alice were speechless. Sarah dropped to her knees and took a hand from each of them and put their trembling fingers to her bare flesh.

"You can feel how hot I am," she crooned. "I'm sure you girls can help."

Now Sarah tipped backward, her long legs scooting out from beneath her and spreading apart. Her pussy yawned, the pink valley of her cunt cutting through a silken jungle of curly brown pussy hair.

"You mean it, Mom?" Dottie gulped. "Really mean it?"

"Try me," Sarah answered seductively.

Dottie and Alice looked at one another silently. Then they answered each other's unspoken question, simultaneously panting: "Why not?"

And then it was a race toward Sarah's waiting cunt. Dottie and Alice wound up with their heads wedged together between Sarah's wide-open thighs, both of their mouths on her juicy pussy.

"Ooooh, what a way to start," Sarah moaned. "Alice, honey, you move up to the top of my pussy."

Alice lapped upward.

Sarah swooned from the slurping pressure on her magic clit. "Now, you, Dottie. Get down right below my cunt and taste my ass."

Dottie orally poked into her mother's asshole without delay, surprised at how deeply her tongue penetrated the tight space. The flavor was absolutely delicious!

"Fantastic!" Sarah squealed. "I'm gonna come already!"

Playing with her own tits while Dottie and Alice ate her out, she climaxed at once. Then as her orgasmic pussy foamed, the mouths of her daughter and niece worked back to her cunt gash to feast on the escaping juice.

"Both your tongues inside my cunt now," Sarah urged.

The girls' tongues entered together. Then Sarah squeezed her pussy muscles around them and rolled her hips.

"It's almost like getting fucked by two cocks at once!" she said excitedly. "But I think I like it even better this way."

It went on like this for several minutes, as Sarah came repeatedly. Then Dottie changed the scheme of things. Suddenly swinging around, she straddled her mother's head, making it clear that she wanted her own pussy eaten.

"Mmm, baby, why didn't you think of this before?" Sarah murmured as she looked up into the dripping wound between her daughter's thighs. "I can't wait to suck your sweet, young pussy. Sit right down on my face."

Dottie plopped down, feeling the lips of her mother's mouth on her cunt. A thrusting tongue followed, as Sarah began giving back as good as she'd been receiving.

Climaxing immediately, Dottie fed her mother all the female cum she could squeeze out. Sarah gulped with greedy thirst, the pussy juice she didn't swallow drooling down her chin.

Meanwhile, Alice had decided that it was time for her to get in on the act and have her pussy eaten by Sarah too.

"It's my turn now," she told Dottie, springing up and elbowing her cousin in the ribs.

Dottie keeled over to one side from the impact of the blow. And Alice was right there to take her place, whirling around to kneel over her aunt.

Sarah didn't miss a beat. Abruptly, she was tongue-fucking her niece's cunt as deeply as she had her daughter's cunt. Right away Alice was coming just as hard as Dottie had come.

"Well, that horny little bitch," Dottie chuckled. "But if she thinks I'm just gonna let her get away with this, she's crazy."

Quickly Dottie winged her own elbow toward Alice's ribcage. But Alice fought back and before long the cousins were wrestling on the grass, leaving Sarah with no pussy to eat at all.

"Girls! Girls!" Sarah called. "That's not going to get us anyplace. I can do both of you at the same time if you'll just give me the chance."

Ending their struggle at once, the cousins looked at one another. "Why not?" they said again.

"Just one thing," Sarah told them after they'd crawled back to her. "You both have to eat me too. No one-on-two if I don't get two-on-one to go along with it. Deal?"

"Damn, Mom," Dottie bubbled, "you're hornier than Alice and me put together."

"I have to try harder and make up for all I've missed," Sarah laughed. "Now, c'mon, let's get down to business I don't know what I want more, your mouths on my pussy or my mouth on your pussies. Thank God, I don't have to choose."

The girls got into position, each on her hands and knees alongside Sarah with their flanking asses spread directly above her head. At the other end of the action, Dottie and Alice each leaned over a raised thigh into the well of Sarah's crotch.

"Go!" Sarah cried.

She thrust her face between the cheeks of a teenaged ass and began wallowing in wet pussy. Simultaneously, her own cunt was lapped at either side by the tongues of her daughter and niece.

Then Sarah switched her mouth from one girl's pussy to the other. At the same time, the tongues between her own legs joined forces and danced around her clit.

Sarah came. Then the pussy she was eating also climaxed. And when she switched to the other one, it came off in her face with equal orgasmic force.

So it went, with the juice flowing like wine from all three cunts as the female trio came repeatedly. What Sarah had started became a merry-go-round of mouths and pussies, as Dottie and Alice eventually took their turns on the bottom.

When it was finally over the there exhausted lovers collapsed in the shade with Sarah in the middle.

"Who needs men?" she sighed.

"Yeah, let 'em play softball," Dottie joked. And, as tired as they all were, she and her mother and cousin broke up laughing.


So far Steve had struck out three times and muffed a pair of easy catches. Now, out in left field in the bottom of the ninth with the score tied, all he wanted was for the damned game to be over.

He got the chance to end it. The batter hit a fly his way and there was a runner at third base. If Steve butchered the play, the runner would score, and the other team would win.

"Don't blow it this time, Son!" Steve heard his father scream as the ball sailed toward him.

"Fuck you, Dad," Steve muttered.

The ball bounced at his feet. The game was over and Steve walked away without looking back. He knew his father wouldn't follow him since there was nothing the old man hated more than a loser.

Then, as everyone else at the picnic made a beeline for the food, Steve drifted back over toward the pond.

"Damn them," he cursed Dottie and Alice, recalling how his cousin and sister had pushed him out of the picture so they could get it on like a couple of dykes. "When I catch up with those two bitches, they'll be sorry."

But he didn't get halfway there before he heard footsteps gaining on him from behind.

When he looked around, it was his mother. She was crying.

"Jeez, Mom, what's the matter?" Steve asked when she'd reached him.

"It's your father," she sniffled. "He's blown his top over that stupid ball game. You know how be hates to lose at anything. The man's impossible."

"It's my fault," Steve said. "I should've caught the ball. If we'd won instead of them, Dad's be the life of the party."

"His bragging is as bad as his complaining," Steve's mother hissed, her tears giving way to rage. "Either way he's an asshole. Fuck him!"

Steve knew his parents didn't get along all that well but he'd never heard his mother say such things. But, then he caught a whiff of beer on her breath, he'd never been around her when she was drinking either.

"Yeah, I've had a few," she slurred, reading his mind. "So what?"

"It's all right, Mom," Steve told her. "Let it all out."

He meant it. She seemed different somehow, not like his mother at all, but some woman he was meeting for the first time.

As she continued seething, her tits rose and fell under her print blouse. Steve noticed for the first time that she wasn't wearing a bra.

Suddenly his eyes were all over her. He saw how her tight shorts hugged her trim ass and cut into the slice of her pussy. She was a hell of a good looking woman!

He thought of her name. Maggie. He'd known her all his life and he'd never called her that. But, he realized now, it went perfectly with her mane of red hair and flashing green eyes.

"Dad doesn't deserve you," he blurted out. "You're telling me," Maggie heatedly agreed. "If it wasn't for you kids, I'd have..." She stopped in mid-sentence, noticing how her teenaged son was staring at her body. "What's the matter? What're you, looking at?"

"You, Maggie," Steve boldly answered, addressing her by her first name for the first time ever.

"Don't call me that," she muttered. "And quit staring at me that way. It makes me feel like you're... you..."

"Undressing you with my eyes, Maggie?" Steve said, his boldness mounting.

"Why, you little bastard!" his mother sputtered. "I ought to slap your face."

She lifted her arm but the beer made her clumsy. Steve grabbed one wrist, then the other one. He drew her toward him so her nipples brush him through her blouse. They were hard.

"Let me go," Maggie whimpered.

"And what if I do?" Steve countered.

Maggie was silent.

"You'll stay right here," Steve answered his own question. "And not budge an inch while I take off your clothes."

"What if somebody sees us?" Maggie gulped.

"Everybody's busy eating," Steve said. "They'll never notice us."

"You must be crazy," Maggie choked. "It's like I don't even know you anymore."

"That's the whole idea, Maggie," Steve replied. "We're strangers now but after this is over, everything'll be just like, it was before."

"But now?" Maggie asked, her voice rising.

Rather than answering with words, Steve unbuttoned her blouse. Her braless tits tumbled forth. The image of his cousin Dottie's teenaged tits flashed through Steve's mind. His mother's tits were just as perfect. Her tits had sure held their shape over the years.

"Disappointed?" Maggie asked anxiously.

Steve lowered his head to her chest and ran his tongue from one rosy nipple to the other. "You're beautiful."

"But you still haven't seen all of me," Maggie purred.

She removed her shorts herself, unzipping them and shaking them down her thighs. Now her panties were all that remained between her and total nudity, and her panties were so sheer that her son could see right through them. Her bush, even redder than the hair on her head, seemed to glow through the transparent fabric.

And then the panties were also peeled off. When she was finally naked, she rubbed her bare pussy against the straining bulge in her son's swim trunks.

"Now you," she said, fingering the waistband of the trunks.

She pulled out the elastic and looked down into her son's throbbing basket. His stiff prick leapt up to meet her gaze, its swollen head red.

"Mmmm, now that's a cock," Maggie hungrily rasped.

She dropped to her knees, tugging his trunks down along with her. Then Steve's prick was in her mouth. She swallowed inch after inch until she'd deep-throated the whole prick.

Next she brought Steve to his knees too. He knew what she wanted so he nudged her backward until he was on top of her. Then he swiveled around so he could eat her pussy while she sucked his cock.

As mother and son sixty-nined in the tall grass, Steve couldn't help contrasting Maggie with his cousin and sister. Her cunt was as sweet as either Dottie's or Alice's pussy and she gave a blow-job that he felt down to his toes.

She came in his mouth, leaving him eager to do the same thing to her. Stepping up her suction, she now used her mouth like a pussy on his prick, orally fucking him.

"Don't waste much time, do you, Maggie?" She tugged at every inch of his cock with her throat and mouth. And she squeezed his nuts to go along with it.

"Drink it, Maggie, drink it!" Steve grunted, his cum erupting.

Maggie matched every creamy spurt with a greedy gulp. By the time he'd shot his wad, Steve thought his balls had been turned inside out. But when he slid his drained cock from between his mother's sticky lips, he was harder than ever.

"Mmmm, this beats anything I could've imagined," Maggie gurgled. "I've heard you young boys don't lose it, but this is the first time I've ever been lucky enough to see for myself."

"I could always keep it up for you, Maggie, no matter how old I was," Steve said. "I need a hard-on for what I really want to do to you."

"Sounds like an invitation to fuck," Maggie lilted.

"You ready?"

"Am I breathing?"

Steve expected her to fall back with her legs spread in the standard fucking position. But Maggie took another approach, bouncing up on all fours. With her ass raised and her pussy open from the rear, she was a human bitch in heat.

"That's right, stud," she called to her son over her shoulder. "I like it doggie-style -- and I'm not just talking about my cunt." She circled a fingertip around the pucker of her asshole. "Know what I mean?"

Surprised, Steve felt cherry all over again.

"Well?" Maggie prompted, him.

"You really want it in the ass?" he gulped.

"Right where I shit!" Maggie bubbled.

"But you're so small down there and my cock's so big," Steve noted.

"Don't worry. If you fuck my pussy first, all that juice will make your cock so slippery that it'll slide right up my ass."

"You're sure?"

"Hell, no!" Maggie laughed, sharing another of her surprises. "My ass is one hundred percent cherry. For all I know, it'll hurt like the devil. But, mmmm, it'll hurt so good as long as I know it's your beautiful, young cock."

"And if I turn you down?"

"You won't," Maggie replied. "You can call me by my first name all you want, kiddo, but I'm still your mom. Until you leave home, you'll do what I say whether it's cleaning your room or fucking me in the ass!"

"Pulling rank, huh?" Steve uneasily joked. "Next you'll be threatening to dock my allowance."

"No, I'll double it," Maggie shot back. "We have a deal?"

"Okay, deal," Steve agreed. "But if it gets too heavy for you, let me know."

"Fair enough," Maggie said.

"Now let's get started. All this talking's just a waste of that gorgeous hard-on of yours. Put it in my cunt to start with, and I mean deep. Then I'll let you know when it's time to switch to my ass."

Steve dutifully lined up behind his mother. When his prick pierced her pussy he could see it going in, tugging her clutching pussy lips inward.

In the dog-fucking position, Maggie's pussy was easily hilted. And when she'd taken all of Steve's cock, she squeezed her pussy muscles around it and rolled her hips. The friction immediately had her son's balls churning.

Maggie quickly demonstrated her ability to make her cunt tighten or relax at will. These contractions resulted in a rippling effect which made Steve feel as though his cock were in a vibrating vise. He didn't have to work at all to get the most out of his mother's pussy. She was doing everything, fucking him instead of the other way around.

After a while, Steve sort of joked: "You're making it too easy on me."

"Then go ahead and ram me," Maggie suggested.

Her cunt loosened its grip around her son's prick. Steve pulled back until only his cockhead remained within her. Then he coiled his hips like they were hinged with springs.

"Yeah!" he gushed, as he drove into her with all his might. "I like it this way even better!"

"Me too!" Maggie squealed. "Rip me! Rip me! Split me in two if you can!"

Feeling very macho now, Steve slammed his crotch again and again against his mother's hoisted asscheeks. Her wet pussy squished while she rocked to and fro on her knees to match the tempo of his repeated fuck-surges.

"Coming yet?" he asked her.

Maggie answered: "Only better than I ever have in my whole life. If your father could fuck me like this, I wouldn't care if he was a bastard."

"Leave Dad out of this," Steve grunted. "It's just you and me now."

To keep Maggie quiet, he fucked her even harder. She cooperated by coming so much that all she could do was gasp. But then Steve couldn't shake his father from his mind. Port like all boys his age, he possessed a natural yearning to beat the old man at his own game.

With every thrust of his cock into his mother's cunt, Steve was getting back at his father. "How do you like this, Pop?" he blurted out. "I'm fucking your wife!"

Marge understood. She'd brought up Steve's dad in the first place to give her son a chance to blow off steam. However, it wasn't merely for Steve's benefit that Maggie had done it. She was really just guaranteeing that she got what she wanted most from her hung son -- his cock in her ass.

She let the muscles of her pussy go slack. All of a sudden the friction wasn't there, no matter how powerfully her son thrust his big cock into her. She could hear him panting with frustration.

"Out of the groove?" she called back.

Steve admitted that he wasn't feeling her cunt around his prick the way he had been.

"Your father has that problem," Maggie told him. "But he's never been smart enough to figure out what to do about it. That's why my ass is still cherry."

His cock jerked from her pussy, greased with a thick sheen of female cum. The head mashed Maggie's swollen ass pucker. Reaching behind, she spread her ass cheeks, widening the opening as much as she could. But not wide enough to lessen the basic mismatch between Steve's thick cock and her narrow ass tunnel -- which was just the way she wanted it.

"Oh, hurts sooo gooooood!" she swooned as he plowed into her.

Steve kept driving until he was in her to his balls. He'd thought it was tight when he'd fucked the cherry pussies of his cousin and sister. But Dottie and Alice couldn't match his mother's asshole with their cunts.

Now he pulled back in order to set himself for another cock-surge. To his surprise, this made his mother climax.

"Feels even better cumin' out than it does going in," she explained. "Go ahead, ram me again so you can yank it back out and keep me coming."

Sinking in to the root, Steve felt his nuts slap pussy a notch below as he hilted Maggie's ass. When he drew back, his mother's ass felt like a noose around his cock.

"Oh, shit," Maggie moaned, her voice rolling in the gutter, "it's fan-fucking-tastic. Reach down and touch my cunt."

Steve slipped his hand under this mother's belly, exploring the folds of her pussy. When he found her clit, he couldn't believe how swollen it was. He caught it between his thumb and forefinger and began stroking it.

"Mmmm, you read my mind," Maggie groaned. "Jack off my clit while you fuck my ass. I'll come in puddles."

Steve thrust his cock so deeply that its head reached his mother's bowels. When he pulled back he could see the female shit which crept farther and farther along the shaft. He got an increasing better handle on Maggie's clit. Filled with blood, it had grown even larger than his sister Alice's clitty.

And thinking of Alice, Steve couldn't help but wonder what she and Dottie were doing right now. He sure wouldn't mind seeing the expressions on their faces if they found out he was fucking his mother. That'd blow their minds, the damned dykes!

Steve had no way of knowing just exactly how close that was to happening. For at this time, Dottie and Alice were finally emerging from the isolation of the pond with Steve's aunt, Sarah. Having dressed, they were reluctantly on their way to rejoining the picnic. But they were stopped in their tracks.

"Uh-oh," Sarah said to the girls. "Looks like we aren't the only ones who've strayed off the beaten path; if you know what I mean." She pointed toward the hunched-over figures that she'd spotted up ahead. Twilight was near, but there was still enough sun to see the bare bodies of the naked couple in the tall grass.

"Gee, they're fucking all right," Dottie said. "Who do you think it is?"

"We're probably better off now knowing," Sarah laughed.

"Your mom's right," Alice told her cousin when Dottie squinted to get a better look. "C'mon, we've had our fun, let them have theirs. None of our business."

Alice went on and Sarah started to follow her but Dottie remained behind. When her cousin and mother were several feet away, he excitedly motioned for them to rejoin her.

"How many women at this picnic have red hair?" she whispered after they returned.

Alice and Sarah flinched. Only one person fit that description.

"It's your mom, for sure," Dottie told her cousin.

"Drop it, will you?" Alice snapped. "If my mom's found somebody, good for her. I'm leaving."

"I think he's fucking her in the ass," Dottie persisted, edging closer.

Even as they moved in the opposite direction, Alice and Sarah could not miss the cry of female passion which cut through the grass like a blade.

"Oh, Steve; Steve!" Maggie pleaded. "Fill up my ass with your hot, young jizz!"

Just as there was only one woman at the picnic with red hair, there was only one Steve. Alice and Sarah abruptly reversed directions, quickly flanking Dottie, the three of them stealing closer.

"Take it! Take it!" Steve grunted, burying his big cock in his mother's ass.

"Yes, shoot it, shoot it!" Maggie shrieked. Steve's crotch twitched as he pinched off repeated blasts of liquid heat. Then, his balls drained, he sucked in air and fell backward. Popping from his mother's asshole, his cock was smeared with shit. Maggie wheeled around and went down on him without hesitation, feasting on her own filth.

And watching it all as they knelt in the grass were Alice, Dottie and Sarah. When Maggie's, eyes rose, focusing in their direction, the women froze like rabbits in the glare of oncoming headlights.

Maggie realized that she and her son had an audience. "Oh, my God!" she shuddered.

"What the hell?" Steve blurted. Then he looked around and saw the three shadows in the tall grass.


Once she'd decided that she'd be the one to force the issue, Dottie's approach was anything but timid. Springing to her feet, she stood with her hands on her hips while surveying the drawn faces of her relatives.

Then a smile tugged at the corners of her mouth. Sly at first, it quickly became a broad grin. The chuckle which followed gained momentum until Dottie was laughing out loud.

The others looked at her as though she were crazy. She just laughed harder.

"A fine crew," Dottie finally said. "Look at you. You're scared shitless."

She brought everyone up to date on who among them had made it with whom. She made it clear just how far the incest had spread.

"Don't you see?" she concluded. "The five of us have broken through. Cut through all the crap that made us just as ordinary as everybody else in every other boring family. Instead of a family who just says they love each other, we've proven it. We ought to be celebrating instead of acting ashamed."

She was starting to make sense to them. "Yeah," somebody whispered. One or two others nodded.

"Okay, suppose you're right," Sarah spoke out. "Where do we go from here?"

"Simple, Mom," Dottie readily answered, having thought ahead. "Where are we?"

"At a family picnic," Sarah warily said.

"Well?" Dottie smirked. "Then why not take advantage of it? We don't have to just stop with each other, you know."

"Jesus, Dottie, that might turn into a Goddamned orgy," Steve gulped.

"If we're lucky," Dottie leered. "What do you say, gang?"

"It's just far-out enough to work," Alice murmured. "I'm with you, Dottie!"

"Good girl! Now name somebody at the picnic who turns you en," Dottie said. "The first person who comes to your mind."

"Daddy!" Alice blurted out. "Fuck him!" Dottie ordered. "Gee, that's who I had in mind," Sarah muttered.

But Maggie grumbled: "Why would anybody want to fuck Hank? He's such an animal."

"That's just the point, Mom," Alice explained. "Daddy needs somebody who can bring out the best in him."

"I picked him first." Alice reminded.

The dispute pleased Dottie immensely, proving that her idea had taken hold. Now all she had to do was make sure Alice and Sarah got what they wanted so they'd stay on her side.

"Take turns," she suggested to her cousin and mother. "I don't think Uncle Hank'll mind. You two can work out the details between you."

Alice and Sarah agreed, breaking away from the others to work out her strategy.

"Well, they have my sympathy," Maggie scoffed. "Now, as for me..."

Everyone leaned forward with anticipation. "I like em young and sweet," Maggie chuckled. "And, after my own baby boy, nobody fills that bill any better than you-know-who."

"Jerry?" Dottie guessed.

Maggie nodded. "That's right, your kid brother and my darling nephew. If I couldn't take my Steve's cherry, at least I can get Jerry's."

"Jeez. Mom," Steve said with obvious contempt, "that little wimp doesn't know what it's aft about."

"I'll teach him," Alice said. "Now what about you, Sonny Boy? Who are you going to fuck?"

Steve was suddenly sheepish. "Promise not to laugh?" he muttered.

They agreed.

"Aunt Jessica," he said, naming his mother's spinster sister.

They all laughed anyway.

"Talk about somebody who doesn't know what it's all about!" Maggie howled. "Jessica should've been a nun. But, on second thought, that might've even been too fast a track for her. Nuns have to learn about sin and that's probably over Jessica's head."

"She might surprise you," Steve replied. "Anyway, my mind's made up."

"Everybody to their own poison," Maggie sighed. Then she turned to her niece and asked: "How about you, Dottie? Who are you going after?"

"No surprise here," Dottie answered. "My dad's it. Can I help it if I'm so fucking normal?"

So it was settled. With nothing more to discuss, the incestuous hunting party began drifting apart in search of their prey.

Dottie's father was an uncomplicated man, good, old Jack. When others were going off in all directions, he was always calm. Life's simple pleasures were what Jack Baker was all about.

Dottie found him looking at the sunset. He had a hotdog in one hand and a beer in the other, just relaxing by himself.

Creping up behind him, Dottie asked: "A penny for your thoughts, Daddy."

Turning around, Jack drawled: "Hi, baby. Was wondering where you'd got off to. Wanted you to watch this sunset with inc. Isn't it a beauty?"

"It's even better over at the pond," Dottie said. "Wanna see? We could have it all to ourselves, Daddy."

"Sure, honey," Jack agreed. "You know I'm even more of a sucker for some time alone with my little girl than I am for watching the sun go down."

He and Dottie held hands and left the picnic. When they neared the pond, the bushes stood between it and them. Picking through the tangle, Dottie made her move.

"Oh, these damned thorns!" she squealed after purposely snagging herself.

"You all right, baby?" Jack asked with concern.

"Just a scratch, I think," Dottie answered, holding her hip. "I'll know better when I get out of this mess."

Pulling ahead of her father, she stumbled into the clearing.

"I've ripped my bikini to pieces," she reported.

Jack didn't have to be told that. From where he stood he could clearly see the bronze rays of the dying sun bouncing off his teenaged daughter's exposed crotch.

"No point in even trying to tie it together," Dottie sighed, letting the shredded bikini bottom fall off completely.

Jack just stood there staring. He may have been Dottie's father, but he was still a man. The sight of her hairy, young pussy had his cock bulging.

Then Dottie made it even more uncomfortable for him. "Well, the top's no good without the bottom," she said, sending her halter fluttering to the ground. Her bare tits jiggled in the open and her father was breathless.

She giggled. "When was the last time you saw me naked, Daddy?"

"C-can't remember," Jack stammered.

"Bet I wasn't this grown up then," Dottie lilted. "What do you think, Daddy? Have I turned out okay?"

"Y-you don't want to know what I'm thinking," Jack said.

"Something good, I hope."

"S-something terrible."

Jack choked. "I like it too much. We'd better go before something happens we both regret."

"Like what?" Dottie boldly asked, seductively swinging her hips as she advanced toward her father.

"The worse thing a father can do to his daughter," Jack gulped. "Please, baby. In another minute I won't be able to stop myself."

"That long?" Dottie teased.

She reached toward her father's swollen crotch, caressing his roused cock through his pants. Then, with a flick of her wrist, she had unzipped his fly. Her hand was inside Jack's boxer shorts, cupping his balls. His excited prick sprang into plain sight and Dottie rubbed the head against her belly.

"Damn you... damn you for doing this to me," Jack sputtered. "You were always my little girl. It was so easy being your father."

"And now?" Dottie murmured, her slender fingers wrapping around his jutting cock's thick shaft.

"You've turned me into beautiful young woman right before my eyes!"

"You're still my dad," Dottie said coyly.

"No, I'm just another man now," Jack answered. "Not much better than an animal."


His desperation turning to anger, Jack hissed: "You planned this, didn't you? You little bitch! You counted on me not being able to stop myself from..."

He couldn't say it so Dottie said it for him.

"From fucking me, Daddy?"

Jack painfully nodded.

And Dottie giggled. "You're getting ahead of yourself, Daddy. You're not going to fuck me until I suck your prick and you eat my pussy."

Tugging at his cock, she pulled her father to the flattest part of the clearing. Then she was slumping to the grass at his feet, spreading her thighs, she showed him her wide-open pussy.

"Yes, eat me, Daddy, eat me," she urged. "Eat my cunt while I suck your cock. I'll give you the best sixty-nine you ever had."

"I don't doubt that for a second," Jack panted, kneeling.

He swung around astride her. Dottie pulled his pants and shorts to his ankles, then reached for his throbbing hard-on. She'd just folded her lips around the fat head when she felt her father's mouth on her pussy.

"I like tongue, Daddy," she called to him. "Plenty of hot tongue, inside and outside my pussy."

On cue, Jack lapped her clit.

"Oh, yes, that is it Daddy," Dottie mooned. "Now more, more!"

Then, as Jack orally concentrated on her clit, Dottie began swallowing his cock. It was a big one. But she never doubted she could deep throat the whole thing. A father deserved nothing less from his daughter than the best blow-job she could give him.

Gulping down inch after inch of the long, thick rod, Dottie noticed how salty it was. Already it was making her thirsty, thirsty for his spurting jizz.

Jack's tongue scraped insistently against her clit. Obviously he wasn't going to let up until he'd made her come right in his face.

"Ooooh," Dottie moaned around a mouthful of cock. "I'm getting off already, Daddy. Can you taste it yet?"

Jack sure could taste her juices. Once his daughter had climaxed he'd switched his tongue from her clit to her oozing cunt, spooning the female cum.

Then, gradually, his tongue snaked farther and farther up her pussy. The tip tickled inner nooks and crannies that made his daughter spasm all the way into her womb. Dottie couldn't have stopped coming if she'd wanted to.

Her suction, as usual, was expert. With Dottie, a blow-job always became a mouth fuck. Definitely sooner, Dottie hoped, as she deep throated her father's big prick.

"Ooooh, baby," Jack moaned between her thighs, "I'm getting that feeling. My cock's gonna blow!"

Dottie gave his hilted rod a hungry tug, then kept up the pressure. Her father's balls were hot rocks, burning her face as they strained toward eruption.

"Now!" Jack croaked.

His prick jumped, halfway down his daughter's throat while his balls rumbled. Breathlessly tense on top of the sixty-nine in one instant, in the next he was sprawled all over Dottie, squirming and thrusting. His cock was abruptly flooding his little girl's belly with spurt after spurt of scalding cream.

There was even more jizz than Dottie had expected but she was determined to drink it all. She wondered if her dad's prick would ever stop shooting. Finally, Dottie polished off the dregs of his cum, then slowly released his cock, hoping it would remain hard.

She wasn't disappointed. Despite all the cum it had just unloaded, her father's cock still jutted out like a teenager's cock. Even her cousin Steve hadn't kept it up this good for Dottie.

"Well, looks like we're not finished yet," she told Jack.

"What'd you have in mind, princess?" Jack answered as he slid around to face his naked daughter. His expression was playful, indicating that he had cast aside all reservations about incest.

"I think I'm ready for a different kind of fun now," Dottie tittered. "I like sixty-nines but I dig what it leads up to a lot more."

"Then it's time for me to fuck you, I guess," Jack said.

"I'll damned well rape you if you don't, Daddy!" Dottie teased.

"Mmmm, I might just take you up on that," Jack teased back. "Not many dads get raped by their own daughters."

Dottie couldn't resist calling his bluff. She sprang up and before her father could react, she'd pounced on him, pinning him under her as she sat astride his loins.

"How'd I doing so far?" she giggled, rubbing his cock and balls with her furry cunt.

Jack sighed. "Nothing I can do for now but relax and enjoy it."

"Smart idea," Dottie smirked.

Then she raised her crotch. Her father's prick lurched up beneath it, its throbbing head just shy of her cunt's dripping slit.

"Down we go!" Dottie declared.

Her hips plunged. Catching Jack's standing hard-on deep into her squishing pussy. She landed with a plop in the saddle of her father's loins, impaled on the horn of his prick. Then, wiggling her ass to twist his hilted cock meat, she drew a shuddering moan of pleasure from her willing victim.

"God, what fucking!" Jack breathlessly told her. "Already the best piece of ass I've ever had and I've hardly moved a muscle yet."

"Don't worry, Daddy, you're doing just dandy with the muscle that counts," Dottie chuckled, squeezing her cunt around the length of her father's prick.

She lifted her hips again until only her father's cockhead remained in her pussy. But then she bore down once more, abruptly refilling her cunt with all that dick.

"Oooooh," Jack whooshed when she landed. "Hope I can keep up with you."

"What choice do you have?" Dottie cheerfully called down.

Again her pussy scaled the heights of Jack's standing cock. Then, just as swiftly, she slurped back downward. From there Dottie repeated the process over and over with her rising and falling cunt, relentlessly fucking her father's captive prick.

Before long, Jack no longer was just passively getting fucked by his bouncing daughter. He began thrusting in reply. Soon his knees were lifted, his feet digging into the grass so he could push with his muscular legs. When Dottie's cunt plunged down on his cock, he surged back with such force that their crotches seemed to shoot off sparks.

"Oh, Daddy, you're coming on strong," Dottie panted. "I might just let you take over completely from here on in."

"No sooner said than done!" Jack grunted. He reared up and bowled Dottie over to reverse their positions. Suddenly she was the one who was flat on her back, with her father dominating the fucking. His cock felt even bigger in her cunt than it had before, as he drove into her from above. She climaxed on the spot.

"Rip me, Daddy, rip me!" Dottie cried.

"Keep me coming until you come too!"

Jack fucked her like he was trying to split her in two. But his pumping cock in her cunt wasn't the only way he kept her climaxing. He also sucked her tits and finger-fucked her asshole.

"Oh, Daddy, it's like I'm making it with three guys at once!" Dottie squealed. "One of them with his prick in my pussy, and the other two doing numbers on my tits and ass."

"They're all me, sweetheart," Jack slurped around a mouthful of nipples.

"Well, the best is about to come," Jack puffed.

"You mean you're gonna shoot?"

"Harder than I ever have in my life. Your cunt'll never be able to hold all of this load."

"I know someplace that will," Dottie quickly answered. "That is, if you've got the balls for it."

"Just tell me where you want it," Jack gasped. "But make it snappy."

"Then hurry up and go through the backdoor, Daddy," Dottie frantically urged. "Fuck me in the ass! That's where I want your hot cum!"

Too far gone to question whether his massive cock really belonged in the narrow tunnel of his daughter's asshole, Jack automatically made the switch. Greased with pussy juice, his slippery cock shifted to the notch below.

At first it seemed to be a mistake. Dottie wailed: "Oh, God, you're killing me! Hurts so much!"

Jack couldn't stop his momentum, though. His cock kept going, hilting his daughter's ass.

Then Dottie made it clear that everything was just fine, her voice crooning: "But it hurts soooo goooooood!"

And with a sigh of relief, Jack came at once.

"Oh, thank you Daddy for shooting it in my ass," Dottie bubbled as her father's jizz swamped her inner depths.

"Damn, girl," Jack admitted, "you had me going there for a second. Really thought I'd gone too far."

"That'll be the day," Dottie laughed as her squeezing ass milked the last of her father's cum from his dribbling cock. "But you just keep trying anyway, Daddy. That's what fucking me is all about, going farther than you've ever been before."

Jack could only agree, especially when, after coming twice, he still had a hard-on. Within moments it was moving in Dottie's ass again, as he continued his journey along incest's forbidden trail.


"Jessica the mouse" they had called Maggie's sister when she was growing up. It had hurt Jessica deeply when she was a child, but now she welcomed people's opinion of her. It provided her with the perfect cover for the double life she led.

To the family, Jessica was a typical old maid. Her drab wardrobe, colorless personality, and her occupation were all part of the picture. But, as a librarian, Jessica knew very well that you can't always tell a book by its cover. And, unbeknownst to those who believed they knew her, her books were X-rated.

By day, Jessica went through the motions of a boring life. But by night, she was an entirely different person. With no one to answer to, she was free to prowl the dark streets to her heart's content in search for the real meaning of her life.

Jessica's secret passion was fucking teenaged boys. A one-night stand with a horny young stud sent her back to her otherwise ordinary existence feeling like she'd live forever.

Usually her youthful conquests were complete strangers, boys she would never see again. But Jessica was tempted by someone a little closer to home. This evening was one of those times.

A family picnic was an odd place for a woman like Jessica to feel that telltale tightening in her cunt. She was supposed to be on her best behavior around her relatives, building on the dowdy image they expected. However, her nephew Steve was definitely putting her to the test.

The last time Jessica had seen her sister's son, he'd been nothing more than a scrawny kid. But a year had changed things. Since the last family picnic, Steve had grown into the kind of hunk Jessica found irresistible.

Jessica knew her nephew was hung. She'd spotted it right away when he'd put on his bathing suit. The revealing outline of his cock and balls had put pins and needles in her pussy!

"God, what I'd give to suck and fuck that one," Jessica sighed to herself, growing more restless as the picnic wore on.

Jessica realized that she would be taking a sizable chance if she came on to Steve. When he disappeared for a long while, she hoped that would cool her down. But the promise of his young cock kept her pussy wet despite his absence.

It got to the point where Jessica feared her own recklessness. With common sense warning her not to risk seducing him at a family picnic, she knew that her only alternative was to somehow quench the fire between her legs on her own.

So, with darkness falling and Steve still not back, Jessica slipped away from her relatives to satisfy her needs as well as she could. The backseat of somebody's car seemed a likely spot to get it done.

Closing the Toyota's door behind her, Jessica lifted her dress and felt the slick upholstery on her bare ass and thighs. Never wearing panties under her spinster's clothing, she always left herself easy access to her cunt. Now she slid back and put her fingers to it, sighing.

"Come, damn you, come," she urged herself. "Go ahead and come and get it over with."

As she stroked her clit, her cunt responded with a spasming climax. With female cum trickling into the crack of her ass, Jessica hoped she'd done enough. However, when her orgasm faded, she found herself hornier than ever.

"Just got to keep coming, I guess," she sighed, "until I get myself over this."

Penetrating her pussy, she now began finger-fucking herself. But it only made things worse. For Jessica had automatically curled her knuckles, and they felt too much like the head of a cock in her cunt for her not to close her eyes and pretend that her sister's son was fucking her.

Helplessly giving in to her fantasy, she moaned to her imaginary nephew: "Oh, yes, that's it. Fuck me, Steve, fuck me. Fuck my cunt with your beautiful, young prick!"

Talking dirty to her boys was one of Jessica's specialties. Once she started she couldn't stop, even in this case when her youthful lover was make believe.

Or was he?

Since returning to the picnic. Steve had been looking high and low for his old-maid aunt. In a way, though, he was relieved he couldn't find her. When he'd boasted to Dottie, Maggie and the others that he was determined to get into Jessica's pants, he'd been full of confidence. But now, the more he thought about it, the less he was sure he could bring it off.

"She's never been with a man," he reminded himself. "If she saw my cock, she'd probably faint."

Then, on the verge of abandoning the whole project, Steve heard his name spoken. The voice unquestionably belonged to his missing aunt and it drifted toward him from a parked car. It was eerie, as though Jessica had been reading his mind.

Steve had the urge to flee, but his curiosity was stronger, pushing him in the direction of his aunt's voice instead of away from it.

And then he caught a glimpse of her in the back of the Toyota. Was that a flash of bare skin he saw? He edged closer for a better look.

"Jesus, I don't believe it!" Steve gasped.

His aunt's dress was bunched around her waist. Naked from the waist down, Jessica sprawled on the seat with her knees, up and a hand between her open thighs. Digging into her cunt, she rhythmically finger-fucked herself.

"Damn, she's horny as hell," he gulped. "Really giving that pussy a workout."

And then Steve heard his aunt call his name again -- only now he understood why.

"Oh, if only you were really here, Steve. Really here fucking me with your young cock in my tight cunt," Jessica groaned. "Then I'd show you what a piece of ass really is."

"Good God, she's as hot for me as I am for her!" Steve panted, his prick suddenly like a crowbar under his swimming trunks.

He'd pushed his trunks down. Jutting up from his crotch, his exposed cock twitched in anticipation of the pussy on the other side of the car door. It was like having a wet dream come true!

Steve opened the door and Jessica looked up in shock. Then she saw her nephew's hard-on and had no further questions. For her, too, all that mattered was the heat of the moment.

"I was waiting for you," she huskily called.

"I was looking for you," Steve readily answered.

Jessica removed her hand from her cunt. Her fingers dripped with pussy juice when she offered them to her nephew. Steve took them in his mouth, slurping at the sweetness as he slipped his hips between his aunt's spread thighs.

"Fuck me now!" Jessica demanded.

Steve slipped his prick into her waiting cunt. She pushed back, her pussy even tighter and wetter than he'd expected. When he hilted her, her deep cunt squeezed every inch of his prick like a juicy vise. Not his cousin's, not his sister's, nor his mother's cunt had grabbed Steve's prick this well.

"Move your ass Aunt Jessica," he rasped. "Really give me a ride."

Her hips began to roll beneath him. And her long legs gripped his waist, expertly guiding the tempo of his cock now that it had started pumping in her pussy.

"Now suck my tits," Jessica said. "I like my boys all over me."

Steve ripped open the top of her dress. Her breast heaved braless into the open like a pair of ripe melons. Steve buried his face between them as his aunt pressed the spongy mounds against the sides of his head. Then, when he started licking, Jessica released her grip and let his tongue run wild while her exquisite tits spilled across her chest.

Her nipples were blossoms of the ripest, reddest sort. Steve settled on one, drawing it deeply toward his throat while he lapped it inside his mouth.

"Yes, suck me, fuck me," Jessica swooned. "Make me come for you as hard as I can!"

Steve did more than just suck tit and fuck her pussy to make her climax. A stabbing finger up her asshole did its part, too.

"You've got me there already!" Jessica cried, the intensity of her sudden orgasm twisting her body beneath her cock-thrusting nephew.

"Mmmmm, when you come, Aunt Jessica, you really come, don't you?" Steve panted while she squirmed in ecstasy.

"Not any more than I expect my boys to come for me," Jessica shot back. "How about it, stud? My cunt's so damned thirsty for your hot, young jizz. You got about a gallon for me?"

"Feels like about that much the way my nuts are holding back already."

"Holding back? What for?" Jessica asked.

"Don't want to shoot it too soon," Steve replied.

"Hope you're not planning to pack it in after just this one piece of ass."

"No, but..."

"Then go ahead and come in my pussy as quick and hard as you can," Jessica urged. "We've got plenty of time to suck and fuck all we want. A young stud like you ought to be able to bring me another load any time I want it and I want it as many times as I can get it."

She tugged at his cock with her grabbing pussy, doubling the friction. Then her finger was in Steve's ass, as she gouged at the cum producing gland nestled at the base of his balls.

"Oh, shit! Here I go!" Steve yelped. "You sure know how to turn a guy's nuts inside out, Aunt Jessica!"

Jessica had timed her nephew's climax to the split-second. His hilted prick was spurting its liquid heat to the depths of her cunt. Maybe there wouldn't be a gallon of jizz, but there was plenty.

"Ooooooh," Jessica sighed when Steve's balls were finally drained. "There's so much of your cum that my pussy can't hold it all. It's running down my legs. Pull your cock out of my cunt and I'll show you what a beautiful mess it is."

Eager to show how well he'd fucked his aunt, Steve moved back, and focused between her legs. Her fucked cunt resembled an oozing wound as it drooled with his excess jism.

"Beautiful is right, Aunt Jessica," Steve sighed. "You've got the most beautiful pussy I've ever seen especially when it's slobbering with my cum."

"Don't get too used to it this way," Jessica slyly answered. "Because you've got a job to do."

"What's that?" Steve asked.

"Clean me up," Jessica smirked. "After all, you're responsible for the shape I'm in. And no matter how beautiful it is, a mess is still a mess."

Steve gulped: "You want me to eat you, don't you? Eat your cunt right after I've fucked you and it's still full of my jizz?"

"Sounds like you've never tasted your own cum. Am I right?" Jessica smirked some more.

With a nod, Steve admitted that he'd never sampled his cock's sticky juice.

"I thought so," Jessica knowingly chuckled. "Most boys your age haven't, or, if they have, just a drop on their fingertip. Like they're afraid if they dig the taste of cock-juice, it'll somehow make them queer."

"Yeah," Steve warily agreed, knowing his aunt wouldn't let him off the hook without a struggle.

"But then that's what I like about young boys," Jessica continued. "They have so much to learn -- so much I can teach them."

Steve edged backward toward the open car door. A gleam in her eye, his aunt sprang like a cat at him. Steve tumbled from the car and landed on the grass, flat on his ass. And there was Jessica, standing astride him, her fucked cunt dripping with his cum as her thighs arched directly overhead.

"Like I said," she chuckled, "this is only for your own good. Believe me, you'll be glad I did it."

She squatted just above his captive gaze, her yawning pussy lips connected by dangling stands of jism. The masculine smell of his own spunk made his nostrils flare. But that was nothing compared to the sharp flavor which abruptly washed over his trapped tongue as Jessica sat on his face.

There was nothing Steve could do but try and eat his aunt's pussy. And as he orally struggled, more and more of his cum trickled down his throat. He was starting to get used to it.

His tongue frantically squirmed inside and outside of his aunt's cunt. And in the process it had uncontrollably scraped so many of the right places that Jessica came in Steve's mouth.

All at once it was not leftover cum which Steve swallowed, but fresh pussy juice. He suddenly couldn't get enough of this and Jessica gave him more, climaxing in wet spasms on his face.

But this was just the beginning. For even as she came, Jessica had started shifting her body in a half-circle, twisting her nephew's tongue in her rotating cunt.

When she'd turned completely around, Jessica's target was obvious. Diving for Steve's crotch while he continued eating her pussy, she began sucking his prick in an incestuous sixty-nine.

Steve had to hand it to her, she'd read him like a book. Until now he'd believed a sixty-nine was something you only did before a fuck. But now, thanks to his determined aunt, he was learning that sucking went just as well after fucking as it did, ahead of it.

And, he realized, lapping up his own cum didn't make him any less of a stud at all. If anything, it increased his taste for pussy juice.

By the time his aunt got off in his mouth, he was ready to eat right through her.

Steve had previously had his cock sucked to the balls by his cousin, sister and mother. However, the way his aunt copped his joint made him feel as if he were being deep throated for the first time. She had to be the best cock-sucker ever, Steve was convinced. Jessica wasn't just blowing his cock she blew his mind.

However, this was nothing compared to how Steve's mind would've been blown had he been aware that his aunt knew exactly what he was thinking. Besides their tireless young cocks, their predictability was what she liked best about boys. She could play them like a fiddle.

Her nephew was no exception. As Jessica sixty-nined with Steve, his tongue never stopped moving in her cunt. But, best of all, his cock seemed to get harder the more she sucked it. She squeezed her lips and slid them back and forth along the entire length of her nephew's hard-on. This tip-to-root suction quickly had Steve's hips bucking and when Jessica cupped his balls and gave them a tug, it was like puffing his orgasmic trigger.

"I'm shooting it! Just like that I'm coming!" Steve blurted out.

If she hadn't been so busily gulping him down she might have laughed out loud. It always amused her when it turned out she knew a boy's body better than he knew it himself.

As she expected, Steve's cock remained rigid after creaming in her mouth. Jessica adopted a laid-back approach. She wanted the next phase of the action to appear to be her nephew's idea. She had no doubt that his tireless cock would wind up exactly where she wanted it.

"Well, what next?" Jessica asked when the sixty-nine had broken up. "Or have you had enough?"

He looked her over, as she lolled nakedly on the grass. Then he glanced at himself, checking out the condition of his cock. "We're not through by a long shot," he rasped.

"You're the boss from here on in," Jessica told him, shrewdly flattering his masculinity. "I'm just here to please you. You know that. Anything you want."

"Anything?" Steve eagerly interrupted. "Just name it," Jessica said. "Let me show you instead," Steve suggested. "Sort of take you by surprise."

"I'm yours," Jessica assured him. Then, after rubbing his hands together in anticipation, Steve reached down and flipped her over. From there, he lifted her hips until she was propped up on all fours. Griping her so he could peer into the fuzzy valley of her spread ass and focusing on the pucker a notch away from her wet, he panted.

"What're you going to do to me?" Jessica murmured, pretending not know what he had in mind.

"You'll find out quick enough," Steve chuckled. "Might hurt you some, but it'll be worth it."

He guided his cockhead to its dusky target, the blunt tip of his cock meat pressing into the dent of this smallest of female openings. Then, before Jessica could respond, he shoved. Half of his prick surged within on the first try.

"So how do you like getting fucked in the ass, Aunt Jessica?" Steve crowed.

Anything else, Jessica thought, and her nephew would've proved to be quite a disappointment to her. But she couldn't tell Steve that. Instead, she gave him what he knew he wanted to bear.

"Oh, you were right, it hurts!" Jessica whimpered. "But I'll get used to it."

"You'd better," Steve answered, growing more macho by the second.

His crotch lurched, driving the rest of his prick into his aunt's narrow tunnel without mercy.

"Now, tell me how it feels," he grunted.

"Hurts even more," Jessica groaned, her reply once again calculated to please her nephew. "But, mmmm, it hurts sooo gooood! You know what I need better than I do myself."

"Guess I do at that," Steve boasted, never suspecting how expertly his clever aunt had manipulated him. "Now let me really turn it on for you."

He began pumping his cock in the tight space. At the same time, with his hands on her hips, he began rotating Jessica's ass. When she began rocking to and fro on her knees as well, Steve just assumed that was his doing too.

Indeed, not once during the ass-fuck did Steve have any idea that Jessica was putting him through his paces rather than the other way around. She didn't go so far as to lie to him that her ass was cherry, but then again she didn't have to. Steve simply believed it was all the way.

And when he came, the eruption was his mightiest climax yet. Rather than arriving in separate spurts, his jizz flowed in a continuous stream. Even after years of boy-fucking, Jessica was impressed by Steve. The cum gushed so quickly that it felt as if he were pissing in her ass.

On the spot Jessica decided that this was one boy who would be more than a one night stand. Whatever risks were involved in holding on to her hung nephew, she'd take them.

Clearly, Steve felt the same way about his aunt.

"Listen," he anxiously told her, "I've got to see you again, Aunt Jessica. And I mean regular. How about it?"

"I've got a lawn that needs mowing every Saturday," Jessica answered anxiously. "That ought to give you enough of an excuse to drop by."

"Right on!" Steve exclaimed. "And I even might get around to cutting the grass."


While her son was fucking her sister Jessica, Maggie was on the prowl for her own piece of incestuous action. But her target was proving to be elusive.

"Damn that little bastard," she muttered when her nephew Jerry refused to be cornered. "Every time I get him alone for a minute, he gets away from me. It's almost like he's doing it on purpose."

And he was for to the sexually inexperienced Jerry Baker, his aunt Maggie was the woman of his dreams. Often the young man had been disturbed during a night's sleep by vivid images of what he'd like to do with his sexy aunt.

The dreams were always the same. Jerry was cherry, as he was in real life. But in his fantasy this was what turned his aunt on most about him. Maggie expertly seduced him, turning him into a man as she coaxed his eager, young cock into her experienced cunt.

Spurting his cum, Jerry would wake up alone in bed in a cold sweat. As a boy who prided himself on sticking to the straight and narrow, naturally this upset him. But not nearly so much as when he was around his aunt in person and found himself lusting for her.

Like tonight, God, he wished she'd just leave him alone! Every time they were together he started looking at her, smelling her, and his cock swelled in his jeans so much that he was sure she must notice he had a hard-on for her.

"Uh-oh, here she comes again," Jerry gulped when he saw Maggie drifting his way. His prick already stirring as he darted into the shadows.

"Jerry, Jerry, is that you?" Maggie called. The panting boy broke into a run, not stopping until he reached the clearing where the cars were parked. This was as good a place to hide as any, he guessed. There was his family's Toyota. Maybe he'd just duck inside it and listen to the radio until the coast was clear.

But he never made it to the car. For what awaited him there stopped him in his tracks.

The first thing he noticed was that the back door was open. Then he spotted the naked, writhing bodies on the ground beside it. Even to a kid as green as Jerry, there was no doubt what the couple was doing.

In spite of himself, he edged closer to get a better view of the first people he'd ever seen getting it on. They were positioned like dogs mating in the street.

Now Jerry thought he could see the cock in the woman's cunt. Then he realized it was even worse. She was getting fucked in the ass!

Never realizing it could be done this way, Jerry reeled in shock. So astonished was he by the sight of a prick in a female ass that he didn't even bother to check out the faces. The fucking was all that mattered to him, regardless of who was involved.

His hand automatically dropped to his bulging crotch. His aroused cock strained to be set free. Unzipping his fly and tugging at his shorts, Jerry released it from his jeans. When he glanced down, the size of his jutting hard on turned him on almost as much as the ass fucking couple on the grass.

His hand moved faster and faster around his hard-on, matching the tempo of the ass fucking cock he watched from afar. Then he closed his eyes and pretended he was the one fucking the naked woman right where she shit.

"Gonna come," he croaked. "Come so much."

Jerry's cock exploded, shooting its young jizz almost a foot. Then the following spurts fell shorter and shorter until finally he was dribbling the creamy dregs onto his jeans.

"Whew, at least that's over with," he sighed. "Now I've got to get back to the picnic."

With his eyes still closed, Jerry had turned so he was facing away from the couple on the ground! Wanting to watch them again.

"My, my," she said to him, emerging from the shadows while he was clumsily trying to stuff his slippery cock back into his pants. "And what do we have here?"

"Aunt M-Maggie!" he stammered. She was stark naked!

In a flash she closed the distance between them, snatching Jerry's trembling hand away from his crotch so his prick fell back out into the open.

"You don't have to put that away," she purred. "In fact, I'd like an ever better look."

Maggie dropped to her knees, brushing her nose against her nephew's dangling cock meat.

"Think I liked it better, though," she teased, "when it was still hard. When you were jacking off."

"You saw?" Jerry choked.

"Enough to make me want to know what got you so hot and bothered," Maggie answered.

"Over by the Toyota," Jerry gulped. "Somebody's over there..."

"Fucking?" Maggie matter-of-factly asked. Jerry nodded, his ashen face a pale blur in the early evening darkness.

"Suppose we'll see who they are when they pass this way on their way back to the picnic. Of course, by that time we'll be the ones putting on the show."

"Wh-what are you going to do to me?" Jerry stuttered.

"Everything," Maggie purred. "But I'll start with a blow-job. Ever had your prick sucked before?"

"God, no!" Jerry blurted.

"Good. This way it'll be a first for me, too. The first time I've ever gone down on a cherry cock."

Maggie lifted her nephew's prick to her lips and swallowed the head.

"Mmmmm," she slurped, "now that's sweet. But I'll bet it tastes even better when it's hard."

She took the rest of her nephew's limp cock in her mouth and bathed it with her warm spit. Then both of her hands were on Jerry's balls, rolling them between the palms.

Maggie slurped some more. "Get it up for your horny old auntie. Get it up so you can feed me a bellyful of cum."

"I-I'm too scared," Jerry admitted.

"Just close your eyes and forget about everything but me and you."

Could he? My God, Jerry thought, he'd been dreaming about this at least twice a month for the last year! So he closed his eyes, a sense of relief settling over him once they were shut. Seeing his naked aunt in his mind instead of in the flesh, it was easy for him to make his cock hard in her mouth.

"Hard enough for you now, Aunt Maggie?" he asked after a sudden surge of blood to his dick.

"Mmmmmm, that a boy. Just keep on dreaming," Maggie gurgled.

Then she bore down, recapturing the several inches of her nephew's prick that had popped out of her mouth when his cock had abruptly blossomed. As his cockhead surged deeply into her throat, she knew he was hung. At least eight or nine inches, she guessed, maybe more. Certainly a lot more than she'd expected from such a scrawny kid.

Then Jerry surprised her some more, asking: "Can I eat you too, Aunt Maggie? Eat your pussy while you're sucking my cock?"

Maggie had too much cock in her mouth to answer directly. But her actions spoke louder than words. She pulled her nephew down to her level, then fell back so he could climb on top of her.

Jerry didn't even know it was called a sixty-nine. He was dreaming about feasting on his aunt's cunt while she gulped his hard-on. So, twisting his cock in her mouth, he swiveled around like an expert and dove between Maggie's spread thighs.

This was his first taste of pussy but to Jerry, the delicious flavor was expected. His aunt's cunt was just as sweet now as it had always been when he'd eaten it in his wet dreams.

Jerry's tongue quickly went to work. He immediately found Maggie's clit with a lapping slurp, his aim so true that she climaxed at once in his face.

In response, Jerry pumped his big prick in his aunt's throat. He was fucking her mouth now, obviously getting ready to come himself.

Her thirst for his young jizz overwhelming, Maggie helped her nephew toward eruption by running a fingertip up and down the crack of his ass. It didn't take long, for results.

"Gonna shoot!" Jerry said, his words muffled into the nest of Maggie's crotch. "Shoot so much out of my cock!"

At the last moment Maggie plunged her finger all the way up his asshole. A split-second later, his prick was spitting liquid fire down her throat.

Jerry came and came and came. Maggie responded with gulp after gulp when it was finally over it was as abrupt as a bolt of lightning.

Just as in his dreams, once he'd come, the familiar cold sweat seized him in its clammy grip. He couldn't pretend he was asleep any longer and this time he wouldn't wake up to find himself alone in bed. The pussy in his face was flesh, and blood!

He blinked furiously but the cunt wouldn't go away. And its pungent scent was so strong it gagged him.

"What have I done?" he choked in confusion.

And someone, not Maggie, laughed from a distance: "I'd say you did just great!"

Jerry pulled his face from his aunt's cunt and jerked toward where the voice had come from. There stood his cousin Steve. Someone was with him, but cloaked by the shadows. Maggie, though, had no trouble in identifying her son's companion.

"Well, Stevie honey, looks like you haven't been doing so bad for yourself either," she called. "From that silly grin on your face, I must have been dead wrong about your aunt."

"She's as hot as you are, Mom," Steve reported. "Must run in the family. Fucked her in the mouth, cunt and ass."

By this time Jessica was bewildered as Jerry across the way. How, she wondered, could Steve and Maggie be so matter-of-fact about discovering that each was involved in incest?

"Don't worry, Jessica," Maggie chirped. "Steve and I already had ourselves a real mother and son fucking session. And not that long ago, either. He bounces back fast, doesn't he? Especially when you consider that he got it on with Dottie and his sister before he caught up with her."

Jessica stared at Steve with awe. For one of her boys completely surprised her.

Then there was Jerry. If Jessica was stunned, then he was devastated. He didn't know what kind of family he was part of anymore. Worse, he was no better than any of the rest of them. A one-way ticket straight to hell was what awaited all of them he was sure, with him the first to burn.

Noticing he nephew's concern, Maggie told the others: "Looks like I've got a problem on my hands. Now if you'll excuse me, I'll give it the, uh, attention it deserves?" She paused to chuckle. "Of course, feel free to watch all you want. After all, that's how Jerry got so turned on in the first place -- spying on you two. When I found him he was a sitting duck."

"How about it, Aunt Jessica?" Steve asked.

"What can I say?" Jessica muttered. "Why not?"

"Okay, kiddo, we've got ourselves an audience," Maggie said to her shell-shock nephew. "Let's give 'em a show."

Jerry reacted as if he were in a trance, stunned into silence and offering no resistance when his aunt drew him to his feet. When Maggie stripped him down to nothing he didn't move a muscle.

His body was smooth and slender, every bit a boy's except in one striking spot. For in contrast with the rest of his slight frame, his oversized cock and balls were a breathtaking sight.

Not discouraged by his current lack of response, Maggie began working her seductive magic on him. Placing her feet just outside of Jerry's, she leaned in and rubbed her tits against his chest while her hairy pussy buffed his crotch. Then she took a hold of his hips, forcing them to move too. Soon Jerry's breath started to gust.

"That's my boy," Maggie crooned. "Get hard for me and I'll fuck you so good that you won't even remember ever being cherry."

Now she kissed him on the mouth, using her tongue. Jerry suddenly lurched on his own, the blunt head of his cock surging into the open from between the backs of her upper thighs.

All at once he had a hard-on, like an iron bar. Sliding her crotch back and forth on it, Maggie broke the kiss and murmured: "Mmmmm, your cock feels even bigger down there than it did when I was sucking it. Can't wait to get it inside my cunt."

She lifted a knee, swung it and her thigh around her nephew, then wound her foot and ankle around one of his legs. This positioned her crotch so that her cunt was able to snag Jerry's cockhead. After sliding several inches of the meaty prick pole into her juicy cunt hole, Maggie began to fuck her nephew standing up.

"Hold me," she panted, drawing Jerry's arms around her. "That's it. Now just rock and sway like we're dancing."

Now Maggie hummed in her nephew's ear, giving him a slow melody he could time his movements to. Picking up on the beat, Jerry rhythmically moved his cock in her cunt.

Jerry sighed, breaking his long silence. "So easy to lose my cherry. Was afraid I'd do all the wrong things the first time I fucked, but it's like we're floating, floating on a cloud."

"Floating is just the beginning, stud. Pretty soon we're going to fly!"

Then, screwing her pussy down to the root of her nephew's cock, she twisted the cock meat within her by rotating her hips. In the process, the uncomplicated tune she'd been humming changed to a fiery Latin sound. Shaking her ass to the pulsating tempo, Maggie was now forcing Jerry to scramble to keep up with her.

Watching his mother put his cousin to the test, Steve called from the sidelines: "Don't let her bowl you over, Jerry. Take charge. Fuck her!"

Jerry muttered: "Yeah. I can do it."

He grabbed his aunt by her arms, holding her in place. Then a with a buck of his crotch, his upper cutting cock pounded into her pussy. The impact bent her backwards and, pressing his advantage, Jerry used his weight so that Maggie's balance was threatened.

"Drive her on down!" Steve urged his cousin. "Go ahead and nail her!"

With a slicing kick, Jerry cut Maggie's legs out from under her. When she toppled, he was right on top of her, pinning her beneath him when they hit the ground. Then, with his cock still in her cunt, he surged between her thighs with such force that her asscheeks flattened against the grass.

"Mmmmm, you bastard," Maggie moaned as her nephew gored her cunt with the horn of his prick. "Your first fuck and you're practically raping me!"

Then with a gurgling shriek, Maggie climaxed. Wrapping her legs around Jerry's waist, she pulled his cock even deeper into her spasming pussy, determined to be fucked by every inch he had.

"Oh, fuck me with all of your huge cock!" she cried. "The deeper you fuck me, the longer and harder I'll keep coming. Won't stop coming until I finally have a pussyfull of your hot, young jizz."

Jerry grunted: "I'll make you come so much, Aunt Maggie, that it'll feel so good you can't stand it. So you beg me to hurry up and shoot my wad and let you off the hook."

He promptly reached into the crush of their loins, seizing her clit at the top of her cockstuffed pussy. A pinch of the magic button had Maggie screaming in welcome agony and climaxing even more powerfully.

"You'll never make me come too much," she vowed. "But, ooooh, you just keep trying, stud!"

Jerry wrenched her clit around double. At the same time his cock withdrew in her pussy just long enough to get, set for another ramming thrust back in to the hilt. Then he lowered her face to her tits and used his raspy tongue like sandpaper on them, scraping back and forth between nipples.

Maggie's orgasmic activity mounted. "Pinch me!" she wailed. "Suck me! Fuck me! Three of them at once!"

Jerry continued to pour it on. Apparently tireless, he had his aunt coming and squealing non-stop now.

And looking on along with Steve, Jessica spoke up for the first time. "Whew, that kid's really got it! One woman's not enough for that one."

Steve chuckled. "Nothing's stopping you, you know."

"Really think I ought to?" Jessica asked her smirking nephew. "You wouldn't be jealous if I joined in?"

"It's all in the family," Steve readily answered. "Why not take advantage of it? I have. My mom sure has. Dottie and Alice have. So's Aunt Sarah. Nothing to stop you from going as far as you want except your own hang-ups. And I'd say you don't have many of those."

Jessica girlishly giggled: "Well, now that you mention it..."

"Then jump on in, you horny bitch!" Steve laughed, playfully pushing his aunt forward.

Jessica fell on her knees. She crawled toward Maggie and Jerry, then straddled her sister's head. Wearing no panties, all Jessica needed to do was flip up her dress to reveal her cunt.

Maggie noticed right at the vertical smile of Jessica's exposed pussy. Immediately she sensed its reason for being there. And as much as she would've liked to eat her sister's pussy herself. Maggie was a good sport.

"Go ahead," she called up to Jessica, "give Jerry the works. Feed him your pussy while he fucks me!"

Since he'd been concentrating entirely on fucking Maggie, the conversation around him had failed to register with Jerry. But then, abruptly, he knew something was up. For Jessica had just grabbed a fistful of his hair, jerking his face from her sister's tits. And, without delay, Jerry's eyes bulged and his nostrils flared from the sight and scent of another cunt.

"Eat it!" Jessica, Maggie and Steve all cried.

He automatically plastered the lips of his mouth on the lips of Jessica's waiting cunt. It wasn't just Maggie whose pussy juice was irresistibly delicious, he immediately discovered. Obviously, sweet cunts ran in the family.

So, while continuing to fuck Maggie with his pumping cock, Jerry sucked Jessica's cunt. Indeed, the only thing capable of slowing Jerry down was the building pressure of his own orgasm.

Although he realized that, he couldn't hold back the rising tide in his balls much longer, the actual moment of truth caught Jerry by surprise. All at once he was overwhelmed by orgasmic release. The rumbling between his legs shook him to the bone when the dam broke.

"God!" he gasped as his molten jizz poured into his aunt's cunt.

"Keep it coming as long as you can!" Maggie deliriously cried, her pussy being swamped by teenaged cream. "I want every bit of it I can get!"

However, Maggie would have to share. For dealing herself in on Jerry's generous cum supply, Jessica had left the front of the action and was swiftly poking her nose into the tangle of crotches. When the excess jizz began to leak from Maggie's fucked cunt, Jessica's tongue was there to lap it up.

Then, finally, it was over for Jerry. When he pulled his drained cock free, it looked like it had been through a wringer.

"I've had it," he muttered, reeling away from Maggie and Jessica and plopping on the ground in a daze.

But the action wasn't finished. For as soon as Jerry had fallen by the wayside, there was somebody to take his place. Having waited patiently, Steve was ready. Hornier than ever, his mother and aunt couldn't have been more ready for him. They obviously weren't going to be satisfied until he'd fucked them both. And, if Jerry could get his cock back in gear, he'd be more than welcome too.


If you'd put Sarah Baker under hypnosis and ask her to tell you what she recalled most vividly about her childhood, she'd have immediately brought up her older brother Hank. Then, as if it had happened yesterday, her detailed description of the day she had seen him jacking off would have followed.

But, as it was, on this occasion Sarah didn't need any special persuasion to reveal this hidden treasure from her past. Indeed, she was only too happy to share her memories with her fascinated companion.

In her niece, Sarah had finally found someone who understood what it was like to love a man whom everyone else considered impossible. Because even though Sarah was Hank's sister, Alice was even closer to him. As close as only a daughter can be.

"Tell me about it again, Aunt Sarah," Alice requested after she'd listened to the story once already. "I love hearing about Daddy."

"Like I said, it was a hot summer day and he was stretched out on his bed, buck naked," Sarah sighed with nostalgia. "He had those panties he'd stolen from my drawer wrapped around his cock." She paused to laugh. "Those panties were bright red but your father's cock was even redder. I've been happily married for years, but there's only one thing I want that I've never had -- that cock!"

"Mmmmm, finding out about how Daddy's hung makes me hot," Alice murmured, rubbing between her legs. "My pussy's soaking wet."

"That's the general idea," Sarah smirked. "I wouldn't be telling you any of this unless we were both in it together."

"You really think he'll come across when we get him alone?" Alice anxiously asked. "When Dottie was talking us into this, it seemed like such a good idea. But, now, I just don't know. Daddy can be awfully scary!"

"Just keep thinking about that big, red cock I told you about," Sarah confidently answered. "That'll see you through."

"Yeah, I guess," Alice sighed, her hand at her crotch again.

Sarah said: "Now all we have to do is find your dad."

Glancing around the picnic grounds, she had abruptly found what she was looking for. "Speak of the devil," she whispered to Alice, "there he is now!"

Sure enough, Hank ambled in their direction, rolling his hips in the distinctive stride of the athlete he'd once been. Football, basketball and baseball, he'd played and starred in all them. In fact, to most people that was his problem. He'd never outgrown those days. But to his sister and daughter he was a hunk, pure and simple.

"Well, girls," he called, "having a good time?"

They said that they were playing it by ear. When Hank reached them, he had a beer in each hand and his face was flushed. There was little doubt that he was at least half-drunk, a good sign for Sarah and Alice.

"How you doing, Hank?" Sarah now asked her brother.

"Aw, all right, I guess," he answered, but he was frowning. Then, loosened by all the beer he'd been drinking, he added: "Wish I could get up a game, though. I mean, the food and all that's okay, but getting everybody together once a year so they can try and beat each other at something is what a family picnics supposed to be all about, right? Softball, touch football."

Alice cut in: "Have any kind of special game in mind, Daddy?"

"Shit, anything," he slurped after a swig of beer.

Catching on to her niece's train of thought, Sarah suggested: "How about some poker, Hank?"

He bit, cheerfully warning that he played for blood. After picking up a blanket, flashlight and a deck of cards, the three of them slipped into the night to settle on a grassy knoll under a sky full of stars.

"Gee, it's beautiful out here," Alice sighed when they were seated. Sarah agreed. But, eager to start winning at something, Hank ignored the surroundings and started shuffling the cards.

"Okay, what're the stakes?" he said when he was ready to deal.

Sarah and Alice looked and nodded at one another, silently communicating. The only question now was which one of them would bring it out into the open.

Speaking first, Sarah said to Hank: "Tell you what. I'll see what kind of hand I get, then I'll make the first bet. Then you two can follow my lead. Sort of wing it, you know?"

Knowing what was in the air, Alice immediately agreed. Hank, however, grumbled about women not taking things seriously enough. But, then, realizing that this was the only game around, he shut up and went along.

Sarah was dealt a nothing hand but she brightened up as though she had four aces. And when she bet, it was as though she couldn't possibly lose.

"I'll put up either one, doesn't make any difference to me."

"Sounds good to me," Alice said before her father could object to the idea of strip poker. "I'll match whatever you say, top or bottom."

"Okay, the winner gets to choose what the losers take off," Sarah suggested. "You in, Hank?"

He stared at them like he'd never seen them before. "Damn! I must be drunker than I thought."

He didn't even pick up his cards, as his sister and daughter went through the motions of playing. Sarah finally tapped out and Alice had a pair of fours. When one of them reached over and flipped Hank's cards, he had a full house.

"Looks like you win, Daddy," Alice brightly said. "What do Aunt Sarah and I take off?"

After draining a beer with a nervous gulp, Hank gasped: "You're bluffing."

"You'll never know for sure unless you call us on it," Sarah taunted, knowing there was nothing her brother could resist less than a dare.

"Okay," he coughed. "The tops. Take off your tops."

Sarah and Alice sensed that he probably figured they had something on underneath. But he was wrong. When they pulled their upper garments over their heads, they were abruptly nude from the waist up.

It was a startling contrast as the two of them sat side by side. For Sarah's tits were so large, while Alice's were so small. The way his eyes darted between both sets of tits, Hank might have been watching a tennis match.

Then, as if there were nothing out of the ordinary about the situation, Sarah casually remarked: "Looks like it's my turn to deal now."

She took the cards and gave them a tricky shuffle. It was easy for her to stack the deck as long as Hank was looking at the display of bare breasts instead of at her hands. When Sarah dealt she knew exactly which cards were going to whom.

Alice bet the cut-off jeans she was wearing. Sarah matched that with her shorts. Hank just hung there in confused silence, failing to look at his cards once again.

"Well, looks like I lose again," Sarah cheerfully noted after going through the motions of playing the hand.

"Me, too," Alice chirped.

They picked up Hank's cards for him again. This time he had a royal flush. And with this hand his sister and daughter were suddenly stark naked before his bulging eyes. Their cunts provided the same contrast as their tits, Sarah's crotch so hairy and Alice's pussy covered by no more than a silky wisp.

"That's the trouble with not wearing any bra or panties when you're playing strip poker," Sarah now chuckled. "Drop a couple of hands and you don't have anything more to play with."

"Oh, I don't know about that," Alice smirked. "I think we could still come up with something if we put our minds to it. Something we could do instead of taking something off."

"L-like?" Hank stammered.

"Here, you deal again, Daddy," Alice said, pushing the cards her father's way.

Hank's fingers were all thumbs as he tried to manipulate the deck. Somehow, though, he finally managed to get five cards to each player. Then held his breath while he waited for whatever came next.

"Your bet, Alice," Sarah said to her niece.

And without blinking, Alice replied, "I'll suck the winner."

"I'm in," Sarah agreed without hesitation, then turned to her brother. "What about you, Hank?"

"He can bet his pants," Alice spoke up for her father.

Sarah nodded that this was fine with her and she and her niece played their cards, while once again Hank just let his lie. This time Alice wound up with three aces, appearing unbeatable. However, then it turned out that her father had his second royal flush in a row.

"Well, Daddy, if Aunt Sarah and I are going to make good on our bets, looks like your pants are coming off even though you won," Alice giggled.

Hank jumped back when his naked sister and daughter pounced toward him. But he was too slow. They grabbed his legs and off came his pants. A frustrated athlete to the core, he wore a jock strap underneath them. It wasn't providing much support, though, because his hard cock had stretched the pouch so out of shape that his hairy balls spilled in exposure.

In a moment the jock strap was gone too. Flanking Hank on their knees, Sarah and Alice leaned in toward his crotch until their noses touched. Then their tongues went to work, lapping Hank's trapped cock and balls.

He struggled at first, but a sharp elbow to his gut effectively pinned him down. From there his sister and daughter divided their labor, Sarah deep-throating his stiff prick while Alice took both of his balls in her sucking mouth.

"Man, oh, man, don't believe this is happening to me," Hank muttered.

He was silenced by an uncontrollable lurch of his crotch that took his breath away then, looking down his body, he watched his hips automatically roll as a result of the female suction on his cock and balls. He felt a rising tide in his balls that could only signal one thing. If his sister and daughter didn't stop going down on him, he was going to come!

"Don't make me do it," he pleaded. "Not with my own sister and daughter!"

But sucking hungrily, Sarah and Alice ignored his protest in favor of the cum-laden promise of his straining cock and churning nuts. Hank struggled, but the hot yearning between his legs defeated him.

"God help me!" he yelped.

However, there was no help from above. And with a shuddering spasm, Hank gave in to the pleasures of the flesh with a bucking climax that lifted his ass off the ground.

He couldn't keep himself from looking. His cock was gushing and Sarah and Alice were taking his spurting jism directly into their grinning faces.

By the time Hank had shot his wad, the splattered features of his sister and daughter were covered in his jizz.

The women made no attempt to clean themselves off, glistening from the neck up with fresh cum.

Then Hank's gaze shifted from their dripping faces, his eyes focusing on his cock. Once again, his breath was taken away. For, to his amazement, despite its creamy eruption, his cock was still as rigid as steel. He hadn't been this potent since he was a teenager!

Sarah and Alice had noticed it too. "Which one of us gets to fuck him first?" one of them openly said to the other.

Glancing toward the cards, the other one replied: "I'll cut you for it. High card gets that big, red cock in her cunt and the loser sits on his face."

They agreed, each taking a card. Alice drew a queen, but Sarah came up with a king. And, while the rest of Hank froze with anxiety, his cock and tongue twitched with anticipation at the forbidden prospect of fucking his sister while he sucked his daughter's teenaged cunt.

Quickly, Sarah straddled his loins. Hank's stiff cock rod stood straight up to meet her hairy cunt as her crotch dipped. Her pussy lips snagged his cock head then slid down his long, thick shaft. Feeling his prick meat enter his sister's moist pussy tunnel, Hank felt like a scared kid who was losing his cherry.

"Mmmmmm, and then some," Sarah swooned, swiveling her hips so that Hank's hard-on was hilting her pussy. "Feed him some of your pretty little pussy and find out what he can do with his tongue."

"Here goes!" Alice bubbled.

She squatted above her father's head. Hank's senses reeled when her slender thighs parted, for never had he seen such a young looking cunt so close up before.

His tongue hungrily leapt from his mouth to reach for it and down Alice's girlish cunt came. Hank's oral lance surged within and then that nearly hairless cunt was spread all over his face as he swallowed a mouthful of teenaged pussy juice.

"How is it?" Sarah asked her niece.

"If I can't be the first one of us to fuck Daddy," Alice answered, "having him eat me is the next best thing. His tongue's just like a cock!"

"Then you can come that way?" Sarah asked.


"Then let's come together," Sarah suggested. "No reason why your dad can't get us off at the same time if we work at it."

"You call that work?" grinding her wet pussy against her father's face so his captive tongue twisted inside her. "Better hurry up, though, if you're gonna come when I do, Aunt Sarah."

"Don't worry, I'm on the way," Sarah called back.

She began bobbing up and down on the spike of Hank's cock, her cunt lips pulled in and out of her pussy in the process. Her pussy was so wet that it squished, but so tight that her brother's hard-on was well fucked.

And at the front end of the action, Alice's cunt did everything it could do with a male tongue. She was panting on the brink of an orgasm now. So was her aunt.

"When I count three," Sarah gasped, "that's when we'll come."

"Then hurry up and count it down," Alice panted. "Can't hold back much longer. Daddy's tongue seems more like a prick in my pussy every second."

"One... two..." Sarah counted down. Then, together, she and her niece shouted: "Three!"

At precisely the same instant, they were climaxing as if they were wired to the same nervous system.

"Oh, Aunt Sarah, it's fabulous!" Alice squealed.

Then Alice made the orgasmic even more intense by leaning forward on top of her father and embracing Sarah. The mouths of niece and aunt met and they deeply kissed, spurring on one another's climaxes while Hank continued to suck and fuck their pussies from below.

Then, as the girls kissed and came, Hank realized that they weren't the only ones with an urgent need for erotic release. His balls churned in turmoil.

His cock felt like it would burst out of its skin.

And then he came too. His cock erupted in his sister's pussy like a miniature volcano.

Breaking the lesbian kiss, Sarah excitedly cried: "Oooooh, he's shooting it! Shooting it so hard! So much cum in my cunt!"

She arched back on top of Hank so Alice could see the excess jizz that was already leaking from the inners of her fucked pussy. Alice slurped with envy at the sight of it. Then, unable to resist getting a share, she stretched forward so her upper body hugged her father's torso mid she lapped at the creamy connection of Hank's cock and Sarah's cunt.

"Oh, baby, lick it, lick it!" Sarah squealed. "What a way to end a fuck, with your hot tongue!"

Indeed, Hank's prick had just ended its upheaval. It slithered out of his sister's pussy but it was hardly missed. For his daughter's tongue was eagerly taking its place.

"Oh, lick me higher," Sarah moaned to Alice. "That's it, darling, put your tongue on my clit. Ooooo... mmmmmm... ahhhh."

Sarah slid off of Hank, onto the grass. Alice was right there between her legs, wallowing in her aunt's cream-filled cunt.


Hank had never seen a pair of females go at it like this. He knew it ought to disgust him, but he couldn't convince his cock of that. It jutted from his crotch, harder than ever as he watched his sister and daughter behaving like a couple of dykes.

Automatically, his hand was around his prick, stroking it. Hank hadn't jacked off since he was a kid, but even though he'd just come a load he was too turned on to avoid further stimulation.

However, he wouldn't have to beat his meat for long. Because, as it turned out, his presence had not been forgotten. There was still room for his cock in the action, after all.

"Don't waste it, Hank!" his sister urgently called to him. "Fuck Alice while she's eating my cunt."

Glistening between her asscheeks, Alice's rear-spread cunt was a horny father's dream come true. So young, so pink, so fuckable!

Hank pierced his little girl's nearly hairless twat with a macho cock-thrust. He expected her pussy to be tight and she didn't disappoint him. As his cock sank in to the hilt, that teenaged pussy tugged his cock meat like a slippery vise. Already his balls were starting to ache from the rising tide of a fresh supply of cum.

Bobbing up from the nest of her aunt's crotch, Alice called back to her father: "Oh, that's it, Daddy! Fuck me! Fuck me! I want just as much of your sweet cum in my pussy as you shot into Aunt Sarah's when you fucked her!"

"You've got it, baby!" Hank vowed.

He pumped his prick, watching it glide in and out of his daughter's pussy. Then he spotted the pucker of her pink, little asshole just a notch away. He couldn't keep his finger out of it.

"Oh, yes, Daddy!" Alice cried. "I love it where I shit! More, more!"

Hank added a second finger. Then a third. "Feels like another cock in my ass!" Alice shrieked.

It was clear she was coming and within seconds, Sarah was coming too. It was only a question of how long Hank could hold out.

"Incredible!" Hank crowed as his prick abruptly exploded at the depths of Alice's pussy. "I'm coming more this time than I did before!"

"God, it's so hot! Such hot cum!" Alice swooned with ecstasy.

She was no longer going down on her aunt. For the instant she knew that Hank was unloading in Alice's cunt, Sarah had scrambled around to the grinding loins of her brother and niece, ready to lick the excess cream from the union of cock and pussy.

This time Hank was well aware of the plan. As soon as his balls were drained, he pulled himself free of his fucked daughter. Then he watched with approval as Alice sat on Sarah's face.

Back at the pond, Dottie and her father were stretched out on the grass under the stars after sucking and fucking. It was very peaceful until their total stillness was interrupted after nearly an hour when Jack felt a tug at his wrist.

"Looking at your watch," his daughter told him when he asked what she was doing.

"You're the last person I'd expect to care about the time," Jack chuckled. "Don't tell me that you're worried what everyone will think about, us being gone for so long."

"No. As a matter of fact, I'm really interested in what they're up to right now," Dottie answered. "Wonder how they're doing."

"What's to wonder?" Jack asked. "They're sitting around drinking, eating, talking. Like they do at any other picnic."

"Except that this isn't just another picnic," Dottie smirked.

"Uh-oh, I know that look on your face, young lady," Jack said, his curiosity instantly mounting. "You're not telling me everything."

"Not quite," Dottie smirked some more.

"Well?" Jack pressed. "After what we've been through, I think you ought to trust me by now."

Dottie decided on the spot that her father deserved to know the whole story. "Feel like having your mind blown, paddy?" she inquired.

"My God, girl, it's a little bit late to worry about that," Jack laughed. "A man doesn't fuck his only daughter without changing the way he looks at things, believe me. Don't guess anything could surprise me anymore."

"We'll see," Dottie teased.

And then she told him, starting at the very beginning when she'd lost her cherry to her cousin Steve. From there she described how Alice had become involved. And Sarah. And Maggie.

And her father, despite his claim that he could no longer be shocked, was reeling as the tale of incestuous sucking and fucking unfolded.

"There's more?" he gulped when Dottie paused to take a deep breath.

"Once something like this starts, it just keeps right on snow-balling," Dottie replied.

"Then hit me with the avalanche," Jack mumbled.

Plunging ahead, Dottie told him: "After Steve, Alice, Mom, Aunt Maggie and I were all in the same boat, the five of us had ourselves a little brainstorming session."


"We each picked somebody in the family we'd like to fuck," Dottie said.

As he thought of his relatives being systematically picked off by incest's rolling tide, Jack shuddered. "Okay, I can take it. Besides you and me, who's with who?"

Dottie answered: "Steve and Jessica. Aunt Maggie and Jerry. Then, Mom and Alice going after Uncle Hank."

Jack thoughtfully replied: "if I heard about this from anybody but you I'd never believe any of it was possible. But my if my own daughter can get me to fuck her, then not only can anything happen -- it will! Jessica, Jerry and Hank are goners."

"You really think so?" Dottie asked hopefully.

Her father sighed: "I'd bet my life on it."

"Aren't you glad?" Dottie asked, even more hopefully. "I mean, until today we were so damned ordinary, just like every other family. Said we loved each other, then never really did that much about it. But now... now..."

"We've proved it," Jack said, completing her thought.

"Exactly!" Dottie exclaimed. "Oh, Daddy, you're really one of us!"

She'd rolled over on top of Jack, her naked body touching him and the kiss that followed was hot and passionate, Dottie's signal to her father that she was hornier than ever.

"We've got to celebrate, Daddy," she panted when the kiss was broken. "Just drives me up the wall to think about everybody else getting it on and the two of us just lying here."

"Okay, suppose I do fuck you again. Then what?" Jack warily asked. "Sooner or later tonight we've all got to face each other again."

Dottie didn't even have to think about it. "Ever been to an orgy, Daddy?" she asked immediately.

"No," Jack murmured. "But I don't think I'll be able to say that by the time this crazy picnic is over. That is, if I last until then at my age."

"Don't worry, Daddy, you're not getting older, you're getting better," Dottie assured him. "Now just relax and I'll make you feel like you'll live forever."

She rubbed her pussy against his crotch. His stirring cock immediately filled with blood.

"Thatta boy," Dottie crooned. "You'll be in gear to fuck all night by the time I'm through with you, Daddy."

Slipping Jack's revived hard-on into her cunt, she moved her hips and fucked him from on top. He reached up and cupped her tits.

Then he raised his head and brought his tongue to the ripe buds of flesh, drawing an appreciative moan from his not-so little girl.

"No matter what happens tonight," Jack slurped, "you're still gonna be the best piece of ass around, as far as I'm concerned. I feel like I could just go on like this till the sun comes up."

"Whoa, now hold on a minute, Daddy," Dottie chuckled. "You know what they say. Variety is the spice of life."

"What're you doing, honey?" Jack asked, with Dottie suddenly shifting positions.

"Taking you on a little trip to make sure you don't get too set in your ways," Dottie chuckled some more. "A little trip around the world."

She'd just removed his cock from her cunt. And now slid it up her naked body as she lay above her father. Jack's prick wound up between her breasts, which she squeezed around the length of his prick meat.

"You like tit-fucking, don't you, Daddy?" Dottie asked.

"Never tried it before," Jack admitted.

"It's simple," Dottie said. "I just sort of jerk you off with my tits like this, see? And when the knob of your prick pops up between them, you lick it." She licked Jack's cock head as it emerged from the spongy vise of her tits. Then she temporarily buried his prick in the squirming pillow of her titties before allowing it to appear again for another oral caress.

"Feel good?" she asked.

Jack sighed: "Like I've died and gone to heaven."

"Now none of that negative talk," Dottie teased. "I told you I'd make you think you were gonna live forever and I meant it."

Jack's cock head surfaced once more from his daughter's clutching tits. This time Dottie took the crimson bulb all the way into her mouth and gave it a long, hard suck.

"You keep this up, young lady," Jack warned, "and I'll come right in your pretty, little face."

"Oh, no," Dottie answered with mock sternness. "I told you I was taking you on a trip and you're not jumping off the track until you've gone everyplace you're supposed to."

"Around the world, huh?" Jack panted.

"Ready for the next stop, Daddy?"

"You're pulling the train, darlin'."

"Whoo, whoo!" Dottie blew like she was tooting a whistle.

And her naked body shifted just enough to her tits to her face, so her mouth could take over entirely. She was deep-throating Jack immediately. Then her suction turned rhythmic, her lips sliding up and down his thick shaft. Just below, her open hands clapped around Jack's balls, rubbing them between her palms.

"Better slow down the pace if you expect me to finish the trip without spilling over ahead of time. The way you're fucking my cock with your mouth is just about to punch my ticket."

Slowing down, Dottie replaced her deep suction with lazy licking, snaking her long tongue up, down and around her father's throbbing hard-on. Then she concentrated on his balls, lapping up from beneath them and holding them on the bed of her tongue before letting them fall.

Next, Dottie explored the crack of her father's ass prior to slurping on toward his balls. Finally, after tickling the pucker of his asshole, she remained down there.

"Oh, yeah," Jack gasped. "Lick it, honey. Lick Daddy's ass. Lick it good."

Dottie did more than that. She pushed her tongue into the tight space and gave her father the kind of rim-job every man dreams of, but usually doesn't have the nerve to ask a woman to perform.

Never had Jack been so impressed by the sight of his own prick. Reaching out to touch it, he stroked the pulsing head.

"Damn, if I'm not one hung stud!" he boasted to himself.

With his asshole stuffed with his daughter's wriggling tongue, Jack let himself go and came on the spot. Caught by surprise by the unexpected eruption, Dottie only became aware of it when she felt the splattering drops of jism raining down on her hair.

"You cheater!" she blurted out, looking up to playfully scold her climaxing father. "You weren't supposed to come yet!"

"Don't worry, baby, the trip isn't anywhere near over," Jack assured her. "We're just taking a detour, that's all."

Then he lifted Dottie's head just below his own and buried his face in the syrupy mane of her cum-soaked hair. Drawing up handfuls of her sticky tresses, he tangled them around his neck as though he were the willing victim of a spider's web.

"Oh, Daddy," Dottie murmured, "you make me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world."

"Only cause that's exactly, what you are, princess," Jack replied, his voice muffled by her hair.

On this remarkable day when she'd gone all the way from losing her cherry to sucking and fucking her way through most of her immediate family, her father's tender words were still the biggest turn-on.

With no more physical contact than just the rumpling of her hair, Dottie climaxed as hard as any times before. And, as she came, her father's face slid down from her hair, his mouth approaching her trembling lips. The tonguing kiss which followed lifted Dottie's orgasm to dizzying heights, then left her limp when it was over.

"Oh, Daddy," she moaned. "I just came more from that kiss than I would've if I'd been fucked by anybody else."

"It just gets better," Jack vowed, completely in charge now.

His mouth moved down to his daughter's tits. Pushing the quaking mounds together, he sucked both nipples at the same time. Once again Dottie was coming, never having realized before that her tits could serve so well.

"More! More, Daddy, more!" she pleaded. Her father began gently using his teeth on her nipples.

"Oh, yes, Daddy!" Dottie excitedly approved. "Bite me! Bite me!"

Jack chewed tit, increasing the pressure.

But then Jack's mouth was on the move again. As Dottie fingered her mauled nipples to keep them buzzing, her father licked down to her belly. His tongue erotically swabbed her navel before slurping between her legs.

Jack licked and nibbled at the hollows of her crotch, making her pussy drool. Dottie expected him to start tongue-fucking her at any moment, but once again her father had another surprise in store for her.

Rather than driving his tongue up her cunt, Jack sucked up a mouthful of her pussy hair. He sucked so hard that Dottie could feel the roots tugging at the rims of her pussy. This had never been done to her before. And as Dottie was quickly learning about herself, any new twist invariably poured extra fuel on her orgasmic flames.

She came harder than ever. And while she did, her imaginative father made the action even kinkier for her. Sliding his mouth down from the triangle of her bush, he began sucking on the much coarser hair that grew in the crack other ass. Then he pulled several strands with his teeth, yanking at the pucker of her asshole.

"Hurts. Hurts sooo gooooooood!" Dottie cried.

But she scarcely had time to get used to it for now her father had shifted back to his tongue as his chief weapon of pleasure. It surged into Dottie's asshole and once she felt it she pulled apart her asscheeks, widening her rear chute for much deeper penetration.

"Rim me, Daddy, rim me!" she cried. "Rim my ass like I rimmed yours!"

Then she spasmed from within as her father's cork-screwing tongue reached all the way in to her gurgling bowels. And that's when the mishap occurred.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Daddy!" Dottie gasped with embarrassment when the telltale rumble from below surfaced. "I didn't mean for that to happen."

However, her apology turned out to be anything but necessary. For the accidental fart which had just been released in her father's face was as sweet-smelling to Jack as a bouquet of roses.

After sucking up the fumes, he sighed to Dottie: "I'll take anything I can get from you, baby, and love it. Whatever you do just turns me on even more."

Still self-conscious, Dottie muttered something about him just trying to make her feel better. Jack, though, insisted that he wasn't exaggerating. And when Dottie was still unconvinced, he vowed to prove it to her.

Suddenly his mouth had returned to her cunt. But rather than licking her clit, or lapping at her cunt lips, or plunging into her pussy, his tongue tip zeroed in on a spot not regularly associated with any erotic impact in spite of its location at the center of her twat.

It was that little pinpoint hole just above her cunt hole, usually so unnoticed during sex. Of course Dottie knew it was there, but only when she used it for its normal purpose. In other words, when she took a leak. Her father's tongue was unaccountably probing right where she pissed.

"You don't know what you're doing, Daddy," she gulped as his licking insistence put mounting pressure on her bladder. "This time I'll have an accident we'll both really be sorry for."

But when Jack didn't stop, Dottie realized that he wanted what was bound to happen. He hadn't been joking when he'd said he'd take anything he could get from her. Including, obviously, a mouthful of her hot, steaming piss.

And it wouldn't be long before she had no choice but to give it to him. Her bladder was now a straining dam that could only burst.

Then, in the last moment before her inevitable eruption, Dottie abruptly found herself twisted in ecstasy. Now she was only too eager to shower her father with her pigs -- and please herself at the same time.

So she bore down from within, not just to pee, but also to treat herself to a simultaneous climax. Already her womb was straining right along with her bladder.

"This is it!" she squealed.

And the piss flowed. Her thirsty father was drinking it as fast as it spilled from her cunt. But that wasn't all. In addition to peeing in Jack's mouth, a mind-blown Dottie was also coming in his face.

"It's the best time yet!" Dottie crowed at the top of her lungs, not caring if the whole world heard her. "Never pissed and came together before! Fantastic! Yes, pissing and coming! Coming and pissing! Ahhhhhhh... oooooooh... mmmmmmmm!"

Hers father kept wallowing in her sloppy cunt long after the golden shower had run its course. Soon he was feasting on pure pussy juice, with Dottie on such an orgasmic roll that she seemed able to keep coming as long as he continued going down on her.

The point was reached, though, where Jack had to stop eating her out. But, fortunately for the insatiable Dottie, not because his lust was running out of steam.

Quite simply, the demands from between his own legs made sucking cunt no longer enough for Jack. His rigid cock ached for the brand of female friction that would release the pressure on his balls. Only a fuck would do now, the tightest kind of fuck.

Suddenly Dottie found herself tipped back on her shoulders, her body jackknifed as her father pushed her legs all the way over her head. Jack aimed his prick at the target he'd chosen and plunged with all his weight behind his ten-inch prick.

"God, fuck it, fuck it! Fuck my ass!" Dottie screamed in welcome agony. "Fuck the shit out of me, Daddy!"

She was hysterical, her voice carrying in the still summer night like a siren. They couldn't have missed it all the way back at the picnic grounds, several hundred yards away. But Dottie and her father no longer cared how loud she got. For, to them, incest was no longer a grubby secret but a cause for celebration.

And, in that spirit, the party had just begun.


There were, of course, several people at the picnic who had no idea what was going on in their midst. To them, this year's get-together seemed to have gone pretty much the way it always had. And, suspecting nothing as they did, it seemed wise to at least one of their less innocent relatives to make sure they remained uninformed. Getting rid of them quickly was clearly the best approach.

This presence of mind surprisingly belonged to Hank, usually the least thoughtful of men. It surfaced after an exchange with his sister and daughter, once he'd thoroughly sucked and fucked the both of them.

"Jesus, it's gone that far, huh?" Hank gulped when Sarah and Alice revealed the extent to which the incest had spread.

"Like we told you, Daddy," Alice said, "after the original five of us had gotten it on, we made a pact to spread out and fuck some other people. Aunt Sarah and I chose you. Then there's Steve."

"He's with his aunt Jessica," Sarah cut in. "And Mom's with Jerry," Alice resumed. "Then, last but not least, there's the one who started it all," Sarah sighed. "Nobody else but my darling daughter."

"Who's Dottie with."

"Who else but her dad?" Alice giggled to her own father. "It's the in-thing, I guess."

"Young lady," Hank snapped, "maybe we're so far gone that this is starting to make sense to some of us, but don't kid yourself about that including everybody. If the ones who aren't getting laid find out what the rest of us have been doing, there won't be any more picnics for a long time because too many of us will be in jail."

"You losing your nerve, Hank?" Sarah said, coolly taunting her brother.

"Hell, no! But that doesn't mean I'm ready to spend the next ten years behind bars just on account of a piece of ass."

"Well, you'll never get another one from either of us if you chicken out now, Daddy," Alice warned. Sarah nodded in agreement.

"Shit, women!" Hank snorted. "I'm trying to save our butts! Hell! Just stop thinking without permission, and let me handle this. I'll get rid of anybody who can cause us trouble."

He got up, put on just his pants, then left toward the main part of the picnic. There, shirtless, barefoot and loud, he began bellowing slurped abuse at those astonished relatives who were sitting around the campfire. It was, in short, a perfect impersonation of the kind of mean drunk everyone wants to get away from.

Overhearing the commotion and catching on immediately, Alice gushed: "Oh, Daddy, you genius!"

"That's our Hank," Sarah clucked with admiration. "Nobody can clear a place out faster when he's at his worst. What a beautiful [missing text]."

Within moments motors were starting as the picnic came to an abrupt end because of Hank's outburst. For good measure he yelled a few things at the departing cars, sounding like a drunken madman. But by the time he returned to his sister and daughter he was grinning like a pussycat who'd just swallowed a canary.

And then a female cry split the night air like a thunderbolt.

"Fuck my ass! Fuck the shit out of me, Daddy!"

"Dottie!" Sarah and Alice cried, identifying the screaming teenager.

"Looks like I saved the bacon just in the nick of time," Hank noted.

Then he and his sister and daughter ran across the picnic grounds toward the source of the continuing screams. On the way they were joined by Maggie and Jerry, who were quickly followed by Steve and Jessica. In a flying wedge, the seven of them headed toward the pond.

Then they were there, thrashing through the bushes. The full moon fell on the clearing and when everyone saw Jack Baker fucking his daughter in the ass, they broke out in a spontaneous cheer.

But Jack and Dottie were too busy at the moment to respond to the sudden attention being paid them. Dottie was nearly hysterical from orgasm, he was on the brink of his own climax.

Their audience could see what the situation was, and now Sarah spoke for the others, calling to her husband: "Come, Jack, come! Give Dottie's ass all of your hot cum."

Now Jack turned and looked at his urging wife, picking her out of the crowd. They'd had a good marriage over the years, but the loving expression on Sarah's face made it clear that the fact Jack was fucking their daughter had only improved their already close relationship.

"Ouch, Jesus!" Jack then groaned, and his cock had erupted deep in Dottie's ass.

"Shoot it! Shoot it, Daddy!" Dottie cried. "The more you come, the more I'll come!"

But now, swiftly, Dottie had something besides her father's spurting cock in her tightest fuck-hole to keep her climaxing. For all at once there was a slurping tongue on her cunt. It could only belong to one person.

"Oh, Mom," Dottie cried. "Eat me! Eat me!"

"Just look at 'em," Jack sighed when he stumbled back to join the others. "No man ever had a better wife and daughter. Poetry in motion, that's what they are. I'd almost just as soon watch 'em as fuck 'em."

"Well, you can watch all you want to, Dad," Jerry Baker spoke up to his father, "but I'm gonna take whatever I can get."

Jerry moved toward his mother and sister. As Sarah knelt to go down on Dottie's crotch, her plump ass was the highest part of her body. Lining up behind her, Jerry pulled down her shorts and pulled out his cock. When she spread her ass cheeks, her rear-spread pussy yawned.

A moment later Jerry's young but huge prick was deep in the cunt that had given him birth. He was dog-fucking his mother while she continued to eat out his sister.

"Ooooh, Jerry, honey, your cock feels so big in my pussy," Sarah moaned between slurps at the well of her daughter's spread thighs. "Fuck me, fuck me. Fuck me sooooo gooood."

"Well, Jack what do you think?" a beaming Hank said to his brother-in-law. "Looks like your wife and kids aren't the only ones who know what it's all about."

Jack chuckled, being well aware of the habit.

Usually he just ignored it but this time he decided to challenge Hank.

"Forget about them," Jack said, a twinkle in his eye as he thought about the outrageous match-up he was about to suggest. "What about us?"

"Yeah?" Hank bit.

"Which one of us is the better man?"

"However you want to find out, just name it, chump," Hank bit even harder.

"What else?" Jack smirked. "Fucking."


"I fuck your daughter and you fuck mine," Jack suggested. "Whichever of us comes first is the winner for fifty bucks on the side."

"Shit, you must like losing," Hank boasted. "But, don't worry; I'll take your money if that's the way you want to play it."

"Then what are we waiting for?" Jack urged, brimming with confidence. "Let's get the girls and fuck them!"

"You got it!" Hank rasped.

They plunged into the clearing. Jack went to his niece and whispered into her ear that he'd like to fuck her. Alice smiled up at him in willing agreement. Hank, however, was totally macho. He roughly pulled Dottie away from her mother's mouth.

But, grabbed by the hair, Dottie was forced onto her hands and knees like a bitch in heat by the animalistic Hank.

His violence giving him a head start, Hank buried his cock in his niece's pussy first. Jack didn't seem to mind, though. Indeed, with his brother-in-law already fucking Dottie from behind, he was taking the time to kiss and stroke Alice before actually putting his prick into her young cunt.

"You'll never get it done that way!" Hank mocked Jack as he dog-fucked the latter's daughter. "This little bitch's pussy is already grabbing my cock good and hard."

"You bastard!" Dottie cursed her uncle over her shoulder.

But Jack wasn't content to just fuck this youngest looking of girls. Perhaps Alice's tits were all but nonexistent, but he lowered his mouth to them and licked her nipples eagerly.

"Ooooh, Uncle Jack," Alice said dreamily. "You make me feel so good. Thank you, thank you. You make me feel like such... such a... woman!"

And she came all over again. Jack kept his tongue on her erect nipples, while down below his cock picked up momentum in her cunt. Her cunt was so wet that it gurgled every time he drove in.

Then, meanwhile, Hank fucked Dottie, with her taunting him: "Looks like my dad's gaining on you, tiger."

"Shut up, bitch!" Hank hissed. "I don't need any lip out of you. All I'm interested in is your damned cunt."

At the same time her uncle surged again, she rocked back on her knees. The result was a jolting penetration to her bowels of Hank's entire hard-on.

"I'm coming!" Dottie howled.

She shook her ass, twisting her uncle's hilted cock. He had to grab her hips to slow her down in order to keep his balance. Then he got into a groove, sliding his long prick in and out of Dottie's asshole so his prick was soon smeared with her shit.

"Oh, yeah," Hank grunted, "won't be long before my cock explodes from this tight, little ass and I'm fifty bucks richer."

Then he turned toward where his brother-in-law and daughter were fucking, unable to resist celebrating his victory in advance.

"Hear that, Jack?" he called. "Your little girl's got my cock straight up her shitty, little ass! I'm gonna be creaming in her guts before you know it!"

Jack shrugged, seeming not to care if he lost the money or not. His cock was secure in his niece's wet pussy and was not gonna change his style of fucking just because Hank was ass-fucking Dottie.

"Don't worry, Uncle Jack," Alice hotly whispered to him. "I know you've got a bet with my dad. And you'll win it if I have anything to do with it. I can make my cunt just as tight as Dottie's ass any day."

She cinched her young pussy tightly around Jack's cock and wiggled her slender hips. This whip-sawing motion quickly had her uncle gasping. The cum was starting to rise in Jack's balls.

"Yes, you're getting me there all right, Alice honey," he panted. "I'll fill your little cunt with so much cum you won't believe it."

And overhearing Jack, Hank called to him: "How much you come in her cunt won't matter, it's how fast that counts. And my jizz'll be shooting into Dottie's ass before you can dribble a drop into Alice."

The brothers-in-law both strained until they were red in the face. Then, at last, something gave.

"Ooooooh!" Hank groaned.

"Ahhhhh!" Jack moaned at the same time. Their crotches lurched, burying their cocks one last time, Hank's in Dottie's ass and Jack's in Alice's pussy. And anyone could see from the expression on the girls' faces that she wanted hot cum in their fucked holes.

But the issue that had started it all remained an unanswered question. Who had come first, Hank or Jack?

Once his balls were drained, Hank was the first to claim victory. But speaking up for her uncle Jack, Alice insisted to her father that she'd gotten a cuntfull of cum before Dottie had even taken a drop of jizz in her ass.

In the meantime, the dispute had drawn the attention of the rest of the family. Sarah and Jerry had interrupted their mother-son suck session because of the conflict. So had Maggie and Steve.

But it remained for the forgotten member of the clan to settle the argument -- Jessica.

As the only one not sucking or fucking anyone, she had remained unnoticed in the shadows until now. Knowing full well that it was difficult for the others to shake the habit of regarding her as a sexless old maid, she'd waited patiently for the right moment to put her real self front and center. And, at last, her opportunity had arrived.

Jessica stepped out into the open. "Nobody won," she announced. "I was watching the whole thing. Hank and Jack came at the same time."

For, once she was out of those baggy clothes she always wore, those who hadn't known were shocked to see what a beautiful woman Maggie's spinster sister really was.

"But, of course," Jessica now chuckled, her perfectly shaped tits and ass bathed by the moonlight, "if Hank and Jack want a rematch, I think I can mange it -- personally. How about it, boys?"

Hank and Jack just stared at her nude body. Their cocks remained as hard as ever. And, sensing that something remarkable was on tap, Dottie and Alice slipped away from their uncles, leaving it all up to Jessica.

"It's simple," she explained. "One of you fucks my pussy and the other one fucks my ass."

"At the same t-time?" Hank boyishly stammered.

To Jessica the men were just like kids again. And that was exactly the way she wanted them with her boy-fucking background.

"That's right," she answered, "both of you at once. And when one of you comes, I'll know for sure he was first. Can't beat that, now can you?"

Then she was down on all fours, beckoning either Hank or Jack to slide beneath her. With the quick, the athlete he'd been, Hank got there ahead of his brother-in-law. Slipping on his back between Jessica's arms and legs, he lifted his cock toward her hovering cunt. She sat right down on it, taking his hard-on straight up to her womb.

Then, hugging Hank's chest, Jessica bent over forward. This caused her pussy to surrender some of the cock it had just taken, but it also presented her spread ass to Jack.

He was there, prick in hand. Pushing his cockhead into the dusky eye of Jessica's ass, he began fucking her too.

"Ooooh, deeper, Jack," she urged. "Get your prick just as deep in my ass as Hank's is in my cunt. Feel your cocks rubbing together while you both fuck me."

Jack's hips bucked. His prick was suddenly halfway into Jessica's asshole, mashing against his brother-in-law's hard-on as Hank penetrated her a notch below.

And now Jessica began rolling her hips, getting the best of both cocks. Soon she was moaning with orgasm -- and that was like a signal to the rest of the family.

"Why should they have all the fun?" Dottie said. "We're just as horny as they are."

Then Dottie moved to join the action. Since Jessica's mouth was available, that's where she put her cunt.

Jessica crooned: "Thought you'd never get here," and started eating Dottie out while the sweet-tasting teenager knelt before her.

For Dottie, though, this was just the beginning. She called out: "Okay, now somebody get behind me and fuck my ass."

Not having fucked his sister yet, Jerry was only too eager. In a moment he was there, shoving as much cock as would go into such a narrow space. He then began butt-fucking Dottie.

Maggie was next. Her nephew's dangling balls were her target. She knelt behind him and took them in her mouth with hungry suction that promised to only increase.

Then Steve joined in, dog-fucking his mother from the rear. Quickly, his balls were being sucked too, as his aunt Sarah became another link in the chain.

Last but not least was Alice. She promptly lowered herself between Sarah's thighs and was cunt-fucking her aunt.

And so what might have seemed earlier to be an impossibility had actually occurred. All nine members of the family were getting it on together, their naked bodies seamlessly meshed. Needless to say, the rivalry between Hank and Jack had long since been forgotten, with the two of them just cogs in the machine. For as they fucked Jessica in the cunt and ass, she [missing text].

While Dottie, in turn, was ass-fucked by her brother Jerry.

And Jerry's balls were swallowed by his aunt Maggie.

With Maggie being dog-fucked by her son Steve, as his balls were also sucked, that mouth belonging to his aunt at the same time Sarah rubbed pussies with Alice.

And the night was still young. For what Dottie Baker had started when she'd lost her cherry just hours before had turned this year's family picnic into a new tradition. The family orgy!


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